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The District Ledger 1909-06-26

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 OVa    1
■;-> o.i.- 4,''
7" * ' f'VT^V;?-fVH1*7 ;wf?
Industrial'Unity is'Strength
*-■_*,-1    ,-
•ai.1"      '«\
aw ,,       'j
•i   „   *■
WM i
•a        '
•*■ r   ■*.
'll ' ~'-4a, •'
The Official Organ of district No. 18, U. M. W. off A
Political Unity is Victory
.>V.*!-?     —***    '■■■fcll.   >U---',a,-X>^--^'V--aI»V(V'a*^.-t   ■*--"-**
; V'
FERNIE, ^-B/C-S,    Jtane 26t£i, 19091
$1.00 aYcat
Local News
Over One/Hundred Men Caught
I   in   Mine  Explosion in
i Pennsylvania-" .' 'y:
Rescue Work, Made Awkard
| Owing, to: the,(Wrecked , >
[        Condition of'Mine
I   7 iJO..'.'*>. , i t^rrrli^MS.O-h'T'.i'y-i
j PITTSBURG, Pa/ June~24^An "explosion occurred tqday.ln.the mine of
' J    .'  C S   -'    -  -l-aT '• f, i     ..a    'v-i        1
the LackawanaiCoaranda-Cdke-'Co** at
Wehrum, Indiana county. Over a hun-
drea/Jmen 'WaSif/i'^Itte/^neT^^Js^b^
lieyed alavgc number, .were.killed and
Injured.      At. 9.45 a.m.  nearly two
the accident; fewAot-.the
a*''Si*'4 .   /-il-i-i    .   -\L&
.} lji°.^
-100 mei^ho'jfiS^ArL-V^mirieti''ia.vii
reached the surface.-' V
2At 10.15*. three bodies terribly mutilated ' had been,.recovered.from' tbe
■mine.     At that hour ten injured "men,
■ a  <--      . * -     • -        ■ * * •   -
some   fatally, had also been-.brought
>   *4j '* J a
to the surface.
^As to  the extent ofthe„;accideut,
nothing definite can be ascertained at
persent, but It, ,1s. apparently .very., set*-.
16ns. J
t      ■ '     t
sThe few (men who escaped, from, the.
mine were' blackened and burned in
- All members of*tbe Kootenay Rifles
are invited to attend the smoker in
Bruce's hall on Monday evening.
A letter from David Crawford and
v,*r * ' ,
one from,b._Gray.of Middlesboro ^vere
received tgd late for this .'week's*paper. -We will take these matters up
next week. .."•.'.... y~" '■'" '•"   ''----
The Athletic Association desire. It
stated that they, are hanging up a
prize'-of $100' fof.first and $50 for 2nd
prize in the baseball tournament on
July lst. *• "
- Gladstone' Local union No. 2314 U.
M....W.* of A., have had their round
trip tickets printed for the 1st, and all
miners and their friends can secure
one by seeing Thos. Biggs. Elko will
makq'jspeclal-' arrangements' to cater
for all who go to that Pittsburg the
Apple country.
-.-.v-j' ***)■:-i, * -•*« „-.";;'?. yyy'/y-'■.-■' '.-
',' .'The'Benefit' concert given.on.Sunday evening for the Fernie Opera
house, in,aid,ofrMlss Mabel-Selmens
of 'the San .'Francisco -. Opera* company
was a very successful affair. The
Thaten. Duo, assisted. by -Mr.- R.* Webb
and'V-.-Rudnlckl gave some-fine selec
tlpns,*, and ..financially,, the.- .-affair. v-waB
all Tight. Miss Selmens was able
torleaye-onSMoriday for th's-coast' to
*f *W
r. VAti^.v
*., .J.
Long Drawn Out Strike at an End !in District 18-The
y.\   Men/ Make Some .GdojdiPointS:-Ppera.tors Will
£ : Recognize Only U.?M; W. Organization
join the troupa-*.-
a-^s&.ds'a*!.-''' '*"'
■Sa'.C.43 UHtst "..iCtftaV
dlcating -that" the force- of * the" "eXplo's-"
Ion was^heayy. vJ^qne^ot-Uiem^were
iii con<lltldri^tb ?g*lve*devai'ls" but Jfi*om
tion" of* tlie "mine slinuiUineoiir*-*.' *,■-■
headway owing, to th'e,%fea"t confusion
at the mine. Work, was also retarded
by smoke from the*.plt mouth-,,and by
ti-nces of^tlj^'^a^y-aft^dann). As
soon as it was known that" an accident had occurred ""at* th'e mine the
greatest excitement, prevailed both at
'the mine and In the little hamlet a
short distance away, rt   <*>,-? >■ »- -f
.•    ,-v    > ;   -, -     5      '       |     ■» -t   lt   II    ,     I*-
.Wives,smothers', .*,sisters and broth-
ers'rushed to the mouth of .'the mine,
tearfully Imploring some news as to
the fate of their.loved.ones...A.number of foreign women, -screaming, and
crying tried to' rush, into tho dark pit
ofv'detitlir""'' ""  ""'*'-'""'-"-•- "•'*
-The company officials In-medlntply*.
engaged .the .tjorvjees, of all ,the men
thoy cbuld* flndnnd ,tjbo .-^orlt of/ re-
straining the hysterical relative**-, was
undortaken. „ In tho.moantlmocnlls
for help wore quickly sent^ broadcast
throughout tho1 surrounding country,
mid tho task of searching for tho un*
fortunato mon in tho mine wan vapidly
pushed forward.
', lyiCTORIA,.,June. 24~James Jones,
a mulatto, 23 years,of age, who murdered Jack John in a bar-room row,
at""Albia,- Iowa','on December; 12, .1904,
was arrested at Ladysmlth today and
brought torVictorla byGonstables Cal-;
lendar "and "Cassldy of the provincial
pollce(to,await extradition. Jones, who;
escaped ,to .Seattle where' he [lived un-j
til'January1 last, came to Ladysmlth
last'winter'and was tending bar. there
when John Brown, negro miner who
"was'emplbyed' ih"vtlie Ladysniith"mines,
and .who had'been a'^deputy-sheriff In
pursuit br'jones,"came'in.' ''"   ' **'
Bt''He'recognized "the *,fugitl\'ie-at"*once
and'notlfled the-proVlnclal'nollce anil"
wrote Jo the** Iowa autljorlties; Mean-
vellIancQ;and'this morning a- t-elegrani
came asking/thatjbe be arrested^hey
lmmedlately'took him, in-charge and
, brought: him to Victoria to await extradition 71' Jones was "tending bar at
Steve Lewis' road house at Albla at
the time of the fatal V6w,j and he toolc
a; revolver and pumped several bullets
, Into Jack Johns killing him instantly.
He was aided in making his escape,
.•The strike situation,has-taken    a
decidedly improved stand* this "week,
arid it is now almost an assured .fact
i\.   . i
that [the representatives of the miners
V     ' ,'; .-!  .-i , <
and operators have been able to "ar-
rlye at a-basis of, settlement.; ,^Tho'
possibility for an Immediate settle-,
ment is'the outcome'' of 'the' 'majority
finding of the Investigation board, and
It/'isJ through their efforts that some
tangible agreement may be signed up
at.oiice. The BxeciitiveBoardfor Dis
trlctjl? U.M^W.'of A."met"at Fernie
on Monday, and opened up negotiations
with • the operators • who seemed' more
Inclined to do business with the men
th'an^at, any,previous .time.. ..However,-
.after) consultations" between the two
'parties .up to Tuesday no settlement
j appeared probable,- .,.•....-  "•• ".•"'--'.
'"On Tuesday tb!e majority of the op
eratqrs met in conference at Hosmer,
and President Stockett and Mr." Galer
met the miners' representatives'later.
This resutled in President Powell of
District'18 and Sec.-Treas. Carter being-sent to Hosmer to confer further
with jhe operators". President Stxicketi",
Mr. Galer, president*.Powell-ond*Sec.-
Treas .-, .'.Carter ^..were. In - conference * all
day and their labors were finally rewarded by a, basis of agreement- being
reached just before they broke up for
the day ,y.The basis of.agreement was.
one which could be' submitted to the
members'of the district for, their ap-
provar/orjrejIctionV' fit (would ^apRear
that the executive and.members    of
District ,18 could see no alternative tb
accepting ,thefindings of the majority
investigation board .-vj; i  --^..s, ■■ ••-■"
--     *  '*.   *'      ■<'    !■    a-      ^ * I       '   "        " "
less work. -The.-evidence, however entirely disproved 'this contention.
The question In dispute about Lethbridge has been "settled tq'the entire
satisfaction of the executive which
■means that In future the Lethbridge
men .will be paid.-on-the eight hour
basis, ■     ,
■i    H j.   •       ;•'      ;
The matter of houpe coal at Canmore'
was settled,'It^b.eing*agreed, that the
price would remain as heretofore. The
miners however, have had to waive the
powder questionras.McNeill's conten*
tioiTwas that7he;had a perfect right'
to charge as much/.as other camps'
\ Perhaps one'of'tlie greatest points
that the men have gained is the full
assurance from the, operators that they.
would not deal with any other organl*
!    I    •'
zation, but' the United Mine Workers
of America. They gave this assurance
as they heard it reported that two or
three other* organizations were trying
to get a foothold,In this district.
Altogether .the men have gained
some.vital points through the untiring
efforts of their representatives, and
the possibility of an immediate settlement and a return to work will mean
much to all.
' The District executive board officially, accepted Frank Sherman's resigna
tion. Win. ,.Powell,,the,newly elected
JVice-president, ,was, appointed to • thc
President's chair as called < for by the
constitution, and'Clem Stubbs was appointed .vice-president.-      , .,    "'<■■■.■
One of our tonsorial artists^ and a
friend started out,bear hunting .last
Sunday. Wliile climbing a very^per-
ilous ascent they heard a noise behind
and on looking round saw one of the
largest grizzlies ever seen. Tbey
swear it was as big as an ordinary
horse. However, owing to their position they could not get; a shot at
Bruin, who calmly stalked off into the
bushes unconscious of the "close
shave" he had escaped. More luck
next time, boys. ^
• The Commercials and Scouts played
what was supposed to be a game of
ball last evening at Baseball park, The
game, was a farce from start to finish,
both teams playing.poor ball. The
umpire took the heart , out* of the
game when he allowed several, runs,
after a runner from third who was 20
feet off the base when a - fly was
caught and one man down, was called
safe. Another break was made in the
decision over Whelan and the putting
of Gates out of the game1. If the ball
games are going to be run In this manner the sport will be killed outright.
Considerable money is said to have
changed hands as.a result of the game..
Miners  Will  All Strike, in
Nova Scotia—President
Lewis on Scene
Meeting Arranged for July 2nd
When Final Negotiations
Will be Made '     "   .
J-   '
belng'smuggled from the.district,ln
woman's'"clothes. All trace of him
was lost until Brown walked Into the
bar'at the Varicouver'mlnlnglown and
recbgrilzed hlni.
, ..The,West Canada Coal Co. at Taber
has made" application for an .Invetlga*
tlbn board.and -Mr.'. Simons,, barrister,
of Lethbridge,. has been appointed* to
act, on behalf of the miners.   .    ' .-•'.
[OnaPve'ry* significantIficiTIh "regarcf
to'an immediate,settlement is that the
representatives .of thq', miners have
succeeded in-eliminating the most vital
questio^J-n regarfl*to the suggested: reduction at ^Bellevue and Coleman..'"; It
is^now 'definitely settled and on that
point the, men can congratulate themselves that they have won out,  •  	
The evidence submitted In regard to
this bone of contention proved that,in
rooms at^Hlllcrest. tlio men'wore making more money-than (it pillar work.
The operatqrs'only argument was that
pillars wero milking more money' with
♦ A resident of a certain town i*#*'
&   on the prairie sent an order -*•*"**»
♦ for ten copies of "Progressive • ♦'
♦ - Fernie,"- adding that he used j***""*-*.
.*!•••*,.Jp.^Hye^Jjere ■ and wanted__to. ■_ •♦
,***►„. send the .books to. friends in -.*-*►
.'•-.V.4 4-^.4,. . /"       ..V1.''4Va.'-.|..'l'..y- -V -    <—',,'i
♦ . Ontario to show, what little ef-   ♦
♦ feet the great__f.re.pf August ,l„v*«*>
♦ had on the growth of this city.' '♦
••a***** The book/contairis some two/ ♦
♦""dozen 'graphic^? fire ""plcturesT' •*%
♦ "alone, including .__.a splendid' ♦
♦.-panorama.taken two days^af- 4t>
'V'ter'the fire7'7"-"" ""'    " V' -4i
♦ Photographer Spalding  has   ♦..
♦ exclusive rights to'furnish,us ♦
•*•;_, \ylth photographs*5and, he has   ♦'
Ap.   .lioon a n'ftar* orjT*nf._j,1ipa!i]tlpq£ir)-   ♦
♦ the way of scenic effects, etc.   •*•►
♦ for which-this land is famous, ^
♦/aridrwhIchvj*}eople7not accus- ♦
'♦■;• tomed *,tbl mountain-.. scenerv $
'♦Aa-a're'always .-so anxious to/see.; "•*!>•'
-♦;     On another page1'will1'be* ♦
♦ found an order.,blank, which ■♦
♦ "may be* used' for' placing ad-. ♦
'♦ vaiice orders, whicli we would' ♦
♦, urge upon all to do In-order tp •*•**►
.♦ -bo sure, of an carly>supply,'a'B ♦'
♦., the. demand -Is * bound .to (be ♦,
♦• very large... ♦
; Vice-President Stubbs went to Taber
on Wednesday ,to. make an-agreement
with,the,Duggan mine at:that,place..
• President ..Powell ■and.'. Organizer,
James went to Maple; Leaf on Thu.*-.-
day to, try and arrange.an agreement
there.  . •*.   .
Sec.-Treas. .A. J.. Carter , went .to
Frank on, Thursday, evoni;-., .to inirti.
President Powell , and in> l'i .sorn^
agreements.there. - • ...
7 Reliable reports say. that .sonn* of
the mines have suffered considerably
on account, of the stoppage,-and that
It "will mean dear coal for the .pperat
The Tecumsehs of Toronto, challengers for the Minto cup arrived here
last' night' and are having their'first
practice' this morning,. '     '
All 'members of the team 'are * in
fine shape and'are confident of lifting the cup. The, home team,,will,be
minus Feeney at centre, but while admitting that the Tecumsehs are'.a'far
more formidable "biinch than the Reginas, people here do'not'look'' for
them; to'lift tlie'ciip.    -   ■
Various designs illustrating the motto of "What we have we'll hold," are
popular' in window decorations In the
business section of the city. The officials for Saturday's game will be Tom
Connell of Montreal and Lionel' Yorke
bf Victoria.' ;   ,1".      '" ' :
TOO LATE • . ." "'
ors for some time. ,   Repair work   is
going,on at,the Canmore mine where
the explosion occurred but it ;is    not
yet ready for working. , . -   „ , . ,    ,, ,   .-   .   , .. ,,      ,.
„,      ,'   ,- * • • -.     ,i     ■ .'*...   ;-.   went into the .woods,and shot himself,
,  Closed mines certainly are nol? p/p-- -,„.«   -.  s. i: •« ■    ■. _. ,.*-)..-,■,i
fitable to the operators. - .. " .:
' Business men generally .In. the several centres where the strike has been
oh will be glad'to,, hear of the near
approach of work nnd pay-day again.
Tlie miners earnings are the supply of
.wealth to many oi" tho Pass towns and
the strike has brought not a, few of
the mercantile interests to,iho low
water mark. '  ■   ,.
WINNIPEG,  .Tune  25—Mrs.    Gus
Benikson was' killed'ot, Preston,"Man'.,
.lnr>'._aainla^JlwF'_1.4..-.   4.4,4a M4a^l_*iaa, 4ala,a aa ,l_a.,la tl.a
mul-1115111,—uj-n*ji-\.i u/.a;u-iiai£3uaii\i-aviE,ivT-
trylng to' shield her ,12 year old son,
If rom death at his father's hands'. "Before the sheriff arrived the crazed man
SYDNEY.-N. S. June 2-1—The International board of the U.   M,   W. of
A. meeting at Indianapolis today when
President   Lewis   presented   to    the
board his report of the existing conditions as he found them-tn this district and action upon his report' will
be taken accordingly.     -
j ■ A request will be presented to* the
Mino Operators and'Mine Owners'ot
Nova Scotia to meet theU. *M.. W.
executive of Nova  Scotia  on  Frldny
July 2nd with a view to discussing the
situation  as  it' exists'"at  present-* lit'-
this province. "•- *,   ' ■     '    .  :/■ .
,ln the event-of the mine, owners,
and operators failing to agree to meet'
thc representatives of'the U.*'M. W7'
a strike will probably be declared on
Tuesday July 5:   '-.  *       "!       ■ '■ "   -'
The Miners lodges'tn-Cape Breton*,
arc   holding  special  meeting  to  • in-'
struct their delegates as to the action'
they will take-at tlie-district'convention 'to be-held  in  Sydney*'on    tho"
29th aud 30th of this'month.    ■     .-'«,
It Is understood that the miners of'
Glace Bay met* last-bight, and'decided*
in favor of a strike   'and' that-'.ther
lodge of Dominion No:>l did likewise'
last evening.' ' All "other sections 'of
the organization are expected to take-
t.he same course-.■>■• ■ ;-    /■■•. —■'-
dying In a.few minutes. Seven children survive, the youngest being six
months old. ■
, 430 adult and 233 children from Coal
Creek, and. 370 adults and 250 children .from Fernio have received thoir
free trip tickets from,tho Miners union. The committee expect to have al
least 11500 with them tb Elko on the
1st.    ,       ,.     "
a .settlement-may be .reached at pres-'
ent .upon thb>solle-conditions -of the
.company's recognizln-j' the .Union, ln\<
.whlcha'ipn.e thrwmembers of.the U.-M.-
W. of A. will be parties to the present working agreement," between1 the
company and Its 'employees-and car-'
ry that agreomtn out-to the end," If
thts recognition is granted and the settlement finally reached there wlif be
no' further-prosecutions to be^lealt
with. ' •'
The International executive hnve arranged In tho event of a strike being
cnllod to furnish tho sum of $5r»,000 a
wcok for the maliitonam-e of the men
and their families.
• CHICAGO, Juno 25—AYlbotlng hopo
of freedom bold.,,out to a,prlaonor In
Judgo I3rcniinn'fl court yostorday was
w-Jonchod from him, In a wny that
caused a sigh of pity to spread among
thb__spectators when it'waB found that
thb cleric of tho court should havo
read tho"verdict of Jury at*, guilty and
not'as not guilty,
Tho prisoner was Frank O'Donnoll,
nccusod of robbing a cltlxon at tho
poipt of a rovolvor. Tho Jury had beon
out but ton mimitoB, Tho foreman of
the. jury handod tlio clork two forms,
ono for guilty and Uio othoi1 for acquit*
',!NTot guilty" rond tho clerk nbnont
mlndoilly, falling to nolo that ho wiih
loading tho unftlgtiod form,
O'Donnell jumpod from hli foot excitedly laughing, nnd wrung bin law*
yw't-t hnnd, He started from tho
room with his hoad In tho nlr nnd his
oyo's sparkling.
Thou tho inlBtuhu was djucovori-d
nnd O'Donnoll wnn brought, line!*, Tils
ho»d stink on his breast as tlie ronl ver*
ami mmm limit, uuiit) mm touauKm-
vi'lo iiwi'f IIji* llnu tif bin i**)liir.)l life
In'prison,"" '
WANTEp—Iloard And' room' In pr.'-
vato fomllyby married couplo,   or 2
IUIUV*l4W»    DUUitiA   fcaiitAuill   i\>(    ViUUiMi-
hoeplng. Addrom box 3*3(1.
A farowoll bnnquot wnstondored to
RTc-Chfof McMtillon on Tuoodny ovon*
Ing In Mayor Horchmor-*- roildenco. A
beautiful collarette wai presented to
Mr, JfcMutl-jn and a •.llvor tea nnrvicn
to Mm. McMullon. About 75 gontlo*
mcu were present, flon-jfl and tone-la
ptMied the evening ploAiantly, the
moat notable of the Utter being Mr.
nnnw-rtl'i toeit to the lidlei.
1     -:'''"■■• 'sLiiIiJ.;; *  l-''^'-
Secretary T. Biggs lathe Flrat Tenant
of the New Structure
Although considerable work remains
to bo dono,1 still tho Minors Hall daily
assumes an appoaranco   of nonrlng
completion.     The work upstairs   Is
woll night completed.     Horo can bo
found* daily Socrotary T.' 'Rlggs*   of
Gladstone Local, In a woll appointed
offlco off the main hall.    The offlco
Ib exceptionally woll lighted from two
large wlndowR and tho fixtiiros   are
evidently choson wltli an oyo to'om*
bru'clng durability and   facility   for,
worlc.    Fornio local Is dally becoming
lnrgor nnd tho dutloR of lho secretary
Incronao In   proportion.     Tho   hnll,
built In regulation lodgo room stylo,
with 'chairs around the'sides nnd tho
platforms and (leaks at olllior  ond, Is
cortalnly going to bn much In doinnnd,
and already a numbor of unions, nnd
a couplo of lodges aro tonnnts.   Tho
purpose of tho hnll Is, of courso, prt*
mnrlly for tho minors themselves, In
an niito-room nro a numbor of lockers,
Intended for tho uso of tho various
societies or unions uslitg tlio room rog*
ulnrly.     Upstairs Is iiIho Hltunlod   n
lurgo, nlry nnd woll lighted rending
room, which is finished now, aud books
ami import* will »>oon ho supplied.   A
lnrgo room ndjncont to this Is finished
also and will be used at pruaunt for
btlllnrds olc.   Tho finishing of tlioao
rooms la moat nrilHtlc, tho woodwork
iu .puriicuiarbulng v. oii clio*>t.ii   and
beautifully grained.    A largo skylight
admit* abandaBce of light Into the hill
al tho head of thu stairs. I.tivntorloa,
with the moat approved and nnnltnry
jilunibiiig and iiu.iiigA, atw w.mi wiuai-
ed upstairs.    Work on tho dowmtairs
And on tho "opora houso" portion la
being ruined for nil It Is worth, and
whon complotcd. Gladstone local will
havo a vnlunblo asset, one. wo think,
that, will shmv rflfurns.     A    AtMm-
heating plant, li also included In   tho
plnnn, and It fti nroontted te oufsMlnh
a lighting plant to furnish power for
their electric lights, which work will
be began ihortly.
Fernie Has, Splendid.Connection,Eaat
''' 'and'Weit'''    ' h",; * ' ,*'
The pnaBenger sorvlco' through Fornie Ib now hnrd to boAtl Thb trains
on tho O.P. R. nro nowslx ln number, three west and throe,enst,,ouch
day, including tlio famous Spokane Fly*
era east and west. It Is said that a
change will bo mado. In the. mail serv*
Ico, Bhortly to glvo us (mother mall cast
oach day. ' Besides tlils'a'largb shnro
of traffic Ib handled;by tho G. N. R,.
to tho neighboring'towns"'and '' the
boundnry country,
that the.minors as a rule woro.a ro.
marknbly healthy, peoplo, bolng quite
freo from, p^ovalont maladlos, their
greatest troubles being accidents, cuts!
and minor tronblos. . The: hospttn]
has a splendid record, nnd tho doctors
lii charge havo boon signally successful
In tho outcome of nearly all thoir operations. „ .In ono ward wob nn Invalid's wheel chair, which wns presented
to tho hospital ns n rosult of a concorl
hold nt the Conl Crook club Inst win*
tor, and which fills a long,felt need In
tho houso, PatlbnlB conic from nil
over this district to tho Fornio hospital
nnd evidently Kh reputation la spreading.,. Drs. Bonnell and Corsnn have
for years boon tho,much respected
nnd eminently sntlsfnctory modlcnl nt*
tondants upon tho miners of tho C. N.
P. C. Co. In this plnco. Photographer Spalding has several good views of
the hOBpltnl, nuiHes, etc., nil of which
will appear In riogrosHlvo Fornie,
But the Blaze was Not a Dangerous
One—No Damage.
The Fernie Institution a Credit to the
In connection with tlio publication of
"Progressive Feralo" n Lodgor mnn
was shown through llio Fornio hospital
recently hy Dr. Corsnn, who with Dr.
