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The District Ledger 1909-07-24

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 fiy(*t V'^li
In-dustri/a-l Unity, is St
The Official Organ of District Mb; 18, tr.W. W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
VOX** IV.   N*o.
FERNIE, B. C., 7 Jwly 24th,   1909
$1.00 a. Ycat
•4-rSa;n.---.-;-V'---.-'>:J7s. - -'.'—i .."   ;.-<f>."
I-.:asj,.',*.'.-.■-,-,•, T.:-.. .-.;-- .-;.--....t-B-a-
Local News
Victim Found in the River with Knife
■ "V.     ' 7-   -
In his. Breast—After the
Guilty Party
IPrank, Alta;* .] uly i8—About 11 o'clock last inght while In a card gann
. < In a suburb of this town1 called Little
New, York,- Angus Ropse,- a miner, 28
years old,-'was 'stab bed just above the
■ heart by an unknown Slav. He was
conveyed to Frank hospital and at
tended to by Dr.'.Malcolmson, who
found iiim in a serious condition.-   , '
The doctor'gave him all medical at-
"   tendance that was possible, but he died
at four o'clock today from hemorrhage
■ A man was" arrested but it is not yet
&'known if he Is the right party. The.|
'  deceased was born in Nova Scotia and
came here "with his parents several
years ago. He-is survived by his wife
r   and two children and- two sisters who
also • ,,'Aniiiquofi will   be
held tomorrow, when furl' '■■•v partial'*
'[    ars , wilU probably,* be, oil.'
';     -John Kulsciikl was_ arrested at Lund-
brecK last evening on sti'pirion oflo.-
ingthe murderer of Augus Roose.   '''
These and several .•it'.«■?<*■'men  ,l*..*;d
been. drinking-near the, i ***, tr' on .' t lie
_' outskirts of Frank. ■ •- Tli^be two ■•.,0-
■ fighting, but were .separated.     Tr-oy
weiic at it again and "Roose '.suddenly
-*~*"(iuitJ^"ariu!_jumpeu~iritq-"i he-river;—v nd
Kuischki started off toward the slide.
p. Roose was -pulled out,   and.a 'knife
,-.   was found sticking inshls.chest.   Dr.
".   , Malcolmson ^was-'Immediately-.called.'
; to his aid, __'. ■;.   , '*._• 7' ' •>
*' Roose was well known Iri Fernie and
-has relatives at present Hying at   the
•  Creek, .      '.-.''
Don't forget the-Soclalist ,paf£y's ice
cream social-on Monday evening:,"A
first class time is promised.      -
A memorial service in honor of- Captain Horwood will be held at tlie, Salvation army citadel .on. Sunday after-'
noon.        *      '     v-  '    ; ■. "i **
.     ....     "...''
.Miss L. Thompson and Miss C.
Croag returned this week from Winnipeg. -The "welcome they, received
was evidence of how they were miss*
ed.     . .   ,-  ''.'.-
J. 'R. Lawrle is away at Hamilton
at present, and Mr. M. W. Martin of
Winnipeg has charge of thc bank, rt
Is expected, that Mr. Lawrle will be
away about two weeks.
r,    - - <j
The Free Press .have    the    prices
wrong ln connection    with the Dlxlo
Troubadours show for Tuesday., ' Tho
prices aro 50c, 75c and $l.,.not $2, $1-
50 nnd fl ns they,state.
. -Mr. H. Rochon, familiarly known as
the' "Candy kid' - aiid prominent no
less in musical than in saccharine-circles, is selling out his buisiiess hero,
and removing to Lethbridge.
Upon inquiries as to the condition of
.Mrs Gorrie who .had an arm broken
imd her head bruised 'in a runaway
last week end at Blaiimore, we were
told that she is progressing favorably.
,_ "A special open meeting of the Trader,
mid Labor council will be held on Monday evening to arrange for Labor day.
All unionists and friends are invited
to attend and help the T. and L.with
the work of arranging a gala day for
that occasion.     * ,       '■    '
-, A number of-the friends of Mayor
Herchmer got together, on Friday evening,, and held/a .very enjoyable entertainment'at his residence.greatly'to
Ms surprise! Dancing was indulged
iri,, and refreshments followed, and, so
enjoyable was the evening that Mr -
Herchmer was promised another visit
in the near future. '„..-> - : °!-
The city council decided to build
the new fire hall with the Fernie brick.
The = ne,w ' city hall ■ would - have been
built with-the"'same material if 7 the
yard had beerii;unuirig"iri'time, biit tho
— 1.1 - ». ----.       *-.- '4-*-,-*-. 4 U., l...|«l.__,',„.,   lj
-Siueriiiujr^uiaini   luui,   uic ^ui iCjrvw,i tu u -
Important Case Affecting:
•Taber Miners Just
OTTAWA, July 21—The Department
of Labor today received the report of
the Board of Conciliation in the strike
of the miners of tho Canada West Coal
Company at Taber, Alta. - - . ' v
.. The-question at stake was mainly
that of wages and contract prices'for
coal whether the screened or the unscreened should be paid for, and whether 2240 or 2000 pounds to the, tori
should be the basis of calculation.
Tho men demanded the unscreened
basis .of '22-10. The board finds that
the screening appliances at the mine
are not of the best and until new methods in that' regard are introduced
there as is promised,-pay on the basis
bf 2240 pounds unscreened shall obtain.
The old contract ■ prices remain in
force.-        -• ... '     '
'The board consisted of .ludge Winter,'^V* C. Simmons of Lethbridge, and
Colin Maeleod. The report was urianl-
hious.  -
"   ' *•    a. ,    *
As tasters - we are* certainly thero,
but gontly^please .because we have limits. John McLachlan sent us a sample
box'of strawberries with his compliments,* ••_ These * berries were grown
right here in Fernie and are the Very
best'strawberries 'we- have seen*or tas
tod "this year.- . They have the Cres-'
ton, Nelson and Spokane berries backed away oyer the hills for flavor aiid
size, and clearly, demonstrate that fruit"
can be grown here-as,well as in other
parte of B7C- *, There was just one
troublo with the berries—they did not
last long enough. John should be very
proud of his product.
.Mr. Wm. Moore, late of the Moore
Co., printers of Winnipeg, accompanied by Mrs. Moore,and their son Edward, arrived here Mjbnday and left.for
a short stay with.E.'H. II. Stanely of
Baynes. Mr.* vice president
of Ihe Canadian Queen Oil. Company,
and holds nearly all the controlling
shares in the California King, of which
several Femle citizens have shares.
Mr. Moore is ori his way to California
to seo "that the shareholders get ,the
right treatment as soon as oil is struck
which is expected shortly. . " Mrs.
Moore is a sister, of/our manager, Mr.
W. S. Stanley.--        ■> ,    „ .':
I -■■ r 'j
SASKATbON, July 19—Cliiis. Jf.
Getzhnm, aged 22, a linrnardo boy, tool;
a (iuarler of an ounce, of strychnine
and died at tho penitent bonch of tho
Salvation army of which he was for
merly a mombor. Tho deceased, wlio
wus steady, honest and industrious,
camo from Elkhorn somo montliB ago,
and droppod from tho Salvation army
on tailing iip wltli 11 girl who wns not,
a m.embor.
They woro engaged but had a' couplo
of tiffs, on Sunday morning, Getzhnm
thereupon bought tho poison and wont
to tho' Snlvntion Arniy mooting/ Just
boforo tho call for penitent**,, tho do*
ceased loft tho hall, took lho poison
and roturned In tlmo to dio.
ould not supply the demand when they
were readyi' -' .However, be that'as it
may/,' the ■ Fernie ,;Brlck ' Company aroj
putting. Out the. finest' quality "of'.brick
imd should -r,ecelve:- the patronage ot
all,intending builders. '   .      .
"Andy Good, tlio genial proprietor O''
tho Crows Nest hotel, entertained tho
railroad men to a picnic on his spac
ious nromlses on Thursday; •„ A first
class day was" enjoyed by all who tooK
part, the only event to spoil the fun
being tho sudden dislike Andy Good's
monkey took to the crowd. He bolted
for tho trees nnd It wns not until tho
next. morning that ho was captured.
Andy has tlio ideal spot and besides
Unit'ho knows how ,to ontqrl.a|n.
A Bpe'cial me6tlng of iho Bsthor Ro-
bokah Lodge- No.   ,20 waB- hold    on
Thursday, July 22 at K. of P. Hall.
Tho following officert. weor Installed;
■ N..G.,Mrs. ,T. Boll.
V. 0.,'Mr-i. Ferguson
•   H. S., Mrs, P. Vanco
It. S., Miss Thomson   .
T., Mrs. T. Bock
C., Miss U, Lolclie**
W., Mrs, Armstrong
C„ Mrs. C. Waylotl.
R. S. N. G.. Mrs. P. Vdnco.
L. S. N, (....Mrs. T, IUggB.
0. p.,  J.   MoNIcIoh,    '
1. G., II. Young.
0«    Ae
- j  ■        . ...
City   Fairly   Shocked  at  Report of
Officer's Death-Cut-off in the
Prime of Life
A particularly Bad accident occurrod
In fills city on Thurudny ovoning ot
Innt wcok which romiltodUiIh morning
lii tho death of Cnptnin' Lucy Horwood
of the Salvation Army,   A number of
. tlio Army pooplo had boon out for an
outing   In tho woods north   of   tho
city, mill tiumo ot thorn ■a.viio fututniiiK
In!.! In the ovoiiIiik on a hand car, and
n» they nearcd tho eftd of their Jour
wiy (hoy woro mot  by Cnptalrtlfor
wood, who expressed a wish to hnvo u
rldo on lho car. . feprliiKiiiK up itV itici
roar, Mint Horwood 'readied down  to
pick up a littlo Rlrlj,    A* ulio did ao.j
tht). hnndlo bnt* of the onr, which w&rJ]
•till In motion, camo In iharp contact',
with hor head, with tho renult that]
her iiplnnl column wnn nn Injiirnrf fhiilt
.♦death roKUlted curly Sw_nd*y mornfn***j
, Mlaa Horwood waq ' an . (sxcniplnr*/
.bhriitian, Jovo-J and rotpaclpd by all
who 'knew bor. Tho low itiui con*
ai* an lrr«ttrlflv«blfl blow (b Wr *t*dA
Met In the Ariny work, by whom iho
waH I'l-garde'd iih not only a londi-r,
Hut iih a 'truntod nt)d trlod frlond,
wIioho whole soul nnd ovory ability
woro wrapiiod up In tlio work noar
and dour to lior heart, Captain Horwood waH twonly-four ynara of ago nnd
soomod to bo but oniorlng upon a lite
Uf ll(Hlll)M(. IKialftllUaJria, III 0  VlOllli vilikh
nootlH Hiirh _7iv<*H. Hor pments lived
ol laondon, Ont., and a tltdcr •engncod
In tin/Htimo work lives at Vornon, I).
O.', who arrlvod aH floonna posulblo
wier viib aociOi-nl, iim tuntiia. *,(*r*
vlco'was hold on Tuoaday afternoon ijl
tho Salvation Army citadel, and a
largo number of sorrowlnn acaualntan*
coa. woro pr9iont. Tho city fcloruy
woro proicnt and aHnlted in tho sorv* Thn rnmnlnn were later on con*
voyod lo the C. P. It. station from
Tt'licnco they woro nhlppod to London,
Ont.," her old borne, where Interment
wilt tako placo. Major and Mn. Mor*
rfi'of Vftheouver and Col. Coomba of
Calgary wero pro-sent.   " *
Last night's game between the Fat
gopd'game. ,.The Commercials looked easy' to G. N: Blackstone, who
twirled a fine game and fanned several
-supposedly .''good'*hii;terai. -'But'* whore
the Fats shine Is in their hitting. They
sure swat the sphere till ,it looks like
a marble flying through the air. Doc
Wriglesworth is a specialist at hitting
and Spilman is another. The game
started put pretty even, but wo had
nn off haunch that when the Fats beat
us and we beat Gillespie's pets, that
it would be good policy to stake half
'our men) ticket on the Fats. We took
(ho haunch, by the .nock and'consequently this morning had enough to
pay cash for a brand new meal ticket,
Spliman is three quarters of the Fata
line up and played the game all. the
timo, Dean caught, a pretty good
game although lib throw away a fow
at the start.,, Parker was tried out
bohlnd tho.j bat for the Comms and
mndo good.,, Gillespie plays ball just
llko all tho managers and that Is going some, Tom Wliolan and Auctioneer
Bruce included.
, ,W,. R. Ross showod tbnt as woll as
roping ln tho olectors he could ropo
In tho fly balls off tho Commercials,
and ns n hitter ho mado us good nH he
doos at public speaking. Tho 'sooro
stood 10 to 10 nt tho closo of tho
gamo, and tho following was tho lino
up, ' Krugor Kastnor was umpire,
and with tho oxcoptlon of Hurvoy
Drown* ho handed out good decisions.
Of courso thoro Is reason In nil things,
Commercials Pate
pitcher i,
llllchlo Blackstono
Parkor,,,,.;  Doan
short  slop
tl lover     Spllmnn
first baso
McKellar ... \Vrlglonworth
second baso
Glllosplo   Lloyd
third bnao
Smith ... , llrown
loft flold
ISIIIott    Illack
contro flold
Parkor     Whelnn
right field
Pi'iilmkor ..... ... ......Illckoy*Ho»*i
The Dixie Troubadours have nothing
to "complain of the so called panic in many other theatrical companies have went-up against this sea
!son.' The business has continued' to
be up to the top notch and i'n many instances they have been compelled to-
turn people away "from the doors: Several critics have reinocked that the
Trip to New "Orleans, the musical creation, in whicli the Troubadours are
appearing' this" season, - is the strongest money getter.yet, and that Mine.
Sarah Geren is'singing better than ever. At the Fernie opera house,'July
27th. '   ,' 7   '  '
Hurricane   in   Galveston
With Disastrous
* GALVESTON, July 21--Ten lives
were lost so far as is known In a hurricane which swept over the Gulf of
Mexico -, and struck Galveston today
and then continued inland. While the
city of Galveston was held safe against
the fury of the storm by the two million dollar sea wall seven miles in tho
gulf on Tarpon Fishing pier where the
storm whipped over the jetty into the
bay, I en persons weie washed from
the rocky promontory and into tho
gulf. ,   '      ' '
Boats are out tonight searching the
bay for bodies but so far they have not
been successful.
At times the wind registered 68
miles an hour and it'is believed that
only,the sea.wall saved the city from
,a disaster like the one of 19007
,   ■     - NOW WORK'NG IT      '
Charles Garner was up from Michel
on  Wednesday.
Mr. W. S. Simmons of Victoria wr;
a visitor in the city on Thursday.
a. ■        o      ,
Court has been-held a few days-; litis
week under the auspices of his honor
Judge Wilson. ,       , ,   "
, The police are getting trunkfuly of
frequenters of the district that lies to
the south of the city. One man was
found hidden in a trunk and had to be
dressed before being taken up town.
Dont' forget the Unioii* Sunday
school picnic at Elko on Monday, Aug.
2nd. Special train from C. P. lt. depot at 9.15. Adult tickets 75e. to ho
had from any of the .Sunday school
teachers. ,'       ... . ■'• .
For sixteen yenrs the nawii.- "Salada" lias stood for the maximum of
quality, purity and flavor ,in blended
Ceylon teas, so that the only' thing
you need to look out for is the "Salada" label on every package ol ten ymi
buy. ■
■ ' .Mr..Lloyd of the Fat Man's busoball
team has just returned from a two
weeks,trip to Cleveland, Ohio; Wallace, Idaho; Wenatchee and Spokane.
Lloyd saw the big fellows play ball at
Cleveland, and has learned some new
The Dixie Troubadours will thin nea-
son present a company of gigantic proportions. This company has always
ijicn the best performance of its,kind.
The'company this year excells all its
previous efforts*.' It is a continuance
performance of song, dance, comedy,
nnd "opera, all embodied in a trip to
Xew Orleans, which is the best vehicle
yet ri used by this company and in
Which the entire strength of the company is used to "their capacity. Coming to tlie Fernie Opera house July
27th.    ' '
'Tis Rumored Thai-Now System
Be Used to -*"rocuie Better
Results and More Coal
,, Preparations l>are-being;-,completed
for a grand banquet' under the auspices'of the Board'of* Trade, tb be hei J
on "Fernie Day,"'August 2nd. . The
Mayor lias proclaimed a civic holiday,
and the Sunday schools of the, city
are taking advantage of it to have
their annual picnic. The Board of
Trndo, with the co-operation' of citizens generally, hope to make Fernie
Day an annual'event, and no pains are
bolng spared to give tho idea a good
start this year. Efficient committees
nro working- on the different features
of tho celebration and a numbor of re*
prosontatlvo' guests are expected from
our nolghbroing' cities, who, n yoar
ago, so nobly came to our assistance.
Tho watchword is "Greater Pernio"
and It Is,an Inspiring, expression of
faith In the futuro of our city.
-■*. The Prank Paper says: A.discovery
which may prove to,be the most important ever made on the eastern slope
i-y.Kount/., one of,the oldest prospectors1'of this portion of the'west. It is
.nothing less, than'a twelve foot quartz
lead which carries both gold and. platinum.'"     ' - ''
Tlie values as shown assay q£
the surface rock an/not high, but Mr.
Kountz has a prospect, hole down some
An exciting runiiwiiy occurrod onily
Sunday morning on Mncphorson ave-
mio, tho chlof participants being   tho
dollvory wagon of P, Carosella nnd a
flinall boy,     Tho horiios got beyond
tlio control of tho diivor, and bolted,
going at n terrific pace for sovornl
blocks.    Portiitialoly fow pooplo we're
on tlio si root at this hour, of tho moiy
liliig,     Tho team turned In at Mnc*
I'liorson and .M-M'.vny Ht roots In front
of a now cottngn roconlly built, thorn,
Tlio .tongue of tlio wngon ran Into   n
largo stump In the yard bringing tho
runaway tonm to a suddon stop, and
ni Die iiarno tlmo throwing tbo young
boy to tho ground with coiiHldornolu
forco,     Fortunately tho lad was not
rwrjounly hurt, nltliongh ho hnd a mir*
ncitloua escapo from being badly used
up,    Tho wagon was dnrnagod   con
tildorably, but tho liorsos woro   not
Ueaaue Standing
Won Lost P.O.
Coai Co    <* l
Sciiitlv     . ll
Commercials       . $
Ledger  :.   3 .1
Fata    3 3
Carpontors   ,,..,,    0 fi
Dont forgot the game on
night Ledger v. Scouts. Put your mon
oy on tbo Lodger nnd tnke a long
chnnco. .
W. A. Ingram iv putting up el'ovon
boxoa of cigars for the winning team
in tho league, including tbo umpire.
TORONTO, July 21—Tlio Ontario Alliance It. now arranging for local option
contests In over CO municipalities thin
fall. This Includes the cltlos of Po*
toilioro nnd Brantford and Hovenlonu
eight feet Hvom the bottom of which
he has taken sample** which have tho
appearance of bejng very fine ore.
These have beon shipped for assay
and Mr. Kbuntz feels very confident
they will give much higher values,
than the surface rock and that wltli
depth Iho oro will provo to be very
Tho lend Is situated , about two
miles west, of Colomiin. ,It was discovered by Mr. Kount**. about fourteen
years ago but owing lo discouraging
circumstances ho novor attempted to
do anything with It, Ho kept his know
lodgo quiet until roconlly ho was ablo
to mako, his prospoctH. With a follow
prospector ho has been engaged tracing tho load and sinking the prospect
hole tho "pnat month, Tho appoaranco
of tho rod: Improved lo such an extent
when a depth of olght foot had boon
reached that ho at once stakod claims
and If the rotuniH from lho snniploa
Just shipped for iissny bear out his
hopes nnd expectation'' ho will onden*
vor to do sufficient work nt onco lo
provo tho vnluo of Hip find.
Tho nssny return** from the surface
rock give $1 ,S0 lu gold and $1.88 in
platinum or $3.(18, Mr. Kountz (Iilnlis
tho samples on which he iiwiiKh ro
lurns will go at lontit $10 In values,
Ilo Iiiih stakod four cliiliiui for lilniKolf
and iiHHOclateH who iiui W, L. Hnmllton of tho Lnitcn Collieries, N. T
McLeod of Lt'tlil'i'lilui* nnd (ionrgi
Four other clnlniH have booh staked
by friend-* of Mr. Kountz,
Tho lead Iiiih ii north and south
strike and rKiikIk nonrly imrpondlciilnr
iih fnr iih proHont Indications whow, It
Intersects (ho l'ltUroiv! and four claims
havo lionn hInlted ou cither Hide,
Hhould thn find prove nil Uh (IIhciv
ororsoxpoctH of It, ll will bo by fnr
thn moHl Important ever made on llm
oaHt of tho mountains* nH it has boon
a popular belief thin (piiirlx did uol
exist nn this nldo and Hhould (his find
provo tho contrary to bo true, It will
v.e ' (l**-"'-.* hn 'in! iim fr-ironim!"!* nf
othor nnd llkolv oon more Inipnrtani
The output of No. 2 mine' at Coal
Creek will. certainly increase al an
unheard of rate' from0 now on, and extensions .to coke ovens, tracks,    and
to he rushed. * Reason is- simple
Mr. Thos., Biggs, recently -financial
secretary for Gladstone local,.- this
'week laid "down, the, pen arid garb of
office',"'and returned to Hie .centre of
the' earth with the rest of his fellow
coalers, Tom went off sporting a"shiny
dinner pail, and his berlh on Iho Coal
Creek Pullman Is 1,190, The 13 part
of tho number Is,a hoodoo, but 11 is
offset by Die 90, which indicates that
Iho gentleman In question will he
wealthy nt (he age of 00,,
On Monday mornm**-- El!!-.'-- Ro*j.!.-s.. •
president of tins Crows N '!•■ Pass C-v.l   .
Co.   Limited,  arrived from    Toronto,
and has since been  busy, conferring
with the officials  here In regard    to'1
matters perlaiiiln*.- to. thc .betterment   .
of thc Coal Creel, workings. Mr. Jns.
Ashworth, an eminent lOnglish authority on coal niiniiii-, lias liec*n here for
some time goiiiK over the various pro- -
pcrtics of the .cninimiiv- and in.corn-t>
pany with Mr.  Hurd   and _ President •'
Rogers a thorough  inspection  is being made. Report*• say that until late
years no .systemut.': effort has been •
made to ascertain tin; amount of coal
in the various senilis and tbat a regular system for obtaining all the coal'
in the .mines nan not force., .
It is a well.known fact tbat in many
of the  mines on this  continent  the
systems employed  wiistc about" half.:
the coal Jn tho"pruporties.   'An over-
anxiety,to produ.-c coal is often responsible for this, and In many cases
proper development,'work  has  never,
been carried out. '   Kvidently thelo'
-... 1_/!..._ ......_, nH.._i I_..A^....a[.11Mi4^....	
.;i*.i-x^uiui,',.lia-— ui,.-i1*.:!"!—Oil^nuiumjjrno--"
far ns possible, ;■. recurrence of ■ these
mistakes,-and siro-goint*- to run Iheir •
mines so us' to obtain all coal that-Is -
worth goiiij- afloi'.ii'i ihe fastest and
safest way. - Mr. Rogers expressed
great surprlso at the progress that had"
boon mado .In I Id rebuilding of the
city in tho ('ouii'Hrnlfv'Ply short tlmo
slnco August I Iuul-
Owing to the specinl nature ol Iho
stock being used In thc production of
"Progressio Fernie," It is not regular'
ly kopt on hnnd by the wholesalers,
henco considerable delay has been experienced in filling the order ■ placed
several months ago for paper.' Mow-
over tho stock Is all here now, and
splendid progress Is being mndo. Tin.
engraving for the cover, a two color
of foci, Is most attractive, and will
add materially In tho nppearanco of
the publication. Hardly a day piikhcs
without somo Inquiry about lho book
uiiil advance orders lire coming In far
In nxcoss of our expcclniloiis. The
photos, all from tho camera of Hpuld*
Ing, are works of nrl, nnd no iixpuiiKO
will bo spared to reproduce llmin In
print true,to'nature.
