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Industrial Unity is Strengptb
The Official Organ of District No. 18, U. M. W. of A.
Politica.1 Unity is Victory
VOL. IV.   No. SO
FERNIE,   B. C,   July  17tli,   1909
$1.00 a, Year
Glace Bay Kicks on Expense But to
No Purpose—Powers That
Be Show Their Hand
GLACE BAY, July 14—The centre of
interest tonight was the town ha'.l at
the council's weekly meeting wh :n
tho presence of the militia came up;
The town council chamber aad hails
were reinforced, by the crowd in tlie
street.' It was expected that some
action would be taken by the council.
Councillor McDonald moved'a r.-solu
tion, a final clause, stating that In the
opinion of the council, it will be necessary to retain the soldiers -until the
cause of the disturbance has been removed. , _•,.
As'soon as the resolution was beforo
the, meeting Councillor Tobin. 'arose
-and' said that he was going to object,
to the motion being put as it would
ha~ve to be treated as a notice of motion, but-it went ahead. Deputy, Mayor Tobin objected to the way in which
the riot act had been read,,the sheriff
having been brought to Glace. Bay in a
special train the night before and the,
Riot Act having been read in broad day
light when- they was apparently little
He spoke of the hardships • endured
by the women last winter and extolled
them for their bravery. He said the
soldiers cost $1000 a day. The soldiers
were too much under the thumb of the
Coal Company. *• Finally he moved an
amendment, that a meeting of ratepayers be called to consider the resolution and the question of cost.'-
Councillor McDonald said it was all
nonsense about the cost of the soldiers being one thousand dollars a day
and gave figures to show that the cost
to the town was no more than two hundred and fifty dollars a day.
The town's   181 special police
pointed by th    mayor    wll    cost  i<s
much as tho soldiers.
The mayor said he thought the strile
ers as well as the men in the mines
ought to be protected. Repudiation
was the only way to get clear of the
expense. The amendment was defeated on a vote of nine to two, so
the soldiers will stay until the strike
is over. -  _    .
An increased output of 20 tons from
the mines yesterday was claimed by
the company. The steamer Ocean
sailed from Sydney for Montreal with
a* cargo of seven thousand tons. Other
stores are loading.
INVERNESS, aTuly 14—Good order
prevails,,here. The company reports
that four hundred and eighty tons of
coal were hoisted yesterday and tbat
three hundred and fifty tons were loaded from the bank.
More men are, at work than any day
since the trouble began. The strikers
aro gradually returning' to work. A
Belgian miner has been committed at
Port Hood on a charge of assault. Tho
presence of the troops is having the
desired effect. The company claim
they will be kept here for some time
yet. 0   -
The\original intention of the Orangemen of Fernie was to join Cranbrook
in a celebration. Finding this was impossible It was resolved to open the
lodge at 8 p.m. anil to invite all Orangemen " within reach and give a
supper after the work of the lodge
was finished. This was accordingly
done and the lodge opened at 8 p.m.
with Bro. James Campbell,-W, M., in
the chair. Bro. H. J. Wilkes in the
deputy chair.
There was a good attendance, and
after the usual routine lodge business,
the brethren were called to refreshments. There were many visiting brethren who were right royally entertained by the brethren of I.. 0. L. No,
The first toast was as usual "Our
Glorious Deliverer, King William,
Prince of Orange" which was responded to by Bro. E. H. II Stanley. ' ,
The next toast "Our King and
Country,' was responded to by Bro. H.
Wilks. .'   .
The third toast "Our Association at
Large," was responded to by Bro. D.
There was a large and varied program of songs,"recitations-and also
speeches throughout the evening, the
principal contributors being F. Coutts,
Charley Waylett, W. J. Blundell and
John Luxton. ' *   .
The^ meeting broke up somewhere
about 12 p.m-. after a very, enjoyable
This lodge is in very good shape
since the fire and extends a warm welcome, to all visiting brethren, and wif
be pleased to Have an good Orangemen
place their demits in the hands of the
secretary 11. W. Bowen.. They meet
on the first and third Mondays in the
K. of P. Hall.        ,    ■.-',.-
Barrett, a Convict, Pays Death
Penalty for Killing the
Deputy Warden
Denounces Masonic Order for
Lack of Support—Son on
. Scene—Claims Body
Two Rough  Characters  Make
Good their Escape From.
Edmonton Jail
Scouring; tho Country for Tho
Jail Breakers-Serving
Throo Yoar Terms
The Mexican was next him in line,
and wheii ihe guard's back-was tiirn-
ed he' struck the guard .oyer the head
with the crude but effective weapon,
while the Mexican - attempted to assault the other, guards. "The .men
.were finally overpowered, after a fierce
struggle. On several occasions th,
negro who is powerfully, built,, with
brutal features, attempted vicious assaults but luckily he did no damage
of any account.       _  .
Johnson is almost certain to put up
a fight, if caught. Knowing his desperate nature, the authorities have glv-
in Instructional to the police to shoot
the negro at sight. „   ,
A warning against the criminal has
been scattorcd throughout' the country, closo to the city and the farmers
aro on theii* guard. It is believed
that should It happen that the negro
ovades escape long enough to get his
hands on a gun ho will put up n desperate fight nnd will not allow himself
to bo taken alive.
WOODSTOCK, Ont: July 12—Martin Allan was reading a .newspaper at
his home, -when lightning passed down
the flue, and out into the kitchen
knoclcing Allan from his, chair into the
sink and tore off a shoe. He was
burned severely but will recover.
persons riding., on. a handcar ' and
pushcar trailer, collide don'a-curve
in Platte Canyon on., the Clorado and
Southern railroad ' last night with' a
freight train. Two persons were
killed, two fatally injured and eleven
seriously hurt.
EDMONTON, Alta. July 14—Protesl-
ing his innocence to the last, and boii-
tending from tlie dooi' pf the scaffold
which was lo launch him into eternity',
that he had killed Deputy Warden
Stedman of the Alberta penitentiary
in self defence, Gary R. Barrett, was
this morning hanged in the.corridor of
the prison. There were present onlv
the coroner's jury, doctors and, representatives of the press. The trap was
sprung promptly at 6.'44, but'it"was
something over 15 minutes before Drs.
Blais, Forin and Hislop, who were in
attendance, pronounced him dead.
When he was cut down it was found
that the noose had not-been properly
affixed and had "slipped, resulting in
strangulation, although; the physicians
in attendance stated that .the vertebrae of the neck was slightly dislocated. *'_■'; '" .7 ,
His Story
say, 'Ban-
like to state just hov^*.'it .happened.
Gentlemen, I am going^to'.be'hanged
but I killed the deputy.,warden in' self
defence. Had''I not done so my flesh
would now be' food for vultures.",
■ Here he was interrupted by-Sheriif
be bi;ief.,       ~* .- -  .-'7*'*-   ''-/?
Barrett  then  started "in',_".wltli"* tho
intention of speaking p,i/>ain, evidently
'' The regular meeting , of the City
Council was held last night, at the conclusion' of the tug-of-war between the
Burns Company*and the brewery, the
mayor and", aldermen, who are only
human after all, refusing to, attend the
meeting until they saw the conclusion
of that sporting event.
.All members were present and considerable * business was put through.
The Imperial bank, Mrs. Jennings and
the 41 Meat Market were,given sixty
days extension on their temporary
buildings.'' It was decided to make
the watenyorks bridge over the Elk
river four feet wider than the original
design, and the contract for this alteration, was given to Broley and Martin
at $575. The provincial government
is to pay half of the cost and upkeep
of the bridge. ,
Air. A. J. Farquharson was appointed fire warden for two months at a salary of ?75 a month. , The Elk Lumbor company will share the expense
equally with the city.
Major James Sheppard, the, good
roads man, sent out by the governmen*
will address the council shortly on; the
subject of the proper construction 0°
streets and roads.'    -    ■
Young Men Canoe Racing-Drawing Alongside When Upset
Body Not Found
asked, if he h&d7anything to
:*rett replied:   ^Yes, ' I 'would
■ FORT WILLIAM, Ont. July 12— C.
Coombes, a fireman on board the Sa-
ronic, was drowned in the Kaministi-
quia yesterday -morning opposite elevator C. Co'ombes had been on short
leave the night before and had missed
his steamer.in the morning which had
gone to "Isle Royale. He then went
to'visit a former mate working 611 the
Rosedale and it was this ship that
he fell into the water. As he never
rose from the water it is surmised that
his - head must have hit the side of
the boat probably rendering him un-'
conscious before reaching the water.
The body was recovered after grappling for it for an hour and a half.
Several changes have, taken ■ place
recently in legal circles in aUiis city.
•Mr. Alexander of Ross & Alexander
and has ceased to be a member .of the
firm. -Henceforth W. R. Ross K.C,
M.P.P.; will continue to handle the
WINNIPEG, July , 15—Fred Dixon,
an exhibition visitor from Kelwood,
Manitoba, lost his life on the Red river yesterday through being upset in
a canoe a short distance below Norwood bridge. .Dixon was a slnglo.
man 25 years of age and came 10 this
country from England 12 years ago
He had resided for a number of years
in ihe Kelwood district and was employed on the farm of Albert llearn,
witli whom lie came into the city on
Monday to visit the exhibition and take
part in thc Orange celebration.
' Yesterday morning Dixon,' llearn,
and a party of other young men went
on the river in, a row boat and returned safely. Dixon suggested that in
the' afternoon they should take the
canoes anil have some fun and challenged Cliff,, another member* of the
party,-to a race.' .    -
-After dinner Dixon, Cliff, Hearn ami
Duncan McTavlsli accordingly hired
caones from the boathouse at Norwood
bridge and paddled down stream, Cliff
and Dixon leading. About 200 yards
below the bridge Cliff and Dixon were
close together and Cliff reached • our
and took hold of Dixon's canoe to>pulI
it closer alongside hisowir. As he did
so both canoes* were upset, but both
men were good swimmers and had no
difficulty in-getting hold of their-ca*.
noes. ' - .
Cliff asked Dixon if he was'all right;
and Dixon, who appeared to be enjoying the mishap called out: "Yes, I am,
all right."      _ »
Cliff then struck out for the St.
Boniface shore, which is only about
forty feet away but before he reached
(he land he heard his companion shout
for help and he swam back to his assistance. ■
■ Dixon had in some way lost his hold
of the canoe and was In difficulty and
Cliff swam to him and endeavored''io
help him ashore. He got hold of the
drowning man but both wore their usual street clothing and shoes he wa:;
i,i,able to effect a rescue.
The' two men saik tw:'3 and "Jiff
then lost his hold and-Dixr.n disap
peared, while Cliff, win": xim, by this
time much exhausted, ^ ..ggl-'d for
the shore.
The body has as yet noi, boen p'Civ
.MELITA, Man. July 12—A sad
drowning accident took, place this af- •
ternoon at River park. Two boys,
Douglas Hay and Roy Badgley were
swimming in the river near the railway bridge when the latter' got beyond his depth and was drowned in,
about four feet of water. He was 9:
years of age. His' father is at present about 80 miles west of,Moose Jaw
Sask., but has been wired for.        ,.s
WILEYS, Colo. July ,1,1—Nineteen
persons riding on a hand car and a
push car, collided on a curve In Platte
canyon, on the Colorado and Southern
railway last night with a freight train.
Two persons were killed, two wore
fatally injured and all were seriously
EDMONTON, July 14—Up until
midnight last ovoning after fifteen
hours of riding tho country, to Iho
north of the city, tho posRes of Mo'inl-
od Police, and penitentiary guards had
fulled to dlficovor any trace of tho
two convicts, Johnson tho big negro,
and Atchison, tlio Mooso Jnw criminal who mado tho Bonsiitlonnl escape
from tho penitontlnry yards yesterdc."
•■fioriilng, whon tlioy climbed ovor tlio
top of n high bonrd fonco HiiiToiiiHllnr,
lho ground** niul got away Into tin
IjiihIj boforo the fonco ruiu'iIb, whoso
rll'h'H jammed and sovornl tlmoR re
fiiHO.I to go off could glvo the warning
to the offlclnlH limlilo.
During llio afternoon n roport cnmo
to lho ponltentlnry that llio (wo
ci'lmlniilH Iuul boen night ed by tlio on*
gltinoi' of tlio packing plant crowing
tlio big H'owt'i' which niiiu from tlio
plant to lho rivor and heading oiihI*
wnnl, ,■ Tlin Honrch wiih bout In thnt
direction nnd for iiovcrnl lirinrij unlil
hint ovoning Mounted Polico Honrch*
cd ovory liicli of Dw ground to tlio
en nt of tlio packing plant Imi without
HiicciiHH, mul when Dw pohhoh return*
i<il nl inliltifglit to tlin penitentiary,
tlmy Weill compelled lo report. Hint no
hIkii of the enr-iiped rnuvlclR could lio
found. A poHiio wiih kopt 011 Dw
Ki'iucli nil night iiiiiI lho police nl '.'ori.
HiiHkiilchowiih worn iinlll'lnd to ho oil
tho look out.
Joiiiifion, Uiu Dig lifgio is om* oi )f;i
i.tual i)i:tiiri:iuit- n'i'liiiluiilt, lli.it i'n; polico cf lho Weill liuvu Iuul (0 handle.
HU littt Is 11 record of icrlmo. Me tier:
ed n loiig term In Stony Mountain nn
a e.inrg.0 of theft linforo mining to Eil
llH/ilVoll    ^iHiim'lllii'al ')     XXii     'litVla*    'jClT.a
for -stealing n homo In Cnlgnry. It
had beon wlillo nerving this term thnt
IiIh (loBpearte clinrnetor linu boon ro*
vonled. liln nHBnuIt upon n'ijunnl
early in the yenr while In lino with
fhe ronl of Ihe ftrltonertt on .iln vny
to dinner wna of a most rieiperatr*
Jt wut discovered thai .villi the,an-
HlRtnnco of Monty, 11 Mexican, lio Tint!
contrived a allng, hastily mnde by tying a scale weight in a handkerchief.
Pat Millor Is Btnrtlng on a trip to
Chicago. lie has taken up a hot of
$2000 Hint ho can mako Chicago In
four months by playing a piano In oach
town on thc wny. Pat has sand enough
to mnko the trip nnd wo expect to
hear from lilm as ho travels nlong,
for.^i-'W-ncln-.v-'the^'^^'.ii.'e'i'k ,of,   th'.*-. affairs'formerly carried, on, by the com*
WINNIPEO, Mini. July 1,J~Ono mnn
killed nnd two ot'nerB seriously Injured
In the rot-ult of nn accident which no*
ciiitciI tonight on thn tnniHcontlnotit-)!
railway In (lit vicinity of (lie annul
Trunk Pacific rJiopn now In tlio coui-ho
of erection. Tlio men wero ongngeil
011 llio building of tho shops and their
iiatm'ii are supposed to lmvo boon Con
Htniillne Htengle, Mlrhnel OcIiIhI'I nml
Jiiim-H Mcl.eoil. Tho throo men with
a companion liuil nt tlio llino of tho
accident nought Hliolter from tlio rnln
beneath 11 gravel tin 111 which thoy lie-
llovod would remain wtatlonuiy for
hoiiio time,
Wnhnp'plly this piined mil lo ho the
ciihu kh the eiigiiio which wuh a!Inched Ktiddmily Htitiieil tin" 11 ulit nl 11
speed which gavo tlio men 110 time 10
f'Keiipn from tlielr diuigeroiiB poHlllon.
Ouo limn wim Knocked down uu the
ni lit* nnd the wheelH of llio heavy ear
passed over IiIh tlilghii, caimlng coin*
.'ut..iai itu-tiii*.* 01 i/oiu iiiiiuu, a nu
binii-liiii; .,.'.Jw.-J...s 11'.■..'■ j,'.'.; 1 «.*,.* .'.'.;...,
Another had n foot nud band .siuuhIk-iI
nml IohI two finger-*! whito th**- thlr-1
rorelved 'nn Injury to n foot nnd a
bruise on the node.
fa ..<a    fa.a.'ak. a a'.   .'...'..'.   V-.,\l'a !.*.'aj   aa'u   •L.'A.rti?*,'-
nnd rnn for assistance,. Tho men
wero convoyed to tho gonornl hospital
In ambulances.
Michael Omclilskl died shortly nftor
3 o'clock this morning, Tlio Injured
mon wero roflfln**** romforlnlily thin
The Socialist party will give nn Ico
cream social, concert and danco In
Draco's Hall on Monday ovenlng. July
20, 1000. at 7,!!0 p.m, This will be
ono of tho ovcntH of the uennon, ko
keep tho dato open. Tickets can ho
secured from most of tho members or
at the Co-Op, store.
Masonic order, to which ho belonged,
for not treating him right, as he considered. His statement was eu;
short, however, and the' priest commenced the reading of the Lord's Prayer.
At tho conclusion of the execution
tlie'nCoroners jury rendered its usual
verdict, after which'the body, w.13
turned over lo the executed man's son
and will'bo convoyed by lilm to Butte,
Montana, for burial. Barretts' son
requested permission to bo present, at
the execution, but was refused. '""
Barrett, with his arms bound to his
sides, was brought from his cell which
ho has occupied since his conviction
for the murdor, through tho main corridor to tho point where ho was -o
pay the ponnlty for the crime which
has nicked Alborta and tho entire
west as being one of tho most foul in
the lilstory of Canada.
As he passed through tho corridor,
Barrett, who was preceded by Guard
Scholl of tho ponltontary staff, I Inn.'*
man Holmes of rteglnn, nud followo'l
by Father Des Mnrlsens, bowed an 1
smiled to the wnltlng spectator!-. Ho
did not speak however, but wllh ,1
steady stop mounted the scaffold,
without, exhibiting tho lonst tremor or
Mr. L. P. Eckstein lias taken into
partnership with him Mr. D. E.' Mc-
Taggart, formerly of Vancouver. The
firm name' will be Eckstein & McTag-
gart, and their place of business will
be Cox St., city.
' Mr. Sherwood Herchmer has taken
in Mr. McDonald as partner, the firm
name being Herchmer &McDonald and
the offices situated as at present.
'LOS ANGELES, July 111—Fifty thousand Elks otday filled Los Angeles
with music and noise. Aftor a day's
outing at Pasadena the opening of tho
grand lodgo was held tonight ln lho
auditorium whon there wore speeches
of welcome by Governor Glllett and
others. Grand exalted ruler Gus Holland responded,
WINNIPEG, July 13—The weekly
crop roport over the Cnnndlnn Northern" rnllwny systom wub Issued today.
Tho gonornl concensus of opinion Is
thnt tho crops never looked better.
The fnrmoi'B nre nil happy over tho
coming harvest,
a good; SHOW
The Pollnrd Opera company put on
the musical production' of "Widow
O'Brien" at the,opera house on Tuesday evening. -■_ -
'^■i.'-liS' house 7, as crowded and' everyone was delighted with the play. The
entier cast was ably presented and a
show of more than ordinary merit
was put on. It would be a very unfair thing lo particularize, but. Alfred
Goulding as "Widow O'Brien" certainly
made a hit, His very dry and clever
style of Impersonating a woman of, Ignorance and years Is unique and laugh
able. Miss Eva .Moore as "Dora Mc-
Callister" the widow's daughter, was
as winsome as a budding rose. Lltilo
Ada Hind was ulso charming as Nora
O'Brien. The compnny plnyed "Tho
Millionaire" on Wednesday In just ns
commendable a manner as their first
production, Fernie will always welcome a return of the Pollard Company.
Rev.  Grant's Decision a Call For Censure by Miners
of District Eighteen-Present Dispute May Tie
Up Mines in Operator's Association
Tho lug of war wltli cleath, for $*.'."M,
lu-might out the largest crowd we have
Keen for niiiuy ilu.Mi In this eity, The
hoys nil laid down nnd pulled for all
they were worth. The liUtf'hci'H would
probably have won hnd they hail such
1111 able captain mul coiiclici' as Joe
Gniipnll, ,loi. In miri' there all the
11 nm and lie Ih the 1111111 who won for
Hie lli'ewei'H. The following were i'n-
Sad Termination to a Sunday
School   Picnic—Wading
Hand    in Hand
Thing-*; In our dim rid hnve tnken n
rnthor peculiar turn this week.
The honrd meeting held at. Frank
docldod Hint the men nt HllleroHt were
I'lghl. In their ileelHlflii not to go to
work oil Hov. Grant'-- recommendation for n reduction,
V'jttl    'l0.l.'ai   (.let'l'-'Ula-   U'a'a'.iU'et,   10   OilCl.
the mon pending n decision from tho
IntajrnaHonnl Union. C. V, Hill,
ntt ouo of tlm memberi' of tho Operators iiBHOclntlon Ih trying to got nil the
to work along tlif. IIiich of IiIh lornm.
On the other hand lie- Opi<Nitors Ahho-
elntlon Ih trying tn gel Kill to wnl'.
till tlio Internatloiial Iiiih pimKeil on Hie
Tho iiiiui claim, nnd nro right In do-
allien.' Iln-) gut I In** bi'M of (lie ili'ilia-
Ion from the ni Miration eoniuiliiep,
Ai< the company tool, this Htnnd, ilumen had iih much rlglit to take the po
-".lt'cn tlmt tlit-.t hav*.
Thn dlHlrilef official*1 im'l  l'rt.'«t,l,<et
_ icaiiis:
' P. III'lt.NH
,11.   .Myi'H  ..
. (i.'iil'Ki'   Ikiylr
.Mm   \\ mil*   ..
.Mm .illlmly ,
..llm  Haiti,-,
: Adam  lliiiti-i
Tom   Htiwi'ii
.. .Inlili, .Ifiliiisnii
. ..hull   Wlilni'1-;
    Win,   Null
 M. I'eli'itai'ii
....].,   (ilitUiilll
 C  Vnlliii.il
.......'5.   I'oniil.
I'aildy HiiulicH of iIm* Klin- I'Mivnrd
lioti'l received Hie Kiel news Unit  his
l>i*(i(1.< •• Tl i •   ■ ' '
(Iiir ho, Hint tlm r-'iifimi tbey repudiated [ Stockott nt HoHiuer on Kridny, but no-inn-* e,,ii.ni*|(n< »t «.„-,,,..*'■,.•.■   ■*,
StM*. Treat**. A. J. Carter and Org-
nnlwr T. Jnm*** left for Uof-mc-r end
Hlllerent Inxt nlffhf on offlrlnl bun*
a.'riuu.it uiutuiK m iiu-'UUio the llulereiil
iiiuiiiiRouieiit did not open tlio mine,
(.Ride from the pSI!;.r«, aftt.r the
UKieenioiil. wiih hIkii- 'I, hh did all tho
other compiinlen. but declared Hint
.ifi.ie.-. t-.mil rtowii mm. inn men iikm-hjI'iu'.v would not open ihe mine nt nil
One Girl Slipped DraKeing the
Othors   With   Her—-Tide
Carries Bodies Out
VANCOUVER, July lii—Holdlnu;
eiirh oilier hy the hand and attompi'UK
to wiulo into deep wnter to swim. .Mini
(iertrude AnkorH and four of hur pu-
pIlH of the llrownvlllo nebool near N'i w
Weistiiilnt'iei', wen* drowned yoHii.-iduy
The flvo were ini'inherH of a Sunday
Hchool picnic puity, and had been three
Iioiii-h on thn bench of lliirrnrtl Inlet, 12
mllcH from Vancouver, when they decided to ko In hnthiui*. All donned hn-
tiling siiltH and with the 1 earlier In
Hie centre I hoy walked out KiwnrdK th.-
deep Wlllef, ,
Suddenly a ulil un the end Hllppeil
over n leilKe liuil lorn her fooling in
deep wilier. She pulled tbo oiIhth one
tiller nniiihei' and nil were carried off
by I lie tide,
Their Hcrciiiiui hinit'-ht a number uf
bather*, from a illiilance, but hy the
time they raiclied tlm place the ■.-li'li*.
had i1Ih[i|ijii>'ii'ci], .
