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a.       &\)       '    I
:'-  I t=     ' -j
i   KJ.
n-dustsr-ia,! Unity is Strcngrth
Tbe Official Or*sra.n of District No. 18, 17. PI
Political Unity is Victor
VOI4.- IV. ■- No. -45 ■ fi,
- -  - -    ■/.    V;   '
FERNIE,   B.C.,    June 12th, 1909
Black Hand Case Occupies
More Than Local Attention—Result is
Now Awaited
As announced in last week's Ledger, the alleged Blackhand' Raniera,
was captured, at Elko and brought to
Fernie, where he Is now under lock
and key.• -
The officers had wired to every possible opening to be on the lookout for
the man, and the nature of the country is such that escape seemed almost
impossible at any opening where1 lie
would have access to*the railroad.-
■ On Saturday, or about four days after he escaped from the provincial police offices In* this city, Station Agent
Austin of Elko noticed a man in the
yard who answered the description of
Raniera. He'at once informed.Constable Gook, who went after him and
overtook him. „ .,
Raniera made no effort --to, escape
' by flight, he/; probably thinking that
such a course-would immediately spot
him as the man wanted. - Constable
Good inquired the man's name, , and
was given a fictitious Italian name.
. Raniera volunteered the further information that he, was a carpenter * by
trade and was looking for .work. He
also,, inquired of the constable if   he
'could give him a job. J
The constable assured the man that
he had a job that would just suit him,
-and.-so the pair started off and'*the
copper was not slow in heading his
man to the. garrison,' where he was
made secure. ' .
When leaving Fernie Raniera had
nothing with him in the way of provls-
supplies' that would stand him.for a
week or more". : Where he got these
is the question that puzzles many of
the authorities. It is apparent that
he-'must havebeen-alded by his pals
but "'just when or how Is the mystery.
', When ho was brought back to the
Fernie jail he was searched and on
his person was found some' considerable sum .of money.
Ranoira was brought up for preliminary hearing before Magistrate Whimster on Friday. Evidence was submitted which'his worship, considered
to be strong enough lo warrant sending him up for trial al the assizes.
Ho is now In tho provincial jail,
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦"♦♦♦♦♦
♦a           ' ''     '■■♦
♦ ' NO DOUBT OF it ♦
♦ ..."  . ',***
♦ All doubts as to the success •***►
♦ of our venture in bringing out ♦
♦ "'Progressive Fernie," are now ♦
♦ at ah end%*' It has certainly ♦
♦ "caught on," and almost every. ♦
♦ day inquiries for space or for ♦
♦ copies are se*nt in.    Photogra- ♦
♦ pher   Spalding is having the ♦
♦ ' busiest time of his life, and he ♦
♦ is sparing neither time nor ♦
♦ trouble in giving us his very ♦
♦ best service.     A large space ♦
♦ will be devoted to the mining ♦
♦ industry, both from the busln- ♦
♦ ess aspect and from the prac- ♦
♦ tical side, an inspection of the ♦
♦ mines at Coal Creek   having, ♦
♦ been made for that purpose. ♦
♦ Splendid views have heen ob- ♦
♦ tained of the workings around ,♦
♦ Coal Creek, ofthe largest coal ♦
► lump ever, mined and now at ♦
* Seattle', the miners on the M. ♦
► F. and M., groups of the of- ♦
► . flee staff of, the Co., and num- ♦
► erous others.     The first lot ♦
► of cuts have arrived from the ♦
► American   Engraving   Co. at ♦
► Spokane, and they   are   slm- ♦
► ply "great." ' Remember that ♦.
*■ advance orders have the pref- ♦
*•' erence.     Fifty cents per copy ' ♦
► . at The Ledger. ♦
Disguised as Newspaper Reporters They Get Con-
* * * _
fidence of Officials and Gain an Entrance
to No. 2—Discovered They Skidoo
Calgary Albertan: Tbo Bellevuo mln
ing operators aro holding out for a
cheaper price for tho mining of pill
ars. Ilut li' llio members of lho conciliation board aro doBlrous of building
up monuments for themselves tho,pillars will be bill, a small purl, of I ho. final record. s
"A Mossngo 'from Mars" has 11 won*
tlorful effect on tlio audience. Il
brings the happiest, expressions about,
tho oyoB and mouths of tho watchers
makes them eager to applnutl and lo
bo agreeable. An excellent, cast will
present It horo at tho Fernio opera
I10US9 Juno 1G,
The flood on the'Elk is now a thing
of the past; the cold nights being re:
sponsible* for the falling off of the feeders, and a consequent decrease' in. the
volume of the rivor itself.
Fortunatey little damage was done
in or around Fernie, although at one
time it was feared that a continuance
of. the high water would mean considerable loss to many.    .'"■■.
.West Fernie is. essentially a section
of the city where the houses.are owned to a great extent by the men who
live in them, not.only the employees of
the big Elk (Lumber company, but a
number of miners ha\*e;purchasod lots
and—built— for— themselves—comfortable,
homes in that part. ,' Both of these
classes are steady working people, at
good wages. The ground In West
Fernie is also wonderfully productive.
The result Is that there.are-a -largo
number of homes, well built and surrounded by splendid gardens.
Tho city council should take steps to
follow up the Improvement work now
being done by the residents, and see to
it that roads nnd walks are' built, as
soon as possible, .,No doubt with
a better approach from the city, West
Fernie would soon become more popular than ever us a residential section.
.All along the M. F, & M. road from
Fernie to Coal Creek, the valloy below
shows Btgns. of recent, high water.
Miners say that one of the most, rapid decreases in high water was mado
this year in Coal Creok, lho wator falling one day between morning ond noon
almost n foot,
Ono of tho foot bridges al. Goal
Creek was washed completely away
by the flood and is causing some little
ipconvonloneo to residents of thnt vll*
Reports from sovornl points In this
section of tho province, on tho Elk and
other streams all mention the high water following llio hot weather of last
wook. Sovornl drowning nccldontii
woro recorded, the majority of them
being lumbor men.
.. Through the courtesy   of   General-
Manager   Hurd,   a couple of Ledger
worthies were allowed to inspect No.
2 mine at Coal Creek on Monday   In
connection with "Progressive Fernie."
Accompanied by Mr.    Thos.  Z.   X.
Biggs, and manned with an ultimatum
to Manager Heathcote at Coal Creek,
we first visited the M. F. and M, office and found Superintendent Black
seated at-his rosewood desk.      The
chief despatcher soon'had a special on
hand, and we were designated to the
place bf honor ln the hurricane "deck
of caboose, from which point we were
able to inhale air that would be cheap
at $1 a breath (also a few cinders'.)
Arriving at Coal Creek it was evident
that, the news of our approach had not
preceded us, for things were, going on
very much as usual.      However" we
gave Bill Evans the high sign, and as
he is mayor of Coal' Creek, we were
&£ once established  as citizens     in
good standing.     We found Mr. Heathcote in his private office, which at that
time was between a couple of cars on
the-track.-    He did not seem to be at
all alarmed when he found out who we
were, and told Corporal Thomas    to
take us down and get some duds on
and some lamps and come up to No.
2.     We gained admission to the sanctorum of the big. men of the Coal Co.
and after \ye had fitted ourselves out
with .regulation smock and jeans, we
proceeded to the lamp house, where
our uniforms had the desired effect.
then began to feel quit like full fledged miners.     On arriving at the top of
the tipple at the mouth of No. 2, we
met ..-Jack, Wilde, *. the  popular. check-
weighman at Coal'Creek..'" He looked
quite like the governor general,   but
was ever on the look out for.cars   to
'see that the men got credit for their
work.     A few minutes later Pit Boss
Wm. Lancaster came out. of the centre
of the earth and Informed us that .he
would unfold the mysteries of a coal
mine.      We were requested  to turn
out pockets out to his nibs; however
it wasn't any Black hand game nnd we
woro relieved of 11 few matches,   and
after  Big    Chlof    Lancnstor    waded
th rough  seven   or  eight  courses    of
lunch in his cnsilo nonr tho entrance
tho order was given to proceed to proceed. Our lamps wore ngnln grubbed,
nnd Big Chief mndo n move ns though
ho wns going lo blow thom out, hut.
guofls thoy looked good lo lilm, for wo
got them back and the line formed up
headed by the pit boss, tho centre ably
supported by the fully uniformed newsies and Corporal Biggs bringing up
the rear.      All went well    tor fifty
yards or so, when one worthy ■ took
about a quart out of his head on   the
roof of the mine.   Mines were sure
made for short men—or  short, men
for mines. ■   Dark—say on the Q.T.
it had "the doings of the Black Hand
pluggers beat forty ways.    However,
the farther on we went the farther we
were  from home,  and  for the time
being we were safe from pursuit by our
creditors.   .* Thomas.behind and, the
Chief ahead were busy telling us all
the time about brattice, pillars, timbers, cross cuts, slopes, inclines, main
'entry, but much was-rlost on us making futile efforts to keep up and dodge
horses, harmless In the - extreme and
looking about as much out of place as
some residents of Fernie would look
in Heaven.      Finally we heard   the
sound of the pick and knew that active
operations were-not far off, although
we were prepared to make a "Happy-
david" that we had gone about   seven
miles—real distance not half a mile.
Turning a corner sharply we knocked
at the door of Messrs. Cole   and Dickenson's   private   apartments,   where
both Bills were earnestly engaged in
knocking old Harry out of the centre
of the earth.     Guess they saw green
all right, for they weren't at all backward in illustrating in a practical way
that.they thought,we would make good
miners—that is we were requested to
proceed  to  proceed—of  course  with
pick and shovel.'     We wallopped.   a
wall in front of..us, threw a bit,into
a car, and quit, quite willing that the
same two Bills—Bill Cole    and ■ Bill
Dickenson should go .fa It. (Shortly, af-
ter'we called on.Albert Cartlidge and
Harry Cairns. The roof of . their house
was leaking—or In other words there
wasn't auy roof.     The, coal kept falling down from above, making straight
timbering difficult (that sounds quite
professional.) We'were Informed that
there wns enough    gas above thoso
timbers to blow us to Fornio if   we
headed that way. To prove this one of
the lamps was held nbovo tlio timbers
and It showed strong symptoms of going out—so did wo nnd wo wont. Then
we headed for tho "Deeps." They nro
called thai, because) that's whnt.   ihey
aro.     Aftor coming along for somo
distance we reached a' plnco which Is
nil burred nnd shut off, where tho big
explosion took place,      Yo gods!  wo
know then,', nt least wo could realize
♦ ♦
♦ NOTICE <•*•**••
♦                             ♦
♦ - Miners and mine laborers of ♦
♦ the U M. W. of A. are warned ♦
♦ to keep away from the mines ♦
•**►   of the Nicola Valley Coal and ♦
♦ Cole Co.     at Middlesboro; a ♦
♦ strike is. on for recognition, *•*"*•>
♦ the management being unfair ♦
♦ '  to organized labor. ♦
♦ You will be notitied when ♦
♦" this Company' is again placed, ♦
♦ on the fair list of our organi- ♦
♦ zation. •*•**►
•*»♦♦ •*-**•* ■*•**•*.
to a fuller extent what the horrors of
a mine accident would be.   In    outdoor accident men escaping at    the
time have a show for their lives—but
in a mine—spared perhaps at the exact moment of the Impact, only to run
into the most deadly gases and with
no lights, for the safety lamps go out
in the presence of after damp. That
some men1 do make their way through
Inky darkness and deadly gases    to
channels of fresh air seems impossible.
Passing along, we came to where Harry Fox. and C,  Edgar were knocking
their bread and butter out of the mine.
Harry was going tb wallop the editor,
on general principles', but we know
Harry better now than before and appreciate his grievance.    However.we
parted- with Harry and his pal on the
best of terms.     Wherever Bill Carroll
is you may be sure Jack Kent is not
far off. They are connected by an in-
• separable and invisible cord that only
stretches about 50 feet.     One .was
busy in a place that looked like a rat
hole, but was called a crosscut and refused to come out, evidently preferring
to stay with his dollars and cents job
than to hob-nob with nobility. About
this time some strange power inside
told us that we hail been long enough
away from daylight and grub, and so
a start was made for daylight'!'   How
they find their way out I'll pass up.
But we followed the big head light and
now and again stopped at the side to
let a load by. The greater part of the
trip we walked in a very penitent attitude with head at about 45 degrees,
for it's 'better to walk thus than get
a story taken off your skypiece. _Fln:
peared to be the most brilliant illumination—but found out shortly It   was
only daylight. Say-it sure looked good
too.     The next place.was the tipple
iind; a wonderful thing it 1s too, - the
cars coming from all over, being weighed, dumped, screened, the coal loaded
by an Intricate mass of ponderous machinery, the whole thing moving nnd
acting with clock like precision.
.We then proceeded to the wash
house nnd happened to get a squint at
our mugs and—oh! what a change!
Wo cashed In our lamps and duds
and headed for I lie train. After some
negotiations, wore completed we nr-.
ranged lo come home on Mall Carrier
Wallace's special, which ho had just,
ordered up. Ilo sure made the trnln
crow stop around somo. Wo arrived
nl. the station at. about 3.30 nnd nt
3.32 wero blocks away from Iho station
wading Into the liver and rice—nnd
we wont, somo, ■ -
Dad Ross in Good Form-
Thousands'1 See the
Opening Game
The Ladies Benevolent society are
once more to be congratulated on the
success of their annual ball. The music and floor were in keeping with
tho tasty decorations and hospitality
of the ladles.
The opening.services of the church
bf England basement, will bo held on
Sunday at 11 and the regular service
at 7.30. Sunday school at 2.30. Holy
communion will be celebrated at 8.30
a.m. and 11 a.m.
, The Thaten Duo are making a decided hit at the Fernie opera house. They
are a very clever pair of performers,
and are ably assisted by their little
daughter. Do not miss them if you
want.an enjoyable evening. Fernie opera house. • ■*■
On Tuesday next, June 15th, you
will be asked to vote on a by-law authorizing the expenditure of $15,000 for
a public park and recreation grounds,
which will of course include a good
fast half mile track. '■
We have advocated such a proposition right" along, and now that the
council have taken the matter up the
citizens should stand shoulder to
shoulder with them and vote for the
Our editorial on page four will give
our own opinion as to the value and
necessity fit the proposition. Speaking
to leading business men "on the subject we got the following expressions
Result of Election for Vice-President in District 18
Count Awaited With .Interest
Tho oloellon In Dim riot 18 for. Vlco*
president. ciuiHod by llio ronlmiiilloii of
,1, ll, Clnlvln wuh hold nn tho ill st of
Mny and result oil In tho oloctlon of
/Win. Powell of Colomnn by a good
majority, Tho official flguroH follow:
1    "
Nnmo of 1-oenl
■  V
a .
2*107   IlOHinor   ...
. n
1    ..
,.     142
2033 Colemnn   ...
.   i
1   ..
,,    231
2877 Corbin   	
.    0
0    ..
,,      00
431 llollovua   ...
.   3
0    ..
.,     155
*-*;><.<. .Mit-noi     .,.
.  lu
, ,       Oitu
ISTJ Ulio      	
.1               .4
..     IC".
.72 Mlddlosboro ,
.   0
..    117
4                 .4
..   ino
29 Ilnnl'liond   ,,
.    1
1                 ..
..     143
r.7-1 LotlibrldRo   ,
,   4
0     .,
..    144
<lM„a    jii.Ka'ktii'.      , , ,
.    0
1 fx I
1320 ♦Frnsor    ...
.   0
0    ..
21178 Cardiff 	
, 22
0    ..
..      22
2820 Maplo Loaf .
.   1
14    ..
2852 PaBRburg
.   2
0    .
43    .
.    2110
Tho followln*? hftllol** worn nurd but hnd no ten) nn them'.
173      7      7      1      0      2      3    37 ....    230
VVu thu imduiulKU-aiil Uttvu couatcd thu Imllotu and certify the above to lie
a correct (tlnlomont. DANIEL DUNLOP, Houmer
W. II. 1IAY80M, Coleman
Wo heartily commend tho following
nrtlelo which appeared editorially In
tho Nelson Dally Nows:
Tho annunl roport of tho Children's
Aid society of Vancouver, just, to hnnd,
shows thai nn tlmo rooh on thnt organization Is incronslug In iiHcfiiliioHH nnd
sorvlco to mankind. During lho hovoii
yoni'B of Its oxlslonco tho socloty, has
1 niton chargo of 213 children in various
pnrtH of tho provlnco, whilo 12 olhors
liavu boon looked nflur toinponii'lly,
Lust yoar fift chlldron woro rocolvod
Into thc Institution, thc number In It
nl tho closo of tho yoar bolng 01, ns
ngnliisl 40 for tho previous 12 months.
Tho work of thn Racluty In ono that
Hhould npponl to nil but tippiwonily tho
Hocloty Is not got I Ing tlin support that
It dcHorvoH for It nnilotl last your ovor
$1300 In. debt on current ncrounl, II Ih
lo ho hopod Hint (ho pooplo not only
of Vancoiivoi', hut iil»o of NVIhoii ami
othor nm Inland cIUoh nnd lowim, will
tltirlng tho pi'tmonl yenr glvo UiIh In*
Htlltillou llio Hiipporl  which II iIohoi'*
S. OIhou of tlio Kilt Lumber Co,, Ih
nwny nt Winnipeg whom ho Iiiih boon
trnuHforrotl for a fow wuukM,
On Hunday night In tlio Baptist
church tho initio titmrtctt will Hlng
"Mf'rnorloH of Mollior," nlso tho nhnlr
will sing a sppclnl ploco, Tlio Hormon
will bo Hpoclnlly prepared lor youiiK
mon on tlio mibjoct "Ambition."
That tho work of tho noddy extends
nil ovor tho provlnco mid Ih tlmroforo
doflorvtng of gonornl support lu hIiowii
by tlio -flKiirofl of lust your. Tho chlldron committed to tho Hoclely's chnr«o
cnmo from tho followlnn, plncon: Nol*
non li; Crouton, 1; Fornio 0; Crnnbroolt
1; KnmloopB 1; Mondows G; Chaiio rivor 7; Port Simpson 1; Vnncouvor 20,
In addition to thin thero woro J2 chlldron from Vnncouvor rociiivcd temporarily lu diui'ne, iinklm; a tola! of 32
from that city and 30 from tho other
parte of tho mainland.
Tho objoct of lho socloly in lo tnko
net-fleeted  children from «urroundlngr
PlllllpH 31)
(Inndol c.
Kolliim 2 b
Shell on  lb
Aloud p
Loneh r I'.'
Coffin 1 f
Hlmor h h
Klnlt of ..
WrlgloHWOiili 1 li 	
HIllfkHtOIIO 2b	
llrown 3 b 	
I.loytl p    	
2    1
:i  :j
:i   i
:i   i
3   0
R   o
3    0
3    0
3   0
Denn c  ,.
Wliolnn r
I line l< c r
Scot l 1 f
PlniiH nro undor wny for flnnnclng
tho erection of n grnnd stnnd nt tho
ball grounds In Trout of llio C.P.K.
nlnlIon. Tho. gronnilH nro rough yot
but whon they nro worked a hli more
and woll rolled out thoy will ho fiiHt
enough for niOHl plnyom, A good
Htnnd wllh a wlro In front, would mid
much lo thn comfort of pniroiiH and
would enable a Hinnll fee lo bo charged for the u.si' of it. Kvlduntly good
eleiin Hport Ih going lo bo pnlroiw.ed In
l'*ernlp'~ovpn If li Ih decidedly of the
amateur brand.
of opinion:" <■     ~        '
„ "The best asset the city can have."
"As a fire protection it would be
worth double the money."
"Look at the^ advertising our city
would get if we* could pull off good
race meets. Nothing could be better.     It has my hearty support.".
"It is an Ideal location for a park,
and anyone who does not vote for it
should bo railroaded out of town."
Then we rnn into a small minded individual" who lives nt. the extromo
north end, almost nt tho transfer
truck, nnd In u wliocz.y, voice he ventured tho remark thnt ho would not.
voto for It bocnuse it would only be
for the ninyor, Mnnnger Hurd and a
few Ioiiob. Wo roluclnntly admit Hint,
we snld something very rude lo the
genlleinnn and ndvlHod him to see n
doclor. (Jul before ho' loft uh "ho
chnngod Ills mind and snld. "Oh well,
I thought if was lo bo n'piivnlo park,
If It. Ih a, public park ll lit all right,
but I lmvo no vole.anyway." That
nlmoHl flahborgnHlod iih but wo aro nil
still playing ball.
■ We met Hevoral others and one and
all Roomed to bo miro of lho many benefit h Ihnt Ihepitrk would afford. One
of the inlnlHloi'H Hiiid: "II. would lie a
good thing, I'or if we had a decent park
a large pereenlnge of our youn:-, men
would noi have lo hang around the
Ho you hco ilie thing Ih a good h
vestment. Turn oui and vote 'ti"
The good die young.
The Ledger,nine, were quietly and
peacefully laid away last night before
an audience of several hundred on the
occasion of the opening of the city -
league. And by such nn" outfit too!
Dad Ross twisted himself up in proper <
style and put the first spit, ball of ihe
season over the plate. Looks as though
the league was going to catch on all
right.,' We are too modest to specialize over our good points, we are still'
searching for them. Gillespio for thc
Commercials was so rotten on third
that there was talk of calling the fire
department to put him out. Hilchlo
started out'ter strong and fractured his
arm in thirteen places in the first, two
innings after which he wa* replaced
by Mclntyre, who was toui:.ieil up at
every stage of the game. MfiKellar at,
lst and*Gates at. the other end of the
pitching box are " the pick of the
bunch, although the latter has ho 2nd
base wing. Evidently the individual
who marked up hits and errors had no
eye for tbe game, so we give only the
runs made:
In a specinl issue we may give the
errors but for lack of space they are
omitted here.
McKellar lb ■ * 4.
Liphardt 2b .,. .* ,. 0
Gillespie 3b : '... 2
Mclntyre ss and p  *3
Worthington rf ;-....'. 2
Glover-cf    '1  ,1
Burton If  -  3
Hilchte p * -  4
aT-  '.•'7
Rochon >1 b ,..".'......
Moody 2b  	
Miller 3b ..........'.... 1
Stanley ss" Rush ss ...;  0
Bean rf     \  2
Uuckloy cf    ;  0
Kennedy If ., 2
McDougall p    .....,,  3
Klrkpntriclt c  2
Referee,  Pollock.
Intornntlonnl Hoard
.InmoH arrived In Ihe
Member Tom
city from lho*
norili during the week nnd reports
fnvorubly for lho men. Since his last
visit four new locals hnve been organized, viz. Twin Cily Mines, Alberto, at
Ciii-THff, Asdicroft at. Lethbridge, and,
Untied Collieries. Speaking generally,
Mr. .InmoH Is opIlmlBlIc rognrdlng prevailing conditions wllh the nion in district 18, nud HHsm-eil uh Ihnl the men
are nil solid nntl united in broking up
lho dlKli'iel officers. The oporalorH
who are hIIH' holding out nre realizing
every tiny what the Hlrlke moans to
llif'in, and nn their supply of coal iH
running very low n grnvo hKnation now
Htnres them lu the face. Mr, .Iiiiuoh
left on Monday ••veiling for Nlcnln valloy to look Inlo Ihe trouble at thai
point, nml lry nnd reneli n set!lenient.
