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b'£)•?*;;*•.*■■> I.
I Industrial Unity is Stre-a-fftn
The ©flftcia-l Organ of Oistrict xNo^l8. U, -''•♦j. ^ of A;
■"•        -'-1' —
FERNI.E,   B. C,  Angtist
Political Unity is Victory
$1.00 a Year
Struther's Grocery Bad ly
.)   bama^d-^rflremen ,
\y    Respond Quickly
'   A. small fire occurred in the Struth-
ers-store at about-4 a.m. on Tuesday
morning.    * The'inside of.the store
'--was Very badly gutted and the.stock
•was destroyed by,smoke and water.
The origin of the fire seems to be, a
•,mystery as the proprietor was sleeping in the rear of the building and la
-said to have had a lively" time getting
'out with his life". - The fire apparently
-started in the centre .of the *' store,
•,where it could do the most damage.
< The .brigade made a record run and
did»all in their power to stop thefire,
"and-after a hard fight got it under
control, and.kept it from spreading
■ further. . We understand that an investigation into the circumstances has
been ordered;'
The citizens of Fernie can certainly
* congratulate ^themselves 'on- the' possession -of"a fire, department -whose
* members show ah .esprit de corps that1,
* is an essential qualification .of an
undertaking -of ■ any kind,' but more
especially so however, when life and,
property, are-at stake. ■ The fire j at
Struther's store, which .took, place. at.
4.10 a.m. -Tuesday-was the motive
for as rapid a turnout as it is possi
,- ble for * human skill _ to ' effect, - and
■ whilst especial mention may'be deem-
.ed invidious we feel,*-that,the.magnl-
"j ,    a a -     ' .     . V       ' ■ „ -
' "ficent handling of the new Perghcrur.
., team by Driver Murphy,"was exception-
-.ally:,good., ^ The speed of these'ani-
■ 'mals means an increased' efficiency, of
""the fire department":   . •■ -__--- __
-■-        ***■ ,———— ■,   ■ .*
!.,Wall paper display.at.Suddaby's.
/ , r. 'y    \, **
One nice large bedroom to rent I—
Apply Mrs. Cody, Victoria avenue.
If you are a' particular .smoker get
your smokes.at Ingram's. '
It is rumored that Fernie Is to have
another* foundry, and  machine   shop
in, the near'future'.   '"     y.y-      ' *"
" While they>last,' window shades at
30c each at .the'Trites-Wood Co.     ' *
■Mrs.1 J. W. Quinney arrivedihome
"Wednesday evening,from an extended
visit to Calgary. *  \     \      ;[/
No place in town just like It. Ingram's pool room.   '■    :
D. J. Eckersley came up from Kalis-
pell the early part' of the week for a
few days with the boys: ,
, Go to Whimster anil Company's
for bargains. -' Big reductions on regular prices. „
" Some one informed us that they
had seen Geo. Boulton going to work
this weelv'at 7:30. What next?
Don't forget to,ask for Michel beer
—the best beer made.,
The Fire Scare,
y-#y '
All * intending .advertisers in Progressive, Fernie, should, bring in* then-
copy at-once,-as we are-rushing the
book along,.now..with" all speed.
For a good comfortable smoke.get
Oorenbecker's,, brands.' ' They • are
home product. y/ ,-,
We are' sorry to report' that Mr.
Mutz of, the Fernie-Fort Steele Brew-
ing Company has been .removed to the
hospital, supposed to be "suffering" with
fever.*' We* hope to see" him-around
soon. • t   ■ ,    "        *'  ,      ',. -'
'* Ladies attention. '"The Royal Pur-
•ple";Shoe.',' Regular-'$4.50, Saturday
special $2.85. at, the Crows Nest Trading Co., Ltd.*"- '
Work'on .the'two new banks, viz.,
the:Imperial;and Hamilton; was begun on Monday.' Campbell & Gray
have -the* contract-for the_ Bank, of
Hamilton and-Mr. Wildfong of Calgary
for-the-Imperial/ " *..-':'. 7
' /Elk Valley' beer{*.popularity, .known
as "Michel,'always* o.n top at the lead-;
,ing.f-liQtels,'7-,',-' * -*.   77.. ■■.' ? <■:—i-
*    'IN FACE OF TERRIFIC.    -"
■   - - '.-    • .      ,i
ODDS   -
-., NEW YORK, Aug. 19—Long Island
life savers after a-six hours battle, added yesterday another victory; against
the sea to the list of remarkable rescues when they brought safely to land
the captain and crew from the three
masted schooner Arlington of Boston
which went ashore early yesterday
morning in the driving rain and afog
off Long Beach on-the south' shore
of Long Island.        , .'      *
Madden Peirson, a-Swede who had
7a a      , -ll       a
put off from the schooner on a raft,
-was swept out to sea and is-believed
to have perished. „ .■'*''
', The^ rescue from the schooner was
witnessed by cheering guests" <of the
Nassau, hotel. at Long Beach, and. by
hundred's of cottagers. The'hotel was
indirectly responsible for the vessel's
plight for Captain Ira Small," having
lost his bearings, mistook the glimmering lights in the structure,'.. for
"those of a liner and > thus misled", ran
The clouds of'smoke hanging over
the Lizard range yesterday . had the'
effect of st.irring-.up all sorts of rumors as to the close proximity of fire.
Fire Chief McDougall made an exhaustive inspection of the vicinity of Mor-
risey and stated'to the Ledger - this
morning that, reports about the fire
heading for Fernie were nonsense.
The chief r added .that there was not
a fire withih.'eight^miles of the town
and he considered Fernie "was,faring
remarkaly wellr.this summer.
Preparations on a Large
Scale--? Celebration
°   .-....■*...•
7 Looks Good
Woman   in   the Tenderloin District was Shot
,   Through" Heart
• The .Gladstone Local union desire* to
tender „their thanks do Mrs. Jennings
on. behalf [.ot the. Coal Creok Jtlre-sufr'
fere'rs'for the-cols whiclr she so generously donated. ■*-.•   -  -
Clearing up sale at Whimster and
Company's to make * room for new
stock arriving. • .,
NEW YORK, Aug. 18—A murder in
tho heart of the old Tenderloin dis*'
trict was discovered early today when
'the body of Madeilna Vicco, aged 50
years, wns found on the floor of her
room in a lodging house'at 10G West,
29th.street. Thoro was a bullot
wound through her heart and tho furniture .was thrown about thb room,
Indicating that a quarrel had preced*
tho murder,
Tho polico are searching for an Italian, known to them only as "Clrino1,"
■who llvod'wlth MIbb Vlcco and with
whom sho Ih aald to havo had 'frequent
quarrolB. Tho murdorod woman, was
tho proprietress of nn establishment
known as„ tho taV Manicure parlor.
Excepting a harbor shop in tho baso*
ment tho building Ib occupied mainly
by young womon.
. Isldor AbraiuB, tho barbor, told tho
polico that, MIbb Vlcco, another wo>
man, a man named Fernando und
himself woro In tho barbershop until
•1.30 a.m. today, when Abraras went to
his room on tbo floor'ahovo and In
tho roar of that occuplod by MIbb
Two hours lator • ho waB nwnkonod
by groans In MIbb Vlcco's-'room and
bolng unablo to opon tho door "thereto
Buramonod a pollcoman. Miss Vl.-po's
body -was found floated on tho floor
loaning ngalnst tho door oponlng Into
tho room' occuplod by Abrams. Thoro
was no rovolvor In tho room, and
nolthor Clrino or tho othor man or
woman, who woro in tho barbor shop
oarly today, could bo found.
GIUBopplCorlno, tho nan for whom
tho polico had boon searching in con*
' noctlon with tho cato, was arrested
during tho morning in his room a vory
short distanco from tho building In
which the body of Miss Vlcco was
Ilo told tho polico that ho had boon
In his room all night.
" A sample order* of Elk Valley bot-;
tied beer' will convince you of the^sup*
erlority over all others. $2.50 per doz1.
delivered at your door,. Call up phone
79 and we will do the rest.
For Indies and gents' cleaning, pressing nnd repairing go to Bill tho-Nifty
Tailor. Will Soecombe's old ■ stand.-
Ladles' worlc a specialty, Glvo us a
trial.   . • ,  v
A couple of the boys from hore are
very grateful to Joe Thompson, the
genial G. N.; agent at Michel for the
loan of a speeder to got back aftor tho
gamo last Sunday. These two wore
taking a hasty meal whon tho" ■ tralii
pulled out and It looked llko a case of
walking, but .Too was equal to the
Ladles attention.'"Tho Royal'Purple" Shoe. Regular $4.50, Saturday
apodal.$2.85'at tho Crows Nost Trading Co,, Ltd. x
Tho pulpit of tho Baptist church
wis ably flllod lost unday by Rov.
Martin of Coal Crook. Tomorrow It Is
expected that Roy. D. B, Hatt, superintendent of TJaptlBt missions for
B. C, will havo charge. Mr. Hatt is
a fluont Bpoakor and doubtlosa many
will avail thomsolvos ot listening to
him during tho day.
Finest In tho land—Ingram's bath
around. The schooner,,-heavily laden
with anthracite, bound from this port
tb Maport;\Fla., struck a sand bar
three hundred yards off shore, while
the rain made the dim early morning-
light more impenetrable.
Pounded by a 36 foot sea while' a«
terrific easterly gale" was blowing;'" she
began to yield immediately'.' Boats'and
life preservers 'went with the first big
crash, andx the * tall masts which ,bent
to. the'gale, seemed an unsafe shelter
to the "'cap tain.. He, and the m-ew^ accordingly climbed, out on. the slcndbr
bows .where they were discovered an
•hour later-bythe beach patrol.
• The life savers of the Long Beach,
and Point lookout station worked frantically but in vain to shoot a line to
the soven men.   ■
-.After six futile,attempts they were
successful'-'in getting, a boat through
the breakers to,the lee of,the wreck.
g6d at' the oars to keep the surf boat
in position," a line" was thrown to the
ment on'the, bowsprit and,;all .were,
swung "to'-safety'/ ,-*   .   ">'       ' '-
*„The age/V .Mexican cook of the
schooner, unable to climb from his position', had to bo.pushed overboard
after a line had bee~n-tieai~al)ouf hfs
body. a ■■■'''
Five minutes after the rescue' had
been,! accomplished .the shipls masts
fell'with a great crash. No one was
seriously injured.   ,,
The Arlington, according to Captain
Small, will bo a total loss.
The. executive ,committ.ee for Labor
day are very busy,making arrangements so that' (here shall be no hitch
,on that day. Mr. J. 'Goupell has been
selected as Grand,Master,and Mr. T.
Addison will'be asked to act as chairman' of the day. --.Small hand bills of
the day's program-are.in preparation
and will be; put eai*lyc'next'we"ek. No
admission will 7 be charged at the
grounds'but everyone will be* expected to wear the official badge of the
day. -Arrangements will, be "made to
hold a grand social evening after the
day's sports!' at which dancing will be
a prominent,feature.' Mr.M'. D. Hurd
has* kindly consented to,.allbw the use
of the 'Coal Co/'.park for this' day at
.which children's sports,and picnic will
be held. Running ■'"and tug of war* etc.
will be held on'-the main street. Band
will be in attendance. The citizens are
responding most liberally with „ sub-1
scriptions and^'eyerything points'.tq a
mpsf'suceessful day. Following is a
list of the trades represented foi\, the
grand'parade':"'" United Mihe" Workers
1  carried through
>     IN INDIA"'    ,
^ONDON, Aug. 19—Madalar Dhin-
ga;v.i, the.Indian studenjL, who ou the
n Sht of June.l at the conclusion of, a
PuMic gathering in the imperial insti-
""■% shot and killed Lieut. Col. Sir
^VlUiam Hutt Curzon Wyllie, and Dr.
Cp-Avas Lalcaca was hanged in Periton-
vlHe prison at 9 o'clock this morning..
• ^hingari wns tried and found guilty
0  this crime and sentenced to death,
n the Old Bailey police court, on July
£irS&'.    ,   v    " "'      *
.' r ^niy prison officials' and a chaplain
weve present at'the execution. A small
*~r<hvd assemblcir outside the-prison,
b"t there"were no Indians. The raising
°r the black flag and, the tolling of
^ prison bell "announced the corn-
Potion of the execution. ''     ''"    \
• Ah English lecturer named McMas-
' .eV*who had just'arrived from .India
aPplied for admission on the ground
thvit ho was a friend of-Dhingaribut
■Wi*-s refused.       :   '
' -McMaster declared that the murder:
-Baseball, football and,tennis outfits
at Suddaby's. •   t
Wanted: First class grocery clerk.
Apply with full particulars at Co-Operative Society, Box 164, Fernie B.C.
Don't forget cash talks in our furniture department.    Trites-Wood Co.
The Fernie baseball team are going
to take a fall out of the Kalispel team
on the 28th at the latter place. Special rates will be in force on the railway. - ■   , ■ ^ ,
Beef, mutton,' pork, veal, hams, bacon, lard, etc, only of the very best.
Phone 41,
We hope.the deciding game between
the Scouts and,the Coal Co. teams
will be played in town. The public
have paid to see some mightly poor
games and should be given the chance
of seeing a good one.
Richard Alder is[Severly
Injured inlNo.|Two
Mine Last[Night
er was perfectly sane when he committed the crime and that his act was
,a Symbolic protest against British rule
in India.
Dhingari   showed no signs of fear.
■3 declined to partake of breakfast,
ai*d walked lo the scaffold calmly and
j-^ietly. Death was instantaneous.
of• America, International Brotherhood
of Carpenters. and - Joiners,, Amalgamated. Society of'Cfiy-penters "and Joiners,,' Lizard ' ldcal-^o-Skeral" Teamsters,
Brewers;. Bartenders International un-
layers,'locomotive firemen, typograhp-
ical union. Jn addition the stores .will
decorate floats for the'parade.
, TORONTO, Oil. Aug. lO-The'new
ct*urt house whicli -'.-.-j Ontario government is const-riMing at Kenora wl'l
^ built by day la')cr"a:id not by co-i
u>act. '.'" ' .   f; ,     ..,.
' The Legislature at the last session
al)propriatea 540,000° for the • court
%use\ but,tho 'figure's submitted by*
■^nderers in response to advertisements'are all-in excess of that-'"sum.
Hon., Frank' Cochrane, whoois=act-
Try a case of Elk Valley Bottled
beer., $2.50 per dozen delivered.
Phone 79.
The Fernie Worklngman's club was
opened this week in their spacious
rooms.in the new Miners hall. Hundreds of trade unionists, and some not
members of any union have affiliated
with this club, and as they have received their license the results will
be beneficial and gratifying to all.
Ahem, have you tasted Michel beer?
Isn't it good?
To decide who is the best man Sam
Price' (well known in Fernie) and
Lawrence Degan of Cornwall will
wrestle' tonight in Bruce's hall at 9
o'clock. There is a side bet of $ii0,
and the event should prove interesting. The referee should be chosen
from the crowd. Doors open,at eight
o'clock,,, *' -   ,
The best in the land. Stoves and
furniture, at the Trites-Wood Company..      ,        ,4 ,  ,
Through a reg'retable oversight on
our part we neglected to mention the
most enjoyable lawn social held by
Dr. and Mrs. Corsan last week. The
lawn was, beautifully .arranged, and
the large number of .invited guests en-
joyed themselves immensely,, and re-
Richard Alder, a youth employed as
conductor on air motor at No. 2-mine-
received a very severe and possibly
fatal injury-yesterday. Thi* young
man was standing to jump off the motor while it was in motion in what
he thought was a high place, when his
head came in contact with a large
piece of sheet'iron that had lately
been put in to shed the water. The
\ force of the contact tore the   young
nann'c,   onoln   ,„amaa',-,,.-al,.   „ff   „...]   1 1.
man's scalp completely off aud knocked him down to the side from where
he rebounded into the middle, of the
track! The motor, was 'immediately
stopped, but not before part of it had
passed over him. His shoulder was
badly broken and "several, ribs dislocated. The young fellow was at once
conveyed to tho hospital,-and while
there is still a .chance for his recovery-
the doctors consider his case very serious. Several witnessed the accident,
and expressed wonder that Alder'was
not completely killed, ^.s it was'one of
the worst accidents seen at the Creel.-.
v-tl»TR T*1,A .'• Sxtr "..*-Tlrmr
K. Thaw packed up his grips In Uio
county jail hero yesterday preparatory
to bis return to Mattowan today. Ho
had to purchase an additional grip In
order to houso All his belongings, As
It was ho throw out several hundred
letters, most ot whom woro from women and cranks.
Tho Thaw family, It was learned today, will make an attempt.to have
Thaw rtletM-d from Mattewau and
committed to ihe custody of bis relatives.
1U2GINA, Snflk., Aug, 17.—O. M.
O'Drlon, Socialist M.L.A. for Rocky
Mountain riding In tho Alborta login*
luturc, wan yostorday sont to Jail for
six days for obstructing tlio stroot.
O'llrlon was addressing a crowd of
flvo hundord peoplo on tho street Sun*
day night, and when ordered by'the
polico to movo .on cbfusod, saying that
ho would bo arrested rather than to
•move on.
Ho was accordingly arrested and
ballod out for tho night. Yostorday
morning ho faced Magistrate Trant,
nnd wns found guilty of obstructing
tho stroot. A flno of the costs ot tho
„ i   r.. *al« .I,,*.., In Inll ."0" lcvlnd hv
fca4a*»44.,a....>.»»#>        ' ••    .
the. marHtdrate nnd O'Tlrlm. ordorod
to bo bound ovor to koop tho ponco.
Ho elected to go to Jail.
Late In tho aftornoon J. F. Lorn-
bury had ft talk with ..O'llrlon and In*
Ann** Mm tn trlve the linnd fnr hin
good behavior In tho futuro. At first
OTlrton was determined to go to Jail
rather than liaVo his stroot speaking
stopped but lattor bolter counsel pro*
vallod and tho bond was glvon.
Dr. Cowan and Jas. Simpson went
as bondsmen and yostorday afternoon
O'Orlen, who was under surveillance
of tho police sinco his committal, was
Every member of organized   labor
should    lend his Influence to    make
Labor Day, Sept G,11909 a   grand success,  Our government has set aside
this day as labor's national holiday,.
This was secured after hard work ,by,
those interested ln organized,labor,
You Bhould show your appreciation of
thoir effort's ln your bohnlf by laying
aside your work on that day; and col*
obrating. It was said by thoso opposed
to sotting aside that day that labor
did not want It; thoy dklAot caro to
bo given an.opportunity orroBtfng at
thoir own oxponso,  But overy tlmo
tho first Monday In Soptombor comos
around that'argument Is killed, It Is
bolng celebrated ln a moro fitting
manner now than ovor boforo bocauso
tho wago earner Is becoming   bottor
educated. Whon ho becomes bottor cd*
ucatod ho will bocomo < a bottor citizen;- ho Ib In a bettor ponltlon     to
Judgo for hlmaolf, and not bo compelled to Book information ovory tlmo a
question confronts him on somo other
Bubjoct bosldOB tho ono ho Ib ongagod
In. Labor day Ib a day sot asldo for
laboring mon to get together; got ac*
qualntod with each othor; find,put tho
cIobb of pooplo who you worlc   with,
study tho conditions undor which you
toll, and whon you do this you are a
bottor union man,—Southern Albortn
Labor Bulletin.
District Board in Session
and Will Help the Coal
-, Creek Fire Victims
°binion that the work can be done"'for
yllo sum of $10,000,* and" has accord-
l^gly placed James Strain; who sup.
eaMntended the construction ;a£ the
new"jail at Fort Francis iri charge and
■*vork will be 'imnriediately proceeded
^ith by day labor! *
• In the caso of the Fort Francis jail
a few months ago tlie same conditions
"I'ovniled. The tenders were largely
ll"i excess of tiie appropriation and the
Sovornment proceeded with tlie work
"y day,, labor, completing tho building
^oll inside tho estimate.,
Services will be held next Sunday
in the Methodist church as follows:—
, 11 a.m Special sacramental service
conducted by the -.nstor.    , Members
newly arrived and V< .*s.*ns '-Jesirous of
uniting -with the church earnestly invited to be present. Strangers always
welcome. 7.30 p.m. Service conducted by Rev.  Mr.  Moyer, formerly   of
thefChina Inland mission. Mr.-Moyer-
is at present visiting Fernie and dis-.
trict as agent for the British and Foreign Bible society.      2.30   "Sunday
School'and Bible,.Class.