Minx Afild'I'H liudy wiih I'eciiveicil ;d
ter hall' an hum Imi mme of the oiliein
lilt." heen   (iiIIImI
The four clijii'iij. iioid me Annie
mul Mny  .Murphy n-jyil  17 niul  If. re-
hpeclUelv, MlnlelM:   ,\l:ce   |'iil|Nu|i  :it;eil
I*.' aiid SU-nl Illicit, hki'iI Hi,
MIhh AulidH win* about LTi je.n-s nt
ane and ihe oui*. diumbii'i- of a «t*>-
employ e,
Shi' iih well iih the Mi-iHcH Mm ph.*
were unlive daiit-MciM of New  WtM-
Km* nolbtliK definite Iiiih I-c'.-ii decided, i would probably  nut   recover.      "I'm _
Homo Hfioctiliitfon will be Indulged In |left nn Tluirtniny cvchJuk'h river for!
as.to how UiIh tiiiii ft nffaliij will nf-jihere.     He took bin wife and cliil.tre,.! JUMPED OVERBOARD
foci Hie 1.1'inU'iix net in the event of; with him, nn he expect., to he   awtiv j    N,':w YOIIK, July l'l--Knrl<iH Soui-
a Keen I nl Hhllt iIomii of tie* niln»H con-■-ilmn* two im.'.ii. ti     it •      *odv  n Fecniul cmMm r,-,- .-■ .* '
trolled by the f'per/UurK A**'<orl,'ifJoii.   in well known hei.. ami at J.*o'.l ('reek. **l<'«ini.*i*_ Ku'tu-iiu    Auuuxt«<    Vl<--.»rii.
which arrived Haiuiil.i) fiom ('.-miii.ii,
Minn Frnnor of Winnipeg Ih In town
a guest of Miss Thompson,
For adoption: A flno healthy bnby
boy, thrcj inonllig old. Apply to U'd-j
tier office.
1). W. Hart of Ilnynts wn» In tha     Rov- '" "■»■• *•*■■•■ i**"d   thl»
clty on Friday. He brouRht with lilm aitrom hls **<■•"*».'.<■•. ■•-•• '■*■•■•»■
Inches loni? nnd 7 b.clwt In dlnmot-r
tbnt wnH Krown nut In tbo open in
proof Hint the noil Micro Ih A  1.
for tiinpu    In ln-dlvit'
______m_________m^__^_______m__ jlinvliiK left here about four yen in niio.
Como nml hear one of Tciuivioir* j    Tlm Tory editor, the (,r(t edliur, tlm
llrltlnh und Fniuli potih, jumped o\i
iboard In initio.inn mid wnn lotai.    ||,
Mrs,  Toddri
I whltnwenr.
bent poeniH "Knoch Arden," lo b«- ?|V.|-voiiW-bij niniiiiKer. the female operat-i wuh m*.*n to mnl.i* Dw pluiiKi- from tin-
en In the McihodlH. church iicx. Mon |"r'"'" ™*}* ">'w' \*l"™vM™\™»r\ntm rail nml „ life buoy wan !,„„,.„,.
dny ,,lRln by H.-v. It. W. l.-e. U!-.,,,., ^ ""^ "'^ ,,,,!'-;,'l,U '" '"* ^ '»■»■ ; »"'-»)■ M.n.wi, lo nun. tolli.wcl by Ihe
*d  by  Rev    Wllllnmion mid   I    'V |I,,",,,,"H ,ho ^«rftl''»"«'. ""'I Dw il>'vll;iniinr|i|nR of n life boat, which tondn
**-o<(k j tafa-o the clinlr and the prr*r.*.*dii   an
•KnlolHtH. Itl'V      lll'llllt    w|Jtl
at our e:,tV'und luii-ii,, !„ue ,,ll I..-.-ii.ih-i| iih m-iitcIi for i,>-.iily an hour itml
workiiiK on cem.iii mlxInt.* thU week, j never once rhi Klia-lii of blm.     Soniody
i-tolnK dcvoied ,„ ,be buillim,- fu.-d. ^\ "5" rf "« '" U% "", "? ""'V" » "«'«m. c.f Au.-iiu aud wa. I«*
tamplo ot what naynen can do In tfiej j. <;. Mrrall.m. pf Cr-inbrooV win ial^mo Hhould miss H,Ih .rot, •,,,...*,,. ■!" ''"* „ °f h,;'r, ",f,"> »"■' "-"•»'""'-jtl-v.-.I frmn hi. a.ii.ms ,„..„„,„ tll
.h«p«orBrowln«. A cucutnber about SJFornlo on Tuc'Iy *        t«H «»d tav. a pl,...ni le ur „,„-   a\^U' "'" "° """  *«'rkm'"  ("    '»' !ro,nm.«tl,iK ,l,e d-cl.to *,.„,. b,,u Im
.halt ot i-ntcrtnlninont.
f     "A. ■**»-•■>■'*—-* ■■**-»..«,■
' tt
*W>&&*&&&mt&9!l>*&&&tt&'m<3L*&l893gt!&t»lGlS'^*&^'& t^eTt>^99^9i*^*9<99*WtS*'
' There is much discussion nowadays
concerning freedom of speech and
We are witnessing today the birth of
a new tyranny."
Capitalism is reaching its height and
is endeavoriiiK. like all past tyrannies,
to deprive the people of their rights.
One can hardly take up a paper these
days without Anility*; some instance of j
Rovernmcnt oppression and editorials | not  secure
took from the Americans in his railway
.  Warren  Hastings did, . not despoil
Hindustan of as great treasure as Ryan
and Belmont looted from the traction
lines of New York.
Lucillus spent 8,500 dollars on a single feast and was considered extrava
gam, but now that much is often expended for the single matter of flowers
at swell parties.
Caesar when he conquered Gaul did
:is great  tribute as .1.   P.
thereon. • ! Morgan secured from manipulation of
Those   wise    editorials declare we' ihe. stock    of the Central railway in
should of course, insist upon freedom! Georgia.
of speech, of press, and of assembly,. Sulla levied a tribute of 25,000.000
lint ihai does not mean freedom to at- dollars on-'tho conquered cities of
tack the government, Iho authorities Greece, but the sugar trust in one year
of the ruling class.
, They declare, we should of course
have freedom to speak and write, but
not to preach anarchism, socialism or
other subversive doctrine.
Apparently in the minds of most
Americans there is much' confusion.
One is constantly surprised to find certain people tacitly approving the action, of a lawless public in denying to
some unpopular person the right to express his or her views.
But if liberty of speech and of press
means anything, it means that any
American citizen has the right to say
what he pleases.
He may. attack the government, criticize public officials and advocate any
reform, revolution or doctrine.-'-"'
lie has the right to believe in any
religious, political, or economic doctrine.
But freedom of speech and of press
carries with it a responsibility.
If any man says that* which causes
injury to another, he may properly be
' held responsible for what he ha!s said.
•    If he urges violence and someone is
murdered as tlie result of his words;
he maybe held responsible.
It "lie utters a libel, wrongly accuses
another man he may bee held responsible.
_^Me___arfi_assu_rcd freedom of action,
but- if, I"commit a theft,-, assault or
''murder another,'I am held responsible.
That does not infringe upon any liberty which I should wish to possess.
Under thc constiution of the United
States a man may believe what lie
pleases, preach what he pleases and
write what he pleases, But If what he
writes or preaches causes another to
lose,life, property or reputation, that
individual has the right to take action
against the preacher or the writer in
■   question.
Our police, army and various state
executives have no right whatever   to
■ interfere with any man who expresses
his or hor views    upon any subject
They aro criminal and lawless when
thoy attempt to Interfere with the
freedom guaranteed under the constitution of the United Stales.
For tho polico to stop Emma Gold-
mnn from sponklni*, and lo hound hor
wherever sho goon Is for tho polico to
act. us hoodlums and lynchers.
The postal authorities net ns criminal!* when they refuse tho malls lo
certain political publications.
Tho president, of the United States
Is a tyrant, when ho drums up absurd
(iliUfgoH to crush a pnper which opposes his political views.
Il Is moiiHli'iious that any American
citizen should applaud lho police when
ll forces Its wny Inlo a hall lo censor
lho speech of any man or woman In
this country.
Tho niitborilloH have power to net
when Injury Is done.
If n Soelnlim libels nny man ho can
he held responsible. If ho goes forth
Into llio si reel ami prom-lien Insurrection lie can be held responsible.
The lnw provides a perfectly lentil
mul hod nf proleciliiB Ihe rlglils of
any elll/en Injured,
The IhkiiI method, however, does not
ant Inly l|ie mttlint'itlcH.
levied a greater tribute than that on
the people of the United States.
Pizarro did not secure by torture of
the Incas of Peru as much as Harriman
has recently gotten from the people of
America, and the sufferings entailed
by his worlc, exceeded the sufferings
caused by Pizarro.
Cleopatra dissolved in wine a pearl
valued nt 400,000 dollars, and the
world wondered at her wicked extravagance; but in New York it Is comparatively common to squander as much
at a supper and nothing is thought of
in him. A man of the loftiest type of
patriotism, etc." ■
What's this to do with the-tariff?
Nothing. And .Mr. Wage Slave, who
reads this, the tariff has nothing to do
with you. It's your master's business.
Let him worry ovei; it aiid fight about
it. I have mentioned it only to show
you, who deserted the party of your
class and voted for the political servants of the capitalist class, what you
voted for, and how little you "can expect from them.
You will got a subsistence wago,
when' employed, and charity or starvation when unemployed, whether that,
august body of senators , doubles the
tariff rates or abolishes them entirely.
Tariff debates, corporation tariff, and
other rot of like character, tend to take
our minds otf the only issue before the(
'working class now, and' that issue is
the abolition of the capitalist system.
Work for it! Vote for-it!
By Horace S. Reis in Chicago Daily
The approved Republican method of
getting elected to office is' to promise
the voters something. It doesn't matter, afterward, if the promise is forgotten, the foolish votes having been
Mr. Taft a strict, party regular, followed this plan when he was a candidate-for the office of president last
He promised to have the tariff revised— downward. He got many .votes
from those who believed in him, and
who,thought that a revision of the tariff, downward would make 'cheaper tlie"
things they must buy.
Voters who did not understand that
the function of a class government is
to protect the interests of the ruling
class. The antics of the senate, at th''*?
present writing are teaching these
voters that the capitalist class wants
the senate to revise tlie tariff, upward .
And Taft's campaign promises? Oh,
pshaw, what's a promise anyway. The
only use for his old last year promises now Is to furnish a few words of
argument to Senator Beverldge why he
wants a peculiar schedule lowered. As
for Senator Oildrlch—bogjiis pardon
Aldrich—and the majority of the senate, they'proceed calmly on their way
to the upward revision, coolly Ignoring
tho pledges of their party nnd its last-
year's standard bearer.
Says Collier's Weekly, editorially, In
Its Issue of June 19: "It la President
Taft, not tho senate, that must mnko
good to tho peoplo. The fionnto made
no promises. President Taft must olth*
or voln llieblll to prove to the pooplo
.... that tho tariff bill which he
signs is a substantial revision downward. , , , Let there be no mlslako
nbout the facts. In the sonnto tho
lnriff Is not being revised downward. '
IJut President. Taft will nol velo the
bill. IIo'h instructed. Ho Is not qunr*
rolling with Aldrich, tho senator who Is
broil-ting his promise foi' him, but. no-
tuiilly (IIhciibsIii*** with Aldrich somo
fenltires of Dm bill,
lie knows whose monoy eloeied lilm,
' Robert Hunter: Samuel Gompers is
to sail today for a trip through the
chief countries of Europe to attend several important congresses of labor.
He will be.treated with consideration
and respect by the labor, and Socialist
movements of Europe, because he represents two million' of American work
The journey should be an instructive
one. From the time he touches for
eign soil until the day he sets foot in
New York again he will find no work
ingmen with caps in'their hands.
In England he* will see one million
five hundred thousand trade unionists
organized for "political action. He will
see men from field, factory and workshop fighting Liberals and Tories, determined to lake government in' iheir
own hands and to run it for the common weal. ' ■   **
In the chief cities of Great Britain
er he'will meet face to face a single
injunction, and' from one end of Bur-
ope to the other he will not find a sin*
gle trade union discussing or considering the voting of money to employ
lawyers to fight, losing battles in an
enemy's court.'
We are glad Mr. Gompers is going
abroad. We trust he will meet tho
chief trade union leaders of Europe.
.We hope he will discuss with them the
methods they are now employing for
the emancipation of labor.
There is a crisis in this country. La-
hoi* lias nothing ahead of it but irritation, anguish and defeat, unless It
adopts new methods of warfare.    .
The American Federation of Labor
is'now the only large body of workingmen left ln any white man's country accepting voluntarily political servitude.
The following quotations are made
from Plechanoff's work entitled "Anarchism .and Socialism." Unless otherwise stated the paragraphs are written
by Plechanoff himself,
"There are many of the younger or
of the more ignorant comrades-who
are inclined to,take words for deeds,
high sounding phrases for acts, mere
sound and fury ,for revolutionary activity,' and who are young and too
ignorant, to know that much sound
and fury, indicate nothing.'!—Eleanor
Marx Aveling.
* * *
Need for Industrial Organization
"Recent events in the labor movement in Belgium, France, Russia, Italy
and America have made all thinking
Socialists realize that revolutionary organization on the economic field is,
to say the least, equally, as essentia! as
revolutionary organization on the political field. But, the two methods of
combat are not antagonistic, ,but mu-
he will find trade unionists sitting on j Uia-->' supplementary. They must be
the boards of aldermen. In London he'.uscd simultaneously and it is not ne-
will visit the house of commons and he. C(?SSill,J'.. ,to harmonious    co-operation
.thaLthere_s_hould__be organic ■ connec-
tion between the apolitical and economic organizations*of the proletariat.",
Page 2 introduction, Robert'.Rives La-
Monte \.
>     , '■          •"•*■*# *'   v
Methods •
"All,weapons are good which accom-.
pllsh our aim, and if the ballot prove
a failure we shall not hesitate to resort
to other weapons, even to powder, lead
and dynamite
- * * *
The Utopian
"The Utopian is ono who, starting
from an abstract principle, seeks for
a perfect social organization"
* '•* *
Human  Nature
"It Is not human nature which explains tho historical movomont; it Is
Ihe hsltorlcal   movomont   which   explains human naturo.
+ * *
The Basis
The gront revolutionary pnrty of our
dny, tho International Soclnl  Demoe*
racy, Is baBOd not upon somo new con*
engineers.   ,-.
Crossing'the channel into-little Bel-
glum he will be received everywhere in
handsome spacious "Houses,, of the
People." He will attend meetings
held in halls owned by the people; frequent cafes owned by the people; be
taken to theatres owned and conducted
by the people. He will find the workers of Belgium owning shops and factories, ond producing for themselves,
and selling to themselos the necessaries of lifo. He will find alongside a
strong trade union a political organization controlling mnny towns and send
Ing a brilliant fighting force Into' tho
parliament li^ Brussels.
In France he will find the workers
winning groat vlctorlos. He will visit
n hundred or more towns in Franco. He,
will visit a hundred or more towns In
Franco, He will be presented with
tho key to thoso towns by trade union
comrades, In Pniis he will find n
host of brilliant men .fighting for thn
rights of lnbor In ono of the Inrgost
pnrllnmentH of Europe, If ho chooses
ho may nit down aftor tho day's worl«|coPt,on of 1,uninn natu,,°- "or "I5011 ftI'**'
and talk with Gustnv Delory, a man mb-atract principle, but upon a sclent.-
who iwo years boforo ho wns elected tlci*'-*v demonstrable economic nticoss
Looks Like Murder-Burned to
Hide First Crime
NEW YORK, July 13—An aged couplo who lived on the outskirts of Dw.
village of Patchogiie, L. I. supported
by a weekly allowance from a son in
New .York, wore burned to death in
their bed early yesterday.
The victims were Townsend Our-
rity. aged 79, and his wlfo Cy,.lhia.
who was ust SO.
The police are disposed to believe
the old people were the victims of a
robbery and Incendiary, but neighbors
think that a lamp which Mr. and Mrs.
Garrity kept burning in their bedroom, all night may have started the
When the firemen arrived from the
village, a quarter of a mile away,
they found Peter Zetklatich, the landlord, who lived on the first floor, outside the house and the doors locked.
He was arrested and will be held till
the case is cleared up, although his
account of the fire and his escapo by
jumping through a window is accepted as a creditable explanation.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., July 13—Deranged
from insomnia, Gustave Krause, aged
56 years attempted'.to.exterminate his
family early'today and then committed suicide.,
, Declaring he-would' slaughter,his 9
year old son, Krause tied him to »s the
bedpost and thon beat his wife into
insensibility with the butt of a rifle.
The boy managed to free himself and
escape from the house while his father
waTTRa^lfliri^SlrsrKrause: *"*	
When he thought he had killed his
wife Krauze leaped on the muzzle of
the gun and discharged it with his toe
killing himself instantly'       »   .
Mrs. Krause regained consciousness
and staggered into the yard' where
she was found by neighbois who had
been summoned by the ■llltl.-Tboy' She
was taken to a hospital and is in a-eri-
tical condition.
Steam heated throughout*
Hot and cold Baths.
The King Edward
Fernie's  Leading  Commercial  Hotel
Rates $2.50 and upwards'
A. .Rizzuto
J. Ckaivford
Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Co.
" i
Contracts Taken' '-
Including Stump Pulling, Land Clearing and Ploughing.     Lot us
iiguro on ymir next job
Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts
VICTORIA, 13, C. July 11—Rev. A,
E. Green, inspector of Indian schools,
who arrived here today says residents
in tho Skeena district regard the discontent of tho five hundred Indians ln
tho river villages as likely to ■ cause
trouble when tho rivor navigation enda
and the majority are preparing to send
their womon and children oiit,
 '-mt**. L,	
mayor of the groat city of Lille was
breaking stones for tho pavements of
dial city.  ,
In Swodon, Domini ik anil Norway lio-
will find ri movomont littlo short of
marvelous, I He will find tho trillion
iiiiIoiiIhih inllltan', and till of them
Socialists, flllod with n passion for hu
mini advancement and working-with
and    why Teddy took lo Iho woods,  I nc rod! ble energy and ability
Having boon a judgo ho Ikih lonrned
tohiiPPOHslty of furnishing aniplo tariff and otlinr protection for liifant. industries like tho oil trust and the Htcnl
trust. ,
Not    that    hc'ii obliged  to      tlii'Hi-
i'i'iihIh In any wny for IiIh olocllon; oh
porlKh llio wli'kod thought!     Hni   ho
In ordi'i* to crush one wlinni Dwy iloj wo-n'i I'h'.lit tin1 m*niili\ tlio liiiiimviilih
not Ilii", llioy filvi* 'un*'.r i" li'Mi'in* wi'iniio, tin'Hiuinii'thnt ii'ituilliili'H hlin
lu IiiwI.'sm iiiiiI criminal ni.'il'ul.i.
Hut thoy know nol wim'.|lii*y do,
LllWll'HHIH'HM     lll'Oi'llH  lllWluKHIli'HH,  II-
t'i'iiK<\ llri'iiHo, iiiiiI when niii'KOvi-nijiu*
iiiilliui-|i|i'S    *■■'*''  I'lHlroly mn nl' linud,
tlll.y     Will   CIIII.HI*  till'  HHIIH-   I'i'IK'liflll   In
lhiii .■otinlry Hint Iiiih oxIkI-'iI
duriii*.' llio hint ilui'iidtm.
In Kii'ihIii
mid his word to tho pi-npli*, Ami If Mr.
Tiifi Ik In (licit iiifri'Miioiit with tlmt
bill wink of iln- iriiKlH nnd if iik ii con-
Hi.'i|iionri' IiIh uonl lux nines a litit--.li-
Iiik Hloek nnd a Juki' we un.' forced to
Ilii« cimi-'liiiilon Ihnl Mr. Tiift Ih hiiIIk-
fli'll lo lldV" It so,
11' tin.' wilier uiuU'i'i* ii promlm* niul
In Gci'iniiny !io will find moro trndo
unionists than ho has ever soon In one
organization, and alongside tho trad.)
unions ho will find a Hoclnllst party
Diado up of lho hii inn mon working In
porfocl ciHiporntlon, for,tho political
aiid.ilniliiHlrlal iiilvnnc.oniont o f labor.
In evory town ho visits ho will   find
ki-oiii.'SoidiillHl uowi'pn'piirH, publishing
Iioiihoh, and all die otlinr iwiicIch Hei
coHsiiry for thn inoiilal and moral iln*
velopni'itit of the worlsei'H.
In Austria ho may vlnli Vlclor Ad
ler, oil'*- of the ureal men now living,
who Iiiih unitod the iriuln union nud
HoiiIiiIIhi. fori-OH Into one fl-jlnlm*. body
Hint knows no illffoi'iuu'on. Iln will
find nil llm iialloiifilllles lu that coun*
The   people   have Hover resorti'il to; Infer dneii nut  |-['i'|i It, or even try to (try united undor one flag, fighting (<■•
keep II then the writer Is n lliir,
Ir Mr,   Inn  uimn:**. « tiM.w..", !«■•'..
ill,.*., .tin.   !.''<■''  '.<•" ''   ""t   Veep  It.    or
"•»■'"• until■ force has hi'i'll    liotH'H'.'iry, ;
Xiir  have  ihey   fulled   to  uso  fni*(.;u i
win- in tm giiveniini'iii. iiui.fiuiiii.'i, Inm;.
ilmiiiw'lveH lieioiii" liiiidoi'K and /'-inn*iovi.-ii .illi-.'iiiil to )'''<'l' It. dicn Mr. Tnfl
• 'iiteib   of lattli'.sMie.-.:; and lyranny. -   ' Ih n    good  Unpnlillcnii and  n   gentle-
liy Robert limner lu llm ('hlcugo Dully!mini,
tir-Hiili**!'-! !    If the writer were to run for nfl'lc'.
 .    m.   .— , .mill li>   lliitniHK )n.«"*a   ,••'•"-' "-'
THE LOOTING OF AMERICA,        tfie-**, and hiler Ignore Ilium' pidmlseH,
- .... Ihe would bo guilty of plnylm; mtieii
golhnr for lho omn.icip.Ulon, lntol1.-i!
1.,..'.  ,.;.!   :i:!il'".'!'.il  *''f Mm  ilMnWIioil
Iii Italy ho will discover Just ono
progroHHlvo foreo—tlio KikiIiiIIhih nml
tho trndo unionists.     Mom too lie will
find  loopiiratlvi-'s  and   powerful un*
I..,,..- .,„.t„i,r-tiui riu-nl workers*, nf ihe
Indeed In no place In Mtirope will
Ulp Van Winkle roturned from his
long sloop looking' fresh ns n daisy,
and made his wny to tho vlllngo bnr*
bor shop, not only bocauso ho noodod
a hair cut and slmvo, but also becnuse
he wished to cat oh up with Iho nows.
"liOt's soo," snld ho lo tho harbor,
aft or ho was wifely tucked In tho chnlr
"I'vo boon fisleup for twenty years,*--
havnn'l I?"
"Have I missed much?"
., "Nope; wo bin hIiiihIIii1 put."
"I Inn Cnngi'OHH done anything yut?''
"Nol a thing,"
".loromo done nnyihliiK?"
"Plait resigned?"
"I'liiiatnii (,'niml liulll?"
"llryiin been elected?"
"''•irimglo poor?"
"Ferule post offlfif- built yot?"
'Weil hii),' «.ilil U!i», '.W.'.-.n in IV
chilli, "i.eviT mind htinvlntr the other
side of my face, Im going hack lo
«leep itKnlii."
—- Hucposs,
Thero Is such an abundance of good
things in the July Homo Journal' that
It is difficult to say just what tho O'U*
standing features aro.
"Tho Dominion of To-Day" tolls of
thc wonderful growth of Canndn from
1807 to moo. The now serial'story,
"Tho Mystery of Harry Ingram" by
Annio S. Swnn, stnrts In this number,
Tho oponlng chapters glvo promlso of
Its bolng ono of tho host stories over
offered to Cnnndltm rondors,
"The Awnkenlng" Is an ox'bolloin
short story of n dream that cnmo true.
