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The District Ledger 1909-05-29

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 *.-* a     *   ,
.' .**£ -
, Industrial Unity is Strength
Tlie, Official Orfft^o^Distrtet Kb. 18, U. PI. "W. of Ai
a*. j *.     •    _ - ■ 5 ■      ' -> '''. •* - -v
Political Unity is Victory
avbi* iv. - Nor, *^S>i (
FERNIE,   B.C.,   May 29th, 1909
$!.OOa Yeas**
, An Enthusiastic Meeting
';     Held--A Good Days
' July 1st-.will- be- right royally celebrated" here, according to the plans
outlined by the Fernie Athletic Asso
ciatlon. Good prizes will'be offered
for all kinds'of sports including horse
'racing, foot races, .football, baseball,
iacroBBe,.h-a8e reel racing, quoits, etc.
■The-following committees were ap
pointed. Finance: Mayor Herchmer
| Messrs ^-Manson,, Lawrle, Trenholme,
,T. 'Whelan.- '\ ''■,-' ''''/"-.' . *">'.
:   Sports:   Con..'Wheian. ;■ P.  Huehes,
,W; S.- Stanley.-   **    '•-'     " •**■ 	
The'  finance .committee will issue
tags and'all- citizens retjue'sted
to purchase and wear a tag, which will
be evidence that"theynave paid to see
■the sports. ,->This.suggestion was adapted, on  account  of the  fact  that
there, wasi no'fence and entry gate at
'which admission    could be charged.
,The committees are. already at work
^and no pains or money will be spared
to make the first of July "a gala day
for our city.     All desiring to enter
for any. of the events should apply .to
. .any of the sports,committee;, A meeting of the Athletic association
Le>d next Tuesday, afternoon at 4 p.
-m.  in the city .offices..and members
■of- the lacrosse club, the curling club,
.- avtl any, other clubs, not now affiliat-
;ed, are cordially invited to attend.and
'help the association by their.numbers.
:The 'association'-^haS; ..taken' over   the
football grounds.and has the-control
of them'from now'on!." The-asspclat-'
Ion' decided at their meeting'on Tuesday ,to donate '"$75 .to .the' Fernie' Hose
F>rt**il_ fnnm _Tr/\_*i-\Il***-V**V*i'a OCk_Q ^rOplnf2 VJA&m
VVtt^-tVUUl'^tV-put"u"WMV'-H'-»"v.«.*-j—_■"■ *-D-
'onVfor.the •iport^'ion the-first, and it
is hoped .'that the boys will bear" Jhis
lh mind and make,a good,showing.}■
.        "    -    rt. I    .    **»l        .,    .
H.Douglas of the C. P.. R. freight
staff,, has a petition for. a charter for'
- a chapter of the I. C. S. fraternity.
All 1. C.'S/- students who have not
signed are invited' to call in and do
so. ■ ' ■ , v     '   '   . ;
"Progr.esslve Fernie",.will, be Issued
on or about August lst.It will contain
over 100 "pages of profusely illustrated
' information about public life ln this
thriving city.-Advance orders ,should
be placed at onco. Price within reach
of all, BOc, Apply Lodger.Office. '-,
Suddaby carries a stock of , sheet-
music for pianos. ,'[
' Mr. Russell and family left Tuesday
evening for Cranbrook. - v
.James E,, Dougherty,.,representing
the Soo lines *was in the'city on Tuesday.    .     . .'..,']
Prepare* for the-first .of July, and
makeslt a record sporting event for our
city.   ,        '-"'*.,•
*-„ There is* no use talking —the spot to
buy furniture is at the -Trites-Wood
Co. '-.,..
J.' D. Quail was away on business
last week and returned .on Wednesday.. ,        -
M. A. Kastner sold several lots last
week for,business and residential purposes. , '        -  .  ,'.   ;  ; ■   ■ •
How is your watch today?. Everybody, says Wright the jeweler must
fix'my-watch. ••-"-'"V-,'■■'-/ ;r„
7'Mayor Herchmer was the host at'a
small1 but select ball at.his beautiful
home*last Monday -.evening.;
It is your own fault if you.have flies
,when.'you can buy, a'„ screen,,'door for
$1.30 at, the. Trites-Wood" Co	
Mrs...Randell, who'has been visiting
Dr. and Mrs.. Bonnell for a short
time', left on Tuesday -evening's Flyer.    :     '       '/ '"'  ,      .'     \ ,■''/.,.       ■"    ,
Mi*. Chudleigh, superintendent of
the C. P.'R. passed through the city
on Wednesday morning in-his private
car..'.''" ,
Now is the time to stock up with
cigars, and tobacco; ?1 worth for 90c.
at the Fair during the big removal
sale." ■ ' ;-'\,
Regina, has about as much success
in turning out lacrosse teams as *t
has, In - turning out insurance ' companies   '    "j,
June'9th will "be "a civic holiday"and
general, clean up, day. The, board of
trade are,going to supply teams and
all - citizens should turn out and help
clean up.    n , - ,■.,'-
Mrs.   Walter Campbell and family
left.,'on .Monday.,evening',for an   extended Visit to Toronto "and other eastern poijjtf*;-'.,ii,y,/r.^. ,     V ■",',
"''Owing'.'to'a bre'tUcdown- of the'hoist
WINNIPEG, May 25—This morning
tlio crown served an order on Lewis
James' "attorney , demanding ' James'
prosonco in court May 27th to tell all
ho knows about the murdor of his wlfo
on Dominion St., April 22nd. It Is
thought his examination will throw
light on the tragedy and result,ln the
arrost of tho,guilty party.   ,
MINERS* .   ',   ,   ,
Koop away from Nicola as
thore ar'o too many mon thoro
now, and tho market la overcrowded.
MONTREAL', May 24--Accord!ng to
tho offlciil.-; of tho Dominion Textllo
company tho striko of tho cotton work
,ora of Mngog Is nearly ondod.' It was
Btotod today that moro than two thirds
of tho striken) had returned to work
uncontdltlonal.y and It was expected
(hat within lho noH forty eight hours1
tho mills would be running In full
swing. The board of 'conciliation
concluded Its hearings on Saturday.
Jiitlgo Forlln decided to semi hit- report to the minister of, public labor
boforo mnklns* It publio,   „
■*•**■ »
TORONTO, May 25—An advance of
,from 20 to 2R por cont In tho prlco of
'loathor In Canada goos Into offoct Immediately.
The rise Is rendered lmporutlvo by
the heavy rluo In the price of groon
hides, wiucfi tiitim orou*,.. at/out
ll) al',* 6a.iiV.Jij', IU Ull) vl tu-nliii-u I'Xl
tie being much lower than In provlous
yenr*. Tannera have been forced to
put up tho prlco of loathor.
±_1     i.*CV**     W*      VmU     ■**-**• ^   *«■      '-WV     a*** fc**J       Wt*     >*>-**   W    .
United Slates, wh.cb ii competed of
70,000 of tlie world's bost fighters,, It
require! tbo following amount of food;
-876,000; pounds of beef; 875,000 pounds
of corn meal; 787,600 pound of pick*
led flh; S2M00 pounds of bacon; 700,*
000 pouudt of canned meat; 600,000
pounds of potatoes: 105.00*0 pounds of
bean***; HO.OW, pounds of eufar; , 70>
000 pounds of coffee;;70,000 pound» of
onions and 70.0W) pound* of drlftd
at No. .5. mine,the district,known as
19 or the-, 1st t'lncline haji :,to J return
homeion Tuesday)*.   »,',-". v'r.   ^"'.-'7
-     -    .   '     a     . -.,.,-'   .1    -     -      ■'•   I      ■    •       '
. The .hart£ndei;B"-o*a!,.theL-.cit"y-.iiave7.'or--;
ganized, and now unless you see .the
union button arid sign go to the next
'bar for "your'drinks'.'.
- *
The Trades and Labor council .will
meet on Monday, night at, 7.45 sharp.
All delegates are requested to be present'.' Important business.   *•-.',,
J. R. Pollock-had the misfortune to
try and do some work-on the 24th,. and
Is now laid up with a severe sprained
knee. , We hope to .see him around
soon. .   ;■,
The regular .monthly .meeting of the
Methodist church ladles aid will be
held at the home of Mrs. Brown on
Friday afternoon May. tho 4th at 3^30
p.m.  - -.
Drop In at the Fair and' treat yourself or someone else to >a pound, of
those delicious chocolate creams usually sold at 50c per pound. 40c whilo
removal sola lasts. ' '
A false fire alarm was rung In on
Monday evening.' Tho boys with-the
now chemical engine responded ,in flno
stylo, being ready for action ln ' 45
seconds.  -  - ■#
"Dad" Ross took a run down to Pincher Crook on Wednesday's local, It
Ih reported that Dad intends buying
a trotting horso that would ,bont any
in the country. •*•*
, Think of lt—a ball boarlng,sowing
machine with an automatic life guaranteed for ten yonrs, only $31.60 cash
at tho Trites*Wood Co. Why It's only
$3.15 a year.
Tho mines, woro idle from' 11 p.m.
Friday .night until 11 p.m. Monday
night. A great number of tho minors took advantngo of tbo flno woathor
oxi)**i loncod on Monday to visit thu
sports at Mlchol.
Is It worth your while to savo from
$S to $107 That is what happens, to
overy porson who buys a McClary
Rnnge nt tho Tr!tcs*Wood Co. It hot
only costs loss but you got a lioavlor
and fur superior nrtlelo to anything
on tho market.
Mothodlst church ladles aid. Tho
monthly ton will bo hold at tho homo
of Mrs. Hall, Codar Valloy on Tuesday
Juno 1st, afternoon at 3 p.m. and ov*
enlng at 8 p.m. Mrs. Hnll will be as*
(•Ifftnrl bv Mrs. F. Wnvle****. A honrfV
welcome to all.
Numerous Owls nrn of tho opinion
that tho Coal Creek and Fernie nests
should hold a mooting and figure out
•what In to bo dono with tho funds,
ii'lite-lt ere In the bttritt nt nren»»**it. An
this, Is a question which. Interests
all Owls It (i hoped that (hey wIR
agitato tbo matter.
Mr. Neil Keely. who Is well known
in tho city, arrlvod Saturday evening;
and spent the time from tht-n until
Tuesday renewing old acquaintances.
His brother Doctor Keeley accompanied him, They Intend locaUn-*- In
Prince Rupert although they would ra*
tlw «Uy In Ferule. Jad*-*.*-.-*, from their
own words.
erators Block;Free Hand for the
i *•     '        *~ *
1 * /"
Conciliation Board—Result
Now Very Doubtful
Various reports have appeared in B.C. papers ol' recent dates as to the miners having gone bach
to work, but as in other cases they have proved,premature and unreliable.     The conference at Mac-.
leod', has at, least p,lace"d before the public inno uncertain manner the fact that the operators are determined to have their way or no way.     The success of arbitration proceedings under, such conditions is indeed problematical.      , _   •   , ; \  -.
- -The issues between the contending parties in.-the strike situation seem to be resolving themselves
into ones of law.' It is seriously contended by the'mine operators,that-an agreement such as exists
with the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company is what is known as a. closed shop one, whereas on the other
hand it is, as seriously contended by counsel for'the mine workers that it is, not one. There being
s this question raised, the mine workers through their counsel-offer to leave the interpretation of the
■ agreement to his honor judge Carpener or to any other judge out of the province of Alberta that the
operators might select.   , This of fer was turned down.'
Before adjourning on Saturday the Board submitted the following recommendaions:
"We recommend the resumption of. operations under the terms and .conditions prevailing at the
several mines prior to the lst of April 1909. .
1 "In the meantime the board will, forthwith compile a general agreement based on .the old
agreements, covering all the mines,.and will adjust, all differences at present outstanding between the
parties,- particulars of which should .'be! filed .up; to noon on "Wednesday the'2th of May. ,. <
, , , "We recommend that the decesion ,of the Board shall be final and abiding on both parties for a
period to be decided by the Board, the same not to exceed a, term .'of three years from the First of
April, 1909.?' ,      " ,        "   :       -      ■  . '.  '
-Tt will be seen that that recommendation was intended to-.afford, the resumption of operations upon the terms of the previously existing agreements, and that the person to whom the interim
agreement was referred had no, right to depart from the principles of'^such prior agreements. The
mine workers, acting upon.the principle involved in the-Board's.memorandum submitted the following agreement. '"* '--"        ■ '
"Whereas disputes have arisen between th'e operative parties hereto concerning an agreement to
be entered into between them, and the sa/d disputes are now under investigation by a board" of conciliation appointed under' the Industrial Disputes Investigation Act 1907;
Local News
for musical instruments
of all. kinds.
Johnny Behind the* Deuce has been
seriously ill this week.
T. Biggs went to Maeleod Thursday
evening to attend a board meeting.
Mrs. Gammage, postmistress from
Michel, paid a visit to this clty^-- oh
Messrs. David Watt and **Samuel
Borland.returned Friday morning after an extended visit to England.
Mrs. "Paddy" Hughes and children
returned to the city on Friday morning from an extended visit to relatives
in England.
L. P. .Eckstein returned from Maeleod on Thursday. He was there as
counsel for district 18 at the Conciliation board,'
Thomas Cameron and Robt. W.
Bailey were arrested by Chief Burroughs oq Thursday afternoon for being drunk and disorderly.
• Constable Gorman arrested Mrs:
Rose Dragon for using obscene language toward Mrs, Rose Wallace. Both
women were bound over to keep'the
peace.  '_
Mayor Herchmer is going to give a
prize of $25 on the 14th of September
to the citizen having the best garden.
This applies to the burned out sections only. . - -i
, Coming • attractions at the Opera
House: San(Francisco Opera Co.; the
Boston Grand Opera Co., . The Runaways,' The Message from Mars, Black
Patti's Troubadours.
Chief, Burroughs arrested Michael
Kousack for assault on Jacob Porak.
Michael was given one month's imprisonment with hard labor and the
woman In the case was ordered to
leave town.
- Here's an Interesting item of news:
The Misses Euler have'placed on sale
a group of special dress and pattern
hats at a discount of 25 per cent. Come
early and get first choice of these
lovely hats.'
, There will be a football game between Coleman and Fernie tonight.
Kick off at 6.15' sharp. All players
are requested-to be at Spalding's studio so that they can be photographed
in their.'new uniforms—blue and white
- The annual ball of the Ladies Benevolent society will be held on Friday
June *llth in Bruce's Hall. " It is to
be hoped' that this function will be liberally ■ patronized as the'-work done
by the ladies'is'*-of a most commendable character.   "".     ' -*,; " ,
Laying  of Corner
Witnessed By-
Large Crowd
said board or an agreement made in rei-ipect to°such findings, that work under, the said respective companies should be resumed, said work to be carried out upon the basis of an agreement heretofore in existence'between the -respective VartiesXtliatl-iai tq;say,,that without jyrejudice to either parly -
to this agreement, tlie agreement existing prior to the first day   of April shall, govern the .interim,,
\wbrk.        '■ ' °
'fit is a term of^thismemorandum'that nothing herein cpntnined shall prejudice tht\ right of
either party to'contend-as they may see fit for "an agreement differing in'terms from that 'hereinbefore referred to. ,
"It is'further agreed that the ,said Board shall have "power to frame the terirus upon which* the '
respective pilrties shairfor'a^'periodof years from thc first day.of April work, it being the'intent
of both parties to leave it to the entire discretion of th'e board as to what the terms of the new agree
men shall be.. • •_    -
"That this is only an agreement drawn up oii a line of suggestion from the board itself. "
A perusal of this'document will sufficiently establish the fact that the mine,workers are willing
to leave' every thing "carte, blanche "fo the decision of the board..      ,''■,■'
The operators, oii tho   other hand, offer   an agreement* which made it binding upon the hoim.
• to find certain things along the line of their contention.     The .mine workers filed .• their   proposed .
agreement with the board but the operators have not filed theirs'. ,  •
It seems at the present timo plain that the board will not be able to reach,a decision unless they
<     | * * l*        -1, al        ■
adopt the conditions insisted upon by the operators. .     .
Tho mine workers, on tlio.othor hand, have given -the board power.,-to frame an.atf^ieintnt in ils
ontiroty. If tho operators will, as tlio mino workers already have done,'leave the entire matter in
the honds'of the board, there"will btJ a settlement; otherwise it is difficult to say what the outcon.o
will be. ,
Tho board allowed Mr. Stockctt,n objection that Counsel should not bo heard, though tho mino
'workers hnve submitted'that'the operators should havo counsel, feeling that if thoy do tho respective
lawyers will bo able to satisfy all doubts as totho interpretation of tho -respective   proposed   agreements,
The entire questipn seems to ho that the Canadian .Pacific Railway is bound to break up tho Mine
Workers organization in this district. Evon should ievery man return to work they would still fail
injthcir object.   '
President.S.tockctt seems to loom largo in the deliberations as tho dictator for the Operators.
Just why they should place such responsibility in business capacity of the said Stockett is indeed
a mystery.   ■ Generally a miin choson for such work is a man of marked ability and foresight.
In the presence of a large number
of people the foundation stone of   the
new  Methodist church was laid    on
Monday.   The stone was to have been .
laid by the Rev. George Dean of   Victoria, but owing to his unavoidable absence the ceremony was performed by
Mrs. Lashley Hall.     On the platform
were the pastor, together with the Rev.
I. W. Williamson, Major Adby, S. A.
the,local captain of the Salvation army and the choir and members of the
church.      Letters   of apology ■ were'
read from the Rev. Hugh Grant and
also from the Rev.. Mr.  Wilkinson.
After a few words by the pastor, Mrs.
Hall was called* upon to lay the stone
which was done in a'creditable manner.     Mrs. Hall In a'few words dedicated the church to the service    of
God.     A. tin box was enclosed in the
stone which,contained two copies of
different dates of the Ledger
copy" of the Free Press, also photos ,of •
the church and parsonage before   the>
fire, of the tent where services were
held after the fire, and also of the
present    building where services are 4
being held, together with the" names of
the members and several other dpcu-,
ments.-     This was sealed down, 'and
after a short prayer.the.audience adjourned to the- church.    During - the
service there, was an interruption by
the ringing of the fire bell,, and the
brigade turned out near to where the
people were standing as it was feared
that' a building "near the church was
In the Bapitst- church... on Sunday
morning Pastor Williamson will speak
on the'"Second'Coming of Christ;" iri
the evening the subject will be "The
best Investment of Life." The special
tousle on Sunday- night-will be..a duet
and'choir chorus' and a double male
quartette.. After the sermon the ordinance of baptism will be' administered.. Next Monday night in the church
Mr. Williamson will organize the
Young People's' Society at 8 o'clock.
All interested are requested to be
Three Indians dh broncnos in the
real dime, hovel style arrived ln the
city on Tiiesday from Tobacco Plains.'
Tho tire chief, who speaks the Indian
language fluently, was one of the chief
factors In conversation. According
to him the three old time scalp hunters are trying to get rid of their horses
for tho filthy lucre.
Tho Mothodlst. young people took advantage of tho flno day on Monday to
visit: Elko, A large number went and
all expressed thomsolvos as having
spent an enjoyable day. Tho Army
chlldron together with a largo number of .adtiltB, wont on Mount Fornio
and troops of chlldron roturned with
their hands full of flowors. -
A :ather serious accident took place
at No. 2 mlno Tuesduy. Leon .lulller
a French minor, omployod In tho district known as tho Doops, wlillo following his occupation had four ribs bro-
Icon on tho left sldo as tlio result of
a fflll of rock from tlio roof, Ho was
tnken to thu hospital nnd his condlt
Ion Is given nB somewhat serious,
on~"fiFe7T*fuF~fortunately-tfils was nof"
so.     It appears that the chimney was
on fire, but the brigade was not needed.     "-•
Rev. Wi L. Hall left for the east on
Thursday night." "' He~Thteiicls"to 'bo
away,-for two or three weeks, r He is'
going on business in connection with
the new church. " '•■
Mrs. J. R. Lawry will be at home
on Friday, June 4th, and afterwards,
on the first Friday In each month.
The Royal and Central plo'oators
will meet on Monday evening to decide
who is the champion baseball   team.
F. X. Holl, representing the I, C.
S., who has been ln the city lately, left
this week for Frank, and oilier parts
on business.
What would bo nlcor to send East
to friends tlmn a copy of "Progressive
Fernie," Splendidly Illustrated, over
100 pages and only 50 cents. ?Order
now at Lodger—-ready August 1st.    *
Tho C, N. P, C, Co. want
about 100 good miners (not
day mon) for Michel, Tho
company want tho host mon
thoy' can got, nnd any Idle
men In tho district wlio can
fill thn bill Hhould apply lo
tho Michel superintendent at
VANCOUVER, May 25- Tho first
day's auction of Prlnco Rupert (own*
slto lots was a grent succors, thn to*
tnl value bolng nearly halt a million
dollaro. Two thousand pcoplo*,attond>
od tho salo and bidding wns lioou from
tlio start, tn no case was proporty
withdrawn because of failure to roach
tho roiorvo price and In many en bos
trio pricua wum tar uupvo winii wuh
anticipated. This was especially tho
caselnthctuslrjCi** piroptrty whtn. thc
choicest cornor brought 110,500. Buy-
em from Austria, Alaska. United
tttutt'S nnd 'W.iin)pt*g ncctirw, jitcijifciiy,
though the bulk of thb buyers were
from Vancouver.