H  H
3    I    2
33 Hi 11
Iii coiiiiiion wllh tliolr liretlirei) n't
over the Norili Amerlt'iiii eoiilluenl,
the inembtu'H of M(, Kernln. lodge, f,
O, O, I'1., along wllh ii goodly rupr.'-
The Week's Work Looks Nearer a Solution
Ever—Sherman Still in Hospital
Tin* Iiihi week Iiiih   lirouuilit    fori h, upi-riilon-; to ininliiee I heir IkioIih    In
HOIlie   fOllipllf'Hletl   llevellipilH'lllH       lll( hlippoi'l  tlf llli-lr il«milllii  fill' reillli'llllll
Hoiilntloii of HoHiuer Odd I'Vllowt. and [ loniieellon with t hr* Htrllc.   Ilnweveri In the pi'l.vt-of pillar work, Should no
vliillorH, oliHei'ved 1-eeorntlon Day Iiihi ii Hliglil my of light Iiiih broken through' ngrei'inent  em-nniii-    from Hie latest
Siintlny ufleinoon.     On ihl» dny
iiieintii'leH of ileparled  brethren
The above wiih the roHiill of the lintuij brought to mind, and miltnhlo det'tir-
bull gaiiie between Cruiitiiook mul l<Vi*. uiIoiik are plnt-eil   mi their   grnveH.
nlo hIoiiIh, The Ferule itugregiillon
Hhowotl that they nv« "UioiV when It
coiiioH to n show down. The feature
of tho game wns I.loyd'H pitching mid
line Wvli'loMWorlh's drive   when wllh
The local ineiiihei'H ahHi'iillili.'d at Ihe
hall ul 2.'to, where regnlia wiih handed out, nud the order of iniucli formed, Headed by tlie Salvation Army,
hnnd   tbe nrnecHMlnn    iirneeeiled,  via
I he; I he iliirk clouds mid there Is now a I
are ! ptiHHlhlllly of u Hotleiiifiii liclng nrrlv-i
it'll nl. A meeting wiih held nn WediieH-j
! day ul Frank mul ui li the lnipi>l'ul|
feeling of It Hetllellienl laei'iued In he!
Hhuretl b,\ all purili-H InieieHied. Tin*i
turn of I'veniH ilu> lumi-fl will proceed
wllh Iih work mid UiIh will c-oiih! it ti t ••
mi Important plume of the lutpiiry.
A wild minor wiis tlrciilali'd in the
effect Ihnl nn tffoil was being iiind><
to alieniile tlie foreign lioiu nxinln'iH
ImReH full he leaned up ngnltiHt one of | Victoria nveiiui* nnd Coal Creok road
Mond'H ticr-i for n homer.
that nru demoralizing. bucIi iih homes
In which lho father or mothor, or both
nro confirmed drunkards, or where the
mother or father Ih flond nnd (lie surviving pnrent for nny reason In not
looking nftor the offspring. Tho child*
ron nro first rocolvod Inlo tho homo,
nnd In duo tlmo nro placed with renpec-
tnblo pooplo for adoption, an effort
being; made to itucurc liomcu for them
In tho country, Whilo tho chlldron
u.., In Utu homo they uiu glvu-. a
courso of Instruction such aa aro tho
chlldron 111 the public schools and aro
othfirwl-tn prepnrod to stnrt. Iho bnftlo
of lifo.
In thn cemetery, where the gntveH bud
provlotmly been marked nud prepared
for Uih Kuril.:.'. The ceioniony of do*
corntlon wiih then proceeded with, tho
wreaths being bountiful ami iippro|irl-[lilH phtee on Hn* hoard. M'tiiitlme iln
nlo. The umimI Bervice w«h lali.m by
Sable Grand Dr. WrlRloswnrth'' nnd
Chaplain Robertson. Tho rolurn trip
wns mndo piiflt the roitervolr nnd ovor
llio C. P. H, tracks to Victoria nve*
mio, nnd thonco to Ihe lodge rooms.
I lire, u auhiUanltiil i.e-UyctUm W'W tuken up nnd presented to tho band for
Unit.' teoi'lkaii., Iai'Ik" wutt tlu*.II dl*-
missed, all tho members nnd visitors
expressing satisfaction at thr) splendid
turn-out, over V)t) belnu present, I'nst*
tlrnnd Thos. Hell nrteil ns marshal.
Arbllration board examined the Iocnl J of iln- union ami tirr.iitilze them Into a
conditions nt Frank inline and uiljiiev, union with,). A, Mmtlotmlil iih
loiirneil mi I'Vldnv iiuill .Mondnv. • iireHlilenl.      We nre tslven lu under*
On Hitturilny PreHiilent Shermnn wiih island Hint Mr. MiKdoitnlil finphntl'-nlly
tnltoii critically 111 again nt Fernie mul, tlniiien tlie rumor,
when Monday enme llm,board again
ml join lied for a weeit io nllint tlie men
to Ht'lect another rcpicHcntmtvo lo fill
|    II Ih e\peeieil thin the Iniei'imtlonn)
tmlt'it -.711 iMi ml aid foi  tin   Mr!k-<,
mid if lite present effort to HHlle fniln,
Ml Ih likely lo he it long Ktrlki>, iih the
ejection ofn vieepreHlilenl to min-ei'il ■ nrluir.iDoii I'o.ini m bound to Iuul lor
John Onliin. lind been held and Wm.
Powell of Colemnn wiih elected. Mr.
I'owoll woh Iniitnlled in office at the
district bonrd meeting Tuesduy and re.
plncotl Robert Kvnns In roniliictltiK tie-
itolla'alonu fov D\-- m-*n. Th" brnir-l
named the new official, Secretary A.
.1, ClUl.:. .tlid a'll'Ut. l.lajokc U'i the
commltteo to Interview the operuiorH.
In tho later sessions of the honrd
tho men scored by winning n derision
from ChAlrmnn Oram requiring   the
or ngnlnHt the closed shop mul there
seems little likelihood of either r.lde
which mny lose, abiding by the finding.
Rev, H.11. (limit returned last night
from Mif'•'id. If>> wait sent h«»r«' to
Interview President Shermnn re strike
..''tluiK'tit. Colin Mi'I.eud i'uuh: In thl;i
mornliiK on tlie snmo mission. The
three ("entlemen will review Ihe evld-
onriii to rlnte nnd bring forward their
l **-
J —-waaaaoatiaa-aa
Conducted under the direction of "Proletarian"
. :    : .
1                                              "J.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           .                                                                                                                                                                                    ■"*"                                                                      T
Address all matter for this page to "Proletarian" District Ledger
The "Big Noise" of the United* States
—at present engaged in the delectable
pastime of animal slaughter, in Africa
has seen fit to fulfil his promise and
lay the spook of Socialism.
Incidental to his performing a necessary service on bobalf of a long suffering and nerve wrecked public, who
have conjured up- night marches of
long haired revolutionists bent on inaugurating seven holidays a week, with
accompanying free entertainments in
' which thc curmngnole shall be conspicuous, .he will not feel hisdignily
lowered by accepting, ?2 per word for
his verbal gymnastics.
Evidently it pays to be a president.
The Socialists expecting big things
from The .Man Who Alone and Entirely
by Himself bust, up tho trusts, awaited,the onslaught with feat* and tremblings, but the expected hurricane developed as much force as a boy blowing bubbles.'
3 There is one statement, however,
worth while considering, it reads as
"Thorough going Socialists occupy
in relation to all morality, and especially domestic morality, a position so
revolting—and I choose my words
carefully—that it is difficult to discuss
it in a reputable paper."
This slanderous statement is worthy
of its author, it is in complete harmony with the ethics of the hero (?)
who charged the enemy of his country
at San Juan—by proxy, and boasts of
having shot°a fleeing Spaniard in the
We might in passing recall the no-
„ lorious stand taken by this erstwhile
leading citizen of the United States,
when the fate of Haywood, Mo3*er and
-Pettiboiie hung in the balance, when
■ • he-in no uncertain voice endeavored
to influence public opinion that these
men might'be done to death.
The infamous "Alton deal"  ' made
possible   when Roosevelt was gover-
__nor of _New York is now become his-
cliatt.el slavery would sometime disappear. He was considered visionary
just as are the Socialists, who now
say that the present capitalist system
will pass away.
Under the wages system the toiler is
never given the full product'of his toll.
What ho does receive represents the
amount of his product he can buy back.
What is left is called "overproduction"
and results in a shutting down of industry and seeking foreign markets.
It illustrates the inadeqiiacy of capitalism.
You are not really a capitalist unless
you have an annual income from your
property in excess of $3,000. If you
are making less than that from it your
interest lies with Socialism, for that
fs the average production .of the toiler
under present favorable conditions,
and would bo your Income under Socialism. Don't let the real capitalist
use you against your interest.
torical. "   ■       ,
But although the Socialists, according to Roosevelt, are "Atheists," "Free
Lovers" an'Q "Moral* Degenerates," he
evidently is not averse lo co-operate
- with them, ancl in his next article he
tries to show, "whore we can work"
with these 'aforementioned degenerates. This change of front, implies
that the contention of the Socialists as
to, social conditions Is'correct.
Now when any person comes for-
wurd and claims lo be a champion
against vice It is wise, lo ask for his
credentials, and n brief review of
Roosevelt's past puts his claim as a
judge of morality out of court..
Theodore ItooscveU was lender of n
powerful govornment for years, his
Influence was far ranching.
,Ug Is accredited with having stopped
llio Russo-Jnp conflict, aiid ninny other spectacular Blunts.
Hut in tlio mailer of trying (o remody those ovIIh such ns child labor, tho
whito slnyo traffic nnd nitmoroiiH othors which ho now.seems willing (?) to
wipe out, dvIIh which are gnawing nl
tho vitals of society, what was dono?
Ills record Ih blank.
Hut stay! There Ih Koniutlilng I hni
ho was Instrument!!! In bringing Into
offoct, Ilo organized the Iloosovolt
Home ComnilKHlon, whoso duty was
to gather data regarding t'ondltloiiH
undor which (he wage earning class
llvo, but tho comnili-Hlon brought to
light Hiich revolting condllloiiH that the
government tried lo KiipprcHH the ro*
Tho coudlilotiH In I lie "land of lho
bruvu nnd free" regarding ihe home
lifo of the poor are horrible,,mid the
report liil'onm* iih thai half of the mnlo
population me ufl'lleled with dlseaiiCK
thai are difficult to iIInchhh in u I't-pii*
lable paper."
/ii WiiKliliiglriii, when the Roohi'VhII
Influence had not begun to wane, the
Immorality wiih iiUHpealtahle; pritcilecH
were Indulged in thai made llio pi'nfim*
hIoiiiiI deiil/i-im of the iiiinguitiai'y tfued
lerilloiy saintly iu coiiipui'lMOii* tun1
Hoiihtni' In pniUeiilni' became nolorloim
mul enjoyed tlio cIommI iui-ualutniite
.-•.hip Willi the pioHldeut at thu lime,
And its WnHhliii'ton Ih, ho Ih every
l(in*c eity of oiir lioaHled Christian el/-
When ever any Individual hiiiihIh out
ami iiHNcrtH Hint Hoclullsm is the quint*
CHtit'lllt)   Ul    IIIIIIK'litlllJ    ""I*   *'>*u*~'"-<-
i ih.it n\ .'...'••* l.\.il l).t j*Ji'.uiil I't-n-.tH
uti.il, Miflely Ih iiolhlng Ict-n thnu    a
whit'-*! H.'pul'lue, It Hrtvoni of hypoc*
The "iiiispefilicblii vices" of nii'ilont
.... .    it,    ....
Kllll,'*    ,l,»*    I-,   *   *..*,.       ,„■-.-       .... J. a.   . ..*  .     '...
der modern C.ipltiillHm.
(By Alfred Tennyson)
Why do they prate the blessings of
peace? We have made them a
curse—  ,
Pickpockets, each hand lusting for all
that is not its own;
And lust of gaiiv in the spirit of Cain,
is it better ov worse"
Than the heart, of the citizen hissing
in war on his own hearthstone?
But these are the days of advance, tlie
works of ihe men of mind,
When   who but a fool , would .have
faith in a tradesman's ware or his
Js it peace or war?     Civil war,   as I
think, and that of a kind
The viler, as underhand,   not   openly
bearing the sword.
Peace sitting under her olive and slurring the days gone by,
together, oach sex, like swine,
When only tho ledger lives and only
not all men lie;
Peace in her vineyard—yes!—but a
■■   company forges the wine.
a it
And the vltr'ol madness flushes up In
,the riffian's head,
Till the filthy by-law rings lo tlie yell
of the trampled wife,
And chalk and alum and plaster   aro
sold to the poor for bread.
And tho spirit of murder work in the
very means of life.
And Sleep must He down armed,   ior
tlio'vlllanous centerblts
Grind on the wakeful ear In tlio* hush
of the moonless nighth,
While nnotlior is chonling the lick of a
fow last gasps ns ho, sirs,
To postol n polnso'd poison behind his
crimson lights,
Whon a Maninionlto mothor kill'* her
bubo for a burial fee,
And Tlniour*Mnmn*nn k**Iiis on n pile
of chlldron's ''ones--
Ib It pence or war? Better, w,i"! loud
wnr by land and \<y sea,
War  wllh  a lliousin'l   Imnlei      niul
Blinking a hundro'l throne,**'
Post .Master General, of course, will
put every stone in the way of the
people, as he is financially interested
in the success and the dividends of
the, Adams Express business. He will
do all,in his power to work for the
Interest of the express people. But
suppose that the express businoss, as
well as the postal business, were in
the hand of the nation, would there
be any incentive for the man to work
against the people.
It can bo seen that thc more you
bring the industries under the control
of the people by social ownership of
such industries,'and the social control
of course—tho possibilities of bribery
and corruption become less and gradually disappear.
When all industries will be socialized there will be no corruption and bribery, as the people will hardy bribe
It—.will not pay them to sell out. It
does now.
Ancl even now when one of the corrupt men is found with the "goods'"
what a wave of public sentiment * is
created against him. This speaks well
for the future. It sliows a prophecy of
the future. Of what the people will
do '.when they are in possession of the
government and its industries, when
every man and -every woman- will be
materially concerned in the'public property and stealing from the public will
mean stealing from each individual
member of the public.
When this spirit is displayed under
.a coi'i'iiptrrj and de=*i-*ided sysiem of
commercialism what greater spirit will
be displayed under Socialism? I pity
the man who will be caught grafting
then, don't, you?
" Society will surely deal with such a
man as every'man deals now with (he
thief who steals from his individual
Then what does the argument amount to?
■ The argument that we must change
human nature before we can have Socialism?     Is not the shoo on tho other
■foot? Remove-tho-corrupttng-influ-
ences of today, the dread of poverty
and misery, which haunts every one of
us, and human nature will be given the
first chance to blossom oiit into ' its
fullness and In Its brightest aspect.
Aboish capitalism, which places a
premium on "graft," and crime, and
give us a decent system of life under
which it will pay men to be good men
and women and to serve the public
The people steal now because it pays
nnd besides, it's renl fashionable—that'
is so long as you cnn do it.and keep
out of Jnll.
Under Socialism it will not pay to
steal—besides, peoplo don't want to
ntou! what is their own socially.
Capitalism Is (ho real grafter. If you
want honesty, Introduce socialism. II
will bo easier then to make n living
honestly by labor In the fow necessary
hours than it Ih to steal a living now
under cnpitalism. Which wny Is the
bost wny?    Which do you choose?
country; and when the working'men
wiU noi join the army; when the working men will not mine the coal or
make the ammunition, or operate the
trains—then* there will be an end of
(By Eugene V. Debs)
Books are hotter than beer.
* * *
Selfishness is moral suicide.   .
* * *
Character should count for more
than cash.
* * *
Beneath a ragged coat may bo a
noble' soul.,.        -
* * *
If you are not well dressed society
is against you.
* * *"'
Excessive wealth is as demoralizing
as extreme poverty...,   ' "
* * *
Mnny a man who is poor in money
Is rich in principle.
* * *     •
Our children are becoming mere
cogs in the-wheels of industry.
* * *
The millionaire has as much too
much as the tramp has too little.
* *■ * -
Capitalism makes criminals, of men.
I   would   make ..men even of criminals .
*. * *
I' would rather be right witli the
minority than wrong with the majority.     " ,        ,
'* **;   *   *
The present day rule of business is
might against right—cunning against
* * *
Government ownership of railroads
is better than railroad-ownership of
government..      ',-.-
, It does not pay to be mean, Pullman died amidst riches but his shroud
had no pockets. b   '
.-***'     ■■  '
People -are asking what they can do
for the workingman. Task wliat he
can do for himself.
* ,* *
If the arm of corporate greed could
reach Old Sol there would be a meter
on' every sunbeam.
* * * .
A mortgage works twenty-four hours
every day and- never suffers from' indigestion or lack of appetite.-.
* * *
The competitive struggle has often
been called the survival of the fittest.
It is more often the survival of the
slickest. ., .
* * *
With all my heart. 1 protest against
a system in which the lap dogs of the
rich are the social superiors of tlie
children of the poor. ,
 — **B»
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Wm ir/vi* vniir HvfH lo iln* mnatfln*
nntl iln-y Klvi' you wagi-n Dili of whut
Vrjlj    JirflllllCl.
Tin- rlininl Kinsti win*, nun* of food,
(•loibiriK nnd hhrHi'i. Tin* wa«c hi*.-..-
Ih dui** of uolliliiK not I'v.'ii win* of »
AiIkU..!-,* pit'illrtcil Thnt puHsildy tin-
(liy NIcliolos'Kloiu)
The nvoriigo iinil'RoclallHt will toll
you ihnt thoro would bn it groat doal
of corruption under Soclnlliim. In fact
lm siitiK so iiiut'h corruption In the fu*
turn under a social democracy Unit
ho Is loo lH|f*y to Rec tlie corruption
Unit Is going on right undor his iioho
under capitalism.
Ho mllu you thai prlvnto persons iir
woll iik public officials would seize ovory rlniiicii lo grnfl on Uio public purso
and lliurofori) UiIh en mini be guiii'ilcd
ngitliiHl until we change lniuinu unliire
and eradicate Nelfl-thnnNH, Mini nialie
everybody pnrfeclly hoiiem. In olh-'i'
words Ute nrgiinieiii Is Unit you will
have to tmil'o all men Iioiichi Individually hefortj HocIiiIIIkiii will he workable.
He further peltitH nut to iih (hat
much of I lie graft comes In because
hoiiiu one In authority wiuiIh to benefit
by donlhiK out the eontraclH lilniHolf in
Koiuo friend with ki****i( beiud'ltH to ihul
Of coin-He, thb* Ih true now--tiniini
the prcHont ayatuui. will) luo n ■■'.*. ••-
uvery city, vlllHif.t nntl luunlei curt
belli' lerilimoiiy to Hie fs.*** that un*l**r
the prow-nt HyHtwn » public official lit
ii 'private ('Inch.
Let Hn take a ciini*. U*i ii* *■•■■*.> in*i
a conl company HtipplloH coal in a nm*
nlclpnl wnterwoikH. Wo find only too
often thnt tho wutofworkH iniinnKor
rei'i-lvi'H ti loyally on every ton of conl
thai be puitlinHeH. If, howovor, llm
inn) inii.1' a;) W'H "■* "ie wnlerwnrlfK
lieloiwil i<» Uio city from whom could
iin* iikiii.1)*,..-* taU' n bi-ibe--re'Hve the
!,<■! in- Mippo'i*' thnt tin* pontnuiMier-
■aj.-iK-rnl Is n Hhnreli«It!*'i* In the Ailaim*
Kxprettft <*ompnii.v. The people marl
nu i.Kliatii-jfi to l.-.*e I In- fiovwnro-"!!*
*..;.<• urn 'at'' <.'?:iP''"tt cnmpiinlo*.  .Mr.
They own us, I hoso tnslt. nmslcrs of
ours; thoy own our homos; I hoy own
your legislators. Wo ennnot. oacnpt?
from thom. Thero Ih no rod com. We
nro (old wo ciinnol dofnnl. thom nt. (he
hnllot box, Thoy own tho ballot box
Wc aro (old that wo niunt loolc tt) tho
courtr for redrosH; thoy own thn
coufth. Wo know them for what tlioy
aie—HtifflatiH In politics, rufflniiH in
flnnnep, ruffians In law, rlfflans in
Irado, hi'lboi'H, nwliullai'H . and irlelt*
•stern, No couraRo too Kront to dnunl
Ihoiu, no in.'Uy larceny too hiiiuII to
Hhitnie I hum; i1oh|ioI1Iiik a government
li*ciimii*y of u million of dollar*-, yet
picking ihe poclietu of ti' fuini hnnd
of Uio prlco of n lonf of brend. They
Hwlndle it nation of n hundred million
nnd call It flniinco, I hoy lovy a hlnelt*
mall ami call ll conitueren; tlioy corrupt a U'lsUluttiro ami cull It poIIIIch;
Ihey brlli.* a judge nnd call ll law;
they hire IiIrcIcIckh lo carry out their
plant; nnd cull It orgiiiil/utlnn; they
proflttt'.ute the honor nf a Htnte and
cnl) It*, competition,—Frank Norrln In
Thu OempiiH,
.-'■ijijui'I fWiitipent- "The only Htlnp-
which war nontefl la wIiIowh and or-
ptiniiH*. In nil other tlilngH it Ir tlio
lirutal nnd conaummatt) art of dontn.c*
Hon.     If by chlcanory the HtnloHtiioii
a.,.' *;.    ;...'.'.;•.'" .'"•"■  °e pnrniindfd  that
thity will not put an ond to war, Uiu
great iiiiihhdh of tho people of all nn-
UtiiiH will hop lo It by mutual ugrnti*
ment thai there Hhall be peace iind
perpetual peace."
Carl I). Thompson. Hnclullnt—'*ll Ih
th.'* working mon who do the llKhUiiK,
it Ih thn wnrUInK men who build the
lnittU-Klilpn; It Ih the working men who
mine the conl which tnakoK steam for
lh.' l..niUi.«hlpt»; It Is tin* working men
*'l.o move D)t> train* which curry tin*
iKopu: It Ih tbi" worklnj* men who teli;-
terabit   the   »rwy onK-rB ncro*-*n Uio
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V-r?.."'*'-*1*'1.1"*:    Ctpilcum. itit: Alcohtl. -Wattr, fP«rfum«.
Ask your doctor If there is anything injurious* here.
Ask him nlso if tltcrc is not genuine merit here.
E)oes not Color the Hair
j.   . 4»».r. ■•••«■**■«, i* -     u„.  „ 	
vmmnnxmtraHmamimii ——nm-m ■%t,*M*,uymj***mmammaamammamaammmmmiam
A full line of shelf and   heavy   Hardware in stock  together  with a
complete range. of Stoves
Furniture Department
Our Furniture Department embraces the
most unique and up-to-date lines.
Come in and have a look    v
J. U*   QUAIX,
Wm. Eschwig, Proprietor
New and up-to-date
Handsome  Cafe Attached
Fernie Dairy 1
.. delivered    to   all
parts of the town
Great Northern RaiFy
Fast Time and
Good Connection
To AH Points East and West
MwiVtWV-MP'MWMMIHIMI -I*."-'''''-'*-''''1*-'^^
Leave Fernie 1.35 p. m.
Arr. Spokane  11      „
Only 24 hours from Fernie to Seattle and Vancouver
Singer Sewing Machines Co.,
Fernie, B. C.
Why be without a Sewing: Machine when you
cnn get one for $3.00 a month?
J. V. H0ULAHAN, Agent, -apposite Goal Co.'s ofllce, Pellat Ave.
y n
-                                '           ''*-.'
Alberta Show
Case Works
i, r.
- i
Mnimf,'if:tim*T.s   of
Calgary, Alta.