Many girls havo ambitions to become)
writers. Tliolr IrouhloB and porplox*
Itleu aro told In brief In "The fllrl Who
Wants to Wrlto."
Womon nro coming to tho front, as
oxplorm'H and n short, sketch of lho
travels of Miss Agues Dnans Cnnmron
In Northorn Canndn Is very mitoi'lnlu*
Ing, "Wanted, a Homily Comhlim,"
Is ii splendid nrllclo ad vocal lug tho retaining of lho nnturnl homily of our
tnwiiH and villages' II. Is nxcolliMidy
Illustrated with photogrnphH.
Tlio whole Ihsiio Ih prol'iisoly lllu-i-
trilled. Tlm cover Is an excellent re
■proline!Inn In colors of "Tho Violet
Lndy" by ('uniidn'H foremost ail 1st, W.
(Jooili', who also contributed iho "Summer dlrl," whicli Is printed In colors In*
This magaxliio tins Improved recent*
ly ne lwii'li Mini mnny lonillnir ftnn*
nillnn women nro rending tho Homo
.lnuriijil In preforonco lo foreign pub*
•A full line of .shelf and   heavy '.Hardware in stock together  with1 a
' complete range • of Stoves
Furniture Department
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delivered    to   all
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K9mbXlt*tX*A*,$4".4kia***e ,*i4m~*-f*t' tw****
Mum-in lmn ii.oi'c money In nn iuul | in>llitcn. lie would be ft clicnp
tiiii|f|iililcii iimn mi,v pluio.ni! In I'i-iih , Wlu-n Mr. Tiifi run for llio
poMii'SHcil. Iili-m-y, tiiHl'Ing public promlm-H'ln lho
.lulin Hni'i'i-MI.-r!-, annual lncomo U  '"'"''" nf mul by Dw rulvlcc of IiIh par-
liirgiml, fortuno of an ji>*  Mint   Dw  iiirlff  ivoiilil  be  i.".l;;cil
liliiM'iiwni'il lie wns clerti'il. He
111! ■••■!■  I llllll   Km .
|(l( t ■■,,,],,, ' iliiwnwni'il In* wns clerti'il. Df nud liln
Alexander Ktilnod Iobh liy hit*    <:oii-jln»uoMibl<' vntty will nm ■•vi-n mi.-mpi
.,,,.. ,,.'• M-v-t Hum ili«* Vftiiili-rlilli.il ilowiiwnnl n<vlK|on.  Iim .Mr. ThCi'h
family lmu hiiucoxciI from l»i« Anwi't-nwi n i-oih-h politl-inn. Oh, mil
(tin in nph
I    Set* nn*. capitalist iH'Wupiipor*,  Ii"'h
Cortc. illd  imi  .|i>h|m»I.   Munu./.iitiinj'-n brnadmln-lort.   fnlr. Iinpiuilul num.
nt Riich km-iii in-null*.-. U-Vafuy Ctinlil 'with Dw btdltltl Icr-ipi-rniriciiMiitifircii*.
lar.    j Mr. .(tntiipoi'H flm.'hii orwiilxnlloii ho
pniHl-j lidplcHH iih Ihul which Im Iiiih left lm
lilml lilm In ureal. free Anierlcu.
Tito cnpltiillHtH Ium-i.1 nro (ylnu lilm
band mul foot, jjIih-Jdk Ma nn-ii In
lalitn'kli'H, li'KlKlntlvc, Juillclnl iuul executive, , • |i
.Vowlioro In .'.itrop'i will ho flrul llm
worl.liisiiicn Kcndlnt' tlii'lr ropn-Honln*
then tn pitrliiiiiifiit, lo Iiok. hut    tu
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From one oml of Kuropo lo tlio old
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In what way will Jesus judge the
world? , y
Verse-32.— Why did., some mock-
when they heard of the.resurrect'on*?
Verses 33-34—Did all who were u\ie
to God accept Paul's message, anil
were all untrue to God who rejected
it?    ' - ■       '
:, Lesson for Sunday, Aug. lst, 1909.
—Close of Paul's Missionary Journey.
Acts xviii:l-22.
fn Jl Ci    7 i   Suggestwe   *
t ounaay school options -.§
On the Lesson by the Rev. Dr. Linscott for the International
Newspaper Bible Study Olub.   ——————•———»=—«——■
•K " *
JULY 18, 1909
Paxil's Second Missionary Journey—
Tli'ossalonica- and Berea. Acts xvii:l-
Golden Text—Thy word liave I hid
in my heart that I may not- sin
against thee. Ps. cxlx.ll.        "'
Verses 1, 2—Is church going a good
N habit,  and „what do those lose  whc
have not formed it?
How many, times a day should    a
,   person attend church?
What is the value of. a good habit,
and how are good habits formed? °
■■ Verse 3—Did Paul mean to say that
it was necessary for the Jews' to have
put Jesus to death, and if not what did
he mean? (This question must be an
—rs were d "I n""w r i t i ntp'by "m e m b e rs~of ~t h e*
dub ) '     '    "
' (The position tal.en, by the present
■writer is, tthat the Jews ought to have
, accepted "Jesus, and that tlioir putting
him to death is the colossal'crime
■of history, aud the calamity of calamities that, lias befallen the Jews, That
there are two distinct lines of contingent prophecy In the Old Testament
either one ,of which being fulfilled,
would cancel the other*; nnd that the
prophecies concerning the perpetuation of the Jewish nation ancl. tho
throne of David,_ with unparalleled
splendor, wero cancelled by the fulfillment of those concerning the, rejection of Christ. God sent Jesus In
good faitli nnd they voluntarily rejected him, when God's first and beat,
plan was that thoy should nccept lilm,
God then proceeded to do through tho
dentil of Christ, thnt which would
havo been done more Hpeodlly by hia
life) ,
Is It nccoHsnry for us to adopt all
Paul's opinions In order lo bo woll-
plcuslnp! to God?
Wero all Paul's opinions correct, con
coming the time of tho second coming of Christ?
In whnt sense was lt. truo "1,1ml
Christ, must, nooils lmvo Buffered?" Soo
T.nlco xxlv:20, ,Ior. xxlll:5*G, Mich. v. 2,
Mutt. ll.-l-O.
In what, wny tlo tho Old Tostnmoiit.
Scriptiiro» boar testimony that. Johuh
Ih tho Christ?
Voi'boh •!, "i—How do you account for
Is Hint tho snmo fuels and ronsonliiR
which convert a some only serves to
hnrdon otlioi-R?
How Is It thnt women nro Ronornlly
In tho innjorliy In ClirlHt'n convorlH?
Why   wero tho .Town   moved with
. jealousy?
Cun n Jealous mnn, nl llio tlmo,
oil hor ho n I rno mnn or n coitucI roii^
Honor? .i
How do you ohuinolorlzo n pornon
who Ih Jniiloiw of another In doing
Hood worl-H?
Iluvo wi> nny modern example of thn
wny (Iioho pooplo net oil?
Vow) 0—Ih Hie world loilny upiildo
down, or rlnht Hlilo.up?
In llio world uotlliiB bottor or woi'hd?
Voi'ho 7—Whon peoplo oppoxu tho
work of God, do thoy Kuiiunilly i-onflii'1
thoniBolvoH. lo tho tdu.i) In tliolr objections, or ||lo thoy over confine tliom-
HflvoH to thn truth?
Do ohjoctoiH to tho truth knowlnxly
falsify or do thoy do it. lu blind tenor-
unco, or throiiKli i)i'0jiullce7
VurncH 10-12—Ih thero ever nny vlr*
tllO   111   OXPOHIUK   OUI'HI'lVOH |tO   dllllKOI',
whon It Ih not nocou«nry In tho inter*
ohIh of llio truth?
Whnt wnn tho difference liotwonn
tho rollgloiiB peoplo of Thoimalonlo'i,
nnd those of lloron?
In n truth Beokor miro to find It?
Ih It over right to oppOBO tho truth
li*. the li.tevc-.sl.-. of the Kingdom of
V«iHun l?,*ir»«- What la U which
promps mon to work no hard, nnd
persistently In oppoBlnR whnt thoy
know to ho tho lruth?
i Lesson for Sunday, July 25th, 1909—
Paul's Second Missionary Journey. —
Athens.  Acts xvii: 16-34.
JULY 25, 1909
Paul's Second Missionary Journey.-
Atllens.  Acts xvii: 16-34.
Golden Text:" God is a Spirit, and
they that worship'Him must worship
Him in spirit and in truth. ■ Johniv:
24..    ' '        '    ■
Verse 16.—Can any true man, at
this time, see the folly and sin which
thousands so eagerly ■ follow, wihout
his spirit being stirred?' -
Verse 17—Notwithstanding that we
all, necessarily,"have trades and call-
_! nne ♦ /a_ra»« pel m  elan,,!,-!   Jlrt»4_ela,\, > [H nat _
-i..ua~,w — ^aai a4a.44, — wi.waaaa,,— V, — a,, ia4a, i a. — >.a4a,-
our .chief concern be the tremendous
issues involved in ^spiritual truth, and
why? (This question imust be answered in writing by members of the
Verses 18-21—The Epicureans tind
the Staoics had a contrary philosophy
of life, state briefly what they each
taught.       ■ a-
Which brings the more lasting happiness, and develops the, nobler character, a life, devoted to the pleasures
of sense, or a life devoted to service
for others nnd to self denial?
What,' as a matter, of fact, Is tho substance of what J'inil tauglit?
■ Should we lend a respectful car to
all new theories of life, and eternity,
or reject, them without examination?
Verse 22.— Which is the hotter
man, an active sceptic, or an indifferent iind thoughtless Christian?
Which Ib preferable to be ever speculating about God, or to have no concern for him?
Is a belief In nud a longing for God
peculiar to Christianity?
May a heal hen who, has never
como Into touch with Christianity find
out. and know tho true God?
Whut then Ib the adantngo for n
truo honrled heat lion coming Into con*
tact with Christianity?   ,
Verse 23—Can one mnn who knowH
God, ho tho moans of ImpnrtliiK thnt
knowledge to nnotlior who doHiroH lo
know lilm?
Vorso 24—How do wo know that
God made nil thiiigH?
God iIooh fill hoavon and onrlh with
his proHonce; but dnofl lio not nlso
dwell In lomploH thai, nro mndo In
whleh lo worship lilm'.'
Voi-ho 25,—Whilo God dorm not nood
tho Hiippnrt of mnn'H liniidH iIooh ho
not lll-Bll't) toll WOl'HllI]) nnd lovo of
inon'H henrl h?
How (Iooh God glvo to ull "lifo mul
broulli und nil UiIiikh?"
Will wo It) Inmvoii lm nblo lo hoo
God, In nny dtffori'iit wny from lho
wny In which ll Ih our privilege to noo
lilm now?
Voi-ho 20.—Wlml Ih tlio nvlikiiiii*.'
Hint nil rncoH of men Hpning from Hu-
HlltllO Block?
Huh (loil liml anything In do with
lho nntloiiiil and googniphlcnl iIIvIh-
Iohh of tho globa> a» thoy oxIhI to-
HnH God anything to do with our
pn-Hont individual condition.*, I*
VorHOB 27-2S—Whnt Ih both llio
ciiler Joy and object of life?
In It poHHlblo for ovory mnn lo find
God If ho will Imi. hooIc him, nnd
whut Ih tho only condition ol b-.-l-Iouk
How do you conceive of tho thou'tlit
Hint "In him wo llvo mul movo nnd
hnvo our bolng?' Cnn you llhiBtrnto
tho thought with iir, Hint Ib both In ub
and round uu?
VorBo 20.—Cnn nny worlc cf nrt. «■->■
vcHuul *God to uny practical mlv.ini
11 KO?
Vorflo .10-31— Whnt mnkoB tho nocl
for roponlnnco? <i
The International Newspaper Bible
Study club is for the purpose of promoting, in an unfettered way among
the masses a wider study of the Bible,
the' basal truths of Christianity, and
the problems which enter Into every
man's life. It is composed of all.those
who join a local club and take up the
simpe course herein outlined, barring
only ordained clergymen. All who have
not joined are warmly Invited to do so
and to compete for the prizes.
-. Persons may join the club at any
time during the year, but must of
course, answer the 52 questions hereinafter explained, to qualify for the
prizes, and back questions may be
obtained from this office.
This paper has secured the right to
publish the International Sunday
School Lesson questions by Rev. Dr.
Linscott, whicli have aroused so much
interest elsewhere, and they will appear weekly. One of these questions
each week is to be answered in writing and upon these answers the prizes
are to be awarded.
This paper is authorized to form
a Local Newspaper Bible Study club
for its readers and guarantees to all
who join and fulfil the conditions that
everything herein promised shall, be
faithfully carried out.
Conditions  of the  Contest
1. Each contestant, or his or her
family, must be a subscriber to this
paper, in order to qualify for- membership, in the International Newspaper Bible Study club and this local j
club. <       y  »■
2. Bach contestant ■ in this local
club, ' must answer each of the written
questions, for 52 consecutive weeks,
commencing for Sunday June 6, and
answers must be in, possession of this
paper .within two weeks of the close
of this period, v^ -
3. Each question must be answered
separately "and the paper written on
one side only. No-answer must exceed
two hundred words in length and may
be less. Each answer must,.have the
name ancl address of the writer at the
bottom of the answer.
4. The answers must be delivered
to this office, and they will be collated' at the close- of the contest and
forwarded to headquarters for independent examination by competent ex-
First Series—Solid gold medal to
each of the first five.
Second''Series—A sterling silver
medal to each of the next five.
Third Series—A Teachers Bible,
price $5,50 to each of the next five.
Fourth Series: The book The Heart
of Christianity, price ?1.50 to each of
the next thirty five.
Each medal will be suitably ongrav-
ed, giving the name, of the winner,
nnd for what It Is awarded, and ln
like manner each Bible and book will
be inscribed,
All who can wrlto an dhave Ideas,
aro urged lo take up these studies regardless of the dogroo of thoir education, as tho papers aro not valued
from nn educational or literary standpoint but from tho point of vlow ol
Hie cogency of0their reasoned b.aas.
Coal  Miner's  Strike in Nova Scotia
Funny  in   Spots-Woman  a
Prominent Factor in
The  Struggle
INVERNESS.N.B. July 12—The Belgian women were out in full force
with the U. M. W. pickets at four
o'clock this morning to prevent men
going to work in the "coal mines. The
Royal Canadian regiment pickets had
been posted. There was much jeer*
ing, and occasionally sucks and a fow
stones,were flying. One man was arrested for interfering with the police
but was discharged by the stipendiary. At four o'clock the men knocked
off work and the soldiers were on duty
and no one was interfered with.    A
sergeant and a squad of five men are
guarding the railway trestle, a mile out
of town, night and day as threats were
made that, no coal would evor-go out
of Inverness. A magistrate was all
ready to read the Riot act if necessary
and a number of special police were also at the trestle.
While the soldiers are here no ser
ious trouble Is anticipated.
One hundred and thirty men were
at work today and quite a number of
men would have been at work, but
they were away on the Orangemen's
Four hundred tons of coal were got
ten out, which is about one-third the
usual amount. ' "
■Turned Down the Mayor .
GLACE BAY, N. S. July 12—The
controversy, between the mayor and
militia came to, an end this afternoon
by tbe police committee revoking the
mayor's appointment of special police.
The .mayor had sworn in several hundred special policemen from the ranks
of the strikers and these specials were
aiding the strikers by acting as pickets
and turning back men who were desirous of working. ■ They have clashed
several times here with the county police and on Saturday the ludicrous
scene was-witnessed of two rival policemen putting each other under arrest. The county man finally won out
as the special turned out to be' an
Italian, who had not been In the country long enough to become a naturaliz-
.Another Funny Muddle
GLACE BAY, July 13—Councillor
Tobin added new" complications to the
already somewhat muddled police situation here today when he swore into
office, a. number of special constables
who were dismissed by the police
committee yesterday. These are the
men who were appointed by Mayor
Douglas the day before the troops arrived. Councillor Tobin has' refused
to tell the chief of^police or the chairman of the police committee how many
he swore into office.
B.  E. WALKER,  President
ALEXANDER  LAIRD, Gen.  Manager.
Paid-up Capital   $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada/and in United States and England
fftTIWTRY    •RHQTWR'-S-?    Kverv facilitv affoiiletl to faniK-i-s and oth-
UUUmni    DUOU1EOO   KK f;il; the tl.a,1S!lcuon 0f   their hanking
business.   Sales notes will be cashed or-taken for collection. ' „
•RANfflNf-r   RY   MATT    Accounts may be opened by mail and monies
D mi mill!   Dl   WAIL (1(,pOS-t<Hi   01.   withdrawn   in this way'with
equal facility.,    '
H. W. TRENHOLME. .   Manager, Fernie.
ed citizen and consequently had-'no
right 0to tho position which he , was
holding. "-7"',
-Both Sides Claim Lead
GLACE BAY, July 13—The Dominion
Coal Company's strike entered on Its
second week today with both sides
claiming lo have had the better of
The mine workers claim the operators of the company are almost, tied
up completely, while on the other
hand iho operators claim,that' their
output has increased every day since
the strike started.     <>
Claims Strike Broken
INVERNESS, July 13—Manager Beaton of the mine, here, expresses the
opinion that the strike is broken at
the Inverness mine as there are today 408 men at work out of, tho 606
formerly employed. There have been
no disturbances.
Department of Labor's Position
OTTAWA, July 13—The Department
of Labor today gave out the following
official definition of its attitude regarding the strike of the miners in
Cape Breton.,   ,
"The dispute at Glace Bay between
certain of the employees of the Dominion Coal Company, members of the
Local Union of the United Mine Workers of America, and the said company
has already been subject to government intervention, by reference under
industrial disputes investigation " act
and the report of the board appointed
has been given to thepublic„in accordance with the provisions of the said
"Were parties Jo. industrial disputes
"5Tn*»yffi,ir^^d J!i*t?fiib%ir~i ira*3f Intel y-tTr-tifs*
Always "n choice supply of Hoof, Pork, Veal,
Mutton, and Lmib on hand.    Hams,
Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs
Our Specialties
Fresh, Snioked and Salted Fish, al ways a good
assortment.    Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.
ee__*^mt^a_t •*£•-•
I The 41 Meat Market Limited \
|----- Wholesale and Retail Butchers |
Women Stripped Man
GLACE BAY, July 12—At Dominion
No. 2 a crowd of women chased a
big husky- indivadual howling "scab"
and other names not fit to print.
They hurled all sorts of missiles after
him until he turned and a ho •■ loo "Aw
go home and mind your kids?"
"We'll give you kids," yelled tho women as they closed in on the man, who, j prolong   rather   than   minlmi74e
although he mnde a desperate fight, period of Industrial strife."
government for intervention, or given
reas'ons - that the findings of boards
appointed expressly for the purpose of
enquiring * into existing troubles,
would be subject to further revision
by the minister or other officers of
the department.,of labor it would ser-
I, *-*
iously prejudice the effectiveness of
the worlc of boards appointed under
the act and the value of their findings,
and might only serve, having regard
to  Industrial  disputes  generally,    to
Stores in all the  Principal Towns in British Columbia and Alberta
Salt Fish
Our Motto "Civility, Cleanliness and correct weight to all"
Fire   and   Accident
Calgary News: It will he of interest,
to somo of our i*eadors to lenrn that,
ln tho new American tariff, Bibles aro
taxed while playing cards aro on the
froo 11 Bt. It'H a clear case of high, low
jack and tho game.
''' VANCOUVER, II. C. July 12—In connoctlon with lho hold-up of train 07 at.
Ducks on lho ulght of Juno 21, on uc*
count of wlilch Countable Docker lost
hin lifo In an effort lo capture two of
tho mon has resulted In Iho C. P. 11,
placing wllh iho ltoyal Trust Company
of ViuicouviM' tho mini of $2000 to ho
UHod.lu coiinoelloii with tho education
of CoiiBlahlo Doukor'B soil. TIiIh not*
Ion on tlio purl of tho rnllwny company
Ih purely voluntary nnd cntlrqly apnrt
from tho reward offorod. Tho rowm-d
romiiliiH uh linforo,
\\'*is severely handled.. The lrato fe-_
males-* soon had every stitch of clothing torn from his back and he had to
fliid his way home naked followed by
a jeering crowd numbering fifteen hundred people.
Females Fight One Another
At No. 3 the wlfo,of a workman at
that pit indulged In a flow of Billingsgate in'which she told tho strikers-
wives just what, sho thought of tho**.!
and tliolr lolgo lords' methods of do
Ing business. ,
The tlrado hiKiod for hoiiio ten mil),
ules whon tho sirlkors wives executed
a comhinod assault on the toriniigriinl
nnd literally tore her clothing to ribbons. It wiih scarcely an edifying
sight, to see a undo woman hreuklng
from tho cordon of shrieking females
and run desperately for sholtor, Sovornl of tho women are lu Jail charged
Will). UHBIUllt,
Hin.UNOTON, VI, July lll-dovur*
nor l-ioiiiy'H chiiuffoiir, W, II, Bon*
wuh1, wus iiiTt'Hli'd today on u I'hiirKu
nf iiiiiiiHliiughlKi' lu I'oiinncllon with
lliu ilotilh liuil iiU-hl of Hector Mong*
eon ol' SI, Hyacinth**, Quebec. Moiik*
iiiiil, who (Jiinifi hero to ixllond lliu Tor*
cniiti'imry colohnitlotiH faatlvKloH, wnn
run down mid killed lutu uigm uy uu
iitl'.oiiwi'jli'.; iiil«;h>.,i in Utlii: In.ii: ill hull
by llonwiile, Governor J'roiily w«h
on tlio oppoHlti* hUIo of the lako nt (ho
tlmo nnd lho authorllloH nny his drl-
voi" wuh UHlng tho machlno without IiIh
INVERNESS, C. B. July 12—This
town has asked for military assistance
ln preserving the peace and tlie request has been compiled with. On Saturday work stopped at two in the nf-
ternoon and at that hour tho men began coming out, . The conduct was
unruly, especially on the part of tlio
women, to provent. others from going
to work.
GLACE HAY, N. S. July 11— Thn
first, encounter between soldiers and
citizens took place last night at No, r
1 colliery, according to a Hlaloment of ft
lho company's officlnls. A workman jjj
who was ontorlng the gates aftor dark if
was challenged by the sen lino], Ilo 6
did not hnll. when rociucHlcd and the $
Hontry ralHud IiIh rlflo tho point enter- ly.1
Ing tho woikmrin'H breast. The mans jji
conirndoH ran away nnd loft, him lying j*}'
on lho ground, lie wuh not seriously , W
Injured, 'h
Beck Block
Room   3
1 j
'l Andy   Hamilton I
Tinsmith and Plumber
We can furnish you with estimates in
anything in our line
American Officer  Refuses Admission to Dying: Man
mnn remained on board the Hti'iunor, ; •>!XXXXX.O''XW:M
Finally Chief IiiHpoclor Buchanan "-*'"*' '  "" """ ""'' " '
rc-iit-hcd and coiiKetit, was given to
bring Scoplc iihIkii'o undor n guanuitiHi
from Iho local hospital surgeon thai
ho woul duo! Iiccoinn a public churKo.
At uluo o'clock UiIh morning li wuh
Hiiid that Kcnpic wiih bolng opoi'iito,!
on, hut that tlioy woro unable to Hpoak
Of  IllH  CllllllCOH,
' NIA'SAIIA l-'Al.l.W, Inly I'.'- Tho
i wiiIIh of ii ilowottoil Infant grooilm* thi*
ioiii'k (if a iiilllimiiu hMiiit'lit. nliont tlio
ii,llnu vI1.uk-* Um-ior wuh hurrying in u i dlKcovory today of n iniinlor nud hiiI*
llilffnlo liOHpllnl Iiihi night fnr Ironl-; oldo nt No, L'l'i'i Whirlpool HI reel. II.
iiioni liml mlglii hiivo hiH lifo iuul wlio f IOiikIiiihI :io ,voiii*m of iiuo, biiikoiiiiin, In
wiih roniHCil pcnnlHHlon to land from ||J"! \^h\ l,,(.,11 ?"",!. " '."'^V ^T.1?1
tho oxourHlou Htciimor. Aniurlciirin. wim I ^^ M„nn',l no-wo'.,,,, didn't
iiorily liufuru I o'oliii'U
Hill*'FA 1,0, N, Y. July Ll-Fritul* ll.
