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 '•■»" v.,.-
:ty;''.,- "
■■- y^^.:,^'AW<' n^ri,y~ ^
.,   .   •-.,"";•.    -."*..-..■  _ ,  V^-,,7^ V*4 '', -—"
' i   * ':.     -i- -'.•■'*""- a
Industrial Unity ie Strength
- i
The Official ,Qr;g-aii of District No. 18, U. PI. W.of A.
Political Unity is Victory
oVOL. IV.   No. $1 A&
FERNIE,   B. C,   MARCH13th,   1909
$1.00 a. Year
.      7ISLATURE
Attorney-Gen. Bowser Trying tb
Force Measure on the People
/      of the Province,
I -
y ■*
i c
VICTORIA B. C. March 9—(Special)
The Legislature has,been sitting 24
hours ln determined effort on the part
of Liberals'-and Socialists to prevent
Att.-Gen. Bowser forclngion the people
a repetition of Roblln methods In Man*
itoba In connection with election act,
The government is engaged in an iniquitous attempted get franchise into
their own hands notwithstanding protests of opposition members and telegrams from Labor and other organizations 'outside. /■ , '' ,,' \
',. Bowser..some time* ago introduced
bill No., 9 to amend the provincial elections'act so as to permit striking off
of names of persons who had ceased to
•reside in electoral district in which
they-.were'registered. Macdonald, leader-of opposition, proposed amendment
intended to- safeguard electors and' to
clear up uncertainties in old act. This
amendment contains proviso that the
name of-no one should be struck'off
list who" had not' ceased for a period
of at least one' year.-to..live in riding.
Bowser accepted-amendment, but insisted upon striking" out one year limitation. Mclnnis (Soc.) also moved an
amendment,, that no persons name be
struck from list.unless'he had ceased
to reside' in district* for period of one
year. In order, to get his amendment
McDonald consented to strike put .one
year's limitations In-'his amendment,
but stated that he would insist upon
Mclnnis' amendment being taken up
after__his_.(McDonald's), .own -amend-
■', QUEBEC BRIDGE  »*   -,
Will be Completed and Opened by
-   Next Autumn—Many Engineers at •Work''"
OTTAWA, March* 9—In, the House
of Commons yesterday Hon. Mr. Graham announced a that the'plans for the
construction of the Quebec bridge will
be ready by next fall. ■ The three engineers, Messrs. Vautelet of-Montreal
Fltzmaurice of London, England, and
Modjeska of Chicago were being paid
a thousand dollars a month and were
now being compelled to give their entire time to the -work. ,
' The material.for the building which
fell "into the St. Lawrence had been
condemned by the engineers as useless
and the work was being started on a
new basis.,   • ■
„ Mr. Lancaster, suggested that the
work might be done quicker and better if the men were being paid by the
job instead of by the month. Mr.
Graham said in reply that the ' engineers were engaged on their own
terms. The government wanted a
bridge that would stand -the. test and
the engineers were'being given every
chance.' • . y   ••' ■•-■
And Men Claim that the Company
are now-aAfter Them—
Appeal to Authorities,
- OTTAWA, March 9—Because of
their withdrawal, from,the. Provincial
Workmen's Association'of Nova Scotia
to become members of the United Mine
Workers of America, employees'of the
Dominion Coal Company alleged'that
the company threatens them with dismissal, and have applied to the Labor
department for a board of Conciliation
and Investigation.'
AT NO. 3
ment was. passed-, .with change, being
indicated. Mclnnis' amendment', came
'up-'for-debate about two weeks ago,
and was vigorously supported by. Liberals -and, Socinllst8.-:.Committ,ee-'-rose (
without completing debate anil Bowser'
did not bring' it. oh again until yesterday when debate was resumed. 7
. The Liberals ancl Socialists contend
that without protection of this, amendment thousands of voters In the province will be disfranchised, that Bowser's bill Is nn attempt to repeat whnt
.happened In Manitoba and that if
allowed to pnss without amendment,
government will so manipulate lists
through their partisan appointees as
to insure as thoy think safe return at
-next geiiernl election. They are seeking to load the dice in nntlplcatlon of
Will Be Responsible for Mainten-
, ance of the District...
,.>■. - •  *----MINES;.'-" "'':'
Husband Had Left for His Homestead only the Day Previous to Accident
* A mooting of tho Ferule clergy wns
held In,tho Roman Catholic presbytery
on Wednesday morning, Mnrch 10, All*
' tho local clorgy on the committee,appointed to admlnlBter tho Nelson and
Moylo relief fund were present, Including the I'ommnnding officer of tho Salvation army.
. Store accounts for tho past month
wero duly prosented by tho President,
Rev, Hugh Grant, nnd on motion woro
passed over to tho soorolary treasurer
for poymont,
The commit tea undertook tho sup*
- port, of tho district nurno, Miss And*
rows, of tho Victorian Order of Nurwu
for tho noxt six mont Iih, It Is undor*
ntood that nny portion requiring • tho
mui'ho at nny tlmo will mnko tliolr ro*
qulflltlon known to tho Ilonovolent So*
doty or to nny of tho modlcnl men, It
Im oxpocted tliut whoro thoso rcqulult*
lonlng tho nurse's ncrvlces nrn nblo to
pny, this will bo dono. In othor
cnsoH Horvlc'OR will bo rendered free,
Up till now MIbh Andrews hns boon
mipportod by tho cent nil offlco of tlm
Vlctorlnn Order, not Inn tinder tho directions of tho Iloiievolont Society, n
most cotiHldornto and gracious office
on (ho part of nil concerned.
A committee wnH appointed to wait
on tho, rioiipvok'tit, society with regard
to llnbllltlcB Incurred In renpect of ie*
lief, On motion of Hov. Fathor Tnv*
ornlcr nnd Rov, Wilkinson relief ok-
pond Huron from now on nro to bo lino
lied In thn regular courso to an amount
not exceeding $S, In vlow of tho fund's
i  i i
i>...  .f»4..»t.V.
Rov, \V. I.. Hnll lirrmpht up the
qucRtlon of tho wnter supply in tho
Rccrontlon (-.round nnd Annox. A com*
mil too conulstliiK of Itevs, Father Tn-
vernier nnd Hnll wero nppolntod to
wait on the goiiornl mimngor of the
compnny wun vi iirt \u mm-ui*-; •«»,...
could bo dono to «ecur-?i n tempornry
" water supply, This wns miHcquontly
dono nnd the same commlttoo after*
wnrils wnlted on tho ninyot;, who ntnt*
M thnt tho nintter wns nlrondy bolng
tnl.cn up by the council, Falling wnter
Hiipply IU **'■,» fi.-iiv«;d that 1.,,-U'. mleht
be nn epidemic of typhoid, in spite of
the WiiiiiliiKu tliut Iuul been given by
thu council nnd medico] men.
A report of the proceedings of the
mooting woro ordered to bo published
After which adjournment was made.
The Lethbridge Herald of Tuesday
contained the following:
. A fatal 'accident occurred at No. 3
shaft ■ this morning, wherey Mrs.
Slrak was instantly-killed. No one
saw how the accident happened, nor
know lt had happened until tho, car*
penter looked down" from the tipple
and saw the body' on the, track.
The woman • was carrying a snek
full of coal, and Just, at this point
thero Is a good doal of steam, which
would hide her from the view of the
train crew, as woll an prevent her
from seeing tlio train, Tlio body was
completely several! above the hips. ,
Dr. Mawburn and a Mounted Police
officer woro soon at' the, scone and
hnd the body removed to the office,
It. will bo taken to the undertaking
parlors to await the orders • of the
Mounted Polico,- v
Tho deceaseds' woman's husb-nid
hus worked nt tlio mines but nt present is homoHtendln'g fifty miles notth
of tho city.,
Ilo left for his homestead yenter*
dny. Tho family nro SlnvR. Four
chlldron, tho oldest of whom Is eleven
years old, survive,
Oxford Undergraduates   Refused
, to Give Him a Hearing--
Free Fights*
OXFORD, Eng..March 5—At a meeting of the University Fabian Society
in the town hall here James Kier Hardie, the Socialist member of parliament, who was to have been the principal speaker, was unable to gain. a
hearing owing to the hostile demonstration of the undergraduates.
Amidst scenes of the greatest disor-
er firecrackers were exploded, automobile horns were blown, eggs and oranges were thrown and the platform
Many free fights occurred. The proctor of the university appealed to the
students to desist but to no avail and
the meeting eventualy broke up In disorder.
Miners and Operators are Report-
ed to be Anxiously Waiting Outcome
NEW YORK, March 9—It was learned to-day that the Eastern Iron association had practically agreed t^ reduce wages ten per cent and that the
notices will be posted on the 15th of
March. It is said that similar reductions will, be made on the part of all
blast furnaces in the country and that
between 70,0.00 and 75,000 workers will
be affected. ' ,
' WILKESBARRE, ' March . 9—After
the morning conference of- miners, President Lewis said in answer to newspaper ■ inquiries that he had only to
say that there would be a conference
between the operators and the miners
President Lewis left late this afternoon for Pittson, to meet J. L. Reak,
coal operator, who is president of- the
Independent   Operators   Association. _
Overloading and   Undennanning
Given as the Causes of the
A most malicious»report was put
into circulation- -on Wednesday. which
spread over the entire American continent, and which caused unprecedented consternation and, surprise in this
city as'well as'In qther centres. A
despatch was received to the effect
that King Edward VII had died suddenly, but no- .details ' were forthcoming as to .the causo.
Theoreport came from such reliable
sources at- first that It could hardly
bo doubted, but on the .Ledger making.a request'for confirmation of the
report before giving publicity to lt,
no reply could be received.
A message was sent to the Western
Associated Press nt Winnipeg for a
rush message for confirmation or de-
ninl, of the report, nnd at 12.33 tho
following was received at tho Ledger
offlco: * .
(8peclal to The Ledger)
WINNIPEG,. March 10—Rumor emanating from' Now York of King's
death caused big sensation here early
to-day; but cable from Blarrtlz sayo
His Majesty is enjoying air and baths
but looks more palo nnd careworn
than usual, He Is accompanied by his
personal physician Sir Thomas Reid,
and French specialist In throat diseases;"
W. A. P.
Thus was the'denial, complete and
effective .ot7qne...o*, -the -.greatest wildcat yarn's sprung for some time.     \.
The'first report came from such an
apparently .reliable source, that the
chairman of the school board sent
word to the schools of the city, asking
that the teachers dismiss their various
classes as a mark of respect to the
supposedly dead king. The children
were therefore'dismissed in the same
good faith, and nre a day's .outing to
the good.    '
Several of the stores soon had photos of his Majesty In their windows,
nnd the flag on the old postofflce
block wns half masted,» and flopped
around ns though It was doing duty
in dead earnest.
'.   **
Evidently the newsboys took It for
granted that the Ledger Special would
bo out, aiyi they were- hero bright nnd
early, ready to "cash In" for tho Iirst
supply. We wero ready for tho
event but. held bnck pending confirmation. However King' Edward did
not soo fit to fall In with our plans,
so he still lives and reigns nnd we
wero most enjoynbly disappointed.
Wo received the first word at IO a,
m. and by 12 had a. four page Kpuciul
ready for lho press awaiting confirmatory reports.
- King-Edward-is a'ria-flKi--airtUiii-«a-in
English history.for some generations,
The flrst Edward to reign over any
part bf the British Isles was, Edward
J, called the Elder,' who was King of
the Anglo Saxons, and who died in
Edward' II King of Anglo-Saxons,
and knowns as the "Martyr" was born
In 9G3 and'lived until 978.
Edward III, also King of Anglo-Saxons, was clubbed the Confessor, and
lived 'from 1010 to 100 .
The next "set" of Edwards'-started
when Edward I, commonly known as
"Longshnnks" wns crowned' King of
England. He ,died In 1307...
. Edwrml II King of England, lived
from'128-1 to!327,    ,
Edward' 3, from 131-2 to 13,77.    ■
Edward IV, lived from 1-H2 to 1*183.
Edward V, King of Britain. "The.
story of tho untimely death of this
monarch Is woll known to all studontB
of history, as he was foully murdered
In the Tower shortly after his coronation. Ills regime ended abruptly in
Between Edward VI nnd VII somo
four centuries elapse. King Edward
Is tho first In the line of Edwards to
boar tho title of King of Ureal. Britain
und Ireland nud Emperor of Ind In nnd
of tho British poKscsHloiiK Beyond lho
LONDON*. .March 8—Lloyd's report
for the month of February shows a
startling increase * in the number of
accidents at sea over the corresponding month of the previous year, and
over January of this year.
No fewer than forty seven sailing
vessels were lost during the month,
and 39 steamers.
This frightful record is supplemented by the statement that In, the great
majority of the cases all on board were
iost. - It is further, brought out that
the report is only as yet partial, as 12
steamers and 9 sailing vessels are on
the missing list and will not be reported lost until the customary two months ■
is up. * •- ' ■
Overloaded, Undermanned Crafts
The record has aroused Lloyd's
agents to investigate the cases of many
of the steamers as it is claimed by the
great insurance house that the old"
practice of sending out an overloaded
undermanned vessel, with the idea of
getting the insurance on the boat and
the cargo, ha^ been attempted.
This hideous practice is declared by
seamen to be quite common in England, "although it had been supposed
that it had been generally stamped oui'
after the famous Sandemar case eight
years ago. ""'        *        ,,'",.
Thirty-eight  Steamers* Lost.
"*  *WA3 TOO MUCH1 FOR'*'
New Arrival Used tb Gun to Get
What he Wanted—Horses
Out in Oold
IntoroBtinfl* Games Woro • Playod
noar tho Oloso of tho Ourlinp;
Season in Fornio
Tho Wood competition In curling
resulted iih follow**-: Harvey llrown vh
G.O.Ilonili'i'Hon, wlnuur Drown; Jno,
Wood vh lllundell, Wood won.
llrown vh Wood, Wood won.
VV. II. Cnnipboll vh 15, Wi'lgU'i*
worth. Campbell won.
II. .loliniioii vs Duthie, .lohm-on won,
Cnmplmll vh .IoJiiihoii, Campbell won.
Tho flniilH were ihuroforn narrowed
down to Wood nnd Campbell nnd In
U t'lObt;  Kill"*-' Ci'llljii'i-u   >>' il
*-*■**- ll.Ct. La^'a".;.;', xvl'.i ■■•"■■ "--
♦ rcHtcd In Moncton, X. II., on
♦ n wnrrnnt Hworn by the For*
♦ nlo Flro It el I of fund, arrived
♦ in town Friday. CoiiBtnblo Gor-
♦ mnn loft to meet him nt Win-
-V nlpog, but. on advice from tho
♦ commltt-.'*?, Lncldinrf whpi per*
♦ inltted to cnmo ininccompnn-
♦ led to town. Dnll hnw .iw«n nd*
♦ vanci'd to cover the full sum
♦ of tho discrepancy,
Will Appeal
Mr. L. P, Ecltstoln acting as coun*
Hid for Leslie Mills, proprietor of thr
Central hotel, and who was convicted
Homo tlmo ngo of Hulling liquor on a
Sundny, Iiiih given notlvo nf IiIh intention to npponl iho ciiho.
Mass Ms-stlng
The inlnci'H hold u iiinHH moot Iim bu
Sunday Inst In llruue'H hall, A Hpuiial
train loft Conl Crw.'lt nt ii p.m. nnd
tho meeting wiih (Imml for 2,.'SO lo hnvo
the report of Prcbidunl Slit-rimm und
Scale commltteo ro conference.
$20 Milling
Malcolm GuIiichh wiih p.hnrK*'<l with
Htotillng $20, nnd wan tried before
Judge WIIhoii, Tho Judge snld thn
evidence wuh pretty Htrong ngnliiHt- him
"..'.ll ll.c.-c "'"V- ti ('."".'i'* t**i t)\r> otMifi nnd
lu-. Rnvf the prlHonor tho bonollt of tho
Dio Religious Campaign >
Thn Chnpmnn.Alcxiindor cnmpnlffn
will bo hold in the city and Hiirroiind*
jr... ♦,,11'thi .in*•)«•,(•' tlm mnnth of April'
At tlieHo niuotlngH hoiiiu of thn beet
Hpwikera nnd bIiiroih of Cnnndn nnd nlso from tho United atnton will talto
part, nnd no ono Hhould mlsn thom,
Tlmr.! nro pruyer inw'tliiRH held twico
n week, ono on Tncsdny night In tlio
Motlindlnf church nnd nn Frldny
night in tho Hnpllnf cliurih, to which
nil IntcrcHtfd nm Invited, to a«lt for
Gods lileaslng on tin' eonilng cnmpnlRfl,
Further-aniioiincenientH<lwlll be -given
In next wcek'o pnpvr. to fc'-op n lookout for It,   . i  ■
Don't Like the Bill
The inintM'H at their meetlm; on Sundny protoHtod iifialiist the Hill now boforo tho provincial Iiouho, They pro
loHtnd iiKiiliiHt tlie c'laiiHii whoro a p'-'r*
Hon Ih away three woolen from a din-
trial, and if ho Ih written to nnd iIooh
not reply, bin vote Ih taken from him,
TulOKi'aniH of prriti-Kt woro houi to W,
It. Kohb and J. Hnwiliornwnlte, M.
P. P.
Too Bad to Print
The ciiho iiKnliiKi Gi'OfKn Curd for
111 il wo nt (ihhiuiH iiKiilnut n niiinbi.'i' uf
littlo kIi*)h I'lime up for proHminnry
henrliiK before MiiKlMtrntu WhlinHtnr
on TiioMduy nnd wns iiIho continued on
WcdiiuHduy nnd Tluirudny. The da-latin
of the ciiho nro HlckonlnR  nnd In fnlr*
Dnjtnmond Recital
On March Mill Uov. 1). 10. Unit, II.
A. will kIvo a recital uf Dr. Unnn-
niond'H , fanioiiH Froiicli-Ciiiiiiilliui
Hl'eirhcH. In addition 10 Mr, Hull's
rccltniloiiH there will be Hoverul num-
bei'H of iiiiihU: Hiipplled by local tiilent.
Tho procoedH will bu devoted to tlie
new 111111111111., fund, Tin.1 price of ml-
iiiIhhIciii i.i fill renin anil the outi-nnlie
mont will bo hold In llimo'K hall.
For Sunday Evening
In the llnpllHt rhiirch next Kiindny
nlKht itev, ,Mr. William<i--u will picneli
on llie Hiibjc.t; "A nnat l'vnnKellst
nnd IiIh meHMiKe." -\t this sorvlco
tho now revival books will be used,
nnd Mr, Wllltiiiiii*on wll hIiiu .mother
popular revival mhik .mil tench |t, to
EMERSON, Mnrch 9—An exasperated settler from Indiana held up a
switch crew with a guri here yestcr*,
W. J. Voltch, bound for Saskatchewan with n carload of horses and settlers effects, unloaded nt tlie quarantine yards and had undergone th«
necessary Inspection and was promised thnt his car would bo shipped out.
nt 7 p.m. This wns not done nt 11
p.m. nnd ho was iiKnln* promised
In tho mt*nntImo his horses were
shivering out. iu the cold. At .1 if, 111.
he become desperate nn l tool; his
stand nt tho O, X. It, hrldi.-o. Hwliusini.*;
IiIh lantern to stop the sv/iii-h crow,
IlonrdliiK the cnuliio as they stopped
held up tho engineer at 11 gun point,
demanding that his car be dilpped
without further, delay. lu ihe menu-
tlmu n mini wnH de'pnteiied to tie*
pnlicrf'Htntloii, and an officer wns soon
on hand nnd marched Hie null In- off to
tho police Ht lit Ion. lie pleaded mill-
ty to tlie chnrgo and owing to iln- oir*
riini'siniici.K was let off on Hiispeii.|,-.il
As usual the loss In sea vessels falls
heaviest on the English. Among the
sealing vessels 18. wero English, G American, S French', i German, 1 Chilian,
1 Danish*,"l'-Dutchi* 4'"Italian",' VNorwegian, 1 Russian and 1 Swedish..
Among the steamers 19 were " English, 2 American, I Japanese, 4 Swedish, 3 French, 2 Russian and one each
Greek, Dutch, Norwegian and Austrian.
The.total tale of lives lost is not yet
to hnnd but will reach well into tho
hundreds. The ..weather for February
was not reported as specially heavy
In any part of the ship routes, which
fact renders the huge percentage of
lost, vessels even moro remarkable.
President F, II. Sherman has been
quite seriously ill all week, nnd was
so bad on Tuesday thnt Mi'J. .Sherman
was.,'telegraphed for and iirrlvod ou
Wednesday morning's Flyer. The doctor has been in dally attendance, and
snys he will have Mr. Sherman around
In a few days, Ills many friends trust
thnt his Illness may not provo as "serious as was at first thought,
Tho Local Dollars and Conts Mon
Took to tho Underbrush
Wodnosday Night
Organizer O'Brien is now, in   the
Field for the Alborta .Elec*
Sn.'nriliiy, Mnrch 0, caused a lit lie
flutter among the boosters of tho old
| pintles Iii the Crows S'ohi I'ih-k.
1 The IociiIh of Hie Soelnllst part/ held
j.*i convention In lllniruinre nu tlmt fl.-i.io
1 for the piirjiom* of nominating u ciindl-
jiliite to (unii'hi die Hocky .Mountain
I riding.
I The four locals of ihe fl. P. In tho
j Crown Ncbi j»iif1) ..vnij leprcbi'iilud by
J two delegate!! e||ch In itddltioii to
.which tunny of tlie puny ineiulierrt
j were pieseni. Only one natiie was
jlil'ici-d before 1 In* convention, 1 hat of
(irgniilyer (', M. fl'ltrleii, who lecciv
'ed the iiniiiiiiiiniiH eiidoi'Hiitlou of the
t delegate), (1 nd nieinlit-rH.