Honnoll, Is rosponnllilo for tho exist*
onco of this Hplomlld Institution. Kvor
nlnco tho opening of tlio hospital nftcr
Iho flro all tho wnrdn hnvo boon full,
and nl times tho full (inpnclty hns been
ronchnd. Tho hull-ling from tup to
bottom hns boon rnimtriintod with a
vlow to comfort, flnnllnt'on nnd tho
facilitation of )iob*)Hi'I work. The utmost, enro has boon nxorclsod In tho
Holoctlon of tho equipment nnd furnish* closod again for n fow days on account
IngH, and tlionppoimmeiiiH tlitougiioutj-Ji .ugu wtm-r. Mr. iiul/nen, iiiu kio*
liiv..t,a.ic eUUllUy •a,\*uilijj.c«i ullli alii   w al )Yt.*l y<,iiiU-, Imnu tn.ul auiikn
Elk River Having a Parting Shot for
the 8e«ion
For tlio closing dnys of last wook,
nnd the first few days this wcok Iho
Klk rivor agnin showed signs of doing
(hlngn, caused by tho heavy rnlnfull,
Tho West. Fornio Hchool had lo   ho
A fire alarm waB sent ln about 0
o'clock on Monday night from tho,vicinity of tho new park, whore workmen wero engaged ln clearing out tho
rubbish and burning tho same. Somo
residents near thought tho flro was ns
sumlng too great proportions so tho
flro department wore Invited to como
and hnve a look at It. Tho sounding
of tho alarm and tho reflection of tho
flm had the usual effect of bringing
citizens out from all quarters of tho
town to tho scono of action. Fortun
nloly no danger oxlstod, and tho du
partmont soon roturned to tho hall,
Popular 'Customs    Official    Seriously
Injured at. Michel
liy nud lifatncMu, . rarllculnr utum
Hon l« paid to (ho otorlllxlng of all
Instruments, bandage*,, etc., used   for
on his pr<f*)iItio*4, which ho had juut finished planting, and was praying In his
own qulot wny for rain to bring about
oporntl.ons, or gonornl hospital work, nn abundant hnrvosl,    Tlio rain cnmo
\t»v UUM-Ulft lirt'iVJ li.n'.'li fclviviiJi. it>.»>,: u.
the filling out of thoir operating room,
which Is Indeed a model of nontnnvi
and cloanllnosi. Whon completed
all the surroundIngfi In tho room will
in white enamel, Including oven tho
walla.' • Alarge nemniairn at tho ho»
pltal work hero comliti in operation!
and thfl drAosing of wnunds. A olaff
or six trained nuruci, together wiih a
cook, laundryman and an orderly are
malntAlned.    Dr. Corian   remarked
Ai.at    .,.   Vk.C    V...U    .Ak.'aaW.    ta    kajMa.   Vi.    tAt
doop on the gnrdon—a moat forclhlo
answor to prnyor. Bovornl roildon-
cei In tbo outlying parts of West Vop
n|o woro also put to some little trouble Again, by a Jam of logs coming
down nnd diverting Ihe ronrso of Ihe
water,     Fortunately no great   dnjn*
ago hen bt-*'.n ilonc.
Tho Know from tho mountain* la
nearly all gone, and more high water
la pot likely.
Fernie Ball Ground! Being Put in fine
Fernio now hns «" first ''Iiihh base*
hall gioiiiulH, A luiiHti has liei.'ii
duly drawn up and sinned whereby
thu Uutudmll iAMiguo hnvo u Icuku on
llie kioiiimIh at a nominal rental. Thu
dliunnnd nnd Infield are fnt-r bolnu
workod liilo f-hnp.-, nnd whi-n thn outfield I'ciiilvcH a little nioru utleution
It will ni nlco a good fimt bnll ground**.
A conitnodlotii, grand stnud, In front
Ol   NS llllll   IH   It   MIM*   ntli't'll,   littl)   lilbti
lixii t,ui,i< ,1 ul D.i- ii-i'l' i-'i Iht; hoiiir
phitc, fiom whk-ii nn i>xcel]iiit. view
of the Rnmo ran lm hnd. The Hoard
of Trado built n flno backstop on condition thnt. lho sldn awny from    tlm'
^,uat.,ii   iiV.  aj,vv i.  .at,   save   k*..aa.,,.h u.     a.
largo advortlacmi'nt setting forth the
ndvnntagctt of this young parndlso.
Tho grounds nro certainly tho contro
of nttrnctlon theso avenlngs. Undor
the («rma of tho Icnao the juniors have
Hie use of tho grounds Tueaday even
Inga for matches or practice If tbey ao
dr-fdr-*, and thi> Football loam cnn use
them for their league gninpa. Looks
aa though wo were going to have plenty of good clean, sport.
On Saturday last Mr. Goorgo Bills,
tho gonial deputy collector of customB
nt I'ornlo, mot with a Rorloim accident at Mlchol. .Mr, 12111s went to that
plnco on Snturdny morning In the'discharge' of his duties, Intending to
return homo on the noxt tin In via G.
N, For hoiiiu reason or other .Mr,
RIIIb tried to climb tho stop** of tho
engine rub In thn Mlchol yard, when
he mlsHod bin footing, and foil In
such a position that, thu drlvlii*.; whotd
passed ovor his leg, nbout thn knee,
nlmost completely severing nnd terribly mnngliug this mombor. Assist-,
nncn wns soon at hnnd, and willing!
hands bore hin. to n plnr.c of comfdrl.;
Fortunntoly l)r, lionnoll wiih at Michel
and was on tho mi-mo ut once and dldj
what he could to tompornrlly relievo;
tho HiifforliiKH of tho nuforttiniiio num.
Old Time Train   Robber
pears   on   the   Scene
Once Again
VANCOUVER, n. C. Juno '.
dim bound C.r.U, (-xpreHB duo here
nt a.:ItO (IiIh morning was held up
shortly before midnight Just ensl of
BIx men pni'tlclpiUcd hi tho hold-up
who Inter dlHitppenrod ut. Shumvup lulco
where thoy look n boat to cross lo lho
north shore,      Tho tiion obtnlned un
11 til tt m for tliolr pitliiH as Nu. 0" currleH
j merely locked expiesH cars and Imd no
! nioKKoiiKor or safe,
Thoy punched holes In threi, express
cuth but not bolng rov/nt'd-'d by   tiny
booty for their,, double nre Kiild     to
hnve. left without nny loo!,
It W- thought Ihe robbers wero nftei'
lho expiVHH from Hi. I'liiil which hnd,,
ICllli* was pln.ed on thu (I.  N. (Vnlia!V" 1»«"»-«1 >''■"">• 1,1»'H »f ^wr whloh
nnd nt once brought, to Fernie, Acenm-1ll,l<1 1,"mi 1,lli<H| "" '" ,,a" f«"'»,,v"'-
l.nnle.1 by Dr.  Honnoll.      Word m*'.*"*"'      Th,H wnn Vl,,u''1' »' $:,0'fMI11'
Mint to Drs. Honnoll und CoriHii'H lion-!I"11, H»» lmm«'»H.. wolglit wonM   hme
Pita! hero und propanitlou wiih miitl-= ,,,M|,""M*        !'' ,        '°   ""    ' '
for his trenlmenl.     Ilo wnn I'liri'fMlly.01" Mn* ,li,,:,i*,,• ,
conveyed from tho train to Ihe hon      An:oi-illiiii to il..> hlmy of the trail.
pltal, where It wiih found iiL-cesHnry tii,prnw   ,wo ,,,pn "vl,l""">' l'onr«ln.| llm
lender nt Nol oh IIIII. Hhortly nfter
li-nvliig Ihe pliu'ii ihey eniwled over
the lender mid nl Hie point ol the revolver   ordered tlm engineer lo   «top
in iiuecHwiry
nni.nitu'e the Injured hi; below  the
hip.      The opernlioii  proved    i|iilte;
HuccoHHful, and Mr. KIIIh Ih now doiiiK .
nicely,  notwIthHtuiidliiK  thnt  lie  Iiiihi
'nttnlnod well nigh IiIh three Ht'orc
yunrH nnd ten, lli« uuiio Hiciuin in
the eity will bo pltiiHtil lo lieur nf IiIh
A Splendid Specimen Secured not far
from the City
,«*.l      **,    J-nf*,lim*     ***,**.       t>l«l   (>..»,
' TV.i Mf!.:! •.-bn-vi'd Mj*. ■„ f •■ i,.*r.<!'.'-.
'inter nnd lh<- engineer pulled up lo
i find four men ull armed mound n lunt
| fire,     One dlxchnrKed his rifle twlee
'evidently to intlmldnte Mm pnHHetium'ri
1... i ii ..... i,. i ..    f ii     ....i	
Tlm leader of tjjie gnng forced the
flromou to take hn axe mn) l>r«al. iu
tho pmmlH of llie.expreKH (tun »o thni
heads might he thrust through. IIiivIiir
found nothing vnlunblo lu either air
tho crow went lo tho mnll car.    Tho
A couple of nlmrods broiiRhl dov;u n
flno apeclmen of black bear not fnr
from MrI,ouKitll'n mill this week. Phn-i
(ogrnphor 8pnldlng was thore al   tho .mall clork had hid all reglsiuicd Inter,'
tlrno nnd not several flno views of him I nnd shotly nftpr the Rang left,
beforo be was killed, which would bo     A largo posse left Kamloop-s nfier
extremely hard Ilo duplicate.     Weur'i
for the bear In Progressive Fernm.
tho alarm had been given and
fcipect to round up tho gang,
f~    :." ,}'"v KY -S--
Young   White   Girl is Victim   of
Celestial's Hatred-New York
Is Fairly Frantic
Letter Box
■< NEW YORK, June Si—That** Elsie
Slgel/the '20 year-old granddaughter
of General.Franz Sigel, of revolutionary war fame, whose dead body, was
found late yesterday jammed in a
trunk in a Chinese lodging house was
the victim of a Chinese for love of
whom she sacrificed cast6, home and
friends,'is the opinion of the police-
Their belief is founded on hundreds of
letters found today- In the room , of
Leon Liii'g, where   the body was' se-
c creted.
That the Chinaman had ceased to
reciprocate her love°and committed a
dastardly crime to free himself from
-, tlie girl's heart broken importunities
not to forsake her,'the police claim, Is
established by the following pitiful appeal which they believe was the last
letter written by the girl before she"'
3 left ber home on the 9th:
. "You seem to be growing cold to me.
Just think of the sacrifice I have made
for you: my family, my friends, everything.    For God's sake don't forsake
"me now.", ,       ,
The letters found ln the room cover
a period of two years, and among
those bearing late dates are many containing similar pleas, and showing the
mental anguish Miss Sigel's love for
the Celestial had caused her.*
Miss Slgel was interested In^slum
work, and It is supposed that she met
Ling, who is known to his American
, associates as Wm. H. Leon, during one
of-her settlement trips.- Ling Is well
.educated and speaks English fluently.
He is said to have been converted to
Christianity through the efforts of
Miss Sigel.
The room in which the body was
found is in the building In the Chinese
district on Eighth avenue. The upper
floors of the place are occupied as a
lodging house,    c,
Miss Sigel disappeared from her
home in the Bronx on June 9th. Since
then "the police have searched the city
. for her in vain and the only word received by her family during that time
was a brief, note which, according to
the police, read:  ,.
."Don't worry. Will be-home Sunday
- ev■e"ning^""*,   ''     T"™7 - "   :    ~
would be able to throw much.light on
the subject. -
The Chinese wife of Ye Kim, a waiter in the'Chinese restaurant" above,
where the body of Miss Sigel was discovered, is said to have advised the
police to question "Josey" intimating
that she could explain the presence of
Miss Sigel in the tenement the day
of the murder.
Kinni On Wing, a grocery salesman,
and Chin Song, a restaurant cook, are
lieid as witnesses under bonds of ?1,-
000 each as a result of the coroner's
hearing today.
Miss Mabel Sigel, a cousin of the
murdered girl told the police that El
sie left her home early in'the morning of June 9th after announcing, her
Intention of visiting her grandmother.
Investigation showed that the visit
was never made.
Mabel also showed that on numerous occasions sho had warned her cousin that' here Chinese acquaintances in
the city would surely, lead her into
trouble. * *      *
NEW- YORK, June. 23—Speedy solution of the mystery of the death of
Elsie Slgel is looked for as a result
of the arre3t of two Chinamen, believ
ed to be*Leon King or William Leon,
as he was known also, and Chung Ein,
his associate, the first at Schenectady,
and the'other one at Amsterdam, N.
Y. state.   ' ,    '
Police officials after consulting with
the Schenectady officials, said that
they were sure that the man, was Ling
In whose room the body of Miss Slgel
was found, i
The M?w York authorities will have
Leon brought to this city.
Denies He is Leon
Chinaman, supposed to be William H.
Leon, suspected of knowledge .of the
murder, of Elsie Sigel Jn New York,
was arrested here today in a Chinese
restaurant in South Centre street. In
every way the prisoner answers the
description sent out by tfce New York
police. He denies that he murdered
Miss Sigel.       ' ,
In the police court he answered all
the questions put to him In the coolest
possible manner. ',    '    '~r~7/~
He gave his name as Leon Ling,
but denied that he was William H.
Leon. He -said he had been ln this
city for nine days and, admitted that
lie came here from New York. „;
'(■AMSTERDAM,' N. Y.*Jnn$"23-^Chun
Sin,' wanted in New York as a material
witness in the murder of .Elsie Eigle,
was arrested today at West Galway, 10
miles distant.
The Chinaman admitted his Identity
and acknowledged that he-was a personal friend of Loon. Chung Sin had
been at West Galway for eight days,
bolng employed as,a cook by Harvey
Kennedy of New York, who has . a
summer residenco there, He admitted
that he had no, knowledge of his
whereabouts.   ■•
Threatened to KIM
NEW YORK, Juno 23—The fact that
Loon Ling called at the Slgle home on
Tuesday Juno 8, the day beforo MIb*-*
Slgle's disappearance and threatened
to kill Chu Gain unions Elsie 'stopped
going with him,' was mado known to-
dny by Paul Slgol, tho fnthoj- of tho
miii'dorod girl,
Mr. Slgel snld also that ho believed
Elsie was lhducod to visit Leon's room
undor tho representation that Loon
was ill, that she was killed on tho day
sho.left hor homo and that sho did not
go to Washington. Mr. Slgol said
that Loon war. undor the Influonco of
[ liquor when ho cnllod.
In tho lovo lottors of Elslo Slgol
to two Chinese Is found tho motive of
thn grnoHomo murdor of Elslo Slgel,
Tho night tho body wns discovered In
lho old trunk of Loon Ling lu Eighth
uvonim, tho polico found * a score oi
moro of lottors which thn girl had nd*
drowsed to thom. Tlioy woro on*
doarlng In tone nnd Indicated n friendship moro tIiim phitonlc,
More Endearing Letters
In Aoiirchlng Chlmitnwn liml night
lho dotoctlvoH rnldoil tlm private rooms
of Chu flnln, owner of tho fnmous
Port Arthur ChlneMi- rnHlniirniit, nnd
there they found about 200 letters
which had been fiddroHHod to him by
Elide Hind.
TIioho lottoiH were even more en*
denrliiit in tone thnn tluiHO found lu
lilng'H room.
In these sho addressed lilm iih "My
own denrosi. beloved," "My own denr
Chu" and sho frequently hIkiioiI her*
a*.:; ".:<•. ,.,•..•.* ir*"'.*-"*  ■■"h-- •■   ti«*.
Cbxx nnln V<MerH ,.nve iho first Infor*
million ns tn the mnilve for the murder. MIhh Slgol told Chu Gain In
Home nf thosn letters of hur conduct
with Leon Ling, told him not to bo
i _..i4.Jl rnut (lv-iinInert Imr older! lu
maintaining hor frlondshlp for Ling.
Chit Gain Is being hold by the police
who beltoie Mint lie hns not told all lm
New Michel B. C. June 21
To the Editor of the Ledger,    ,
,.;Dear Sir: Please find enclosed ?1.00
for renewal of my paper. To* eulogize
your paper would be a superficial sup-
erfluity-a comparison with your "pothouse .cotem" in Fernie is sufficient to
warrant your issue.     I noticed your
transgression to Vancouver, for exercising in your paper   an inalienable
right inherent' to mankind, that    of
clothing your .thoughts   iii   language:
However there Is some satisfaction in
recognizing that   we are progressing,
for; Galileo was tortured for insisting
that the world moved, and Bruno was
burned" for believeing it.  Now however the rack Is giving place to reason,
the faggots to fraternity, but there are
still a large number who view   some
samples of so called justice »s juggle^
ry. Best wishes for your paper, I am,
Yours truly
To the Editor of the Ledger:
Dear Sir: Will yon permit me to use
a little space in our paper for the following letter, and trust at the same
time that.you will give It all the prominence possible. By doing so you
will bestow a great favor on the undersigned.
District IS is about lo be'deprived
of their'president, a man who has sacrificed a great deal In the Interests
of the miners of this district, and the
workers in general ln this country, aye,
to the extent that the greatest of all
that is dear to mankind is sacrificed
by him, viz. health,-which is next to
laying down his life, not for a" friend,
nor' for his wife and family, but for the
men of his - class.. -* Are . they , his
friends? Not aM, for If words are to
count, many a miner has reviled him,
many have slandered him over some
imaginary grievance,. and have done
so not before him, so that he would
have a chance to explain and defend
himself, but behind his back and these
are the men Ex-president Sherman has
done the most for. ° Now, If these
men are reasonable, and are sorry for
doing these things "(ignorantly, for " I
think that men have done so unknowingly, or through false information) it
is an opportune time to make amends
and come in with the rest.of us and
show our appreciation for his services
not by giving back his health, for that
is impossible, but by giving what we
can afford out of our earnings to al-
'■pdi- . • • ''k;y"'~ '7*7,'-'77"'7
-'■IV/**      "*•**■-•" ^.-^-^'V 7-""* *, -*•".
(, .....       .      ■
'">-*:' :   PAGES 7:'.:   :   100
, Steam heated throughout.
Hot and cold Baths.
TOHe Kiti£^Edward ^
/' .j    -.    ,    J "       " ■> 1' '-a\W" "„ a ^ \ J       3 ^ ,       V" '*'"' •' ' ,  ^
Fernie's" Leading C Commercial'; H
Rates.$2.50 and upwards.
This note was received by Paul Sigel
the father of the girl and was Btgned
"Elsie." It was dated from Washington, The police believe the murderer
sent, tbe message to stop pursuit and
to-give him :a;mple;(tin>e.: in ,w-Jilcli. to
„ When the1 body' was found by the
police it was jammed tightly in a small
trunk and was removed with difficulty.
Coroner Harburger is of the opinion
that the trunk had had Its gruesome
contents for moro than n week. From
deep marks on the throat it. was apparent that the girl had been strangled
to death, nnd all evidence points to
one of the most atrocious crimes In the
police records of New York*.
Ling, in whoso"'rbom on tho upper
floor of the building the body was
found, ennnot be located by the police,
He and another celestial are snld to
have disappeared the day of tho discovery.
Three Chinamen, known to havo
beon associates of Ling, have boon ar*
roBtcd, and will bo hold ponding the
capture of tho man whom tho polico
believe to be guilty of the' terrible
Added weight was given tho polico
theory of murdor by tho statomont of
Mrs. Todd, who Identified the clothing
of the girl, Sho snld that Miss Slgol
lived In constant fear of hor Chlneso
lover. Mrs. Todd said Hho hnd known
Elslo nnd Ling for yonrs nnd thai
Ling had told her often of lils groat
love for tho girl.
The Cblnoso, according lo .Mrs. Todd
wns of nn exceedingly jonlous disposition, und often accused Elide, of receiving iho attentions of othqr men. Of
late these complaints hud bocomo moro
frequent and throati-iilug, Mrs, Todd
(s firm Iu (ho belief thnt. tho strange
romnnee resulted in the irngoily ro*
vonled by tho discovery of tho girl's
Fiom Ihe girl's fat hur tlm police ire
dny learned tlmt I.I iik called nt. the SI*
xcl homo tin; dny before Klsle dlsnp*
Ilii vviih refused pornilHslnii lo noo
the Klrl nud finally was ejected from
the house by the father of the (lend
A more extended examination nf the
grent pnek of letters found In Ling's
room rovenled the fact thnt ho hnd
f, ::.!',.!*.*.' 'oi'rf""nn*irtfi»*t« le Vhllndel.
\tb\tt. I-Tnnklvn, r.hleaun nnd several
other e|iies. Mnny of theso epistles
.■xpresHod undying love for tho mnn,
whom lho polico now belieio Is a
Chinnse bluobenrd.
T>...v believe thnt Llm. ii«<*d his ,>*'•>
fosxed Christianity ns a, cloak for hit
renl occupation of ruining the white,
Among the letters wore many signed
"Elsie" nnd "Nellie,'*     Thoso   woro
wrapped In a bundle with others boar* j WHOOPING COUGH
Ing uo nigni'tun-, but. tu tb« wine land j „lQ j,«cbrunry our dnugbter bud the
writing. Tlm polico declare thoy j wUoop_nK COur1i, MrUno of llartlnnd
WW nil wrimn by the vi.tlm,   and treeommondod    Clmmtiutiuln'***   Com*,!.
levlate his suffering and.help his family.- .It has been stated, and men
think so yet, that his nest is well feathered; . but this is wrong, entirely
wrong. Do men say this because they
know for a fact that It is so? No.
The writer is in a position to know
that Mr. Sherman Is a very poor man,
and although he has a ranch it is no
good to him if'his health is gonei I
would like to meet any reasonable argument why we as miners'of District
18 cannot take up a subscription for
our late presldent,"for he deserves one
and a good one too. Let us do better
for him than we aro anxious to do for
any official of any Coal company wlio
has appressed more than Is good for
us, while the opposite Is the, case with
Sherman, and It's plain to be seen If
we open our oyes wlhout blurring them
with prejudice.
Those lines aro written at tho Instigation of a great number of minors,
who are willing to show their appreciation of his sorvlcos by giving what Js
in thoir power to glvo to help ''him
Ferule local of which ho hns been a
member for flvo years, should stnrt tbo
ball rolling by opening this Hat for Intending subscribers, nnd Impress upon
nil mon In this district to too tho mark,
and lot tho whole continent know thnt
wo hnve hoarts (although seemingly
hnrd) that nro softened by a cry from
our ranks to holp'a brother In nood.
This book shows.thewonder|ul ;
growth of the City of Fernie in        V
one year and deals exhaustively- ^
.     with its advantages,, etc.,, etc.      <• ,
Fill in this form and place orders in  advance.     Price'
50 cents.    Return   this order form „ to The Di-strict
Ledger, Fernie. B. C.
Please reserve for me..............copies
of "PROGRESSIVE FERNIE" at50 cents.per.
copy, for which is enclosed$...: ,   . v ,
'"■' '""I "    Name'
A. Rizzuto
•'..:■'   J. Crawford
Be Sure  and  Attend the
Fernie livery, Dray & TahsfpCo.
,   ■        , Contracts Taken *j: *■-.■'■;:. "„r':'
. .'  ,    '     ' ' l   - i .' -  £     i. '  . ■' 7 '* ' ' '   *  -*■ * *''4 ^ *
IncliKling-Stnnip Pulling, Laud Clearing "niul' Ploughing.'    LVt' it*** "'
llgun*'on .your next job   . ■
y Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts !
A MI line of shelf aiid   heavy   Hardware in .stock, together with a
complete range ;of Stoves .
Fwrnititre Department
[ Oar Furniture Department embraces the.,
most nniqne. and up-to-date lines.
* Come in arid have a look   ..
J. IX  QtlAlX,
,---   -  «   -.-'}' •   '- ,.*. \-    h-     v ''--'-■'
worn olaHHifU'd and filed by the aUt****;*
od yt-llow fiend.
Th« pollci! aro H.-archlnt**; for nn Am*
ui Iran Kill nnmed Josey, n cocalnt*
fiend and a fr**o.u<*ntet uf tin* Clil.*'.*.'.
HI'CllOllI. Ill   (111* t:U>,  V-UU...  U.U>*   UajKCVa'.
llcmcdy and aatd It gavo IiIh custom-
era tho best of •ntlifnctlon. Wn
found ft im ho said, and cnn rcco-nm*
ond It to anyone having children troubled with whooping rough." tayt Mrs,
A. noss of Durnnd. Mich, For sale by
all drugglnta.
•tfl floor***-!} St, Whltolmv-an, Cnmb,
To tho Kditor of tho Lodger:
Dour Sir: I nm plonfloil and grntofnl
to yon for tlio publication of my lottor
In tlio Lodger, nlno with tho roflpoiiHO
It called, nnd which I rond In tho
Lodger, of a lator dato. I'm not
quito Hiiro ot lho Idontlty of tlio wrltor of thnt littlo article. Porhnpfl ho (I
(alio lt. tlio wrltor Ih of tho mnlo box)
wiih nfrnld I Hhould "mak' Inv" ub l><>
cuIIh It, to him, hut ho ncmln't bo
ufrnlil. If I trnvollod nil tlm wny to
Ciinmla for a man I hIjoiiUI )I'u> lho
"Ronl" Cnnndlitn nnd not one of tho
klnil I'd left buhlnd, I thntilc lilm In
iintlclpatlun of the cup of "Ico" nlso
for tho yo' yah, but 1 think hn inoiinn
l-n'itl., and oh, thn'Rr.u<iiv/n, I Hhould
not forgot (hat. na l would witnl thnt
mont, of nil. And I thlnl. tho wrltor
will ngriio with mo (thnt Ih If ho knows
nn; nt nil* tiitti a twit l.*''*<. » full
ai-ittn. iitiiii Uf An thru. 1 nwM rein-
grntiilrtto him too, on his olovornoKR.