Hcoplo of Ski'ii'-Mon, Dm, whom a ('nn*
Tho Hotol of Fornio
I'Vriilo's l,oiuliii(j* a'umiiieivliil
mul TuiuiM  IIhiim-
S. F. WALLACE. Prop,
IUSaiNA, firiM*. July 13—A snmplo
of oatfl Bit Inches long and fully headed
out, wat* brought Into tho city today hy
JnmoH GrnnRlch. It wan grown on a
fluid two mlli'ii from UckIiui. Crops ou
tlin wholo are looking Hno and It lu
claimed Unit thoy aro a week nhond of
Inst, your,
liiouglii iiHliun.'
UiIh morning.
Scoplc liad h
gnmo of duck
way Out., tlirc
CryHtal Uoiicli.
a skull friHlurc,* In n
on the rock ut. Itliliio*
Milieu Inland from the
No ado(|u-iio lri'iitHiorit
' hnvo Hiippcr ready. Tho bubo liolnngoil •
I to the wniruin'H dead hIhIci*. j
cmil(] ho glvon him I horo nnd hu wiih
put on hoard Uio excursion ntonmor
Americana which pllnH between tlm
lioacli uilid llilffnlo,
Whon lho Htonmor arrlvod horo, Immigration Im■■loffnr Hparklln rofunoil
to   allow tli
"An honored clilzon of tIiIh town wim
ftufforlng from n hovcio attack of iIjth*
ontiy, Ho told a frlouil If ho could
obtain n bottle of Cliiimbi'ilalns Colic,
Cholera imd Diarrhoea llomody     ho
Hni* hiipjiliril  willi   tlio   t>i*.|   Wine*.,
folt confident of being curod, ho hav
doctor lo brlntz Hconlri'"-* ,,s",, ",,M ro",w,y '" l]w mM' II(i! ■'•NIN(i
nocior io nriif, Hcopu. wna Mm( . ,       „ j(i vwvV ftni, |
uulioru un Hi.  ground Hail, ho wau u,,   ,       ,,      ,n ob,_-..,.,..,, ,,, ..,.., wnft
l.i(||uuK iiiiiI .'itrar-.
nnn.M   I.N  .'ONNI.i'TION
illHahlcd allin.
For flvo hourH the ambulance Blood
Idl)'   nt  !)»• dock nml  lit** wounded
prrimptl.v  i-iirod," Hiiv-i M.   J,  I.onrh,
(lrupglf't nf Wolrott, Vt.    I'or t-aln by
all ilriiRRlHfH.
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Call in and
see us onco
I!' C. W. DAVEY & CO.. Props.
&i)e iitehwl £&$£%
fl.OO a year in advance. Address all (.ommunica-
tions to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. C.
Rates for advertising on application. '   .
We -believe, through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper aro signed by trustworthy
^persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good lo actual subscribers any loss incurred by trust
ing advertisements that, prove to be swindles; but we
do - not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest bankruiiis.   '._
This  offer  holds good   for  one  month  after    the
•ransaction causing the complaint; -that is  we must
...nave notice within that time.     Jn all cases in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
-  Phone 48; Residence 9 ''   Manager
the eity of Kamloops .since that (.lay, and now, the
publishers think it safe to launch into a real live
four page daily.' The proprietors and the City
of Kamloops are to be .congratulated on this move,
and The Ledger wishes The Sentinel the very best
<UNIQN lay) LABEl>
Tlio District Hoard met at Frank and decided
not to accept the finding of Kev. II. Grant re the
Hillcrest pillar work. The Hoard was absolutely
rigid . The idea ot! asking the men to take twenty
per cent loss for their Jiard labor when (lie company
is getting a higher price for its coal, and milking
the men pay 20 (d 30 per cent, more for theii- house
rent. Hill has always been a-bone-of contention,
as he tries to grind down Uio men al I'vcry stage
and they will not si a nil for it.
A postcard was mailed in Toronto to a Fernie
address, minus the necessary stamp.y It reached
Fernie, from whence it was sent'to the dead letter
office .at Vancouver. Tlie addressed party in Fernie is then notified that by sending the sum of one
cent in legal currency the 'post card will be forwarded to the owner, otherwise it* is kept in pound
No doubt this may.be proper and the correct method of procedure but to ordinary folks it looks like
a lot of rubbish.
I would like .to ask Mr. Crawford if
I did any other work such as he did—
dig ditches, pack- timbers, work double shifts.or. dig .coal"when the men
were looking for their rights. I -say
no, W. N. Reid never asked Mr. Crawford to a smoker that the membev.s of
Middlesboro local union were holding,
but I asked him to a smoker that was
gott,up by outsiders as well as members of different locals. It seems to
me no matter what petty position any
man may hold he can act,fair to hid
employer and the employees without
prejudice. . I have said this much iu
explanation of my position.
' . Yours truly
' The miners are an awful mean class of people.
They kick when llioy have to work in a mine where
they get drenched in *'wet places." They kick when
they' are in Tf room that.-is so chuck full of gas that
their lights go out, and when their rooi' is faulty or
their chutes flat. Now you do not find their
-friends, the operators, kicking when they have
to'work in a richly furnished ami thickly carpeted
office where they have all the conveniences that
money can buy.     Oh no. the miners are terrible.
.* "When a strike is on. the employers stop at no
end of expense in housing scabs, hiring special detectives, and put up with all sorts of inconveniences
with materially decrease their output and earniirgs
All told these extras run' into enormous sums. Yet
when honest and competent workmen ask for increases, the total of which would be a mere trifle
in comparison to the sum wasted in fighting them
they a're invariably refused. Yet this is called
splendid executive abililv.       '        ,   ■
Elsewhere is published an account of another
postal gravel train delivery. The surrounding if
ihe case were such that immediate and prompt delivery was essential,, To make a long story short
the fact is that this letter was at the local post-
office from June 27 to July 14. Another letter
was there from June 2!) to July 1-i. 'Ihe geniu-
man to whom the letters were addressed, has a
box in the office, and also inquired daily for letters. Just how this seemingly glaring neglect can
be explained is hard to imagine. , A rigid examination is in order.
.The city-recently purchased a street sprinkler,
one of the latest design, and all that, but during
the dusty weather it is used very sparingly.. hei.
if be kept going by all means. Tt is certainly not
meant to stand by the fire hall as an ornamenL
while the dust is being driven around the streets
much to the annoyance of pedestrians and business
men. (!   .
The action of the City Council in appointing a
fire warden to patrol the section at present being
cleared is timely*and commendable. Prevention
is always "better than cure, and the fact that half
the expense is defrayed by the Elk Lumber Co.
makes the cost small .indeed to the city. This
same policy if carried out tinder government auspices during the dry season to a greater extent,
would certainly curtail Ihe intent of damage done
bv bush fires. •,       -
-. Much has been made of the, fact that the Canad
inn Typographical union has sent word to the P.*'
-\\--wU—i n-Ga pe-B re Ion,- en eour agi n g-them-to- con-i
tinue tonight the U. M.'"Wr. of A. ' =■ Let it   be j
thoroughly understood that the Canadian Typogra
phical union has no connection with the great International body, hut is composed of a few malcontents who jumped from the I. T. U. when   the
assessment was on for the eight hour fight.   They
have no standing, no prestige and their good will
or otherwise counts for nothing.
Thc approach of August 1 brings to mind the
fact that as yet no definite arrangements.have been
made to mark in some way the0advent.of that day
True the Hoard of Trade have taken some steps,
but whether they have been followed up or not is
not .known. ., The day should be marked in some
suitable way, not necessarily bv a holiday or cclc-
n The Itfland Sentinel of Kamloops is the latest
to appear as u daily. The Sentinel was first established in 1H84 ns a weekly. It thrived year
after year and in'July ..8!)7, it increased to a" semi-
.weekly.     It has done well for its.management and
bration, but by some means this, our Lst mile.post
in the, growth of New Fernie, should be acknowledged and honored.'
The accounts that these days fill columns of
the press in regard to drowning accidents, ''got beyond his depth," "rocked, the boat," and other
accidents, seem bound to be part and parcel ol the
annual summer seasoii. The same holds good in
tho "sane" fourth of July "celebration. The possibility __ of such catastrophes coming home never
seems to enter the minds of certain individuals
until they themselves are victims of some such
Letter Box
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦ ♦-*♦*-
(Tho Editor doeH not liold himself
ruHponslhlo for Ihe oplnlono oxpruHsed
ll)' ooiTcspoiidoiilH.)
Editor of The Ledger:
Dour Sir: In tlio Ilosmor notes of
your Inst, Satiuday'H Ihaiio you say: —
"Wo would llko to call the attention of
tlio Coal Compnny to iho Injustlco
done iho IIohiihu' tonm by tlm conductor of Iho train, who nftor IoIIIiir us
to not on tho irntii, Iuul lho gull lo
como and ask uh for 215 coiiIh for trnln
faroH, etc," As I nm tlio conductor
idfiirri'd to, nnd an tho iici'ounl given
In your pnpurlH licit ■thn ronl fiicts,
I miiHt. rcKpectfully iihIc tlmt you glvo
nu> Hpaco in your paper to place heforn
Dw public my vcrnloii of Mm affair.
llHWO-.'ll  -I .UO llllll   !i p,l||,   the   lldH-
nii'i* Icfiin iippronclii-il mc und nuked
if I had iiiiy liiHti'iicllmiH lo /-h-i* Dwin
a free riilc to Conl Creok, I Inhl iliein
I iuul lint, and gave tliem tin* milium
of iIioki* in whom tlmy hIiouIiI apply
for piiHuen. Wtn'ii my train hlnili'd
111 T, o'clock 1 tit-itlced Mint (he Imini
wiih aboard,
concerned. Your,account also says
"Wq think wo havo a personal grlovanco. as not nnotlior club in tho Pass
has boen nskod to pay n slnglo conl. to
got, to Coal Crook."
All I can say in reply lo this state
ment Is that such parties must havo
produced passes or havo taken tho ne
'•esimry steps lo Intro official instructions handed to tho conductor of tho
train or tlioy certainly would have
boon nskod for their faros In tho samo
way as tho Hosmer loam woro asked
on July ,'lrd,
Ah to thoir having; boon on strike for
three montliH or, any othor clrcum-
BtnnrnH of thoir position I hud nothing
to do with. I nm only a conductor
and iih such wiih cnvryln-j out my duties ,'u ecu (IhiK to I iik* ructions,
Th nnk I iik you in nntlnlpntloii for
publication of UiIh letter,
I hop, to romnin,
Youth truly,
Would you, or any othor man, con-
alder David Gray fair to organized labor when he locked two timber pack-
era tools up fu a cupboard ho had fn
tho office nt the mlno, and when they
wont for thom thoy could not find
thom,' Ilo thon turned around and
told thom that If llioy could not look
after (heir toola thoro wiib no work for
thorn, Ho also assisted in holplng to
break tho agroomont wo had nlgnod
and drawn up with Mio N. V. C. ft C.
Co. He also iiBslHtcd In pulling down
one of our worklnf-mon'8 Iioiihoh, who
wuh living nonr, No, 2 mlno. If a man's
principle Ih changed when ho IioUIh a
potty poHltlou hiicIi tin pit Iiohh, to
what Ih staled ahovo, I* think you
miiHt agree, wllh' mo that no mntt or
what local he mny have belonged to,
ho Iiiih boon unfair lo orgnnlzml lnbor
Yours truly,
"W. N. 111311).
Imnr Sir:
Iu HiiHWur to Mr, Ii, Crawford,    ll
hi iiIho nppiinuil Ihnl lie lum nol nci'ii
tho coridi'ilnii In lho Ledger iik to tin*
Iocnl to which lm belonged.  I think
every one   lu tlm dlHirlcl know Mr,
Crawford win! flro Iiohh In Miihllimhoru
mllu', nml wliollii'!* or not, iIk-i** Ih no-
ihIiu, In the coiiHtllulloii of tlm U. M.
W, of A. to prevent lilm bolng a member, and ihoro novor wnH n rcHoliitlon
! iuimhiiiI burring flroIkihhoh from hecom-
j lug iiKinilicrii tit thin local, nnd Mi*.
| Crawford, not being u mombor, hooidh
I to Know (|iiiic ii loi oi (im allium ol
..',',«; l.i, ,D.      ih: ,•.).•>.• ,,).'. I «.-.*,■, Dial  '.)..
. wiJi'ltliiKiimii were Idle lor thu purpi-m;
(if having (heir union recngiil/ed. Thin
Htnli'inciit Ih fnlso, an Dw minor-* were
, locked out,     I wnn noting uh fire Iioh.i
11(111  Illlllnlia'   ,1   111111*1  Ull till:, '..Ilii  1   ,1.in    i,.in   imi.   a\  *. v, t una,   ".i...    i,,,m   ui    •.,«.,., 1,1,-»    i/i-xr.nitjrl     lihuli    at!*-;    Ilitu     l,\ n.
Mlildli'Hboro, July ID.
Hil 11 or of the Ledger:
Kir: It uppi-ni'H io me Hint. Mr, David Hi ay coi'li! mil havo l-oou' roadliig
your impel' or he would have hoi-ii Hie
((iri'oi'llnii In I'l'imnl to Hie local lie
belonged to. Il would Hcem xi'vy
hIiiiiii-o tn me ur uny union mini thai
.Mr, I), (liny would draw a cleiiiaiice
Following out the iiriiiiI ! card from Mcn'Mi local union fifieen
coui'No of my iIiiU'-h I went through j moiillm ngo nml curry ll around In IiIh
the lo.'irln'H In roller! fit res I'l'oin ill! | iiohhchhIimi all UiIh time, without Mini-
who were not provided with a trnln | lug It Into the dlHirlct. or niiHoiiiil sec
rticcl; or a (i;is,s,      1 as'ieil (lie Htm iieiniy ami (lieu conn* neie aim joiii
1111*1   fuutiiiiij   ii'alll)   Dn: .inllic   .In,)   ,..•*  i i im ,J  S,l,   .Vi"..'  hitil   Dt'H it,}/,:!',   lh   ii}.-,,l
iiHkeil oiliei'N ami the only iiiihivci I.iiiik.s iuii why he kIiouM he put on tin:
got •/.■:*.!• "Ob, 1-hr.ri.-'* II up lo Dw Coal unfinlr li«l. VW1J. Mr. I'Ml.or. "Vi'vytino
Creek foul hull club" Tliolr miuuiei:, la aware that ho won pit Iiohh or lifting
Hhowed ihnl Ihey wen* without (|u-»h*;wi nl the beginning nf Kebrunry, but
You may have defem-d getting a
hat til).now, or you may want'
another. Hero lire suiiio uncommon bargains that will be interesting to every ludy.
Shapes for street wear   at .35
to .75 each.
Fine chip and dross shapes at
.75 to 1.25 each.
Sold In the regular way at 2.25
to 3.50 each
rieautil'ul Dress hats in the best
and latest styles, at 4.50 6.00
,'Almost a give away, price for
such beautiful millinery productions as .these, but0 come
curly for the prettiest of th-mi.
Lawn   waist    specials, . worth
1.00 to clear at .60
Silk Braid Belts reg. .40 at .25
Linen suits just arrived, in nat-
, uriil and white at 6.00 to 10.OO*
Misses Euler
M.A. Kastner
Fire! Fire! Fire!
The anniversary, of the great
lire of August I, 100S, is drawing licar. Lot us draw your attention to the fact that we represent 11 llniinchilly strony, old
established nnd woll known
Hoard Fire Insurance companies. iiIho agent for the
Sun   Life   Insurance
Company of Canada .
We Iihvo Mivcral tmapn in
Business and  Residential
in illll'otent partw of thu city
Agent 0
New Oliver Typewriter
Machine given out on trial
No Charge
therefore compelled m Htop the train
and lell ihem Jn got ott.    When lho,
train  1'i-nUrteiI  they jumped  on    n'
piiHti (iir at the rear of the trnln. anil
for iheir own wifely iih much na for-
nnyMiltii' flee, r .ifoppcil fin*' train nnd*
told    thein plainly tlint tlioy   would,
l'«'-r Tu '(•'••-■p ""livir       An n mn'tf"' nt.
(V,( i H.'i, Mum' push cur di', 1'imp llm
track before wo renrlioil Coal Crnok. \
Tli I ft I* it Hhort and truo outllno   of,
whnt actually occtirord no far at I am {
IiIh pnpeiH In April, nml tlm pit lum.-.,
.Mr. Hugh ''Ulci'ile Klgucrf nil mine report h iih pit boHK while I wnH net Ing
nn the Iiohh In I-Vbruary. Mr. Hrny
nlno Hnyn Ihnl Die D. M. VV, or A,
Iiiih no liirlHdlftloti over him, Mr.
Uiilil Cray Hhoiilil leiuemlmr (lm ob|i-
en I lelii lie Ifirilt U'hen lie lolneil I lie
17 M. YV, of A., on two occiiHloiiH,
nnd It dot'H nol mailer whothor ho win*
nn official of tlio Nicola Valloy Co. or
a common working plug.
locked out, Thero wiih work only for
iimi-unlon mon, I got pormiKHlon from
MlddloHboro local In continue at work,
but only an flro Iiohh, which I did. Mr.
Crawford did not link wlmtlicr he
Hhould work or Hot, and he did more
tlmn flro Iiohhok iIiiiIch. Ho dug n
dllcli In ,\Vi. I mine niul wince linn dug
coal, wlillo Hit-mi disputes lmvo lmcti
going on.
I would llko to «»k any union ..man
If thai Ih fair to organized labor, and
C.  P.  R»
Excursion Rates
I     )         1      ■*•■■. I »! II"!	
TIckclH on .Sale Daily '
Miiyjnili t« Oct. ii
Filial return limit 16 (lay*,
hut not later than Oct. HI.!
Ver emni'lot'i Inforiiiiitloil nee AgnntH
or write
J, K. PnoorolT. D.P.A.. Oalgary
NEW YORK, July 12—Mene ^Wallace the discontented and homesick Es-
quimax lad, who sailed today for N.
Greenland to rejoin . his own people,
issued a farewell statement today to
the effect that on reaching his, destination he will organize an expedition of
natives and start with them in search
of the pole. He believes that he can
succeed where white men have failed. . - * .. ■"
' He carries with' him a set of scientific instruments which were given to
him by friends here and which he will
NEW YORK, July 12—Evelyn Nesbitt Thaw is expected to be a witness
for her. husband, Harry KrTha'w, at
the inquiry into his present; mental
condition resumed before Justice Mills
in the supreme,court at White Plains
Although she had intended to ' be^
gin a vacation in Maine today she informed Thaw's attorneys that ' she
would gladly, postpone her trip in' or'
der to be present to testify for 'hei*
husband. ," n*     _
"Then I shall stick by him as a wife
should stick by her husband as I have
always stuck by him; 'it is my duty
and I shall'not shrink it now." 7
VICTORIA, July 13—Tlie Norwegian
steamer Eir, which bumped on the bar
at Gray's harbor on'Sunday morning,
and returned to Herquam damaged, is
to come to the Esquimalt drydock U-
be surveyed and repaired according to
arrangements which were made here
today.      * ■ '
The partnership' hitherto existing
between Messrs. Rinnan, Kaminski &
Albert Lund has this day been dissolved by mutual consent, Albert Lund continuing the business. All debts due
the firm are to- be paid to the said
Albert Lund and he will defray^ all liabilities.
Dated at Fernie this 15th day of
July 1909. ...
Remarkable   for
v."'. pleasing
flavor. The big black
plug chewing tobacco.
TROY, -N, Y. July 13—Beecher Fab-
er was convicted of murder ih the first
degree at Lake George on, Saturday,
the jury finding him guilty of killing
Ryan  at Glenfalls  some  timo
NOTICE is hereby given that the partnership . heretofore existing- between
William R. Ross and J. S. T..Alexander, under the name of Ross & Alexander )ias been dissolved-as at J.una lst,
Mr. W. lt. Ross will continue tha
business at the old offices,   ; ,"
Dated this &th day of July, A., D.
All kinds of
Give us a trial
A complete line of samples of
Fall Suitings arid
and Tweeds
■at '
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
• J.   M.   AGNEW   &  GO
| ELKO, B. C. '
Wc. are jiust unloading a car con tain ing
2 Mowers,,   2 Hay Rakes,   6 Buggies, 2 Lumber Wagons,   1   set Farm Trucks,  6   Plows,   (breakers    and
general purpose), 1  Stump Puller, 3 Lever   Harrows,
Wheel Barrows, Garden Cultivators, Etc.
- The nbovo now gives us a complete stock in all lines ,
• Fernie Cartage & Construction Co, •
The Fernie Cartage & Construction Co.
beg to inform the citizens of Fernie
they are prepared to carry out all
classes of work. Heavy Draying,
Excavating, Buildinig and Concreting a speciality. Estimates given on
all Contract work. All work guaranteed satisfactory.
O. N. ROSS, Sole Proprietor
■ \      -   ■■
| I  SAY   TO   YOU I
O .  <jh
$   O. W.^HART, (Agt* for Canada). Baynes, B. C   X
\vc have to offer in fruit lauds at Baynes
within 30 miles of Fernie.    Lots of water,
suro markets and easy terms.
Kootonia  Irrigated  Tracts
rtfi aMl
A Large Consignment of these Goods Direct from the   Factory
Jersey Cream
Toilet Soap
1 .1
Now Is The Time
to get a handsome Hinged
Cover Nickeled Soap Box
FREE with a purchase of
4 cakes of Williams' Jersey Cream
Soap. This soap is made by the makers
of Williams' famous Shaving Soaps.
Bath  Requisites   and  Toilet   Articles in   Large   Varieties
N. E. Suddaby
Aacnt   for Reach's Baseball   Goods,  Huylcr's and Lowney'o
Chocolates, 'William's New Scale Pianos, Fisliln-gr Taclcle
I Jt       i -J . -. .-
■ ■ '   ,   "il, - "n
*-.  #    '.*£■. *V f
■-. ■-V■
/^ -
-?       <-■., ,- -      .
The Official Organ of District No,   18, U.M.W.
Fct-hie, BiC,    July 17th, 1909
Miss Betsy Beeswing was down . to
.'Elko from.Triwood Monday,with'her
_7hair "fluffed out so airily! thai it ai-
,-most lifted her,!off her feet.
Norman Broley of Fernie was    lii
, Elko several days, this week cutting
'the masts for-the Dreadnoughts' we
read so. much about.
Chief of Police' Sampson was down
' .to Elko between trains on Saturday.
Big Bill Leacey, the man with the
iron grip, was transferred from Elko
to Coal Creek; Constable Gook of Victoria to Elko. Bill will make'good
wherever he Is. * ' ,'
./ Tom Prentice of tho A. Macdonald
•Co., Fernie, told the gosh darndest
.fish story in Elko Saturday 'we've
heard' this summer. Honest to grandma we always'* knew'Tom, to'be somewhat of an Ananias, but .so help my
■ .'Josephine 53 In 3 hours-and his   Pal
, Johnston 49 made us feel like putting
anotlier film In our moving picture ma-
, -chine. ' ■    • ..      ■    '     »
' Constable Gook made a trip'to*Nol
son-this week with a traveling finan*
"■cier.-    • .
,' v E.- H. H'. Stanley, the Pooh-Bah of
Baynes Lake, passed through Elko on
Sunday on his way to Fernie. He confidently told the writer that,the mos-
.quitoes were sticking every visitor to'. Minneapolis, Minn
*»*.<fajMM»¥¥¥¥ ¥»¥¥■¥,»■¥¥■¥¥¥¥¥¥¥
£      ..;    BAYNES '■:-(''■        |
F. W. Adolph made a short trip to
Cranbrook Saturday.,,  . *
D. S. McLaurin is with'the Kootenay -Telephone- Co. at Jaffray doing
line work.= 7 -  : '      _ 7 .-
Dr. Saunders has returned to his
practice after a month's trip to the
coast, taking in'tlie Seattle fair oh thc
way.       ,_ .     -,    ■  ;-, •_
J. A. Tormey returned to Spokane
on Friday, after.a ten day's stay ln
Baynes looking after the Kootenay river lands Co. business here.
