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.'Prov. Library  -^   June 30^08
Industrial Unity is Strength
The Official Organ of District No. 18, U. M. W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
VOL. IV.   No
FERNIE,   B.C.,     July 3rd,   1909
$1.00 a Year
Gladstone Miners Out
Town for Dominion
Day Sports
Large Crowd Make The
Trip-Good Prizes
The Miners' picnic on Thursday proved to be a huge success; The day
was everything that could "be wished
for and about 1600 people took advantage of the trip. The first train left
Coal Creek at 7 and was well packed
by the miners and their families. The
-".. train arrived ln good time' at Elko and
* "then returned to take the Fernie peo-
■ pie. The Salvation, Army band whicli
,-was in attendance paraded the street
and as the.train steamed into the sta
tion they struck up again and played
until the people left. Their selections
played at the sports were well chosen
and" beautifully played and enlivened
the proceedings greatly. The train was
gaily decorated with' flags- and bunting, kindly lent by Mr.- J. D. Hurd,
; and- the engine was decorated with evergreens by Mr., John Dwyer. The
staff of the AI, F.'and M. worked very
hard to make the picnic a success, and
many thanks are due to them. Mr. J.
D, Hurd came to the G. N. station to
see that things were going satisfactorily, but owing to the illness of Mrs.
Hurd he was unable to take in the picnic as he had intended, but Mr. Chas.
Simister,- the general superintendent,
together with Mrs. Simister, and Mrs.
Holman,. their daughter, and Mr.Ash-
., more,vmining expert, made the trip.
The pavillion and grounds belonging
100 yards race for girls 11 to 14
$3, Ada Minton.   .
100 yards three legged race boys 11
to 14 years of age 1st' prize $2.50 J.
Atherton and Jos. Fearon; 2nd $1.50
Ed. Galller and John Hovan.
Skipping contest for girls, no ' age
limit: lst prize $2 Maggie Wilson 414
skips. 2nd prize $1.50, Lillle Hall 409
The Jootball contest between Coal
Creek boys and Fernie ended in a
draw, both sides scoring two goals
each. The weather was very warm,
but the boys did not trouble about the
weather or sometimes about the referee , .The game was fast and furious
and an extension of time of 10 minutes each way was'granted; Fernio
drew first blood scoring a goal.in the
first half, but just before time was called for first half Coal Creek equalized.
Returning with added zest to tho
game Coal Creek scored another goal
but before time was called Fernie was
even. The prizes were $11 first and
$5.50 second.
The football match between miners
and carpenters, the wrestling match,
and several other events had to be
abandoned owing to Its being near the
train time and many of the contestants
returned with the first train.
New   Agreement   Signed—Miners   Endorse
Action of Representatives—News is
Welcome to all Concerned
Miner   Succumbs    From
Heart Failure in    '
No. 2 Mine
"tlT^Ii^"Clfafles*"Kllngen8mitli" were
kindly* lent to the miners. Word had
gone out that the miners had postponed their, trlp^ .and ^refreshments . were
p'rfetty scarce; but the committee fortunately had fallen Bome'down. The
children were, not forgotten and nuts,
oranges -and candles were distributed
to them, and lemons to the adults by
an erengetlc committee.' Everyone
worked.llke Trojans to make a success
and according to report their efforts
were appreciated. The entries for the
sportR wero taken on tho grounds.
The handlcappers and starters were:
Ike Hnle and D. Paton, and H. Ben-
tham and John Howbrook were tho
Judges. Tho general committee were
J, Puckey, M. Glnncy, J. Dwyer; J.
Wilde,. G. Wilson, R. Redhead, S.
Smith, I. Limn, W. II. Evniis, R. G.
Noble, R. Cottellesso, J. Kobus, J.
Lowe, J. Lyons, Thomas Addison nnd
Thomas Biggs, secretary. The following Is tho result of the programme of
100 yards for boys 9 to -1 years ot
ngo: 1 i$) Albert Dlckoni*; t, Jf M Trod
„ 100 yards race for girls 0 to 11 years
I ($3) Nellie Murrny; 2nd ($2) Lena
100 ynrdfl rnco for boys 11 to 14
yonrs: 1st ($3) CInronco Sweet; 2nd
°($2.00) John Tnylor.
100 yards rnco for girls 11 to 14
yenrs of ngo; 1st ($11,00) Bollo David*
non; 2nd ($2,00) Jonnlo GuldOHh.
100 ynrdi, obstacle race for boys, ')
to 11 years: 1st ($.00) W*m. Evans; 2
($2.00) A. Dickons.
100 yards obstacle rncc for girls 0 to
II year*, of mto: lm ($3,00) Lena SII*
100 yards rnco for boyH 11 to 11
yours of iiku lst prize $11, Joe Lynn.
John Caldwell, employed as timber-
main's'helper at No. 2"mine on the
midnight shift, died in that, mine on
Wednesday morning about ,5 o'clock,
presumably from.heart failure. ' He
was working in the district known as
the highllne together -with another
tlmberman, and was putting a sprag
in a stationery Umber tram, and fell
down. •* The tlmberman called out to
him, and,upon receiving no answer, he
noticed.that there was something the
matter, and "came" and, found"him expiring. A short time after he had
breathed his last. He wasr brought
out and taken to the undertakers at
Fornio., He was a single "man about
60 years of age and was living In tho
Annex. He wan an uncle to the Philip
Caldwell that died as a result of the
bump in No. 2 mine last July. The
funeral took place on Friday after-
By almost a unanimous vote the
members of District No. 18 U. M. W.
of A. have decided to resume work
along the lines of the new agreement,
and consequently the executive of the
district sent notices to the secretaries
of the various locals In the district to
the effect that mining operations
would, be resumed on Friday,' ' July
2nd,    ' -
This puts an end to the long drawn
out, and bitterly fought strike that has
lasted for three months and has upset-business all through this section
of the country.   .
The miners claim to have secured
a much better agreement than the
proposed Maeleod agreement, and the
public can settle down for a period of
two good years of prosperity without
fear of a strike such as the last.
The agreement was officially signed
on Wednesday by President, Stockett,
Vice-President Naismith, Secretary
Whiteside for the Western Coal Operators association, and President Wm.
Powell, Vice-President C. Stubbs and
Secretary Treasurer A. J. Carter and
International Organizer Thos. James,
for the miners. The full text of the
agreement, will be printed next issue.
The majority and minority reports
of the ■ investigaition committee will
be found on page 2.
The police arrested two noisy individuals on Saturday night last One
of them was making a very loud spiel
that no policeman or anyone else
would run him in. .Chief Clerke
thought just the opposite and put the
cuffs on the man, which had the effect
of bringing him back to earth. A pal
ventured to suggest that he would not
let the police take him and followed
this assertion up by some foul language, so" Chief Clerke instructed Constables Bowen and Gorman to grab
that individual as well. He put up
a game scrap for a minute or two but
the limbs of the law were there and
he was,escorted to the bastile. The
two were let out on Sunday morning
and appeared before Magistrate Whimster on Monday. They each contributed $10 and costs for their noise and
are now sadder and wiser men.
Crazy Act by an Indian
Closing Scenes of a Swell
London Gathering
VANCOUVER, July l.-The fight
betwoen Billy Lauder and Harry Lorn*
bard for tho lightweight, championship
of Canada hold at North Vancouver
tonight, went 17 rounds with a decision for Laudor,
Murderer Escapes and is
being Pursued by a
Large Posse
A8HCROFT. Juno 28-A boat con*
*** It*'**/"•*   '^t'"*'   TV.f**!     *.'*.'.f""prf ***'   0*   **  '**'•''
the trnln robber*",, wan aeea cnmlnt»
down the Thomson river pnHHlnr*. Pen*
ny'ti station this morning.
Tho boat reached Ashcroft contain*
Ing but. two mon. Thoy woro ordorod
bv uner-lnl conntfthle Mte flecker tn null
ln(6 shore ond uftor n landing waa
mndo ono of tho men stepped out of
tho boat on ■bore. Docker who was
on shorn callod on him to iiirrondor,
lovelllni*, a Wlncher*l»»r rifle.• At tho
samo Instant tho man pulled a rovolvor, the nhotH Vm-Iiii* Inslnnlnnenii-i—
the robber falling dead. Tho •ocoiu!
mnn who was still in the boat, opened
flro. killing Decker InstanMy.
The wurdercr then ■i»»csp*d, hiding eastward along thc railway. A
posio has slarted In pursuit.
The Gladstone Local Union
No. 2314 Intend to hold a
monster picnic In the city of
Fernie on July 1st, 1910.
Kindly bear the fact In
mind and govern yourselves
LONDON, July 1—A startling dou-
ble assassination ,of a political character occurred late tonight towards
tho conclusion of a public gntherlng in
the Imperial institute. An Indian student whose nnmo is not known shot
and killed Lieut. Col. Sir W. M. Cur*
zon Wylllo nnd Dr. Cawas Lalcaca of
Tho gathering at the Imperial institute building, devoted to Indian and to
othor students, wns In the form of an
at home. D. „W. Thorburn.'ono of
the guests thus graphically described
tho scenes attondlng tho murder*
It was no-ply 11 o'clock and tho mil*
Blcnl program was just cncluded,
when I saw a middle aged English
gentleman conversing with nn Indian
studont. Suddenly tho n.V v< divw
a rovolvor and fired four shots with
tho greatest rapidity at tho head of
tho Englishman.
Thon came another Hhot as tho Englishman fell and a sixth which struck
an elderly Indlnn gontlomnn Htnndlng
a fow yards off and who foil shot In
tho sldo, I rushed ut tho nsBitHHln
and  othors rushed  forwnrd  nt    Iho
same time.- •-, We seized him but he
struggled and released one hand and
placing the revolver at his forehead,
pulled the trigger.
It clicked harmlessly as he had
fired all his shots. 'Meanwhile there
was a terrible commotion, the folding
doors being -closed to keep people in
adjoining rooms'from looking at the
terrible sight. - A doctor in the hall
came forward and knelt ..beside ■ the
Englishman and said .that nothing
could be done for'him.
. At that moment some one exclaimed: "Why it's Curzon Wyllie." Then
a stately woman .in evening dress,
came upstairs from the cloak ' room
to discover what had happened. Looking at the recumbent figure and not
immediately-rec"o"gnizi*rg~ir^He said"
feelingly "Poor fellow." Then she
knelt "down and as she looked closer
.at the disfigured face,s,lpok of horror
. *••,■",■ a .j'-.--".-*- •"•'*-> *^*-..^,*'r...\ -, T
leaped Into her eyes and site exclaimed "It Is "my huBba'na.", •
• A group of men nearby iwere holding
the assassin whoso victims were still
groaning on the ground a few yards
away, The victims were placed ln an
ambulance and removed to the hospital.. Detectives carried the assassin.
Besides two revolvers a 12 Inch dagger wns found, and a card bearing the
name 'Dhln Argl.' The address was
Ledbury Road, Dayswnter. Various
papers and letters were nlos taken
from the prisoner.
Tho attack oil Sir William occurred
on n wido square landing leading to
the staircase which had been'used as
an ovorflow smoking room. Sir William nnd Lady Wyllie wero just preparing to depart whon tho former was
nppronched by an Indian studont. Ono
bullet' shattered tho right oyo, nnd
another -pierced the loft oyo, Dr, Ln-
caca wns a Parsee and from the ovidoneo It would seem thnt ho wns shot
accordingly. Tho nssassln, who Is
nlso a Pnrsoc, Is nbout 25 years of ago,
Ho wns cool and possessed nftcr the
arrest und has since maintained nn
an -obstinate silence. The Identification of tho mnn so fnr hns neon Impossible owing to tho fnct thnt a grent
numbor of enrds wero found on him.
It is report oil thnt ho hns In hl-ipoHs*
cflfllon documents to show Just if led Inn
for tlio crime.
Half-Million   Dollar   Fire
and Still Burning
,.  Big  Loss
ST. JOHN, N. II. June 29—Rev. T.
S. Vanwart; Baptist clergyman, fell
(lead in his pulpit at Ilartland. ' With
arms outstretched in benediction and
with the word "Redemption" on his
lips, the aged minister reeled from the
pulpit and expired.1
Notwithstanding   Several
Other Attractions Big
Crowd Stays
Baseball Main Attraction
List of Prize Winners
Old Sol
in proper
games on
was out on Dominion day
style and played no drop
anyone,  but was as grac-
Sad   Accident   Resulting
in Death of a Well
, Known Miner   „
Latest Dispatches Say No
Chance to Save
The City
COBALT, July 2—The biggest flro
ever known in Cobalt broke out at 4
o'clock this morning in the restniirant
of Joe Lee, on Hallebury road, destroying buildings on both sides of
the road for half a njile, the totnl loss
being estimated nt half a million dollars ,
One mnn, a foreigner, is known to
hnvo been killed In an effort to check
tho flames and It is reported tlmt oth*
ers nlso met death while six wero Injured, Sovernl children nro mlsB*
Now Liskenrd flro
specinl trains.
Throo thouHnnd person** nre homeless
ns n result of the flro, nnd the wholo
city is In a stnto of coiiHtornntlon.
Later reports say thnt tho flro Is
still spreading nnd that only Inck of
fuel cntiHtop the devastation.
Hallebury nnd
brigades came up on
W. T. Jones, a well known miner
here and at Michel, where lie was at
one time a fireboss, was drowned on
Moriday night in the Elk river here, at
about 11:45. - Deceased with two
companions, George Wilde and Robert Redhead, was going home over
the West Fernie bridge, when the cal-
_Qn*\it.\r_,rtVini,«i-'*nrtfl^=^=rn'^'»—r V* ****.*■<—»«..«.«=!•!.... -i.
-«in»v(_--OaJ*wui i LU ,——i-ii*c— Llll CC-IUVll     IIclU
been at, a meeting and had each taken ' a couple of drinks before going
home, but neither ot the three was,
drunk, as had been previously reported. As they approached the river the
conversation was about the stream,
and Jones made the statement that he
could swim the river. The others said
it would be Impossible,- and Jones
walked over to the railing to look at
the water. In some unaccountable
manner his foot stubbed and he fell
head first into tho raging stream and
was never seen agnln. Geo. Wilde ran
down to tho bank, and pulling off his
coat nnd boots jumped heroically Into
the water nnd swam across, thinking
to head off his companion and savo
him. However he could see no sign
of lilm, ho he turned round and swnm
buck, further down tho stream, This
is one of tlio pluckiest nets recorded
ns the river at present Is a raging son,
and It is almost Hiiicidnl for anyone to
try nnd swim in It.
Tho polico were notified at once,
nnd search pnrt Ies were put nt dlfforont points along tho river, but so fur
the body of tho unfortunate mini hns
not been recovered,
Jones waH a married man, nhoul 10
yenrs of ago, and leaves a widow nnd
three chlldron to mourn bin untimely
dent h. ,
There are several kinds of fools on this round
world. Thoro jn, for instance, tho speoioB that persists in
rooking tlio boat. Another branch of tho samo family
toys with the gun with ofton times fatal results, but of
course ho "didn't know it was loaded" until the sacrifice of some lifo brings that vital fact homo to him. Of
late a now variety seems to have developed in this city
tAxrt oMitf Mit.r..pt»»r{*','M»") "hiatiin* ♦■J*.*",*- t** fn<1*> ♦« «.<lln. il..
,..,      . ,. , . t   \>......-.,..I...-.     4.  a 4 a.^    aa^a*.   ...a.   m a**.*,    t.y   . ,M««.   *.**.
danger of a suiouitieriiig fire ami a brink wind even in
view of tlio post experiences of this city.
The oloaring up of the property for the proposod
f*V«Vf     yht'n   hat**)    Vit.il..    la.aj   M> a. 1 *a/f,    l>f    l"Vl O   tltH*   U»   U)*B    City
department in the last few weeks, and on Wednesday
afternoon, the blaze grew to such proportions that many
viewed with great alarm the progerss of the fire and the
velocity of the wind at the time.
Tf w« are to hav** i\ park, it certainly must be cleared, and the brush must be burned up together with all
other objectionable and unnecessary matter.
Lot this work bo proceeded with along sane and
sensiblo lines. Let thc brush be cut, piled up and then
burnod—but burned on a suitablo day and thoroughly
burned to the lost branch. This school-boy mothod of
burning any old timo and any old way cannot bo tolor-
atod at suoh oIobo proximity to the city and with thc
ever present danger of dire results.
We believe the city let iho r.o*nt,rnr,t, t,rt a-nolhcr pnrty to clean up the land for park purposos. This can
in no way free the city from its full responsibility in thc
mattor of safoRuardintar the citv <rom an invnu-loT. hv firo
from this quartor.
It is certainly inoumbont upon tho authorities to sec
to it that proper methods aro employed, and that sane
and appoved plans are used in the cleaning out of this
land. The issues at stake arc too great to be lightly
shelved to contracting parties, or disposed of in any way
by the Council.
The manner in which citizens turnod out and set
to work at fighting tho firo at tho proper place—right at
tho start—unquestionably headed off a repetition of
the catastrophe of August 1. The fire dopiirtmont also
demonstrated that they aro in a bettor position than bo*
foro to copo with a big firo, and their work was woll
laid and well carried out.
The fact was also brought to mind that the authorities arc acting wisely in making it compulsory to re*
movo all framo buildings from tho fire limits, nnd thi**
work should be carried on without fear or favor, the
only thing being, considered being that no business section in more immuno from fire than tho one frame struc
ture which may be in it
It should also be remembered that no bush fire, no
matter how incipient it may appear, can be allowed to
burn unmolested near the city for even the shortest
space of time. We had one fire almost a year ago—we
want no more.
ious,to the city folk as he was to the
Elko sojourners.      There was a fair
sized crowd considering the fact that
the miners and most of their friends
went to Elko. The events were a little
late in starting but when once started
were kept rolling at a good clip.
The Ladies Benevolent association
handled the sale of tickets most admirably and were very creditably assisted
by Chief Sampson and three other pro-'
vincial police as well-as the city force.
Chief Sampson was there all the time
and it was partly'- owing to his good
work that so many tickets were sold.
The following is the result of the
In the horse racing events J. .Ignatius from Tobacco Plains captured all
the  first   money   without  much   trou--
ble. He°\vas,heap much big smile on
Thursday ' night.       Tbe   fire   brigade-
did a turn for the benefit of the visitors.
Running broad jump,; McXoa'h IC ft'
1 1-4 in $5;  Johnson $3. ,
Putting shot, 15 lii. D. McDonald 34,
ft. 4 inches $5; Lockhart 31"ft 9 3-4 in.
ISrGustyT^nibinoinTOtT'CnTn    ™"
Hop, step and jump,,Bowen 39 ft 2
iii; McNoah 39 ft. 1 3-4 in.
Boys race, under 15, SO yards. Pete
Henderson $5;- A.  .Muirhead **3. '
Tug of war: C. Brown, P. Bean, J.
Doiinolly, J. McGeough, T'. Bell,. G.
Collins, R. "Hoddle won from Grice,
W. Holllge, J. Eearl, J. Moss, D. Millies, P. Milnes, P. Adams,
, J. Gellately, G. Duiiholm, L. E. McDonald, Bob Clerke, Pete .Murphy, R.
Bowcn, II. Myers pulled winners of
first, pull twice .Si3'i.
Wrestling, Cumberland style: Lockhart $10;  D,  Moore SD.
100 yards dash: Lock $10; I). Moore
„ Long Distance.race: Dan Gillls $ir>;-
O. Marshall $10.
220 yards dnsh: Lock $12; Bowen
Half mile pony rnco, .Inck Ignatius,
tlfi; G. Chnmborlnnd $7.50.
Open home race: Jack Ignntlsu $25.
Indian pony race: Jack Jack Ignatius $2.ri; Dunlop $15,'
Football: Conl Creok $110,
Haw-ball: Pnrnln $100; Rlko ?!"0.
1st Game
Penile: O'Don l.f., W. Robert-,, r.f.
ft. Whelnn c, J. Roberts.3b,"C. Dnwy,
cf., D, McMillan 2b, McDougall .-.- ,
N. MfKHInr lb, Skofflngloii p,
Kll<n: Johnson lb, Todhunler p.,
Pluhnrly c, McDonnld l,r„ D, McKeo
2b, McNoul 3b, Prltza- s.s,, A. McKee,
r.f., Keel cf.
1  2 .'I l 5 (5 7 8, !l
Pernio          0 o 0 0 2 II 0 1 0   C
Klko          0 0 0 0 2 0 011    -I
■■'■■rule       (1   ;,   2
Klko      I    1    1
Second Game
Pi-riiln:  O'l't'ii l.f., \V\ Hubert-*., r.f,
C. Whelnn c, .1. Ilob.-rm lib, C, Davey,
cf.,  1).   McMillan  2b,  McDotignll  »**...
N. McKHInr Ih. Ski'fflngtoii p.
Waldo:  It.  Hnby kh, (IIIIIh lib, H.-r-
mnn f, (i. Johnnoii c.f„ Coffey p, Mc-
linimhl  2b;   P.   .IoIiiihoii  r,l.;    Kent
Swv.'t lb, llurciiw l.f,
Pernio,  1J). Wnldo II.
Third  Game
'•■Hin:   .loliiiwm     Hi,  TodhiiiiU'i-  p,
Pluhnrly  r,  ,\|<I)oii*ihl l.f,, H.  Mcluo.
2b, M.'Nnnl 'lb, Prlf/.i' h.h., A. McKee,
r.f., Keel cf.
!    Wnldo:   It,   llob.v hh, (JIIIIk lib, Hiv-
jiniiii c, <;. .InhiiM-u cf„ Coffey p, Mr*
'iVm'tlll    "li'     I.**        IrMiiw-f,.,     ,.   t I**,....
• Swcf't  Ib. Itm-r-iiw I t.
! 1 2 I!  I :.
| Mllu  0 0 2 ii .V   7
iWnldn        1 | 2 ii | - ;,
tc .'.wr
tit    ■**■*■■■ *». i  i
NIAGARA PALLS, X. V. .Inn.* 28.-
Tli>* body of nu unl.tmwn woman with
the lurid, both hiiiih nnd ,'•'«« iiiIhMi'i.,,
wiih ifiken from Hie iIv-t nt the Maid
tif lh,- Mint hndlin* jusf hi-fnr,- noon
Knturdny. Tin- body, that of n woman
nliO'i' V, i.■!,,., ,-,r ii,-.., Hj,:; *:i (inrjlj
Tin* body of nnoihir woman l» to
be tifiw flnnliuK In the whirlpool but
it mny not bo ponxibli* io ro<ov.*r It
for <k-\ ,xtA dtxyti.