No unnecessary talking wa* required to bring bids, tho value or tho property appealing directly to tho buyers
who ttnow arnctl)' whnt thay wern
The Lady—Dut I do not know you,
The Beau—Well, I'm laklng aa much
chanced aa you art*,
From tho very Inception of
"ProgroHHlvo K-irnln," tho ro
apoimo met with from ndver*
tlHors Iiiih been moat uncour*
Ing, and alm-dy a goodly
number of our Iniwlnom* mon
havo Hlnnod contracts for tho
Bocurlng of t-ptiro In this num*
Imr. Alllioiigli tlio book Is not
duo to npponr for wtvorol
months   yot, ndvnnco   orders
bnvo profcronff' In f.t.lrip
Half n do/.f'n photo postcards cost you 50c, tho prlco
of TrograsBlvo Fornio/ which
will contain many tlmcn that
n**.iv*>»'<r*  fif  «r»1nr»t     vl'ttifn     thi*
♦ i Spalding tho photographer. A
copy sent to friends In tho
oast will doHirlbo Fornio flro
and tho progress of tho year
bettor than It could ho dono
In any othor way, and It will
bo profusely illustrated. All
those receiving notico to call
on Spalding should act at
Towards llio end ot Inst yenr, oli-
«lructlon on the railway trticlt In tlu
•lifipn of Ii.-*ko rn'hr ami otha/ imitiTlMt
WIU  (IUcOVOIr-,1 It   WUh   tiliy-JIlt   llilllllt
thnt tlinuo hnd he en wilfully nnd ivir-
t'oioly placod thorn nml nlthoiiKli n
stinrp look out wun kcpl no ono wan
clotot't.xl, A itlrnlliir nntrniru linn now
lo l»i I'f.'imrti'il. f.'oiiHtnliln Vnrlnw and
MnffUtrato riooth word walUlnir'down
thr.  trnftr  i,!*fl*-11**  ifli-r tr«   nn   \tt\n,Vr,„
nlftltt. Thoy rnino arruMi tlm olmtruc*
(.Ion ac twu i>!.u:>:« nut timt'iiii iiomj
cacIi other whlrli In Jtwt If kIimvi. dotor*
mltifttlon. Home nf tlio rock* wore
very lit-nvy, nnd mum lmvo ontnlled no
IIkIiI work in ii lite lint them. Thu track
wiih el en nil Ju-u In tlu'o to nllow the*
'.*,,    ... i....    a'.,   y.1..,.     ...   ~4.a'   . 4  . kC    'J<aaa.a-4
he lnt#re»tln«( lo know for wure whe-
thf.r (h«r«/b# nny connection botween
thn nutrnge ami the nfrnlr on tho trnln
tho provlou* nlHht or whether It    In
merely a colnclrtenm.   .\n nltompt wan
nlno made to  hrenk tnto tho powder
mtfntlne durlniv tin* end of th* week.
On th* fiw« of U tt'.n liv.u t!i<i work
of iitme crnxy peruon or flon-1.     K any |
nn« In lho cnrnji hnt- min'.lcloni nf nny'
per»on«  tt   In   ilitlr 'luty  to  at  one* \
eommtinfeat* tho ■*»mo to the proper
nuthorttlf*.     All ouch communication*'
will I* roca-lv-M. with the ilr.cte-H eon- j
fiat«ne«. , 1
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/1TTD     C/lf*T A T TCT1     DA/
"< E*
Conducted under the direction of "Proletarian"        7   .           .
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* -.    , ,   -
i. ——___
By G. Bernard Shaw
* * * I now ask you to pick up the
dropped subject of the spread of cultivation .
We had got so far as the apj-jearance
In the market of a new commodity—of
the proletarian man compelled to live
by the sale of himself! In order to
realize at once the latent horror of this
you have to apply our investigation of
value; with its inevitable law that only
by restricting the supply of a commodity co,n Its value be kept from descending to zero. - The commodity which
the proletarian sells is one over the
production of which he lias practically no control. He Is himself driven
to produce It by an inestible'impulse.
It was the Increase of population.that
spread cultivation and civilization
■ from the centre to the snowline, and
at last forced men to sell themselves
to the lords of the soil; it is the
same force that continues to multiply
man so that their exchange (value)
falls slowly and surely until it disappears altogether—until even ' black
chattel slaves are released as not
worth keeping in a land where men
' of all colors are to be had for noth-
.  .ing.
This is the condition of the workers today: They are no longer even
dirt cheap; they are valueless and
can be had for nothing. The proof is
the existence of, the unemployed, who
-   can find no purchasers.
By the law of indifference, nobody
will buy men at a price when he can
obtain equally, serviceable men for
What, then, is the explanation   of
the wages given to those who are in
employment,, and  who  certainly    do
not work for nothing.,
The  matter  is  deplorably  simple.
'* Suppose  that, horses     multiplied   in.
such numbers that they were to   be
had for the asking," like kittens condemned to the bucket.      You would
"    rfs*nirim?eT^f^a'1yourho"fs"e=feed-him"
and lodge him well if you used him
as a smart hunter—feed him and lodge
him wretchedly If. you used mm only
as a drudge.
But the cost of keeping would not
„■ mean that the horse had an exchange
value..    If you got him for(nothing in
the first place—if no one would give
anything for him when you were done
with him, he would be worth nothing
'   In spite of the cost of his keep.
That is just the case of every member of the proletariat who could be
rephiced by one of the unemployed to-
, day. ' ■        „
Their wage Is not the price of themselves; for they are worth nothing;
it is only their keep. For bare subsistence wages you can get as much
common labor as you want, and do
what you please with It* in the limits
of n criminal codo which is sure to be
interpreted by a- proprietary class
judge In your favor. If you hnvo to
give your footman a bettor allowance
than your, wretched hewer of wood,
it Is for Iho same vonsnn that you
give your hunter beans and a clean
stall Instead ot chopped .straw and a
—From - Fabian Essays.
If you look up Marx In any ordinary
encyclopedia or roforonco . book you
will find that thoy make his fame
depend on tlio theory of surplus value
nlono, and to make matters worse they
usually mlHtako nnd misrepresent this
theory; tho reason tlmy nlvo special
prominence to this law of surplus value Is (hat, as ll Is u purely technical
theory In economics, It In onfilor to
ohsciiro It with a cloud of sophistry
mul porsulado tliolr willing dupoB tlmt
thoy hnvo rofutod It.
Now tho Marxian theory of vnluo can
be L'leiuly stnlod ho tlmt you and I
can iiiidei'stiind It.
Hut lot us biiKln first, with surplus
8urplui Value
This thoory of surplim value Is simply the Nclmitlflc formulation of the
fact that worklngmon had linen con*
scloiis of In a viirim* way long boforn
Karl Marx's tiny, llio fact, that tho
workingmen didn't gut. a fair deal, thnt!
ho don't got all lie earns, |
No matter where you, my •auiimhj**,
mini rwitult-r, maj a oik, *..<. '/vj.•</.;. w
corporation or trust /or whom or for
which you work, gets back more out of
your labor,* then ho or It pays you In
wage*. If this Is not no your om*
j-loyi-r *.«, vivinjf fut.u.t.'.A «. tLj..•.;*"♦!•-
Institution or ho Is In business for his
If It Is possible to conceive of a
man going on day aftor day, weok
after wcok, year after year, paying you
wtiftet unless ho reeelvos more for tho
product of your labor than ho pays you
In wn-jen,
Now, this difference between what
you got nnd what ho gets Is surplus
Now, If out of the total product, of
his labor the workingmsn only r*j-
rfl«*•*•.« a part, then It Is lime to say
that he works part of the day for
himself and part of the day gratltously
for the capitalist employer. Let us
say for purposes of illustration, that
he works three hours for himself and
seven hours for his employer for nothing: This three hours we call his
necessary labor time, or his paid labor; and the seven hours we call his
surplus labor time or his unpaid labor. The product of his three hours
labor isHhe equivalent of his wages,
or the value of his labor power. The
product of the other seven hours of his
labor, his surplus or unpaid labor, is
surplus product or surplus value.'
Starting from the fact that every
workingman knows to be true, that he
don't get all he feels he ought to get,
the definition of surplus value, is, I
think, made clear.
But, we have been talking of surplus value and value of labor power
and we have not yet defined value.-
When we speak of the value of an
object we mean the amount of human
labor that Is embodied or accumulated in it, that has been spent in fitting
it to satisfy human needs. And we
measure the amount of this human labor by its duration, by labor time.
You, if you are a skilled, highly paid
worker, receiving, say, four dollars a
day, mya say that it is absurd to say
that an hour of your labor produces no
more value than a man who only gets
$2,,a day. You are right. Your hour
does produce>more value. The labor
time that determines value Is the labor
time of the average, untrained worker.
The only labor that counts is the labor that is socially necessary under
normal conditions for the production
of the given commodity. Labor that
is spent to produce a useless article
does not produce value. To produce
value the labor must service to satisfy human wants.
We know what surplus value    is.
Wc know what value is and how lt is
measures.,    Let us now see what is
Labor Power
When a workingman goes on the
market to sell something with which
to buy  bread and other necessaries
of life, what has he to, of fer for sale?
.-       -    *-a       .- ,
He cannot offer a finished commodity,
such as a watch, a shoe or a book, because he owns nothing. He has neither
the necessary .machinery, the necessary materials, or even the necessary
place in which to work to mako those
things, These all belong to another
class who by owning them, own him.
He cannot offer labor for sale because
his labor does not yet exist. He cannot Roll a thing that has no existence.
When his labor comos Into real objective existence lt is Incorporated with
the materials that nro the proporty-of
tho class that rules him, and no longer belongs to him. Ho cannot soil
what he don't possoss. There Is on-
ly ono thing he can sell, namely, bis
mental and physical or muscuar pow.
or to do things, to make things. He
can sell this for a definite tlmo to an
omployor, Just exactly like a livery
stable keeper sells a homo's power to
trot to his customers for so much per
Now this powor of his to do things
Is what wo call his labor powor; that
Is, his capacity to porform work; Its
valuo Is determined precisely llko tho
value of any other commodity, l.o, by
the labor tlmo socially necessary for
its production,
Tho labor tlmo socially nocossnry
for tho production of labor power Is
tlio labor tlmo Hociully nu'cesHiiry   tu
produce the food7'cIothing and shelter
that are necessary to enable the-laborer to come on the labor-market day
after day able physically to work, and
also to enable him to beget and raise
children when he shall have been buried by the authorities on some sick and
death benefit fund. In the example
used above we assumed the laborer
worked three hours a day to produce
a value equal to the'value of his la-
produced by the miners and give as
little in return.
This week I am presenting two articles on • economic . subjects ■ written
by men whose names and ability command respect by the capitalist class,
and Ihey are. worded in such, simple
language that even "the dirty faced,
ignorant miners," (a missloner used
this phrase) can understand.    ,,
They should be,read carefully,   not
bor power, which is generally termed once, but several-times, aiid"    then
Well, then, If he produces in three or
four hours a value equal to the value
of his labor power or wages, why
does he not stop work then and go
home and devote the rest of the eliy
to study, recreation, games and
He don't because he can't. Ho has
to agree (voluntarily of course) to any
conditions that the class who owns
the tools choose to impose upon him,
and the lash of competition^ of the
Why i3 he so helpless? Because
he and his class have been robbed of
the land and tools and all'the means
of sustenance and production and have
nothing left but that empty
legal liberty, liberty to accept wages
so small that they barely enable them
to live like beasts, or liberty to starve
to death and be buried in unmarked
graves by the public authorities.
The wage system implies this unpaid
labor and nothing short of the annihilation of the wage system will give the
workers justice and the full product of
their toil.
Adapted from La Monte's "Socialism
and Science." -*   ' ,'
many, will understand maybe for the
first time, why It is that the .workers
who produce all the world's wealth,
should suffer for want of the very
things they risked their health and
lives to produce; how it is that the
capitalist class gets richer and the
workers poorer. .
, Get down to,a study of economics.
Carlyle's ".'dismal' science" points out
the path to the co-operative commonwealth. * ■*, ' - " --
i i
to lead a light and flippant life besides
the existence of a butterfly Is as soggy as an underdone biscuit. The chorus-girl is just like any other girl. If
she is llghthearted and happy so much
the better for her; if by nature she is
down, cast and heavy,eyed, so much
the ,\yorse for her. In any case, in
neither condition is she any better,
worse, happier, sadder, > prettier, uglier or essentially, different in any
way from hundreds or thousands of
other girls who earn their living in
other channels. After all she, is just
like..them and they" are very much
A study of the science of wealth production is essential to every working-
man desirous of helping his class in
the great struggle which has become
not only a class struggle, for the ownership of the means of life, but a race
human family is threatened.
It is not enough to be convinced that
Capitalism -is vicious and that injustice
is the workers' portion in this life,
even a large percentage of "our betters" will admit that the "poor dear
people" are not as.well off as they
might be; the mouthing of platitudes
will avail us nothing, therefore must
we prepare to go deep Into volumes of
"abstruse economics" and' learn the
cause of tho antagonism between tho
To many well meaning Individuals
who are not given to close reasoning
but are mere "surface skimmers," it
is a far cry from ethics to economics,
thoy miss tho great truth Jiiught by
Marx; "The more of production obtaining In materlnl life determines, goner-
ally sponklng, the social, political and
Intellectual processes of lifo," consequently thoy flounder in the quagmire
of utoplnn IdeaB nnd allow sentiment
to bofog tliolr reasoning powers,
The mine workers as n body ought
to bo fully acquainted with tlio fact
thnt. the economic side of life is all lm*'
portant. *.
In the present "dispute" their officials, mostly untrnlnod minds, are 'contending with mon who havo nt thoir
disposal money, Influence and tho vory
koenost Intolccts on points of law and
word twisting It Is possible to pur*
chase. 'And to what ond? Tlmt
thoy are willing to boo Justlco dono
to tho mlnorB? No! nut that thoy
Book to uso thoir class privilege** lu
ordor lo retain more   of lho wealth
One of tKe chorus *?irls of the San
Francisco opera company has written
the following story on the life of the
bauble,'choirister:'   ..    \ '■    ,  *-
"Chorus girls have been a fruitful
theme.of discussion by press and public, and, truth to tell, the chorus girl
has earned all the publicity that has
been accorded her.* I feel in a measure that I am qualified intelligently and minutely of the merits, demerits, ambitions and the general good
and bad qualities of the chorus girl
from an experience with the real thing
—don't let anybody deceive you about
the chorus girl.' Unlike a genius, she
is made, not born. According to statistics which have never tbeen disputed, St takes sixteen months, two weeks
four days three hours and two matinees to turn out. a full fledged, competent and altogether satisfactory chorus girl. You "can take it from'me
that .In this big wide world you' will
find a lot of men who think that pret-
ty-chor.ii8_girl.'*iJ,were_made_only__t_o_ be
admired. '       . .   ,.,
"And while your mind is on that
WINNIPEG, May 25—W. J. Cannon,
a well known man around town, was
sentenced by Police Magistrate McMlc-
ken to three years ln the penitentiary
for bigamy. Had the magistrate been
conversant with the facts at the time
sentence was Imposed he would have
been*given a much longer sentence.
Cannon's first matrimonial '' venture
occurred lh Kenora, in September 1906
his second in Toronto, June 1907, and
the third in Winnipeg May 1,'1908, all
of whom are alive and well. Not satis-
fled with thnie, he won the affections
of a fourth woman and according , to
letters found on him he was completing arrangements for the fourth wedding.   *
same subject.don't make the mistake
of Imagining that this class of human
annoyance is,jpade up only of , the
simpering yduth^far from it, The
majority are a lot of foolish men, old
enough to know a whole lot better. I
stand ready to refute a whole lot of
the nonsense and fluff that Is supposed to surround the chorus girl, At the
same time I am not going to admit
that every chorus girl comes up to the
required standard, either. As In all
other walks ot life many of them are
only excuses,
"All this talk one reads about their
nightly aftorthe theatre supper at the
lobster emporiums Is fiction, pure and
simple In a greater or lesser degree.
It is a safe bet that four fifths of .them
slide for the homo plate just as soon
ns they have washed the cosmetic off
their oyobrows. Suppose poor Jane
does go somewhere after the play,
a little diversion just to make her for*
got the show shop, why Bhould sho
bo blamed? It is not her fault if the
price of lobsters Is high, Did you ever
see a chorus girl buy ono for herself?
It Is a protty good wager that Instead
moro of thom are keeping little sisters
In convents than purchasing white-
topped shoes or sen food.
/'Another fallacy Into whloh tho public has fallen Is tho popular belief that
chorus girls aro suppouod to rotlro nt
2 A.M. and got up nt 1 P.M., to ont
broiled lobster and drink champagne
at least twice In twonty four hours nnrl
- ECTORY FOR 1909'
We have just received from the pub;
Ushers, A, McKim, Limited, of Montreal and Toronto, a copy of the 1909
edition of the Canadian Newspaper directory.
. This is.the Sixth edition of this
valuable work and fills a very real
need. In Canada, and deserves a place
on the desk of every business < man,
whether he is an advertiser or hot. r
> The'.Canadian Newspaper Directory
lists and describes >1426 periodicals in
JlaAaAa^and^^toindland. Of_, these
135 are daily, 1015 weekly or semi-
weekly,"'262 monthly or semi, monthly,
and 14 are published less frequently.
This is a considerable Increase over
the last edition.   , »
In addition 'to this the Directory
supplies a comprehensive Gazetter,
giving the population, the chief Industries, the railway, telegraph, and'the
banking facilities and other interesting features of every newspai-er city,
town and village ln Canada. -
This work contains over 430 page's.
It is splendidly bound and Is certainly
a credit alike to the publishers and to
Canadian, newspapers generally. ,
A. McKIm, Limited, are particularly well qualified to edit and publish
this, the standard book'of reference,
on Canadian publications They are,
the pioneers ln tho advertising agency
field in the Dominion, the McKIm agency having been founded In Montreal
In January, 1889, twenty yenrs ago, by
Mr. Anson McKIm, who is still at,the
head of the business.
During all this time they have been
the acknowledged leaders ln this line
In Canada and the Agency business
has veen developed from a very small
beginning—then performing only the
functions of the,middle mnn—to a
very largo producing enterprise which
runs Into tho millions,
It goes without saying that tho McKIm agency Is In closor touch with the
publishers.of tlie Dominion thnn any
other firm and nre, thoroforo ablo to
got tho most reliable Information. Tho
prlco of the 1009 directory Is $2.00.
'8-tean, heattdthrwghout.,
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A. Kizzoto
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B. C.
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parts of tho town
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Leave Fernie 1.35 p, m..
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One Dose for Coughs
Children cough at night? Give them Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Often a single dose at bedtime will completely
control the cough. Good for any one with a cold or cough.
Good for easy cases, hard cases; good for acute cases.
chronic cases. Ask your doctor to tell you, honestly and
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No alcohol, In this cough medicine, T,C,'A\>ttCo,tL6i6tl\JfZI.
bi-oiit uf thi; cmmis umr.!i who wim. iih «v.k\ t**, rt.immvii.•*■ at i'Uhmk ■.»'>>'..•• \ tiMim*. jv.\h4
TTSTnnrn&n * In**/ ■*■■*•*•  An a-*******-* hnia dtmutit u acttva Uvt». N« UiUt
htttweforbovitadtlritlhviKytftl^i. Atkywtrdectof-^ovttlm, Hekaowt. THE DISTRICT,LEDGER, FERNIE,     B. C. .MAY 59,1909
No alum, ao lime phosphates
'■'' '"'"Ai every housekeeper can understand,;
.   burnt alum and sulphuric acld-rthe in-
*, gradients of all alum and alum-phosphate
^wdet«-7must carry to the. food acids
injurious to health. '
Read the label. .Avoid the alum powders
With  Greenbacks—Some
.  Diamonds in Swag
Bad; Record     ',*'■..
FRANK, May 26—Harvey Steeves,
nephew of the late Reuben Steeves of
the Imperial hotel, while boarding'
a ; freight train' going .west lost his
hold and fell under'the'cars.' He had
one leg crushed' and. the other; foot-
cut, off. He was conveyed.vto .the
Frank'' hospital where 'he' is iri an
unconscious state.
Doctor Dountng. of .Bellevue and
Dr." Snyder'of-Lille are in'attendance.
It 'is expected that :the .shock- Sj may
cause deaths     ' v
■-,.,' Later-' '_- -' y~
Advices state that Harry- , Steeves
has since^passed away. A jury composed of S. J Watson, Harvey Murphy.