-The District Board of'District No.
18 U. M. W.-of A, met in tho Minors
hall hero on*Tuesday and Wednosday.
Tho following memers were prosont:
Prosldent. W. 13. Powoll, acting vice-
president-C. Stubbs, socrotary-troas*
uror A. J. Gartor; board mombor W.
Whltehbuao, Mlchol, and Board Mombor J. Johnstono of Coleman, On
\y,odnosilay aftornoon the board visit*
od Coal Crook, loogthor with local socrotnry D, Roos, to nscoi'lali. tho loss
that had boon mistnlnod by tho families who lost their homos by tho flro
last Sunday.- Tho Board considered
that owing to tlio extonslvo naturo ot
tho Iobb thoy Bhould do somothing to
rollovo tho distress of tiiolr rnombore
i\nd docldod, to Imrnodiatoly tako act:
Ion In thnt direction, i
--BALTIMORE, Md, Aug. 17-Newi
Reached horo Inst night from Muddy
branch, Md,, of the discovery, thoro
yesterday aftornoon of a murder that
hd apparently been committed moro
'nan a weolc ago,'
The victim wns Ilonson Poolo, aged
••■i. Voni'H, mid an autopsy showed
*«Qa,th to lmvo followed throo ballot
wounds In tlio hond and n blow on the
••'•ght   aide that frncturod the skull.
This wna probably'Inflicted with a
Wtchet, whloli was found ln - the
Houso*. „
, Tho body wi\h in a horribly docom-
lioseil condition. Not having noon him
••or somo tlmo tho young man's fathor
became unonsy nnd fruit Iobb on'iulrlos
|voro followed by a search of tho
houso whoro Ilonaon Poolo had llvod
Mono for about a yonr.
Tho fact tlmt a considerable sum of
b.onoy. known lo have been In, his
t-OBBOBBlon, togothor with IiIb watch
nnd diamond ling, nro mlsulng, lends
to tho Inforonco that robbory prompted tho murdor,
No duo to llio murder linn boon din-
Tiortrthe affair the,best ever
orchestra was in attendance.
Lost—A valuable diamond ring.'—
Return to H'. Rochon and receive good
reward. ' •'.,'.."    ' '       v
James Wallace, night watchman at
the Elk Lumber Company while on
duty .Wednesday at 1.45, discovered a
fire in the bush near tho West Fernie
bridge, and ,on .enquiry'- found that a
man who was supposed to be a night
watchman for tlio bridge, hud kindled
the blaze. The bridgo watchman
was not pleased at being ' Interfered
with, but tho fire might havo spread
had Mr. Wallace left it, alone.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Hall, who have
been residents of Fernie for several
years, left on Thursday for Creston,
where they will reside ln futuro. Tho
news' of their departure will be received with general regret and their
hoBts of friends here wIbIi for them a
prosperous future,
Got your scroon doors and window
screens at tho Trltcs-Wood Co.
J.* F, Wilson, travelling salesman
for II. C'Balrd Son & Co., Parkhlll,
Ont,, dropped off at Fernio on Tuesday and had a look at tho plant of tho
Fornio Brick Co., and In speaking of
tt said It was ono of tho host equipped
plants ho had visited for Bomo tlmo.
Sovoral Parkhlllltes, rovcii In all, had
tho ploasurn of a fow words with Mr,
Wilson, who Ib from tliolr homo town.
Ilo spoko glowingly of tlio wost and
Fernio particularly.
If you want tho bost—call for Elk
Valloy boor.
Wben thirsty nothing: bat
beer for mo.
SALT LAICB CITY, Utah, Aug. 18-
Jaok Johnson, hoavywolght champion
pugilist, who .arrived In tho city yon*
torday aftornoon, applied at tho local
poilco station at an early hour (iim
luoiiWuti lor a.»t>ti,taii\x In xiliUluliir, a
placo to sleep. Aftor a night of fotos
Ini which (he colored population of flnlt
Lake City acted as host, Johnson ro
paired to a local hotol, whero It Is nnld
ttitoir.** tlJill  Uui-U  •cliftat-'A'.'-'  •>•>   *'*n.wii'
and wife,
Ho was Informed that tho hostelry
did not cator lo tho colored trndo, ond
aftor vainly seeking accommodations
elsowhore, ho mado an npponl at pol*
icn hendtimrtriTs lint was told thnt
that department could not Intorost It*
solf In th.-"* mftlt'flr,
OILLESPIB-On Wednesday, August
18th, to Mr. and Mrs. A, A, CIIIIob-
pio, a son,
Indianapolis, Ind, Aug 5
To Iho Unitod Mlno Workers of Amorlcn:
Hoports havo boon circulated In a
iiunioi* of nowspapors lo tlio offoot
thnt I may not ha a enndldnto for ro*
oloctlon nH ProBliiont of tho Unitod
Mlno Workers or Amorlcn.
To set all doublH at rest In rognril
to this mattor, I doalro to stnto that I
will bo a enndldnto for ro-oloctlon to
tho position of ProHldont of tlio Unitod Mlno Worl-ei'H of Amorlcn,
Tho ontlra momborshlp of tho organisation Is not only invited but urged
Cu iiivt-Mtl-jiatc ,,Ui.;<4i- ur not / lum,
endeavored to defend their Intoiosls
at any anil all times.
Yours vory duly
-.T. L, Liawm
Two hundred minors wanted
at one*;. Canada West Coal
Mines, Taber, Alborta. Extra good condition!),
XISW YOllK, Aug 18—An nKr-.-cmcr.*.
for tlio Botllomont of thu striko which
haw kept 18,000 union lint makers out
of omploymont for hovoii months has
boon roaolioil botwoon thn executive nf
tho union lmttors of North Amorh.i
and roproKoiitfttlvoH of tint Hal Makers association, Tlio nfcroomant thu:
hns boon biouKht nbout tluoui'li Uio
IntorcoBHlon nf (lovornor Fort of Now
Jorsoy, hnH boon ratified by both tlio
Hldnq nnd now riiily forme.* nlcnlrcr ■,!*
tho orllolnH nrn wnltod by tlm union
boforo romimlnn work,
llotli Blilon mndo conu^SHlons. Tlio
union 'Inl'iil >wfiH llio point of conti'ii*
Hon, and It will bo rciiiorcd In all fan*
lorleH. Under lho ntrroompnl nonunion workmen who lmvo ln;on flliln-i
RlrlUors plncoH will bo discharged, nnd
tho* union employoos who wont out
on striko will bo ro-omployod nt tho
old Bcnlo, An ngn-iomc-nt wan stRned
that all ilirricultlos will bo settled by
Oovoirnor Fort will be the third party In tho nrbllrailnn hoard which will
sottlo any illHputes which may arlso.
Tho liMl Rowing Machlno on   tho
tnarkot for 131,60 at Trites-Wood Co.!homo agreement.
(From tho Frnnk Pnpor.)
John Toth, ono of tho oldoHt minors
of Frank, but who is now omployod nt
IlillcroHt, wns quito severely Injured
in nn accident In lho IlillcroHt mlno on
Pay day In Frnnk, which should
hnvo fiillon on In hi. Snturdiiy wns postponed until noxl 'Saturday. Tho other
camps of tho dlHtrict pnld on tho usual dntni-i. Tho pny wnn Jnrgo this
month, and all Ihe camps tee] tho et-
foctH4of ronnwi'd activity.
Hnturdny aftornoon last, nn ncrlrlent
luippmiivl nt tho HIllfTCHl station.
Tho ynrd engine, with a load ofMiiiip*
ttoH smnHhed into tho wnltliiK freight
**'IMl    -*".f*!*,    fnytir.    4l\r\l    , Iwa    fr,*,^r,.*    .v*»>*
'•nmplftolv wrorV"d.'Tlio oncliu'or hnd
cnllod for Mm brnkon to bn applied,
but Iho ordor wim not heodod.     No
ono wan hurt.
Thoro Is a stroiiK likelihood that lho
nlnvtne of the rntnnlnlnt* rntnos in
tho league' footlmll hcIh'iIuIh will lio
dispensed with except as lo tho two
ronuititl'iff gaiiii-s between Michel nnd
Coal Crook, All lho other teams bol'iK
out of thn rare so far ns tbo possibility of gftlnlnR the championship Is con*
cornod, is th« renson, Michel nnd
Conl Creok hnvo two game* to play to
dnrldn who Rets tho buniiiiK. To win
Michel must tnko both (tames, while
Coal Creek may win wltb one. but
both will bo plnyed on the home and
-. si**** it
^ , a     \ ,
-,    y     *~   '"\
Will Pass Through Nicola
Valley Then on to
VANCOUVER, Aug. 18—13. J, Chamberlain, Snd vice-president and general
manager of tho G. T. P., here today\.
on route to join tho other G. T. P. officials nt Victoria, said.that while he   •
knew nothing regarding tho proposed
joint terminals hero for his lino with ■
tho Great Northern and tho Northern
Pacific, ho knew that President Hays
was In perfect harmony with tho joint
termliinl sehomo wherever lt could bo
worked to ndvnntago,
As to the oxtonslon from tho main
lino to Vancouver tho manngomont of
the road was awaiting the reports of
tho engineers on tlio section north of
Kamloops, As soon ns this wns complotcd work on tho surveys from Knm*
.bops to Vancouver, reaching tho'tldo-
wnler by tho Fraser river, would bo
With a nmllo Mr, Chamhorlaln said
ho thought thorn wor room for moro
thnn ono road along tho famous Frns*
or rivor canyon. Onco tbo company
has established Hh terminals on tin*
const, a fast steamship sorvlco botwoon ViiiH.oiivor and Prince Kuport
will ho established In connoctlon with
tlio servlco to tho orient.
A prominent railway man, spooking
concerning tho O. T. V. routo to Iho
Hoiilhniii mainland Htated tho opinion
hero today to tho effect thnt thn lino
would strike south of Knmloops Into
tlio Nlcoln Valley nnd thon to Cohlwnt-
or river whom Junction with tho Ot,
Northern would hn effected, both tho
linns thereafter using tho slnglo routo
to Vancouver, which the Inu-T compnny Is now ImlldliiK through thu
Hopo niotinliiln.
A, O. Hutherford, premier of Albertn,
Htated hero today that tho peoplo of
Alb/Tla wero united in fnvnr of tho
Knilu ' of the province codiIiik by the
Vancouver routo bocauso of tho open
port hero nil the yenr nrouml, and the
nnoollilo mlvnnlnroa nf holler rrWou nn
Krnln nnd lumber ovor the mnunlnlns
If tho ears cnmo wo«t londed wltb
groin. Tlin HiirccAH of the plnn was
still In doubt uwIiik to tho unc '•rinltily
ns to the rutcH of the G 1'. It. on tbo
ihrnucli f-hlnmeniH bound for iln- old
Capt. VVorkshop of the Moxlcan' line
hnd stated that the fehuniitnpec lino
would give favornblo rates nml thnt
any failure would bn thn ftuilt of the
C. P. 11*
t'r.Miii'T Uul.K-rf.-rd tal-. that if tho
scheme were not successful owing to
etCa-Mtve -.rt-.fa.it rut.<«, lilt* people of
Albertn would certainly tako tho matter up with the dominion Roternment
nuthurttles nnd demand an Investigation by the railway commission.
,   o
mt*****M*viit Antn m^eifm THE
(By  Robert. Hunter)
Prince Kropotkin has just sent me
his last book. It is an appeal to the
British nation and is called the Terror of Russia.
It comes the moment when the workers of Britain are holding gigantic
protest meetings against the visit of
Nicholas the Monster.
In parliament and in almost every
city council the labor party has been
forced to riot and disorder in order to
show their hatred and contempt of
that inhuman beast, the czar.
The book is a calm impartial state
ment of facts. No man reading it will
ever deny afterward that hell does
If Jack the Rlppor were to come to
life again, open all the cells of the
murderers, organize them into a Bu-
reacracy and proceed to reek his vengeance on mankind, he could not exceed the brutality of the C74ar.
This-book of Kropotkin's opens up
■ to* us~ a world giving itself to martyrdom.*     Sweet, noble minded youths,
" beautiful, self sacrificing girls, noble
men and women being clubbed, poisoned, shot and hung.     >. ■     '
He tells of the awful life in the prisons, of exiles arid of executions and
He suppresses the passion of   his
, heart; he allows no tearsto fall.   He
writes not one word of sentiment. It
is fact, cold evidence, testimony. The
eye witness tells his story.     That is
all. , y,
At the end of the   book Kropotkin
says: "I have done my best to avoid
anything that might'be a distortion, or
an exaggeration,of facts and yet the
picture is so" terrible that it is almost
shaking    one's faith in human progress. ■
;    "Suffering and martyrdom are cer-
. talnly   unavoidable in every struggle
'for freedom. But the amount of suffering and cruel repression now preva-
' lent in Russia'  surpasses everything
 j. 1.4.^:4.-14.,.a,„n.fpnm fheLloQamn'.', -Qfjmod-
 liiat "t a~ia-.lv/ ,T ..-.. U444-."w-.a,— "-	
ern history.' ■
"Every nation is certainly bound to
work out her liberty, in her own way
with her'' own forces, however painful
the way may be. But one of the greatest achievements of modern civilization is precisely the feeling of intimate kinship among all nations.'
"It is now impossible that one na:
tion should suffer, as Russia suffers at
tho present momont without those sufferings having their effect upon all tho
family of civilized nations and.awakening among them a general feeling of
"Despotism ln one part of the world
reacts upon all tho races in the world.
And whon it takes such* brutal and
. medieval forms as lt takes In Russian
prisons and In the' punltl'vo expeditions, by means of which autocracy Is
malntainod In tho Russian ompiro, nil
mankind feels tho effect of such a returns to tho horrors of tho dark
Friends, wo have ns yot no powor.
' Wo uro but a handful ln this great
country, nut read this littlo book
of KropOtkJn'R if for nothing else than
to understand tho hypocrisy of tho
governments of tho  woBtorn  world.
It Is thoir support of Nicholas that
mnkoB Russian brutality nnd murdor
possible. It Is Uio monoy of woBtorn
bankers thnt koops him In power on
his throno.
Ono word from our wostorn rulers,
or tho refusal of Ioiiiik from western
banks, would moan tho end of that
inhuman fiend—tho Czar of the Rum-
ists   have offered a comprehensive solution.
The trade unionist desires to reform
the present system and the Socialist
aims to overthrow it. Where then is
the common platform upon which both
parties can unite? The unionist favors
the enactment of laws that will im-.
prove his conditions of labor, but the
Socialist cannot see how any real and
lasting good can be accomplisheo*
without the working class first obtaining control of the state and afterward
gradually removing the' industries
from the control of the capitalists, and
carrying on production for the.use of
all the people instead of for the profit of the few.
Some of our readers n*ii :• i.rge that
common ground has be-;a found in
Great Britain, but a study of their policy does not show that anything has
been accomplished except to shake
the solidarity of the different parties
by incessant fighting between, the
members1 who were elected on platforms that do not lead in the same
direction and cannot therefore be expected to harmonize , under any-circumstances.
, It is generally conceded by even the
most rabid anti-Socialists that Messrs.
Hawthornwaite, Williams and Mclnnis have faithfully represented the
working class, during the several terms
they have been in the provincial house
and if trade unionists were elected to
the House they would have to work
hand in hand with the Socialist members, if they desired to make a creditable showing.
The only independent labor candidate ever elected- in this province, W.
Davidson of Slocan, be6aine a Socialist
during his period of service-* in the
House.  , ,
The only solution.we can offer the
trade unionist who wishes to enter the
political field, independent of the old
parties, is to study the position taken
by the Socialists, and, if it is found
that their representatives are active in
the interests of the working class
alone, then they are worthy .of- our
Tho momont tho union boconum un*
nblo to Improvo lho conditions of tho
workor by Increasing tho wngo, or reducing lho hours of labor, nt. Ihnt moment tho orgniilziUlon becomes a mutual admiration socloty and Ih no
longer recognized as a militant organ*
I zillion.
Through the eniiHos already onu«
merated, iikhIh,oi1 materially by court
doclHloiiH, trado utiloiilsls have been
driven to nltcn.pt. to socuro control of
the ninchlnery of government in dlfforont parts of tbo world, but whero
tho effort has beon mado ns trndo un*
.,, »..('.', Un. vo"«lin have not heen
v-f.rM'V nf mnn* than pnflHlnK notico,
Tlm organization of tho Hoolnllst
pnrty, composed almost exclusively of
worklnm people, CO per cont. of whom
bolong to trndo unions, has for Its pur*
T,/-ui. nr, onilrflv different progrnni,
nud lustead of attempting lo reform
tho present system of society, alms to
odurntu tho workers to tho necessity
of n complete overthrow of tho capitalist class of o-tploltatlon of tho
worklnK ilnss.
In this nlm tin-*/ am ,>.*.i.i4 WAti-rUl-
ly aided by tho capitalists themselves,
who, owlni*, to their Inability lo dispose of tho surplus value stolen from
the woTlters, are unable to nperato
continuously lho machinery of production, thus cnuslBB tho unemployed problem,   for which nono but the 8«<Ul*
Suppose the rich mill owner were
forced to work as the mill laborer
works? ,'-
"  Suppose the rich mine, owner was
forced to work as ihe miner works?
Suppose all the rich were forced to
work the same, live, the same and die
the same as the working class, does,
would they still appeal to the government to send out the militia against
striking workmen who, through the
strike, seek to better'tlieir own conditions?    * '    -   .      , .a
■Would they still appeal, to the   injunction against the workers? ,
.Would they "still call for /the landlords' warrant?    °    '.
Would they still serve banquets* to
a brutal police force?
Would,,they vote for the,capitalistic
system? -     ■■    1   .
Do you, not think they would have
better sense?
Then Mr. Worker why don't you
use; better sense than that?
Can't you. see the class line?"   '     *."
Can't you see that the" governuruent
looks upon you, your wife and your
children just as though you were made
on purpose to work for the rich .and
divide up with them all the days of
your life? s ''
Even if you do not Cairo for the difference, • remember this: That your
children are not growing up to-be as
stupid about these matters as you have
been. .*'.'•
If you can't see far enough ahead
of your nose to do something for yourself and your children, then don't you
forget, it, your children are growing up
in an atmosphere where they will soon
learn to d'o for themselves—they are
fast unlearning your old fashioned'superstitions;, they are fast discarding
the notion that they were brought into
the world to labor solely and only for
the rich. • c -     •
Don't forget that, many of you —
political imbeciles—will yet live to
hear your own children curse the'stupidity of their own parents*.
Don't forget" that it ..will be your
own fault—for you are forcing,, "them
best support. , ■   ;„    .
On the other hand if unable to agree
with their policy, or the efficiency of
their candidates, nothing remains but
to continue voting for the representa
tlves of the old parties until convinced of the uselessness of such a. policy,
—Western Wage Eearner, Vancouver,
B. C.
toTt^ifT'In youFoHT age, yourTchild7
ren entertain little respect for, your
gray hairs or elsq, out of the goodness
of their hearts, they pity their parents
Fish will guard their spawn.
Wolves" band together in order to
protect themselves by protecting each
Birds gather, worms to feed thoir
But man, how about man?
At tho school ago tho human weakling Is enslaved by its cluistlant seniors in obedience to tho capitalistic
mandate, '
"Do othors" before tlioy do you, nnd
commence early by "doing" ovon tho
buds and blossoms of humanity is tho
logic of tho rule ot gold.
"Suffer littlo children to como unot
me," and I will insure thom not, to Buffer for long, Bays Capitalism,
Poodle dogs mny thrive upon storll-
Istod milk, whilo man nnd chlldron of
mon nro tnught'to thrmk God for black
c'offeo nnd brcud.
Angora cats may sloop among tho
silken folds of thoir mlslrosfl' gowns,
but budding citizenship mny sloop In
tho nlleys whilo llioy trnln for Iho
tilix-uuous life,
The ThnwH may I haw and the Rockefellers rock nnd the Hnrrlmnns harrow tho peoplo to dosporatlon wlillo
lho political dofonderH of capitalism
hIhk prnlHCH lo tho grafting rich from
whom nil dollars flow; workingmen
tuny suicide bocauso tho corporation!*'
ultimatum Is thnt God hns made 11 mis-
tnko nnd placed lho majority of us on
nnotlior mini's onrlli.
Why do tho rich wnnt to own Iho
homos they do not llvo In? Just to
mako you divide up with thom?