Ilo would mnko a grand Hherlock
IfolmoH, Vancy hit rlilnldng of look*
Ing nt thn dato of thn Inttor, although
. UO k.v>; i.U^U ci .*!:•■* '.*•!•>•■*•••*• t'ftnn
put on nnotlior. I think tho Jack
Monro frno KnscoKcm is a myth, ns I
hnvo not thn plonsuro of IiIh nc'iimlnt-
finco. Hut I should soon bo Intornst*
cd lu blm If I hoard ho wnH single. Tint
P'trlmr-H ho Is nfratd too. Ah, thutio
young mon from around horo nro sadly
lurking In roiirn**,*** or 1 sbuldn't bo on
llm nholf now. Ilnl 1 bop« ("annda
will Improve thorn and mny I Just,
■ililnpar that uonH'tlmt'S a woman'-,
helping hand raonns much, I'speclnl.v]
when ii'h in their porkoU*
nuw spnuHTo.v.
Calgary, July 5 to 10
Western Canada's Greatest Fair
A Very Liberal Prize List
$60,000  in Prize Money
The Great Historical Pageant
Monday, morning July,5tli, worth going
around the world to see
Co-Dora in the Golden Globe
*'   The Greatest Loop-tho-Loop Act
in the world' to-day
The Eight Mirza Golems
Acrobats direct from' tho courts of tho
Shah of Poraia
The Famous N&vassar Ladies' Band, New York
Howard's Dogs and Ponies
Rube Shields, the Comedian
C. W. Parker Shows
•unl other luliTi'Mtlug fniilnroN miy i»f which ciuuiot
lm exci'lleil even In New York city
Iiifiii'iimlbiii ti'gniiling low tmNHi'iigni' viDoh and
specinl exi'iiinloiiH to lho exlillillloli mny Im** dbtnlneil
from Htiitlnn A Kent*,   Hull-leu elosc Juim Idlli
B. (L
Wm. Eschwigr,, Proprietor
New and uj>-to*«date
Handsome  Cafe Attached
Alberta Show
Case Works
Mamifaetiu'tns   of  ,
Calgary, Altai
Fernie Dairy
delivered " tb   all
parts of the town
1  •>..[..,- .,, ,   i	
.>*.: '.7i.:.'' ' ''■
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«>
Send for Illustrated pamphlet to
E. L. WCHARnSON, Manager,
, Calgary  A
Great Northern RaiFy
Fast Time and
i * ,
Good Connection
To All Points East and West
Leave Fernie 1.35 p. m.
Arr. Spokane  11      ,,
Only ?A limirs'from Fernie to Seattle and Vancouver
Why Take Alcohol?
Are you thin; pale, easily tired, lack your usual vigor and
strength? Then your digestion must be poor, your blood
thin, your nerve-) weak. You need a tonic and alterative.
You need Ayer's Saiwpar 111 a, thc only Sarsapariila entirely
free from alcohol. We believe your doctor would endorse
these statements, or we would not make them. Ask him
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ruts u 4 Cuntl*; Uutlvc.   Llvt-f pill-).   AH vtjgttehle.   Ailt yoar doctor ibout them.
Singer Sewing Machines Co.,
Fernie, B.C.
Why be -without a Sewing' Machine when you
can get one for $3.00 a month?
J, P. H0ULAHAN, A-jent, t>pptA\it C«a <te.'t <yiee, PeilttAve. THE DISTRICT LEDGER, FERNIE,'  B.C. '.JUNE 26 1909
■>   Is ttie most efficient acd
perfect of leavening agents*
No alam/lirt\e or ammonia*
Y. S. Shepard is  Sought
by Law—Charges are
Very Serious
"K   ■ '-,'■"' '"*•*•". ..'--.'. -„    "i"
t   *■*■-'■■•-     '      = — —~ ■    *
*     . --......'- ..... ^.
O    7 7   Suggesti7)e-
J&CrlOOl   Questions
On the Lesson by the Rev. Dr. Linscott for the International
Newspaper Bible Study Olub.   ■»■—■—- __    , _  —
.... JUNE 21 1909
. Temperance,Lesson.. Rom. xlll;,8-14.
:   Golden Text.—Put ye on the, Lord,
Jesus Christ.—Rom.,xill:14.. c
•     *-.      -    -.., \' ./'* ■:''-     ":/ ■
;   Verse 8.—Is it always sinful to go
. jnto debt, when, you liave no visible
-mean's-of paying It*? ■        *■"     ^    •
',* Is it right, or wrong to,go intOjdebt
when you have* nothing to pay with,
if your creditor knows your circumstances?
•■/■" Is a business man who lias nonestly
failed in business and given up all he
has to his creditors, under moral obligation to pay the-balance <of the
debt if he makes enough money'to do
•so out of .future business?
7 Under modern business conditions,
and the law of love and righteousness
.when wholesalers sell on,time or give
an adequate discount for cash to .retailers, why are not the debts of an non*
, est bankrupt, retailer, the, legitimate
loss of his creditors in 'oommon -with
himself? -   -
'' Wherein consists ' the folly*.and sin
''  .1.. I .......      .4      ...    -'   ,
of. a wage earner" In constant work,
' Vetting Into debt?
■   Is It the duty of everybody to love
y vy'i'vbody. the bad and the, good, eno
i , Verse 36—It Is generally necessary
to follow up any good work which we
have commenced If we would make It
a success? ' '-
.. Verses 37-39—Would it 'have been
wiser if Barnabas had first'consulted
Paul in, the matter of taking; Mark?
Barnabas was a relative of Mark;
are we as good, judgeB <of the fitness
of .our relatives for an office as, we
are of the,fitness of others? Why?   ,
Why is despotism in government appointments, looked upon with suspicion?
Had Paul, probably, good reason for
objecting "to' ta'king John -and Mark
with them?  (See Acts' xili: 13.)
, If a man shows lack of courage, or
tact, or faithfulness, In one position,
does that disqualify him in any measure,- from getting another,, or from
success, *.V,hen' In another position.
If both Patfl -and Barnabas had been
duplicates' of the man Jesus, would
there have been this quarrel between
them, and how would 'the matter likely have been settled? (This question
must be answered by members of the
club.) '    • • '  , 7   -
When two Christians fall out, is one
or both always to be blamed? ,       7
Lethbridge Herald:.A,warrant has
been issued for. the arrest of Y. S.
Shepard, well known in this city as a
dealer In real estate and who has ai-
ready figured in several civil cases in
local courts.
. The information on which the warrant was issued was laid by William
Johnson, porter of tho Balmoral hotel.
Johnson bought some lots from Shepard and when the time came to make
the final payment of $20 he,paid it
and Shepard gave him a receipt   In
fun. ' ",. "■;'
. At that time however, It is said that
there was a caveat against tho lots and
Shepard could not deliver the title.
The charge against Shepard is obtanl-
ing money underfalse pretences.
Shepard Is said to be In business In
Spokane, and has apparently deserted
Lethbridge.' Ho was one of tho factors in the incipient boom that struck
the city a little oyer two years ago and
until a few months ago made his head
quarters here.
Formerly he ,'was' in business In Calgary where he Is reported to have
made a pile of money. When he came
here he made quite a spread and had
the swellest auto In the city. He Is"
a native of Port Stanley Ont., and not
yet 20 years of age.
" Several Fernie people will watch the
outcome of.the0case as Shephard Is
said to have got thc better of them.
•»   ♦   ♦  ♦   ♦'♦   ♦   -a**   •*-*-•*   <**>   -a-***-.   -4*4  4*.
♦ '..>'.    NOTICE ♦
.   Miners and mine laborers of ••**>•
the U M. W. of A. are warned ♦
to keep away from the mines ■*•*****
of'the Nicola Valley Coal and ♦
♦ ■ Cole Co.  ' at. Middlesboro; a ♦
♦ - strike Is on for recognition, O
♦ the management being unfair   ♦
•"a*"-*   to organized labor. ♦
♦ You will be notified when- ♦
-at***   this Company is again placed   •****»
♦ on the fair list of our organi-   ♦
♦ zation.   .. ♦
And Its Terrible Tale--An
Experience Never to
Be Forgotten
♦. ♦
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦!♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦,♦ ♦
B. E. WALKER, President
Paid-up Capital    $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
"Progressive Fernie" will be Issued
on or about August lst.It will contain
over 100 pages of profusely.illustrated
Information about public life iri this
thriving city. Advance orders should
be placed at once. Price within reach
of all, 50c. Apply Ledger Office.
mies and friends?
;... What is the -adyinitage i,of loving -ev-
orbody, to' ourselves,' .and', to'* those
whom we love?" " _-■•----
„' WENATCHBE,„Wash. June 31—Jno.
Moon, a wheat grower, who lives near
here, and his .wife are today almost
prostrated with grief over the tragic
death, of..their fifteen year old, son,
Whose body was found lying in a.field
7 Ver*e« ,9*10—-Give rea-sons. outside
,'of the,Bible,',-that;:will cover all circumstances, Why rt Is always wrong to
disobey these five moral prohibitions
(This.. question -must; '.be' answered lii
writing by members oi"the club.) '
Must all such acts, nis aro hore forbidden, contravene tne,law of love to
make -them sinful; for example, If
you liad .to- kill d man tlmt was about
to kill one of. your loyed ones would
that be' sinful. , ,    .
7 Can ah net be wrong that works
out for the good of all -partlos?
.. Vorsos 11*12—If you knew you had
..to die Inside of a month what effect
•would thnt have upon your Intentions
and actions, so fnr'as*'God Is con*
■cerned; and It it would change these
•In tho least, docB that not provo that
you aro now living wrong nnd aro In
,.- Most people arc morally arid spiritually asleep, and many nre far Into
tlio night; what nro tho conditions
which should suddenly startle such
into full consclouDnesfl no to their
danger, and thoir duty?
Vorso 13,-r-How Is It thnt the night
Is tho tlmo selected for bo many bail
Should n man ovor do a thing which
!ic In ashamed for hi** boBt frlondB and
neighbors to know?
' Does tho popular conscience goner*
ally, or always represent God's nttl*
tudo to a thing; .or aro thoro'sorao
■HiIiirr God may ho polasod with which
tlio community would condemn as
wrong, or vlco reran?
How Is It. Mint tho bar rooms nro
•generally soroonod off from tho public
.   Why Ib It a orlmo for n man lo got
Why do most drunkards get drunk
In the night, or nwny from publio
linen tho drink habit generally lend
to tho othor four grnvo ovIU mention*
ri.x t.,t *'/.,•_,*» t*hlvtn^*n?
. Verso l-f.~VV.uil it tho sure n-uutt-4)
for tho drink linhit nnd all kindred
evils of the flesh?
Does   putting   on   Jesus   always
•mnfifi tviMlnir on t-itTPms'th   no wn mn
'Verses 40-41—TJld the dispute between • these men work -but for_ good,
as it resulted ■ in two missionary deputations .instead .of one? -' - -
.4 ... 4    '  .0
, By any process of reasoning.can "you
conclude that God was back of this
■dispute' between these two godly men
so as to better work'OUt'hls purposes?
Chapt. xvi:l-3—Should • ministers
and other Christians be on the look
out for young men who are fltte.1 for
the ministry the same as business
men are for good salesmen? " ; ,
•, What can you say for or against
Paul circumcising Tlmotheus, In view
of tho decision -of the council at Jerusalem?  (See Acts xv: 1-29)';    ,'   '-.!'■
In matters of habit, or economy
or non-essentials, is lt well for us to
glvo way to the views of others, sinking our own preferences when we can
accomplish good by so doing? For
example, you mny oppose . wearing
"plg-tatls" In this oountry with wisdom, and yet to refuse to wear one In
China may be great folly.
Vorseo 4*5—-What wore the "decrees
* * * of thoeldors which woro at Jerusalem," and are thOBO binding upon
tho church today? See Acts xv*.28-20.
Is a church bettor with or without
an elaborate creed?
What did Josus tench which Is not
Included In righteousness, nnd tho
constant vision of God?
Will fl chnrch sound "In tho faith,"
always bo a magnet to draw others to
Vorson M—Why did tho Holy Spirit
forbid thom to preach In Asia nnd
Hlthynla nnd would thoy hnvo sinned
hnd thoy dono so?
When wo are hindered providential*
ly from doing cortaln good works Is
that the Holy Spirit hindering us?
Vorsos 9*10—How many methods
does God adopt In lending us?
Does God In every omorgency glvo
us somo suro guidance as to what wo
ought to do?
Was this vlsllon Just as clear a call
from God ns thotiuh he had spoken
Verses 11*12*—Does God direct   tho
course of the Christian with absolute
certainty notwItliHtntidlng    wind    or
Vorso 13—Whnt Is ono of tho first
UilllKfi Mil ciu<'••»( uiu.-tli.... luuiu. OUI
tor, whiM };*> J.'icri* JjjIo a Jifw cow*
Arc womi-n Ronorally In Ihe major*
Ity ns enrnoHt Christian**!?
Vorso 1-1—Aro busy womon general*
where he hadTbeen bitten by a rattle
snake. *-;_.-■   *.        ..-'-■    " '**
The boy, accompanied by his dog,
left home on Monday to catch ground
squirrels. Not returning at night two
younger . brothers wont out to search
for him and his dead body was found.
An Investigation revealed the cause of
his death. He had reached bis hand In-'
to a burro to drag out a squirrel.when
he was bitten by a rattle snake which
had taken up Its home In the hole.
. The boy died trying to reach tne
house as his tracks showed that ho
had travelled some distance before he
control all tho passions of the body,
Am) the ambitions of tho soul?
Lesson for Sunday, July 4th, 1000..
Paul's Second Missionary Journey.—*
Antioch to Phlllppl. Acts xv.3G to
.TT.J.Y 4 111ft!)
Paul's Second Missionary Journoy.
•—Antioch to Phlllppl. Acts iv.3« to
Golden Text—Com» over Into Macce*
(Jemla and help, na, Atti xt!:*.
ly moro spiritual tliim thoso who liuvt*
Utile to do?
Should all girls bo taught lo cam
their own living?
Is ll enslcr for God to open tho
heart of nn liulimtrlous person than
thut of nn Idler?
Vfriif if.—ff n t-Vrson Is Inhrmplf*
flblf, or stingy, Is that ft *ura titer of
Ution for Sunday. July Ilth, 19W
Paul's S*cond MU»lonarv Jonrnev -•-
Th* Phltl-DplM) JiHtr- Mt* x»i. 1*-I0.
Eollor l.nbor Lone or: I enclose heyc*
with a copy of a letter which I hnve
sent to the editor of tho Social Guz
etto, and ns Ihe matter Is of some Importance, to the labor movomont at
homo and abroad, would beg fn.i.r
of Its* being Inserted In your colummi
ns n gunrnntee that It sh'ill see -vni*
Vourt* etc. J. K. 11
To tho editor of the Social Gazette:
On January 16th an article, headed
"Christlike Work," and which purported to bo a report of an lntorvlew with
mysolf, appeared In your paper. I
stipulated in giving the.Interview that
I should see a proof boforo the article
nppoared and this, you . wero good
enough to sond.
But I did not boo It until' leaving
Qucenstown on tho way to New York.
Hnd I soon lt boforo I would lmvo prohibited tho appoaranco ot .tho article
slnoo In tho form In which It Is given
lt Is n cnrlcaturo of what   I said,   I
ompTtaslzcd strongly my disapproval
with tho emigration policy of tho Army and thU has altogothor boon sup'
prosnod.  , My opinions hnve suffered
a good deal hy mlnrepre»enttitlon at
tho hflnilB'of tho press during the.last
twonty flvo years, hut In nil thnt tlmo
I cannot recnll u worse cnno of suppression vert, suggoHtlo falsi than tho
nrtlelo In question.    I must, sny frankly Hint my fnith in the Army suffered
h serious shock when I rend what, purported to he lho rejiort of tho Intorvlow
nnd If alt Its dopurtmonts are conducted with n llko want of principle to
that shown In tli la IiihIiiiich, thon   I
begin to fear that (ho critics and tho
opponents oi uiu bah union Aun> naxt--
mUSU {\)iiiillii.litiit tilt' a.1.*1).' ullMriU Ihuu
I havo been giving thorn credit for
having. I fthoulil not n> Hits lnnglh
of llmo have troubled you In Ihls
matter hut. for tho fact thnt I find In
')tou1       Xtltl'liV-  X,l   XXlK.   »V.l.»|l,.'A'iVrfl»   .....IJaV^Va.
you aro ngnln booming (-migration and
that Colonol Lamb quoto* mo In a let*
tor to tlio Times, in such n wny as to
make It npptnr llist I approvo their
policy. Under those circumstances I
should bt* obliged If you will glvo this
letter publicity, Ami make It known
thnt Ixhth tn Pnlnni'l Uimli In personal
rail versation and io your Intcnlewcr, I
condemn In tho strongest ponslbte way
the oalirratlon policy of the Army.
Your* truly,
On Wednesday evening Fernie lov
ers of high class music had an opportunity of hearing Verdi's    famous II
Trovatore   presented   by the   Boston
Grand Opera Company.     Much was
expected, and expectation were more
than .fulfilled by the splendid performance.     The singing of the principals
was Indeed a revelation to all present.
Unlike many other plays, the   theme
Is rather sad,    and Ihe    stereotyped
conclusion of "married and lived hnp-
py ever after" Is quite absent, being
replaced by a climax, sad, and almost
disappointing.     Below we give a summary of the run.of the play:        -   -.
II Trovatore/opera In four acts, tho
words by Cammarano, was first produced lu Rome Jan 19,1853, with Mme
Penco, - Mme.  Goggl, MM.   Baucarde,
GulcclardI and Balder! in the cast.
' The opera" opens with a> midnight
scene at the palace of Allaferlal where
the old servitor,-Ferrando, relates to
his associates the story of the fate of
Garzia, brother of the Count dl Luna,
In whose services they 'are employed.
While in their cradles Garzia was bewitched by an old gypsy, and day by
day pined away. The gypsy was'burned at.the stake for sorcery, and in revenge Azucena, her daughter, stole the
sickly child. At the opening of the opera his fate has not been discovered.
As the servitor closes his narrative and
he and his companions depart,    the
Count dl Luna,enters and lingers by
the apartment of the Duchess Leonora
with whom he is in love. Hearing his
voice Leonora comes into the garden,
supposing it'is , Manrlco, the troubadour, whom she has crowned victor at a
recent tournament, and of whom she
has become violently    enamored. -A.,s
she greets the Count, Manrlco.appears
upon the. scene and charges her with
Infidelity;  Recognizing her error she
files to Manrlco for protection.    The
Count challenges him -to combat,1 and
as they prepare to fight she falls to
the ground insensible.-
In the second act we are introduced
to a gypsy camp, where Azucena relates lo Manrlco, who has been wounded In the duel with • the Count, tHe
same story that Ferrando has told his
friends, with the addition that _when
~sHe~saw"her mother'burningshecaught'
up the Count's child Intending, to throw
it into, the flames, but by .mistake sac-'
rlflced her own Infant. As the story
concludes a messenger arrives summoning Manrlco, to the defence of the
Castellar and at the same time•* Informing him that Leonora, supposing him
dead, has gone to a convent. He arrived at the convent in, time to rescue her
before she .takes her vows, and bears
her to Castellar, which Is at once besieged by the Count's forces,
The third act opens ln the camp bf
the Count-where Azucena, arrested as
n spy, is 'dragged in. She calls upon
Manrlco for help. The mention of his
rival's name only adds fuel to    the
Count's wrath, andhe orders the gypsy to be burned In sight of the castle, j
Ferrando has already recognized her.i
as  the   supposed   murderer  of    tho j
Count's brother, and her filial call to
Manrlco also reveals to him that sho Is
his mothor. Ho rankos a desperato eff-'
ort to.rescue her, but. Is defeated, taken prisoner nnd thrown Into n dungeon
with Azucena, Leonora vainly pleads,
with tho Count to spnre Manrlco,* and !
at Inst offers him her hand If he will
save his life, He conRunts and Leonora ,j
VANCOUVER, June 24—One of the
most serious railway accidents in the
history of the province nearly occurred this afternoon at the Fraser river
bridge at New Westminster. Supposedly through a switch being,left open,
the Great Northern Express from Seattle due here at 3.45 p.m. ran off the
main track and on to the trestle toward the river. The engine and tender with the engineer'' and fireman
plunged into the river but almost by
a miracle four cars filled with passengers were left standing on the trestle
only a car length from the point where
the engine'took its mad plunge. Tho
combination baggage and mail car was
left hanging on the bank of tlie trestle
partially over the river. j
'That the entire train did not plunge j
into the river is due to the fact that)
as soon as the nlr connection was;
broken the brakes on the cars were au-;
tomatlcally set'. The accident occurr-l
ed at the New Westminster end of
the bridge and the train was proceed !
Ing slowly at the time.
Both the engineer and firemen   of
the train went down with the' engine j
and were drowned.   . The    engineer-
was George   Zeigwald of Seattle and
the name of the fireman is at yet unknown.
The engine lies in 40 feet of water.
Some, of the witnesses declare that
the , boiler exploded as it struck the
water. -
Bob Drummond, the veteran mall
clerk, was In cliarge of the mail.,car
and though his car was'in imminent
danger he escaped unhurt. None of the
passengers were injured and after leaving . the scene . of the accident.were
brought over to Vancouver on.the in-
terurban tram.
rftTTHTDV UTTQIWU-CQ Every facility afforded to fanners and oth-
LUUinKl fill0111 £00 ois for the transaction of their hanking
business. • Sales notes will be' cashed ov taken for collection.
RAWlfTlair VCV IUI A TI" Accounts may be opened'by mail nnd -lnonie.**
DAJmiHU Dl ITliilL deposited - or withdrawn in this way with
equal facility.
H. W. TRENHOLME, *' Manager, Fernie.
Always a choice supply of Beef. Pork, Veal,
Glutton, and Lamb on hand.    Hams,   •
Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs
Our Specialties
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish, always a good
assortment.   Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters,
The 41 Meat Market Limited
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Stores in all the Principal Towns in British Columbia and Alberta
hastens to 'he prison to convey   tho
tidings, hnvlng previously taken poIroii
preferring to.dlo rather than fulfil hor
hateful compact, Manrlco refuses   IiIr
liberty, and as Leonora falls ln a dy*
Ing condition tho Count entors und orders Manrlco to bo put to death   nt
onco. Ho is dragged nwny to oxncutlon:
hut ns tho Count triumphantly   forcos
Azucena to a window nnd shows her,
tho tragic sceno sho rovoals hor secrot
and informing   tho   horror   strlcUon.
Count that ho has murdered his own |
brothor, falls llfoloss to tho ground.
Leonora ....Mmo, Judith M. Prnnclnl;
Inoz, hor attondant..MIbb Cora Haydon |
Azucona, a gypsy and pretended moth* j
or of.Mftnrlco..SlKnora Groca Rlccli
Manrlco (Troubadour) aftorwurd discovered to bo tho brothor of tho
Count Big* Ploro Oliornrdl
Ruiz, his follower.... Mr, Kd, H. Olds
Moflflongor, nn old gypsy	
 Mr. Cordon Hamilton
Count dl Lulin, Signor Archollo Albortl
Ferrando, follower of tho Count....
 Mr. John .McDonald
Gypsies, Kuna, Holdlors, otc.
Tho manngonioiit of tho opora Iioubo
nro to 'io t-'ongrftluliHed on thi' ..iUi..**
prlt*o Bhown In brlnn-.i*. hi.i-Ii nn nxn'l*
Unit company hero,
The Masonic grand lodge communication closed in Vancouver this week,
after holding one of the best attended
ar|/i_njQst— interestlng_conyentlons__on_
record. -
Following the ceremony of «r„ installation of the newly elected officers
the delegates from all parts of the province "with the Yukon also represented, were guests of tlie city lodges. Af- j
ter being autoed around the city they,
were treated to a delightful excursion
on the steamer City of Nanaimo, from _
which they wero shown the unrivalled,
beauties of the upper Inlet and   the.
North Arm.' .. "     I
0 I
Tho next communication, which will
bo tho thirty-ninth, will be held In
M. \V. Bro, H, N. Rich of Lndner Is
the nowly elected grand master, succeeding M. W. Bro. W. K, Houston of
Victoria. The latter Installed the
officers today. Tho following wore
tho other officers elected.
Deputy Grand Mastor—Bro, B. B.
Paull, Victoria.
Senior grand wardon—Bro. F, J.
Burd, Vancouvor.
Junior grand warden—Bro. A. 11.
Skoy, KamloopR,
Grand chaphiln—Rov, Bro. H. 0,
Flennes-Cllnton, Vancouver.
Grand Treasurer: Bro, II. II. Watson, Vancouvor.
Grand Bocrolary—Bro, R. E. Brett,
Grand Tyler—Bro, T, Mitchell, Vnncouvor.
■   ■*«*»
Veal    ^
Hams    -
Salt Fish:
and  Accident
Beck; Block
Andy   Hamilton
Tinsmith and Plumber
WASHINGTON, June 21-Prlvnto
despatches rocolvod today by persons
financially IntorostPd In Hnmlnrns
confirm tho press despatches coming
hy wny of Now Orlonns that tho revolutionary spirit Is becoming more mnn*
Ifost thoro.