" '"1
'■ »
l ~L_
t U-^-lii *3"*-'
ia'-a.rfl.-A^— l-ivl,*..
t .
is ttie most efficient and
perfect of leavening agents*
No alum, lime or ammonia.
Excursion Party Thrown
in Water by Collapse
of Wharf
$100,000 IS
•/ancouver is Asked to Pay
For All the Fun on
Deadman's Island  .
-•"■.**■• .->•'■
■ ■
| Sun
CV It r\ r\ 7   Su^estive
\OCfiOOi    Questions
On the Lesson by the. Rev. Dr. Linscott for the International
Nexospapcr Bible Study Olub. —■■■■. »..——*.   .     ,   ..~.
•.TUNES  13,  1909.
Heroes of Faith.-Heb. xi:l-40.
Golden Text—Faith is the substance
of things hoped for, the evidence of,
things not seen.-Ileb, xi:l. ' 7-
Verses 1-3—In*   what' respects.,
faith and hope similar?
If a desirable thing is possessed by
faith, does that give us much, or- similar, satisfaction as the possession of
.the thing itself? "'   '
What is the ground of our faith,
that the "worlds were framed by the
word of God?"      , '
Why do we admire the men of- faith
of past years?
Verses 4, 5—Abel had a truly religious nature; now'was this nature the
result of hls-faitli or was his faith, the
result, of his nature?''   ,       v-
-, Does." this record mean that Enoch's
translation was directly0 caused by- a
specific act of faitli, or that his general, life,'of faith made him such'a
'■■-good man that God' translated him
without,death? .. ** -    '
Verse. 6—Faith is sometimes based
upon outward evidence; "sometimes
upon   personal revelation; som-etimes
composite grounds; what moral-or
spiritual qualities, therefore,   are.nec-
* essary for becoming a man of faith?
(This question  must be answered  in
writing by members of the club.) ,
-   Why is faith necessary In order to
please God? ' '--    ;   ,
■ '•. • Verso 7—What was Noah's ' faith
based upon, and wherein was his faith
Verses 8-12—What was the difference, if any, between Abraham's faitli
and that of the. Pilgrim Fathers when
thoy left the old country for the American land of promise?-.. „
I tnko It that, Abraham and the Pilgrim, fatliors, while In communion with
God, felt a drawing to go to the rich
0 country In the distanco about which
thoy hnd hoard; tlmt thoy took this
drawing to ho tho volco of God; and
in this faith thoy ctnrtod out; what
ovidoneo is thero that thoir faith wiia
truo, and that such fa I Hi Is always
Verses I'l-IG—Why Is If tlmt nil nations and peoplos in nil tlmos ro far iih
wo lmvo any record, bollovo in and
"(loslro it bottor-country, that Is a
VorsiiH 17*10—Givo from memory tho
account of Abraham offering up IiIb
son Isaac.
What   is tho particular vlrtuo,   In
Abrnhnm obeying God in tho mattor
: of offering up Isaac?
Would It bo n virtue or a vice In
.    Uioho days, If any man should do tlio
Hixmo thing as Abraham did?
Vorsos 20-31—Suppose tho poruoim
' mo'iillpnod In Lhouo wonderful voi'bob,
Isaac Jacob, JohopIi, Moboh and Tin*
, hub, lnitl boon lucking fnltli In God,
In II108O cell leal moments of tliolr
11 von, whnt would lmvo boon lho dlf*
foroneo In tlio vobiiIIh?
noes fivlt.il In Got! alwnyH mako tho
proHuiil happy, and plcturo In glowlni;
colon* tho.futuro?
Vot'BOH 32-I0--Havo mon dlBllngnlflli*
od for tliolr faitli always boon noted
for tliolr goodnoBBT
ThlH In a IhrlllliiR account of tlio
exploits of thn mnn of fnll'i; glvo nm
nn account, of tho nchlnvomontB of mon
notod for tliolr lack of faith,
I.OHHon for t-iuiHUty, .Mino 'Mih, inuii,
|     April   I—Acls x: 1-4S.      Peter ..and
j Cornelius. Golden-Text Acts x:.',5. In
every nation he that feareth Him, and
worketh righteousness is accepted of
Him. ■. ''■  .
Verses 1,; 2—Can'yoii give a - good
reason why God today is not as well
pleased with a devout Roman Catholic,
as lie is witli a devout Protestant, or
vice versa? ■
MANDBVILLB, La. June, 8—By the ■
collapse of a freight wharf upon which
about 65 people had rushed early yesterday afternoon to board the excursion steam' Margaret on her return
trip to New Orleans, ten.persons are
known to be; dead-and a rescue party
Is searching for the' bodies of seven
other persons who are missing.
'All were' residents of New Orleans
The Margaret- did not land at the
wharf to which she was, accustomed
to tie up. Instead she ran into a dock
built especially for skiffs and small
craft. This small wharf was pulled t
by the steamers ropes entirely away
from the main piles'. Seventy people
went into tho lake in about eight feet
of wator.
The cries and shrieks of those thus
thrown into the water were heard all
over the place and many men rushed
to tho wharf lo join in the work of
rescue. The'officers and crow 'of
the .Margaret rescued many by throwing them life preservers.
The bodies were all taken to No,s
Orleans ast night on the steamer Mar
garet.     ,        .*•■.•
VANCOUVER, June 9—Mr. George
Dowan M,,!"., has resigned the city
;6licitorship in view of the understand
ng that tiie council intends to create
i legal department which will, devote
ts wholo time to civic business. The
•csignation has not been accepted.   ,•
Writs were this morning-served on
he solicitor at the instance of Davis,
Marshall and MacXeill, solicitors for
S. L. Kinman and his associates, and
[he city is held to be liable for the
'imount of 5100,000 for alleged wrong
ful treatment of Mr. Kinman and. his
.men in connection with the seizure
ind maintenance in Deadman's Island
iy the city of police early.in last week.
The writs are three in number.
Mr. Kinman   estimates the damage
done to him by the action of tbe police
it $50,000, while Mr. Victor Newham
and Mr. Wesey- Taylor who were also
jtrrcsted for their strenuous actions in
connection with the defence of Dead-1
.pian's Island for the Ludgato interests!
:nore   moderately place their damages'
it $25,000 each. ' ■ ' .
The  statement  in  connection  witli
he writ is that the claim is made for.:
'also'arrest and malicious prosecution,
lollowing.      ' , ' !
B,  E. WALKER,  President
Paid-up Capital    $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
fftTTWTRV    PITQTWUQQ    H**'1'"* facility nil'onlo'l to i'-ninei.-* and oth-
lUUHlKl     BUMM&b    m  t.or lhp •tl,msacli(m qf   their hanking
business.   Sales notes will be cashed or t'lkon for collection.
R A M M TWatr   RV   MATT    Accounts may lm* opened by mail and monies
D-aiillUH-U DI   1UA1L .k.porftwl   m.   w.itildrinv..   *n this way with
equal facility. a "
', „ H. W. TRENHOLME, Manager, Fernie.
April 11— L Cor. xv: 12-28. Easter
Lesson; Golden Text. I. Cor. xv:20:
Now is „Christ risen from the dead,
and become the. first fruits of them
that slept.
Verse 12—Can you mention a single
nation or tribe, oi\ people iu the past,
or the "present, that has not believed,
or does not believe in life after death
in some shape?-
April IS—Acts ix: 1-30. The Conversion of Saul. Golden Text. Acts ix:4,
He fell to the earth and heard a voice
saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why per-
secutest thou me?
Verses 1, 2—How do you account for
Saul's bitter hatred for Christians' before his conversion, and that after he
became a Christian he showed such a
spirit of love toward those who were
not Christians? (This question is to be
"answered—in*-wTiting~"by members~of
the club )
April 25—Acts xi:19:30; xii:25. The
Gospel in Antioch. Golden Text; Acts
xi:2G. The disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.
Verses 29, 30—Should the Church of
Christ" today bo a practical brotherhood, caring for one another, and
helping each other financially, and in
overy. other way as the need may
May 2—Acts xill:l-12. Paul's First
Missionary Journey—Cyprus. Golden
Toxt. Mark xvi:15...Go yo into nil the
world and preach the gospel to every
Verse 3—It Is clearly,tho duty of Iho
present day church to send missionaries to foreign countries and Into now
districts; is It equally tho duty of all
mon ,to help support such missionaries?
To the Editor of the Ledger:
Wishing "to settle in Canada, aiu
hearing what a nice place Fernie is
could you please send me one copy o
the Ledger
Yours truly,
Clayton, Wash. U..
-- This is the first intimation we hai
that The Ledger had gained the statuls
of an  immigration bureau,  but    tin's
prospective'citizeiv is on,the right roup
—the Ledger,Way. ••      ■
«a»     -
.The International Newspaper Bible
Study club is for the purpose of promoting, in an unfettered way. among
the masses, a wider study of the Bible,
the •- basal truths of Christianity, and
the problems which enter into every
man's life. It is composed of all those
JUNE 20 1009
Golden Toxt*—With grout po.vor guvo
tho apoBllon wIIiiobb of tlio ro.iurroi**
Hon of the Lorrl .Tobub.—Acts 4;83,
Tho following rovlow Ib planned for
nil who aro talclnts up thouo Dlblo
Studio's, whothor havlnu nctur.ll>* Btud*
led tho olovon loHsonB horo reviewed
or only a part of thom. Even If thin
Ib the first lcauon whleh ImB cnplurod
a rontlor'B nttonllon It cnn be mndo a
profltahlo lcason In Huelf.
Tho (Into and title of onch lonson and
■whero found, tho Golden Text nnd ono
qtiflntlon for onch lennnn follow:
' May 9—Acts xlll: 13-52.. Paul's First
Missionary Journoy—Antioch in Pis-
lata. Goldon Toxt. Actn xlil:4!l. Tho
word of tho Lord was published
throughout nil tho region.
Vbrso 14,—If ii profossod Christian
does not at tend church and act llko a
Christian whon nwny from homo, Ih
ho n real Christian whon at homo, no
niattor how ho may aet when there?
Mny 1G—Acts x.v.1.28. 1'aul'n First
Missionary Journoy—Iconlum. .Golden
Toxt. Ph. xevl'd, All the gods ot lliu
nntlons aro Idols; but llio Lord nmOo
tho heavens,
Vorsos I, 2—Was tho unholiof of tho
,1uwh a mutLor of tho Intellect through
lack of ovidoneo; or was It a matter of tho heart; that Is, a roBiilt of
thoir rebellion agiiliiHl God?
May 23—AolB xviMIB, Tho Council
at, .I'oriiHiumi. Golden Toxt, Acts xv:11.
Wo bollovo thnt through tho graco of
lho Lord Johiii, ChrlHt wo Hhnll bo saved, ovou iih thoy.
Vei-BOB C-17--In nelual tixporloneo of
God, and hin tloiillngH with iih, con*
climlvn proof of Iho will of God In tho
mntorn which (ho oxporlmico covorfl?
Mny 30--.IIIH, IIM.1:2(1 Uollovolng ntul
Doing. Goldon Toxt. .Ins. 11:20, Fnllh
without woi'kH Ib dond.
Voi'bo H—Can a man havo Iniu faitli
In God If ho Ib not. flllod with lovo to
his followfl, nntl doing nil-ho cnn to
help ilioin'j*
Juno a—Jan. 111:1-12. Tho Powor of
tlio Tongue. Goldon Toxt. Prov. xxl:2!l.
Whoso Icoopoth hin mouth nntl IiIh
torifito lffM-potb h\n until from trnubloH,
Vorno 2—Ib tho control of tho tonguo
tho lcoy to tho control of tho ontlre
mnn? (llvo your ronnonH.
Juno 13—Hob, xl:M0. Hoioob of
Fnith. Qoltlon Toxt. Hob, xl:l. Fnith
Ih Hit* substance of thlngn hoped for,
tho ovidoneo of things not soon,
VorscB 1*2—If n denlrnblo thing Ib
firmly poBBOflflotl by faith, doos thnt
glvo as much, or similar satisfaction
as tho poHBOsalon of tho thing Itsolf?
Usgon for Sunday. Juno 27th, 1909.
—Tompnrnnco Loimon Horn, xlll:8*11.
~who~jdin a rdcal~club and~take~up~fhe
simpe course herein outlined, barring
only ordained clergymen. All who have
not joined are warmly invited to do so
and to compete'for the prizes.
Persons may join the club at any
time during the year, but must of
course, answer the 52 questions hereinafter explained, to qualify for the
prizes, and back questions may be
obtained from this office. ' '
This paper has secured the right to
publish tho;,1 International Sunday
School Lesson questions by Rev, Dr.
Linscott, which have aroused so much
interest elsowhero, and they will appear weekly. One of these questions
each week Is to' be answered in writing and upon these answers the prizes
nro°to be awarded. '
This paper Is authorized lo form
a Local Nowspaper Bible Study club
for Its rondors nnd guarantees to all
who join and fulfil tho conditions that
everything' heroin promised shall bo
faithfully carried out,
Conditions of thc Contest
1. Each contestant, or his or lior
family,"must bo a subscriber to this
papor, In ordor to qualify for mom*
borfllilp, in tho Intornatlonal Nows*
papor Dlblo Study club nnd this local
2. Each contestant In this Iocnl
club, must answoi' each of tho written
quonllonH, for 52 coiiHccullvo weeks,
commonclng for Sunday Juno 0, and
aiiBwors must bo In pobhobhIoh of thin
paper within two woolcs of thn closo
of thlH period,
3. Each question miiHt ho aiiHwernd
soparnloly and tlio papor written on
ono Bldo only, No aiiHwor must exceed
two hundred words In length and may
bo Iorb. Knoli niiswor muni hnvo tho
name and nddroHH of tlio wrltor at the
bottom of tho aiiHwor,
■I, Tho iiimwoi'H miiHt bo dollvorod
(n UiIh offico, ii nd (liny will bo col-
la! oil at llio clone of lho oontoRl. and
forwarded lo hondnuartoni for Inde-
pandcut oxiiinlnntlnn by competent ox*
nniliioi'H. Tlio prlzoH will I lion bo duly
Flna. RorloB-—Solid gold modal to
oach of tho flrnt flvo,
Second SorloH—A storllng Hllvor
medal to onch of tho next flvo.
Third "BiM'IfH—A Tonehoi'H lllbln,
prlco $5,50 to onch of lho noxt flvo,
Fourth BurioH* The book Thu Heart
of Christianity, prlco $1.50 lo onch of
tho next thirty five,
Iflnoh modal will bo Hiiltnbly engrnv*
od, giving tho tiunio of tho winner,
and for what It Ih awarded, imd In
llko mnnu or onch Dlblo nnd hook will
ho Inscribed.
All who cnn wrlto nn dhnvo IdonB,
are urged to tako up tIioho ntudlon re*
gnrdloHB ot tho tlogroo of thoir education, n« the papers are not vni'uod
from nn oducntlonnl or literary stand*
point but from thc point of view of
tho cogency of thoir roiisonorl k,eaa.
JiM/AW NO. 87 '
• A By-law to raise the sum of $15,000
as follows, namely: The sum of $9,400.00
to purchase 1S8 acres of land adjacent,
to lUe City limits for public park' purposes; and the sum of $5,600.00 for the
purpose of clearing:, ' improving > ancl
converting tlie said land into a park
and recreation ground, and for tlie
construction of the ' necessary . roads
and approaches thereto from. the City
WI-IBrtiaAS a petition has been presented to the Municipal Council of the
Jgoj'PoraUo_n of_tlie_CUy oITyernie sign£^
ed by "the owners of aVTeasl one-tenth
of the value of the real property In the
City of Fernie, as shown by the revised
Assessment Roll, requesting them to
introduce such a By-Law.
AND WHEREAS for the purpose of
purchasing a site for such-park and
recreation grounds adjacent.to.tho City
Limits lt will be necessary to" borrow
the sum of $9,400.00, and for the purpose of converting such site into a park
or recreation ground, and for tlie construction of the necessary roads and
approaches thereto from tlie City Limits It is estimated that thc sum of $5,-
000.00 will be required, making in tlio
aggregate the sum of $15,000.00,' and
to issuo debentures of the City of. Fernio to ralso such amount.
AND WUKIilSAS- the amount of thc
whole rateable land or Improvements
on real proporty of tho said City of
Fernie according to tlio last revised Assessment lloll  Is  $1,291,500.00;
AND WIIKPaBAS lt will be requisite
to ralso annually by rate tlio sum of
$10fi.r),28 Cor* paying tho said debt and
AND  WHE11WAS  this  Uy-law. shall
.  d
CRANBROOK June 5—Owing to the ,
iro'st last night danger from high wa- j
rer is practically past. The water on ;
the St7Mary river has dropped from',
18 inches to two feet. All danger'
washouts is practically over. Logs
are coming down the stream but are
doing no damage. '
Always ti choice supply of Beef, Pork*, Veal,
Mutton, and Lamb on hand.    Hums,
Bacon; Lard, Butter and Eggs
Our Specialties
Fresh, -Smoked ,and Salted Fish, always a good
assortment.    Try our "Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters., *
"In February our daughter had „ tho
whooping cough. Mr Lane of Hartiand
wiooping cougn. Mr Lane or. Hartiand y     m-i .   .    ma    Uflr l    \\K 1       It*       *i       1
ecommended    Chamberlain's,   Cough 'fl      ITI0   £bl      if AS) I    IVISJ fl-TOF    I llYIlt Ofi
lemedy and said it gave his custom-'«     1 HC   Trl    IfluCLU  lUCbi RXjV   MlllllOU
Remedy and said it gave his custom
ers the best of satisfaction.'" , We
found it as he said, .and can recommend it to, anyone having children troubled with whooping cough," says Mrs.
A. Goss of Durand, Mich. For sale by
all druggists!
■BY-LAW  NO.   85
_A—Bja4-Law—to-raise $15,000.0 0-for—tho-f.1
purpose of erecting.a Firo Hall and to
purchase a site'therefore in the City of
WHEREAS a petition has been presented to thc Municipal Council of the
Corporation of the.City of Fernie signed by the, owners of at least one-tenth
of the value of the.real property in tho
City of Fernie, as shown by the revised
Assessment Roll, requesting them to
introduce such a By-Law.
AND WHEREAS for tho purposo of
erecting a Firo Hall and of purchasing
a site for the said Fire Hall in the city
of Fernie It will ho necessary to borrow tlie sum of $15,000,00 nnd to Issuo
debentures of the City of Fornie for the-
purpose of raising the said amount;
AND WHEREAS tho amount of the
wholo rateable land or improvements
on real property of tho said City of
Pernio according U tho last revised Assessment   l.oll   Is  $1,291,500.00;   .
AND WHEREAS it. will be requisite
to raise annually by rale the sum of
$1005.28 for paying the said debt'and
AND   WHEREAS  this   Ry-law   shall
/ Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Stores in all the Principal Towns, in British Columbia and Alberta
Veal -
Hams    ,
Salt Fish .
Our Motto "Civility, Cleanliness and correct weight to all"
not be altered or repealed except wltli
tlio conso'nt of tho Lieutenant Governor
in Council.
NOW TlirOl'tHKOm*., the Municipal
Council of tlio Corporation of tho City
of Fornio enacts as'follows:
' 1. It Hhall und may, bo lawful for
the Mayor of Uio Corporation of the
City of,Fornio to borrow upon credit of
lho said Corporation by why of deben-
turnii hurolnafti.-r monllonod, ,1'rom any
porson, pcrmnm, body or biiilies corporate, who may bo willing to lulvtinco
tlio somo hh a loan, a tnun nol uxeuotl-
Ing tho whole sum of $15,000,00 and to
ciuiso all Bticli sums so ralsod or received to ho pnld Into thr* hands of the
Treasurer of'tho sulil Corporation for
(lie purposo nnd with lho object lioro-
iiibci'iiro riH'licil.
•i, It shall bo lawful for the Mayor
lo eatiHo nny num bor ol iloboiitureH In
bo mndo, nxoiniti'il nnd Issued each for
tlio sum of $500 as mny bo required
for tin.' purpose and object n foresaid,
not oxcoeillng, howovor, tho mini of
$15,000, and nil such dnbcniuroH Hhall
bn scaled with tho soul of tlio Corporation nud' hIkiiihI by lho Mayor Ihurn-
!1, Tlin snlil debentures shall boar
ilntn from Hid first day of July, A.IL
1'JOD, ami Hhnll bo mndo payable In
thirty yrni'H front tbo snld (Into In lawful money of ('.'iinnda at the office of
tho C'nnnillnti Hunk of Cnnimnrai lu
Fornio iiforiHiild, which said place of
pnvment nhnll he dculKnali'il by I hi* mild
doWnliiMH, and Hhnll have nitnchnil lo
tlif'tn critipniiii ti'i\' Urn pavilion!, nf Inter-
mil, nnd the signaliirc-H io tbo Inioroul
cntiiinuH may l»* either wrltioii, xiiimp-
od, printed or lltlioxrnplioil,
-I, Thn hii 1(1 (lubimtui'CH Hhnll limit'
InloroHt nl llio rato of flvn per cont,
fi'iim tlio ilntn llinniof, wlilnli Ihteiviil
Hlinll bo payable iiliminlly nl hii hi offlnc
nf the C'nniiillnn llnnU of Cnmmnrcn In
Fernio iu'nri'Hnl.1, lu lawful inuiuiy of
Ciinudii, on Ut" I")I'mt dny nf July rciHiinn-
llvoly In (inoli yenr iltirltiK lho ourmnny
lliomol', mul II Hhnll bo nxproHHed In
nil hi ilflliolilliri'M mul cotipiiliH In lie hii
5, It Hhnll bn lawful lor tho Mn,">i
of llm Hnld CnrnoriilluH lo unitoiliilii
ami Nell tlin Hitla (lubontui'OH or nny of
tliciii nt Iohh tIniu pnr, but In no cuiio
kIiiiII iln> hiiIiI dobi'iiiiit'oH or nny nr
Ilium bt< noi'iillnli'il or Hold fnr |i>hi< IIiiiii
nlnuly-llvii ptir duilum of tliolr vnliic,
Iticliiflliiir I Iui ciiHt of iicKnlliiiliitt thi'lr
hii lit, Iti'ol.ni'iiK'i! nml nil ntlicr lnchli'iitnl
cw tifiim',
(1. There Hhnll bo riiltiril nnd lnvlnl
In i-ncli year ilurliiK llm currency of
hii Id (lnboiUiiri'H, tlm Hum nf |7»(i,0(i fnr
nol be altered or repealed except with
' "o Lieutenant Governor
In Council.
tho consent of'lho
Fire   and   Accident
iiiynicnl   of  liitorcHl  mul   llio  mi tn  of
MiiU'V I 	
liy ruin    .
nnli! lnml nr Inipriivi/monlH nn real pro
PlB.l'V fnr nitvmnnl nf hiiIiI ilolinnltircH
liy I'utn Hit melon I tliornforii nn nil rain.
pm-ty In tlm huIiI Mtinlclpallty.