These clovm   vaudeville performers
will givo llioir In."I   performanrp,. In
l-'oriilo ■Saturday nlgiil.  During their
six weeks sliiy lion' lliey hnve prndue*
i'd 18 HkelcliuK mid every one a perfect
ncl, which ban won (ham.ii host of
admirers,      Tlioy, nui without doubt
tho best vaiKlnvllli! iierfonncrs seen In
Fernie.     Am n. i'iir..wpll performance
thoy have enocu-n   .»  Dutch   comedy
singing, tnllaiiiK and dancing sketch,
which iH.-inllri'ly original and iH very
funny.     Tliuir costumes In this act.
nro real Dutch mul conn* from tho old
country.     An ii I'-in-wcll performance
Ihey could not Iniu; plc'.cd out an not
any heller an ili«*y will be seen al their
best, so don't fail In i-'eo tliem on Snt,-
unlay ■ night.     Tliuo will also bo tt it
entire c.lianit«: of nictui-os, Admission
will hn lis iihiuiI; iiilr.ltM 2f)C; children
""■All the Camps Working-Nicola Valley Only Place Not Signed
Powell on Ground
Tbe monthly loclai of tbo Daptfut
Young pooplo -will OVo pl*c« at Mn.
aiddlngi, Pellat avenue on Monday
evening.    Ice cream and cake.
■JiiV'-S*    *>
; 7 •*^'
y-. K ,
',\f... yfWttfc
*%- / * , .7;V*
'•   \. la* «.K'WI
The trouble al IIIDcrent hw iwe.w
liiiilged over ponding Dw iiiihwoi of
tho Intoritiitlnnnl and the flnnl finding
of lho board, Tho men untried to
work there on ThurHdny, nnd once
more "all In woll" In lho dlnlrli:l., Iiiir-
ring nf course lho irouble at Nicola,
wlmro President Powell and Organlxer
JnmoH nrn nl prosoni     VIce-l'reHldeiil
WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN COLD Ht,lbb" n"d *<*<-'T™m™ c*«m w,)»l
lo Colomnn on Frldny tnnrriin*.. In go
The fllldlnR KiirnKuro Shoo 'lined in , , .    , .     .,   ., _.
n     .     .      ...    ... .... Inlo totnn local liotible Ibern     Thorn
Is a likellliood of the iroubJe at NHoln
bclnx aettled once tho president Ik on
v.vsv.. I..: ■,»-.:...- :.:.- :■"-';.--* •'r",n, n*"" *>"••
klnda of furniture. Won't wear hole**
In your enrpets,    or mark polished
floora.  For Kale nt TrltoH-Wood Co.
Thc Rewlnllnt nartv's Ice cream social and dance will bo held In Mruce**
hall on Monday evening: at 7.30. A
apodal train will leave here for Coal
Creek after the dame,
tlm field, nlllioiifib ho goen I here In
fare of a seeming unwillingness on
tlio part ot the mnniigemenl to Kiittln
iu the foltowlttK t-Iearly cIiowh-
The iinnRtUfnrtory rondilinnt*; which
have for some tlmo prevailed in the
Nicola Valley mines, nnd the failure
of prevloui. ncxollatlona to brint. about
a aettlomc-nl, rauiiwl I'reMdenl    Pow
ell Id win; Ili'iii'Mil Ali'iinger \\ . II.
AruiHlroiiK ol Iln. Nicolji Vnllej i'imI
A Coke Compnny, Hiiggiinttng thn' Iui
(Powell) should meet HieK'tfienil iioni-
nger III ronfiM.'iice with « view !<■ ••(id*
(ill, the iniHiilliifiii'toiy .-ondltloin; that
have exluleil (liem for Dome uionilni
The Kemui (o ntanngcr sent   tho
following reply:
ViiiKotivcr, July vih.
W. Powell, I'feMlifenl U.M.W. id A.
"Unavyart: id 4iiytMn9 requiring ne
Nimln Volley Conl k
CaVe Va.   "
Mr.  Ariii'tlii'ii,-'*;   vision    munt tm
(Infective 1n Iln" i'*treiin«, if nfier nll>
the troiihlo tltot hns been on in   hin
rnlnem. li« •*»'• •••••• netblng r.-<jiitr1iu*
ncRAtlallriti if- ? '■'•      v ;
- *>.&"
\ ^,.*» * ,
t, •  / -
I' '
Steam heated throughout7 ,
=■= .. ra,
•     '. • • .*..•*•
•'. 77'"     -7v
Hot and• cold .Baths.
t . - *-*" 7 '   „    1 - *
'-__. '"~''1"*'y^yT- 77- "
7.    "-    ,' 1    J.   -*'1-'      -      .-'"'
Tlie King Edward -
, -   - ■      «■ -   - -  - .'-"*•*.';. 7  .7'..:
Fernie's  Leading  CommercialsHotel47-^7
<■   -,fl   'If    .-.-»!
Ratea $2.50 and upwards,
- \i
-  *-       hi
i \,, -..
'..' ' •'*.,'*1 • -      ' \        -.
in* Chicago ' Dally
H.   Y.   Calhoun
As tho "good" mail aeos the evil
that is rampant on ovory hand he ex-
■perlonces.a degree of sadness'and dls
couragemenl according to the, sons!*
tlvenoss of.hls conacleitco.
If he Is a "man of prayer." he Invokes divine help and blessing for every agency of good In the struggle
■against evil and prays that contusion
may overtake the workers of Iniquity,
and the powers of evil may come to
But each day ho sees" that just the
opposite is coming to pass. Not one
of the evils that he has heard of or
knows anything about is.being lessened,' but all are on the increase The
Bteady increase in divorces appalls
■    The   increase in the percentage   of
. murders as woll as in crimes of   all
kinds; the increase of suicides and insanity; the increase of,prostitution, of
'   wife   desertion—in fact,   if there is a
single recognized evil, of socitey that
is   being satisfactorily dealt with, it
would in some, measure at least recon-
clle us to the present system and 'give
lis a ray of optimistic hope" that   in
some far distant future a society might
!be evolved in-which tho majority, al
' least, would find life worth living.
x Politics, or the "science of government,' has grown to be one of   the
greatest of all evils which tho conscientious man can only, contemplate
with a feeling of despair,   and   as' a
great game "of duplicity it grows even
more complex and more corrupt.
Religion; from which so many looked and hoped for social a.s well as individual redemption, is now acknowledged by even its most ardent au\ .**-
- catcs   to be deteriorating and- drifting
, Only the working class, who have
nothing to lose but their, chains and a
world to gain, can ue expected to be
interested In the real regeneration of
society.,Instead of looking to a "better class", who are supposed to be ln:
terested in this regeneration we should
realize that this same ','better class'
already own the earth and everything
on It, which gives them full power to
work their will. *
They control papers, schools, the
churches—every avenue of influence
o> learning by which tho minds of flu-
people can he led' and their actions—
and votes controlled. And as a result
we have present society!
Even such horrible exposures as
have been lately made by the Dally
Socialist do not arouse the better class
to,action,'or even enlist an apathetic
These evils fall upon the victims, the
working class, not upon themselves.
' These evils fall upon the victims, the
working class, not upon themselves.
When a child of oiie of their class was
kidnapped and held for ransom they
clamored at once to have this crime
placed in the same category as murder in the first degree and. they bid
fair to succeed in most every state—
but evil unspeakably worse' falling
upon members of-- the working' class
who have first been crowded down into the underworld, does not concern
them, for-they themselves are safe..
They are like the godly man of whom
the Psalmist says:-"Thou shalt not be
afraid of the pestilence that walketh
in darkness, nor for the destruction
that-wasteth at noonday. A thousand
shall fall at thy side, and'ten thousand
at thy right hand; but it shall not
come nigh thee."
So we need not*hope to arouse'the
"better class' to improve conditions
Ownership confers all power upon
them. They can have any .kind of society they want and they have it.
Look into their comfortable and lux
But go to Belgium and you will see
millions of dollars of property owned
by the working class. Factories, dairies, mills, mines, slores and endless
other profit making industries owned
by the people. *■ i
A few big capable men were leaders
in building up this great commercial
property. They have no wealth of their
own. They have asked nothing for
themselves. They have served in a
spirit of true democracy the common
' In England next to the largest single property is owned by the workers
They have achieved their work as a
class and In the spirit of democracy
thoy endeavor to overthrow, capitalism
by their co-operative labor.
In every parliament of Europe there
sit scores of able, estimable men. They
are the paid employes of a magnificent
democratic movement .They voice the
aims, demands and aspirations of that
movement. They seek nothing for
themselves. -   ' .
They are great not by riches or by
power or by egotism; they are great
by virtue of their cause and of their
service to that cause.
" America is still in 'the hero-making
stage. Even"the working.class has not
freed itself from the Booker Washington philosophy. It is nearer the philosophy of apes than the^philosophy of
big, broad minded .men who have all
thought deeply and striven forcefully
to emancipate mankind.,
As soon-as Americans found a college, a* public lyceum, a trade union, a
political party, they leave its control
and management ■ to a som machine
gang which sooner or later takes it out
of the hands of its' owners and uses
it' for the aggrandizement ,of the
•gang.     __    „    ,   '   ' "     .   7       - .
The movement- in- Cleveland is a
Tom Johnson movement;'-the,,'movement in New.Yo'rk a Henry George'or
Hearst movement. * •
The whites, like the .blacks, are
crying"like a lot- of nursing' infants
for   freedom,'  for liberty . for democ-
wore supposed to be the only safe in-
chorage of society.
Poverty, the root from which mo-it
evils spring, is at last compelling recognition, which In itself brings despair
since no cure, is-conceivable In proa-
ent society.
Some one may point lo benevolence
or. charity as an ovldonce that the
"world Is growing better," .and in
truth no one can point to anything
else; but would a decent burial bo
any evidence that the ravages of a
plague,wero being overcome?
"The growing necessity for these
doubtful virtues shows tho failure of
tho presont system Tho growing re*
Hponse to this need is simply a tacit
acknowledgement-, of tho failure.
All of Ibis being truo, why then is
ll that wo should give expression to
» pessimistic wall? y    ,
, Wo aro prompted by the all too pro-
valont Idea that thoro Is, n cause for
It all in the dopiavlly of a certain por-
■ tion of society, a vicious clnss-who aro
on one sldo of a cloaily drawn linn
roriisliig to llvo up lo recognized othl
cal und moral slinidardH nnd working
against those who nro on lho othor
sldo of this line, bonding llmlr onorKioB
for good.
•Tf all would only do right," thbno
latter High,.and thoy really think tlioy
am the saving »alt \vhlch koopa the
world from going lo destruction.
As a mattor ot rncl thoro aro few
indeed who nlnnd upon either side of
mich a lino, and those who think llioy
aro on the aldo of good are oflontlmuH
directly or Indirectly Hiding civil.
Wo believe It wiib Slovoiwon who
Willi 'There In no much Rood In the
worat of iir and ho much bad In lho
lies! of im thnt It hardly boobovuH any
of u» lo Hpealc 111 of tho rout or un.'
And It Ih only wllh the Honlallat p'robo
thai we cnn go deeply enough Into
IIicho word a lo renll'/.e n iiimiihiii'i** of
I heir truth,
Thn good mini of niimiiii who Ik i-mi*
<ly lo help every good work, when
"brayed In a moiinr wllh a poHllo," Ih
found -o he drawing bin Income from
lliu   blood money of explellatlon,
ed by,society as it is.     ,Is' It*   any
wonder they are so slow to attack the
evils "of that society?
These evils must be borne by oth-.
ers "and not by ourselves, and are often found even attractive In relieving
the ennui arising from a surfeit-.of respectable luxury and all furnished by
the working class.   |
Note the difference, in the attitude
of the Dally Socialist and all the organs of capitalism during the exposures und the GIngles trial.
If wo ever, have better conditions the
working class must throw away thoir
"bettor class' now'spapers and Ideas
nnd come to a realizing sense that
there will really never bo a "better
class" until they themselves constttulo
„ Thero'wlll never be any hope of a
bettor world or bettor city for themselves to llvo in until that hopo,first
burns ln their own breasts, lending all
who'share It lo Join'In-tho organized
movomont to overthrow (lie*foundation
of lioll which is lead in exploitation
and roar the grand new Hoeinl-structure wheer all shall live In ponce and
When tho working class wi'int mich
a chango wo will hooii havo It,
Tho present "better clnss" will ne
ver want ll, or allow II, If (hey can
help It.
-racy: : ■ ■   '.   : *--
, But tlie whites and the blacks never
think to achieve it for themselves but
always to" win some Moses who will be
honest, disinterested' and public spirited.      _,.'•■
"Put money In your purse." That is
Booker T. Washington's advice to the
leaders.of his race. ,
•"Put money in thy'purse." , Such is
the philosophy, political, economic and
ethical, which now dominates the democracy of the West.   •
Tho other day Hooker T. Washington advised tho negro to get rich. Ho
hold up as an Ideal .1. !». Morgan.
Become a millionaire; rulo Rtonka nnd
you will hoIvo the problem of your
raco. Such woro IiIh Hon! linenlh.
This Blatemont would be unworthy
of nol Ico worn It not thnt It exprowiei*
In ohhoiico a phlloHophy which Ih ent*
Ing the honrt out of denioerney.
It In tho old doctrine tbnt i lie re can
be no HocInl problem in n count iv
whore a wage worker can bncoinn it
Rockefeller or a ('ariu-Klf".
It   Ih   the philosophy of iirlHiocrney
which would have mint eoiilent  pro-
or* vlflliiflf a few may gain their way Into
It Is truly amusing to observe the
off hand manner by which In a half-
column, tho editorial wage slave of
the capitalist press effectually demolishes the theory of scientific Social-
Ism . , 7 ■
The identity of the Interests of capital,, and laboi—Socialism Impossible
while selfishnesses a predominant I'oa-
ture of human naturo—destruction of
nil InceiTtlvo to effort Inovllably consequent, on the Hoc'liills-ntion of means
of life, etc. UhlldlHh exhibition of fatuity thai havo served as lho stock arguments ngniiiHt SoeiallHin for Iho last
fifty yoni'H. ,
Oh yew! The IntoroHlH of capital
and labor are Identical all right.
Capital, Ih interested In securing ,,ns
much as possible of the total product
of labor. Labor wants as much as It
can got too, So tliut In ouo way, no
violent offence Ih done to the Inhoreni
logical faculty hy Haying that their
InterostH nrn Identical.
If there Ih tiny other way In which
two Individuals, nolthor iieknowledH
Ing any claim of tho other, may be
mild to havo IntoroHlH Identical when
onch Ih Htrlvlng to Riicure iih much na
poHHlblu of a HjibHtimeo tho amount
of which Ih Untiled, It miiHl bo In
Home , iiiyHtei'loiiH ffiHblon not linnio-
dlatoly cninprelioiiHlve by the aver*
ngo mind.
Thou our tMlliorliil paniHlle, uur
trembling Job bolder, IoIIh iih that
HoelnllHin ilomandH n human nut ure radically dlffurent from that ntiw In «x*
iBtence.     In effect be iiKHortH that a
Homo r,f tho mul.idui.m.R ovIIh which ihe^ed cln-K   ^ ^ ? ^ ^^ .^ ^ m ^^ ^ m
oxlHt to enrich labor leitdern. for man Ih ■•hm-iiItally n lionm of prey
Political purlieu exist to exult bom-en
cnuiipi Hcpniate ouranlv«H from the mi*; nr to enrich wmniura.
v ,1,,. ..i,a-,-  nirin       liirliiHtrv ovIhIh to crenle nillllOllllll'OH
Iniul to give a few men power to enn- j Indifference will grow upon mm und
directly or Indirectly mnlui nooNy JuhI
Vliat lt Ih,
Mren   wit boul  aneb nn inneiiii* wn
. . .. I     .      I     r ,i
iillK',1     *   ' tl.t    ..HI    taa        t-.,
cJ ilii Miic -i**rt ".'*■' 'bnro
The tliliiKH which appear the boat
may cmlv help «» porpeluntii Uiohi* thai
f,re worst.
In llmr-i no way Ihon I" «et. our bear-
, i   , . ,.,,,.  ,„1,r.M,f.r me <ll(lllrt  for
Oi* m-tilm-l the pingu-HH toward higher
IiI'viIh? Vcn, ihni» Ik one way. and
only one.
Hni'lnJI***' laya down a line nf el'-ar
hud illHiliHt nn Hi," Hhot<•■ linn of a
i,i.»(, where I be wiivcn* break ugnliiHt ti
wall of mi*'i*l'''* ''■Vf!" ■'■" "PPO"''*--1- «•'
H't'-liilli'iii am entnliiK moro and moro
lu ti-;A\f
in canlbal mlluir. for hin own kind im
hin vli'tlniH) and If you lalcu away tlio
Incontlvo to rob. babltH of Ninth and
trol the mnrkot of tlm world.
The Democratic party hxIhih to nd*
uiiiei! iim fortune., of Murphy of Con
noiH. of, linger Hulllvuit, of Tom Tag
enrt nml of William J. Ilijan.
Tho IlopubllMiJi party exlatH to ml
vnnee the forttiiK-B of II'h political
The Inileppiident l.engno exUts io
dn tlm will mid »crvi* tbe caiiHe of Willinm Itnndolpb HeiirHt.
T.mli- 'ii.lon.*. to K"'. Dan KV"f"
IKhiii Doiiiielly. Frank Hnrgwit. Terence
(n* \,\il Mill. Iiiiil*. .li'.* pi.lil.*.l'*(')<' •'■■'■I
Tbone wim nton-rt tlml flnelnllHin
would destroy Incentive by removing
llio fear of poverty would degrade our
eoiicepl ol ,'iiim.ti .•'..uiv..
They   recognlzo only llm Inceullvo
t()   lllllllHH   pitRHeHHlOllH,   Ignoring   llttP)'-
ly llm fact Uiat nil into aervlce to
humanity Ih never actuated primarily
by arqulflltlvoneif.
llmt] wolf f-nrrlflHnx Hervlee baHheen
rendered III clreuinHiuni'ca tbftl »I)ho*
structure! If you want to crush this
"growing menace of Socialism,"', you
will have to bestir that'childish brain
of",yours. Although, by constant re-,
petition of your editorial puerilities,
you may have convinced yourself that
you have nothing to fear from the
growing class consciousness of the
proletariat— you' convince yourself
alone. a  . .  ,?
You are like, tbe ostrich that, in
time of fear, drives its head into the
sand, and thinks by so doing it will
escape harm. .
Pull your head out of the sand.
Listen to the tramp of the army. It
Is thirty million strong. This army
consists of the united workers of thc
world.'* ■ -
They liave anlhilated race hatred.
They realize the identity of their In-
tere*!?s, and their .object is to abolish
the now useless function of the class
you serve. Later they will absorb
into themselves the class itself, and
in that day there' shall be no more iale
rich. Every man shall justify his ex
istence by labor or starve.
Your job. will be gone. You are
striving to combat the mighty forces
of evolution, and you are on the losing side.' Pull your head out of the
sand. It "is your only chance.'
The defenders of the present capitalistic regime affirm that the present system is fully able to supply all
the legitimate needs of the workers,
and that'the'cause of the poverty and
degredation of the proletariat is its
immorality and self indulgence—that
if the. workers did not spend so much
in drink and'amusement their present
share of. the wealth produced would
be sufficient to keep them in comfort
and provide for "old age,. in' short,
industry and abstinence would abolish
';' In refutation 7'of this assertion -I
submit that were "every workers a total'abstainer, were every worker to
practise these principles-of frugality,
and industry, the sum.of the world's
poverty would riot be lessened hi any
"appreeiable"degree-: ■—*—*—-^	
The numberpfjobs is not affected
by the condition"'of the applicants foi*
tliose jobs. The margin of "unemployment is determlneilnot by the sobriety
or intemperance .of the workers, 'but
by entirely impersonal economic laws.
Ruskln says "The art' of getting rich
is the art of establishing a maximum
inequality ln our own favor."
Thus, If we regard wealth as power,
over mon, my possession of a million
dollars avails me nought if my fellow
men each have a million dollars.". I
can,command no more servlco than my
neighbor. ',
Monoy Is power over mon. Any
accumulation of wealth by the working
class diminishes the relative preponderance of capitalist wealth, i.e. decreases the power of ono class to command the services of ^another class.
The capitalist Ih not sincoro whon
ho ndvlsoB Iho worker lo become frugal and tompei',iito, Any amelioration
of Ihe'worklng'class misery Is dlrocl
Iy opposed to his Interests. With a
largo reserve army of unemployed the
omployer cnn domand n hlghor Htnnd
nrd of efflclonoy--cnn secure larger
profltR, than Is'poHslblo In prosperous
limes when labor Is scarco,'
Frugality and tompornnco, If unlvor*
mil, would lowor tho standard of living
would reduce tho minimum cohI of
HiibBlHtonco, By reason of competition
among tho workorH wages constantly
gravitate to tho minimum on which
life can be nupported, nnd any pro*
needing which toiulH to lower that minimum bonofltH tlio profit mnkor».
Tbey Ho, who toll you that by economy aiid Industry a fortuno equal
In amount to uny now In oxlHteneo
may bo accumulated. Even Hhould a
sin nil Hum be acquired nnd Uh owner
venture In a mndoHt way to try bis
prentice band at capitalism, lio baa
no cbnneo today. Tlun day of the
Hiunll compel lug cnpltnllut Ih purhIiik.
Ho Ih, In I be wordH of Jack Ixmrioc
"bolng ground out between the upper
uilllHtono of the plutocracy and tho
net ber mlllHlone of the proletariat."
If lie 1'ofiino in Hiirroiidnr all control llnu; Interest in production nud be*
eoiim a nmre Hliutobulder In a great
tniHi, the trust by tbe powor of hu-
pe-rlor capital lo produce more efficiently and cheaply Hum be can, will
crush this uiifortunaln relic ot tbo paHl
•'.!'.'■!•, •.''.■'! tf"'ff h'w tt,tA thi* rifnV« of
(he wni'o onrnerH,
Wo nm In a Htnlo of transition,
Socloty In rapidly HCgregntlng Into
I wo great cIiimhi-h, the employers and
the employed. Soon .there will be
none who will' know not ori which side
of, the line they; stand, ■ The rapid
development'of the trust and'the enormous concentration of capital now go-,
ing oh tend to place the,ruling power
in a few hands.        -   _   .    :'
Meanwhile economic knowledge la
being widely disseminated among the
workers. ■ > ■      *
The workers know, that "It is useless
to attempt to stop trustification.
They would not if they could.
They are,not machine breakers. The
trust has proved, its productleness
and efficiency, and It has come to
stay. ,  *        * •
Soon there will be one trust. The
people will own and operate It. It
will produce for use and not for profit, and its name' will be—The Socialist State. —A. Percy Chew'in Winnipeg Voice.* ,    ■  ■
A, Bizzuto
i -,'' *. >-
J. Crawford
Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Cd:
Contracts Taken    °
Including Stump Pulling,* .Land Cleaving, and Ploughing.
,    figure on your next job   ■,"
Let us
Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts:
To maintain life, workers are forced
to use their hands more,than' their
brains. '    _*,'* .
^ The opposite Is true of the capitalist—and that's why he's a capitalist.
To the capitalist his hands are useful,
of course. They are useful, for Instance ,■ *,yhen eating "or dressing. But
brains are his implements.' '
If the average worker lost his'hands
he'd starve or,land in the poor house.
The brainy man, "if struck with this
misfortune, would simply devise ways
to overcome the difficulty. and con
tinue enjoying'life with the aid of a
servant1. *•    . .,
Thinking depends on 'will, power.
When spurred by hunger, men will
work,',but will 'not tlilnk. ' They can
see the result of using their hands—
the thing they make Is before them.
Brain power is thus different from
hand power, so the workers' stomach
has forced them to use. their hands,
while they depend on others to furnish
the brains. ,
And most gladly to "others" yolun;
platforms,, preach contentment, „warn
us against unionism, pass-flaws, and
dictate our morals, * our customs,.-,and
our rules of life, which, on close exam*
ioriation are found tb dovetail into the
grand and elaborate.scheme of keeping
workers In subjection and cleverly de
nylng them any voice in these matters.
And the "hands" wonder why they
aro forced to drudge and toil, never
dreaming of the aristocracy of brains,,
in which they themselves'could be
numbered, If they connected the machinery In their top piece with the main
shaft of books, literature and their labor press.  •■*-■'
And the rldiculoi'is part of tho thing
is our abuse of men smart enough to
trick and jolly, us to leave well enough
(for them) alone,, as wo forgot that
wc—lho ' majority—have, voluntarily
surrendered tho thinking jobs ,to the
very men wo donounco.-
Whon will we discovoi* that Anuirl*
can bruins scorn a dollar and a half a
day standard of wngos, which Is the
average rato for Amerlcnn 'hands?'—
Toledo Union Loader.