Tlie p-IM-l-il   riiltiplllgll   liUSlncMH   \V,IK
nonfi to'tho littlo dotH nnd their pnreiUHl the congregation. Af'.-r the HC-rmon
>\v. "if•.■:'.!*.i frc".*.*. ;-."i.'t"'!l**.« firn*-. I tlin nnllniince'of hiiti'"*tii  will  lie nd*
fiewnrr nf Rnri W^ti-r I niliiiKiered,     All nie ■ordliilly Invited
Tho cnunoil hn« IrtHiiod n roport from I to '■•■•'■■<■ ■■■•' w-'I'vh-
tho mo,dlcn] health officer cnlllng tho j Much Preparation
intention of the Inhabitants uhIiik.\v.i*|    In \I»;w of the io-.■; npproaeh of tho
ter In tho low lying parti* of tho cltyigioia icllgloiui oniupitigii Hliortly to bo
nud well water, thai hihuo Ih not fit fori iiiidoi'tnlton In   Kant Kootenay, 1'iiKior
COIIfiUIIiptlOll   1\IU\   in   lllO   I'lUlM*   lit   t,V*    ■nili'iiillir.uu   Un.,  i.. ,s».-.'    I,.   44."   !.!..
phold, nnd cnllw upon the people to seo i Sunday evening dlHcuKHlonH to the
thnl the wnter l« boiled, before being theme, of n iovImiI, dim in-i-.lng It front
tiHcd. vnrloiiH potntH.     Ou Sunday evening
Good 8howi >,UHt ''*-' In"ll(' '• i*'i'<»li< l'1'" I'01' ('(*"*-
Tho Ann r*r»»rl8oi Opern comjinny I>le«'nuhmorglng of ilenoinlimtlnnnUn*
plnvnd1 to Htnndlng room'only two *«ro«tii. nnd a rloh.- unliy Imtwewn nil
nights ln«t wook. Their perforrannciiHj »'-*»kU»u** Int.nM-i ;. v.■'■'■■■ Du- cum
wero oxfollont. The lmrmony of voleoH! lmi«» ft h«<cohh. II- ••lioil iwivarnl
tho genoMl Htnge NottinR, and fOHiiiin.t1',;luul'IlSl,J,c Uu.iatu;.-. -f <h- wonderful (
ln« woronllof thelil8ho»t order. TluM*sl,ok»no •**-*■«■■ ""'!'' ""' ''-rt-eiloif
compnny cortiilnly i-nrmA A good t-p*;of ■■l*,J/ «'i»dny, and n-lil tho story of
putntlon nH plnyors, '•■•B '-01*'"' "SlmdowH." .■.luili waa u»od
1 with Brent effect.
The Newspaper ten in of bowlers
lined up nt lho howling alley Wediu •,-
day iilghL to meei nn iiiiiigliiiiry leiiiu
of bowlei'H from the raiiltH of tho Iocnl \D\fi\ puhhiwI upon by the rotiventlon.
lliUHiclerrt, One of the p-ituIM wn\, Jfom. .**' K Hinlce belin: iippolnteil ns
bled In about 1111 hour after nud in-! •"'■''letiiry, lie wns limtrueted lo Ih*
forinod the or*-A that "wvitiiI of ihei"1"' " P U"i*nl npinrii fur funds to help
clniwpploH had oiiKigoiiH'iili*" hii they I along 'ho 1 jiiupnli-n work,
could not he present ut the .■ilatK.'.hter. \ ^'h\\i- x\" nre nnlj young an ;m or-
Wo    recoiiiiiienil    the  lorn)  hiini-ei't, - gnni/iiiloi.  in  tlilh  lonsiiiueiK-y,  i|,|h
1 will lie Hie hei mid Him
to weni* sox niul ritliln rrt'-i.i 111 ■ • y ,n-e
n Hiiro ctii'ii for cold feet,
OTTAWA. March II- A deputation ol liii' I iili,nil,in  Sill-
lonal riKMn-liitloii of lltillden-
walteil 011 Hon. Lemlenv; nud
rei|l|ented the extension Of til"
l.onileux act to cover Industrie!' Ollli'l' tlllltl ptlblic Ut lll-
tle.1, iiIko the i-ii'irtmciit of u
fi-ili'tal     i.iM.   of     •*.:••%i-l lilin'iii
conipeiih'itloii for Injuries ami
iln- i'IiI.ii t'<'ll|i'lil of thi- lonlni.,
Oil   lllHlllllllIf,'   lI'lllUIII.
llIIf the Kfirl.lt*
■Inih of SoiiiIhtii .Mlierta have pi-ohiun*
• ■ 1. .      ,    1
* ■ "11        ' "1 >'   -j   	
Itlf M  fl|,-itti|',l|.    ;,\\,\  (TiKit   ,v„  (,,.„ .lf1„.  ,,
1 power in politics hot,. Ih ooiici>i|i>i| bv
i     Wc .lie t.illillg  (ill  111!   H> input lil/.el'H
to he||i iih [iiiimclitlly or oiherwise, mid
if  We Kill  r.llM- Mllfflei. lit  fllllllH  III lllOl'-
llllf-lll.i      11. K.ili t/.l*     .11,11     IjlliJ     OUI     OUI
jiiimpnlgii Work, we mn carry ihls riding nnd elect n representative 011 ,1
Htrnll ie\o|iiiloniiry Socialist tlcke^.
The lime is Hhort imd the fHmie is
nf deadly Import unco to every toller.
The iMaiu* is whether we Hhnll Milo
illllpel '. ,.   ll.   1.1-   Hli. ll   lia.    |IIU|ie|l>,   Will"
ther we rah.lll be bellellli.,1 or I'lmlliM'il
i>/     'I,--    ',.lf.'.Ul.lM   (jf   tlii)     l.lllU.  .
ti. K. lil'AKiJ,
See. -"atupal-arn f'ominittee
! JtellcMie, Attn. PAGE TWO
the District ledger, fernie,'b'.cV.march 131909
Condticted under the direction of "Proletarian
Address all matter fori this page to "Proletarian*' District Ledget
Socialist:   Do  you believe,all that
"the Liberal newspapers tell you about
, the Conservative party?
"Anti-Socialist:  No.
Socialist: Do you get correct ideas
of the Liberal party from the.Conservative papers?
- Anti-Socialist:- Of course not.
Socialist: And yet you believe all
that the capitalist (Liberal and Conservative)-press say about Socialism!!!
Go, friend and be fooled uo more;
get wise and subscribe to a Socialist
* * *
"I ani. a Socialist and not a prohibitionist, because I believe the appalling
consumption of liquor and tobacco and
other stimulants and narcotics is the
direct result ancl not tiie cause of the
strenuous struggle for existence, that
forces man to welcome with outstretched arms the tempting if only temporary, relief, from its nerve racking
toil and worry." This conclusion was
reached by the eminent Frances Will-
ard after a life long labor In the cause
of temperance.
• , * " ♦,
"Yes," said a plutocrat, "we only
work them eight hours a day. ■ We
find it is all they can stand and be
in perfect health."
A shabbily dressed man leaned forward from a rear seat and said:
"You old liar. I know some of
your men work twelve and thirteen
hours a day."
"Pooh!" said the plute, "I was.-talk-
ing about mules."
* *   »
The capitalist class buys law as it
does labor, using the one to fleece the
other, and what is meant by "law and
order" in the cringing submission to
slavery.—Debs." - " -
Some day the working class 'will
take hold of the railroads, steel mills
and coal mines. •
TiiennheTe^will'lJe" no more rallf
made with flaws hi them;. telegraph
operators, trainmen and engineers
will not work overtime, and most qf
the terrible railroad and other industrial accidents  will cease..
better than well." These well meaning Utopians,'evidently, are not"'acquainted with the fact that all life is
one incessant struggle for existence,
and even human society is not exempt. . The idealists would have us
shut our eyes to the strife going on
in nature and dwell upon ideals; Lab-
riola," the Italian scientist, says 'Ideals
do not fall from heaven, and nothing
comes to us in a dream." He is right,
ideals are but the reflex of economic
development; the Ideal of the slave is
to be free; .the ideal of the wage earner is the co-operative commonwealth.
„ All progress has come through
strife. ■
Humanity was compelled to solve
the problems of productions and of
transportation, for the existence of
society depended upon the correct
solution. „'
But, having solved those problems,
there yet-remains another: given that
the social wealth produced is sufficient and above to satisfy the needs of
evory individual In society, how comes
it that above half of the human family is in actual want?    '      -   ■•■
All the pious wishes and the' most
altruistic ideals will never solve that
problem; only through necessity, and
through struggle will the solution be
Owing to the advanced methods, of
wealth production the struggle between the individual and nature has
been-overcome, .but a new struggle
has arisen between the "individual
mass" against the "individual class;"
a conflict between the "mass" which
uses the instruments ,of, production in
order to live, and the class which owns
as private property, the social machinery and is enabled to appropriate
every particle of wealth produced.
- This form of property ownership 'is
concentrating into fewer and fewer
hands, and the mass' of humanity is
reduced to industrial servitude.
The fact that Capitalist society cannot account for unemployment,-  and
does not produce, to satisfy the wants'
of its integral parts stamps it unsci
entitle and is therefore doomed.
Through Socialism, or industrial democracy, can humanity hope to regain
its equilibrium; it is-tlie next stage
in the evolution of society. "
The* development of society up to
the present lime,. has been through
the path of progress has been marked
by the weary blood-stained feet ofthe
worlds' toilers. Labor has been sac
rificed In the past in order that the
society of the future might' be re
deemed.   •
, Did you ever consider what great
i achievements have been accomplished
by science during the past fifty years.
13y research into the cause and nature of diseases, tbe science of medicine is slowly, but surely, overcoming
those dreadful maladies which * have
caused so much .suffering In thc
The science of mechanics has performed miracles. We can now travel in comparative safety on n train
running sixty miles per hour. By thc
pressing of a telegraph key It is possible lo slgnnl the dots,and dashes of
telegraphy and with Hiich convoy our
dOHlroH nnd thoughtb to peoplo living
on another continent.
Wo can trace the evolution of bout
building from the dead tree Moating
down the stream to tlie giant pu laces
propelled by Hteani:  tho LusiiKiiias
From the tlmo'of primitive society
whon human kind knew of no other
method of crossing n* rivor than by
walking to Its sources, there Is a vast
chango; society has bo advanced that
great structures are built iici'ohh wide
In I.ethbrldgo n moimter Hteol viaduct Ih being built. The engineers
and draughtHiuon with InHtruiiientH
and iriathemiitlcnl calculations mens-
tired, weighed and coiiHtrueted the
huge undertaking on paper, even to
the calculating of Hie tremendoiiH
wind proHHiiro which Ih prevalent. In
that dlHtrlnl, before any part of it mw
the Hteel works. And why? Ik-i-anse
by following Heloiitllle formula lhoy
were utile lo accoiiipllHh the tusk; and
now a Hindi! number of inen wltli
modern appllaiic.-i-H lire going iilntu
quietly, and yet rapidly, following out
lho plaiiH und that giant Hlnicie.re In
gradually uominilng the form which
the indued uiliiilri foreHiiw.
In agriculture, Kropotklu, tells uh
of the great poHHll'llltlcH even under
pi'DHont HllpHhod inellioilH of funning,
ami what would happen If all the tenon itch known to rcIoiicu wore a.)
piled to agriculture,
Ouo could go on Indefinitely, and
polnl out the pnth of progroiH   .loin**
which IniltiHtrlal and ethlenl devo-o-,1*-
,1      ,       .111*11     1.
,..*.*• 41.4.)        . ,..,., 4,    .4 ..,..1.* H ] * .... ..a,      .
ernti*.  WVeHteil  from  lHlture, '
Hut, there Ih ii reverse Hide to tln>!
ineilnl which Hhown thnt over hnlf ofj
the huiu.ui faintly lit Iiuunted by the
gaunt Hpucli'o of "Want."
Why Ih Mils? The liistriimentH of
jiiui'iin.iion tnni nihiliininnii ot proht-ni
dny Hoclnty nro ho powerful In the
nintter of wonlth pordiietlon Mint ev*
ory Individual having iictoah to Mump
mentiH Ih not only able to produce nuf-
fiflotit for IiIh tiooiIh but a HiirpltiH nlH.-i.
TIiIh nil hoi'Iiih peculiar to one who
never itttulli-d deep mioukIi lo iiim hw-i ,
why Biioli extremes should oxIhi in]
■a-ucii'ty. ami the getiotut uiii.j'uk.Iou ar-,
lived nt In thai thing-* ilo not "balance',
right; fill that Ih woittei) ft, a common I
neiiKii view of thi'iK**, more of the Hpir*i
ll of brotherly love, nnd "all ahull be!
Dear Proletarian: Like yourself, I
admit Unit you cannot make the Socialist page tlio feaure of the Ledger
without co-oporatlon, so I ■ have sat
clown to give you a lift over the thorny
path of letters. According to a recent
publication the ruling clasess of Great
Britain are sitting up and taking notico of the, flowing, tide of class • conscious thought thnt Is becoming more
evident as each dny succeeds another.
A new theatrical play has been staged in London entitled '"An Englishman's Homo". • The motive for such
an exhibition Is to encourage tho bogey
conscription and so contlntio as long as
possible the present rulo of capital,
Under our present, military system the
cry goes forth that wo nro,in dnngor.
Ycs.ftho ruling cliiHses nre in groat
danger, Indeed, of having lo work and
provide somothing useful for society,
liiHtead of nt present society working
for the ruling pIuhh to keep It in lux-
nry nnd Idleness. Tlio rich cry aloud
that the country Ih In danger of invasion, and that they wiml. mon—to fight
their Imi ties, Seeing that (hoy own
tho country, along with Mio fnctorles,
I'lillwayH, mines, shipping, comniereo,
I in 11 Kh and tho government, Mn>y liave
everything (0 Ioko and tho workers nothing. Under UiIh condition 0110 would
miliirally think Mint. Mioko who owned
the spollH of wnr would be men enough
to defend them but not so In this phho,
The nniHHfH must bleed and illo for the
Hiicred righth of die -•Iuhhoh, ho that Mm
latter may Indefinitely exploit the tnh-
or of l hit former nud keep MioniHolvoH
In power. When one eoiiHlderH how the
youth Ih finding knowledge In respect
to the cIuhh Hiruggln ho vividly portrayed In hlHtory, lith fancy, for elthor
of the HorvleoH, army or navy, dlnili).
IhIio'h In proportion. So Mm voluntary
praellce of enlisting In the iimiy has
either become antiquated or tinpro-
groHHlvo, In ovory struggle that Iiiih
boon waged between capital and lnbor
the mlllfnry Iiiih heen culled to prelect
the righth of the propertied oIiihh till
the yoiiili bun got. IiIh oyo opened lo
the fiiim. poult Ion In which ho stamlH
1.. 11
..1  14.   ,.,,„! 1   uj   i'm;  (,(.|.
Oi'd just coom aht o t'pooast offis
t'other day when who should shaat aht
froo acorss t'street but mi owd pal
Harry Hinchcliffe.- Hey up Billy he
sez! Ha are 'er owd chap an' ha is
shoo cuttin' na? Not too bad ol sez
oi'm veginning' to, get on "me feeat
ageean atter' t-Tfire an't' typhoid fever
but Where's tha beean this long whbile
Oi've ony just coom back froo fowd
Country whear oi went right atter t'
elecshun when ahr man Davidson wor
licked. Ahr man! ol sez,. what does
thn' meean? Oi never-knew tha wart
a Soshulist, Harry? Oi'm not Billy,-but
oi voated that ticket becoaso f other
chaps belang to f soide as alius gies
three to t' gaffer an' nowt to t' warkin'
man ony aab'aht elecshun toimes when
t' candidates an' theer. agents is as
full o' promises as some holies tha
knoas is full o' gas.
' Oi've voated for f Liberals i t\ past
but it seeams ta me they are liberal
enuf to thersens an' f oiiy liberality
to us workin' chaps is a lot o' puff
ba' promises' an' as for t' Consarvativs
they beleeave i' kapin' howdin" on to
what they'n getten an' grabbin aht for
Wlien'oi fust coom to Canada oi wor
fair capt one day to reead a noatis:
"Liberal Conservative" an oi axed a
chap what soort on a wite blackbird
it wor. He laffed hissen fit to brussen
an' when he fate his breth back, sed
"Tha sees its' this road:    '
"Thoy are Consarvatives what's liberal to thersens and Consarvative to
f Liberals." Oi toild him oi didn't on-
derstand an he left me sayin' "Vooat
i' t' fucher fer ayther' on 'em an' tha'll
find aht what oi've teld thee is t'
Oi'm satisfied on that nan. an' whilst
oi'm not a, Soshulist bi'm fair to gie
'em a trial on see what they'll do be-
coase we cannot be ony worse off than
we are at f same time tha' sez tha' art
a Soshulist an' oi'm bahn to ax thee
some questions an oi hooap tha waynt
think oi'm a fatheead if oi doan't oon-
derstand all tha sez at first yo off. Oi
did once ax^a chap, an' he began to
tawk abaht it i' langwidge that sahn-
ded like t' jawbreakers they gied i' a
malch~otlce~"i' Owlerton, an'
when ol sed "Howd on a mlnit matey,
whoas dischunary has ter swallered?"
he gate huffy an' went off chunterin
to hissen summat abaht .fooils. Oi
shoated atter'him oi might be a fooil
but oi wahnt an eddicated fooil. Eddi-
cation often maks a fooil ten toimes
worse ner if yon-left him as he wor
booarn—a nateral. Oo f Soshulists
beleeave 1' dlvidin' up? Ah lad they
don that * * * * Nah Billy that's what
oi've heeard afoor, then ageean anuth-
er chap teld me they didn't but wanted
toaput a stop to It, ,wi' all these different tales ha' is* a chap to know which
on em Is reight?
Thnt't same hoppin' Harry tha alius
wor, if tha'd ony wait a bit an' not be
soa impashent.oi think ol'.can prooavo
that booath him what said Soshulists
wanted to stop V dlvidin' up an' me
what started to tell thee thoy don beleeave V dlvidin' ' up booath mcenn
alike I'.-t' long run.
01 meean .that all on uh whnt can
ought to work an' not somo tew1 an'
Hwoeat froo'mornln' to noot nn trnn
liooani (if yohenn cnll t' plnco some
on em lives In liooani) completely fagged nlil. whoil otlioi-H doe wl' f gout
and dropsy an' Ilvo on ffat 0' t' loud
nn' do nowt but gather in ther dividends froo himlnoHHOH abaht. wlijch they
oft'on know nowt an' caro less, of be-
'ooavo nt. wo shut! divide up t' wark
an' everybody shnro f t' rosult nceord-
inglle to t'nmahnl, 0' good produced,
Nah doesn't than hoo that, this wud
lio n case 0' not dlvidin' up hh we'n
doln' null cob tha hns to work two
for Mieeson an glo t' compnny eight
boHldoB beforo they'll glo thoo thy two.
This ol think Is simple nnuiY an olm
Hiiro oi've not used owl but V ,'Ialn-
oHt. Inngwldgo. Tha'd llko tor know
ha' this Ih to be done an' or.o 0' Micro
dnyH ol'll explain It. to thoo, but. oi'm
fen rod Hh nbnhl Mino ol' wont t0 t'
train Hurry, ns t.' whlsllo blowed five
minutes Hin	
Ho long, llllly, ol'll bo on t' Hnme
Nhlft an Mm nrl next week nn' thon
Mm can toll me Hiimmot more abaht
UiIh Hiibjeei,
Socialism will free the world from
child slavery, which is maintained for
profits. ~.    ■.     . :-*■'■
* * *
Socialism- will 'make,you free to express .yourself. Now you are under
rulers and bosses.
* * *
Socialism-will "end the pursuit of
political refugees," because jt will
make the world "a brotherhood.
* * *
Socialism will so free you that you
may be able to go to college, travel,
or develop your particular talent,
, ..nt** „
, Socialism, by freeing mankind of
material need, will enable them to develop their Intellectual and spiritual
tf 1
■    *  *  *
Socialism will, by freeing men and
women  of economic* necessity, make
it possible'for all to marry and have
decent homes;
.. * * *
Socialism will free the earth of the
burden of debt, because when everyone can make a living by work and
the industries.are operated collectively there will be no occasion to go 'in
*■ * *
Socialism will largely end that phase
of the profit system known as prostitution, because under it any woman
can make a good living at work, and
will be enabled to redeem herself
from a .mistake in life.
London, Eng., Exchange: The Liber-
tyty and Property.Defence League,- in
its twenty-sixth annual report, points
out that Socialism is no longer a sub-
ejet for mere academic discussion; Socialism has become an important factor in political life; the League's predictions have' been fulfilled aiid its
warnings justified. "To fight" Socialism is- now recognized as the urgent
and paramount duty of all who love
liberty and desire to preserve civilized
institutions from those revolutionary
influences that are openly and defiantly at work to' encompass their destruction. The legislative proposals of his
majesty's- government have at last op-
ened the eyes of" the nation to   the
vice. Uo findi* when ton Into thnt hi
may bo cnllod to nhoot down IiIh own
fnther or brother or oven hin mother,
uh wltriohs the occasion In Helfnni in
•luly, 11107, when u woninn was killed
during the doi:koi*H strike there.
--..fninWipii-111 in eoiripulHory military
training. Ih tho lont Htnnd of tho cup-
ItnllHf cUihh in their frnntlo effort to
continue the gnmo of robbery nud ox*,
ploltntloii attendant with ItH ovIIh nr
unemployment, prostitution. Btnrvntlon
nud child lnbor.
I.t-t Ihe ureal iiiuhhoh of the peoplo
know whnt Mioho huge •■nglnoH of do-
••triu'tluu ate mud-* for ami whom Duty
un' lined ngnlimi, nnd neither conscrlp-
Mon onr Its counterpart will find favor with tliem.
Oh men nnd woinon trim, onoo moro
take li.tudH,
.loin lu-nrtH nnd heads and cloar   the
crooked mnzo,
Sot lovo nnd Justice up o'er Mioho our
Let  truth bo honored, 'honoBt work
have prnlHo.