7.    It Hhnll  bo lawful for tlm
- ■    j  i"
NOW TITHUlSTOmi], the 'Municipal
Council of lho Corporation of the Clly
of Kcrnlo enacts iih follows;   „
I. Il shall and may bo lawful for
Iho Mayor of tho Corporation nf the
City of Pernio to borrow upon orodll of
the said Corporation by way of debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any
pei-Hon, poi'Hons, body or bodies corporal n, who may lm willing to advance
the same an n limn, n Hiun not excond-
Inpf tho whole Hinn of If 15,000,00 and lo
caiiHO nil Hiich sums so rul.sed or rocolvod lo be imld Into lho hnnilH of tho
Trciinui'i.T nl' I be said ('orporatlon for
Iho |iurpiJH(i nnd wllh  the object here-
I Inbeforo rep.ltivl,
'I, It Hhnll bo lawful for the Mayor
lo caiiHii any mimbor- nf tlnbauliiroH lo
be mnde, oxeoiilod nnd IhhuoiI (inch for
lho Hum nf ?500 iih may be roiiulrod
for thn purposi' nnd object nfnroHnld,
not oxooi'illiii'', however, the kuiu of
$15,000, and all mich dobonliiroH shnll
bn Hcnloil wltli tho nenl of the Corpor-
ittion nnd nIkiiuiI by the Mayor thnre-
II, Tho hii 1(1 (lolienturoH sliall hour
ilntn from tlm flrnl day of July, A.D,
1II0II, anil Hhnll bn mndo payable In
thirty yonrs from thn Hnld dale In lawful money nf Ciuinilii. at tho office of
lho f!unndlan Hank of Commerce In
Kornlo nfnroHnld, which Hnld plnco nf
pnyinont Hhnll ho iIpmIkihiIciI hy the hiiIiI
ilubi.'iiUiri.'s, and .slinll havo nitiu.'licil In
thom cotiiioiiH for the pnyinont of Ininr-
ohI, nnd Ihe HlKiinlun-H lo the lnt>!|'i<Hl
cnupoiiH miiv In1 ollhor written, Htnuip-
ed, printed or 111 h onta t-lu'ij.
■I. The Hiiid ilelionluri'H hIuiII b,*iir
InloroHl at lho rnto of flvn |ior cont,
from tho diito I horoof, which Intorost
Hhnll bo piiyiiblc finntnillv nt unlil offlco
of tho ('.'mifidinii llnnk of Conunoroo !n
l'*ornlo nforcHiilil, In lnwfnl monoy nf
Can ruin, on tho flt'Ht dny of July roiipcc*
lively In i'ncli ymn* ilurliiK* llio ftirronev' i
thoronf, and It slinll ho i-vpn-HMod ,ln 1
mild. dobonlllt'OH nnd ooupoiiH In bo i.n
5, It Hhnll bo lawful for llm Mnvnrj
(i i' tho hii Id Cnriiiiriitlnu to imuoilnii.;
nnd noil llm hiiIiI ilnboniiiicN or nny ufi
tlmm nt Iohh thiiii pnr, but In no oiih->
Hhnll lho hii lii (li-bonliircH nr nny nl' I
tllnlll hn lii'M'ntlnloil nr mil ll fur li-Ml lluill|
nlnnly-llvc por coiiiuin of tliolr viiliiu,
IncliulliiK llm ciiHr nf iii'KdUatlnif tliolr
I'lilo, briilni'iiK" rind nil ntlni- Inolil, ntul
(I, Thi'io Hhnll hr fiilMi-il nnd I<■ v11 d
In oiii'li yoar OhiIiik tho i-mit-sn-y nf
mi id iioiiontuioM, t in- Mini nf f75 'i no for
iiiviiioui of Intercut mid tlm hiiiii nf
;||5,:'K for lilivim-lll nf nii|,I ilohi'lllilioH
.iv riiii- Hiifrli'lotil tlicrofiiri' nn nil rnl--
ablii lnnd or liniii'iivoinolitu nu ronl pin-
pnrtv  In  tho unlil Miiiilclimlltv.
7,' 11 Hhnll lm lawful for llm mud
Municipal  f'niiiirll In  ro*purolinHi! nny
ul    II.,'   ^.•|ll   il..
Beck Block
Andy   Hamilton
Tinsmith and Plumber
V*/e can furnish you with estimates in
anything in our line
*    »■*
The Hotel of Fornie
I'Vi'iik''*) l,<'ii(llti|j; Ciiiiiiiii-iciiil
mul Toiu'ImI lliiiisf
nf llm unlil dnbiintiircH on Hitch Iprmn j nH mnv ■,„, nKrooil npoii with llm loitn
i-\ii>l,y 1'." UW; "],.<;<•.''." jyllliji'ijij.'n], ■„,(,(,.,,,  i(„i,„/,  ,,!.,  ;   ..J   ..',.   il..
n;   mny ."•  il^"l . . «,    ,i,hi.i    i,,,,,   ....    ,. ,,...     l,\,i,l,-i r,    H,\l\\li,   ».(.,   .'    .. I    ii.*     il..,'     -,.'
bnlilorH tlmrnof, nlthnr at lho tlmn nf   (win or auv iiiiliHoiiiu-nt tlmn or tlmci*,
hii)« nr nny jiuhMuiiin-iit llrnii ur Union,
nml nil ilolionitii'>)H   ro-purcliiiHoil Hhnll
S. F. WAUiAGE. Prop.
fuithwltli lie ciiiit'illcil nnd licitroy».*il
nnrl no it-Iphiii, nf tlin ilfibontliniH ho
rn.puroluiHod Hhnll ho mnile In cotitm-
iiuiiiifu of fnmh ro-mii'filuiMP,
T«.l.i Tli,  Inn* •Jlinll   tiiVo otti.rt  on   Uio
20th iIbv of Juiip, a.u. mon.
•nil* iiy*lnw,itnny hn cltnl for nil pur-
Iiodfii oh tho City of Fertile I'lirk l»y*
l.i      "     ""
aw No. 87.
Dono nnd
et Ony of —    .. .   ...
Jlncolvoil llm anitont nf the pf-oplo thlN
Done nnd iihhhoiI Iii opon Council IIiIh
2lMt liny nf.Mtiy, A,I). JOOO
Hon't forgot lo propnro for 1st of
July sportn. Tho Athlotlo Ansoclntlon
nro tpnrlng nfclthftr tlm-f* nor money to
mnko It n nuccctn.
 il*y nf   HOO.
llnooni(i.oroi! nntl finally panhhiI nnd
ndoptml  thlH     ilay nf      A.
Tnke nol Ico Hint tho nbovo I* a true
copy ot tbo prrtpfim-d Hv-t.nw upon
vvlila-.h tb" voto nf thn M tl ti I rt pull t v will
lie tnken nt th" City of J'ornlu un Tut'U-
ilny, the 15th «1iv nf .Tune, A.n.ltr.O l>i*
Iwoen tlm lioiirn nf 10 oclock In tlm
mnrnlnir nntl « In the tvenlnn, nt tlin
City Omcon. nlliiale In .lolinnon-Knl-
ronerninrk.    fj  Jf  ^^^
.    City Cleric.
"Ff-rii-!--, H-P.. Miny 33ml. mnj}.
nnd nil dnlii'iiliiroH in-piiri'luthoil iiluill
fnrlhwllli bo riinrolled nml doHlroyoil
nml nn I'lt-fiaHim nf Urn (liilioiiltii'i'H tan
re*pun.'lm»''d Hhnll In' innrte In dinno-
fitmiieii of mmli ro-inii'(!linni>,
TIiIh Jly-lnw ulnill lnko effect nu llm
fiilH I'ly-inw limy lm filial rnr/ill imr
(•"Ity of Kornli'i Kirn 1
,Tt. .     .
ml nnnHiid In upon C
2lHt dny of .Mny, A.h. vm
poMCd mi llm t""lty' of Koriili'i Kirn
lly-lnw Nn.  tiT,. ,,„..,
nniin anil nnnHinl In upon Council till*
Ht dny of Mny, A.u. lOO-J.
Itei'tilvoi. tho nHPont nf tho pfnplfi thlw
 dny of lOOO.
Tlofionnlilorrit nml flnnlly pfinnoil nml
mlopleil  thlH   lny of      A.
n' ,00°-        notici:        ,
Tnkn nollco Hint tlm nlmvi* Ih n truo
c.env of the pri*pe»e«1 riv-T.nw upitn
which tlm viitr nf tlm Munli-lpnU'v m-HI
he tnkon et the Clly of I'Vrnle en Timn*
dnv, tlm Ifitli ilny of June, A.D. 1909, lo**
tween the hourn of 10 o'clock In tlie
mnrtilntt end R In Ihe i-venlnir, nt the
nitv Offlcen, Hllunte In Jolirmon-l''Al-
eoner Hloek,
n,nrU' O. ||. IIOUI.TOM.
rvrnl**.  r? f . Mnv tfrtd, isn
t'ltv Clerk.
KiiNuS riuitL
Thtf Niiiitilli'd wltli   llm   lir*sl  Wlno'i,
Mi'iuu-H niul Cinitt'H
Bnr Unexcelled
All White Help
■Ml  VM ttt-ti-t-b* W
Call in and
see us once
C. W, DAVEY k CO., Props.
®fe Mzltizi £^0*er
$1.00 a year In advance. Address all coinmunlcji-
tlons to the "Manager" District J.edger, Fernie B. C.
Ratea for advertising on application.
We believe, through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good to actual subscribers any loss Incurred by trusting* advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
Sibscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest bankrupts.
This offer holds good for' one month after the
•aransactlon causing the complaint; that is we must
have notice within that time. In all cases In writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
Phone 48;  Residence 9
petent non-union employees whom they could, employ if they wanted to. Their opposition to a closed shop, is merel)' opposition.to. the. principle of unionism, which, however, the board,* has already recognized'.        \' '       ^) ,'j- "**        -'"":V y,
■ ■ It is to be hoped that-the board wiHnot go sol
far as to favor an open shop, as it will not end thei
strike, and it will cause.dissension in this country.)
as long as such a rule exists, and it will be a blow!
at unionism in every part of the country—Calgary|
Tlie members ot* the Conciliation board are now
considering their report at Maeleod after going
over all the conditions and taking as much evidence as they believed to be necessary. Though
the operators, evidently for the purpose of demonstration, are making some request for additional
consideration, yet it is generally understood that
the question at is.sue is thc open and closed or union
1 As this isa matter of importance effecting not
only the miners in question, but it is a delcaralion
upon a principle of unionism', the Albertan has already expressed an opinion upon this dispute, and
believes that there is but one way of looking upon
the question.
Thc mere fact that the Lemieux act is in existence is a recognition of unionism. And unionism is
made possible by the union shop.
The union shop is the principle of every union.
The typographical union has the closed shop, and
every other union has ,in practice or principle the
union shop.   -Most of,-them .have this.in practice.
And it is*not unreasonable. The union supplies
the labor and places its guarantee of efficiency upon it. The employer pays for the labor. The union
cannot guarantee the labor or place its sanction
upon the product unless it is certain that the labor
is efficient. ' ~
There is some lofty argument about the rights
ofthe individual and the privileges of a man to
work without joining something to which he has
conscientious objections. * That is not worthy of
very much consideration. . The'union has no real
standard save that of efficiency. ; It is no closed
^mrpof'ation"T Any persoh7wlicnraTT^™^iris"ef-
ficiency can get admission to the union.
It is no mysterious guild and no person who is
not entirely- misguided can have any objection to
joining a union on account of any of the mysterious rites. The man who has conscientious scruples has never.been known to decline*to share the
benefits gained for him by the efforts of the
union, '
No agreement can be satisfactory to the operators, the men or the public, which does not give
some gunrantec of permanency. No agreement can
1)0 satisfactory or permanent which violates one of
the essential principles of unionism.
The operators have nothing to gain by the open
shop.     There-is no considerable   number of corn-
On Tuesday next, June 15th, the ratepayers
of Fernie will be,called upon to vote on.two by>
laws, one for the purchasing'of a site and erectin
a fire hall in the city, the other for purchasing
park site and clearing.. and putting the same, i:
condition. ' "   ■ ■
The Fire hall proposition speaks for itself ;n
arguments are needed to convince citizens of th
urgent necessity for. the immediate construction o
a suitable building, centrally located, for the hous
ing of our splendid fire equipment. The man;
advantages'are too appare*nt to need enumeration
The other by-law, for a park site, can b<* viewc<|
from several viewpoints, briefly as follows •
.1. As land values stand in and around Fernie!
it appears to be an Al investment, for propert;
is sure to increase in value to a greater degree tha
the cost of the improvements.
■ 2. Fernie needs a park. This eity has read
ed the stage when a big public play ground is
real live need, .The advantages are apparent
AVith the completion of a park, and a good fasj
track, we would be assured of good race meets an
athletic events, and in this way we would be abl
to hold,our holiday crowds, and to bring other
here. .     ■ ■' *
3. The section'intended to be cleared out. fo
park purposes has been a most'prolific source o:
fires, and the great fire of August 1 last came ■ ii:
through this way. The clearing out of all thi,
timber, and thus leaving a wide open space her
would act as an effective barrier to the progress o
any other fires. '
Many other ideas will doubtless suggest themselves to any one taking the time to think it over.
It's a safe, sound, investment, and the expenditure
called for each year will not. be-heavy.
a, >»
Floods are doing considerable damage in the interior of this \ province and in' the neighboring
states. But if Father Fraser keeps himself under
control there will be little   harm . done.—Victoria
Rather peculiar .logic, is it not, that "considerable damage" has been done by floods, but very
"little harm" will be done if the Fraser keeps to
his lines?   . ..        .... .. _■ ■ '  .
We1 have record of another newspaper man
retiring at the age of 50.independently rich. Thrift
and honesty always win out. He started, twenty
years ago penniless and retired worth $75,000. He
always made it a point to attend strictly to business, try to please the public and paid his way as
he went, with the result that he is on Easy street
for the rest of his days. An uncle in the„old country died recently aiid left him $74,550. He sold his
business for $450.
SorBt. Clorko Ib acting as chlof of
W. A. McDonald K.C. of NoIboii
Ih ln tho city,
.1. A. Macdonald of Blnirmoro was
in tho city on Friday,
Thomas Crahan of Mlchol paid Fornio a vlHlt on Wednesday.
li*. O, Windsor of Nolson, long en*
labllHlietl piano tuner, Is In town at
tho King Edward hotol. Lonvo ordors
thoro,        (1
Frod ArnifltroiiK Is now Infltitllod In
his now storo In tlm Ilnndt'iHoii block
and snys ho will not tako a hack float
for anybody,
(loorgn Cody mndo a quick lniHtlo
wllh llio Mnlrlimid HkyHcriipor. TIiIh
noonis to ho tho first horso nn Al, but
ho nays Unit ho will not tlio noxt I wo.
A, J. Iliirnslilo, tho popular young
Konllctnim who wiih with thn Canadian
Hank of Cominorco horo, has le-colvnil
n woll carni'd ami moro Itit-rrttlvn pohI*
lion In lho Hhapo of llio mniiiiKi'mont
of tlio Wanlimr branch,
OwIiik to lho lllnoHH of JiiKtlco Martin iho Ktipromo court which was to
have opened on Thursday niornlnK at
11 o't'lot-k al Ft-riilo opora Iiouho, wuh
adjourned. A tt'loiirnin wiih n.'colved on
Tlitirmlay adjourning court until tlio
("a.      *. I. .■ 1,^.-    f*y.    r>f   Man    tall-no***.      **t
f'rml CreeV dri-vt hin tlrn«* nnd wntt
glvon thn umml st.*.tntrt-*nt duly rilffnoi.,
but which lio lost. Mlko I.udovlc pick-
oil It up and trlud to (.will It at Triton*
Wood «toro on Monday. Ilo won arrest*
l„i   )„•  ttili  Tirt1li.il
'TroKrottstlvft Fornix" will bo Initiod
on or about AtiKUst lst. It will contain
ovor 100 ptigos of proftiiinly illustrated
Information About public lifo In this
thriving rlty. Advance orders uhonld
bo plnroil nt onco. I'rlco within reach
of all, UO.:. Apply Ledger Olllce.
Vnrli-iiiM rumors wi'tr nrrtund town on
Tii'.'H'lay DitA more 1*ilBi,Utinnd* were
ttrroHtcd on Monday and Tuft-day and
that on tlio Tucjidsy two of thin, had
(•on.* Into Trltca-Wood •tor**' and hold
up th" clfrlt. at tho point of Iho revolver snd d<>m»nd«-(l monoy. Thete ru*
more wore falie.
F. W. Godfroy and Mrs. Godfrey of
Victoria aro paying Fornio a visit this
wook. ,' • .    •
Mr. GeorRO O'Drlon left on Thursday morning's flybr for tho A, Y. P,
at Seattlo.
Tho old Waldorf hotol has beon torn
down. Leslie was very prominent In
tho work—-nit,
A special mooting of tho LadloR no-
novolont socloty will bo hold at the
homo of MrH. Ilnnnoll on Monday Juno
Illh at .1,30, A full nttondnnco Ih roil UOHlt'd.
Mr, Jamofl Savago roturned from a
trip to tho coaHt. cIUoh on Monday and
took In (and prolmbly got took in)
tho A. Y. IV Ilo hn» nothing but tho
hlghoHt worda of pralso for it.
A largo party of young pooplo Hpont
Arbor day In Klko to avoid tho pick
and Bhovol, hut at that Charllo Fyfo
slayotl horo though wo didn't boo lilm
Mr, R. I'.. Larmoro, gonornl freight
agont nl NoIboii, pannod through thu
city on TliiirHdiiy morning, having boon
trnnaforrod lo Wlnulpug. Ilo upon* a
fow inlniitOH In ronvnrBiitIon with Mr,
Heading our local llmh of thn (,. P. 11.
both gontlonion having boon tngotlior
In Fort Willinm hoiiiu yonrn ago.
It Is Htiflfclont for Homo pooplo that
thoy tlrtnk anything callod tea, Other**
prnfor a standard brand llko "Salada"
which hat, a reputation for bolns good.
Tho lator got moro ciijoymoni out ol
lifo. In buying ti*a for llio HiitlHfiic*
tion you oxpoct to got from Its uio,
It       Will       (l.l*.        IV |4U, l iia.at, 4j.4,4.1..4,"
Avoid nn.vt.iln!? .*.*,■ M  nti rood,  Iml'tit-
lonH aro Invariably of poor quality.
Tho ttpeod with which tho council
aro niBhlng tho work of Hldnwalk con*
nt ruction Ih a mat tor for congratulate
Wanted to purchase: Young ducks,
apply at Lcdgor,
"A Message from Mars" was callod
a merry triumph In New York,
President Sherman Is reported a littlo bettor, but still confined to tho hospital.
Judgo Wholan of Wallace, brother
of tho Napanee proprietor's, Hpont a
fow days In tho city this wook.
Throo or four good ball playorH can
bo accommodated by Interviewing tho
manager of tbo Ledger tonm. No
brick bats ploaso.
"A MosBago from Mars" with a spo-
dally strong cubI and tho ontiro production Is to bo glvon horo nt tho
Fernie opera houso on June 10.
Bsage from Mars." Is intensely
tumorous.     It Is brimful ot brilliant
lind witty dialogue, sufficient to keep
pudfencesMn grearoutbursts'lof laughter.*!   It caniiol be 'iiaid-jthat dny of the
bharaeters In .Mr. ..Ganthony's.play are
untrue to nature.     Selfish men and
kelfish'-vvomeii exist iri every commun-
llty.      They  are by -all" means ' too
Iplentlfui.     With the fine record en-
Ijoyed by a Message... from Mars, it
j stands to reason that local theatrego-
jers will be much interested in its forth-
Icoming presentation.
"Progressive Fernie" will be issued
Ion or about August 1st.It will contain
j over 100 pages of profusely illustrated
[information about public life In this
j thriving - city. Advance orders should
(be placed at once. Price within reach
lof all, 50c. Apply Ledger Office.
The Fernie Pressed Stone &-. Concrete
,'<---'i-*t ■ . {.*•;■*.*>   <f'-y.   -;v?*-!f*$   ..-■,.
iH %4Sevier Pipe" Company
-'>-4(Ui kinds of, concrete .work done, excavating, sewer ditches, .concrete side walks, Iron fences, and concrete lawn rollers, also
- ' I, •- a"
Fire Proof Dwellings from $1,000 up
Over 70" different designs" to choose from. Before building have
a lookrat our designs and prices.       ■
P.O. Box 256        W. M.  DICKEN,   Mgr.        Fertile, B. C.
Construction Co.
litizens of Fernie
to carry out all
Heavy   Draying,
[ng and Concret-
stimates given on"
All work giiar-
[Trading Co.
The   Store   of Good Values
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B.C
Boots & Shoes
At Cost
While They Last^
W. R.  McDougall
.Come and see or write for circular of what
we liave to oiier in fruit lands at .Baynes
within 30 miles of Fernie. Lots of water,-
sure :marltets and easy terms.
Kootonia  Irrigated  Tracts
The Slaughter
Sale is still on.
Call and get a
supply of your
summer needs.
D. W.  HART, (Agt. for Canada) Baynes, B. C.
lt It,.
to ho slinrliiK In llio K<>od work. The
width or tlin wulkR nro not nt all tllm*-*)-
I'ltliiT. NotliliiK short of Rrnuolitlili*
walks Hhould lio ooiiHldorod fur uso on
Victorln nvrnuo.
Clonn up day win* n mircoHs from ov*
cry point ol view. v*.wn<* hundrod and
fifty lotitU of rulihtt*!. wero rnkon off
lour Kln-flB, Ther** was a mlntakti ln
' ri'Knnl to whnt cilhent worn cxpocted
;to do. but what thoy did wot for the
'■ lid'st, uo oil were mor.* or l*'«n tallifU'd.
i Vacant lot» hIkiuUI rocclvu the samo
| caro and attontton in ordor (o clean up
. vontt- ot thi* r«"mfthn, ot th* lire debt-It-,.
Tho following lottor rocolvod from
lho Nicola Vnlloy Conl nnd Colto Co.
IlltiHtrnloH minor forcibly tho ''broad*
tnlndotl" Hplrlt In which thnt concorn
conducts Its htiRlnoBH:
Audit for A. II. Cnrrlngton, Vm\.
Middloiiboro, Il.C.
Dour Hlr: WdiihiIdihIiukI Ihnt   you
hnvo part of your bulldlnn nt Mlddlosboro rontotl for tnooiliiKS of labor unions nnd for othor polltlcnl piirpoHos.1
Your btilldlnK Is upon ground loaned
from tho compnny nntl i'iik icntio bet**
forth tho iihiih to which tnu InultliuK
Hhnll bo put, which do not includn tho
nbovo.  Further, tho loauo boib. forth
thnt you shnll dlnt-oiillnuo tho uso of
i'un' tiiiiuviiir-; hit y'u'.'ii,'v*'-* •aic*.i1,,tav.<,aii.i
to iho IntorentB of tho compnny.
Wu think that wllh tho tinaoltlod labor conditlonit pnunlllitK tho holding
of ini'i'tliiKK auch ns thc nbovo would
ru-ir ho ronduclvo olthor to tho com*
j pnny'a intcrenta or tho welfare of thu
i coinmunlly, and wn hok'-t-Uy "..simvai >ou
to forthwith ilculst from tho practice
of allowing jour building lo W utw!
for »u<h purpose*,.
All kinds of
Give us a trial
k Mm-j-itato line ot samples of
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds, Screes
and Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Modnpate Prices
People trade her,e because they know
the Satisfaction which comes from so
doing. Those who trade here find
everything Right
«t •  • <■• •  •
The Goods
The Price
The Service
We are showing a large variety of
Hair  Brushes,  Toilet Brushes,  Clothes
Brushes and Military Brushes
These are splendid value and cannot be beaten for Quality or Price
N. E. Suddaby ■ Druggist
Agents for Spalding's Post Cards. Kodaks, Photographic Supplies. Wall
Paper, Toilet Articles, Huyler's Chocolates
Workingman's Store
Advertise In The Ledger
I s-.V
^i^^m'^^^-^itA'-yryvn^ y:^y--'^^i>^^-'-^'':^i'}^'i^'1^. ' '■:■■■"■■■; -';
•-   *-*.'''