We can furnish you with estimates in
anything in our line
BOSTON, Juno 24—.Inclc Jonhson,
heavyweight champion, hns culled off
his match with Tony Ross at Pittsburg
and.will go from Boston to tho I'nrlfl*.
i-onst, Johnson Ih iiuxIouk to -"lln.-h a
Owing to tho Htondlly Increasing cost
of fliin Cos'lon t'-nH tuirli as nro sold
to tho public undor lho brand ■flnlniln" j milfcj, W|,j, ai. Knuffmnn boforo Htnn
It Iiiih beon found m;io««ary to advnucit *,_,y |<,.,....(.,| accepts his lorms
tlm prlccm of tliosn tons to Iho Kincor.
("OIIHO'llll'lllly III)! COIIMUHIfl'H will llllVll
lo pny corrDHpondlngly Iticro'iKod prim
but undoubtedly thi'y will Jn* willing
if\ tin thin tti nrdnr in net tho fluent ton
tho  world  prnrlucos.
The Hotel of Fernie
Rheumatism rnum-s moro pnln arid
Miff-Tin* thnn nnv other rtlsons«, for
tlio reason tli'it It Ih t)ir> most common
of nil Ills, ond It Is certainly gratifying^
to sufferers to Mow (hat CliSmlior*
Iain's Pain Halm will afford relief nnd
mnko rest and nloop possible. In many
cases tho relief from pnln which Is nt
rirst temporary, has become permanent, while lu old pw.pl.. Kunjw.t to
chronic rheumatism often brought on
by dsmpnt**** m* cI.ui.k-.ii*. Ui Dm viuu-
ther, » pcrmniunt cure cannot be e%-
pocted; the ri-llof from pnln which
this liniment affords Is alone worth
many tlm** Its cost. 2S, snd M cent
slwt. for *»U- by all dru»«tlrit.
a.,..la..|,4l.*« . ,   .-,».. '.'      - -*'     -   ♦•-,
I*",'•■■.'.••'it   v-'lfo (.f :i fnrmor Uvlnr nhnnt I
two mlh'H wost of town, died suddonlyl
Inst night ns tlio tcmilt of Hiking   a J
Ante ot gopher poison by mlntn)«>, Mrs
Htownrt liml boon nlllng for some tlmo
_,....!   ,,-....   ,..,,*,..•  ll.,.   iln'.tnr'a   ffirn        11
Is «uppo>K-d thai she went tn tnko a
dono of Iwr medl.-|.;«» nnd got the
wrong bottle.
Aftor taking tlu< niodlrliip the complained of not fooling vory woll but
wns nol 111 rnough to rain****- nny n!nrm
lo tlio furnlly until •*»!«• took ninvul-
nlons. Whon Dr. Kvarm nrrlvod he
•was t<v> Iftto. Tho poison had boon
In tho sysum nosrly four hours,
Hho loaves a bushsnil and « family
of four, two NnnR snd two daughter*,
■11 living at homo.
I'Vriilo'N I/'ailing I'.niiiin'toinl
and TotiiUt M-him'
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
tlie   lie*l
>iud *'i7'ti'»
Hit I-  Mippll'd   wltli
IMNfNf.   I'""M   I*  niVNT.fTlON
Dor)   HnrtUfiflllrirl
•*•»!      w.,a44.a.v,.a4U
All White Help
Call in and
see us once
C. W. DAVEY k CO., Props.
Hi 1   ,f
©frc ffisitiift £tbt\ix
$1.00 a year in advance.' Address all communications to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. C.
Rates for advertising ou application.
We believe, through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good to actual subscribers any loss incurred by trusting advertisements that prove to be swindles; but. we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable "lusiuess men who advertise,
. nor pay the debts of honest bankrupts*.
This offer holds pood for one month after the
Mansaction causing the complaint; that is we must
have notice within that time. In all cases ,in writing
tcadvertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."-    •"•-
shelved, that under-mining our national life," are
at work forces and powers, winch, if not cut down
and east out 'by drastic and unsparing, measures.
ill eat to-the* very.-yitals of our existence as a
nation, and sap our young.strength, upon which we
depend to climb to the high and honored place which
e believe Providence has destined us to occupy
We believe,   that a plentiful representation of
the workingmen would'have,a most savory effect
on the workings of our legislative bodies, and the
orkingmcn .should see lo it that their efforts, are
directed in these channels at every possible opportunity. ■       '
Phone 48;  Residence 9
"With some' degree of assurance and certuint.v
the statement can be made that,tlie next few days
will see the cessation of tlie coal strike which for
the "past-few months has tied up the mines operated
by the "Western Coal Operators association.
The terms of settlement are of the give and take
variety, and are of such nature that they could
liave been arrived at weeks ago had not the, over
. bearing and domineering spirit of certain factions
of the operators made progress towards settlement
almost impossible.
To the casual observer it is passing strange that
- the Crows' Nest Company, tlie biggest _ concern 121
the Pass, could have signed up and* kept their mines
in operation without the loss of a day, while other
operators would not consider a'similar agreement:
- The fact that the C.,\L\ B. interests are no longer paramount in the policy of the local coal company is responsible iu a large degree for the change
in the attitude towards organized labor.
Of late" the'operators have shown unusual symptoms of uneasiness,' and in some instances almost
an.honest desire to get down to' business has" been
evinced.     Various causes have been ascribed   to
this, but well- informed persons claim that the law
.-,of supply and demand has had much to do   with
• bringing the C. P. R*. companies, or "Western Goal
' Operators Association, to a point where they would
.meet the men with the idea of bringing about   a
-speedy settlement.
No dispute is settled properly until it is   fairly
'-.settled, and we,know that the officers of■ district
;18. though they, may .desire and, wish to see peacer
.pohiti where.correspondingly.great,advantages,'are
[gained....  .A settlement agreed,to by the miners
simply i'or the sake of bringing about a renewal
of .operations, would not be a lasting-.beuot'iL.-»tq
..the*communities, affected/or to' the men. working
,-under such agreement.  .'.'"        ' -'        . .. v
An agreeriierit Wbe': lasting must be mutually
advantageous, and.must contain clauses wherein a
certain amount of benefit will accrue to both par-
; ties'to it. ., Such an agreement, we .believe,   the
officials have'iii part obtained,.     .The district' of.
'f'icers have been handicapped in no small degree
by frequent changes in-the personnel of-the execu
tive, but notwithstanding this, every man to ■whoso
.lot lias fallen a duty for Uic furtherance ■ of thc
.men's cause, has performed his .part, big or. little
■ms it might-be,'like a man, and acquitted himself
with the-truoring of a veteran diplomat.    ,
Tho way the men have backed up the* officers,
and ihnt without 'international support, is certainly
an object- lesson for other bodios, whether miners
or not. True, there nre and have been murmurs
of unrest and almost open revolt, but in the"main
the spirit of fair play lias predominated the rank
■and file nnd they havo stood pat.
The Ledger sincerely hopes that operations mtiv
•;_l-c speedily resumed, but on a fair basis, nnd on
an understanding whicli from its very nature renders il, permanent and logically workable.
Hi-fur.-'iniDlhi'i' ivt'dc lias passed July 1st will'lie
upon us. and KatliiM' Time will tin vo nuncil his
hoary finger to tlio *.2ii<l milo post in our oi.v.ai'd
1 lai'i-li in tho procoKsiiiu of nations.
Canndn in a healthy looking Hpeeinu'ii , for 42
yonrs. Slio tins miulu great Hti'itlos. From being Hie inuring ground of J ml inn trili**-. hIio Ihis
rini'ti to Hu* full KtntiiH of. u nation 'wlio** * voice m
honrd nnd'.lii'cdi-d in tlie logiHtjillvc ImIIn of tlie
grout ''lupins of whicli ive nre proud lo lie n unit,
Jlisiory Iiiih boon mndo at a flint .'lip; ytmiiu' ns
vo lire, war Iiii.h louelied its, mid ttie N'ortliivoNt today hold*-* n.iiny a hidden und uniiini'l.t'd grave nl
onr liesi ami bruvosl; grenl men wo lmvo produci",!,
und nre producing: nnd groiU Invenlors nro proud
to point to Uic lnnd of tin; mnplo ns thoir .liirlli-
plnco mid homo,
i <.-.,
;'\\\\ th'"    '.v'liir.vf.mniit     find
■   If some. Fernieites thought before they spoke,
Ihev wouldn't sav much.
Tlie musical critic of our local cotem and the
engineer on the aeroplane would make a good duo
in a certain factory in New Westminester.
A woman in the States has reached (lie great nge
of 110 years. She attributed lier years to the fact
that she ate onions twice a day. No wonder she
had such a strong constitution.
Tlie house moving business has reached such ;\i\
itcute stage in this nian's town that-pedestrians are
forced to peer anxiously up aiid down a street and
thon make a dash for the opposite side, for fear of
being run down by somebody's shack on"wheels.
; Don't .forget to, prepare for, 1st ofi
July sports. The Athletic Association!
are sparing neither time nor money to
make it a success. * ...
On Tuesday night a number of M*.'
P. and.M. cars were.derailed.in, the
vicinity-' of, the- "Y." • ■ Some, trouble
with the switch is said to have been
responsible' for the trouble. Consid-
erable trouble was experienced in replacing the derailed cars on the track,
causing considerable loss of time and
interfering with traffic. Fortunately
no one was injured in the mix up. .
At the Baptist church on Sunday evening the Rev. Mr. Williamson delivered an excellent address on' the
subject "Is Christianity True?" The
pastor showed by Illustrations, from
life in a most apt,way how the gospel
changes and moulds the lives of men
and women In alLagos. Music" was
furnished by the male quartette of the
church and by the choir.
When Premier ilcJJride comes to town it would
l)e well to drive him at a lively clip down the hill
to West Fernie over the bridge, and approaches
which it is understood that his government was
going to-help build. The effect on his nibs would
iio doubt be lasting and forcible.
• Now that the City Band have their instruments,
let .them not be sparing with their music; the city
has-subscribed liberally for them, and citizens in
general will never see them in want for music, new,
instruments, uniforms, etc. Concerts at frequent
intervals in some central place during the summer
would be greatly appreciated and would also awake
interest in the band. , ■ -
The cost of obtaining a garnishee is something
that is rather startling to the average individual"
A case is,on record in Coal Creek where a" debt1 of
$5.50 was owed;'",a garnishee was'taken'out and
the amount increased' to $20.-257 Legally "all-' these
added dollars may be explained away to" a1 nicety,
but to "the average mind the "affair looks decidedly
in .need of'"fixing./."      '    ,' '  _..,    ,    ',';'!, .
•'Fernie has*a brick yard, and-a good one too.
To. bring the'p'roduct,..of ■ this-yard-to the city.it is
necessary to come through .'West Fernie and-up
the West Fernie hill. One way to attain to commercial greatness is by fostering and'aiding what .industries-,we already .possess. ,,.'The -authorities' and
board' of trade should see. that every facility ■■■ is
afforded .for the oasy access to market and-shipping points is "granted to'this young company. The
present condition'of the roads and hill "is' a'dis-
grace. ' , .
The suggestion contained elsewhere in this issue that President,Sherman should be remembered
tangibly by the miners of District 18 is'worthy of
further thought nnd action. President Sherman,
while in possession-,of health and strength, .gave
unsparingly of his best-days to the advancement of
District 18. Now that he has come to the end of
his ability to serve the mombors of District 18, it
is incumbent upon the members to think well.of
his past record, , Thc district is strong numerically; mid and oould well afford to pny a fitting tribute to a man who gave his bost for the men.
Thc suggestion in last week's Ledger that wo
nro onlillod 1o some.sort of supplementary education for lho men and boys of tho mines has provoked
considerable discussion in certain circles, and, although it is early to predict results,, there is un-
doubl'odly n general fooling that somo such movo
would lie in Uic right direction,'and would lie giving tlio mino workors nnd thoir hoys nothing but
thoir just nnd merited deserts,
Tho establishment of n bnrru-lr of tlio hnperial
bank in tin's oily gives ovidoneo of our growth iih 'ii
(•ommi'i'ciiil contro. Tho Tmpori/il is ono of tlie
.soundest and most conservative,institutions, nntl
(■mi bo counted on lo loo-itu only in contvos whore
thoy nro sure of ■*.■ ronsonnblo amount, of business.
Thf fitot liml wo now lmvo four cliiii'torod bunt's,
nil of them A 1. spoiiks well for thoir fititli iu our
Tho iii'poiul mont of .Mnckom-io King to tho of.
I'ii'c of .Minister of Labor, nml his buhi-mm in tin*
Dominion enhinot, murks■■uiothor stop in tlio i*n .id
nilviiiK'onieiit nf nnotlior young Cnnndinn. ll \h
to bo hopod thai his promotion will in no way ilum**
ran bo advanced why the interests of Labor slionln
not bo pnriiiiiminl to any nnd all others. Working pooplo will wntch his caroor from now on willi
Mpl.-it'IM (■,'.•■»'*■ I)', ire cannot •'.'■'.*(' ouv oy->4 to other I pen h'm ardor in tlio ohuho of labor, No renson
I'oiidiiions, equally proiiiiiiunt, which must bo'out
front our national life if vigorous, nnd healthy
growth is to lm maintained. Tlio papers daily
• wl. ...... »)ii!it,'"ai! *!'•'••■-■•!'■!■- ao obnoxious and repulsive to tlio true Canadinn spirit that boliof in
thoir ni'turd existence is hard to concede.
Tu spooinlizo would lio tlio work of volumes and
would serve no good purposo horo. The Liberals
nro busy unonrlhing Tory scandals and holding
tliem up to the view of amazed voters; thc I'ouser-
vuli\en day ii.fl.ci* day assiduously plod on with the
muek Hike, oxposing oonditiotis brought about by
LilH-rnls tlmt would bring tho blush of sham.' lo
th.* ihoek of oven a "hardened politician." ,
To deny that there it*, mur-h truth to Ihe aenih-
tilioiu of (mill Kiclcs- would bo worm*   thnn   folly:
doubtless there is gross exaggeration indulged in'of all l-Vniieiios.
on both sides, but tho fact remains nrn] ennnot be
Tho near nppruneh of August 1st brings to mind
thn grout conflagration of ono year ngo, Hi-vcrnf
suggestions have already boen ndvniieod that wo
should in some way, by a public gathering or some
similar maimer,, murk tbe advent of thiis dato. from
which thi' existence of Now Fornio dates. Tt
scorns reasonable too, ami it is hoped thnt tho City
(Vnnuil or Hoard of Trado, or Gludstono loonl will
tube the initiative in the launching of n sclionu* in
ivhieh all (-hisses of tho community could unite to
murk the day ho indelibly impressed on the minds
.- . -7>
CITY   OF, F-gnXIE   b',- C.f-TENDERS
k      -7 >FOR IWATBU^VOhlCS'     ''
Sealed tenders addressed to the City
Clerk of the City of Fernie will be "re-
ceived'up to 5 p.m. July 2nd, for the
Installation of a system of -water.supply* for the City of Fernie. _ ,*. ,
Work  Includes  the  constimotloh    pf
14,000 feet of 12 iii*;  wood, stave pipe
line.      A concrete dani and a wooden
bridge across the Elk river. • '
, Bids'will be received for:"
(a) Furnishing material .and labor.
(b) Furnishing   material- only.    ,
■ (c) Furnishing labor only. . ■
, '..Plans and specifications may be seen
at the-office, of the city engineer. <*''""
A marked cheek to the amount - of 5
per cent of the amount of. the tender,
. The lowest or any tender not necessarily   accepted.
ttOBT. POTTER,       " G. H, BOULTON
City Engineer        '     '   City Clerk.
The Fernie. Pressed Stone & Concrete
*.■**•. x
i in**
?AJ1 Wiids ot'concreteVork''4one, excavating, sewer dltcb.es/con-
crete side walks', Iron fences;and concrete lawn rollers, also"'"'"'
Fire Proof Dwellings^-frpm^l^o^up ifJl;
•"' -.Over-70 different designs,tojchoose,'fi-cm;Before"Wl."difis"have'
a look at our designs and prices'.', '  '"-'• "''"",'  -■ '• *"'     •'-.
P. O. Box 256      , W. M.   DICKEN,   Mgr. Fernie, B. O.
Kb. .4_-   —_- 77■*.-■            .  _ t'    a      ■ -i
The Ross Ambrose Construction Co. *_"'
beg to inform the citizens of Fernie
they, are prepared to carry out all
* classes of work. Heavy Draying,
Excavating, Building and Concreting^ speciality. Estimates given'on
o„ • all Contract work. All work guar-'
anteed satisfactory. ''■*'■
|    O.N.ROSS       T.Ac AMBROSE
Crows Nest Trading Co.
General Merchants"
The   Store   of  Good Values,
-*vt\ ifxrwjta-3n*fiiMa^toa^»-t»iin-*, mg
Victoria Ave.
!'*■ r %
Fernie, B.C.
**,      ' "-    l\ I     -a'      ' * »     a. A    C     ,- _
•Cpmeand seo oivwrile for'cimilai* of whnt
. 7y;e„havotoofEervhi. fruit lands! at Biiynes.',
"' wjithiii .SO' miles- of 'Fernie.    Lots of Water;' -
sure markets aiid1 easy terms.    ...    i    ...• "
Kootonia  Irrigated  Tracts;
£    D.' W.' HART;JAgt. for Caniicia) Basnics, ,B. C. .' A
% ' ■'.:. ■," ," [■'  '; '<►.
-■ <     .-. ■■c'-a.i
•Bring in your Bill and get your Coin
Come in and pay us or  up you go for
collection •*''■'
W • R •  M c D o u ga. 11
The Slaughter
Sale is still on.
Call and get a
.supply,-* of ^^ydiir:
sumrrier needs.
O    * xx
A. Ar Gi
.,.; i"i I'm
:"•!.  v .;,   -i."   ".'   v-.fi-
•    ■<
All kinds of
i....     *i  ....       ■•.
Give us a trial
11    .   \ ,  ■    JMIHMHM.III '   t't   ll.»-.l|
Furniture Moving* a Specialty
mn m*Fm*tmtv»ntmamm\i\im*M
Li'im. OrtU'ih with W. Keiiy
k com|.lot« lino of samples of
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds/ Screes
and Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prlcos
ll »M»Ti«MWM»»«»«W*<***W*UW»«» |'| '
aire  worth  -while
KODAKS   $ 5.00  to  $ 100.00
BROWNIES $1.00  to $12.00
Anybody   can   Kodak
simple, easy- no darkroom
*»*Bg**ag*******BgB**^^ IMI—
t (
for any   -part of the work
 : pjpp— .	
l|      l       a       .
Iri The Ledger
——- , j.
Affent for Ilyler***-. and Lowncy-a Chocolates,  Reaches' Baoc-  ' _7
1in.ll Good**-., WalHirman'B Fonntaln Pens, Hew Scale JS
Williams piL-iios, Etc., Etc S
■ :                 I f
*l*!'*«^*!«H'**3***rtrt'*^ •>■**■*■?
J-Jv  ;*;
The1 Official Organ of District No.  18, U. M. Wi   of A.
Fernie, B.C.,    June 26th, 1909
'  f*
'■-,' From: our; • own Correspondent
Bernard Falrclough, son of Mrs. Wll *,
Hams, formerly of the boarding house,
and Miss Annie Sofka have been-mar-
rled. The happy couple have taken up
their residence ln Ferule. -,   - _ ,•'     ;
Tommy Morland-ls sliot flrlh&'ln No.
1 mine. ,  .   ,,
Sam Davies has returned much benefited by his trip to the Hot. Springs.
7Di\ Bonnell- did- not turn up.on Sunday, so that tho meeting announced In
this column _last. week was_ not held.
Bill'CorrlE-un' lias  "built 'himself - .a
comfortable- house  in  Fernio  and  left
Conl Creek, tp„go Into occupation o£ it
■ last  week, end.'     " "        ',"""'•
A garnishee is a useful and protective means in many cases, but the circumstances surrounding the taking out
. of. .«nme againqt several resp'ectable/,0.
C. boys o! undoubted'uprightness and
nnd honesty is causing indignation. In
all cases board was the,source of'trou
■'. ble-.'-'In.'one'case the man liad'Hvcd'ln
.. Coal,,Creek.for ..about a.'-ycar, .and— for
about six months resided with the peo-
;- pleconcernedVOn May pay day-he paid
',. his board right up to date. , On the
i following'Saturday*-]*.'?, l.eft to g'ojbntcli
, ln'gjj ',_lnCorml'ng'.-;,the boarding mis ire?."
f thn.t"he',wou*ldvcalf and pay'her •■{lie $6 -~
■' BO (the amount owing) on the follow-
.' ing'. pay. day, .or" if. she prefnrred Jio
I would make-an assignment to have tin.
i amount stopped'at tho'"offloe."Thls7vas
j not asked, for.'A short time after he
, was* astonished to receive, a letter, from
, a:'lawyer, notifying him, that' a*'sar_n-'
_ lshee'had been, taken out on lnstruct-
-t ions i;cceiyed,>wh!cji, with the legal fee
] for plaint and costs Increased the sum
; to $20.25. In"'another.,case the man had
- not been ln camp long; in fact he had
, not received a pay when he received a
4' similar, letter., .The amount .owing by
; him was"? 13.7 5, which' was Increased
>: by the procedure, to~ $33.-.We have no
. concern'wlth'the legal-pliase of. the
matter, but some, of the best thinking
' '-people up' here'Uhirik tlie camp would
i be better rid of people who will 'sttfpp'
; to-such mean tactics. The report may;
j serve" as'a. ready *Vay "of^coiiveylhg (,tq
,_. some, women in;,the-.old. country ' the,
i veasori.wliy theyiare'-not!]getting;.thlin
< usual-monthly allowance' for' themsel-
; ves 'and ' families. -'.""-^' ' - -"4.T2" '7'7,
I The .splendid- vlctorjOof oui*j.:foptball;
' boys over Fernie on Saturday*.-was th©
.. kI gnfi.Lif 0rigr_ea.u.r.ejolcin g—v.p—hare-.--1—1
news is to, hand that he is Jyins.... in
the'hospital at Nanaimo beyond all
human.'hope of recovery. *,- ■ . - J ;
Hector Macdonald from Hosmer spent
the week end with, the boys.
The Aldred brothers' of Michel visited,
somo old" Lancashire chums up here
,over the week end.' -•    1 -  -\     , j
Paev. D. W. Scottifrom Creston was
the preacher In the'Methodist church'
Sunday night..
Don't, forget to take your lunch basket tb Elko with you...
Danny Campbell was packed"off ° to
Fernle.'h'ospltalin.a'hurry on Saturday,
with threatened appendicitis, it was.
arrested,In. lime to save an operation'
and he Is now out again.
1.IU.Sloan Is.back from Michel. IM.-
Joyce came ln with him. .   ■•
■'-•-Bill' Cummlrisr'night-boss-at No." 6,'
was superintending the preparation of'
somo fish plate, bolts lastr.week, when,
the nut end of one flew up and struck
.him In the eye. Dr., Workman allevlat-i
ed his suffering and'-'sent him Into hos '
pltal. We are'pleased to°say he is out
again although* he'-is' unable" to follow^
,up his .work. , , !
Tom, Williams,', and .wlfc.Jiaye taken*
their"' departure ' foV"Pas'sb'urg, '   Tom's]
now sphere of labor. .___ _     ,.  _    _i_   '■
"tJ6e'Qu"ayle lias returned from a long
,trip to Whitehaven, England.; -.^Toirf
Davey.-- a famous ' Rugby-. footballer,'
came out with lilm.       ,<■   ' ' '■
The united service tomorrow morning
will be'In' the Methodist'church: •    " '.
ln celebration of' Dominion day a
patriotic service will'be given in the
Presbyterian church tomorrow night.
Rev. Hugh Grant from Fernie was
master of ceremonies at a successful
ice cream social ln ,tho Presbyterian
church on'..Wednesday, night...;,; After
hls>[Openlng".remarks he introduced as
soloists Messrs'.*'Berridge arid Jenkins
,and Misses Skllllng and, Jones. Miss
L-ottle~Gi'ay'rendeYed,"a cornet solo".aiid
Mr. McGlnnis gave a couple of readings .•.';•.(; X ;*•.; •/;•<<?- v:.V><•/■ ■ -'-C'' ■* '/*/i **'--.'-
^ Did you  hear  the Coal  Creek ladles'
5 on the field rooting for the boys?    All
i praise to t'hemi:    ,     ;.r .''.'*HiS~}'l/v^'r;|';'f
-' A.,few   close   and   exciting,,quelling!
-' matqhes .were,pulled.off*oyer,pay;week
; eiid'4 v; ;'V - * ~'>^yKJ'-' ■ --   ,.;
■ People Are., mistaken')', ,ln; supposing'-'
i thnt,;''Smiier" ,is'prospecting In a 'clay.
.   bed,'   He Is simply earning prpflciency
in the'art of whiting for the quotters.
Mr. Ashwftrthj'ifromLancasliIre, E'ng.
I   one  bf  t|ie,* greattest .Uyiiiff autliorltles,
1   on mining, has be'eh' through "ilie'mln'es
,  here with General Superintendent Slm-
■ istermost o,f this wook, '        '„.''     . j*»
police court proceedings f'jU'ojvpd oy
j  affray'at French camp, when John„,Mac-
1 farlane arid Arnold Martell appeared be-
!  fore.Magistrate,pootli (wlth.W..H. Evans ns his clork) on Monday to answer
a charge" of "common, assault on "Wll-
. Hum. Smith,.;., Smith,. on  being;,sjvorn,
„ said  he'was"a'driver  boss  In  No.^; G
■; mine, where tho aecusod also worked.