Why do tlio rich want lo own tools
tlmy never hho? Just to mnko you dl*
vide up wllh tliem?
Why do tho rich want to own Innd
thoy never till? Just to mnko* you
divide up with thom?
Why Is it that tho rich never work
tliolr own children In tliolr fnntorles?
Why Is It, that tho rich novor work
iheir own wives In thu American sweat
Why Is It thut the rich do not want
their own duuKhters In tho department Htores?
.Suppose Hint tho rich did do nil
theso things—would their children ho
better than tho ordinary atroet urchin
—would their own wives propognto
nny better children than tho nvernge
shop scarred mother—would their own
dauKhtcra atfty nuy farther from tlio
tenderloin thnn thoso of tho working
thi*,* <oi.fiO'klliii4 HI-.0 cuudltluu-i*
Kuppose wo put (he rich to such a
Supposo1 the rich landlord woro to
bo forced to work ns n homesteader
works f
* (By Robert Hunter)   ,
Chauncey M Depew has made a
speech. Tho govornment has printed
tho speech and Chauncey lias sent It
to me to read.
It is ii bright, instructive littlo talk.
After many years of silence it is pleasant to hear again the wise, words of
our noble Chauncey.
It appears that tho people of Porto
Rico havo become very troublesome
Thoy Boem to think that thoy llvo in
an unbearable state of tyranny undor
tho folds of tho American flag. Thoy
even declare that under tho Spanish
decree of 1897 thoy had greater liberty
autonomy, and self govornment than
thoy now enjoy undor tho American
control.0     7.
Thoy aro governed nt prosont by an
net bearing tho namo of that othor noble statesman, Josoph Foraker. Thoy
labor under tho belief thnt .loo hns
forged for thom n yoko of tyranny.
Hearing such rumblings and grumblings our nged Tribune dnshoB to tho
foro to dofond the fair namo ot our
beloved Amorlcn,
Chauncoy toils us thnt tho doprnvod
Porto Rlcnns nro In rovolt nalnst 44
justices of tho peace and domain! that
all thc judges should bo elected by
tho peoplo,
They demand tlio OBlftbllshmout of 11
Manual training sohool (which on Its
face Is monstrous.)
They oven nsk for nn nsrlculluml
bnnk with $2,000,000 of cnpltnl to ho
loaned out lo tho pooplo of thnt Island. '•
Thoy further doclaro that thoy wont
industrial and professional schools to
Instruct them In nrts nnd trndos.
Imagine tho Indignation or our uoblo
Chnuncny as ho rond«i to the Sonata
theso revolutionary domnnds.
With trombllng volco lm points out
tho peril of granting theso 'lomniids of
1,000,000 Porto Itlcans. Ho declares
thoy aro but 111 concealed efforts to
obtain Jobs nnd offices for local politicians. Uo tells us that local lo-wcs
ond naltotnrs nro at the bottom uf 'hu
revolt nn dthnt no comprnmli" should
be mado.
Ilo shows how democratically tho
people of Porto Rico are governed.
Tho governor, n socrotary, an, nt torney general, a treasurer. 11 commissioner ol tho Jmorior and a coniin.skiiinor
of education are appointed by tho
president of lho Unitod States io caro
tenderly for theso poor peoplo.      t
Tho senate of tho littlo Island consists of tho nboxo six appointees nf
the president and of flvo nnrfve«i The
lower houso Is elected by tho peoplo.
Iu other wurda tlio Judiciary, Dw t\-
ecutiva nnd the sciiniio aro under tho
ab»(ilulo control of Iho United' States
ot America.
Tho house of representatives, mad'1)
up of native***, cos-rider Ihla to hn a
100 : :   :   PAGES   :  :   :
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growth of the City of Fernie in
one year and deals exhaustively
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tyranny and thoy lmvo now rofuood
to voto monoy to -support tlio tyranny.
It lu for tlio purpoHo of ovor rldlnK
tho native body nnd of forcing ll to
voto monoyt-s that Chauncoy hnH rUon
In tho Ronnto to nniond tho lnw or tho
I Minnie tho nobles Boniitor for sodding mo tlili* honutlful Bpooch. *" It Is
coiniuriiiiK K> Know mat uur uirsuiiti*
uleln.sl eviiuLar nil. nol bend lho I live
to tlioHo iinprinclplof* rovo.utIoni.rleB.
Why noxt thin**-* thoy will want a re
public; and whnt Ib ,our Hopubllcnn
pnrty for If not to put down nny non*
Bonso of thnt nort?
VICTORIA, Aug. 17—Accordlng to
ndvlcoH brought by tho KlmproflB- of In*
din, tho recent gun explosion Involving tho loss of flro IIvob on tho cruloor
AbhIiI at Tbo Dny, roporlod by cnblo,
.     *. 1       n    '   1 .,..       1     t *       a
»„•,   Ltlmtr   ,a>    ,«,,.    .....a,.**..,/..   vittt.^.   ulMt.'
mi, n roninct lu-liin made ixm\ the uun
flrod boforo tho breneb war cloned.
Four of tho gunnors woro Instantly
•killed nnd sevora'l Injured. .
Stops   Falling   Hair
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Promptly ehudb feH/n*! hMr.    Com^Uttlf d#<itroj*« all dandroif,
Does not Color the Hair
j n Inanmrin, i*mh, Ilia.	
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J. P. HOULIHAN, Agent, opjxalt^l^rvsofflttv MUUve.
S.1    "ai—•*•■»**■"*'    '
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Year ago are Almost Enacted at the'(-Mines'
Upsetting of Lamp-Eighieen Buildings
B. E. WALKER; Fresident
Paid-up Capital,   $10,000,000
Reserve Fund""-    6,000,000
Are in Aslies--Many are Homeless
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
flftllNTR Y   RIFSUNF^^   Evcr**' facili--y afforded to farmers and oth-
VUUllini    UUOlllfiOO   ers f01. the tranmiction of   their hanking
business.   Sales notes will be cashed oi\t**keti for collection.
RANKINir  RY  MATT   -Account.'-may lie opened by mail and monies
imimH-IU  DI   iUAlaLi -dep0!!ik,(1   oi.   wjthdrawii   in "this way with
equal facility.    .... if
*">.       o
Manager, Fernie.
'. A raging- fire visited"' Coal   Creek
yesterday evening, and before It had
finished its..demon work, a loss   of
, some 18 buildings was eat ailed.   The
, fire is supposed to have started, by
the explosion of a lamp in the -basement of the'Coal.Creek clubhouse at
about 6.45. The fire was first discovered by members of the club) who
noticed smoke issuing from the basement. * *The   alarm was at once glv-
/ en and everything done to   check the
-, flames, but. the Wood was old and dry,
and fanned by abigh south,wind that
blew straight.up thei.valley,-the fire
-   soon enveloped the building and then
spread to'others'.      7 .-,      .*   .
.'''Mr.  A..'Ber ridge, ..chief accountant
'   of the C. N.'E. Cpal Co*.,*immediately
7 rushed  over  and  got-" 1000 feet , of
.hose, but it was then discovered that
• there was no* supply * of - water, * and
the fire' practically had'its own way.
"An attempt7 was then made to blow
np some bf the houses In. the wake of
the fire, but- the attempt was futile,
.and the flames kept on-relentlessly,
.'until  the,wind, dropped. ■■ .,,-    •  ,-,
. Word' was 'at once sent to. Fernie,
, -aiid Chief McDougall, accompanied by
, some of his men and a willing band
of workers went up on a special train
and took some hose and other appar-
.-atus with them.      Gen.  Man. iTurd,
* Supt:   Simister,  Mr.-  Roaf  andt Mr.
Turney,' accompanied by Dr.  Corsah,
also "went up and did all in their power to' help out. the situation. ,■>
The flames, jumped across the street
to the Trites-Wood storo and the provincial Jail, and back to the doctor's
house, and, soon spread until half the
street was burned down, The flames
then jumped across the creek, but did
little damage as the. wind had gone
down.". . The roof of Levi Parker's
and some other houses were scorched,
but the men with buckets got them out
before any further'serious damage
was done. >-    , * ,
' Most oi the houses' burned were
large boarding houses, and the men
were out with buckets on all the roofs
doing all in their power to check the
fiery demon in his terrible work.
While on the roof of Mitchell's house
Dan Slavin, who is. well known in this
district, had - the* misfortune to fall
off and fractured some' of his ribs.
There were also several • other slight
injuries to the fire fighters, but happily no fatalities occurred.- <■
A few of the boarders in some of
the houses saved their trunks by'carrying them out and depositing them in
thebiish at the side ofthe hill, but
the majority liad not time.to act and
lost their'all. (     '   ,*   '   '
«.* Mrs. Michell claims to have lost
$500 'in-,cash, and Henderson's $600,
as Saturday, was pay 'day and their
boarders^had settled-for the month.
This will be a hard blow for them as
none of,their bills.had been paid, and
they had not had time' to deposit the
money in the banks. -
No doubt-dozens of others are in
a like predicament. Dozens moved
out, expecting to see their homes devoured, but on going back found them
safe and sound.       „   *     ■>    ' ;_
John' Biggs, John Bagley, Charies
\VIlliams, the barber, and John Evans had all been burned* out in the
Fernie fire of August last and had
just succeeded in getting their' new
homes in shape when this catastrophe
occurred. As soon as it was known
in Fernie large crowds congregated at
the' railways yards waiting for news,
and ready to offer shelter,and assistance to those in' distress.-,.
• The Napanee, the Royal and other
hotels and the Gill Boarding house
were among the first to send 6ffers of
free accommodation. Mayor Herchmer and somOc, members of.the council were on the spot to aid if possible,
and the Miners hall was thrown open
to any who* needed'shelter.   \       ,    „
The totalloss can easily be estimated at' about' $180,000. ' The heaviest
losers are the Trites-Wood Company,
the Club and tlie Coal Company.-'
Great blame was heard on all sides
about, the poor water supply, there being only a tiny stream from the hose.
The following is a complete list of
the houses burned, as well'as the occupants or tenants and the Coal Co.
estimated loss on the property:    *
. .   *  '    . ,, Left Side   ,
House No. 147, Dr. Workman, value
. Coal Creek Club, value of building
$1500; estimated loss $10,000.,
Gymnasium, Co.  value of building
$1000., ',■;■-
House No. 148, Fairclough's Boarding house, Co. value $3000.
House 149, t> Mitchell's Boarding
house, Co.  value of building $3,000.
House 150,, Mrs. Sharpwell, private
single, Co. value,$1500".
■ Houses 151 and "152, double, John
Biggs and John Bagley, Co. value of
building $1600.-"   • 6   ''
House * 153, IJenderson's Boarding
house, Co.  value $3000.
House 154, "  ,'Atherton's    boarding
House, Co., value $3000.    ■    '    .
"   House 155, MStev.ents, Co.  value
*$1500'.' ' "      '  *    ■'' '        -.
House 156: Fred Varlow, Co. value
$1500. "   ' -   ;,-   ',    ,
Houses 157 and 158, double, J..Stevens and Duncan Matheson, Co? value
$1000.      *
Right Side
Jail, provincial, $200.*
Trites-Wood store, Co. value $5000
stock $50,000. '
' Charles. Williams," barber. ,
, Houses 207 and1208 John Evans and
Bob Hubbertsey, double, Co. value
Houses 209 and 210, J. Marklem and
John Smith, double house Co value
Houses 211, and 212, John Jones and
Sid Walley (at coast) double house,
$1000.       , '',.'",*
.  Houses 213 and 214, J. Evensand J.
C.   Smith,  double house, Co.   value
$1000.     * a       *.
On account of the fire the mines
were idle last night and very faw.
men went on at the morning shift.
It is rumored ,that the burned district will not be rebuilt - as the company require' the ■ grounds for increased trackage, and this may mean that
the residents of that part may.be forced to live-in Fernie., There is.also
a report that the club may not be restarted but this report has not been
verified. «    •        ,
Fred Varlow's. house was the only
one that was successfully, blown up
before the fire reached there. It was
thought Lo save others by this means
but 'the other attempts were unsuccessful. The fire at time of writing
was ^still burning, the bush down' towards and past tho tipple and unless
checked. will reach' Slav town, where
several families reside.      *'    •
Always a, choice supply of Beef, Pork, Veal,
Mutton, and Lamb'oi) hand.   Hams,
Bacon, Lard, .Butter and Eggs
-      Our Specialties
O i '
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish, always a good
assortment.   Try our Mince Meat,-
Saurkraut - and Oysters.
Terrible Deed of a Youth
in Ontario Town—   .
KM Is Old Man
President Lew     Issues Circular
y ■
SIMCOE,.' Ont. Aug.: 16—Emerson
, Shelloy, 15 years' of ajge, is locked up
in jail here.charged with having shot
and killed Mlcheal Hall on. Sunday af*.
ternbon.. He Is also alleged to have fired several shots at,Mrs.,Hall. From
all accounts the shooting was most deliberate. Hall, who ,was about eighty
years of age, was somewhat crippled;
and lived near Walsh, ten miles from
horo. Sheley had boon working for
him.   * ...
..As far as can bo learned tho boy
shot the old man with a 32 calibro
rlflo from behind, tho bullet entering
tho,back of tho head. He thon fired
• two moro shotu into tlio prootrato
body. Sholloy is n stepson of*Mr.
Staoblor, a farmer living noar by. Ho
denies ho was In'tho vicinity,of tho
Hall homo on Sunday, but acknowledges ho had boon ln tho woods with
his rlflo.
Ho was In tho habit of carrying a
rovolvor often lt appears and discharge
, Ing lt at random. . Ho looked upon
himself as a Josbo James, It is said,
and hin companions liavo boen men of
dosporato character.
Tho boy is small and light and doos
hot look vicious.
It Is aald tho motivo for tho shooting waH a ropiimand from Hall somo
days boforo.
■  '**-»ii       '' ——*
,•-*. , Indianapolis, Ind, Aug.'5 1909.
To the United Mine' Workers of Amer-
lea:   - ,f '   . .,; '-/,
■ Brothers—It has been brought to my
attention that an effort is being made
to create dissension and division in
our ranks'. It is unfortunate that this
is true, as every mine worker in the
country should be preparing for next
year when;our wage contracts expire,
and when we must negotiate wago
agreements for. another period of
.For the information of our membership the following Is the condition in
all of, tho districts ,of tho country according to information received in this
District 1, Anthracite
Work at tlio mines in District 1 is
worse than for years. Tho membership
In July larger^ than-in tho years 1907
or 1908. Prospects novor bottor for
tho organization. No friction botwoon
tho district and national org.iuli-al*
Ions. '
District 2, Central Pennsylvania
Many mlnoH aro Idle, Others on
strike resisting roductlon. Association
operators   asking for modification-of
contract nnd roductlon of 10 conlr, a
tori.     Spoclfll convention this woolc,
CHICAGO, III,, Aug. 17—Twonty por
^ sons woro Injured last night whon a
, ' company of Polish slmrpnliootoi*H,   20
strong, chargod n crowd of   mon, wo*
mon nnd chlldron with bayonets nt a
church picnic.   •
TllC trC-i"*''!'-' CtcHM "'I'^fl thr, n«ir>lnlv
'of iho, pompany hit n boy with ft sword
boenuso tho youngster did not got out
of tho way quickly enough to suit tho
of floor who waa drilling his company/
by oloctrlo light.' This onrnngod tho
iire-wd -"Tin thnil wthprpd In nan Dw
. Tho company was surrounded and
an explanation was demanded by tho
angry peoplo. Finally tlio mothor ot
tbo boy attacked tho captain with a
Tho captain thon ordorod hit com*
pany which conslnted of about 200
won, to chargo tho crowd with bay.
* onotn. Tho crowd fought back, grout*
ly outnumbering the Midler**. Tho
riot bocamft general and tho captain
of tbo company wait ono of tho first to
whon wo bollovo mnttors will bo nd<
District 5, Western Pennsylvania,
Many mon have beon idlo for months
but mines aro resuming. TVousnnds
of men ordorod on striko by Dw dlB
trict officers wlillo 'ui..oiut|cin*. **•*•»oro
boln carried on by NntiuM.il 'V-id
mombors. Minors advlHod by mo to
romaln at work,* Havo hIiico adjusted all grlovaucoB oxcept ono. Pro****
poets for InnroiiHOd inomborshlp vory
District 8, Ohio
Work hat* boon vory poor In many
sections of tho district nil yoar. A
fow local strlkos oxlutod. Work Improving In somo hoc tions. No friction so
far as tho International organization
is awaro of, and momboiHhlp In tho
dlHtrlcl oatlsflod with tho work bolng
dono   by tho   International   Organ.*
District 7, Anthracite
Work Ih not aH good ns thin tlmo
last yonr. Membership of tho district
5000 greater than last yoar and 6000
groator than* 1007.
Rvnrvlhltit? ninnlm? alon-s* nmoothly
In tho district. Prospects for tho organization much brightor, and no
friction botwoon tho district and national.
District B Dloek Coal, of Indiana
Work has boon vory poor In tho .district. Membership holding its own,
No friction between tho district and
District 0 Anthraclt*
Work in many sections very poor.
Somo mlnos Idlo and others working
ono third tlmo.     Membership hold*
Ins; Its own and prospects for tho fa
ture are now brighter than for some
years'.    ,•<-.•-,■ ^
' The mine workers have a better opportunity, to, organize and take more
interest in the organization. No friction whatever between the district and
national organizations.   -
. District 10 Washington
Work in the mines is improving.*
Membership growing. ' Less dissatisfaction'among the mine workers than
for years and every prospect of a
growing membership.
No friction whatever between   the
district and national.
District 11 Indiana Bituminous
Work in* tho mines has been very
poor during the early part pf the year.
a! numbor of mines idlo for months.
Quito a number, working steady at tho
present time, but overcrowded, The
paid up membership for July is now,
2000 groater than for tho samo month
of last year and 2000l,KroatoVthan. for
tho samo month of last year and 2000
greater than for tho year 1,907. District and International officers ,are
working logethor In the Interests ot
the membership of Indiana without
any friction.
District 12 Illinois
Work In many hi-oiIom* it tho blato
has boon vory poor this yoar aB many
of tho mines havo been entirely suspended . Vory fow mon involved in
troiiblo and district prosldent handling tho situation with credit to lilm-
self and tho organization.
Bo far as I know thoro is no frlct
Ion botwoon tho dlHtrlcl nnd Interim*
tlonal officers. ,
,the operators desiring to modify, the
contract for the whole district,'which
would mean a reduction in wages.
Regardelss of tho fact, that some of
the operators had established the gross
ton last winter a serious strike was
averted in tlie Kanawha district. The
operators withdrew their demand for
a reduction, in wages and the mines
are now being operated under terms
of-the 1908 agreement.- Membership
rowlug slowly and the district and international officers are working together harmoniously for the success
of the organization,
District 18 British Columbia and -
. Conditions In this district have finally reached normal. A serious striko
took place in District 18 on tho 1st
of April and lasted, for ,three months.
International, board members were in
the district and advised against endorsing tho strike. Whd'n tho striko waa
finally ended, becnuse of the distress
existing among tho mombors tho International executive board made a donation to; tho district. Tlio district
president on account of ill health, re*
signed nnd tho district now is gotting
along as well ns cnn be expected, considering tho conditions that hnvo existed thoro.
Tho officers of district 18 and the
International organization aro working harmoniously together and for tho
success of tho district and its mom*
Thoro is ovory reason to bollovo tho
membership will grow vory mnlorlnlly
In tho nonr futuro, '■ .
District 22, Montana and Wyoming
Everything is moving along smoothly, in district 22.- Agreements were recently secured in northern and southern Wyoming with „ no reductions in
wages and with some improvements
in working conditions. Work is im-
The 41 Meat Market Limited j
Wholesale and Retail Butchers   ;
9     Back to our Old Standi
We beg to announce to our many customers that ,v,e have- re- •
moved to our old quarters nextthe Eank of Commerce pending the
pects for the.district are very good.
The district and international officers
are working harmoniously and •for'
the best interests of the members of
District 22. ,     "
District-23 Kentucky    *'
Kentucky has also been affected by
the. industrial depression but^the membership is holding its own in tbat district with every prospect of growing.
There is no serious trouble in tho organized sections of the district and
the district officers are co-operating
with the International in promoting
the best intorests of the membership.
District 24 Michigan
Michigan like other tsates, has been
nffectcd by.the industrial depression,
and work has beon poor, but improving. Tho local strike' that took plnco
In that district this year was won by
tho men, „
Everything Is running along smoothly in that district now and so far ns
I am awnro thoro is no friction between the (liRtriut, and tlio national
of floors.