. Vl-.'i-p-**-
a7- ..*,    't
I'v';1;;;; -I
.j- -*f *.■;••   s
■^j.**.*,' -,.    > *r   .     ,:
? i:
a.'     t.J-,-4.:
. -.*•>•.
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-"1 J"
1 a      *   ^      *
The.;-Official. Organ of District No.  18, V. M. W.   of A.
Fernie, B. C,  ! June 12tlis 1909
'i'   From bur own Correspondent:
■> J-
Pete Burt had a pleasant trip to Nelson for the week-end.. 7 7
W. H. Uobbey has left the Creek and
gone west.
The monthly examination' for diggers
certificates was held on Monday when
Messrs. D. Martin, G. O'Brien and Bob
Adamson were the officers In attendance. ,
Mrs.' Mossop, with' a young brother
has arrived safely, from Cumberland,
Tom Wakelam and Bob Adamson arc
now flrebosses, the former ih No. 9 and
the latter in No. 1.
' Bernard Falrclough was a' surprise
packet straight from- Spokane on l**rl-
day. ,   *
Dave White got' a.cordial welcome
from his friends on his return, from
hospital. Wo hope It may not be long
before he throws tho crutches*over.
' ;Wlien our friend Gruff, of pick sharping fame, left us last. fall, we didn't
know who tcrappolnt as the man who
walked about'to save, fun oral expenses.
Little did'we think that even again he
would begrime hit.' weather beaten complexion with coal dust, but alas! like a
■bad coin he turned up.last week.eri'd
after seeing things going 'along, the
, right'tiway on his ranch, Stevens Co.,
The officers of the Bellevue football
club, Bib Livett, president, J. Lindsay,
secretary and J. Ellison treasurer, desire lt to be known through their own
paper The Ledger, that1 their boys will
,* always remember the friendly reception they got at. Coal Creek, and tho-
.good, time that was given to them.
They are looking forward to the pleasure of returning the compliment.
The president of the Coal Co.,   Ellas
. Rogers,  was around  with" the  general
manager and general superintendent on
Quite a nice bunch went from here to
take In Florodora at the opera house
-last week. .
Harry Streithorst has'quit the camp.
Keep your eyes open  for announcement of date of.ice cream social in the
*_, Presbyterian church.      ,   ". -
Adam Crulckshanks with his-brother
Arthur pulled out for the States on
Wednesday.    - '   -" -        .
The'adjourned enquiry into the accl-
dent'at No..5 mine on .Tune lst whereby
Edward Oldacrc met his death, came up
. before .Coroner A:  w7 Bleasdell at the
* The Vancouver .Wb'rld informs us that
"Matsuda" the Japanese -'wrestler, is
ordered* to be deported ;,to Japan *•. on
complaint from the U.S. .Immigration
officials. It will bea remembered that
he wrestled with Cyclone Kid up'here
some time ago.- -';'...
Services will be held ln both churches
as usual on Sunday night.. ,    '.
Joe Morris and Jack Yarde have pulled out for "Three Hills,'* Alta. They are
going to work In a small colliery for
the present which confines Its output
to supplies for .the ranchers.
Frank Earp has'given up business as
baker in Fernie and Is giving Coal
Creek another go.
Jack Shanks has been appointed pit
boss of No. 8 Michel.    ■  ■
George O'Brien, an old servant of. tho
Coal' company, has resigned from his
post as fireboss. He was successful In
obtaining his second, class papers recently and is seeking fields of labor
where his opportunities" for advancement will be enhanced. He ,has many
acquaintances, officially and socially,
and many of those met at the residence
of his sister, Mrs. Mulgrew on Saturday
evening when a pleasant social,-though
it was of a farewell nature, was carried
through. .-
Workmen aro at present engaged putting In track from, the main track near
the .tipple right across to the track.b.;-
low the weigh cabin and on which the
loaded cars are let down. Time will be
saved by,this arrangement.
Work has been commenced on the
erection of a snow.ihde ovr.' the tiuck
which"runs up the mountain side to No.
1 mine.
Coming from Fernie and when near-
ing the Creek a team Of horses attached to a tradesman's wagon took fright
and got beyond the control of the driver on Saturday. .The wheel of the wagon'caught one of the boarding house
wash houses and brought them to a
The Bellevue'team stayed here over
Sunday. The day was'spent in various
ways and our guests seemed to appreciate the openness with which they
were greeted. To E. R. Lewis is was
like the bringing back of old times. We
are afraid he wan't be happy until' he
gets back.   •
A few extra men have been started in
the mines tills week.
We^ are not alone In wondering   why
, George McQueen spent the week'end
in Hosmer.
-" Tom Chambers has gone to Frank-
good luck Tom.
Mrs. McDonald is still very sick'and
much sympathy is^felt for the relatives
in their time of trouble.
Hosmer football club intend to visit
Cranbrook and Moyie on June 30 and
July 1 respectively,' if they.get a fair
We hope the citizens of Hosmer will
turn out and support .the boys. - It
takes moneyM to run a club and, the
funds are already too low.
Fernie plays here on Saturday at 7.
Everyone should turn out as the Fernie
team will bring along a lot of boosters.
• Bill Dickson has gone, to Coleman.
He says he's coming back'soon.
Bob Littlo  is  still  improving.
Mrs. Dan Dunlop was ln"Mlchel visiting on Tuesday,  , -
Archie and Mrs. Matheson have gone
west for a short trip.
Visitors in Hosmer this .week were:
W.  Sodhunt, New Michel".
J.  Fallls, Fernie.
D.oran, Toronto.
Culver, Calgary -
H.'Pltblado, Coleman.
* ,.      ■    *
-boost,   smile,   hustle   and   don't
government buildings at, Fernie at S
o'clock Monday night. Messrs. J.
Scott, 'J.aGates, G.. Pedlar, J,.D. .Quail,
H. Gould and'A,"Crulckshanks, were
empanelled as' a Jury? John Guydo'sh,
an Austrian lad was th<B first witness
called-? and. test!fl(id:.','I1"iWm engaged as
bellboy in the Slope'No,] 5 mlno, Coal
Creek^ I was following niy occupaitou
on June 1. I also help the rope rider, I
knew the"deceased. .Ho was working
in the" Slope district as driver boss on
the day ■he'-Vus* killed-,"' About eight
o'clock in the evening,we took-a car of
timber Into the second right. There
were two loaded cars tn there., Deceased sent me into' tho second left to
see how many cars were in thero. I
returned and told him thore were ten.
I also told him thore wore two drivers
and a trapper ln the second left and
that I had noticed.that the'cars were
not all coupled;' He at onco gave orders to tho ropp rider to go there for n
trip, . Tho three of ub, thn boss driver,
tlio ropo rider and myself went Into
the second left and tho ropo rider proceeded' to put on tho ropo whilst the,
deceased coupled six of tho cars together, ■' Six loaded cam mnko up a trip,
The ropo rider went ovor to tho right
side for tho "drag," I was looking to
hoc If tho cars wore- all coupled with
thn dooi'iiRflil, when ho said "It's all
right, kUl, thoy arc nil oouploil." Hn
then nsked mo if tho rope wiih on anil
1 answered yes. After this Ito asked
mo for the drag remarking "I will put
It on for you," I told tlio ropo rider
this and ho gavo mo the drag, and I
hnmled It over to tho (Incensed, I wont
to my bell wln> and tho rope rldor went
to his place nt the front of tho trip. I
nsked If all waH right nml the iIocoiihciI
Hald "yes." I thon Hlffnallad to' tho
ho 1st man nnd tho trip oominonucd to
run right nwny. I got on an the earn
wero running, Almost' linmoillatoly I
noticed that tlie coupling pin between
the first and suconil car wns hotit and
tliut It wuh nut pui'footly In pMMltloii, I
Jumped off nnd Hlirmilloil for tho trip
tn ho stoppeil. When tho trip mopped
flvt< of the cars fooffiui to run hack. I
hhoutod "Look out hnlnw," Judging by
tho tllrt'Ctlon of the flame of liln lamp
iloronwMl wnH nt iuul I iik nn tlio other
track, Tho onn- would run about flvo
yard* when tlioy Jumped tho truck nml
cnmo to a RtamlNtlll, T could not hoo
ilcccnru-d'H llictit tlum and tlioiinrltt In'
hud ('Heaped, Tito ropo rldor nnd I want
.melt nnd cnlle,. nut "Oh, Teddy!" hut
Kot no reply, Tlio ropo rider looked un*
ih<r Dm earn' which wens In a heap nntl
found thn doci'imfil thore. T then honrd
him groan twlim nnd any "Whim nrn
yon gnlnir to itet thoiio cur*, off mc?"
Other help came and the earn were got
from the top of lilm.
Tiy tho Jury: The track In »t«ep ntul
curvtnl at the plnco whoro the accident
Arnold MnrtMl, ropo rider rtivo evlil*
once which oorreapondud with that Riven by the boy Ouydutth, and explained
to the Jury that tho notion of tho dratr
W.IK  (m   WiluW  *   I .iim,*./.*    II l|.   llllU   dill
I'.trti*-   nnd  nn  prevont   Itn   f-iiri'i-r  down
Wlllln.i OrlfflthH unlil ho ran to tho
•fpot In r*tpon«« lo crt*** from th* two
pruvlouH wllnrniifii. He nfulNtcil to re-
movo tha cam. When uhlftlng the ear
which hfld the drcecm-il he gronned and
'Coal_CfeelT cantTlTave an Arbor day
A handsome daughter was born to
Mr. and Mrs.,DannyvCampbell Wednesday. Danny wears a 999 smile.
"Harry Buchanan returned on" Wednesday night after an extended,. trlp....to
Cumberland, Engr:.' ■" r -*•■' ?'"
- W,;;H, 'Klrkpatr'ck and wife from
London, England, are now residents In
Coal Creek.
Torn Williams, mine boss at No. 9,
finished up with'the Coal Co,,hero this
week. Rumor has been btis'y of thc like'
llhood of this for a tlmo, but it is .now
known definitely that Tom has been
picked as superintendent for an important ..colliery at Passburg, Alta. His
successor in No. 9 is Barney Caufield,
who has lately boen firebosslng, but
who previous to thnt "was mine boss
In No.  2. '.'.'.,
■, George Ramsay, an old tlm'or,' Is' In
from Great Falls,
Tho club,was closed nil day on tho
3rd out of rospoct to an old frlond and
member Ted Oldacro.
:|:   " BAYNES I
worry; ■,"■''
A big bunch of home seekers came to
Elko Saturday from' Kallspell and Eureka looking over the Frost Investment
Co.  Land west.of the town.
Charlie Backlund, one of the best
trackmen that ever raised a law. joint
ln the,Pass, has been promoted to assistant, roadmaster on the G. N. with
headquarters * at Olesen, and you can
bet Charlie will have the track like a.
pool table before long. He will be
missed in Elko., ,.
(.The ladies of Elko say Boost, but
Beautiful and when one looks around
our beautiful hyacinth tinted and picturesque burg and recognizse so many}*.
evidences of their good work we cannot but commend their slogan ' as a
good one.
'Mr.-and Mrs. Sawyer returned to
the state of Maine after spending a
pleasant visit with  relatives.'In  Elko.
Marriaget is a divine institution,' ' so
ably mdnaged,by man that although lt
has been doing business for several
thousand years it Is not yet on a dividend paying basis. It is the biggest
trust on earth for its capital stock is
love, consisting of two thirds ,faith,
which is preferred and one third hope
which is common.' Notwithstanding/repeated failures'its bonds are the. best
"sec ur I i y""of ~t lilTk I n"d~5n~tK8~m ar ReTand'
•\   \ .
Mr.'Bert Wbimster and a number of
friends from Fernie wer.-» down oil Sunday. • ■ ,!
Mrs, Vanbalkenburg, whose husband
anil brother were drowned in 'the Kootenay river last week, left for her home
in [Gould City, Mich.,-Monday. She wiis
accompanied by her niece, Miss Julia
Streeter. A purse of $300 was raised for
the, widow at Baynes, Waldo and
lilr. Louis* Fitch of Waldo was taking
In.jthe beauties of Baynes on Wedhes-
Mr. W. Nelson'of Vancouver, who is
representing the Remington Typewriter
Co>, was in Baynes on Tuesday, and
plnjc'ed  a  number of machines.
Mrs. Jas. Fuseei called on Mrs. D.
Wi  Hart on Tuesday.
Mrs. O. G. Johnson left for Cranbrook Wednesday morning where he
has a position with tlie Telephone Co.
H. L. Gratis Is completing'Mr. J. D.
Aye's residence this week.        •''
The Kootenay river was rampant last
week and put the Ross mill out of business for a few days. High water mark
this1 year to date Is 16 feet 5 In.
News comes from Victoria that Mrs..
Charles McNab's summer home is cheered! by the arrival of a',little daughter.
Mr. Lurges was severely hurt while
at j his work at the Adolph mill on Saturday.
-x -**
Well, Mr. Editor, wo got boat again.
Wo got badly dlsappolntod aH wo fully
axpaotod to gathor In two points but
as It turned out wo woro.out of our
calculations hy a milo,
Tho gamo was to stnrt at 3.30, bo
aftor'wo had posed lioforo tlio camera-,
McDonald won tha tons for the first
timo this HctiHon and Coleman klokod
off boforo n fnlrly largo crowd. Com
mont on tho game In unnocom-inry ox
oopt for lho beautiful illHplay of football hy Colomnn nml the mngnlflconl
display of BaldorBon, our crack contro
half, This plnyor wiih horo, thoro and
everywhere nnd wan onHlly tho boul
man un the fluid, Half tlmo arrived
with Colomnn loading by 2 to 0, The
second hnlf was Just n repetition of
tho first hull* oxcopt that ltoforoo Him-
Inter camn nut of IiIh hIioII, ituvi* Colomnn two gotilH In a proHont, locturod
somo of tho IIiiHmor pi ayo m and mndo
a fnrco of tho gnmo, Tho gamo ended
In favor of Colomnn hy four to nono,
Wo u ii dt rut nml thnt llio (•ouinilttoo hnd
a talk nnd though tlioy doclilod not to
protoHl agftliiNt tho roforoo, thoy hnvo
written to tlio loniruo Hiiortiliny Intimating thnt thoy will not hnvo lilm horo
niraln. Wo hnd good rmi huh Iuul week
tn com pi nln nf tho conduct of tho upoo-
IntnrH nt llollovue, but thoy nro gon»,
tinmen whon compnroil tn a unction uf
Hot*m«r m«>n who w«r<* at the gantt* on
Hnttinlay. Tlioy Htny till tho collect*
Ion box ciuiK'H, then vanish, Whon nt
tho gnmo thoy mnko It n point tn bawl
out  plnyor/i. trying to do thoir IiohI.
Colomnn tonm put up nt tho Hnmncr
hotel, nnd aro loud In tliolr priilHO of
IU ifi'tUal propi'ltiiiii'M.
An Impromptu danco wan hold In tho
llW)«i   iltl.V,   ,11,   * Ituvt) .
Tho ■minor*'hold thMr moottnn nt 1
o'clook on Hatunlny,
Dan Dunlop, Dnn McDonald, Frank
Dickie And'Tom, dim If wera vlvltlng In
Pernio on Monday,
Ilortmer pooplo worn put tn Homo lit*
tel Infonvontrnco at the beginning of
Kfild   r,ilntly "HM-iidy lioyn.
*n  . hit-
opinion deceoncil did not live long after
uttering theno word*.
The mine* Irmpeotor Mr, Morgan on
bring nuked by the coroner If he had
nny iiiK'Uloti* to. auk or anything to
nay, said he Imd not. He thought the
evidence had heen given In a -Urali**.)***
forward manner. The following vor-
dlct wee brought In:
Wi\ the Jtity find thnt F.Awttrd OM-
aero met hit death In No. ti mlno, Conl
Creek, about lOn In the evening of
Jun* 1, 1*)(.» hy t>tlng cruili*J undor
five earn through the Imperfeot coupling of the cara; and that no blame la
attach*--! (to anyone.
Old weeti owing To rtiu HltoniiUiriH ot
tho on nt nnd went pnni.i!iuri>r trnlnn, Wc
think that wo aro entitled tn know
when theme trnln* are altered. An It war*
a wholo bunch of people hnd to walk
to Fernio on Monday If tbey wanted
to get there before noon,
Mr. Rtoekett wont enet on Monday.
Mr, toiler wont with htm «* in-uinl.
The photo* taken hy Mr. Ttobion laat
Pnftir.1i,y of tin) football club irer* n
fnlluro eo tho lioye ixmoil ngfttn Tuesday.
The bur.eh whleh we had occaelon to
refer to lam reek have aklrtooed, whleh
la a good thing for everyone concerned.
will  not seek investors at least,  until
sometliing.be'tter offers.   ,     .',. ■   ■
We received sev*eral pressing invitations -to go to Fernie on tlie 9th and
taHe our scoop shovel along with us.
Chief of Police /x,. Sampson was in
Elko Sunday and Iri consequence not a
dice was heard, not,a gramophone note,
tiSp to the ■ falls through the town he
hurried, etc. etc.
C. Burgess, chief accountant for tho
North Star Lumber company, Elko, for
three years, leaves to take up a better
position at Trlwood. •
'Mr.. Burgess Is ono of the best nc-
cpuntants In the province, a gentleman
22 carat hall marked, and received ..liIs.
new position on account of his capabilities, nothing else. We consider lt tho
bost movo he could make, to have .a
.chance to get known. Every one In Elko wishes him every'kind of succobh,
Mrs. Burgess loft Elko Thursday ovoning to Join Mr. Burgess and no bettor evidence was nocossary as lo hor
popularity than tho gathering of Indies
thero wns nt the station to wish her
Bob Cox camo In from Strawberry
flntri Tuosdny,
Tho Hoffman houso was sojd Friday
last to Charllo Klo'nglnsmlth'of tho Elk
hotel, who will remndol, tho wholo, and
tho gang of carpontors now at work
would mako strangors think lt was n
boiler factory In full bloom,
Mrs, N, A. Mackenzie and Miss McDougall of Fornio camo down to Klko
Sunday on tho Flyor.
Now Ih tho tlmo to soo Elk rivor ennyon. It's tho greatest sight this Bldo
Tobacco Plains.
Wo rocolvod a lottor from Winnipeg
this wook asking t\tiat lnnd wns worth
around Elko, It. Is worth' $500 pot*
noro, fbut I hnvo somo ronl choice Innd
T nm''soiling for' 9100 por aero Just tn
Introduce It, ,
Gamo Warilon LowIh and Constnhlo
(look hud a merry ciiaae after trout
pnnchcrH and bonr, irappors InRt Mon*
dny down tho Kootonay to Gateway,
N. C, Molntyro of Cranbrook wns In
Elko thin wook.
- A' dotnohmonl of thn -12nd Illffhlimd*
ors nro camped nonr the Fulls nt Elko,
.Trick Thompson Hay** hn thinks tlioy aro
from either llelfnst or Dublin by their
ItollglotiH HorvleoH will bo hold In tlin
pavilion hy tho FnllH on Hundny after*
noon; everybody Invited. Tnx( will ho
"What intiHl wn do to ho unveil." Tty
Hov, Mr. Skinflint,
H'h only n mnttor of tlmn till tho
undertaker loin ynu In on llio kid unit
Thoro Is Hri-at ovclti.mont In Oront
llrltnln ovor the foot thnt I.nrd l.nhH
Hny* Knglnnd tins nn nrmy nnd flghtln.T
Charlie rioronfnrd hhj-h thoy hnve mt
navy, tinglnnd will novor bo cunqtiornil
by n Mnropean powor wlillo (llmignr'V
HtniulM part Mid purred of tlm Km
nconi'io thoy had failed to get n 175
.juuita.   Lt,t:  i/./„4.i..*,  ,„,«,...«'.»   l..i..,i'.i   tt-
fimort tn perform end returned the rnn1i
thoy hnd taken In,
Elko to have nn opera Iiouho, danco
hail. 5c \>e«r garden, new nnmpU> room*
and furnlahed room* fnr anmmer vIhII*-
Jim Hon, the Hooevllle bronchi, twln-
tw, wn.* In Jilku Hint wook with im-
nm go.
Klkiibaiotmll tonm won tlie match
ngnlriMt the C. P. It. brldgomnn on
Ttiemtny ovoning.
Kay It taken our IIIII to catch thom
Hl'iclairaml*, thoy enn't get pam-ed.
There'* «tnniilrlo« In Elko awaiting
the toilowln,;* .1 nl oh I-a UhWh, 1IH.W
lloixko (fllav), rete r.ntortkl (Hlav). i,
niunkl, 77, r>. 7ii*rger«Hne«, n*n. ftrny-
gwrnlct (Slnv.) Charlie Mon, aectlon
foreman. Any Information regarding
any of tin- above will tie appreciated—
tend tn Ledger,
I roomed cotta*f« to rent In Klko,—
Apply l^algcr.
Mr." Derosla, the butcher Is now running his new delivery wagon.
Mr. E. Streeter accompanied his
daughter to Fernio on Monday,.she being on her way to' Michigan to spend
Mr. Charles McNab left for Victoria
on Tuesday to see his now daughter.
Mrs. George Coffee shopped in Fernie Monday. . .   '   a.
The whist club met with Mrs. Coffee
of lower Waldo Wednesday. The ladles
had a very Interesting aftornoon, and
the beautiful sofa cushion donated by
Mrs. Walter Robertson was won by
Mrs.  D.  W. Hart.   - , a    r'
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bureau spent
Sunday.at D, W. Hart's.
Mrs. Wm. Barter who has been visiting her husband at Baynes expects to
leave for Spokane on Saturday for a
short stay. .
-Mrs. W. S. Stanley .and,,children arrived at Baynes on Thursday to spend a
'few weeks on their.Kootonia land.
-The mill owners on the Kootenay rl5
ver are feeling fortunate In ..not losing
any logs by the high water.
The G.-N. time does'not suit the people of this section who wish to do business in.Fernie. .-It .barely gives one
and•■ march down again.."...
a peaceable settlement here If possible'.
1. The case of William n! Reid,
who was discharged for first offence
of dirty 0coal.
2. The case of George Martinovlch
who -was laid off sick and was refused employment upon making application after recovery.    .  o
3. The • settlement of a price on
coal in No. 2 slope and district.
.   4.    The  settlement of a price  on
coal in No. 5 mine.
5.' The re-instatement of Geo. Mc-
Gruther as stableman, the company
not giving a reasonable cause for his
removal, stating that the man was
quite competent to hold that position
prion to his removal.
6. The Coal Mines Regulation Act,
Section 82, part 2, respecting the ventilation of the mines, also Art. 32 and
33 respecting the qualification of man
agers and overmen.
Judge Lampman, chairman of Board
of Conciliation, ve Nicola Valley
Dispute:    .
. Dear Sir:- At a mass meeting of the
Middlesboro miners held last night;
May 21st, 'it was unanimously resolved: N '     -   -     -
That wliereas Judge Lampman was
appointed chairman of the 'Board of
Conciliation upon the recommendation
of our own representative, Mr. T. C.
■Brooke, which resulted in a joint recommendation from Mr. Kiddie, representing company and Mr. T. C.
Brooke to government: .■
That whereas .we, members of local
union 872 of the United Mine Workers
of America", have the utmost confidence In our representative, Mr. T. C.
Brooke and unanimously endorse his
recommendation;  ,      * .     '
.That whereas we do not ask or expect I anything but justice given which
we are confident will be handed down
to us by Judge Lampman on behalf
of our government he is representing;
•We, therefore, as a fair minded body
of "workmen unanimously resolve
•That local union 872 of the TJ. M.