V On stindjiyt-aftoi'iioon tlioy ea'mlB to his
* shnck nt'French'camp and without be-
'.■ Ing Inl'ltcd,, walked right. In..    ,     7
Doth accuHuil used filthy   language,,
; nnd,,threatened lilm*twltli<.vloloncp. 'Ho
;'_ asked for nn'explanation of. thoir attl-
1 tilde and..was aiiHWorod i',''For    firing
'•Jack" (moaning Maofnrlano.)     He ,,-re*
'•^ pll«d I'l have novor Clrod him'."'   Mar-
'» tell  then said "l\'a you or me for It,"
ir 11ml Riiltlng llio ncilon lo tho word*.lio
w-niHhoil nt him and struok him over thc*
, neck.and.shoi|,ldci-8 wltli hU tints,  iltr*
'. defoii(VodililiTisel( as host ho,oould and
\ Mncfai'lnrio "tlioii hIro" sot on lilm iind
; Htruolc him ..;   „,, ,ty\ ,, ,        .7
^     l,t>opli>*l'rom''in'lB;iilinvliig'"'«lim'itM iir*
'*! rlve^d and liotl-i.,Vlu'r.iiccuiio_l .pvontunlly
+w6'nV'n'utHldo" wliorV tifoy ''oontlniio*. to
llircatun what tlioy would do to lilm
nnd iiHort-obnecnelanguago,   •"   •  *,'
.Ilo  jiroduce'il  a  cortlflcnto  to,    tho
-.'•'t'ourt'to'slinw llo,''l'ii,'d'*'l)0?'nJto tlio doc*
tnl'   IIH'II   l-PHUlt   Of   tl'P   pbllHlnf, \")   1'inl
rooblvod,    '}': '"['';.• "1      .1; -'
ProHH-oxiimlnod, ho Hnld ho Was poHl-
*' tlv«< tliht'lioili'lllo'h'o6'u'»ifltl',fltriiolc I1I111,
l^vlddnoo of tho nHHiiult nml tho InriK*
\ 1111 if p. UHot.^by aufJUHOil w.ftu iiltuj.glvon'.lij'
Jnin'i'«,!/Ma'olilii, '.Tnolt  ApplQliy,;    John
. nniiB|iMi)ifl.Mrfl,,,Ani)lo11I)oiii{h,'        <>
P; C'. Varlow'itoitlflad to holnnr Hont
; ior nml HiihHeriuentlv arroHtlnff ;tho ao-
'  oiiHi'd, Mnrtoll nilmlttod Rtrlklng Hmlth
Dill mild lio did It In wolf dofonoo, aftor
Hmlth lind fli/nt Hlriipl-j him,, ,• Ilo nftld
; 1'iirtlior'llintrHmltliiiii(l!llioV lind ctimo
'• Into onmp, tnKii.tlior. and thoy tlioiiBht
v ho liml not ti'oalod thom rlj-rlit Hlnooho
Iuul hoon'mmlo di'lvor Iiohh, Thoy Him*
!>)>'.. u'viit (Oi/lilH ,n)iuu1c tolulk It ovor
with lilm, M110 rail un 0 niiIiI all ho   did
wai* tu try und Hoparnto Hmllli nml Mar*
toll  whon  thoy olluohoil,      Ho    novor
HtrucH Hmlth, Hmlth wiih tho nifKi'oi-Hor
.    -  Thi< iniiKlNtiiito found both iiooiinoiI to
ho tcullty and flnod Mnrtoll $1)0,00 nml
rrmtN ov Mlxty dnyH, nnd    Mnofnrlano
,., 915 and cohU ur -10 diiyn. Thu money,
willed iimiiiintod tn It*.', wnn .mid,
A Hpi'iilnl t i'n In look lho offloiaU
from horo   on   Hundny   aftornoon    to
KI'onmIvo Kornln,"
A liunuli uf kuyr. Iiiih Ijomii plokod up
In tho cam)). Owner Hhould apply. to
tho polico countnlilo,
Murk, Hmiooolt and wlfo camo In on
WodiiBHdny from Purplo HprlnutH Alln„
on a vInII lo tho fornicr't. brothor and
Mon l.nrne*- J* rthot flrlnif In No, 1
ond .lack Caufield In currylnK out r, I lull nr work In No, 0. *
.B. Oroon of tlio old Roma.Hotol, ac-
** rompnnlcd hy Ml mi Camoron wan calling
on frloni-H horo on Wodnomlay nftor
noon. ,
I. II. BitUrs, an old tliiu-r, c.vuu- In
from Hpoknno on Tiiemlny.
Phnrl»-v* Hrtiindi-rm linn not forffnttxti
(Jonl Cr*i>k and paid un a iiurprlno vlxlt
on i»ny dny.
Mont of u* In Conl Crook havo kindly
tliiniKlit* of our old -.iiporlntomlont, An*
drew Colvlllft. It I* with the doepcut
rcifret  wo Inform  our  tvadora      tlmt
■-*.-....-. i-( i;        y -       : y
■ Sayi'MrV-Editor,'did you see'-our base
ball boysi lnlFcrnfeiion Thursday. The
nie ' teamsters wasn'.t.slow-,.91 *o "lC?is
an awful 'licking "but" our boys* say->lt
,is,-only_',-fun."\They"."ca'n"krio6k spots'off
any team,In.the Pass. We hope they'
will be supported1 in' an endeavor **'to
get suits j .-».'•;•.   ,.     -■"...,    *'•'.
1 Th.e)*jpio:t))aiI i *elu'^'jtrayel 1 {jt-i'." tp Prink
on-\Saturday-.an'd''mq't'tlierK boys from
tli^Blld.e^distript.'.'.We wore,.weakened
• by'the illness 'and injury- of'Crosby and
Dal.llng.s.Q, thflt„,the .team was. Hutson,
Wright, Balderson,, DIokle, Sharp, .Cllm
I<i,;.Gordon, .Mlller.vWeldon,; Day.ls.aand
JMolO'!^ Tlier*s;jwas :a.' f'alrlturn'fouts*>of
spectators when _Hosmer kicked off.
We mado1'good progress-but a'it'hugo
kick by McFagan spoiled the efforts'.
Shortly after this Gordon. got_hls>knee'
put out and was useless for tlie. rest qf
the game,. tHutton"scored with'a nice
shot, tlie first goal.for Frank. Bn'cour-
agod.by..this buooohs Frank, pressed and
from a well taken corner, by Petrlo,
Chambers hooded through,' Half time
arrived with Frank leading 2'to 0. On
resuming Frank took tho gamo In,hand
nnd scored othor three and tho gamo
rinlHliod. In,- favor.,qf..Frank by. fi to 0.
Mrs, Chambers wont down to Frank
tqi Ipln,,'it,r.. husband;"Thoy will make
tliolr homo ln Frank,
■...Dan*,Dunlop wont.eant'-on Monday.
Sid Thomas blow In on'Saturday.
„ ftli'r.and Mi'H.'.W.'Jonos .visited Colomnn on Saturday, ,',■•. .    .. •.,-.
AVi!  uortalnly  nro  good   loner*.
. , Mrs, ,Miller.:Jolnod .lior* husband    In
Frank this wook, _      ■ , ,
Bill Dlrikson came In from Coleman
this wook,       ,-     . , ,  •,
Mr,' WhltOHldo and othor    operators
en mo to nos|ii(M', on Tuesday, ,,,   . ,
MrH'.'McDbniild wont'lnto tho hospital
on FrJday..,.   1    ■    ,,.,  ,■••
Rob Mtllo is still vory sick,
Frod Cnx koops dandy leocroam.   '
lllll Pnwoll nnd A, ,T, Cnrlor cnmo In
to Hnmnor on WodnoHdny',
Wo notice that tho C. I',- u; > havo
Hlilftod tho di.pot to ltn now qunrtorH,
Ah tiHiial thoy. forgot, to puhllHli tho
nowM und a lot of pooplo woro.put-to
Wo wonder If nothing cnn bo dono
to koop tho pout offloo olonr of loiter-
on*, , Thoro .lH',nlway« n'bmioh;thoro
nt mull tlmoN and women and children
iinidt phHR Jn nnd among tlipiii.' Tho
ooiiHtnlilo Hhould tnlfo hoiuo hIoph to
Hi. I ft thom,
i.W,' If, Hynn from Corbin ouino Inio
Ifniimor on Tuosilay,
A. II, Cnmiiholl Iiiih Htnrtod to hulld
IiIh now Htoro oppoiilto thn "punt offloo,
Tho fool hull ohih Hhouhl hnvo Hrllo*
viii) un thoir opiioiiontH nn Hnturdny,
llorn—-To Mr, nnd Mr*, .r, MnrrlH,
11 won. , ,'    '
VIhIIoih to tlm Itiiyul UiIh wook wuri-i
0.11, Doan, Innimotor of hcIiooIh,
O, H. A, Connoll, i'iiIkiii'V.
A. II. lluhliiii'd, Mooho .law,
N,  Krliiiidiniiii, NolHon,  . i ,
W. H, Do Long, Fornio.
T, ,,rameH, Intornatlnnal organlwr.
W    T'l.iMln'N, .l.t..ti'I<'t  * ■ 'U'.l  men*., r
Sch'ool'Inspector' Dean was In Baynes
on Sunday looking'after'the establishment of a school,-.rOne is*needed -here,
and he left with an assurance that we
would receive It,-, at:once. ,    .-.'■".,     :
Game", Warden'. .Lewis   has' been   in
this -vicinity for some days'. ":
Tlie  Kootonia Nurseries .seem  to  be
sending out quite a'number'of bedding
plants, to Fernie this week.'*, ,- ,-'-
The Ladles Whist club'm'e't w'ith .Mrs.
T. Verhoff on Wednesday and had-, an
unusually pleasant time.   •        •
Joe Ross has a very broad smile these
days—Its a boy". , - . -
Mr.   H.-L.  Adolph    and  his., father
came-in on the G. N. Wednesday morning .'from the coast,   --."They report*r a
good'tlme while on thelr-trlp.    ' H. L.
will spend some days In Baynes breathing simon pure ozone and incidentally
attending to some .business matters. ;
Tho Baker mill has shut down for1 a
few days to' Instal some new machinery
that  will   enable   them   to   cut   eighty
thousand feet per0day,   '.They haye so
far met willi no losses from. the. high
water. .* " *,'      7"-.' '• ■'   '''.'.'    *
Pt" McConnell' of tiie Island' left  for
Vancouver for a month's visit with his
family, the. first of the .week.  He will
miss tho phone while .'away.'    He is always ready oil the, lino. '
The flume being built by  the Kootenay river Land company Is attracting
a good bit of attention.   It will  cross
the track of the'G. N.,just east-of.the
station, the elevation being'over'thirty
feet .above 1 the track, at that point.  We
doubt if there is„an Irrigation project'
In East Kootenay..that .has greater natural   advantages   than    this  company
for they certainly have the'water, the
land,, the .climate,.and markets.  Fernie
should  feel a pride ln this land and a
number of them* have Invested here."  -.
There is a movement on foot to celebrate  Labor, day. in.'Baynes  this  year
with'a rousing picnic......We hope to be
In a position 'soon ' to give* you , some
pointers on this: "Do" not' forget ' to
count on coming .to Baynes, that _ day
and enjoy anroutlng.in the beauty spot
of EasterivB.s'C j"?  '•'"..*'i "*-       •'* ■
The Rev.; Scott, ".who we beiieye'will
ha'ye charge of the Methodist church In
Coal Creek came tdown to, Baynes ori
Monday .witli"Mr.[• Johnson of Toronto.'
,Mr.LrJohnson7vlll.l,take^ care of the El-
kol;charge-.a*nd , will live at Baynes ,the'
coming" year.. "■"*.'
'.-There has been a slight misunderstanding among some Slav families living on the .north-side, of. the lake, and
the fists have been used** to convince
each other, that'.. the "tother un was
right." - The'-war-'is'Vtni'pn'.'
> The Ross-Saskatoon,boqm broke the
first of' the'week ,'" 'T!iuy were fiii -t
.tunate In ' belng.'able to catch It 'at
Elkmouth and snub it up at_■ that
place.' ■ The- company lfave shipped in
a-, large gasqlene'.'boat,,to be used in
tlie work -of'replaclng-tihe-icables.a'ithft.
booms and pliTng'.tqrn but, by the .high
water of_tlie Kootepay;.1,,"':.*.', -'. 7-'-7
■ .'.'.The.settlers'''on; th«'-'*K*ooto'nla-tract's
report .oyer.,'1500.! chickens;.raised „''to
date;.,What a, great place this will.be
for tlie parsons this'fall.'- : "' ' \' ■'
■7Mrs. D. W. Hart was'the guest''/of
Mrs.'Walter Robertson of Waldo,ron
"V^ednesday night; ...
, .'fMr.'." Carney, the jtlmbeivliceiiso.cojlgc-,
toi- was a "guest' of the Adolphs, Wednesday night'.1 '■ "'■■ -"•-*•'•--• '••■
""'Beaty Mills of Hosmer spent a- few
'days/dn Baynes;,the first1 of the., week
on, business; , ," . •-, - • ''.'
/ Mra. W. S'. Stanley, also Mr. Will
Stanley, 'went 'Wednesday to Fernie,
returning.,to 'Baynes -Thursday :after-'
noon.,.. ;   ' . ■■  •   1. ' '   . .■*•   7.
W.   H.  Griffith aceompanlod  by D.
W, Hart, drove do,wn to Chas, Steven-
Urtrt'u     tta .i/tlt1    o +     iDfk *1-Aitf n'ir    OiiiwIa.i'*    ' '*
day looking for one John Long Time-
Star, a young brave, but found him
wandering. ■'   -
The.C. P.i-Il.'-' employees of Cranbrook will hold a. big- picnic in ,,Elkb
on July 1. The same day tlierGladstonc
boys are giving their friends the treat
of their lives by bringing them to Elko. . •_  ■* -;• :■■    '*        .    . ,   '
The only~ sure and safo way a man
can get rich quick is to have it .given
to him or to Inherit* lt or" to buy a
fruit farm in the Big Red Apple Country. .'•-.- , •
C. J. Lewis is .keeping a sharp look
out for trout poachers on the Kootenay
river. In case'there should be an accident he takes a doctor along with
him. . ," . ' .
It takes a live fish to go up stream.
Messrs. Mott and Boulton, the pine
tree lumber magnates wero In Elko on
Sunday, as friendly as a' couple of
strange pups.
Oh, it's easy to be "cheerful when    the
home  team's 'ahead,
And  the  kalsomlne in  plenty on    the
visitors is spread,
And its easy°for our faces to expand In
joyful grins
When we've got' the Elko's going and
the home team wins.
.Elko  met*Us  first defeat in   Fernie
June  22.   Con" Wheian  did  it. _   .
George'Hanbury,'.,' a prince ainong
sportsmen,, manager-andatralner'of the
Elko Lightnings, took the boys down
to Fernie against a picked nine, and to
say our boys-'put-up. a good game is
putting it mildly'.. If" Con Whelan-had
the Elko team >he(',d skin ,the..earth and.
then'try'aiid rope In Mars, it's Fernio
first", last "and all"the time with Con,
and if he'was In Hades it would'be all
the. same. . But everybody, who saw.
the game knows that Elko, had "the
best team. , -
And the score. Is all lobslded and opn-
■    onentB olf thelr~'feed';'  '   •'   ■'" ;
But commend mo tothe fellow who,can
smile and still stay sweet
When the visitors are winning and the
home.team's, beat. • 1* ..
The Fernie bunch.fertalnly.,knocked
the skins off Fred Roo's Big Red Ap--
ri<*s,'but tlit'.V-] vt- Elko -n tlie'iian in
iftiors n.foot hi.vl: nnd hundreds, will
t.o down 10 Elko J ally U.*» lst. t > m.'lp
im celebract*. ,,
So'come down 'to'Elko,    c'oine,    come,
-■   come,'      •■'*,- ' :
The weather is fine In'.the bright s'hiny.
, .. -sun, __ . i-._. .. -- , .;i- ,,;,!,. c. ^ ■
Don't sliivpr .my dears up In Fernie, a
day,'1' ■"_'' ,      '   :7       ,   "^
Butcomp"down;t'6 ElkO'come"- *'' '''
Several families have.- moved' ■ Int.
Elko; this week from';,th» ,'Prairies c.nnd'
are building homes /in ^lko'., . s.',Ji
1 ' Dad. Niblock, one of'the .oldest" conductors on the Pike,"passed through
-Elko after, visiting.the country-east'of
-Rat^Portage.*  yy^ ,_.. ";,,,.'., ,,. , ,
F.   B." Van Home" of, EurekaumQ-Ved-
"up to Elko and wliT;make Elko     his
Findings as per Usual—Board
Forwards Report to the
* Minister of Mines
B. C.
General Merchant
■ The full text of the finding of the
board of conciliation' in the dispute between the Nicola Valley Coal & Coke
Company and its employees Is now,to
hand. It is as follows:
In thc matter of the Industrial Disputes Investigation act and in the matter of a dispute between the Nicola
Coal and Coke Company Ltd; and lis
employees,' the board composed of
Messrs. T. C. Brooks and T.'Kiddle,
with Judge Lampman. as chairman after having visited the mines in the Nicola valley and having taken evidence
and considered the various matters re-
-ferred'to it, begs to report as follows:
./ The nature of the complaint or grie-
'.   •     .    'I . \a
vance is first) given and then'-the conclusions of the board: '
-' 1—Complaint—The nature of this
dispute is a charge of discrimination
by the company, against James Hard-
man, who was discharged for, an alleged offence of firing.a fast shot. •• •
* Tlie board is of the opinion that thc
company was justified in discharging
Hardman .and that there was.,no discrimination against ..hlmwwlthln._.the
meaning of the complaint. Mr.. Brooks
does not,agree'with this' finding ancl
holds that -the- evidence .shows* thai
Hardman did not fire'the shot and he
is also of. the'opinion .that there was
discrimination against  him.
.2....Complaint—The case of W, N*.
Reid who was discharged for the first,
offence, of dirty, coal., : ...     „'
*'The hoard is*"of the*opinion.that- it'
was,shown that Reid .had deliberately
•loaded rock in.his-car for/the. express
"purpose of causing-troub_le_andHn-SUC.il.
Indian Robes and Bead Work
Souvenirs of The Great West
'      „, and   Indian  Curios
■ -AND " ■■      '" 'i0
Real Estate That  Grows
Big Red Apples
The Nearest Fruit and Farm Lands to the
Crows Nest Pass Mines
See Elko,  Roosville and t
Tobacco Plains
"Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow'
B.C.,   ,
♦♦♦•*►♦•«>♦♦♦•*<► ♦♦♦♦♦♦•ti*** ♦•^^♦•♦♦♦♦♦^ ++++++*
son's ranch' at Gateway Sunday,
'* at
a      ELKO, ROOSVILLE        I
\   i;AND,.T0BA006-PLAINS I
headquarters' while,'aqt*hig- as representative of;-.the. Progressive .Investment
Co.        /_ ^,v  __ ,,
Paul"St7John, the Potter Palmer ,of
■Waldo-was;;ln, ElkO'SOYjeral jtlmes nils
week with kasterri capWallsts.
That Cranbrooki.Telephone Company,
are sure"a slow ,hunc-hvi, A good live
manager would ,pa'y? biff ..dividends, to
tlio*" shareholders.'   '' '*'" '_"'■•
■   Quite a* buhclvof. baseball fans went
to Fernie, on Tuesday.   	
"A   man . ln,.,'\yinnrpeK4„dropped   dead
wlille spading his 'garden.    "That Is all
we want to Know. We tire willing   to
profit by tho 'experience of othors,
.. 'ElHo, July* 1..and bring, your friends.
Kwii-ia^g'ii-s'i^^ '
Special Line of Voil Skirts
*'.;-'.   < 1.   .     1'  ' '       •- 1. ■      .    . .   ,
Trimmed with Soutache Braid and Silk
hy'iy, AT,' $10.00/-;
« «  « M«*4««'rlt|(y^*|l^*|l^^^y-|iyy^
...   BAYNES, \
H \* wuh tut-llritfti of rcuret Hint wi*
Rllve the reiult or the ball urainu he.
twrcn Kiirnka nnd Waldo, tho wave be*
lntr.8 to 1 In, favor of liiiroka. Out'
boytt are drlnl'liiit Intn nf Knntnnny wii'.
tor'thofic dnyH which accountii for their
Kilt In k»ephiff np n hold front, and
uhUIiik who'i next,
MIhn C'iinnIk (Judy and MIhh I rune
Hmlth of Fertile are taklnff an ouiliitf
nt Mnynew T nlrc, Hie ffli<,,*'.t nf Sfr.l.
\V, H, «tonl(.y.
Mr, TeUnrA't Nlmer, MIhh TeUord,
nrrlvt*)) In l.iiyiii'« on *-*«t-Jrdi»y from
Wlnnlpe/r. Shn wnn n«rompnnti''d by a
numbttr of frlemln wim will upend tin*
wvinmeri with, tin* Telfordn.
Don't forget that two special trail'.*,
will ,loavo    Pernio for Klko en.   ,Iul,\
•'■••     "'*' '       '   '       ..,'.'.   1
On account' of the hlp'rush nf Hottlftrs
Into-Rlko'and tlio Hlg Rod Applo country tlio.C. P, IV, have built two moro
acroH of platform spaco and llio, Rlki.
hoard of trade Intond inittlng 'up a
bnnd stand nnd uBlng It for promenade concerts between trains, ' * '
, There; wan a'roport onriont, In Ifllko
last wook that-tho <, HtoQl brldgomen
were out on.sti'lka),1 but mi In.YOHtlgat-
lon wo fouiifi that'Mr. 10d. Prnttlo, tho
chief In* charge, Htated thai for sovornl
wcokH-tho mon had been working 18
to 20 hours por,day on account of, danger through high water aiid wiin Jiihi
giving thu inun a day's renl,
' A largo party of tourists from Port-
ago In Prairie 011 thoir way to Health!,
and who will visit Vlolnrla, Han .''run-
elscn, Prliinn Uuport, returning via C,
P. 11, main line stopped over In I'.llco
from Haiurdny to Tui'Hdny vls'tlntf with
Mrs, Cleorge McKee,
A big crowd of Kernlo vlnltors, lo
Illko on Hundny, Mill Kin-Unnr,' who
sells dirt In Vornln wns In rhnrge of a
bevy of grace and benniy from one ur
the NeriilnnrlcH In the 1'iihn, 'I'lii.'i'" wiih
also a i.'oinli.' ii|hm'ii troupe In wllh the
same train and plnyed a friendly icftinc
with Ihe Klko boys, fleorgi* flnnbiiry,
the tnniuigiir of the Klko liimelmll lentil
!•<«•! lies led iih In Nt'ore tho gnme iim t[
to '.' In fnvor ut the vlsltuu us llitty
wern bohlnd the awning, (-.luti'llr* Pyfe,
the Kenliil pnNHCiiKei* ugeiil ttt the I'ny
C. 11, iirouglit down ft winner, A Inrm*
parly of government offlclnls wore
down looking over- the water power site
with n view lo oNtnlillHliIng a plant for
turning out ballot boxes, Kevernl
globe trotters were among thn. biinnh,
mv .viitiKuT was liemtlly hoi hut the
I'lineberM v.*<-re epi'iilnif rliiiii'jiii./in:. niul
you could fairly see tho crops growing.
Thn dog fight drew n large crowd nnd
w«i won by Orlstly Vele'e Spot, Mmoky
.llm Intends having liln dog sturfeil. lt
was the biggest Hunday crowd or visit*
ors this veiir. OnncerMnn Tn*' nml T.'til-
dlcr flob plnyed some fine select Ioiik
from Tin 11 wail'i comic nporn "His Hint
Pair of Overalls," al Ihe I'avllllon and
everybody seemed to get along lllce the
weeds lu 11 flower gulden. Klko Is
not paradise but next door tn It, You
can buy pies like your mother in-cd'to
mnko for ll*. nonttt, but pies like your
mother USUI to try to inillte Will cost
you 2,1o.
It niul Tom lilggs inu11 li sou illilii'i
Met u tree ticket to JCIko end nHuiti,
Oladsione Local union showed that they
are Holomnn* when It <*(.rnes tu puni-lng
sentence on where to spend a holiday,
W. C. Leacey and Hie Indian aget-f
drove down to «h* Indian vlll««e flurj-
, Gladstone Local union;No. 2314 has
docldod to go to Elko on Juy.l. ; Tho
Union havo clinrtero'cl two spoclnl
trhlna to.cnrry all mliieru and' thoir
families and friends and aro giving a
froo rldo to.Elko. Alargeand varied programme will ho run off. Tho
secretary.,Thomas BiggB,. will distribute froo trip tlckots all day Thursday,
Juno 24 at Fornio, ami on Friday June
25. at, Coal Creek,. All wishing to
tako In this (lollghtfultrlp'shoultl bop
No, 1 Leave Coal Crook 7,00 a.m.