District 25 Missouri     ;
Thoro is another district that linn
folt tho effects ot tho Industrial depression so far ns conl mining Ih concorn-
od. Thoro havo boon sovoral milts
dovolopod and ndjtiRted, Considering
tho hard times, tho momborshlp Ih
holding its own and tho district and
Intornnllonnl offleora nro workhif, together In harmony nnd for tho biiccohh
of thu otunizutiou nud tlio welfare ot
tlio mlno workorH of MIhhoiiiI,
District 13 Iowa.. '
This district ImH also boon nffoctod
by poor worlc, but tho prospects aro
bottor now than for noma tlmo as lho
men nro gonorally omployod. Thoro
may bo somo oxcaptlons. Tlio paid-
up momborshlp for lUHt month was
groator than for tho month of July of
1007 or 1008.
So far as I know thoro Is no friction
botwoon tho state nnd Intornntlonnl of*
District 14 Kansas
Kansas mlnos havo beon affected by
tho Industrial • depression, but pros*
poets (or bottor work aro brightor,
No boi'Ioiih troiiblo except In Osago
county whoro a.part of tho mon aro
ou tsriKOi Uiu dlsputo not having uneii
ttullhxl. AihlUuiloit houiil u'ii.'i .v*.'.a.'(.t-
od In district 14 to sottlo tho controversy and disagreed. Membership Is
holding Itfl own and as. far as I know
thoro Is no friction oxlnttng In    tho
Dlstrlit 18 Colorado
Momborshlp In Colorado la growing
and prospoctn scorn bottor for tho or*
gaalzatlon In that stato. District and
International offleora working harmoniously together for thc nucccaa ot
tho organization and tho welfare of (he
District 17 Wast Virginia
Tha Kanawha district of this state
Is tho only ono In which we havo an
agroomont,   Borious t/oiiblo dovolopod early In tho summer on account of
■» - n
Andy   Hamilton
Tinsmith and Plumber
We can furnish you with estimates in
anything in our line
District 10 Tennessee and Kentucky
Work haH boon vory poor In district
10 during tho yonr. Many local strlkOB
have boon,, on against reductions In
wages, Industrial conditions In tho
mining industry woro not favorable,
and yot tho membership In holding Its
own. District and International off I*
corn co-operating with onch othor to
build up tho organisation in District
District ,20 Alabama
Ar tho mombnrHhlp knows, thoro
was a Btrlko In Alabama last yoar,
but was JoBt owing lo tho arbitrary at*
tltudo of tlio governor ot that stale
In IsbuItik ordci'H to disband tho camps
of tho strikers and destroy tho tontH
In which thoy lived. Tho loss of thnt
strllm.nrnotlrrtllv ilomornllnod tho ills*
trict, Industrial conditions havo not
boon favornblo to Inougurato an organ*
Izlng cnmpnlgn In thnt ntato this year.
Tho men of Alnbnma aro hopeful and
roady to do thoir pari to establish und
Rtrongthon tho organisation whon tho
opportunity presenta Itself.
District 21 Arknnsas. Oklahoma and
Tho mlnos havo boon working vory
poorly In many sections of tho south*
wost. Improvement la taking placo at
tho present tlmn. Tlio paid up*mcm-
borshlp la greater Ifint month thnn It
was for tho same month In July, 1008.
Tho district and International officers aro co-operating wl)h each othor
for tho success ot tbo organisation and
In tho Interests of tho membership of
tbo southwest.
The Hotel of Fernie
I'Vriiio'H LpiKliiii*, ('iiniinoi'ciiil
and Toiii'IkI IIoiihii
District 26 Nova 8cotla
ThiB Is n now district nnd a striko
Is in effect Involving about 0000 mine
workorH, According to tho roporlfl rocolvod from tlib'so in chargo tho proH*
poctn nro favornblo for winning, Tlio
district officer*) nro working In linrm-
ony with, tho International and for
tho succohs   of tho organization,
Summing Up
A rovlow of lho Hltuntlon lii nil of
the districts demonstrate., that there
In no ground for tho Bintomont thnt
discontent, dlvlnlon arid discord cxlAt
and nro Incronslng.
TIiIh Rtnto of nffnlrfl oxlRts only In
tho mlndB of n fow mon who havo ro*
fiiHcd to lend tliolr co-operation for
,*    ,       s    . ii, i . u     ..*.i
....a. »,.«<.a....,., 4/A   at..* ay. *,*...,!..., tv.t  ....It   a,.a.
■welfare of the memheridi'lp. it in
truo Hint there l« n dlfforoneo of opinion ns to tho pollclcH thnt Hhould ho
pursued In Western I'onnsylvnnla,
Control PeniiHylvnnla and KaniMH. In
IIT, ,,..... fl,.....,,,,* ,.r .. I; ,X,r. 44.-lfaa.fl.a4a.ft,,
I,,,.   a,„     aa..,,..^,...,...       ,,.     *, --      1..- 1
that existed havo been adjusted and
In Ccntrnl Ponnnylvanla a sorloiiH trouble will bo averted If our ndvlco Is ac*
copied and tho district prosldont of
Contrul Pennsylvania and myself nro
In accord and aro resisting n reduction
of wages.
It In ronrodod betwer-n tho years
1*903 and 1007 (bo industrial conditions
of this country wero vory prosperous
and conditions favoraMo for tho or*
ganltatlon to grow In membership.
For (he information of our mombors
I and tho public generally wo give tho
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
Hur Hiipjillwl with  the  bout  WIiii-h,
LI.'ii.-t'H nml t'ijtfin-H
JOHN PODBIELANCIK, Prop.        11
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Call in and
see us once
C. W. DAVEY ft 00,. Prone.
following which hIiowh thn pnld up
momborHhlp during tho pnrlodH named
TmJ..   J'*.'*-'        _   2"1* IJ1
July 1005  : m',m
July 1000  180,227
July J007  2211,380
July 1008  251,07:1
July  1000    200,000
A glanro at thoso flguron shows thst
tho paid-up membership for July of
this yonr Is tho highest and this In thn
faco of 1ho fnrt that'for thn pant two
years wo have been going through a
panic that was tho worst In the Ms
tory ot thc United Mlno Workers' or*
Thoso who want to bo u-blased and
unprejudiced In their judgiiieiit Hhouhl
niuily*--] IlilK Klntement, I Invite the
mum n«'0 iiim*ukiuioii nt my work
ns nn Indlvldiml and ns President of
tho United Mlno Workors of America.
This detailed i*tatomnnt In mnde simply fiK n matter of Information to those
who denim it, nml my ndvlco again Is
fn wnrU fnr Dw iipfnilMIng of thn nr-
ganlicatloii ami It will mean its sue*
cenn rttirl the prof eel Inn of the Inter
cult ot the mine workers of tho country.
Yours v«ry truly,
--Minn Workers Journal t .
®!# M&ttiti £tbt\tt
.. "f 1.00 a year In advance. Address all communlca-a
tions to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. C;
Rates for advertising on application.
We believe, through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper are'signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good to actual subscribers any loss incurred by trust
ing advertisements that prove to be swindles; but-we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay, the debts of honest bankrupts.
This offer holds good for one month after ihe
•transaction causing the complaint; that is we must
have notice within that time.- In all cases in writing
to advertisers say *'I saw it ih The Ledger."    .
Phone 48;  Residence 9 Manager, and'Editor
dollars, buv that is only a scare to what the city
has had.". -   -   *     . /   ,
Surely less"ignorance as.tothe difference be*
tween,Fernie and Coal .Creek a might be: displayed
by both the news reporters and "the papers; We
have troubles enough without being assessed with
things that are not ours. -",
Monday; September the 6th'is'thc day set aside
vi'or Labor to hold forth in all its glory. Even our
very obliging civic authorities actually concede
the right of the union men to that day. They kick
* and grouch on any other occasion that any organized body dares to celebrate, but on' Labor day they
lie down like the good little dogs they are, and say
-'Go ahead, it is your day. " '
/We wonder if tlie majority of people havcvever
stopped to seriously figure out liov,'   many   good
•* staunch union men will take part in thc celebrations
and parades all through this district on this coming
Monday, theCth. "We would advise-the Liberal
and the Tory men to be on hand and see what a
mighty force yoi; liave to contend with." We venture
to s'ay that right here in Fernie alone some will
have, their eyes opened to thc strength of the unionists. '
Some news mongers with' very shallow pates
are always busy sending items to outside papers
about the doings in and around Fernie, and the
following which appeared in the heading of a Calgary newspaper in rcard to the account of the ,Coal
Creek fire shows that common horse sense was entirely absent when the item was despatched to the
Calgary paper: v°    ,  . '.
Thirteen* Houses, The Miners^Club and
a   Doctors',Office Were Razed to,,
.       lthe_Ground^	
- Had Lost all They, Possessed in First
Conflagration that Devastated
..,'      7 Fernie
Then the Lethbridge Herald comes' out with the
following ainoag its editorial squibs:
''Fernie still continues to liave fire scares. The
one on-Sunday cost a couple of hundred thousand
The ill-advised movement, conceived by certain
individuals with.ulterior motives, to formulate   a
Canadian Miners' Union is not causing much uneasiness to the pffieials or members of the U. M.
W. of A. A little summing up of the situation
will convince any miner that his interests are all
wrapped up with the big organization, and that by
joining a body not yet large enough to^ command
notice, he is simply making a missile^ of himself to
be used at the instance of the operators to throw at
the heads of his fellow workmen. Those "who are
watching the progress of the campaign of slander
and misrepresentation being indulged in by the promoters, concluded long since that its ■ obsequies
will follow shortly iii the track of its inception.   •
An'individual who can jog along in any calling
without making enemies must be a new specie in
the human race.- The mere fact of-making ene-
mies shows'that you have hit someone on the head,
and,generally speaking,forevery enemy you make
in-;.the discharge of your duties, you gain two
friends. * ' ' ' ' '•'   ,
There' seems ot be a possibility of .an election
this fall. Are you on the voters' list? Are you
in a position to register a^ kick about the present
system ? The ballot box is the only safe way. Be
up and doing. '.
It will" no doubt be interesting reading to the
workers of tbe world to know that King, Echvard
is said to have recently cleared up a million dollars"
on United States steel by a"tip,that J. P. Morgan
gave him. * "We have riot noticed any-material increase in our.dinner pail as yet. ' . ,   '
-A despatch -from' an old country paper .informs
our readers, that a satisfactory agreement has been
arrived at between the Scottish miners and the operators. This "will indeed be very welcome, news
to miners ..all' over "the country,'.as a large strike
seemed imminent at last .writing. <-..*.
-His most wonderful strength.now
showed itself for he managed,to drag
himself as far.as^the corner of Main
all* -the'tway - up", f rom the bankis" of; the*
river along Sutherland avenue.,-ReVli-
inga the cor*qer ;of?.^lain, he-says';' his
strength;"gaevVdait and he'tottered
helpless to tbe steps of a house at the
corner where p£ 6. Gillis found him
later:—' --.<■ -"77'   • *   -   * .-:-.,■■«.■_
7 •*■- * ..-.Huddled. Figure ( :7"
. As Gillis was passing he sa\^ the
huddled,figure bunched on the doorstep and leaned over him) when Olse.i
asked him,in a;very weak whisper to
get him' a cab as his throat was cut.
He then told the officer that his:throat
had been cut-Zand* he was sfapbed.
Dr. Gershaw'was sent for. ' Patrd-
man McDonald appeared and.thie two
officers searched the clothing of the
man and' found ', a,,wallet containing
$209 and a pass book on the Dominion
bank, a watch and. a chain, some small
change and.a corkscrew. Thomson's
ambulance was called for and .the .injured man-was taken to the geneial
hospital.--     ' , , , '  •" .-
Olsen lis an-unmarried man and has
only been in Winnipeg six month'.?. He
had nrevious to hi"; arrival in this fi .V
been employed as a rockman. by the
Graid Trunk Pacii> neai* Ve.-.-l'lioii
No clear statemsi: ran be oiki'i-.I
from him howev*--, as to-his pi .-.sent
means of livelihood •   "
The police are inclined to . look
askance at his "story, though the general hospital surgeon cannot yet sav it
the wounds were self inflicted. Thi-y
are under the impression tbat ' villi
such a- terrible loss of blood no man
born could reach Main street from tlie
rivor front. ° Also the fact--that his
money was intact seems to-them rather surprising, inasmuch ' as robber*-*
who would murder a man for" his- money would certainly take enough .time,
to get it..'-'-;'., ^,
; No Knife Found ■ _ (
. No knife however was found - in
the neighborhood where Olsen was
discovered. Also tiie fact of the* small-
riess of the stabs "on the neck'line, inclines tliem to the belief that he may
have made three or four attempts to
get the blade of Tthe knife into --his
neck before he'finally succeeded.
Against this is the fact that he had
a large sum of cash as well as a bank
account,' and being unmarried, could
not have liad home troubles.
A'visit, to his residence 283 Stanley
street at 2.30 this morning elicted no.
information, and the police now await
an improvement'in his'condition to
obtain a.clear and lucid statement^of
the affair as well as a description'of
the two men whom up to'the present
they have not been able ,to locate. \
have seen. ," For nine years it ..has
carried on a campaign for-the wise
use1 of the forests and* the preservation* of the' waterpowers.^navlgatlon',
and the industries -dependent upon:
them. .('It is now necessary to , extend that.work. -'Membership lh the
association costs one.dollar per year,
which a entitles the member to the report of the annual,meeting, the quar-.
terly ^Canadian Forestry _, Journal —
which it is hoped shortly to make a
monthly—and all the pother literature
issued. '* ■,-■-■""' 7.-' "* ' -
* The work could not be "carried on
for this fee wereahot some, assistance
received from the Dominion and some
bf the provincial governments . But
it heeds the financial, assistance of a
wide membership, - arid more than
that it needs their active' co-operation
and.support in the work pf'arousing
public opinion to .the need, of1 rheck-
-     {
Ing waste and of °developing and enforcing policies* which will give Canada a perpetual supply of'good timber
andfensure the* safetyVof, oii?. water*
powers,^paviable .•streams,;term lands
and "game.covers.'.'* -' , .-*•• " •- ',-'
If you .are--nptf-alreadya a" member j
you are^e^rhes'tly. invited -to join the
association, which" you may.- do by
sending .your'name-and address along
with the annual fee of one dollar.- to
James Lawler, Sec. Canadian-Forest*
ry Association, 11. Queens Park, Toronto. -■*,' ',-. .   1.7.-. ."/":    ■    y.   •
. The dust nuisancers just about "as big a 'topic
as there is around the town these Jpys. Tn e, the
hose are turned on certain parts" of the streets now
and then, and the new fandangle'd sprinkler makes
spasmodic1 sputters ,on the, dusty thoroughfares, but
no plan is followed out to in any way meet thc
clouds of dust 'that cavort unmolested through our
streets. The back s^reeters pay taxes," arid.rightly
consider that they are entitled to some consideration in this matter.
PHOENIX, Aug. 17—The drowning
of Stewart McGuIro manager of Lovon
drug Htoro horo, whh the Bad 'ending to
an outing of young men at Loon lako
yoHlorday afternoon, A party of about
n dozen went down to thn lako, a iIIh*
tanco of five iiiIIoh, on n lmndc'ir. McGuIro who had boon too Into to go with
over, and1 plunged inlo mo water wuh
Hin nthfrH who worn bathing.
When about, 200 foot from the shore
he bouimo gxIiuukIoi! and called for
liolp. T. Miulor, nn export Hwlmmor,
but who hud JuhI,'returned from HWlm*
nilng nci'OHH tho lulu*, about a milo
illBt'int, hurrlod to him, und with heroic, effort baltk'd wllh llio HtrugglnH
of IiIh drowning oompniilon, to whom
lie clung with tlio right iirm and thou
Hwiim wltli tlio left for u dim-nip" of
tho olhern, hiiiIiIIimI it h(ii*Hii and roil**-
!I0 foot toward*! llio Hlioro, hut ho loo
wont uikIoi* iho wiilor from oxIiiuihI-
Ion niul hui-oly oHcnpod n wntory
grave, .Iiiihoh Trniiiper, iinollmr coin*
imiilon iiIho nuulo effort h to i-ohoiih, hut
without iivnll. Tho body of tho do-
ociihoiI wnn tiil;on from the wator iwn
lioui-H nfior.' Ilo wiih a fairly good
Hwlmmor but hud ovlduntly gono Intn
tlm wator wlillc- warm and had bononio
McLiUIUtn   ilUMO',,   Mi   dt   lift, Inhilit ,
whoro hi» mother and h I uier, Mih.
IK-war, rosldo, IIK intl-or, John Mo-
(Juli'o, Ih ut Kdmoiilon; ono brother,
Wllllum.   liven nl St nil ford, Out., and
lU-V.   JUIIII   MlVilllM-, U WlOUii-l,    in ni-
trmdlng modlcnl college nt Chicago.
Mm. llrown Kwlng, n Hlnter, roHldog at
Pliounlx. HiH roinnliiH will bo taken
to HovolHtoko ,tomorrow for Inl'hrm*
and Fornie electoral districts shall be
prohibited until the 31st day of Aug..
That it shall bo lawful to shoot duclt
of all kindB, geese and snipe from the
1st day of September 1909 to the 28th
day of Fobruriry 1910, both days inclusive.
That the shooting of grouse of all
kinds is prohibit od until further notice, In tho districts of oast, nnd wost
Kootonay. , Extract from copy of ordor In  council  published  in  British,
Columbia Gazette, July 2i).
".   -        •********'     	
- IN- the matter of an application for
the issue of a duplicate Certificate of
Title to ot 15 Block 2? town of Fernie
(Map'734)-. ;       ,     ,.'
Notice is hereby given that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration
of one month after the first publication hereof a duplicate of the certificate of title to the aboye mentioned
lot in the name of Michael J. Casey,
John Robert Ross and William A Ross
which certificate is dated the 5th day
of October 1907 and numbered 7649A.
;,   ' H..R.JORAND ,
''.   , '. ■ "'■ District Registrar
Land Registry ,Office.f Nelson B. C.   ,
July 21st, 1909.  y
Furniture Moving,a Specialty
-   \ ■ •> ==Ba:a==!*!s=*"*"""""""""""""""*
Leave Orders with W. Keay
-''-.'- ^ r-FERNIE-^7 %:^
Business. Blocks,   ChurchesJ;
Schools, and .heavy work a^.
-     .   .specialty.
Agonta for Edmonton Pressed Brick
and   Hnnd • Point  Common - Rnd
Pressed   Brick.      Estimates   fur-
, -'.    niahedfree_. ->   -
...   '
ffl. A. Kastner
, "        *'     - l
Fire,!  Fire ! Fire !
Thei. anniversary of the great
fire .of August- 1, -1903," is clraw-*
'.ingneai*. Let us draw your at-
tentioh to the fact that "we represent 11 financially strong,  old
..established    and   wellN known
Board    Fire   .Insurance   com--'
panies, also agent for.the
i • ' ' '\ .       -- *■
Sun   Life *." Insurance
Company of Canada
PITTSnURQ, Pa, Aug/'1.7—Stovdn
Horviilh, tho Hlrlkor wlio was Iclllod
during an attiiek on Jlajor Smith, a
negro, nl McKooh RockH, Tlnirsday,
was bnrlod Salurdiiy. Throo thousand
Ntrlkoi'fl from tho PihirhoiI atool Car
('oinpiiuyH plant uhcoitoiI tho body to
I'lltfiburg from Hohoolvlllu, while tho
rninalndor of tho Htrlltoi'H »(ood guard
at tho workH on account of a rumor
that morn men would bo taken Into
thi* .'lit* pliml ilui'lni* tho I'uiinnil H.-r*
NotwIlliHlanillng Mm vIkIIuiico of tho
,'ii'ikci'H It Ih hii Id Ihnt 250 additional
men hiui been Kmiiggh'il iu ilurliig
tho tl uy.