J. A. McDonald spent Sunday lu
Baynes, coming in on Saturday and
leaving by way of Elko on '• Sunday
evening. He took a number of snapshots of the many Interesting views in
and around Baynes.. He thinks there
has been n great change in this neighborhood since"'he ^purchased his tract
ln December last. >   .
M'r..E. H. H. Stanley' returned to
Fernie after a few' days stay at home.
"•  We were remembered-by S. J. Morrow with a treat of fine cucumbers
grown by him on his Kootonia tract.
He has tomates as large as hen's eggs.
We are pleased to learn that Baynes
is at last to have, a school the'coming
year.     The next.thing will be to gee
together'and elect trustees' and provide a,suitable,,place to liave school.
W^ understand the Kootenay    River
Land company, will'give a .sight in. a
desirable location.
j    H.C. Goda'rd has been spending the
j first of the week with the Ross   and
j Telford families and, left Friday for
Baynes, Lake for drinks; wearing    a
...smile the width of a saddle blanket
while' he told it.    * The presence of
.some'men is as good as a tonic.
'The'Thaten Duo,, who have   "been
■filling'an engagement near Elko, re-
The Waldo Whist club held a spec
ial meeting at the home of Mrs'. Cof
fee for the- purpose of electing officer.3
for the new .series., It was suggested
that the old -officers' serve through the
next series and a motion was carried
to' that effect.     ' ,"■•..-'
turned to'Fernie with some brand nex^ Ml\ AdolP.h *■> left>;Monday for
'    -    ■ •■ ■    ■      "* | Toronto and other pints in the   east
■songs, and dances.   -    -, .        ;top a visit/7'He will also go'"to "ind-
'   On account of the rain Sunday there ,;iana- before returning.'       * .. -< ': *'
; was. no excursion from, Feriiie. no ball'    The. little Richards * and McNab 'chil-
game/music festival,'not even 'a"'dog!.dr*? of.cranbroolc'are spending a'fe-v
fight".:'" • "'     '"■-:-'*#■   j weeks at the* Morrow-home. .'
\'~a'''f'n„ l'*" ' '     y ,", ' '   ,'w   W.7M.'Fraser dro'ppedvin aridVu*.
Marr.of Corbin passed through,„    „ tw'f.;n nt »„ ■ •      ,,
- ° Dr.
—'Elko from-Waldo.
■ Jack Kennedy and,; his "celeDrateJ
painters in oil, ' are ' in Elko put*
ting the rainbow touches on jthe1 new
* steel bridge at Irvine's B'ech.0-1     ^
-Next to" the sunlight of heaven is a
■cheerful face.       ■   ..., ,
The annual school meeting wus
held In the school hoihti S>ut.irday ev
enlng'when two now tru iters and at*
auditor were appointed. The meeting
was one of the most representative
ever held In Elko and everything passed off pleasantly, The teacher left for
hor'home,at tho coast and the.children are enjoying the holidays." At the
closing exercises prl7.es were given to
the dlfforont scholars, but we can't
, say whothor It was the first prlzo or
tho diploma tho hoy got for tho following composition on "Pants." Pants
are made for'men and not for women,
Womon are mado for mon and not for
panls. When a man .pants for a woman arid a woman pants for. a man
' thoy are a pair of pants. Such pants
• don't last. Pants aro liko raolassos—
thoy aro thinner In summer and.nro
thicker in wlntor. Moil aro ofton mistaken In pan'tB, audi mistakes aro call*
od breechOB of promise.  Thoro lino
, beon much discussion whothor pants
Is Blnuiilnr dr plural. It scorns to mo'
when mon wear pants It's plural and
whon thoy don't U'b singular, Men go
on a,tear in tliolr pants and It is nl*
right; whon tho pnntB go on a toar it
is nil wrong. If you want lo mnko tho
pan Ib'Inst mako tho coat and vout
Fishing Is good aud flBhlng partlos
nro. hnving success with pur fishing
tackle, Don't forgot whon you como
lo BlUo. wo carry tho bost. Our
quartet to of homo mndo HIoh can't bo
bo boat,        ,
Tho Iluttoi'BCOtch fly tlclilos   thoir
Tlio Bnlcor doon 'om brown
Tho Druggist physics 'om
And iho llutchor iIoob tlio killing,
Wo curry nn assortment of ovory fly
tho find will tnlco in those wntors, full
line of fiHliiiig tncklo nnd full Information at to tho whereabouts of tho fish
warden suppllmj with ovory purohuHO.
Tho nowly nppolntod govornment ng*
ent Iiiib boon seen    In Elko sovornl
'limns bIiico IiIh nppoliilmont, mul   wo
sincerely hope for the sake of Hid Hon.
H, Alciindo lie will make good, nnd
Dint .,«.- uuii't -j.ui.ai-jk tlio Mi*, rivor
grado, nnd put it In a Biifo condition,
which II hon novor boon In slnco It was
mnde.     The* bad condition of   thnt
grado In tho big draw bade to tho sol*
ibuiuu.. vl xJu'aX XMXLW.y «,buUi Ol the
Elk river, nnd any man who pohbossos
sufficient brains to fill a ponnut can
i;soo tho dangor nnd tho drnw back thnt
grndo Is to tho most fortllo country In
sautlmaBt Kootenay, Good roads bono
fit fho fnrmor, frull grower, tlio morchant, tho horos and tho proporty nd.
jncent to thom. Wo liopn Ihnt Mr,
Alexander will, bo tho rl«ht mnn lu
the right place snd a credit (o tho I).
J. Government.     *
i v, n.y-.u'
to.some business. .' •"*
'' Don*t' forget Labor 'day". Bring, a
well filled basket vand have a picnic
iii' our' beautiful woods.' -' A\ rate - will
be secured, so all will be able tocome.
Do not forget the date, September 6th.
/Wallace of tlie Free Press was' a
business and social cajler In Baynes on
Tuesday, , -' 7
A" number of land buyers were .in
the past week having a look around.
All wero of the,opinion that this place
would become ono of the, finest fruit
districts In B. C.
| HOSMER   , |
kickkkkirkkkick'kirkkkkkkkk ft***
According to your sports editor Hos-,
mer had vory littlo chanco of getting
ovon a decent show In1 thoir gamo with
Mlchol, but ob It turned out Mlchol was
lucky to got two points out of the
gamers Ilosmor put up a great game'
and only tliolr customary bad luck
kept, thom from nt' lonst making ii
draw. Owing to an Injury rocolvod
nt Conl Crook Ilosmor hail to cry off
bo tho Hosmor team was Hutson, Dickie, Watson, Roberts, Cllmlo, Ovorsby,
Gordon, Thomson, Steol, Da'vlB, Moyes,
Roforoo: Caufield of Coal Crook.. Tho
giimo Btartod at C.20, Captain Hut'
son won tho Iobb and olocted lo play
with tho wind nnd hill In our favor,
Mlchol kicked off but woro booh on thb
dofoiiBlvo until McQuoon Inlorvonod
with a nice pass to the outBldo loft,
who Hhot piiKt, From* tho goal kick
HoHinor forwards took tho ball Into
tho Mlchol llnoH but could only got a
cornor whicli wan nlcoly placed, hut
tho tall ciidors cnBlly cleared, Tho
gnmo wnB now fast nnd furious, tho
bnll travailing from ond to ond, hut it
wiib mostly n enso of dofonco ngnlnst
dofonco, tho, forwards on cither aide
bolng oiiHlly iiccountoil for,, Hnlf llino
arrived with a draw of no gonls, v On
t'OHiiming IloHtnor RijrprtRoil tlionmolvou
nnd everyone oIho by I heir smart, worlc
nnd with n littlo luck nt all ought to
have scored. The tonm nn n whole
woro now working bettor nguiiiHt tho
wind thnn wllh It, but tho Michel do
fonco mood firm and used all tho
weight Hint tlioy cnrrlod. Whltohouso
especially Boomed to dullRht in jumping nnd piiHlilnir lho nmnll mon who
woro agnlnst him nnd roforoo Cnufleld
find to glvo froo non t iouIh ngnliiRt him,
Howovor, this hnlf wns bolng contested
in a determined manner, nud of courso
our unlucky Htar, was In tho aacend*
oncy nnd Gcorgo McQueen scored thc-
only goal of lho gnmo for Michel with
n nlco <but lucky shot, From tin,
contro kick Hosmer mndo n determined mid on Mlchol goal nnd really ought
to havo Bcorod but unluckily thoy
failed, nnd tho whlstlo blow shortly
nffnr and Michel had won a keenly
contested gnmo hy I to 0, It would
be unfair to uny ot tliu Hounier tuuiu
to piAlso any ono of thom, Tho wholo
tonm from goal out played to win, (.nd
If only this csn ho kopt up wo will glvo
some of,the more fancied one,s a hard
game for any points,they may get.
'*-. The club would like'.'the spectators
•to keep,in mind that it takes a little
money'to run.a club..* There were
over* 200 people" at the game yet the
magnificent sum of $3.25 was collected.- Now this is a disgrace, to any
town, and when the players' lose' a
day's work for.the sake-of sport- we
think we are ent.ied to some- b^ter
support. " We go to Coleman on,Saturday and mean.to win, So come on
boys. The team will be: Huton, Dickie,, Watson, Erskine, Climle, Balder-
stone, Gordon, Steel, Moyes, Thomson,
McDonald; reserves: Berryman.
" Everything is booming in town now
and houses and stores are being built.
Mills & Son have started the work
of a new store beside A. P. Campbell
and both stores when completed will
be a credit to the town. ,
Blairmore' baseball, team did not
come up. on Sunday so a game was
fixed up with the C.P. R. The, result,
was 10 to 7 in'favor, of Hosmer. Tom
Spiers was umpire.- '     , ,
An' invitation dance was held by a
select.-few in the Royal hotel ori Friday night. As-1 didn't get an invite
I was not there but I understand that
everyone had^ a good time ..* '
We think that the'board, of' trade
should take steps to get the streets attended to, as they are a menace to the
general publio in the condition they
are in now. ,
- ■ Hosmer is fairly booming, and besides two stores there are a number
of houses being , built. We have
started a rifle club and now •' we are
going to celebrate Labor day. For
this purpose a large meeting of citizens
was held in the school room on Tuesday night:" C. B. Winter, was" appointed chairman,"with G.H. Dunbar
as secretary. ""A large committee was
formed,, so that if the. miners imion decides to take the matter up and with
the town people in, the same committee
we have every reason to think it wiF
be a red.letter day jn the history of
Hosmer.  ' ;-*.""
A baseball,game was played between
the'Commercials from,Fernie and the
local club and to say the ie'ast about
it, the* Commercials were never in the
game. . The score of 16 to 5 speaks
for itself. ■ ' It was unfortunate that
■Pne-Of7tl.£_visttors. got-alfinger-spnil oil.
but before" that Hosmer. was .well 'in'the
lead. Hosmer played'a nice careful
game and gave away7nothing. W^
hope that'thenext'game we.have with
any of the Fernie teams will be worth
looking at. '       •
.Visitors' at   the   Royal    this   week
were: , ' ...
c!  W. Smith, Fernie.
, "E. C- Buckley, Vancouver,
G.'F, Stevenson, Fernie.
L. P. Eckstein,''Fernie.
F. C. Watson, Calgary.
J. ,W. "Johnstone", Vancouver.
E, Kopourl,' Spokane.
1 T. F. Dawson, Calgary.     ' . ■
Rev.' B.Crowtlier, Michel,
PITTSBURG Pa. July 12—The strike
of 16,000 mine workers In the employ
Of the Pittsburg Coal Company which
has boon called for Thursday Is understood to bo a dlroct outgrowth of
tho 'strike of thb tin' pinto workors
which Ib now on against tho opon shop
policy of the Unitod Stntos Stool corporation, although tho circular ordering the striko does itot make mention of (iio othor striko,
Tho shutting down tho mlnos of tho
Pittsburg Coal Company will cut off
tho linmodlnto supply of coal bf tho
Unitod States Stool Corporation and
Injure thom grontly,
The striko,will moan tho tlolng up
of about 70 mlnos or about half of
tho numbor oporhtod In tho gront
Pittsburg district.       ,   "
International President Lewis Is ox*
poclod In PlttBburg tomorrow nnd ho
will ondoavor io arrange n conforonco
with tho PlttBburg Conl Company officials with n vlow to avortlng this big
It doos not. soom now thnt tho Btrlko
cnn bo nvortod,
■■   " -****-*1**
ANNAPOLIS Md, July 13—Tho forth*
coming reinvestigation of tho (loath in
1007 of I.lout. James Sutton, U. 8. M.
0„ which according to tho finding of
tho prior InquoAt, rontlnm-H lo hold In*
loroBl. horo, nnd now ovidoneo In thi*
caso Ib continuing, It Im snld today
that witnesses havo beon discovered
who loHllfy ihnl on the night he met
his death, I.lout. Sutton hnd boon
drinking unduly nnd thnt ho loft (Jar
veil hnll In nn (Mtlnmnlidi*. «i|(h nHice
officers who hnd Hpont rnnsldorahln
tlmo In tho bar room of tho hotol, It
Is also ascertained thnt ovidoneo will
bo forthcoming to show thnt boforo tho
party hnd gono far thoro wns a quarrel
smong those in thn nutomnblln. thnl*
thoro was profane lanuungo, nud that
tho othors In tho party not upon Lt,
0RT0NVlLLE7Minn. July 12—Several persons* were killed, many Injured, buildings demolished, fields of fine
grain just maturing swept bare and
oilier damage"done in tornadoes that
ravished western Minnesota late this
afternoon. • Three persons were instantly killed here' and this list may
be enlarged when the debris ,which
litters the town has been cleared off.
Late tonight a" special 'train carrying
physicians and nurses , arrived over
the St.  Paul road. "
-, At the first breath of the tornado's
fury, a string of work cars sheltering
100 workmen were lifted from a track
and crashed into a nearby dwelling.
From this mass the bodies of • three
Italians have been recovered, while 19
others were found to have been seriously, if not fatally "injured. In the
residential part of the town buildings
were blown to' pieces, many of the occupants'seeking, protection in basements only to become buried beneath
shattered timber's.
Many fescues have been effected!
One family was. rescued with the exception of a little girl, and half , a
hundred men are .working desperately
throughout the night in the hope of
getting her out alive. -
Fifteen Houses Shattered
At Big Stone fifteen houses' were
shattered into kindling wood, a round
house-demolished, a' railway-coal shed
swept away'and *the.'coal.spread about
like so much chaff, "arid several small
warehouses wrecked: Wm. E.* Chamberlain, a farmer living a few miles
outside Big Stone, was killed and his
residence, together - with every' building on- the place ruined. ^ .
■-• His family escaped, injury. ' It .has
just' been reported .than an unidentified resident, of'Ortonville while driving in the country was caught by the
windTmd-toWh^TfiTirhis-team was
hurled several hundred' feet'r over- a
field to death..'    '* ■' ?..-
Fats 19; Ledger 14
. The Fats sat on the Ledger crew on
Wednesday night, not very hard, but
hard enough to-win. - The game was
loose, in spots sloppy, and no particularly brilliant ball was played by either
side.. Both pitchers were hit hard,
and'Rochori passed up more than he
usually does. The Fats played one
Stlllman, who seems to be a general
utility man for any ball team in,' the
city league. He played with the Fats
first, then dropped into the limelight
with the Scouts, and , on ■ Wednesday
evening he again, rolled iiito fat and
appeared with the bull frog stripes.
Of course the game was played under
protest. jThlsis perhaps the most
glaring breach of league rules that
has yet, been attempted.
Umpire-Kastner called the game on
account of the darkness. 'Guess the
footlights at the show looked good-to
him or some of the other sports:
The line up: 7
Ledger: Rochon p; Kirkpatrick c;
McLeod 1st; Moody 2nd;'Pierson 3rd,
McDougall s.s.; Bean r.f.; Rush cf.,
Kennedy l.f.'   .
Fatsf Deane; Black c.f., McMillan
2nd; Spilman 3rd; Whelan'r.f.;; Scott
Blackstone p; Goupell lst; Wrig-
General Merchant
"~:   r I-
lesworth ss
Tho roorgnnlssod olty bund under lho
leadership of P. Pnstn, rove a niurli
appreciated programtao an..m .■•.-■n*
Ing on Victoria avonuo. Tho players
u.i'0 lu bu cimtiraHilated on the murk'-ii
success thoy aro mooting with, having
only recently commenced thnlr regular
- .     *'   y
-, Walter Hill has a post office box in
this city. He had a friend who was
coming out this way from. Nova Seo,
tla on" his way home to the-old country. Miv Hill wrote and asked his
friend to call here and see him, as
they had not seen each other for
years. On Juno 21st the friends posted a letter at New Aberdeen slating
,that ho was on his way and asking Hill
to meet him at tho station, This let-
tor was received and postmarked nt
Fernie on June 27. The frlond arrived
liero on the 20th and falling to moot
Hill, wrote a lottor from tho Northern
hotel where-ho had registered, lolling
Hill that he was in Uio city, Tho lot-
tor was1 posted and bore tho stamp of
Juno 21), Mr. Hill called every day
for his mall nnd wim.tohl thoro wns
none. July 14th ho recolvod from tho
post offlco .hero two. lottors and no
oxplniintlon. Il Is needless to any
that Mr, Hill wiib greatly charglnod
lo think that his frlond had beon here
and stayed (according to tho hotol poo*
pio) about flvo days, and not finding
tho mnn ho had como to boo, wont ou
his way, This Ib ono of tho woral
complaints wo have had about tho
dollvory from our pont office, and wo
trust thnt tho postmiiHlor will boo who
was to blamo and punish thom lii somo
A ball game ^of six innings, with 50
runs was the result of the go between
the Commercials and Ledger* Friday
evening.-, The Ledger had 27 and the
Comms 23. ' Jimmy McDougall pulled the game out for the prints by go:
ing iri the box after the fourth ancl
finishing the game for three runs.
Kirkpatrick and* Rochon both- landed
on.McKellar for homers.' The teams
were: - '- •'
Ledger: Pierson 3rd; McLeod 1st;
Glynn,1.1'.; McDougall ss; Buckley r:
f.; Rochon p; Kirkpatrick c; .Moody
2nd; Rush c.f.- Woodhouse spare.
Commercials:,Gatesc; McKeliar 1st
Hilchie p; Glover ss; Gillespie 2nd;
Elliott l.f.; Liphardt 3rd; Burns r.f.
Minors and mlno Inborors of
Iho U M, W. of A. nro warned
lo koop nwny from lho mines
of tho Nicola Valloy Conl nud
Colo Co. at Mlddlosboro; a
Btrlko Is on for recognition,
tho iniiiingmnont lining unfair
lo organized lnbor.
You will bo notified when
this Company Is ngnln plncod
• on tho fair list of our organization.
Ross c.f.
-Referee:   Kastner.
.'A'certificate-of pre-emption record
ma'deout in the name of William Barratt. has been found, arid can be had
on payment of this advertisement by
proving ownership at Ledger office. •
See our ad on page four. The Misses
Euler. •     ,        '        *
The officials' of the baseball league
wish to impress on the public that. It.
costs monoy to run the games, The
grand stand-has to be, paid for, the
back stop has to be paid for, the balls
have to bo paid, for, and the diamond
has to be kept in shape. People will
go to see the games','root, roaBt the
players and explain how they would
havo played, but "when the hat. Is pass*
od thoy do not contribute. Everyone
who atloiuls should drop something into the hat. Wo nood the monoy. . It
Is being properly spoilt and looked nftor, and at tho ond of the season we
want lo bn nqunro. So como on boya,
and all mombors of tho league teams
also, arid dub In and help the game
along, Don't bo a cheap Bkato.
The, Michel Baseball learn will bo
down to play our picked nlno Tuos*
day evening. An Mlchol Iiob a strong
loam a real good gamo will bo soon.
So come along on Tiicfldny and bring
some chnngo with you,
Tho Oddfellows and Knights of Pyth*
Iiib will bo llnod up for n ball gnmo on
Thursday night noxt nt lho local diamond. '
Indian Robes and Bead Work
Souvenirs of The Great West
'   .,   and   Indian   Curios
.v *   * AND	
Real Estate That Grows*
;        *  Big Red Apples
The Nearest Fruit and Farm Lands to the
Crows Nest Pass Mines
See Elko,  Roosville and
Tobacco Plains
'    /   - AND
"Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow'
M. ,    f B.C..
of Canadci
\\™M**HFm*2SiwaaaBk% -*,•*■
.  There* wei;e one million dol-
I   O    tin 1V»   S\*.t~*. VI   S\*\. Art*,   •it.-. a-4a    -rl   ^-1   —    .1^ J a.
 icii o-i1j\ji cue jjOsl Lis-ilUUtSU—LIT
Home   Bank   accounts- last.
year,"    One dollar opens a
savings account.    Full compound   interest is paid.
B. Manson
Tenders nro roiiuoslnd for tho oroo
I Ion of now bntildng premiscH for tli.->
Imporlnl bank of Ciinndn, at Fornio.
All tondors to bo boiiIoiI nnd ciidoi'H-
od nnd hciiI lo iho, architects, und
musl, rout'li thom on nr'before ThurH-
dny, 22nd .Inly, 1H0I1,
The HiiccoHsful t.iiidni'oi- will ho" ro-
fin I rod lo deposit with the nrcliltnclii
n HiitlH'm'tory bond for Imi pi-i* com,
on tho amount of IiIh contriicl,
The lowest or any tendei- not iicckh
Hnrlly nrceptod.
I'lntiH nnd specif lent Ions mny ho obtained on nppllcnlloii to lho Manager,
Imperial llnn'< of Cnnndn, .-'ornlo 11. v.,
nr from tho nrehllortn,
Messrs. Hodgson & Dstes
i->      i   i       n. il ii. .
tt.it.,,,.„',.  ,,,..ni..t(j,
r*,l*',u\v. Mtn
Imperial Bank of Canada
Cnpltnl Authorized $10,000,000
Capital Paid Up $5,000,000    Reserve $5,000,000
O. R. WILKIE, President HON. ROBT J*AFFRAY, Vlce-Pres.
Arrowhead, Cronbrook, Fernie, Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Myie, Nelson
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
Interest allowed en deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
FERNIE BRANCH.   , GEO. I, O. OEI.L, Manager
Fernie Opera House
'  /.    7
First class
Three Times
A  Week
Singing  awd
IliislncsH  Mocks,   Chiii'diim
Schools, nnd heavy work a
Hp-'ciiiUy' . ,
i .——»»- . _^_^
Akj-iiU for Kdiimnlnii I'lviahi'd HHck
mul   IIiuiiI   Point ,(.'oiiiiiii)ii   nml
I'i'im-hk!   lli'lel'.      KhiliimtiiH   fur.
iilxlii'rt friii!
Try ui lor good Portmltura, Prlco*
iMi«lnrnt«, Ad-Iron Pnllutt Avniinn
np'pOHITK     THI-*,,     HOSPITAL
On  Thursday July   Ut. Mr.   John
llniiMlnn. Mio fninulor nf Tli** K-nrilri.
hid ndleu In Vvlncc Hn.ioi-t nml "inn-'od'
for Mexico,     In liln ilciitirttiic nn ulilc!
mnn Is loot to tin* communllv.     NVx'
i' I
only did/lid niiilm Tin* Kiiiiilro n iinwcrj
In llrltlHh f'nliimhln. Imi In* wnn tenr--
loss,- .-HurKi'lIr, lidiicst nud icHotiiccfill
both In his lU'WHimiu-r worlc und In IiIh
oltlxuiislilp.      Wlioii tlu* dny nrrlvim
for wrllliiK in history of Prim.-- Hii-h-ii,
wo prodlet Mint thu nnmi, of Jno. Moiih-
Kiii will loom up In no .mri-rtnlii tninij*
nor.     In wIhIiIiik lilm future prosper*. jj
liy In whutever sphere he mny i-binw, \ _
wn fen) wo nre hut eeholtiR tho sentl
meritR of n Inr-s'e perrentsge of the ro
Mldetit's of Northern DrltUh ColuinMi.,
Fiirnlfiiw** M-wIni*** t <,neelnltv
l.c.ivi- Oiilcr*. with \V.  Kcny
, l'
.............       . .»