, Arrive O, N. HtatlonJ.HO.
" "Arrlvo Klko'S,!(0 a.m."
-No, 3: Leave ■JTirnlo 0, IB a.m.
Arrive Klko llri.tn'." ' * .    '    '
No, 1: Lonvo niko fl p.in.
No. 'i; Lonvo, Klko H..4S p.m.
Arrlvo l-'ernle 0.4J p.m.
Lenvo Vornlo 10.00 p.m.: arrive Conl
' ' Creek 10,15 p,m,
Tho LndloR* iVoiibvolniu Hocloty hnv*
Iiik connotitod to floll,,','tiiK«" for thn
Fernio Alhlollo AhhooIiiIIoii Hports on
July I will hold ii tiieuilng nt tlin homo
of Mrs. Llpliftnlt on Monday, Juno
Until nt II.IU) to dli-ruBrt tho mutter."
Ml*. J, llalpli, who lir.H hnnn con-
imctcil wllh thn Ihnik of Cnmmorce,
loft on Wndnontlny ovonlnu, Imvlntj
boon traiiHfoiTftil to lho Crnnhiook
lirniich of tlmt brink. A fnrowoll Jollification wuh l(tnder*'il him l«**forn liln
idrcumstances the company was/justified In discharging him and that ifwas
.not Incumbent, upon It; to 1 Invoke 'the
.provisions ,of article 18-of the agreement respecting dockage. '   .._
'Mr. Brookslsbf the opinion'that article 18 of the agreement was broken
by the company, and the company was
not justified1 in discharging but If ?at-
Isfled -'beyond all,:doubt .that the rock,
was loaded wilfully he would say that
Reid could have been discharged'even
for the first offence; ■ ' '■:■  - •* "  ' '■
3., Complaint.—The caso of George
Martlnovltch, who' was laid off work
on account,of sickness and refused employment upon' making application after recovery.
, ,'Tho board does not think there, is
'■any merit.In this, complaint., bul'.Mr.
Brooks thinks the Company was not
Justified In Its course having regard
to article 8 of the agreement.'     ,
4 and 5., Complaint—The settlement
of tho price of coal In certain placo...
In.view of tho stand takon by,both
pnrtlos inspecting a soUlemont Dm
board wns,unanimously.of the opinion
Hint 110 useful purpose .would bo sorvod
by making on .Investigation in theso
mnttors, and so announced at the hoar*
Ing: and Its,decision wiib agreeable to,
both pnrtlcB,
0. Complaint—Request'for rolnHlnt"
ment -of Cloorge MeCIruth"'' ;is ninul**-
As tho Btnblomon nro Included In tho
ngreomont tho moti folt thoy should
protoflt him In hl» employment hut the
Company Bayn Ir had no fault to find
with McOi'iithor, but It. thought that
the mnn nppolntod In his Htoiul wiih
hotter oHpeclnlly In his nblllty to deal
with slck'horflof*. Tho board Ih unanimously of tlio opinion that'll would bo
bottor If llio Htnblomou wore not Included In thn hgreomont.
7,    Conipliilnt—RoquoHt    Hint    l In*-
50 Childrens' tiresses
J=Gr,eatT-K"eauctionaf onerea on /these^to  clear
I Also a few wash bonnets and hats
I ;     ""'./"   at',half Price
♦♦♦♦♦♦*«*^**^ ♦♦♦♦-♦♦«>
Fernie Opera House
Conl Minos UoKuliilloll iu:l k>m|)imjMiik
vontilation bo ntifoi'cr'd nnd conipliilnt
nmilimt unnunllfied mlno miinngor,
Tlio hoard wan iiiiiiiiliiioiiHly of tip*
opinion that iIicho worn not mutterx
for It to Invoatlgato, but woro iiithm'l,
nmttoi'H for the Minister of Milieu of
lli'lllsh Columbia mid the Innpcctor and
tho conipliilnt wiih forwarded by the
Hoard to the Ml 111st or of MIiion.
The board rvcruts tlmt lis effort.) to
effect n settlenient wero unsuccenHful.
—NiiImoij News,
RiiHincrts  Klor-ks,   CIiiu'cIuih
.Schools, iuul heavy work a
Ar-diiIh for Kdmoiiton I'ivhmciI Ilrlck"
unit   Hiimt   l'olnt   Ciiiiimnn   mid
I'riSH.vl   llrlok.      I'MlinnliM   fnr*
ul.-liuil fivo
Try ui> fur good I'orlr-ilturn. PrlcBi
iiiodi.'Mtfl, Addr«n PalUtt Avoimn
Michel Local Union. No. 23.11
U. M. W. of A. To Union
Thoro nro at tho prpoont
tlmo moro mlner« in Michel
thnn tho Crow's N-,*hi Pohb
Conl Company can find em*
ployrnent for (tt por our agreo*
mont with thli cttmnnny. Minor* Hlny away from Mlchol un* *
til fnrthor notf<*.'.
Fralornnlly your«,
Hundny next lo fornlKti mlsHlon dny
In the Daptlnt church. In tho mornliiK
Mr, WIllliiiiiKon will proncli on "The
Chui.-.h'« ObllKatlou to the KeutlKm,"
•ind In the evnin*,' the Hiibject will be!
"Tho Romnnco of Fomlgn MI«Hlon«."J
Thoro will ho Hpoelnl Hlnnln**, and n
Hppclnl offerlnn; for fnrnlRii inlnfllon*).
The mule (limitot will sinu.
Rooms to Let
At H. A. Wilkes'
Opp. F,irc Hall
An   All   Modern    House
Including Baths
wishes   to inform   his
customers that he has
moved   from   thc   Star
Barber  Shop to the
and hopes lo  have thc
ronTlt.ii.vl     «;iinnor+     nf
. *
'   thrlr patron-ntjc
JlnltinniB, Zlnlai. Wall Flowern, Vof|*jj
♦ henaa, Aiiteu, Dlunlliuu. .Uoc'.a.i, r^a.,*
hIoj, CoIoum, iiIko ci*|ory nml tomato £
plnntu; -ffrown by Kootonln .Vurnerles,, ¥
B. H, H» Rtnnloy, Hnym-ii; for snle)!
In every home then* .shimhl
Ih*'ii ".*l|i'(*|i ftftiiK**"
WV.ij.lit   'St   Hi**..   n<»   iini-1.
ehlhl enn rmill. Try Die ami
l*!*c.'ii\iiii'.tl,      l'i he -SltM*-!
f. ll. li.. JLlVI.e*. U'.lae. II. 1*.
AppIicAlion-i requetted for the
pon.tion of msniipcr of the
Teriiie Co-Opernlive Socifly
Llmitrd, Pffnio, H. C. Applications to be in not later than
June 22nd, iVl».
nox W
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk* $$$QQ$$Q$<$&Q&$Qi<, a
I Sporting Item&\
Football, Lacrosse and Baseball.   Racing
The league championship was ., advanced another stage on "Saturday last
June- 19th, aud the position of the
leading clubs bn°the table undergo a,
change. Fernie, as a result of theii*
falling to Coal Creek, lose their position at the top, which they-have occupied for some weeks, and now take
second place. Michel, last, year's champions, head the list with'11 points for
6 games played, and occupy a commanding position., Coal Creek are in
tl-iirt i*l;'.ee, but occupy a relatively better position than Fernie, who have
played three more games but .are only
two points better. The position of the
other clubs remains unchanged.
Of the games played on Saturday
that between Fernie and Coal Creek
was the most important, and a really j
first class game was the outcome.. The I
play was fast from start to finish and J
Coal  Creek showed surprising form, J
and won out by 2 goals to 0.
. Frank had a-runaway victory over'
Hosmer,  the final score being    live
goals to nothing in their favor. Now*!
that they have commenced to win. I
expect to  see tliem take a position
among the leaders; they have a good
side and are still adding to their list
of players.
*. Michel defeated Bellevue in their
league game at Michel by three goals
to 0. The first half was evenly contested, Michel just managed to snatch
a goal before the. Interval. In the
second half they wore down their opponents and added'other two goals.
The position of, the different clubs
on the table are given below:      7''~
' PI. Wn. L'st. Dr. Pts.
Michel   ......    6      5      0,     1     11
Fernie   ......    S      ,3.1       4     10
Coal Creek ..5 3 0 2 8
Bellevue - ...'.  ' 1'     2       ■T     1,      5
Frank     4       1,0       2       4
Coleman   ....'■   5    '2       3    - 0'     A
, Hosmer     5    °0       5      0 „ . 0
,.    Two points for a win and one point
for a draw. ,    ,.   '
This game was played at Ferine in
ideal football weather .The evening
'was nice and cool as the result of a
few light showers in the afternoon and
everything' was favorable to a fast
~gam&^__Jhere_ffias_a_jarge turn "out
of spectators, ttie red and white ribbon
being very conspicuous. Both sides
turned out .tlielr best available team,-
and the line, up was as follows:   .
Fernie; McDonald, Ramsay and Bow-
hill; Mills, Klnnear and Price; Davie
and Smith, Henderson,. McEwnn and
'* Coal Creek*. Lunn; Allan and Mc>
Fegan; Sweenie, Parnell and Johnson,
Phoenix and O. Jolson, Manning, P.
Jolson and Hartwell.
-   Fernie won the toss and played with
{what littlo wind there was behind
theni.  Manning kicked off/for   Coal
•Creek and right nwny the play was
forced Into Fernio territory, but Bow-
hill clenred with a long drive, Smith
nnd Davie got away on the right, but
the ball wont Into the touch. From the
throw, ln Parnell sent, well upUie Hold
' and Manning passed out to the right,
but Phoenix shot past. From tho
goal kick Fernio made ground. Henderson caught up n pnBB from Klnnear
nnd rounding Parnell, paused to Mc*
, Ewlng, but Allen Intercepted and play
wns transferred to the other end.
Smart work by Conl Creok left took
play In on Fornio goal. Hartwell sent
across and Manning aftor mnnouvoring
for position, shot over, tho ball just
skimming tho bar, .Mldfleld piny followed, but strong play by Fernio halfi*
forced play IntoCoal Creek territory,
nnd a corner wan gnlnod.. This was
so well plneod by Davie Ihnt It struck'
tho upright and hounded bnck to htm.
Ho -shot ngnln nnd tho roforoo gnva a
free klek ngnlnut lilm. Aftor tho froo
kick thc homo Hide ngnln took up tho
offmiHlve nnd Klnnonr from a good po*
Hltlon Hhot for tho corner fins. At tho
othor end Fnrnlo'u goal underwent, a
narrow osenpo from a flno crow-* by
Hiiitwoll. Phoenix got *,bo ball In
sldo tho hIx ynrdH lino and Hhot tamely
piM. A foul ngaiuHt IlnmHny for
tripping nn opponont. wn« grnnlod In
Hlilo tlio penalty area, Coal 'Crook
mnile a Htroni* clnlm far rt penalty but.
UiIh wiih rofuw'd. .Nothing cnmo of
the free kick mid piny wiih trnnHforrod
to midfield.     Coal Creek returned to
i the attack and Ramsay stopped a very
| strong shot by'Peter Joison withjiis
j hand."   The referee granted a penalty
and McFegan was entrusted with   the
kick.     Excitement ran high.but   McFegan spoiled his side's chances   by
j shooting over.     After this narrow es-
J cape Fernie took up the running and
a long drive by Mills was easily cleared by Lunn.     The game continued'on
fast lines and slightly In favor of Coal
Creek,   whose  forwards   were   smart
on tlie ball.     Another corner was forced by Fernie and Davie again placed
the ball nicely in the'1 goal mouth, but.
Coal Creek cleared at the expense of
another corner.     Davie was proving
himself an adept at taking corners, —
this one raced along the cross bar, but
ultimately went past.     The game, was
even until the Interval when   neither
side had scored; half time a draw no
On resuming after change of ends
CoarCreek took up the running.. A
fast, shot by Hartwell, wlio had gol
past the backs, was saved by McDonald. Fernie forwards could make
no headway-against the opposing defence, the Coal Creek halfs were untiring in their efforts, and Harry Allan
was playing a great game at back. Tlie
Fernie defence was also playing strong
but they had a set of tricky forwards
to deal with, and were hard put to It
at times to keep their- lines clear.
Price and McEwing exchanged, positions this half but there was no'improvement. Never was Fernie's weakness in front more noticeable than on
Saturday; of course this was largely-
due to the excellent play of the half-,
backs opposed tb them, but still,   a
front'rank comprising three half backs
one forward, ancl a passenger,,can never hope, for any great success.   This
half -vvjent largely    in favor of Coal
Creek, but they were very unfortunate
in their shooting     Fernie got away
on-, several occasions' but  they were
never allowed to become really0dangerous.     Once in this half they got
the ball Inside of the penalty line, but
Smith was penalized for fouling   McFegan'. ' ■ At the other end Phoenix
made a great attempt to get through
and , almost succeeded but force    of
numbers beat him.     Jamie Henderson
field for Fernie, but when it came to
finlhsing he had' no' Idea where the
goal lay.'  Ben Smith was inclined to
be selfish which Is a foolish policy at
any time, and, extremely so when up
against a half back of the calibre _' of
Bob" ~ Johnston.      Davie  had  a  fine
chance „ to open the scoring, from a
cross by Price,- but he hesitated   in
shooting and the chance was   gone,
McFegan kicking out'.     As the gamo
wore  on  there  was  every  prospect
a draw.     Coal Creek were doing the
-bulk of the pressing biit could not get
the ball past McDonald. Ten minutes
from the close a cleve ruse by   Owen
Jolson Initiated a movement   which
ended, hy,Coal Creek opening tho scoring.     A throw J«a wns given well up
the flold, the halfs nol being up,    O
Jolson picked up the bull nnd shying
it against  Phoenix, worked tho   bail
around the backs and crossed, his brother Peter picked up tho ball    arrt
bunged Hi might for goal, aiid tho shot
heat  McDonald all the way, thus re-
glHtei'lng the first,,goal of the match,
A Hceno of great excitement followad,
Coal Creek supporters giving way   tri
their feelings In no uncertain mannev,
Fornio made a great effort to draw
level and certainly forced iho gin.-.o,
but were unable'to break down   the
Crook dofenco     At   tho othor,  ond
strong play hy Manning let ln Pet or
Jolson ngnln nnd he shot nnotlior fin;
goal,     Coal Creok were now all ovor
their   opponents and tho Fernio goal
ran mimurouH narrow osonpoB,    N.
ono was moro prominent than Porui
Jolson,     He Ih really   a wonderful
player for IiIh Inches,      Ho    v ouM
Heom to slip In from'nowhere, plct up
tho ball and worlc past nil opponltlor,
nnd shoot, for goal In no uncertain manner, McDonald on nil fours savod tin*
othor flno Hhot. by thnt player.   ..nnl;
Manning tried hard to Hcoro ou his
own but ho wiib loo woll looked nftor,
Coal Crunk pressed till the cIoho, imi-..
ran out wlnnei-H by 2 to 0.
The gume  was n splendid om* lo
watch, and probably the best ever witnessed in Fernie. Interest was su*v
tained right up to the close: On the
day's play the better team won. Tho
winners all played well -and displayed
form oi which" few thought them capable. *.* For the losers the defence p.a
up .a sound game aud only gave' way
after continued pressure. The for
wards were weak, and none was "more
disappointing than McEwan,- from*
whom much was expected.. The score
indicates the difference in the team.*
as Coal Creek were quite two gonU
better than Fernie.
? The first match for the Kerrigan cup
"of which the, Moyie team are the holders-was played, on the grounds at Al-
drich. Considering the weather there
was.- a good attendance. The game
ended in favor of Moyie by 0 goals to
3. For the Moyie team Hillary", Chambers, Marshall and Kemp showed great
form. For the losers McEwen, Chirk
and Lumsclen showed up well. Moyie
has been trying to arrange with Fernie
and expect a match the first open date.
Fernie has been interviewed by Mr.
Herb Jackson, the Moyie trainer, and
it Is understood that arrangements are
retired a bell rings three times. By
pressing a button, .on. one side chewing
gum. and a drink are brought out. Mr.
Scott is interesting local capital to
take up his, idea which he calls ,^the
Scoit Bullet Proof Humdinger'.' It can*
also-be used for;a mouse trap'and it
makes a splendid, burglar alarm.*,;.A'
site for a factory, has been secured on
:the two', feet between Tom Whelan's
hotel and the'Klng's.He approached
The .Ledger team with a view, of introducing if but Rochoii'is pitching" so
hard now-that our fielders'never have
anything to do."~
The officials 'of the baseball league
have decided to cut the prices of admission to the grand stand, and in future gentlemen will only have .,to pay
15c. and .ladies and children luc.This'
should mean a very liberal patronage
of the stand. The league have gone to
considerable expense in erecting this
stand and the fans should heartily reciprocate by using the stand, If they
stand In the crowd they generally drop
In 10c or 15c'. so they might as well sit
comfortably <ln the stand and get
their money's worth.
The City Baseball League was advanced another stage on Monday'even-
Ing when the Scouts and Ledger nines
played a scheduled game, the Scouts
being'to the good by the score of 15
to 6^. The' play was really much
more evenly divided than the score
would indicate, for apart from that
fatal first when, the Scouts walloped
out six runs, the game was close and
some good ball was seen, several shut
outs being pulled off. The Scouts
opened up a fresh can of old timers,
who were'let loose that-night for the
first time in years, and'they are some
ball players yet. Andy Hamilton,
learned the game oii a corner lot ln
Bruce, and was tried out at short.
Kastner was planted on the first corner, and except for a little stage fright
looks llko a good one, Ed. *.Vrlgles-
worth attended to deep centre, but
Texas league drives were few and far
between, so work was light there.
Sammy Walters was on hand with a
good assortment. He was touched up
for several hits, but kept' them well
scattered. Con. Whelan caught^' a
good steady game, and has got second
down to an Inch, which is half the
game.      ' ' •
- The Ledger team was weakened by
the absence of Jimmy McDougall who
was busy^ trying on baby shoes at his
dad's big sale. Moody was moved
to short and played a consistent game.
considering the state of his arm, was
credited with a good game, though,he
was found pretty .often by the Scouts.
Fred Kirkpatrick backstopped for Rochon, and was in .the game from the
start to finish. Kennedy at left gath*
ered up a couple of,long drives, and
afterwards played .1st." The outfield
was covered about as formerly, except
that Buckley was moved ln from centre to 2nd, which place he held down
No one cnn accuse the Ledger nine
of being quitters or'f.tinkers. At all
times we are ready to win or loose In
good part like goods sports, and tn
far we have had several chances of
losinf*-, of which we havo ttii.en advantage, To win the game Monday night
we would have had to bent, ten men-
nine Scouts and Umpire Pollock. Pollock may mean „weli. but that has littlo
to do with the outcomo of ftio game.
At no stngo of tho gnmo could it be
said that ho had play well ln hnnd.
Punk, punk for yours Pollock.
The Athletic Association have their
programme of sports almost arranged,
and baseball will be the predominating feature. , Elko, Wald6,;'Fernlo and
possibly Hosmer will be the competing teams, so some real good games
are'likely to bo seen.
Tuesday' evening a team of braves
came up from Elko and-were met by
an equal number of Fernie city leaguers. One'of the best games of "tlie
season ensued at the end of which the
home nine were to the. good by f to
2. Con Whelan and Quinlan were'tho
battery for the winners, Whelan pitching-a superb game. Elko has. a
classy team too with Todhunter as
twirler.. ■ •
Fred Roo, the Grand Duke of Roos-
ville was along, and it is .whispered he
was the hoodoo.
Wra       tTm       R«
Excursion Rates
Tickets on Sale Daily
May 20th* to Oct. 14
Final return limit 15 days,
but not later than Oct. 31.
I *. 4 * - .
For complete information seo Agents
,or write
- J. E. PROCTOR, D.P.A., Calgary
,     DENTIST.
Now ..doing' .business.at ..the Johnson-
Faulkner Block.  '*. Office';hours 9-12.30
i;30-6.; •»  i-.y ,-■■'    ,:-•.■'.
B: C.
W. R. Ross K.C.     J .S.T. Alexander.
v '      "       *—* -
. -Barristers and Solicitors., .--■ *.'
Fernie, B. C
F. C. Lawe
Alex. I. Fisher
Fernie, 8. C,
The Coal Company and' Bruce's
Carpenters started on _a league game
Thursday'night, and had.reached the
third .innings wheii the old man on top
of Mt.'' Fernie turned on the hose and
showed no signs of letting up, so,the
game was called. The Coalers had'
the big end of the score board .when
play ceased,-but the game will* have
tb be played over or'finished again.
The'Carpenters' poor, base running was
their drawback. -In the third two
hits filled first and second; ■ four wide
ones moved the others' two up.'and
the corners.were all full. But the-way
the first and second base runners held
and they took no chances whatever.
By nice work Quinlan pulled himself
"out of the hole and retired the-side.
Mr. A, A. Gillespie gathered together his pots, the Commercials, nnd
journeyod to Elko on Sunday to glvo
nn exhibition of ball with some,junior
tonm In that locality—anltl to bo tho
RoobvIUo Qrasshoppors, Same old
story, little boy and haohlvo, sting!!
stung!!! Rtung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somo
10 times did tho Hoppers mako the
grand circuit, and only onco or twice
did Gillespie's Ornnd Guard of Geo*
haws made the samo trip. It. suro
was a hurd touch for thc Comas, but
thon thoy shouldn't play hall on Bun*
Revelstoke   Man  is  Put
Away—Refused to
Come Through
REVELSTOKE, B. C. June 22—His
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
Hours 9 to 1; 2 to 5; 6 to 8.   '
Residence 21 Vlotorla Ave.
PioneerrBullder and Contractor of
,--- -v;,     Fernie 7  " ,
W  did.
-We are firing away tit the
old business
-r. ,, -   '
-A. McDougall, Mgr.    -
.    '      -a  P-~   '-      i V    *'     W   >   , V„    i ' '    " ~     '■'
f> '       '
Manufacturers of and Deal-.
., ers in ail kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
Send us your orders
Lumber  Dealer
All kinds of rough and -dressed hun-jei
Victoria. Ave.
North Fertile
Tonight June 26th there will be a
hig drawing card at the, Fernie opera
house ln the person of Prof. Wllley,
hypnotist and exponent of metaphysics
suggestion and mind reading.' Prof,
Wllley is as far removed from the
charlatan or trickster with whom tho
Canadian public Is gettli*'*. familiar as
are the-two poles apart* The "impression he. creates Is that of a cultured French gentleman, hut of a highly nervous temperament nnd the powers he certainly possesses are wlerd in
the extreme.,; On, the stage tonight
ho will perform some wondorful feats
of mind reading, and the rapidity with
which he places his subject under the
Influence of his spell and actions of
those under, cniiBe much nmusemein,
and havo made a big hit all over tho
western provinces whore he has been,
In connection, big vnudovlllo Co. and
to conclude with 4000 feet of moving
pictures. Admission GOc. and 25c, Do
not miss It.   *
after a fiendish murderous attack on
him last night at ,10 o'clock by Black
Hand desperadoes, Fred Orsatti, an
Italian, resident of'this place, died
early this morning of his .wounds,
and the two' Italians deemed respon
slble for his death, are still at liberty. ■• •* ;
Orsatti was employed at the C. P.
R, freight house here and Is'married.
Some time ago he received a letter
from the Black, Hand demanding a
large sum of money on penalty of his
life, Orsatti brought communlcat*
tion to the police and shortly after
he received another letter demanding
money, etc,     '      ,
Ignoring thc letter Orsatti received
another.note and was.attacked'last
i5*l*>t i*y two Italians, and after a
Bhort struggle \ynB left on the doorstep for dead.
• 160 acres of land for sale "
,7 miles from Pincher Creek,,--
-Alta.*. 50 -acres - cultivated,
__rest all level. ^ First' class
buildings, good water, land"
free of stones. » .    .    ,
Mr. Jep. Scott is out with barnyard Invention for amntour hall piny*
ers. It conslHtn of a circular piece of
armour plato In tho centre of which
Is a hold for soro fingers. The Idem
Is thnt when n fly npprouchen tho
finger Is withdrawn from thu mrill and
hides In Huffily behind thu Hereon,
When thi! hnll is caught nnd a Imttur
"An honored citizen of this town waB
suffering from n sovoro attack of dys*
ontry, Ho told a friend if he could
obtain a bottio of Chamberlains Colin,
Cholera nnd Dlnrrhocn Romody ho
folt confident of bolng cured, ho having used this remedy In the west, Uo
wns told that I kopt tt In stock nnd
lost no tlmo In obtaining It, and wns
prninptlj cured,'' enyw M. J, Leach.
driiRKlHt of Wolcott, Vt. Por nolo by
all dnigRlstB,
The Instruments for Fernie city
bam! havo arrived, and, have been
distributed to the various musicians
comprising that body, Practice has
begun in earnest, and tho players sny
that the now Instruments are A 1.
Tho city council mado a liberal grant
for this purpose. Uniforms are not
yet Becured, all tho funds on hand bolng invested In, instruments, Doubt*
loss the wherewith for uniforms will
bo forthcoming, for tho Fornie City
Band Is an organization of musicians
of whicli wo can justly "fool proud,
nnd wo are Hiiro citizens will not see
thom stuck when tho proper tlmo ar*
vos for uniforms.