Thu lmnidi' Sntui'diiy wiih lho I'IihI
nppimrimoii of tlio Htrlltoi'H upon* tho
hi reel h of thlH t'lty Iii a body, and
fearing troiiblo Dw line of iiinrrh wi|s
cloHiily wnloliod by llm polico who
roHtrlelcd lho ombli'iiiH carried in the
pm-'OHRloii tn Amorlenii flngR,
j;|'.,;o.\to,\, Au«. j; i-joI. Mc
Dliiriiilil, prlJielpiil or thn Deaf and
Dumb Iimtltute of Winnipeg. Ih In
the city to eomplnto nrrnngomentH
with tho city rouncll nnd the board of
tlnul-.   Iln    lill*.   tal.illll,',   V>.   aA4ka.v   - .- .'    ..^.
odIIhIh or tho llrltHh Kmplro, nil mem-
lim-H of, tho HrlllHh nnHoelatlon for lho
nilrnncomont of hcIoiicu. The 7ftth an-
mull fonventlon of ilin anKoolntlon Is
to bo hold In Winnipeg thlH yoar during the week beuliinlng AugiiHt. 23.
Prof, McUliirmld, wbo Ih chnlrinaii or
the  Wlni'lper- fiilcrtnlntrient  foinmlt*
Wlnnlpog Telegram: Claiming to
havo boon attacked by two highwaymen, lying In a widely Bproad pool of
blood on tho corner of Sutherland and
Main last night, Androw Olson, aged
•10, residing at 283 Slonloy atroot was
found at a quartor past 11 last night
by P. C. GllllH, with his throat cut
from oar to oar and Hovoral small otabs
on hiH neck. OIhou wiih removed to
the gonornl hospital where It wns
found that ho hud a cut hui'ohh IiIb
throat more than throo Inchon long,
and half an Inch doup, Hy ulniont
a inlraclo it. wiih round that none of
tlit) mnln nrtui'loR hnd boon Hovorod.
Hovoral of tho Hinallor volim had been
out and llioro wuro other hiiuiII knlfo
woumlH on tho nock,
The mail had IohI. plutH of blood and
wiih In a very low condition but lifter
n careful oxninlniitloii by tho Iiouho
Kiirgoon It. wiih mated liln life whh In
no grent danger.
OlHen IoIIh ii most peculiar Htory,
which If true, proven lilm lo be a mini
of oxtianrilinnry will powor and
marvellaua cotiHlUutlon,
It Ih horoby onlwred by hia honor|ti.*o, Iiiih ftrratigod'for n Hpeclnl exrur-
tbo I.ietit.-Ciovornor, by and with tlio! hIoii from Winnipeg to tho roa»t titk
ndvlro of bin executlvo rouncll tbnijliig In Kdmonton on tho return. A
tho hunting, killing or taking or elk j welcome will bo extended by l*.dmon-
or wapiti In the Columbia, Cranbrook ton to the vlilton on September II.
A    aJalHliya,    Uaw,^
Ai ?' o'clncU .I'M -nltrlft he «myn bf
wiih walking along the river bunk lo
tho north of LouIho hrldgo on lho
Winnipeg «ldn, whon ho wiih nnmiilecl
by two men who asked hhn for hoiiio
a'. •- 01','.': "'!"''!"'! in ,."r' !"•''' "i1
when tho men sprang upon him, ono
holding him while tho othor tackled
nt IiIh throat, and tho momor.t thoy
had thiiB cut OI«on up thoy took to
tliolr IiooIh.
The victim remained'fnco dov/nwnrd
on tho gitiHH Hlopo loading down lo
lho river, while IiIh llfo'B Wood ebbed
nwny until eleven p. m. Ho In nil
probability fainted, though It In'mnr
velloiiH ho did not dlo judging from
tho amount of blood which ho mm:
havo loit.
   V,,M i-njiaj ,—— 1 ^	
- '       ' * ' - a. L
Toronto; August 3, 1909.—A* special
meeting,, of the Canadian,-* Forestry Association .will be held in Kegina, Sask.,
Friday and Saturday, September- 3rd
and 4th, 1909. Tlie meetings will
begin at 9.30 and at 2 p.m., in the
city hall, and there will be an evening
meeting at 8 o'clock when illustrated
lectures will be delivered. On Saturday there will be an excursion to
Indian Head, to inspect tho Forest
Nurseries  and  Plantations;
The, subjects dealt with will refer
particularly to conditions in the prairie provinces and will embrace: Tree
.Planting on the eastern, and western
sections of, the prairies, forest reserve,
game protection, .growing wood for
fuel and for windbreaks, tho relation
of forests to the conservation of moisture, otc.
His honor tho Lieut, Governor has
kindly consented to opon tho mooting
and tho rbprosontatives of tho provln
cinl govornment, tho ,Clty of Reglnn,
and the board of trado will welcome
tho dologatos and take part In tho
Tho Railway companies havo kindly granted a slnglo faro foi- this mooting, rogardloss, of tho numbor in attendance. DolegatoB must purchaso
first class full faro ono way tlckotB —
tho faro for which must not bo loss
thnn fifty conts—to" Uolna, or noarost
junction point if a through tlckot cannot bo obtnlnod) nnd Bocuro n cortlflcnto to that offoct on tho Standard
Certificate form 7where tlio tlokot Ih
purchased. Railway ticket agontH
arc supplied with standard certificates
and nro Instructed to Ihbuo them on
application, At tho mooting theso
cortlflcatoH ' miiHt bo luuidod to- tho
Socrotnry for Hlgnnturo by him and
tho Bpoclal ngout of tho rallwny companion, At tho tlmo of validation tho
Hpoclal agent will collect from tho holder of each cortlflcnto a foo of twonty
flvo cnntH,
From polntH east of Port Arthur
tlckoth will bo good going August 28
to September 1 Iik-IiihIvc, returning
until September 8. DoIoriUor from
oiiHtorn Canada will nlno bo nblo to
avail thomHolvoH of iho roducod ratcH
to tho Scut Ilo oxpoHltlou and tho llrlt*
Ioh AflHoclatlou mooting in Winnipeg.
f   1     ,      .        .fit. >    .   .  4 ■ I , 4 t 4   ,»
ft,,,,.      V,       ..,.4      ,1.4.41a,.,.,'
nrlefly -itntod the ohjeet nf the Cnn*
adlan Forestry Amioclatlon In to pro-
motn by wIho uho tho preservation nnd
oxtonnlon of tho foroBtn of Canada.
Your attention haB, porhaps,     boon
r>n1trwl   liv   *■**>•',, nv-nnl. */   In   the   WO-IO   11.(1
a.       a, * a ' •
olhcrwlBo, to the dangor that now confronts tills country In tho rapid dUap-
poaranco of tho foroBtH—tho Iohh of
rovonuo and of trndo, Iohh by floodfl
In Hprlng and drought nnd flro In tho
Hiimmro, and tho destruction of much
agricultural lnnd by washing nway
nnd by becoming covered by Band
blown from oreaH which hnvo boon'
wrongly cleared,
Largely It has been tho Canadian
For«Htry Aiwoelntlon which hat supplied the newspaper paragraphu   you
Wn lin.vo spvfT),! snnps in   *
*.* ■.*■ ' ,"■;*■
Business and .Residential
*    Property *'\ -  .-,'
,, j iu different parts ol'tlu; city .'
Agent       *
New Oliver Typewriter
Machine given out on trial
No Charge •
, Victoria Ave. North
Apply Manager, Ledger
-4, Office for "particulars
A Bargain
■"     7    Nice and-Fresh in This Morning'
Onions,    Radishes,   Cucumbers, .Lettuce,
Rhubarb,   Strawberries,   Oranges
and, Bananas
Give. us a. call
• ♦♦♦♦♦'».>♦• •*»♦-*» •*»♦■**»•»•*»•»♦
Imperial Bank o^ Canada
."'■'■.]■     7 HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO^   '•'
.     ,    - .'*■. ^.Capital Authorized .'. $10,000;000 „   .
' Capital Paid Up' . .*.. .".$5,000,000 •   Reserve ... ..' $5,000,000
.   D. R, W1LKIE,.President   ..     HON. ROBT.JAFFvRAY, Vice-Pres.
, .     .7   " . "Branches 'in .British Columbia-    *
Arrowhead, Cronbrook",  Fernie,' Golden, Kamloops,. Michel, Myie, Nelson
•Revelstoke, Vanbouver "and Victoria.. ■ a.-^"   „,    ,]•
'   ' "    •;       ,      ' SAVINGS DEPARTMENT     '       "        ■
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
. FERNIE'BRANCH    .       .      7 '7       GEO. I. B. BELL, Manager
j; m.
' .ELKO, B, C.
v -a
We ha\'o just added a full line of Hardware) to oiir businees,
■> ; business is made up of thc following lines
Farm Implements, and Carriages, Harness
and Findings, Feed, (Horse Pin arid Chicken)
Hardware  y
Wo have a full line in aiiy of the above'and "our prices  are right
Ceilings &
"   , ,       ■",/■    •
We carry a well selected stock of the
Reg'd Boxer, Staunton and Watson
Foster Papers
These Goods speak for themselves,   See our Sample Books
il Everything for a Fishing Trip
Rods, Lines* Leaders* Flies* Etc.* Etc.*
Large Varieties N
N. E. Suddaby
Affent   for Reach's  Baseball   Goods,   Huylcr's and Lowney's
Chocolates, William'i* Hew Scute Planoa, Fisttluia, Tucklc
•A. .......
.. 1l*I J.i*-"!*',***'.***!..    •'  i.i. '
t'       i*.i*fi*i0*9>»<*^lHV*WI**1 ** *f**~-,>"" -^ +*' **P9 ,X'&-~2t ■**& * -
•*lf*»t*» *nflv"»t*>l
_________m_«_mim-. THE   DISTRICT   LEDGER
Xbe Official Or-fiu-i of District No.   IS, U.M.W.   of A.
Fernie, B.C,    August 21st, 1909
I       CaAL    CREEK
| i^Vowt ow?* own Correspondent
C   L    Hnd A
begun to make
a big wind Mowing a.
d£ Messrs    Stev
thing       riBhtine
number of'feioiit) I
into which tlie> nn
await  anything   <n
fne Noil thei
tlife U v. here
At this time I
lltle fire nut c
flow and got the
By this tlm
was a lavatory down VherVwfi
lighted by electricity
tamp was onlj uaea
There had been verj
tile club that after, noun ajicru uhiiik
apodal i-neetlntj- of the miners down t
Fernie and most of tlio men were t
It He saw several mon tho worso ft
drink but was ol tho opinion tlmt Uic
      -    -  ihe  t-ain    They  die  n<
ment of I
iwledee    The
i  the da>
looked   through
klcS the b,
they did a
a-»SvhoHt w;
but t
. thle
ne chasing about on Sun
billed as a benefit mate!
supplying  the   opposition
uoeeefled In winning by tin
al Creek 4 Pernth 3 Sami
fd to so around with thi
collection was made Wi
nho was at fault, but it h
e  waa  oigaolzed  will   no
i   To Mr   nnd Mra
Haitnp- recall, ml ltd i
—tlio bod) boinii; iln
tlio trimmings light
oontraHt  tn ail tithe
a looking tine now
Andy Good is offering as a trophy to
the most fortunate angler
The following letter waa received at
the  Summit hotet^ this  week
Henrys Corners  N ^    Aug 09
Mr   Good
Bein as yew be the ram rod ot a
hotel on top of a mountain i wuld like,
to no if few euld use eny sleds to
slide with this winter ive bean makin
sleds fur Iota of peple nliat live neer
hills f can make as much as yew
want at unce let me no an if yewr or
der is big enuf i may spend a few days
ther flex sumer
tf jew don't get this at wance let
me no so I can rite jew agin
My wif an dorters an my suns says
they are woll an hope jeu be so rite
about the Binds enywa.
everylmdl noa we litre so just rite
me about the sleds
well t must new bu my shors dim
so don t tut-git good bj
New  York state
"■ rile soon
He had entii
iuf Helen t
ho ^ot down   Ho
s Wood hydrant, :
orking  all Coal C
' the C   N   P   1
I  Broth era  supplied
nd Maggie  Dav
■ dolus thelrit
Ins a
looked i
Btle£? of dl nam! tain lt
got at,out170Ureet away *
tain     Now  then bois   ic
ted the Joke immensely a
sappolnted that
visited     the o
the train e
least said o
people in o
gloomy these dais
of the fire was hia <
vest        He onlj  aa*
orably   after    „   ..—
tfthon off In tho hospital
ting about nlnolv and wc tl
Aa a result or the tiro
formed that Pole Kenned]
Is Indefinite,!) ponttioned
The Siiudny solioo. nolo 1
plonlo on ,-lliuvadni    lam i
pnrk      Tlio alftv wns tine a.... ..
arowd af belli oil I Hi ion and adult
ail out     An oxooilont	
nfir'-Vnift. n
A a (treat
a   lavgo
BnmDii woio rniiulRdd
oijmin niijoj Inn lilm-
whlle tlio .Ira wm on   THoy Hiionl.,
-" "-- •may klii-ln-MaM aiiown lliom
ii tu folurti Uitiimi (oi      tt.o
oC tho mnny hhiilnnii
and wIhIi tu return L	
■pi imi It! wny In wit loll thoy wot
vltlatl for
lanan-irj Inlo (hu h'lte
A liubllo emiulri woii lldlll .111 tlio
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lor, nt'.iioiul-ir't mnBlNtriuo fnr Uii
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ward Ooiiftiilftii „ Tlio fft-i wUliOaj
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* Heme, aooo foot of hftio nifonuy laid,
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the tlmo an 1 (ho wfAev ■fflnniy warfnil
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or op* tnlilp-a*. Nnrnn lm lit! In a* ahocia ar
the riifl Tiiclr oHorU t\ or*) imiuooeiti.
fill Ho wont to onqulro n* to llio
rowion fit tlie*^,belli*', no HiinMr Tho
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yard Ho i\n* InCtiinicd thoro would
do a B0Qit,Buii|ilj or wnt« In, a few
minutes Ho, -'olurnod to the (lie anil
found bythljt tlino a mwil punph of
water and tlo tmmp i)orttlm** woll , it
wan ln.pi aiilbie to oliook tho iTm-t nt thla
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rom In or SO Htrnnino, ,At thin time
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frro-,TVio--wln*lrlma liK-r
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on fire but worn evgotualii
put out" mm*- opinion tharo was a
iftolt ot «rm*it.ii-hi*()n «■»«' W work wm
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i Jammed In the pui
ow of anj regulatlor
Had inquired as to t!
sole  protection
smoke   Ee vas pack
cellar door and a keg rolled out
denied  she   *
the hoae out o
whether thev
Ho saw \er) I.
tbat afternoon
John McCoun. an
pull her husband
til t>.
Ireland tiding to
vaj     Ho  described
f the r.
-tying the hoae   He spoko oC the poor
supplj of water in the hsdrants       He
  a member of the old ilro brigade
never remembered a good supplj
heae hjdrants at any time Tho
ought to have boon oounled on the
,  _.  .,.„  „.„_a  —^  ,. a.,„  pumps
brigade and tbe iii
.....   •■—  would
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..mflneit to tho olub promlaqs GoorKo
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plalnoft tlio reason of tlio numpa befntj
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lalio, Tt \u« oponod Ml nil, al on
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mino ilijoiiBli laii-ftiftii-aUt ami -wnai tin
nn nLfldonl the otlloj pump had ui
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noeoiiHiliy tn nut wime wnooUifntf It
In nnd 1,01.-. bouiiii tolet fl »rtt Tioft
ul tlie lio»o boon. lni*.un r***-
il tills, iiuiHli i ould luiva
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an in tlit, atioinpii
n* tl\od ami it onto
row mliiuloH  '■
Jow mltitiiot; wiiilt
Thi*- unnoliRioil Uio
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dod imohlnii—
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c%nwi'-) no to hoi n tf t"j »Vl
lurii#H Th Yli^'httHMMn**'   - .— ,-
.   —  .    .    -i-.i. (toiu niityiKjij
iQwIiijf writ.
i. tire i»i-»n
the V
Wi* A
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hnd nn vIMi-loiit
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Uyt aatmtlft-, wnn blank mi far aa
tho Orow'i NMt loanuo was oqnuornod
tlie ropoil bolnjr oorraot about tho Wo
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moar at Ct-al Creelt   ami mo Ifornlo
ih lTanlt tlxtuie did not nitatorltMHo.
tliousb tliat.icaBun mr tlu Ir—- "	
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...r At t 15 p tn , howii* on tl ,
Kroiimi at the -.nolt of tlw fitxw* it
nama-a rinno j tinn ran up lho (lot
of tho flollnr^alilnjr flia Ho ran
•And iaw imblt-* oomlng out of tlio
;ho ntinji
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tho Fornio olub  " "  	
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OoJomon and riank ofiibs wlH rpiii
tlio nplntfl, rornlo ond Con! Ciook bell
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. This Is tha only «amn on tho card
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Creek Remember that Coal Creek i
ptailng a subuib of-*apan\ ood
Mrs -\ -nilliatns letumed home
Mondnj lc.it from a visit up tho line
H r Weber has been visiting !•>]
knno this last wee*k Work on his n
store la progressing Cavornblj
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Ted bj M,
and Wr.
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first Had he thrown the llnesiln tho
rig the other occupants might I have
been able to have brought tlie horse to
a stand still but ho took the lines with
blm The tonsequonce was that they
--- -i nulled out of his hands Tho
e then made for tho rond Hilton
Richardson both jumped out of tbe
bung) and the hoiie itipt on bolng
around Plibcri stable tlu do times ana
startod on the return jpuinoj
e she was causht hi D Trurau
only damage done wns a pah ot
,tt of rishoi a bolng broken and iho
Injuries roooUod woro Richardson
, Bonrred olbow w*d siiralned ahoul-
and Hilton received a 1 nook nn
urn und aliouldor nnd aoairiil noao
tonhoad It i» moBt niartollou*
ilio1, esonpod wlthoi t ani biohon
Tbo Canmllan club bold
uo»day lii Oio mm  mini
Out of tho MoTavUh I
sic thi* v\onlt tryfnR In »e
in ft till lamia
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* tho final OrooHUoii wlio i
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ter lho mtino Ih ovoi
tha ahanaO* of tlio i
in lout wookb 1»»
tare to jiropbooy
IwiRntlon in am.
i*poftl tbnl por-
0R0W8 NE8T
Kuiisoli who hns lolurnotl
troin tlio Parr*,' Orooit roRlan oxdioi*
cd tlio opinion tlmt tlio plnooi woiH
iliBB ihBie would m o\o io Uo ovcon-
tlounlly rloli
Mrs And1. OoDtl. ttkfn ind nloco
will loi\ve Soptomlioi IM foi un u\
ton-Jett trip to Seattle Poitlaml nml
Stui Finnclico thoy will \lslt Co
VOBemito Vnlloy, and tho fnmoiiB Rui
alan rhor (ilutrlet in Califoriila Tho
part} will roturn via the Qrund Cnn
ion nnd the SUnatn route Mr Hor!)
ert Josa will be the aoiitluotoi nml tho
photographer dui!n-t tlio trip
Andy Qoo-3, will eonduot a aoilen ol
dftnoeii «very Sfiturdav nlttht in his
large pavilion The dancing nnd oth
ei attrootlona are to De doe
Maauva, WftlliTiv and Hnywnrd «r&
entering the Flathead to dc-elop Mr
WtiUins'ii claims
Mr Robert Wnllace nnd Mi A U
MoKolvie of Letaibrldfa-e, Alta ore thu
ohomplon (iBharmon thui* far
Ir ontoU yeeteidny el
seven trout in two hour* plncos tlioro
nt the lioftd of the Hat of aaplmnta tor
the magnificent nth or -nater servleo
The objects of thp commission are
officially set forth as follows
To cause inquiry to be made into
and concerning the Timber Resources
of the Provl-x-e the Pieservation of
Forests ana Utilization of Timber
Artais A'forestation and the Diversi
fication of Tree Growing and general
ly all mttt-n- c-i—atcteil witfc the
Timbei Resources of the Province
The Itinerary
The meetings of th Commission for
the purpose of taking eudence Oo far
arringed will be held at the following
places upon the dates mentioned be-
Arrive Ferule
No   213-Went S 48
No    3M East l-f 66
No   236 Local East 8 48
No    235 'Local 'West 20 50
No   7 West Flyer io 40
No    8 East Flier SO 08
Change takes effect Sunday June G
!4th audi    Pii\
\lctorit     August    tSth
Nanaimo     lug    19
Vincoutei    August 2*iii
Seattle   Aug   26 to 28
Kamloops    Sept   7
Vernon    Sept    S and 9
Revelstoke    Sept   10 and ±1
Nelson    Sept    13
Cranbrook   Sept   14 and 1
Fernie   Sept   IS
Grand ForKs Eept    IS
Owing to the members of the Com
mission haiing accepted an invtiat
ion to attend the meetings of thc first
National Conservation Congress of
United States to be held at Seattle
on August 26, 27 und IS the meetings
on the last da} of tbe commission In
Vaucouvei, advertised for the 28th
and the meetings at New Westminster
August 27th and 23th have been can
celled Arrangements for the hold
Ing of meetings at these places will
be announced latei The meeting at
Kamloops will he held on the 7th of
September and not on the 30th of
August as origtnaIl> advertised Oth
erwise   the   Itinerary
Announcement  will be  made later
If It should be decided to be necessary
advisable  to hold meetings at oth
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\ugust Shor an 18 iear old hov ot
this olty went to his daith this tifte.-*
, In the whirlpool rapids after n
gallant battle with tho waters between
the lower oridees and the whirlpool
With three ooirumnlonB Slioior weiK
ior a swim at tho old Maid of the Mist
InndluR* Ito Btruck out nt onoo i.
the middle of tlio Htronm nnd thuii
turnod towardb tho bridge Hii com
paploii*. onlloit foi lilm to turn lack,
nn tho eiuroni la .ory nnlfi nt this
point, but he Kopt on down atmnm
nml win tmuglit In tho flu-ut swoop
tho first llionit fit-.*' (ho mnoolhor Via
lors to tho rnplilo
Tlio hoy tat*Iiui for u tlmo imalnsi
llio cutinnl but U> no malt EMtlolltl**
onllKlna tliut lie im\r bejond human
help niul xitia to Hu Lotrlod Hi rough
Iho inpld) whloh look tin* lifo of Cap I
lain Wobb (iii-l V.I1UI1 luu. roalBlcodov
ory unnldo'l iwniaii effort nl painngo '
lie dollberntoly turuod down atrmini ,
nud bosun a Kilm f.Ubt for lifo Not'
In nil tlio htatoi) of tno rtvoi iins auch
Uia\o flalit b(«*u wlinoHBod Al
tliough bnt a frail boy, Bhoroi -a ont
Into tho rapidb inlmmliiK siiongU
and hold hia own until ho struck tho
giant wave which onrln up opposite
the old bnttoiy oltuttor
He wont under and for a lecoml wna
lost to view of 'lit* pooplo wbo stood
on the towor arch bridge Au-lln and
nijaln he disappeaied onlj to roappoar,
each tlmo flshtliiK deaperaioly against
the current but when within HOO yarda
of the whirlpool his strength gtuo out
and he snnK nod was lost to tiew of
on then ho an am perhups a lum
died jrtrtlu fartlur than did tho Hue
llshmnu, Ci.pt Wobb. Tho bod) cnn.
be aeon In tho whirlpool whoro
men are waiting for. It to be brought
Inihore fni enough to bo caught
of   household   goods
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song biids   also a fine pair of   field
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athera the retiketlon la amallar. but every line ottered repreaanta
exeeptlonal vatut
Whimster & Co.