W. of A. of Middlesboro, and ' employees of the Nicola Valley Coal and
■".ok.*- Con,pariy° will b. bound bv tin-
decision of Judge Lampman, chairman
bf the'hoard of conciliation under the
Industrial Disputes Investigation Act.
That .a copy of this resolution be
forwarded to Ottawa, as well as to the
public press throughout Canada for
publication. ° -•
On behalf of local union 872.    *
McDONALD. President
B. C. -
General Merchant
Indian Robes and Bead Work
'Souvenirs of The Great West
and   Indian  Curios
Real Estate That Grows
Big Red Apples
The«Nearest Fruit and Farm Lands to the
Crows Nest Pass Mines
See Elko,  Roosville and
Tobacco Plains
"Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow',,
B. C,
♦♦♦♦♦•■»*»♦•»*» *»♦♦*»♦*»*» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*■*►*» *
My stock of hair goods is now complete consisting of
Cl a '  ' - ,
Wigs, Switches, Cornet Curls, Parisian
Goiffines Puffs, Merry Widow Curls,, Merry
Widow   Braids,   Hair    Rats   and    Pads   in
all Shades
The New Barretter The New Cleopatra Pins* The New
Chateau Wavers, - The New Coiorine   Hair Dye in ail
Shades,   Fancy and Plain Combs
W.N. Reid, secretary of local union
No.,872, writes from Middlesboro, as
follows: -.-   • 1-   '
Just,a few'lines to let the district
know how we are getting along. As
far as our men are concerned everything is quiet. The -.miners here
have behaved themselves ln a very
respectable manner ever since the lay
Off. '.'*■'
The only disturbance that was made
was commenced by tho Coal Co, officials when thoy pulled down one of
our'brother's houses, who was batching close to the mine. , Tho conciliation board came In hero' on the 17th,
T. Cv Brooke represented tho men,
Mr. Thomas Kiddle represented tho
Coal Company nnd Judgo Lampman as
chairman, W. H. Armstrong, general
manager, Mr, Plummor, secretary,
and JamoB Gray, mine superintendent,
represented tho Conl Co, nnd James
Hardmnn, W. N. Hold and D. II. Mo-
Donnld represented the local, Tho
first soBBlon was held nt. 7 p, m. on
tho 17th and ndjoimicd nt 10.30 until
10 a.m. TuoHtlay morning,. Tho cano
of James Hardmnn wad thb first to
come up. , It toolt quite a tlmo to got
In all tho ovidoneo, Then the case
of W. N. Held cnmo up. After thoy
had hoard nil tho evldonco on those
two cnsoB Judge Lampman adjourned
until WodnoBday morning,
Tho honrd ronHsombold along with
tho company officials, Mr. Armstrong,
Mr, Plummor, Mr. Qruy. Tho local
president D. II, McDonald, .las, Pat-
ton, II, I), Rold, raproBontod tho
mon. Thoy mot In prlvnto to soo If
tho compnny nnd men could como to
torras, but no concltinlon was arrlvod
Mr, W, H. Ai'inHtiong, tlio Kunorul
mnnngor mild ho -would not. iiri'oo to
any conciliation board thnt. 13rooko
But on and tho compnny would not ho
hound hy nny doclHlon of llio board,
Ho tho mooting wiib nnonml to Iho
public at It a,in,, flnnliwtn, D, ll,
McDonnld mid W, N, Hold ngnln rep
ruHontod tho Incnl, Tlm moot Ing won
continued WodnoHdny uveulng nnd on
Thiii'ttdfty niornlnir.
After tho immting ndjoiirnod Mr.
Hnrdmnii nnltcd .Mr, ArmHtrong If he
would not mout n commlttoo to try
nnd got. Hoine Hnttloinont nnd ho got
conHldttritlilti nbtiHlVft Ini.Kiiagi* iih ii
roply. Wo lind n mooting of our local on tho 22nd iih Mr, Ilroolio   wnH
i. , i   »*. .    ....
f.a4,t.fo,a/-|i.,,a.a4<,,I I.,,
A« thoro In tx\\c mor'»' wltnow". In
Vancouver to give ovldoncn on ho*
hnlf of Hnrdmnn tho following rwiolii*
Hon Iiiih boon forwarded lo Judgo
Judgo Lnmpmnu mild Hint tho mat*
utr ot iicitit "..•nn.iiiioii and 01 uinim..)*
flrstl mlno manrtgorh would bo referred
tA tho minister of mlnos,
Tho mon contend thnt tho rnnniiRor
of tho mlno Iiiih not yoi hoc ti rod his
qualification pnpurs nnd ho Is not   n
proper porson for tlm plnco.
To JudKu Lampmiui and Mcmhcvn of
Board of Conclllntldn:
Dear Oli-a;
The followlu-* Riluvances In addition to tho cose submitted to Ottawa,
wo refjtif'st you to ti.k« Inlo c-ons,.d«,,r
stlon »nd deal with during your sitting
tt this time. In order to bring about
..   W. N. REID, Secretary.
CALGARY, June 8—Application for
space for district erhlbits are c ,ming
in 'to ihe office of the mapae.-r.pr Ui<»
•Mierta provincial ,exh'..'.Hon . carl n-
than anticipated..' Numerous places
throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan
have been heard from ln this regard,
and almost all the districts from which
collective exhibits were sent Lo the
Dominion Fair at Calgary last, year,
together with a goodly number of new
ones, are expected to be represented,
The last place to be heard from Is Cm*
stairs. The rich district surrounding
that go-ahead town will have a very
fine display at, the big exhibition in
Cagary from July 5th to 10th.
Fernie Opera House
Hair. Pins Plain  and Invisible,   Kid  Curlers and the
new  Curling Trous. .  Customers  will find this .stock
most up-to-date   .,
i *
Making: Profit
We enrtnlnly expect tlo make'
n rrnNiiuiiblr profit on every-
thliiK we ne1l, If wc illil not we
would do nii <i ii Nhop. Ilut in I ii d
you we unlil rennoiinlile. Home
ileu I cm want Mr profit* but
then tliey nre Nntlaifleil with few
mnlen, We riiu our InialiieNN on n
different linulm nm nil profit*
ofteu renrliteil. We nre mitlulled
nud our vimtomprH nre natlnfled
to Nnve money on nood quality
KOiiiIh—no everylioyd'H ■•HWfletl,
Phone. 17
Goods Delivered Free
♦•»♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Flowers   for    Planting
out, Stocks, Asters, Bal-
soms, Pansics,  Daisies,
Margcuritcs, Etc.
30c  por   Dozon
John McLachlan
West Pcrnie Greenhouse
HiihIih-m   JHnrkN,   (!h>ii'<*linM
Scliiidlh, ami lii'iivy work a
•*|>i'tilully ,
P,0. BOX 153 FERNIE B.C.
Auenti '<»* Kitiii'iiitiitl I'rruMHl llrl>'k
iuul   Hum!   I'oltit   ('iiiiiiiinit   iimi
I'lrwi.iil   Jirli'k,      Kiilmiiti-4   fill-
iiWiimI fii'i-
wishes   to  inform    his
customers that tic has
moved   from   the   Star
Barber  Shop to  the
and hopes to have the
continued    support,    o
their patronage
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•■•^►■♦♦•*»» ♦«*»>**r**iMp i
r uFniSiiou
Rooms to et
At H. A. Wilkes'
Opp. Fire Hall
w.iii'ji. 'jiu \iisvj»iimmmmmwLU.mm
An   All   Modern    House
Including Baths
Tijr in for good I'ortrcltura, Pric«i
tiiirleratr A'MrrH PfllAtt kxirnm
Wliat would bn nlrrr to ttrntl Kant
to frifnilB tlmn a ropy of "Projcrfttilve
Ffrnl^," Pplendldl-** illtittrated, over
100 p-tgei and only It c#«U. Order
vow tt Ledger—ready AuruiL Int. PAGE SIX
Football, Lacrosse and Baseball.   Racing
A meeting of baseball enthusiasts
was held the early part of- the week
to form a ;city baseball league, and
nine teams were represented. The
league considered that six Iearns would
be plenty and the following wet**; c-r-
ga'iiizcd by umalganiation of two ur
The-Fats ,   * *
Coal Company
The Colts '   ■■
It was decided to make the managers of the teams into the executive of
the league for tho season. , They are
as follows:
Fats:   T.   Ii.   Whelan
Coal Co. 1'.   Cunningham.
Carpenters:   \V.   0,   Bruce
Commercial: A. A. Gillespie
Ledger: \V. S. Stanley.
Colts: Con. Whelan.
,.It was agreed that tlie season would
be, officially opened on Friday by the
Ledger and Commercial teams, —the
game to be called for 7 o'clock sharp.
It was decided that no player should
be allowed • on the field or benches
without uniform.
* All league games are to be played on
Monday, Wednesday and Friday even-'
ings at,7 sharp. The following officers
were elected'for the year. *   *
'President: 0. N.-ltoss    .,
,   Vice-president:  T.  If.  Whelan
Secretary: W. S. Stanley
Treasurer:   Leslie .Mills.
The schedule for tlie season appears
elsewhere in this issue.
wonderful display, and it was owing
to his fine saving that Bellevue were
enabled to cross over on e.qttal terms.
Coal Creek opened'the scoring, early
in the second half by a clever shot, by
Sweeney, He got the ball in his q,wn
half of«the field and racing, ahead,
passed al opposition and beat. Lindsay
close in. Coal'' Creek maintained _ a
continuous pressure, but. Lindsay defied their best efforts and it was only
from close range that they could get
the ball past him. .loison scored a
second goal close in and Sweeney
headed a third from a corner. Bellevue forwards could not get going and
towards the close Coal Creek added a
The league table ia given below and.
shows the position of the different'
clubs to date.
Play Won   Lost Draw
Fernie          G
Michel          -I
Coal Creek        3
,    . '\ .
Disastrous   Fire   Sweeps
Over Maine Town and
Causes Misery
Cowley   .
PRESQUE ISLE, Maine, June S —
Fire swept over this village yesterday-
burning a hundred .dwelling houses,
ten potato storehouses, the Canadian Pacific Railway station, the Congregational church and the Masonic
hall. The aggregate loss is estimated at, §300.000. '.The residences burned
included some of the best in the village. Upwards of a thousand people are
A high wind prevailed and is largely responsible for the extent of the
Among the dwelling houses burned
were those of John Brown, where thc
firo started; former state Senator E.
Parker, Charles Richardson, first selectman nnd representative in the legislature and the Baptist parsonage occupied by Rev. 13. L. Gates.      . *'
,   - _   '-/NOTICE .       - | j
Sixty  days  after  date I,   the', undersigned, intend to. apply to the SuptJof
Provincial  Police .for a'renewal, of iny
hotel license at 'Gateway,  B.  G.      7
Dated-this lst day of May 19.09,    !'
..    '   ' -."   Gateway' B.C. j 5t
^,;,' 7 NOTICE        , -     |
NOTICE' Is herebv Riven -.hat' thirty
(30) days after date I Intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief .Commissioner i of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands situated in S. |
R. Kootenay, British Columbia, Block 1
Commencing, at a post planted at or
near 1 mile east of 29 mile'post of. the
present C. P. R. survey line and being
the north etis't corner of'Nat Babcock
claim, , |
Thence running south 80 chains;!
Thence running west 80 chains;.
Thence running.north 80 chains; I
Thence running east 'SO chains ■ |   ,
to a point of commencement,    making
C40 acres more or less. ) .
Located, this 25th day of April, 1909.
NAT   BABCOCK,   Agent |
NAT  BABCOCK,  Locator1.
Goals Scored
. For Ag
Ferule    ...
■'' 11
Michel     ...
........    9
Coal Creek
........    4
Coleman" ..
1.    '
I   I
I       I
5 f
5 !
0   ■
Two points for a win and one point
for n draw.
The league games for today are:
■ Frank vs Coal Creek at Frank.
Bellevue vs, Michel at Bellevue■
The C. \.. P. football league was
advanced another stage on Saturday,
•Tune 5th. There.should have been a
full scliedue of games, but ' Cowley,
who were due at-Michel, wired the
game  off and  have decided  to wiih-
-draw from the league. The major
portion of the Cowley players are In
the, employ of the C. P. R. and were
unable to'get the necessary Saturday
off to play their games, hence the rea-
_son'for   their action in withdrawn.g
from the league.       ""''
'   The clubs engaged were Frank   vs.
Fernie', Coal Creek vs. Bellevue and
" Hosmer' vs.' Coleman.
- In the first named game the points
were divided, the result being a goalless draw. The game was played at
Frank. Aleck Adamson, late of Coal
Creek, turned out for (ho home team
and Isaac IJullon wns rested for tlio
day.      Both sides had chances      to
' sco)*o, but on tho wholo the defence on
either side was too strong for the opposing afterward A littlo diversion was
caused, during thc game by Hilly Price
stopping play and looking at. a fall of
rock reding down Turtle mountain.
This Is a familiar sight io Frank residents but Boomed cause for alarm lo
Billy. Paddy Hughes was pleased with
Uio performance of Ill's loam as he is
of lho opinion that there are few clubs
will visit Frank this season and return
with even ono point,
flOSMKR 0; COLEMAN -I. ' .
,*., This was the result, of the game nt
Hosmer, and was a big ilisnppolnlmonl.
io IIosiih-t pooplo. The tonm had per*
formed so woll from home tlnil tlie
•supporter*-; naltiriilly expect ed a win
flKiiliiKt Colomnn on Snttii'dny; but I'nlo
decreed otherwise. The Coleman bovs
played n fine game and cxeciiled llii'lr
best pi'i'lorniiuieo of the season. It
will be remembered llm! lu llio nnmo
giunii Iiihi koiihoii they lost by hIx In
1, und they had evidently ilm-lrtuil to
make iiinondH thin lime, Coloinnn nro
really oui' of tlm ln'Sl hI'Iuk iu the
l''iigiie mul will yi.'t mako n booiJ show*
Ing ere Hit- close of thn Hcnson,
COAI. Olll.KK 1; MKU.KVl'lO 0,
Tills result was rut her n sui'prlse as
Ilellovue hud h«on mukliiK n fln« hIiow*
I iii,' mul were expected to give Conl
Creek a hard run for Ihe polnm. However its the piny showed thoy worn
iiniiciotinliihly weak iuul fulled (o mih*
lulu llii'lr n-piiiiitloi). In the early
pari or tlw gaum tbey played woll, bin
nfliu' the first ten minutes limy fell
away find were n beaten umiiii till (lie
way iliroiiKl). The unm! might 'have
been larger but Mnili-iiy In gnnl gave a
VANCOUVER, June 7—Next Saturday the British Columbia lacrosse association season will open at New
Westminster, when those two old rivals, Vancouver and New .Westminster
will clash for tbo first time this season. '
The game will inaugurate a ten-
'garno series, each club having five
4iQme.games,.aiid_glves_nromise 0f pr0.
DAN13URY, Conn, Juno !)—The big
j strike that has closed 22 hut factories
in this city and other points foi* the
past five months was practically ended
this morning. It was agreed that an
agreement had boen reached between
about hi of the manufacturers and the
national executive and advisory boards
of the United Hatters upon a pk*n of
settlement. The terms of settlement
include an agreement on the part of
•the manufacturers to withdraw from
tiie National Association of Hat manufacturers, which can be done" on !)0
days notice. 'At present the members
.of the National association are under
bonds-of §25,000 not to use tho union
label of the United Hatters.   ,     *' •
According to thc terms of the new
agreement the union employees are to
return to work as' individuals.
ducing some splendid lacrosse. '■•
. While thc game next Saturday is conceded to New Westminster owing to
the fact that the Vancouver team will
not be in full strength, yet the Sal-
monbellies will have to work about
five times as hard as they did against
Regina to pull out. on top. A big following -of Vancouver sports will go to
the Royal City for tho game.
Tlie Vancouvci'S will be without the
services of Johnny Howard, the Shamrock star who will not return from
Montreal till a week from Monday,
whilo the honi'o will not be as strong
ns it will lalor ln the season when
the club secures Ernie Murray and another crank fielder. But for nil that
(lie team whicli will represent, tho
Terminal Cily will bo a formidable aggregation nnd will take n whilo lot of
beating. Tho defence Is good and very
strong, whilo tho home, with three
such clever players as Spike lloimcssy,
Bones Allen and Newsy l.tiloudo will
always be dangerous. It may ho thnt
the world's champion.* will run Inlo a
big flttrprlHo,
The Vancouvor team will lino up
with last, season's defence Intact, Gibbons will bo in goal, McConnohy at.
point; Wuldy Clark, CInrkson and fieo,
Matheson on lho ilefeneo field, Lndy
Taylor, who figured on the Torontos
and the champion Ilrnnlford team, Is
at. coutre nnd will unilerlni.i' lo hold
Pal, KniriK'}'. Tho home field will ho
fonipoHoil of K<1. l.ntigrellow, who will
mako his delml In senior coinpiiny,
Boni'tt Allen nnd Spike llennoHsey,
lOllhoi* Ralph Ravey or Hilly O'llrlon
will piny outside home nntl Newsy Lit*
lnude will play next lho net.
KAU'.M, Or., .lulin 'i—Mrs Kll/.abetlt
Sharp, prominent society lndy, wife
of (1. II. Slitirp, a polltlii'tii and mini-
ufni'liii'i'i' kllli-il her twelve year old
son Ilnrold Inst night. The motive for
Hie IniHcily Ih believed to hnvo been
Hie woman's sorrow at the hicunilile
nalnre of Iiit hoii'h imiJ'iily. He hnd
lieen menially deficient since birth.
SEATTLE, June 9—The Alaska Yukon Pacific exposition has jumped into popularity by leaps and bounds from
tho moment the gates opened to the
public on the morning of June 1.   .
The first day's count, showed! that
had passed through the gates. Since
the opening the attendance has been
far above all expectations, or estimates mado by Exposition experts based
on the.population of Seattle and the
surrounding' country.
The first day was a typical Seattle
crowd and the holiday spirit,prevailed,
There was not even the slightest hitch
anywhere, tho exposition made good
every promise and now the fair,that. Is.
ready will bo tho show place of tlie
Pacific unlil the gales closo on IGlh
of October.
There is no best time to visit the
Exposition. Every day witnesses somo
big feature. Airships soar high ovor
tho lallosl buildings on the grounds,
the Pay. SH-oak, where tho Fun Kink
rolgns supremo, Ir simply 'lined wllh
a'trnctloTiB. Somo aro educational —
others amusing.
Tho Midwny Is tho night life of tho
big Hhow and the band concerts and
Illumination of tho buildings In Ihe
Gcnirnl courl are ovo.n moro homilifiil
than war-i ever tl reamed of by tho men
who planned the electrlcnl offeels.
Thero is much to he seen In the
buildings on (he ground*- that is new
lo expoallions nnd the display of the
Hulled Si ni oh government Is holding
the nltenllon of visitors tn Soul Ilo who
hnvo scon all llio big oxhlliitfoiiH of an
Intorniitloiinl charnctoi'.
The dally progrnmnio IucIiiiIoh intrudes by lho troops, nthlollc ovenls In
lho stadium, hnyonot exercises hy In*
faplry, exhibition drills by lho nrniy,
life saving drill by government, life savors, demonstration nf mine roseue
work, balloon flights and other features Hint will occupy tlio attention of
Ihe visitors ovory hour of tho day from
!i o'clock In the morning until' the
gnti-H clow* nt midnight,
NOTICE is'hereby given that- tliirtv
(30) days after date I Intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief . Commissioner, of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum-on thei following described lands' situated in 8.
K. Kootenay, British Columbia, Block
4593, ' |
Commencing at a post planted ait or
near 1 mile east of 23 mile post of1 the
present C. P. R. survey line, and being
the south east cornor of W„ H. Darby
claim,      - ...   I'
Thence running north SO chains; !
Thence running west SO chains; i -
Thence running south SO ohnliis;'
Thence running east SO chains    I
to a point of commencement,    making
G40 acres more or less.'
Located this 2Sth day of April, 1909
In AT   BABCOCK.   Agent' <  -
"W.   H.   DARBY,   Locatoi*
Commencing at a post planted at or
near 1 mile east of the 23 mile pos.t of
the present C. P. It. survey line, land
being the north west corner of A.j S.
Farqubarson claims; .  I
Thence running east SO chains . i
Thence running south SO, chains;|
Thence running west SO chains;   |
Thence running north SO chains;  ;*
to a point of commencement,    making
040 acres more or less.
.   Located this 2Sth day of April, 1!>09.
NAT  BABCOCK,'  Agent   i
'    A.S.FARQUHARSOIS,  Locutor
Commencing at a~ post planted at, or
near 1 mile east of 23 mile post of ,the
present C. P. U. survey line, and being the north west corner of W. 1-1.
Darby claim;
Thence running east SO chains   ,:
Thence running north 80 chains;
Thenco running west SO chains;
Thenco running south  SO chains; "
to a point of commencement,    making
040 acros moro or less.
Located this 2Sth day of April, 1909.
NAT   BABCOCK,   Agent
W. H.  DARBY, Locator
Commencing at a post planted ^t or
near 1 mile east of 23 ml'o post of the
present C. P. R. survey line, and being the* north east comer of A. S.
Farciuharson claim; , '
•Thenco running west SO chains;
.Thence running south SO chains;
*   Thence running oast 80 chains      *0o
..Thence running north 80 chains;,
to a point of commencement,    making
0-10 acres more or less.
'Located this 28th day of April,. 1909.
NAT   BABCOCK,   Agent     =■  *
' The Name of
Black; Watch
On a Tag oii a Plug oi    |
,- Black Chewing Tobacco    r
Stands tor Onality.     , [
**•       *     • ^273_J\.
Wn   .\!Tb*" ■■"'■■ Kb
Excursion Rates
Tickets on Sale Daily
lUay 20th to Oct. 14
Final l-etiirii'liinit 15 days,
but not lnteivjtlian Oct. 81.
Vm~ complete information .see "Asentn
or write
i,   ■
J. E. PROCTOR, D.P.A., Calgary
/ 7 DENTiST. 7
Now, doing business at the Johnson-
Faulkner Block. Office hours 9-12.30
1.30-6'."•.-.-.;"'7 " ,'.   ';* '   ..
B. C.
W. R. Ross K.C.     J.S.T. Alexander.
-* • ■   . Barristers and Solicitors.
Fernie, B. C.
F. C. Lawe-
Alex. I. Fisher
Fernie, B. C. ■
Anyone in poHNeKNkm tit n relief tent
Ih tiH.feil to rot urn riijiii**, iih tlioy have
to he Hotit liiiel*. TIiuhh teiilH were
only lounetl nml Secrolury Ainbrey tie*
'■iri.'M to hnve tliem rettirnetl at once.
Official City League Baseball Schedule
COMMKIU'.IAI. 1      I.KIK'l-'U
JVl.Y   Hi
JULY  23
J.M'fjr'MT 7
JI'.NK '£,
.ll'NK 11
.ll'l.Y  10
De 0f 9 f * * tr\
ibbl )*0
!.u;i.v u
Ai;«rsT id
j.i unu :'.-.
JVSK *.')
Jl'l.Y 2*5
• JULY ;
i-'at mi*:*-.:
,11'NI'. IH
JULY 2,1
Jl'l.Y II
Al.'d'UST i:»
.It .Sr- c.-i
JULY :io
'..I'l'l.'ST U
iJl'NK H
•JULY in
ju.vi-: i-i
JULY ati
I.IUI.Y fi
_„ i.
AUGUST 17      jAl'OUST 12
.ivsf: m
IV.l.X ii!