James Farmen- A. , V.: Lang, " ,Mr.
Crookshanks', and "kr. Gresham .returned a verdict that the said Harry
Steeves attempted to board," a west
bound freight and missed his hold on
the train; no blame is attached to the
Canadian Pacific or, to anyone; else
for the accident. q
"   ' \  ' ■*.'*-   '- FEItXIE     ' *
LOUISVILLE, May. 25—British Empire day was celebrated ln Louisville
by a banquet last night of the Maple
Leaf club, an organization of several
hundred Canadian.citizens. Dr. W.'H.
Montague of Winnipeg, Minister of
Railways ln the cabinet of Sir John A.
Macdonald made a neat speech in
which he advocated a supreme court
of nations for the settlement of all disputes. ' He said that when England
and'United States agreed to abide* by
this,court no other.nation would dtjre
refuse.-  -
VANCOUVER; May 25^-Four. men;
two of whom are^aid 'to be amongst
the most notorious confidence men on
the continent were arrested yesterday,
having been captured in a restaurant
soon after their arrival from Seattle.
John O'Keefe of Chicago and John
Scullin of Detroit are the best known
bf the quartette.  J
Supt. Welsh of the Canadian...Detective Bureau happened to be eating
lunch in a restaurant when Scullin
whom Welsh had arrested last, year In
Detroit, strolled, into .the room. With
him.was O'Keefe who has a long record In Chicago.
Scullin was captured last year after
he had stolen a $1,000 diamond from
the shirt front of an excited fan at a
baseball game. A search of the man
failed to reveal the diamond. Later
it developed that-the.diamond lodged
in his throat'arid nearly'caused1 him
to choke to death.
., Welsh' Immediately •. telephoned to
police headquarters, and by'the time
the quartette had. finished lunch   an
BOSTON, May 26—The anticipation
that some matter relating tb the employees of the Canadian Pacific Rail-*
road would be brought up at today's
session.of the order of Railroad Conductors, aroused keen interest among
the, delegates.
The subject was one about which
the greatest secrecy has been maintained, but it was forecast that the
convention's action today might result
iri precipitating a strike of Canadian
Pacific employees.     >
■ • - ' - - , ■ > '<BY-LA\V NO. 87 '
A By-law tp raise the sum of $15,000
as follows, namely; The sum of $9,400.00
to purchase 188' acres of land adjacent
to the'" City-limits for public park pur-"'
poses; and the sum of io,600.00 for the
purpose of clearing-, improving and
converting a the satd land into a, park
and recreation ground, and for the
construction of the necessary roads
and approaches thereto from the City,
Limits..   ■, -'.--•-
WHEREAS a petition has been presented to the Municipal Council of the
Corporation of-the City of Fernie,signed by the owners of at least one-tenth
of .the value of the real property in the
.City of Pernio, as.shown- by the revised
Assessment Roll, requesting them ' to
introduce such a By-Law. -
- AND' WHEREAS for the purpose of
purchasing, a site for such park and
recreation grounds adjacent to the City
Limits it will be necessary to borrow
the sum of $9,400.00, and for the puri
pose of converting such site into a park
or recreation ground, and for the construction of.the necessary roads and
approaches thereto from the'Clty Limits tt Is estimated that the sum* of 55,-
600.00. will be required, making in the
aggregate the. sum of ?15,000.00, and
to issue debentures of the City of Fernie to raise such amount.
AND WHEREAS the amount of the
whole rateable land or improvements
on real property'.of the said City of
Fernie according to the last revised'Assessment Roll  is *.1,*>91,500.00I
AND WHEREAS it will be requisite
to raise annually by rate the sum of
$1066.28 for .paying thc satd debt and
interest; i
AND  WHEREAS  this  By-law  shall
not be altered or repealed except with
...    .^
atlon and signed by the Mayor, ■ thereof.'
3.' The said debentures shall bear
date from the first day of July, A.D.
190S, and shall be made payable In
thirty years from the said date in lawful money of Canada at the office of
the Canadian Bank of Commerce in
Fernie 'aforesaid, which said place of
payment shall be designated by the said
debentures, and shall have attached to
them coupons for the payment.of Interest, and the signatures to the Interest
coupons may be either written, stamped, printed or., lithographed."
■ 4. The said- debentures shall bear
Interest at the rate of'five per cent,
from the date thereof, which interest
shall be payable annually at said office
of the Canadian Bank of Commerce in
Fernie aforesaid, in lawful money of
Canada, on the first day of July respectively in each year during the currency
thereof, and It shall be expressed in
said debentures and coupons to be so
payable. -
5. It shall' be lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation to negotiate
and sell the said debentures or any of
them at less than par, but in no case
shall the said debentures or any of
them be negotiated or sold for less than
ninety-five per centum of their value,
including the cost of negotiating their
sale, brokerage and all other incidental
6.- There shall be raised .and levied
in each year during the currency of
said debentures, the sijm of $750.00 for
payment of Interest and the sum of
$315.28 for payment of said-debentures
by rate sufficient therefore on all rateable land or Improvements on real property ln the said Municipality,
• ' 7. It shall be lawful for the said
Municipal Council to re-purchase any
of the said debentures on such terms
as may be agreed upon with the legal
holders thereof, either at the time-of
sale or any subsequent time or times,'
and all debentures re-purchased shall
forthwith be cancelled and destroyed
and no re-Issue of the debentures so
re-purchased shall be made ln consequence of such re-purchase.
This By-law shall take effect on the
X   "
B. E.WALKER, President*--;
Paid-up Capital   $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
f fillNTRY RTJS.TNF SIS! Ever*v frtcilit*y afforded to farmers and oth-
UUUllini    DUOlllaCOO    ei.s fol. the transaction of   their hanking
business.   Sales notes will be cashed or taken for collection.
t ■' '
RANKTl-Ifr RY MAT! .Accounts may be opened by mail and monies
DAimiNU Dl IUAIJj deposit^] or withdrawn in this way with
equal facility.
H. W. TRENHOLME, Manager, Fernie.
station they displayed $2000, in cash
and as .much more in diamonds. All
will be held on vagrancy charges until
it is ascertained if the police of other
cities' are* looking forUhem. -If;not
they will be deported. ,.«'
TORONTO,. May 257-The Silver Jubilee of ttie historic Kings plate was
was run today under ideal conditions.
The governor general and'Lady Grey
drove in .state.' The plate'was won
in the easiest fashion in years, Hen-
drie's Shlmonese doing the trick. The
previous'1 performances had made her
a favorite at four to,five. The horses
got away to a good start, Dog of War
breaking in front with Shlmonese to
the rear some distance back. Passing
the stand Fort Garry, a Dyment colt,
was in the lead with Tottendale second. In the back stretch Fort Garry
and Tottendale had a furlong lead and
were racing like mad. Out,of the back
stretch' however, Jockey Gilbert let
the favorite go.and she, went,by the
leaders as though they were standing
still. , -;   - .
In the stretch Shlmonese went away
as-sbe pleased* and won in the record
time of 2.101-5. The win was a po-
scared Shlmonese over the fence with
their cheering. >
DAUPHIN, May 26—With a heavy
scarf knoted and twisted around, her
neck, Councillor James Moore of Wln-
nipegosis, found the body of his wife
on the floor of the kitchen in his home
late Sunday night. The cause is un'
known'. Mr. Moore was on good terms
with"his wife. - He left her about 8
o'clock on Sunday night and returned
home about three hours later. 7There
,1s a family of two children. n
NEW YORK, May'26—What is said
to be the largest dividend ever paid
by a New York trust company ,was
declared the.meeting of the
trustees'of the Central Trust company
when, a special dividend of. $200 a
share, was made payable on the 15th
of June.' - .     7 ■'"
_/">LJ CA.Tpn.>AUpA M V--
• Q'JRBEC, May 25—In police court
Jidge Chauveau sentenced Oliver As-
selin, former editor ol the Natlonnilhr,
to iC days In Jail for. a recent assault
on Hon. Mr.1 Taschereau, MlnlBter of
Public work's. The Incident, occurred
in the legislature last week., Taschereau ln a speech In the legislature defended the government's course In a
land transaction and Is alleged
have Insulted Asselln.
, ..WINNIPEG, May 25—E. J: Chamber,
lain, generalmanager ofthe G. T.' P.
stated yesterday that the company is
now preparing to let contracts for all
the branch lines In Western Canada
In order.that construction on Borne
of them will be completed by this
OTTAWA May 26—By the upsetting
of a boat In the Petawawa river this
morning, Thomas Day, St.' Regis, Que.
John Jackson, S. Lazar and an unknown man from Ogdensburg,, N. Y.
were drowned on their way to a,lumber camp.
TORONTO, May 26—In the general
assizes tonight Thomas Grimes, late
general yar'dmaster of the C.P.R. at
Toronto, • was found guilty of defrauding his employers. . ,.. ,
The Alberta Provincial Exhibition
week will be carnival week as well
In Calgary. Oh^Monday, July 6th,
tho C. W. Parker shows will open their
■doors and the fun will begin, The
Iibowb have been called tho Path of
Pleasure In many cltleu where they
havo been, nnd nre worthy the name,
Tho many attractions tho Parker people will present Includo tho AI. G.
Barnes .trained wild animal shown, a
representation of Italian earthquake,
Pharonh's daughter, Kntzonjnmmer
Castlo, Broadway Belles,, Johnstown
flood, outlaw Bhow, home of Carrie
Nation, Forrls wheel nnd a blgcarry*
ThoC. W, Parker shows havo es
tnbllBhed an onvlnblo reputation for
being the biggest, the best and In nil
ways tho most worthy organization of
its kinds In oxlstenco, Every plnco
tlioy go they gain In good repute Tho
. management of tho' show fosters at*
tractions which prove to bo a verltublo
revelation to persons who see thom for
tho first timo.
In addition to tho opon nlr froo at*
tractions, thero will bo pnld attract-
Ions, Including animate, sconlc, mechanical and electrical shows, as well as
tho largest trained anlma circus In
tho world, and tho high class vaude*
vlllo feature known nnd designated ns
the Broadway Belles, Tho shows are
unusunlly largo and elaborate for ton*
ted exhibitions t*yid everything Is to be
equipped wuh nn oyo single to tho
comfort and snfety of tho patrons, Tho
various attraction** nre fitted with the
best of roomy and woll appointed
stage's, urenuii etc., and comfortable,
high back, io.a..iiK c.m.rti provide tbo
seating facilities. 'Taken (n their
entirety, the Parker shows which will
be In Calgary, for tho Alberta Provincial fair embrace* the best features
of the circus, stadium, hippodrome,
park and thctitrc.n.
The manager of tha Alberta provln*
clal exhibition Is Indeed fortunate Ih
being able to secure this wonderful
teerAt and c.e<*trle production, which
Is often spoken of as Parker's Master
ROCHESTER May ,26—In his annual address tonight before the diocesan council of thb Episcopal church of
New York, .Bishop Walker referred to
the proposed canon providing thnt the
church shall not give Its consent to
tho remarriage of tho Innocent party
In divorce proceedings undor any circumstances. After saying that tbe
Lambeth conforenco In England had
favored this provision, the blBhop declared "nnd I forever must hold this
'iff    *  :
"More people will visit ,tho Pacific
NorthwcBt this yenr than ln any pre*
vlous flvo year period," says Jnmos
A, Wood, director of Exploitation of
tho Alaska*Yukon*Paclflc   exposition,
"My prediction Ib fully, justified   by
tho return** from our press clipping
bureaus, the letters I receive and the
reports from tho transcontinental railroads and their connections.      8t.
Paul and Minneapolis newspapers do*
dure that moro than n million travel*
lers destined for Pugot. Sound and tho
Pacific Northwost will pass through
tho Twin Cities', Tho probablo jxtont
of the movement Is greatly Increased
by reports from all tho other big cities of tho United States,     More pub*
llclty hns been given tho Alaska-Yu*
kon Pacific exposition during the past
Ave months than was given any exposition held in this country since' Chi
cago.   Eastern railroad offices report
a moro general inquiry than was mado
concerning any othor exposition.   Tho
•Movement Is already on,     It Is estimated that fully 100,000 now peoplo
havo come Into Washington, Oregon,
Idaho and British Columbia since tbe
15th   of March, largely drawn thither
by the attractive homoicckors   rates.
But tho big movement begins with the
flrst day of the exposition rates.
Tho exposition Is complete and Is
ready. Attention has bath drawn
from every quarter of the globe, Tbe
visitors and homcecekers arc coming
by the tens and hundreds of thousands
and It Is up to (he people of the Pacific northwest to give them a welcome
worth while,'
C. W. Hunt, the critic of the Edmonton Evening Bulletin, Is very ex>
acting and an attraction must Indeed
be. a- meritorious one to go unscathed. • The San Francisco opera Company played a most successful... engagement at the Edmonton' opera
house March 15-16-17, but Mr." Hunt
took exception to the work of the chorus. That tbe chorus has been lm;
proved greatly Is attested by the following from Mr. Hunt's writing in the
Bulletin of Tuesday, May ll: *
The San Francisco Opera company
has vindicated itself. Two months
ago ain extrcmoly disappointing engagement .was played in Edmonton.
The chorus of the' company was - bo
absolutely Indolent that tho effect was
disastrous. Edmonton did not take
to lt and said bo. The announcement
of tho return of tho company several
weeks ago waB received by theatre
goers with mixed feelings, Somo do*
elded to Ignore the company on their
return; others decided to witness the
opening performance, and last night
they filled the opera house to see and
hear Florodora.
Frank W. Healey, tho managor of
tho Franciscans Is a young man of
unmlstakab.o energy. Ho Is business
In evory ounco of his HO pounds and
tho fact that he essayed a return eh*
gngement hore In view of the rocoptlon
accorded his company two months ngo
was n point to bo considered. Ho said
he would bring this (Into an enlarged
nnd rojuvlnatcd chorus and ho told
the (ruth.
The nudlonco last night wns prepared to bo critical. If tho chorus had
been deficient thero would havo beon
a nolso. But It wasn't. Thero was a
finish about their work that was pleasing, nnd tho nudlonco demonstrated
beyond peradventuro, Its appreciation.
No mutter how clever tho principals
no.- how enthusiastically thoy enter
Into; their work, the chorus Is the essential In the, production of a comic
This time the Ban Frunciiciine have
tbe chorus, nnd with the principals,
of whom little criticism has been offered at any time, thoir engagement
should be highly successful." In the
"Pernio opera bouse on Jr'ridniy, .tune
4tb.    ■    •• n    ' '"
the consent .of.the Lieutenant Governor
ln Council.
NOW THEREFORE, the Municipal
Council of the Corporation ot the City
ot Fernie enacts as follows:  >*     ,
1. It shall and may be law'ful for
.the. Mayor of-the Corporation of. the
City of Fernie to borrow upon credit of
the said -Corporation by way of debentures' hereinafter mentioned, from' any
person, persons,' body or bodies corporate, who may be*, willing; to advance
the same as a loan, a sum not exceeding; the whole sum of $15,000.00 and to
'cause all' such sums so raised or received to be pald^'into the hands Of the
Treasurer of the. said-Corporation for
the purpose-and .with the. object hereinbefore recited;  .
2.' It shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures to
be made, executed and Issued each for
the sum of $500 as may be required
for the purpose and object aforesaid,
not exceeding;, • however, the sum of
$16,000, and all such debentures shall
be sealed'with'the seal of the Corporation and signed by the Mayor thereof. ... *
. 3, The said debentures shall bear
date from the first day of July, A.D.
1909, and'shall be made payable ln
thirty years.from the said date In lawful money of Canada at the office of
the Canadian Bank,,of Commerce ln
Fernie aforesaid, which said place of
payment shall be designated by the said
debentures, and shall have attached to
them coupons for the payment of Interest, and the' signatures to the Interest
coupons may be either written, stamp
ed, printed or lithographed.  , ■ ...
4. ' The said 'debentures shall bear
Interest at the rate of five per cent
from the date thereof, which interest
shall be payable.annually at said office
of the Canadian Bank of Commerce In
Fernie aforesaid, ln lawful money of
Canada, on,the first day of July respectively In each year during the currency
thereof,  and  it shall- be  expressed  In
.said debentures and coupons  to be so
5. It shall be-lawful for the-Mayor
of the said Corporation to negotiate
and sell,the said, debentures or any of
them at less than par, but In no case
shall the said debentures'or- any ■ of
them be negotiated .or sold for less than
ninety-five per centum of their' value,
Including the cost of negotiating their
sale, brokerage,and all other Incidental
_!•_ There shall be_ralsed and levied
said debentures, the stim-of $750.00 for
payment of Interest, and the sum of
$315.28 for payment of said debentures
by rate sufficient therefore on all or Improvements on real property In the said Municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for the said
Municipal Council to .re-purchase, any
of the said debentures on such terms
as may-be agreed'upon-with:"the legal
holders* thereof, either a1 i*'***' time of
"sale or any subsequent time or times,
and all debentures re-purchased shall
forthwith bo cancelled and destroyed
and no re-Issue of the debentures .so
re-purchased  shall  be made in conse*
20th day of June, A.D.  1909.
This By-law may be cited for all pur-
goses as the City of Fernie Fire Hall
;y-law No.  S5.
Done and passed In open Council thin
21st day of May, A.D.  1009.
Received the assent of the people' this
 day of r 1909.
Reconsidered and finally passed and
adopted  this    day of       A.
D.   1909.      ■       .        "
Take notice that the above Is a true
copy of the proposed By-Law upon
which the vote of the Municipality will
betaken at the'Clty of Fernie on Tuesday, the 15th day of June, A.D. 1909, ha-
tween the hourB of 10 o'clock in the
morning and 8 In the evening, at the
City Offices, situate ln Johnson-Falconer Block.
Block. '     '
City Clerk.
Fernie, B.C., May 22nd, 1909.
Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned and endorsed "Tender for
stock in trade of H. M. Terry" will
be received at the office of the undersigned in the Crows Nest Trading Co.
building, Fernie, B. C. up to 6 p.m.
May'28th, 1909, for the stock in trade
of Harry M.* Terry, lately carrying on
business as a second hand dealer at
F,ernie, B. C.,,which stock in. trade
may be seen upon application to F. G.
Whltei' Alex. Beck Block, at Fernie
aforesaid.. ,
Bach tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque of any chartered bank made payable to the order of
the undersigned, equal to ten per cent
of the amount of the tender which' will
be forfeited If the. person tendering
decline to enter into a contract for sale
when called upon to do so or if he. fail
to complete'the said contract. If the
tender be not accepted the,eneque will
be returned. Tbe lowest or any tender
not necessarily) accepted. ,,,
(Sgd.        LA\VE & FISHER''
Solicitors for Assignees
Always a choice supply. of Beef, Pork, Veal,
Mutton, and Lamb on hand.    Hams,
Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs
Our Specialties
:     Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish, always a good
assortment.   Try , our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.
que'iiccof such rc-purchase.
This By-law shall take effect on thc
20th day of June, A.D.  1909.-.
This By-law may be cited for all pur-
fioscs as the-City of'Fernie Pnrlt B.y*
,aw No. 87.
'Done and passed In open Council this
21st day of May, A.D. 1909.
Received-the assent-of the people, this
| The 41 Meat Market Limited
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
■ i_ ' ' ■   i
Stores in all the Principal Towns In British Columbia and Alberta
'       »■   Phone
.Veal  .
Beef *
. HamB
Salt' Fish
hereby given .
days after date I'Intend to apply
that thirty
 day of 1909,
Reconsidered and finally
passed and
of      A,"
adopted  this
d. leoo.
Take notice that the above Is a true
copy of the proposed By-Law'upon
which the vote of tho Municipality will
be taken* at the City of l-'ernle on Ttioa-
day, the lBth day of June, A.D. 1909 l>a.
tween the hours of 10 o'clock In the
morning and 8 In the evening, at tho
City Offlcou,. situate In' Johnson-Fal*
coner Block. * n  „ ''„._„., ,
City Clerk,
Fernie. B.C., May 22nd, 1909.
(30)   ."  .
to the Hon. .Chief Commissioner nf
Lands and Works for a license to pros-
poet for. coal and petroleum on the following described lands situated in*S.
E. Kootenay, British Columbia, Block
4698. .'■■•■.
Commencing- at a post planted at or
near 1 mile east of 29 mile' post of the
present C. P. R, survey line and being
the north .east corner of Nat Babcock
' Thence running* south 80 chains;
Thence runnlni? west SO chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;'
Thence running east 80 chains
to a point of commencement,    making
6-10 acres moro or less,, .       .      ,
. Located tills 26th day of April, 1909,
Our Motto="CiviIityrCleanliness aridcorp«3ct'weight toall1
*.   BY-LAW  NO.   85.
A By-Law to raino   116,000.00 for the
purpose of erecting,a Tiro Hall ana to
Purchase a nlte therefore In the City of
'el-**'1'- ....