Advertise In The Ledger ' ,\ *. "■
'a'"    ■"   V
- 777.77. 7*7te: ^ym^^:^yymr^^MM^m :y-py^ * ;7-77
;   ,*v\i THE :0ISTRICTI.LEDGER, rJErtNIE,', BfaC.'AUGUST 21 1909 ^T-ii-^l-*^ -< V.&   >* '•*,*'.W7,-, , ..>*■,.; ^  f*
Three   Years'   Agreement—-Six   Shilling Minimum
Wage Granted--U. M. W. of A. advise regard-    .
ing Conditions in Novaa Scotia
Conditions in
-     -fa.
An Old Country exchange contains
the following dated from London:
After many days of conference the
dispute in the Scottish coal trade has
been, settled. ' The minimum "of 6s a
day has been conceded lo the men under a three years agreement, but the
conditions surrounding that concession have been referred to arbitration,
he following official statement was. Issued to the Press at ten o'clock last
night at the offices of the-,Board of
The Conference on the threatened
Scottish coal dispute was 0 resumed
this morning at the Board of Trade tb
consider, a proposal for settlement put
forward by tho president prior to the
adjournment of the Conference ou tlie
previous evening, based on the suggestions made by Mr. Askwith, chairman of the Joint Sub-committee. After prolonged consideration by both
parties an understanding was provisionally arrived at on tlie lines1 of the
above proposal, with various amendments.
, At'7 p.m. the miners representatives retired to confer with their col-,
leagues of the Minors Federation at
tbe Westminster Palace Hotel. The
conference met again at tho board of
trade at 9.30—Mr. Churchill in the
chair—when tlie following agreement
was concluded:
Terms of Agreement
At a conference held at the Board
of Trade, July 30, 1909, between the
representatives of the c"oal=owners of
Scotland and the Scottish Miners Federation,
1. The Conciliation Board shall be
continued with" the provision that
there shall be obligalory a neutral
chairman (whose decision in cases
of difference shall be final and' binding) to be selected by such method as
shall be mutually agreed up°on by the
parties, and, failing agreement, by tjie
Speaker of the House of Commons,
and the board and this agreement shall
remain in forco until the lst of August 1912, < and unless six months .. before that date notice shall have been
given by either party, It shall remain
in force "Ihereaftei, subject, to six
months notice of termination given by
either party at any time.
2. The principle of the 50 per cent
on 1888 basis as a minimum-wage is
conceded and wages shall not be reduced below that point. In respect
of the concession of nn immediate 50
per cent minimum lt is agreed
(a) That the basis price for tho 50
per cent, minimum,'' and the subsequent stops, shall be^ referred to an
arbiter. The references to the arbiter shall bo adjusted by parties, and
shall be on the footing that the relation' betwen prlcos and wages in   the
past is' recognized as equitable : for
the purposes of this arbitration;* and
that the new basis price shall not be
below the recent basis price—namely,
7s, 5.45 d. ' In fixing the .new basis
price and steps, consideration is to be
given to the effect which the granting
of an increased minimum wage would
have on the relation between prices
and wages, and also any other new
circumstance bearing on increased or
decreased costs since the agreement
of 1904 was entered into, which the arbiter considers1 revalent.
(b) That if for any month or months
during the 'period from the date of
this agreement to 31st* March 1910 the
ascertained prices do not warrant a 50
per. cent wago under this, memorandum, then for a like number' of months
an increased percentage in. wages accruing under the memorandum shall
be diminished by C1-4.'
3. The neutral chairman, in giving
his decision as to alterations in the
rate of wages-shall take into account
the state and the prospects of the
trade. ' 0
I. Any difference regarding the interpretation of this memorandum, or
any difference regarding the terms
of reference under Clause 2 hereof,
shall be referred to the decision of a
neutral chairman, to be mutually, appointed by the parties, or, failing an
agreement by thc ' Speaker of the
House of Commons.
5. The arbiter to act under Clause 2
hereof shall be mutally appointed by
the parties, and falling agrement, by
the Speaker of the House of Commons.
The agreement was signed by repro-'
sentatives of the'cqal owners-jof Scotland, the Scottish Miners' Federation,
the Miners' Federation of Great Britain and the Board of Trade.
The Miners' Concessions
Substantially these were, the proposals submitted to the conference yesterday by Mr. Churchill, .but masters
and men decided that it'was better to
sleep over them. This morning the
masters were the first to^frive'at. the
.Board of Trade, and- after tliey had
hour and a half thej-epresentatlves of
the'men came in. The sub-committ-
tee, containing five representatives of
each; then met". Various amendments
were put, forward'and at the end, of
about six hours discussion the above
agreement was come to. The miners
fought hard against0sub-section B of
Clause 2. Under that sub-section a
statement of prices is to be taken out
every month, tho men having tho right
to audit the statement, and if the ascertained prices do not warrant the
minimum wage, then in the next following month, if the prices rise to
Fernie Cartage & Construction Co. \
— ™=—■—, |
The Fernie Cartage & Construction Co, 1
beg to inform the citizens of Fernie , . •
they are prepared to carry out, all
classes of work. Heavy Draying,
Excavating, Building and Concreting a speciality. Estimates given on
all Contract work. All work guaranteed satisfactory.
O. N. ROSS, Sole Proprietor
Working-man's Store
We carry a full line
of Boots and Shoes,
T.T«t«      TJ'f*,r*tf\       Ca*4««*l*iN
liO-lO**     AiOOC)        uUib*J}
Shirts, Collars, Ties,
Everything for men
such an extent as in other circumstances would warrant an increase of
61-4 per cent, that 61-4 per cent will
not be granted during that month. In
plainer language, if the* men for one,
two or three months receive 6s.,a day
when the prices do not justify that figure, they will when a rise in, prices
comes, have to wait for an equivalent
"number of months before they receive
an increase. One of the representatives of the miners was determined in
resisting such a proposal, . but' the
others, after consideration, were inclined to believe that as the market
is rising the miners were accepting a
llftle or no risk. This.view prevailed,, and was .ratified soon afterward,
not only by the executive of the
Scottish miners, but "also by the/executive of the British Miners Federation. It was"'noteworthy however,
that the representative who .fought
against it failed to put in an appearance when, after the adjournment, the
general conference met to sign the
agreement. The point is. likely to
occasion a good deal of criticism with
a certain .section of the Scottish miners, but the majority of the representatives who consented to its Inclusion
are convinced that the market will
justify them.
The representatives of the miners
attach considerable Importance to the
fact that the minimum is guaranteed
for three years, and they believe that
that far outweighs any of the concessions they were compelled to make.
They welcome the liberty they haye to
break' away from the agreement at
any time during the three years in
the event of a strike'in England and
Wales. 'Tlie Durham and' Northumberland miners are having trouble over the Eight Hours Day Act, and, if
a national strike should be ordered^
the Scottish miners are at liberty to
come out in sympathy.
At the conclusion of the conference
tonight both masters and men expressed themselves as pleased with the
outcome of the negotiations. Mr.
Churchill was delighted at the success
of his efforts.   •
, The Feeling in Glasgow
News that a settlement had been
arrived at reached Glasgow about half
past nine o'clock, and ^afe welcomed
by those..fn. industrial and commercial
circles. Up to the last there was uncertainty as "to the protracted negotiations, and business suffered from a
measure of restraint. ._In. consequence
business may now be expected to-have
a 'somewhat freer movement in 'the
city, as well as in the neighboring"districts, i which are more closely associated with the coal and iron trades.
The evil effect of a lock out  'would
have been difficult to estimate in the
■a * -
The Effect of a Strike on the Fishing
Industry ±
- No class is watching the coal .situation with keener Interest than the herring fishermen' who own steam drifters. The Buckie steam fleet alone is
at present using about' fifteen hundred
tons of coal weekly., , Without their
coal supply the loss would be enormous, not only to herring fishermen generally,'but to coast communities directly dependent on the industry.
Speaking of the possibility of, merchants laying up stocks of coal for
fishing steamers a .merchant charac-
tinted that as1 practically impossible,
in tho herring fishing especially, because merchants havo ordinarily to
give fishermen' long credit, arid stocking coal would heavily handicap tho
merchant. ■ *
A Message from America,
A cablegram has been received at
tlio LanarkBhlro'Minors' Union offlcoB
In Hamilton from tho president of lli'i
United -Mine Workers In America
stating that a striko had been going
on for some tlmo nt Nova Scotlii, and
that minors sont out from Scotland by
ngonclos aro dostltuto, while tho wold*
lorB nro being employed to evict tho
workmen arid their families from their
It has boon decidod hy tho union
fo mako tho facts of tho ciiiblGgran* as
widely .mown aH po.iHlblo. and to' ad*
vino mlnorn to Iwon way from Novn
Scotia inonnwblUv
Funds of Lankashirc Miners
Thb hnlf yearly balanco JuHt bIimiuH
by tlio Lnnknnlili'0 .Mlncrft' Union
hIiowh tlio total aHHotH of tho Union" to
hn 7!.,'I08 pounds, 12h. 1 1*2<1„ wlillo
the total Income fiwni tho urnnchon
for tlio nix mon lit* -'iidlng .'.(.tli Juno
wnn 11,208 poiindH, 12h. 8 1-2 tl. Tlio
minis pnld In Htrlko allowance) during
thu period amounted to 1755 pounds,
ir>H. 10d„ and a total of 2028 poundH
had boon paid ovor for funeral Initio*
Ift iturlni? thn half yonr,
Supday School q^^Z
*flP On the Lesson by the Rev. Dr. Linscott fov the International
/[\   Newspaper Bible Study Olub.      ' "' t ■
Dtt. :WR\GLESW>*pRtH, D. D. Sy-7.
v -V--V*' '':^DENTIST., !'\  .   '* ;,.,,
1 Office; Johrisba-Faulkner Block.
Hours' 9-i2V !l-5;7'6.30-1.30. .Phono 72
*,W.- k:' ROSS
"...K.c.-'W r\.a.fc
•7 . Barrister-'and Solicitor    "*''■,' '*•
'*■'• '-•   -,■  j    '■■''' i-     -' ""- •*"
Fernie, B. C. .        >. "  Canada.
L. P. Eckstein    7'     D* E. McTaggart
4   *    -" a '.   - a '   -   '< ■•*.'-'
.*  1       . -i. a   ' -.,'■■'  i
*-   '    ' a. ..'-V4
Cox Street -"-,-,,     7 Fernie B. C.
.  AUGUST 22 1909
■ ■* -* /
Paul's Third Missionary * Journey—
The Riot'in Ephesus. Acts 19:23 to
20:1. -    \ ;■'"_ -'     ; .   a-
Golden Text: lie said unto*me. My
grace Is sufficient for thee, for. my
strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Cor. '12:97,     - •'.*._
Verses 23-27: Does <the* successful
-presentation of truth always mean a
war with evil?'* ...-'.,     '
When the .goneral welfare of the,
people. is injured by the. business of
the few, is it, or. is it not th'ev business
of the state to make such business
illegal?        ." -    . *
Can you give examples, where the
spread of5 Christianity as in this case,
has closed up injurious business enterprises.    -
Should a worker for God •~—"'3e his
efforts if he sees he is hurting some
person's busienss?
If the spread of Christianity - hurts
a class of..business men. should- we
compensateUhe losers. ,
If Demetrium' himself had become a
Christian, would it have been in his
business interest in the. long run?' ./
Can a' man be true and honorable
who protests, for business reasons,
against ■ the- application - of Christian
principles to the community?*   .
Verses 28;29:' How much- sense or
reason-is there iri an angry, and excited" crowd?   'y .,   ,  ',
sonable, if not insane, an angry in-
F. C. Lawe
Alex. I..Fisher
Fernie, B. C.
dividual or an angry'crowd? ., -
■ Was it the danger, to their business
or their religion;*which most stirred
the anger of-these people?    ,-    •'■*
Which' interest' most'influences, the
averoge man, lils business or his religion? - 7
Who wero Gaius and Aristarchus,
arid whal influenced their illegal arrest?*       ...
Versos 30*31: Should a man risk his
life for ever, so good a cause when he
knows it will, do no good?
Should'a man ever refuse to risk his
life for a good causo if by-so, doing,
he can conserve Its Interests.        "  '
What principles should guide, us'In
running risks for tlio causo of God.
which Is always the causo of humanity?
Was Paul's first Impulse right to
rush In among this ngry crowd?
Whon should wo anil v/hen should
wo not bo governed by tho first Impulse?
i   Verso 32: In tho usual riot or mob,
what -proportion of tho crowd know
what thoy aro contending for?
.   Vorsos 33*3*1: What did Alexander
want to say to this iriob?
Why did tho peoplo cry down Alox*
Can any man roason corroctoly who
is -blinded by rollgioiiB prejudice?
VoruoB 3G-41: How do you oslimnto
tho character of UiIh-town clork?
Are we under as mueh obligation to
take good advice from a heathen or
*an infidel as we aro from a Christian?
(This question must be answered In
writing by members of the club.)
Who was tho gaddoi.8 Diana supposed to lio nnd what wan lior worship
Wnn it. Hiipoi'Rtitlon puro nnd Rlmplo
or In thoro nny ground for bollof that
tho Imago of tho roiI'Iobi" Dlanda did
fall down from hoavon?
Ih It ovor wIro to net wlion undor
Uio Influonco of nngor or pnoalon,
Doob It often lmppon thnt ono cool,
lovol bonded man can dtaporeo a
Chapter 20:1--Do Christians In
thoso days show Uio lovo thoy lm* o
(mc for ni'otlior as (hvy oi'ght?
Lohroii for Sunday, Aug. 29, 1901).--
Paul on Chrlfttfan Lovo. I Car. lii:
moral praise, due to a man Who has
the gift of prophecy and has intuitive
knowledge of mystery,   r .  .
Is there any more necessary -praise
to be accorded to a big man* than to
a little man? ,       • '   7
If God gives Ja man the faith so he
can remove a,mountain and he at,the
same time is without'love what good
is the taith to him?,'^
'.Verse'3—Do some people give liber-,
ally and suffer personal inconvenience
who have no real love In their hearts'
and If so, what is', it which prompts to
these acts?   '   ,   '' '    '     ,    !
'., If a man give's when it can be seen
and does not give when it cannot .y,
seen, is there any .love m Ut-* • ^art,
or any real merit in his charity?
Should the church refuse to accept
of money for the Gospel or for charity,
from .those who'clearly give to be seen
of'men? .* '       * -'y \
, Do those who give , without, - love,
but to be seen of men, reap any benefit from it, or does it hurt them?',■
Can you conceive of a man giving
hiSabddy to be burned for his religion
with "an* impure motive, or without
iove in'-his heart?, ■: . ,
• What ;is the only thing which re:
commends us to God in and .of itself?  /'.'• '       •--     ■'
Verses 4-7—What proof can you
give that' love is long suffering' and
kind?   '•'*'-
ILjive really love a person will we
matter what the .provocation may
be?      ,*:' - _    ,•   '- '  : .
What'is it in love "which tends'to
patience, politeness, kindness, gentleness, and humility? : ,
May a person be controlled by. love
and'be envious at the same time and
if not, why not?    , ,v   "      r        ;   "
Does love always make a man think
of "the' other fellow" . before himself?
What does love take all its pleasure-from?
Verses* 8-13—Can despondency ,or
doubt- or depression, or hopelessness,
or any other bad feeling, occupy the
heart' that is filled with love?
What will be tho relative,values, o.
uses in heaven of faith, hope, eloquence, knowledge, love?
What Is' really the sum total of all
ti)lngf*,1 or that whloh'sums up In Itself all the blessedness, nobility, and
happiness,. that the mind can eon*
celve, or the heart crave,' and why
Is It so? (This question must be answered In writing by members of the
Losson for Sunday Sept. 5th, 1909.
Paul's Third Missionary Journey.-*-
PnrowollB. Acta 20:2*38.
Barrister and Solicitor
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
' 'a -"I"
Hours 5.to 1;*2 to 6;'6 tol8.   ^
Residence 21 Victoria Ave. -..
*-* a - / I     '     .      '      .'   '
Pioneer Builder and Contractor of
Fern.ie ' ■ ,
-- On   first     class
.   business and residential  property.
', MATTER ,'O.VER "WITH   U6   r
1 t   " * t 'tn <f . '~~    > ' C
Real Estate & Insurance
Cree & Moffatt   ".
Wben troubled with eun-
f>nrn,bUsteri(,lf.iect i tings,
tort f««t» or beat rashes,
apply Ztm-Buk!
SifrpHilnj taw^fcry ft mici
th« tmariirr *** ***$&& I Cures
■oth cm y-tMmf mhm ia* to
Zettt'M h matt trim \m
h«tW -mimow. No -ntaul f«U—
*A*>**sUiitf^KbOM. Hn4«th«4Ur!
tmevtoi eat sum tmrrmim.
'(.Baggage., delivered   to   any<
*   ', * part of the city.^ -    -:
Queen's Hotel
WE8T. , '
Bulk expressly for
7    Trade
It's a dandy, come u'nd seo i<.
/     A CO. Proprietors
(W. A. Ross, Manager.)
Paul on Christian Lovo: I Cor*
Claldon Toxt: And now abldolh fnith
}ir\,,n  lovo  tw„, three    |,*it Itif* wront.
est or these In lovo. 1 Cor. 13*13.
Versa 1—What la tho utmost, which
can bo claimed for tlio gift of olo-
Why !» nn cloquont man without
lovo, llko n tii-ims band with cymbal
accompaniments?   -
Will ■ftloqucnro without lovo, mako
a man acciptatil**: to God?
Will clfKiuencai without lovo, mako
a isaa nccepiablo to Lis fellows, or
glvo any lasting satisfaction to himself.