JUNE .10
.it.'.vi-: 2;:
NOTICE is hereby siven that thirty
(30) days after date I Intend to apply
to_Uia_JIon._r^)j£f___C^minljsloner - of
Lands and Works "for a license "roT>T'oa--
peet for coal and petroleum on tho following described lands, situated ln S.
E. Kootenay, British Columbia, Block
Commencing; at a post planted at or
noar one mile east of tbe present C. P;
R. survey lino of 33 mile post and helng
tho south east corner of diaries Vau-
ghan's  claim;
Thenco running north SO chains;
Thenco running west 80 chains;-
Thenco running south SO chains;
Tlionco running cast 80 chnlns
lo ft point of commencement,    making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 24th day of April, 1909.
CHAR.  VATJGHAN,  Locator.
Witness; Nat Babcock.
Commencing at u post planted-at or
near ono milo oast'of the present C. 1».
H. survey lino at 31 mile post and bolng   tho   north   west   corner   of  S,   II
.inckson's claim No. 2;
Thenco running oust SO ohalns ,
Thenco running south 80 chains;
■ Thenco running west 80 chains;
Tlionco running north 80 chains;
to a point of conimouoomoi.t,    making
«!0 acres moro or less.
Locatod tills 24th day of April, 1909,
K.  II.  JACKSON,     Locator,
Witness: Nut D/ibcock.
Commencing at ft post planted at. or
neur ono milo east of tlio proRont C. V.
U. Htlrvoy lino nt 31 milo post und being tlio norili oast coniur of John l.lv-
Ingstoiio claim;
Thence running went 80 chains;
Tlieuco running Hotilli SO chains;
Tin noo running oust Mi chains
Tlionco running norili SO clialns;
tn a point of commencement,   untieing
010 nci'PB moro or less,
Located  UiIh 2-lth day til' April, 1909.
,T, LIVINGSTON'1', Agent
■     JOHN  LIVINGSTON,  Locator.
"WJIijohh: N.it.Bnbcock
Comnionclnir at n. pom iiluntud nt nr
nofir ono niilo cast of tlio present C, r.
]{. mirvoy lino at ill milo nost nnd being
tlio north enst cornor of .V. II. Ilulioi'l*
Tlmuco running went SO chnltiH;
Tlience running Houth 80 cIiiiIiih;
Tlii'iiro running cikhi hii chaliiN
Tlii'iico running nurlh 80 chtilns;
to a )ii)lnl of cinnmoiicrinont,   innklng
f.jn iuti'h ninrc nr Ii'hb.
Loealod UiIh 24th dny iiCApi'll, 1303.
.1. L1VINOHTONI'", Agnnt
A.  II. HULl.OCK, Locator
WIidhhh; Nm iJiibcnoU
Coinmtmf'lnw u'. n Pohi tilnnti'il ut or
nonr tlircn idIIoh -cunt of tlm nroHeiit O.
1», H, Hinvey.llnu ut 29 milo l"int, nnd
bolng tbo huiitli oiiHt cornor of Allen
HteilweH'H olalm;
Tlimice runnlni*; went SO oIiiiIiih;
Theneii ruiinlng norili 80 oImIiik;
Tlii'tion riiiinlng ''nut 80 elm Ins
Tbuiicii riinnlng hoiiIIi 80 oIiiiIiih;
In n pnlut of (•tiiiiiiii'in't'iiumt,    iiniUIng
ii-IO iii'ii'ji ini-i'i' nr Ichh
Locnteil UiIh *.*5lb day of April, 1909.
.1, LIVlN'lHT-uNK, Agi'tit
ALlf-'K HTKinVI'JI.L. Limttor.
WHiii'sh: Nn I UiibiMick
Ciiiniin-iioliig ut ii pnxl pbinli'i) ill or
ili-iir 1 mile t'lint of tbo nrnHiml (J. I', It,
Hinvoy Jinn nt 3,'l mile jtimt, nml lining
tin* norili wi'Ht i-iirnvi* Chnrli'S Vuiigli-
iiu'n eliiiiii;
Tlmiico rtinnlng ouhI Ml ehnliiN
TIkiiii'c runuliiK Hiiiilli «0 rlialiiH!
Tlii'iiii' nnniliig wi'tit 80 elmhiM;
Tlii'iii'i' I'liniilng iiui'tb 80 cIiiiIiim!
tn ii pnlni nf I'liiniiii'iii'i'iuiiMi,   nnildng
nit) nri'i'H mure nr U'Iih,
l.ociiti-il  HiIn 24th, dny or April, 1909,
■    .1,  l.l\'IMi,-.l«i.M.,  .thin*,
fit AH.  VAtlflGAN.  l-nrntor.
Wltni'HH'. Nm Italiciictv
rnmmpnclnir ut a pom plnnti'il nt or
iifiir ono mllu uit'il ol tin* int.Btiii C, J*.
It. Mirvcy Un*, nt 33 mile pout nm> bo.
lug tlio mouth   wtiHt oinner of   H,    II.
.IlirlaUdll'l.  fllllm,
...........   i..4.....'..,.'   '""'    ""•   l-ti-itnn
'riii'i.t:o runiiliiH* norlh 80 HiiiIiih;
Tlu'Mc.* ruiitilng wnnt Si) clialnri;
Tlionco running south HO rlialnn:
to n point nt RommnncciiKint,   making
CIO nor*** mm'" nr Ii'mh,
Lociili'il UiIh 21th dny of April, 1009.
H.  II. JACICBON, Locator,
Wlt'ien*,; Nat Itabcock.
UminnfttflnK nt a punt dUnu-il .vl «,r
neur ono mils rent of tho iireatint U. 1*.
It. Htirvfv linn at U mil** pom. and bi«-
Ing the tifirlti v.«*nl cuiii^l' A. II. 'Jul'
buk clHim: .       .  ..   .  ,
■   Tlmnee runnlnir nouth «0 clmlm*;
Thfi-ef runnlnir *e*t HO chain*
Tln-nei* runnlnir north 80 chalni*;
Tli«neu runnlnjr wett to -"hriln**;
io a point ot comm-m-tem-cnt.   maklnu
«0 acre* more or lw     M	
Localrd IM* -JUth ■*»»' ot April, 1*0».
A.  ll.  ULXLOCK*.  r.-^nlnr.
Wltntii*; Nat lubcock
NOTICB is hereby given, that thirty
(30) days after date I Intend to apply,
10 the Hon. ■ Chief Commissioner of
Lands,.and "Works for^a license to prospect foi" conl and petroleum on tiie
following described lands, situate In
South East Kootenay,. British Columbia, Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near 2 mile east of the
30 mile post of the. present G. P. It.
surveyed'line and being the north cost
corner of W. J. Pearson's claim;
thence running south 80 chains; thence
running west' 80 chains; thence running- north 80 chains; thenco running
cast 80 chains to the point of- commencement making G40 acres more or
Located this 7th day of. April, 1909.
NOTICJ3 is hereby given that .thirty
,(30) days after date I-, Intend to^ apply
to- tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum' on 'llio
following described lands, situate In
South East Kootonay, British Columbia, Block 4593; commencing at a post
planted at or near 4 milo cast of 29
milo post of tlio present C. P. R. surveyed line and being tbo south wost
cornc.r of Miss Lillian Escbwlg's claim
and marked tbo south wost corner of
Miss Lillian Eschwlg's claim, thonce
running east 80 chains; thenco running north 80 chains; ilienco running
west, 80 chains; tlionco running, south .80
chains to the point of commencement,
malting 040 ii-cres moro or less.
Locnted thin 7th day. of April, 1909,
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
Hours 9 to 1; 2 to 5; 6 to 8.    .
Residence 21 Vlotorla' Ave.
Pioneer Builder and Contractor, of
/       -    * ■ ■        *
A. McDougall, Mgr.
Manufacturers of and Deal-
, ers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
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Lumber  Dealer
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Victoria Ave. North Fernie
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Alta.   50 acres cultivated, ■
j|        rest-aii-ievelr" First-class—"
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free of stones.
I .   •     .      .   Apply at
_ The Ledger Office
,.     NOTICI']
NOTIOI'. Is lioivby Blvon tliat thirty
130) i]nyn nftor ilnte 1 Intonil to npply
to tho lion. Chlof Commissioner of
T.amlfl unci Works for a license to pros*
pool for conl nnd potroloum on tho
follnwliiK iloHr.rllic'l IttnilH, Hltnale In
Sunt!) Kiist Ktiolcnay, Drltlsli Colimi-
liln, l-Hoola (-.fiUS commoncini? nt n pout
plnntod nt or nonr (I miles emit of
tho 2!) mile post of tho prcHont C. P. It.
mii'voyetl lino and liolnB tho north cunt
t'.onior of 8' IM, Moore'u claim, nnd
tnnrluiu tho north enst cornor of H, M,
Mooro'B clnlm, thenco runnlnr*. went 80
chftlnfl; tliunco I'lintilnfr Houth 80 chnliiH,
thoncu runnliiB oiihI, 80 clmlnu; lliciioo
rnnnlnR novlh 80 chnlnn (0 tho, point
of commencement, tnnlclnir 0-10 nereB,
moro or loa»,
Locnted  thin 7th dny nf April,  11)0*),'
ti, M. Mooro, Locator,
NOTICIO lu lierfhy Rlvoii Hint thirty
(*lti) iliij'H nftor dato 1 Inlond tn apply
tn tlm linn, Clilof CommlBhlonor of
I,nnilH and Worlcb for a IIcohho to proii*
pent for cuul nnd polroluuni on tint
following doHcrlhi'd latnlK, Hlttmto In
Sou Hi HiiHl ICoiitciiiiy, UrltlRh Coluin-*
hin, Ulooii 4r.i>:j, (.■oinmuticliiK nt n pout
plnntril nt or nonr 1 inllo oiiHt of i!0
nillo pont of tln> pi-will C. P. U. Hur-'
voj'i'd lino ntul liolntr tlio iiorthweHt.
cnninr of Mrn, Ulla llnol.lny'H clnlm nnd
inn il( I'd tint nm tli wint voritcr of Mr*.
I'illft llnt-ldey'H rlnlm; tlii'iiro ruiltiluw
puHt ht) chitiuH; llifiico iiiiinlnK south
tin chnlnn; tlii'iico 111111111114; wont Ril
cliiilns; thoiici-) riinnlnK- norlh 80 rhntiin
to llm point uf ciimmonciMiioiit, mnltlnff
fl***) iku'ch mure or Iohh,
I.ofjntftl UiIh 7th dny of April, 10:11),
vaTiT wn..r, lui'iioaK, Ai>.«nt
MltH. KbhA UACKUiY Locator
Secretaries of Local Unions
NOTICK In horoby frivoii that lliliij'
(.1(1) dayn utter iln to ( Intend to avjly
to tlio linn, ChUif   CnmnilRHlonnr   of
i4A,,v» M- '. V.'...'a.,  '..*'•"  !'" ■"•"*• t" ■pf«'i.
Pfct for oal nml puttolmim mi tin*
followliiH; donrrltied lani.n, nltunto In
Houth Knttt Kootenay, Itrltlnli Colum-
hin, Ulook -1503, commcnclnr-f nt a pout
plnnti-d nt or near 1 mile inst of the 3D
mllu poet of tho prf-ient O. J*. It* "•u**-
vnyed lino and V-oInu; tho nouth wtut
covr,«v of r. .v. T.*l»ft»»r'» rtulm, nnd
mnrkot the »out'. went cornor of -1. A.
'•'Iniler'H clnlm, tltenfe rtinnlntf omrit Jtft
clmlnu; th-fnee runnlnir norlh Hi) chnlnn;
thenco runnlnir weit 80 chnlnn; thence
runnlnir *outh to cti-nlnt to the point
tit commenceemm mnktnif €40 (•.<*•,<-*.,
mor't- or Iftf.
Locnted thl« 7th*dny of April, itdt.
j. a. ri'itinn, r.ofnror
Bankhead No. 29—James Fisher.'
Bellevue No, 431—Fred Chappell.
Canmoro Park Local 1378—James A.
Coleman,    No. 2633—William   .Graham.
Carbonado No. 2688—James Hewitt,
Cardiff No. 2387—A Hammond.
DIAMOND CITY, No. 2587: Goorgo
Edmonton  City  No 2540—A,  Matthews.
Fernie, No. 2314—T.    Blggo
Frank, No. 1263—Walter Wrlgley.
Hosmer No. 2497—J, W. Morrlo
Hillcrest, No. 1085—J, O, Jones.
Lethbrldao, No, 574—Charles    Pea*
Lille No, 1233—J. T Griffith
LUNDBRECK,  No,    2275 — J. 1),
Michel, No 2334—Charles Qnrner,
Maple Leaf No. 2820—H, Blake.
Merritt Local Union, No. 2627—Chas
Middlesboro Local union No, 472—
W, H.  Brown.
METFORD, No, 200S,'- .Tolin Curriui.
Royal  Colllerels No.  2508—G-jDrcje
Roche Percee No. 2672—Lachlan Mc*
Taber No. 102—Wm. Russell
Taber No. 1050—J. W. Wilson
'   Taylorton, Sask, No. 2648— Joseph
TAYLORTON, <8ask.) No. 2510:—
Jon, TwJst.
Kenmare N. D. No. 2850—H. Potter
Corbin No. 2877—W. Ryan
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■        a . I
. ooooooooooooooooooooo
tt-nied to his most pleasing task. Tbe
keeper of the tapestries was called
from - her place in the . circle beside
Marie Zerkovitch. Colonel Stafnltz had
not noticed her standing there, but now
he gave a< little start The figure seemed familiar. He turned his head round
to Markart, who was just behind him.
'.'Yes, that's her," Markart, whispered
in answer to the question in the colonel's eyes. The eyes'flew back to, Sophy instantly. There, too, was set the
gaze of Countess Ellenburg, for Sophy
was in full beauty that day. She, too,
loved toys, and her ancient hatred of
the name to which she had been born
must be remembered. Her'eyes,glowed,
and the'red star glowed on her cheek,>
All her air was triumphant its she
courtesled to the king and then stood
erect and proud to hear his graclou'**
Gracious his words were for her deed
and gracious his smile for, her comely
beauty. He could at least look a king
—no man denied him.that—and speak
in kingly phrases. "A service unmatched in courage and immeasurable ln importance to us and our royal house, the
preservation of our dearly loved, son
and only heir." Countess Ellenburg
looked down her nose at thnt! "* For
such an act did he confer a patent of
nobility on Sophy and for greater honor gave her ns title* the name of one ol'
his own estates, together with a charge
on its , 'ies i'.|i!i!i tn lier nl*\v dig
He ■     . ' his chair
Her ■ il 'kissed
her *' uress El
len • 7*;,v.     A
dec ,       ''.led the
ha I ''.lia. But:
one .i,i;iin very
So. iu ('much had gone. went.
Sop/uie i!e <"nil-lie!
"She's delighted, poor child!" whispered Marie Zerkovitch. but only Julia
Robins, in England, far away, heard
the full torrent of Sophy's simple, ehild-
: -like  exultation.
Such a letter
went to her that
night, but there
was. stuff in it
besides the baroness' paean.
Suddenly a
childish voice
rang out clear
through the hall
—a fearless,
eager   little
"Koti'ti come lorn'
littler   .'
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Mi    V     T**'li»Wr»i     tr*«v'**"    "•'**!
• I.   id.    UtXlUljl,    aVti.J.a/Jf, Slitta..
if dya*
y lie
io hav-
-,tt, Ho
;k and
id  WA**
tale by
IN TIM3 tnuttar of nn application for
lho Innue of a tltttillcato cnftlflnuta of
kali,,        4 v       .       „.-»«., . .     .      . ■,.«.
,,,.'.      .'   a      a.'...     >.      M...I.44     a.     U*     .1*.        >. a-. «
Group  one   Kootonay    dlttrlot    (Mnp
NOTICE In hereby Riven Mutt It I*
my Intention to laaue nt the expiration
•f one month after the first jiUbllcM.
Ion hereof tv ilupllcne of the Certificate
of Title to the above mentioned lot in
tho name of *FM««, Harper which certificate I* riatril the Jlt'i of March I>0(,
and numtiireil 74S6A.
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tlamMlrtrt|»Mnft3«mtt»U><SOlJoOI'on r»"«U
wni ft**. (Mux ifittiftfir Hnurinr patatna.
Jhttwui taken ibroutt* Stonn Aoo.n*etTe
eMeieMUt, xahtoel&mte, to the
TSclcniilic fltticricaii.
—tunfltomHf UImwUmi wittty. fort «*t et»-
U-UUUt U(jU.)r aWlttUllUal la,U.U*L     Iwlilf, luf
VSii" r*r* •'*"• ft*** pniptid, tfiw ir
"What's   that
you've   got   on
your   cheek?"
ward and kissed her asked   y 0 u n g
hond.     - Alexis, with en
gaging candor.   His Anger pointed at
Sophy's face. '    ..   ,
So quaint an interruption to the stately formality of, the scene struck people's sense of humor. Everybody laughed—even Countess Ellenburg. Sophy's
own laugh rose rich and merry. Her
Ignorance or carelessness of etiquette
betrayed Itself. Sho darted at the pret-,
ty boy, caught him in her arms nnd
kissed him, answering, "That's my luck
—my red star."
The boy touched tho mark with ills
linger, A look of childish nwo came
Into his blue eyes.
"Your luck!" ho said softly nnd continued to look nt the mysterious sign
after Sophy had set him down ngnln.
The littlo scene was told nil ovor Slav*
na'beforo night, nnd men and women
talked, according to their temper, of
tbo nature nnd tho meaning of tho red
star. If only tho foolish think about
such things, oven tbo wise talk.
Tho king left his chnlr nnd mingled
with his guests, nis movomont wns
tho signal for a general relaxation of
ceremony. Tho prlnco cnmo across tho
room nnd Joined Sophy, who had returned to Mario Zerkovltcb's sldo. He
offered tho baroness his congratulations, but, In. somewhat coiiHlrulncd
tones. IIIb mind Eoometl to bo on something else, Once or twice bo looked Inquiringly nt Mnrlo, who, In her turn,
showed signs of restlessness or distress. A fillcnco followed on Sophy's
expression of her acknowledgments,
The prlnco glanced ngnln at Mario and
mndo up his mind to sponk.
"You'vo dono mo tho kindness I nsked?" ho Inquired of Mario.
Mnrln picked nt the font bora of hor
fan In nnhnppy omunrnifwinont, "No,
sir; I-haven't.   I-I couldn't."
"But why-riot?" ho nsked In surprlsm,
"I-I couldn't," repeated Mnrlo, flushing.
Ilo lookod nt hor gravely for n mo>
mont, then smiled. "Then I must plentl
my owd cause," ho Bald und tnrued to
Bophy, "Noxt week I'm leaving Rlnv*
nn and going to my cnr-tlo of Pmslok.
It's near Volsenl, you know, and I wnnt
to rnlso nml train my gunners nt Vol*
•onl, Wo must be ready for our guns
when thoy come, mustn't wo?"
Uls eyes met hors, engcr glance ex*
changed for gin noo ns ongor. "Our
gunsl" whluporcd Sophy under her
"Mnrle hero nntl Zorkovltch hare
;,r'.::,l*>t.! it, ciraii with *ut. He'll ttr'.tt
whnt tMie-ht 1o lw> written, and ahft'll
cook the dinners." He In imbed, "Oh,
woll, wo do Urn very simply it Prss*
lok. Wo shall bt there thrtt months
nt lonst I naked Mnrlo to non-made
you lo come with hor nnd to stny ns
aV.lft  aaA  JKia. tiajvalvii, bin* OtJfa, * Uali^yljaala
I'd me,  I must plotd for mywlf."
The changing expremlona of Sophy's
eyes hnd marked overy sentence of tils
speech, nnd Mnrle ranrkod ovory ex*
pretwlon of tho i'yea. They had grown
forlorn nnd apprehensive when ho
Sfmlf-j of lenvlng Sliftm-t. A andiVn Joy
Irnped Into tliem at his Invitation to
"Tonll come for a little? Theiwnfry
ta very fine and the people Inlercallng.'",
Sophy gave a low langh. -"Sine** the
scenery l« fint* and the pfoplc Intereat-
tng, yet, monselgncur.''
TTielr ey*» met agnln, anil he echoed"
Itwk bttr tttOgh.   Jt*trle Zcrf-.'Jvft«l. Akw
In ber breath sharply With uwift ln-
Bight, she saw and foresaw. . She
ri-membered the presentiment under
whose Influence she had begged Sophy
not to come to Kravonia. But, fate had
weighted the scales heavily against
her. The Baroness Dobrava
was here.
exclamation of
many voices
broke across
their talk, At
the other end
of the - room
meu aud women pressed Into a circle round
some point of
interest • which
could not be
seen by Sophy
iind her companions.' A loud
voice rang out
iu authoritative
tones: "Stand
back: Stand
back and open
all the windows!"
"That's Natcbeff's voice," said tbe
prince. • Natcheff was tbe leading physician of Slavna. "Somebody's faluted,
1 suppose. Well, the place is stuffy
. Markart emerged from the circle,
which' had widened out In obedience
to the physician's orders. As he hurried past the prince be said: "The king
has fainted, sir. I'm*,going to fetch
Lepage." Two or three other'men van
to open the windows. ■
"The king fainted! I never knew him
to do that, before'.'.'
He hastened to where his father lny,
the subject of Natcheff's ministrations.
Sophy aud Marie followed lu his wake
through the opening which the onlookers made for him.    The king showed
■signs of recovering, but Natcheff's face
was grave  beyond  even  tbe requirements of his profession or of his patient's rank.   The next moment Lepage
came up.    This man, the king's body
servant,  was a small,  plump  persi)*.-
who bad generally a weary, linpas.-'
uninterested manner.   He looked
er uninterested even now, but his
was very quick, and be was sooirtt      '
Natcheff with deft and nimble lingers.
- "This is strange. Lepage," said Natcheff.   - "
Lepage did not look, up_f rom Jiis task.
that the king merely needed rest and
change. After a few days of the for;
mer it was --yoposed to seek the latter
by moving the court to his majesty's
country seat at Dobrava—that estate
from which Sophy had been graciously
bidden to choose her title. Meanwhile
there was no reason why -the prince
should not carry out his intention and
proceed to the castle of Praslok..
Below ^Slavua tbe main postroad—as
has already been stated, there was no
railway at this tinte—follows the course
of the river Kratb for about five miles
lu a southeasterly direction. -It is then
carried across tbe stream, which continues to trend- to the south, by an ancient, wooden .bridge and runs northeast for another fifteen miles through
flat country and past prosperous agricultural and pastoral villages till lt
reaches the marshy land bordering
Lake Taltt. The lake, extending from
this point to tbe spurs of the mountain
range which forms the froutler, bars
its farther direct progress, and it divides into two branches. The right
prong of the fork continues on the level
till It reaches Dobrava. eight miles
from the point of bisection. Here it
Inclines to the northeast again and, after some ten miles of steady ascent,
crosses the mountains by St Peter's
pass; the one carriage road over the
range and over the frontier. The left
prong becomes, a steep ascent directly
the bisection has occurred, rising sharply for five miles to the hill on which
the castle of Praslok stands! Then It
runs for another five miles oh a high
plateau till it ends tit the hill city of
Volscul, which stands on the edge of
the plateau, looking down on Lake
Taltl and across to Dobrava. ln tho
plain opposite,
Beyond Volsenl there Is uo road In
the proper sense, but only cart or bridle
tracks. Of these the principal and
most.frcquentpd runs diagonally across
the valley in which Lake Taltl lies, is
interrupted by tlie lake, at tbat point
about a mile and n half wide, and then
meets the road from Dobrava halfway
up St. Peter's pass and about twenty
miles across country from Volsenl. It
thus forms the base of a rough und irregular triangle t of country, with the
point; where the Slavna road bisects,
thc pass and Volseui marking Its three
angles. Lake falti is set in the middle,
backed^by a chain of hills continuous
everywhere ., except- at
the. indentation of the
pass]   ' . '   .,
Though   so   near, to
Slavna   in '* actual   distance,   tbe   country ~Is
very different from the
' fertile fiver valley which
surrounds   the   capital.