When each nnd all nro worlcerH, hnnd
■ alii.'    l-l (till
Invoiced no more; no toll (o boar the
Of ilogredntlon;   when   tho   common
Il onob nnnu t»nni1- friol M*.,.* «.... ..•■,/,
shall Htnnd.
causes and consequences of the pres
ent Socialist agitation. Once ttifc principle of state plunder of private property and of State regulation of the
hours of labor of full grown men is admitted, there can be no logical .opposition to Socialism. The Socialists see
this and they are naturally to be found
among the most enthusiastic supporters of measures of this character. The
real danger by whicli the country is
confronted is not so much the revolution promised by the Socialists as the
gradual drifting into Socialism by the
misguided ancl reckless policy ofthe
vote hunting political parties. It Is lo
this danger that the league, has nil
along been calling public attention, If
Socialism Is encouraged by a partial
acceptance of its fundamental principles, it will grow.and-spread until resistance to its complete triumph will become Impossible. The League takes
its slijnd against Socialism on the firm
ground that Socialism is fundamentally wrong in principle and essentially
pernicious In practice. On Mils ground
alono can SoclnIism„be. rationally and
successfully combated. But while the
membership of the League continues
to Incrcnse, providing a corresponding
Incronso in income, tho funds available
for tho groat work in which tlio league
Is ongagod nro fnr fronrndequnto. The
resources of the lecture department of
Mio longuo continue) to bo taxed to tho
utmost, not. only In sending out thoroughly competent spcakerB ancl debaters, but in supplying Information nnd
argumeiitH lo persons In nil parts of
tho country who doHlro to speak and
write ngaliiHt Socialism, Tho hoIo of
tho League's slxponny collection of oh-
snys entitled "SocIallHin: Its Fnllnelos
and Dangers," ban boon vory encouraging. The circulation of this exposure of SodnliHin and particularly tho
hronilcnst distribution In lonflot form
of 0110 of Kh chnptorfl "Socialism
Menus tho Abolition of tho Family
Lifo," have proved a most, offocUvo
niiil damaging weapon agaliiHt the
propogntvln of tho onomles of Hocloty
—bo much ho lu fact, Mint tho Soclnl-
Int Labor pnrly nt its conforenco In
-Innunry liiHt. found, It oxpodlent to
"ropiidlnte" Mm tonchlng« concerning
marriage nnd the family by the pro*
lniilgntloi) of which nonrly nil Mm boHt
known Hocliillm authors have made
thomsolvos notorious.
and care free, trusting and loving, tender and pure, what an-'elevating and
satisfying influence these little gods
have upon our maturer-years!
, Childhood! What a .holy theme!
Flowers they are with souls in them,
■and if on this earth man has a sacred
charge, a solemn obligation, it Is' to
these buds and blossoms of humanity.
Yet liow many of them are prematurely plucked, fade and die and are
trampled in the'mire.. Many millions
of them have been snatched from the
cradle and stolen from their play to be
fed to the forces that turn""a workman's blood into a capitalist's gold,
and many millions of others have been
crushed and perverted Into filth for
the slums and food for .theSpotter's
Childhood is Jie parting of.'the ways
which leads to success or failure, honor or disgrace, life or death. Society
is or ought to be profoundl yconcerned
in the nature of the environment that
is to mold the character and determine the career of its children, and any
remissness in such duty is rebuked by
the most painful of penalties, and
these are inflicted with increasing
severity.upon the peop.e of the United States.'
Childhood is the most precious
charge of the.family and the community but our capitalist civilization
sacrifices it ruthlessly to satisfy' its
brutal lust for power and self, and the
march of.its conquest is stained with
the blood of infants and. paved with
the puny bones of children..
What shall-the harvest be?
The millions of children crushed
and slain in the conquest of,capltalism
have not died in vain} Prom their
little graves all. over this fair land
they ., are^ springing up, as it were,
against ""the"""system that murdered
thfE- and pronouncing upon It, In tin
name of God and humanity, the condemnation of death.
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A. Rizzoto
J. Cbawfobd
Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Co.
*• '  '
Contracts Taken
Including Stump Pulling, Lnnd Clearing and Ploughing.,, Let us
llguro on your next job
Rubber Tired Buggies, New. Turnouts
■ - ,   GENTLEMEN!
(Hy Uugono V. Hubs.)
What emotions tho recollections of
childhood liiKplroB, nnd how prlcolcsn
kh tifiiBiircci im-morloH In our mlvanc*
J]*!,* ami ihrlinlji„ }•*.■&/xl
Laughing eyes and curly hnir, little
browH hands ami hnro feet, Innocnut
. TJiat part of the population which is
most useful—those who ,dO: the work
most necessary—are now doomed to. a
slavery without end or hope of redem-
ption.'Hard. and monotous 'tnH,'*'thnt
becomes misery by its mere repetition,
ignorance that closes foi-ever.tlie doors
of opportunit-*.;; suffering that comes'
from the cramping of limbs'and bodies
and pain, unrelieved by proper care or
relaxation from the struggle for bread
—these are the lot of the overwhelming majority of the working class'.
Their food is adulterated. * Their
clothing Is shoddy. Their lodgings are
breeding places for the white plague,
and other pestilence of body and mind
and soul.
* +   +      * o.
But if wo look closer, there are all
the elements at hand to make a comparative heaven.out of this hell. There
are "all the things'that laborers need
in all countries and In': plenty. Especially-is this the case'in America,
<Vnd it is ln his—tho worker's hands
to do the work. He produces thu brond
now and makes the ovens that bako
It. The w'nent-and wool and lentl'.c.i
and stoo. are abundant, or may bo
produced. The workmen kiiow how
and where to produce. It Is their
skill that i-ns made the machlno bo
mighty and marvelous. IJ. is thoir
patient uso of thom that fills the storo
Jiousos of commoreo with the wealth
of tlio nations.
♦ » «
If the workmnn woro a Blavo lltercl
ly, he would bo cared for when sick,
fed when hungry and sheltered whon
cold. R is truo Mm master did boat
the black slave In order to mako
him work. Dut tho blade slave rep*
resented proporty—ho was worth $1,-
000, to $i,500—nnd ho wns appreciated
Now the beatings the whito workman gots come from sickness, nnd
hunger nnd cold rind the throat of
Buffering for tho donr ones. Ho Is
not "properly," nnd ho Ih not enrod
for ns much ns n horso or n vnlunblo
Ho is only n "hired mnn" and whon
ho hns dono IiIh worlc nnd recolvod IiIh
pny nl] connection botwoon lilm nnd
IiIh mnstor nro sovorod.
He Ih then "froo to Htnrvo,"
What are wo going to do nbout. It?
Thnt ngnln Ih Mm question, No ono but
wo, who nro doing 'somo nopoHHnry
work, hnve any intorost lu finding tho
flolutloii of Mm problem. Tho rich mnn
Ih getting richer nnd ho Ulcus It. Hin
Jnwyors hoc fntlor fei«H abend nnd
thoy llko that. Tlio politicians under-
Htniul tliolr woaknoHH nnd profit by It,
And the trump, thn gnrnblor nnd tho
nroBtituto do not enro.
And thc workmen nro Just learning
whoro to bogln. Thoy nro Inst find-
Ing out what holds thom down.
ii in juaC .hia, .''ia)> have bucotno a
part of tho machinery which tho cup*
ltnllnt owns.
A full line of shelf and   heavy   Hardware in stock together  with a
complete range of Stoves ♦ '
Furniture Department
Our Furniture Department embraces the
most unique and up-to-date lines..,
:. , Come in and have a look 7
J. E>.   QUAII,
Something X)rigihfl-»iHSaf s the
cry of every buyer of printing.
. V        •    *•» 1
q If avery print shop could or would work character
into their product there would'nt be so much common
place p-inting.  ,-•
fl We'll be glad of an opportunity to prove to you
, that when your printing is placed with us there will be
character to it.
flOur new type faces.will do that alone, but
there'll be more than up-to-dateness in ,type faces.
There will be care -taken in the arrangement of the type
—good ink will be used—the proper class of paper for
the work will be selected, and if it requires illustrating
we'll see that suitable cuts are used.  '"
r-fi'liillHin will free the world from
• »   •
HnclnllHm will free m«*n from worry mum! mnkhif-f n HvIiik.
• •   •
!"-''>'I'llUm will free the world from
wnr hecamt) Soclnllnm In co-operation.
One Doctor—Only One
No sense in running from one doctor to another! Select
the best one, then stand by him. No sense either in trying
this thing, that thing, for your cough. Carefully, d-ellber-*
ately select the best cough medicine, then take it. Stick
to it. iVsk your doctor about Ayer's Cherry Pectoral for
throat and lung troubles. Sold for nearly seventy years.
No alcohol in this cough medicine.   I.C.AtHtCo..LewtllMaU.
w?r W.hlJ mnl lhlf thl?''1or Vnr ««wttp*Ulo«T Why not iHck te tht |m
■^r»UiiUfmuyWxthf*-Aytr*iraU?  MVyvarAodt'ilUejTtvmiUktAyUt,
The workmen cannot get along'with*
out. using the machines. But thoy do
not own the machines.
If thoy owned ...the machines, 'thoy
could still mnko tho hrenc] and the
coats, and tnko,,them where thoy woro
needed, but tlioy would not have to
do' It for the profit of hodio 0110 oluo
who doos not do n part of tho whole
work, •   ..
Now, horo Ih tho nnswer, as ovory
thoughtful man and woman miiBt, nc*
The machines have grown so gront
Mint no ono enn uso thom alono, It
takes the whole of society to oporniu
them unsiiccoBHfnlly. And their pro-
duel Is vnlunblo bocauso It eonstltutoH
Mio livelihood of tho nation,
That Ia the mnchlnoH uio no Ioiiroi'
Indlvldttnl, ln*-'niiythliiB but tliolr own*
oi'Hlilp nnd tho botiellt Mint inldvldtinlH
nro nllowod by lnw to Ret out of
Wo do not wnul to snuiHli (ho inn*
chliiON, Not OVHH the blKKOHt oiioh,
which nro tho IiobIh of the roal mid
permanent .trusts, Hhould be atmiHlioil,
Thoy nro lnbor Having devices niul wo
need them for the perpetuation of civ*
Dut If thoy nro> allowed to bo prlv*
ntoly owned, lt Is certain tlmt .ilioy
will not bo owned by mor« of iiho
pooplo, but always by Iohs nnd Ir-nN
people.    That Is Inevitably n part of
yi'lritltl  UH(ici*i'li!,/,
Neither If thoy nro privately ownod
nro those who own thom koIiik to give
tip tlio bonoflts thnt nnturnlly como
from ownership. Thoy will hnnn on
to thoir Rnvprelirnfy—limf na mi.,.-., ->;
way* havo don-i. Thoy will uot ulve
tip (inslly. "
If tho trusts aro not (0 own nil llio
peoplo, then nil tho peoplo must own
thc trusts.
* ♦ • \
If wt* niuct have monopoly--and the
big machines compel monopoly—Mien
let the monopoly be owned by iluiuu
for whoso lifo and comfort and civilization the monopoly Is a necessity.
Collective ownership, which moans
national ownership of state utilities
and municipal ownership of munlclpsl
utilities—MiIh Ib the only hopo nnd thb
only honeBt and flnnl nnd logical set*'
It means the crontlong of tho Co*
oporntlvo Coiiimouownlth»--Mie Soelnllst republic.
And that Ih what wo aro going to do.
—Soclnl-Domocrntlo Ilernld.
Thoy wore trylns; nn Irishman,
clmi'Rod wllh a potty offenco ln nn
Oklahoma town, when tho . judgo
"Have you nny ono in court who
will vouch for your good chnractor?"
"Via.". (illicitly responded tho Celt,
"pleiiHo your honor, thero'o tho shorter
Whereupon Mm Bhorlff ovlncod signs
of great nmazoniont,
"Why, your honor," ho doclarod, "I
don't oven know the mnn."
"Obsorvo, yor honor," snld tho
irlHhinnii triumphantly, "ohsorvo Mint
Ive lived In tho county for ovor 12
years nn' tho sheriff doosu't know mo
ylt!   Ain't Mint n charactor for yo?"
Prof. H. A. Howell of Havana,.Cubs
Recommends Chamlrerlaln's Cough
"Aa long; ngo ns 1 enn romemnor my
mother was a faithful usor nnd friend
of Chnmhnrlnln's Pnuuh itonioitv \mm
never In my lifo hnvo I roaUznd Hn
'Utic ,<-*',..; umii mow," wriieu l'rof. H.
A Howell of HowoU's American school
In Havana, Cuba. "On the night of
February 3 our hnby wns tnlton sick
with a vory sovoro cold, tho noxt dny
he wns wnrr-o ntirf t*hn nf•>■».t fMi*.,,.,..„
his condition wns sorlouii. Ho could
not lie ddwn nnd It wan necessary to
havo him In tho nrms ovory moment.
Even thon his brenthing wa« difficult.
I did not think ho would leave until
tho morning., At last I thought of my
mother'a remedy, Chamberlain's Vmth
Hemedy. which we gave, and It afforded prompt relief, and now, three dnya
later he has fully recovered, Under
the circumstances I would not het-tttaKr
a moment In saylni that Chamb«>flslna
Cough Remedy, and that only fayed
ths life of our dear little boy." For
tale by all draggitie. .DISTRICT.LEDGER, FERNIE, B.C. MARCH 13 1909
cream of tartar^ derived solely
from grapes* All the ingredients
bf Dr* Price's Baking Powder
are printed on tKe labeL They
are pure, healthful and proper.
Big* Crowd Storm Winnipeg Thea-,
* ;. tre for Jobs as Supers in
.    Ben Hur
When baking powders are peddled or
demonstrated, examine their labels. You
will find they are not made from cream
bf tartar.   You /don't want them
WINNIPEG, March'8—The customary Sunday quietude of Winnipeg-was
jarred some last night,„when a crowd
of 1,000 to 3,000 men and boys gathered in a howling mob at the rear of the
Walker theatre bent on securing positions as suiters in the production to
be put on this week by the Ben * Hur
Theatrical company. .. The" assistance
of the police ^sergeant and three "constables were necessary .to quell the
miniature riot and.they-,were aided-by
the employes of the1; theatre.-
The crowd had come in response to
an advertisement which called for "50
men. and ten little boys,, to apply at
the stage door bf the Walker "theatre
on Sunday at 8 p.m.,' •
The crowd gathered as early as five
o'clock and at 7 the noise could be
heard blocks away.'Led by a hoodlum
element it was not long before discretion was. cast to the" winds and the
crowd surged around, the rear portion
of the building like bees. Some of
the men secured ropes and entered.
A call for police was sent from .-' a
church'near by and relief came.
In the Ring Again—Taking it
Easy' for a. While-—Is
Johnson's Superior
B. E. WALKER, President
Paid-up Capital    $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
Ledger  Team   Led all the    Way
But were Nosed out at the
Finish—Another Series
Conductors   Had  Been   Stealing
Money from the Railway
TORONTO, March 9—Conductors
Daniel Corrigan and Frank McCallum
and Jos, .[Woods and Harry Rosenbes
were on Saturday found guilty of defrauding the Grand Trunk railway by
means of bogus, tickets on the Montreal, and Toronto route.
Corrigan had worked 38 years for
the G. T. and McCallum 20.
'...■  a-09
,.-.' "....., 487
'Kirkpatrick..'.  .:. ...  :....'...' 401
Woodhouse   ...    '*.   358
Wallace ..
Volume  ..
by the, noise aifd came up to investigate. The'game created about as
much furore as the chorus girls of the
San Francisco opera company did
among certain of our young bloods on
their recent visit.
* ,'* ♦
The newspaper team want uniforms.
John .Volume wanted' us to-adopt, his
outfit holus bolus,- but there was a disagreement on the color of the sox. We
were ^after the Fernie Hockey . team's
opera company and has not been heard
of-since.    -,"'■'
'»   *   » ■
Of Canada's Wild Land Necessary fo>-
"        Their Development
How much timber is there in Canada? A. recent estimate gives 600
billion feet. This seems an enormous
quantity but it would last only a very
short time if Canada were generally
drawn upon for a timber supply; at
their present rate of consumption the
United States of America would consume that ■ quantity in about' fifteen
years. '  ,
As a matter of fact few reliable data
exist from which it is possible to estimate Canada's forest resources. Even
the number of acres of timberland in
this country is not known with any
degree of accuracy,- and even the ex-,
perts disagree widely,- though they unite in placing it considerably below former" estimates.     ; .
Majority for Free Press 7.
•    ¥     ♦
Such was the result of the great
big long-drawn out game between the
great family journals of this progressive city.
Seven's a lucky number all right—
for the other fellows.
.# . *
The result doesn't make the most
palatable reading for our thousands of
admirers, but a few details may bo in
order. Well John Volume waltzed in
with a pair of FIJI Island socks on, of
a Siamese twin pattern, outside of
which wero a pair of real buckskin
moccasslns which he used to wear nt
college. This outfit was certainly the
feature ofthe game. Whon the result
was announced he threw a con-ilo of
fits and since 1ms been wandering
.around In a soml-comatoso condition.
■** *•". *
Our five dandies saw Archlo Glen*
dennirig swap down 230 lu tho ovoning of tho great game. Archlo looked pleased but somowhow It was too
much for our equilibrium, nnd whon
tlio groat moment arrived wo woro
weighed, ln ' tho balanco and found
W. J. Blundell, the popular grocer,
wishes it distinctly understood that
he has no connection with the ? Free
Press bowling team, and also that he
never had St. Vitus' dance. We are
sorry.indeed that any reputable citizen
should unwittingly be associated with
such an outfit.. , However, the world's
a big place and there are several Blunders.   .
'Bun Sergeant English was too much
engaged to attend the melee, and ho
didn't miss much either if It was fine
points In the game he was after. His
nibs leaves shortly for the coast and
the Free Press shufflers will be without his guardianship, There are somo
good bowlers in Vancouver so the old
chawp will no doubt And his level.
♦ « *
. On the occasion of making a striko
John V.'s feet left tho*floor and too was
absont In tho air for several minutes,
Ho finally landed ln tho'spit box,
♦ * * -
John Wallace, hitherto a bowlor of
unquestioned ropute, was down with
the rest of the wobblors, and reluctantly admitted thnt even tho host bowlers
hit the stubblo nt times.
Tho ono crumb of satisfaction Iofl
to us la tlmt. It was mutually agreed
that tho flvo highest pin eators should,
constltiito the Newspapor team, nnd
tho Ledgor provldos throo of the five.
. * * *
John Volumo hns tho dinky box
Thoy aro a vory "strong" pair;
Hort Whimster has a winning snillt-
,11 in Robortflon has tho hnir. '
.       ' * * ♦
And tho crowd, Woll, wo suro
plnyed to a full houso-that had stand*
In**: room only boat a mile. Tho gamo
Is catching on nil right, and boforo
long moro alloys will bo put In at
Ingram's, Of courso tho prints Indulging In tho gnmo gives It a groat
standing and proHtlico In tho community which otherwise It would bo Impossible to obtain, (With apologies to
A, A, nillospto et nl,)
Sovornl passers by wero attracted
Tho two unions of Carpontors and
Joiners played on Tuosday night with
lho following result:
.largess '.  571
Clnrkson .,... 51 ti
Liindcrlnnd  B10
Uruce  408
McLachlan  420
McDonald ..'  418
-^Tne^resenrislirstlhe. time for Canada tq "take stock" of her.timber resources, not to mention her other natural . wealth. ' Her natural resources
have not yet been,dissipated to a very
large extent, and if Canadians now
secuer an estimate of their wealth In
natural resources, they can, by economical use of them avoid much of the
waste, such as other nations have
made, .
For many years the United States
has lavishly distributed , Its national
wealth. . But during the past few
years thoughtful men in that nation
havo begun to see that they must
economize. As a result, after a conference-of governors of the several
states, scientific experts, leaders,in
commerce and transportation and
others', ln May last, President RooBe*
velt appointed a "Conservatlce Commission" to make a thorough investigation of the national resources contained In the forests, tho mines, tho soil
and the streams (both for water supply and for transportation,) Tho commission has stneo then beon at work
and during the second week of De-
comber roported at a meeting similar
to the one preceding' their appointment, *
In order to afford a fair chanco for
tho economical administration of Canada's forosts a similar Inventory ought
to bo mado. What Is flooded Is a systematic exploration of tho wholo unexplored roglon, by mon familiar with
tho work of estimating tlmbor. Full
and occurato reports of such explorations will servo to.clonr up much nils*'
concoptlon regarding tho oxtont, ancl
tho amount of Cnnodn's forost land,
Just as tho explorations mado In iVor-
thorn Optariq In 1000 cleared up tho
ideas formerly held ns lo tho vnluo of
Ontario's liiiiderland.
Clark     150
Wray .,,      400
Uanniui    377
Thomson    ,    374
Ihivoy    310
Cummlngs     329
Majority for Drothorhood C27,
Dominion Government* to   Assist
in Financing tho New
Sontonco Handed out to Murdoror
"Say, mister," sad tho small boy,
breathlossly, "tako down this ordor
quick; I got to go to school. Two lbs,
of coffoo at forty-flvo cents; three nnd
ono hnlf of Hiigiu* nt hovoii cunts; six
boxes of cocoa at twenty-four; two
dozen eggs ut thirty two; and four
lbs. of butter, nt forty contH. Ho'V
much does It como to?"
"Four dollars nnd eighty cunts my
little man," sa(d tho grocer. "What address, please?"
"Goo! Thanks I" said tho schoolboy
us liu iiiiujo his oHcapn. "That wnH Die
only ono I couldn't do."
.N.O.NTRUAU March 7—It Is said I
Uvixi iii iiicmOcra of thu House o(
Commons that Important (Iov»lopiii.*nih
I nro under wny hetw-cttn tho Dominion
government and tho flrnnd Trunk* Taenia for a lonn of ten million dollars
to hriiti  Mir,  enrnnt\,iy  n,-",<*  ».\'•.'•• H:..'...
clnl straits.
Tho company for somo time has do*
* )' lr-andec. a modification of tho   agroo-
*\ ment reached botwoon   tho companj
and parliament, and tha lonn Is said
to bo In tho form of n compromise
J'Wbat sort or it mnn tt Jlnkaf"
"Tho Impression yon nel nt Jinks Ao.
pends -on the drcumstanceB    under
which you meet him.     If you nro
"there to collect money you won't liyo
hint. Hut, If you are there to pay in
money ho seems to bo a lovely char*
htiATTUH, March 8—Jnmou Holt,
Iwml tiiiliiy Uu •"Aicuiiioor by u jury
In the United States court of tho murdor of Henry B. Johtmon nt the Fort
Worden military rpsorvntlon nenr Port
Townsond this morning waH Rontencod
to life* Imnrkfinmotit n» yt»S'"}1 i.'il.ir. I
penitentiary by Judge Hanford.