Check-off System is conceded-Colin   Maeleod   Submits
Lengthy Minority Report to Minister of Labor
Colin Maeleod, of Maeleod, tbe operators' nominee on the board of conciliation has forwarded his minority
report^ to the Department of Labor at
Ottawa. It follows:
.Maeleod, Alta. June IG  1909
To the Honorable..tbe Minister of Labor, Ottawa, Out.:
Sir:—ln the matter of the Industrial
Disputes Investigation Act.    1907, and
The Hillcrest Coal and Coke Co., Ltd.,
The Western Canadian Collieries Ltd.,
The International Coal and Coke Co.;
Ltd., and the Hosmer Mines Ltd., and
the employers bf the said collieries ajjet
members of the Western Coal Operators Association. '     ,0
2. The applicants have caused tlie
said strike to be declared at, oach of
the said' collieres named, and the
board should inquire inlo thc dispute
ed on what is known as "Bear Valley
Xo. 1 Seam;" and the company objected to grant a new rate on the
ground that the seam is the original
No. 1 Lille seam, already under contract rates, and that by reason of a
fault, they were obliged to work this
seam under the rates applicable to abnormal conditions. From personal inspection of the mine and evidence
adduced, the Board is of the opinion
that ' the contention of tho Operators
as    to the identity of the Operators
existing at each and all of said col
in   the matter of a. dispute between iiieries.
the    Western Coal Operators Associa-j    .'.    That the discontinuance of oper-.ns ,0 tho >«lentliy of the seam is cor-
employees of the above !mlons at the said collieries is the re- *«<•■■■    but on  the other hand, recom
suit of a strike ordered by the President and Secretary of District Xo, IS
of the United Mine Workers of America, contrary to the provisions of thb
tion and thi
companies    as  represented    by    District Xo.  IS United Mine Workers of
I havo had the advantage of. seeing,'Indus'rfal   Disputes  Investigation  Act
the award of my colleagues, and regret thai, notwithstanding we are
agreed as to the matter in dispute,
we differ as to the conception of onr
duties. 1 feel that under section 2G of
'The Industrial 'Disputes Investigation
Act,'* it is Incumbent upon the board
to deal with each item of the Reference, and that the board should not
hesitate to give an opinion upon the
question's it is called upon to decide.
The objection I have to signing the
award of my colleagues, will, no doubt
be your objection to accepting it—it. is
not an award. .Moreover, I feel that
after the prolonged investigation held
in the matter, that the board should
be in a position to render a decision
upon at least one of the questions in
dispute, and that it should not return
the reference to you without a word
of comment, as to the merits of the
Since the 20th day of May last the
board has practically been in continuous session during which time voluminous evidence was taken, and after
full and thorough investigation and
inspection I beg to report, on the matters in dispute, as .follows:
This dispute arose by reason of the
parties being unable to renew an
agreement0 which expired on the 31st
day of March, 1909. From the evidence adduced, it appears that during
their representatives, met in conference and made an agreement satisfactory to tho representatives, which the
operators agreed to adopt and which
was -Mihmitta-d to Hie several local uu-
ions for consideration, on a referendum, vole. This vote carried by a
large majority, but notwithstanding
this vote, and the agreement of the
committees, operations were, suspended by the applicants. „
Tho following is the text of the application and reply:
"Between the Western Coal Operators' Association,' consisting of the Pacific Coal Company, Limited, (lie W.
H. .McNeill Company, Ltd., Iho Lei I oh
Collieries Ltd., the West Canadian
Collieries Limited, the Millcrosl Coal
and Coke Company, Limited, lho Internal lonal Coal and Coke Compnny,
Limited, the Alberta Rnllwny and Irrigation company of the ouo pnrt, and
the employees of.the said company, as
represented by tho United Mlno Workers of America, District, No. 18 of
the other part, iliaL the agreement existing prior to April 1st, 11109, respecting genenil provisions and hciiIoh of
cont met prices and wages, shnll govern the parties hereto for the period
of two yenrH, commencing April 1st,
11.09, unci oiidbig Miijch Hi hi, 10*11, In
no fnr hh tho mime mny not bo modi*
fled or nffecK-d by the provlslotiH of
thi*** agreement; j, j.ofng und'THfond'
und agreed, tliut tlie purl ies thereto
will incut in coiifeiL'Ui'i' sixty days
prior tn the explniilon of UiIh agree,
men) to iIIhcuk)- n renewal thereof. TIiIh
agreement covcih all tlie mines, coke
ovoiih nnd'cmihlde pliintH, openiled by
(lie aumpaiik'H, and nil ikthoiih accept-
Ino: employment at those mitten, Hhnll
1007.      ■   .
•1. That the demands of thc applicants, as shown on page 1 of said application, is unfair, and should not
be allowed, and in lieu of the said
demands, the ■ following should be adopted :
IT IS HEREBY AGREED.        .    -
Between the Western Coal Operators Association (consisting of Bank-
head Mines Ltd., Tlie W. H. McNeill
Co., Ttd.. Coal Department of the Alberta Railway and Irrigation Co., the
Royal Collieries Co., Ttd., The Loitch
Collieries, Ltd., The Hillcrest Coal and
Coke Co., Ltd., The West Canadian
Collieries, Ltd., The International Coal
and Coke Co.. Ltd., and the Hosmer
Mines, Ltd.) of the one part, and the
employees of the said companies, as
represented by the United Mine Workers of America, District Xo. 18, of
the other part, that the following
agreement, respecting general provisions, and scale of contract prices and
wages, shall govern the parties hereto, for the period ending, March 31st,
1912; it being understood and agreed
that the parties thereto will meet in
conference thirty days prior to the
expiration of this agreement to' discuss
a renewal thereof.
5 That the agreement made between
the parties hereto,* at the conference
held in March, 1909, should be ailopt-
cations following*.'
.   (a)    The check-off clause should be
struck out.  '
(b) After the twenty fifth word; in
t,he discrimmination clause,.the words
"or Interference with" should be inserted.
(c) ' In the schedule relating to outside and inside wages, the clause
in regard to minimum and higher lyases should be omitted.
(d) There should be a differential on
all pillars, and a reduction on some of
the contract rates in the previous
e) A blnckmlths charge of »0c per
month per miner,, nnd a uniform rato
of $2.50 per ton for run of mine coal,
and $3,00.for screened coal, delivered
to employees residing at. the mines,   '
If) No check off clause or deductions should bo nllowed other thnn as
provldod for hy the laws of British
Columbia nnd Alborta.
You will note tho chief dispute bo
tween tho parties Is the nintter of the
preamble and chock off clnuso, tho
miners contending thnt. the preamble
and chock off submit tod by thom
would countIItilo a legal and binding
agreement, lho oponitoi'K replying It.
would not Improve the legal aspects
of the agreements heretofore oxIhIIiir,
und its only defect, wnn tho estnhllHli*
ment of a closed shop, to which Mioy
could not ngn-o. Tho mutters ■•< lining to hourH of labor, contract pilous
nt Lillo, rind dlfforontInl on pllfiif«,
have arlHon hIuc.o tho cessation of
work, and their existence is due Jut'-
gi.dy io* lho frlciloir now exl'lif.'^ between thn pnrlloH,
mends that thore should be some consideration _given the minors, for   the
extra timbering required.
Differential on Pillars
fi. The Board is also of tho opinion
that, the system of paying for Umber,
in the pillars nt Coleman and Hillcrest
mines constitutes a grievance on (lie
part of the companies, and in view of
tlio fact that the ovidoneo disclosed
that different ia I on pillars should exist in all pitching seams tho board
recommends that this matter,' together with tho demand relating to differential on pillars at Bellevue, be referred to the specinl committee.
Other Demands
C. The demands relating to Blacksmith's charges aud the price of coal
at mines being trivial, the Board cannot recommend any variance with the
Maclood agreement to which each party, has committed itself.
7. The Board says in regard' to tha.
matter of discrimination, that hav
ing heard the evidence submitted by
the applicants, to the effect that some
Managers discriminated between nonunion and union men, and that union
men have discriminated against non
union men, and being satisfied that
sucli evidence Is correct, the Board is
of the opinion that" a discrimination
clause should be embodied in the agreement to1 be made between the parties.'    ' " 7'
Unfortunately, one of the members
of the Board, who has a practical
knowledge of mining, is 111 and unable
to discuss and advise with me, there-
in regard „to the Lille, Bellevue, Hillcrest and Coleman, mines,-but in' lieu
thereof, recommend the same to the
consideration of the Special Committee, as provided for in the agreement
hereinafter written, and recommended
also that it be embodied in the agreement, that the special committee meet
at the earliest possible moment.
Having in mind the agreements
which existed between the parties bo-
fore the first day of, April, 1909, and
the Maeleod agreement, which was approved of on a referendum vote, I havo
compiled nn agreement, based on those
agreements, Milch I would recommend
to tho parties for acceptance, subject
to the findings of the Special Commltteo iu regard to tho Bollovue, Hillcrest
Coleman and Lille mines, which, when
mnde, should constitute a part of tho
said agroomont.
FISItNIE, B. C. Juno 1,1
To the llonorablo, thi? Minister of Labor, Ottawa, Out.:
Sir: Having concluded our Investigations,,, and bearing In mlinl the inter*
osts of lho purlloB Involotl, and tho
suffering In cmiBoiiuonce of tho dispute
we lmvo the honor to recommend lho
following aB the basis of it Holtlomunt:
Wo bollovo that tho old agreements,
spiring oil Mnrch 'list, 1909, are agreo*
nblo to both jmrltw, and we thoroforo
rofniumotid ii gonornl agreement, biiHOd
on the old iiKi'oomont, expiring on tho
nbovo (Into, the term of Dw Hgrooniont
Taking up tlm qiioHtlnnK* n.i thoy up* to dtito from thu 1st of April, 1909, to
pour In the reference nnd "op'y, I nm lho 'list March 1911.
of the opinion thai tin* I-ohi'iI'i* nwjinl, Differential on Pillars nnd   Contract
100 : :   :   PAGES   :  :   :   100
,    Vi
This book shows the wonderful
growth of the City of Fernie in
one year and deals exhaustively
with its advantages,   etc.,   etc.
Fill in this form and place orders in advance. " Price
SO cents., Return this order form to The District
Ledger. Fernie. B. C.
Steam heated throughout.
Hot' and cold Baths.
The King Edward
Fernie's  Leading  Commercial  Hotel
Rates $2.50 and upwards
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•  Name
A. Rizzuto
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Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Co.
Contracts Taken
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ligui'O on your next job
Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts
| Be Sure  and  Attend  the
Rate* nt Lille
Wo nr'; of tho opinion thai If
W« then'fnri' rncniiitn
.(•till thnt tit Ih coiitho be ndopt od, und n
twtr ofvtvnd mi with numril lo illm-rlm-
limtlon, iih reported by lho dopuiy niln
imrtmont of l.nlior, In WO", hu obmined
hy thn purlieu In tills ftKrcoment.
We lmvo tlio honor to bo, sir, your
obedient m-rvnul**,
R, H. Grant, Cnairri,*.*,.
P H. Sherman, Member of
Wll.MillTON ...•.In. .I.*..'' II..   A "i"'1
Iii ri*H|im't of   the   Hcvornl    mntt
be Koveriu-d liy the followhiK i'.'l'*n nml ] Blmulil In",
i'-'KUIuIIhiih. •• 'I'*"1, "■'' I'i'eiiniblo submit tod by'iinriUm each niului hii on mont effort,
The Coinpiuiy will I'ei.iilre eiieii per-Mho nppllriiiitH Moon not Improve th,*;lluiy cnn mildly willio the (lirrinulllnii
son f'liiployeil by them, or lo he em- il'-Kiil nml blwllnu impeotH of the pre*ihnt mny mIhI nt I.tllo, llnllovtio,' IIIII*
ployed by'them, uh ii ii'ilnei', mine inh-lninhln iihi*i( In Dw old iiKreeuienlH,, f't'OHi nud Colo.-.*.** milieu, In tlm Mittno
or«/r. or'oUierwlKf. In nnd iibout ilmlii.*'' Hhouhl iln- preiiiiibh' mibmlttoil |ninnn..«r nH borutofom, by mul mil ukhui*
initi-jt- nntl cuke ov-mih of the piowped thy Dw openitoiH be ndoplml, but on'mimi, or liy tho Joint rommlitee, imd
Ive ''Mii-i'meH io hU'ii thin iiKi*eeiueiit.!tlie other IiihmI, the prfiiinblo which!Imlcpeiidont C'hiilrniun, iih provided for
un n ftiiiflltlfiii precedent to cont limed, In «/•( out iu Hie iiKifi-tiU'lit lieo^'ith | by nil pH-vlouH UH.wmii.ilH between
I'liiplo.'.'iiciii of Dm pernon iilivudy e*ii.!re.'oinini*iuli'd hhouhl be ndopiwl* 'tlu- pui'tlei*
ployed or io be employed, Agreement |Check-Off Claune. t
»o be pluced iii ii booh toKClher with1    Tie-   npplictuilH fire iirulotihtciUy ew definite HftttloMf'lit hit ninilii within .10
n l.-K«l rhe.'.< off .-'mini- and hIki.***. bylutled to n che.l; off clnuH-j In   their ;'luyH of hIriiIiik nn iiKreemoiu,
■ill cimilovccH 'iiw'ei.mi.ut, hut Hie   chnclc off diiiiHe Discrimination
J"..,, "!?\,L. imihtiilttoil by them. belnK |,u-oi.hIhi«iii     Wo rflromm-,n.l thnt tho underHln.ul-
Ml imrlei'Kt-oiind  wnK«« to be com*;with   Iiiwh in *.'■<'■• in uiiiu.ii ,.oinni
liuti'il   from the time of entry ui tho*.*'*   •*■.*. A.*-*-*****..    •••••''•^- •'•■'' ,l" •"' . .     , .     .
mirfw.. of the mlno, to the tlmo of rn.,««l»t.Ml. nud  ll...' ■...■■■-•..  off .•l„u:*c or '«""" «f '""»«."•."' »»« .r0.!»^, «».'"« ^
turn to tlm Kiirfiuv of tho mini!, brm- «l*l  r«Rrw-me»*« tthoiild In- cnnthiiifd,
od upon the e|Kht hour linuk to hunk th'* Hume IicIiik Bhown in the !if!i'ee*
i.»,Ht lineiit nbovo referred lo.
Lille Collieries: ;Hour» ol uaa-or.
,\ tontrn**' price to \d uKieed upon j It. After hciirlng thu ovUlunce ou UiIh
for tin* KcuntH ut pionent helm? work* ,'IUohUoii, It Ih quite iippiinm! to tho
f.,l at Linn* I Honrd,    und    to the pufUeH, tlmt no
RBply: !'i*rl.rvnnfi*   exlmed   between thom on
"The   Western Conl Op-niton-i' Ah-SUiU i|m-Ktlon. but thnt by teiiKon of n'
hm iiit-i-n,    '.now- ii.i<niiiii...l. -»iui- Hi iMlsMiideriifinillni,' between them, UiIh
veply io Uie appllcntlon miide herein .leinuii'l w«» mii.le; nmieover the niiit- ,„«,.,.
iih follows- "i- ,"•i',,, /"'veined bv tb.. HtntiilfH In «f r.«) muiiked men took SylvoHli-r Step-
1. Thnt it Mtrlke exlHN tn Dw follow* f/»i'.*- in MrlilBli CciJimililn, nn.l Albertn nloii. n m-Kio. known hh Aktlauia IJ.mI
lt.K nnme,i „,1i...,I*"h. x\,.: flnnlkl.*-n.l Dw board Ihik no jiirlmllrilon to deal from jnll lion* ourly unlay'nnd lyndHM
Ml..,*   1.1.1    the I!   W   M(.Ne|||.(*o.'wlthU.e«(imo. Mm.     The  m-Rroo n Thursday Hhot
'l.„.   ronl liepiutm.,.. of the Albe,...  L.lle Clli.ri..: ..ml k.l.od Albert Turner, a deputy con*
KulUiiy    nml  IrrlRallon  Co..    Hu)»l     <• '«'h<' »ppH«-a«t» .l-mnn.!.-.! .it them. «tablu who had   nttomptn.) to   uhoot
<-«lli..ii«-a*. ib-  UUU. Collls'li'-i. Ltd .[enmerine tbnt n rontrnrt prlw be »ix*;hlm.
i I
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lilfoiiiiiitlon .-1'KniY.iiiK low iiusm-iikit iiite*. nnd
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Does not Color the Hair
Wc with you to poiltlvdy ind dlitlnctly understand that Ayer'* lUlr
Vim doti not •jff-Jrt *■*■■* c^nr ttt *he h»lf. ev«n to the illjihtMt
de-iree. Vttton* wllh the whltfit or the ll-jhtett and moil delicate
blond hair may uk It freely without having the hair made a -thade darker.
InurodtettlMl ******«*. Uttrtki. 0*lri». %*4kmJ^eit4.
insrcotgniat Capti(l]m) Utt, Ak«A*l. W*ur. Petltme.
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Tartar Baking Powder
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The cream of tartar used iii Dr. Price's Baking
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Improves the flavor
and adds to the health-
fulness ol thc food
^Vo A.lam     ''^___^a^_^_      1*° lime
w      Tho*phat9
B. C.  Copper  Company's
- Mines   and   Smelter
Closed Down
■ ♦.♦♦♦♦■
(Nelson News).
GRAND FORKS, June 29—The arbitration board which sat at Greenwood
lately in regard to the' disagreement
between the B. C. Copper Company
and the Greenwood Miners union, not
having come to a satisfactory settlement, the union has declared a strike
and has tonight posted the following
notice in the city:
, This is signed by the strike com-
mltteemlttee, and bears the seal of the
"Strike. Workmen stay away from
Greenwood. Greenwood Miners union
No. 22 Western Federation of Miners
have declared a strike against the
mines and smelter of tbe British Columbia Copper company, for the recognition; of Greenwood Miners union,
and for discrimination against its members.
"On June 1, 1907, Greenwood Miners
union and the manager of the'B.C. Copper Company adopted a wage scale to
be paid the employees of the B. C.
Copper Company at their mines and j
smelter.     In May 1908 the manager of
X . H
if.if.xf >f y *» tf >? <mm>l»»hi »*»» 4 ¥■■»¥ ¥ ■¥ ¥ ¥ * ■■•'••*¥»*¥*» » **/^»4*f^Mf-**^¥*^'»-**t-*M'**-*»
Sunday School ^IfstzZl
On the Lesson by tlie Rev. Dr. Linscott for the International
Newspaper Bible Study Olub. '
. Miners and mine laborers of
the U M. W. of A. are warned
to keep away from the mines
of the Nicola Valley Coal arid
Cole Co. . at Middlesboro; a
strike is on* for recognition,
the management being unfair
to organized , labor.
You will ;be notified when
this Company is again placed
on the fair list of our organization.
Causing a Great Sensation
in Maryland—More Arrests Expected
this camp is unfortunate. A feeling of
distrust pervades" the whole atmosphere and so long as that feeling continues so'-long will trouble continue,,
"Unless some feeling can arise which
will tend to a belief by each party
In human nature, even if the party is of
the opposite side, no cessation of the
present trouble can be contemplated.
If the employer will fairly. recognize
fair union labor and the union will
fairly deal with the employer, then
the trouble will cease; otherwise it
will continue forever.''
The union rejected the majority report and accepted the minority one of
Mr. Mclnnis and followed this decision
by a strike which has already been
declared.      The Daily News    yester-
B. E. WALKER, President
Paid-up Capital    $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -' : 6,000,000
the B.C, Copper Company reduced the
wages of his employees and from that
;day wired George Heatherton, secre-
Itary of the Greenwood union, asking
'Whether a strike had been declared,
JULY 4 1909    ,
Paul's Second* Missionary Journey.
—Antioch to Phlllppi. Acts xv:36 to
, Golden Text—Come over into Macce-
donia and help us. Acts xvi:9.
■ Verse 36—It is generally necessary
to follow, up any good work whicli we
have commenced'if we would make it
a' success ? »   , -     ,
Verses 37-39—Would it have been
wiser if Barnabas had first consulted
Paul in.the matter of taking Mark?
' Barnabas was a relative of Mark;
are we as good judges of the fitness
of; our relatives for an office as we
are of the fitness of others?-Why?
Why is despotism in government ,ap*
Are women generally in the majority as earnest Christians?
Verse 14—Are busy women generally more spiritual than those r,vho havo
little to.do? -     ■ " -
Should all' girls be taught to earn
their own living?
, Is* it easier for God to open the
heart of an industrious, person than
that df an idler?   - '    .
Verse 15—If a',p"erson is inhospitable, or stingy, is that a sure sigi' of
ungodliness? *   _ .
_ Lesson for Sunday, July.Ilth, I*-) 01*
.Paul's Second Missionary Journev —
The Phllippiari Jailer. Acts xvl. 1G-10.
time lo the present has refused to sub-^ hlg WBB.
mit a copy of the scale of wages he is
paying his employees to Greenwood
Miners' union, and he has tried to
disrupt Greenwood Miners union by
blacklisting our active members. The
properties of the B. C. Copper Company are closed down at present and
we intend to keep them closed down
until the management recognizes the
Greenwood miners union. At least 90
per cent, of the employees of the B.
C. Copper company before it closed
down were members of Greenwood
Miners union. {
The strike committee will notify the'
public through the press when the,
strike is called off." ■.
The B. C. Copper company operates \
the smelter,  at Greenwood   anti • mo .
Mother Ix)de and Oro Denoro mines in j
that neighborhood. Botli the mines ami
smelter which have up'to the present
time been run on the open shop principle, are at present '"dosed down as a'
result of shortage of coke, due ro the:
strike of coal miners in eastern Brit- .