A full line of shelf and   heavy   Hard-
Va're in stock together  with a    ■
complete range.-of,.Stoves
Furniture Department
Our Furniture Department embraces the
most .unique and up:to-date, lines. .'._
Come in and have a look
- /
co« .Ltd.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers
There nan boon no theatrical hit In
Now York, or In fact, America slnco
tho first Introduction ot the now famous "Merry Widow" equal    to', that,
Hcorod by tho Dixie Troubndoura. Tho
roeont triumphs In theatres In Now
York, Philadelphia, floaton nnd Now
Orleans were In Homo roHpectH unequalled nnd or   tho HoiiHatlonal   kind.
Some of the InrgoHt. play Iiouhoh   In
those varlouH cltloa with seating cap*
ncttloB up to 3G00 wora) inadequate to
tbo domandfl for woatu, and this   by
tho way, during tbo panic wo Jurat pan*
Hod through. I.aymon, clergymen, Jur*
IhIh, iitntoHmnn, morehantH,   liankors,
JournallHtH, fnrmur*-, mnn of all   pro-
foHHloiiH nnd  calllngH.  Dw  IndleH of
high degree, otchlldroii,   etc,,   from
noar and far, from the -.eaulde and the
mountain, to wUiiohh thin wonderful
performance by the unpiirnlloldd hnnd
of darkey hIiiroi'h nnd daucora.     No
Iohh pori-onngo Dial Tbeodocr Hnoae*
volt, then president of the United 8tn*
toH whh Hiifflclenlly Interested In Uiobo
TroubadoiliH to nuknowloilK» b'H Intercut through a courtooim loiter uddrnHH-
od to tlm maiingement of tbo company
in roply to loiters of invitation io tne
premier puifoniiiiiiee at Soxt   1'uiiV.
The TroubadoiliH will appear at the
Fernie Opern houBi* on July 2".
« ' »
Wm. Eschwig, Proprietor
New and up-to-date
Handsome .Cafe Attached
OPE DAY and    ( GHT
Case Works
Manufacturers   of-
Calgary, Alta,
j Fernie Dairy
delivered    to   all
i ■ i
parts of the town
Great Northern Rail'y
Fast Time and
Go6d Connection
To All Points East and West
Leave Fernie 1.00 p. m.
Arr. Spokane  111     „
hrxtrre from F-ftrnl*** to Seattle and Vancouver
.■■■h a,,d *«*«;»;; ioi«.i .*«■.«.>. j...... mcm^u.^. ^^ PWi«d, *>„ p..*-.........* of«,«.
thnt ...., snililfy IbemHolvcH in ,pp, ,h,1.,M l.jr.1...  ^ ^ ^^ ^l^™^ mMmi,, ,„„ .„
fc,,,°"' .      .   ,, „   ,„,.,„«,   ,hia i,ni,t thiTii In hardly n hIii(,Io hIkii ! other trim HurvnntH of uoclety were, I
„" :i:z^;'^z:»:.!:«";«™< «*i» *>: - -««-,■* - ■— "»•"
iaf«i.d in mo »n> .  . ^ ^ iJ#|M|W,MJC). or hl:)u.* ,„ <1f* , ih,- ihan srceil of rold.
their part aud m »»r«l***blforward and U,wi\\
bonMt COQfM.
Us'-'!,,  O mippnrl«-r of a    tailing
Weak Throat-Weak Lungs
Cold after cold; cough after cough! Troubled with this
taklnfl-cold habit? Better break It up. We have great
confidence in Ayer's Cherry Pectoral for this work. No
medicine like it for weak throats and weak unj». Ask
your doctor for his opinion. He knows,all about It
His approval is valuable. Follow his advice at all times.
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J^tWiSfVthh? Ayj^tPllb. Aikyeu»4odorhlioplnl«». IrthlmiKU*.
Singer Sewing Machines Co.,
Fernie, B. C.
Why be without a Sewing Machine when you
can get one for $3.00 a month?
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-M No alum, no Vomit phosphates
As every housekeeper   can   understand,
burnt alum and sulphuric acid—the ingredients of all alum and alum-phosphate
powders—must carry to the f-aWd adds     "  "
injurious to health.
Read the label  Avoid the alum powders
■t.¥-»**f»*f*(*-f¥*|--J*J**' ******* y »f-4 *¥***<*>¥-I*** *f *Y'f¥¥-*'**Wl
•r* J c*    7 1   Suggestive
SUnCLay    *SCriOOl    Questions
flF  On the Lesson by the Rev. Dr, Linscott for the International
TI   Newspaper Bible Study Otub.   "  "        ****" "
JULY 25, 1S09
Paul's Second Missionary Journey.
"■.thens    Acts xvii. 16-34.
Golden Tent God is a Spirit, and
tliey that worahip Him must worship
Him in spirit and in truth John ii
"Verse 16 —Can any true wan, a
this time, aee the tolly and sin whieh
thousands so eagerly follow, wlhout
hia spirit being stirred?
Verse 17—Notwithstanding that we
all, necessarily, have traded and callings to pursue, should, or should not,
our chief concern be the tremendous
itsuec Involved in *piritual truth, and
why? (This question must be
wered in writing by members of the
club )
Verses 18-21—The Epicureans and
the Staoics had a contrary philosophy
of life, state briefly what they each
Which brings the more lasting hap
pluess, and develops thp nobler cbai-
acter, a life devoted to the pleasures
of aense, or a life devoted to service
for others and to self denial?
What, aa a matter of fact, is the sub
stance of what Paul taught'
Should we lend a respectful ear to
all new theories of life, and eternity,
or reject them without examination'
Verse 22 —Which is thf tetter
man, an active sceptic, or an indiffer
ent and thoughtless Christian?
Which, ia .preferable to be «ver speculating about God, or to ha\e no con
cern for him'
Is a belief in and a longing fof God
peculiar  to  Christianity''
May a heathen who has never
Mime into touch with. Cb-cUtiaalty find
out and know the true-God?
What then Is the adantage for a
true hearted heathen coming into con
tact with Christianity?
Verse 33—Can one man who Ifnows
God, be the means of Imparting that
knowledge fo another who desires to
know him?
Verae 24—How do we know that
God made all things'
God does fill heaven and earth with,
his presence; but does he not also
dwell in temples that are made in
which to worship him'
Verse 25—While God does not .need
the support of man's hands does he
not  desire teh worship    and love -Ot
How does God give to all "life and
breath and all things?"
Will we in heaven be able to see
God, in any different way from the
way in which it Is om privilege to see
him now?
Verse 26.—What Is the evldenoa
that all races of man sprang from the
same (-"-took*!
Has God had anything to do with
the national and geographical dlvls*
Ions, or the globe na they exist today?
Hub God anything to do wltli our
preaentr individual conditions.
Vernon 1b both tho
ohlet Joy nnd Qb'eot ot ..tot*
la it poialltle lor ovory man to tlnrt
gotf If he will but aeelt him, and
what In the only condition ot uooltlnit
How do you nqoAelNe ot thfi Uiouiiht
that "In him we live and move and
have our uotnut1 Can you IHustints)
tho thought with iir, thnt li both In uh
and round uiT
Vertio "(li.—Oan any work of Wt «"••*
resent Clod to any practical advnnt
Vena 30*31—What malte> tho noud
lor rouentaw-1"-.
Ia what way will J-jwui Judgo ths
Verge as.~- Why did somo moot,
when they heard ol the resurreot'ou?
Verses 33-3*1—"Did all who were true
to God accept Paul's messap. ami
were all untrue to God who rejected
KT -
"M-ason for Sunday, Aag. let, im,
—■Clone ot PauV« Mleelonnry Journey
AMU xvlll.-WiB. f
AUduar 1 i«m
Olouts ot Paul's MIsKlohory -Journey.
Acta xvtfl:i-Bl.
•golden Text.—in the world ye ihuli
have tribulation! be ol -good oheor! .
ha-f« oyeruorae the world. — Join.
Verie 1.—What   remarkable tblni
There Is no record of a Vision or any
special Divine instruction for Paul go
ing to Corinth; but is a good man as
much guided by God when he is not
conaoloua of it, as when he is, and
why? (This quesicn must be answered
in writing by mem bens of the club )
Verses 2 3—What waa the attraction between Aquila and Paul
How   do you account for It    Ola*-
there    Is an affinity between me
the name trade*
Have labor men a perfect right
to band themselves together for mu
tual piotectlon against the undue de
miinds of capital?
Has capital a moral right to pro
te<t itself against labor?
Have business men a right to pro
tert themselves against undue competition'
Paul worked at hia trade as a tent
maker tor a living, is there any sug
geetlon In this that modern preachers
should do a similar thing?
A large proportion of the member
ship of the present dftj Christian
church have the latent ability to
preach, ought not this ability to be developed, thus giving to every local
church several preirhbi^ uifl the
work being divided between them,
would be better done than at present,
and each prether make his own Hv
rag'** - «
Verse 4 —Is it the duty and priv
liege of every adult Christian to be
iged at least every Sunday, fn
some specific spiritual work'
Wh-, did Paul, m the beginning, in
Corinth, confine his work to the Sabbath day and to the Jens?
Verses 5 6—What effect did the vis-
It ot Silas and Timothy ha.e upon
If a good man Is eier so much ta
earnest, may the visit of another
earnest man intensify his spirit'
When a man does hia very best in
preaching and foils to make converts,
is he entitled to as much credit as if
he had great success*
Did Paul blame himself for his fall
ie, and that the Jews resisted and
blasphemed, and ought a man of God
alwaya to take a similar stand in
Verse 7 —Has It ever been In the
past as it is today, sometimes necess
y for a good man to leave the church
and start a meeting of his own'
Verse 8.—la bellaf 'u Jesua tu tn
tellectual effect, or Is It spiritual nnd
Verses 9-11—What method did God
take in this Instance to talk to Paul?
Whi is it that so few Christiana
have nny experience or any special
mensnge fiom God?
Do Christians speak aa much a-**
they wtsht fcw CiCrlBt today, mm*, U
thero any fear of being hurt by spaah-
Ing tor Him?
Veiseu 13*17—Oan any mnn expeot,
oven In these days, to be nnfUnohlngly
faithful to Go*!, and not mnko soma
people angry!
How do you estimate tho'
il Hits man Gallia, and what Ih there
in him -worthy ot Iraltmionl
Vorsei 1S-92—Sum up the oKoota
of Pftul'-a efforts an revealed In thin
Lesson for Sunday, Annum 8th, HOB,
Paul'-* Instructions to the TheBinlon*
l-inn. I Thesi. v:18-S4.
SWIFT CURRENT, Sask, July 18-
The third sitting of tho coroner'**- jury
wai unable to determine whether Dave
Ellaffis (.left aooKLwtally or im "mM*
derail ajid_ returned an undetei mined
verdict. a' strange sequel Is the sudden death of John Griffith, the last
person to see Bllnma olive. Hllara-n,
after tha second sitting- of the Inauest
itayed hare and started drinking; hea
vlly until Friday when he returned to
EUana*** plane. There he topis three
hatQei, laudanum, aconlt and another
labelled pure alcohol, but containing
eartcIiQ add from the shelf and drinking tbe aald, did not move ten fee*,
until dead. In his ease the eononer'i
luirf found accidental poisoning, but
H* death deepens tho mystery of tho
oausa of Qllam'* fate.
The International Newspaper Bible
Studj club Is for the purpose of pro
■noting, in an unfettered way among
masses a wider study of the Bible,
the hasal truths of Chr'sOanity, and
the problems which enter Into ever*,
man's life It is composed of all those
who Join a local club and take up the
i'mpe course herein outlined, barring
only ordained clergymen All who have
not joined are warmly Invited to do so
and to compete for the prizes
Persons may Join the club at
time during the year, but must of
ie, answer the. 52 questions bere-
Inafter explained, to qualify for the
prizes, and back questions may be
obtained from this office.
This paper has secured the right
publish the International Sunday
School Lesson questions by Rev Dr
Linscott, which have aroused so mueh
Interest elsewhere, and they will
peat wo.jt.iy Que 0i these questions
each week is to he answered in writ
Ing and upon these answers the prizes
are to be awarded.
This paper Is authorized to form
a Local Newspaper Bible Study club
for ita readers find guarantees t
whq Join and fulfil the conditions that
try thing herein promised shall bt
faUMtuUy can-led out.
Conditions of the Conte-rt
Each contestant, or his ol hei
family, must be a subscriber to this
paper, in order to qualify for i
berahip. In the International Newspaper Bible Study club and this local
ciut. ,
Each, contestant m this local
club, must answer each of the written
questions, for G2 consecutive weeks
commencing for Sunday June 6, and
answers must be In possession of this
paper within two weekB of the Uose
3 Bach question must be answered
separately and the paper written
iide only   NO answer must exeeed
two hundred woids *j» 1*-ngQi and
3ss   Each answer must have the
name and address of the writer a
bottom of the answer
The answers must be delivered
this office, and they wiU he col
id at the close of the contest and
forwarded to headquarters for Independent examination bj competent
amine) s The prizes will then be duly
Firs1, Series—solid gold medal to
each of the first five
Seeond Series—A sterling silver
medal to each of the next five
Third Series—A Teachers Bible
price **5,50 to each of the next five.
Fourth Series. The book The Heart
of Christianity, price fl SO to each of
the nett thirty fire
Bach medal will be suitably engraved, giving the name of the winner,
and for What It Is awarded, and In
like manner each Bible and book will
bo inscribed.
Ail wlio can write an dhave Ideas,
re urged to take up these studies regardless of the degree of their educa
tion as the papers are not valued
from an educational or literary stand
point but from the point of view of
the cogency of their reasoned 1( tas
ORBL Que July 18—With water
pouring in a steady stream Into
*. the river steamer Pretontaine of
the Canadian St Lawrence Navigat
Ion Companj's line last night ran a
stern r£ce with disaster in Lake St
Peter Less than a hundred jftnis
short of the shoal on which She stopped there was a depth of water that
would have meant death to her fort?
issengers aud crew
The vessel lett Montreal jesterday
afternoon for Quebec and when about
miles from Three Rivers a shaft
tube gave way and dropped to the bot-
of the river, leaving a hole in the
stern around the piopellor shafting Ineffectual effoits were made to cheek
the flo-tv, but It soon began to affect
the boilers and it was a choice of let
ting the boat sink or running ashore
The lottei qohihb was taken. A heavy
electrio storm passed at tho time and
this caused muuh excitement among
tho nosBeutjers. AU tut toara wwe
taken oft on board the government
etonmer Vemheroa.
Coal Company's Organ Publishing
Misleading Articles in Hope
of Gaining Sympathy
0   E   WALKER, President
ALEXANDER   LAIRD,  Gen    Manage,
I Paid-up Capital    $10,000,000
I Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
The efface Bay Standard says The
sensational report published in the or
gan of the Coal Company last night
missed fire, and thr- Fair minded pub
lie have at last been advised as to the
depths some people will go In order
try and gain their miserable ends
The citinens of Glace Bay ore not
simple minded ai the Gazette Im
agines, and Instead of hurting1 the
cause ot the United Mine Workers
the story of an attempt to blow up
the mine at Bridgeport has proved
boomerang Hardly any person
llces the story Thu general view of
the matter IS that the -ft hole thing
a hoax or that It originated In the fertile brain of some pumon 01 persons
who are doing their best to influence
public opinion against tiie striking
To show that thi storj has been
published with an ulterior motive in
l lew. It Is only necessary to state
that the finding of ihe can ol powder
occurred about 8 30 on Thursday mor
ning Several peopli knew of Its discovery at 8 o'clock Thuisday evening
Nothing Was published Last night aa
soon as reports were in circulation to
the effect that the militia would likely
leave here in the ecu so of a tew day;
It was evidently thought necessary by
the Interested -parties to create a. nt
scare Then out conies the story
hours aftei the alleged "bomb" had
been found
There is some truth In the stoij
A can of powder was found But the
squib or fuse was not lit This waa ad
mltted so we are informed by the mine
manager at Bridgeport It
discovered 404 feet from the bottom
of the pit but 75 feel It was found
jast outside tbe pick house standing
in some water Had the fuse been lit
and the powder exploded—which
almost an impossibility owing to
dampness- no serious damage could
have resulted from the firing of that
amount of powder (12 pounds) in the
open roadwav
The verj worst that could have oc
cuned would have heen to destroy a
portion of the property about the pick
house Nor could the explosion of
the powder have caused an explosion
in tbe- pit for two good reaons First,
there is no gas In Bridgeport pit, and
secondly, should there be any gas it
would be bound to be on a iower level
aud therefore eould not be ignited So
mueh for that part of the sensation
Again there were not 300 men In
the pit as stated by the newspaper
publishing the atari One of tne high
est officials of the Coal Company says
that there v,ere only HO men working
at Bridgeport on Wednesday That of
flcial Is wrong There were only 113
men working on that day
This same official says tbat bo docs
it believe that the powder was plac
ed In position by anyone connected
with the U   SI   W
He thinks it was either a hoax
that It might ha*, e been placed there
of tbe workmen of the Coal
Inasmuch as a United Mine Worker
innot get within pistol shot of   t
fence  surrounding the colliery, it
certainly a joke ta Insinuate that
belonging to that society could
have got down into the pit and commit
ted the deed.
The -Mine Workers desene hettel
treatment than that a story like tbat
put into circulation should be against
them, and It is particularly bad taste
that a newspaper with the reputation
of tbe Coal Co organ should be guil
ty of such contemptible tactics.
To those of use who live at Glace
Bay a story like the one alluded to
obvious fraud but this story
read by the outside public, who
unable to glean facts except through
the press, would appear as the truth
On that account the attempt to preju
dice the cause of the Mine Workers by
such fabrications is a violation of the
rules sacred even In pagan warfare—
it is poisoning the aprfnga "
BranGhes throughout Canada, and in United States and England
na*.    Snip,notes*.will
BANKING BY MAIL ',u~»"» """"• "*"'"•" ",»J "'"■'
"■   deposit[>tt    nr    withdrawn    m  Huh wtiv   v
Refuse to Give  Tonnage
as Has Been The
GI-ACE BAY, N 3 July IS— The
third week of the industrial wai
tween the Dominion Coal Company
and P W A. on oue side, and U SI
W ton the other began Monday Ag
gresslve action on one side bas been
successfully resisted by tbe other and
lt seems that neither company nc
strikers can boast of important gains,
although each side Ib issuing statements that success. Is assured
"There wHl be no statement   of
day's output," was the statement by
tbe company's officer wnen the daily
teport was asked for.
'No, I mean permanently," was the
reply. "We don't propose to play into
the hands of the U M. W. in future
by giving the dallv outputs at various
PITTSBURG, Pa. July IS—A (eatdie
of tho strike la the walk out ot the On-
IWtl QlDQtrlolana of the WoBtinghouiio
Electrio do-mnany doing work al the
Praisei. Steel Oar Co. plant. About
" electricians refilled to go to work
At iv conlottMa, bet-Neen the Repub
lie Steal Comuiw and offl-jera ot the
Amalgamated Ainoolatlcn the 1000
aoalfl won stgnod, thereby preventing
a walk out of ten thousand men. The
aoala Ib practically a duplicate of the
Inst year's scale, The DUddlera scale
also algnod today, baaed on ibn aeMne
price of iron and fixed at **5.ia a ton
tor tbe next sixty days. TWb Ib a
reduction of IS 1-3 cents tender tho
prev.oua basis for puddlei-a,
The strike situation at the Pioasad
Steel Car.Worka at MoKee's Hooks
TVaa quiet but ominous all night. All
day tbe constabulary had searched tha
haunes oecunifld by strikers tor arm**,
but without result;a, The one clash ot
the night occurred between a deputy
sheriff and a crowd of strike sympa
tbliera, The deputy was surround
ed by the crowd and pulled bin rev ol
ver and fired tnto them. He woortcij
that ho had -wounded three of them
but that the injured were drntrsod
UNION, Miss Tuly IS—Ono old
not worth fSO on Ihe market, caused
a bloody pistol battle on the stieeis
ot this little tuwn today. It resulted
In the killing of two men, fatal ln
Jury of two more nud serious wounding of another.
The eight was between Polei- MoDou
o,W m». h.-» braUiw B. & MeDonaUl,
both dead, on one aide anu Joseph
MlUer and Ohnrle* Chisholm, both In
tally Injured, on the othor.     '
Tho two (notions hnvo qunrrulleri for
many years.
ON trail op convicts
EDMONTON, Alta July 18—Tho latest report on tho utiaae ot tho escaped
convicts Atkinson and Johnson Is thnt
they were locatod last night no.
White Mnn Onlly ThU mot-..tag the
traokH wero again picked up solnfi to
the south and at noon tuny were being
followed near HUarslto. The author!
ties are sure tbat In the next few
hours they will be able to have the
men in hand.
'An honored cltlien of this town
Buttering from a severeNtttack of. iytt
entry. He told a friend If he could
obtain a, boUle ot C^amberlalnB Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy he
felt confident of being cured, he bavins; used thla remedy In the west. He
Tfos teld that I kept tt In stock: and
.i»t no time in obtaining lt, and was
jiroioptlj cured," fays M. J. T**aach,
dranlst ot WolcoU, Xt, Por sale by
all drufiliti.
Bought   fn   at   Sheriff's
Sale—Workmen Get
Part Wages
CRANBROOK. July 19—The Sulli,
an Group Mining and Smelting Co*'-
entlre property, equipment and mlu.,
bought in today .t the sheilas
sale by the Fort Ste le MInin-a, A
Smelting Company, which Is said to
be another name for tbe Federal Hin
ing and Smelting Company, the chief
bondholders and Incumbrancers The
for wages field by the workmen
will be paid off at about T5 cents on
the dollar, and the ordinary creditors,
both judgment and otherwise will, it is
said, accept stock in the new company
in lieu of thein. debls -
The settlement Is looked upon as
iost -satisfactory and it Is also states
that work will be resumed soon. 1.
looks as If the effect of the protucl
Ings is a freeze out of the ordliiu*-y
■ry f itility nfloi-di-ai tofiirmim .iij-1 nth
Fin thp tnu.ta.Ht.inn .tt their "linking
a,r teiaian El)T , i,){M WArt
Al*wa*yn a choice supply (it Hunt, Poilt, Vml,
Mutton, and Lamb on limuJ     Hums,
Bacon, Lard, Butter and K-^s
Our Specialties
Fresh, .Smoked and Salted Fish   afw.tys .i good
assortment     Try our Mince Moat,
■Samkraut  and Oyster;-,
j The 41 Meat Market Limited
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Store* in all the PHnclp-tl Town* In British Columbia and Alberta
Veal Phone Hams
fork Bacon
Mutton A   *| BaurKratit
Beef ^  ■ gall Pish
Oup Motto "Civility, Cleanliness and correct weight to all"
Be»a*eme»'m«mm^amm •**■■****»•-••■■
Fire   and   Accident
Block Room  a Fernie
Andy   Hamilton
Tinsmith and Plumber
Sarah Green, the Alabama Nightingale's lyric triumphs in all the loading
music cities of Europe iind America
without Barallel Sbe la one of;
the mast popular prima donnai in the i
world, una haa propab); sans "oeloio'
tho largest ana moat -lliUngutilio-' an
dlenoea that ever ntssomblort to np j
plaiitl a canmtrtco Sho hus boon the'
reolplont ot dlRtlnsulRtiDd liouors paldl
to hor by royalty ot Idiiropi, and noa-*-
ly oory repro-iontntlva organ! j
lation In tha Uiilturt State--, has aok*
now lodged hor wonderful .owl glft-i
by tbo preHouiaUau at candy meOals.
diplomas and decoration*-. In addition
to hdr beautiful voI-jo and etqulilto art
nature Hub endowed hor wllh a bright
Intellect nnd quoi-tnly form, aud tt U
wore not for tho aaeldent of ratio coloi
she would undoubtedly gain d latin rt Ion
In grand opora uqual to tbat etUojo-l
by Melbn, Calva, Album*., For twelvo
yearn Hho baa -Aon fame and glory with
tlio Dixie Troubadours, tbe mast pa
pular baud of darhoy play folke ovei
organised In lho Pnrnle opora Iiouho
July a?
We can furnish you
anything in
■fflritn estimates in
our line
Pat got a job moving some koga of
powder and to the alarm of tha faro-
man, waa discovered amohlng at his
"Qrat-ioua!" exclaimed the (orOman;
"do you knot*, what happened when a
man smoked at this job Home jeara
nijoT There was an oxploKton which
blew up a down mon '
"That couldn't happen here," return
-V*. Fat calmly
"Why not?"