A motion for appeal Iri thc case will
be filed,
Flomta.*. has cnvUhcil lift vocabulary
hy a now word for automobiles. Il
forti'""! from "■iiicll/ nipld; "iwii'dulon'
Jiorsc-U'Hi,; (oonrfeewpoorwc'i*'," with*
out rails, "pltroolltjung," driven by pet*
How would you Ilka to Le hit by a
Iltjani?" '   •
Vi'hi-ji ','.«.■ ;,,u.ii,,...,,v,i cinuoinoi* sayi-*;
somo othor reputable printer will do
tho Job for thirty per rent Uw, just
relate to him Brother Hprechor's best
Teacher; Johnnie* tf I ley itn-nn *-","•■''
on the tnblo and tnko one away, how
mnny nre loft?"
After wrestling with tho problem
llko n printer collecting the rent money, his chum comes to tho rescue with
"Tnko her up Johnnie, she can't do
it."—Print Shop Talk, I.on Angeles,
Lam* Shoulder
Whethi'r resulting from rt **pr.*tln of
from rheumatic pains, there Is nothing
so (rood for a Uri<* thouldcr at Chttm-
hertoln'n Pain Halm. Apply It freely and rub tho parts >I(?orou*iIy nt
each appUfMlt-M*- and a Qtik". cur6 la
certain.   Tor tale hy nil Arnztffitx,
"The last has not been heard of
Tommy Burns as a fighter. He will
keep out of the limelight for a year or
more but after that.it is his intention
to pull'on the gloves again. You may
say that for me;" said-E.- Brusso the
youngest brother of the ex-heavy-'
weight' champion pugilist of thc-world,
who arrived in Victoria from Oakland
Cal.,by the steamer Puebla yesterday
morning. Mr. Brusso-has been conducting a theatre In that city in which
His belligerent relative lias an interest and which he leased three weeks
ago for three years. Now he is en
route to Sydney, Australia, with Mrs.
Keating and hor three children, and
will join Tommy arid take up theatrical work. Just what their plans are
to bo he has not definitely decided ns
yet. * ■<
The younger Brusso thinks that his
brother was the victim of a sevi*-*** of
deplorable misfortunes, and Unit {liven' another chance aftfer a complete
rest of from twelve to twenty four
months, he would be able to take the
measure of the huge mahogany colored pugilist.
Tommy, he said,.had gone from the
city of London, where the climate was
moderate, straight to Australia, "where
he encountered sweltering weather.
He sustained a slight sunstroke. The
sudden change and the constant training put him altogether out of condition. Then just a week before the big
fight his sister had.died at Cash Bay
on the Rainy River,'the news ofo which
was cabled to him'. Doubtless that
had worried him. To cap the climax
of the historic fight, Johnson landed
a lucky .blow in the first round which
unquestionably had dazed the Canadian champion, and Bruso did not believe that he had been able to recover
until after the end came in the fourteenth round.
i While the younger Brusso (he is. but
21 years of age, while his famous bro-'
ther has reached the 27 mark) is not a
world beater in the boxing line, he
possesses some insight into its. fine
points, gained through practical experience .' A little over a »year ago he
had two amateur fights, one against
Ray Done which he won in 6 rounds,'
and'another-in competition with Jack
on points. Besides he has an intimate
knowledge of Burns capabilities.
Therefore,'the statement coming as
it does from him that he believes his
brother capable'of out boxing and of
whipping the big negro, carries more
weight than coming from any* other
.   Can Beat Negro ..-
,  "I certainly think Tommy has it in
him to beat that nigger,"■ he remarked
in a tone of conviction. "He would
have to fight him' In a different way.
It was a mistake to rush at Johnson.
That  would  give him the opportunity
he wanted. He made his infighting tell
terribly, and as I said, Tom was hit
hard right at the start. His ,best plan
would have been to wait for him,   to
play clever. The negro is fust but my
brother Is Just ns good.   And the Important point Is that'Johnson has not
tho punch to knock out Tommy under
ordinary conditions, Johnson couldn't
put out Marvin Hart, and Burns mado
him look like a dub; That bears out
my contention. Howdver we may have
an opportunity of Boeing.   My brothor
will fight Johnson again nftor a rest.
Meanwhile, a lottor from him Informs
me that ho Intends going into the hotol businoss at Sydney, Now   South
"Don't yon think It would have boon
a good plan for Burns to havo held to
tho color lino?" was a question nskod
Mr. Brusso,
"Yes,"-was tho hesitating nnswor,
"But'thirty thousand dollars looks awfully good, doesn't It? I would fight
Johnson myself for such an amount ns
Mr. Brusso wont on to say that
however tho recent hoiivywoight championship bout, was'viewed, it was not
discreditable to Hums. "Think of It,"
lio exclaimed, "my brother wont. Into
the ring wolghing about, 170 pounds to
Johnson's 210—forty pounds differ*
ence! Aftor nil Tommy Is littlo more
than a middleweight, Ho really went.
out of his class to capture that bolt,
and thon lie overlooked tho tromend*
oiih handicap, waived the color linn
and mado no complaint iih to his con*
dltlon. IJvnn nt that lm wont fourteen ion niln and what Is morn the picture films show that, ho was always
tho aggressor. Of coiiiho you mum
alwaya rumomljer there wiih that. SHO,*
Worth 1250,000
Tho reports circulated In regard to
the Canadian's ability ns n financier
woro corroborated by his brother. "Iln
is worth $''.•'10,01)0, if ho possesses a
cent," stilted Mr, Hriisun "If ••••n*«i'»
ins practice, to* throw his earnliiKs
uuuf tn, iim uiitjuiKy ut uiitur pugilists
hnvo done, und I am of ihu opinion
Hint lin'H roll up at much mow before
he's done,"
"Tommy Ih a nnturnl horn fighter."
WCI1T OTI llld I.ri*it1,f..-   71    ... ,'.'  ,t  .t^   -u
Hfliioor, Out., wljore the family which
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
?5 and under  3c
Over ?5 and not exceeding $10...., 6c
.Over ?10 and not exceeding $30 ..10c
Over $30 and not exceeding $50.. 15c.
These orders are payable at par at every office of a Chartered bank in
Canada (except in the Yukon) and at the principal banking points in    the
United States.     They are negotiable at $4.90 to the  £ sterling in   Great
Britain and Ireland.
They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money with
safety and at small cost and may be obtained  without delay.
R 0 Y A L
H 0 T E L
Manager, Fernie.
Always a choice supply of Beef, Pork, Veal,
n   Mutton, and Lamb on hand.   Hams,
Bacon, Lard, Batter and Eggs
Our Specialties?
. Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish, always a good
assortment.   Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help,
Call in and
see us once./
C. W, DAVEY & CO.. Props.
.   i i*
Waldorf Hotel
The 41 Meat Market Limited
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Stores in all the Principal Towns in British Columbia -and Alberta
veal   .   ^___ Phone—-
Table Unexcelled
Bar supplied with the finest
brands of "Wines, Liquors
ancl Cigars
(Formerly of Centml^Hotel)
Salt Fish
Our Motto "Civility, Cleanliness and correct weight to all"
..Printing played like solitaire Is to*)
ancient for these times. If you win
out you only beat yourself. Get together and play partners for (ho com*
mon good.
Beware of the smart gazabo;' ->vho
sends you a mlneograph lottor asking
for estimate on a ten or fifteen dollar'
job. His mind Is too moan and
small to lot you mako a dollar nnywuy.
He has got to got back the postage
and stationery on fifteen or twonty
communications such as you got—besides his time at $3 a week.
Bcwnro (also of him who explains
how, if you do tills job cheap, ho will
give you IiIr catalogue lator, for you
to make a pot of monoy on, Toll
him you'll print tho catalogue first.,,
Don't keop a sot of hooks for the
soml occasional who gives you a three
or flvo dollar ordor.
Don't go Into a partnership with a
man with n scheme for which you furnish tho hIiiowh of war. If it succeeds ho merely pays you curronl prlco
for your printing, If It falls— good
Lot tho Ink man carry (he Ink
stock and tho paper man tho paper
Htook and you carry tlie money. You
might want to buy an auto.—Honrd of
Trado Print or.
Oh, Corbin, little Corbin,
You're a hustling little town.
But when the snow melts, little Corbin   ,.
Tm afraid that you will drown,
When the snow melts on lho mourn*
And' you're open to tlie fountains
You'll bo smashed and bruised
And carried down the Btrenm.
You'll bo-bruised against"the boulders
Hammered hard against the plnos
And you'll fool yourself ridiculous
To bo carried from tho mines,
You'll bo carried'down Michel creok,
With a   mighty, hounding swoop,
Landed hard against tho bridges
At McGllllvrays' famous loop.
You'll ho curried down lho stream
On tho bosom of that swell
Landed hard against tho bridges
In the town of Old Michel,
You'll bo guiliorr-d up for fuel
Carried, packed and slowod away,
Thill's ihe liiHt of Hull. Coi-IjIh
Whon tho huh Hhlnos out. In Mny.
The Hotel of Fernie
Fernie's Leading Coiimierciiil
und Tourist House
S. F, WALLACE, Prop.
Bar supplied with  the  bent Wines,
LiqiiorH and Cigars
"Call thn Jury for tho next enso,"
snld tho judge.
".May It pleaso tho court" Hnld the
prosecuting nt torney, "tho prisoner al
lho bar Is nol onllfled to a Jury,   he
i, h
"Why, oven thn oinlnHt fhlckon-
thlnf Ih entitled to n trial hy Jury," n.\*
rlnlini'd llio Judge, "It Ih the liinllen*
•ilii'* right of overy man flmrg'*d
with "
"Ilul this Ih ii union man i hnrged
with having violated your order not to
approach a strike breaker wltii Intent
to Infliifiicn him,"
The New
Will open for business tho Ilrsi. week
in March. Built expressly for '
It's n diindy, coiHis nnd Hen It.
Workingmans Trade
•Prisoner, •■•tntid up! You hnvy com* anothor slioi'tow- In elum*1'*
A conductor on the OTnlloii Park
division of the St. LdiiIh ami Suburban railway Imd micli a good run of
IiiihIiichh Sunday afternoon that hu
lind difficulty in keeping hlniHHf hup-
piled wllh Hiiuill change, hii)*h the Hi,
Lfiiiln (ilolM'-Dmnoenii, Many |><-i-koiik
who palmnl/i'd bin car bunded him
dollurii niul IiIIIh of larger denominations in payment of their fiircH,
The coniliK.ior iniiiiai*e(| •*. Kl.| (in
fairly well until it woman currying n
tiny Infant. Imunled IiIk enr. When
ho approached the woman for her
fine Hho handed lilm n $f< bill,
"Is that the j-imalh-Hl you liave, miid-
nin?"    i*iu)rled the conductor, fearing
<   (W, A.  Ross,  Manager,)
fomprlnoiti three boyH and flvo girls,
was raised, ho used to he cock of
tlm walk,' lie could lick nny youngster
of his own age and size and imed to
KU.'CfiNHfully tako on many much older
and hlnrger.
,...1^.4 .. uiiiiu .i eii it im nun ii villi iii'
thnn murder, raj.e lncr-.-t, :r nn, )jj
fnnttcliln, homicide, patricide, and
you have forfeited all rights to a trial
liy Jury, i-iolltttry confinement for six
nioiilliH, Cull tho next cum1!"—Lincoln Wage Worker.
iim woman looked at Hie conductor
nnd thi-ij ul .V. .'......j ,uni uui-ie   Huh
surprising reply:
"Yes; I havo beeii irmrrleil nnh* >'j
CO.,   LTD.
Wholesale Liquor Donlpr-?
A full *|iwk h 'i feu* davw
The Homo Journal for March con*
tain* n mont tuanliiiK nnU)>- on the
"White Slave Traffic,, hy Hon. K. T.
Slum of Chicago, In which the Inner
Ho/Jalw/j* of this nefarious trado (a
■ jwmir. gfrfij [(j into, liaviu
Tho director!? of the Cranbrook pnrk
Limited, held a largo meeting and decided upon n rnco meeting thU wprlng'
to l)ii held oii Mny 24 nud I"!,.   The of*,
Iclnls hnvo opened      corre«|ioi»<h'iut'f
Willi ilia- It-rtiliiiK liiiihernen nf wisiirn1
Canada antt thu Northwestern Sum**:
nnd anticipate ono of the nio-it -1< <-. -*«;•
ful mcctlnga i>ver held lu (IiIh -u-rtioit i
of the country.   Attractive piir**.*"*. nt-",
to hn put up ami! ih» hord'-m*--'-'- *»f '!,'.«'
vicinity feel confident that th.-n* willi
bn a iatfto attenAnnce. ',
Wm. Eschwijj, Proprietor
New and up-to-date
Handsome  Cafe Attached
Alberta Show
Case Works
Mitntifi'ii ill-el*,    nf
Calgary, Alta,
J •tv---'■■*
®lj* SKrfricI .£&%&
$1.00 a year in advance.- Address all communications to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. C.
Rates for advertising on application.
We believe, through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good to-actual subscribers any loss incurred by trusting advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest bankrupts.
This offer holds  good' for  one  month  after    the
transaction causing the complaint;; that Is we must
' have notice within that time.     In all cases in writing
to advertisers say "I saw. it in The Ledger."
RESIDENCE 9 Manager.
Since the first $900.'shortage was discovered, another $600 has loomed up and further examination
may reveal1 more.
Are you on the Voters List ?     Tf not, why out 1
Do not wait till some election, but get on at once.
A mail works for the govornment (whichever
side is in power) for I went v yenrs. lie boosts for
them and everytliing else, then they turn him down.
lie kicks, but what's the use. He would vote for
them again if they asked him. When will men pet
The Council at the present time could do nothing
wiser than putting on a gang of men to cut ditches
through the snow., sloping towards the,river. ' At
present there are dozens of houses that are completely hemmed in and great damage will- be' done
by water if the .snow thaws quickly, which is most
likely to.be the case this spring. There is no outlet, no drainage, and if gulleys were dug every here
ancl there it,would give the water a chance to run
down,to the river and do away with the flooding.
There are at the present time a very, large number
of idle men in the city and this would be a very
wise way in which to employ them.   . .    '
We are deeply sorry to have to apologize for the
-conduct of certain citizens during the last ten days.
AV'e have to mention this, as the matter-has been
mooted to us in sarcasm several times during the
week. Of course in supporting certain people, we
were supporting their public life, not their private.
Far, be it from us to'godelving into anyone's private life, but facts have come .to light during the
last ten days that force us to speak on things we
would?feign have, touched,upon., , "Wc trust that
decency aud discretion will predominate' iii future,
and that.we will not have to be called to order for
the "actions of anyone'we may hereafter :'support.
The Emerald Isle.has contributed its'full share
to those who .have-made history both within and
without the confines of the British Empire.. ' The
sons of Ireland have won renown in art, literature,
fighting for their mother, country and everything
that pertains to greatness. "Wherever they have
migrated "brain and brawn" have been predominant.- Next "Wednesday is the anniversary of the
patron saint, and the green of the dear little Shamrock will be much-in evidence.
The action of the,city council'in trying to"secure
for the city a plot of ground .to be used for a Recreation ground cannot be too strongly endorsed,
and should lneet with the hearty- approval of"all
classes of-citizens. The completing ofthe purchase and the "subsequent bringing of the land into
shape for park and pleasure grounds will involve
a lot of work, but work'with such a laudable end in
view should be entered into cheerfully by those
in charge.
As "thei' warm1, weather "approaches,
6ome' stringent measures are necessary
in; Feriiie for-,;the;disposal of the ''-accumulations df garbags kanA: other'refuse now pifed.in the "back yards-'of
many residences. Ash heaps, aiid the
slops and leavings fronj the kitchen in
hundreds* of cases are piled in a heap
at the back'dooi-,.this'.being accounteV(
for by .the fact*fthat there is a lack ot
aiiy better'means, In "many cases,'v> of.
disposing of.the same. Now that the.
snow is starting to melt the? .smell
arising from many of these back yards
is not at;,ail pleasant, to say nothing
of; the :sanitary." aspect of ,the .case.
To■ properly'cope,-with the situation
tho health authorities will need to act
fast - arid often, and will need the cooperation - of all classes of citizens.
Complaints are'made een now that in
several places families have used-old
basements'wneVe houses have been
burned down, for dump heaps, and in
some instances they have been turned
into veritable'cess pools. It is to be
hoped that't'hV authorities will act in
time,- and .that any. danger of -disease
from this course will be prevented.  -.'
The closing days of-the British Columbia Legislature mark one of the dirtiest throwdowns to independent-lumber mills that'could be thought of. We
publish- elsewhere the particulars of the transaction as taken from the Vancouver "World...
The statement' there made that a fund estimated
at about $250,000, and with a,lobby balance in proportion,- agents of-American combinations, have
been quietly and discreetly working to get this per-,
petuity -clause inserted instead of the twenty-one
■years, lease, shows how terribly rank the* B:-C.
government is. It is stated that the deal has even
brought Premier McBride into .direct confliet-with
his, own,party—poor chap. There is an old saying
that ""When thieves fall out, hoiiest men get their
dues," but.this is evidently the exception to the
rule. .'.„/'
' "We need not mention the effect this will have to
the few independent millmen in the proviuce. The
state of affairs is too bald to need any comment,
suffice it t6. say that wheal we find ourselves in the
hands of such bare faced, measley-m'outhed,.- robbers, who will sell their cliance for the next world
for a promise of.support at the next election—
which promise nine times put of ten is a false one,
it is high time for a change. The only feasible
.change to offset tliis thieving is to elect more Socialists, i ;
-*-. Tlie first of April is fast approaching, aiid some
uneasiness is felt'by our merchants'; and bthersJiri
regard to the renewal oil agreements 'for District
No. 18. So far the operators have decidedly ..stated
that they will stand for no increase in anything that
will raise the cost of production of coal.
The miners have called special meetings to consider their position carefully from nil points, and
when the joint committee of operators' and miners
meet at Maeleod on Tuesday next, the IGth, some
final decision will.be looked for.
The majority of the members of District. 18
have worked very irregularly this past season, and
the out put of coal in the Crow's Nest Pass 1ms been
very small compared with other years.
This stale of niVnirs leaves the miners in poor
shape financially, but, as soon as llio new agreements nre signed up there will bo nn immediate nr-rt
very noticeable improvement which will treble the
pny mils in all the camps, and the muivlmnls iuul
miners alike will'shnre in the prosperity.
Wc urge upon nl] members of (lie District, nml
upon all members of the joint committee to weigh
very eiu'el'ully tlio questions brought before them
for discussion in connection with new agreements.
Do not lose your bonds, and thereby create bud
feelings, but study every point pro and eon, and if
it comes lo a decision nnd you tiro cnlleil upnn lo
"fight" stnnil shoulder lo shoulder nnd forget your
petty differences, However, we hnrdly tliinl* thore
will In; nny fight in this ngroomont, ns neither the
operntors nor the miners cun afford to waste tii.ic
nnd money in fighting each nflier.
Toronto'Telegram: 'About- 300 immigrants from
the old land''arrived'at the Union station.-this moi\
iiing. ■. <-\'J'jU.I'''*ThYre was Scarcely- $100{iii..,tli.<j
party that'-romaiued 'in Toronto, aud-one man .had
$50 of tlm';''Th'e British; Welcome -, League took
.charge of -about '15- families and .will pro vide;'-for
them until they are placed, A.few friends,who
had been -in-Canada, about a. 3rear. met Jhe party,
ancl when they informed the strangers that there
was no work here they appeared .very much disappointed. ONE MAN WITH A WIPE AND SIX
We reproduce the above for tho benefit of the
Cranbrook Prospector and any others who think
that the mission of W. R. Trotter to the old land
is not warranted. Thc Salvation Army has under
preparation plans to dump S000 more people into
just sueh circumstances ns related above.
The Salvation Army warns peoplo ft gainst, the
dangers of hell. A mnn in a si range country, absolutely penniless and with a wife and six children,
it seems lo us, must consider that he is on the verge
of that dreaded land. Would that there were 20
Trotters on the same mission,
Editor Ledger:      '' -   .
Dear Sir: I was engaged working on
bridge, when work was closed down
by Mr. Cody; I was told that It would
be only a few days before work would
start again. After* waiting for four
weeks I went", to'work again, and after
two days was laid off by orders from
Mr. McNielley. I nm hyenty four
years in the .Kootenay, paying, taxes
for twenty two years, have had years
of experience in bridge building.- I
would,like.to know, If this is the
treatment due under these circumstances?    ' BRIDGEMAN .
In. speaking of Lionel Swift and the
Kerry Gow. company,'"the San'Francis-
co'Examlner says: "Several*years:ago
during a special engagement atr the
Trivdil,' of' Camille , D'Ar.viile,.' when
that beautiful singer appeared.in. the
"Highwayman" one of. the. emphatic
hits of'the performance was-made; by
Lionel Swift, who up" to that time had
been*: a''good' useful' member-*' of tlle
company. His performance' of. the
rollicldrig. young-.soldier\6pehed people's eyes aiid since that' time certain
people, notably *\V. E.. Burnham, have
been waiting for the opportunity to
■launch Swift as a star. ,*The.opportun
ity arrived last Sunday with the Kerry
Gow, and even the. confidential 'managerial, belief has Jjeen astoundingly
verified;} for practically all the.-, week
has be.en-'.played to.jsold out business
and a great s?dvanc<4'sale. is already in
for] next week.-. It is only true.-to,say
that he lived up* to the.' hopes of. his
friends and, played Dan O'Hara,' the
Kerry. Go.w.or village, blacksmith,, with
true Irish humoir, that dime*'and went
easily and was naturally.- turned: into
more, serious. and sympathetic channel's. ..Mr.. Joseph Murphy, who is here,
states that .he is..perfectly- satisfied to
cair Mr..' Swift his?legitimate, successor.. The-scenery was by far the. best
yet seen.here and' the.per.faj-*raance was
noticeabel for- the; attention' to detail."
The Kerry Gow company will be at the
Opera House on Tuesday; March. 16..
You; will Say
Is it Possible
*> *>
j>7        That I can buy choice* fruit 'lauds with <£
Y a good water supply, within 30 miles of X
S Fernie, "on   the   installment  plan.    Such ■ <\
easy payments are not offered by any other * <>
<> company.'. Write-for circular on."Kootenai  \ <►
V .      Irrigation Tract" ■ %
o   .    .    - ..'."-       '.    ——   "     -^ £
<>   I>. W.  HART, (Agt, for Canada) Baynes, B. C. <►
Fernie Opera House
Joseph   Murphy's .Masterpiece of*
i Irish Dramas
toes:; march 16
.- See the Great Prison Scene
,;.The,.Blacksmith' Shop
rTT-"-*"ij*rrri.uc7-~v-;oi, ner™™:	
*'::*'THE SEASON   ■-..