. WHEREAS a, petition has boon pro.
(tented to tho Municipal Council of the
Corporation of the City of l-'ernle dinned by the ownom of at least one-tenth
of thu value of the real property In th;
City of Fernie, as shown by .the ravlscd
ANsessment Roll, rc'iuestlng* them to
Introduce such a By-Law,
AND WHRKKAH for tho purpoBO of
erecting a Klre nail and of purchasing
a lite for the said Klro Hall in tho city
of Fflrnle It will be necessary to borrow the sum nf 115,000,00 and to IsHiie
debentures of the City of Kernlo for the
nurriose of raising the said amount;
• AND WHERKAH the amount of tho
Wliolo rateable land or Improvements
nn real property of the nald City of
Fernio according to the I ant rovlsed As-
■.eMment'Rol, In tl.201.ftOO.OO;
. AND WIIEHEAH It will he requisite
to raise iiniiui.ll>', by rate the. sum of
11065,28 for paying tho said debt and
intercut; >
AND WIIERKAH this Ily-law  shall
not he altered or repented except wllh
Fire   and   Accident
the conc-ont or Ihe Lieutenant (Jo ver nor
nNO°wnTl'lRnKK01lB, tlie' Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the City
of Fernio enacl** n* follow*.;        ,  •
1. H shall und may he lawful for
th« Mayor ot lho Cnrporntlon of, tlm
City nf Ferula to borrow upon crfdlt of
thc snld Corporation by wny of del-en-
tures Imrelnaficr mentioned, from any
person, iiowrin*, body or bodies enrimr-
nte. who may he willing to udvitnce
the same oh a lonn, a sum not exeeed-
Ing lho whole xum of fit'.oon.oo nnd to
cnmo all inch sumn to raised or received to ho paid Into the hands of the
Treasurer of llm said Corporation for
Ihe ntirpn-.p anil with the object here-
Inhoforo recited, .
2. It -.IuiII"be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures to
be made, executed and Issued each for
'.\.i   ."'.I'.'.i   ', f   *fnti   ti"   »-.,!>■■   !.<■   r.-'i'.i|rf.*l
for the purpoxe and object aforesaid,
nd c.'i'ei'iUti'' iinwevi-r. the iuini <•!
115,000, nnd nil such debentures shall
bo nenled with tho sen! of the Corpor-
NOTICE Is hereby given, that thirty
(30) days after date I Intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands situated ln S.
E. Kootenay, British Columbia, Block
4693,    ,,
Commencing at a post planted at or
near 1 mile east of 23 mile post of the
present C, P, R. Hurvey line, and being
the south cast cornor of W. H. Darby
Thence running north SO chains;
Thenco running west 80 ohalns;
Thenco running south 80 ohaltia;
Thenco running east 80 chains
to a point of commencement,   making
040 acres more or less,
Located this 28th day of April, 1009,
' W.  II.  DARBY, Locator
Commencing at a pqst planted at or
noar r milo east of tho 23 mile post of
the present C, P. R. survey lino, and
being tho north west corner of A. 8,
Fnr'iuharson claims; " ■
■ Thenco running east 80 chains
Thence running south 80 ohalns;
• Thence running west 80 ohalna;       •
' Thence running north 80 chains;
to a point of commencement,   making
840 acres moro or less,
Located this 28th day of April, ll)09.
A.8.FARQUHAR80N, Locator
Commencing nt a post planted nt or
near 1 mile cant of S3 mile post of the
present C. P. R. survey line, nnd he.
Ing the north west cornor of W, II.
Dnrby olnlm;   . ...
Thenco running east 80 chains
Thence running north 80 ohalns;
Thence running west 80 chalni*;
Thence running south 80 chnlns; ,
to a point of commencement,   making
(40 acres mora or leu*,
Located this 28th day of April, H0»,
NAT  BAnCOC'IC,  Agent
Beck Block
Room   3
Andy   Haxnilton
Tinsmith -and Plumber
We can furnish you with estimates in
anything in our line
DARBY, Locator
Commencing at a post planted nt or
near 1 mile east of 23 mile post of the
present C. I', It. survey line, and being tho north enst corner of A, K,
Furfiuhnrsoii clnlm;
Thnnee running west 80 chnlns;
Thence runn ng soulh 80 ohalns;
Thence running enst 80 cIihIiim
Thence running north 80 chains;   ,
to a point of commencement,    making
440 acre* more or let's,
Located this 2811* day of April, 11)09,
What would be nicer lo nonil KaHt
to friends tlmn a copy of "ProgroHHlve
Fornio," Splendidly tlltiuinuert,   over
100   lUaKtib   llllll   Dili)       :,<!  a.>:llal..       Ollir.1
now nt l^tlKer—rundy Auuuat 1st.
"In Fobruary our daughter bad the
whooping cougb. Mr Line of Harttand
recommended Chamberlaln'i Cough
Remedy and tald It gar* hia cuitotq*
era thu beat ot aatt■faction. We
found It at be laid, aad can recommend It to anyone having children troubled with whooping cough," aaya Mra,
A. Go«e of Durand, Mich. For iftle by
all druggfiti. .
Singer Sewing Machines Co.,
Fernie, B, C.
Why be withoufa Sewing Machine when you *
can get one for $3,00 a month?
Till-ill itM*
J, P. HOULAIUN, Agent, w-tilto Cm) 0o.'i ofee, felltl Ate.
The Hotel of Fornio
I'Vnile'H T/'ii'lliiK ('.iiimi.'i.'iiil
nnd TourUl lI'itiM-
S. F, WALLACE, Prop.
H\ar mippliwl with  thi* Ix-iit Wine*-,
\.h\iinrH ntul l\nrrt
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Call in and
see us once
C. W. DAVEY ft CO., Props. PAGE FOUR
THE DISTRiqi- LED6ER. FERNIE,    B. C.    MAY 29, 1909
®fte MeHttsi £tb$ct
$1.00 a year in advance. Address all coamunlca-
tlons to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie 3: C.
Rates for advertising on application.
We believe, throifgh careful enquiry, that all tbe
advertisements in tbis paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good to actual subscribers any loss incurred by trusting^ advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
,do ■ not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable' business men who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest bankrupts.      ' y    '
This offer' holds good for one month after, .'the
transaction causing' the complaint; that is we must
have notice within that time. In all cases'in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
Phone 48; Residence 9
'   Good-morning!
Have you moved your house
Roosevelt has been out of tlie States for some
weeks now, and from latest advices the country is
still doing business.
Cleanliness is ne.xt to Godliness. Clean up
your yard on the 9th, which has been declared a
holiday, and help to make the city look clean and
1     , V    -
Just at the present time several of our good
citizens are employing Chinese to fix up their gardens. Do they stop to think how many white men,
are'-idle-in tlie'city at-'pfWent*!^, Do they;-consider
the f actv that the-jOhinese send the,biggest part of
their.moneyhome to-Chipa once.or t^ice a year?
Do they understand that a Chink lives on an aver-
o ' •«'
age of 8 to 10 cents a" day, while as a rule the white
man spends all'lie'makes iri the''city, arid thus keeps
the money floating around, and eventually it comes
back to the original "-giver? Do they remember that
.1. i*y .are members of the Fernie Board ' t>f Trrdc.
-arid that they talk about boosting the city ? If
they do' remember these few points, they should
turn down the Chink, and engage a white "man, and
make this a white man's city. - '
The Rose; Ambrose Construction Go!   ;:
:   beg to inform-the citizens;of- Ffemie,.?.
they^rare preparedto carry out all
cldsseV'of .Work;7;Heavy: Draying,;
Excavating, {Building.■ and Concret-     j*
.ing^speciality.'^Estimates given on
all Contract work.l All work guar- ,
ahteed satisfactory.
iarahtee. this - to be ^the best
: flo#;eveh'Sold in Fernie.     Satisfaction   guaranteed   or   your   money
. ich^erfuHy^refunded;-;; > ■•■-■-■■ - • -'--•■".-
Give us a call
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦v^ ■»•»•»>-»♦•»•»•»•**►'
■ The .attitude of the Coal Operators at the Mac-
, leod conference is' certainly as unique as it is char-
* acteristie.of that.organization7 Their
this: They attend, in the person of accredited legal'
representatives and delegates, a conference im
der the arbitration treaty, called for the specific
purpose of amicably, settling the troubles now present in the Pass. • At-the very outset they state
"that unless they have the closed shop business cut
out, they are ready for war again. Wfiat .chance
can there be for a, peaceful and mutually -'advantageous understanding with one party giving the
deathblow to negotiations right at the start? The.
onus for the continuation of hostilities rests now.
unquestionably with the Operators, who have thus
made an-arbitration board a farce and an impossibility.    . : " ' '\       '   '
One operator is credited with the statement that
"Jf the government wouldgive us enough red coats
we'd d soon,run the mines,"    They would, in
^th^ww'^s^taK"anyaiitage;"of government foreST
but refuse to enter inty government arrangements
for arbitration'. Certainlv! the'operators are ,a
strange and'fortunately scarce species.
The action of' the city council in turning down
the request for. more time to complete the post-office, involving a continued toleration of the present
nuisance, is to be commended heartily. In the west
we are used to doing things, and tjfe progress.that
has been made on the postqffice building is out of
all keeping witli the pace we have been going this
last year. Other business men have been forced
to come through with new buildings in the allotted
time, and you "have to,show us" why the government should, have any special privileges. Other
places which do not contribute one half the revenue
taken from this city are being royally attended to,
the Grand Trunk Pacific are getting every hang
copper-they ask for, and political favorites are being cared for and fondled by Laurier and his crew
from one end of the continent to the other. All
this time residents and taxpayers of this revenue-
producing • centre* are' forced to negotiate *an ■ entrance with a dark, dismal'shack, with absolutely
no conveniences, while a, couple of blocks away is
tlfe building, as the fire left it, which should have
been rushed, to completion with the same enterprise
as,has been other citizens. At present
it though a suitable inscription' for, the
corner stone would be "As it was in the beginning
it is now and' ever shall be. "      .7
Cjrows Nest Trading Co.
General Merchants
■*■ ' ' - **■' -
■  - •■ -        " '   ,'       "        7 ■       /    '   *. •
The   Store   of  Good Values
Public-health is th'e fifst'thing that' oughtto 'be.
looked after by our city .council. At'present'the
residents of the -A.i'ncx, and more especially the portion-known as the Recreation grounds, ,ha\*,e. no.
water supply'. ' 'They'have to depend on one well
for drinking purposes, aiid as the ground there is
lower than the rest of the city it is not safe* to say
that the water can be healthy. Now that the hot
weather' is coming 'oil it will leave the residents
of that part of the city open to the dangers., of
typhoid and other diseases'. The population of
that locality is daily increasing and the city should
run the water there at once. If they aro -waiting
until they take the system over, why not get .the
C. N, P, Co. to run the.pipes down there and allow them for it. - It would not cost the city any
more than if they did it themselves and it would
onsure the health of the citizen.-*. Do not put, tbin
matter off, Delays arc dangerous.
"Trades unions are the bulwarks of the nation'
so spake' William Gladstone, the Grand Old Man,
and we wonder he does'not rise up in'his grave
at some of the,actions of so-called'union men. In
this city, as in' others, we have a few specimens of
>vh"elps that insult the unions Declaiming to belong
to them. Just at present these individuals are'mak-'
ing a very determined effort to*-break -up the Trades
and Labor,Council', "Why? Simply because when
they were delegates to' the Council rthey could, not
railroad their petty personalities through and put
certain people on the unfair list. ■•" At the late civic,
elections some of these miserable skunks .were loud
iir their wailings, and. tore into some-unionists because fjthey voted for .the men-of their: choice; arid
they themselves helped to' build' up. If is a sad
state of affairs arid 'we ,ar'e .sorry, that .we .have
* * -1***        ' • *       * ...»
to record these things, .but, as in the days of our
Master,;there was .a -Judas; among ■ the '-twelve,*'- • so
nowvin the,ranks of our unions in Fernie we find
the same low, down,' jiarrpw . minded, miserable
sneaks', who '.would, tear to pieces what they once
professed to stand by to the.end. And their price
is—trivial .personalities.    "•■".'
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B;C
;*, -V
♦ ..   . -...:■../ "...-     ■
Come and see or write' for circular of what
we.have to offer mnfruit lands at Baynes
-within 30-iniles of Fernie, * Lots of water,
sure markets and easy terms.
Kootonia  Irrigated  Tracts
-D. W. "HART, "(Agt* for Canada)- Baynes, B. C.
A No. 6
.. ,, 1 '*m** ,   1 .       '       ,,
lou Tried tiie
. His Royal Highness, the Prhice of Wales, while
addressing'the'manufacturers of Great Britain, said
recently:' ■>. ■.''•'".     ,•   '' ." ,    '   ' '
"Experience'' has, shown .that oven .in the case
of-firms'-having an established reputation' and
world wide connections attempts to discontinue ad-
■vea'tising have usually followed by a diminution in
the sales-affected, and it is riot unreasonable to
assume that the neglect of, Great Britain of the
most:, important forms of national advertising'
would be'equally detrimental to her interests as'a
manufacturing country."—Commercial,
In The Ledger
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Iri Black or Brown
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Best  value in town
Union  Made  Overalls
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I'll spot you ten at I no rams' billiard
room to-night.
Prescriptions put up Just right and
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Wood Co   Furniture department.
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Tho culnlnt. nt the Nnpnnee Is tne
best In the city,
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screen doors and window screens at
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at J. II. Hold & tin. Btoro.
Deef, "mutton, pork, veal, hams, ba*
con, larrf, etc, only of the very best,
Phone 41.
"VrorXTi'imlxc I'Vrnlfi" will bn \mttsi\
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Ingrom'e bowling alley.
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If'.'.t hcv, nnd Dwri nhnnn him fnr Mt
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'■iiiIm nre icot 11 jb oui, Thr* utylo now
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Ti '.';•«■;-
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•'-.' *»
•*'*>-■'.■»---J* ■<** •-->-
"§*-;;--t7*t> ■■p-'S-'l"*- :j-4i-f'^''->-J**-3"*> <sv-V>--f-T;J
:■-!). ■
The Official Org^n^qf District Ho.* 18, U. M. W.  of A.
Fernie, B, C., Mayi 29th, 1909
■l."l!. j
■**Mf*V»¥¥¥¥¥¥¥yV¥V¥¥¥¥»'V»¥'¥¥¥ ¥¥¥¥¥¥ V»¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥'V¥¥¥¥¥**i'-***¥
**■*   '..-,     .-.-. *,,*•.'•«.. ..-•   „, ... '.*   - .' ;- ■   ■ \ •'.,'..-• -"   ■•■   *--> -•   • .t
COA L "■.; C REEKy'': i
*■ i -~ * '      '  3
From our. own (Correspondent -. ***■
-.    '" i  -7   -   .' "        .    . ■  ,-"' .   :  .     '.'-.:     .3
Tho written decision of Judge Wilson
In the case of Connell and Scott against
the£. C. It. A. A. for $659 balance of
,.- money due for work dono at; the clu'i.
follows: ■'■    ■. .,."'.
"The plaintiffs, as contractors agreed
to perform certain work on .the defenrt-
.ant's club building, borne of that work
' does not give satisfaction; 'some is good.
It, to, me, is clear that when a contractor lakes a contract he' accepts'all risks
as to surrounding'conditions-and ln
face of adverse conditions must perform
his* work in a good and workmanlike,
manner  and   must  leave  a  completed
• Job of that character. In this action
the questions in dispute regard
to two issues, the plumbing and the
s'tonji; qind cement work.; Tho„ drain
. called for in the contract has not been
dug. The plaintiffs contend that it
was.not dug by reason of the defendant's,request, and that, ln any case   lt
, would be of no benefit. As to" the*facta
j I- think there-is no doubt tha? the
matter was to an extent left open .when
O'Brien said he would see the committee'about It,' must be borne In
mind that there'was no request or dl-
'rectlon by, anyone-that the drain be
not dug.     As to, its usefulness I cannot
■ say, but I do not think that Is'mater-
ial. ' The plaintiffs went-and-did their
cement work without-any-direct uhder-
.    standing of altering the agreement as
to, the drain and  they thus took  „the
risk;arid certainly lt was'incumbent on
them to perform'a proper job, and that
'    they'have not done.
That finding seems to me to be based
on common sense as well as law.   The
defendants wanted a properly con'struc-
.   ted cellar and "they have'not got what
they contracted for. .  Therefore on the
drain, cement work-and. wall,they must
succeed, although  lt sems" to. me..'that
the wall can with little work "be made
good.      As to the plumbing,I find that
.  the'closets were notrput in.good work-
. lng„ order and on' that the defendants
■must succeed.    As to the urinal being
broken  there'- is  some' doubt  in      my
mind'as to that", or as'to' who Is't~o."b"e
■ blamed,( and I will give the-plaintiffs
the benefit of that and find ;in . .their
favor'7    I do not thinlc. that..the plu'mbr
ing in and around the bar was a workmanlike job, properly done.    As to the
>    cuspidor and the flush leadlng;-to, lt I
1 thlnltj'^the defendants'should accept;it.
-. The grating of course was defective but
I have found for the defendants as    to
 th_e  plumbing, £ejQ\^tl>£^Q'^.'i*XQn-'''i-''t>''t'
" proper"or improper.gratlng^B eliminated. ',Iri,face of these-findings defend-
4ants  colinsel  contends .that  the'' whole
• action', should be. dismissed. With this
viewjjt differ. I_t]ijpk;.j'tho payjn'^nt
made.was simply a payment on account,
and not] a payn^rit.'sp'eclally-.^'id'^a.on
the second contract. Tho result ■ is
that the plaintiffs must fall as to cement ;^ork, plumbing and repairing. If,
thc pajrt'les cannot agree as to' the am;.
- ount (hat should be allowed for.carpen-
ter wbHt on July 20 contract, then there
must tie an account.taken as to cost ot
repairing, cement work'and wall and
, putting ln goad workmanlike condition.
At the same tlmo an'account1 must be
• takon'.'', the. cost' of, all".necessary
pipe connections .under .the bar. ....The
■ contract of October 17 1908 "Is Itemized
as to'charges so that,.In.',- a
straight deduction of $180 willio made.'
Costs to bo spoken to. Plaintiff counsel was Sherwood Herchmer and L, P.
Eckstein defendants.-". ■•-■
Alice Jones In a now resident ln Coal
Mrs.. McCourt and' baby' with Miss
McCourt, arrived last week end aftor a
• long sojourn ln Whitehaven, England,
Billy, Palmer from Krag looked In on
' Thursday,, "*   7
Tbo invalid's chair for Fornio hOBplt-
ul,-bought with the proceeds of tho entertainment held at Coal Croak Is advised ob having been nblppod from tho
Adam.Watson wan up from Mlohol for
thp wook ond. „„'
Jack' Palmer la off to his home at
Kraar. •
Mrs, ' Bob J61inHton hns roturned
from'the old .country. Mrs. Mnrrls, a
sister to, Mrs. Sharpies, camo out with
her.       !' "
Hay Bort, can you mannffo.hoth.An**
nlo ami May, How's chances ef taking
n friend?
Jim McQocklo from Frank spont tlio
woek ond horo,
Hill McFegan Is ntlll In tho running
for the post nf vlco prosldont of district IN.
1)111 Clmppol  from  nollovuo    wasn't
'   long In' recognizing I'oto Konnody   on
A certain woman In Wont Fornio
wilt he hoUcr occupied soolng to hoi
own moinl reotltudo Ihnn cnstlng sour-
rlloui Insinuations on tho Conl Crook
Tli* work of shifting thf- hoht in 1:>
district. No, ft mlno wiih a big Job, ||
wn* not compl-Mod whon the morning
iiiilfi of dlKKcrs wont In on TuiM.lny,
and most of them came oui tiavy.
Joo Fonrnn ontorlnlnod frlnnds     on
-  Mnndny night and jollification was tho
Tommy Wilson, Ted Oldscro, W. no-
hlnson nnd Hook Caudal.) camo In nn
a large buggy in great stylo Tuesday
morning. Tho first two aro old timers
and the othor* arc new In tlio camp,
All of them nre strnlffjit from tho old
Was It tk» or Jack who Jumped tip In
Uirlr sleep shouting "That's low. "Oh,
Jlifit iii'i'di ii j i jfiiinr..