Apply at
The Ledger Office
Secretaries v of Local Unions
,    DI8TRICT 18   U.'M. W. of A.
M. A. Kastner
Fire, Life, Plate Glass
„    and Accident
, r > *i>
Property> For Sale, in
all parts of the
■■ ,.   ' 'acity ■ ;.'
,      '°    ■
Houses   For
Bankhead No.' 29—James Fisher.
Bellevue No. 431—-R. Livett, '
Canmore Park Local. 1378—James A.
ham, '■
,No, 2633—William  .Gra*
Carbonado No. 2688—James Hewitt.
Cardiff No. 2387—A, Hammond.
Cardiff No.. 279—F, K..8t.Amant
No 25*10—A. Matt-
Edmonton City
hew», P.O. 1314.
Edmonton No.
2 Frazer Flats.
1320—A 8t. Julian,
Official City League Baseball Schedule
I.IUI.Y   1(1
• -..Al. I'D.
i.ll!M*. IH
j.MM.Y  TA
{AV.'UaT C
ijl'NB 25
.Jn.Y 36
jJl.'LV 32
jJ.-liT 14
iJUNH 2ft
iAl.<U'HT 2
.JUNE 21
JULY 2-3
Jl'l.Y T
'•wnvsT 11
|.ll-'NK lh
i.ll'I.Y -'.'A
j.MM.Y 11
|.H I*.   '.
, AL lii: .Si' *ai
t,ll'N*l'3 2«
lAlKlUHT 2
J UN 13 14
JV...V 12
jJUSB 14
iJL'LY Jit*
■I.  _ ■__
-   *   . *, a. a„*. _
: 3VSK 30
''Avnvnr i
[.nil.Y 2fl
'AUUUST l.'l
ijrxK u
1 IVi.y ■?:*,
'JULY 31
JUNK 2.'l
ll't.V is
From tlio vory Inception of ♦
"I'logroHMlvn Fernio," Iho   r« ♦
Bponun mot with from ndvor* ♦
tlHoi-M Iiiih l-uim moHt ciicmir* ♦
InR,   nnd   nlrondy  n  goodly ♦
iiumlxT of our buuliioHH mon ♦
hnve mIkikhI foiilrncls for llio ♦
KociirhiK of Hpnco In UiIh num* ♦
Vt'.'.  MMinMfli Mm Imnlr t«* not da>
d\\f   tri   nponi*-**   for   unvornl •***►
montltn  yot, nrlvmit-o  onion* ♦
nro now In, nml of con iho will ♦
linvu im<foroneo In fllllnR. •»*>
Hnlf n dozen   photo   jioHt* ♦
r>nr*1« cent von Mc, thn nrlco ♦
of TroKrcHHlve Fernio,' whlcJi* •**►
will contain ninny tlmon tlmt •****••
numbor of Holoot   views   hy ♦
Kpnl'llng tho photofcrnpher. A ♦
ropy   nont lo frlondt) ln tho ♦
(*unt will doscrlbo Fornio flro ♦
nnd tho pr«KfbhH of Dw. year ♦
bettor than It could bo dono ♦
In nny other wuy, i.ml ll will ■****■•
bo profusely ilium rated.   All ♦
tho***? rocplvlnu notice lo tall ♦
on  Hpttldtnt? should  net  nt ♦
orico.                                    '•♦
+ <** + <* + <9'>9-v* + -9-9
Fernie, No. 2314—T.    Bigg*
Frank, No. 1263—Walter Wrlgley.
Hosmer No. 2497—J. W. Morrlt
Hillcrest No, 1068—J. O, Jonor*.
Kenmare N.D,    No, 2850—J.    E.
No. 574—Charles   Pea'
N ew Oliver Ty p$wri£er
Machine given out on trial ■'•
-No Charge
Highest  Price   Paid   for
South African War Script
1 Bronze Gobbler and 3 Hens
i     i   ..»
3-White Holland Gobblers
Barred Rock and White Rock,
The dnlofl for tho Alborta Provincial
exhibition nt CnlKiiry I IiIh your nro
July (ilii lo lOlli. Lntil yonr lho Dominion fnlr wns hold nt Cnlgnry, nidod
by nn nxtrn Krnnt of friO.OOO, ho Unit
thin yonr'R fnlr would nnturnlly ho ox*
pnetod to lio much Rmnllor, but from
proHont tndlonllonn tho l'tOO exhibit*,
ion will bo ovon bluKor und bottor
thnn Inst yonr's. Tho Exhibition Co,
Ih oxpotulliiK $80,000 to mnko,'thin po«*
Hlblo; !2fi,0(i0 will bo offorod In prized
and exhibitor** from nil over Canada
will enmpoto. In thu llvo Rtook department tho Iioimo exhibit will be uu
Important ioiiniiu mul (,.*• miuy ol
Clydi-HdaloH. I'orclioioiiH, Slilren nud
Uclfilnut" will be thc greatest ovor teen
at any of tho Cnnndlnn fnlrn. Tito cut*
Ilo section will bo titrong nn will tho
Blit'i'P, nujiH nml irtnilify, T\fc *i-
traction** will bo the equn) of nny thnt
nppenr nt any of tho targe oxhlhltlom*
ncrofls tho bordor. Miif-lo will bo
provided by tho fnmoua NavnsHnr Ladles bnnd of Now York na woll nn by
thc CnlRnry Cltfj-ens hnnd. The Rront
hlstorlcnl pageant will be Iho out*
■titiiiitllnB feiltmH* of Mio exhibition. Tho
pngeant will Must rnto tho duvelop*
ment of Alberta from thn tlmo tho fn*
ttlnnfr roamed ovor the prairies <o the
present day. ThU parudo will take
jfinte on the forenoon of thn opening
day, July TAh.     Indiana will load thn
Llllt No, 1233—J, T Griffith
Michel, No 2334—Charles Garner,
Maple Leaf No, 2B20—H. Dlake.
(via nollovuo)
Merritt Local Union* No. 2827—Chas
Middlesboro 072—W. N. Reid
Passburg, No. 2352--J. Covaoh.
Royal   Collieries,    No,   2689—Wm.
Roche Percee No. 2572—Lachlan Mo*
Taber No. 102—Wm. Russell
Ti-fctr  Me- 1«w—Wm. MnClnre,
Taylertort, No,  .W-W— H.  Poller.
Kenmare N. D. No. 2850—H. Potter
Corbin No. 2877—W. Ryan
"•juiaja*,-;, Ne. -piM—A. fiwsneten,
WOODPECKER, No. 2290: William
In Fernie  its
Hawthorne for
Painting, Interior
Wood tt A PoUat Ave*
♦■»»»■»■>■»♦■»♦ •*>>•*►♦♦♦<•*•«;
itninrniti'   iIi'IIvummI   lu . imy
pari- (if tlio city.
proooMHion, followed by mlBulonnrlcB.
fur tradorfl, North West Afonntod Pol*
k'u and olhoru In appropriate coatumca.
Then will follow ngriculturnl, llvo
stocli and othor pnrniloH, uudfluuliy
nn (mmenso nutomobllo parado of 50
to 75 autos. Moving pletures of tho
pageant will bo taken and shown In nl)
parts of tho world. Othor Importnn',
n timet Ions at the big exhibition will be
good horso rones, tho C. W. Parker
hIiowh,UHonuatlonnlloop tho loop act
by an American girl motor cycllBt,
Rubo Shloldfl, tho exhibition comedlnn,
win bo tho official announcer. Ilo W
«upo<-od tn hnvo tho strongest voice1!
In North America. Howord'a dogs and
ponfeo will porform evory afternoon
and evening In front ot tho grand*
Given flno weather, tho Alborta provincial exhibition should be a grand
r  '*'
Full compouiid interest-paid, on savingaS  accounts."
Start with ono dollar, and. add to'your "account .as
you oan savo,"      Mako your remittances  to  Canadian  or  foreign points, through through the*;Homo
B.ink,      Clioapost and safest way to sond monoy.
W. C. B. Manson
For Sale
,100 tons of good
Baled Hay
l;.j.ih'«i wi n wwaw
V7. E. oarnei', Cuyitty, Aiu,
IK THIS mattor of an appltoatton for
the Issue of a duplicate cartlr*leu.u bt
i..a.a)    >.< (    i^Ol    .,     ,i.ljt*a    'I    Ol    .01       ItMltl
Oroup  one Kootonay    district    (Map
NOTICI?) Is hereby given that It Is
my Intention to Issue at the expiration
et one month aftor the first publication hereof a duplleae of the Certificate
of Title to the above mentioned lot in
the name of '-"den Harper whloh certl*
floats .Is dated the U.h of March 1901,
•nd n»imh(.r<t<1 74DRA.
,,        It. n. JORAND.
" District TU-rlstrar
  ■   ,.       ....... .Ap IMt
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
mmmmmmmm*mmmaw*m*. miwrn-nmm
Dry Goods, Groceries, Bools and Shoes
Gents' Furnishings
60  YEARS'
Tfuoc Maiw*
_     OMIONr
Cortnvttnm Ae.
Author of "Tho Prisoner of Zenda"
v ,.   -.-■": ' - 00000000000000000000©      "■.,'.;,.
C-t^ngbtiMS.Anthony Hope Hawkins.
w*m tutlu, without, ebtrwa, la tea
scitunf ie nm\m.
A *fitn.*1*nm»]r llmnMlnt *»«*H**,  l*nt**l iri
-    ' Mf MM    **
' sixaniisa ioarnal   T«
prince might do nothing right.   If that
prayer were granted • star' od ' her - pa rt *
.would become superfluous:* Ste, prayed
vnot  to  be led  Into  temptation—that
sounded quite orthodox.   Was' she to
rpresuuie . to  suggest' to*' Heaven   the
'means by which temptation should be
avoided?.,   .       _   .   , ._ _■_   -.
k- Stenovics,,skillfully   humored -this
"shade of hypocrisy.   When he spoke to
-her there were iu his mouth no such
1, words us* plans or'schemes or hopes or
ambitions—no, nor claims nor rights,
,it was always "the possibilities we are
ciinipelled to, l-ontemplate." "the steps
iive "mny be forced Into taking," "the
necessities of mere self,defense," "the
Interests  of  tlio  kingdom."   "the su-
rpivme evil of civil strife." which last
most respectable phrase meant that lt
wns much bettor to jockey the prince
"out of Els throne than to light, him for
it.    Colonel Stafnltz bit his lip and
gnawed bis mustache during, these Interviews, The countess saw—and hated
him.    She turned buck  to, Stenovics*
chnrchgoln-a'   phrases   and. Impassive
face.   Throughout the .vhole nffuirthe
general probably never once mentioned
to her In, plain luugunge the. one and
only object of'all their hopes and efforts.   In the result busluess took rather, longer to trunsuct, the cburchgolng
phrases ran to may-syllables, but concessions must be made to. piety., Nor
was  the countess" so singular.,, We
■should often forego "what we like'best
If we were obliged to define It accurate
ly and aloud/
* After' one of these conferences the
countess always prayed.    It. may  be
presumed tbat she prayed against the
misfortune of a cast Irou terminology
Probably she also urged her, views, for
prayer is fn many books and mouths
more-of'an* argument than a petition,
that all marriage*** were on one and the
same footing uud^ that Heaven knew
naught of a particular variety named
in some countries morganatic.   Of the
keeping of contracts made contrary to
the presumed views of Heaven we are
~all aware that churches, and sometimes
states, too. are apt to'know or count
nothing..   _, ......'
Such were the woman and ber mind.
Some pity' may go out to her. In tbe
end. behind all her prayers and inspiring them, nay, driving ber to her knees
In fear, was the conviction. that she
risked her soul. ' When she'felt that,
she pleaded that It was for her son's
sake. Yet there lay years between her
son and inan's estate.'  Tbe power was
.'I'Ai'.OAmo a/>riy\_^ii**'i-l-rin>-*i'h/*t.c*./*k. ■•■■■■nirin
*=■ v-r. ~v\rii-\j-Uinz-\iu\e iug*ii>uvi9c-'/'<;u'>o, * -   "*
, "If l had the countess' views and
temperament I should grow<. potatoes
nnd If possible grow.them" worse than
my neighbors," said Colonel Stafnltz.
"If-1'lived dully I should at-least die
in peace!"--      '     ■ J( "   *  *
The king held aovery confidential conference. It was to sign his will. The
countess w a s
there. Tbe llt*s
tie boy. who
, moved In,happy
ness of all the
echemes which
centered n round
him.', .was sent
into tbe next
room to play
with Lepnge.
Btehovlcs nnd
Btafultz were
present' ob wit* 77ie General ond Staj-
lies so s nnd nit: < witnessed ■ the
Murknrt-ns boc' ' • 'fino'e will,
retnry., The king touched, lightly ou his
■state of.'llbaltii and., went on to express
his conviction of the Prlnco of siavnn'B
distinguished consideration for Countess Ellanbiirg nud .'fraternal affection-
for little.Alcxl.s. "t go the happier for
being sure of thb, gentlemen," he said
to his two counselors, "but In any case
Ihe countess nhd my soil, ure, well, secured. There will be enough for "you.'
Charlotte, to live In sulinblc style here
or nbrortd, ns you please, My sou I
wish to stay hero ami enter my army,
I've settled on him the estate of Do*
bra vn, and he will have -neurit* entml to
his station, It's well to havo this nr*
rangoil, Prom day to dny' I nm lb the
hnrids of God."
As with nnotlior, Ulna, nothing ln life
became , him like thc leaving of it
Thoro was littlo moro work to do, Ilo
hnd but to wait, with courngo and with
dignity, The demand now was on
what he had In abundance," not on n
faculty which he had always lacked.
no signed tho document and bndo the
gonot'iil and . Stnfnltr, wltncns lt. Iu
■Hence thoy obeyodjiltn, manning tu
make waste paper of tlio thing to
which thoy sot tliolr unities,
That business dow, und th-? king
nlono Hooinod happy In tho doing of It
—ovon Stnfnlt** hnd froivnod-the king
turned suddonlj' to Stonovles,
"1 should llko to soo Daronoss Dobrava Pray let hor he sent for this
The shock wns Midden, but Stenovics'
answer came stonily If slow.
"Your majesty desire* her presence?"
"I want to tlinnk her onco ngnln, Ste*
novlcs,   She'd dono much for ub,"
"The bnmness In not in fllnvnn, sir.'
•Vwt   L   VM)U   ttirltlm   ,'tl    1*1.,,
"Not In mi**vnn**< Whoro, t« ah**, thenT*
Ho nskod whnt the whole kingdom
know,   Savo hlum-ulf nobody was Ignorant of Sophy's whereabouts.
"Hho li on a visit to his royal high*
noss at rruulok, nlr," ' Stenotics' rolce
Via*  A  -.(iuUttlU *•'>   '.'la'uUa.i.VJ,
"On a visit to lho prince*.*" Surprise
sounded In his volco,
,v "Mme, SSorkovltch is there, too, sir,"
Steuovlcs added, "The ladles have
bw. there durltiir the whole of the
Prince of SlavnaV stay."
Thc king -shot a xlancc at Count***
Kllenhttrg. She wus looking prim and
(Tflm, tie looked nl**,**, nf ftinMit, who
hit his mustache without quite hiding
an Intentional, but apparently Irrepressible, smile. The Matt did not look too
grnit* ana mo*| of hi* gravity wm for
Covaim ftltehfoiirg"   '   "	
,   ''lii t»st-*hun>~*'t (hii nxuncnl qnH«
-desirable?'' hi uakaL
whom did
ynu' ad~
dr'cHK an
_ 'j>r(»i.ce'
,'Ills'question,met with silence. The
air of al! three intimated that the mat-.'
ter was purely one for bis majesty.
The king sat a* moment with a"frown
on, his brow.,   .   i%     y   ,
A'-ross'this silence* came a loud voice
from the nest room—Lepage's voice:
"Take care!" Take, en re! You'll upset
the flowers, prince!"', V. ' ->
The king started. He. looked around
at"his companions. Then he struck a
hand bell on tbe table,before him. Lepage appeared. ,','..„
"Lepage,  whom did ymi, itddivs
•prince' just lunvV"" 7
"Count Alexis.' sir'"
"WhyV" -
,   "The count Insisted."
"Don't do It again!- It's
nbsiird!   Go away!"
A dull* red patched
Countess Elleuburg's
cheeks. , Lids brooded,
low* over the eyes of
Stafnltz and , ot, Stenovics. It wn** a very
uwkwaid little scene
The king's irritation had
got the, better ol lilm
for the moment.-' What
would the kindred of
the exalted princess
havesaldV The king turned,to Count
ess Ellenburg and forced a smile.
"The *|uestlou of'reproof Is one for
you. countess." he said frigidly. "And
now about the baroness—* No, I mean
1 wanted to ask if my wishes have
been communicated to' the Prince of
Slavna.". ■ . <- . .
"The prince bas received them, sir.
He read them In the presence of my
messenger and requested leave to send
his answer lu writing, unless be might
-wait on your majesty."..
"There are reasons why I had better
not see - him just now. Ask him to
write, but very soon. The matter isn't
one for delay." The king rose from hiB
seat.       ' '
"Your  majesty   still   wishes  me to
send for Baroness Dobrava?" ,
-  The king reflected for a moment and
answered simply. "No."'       ■■   .
His brief word broke ,up tbe conference.'It had 'already lasted louger than
suave**-and* reassuring Dr. Natcheff
would have advised. The men* went
away w.lth a, smile, all1 of them. tbe.
king, Stenovics. Stafnltz, round faced
Markart, each smiling according to the
quality of'each, their smiles answering
to Max von Hollbrandt's shrug of the
shoulders. There ure things which bring
to call the least common denominator.
A horse race does It, a "prize fight, a
cricket match, a-buttle, too, in some
sort. Equally efficacious very often,
though it; is to be recorded, with reluctance, la a strong flirtation with no
proper Issue obvious.
The mntter- was grave, yet all the
men laughed. The.matter was grave,
and Countess Ellenburg did not laugh.
Wns that what Stafnltz called her
views nnd her .temperament? In part,
no doubt. Besides, men will laugh nt
tbo side Issues,of the gravest affairs.
It Is not genera liy tho case'with woman. Added < ngiiln to this, perhaps
Countess Ujlenburg know more or divined more'.. Anirng glaring diversity
.there,wn.s»|:erhnps something,-nn atom,
of similarity between li<|r and Sophy-
not the something which refuses, but
■the something which couples'high con*
.dltlons with us'sent. The -'thousandth
"chance Is to-most men negligible. To
most women„lt Is no worse.Hutu the
tenth, Their sense of mathematical
odds Is sore1y"nn:l Hoim>tlm,cs. magnificently Imperfect,
'•■ It hnd flushed ucross Countess Bllen*
burg's:*mind thnt maybe* Sophy', too,
plnyed frir it li'lg Klukel or/rather, lived
for It and so would die, The men had
not thought of tint, To them thc vlo-
lent,, tllrtnMon hud Its obvious end ,and
Its panning liicoiivuiiluiK'u, It might ilo*
lay the prince's dop'urturo for awhile.
It might make his marrlngo more entirely nn nltnlr of duty nnd of Btnto.
With this Idea they mulled nnd shrugged, The whole IiusIhohb came under
the head which In' their thought**'and
thoir ,'eonllda.nthtl convUrflatlons .'they
would style nonsense.
It was not nd will) the countess. Disconcerted by that episode of Lepage
and young Atoxls, more movod by the
fluddon nppeni'iiiiee of nnronoHs Dobrava ob a rni'tor In the gnmo, sho returned to prayer.
Whnt now wns lho form nnd mattor
of hor prayer? Tho form must go unformulated nnd lho wordB unconjoc-
turod, Yet alio prayed so long that the
tnu'st luive aucr-ei'dcil In putting n good
fnco on hur petitions,
It Ir pmhnhlc Hint she prayed for
oilier* fit" slii* prnyeil'for horsolf, She
prayed tlmt the Prince nf Slavna ntul tho
HnniiiflKR Dohrnvii might oscnpo teni|v
Or thnt If they fell- Again II win-
no! for her (o ilielnte to Heaven, Heaven hod Hh wnyn of dcnllng with sueh
Hlnncrs,     ''
Yot through alt her prayers must
have' echoed the worils, "It's uhnurd!"
She pruycd ngnln mont likely against
bolng MUMpected nf winning that thc
re fin "•t"-. nt'omd t^!>,,,. hT hv-'-ifin'l
mlrtht snnn lie di-ml.
, Tho king dead and tho prince a slnvo
to lovo-to the Idle houra of an unprofitable lore! it w;\* a Oiie vision
nnd needed n viint deal of covering
■with the veil of prayer,
practiced pen.. The guest was glad to
•Wills royal host this favor.'
' They talked over.the sense of tbe reply. Max tlieri drafted It,'-'The prince
did no more than amend certain ex-,
[iresslons which the youug diplomatist
liad used. Max wrote that tbe prince-
cordially sympathized with tbe king's
. wishes; the prince amended to tbe ef-
.'ee't .that he thoroughly understood
them.- .Max wrote'tnat the prince was
' prepared cordially and energetically to
co-operate fn tbelr realization; tbe
prince preferred to be prepared to consider them in a benevolent spirit. Mas
•suggested'that two or three months*
postponement of the suggested Journej
would not.lu itself be fatal; the prince
Insisted that snob a delay was essential
in order1 tbnt negotiations might lie set
-in foot to insure his being welcomed
ivitb due empressenieiit. Max added
that the later date would liave an in
cidental advantage since it would ob
viate tbe necessity of the prince's 'Inter*
,'tiptlng the Important labors on which
he was engaged; the prince said instead
that, in his judgment. It was essential
iu the Interests of the kingdom tlmt
the task of training the artillery should
not be interfered with by'any other ob
Ject, however well worthy of coushi
.(•ration that .object might be. ,
In the result the draft as amended,
though not less*, courteous or dutiful
than Max's original, was notlceably
, more stiff. Translate them both ieto
the terse and abrupt speech of everyday life and oue said. "I'd rather not.
please."-while the other came at least
very near to ii blank "l won't!" Max's
was acquiescence coupled with a prayer for postponement. Tbe prince's wus
postponement, with an neeompaiiyln-j
assurance of respectful consideration
Max was not hurt, but he felt a pro
fesslonal disapproval. The prince had
said more'nnd shown'more of his inlnd
than was needful. It was throwing
more cards on'the,table than the rules
of the game demanded.    ,
"Mine would have done just as •well."
be complained to Marie Zerkovitch.' "If
,mlne had been refected his could havt-
followed. As it Is, lie's wasted one or
other of them * , Very foolish since Just
now time's his main* object!" He did
not mean saving time, but protracting
it. ,
Marie did  no  more  than  toss  he,
head peevishly.   The author of the or
Iglrial draft persevered.
/"Don't.you think mine would bovr
been much wiser to begin with?"  '
"I don't see much difference. There'.*-
little enough truth hi either of.thein.'"
f"she snapped. ,. > '    . _
Mas-looked at her with an amuse;'
and tolerant .•••mile Ne knew qit'*"
.well what she
meant, lie
shook his head
at, her. with a
humorous twinkle. ,"0h. come,
come.' don't b>*
exacting, ma-
dame! There's a
very fair allowance of truth
Quite half the
truth.. 1, should
A Clean Man
Outside cleanliness is less,than ball tbe battle. A man may
scrub himself a dozen times a day, aiid still be unclean. Good
health means cleanliness not only outside, but <nside. It means
a clean stomach, clean,bowels, clean blood, a,clean liver, and
new, clean, healthy tissues. The man who is dean in this way
will look it and act it. He will work with *ner**y and think .,
clean, clear, healthy thoughts.
He will never be troubled with liver, lun**, stomach or blood
disorders.   Dyspepsia aad indigestion originate in unclean stomachs.    Blood diseases are found where there .'s unclean blood..
Consumption and bronchitis mean unclean lungs.
Dr.: Pierce's "Golden Medical Discovery
prevents these diseases.   It makes a man's insides clean
■■  .       «nd healthy.   It cleans the digestive organs, make* pure, '  .   .
clean blood, and clean, healthy flesh. ..-..."'.
It  restores  tone to the nervous system, and cures nervous exhaustion and
prostration.   It contains no aicoho! or habit-forming drugs.'"
•    Constipation is thc most unclean uncleanliness.   Dr. Pierce's* Pleasant Pel-
.lets cure it.   They never gripe.   Easy to take as candy.
I ■?
Suit of Clothes, $5 and up. Hats $1.00 and up,
Shirts 50c and up, Underwear $1.00 per suit
Kef oury Bros.,
Teiiipomvy buiklinj-; between Northern Hotel and Henderson block
Fatal   Termination   to
■ Party of New .York
Gay Sports
ilii3"njirrnd nut l-i
.hiiiitlit. with iiahru'j
think.; He in
really very anxious, about' the
"And about what else?"
Max spread out his hands, with m
"shrug, but passed the question by. "..-
much truth,'In fact, that It would Imv'
•iurved amply for at least two letter-*."
he remarked, returning to his own spi
clal point of complaint.