.j, JULYm_1909_
pointments, looked upon with suspio
ion?. . '      </  '
Had Paul, probably, good reason for
objecting ,,to7takIng,.Jobn and Mark
with them?  (See Acts xiii:13.)     :
If a man shows lack of courage, or
tact, or faithfulness, in* one position,
does that disqualify him in any. measure,, from getting another, or from
success when in another position.
If both Paul and Barnabas had been
duplicates of the man Jesus, would
there have been this quarrel between
them, and how would the matter likely have been settled? "(This question
must be answered by members of the
When two Christians fall out, Is one
op both always to be blamed?
Vorses .|0-11—Did the dispute between thoso men work out for good,
as tt penult od In two inisHionnry deputations instead of ono?
By any process of reasoning can you
conclude thnt God was back of this
dispute bolwoon theso two godly mon
so as to bolter work out his purposes?
Clmpt. xvl: 1-3—Should mlnistr-pR
nnd other Christian!, bo on tho look
out for young mon who nro flttcl for
tlio ministry tho snmo ns IiusIiiohb
men nro for good Rnlosmon?
Whnt cnn you sny for or ngnlnst
I'mil clrci'inclslng TlmothouB. In vlow
of tho decision of tho council nt .Torus*
ttlom?  (Seo Ads xv:l*29)
In -matloi'H of hnlilt, or economy
or noti-oHHoiitlnlB, Ih It, woll for us to
glvo way to llio vIowb ot others, sink*
ItiK our own proforoncos whon wo cnn
nccoinpllHh good by bo doing? Por
oxtimplo, you mny oppouo wonrlng
"plK-tiillH" in UiIh country with wisdom, nnd yot to rofimo to wonr ono In
China may bo Brent folly.
VorHOH 1*5—Whnt. woro tho "docroon
♦ • • of tho oUlorB whicli woro nt .Tor*
uanlom," iuul nro thoso binding upon
th« church today? Hoo Acts xv:28-29.
Ib ii church hotter with or without
un olnbornto crocilT
Whal did .Iohiib touch which Ih not
Imdudud In rightcoiiHiteHH, nnd tlio
C'OllBttUlt vIbIoii of (loil?
Will u chmcli Hound "In llm fnith,"
nlwayu In' n .niiKiicf tn draw others In
VornoH fl*8—Why did tlio Holy Hplrlt,
forbid tIn*))) to proncli ln AhIii nnd
nitliynln nnd would tlmy hnvo Hliinod
hnd tlioy dono so?
Wj,f,*a   ii*n  •>•■(*. I,Irw1(n>r.<1  itiw-ivMrMiMM
Iv from lining eortnln pood wnrltw In
thnt. tho Holy Spirit. Iilndorlng uh?
VorBi*» 9*10—How iniiTiy mothoila
doofl (loil ndopt In loading tin?
IIooh God In evory omorgoncy glvo
na nmnn sum eiildnner* nn let whnt we
ought lo do!*
Wat thffl vlfllion Jurat at clear a coll
from God ub though ho hnd Hpokon
Vom-R 11*12—Ooob Clod direct tho
courso of (ho ChrlBtlnn wltli nUHolitto
certainly lioiwlthtfniidlnt** wind or
Vcr«o 13—What i« ono of thu tfirttt
thlngn an carnoat Chrlatlnn looka out
for, when ho movon Into -a new com-
Greenwood, June 28, 1909.
Dally News, Nelson B. C,
"Yes; for recognition of the union,
and for refusing to give us a scale of
wages paid employees
What the latter part of tlie message
means Is shown In the official statement from the union published above.
The following . letters    which have
passed between the,union and the Co.
give the story of the negotiations leading up to the strike.
!' ' Greenwood, B.C. June 21
Mr. J. E. McAllister,'Manager. B.    C.
Copper Co., Anaconda, B. C.
Dear Sir:—At a regular meeting of
Greenwood Miners union, June 19,1909
the members adopted the report of J.
i Mclnnis as a member of the conciliation board lately held in Greenwood.
I was instructed to notify you to that
effect and failing to get. a satisfactory
answer from you before 7 p.m. June
Paul's Second Missionary Journey—
The Philipplan Jailer. Acts xvi: 16-40.
Golden Text—Believe on the    Lord
Jesus Christ and thou shalf be saved.
Acts xvi:31,
Verses 10-21— In what class do you
place those who benefit by the sins of
fallen women?
This young woman was possessed
with a,very clever spirit of evil, an all
round spirit of deception, including
fortune tolling; now wherein did her
sin consist, and that of her owners?
Whicli are the moro to be blamed in
those days, fortune tellers or their
willing dupes?
When bad men nro losing the gains
of their evil occupation, nre thoy cipt.
to bo-careful of the truth, when th'ey
are after the good men who havo destroyed their businoss? For exnmplo
tho liquor dealers.
Verso 22—Whnt mnde tho multitude
so nngry nt Pnul and Silas nnd Is nny
rolinnce over to bo placed upon the
excited attitude of n large crowd?
Do religious differences still innku
tho peoplo hnto om* anothor?
Does worldly gain, today, play nny
pnrt Iir religious .intolerance?  •
Voi'ho 23—Why did God permit Hitch
cruelty to his faithful servants?
\yiiy Ih Ih Ihlint, godly peoplo often
lmvo to go through vory exquisite suffering?
Verso 21—Sny wliy It Ih possible for
nny good mnn In prlRon, lying upon n
rn'vs' lmck, with his foot fnst In tho
HtocltH, to In1 iih happy iih n mnn in
health nnd nt liberty?
Door n good mnii'B Influence cosho
whon ho Ih iinprlHonod nnd liln llmlm
nro fettered?
In looking ovor tho ri-Hiilts of IiIh
IniprlHOiinieut. would I'uul nnd Sllua
be apt to regret tIiIh painful Incident?
Verm* 2i.-~ Ih thoro nny clrcuniHtnnco
ho pnlnful, or illBtiHtrotiH, tlmt prnyor
nnd pnilHO iiinuol turn It Into joy and
if wo piityi'il nnd hiiiik mon- in our
privnti* llvim, nnd In om* fnnillluH,
would wn lmvo inor.» Joy nnd rIihIiiohh?
V«!|h.' St!- Wiih thi* flirt liquids*.- the
ri'Hult of the prnyor or I'nul nnd Sllna,
or wiih It n nnturnl event?
DoeH (loil today work nut for IiIh
people prncllciilly Hi" tnmo rcHiilt** iir
nre lion* recorded?
Vithch 27, 28—Why did tho Jnllor do*
...        , ,        i  .
I'UJ' Jus tlihi.ilo'*'
Vernon 29, 110-Wnn It nnturnl 'font'
or rollKl'WH .'oiivlellon liml now oper*
ritod In tho Jnllor?
Whnt did the Jnllor <|orIi'o Io bo nnv.
Ish Columbia and western Alberta.      ■ -1"'. t0 declai'e ? Btn,t0 asa1I1^st th^ B''"-
The strike is now well on a way to!Copper Company, on behalf of   Green-
a settlement, and within a short time wood Minef union'
the resumption of operations ini    Hoping ^.receive an  early  reply.
Copper Com-} Respectfully: yours,      ..
pany would have been in a position ■.,, i- GE0RGE HEATHERTON.
starl^upJtsjmeltOLagai^ana^HliJt1 '     Greenwood, B. C. June 23
its mines
the coal mines the B
ST.,MICHAELS, Md. June 2S— The
coroner's inquest into the death of Mrs.
Edith May Woodill will be resumed
today^with several of the jurors still
convinced that there was a large element of truth in the letter left by Lame
Bob Eastman, the fugitive broker and
suicide, who declared that there had
been a party in his bungalow, and
that Mrs; Woodill had been aua'-l i-*i
by a.-jealous woman and slain by a
champagne bottle.
The jury will meet in the lonely little
bungalow itself within sight of the
grave to which the body of Eastman
wffs conveyed early yesterday with
no further ceremony than the muttered prayers pf a few laymen.
Theories' as to how, when or why
the murder was committed are borne
upon every wind. There is no indication that Eastman's' identity was
about to be discovered by the authorities and that he had asked Mrs. Wood-
ill to flee to Europe with him. _'
Prior to the murder Eastman's neighbors would have been prepared to
defend lilm against, any; imputation
of his character, but aftor all is said,
the striking fact remains that Eastman
following the murder, for which he
claimed in the letter that he was not
responsible, came to Baltimore and
pawned the jewels of the woman, joked with his acquaintances, showed a
roll oif bills which would make the frugal country side open their oyes in
wonder, and conducted himself in the
coolest possible manner.
He showed no trace of excitement
until .after the identity of the body
became known and he was told that he
had better not leave the country.'
It. is then that he made his plans
to escape, and failing in that', took his
own life. The members of the coroner's jury who believe there Is any truth
in Eastman's letter are anxious that,
the mystery of the launch containing
two women ancl three men which was
seen coming out of Broad Creek, on
which the bungalow is located, shall be
cleared up. Three wine and two
whiskey bottles which had been used,
were found in the bungalow subsequent to the murder.
., They today'intimated that the investigations into the identity of the persons seen in the launch comng out of
Broad Creek on Sunday may lead to
the arrest of some one at any moment .
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
Every facility afforded to fanners and  others for the transaction of   their hanking
business.   Sales notes will be catshed'or taken for collection.   .
equal facility.
Accounts may be opened  by mail and monies
deposited   or   withdrawn   in this way with
Manager, Fernie.
Always a choice supply of liecf, Povk, Veal,
Mutton, and Lamb on Hand.    Hams,
Bacon, Lard, Butter'and Eggs
Our Specialties
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish, always a good
■''  assortment   Try our Mince Meat.
Saurkraut and Oysters..
This, however, the calling
of the strike" is likely to preven". unless a settlement is arrived at in a
short, time .;,•■. ° '
Tlie coal strike commenced on April
3; but the copper company bad enough
fuel on hand to last it for about one
month, so that the smelter was no*,
closed until about. May 1. About,the
time of the closedown tlie Greenwood
Miners union applied for a Board of
Arbitration, ils demands being as follows: '
1. That the management of the il u
Copper Company recognize a commltteo from Greenwood Miners union Ni.
The 41 Meat Market Limited
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Stores in all the Principal Towns in British Columbia and Alberta
Salt Fish
the-Members Greenwood-Miners'
. Union No. 22 Western Federation
of Miners, Greenwood, B. C.
Dear Slrs:,_.Youiyletter of the 21st
received and its contents rioted with'
regret, for while you state that you
have adopted the report of your representative on the'board of conciliation
the spirit of fairness mentioned at tiie
close of the report seems to be quite
absent from your communication.
As you have probably heard, it was
our Intention to be governed by the
report of the chairman of the conciliation board which sat in Greenwood
early in May, in so far as the proper
M.„ to adjust all grievances!carrying on of our business would al-
22 W. F
between the B,  C.  Copper company;
and its employees, j
*2. That the 13, C. Copper company
cease discriminating against members
of Greenwood MlnerB, union No.^ 22
W. F. M. v "    ■ "
3. That the B, C. Copper company
rolnstato ,T.B. King and T.Y. McKay
In thoir employment and pay the Bald
J. B. King and T.Y. McKay their full
wages i'or tlio time of their dismissal
until such time iih thoy aro reinstated. „
■I, That the B.C. Copper company
shall not discriminate against men on
account of thoir political opinion.-.
That tho B.C, Copper company shnil
not alter tho existing conditions of omploymont, of tliolr omployooB wlthoitt
notifying tho presldont or socrotnry ol
Oroonwood Miners No. 22 W, P. M.
and nil not If lent Ions shall ho in writing.
(I, That tho munngaimont. of thc ll.O.
Coppor Compnny, or any of ltn offlclalo
Hhall not hho any Influence or In unj
way Intorforo with their omployoos In
thoir cliolco of doctor or doctors.
7. That tho miimigoment of lho 11.
C, Copper coinpiiny rimmi Holldtln*;
tlio honrd of trndo unci cortiilii Individ*
iinls for tho purpose of discrediting Dw
Greenwood Mlncru' Union No. 22 W.
P. M.
Our Motto "Civility, Cleanliness and correct weight to all'
Veruo *ll--Whnt precisely, did tiJioy
mean hy hoUovlng on tlio Lord Jobub?
May a father or mother believe in
Jet-ui, so aa to atsure the salvation of
their children? (Thla queatlon It to be
ar-awared In writing by membera of
tha club )
Vptho M --Whnt In the "word of lho
l/ird." nnd mny a peruon .mow that
word, first hand, who la not portwn*
ally «cqimlriU'd wiib the Urd?
The Dominion Depart mont of Labor
Ki'imtt'd a hoard of coiicllliitlou unilm*
tho Lomloux A'.'l, Judge V. K. WIIhou
of (IranliTOi'k being thc chalnuan, nud
IMward Cronyn of Toronto nud .lohn
Mr-limit*. M.I'.l' of (Iraml Porks bolim*
tho roproBontatloM of tho company and
tiioti roi-p(*r*flv''ly. Tho finding of thn
clmlnnnn and llm company's reprowtri*
tntlves wiih ngulnHt tho men although
, r I. I 11 <     .      .- f    II
tut,    .tt, .lit.,    ..«', a/, a*.    . *. a yrt.....,.,..    Ir.     ....
union., fnr on i'h lioth ■j,->r',f".< to tlie din-1
puto getting together, while that of Mr,1
McInnlR wan In their favor. Tho chair-
mnn offerod a lmHlK upon which   ho
thought tho compnny and men could
r./^v'-r,   «r.»4at1,r ii      Tt   ii t ■» # '
a       ,1 .*.    - »Jfi '    ,* f     • '
"1, That, tho union <dln.lnu.tf- any
prnctlco of discrimination at flgnlnHt
non-union men.
"I. Thnt upon tho f.*nt*nilon of auch
procedure tlio company recognise nnd
deal with (ho union in regnrd to qtios*
tions Affecting union men.
"J. Thnt no discrimination bo ahown
aealnet nny perwm by roanon of hia
taklnjf nny active pnrt In tho union.
"Th*t> whole induitrlM   situation In
low, this affording, in our opinion, a
ready solution for nny difficulties existing between your organizations and
this company.
So long ub your organization is conducted upon the lines indlcnted In the
chairman's report, there can bo no objection to our receiving a commltteo of
your organls-aton, Iho members bong
convorsnnt. with conditions, to inter*
eodo for ono of your members who
may allege that, lie has boon unjustly
discharged, provided the Individual
lias been nimble to adjust the matter
with Ihe superintendent personally he-
fore referring tlie mattor to your, organization.
The ('hnlriiuufs roport states that,
you did nol Hiibslnntliilo your charges
of discrimination, nor Is It. our Intention thai there Hhould bo any discrimination agalnnt your members without,
In. nny sonm* abrogating tho right of
tIiIh company to hlro and discharge nil
such mon as It consider*, heat In Its
own intoroHtH nnd you will uudoiHtiiuil
that nny omployoo faithfully dlHchnrg*
log hli* dutlos In tho Interesth of tlio
company will lm given every voiihIiI-
oration, whether belonging lo your organization nr not.
It had boon our Iniontlon prior to the
receipt, of your Intlor, lo romirno work
both nt the Hinelter and thn Mother
Lodo mlno iih hooii iih Hiifflcietit. Htip-
ply of fuel Iiiih been accumulated al
Dw former point, nnd in thin ro«tini|*'
tion the ni.'inb-'i-H «f your orirntilyiitloii
would hnve been fairly dealt witli, the
Kiiine iih nny one oIhu. It Ih witli rogrot, therefore thnt wo nnl ten lho
mimd Hint you tnk« In your letlvr, In*
dlcallng iih It iIdkr n ponltloii binned In
one direction; iih we had hoped your
nr,.n.,l'4r,( If,,,     at>f,t,.|f*J     *wjr,*i*     *)».     ntHt*''!'*
of fnlr donllnt', which mtitd lie onne*ji.
tlal to Its Htnhllity, nn well iih Kh hnr-
nionloiiH relaitoim „ with tho Com*
Wo trimt that you will rotiHldor (IiIh
n (•ntt»fnr'int'v n.-nlv tn rnur enmrniiTit-
cation nnd refrain from any action tiie
effect of wbldi must Impose unneces-
Hiiry linrdHlilps on others who nre not
connected with yon, Youn* very truly,
■I. US. McALI.I8T.3II,,
Gen. Mniiitiger.
communication of'June 23 to the members of Greenwood Miners union.
I note what, you say about a spirit
of fairness, and that the chairman of
the boards report slates that we did
not substantiate our charges of discrimination, but the members are not
overlooking tbe fact that Judge Wilson
left. Greenwood on the same train as
your representative.
And when we consider that. Mr. Cronyn was your guest while in Greenwood, and' tho opinions expressed In
his report must, naturally be, your
opinions, we fail lo seo nny spirit of
fairness in so far as this organization
Is concerned.
We are willing to acknowledge that
you are the representative of the B.C.  	
c°m" C0°Z':ZZ ?—; r«™^
Fire   and   Accident
Beck Block
Room   3
that,   you
Miners union ns representing your
employees and until such tlmo ns you
recognize this organization as representing your employees I fall to see
nny possibility of our nrrlvlng nt a sot*
i wlHh to, repent to you that I havo
told you before, that Greenwood Minors union Ib not looking for troublo,
nnd I will delay ttiklng action until 7
p.m. Juno 2r,, and I expect that hy
that timo you will lot. mo know It
you are willing lo submit a wngo nealo
for your oniployooH lo, Gurenwood Minors union; also If you aro willing to
moot a committee from Greenwood
Minors union to adjust our grievnn*
con. ,
I bollovo that I can Hay for tho mem*
borH of Ciroonwood MInert* union that
thoy did not hear tho roport. that It
wnn your Intention lo bo governed by
tho roport. of tho chairman of tljo con*
dilation nud luvoHtigallnu board.
Yoiii*h very truly,
Andy   Hamilton
Tinsmith and Plumber
We can  furnish you with estimates in
anything in our line
(•0N(.0lll>, N.ll. *1uin- i!K ,I«h<|iIi
('(•till) of Dover, Implicated In the
m'UH'Uloiiiil Unr'dni-hiiiii murder Hnve
yenrH ii|(o, it ltd Willinm '"hiipmiin nf
I'ortMiiouUi, (i*.'fi'|M<wi<n,>d n keeper at
the New lliimpHhlre miiiIc hospital for
the IliHIHie where lliey Wore Ulldi'l* ob-
Hervntlon and mnde their oKciipo.
Tho Hotel of Fernio
I'VinIc'*. LculiuK t'liiiiiiicii'ial
nml Tdiiriht  ||'Hi..e
S. F. WALLACE. Pi-op,
i n-
u/awasi.    vr
ItlieuniiitlHiu cmiMCK more, pain and
ftiifferlng tlmn an;.' o'lif*** dlrtoase, for
the rentson that It Ih the moRt common
of nil HiB, nnd It Ih certainly gratifying
..,   ,       .     i . . ,.,    it._,.   r'ti,i.,.x,,.,.
Inln'fl Pain llnlm will afford relief nnd
mako n'Ht. nml Bleep possible, In tunny
r-iiHOH the relief from pnln whleh Ih nt
flrat   temporary, has liecomo portnni.*
ent,   while In old people HUhject   to
chronic rhoumntlHin often brought on
liy d.impnfSH or rlmiiiri*-* In the wen-
/-     ..,„,..  ii n   i.,n„ >*i        ther, n permniirnt cure i iintiot be i.x*
Oreenwood, n.C. Juno ih. ,„,.   ,,,_, ni),..r fr.._n ,,„,„   whJrll
Mr. J. K. Me.Mllatcr, Mnruiger H. C.  .^ 11tlUnr.nt    nff0rd« Ih nlonft worth
Copper Co., Anncondn, 11.0. rnnny t|mPH ||„ font. 21. nnd 60 cent
Dear Blr—l am In rocclpt of   your j h\Zi.H f0T s*,i<. by all Atxttufltte.
Hur Mi|ipli'*<l willi   tin*  lieht  Wine-*,
l.lqiiiiiM anil t'lKHiia
MlVIVf-i   IfOOV   IV  (•('WKlTiriN"
Bar Unexcelled
AH witi(o Help
Call in and
see* us once
C. W. DAVEY & CO., Props.
V L4tt>*--3^a''l»'&^%^ %-
£ij# Bislml £tbi\tx
•$1.00 a year In advance. Address all communications to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. C.
Rates for advertising on application, * '
We believe, through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good to actual subscribers any loss incurred by trusting advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest bankrupt**.
This offer holds good for one' month after ihe
"ransaction causing the complaint; that1, is we must
have notice within that time! In all cases iu writing
io advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
Phone 48;  Residence 9 Manager'
union, whether they admit the fact officially   or
not:        ■> ''*•___
The paternal interest which employers manifest
in those men whose "scruples dof'not permit them
to become ."members, of the union,", is certainly a
beautiful thing to behold iu these days of bustle and
hurry; and-the pathetic feature is that these same
non-union men seem to imagine that they are serving their own ends best by withholding their membership from the union and trusting to their employers for a fair deal. The unquestioned truth
is that whatever degree of fair conditions have
been granted, are the direct outcome, not of the
philanthropy of capitalists, though the sophistries
advanced' on their behalf might lead some casual
student to think so, but they are,the direct outcome
of years of struggle and sacrifice by consistent union members, who have had'not only their own
welfare at heart, but who have looked ahead to the
future status of members of their .craft..
May. the'miners of Greenwood   have a   short,
clean contest, and may .success be theirs.
♦ .
The cessation of hostilities.and the resumption
of operations in, the coal fields of the west, where
for months past industrial stagnation has been in
vogue, will be welcome news to miners, lo operators
and to the business men'of the communities affected by the strike.
The majorities registered in favor of accepting
the 'agreement arrived at between the Operators
.Association and Ihe officers of district 18 .speaks
well for ii permanent basis of a good understanding,
for where a large number of workers favor such
an agreement it goes without saying that this very
preponderance carries with it a guarantee .of enforcement of its provisions.