'•'Cot tliere'a only mo and jou." w«
the reply.
The Hotel of Fernie
l-Vrniii'H LiM-linR- (*>minii-*rr|i.l
■un) TmulNt HtuaRii
S. *. WALLWE, Prep, .
Buw tfll-plilled witli   thn   h.*.l  Win.-s.
Bar Unexcelled
AU White Kelp
U-tlMrt and
'       see us oiice
C, W. DA'*^&C0.,,>rT0iis.    "*•.
t*            .        \               < ■    , J
irt'Qt9*l*-&l'&>*S>*!if*m«B>,'*t&*k*c*&m PAGE FOUR
!   ." •
i 0   -
■ &$t'-4Si$v;»A)'i" £cb0£r
, $1.00 a year in advan.ce. Address all Lommunica
tions to the "Manager" District, Ledger, fernie B. C.
,Rates for advertising on. application,   ,   ,
We believe, through careful enquiry,' that all" the
advertisements in thi3 paper are' signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good-to actual subscribers any loss incurred by trusting advertisements that prove to be swindles; butj-e
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest, bankrupts..
This  offer  holds  good  for  one  month  after    the
transaction causing the, complaint;   that is we must
have notice within that time.     In all cases in writing
fto advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
Phone 48;  Residence 9 Manager
Cranbrook Herald: The city of Fernie will celebrate her first anniversary after the great fire by a
banquet. . The, Feme Brewing Company, will open
their new brewery to the public.^and serve refreshment's and give the'-: visitors - a .*. gen eral. good time.
The people of Fernie have done'well the past year
They have shown of what-stuff they were made,
and they will receive the congratulations and good
wishes of everybody in the district for their bravery
which they displayed after the terrible disaster that-
befell them. Good for Fernie. - The people of
that town are made of the right kind-'of "metal..
May they prosper in the future to such an extent
as to make up' for the misfortunes of the past.
Now that the men in all the camps are working
we feel that things generally will run along more
smoothly. The very unsettled state of-finttucc'ali
through, the district ever since the inauguration of
the strike some three months ago seemed as if it
was going to lie tilings up i'or an indefinite period,
However, the sun "has burst through the dark clouds
and prosperity seems to be sla'ring as in the face.
Of course il will lake months to recover the losses
made by the break in the wheels of industry, but
\a willing hand and'a stpiit heart will doubtless ov.
ercome all the discouraging features of poverty
.and convert thein into plenty in the' near future
'We hope for the best. -   *
Our cotem is snowing much wisdom" this week
'•  in regard to the 24 hour power scheme. ,The city
can do nothing better than to get the twenty-fom
',  hour system working, and soon at that.    Several
industries would start here at once if they   could
get the necessary power.     Gasolene is very expen
a siv'cand is a prohibitive power.     The city .should
be able'to supply'power for from $20 tp $25   per
horse power per year. ,, Let them do it.
The city has been going to start grading the
'   Recreation hill .for some time. '   Aid.  Gates has
, promised to get at it, biit time is rapidly drifting by
and the loads th-Sl.are hauFcd up the hill daily do
{** ' ' '
not get any lighter.     lt is up to the council   to
see'tlmt the Board of Works gets busy.. s
The fact that only one pupil passed the 11. **•*>,
examinations from-ff-er-me is no reflection on either
the *Work;of*t1ie4-earjhef'or the pupils •    We had
-one of.the b£St..teaeluers available, but as everyone
■•knows the timcAvae very limited indeed, and   the
*       "      C] ' **     ** ' ■i*    *
"books were long delayed in coming,"Inspector Dean
while here thought we had done wonders in the
short time at our ^disposal, and we should feel proud
that even one pupil passed the exams under these
conditions. Next term we will have our own
high school and Mien we will show to tlie province
where we are al, when it comes to educational proclivities. ''■.
Many papers are devoting a great deal of spac.
discussing;the new tariff of the United State's. A
number are even busy trying to locate advantages
to working people, which it is claimed, will accrue
in the way of cheaper living and lower prices-- for
food. For the most part, tariffs are'not for the
working man. His advancement or otherwise, is
not seriously considered in'the frame up of a,new
tariff. If a high tariff prevail, living is high,
and if a low or moderate tariff be put on, figures
show that living is still high. Tariffs aro for the
manufacturers, and they also come handy for poli
ticians to juggle with.
, notice:
* NOTICE Is Hereby given that thirty
(30) 'days after date 1 Intend to apply
to,-the'Hon. „Chtef Commissioner of
Lands and Worka-.for a* license to prospect for coal and<petroleum on the following described lands situate in South-
East Kootenay, British Columbia:.Block
5593 commencing at a posl'.plant.-rt at
or near 3 miles east of 29 mile post of
the' present jC/V, R.^ surveyed line "arid
being,, the north west corner of John
Sorkie claim, y '■        '   ..     . ,
*, Thence running south SO chains;
thence''running east SO chains;
thence running .north SO chains; *
_ thence running-west SO chains to. the
point of,, commencement, making 610
aWes-more or-less.
, Located this" 14th day of July,n909.   ,
. ,'* NAT BABCOCK, Agent.
being the south west corner of   P. A.
Farquharson claim; „     *  ...    , . '  ..   ,
■ thence running east 80 chains;^ '•'- '" *
.-,   thence running, north 80.chains;
thence.runnlng.west 80'chalns. ■'■/-.
.^.thence 'running south 80'.chainB. to-the
point of commencement, ;making "'649
acres more or less. '    '."*'/'~' *",..'•'   •
Located this 9th day of. July, 1909.
. ; •  -     NAT BABCOCK," Agent
S o ' -P. A?.FARQUHARSON;. Locator
■witness: J. Raven:\       v   „   '   • *
1 The crop outlook of our sister provinces to the
east is most promising. On the outcome of their
crops the prosperity of the whole of Eastern Canada depends to a greater or lesser degree. Bum-,
per crops mean large orders for agricultural machinery and implements, and ready money to pay for
same, which tends'to keep the,tall .smoke stacks oi
the east busy. Tn this .province, however, we ar-i
fortunately not dependent entirely on crops,, for
we look to our mines and natural resources, , all ot
which are much more stable than to be dependent
on one industry or calling alone. .Here's to^a big
pressed down, running over, and marketable crop
for the prairie section. - . *
The removal of temporary stores out of the fire
district to residential.sections does not add. to \ the
value of surrounding property nor to the beauty of
the streets affected. Of couVse, there is no way
in which this can" be stopped,-and the man'living
next a vacant lot may wake up any morning
and find himself a neighbor to anything from the
little sugar and tea corner grocery,to a department
. <*■ -'     /'" ■
store.  . •
The visits of the leading executive officers of
the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co: to the workings in
this district, and the thorough examination which
seems-to be,taking place, makes,it clear that .work
is going to be pushed.ahead, and-that production
will' increase.,;', All of which means a big pay roll
and more ready money.        ■ \
The police of our city have been very busy late-
y. .i-'hI have bagged several hoboes,-\v*i> lia-.e drifted in, thinking oiir fair city a Mecca for"them to
ply their trade in.      They have a different idea
now, however.
On account of the immature business experience
of a couple of members who belong to the Board
of Trade, we understand that the Press,of the citj
is to be ignored as far as invitations to the banquet
on August 2nd is concerned?    Is tlr.s wise?
Local News
Invitations aro out, aniiounoliig Hie
formal opening of tlio Konilo Fort
■ Steolo Hrowory on Monday August 2,
l'l'L'-in-U'tloiit* for tho ovont nro „on u
large scale mill tlio occlusion promise*!
to ho an Intoi-entliij; nffnlr.
Whon iIorh stnrt flt-litlng it Ih lie- ir.-i*
to leuw, thorn at IL. Mnry howovor,
lum n (lifl'oi'onl, Idoii hh wiih ovldoncod
on Tliui'Hiluy ovouinK to Uio hiiuiho*
mont of a fow gontloinou.
MitHtor lloitio WIiImuWii' Ioiivoh UiIh
uibrnliiK  for  Criiiiliniolr.      Probably
t() HHHlHt 11. S. (ini I'ClI- iu tlio lllH-
ciiui'ho on Dw Art of Printing, nml
How Slu- Is Did In 1.1m Km. l'ross of-
* "Dob^ Mooro, tho Irish lianl, iici-oiii*
lAMiil-nl by hoIoiiiii hIiIoh McCool from
' tlio city of Mlcliul, woro vIhIIIiik In our
city t IiIh, wool*, ond, Wo I ion id I toll in*
luting how HKi'loiiK llio Mlchol   Slroo;
car tlo, up wiib mid wo nro Mill-alive,
-lloh nnd M'-Cool ino nlwiiyH woloonn
(RIIOHlH   111   KlU'lllO.
.lop Scot l  Iiiih (tiioilii-i* invoiitloii In
hlljlu.      It Ih nn apron for Dw Com-
•hioi'dnlH to Hio|i ilit* lull going hoiwci'ii
'Ahfiir logH,      No doiilit   Hniri* nilglit.
Ink." soiiu* loo.     .\.\ Jen Iiiih     mon*
Hputw on Uo' two foo*. Niijninoo Klng-H j
light of wny tlmn ho rii'-iili'm, for Dw\
liiitoni (>iit<'h--'iii'till hiovoh, ho will li, ;
ntnl Hn* tM'i'i'HHiiry iiKiclilnory Ihori* for *
(1i*»  iiiimiiH.      Anoilicr  lili'ii  lio  liml |
wuh Unit II would ho luiruly for M-m-1
i"•*     i          ,            . i   i ,    i,*l
•»«<••    *   ■<    i      >    •    .
fro* |    I
A »fi;> !iii|)diiuul (col lr;uiHiii'il(ii)
toftk iiim-.* I'ciniilly ut I.i ttilirliltt- Tiii-
How ltlVi'l- f'ollh'lll'l*, fi-| ir.llf," llOI'll   Of
tho city ou Hlg How rlvn'* wn*> •- i-l in
..      > ,..,. ,,,
\V.^   'a.v-*   •**»•   a*-rt   a*'*-.    ...     .,   .,a*.   . i., a       t
tlontornl <npilnllHtH, Tlio iirlco wim
fltiO.OOl) for .'liOti i(i::>iN,   It  In in.dei-
HtOOl)   Ulllt   till)   OWIlOIH,   ll,    K.    llOl'VO,
W. C SininimiH nml Dr. (Inltinilth nf
U'thbihlgi'; H. T. Clony of Wliml*
|ii"K nnd ll. (*. Mook* of HuniiiH'iliiiid
li. ('., 'unfit litiinlHoii,"ly hy llio mile
of tin* rnliK*.
ficlM).\.\i.l»-on Hundny. July 11 I'Mi'j
> 4U>! wlfo uf It. It. McDonald, former*
ly of H-mIum-*-*. nf a lior, nt thnlr ro-
«lii»*m-* In Vitrnie, ■•
Imperial Bank of Canada
Cnpltal Authorized ....... .$10,000,000
Capital Paid Up $5,000,000     Reserve , ,t* ..,,' $5,000,000
D. R, WILKIE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, Vlce-Pres.
Arrowhead, Cronbrook,  Fernie, Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Myle, Nelson
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria,
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit,
The   Famous   Dixie  Troubadours
Headed hy AiiiitIi'u'h  I'l.'inlor ('nlorcil ('inm-illim
Happy George Taylor
Ihe Original Uemoihcuese of run and
The Aliitmiim Wlirhilinriih. iii ii iiiha* two ni»t itiuolml rmliiMlv
A Trip to New Orleans
('oiiil'leti-Production, Hei'iieiy, CimtiiiiioH,  Hig  C'oiiipiinj. (Vc.oli*
CUoiu*., Ciiini'ily, V.,MiI<-'.ilU>. Oju'in
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days' after.-date I intend to appl/
to the .Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and-Works lor a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on thefol-
lowlng described lands situate in South-
East Kootenay, British Columbia:-Block
4593 commencing at a post plant id n't
or near 1 mile" east of 25 mile, post of
the present C. P. Jl. survey line, and
.being the south west.corner of P. A.
Farquharson claim,
thancc-runnlng east 80 chains;
thenco running norlh 80 chains;
thence running west 80 chains '
thence running south 80 chnins to the
point of  commencement,  making'    640
acres more or less.
. Located this 12th day of July, 1909.
' NAT BABCOCK, Agent.   "
P. A. FATlQUHATtSON, Locator
'NOTICE-is hereby given-that-thirty
(30)' days after, date. I intend to apply
to the , Hon. Chief ' Commissioner   of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the foi ■
lowing described lands situate in'South.-
East Kootenay, British Columbia: Block
4593 commencing at a' post planted a*,
or .'near 3 miles'east 29 mile post of the
present C. P. R. surveyed line, and be;
ing the south west corner of,Nat Bab-
cock's claim;' '.'. /     •■ 7
■•'  thence running north-80 chains;
thence running east 80 chains;7''""'
thence running south SO.'chains
'_ thence running west 80 chains to th<s
"point of, commencement, 'making    640
'   Located this 12th day of. July 1909.
'    NAT B.-1.BCOCK, .Locator.
yy/~*.-y -.-•-NOTicB.--,.. -
NOTICE is "Iliereby ,'glven that thirty
(30) days;after date I intend to apply
to,, the.;-Hon. .Chief .Commissioner- of
Lands and Works'for allcense to prospect for" coal ana petroleum on the *fol -
lowing ^described lands'situate in South-
East Kootenay, British Columbia: Blojk
4593 commencing at a;'post planted at
or near the .25 mile post-of the -present
C. P.' K. .survey line aiid being the
"south west corner of A, ,S; Farquhar->
son.claim; ,  :      ,       -■■ -"       7-    ..
•' thence running east 80 chains; . '
thence running", north,80 .chains; -, ..
., .,thence running west* 80'chains - ..,'
• thence running south 80 chains to the
point' of commencement,''making' 640
acres more orv lef;s..      ,   '- ■'
^Located this 12ti'i'day of July, 1909.--
V-       'V NAT-BABCOCK, Agent. ' ' 7
':-     - . :A.^FARQUHARSON, Locator.
Witnessr'J.-Raven, *"--,.a
The partnership hitherto existing
between Messrs. Rinnan, Kaminski &
Albert Lund has this day been dissolved by mutual consent," Albert Lund continuing the business. All debts due
the firm are to be paid to the said
Albert Lund and he will defray all liabilities.
'" Dated at Fernie this 16th day of
July 1909.   '    "    ,. ■
*-. \
Che-wing Tobacco '
' U '..-'   Jft ' "~    \ -a '"  '   .      ' "
Rich and, satisfying.
The big black plug.
.- WINNIPEG, July 2'A—The C. P.. ■"..
is; arranging for excursions from tho
east to help with the harvesting of the
western crops.
;    NE.RSHIP t
,- NOTICE is herehy-given that'the part- -
nership heretofore, existing ' between
William R. Ross and J: S. T. Alexander, under the* name of Ross & Alexander, has beeii dissolved as. at" -June\lst,
'1909.     ' ".'.'J.-"'".;-. .   --     '      .',   .
Mr.  W.  R.  Ross will continue- t*ne,
business at the old offices. -    .,
Dated this,8th day of July,  A.   D.
1909. ,
J.   M.   AGNEW   &
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date 3 Intend to apply
to flic Hon. 'Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for n license to prospect for coal and'potroleum on the following described lands slt.uate ln South-
East Kootenay, British Columbia: Bloclf
4593 commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east of 25 mile post of
the present C. P. R. surveyed line, and
being the north-west corner of A. S.
Farquharson claim; - \
thence running east 80 chains;,
thence running south 80 chains   '
thence running west 80 chains'    -
thence "runnlng'.north'SO chains to the
point  of  commencement,  malting    610
acres ,-more or_ less. •  •
.   Located'this" 12th day of July 1909.
'      ■.      A. S. FARQUHARSON, Locator
• NOTICE is, hereby' given tha.t thirty
{SO) days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon; Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license, to.prospect-for coal and petroleum on the following described lands situate in South-
East Kootenay, British Columbia: Block
4593 commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east of 22 mile post of
tlie present C. P. R. surveyed line and
M. A. Kastner
m -.ii
Fire !  Fire ! Fire!
Tho nnuivoi'siu-y • of the great
flro,of August 1/ 1008, ia (lm\v-
ing m-av. Lot \w draw your attention to tho fact thnt we rop-
I'PKPiit 1-1 finiincially strong/ old
OHtablishoil unci • well known
Honrd Firo, .. lnsuranoo com-1
„ piinicH. nlso agont for tho
Sun - Life    Insurance
Company of Canada
Wo havo sovornl,Knaps In
Business and  Residential
in dHl'oront piirtn of tlio city
New Oliver Typewriter
Machine given out on trial
No Charge
All kinds of
Give us -9- trial
A complete line of samples of
Fall Suitings and
Overcoating's ;
"Worsteds, Serges
a.n«d Tweeds  .
Up-to-date Workmanship
Mddepate Prices
, Wo arc just unloading a car containing
2 Mowers,,  2 Hay Rakes,  6 Buggies, 2 Lumber Wagons,   1   set Farm Trucks,  6--'Plows,'   (breakers \ and.
general purpose), 1  8tump Puller, 3 Harrows,
„ 'Wheel Barrows, Garden,Cultivators,'Etc.
The above now gives us a complete stock in all lines ~   • •
| Fernie Cartage & Construction Co. I
The Fernie Cartage 8c Construction Co.
beg to inform the citizens of Fernie': ?
they'are prepared to carry out all
.classes of work. /Heavy'  Draying,
. Excavating, Building and Concreting a speciality.   Estimates given on . .
all Contract work.   All work5 guar- «
oanteed satisfactory.
O. N. ROSS, Sole Proprietor
11:: s^"#6-j-rotr' |.
■o——,     """ mmmmum™m " ■ ■ ■■ - -
•Come'and see or ..write fo'r^circular'of what ',
we, ha!ye to offer in fruit lauds at (Baynes1
within 30 miles of Fernie..., Lots of water,-'-
.sure'markets and easy terms. •>   .* -   ''.'V'
Kootonia  Ippigaied  Tracts
D.* W.  HART, (Agt. for Canada) Baynes.B. C.
eft ' i .■'*:•• a»
Excursion Rates
Prices: .50, .75 and $1.00
TickctHoiiHnlo Dully
May m\\ to Oct. 14
l-'iniil iouiiii limit 15(Uyf,
but not lat-'f than Ori. .'II.
Kur i-cmiplFts.inforiiinlion.MM Airciit*.
ot* x* rll«
•j, ■. rnooTOR, n,rjkf OAi«:ary
We have just received a large consignment
of.books to suit all tastes. Latest popular
Fiction, Well Bound Standards, Works
of   Reference,   Cook  Books,  Etc.,  Etc.
• i
The Price is but a little of their value
-WW •
«o Mot Miss These Bargains
N. E. Suddaby
Agent   for Reach's  Baseball   Goods,  Muytcr's and Lowncy'o
Chocolnlc-v, ixrillinm-'s New Scale Pianos. Fisltlnnr Taclcte
m yi/ifry^pxriyi/yy-;^. y.- ^
. '-    )
■ i*-*-
.■ i r
The Official Organ of District No.  18, Uf. M, W.  of A,
<'    , * .
• y -
Fernie, B.C.,    July 24th, 1909
- «'.  .-.-..,  ,    .- " ,-.' y. ...,_'.
■ :-**■*
.. *      ' '   -  ■    : -. ■
.  * .- "   - ' =====
■| -yy   ., From pur<-own Correspondent
Quite a < number " of Fernie •• people
paid us a visit on.Sunday last. . They
spent' part of the day gathering wild,
flowers with which the mountains are
profusefly decqrated just now'.        ,  .
Jim Bailey, an old timer, now located at Lethbridge, Alta., paid us.a visit
lastuSaturday and looked up an old ac-
. qualnlanco in W,  H  .Evans."
Bill IMchards, another old timer, ro-
-  turned '"from   New   Zealand   last'  week
and  is now residing here.
F.  H. /Shcppard,  chief  Inspector    of
mines tor this province, is making an
'official Inspection of the* mines hero.
A Hayseed was enquiring the othor
day why; tho air dtnkles woro run into
■ a- the mine. Oh, was the reply. This Is a
'.now method for ventilating the mines.
Mr, Bellas, Rogers of .Toronto,* president of,,the Crows'  Nest Pnss'Coal  Co.,
-   ■  visited  the inlnes on Monday, last ac-
* companled  by'Mr.   J.   D.   Hurd,,  Mr,
Simister and Mr." Ashworth."   ""
The mines of tho Crew's .Nest Pas's
.Coal Co. situated'hero seem to be a
•7. subject, of interest to tho outside world
. v^Just now.- We havo had Mr. Ashworth
of Lancashire, England; examination' of the r mines and adjacent
land,- extending over a period of three
weeks. .Wo havo had a'prolonged visit
from Mr. Sheppard, the chief government inspector.of mines, B. C." and
now,we have a visit from Mr. Rogers,
the president of the company.      What
• does lt all mean? a .   .
,   .-   Fred Varlow,  our local  guardlan-of
the peace has returned from a trip to
Seattle exposition.';   , „
y       Bill  Cummlngs,  fire  bass  In  No.     5
"       mine is  experiencing the  truth ,pf  the
old adage that "Misfortunes never conic
singly."   „ He received an Injury to tho
eye some time ago for which he'. was
treated in  the  hospital      He got over
' that and. had just started work again,
__2_when*he was overtaken tfy. that preval-
.      ent 4.-malady,   rheumatism,'  and   is   now
■"-   confined to the house.      His numerous
..friends   extend   their   sympathy     and
i wish hlmv a speedy  recovery.
Elijah  Heathcot'o,  mine- supei'intend-
;■'■"    ent,. who has lately, been afflicted with!
a dangerous,eye trouble' has .been   .re.-
. moved to the' Fernie,hospital. \" •  ,v   '
, **-     Joe "Mitchell, .'manager  of  the',, Coal
Creek football team, was forced Co. don
. .*.. the colors and show his paces a{ Belle-
•'   ' vuelast Satudray.. ,> He gave the".boys
■ a^"iViictical~lEsson^tV77how1"th:e~'gam"e
should  be  played,? but "lie reports - that
the;;game lasted  too'long, for/him.*
. -Dougald Mitchell also turned out.,inr
Coal"Creek last-ijatuiday.   He  *.v-»,s. nr
«... '      t      .    - • i ■**-"-'     ■—    a
Bellevue on a more personal quest,-but
was pressed Into service to complete
tho team.   ■'  -• •    '   "'
Have'you noticed the big smile" that
Jack Stephenson has been wearing late
ly?     Well it's another boy.
•Mr?, and Mrs. Harry Mlard loft 'oh
Tuesday for a trip to the coast.   -
Quite' a crowd of Coal Creekitcs.took
In Fernie bn pay Saturday night,,and
Judging by tho extraordinary antic
performed by a largo number on their
return "ono would suppose that tho sun
had been particularly strong •*'dowi
thero. * .   »•
Two lady, members of'the Fornio Socialist party were up'!<«;'(, qn-TuoBdai'
pushing tlie sale of tickets for their Ice
cream social and dance, . This event
comes off on Monday' n'sht' the 2Gtii
inst.t The ladies ropoit large sales
and the event promises  to be a huge
SUOCOSfi. >' .   "•   • • ,,
Tho Coal Creek football team wero
delighted with their visit to'Bellevue.
The olirao team provided a grand smoker In their honor, and they were right
royally entertained, everybody having
a good time. :'   . .    '
Mrs. Harry KIngswood, with her two'
boys, leaves today on an extended.visit
to the old country. .'   ■    '    ■'   •
, Tom Jenkins'with his son and daugh.
tor paid his old, friends a visit during
thc. week".'*     ' -
Euphemla MeCli'ments, daughter,or
Jack McCli'ments, arrived here, a ■ few
days ago.' She is on a her
sister ..Mrs." Mathewson aiid will probably, stay somo time.; " <• ■ '
. Bob Forsyth, who was Welshman here
for'; some'time, paid us a visit during
the week. Bob has'been ,in Michel for
some'time. , ' " .