Marie might well amuse the easy •;. .
hig, yet observant and' furious -youi-'*:'-
iiian. lie loved to watch his fellow
creatures under the stressrof feeling-
from which he himself was free ami
found In the opportunities afforded him'
lii this line the chief interest both of
hia life and of blspi*ofos.slon.
!■ r.nt Marie had gnulually risen to a
'il*jl*. nervous tension She wns no
JMii'ltnn. Purlriins were_*»,' commoti,!*'
iKriivonln nor had'Paris grafted such n
■H.llp'on to her nut ure. Had she thought
.tin the men In the palace thought*' when'
'they smiled, had she thought thot-.ahd
ho more. It Is scarcely likely that Blie
•wpuld have thus disturbed herself.
..AftlT all, such oases aro generally
treated ns In hoiiio souse outaldo the
common rules. Exceptional allowance**,
"are. In fact, whether properly or not,
made for except [nun I situations. Another feeling wilt* In lior mind, an ob*
mjsslon which hiid conio almost wholly
to posBoss her, The fateful forobodlng
which hnd nttnekod her from tho first
Imd now full dominion over her. Its
rule won riveted mnn* cloRoly on hor
spirit dny by day n« 'day by dny tho
prlnco nnd Sophy drew clot-m* logotbor,
Evon thnt Sophy hnd- once snyed hli
life could now no longer Hlinlto'Mnrlo'i
doleful prepossession, I'nimunl nnd tin*'
looked for tlilngi tnko color from the
mind of the spectator Tho strnngo
train of events which Iuul brought fin
phy to PniHlok borrowed ominous shadows from a norvnu***, apprehensive loin*
No such gloom hromlo.l over Bophy
She gave horsolf up tu lho hour—tlio
past forgotten, the future never thought
of. It wns tho groat lline of bar life
Her feelings, while hot lens Hjinntiiiie*
otm and fresh, were inure mat nre ami
more fully sntlsiled lh;in when Cnsluilr
de Savres poured hi-** love nt her feet
A cry ot hnppliios nlmoit lyrical runs
thrnitgh hor scanty refold of these
dnyH. There wus little leisure for diary
or lottors.
Winter wns melf Ing Info spring, snow
dwellod only on the hilltops, l.nUoTnltl
wns unbound ami sparkled In tho sun
The daya glow longer, yd wore far too
short, To ride with lilm to VoIspuI. tn
hoar the cheers, to see the lovo thoy
bnrn  hlrtt    tn   ti'rifoli   Mm  et wwl-    fn
CO.,  aCTD.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers
NEW YORK, June 24—As a result
of a big sightseeing automobile running wild while filled with merry
makers on their way home from Coney
Island early today, six of the occupants of the vehicle are"In hospital
with. serious Injuries, and one young
woman is expected to die as the resist of her hurts. ~r   ,
The fatally injured victim is Miss
May.-E.mery, 27 years old of Washington .Heights who sustained fractures
of both legs and of the right arm and
internal injuries, when the runaway
car crashed into a tree, on the Ocean
Parkway."..:  *
All the 25 ■ passengers-ln the car
were thrown out by the shock. Some
of ihe young women In a panic had
tried to jump as the machine, the me-
.onanism* of which had gone wrpng,
went, 7.ig-zagglng along the. parkway,
but were restrained.
Tho six injured persons are women,
and Miss Rose Miller of Manhattan,
had both legs broken and Is suffering
from shock. .A dozen other occupants
of the cfir sustained injuries in the
crash..    '       ,  ,
train robbers
Kill an officer
. MUSK0Q13E, Okla, June *- 22—In u
battle botwoen officers and three train
robbers .who held up a St. Louis, Iron
Mountain Southern freight'train near
Bragg, Okla., early 't,oday Doputy Constable Johnson Kirk wns killed,
, Paul Williams, one of the robbpra,
'whs shot through the breast nnd captured. Two others robbers escaped,
ami a.posBe Is In pursuit.
The objoat of the robbory wns to
got tho monoy of tho train crow whe
hnd Just received their pay envelopes,
Tho railroad men resisted thu robbers
and tho sounds of firing soon brought
Deputy Constablo Wycks to tho scene,
Robbers nnd officers armed with.pl;v
tolfl, engaged in n battle when Kirk
was shot through tho hond and In
Bluntly killed,
Don't hnvo your, vacation spoiled by
tlio pain of huiiImii'I** nnd don't have
your skin .i-ermiinontlv irocldort from
tho iui me cnuse,
5,i\m*Hul'c contains liorhnl cxiriicls
niul Juices which not "only ease tho
pnln of mjiibi'i'ij, but proven! ii'ipl'1*--,.
nut rosti|ts from It, Knin*i)ul* up*
piled to u hnd burn gives speedy re*
lief, ll nlso, soot lies blisters, iicIiIiih
feot, nhnttid plnc.-s, Insoct hIIiikh, ->tc
Soo that you tnko It with you to the
MolhoiH should know thnt foi baby's
chnfed places II Is boiler thnn pou'dur,
Waldorf Hotel
Table Unexcelled
Bnv supplied with* the finest"
brands of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars*
(Formerly of Central Hotel)
Queen's Hotel
Built expressly fnr
It's a dandy, com*.* and sue |t.
ROBICHAUD,   R088   DR08,
I &  CO. Proprietors
(W. A,  Rots,  Manager,)
Notico is horoby given that pursuant
to tho "Creditors Trust Doods Act
1001" nnd amending Acts, Harry M.
Torry, carrying on business as a soc*
ond hand donlor, nt the City of Fornio,
In the Province of llrltlsh Columbia,
did by deed dated iho "th day of Mny,
IDOfi. assign unto Frank fl, Whito of
tlie snld City of Fernio nforesnid, nud*
Hor nnd accountant, all his porsonnl
property, void estate, credits nnd of-
facts which mny be seized nnd sold
under execution, for the purposo of
[Hiving and sntlsfylng rntanhly and
propoi'ilomil-'!)', iuul wii'mii! prefer'
eiiei" or priority nil the croilllan of
the hiiIiI Hurry M. Terry their just
AND notice Is hereby further glvon
thnt it imiOtlliK ot Hie ('U'llltul,. of the
said Harry M. T**rr>' for Dw giving of
directions with reference to tho dU-
pnsnl of tho CHtnto will bo hnld nl tho
office*-, of I In.- UiiderHlKtieil In tho
Crows Nost Trading Conipimy Hulld*
Ing, Victoria avenue, Fernio, 11. C, on
Tuesday the IKlh dny of Mny, 1909, at
f^v?q Ck^pter mp^
IS*) .Nineteen ¥*%
IHE rrince ot dlavns'a nutwer ta
thi* Intimation of hit fatb«r*i
wishes wns dutiful, courteous
and dUcrer-tlj* diplomatic Th*
prlnc*» wo» much occupied with hit
.'*"lil*i nml oilier occupntl>in»«. Ho avail*
v| M-tifpir ot Mat von lioltlirttn-H'*
Also for hon rashes, cczoijui, prulrle
room to sl.nro tho mimr nnd tho lovo- l'lc"(,e1lc<,    »»»^*r« iron. v»** v,-.*(u„, Hour ot tour ocloch in the nltor*
then to nbnlitf .iff tho kindly clinglnit l>*uUludl*vn.au.«*t:. .\,i*,i..tlllii,..',ui.n i.mi..
storos, A.SD notice is iicreby given that nil
 '         ^^ I porson* having claim* ngnlntt tho tald
as—*.iii_^j_j—■j-.:.-_.       ' ■ .■- .- ''....'. j morry M. Terry nre required <.o for*
NOTICE ward particulars nf the same,     duly
.   I verified to tlio nsulKiie** nt Fertile, II,
,'AxiL  I'UllaB   UmV.   »   ,U.aa...   «*J   .1,,,,,)     (a   _   j,.,    „,,   fy.fofi,,   (},,.    jM(    d„j,   „[   JUJy
fi'ii'Mrta nnd lnko to a mountalu path or
waiuler. tho rotas on the horm' necV*
by 'he tn-ii-Rin of tho lake nnd como
Irmie thn.nnli tho Into dusk, talUInt*
\'Tu  bv t-\i.,/,u.\:/i/>
WINNIPEG, Jul*-,'; 22-UuIs Jiimt-&.
tho htif.bftp 1 of I no woman mi'rderod
on Artln*£ m **'ii«t wa* ■me*..**-.! If'
tho local polico today on a bench
warrant charting- him with contempt of
court In not ftnawcrtna* aowilont put
••j* kip In tho wltncaj b*jr.
to tho Donrd of I.lconslng Commlss
lonors for tho City or Fornio at thoir
noxt sittings In open court ont ll led to
hoar auch application, fo rtho transfer ot tho retail Manor License now
held by me In respect of tho licensed
promises known ns jh«* Northern Hotel
slttintr* on I.oi* hIy (fii niul seven (7)
Block 11 City of Ferule, to \Vjli,.m
Dated at. Fernie U.C. this htb day
of Junt, 1909. „
AND potlrf Is hereby given that after Hint date the nsslguee will pro*
reed tn distribute tho proceeds of tho
estate.' having regard only to tho clnlmt
of which ho shall then have received
nol Ice, and he shnll not be responsible,
for the astern or any part thereof, to
(lutill.ult'.l, to 'iii*. put,mm ui- punim-n*.
of whose debt or claim he ahall not
then havo r«'«"olvc-d nottco.
liniod at Kt-mle 1». C, this 7th day
of May, 1909.
LAU'F, 6 FlflHElt.
fiollcltort for tbo Asilgne* rV*.*-7
* v:*:*'. \K-A?*..,:>•
Friiit Lands
■       **- T .'   \'*    ' -       **      "* ' -  O'**    -..'-■
'^'V:'0nly -yyy' :
One mile west of .*. ."
' in the warm '     ■   * *   (
That   famous "Big   Red   Apple" -
' soil.      Irrigated   tracts   with'the
'finest spring water yon ever tasted'
Get an apple orchard started
with such markets as we have here
Sales Agent
. at Fred Roo's Store or a card to
,'*._-.   NORTHERN HOTEL, CITY   . *>„
until July 2nd and he wiif'cail
.,   - on you
No.v>2$;,T.rest ..„, tf
No. 214.'East  	
NW 23ar!tocal'Eastv'
No. 235' Local"West
Nov 1 West' Flyer ,-".
No." 8 .East, Flyer ..
. Arrive a Fernie
V! ■ -
■a* ,i &**,.*•
- Ml.
Change takes effect Sunday Juried.
■ . ■•■   ■*. -    •'   .-■- -t\tl: • i
NO. 252
11.13   .  .
13.25     -'
11.50   ■
: OLSON'' '
: - No:"- 251
; f 12.35
■ •' - 12.27
''' 12,05
For sale—Two well situated lots ln
the Annex. Apply L. P. Eckstein.
For Sale: Two houshold properrtles,
with furniture.,- Will sell, property,
either jointly or separately!' For- particulars apply Ledger office. -
For sale: Pen of R.'C. Brown Leghorns, also eggs for hatching. R. C.
II. Leghorns and Buff Orpingtons. —
SliSO'per setting" 'Ap-ply:*r. Kyna'stoii,
.For" sale: A sha^k l^jt.^yell built
and completely furnished. Price $200
cash: Apply Ledger. , '-      *.   *■
;      "•,-■*»  *--,-■*   <* *>        V'■ * '*  t.-i '-' 7- '*
1 For'; Sale^Frame ^warehouse, 3 0x60
in rear of Todd's block.^Purchaser to
remove building from premises. Apply
at J. H. Reid &'Co7store.        •
! For Sale—Flowers for planting out,
stocks, astors, balsams; pansies, daisies, marguerites, etc., 30 cents per
dozen. John' McLachlan.West Fernie
". FOR SALE—First class milch cow.
G. G. Henderson. ■
See, Rochon, the Kandy Kid. c
A number.of our citizens spent Sunday in Elko.
Finest in the land—Ingram's bath
room. , •      ,    ,' > •        ,..*-.
Al Rizzuto's street car line has been
anchored all week.
Special sale of post cards now on at
Thomas Crahan of Michel was a vis
Itor'on Thursday.
No place In town Just, like It. Ingram's pool room.  *
Swing me Mary, .swing me In one of
Suddaby's hammocks*;
Mr. W ,S. Murray, dining car agent
of the C. P. R. was,In the city on
Wednesday evening.     	
servant  wanted.   —
R.   Lawry,  Victoria
Good general
Apply Mrs.--J.
Avenue.'".''.   ■' '.."   -7*'      '".'■     ' v.
*** * -., . {a . „ 'l        ' ,      -, a*
Mr. G.Bell, -manager of the Impei;-,
ial bank arrived In our city Tuesday,
The bank wlirbe opened for business
at once.- ' * y     :_, ;• ',■.  ,
Don'tyou like the .swing, 'tis a pretty thing, but Suddaby's hammocks are
nicer. - ' <*
"Hutch" lost heart in\the'-hewspape'r
business and has become a grand opera man. His many friends■ .were glad
to see him ..*,,;. 7   . <;-   <
For Sale: Second liald sewing machine in first class condition.. Will
Se'ccombe,'' ■•','•.'.'.' •**■■*
Mrs. "Martin Helmer-presented lier
husband with a ,boy on Monday morn-,
ing..,Dr. Anderson reports, .mother
and child doing well.
The Fernie 'football ■ team hereby
challenge any team in the city league
to a game of baseball. Call or address
P. Hughes;- King Edward hotel.      '7
Everybody attending Wright's Jewel-'
ry auction sale will have a chance ,liV
drawing' for four valuable present's;
Drawing takes place at close'of''sale.'
Go to Rochon's for ice cream.
,Hellb6, old sport, did. you have c a
4 good time at the picnic! .....   .  .•"-a"'-.
'■       . .     '••'    ■ .*     V."11".      *       *'•   ' '' *p'
I See Rochon, the Kandy Kid./       y.
[Messrs.' Peyton and Taylor of Michel
spent Monday in the city. •      ' '- - ...*
I Hammocks," all shapes, makes, and
pricesi'a't Suddaby's.
' We are pleased to see that air". J.
R; Pollock is able to be-around once
i   ..     . ■        ,,    ■,     " -.,'
more.    ■"  ••■,- - * ■>        "     .   '   "
! The Thaten :Duo and their little girl,
aire still_ winning .admirers. •. Mrs.. Tha*_
ten is especially, entertaining. „_,.  . _ ,-
i Just the thing for your verandah-*-
Bamboo Blinds—the cost Is nothing at
Trites-Wood Co.   .
'Mr,?. George Boulton J.- P. .-' was
acting magistrate this-week owing to
the illness, of Judge Whimster.
. Beef, mutton, pork, veal,, hams, bacon,-lard, etc., only of the .very best.
Phone 41. "     , __"'_ -
Miss Shanley, who has been visiting
lier fl)i*other in this city for the-past
two weeks left for Spokane on Tuesday
morning.       . :,_T ,
' Steel ranges, the best in the land--
$12,eacli up. Furniture department.
Trites-Wood Co. . .  '
For a good comfortable smoke get
Oorenbecker's brands. They, are
home product.
Remember the big auction sale commencing at 8.30. comprising watches,
clocks, jewelry," silverware, cut glass,
etc. Wright the Jeweler. ,'
„'- Mr. T, C. Phillips,- travelling auditor of the.C. P.- R,.-, passed through
the city on a'tour of. inspection Tuesday evening In Mr.    Bury's   private
car.    . .'       % . .,    ''
11.,,   ' - »,      '  ,      • ■ • ■; •   -    .., ,
V Snaps in baby carriages, go-carts and
express wagons; Furniture department
Trites-Wood Co'.' '"'   ''   ' '  *'   '
The,Methodist church,ladies aid. Society, will meet at the home of Mis.
R. W..Wood Friday, July 2nd,at.3.30
p.m.'" All members are requested to
be present.
■ If you'want to win'the girl; buy her
a hammock at Suddaby's: You get your
■value,out.of'it afterwards. .
, • U ' ' .11. . I   < '. I       .
'• Miss Ellen Martlndale, who arrived
from England on June 15th,'was married to Charles Robert Lowe, by the
Rev. R. Wilkinson at the" home of
Mrs ..Ellison the'lGth.      "i'.'.'.i.,    '■ ■•
You are foolish if you .don.'t get our
prices on furniture. Cash talks.-at
Trites-Wo'odjCo.S •   *'■..<  -.:-   \* >'_
Messrs. G7 I/.-..Bury, general manager of the'C; P.R., A. Price, general'
superintendent.' District -Superintendent Browlee and Chudleigh and, other,
officials pf the C. P.-R7'. passed
through the city on a lour"of'inspection Tuesday evening iri "Mr.  Bury's
Go to Rochon's for ice" cream.
.**w,;.- js.
-%ri.->-.-a.V-;,-iOi '•-< Si-jt-S
40.$-.   '-4--J
♦   j Onions,    Radishes,. Cucumbers,    Lettuce,
♦**H*»^'*«fiiWi>H*+'*++*<>'9' ♦♦^»**» ■*»♦■» ■»•■»♦";
■■-';      ~.,r.;.,-*,         :■■■'.        ■'-'*i       '   *"-• .■.-•'■''.-":'• vfc'.,*.,:.'-   ■
„. Potted, plants at the Palm. ._.,.
- • Special^aiuctibri,.sale for.; ladles:- at
Wright's jewelry store   today.at 3.30
p.m.   r r\ .',;_,   , , (  ,,.. ,
If you ■ a're'^ a' particular smoker get;
ybur'smokes''a'■:~ingI'aIri's,.'!', ;•'"''   '.'
' E.A. Whlteznore, local yardr.an of
the C..-P. R'.,-'; left for -the ea.i':. oi:
Wednesday.' •',■;)' _ _,    !_
, See Suddaby's' window for violins,
banjos, mouth organB, etc. ,,,
1 Mr. T;V'C.-Phillips, travelling.auditor of theC, P. R, was In. town this
week checking, up the books of '. the
local station! and still; Charlie is. on
the Job''.';,'.   " >,*•'*'•' ',» ,_        .';*'i'
A.jW; Bleasdell, agent for}Draper's
Permanenta Indlstructable acid,; proof
ink*'.. ■' " -'■_''. ''•■•V',**rf'.
Mr. Howard Jackson, accountant'of
the Wood-McNab Lumber Co..1_Trl**
wood, left for his home iri Reston,
Man., this week, where he takes over
the business of,T,v.\\"a; Jackson..__ .,'". '
I'Mlss Clara/.Morris left Wednesday
afternoon"; for^fc'alispell, -Mont:; "ori' n
short'visit.',' iW>y.y:y /r-"''^-*
;.'■■-      I    ..,.'1 . HX' ''!   .".  '-j ,   '•    ■'   " ''  • ■*
' The enterprise of the, Bank of Com:
mence;Is'• worthy o£'mention'. ...They,
have laid a: fine granolithic• sidewalk
on both sides'df their corner dot-which
much improves-the neighborhood. ■'-
Window shades'inouuted ,.on good
spring roller,*,"special (35c. up. Furniture department: Trites-Wood.Co, • :*.
I Ingram's ,bowling-alley reopened after some extensive changesi.,haa'.been
made. ■. ,He now lia's^hree'.'first.class'
alleys in-.operation, fitted with ;new
balls and piris. So go to it you heavy
rollers! , '--.i..      ',      . i"ti/,. •<. i,.-,,'''
. -Mr. Manspni.'manager'pf the Home
bank, left on1 ThiiMay^'morning' "for
Cmnbrook_"_Y_£|'om' vhich city he,]'will
taken, an outbmobije. trip^ to Gold'eii.
He expects to; return,,to .this, city " on
Monday.'   •_•_ •,.'*•'    ;: ,■; ;„.?,?,':*;  : •
Important Notlco:-'-Write*to the Le-
du'c Produce'Company-for^ prices on
creamery 'arid'[dairy'butter also' fresh'
eggs. Proprietors,of Lakeside Cream-'
.er-v.lLeduc.- Alta.,.,    "■'..,*,■,- -:4J -.,,,,. -
.   Clean rags wanted ."Apply Ledger. ,
■-'-     ■       - ' .-;■ ,i/i'i   ,-,*.-} '.,'-,   ...    \
■ Four valuable .presents,,Are;,"given
away at each sale at Wright's jewelry
store..-' .1,'-.'   *     11<-.".• ''.-.*(» -.1 ,-.,i   -,  .-
" Prepare for the first of Julyj. arid
make It a'record sporting event for our.
city!;   ;■■ .■/ y-^A "*V':'1;';*7"   •
Mrs.,H. L. Blackstone,returned to
the city from Spokane,.thete.arly part
of the week.*! *' ■    •"• y. .,,- -,»■■"'■■ • . .
Tlie Baraca.Blble class, of 'the'1 Baptist church Sunday sch'ooi'wlirdiscuss
the questions- bf' the, Blble'Questlbn
class found In the District Ledger. A
welcome extended to all.,/; ,     ,■.   .,.'■•
A snap In hand bags and'Valenciennes laces, and'a line of beautiful hats
and skirts, nt clearing prices-.'-*' "' Tho
Misses Euler!' ' '"'"' '"•.',,'"'" - ;7'!*
, Mr, Harry Clement, :lat.ely with the
.Western Canada Cement,and Coal Co.
at Exshaw, has - accepted: a < position
with Bean Brothers In this city.- Mr.
Clement will shortly' move'his family
to this city. "'■•   *''.'' 7. •*' -' '■}' ■ '■
■:ii,.i    I •■!-*'.■*„■»-.1! :   liljl./f •<•■     I'J       >;':
j . Garden and', Flower Seeds',:. Clover,
lawn grass and: timothy;-:grbwn*in the
Northwest.';Th'e* only kllid'suitable for
this climate;Take no o'th'erl-'Blea'sdell'V*
•   '   >■ . .1.  :, it   >.',',';   ■ i'.\'; M*!  it-..-i ,■,'■!.
,' : Invitationsl have, been, .issued .for the
marriage of Miss Kate \yilson ,and
.Mr.,i,Joseph, Green.-,-.. The' ceremony
■will j be performed.; in. _ the /Methodist
.church by Rev':- Mr Grant! on* June. 30
at 8"p',m,'""''   -;-' !""' ■' '••.•|:**'-"-K''-:
.Lost—Ori June," 15'1''i90a)'b'et,weeri'"C;
P,.- R.; depotfand.roadmasters,house,, a
gold', brooch,, with .four'■.brilliants .yalu-
edxas-a keep sake;.'.Please feturri .to
this'of flee. • A* suitable! reward Iwllli^be
rrt ■w:'U;l*t',;-> - 'T.V
* * 1 a
I '•   .-*;;' •'«•! a-tiri;i   *«**!;u.;m'. ,,'; ::;;•,;•'
. For Dominion; Day, July lst.jlhe.pa-
nadian -Pacific'.railway;Co announce^a
.rate 1 of fareiand'.orie-',third for   the
round "trip.; . Tickets-will be on:* sale
June 29th to July 1st.-'inclusive, good
to return until July* 3rd, 1909;. '■'■- . ' -'■
; Drop',in'at,the;Fair',arid''treat''y^
self or,.someone',-'else tb'aj.pound.'of
those. d"eliclousJ'chocolate ..cream's-usually., sold .at '50c 'per • pbund.'''40c':>w'nile,
removal sale lasts.,, .'    ' '..''
.   Sweet ;cream at Rochon's,.,i!;. r,,*   ,
s    ,h&*ffiffi$^£^$'"^i&?y{': '-•- v'i*'-7'77-', -yr-yy
I     \i-y~?^^AAs£g£iyX-y ' .---/.,- \ *'-. :-'.;. •; •,. %  ',*• *-
K ^-^&S^^^0y _*p.~!- ;:*5.-- '^i<-^ :^&k^jki£
:i . .    •  ^St'fi&i*-" '   ri*   ' ''**' ^J^8*-* -■.'-'"' 0'',u'-':'aT^;-'--;.V'.'iitti'-'.''
'J *"■k^-mM~y9&^. i£*agaW'r 'Atea-tr-yBry? ----i - ."W^*1 -''•"-"'A
..' . vf> j.*.** * '7.; .*•, e'.' "r, j.-j y„"'ii
•*r«fvh'-  -    ■
„ a , 4. fi '?-..** * •'•■Vi'V-. „i ^. .
ai*rf «.?-rj-!..c.-fy,y
White, Cream and Ecru
©OMEilJkAl&D SE%p
*av-.?4.   f;
A m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmB
s"*-7 .*/£■?:« &
h >yr$:i,ii. %k
Mr" a.'/: :'■   :■ ''■:•
y. '-■* ****., ■ '■■*.*- \_7a
:.:' •-'. •■■-" :'*^"'iga
-*   u
il I
mMMmmkwmMamm:mym\\ vmm
IJeWeWlKJUl, > ^SXLiVtiHW.t iVi^<Z\'::LiiVXAW^-UVtJLl,mS
Horse Races, Baseball,
l'*       *' .     '- 1     ', *   ,..  • in    >.;    •}, I,
'..-' •    I   I ,'.  I,' 1/ li p
H. W.  HERCHMER,   President
G. H.  BOULTON,  Secretary
1 . ..nt** ..(>■- -*.'
t *   I *  a a   ,  ,   _j ,


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