'.This attraction is. undor the direction of
W. E.'Burnham who gave lis the Juven."
UeJBostonlanScjthe;George tB. Howard
Co.*, and the Beggar Prince Opera Co,*
'""" SCflT MUST BE GOOD    "-■
PRICES:  $1.00 aiid 75c
aris •
Dont forget that Tarn bach
in the old stand and that
wiy yfitices are better ;
■** * ' '      'a. ^ l    , "- . ^ ' •-.'•■ T, a ^        ,
than   ever ^""-y.       ■
"■'I, V *,-     -■*, ;      *■<■*■.     * *   * ..,**..
i Men's Suits   $5.00; to    $20    ■
;      "' Shirts     75c to    .6.00 y y -   ;
"/'"'   y "'".:' Shoes , 2.00 to )• ■"5.00:Tl."'..■■;■.-
..V Caps v 50c. \toi yiyW '''iyiy : <
/r.l-iv;;^' Trunks3.50'to y"$25{
.'•fcij'-i ilayr-xi oi av.iT,-f,ia -*i
.■.ni';;- -.i ii,
i i".t<\
Th".-."   tT?
See my*:swell'line of Neckties  ?r\ • ■■#■   ,■#•*•>■'•*(
\'all "styles '•  -    :  -' '; j-  * '    ! OVCTOy&O    [
;'        **    "*•*«■     i .*■ ,7 > r -' **"-'.•   V        .
1,1    i*   ;        i■ ,. ■;   i     - ■ •  t   *..        ,    ■
Vail   h'.-in*,'*'  ,-'.-*'.|,'"-'Y-.{*: '■   j •*'■
M. A. Kastner
Fire, Xife,: Plate Glass,
and Accident
Property For Sale ia
all parts of the.   7
r    cit3f  ,
Houses. For
RE   -N-ffi
> t%-m-weM-m*Bmweme-mmLmML-tmmm-wmm*-tmem*mm^
Agent     '
-1 a
New Oliver Typewriter
Machine given out on trial
No Charge'
H ighest  Price 'Paid   for
South African War Script
are not   .
But.here is one that will be
, Practical' Economy,
.  Profitable Results    '
- By,. buying your Bread,
,'',..  Cakes-and'Pastry"
■■. - "j'-y'y from '■'■^', 7 ■
■ ■■'•.!!'* •
•M  Jl'"i''li
:. 1 ■ n
- •■.* *J>-i.«.
.(Next, door to Hotel Fernie)
In I'lHiiH'clioii willi tlie iiVl'fsl nl' U, (). I.ncUIiiU'1
wc wi'i'i' told mi most rclialtli; imtlinrily Ihul it wns
llinui^li M-nie uf tlw .jui'sli'in** thnt tlw l.'Hljr*'!*1 nul*.-
i'il I hut flu- (liscri'iumcy wns diseuvercil, If -•iii,
nml \ve Jin vi- mo ri'iisiui In fliiiik ntlicrwise, we m*i>
dniilily |n*iiiiil ul' inn- ef furls. Then! iu*e Kevemi
filings Ihul  linppeiieil in euiineetiuii willi (he relid'
Jiinfters Ihul  we im' iiMnre of. mid ns we stiite.!
iieiuiv, we will Mint",  iff* ■••.'•ryiiiuiK until we yn ii'p.-«ii,»  ..iui iiiiijinni^  ■.-..Hii.*..
I'.y linhlii Stephen S. Wis,* of Xew York in Ii:
iliistrinl Inde.N:
Tin:, inclusive nud iiinlieniibli* rij,'hl oi! ehildi'tii
is tu eliildhdod. liml is to the life uf n child. Tl***-
tei'in child Inliur is n |inriido.\, for when lalior bouriiw
in Ihe modern -sense of flint term the child censes
to he,
Childhood hus n ri^hl to lie well housed, und
oiiaiiit nol lo he eom|ii<lleil tu dwell in dentil deal*
iui*' tenements, which deny tho child the eluinee to
'•liter u'loii a life that shall lie normal nnd health-
Child liilmr iH to lm foil (flit positively and eon*
structively nud not merely iii'Kiifivi.-l.v and olislrue*
lively. Child lnlior is to Im overcome by butler
schools and by compulsory,school laws that are lion*
I   I   M   •     1     T
a   .il...    ..t.lMi
fei'Uuiiiliu ol I lie people h iiuuiey.   U hul js il |R",W
paper for fn proper, fearless, independent piiper,)
if not to protect the public iitfaiust swindled, aid
soinelinieK even against ourHolves?
\>l euur.se iiiesr \ti\t\'x, .iiui uiiiii-i ']i*u'i liu
sfiiuu;" sheets will take a seat on the top nf the
fence, mid whichever side they see the most support
and job work or advertism** eomintr fmni. they
will support.     Hut what confidence cun Ihey ev
p"cf to inerif from tlw pulilie wlio funk utdy ,-U t'le
riuht and the wroiii? of the ipustiun at issue.
\\e uiii)ci*>a|iiiii| that Milne iriciHU of Mr. Lock-
liurf's teb'/riiphed to the elVed tlmt ther,. wus *i!)00
plllecd to tlle credit of the  Ijellef I (illilllllti f  j|| one
of tin* bunks to cover the short**.-,'!'. Itut the eoin*
inittt.' are not after the ■*•««»; (hey are hI'I«t jimtie-i).
and ro amount ot tnoney Mmi.-bl pureluise   thnt.
in    lUll^l'li   il,*,    tin;   iiniil-.iii.il   ft. Jiiiul   iJ.'.ii   ,,\   , uvJii.'i*,'
into hf'u\\x, but tin*- iuilUHtrinl schools that are to he
must come under state control   lest limy be.-oine
scab nui'series, kinderffiirtens for strike breakers.
.,'* I.   *.• ii- i • -i ,    i
.Via,),*.,,'    i.-.    -   ,     H.tt.AWri    »'i>....i'a|i»S.la..-B     - i,,', -    „U '   Wa.     i,- I     a
liaiiccs to break down tlie citzonship of the
Child labor is to bo repressed and suppressed
that justice may bo done to the child.
Child labor uus'lif to be abolished, not so much
at'the behest of the duty of Rnfogiinrriing tho re-
,'Uhlic, but ruther becHUhe of tlie duty of ihe i'i-
public to Mi!'e(»iiard it« •rliildreii. We are lie-jjin-
uitiif to plan for the eonservfttioii of our iwtiiraJ re-
4-oiii-ms. Let un conserve our moat precious nut*
urvil r.xd.ivi-.s, thu lif<* iind joy and   j<rj*i ib ;.'•
Methods during the many
years, of our dealings have
proven the wisdom of trading with us. While working
for a business we have been
working for a reputation, we
i *■*
have gained it, and it will be
upheld. Every deal with us
is a satisfactory deal We
guarantee that
All kinds of
Give us a trial
NOTICE Is ln-ruby given tlmt tlio
J. I-I, Hold Compnny, Umltod, currying on business ns Furnituro Dealers
at Fornio. 13. C, has by Deed of As*
slgniiiont datod tlio ilth day of Fobruary 1000, Assigned nil Its personal
property, real estnto, credits nnd ot*
foots, which mny be seized and sold
under execution, unto Comolius 12.
Lyons of Fernio, II, C, Assignee, for
tlio purpose of paying nnd sntlBfylng
nil Its creditors rntnlilynnil proportion*
ntoly, without preference or priority,
AH persons, having claims against
the J. H. Rold Company, Limited, aro.
required to forward pnrtlculnra of
simifi duly verified, to tho said Corn..]-
lus li*, I.yoiiB of Pernio, n. C, on or
will proceed to dlstrlluuo iho assets of
tho (mlnlo nmong tho persons cntlt'od
tlioroto, liavliu; rogard only to tho
claims of which ho shnll thon hnvo
hnd notice; and nil nornon» Indebted
to tho Hnld J. II. Held Company, Limited, nro request ci. to pay such Indob*
! todncRH to tho snld Cornelius B. Lyous
'•j&jnt his office, Fertile, I). C,
A mooting of tho creditors of the
he \ snld J, II, nold Compnny, Llmltort,
tw> will bo held nt the office of lho Bald
't\% I Compnny, Vlctorln nv-nmio, on TlnifR*
SJt dny, thn 2nth dny of Februnrv, A
Jo :i00fj m 2.30 p.m,"
I «««»?««s»i«ttfc*'stetete«
Dntod this Ilth dny of Febninry, A.
D. 100!».
L. f, i.xsi\tti 0,1 et,
PnMrltor for Amltj*iiP-->.
•"oh 13-tit,
Anpllrntlon for I lift position of u*c-
1 rotary of the FornJo District Firo /to*
! llof fund will bo received by tho chnlr*
mnn up to March 15th, 1909.
•Secrotnry pro tern
f; Printer's Ink
4? Ill When uie-*) on goo<l pretr/t and
nettly dtipl.tyeri type for your *t*bo«-
eiy it Viluihle. We h*i(.*e «vety
i«.-i!iiy lot 6ewi ih-. hit of job wotlu
tn<l at a rnititmu... (jn. c. -' **>
-*V..4....   -jav,         V
Tbe Officia.1 Organ
of District  No.   18, U. W. W.   of A.
Fernie, B.C., March 13th, 1909
From our own Correspondent j
-- ' At the.time of writing we are in be:
a wilder ment at-Coal Creek'.' Soon' in
"the morning the'news went like wlld-
.: fire that our king was no more. One
version had it that he had dropped
; dead, and another that he succumbed
whilst undergoing an operation 7 lor
appendicitis.      The  Union, Jack    at
the school was lowered t6 half mast
on' the strength   of, the   Information,
based on a telephone message received at tho Coal Company office. People
coming from town* tell us that flags
there are flying at half mast,and thnt
some* business places are closed.. We
•  do not know what conjecture to come
to and wo are quietly but anxiously
.waiting for official confirmation or de*
\ nial of the report. ''-,•*.
Clem Jones, who was cook at Hudson's boarding house, has pulled out.
It must have been the irony of conviction that made Sammy stand oh a
hot stove arid sing "Slavery Days."
.   Still another change of pit'boss at
,'No. 2.     Billy Lancaster takes;   the
place of Bob Ml'ddleton.
,.   The winner of the'Waterloo cup —
, Ythe English-courslhg Derby—.was Mr.
J. E.* Dennis's "Dendropsls" .and the
'   runner-up was Mr. Gv Mayan's "Such-
"    a-sell."    Hare's were'plentiful and in
fine condition. -.     - * ..•_*.    .-
'" Another 'bunch of men/have-'been
' laid off at-Nos.'15 arid 9 during- this
;- week.- ••-'••.., ,-.-..■     -, - -      '..      '
- .   General Manager Hurd and, Charles
, ,:SimiBter, ..with   the men's nominees,
Have been through the mines  ; this
week.    -'   •        - . .., • ■-'.
,.,A serious cave on.the main incline
No.- 18 district No.'5. mine wasV, the
cause of a lot of men. returning(iome
on Monday morning*: - ■ ■    /.-
In answer to the short notice of the
'performance of a sketch and the giv-
,    ing of aponcert to help .purchase .an
' ' invalid's chair for patients in   Fernie
.hospital, .^as a large gathering of Coal
■ cree'kites in the^clubhall.ori-Tuesday
night.'   ,The chairman, theReva* Nor-
,  man Macdonald, • was in a humorous
.. .-Jrameiof.,.minji.anOen
ence" with his'lritroductory ^remarks.
-.-Ht-f-alBo told them the evening's en-
Ing of Miss Margery Michell deserves
special mention .'-Her piece was taken
from "Songs fit a Sour_ Dough', by the
Canadian Kipling, and mere dot as she
is, she gave it-to'a nicety7 * , •
Comic song: ''Getting it by degrees"
J. T. Puckey. * "   ■ ,
Song: "Leonora" from II Trovatore,
J D. Trehearne.
Recitation:..The,men, that don't fit,
in." Miss M. Michell.-
Coon song': "I'se a Waiting," and
humorous song and encore "Mother
Hasn't Spoke to Father Since," R. H.
. Song "Jolly Miller," J.   D.     Trehearne.
Comic' sting "Leave a little bit for
your,tutor," encore "RI toodle ri rey,"
J7 T'. Puckey. •-*,
Character song with sword drill •-
"Comrades'^Syd. -..Walley.j, •
The chairman announced that the
sum of $40.75 would be handed over to
the"hospital.fpr-the purpose .already'
specified 7 .'In,proposing a vote*',., of
thanks to onejmd' all who had in any
way helpedj this noble .effort he made
special reference to the unceasing labors" of'.Mr:~ 'Jack O'Brien, and: to •*. the
kindriess-of the management of the C .'•
C.-L. A.- A. who had given them the
use of the hall free.of charge, Mr.
George 'O'Br'i'e'n'.heaftlly seconded and
Mr. Bob Nesbitt suitably, replied. During the.evenlng the Coal Creek orchestra, "consisting of Mrs. Nesbitt and
Messrs. Walley, Foster,-Paton, Davies
Banks ai*d'Fawley. creditably rendered
selections. The scenic effects and
stage appurtenances ->yere kindly lent
for the occasion by Uhe artists .."-and
friends. • , , "7 "
Mr. Cox was" through from, Michel
on Wednesday.    *,   '
- Mr. -Morgan, mines inspector, * was
here last week end..,a
Sometime since'we advocated in
these columns the .'necessity,.of a re3i-.
dent Justice, of, the Peace In j Coal
Creek. "Mr.-George Booth' has received word.from official.quarters that the
'   .'   ... - * -.-a1 .1 I.V.-4..4   * 4^'*4.a'.a' 'Vrt  .'Vila-n
Last Days of Session Will See Immense Area
Handed Over to:American Lumber
Interests-Serious Charges
Vancouver World: In spite of the official assurances that have been given prominent lumbermen
of Vancouver and the coast to the contrary, this session of the Provincial House will see the repealof
!S«n. year lease and the substitution of .aclause in the act which will make leases^ tual
The session will end next week, but not before this demand, the first made by a new oombnatum of
tonber interests, which has the American eagle with elongated claws for its official seal, has   been
granWith a fund whiJ'has been estimated b/one of its members to amount to nearly $250,000 and
with a lobby balance in propprtion, agents of this combination of mountain and American ^ ^
- terestshave been.quietly and discreetly working'to gain their end at Victoria.     They havewon   a
complete-victory for, by a judicious disclouse . of their hand at the proper time, they »t«^w-
- ed their organization to be a power paramounUnltheir own business but also a politica power that
■ ^^hAng the upper country,vote, split it or concentrate it as they desire, at the next pro-
vincial election. •' ■    7      .   *  *     '„___„,_  ,
>       . ;        CAUSES <;SPLIT IN GOVERNMENT
"■ .' When the subject of the. perpetuaHease-was"first mooted to the government the attitude of Prem-
ier ^Bride gave little promise of any legislation in that direction this session. Several governnien
members had pledged their friends that such an Amendment would not pass, and Premier McBride .
Sg f'SLl b« bought him into direct conflict with his own party and even. t™.members o
his own cabinet are opposed to the, granting^ perpetual .leases. The latter see that it is but he
■■■KbVflitrtta that will deliver, the province into the hands of the. powerful lumber section
and H ?roph^y S it will eventually deliver the Vast timber wealth of British Columbia into the
We now have the most up-to-
date stock of Ladies' Furnishings in Western Canada. Sole
Agents for Novi Moda Costume Co., and the Celebrated
"Spirella" Corset. New goods
arriving daily.
absolute control of the big American trusts
In the same manner members of, the Opposition were approached
It was pointed" out   that
"!terrtaTnemn£\was of ganjzed by ■ a' small
hand of'our own townspeople who only,
i- asked ir. .return 'the recognition ijnd appreciation' 'of"their/fellows;"' ■ If this
''-w'as"-glven.them" their intentiprj) is to
give other performances^the proceeds
to. he handed ?6ver .to;. cha^itahTe and
needy-,cases}as may..>--. be^-con'sldered'
.   worthy. ,l.;Tliis   was' art-effort ;l>y the1
people for'tlie people, and constituted
a true and practical form-of Socialism,
.of .which thoy'heard,sd much lii   this
camp.' "'the caste/'of' the .sketch was
' as follows, and the comic situations
caused much laughter, each artist
•carrying out his part to'perfection.
PROPOSING"     ■•-*..
Dick Dickson '. .R. H. Nesbitt
' Tom Tomson * -D Markland
Jack Jnckson :. Syd Walley
Jeames ,.. J- T. Puckey
Mnrgaret Truem'an .,  .,Mrs. "Nesbitt
' Stella Truemnn ..*•.. ..Miss Margery
The concort programme .which   followed was well rocelved. ■   The reolt*
appointment1 has been'given Ito 'him,'
and he was sworn in and underwent
._le<»al—lnltiator-y-iforinalltie8 Lon
.Monday.,.,.Mi-, Booth-during his-resi-
d'en'fce*>here'l-has lived a secluded life,
and'is practically unknown. We congratulate' him on the appointment and
ir6p^:th'arti'mS'..w.ilI'' prove' that, he .merits .the responsibility and honor thrown
upon hta■•»*-. -.*-(--    '•-   ■ -,- •*-•*   vS
-Jira.Seddbnt;has come out of the hospital, biit his eye is still-sore^.JHecaii-
not do without tho bandages yet.
Mrs. Unole-Smith is,doing as.-wel,!
as can be expected.- ■       "
. The „new cash girl in the Trites-
Wood store is Miss'Bridges from Mor*
risey. She Is residing with Mrs, .W„
; A woodpecker and. blue jay were .observed close to on Sunday. Both, wore
In fine lilunioge. Surely this Is a
sign of tho-nearness of tho spring
The latest addition to-, our list of
colebretles is Simon Ivy,,the champion
female Impersonaltlng cake wnlker of
tho Pass, He was Initiated last Saturday night,
whichever party was prepared to support the new organization would be able to count on a certain
3ntol«/-0«to seats ^ereeven named and leaders were invited to inspect the,
■■SSSirf thi plans' laid by the timbermen- The inspection proved so adequate that ^an tag
on^ hTnewCombination 'meant certain defeat.- And so certain are the men who have been directing
. SalnTat it.will carry■ without,opposition that they have'returned to the interior and to Minnea-
.,',.-* ■ I-''- .*■ -  -\ *,   ' i( ''-"     ■    ^ ' lo
T30llS ' ■* l ' ■ -
,;;*       ": ,1   !      WILL DEPLETE FORESTS IN B. C.
"i-. ■ That the interests '& the organization^ nbt confined to Canada is shown by tracing: *ac*kthe
strint^o a well known":lumber^firm iiMitoeaapolis, who have been the.pnme:movers, ^the^ight-to-
^strings toaweii. _^^=—^j^_:^,.*^««^.«i..to-^-Uiuted--State8j^
'•Him  -who tia-th  gfcts1*
and if its not coming yam* way its because  you don't buy your goods nt the
right store.   Have you tried our line tea.s
and coffees, our fresh unci,delicious fruits'
and confectionery, our high grade pure
foods and table delicacies.
Try them and.
see how low our prices are
for superior goods nt the same time
Pacific «a-'lk te BritM M»H.:iiM*»t^ i**™;; *-**•*. -^a^SS
holders\of *.largecreserves on
There's a reason why yon can always depend on' getting the
.'     ,, best value for your money-at
Goods Delivered Free
With the low delivered cheaper to*the,mill-, iandrwith Asiatic labor,-they,wfflhbe able to,c.ompletely
SbS^f^dtLent mills across the border. On the plea of; conserving.AWan forests ,
Xv^ve pointed outTo American-legislators'thaVwl'th the British Columbia*!inuts depleted; < the -
S^t^ ^edoubied; and this viewhas beem the raain ■■
argument behind The -fight for; the; removal of the.duty. ;   - -      '.      ,,  ,,".,. 7.'.'     '
■rt _\
:<  ELKO, R00SVILLE   >:
■ Ikkkkkkkkkkkkkkrkkkirk'kkkirkk
■JoHoph Tocb of Winnipeg, tho In-
Innnllablo and ovor refreshing, was In
Elko this wcok selling pianos and pipe
organs, gramophones and sewing machines, Ico freezers and fountain pons.
Wo know Joo whon Winnipeg was a
.■fliihurh of St. nonlfnce. May his children iiavo rich parents,
Never Bond to Wardner If yo« want
■aiiylhlnK In a rush Send to Pernio or
Tho many friends ot Mr, and Mrs.
Martin Thorpo will ho pleased to wel-
como them hack to Elko nnd.tho North
Btnr Planing mill, where Mr. Thorpe
will voHiimo his old position at mill
foroimm. "Glad to see you bnck,
Mnrtln,' old hoy."
Tho mlllB ot tho Rodfl grind slowly
hut surely. „   4
lllBKor of Wm .Copp & Sons,   I'ort
Willinm, was In Elko this woi<k with
hlBger hitiBiilnH In Hthves, stove pipe**
nnd Htovo pollHh than ovor before.     |
A woman who cun talk on a hundred |
illfforont HUhoctH Ronernlly (loos.
John Mott was called t,o Pernio this
wook on bufllnoii.
A peiBonal friend of ox-lVosldunt
llooaovolt Bont him a ten' gulloii Ucr
of thirty yoar old rye. He evidently
thinks that Toddy Is coming out to
A'-*<iiuiii* nut.
iln'n *i brave *n,*\T. who '\r\ev. tn ntnp
a woman's runaway tonguo.
Tho rcBldontB of Elko woro notlftort
hy Chief of Polico Leacey who received instruction'* from tho health officer,
■not to lino water from the Elk liver
until name had been well tioiloa, n.*.-*.*.
and roasted.
C. E.Ayro of Drnndon. lho wheat
city of Manitoba, arrlvod In Elko this
wcok to tako up hli position ai man*
hger of thc North 8tar Lumber Company.
Invitations arc out for a     rouular
Erin go nrngh Seventeenth of Ireland
danco nt the WW HoU...
■ The Indlin with hU pipe of peace
Will *oon have pi»twd away,
nut tho Irishman with hU piece of pipe
Will lait for many a day.
Everyone  Is  invitod.   Como
and we'll soo yon righted.