Good, clean sport is always looked upon with favor by all. and Fernie is no exception. But the
trouble is that all sport does not take ou the garb
of cleanliness. It is an unfair proposition to ask
outsiders to come here, pay their expenses, and then
find that instead of playing Fernie, they are up
against a mixed aggregation partly composed of
outside players. It is not good sport.. It is graft,
and the sooner it is stopped the better for tlie good
name of our town. Thc Athletic Association under whose auspices any games are run should see
that they are kept clean. At present there is too
much a oue man proposition at the head of that
Associaion.     Better clean up a bit. :
Now that tlie 1st of July is over we may men-;
tion something that before we did not care to touch
To the district officers nothing but words   of j upon.     The writer was not aware that the miners
commendation can be extended for the manner in
which they have tried, and finally succeeded, to
bring about .a speedy settlement without sacrificing
tlie interests they represent.
■ 'Twas a fortunate day for Fernie when the
Crows Nest Pass Company withdrew from the Op-,
erators association, and was thus left free to meet
the men and arrange working agreements without
the meddlesome interference of the Western Coal
Operators association, whose existence seems to ebb
and flow with the expiration and drawing up of
working agreements.
Strikes are. undesirable from the point of view
of miners or operators, and may the day hasten
when some more humane means can be conceived
of settling industrial disputes and righting wrongs
in the workers world.
had held their sports on the 1st of July for the last
five years. The head of the Athletic association
was aware of it. and without consulting the miners,
brought up the question of a field day for that
occasion .* It is a regrettable feature that, the min-
ers.who are the bone and sinew of our city, were
totally ignored in this regard. The result, financially and otherwise, would have been much better
for the city had the miners been consulted. Next
year, perhaps, the "individual" head of the Athletic Association will remember the men who make
Fernie what she is.
The Free,Press this week devotes considerable
space to Premier McBride and his visit. This is
one of its spasmodic Tory turns. When John-V.
drives the quill methinks the portrait of Sir John
A. Macdonald's picture is turned to the wall, and
in its stead is brought but a volume on the Wonderful Growth of the National Debt.     Still when Hon.
Satisfactory arrangements not being forthcoming, the Miners Union at Greenwood have called
upon their members io refrain from work untilsu-'.,
time as the B. C. Copper Company see fit to su1,-
mit a wage scale, and recognize the miners as-*'>cb,-
tion. Although the trouble in this instanc.. ,- is
between the Company and member:** of the \V P.
M., .still the miners'of district 18 17; M. W. of A.
will watch with interest the struggle of their brothers in nn effort to procure fair working condit*
, ions in that district.
This business about refusing to recognize the
union is unqualified rot and, rubbish, a more hag*
gling point around which operators and employers
in general seek to .build up a castle of grievances,
where none exist, because they do recognize the
Richard comes to town John- is away to the hills
planting fishseed, and the Press returns to its first
love.    ' , ■■'     ,
' The Minto Cup,;-the emblem of the lacrosse supremacy of the •world, has'become a westerner. ' at
least it looks so from here. • Regina came, saw and
went away; now the Indians from Toronto Ishuid
have also seen the. old mug through the shop window, but no closer, and have returned to liicir
eastern hunting ground. Time was when the
idea of building a railroad to this wilderness was
laughed at and ridiculed; little they thought that
in a few short years the biggest centres of--the ,- 1
would have to hit the western trail to try and recapture any sporting ehampiiMiships.
. A resident of a certain town
on:'the prairt&.sent an .order"
for ten copies jof "Progressive
Fernie,"-addtrfg that he used1
to live here and wanted' to
send the books to friends in
Ontario to show what little effect the great'fire of August 1
had on the growth of this city.
The book contains some two
dozen graphic fire pictures
alone, Including a splendid
'panorama taken two days after the fire.
Photographer Spalding has
exclusive rights to furnish us
with photographs and he,has
been after some beauties in
the way of scenic effects, etc.
for which this land is famous,,
and which people not. accustomed to mountain scenery
are always so anxious to see.
On another page will be
found an order blank, whicli
may be used for placing advance orders, which we would
urge upon all to do in order to
be sure of an early supply, as
the demand Is bound to be
very large.
Crazed by jealousy and maddened by1
a vicious combination of hard cider
and alcohol which he Is said to have
been drinking all- day, George White
of Nor.th Pharsali, Chenango county,
is alleged to have murdered his brother Walter, aged 27 years. The fatal
wound was inflicted following a general family row in Whte's home. Walter
after he was stabbed ran screaching
from the house and started for his father's home. He was found, living,
by the highway twenty rods away, at
dawn, but died at noon.' Later .in
the day George White was arrested,
and brought to Norwich where he Is
now confined in the county jail. A
complete ante-piorten statement was
obtained from the man which -will be
handed to the district attorney. It is
said-that George White had-been Insanely jealous for some weeks of ljls
brother whom he accused of having improper relations with his"wife. The
neighbors1 say there were no grounds
whatever for George Whites suspi-
,    **^ -
1. An act if done in pursuance of .an
agreement or combination of two or
more persons shall, if done in contemplation or furtherance bf a. trade dispute, not be objectionable unless the
act, if done without any such agreement or'combination) would be'objectionable.
2. It "shall be lawful for one or more
persons, acting on their own behalf or
on behalf of a trade union or of an
individual employer or firm in .contemplation or furtherance of a trade
dispute, to attend at or near a house,
or place where a person resides or
carries on business or happens to be)
if they so attend merely for the purpose of peacefully obtaining or communicating information, or of peaceful
ly persuading any person to. work or
abstain from working.
3. An act done by a person in contemplation or furtherance of a trade
dispute shall not be objectionable on
the ground only that It induces some
other person to break a contract of
employment or that it is an interference with trade, business or employ
ment of such other person, or with
the right of some other person to dispose "of his capital or his labor as he
wills.    ...
'- —,
All kinds of
* "     * -a       ,-   '1 ' .        '■
o ■   *-
Give us a trial
Winnipeg   People
Shocked at
a single man and of oxcoplionnily fine
physique. He camo to- Winnipeg, flvo
years ago from South Shields, England, whoro hia parents reside. Tho
docoased sergeant will be burled wltli
full mint nry honors,
WiNNN'RO. July L'.—Tlin military
sports arranged to tnko placo at tho,
Sturgeon Crook cump yostordny worn
marred by n fatal neddont whicli occurred In full Right of hundred!-; of
Hergt. lU'i'bi.'i'l Diml'-I't of the Ulth
Klold Ilntier**1, wlillo tnl'lm; pari in
n (-onuH-thlon botwoon tlm right nnd
loft HcctloiiH of tho battery, foil from
thc Umber and wiih liiHtantly It I liml
by tho wlifiol of Dm Ktiti carrlaK*. I>mhk.
iup, ovor IiIh h-Mid.
Di-ci'iiHOd wuh nbout III) yoni'H of «ko,
NEW YORK July l—Although com*
pinto lildtitlflcntloii has beon impo-wl*
llio, thoi'i* npponi'H to bo a Rtrong probability Hint tho body of u Chinaman,
which wna found this overling floating
In tho HudHon rivor, was that of Loon
l.l'ig, tho nrmrdpwr of Elslo Slgol. The
nmn'R height, weight nnd gonornl up*
IHinrniuM* tullius, but. tlio body was
nndn and had boon In lho water for
more than a week, A thorough ox*
nmlniUlon will bo nocnHfmry to fully
0Htril'l!»!i Idoritfflcntlon,
It. Ih tho duty of tho umpire to look
nftor coiichem nnd ■■nop thom lu tliolr
pliiwrn; tho proHlik'iii of thn longito
Iiiih no wiy over nny plnyoi'H onco n
Kntno Ih a<itll<-il. Our proHldont Ih n
HtUu ovor /.i'UIoiih and might tnko the
Tlie curfew bell will ring tonkin
and henceforth alt beardless youth's
will Hkidoo and save trouble.
A. C, Liphardt left for a business
trip to Winnipeg nt tho early part, of
the week.
Tho Thulons nro still pleasing largo
crowds at tho Fornio opera houso. The
ploliiros nro getting tool tor overy wcok
and doHorve patronage,
Tlio Scouts nnd Fntnion moot, at
biiHobnll park on Mondny night, On
WudnoHdny tlio CnrpentoiH anil Lodger and on Friday tho Conl Compnny
and Scouts,
W, C. SlmmonH and Colin Maeleod
tho roproHoutntlvoH rowpoctlvoly af the
mlnerH nnd tlio Canada WohI Coal Co,
on lho board of conciliation to Invoutl*
gnto tlm dlffoi'oneoH botwoon tho Co,
nud tho mon, have mado a Joint ro*
cnmmiMidatlnn to the Dopartmont of
Labor thnt Judgo Uolnnd Winter ho
appointed tho third mombor of tho
bond r.
Ilo will bn chairman. Thn hoard
will Hit early now week,
Furniture Moving a Specialty
Leave Orders with W. Kony
PHONE   70
A complete line bf samples or
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds, Screes
and Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
Fire Chief McDougall's little boy
fell on Wednesday and broke his arm.
he' boys were playing and the little
lad tripped with the above result.
We are informed that an at home
was held in the Quarters on \*^ednes
day evening.
The attendance at the Alaska-Yukon Pacific exposition "having passed
the half million mark at the end „ of
the first three weeks, means that the
undertaking is an assured success
from a,, financial standpoint. It is
the experience of all fairs that the first
month has the fewest visitors, so that
July, August, September and October
ahead, it is estimated that between' 6,-
000,000 and 7,000,000 persons will pas's
the gates. - The big travel from the
east, will begin next month, and ae
cording to railroad men it is going to
be something unprecedented. Every-
is a.-remarkable fact that all mediums
of publicity have sounded its praises.
The prediction^ made that next year's
influx of newcomers will exceed all
previous records; as those who.como
this summer will go home and during
the winter months they will spend the
time talking about the northwest to
such an extent that not only they, but
all their friends will be leaving tho
old homo for a new one In this, great
land of promise in 1910.
ASHCROFT;,B, C. June 30—Word
was brought into town this afternoon
that, a :man,!employed on* English's
ranch 18 miles out was held up on the
old Cariboo road while on his way
home, by a desperate looking individual, who in some respects tallies
with the description of the murderer
of Constable Decker.
,A posse of 15 mounted police started in pursuit immediately. The man
says he stumbled on the. desperade
while he was lying down behind some
bushes. He had the appearance of
a man completely exhausted. He
drew a gun on- the rancher and said
"Are you the man wlio killed' my part-"
ner in Ashcroft?'
The rancher said "No,'I am on the
way to my ranch."'*
The hold up man advised him to
keep going. News of his capture is
hourly expected.
Sealed tenders addressed to the City
Clerk of the'Clty of Fernie will, be-'re-,
celved up to 5' p.m. July 2nd, for the
Installation of a system of water sup.
ply:,for the. City of Fernie.
. "Work  includes  the  construction-   of.
14,000 feet of 12  in.  wood stave pipe
line.      A concrete.dam and a wooden
bridge, across, the Elk river.
Bids will be'received for:
■ (a) Furnishing material and labor..
(b)   Furnishing  material   only. ■
'   (e) Furnishing labor only.
Plans and specifications may be seen
at the office of tlie.-city engineer.
A marked check, to the amount of 5
per cent of the' amount of the tender.
, The lowest.or any tender not necessarily  accepted.     . , ."   ■
.City Engineer' City Cleric.
J.   M.   AGNEW   &  CO.
ELKO, B. C.    .
We carry n full lino of  ',
Farm Implements, Wagons and Carriages,   Harness and Hardware,
Feed, Etc, Water and Irrigation Pipe; Sashes and Doors
The Ross Ambrose Construction Co.
. beg to inform the citizens of Fernie
they are, prepared to carry out all
classes of work. Heavy Draying,
Excavating, Building and Concret-
, ing a speciality. Estimates given on
all Contract work. All work guaranteed satisfactory.
ll  SAY   TO   YOU I
Come and see or write for circular of what
we have to offer in fruit, lands at Baynes
within 30 miles of Fernie. Lots of water,
sure markets iind easy terms.
Kootonia  Irrigated   tracts
$   D. W.  HART, "(Agt. for Canada) Baynes, B. C.
<> .'■■■■'''<►
Fishing time has arrived and enthusiastic anglers are preparing to take their ANNUAL  FISHING EXCURSION
Have you got  your   Fishln-ff  Tackle  Complete?
Isn't    There   Anything   That   You   Need?
,i It may be n.
or something- -else you should have before you start
No matter what your Fishing Requirements may
be in the matter of Price and Quality you will find
us in every way satisfactory,
FISHING   RODS   FROM   35c   to   $ 15.00
'■"■•'' :-hr'- if.' • ,.,.••■■: ■■■■•..' •■■ ry . .( .-■        *   .' . : .   .y. . ,,.;. ..      ... ' '.
N. E. Suddaby
Agent for Reach's Baseball Outfits
. I     ."* ,:
yi 'r».'i.n.i<esi^
,.,,_'.    .■ --j • :l   -.;.;■   : ■*»
,\ ."
'■■?   »   •'
The Official Organ of District Ko.  18, XJ. PI. W.   of A.
Fernie, B.C.,    July 3rd, 1909
The absence of the Coal Creek notes
this week is accounted for by the fact
-that our former correspondent has
handed in his resignation. Arrangements are being made,_' for - another
quiller to represent us in that important district.
¥¥»¥¥*■** •yv¥*»**f^M(*-y*|. ***** ******
* . ' ' ' " _ t _ *■'
• Some people will never lie salir-fled.
"Now that we have, seedless    raisin;1'
seedless oranges an*i cobles***- '-om, and
some of the women are clamoring for
boneless beefsteak,, we expect when
the miners come down from Penile,
they will be asking for hashlcss turkey.
On Tuesday, Juno 29, the new opera
house in Elko was opened by a grand
ball and supper given by the.Canadian Steel Bridge Company men to
their* Elko friends.    Mr.. Ed.  Prettie
■ and his crew of brldgemen must feel
proud of the brilliant success they
met with in returning their appreciation for,the courtesies extended to them
by tbe'Elko people.     The auditorium
, was a bower of wild flowers. As tne
clock was striking the hour the Italian string band under the leadership
of Signor Guiseppe Rlccardq, filled the
opera- house with. strains of most so
■ ductive music and fully 75 couples took
. part in the "opening grand march and
Sicilian circle. To describe the beautiful dresses worn by the ladles would
beggar the English language, and the
, human imagination falls faint and fee
ble before the Herculean task. The
-• assembly rooms wore used as reception rooms for the invited guests, ana
were in charge of Mrs. Glen Campbell, Mrs. M. Thorpe and six assistants. The parlor and sitting rooms
were used for ladies" dressing and
cloak rooms, which proved    a   great
".At midnight the guests were invited
to the banquet hall, where a sumptuous
luncheon that would make a  palace
dining car look like a lunch counter,
-added to Mr. and Mrs. Klengin-
simth's.reputation as high class caterers'. After supper Mr. Ed.-, Prettie,
superintendent of the bridgemen, made
a very appropriate speech and thanked the people in Elko for the many
kindnesses "shown them while in  El-
' ko, and said he would, always be a
good booster for Elko.     Mr. Blaney,
' the celebrated tailor, looking as green
t as the Emerald Isle, recited that pathetic brlney bringer, "Curfew-__ Must
Not Ring-Tonight" and for an encoie
"The Riders of the' Plains," and you
would'swear you could hear the horses
iv   *
galloping outside. Dancing was then
resumed and lasted until.4 a.m. when
the orchestra* swung ,into thc. plaintive
melody of Home, Sweet, Home, and
the guests who had stayed that late
said the last good" bye's and drove
■ away. "''•'.
Fully two thousand ' people visited
Elko July 1, and found It an ideal spot
to spend the holiday. The Progressive Investment Company had rlgB and
drove a large number of visitors out
to the 10,acre fruit tracts they are
offering for sale on easy terms, while
several hundred visited Fred Roo'3
store and saw the elephant.
The .Mascot from the Ledger offlco
called on us while ln Elko and bought
one dozen boxes of sardines and flvo
cents worth of hard tack and registered In the vlaltor'B book from Digby
Two excursion tralnH of wall eyed
spendthrifts from Fornie and „ Coal
Creek arrived In Elko onrly July 1,
and scattered money around like a
Roosvllle farmor scatters seed grain,
Mr. and Mrs, Wm, Dixon of Coal
Creek are spondlng tliolr honey moon
In El Ito and Intend visiting Nelson and
Cokato before returning; may tliolr
children have rich parents.
Quite a number of excursionists
from Fernio aud Coal Creek spoke
fairly good English, severnl Conservat*
Ivos wore among the crowd.
Shooting Star, Crazy Horse, and
Heap Much Shiver passed through Elko on their, way to tlio Fornio raw
mooting with tliolr, running horso ---
"Can't be Heat."
Supt. ninck nnd,Conductor Lotchor
and Mrs. Illulr Letcher called nnd ordered several Iioxob of big red apploa
and intend buying a fruit farm this
Ucorgu Ilanl'iiry look a picked team
from tho Elko Lightnings to Fornio
July 1, You will Kco the remilt In
llio Lodger.
The Homo Hank staff wns down with
tho miners excursion.
Billy Wilmot, ono of tlio oldoHt of old
tlmcm, wnn In Elko Dominion day and
»ink(Hl uh to a .iu.i-.lo of homo mado
JokoH. DIoRHod Is ho Hint oxpeett, nothing for lio Hhnll not bo disappoint*
MIhh J. Mc-Rhnno, tho popular tench*
er of Elko's rural tomplo of l-mmlng,
loft for Vancouvor Juno .'10 to vlHit hor
parents, Sho export-- lo return In Auk*
nut nnd wn ulncornly hopo hIio will.
Morgan Thomas, ono of Eureka'-*,
heavy weight h aud ronl oHtnte mng*
nil (oh, wah In Elko thin week.
Tho troiiblo with Homo peoplo la Hint
thoy bollovo twice as much mi thoy
. I'rovlnelu! Chlof of Polic* Mr. A,
Hnrnpson (iho right man In tlii) rUK
plnco) wiih nn Klko vlelfor Sundny,
E. II. H. Stanley tho Durban <:   uf
rtftywon, «**>.« U* nili'a, 11.1a ■..nl.- ,,,.v
of tho bent booRtor* In thn rrmntry
Elko got a big boost July 1 .*
The game was a fast one and the
■core 2 to 0 in favor of Elko until the
seventh, which made the "Elko's a little chesty, and the grand ■ stand play
cost them "five runs and broke their
hearts. This grand.stand business is
alright in its place, but its place is not
in the Elko'baseball team, and we understand that Manager Hanbury and
Captain Johnson read the riot act out
to the' bunch' and visitors to the diamond swear they can still smell sulphur in the air; No baseball team
in the Pass have a better manager
and captain than the'Elkos have and
it's up to the boys to dance' to their
music or go hoeing spuds or weeding
onions. We humbly apologize to
Tom. Whelan for being away from
home when he came down to see us,
but business before pleasure. Elko
play ball. •   -
Quite a large number of visitors
were in Elko last Sunday and the new
government pack bridge is proving a
great attraction to the visitors.
Mrs. N. A. Mackenzie was in Elko
Mrs. J. Kelleher returned from
Kallspell this week where she had
been visiting friends.
George Hanbury is visiting several
days In Fernie this week looking after
tho North Star Lumber Co. business.
You can always find it In the Ledger, y ,   -
We contract a tired feeling, when wc
hear a noisy fan
Knock the home team when it loses
like a premium hammer man,
Stead of cheering up the locals with
,   an enthusiastic'Shout
And boosting like the mischief till the
last man's out.
Mrs. C. Burgess of Trlwood was In
Elko at the grand opening.
< *« ..ja-.-***********-*-!**.*^
Mr. Severson'of Stavely, Alta., and
Mr. Johnson of the Bowman Lumber
Company were looking over the Kootonia lands on Saturday: They were
impressed with the many advantages
of Baynes.
Mrs. Diltts has been spending the
week in Baynes with her daughter,
Mrs. J. Fusee.
Mrs. J. D. Aye spent Thursday and
Friday in Fernieshopping.
Harry Pollock is spending the week
with the W. S. Stanley's and seems
to be having a good time..,-
Thanks to .Mr. Mills'arid the Blalns
there are many men well dressed in
our,neck of the'woods. He may be
on Sunday well, enough said, Mister
Is none too good when* the new togs
are on.;, .   * ■     '
Bathing in our little peach of a
lake Is in vogue these warm-days.
Waldo and Elko had another round
up at baseball and Waldo put Elko on
the shelf for awhile to recover fiom
the result. Waldo is to have a game
with Fernie Dominion day and at this
writing wo expect to,see the Waldo
team come back with the scalps of
their opponents. If they do not we will
at least feel that lt was a good*game.
W. H. Tensam was a Kootonia purchaser this week; ho has a good tract
and Is well pleased with It,
Mr. and .Mrs. J. S. Wlllmott of
Brandon made a short visit with the
Adolphs the first of thc wook; thoy
wero on their return from tnklng in
some of the const towns on, both sldos
of tlie lino. Thoy expressed themsol-
os as bolng more than delighted with
our scenery nnd Improvements.
On Wednesday Mrs, Wnltor Robert*
boh of Wnldo entertained In honor of
Dr. Robs, Dr, Ross left for tho east
on WednoHday by way of Elko over the
C. P. It. .Wo Bhnll mlHR her.
Anderson, the land man from the
coast, was in Wodnesdny, Ho remarked "How many men could buy a lot. and
havo something If they would not
spend their hnrd,earned coin ovor the
bar having a good tlmo nnd getting n
enso of big head,"
J. A. Tormoy, the Bocrotnry of tho
Kootonay River Land company drop-
pod In to IlaynoH Wednesday a.m. He
waH accompanied by .1. W, Morrison,
of Spokano, ., Mr, MorrlHon's firm
Bold a number of tho Kootonia trnots
lust yenr. Ilo wuh ho much ImproHH*
cd with nil lho ndvnntngoH nnd prcm-
poctn of UiIh locality that ho look ouo
of tho Kootonia tracts for lilniKolf.
Mr«. W, II. drli'flth Bpon' ■[•■■■*■,-h*>
In Fornio on IiuhIhobb.
Mr. J. V. Ilownrd loft IlaynoH for
Spokano Thumday.