' A great quoltlng event was brought
off on tlio club quoit grounds on, Monday last.- The contestants were Paddy King aiid Jack Myers, the stake being'$50 a.side. A large* crowd witnessed the game and play was keen at
the "start." Paddy King showed fine
form and simply walked.away" -with
the game.,The final score,was King 41
shots and Myers'12.'.                 .,,'-'  . '■
The,'many old residents'of Coal Creek'
and the readers-bf the.Ledger ity.gen-,
eral will be. sorry* to hear of.the. death
of Andrew'* Colvllle, \who',Vas ■ pitv boss
and'mine superintendent here.for a period of,-six''oi"-se-ven^yeiir*3.''He. died' at
thjy.coast'a little,over two weeks'ago
"from- cancer.- /He was a man,in thei
real sense of -"the word .'"*,.'.He had' the
confidence of,'bis employers, and he'
gained ■ the" respect "of the workers by
his square dealing and dnen actions! -
|;.; MICHEL |
A presentation has been mado to Mr.
John .Bastlah, who' for 'the Inst throe
years has been employed at tho Michel
Collieries, .1,. C;,/as o, firoboss for 18
months and .the latter part as pit boss.
Mr,, Bastlan.was made the recipient of
a fine gold ring comblnod'wltli tho Masonic badge, sot with'diamonds, -and'
Mrs. Raqtlan was given a fine cut glass
wator sot. Owing to Mr. Bnstlaii leaving unexpectedly (ho presents had to bo
forwarded to Jilm, for which ho returns
Ills best wIhIioh and thanks*' to*all who
ho willingly subscribed, toward thp presentation . Mr, Bastion lias boon appointed mlno inanagoi' at the Canada
West Coal Co', Tabor, Altn,  .
Tho-Italian Society hold thoir annual
rpoi'Ih on Monday on-, the football
' grounds. Fornio band waH In at'tond-
iinuo, Jimmy Tlony was ainongsV thn
prlstq wlnnera aH usual! old man Camp,
boll ran houoikI In the old man's raoo
and Mrs, Johns won lwt prlsto In tho
married women's race, fiovoral othor
raci.'H wore nin nnd tlinro was lots of
fun with lho greccy polo, A danco was
hold In Mlohol hall 'it night 'undor tho
aunploen of tlio Hal la.i i-uofqty which
,wa« also a huocorh.
' A Houlat wiih held In tlio Mothodlst
church on Monday nlKlit to wolconm
tlio now mlnlHlor and IiIh wlfo who arrived liiHt wmik, Mi'H, Maiion, Mr.
Mosps and Mr. Hutton rendered hoiikh.
Mr, aloHoph MiiHon offlclatod nl thn or-
H*«n.' ,
A numbor of imrlUm went down tho
"■.Ik rlvjir ,i1 iirlnif tlio waoU mul on account of tlm in I mm bidim Idlu fur thu
uporlH. Jack mndo a Jump for tho bronco viuldlo but mlm-un* by IiiqIiph and lot
lilmnolf down bolilntl, The bvnuoo
commonuod tn danoo and poor ..noli wuh down pretty linavy,
13111 wont, down tlio Klk rivor too, If
lio would lmvo got on that whito homo
bnolc liiHtond of walUliiK a milo and a
half tlii'i'o would havo boon uuAo iiiiiiho
In It,
Mlolit'l rontbiill ultili will fuol tlio Iohh
of Ham .Monro, win* nml with nn acnl*
dont to IiIh foot la hi wool, m tlm mlno,
mul will ho iinubln lo piny for hoiiio
Kuril lo football li-itm v In I toil Mlohnl
liiHt Hiitiirdiiy io piny lludr return
limifiio (ruinn. * Wriili* plnyml a fairly
' good Kami' bill Mlrlinl waH tlin lintter
I nn m, Millet tiiiiiK lint of IiIm Hhnll
nnd Fornio found It mil too, Clomm-i
wiu hIiIiiIhh; all Llu< way thrmiRh, ami
Hoorcd tbrnn ^goiilHu     Hnrnnn hIkII IiIh
iUf,      1.11,11      Llllt,     .If 4k.-».4.||     .1,1.1      «l«llH4t Uttlll
Hpoffrt, Mlelii'l wlniilnir by ^ In ft. Hum-
mi.r will vIhII Mlnliid on Hnturdny, July
Win. Hpi'mile U arlfiiK oh ii««lntiinl
PohI mlNtrr-nH at prcHitiit, WIihI'm IiIh
Th» U«V. Archilfnii'iin Umoi' wnn prcn-
chliig In Ht, 1'ftuVn oliuiTb liml Hundny
Tho Uov. Mr. WllkliiHon of Kornlo Ih
iixtuictoil Id iii'iinch In HI. I'iuiI'h ohuicli
on Hun'iliiy-ovonlim. \ii|X, 1, Tho Uov,
A, fl. Crowllior will prcncli In Kornlo
llm damn dny,
.Minut forty uhlldtuii mul a tew ot
thi'ir piirmilH took In 1li«tr MrHt annual
trip to Orow'H Nphi on Tliumilay. The
lloiimi'i* uhllilton uluo Joined In. It,la
i;x|iiict<n1 tlmt limy will tf-'i a llitli* fur-
thpr finKt yi<ar, Tlm U»v. Crowthor
took'cjhnrire of lho clillilrt*ti. .
/. IJerbyiililro, latrf miporlntcmlont of
Mlclicrn.ln»,*i nntl hi*, wit* lended. ixaek
\,\ .. ,..-»',       - -,-. - ,
from the old country iast-'woek after a
few months' hoiiday.
Jas., Derbyshire, late superintendent
of Mlchol- mines and his wife -landed
back from, the old couiitry last 'week
after a few months holiday.
Wm. Ridley'has left Michel, What
a loss, •''   -       /■■
' Goorgo McKay, real estate agont,
loft on Tuesday rilght for Calgary on
a' businoss trip.
Michel, baseball team play Elko', bn
Sunday at'Michel,'' ,.'"
I'l. V. Holding ami Co. of Now Mlchol
have secured the contract- from II, V,
Weber to build hlm^a now storo on
modern plans 20x54. , "
Dick IJammond, electrician, paid Mlohol a visit'on Wodnesday.
Doctor John was acting flower maid
at lllko last, wook,- Now bo careful
Tlio'HovpFrimont aro very busy cutting a road froiii Michel to Crow's Nost,
'* it
•t ,.
niPHsod aro lho mirth niakoi-H
To tho ri'HliloiitH of Ifllfcn,anil dlHtrtc*,:
Wo ri'colvod word Hint the dead linn*.-
had boon removed- from Coal Crook ■••■
>vliloli liolim a llttlu.
T'lHljIng wiih novor >ol^.or In tlio rivo
HlroamH'Hiirrnundlng lOUfo than'at prosont ntul wo havo jimt received nnotlior
car load of tho brand of flub-
Iniv inckle and tlcklo-em ti(ilt«, which I*
Holllnut fiiHt, Ynu jum Hprlnkln a lltllp
on Ilii' wn lor when tlu* I'lob rofiiHo lo
litl'K llm flloH, and thi.>n whun tho flHh
I'oiiui up to Hnooxfi JiiHt Iiihho thom. If
yon enn't ooiiip down to Hlko Jimt you
wrllo, Wo (alio iih much earn of mail
ordoi'H iih a young inarrlod woman tiiUon
of Imr luiHlmiul. '     '
Olo|< Honlcii wiih In Kll'o thlH woolc,
Hi'iir old Dick, "lho prldo of tlu1 went,'
In ovoriillH anil Hlrnw 1ml. LapHlny
I lie hIioo man wiih nlo iik wUh lilm nud
llioy innUo n hni'il piilr to boat.
Iltuuli'pilH of pooplu on in n'tlo w n to Ml,
l<n on Humlny tn hoo tlm cliiimplonH of
llm I'iihh IHii.v ball, Dozoiih on iiim down
lo flMli iuul I'oturnod with wnll flllod
biiNlintH, nnd a largo number i<nmo ly
Inlinln tin* puro nlr of Imnvoii niul pick
biiil<|il<l|H nf wild flowPI'H, Tlm ball
irnniPH dvi'w thn orowdH iuul Charliiy
Kny (Iipw tlm .ixpoiiMPH of llm vlHltlng
Ipiiiiih from iIip TioplcnlH of Dm eltl'/miH,
HnHinor, a now oo'dl town near Trlwnoil,
and Klko played (ho flrnt gumi*, which
wiih .llm boHt Kiuno frinn a Hpuolntor'H
I'uJiH   nl    vltiVi . III..-   lliiHIK-al    !i.Uli:l>
nre ■wlillv'wIndM. 11 wnn a wwlfl irnmo
ami a very exciting and Intflt'OHtlng
one ,vt llm ti In tit InuliiK** tli*1 Kami*
Blood f. ntul 5 and Klko wont to bat
for tlm Kith nml fallod to hpiii-p. Tlmn
UoHtnm'nnild olmnrlng that fnlrly Hlionlt
llm lmiuntftliui went in to dn or piny
Hiunlinr hinliiKH.
Oh, hiivo II for nu*,
Olii nnvo It for inn,,
Tlm-polored  man-rim-tlly crlnd,
'Oh, Havo It for inn,
Oh. hiivo 11 for inn,
And then on llm pi all" lm dlfril.
llm It wim Put Hoiran, Dm littlo illim*
gow Kr«ncliiiinn Unit cent llm iniu that
U mill going, and mndo a homo run,
ami 'von Die uumo which .-iliuulJ liave
born KIko'N, wlfb-ap fielding wue like
tlm firifiitlmy iihii for oh'cllonpiirP'iiuH,
nnd madi- the plnyi>rn dln«atl«fli*d, and
It looked an If then* would be no game
In .hi" afternoon. Howpvit Aftrr ft good
dinner of roast duck,' and "green peas,
gooseberry. pie and .strawberry short
cake they felt they could beat anything
going and walked .down-to the grounds
like a lot of peacocks on a barb wire
fence, and the .way, them fellows played ball wasn't slow\ Michel is a new
mining'camp discovered-by one," Geo.
Meikle of pious memory, who was conspicuous by his absence, and it is said
on,good authority that-this weakened
the Michel .'team a lot. Between^l2 and
2 people Ibegan to come In from' the
south, some riding and driving.'also one
gasomoblle, which proved a great' attraction to the visitors from the little
mining towns. When* the^ookoo" clock
was striking two. the game . between
Michel and Elko was' called and Stan
Todhunter, the Elko pitcher sent that
ball through the air like a Mauser bullet, and Herman, the Wizard of the
Pass, Just took them In alike lemonade
on a hot day. • It looked easy pickings
for Klko, and then, the Blkos thought
they would lot Michel get a few runs
to encourage them, and they did, and
they scored, and at the ninth innings
the Elko wero feeling as lonesome as
a lot of sheephorders at"a funoral. Michel went to bat for the' 10 and failed
to score, and.Elko-.flnally scored by a
hair breadth and won the game1'after a
hard fought battlo caused by fooling. ( *   ;    . . ,
-'-McDonald umpired the gamo and lie
proved himself a Neapolitan on the diamond and at neither game were, tho decisions of the umpire ever questioned.
Come again Hosmer and Mitihol, and
we'll,give you a good welcome with no
country rock In it,'
A big band of Indians was' in Elko
from Tobacco Plains on Saturday with
their racing ponies. They were Informed while at the Mission that the C. P.
It. employees.would hold their annual
picnic at Elko and camo to take in the
sights and win the races.''    ,
Mr. and'Mrs. A. J. Mott,.who have
been spending several weeks at their
country seat on the banks of beautiful
Sand Creek, passed through Elko on
their way home to Elkmouth,. tho big
saw mill centre.   . < '
The tennis court at Elko Is completed
and visiting players will be made welcome" by the membersof the club.
Deceit is a.crime that sooner or later
entails Its sure" punishment.
Elko offers the greatest attractions'
for picnics, tourists, big game hunters,
and person in search of health and
wealth should visit Elko. There Is
everything you could;wlsh for and-two
railroads to haul your baggage.
- Mrs. J.'N. Hueston'and two,sons returned5 from. Okotoks after attending
the fair and celebrations.        '  ',
.M. Phllllpps was-ln town this week
from'Fruit-lands.,-with a,big load of
fresh vegetables. - . .** .'■*;'
. of Spokane capitalists are up
South Fork and-Lodge Pole creeks after
There's1 some big social events going
to take, place; in. Elko In "the near future, and full particulars will be given
in the columns of this great; family-paper'. .'s'.ith'e*"l*lg'gefct 'and^bes't piiper
iiV the Pass and'only costs ,one dollar a
year. ":' - ,   -''•*'.'.'"■
A big,band of Tobacco.Plalns'-'Indians
arrived this morning from Browning,
Montana, "where they had been attending a big war dance. They say r>000,
took part In il. . They left for their
reservo in the big red apple' country ln
There is nothing definite about an
oloctlon this fall, '.it's all paper talk as
yot. All'we hope is that tho Elk river
grade Is in good shape so that tbo Conservatives caii roll the old chariot along
for wo want what wo want,, when wo
want  It!. y
(I room eottago with two lotH for sale
In Elko. Apply this offlco. Tlm biggest
advertising paper In  tho Pass,
Miss Myra Hoo of,Roosvllle, who has
boon visiting'Fernio and Iiilko tho last
week returned homo Friday via the
mail stage, ' - ,
■ Mrs, J. Ia,„MoLonn loft via the Gt.
Northern for Vacouvei\ on n vIhII to
hor parents, •   ■  •     •
Mrs, Dr, aimlwln was In from Corbin
this week, „   '
♦ - .' - ■ NOTICE   . »- -4*
♦ \'""a-       -       ,'   ' ♦
♦ ,'   Miners'and mine laborers of   ♦
♦ the U MY W. of A. are warned   ♦
♦ to keep away from the mines , ♦
♦ of the Nicola Valley Coal and' ♦
♦ Cole Co.     at Middlesboro; a    •*<►
♦ strike' is on for recognition/ ♦
♦ . the management being unfair   ♦
♦ to. organized labor. , *-***-.
♦ you will be notified when   ♦
♦ this Company is again placed . ♦
♦ on the fair list of our organi-   ♦
♦ zation. *■   ♦
♦ '     '     ♦
numbor havo written that thoy expect
to come from both 'phices.    *
II. L". Crates,, left for Vancouver by
tbe G. N. "Thursday. He will be gone
for some timo.
Mrs". Backs reports 16G chlckuis f:*.i:n
her last hatch from tbe Incubator. T;.U
makes a total of 770 chickens hatched
this season from a 200 egg Heawath Incubator. Thero should be some hen
fruit the coming year a. Fernie will see
some fresh eggs once nnd a while after these chickens  get  busy. , ■
A Mr. Cooper, a friend of the Fillmore's and- Tellfords, ■ Winnipeg,
spent a few days wi'h""them the,firi,a'
part of the week, and left for Vaneon ■
ver Wednesday. *
The Adolphs have :i nice as-tortum-it
of postal' card views <**' Payne.- LalO'. a
number-showing, tm mill mil ot'ii"-*
the dam, ditch and, flumes of the-Irrigating project. '",.' ;
There has been' quite a number, ,of
transfers of horses'here this week, tho
minister getting a' riding nag. Mr.
Johnson can now get about to his different' appoltnments'.
Mr. Griffith purchased a horse from,
Mrs. Davis'of Waldo and D. W. Hart
.bought  one-from Mr.  Griffith.
Mrs. Cody and daughter Clara or.
Fernleare visiting'Mrs. W. S. Stanley
this week. Mrs. Cody, Mrs. Stanley
and Mrs. Cousins made a flying visit to
Gateway, visiting friends at that flourishing burg ovoi\ night, returning ■ on
Thursday morning. , , .7,
. We did, not hear; how the. regular
meeting on Wednesday afternoon of the
Whist club made out' this week. We
saw some of the ladles soon after and
they lodked so pleasant and satisfied
that we concluded thr'y had a great
time, and "the, refreshments were to, the
King's taste., Mrs." Beaty >vas', the
hostess, and the club, so w,e are.lnofrm-
ed, will have a' general meeting on the
29thi when the-gentlemen* will'trie" ad-'
I t 1 W M * *.*)f*************** ** .
| BAYNES ,. |
Aftor a very HlronuniiH oxNlonco tbo
Waldo bimoball tonm lias dluhandnd,
nnd thoso of lliolr mini hor who woro
rooolvliiff largo salarlnH and woro undor
contract have beon nnslgimd to nt hor'
toamH lu tho Kootonay valloy loagfo,
This Ih cotiHlilored a groat' ooupo, and
Mnnngor Uoby Ih to bo congratulated.
'Ho doHorvoH Knsnt for thq good
iiiilurud way hu looked when tlmy won
a gamo und IiIh modoHt man nor when
thoy loHt out, All llio moniboi*H hIiow
wnll dovolopod olicmtH and ciiIvoh, Tliolr
HiiltH will lio flno bathing hiiIIh, Homo
foar Ih folt that tlm oolorn will run
nearly rh much iih Iholr nwimm havo,
whon tlmy got Into llio wator, HorlouHly
—■wo rogrot thai tho boyH liavn glvon up
tlm olub at Waldo, Wo liopntlmy will
gut  togollmr and  inakn n  new Htart.
Mr, .•;, It, Hlrootor Ih building on tlm
Knolnnlu trnrlH a nont homo. Iln Ih
oximollng rolntlvoH from lho mut to vIh-
II him anil Ih rimplng Urn wink In cum-
I). 11, Htorllng Iiiih piinil.iiHeil Mr. H.
L,< CrnlPN lot A 111 If.' *>l and will build
a new nddltlmi lo thn linium, Mr, Ciiuiim
H-tlll Iium a vory flno' live mini trupi
which hii will Improvo In tlm nuur Tutu m.
Mr, ll, II. Tulfiiril infl fnr a ton
diiyu trip to MlnnmipnllN, Minn,, thn
flint of tlio wimk.
Tho Htork linn not vUIU-d UiIh vicinity
for mum* tlmo—iiuihI bo nut of Minnie.
•iim, Conk ui ,iiuimy wuh ii vikiiui'
nl  Urn  AilMph hnnie thin wim-Ic .
D. W, Mart Hpnnt two dayn In I'm--
nlo Krldny and Hnturdny of Hint wppIc,
Mr, nnd Mr*. Ingham i-ntorlnlnfil
Mr, nnd Mrt. I.tifoyer, irorlmrt^Mplmrdl
of Fornio. Hnn RIotinnlH ofnMlkn, niul
Mr, nnd Mrn. 1). \V. tfnrt of IIiivupk mi
'in Mi ri'por I a grand
foi'd on trout, turawlmri'lni and cronm
pers... .  , •'-..,■
" If the potato crop'ibbks as1 well else,
where .as, it, does.'iii j.Baynes' the price
'will soon'come down" so that-,a nian
earning less than two hundred a month
will b'o":'ab1e''t6','hd'vei''{n,em on1the"'ta"l^e
7 days in the-week. ■*■*»<,-. -a' «.■ .   .
Mrs, Gladwin. of Corbin , passed
thrugh. Baynes on Tuesday with-Mrs.
Agnew  of  Elko77,V   ' ''**     ' \
Little Miss Beatrice Stanley entertained her young friends • on Monday,
the 19th, the date being.lier third birthday. It was a,great .occasion and all
the youngsters enjoyed'themselves. Wn
Judge there was lots or good things to
eat and tho children will remember tho
event /for a long tlmo. Only a few
felt after effects and thoy are still with
uh trying to Torget tho_unpleasant night
following tho  great  f'oast.
Thoro aro about a dozen, wild cows
belonging to pooplo living hero; every
cow 'uses the largoHt bell that can bo
bought,and no two sound alike. Thos.*
whohave not heard them cannot, appreciate the racket when thoy. got In a
bunch to dlBcuH8_llm fly question,
Part of tho-flume south of tho Hall*
way Is nearly sixty foot .high, H does
not Hoom ,so high until ono attempts to
walk from ono bunl In another on a hIx
Inch plank, ,
We did think we Iuul a few truthful
men In Dnynois. Tlm number Is do-
orciiHlng as many of llioin hnvo boon
flHhlng lately.' We wonder If there are
any fish loft, to cnten In Uock Crook,
We know tlmre'K no largo ouch with
tho exception nf onr beauty; lm'H a
whale, lum his mouth full of broken
hooks, and Hllk I'IIc-h.      Poor follow,'
I       ■   ••  H0-3MER ' |
Wo wero nguln di-I'mUml In mir Inn-run
gamo with Colomnn'on Hatiirdny, ' For
tlm firm tlmo' In mir nwny gamoH we
turnud nut,llio'tonm iui Holooted, ' Tlm
tminis woro; ■•
nioicin ,,
WnlHiin  ,	
lOrulfIn , ,	
lliildci'Htnim   ,,	
Cllmlii  ,'	
Mnyi'H ,
Ah llm offlolnl riifm'on
i Up the niptiiliiN of In.tli
.., MinmorHou
,,. .Mcaullnoli
,,, .ltmiglmiid
 I'on inn n
.......11 until''
,,, . . , (ll'Dllllllllll
full I'd to turn
loniiiH iiKi'i'i'd
fourth'goal. Half ,,'time arrived" with
Coleman leading by a score of four
goals to two.' . ,      ■
On'resuming Coleman soon had a fifth
goal through Hutson slipping after saving a nice shot, and Graham put the
ball through. Hosmer got going and
Balderstone,^ after beating three men.
slipped 'the 'ball, to M,oyes, Who sped
down'the field, bea^ting man after man
and finished,. with scoring ■ the best'
goal  of.the game.
• From the kick off Hosmer pressed
again and Steel scored from a well timed pass from Gordon. Watson got bis
knee wrenched at this point, but he was
determined to finish the game,-Moyes
and he changed places; the game was
now fast and furious, each side trying
their level best to" score. .From a foul
Inside the penalty area Hector McDonald scored the equalising goal and ln
consequence got his hand'nearly shook
off his body by the' rest of the team1.
However we were not finished yet, ns
from a and.shot Watson
scored a sixth goal, but Johnson wns
cute enough to pull the ball, back after It was over a foot paat tho goal line,
and Referee McLean, who was not In
position to know, disallowed the goal.
This was hard lines indeed for Hosmer,
as tt was a better -goal than any made
by Coleman and was perfectly legitimate. This was'bad enough, butcwben
the Colemnn forwards broke away and
their outside left scored, a winning goal
our chance, was gono as tho ' whistle
blew for the finish of the game as soon
as tbe ball was kicked off from the
centre with the score" etljl 6 to 5 In favor of Coleman.
• We have no cause to feel disgraced In
being defeated by Coleman, but to lose
on the last mi nil to afier playing such'
an uphill fight, was1 the hardest'of hard
luck. As we agreed to let Jim McLean referee,the game ,we don't want to
kick, but surely he should -have given
us what was coming tu ,us. Wo bad
two goals 'disallowed,, mio of them being as good and as clean a goal as
was ever scored, and- ihe other -was a
very doughtful offside decision. Our
players all did w".->M. bu: "of th.' forwards McDonald and Moyes combined
better than the right wing, Moyes especially playing a brilliant game with
McDonald, Steel, Tliom.ioii, Balrterstone
and Watson close behind.
We play Michel at M'miel next Sat-
r-day, and ;-, our 'no -a •■■■ \'\ 'mt •>•>
expected of them we may look forward
to** giving Michel the game of-, their
lives, arid it is an open.,secret that we
Intend to do what we should have' don»
•n the lb•■ I, game, and that Is d*>f«(.i'
.them and get our first two points.
The team will be: Hutson, Oversby,
Watson, Climle, Balderstoiie,-Mole, Gordon, Thomson, Steel, McDonald, Moyes
reserve,Davis.,     -,        '-*    ^   '      '   '    .
George McQueen, the popular left half
of Michel has at last consented' to play
transfer has expired. George
cool,   clean   player  and'- will
nn .Tim MpI.hiui, nf Cnlmniin tu p^i-ref
llm giinu!.