Grand march at 9 o'clock March 17th
nt the Elk hotol. -  ,
. It pays to advertise In tho District
Lodgor. It reaches the buyers, Just
watch for our add to appear In this
this'great family paper, It will bo
something for you, to write homo to
your aunty about, nnd whon you
como to Elko just drop In If Its only to
boo the elephant and to hoar tho story
of littlo Johnny Poolo or It pays to
Tho poot may sing "Oh for tho
wings of a dove," but v-e'll tako the
leg of a gooso for ours.
Thoy say marriage makoBtwo poo
pie ono, but wo can provo soveial
cases whoor It makes ton, Bho being
one nnd ho being nothing.
Wo mind our own business
Wo own our business
And we run our huRlnesB,
Tho Iloffmnh hoiwo Is Btlll cIohoiI,
while everything el***. I« opoulng up
llko roBo buds In the huh.
Thoro'H n big domnnd for cottnges
In Elko.
noon in the red light.district,,destroying'the "big white house.' The. fire
had gained a firm hold before the lire
brigade could reach there, and they
had to devote their efforts to protecting the near by houses'in which they
were successful.
An accident occurred at the mine on
Wednesday morning. Paul , Shpilos
was Bpragging cars when some ot
them left the track and fractured his
leg.    -Ho was conveyed io tho   hos-
pltnl. -       ■      7 ,     „
T W.-Davies and Miss i\V..i i*.,
Sample were married at the Anglican
church, Penile on Tuesday by Die
Rov, K. S. Wilkinson. They returned to- Coleman on Wednesday whore
they will reside.
D. J. HU1 slightly Injured his rlijht
shoulder on Tuesday night by falling
on tho stairs at the Itebeknh's ball,
necessitating his remaining in bod for
a few days,
Mrs. D. J. HIH arrived homo on
Friday after n few weeks holidays In
A lodge- tt tlu* Robfilaiih society vvas
instituted on Tuesday ovoi-ii---'. This
lodge is to bo known-ns tho Victoria
lodge No, fl. About 90 member**, were
enrolled with Mrs. C, Dunlop »» N.G.
Mrs. 1). O. Stafford, V. 0.5 Mrn.
Thomson, tecordlng Hucrotary; MIhh'E.
Anthony, (luiinclnl secrotary..   Tho In*
timer,iDi\.-Necrew, was, killed in California, which wc'regret to hear.
Howell Johns has rented his house
to Lou'Shearer bt Middlesboro.
A meeting of tho citizens was held
In' the Herald 1*111 on Thursday ' to
celebrate on the"'24th of May. G. 0.
Armstrong wus elected chairman- and
Frank Steele secretary. '■ Delegates
were appointed to meet those from Nicola to co-operate. Meeting was thon
adjoiirneil till Tuesday.
Tlie Junior meinhors'of the Morrltt
and Nicola hockey clubs played a game
on' Wednesday at Morr'tt, which to-
suited 2 to 0 in favor of tho home boys.
A forgo meeting of tho Middlesboro
union wns held on Thursday, the bank
shift being laid off lo nltoiid,
•   w. Williams has been appointed as
lire boss at No. 2 Middlesboro.
A quni'lette will sing at D\a Sunday
Borvlco nnd following services.
Mr. S, J*. Morrow has been employed to build a house for Mr.' Fusee, foreman of the Adolph bush camp. .,'
Mr. C. Surges is erecting a new
barn on IiIb tract in Kootonia.
Mr.'and Mrs. W. H. Griffith drove
tb Jaffray Friday.. i '
Mr, Stanley of Winnipeg.who is visiting his uncle at Kootonia, has purchased a tract of land from tho Kootenay River Land Co.
Mrs. J, D. Aye nnd Mrs, S.J. Morrow wero callers on liay.nes friends
Tuesday afternoon acting ns commltteo on arrangements for tho ball.
A private summer school has been
organized nf noynes. It will be under the supervision of Miss Meta Klein
of Spokane, wl.o owiis u tract In Kootonia, and comes highly reeoinmond-id,
.Mrs. Hales Uoss culled on Kootonli*.
filends Wednesday.
i -IfBr   "** ' '      "
A complete line of samples of
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds, Serges
and Tweeds
^.Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
4 »»*-f4'f ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥*¥¥¥¥¥¥
Under tho auspices of the
Wed. March 17
nt the
Horn: On tlm fourth Inst., lo Mr. and
Mrs. J. 0. C. Macdonald, a boh.
rtf.,.,,- r,*\ thn fourth t?ml tn Mr,
nnd Mrs.  Hugh Dunlop, o Bon.
A. A. Cinnnon, iloolmg m I'rinco
Albert real ostato wob In town   last
A boxing contest Ib billed to tako
nlnco In tho opera house next Tunidny
r>...     If*--*.'-.      f,,. llr.T-1*.
Mldll..     alti'l-lV-va.     «al..aa      al-...  •• ...
weight champion of tho IlrltUh navy
ond CharJIo IlurrowB of Frank.
Hov. A. D. Archibald of Ponoka
wob in this district laBt,woolc, at Lillo
on Sunday morning, nialrmoro In tho
aftornoon and ot tho Institutional
church, Coleman In the ovonlnir. On
Monday night ho gavo a lecture, Illustrated by Inntwii ftUdf-H on Sunday
school work. The nltendanre w«»
rather smoll and consisted mo«tly of
A flro occurred on Saturday after*
stltutlng officer was 1>. 0. M. PohIcii'
Drown of Maeleod, who wns risslBlfd
by llro. T, lllnton, (irand Conductor
of Plnchor, nnd Ub Dnt«H. I». "-' of
Maeleod, A large number of visitors
were prosont from KornU*, I'lnchoi
Creek and Mlchol, I
Preparations aro being made for tho
forthcoming eviiiiKollHtti- ciuuiialgn, On
WiM.noHi.iiy evening a mooting win
held In tho Institutional church, when
w-voral committeoH wero nppolntoil to
nrrange for tho various ilepitrtiU'WiH.
Tho campaign Is to romim-ncii on iho
4th of April.
¥¥¥*y.¥^*if¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥y¥¥ |
^ Ui-tixtittU- 4
vtckk+kkkkkkkkirkkkk****** * *
Tho hoclcoy match botwoon Morrltt
nnd Nlcoln roBiiltod two io ono favor
of Nicola., ,    ,
/v -Olelr1 mln»» lnpsector, arrlvod on
Wednesday's train and inspeuw. nm
mino. nnd loft on Thursday's   trnln
for ABhcroft-
.1. Campbell's hotitic wnB dottroyod
by flro on WodnoBdny night and tho
fire brlKtt'lo slept ponce-fully on.
The finptnln of tho Kllraarnockg arrlvod In (own last week and hot* loft,
his card for .loo Williams nnd James
A* lot of old tlmor« nro roturnlng,
and I-ou Fourrlner Is smiling.
Ja'mcB WIlllnmB honrd that an old
v t.-i-
W, II.'I'-oiihoi-i loft, for Pincher Creok
ThurBilny morning- ■*
Mr. and Mrs-  Charles McNnh l«tt,
for Vlclorla last Siuurday, where Mrs. i
McNiil) nnd children expect, to spend
thu H-ii-llHi-i -     Mr. McNab will rot urn
io Wnldo tho first of next wook.
Mr, .InmoH Fuoo, the hustling foreman of tlu-' Adolph bush ciimp loft for
Spokiino TuoHtlny mortiln'J! ami It ^
rumon-il that he Ih to rot urn with   a
hrlilo- „'
Tlio Portiilghily «*liih met l-rlilny ovoning with Mi*, and Mi'H. Hart. Waldo
wiih wi'll roiiroHi'iitfil nnd the honu*
gntliorliiK wiih ivIho very hiitlBfaetoiy.
Tlm lmiKram wnH one of tho nioHt ui*
Joyiililn of th" Hi-iiHon. ll wiih iloolil*
(>d in hold tlw cloHlng iiioutliigH at Mi'H.
W. II, Orlfflih'H on April '<*-
Tho liiu.'holor» of Miiynon and Waldo
will give a ball at tho Kootonia club
Iiouho I'Viday ovoning, Mnrch IU. All
iii*H anticipating u good tlmo on that
Mr»,, I'oter HackB wont to Fornio on
T,.\r"*''lfly '
Mr, Rurpos purchiiHod
from Mr, ISnghnm this wook.
Mr- fl. J- Morrow is nt work on J.
I), Ayo's house- which will booh bo
coni|il(ited. .
Tlinru will ho a church noolnl at. thn
HOhh ihllll.h  i"1'* wu •*»•*-*•'-i- -••. **••""■'■'
Blnn 2S conm. A good program and
rofrvHlimontB; all nro Invited and nl«o
thoir IrleiidH,
Mr, Arthur I'arrut ot Kootonia t.x*
po'ctfl to go to Fernio on Monday to
(IiiIbIi 'Mom**' plumbing In tho now
poht ulfkc building.
Mr Joo Ro«* of Waldo went to Crun*
brook oil Tui.'iKlny on a   biifiln***"*"** trip.
Ur. 8aujidC'rB,.Mr .Curry, Mr. Fitch
and Mr. Roblnnon ware dinnor guoatB
of Mr. D. W. Hart on Sunday.
¥¥^^*^*^^¥'*l¥¥¥'f ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥
A big crowd of Michel folks wont to
Fornio to hoar tlio San Frnuclm'O Opera Compnny on Friday night,
The Thurtsday ulght danoos will
continue lo run during lho houhoii.
Tommy KhloldH, tho well known
motormiin, left on .Monday night for
hiH old home In Nova Scot In,
Mr. Frank Campbell, fhockwolgl.*
mnn, Iiiih ivHlgnod lil» pohIiIiiii, Tom
Krniico bun boon apimlniod pro t**ni.
Tho Molly Ciiiiuel'H held u griind
mnokliig ooii'cori on Frlduy night nt the
Doggery hull. .lack Ilonynn primldod.
Mokhi*h, I'lil'ion mid Mnrgnn'H on-lu-H*
trn wiih ■•ngiigml for thu wcimloti. Af-,
tor a fow ri'inni'IiH by tho chiili'inim iho
following piogrum -viih ciirrlod "in: -
Song: Fred Tnlhor, comic hoiik. A. Al-
luii; duel, Mokki... Plcton nnd Sirud-
wick: Hpi'och Mill Morgan: «otig, Mm*
onot .Ioiioh; comb- »ong, Tod Couti-i,;
song, Mr. Yorkoy; Hpeoch, I5d. fllnm-y,
Song, Tod Strud-vleU*. hoiik, Ji'hw
alockwdli violin nolo, Mr. Plcton. At
2 n.in. the cnjiiyablo tlmo eamn lo
a oIoho, tho comiiiiny Hinging tho Mn*
pin U>nf.
A lath'-- t ■< •'  <! P'J'««'**«'W" ,*v'"'
io Colemnn on TuoHdny night for lho
InBtnllallon of the lodge of UobokAh.
Mr. RhrlB. Howfr of tho Kootonn>
hotel wont tn Fornio on Monday on a
lmnlnca") trln
Tho city liu-'i I** making u roaring
mule thom- ilnyw. ***
MlHft Kmiiift Alinnii'l Ih a patient nt
tho Fornio lwHplis-1. suffering with fu-
ver. Wi.« all «'|kIi MIhb Almond a
Hpeody recovery.
(ienrgo Dnvoy Mi on WodluiBday for
hiB ranch -61 sn-liu-
MIhr I-. Hal' »' MuBkolm had hnon
appointed :-rd t.iichor nt. our     Iocnl
W. 8. Hell of Cranbrooh waa here
on Monday looking over the Conl Co,
Mr. F. I.. Davies of Pernio wns here
on Wednesday.
Joey and George look thoir aunt for*;
n cutter ride on Wednesday night. All j
ohoard, ho fluid .loo. -j
T, W. Storey of Winnipeg wiih   In
town on Wednesday. ',
The poor dirty faced clerk failed to, is
ivo a locker--how glml I nm, !»
Music   furnished  by   thc
Queen's Hotel   Orchestra
Supper served at 12 o'clock
in the opera house
Tickets $1.50   Ladies Free
Everybody Welcome
Tho Colfinmii orchoHtra nre com'ng;
down for, the iniiHiiuornile on Paddy'a
On TiioHilny, March ICih, .losoph,
Murphy'H iniiHtorploro of Irish jilityK,,
"Kerry Cow," will'be m Hi" opera,|
Iiouho. The Htnry Is one niipoullng in' a
tho bimi In every num who lo\eH iijf
lover nnd baton a scoundrel ."It touched'
the huni'iH, lho HympathloH, the manhood of everybody nnd Ih Hirong iu human Interest., Htiong In lovo, Htnuig In
song, hi long In humor, hi rung In plot
nnd strong In ewrylhlng Hint ihovoh
un liudliMlco to eiilhusliism.
livery minute lours and hinib's mln-
gin llko Hhowor nnd hiiiihIiIih* in mc :o
n glnrlniiM Hprliu: of ovi-rNntig ■. li'"--
mont.   Thero Ih u hoari throl. und  i
Bhout of prnlHo In every 8| ob.   Dun
O'Unra tho hero, hi Irs mnii'nind id the
heroic point-     H l« '• P,!*v ,,,", lmH *
wlihHlood the cimlnl lest of ilme imd,
Hhould lie seen hy everyliody, Among i
the exciting scenes to be witnessed |
-  •-.       o't»..
iiiu  llm i-i"-'.-!**-   "•   •'	
■uliiui, the b'ivV"mlth nt bis fori-o. nnd
tin) flight- nf iho carrier pigeons. All
Houtit Hhould lie reserved long In ltd*
vimco for iliis iilli'iifiioii id Suddaby's.
Prices fl, nnd 7?>o.
ft riM'  '    .w.    *****   *m*.
Wo wonder If lho «-dllor of tho Vun-
'•.Oliver World'H l,abor page ever vIhIi-
ed any TrndoH and Labor Council out*
Hide of Vniu.ouvor? lh- InformH uh
poor frail mortnlH "that Vniuouver
Trades and Labor Council Is tho only
teiiiiul bod)' of orgaulz-"I l-ilmr In -".in*
adtt which has cut out ihe draft Ing-of
r-mulutluuii anJ p»:!lil«nH. fteiter rend (
up a hit, and then go wny bnck and
nit down.
,^m^ Sue* h*MI**  '•^V  *teav>'  *****  ^w?   -*--    ,-~-
Try in for i*ot>d Poilriitnrn. Pxlcfi
UH-ali-r-mi, A<l<lr»*u P"ll»tt Avu'iiio
Advortlso  In  Lodgor G.P.R.
Killing two of the Crew-Accident at
Farron--The  Unfortunate  Men
Scalded to Death
the district Ledger, fernie. b.c. march is
the" Sabbath are the enemies of the
poor.—Prof. George Adam Smith.
<> ***'■•.'
As we keep the Sabbath day, w.-*
nobly save or meanly lose the las*,
best Hope by which man arises. —
Abraham Lincoln.
* * *
' because Sunday is the scul's parlor
day,- the day for reason and imagination and conscience, our age, with its
overwrought bodies, its overtaxed
brains, its jaded hearts, needs , it as
our fathers did.
Nelson News: An accident which resulted in the death of two employees
of the C. P. R., occurred early yester-
' day morning at Farron, a station about
half way between Nelson and Grand
Forks, Freight engine No. 1381 was
taking in water at this point, when
from some cause which has not yet
b.een explained, the' boiler burst, and
volumes of scalding steam issued forth
fat-ally scalding Donald IMcQuarrie and
Fireman Glover.
Messrs. McQuarrie and Glover were
the only two men on the engine at the
time, the engineer, J. P. McCormick,
having gone to the engine house, and
Conductor McKeown not being closo
by. McQuarrie was found between
the fender and the first cur and Glvbv-
er back six lengths. Both were at
once carried to the station, whore Glover appeared to rally, and was then
thought to be the least injured of the
Help was at onco' telegraphed for
and Allan Purvis, district superintendent, E. E. Austinlfmaster mechanic,
and .Doctors Rose and Hartin immediately left Nelson ou a special train.
Both men were unconscious on the arrival of tbe party! Thoy were both
.brought to the Homo hospital and everything possible was done for their
relief. ■ ■*■ .     ■
The doctors however, felt from the
first that their efforts would be futile,
and at 3.30 in the afternoon Mr. McQuarrie passed.away, Mr. Glover last-
' ing on until 9.30 at night.
The  engine was brought  into  the
.local depot yesterday, and glanced at
casually  appeared     to  be  none  the
worse for the explosion which was of
an internal nature. People living a
few yards from the scene of the disaster state the explosion was so muffled
that no sound of.it reached their.'ears.
At the time of the mishap Messrs.
McQuarrie and Glover were the only-
men on the engine. Engineer McCormick was in the round house adjoining the water tank. , The train was
in the charge of. Conductor McKeown
who was fortunately not within the
reach of danger.
Tlie accident cast a deep gloom over
tho C. P. R. employees yesterday. Mr.
McQuarrie- has lived in Nelson since
August last and has boen with the railway for about the same length of
time. Ho is survived by his wife, to
whom ho was married only eighteen
months ago. Mrs. Cameron Fraser of
this city is a sister of the late Mr.
McQuarrie. .McQuarrlo was only 22
years of age and came from Yale, ln
which city his mother is now a resident.
Cecil Glover, the fireman, lived at
Trail. His brother was wired for arid
arrived in the city to see the unfortunate young man alive. He is taking
charge of funeral arrangements,,, arid
will leave for Trail with his brother's
body this morning.    .
Mr. McQuarrie's funeral will take
place under the auspices of the Nelson
Branch of the'I. 0. 0. F. assisted by
the Trainmen's Association from the
undertaking parlors of D. J. Robertson
at 2 o'clock to-morrow.- The deceased
was, a member of the Trout Lake I.
O..Q. F. The funeral service will be
conducted by the .Rev., J. Th Ferguson.
"Polities' make strange bedfellows,"
is a'well known saying and that bunch
of,-worthies connected with the Blairmore Times, the Frank Paper, along
with "Johnnie Angus'* ought by this
time'"to have gotten over, any unpleasantness by sleeping together; birds of
this plumage do not ,mlnd the mere
incident of "fouling their nest"—it was
never clean." '
John Angus Macdonald would "once
more to the breach'"jjmd_attemp_LJx!J
, deliver the vote.
To that end he Is posing as Mr. Facing Both Ways, a part in which he has
never distinguished himself, and is
calling heaven ,to witnessthat he will
do the square thing to all classes in
the Rocky' Mountain district' if they
>   will but elect him.
He is prepared to swallow, holus
bolus, any old platform that Is In existence; the Conservative platform Is
just an entree; the' Liberal paltform
a mere appetizer, a liquid refreshment,
this wonderful performer will even go
so far as to swallow himself; all this
will he do and more1, providing the
electors of Rocky Mountain will vote
for this political mountebank, tho Gar-
gnntua of Blairmore,
Previous to the Federal election of
October last, sovoral prominent offlc-
ianl of Dist. 18 U.M.W. of A. were
•Invitod by tho now Instructlon-by-mall
school Inaugurated by the govornment
(but not mentioned whon bringing
down llBts of appropriations) to glvo
their weight of influouco to tho various Liberal candldtit.os and uso their
host' offortn to nwliig thc votors their
Loiters from tho leading Ltbornl officials In'tho Pawn and olROwhoro woro
sont to the minors officials of District
IS, nnd In ono Instance' intimated that
■ Hon, Frank Oliver, Mlnlslor of tho
Interior, would bo "happy lo dlsotifis
tho political situation In tho Mnclood
.1 John Angus Macdonald wns not ov*
orlookod and llko tho proverbial avo
leer ho l'ouo to (ho halt cant, he ca'no,
ho saw and xvm\ "conquorod," The
prleo of IiIh sorvlcoH wiih the candid*
aturo for that political district whoro
ho Ih now "HollolUn'g" tho milfrago of
tho men ho betrayed; thnt appoint*
mont willi cortaln other coiisldnrntloiis
which it powerful fiovornmonl nlono
known nbout when "paying the cohI,"
Hut, whnt In now become hlHtory,
Johnnie Angim, InHlimd of dollvorlii**-*
tlio gooilH, Iiiih proved n veritable gold
brick to the Liberal parly-—-he upcllH
Tho lion. l-'ruiil* Iiiih nlwnyn hold a
reputation an being n *ilir<--wil Judge of
hiiiiuiii iiiiliiro and In think IiIh nffl-
cIiiIh could palm off nit llio real urtMit
tlm HpiirlmiH Hloek In trado of tlm ('minimi of a iU'cimIo [i',n; It. Ih HtifTicimit to
nuikn llio gonial Hon. Kriinlc weep, nud
rlglil hero lot iih piiiim- wlillo lho Hon,
K-'iitlniiifiii IndiilgcH In IiIh own, one-
Hum, bronny voriinoiiliir ♦ * ♦ !
Tlm air now bolng Hufflcloiitly r-lonrnd
from the mirchnrgo of blue flor we will
now rciHiiino the Ibronil of onr     -iln. I
.U...i..'.....i. xx iih iii*. v.Jiiiru,*iurlKtiu of
HhiillowiioHB, not having tho courage
In Htmid out and dofond tho ww political fnith thill Ih within him In ]|,-i-
iinto lho giimblnr who haznrilH overy*
tlilnir nn tbo flirnu* of tin. ,?;•-.
The prior foolish follow Iiiih wicrl*
flood tho frioiulHlilp of men, trlui'l and
li'iifi, tho followHhlp of youn* and a
fow political (ihyHlori) In Hii-lr puliry
Intrlgiio lmvo mndo him. their due.
Ono enn rot-port, a man for Hlaudliig
out affirming hin principle}-, lm* to ivo
n L'1'ftttin'.i vrrtwllnif and playing the
lackey to "nil clantieH thlnkliK? Hint hy
dubbing liwolf "Inih-pfiidout" will bo
ttiifflelnnt in hoodwink tlm Hectoro of|
Rocky Mountain; it is the grossest insult yet tendered to the electors of
that district—and they will remember,.
This device calling a person seeking
political preferment "Independent" is
an all too thin attempt to cover up
apparent cowardice..
John Angus Macdonald in an' attempt to fool the wage earner of the
"Pass' is posing as an "Independent;"
his backers in the political gamble
are low down politicians of the most
questionable type, for if thoso men
had the least spark of the fire of Liberalism, alive in, them' they would resent this miserable subterfuge of Independence as a vote catcher.