I), S. McLnwrln lorn all IiIh chlckoiiH
incubator nud hroodoi'H TuoHdmy nlRht
nnd It. Cnilon IohI IiIh up to ditto chicken Iiouho by flro, Tho ciiuhu Ib not
known, Evory ono fenlH that tho boyH
hnvo hnd a hnrd rub,
*»¥»-y¥»AM**-»»¥¥-1* ■¥¥*»»•**•¥¥¥■¥-V^
1 HOSMER " -     .
Mrs. McDonald died on Thursday
morriaiig and the whole town mourns
their loss. " She was a fine old lady,
and was1 widely respected by young
and old.-Much sympathy is expressed
for the sorrowing relatives. The, funer
al took place on Sunday from the undertakers to Fernie cemetery.
Jiellevue could not raise enough money to meet expenses so wo In ! no
league game. However an interna liuil-
al match between' Scotland a id Rug-
land'was arranged and the fo* low I us*'
teams lined up before a fair turno'iic of
Pratt " Crooks
Wright   Steeden
Dalllng Another
Dickie       Stowe
Cornet    Berryman
Lighthouse   Hutson
Gordon Oaks
Mathison Balderstoiie
Cllmie    ,  Davis
Weldon ,    Hartwell
Dickie, who captained Scotland/won.
the toss and elected to play with the
wind. Balderstoiie kicked off with a
pass to Davis, who in turn passed to
Hurtwell, but Dickie stopped the run
and Climie with a nice shot scored the
first goal for Scotland. On,the ball
being kicked off Scotland pressed but
the ball went behind. Crooks kicked
from the goal kick and put the ball to
the toe of Climie who promptly shot,
and scored the second goal for Scotland., England got busy after this and
pressed; Scotland gave away a foul
from which Hutson scored with a beautiful shot. From the "kick, off Scotland
pressed and Mathison and Climie added a goal each, so that when whistle
blew for1 half time Scotland was leading by four, to one. .England expected to go great with the wind at their
backs but the defence of Scotland was
simply invulnerable and after England
had pressed, Climie took" away and
scored his fourth goal from a penaity
against Balderstoiie for fouling Weldon. England became desperate and
shifted the players around, and even
tually Oake scored a second goal. From
the kick off Scotland pressed and
Weldon being fouled, Dalling took ihe
kick which he sent into goal, the goalie
foozled the ball and Gordon put.
through another for Scotland. Shortly
after this Weldon and Balderstoiie got.
mixed upon the run and both wereu
Injured so the whistle blew for time'
up In favor of Scotland by 7 to 2. The
score just about represents the play
for Scotland's defence was as sound as
a bell. Pratt did well in goal; Wright
and Bailing kicked and tackled like
Trojans. Dickie, Cornet and Llght-
lfou"se"sfuck to their" men like leeches,
and gave them no chance to shine. Tlie
forwards all played a good game and
scored from every opportunity. England's goal and back were poor, but
the "half backs 'all'played well but did
not support the forwards, who • were
very poor with the exception of Bal-
edrstone, who spoiled his good playing
by being too eager,
The football team play Coal Creek at
the Creek next Saturday and if thoy
could only play as well In league games
as ln practice we would hnvo two
points to our credit. The team will be
Hutson, Dickie, Watson, Sharp, Balderstoiie, Berryman, Gordon, Climle,
Cornet, Davis, Mole. ,
On Sunday Hosmer baseball team
had Mlchol as their guests.     The lino
up was ns follows:
Colo lb Woods c
Hnmlfton 2b  Smith r f
Gordon bh  )'.Carney 1 I*
Oliver c  Enstorbrook p
Ln Bollo c f  Pnsmoro 3b
Miller r. f ."  Prlldoy ss
Lighthouse 1 f  D Enstorbrook
Pattorson :i b   Cook 2b
McDonnld p  	
Umpire Ted Courtney.
The game opened out nt 2 o'clock,
nnd Hoamor hnd throo mon over tho
diamond In the first for Michel's none.
Tho second InnlngB snw Mlchol with !*
runs and HoBincr 1. At this Juncture
tlio Michel tonm got.*complololy rattled
nnd questioned., ovory doclslon of the
umpire vyltli the' result that Ted Courtney, who is one of the best and fairest umpires in the Pass, left the box.
This was a regrettable incident, and
Michel- got roasted as they deserved.
Mr. Easterbrook of Michel was umpire now and everything went .well
until Gordon hit a ball out of ,the
field and was going round the bases
like a racehorse. He got'to'third,
and stood there when the pitcher got
the ball he walked over and touched
Gordon with the ball and claimed ■ he
was out as he had never touched on
2nd base. His claim was' supported
by the umpire to the disgust of every
one present.* Another umpire was suggested, and Michel left the field. It
was seen from the beginning that Michel was going to be kicking, all the
time, and it was no surprise when
Michel left the groynil.
Still our team acted as sportsmen all
the time. Both Hamilton and Oliver
got hurt during the short time that the
gas was on. Oliver got laid out completely and took no more part in the
game. The result was Hosmer 7, .Michel 11. -      . •
Jim Watson came back from the old
country on Saturday and was shaking
hands with old Hosmer chums In Hosmer.
George McQueen came up from Michel to spend the day.
A. J. Carter, district secretary arrived on the passenger Saturday night.
Mr. Stockett went oast the latter
part of the week.
, Bob Little is still very sick. He was
opeVated dn oh Friday and reports are
very grave concerning his conditions.
Mrs. Hartley from Michel spent the
week end with Mrs. D. Dunlop In
. A scrub game of. ball between Hosmer and the C. P. R. was got up for
Sunday night, the C. P. R. being to
the good by one urn.
Say boys, did you see Bert Swan ton
make that home run. He walloped the
ball out of the field and with his'head
down went the round of the diamond
in record timo. He certainly is a sport
from away back.
We notice-that Frank' Woods and
Billy Berryman are painting a sign on
the east side of the Royal hotel.
Hector McDonald wishes to express
his thanks, on behalf of his relatives
for the many expressions of sympathy-
extended to them in their recent bereavement and to those who assisted
at the funeral of his beloved mother.
Tom Climie went to Coal Creek on a
visit on Tuesday.
J. Hurles, Mrs. H. FV McLean, Mrs,
and Agnes Gomiey all visited Fernie
on Tuesday.,, '  z
A. J. Carter, W., Powell and Tom
James were in Hosmer on Wednesday
signing up the new agreement.
General, satisfaction was. expressed
.by—Hosmer-minei's-at-the*-new-agreement and men are floating back into
camp again.      . -
, Visitors'to the Royal; this week:
J.   W.   McKenzle,- Nelson.
E.  Marks, Lethbridge
A. McLeod, Blairmore ..
M. McPherson, Fernie,
Wilton, Winnipeg.
E. James, Edmonton.
STRATFORD, June 29—Frank M.
Roughmond, a negro, was hanged at
Stratford this morning at 5.o'clock
for the murdor of Mrs. Poake, a far*
mer's wife, who died from fright and
shock following n brutal assault made
on hor,
Roughmond was found drunk on thc
steps of. tho homo after committing
tho crlmo with the woman dead In
the house. He walked to the gallows
with a brisk step and a smiling face.
When awakened by lho jailor and
afikod what ho wanted for broakfnBt,
he jokod tho guard and wild he guessed ho would got his breakfast In heaven. Ton minutOH nftor tho drop fell
ho wns pronounced (lend,
Tlio AdolpliH nrn building tho hoimos
for tliolr No. S! buah enmp In hcciIoiih
niul will Hhlp (horn to Motts Hiding nil
ready to put up.
D. W, Hurt mndo n trip to Elko on
TuoHilny, nml brought homo a now buggy, purchuHCd from 3. ]... Agnew and
Co. '
Mr. .lohnHon will hold {-nrvlcp-t In
DnynoH on Sunday aftornoon nt. throo
o'clock, All nro cordially Invited to
II. L, Adolph will rotim, In .•to Itntnc
In Urnndon Friday. HIh mother will
,.-... .. .„„!., n. i,,i„h,-.. .■,.„ i.„....^ „.,uri'it'Mj/itiiy »'...», .Mi*. Au'o.pli (n(eiu<m
a now tin! burkef! '     mnA ,1>0 *Uwnm' °Mi'
Tho Hon. W. J. Iloweor, attorney
genprnl, will visit Elko on his return
from tho blooming old country.
ho tinll ttnrnfi hntweityi 1V,*>!'J? sr.l
Elko Sunday wns plnyed on tho Elko
diamond. On account of having to
nttond tho Fruit Growers Association
meeting on Tohncco Plains wo woro
conspicuous by our nhm-nco. nnd un
dor the circumstances can't report
tho game. But Waldo won 7 to i.
Everybody spoko very highly ot the
way Tom Whelan umpired tho gnmo.
Did you hcr tho niM in this ■*•*«■•*'
family paper about th** 10 tcre blocks
for sale nssr Elko. You aro sure ro*
In**; to cot ono; It's an honest way to
get rich.        •
Tho Adolph family, nccon-spunled by
Mr. Harry Adolph of rirnndon, took
Ion with Mr. nnd Mrs. Hart Tuesday
Mrs. Lurgos and Mrs. Hacks wont
to Elko Saturdny on bURlnpsfl.
MIkr nurglaiKl, Mr, Streeter and
mnny othors left hern for Fornio on tho
first lo celebrate.
Mrs. I). W. Hart entertained    tho.
first pnrt nt the wcoU In honor of tlm
young pooplo,who are summer guosts
at Ilayncft Lnko. !
... ■
« . M. Front of Eureka. Mon!., came
In on Friday morning to look slror tho
Kootonl* trscln with Mr. Tormey and
J. ri. Aye.
Strike Breakers are Being
Brought' to  the  City
to  run  Cars
PITTSBURG, Pa. June 28—Following three joint .conferences last night
between officials of the Pittsburg Ry.
Company and President Mahon of the
Amalgamated association of Street &
Electric Railway Employees and the
district grievance committee, all, negotiations looking towards the termination .of Jthe street car strike ,in
Greater Pittsburg were declared off,
and therefore the strike now is on in
Mayor Magee, however, Is making an
effort to bring about a speedy settlement and to that end has Invited the
company officials and" the leaders of
the men to meet in his office tort-'" to
discuss the questions.
President Callery of the Pittsburg
Railway company called upon Mayor
Magee yesterday afternoon. He said
he called to officially notify the mayor, of the strike and to tell the city's
executive that he would expect polico
protection. Beginning this morning
bunks were placed in all the car barns
to house the strike breakers expected
here during the day. Officials of
the company say they are prepared to
protect the men who take the places
of the striking motormen and conductors.       '■ "
The police have announced that reserves are now on duty at all precinct
stations ready for immediate service.
The', sheriff has already sworn in deputies and has placed men at the
various car barns throughout the city.
The sheriff's action followed a receipt
of a communication from President
Callery of the car company calling the
sheriff's attention to the fact that the
car company would hold the. county
of Allegheny responsible for any loss
of property at the hands of the strikers. ' "
Yesterday was quiet throughout the
Greater Pittsburg. No cars ran and
there was but a slight show of the
TeelinglTof the union men. j
Did not seem Flurried and
went about their work
Very Quietly
(Calgary Albertan) "
"If It was a bunch of tho farmers
around Ducks that did it, thoy will
never be caught, but if It was a gang
of men who do not live In the vicinity
and thoy try toj;ot away, thoy will .bo
This is tho way that J. It. 0. Mcltao
(Jio mall clerk, who wob on No. 97
when tho train was held up last Monday near Ducks, sl/.es up tlio chances
of the desperadoes being brought to
Just Ico.
Mr. .McRue Ih on the regulnr run to
tho coiiBt from Cnlgary and wns In the
city yostordny,
Speaking of tlio,, hold-up ho Hnld-Hint
lie kno,w thoro wns somothin**, wrong
when ' tho train stopped but hnd no
Idea thnt there was anything doHpnr*
ate bolng dono until ho hoard tlio
shots* fired.
"I honrd tho robbei'H talking lo the
fireman whilo I wiib Hocuilng the registered mall," hn nnld, "and nftor I had
dono thiB I Hnld to my partner In tlm
enr that we hnd better pretend to be
nnloop nnd not opon tho door, lie
ngrnnd and wo both climbed Into the
bunk, but when tho hold-up mon found
thoro wnn nothing In thn dond head
express enr nliond of the mnll enr thev
cnmo to tlio door mid hnmmnred It
ul tho hii mo time ordering iih To open
"For n whilo wo novor nnsw»*rou b'lt
i,h thoy hud forced the fln'iiuui to
bronlt npnri tlio empty onr, we figure*,
out that (hoy would do the hiiiiio wltli
our onr nml I opunoil the door. Tl'.<
first thing I taw wiih the flremnii trying his host to pull down a stnr with
both hnnds. while tln> engineer w.n
going around wllh noun- dynnmlto IhM
ono of (ho men hnd forced lilm lo
The man I took lo he Dw Icm!"*' ol
tho gang poked IiIh hond ln tho do u*
I just as soon ns if was opened,   »ud
txlir.r a tju.t.'a lOoia maim.... '■•ml   '.Vnv,
| you shut that door ami nhut It <i*ik!<.'
i Of ■pours** I shut the door, and •»*■/- r.o
thing more until wo wr>r«' ngnln under
wny, whon I looked out. but couhl nol
,m-x- 'bV.r.v Him  Uilitn-lh  'm'lr, til   ,ili>-
j thing elso I heard the lender loll th-*»
irest of tho gnng to beat It Just before
j tho .rnln went out'
\ This is about nil the mnll tb-rh has
I to sny of flu* occurrence, but he does
'Dot bclMv-* that the m-^n ivlio did *h»
iwork wero farmers of ihe dlsirin.
'     "Th**}'    did  tint  ncom  »  hit  flnrrl.-..!,
!nnd went about iliclr woili j.ntiy
I quietly.' he remarkr-il. "nnd I do not
j think tbat ft lot of novices would hnvo
,sciid to coolly."
B. C.
General Merchant
Indian Robes and Bead Work
Souvenirs of The Great West
and   Indian   Curios
—: AND  ■ ■
Real Estate That Grows
Big Red Apples
The Nearest Fruit and Farm Lands to the
Crows Nest Pass Mines
See Elko,  Roosville and
Tobacco Plains
"Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow'
RObsV^LE~"~        "
B. C,
.' V
♦*»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ++++++ie ♦♦■»-»*»♦*»♦♦♦ *»♦♦♦♦♦♦
Special Line of Voil Skirts
Trimmed with Soutache Braid and Silk
AT $10.00
50 Childrens' Dresses;
Great Reductions  offered on  these to   clear   t
Also a few wash bonnets and hats ♦
at half Price \
: ♦
♦*»■»*»*■»-»*■» ♦**»♦**•»*»'»•»♦*»'» ♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦^^«.
Fernie Opera House
The Thaten Duo
■iri'KrntliiK  Hie Hi-vi'i'   HMii-'ily
I'lirei' entitled
"The Book Agent"
in new books and dances
,   | mmmm—m*
HusineHH   Hl(>rkn,   Oliuirlies
.Schools, anil heavy work n
Ak'i'iil* for Kiliiiiiiilon I'rcMMl Drink
unil   MiiikI    Point   Ciiiiiiiinii   and
I'l-i'Miiil    Ilrlrla.       l-MliniilDH   fin*.
iiImIhm! fiev
Try ut fnr goml PurtraiUirc.    Pi!i;e»
inixliTUt**.     Aililrom  Prllutt Avrniin
|     ■HTOSITK     THK      HOSPITAL
t--%J%/--t*J    UU     At\J%t
Al H. A. Wilkes'
Opp. Fire Hall
An   AD   Modern    House
Including Baths
wishes   to  inform    his
customers that he has
moved   front   the   Star
Barber  Shop to the
and hopes to  have the
continued    support    of
lh--.fr pntrnnap****
• J.
¥ III I'VCI'V   Ih-IIii* there nIioiiIiI »
* lie a "."tt.'.-l   U.-allK"" •*»
¥ Wi'iuhl   *i*i   ll>-..   in*   ii'.i-f. *
_ riilM.riiti ruiilt. Trv'.ne Mini *
I lNM-.,.ivilireil.       I'll..-  »KUl-l *
f f. ii. l»., H.-ivnej. |*il,»*, II. •'. •
I ;                  "         D.W.HART *
Applications requested for the <►
position   of  -manager  of the < *
Fernie   Co-Operative   Society < c
Limited, Pernie, B.  C.     Ap- <>
pliiviti'-.ni to b< in not lattr than
June 22nd, 1909.
BOX 164
'*kkkkkkkkkkkk*k***kkkkkk*1t     ^-^a^a^a^^^^^^^i^^^^^ ^&*tX*$S-
eta,a»&&&&*M4BaxeB,Z!tt&989&&t& "BfliNiM*'**)
Sporting Items \
Football, Lacrosse and Baseball.   Racing
The game between Coleman and Michel was the only one played in the
competition last Saturday. Michel
succeeded in winning the points, the
final score being 2 to 1 in their favor.
An unfortunate accident happened in
the game Fraser (Coleman) having his
leg broken. No blame is attached to
any one as the accident was, iwe, understand, purely accidental. We extend our sympathy to Mr. Praser, aiid
to the Coleman club who lose the services of a valuable player. The game
was well contested'throughout. '-^Coleman in their handicapped condition,
tried hard to divide the points, but
failed. Michel by their win are now
in a strong position and are- three
points ahead of their nearest rival.
Frank and ru.llevue played a League
gamo during the week, Frank winningjj,'^ jngenei,u.
by three goals to none
He's a good.sport but a hard loser.
The teams were: ,
Coal Co.: Tuthill, Quinlan, Patterson
Gibson, Cunningham, B. Kirkpatrick,
Robinson, Barclay, Liphart.     J*
Ledger: McDougall, Buckley, Rochon, F. Kirkpatrick, Plerson, Kennedy",
Rush, Harrington, Moody. v " , "
. Some uniform system of scoring the
games would be much appreciated,
and it's up to the management to find
a man who can keep a proper score,
as he has not showed up yet. ■
The Fats walloped the slivers out of
the Carpenters, on Wednesday night,
and did.it to the extent of 29 to 9.
If there was a poor attendance at. the
opera house this game of ball would
account for it, for it had all the ear
marks of* a musical comedy, the music being supplied by Bruce's auction
sale voice, and the comedy by    his
Spring   Quer-rie
Turnbull   .. 7 :    Gilbert
"   Outside Home
Turnbull      ;   Durkin
Inside Home v
Bryson ...'  Adamson
The second game in the series for
possession' of the Minto tinware .was
played at Westminster this week and
as a result the old'mug v/ill still glitter and sparkle in the dazzling rays
of this sunny Italy. 'Twas a close
game though and the Island Indians
had the asylum town ..lads scared all
the way.. Vancouver looks like the
next nearest landlord for the precious
cup". -
1 Letter Box x
*»■*»*»♦♦-•*> ♦ ■»♦*»*»♦ ♦♦♦♦♦
Bellevue are
in  sore straits and are rapidly    ap-j
proachlng the bottom    of the.table.' 	
Frank are gradually creeping upwards! NEW WESTMINSTER, June 2G —
and now occupy the fourth position. iThe Xew Westminsters this afternoon
They meet Michel today and it is anjably (.Cfen(iecl their tltie- as iacr0Sse
open secret, in Frank that they mean.ichampions of the world by .defeating
to be the first club in the Pass to low-jthe crack Tecumsehs of Toronto    in
er the champion's colors;   of course
Michel will have something to say in
the matter.
present standing of
the clubs on
is as
Dr. Pts
.    7
6' ■
1     13
.,    8
4     10
Coal Creek  .
2       8
1 '
2       6
Bellevue    ...
.. s"
1       5
Coleman   ...
.    6
0       4
0       0
Two points for a win and one for a
The games for today are:
Frank vs Michel at Frank.
, Coal  Creek     vs.   Hosmer at
the first game for possession, of
Minto cup by four goals to six. \
The game was one of the best seen
in the west, the teams being well matched and each playing with desperation. The first quarter was a long,
drawn out contest, resulting in only
one goal, every attempt oh the New
Westminsters to bore into Tecumsehs
net being met with a resistance which
made the champions lose the ball or
attempt long passes with fatal results
to their chances. Tecumsehs valiantly
time and again carried, the ball down
ithe field only to find that famous stone
wall defence was still in working order.
Many shots were made during the
first ten minutes of the quarter, but
all xvere either from long distances or
wild through enthusiasm. Finally Ren-
iii'e carried to the veteran player, Alex.
How have the mighty fallen!
Yes—the Ledger, hitherto the
enders in the city league, took a new-
lease of life, together with a new
o supply of ginger, and waded through
the Coal Barons on Monday night to
-»^Jjhe_eyienL_of 12 to 9 in a nine innimjs
game. "*
It was by all odds the fastest game
played ln the city league this year,
and we are brave enough to say that
the win appeared to be a popular one
with the crowd.
For the winners the battery, Rochon'and F. Kirkpatrick, starred all
the way through; Rochon's arm is fast
coming to him, and the one, two, three
■ and back to the bench route was in
order many times over'., The infield
was fast, and snappy, and the game never lagged for a minute. Rush at left
made a sensational stab at a lone drive
on  the  track,  and  retired  his  man.
Pearson, a new south paw was tried
out at third, and the way he puts them
on is classy, Mf'Doiignll gathered up
everything at. short and Moody fielded
in fine stylo off second," Half n dozen
runners were tagged in second trying
to steal from first.
For the losers, the whole team put
up a consistent game,* a few wild
throwH and some well bunched hits
conhilng iignlnst them for the most
part. Tlmy plnyed slow In lho flold,
nnd their lmsc itiiiiilng resembled Ihe
actions of n gravel tniln with hrnla-s
The tavi that iho full nine Innings
were put through In nn hour and a
"■■wirier goes io i)iow llm I It wiik fast
hall. Much credit for thin is duo to
the umpire In charge, a brand now
fixture, 22 Ifiirnt hnll marked, nifty*
looking guy, real Piiimnin Imi, nnd all
tlio Unie on iho job. KaMiier, Htnnd
uii: We've |j<<en looking for an umpire for ho nie time, and you look llko
the real tlilim,. your iIcc.IhIoiih wore
, fnlr io both Hide*-*, Mny yon continue
Mr.  l'nipn!
After the name Mr. Quinlnn (ho linH
no relntloiiH In Moyie) wan running
nround without hl« Imllej* on with n;
bet of IHi.'hOfi that lho nnmo team of,
fnrilf-n, eniilil wlpo Ihe enrth with Uioj
allien of thin old rug nf freedom. We1,
didn't take III ni Herloim however, that ]
In no iison* no thnn nny one ever dm***, j
Turnbull, who rushed the ball up to the
net and made a successful attempt.