• llnuglH'iul ofColi'innn won Hip (unh.
und oloclnil to play with a glai'lng Hint
behind tlimn. Tlmre wuh a good tut it
out Of Npontiitoi'H wlmil Hlnol klelcnd orr,
A Hnuiit run wiih Hlurtn.1 by McDonald
who piiHHod lo MnyiiH, who carrlm. tlio
bull well up tho fti-lil unit rontroil beau*
UfiiUy, bill Mrfulli.ii. cImi,,.,] „.,,] W(i,
IiIh rorwnrrti- away nnd K nil nek Meorod
llm flrHt goal for Coleman, Twloc In
nurrfK-il'iii wqh Uu- bull I'li.kcd off from
(Im oniiiro only tu mi-i- I lm fiolmnnii i'or*
wnrdH tnko puhmi.hhIimi nf tlm pigskin,
nnd   HCfiro nr   wim «n   tlw   ui,,a   *.	
mon- to blnino I linn onr ilnfmiHn iih il
   wiih. nearly ImpoHHlbm to hi-o.-Uip bull
~-wl*ili wo oould work tlmim good poo-1 wlillo ll wim In (tin nlr; -.till tlm ilnfi.nrr
pin for,wii Invitation. Iwiih Jimt n little ton binir In making up
Tlm good pooplo who wluli In lmvo tlm; llmlr nilndu whnt m do nml In I'ootbnil
outlnif nf tliolr llvo, living In or nonr
thin vicinity, mum not forgot tlmt
tlnynt*-* lnko will liav.., n bimkot plcnb*
and If you bring a good, woll rillod banket     you     will     *>njoy     filling     In
Kiporlnlly lm who lm** I In tin. In lout, Thin
wnn n-lilnr ltmwny ni inakf up but our
hoy*** liilflili'il to nml iiTIm- Hiimi- nie..
ronibliinlloii (loidun t-torml frnni a iili.o
oronn nhot    from Mnyon,     "From tlm
uur boaullful puvk uiuiiiul tlm lakn. U.i.klok nit wr inoU n nay In llm giimc,
not forKet tlm data l.nlmr tiny, rtiMcin-,| (lie furwnrilH playmg a nlcn coinbliui-
lier 6tlt. .There will bo roma tiporti no, tlon'niiil lind tlm Cnlmniin ili-fenco neat*
land nnd water. Tlm pwiplt, of ll-iynoa, torf-il and ne a ivmili Mtiyte acored tlm
hope that x good. numlu-r wlb ioi.i.i micond iron) tor Ibmnir.' ('oliiman gm
dovn from Yemw unit foil tv. • Ir.    A UnxInuH nftcr UiIh r«\i*rH*t and ncoroil a
quired for
.Is  a  nice
be a decided acquisition, to the Hosmer
'team,-      , . '.      .    .        ,-,,
/ .There is quite a lot of anxiety ..Just
now'I'n'football circle:* about'tlie composition of team's' to play for'the Mut':-
cup. Quito .a. number of playors ar>i
shifting their quarters and a keen race
will be seen for possession of the coveted trophy. • Tho Hosmer kids had
Fernie juniors as, their opponents In a
gamo of baseballon Saturday night and
got defeated by'the-score, o'f 18 to 5,
Our little uns played a good game but
of course thoy wore up against a bigger
and older bunch o"f boys,, the oldest ot*
our boys bolng only.K years of ago,-so
that It was no disgrace to bo defeated,
'A meeting or committees for the celebration on Labor dny was held Monday
night,' C". B. Sviptor was appolnto-J
chairman with G. II. Dunbar ns his secretary, ,T, W. Morris was appointed ns
assistant secretary. A Nor discussion a
commltteo composed of O. II. Winter,
G,,II, Dunbar., F. Lallollc, F. Wluitt-
(ir's wiih nppolntod 'to go around' the
trades pooplo and solicit HiibHorlptlo'iiH,
It-Is hoped >,thnt every mm In IltiHinpr
will do IiIh host. It 1ms lif'eii a hnnl
tlmn 1,'itely hero but now. thai, wo aro
bony again' pronimrlly will s'lini rolgn,
nnd wo wnnt n grand I'i'lebratlmi on Lnbor day nnd UiIh cun only bu iloue by
ov-ryono glvlnV-n  liHplng bund. ■
Wo bad Hi,, plensiiio or seeing a fine
riBli which wns flu tight Hi (injup'l Suii-
rlny. It 'wi.'lglmd iwi'lvi- and n hull'
pnumUi and Ih Uio blggesi on light (liln
sun non,, .    ,
Ibin Diinlnp took* n look In ngnln mi
Monday night,
Hob Clnurlny cnmo' 111 from Un; rust
Ill ftnHWor to the lnlti'i- whli'll Wim In
your pnpnr Insl wonk Hlgned by "Cnn-
duelor," w<« beg to ooiroet lilm, When
lm wiih imkiid If ho bud gol nny liiHtrue*
llmiH tn piiHH im lliroiigli to Conl f.'ror-lt,
ho Hnld no. Wo Hum aski'd lilm lo whom
Wft Hlinnld apply for t'l,i< piihhoh iiiiiI he
Hii'lil "thn Riipprlnlondnnl," but he hnd
gono to Mlohnl hii ll wiih IiiiimihhIIiIc to
got tlm ihihhi'H, hii 1u> told lis lo gm on
thn trnln nnd II would he nil light,
llowoviir wo Hoi'vi'd tlm-pnrpiiHt* w« In-
toiulod by lolltng nvorynni' luuiw llm
I rent ment wn rnclvi'd.
Tlm biiHobnll Hmilni'H visited l<;il<o on
Hundny und oiigugfil thmn In u bull
gnnm, Our boyH plnyml n giviil gnum,
lomlliig nil thu wny to the liml IiiiiIiikh
wlmn I'llko put ou a -*|iurt nud Hrored II
rutin niul even tlm Hcorn nt 5 nil, Another liiulngH won plnyi'd nml IIcihiih-i
got tlm, only run mill won n fnni nml ma*
cltliiK ir ii nm by n ol fi,
It wiih with n deep li'oliiiK' n| h.viiiiui l hy Unit llm ui'WH wim ivi'i-lved of
thn iintlini'ly diiil li ol' A n if iih 1'llln,    |i
lltlly   HCfltlH   II    ti'W   ll«,VH   HltlCC    Wl>   WI'I'M
NlmkliiK liniidh with lilm wlii'ii tb«' fool-
bull nlub iiliiyed ul 1'niiik, Iln wn.i
Tlicrn wllh bin ninntli'i' I'lmi'li to luii'l:
IiIh rnvmitn 11*11111, Ilo nlwiiyn wiih tlm
Hnm^Tn llfflit i*lmi.r\ liii|i|iv*u*ii*lui'ki'
boy, mid wiih 11 lavorlii* with ovnryone
'.•'   I..IIIII-   III   li.tliH.I    lllll.,    U'l    I  Mr,',,I   I,,
IiIh widow nnd child 1 ur ■ li*.*i»->i- 1 nymph thy,
A. II, Cani|ibi-ll nml IiIh ImiIIiIIiik ntiifr
hnd a iIiiv'm flHlihig m> Niiuiliiy. 'I'lmy
naught lliolr liri*al<fiu<t all rlghi.
•XII...    \ ,    I,.,..1    .     ....    Ill   ll  I.    ,,,.    I-
....    '   .1....        t    ..       .
and Imd a Hllght opinuilmi. .-Oic Ih n*<
Vlmloi'H to tlm lloynl UiIh week worn!
T,  10, .IiimnH, KdiiinnKiii
A, .1, (!nrior, I'Vriiln
W. IViwell, I'Vipli*.
W, II, DoliHon, i.'iilniuy. >
t'. II. S'lvnn  <"iili:iiri-.
<».  Miifful, Fvrnlii,
W. II. tiKl.img, 1'Vrnlf.
II. ICi'vnniiiM, i.'iilirniy.
II,  !),■ l.npuley, Vnnioiivii
H..W. lAWHon, Cri'Hlrin
T. I.. Orny, Vuncoumr
Mln« Copperk, (.'ftlgury.
H. nsrbcr. Toronto,
B. C.
General Merchant
Indian Robes and Bead Work-
•  , * . '      ■
, S.otivenirs of The Great West
,            and   Indian  Curios
  AND -*
Real Estate That Grows
Big Red Apples ^
The Nearest Fruit, and Farm Lands to the
»   Crows Nest Pass Mines
See Elko,  Roosville. and
Tobaccb Plains
*w    , ' AND ■
"Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow"
, B. C,
. B. C,
Deposit one   dollar, register
-.--, > i.      ■.,<•»
„ ,      pass, book—that   is   all  the.
formality.tliere* is. in opening
- i "    -    . an account with . the , Home <
'.Bank,      Peposits . incre'iseti;,
one million dollars . last year.
•   .   ■ (i  " "-*
.W. C. B. Manson Manager
Fernie Opera House
JULY 27, '09
Tlio'.iiii-iii-- Dlxin Triiiiliiiiliiiirs
lii'iiiloil   liy   A ii ii 'ii en's   ['roiiiiiM-
('nliiii'il Coiiii'iliiin
Happy George Taylor
Tin* ni'i(,'liiiil    Dciiinllii'iii'Ni'   of
l'im mul
Sara Green
'I'lio Aliiliiuim NlKlitliiKali'
lu n now I w«i ncl iiiiihIi'iiI Cuipi*
imI>' I'lilllloil
"A Trip to
New. Orleans"
.50, .75 & $1.00
HiiHiiiPHH   HloiikH.   (Jlmrchns
Schools', nud licnvy wm-fc u
AimiiIi* fin- I'Miiiiinlrm 1'ivihimI lli-lck
nml    I nml    I'oini    (.-,1,1,1,1,,,,   ,„„|
I'lllHKild      llrll-K*. KMllHIHlflM     fi,,..
iilfliwl fri'n
IN' Uic ninth',- nf :m ■.ijijiIIimUiui foi
Uic Ihhuo of n .lii'iUniic (.'iiitlflculo tit
Thlc to ot 1.1 llloclt ." iowii of IVrnli-
(Map 7:ill,
\*nllrfi Im l,i«n>lo' I'lvoli Uml  It  In !ti
lilliiiitIon   tn  Ihmiic  ut   llm  expiration
of ono month after Dw tlmt pulillcni*
Ion Inn-oof 11 iliipllialo nf thu ci'itiflc-
nU* of tlllti to llio above . iiiciitloncl
Mot In llio nnmo of Mlcliiiol ,1, (!nm>y,
I John lloliorl Hohh nud Willinm A Hoh:«
which ("-.•■Itfleiit.i Ih iIhHmI Uic .Mh <ln,t
of Ociohnr l!l(i7 mul nimilmicil "OldA.
DlHtrlct Iti'KlHti'iii*
lihnd IlORlHlry Off Ire  .VcIkoii II. ('.
Jtily 21flt, 1900
Try in for Rood I'ortralturc Prlcm
iiimli'Mto, Adilri-u Pellatt Avenue
(lIM-nsiTK     TUB     HOSPITAL
l.i'iivi'Oi(li.|ia willi \V,   Ki-mv     5
CHONtK   7*
III every  lliillic llii'lr iilnillhl
)»• 11 ",<i|i'i.1 |(mul(i>"
^^"»"It.*Clit   *i" , Pi...,   1111   ;inl'ii-,
ilillil inn iiiii il, Ti v oiie .nnl
iH'coinliircl,     Piiic tjUlUVi' U.tviic*. UiVi*. H. **'.
,.iVt\ '. <.--„,»*.;. PAGE SIX
V>%^ 7,Va*
Sporting Hems
Football, Lacrosse and Baseball.   Racing
Mlchol    ....
1   10
'    1
Coal Creek
.   '&'"
- 14
.  10
■   iV
Colemnn    ..
.    8
-Bellevuo    ..
.    0 '
~    1
'   0
The League jfames played on Saturday last weer remarkable for the phe-
nomenal number of-, goals scored,    no
less than'twenty-two being scored in
.    ii   -
the three matches played.  The, game
between Coleman and Hosmer furnishes a*-record-In this respect, -11
goals being scored. Cole.nan had six
of these and Hosmer five. The rapid
' scoring iu this game made the play interesting, and Coleman just succeeded
lu gaining the points on the post, the
winning goal being scored a few min-      Two points for a win and one for
utes from time. « draw.
Ilosmor have every reason to be It should he noleil that in the above
pleaesd with the display of their'team, table the' Michel and Bellevue clubs
and  the result, taken  ln conjunction  are credited with two points 'each for
"with tlie game played the week prov* a win against Cowley. As Is generally
lously a-jainst Michel,   indicates great known  O'owley  wlthalrew   from      the
improvement in their ranks. Coleman  League after playing these two gameB
played hard  for the points, and    al- so wo prc-sumc that tlie .Mlchol and the
though they wero successful in    win-  Bellevue clubs will hnve to drop the
nlng out just at time si 111 they got only  points gained against that club
their due reward.     Coleman nre out \    The league games for today are:
of the running so far .as league honors ■ - Michel vs'Hosmer al ..Michel.
are concerned, bnt we think they will)    nolloviHs  vs  Coleman  at Bellevue.
have a big'say in the destination ot'(i .The fixture card for the present scathe Fort Steele cup. , j son hns not been properly arranged, it;
Thoy are continually ndding lo their;fact there are some clubs who have not
strength and have succeeded in beguil-i yet   fixed   dales   for "their   complete
Ing a few players from this end of the! schedule of games, so that is the i-»»-.i
Pass. George Kollock, well known in  stm wo failed to umiouiice   the Colo-
Coal Creek, Is also located in Coleman. t man* mi\ HosnVer game in last week's
Klnnear who essayed the full back position for the day. Michel was never
stretched in this half and they ian out',
easy winners by the score of 5 goals
to 0. , ' , ■' '    .';.
Tlie following table gives the position of the league clubs up to and including July 17th.
George is ii fine player and will be a
tower of slrenglirio ai*iy°(eam he may
Bellevue 2; Coal Creek 4
This was the result of the game at
Bellevue last Saturday.      The, game
issue. The Coleman football club
are requesting the clubs comprising
the Crows Nest Pass League to arrange benefit matches for W. Fraser,
who had his leg broken a few weeks
ago. We would be pleased to see
It is only right
Rifle Team Wins Honors
at Bisley—Prove to be.
B1SLEY, England, July 16—The Can-,
adian team after their great exhibition
on-the .Mackinnon cup yesterday, was
expected to win the Kelpore cup today
and'lived up to expectations. They did
not however, have as easy a thing as
in the1 Mackinnon cup, their, margin
over the Transvaal team being only 10
points. At that Canada was not benien
at any range. All the members of the
team with the exception, of Lieut.
Smith used, the Ross rifle.   7      *
The scores wer&.,ns follows:
Canada    .■•... '. 	
TrtuiBvanl •. "...
Guernsey    ....'.'  ■ 747
Mother country    ..- ,..'   742
Southern Rhodesia",     730
India ....:     725
African Protectorate   ..:     C71
The individual scores of members of
the Canadian loam were: ,
Sgl.   Kelly,. Toronto 7. *.     1)1)
7 Mitchell. Hamilton  	
.     .1!)
•Sgt. Freeborn, Hamilton ..
.    97
. Jones, Pownall, P. 13." 1. ..
.    98
Russell, pit awn   	
.   '95
"7 94
,    SS
$50.00  REWARD
Well Known Character isyFound
Dead  Near  Pincher- Wfts    i
yy^Having^Goqd^Titiie. \ ■"•■.''   ;
. PINCHER CREEK, July 17—tjonsid-j his imbibitions and-which had event-
erable excitement, mingled'with horror! ually resulted in his death either that
and regret, prevailed in this town to- night or on the following morning,
day over the unfortunate snuffing out-* * The unfortunate' . man. was driving
of a man's• life' while in a state* cifja team of small mules', attached to a
inebriation. The facts are said to bo
as follows': y • *- .
Constable Dodge, of the It. N.'W.
M, Police was. summoned at an early
hour this morning to the scene of ii
fatal, accident, across the creek, immediately west of the town. It appears
light democrat \vagbn,- at the time of
the accident, , and had been in the
employ of a' farmer eight miles'south
east of town,-also a Frenchman. .
Marks on the face and body of'deceased  would indicate that he    had
fallen off the conveyance, presumably
that some parties who had made somo! at the ugly hope alluded to, and'that
was  intensely   interesting    and   Conl| Ulis niattev taken up.
Creek had a ,hard run for the points,
Bellevue-playing a good game.'''. Coal
Creek was somewhat wide*,  strengd.
three of their usual side, being off.
Bellevue on the other lm.ul had Oakley and Guest from'Mich,'1 ^nd Adlun?
of Frank in their team. Coal Creek
opened strongly and scored in thc
first five minutes of the game, P.- Joi-
son being the' marksman. , Varley
equalized for Bellevue about midway
through the first half. Play was even
for a time. Manning added a second
goal for Coal Creek before the interval and the teams enssed over with
-Coal Creek leading by two goals to
one.       .■   ■ l    - '
i that some effort should be made to recompense a player who gives his, services and sacrifices his time in an endeavor to".give followers of the game a
little pleasure and who has had the
misfortune to meet with an accident
while so doing. ' We understand a
game has been arranged between. Fernie and.Coal Creek ancl we*trust that
the *jame wilLbe heartily supported.'
• The game continued to be' hotly con"
tested in the. second half, P.elleyue
having a large share of the play.
Strong play by Manning enabled him
to break through and Bcore a third
goal for Coal Creek. Shortly afterward O. Joison added'a fourth- from
a simple, looking shot. He caught
the ball on the drop and tipped it towards thc goal. The bright sun ln
the goal tender's eyes prevented him
seeing the bnll and It dropped over his
head and went through. '
It looked all over with Bellevue now
but they came away .strongly and added a second goal,to their total. Manning, who was playing a strong bustling game for Coal Creek scored again
with what wns really tho best shot of
the gamo, but thc reforeoullHiillowel
tho point on tho ground of offside, lithe dosing stages of tho game Bollu-
vuc pi-esised hotly, but failed to add to
thoir Hcoro', ■ Tho end camo with th".
Coal Creek team winners hy four io
Michel 5; Fernie 0,
How aro tho mighty fallen!
The result of this gnmo played at
.Mlflhfrl last Saturday may havo been
n siirprif-n to local partisans of lho
game, hut, when" It Ih known thnt the
local tonm plnyed lho wholo gamo
with only K'U mon nnd only flvo of tho
Ion boInK pcriiI'ii* lilayorfl In thc team,
lho adverse riwiilt will he fully explained, " For the fli'Hi. iwont)' niln'
utus of the gnmo Fernio had tin equal
share of the play, hut their reserve
playors, who woro oiitlruly untrained,
hogan to lug from this point,, nntl Mi*
uhel Iuul mi cany passage, Millet and
Qommn had a Koitl oach beforo tho Interval, the half tlmo score bolng M,l*
I'.hol ii, Fornio 0.
The Hocoru! half wan all In favor of
Mlchol, anil thoy added other throo
boforo llio flnlHli. Ono foiituin of Iho
gamo -win- (ho Htciilng play of Billy
HASKHAM, \     .
The Scouts entertained, Bruce's Specials to a little game of "Going, going
gone" on Wednesday evening at' base-
_ball_pa_rk.  As we "heard one fan' re
mark the game put up by' Bruce's^pets
"was so.rotten it was good."'. The
score of 22'to'-6 tells the tale. And
Bruce had nerve enough to get In the
box and try to pitch 2 innings himself.
Mis alarm clock wind up caused, much
laughter and gave the Scouts a • little
amusement. Not one of the carpenters got past first and not a ball was
hit out of the diamond. Bruce seems
to be a hoodo to the game and should
quit and let someone else get up , a
team that ca nat least give tho spectators a littlo for their money, McDonald pitched good ball for the Scouts
and Con Whelan surprised the fans
by not doing any, kicking. Tho pitcher
for the carpenters did good work,* but
his support was fierce; tho first baseman and tho new man on second bolng
about the only.' onofi who played tho
i;nnie. The lino up and score follow:
Scouts Carpenters
left flold
Wriglesworth   Slncsplel
right flold
Mills     - ,..  Bruce
contro field
 ,,, Hoiulei'flou
Glen for information leading to Dw.
recovery of my two little'girls (-who
weer taken from my home on^July.nth,
and were last seen' at Maeleod on July
5th.'' *'I wish-to'take legal proceedings
against the parties who have taken the'
.Description of Children: (1) Name
Eva May age 8, complexion light, eyes
bine, hair, light, scar on chin. (2>
Name Martha age 4; complexion fair,
oyes blue, hair light.,
Description of parties responsible
for abduction: Harry Parson, age 29,
English, dark complexion, voman nose,
brown eyes, height 5 ft. 5 in. Minnie
Rowles,. age 30, 'complexion fair,-.light
brown hair, eyes blue, good. looking,
pimple on rather long nose, height ii ft.
4 In'.   ' ''-'."- ;     '    "
: Hold parties for abduction and for
threatening life. Communicate with
police "and me.
'        % ..HENRV ROWLES;   .-"
Okotoks, Alberta.
Wholnn   ,
Dnvoy  ...
WnltrifH  .
Hicks ...
I t t    .,■*■ i t I i t I
, t t t t t	
first hiiHO
second biiBO
third Imso
tii      *.****•
short slop
, ,,RvniiB
(lu tin an
1 Anderson
Thu Koi'iiln Juniors, aftor wutchlni*
the going, going, none stunts of llmco's
l'f-tH, hnvo Issued a challenge to tako
thorn an, and wo will Htitl'n onr noxt
nionl ticket Ihul tho klilH can wallop
Uii'iu nl  that,  Oh you Unirn.
■*• • "CSS-
early start oh' a Sunday fishing ■ or
picnic trip found the body of a niaii
lying dead, at a, bad hole near the
creek. The constable named, while
making' all possible haste, to -tho .location indicated met the coroner, J.
Gould nnd Dr. -Turcot returning from
the, scene of-the accident with the
dead body of the Ill-fated, man, which
whs placed lh the undertaking department of the Scott establishment.   '
The body proved to be that of Jo's.
Deignault, familiarly known in town
as "French ,Toe,"\vhose age is given as
between 45 and'50 years. On Friday
night the'deceased had been placed'Iri
the lock up-here while* in-a state or
intoxication, and it is supposed that
after .being fined the following morn-,
ing at the police court he. had resumed
the wheels had passed over his breast
The team of mules was found near the
spot where the,body was discovered
Of course these are merely Indications
and supposition as to how Joseph Deignault met with death, and lt is*unlikely that the true cause will ever, be
known regarding more - Identical circumstances connected, with the sad affair. -     ,-'..
Although the deceased had been, in
this■ section, for eight or nine years,
he does not appear to be very weil
known • among .other Frenchmen in
' A coroner's Inquest was not deemed
necessary, as the affair is unanimously
looked upon ,by all as a case of accidental death. No relaties of the deai\
man are known.      '  * '' 7"
77: a/ ; '- /DENTIST. y,y    -\
Now * doing business-at* the Johnson'
Faulkner.Blocker Office hours' 9-12.30
1.30-67 *'. :- -'-'" -  '■■;■<■. '"\/ '   "
B. C.
W. R.  ROSS K.C.
Barrister   and Solicitor       .-'•-.
. * '    .   .■...•*--      '^'    . * '.
Fernie, B. C7 •-,,,/        Canada.
L. P. Eckstein . D. E.. McTaggart'
'-    "• i :-'"■<■''-,     '■' "7- '"■   i  ■;
tO-.. ,l       a '   *       ,*>j       ■*,-_■
Cox Street '7;/.Fernie' B; C
P. C. Lawe
Alex. I. Fisher
Fernie, B. C.
Results Given Out—Only
,38 Out of 84 Make
,0  It in .Kootenay
VANCOUVER, July 21—Tbe provincial department of education has announced;, the results in the high school
examinations held in the variors centres throughout the province. A total
of 364 students wrote,' of whom / 203'!
were successful. '.^Gordon Catchpole
of **■ Mission. City   scored  the  highest
"He said we didn't poatew enough
horse sense to pull a donkey cart''
"HorrorsI At If we'd think,of
•uch a thingf
Three     Foreigners     Are
Caught--One Buried
>   . * .   Completely
Tenders nre requested for tho orec'
tion of now hanking premises for tha
Imperial hank'Of Canada, at Fornie,
All tenders to be scaled und endorsed nnd sent to lho architects, and
must' roach thom on or before TluirB*
dny, 22nd Jul)', 1001),
Tho BUco.oftHful tenderer will 1>« roqulrod to doposit with tho archltectn
ii satisfactory hond for ton por conl.
on lho amount of Ills contract,
Tho lowont or any tondor nol uncos*
sillily accepted.
1'laiiH and HpuclflcntloiiK muy ho obtained on application lo tho "Munonor,
Imperial Ilnnlt of Oanndii, Fernio II, C.
or from Iho ui'chltcotB,
Memn. Hodgson 8* Bates '
Dominion Iliilldlnn,
Calnary, Alta.