Macd_onald_is,_truly_ "Independent-
Great Excitement Over a Box of
t Gold Nuggets—Buried
Many Years Ago '
SAN FRANCISCO, March 9—A special from Portland that Richard Cornell unearthed $2000 in .gold dust and
nuggets while he was spading in his
garden path, has been received in this
city. - .
"■ The treasure which was in a rusty
tin box is supposed to have been buried by an old Australian miner who
died In a cabin oil the property over
30,years ago,.,
After-the box had been" discovered
ii was found that the place had been
mail-ed by twenty two jjikes driven, in
a log nearby.
They were driven in a row'poh.iing
to tho treasure which was just twenty
two feet away.
The 'old timer had confided to his
neighbors that ho was rich, but no one
had believed him. Now that the
treasure has.been uncovered hundreds
of residents are busy searching for
more. - -      ■
Five Hundred Men out of Work in
Nova Scotia Mines— ,
Trouble Ahead.
GLACE BAY, March, 9—The Dominion Coal company has closed down Its
mine at Dominion No. 6 and 500 men
are' out of work.
- They are, members of "the United
Mine Workers and threaten a strike in
other collieries.'• '     "
value, including the. cost of negotiating
the sale, .-brokerage-and'all other incidental ■• expenses. * '
6. There shall'be raised and levied
in each year;during.the. currency of
for payment of'interest, and' the sum
of $750 for payment of interest and the
sum of $315.29.for payment, of said debentures by rate sufficient therefor on
all rateable land or Improvements or
real property in the said municipality.
7. It, shall be-lawful for the said
Municipal Council to re-purchase any
ot the. said debentures' on such terms
as may. be agreed upon with the legal
holders thereof, either at the time of
sale or any subsequent time or times,
and all, debentures so re-purchased
shall: forthwith be cancelled and destroyed;-and no re-issue* of the debentures so re-purchased shall be made in
consequence of, such re-purchase.   • <
- This by-law shall take effect on the
3}st day of March-. A. D.,'l909.    '
,   This by-law  may * be cited for "all
purposes as-the City of-Fernie Public
School by-law No. .78.
Done and passed in open council
tins 4th day of March, A. £>., 1909.'
TAKE notice that the above is a
true copy of the proposed by-law upon which the vote of. the municipality
will be taken at the City of'Fo'rnie oil
Friday, March 19th,, between the
hours of 10 o'clock In the morning nnd
8 o'clock In lho evening, at the City
Offices, situate in' Johnson-Falconer
block. ■   ;    ■
Fernie, B. C.', March -1 tli. 1909.
„     ■ City Clerk
,.■'". ■   DENTIST.   -.      ,
. a    I       .**.    f k - -- '     ' ^
Now. doing business at the Johnson-
Faulkner Block. Office hours 9-12.30
1.30-6..-   •'-. -.- '•:„ ,*-"•■   "'.■'„■  ., ,   .      -
B. C.
DR. J.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
', Are you contemplating a "trip to
The. Orient
./ ■' ' Honolulu ..,-' 7-.   ■    "   '-
Australia      .      '    ,   •
., 7 New Zealand
•Are you contemplating a-trip to
>     '■■"■■ •
Or any.. Pacific Coast Point?
Or is it a trip to
Office Henderson Block, Fernie' B?C.
Hours 9'to 1;"2 to 5; 6 to 8.',/.
Residence. 21 Victoria Ave. '",,
W. R. Ross K.C.1.   J.S.T. Alexander.
-**■■ ' ' "a . ■
Barristers and Solicitors. V •;■
Winnipeg   ,
-   St. Paul
Mrs.' Quiverful: Run for the doctor
quick. Baby's bumped his little head
on the piano pedal!
Mr. Quiverful: Nonsense: It was the
soft pedal which he struck. Send for
the, piano repairer.
he is free,from the taint of. honesty
of purpose which yet .marks the generality of mankind not afraid to stand
by their convictions.
7The mills of the gods" - are still
grinding and John Angus Macdonald
is doomed to utter extinction.
(In Southern Alberta Labor
-: Bulletin.')
Stationary firemen at San Francisco
have decided to ostabllBh a death ben-
ofit fund.
* * *
Tho Executive of the Miners Federation of Great Britain has docldod to
accept, tho Socialist Labor party's pro*,
posal for affiliation at a meeting at
Crewo recently. , Tho decision affects nearly 500,000 mon.
- * *■■■.*
An A, F. of Ll department of union
lnbor unions Is to bo established- at.
a mooting being held at Washington
this wook.
* * »
Death bandits cost tho clgarmakers'
International   Union   $203,500 In   tho
Inst fiscal yoar,
* * «
By moans of arbitration railway employes of Iho Pornambuco, Brazil, will
got iiicerasuH In pay of 10, 20 and DO
por cent, tho higher ratoB applying
to salaried employes who rocolvo loss
than $80 a month.
Hamilton, Canada, brlcklayors, and
biilldors lino ronowod ibolr contraelH
for throe yearn at 50 contH por hour,
* * »
Union  grnnllo cuttorn    nt Hoston
hnvo nol. received a wngo ndvnnco for
Ilvo yont'H.
fernie: -   ' o ■
.    '     . BY-LAW NO.' 78
■* A' By-l-kw to raise $15,000 for „tlie
purpose of completing the Fernie
Public school now under course of
construction.— = r -.>=
"Tho great hulk of Uio working poo-
pin are of this mind, thnt. lho Hnncllty
of Htinday Ih to thom a grand protection, that It. Ih their only protncllon
from having lo perforin hovoii dayH lnbor for six ilayii wagon—Tho Into Lord
" .».».♦
Tho Lord'H Day In runn'H nnvlng hnnlc
Into It he kuHu'IH Ihe i'iihoiii-coh upon
which to draw nil tlm wook, Thn iiiiui
who bri.ml.H iho Lord'H Day hrnakn hin
own heart, IiIh own mimolo, his own
li ni In nml liln own boiWH. ICvnry gin ml
and pore mid coll durnund lho weekly
dny of runt.
Moil ilo not. complain of iho nlvth
-•aiinmi'iiiliiHiut, which prntoctH thoir
pni-MuiiH nor of Hid eighth which pro-
tci'iH tlu-lr property; why thon, Hhould
thoy complain of the fourth, which pro-
lectH llii'lr rlghifiil hcrlingn, a weekly
,lny f.r vr.--i?    r:-;r;,.i.a. Kiock.
*    •    *. j
Al UiIh tlmn, bnforo tho flodiltlilo of
Immigration pom-H In upon uh, nhniild
not lhe work of lho Lord'H Day AI-
llnnc**- In prnni'i'vlng lho Lord'H Day iih
ii rout dny for Mm tollorR, bo hoartlly
-mppprUyl nml ■'■•.riH'Mly pimlii'd foi*-
The IntoK-HtH or thr. Babbiiih nro tho
InlnrimlH of tho poor; tlio enmnlon of
, Whereas a petition has been presented to the Municipal Council of the
Croporation' of the City of Fernie,'
signed by the owners of at least one-
tenthofthe value of real property in
the City of Fernie (as shown by the
latest revised assessment roll) requesting them to introduce such a by-
law. ( *   -   ,
And whereas for the purpose of
completing (he Fomie public school it
will be necessary to borrow the sum
of ¥15,000 and to Issue debentures of
the City* of Fernio tor the purpose of
raising the said amount.
And, -whereas, tho amount of the
whole ratoablo land or Improvements
or real proporty of tho said City of
Fernio according to the last revised
assessment roll is $1,291,500.    -
And* whereas It will be requisite to
raise annually by rato , the Bum of
$1065.29 for paying tho Bald debt and
And wheroaH this by-law shall not
be altored or ropeuled except with tho
consent, of tho Lleutowuit-Governor ln
Now tlioroforo tho Municipal council of tho Corporation of tho City of
Fornio "onnctH as follows:
1. It iilfall bo lawful for tho Mayor
f tho Corporation of tho City of Fernio
to borrw upon tho credit.' of tho said
Corporation by way of debentures
horolnaftor mentioned from any porson, porHoiiB, body or bodies corporate,
who mn,y bo willing to advance (ho
samo lis n loan, a sum not oxcoodlng
tho wholo Bum of $15,000, and to
cniiHo nil Hitch miimi ho ralsod or received lo ho paid Into tho hands of
tho TreiiBiiror of tho Bald Corporation
for thc purpoHo nnd with tho object,
herolnbeforo rod tod,
2. It Hhnll h« lawful for tho Mnyor
lo online any unmoor of dobonturcH to
bo mado, executed nnd IshuoiI oaeh for
tho sum of $500, iih may bo required
for tho purpose and object aforonaltl,
not. oxcoodlng, howovor tho mini of
$15,000, and nil Hiich dohonlurofl Hhnll
bo Honlod with lho ileal of tlio Corpor*
nt Inn and slguml by tho Mayor thereof.
II, Tho Bald dohonlurofl Hhnll bum
(Into from tho iHt day of Mny, 1900,
'nnd Hhnll ho mndo pnynblo in thirty
yourH from thn **al<1 dato In lawful
monoy of Canada at I lie offlco of tho
Canadian Dunk of Commerce In Fernio
riforofliild, which Hnld plnco of pny*
ment nliit.ll bo doHlgnutfid hy tho mild
ilobninuroH, find Hhnll havo nttnchoil lo
them coupoiiH for tho paymont of In*
(oroHt and tho HlgnaturoH to tho In-
leroHl, coupriTiH mnv hn nltlini*"wHMnn,
-'lumped, printed or lithographed.
I, Thti Hitld itobontiiroH Hhall boar
IntoriiHt at tho rato of, flvo por cont.
from thn dato thereof, which Inte-est
Hhall bo payable nnniially nt snld of*
flco of thn Canadian Bank of   Com*
mnrnn    In J'V.--;*-> afor-'.'l-S.J,  III  Ic*.,fall
iiioimy of Canndn, on tho J at day af
May rcHpootlvely In each your during
the ciiircTioy thereof, nnd It Bhall bo
nxprimwi! in wnlil, dobontiirou' niul con*
poim'to lm ho pnyahlo,
fi. It nhnll hu lawful for tho Mayor
nf llm nnlil Corporation to negotiate
and Hnll iho Hnld debentures, or any
of tlmm at Ii'hh thnn pni', hut in no
(■•lino ulutll ii|(, „,ii,] dnbeiiturM or nny
of tlmrn bo iu'-;*otlatocl or sold for Io*h
thnn nlnt-ty-ilvf per c»viituni of   tliolr
-   FERNIE   .
'BY-LAW NO. 79
A By-law,to raise $1,0,000 for.the purpose of building,sidewalks in the City
of Fernie.      - t ■ ,
* WHEREAS for. the purpose of building sidewalks in the City of fernie, it
will be necessary to borrow the sum of
$10,000 and to issue debentures of the
City of Fernie for the purpose of raising the'said amount.
And' whereas the amount of the
whole rateable land or improvements
or real property of the said City of
Fernie according to the last revised
assessment roll is $1,291,500.
And whereas-it will be requisite to
raise annually by rate • the sum of
$1372.80 for paying the said' debt and
interest.    <*■ ..
And whereas this by-law shall not
be altered or repealed except with the
consent of the' Lieutenant-Governor in
Now therefore the Municipal council of the Corporation" of the City of
Fernie enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
f the Corporation of the;City of Fernie
to borrw upon the credit of the said
Corporation by way of debentures
hereinafter mentioned from any person, persons, body or bodies corporate,
who- may be willing,' to advance the
same as a loan; a sum not exceeding
the whole-sum of $10,000,, and1 to
cause all such sums so- raised or re-
the Treasurer of the said Corporation
for the purpose and with the object
hereinbefore recited.
-2. It shall he lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number" of debentures to
be made, executed and,issued each for
the sum of $500, as.may be required
for the purpose and object aforesaid,
not exceeding, however the sum of
$10,000, and all such-debentures shall
be sealed with the seal of the Corporation and 'signed hy the Mayor thereof.
3. The said debentures .shall bear
date from the lst day'of May, 1909,
and shall-be made payable In ten
years from the said dato, in lawful
money' of Canada at the office of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce in Fernie
aforesaid, which snld placo of -payment shall bo designated by tlie said
debentures, and shall have attached to
them coupons for tho payment of Interest and the signatures to the Interest coupons may bo olthor written,
stamped, printed or lithographed.
. i, The, said debentures shall boar
Intorest. nt tho rate of five per cent,
from the dato thorcof, whicli Interest
shall bo payable annually af said office of tho Canadian Bank of Com-
merco in Fornio aforesaid, in lawful
monoy of Canada, on tho 1st day of
May rosp'ectlvoly ln oach,year during
tho currency thereof, and lt shall bo
expressed In said debentures and coupons to bono payable,
fi. It Bhall bo lawful for the Mayor
of tho said Corporation to negotiate^
nml soil tlio said debentures, or any
of thom at leas than par, but ln no
enso shall tho said dobonturoB or nny
of them bo nogotlated or sold for loflt*
than ulnoty.llvo per con turn of thoir
vnluo, Including thn cost of negotiating
lho nnlo, brokorngo and all other Incidental oxpoiisoB,
0, Thoro shall bo ralHod and lovlod
In oach yonr during tho currency of
Hnld dehontiiroH tho Hum of $r>00.(10
for payment of IntoroRt and tho num
of $872.30 for paymont of nold do*
hontiirnH by rnto mifflelont thorofor on
all rntonhla lnnd or ImprovomontH or
real properly In tlin wild municipality,
7, It Bhall ho lawful for tho hii Id
lMiuili'lniil Council to ro-purolmHo any
of tho wild dohonturoH on hiicIi torniH
u» mny bo ngrowl upon with tho lognl
liohlurn thorcof, nlt.hnr- at. llio tlmo of
Hiilo or nny HubHnritionl time or tlmcH,
nnd all' dobnnturoH ho ro-purehnnoil
Hhall forthwith bo cnnoollod and do*
Hlroynd, and no ro-lHHtin of tho debentures so ro-puriihiiRod Hhall bo mndo In
coiiHociuonco of mtch ro.purchnno.
Thin hv-lnw Hhnll inVo off-vt en the
Hint day of March, A, D., 1000.
TIiIh hydaw may bo cited for all
pin-jioHOH nn lho City of Fornio Side*
wnllm By-Law No,  "8,
Dono and piiBHod   In opon council
UiIh .lh day of March, A, »., 1009,
TAKI5 notion tlmt the nbovo hi   n
truo copy of tho proponed by-law'upon which tho voto of tho municipality
-111 hn Uikon nt. the filly of Fornio on
Friday,   March   lOlh,   botwoon   tho
hourH of 10 o'clock In tho morning and
S o'clock -in tlm nvMilng, nt tho City
OfflcoH,  Rltuatn  In ,IohnHOii*FaIcoiior
Ferule, 11, C., March 4th, 1000,
(!- II. nOULTON,
City Clork
Boston New York
Or any European point thought of.
Tho line li equipped with unexcelled flrsc class cloaches, tourist and
standard sleepers, and dining cars,
coupled with safety, speed.and comfort. .   ; ' \
For v folders and complete lnforma't-
iou apply'tb R. Reading, Agent, Fernie. -, ' •   '.   -
J..E. Proctor;
Distrlc; Passenger Agt
Calgary, Alta.
Secretaries of Local Unions
'   DISTRICT 18 U. M. WrOF A.
Fernie, B. C.
F. C. Lawe
Alex. I.  Fisher
Fernie, B. C.
Pioneer Builder and Contractor'of*
Fernie 7    .,-
■*-■■.' a       ." ' ^'
A. McDougall, Mgp.
Manufacturers of and Deal-
', ers in all kinds of Rough
and.Dressed Lumber
Send us your, orders
Lumber  Ucalcr
We did.
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FERNIE, No. 2314: Thos. Blggsf
FRANK, No. 1263:   Walter    Wrlg-
■ HOSMER,  No.
wick.     '   -
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.  old business
All kinds of rough nnd dressed lumber
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Estimates Furnished
Hosmer, B.C.
Board and Room, $26.00 per month
7   ALL WHITE  HELP    °   -
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T. Griffith
J. D.
2334:  Charles    Gar*
MAPLE LEAF, No. 2829! H. Blake.
—Charles Brooks, secretary,
President W. G. Ward, W. H. Brown
METFORD, No. 2698:
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The Two Charlies
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ono month aftor tho Unit publication
lioroof a diipllcnto of tho cortlflcnlo
of Til In to tho ahovo mentioned hind
In the nnmo of Ann Illt-ri**., which cortlflcnto Ih datod tho 21st dny of May
100G nnd numbered r>Q59 A,
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In tho matter of an application for
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Intention to Ihhuo at. tho oxplrntlon of
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100", nnd numbered 72*20 A.
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.February 11, 1000.
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T^ot In tho nnmo of Charlos P, Hill,
which cortlflcnto of titlo Ir .datod Uio
10th day of April '139S, and numbered
H.P. MttcLEOD.   -
District IloKistrnr
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Nelson, B. C.
January 18. 1309.
Painter and Decorator
fllvo mo a elmiN'o on your work
B. C.
eo yeah8'
Tntott Mark*
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*-**--, m 9 Bt-» Wm1iIii«Ioo,
A /■■
Remington |Typewriter Co., Ltd.
3--M- Pender Si. Vancouver, B.C.
^BA M K _-© F^
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For Sale
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Baled Hay
in ii iii..wiijjm.nn
W. E. Barker, Cayloy, Alta.
\ Fernie Dairy j
dolivorcd to all
parts of tho town
Just at thla season when the cold,
dry winter is giving way to'a milder
yet more humid season, the germs of
rheumatism, sciatica, and allied ailments come upon their victims with
renewed force. , ■ „.'■*
, As soon as you feel any deep seated
pain in the joints, back, wrists or elsewhere, place a liberal supply of Zam-
"Bilk on tho fingers or on the palm of
tlie hand, and rub it well Into • the
part.affected. The penetrating power
of this embrocating balm Is exceeding-
ly groat, and once having reached tho
seat of tho pain lt removes it speedily.
It also ends the stlffnoss which Is so
unploasant,   \„
Frequent rubbings of the affected
parts with Znm*Bult will not only drivo
out all ,paln, reduce swelling, etc., but
will strengthen the skin and tissues,
and onablo thom to roslst cold and
damp, Tho following caso will show
how Zam-Duk brings oaso to thoso tortured by -rheumatism, ,
Mr. P. G. Wolls of 338 Ogdon St„
Fort William, Out., says: "Following
my duties In attending to passenger
trains I often got •wot-through with
rain and steam (tho latter In winter.)
Tbis, with hours of duty .in Icohousos
In summer, wns no doubt tho cause of
my contracting rhoumatlsm in both
,knees, left arm nnd shouldor, This
got'so bad that I could ho longer work,
and was laid off on throo dlfforont occasions for sovoral wooks, during
which 1 was under tho treatment of
my doctor. I soomod to got littlo If
any bottor, no mattor what I trlod, and
this was my Blato whon Znm-ni.1t was
roeonunondoil to mo, I laid lu a supply, and to tiiy great joy. It hogan to
euro mo. ' I rubhod It woll In ovory
night, and whon a fow boxen had boon
usod, found I was froo again from tho
pnlns nnd stlffnosH of rhoumatlsm. I
havo had no moro trouble from tho disease nnd unhesitatingly recommend
Ziim-n-ik to nil who suffer from rheumatism, muscular Htlffnoss, etc."
SJam-Hult In also n euro for ocj-omn,
ring worm, uleoru, nhscosHOR, pllos,
hnd log, suppurating wounds, cuts,
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oases. All druggists and, stores soil
at r»0 conts por box or post froo from
5*nm*nulc ■Per Toron-o w-pn roccl*"4, it
prlco. '
St,*****.! PHrpt-i Mny Prep,, byt not
tho Mon'i Wages, bo Sayi
PAGE SEVEN    /,*■
Authoress of 'The Princess Passes," ".The Lightning
-,.  Conductor," Etc., Etc.
Copyright, 1906, by Mrs'. C. N. Williamson. ' .   ■*
NBW VOniC, Mnrch 8-Cliarlog M.
Schwab, president of tho netlilehnra
St«id corporation, snld today thnt although It was his belief that steel pro*
duct,** would work lower before a thor*
ough readjustment of conditions was
roar-hod, Ihe Bethlehem Steel Company
did not propose tt> cut the imges of Ul
He believed -that eventually condll.*
Ions would Improve.
rain to play a much higher game than
Annette's; nothing-less than to get
rid of a certain person for an important client of the Syndicate.. That person was Captain Oxford. -Trowbridge
'had learned all he • could about the
young man before attempting to fulfil this engagement.. Among other
things he had discovered that he was
in love with JLady Hilary'.' Vane,' and
intended to follow her and her mother
to the Hydro where they.were going.
Trowbridge had borne him'no personal
rgrudge until he himself.*had seen and
fallen in love with Lady Hilary. Then
he had determined to throw over Annette, whose game he had boen intending to help on all.he could; marry
Lady Hilary, and retire from the Syndicate on the , considerable private
fortuno he had been'ablo to amass in
his' profession.
It was he who had shot Captain Oxford alter writing him an, anonymous
letter appointing a place of meeting,
ond saying that he- had, valuable information to give, concerning the
young man's true parentage. The dog,
Prince Charlie, had destroyed his aim
by springing on him and biting his
wrist, so mangling it that he had
been obliged to call for.aid from Annette    ;
He had an appointment to, keep in
the secret room' the same night with
the man who had ordered Captain.
■ Oxford's death—that important client
to whose advantage it was that Oxford should cease to exist.
They were to meet there because it
. was a convenient place for the client,
who could come and go by rtieans of
an underground passage which - led
away to the ruin of a still older castle
built by the Lochrains, and destroyed by Are before the. newer one was'
begun. '-'•:,
Annette was summoned."* there to
dress and bind the wound, andrin the
process .much blood had flowed before it could be staunched. Trowbridge
"had not learned then, that-the room
below was newly occupied by the little typewriter-who had'just-arrived;
but afterward, when he found out that
the room-was in'use, he had arranged
for all necessary meetings to .be held
When' the first' attempt on Captain
Oxford's life had failed, another plan
was  concocted.  As  Oxford  went out
every day in Mr. Kenrith's motor car,
" the, chauffeur was bribed to feign ill-
§ ness,  and  one of the wheels of the
'motor car was tampered with. That
affair also had ended abortively, the
only good thing "accomplished being
the annexation of    Kenrith's .jewels
while he lay unconscious.