-In the second quarter Tecumsehs
pressed the champions hard, but constantly lost the ball through wide,
passing. . On the .return the easterners always secured the ball near their
After eight minutes of play Querrie
secured and with a wide field, .made
an easy goal. Westminsters'responded
with a whirlwind rush down the field
from the faceoff scoring in less than
a minute.
Gilbert tied tlie score three minutes
later, scoring "the goal amidst a bunch
of- Westminster men in front, of tho
In the third quarter Westminster
shone, nlthough Gilbert gave the,,home
supporters heart failure by romping lu
with the first goal for Tecumsehs in
three minutes, Then the champions got
down to .work and in rapid succession
scored four goals through steady, persistent boring nt their opponent's goal
Tecumsehs defence going up In the air
nt this poll*. ■
Tho .'our.ii•', •:., • r w *• a d < • •
race buck nnd forward session, Westminster plainly lotting up on the game
when Adamson took a long, shot nnd
scored the rinnl goal for Toeumsohs*
nftor 18 minutes play.
Thn dny wns rainy In Ihe morning
but the flold dried up in tho afternoon
and fnlr went her prevailed'duHiiB the
The conle.Ht. was clean throughout,
and though checking was hnrd few
men went on the fonco. In tlio closing quarters Wlntomulc, was luld off
nml Fnlker retire dio ovon up,
The tennis llnod up iih follows;
The Dominion forest reserves oc
cupy an important place in the report
for the year 1908 of the Superintendent of Forestry, Mr. R. H. Campbell,
which has lately been issued.
1 The Riding Mountain reserve, the
largest of these, is the most fully
treated. Its topography and condition in regard to lumbering are noted
and emphasis is placed on the important place it must occupy in regard to
the water supply of the adjacent country, both for' domestic and industrial
purposes. An evidence of the latter
is the granting of permission to the
Minnedosa Power Co. of Minnedosa,
Man., to erect a dam on Clear Lake,
in the reserve, so as to render the
water of, the Little Saskatchewan
available for the production of power.
The timber survey of the reserve is
practically completed. - The fire, ranging service on the reserve and, in addition oh the Duck Lake and Porcupine reserves was during the year previous (1907) organized with a chief
ranger in charge and six assistant
rangers. ' The protection of game on
the reserve is also being given consideration. ,, .,
An Important aspect of the management of the Moose "Mountain reserve
results from" its use as a summer resort especially along the shore of
Lake Fish. Regulations for granting
occupation of camping sites by. lease
or otherwise are under consideration
The main question is the management
of this reserve and its protection from
fire. .' '     '•
.. The setting aside of' the permanent
forest reserve to the north of the
Saskatchewan river opposite Prince
Albert has also been recommended.
Notice is also taken of the resolution passed by the Irrigation 'convention in 1907 favoring a forest reserve
on Ihe eastern slope of the Roo.klen.
Timber  Regulations      '-        _  <- '
The amended timber regulations adopted in December, 1907, are given in
full" Tlie-StSifl™TJi,liIclple'_or—these
is that the timber is to be sold by
public  auction   at- the  office  of  the
Middlesboro, B. C.
To the Editor of the Ledger:
Dear Sir:      ' .^"  {
I now take the opportunity of writing you to find out the reason why my
name should be put on the unfair
list. "   '  •
My name, together with some more,
appeared in your'paper on June 5th,
in; a letter sent-by the secretary of
this local, as being unfair to organized
I may say that I did belong to Merritt Union, but I drew a clearance card
from .there about fifteen months ago,
and I have it'in my possession yet.
I also joined thls"Local No. 872,when
it was organized and did belong to it
until the last day of January. I went
to Mr. W. H. Brown, the secretary
at that time, and asked him for* a
clearance card. ■.
I explained the reason why, and he
seemed quite satisfied as "to my reasons, and told me that I,did not require one/but that ho had'not received any, and that when he did get
them he would give me one, which I
never received.
I may say that since the first of
February I have acted as pitboss of
No. 2 mine at Middlesboro, and being
an official of the company you can
easily see why the II. M. W. of A.
has not and could not have any jurisdiction over, me, and when Mr. Reid
wants to put me oil the unfair list, as
being.unfair to organized labor, or In
other words, trying to make an official
of the Nicola Valley Coal and Coke
Company, a scab, he is just going beyond .his limits. Now I may say I
have got legal advice on this question
but am writing you this letter to let
you know thetrue facts of the case iri
order to give you some information.
As' Mr. Reid' did not say what Twas
and it is very likely that you are in
ignorance of the facts, and if you are
a fair minded man, as I hope you are,
you can very soon remedy* the mistake .
Hoping you will soon rectify' the error; and thereby not cause any more
trouble than you or I would like, and
stating that I am prepared to give
any further' information which
would like to throw more light
the subject;*.I- beg" lo remain,
,    v Yours truly,
Get acquainted with
Black Watch
the big blaclc plug
chewing tobacco. , A
tremendous favorite
everywhere, because of
its richness and pleasing
'"' "    ■•' DENTIST. .
Now-^ doing business at the Johnson-
Faulkner Block. Office hours 9-12.30
1.30-6.     .
B. C.
Excursion Rates
6 ,'
W. R. Ross K.C.     J.S.T. Alexander.
Barristers.and Solicitors.
Fernie, B. C.
F. C. Lawe
I. Fisher
Tickets on Sale Daily  .
May 20th to Oct.
Final return limit. 15 days,
but nob later thnn Oct. 31.
For complete information sec
or write
,e ■■■ j ■ .
J. E. PROCTOR, D.P.A.. Calgary
Fernie, B. C.
-v.-' . i-
A. McDougall, Mgr.
Manufacturers of and Deal-
'*.-'.    '
ers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
Send us your orders
.. %
Barrister and Solicitor
Office Henderson Block, Pemle B.C.
, Hours 9 to 1; 2 to 5; 6 to 8.
Residence.21 Victoria Ave.
T.   (ilfforil
(J. SiivIhk
Cover point
I.ofoncn Klold
1 Ioiik* l*'l''li1
.., KliiKiniin
, , .Grnydi-ii
. ..Uminti'i-i'
 Vol l(i)i'
timber agont for the district, and, that
before being offered foi" sale each of
the districts shall be surveyed and be
examined by a competent cruiser. The
timber cruiser then submits a sworn
statement, of the quantity and value
of the timber and on this .report, an
upset price for the berth Is fixed by
the.Minister of the Interior.
Fire  Ranging
During the season of 1907 forty so
ven fire rangers were employed patrol
ling tlio forest, reserves and forested
districts, distributed as follows: B.C.
Railway bolt, 21; eastern slope of tho
Rocky Mountains, (from llio Interna-
jtlonnl boundary to tho Saskutchowan
,river,) 7; Edmonton district ii; Prince
Albert district 7; rangers were also
1-opt. along tho C, N. R. from Erwood
io the Pass, two along tho Alhahaska
river from Athabasca Landing to
Lake Atlinhimcn and in tho Lohroi'
Slave district. Attention Ir culled
lo tho great risk of five along tho (1.
T, P, const met ion, Reports of extensive tin mage by firo to forest h in
tho district west, of fid ni on ton wero
not officially confirmed,
A strong plon Is made for lho extension of ade-junto, /'Ire protection to
tho forHt country, north of tho SusUnt*
ciiowan, st retching from Hudson buy
to lho RocIiIoh.
Tree Distribution,
ThoNvalue of the work of tho Forestry brunch in the free distribution
of trcoH• from Indian Hnml io farmoiK
in lho N<ti.'ll.w-.nl. Ib noted, und sng-
goHtloim iniido for Improved fncllllleH
nl, iho'tiui'Hory station. Tho roport of
llio Clilof of Mm Tree Plimlliiff Dlvis
Ion, Mr, N. M. Rohh, which forum an
appendix lu lho Hiijif'rlnlcn.lenl'H ive
port, iiiiiiouiiooh a dlHtt'lhiition of over
1,700,000 ti'ot'H III tlio Hilling Of 1,107.
ln l!i(,H Ii'poh worn wml to lliit nppll.
(.'ont Inn oil on pngo 71
Middlesboro Mines June 21
Editor District Ledger,      -
Dear Sir: Re your issue of the
5th inst,, I notice an article by. W. N.
Reid.of .Middlesboro,. wlio claims that
I was a member of Diamond Vale
lodge U. M, *W. of A*? at Merritt. He
claims that I have been unfair to
organized labor, and desires me to.be
put on the unfair list.
, I .sincerely beg leave of you for Dio
privilege of replying to Mr. Raid's
statements for the purpose of unmasking falsehoods and bringing to
light the. truth.,
I never did work at. Diamond Vale
Minos, and therefore novor was a
member of tlie Diamond'Vale lodKn
U. M. W. of A, at Merritt,
I have beon employed at Middlesboro Collieries as firoboss during tho
past 12 months, nnd never wns a
member of the Mlddlosboro local ,--
1.0CUHBO thero. wnR a conntdonhlc
amount of friction oxlHling amongst
tho workmen at tho forming of tho
Mlddlosboro local ns to. whothor the
1'lroboHBOH should bo admitted as nwm-
hoi'R of tho said brunch, Middle*-,-
horo lodgo U, M, \V. of A. pnnsed n
resolution debarring tho firebosses be
coming momhorfi, llioroforo I could not
ho a .mombor,of Middlesboro lodge U.
M W. of A., of whicli fuel, Mr. Held
is perfectly woll awnro,
In lils lottor W. N, Hold doos not
Htutc whnt. occupation 1 «m following:
I nm allll acting as firoboss; and
thoroforo ennnot ho tinfn!** to orgnnl"*
ed labor as W N. Rold elnlnis.
At tho formullon of Mlddloslioro
lodge U, M, W, of A, In llm mouth
of Doconibei' lnm W, N, Hold nnd my*
wolf rnmnliicil nt work ns flrobOHHos.
during the time the workingman v-ert*
idle for the purpose of having '.heir
union'recognized. W.. N. Reid joiner! the Middlesboro lodge after, lie
started digging coal either in tha latter end of the month "of February or
the beginning of March. Nowho'v
he should attempt to have a man's
name put on_ tlie unfair list for do*',-,
only, that which he himself did in
■ ,i- month of Decembe* ln-sl if far bo-
:,ojid my compreheiisun
\V. N. Reid even told me since this-
unfortunat'e dispute began .that there
was no. ill feeling towards me by the
members of the'Middlesboro lodge U.
M. W. of A. regarding me for remaining at'work. ' . ■ —
HeTO-gaveJ me an-InVlfStioir
that the, mem-
M. W.
.     W. A. CONNELL
Pioneer Builder and Contractor of
Lumber   Dealer
All kinds of rough and dressed hiinbei
Victoria. Ave,
North Fertile
We are tiring away at the
old business
M. A. Kastner.
Secretaries ol Local Unions
" "W7 N
to'a smoking concert
bers of Middlesboro lodge'U
of A. were holding during this dispute
aiid' how.Mr.  Reid.comes, tp.file- my
name   as   being   unfair  to  organized
labor I shall leave for any fair minded
person to judge.
•Under the said conditions and facts
I claim that the Middlesboro lo'dge U.
M. W.„of A. has no jurisdiction over
me as a firoboss, and that I am justly
entitled tp remain ut work as a firoboss, and therefore not entitled to
have my name put on the unfair list,
as W. N. Rold desires.
Thanking you in anticipation     for
publishing my letter, I am yours truly,
DISTRICT 18'   U;' M. W. of A.
Middlesboro, June 20 190!)
Tho Editor;
Sir: The enclosed Is n copy.of a notice published In your pnper seve',**l
weoks ngo, As I nm the person referred to ns ",1, Held, nccountnm," for
Dw NT, V. C*. & C, Co., and as' Mio
notico ns far ns 1 nm concerned is absolutely fnlse, never hnving been 'i
member of any inlners unlont nor charged with hoiisobronklng, I demand . n
rotrnctlon ot tho libellous Htntori.C'M
at onco, otherwlso I proposo putting
the mutter In my lnwyor's hnndr* on
Sulurday,,luly 3rd, with n view to an
notion for criminal libel;
Yours truly,
(Rd, Nolo,—As tho name sont uh
wns ,1, Rold, nnd tho nbovo lottor Is
signed Roilorlc.k Rold, t_lioro must ho
ii iiilHunderHtniidlng somowhoro, nn ox*
plnmilloii of which wo would ho plow**
od to rocolvo.)
Bankhead No.  29—James Fisher.
Bellevue No. 431—R. Livett.
Canmore Park Local 1378—James A.
Fire, Life, Plate Glass
and Accident,
Property For Sale in
all parts of the
Houses   For
No. 2633—William   .Gra*
Carbonado No. 2688—James Hewitt.
Cardiff No. 2387—A.  Hammond,
Cardiff No. 279—F. K. St. Amant
No 2540—A.  Matt-
Edmonton  City
hews, P.O. 1314. .
Edmonton. No.
2 Frazer Flats,
1329—A St.  Julian,
Fernie, No. 2314—T*    Biggs
Frank, No. 1263—Walter Wrigley,
Hosmer No., 2497—J. W. Morris
.Ulllr-i'OHl No. lOGS—,T, O, Jones.
N.D,     No,   2850—J.     E,
New Oliver Typewriter
Machine given out on trial, ■*
No Charge
Highest, Price    Paid   for,
South African War Script
Lethbridge, No. 574—Charles,
Official City League Baseball Schedule
JULY  'i'A
AVDiy-T '-
jj.-'LY 12
.JULY 11
I.ICI.Y 2<5
..J17I.Y 7
.11'LY  'i'A
iMKU'BT 18
i.mily in
:.H-LY i,
i.lUI.Y litl
iJULY -iii
IUI.Y 28
♦ I'Tfini tho vory,lnm)])tIon of
♦ "I'mKi'dHHlvo Fonilo," llio   ro
♦ kjioiikii niul wllh from nilvr-r*
♦ tlHoi*H Ikih, heen moHt cncniir*
♦ in*-,,   nntl   nlroiuly   u   Koo.lly
♦ niiinhor of our himlnr-HB mon
«J> huvu hIkiig.1 t'ontrnniH for tho
♦ Hi-KMii'liiK of Hpnf-n In IhlR num*
♦ 'hor, Although lho hook Ih not
*** WW     in     ,-.|*>Ja.iil      fn!      ..iVi'!'!ll
•*••> un.'S)\h':   vet, nrtvimrp   onlnrw
♦ un1 now In, nnd of ooiirRo will
♦ lmvo iirpfi-roiu-o in filling,
♦ Hnlf ii donftn   photo   pom,*
♦ ninlH i-nul yon r»flc, tlio prlco
a,.'  ':*.,.„. ..'■••■IV-  ••Vim.!,','   li.*'.*'.',
■ will contain ninny thnn-- Hint
- iinmhor of nolo.:!. "vIiiwh   by
■ Spaldlni? lho phoioRniplior. A
• copy nont to frloiidH In tlio
1 oiiHt will doHciilio Unrnln llro
► nnd tho proKroHR of tho your
► hoi I or thnn It could bo dnnn
► In nny othor wny, nnd It will
► hn profusely (Huntrated.   All
► thoim rocolvlng notico to call
► on   Spalding   should   act   at
► once,
"An honored clilzon of I Ills town wnn
Hiiffoi'liiK from ii hovoi'o ntlucl, of dyu*
onlry, Jlo told n trhml it ho could
obtain n Lottlo of ChninhnrhiliiR Colic,
Cholorii nnd Dlnrrlioou llumody ho
folt. confident, of holni? curod, ho hav*
In-qr UHOd UiIh romody In lho wont, Uo
wnn told thnt 1 kopt It In Hlook nnd
lont no tlmo In obtiilnlnp* It, nml wiih
proi'iptl.v .curod," BnyH M. ,T. Lonoh.
druRBlHt of Wolcott, Vt, For snlo hy
nil dnumlHlR.
Lille No, 1233—J. T Griffith
■Michel, No 2331—Charles Garner,
\ Maple Leaf No, 2829—H, Blake,
(via Uollovuo)
Merritt Local Union, No, 2627—-Chan
Middlesboro 872—W,  N.  Reid
Passburoi No. 2362—J, Covnch,
Royal   Collieries,    No.   2S89—Wm.,
Roche Percee No. 2072—Lachlan Mc*
Taber No, 102—Wm. Russell
Taber No, 1950—Wm. McClare.
Taylorton, No.  2848—H.  Potter.
Kenmare N. D, No. 2860— H, Potter
Corbin No. 2077—W. Ryan
Passburfl, No, 2352—A, 8wan«ton,
WOODPECKER, No, 2200: William
——— ♦
1 Bronze Gobbler and 3 Hens    ♦
3 White Holland Gobblers        a
Barred Rock and White Rock
In  Fernie  its
Hawthorne for
Painting,  Interior
Wood 8t, A Pollat Ave.      /
a***********. •**♦•»♦.».#.».»*.»
CnlKiiry, July II—A Hploudld pni-*-riiiii
lint* much arrangi-d for Frldny, July
ltth, "WoBlom liny* nl tho Alborta provincial oxhlbitlon In Cnlffiny. .Thoro
will ho ii urnuil mock piinuii* en nil nm
prlzo wlnnlnp* nnhnnlH* u Honnntlonnl
Indian mlny rnco; cow-hoy rncos, a
muKhrldln-"" competition; ivnvolB raco»
high Jumping competition for hunter
clftHt-nR, nnd tho grout Alboi-tn Hunter
trophy comp**1'Itlnn will be continued
from ThurRdny,
Aftor n doRporntp hand to hand fight
yesterday on tho summit of Pikes PcaJr
11,000 foot high, John A, Clark and
Ct^i,;",;',' rhlj*!-1!' t"hl*,nfn»n»i. nnd for*
wo* .-■Indent'* of tlnrlmouth onllor-f., nro
in jnll, nud llown'rd 11. IlohlnHon, tho
fiovernment carotnUor of tho Summit
Iiouho l» in » crjiicnl condition nt. St,
Vi'ti-nnlB hownitnl In 1hl« city.
Tho fight wim tho result of a (luurrol
ovor tho clmi'Ko nindo hy IlohlnHon
for nccommoilntlona at tho Summit houso, ,
Tho bnltlo took plnco in (ho darknuH!-
whon Dw throo mon wero tho only onos
on tho mountain top. Tho two youiiK
men nay thnt RohliiHon nltncltcd them
hecnui.0 thoy iiwnkontul him nnd thoy
foiiRht In self tlpfenco.
Robinson was loft unconscious and
hni- not yot boon ablo to give hin. ver*
sion of thc encounter.
♦•*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ++++4-M
nn(jfgMKi>  ili'llvovi'il   In   nny
|inr( nl'tlii-i city,
%.Q.t*>,4>Q.4>A}* Ai.AKAX.A^^.Ati.4^^4
160 acres of land for sale
7 miles from Pincher Creek,
Altn. 5p acres cultivated,
rest all level. First class
buildings, good water, land
frte of stonei.
Apply at
B. C.  JULY 3 1909
Author of "Ths Prisoner of Zenda
Copyright.iaori. Anthony Hope Hawkini
Rctnitiston Xypfcwriter^Co., r»td.
344 Pender St. Vancouver, B. C"
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IN THE] mattor or an application for
tho Isruo of a duplicato cortlflnate of
Title   fir  l.nt   ?   'Pinole   ?   pf  Jr>f     «■**,■;
Group ono Kootonay    district    (Map
NOTICIS Is horoby Riven, that It Is
my Intention to Issuo at the oxplratlon
*t one month after the first publloat»
Ion hereof a duplloae of tho Certificate
of Title to tho ahovo mentioned lot in
the nnmo et V.den Tfarpur whloh nertl*
floate Is datod the HUh of March 1»0«,
and numbered 7405A.
District Ileiclitrar
Ap SMt
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots nnd Shoes
Gents' Fiirulshlug-s
%_dm__Mgf.   60   VEAHB'
Trade Marks
CowniaHTi Ac.
, Anteae iindltif a ikttel* end (loierlpMon mi?
eulokl-f unaruiifixir opinion ffMjfhiiih	
— fr - ■
rMWholhtr an
-   OonimunlM.
K on PuiBiiu
J--tteriuituiii ttirouih Munn .
teiM txctUt, without elime, la tbe
Scieniilic America.**,
A und-mnsl*/ Uluitnted weekly. t-ta**t, air •
ihlmluu utj-y tvtuuUUu luutuul. 'itiiiur, (ul
-Tltn^k^ijrrijrcMipottUepitip'.lil.   Hold by
often, silent often, always together m
thought as ln bodily presence—was not
this enough? "If l had to die in a
month I'should'owe life a tremendous
debt already." That is her own summing up.   It is pleasant to remember.
It would he enough to, say—love;
enough with a nature ardent as hers.
Xet with, love much .else conspired.
There was the thought of what she had
done, of the things to which she was a
party. There was the sense of power,
the satisfaction of ambition, a promise
of more things. There was the applnuse of Volsenl as well as the demotion of the prince. There was, too—it
persisted nil through her life—the funny, half childish and, to a severe eye,
urchiulike pleasure In tho feeling that
theso wore line doings for Sophy
Grouch of Mbrpliigham, In Essex!
"Fancy me!" is the indefensibly primitive form in which this delight shows
In one of the few letters bearing date
from the castle of Praslok.
. Yet It is possible to find this simple,
gracious surprise at fortune's fancies
worthy of love, ner own courage, her
own catching at fortune's forelock,
seemed to have heen always unconscious ancl instinctive. These sho never hints at nor even begins to analyze.
Of her love for the priuce'she speaks
once or twice and once in reference to
what she had,felt for Casimir. "I loved,
him most when he left me and when
he died," she writes. "I love him not
less now because" I love monselgneur,
but I can love monselgneur more for
having loved Casimir. God bade the
dear dead die, but he bade me live, and
death helped to teach me how to do it."