Verse 2—Is   ther-s any necessary
TOKIO, Aub. 17—A tfovoro onrth*
qunl.o occurrod In cont nil Japan Sat*
urdny aftornoon nt 3.30 o'clock. Tho
nliock wim pnrtloi'lnrly hard around
Osakn, Lii.to Dlwft and Naifoyn, Ml
railroad communication with thoso
(lliitrletH ban boon Interrupted.
Mnny Iioiihoh collapsod ami It Is
fonrod that mnyn pooplo woro killed
or injured.
Xagoya, with a population of moro
thnn 2CO,boo. and ono of tlio principal
cltIor of Japan, locatod 170 mllcti wont]
of Toklo, was badly damago*.!.
Dof-allf* nro mnaitro bocaiiRO of tho
Interruption of toto-graphlc communl-
Tin•j.it.)'wic ■.(.'■Ik* mii] n-vi'Uly peo
pio Injured hnvo thus fnr boon reported .
Ono fourth of tho flhign profonturn
miHtnlnml coiiHldoraltln drimnRO,
. *     , *   ,,    I,, .....   ...
,J4.tga.a4,a»   k^u,d»at   *-.»   a,.,,,,,    uv.kUvk*.   Waa.-a
of Lnko Dlwn, an oxtlnct volcinio, la
roportod to hnvo collnpuod noar tho
lop. Tho shock waa alight In Toklo.
,V*-J,-,'. s77~; ''.•,!:i-'^"'A,>^1.<7'
'i% ■'a"v..   ,J; ■» 7 '7!t's#•.,-$>* y •<
McDougall, Mgr.
Manufacturers of and Deal-
, ers in all kinds of Rough
:   and Dressed Lumber
\     .        '"      yV_' -a' a '"*   ,S
■*   , ' ' ' " ' (
■"*• *
Send^ us your, orders
Lumber Dealer'
All kinds, of rough aiid dressed lum hoi.
Victoria-' Ave.
Horth Fernie
Secretaries of Local Unions
DISTRICT 18   Ua. M. W* of A.
Ashcroft Mines, Lethbridge No.
—Thomas Grey.
Bankhead No. 29—-Thos. Bradley
"Bellevue.'No.' 431—R. Livett.   '   *_
Angell.    *
ham.    ,.";*
Park    Local    1387 7--W..
No. 2633—William...Gra^,
Carbonado No. 2688—James Hewitt.
Cardiff No.c2378-—A. Hammond.
■Cardiff No. 279—F. K. St. Amant
-, ;*; __*       ' i      '.-    r\     /"■*' ' ;'
^ Corbin No. 2877—A., Hamilton- ,.
Edmonton City
No  2540—A.  Matt-*
Edmonton. Np.
2 Frazer Flats.,
1329—A St.  Julian,
NOTICI!) Is horoby Rlvon that tlio part-
norslilp horotoforo oxlBtlng ' botwoon
William R, Ross and J, S. T, Alexander, undor tho nnmo of Ross & Aloxan-
dor hah boon dissolved as at Juno lst,
Mr. W. R, Ross will contlnuo the
bnulnOBB nt tlio old offloos,
Datod this Sth day of July, A. D.
Fernie No. 2314-rrp: Reeo. .   , *
Frank, No. 126i-Walter Wriflley.
Hosmer. No. 2487—J. W; Morris
y'"   h fx
Hillcrest No. 1058—J. O. Jones
.^Kenmare N.D..   No;  2850-^1.    E.
Lansberry.,      •, r ,-.       7  -«   '.
; Lethbridge No. 574—Mike Pilishak.
Lille No. ,1233—J. T Griffith
Maple Leaf No. 2829—J.  Boriaccl.
(via Bellevuo)
.Merritt Local Union, No. 2627-
Michel No. 2334—Chas, Garner
Middlesboro 872—W.  N. Reid
Passburg 2352—Miles Isltt,. ,
'   Royal Collieries   No, 2589—Charles
,  Roche Percee No. 2C72—Lachlan McQuarrie, ,.  ,,.
Taber^ No. 102—Wm. Russell
Taber No. 1959—Wm, McClare./
Taylorton, No. 2648—H.  Potter.
No.    2299,—William
WINNU-KCJ. Auk. 17—Acooro. tho
Manitoba Indian, defeated Shrubb
In a twelvo milo" race laat -evenlnR on
a quarter mile out door track. Shrubb
ran himself out tn endeavoring; to
task* a wxord and tho Indian gained
th-ft lead in the sixth milo.
Tho partnership, hlt.iorto oxlatlns
botwoon Mossrs. Rinnan, Kamlnskl &
Albort Lund haB this Clay boon dluBolv*
od by mutual consent; Albort Lund con*
tlmilns tho bualnoHB. All dobta duo
tho firm nro to bo paid to tha aald
Albort Lund nnd ho will defray nil liabilities,
Dntod nt Fornio this 16th day of
July 10UD.
■NftTir.-l*! In hwhy tfven Ihnt, ftCi
dnyn aftor dato, I intend <o apply to
tho Hon. Chlof Commlsslonor of
Lnndn for a Ilccnao to prospect for
coal and potroloum on tho following
Af,«f,rjr,/,A l*tn^o   offnnt^ In Sn»l>i.17!no|
Kootonay, llrltlsh Columbia, DIock
-.593; Commonclng at a post planted
at or noar ono milo oast of 2.3-mllo
post of tho prosont C. P. R. survey
lino, and being; tho nouthwost cornor
of W. II. "Darby's claim; thonco run*
nlnff cast 80 chains; thonco running
north ItO chains; thonco running west
80 chains; thonco running south SO
chains to a point of eommoncomont;
mal'lnu 610 acres moro or leas.
Located thla 98th day of April 1009.
W. If. DARBY, locator
Waldorf Hotel
Table Unexoolled
Ibir **ii',j'll<*<l u'llh thn (Incut
hnuula oftWInoa, Liquors   •
and CIgarH
(Fonuorly of Cont nil. Hotel)
TAKE notico that I Intend to apply
o tbo Doftrd of Licensing Commlus*
onora for tbo City of Fornio at thoir
,«xt sittings In opon court entitled to
..onr ttwh application, to rtho trans*
ior of tho raUJl Liquor Llconso now
h«!d by mn In rrspoct of tho licenneA
premises known as tbo Northorn Hotol
situato on Lota alx (6) ind aovon (7)
DIock 14 City ot Fornie, to Wlllam
Datod at Fernio B.C. thla Ith day
of Jnn*, l>0i.
/^^^ji^M^.^'ji^^m^x^^^^^^^ ** -'.A^fc****.
«•»» «-■, ■   ^>«fii»«s4''%>**!«f!f*«.^*4jir mt ft »*»• ^"Wa*»
•^•^w*****?**^ ., -y-
'-''■  '*\
Robbers^prive to Bank in
;„ /Autonr»obile--Nervy
..V. Young Bandits.        .
y SANTA 'CLARA;; Cal. Aug. 17—Driving up to,-the Valley Bank of Saht.i
Clara in "a hired." automobile,"•two
youths covered Cashier Birge and his
assistants with shotguns, stole $7,000
and fled in the machine. Seven miles
away/ after they had been chased by
police and citizens in. automobiles the
bandits were captured- and .the money
was -recovered.-* ,' . 7;
] '•» The boys a compelled :the chauffeur
to drive1 under tbe threat of death.
.. Stealthily the driver of the,bandit's
machine loosened a screw that put
the machine out of use.
The robbers then started to run but
were overtaken.* "- .     - ,     '
_ __— V-**1' ■—- •"*>  '
''• ED       -* ' '
1 ,
"An honored citizen, of this town was
suffering from a severe attack of dys
entry. He told a friend if he could
obtain a bottle;of Chamberlains Colic,
Cholera'and Diarrhoea, Remedy he
felt confident of: being cured, he hav-
Ing^iised thla remedy in the west. He
was told that I.kept it in stock and
lost no time in obtaining it, and was
promptly• cured,'7says1'M. J.-Leach',
.druggist of Wolcott;*A"i. For sale by
-all' druggists. ''-,■.
*.; Vf ANTHMY H0PE 7+
"~ *        , * i ■ "•*•.-■. *,       ■   , x      *^T*^
Author of^Th-1 Pa isonw of Zenda"
.,-•*_. J;**-'.- :'  oooooooooooooooocoooo
s^-oyriflht,i8d5.Anthony Hope Hawkins
A complete line of samples of
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds, Serges
sutid. Tweeds
1 ' - ' ' .'
'   .  '   'aj "' - I'
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
He was out of, the battle as much as
Markart; who slept the clock around in
spite of Stenovics'^shakings and°Dr.
Natcheff's .rubbings and . stimulants.
But he had done his part It was for
Zerkovitch to do his now.
The; king had died at 5 "o'clock? It
was certainly odd, that story, because
Zerkovitch h-fd just returned from the
offices of the Patriot,;and immediately
before he left be had. sent down to the
foreman printer an official communique
.to be.inserted m his paper., It**wns'to
the efifett that Captain Mistiteh and a
gu-ird of honor of fifty men would
leave Slavna next morning' at 7 o'clock
for Dohravp, to be in readiness to re*
celve the kin*;, wbo had* made magnificent progress and was nbout to proceed
to his country seat to complete his con-,
valescencfca     ,     , •■.'* ■'
Captain Mlstlteh and a guard of honor for Dobrava! Zerkovitch decided
that hf> would if possible ride ahead of
them to Dobrava—that is, part of the
way.. But first he called bis old, housekeeper and told her to put Lepage to
bed.-' ■ .'•'*'     '
' "Don't worry about anything be says.
He's raving." be added thoughtfully;
, But poor Lepage raved no more tbat
lilfrht. He did not speak again till all
was over.- He had done his part.
. At 5 o'clock in> the morning Zerkovitch left Slavna hidden under a sack
in a carrier's cart- He obtained a
horse at a high,price from a farmer
three miles along the road and thence
set out for the castle at his best speed.
At 6 Captain Mistiteh, charged with
Stafnitz's careful Instructions, set out
with bis guard of honor along the same
road—going to* Dobrava to' await the
arrival of the.king, who lay dead in the
palace on the Krathl  ,
.But since tbey started'at 6 and not
7, as the official communique led Zerkovitch to suppose, he had an hour less
toaspare ;than be thought Moreover,
they went not fifty,strong, but.a hun-
d-??d.' -,'■-* •* \'. :"
" These two. changes—ofthe hour and
the force—were made as soon as Stenovics and Ftafnitz learned of Lepage's
escape. A large force and a, midnight
march would have. aroused suspicion
in-Slavna. The general did what he
could safely do to meet.the danger
.which the-escape suggested--the danger that news of the king's death" might f
be, carried tb Praslok'before Mistiteh
anfl his escort got "there;.-
r -^Cattle:;;
1   **   'a                                                  l                                                                      -                                             "      *
All kinds of
Fresh   Meats
, on hand    .
Bacon, Hams, Fish,
*Ca.rd, Bcj-ffS and
Give usa trial
loo t6ns ''.of. good-
Baled Hay
W. E. Barker, Cayley, Alta.
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
■ ' Gents' Furnishings
n*P»MCW   AT   Wnq-MPl*    RT
^Morning avocations pursued , their
usual-peaceful and simple course-at
■■he.castle' Old Vasslp..his wife and
the nm Ids did their cleaning.. Peter
Vasslp saw to his: master's clothes; and
then, to save Ms father labor, began .to
sluice'the wooden causeway. The stablemen-; groomed their,, horses..: 'Tbey
bad.been warned that th'e prince, might
Want another mount; later in. tbe day.
* Marie .Zerkovitch lay-Jri her. bed. sleep-
' ing'.soundly after a ,r restless ' nigbt.
There seemed no hint of trouble in the
air.'"'If.muBt be confessed-that up to
now It. looked as though Praslok would
be.caught napping.
It was Peter Vasslp,. busy on tbo
causeway, wbo first saw Zerkovitch.
lid ride—a't.least.'I^hought so.   1 hope
the baroness"— '''';'■ *•
SophySthrew'out her arms as though
to .'embrace the' gracious -.world. - „"1
thought it, beautiful; I think every-
tning beautiful 'today. 1 think you,
beautiful. Buron von, Hollbraiidt; and
Poter isbeautifiil. and so Is your moth-
if,, and so is your father, Peter. And
I lialf believ'e'that, just this morning-
' thi3 one splendid-iporuing—I'm beautiful'myself.- '.-XesV.'ta."spite of this'horrible mark on my.cheek!" ■,-..'
"I bear, something." said Peter Vasslp.    _ ; •* '-'?> 77 i
"Just this morning-Athis one splendid
morning—1 agree'-TVith you," laughed
Max; "Not even the mark shall change
my mindi Come,' you love the mark—
the red star-don't you?"
"Well, yes," said Sophy, with a little
confidential nod lind smile.
"1 hear'something," said Peter Vasslp, with his hand'to.his ear.
Sophy turned to him, smiling. "What
do you,hear, Peter?"
' He gave a sudden start of recollection.    "Ah, -"has that anything fo do
with M. Zerkovitch?" .
"M. Zerkovitch?" broke from them
both.    ' -  --   ' - *  -"   •
"He's -been here., He's ridden at a
gallop on to Volseni to Qnd the prince."
He added briefly nil there wus to add.
his band at his ear'all the time.
"Hum! That looks like news," said
Max.   "What can it be?"
"He didn't stop even to tell Marie!
Man Hanged at Fort Wil*
' Ham Says he Did Not
a     kill His Brother
'/ must, see thc prince," he cried, "and
' y     Immediately I"
He rested and leaned on his a mop to
watch the head which rose over the
hill, the body that-followed, the farm
horse lumbering along in a slow, clumsy, unwilling gallop. The man was
using'stickN and spur. He was riding
mercilessly. - Peter ran down to the
road and waited.* A groom came across
from the stables and joined him.
', "He's got no call to treat the horse
like that whoever he is." the groom observed;  • . 7-      .t 4
,','Not unless he's on urgent business,"
said Peter, twirling the water from his
mop}   '.,.,-•».--    -.      . -■   ■>
■ Zerkovitch was" up to them. He
leaped from bis horse.,, "I must see th*
prince," he cried, "and immediately!"
"The prince is at Volsenl, sir. He
rode over to see Captain Lukovitch."
* "When will be bo back?"  ; .
A Dt
60 YBARt'
Tcowt Mark*
 Upturn mm
thr.nthn la Brixhanlr VW
mcuuttaUtt, wiiliuutclinruc, in l»*>
teitie Mmm*
A ha-UQetalT tilamalM waealr. tatt*****
uUitMofjuir emmutte totuwA. yietv*ft
- j-i'
If (MWlUflal -JOtUOM.. JM-M.aW
itear,-po-t-iiapr«p*t<i. tower
FTER his hiippy'' holiday the,
orince slept well and rose ia
cheerful mood, still joyful
of heart He anticipated, that
the day.would bring him o summons
from his father. H<* had littlo'doubt
that'in the course of a personal interview he, could pcrsundo tbo king to
agree tn a postponement of his journev,
Of Rophy ho meant tp say nothing-by
a reservation necessary and not .inexcusable, . It was lmpo-felblb not to'tako
into account tho knowledge ho bad acquirer- of tbo state of the klng'H health.
Tbe result of that condition was thnt
hin provision rauBt in all likelihood be
for months only und not for years. Tho
task for tho months was to avoid disturbing.tho l-lug's mind ho long as this
-sonrse wns consistent wltb the malnto-
nunceof his own favorabloposition. It
must bo remembered that no man in
tbe kingdom built moro on Ibis latter
obioct than tho king himself, No man
was loss a pnrtlsnn of Countess Ellon-
burg nnd of young/Alexis than tho hus*
bund or tho ono nud the fathor of tho
ctber. Tho royal llno—tho lino which
boasted Bourbon blood-was ■ for tho
king tho only lino of Stef-inovitch.
Qf tho nttnek prepared ngulust him
the prlnco know nothing-nothing oven
or tho king's mind having boon turned
ngtiliiRt tho Buronoss'Dobrava, whom
so Hbort n timo ngo ho had delighted
to honor; notbinu, of coutbo, of Stafnitz's uudncloiiR coup nor of tho sccrot
pluti which BtonovlOH nud tho colonel
hnd mndo nnd of which 'Mlstlteh wns
to be the Instrument. Of nil the snllont
foutiiros or the situation, then, ho wns
ignorant, und his Igunriuico wns shared
by thoRO about his portion. On the othor, timid, Stonovles hnd his (Ingor on
every thread snvo ono—'tho Lopngn*
•Zorkovltch thread, If It mny so bo
cnllod, Thnt wiih Important, but lis Ira-
portiuiea inlght bi> nulllllcdlf Mlstlteh
uinili* good speed,
On Dw wholn, the odds woro much In
fnvor of tho cotcrlo. If by uny mourn
thoy could prevent tbo king from coming alive and free to fllnvui. tho gnum
would be tiiolra, If he did come alive
nud free, thoir gnmo would probably b<
up, Ilia prcHonce would mean a bard,
tight or a surrender, ond filnvnn had no
Ktiiuincb for sui'h -a tight though It
would bo piously thnnkful to bu rid of
RiM-glits, whothor an prlitoe or king, without tlio iii-coKHlry of uuordoalaospvore,
As h prvliiuinary to Hie -iu-Juuious ue
with'U.'-U'i). u»d lo a ju.if'H.'o Ptny of
tome dnys with his futber ut tMnvnn,
tho prince hnd di-tulln to discuss nnd
routine bUMlnoHs to truiinact wit'*' Luko*
yItili, tbe t-uptiiln of his buttery In Vo''
•will. He wus enrly-on hoiwback. Sophy nnd Mai von lloiinratidt (Max's
stay nt the i-uatle was to end tbe next
dayi rode wllh hi in ns fur as tbe gntoa
of tbe city, There thoy loft bin aud
turned down Into lhe plain to enjoy a
canter on the mink* of Lake Taltl. The
three were to meet ageln for the mid'
dny uit'iil at I'mn.i.k. Marie Kefko*
fitch had been ,8111118 nnd kept lier bed
fit tho tiiuniliiit TUo prince's m-'iintcd
■rimrd Me lielilml him and bis friends
fo Vol-tent for the *nke of eierelslntt
ibelr hnmm. In Hie rac-tle there were
'"ft unly Marie }*>rbovlt--b and tb«« «erv.
-iit* lho -irlure did mil autlolpiite
•»»! any mi>**iiar wonM «-*>me from tbe
• tikiv iMMttfi* ttcMtu *\ th* v4t,U-*L (,
Zerkovitch snatched out bis watch,
"There's nobody here but Mme. Zerkovitch, sir. She's still in bed, notvery
well, sir."
"Twelve o'clock!"  muttered  Zerkovitch, paying no heed to the news about'
his wife.';',' ,   . .h
"The baroness and Baron von Hollbrandt aro out, riding"—
"Can you give me a fresh horse? I
must ride on'and find thc prince at Vol-
"Oh, yes, sir."    Ho signed to tho
groom,, "And hurry 'up!" he added.
"Tbo guard's here of course?"
"No,   sir;   they've   gone   with   tbe
, , Zerkovitch twisted his bead irritably
and again looked ut his watch. "There
must be time,!' he said. "They can't
be hero ai soonest for an hour nnd a
hnlf." >• " /   '
Peter Vnssip did not understand him,
but neither did he venture to ask questions. ■
"Your horse '11 bo hero ln a minute,sir.
1 think you'll Ond tho prlnco in bis oflico ovor'the eity.,'guto. no went to do
business, not to drill, this morning." .
Zerkovitch looked at, blm for n ino*
mont wondering perhnpa whothor ho
would be wise to toll his news. Rut
what wns the use of telling Peter Vns*
sip? Or his owu wlfo? • What could
she do? It. wus for tho prlnco. to sny
wlio should bo told. Tho ono thing wns
to (Ind tho prlnco. Thoro wns tlmo—nt
tho vory leust nu hour nnd a halt?.'
Tho groom brought tho fresh horso,
nnd Zorkovltch bognu to mount
"A glnss of wine, sir?" Peter Vnssip
suggested, no , hnd marked Zerkovitch's pnlc fnco'nnd stralnod air. Ho
hnd woudorod to roo his clothes sprinkled with whltoy brown fibers, traces
of tho stick undor whoso covor ho hnd
slid out of felnvnn,
* Zerkovitch wns ln the Bnddlo, "No,"
he answered, "bnt n bumpor, Potor,
whon I'vo found tho prlncol" Uo sot
spurs to his horso nnd wns off at a gnl*
lop for Volsenl. tho rond, though high
on thojillls, wns nonrly lovol now.