Ill every liuiiii* there hIhiiiM
Im< a 'Mteel Hnnire"
Weight   '.il   Him.,   no   nolne,
iliil'l i.tii limit. Try i-m* .tint
Im-inlivlllieil.       l'l'IM*  HII0.IS»
f. (i. li., Hitvtii-f) bike, ll. •'.
'.,>'.'*.■''■ -■ryU-'yi'"'-'"  '"' * ."''„'■'"."    "   7 ^v7-^^^,'^r-^r!.;'''\y-'i".'/:■>'
THE. DISTRICT LEDGER. FERNJE,   B.C.'JULY 17 1909     ; -•   V= ." 7^  a%.Vf   '
a *-*}-j      '   -'~ ..   -
•if        _-_<?    ■
' '-■'■-i'l.--' •'"',' ?' •
-.----.. -'•"^ -. "~: '-
Football; Lacrosse and Baseball.
The Crow's Nest Pass football
' league was advanced another stage on
Saturday last and the result In, one
match'at least had an important-bearing on the championship. * I refer to
the Frank and Coal Creek encounter.
Frank falling down in this game, the
score being 2 goals to 0 against them.
CoalCr<-*ek now step into second place
and are only three points behind the
leaders with two games in hand. It
appears at present as if tho race will
be between the old rivals Michel and
Coal Creek. Coal Creek deserve every credit for their meritorious win
on , Saturday. The day was not
favornblo for a good display of football,
and it gays much for'the teams engaged that such a good exhibition was served up. Frank have still a fighting
chance for the championship, but a
great deal'will depend on todays game
between Michel and Fernie'.. Should
Michel fall .the championship would
still be an open question, as Coal Creek
havo still a long way to go. They have
five games on their card yet, and some
of these are stiff encounters. Hosmer
seem fated to take' the wooden spoon,
as they have-not .yet a point to their
credit, and it .seems lo me that they
cannot escape from the bottom posit;
ion. The result of their gamo with
Michel indicates an improvement, as
they only fell by the odd goal. They
have shown considerable'pluck in hanging together in the face of adverse results, and it is to.be hoped that they
will get their reward when the Fort
Steele cup ties come on.. „
The position of' the different clubs
on the league table up to and including
, July 10 are here given.
>1.   Wn. Lst.   Dr. Pts
Michel ..
Coal Creek
Fernie ...
Frank ...
Coleman .'
Bellevue .
Hosmer   '.
Two points for a win ana one for
' S
•t sr____ i*=^ «=■*■*-
amson was forced to put past. From
the corner kick McGechie got the ball
and placed well up the field, Petrie
fastened on and racing ahead-had a
fine shot,which Horrocks saved.' Mid-
field play followed' until the-interval
when neither side had scored again. ,
' Play was-resumed without, either "of
the teams leaving the field. The Frank
team's chances now looked rosy as
they had tlie hill in their favor..They
soon, became the aggressors, and the
things looked bad' for Coal Creek but
Allan cleaved his lines and Manning
let Hartwell away on the left. He forced a corner of Fagan which was well
placed, but Cardie cleared. McFarlane
and Cardie by strong play took the ball
well afield where.* Chambers secured
possession, and a timely pass let Ad-
lum away with a clear field. He waited too long before getting in his shot
and McFogan forced him to kick past,
a really fine chance toeing lost. Franl-
still hovered around - the Creek goal,
niade headway and Manning forced a
corner off Fagan. This was well placed by Hartwell but Smith cleared, the
bail .landing at the feet of McFegan,
who took-a long drive. .The ball had
Adamson beat all the way and went
through at the far post, registering the
first goal of the* match. The Frank
boys, nothing daunted, took play to the
other end, and Adlum with a fine shot
sent, right across the goal mouth, but
no one was up to' take advantage and
the ball'went past. The Creek were
next to make headway and from a
long drive up field Manning hustled
the backs, and getting clear through
scored a second goal for Coal Creek,
shooting well out of Adamson's reach.
Only 12 minutes of this half had gone,
and, Frank now made desperate efforts to reduce the leeway.1 Flukey play
by McFegan aided them but Horrocks
saved from Hutton and play was in
raidfield again. McGechie was very anxious to win against his old club, but
at times could not resist the temptation to try and walk aroUnd.his opponents. This did not help his side, and
he did not always come out best. Coal
Creel*, seemed to be'„tiring and Frank
forced tho game, b«t coujfl not beat
down the opposing defence. * From a
scrimmage in Coal Creek goal.Manning
gave away a comer but- it was - sent
• „ On wet grounds that made fast, ba'-l
out of the question the Commercials
gatliered in a loose, game' -from^ D.n
Carpenters on Monday evening. Bruce
tried but another pitcher, likewise* a
new backstopper. ', They.were there
all right, but it's biit of the question to
win. a game with a good battery, and
a dead field. . Hichie and Gates were
the battery for the Corns .and put up
a-good consistent, game.
Commercial „
Glover.     './	
Gates   c    	
..  ..    1
McKellar lst  	
Hilchie '   ;	
Gillespie '2nd  	
"McLeod c f 	
Elliott 1 f	
....    0
Smith. 3rd	
.....    0
Ross r f ...-. :...
Davis s and 2nd	
....:   o
HIS' IN   A   TEN   ROUND   .
*"    •*. 7 .'BOUT ■"■-*-
&  .7 . ,   'dentist.
Dl S.'.
Now , doing business at the Johnson-
Faulkner Block.' Office hours 9-12.30
1.30-6. '   .-f*7'.'   7    7*-'7-'' '- ~   ...
4    3    4
Hall c .'.,	
K        "   1
.,*,..    0
Bruce If ..... 7 .
Tlie line up of the teams follows:-
Horrocks    Adamson
Allan '..'..  Fagan
McFegan     '.  Smith
Swe'enie     .'  McFarlane
Parnell   ..;. '    Cardie
Johnson    McGechie
Thornton ..  :..  ..' '.  Carson
**0. Jolson ...  .'' ' Hutton
' Manning ■ /Petrie
P, Jolson   Chambers
Hartwell   • Adlum
Referee: J. Johnson, Fernie.
This game was played at Coal Crook
iri unfavorable weather, rain falling
at'the start, and the ground being vory
slippery.- Coal Creek; opened with
tlio hill in their favor nnd right away
took up the attack, and cnmo within
an nee of scoring'in thn first minute,
Adamson rather luckily saving from
a shot closet In. Coal Crook continued
tlio pressure and Manning shot past
by Inches' only. Frank grndunlly got
tliolr feot nnd tho gnmo opened out,
Hutton and CarRon on tlio right look
' the bnll well up t.ho field, but McFognn
cleared nnd mid flold piny followed for
n time. The linlfB on both aides
wero plnylng n strong gnmo, mid nH n
roRiilt tho forwards could nol. settle,
Tlio rain wns now coming down In torrents and thoTofuroo stopped tho gnmo
—a wise doclslon In our opinion, The
spectators rushed for Hholtor to thoir
homos nrtd tho pnlyors mndo for tho
Club houso'. After nn Intervnl of   lfi
1 minutes pl'ny wiih resumed, tho ruin
having censed. Then: was at ill 17
inlnnlf'8 of this hnlf In go nnd Coal
Crook strove hard to score. The
ground wns very slippery und plnyurs
could not control (ho hnll. Conl Cr-ncdc
.•(■nln* luilf Iuul ii flno drive which wns
(*i|iifilly well saved by Adamson.
('hniiilioi'H und Allium Iuul ii brook
nwny on Frnnk left mid forced ii corner. Till)** wns w(iH placed but' It
wiih nicely clenred liy Hweenln nml pluv
was trnuhferriMl to the other end.
(Initwell had u flue (tohh mid Ad*
Struck out by McDonald 8. '
      . "r"ii.e.
2   3  .4
Struck out by Hilchie 9. D
'* Umpire:  kastner*.
i .,        * * * *
Stung Again!   '
Messrs. Glover of the Commercials
and Star Third Baseman Brown of the
Coal Company team took some players
down to Hosmer on Wednesday to .try
and beat that citys fast players. They
returned with sour faces however and
a hard kick story. The score was 1"
for Hosmer and 5 for Fernie." ,Mc-
•Intyre of Fernie got a badly smashed
thumb' in the game_._The following was
the Fernie line-up:  _:
■ "Gates,0catcher'.'  '. '       .
' Hilchie p. and c.f.
■ Mclntyre c.f.. and p.' **• v 0"
Neil McKellar 1st..    ■          ' -"*
. McCurdy,'2nd.   •*..-
•   Glover, ss.*"-   . '     •-..
, Brown 3rd, '" ■ <7
Elliott r.f. - •.'"_*    •'■' ' *
- 'Lepard l;f'    * '•*..'
Pier .c.f. '   ,    .
placed well out to Thornton who. crossed nicely and Peter Joison scored a
fine goal. * Tho whistle had previously gone for an; off side'against Thornton so the point was disallowed. Frank
next had an. Innings and a- series ■ of
misklcks in Coal Creek goal gave them
a fine chance to score, but Allan ultimately cleared'. The fast pace and
the heavy ground were now telling and
(both sides were tiring.
From a cross by Hartwell Thornton
scored but, the referee rightly adjudged lilm offside, Midfleld play was tho
order to the close, and no further scoring took place, ,
Final result: Coal Creok 2; Frnnk 0.
The gnmo all through wns hotly contested, but piny was spoiled considerably by the .rain and footing wns vory
Insecure, Tho teams are -evenly
mulched and given .good weather conditions should glvo a flno display of
the game as it, ought to bo plnyed.
The home loam secured tliolr win by
taking ndvnntngo of their chances in
nonr goal. Thc winners all plnyed
woll and tlio only fault of the visitors
wns their poor finishing.
Tlio result of the gamo played nt
Ilosmor wns much closer than was
gonornlly oxpoctod. Michel jusl sue
ceoded In winning nl. the poHt, securing
(ho only gonl of tho match clone on
tlmo, Ilosmor'Is to ho congratulated
on the showing nnd It Ih .to bo hoped
that lho notlconblo Improvement In
tliolr piny will bo permanent.
The gniiicn for today nro:
nollovuo vh Conl Crook nt Bollovuo,
.Michel vh Fornio nt Michel.
Tho gnmo nl Mlchol should prove In-
lorcKlliiK nnd tlio Iocnl tonm Intonil lo
put up n good fight for the polntH, It
wiih liile'nded In run n special irmii
but wo unrit-rstimd ari'iin^emonlH fell
through owing to lho hick of Niippnrt
given the coniinllton. In I hin nnicrprlHO.
Thu guiiie ul I'ellovuo Hhould result
In the visitors' fnvor hut tho homo
i en ui will' f in f up n good fight,
' Mr. Jep .Scott, has come' to .the
front with another idea for a fielders'
mit that resembles either a hay loader
or a coal bucket.. It .Is "guaranteed
to catch' all flies driven to the deep
centre garden. He is sure to havo
a ready sale for his latest. He intends to use one himself.
Cleaned up Michel
A team picked up from Fernie players journeyed to Michel on, Tuesday,
nnd plnyed n game with the nine bf
that town, winning from' them by tho
final of G to 1. The game was a
first class exhibition of tho groat summer game, nnd the boys rcporthaving
a fine timo. Tho Fernie line up was
ns follows:
,  Hall: c and 2nd. _  ■
Walters p, nnd c.f,
McMillan 1st.
McDonald 2nd nnd p.
Spllmnn 3rd.
McDougall ss nnd c,    ""
Hondorson l.f. H
L. Mills, c.f.
Hicks r.f. and ss,
* * *     "
The Fast.Juniors
The Fornio Juniors took a fall out
of tho Intermediates on Tuesday ovoning at BasobnII park. The Juniors
did somo flno playing and nro, showing Improvement In ovory gnmo. Thc
score wns 10 to I and tho following
wns the lino up:
JiitcTinodlatos: I.)..McLeod 2nd; F,
Dunlnp 3rd| Hondorson 1st; A, Dun*
Inp p; ll, ForgUHon c f;,R, Kirkpatrick
r.f.; J. MoDougnll o; A. Wnldo s.s.;
M. Duthlo l.f.
Juniors: 13, Dudley c.f.; It, Gldd*
liiRMH.s.; G. Dudley- r.f.: I\ Homlur*
son 1h(; L, Dudley 2nd; McLaughlin
:)nl; M. OlddlngH \r, H. McLeod c. II,
DiiiliesHo l.f.
I.en Dudley iniide n throo Iuihu hit
with three men on bin-on,' bringing nil
• LOS-ANGELES, Cay. July 13—Wolgast of, Milwaukee, despite" the fact
that he weighed five pounds less than,
Battling Nelson of Chicago, gave the
terrible Dane a'thorough whipping iu
a ten round ■ bout' before the Pacific
Athletic club tonight. After .an even
first, round Wolgast waded in' and had
the'best of, 6 of-the remaining rounds.
.The champion, did not have a single
round in his favor, an even break being the best he^ could get.       '
Nelson's face was swollen and blood
streamed from the nose and mouth at'
the close bf the fight. Wolgast was
unmarked'. It was a terrible-fight from
the start anil-It was not until the 10th
round that Wolgast succeeded in stopping Nelsons rushes.
- -, Round 1—Nelson met Wolgast in his
own corner and followed his usual tactics of advancing slowly to his opponent. Wolgast put'"-a right to Nelson's
face and took' a right and left to the
face in return. -A ripping left reached
Nelson's jaw.'1* * Thoy exchanged-body
b'lows'ln a clinch and Nelson renched
the face with a straight right. Wolgast
sent la right across to the jaw in return. Even round.
Round 2—Wolgast. reached the head
with a right'and went into a lively mix-
up in the centre of the ring. Wolgast
fought very ferociously but was backed
to the, ropesX, Nelson fought his way
to-the centre bf the ring with body
punches. In closo quarters Wolgast
sent a right and left to the head.. Blood
flowed from Nelson's' nose and Wol-1
gast sent'1 two right uppercuts lo the
jaw in return. .Evan round.
■ Round .3—They went at it hammer
and tongs,, Wolgast landing right and
left to the head and body..- Wolgas*:
then sent-a light left to the face and
followed with a hard right to the jaw.
Wolgast then sent a right swing to tho
ear, landed left and right to the head I
and put another left to the body and,
a right to the face. Wolgast showered
Nelson with rights1 and lefts-to tiie
head and Nelson, fought back for tho
stomach. Wolgast landed repeatedly
to'the face and body.' At close quarters Wolgast *had the' better of the
milling and' had* a'big lead at the end
pf the round. - '   \       ' ,-      /
" Itcfiuid 4.—Both missed right swings
Nelson' being'- first,to .land, -.getting a
left to the stomach. At close quarters
•Wolgast sent two swiff rights to the
Nelson was missing and falling short.
Wolgast sent' a terrific right to the;
stomach and landed half a dozen lefts.
and rights to the face without any re
turn.       -'•' . "•• •-■       ■'".*■-.
- Round 5—Wolgast continued to ba-*k
away at'the start. Nelson landed several effective,rights to the body. .In
a mix-up Wolgast chopped Nolson wl+h
a right and left to the body.
Round C—Nelson continued to1 forco
his .man. They"exchanged lefts to the'
face and Wolgast, put in two rights to
the head.* Nelson reached WolgaRt'j
face with a right upporcul, Nelso-i forced Wolgast to the ropes but did not
land effectively. Wolgast swung a
left to the head and sent Nelson back
but he camo on fighting hard.
Round 7—Wolgast put a left to Nol
son's oyo. With head down Nelson bored ln but Wolgast continued to land a
number of blows. Nelson's nose and
lips were badly swollen,
Round 8—Thoy fought and clln'-lied
about tho ring ln closo quarters. Nelson landed hard right and left to the
face, Wolgast camo back with r'ghls
and lofts to tho body. Nolson put iln.
right nnd loft to tho head and Woignst
reached tho onr with n right, Wolgnst
shot a loft to' the head .and than his
right to tho noso.
Round 0—From tho gong'thoy fought
round tho ring, Wolgast Inn ling Ihiee
blows to Nelson's one Wolgast vuiui*
od in with a Htineincr rustic to tho fnvo
and Inndod nn ovnrneail right lo the
head, Wolgnst sent Nw'en-i bnck •.»•■■ h
n loft swing to the '.wa una swuni* a
half dosion blovvn lo llm hond,
Round 10—Nolson fell short with a
right nnd Wolgnst smothered him with
rights nnd lefts. WolgnBl hnmmorod
Nelson's stomach and fought him to
tho ropos. Another loft Inndod sqi'iiro
on Iho stomach, Thoy wero fighting
In Ihe conl ni of tho rlriK whon tho
KOiii; Hounded.
The lnw does not allow a decision,
hut WolRiist hnd llm bolter of lho nr*
gum-out (ill through.
One With Broken  Neckr-The
.   Other Horribly Mangled
".MONTREAL, July.9—C. K. Bachel-
der of "Newport and J.'Twohey of-Montreal-were killed at .the second annual
races of the Canadian Automobile, club
on the Blue Bonnets track-, this- afternoon.-"       :y,/'y    _      .-.--.
Bachelder was driving a sixty horse
power Stearns car in'the ten mile open
race for stock** touring- cars, Twohey
acting as his mechanic. On the 8th
mile rounding onto the back stretch;
Bachelder pulled out,to pass Burman.
What then, happened-nobody knows.
The machine was seen* to "dash into the
fence, - fly over the embankment and
come to a stop forty yards,beyond. The
two .occupants were thrown into the
air. When assistance arrived Twohey
was found dead,with bis neck broken.
Bachelder was sti^l "breathing, but was
horribly mutilated, one stake' having
torn out- his bowels and another tore
a1 great "gash in his chest. He was
placed in' an\ ambulance and rushed
to the Royal • Victoria hospital whero
he died just before being admitted.*
The car was .the. property, of Lome
Hale. His entry was refused last'
night, but today- when he secured the
services of Bachelder, who ,was a science graduate of McGill, it,was accept
ed.     ,     . ', .7,     .
W,R.  ROSS kx.;
Barrister   and.Solicitor
I        .. 4"
pernio, B.,C.
■ \
7 '    Canada.
L, P. Eckstein
D. E.:McTaggart
Cox Street
Fernie B. C.
F. Ci Lawe
Alex,. I. Fisher
Fernie, B. C.''
Barrister and, Solicitor
Office Henderson Block, Fernie ,B.C. •
-    Hours 9 to 1;.2 to 5; 6 to'8. ■" _.
- Residence 21 .Viotorla Ave.   ,
NEW YORK, July, 12—A Berlin despatch to- the Times says the present
fashions ,in. women's attire, denounced
by the Vatican organ, are responsible
for a remarkable divorce just granted
by tlie courts of Silesia, ■ On the representation of the husband that his
wife had become intolerably thin a to
accommodate 'her figure, to modish
dress, a decree of divorce has been
awarded to a Silesian judge, .and the
respondent has been declared guilty
in the eyes, bf the law.    *«    -       v *
The petitioner declared that' when
he married hei* his wife was "naturally
a good figure, biit this year she suddenly decided that she must be thinner
to'keep pace-with the fashions. She
began therefore, ■. a strenuous ' cure,
which, reduced her weight 31-pounds
in'three months.
She rode horseback three hours each
morning.'played tennis two hours, and
al hours and ate-like a bird. Hei-habitual rosy complexion. gradually gave
way to a chronic paleness under this
I'egime."She dwindled away in weight
and though she was 5 feet ten inches
In height she weighed only 133
\ She attained her ambition however
and could1 wear a fashionable gown.
When the judge* forbade his wlfo to
continue fading away she defied him.
In tho divorce proceedings the judge
contended thnt his wife hnd deceived
her, husband becalise. he had bargained to marry, a lady of natural ample
proportions. Had sho been 111, It
would have been his duty to watch her
grow thin uncomplainingly, but as she
sacrificed' herself merely ln response
to tho dictions of mad Impulse he now
claimed that ho had the right to be rid
of her.  ,
Aftor a fiery attack on the curront
hnrbarlc styles by tho judgo's counsel, tho divorce wns granted, ■
W. A. CONNELL.     ,
Pioneer Builder and Contractor of
--.     '.Fernie "
.     ''*-*'-■ 14. "      '        '--'     -i '.-
,   y..L McDoiig*all,,Mgr..
TT '    __ ,".■',?■" .-'    7   . *' .. '-;■>.*
Manufacturers of and Deal:;
.ers in all kinds of Rough
and.Dressed Lumber,/
' . ,a ■       -.    '<     '   '*-  '     .'*.-" '   '.   *
Send lis your orders
Lumber  Dealer
AM kinds of rough"mul dressedInuilici
Victoria Ave.
Mortli Fertile
Secretaries of Local Unions
a. *• .■    ■' ' •*■ < 1
DISTRICT 18   U. M. W. of A.
Bankhead No. 29—James Fisher.
Bellevue No. 43,—R. Livett.    „ '
Canmore Park Local 1378—James A.
No. 2633—William  .Gra-
W  did.
We are firing away at the
^     old business '  •    .
Baggage  ilelivercd- to*, any,-
.piirt of the city.
.Carbonado No. 2688—James Hewitt..
Cardiff No. 2387—A. Hammond.   -
• Cardiff No. 27.9—F. K. St. Amant   °
i -  r * v i     i     m      i,    t
Edmonton  City No'2540—A.  Matt-.,
hews, P.O.' 1314. -,       *. /.
' Edmonton No.
2 Frazer.Flats.
1329~ASt.  Julian,
Fernie, No. 2314—T7  Biggs,
•     f   .        -•   ■: *.
Frank, No; 1263—Walter Wrigley.
Hgsmer No. 2497—J. W.  Morris
^inci-eit.No.^105,8—J. O. Jones. ;'
•W-^^^W ♦♦-»♦♦♦♦♦••»•*•*►
Official City League Baseball Schedule
CHICAGO, July 12—A special despatch from Alton, 111., to Uio Record*
Horald pays:
"Tho flrat. roll of potroloum biittor
tho Standard Oil's IiiIorI producl, Ib
to ho turned out al tho Wood refinery
noai' horo, Preparations aro holiiR
made to manufacture tho produce hero
and tlio machinery has boon shipped
to start work, The now producl will
bo known iih "petrol buttor," It is
said to bo of the namu conslBtoncy as
lacteal buttor, but !» brown, If lasts a
groat, deal longer than real buttor lt
Is Hnld, and docs not bocomo rancid."
Queen's Hotel
WE8T. '     •
'Built expressly for  ■'
It's a dandy, como and sen b .„
• & CO. Proprietors
(W. A. Ross, Manager.)
. Lethbridge,
-No.  2850—J.     E.
No. 574—Charles    Pea-
AiitA   *.,•
AI'dUHT 18
,ii*i,y n
AlinVflT 4
Alii CUT C
'                                   -I*-
Irm.Y ts
 r ;.
U'.l.rir.U          1
,IUI,Y 2<J
ACdlJiiT 0
Jl'l.Y 30
irr.y 2H
■,.m,Y 21
..1ici\ troubled with sui
t urn, blisters, (meet stings,
eore feet, or heat rashes,
apply Zam-Buk!
Sutprlilnff hew^Mty M *****
ihe str/rihg eni »t.n«»ngt Cum
ter*** on yotmf htJ>\t* ia* to
Zam-Buk It mad* from •J«*rt
herbal m-MCM. No **ulm«I fat*-
»© mineral peUeitt.   VlnMthMlMrt
I>tn, i.t,.t m* Slam tivrvkm.
BAUI/T 8TH. MAUII'., July ...—Tin
rrtliiutoH after the Hlool hiciuiioi'h Isaac
M. Scott, and ,lnlm 11, Unwlo, hnd ci.)
llildd In lako Superior early thin mont'
Inn, about a mllu and a half off will'*.'