Again she reflects, "How wonderfully
everything is worth while—even sorrows!" Following which reflection in
the very next line—she Is writing to
Julia Robins—comes the naive outburst: "I look just splendid in my
sheepskin tunic, and he's given me the
sweetest toy of a revolver. That's in
case they ever charge and try and ent
us up behind our guns!" She is laugh-'
ing at herself, but the laugh is charged
■with an infectious enjoyment. So she
lived, loved and laughed through those
unequaled days, trying to soothe Marie
Zerkovitch,"bantering Max von Hollbrandt, giving her masculine mind and
her feminine soul wholly to her prince.
"She was like a' singularly able and energetic sunbeam," Max says quaintly,
himself obviously not untouched by
her attractions.. ,.
The prince's mind,was simple. He
was quite sincere about his guns. He
they had arrived and ho could deliver
them Into the safe custody of his trained and trusty Volsenians and of Lukovitch, their captain. Less than tbat "was
not safety with Stendv.cs In office nnd
Colonel Stnfnlta on duty at the capital.
But Marie Zerkovitch was right, too,
even though overexacting, as Max hnd
told her. The, letter to the king held
but half the truth, and that half not the
more significant. He could not go from
Sophy's side to seek n wife. The desire of his heart and thc delight of his
eyes—she was here in Praslok,
nor charm was not only for his heart
nnd eyes, her fascination not solely for
his passion. On Ills intellect nlso she
laid her powerful hold, opening the narrow confines of his mind to broader
views 'nnd softening thu rigor of his
Ideals.' lie had seen himself only ns
tho stem mauler, tho just chastlsor of
a turbulent cnpltnl and an unruly sol*
dlory. But whs thoro not a hlghor aim?
Might he not be loved lu tho plains ns
on tho hills, nt Slavna ns at Volsenl?
By himself he could not nchlev,o tbnt,
Ills pride—uny, Ills obstluncy—forbade
thb first fftop. But whnt IiIh sonsltlvo
dignity rejected for himself ho could
hoo her sunny gnicloiiKiiess accomplish
without loss of self respect, naturally,
nil upontuneously, He wns u fioldlor.
Ilors were llio powers of ponco, of Hint
Instlncllvo BtntoHuintmhlp of tlio emotions hy which hearts nro won nnd
kingdoms knit together hy u tlo stronger thnn tho sword, Becnuso ln his
mind's oyo ho riiw lior doing thlH,.tho
Idea nt which tlie men In tho palnco
hnd smiled nnd which oven Mnrle Zerkovitch would hnvo accepted ns tho
loBser ovll, novor cnmo Into his hond,
In tho futuro yonrs she wnn to ho openly nt his side, doing theso things for
lilm nnd for tho luiul of his.lovo nnd
labor. Would ulio not bo a better purt-
nor Hum hoiiio Htrnngfir, to whom ho
must, go enp In hnnd, to whom Ills
(■ounlry would ho n plnco of oxilo nnd
his countrymen neom hnlf ImrbnrlnnH,
wIioho lifo with him would bo ono Ioiik
tnlo of forced nml unwilling condc-
hi'oiihIoii? A prldo moro subtlo thnn
IiIh father's rose In revolt,
If ho could inn ko tho king hoo thnt!
Thoro stood tho illlllculty. Ulght In tho
wny of IiIh thirling hope wnn tho ono
thing on whicli (he king liml'itcd, Tho
prldo of family—tlio gront alllitnco-tlio
Nlnglo point whon-nii tint oimy king
wns nn obstacle w formidable! Yot
hnd lm tlPHpiilred ho would hnvo boon
uo Hiieh lover nH
ho wns.
Ills huh wor
had gom> to Unking. Thoro wns
no newt, of Iih
"(.'UtyllW.    J'ft,
but on'tho next
day In tho ovon*
Ing groat tidings cnmo from
H1 a v n n, forwarded by /or-
Uovlteh, who
wns In chnrgo
of tho prlneo'H ntTnlrs thoro. The
prlnco burst ongi-rly Into tho dining
room ln tho towor of Prnslok, whort
Sophy Bnt nlono.,, Iir* teamed full nf
triumphant oxcltcniciii. nlrnoHt lioylsli
In IiIh glee. It Is nt hik-Ii moments thnt
hu-jltulluini art; furi-uUei. and Ihu hint
rworvea broken (low n.
"My guns!" ho cried. "My gum*!
They'vo mnrted on their way,' They'w
due In Blttvna In n month**'
"In ft month!" the munmir-Kl softly
•"Ah, tben"-
"..f|/ mm* I" he cried.
"My i/mii.'"
"Our company will be ready too.
We'll march down to Slavna arid meet
the guns!" He laughed. "Oh.-I'll be
very pleasant to Slavna now, just as
you advise me. We'll meet them with
smiles on our faces." He came up to
her and laid his hand on hers. "You've
done this for me,'.' he said, smiling still,
yet growing more grave.
"It'll be the end of this wonderful
time, of this our time together!"
"Of our time at Praslok—not of our
time together. What! Won't Lieutenant Baroness Dobrava march with her
She smiled doubtfully, gently shaking her head. "Perhaps. But when we
get to Slavna— Oh, I'm sorry that
this time's so*'nearly done!"
He looked nt her gravely for a few
moments, making perhaps a Inst quick
calculation—undergoing perhaps a last
short struggle. But the red star glowed
against the pallor of her face. Her
eyes were gleaming beacons.
"Neither the guns nor the men nor
Slavna—no, nor the crown, when that
time comes—without you!" ho said.
i. She rose slowly, tremblingly, from
her chair and stretched out her hands
ln an instinctive protest t'Monsel-
gneurl"0 Then she clasped her hands,
setting her, eyes on his and whispering
again, yet lower. "Monselgneur!"
"Marie Zerkovitch says fate sent you
to Kravonia. I think she's right, Fate
dld-my fate. I think It's fated that
we are to be together to the end, Sophy."   ,.
A step creaked on tho old stairs.
Marie Zerkovitch was coming down
from her room on the floor above. The
door of the dining room stood open,
but neither of them heard the step.
They were engrossed, and the sound
passed unheeded.
Standing there, with hands still
clasped and eyes still bound to his, sbe
spoke again, and Marie Zerkovitch
stood by the door and heard .the quick
yet clear words, herself fascinated, unable to move, or speak.
"I've meant nothing of it. I've
thought nothing of it I seem to have
done nothing toward it It has just
come to me." Her tone took on a
touch of entreaty, whether It were to
him or to some unseen power which
ruled her.life and to which she might
have to render an account
"Yet it is welcome?" he asked quietly. She was long in answering. He
waited swlthout impatience, in a confidence devoid of doubt. Sbe seemed to
seek for the whole truth and to give lt
to him In gravest.' fullest words.
"It is life, non-seigneur." she said.
"I can',t see life without It now."
He held out his hands, and very slowly she laid hers in them.
"It is enough, nnd nothing else could
have been enough from you to me and
from me to you," he said gently. "Unless we live It together I think lt can
bo no life for us now." ,
The chain whleh hnd held Marie Zerkovitch motionless suddenly snapped.
She rushed Into tho room and, forgetful of everything In her agitation,
sclKod tho prince by thenrm.
"What  do you   mean?"   she  cried.
"What do you menn?  Are you mnd?"
Ho wns very fond of little Marie, He
looked down at her now, with an affectionate. Indulgent smile.
"Come, you've heard what I said, 1
suppose, though It wasn't meant for
your on re, you know! Well, then, 1
menn just whnt 1 snld, Mnrle."
"But whnt do you menu by It?" Bhe
persisted In n feverish, almost childish,
excitement. She turned on Sophy too,
"Ancl whnt do you menn by it, Sophy?" she cried.
Sophy passed n hand ovor hor brow,
A slow smile relieved tlio enchanted
toiiRlon of her fnco. Sho seemed to
•anillt* In n whimsical surprise' ut hor*
solf. Hor answer to Murle cnmo vnguo
and nlinost dreamy. "I—I thnught of
nothing, denr Mnrle," she snld. Then,
wllh n siuldon low murmur of dollg.it*
cd laughtor, sho laid her linnds In the
prlnco's ngnln. Shu hud thought of
nothing but of thnt lifo together nnd
thoir lovo,
"Sho'll Hhuro my life, Mario, nnd,
whon Uio tlmo conies, my throno," the
prlnco snld Boftly, lie tried to por
finiulo and soothe her with his gentle
Mnrlo Zerkovitch would not hnvo lt,
Possessed by her old four, her old foreboding, who flung nwny D\e. nrm hIic
hold, with nn nugry geslnro. "Wt
ruin!" hIip cried. "Itulnl I'uln!" Her
volco rung out through tho old room
und fiooiiiod to fill nil tho enstlo of I-rns*
loir, will) Its dlrgoful iinto.
"No," snld ho firmly. "Ituln will nol
como through mo nor through her. II
mny lw tlmt ruin-* whnt you call ruin—
will como, It mny he tbnt I shall lost
niy lifo or my throno." Mo smiled a
littlo. "finch ehnngoH nnd chnncen
'.■onio nt nothing new to n 8lofnnovltcli,
I hnve clever und Lol.l men ngnliiNt mo,
Lot thom »ry| We'll try tool But niln
will not ho hy her, fnull nor through
this. And If it were, don't I owo hot
my life already? Kliould I roftmo to
rlr-k for lior tho lifo »ho has glvon?"
IJo dropped hin voice to homelier, mow
familiar tones und endod, with n half
Uu(ih; ,-uiiie, iiuie iihimu, you mustn't
try to frighten .''i-aMu** '.ni'tmiir-vllcb.
It's honor tho Imimo Hhould aid thnn
llvo on In n coward, you know,"
.Tho plea woh not porfect. Thoro
wiih wlHdoin oh well uh courage In que****
lion. Vol ho would hnvo maintained
nwiwiit to tm right In jjolnl of wisdom,
too, hnd Mnrlo pressed him ou It. But
ber forco wiih Hpcnt, her vlolcnco end*
od, nud with It hor ovpoh tula tions, Ilut
not lu>r terror a ml illnuiay, Ulio throw
horsolf Into n clmlr nnd covered hor
fnco with hor hnnilH, sobbing bitterly.
TIlL* pVllKC •rje.'itl}' l,ir..-3M*li llIT Khali*
lug Hhouldor, but ho rained hid eyes to
H-Thy. who ha«I otood quiet through
tho scene
"Aro you roudy for what corou. Bo
tphyY' ho asked.
"Monsolgnt-ar, 1 nro »*«dy," she uld,
with head erect aud bor faco aet, hoi
the next Instant she brotto Into a loir,
yc* rfch und Di^'.'-r, taiigh   ft mla-jUid
strangely with Marie's. sobs, whtctj
were gradually dying away, yet sounded still, an undertone of &ts.:ord with
Sophy's mirth.' She stretched out her
hands toward him again, whispering in
an amused pity, "Poor child, she
thought that we should be afraid!"
Out of the dusk of the quiet evening came suddenly the blare of a trumpet, blown from Volsenl by a favoring
breeze. It sounded every evening at
nightfall to warn the herdsmen in the
hills of the closing of the gates and
had so sounded from time beyond
man's memory. •
The prince raised his hand to bid her
listen. .  * ^  7
- "In good Volseni there Is watcb and
ward for us!".
The' echoes of the blast rang for an
instant around the hills.
* ''And there is watch and ward and
the,,glad sound of a trumpet in  my
heart monselgneur," she said.'
The sobs were still, laughter was
hushed, the echoes died away. In utter silence their hands and their eyes
met Only in their hearts love's clarion
rang indomitable and marvelously glad.
& IS
Not Sisters
Now and again you see two women pass-
ing down the street who look like sisters.
You are astonished to learn that they are
mother and daughter, and you realize that
a woman at forty or forty-6ve ought to be
at her finest and fairest. Why isn't it so?
The genera! health of woman is so intimately associated with the local health
of the essentially feminine organs that
there can be no red cheeks and round
form Where there is   female weakness.
Women  who   have   suffered   from
this   trouble   have   found   prompt
relief and cure  in the use of Dr.
Pierce's  Favorite   Prescription.     It  gives vigor  and vitality to   tbe
organs  of  womanhood.     It , clears   the   complexion,  brightens  tbe
eyes and reddens thc cheeks.
No alcohol, or habit-forming drugs is contained in "Favorite Prescription."
Any sick woman may consult  Dr. Pierce by letter, free.    Every letter is
held as sacredly confidential, and   answered   in a plain envelope.     Address:
World's Dispensary Medical Association, Dr. R.V. Pierce, Pres., Buffalo, N.Y;
8* :■
OFTEN there nre clever,brains
about us of whose workings
we care nothing save so fnr as
they serve to the defter moving of our dishes or the more scientific
brushing and folding of our clothes.
Humorists and philosophers have described or conjectured or caricatured
the world of those who wait on us, in-
viting us to consider how we may appear to tbe inward gaze of the eyes
which are so obediently cast down before ours or so dutifully alert to anticipate our orders. As a rule, we decline
tho invitation. The task seems ot once
difficult and unnecessary. Enough to
remember that the owners of tbe eyes
have ears and mouths also! A small
leak left unstanched will empty the
largest cask at last It Is well to keep
that in mfnd both in private concerns
and in affairs of public magnitude.
The king's body servant, Emlle Lepage, bad been set a-thlnklng. This
was the result of the various and profuse scoldings which he had undergone
for calling young Count Alexis "prince."
The king's brief, sharp words at the
conference had been elaborated Into a
reproof both longer aud sterner tlmn
his majesty wns wont to trouble, himself to administer. lie had been very
strong' on the utter" folly of putting
such ideas into the boy's head. Lepage
was pretty clear that thc idea had conic
from'the boy's head Into his, but In*
said nothing more of that. The hoy
himself scolded Lepage, first for having been'overheard, second, and, ns Lepage guessed, after being scolded himself very roundly, for using the offending title at nil.    Meekly Lepage i'n ire
_thls__cross_also. Indeed, with some,
amusement and a certain touch of pity
foj young Alexis, who was not a prince
and obviously could not make out why.
In the books a king's sons wcre.nlwnys
princes, even though there were, ax in
those glorious days there often were,
fifty or threescore of them.
Then Countess* Ellenburg scolded
him. The king's "It's absurd!" was
rankling sorely ln her.mind. Her scolding wns In her heaviest manner, very
religious. She called Ilonron to witness that never by word or deed had
sho done anything to give her boy such
a notion. Tho days nre gone by when
Heaven "makes overt present answer.
Nothing happened. She roundly charged Lepage with fostering tho idea for
his own purposes, He wanted to set
the Prlnco of Slnvnn ugnlnst his little
brother, she supposed, nud to curry favor with the rising sun nt tho poor
child's cost
Sho wns very effective, but sho angered Lepnge almost beyond endurance. By disposition ho was thoroughly good natural If snrdonlc nnd Impassive, Ilo could not suffer tho accusation of having Injured tho pretty boj**
for his own ends, It wns both odious
nnd absurd. lie snapped bnck smartly
at her, "1 hope nobody will do more to
put wrong IdoiiH in his head ilinn I
hnvo dono, Mine, In Coratesst'," In n
fury sho drove lilm from tho room, hut
sho had started ever so slightly, j Lo*
pngo'H nlort hrnln Jumped nt the nig*
Finally Stonovles himself Iuul n Iim*.
ture for poor, much locturod Lcpugo,
It wns ono of tho mlscnh'tilntloiiH
lo which nn ovorenutlous cunning N
prone, Rtonovlcs was gentle nnd run*
Nlderntc, but ho wns vory iirguiit-urg*
ont nbovo all thnt nothing should ho
snld about the episode, nolthor nbout It
nor nbout tlio other roprlmnnds, SI*
Imicu, HlleiK'o, Hlloncc wiih bin burden.
Lcpngo thought moro nnd moro, It is
bottor to put up with grmHlp thnn to
glvo tho Idea tliut tho lonst g*nnlp
would bo n Horloim offense. I'cnpln «(is*
sip without thinking. Wt enty como
ntul goiu>, cimy Hpeni'lng mul easy for*
gwtiiifl, hut Ktrlngotit Injunctions not
lo milt are npl tu mnlm men think,
llef.Ti'iiei'H lo the rising sun uluo mny
hri'uil ri'llecllon In tho HiitelllleH of ti
netting orb Neither Counless Ellen*
Imrg uur Out-mi Htnnnvlcs had beon
iih well iiiIvIhciI iih usual In (bis etttm-
tlnlly trumpery mattor,
In Nhnrt, ncrviiUHneMi' lind bo-?n betrayed. Whnnco cnmo HI Whnt did It
mean? If It mon nt anything, eonld L»*
pngr» turn that thing to neoountf Thfl
lilng's fnvorllfl nttendaiit was no ftror*
He wllh CoutitoHN Kllenhurg. for I.#*
liiiin*. ton tin* tlmn mldir h* v*rv
Nhnrt! lie would nnl Injure tbe bey, an
ihe angry mother Iuul believed, or at
leant KuggcHled. Imi, wll hoot qaeaUon
of thai, thero wa** tw harm In a rnin'*
looking out for ,il-nnolf, or If thtre
wore I/epsRo wiih denr In thlntdDg that
Suit of Clothes, $5 and up, Hats $1.00 and up,
Shirts 50c.and up, Underwear $1.00 per suit
. Kefoury  Bros.
Teiiipmvii'y building between Ndi'tlieni Jlnu-I and  liend.-ihon block
(Contiuued'froin page 6),
cants; of these 464 were in Manitoba,
659 in Saskatchewan and 301 in Alberta. Planting on the Spruce Woods
forest reserve, the growth of conifers
at Indian Head and the permanent
plantations at the Nursery station are
also discussed.
The subject of irrigation, which also
Is placed under the superintendent of
Forestry, constitutes an . important
part of the report..
The importance of a proper hydraulic survey is dwelt upon. "The determination of the water supply Is of
the greatest Importance, not only to
the irrigation interests, but for the
municipal supply of the rapidly de-
eloping towns of the west, for the operation of railways and for the convenience of the growing, population. As
the administration of the water resources of this-great district Is under
the control of the Dominion the responsibility for .dealing with this subject rests upon the federal, author!-,
ties, and the importance of theinter-
ests invoied would .iu3tify_the._inci*.eas-
I',;.^'co„ LTJD.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers
ed expenditure that may be necess
ary to place the hydrographlc' survey
bn an efficient basis." '
, The Inadequacy of the work so far
done and the difficulties of thc present situation are dwelt upon and the
progross made in this line of work lithe neighboring states of the union
referred to.   . '
The Inadequncy of the work so far
dono, and the difficulties of the present situation nre dwelt upon and thi
progress made, In this line of work in
tho neighboring states of tho union
referred to.
' The Irrigation net Is also tbuchod
upon. The general principle of the
aw Is thnt tlio wnter is public property and that uny rights'to the ii.sq of
I. do rot convey any prri'mirl ■• In i
I)..i nro granted for. bemii .J' line ln
connoctlon with a specific location, If
nny largo rrlght weer permitted to
oxlst, ii right to water might, ho hold
spc'ciilntivt'ly and not uncd .boiiof'.-1-il*
y. Ono porson or company might
got control of the water nnd hnve i
lionopoly wlilch would plnco Ihe hole!
ill's of lnnd (lopnndunt on tin1 sironi'i
nt tliolr mercy. The evidence o'
oxpi-i'ioiic.e Ih against tho unruHlrljIed
trniiHfcr of water rights and the proper policy hc'oiiih io bn to ndlior" In
tlio main to thn prinlcplu iilrundv us
tnhllHhci] hy the net of limiting the.
right to hho of wilier nppurlonniii to
tho liiuil,"
Tho umoiiilmoiiiK to Hie net arc
noted, und iiIho re-'ommimdntlonH
mnde by vnrlniiH bodies for Iih iiui
nndniiuil, with ivmhiiiih for nnd ii','.ilus'..
thn siiggeHted iituniiilmmitH nnd Iheh
flnnl illHpoHliiou,
National Parks
The Inking over of the Dominion
piirliH by the I'fpni'tuifiit, liml th1 organizing ol' iheir uilmlnlHtnitloii lis
nIho Irenleil, DiniiiK the yi-in* 1.1"",
ICII. I'liii' Imd been fenced In onh'-' to
confine the biilTiilo, nnd n new re.ierv»
-lliifl'iilo pnrk-- Iiiih been net imlde,
The report Ih IIIiihIluted by n do/.en
lue  lull   puge  liulf  lone  ciiIh   Copies
tuny be, nhtuiii,-il on uppllriitlon lo lho
-itilii-i'llitriiili'itl    of    rcueati.,,    II.   II
iiliipht'll. 01 titwii.
Waldorf Hotel
Table Unexcelled
-Ba i-supplied-* wi t h—the;- finest
brands of Wines, Liquors'
and t'igar.s
(Formerly of Cent nil Hotel)
Queen's Hotel
nullt expressly for,,
It's ii dandy, coin.* nnd sou ii,
I &  CO. Proprietors
(W, A. Ross,  Manager,)
•»«■(••       •*
"In Pohruory our daughter had tlh
whooping cough. Mr I*ano of Ilnrtlai..
rocommondod Chumborlaln's Cnugl
nomody nnd said It gavo hia tiiHtom
ert thn bust of satisfaction. W<
found It as ho nal-J, and can n-comni
end It to anyono having rhl.*' ' t iron
blod with whooping rough," ^vs Mri-
A. Qott ot Durand, Mich. Kor a»l« bj
al! druggl/ita, •
WIWIMW, .liltm ','!)—[( Ih reported
lint Louis ,'nmos, wIIokk wife wiih <IIh
* , , ,       , ,
,   .a/.i.iltj     *l,lni,i.Lt.U     tit.     I.C .      ,,t/,t,r ll.t
' inmlnlfin '•'reel m ihl<- diy on Nj'*-!!
j !2nd Inst, hns lei I the city nml lib*
iwlioronhoulH nn> iinliiiown.
TAK.C not Ire Hint J intend In npply
0 Hip  Hoard of I.lrennlnK CniumlnH-
onors for tho (Illy of Fernio nt their
""UlNt Sittings III  0|)e|| ( Oil rt   entitled  to
nonr nurv|i nppllcutlon, fn rthe tiniiH-
fer of thn riMiill Liquor License now
lit-lll  b>   lie-  iw  ltf|,i«l   nl'  '.',,>    Iiui.....'.
promlsf'H known tm tin* Northern Hotel
hllUitti'  1)11   I.Oii*  hl'a   IM   liml   tai'l'li   li)
lllock *1*l  Vby nt  IVinfe,  io  Wlliain
Dnfi'd nt  Fernie II.f. this Sth day
Of .Tuno, 190!*,
Notico is horoby given that pursuant
to tho "Cri'dltors Trust Deeds Act
1001" nud iiiiiendliig ActH, llnrry M.