It is bleak and rough, a "7
l.-.i:d nt' hill pastures and  The two rode
iiM>i'**:.'i:i    woi.ils.      Its     hack toacth-
' • ■ I'i'i's are re-     er- v'
'..' ilinracter of the iuhab-
*':mi wlio count Volsenl n
*.• ti.irdier than the men
■,-i -i'n to luxury, less ad-
■cN aud riots, but cousid-
iVViiiidable. opponents  if
* I. • '.|) arms.   For this rea-
:•.■:;  ,    ■ "•,'i':in  on account of their
Aids Nature
The treat success of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery in curio**; weak stomachs, wasted bodies, weak
lungs, and obstinate and lingering coughs, is based on
the recognition of the fundamental truth that "Golden
Medical Discovery" supplies Nature with body-building, tissue-repairing, muscle-making materials, in condensed and concentrated form. .With this help Nature
supplies the necessary strength to the stomach to digest
food, build up the body and thereby throw off lingering
obstinate coughs.' The "Discovery" re-establishes the
digestive and nutritive organs in sound health, purifies
end enriches the blood, and nourishes the nerves—in
short establishes sound vigorous health.
If your dealer offers something "tost as good,"
it is probably better FOR HIM...it pays better.
Bat yoa are thinking ot the cure not the profit, so
there's nothing "fast as good" tor you.    Say ao.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser, In Plain English; or, Medicine Simplified, 1008 pages, over 700 illustrations, newly revised up-to-date
Edition, paper-bound, sent for 31 one-cent stamps, to cover cost of mailing
e*Iy.   Cloth-bound, SO stamps..  Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Suit of Clothes, $5 and up, Hats $1.00 and up,
Shirts 50c and up, Underwear $1.00 per suit
Kefoury  Bros.
Temporary building between Northern Hotel ami Hondorson block
- "Has it evet;, happened before?"
Then Lepage did look up. lie appeared to consider and to hesitate. He
glanced once at the king before,he answered.
"It's the third attack in two months,"
ho said at last. -   -
"You uover told me!" The words
shot sharp from Natcheff's lips.
"That was by his majesty's peremptory orders. He'll be angry that I've
told you now."   "
"Clear the room!" ordered Natcheff
Slavna hnd plenty to talk about thut
night. Resides tho Uaroness Douravn's
red star thore wns the fainting (lt of
King Alcxlst The- evening ."bulletin
was, entirely favorable. Tho king had
quite recovered, But many had hoard
Lepage's confession and seen the look
that lt brought to Nnlchcff's face.
Stenovics nnd Stitfullz rode back
from the palace to the city sldo by side.
.Tlio gonornl was silent. Immersed In
deep thought. Stnfnltz smoked his
clgnretto with n light, rather mocking
smile, At last,
when thoy woro
almost opposlto
the terraco of
tho Hotol do
"It looks llko
tho handwriting
on tho wall," he
oral," Stafnltz
ngrootl chcor*
fully, "but nt
prosont thoro'B
no ovidoneo to
(•how, to whom "Tlie time l» short."
liosidcB tho king hlniHctf tho moMMgo
Is lUldrcHsod,"
"Or whnt it snysV"
"I think Hint's plain enough, gonornl.
I think It Buys that tho tlmo Ih short"
Ho wnlclicd hin cotiipnnlon'H fnco
closely now, but Stenovics' mnsk wns
stolid nntl unmoved. Ilo snld nothing.
Ilo contnntcd himself with4* a mil Ion
Brunt.       .
"Short for tlio king!" pursued Stnf*
nits-, wllh n Hlinlto of lils head, "Short
for tho prince perhaps! Anil cnrtnlnly,
general, uncomfortably short for un!"
Stonovles grunted ngnln nnd thon
rode on hoiiio whlh* In Hiloncu. At Inst,
Just ha lio wiih about to pnrt from bis
companion, he mndo ono observntlon:
"T'ortunnlely Natcheff In a friend of
mlno. Wo Hhnll get tho Iwst ponslblo
"Thnt inlghl l-oconio of linportnnco,
no doubt, gonornl," mild Htnfnltz, smll*
ttlJT "tl"
Germany Not Anxious >to
"Mix It" With Britain *
Says Henry
CO.,   LTD.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers
"Tipvii,:' , ,.'• ;*rnnne_pr]nce~aiu~weirur
cliii'.'.-*!1 .!ii! roinitry as the recruiting
ground for his new force of gunners.
The prince had been nt Praslok for a
week when Sophy set out to join him
there. .*U tlie last moment Zerkovitch
decided to remain In Slavna, at least
until the court, made Its promised move
to Dobrava. Reassuring as Dr. Nat-;
cholT was, it would do no harm to have
a friendly pair of oyes and ears ln the
capital so long us the king remained In
resilience. Thus the two ladies wore
accompanied" only by Peter Vnsslp.
whom the prince had sent to escort
them. They sot out in a heavy traveling carrln**- at 10 in tho morning, reckoning to roach tlie cnstlo before evening fell. Their progross would never
. 1)0 rapid nnd for tho last five miles exceedingly slow They left tlie capital
In complete trnnr*tillllty, and when Sophy settled her bill nt tho sign of the
Silver Cock and' bade fnrewoll to old
Moyorsteln, her landlord, he expressed
thc hope thnt she would soon be'back,
though, Indeed, his poor house was, ho
feared, no lit (|tiarters for the Unroncss
"I don't know whether I shall come
bnck here, but I can never forget your
house. I shall always lovo It In my
memory," said Sophy,
Mnx von nollbraiult had obtained
lonvo of absonco from his legation nntl
hnd accompanied the prince to Praslok, The two woro friends, having
many taste** In common and, not lonst,
tho tnsto for soldiering. HohIiIoh having the pleasure of his company the
prlnco looked to obtain valuable aid
from Max In tlio task on which lie was
engaged, Tho young Oerninn wan
ntntisotl nnd dollglitoil with his expedition, I'i'dnIoI: Ih ii primitive'nld plnco.
II stands on an abrupt mound or knob
of ground by the rnnilnldo, Ro stoop
nml sudden Is llio nscout that It wan
nci'OHHnry lo btilltl ii ninsHlvo cnusowny
of wood-nn Inclliit'il piano—tn lend up
from tlio rond tn the gnlc of the st-iiaro
lowor which forms tlm front of llio
building, Tho en uso wny has (.tohhIhii'h
nt short Intorvnlsto glvo foothold to
tlio liornoH which In old days wero
stabled within tlio wiiIIh. Itocently,
howovor, mmlori) Htiiblen had boon built
on the othor shlo of (he rond, and It.
Imd liopomo the rustom (o mount lho
('iii:h,.\vii,v niul outer the ciihIIo oh foot,
Within, tlio iirriiiigoniontN wero
qtinlnt nnd very xlmplo. HoRldct*. tlio
towor already iin'iitlniicil, which con*
tnlnnil llio dliilng mom nnd two ltod-
rooms nbovo ll, tlio wholo building,
• frlntly cinilltlniiod by tlio shnpo of tlm
hill on which It Htood," connlHlcd of
ihroo rows of miuill rooms on tho
•rrnnnil floor In one row llv-vl thc
nrlnco mn] fit-** mnlo guest.., In tlio hoc*
nut tbe ttt-rvniitH, (n the thlni the
■,'unrd, Tlio Intllou were to I* uccom*
niodatod In Iho tower above tho dining
••onro,  Tlm rown ot roomm oponod on •
overed wnlk. or elolnter. wbkh wn
(Tn Vp   (*«Bf(min*1 )
KIEL, June 8—Prince Henry of
Prussia, representing his brother, Emperor William, spoke as follows today
at the annual meeting, of thc navy
league,'held here under the presidency
of Grand Admiral Von Koester.
'Every one is glad that a good understanding of tlie navy league once more
has been established. The organization should devote itself to,the ' furtherance and the carrying out of the
Jegal naval program. In addition, to a
powerful army we need a fleet in' order to assure peace."        ' y r,
Admiral, von Koester said that Germany was.not considering a fleet
against any definite opponent, but as
a mpiins tn salf ilnfp'nr-p. ""\V"e_desine-
to live bn the best of terms with all
civilized countries," he declared.*
Admiral Weber then made an address in which he referred to the "concentration of the strongest fleet in
the world In the North Sea." He said
he hoped that war would never happen
but that Germany, after recent occurrences was obliged to bear in mind
the possibility of such a contingency.
Admiral Weber rejected the idea of
an agreement, with Great Drltain in
the matter of naval construction.
A telegram was recoivod from emperor Willinm saying: "Our principal
task in the future as in the past, Is to
open a way ^o mako the fleet popular
"and to cruato Gorman sea power for
the assurance of pence,"
Waldorf Hotel
nS eveniecn
DIl. NATCHEIT (imply renMuri-d
public opinion. Whnt In forma •
lion he gtive lo General Bt**-
novtca, his friend. U another
matter and rvmalic.l locked in tbat
HntMiBin'f bear**. Publicly and to ev.
crybody elae ttovc the Prlnco of Birr-
na downward be d-KUretJ teat tbte*
■aa* oo rctuWi for nupwniinaioa *xA
Table Unexcelled.
-urn— n-u_r\nn'Kl—w j i u—tm.*.-uliust-
'   brands of Wines, Liquors
ancl Cigars
(Formerly of Central Hotel)
CAIX1AUY, Alta., May 27—Alborta
Provincial Inhibition. — Prcpnrntorj*
work goer, on apaec at the AlbcrU provincial Exhibition office*, ant] aa tlio
tlmo whloh will olapuo before thu ox-
hblltlon wlioolft nro aot running on
July 5th drawa shorter, It becomets apparent thnt Alhortn't*/ nnnnnl holiday
will bo a mccoftftful affair tbla year,
far aurpanlns In brllHazica and na*--
Only thoso who siiffor from Plica
can know tho agony, the burning,
throbbing, --hooting, stabbing pains
which tho ailment catties, and the
way It wrocka tho sufferer's life,
/4*m*lluk i« lilrkH'il; by thoumndi
who uieil to mllcr from piles, but
whom it hn cured, On« mich -.'rtteful
pirsnn I. Mn, Eliral'Mh Tsylor, ot
Oreenwoi, I Avenue, Toronto She
.■y«t—-'For four Ion*,' yenri I milTfreil
acutely from bleedinu pilr-ii, During
tint tiiria I spent *n iiiimmie untoum of
money on ' remeJIes' snd doctor's pre*
•eripiioni hut [Ot no erne. Zam-lluk
wil ditTerint to rvi-rythln*.; tht I In it
triad, sad it cured me I mn [-rueful
for the cure, and at I hsvs never had
pile* otvee rioce, I know the cure It
Another thankful vrornan ii Mil. K,
A.Osrdkrr, of Cstslina, Trinity Hay,
She lay-ii—"In my cue '/.uii*lluk
effeted ■ wonderful cure. Knr ivvflve
vesra I bad been troubled with blind,
uleedin/, eed prutrudlmj pllti I liml
been uiiag venom kimli mf oin nifntu,
rtf. , V'it Tit'vM c».V..\» (.i>'■<"» rirj'il 'n-_ <••
dom*Kty>duntil I trlnl'/.tm*ltuk, which
curt'i me. i hat innn-ny iir ti.e inc-m
of tialplnyr n-iina aulTum fi.m |>l'e. to
try Zamlluka ti the wish of one who
liea loaivt -*reat tali'f,"
Zain*lluk Ia s pnrdy bethel halm and
ihoulil ba In every home,   ("iitr* rut*,
I ,      I....!».,       -   ,  ..   . I   -   ,       I tru.l
potaonfaig, prairie iicti, luiibum, |illi(i-r»,
sore feet, aummrr miti, and all iliirax*i
aad Injuries nf the ikm.fttc, Ail
(Irae-piita uml stmea »t S01- ',01' w
frnm /,«m*«uk l-n , Toronto, for price,
Jam Buk
Queen's Hotel
Built-expressly for
It's ft dandy, come und sou It,
I &  CO, Proprietors
(W, A.  R088,  Manager.)
Read the Ledger
Notico Is hereby Rlvon Hint purminnt
to tho "CrodllorB Trust DooiIr Act
1001" and itmondlnB Acts, Hurry M.
Terry, currying on liusliiosa nn ti second bund (ItMiler, nt. tho City of Fornio,
In lho Province of HrltlHh Columbia,
did by tltmd tinted the 7th tiny of Mny,
1000, uhhIkii tintn Frank (1. Whito'of
tlio wild City of Fernio nforoHald, ntul*
It or und iiC'cotitilniit, nil his porHonnl
property, ronl cfltutci, itrodltB nnd of*
fucts which may bo Hd/od nud sold
undor oxociitlon, for tlio purpono of
imyliiK ntul uutlsfyliiK; rntoubly and
proiiortlniiiiti'ly, and without profor*
onco or priority till tint crodltora of
tlm mild Hurry M, Terry tliolr Just
AND notIro lit lii-roby further rIvoii
thai ii iiicelliu: of the cretlllnrN of tho
hiiIiI llnrry M, Terry for the kIvIiik of
(llrwtloim with reforoiici' to the ills-
posal of tint (-Htntu will be held m tint
offlcon of llio undt-rHlKimd In tho
Crown NohI Timlin*,' Compuny Hulld*
fUK. Vlctoilii itvi'ime, Forriln, II. C. on
TucHdny tho iKth day of Mny, 1000, nt
'bf V,'•".;• ef '.":•• <■•'■ !"*V. '•• 'V.-- I'.f'i-'
AND notice Is hereby Riven thnt nil
perilous hiivhiK claimH itKaintit tho said
llnrry M. Terry nr*- rMjulred lo for-
wnnl purilctilttrii of the i;;iiue, duly
verified to the iinhIkuci* nt Fornio, H,
■ ., k... .4. .,.,-...■. '.,.-. ..; ■.,., W,. Jul*
AN'l> notico Ik hereby rIvch that nf*
ter that ditto the iiHHlfsnee will pro-
circil to dlHtributo lho procomlii of tlin
CHtato ImvltiK reKitrd only lo tho claim*,
of which he Hhnll then lmvo recoivod
notlrr*. and h*» -ilinll not be rneponelblo
fnr tho linnets or any pnrt thoroof, ao
distributed, lo nriv prTnon or perwini,
of wIiorp debt or clnlm ho ahnll not
then hnvo receive,"' notico.
Hated nt Pernio II. C*. thla "th day
of May, 1000.
Solldtora for the Assignee »AGE EIGHT __
Arrive Fernie
No. 213 West '.    S.48
No. 214 Bast  :\. 17.55
No.  236 Local East       8.48
No. 235 Local West   20.50
No. 7 West Flyer  10.40
No. S East Flyer   20.08
Change fakes effect .Sunday June 6.
NO. 252
MICHEL     •
No. 251
,.    12.40
For sale-—Two well situated lots in
the Annex. Apply L. P. Eckstein.
For Sale: Two houshold properrties,
with furniture. Will sell property
either jointly or separately. For particulars apply Ledger office.
For sale: Pen of R. C. Browi), Leghorns, also eggs for hatching. R. C.
B. Leghorns and Buff Orpingtons. —
$1.50 per sotting. Apply T. Kynaston,
For sale: A«shack 12x24, well built.
and completely furnished. Price $200
cash. Apply Ledger.
For Sale—Frame warehouse 30xG0
in rear of Todd's block. Purchaser to
remove building from premises. Apply
at J. H. Reid & Co. store. •_,    ,
*l roomed house for sale, Riverside
avenue, West, Fernie, lot 80x120. Price
151,225,  reasonable terms.   Apply box
"V Applications requested for  the •^
*V position   of   manager   of   the **$
V Fernie Co-Operative Society ^
i> Limited,  Fernie, B.   C.      Ap- <►
V plications to be in not later than •%►
4> June 22nd, 1909. <►
•0 ADDRESS: .. ' <►
<> SECRETARY . <->
4> BOX 164 <^
<>                         FERNIE, B,,C. <>
TO LEASE.—The ground floor of my
block now building. Apply L. P. Eckstein. l lm
Wanted.—Girl for general housework.—Apply Mrs. Mut7, at the Brewery.
, Lost—Jaffray and West Fernie, silver belt. , Return to Ledger office and
receive reward.
Go to Rochon's for ice cream.
Clean rags wanted. Apply Ledger.
Go to Rochon's for ice cream. -        l
Potted Plants at the Palm;
No place in town just like it.    Ingram's pool room.
Rev. Wilkinson left, for Nelson , on
Tuesday morning.
The cuisine at the Napanee is the
best in the city.
. Mr. A. McDonald of Winnipeg was
■in town this week.
,Only the very best and purest drugs
—used-at-Bicasdell's. r	
See Rochon, the Kandy Kid
For hotel accommodation the Napanee is the place.
Kandy Kid Rochon took a trip to
Lethbridge this week.
Hammocks, all shapes, makes arid
prices, at Suddaby's.
Window shades, all colors, from 50c
up at Trites-Wood Co.
If you arc a particular smoker get
your smokes at Ingram's.
Bleasdell for souvenir leather goods
—Chatelanes and Ladies' purses.
You don't require much money to
buy furniture at Trites-Wood Co.
Prepare for the first of July, and
make it a record sporting event for our
.Miss Shanley, sister of A. Shanley,
of the Fernie hotel, is visiting her brother.
'Sweet cream at Rochon's.
There Is no use talking —the spot to
buy furniture is at the Trites-Wood
J. F. Armstrong, the government
agent, was in the city on Monday and
Tuesday. ' ...
A new line of imported local view
post cards at Bleasdell's.
Keep cool. Get a refrigerator   and
screen door
Wood Co.
Miss Leota Pollock who is attending
St. Helen's College at Portland is expected home next week. ■
See Suddaby's window for violins,
banjos, rhouth organs, etc.
•Wonderful values in fine.millinery
in the most approved and np to date
styles at the Misses Euler.
Born—Tune 7th, 1909, at 114 Dallas
Road, Victoria, to Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
D. McNab a daughter.
Mr. Ralnsforth,,the popular manag-,
er for Messrs.' Plunkett and -Savage,
went to Spokane on Saturday and returned on Monday's Flyer. *
Beef, mutton, pork, veal, hams, ba-
i con, lard, etc., only of the very best.
i   P|a«n«.   A*)
They arc cheap at Trites-
See Rochon, the Kandy Kid.
Just .in—a shipment of- fine *. white
embroidered and tailored blouses, suits
and dresses. The Misses Euler".   ""*
.,  Prescriptions put up just right and
no substituitons at Bleasdell's.
Chief of Police Burroughs has resigned and returned to. Calgary on request of Chief English of that city.
The Napanee hotel is prepared to
handle travellers and other gjjests.
McClary's famous ranges have all
the good features found iri other, ranges and then some?    At Trites-Wood.'
Don't you like the swing, 'tis a\pret-
ty thing, but Suddaby's hammock's are
riicer. ' ,       : ■
.. Jimmy McDougall returned from
Spokane on Tuesday evening. The
baseball fans were glad to seei him
back,'        ' ,       "      :
Mrs. C. C. Wright who'has been
visiting in Medicine Hat for the last
two weeks returned home on Tuesday
For a good comfortable smoke get
Oorenbecker's brands. They - are
home product. "* -*-
The sermon and singing of the male
quartette will be specially interesting
to young men in the Baptist church on
Sunday, night.
O ' a
If you want to win the girl, buy her
a hammock at Suddaby's. You get your
value out of it afterwards.   '      [
W. A. Ingram is making several
improvements in his bowling department this week.
Drop in at the Fair and treat yourself or someone else to a pound of
those delicious chocolate creams usually sold at 50c per pound. 40c while
removal sale lasts.
Finest in the land—Ingram's bath
Garden and Flower Seeds; Clover,
lawn grass and timothy, grown in the
Northwest. The only kind suitable for
this climate. Take no other. Bleasdell's.
Amongst the fans wlio accompanied
the Cranbrook team on Wednesday we
noticed George Hoggarth, E. Small,
Mac King, and Frank Cryderman. They
are some rooters too.
Magazines, daily and weekly papers
at Bleasdell's. ,
The pictures at the opera house are
better than ever. The management
have just installed a new stylo machine which is proving successful. Tha-
ten Duo, comic sketch' artists will appear in connection with the pictures.
Swing me Mary, swing me in one of
Suddaby's hammocks.
Just picture a small aeroplane
And a critics that gives you a pain
He roasts the-whole show °
Though he doesn't spend dough
•*»*•*> »♦*»»'» ■»■»*»'■
We guarantee this to be the best .-','    »'*
floui" ever sold in Eernie.     Satisfac-
'*'_■■ - tion   guaranteed --..or   your   money. ..
.'cheerfully refunded. ■   '-"
" v //.    :      ■ ■''
W. J.    B&UNDEXI,      Give us a call
First Time in Fernie      Eighth Triuinplfant Season
A Message From Mars
The'famous English comedy wiih the record of 1000 nights
Duke of Yorks Theatre, London, iiOO nights, .Gamck Theatre
New York, and is now on its fifth consecutive tour of tho
United States and Canada, A notable special company including the brilliant. English comedian BERESFORD LOV-
ETIV  (direct   from   London)   and MARGARET  DUNN
Prices $1.50, $1, .75
Have You Tried the
Balsams, Zlnias, Wall Flowers1()Verbenas, Asters, Dianthus, Stocks, Pan-
sies, Cpleus, also celery and tomato
plants, grown by Kootonia Nurseries.
E. H. H. Stanley, Baynes;-for'sale
On Sunday evening in the Bapiist
church Rev. Mr. Hatt, superintendent
of Missions, delivered an excellent address from the passage in Psalms:—
"When I awake I am still with Thee."
Mr. Hatt dwelt at considerable length
and with much force on the way in
which men accept every good gift that
God can give#hem, and yet deny Him
admission to.:'their lives and openly
defy'1 His word. Mr..Hatt is always
The new, sprinkler has been doing
good work and we trust it will be used
A fire occurred at Gateway on Monday night at the house of Sam Harrison, who was burned out of Fernie on
August lst last. Harrison was engaged building a small dike near his
property at the time, when the house
took fire and was entirely consumed.
Stumping operations are being carried cm at a great rate in the Annex,
■-a. great deal of the work being done
by the use of.dynamite. When .the
land is free of stumps and gardening
operations are begun in the Annex, the
grourid shows up fine, and residents
say that it will grow almost anything
Big Shirt for Work ?
In Black or Brown
$1.00 and $1.25 each
, , t>
Best  value in town       >
Union  Made  Overalls
$1.00 per pair
All-wool Cashmere Sox
25c  per  pair
Trites-Wood Co. Ltd
Fernie, B. \G.
a . ■•- -   ■
J_' - ' •**»■***■*% ;, _ „"    ,   __   #
43*m ■•&» JL      ^^*>JL    i&jLiJb^aCaV
^^eaMmWee^^^      ^^^1—^^^ ^^MBMB****^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^WSBMI^^^^ ^HK^^^^H^—et ^■^■^■■■■■H !■■■■     OTMIMaMHV ^^^**i^BHB****"^^
July 1 st
Prize   Money
i an
Horse Races, Baseball, Football
H. W.   HERCHMER,   President
G* H.   BOULTON,   Secretary


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