" nrorgo Hunt, rmvld Athorlon, Minn
Hunt, Miss Taylor and Mrs, Aubrey
made up a men-*', jvatrt-j- to Michel,, on
Mondrty. They took Iri the danco at
night and are delighted wit hthe plonn*
n*tt  time lhM> linrl
Tom Davies Is now fire bossing at
Frank. .
mil Dixon from Hosmer paid us an-
other visit last week end, and with his
rollicking laugh lightened our troubles.
i'l Did you «e« Jim flharp, Michel, bu*.
tlnr around over Ihe w«»fk nnd. Who
uatA "Wlndhagy"
Tneeday brought two »twlij*>nts In Its
U*tU, hotU nt #, mimewlmi »«rlii»» nature. Th* first '.apiteiifd about ten In
the morning In No. 2 mine when a
YnnOmen man..,.. L*<*n Qutiltu, whilst
w. r'*lng   In   lite  "iHeps*'  district   was
caught by a fall of rock. He was released by willing and hard workers,
who found him ,to be suffering intense
pain from- injuries; to, the chest " and
back. "With, all possible tenderness he
was quickly got out*of the mino where
the doctor attended.him and personally
superintended, his removal to Fernie
hospital. His Injuries,-are several fractures of the ribs wlth'/hemorrhage from
penetrated lung. «   ■
, The second one happened ln the evening, to a rope rider John.McFarlane.
Ho was riding in front of a trip of cars
in :No.' 19'district No. i 5 mino when he
noticed some rock on the track'which
had, evidently fallen from the roof. He
had,not'time to signal for the trip., to
.bo.'pulleal and acting on the Impulse of
th'e mom.ent he endeavored to kick the
rock off as the car contuned running.
In this he was not successful' and the
car on which he was, jumped up,- throw-
'ing. him'into the"sj'de. . He'was badly
squeezed by ,the.,cai-s.. Assistance , s,oon
arrived.and he: was, carried to'.the''outside. The doctor did ,not'-consider his
Injuries. very.,serl'ous,...tliere- being no
worse Indications'- than' bruises about
■the- chest-and- shoulders "'and;'~ slight
shock; and the' man was removed to the
boarding house.. He spent a fairly good
nlglit, but "on Wednesday It was deemed advisable'tV remove him to Fernie
hospital. He clime to this camp from
Spring"Hill C.,B. Just a week ago and
much sympathy is. expressed for his
bad luck.
Billy Bridger went to Michel for the
holiday -and came back, singing cheerfully:
"Never Jritrodooce yer  doh'nah    to    a
'pal     o '   " '"'-.'■
For If yer do'it's ten to one'he'll sneak
■'"         •-...; ..... -    '
■   The'united  service-will'be'In      the
Presbyterian'., church   tomorrow   morning        o     ..'-'
• - Tomorrow'_evenirig the Rev. E. Curry
will preach ills' farewell sermon In the
Methodist church. . A, cordial invitation in- extended, tp, you, .Squamlsh, N.
Vancouver.Is'h'i's'future station.
■ Tom Beattie returned from England
pn .Thursday lalst-week; "W.m.v. Wood
and' David Harlaw,«two,'"Whl'stlers" he
met on the boat, came along with
lll*v-* '*,'.* " ..'.4. -.,
„'-A special train -brought the Michell
football-team-and their boosters here
on Saturday. As they are-the present
championship holders with great hopes
there-was'-a-nice 'bunch "of spectators
persent to see our boys pitted against
them'. Michel was much the' heavier
team, but- on the merits of the, play
»9,PaJa,c.^el!a -Soys hod .t^e^st^'ir' The
decisions of)-*tiioT-**el*'iree. were mofeithan
.'onoe/a'.puzzlirj. It-looked an .If .'he did
not savvy what he was refereelng, a
soccer or a Rugby game. When time
was called Coal Crook was credited to
two goals-and Michel 3. A protest was
at once drawn- up- on behalf of tho
home team and handed in according to
the rule, on the ground of tho Inooin-
pi'lonty of the reforoe. A mostln,? of
tlm Tass Assoclntlon league wn* ho'd
In town in tho evening whon the ma't-
tor..was thrashed ' out ^ahd'tho prote'st
upheld, This tie will thereforehavoto
bo replayed. Coal Creek team: Adam-
sonr;W, McFogan',. Harry; Allen','' John-
stbri, Pnrnell,'Sweeney, Thornton, 0.
Jolsson, Phoonlx, P.- Jolsson; Hnrtwell,
with Syd Hun,t as linesman.
Michel team. Raynor, Masoh, Oakloy,
Whltehouso, Jenkins, McQuoon, Mlllott;
.BarnQs, Qonn, Chambers, Weaver with
Jim Guest ns linesman. Reforoo;—- S.
Armstrong bf Cowley,       , "" .
Harry.Allon, who played for Conl
Crook'Is a'Scotch Internationa), , and
Tom Chambers who played,for Michel,
holds, similar honors,      ' •■"	
Tho meanest man on thc Hold was tho
ono, who. watchod' tho'gnmo- from-tho
top until ho saw tho hat go around find
thon vonturod on to tho, ground and
had ns much to say aH a-paying patron,
15 men In Coal Creok aro opon to play
nny othor lfi mon In tho Pnos n gnmo of
llugny football for a decent Btako, Reply to Lodger, Conl Crook,
No, 1 fan wont on the bum Tucsda*-,
aftornoon and the mon In consoquonco
had n short shift-, •,
On Monday ovoning a Boolnl will ho
glvon In tho Mothodlst church whon a
fnrmul good-bye will ho snld to Mrs,
Wlllln. ThlH lndv Ib nn actlvo work-
or In tho cniioo of religion nnd hus dono
much practical good during hor stay In
Cnnl,Crock, It Is up to ono and all
of you to como out nnd glvo hor a
bPiirty sond off to chobr hor on hor
A lilt of huntltt wnH causci. on Tuesday ovoning whon somn fellows rushed
Into enmp with a utory thnt fmir hears
woro taking llih.gH onsy nt the second
powder houso down the trunk, tinina
nooontod tho yum wllh n grain of salt,
nnd oihni-H «i>t off In a half honrted fn*
shlon, Tho Htory wns Inter vorlflod
from morn thnn ono rollahlu nhui'uu.
Thon rltlOH woro hrouglit out. When
tho spot was reached It wns found thnt
two full grown henrs nnd two culm lind
olnmliorcd up the niountnln sldo, nnd
ns night wns sotting In It was ImpnitHl-
hlo io follow In their trnck.
Jim Hnvldson's wife wnn confined of
a dmightur on Monday.     This ono will
oortalnly ho n kid nf tho etnnlro,
1 flonrgn Crnhbn iillppod Into tho crook
on Wednesdny^     Tho water Is going
down   nt   ti   frrnit   ^iitrr,   1n«t   nn,v      l.itt
George managed to scrnmhle out none
('><.- «jr«c fur hi* xit\i. ,
The violent sliflklng of sorno of our
houses Is not duo to^umps In No, 3 or
cartlKiunkfl shocks. The lady who set
tho oratce of tumbling out of bed In
tho   onrly   hours of tho morning hns
r.    I .. ,     ,   ,      .   ...
.   . ..   .it   u,.i.,^a    .1,.   ,„   ^........    .a...a   .*,   4...^.
going to follow suit.,
Lnit'-week end was one of play In
the tnmp, Hnturdny was the anniversary of the explosion* In No. 2, 11102 and
very tew men applied for1 their lampc.
Apnrt from the footlmll match In the
afternoon there wns nothing doing. On
Mnndny, Rrnplre dny, the mtin-t u.-n«
more lively, The weather, wns brnu-
tlfullv'flno, A football fit-intent between
Hcfttchmon and Englishmen ovclted loin
of good natiired, rivalry. The teams
were: Lnmttart. Rkllllng, Corrigan, Hug*
tins, Archibald, Douglas, Crulekshnnks,
Crabhe,   Moyenj,  Mllehi4!!  and  Wunctn.
with*Jack'Dyer, an unmistakable' linesman, marshalled for Scotland," and Horrocks, Woodruff, Cartnell
Smith,- Mulgrew, Morris, Dodd, Moreland
Ike Smith and McQuilliam,' with Fred
Taylor as linesman tuned . the strings
for .England. A' good match ' resulted
with the Englishmen 3 to 2 to the good.
.' Early in'the day there was a quoiting
handicap. In the.semi finals Hall, nine
start was'drawn against Paddy King,
5,- start, and Charley Sanderson nine
start, met Harry Merner, .8 start. King
and Merrier met In the final' and the
former won. The prizes were'lst $10,
2nd $6, 3rd $4. Refreshments were on
- Those of the committee who were
present1; at the special request of members put their heads together with the
result that the kiddies, of the Creek
were given a high old field day on the
football park in the afternoon. Jack
Tyson; went round with a bell and
there was a fine muster. Small amounts
ot money were given for racing, Jumping, etc., and tho youngsters were kopt
going-In fine style. There were also
races for the grown ups, male and female;- It would be hard to discriminate who worked the'hardest to make
everybody have a good time. Before
breaking up each, kid was given a bag
of candles.. Altogether about 125 .was
expended for the sports and gift's.
; Sandy Bunch became the father of
■another strapping girl on .Thursday:
Remember Sandy, stock's as good, as
money. ,      :-    \
■The girls and boys of the Band of
Hope'.which.meets weekly'in the Presbyterian church are forming an-athletic
association. Here's a chance of healthy
and recreative exercise and amusement
for'your youngster's.
For first class board, clean beds and
sociable company,-go to Skilling's —
Best'in the Greek*. Union Cook. .
*¥¥--¥-¥-»»¥AM*-¥^¥¥¥¥¥¥ ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥■¥»
$ . HOSMER ~   .. v. I
The Fernie football club' had Hos'mer
asopponents in-a league game Monday
before a fairly large crowd-." The Hosmer team was: Hutson, Crooks, Overs-
ley, Climle, Sharp, Balderson, Dickie,
Gordon, Davis, Symonds, and-Wright.
The game opened about- ten minutes
late, Davis kicking off a's'Fernle won'
the .toss and elected to" kick with, the
sun and wind-at their backs: Gordon
took up the pass and he In turn passed
to. Dickie-wlio-had a good try for-goal*'
but Ramsey goflrijhe.'way and wltiya
good kick transferred 'the field' of operations-to'the-other end where Par-
nell ha<T- hard lines with a good shot,
and only clever saving by Hutsbri prevented othe down fall of Hosmer, goal.
It,was"easily seen n'ow^'that Hosmer's
run's; were lost. From a good cr.oss
shot' by Parnell the ball went out", of
play and Crooks-gave^a foul away'-'-by
getting off his heels when throwing in
; From the free klck-Fernle scored on
a shot that looked off side. From the
centre kick Gordon and- Davis had hard
luok In b'elng""blocked as V'goal seemed'certain i-Shortly after this half'time
blew and ;Fernie crossed over, leading
deservedly on the_„run of play, by one
goal to none. Whon play was resumed
It was noticed that Hosmer had ro-ar-.
ranged their tearn, Crooks■ going, out-
sldd.rlght*,-;DlckIo right half and Climle right, back..Right ifr'om the klck'off
l't:wus seei) that Fertile was bent on
-getting another' goal and they scored
on n beautiful, flh(\t,.Hutson',.making a
brilliant attempt to save, but was too
far out from his goal. Tho only foa-
turo of tho socond half was a woll taken goal by Davis and.tho great defence
of Hutson, CllmJc, Ovorsby and Balder-
son for Hosmer,
Shortly nftor tlmo was called and
Fornio won a clean contested gamo by
2 goals to 1. Jim Turnbull of Frank
wns-referee and gave satisfaction to
both .'teams,'a rare' occurrence now-a-
days. .■'•.,
A bunchr)of Hosmorltos woro visiting
on Victoria day,       o   ,
-Dr; and Mrs; Higgins were In Wai-
Bill Dickson was In Fornio on Monday,
Bolr Drlnnan was In Fornio on Monday.    , ,
Jack Millor nlso wont to Fornio.
Dan Dunlop was hobnobbing with a
hunch of old tlmors In Fornio In tho
persons of Jim Turnbull, Jim McOoachlo
Jim Cnrdlo and Goorgo Ross, from
If thoy want talont for football keop
thoir 'oyes on Hosmer. Wo have, n
bunch of good onos that will mako
Home of tho moro fancied ones Bit up
boforo the end of tho sensbn, In the
gamo nt Fertile wo hnd to fall back on
souiii subs, ho thai'Uhdnr tho clrcuin*
HlancoR Paddy Hughes' pats were lucky
to win, Look, out Pnddy for tho return gnmo,
Ilosmor gnus to llollnvue on Hnturdny and with our full lenrn wo expect
to mnko things hum nnd umloiihtmlly
capture two points, The tenm will he
selected from IIulHnn, HlevenN, Ovnrshy,
Climle, Hhnrp, llnldorsnn, Hymonds, Her*
rynmn, Dickie, aordon, Davis, Mcnnnnld
If. Davis,
Mrs, McDonald Is vory sick (it pvuk-
Miss Agnos Dunlop wns In the town
for a run on Mmidny.
Mrs, D, Dunlop took In the gnmo
ut  Ferule on Monday.
P. Cnrosolln wnH doing business In
Hos>-nor on Tuesday.
Q. II. Dunbar wiih lu Cranbrook and
met n lot of old puis.
Ho Hiiyn Homnor I nolo, guild dl him,
We understand thnt It, Gourlay, tho
nrriTit-l, If*     rt     f-\,\. ?{...     l.r.^-1       \ I..    '
to run tho opern house this year. Good
luu», lio,..
Tho ballot vole fur district vice-president tnket place on Mondny,
with friends on the Kootonia tracts.
Messrs.-Mills, furniture; dealers from
Hosmer, enjoypd a day's outing at
Baynes Monday,:the guests.of the Ad-
olphs. •' '   l.'.*••'■ *    ,   '
Mr.J. S,. Adolph made a business trip
to Fernie . on Tuesday' spending " two
days in the Hub.
Messrs; Connor,- Taylor and Noble'
came down rfrom • Coal Creek to spend
Victoria day and view the land. They,
were entertained ,at Mr. E. H. .Stanley's. ... ' ', ; '..
.'. Dr. "Higgins and wife spent Victoria
day at the Island hotel.
Mrs. W.'A. Barter shopped In Fernie
Mrs. Backs reports one hundred and
seventy chickens from a two hundred
egg incubator and they are stlll'hatch-
lng. .'.-'),»	
Miss Julia Streeter spent a couple of
days with her aunt at Elkmouth.
The Whist club met with Mrs. D.' W.
Hart on Wednesday afternoon and with
out a single exception every lady was
present. The president gave a special prize to the- winner who was Mrs.
Beaty of Waldo and Dr. Ross received
the hostess prize. .,The ladles ;had - a
Jolly time and a ver'yTriterestfng busin-'
ess.meeting In. which-Mrs. Robey resigned her office as secretary and Mrs.
Coffee was elected-to<*f111 the'office for*
the rest of the series.'      '*   *'
The social events ln Elko last, week
seemed'to have-.been among the Indian
and the "Olkale Hc^Vportlon of the
residents of,that enterprising berg.
The Kootenay 'river Js.,rising . very
rapidly'and the mi'li'^eopie are fearing
higher wat'erTh'an last season owing to
the late spring:   - .    ■/■■,
Mr. Charles" McNab and Dr. Saunders took in the races in Cranbrook the
first of the week. They report a good
time there, -   ■'
Mr. J. Fusee has the.dam on Rock
Creek completed certainly a
fine piece of work: "
■ There were- a'* numbeP'of,'. visitors in
Baynes'VIctorladay enjoying the beau?
tifiil scenery and rowing on the lake.
All expressed theriiselves delighted at
the outing arid declared their intention
of coming for a longer stay.' There Is
no prettier place for a summer outing
than Baynes lake and people from Fernie, Cranbrook, Hosmerarid other"ceri-
cres recognize it'.
$ ,:.'-:   MICHEL ; _
* .*'      .*^-."7 %
(Too' late for-last week.) ■ y;
Mr. 'F. R. Anderson is again paying
us a visit, and-there'ris'-no 'doubt''that
he is the- best-liked1.-'real estate'man
to these parts, - Mr.. '.'Anderson . is
representing the weli^riown' firm of
McLeod,. Mark, arid Company 'of--New
Westminster. ■-■-'.■■   ■;:■   i:.',..i.-    .„•-,'
the firm'.of H.' Ev'/We'oer'arid the firm
is now styled' as' H.-"/P-."j-*Webef *. arid
Son, r       ''-y- ^   y-'-Jnr cy    :    ,; -.-.-
A SlavonlariVsubject named Gasper
Capola_was fqundjdeaa ln..hls.sliack in
Old' Town ons Monday last. „ Capola
was not seeri'; around as'-Jusual for:'se-
veir'al'-days'-'-and when ari^entrance' was
ma^.e.t? bis shack he was found dead.-
He had the sum of (50 In his pocket.-' -       —-- -;—,-
• A beautiful"boy-has "arrived" at thb
home of Mr. and Mrsi E. Roberts.
..There wjis quite a lot..o£dIsappolnt-
ment caused '.last week owing to the
polico -interfering and.,'stopping the
wrestling mutch thai was billed, for
.Monday, last-botween Cyclone .-Kid and
the Human'Derrick.
Tho danco held last week under the
auspices of tho ladies of St.- Taul's
church was a-great'.success, everyone
had a good.tlriie, • The'suppor was a
feature of tho night. " Itls becoming
more' evident at every dance or social
held that a larger hall Is urgently' required. ■ ,,
Thero was a groat send off bri Thursday to Messrs. Montgomery, Allan and
Westgato Bros.
.'Davo Smith, tho master machanlc nt
Conl, Crook, was In 'own on Tuesday
visiting friends.
Andy Good tho proprietor* of ■ the
Crows, Nost hotol whs In town o>i
Thoro will bo a smoking, concert hold
nt-,an curly dale In nld'of tho Now
Mlchol nthlotlo club,
Mr. Harry Curr Is giving ' up- tho
woll  known  Balmoral Boarding house
,at the end of this month.' Mr. Harry
Ryan is to be his successor. Although
Harry is giving,up his boarding house
he will still run"ia bus: .
- Yorkle has sworn off the boose, he
says, for five years. '
The family of Mrs. James Mercer
arrived here on Thursday from Lancashire, Eng. „
,. Mr.. J. C: Day has taken the position
of book keeper at the Great Northern
hotel, New Michel.
'' Jlriimy McCool has nearly completed
■ his contract to clear the Coal Co. lots
ln New Michel. This Is a great Improvement to the town and should help
things a whole lot. ■
. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sheating arrived
here on Thursday morning from a holiday trip  to  the Old Country.
The addition" to the Great Northern
hotel Is In the hands-of the plasterers
and should bo ready soon for occupation. ./Messrs. McCool and Moore are
building a meat house.
The new branch of the Imperial bank
In New 'Michel /is now complete arid
should soon be open for business.
B. C.
General Merchant
PITTSBURG, May 25—Fire, started
early today In Mine No. 3 of the Pennsylvania Gas Coal company a few
miles from Irwin, where over 400 mln
ers were at work'.  -
The alarm sent the men hurrying for
the shaft and all of them reached the
surface in safety.
The fire0 started in 'the rear entry,
and is making rapid headway and will
have to be walled in before it can be
headed off.-    .-•,■'
The loss will be heavy. The origin of therfire is not known.
. The following are expelled from the
Middlesboro local union and secretaries are warned against them*. Bruce R
Warden, mine supt., David Gray, fire
boss, J. Reid," accountant, Thomas
Smith, miner, W, Smith, miner, so called union miners at that,' who are now
expelled from Middlesboro local'union
for breach of faith; etc.,. just landed
from the old country, are'the names
of the ■ five • men summoned on the
charge of hpusebreaking at Middlesboro-.
OTTAWA'.May 24—The flood situation around Hull and Chaudler is* little
changed today.;' The* mills are still
closed and--will;-remain,so for some
Aveek"sr"ah— unf ^tunatenspn'diti.oh- f or
1500 employees .'"At the Gatineau the
water is still rising' rapidly,and at
Gatineau Point several house's - have
been.- shifted ;fr0nf '"their*'foundations
and-lie, at different '.angles,,..,	
"•" .* -  notice: '
-a . ■
,..Sixty days  after date* I,  the'undersigned, Intend apply to the, Supt. of
Provincial Police for a renewal ofiny
hotel license at Gateway, B,  C,
Dated this lst da>j of May; 1009.
Gateway B.C.   5t
•»*»♦♦■»♦♦ -»*»**>♦■»•*»♦♦♦<».
20 noi'OH of good land for
sulo covered with Cudnr nnd
Tiimnrnc. Closo in, $:i*T> per    Apply
Ledger Office    i
2120     ' ♦
4> + + ++4>4i*&4>+<++++ ++0
The Fernie.; Pressed Stone & Concrete
Sewer Pipe Company
All IcIikIh of concretu work dono, oxcavtUinif, suwor ditches, con-
cioto nldo wnlkH, Iron foiicos, and concroto lawn rollers, nlso
Flro Proof Dweolfngs from $1,000 up j
Ovor 70 different (IohIriih to chooso from. Uoforo building hnvo     |jj
n look nt our iIchIkiih nnd prlcofl. <**-,
(j1    P.O. Box 250        W. M.  DIOKEN,  Mgr.        Fornio, 12.0.    $
£-'*''•*» t'"i>"*;'*t>*»^^
fUyne* Is to hnvo nnother church
M«v. Fniher Truvcrnler came down mi
Tuesdny and iturchnsoi) a sue from P.