Terry, nuiylng un Ijiii.Iim.-hu an a second hand denier, in tlio ('Ity of Fornio,
In Iho Provlnco (if llrltlHh f'oluinbln.
did by deed duled the 7th day of May,
I'm!), iiHHlgn unto Frniil, (i. Whito of
tl" Hit id City of Ferule aforesaid, nml-
iior iind iii'coiiiiiiini, nil IiIh pernount
properly, renl eslnte, credits nnd ef*
feels which mny be Hclyeil nml Hold
under execiiilou, lor ihe purpoHii of
puyliiiar nud HUilHfvliiK ititenbly nnd
pinpiii'iloiiulely, nud without preference nr priority nil ihe crcdlton* of
lie-  Hit It]   llnrry   M,   Terry  llii'lr JiihI
AND nol he is hereby further given
tl'jii :i niei.tiiHi nf tin* efi.dlton* of the
nnld llnrry ,\|. Terry for the Klvlng of
llil't'1'tlllll.S Willi IcfelellCC (0 till,' dlH
pDMil of the cKlilte will be held nt thn
Offlii'H of Hie IIIiderHlmieil 111 thn
i'tuxx'H Sent TrnilliiK Company Hulld*
lm;, Vlclorlii avenue, Ferule, II. (',, on
Tuesday the I Nth dny of Mny, I'M), nt
I   , , « - .        , , ,
,,4 ,4,1.4, .44        *,,.,. 11    I    ,,,,    ,,       4,1        ,,.\ .tlU'-l
AND not'lce Ih herebv 'tilvoii thnt nil
pcrHniiH huvliig clnlniH ngnfiifit tho said
Iliiir> M. Tuny are leiiulred io for-
wind put'llcului'H of ihe mum*, duly
verified lo the n-*Mli-iiec nt Fernio, H.
*•>•., Oil lii ln-lnle i,e* li*1! n,l,. (ll ., tt I >
AND notlie li-, hcteby given thnt nf-
ler ihnt date tin* itHnlgiieit will proceed'lo illxlrlbtlte I lie ploceeilH of llio
(•Hintf having reminl only to tho clnlniH
of which lif hIiiiII then huve rocolvod
nulla<■, mul l.i* .'.l„il! not In- I'tMpoiutbli:
for the iihhcih or nny pnrt thereof, so
dl- trji„|i,-.,fi io nny p.*r'-f»ri or p-v^ini
nl u'io.-h' ib hi or clnlm ho nhnil not
then l-iiv*** received notico.
Dated nt IVrnlc Ii. C, !hU "th day
of Mny, I'-O'i.
I.AW'F. tt Flfllllirt.
Solicitors for tho A«algn«« PAGE EIGHT
B. C.  JULY 3 1909
Fruit Lands
One mile,west pf
in the warm
That famous "Big Red Apple"
soil. Irrigated tracts with the
finest spring water you ever tasted
Get an apple orchard started
with such markets as we have here
. Arrive Fernie
No. 213 West .-.,*   8.48
No.  214 East   .'.....■*-.-....'.,17.65
No. 236 Local East .?...'.'....'  8.'48
No. 235 Local West 20.50
No. 7 West Flyer  .- 10.40
No. 8 East Flyer  20.08
»   Change takes effect Sunday June 6.
NO. 252
11.13 ,
g; n. time table
i .
No. 251
' " 1,00
Local  News
'   Sales Agent
atFredRoo's Store 'or a card to
until July 2nd and he will call
on you
For sale—Two well situated lots In
•the Annex. Apply L. P. Eckstein.
■    " r
- For Sale: Two houuhold properrtles,
with furniture. ,' Will sell property
either jointly or separately. For particulars apply Ledger office.
For sale: Pen of R. C. Brown,Leghorns, also eggs for hatching. R. C.
B. Leghorns and Buff Orpingtons. —
$1.50 per setting. Apply T. Kynaston,
For sale: A shack 12x24, well built
and completely "furnished. Price, $200
cash. Apply Ledger,        ;'
For Sale—Frame warehouse 30x60
in rear of Todd's block. Purchaser to
remove building from premises. Apply
at J. I-I. Reid & Co, store.
For Sale—Flowers for planting out,
stocks, astors, balsams, pansies, daisies, marguerites, etc., 30 cents per
d07.en. John McLachlan West Fernie
Go to Rochon's for ice cream.
i  If you are a, particular smoker get
your smokes at Ingram's.
Mrs. J, Cunningham of Moyie was
in town on Tuesday.
Complete baseball outfits at Suddaby's.
Mrs. (Dr.) Corsan returned,'from
the coast on Friday.
Beef, mutton, pork, veal, hams, bacon, lard, etc., only of the very best.
Phone 41. „
Mrs. S. A. Williams of Michel gave
Fernie a visit on Wednesday.
No*-*place in, town'just like lt. Ingram's pool room.
Mr. anil Mrs. J. W. Quinney left
this morning for Calgary to attend the
* For a good comfortable smoke get
Oorenbecker's brands. They are
home product.
Miss Porter of the public school
staff left yesterday for Vancouver,-via
G. N. R. ,    '
Steel ranges, the best in the land—
$12 each up. Furniture department.
Trites-Wood Co.
Mrs.  R."B. Benedict and Mrs.-W
J.   Marsh, both of  Mayooki were in
Fernie on Thursday.
A large variety of hammocks; special value.     See them at Suddaby's.
Mr. George Ellis, "who-had his leg
cut off by an engine at Michel, is progressing satisfactorily. '."       "r~
Four .--valuable presents are given
away,at each sale at Wright's jewelry
Sandy McDougall of the Fernie
Lumber company is down with sickness, typhoid fever being feared.
A. W..Bleasdell, agent for Draper's
Permanent Indistructable acid proof
ink.       '        " r"1--—     ,
Mr.'Banks, Mr. Miller, Mr. Gray
and ladies visited Baynes on Dominion
Go to Rochon's for, ice. cream.
J. E. McCallum of Cranbrook paid
Fernie a visit on Monday.       ,       '
Finest in.the land—Ingram's bath
Mr. Carlile the plumber, went to Calgary on Monday morning on business.
Potted Plants at the Palm. ..
S. Olson of the Elk Lumber Co., returned from the Winnipeg this week.
You are foolish If you1 don't get our
prices on furniture. Cash talks at
Trites-Wood Co!
We are sorry to report that Mrs. aT.
D. Hurd Is down with typhoid fever. '
The Ladies Benevolent society will
meet this afternoon at 3.30 at the
home\)f Mrs. A. H. Cree. .
Just'the thing for your verandah-
Bamboo Blinds—the cost is nothing at
Trites-Wood Co.
W. Scott's undertaking parlors are
now on Pellat avenue opposite the
, Nice and Fresh in .This Morning   /.
Onions,    Radishes,   Cucumbers,    Lettuce,
Rhubarb,   Strawberries,■» Oranges :%
and   Bananas
W. J.   BI-UN-DEM,      giye us acall
-FOR 'SALE—First class milch cow.
G. G. Henderson. . , tf
Lost—A gentleman's watch chain
between West Fernie bridge and W.
R. Ross's. ' Finder leave at Elk Lumber Company office and receive reward.
Wanted: Experienced man for grocery department for a town In the
Pass. One who can speak Italian and
German preferred.. Apply, stating age,
if married, and experience. Addross
"Advertiser," care of A. Macdonald
Co., Fernie.
Lost—On Juno IE, 1909 between C.
P. R. dopot and rondmaster's house, a
gold brooch, with four brilliants valued as a keep flake. Please return to
this offlco. A suitable roward will be
given. /
-.Important Notice: Wrlto to tho Le-
due Produce Company for prices on
creamery and dairy butter also fresh
eggs. Proprietors of Lakeside Creamery, Leduc, Altn,
DalRiims. Zlnlna, Wall Flowers, Verbenas, Asters, DlanthuB, Slocks, Pan*
sion, CoIouh, also colery and tomato
plants, grown by Kootonia Nui'HurliiH.
B. II. II. Stimloy, TlnyiiOH! for sale
da'y inspecting their "tracts "there
A ..meeting of the board of trade is
to be held on Monday evening,   when
special business will be brought up. ■ '
Miss Clara Morris left Wednesday
afternoon for  Kallspell, Mont., on a
*-i (.*>
short visit.
,C. Hill and wife, owner of the Hillcrest Mines, took In the Fernie sports
on1 Thursday. They were guests of Dr.
A snap ln hand bags and Valenciennes laces, and a line of beautiful hats
and skirts at clearing prices, The
MisseB Euler.
Mrs. Brllngsen at the minors picnic
on Thursday lost a handbag containing
a gold watch and chain and a door
Mr. and (Mrs?) Steve Poilblelnnclk
left, this week for Burton City to tako
ovor tho management of tho Kootonay
hotel at that place.
Garden and Flower Seeds; Clover,
lawn grass and timothy, grown In the
Northwest. The only kind suitable for
this climate. Take no other. Bleasdell's,
Tho monthly too of tho Mothodlst
church lodloH aid will ho hnld nt thc
homo of Mrs, Dr. Bonnoll oh.Tuob*
dny July flth, from ll to 3.
8weet cream at Rochon's.
J. F. Armstrong,, official receiver
paid Fernie his usual visit on Wednesday.
Special sale of post cards now on at
■ . - o
Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Lyons of Spokane took in the sports on, Thursday
at Fernie,
Abraham Haddak and Zehra Rah-
oul were united in the holy bonds of
matrimony1 on Wednesday by the Rev.
R.   S.  Wilkinson at the rectory.
Snaps In baby carriages, go-carts and
express wagons. Furniture department
Trites-Wood Co.   '
Mrs. Kirkpatrick'leaves this evening for Calgary on a visit to her son,
Ernest. "She is' accompanied by her
son, Roy.
, Charles P.' Stanley, contractor of
Spokane, was in the city the early part
of the week. Mr. Stanley has some
big contracts around here to look after.
Everything for the baseball game at
Royal Oak Camp No. 14159 of tho
Modern Woodmen of America meets
every second and fourth Monday evenings at 8 o'clock p.m. in Knights of
Pythias Hall.
1 A trainload of Buffaloes ? passed
through Fernie on Thursday bound for
the National park. They came from
Montana where the Canadian government had purchased them.
See Rochon, the Kandy Kid. a.
• Ed. Bridger, a driver employed in
No. 9 mine was injured on Wednesday mo,rning. :He was bringing out a
trip of cars,' and fell in front of the
car, the buffers catching him and injuring his back.'    ■	
Instructions  Received
Proceed With Preliminary Work
Elsie Sigel was not Mur-
. dered by  Violent
Crows Nest Trading Go.
General Merchants
The   Store   of  Good Values
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B.C
A. Cummlngs, L. D. S., has instructions from the provincial governmeiu
to login at once the survey and location of the proposed provincial wagon road through the Crows Nest Pass
to the boundary, between Britisii Columbia and Alberta.
Some four or five miles of the route
extending from Morrissey toward'Fernie has already been located.      This
work,  long  contemplated,  has    been
hastened by the building of the   pole
lines of the Kootenay. Telephone Co.
This company is now pushing its lines
to, make connection with the Alberta
system at the boundary line and the
provincial authorities are* endeavoring
to aid tlie, enterprise as much as possible by establishing the road line in
order that the telephone people can
follow it with their poles v   The material is conveniently distributed    all
along the route for the .building of   a
first class roadway from Cranbrook, on
through' Fernie to the Summit, where
it will ,connect with the excellent roads
of our sister province to the east.. Why
should not the people of these    two
provinces be able to exchange calls by
automobile, and to be able   to drive
their fine horses over a road which, if
properly constructed, will, make one of
the. finest driveways on the American
continent?    The people.of Fernie feel
sure'* that the Lethbridge people will
lend a hand to assist in urguu. lho importance'of the,matter upon the powers that be.
Bargains in hammocks this week at
Suddaby's.    . -\  ■    -
J. W. Morrison, a well known real
estate dealer'of Spokane, just purchased a„flvc acre tract at Baynes) He
bought lot'5 block 32 for the sum of
$62,V. There has been over 130 tracts
sold at Baynes since May lats, This
represents 650 acres.
Tea is more susceptible to foreign
Influences than even butter. This Is
why lt should never be exposed to the
air or sold in bulk form. The scaled
lead packets of "Salada" Tea preserve
the tea in all Its native goodness. Insist upon "Salada."
Clean rags wanted. Apply Ledger.
Frank Daniels, who opens an engagement at the Fernie opera house-
on Monday night, has a beautiful trained coyoto. These are vory hard animals to train, but care and perseverance will accomplish almost anything,
nnd Mr, Daniels has succeeded In
training this beast,
Professor Wlillo tried some Btunts
which he thought wero hypnotising at
the Fernie opern house last Saturday
night. One of tho subjects showed
his wisdom by leoving the stngo.
Manager Taschereau was bo disgusted
with thc performance that ho cancelled "Willie's" engagement for Monday
night. It certainly was n fake show,
A tug of war match has beon arranged between tho P. Burns Co. and thu
Elk Brewing Company for $2!-n. The
ovont will bo pulled off on thn I ft tli
or July at V.iJO p in. on Ui.) Napanee
foundation. Gloats will he used. Tli'lt.
will be an Interciillng sporting event
and much side monoy Is said (o bo up
by backers of either tonm.
Window Hliados mounted   on good
spring roller, special Mc, up.  Furnituro department. Trltofl-Wood Co.   "
Mniiiigor TaHchercmu lias boon mnHt
foifunuto In hooking for tho   coming
wed, Dw greatest of laugh producing
Hltctfli ortlHtK "lliinlols nnd Muck" In
their variouii comctdy hiiccchhob,   The
playlet for Mondny evening will bo one
iiiiiile famous by Ho«lnn Volics   nnd
Funny nice, "My Mllllnera IIIII," Thi*
will Hiiroly appeal to the lovers of  the
bettor form of amusement.
See Rochon, the Kandy Kid.*
Mr,   Sword, tho Dominion  government fishery Inspector wns In our city
UIIH   Wl'VH   III   tOllliutilwM   MUM   •>*•*.«»'■>•
'</..■•> mid j-i'iflulloni* *'"« forward by
the Fernio flnmi* Protective AflBOClot*
Ion. Mr. Sword ft* going to do nil 11
hlR power to protect the fish In thone
parts nml haH forwarded 20,000 eggs
. 4*     ( nr-1.1,, '*       Tl     ,'>
*\l\     »..»*•'      i»a..V'»-»    wa     .       	
possible tho egg** will be put In tho
Lizard where they can be protected.
Sunday lam wa* Foreign mlflslon
day In tlm TlnptlRt church, nnd Uov.
Mr. Williamson delivered i-poelal od*
dreisoH on ibtt mibjerl morning and
r-vonln. In spite of the fact thai lho
mi-mbwthlp are puMlnu forth vvtry
effort lo advance ihe church building,
the u*at mum of $60 was realized from
the apeclal collection otj Sunday and
on Monday evening ai a special mc^t-
Ing of the. nowly tarmed young peo-
plf'a nociety.
"The"C6ar"Company tooirTjTfair"out
of the Commercials. on Friday night
by a score of 7 to 8. It was the best
and closest game played this year, and
both teams put lip the real simon pure
article. The teams were:
1st' base
McKellar    ..''.; •. Patterson
2nd base
Gillespie'   .•.:...:.....'    Tuthill
3rd  base
Hicks  ,*.. • Brown
Hilchie  : Quinlan
Gates   Kirkpatrick
short' stop
Glover    Ellis
left  field
Mclntyre ...      Leppard
centre field
pier .....Gibson
right, field
Ross    Cunningham
This makes tho standing of the city
league to dato:
Won Lost P.(*.
NEW YORK, June 28.—The New
York police confirmed last night the
new phase of the Slgel murder case
brought-to light in Newark," N.J. yesterday, that Leon Ling was In Newark early ln the afternoon of the day
of the murder with a heavy oval-
topped trunk on his hands, like the
one in which the body was found,
and a pressing anxiety to be rid of
it. It is ascertained that he attempted to leave the trunk in the Newark
restaurant. ofrLI Sing, but prudent Ll
Sing, would not hear of having the
trunk dumped on him.
James Halstead, the cabman employed by the%awrence Livery company of,Newark, N. J., who told the
police that he hauled a Chinaman
and a trunk from Ll Sing's restaurant
in New York to ■ a house on 8th avenue, presumably the place where Elsie Sigel's body was found was brought
to police headquarters. He looked at
the trunk in which the body was
found'and. it is understood that he
identified it as the one hehad hauled
although the police would not admit
this.    -°   \.     ,
■The mystery pt just how Elsie Sigel
was killed was cleared up to some extent with the announced results of the
coroner's autopsy, supported in a way
the theory that the murder. was not
premeditated, hut committed on the
spur of the moment by a jealously crazed Chinaman. O'Hanlon. of the coroner's office said there had been found
no ruptured blood vessels such as, always accompanied death by.violence
or strangulation, but on the contrary
■theVe__was_jeyldence_of_j:jnigestlon. of
Commercials       fl
Coal Co	
Carpenters ...   ,
Tho marriage of Miss Kate Wilson
to Mr. Joseph Green was solemnized
In tho MothodlHt "church by tho Rov,
Mr, Grant   on   Wednesday   ovoning.
Following 'tho ceremony tho   wedding
breakfast was held at tho Royal cafo.
About fifty giumtB wore prcBent to do'
honor lo tho newly-weds, The mippor
wuh par oxcelloncfl mid botwoon songs
dances, mid   gonornl   ontortnlnmont,
moHtly supplied by Mobhi-h.  V.  Dick
and .InmoH WooiIh the evening    wiib
mont plonBantly (spent, everybody ox*
preHBlng  themselves  delighted    with
tho evening nnd oxtondlug hearty congratulations In tho huppy couple. The
proBontB wero tuimorouB   and   costly,
find Included runiembraiicos from the
following: From the groom to   bride,
gold watch and chain;  MrB.  C.  W,
Davey, Mm. M. Hatfield, Mr. C. W.
Davey, Mr. Jnmom Woods, Messm. I-1.
T'nvnor    T    .lonon   ,T.   Mllfhell
lllerknn, D. Fergunon, D..,McMillan. F.'
Dennlsnn, Mr. and Mm. D U. Wright,
"Dad" Griffith, Mr, and Mm. Oallagh*
er, MIhh K-dna (.allagher, K. C. Roth-
on, Mr. and Mm. F. Dick, MIhh   M.
Carr, Mr. and Mm. Telfer. Mr, Geo.
At'ilriKOii, MIhh JJar'.'.'iy, Ml"**** M. Krvln
Mr.  I..  I».  Kckntcln. Mr. ond Mm.
McCIeiinln. .loo Sing, R. Donaldson.
The Ledger extends congratulutlonn
to Mr, and .Mih. Green.
the lungs,.such as always goes with
death by asphyxiation. The analysis
of the contents of the stomachjs not
yet completed and on-account, of the
advanced stage of8 decomposition In
which the body was found It has presented, many difficulties. .
There is absolutely no confirmation
of the statement made to the, police
by a clerical friend' of the Slgel family that Elsie ever married Chu Gain,
nor Ling's rival, who is held under
bond, as a material witness.
The district attorney's office had On
Fung, an English speaking Chinese,
up for a little quiz on the Chinese
tongs and their possible affiliation
with the case. Fung told the authorities that nothing was known lh Chinatown to connect Leon with either
of the tongs, and that apart from his
membership In the Chinese Masons--
which tho Masons deny—the only other society to which he belonged was
the Four Brothers, which embraces all
the descendants of tho four fabled
clemigodB who loved In the cloudy days
beforo evon Chinese history began, and
who gather now for nothing more violent than to vaunt their descent.
Even If Leon Is caught and the caso
comes to trial, It seoms littlo likely
from a statomont today that the carefully guarded Elslo lottors will ovor
he made public In their ontlroty,
Parts of thom might bo uho<1 In evidence, but thore aro othor parts, It
was said today of which the family
Ib still Ignorant.
Police Believe They  are
on the Right Trail of
Hold-up Men
TKe Slaughter
Sale is still on.
Call and get a
supply of your
summer needs.
ft, A. Gillespie :-: Fernie
The Fernie Pressed Stone & Concrete j
Sewer Pipe Company      , ■: j
.. All kinds of concrete work done, excavating, sewer ditches, con-
"■Timte^ide"waIks7*iron'fWces7-anQ^  ~
Fire Proof Dwellings from $1,000 up
Over 70 different designs to choose frorn. Before building, have
a look at our designs and prices.
P.O. Box 256 W. M.   DIOKEN,   Mffr.       .fertile, B. O.
Lace Appliques
NOT1CK In hereby glvon  that   thc
time for receiving tender* for oxtcim*
Ion of Fi-rnle newer tyttem it «tt*nd*
e*il to Thurnday July 8.
City Bnglneer City Clerk
KAMLOOPS, II. C Juno 27— Tho
chase nftor the hold up men gonu mor*
rlly on, and tho police look for a cap*
turo within u few hour-**. Eoarly today
tho bloodhounds struck a scout, nnd
I thoy have been following It up ovor
A man's Rhlrt was found iu « t'!*.ci'
which looked very much llko tho torn*
porary domicile of tho rohhors    for
over night.     With every portion of
tho district from tho scono of tho hold
nn twinh to the boundary carefully pa*
trollod It seoms Impossible thnt   tho
mon will escapo. Sergeant Murray   lu
ln chnrgo of tho work and mays that
two Important clues havo beon found.
It Is oNtlmnted Ihnl tho total numbor
of men In tho field looking for tho
hold upK nmnbtim About ona humlml.
With Mich n forco It look* a* though
icscnpii wero iiupoutillilc.
I   Thc police attach much Importance
to the trail mow being followed by th*
blfto.lhound» and they believe    that
tho man hunters will track iho fugl*
Uvea to their lair.
White, Cream and Ecru
at exactly
One Half Price
» #
Company, Limited


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