Potor scratched his bend ob ho lookod
nftcr blm for n moment Thon ho roturned to his mop. «
Tlo was Just flnlshlug his task, oot.no
twonty mlntitos Intor, whon ho board
Sophy's laugh. Sho and Hollbrandt
camo from a lano which led up from
tho lako nnd Joined tho mnln road a
hundred ynrds along toward Volaonl.
Peter ran nnd took thoir horses, and
thoy mounted tho causeway In leisurely, plensnnt chnt. Sophy waa It? her
sheepskin uniform. Kler cheeks wem
pnle, but the atnr glowed, Tho world
doomed good to her tbat morning,
"And thnt Is r-uitrhlv the "tnrv of mv
llro," she said, with a laugh, as sho
tour(icd the (op of tbo-causeway aa-J
Ion tied ngulust the rudo balustrade
wbtcb ran up tbe aide of It
"A very Interesting one, even very
rflmnrknblo," bo aald. returning her
tnneh    "TXitt nxnett mere romnin* tn hn
written, I don't doubt, bsrone-a."
"Sonif-ihlnn perhaps," said Sophy.
"A good don", I Imagine!"
She shot ti mlschlcvmin glnncont him,
♦ihe knew ihnl' he was trying to lure
'win her an avowal of her set-ret. "Who
'•an toll?   It ail seem-* like .a dream
louiotlinea, and dreams cud In sudden
awakeultigM, ynu know."
"If it'n n drrnm. yon mn'ie an excel*
irnl dream lndy, InronoBS."
Peter Vnwlp put hi* moo and pall
lown by thi* Ntnble* snd earn* up and
•■tood lie*lde tboio.
"Hid ltie marc carry yoo well today,
•trr** ho nuked .Mat.
-Admirably. Peter.   We had « *t>l«B*
It must be urgent"
They looked at one another's faces
"Can there be—be anything wrong in
"You-mean the troops?"
"I had thought of that"
. "I can think of nothing but that   If
it were anything from the palace it
would come by a royal courier sooner
than by any other hand."
"I can hear plainly now," said Peter
Vasslp.   "Listen!" •
They obeyed him,' but tbelr ears were
not so well trained. - A dull, indefinite
sound was all lheyt could distinguish.
"Horses—a number.of them. Mounted men it must be, the hoofs are so
regular.   Cavalry!"1  -'
"It's the prince coming.back from
Volseni!" cried Sophy. ■ '    v  '■
• "No; it's from the other direction,
and besides, there are too many for
thaat" ' ' • ''.'•':
• Mounted men on the Slavna .road.,
and(too many to be the prince's guard!
"What can it be?" asked Sophy In a
low voice. .*       ' *     ■
' "I don't know. ' Zerkovitch's arrival
must be connected with tbe same thing.
I think."       -;'.";
"There! There* are tbelr sliakoes
coming over the'rise of the hill!" cried
Peter Vassip.-      > , ~
The next moment showed the company. ■ They< rode ln-fours, with ser*
geants on the flanks.' The officer* in
command was behind. The three ori
the causeway could not see him yet
They were hussars of the klug's' guard,
the best 4 regiment in the army. The
■"Prince of Slavna had made them good
soldiers. They hated him for it. But
Stafnitz was their colonel.-' On they
came.' In their, blue tunics iind'silver
sunshine. ;' (   -
•The three watched now wllliout word
or motion.. Tlio sudden sight held them
spellbound.    Not one' ot,
them thought of sending
to warn the prince.    If
they * bail   the   thought
would have boon useless
unless it had chimed in
with   Mlstltch's   will
Twenty men could have
been   on    tbcm    before
tiicrc wns time to saddle
n  horse,   If tho expedi
tion was a hostile one the
castle was caught nap-
Peter I'odKlp tilng in very'truth!,
.sprang for-    Sophy stood forward n
an'- pace In front of her com-
pa ii Ions,   Her hnnd rested on the little revolver
which' monselgneur hnd given hor.
, On came the coinpiiny,   Tbe foremost
flip reached within twenty yards of the
cnusoway.   There they linlted.    nulf
of them dismounted, ench man ns be
"did so Intrusting his horso to his noxt
fellow.    Hnlf of  tho  fifty,, thus  loft
mounted ropontod this operation, leaving the remaining twenty-five In chnrgo
of nil tho horses. Tho seventy-live took
position, four deep, on the rond.   They
Hop'ni'iited. lining either side.
The figure of tliolr commnndor now
appeared, He rodo to tlio foot or the
cnusewny, then dismounted nnd gnvo
his horse to tho scrgciint who attended
him. His men followed mid drew up
In tho rond, block In *• tho approach to
tho cnstlo. Illg Mlstlteh begnu to
ascend tho cnusewiiy. n broad smllo on
bis fnco,' It wiih ii grout moment for
Cuptnih norc'ulou—tlio dny of rovenge
for which ho hnd wnltod In forcod patience nnd discreet iJiiohtruslveiicsR. It
wns n critical dny nlso In vlow of tho
Instructions ho hnd, To do him justice, ho was not nfrnld,
Sophy sow nud know. This must
hnvo lioon tho news thnt Zorkovltch
carried, that he hnd gnllopcd on to
toll tho prlnco nt VoIhoiiI. Homo ovont
-some unknown nnd untoward turn of
fortuno—hnd loosed Mlstlteh on thomt
Thnt wiih nil alio hnd tlmo to ronllzo bo*
foro Mlstlteh snliitcil hor nnd spoko.
"I hnvo tho honor or nddroMHlng tho
(lnrcnoBs DobrnvnV"
"You know mo woll, I think, Cnptnin
MlHtltch, nnd I know you."
"Our Journoy toguthor will bo nil tho
plonwiiitor for thnt"
"Your bustuoKH with mo, plonso?"
"I hnvo It In command rrom his mn]*
of*ty to escort you to Slnvnn—to tho
pnlnce nnd Into hin presence.  The king
himself will then ncnunlnt you wltb tils
"You're a ntrnntate messenger to send."
"That's « point to put to my superior
ullkx-r. Cdjoiid. St.ii nlti, v, Uo wilt uitt,
buron *-■»*,"
Sophy pointed nt Ills men.  "Yoa ride
strongly supported!"
"Agnln the rotonol'* ordors, baron*
(To be continued.)
" WHITE FISH, Ont. Aug. 17—Was
Maurice Ryan hanged an innocent man
at North Bay on June 5 for the murder of Joseph Ryan, his brother?
Or is it a mere coincidence that the
following autograph was found on the
walis of White. Fish' station yesterday:...-
0 "Joseph Ryan, Rutland, Vi., aTune
1908, westbound."
The signature was among huudreds
of others. At the trial a letter was introduced said to have, been written
by Joseph Ryan from St. Albans, Vt.,
and also evidence that he had been
seen iii North Bay in February, 1908.
Maurice Ryan stoutly protested his Innocence at the trial "and "I. am innocent," were his last words on tho gallows." • , , '
The autograph is not a hoax and although Ryan was known to be a poor
writer, lt may have,been written for
him by others. An- effort will bo
made to secure specimens of his
handwriting from the chief, of police
at North bay, for comparison.
It was never proven that the skeleton found in the woods in tlie fall of
1908, and alleged to be all that remained of Joseph Ryan was so In
fact. n '
It wasjn the fall of 1907 that, Ryan
disappeared, but the skeleton was not
found until a year after.,
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FORT WILLIAM, Aug.- 17—Awed
by the display of armed' force, the
striking Canadian Pacific handlers' of
freight are in* a peaceful mood today
and the situation in the coal docks appears to be under control. A row of
steel keeps back the curious ones, although the strikers are lined up on
the, .streets occupied by troopsj they
are quiet..  ,. .'
All parts of the Canadian Pacific
shop are now guarded by the, militia.
The local regiment, which was'. on
duty since 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon' has been augmented by a*. detachment of the' R, C. M. R. "which
arrived early this morning.
point of  commencement,  making:    UIO
acres more or less.
Localed this 14th duy of July, 19094
I    '      JOHN SOKKIE, Locator.
NOTICK is hereby given  that thirty
(30) days after date l*intend to apply
to tlie   Hon.  Chief  ,Commissioner   ot
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for coal and pctroloum on the following- described lands situate ln South-
Bast Kootena>% British Columbia: Block
4593, commencing at a post plantjd nt
or near 1 milo east of 25 mile'post of
tlie present-C.  P. It.  survey line, and
being the south west corner of P.  A.
Farquharson claim,
thence running east 80 chains;
thence running north SO chains;  *
thence running west 80 chains
thence running south SO chains to the
point  of  commencement,  making    640
acres more or less.   .
I.oeated this 12th Cttiy of July, 1909.
NAT BABCOCK, Agent.   ,
- P. A. PAHQUHAHSON, Locator
"'    ;• NOTICE
The public are hereby notified not
to pay any monies, cash/ checks, r :•
-tii«i.a*.»-..Oi-anj\,ii*j-0ii-0ur~c*(;i:uiuiL" t-\-
cept to a regular chartered ban)-:.
Vancouver Scale and Butcher* Supply Company, Stimpson Computing
Scale Co... 21.-3t
4S.93 commencing at u post planted at
or near 1 mile east of,22 mile post of
the present C. P. It. surveyed line and
being the south west corner of P..A.
Farquharson claim;
thence running east SO chains;
thenco running norlh 80 chains;
thence running wes'. 80 chains'
thence running south SO chains to the
point  of  commencement,   making    640
acres more or less.
-  Located this 9th'day of July,"l909.
'    P. A. FARQUHARSON,"Locator
Witness: J. Raven.
the ■
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty
(30).days after date 3 Intend to apply
to tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of
~,ands and Works for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on tho following described lands situato In •Smith.
.Sast Kootonay, British Columbia: Bloek
1593 commoncing at'a post plan ("A .it
or near 3 milos east of 29 .milo post of
tho present C. P. R, surveyed lino and
being tho north wost corner df John
Sorkle claim,
Thence running south 80 chains;
thonco running east 80 chains;
thence running north 80 chnlns;
thenco running west SO chains to tho
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date ] intend to apply
to tho Hon. Chief - Commissioner -of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands situate in South-
4593 commencing' at a post planted .it
or near l.mtle east of 25 mile post of
the present C. P. R. surveyed line, and
being'the north-west corner of A. S;'
Farquharson claim; ,
thence running east SO chains;
thence, running south 80 chains   '■
thence running west 80,chains   '
thence running north 80 chains to tho
point of  commencement,  making    Gin
acres more or loss.
Located this 12tli day "of July 1909.
NOTICB is hereby given  that thirty
(30) days after date 1 Intend to apply
to, the    Hon.  Chief   Commissioner   of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands situate ln South-
Kast Kootenay, British Columbln*. Block
4593 commencing at n post planted at
or near 3 miles east 29 mile post' of the
present C. p. R. surveyed line, and being the south west corner of Nat Bab--1
cock's claim;    .<•*•'
thence running north SO chains; '
thence running east 80 chains;
thence running south '80 chains   " ' '
thence running west 80 chains to tho
point  of. commencement,  making ,  649
Located this 12th day of July 1909..
NAT BABCOCK. Locator.  '
NOTICIS Is horoby glvon that thirty
(30) days-aftor dato I intend to apply
to tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on tlie following duscrlbod lands situato In South*
I3nst Kootenay, British Columbia: Block
NOTICE is hereby given thai thirty
(30) days after dato I intend, to apply
to the Hon J Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works ,for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on tho following described lands situate In South-
East Kootenay, British Columbia: lllock
1593 commonclng at a post planted it
or near the 25 mile post of tho present
C. P. R. survey line and ' Delng the
south west corner of A. S. Farquharson claim;
thance running east 80 chains;
thence running north 80 chains;
thenco running was*. 80 chains
' thonco running south 80 chains to the
point of commencement, making    640
acres moro or Iohh, *'
Locatod this 12th day of July, 1909.
A. 8, FARQUHARSON, Locator.
Witness'. J. Raven,
IS 1 L iSJ ri3
a eootc or       -f
TtUST THB THitafS . ]
"In Fobruary our daughtor hud  »>'
•/hooping cough. Mr Uno of H«rtl-*.nu
ocommended   Clmmbfrlaln'i   Conih
tomedy and mid It nave bit ooitom*
rt tbo boat or satlifaction.      We
•"-und lt m bo tn)(\. ttnd run wooim
nd It to tnyono Imvtng chll'* (.1 trnm
l«d wltb tohoopifu-f cough." jtyn Mr*
\. Com of Durand, Mich,   For Mio b)
all drurglit-**. ,
F*™*«.t.r, 1909. it IHE NEW V0KK DliHiKH lELUMW WW YORK HEM1.!* COX   *« »«W» F««*wd.
ntlE/lS£0 JAKUAB? A. -.(i.,,l>4—Z"1'A": —'   "W.L'aJ' T-*'*ST|. .VI    '   > -'—r
'.--. :„ " i'l-a     *5. -^-',vr- .-a,.4*   *ai  *,.   .,',-'
,- .   •      .   I"     ta*      .-   ".     f I,       >a-   -   4, k. -aa
f^a 4 ^       •-   .~,-a -U        - ai   _      I n r.      -'
'5^'      * ",     ^    ^T"
', ' '-''". "«," ;,   J,   "-
I" p   *   .
;\-*< ';•; :Jy^r
a,     M ,*-*■ , ->■     V *. *-      Z-
■ ■mi     i  ■*—*«•***—■**—*»*i   ■! iiii»»*»»********«.r»**i I.II ^    mi*.. ihwiiiib ,■■■ *****M**^M****^*«*M*»*--****MWM*^^  i     !■   I   —»—•-»WW II" ■****■- --.: *avi   ,.    ^J , 1 ]
a '.*.      i
u.V-;?-7.w*>4|a^i     *-v
^,t-j-a.    >7",*f;ijf'   ,*   -'-
'■»   .   "   ."JV'a      rta.-r.-i,'?-   -    .   „
* -^a   -t       aV-TJ-a *:-J'    >'  J "jVr*-      ;.-*&'>**'A&ito V . Vvt-Vfa*     -    -   **V-""-K" V* to*    \ »..   f'. ...rV      „     ,   '»   k* .      M  a, a-    „ ';<*>*     . OBi
•',-*.       a4-J.-V
" aj'-.-f"*)/
•   '. -     •'. ,**J
-..?-   **.  i    a*?.
» ""    .       4,     **** J     I*- * . * .     I    a It* "'
l-i,,,;'     •*:■,.        -      ,-'       a,   a",.,       - -,"        -     "a*.
I *?.* ,*4*; U )?'*■,-■• „.w~«•-■.' -W-*;; - -.4.r i
I V,* lki.'^H-.'-T."   -''.-a   '•--     "    ,1      '1 r-a       .     1
17,%-|H^4%-t  **f*.•*-*%•, y
■J-.*.nBB?7*.i*.l,:*t-1 .s,* *'.- r   * ' r**-
I     "*      I'-^B'a        ' ,l,lj.' '        ,    * >IS.» 	
r.<4  ,„,.   ^^H   '.4l*  ..'a    a. v>       .afc-4, .       I.. 1<,   * ^   ', *Hf^J«    a     ^-*,':
[^■•■i*,-?■*•*:} 7, • ;'^v,-;,*^7S»: ■?,
|.i77'^H7'/'-•.*-    /J"*yy   v*   .i ' ^B[f7'-
1" »!*HB7"'. /'.y,-r^~,"■" -*>,.- , *aBi>;-
|-**>'77-./7,- '.C"'-,v" •-„-<-* ^,
'B^* 7:
vv^.:t^'.v;;^''---:; :^<;.:v-a--^v V'-sv^s"'*'%:;;-*;-»: ^73,v *?.;■*•'^ry^ 7™,v.C/'J
'*..v-r' ,A^a*j7*,y»-' *'^7i7>i7' ij/*ry--yy~y'.t .-:7-!-7'   V   "-'-'-»'7',    '7*4     >•&*'. ',**..<!■■
-■■■■■■■■^■^■■■■■■■■■.^ yBf.   - ■
-.t>. *,,, x*
Byf;    --
iV ^.it
"  'A-   <•   I
■y- ** -<■
»- '.."
'.y .
Dry Goods
Boots & Shoes
'Wi*      ' l
M    -;'
- *a *- V
t- i
',   -**   7 ''!
.)'.->       '       '   $
^    ,lf»-
. •      '?    ft       '     *•?.    '
l-S     4'
V    J
v-'V,' i
c   *.
ff.    t'.a 5      4H    a
House Furnishings
aJ •', '
•   '
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•i *? ■
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To make moving into pur new premises easy we Have priced every article', in. afiove departments to makea-^quick^clearance
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Dry   Goods
$30.00 Ladies' Suits, Sale Price V.7 '...."...'. .'.'ii"... '.$21.00
.   $6.00 Ladies' Skirts, SalfjPrice ^/.y.-li./y ,......'$4.50
y   $2.00 Ladies' Black Sateen Underskirts, Sale Price. *..'.'.\i. .\ .$1.50
'25c, Ladies'Black and Tan Cotton Hose, Sale Price 3 pair for'.. .50c
*s. 35c Ladies' Black and Tan Cotton Hose, Sale Price, pair 25c
" 25c Ladies' White Cotton Vests, Sale1 Price ......."...../.. 3,for 50c
15c White Lawns, Sale price per yard  10c
15c White Dotted Muslins, Sale Price per yard ........'......'. 10c
, 15c Fast Color Ginghams, Sale Price per yard 10c
,    15c Handsome Patterns Cretonne, Sale Price* per yard .., 10c
$10.00 Meri/s Suits, Sale Price *... ... ..7". \....'.'.. .".$7.507,
$15.00 Men's Suits, Sale Price"..;-. v. ,'l.../..;..;..,:.-.. .7 :. $11.50 • y * *-*  ".,'
„,$20.00 Men's Suits, Sale Priee. ..". ,.'.*\\........-...7:1.....$15.50. ''-■*•■'    *   ,
50c Men's Workiiig Shirt's, Sale Price,;,'V.!:.'.-.''.-. i— .. .3,for $1.00 >     /-• ,7'*.
75c"Men's Working Shirts, Sale Price:. .-..-. .*..... 50c  .      *. ;
, $1.00 Men's Working "Shirts, Sale' Price '....; 1.....'.'..;. .-..^ 65c [[
25c Men's Wool Socks, Sale price 3 pair for ,....'.,. .7  50c **
25c Men's Black arid Tan Cotton Hose, 'Sale Price(13 pair for .«.. ? 50c    ,
35c Men's Heavy and Pine Suspenders, Sale Price ». -25c     , *
50c Men's Balbriggan ,Uriderwear, Sale Price '..f..'.;./. .."., h .., .* ,35c"     *    *
'*•;     i
•■ i-    '
Boots  and   Shoes
$3,00 Mon'a Nailed Working Shoos, Salo Prico  $2,35
- $3.00 Men's Fino Shoos, Sale Prico ... ,.. $2.35
$4.50 Men's Fine Shoes, Bale Price .* $3.50
$6.00 Men's Fine Shoos, Sale Prioo ., $4,75
$3.00 Ladies' Fino Shoes, Salo Prioo  .$2.35
■ $3.75 Ladies' Fino Shoes, Salo Prioo ...... $2.05
$3.00 Ladies' Strap Slippers, salo prioo $2.25    '
$1,50 Ladies' House Slippers, Sale Price $1.15
""  *ON'..--'
House   Furnishings
;    • ..• '" .     « - *
$1.00 2 yard -wido Linoleum,, Sale Prioo per yard .............. 75c
75c Tapestry Carpet, Sale Price per yard .'.:.,' 60o
$1,25 Brussels Carpet, Salo Prioo per,, yard  95c
$2.75 Groy Blankets, Salo Prico por pair .,,,,,, $2.25
$1.50 Whito Bod Spreads, Sale Price each $1.10
$1.00 8-4 Ready Made Shoots, Sale Prioo eaoh 80c
25o 40 in. Pillow Cases, Salo Prioo, each 20c
$2.00 8x10 whito tabic cloths,'Salo Prico eaoh ,  .$1.50
$2.00 5-8 Whito Tablo Napkins, Salo Prlco per dozon ,  $1.60
I 3
You are cordially invited to inspect goods and compare prices
->•   rraam!.
•g|-|£ —
ll      J r    if


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