W Hart for tt nt-w Csthollr i-nurch. It
wilt he 1'Iluo.UJ un th*-. fl.'.1-'. cun-tt-r
hloek north of tho IContcmlo cursorles
The flumo wurtc for (I.i*- K*.„iirnnv II.
ver 1-and compnny Is pro-crreM-i*** nlrety
und*it the supervision of Mr. Lynch,
MIm Kltson snil M<-«**rs. Ilnrr* it nnd
Dennltnn came down from Orotihri-ii,**,
on Buriday night to spend VlcUrl.a da,'
Maltiini^ Profit
Wn r.Tdili'lj t>.\|ii>il to iiinke
ii rensiiiiiilile profit im every"
(hi ii IC uc Nell, If no dlil unf xw
moulil rlimr ti|i uliiiii, Itut mind
vim wr unlit rrimuiinlil'', Sunn1
ilrnlrrN mint lilir iirotlln lint
tlicii 1lu-y iiri" Niillaili'il with Ivxv
f>nU-H. Wc run mir liintliif-m on n
illffirent titiHlni niiinll imiflln
often rrprnteil. Wrsrr niiIMIciI
■ nil uur <***»lom«*r» nr<> tmlUllril
to neve rnonej' «m icnoil ijimllly
a<>oi!s*»**-ao> »vi*ryliii)ir» *t\U*tril.
PitusKa*. 17 Goods I>eliv«r«d Free
j "f^'ei'W^o-CT'ar^ <j-r/-<nc.-er<~c
Indian Robes and Bead Work
Souvenirs of The Great West
and   Indian  Curios
-   Real Estate That Grows
Big Red Apples
The Nearest Fruit and Farm Lands to the
Crows Nest Pass Mines
See Elko,  Robsviile and
Tobacco Plains
. '  - ,      AND
"Praise God From,Whom All Blessings Flow''
B. C,
Special Display
T HAVE now on- view a stock of Dress
r Hats in the. most up-to-date styles'at.
exceptionally low paices. Some are .trimmed
with ■ Mechlin, Flowers, Caiffons, Ribbons,
Dresdens, Silks, Wings, Cabachons and jet
Beads..;. A few Block Plats with Plumes will
be offered at '$7.00 ...     '
=_J^ash  Dresses
Also a display of Wash Dresses, White Mus- ,,
litis;. Fancy, .Muslins,' Linen and 'Duck.   , Some-
are made in the Jumper style from, $5 to $7.00
**$>4>*«>*>s>*e>«t.<i.^^4o **»**»*»*»«**i*-»^
Rhubarb Roots
Also Cabbage and Cauliflower
■      Plants nnd Flovvers for
planting: Out <
John McLachlan
West Fernie Greenhouse
BiiHinoHH Dlock**,   Clmi'ch'-is
HcIiooIn, iiikI***heavy work 11
W     A icon!
A     nml
f     fro.*,-
Airi'iUx for Kilinntilnii 1'iii-moiI Uriel*:
nml   IIiiiiiI   I'olnl   (.'oiiniiiiii   iuul
I'li'wviil   Ilrlrli.      I'Mliimlci.   fur*
nl«lit'il fi'ou
'^sttssmXi 999tttn <
■   '
Ti')* un for noo'! Purtrslturi*,   1'ilcei
uiniliirat*).    Aildrcit PelUtt Av«nn*
A     OP!>fi.«ITR     THK     HnSPITAI.
Fernie Opera House
a ui inoiivvi
Rooms to Let
At H. A. Wilkes'
Opp. Fire Hall
An   AH    Modern    House
Including Bnths
NOTICI*; Ik lif-rrhy'Klven Hint tho
pnrfnnrHhln beretnttxrc iniiir,i«i|iirr i,j'i
twtHiii uh, ^llio iinil'irHlRiiud. ns Ptnnt-
ch-ih Mini la.uiitiuctoiH, ut Kunilo nnd
Homiiht, HiUIhIi (..'uluiul-lii, uiulor (ho
firm tiHint* of Kummer llrothcrs, wiih
dlsNolvpilnnn or fi.'Oiit thn ICtli dny of
IK'ci-mil'of, llifl«.
tV,l   alv.nii.   'w'i.ik,   Hi   -ilit;   fcrtii)   Jiitll*
iia-ruhlp nre lo ho pnld to Alox M, Wnt*
non, doptily rrRltitritr of llio County
Court of KdHt Kootftnny, Fornio, 11. (\
'.ml nil claims nj-nlnst tho snld pnrt*
imrshlp nrrj to ho prosonti-d to'tho
snld Alox. H Wntson forthwith l»y
tt-liom the e.amc will Ix- iw'((li-,l nu f.xx
i ur posslblo. "
; Dufi*'! at the City uf IV in In li, tl.i*
j I'rovlitcfl of llrltlsh Columbln, Oils fclh
Idny or Mny. A. D, 1000.
.!> r
The Crows Nest Football league is
now in full Wing. Hosmer is the latest acquisition to that body. This
reaises the number of clubs to eight,
an interesting series of games which
will tun right through the season have
been arranged.
Below will be found the position of
the various clubs of the league up to
Play Won   Lost Draw
♦Michel    '.'   3       2 0 1
Fernie     4       1 0 3
Coal Creek    ....    2       1 0 I '
Bellevue         3,.     1 1 , 1
Coleman        3       1 2 0
Hosmer         1       0 1 0
Cowley         2       0 2 0
Frank        0
Goals Scored .
For Against
iGame Laws!
Michel       8       3
Fernie ' .-     6       5
Coal Creek '     3       1
Bellevue         4       4
Coleman     3       5
Hosmer     1       2
Cowley .;     1      6
"Two points for a win and one for a
♦The Coal Creek vs. Michel game
has heen ordered to be replayed and Is
not included In this table.
All the clubs have, commenced tho
season v 'ill ae exception of tb.** rank
club who open the season today-.the
29th at Michel.
The Michel club is leading and have
a strong evenly balanced team, which
should not be far from the top at the
One game in the league competition
was played on Saturday, May 22nd, Michel visiting Coal Creek. The game
was largely spoiled by the referee, who
was not in fit condition to take charge
of the game. »The finish saw Michel
leading by three goals to two, but it
was evident that had a capable person
been1 officiating that the game would
have been entirely different.
It was' generally expected that the
losing side would protest. This was
exemplified toward the close, the Coal
Creek captain handing the referee a
. protest which was latterly sustained
by the league.
Fernie 2; Hosmer 1
This was the result of the.league
game played arFemiFTon^MMtlayrthe-
24tlr. The game was a poor one. The
Hosmer side showed" an evident lack
of training, and the game was onesided. The old weakness of Fernie
in front was again evident, and accounts for the.small'score, Fernie just
getting home by the odd goal. * The
goal keeper was the'only outstanding
player on the Hosmer team. Fernie
were best served by the backs, but
the half backs were not so*'.strong* as
usual., Price needs polish, this being
his first, game this.season. Klnnear
played his usual reliable game, but
Mills piny was not up to his,usual form
—an improvement In front will be required to overcome Coleman,
A meeting of the Crows Nest Pass
Football league was held in the King
Edward hotel on Saturday afternoon,
May 22nd, Mr, Chappie ot Bellevue,
vice president of the association, presiding, The following clubs were represented: Fernie, P. Hughes; Michel,
T, HarrlB! Goal Creek, D. Paton; Hosmer, T. Climle; Coleman,E. Barnes;
Frank, J. Turnbull; Bellevuo, W.
Tho mooting adjourned beforo tho
transaction of any' business to allow
the membort* to attond tho match nt
Coal Creek,
Tho meeting assembled again at 7
p.m. when tho following business was
disposed of.
Claim by Bellovuo against tho Cowley team for two points for not ful*
filling their fixture. The Cowley club
woro granted an opportunity to arrange anothor fixture with Ilollovue,
but provided any exponHO hnd heen incurred by the Bellovuo club In advertising or In otherwise arranging for
the gnmc, the snmo should he paid by
Alex. McFegan of Coal Crook ond
W, Fraud* of Colemnn wero summon*
od to appear boforo tho mot'llnrj; for
The reform*! had failed to send a
written report In tlilH caso, ho theso
playorH gol off with a cciiRiirc. Thoy
wero glvon to undoi'Htimd that any
repetition of th<* offonro would be
moro harshly doalt with.
Protest by Conl Creek against thu
referee In their gonio with Michel, The
prntPBt wns based on tho Inahlllly of
that offlclnl to take chnrgo of tho
gnmo.     Tho protem wiih   sustained,
',.'..\ '.'.. ' I'.'.!.-..'   ("iv'TM  te \\n rfnlnypit
nt Conl CrmAi.
Tho donation In tho Hmgiio by Mr,
T. C'rnhiin of Michel of tho sum of
$..1.0 nnd tho dlsposnl of thu snmo wan
discussed. It was ultimately docld*
t.,t in nno thin mntiov nn the widens of
u fund to provide medals In tlio future fur winners of tho Fort Steele cup,
It was agreed to appropriate tho aum
of $100 for this purposo for tho pros*
ent. season.
Tho draw In tho first round of tho
Fort Steele cup was mndti nml result*
oil as follows;
Hosmer vs Cowley, referee John*
■tone, Fernio. ,.
Colemnn vn. Bellevue, referet. Turn*
bull, Frank.
Frank vs Coal Creok, referee McLean
Michel vs Fernie, referee Oliphant,
Bellevue'. '-    ";
Ties to be played on the ground of
the first named club not, later than' August 28th. '"'
2nd round: Ties to be played not later than September 11.
Frank or Coal Creek vs Hosmer or
Cowley: .Referee McLean.
Coleman or Bellevue vs'Michel. or
Fernie; Referee P.-Mulgrew of. Coal
Creek.    ,      • l
The arrangements for the final are
left over until the next meeting which
will be held in Coleman.
The league games for today, May
29, are:
Michel vs Frank, played at Michel
Fernie vs Coleman to be played at
These games will be close but the
home team in each case should pull
New Westminster won the 2nd game
of the Minto Cup series from the Re-
glnas with the utmost ease, the final
score being 12,to.2 for the Salmon
This makes the combined score for
the two games on which the possession of the cup depended 18 to 6 In favor of Westminster, and the showing
the champions made this afternoon Js
taken to mean that It will be, a long
day before the cup takes a trip to other parts.        '       - '
The game this afternoon was a farce
as far as a good exhibition of lacrosse
was concerned. The Reginas adopted
the same tactics as at the last game
constantly trying to draw out the New
Westminster defence but the latter absolutely failed to respond to the call.
Several times the Westminsters slackened up their terrible pace, but the
Reginas seemed utterly unable to use
their men to advantage.' They seemed to lack courage to bore in on the
Minster defence and at times completely loSt their heads. Alex:-. Turh-
bull'E check.was remarkably lax and
the old veteran roamed over, the field
at will, his .assistance being responsible for no'less than.nine of his team's
goals. *       . "
New Westminster played a strong
all round game,,'the style of playing
leading- many- to, believe that- .~tEey
slackened off the latter part of last
Thursday's game purposely'to add interest to the game today. In iridivld-;
ual and team play alike they had-it
all over'their adversaries and experts
simply laugh when-asked-to compare
the teams. . . "  •
' Before'; starting', the flrst'i'quarter
Feeney said Westminsters would
make four goals and the team went
one better,'while ,Regina did riot "find
the net at all,-
With this commanding lead the
Westminsters let up on play iri the
next quarter and at the call of time
the goals stood ,3*2 in favor of the cup
In the third quarter Westminsters
did not exert themselves but the Reginas had not spirit or strength to respond to the call of their coaches and
tho quarter ended without scoring.
In the fourth quarter tho Reginas
were plainly all ln and the champions
did as they pleased, scoring four
goals.   4   . .
Lynch of the'New Westminster management, repeatedly called,to his mon
from the club house to go slow, as
thero was no' u6ed bf hard work', but
nmld Inughter nnd jokes the defence
rushed tho ball.through time and tlmo
again to the Regina net.
Contrary to expectations, the gamo
was remarkably clean,' only;a fow calls
being mado lo slop for injuries nnd
these chiefly duo to tho'faults ot tho
Injured players thomsolvou.
It. Is expected hoj-o thnt tho ReglnnB
will face in<i nowly orgnnizod Vtinco***
ver team this week,
Eastern Lacrosse
At Montreal—Nationals 8, Tecum*
sohB 4.
At Toronto—Toronto 11; Cornwall
TORONTO, May 21—Tho Tom Longboat-Alfred Shrubb 20-mllo ruco attracted a Inrge crowd tonight, Long*
liont won easily and by a good margin Ir. tho fast thnu of l.r.*,.
Northwestern League
W,    L.
'■'-•'•. ♦Mo                                  pt*      io
Rpnltnne          211     1(1
Portland     -,...   17    20
Vancouvor     .,,   ll,    22
Tacoma         U>    i*:*
"An honored eltlionof this town was
snfforliiK from a sovo'ro attack of dys*
entry. He told a friend If ho could
ohtnln a bottle of Ohnmberlnlns Collr,
Cholera nnd Diarrhoea Remedy he
Mt confident of bolnir* cured, he hnv*
Ing used thla remedy in tho west, He
waa told that I kept It In atock and
lost no time In obtaining It, and was
Tiromptl> cured," snys M. J. Leach,
druggist of Wolcott, Vt, For sale by
all druggists.
Continued close season—Columbian
or Coast deer, duck of all kinds and
Snipe, grouse of all kinds, Prairie thicken, Ptarmigan, pheasants,, quail,
Geese of all kinds, Black Game, Capercailzie, Partridges.
Birds living on noxious insects, Robin, Gull, Chaffinch, Blackbird, (English) Thrush, Linnet, Skylark, Swan,
eggs of protected birds—Continued
close season.
Beaver, (until lst of August 1911).
Cow or'calf Caribou, Moose, Elk, or
Wapiti; Deer (fawn) Mountain Sheep
(ewe or lamb.) Closed season.
' Bittern, Heon, Plover,- Meadow Lark
—Open Season January, ' February,
September, October, November, De-
Moose, (bull), Caribou, (bull) Elk or
Wapiti (bull) Hare. A close season
is declared by Order of Council in
certain districts. Open season September, October, November, December.- * .    . ■
Deer, (other than Coast or Columbian), Mountain Goat—Open season:—
September, October, November and
part of December.
Mountain sheep rams. A close season is declared by^rderin council In
certain districts.—Open season, September, October and first half of November.
Bear—Open season: all year with
exception of latter half of' July and
the month °of August.
Land Otter, Marten: Open season :
January, February, March,' November
and December. .   „•.
North'of the 55th parallel onlyl.—
Duck, grouse, ptarmigan:' Closed season: April, May, June, July,' and to
middle of August.
Memo: Lieutenant Governor In council has power (by proclamation in two
successive issues" of. Gazette) to declare a close season for any animals
or birds' mentioned in Game Act in any
portion of the province for any period. He has also power, by like
proclamation, to remove prohibition
of killing Pheasants, Quail, Partridges,
Grouse, Prairie Chicken, Ptarmigan,
Duck of all kinds, Snipe, Geese of-all
kinds, Black Game, Capercailzie, Columbian or Coast Deer.' • •*• a
Bag Limit for one Season
Illegal to kill more than:
3 bull caribou   . .-...'
5 deer *     -
2 elk or wapiti '• ■'■" *- ,
2 moose (or 1'.in county, of-.Kootenay)    -          . " ;-':     -   ,.  ..
5 to 3 mountain goat •-_•      . -, . .
.liJL to. .2 mountain sheep of any, one
species, or 1 in county~of   Kootenay."
250 duck or snipe. -
,i .
Sale of Game
Heron and Plover, lst September,
to last day of'February. ,   ,_•,■.
Moose (bull) hare, lst Oct. to 31st'
Mountain- sheep, rami, ist Oct. to
Nov.  15; ' '  ■   -
Mountain goat, 1st October to 15th
Deer (buck only, expect species that
are known as Columbian or Coast)
September lst to November 15th, On
Vancouver island and Islands adjacent
thereto, any time to sell
any animals, young or old, buck or doe
of the species' Black tailed deer'.^
General penalty, for each .offence:—
Fine "not exceeding'$100 or '30 days
Imprisonment, or both,fine and Imprisonment.' '' * '
, For shooting moose, wapiti, (Elk),
Caribou, Mountain Sheep, Mountain
Goats out of season, or ln excess ,of
number allowed by, this act, not loss
than $250 or moro than $500.
For shooting any species of deer out
of season, or In excess of number allowed this net not, less, than $25 or
more 'than $100.      .'- ■'
For taking trout out of Beason-— A
flno not'excoedlng $r>0, • *   -
For taking trout lllogal devices,
a. flno not, exceeding $250,
Arrest, Search, Etc.
Any constable, peace officer or any
game wardoncan arrest without warrant any portion found committing an
offence ngnlnst tho Gnmo Act, nnd
has power to search persons, vossols
and conveyances, and shops whoro tho
game Is uaually exposed for sale, or
storehouses, warehouses, restnurnnt's,
hotels or eating houses,
Illegal at any, time-
To oxport gnmo birds or nnlmnls In
their raw Btnto, or any portion or part
of snmo, except bonr, .rnnrlor. nnd land
otter nnd nnlmnls or birds killed under
llnonso granted to non-roHldont,
To kill or take .gnmo birds or animals of any kind Imported for nccllm*
attention purposes,
To hunt door with Aon*. To kill doer
for hides nlono,
To trap, net, snare or tnke by moans
of gins, bnitod lines, drugged bait or
other contrivances ahy birds mention*
od In tho act, or to attempt lo do no.
To attempt to tako trout, by tisiiig
uny explosive, pol-ton, ut-i, -.d-iu, «.,..<,'
not, or othor dovlce, othor than hook
nnd lino. (In takes of CO squaro miles
or over, nut v.' Bolno or drag, aro allowed .
To use M-Writ-ii vo*.* mn u«>.\. io. .a.....,,*,
trout.  •       ■ •'
To buy or aoll, or offer to buy or sell
heads of mountain sheep, elk or wapiti
Moose, Cralbbu or tho tooth of wnpltl
or elk,
To sell grouse, (lurks, pheasants,
prnlrlo chicken, ptarmigan, geese, Columbian or count deer, nunll, part*
To kill any game birds or nnlmtila
between one hour after sun-jet and one
hour before aunrlse.   .
To une batteries, swivel guns    or
sunken punts, for taking wild" duck or
geese In non tidal waters. '^ , ;
To expose :for sale any deer, mountain sheep, goat, elk; moore or. caribou,
wlttioufheaft-on.',''' '.'■"    y'^'if'  '''""""''
To "expose any. game bird* for sale
without its plumage on. -Jr'    v
To sell or "expose for sale ahy game
birds or,animals during.the close sea-
To' keep game in cold storage at any
time. ;    7 .••_ yy    r;, y: - /-.'*/-•: ■ ■
To trespass or permit dogs to enter
on enclosed lands, •
To export from province'and deer,
alive or/dead-.-t'he hide/or any other
portion thereof,-.except under license
granted to non-resident. ■
..To kill, take, trap or attempt to kill,
take or trap beaver, or sell, barter, or
have in possession untanned. pelts, of
beaver at any time during the period
of six years' from' the^'lst of-August,
1905: . '""','
To take any..trout under.six Inches
in length. ■••■'.
- A close season has been declared by
Order in Council for the following animals In the districts named:"   • .    ",
Mountain Sheep:—All that portion
of the province to the south of the
Canadian Pacific Railway from the
Coast as far east as the Coulmbia river, from Revelstoke to the International boundary. . 7    '   -
Wapiti (or Elk) ln East Kootenay.
Game- reserves have been made, one
situated between the Elk and,White
Rivers, In East Kootenay; the other
on, the .North Fork of Bridge, River,
Lillllet district. ....,.*;
Victoria Harbor
Illegal to "shoot or discharge a firearm within the-harbor to the north of
a line drawn from Shoal Point to Work
Point or. in Victoria Arm between
Point Elllce Bridge and the north side
of the Gorge bridge, „       ,       ' '
Vancouver.Harbor .
Illegal to shoot or discharge a firearm in that part' of harbor to the
south of'a-line drawn easterly from
Brockton point to the "south east corner of District lot 274 (North Vancouver) and to the west of a line drawn
southerly' from the. said south east
corner of District Lot. 274 .to the
north east corner of ' District Lot 184
on the south side of said habor. ■
Illegal"to take bears by means of
traps . south of the main. line of the
C. P. R.    ' *   '     -   '   *
■ ' i   jy,'   "C~- . -,-;-•
. Chewing Tobacco „.'
\. The big black plug. ■.