: l-'lsh Point IlKhthoiiHo, tho Cowlo vent
,io (ho bottom In Ml feot of water, cur
Jrjlng wllh lior foiim-ou niumbui, uf
;ilio crew.
j The ScoH nlllioui*-.. badly dtimaun'1
put. bnck (o this port whoro hIiu arrived this afternoon with purl of I'ao
crew of tho Cowln, A heavy fon wns
responsible for tho collision. Tho S«;-iit
a new boat, up fho Iukcm, nun jum ,.i,.<.i.-
liur nmi'iaui r.ilp .iii.J },t„l i.Mi,i-i) iJji-
llfFlitlioiiHo ul White FIhIi Point nnd
atrnlRh'ened out hor rnnrsfi up flu*
lake when suddenly lho John Cowlo
loomed ftp through the fog, broadside
Oil 1.111 ttWi'lV rtUv. Xi.W)   a xx.*,   .'v-s it".
Tho Cowlo wob down hound with 800d
tons ot Iron ore In tho hold, The
Scott crashed Into the Bide of tho heavily ladon Cowlo. For lf> feat hor how
penetrated. Tons of water rushed
fhro-i-t-h fho ureal bnli* Into tho Cowle
and In throo minutes the boat was ui
tho boltom ot thn lake. Immediately
after the collision a line was thrown
to tbe deck of tho Cowlo And three of
tha crew escaped In this way, Tli<3
rest of the crew who wtna saved jump-
Mi Into th*? Ukc, fom« without life pre-
Hf*rvi»ri» snd wero picked up by tho
stoamor'' Goodyear, which was a short
distanco astern of Iho Scott when tho
olllslon occurred. Captain RoBors of
tho Cowlo wob ono of those roscuod by
tho Goodyear. Until ho Is hoard of
It Is lmposslblo to secure the names
of tho men who perished. Survivors
say that both engineers, tho four firemen, four deckhandB, tho second cook
porter ond an oiler named Pottor, aro
lost. Tho Scott rocolvod Injuries In
tho collision which would probably
havo sont hor to tho bottom had she
been loaded.
.Lille No. 1233—J. T Griffith
''"ni * 'a
Michel,'No 2334~Charles Garner'.- -
.Maple Leaf ,No. 2829-i-H. Blake.
, -* (via Bellevue)
Merritt Local Union, No. 2627—Chas
Brooks,'   *
Middlesboro1 872—W.  N. Reid
Passburg, No, 2352—J. Covach. ,
Royal   Collieries,    No., 2589—Wm.
Roclio Percee No. 2072—Lachlan McQuarrlo.
Tabor No. 102—Wm, Russell
Taber No. 1959—Wm. McClare.
Taylorton, No.  2648—H.  Potter,
Kenmare N.D. No. 2850—H. Potter
porblh No. 2877—W. Ryan
Paoaburg, No. 2352—A. 8waneton.
WOODPECKER, No. 2291):  William
LOWO.    ,
LKTIIIIJIIDOJ*"., July 8—Vroil Jones
und anothor boy wero plny.nK *■<••' ••••
Tabor when the former was struck on
«ho tomplo by a ball and Instantly kill-
Waldorf Hotel
Table Unexcelled
llm1 Mii|>|»Hi'i. with the Hnci-l
lll'ltllllH (if Wllll'1**,   1,I(|U()1H    ■
iuul CiK'H'**
(Formerly of Ci'iilinl Holt-.)
He-Th* -only way to keep ter*
vsnte It to noogniu them **
She—But my isaok would nevet
-Koognlee tile w ber equal J
TAKB notice that I Intend to apply
o iho Board of Licensing Coromiss*
nnors for thn City ot Fornio at thoir
«i slttlhf*** In open court ontltled to
„oar ahcIi application, lo tihis u****.*
ice of tho retail Liquor Llcenso now
liul'l by mo In respect, ot tho licensed
nremUoB known ns tho Northern lfot*rt
klti'tiaO on Lou »Ix («) and sovon (7)
mock 14 City of Fernio, to Wlllam
Dated at Pernio D.C. this Sth d*y
et June, 1303.
ADVERTISE IN THE LEDGER ■ >-***•■ ***** ■umc-f-u ««u—
*•'.■.- s *-*.*-;
THE DISTRICT LEDGER, FERNIE,    B. C. JULY 17 1909 *    •  t
.. Man and Wife - Meet^Str'angers
J,Ending in.Fatal RowJ -£3.
\ ^SEATTLE, July 13—Carousing with
chance male,acquaintances"in-the Sce-
- nie bar and cafe led to a quarrel, that
resulted iii the death bf Mrs, Elizabeth
T.-:Fife in   the   Olympic apartments
early1 this morning. .   ,'   _"',        ••'. *
James A. Fife, her husband, occupies a cell in the city jail, and will'be
held.pending a rigid investigation of
the  woman's death.. V The ' body iof
the woman is,at the,undertakers cov*
7 ered with, cuts and bruises'.     Coroner
.J. C.-Snyder will hold/an inquest on
Monday.    *    - ,     , •,
. At the city jail Fife, who also admits
using the name of James F. Foster,
.admitted that both he and his wife,
* had been drinking with other men at
the Scenic cafe yesterday.
Late last night Fife learned that his
wife was drinking with other men, at
. the' Scenic cafo and Immediately went
there.* He ordered his wife to leave
with him and after some argument the
pair left.for their apartments at'the
Olympic house. '
°, About an hour later Fife rushed to
-the office and informed the clerk that
his wife was dead.    ," ,
1 Dr; J..-F. Deane was called but the
woman was beyond human aid.
Author of "The Ppisooer ofZenda
. ' ' '
-■ pooooooooooooooeooooo
: Cci^yright.wa-i.Aiithony Hope Hawkins
had made personal .inspection'of the
state of Al. Zerkovitch's fire!
"Good night," captain. By the wa*7
the king continues well?" >
. "Dr.' Natcheff says, sir, that.he doesn't
think his majesty was ever better 'in
.his life." " i>' ■' _. ;■. ■
, The prince looked at him for just a
moment, .with a reflective smile. ."Ah,,
und a trustworthy . man,. Natcheff!
Good night!" , " *_   %> . \
.< Markart did not see much reason to
think that the question, the look, tho
smile and the comment had any significance, but there would be no harm
in submitting, the point to General Stenovics, Pondering over this, he forgot
to, count the prince's, paces this time:
If be had counted the sum would have
,beou Just four., M. Zerkovitch's fife
needed anottier royal Inspection, It
needed it almost till the break of day.
• "The king's life hangs by a hnir and
your crown,by u thread." That was
the warning which Lepage- bad given
nnd Zerkovitch hnd cnrrlod through the
night.       ■. '      . '    * '
SAN FRANCISCO, July 12--Held on
-a charge of murder,*Mrs. Laura Mac-
Donald, who killed her baby son Kenneth and attempted   to end her   own
• life', a "few weeks ago is-In the city
, prison herei today. ,
\ Members of, the Waitresses Union
have  interested  themselves    in    the
-cause of the accused woman and will
■ * fight her case for her'in the   superior
*, court.      '» ''. '
Mrs.  MacDo'nald's story, is one   of
'misfortune:  At the age of 17 years
she became the wife of John Morrison
MacDonald, son of a wealthy "man In
Nova ScOtia.
, * They lived at Morenci, Arl7.ona, for
a year and was then deserted" by her
husband and left to care.for.her ten
months,old child. .
The   woman   went to Los Angeles,
where  she met  Edwin Crawford,   ,a
-cook, who brought her. to San Franci's-
- -co.     She was deserted by him -here,
lian(Lin_aJiLofIde.s.po'ndericy she decid-
,ed to kill herself and her 'child. ' She
shot the baby and drank poison .her-
•self.-   The child died but she recover-
I  ed, and now faces a charge of murder.
,   .:     ,        '■•'   DEAD
LONDON, Ont. July 12—Cyrus Bush
known all over Canada and a good part
of the.northern Unitod States, 'died
here yesterday. He was()80."years of
age and for many years was a travelling preacher, proclaiming himself as
John the Evangelist. It was his custom to drive about tho country with
a flag attached to tho end of a polo
proclaiming his mission,
100 tons of good
Baled Hay
W. E, Barker, Cayloy, Altn,
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goodi, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gents' Ftirnlsliinifi
eo VEAtts*
YtMDC Marks
Scftittifie Httttrjca
l jaetamttf \U*Mt*t*AveH.tr. hanakem*
' Sir ataeuubeUmiiA, tuma M
aree>.ft>im*r**r*ia. eUter
THIS storm bud passed.   The day
broke culm und  radiant over
; the  castle of   Praslok. -. Sun*
.   shine played caressingly on the
lake and on the hills. *
Markart bad breakfasted and paid n
visit to his horse.' He wanted to be off
by 9 o'clock and waited only for the
prince's letter. He was returning from
the stnblcs, sniffing the morning air
with. a most vivid enjoyment of the
change of weather, when' he saw; Sophy coming along the road. She bad
been for a walk.- Her eyes nud cheeks
glowed with' exhilaration. She: woro
her sheepskin tunic, her sheepskin cap
with, its' red cockade and .her short
blue'sklrt over high boots. She walked
as though on the clouds of heaven,.a
.wonderful lightness in her tread. The
red star signaled the'exaltation of her,
'spirit-- TheVgiad "sound of the, trumpet
rang In her heart!. '"''•', "'
Her cordial greeting to Markart was
spiced with raillery, to which;he responded as well as'his Ignorance al*,
flowed" He was'uncertaln".hOj*Limuch_
she knew of the real situation. /But if
his tongue was embarrassed his eyes
spoke freely. He could not keep them
from her face. To him. she sepmeda
. queen of life and joy that glorious
morning.       *
"You've recoverod.frofh your fright?"
she asked. "Poor M, Zerkovitch Is still
sleeping bis off, I suppose! Oh, the
story's all over the castle!" .
. "It'll be all over thc country soon,"
said Markart, with a rueful smile.
, "Well, after all. M. Zerkovitch Is a
journalist, and journalists don't spare
even" themselves, you know. And
you're not a reticent person, arc you?
Don't you remember all tbo Information you gavo mo once?"
"Ah, on tbo terrace of tho Hotel do
Paris! Much has happened since then,
baroness." '
"Much always happens If you keep
your oyos open," said Sophy,
"If you keep yours open nothing happens for mo but looking at thom,"
' She laughed-merrily.   A-compliment
novor displeased Sophy, and sho could
bear lt vory downright
"But If I woro to shut my eyes, what
would you do then?"
Ho looked doubtfully at her mocking
faco. She meant a littlo moro than thc
Idle words naturally carried.
"1 dou't think you'll glvo mc thc
cbanco of considering, baroness," no
Indicated hor costume with a gesture
of his hand. "You'vo entered tbo service, I see,"
"Yos, Captain Markart, tho king's
service, Wo aro brothron, You servo
him too?"
"I havo that honor," Markart flush'
od under hor laughing scrutiny.
"Wo fight shoulder to shoulder, than,
Well, not quito Pm a -runner, you
"Minus your guns at present!"
"Not for long!" Shu turned round
and swept hor arms on\ toward tho
lnko and the ti 1 Iln. "It's n'dny to think
of nolhlng-Just to go riding, riding,
riding." lior laugh rnnpr out tn merry
longing, u
"What provonts you?"
"My military dutlon por Imps, cap<
tain," she answered. "You'ro lucky,
You hnvo a longrldo. Don't spoil It by
"I think? Oh, no, bat-one**)*! 1 only
nboy my ordow."
"And thoy novor mnko you think?11
lior glanco wan quick* nt him for an Instant.
•There's danger In thinking too
much, even for Indira," he told hor,
8ho looked nt lilm moro gravely, for
liln oyer* woro on her now, with a kindly, perhaps o romorsoful, look.
"Yon mean that for mo?'* sho nsked.
"Hut If I, foo, only obey my orderar.
"WUlt nil luy li.'ur, I Uoue tints •"*•"
load you Into no iintig«r." he sold,
■Tboro'f only oni» dnniror In all tho
world- lonlnjr what you lo'ro."
"Not somotlmcs •gaining It?" ho ask-
eA nnlrklf.
"HUH, tlio only danger would be of
losing It again."
"Thero'n lifo, too," ho remarked, with
a ahnig.
"Sir, wo'ro •oMIonr* aha cried In
merry reproof.
"That doesn't prevont me from prising your Mfe, baron*--**, in tho .ntcroati
of a world not too rich In what yon
ioutrllmt* to it."
Sophy looked at blm, a subtle roer*
rimmt In her eye*. "I think, Captain
Markart, that If yon were my doctor
■yoo'd ad?la* mo to try a change of tbt
malok ia too aiotUnf. la that lt» Bat
1 torn* «enia-**w«U, far fran nUs-
tna*. you VBovr
'-.' "The Kravoniah climate as a*whole,
baroness"— _        .      •        .-        ','
'/. "Ohj no, no; that's too much!" slie
Interrupted, Then she said: "It's very
kind of you—yes, 1 mean that-^nd it's
probably^-1 don't know—but probably
against your'orders. So I thank you.
Hut I can face even the,rigors,of Kravonia.". ' - i, - ' ; */- ..'- .
\ She held out her hand! He bent and
kissed it "In fact I hadn't the least
fight to say if he confessed. "Not the
least from any point of view. It's your
fault though, baroness!"
', "Since I'm party to' the crime I'll
keep the secret." she promised, with.a
•decidedly kindly glance. To Sophy admiration ■ of ■ herself always argued
.something good lu a man. She bad
none, of that ungracious scorn which
often disfigures the smile of, beauty.
Sho'gave a little sigh, followed quickly
by.a smile. *  * . * :
"We've said all we possibly can ..to
ono another, you and I. More than wo
should perhaps! And now,to duty!" She
pointed to the door of the castle.
■ The prince was coming down the
wooden causeway. He, too, wore the
Volseni sheepskins. In his hand he
carried a sealed letter: Almost at the
same moment a,groom led Markart's
horse from the stables.. The prince
joined them and. after a bow.tb Sophy,
banded tbe letter to Markart.     "• ,
"For his majesty.   And you remember my message to General Stenovics?"
^'Accurately, sir." ' .
"Good!" He gave Markart his hand.
"Goodby! A pleasant ride to you, captain—pleasanter than last night's." - His
grave face broke into a smile.
"I'm not to have M7 Zerkovitch's
company this time, sir?"-
"Why, no, captalp! You see, Zerkovitch left the castle soon after 6 o'clock.
Rather a short night yes, but he was
.In a hurry."    '
Sophy burst Into a laugh at the dismay on Markart's face. "We neither
of us knew that, Captain Markart. did
'we?" she cried. "We thought he.was
sleeping off the fright you'd given
■him!"'**     '-   \        '"'.';        ; 4-   "
"Your' 'royal highness gives me
leave"— stammered'Markart; bis eyes
on his horse. '•       [       '    -
"Certainly,   captain.    But  don't^ be
..vexed.    There , will' be' no   invidious
; comparisons. * Zerkovitch doesn't propose to report himself to General Stenovics immediately- on his arrival."''
Good natured Markart 'joined in the
laugh at his own expense.   "I'm hardly
■ She saw that they must wait It was-
impossible to approach the king on tbe
matter of, Sophy.7-If cut dead, at .the,-
heart of his apabltion. It would be a
shock' as great j as -, the discovery of
Countess- Ellenburg's ambitions, lt
could not be risked. -   r   ■-
"But if under Stenovics' influence the
king'dbes refuse to see you?' she asked-"Refuses to see you and repeats
his orders?!''   -','      \
The'prince's face, grew,very grave,
but his voice .was'firm.      "* ,  ■    -
"Not even the" king—not even my father—can make "me throw away the Inheritance, which, is mine. The hand"
would be'the king's, but the voice,the
voice of Stenovics.. 1 shouldn't obey.
They'd have to come to -Volseni and
take me.V ■   '_."'   V * • •        ' o -.- "'
Sophy's eyes'; kindled. "Yes. that's
right!" she said. "And for today 7"
• "Nothing will* happen today unless
by chancei the thing which „we uow
know may happen any day, and of that
we shouldn't hear .'till evening!' And
there's nu drill even. 1 sent the men to
their homes on- fprty-eigbt hours',' furlough yesterday . morning." HLs face
relaxed In a_smile. ""1 think today we
can have a holiday,' Sophy."
She clapped her hands ln glee. "Oh,
monselgneur, a- holiday!"
"It must be the last for a long time."
he said, "so we, must enjoy lt."
TliiSi dny—this holiday which might
be the lust—passed--In a fine carelessness and a rich Joy ln llvlug. Tho
cloudless-sky and the glittering waters
of Lake Taltl - were parties to their
pleasure, whether as they rode far
along tho s.bore or sat
and ate a simple meal
on,the rock strewn margin. .Hopes and, fears,
dangers and stern resolves, were forgotten.
Even of the happier issues -whicli the futuro
promised or dangled before ' their eyes there
was' little thought, or
speech. The blood of
youth flowed briskly. The heart of
youth rose high. , The prince joked,
jested , and paid his court. Sopby's
eyes gleamed with the fun as not even
the most exalted, and perilous adventure could make them sparkle,
"Ob. It's good,". she cried-"good to
live and sou tbe suiii! aMonsPlgneur. I
believe I'm a pagan—a sun worshiper!
When he's good enough tn warm nie
through and to make the water glitter
for me and shadows' dance ln such a
cunning pattern'on the bills, fbeir I
think I've done'something that he likes
I and that he's pleased with me!" Sbe
sprang to her feet and-stretched out
■ her' hands toward the sun.- "In the
grave.U believe, I shalLremember.the,
glorious light . My,-memory of that
could surely neverdle!"
His was the holiday mood too..   He
fell in with her extravagance, meetiug
It with banter.   ,;     - - *.        **_ • ■
-   '„Tt's only a lamp," he said, "just*a
' lamp, and it's hung-there for the sole
purpose of showjng Sophy's eyes: When
she's not there" they, put It out.   tor
what's the use o'f'it?'.'  * '
' "They'•'put   it   out   when   I'm,'iiot
■flipj-fi?"     -,-,.'■  ■■.'''"■    -    7   .      *    .-
Alarm" Clock- Does  Successful
■ Turn at Incendiarism
A Clean Man
'It's ■ flood,"
she 8a.d,\"i*o
see the sun''
VANCOUVER, July \2—With an ingenious mechanical' de**. ice, Dake and
Belmo'nC partners in a-jew.elry business at Bnderby, B.VC.,-started an incendiary fire in their store early on
the morning of July 2 according to a
confession  made by  Belmont" today.
When the store -was burned the' police
■> -
made an-investigation which resulted
in the arrest of Belmont. His confession came soon afterward and Dake
has since been apprehended.
■ Belmont says that he and Drake rigged up an alarm clogk in such a way
that it would turn an emery wheel.
The conspirators for insurauce money
then placed matches against the wheel
and underneath these scattered shavings saturated with oil..
The alarm was set for 1.30 on "the
morning of July 2;j It went off on
scheduled time. .-Belmont and Drake
went to the nearby town of Armstrong
and listened to the fire alarm whistle
eight miles away.
Then they returned ,to the scone of
the blaze. .The stock was insured
for $2500.      .       *' -
Outside cleanliness is less than half the battle.' A man may
,4- scrub himself a dozen times a day, and still be unclean. Good
health means cleanliness not only outside, but Inside. , It means
a clean stomach, clean bowels, clean blood, a clean liver, and
new, clean, healthy tissues. The man'who is .lean in this way
will look it and act it. He will work with **nergy and think
dean, clear, healthy thoughts. .       .,,.. rj     --.-'.'
He will "never be troubled with liverj' lung, stomach or blood
disorders.   Dyspepsia and indigestion originate in unclean stomachs.: Blood diseases are found where there :s unclean blood.'
Consumption and bronchitis mean unclean lungs.
.'■-.-       i • - . '
Dr.. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
prevents these diseases. It makes a man's insides clean
and healthy. It cleans' the digestive organs., makes pure,
clean  blood, and clean, healthy flesh.
It restores .tone to the nervous system, and cures nervous ezhaustion and
prostration.   It contains no alcohol or habit-forming drugs.
Constipation is the most unclean uncleanliness. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure it.-  They never gripe:   Easy to take as candy.
 X l : i	
Be gave Marknrt his
that Zerkoyltch!" . -
* * "Quicksilver!" smiled the prince.- As
Markart r mounted he added, "Au ,re-
,voir!"       .       -,
Markart left the-two standing side
by side—the prince's serious face lit up
with a rare
smile, Sopby's
beauty radiant
in merriment
His own face
fell as he rode
away. "I half
wish 1 was ln
tho other camp,"
be grumbled.
But Stenovics'
power held blm
-and tho fear
of Stafnltz. Ho
went back to a
work ln which
his heart no
longer was, for bis heart bad felt Sophy's spoil,
, "You can havo had uoxt to no sleep
nil night, monselgneur," said Sophy in
reproach, miugled with commiseration,
. "J don't need It. The sight of your
faco refreshes mo. Wo" must talk.
Zerkovitch brought news."
In low, grnvc* tones bo told hor tho
tidings and thc steps which he and
Zerkovitch had taken.
""I understand my father's reasons
for keeping mo In tbo dark. Ho moant
It woll, but ho was blinded by this ldoa
about my marriage. But I boo, too,
how It fitted in with Stonovles* Ideas.
I think It's war botwoon us now, and
I'm roady."
Sophy was almost dazed. Tlio king's
lifo was not to bo rolled on for a week
-for a day—no, not for an hour! But
sho listened attentively. Zerkovitch
had gono bnck to Slavna on a\frooh
liorsonnd nt top apcod. Ilo would hnvo
moro than two hours' load of Markart.
Ills first duty wns to [open communlca*
tlous with Lopngo and arrange that the
vulct Hhould send lilm all tho Information which cnmo to hli oars and any
ImproRHlons which ho was ablo to gather In tho palnco. Zerkovitch would for*
wnrd tbo roporla to Praslok Immcdlato*
ly ho lona ns thr' prlnco rcmnlnod nt the
cnstlo. Hut tlit> prlnco was pursuadod
that his father would not refill*..- tn seo
lilm now that he knew tho true stato
of tho oaio. "My father Is really attached to mo," ho said, "and If I soo
lilm I'm confident that I can pcrsundn
him of tho liir-xii-Mllt'iK-y of my lonvlni*
tho kingdom Just now, A hint of my
suspicions with rt'ininl to tho caiiiiti*NH
nnd Ntcnnvies would do It, bnt I'm ro-
lucthnt to risk giving blm such n nhock,
I think I cun wnniiile him without."
"Bui Is It enfe tor von to trust- vonr*
solfnt Slavna tn tho palsce and alone?"
"tf iiiu*, fink Urn pn.uctj uioue, und
I'm not much afraid. Stonovles might
ito tn war with mc. but I don't think
ho'd fnvor nssasi-lnntloii. And to Slav*
nn I shn n't ito nlnno.  Our gunnun will
"n wllh tm  Scnhr     We tttive nr»WB nf
the ffim*. holns on the way. Thero will
ho nntlilnij utrnnw In my nisrchlnff
tlio giiiincrs down to moat thom.
Thcy'rn only half trained *»ven In drill,
but they're brim follows. Wo'll tako
up our qiiartr-r* with them In flulel*
man's towor. I don't fear all Rlavna If
1 hold Hulclmnn'H tower with 30p Vol-
sonlsns,   Stsfnltr. mny do hi* worstP
"Vim*,, j «,»*,'• «h-» nnnwered thought*
fully, "I can't mine with yoo to Unlet-
man's town, though.**
"Only if there ore »lims of dinger.
Than yoa and Marie must com*. If all
Is quiet yea can etey In twr ban*** W#
eon meet often, ss oftsn u poutbU.
Vn* van rwt wt most wslt-
"I've noticed It happen a do7.en tlmea
of late." ..
".It lights\up again when ■ I como,
monselgneur?"   .    ■ *
"Ah. then I forget to look!"