Official City League Baseball Schedule
r\r mv.\
lAlMURT 18
AlimiHT 2
JULY 1ft
JULY 2fl
IULY '*«
mark, receiving 830 out" or a possible
1000. *'   -.--...   -. .;   ; „•■   .     *.    ' 7
Cranbrook. Centre
•   *   '  ' - '■ -'J ,   -,•"■ '      ' -■ i
-.   Cranbrook: No J candidates 16, pass*
ed 6, Rose -'A*. •' Kaskill, Douglas Stewart, Brene'Waide, Sarah' Palmeri Jessie Kennedy,' Isabella Taylor.
*   Port.Steele: Candidates 1;^passed'i.
Robert Henderson;- t     ,
..Wardner: Candidates 1; passed nono
Wasa: Candidates,two, passed none,
Fernie Centre
Pernio: Candidates seven; piiBsod 1,
Mary A. Daleraan, 569.
Hosmer; Candidates' one*,' passed
none'.' ' -' '
.Priate study:. Candidates ono; passed nono. ,
Golden Centre
Golden: Candidates 12; passed 7;
Kathleen Shaw, Gladys Walton, "Doi*'
othy Tennant, Gordon F. Parsons, Hazel F. Sherlock, Vivian Nattrn8B;,,Tas,
Field: Candidates one; punned nono,
Golena — Candldatos two; passed
Wnpa: Candidates 2; passed Mary
Wllriior—Candidate*? ,L passed 1-*
.Tamos Ball. 7
Windomoro—Candidal oh thrno; iuihh.
oil nono.
Greenwood Centre
Uroenwood: Candldatos 5; ptiHsod U,
Gortnido Mclntyro, Goorgo Hmlpnth,
KrnnclR M. Rowo, Kvolyn Horlon, Hor-
tlm M. Smith.
Dead wood: Candidal ob ouo; pasHod
JOliolt: CnndidntcH two; passod
IiiKi'inn Mountain—Candidate.* ono;
piif-Hod ouo, John H. llruco,
Midway: Candidates I,; pani-od 4,
,Allco L. Korr, Janot L, Munro, Lottlo
Sutton, Gladys Jackson.
Plioonlx; CnndlilnloH 0; piiHsntl 3,
(Initio MoKon*«to, William 'Johns nnd
Gladys Plcltard.
New Oenor Centre
Now Donvon Candidates 8; piusod
7; ll&rry Cnoy, Mnry TO. nurgoun, M.
L. Gordon, T. 8. Shannon, Mnry A.
Clovor, Ahno» V, Ontby, Arthur W.
Slocan ■—Candidal')-) throo; paiiuod
Slocan Clty--Candidntes ono; patid
od l; tiu.e C. tittik,
GRAND FORKS, July 21—A seriou,-
accident occurred a few miles east of
this on the Canadian Pacific
Railway, whereby two men lost their-
llves. ' A '.rock slide occurred, and
it was. being cleared away when another slide vcame down and caught
three of the men working and hurled
men are foreigners. The body of one
was brought. here for burial., The
wounded man was the-hospital ., Teh other man. is supposed to
bo buried under, the rock. „ ..    '
Barrister and Solicitor
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
Hours 9 to 1; 2 to 5; 6 to 8.'
Residence 21 Viotoria Ave.
Pioneer. Builder and Contractor of
W   did.' We fti*e firing nway at. the
old. business
- SEATTLE, "Wash. July 20--Whe.i
President W. H, Taft visits' Seattle
the latter part of September to attend
the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition
it is predicted that the largest, gathering ever known'on the. Pacific coast
will congregate. Special arrangements nre already undor way 'to, provide special ontevtnlnment not only for
the president, but the crowds also,
Throe famous presidents lmvo visited
Soattle while In office, -Hayes, Harrison and Roosevelt, Each visit was a
memorable ocension. The record for
crowds established on those vlsltB are
cortaln to ho shattered when nig Rill
comes, not that he Is a stranger to
Seattld and tho Northwost but bdenuso
ho is so woll likod. Owing to Mrs.
Tafls' poor health ho will not bo able*
to mnko the contemplated trip to Alaska this yoar,
gravett; BROS.
Baggage,  delivered; to. nny-
,.    part of the city,    j ?'••.
Queen's Hotel
i *    »* i     «*
Built expressly for
It's a dandy, como nnd see it*.
I & CO. Proprietors
. (W., A. Ross, Manaoer.)
^s^s Sjz 2 £ s __ __^% 2 S r»5Ei2
Is the It-aib remedy
known for iimburn,
heat raihci, eccema.
tore feet*, ttlnsi and
blliter*.   A tldnfood!
^1/ bnitfUli eel Stern.-, WV
,    IN  BAD  8HAPE
CHICAQO, .Tnly ,19—Jnclt JohnBon,
acting as umpire at n ball gamo hero
yostordny, spnrord throo brief, rounds
on tho bnll flold with * his Bpnrrlnu;
partner. That .lohhBon was not in
condition to moot anybody outsido of
n lightweight for somo tlmo to como
.was apparent. That ho will, jiavo*'
cIiikh with Jim Jeffrloti was understood
hy lilmsolf,
"Tho $10,000 I "offrrod to hot somo
tlmn ago that .loffrloH would novor pout
a forfeit on mo or anybody olso tn tho
ring goos," snld tho champion botwoon
puffs aftor tho diamond bnttlo around
tho homo plate, whoro tho 'fight' wiih
«(a nod.
".loffrliiH novor had Iho ullglituHt Intention of covering my $10,000 nnd bo
novor will. Tho fact thnt I was (o moot
Jeffries yesterday wan simply n prow-
agent yarn, I novor promlsod anybody
that I would bo thoro.'
^ut**y — Tiwr-e'i t nun wha
h-un't • frknd in tht world.'
Lulu-*LUatky 4ofl
Harv-krd—I pUy-ad UgntroUi,'And wm turned iowat
Ht—too you think you* lave tli
vm will Inn tu leftf u thlii -mgtgft*
ment ring?
She—I denl know, but if you
notkt tt dying (Hit, Juit prtetat me
**...-   ■ if *,, - •   --,..•
A.'-MeDougall, Mgr.
Manufacturers of and Deal-
. ers in allkinds of Rough
■n 7 ■''-  '•**>'■' ■'   ■  '-'-■• 7   ■■
' and Dressed Lumber
Send us your orders
--* "*- * •■.*
Lumber  Dealer
All kinds ni' rough und dressed hniilm
Victoria Ave.'        North Fernie
Secretaries of Local Unions
DISTRICT 18   U.  M. W. oif A..   7
c Bankhead' No.  29—James Fisher.
Bellevue No. 431—R. Livett.
Canmore Park Local 1378-^-alames A-
McDonald.' y ' *   •
Coleman,  - No. 2633—William   .Graham.   " ' '
Carbonado No. 2688—James Hewitt.
..Cardiff No. 2387—A. Hammond.
-Cardiff No. 279—f. K. St. Amant
Edmonton  City   No  2540—A.  Matthews, P.O. 13.14.   7. * '• ■*
Edmonton No;    1329—A St.  Julian,.
2 Frazer Flats. l    j ,.      .
Fernie No.*2314—D.  Rees.
Frank; No. 1263-^Walter Wrigley\
..Hosmer'No; 24f7~J. W.i Morris
; ^Hllicr'est No'.,1058-^j; 0.,Jones.     ', '.
Kenmare N.D. 7No._ 2850r-J*. '.E-
Lansbefry.     ,   .   7y.t,- „    ■'"-' ■./'.•.
/Lethbridge, No. 574—Charles    Pe*-
c'ock.'   -y'-' -_ ''   .'     '*[     y ' V
1 Lille,No. 1233-^-J.f-Griffith -* **■• »■   .7
! Michel, No 2334—Charles Garner.
. Maple Leaf No. 2829—H. Blake.      ;,
,,    (via Bellevue)
"     *> 1    '    ■
. Merritt Local Union, No. 2627—Chas,"
Middlesboro 872—W.  N.  Reid
Pa88buVfl, No, 2352—J. Covach.
Royal   Collieries,.   No.   2589—Wm.
Whyte.  .   ,
Roche Percee No. 2672—Lachlan McQuarrie.
Taber. No., 102-*.Wm. Russell °
Taber No. 1959—Wm. McClare.
Taylorton, No.  2648—H.   Potter.
Kenmare N, D. No. 2850—H. Potter
Coi-bln No.-2877—W, Ryan
Paseburo, No. 2352—A. 8wanaton.
WOODPECKER, No. 2200:  William
Lowo.   /     ■••
Waldorf Hotel
Table Unexcelled
Hill' Nll|)|)lll'(l   Willi   till'. flllDHt
limnilH »f Wlui'H, LiiiuovH
ami VAnavti
(Kornimly of (lontml ITotol)
, TAKE r.c-.'.c? thet T (i,tr.*,il to npnlv
n thc .lnurd of TiknnslnR1' CommlBD*
onom for tho City of Fornio at thoir
m slttlngn in opon court ontltlod to
i.oar such application, fo rtho tranu-
Icr of tho rotnll Liquor Uconso now
?:.!•? by w In roo-nort nf th« llconsod
premUog known an tha Northorn Hotol
4lttiato on I-ot« alx (6) and uovon (7)
niock 14 City of Fornio, tb Wlllam
Kochwlg.   '
Datod nt Fornio li.C, thli 8th day
of Juno, 1909,
."a   , .■\.*£it-F y& y. *'S '
• -.  >   I.    ****■■■     "     *•*.- ■-
v //
rr^XJ-^-'-y- •A.'-'.Vi
One Could Notis^im and
.. tMat-fe Goes Down
4    i.   MEm9IN^HAT,Julyl8^twoC.P.
..R^roundhoii^^pe      name(J   shaW
,..,. and Rlt-=hle.^cr^arowned*here'thls
afternoon whue bathing in the Seven
."," Persons creek near   its junction.with
the river. Ritchie, who could not swim,
.' - Sotln'0-rer^l8,depth, and Shaw; who
.saw the predicament, awamto   the
*•• .   rescue-    Th* drowning, man. clutched
- -* shaw aB B00n.a8 he came within hi.,
reach-and both of them went to   th'e;
... bottom t0.8ether..     Shaw apparently
got looBe as be rose to the surface but
won in too -*eak a condition to   Have
, himself.. ..    7 ,.,
*■ Charles,Wi**Bim made an attempl *.0
reach,him bUt the current swept him
■    out of h,8l«ach Just,as he was aboil-
to lay handB on h1;m.
Rltchiea body was    recovered    an
-   hour later by Sam and   Atie Tay,or>
but at laBt -reports thaw's body was
.  still in the *water.
■"■;,.    . END. OF CONVENTION ■    \
..VICTORIA, Ju^-The 7th   con-
■■ vent,on ,of. ^e Dominion Educational
association' Qioged today wlui, e'XCurS.
;  ions by land; and * Sf/a> the -princes'
; -Charlotte being"reqdisltlbnod lii tho
latter case toHako 500 holiday makers
■„   among.the Inlands, and see the lifting
* of the flah. t-rapB.  ,i_ consequence . of
- the- Breatlj. stimulated interest in the
- work of- MtHdonafd college,; Montreal
, , was    chosen as the next-convention
city,  and oftjcers were chosen foi. t,^
ensuing three'years      ,u *. .,.
■ TouchlnS the future of the association and-its -progressive work for education the speclal Committee reported
In favor of a permanent paid secretary,,
*nd a commtUee 0f nine-was appoint.*
. ed   (one fro**-, each-, province) to con-
1 , sider all issues involved, financial and
otherwise, and'interview the provinc-
,, ialgoernments there, anent/The executive is empowered to call a special
convention ,o{ (he association next vear
if necessary %    -   <
The Dixie Troubadours are coming
to,town with adother swell show'hi
the two-act musical.comedy, creWton
"f.Trip to ^w Orleans." This cbm-
panyhas been.Bo ln the habit of doing things that a mere announcement
of its performance in »w n\t~ i« -g,,->.
ficient to pack.the,house to the doors;'
..It is one of the most popular and'suc-
cessful road COmpanles ln America and
can always b^-"^^.^^--^^-^ jftip
top show., ;A11 the,music is spick*
brand newtQ-B season |- the'fun ■ and
comedy-in "A Trlp-toVNew Orleans"
has-new lau-ji, provoking sayings and
situations and is,of,a kind that will
make you 8!t up and take notice.- Sa*
rah Green aBp8ara In the.leading role
as the prima dona.of {he company,
which she Is ao capable of doing. Geo.
Taylor, that greatest of all "colored
comedians ha8 the star comedy role',
and as "Sll*-.** Green" is making the
hit taht he Justly doBorves. Thoy;will
' aPPeor at «•<-. Fornie opora houso   on
July 27. -
100 tons of good
"a '
Baled Hay
W.E. Barker, Cayley, Alta.
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Ooodi, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
G*nt»» FurnUhinj-a
60 VBAna'
Author of "The Prisoner of Zenda
''-■.  ,    »'.- ooooooooobooooocooooo ; ,/_  '/..   .■"..■■
,        C0Vr^f.*4M»la4att|-4a^
, march■* on
Vou,   but
not on -me,'
prince, It was not eager, to tight him.
A certain'reaction in his favor set in.
If they did not love him, they held him
In -sincere respect. If he meant to light,
then they were not sure tbat they did!
Baroness Dobrava'a name, too, was
much on men's, lips. , Stories, about Sophy weij bandied to and fro. 'People
began to remember that they had from
the beginning thought ber very remarkable—a force to be reckoned with." The'
superstitious Ideas about her made
their first definite appearance now. She
had bewitched the prince, they said.'
and the men of the hills too. The
whole mountain country would rise at
her bidding and sweep down on Slav*
na in rude warfare and mad bravery.'
The sheepskins would come, following
the red star! ,.' „
Tbe citizens of Slavna did not relish
the prospect . At the best lt would be
very bad for trade. At the worst it
would mean blood and death let loose
in tbe streets. A stern ruler was*better- than civil war. The troops of the
garrison were no longer such favorites
as they bad been.' Even Captain Hercules subdued'his demeanor, which Indeed,- had never quite' recovered from
the chastisement of the prince's sword.
■ to 0 self effacing'discretion. He, too.
in his heart and in his heavy, primitive brain had an uneasy feeling about
the witch with the red star. Had she
not been the beginning of trouble?
But for, her Sterkoff's long knife would
hove set an end to the whole chapter
long ngo! ; ,'-« .,,.', \
°The time was short and the omens
doubtful. It was thc moment for, a
bold stroke, for a forcing game. The
wnverers, shown where power
lay. whose was the winning, side.
Captain Markart arrived at Slavna at
1 'o'clock. Zerkovitch had used ' his
start well and reached the city nearly
three' hours earlier. When Markart told
Stenovics—he reported himself at once,
to the general—how be hnd been outwitted Stenovics smiled, saying: "I. know,
and I know what he has done since he
got here.' They stole a* march on you,
but not on me. captain.* And now—your
story!" He listened to Markart's tale
with a frowning brow'and then dismissed him..saying: ''You will meet me
at tbe palace/' We meet the, king in
conference at 4 o'clock." But the general himself -went to the* palace .long
before 4. and he and Stnfuitz were,
closeted. with. Countess
Ellenburg." Lepage, returning frojn;a jvalk tp^
saw;, the general arrive
on horseback. Lieutenant Rastatz saw Lepage
arrive—aye, and had
seen* him set out and
'marked all his goings,
but of this.Lepage was
unconscious. The little
lieutenant was not much
of a soldier, but be waa
an excellent. spy. ' Lepage bad been with Zerkovitch.
The king wns confined to his apartments, n suit of sis' rooms on the first
floor, facing the river. .Hero he had his
own sitting room, dressing and bedrooms. Besides these there were the
little cupboard Lepage slept-in and a
sparo room, which at present accommodated Dr.' Natcheff. Tbo sixth room
was occupied' by odds and ends, Including the.tackle, rods and other Implements of his majesty's favorite paB-
time. The council was bold In tho sitting room. Natcheff arid Lcpago wero
not present, but each was In his own
room, ready for any possible call on his
services. Marl-art wns there, flrst to
tell his story nnd deliver his letter, second In his capacity us secretary to General Stenovics, Tho countess and Staf*
nlt-z completed the party.
Tbo king was anxious, worried, ob-
vloimly unwell, nis volco trembled as
he road aloud his rod's letter. It was
brier, but dutiful nnd oven affectionate,
After n slight reproach that bo should
have beon kept In Igrioranco of tbo np*
prehensions entertained nbout thc
king's health tho prlnco'requested an
audience within thc noxt two days, Ilo
hnd connlderntlons which It wns hlu
duty to lay before his mnjesty, nud he
firmly but respectfully claimed tho
right of conOdontlnl communication'
with his fathor. Tbat wns essential to
liln mnjoaty's obtaining n true appreciation of his views. Tbe hit at Stonovles wna plain enough, and tho
prince did not labor It, The latter ended there, with nn expression of earnont
concern for tho king'* honlth, There
-was no word In It about stnrtlng on hli
. Thon Markart told his story-not tlmt
he hni] much to toll. In chnimico Iii
added only tliut tin* prlnco proponed (0
await the king's answer at Pnif-lok.
Neither to htm Imd tin* print-*? nnld a
word about ataHlng on hia journey,
On this point Btcnovlca selu-d, pur-
nunnt, no doubt, to the plnn devised In
(hut preliminary discussion with Ihe
othor two member*- of tho littlo cotcrlo.
"It In rcninrkiililc, air. even moro
thnn remarkable, tlmt bin royal high*
nemi mnkoi" no reforonco at all to the
uln-vf. cow uiu nil which your umjtmty
■wnn ;>lrnr,rd to l«*'ur- lo blm," he o.«
The king llsteni-d, pucslod and rather
dlstreawd, "Ven. It Isn't proper; II
iKn't respectful. Hut now that my aon
knows tho stilt**- ot my hoBlth I think
i iinim wp "iilui, it WH-inri tiiinnturnl to
refill"*. Artpr nil, It may lie ihe last
tlmo, since h/a gnlng on this journey."
"Biit.Is tbe prlnii* going on his Jour*
ney, air?" ar-knl Htenorlcti. "Doe« tbe
HtiidM •llf-ncr* of his lottor augur well
for his obedienceV nowm't ho aeek an
Interview In order to penuade your
majesty against your .wtf-r-r Judgment?
I mim't be panjonfaj freedom of speech.
Great Interests arc al stake." The last
words were true enough, though not lathe aenae In which the king was -meant
to nndewtand Ihem.
"My ton knowa bow near thta mat*
t»r ia to my tart. I tfiall be able to
Mmiu-li aim to Uo UU duty." mild Uu
Tbe first round of the fight iwas going against the coterie.'   They"*dld nota
want the. king to see his son:. Danger
lay there. The prince's was the stronger character.    It might well ..prevail,
and they ,were no longer'. certain that
the prince knew or guessed nothing of
their hopes and intentions.: How much
news had Zerkovitch carried to Praslok the night-beforeV;, Stenovics addressed the king again.'
• --Captain Markart gathered that the,
prince was'reluctant to Interrupt the
military.'training on which he is engaged af. .Volsenl, sir."   "
.* "A ye*ry excellent thing, that, but the
other matter is more urgent. I shouldn't
change my mind on account of that"
.. "A personal Interview might be trying to your majesty."
The king looked annoyed,. possibly a
little suspicious; "You've no other objection than that to urge. General Stenovics*?" ••',■'.'
- Stenovics ^ had none other which be
could produce. "No, sir," he said.
„ ""While I'm here I must do my -fluty,
and. I shall induce my son to do his.
I'll,receive the Prince of Slnvna^n private audience tomorrow or next day.
I'll,fix the precise time'later, and I'll
■write the jetter myself."
Thedecislon was final, was defeat so far. There was a moment's silence. Markart saw Colonel' Stafnltz
nod his head almost imperceptibly toward Countess Ellenburg. The need
and. the moment'for re-enforcements
had come. The' colonel was calling
them up. The order of battle had been
well considered In Countess Ellenburg's
apartments The second, line, came
Into action The countess began with
a'question, put with a sneer:
"Did no'other reason for the prince's
unwillingness to set out on his journey
suggest Itself to Captain Markartfrom
what he saw at Praslok?"
The king turned  sharply   round to
her, then to Markart   "Weil?" he asked tbe latter. ■ ,.    '
.   Markart was sadly embarrassed.
;  "Who  was''at."Praslok?" asked tho
"Mine. Zerkovitch, and her husband
for one night, and Baroness .Dobrava."
- "Yes, Baroness Dobrava!"
"She's still" there?" asked the kinV
He looked perplexed, even vexed, but
again he smiled.    He looked at Stenovics'and Stafnltz,"'but this time he
found   no. responsive .smiles.    Their
-faces wore deadly serious.   "Oh, come,
well—well, that's not _B_eri_ons.-llNaturaL
^perhaps, but—the prince has aTsense7>f
duty.    He'll seo.that that "won't do.
And we'll send the baroness a hint-
we'll tellher how much'we miss ber at
Slavna."   He'tried'tb make them answer his smile and accept his smooth*
■ ing away of the difficulty.   It was all
a failure. * • ,     •-,"•■
"I'm bound to say, sir, that I consider
Baroness Dobrava a serious obstacle
to bis royal highness obeying your
wishes—a serious obstacle," said Stenovics.''
"Then wo must get her* away, general."
"Will ho let her go?" snapped tho
countess, -
"I must order it if lt comes to that,"
said the king. '-These little—cr—affairs
•-these—what—holiday flirtations*"-   '
Tho countess lost or appeared to lose
control of herself suddenly. "Little affairs! Holiday flirtations! If it were
only that it would bo beneath your notico. sir, and beneath mlno. It's moro
than that!"
Thc king started and leaned for-
ward,"looking nt her,' Sho roso to her
fqot, crying: "More thnn that! While
we sit talklug here ho may be marry-,
Ing thnt woninn!"
"Marrying her?" cried the king, His
fnco turned red nnd then, as tho blood
ebbed ngoln, beenmo very pnlo,  ,
"That's whnt'she monns-yes, nnd
what ho means too!"
The king was iighnst Tho second assault Htrtick honio-struclt nt his dearest hopes nnd wounded his most Intimate iimbltio-iB, but he wns still incredulous, no spread out trembling
hands, turning from tho vehement woman to his two counselors,
"Gontlcmen!" he said imploringly,
with outstretched bunds!
They woro sllent-gravo and allont
, "Cnptnin Markart, you-you oaw any*
tblug   to   suggest   thin-thin   terrible
The llro waa hot on poor Mnrknrt
ngnln,  Ho stammered and stuttered.
"Tbe—(he buronoss scorned to hnvo
much Influence, sir* to-to hold a vory
high position In tho prince's regard:
to-to be In bin confldonce"-
"Yeal" struck In tho countesa, "She
wean, the uniform of bin nrtlllory!
Isn't (lint n compliment usually reserved for Indies of royal rank? I np
ponl lo you, Colonel Stnfnllxr
"In most nprvlooH It In so, I believe,
countess," tho colonel answered gravely,
"But I should never allow tt-nnd
without my consent"-
"K  might  be  Invalid, sir.  though
tboro'a some doubt nbout tlmt. but It
would be a fnlnl bar to our flermnn
project.   Even
nn   Influence
short of actual
"8he  means
marrlngo. I aay,
marriage." Tho   was
qnlte "rudely
Impudent ot her
ally, which was
» 0 r y   artistic.
"An  ambitious
nnd   dangerous
The cofoticl ro*« 10 hi* w 0 in n n I Sbe
tttt nntl unliiltd       |„,H   titkrn  ad*
vnittiiBi* of tlii* fnvnr the king nhowed
"Auil If I Uli'iir ittaki'il Hit* klitti.
SttwivU-s  ahniggpd   his  shoulders.
"Of cotirn* there would he no control
then." aald hi*
Tbe king looked aruuud.  "We muat
get her away from Pranlok."
"Will she .Timer Jetted (he coontfta.
"Not kbel Will he \e* bet ra> Net ber*
Tlie king pa««**d bto hand watkly
across his brow..-Then he rang a* bell
on the table.; *■' Lepage eutered, and the
king bade' him bring him the draft
which Natcheff ,bad prescribed for his
nerves. Well might the unfortunate
man feel the need of it, between t£e,
countess' open' eruption and the not less
formidable calm of Stenovics and Stafnltz!- And all his favorite dreams, in
danger! .'•'   <? -   >
"She won't leave him or he'll follow
her;- Tbe woman has infatuated him!'*
the countess persisted.
."Pray, madame," let me think," said
tbe harassed and sick king. "We must
open communications with Baroness'
"May I suggest'ttiat the matter might
prove urgent, sir?" said Stenovics. '* *
. "Every hour isvfull of danger." declared the countess; ,
The king held up his band for silence.