"Progressive' Fernie" will be Issued
on or about August 1st. It will'contain
over 100 pages of profusely Illustrated
information about public'life in this
thriving city. Advance orders should
be placed at once.:Price within reach
of all,' 50c. Apply Ledger Office. -
Excursion Rates
Fernie to
.New Westminster
Beilingham .
Corresponding low rates from
other points
''laJENTisT^ 7''y'r:y'-l
IJow * .doing* busbies^-at^he Johnson-
Faulkner Bloct.^ Ofticeihours 9-12.30
•rnrL'8*..    • '.'*";,i:'":'       ■  I, - *''
1.80-5.". .   ; - £
..  '   ''.      ■'      ,*."'.   ■'-',,'--,-
Ternle *
ii B* c.
W. R. Ross K.C.     J.S.T. Alexander.
:"'  '        ■.■■■■      ■■ '".-  •■...'.-■■#.
>    .       ROSS & ALEXANDER ,„- .
~ Barristers and Solicitors.
Fernie, B. C.
r-      '"
Tickets on Sale Daily,'
May 29th to Oct. 14
Return  limit 60 days, but not-
later than Oct. 3ist
** *i        ',
., Liberal Stop-Overs Allowed
For complete informaiton soo Agents
* or wrlto
J. E. PROCTOR, D.P.A., Calgary
l. p, eckstein.^
barrister; solicitor.
,   fernie, b. c.
F. C. * Lawe
Alex. I. Fisher
. Fernie, B. C. .
. Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
Hours 9 to 1; 2 to 5; 6 to 8.
Residence 21 Vlotorla.Ave.
NOTICE' is hereby given iliat thirty
to the Hon. • Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a-illcense to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands situated ln S.
E. Kootenay, British .Columbia, Block
4593, ■ "  '
Commencing at" a post planted at or
near one mtle„east of the present C. P.
R. survey line of 33 mile post and being
the south east,corner pf Charles Vau-
ghan's claim; *
Thence running north'SO chains;-
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thence running south 80 chains;
Thence running east 80 chains '
to a point of commencement,    making
640 acres more or less.        .        .  „„„„
1   Located this' 24th day of April, 1909,
CHAS.  VAUGHAN,  Locator.
Witness: Nat Babcock,
Commencing at a post planted at or
near one milo east of the present C. P.
R. survey line at 31 mile post and being  the   north 'west  corner  of  S.   H
Jackson's claim No. 2;
'   Thence running east 80 chains
Thence running south 80 chains;'
Thence running west 80 chains;  ,
Thence running north 80 chains;
to a point ot commencement,   molting
040 acres-more or less.
Located this 24th day of April, 1909.
1 S. H. JACKSON,    Locator.
Witness; Nat Babcock,
Commonclng at a post planted at or
near ono mile east of tho present C. r.
n, survey lino at 81 mile post, and being the north oast corner of John Livingstone claim; x „„   ,   .
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thenco running south 80 chains;
•Thonco running'oast 80 chains v
Thence runnlnir north 80 chains;
to a point of commencement,   making
040 acres moro or less.
Locatod tlits 24tn day of April, 1900,
Witness; Nat Babcock
Commonclng at a post planted at or
near ono milo cast of tho prosont; C. P,
It..survey line ut 34 milo POBt and being
the north east cornor of A. H. Buliocl.
claim; .    v. .....   ,>•, -. .. „,. ,• •., ■
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thonco, runnlnir south 80 chains;
, Thenco running cast .80 chains
Thenco running north 80 elialns;
to a point of commoncoment,   making
IHO noros more or low*.
i  Locutnd. tills 24th day of April, 1003.
A. II. BULLOCK, Locator
Witness; Nat Dabcoek
Commonclng a*, n post planted at or
noar three mflei onnt of lho present O.
P, n, survey lino at 80 mile post, and
bolng the south oast corner of Alice
Htedwcll's claim! . ..   ,   ,
Thunco running west 80 ohalns;
Thence running north 80 cholriH;
Thence running oast 80 chctlns
Thonco running south'80 chains;
to a point of oommonoemenl,   making
mo ui'i'i's mure or l'<**i*.   •
Locati-d this 28th dm' of April, 1009.
WltncNM' Nut llabcock*
Commm-icltiir nt n post planti«d nt or
n<'ar J mllu t'nsl of the presi-nt C. 1', It,
survey line at 3*1 milo post, and being
llm north wt-sl corner Chorlee Vaugh*
an's olnlm;        ■ . .-    ,   ,
Thorn-*!' running onst M.chains
Thonce runn nu* south 80 chains;
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thon**'*' running north (10 chains;
In n point of euinmoncement,   making
mn niiri'H mnn* or Iokh, ......
y.npntcd this 34th"day of April, 1909.
v,*u„c....::... R:.' ■■'■M-
L'tnimiDuUiu nt n pn-t plnnlfd nl or
near one mile enst of tlio present C.V.
It. survey line at 33 mild post and b;-
Ing the south west corner of 8. II,
Jackson's clnlm, „»   ,   ,
Thr-nci* running p«st B0 chains
Thoncu runnlnir north KO chains*,
Thonco runnlnir west HO chains;
7>t ,..,,.„  rn».**lnir unillh  RO chains;   "
to u point of commencemetii,   u.h'A.-iif;
84ft acres moro or less.
I.ocnttd this J4th day of April, MOti.
J. I.lVlNflHTQNB, Agent
H. H, JACKHON, Locator.
Witness; Nat Pat-cock
Commonclng at a post planted at or
rwnr ono mile east of the present C. 1».
It, survey line at it mile post and be.
ing tin* norm weal comer A. II. nul-
lock claim;       . ./..*.,
Th-Miee runntnc south 10 chalni;
'I'l.mti** running cunt H« rheine
Thence running north 10 che\ne\
Thence runnln* west l» chalne;
to a point of commencement,   making
t40 acres mere or lest.    .
I.ocsted this S4th day of April, !»0«.
A.  II.  nULLOCK, Locator.
Wltnttr: Kai Babee******* -
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I Intend to apply
to the Hoii.- Chief Commissioner' of
Lands and Works for. a license to prospect for coal, and petroleum •* on the
following described, lands, situate In
South East kootenay, British Columbia, Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near 2 mile east of thc-
30 mile post of the present C. P. R.
surveyed line and being the north east
corner of W. . J. Pearson's claim;
thence running south .80 chains; thence-
running west 80 chains; thence running north 80 chains; thence running
east 80 chains to the point of. commencement making 640 acres more or
less. -        - .....
Located this 7th day of, April, 1909.
.Pioneer Builder and Contractor of,
Fertile    /
^ " ' ''*•      i~'   a "
Al- MajDougall, Mgr*
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
Send us your orders
E. A*.' Kuniimer ,"       L L. O. Stammer
*    l<, ■ • ' •*
Satti-m-kt-es Furnished.
,'    '        ..J '--   -
Wa did^' ,We are firing away at the
old business    -
NOTICE Is hereby (jlven that thirty
(30) days after, date I intend to apply
to the' Hon.' Chief Commissioner', of
Lands and Works-'for a'llcense-to-pros-
pect for coal and petroleum on, the
following described, lands, situate ln
South .East Kootenay, British Columbia, Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted' at or near 4 mile east of'29
milo post of tho present C. P. R. surveyed line and- being the south west
cornc\r of Miss Lllllon. Eschwlg's claim
and marked the south west corner of
Miss Lillian Eschwlg's claim, thence
running ,east 80 chains; thence run-,
nlng north 80 chainB; thence running
west 80 chains; thence running south 80
chains to the point of commencement,
making 040 acres more or less,''
Located this 7th day of April,' 1909,
■ 160 acres of land for sale
7 miles from Pincher Creek,
v Alta.'",50 acres cultivated,'
.rest,all level.    First class
■   buildings, good water,* land
~^free'of"stonesr**r—   :      '■
Lumber  Dealer
All kinds of rough and dressed lumber
Victoria Ave.        MortH Fernie
NOTICE is hereby given that,>thirty
(30) days after date I Intend to apply
to tho Hon, Chlof Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a llconoc to prospect for coal and petroleum on- tho
following described lands, situate In
South East Kootonay, British Columbia, Block 4593 commencing-at a pout
planted- at or near 3 miles east of
the 20 milo post of the present C, P. R.
surveyed lino and being the north cast
corner of S' M. Moore's claim, and
marked tho north east corner of S, M.
Moore's claim, thenco, running west 80
chainB) thence running south 80 chains,
thence running east 80 ohalns; thence
running north 80 chains to the point
of commencement, making 040' acres,
more or loss,
Locatod thiB 7th. day of April, 1009,
S. M. Moore, Locator.
1   ', Apply at
The Ledger Office
M. A. Kastner
Fire, Life, Plate -Glass
and Accident .
v   Insurance
. '.a..  ;"««{■"
Secretaries.: pf Local Unions
DISTRICT 18   U. M. W. of A. ■
NOTICE Isheroby given that thirty
(30) days after dato I Intend to apply
to tho Hnn, Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to pros**
pect for coal and petroleum on tho
following doscrlbed lands, situato In
Houth East Kootenay, British Columbia, Block 4B93, commencing at a post
plnntod at or near 1 mile cpst of SO
milo post of tho present C, P. ft, surveyed lino and being tho northwest
corner of Mrs. Ella Hockley's claim und
mnrked the north west corner of Mrs.
I'.lla Ilaclclcy's claim; thoncu running
fait 80 chains; thence running south
80 chains; thenco running west 80
chains; thenco i;unnlng north 80 chnln*'
to tho point of commencoment, malting
(HO nore's moro or loss,
I.ocntert this 7lh dny of April, ltilO.
„        MIIB, ELLA HACKLEY Locator
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty
(80) days after date I Intend to apply
to the Hon. Chle** CommUtloner ot
I.nnds and Works for a llc-inse to prnn.
pent for conl and petroleum on the
♦'.limiting rtiapn-nipo lands, situate In
(South East Kootenny, Drill*}- Columbia, Block 4503. commencing at a post
planted at or near 1 mile east of the SI*
mild post of the present C. P. Tl. surveyed line and being the south west
earner, of J. A. Fisher's claim, and
market the tout'., west corner of .1, A.
T'fshfr's claim, thence runnlnir east 10
chains; thence runnlnir north B0 chains;
thence runnlnr west HO chains; thence
running south SO chains to the pulnt
of commenceemnt making 100 acres,
more'or less.
Located this Tth aay of April, 118V
J.  A. PIBIftSR, Locator
Bankhead (**lo. 29—James Fisher.
Bellevue No. 431—Fred Chap-pell.
Canmore Park Local 1378—James'A.
Coleman, ,'No. 2633—William .Graham.
Carbonado No. 2688—James Hewitt.
Cardiff Np, 2387—A Hammond.
DIAMOND CITY, No. 2587: Goorgo
Edmonton City' No 2540—A. Matt*'
Fernie, No. 2314—T.    Biggs
Frank, No. 1263—Walter Wrlgley.
Hosmer. No. 2497—J. W. Morris
Hillcrest, No. 1086—J, O. Jones,
Lethbridge, No.' 674—Charles- Pea*
Lille No. 1233—J. T Griffith
LUNDBRECK, No.    2276 - J.vp.
Michel, No 2334—Charles Garner,
Maple Leaf No. 2839—H, Blake.
Merritt Local Union, No, 2627—Chas
Middlesboro Local union No, 472—
W. H. Brown,   ,".
MET FORD, No. 2000; John Currnn,
Royal Colllereli  No,  2598—Qturgo
Roche Percss No, 2672—Lachlan McQuarrie.
Taber No. 102—Wm. Russell
Taber No. 1969—J, W. Wilson^'
Taylorton, Cask. No, 2648— Joseph
TAYLORTON,  (Satk.) No. SMi.:--
Joi. Twist,
Kenmare N. D. No, 2850—H. Potter
Corbin No. 2877—W. Ryan
Passburg, No. 2362— A. Swanston.
TA8KBR, N. D„ No. 2t«3:— J. B.
Lttnsberry,       i!     •       .
WOODPECKER, No. 2399: William
Property . For Sale,. ih
all parts of the,.' .
'- - ■.."'•'.'.• city 7   /■'-   .
Houses   For
R   E :N   T
New Oliver Typewriter
Machine'(jfiyen out on trial
No Charge
Highest  Price   Paid   for
South African War Script
Get The Ledger
■in..uu-jr,—i—'ii    ..',, .j-i-
1 Bronze Gobbler and 3 Hens
* <
3 White Holland Cobblers
Barred Rock and White Rock
iiiaiii ah im jjuuaii-iasi
In Fernie its
Hawthorne for
Painting,  Interior    I
Decorating f
Wood tt. * (Sell-st Ave.
Ungg.-ig*-'  drilvuml  to  any
■part Af the city.
1 .<
■MMWMHti JSSS;. '*■ • -iy "
*        \ -'    - * '
Author of "The Prisoner.;cf- Zenda
.... Aoe^ooeooooooccMeooe      ,
OsTrri0kt,if*H JMtowy Hope HawIdM
□R-cittingfco-ai" Typewriter Co., X*td.
344 Pender St. ,      , 'i, Vancouver, B, C
The Baiik of Hamilton—
by reason of its special
facilities and absence of
formality—is the ideal
depository   for your
savings, ■
- ft ',....-' - ■
-■,-'" ''"-"*7•■■  >   FERNIE B.C;
Full compound interest paid on savings accounts.
Start with one dollar and add to your account as
you can save. Make your, romittknpes;, to Canadian or foreign points through through the Home
Bank.      Choapest and safest way to send monoy.
W. C. B. Manson
P, Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gents' Fuinlihlng-s
Vi. E. ■Bn.rr.*5?,r,,,Civylcy/AUti.
IN Tim nutter of sn application for
ft.*.   i*»'u»   Xti    a*.   aia.y..a..U»   C*. U.Vf.**A-»   Ol
Title for l>ot I Uloek S of lot    »<6t
Group on* KooUnay    district    (Map
NOTICE) Is htrsfar llv«n that It Is
my Intsntlon to lssu« at ths aspiration
.of on* month aftsr ths first publication hsrsof a duplleas of ths Csrtlflcata
of Title to the above mentlonSa. lot in
tha nam* of Kdtn Ifarpsr which certl-
Heat* la Aet*A th. l»th fit Karnh Uim,
and numbtrmJ T4ISA.
11. R, JORAND.      ''
District IXtflstrar
Ap U-tt
GO  YfiAKfi*
Tmm Mams
_     OMIONt     ,
a t)i*U*^w*ri*iUm met
*"      PlIMU
mtteadtm im.	
MsfrtM. yij**t teener J..
mmm uiwi tlree-fb Main
leant*, *M*a*.,*»*tee, la Us
'  nmfttm,
)*li tli**ln**Aw**kir. Vut**t*M*
ar t*teatieeiimn&. Tern*Jet
 .feiute 9t*t*U* mmV
"Xttki Jady "Will be a uiutK important
irttacaB," otomd the king.        .'
;   "Tapy. air,-* Stenortcs aaaanted dryly.
Sophy h*d grows caser.   ."Doesn't
tfttt prtno* say they knew blm 7"
"Bt* royal hlj-jhaeas hasn't been ask-
ad for any account at present,'*. Ste-
botIcs anawvred.' .j'•''*•■ ''
"If tbey knew wbo It was, tbey must
tUe," aaid tbe king. In erklent cocceru
and axettecMut'
Steoorics contented himself -with a
bow,of obedience.''.-^'TiM'ting roae and
gave Bophy bia band.
. -Wa shall hope to aee you again
soon." be said very graciously. "Meanwhile General StenoTlcs baa something
to aay to you ln my -name which will, 1
trust.. prove agreeable to you."' His
eyes dwelt on ber face for a moment
.ax she took her teare.
Stenotics made bis communication
later ln the day, paying Sophy tbe high
-fompiimedt of a personal visit at the
slum of the Silver Cock for that purpose.. His manner .was. moat cordial.
Sophy ■ waa to receive an honorary appointment ln tbe royal household at an
■uiiioal salary of IOjOOO paras, or some
■Mo*).' ',',;,'
"It tool riche»---w* aren't very rich
lu Kravonia—but it will, I bope. make
you comfortable and relieve you from
tbe tiresome lessons which. Mark-art
tells me.' you're'now burdened with."
Sophy was duly grateful.and 'af»ked
wbnt her appointment was. •
"Ifs purely honorary," be smiled.
Tou are to be keeper of tbe tapestries."
"I know nothing. about tapestries,"*
said Sophy, "but I dare say I can learn.
It'll be veiy InteresUng."
Stenovics leaned back iii bis chair,
with an amused smile. ,
•There aren't any tapestries," he
said, "They were sold a good many
years ago.*"  . '■.,'    .
"Then why do yon keep a"—
"When you're.'older in the royal Bert-
lw you'll a see that it's convenient, to
hnve a  few. sinecures,*'  he told her.
.with   a   good .humored
laugh.   "See how.handy
this one is now'"    •
"Bnt 1 shall fael rath-.
er an impostor.**
"Merely the novelty ©f
lt," he assured her con-,
Sophy began to laugh,
he keeper of and tne general Joined
the Jape*- lnlK,art{|y   "Well, that's
.   m>- settled,'' said he.   "Yon
■makeTthi'ee- or ""four™appearuncetr""at"
court and nothing more will be necessary. I bope you like your appointment*" \
Sophy langtwtl delightedly. '."It's
charming—-and very amusing?' she
said.' aTm getting very much Interested In,your country, gmferul."  ,
"My country is returning your kind
compliment I can assure you." be replied.   His tone bad grown dry, and he
seemed to be watching her now. ,vShe
waved ber hands toward the Virgin
with the lamp.    The mut-wlve Qguro
stood ln its old place by the window.
"What a lot I owe to hor!" sbe cried.
**We all owe much, "said Stenovics.
"The   prince  thought  some  people
might be angry wltli mc, bccutiso Captain Mlstitcb Is a fa write."
"Very possible, I'm afraid, vory. possible, but In tbln world we must, do
our duty, and"-
"RUk the consequences?   YesI"
"If we can't control them, Mile, de
Orucbe."*   Ho paused a moment and
then went on: "Tbo court martial on*
Mlstlteh   Is convened   for  Saturday.
Sterkoff won't be well enough to bo
tried for another two or three weeks."
"I'm glad he's not dead, though if he
recovers only to be shot—   Still, I'm
glad I didn't kill hlin."
"Not by your band." sulci Rtonovlcs.,
* "Bnt you mean In effect? Well, I'm
not ashamed. Suroly tbey deserve
"Undoubledlr-lf IlaHtata Is wrong
•nd jodr memory right." ;
"The prl*v*'s own story?"
"H« Isn't fowmlttH to any atoVy
,, Bophy rested ber chin on ber hand
and regarded ber companion closely.
He did not avoid her glance.
'•You're wondering what I mean-
wbat I'm after?" he asked her, smiling
quietly, "Oh. yea, I see you ore. Uo
on wondering, thinking, witching
things about you for a day or two,
There aro three days Mween now nnd
Bstnrdsy, You'll *we tne again before
Saturday, and I've do doubt you'll see
ths prince,"
"If IUstati were right and my memory WTong"-
fle smiled still. "The offense against
discipline would be m moch less serious. Tbe prince la a disciplinarian, To
apeak with all respect ho forgets sometimes tbat dladpllnt Is, tn the Itit
analysis, only a part of pollcy-a
means, net an end, Tbe end Is always
the safety and tnuiqullllty of tbe state,"
He spoke with weighty emphasis.
"The offense against dlsclpllnel An
attempt to assassinate-**1—
"I seo yea cling to yoar own mem*
•ry.   You won't have anything to aay
'.a,   rUiUla.*"       Ht   M   i-ai   lilUli  iH'
b*Tb*T\A. "Uneh may happen het*w*#n
now and Saturday. Look 'about yon,
-watch aad think r
Tbe general's final Injunction, at
least. Sophy lost no time In obeying, and
en the slightest thought three things
**•*.» Vk»4'*ai'**.-ti»* -x-i m*- i<.i} y.iU-
Iui to ber.Steoottee wtabed,at aay rata,
tn appear very grateful to her, and, for
some reason or anolhai*. Blenorlca
wished ber memory to be wrong to
(lie tnd tbat the life of Mlstlteh and
his compsnlon-lbe greater Incloded
t!ie low-might be epaniNf. Why Aid
b* wish thst?
PrMitmably-his words about Ibe re-
Utl6n nf dlertpllne to policy supported
(he eoiiclusloo-to avoid that dlatartf*
•nce which tbe prince had reetMUtad
as tbe result of U .stitch's being pot to
death. Hnt the prince wis not afraid
of the dltdafbaate. Why thvtM, Sla-
9orlee be} The «™«'i*i*l«»f was aH
•n«DdeiM«.   Waa tbe saisletar afraid?
•"Gobdby, Bastata."