"You get very little sun anyhow,
then!'*,',   '   .,
"I've something so much better,"
It Is pathetic- to read—pntbetlc that
she should have set lt down ns though
overy word of it were precious-set It
down as minutely as she chronicled
the details of the critical hours' to
which fate was' soon to call ber.'
They rodo homo together as the sun
was .setting—a sun of ruddy gold, behind It one bright purple cloud, the sky
beyond blue, deepening almost Into
black. When Praslok camo ln sight
sbe laid ber hand on his, with a long
drawn sigh.
"Wo havo been together today," sbe
said. "That .will bo thero always. Yes,
tho sun and tho world woro made for
us today, and wo bavo boon worthy."
Uo pressed ber band, "You were
sent to teach mo what Joy Is—the worth
of thc world to men who llvo in It.
You'ro tbo an go! of Joy, Sophy. Boforo
you came I bad missed tbat lesson."
"I'm very glad"-thus bIio ends hor
own record of this dny of glory-"that
I'vo brought Joy to monselgneur. ne
faccH his fight Joyful of heart." And
then, with one of her absurd, deplorable, Irrcslstlblo lapses Into tbo morcst
ordtnnry feralnlno, she adds, "That rod
badge Is Just tho touch my sboopskln
cap wanted!"
Oh, Sophy, Sopbyl What of tbat for
a flnnl reflection on the ovo of mon-
solgnoiir's light?
Wo will ofl'er ourcntlro stock to thc public cont^Ibtine nf tlio most up to rtalo
Clothing, Shoos, Huts, Cups, and Uiulerivcitr,, Etc,    Everything for men to wear
Tho very bchtuiKl up lo doto suits
Formerly 8ollin*£ for 810.00, 315.00 and $18.00
Now Sellluer for $6.00, 97.50 and SI a50
If you buy om-fchoos, the l-'uinousHmiHl anil tho latent htylcs you can save from
25 to 35 per cent.   Overalls and Workininncn':! Shirts at rcdncwl prices
; Give us a trial and you will always be witinfled
Noxt to ltoclioii'8 Cnudy Storo
Next to Northern Koto!
" SEATTLE, July -14—Lumbermen
rom all parts of the United States,
•epresenting Interests that control the
entire timber wealth of the country,
will congregate at the Alaska-Yukon-
Pacific exposition from Monday July
19 to Wednesday July 21.
The Logging Congress' which will be
held in Seattle at that time is' one Of
the greatest annual * industrial congresses now held in the United States.
The western lumbermen consider this
as the" most Important event' ever
known to the lumbering interests, of
-he Pacific coast.
"The ■ meetings will be held in the
Joo Hoo building whicli was built on
.he exposition .grounds especially for
.his-congress. The structure was put
lp at a cost of ?10,000 by-a number of
Seattle lumbermen. The amount to
be spent for entertainment will bring
the amount to oyer $25,000.
- The Hoo Hoo building , itself has
been-designated as ah exhibit of what
the "west can do in lumber'. The pur*
to familiarize the visitors-with western timber. It is expected that it
will, do more to,advertise this great
resource of the west among tlie investors of the east than any other event
COUld. "' r
Keppet were among the guests. Mrs.
Vanderbilt was wearing on her corsage ' a big diamond ornament which
attracted much attention and excited
the   especiaUadmiration of. Mrs. Kep-
Pet- '    ,■        .    .
"I am so glad you like it," murmured Mrs.'Vanderbilt. "Won't, you
please accept it as .a token of my appreciation of your good taste?" and
suiting the action- to the word, sho
unfastened the ornament and handed
it to Mrs. Keppet. Tlie king was near
and seemed somewhat astonished at
such generosity for the ornament was
a huge affair with big diamonds and
worth a considerable sum.    .
"I could not think of taking it,"
said Mrs. Keppet, but, Mrs. Vanderbilt insisted and eventually Mrs. Keppet accepted the gift.
•'That ■ ends the story but there,is a
sequel. ■ Tho noxt' night at another
party Mrs. Keppet was wearing the
ornament. "What a beautiful thing
it is,' said a friend. "Where did you
get it?"'      ,. ,
NEW YORK, July 12—London . despatches to the Times sny that society
circles in London are nil agog., over
the story of an Incident which occurred at a dinner recently given for
King Edward at which Mrs. Frederick W., Vanderbilt and Mrs,  George
nics, .music, fireworks and sporting ev-,
ents will mark the celebration of Farmers day at the Alaska-Yukon-Paclfic exposition! September 8.
G. D. Wilson of Poag, 111., has been
appointed director general of the day
and Is preparing an elaborate program
in which all farmers of the northwest
will be interested. At both the St.
Louis and Jamestown expositions nil
arrangements for the day set aside for
tho farmers were made by Director
Goneral Wilson.
The morning parade at the Exposition on Farmers day will bo participated in by agriculturists from Washington, Idaho, Oregon nnd British Colum
bia.' Then will come the address of
welcome by President Chtlberg. Shortly after 12 o'clock the farmers will assemble on the grounds near the shore
of Lake Washington for a' basket pio
nlc. '        • ■
During the afternoon it Is proposed
to,hae an unusual feature known 03
tho Bells of Christendom in which 700
young girls from various parts of the
United States will take part'. Wire
connections will be made with bells In
Seattle and about the cities of Puget
Sound and at a given signal the young
girls will press electric buttons ring-"
ing hundreds of bells.
The rainbow banquet in the evening
will be an international affair, for iri:'
vitations are to be sent to foreign
countries to have representatives present on Farmers day.
Farmers from all over the Northwest will come to Seattle In great num-,
bers for the celebration' of farmers
day and September 8 will no doubt be
a banner day in the history': of tho
Pacific World's fair. ■-"       ' '.
 Vl-lAGLMVfmiaT T.al.._1_9 Tn.„a_t"„..™.	
^—' ,. r^ajii ,naj Wiay—., uij—J.,J J."licav.~ Al*. Ill"-
r President Castro of Venezuela is fur*;
nishlng funds   for the,-  revolutionary *
republic of Colombia, is the latest rumor received ln Washington from S:
America. ■
Vague rumors reported to the state
department allege that Castro, wishes
to make use of the revolutionary forces
of Colombia,as a means of reinstalling
himself ln Venezuela. Information
hns been received at the department
that Colombian troops have been' dispatched to Honda, a town, on the
Magdalona river, ostensibly to Intercept any revolutionary forces ascending
the ' rivor up towards Bogota, the capital.
(how oo
>. f • T") OON'f KNOW'iT'vE.-a.YKb' IFORGOT  S ^W/OiLK RI
IIKUH was a stir In Slavna,
Kxclloincnt wai jfrodually
Rrowlnir, not unmixed with un-
nnslnt-Rs, (lon-dp wait buiy at
tho Hotol de Carls and at tho Ooldon
Linn. Mon ciimtorcd In group* and
tnllccd, wlillo thoir wlvai said they
would In* hot tor at homo, mlnrtln**; thoir
biiftlnoM nnd Icttln**- politic** nlono.
KnowIodRO wna fnr to nook. Tlumors
wore plentiful, Dr. Nntchnff might bo
an reni-Kiirlmr nn lie plonnod. hut he hnd
c-pont tho night at tho palnco! All won
>,(i/t.a in Die a-fiji, but new* cam* of (no
forco thnt wat Mnn ralaod io Toltonl,
and tho iIm of tho fore* loot nothing
an tho roport \tttteA from month to
I in   In.   i-i.iii.ini,
1,1. AVE
Chick er*/.
<E ? WHV
ICOMPAMV   l...l™S 'MP,JDtMCt:'
"In February our daughter bad th
whooping cough. Mr Lnno of Hnrtlnt.
rocoromendod Chamberlain's Court!
rtomody and laid it save hia cuitom
om the bout of natlifnctlon. Wi
found It aa ho said, and ran **-rcomm
end It to anyone having chll*" >.i trm
Wed with whooping eough,»' ^,y* Mr***
A. Ooia of Dtirand, Mich. I'or aale bj
all dniggtaU. *
RELEAiC JUNE -25- ^^..u«w^.^<ra^aa^J,*-afct^^
Fruit Lands
One mile west of
."in the warm .
o - ' '
That  famous "Big   Red   Apple"
soil..     Irrigated   tracts  with the
finest spring water you ever tasted
Get an apple orchard started
with such markets as we have here
Address .
' Sales Agent
at Fred Roo's Store or a card to
■   until July 2nd and he will call
on you
C. P. R. TIMETABLE    --V.
>    . *                 -           Arrive Fernie
No. 213 West  \. .8.48
No. 214 East  v.'..*a17.55
No. 236 Local East ..........   S.48
No.' 235 Local West '.'..' 20.50
No. 7 West Flyer  10.40
No. 8 East..Flyer. ..• ,. 20.08
'" Change takes effect Sunday June 6.
NO. 252
10.65 ■ l'
\      .   -OLSON
, 251
Local  News
Clean rags wanted. Apply Ledger.
Wanted: Small,'cheap gasoline engine. Apply Ledger Office.
* For sale—Two well situated lots in
the Annex.:Apply L. P. Eckstein.'
For Sale—Flowers' for planting out,
stocks, astors, balsams, _ pansles,- daisies, marguerites/etc, 30 cents per
dozen. John McLachlan West Fernie
greenhouse.   ' 7 _       '
Important Notice: Write to the Le-
duc Produce Company,for prices ' on
creamery and dairy butter also fresh
eggs. Proprietors of Lakeside Creamery, Leduc, Alta. „
» Housekeeper wanted: Must be good
plain cook, middle aged. Good wages.
Apply between 10 and 11, and 3 and 4.
' Mrs. H. W. Herchmer. - -
-For Sale:  Ladies bicycle.    English
. make, Dunlop tires, necrly new, —a
bargain. See J.W. Ringham at Trites-
Wood.   ■.        * -    "      .,
—-LosU—Gtl—July 1st, n,  snuart*  gnliT
watch key. Initials K. A. on fnco.
Return to Dr. Anderson and receive
rewar.d.       *     * .
For Sale: Thoroughbred bull terrier
,-pups. Apply Robert Fdlrclough, Fernie
P. O.       a    „    ' ' 49-2t
For Sale'.—Hons with chickens.' Apply T. Mott. Cokato.      • " *
■■ For Sale
Go to Rochon's for ice cream.
Do not forget that Mrs'. Todd's sale
is on all next week. .
Get your fishing tackle" at Suddaby's.
W.' F. Muirhead & Co. have moved
into their now premises.
Reach's Baseball goods at Suddabys.
Mrs. W. S. Keay, wife of W. S.
Keay, returned to Fernie on Friday.
R. h. T. Galbraith of Fort Steele
was in Fernie on business this week.
Large variety of-hammocks at Suddaby's.,
Mr. L. A. Potrin has left for a few
months to look after his land at North
Portal. -  „ .
D. S. Currie and Frank Cremin of
Waldo were in Fernie on business
this week.
Latest designs in wall papers at
Suddaby's.    (
Al Rizulto is removing the old
city restaurant to a site in the lower
part of the city.     , -
Finest in the land—Ingram's bath
The How. Foon block is nearing completion. It will be one of the finest
blocks in tho city.
No place in town just like it.    Ingram's pool room. „,'
" 13. J. Gook, provincial constable, of
Klko, lately chief of city police here,
was in Fernie this week. - <,
. Beef, mutton, pork, veal, hams, bacon, "ard, etc.,'only of the very best,
Phone 41. c*
The roller rink will be closed for a
fe-av weeks'during the midsummer, but
will open again for' the fall term.
t I a' '
While following his°occupation as a-
digger at No. 5 mine Coal'Creek, Jack
Patterson received severe bruises.
it - '
Work on the new government build-
Go to Rochon's for'ice cream.
Miss Stewart of Toronto is visiting
Mrs, R. W. Wood.- . *    •■•___  <*■
"C. D. McNab of Waldo'paid Fernie
a visit on Tuesday. .'"
.   If you are a particular smoker get
your smokes.at Ingram's.-
o-Dr.-Marr of Corbin was in .Fernie
several days "this week.
" 'Furniture is just as cheap as screen
door's at' Trites-Wood Co.
Mrs.' Todd's whitewear sale* commences today "at'8.30 a.m.    .
Mrs. C. Heaton of Kallspell, Mont.,'
paid Fernie a visit this week.    •'-,-■
Special sale of post cards now on at
■ Mrs. H. L. Blackstone visited at
ElWover Sunday with Mrs.' Olands.
Dr. Hagan of Blairmore called here
on his way from "the'Seattle exposit-.
ion.  -'„-.'„.
- Believe me—the cheapest place on
earth to buy a stove.is at Trites-Wood
M. W. Morton, inspector of the
Bank of'Hamilton, paid their branch
a visit on Thursday.
A. W. Bleasdell, agent for Draper's
Permanent Indistructable - acid proof
Mr. W. C. B, Manson,"manager of
the Home Bank of Canada spent Wednesday in Now'Micehl.    a
• II!" Shepherd'of Victoria, of the,Mining Examining board .visited Coal
Creek mines this,week.*
For a good comfortable smoke get
Dorenbecker's brands, They - are
A glass of iced "Salada" Tea will be
found most refreshing this warm weather. As cooling as a summer breeze.
See Rochon, the.Kandy Kid,
Bargains never before ehard of will
be the order of the day aCMcDougall's
big shoe sale. Rubber goods at ' and
below cost.
W: G'. Bruce will hold tlie last saie)
of boots arid shoes at McDougall's   on
Monday-afternoon and'evening next at
2.30 and 7.30.   .
The ,Napanee tug-of-war boys will
pull any team in the city for money,
chalk, marbles or white .seal...Cleats
to bo used. Apply to Tom Whelan;   ,
o    i . ■
■Mr. Claus Sleinbart of Milwaukee,
has arrived to take up a position in
thc Fort Steele Brewing Co. • He will
no doubt be welcomed in- social   and
Mr. E. ,-J. Gook, the terror of evildoers and the joy of them.that do well
in Elko, ran into town' Wednesday to
see the Lodgerput it all over the Fat
-Men on the" baseball'diamond, and returned to" Elko bitterly, disappointed,
the next, day. , -.    ■  '
I** ' -   a   a1,
S. M. Newton has taken over-the
A     ■•?,
- 7? "vNice and Fresh in .This Morning . '■iyiy-
Onions,    Radishes,   Cucumbers,    Lettuce,
v Rhubarb,   Strawberries,   Oranges     .. *
and   Bananas      '■'
W. J*  BLUNDELL   . oive "s "aii
'" '    7-  ■*>!   '
Cr6ws, N est /Trading ;0.d. v
;!   General Merchants   7;?    "_    "
The   Store   of Good Values
X     ■     ...   U'v
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B.G.
I N;uW HI TlWE A.k
Commencing  Saturday   17th.   &  continuing  all week.'
Corset Covers Trimmed Luces ifc Embroideries from :.'*.... .25
Ladies Drawers, fancy laces «fc insertions from—-...'.....    .25
Night dresses, Mother Hubbard yokes & low necks from 75
A special lot of White Skirts best value oyer offered.; Soiiie.,
are slightly' soiled, therefore bought at big discount 50
All those who pin chased in the January whitewear sale will' find
'    this wlnrewear still better value,   .
Come earl)- und get a good selection ,;•    *'        ,
MRS.   E.   TODD
The Fernie Pressed Stone & Concrete •
Sewer Pipe Company '-• -
All kinds of concrete work clone, excavating, sewer ditches, concrete side walks, iron fences, and concrete lawn rollers,- also.  -
Fire Proof Dwellings from $1,000 up
Over 70 different designs to choose from. Before building have
a look'at our designs and prices, .'       _-    .*■_._-
^P. O. Box 256        W. M.   DICKEN,   Mgr.        Fernie, B. C.
We carry a full line
of Boots and Shoes,
Hats, Hose, Suit's,0
Shirts, Collars, Ties,
Everything ■ for men
ing is progressing very favorably7The
heavy concrete foundation is being
rushed. . '
The buildins of the Methodist church
is' progressing satisfactorily. "It is expected that It will be ready by October* lst.
Mr. George Ellis, wo are pleased to
The best'paying pi*oposl->"sUUe' is out oi tho hospital, and-will
tion In Fernio. $2500 cash. Apply Box
13, Fernie B. C.
Wanted—Girl to   help around  ,the
■ house, Apply to Mrs. A. A. Gillespie!
Mr. George McLeod from "Cross-
fields," north of Calgary, .visited our
city Sunday ami'Monday. He Is on
a tour through B. C„ and expressed
hlmsolf much surprised at the progress
Fornio had mndo'since Iho fire.
' Johnny ..Uovtui, employed at ,Vo, "i
mine, had somo of his ribs broken by
falling off a horso. Johnny, who Is a
hid, was riding down bohlnd another
rider when ho fall off on to n rook.
JIo was taken to tho hospital nt Fornio.
Watchman Furrol of tho M. l\ and
M. It. II. (Ionics' tlmt ho was iibIoop
on Sunday of last wook at 5,30 p. m.
when his Imml was hurt, aH our cotom
rathor brusquely stated. He wus noar
the rail and wuh hli on tho head by ii
chunk of conl Unit foil from tlio ton*
dor whon'(ho train started um Ho
threw his loft Imml out to support
hlmuolf whon two of his flngors wont
ci'uhIh-iI by lho engine whocd.
soon be around the customs office
Fred J. Scotti representing Hendersons Directories wns in town this week
getting tho necessary statistics for his
Tho draw for the K. P. ring will be
held In the K. .p.* hall on Tuesday ovoning, July 20th, All those holding
tickets are cordially Invited to be
• The minors at a special mooting 'in
their liuil last .Sunday'decided to raise
thoir contributions to Ihe doctors from
$1.00 lo $1,50 por month.
.Mrs. Jos. Lane and two chlldron
arrived from Trodegear, England, to
.loin hor husband, Mr. Jos. Lano, who
was fire boss somo whilo ngo.
' Somo clnss to this. A ball bearing sowing machlno fitted with nn
automatic lift and guarantood for 10
yonrs, Special $31,50 at, Trites-
Wood Co.
Pi'osldont. Powoll arrlvod In the city
on Wodiionday from lllllcrost, Thurs*
day ho rocolvod a telegram from Pro*
hI-Ioiu Stoukcitl of lho Operators lo
merit hlin In Mnclood, Ilo loft for thero
Tlmrfldny ovoning.
Choice Building Lots
Prince Rupert Empire. We do not
kno\v_Mr. Newton, but-the first issue
under his management and editorship,
looks good to us, and Ave wish iiim all
success possible. * In referring to the
departure of John Houston, he says:-'
Mrs. McDonald, the wife of A. Mc-
,1 •»
Donald, of the firm of Herchmer and
McDonald, arrived in'the city Tuesday
morning, and has taken a residence on
Rogers street.      Mrs.   McDonald    is
accompanied by her sister, Miss1 Young
of.Glencoe, Ont.
Dr. .Barber and Mrs, Barber left oi*.
Tuesday for the Seattle fair. While In
Seattle the doctor will   attend     the
Washington State Dental convention;.
He will return nt the end of tho month
Mrs." Barber 'will tour Portland,   Vic,'
tovla, Vancouver.   In all she will bo
away for two months.
Mr, J. S. Rankin, inspector of the
Liverpool .and London and Globe1 Ins.
Co,, spent.Wodnesday in Fernio, Mr.
Hunkln will be remembered by many
of tho citizens of Fornio as ono of tho
insurance men who camo in after the
firo and adjusted Iossob, He hopes to
ho In town for the anniversary of tho
flro, hut wo hope, not In his official
Tho TJuniB-Johnston fight was put
on at tho opera house on Thursday
night to a good house. Tho pictures
woro splondld—In fact tho host of tho
kind soon horo yot, Thi) ontlro fight
wiih glvon, also tho surrounding nml
both participanth In training quarton*,
Probably novor boforo could o Fornio
nudlonco ronll/.o tho linmenso hnndlcnji
ihnl Tommy lluriiH was up against In
his bout with .Johnston, nnd tho giuno
miinnor In whicli ho fought buck \vnii
fully npprnt-liUud,
A.A.Gillespie :■: Fernie
■ t '       •    ■ "     -     "'
100 :":. :   PAGES   :':-':•  100
tn the new
Vonng mon to got. thoir cioMiob
(.loaned ami repaired al Nlfiy niH'H,
lho Tailor. A,  Uncle block.
Fernie Annex Extension
now on the Market
For Prices ancl Particulars apply to
$ Crow's Nest Pass Electric Light & Power Co. %
Fop Sale
Six   head   rejected
This book shows the wonderful
growth of the City of Fernie in
,   .   , i -. ;■>
oriei-year and deals exhaustively
with its advantages,  etc.,  etc.
Fill in this form and place orders in  advance,    Price
50 cents.    Return  this order form   to The District
Ledger, Fernie. B. C.
,.,,— -—-—■ i ■-      . "*"
I v
Please reserve for me ,. .copies
of "PROGRESSIVE FERNIE" at SO cents per
copy, for which is enclosed $	
Mens' Natural Balbrigan'Uuderwear
Men's Black Cashmere 1-2  Hose
!*«•»«■*'■*■»•*••»«» i*»<m<
For particulars apply, to
COaTcO.; Ltd.
*•**- i'-M-i \**Wea\\wmKtmm
pinni I nam^mimai^atmnam^mmatmaw^^aiam^^amammmmma^^ai
PurohMlng Agent
\\\ V. Miilr..(W.l & Co.' wish to
tlinnk tho cituitiiB oi i-vMila.. Ca/u',
Uuuh, litiatuu; MlnlicX urn] Mlici* Yttm
towiia for llit-lr liboral patroimno wlillo
In thr-lr ipmi-orary bullillnx nnd to
nnnouiiiu Hint I hoy nro now in thnlr
nnw oloro nud lmvo tlm IfirKcmt niul
.liuM hiui.il <>i triwub uaisl al.'^.a. a,..-,!',-,,;::
W'lnnliioB and Vancouvor. Fortilo's ox*
climlvo Hhon Htoro. W, V. Mulrhend
A Co.
■<}Q^Q$<^$Q$<i}$*Q$Q$$<)^<?^<}^<><*>^<>$  ■»*»-»-»♦■»♦♦♦♦♦♦ **♦♦*♦♦
PARIS, July H—A upeclnl doupiitch
from I.lahon roporm i# ncrloim <*xiiio
»lon of flro damp in a coal rnlno nt BM*
met, Spain. Severn, hundred ■mli-»'i»
nre nnld to bo entombod. l'-ffot*/* at
roBciio Bro being madi and 42 Iwliia*
nr.d 17 dead tthtttiy have b«en r«'*c
nt apw tuv M. ft* .Tiilv 13—In the
wee bourn of tho mornin•? ono of the
Hom-attoiiH in connoctlon with thu bii*
conl Htrilco was BprutiR uoi n tho dlffci'-
«nt dlHtrlctH Involved wliuii tlio Tradcw
nud Lnbor ConKrouu of Canada, ropiiv
pontlTiir 40,000 trtulcm unloulutu In direct nfflJIatlon nnd 100,000 In lndlroci
affiliation, endorsed tho Unitod Mlno
Worltors In thoir fight ngulnBt tlio Lie*
minion Conl Compnny nnd tho P. \V.
A., and demanded tlio -withdrawal o*
tho troopB from tho colllorlou,
pet* pair
Mens' Summer Shirts,   Soft Collar
90c to $3.25
Mens' White and  Fancy Vests
$1.25  to  $5.00
The Big
Department    Store
Trites-Wood Co.
B. C
Tho tennis club of tho MothodUt
church hnve boon playlni-, on thoir biio
on tho old rocroation grounds this
wook., A tournament will bo held In
tha near future. All Intending members nro requested to glvo tbolr names
In to Mr; C. Westtoy Owens,
You Don't Need a Town Crier
to emphasize tho morita of your buoinosu or announsu
your special sales, A straight story told In a atralfiht
way to ths readers of this paper will quickly reach
tho cars of th-tt thoughtful, Int-illf-jent buying-publio,
the people who have the money In their pockets, and
the peoplo who liuton to rea&on and not uolio. Our
books will show you a list of the kind of people you
appeal to.  Call and see them at this office.
The District Ledger, Fernie


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