Then be took paper and pen and wrote
with his own , hand -* some lines. -'. He
signed the document and folded it
His face was now firm and calmer.
Tbe peril to his' greatestAiiopes—perhaps a sense of theprecoVous tenure
of bis power—seemed to Impart to blm
a new promptness, a decision alien to
his normal character. "Colonel Stuf
nltz!" he said in a tone of command •
The colonel, rose to bis feet and saluted. From an adviser in.council be
became in a moment a soldier on duty
"1 am about to intrust to you a duty
of grent delicacy. I choose you' because, short of General Stenovics him-
self, there is no man In whom 1 bnve
such confidence. * .Tomorrow morning
you will go to Praslok and inform his
royal highness that you have* a communication from nie for Baroness Dobrava. If the prince is absent you will
see the baroness herself. If she Is absent you will follow her and find her.
The matter Is urgent.' You will tell her
tbat it Is-my request that she at otice
accompany you back hereto the paInce,
where 1 shall receive.her and acquaint
her with my further wishes. If she
asks of these say that you are not empowered to tell her anything. • She
must learn them from myself. If she
makes any demur about accompanying
you immediately or, If-demur is made
or delay suggested froiii any quarter
you will say that my-request is a command. If that Is not sufficient you will
producbcthls paper. It is an order under my hand addressed to you and'directing you to arrest Rnniiwss Do
brava and escort her'ben* tu my pi-i'S-
ence, notwithstanding any objection or
resistance'which any person whatever
will offer at his peril.. You will be
back here by tomorrow evening, 'with
the baroness Iri.'your charge.
without employing the order for arrest
if possible, but do It anyhow anil nt all
costs. Do you understand?"
. "Perfectly, sir. Ami to take an escort?"^   ■ ;  *„" „ • "' '
The answer to that question was anxiously considered—and. awaited anx
iously. ,               .      _,. '
: '*-Yes,"., said the king, "you will. ^Tho
precise force I leave to your discretion
it should be large enough to make you
secure from hindrance by.any act short
of open and armed resistance to* my
■commandor"-——i—'-^y- >-7  -. ■ ■
\ Stafnltz saluted again and at a sign
from the king resumed^ his seat. The
king's manner relaxed as he turned to
Stenovics. "When we'w got her here
we'll reason with her—she'll hear reason—and persuade her that her health
will benefit by a fojreign trip. If necessary I shall cause her to be deported.
She must be but of Kravonia in three
days unless she can clear herself from
all suspicion. : I'll arrange that the
prince shan't come for his audience until she is well out of Slavna. It is. of
course, nhsoluteiy essential that no
word of this should pass tbe walls of
this room.. If once a bint of It reached
Praslok tbe task of laying our hands
on thc baroness might become infinitely more difficult." /,
The three were well pleased. Tbey
had come to fair Sophy,, nnd on thnt
score nlonc would be right glad to see
tho last of her. And when the hnd
gone there wns,u fairer chance that
the prince, too, would go on his travels..
Whether ho went nfter lior or not they
cared little so that he wont and the recruiting nnd training'at Volsenl were
Interrupted. .
Again, she wns to en l>r*fort> the audi •
ence. That wus another point. Tlie
porll of tho .nudlonco reninIm-il, hut
thoy hnd Improved their chances. Per*
Imps' Stitfnlt7.'n brain wna'already busy
with the possibilities of IiIh mission nnd
his escort. The Inttor was to be Inrue
enough to make him secure from*hin.,
drnnco by any net short of open and
armed resistance to tlio king's commands If It wero Imposslhlo, as his
mnjesty obviously considered, to contemplate such rcRlstnnco It wns evidently no lens Impossible to reckon
what might linppf-n nr* n conniHiuonw
of it
The king rang IiIh hull Impntlendy,
"I wnnt my draft ngnln. I'm very
tired. Is there nnythlng oIao which
need delnln us today?"
Aa he spoke, before Rtcnovlcs could
answer, Lcpago enmp In with the draft.
The vn lot wore nn oven iiiiiimiully demure nnd uninterested expronslon,
"Tlii'iv l» one other mntter, air," aald
Tho klUK pnimed In tlio net of drinking ntul llHtoiied, with hli glass In his
hnnd, Lopngo Htamllng hONlde lilm,
"Your Iimji-Hty JuhI now Impressed
on iim the uwd of m*crocy nt (0 what
pnw-u'-i between (lienc wnlln. I think,
sir, ynu would IhnIkI on the mime thing
wllh nil who Nerve you cotillilciitlnlly
Yon hnven't nuki'il, sir. how the |,rlnce
been mo awnrc of the stnte of your
maJi'Hty'H health."
The king Hinrteil 11 littlo "Not 1 for*
got (lint, It wiih turiilm-l my direct or-
i?r*i    tic"' -."tin !',''"
Btenovlm kept hU eyi<« on the klttp;
Murknrt and Htnfnltr nllnwed them,
nelvea (o study l.epime'r. fendirem We
stood (he tM-rtrttsy vn!)
"The iiowa, air, ivn>* iK-trayi'it »>y •
man within theap wnll** -n mnn In a'in-v
#.,,,4...    «,.*»•.,      .-  . -    - ,   I        ....
.-mi..*    Ma-a^*.   j*afa*,    UtaV^'a*'. .f *
(To be contlnuod,)-
Hold Citizens at Point of
Gun While Pals Blow
Up the Safe
ASHLAND. N.H. July 16—One masked robber, held three families at bay
for more than a quarter of an hom
early today, while two robbers, also
masked, worked in the glare of an electric light and finally succeeded in opening the safe of the Ashlaind savings
bank, escaping.with $500 In cash. It
was necessary'to use three explosions
to force the safe and the robbers re
malned at work more than 15 minutes
after their operations had been discovered. The burglars were discovered
by Mrs. Arthur Peaslee, who with her
husband lives in a house adjoining tho
bank. Awakened by, loud reports;
and looking out of the window she saw.
masked men running towards the safo
in' the office of the bank cashier. She
called to her husband who opened the
window and shouted to' the men to
get away from the bank. The muzzle
of a revolver was promptly thrust in
Peaslees face by the burglar on guard
and he was ordeerd to keep quiet.    '■
Mrs. Alonzo Smith, who llvesvover
the bank, and .who had been awakened
by. the explosions also was commanded, to go back and remain .quietly'in
her room, but crazed by fear she cried
out so loudly that many persons were
awakened. '     ' ■■><,'
By this time people had connected
with the central office of the telephone
company and, were trying, to locate
the town policemen, but presently th<-*.
robbers applied more dynamite to Unsafe door and it fell open.
Then , taking a package of money,
they rushed out the back door where
they were joined by the third man
and the three started across the fields
in the direction of the railroad tracks.
Pursuit was organized quickly enough
for the town people to catch sight or'
the robbers as they took to flight, but
shortly afterwards their trail -was-
lost. .        '
Remedies are Needed
Were we perfect! which we are not, medicines wonld
not often' be needed., But since our systems have become weakened, impaired and broken down through
indiscretions which have gone on from the early ages,
- throu**li countless -{enerations, remedies are needed to
aid Nattsre in correctin** our inherited and otherwise
acquired weaknesses. To reach the seat of stomach
weakness and consequent digestive troubles, there is
nothing so good es Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, a glyccrio compound, extracted irom native medic- .
inal root*—soW lor over forty years with great satisfaction to ail mere. For
Weak Stomach.Biliousness, Liver Complaint, Pain in the Stomach alter eating.
Heartburn, Bad Breath, Belching of food, Chronic Diarrhea and other Intestinal
•Derangements, the "Discovery" is a time-proven and most efficient remedy.
The genuine has' on Its
outside wrapper the
"   u T°U '".'".•fr'0"'- ,0 accept a secret nostrum as a substitute for this non-aloo*
nolio, medicine of known coMrosrnoN, not even though the urgent dealer may
. thereby make a little bigger profit.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets   regulate  and  invigorate  stomach, liver and
bowels.   Sugar-coated, tiny granules, easy to take as candy.
Wo will offer ourontiro stock to tho public coiwlNttn-- of tho roost np^to (Into
Clothlnif, ShocH, Hutu, Caps, nnd Undorwcnr, Ktc.    EvcrythinR* for mon "to wear
Tho verj' boHt nnd up to doto sulu
rorm-arl-y OeMlne for Staoo, »ta.OO and •.CO*
Now Selllus for •S.Op, $7.00 aux- StaSO    .
It yon buy ottr HhooB, tho Famous Hi iind nnd tho lntost i*tylcs you cnn wive from
2S to St-*, por cent.  0\-orall« nnd WorklnRmon'S Shirts at reduced priooK
.  Givo iik a trial and you will nlwnyn ho ununited
Noxt to Koclion's Candy SUiro  ,
Next to N'orihoi-ii Hotol
Winnipeg,   July. .19—Work  of.  the
Wm^IEtee^lIatri.T'engagedMn * formuT
ating plans for the Canadian Int'erna-
tional exposition, tt> be held in this city
ln 1912,'.Isrproceejling wlfh'all'possible
despatch.',.*' -   ■-  *' *""' " ,
Following up the canvas made of
Western . Canada in - the, spring, the
commlttoe is how engaged In placing
tho project before the Eastern Canadian public through the medium of a
canvass ;of that part of the Dominion
made by Secretary Charlos F. Roland
of the exposition committee. Mr. Roi*
and has been In tho east several weeks
part of tho time accompanied by the
members of tho committee, who went
to Ottawa to prosont tho Exposition
memorial to Sir Wilfrid Laurier, and
ho has also had the assistance of Geo.
Ham, the well known newspaper mini.
From tho canvasH of Kaslern Canada, Socrotary Roland roturim most
encouraging roports and tho pross of
Eastern Canada'verify these reports
by atricles that, appear in, the news
and editorial columns, which are generally highly favorable to the project
of holding a Canadian Exposition.
E-xposition Will Cover Canada
In all tho work that is done, the
committee and its agents are striving
with might and main to make the Exposition cover the whole. Dominion,
and to conserve the interests of ' each
district, city or town, so that when the
last word shall have been said, not
even the most inconspicuous part of
Canada-.will have cause to complain
that its claims have been slighted or
Its interests defeated; Naturally, in
the necessary haste of a preliminary
canvass, the more prominent places
have,received a larger share of attention from *the Exposition committee
than the smaller .towns and ' settlements, but discussion which takes
place at:the committee's meetings indicates clearly and forcibly that the
whole country- is to be covered in
minute detail, and the wishes and interests of every part-will be given conscientious care. -
WINNIPEG, July 19—'Harvest ought,
to commence about August 2". That's
what the Canadian Northern Railway
weekly crop report says In thecmess-
ago from Warraan and lt Is practically
the, asme from .'all over the west.
' Each of the agents tolls a story of
magnificent growth and still more
magnificent prospectB with great big
crops in view.
Wheat, is now 40 ot 46 inches high
at Humboldt and In most other placos
it has attained n height of 30 Ijichqs,
Tho grain Is said to bo much ahead of
lEBt year and is looking very woll, In
some places report ii say that, thero has
boon a largo sale of harvesting much.
Iiiei-y In anticipation of a bumper crop
this Hoiison,
Pres. Taft Favors Letting
Down the Bars on
Raw Materials .
WASHINGTON., July 17—President
Taft will win his right for free or re ;
duced rates of duty on raw materials.
Nearly every member of the confer-
once committee on the tariff bill con-.'
ceded this today. Indications are
that when the new tariff bill becomes
a' law the rates on the articles which
the president desired to come in free
will be as follows: -
Iron ore free (present rate 40 cents
per ton); oil, free (now protected by
countervailing duty); hides, 7 1-2 per
cent, ad Valorem, (present rate 15 per
cent); coal; 4.5 cents per ton, (present
rate 67 cents); lumber, probably $1.25*
on rough/ with Senate rates on'finlBh-
ed. This would be a material reduction throughout "thc lumber schedule..^
President Taft will win another, decided victory in the Philippine free
trade provision. The sub committee
which has been considering this sect-
Ion has decided to permit the free admission of 150,000,000 cigars annually
ns requested by tho president, Instead
of 70,000,000 as admitted undor a Senate amendment.
UIX5INA, July 21—A bathing fatality occurrod In Wascuna Creek yostor*
day some miles northwest of Grand
Coulee, whon Herbert Mlddloton of
Caletlon, Out., wiih taken with a cramp
while swimming In eight foet of water. Ills body was recovered lator,
Ho was 22 yonrs old.
I /-m M .-.■■    ■ .ii'v   rviirs'i'i*:!* ■■ BT *..i**ijr^i.<>M; ■ ■■•
"In February our daiifhter hid thr
whooplnir eeti/rh. Mr Uno of HftrtUn-J
recotumendod CbsmbarUln's Cough
Remedy and aald It caro hia custom-
erf the boat of •atlifacllon. We
fount! It tu ho aald. *»i fan rtieoram*
end It to aayoua havlni ch.Mr.-3 troubled with whooping comb," ur* Mm.
K, Ootw of Durand, Mich. I'or aale by
all d-rasiUtf. '»
- <£L
rwHT.-AH,.I GUKS!)
E l-S
THERE    ,,
AND im\j)
oscar anp alfred! now lets sl
then comes your aunt sophia
and Your uncle ephraim and
.-.-a. ••■•a .a^.tlia,     f ^^V,
yCK   <SNU MK'ViUJ j '
HAVE YOU GOT THEr>---       ^ v J
Ulsejs jhere_{> ( ^ -^        ,Jg,
Yes, i   ought tu send so'methin.
-|L'f   JOHN THE M-EW"
tmtmr.matettmtirwmimm»tmt*nem*<tm*uiet»t h
m S**33KS's'«SifMj'!*«*«[swM«^^
,. i
| 4 .'.I
1.1      '1
Fruit Lands
One' mile west of ,
in the warm
iThat   famous- "Big   Red   Apple"
soil.      Irrigated   tracts   with the
finest spring water you ever tasted
Get an apple orchard started   .
it Will make you  independent . .
■with such markets as we have here
Sales Agent
at Fred Roo's Store or a card to
until July 2nd and he will call
on you
>               a.,
.;   .           Arrive
213 West ,.......:	
.   8.48
236 Local East 	
.    8.48
235 Local>West' ;
.- 20.50
7 West Flyer ."	
.8 East Flyer ....' \
. 20.08
Change takes effect Sunday June 6.
252        -   .  ' ■
No. 251
10.55     '■             . FEIINIE
U.13                    HOSMER      , ,
'   12.27
Clean rags wanted. Apply Ledger.
Wanted: Small, cheap gasoline engine."Apply Ledger. Office.
' For sale—Two well situated lots In
the Annex. Apply L. P. Eckstein/
Important,Notice: Write to the Le-
duc' Produce Company for prices on
creamery and dairy butter also fresh
eggs. Proprietors of Lakeside Creamery, Leduc, Alta.
Housekeeper wanted: Must be good
plain cook, middle,aged. Good, wages.
Apply between 10 and 11, and 3 and 4.
Mrs. H.n\V. Herchmer.
Lost—On July lst, a square gold
watch key. Initials K. A. on face.
Return to Dr. Anderson and receiv*-
reward. -
For Sale.—Hens with chickens. Apply T;' Mott. Cokato.
For Sale: The best paying proposition in Fernie. $?.5O0 cash. Apply Box
-—13r-Fernie-B._C 1 __
Wanted—Girl to help around the
house. A*pply to Mrs. A. A. Gillespie.
For adoption: A fine healthy baby
boy, three months old. Apply to Ledger office,       n   ■
One hundred per cent profit .on quarter section of land close to Creston.
For terms apply E. 11. II., District
See Rochon, the Kandy Kid. -
J. , McNeely and - wife    of ■ Medicine
Hat were in town on Thursday.
Reach's Baseball goods at Suddabys.
Canon Beer of Nelsi'n was in Fernie
on Thursday.       '  ■
July Hat sale: The Misses Euler. .
.Mrs. J. S. Gladwin, wife of Dr.
Gladwin of Corbin paid Fernie a visi!
on Wednesday.
Large variety of'hammocks at Suddaby's..^
Don't be pestered to death with the
flies. Get window screens and a refrigerator at Trites-Wood Co. Ltd.
Great, progress Is being made on all
work in the city at.present. The Trites
Wood block is being rushed along.
Mrs. George Barton of this city received the sad 'intelligence- this week
that her father, James Pass, had died
al his home in Ince, England.
** o
Call in and let us show you the famous Monarch Malelable Steel range.
Can't break them—Trites-Wood Co.,
President Powell left on Tuesday/or
the Nicola Valley lo try and arrange
a settlement of some sort. If there is'
any possibility at all of settling "Bill"
will accomplish' it. He was accompanied by Thomas .fames, the popular
Go to Rochon's for ice cream.
J. Bohill, one of thai local footballers
had his collar bone fractured in,.. the
mines last week by .being-caught - between a cog and a car. He was badly
hurt' at the'time but his'condition
is a lot better now and he will soon
be able to play again.
Beef, mutton, pork, veal, hams,-bacon, lard, etc.*, only of the very best.
Phone, 41.
For ladies and gents' cleaning,-press;
Ing and.repairing go to Bill the Nifty
•fai'lor.'* Will Seccombe's ' old;' stand;
Ladies'.work a specialty. Give vis a
trial.'        .-."     . • ■    -
'•Mrs. J. Telfer reveived ttie.sad
news of the death of.Mrs. Dufor, which
occurred on- Sunday, [July 18th atfthe
home of her daughter at Spokane,1
Wash. Mrs. Dufor was' for many years
a resident .of Fernie and was' .well
. The accident to Johnny Hovan, reported last; week w&s more serious
than at first supposed. ;His condition this week was, reported as very
bad, the broken .bone from one of the
ribs having entered the' lung, but towards the latter part of the week his
condition was reported as being much
better. " __'"*-
Mrs'. Davis, who'is well known, in
the city, having kept'house for Fire
Chief McDougall last year'met with a
very sad accident last Monday. lt
appears that she was carrying a tub
down stairs at Mrs. Percy Bean's
house and in some way slipped and
fell; breaking -three of her ribs. As
Mrs. Davis is a very elderly lady, her
recovery Is considered doubtful. ..
P. A. Taschereau, while in Winnipeg, secured some new films for the
moving pictures here. The best hand
colored films representing all the latest and best subjects'are among, the
ones that Mr. Taschereau will produce
here starting Monday night. Mr. Taschereau considers the crop prospects
good in the northern part of Manitoba,
but the southern part' is suffering for
want'of rain. Alberta crops'seem to
head the list.' Some of-the Manitoba
farmers liave already contracted for
the sale, of- their fall wheat at .the
price of, $1.25 a bushel.
Jep Scott, the inventor of the famous spike gloves, spike shoes, etc., is a
fisher, and a good deep fisher at that.
When he throws out the line and tlio
fish refuse*to bite he dives right in after them and tries to ascertain the reason of their stubbornness. He says
that if he cannot catch "flies,' he can
sure catch the fish; But when he
landed out'of the water he was dumbfounded to discover that'the trout/he
brought up with him-was not yet' old
enough to vote and he had-to reluctantly toss him back. * Better luck
next time, Jep.
For a good comfortable smoke get
home product.
'""*,*':K'--7-^Miee and EreshinThis Morning l . .^7 V'"'"m
Onions,: Radishes, -Cucumbers, Lettuce, '
j.   -, Rhubarb,   Strawberries,   Orangesiy
7\.7 .      „ and. Bananas r . r.'v;
l   w« jAblunijel-iv: g*ve uss* ?^**;
9   ■   y ----,7, '■■-.,*■ .   -*. - 7       ,      '■!■/-•-■   7.-.--
*»*»♦♦♦*»-»  ♦,*»*4>*^-»-<*^>»*»     '■{►♦♦♦•W**1  ♦♦♦♦••»♦'♦♦ •<>>♦
**V .all.    "„     1
■ ••,.:*iv,; yyy^'y~<'y:'rry-:y:'~'y^*^' -y
■i Stof e: ;.of yGoqcl -Values-
Victoria Ave.
ie; B.C.
Corset Covers Trimmed Luces'&Kmbiouleiies from.,. v,. .*..'   .25
Ladies Drawers, * fancy, laces &■ Insertions from ,,..    .2S
Night dresses, Mother Hubbiiiil yokes &- low necks from 75
A special lot of ^Vhite Skirts best value over offered. .->_ Some -
nre slightly soiled, therefore bought at big discount '.'..   .50
All thoSe who pin-chased in the Jtuiuury whitewear sale will iind
7 this whireweni'still.better value, *      *       -     •
Come early and get a good;selection       7     .
j MRS.   E.   TODD
Local News
Go to Rochon's for ice cream. •
July Hat sale: The .Misses lSuler.
M.-s. 10. J, Uerglcon of Jaffray was
in town' on Tuesday.
Get your fishing tackle at. Suddaby'b.
Dr. G, P. Higgins of Mourner was in
Kernlo this week.
Latest designs in wall papers al
G. I'L Henderson of Wnrdner wna In
the city on Wednesday and registered
at the Waldorf,
If you aro a particular smokor got.
your smokes at Ingram's.
MaglBtrato WhlmHter roturned from
his trip to WlnnlpoK th-j early part of
tho week, nnd roportf n 1 lcuniiiit trip.
Plnost In tho land—Ingram's hath
N, .1." Hopkins, win, Ih the govornment liiHiiectoi* for Uic now court
houso, togothor with Mih, Hopkins and
tliolr son ure in tho town,
Hocking CliafiH from ,iOc. onch mi ut
tlio comploto houso ftirnlHluM'H, Triton
Wood Co.. Ltd.
MIhh Witnlrnliti nml MIhh ('owim, of
Nn ii I on liiivii Ijih.'ii taking In tho slgltU
of Fornie UiIh wcok villi Mr, ("Imrli?
No pined lit town jtiHl Ilka It. Inn-
rum'h pool room,
Mi-H. Minton, wife of'Hi'i'Kt. John
.Minton, Ih In the horpltnl In 11 vory
prccurloiiH coiidlilon, An opimitlon
htm bi'im pfrfonni'il upon li<«r nnd It Ih
hnpi>il tlint ulio will rr-rnvur.
.lust lho HiltiK to cook on iltirliiK tne
hot wcuthnr. A blue fliimo oil h(ovi>,
gtiHolluc or clinrrnnl Him***, 'Yiwy ur-i
chi'iip ttt Trlti«n*Wooil Co,, Ltd,
Mr. 1011Jali liwitlit-otc, tho local ijuip-
crin'tiiiiii'i,! ui mt.- a..i/„i ...',<.:. .,/.., .,
x*,*i, iii '},< ?,/.-.'-^J1ji1 1 few il'i."" \\\\\\
week suffcrliiK from Infliimmntloii »o
onn* of hltt eyen.
,  >>
-   2.00
1 .
, k
4 '
, ,        1
■   11.00
We carry a full line
of Boots'.and Shoes;
Hats, Hose, Suit-s,
ShirtSj CollarSy-Ties,
1 c
Everything for men
Prices on other goods in proportion
and Company
 : i*,	
Choice Building Lots;:
in the new
100 : : ': PAGES   : :   :   100
i ' ».
This book shows the wonderful
growth of the City of Fernie in
oneye,arand deals exhaustively
with its advantages,  etc.,  etc.
2  Lots
Victoria Ave, North
Apply Manager, L-wlger
Office for particulars
Fernie Annex Extension
now on the Market
For Prices and Particulars, apply to
: > Crow's Nest Pass Electric Light & Power Co.
A Bargain
< t
II  _
Fiinin this form nnrf place orders in advance.    Price
50 cents.    Return  this order form   to The District
Ledger, Fernie, D, C.
Please reserve for we copies
of "PROGRESSIVE FERNIE" at M> cents per
copy, for which is enclosed $,. -..
per pa,ir
Mens' Summer Shirts,   Soft  Collar
90c to $ 3.25
Mens' White and  Fancy Vests
$1.25  to  $5.O0
* *     -*
The Big
Department   Store
Trites-Wood Co.
B. C*
o  ■--
Pl Ooll&r spont &t ^om? rcaclv iri its
b«neflts with uhoeasing gonoral
profit. Sent out of town It's lifo is end-id. Kept
with the home merchants it is a meiiBnger of
continuous benefit. But-in-m men chould iwttkn
to the Importance of keeping this dollar st home
and mak*i a bid for it by judicious adver-titing.
Disrrict Ledger,


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