. Rastata had- just ordered su»otber
liqueur; but without. waiting to drink
It. he, too, went Stafnita eat on atone,
smoking bis . cigar; • There were no
signs of can on his face. .Though not
gay, it was calm and smooth. No
wrinkles witnessed to worry nor marred
the comely remains of youth which had
survived his five and thirty years.
in boum •sense be waa arrald. That the
arcepted. Bnt Bhe hesitated to believe
that be waa afraid In tbe common
sense that be waa either lacking ln
nerve or overburdened with humanity,
tbat be either feared fighting or would,
shrink from u salutary severity ln re-
preening tumult- If be feared, be feared neither'for his own skin nor for tbe
skin bf others. He feared for his policy
or bis ambitidu.
, These things were nothing to ber.
•She waB for the prince, for his policy
and his ambition. Were tbey the same
as Stenovics*? Even a novice at' the
game could see that tbis by no means
followed of necessity. Tbe king was
elderly and went n-fishlng. The prince
was young and a martinet 4 In age 8to
norics was between the two—near*-**
twenty yieari younger thnu the king, »
doaec or so older than tbe prince.. Under tbe present regime be had matter?
almost entirely bis own way.' At flrsf
sight 'there, waa of a certainty no rea
son why hia ambitious should coincide
• precisely with those of tbe prince. 'Flf
ty-nine, forty-one. \ twenty-eight—th«
ages of tbe three men in themselves 11
luminated . the situation—that is, if
forty-ope could' manage fifty-nine, bu<
bad no sueh power over twenty-eight
New to such meditations, yet'with p
native pleasure in them, taking to tb«
troubled waters as though born a swim*
mer. Sophy thought and watched and
looked about As to her. own part sbe.
was clear.' Whether Rastata waa right
whether, that most vivid and Indelible
, memory of hers was wrong, were quesa
tions which awaited the Bole determination of the Prince of Slavna.   ,,, '.'•
Her attitude would bave been unchanged, but ber knowledge much In*
creaited. could she have been present
at a certain meeting on the* terrace of
.the,Hotel de Paris that same evening.
Markart was there, and little Rastatz,
whose timely flight and accommodating
memory rendered him today not only a
free man, but a personage of value. Bnt
neither did' more than wait on the
words of the third member of the party
—that Colonel Stafnltz of the hussars
wbo had an old feud with Mlstlteh. for
whom Mlstlteh had mistaken the
Prince of Slavna. A.roost magnanl-,
mous, forgiving gentleman apparently,
this spare, slim built man with thoughtful eyes. His whole concern was to
get Mistiteh out of tbe mess! The feud
be seemed to remember not at all. It
wns a feud of ronvenience, a feud to
swear to «t ttx* vourt martial.   He was
Afraid of Ghosts
as ready to 'accommodate .Stenovics
with the um or his name as Rastata
was to offer the requisite modifications
of bis,memory. But there, with that
supply of a convenient fiction, his pliability, stopped, ne spoke to Markart
using him as a conduit pipe—the words
would flow through to General. Stenovics.
"If the general doesn't want to see
me now—-and I can understand that he
mustn't be caught confabbing with ony
supposed parties to the affair—you
must make It plain to him bow matters
Btand Somehow nnd by Boine means
our dcar*IIen,uk>s imiBt be saved. Her-
c-tilet-i Is an mn>. but so are most of tinmen und all the rowdies of Slavna.
They love th«*lr Hercules, and they
won't let blm ille without a flght-nnd
a very Mr Unlit "In that light what
might hnp|M-h to his royal highness, tho
commandnnt? And If anything did
happen to lilm, what might hapiien to
General Stenovics? I don't know that
cither, but It seems to me that he'd l>e
ln nn awkward place, Tbe kln«
wouldn't be pleased with him, and wc
hero lu Slavna. are we going to trouble
ourselves about thc man who couldn't
twvo onr Hercules T
Round faced Markart nodded In A
perplexed fashion. Stafnltz clapped
blm on the shoulder, with a laugh,
"For heaven's wake don't think about
It or you'll get It all mixed! Just try to
remember It, Your only bnslnosa Ih to
report what I say to the general."
Ra-rtatz sniggered shrilly. When the
wine waa not ln lilm be was a cunning
little rogue-a tiwrnl loot In any mat*
ter which did not ask for courage.
"If I'd been here MWitoh wouldn't*
have done the thing at nil-or dono It
better. But what's done Is done, and
we export tho,.genonl to stand by us.
If bo won't wc
must act for
ourselves, for
there'll be uo
bearing our
dear commandant If we sit
down under the
death of Mis*
' tMch. In abort,
the men won't
"TtU Mm not to ptoy .Und It." He
hUtdaiUiMe•*«-^ tapi-jd M«rk-
Hana art's arm. "Tbi
general must release onto us Rarab*
Tbe umn'a easy self oonfldenoe, hlo
air or authority, surprised neither of
his companions. If there were a good
tjoldWr bealdes tbe commandant to
.-tlHvna, Stafnlti was tbe man. If there
were a head in Kravook cooler than
(■.(■movies', It was on tbo ■boalden of
,-iimiuu, tie was u>e wain to «U*
tllch'n V>rx.,v. H-n> mind .whlnd Ca*ptoln
irfrciileii"lotid voice and brawny (1st
"Tellhlm not to play bis big stakoon
ii bad hand.  Mind yoa toll him that*
"Ills liltt stake, colonelV asked Mark*
art   "Whut do I understand by thatf*
"Nolh.-u-f, unci you w-mn't tneaat to.
Ilut tell Pteuo-flcft-hell nndeniUnd.-*
Itastatx laughed his rickety glggU
"tuatats does that to make you think
he understands better than yea do. Re
comforted - be doesn't" RaftabVs
laugh broke out ar**!*"*. but now fen-ed
■nd uneasy. "And tho girl who knocked Sterkoff out of tlm****-*-! wlali tb»\f
killed tbe stupid brute-whet aboot ber,
*^he*e~«**-e, Ttry **«i«**absf per-
"Er-ls she? I most make bar ts>
qoaiataac*.  <flo>v)b.v. Markart"
Uukart had meant to stay Mr UU
s» bo-irr. hut he wn-ot . 	
STENOVICS was Indeed in a quandary. Mistiteh had precipitated
an unwelcome and premature
' crisis. The minister's deliberate,
slow moving game was brought to a
sudden Issue, which be was not ready
to face. It had been an essential feature, a governing rule, of his campaign
to avoid, any open, conflict with tbe
Prince of Slavna until an occasion,
arose on which both and the
king would be on his side. The king
was a power not merely by reason of
bis cheaply won popularity,. but also
because be was, while be lived, tbe
only man .who could crown Stenovics'
operations'with, the consummation to
which tbe minister and his ally. Countess Ellenburg, looked forward with dls
tant yet sanguine hope. The army was
with him now. but the other factor
was lucking. The king's pride as well
as-his, affection was enlisted ln bis
son's Interest Moreover, this, occasion
was very bad.
Mistiteh was no better than an assassin. To take up arms on his behalf
was to fight in a cause plainly disgraceful—one which'would make,success very difficult and smirch It forever
und beyond remedy even If It cuine. it
wum no cause in which to fight, both
prince and king. That would be playing tbe big stake0 on a bad band, as
Stafnitz put It   . ■   ■ r
Yet the alternative? Starnlte.' again,
had put that clearly. The army would
have no more to do with the man who
could not. help It at the pinch, who
could not save Its favorite, wbo could
not release Barabbas,
The prince seemed to be ln bis most
unyielding mood—the Bourbon in blm
wns peeping
out*. For the
honor of the
royal bouse and
for tbe sake of
discipline Mlstlteh must die.
He had packed
his court mar-
tlal with the
few trustworthy
friends be had
umong the. officers, using the
w li i.avh ,J u ry
f ■ .  uko   and   wmo
7V etpvirc of St. Mict*- times have? He
aet  UK.**, .full '>' Uje had no fear of
and biutUe; ttiecenUr .•„, verdict and
of interest watt on the ,„, ^ for „..
v**^ ■   unpopularity
He knew- thc danger—SlenovifS
uo secret about that—bnt said plain!*,
that he would sooner lm beaten by n
mutiny than yield to tbe threat of on-*
Tbe first meant for him defeat, per
baps death. Imt not dlahonor nor Is
nomlny. The more Stenovics propli*'
sicd or thrcatenwl ii revolt of the
trooiw, the more tlw coininiindant Ml IT'
ened ul** neck.
, Meunwhlle Slavna waited In oml
nous, sullen tjuk't, aud tbe atmosphpr,*
was so stormy that King Alexin had
no heart for flHhlng.
On 'Friday iiM)»*iilng-the dny before
that appointed for Mlstitc'h'n trlnl--tlie
names of che members of tbe court
were pobllshcd. The list met wllh the
reception which was no doubt nntlcl
poted even by the prince himself. The
street, l>egan to fill wltli loiterers, talk*
era and wotchers: barrack rooms were
'vociferous with grumbllDg and with
x|khmiIhUoii: Stnrnlti, with nautili:-, always at bis b(*-els, wus busy with
many Intorvtews; Stenoylcs sat In hit*
room moodily staring before blm, seek
Ing a rend out of IiIh blind alley, and n
carriage drew, up l*fort the sign of tin*
Silver Cock at the cathedral bclln
chimed imon It wns empty IiinIiIp, but
liy the driver wit Peter Vasslp. the
prince's pereonal attendant,' wearing
the sheepskin rout, leather breeches
and thnt the men of the
bills wore. Hia business waa to tram*
mon Sophy to Snlelman'a tower.
The equure of Rt. Mlcbaol was full
of life and bustle, The Golden Lion
did i fine trade. Ilut tho center of In*
torest was on tbe north wall ond tbe
adjacent quays under tbe shadow of
Suleiman's tower. Within those walls
were the two protagonists. Thence the
prince IhhixmI his ordors, Thither Mlstlteh hsd lf-*r*n H.*f«retly convoyed the
olght liefiire by « parly of the prlwoV
own guard, trustworthy Volwnluns,
A crowd of citizen* and tuildlers wns
chattering und staring at the tower
when Sophy's carriage drew up nt tho
entrance of the bridge which, crowdnii
tbe North river, gave access to the
fort The mouth or the bridge wns
guarded by fifty of those same Vnl-ie*
nlans, Tbey hnd but to retreat und
rnl«e the bridge behind them, and Mis
tlti-h was safe In the trap. Only-ami
the crowd wss quick enongh to under*
stand the situation*-tlio prisoner's trap
could lie mndi n snare for his Jailor
too. Unless provisions ronld be ob*
tnlned tennx thn r-cuntrv around It
would be Impossible to hold the tower
for long sgarnsi an enemy coolrudinu
tbe iMitrlrers' and hakers' shops of
SUvna Yet It **ould be help Ions
enniigli to s-»Mie 'lie business of ra|j-
tnln Hercules.
u,\.,..* ««t»».a4« •«.,. "I'Mfmnrn wtitU n»
(To be continued.)
M*ay people ere afrsid oi -(hoets. Few people
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terrible than any fire-brcathin*** dra|oe. Germs
eaa't be avoided. Tbey are ia tho sir we breath*,
.the water we drink.
The term, eaa only prosper when tbe eoaditiott
el the system -fives it bee eoope to establish  it*.
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that the term finds no weak or. tainted spot in which to  breed.
"Golden   Medical  Discovery" contains  no  alcohol, whisky or
habit-forming- drugs.    All its ingredients.printed   on   its   outside
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PITTSBURG, May 2C*-Slx times
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of nine tonight' In IiIh six round lioul
with Stanley Kctchell, champion middleweight of tho world, Flvo llniCH In
the Hlxtli round ho wan wived from n
knocl-out by a Hecond, Thrice ■>*• wns
knocked through the ropoH, onco cu.ur
acroBH the proBB table Into tlin upcctn*
torB' Hoatfl. Kctchull apparently toyed
with liln opponent. Only tbo clieoiinx
voIcob of his companion* from the nudlonco lnfl|ilreil McOann to got on IiIh
feot novoral tlmoH whon ho wnH all but
knocked out, For tho flnnl three
roundH McOann fought, bard nnd wiih
landing on tho champion in good Htyln,
but he apparently oxhnuntod .ilmn'-lf
and nftor that wiih unable tn faco IiIh
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1'aiOl" and. amending ActH, Harry M.
Terry, carrying on IiurIiiohs kh a hoc*
ond hnnd dcnlor, nt the City of Fornio,
In tho Provlnco of BrltlHh Columbln,
did by deed dated tho "th dny of May,
1909, asHlgn unto Frank fl, White of
tho mild City of Fomie nforosald, and*
Itor nud nccoiiiitnut, nil bin personal
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pnyliiK and HittlHfylug niicnbly and
proportionately, and without prefer*
onoo or priority all lliu i;iudltoi'M of
lho snld,,Hurry M. Terry tliolr just.
ASM) notice Ih hereby further given
Hint a mooting of the rredltnn- of tho
Hnld Hurry M. Terry for the giving uf
directions with ruferetieo to tho disposal of the cHtato will bo hold ul thu
office* of tho utiderHlKiiod in tlio
CrowH Nost Trading ."ninpiuiy Hulld*
Ing, Victoria avenue, Fernio, 11, C, on
.„     ,      ,    .   ,   .       ...
the h*Mir of four o'rlneV <n ihe nfter-
AND notice Is horoby glvon that all
persons lit*vliii* clulnis ugulnst the said
Harry M. Terry aro roqulrod to forward particulars of the same, duly
•»«*ni»-i. iu un.* i*,ni".,K'ii-<- iu tVrtnt*. i\,
C, on or boforo tho 1st day of July
AND notice Is hereby given that af*
lor that dato tlio nssignoo will proceed to distribute tho proceeds of tho
estate having regard only to the claims
of whlt-lv ho rflmll tht-i*. brie, received
notico, and ho ahull not bo responsible
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of whoso debt or olalm ho shall not
jilien hate r«*«*v*!voii notico.
!    Datod ill Ferule H. C. this 7th day
•of May. 1909.
j Cue lb... .Ualgutts PAGE EIGHT
The Crows Nest Baseball league
was opened up with a hard oil finish
on. the 24th (pf May. ■ Before an attendance, of some 2543 the Printers
and an assortment called the Coke Oven Puzzlers, set the ball rolling for the
year. The people clamored for rain
checks 4g the middle of the game,
but any desiring to leave were handed their 50 cents and escorted with
umbrellas to the street ■ car track.
The teams lined up as follows:
Pitcher: Gerat Northern Blackstone
.   ..Catcher: Kandy Kid Rochon.-
First base:  Elk Lumber Olson. .
, Second base: Arthur Linotype Kennedy. .,
Short Stop: Bread and .Water Stanley. .       ._<*-'' i
Third base: Fancy Job Work Buckley.-       * ' *' **
Centre field: Mr. Hit the Umpire
Jones. . ...
Right field: Throw your hat in the
Air Robertson.
Left Field: Mr.. Bottle in your pocket Ferguson.
Mr. Stop the, Train White, pitcher
and catcher.
Heap much Big Whistle Quinlan:—
Catcher and pitcher.
Mr. Little Jag Smith: First b.
Poor Play Harrington:  Second.
Mr.  Dinky Green Hat Rush—Third
*    .Mr. Side Door Special Van Dyke-
Mr. Heavy on the Shovel Patterson
right field. ,. *.
Mr. John Collins Lloyd, left.
After the game the" players had a
meeting s and took to the woods via
the stumps rather than face the exasperated crowd.
J. Peck' McSwain, philanthropist,
philosopher, psychologist and peregr-
'' inating poet printer, was admitted
through the portals of the coal metropolis by an indulgent chief of police
last Friday,.' ' It is about three years
since Peck visited this section and
during that period has probably had
a more versatile career than any other
individual in British Columbia; He
has been everywhere except church,
and held every position except that of
a brass buttoned autocrat. ' He has
passed through many things including
the Fernie fire,* during which he had
the misfortune to fracture his hip by
dropping 45 feet out of the window
of the Napanee hotel. Peck, is a
clever and whole souled' advocate' of
the art preservative and never was
known" to turn down a friend or refuse
a drink. He ,is now on his way to
, Seattle where he expects to cross
trails with E. Payson Weston.—Nicola
.Herald.—Peck must have had a short
lapse of memory if he is responsible
for the "45 foot drop" yarn. But then
all's well that ends well, and here's
to Peck and his future travels.
Arrive Fernie
'8 Eastbound Flyer
8 Westbound Flyer
No. 214 Eastbound Regular .,
No. 213 Westbound Regular
No. 236 Eastbound Local ...
No. 235 Westbound Local  ..
NO. 252
No. 251
-     1.35
OLSON     .
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I Intend to apply, to' Superintendent o£ Provincial Police for a, re- retail liquor license for the
Krag Hotel, Krajj B.   C.
Mm. M. Palmer.
Krag, B.C.  24th April, 1909    "     •      6t
' **'
Ladies' Benevolent
**    *    .
Annual  Ball  ••
will be held
in    Bruce's
Hall, Friday
June Ilth.
*■ ■ ■ ti
Gentlemen's Tickets
$2.00 Each
Workinsman's Store
Suddaby sells the best pianos,."Williams New Scale"—call and see it.
The Slaughter
Sale is still on.
Call and get a
supply of your
.   .*       7       .': -    I •■       ..     " ■■*   '• '.•• > :■' ■     .
Mbor Day, June
.•'*JA.,4VV*,(T.   .' .
■ ;The,Mayor of Fernie has proclaimed WEDNESDAY,. JUNE'-19
as Civlc*>Holiday and, Arbor^Day for the purpose of cleaning upth'e
streets of the City. ,^ -       •     '     "?-."-'
. ' All property owners; householders and able bodied citizens are
requested to assist in this work by placing in piles before June 9
all stones and refuse which may be on the streets-' adjacent to
their property. '"..''■ '-■ : /      -*.'■'    ■'
v All. citizens are urged to co-operate with the team owners swho
have kindly offered their teams for the "purpose 'of carting away
the refuse. '   *• ' "'  -'■','■.' .*.••','"
EVERYBODY LEND A HAND and report at General. Headquarters'opposite the King Edward hotel at 9 a.m.: June - 9th7
Bring-your shovel, rake* or pick.    . • V   .'■'■.,'   .-
'"'. '   By request—. .'.-.'. '.-''-.7.
".'•-■' FERNIE   BOARD   OF. TRADE   .
I     I
,..,.jjEstate J.. H.-s Reid Co., at the;old stand
.•■*«?■ ":"       A large line of
'--•..$•    * . ■       ,-.-.•■
IrofiSIBeds, Mattresses;
Pillows and Blankets
Baby Carriages
$26.00 now $19.30
$25.50. now. .*... $19.00::
..$17.00 now, -*. .$12.25
$15.50 now  x..$11.45
7 Voiding Carte,- :i..
$2.70 now .......$2.15
$4.00 now   ......*.v...$3.00
$4.30 now .
$9.10 now .
$23.00 now
v*1 - -,-t Nl,^
'J-^"*i*t'.    a .,■."*'*     'I
BefSure and Attend ^he
.Collapsible Carts   7
$15.00'now", .$11.15
$14.00 now  ...$10.40
$13.00now .....7.;... ..'.$9.o*J
$8.50 now, ....Vr .$7.65
$6.00 now  .$4.45
Everything Must be Sold
Get First /Choice.
E. B. McDERMID, Liquidator.
5 toia
yri    Western Canada's Greatest Fair
A Very Liberal Prize List
$60,000   in  Prize Money
The Great Historical Pageant
Mo/iday morning July-5th.,; worth*going '.\
, 'around the world* to'see".' y
Cp-Dprain the Golden Globe
The .Greatest Lbop-theTLoop Act
in the -world to-day .    . .*/
_J '__ ■    .._ ' ''■ *■   - *« ' . -'}
'.        ^      ' . 1 J       I      "-a
;   The Eight Mirza Golems p
Acrobats" direct from. the courts of. the
'  .."-■   -."Shah of Persia
The Famous Navassar Ladies' Band, NewYork
Howard's Dogs and Ponies
Rube Shields; the Comedian
C. W^ Parker Shows
arid other interesting'features any of -which cannot
be excelled even ih New York city " / .   -'; *
Information,-regarding, low;   passenger   rates arid
special-excursions to the exhibition may be,obtained
'from station Agents.   Entries close June-10th' ■'/ '
Send;for Illustrated pamphlet to r'y
•  :V E. L. RICHARDSON, Mapager,Calgary
.4'*   V.
Francisco Opera,
(Direction Frank W. Hcaly,) Presenting
"Flo r o d o r an
The   Musical   Comedy   With   the   World's   Records
Produced by special arrangement with Mr. Owen Hall, and Mr. Leslie Stewart, composer
The First complete production offered in Western Canada.
-■■•^ ■***-* j*,jg^, £ E2'*J?JL£' i
■iiSrf    cSb ^s*******^ ^SSS^    i$zh
aa^***H^ H^i      t BP^al      .
FERNIE OPERA HOUSE Scats £f™ ?£ %f£ &&&?M?9


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