Meanwhile James Grant,. Mr.. McGowan's secretary, had been suborn-
with' Elspeth Dean, and Elspeth Dean
was deep in the, confidence of Ladv
Ardcliffe and John Kenrith, it had
been hoped that through Grant she
could be used as a tool. But Grant-
knew nothing" of the Syndicate. • He
thought that Trowbridge—the " man
who offered him a bribe. tremendously tempting—was alone interested' in
bringing off the desired coup.
, Thus, always, the Underground Syndicate was faithfully guarded as well
us served.
, The only good turn, Trowbridge
■•aid, which Elspeth Dean had ever
clone for him, was to enable him to
protect Lady Hilary from the malice
of tho'woman who would have had
her arrested as a thief. If Elspeth had
not come running, to tell him what
was about to happen, he would not
.-have known in timo to'save tho girl
, lio loved. As it was, ho -lind simply
ordered Annette Dritz to meet him in
tho socrot room without delay. She
had not dared to disregard the com*
mand, and had hastened to the rendezvous, leaving her revenge to bo
■lccompllshed later,
Trowbridgo hnd soon followed, and
knowing that porsuaslon or throats
would bo usoloss whoro. Hilary was
concorned, had como softly upon tho
woman and stabbed lier in tlio back.
Sho had stnggored forward dead without a cry, and he had laid tho body
gontly on tho floor, loot Borne ono
should bo in Elspoth Donn's room
Trowbridgo had boon cortain that
tho dead woman might safely bo loft
to lio throughout the whole day,-in
tho socret room; <is nobody, save him-
self and that cliont of tho Syndicate
for whom he noted, know that tho
hidden room hnd not boon destroyed
by a fall of tho tower's roof.
As a flro was planned for that snmo
night—a flro in which it seemed certain* that Captain Oxford must porish
—it would bo oasy to arrango that tho
flames should spread n littlo farthor
and doBtro-y" tho towor also, with nil
tlio socrots hlddon thoro,
If ho had not desired to spnro M*1h-
noth Doan, she would have boon allowed to sloop as usunl In tho towor
-room, Than, sho would havo hoard
and suspected nothing * no alarm
would havo beon glvon, and tho
Bchemo would havo suceoodod,
All theso thlngB woro told by Trowbridgo'in a fow words, nnd it wan not
until tho Inst that ho dwolt upon tlmt
part of hit story which was of nlost
Importance for Hilary Vane's future.
'Our Syndlcato ferrets out tho no*
orets of rioli pooplo," lie snld, "or
peoplo who would bo rich or titled if
somo ono olse were out of the wny.
Thon, it offers its help in bringing
about a desired objoet; nnd ns It never
Boliolls a client who hns not something
nlready to conceal, tho Syndicate does
not risk exposure*, It has never beon
KtUto)tu   \i)   M   ciicili,   u'ej   Una   Inner
betrayed a ellent. T nni not helrny-
ing one now, bocauso the mnn for
whom I've noted, undor orders from
tho Syndicate, is already betrayed.
Konrith snw his face, I know, nnd
must havo rocognired It, as only a
few hours aro the mnn had ten! fnr
him-—sent for him to keep him out
of tho way while the fire wns started
by mo, Not thnt this mnn or I cared
much whether Konrith lived or died;
but no's known to sit up Into roading
In his room, and It wns thought safer
for our plans thnt he shouldn't be
"Kenrith sow him, as ho tried to
vhoot Oxford, and shot me instead;
und be-iidcat, hu wim *.-ur*.u.*d by a
mnn younger thnn lie. Tha one I
spoak of Is Lord Loehrain.
"We-the 8yrii)icato-lia-l found out
i that there was a secret In Lord Lotih*
I rain's family. The ion of the old Lord,
' this one's preAeattor, had disappear-
/ cA, tnA tm.i guppoitod t'J bo deal. If
he had not died, tlle present Lot
Loehrain would not have inherited.
But that was hot the secret. The secret- was this: -        "
"Old..Lord Lochrain's son used to
have" the tower room., where Miss
Dean has been sleeping. He. was in
love with a girl beneath him .in sta-.
tion'; his father discovered the affair,'
and forbade the hoy to see-the girl."
Not long after a; quarrel the father
and son had in consequence' there
was an attempt on the old man's life.
Someone stole into his room at night,
and tried to murder-him, but the old
man shrieked for help, and help
came. The- murderer had escaped,,
leaving only a knile known to belong
to Lord Lochrain's only son.. After
that night tho young man was nover
seen again, and his father livod on,
believing him guilty. Tho boy had
escaped, apparently, by the secret
way, from his own room in the tower,
and next morning tho mark of bloodstained ' fingers was found on his pil-'
low,* .1
''After this the present Lord Loehrain who—mark this—was visiting in
the castle at tho time of tho attempted
murder, was practically adopted by
his uncle. Later, when proofs of tlie
son's death in Canada were obtained,
he became heir to the title and the
estates, which , would not have
amounted to much had not coal lately been discovered on the land.
"We of the Syndicate got on the
track of this secret We discovered
that the young man had married the
girl he loved, .but that she had been
made to believe her marriage illegal,
and had left her husband. Afterward
a boy was born to her while she was
in extreme poverty, and soon after
his birth she had died.".
"There are no better detectives than
we,have in the Syndicate.'We followed up every trace and learned after
many difficulties - that the child had
been taken from a provincial asylum
for foundlings, and adopted "by a
charitable old lady* who knew nothing of his antecedents. That child
is now a man, and is known as Capt.
"If we had no sure proofs that the
present Lord Loehrain himself was
guilty of attempting to kill his uncle,
and persuading his cousin to go off
and join his sweetheart the* same
night, without knowing what1 was
planned to happen, we were able to
frighten him ■ by making him believe
that we had them. Also, we were sure
it was he who had secretly persuaded
the girl that her marriage was illegal,
and induced her to run away, from
her young husband. Such hints were
dropped by one of cur agents that
Lord Loehrain felt himself complete-
of a hundred thousand pounds to the
Syndicate to rid him of Captain Oxford, the real heir, who could.claim
' everything, if he but knew.
.. "Lord Loehrain.had .never seen Oxford, and wished to do so. He . was
staying with a friend at some miles
distance from the Castle, in order to
meet mo and talk over the progress
of affairs from time to time. But with
the idea of seeing his cousin' he decided to come to the Hydro as an ordinary guest.. v -
"His first sight of Oxford gave him
a fright, however, for tho family likeness between them is marked. Ho did
not think it would bo wiso, after all,
to appear in public nnd have the resemblance commented on by strangers just at the timo that Oxford was
to bo' put out of the way. Therefore ho
kopt to his room, and intended to
leave, to-morrow. So far as I know,
no ono stopping in the hotel had a
glimpse of him, except Kenrith, and
porhaps Elspoth Doan;, one night
when he camo through tlio socrot door
into her. towor room, not knowing
that any ono slept thoro,
"It was ho who had tho secrot of
that strango old bod in that room. Ho
mot mo juBt iir I had mndo tho giYl
prisoner,, aftor sho gnvo tho alarm of
UU first night of Oxford gate him a fri M
llro, and holpad mo carry her to tho
room where hIio hnd slept, Sho was
micoiuinloiiH, mid It was oasiest to
leave her thore then, ns we had other
ii'nrlr   tn  flii  n**.'r*!-t*f     P".'   hi   T.i.i'1   '.].{,
head of the 'bodfitond was one with
(he Mm', which uivuiuii tho room
from tho secret \meut,t:, and without
moving her tho wholo bed could Im
slid along, the mnttroRs tipped irp
nnd the girl thrown on the floor of
the pusMsge. T.iun the bed could be
t.liii vi.vc<t lb'A(..ii, hin} *,; i*3i;*UiUiH in Ul*
tower room would loon as it had
looked before.
"Our big mistake wns in letting her
Ilvo till we should ho nblo to come
bnck and carry out a plan I had for
putting it out of her power to injure us.
"Once again I trie-, to •.•trve mynell
and the Syndicate by taking Oxford's
lif>: hut than, nn nlwrtye, fat,*- btlA
eee.meA to he s-jninut me. Time after
time h» has b*vr< «av*l in one way
*»r another—twice hy tlin An*; at laat
hy me. nine-***-1 am dying in his place."
Lord  I^kchrafn  wa* never brought
'■*'   trial   (or  crimes  committal   tnA
'-im.** pUnned, for in *cuei..ptlnf to
.■Clin*  luiii.  ibv  tA-tUaUug -aUuetWa
ne (slipped on the stairs which ■ led
from .the secret way1 to an'.underground "passage, and, falling to the
bottom, broke his neck. But a-'short
confession signed just before death by
Trowbridge and Kenrith's- recognition
of the face in the tower would have
been enough to doom him. had he
lived.   ..
Clews' followed by the mysterious
Underground Syndicate in, search of
prey were traced again • by men employed by Oxford, and his' case wis
proved, one valuable bit of evidence
being the sketch of his father — a
speaking likeness of himself—preserved by Elspeth Dean. .
Not far from the dead bodv of Annette Dritz, in the secret 'room, were
found all the stolen" jewels, those of
Lady Ardcliffe, as well as - Kenrith's
famous diamond and pearl.™ But there
were* no papers compromising the Underground Syndicate, and that organization still works with all its old secrecy  nud astounding success.
Lady Hilary" has now no need to
prove her innocence to any one, and
Lady Ardcliffe was forced to apologize
for all she-said. As for Elspoth, she
had never faltered in her loyal belief
in her. beloyed friend, and it was not
through any curious questioning, but
purely by accident, tbat she learned
from Hilary's own lips the explanation of certain small mysteries "which
had puzzled her.       *   *
Hilary,had not wanted her°mother
ta-i know where Kenrith kept his jew-
els, lest, in her foolish pride of seeming to know all his affairs, she might
be tempted to speak of. that which
had better be kopt secret..
When the girl had bent over Kenrith as ho lay unconscious after the
molor accident she had thought'nothing, of the jewels, nothing of all her
wild talk to Elspeth, but only of the
man himself. She had laid her hand
upon his heart to see if it were still
beating, and it was then that Trowbridge and the "Countess" had appeared, j-
As for the shining jewel that had
been tied up in Hilary's handkerchief,
it was a ring given her by Captain
Oxford. She had not dared to wear
it openly because of her mother, and
hnd kept it hidden inside her dress,
meaning .to give it back if she should
be compelled to engage herself to
another man.   .
, Captain Oxford did not wish to hurry on his marriage now. Because he
loved Hilary so much, and because
lie had suffered so much pain and
humiliation at the hands of the girl's
mother, he wished to be in the possession of his title and estates before
she came to him as his-wife. '-   ,.
It wns -. different, however, with
Ksnrith. The sooner Elspeth Dean
could belong to him the better he
would:be pleased; and there was no
reason for waiting.
After that strange and'terrible nirjht
the little stenographer was the'l-.-"*-
oine of Loohrnin Castle Hydro. But
she was -no longer a stenographer.
The girl, considered herself still
bound to work for Mr. McGowan until
her fortnight wns up; but Kenrith
would not hear of this arrangement,
now that she was engaged to him.
' He insisted that Mr. McGowan should
at once telegraph to London for some
one to fill Elspeth's place; and that
he should state to the manager of the
agency at the same time his reason
stead of learning that- her protegep
hnd been unsatisfactory, Elspeth's old
friend, Miss Smith, was informed thnt
Miss Dean was to marry' John Konrith, the millionaire from the North,
whose book on social questions she
had been typing when they first made
The girl had been liked by all the
guests at the hotel who had come in
contact with her, and the news of her
engagement pleased everybody—-everybody, with one exception..
Thnt exception was Lady Lambart,
to whom Elspeth Dean's happiness
meant the most complete humiliation
in hor forty yenrB.of life, She' had
had many hard blows,. but the loss
of John Kenrith, and his love, for the
girl she had'hated and tried to ruin
U'as the hardest of all, Many days
passed before sho was able tb console
herself in the smallest degree by tho
reflection that at least hor daughter
would bo marrying a rich man when,
she marrlod the new Lord Loehrain,
and that probably tho mother of Lady
Loehrain would havo her debts paid
nnd bo docently provided for'..
Sho had dono all she could to sop*
nrnto tho lovers, but "thoy had como
locrethor in spite of her, and bIio knew
Hilary well enough to bo Buro that
Bho would want for nothing.
Sho ovon tried to atono for the pnBt
by being gracious to hor future son-
in-law; but, though scrupulously cour-
I'-ius, ho was icily cold, and Lndy
Lambart guessed that her lifo would,
In future, hotter bo lived nbrood,
Of all places on earth, Loohrnin
Cnstlo Hydro wns tho hiHt ono whoro
sho wished to romnin, since it also
sheltered r-lspoth Doan; but n cor-
tnin Btubborn prido compelled Iror to
consent to Hilary wish that thoy
should "romnin. Outwardly, sho was
on friendly tuinm with Konrith, guessing that Elspoth had not told him of
her cruelty, and, as Hilary was nsked
to bo brlclosmnld, sho nctunlly found
horsolf compelled, unless bIio would
betray hor feelings, to bo prosont at
tho wodding.
Tho happiest dny of Klspeth's Hfo
wns the most miserable ono in Ida
Lnmba'rt's; but sho woro a bravo enough smile on hnr handsomo fnco as
sho boro hor punishment.
Six woeks later cnmo Hilnry'u mnr-
rlngo to tho now Lord Loohrnin, nbout
whoso gront romance ovory ono was
talking. TIiIh iui|/ht hnve boon n
triumph for tho bride's mother had
Mio been ns other mothers, hut she
realized when it wns ton Into thnt
sho hnd played hor cards bndly for
her own hnnd, after nil.
She was not diftnpp>>in.'>d In thn
nllowanco sho hopod to rocolvo. but
oven Kontlo.lmnrted Hilary did not
speak of nny future lifo togoUior. And
now, In tho summer, Lndy Lnmbart,
pnlntnd nnd still pretty, is soon nt
Aix-les-Balns or Homburg. In tho
winter sho lo nf ^Mr* •*■*" ,l!'--r!*'' Cr.r!:,
and, (hough she takes in several no-*
c.tiiy piiptirs, the invar-itl-iy crumples
them up, or throws them a«Jdo an*
prlly, If she comos upon a paragraph
concerning the social success of young
Mrs. John Kenrith, wile of the mil.
Strong Healthy Women
If q woman is strong and healthy in a womanly way, moth-
erhood means to her but little suffering. The trouble lies
in the fact that the many women suffer from weakness and
disease of the distinctly feminine organism and are unfitted
tor motherhood.    This can be remedied.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Cures the weaknesses and disorders of women.
It acts directly on the delicate and important
organs concerned in motherhood, making them
healthy,   strong, ..vigorous,   virile   and   elastic. '
."Favorite Prescription" banishes the indispositions of the
penod of expectancy and makes baby's advent easy and
almost painless.   It  quickens  and vitalizes the  feminine
l*«L&^d-tin8Ure8 ttt hea,thr.an<1 robust  baby.   Thousand,  of women have
testified to its marvelous merits.
tt Makes Weak Women Strong.     h Makes Sick Women Well.
., -S5"»  ,Att,,t!       "0t °ffer substitut«. a°d «*«•*.* them upon you as " just
j?d'     .***# no, »*c«t J""'™"* in place of this non-secret remedy.   I
contains not a drop of ai,ohol and not a grain of habit-forming or in£,rio«
drugs.    Is a pure glyceric extract of healing,-native Ain.-rican roots.
irou can save from 2T> to -10 per cent, if you bnv now"
MEN'S SUITS,   FINE   CLOTH   $5,00  AND   UP-
FIVE   PAIR   WOOL   SOCKS   FOR   $1.00
Kefotiry Bros.
Temporary building between Northern Hotol and Hc-nd'-i-son block
Andy   Ha. mil ton
Tinsmith and Plumber
We can furnish you with estimates in
anything ih our line
Notice is hereby given that a dividend at the rato of
Six Per Ceut. per annum upon thc paid up Capital Stock
of this Bank has'been declared for the three months ending
tho 28th' of February, 1900, and the same will bo payable at
its Head Office and Branches on and after Monday, the lst
day of March noxt, Tho transfer books will be closed from
the 1.4th to the 28th of February, both days inclusive.
By order of tlie Board
fAMES   MASON, General Manager
Toronto, Jan. 23, 1900.
W. C. B. Manson * Manager
.*. ,n
Companies Act 1897; Cnnad.ii Province
of Dritish Columbia
(No. -101.)
Unequalad tt a Curs for Croup
"ncnidei being an oxri-lh-nt remttAy
for cohld nnd Knout troubk-s, Cham-
bcrlnln'n Cough Hi-mpily l* uncquftlcd
at a core tor croup," r.n>a Harry Wil*
Hon of Wnynoiown, Ind. When given
a* ioon at the cruupy tontih appear**
thla r-tmedy will prevent thi* attack-
U I* ut-jd aafCAMfulll*,- In tt,.ny "Umw**-
anda or home*. For tale hy all Arog-
THIS Ih to cnrilfy Hint tho "PiikIi
& LIvhiKHtoiK.) Lumber Co. I.lmlti'tl,"
Ih authorized nml Hc-ciihoiI to curry on
I'iihIiii.'hh within Dip province of llrltlHh
Cnlninhlii, nml to curry out or cttt'c.l nil
or liny of tho ohJectH of Hn* compniiy
to which llio li'aUfdmlvo nntliorliy of
the l.OKlHhitiii'i! of llrltlHh Columbia
Tlm hi'iiil officii of thi' Compnny Ik
Bit (into nt tho Town of OI-oiol-H In Hie
Province of Alberin; tho ntnount of
cnpltul of Dm Cotiipniiy Ih tfewnty-lhe
thoiifmii'l ilollurH, dlvlileii into Hevcn
himdrnil nnd fifty hIiiiich of ouo hundred dollars onch,
Thn hond offlco of th*1 conipiiny m
thla provlnco la Hluint<- nt Kll-nwiith,
and William gtownrt Mcrron, lumbor*
mnn. who*** n*Mri*«« !•* VMimnnth
| aforotinld, Ih tho attorney for tho
Glvon undor my hntul nnd Real of
©ffltc at Victoria, IVoi Ir.cv of Ilriilfih
Columbia, UiIh fifteenth dny or Dei-cm-
hor, ono thou-uind nlno hundred   nnd
(ItCRfatrar of Joint Stock
Tho objects for which thla Company
ha* hern entnbllnhed and Hennaed art*:
Th« purrlM****** nf Mmli'T limit*,      the
manufacture   and nxle of lumber, in
(-hiding the mnniifafturn of tlmhrra.
telephone pnW, (!«•», «hln»!Jp»,   lftthn,
boxca and alt other kindred producth
thai ran be mad'* from ..ml-cr; io pur-
ehato or teU other lumhi-'r Industries;
or tho atock thereat, and n***ncr«lly toj
■c-arry ton the ,,-n*45nM.ii <A roairafactBi*--***.'
and nalc nt t},. n-n,b>.te nt flm*>»»r •*•>•' -
lumlur. \\,;l\ *4tu.
NOTIl'I-3 In hereby k'Ivoii Hint application will bo mndo to tlio purlin-
mont of Cunniln nt the prcwijU sohhIoii
thereof for nn Act liicnrponttlim a
company under the immu of thu Koo*
toimy nnd Alborta Hallway company,
with powur iu behalf of Uu- coiiipimy-
1. Count met, (■■■iilp, maintain and
npi-rnlo n.lliio or IIiioh of railway (n)
From ii point on iho Crow'a Neat
brunch of tlio fiuu-dlnn Pacific Hallway between Cowley nud I'liiclior
Creek, Htntloim In I'm provlnco of Alberta, thence In a Houtlierly direction
piiHHhiK ihrmiKh Heaver Valley to tho
North Kooienny Piihh, ihenco lu n
Hinitliorly direction down tlio Valley
of tho l-'lnihond river, lu thu provlnco
of llrltlHh Columbia, to the International boundary, (b) From, al or noitr
the nforoHiihl point on the Cmw'H NoHt
Itiaucli of thu Cannillaii Pacific Hnll*
way, theme In a Koiitheily direction,
piiHsIni, at or near tho town of J'lnclinr
Crook tliroiiKh thn FlHhhnttrn settle.
ment, OirmiKh Mm I Hond Indian Uo-
Rorve, down the Milk Itlvor Volley to
thi* Internallonn> boundary nt or noar
Coutta. (ci A breach llnr* from ti
point nt. or noar the croaaluK of thu
lU.-'faui* tivur in ((io proviiu:<j uf Alberta, thence In a i-outherly direction
down lo Iho ftnuth woat cnnior of '*•.■*•
Wood Indian Ilr**om\ pat-mlntf In tho
vicinity of Moiintninvlow, tlmnco down
tho Valloy nf I no** i'n„.t, i„ n.,r}r
3. Acquire and ulHIzi* xteam and
wator power for (.'oinproaalnK nlr or
RonerntitiR electricity for nny purpoho
and commercially denllnfi In the •nitii*.
3. Construct, control nnd oprrnto
t'-l'-Krupl. and tekpl.oc.e. ISr.t.-*,
4. Kntor Into aurcementa with oth*
Cf K'lIIwuy couipuulnii,
Solicitor* for Mir* Appllranta
Datod at Ottawa thla 2Mb day of
January 1309
No. 8 Plyer Eastbound  24.18
No. 7 Flyer "Westbound      1-55
No. 214 Eastbound Regular 18.25
No. 213 Westbound Regular ' 9.46
No. 236' Eastbound lst cl&ss ..    9.00
No. 235 Westbound, lst class ..20.16
NO. 252
No. 251
TO RENT—Furnished rooms with
bath at Howland avenue, opposite the
Baptist church.   , .
■ LO.T FOR SALE—Lot 13 block 2,
Hosmer, 'apply A. J. Limb, Coal
WANTED—Partner In good paying
buisness, with five hundred dollars capital; apply post office box 238.
Piano for sale—$200 cash. A bar-
gaip. Apply Ledger Office.
Phone 41 for the best of mtats.
The big elk near Hosmer station Is
Mrs. Todd has moved to her old
stand.        '
J. G. McCallum was in Fernie on
Green onions and radish at the
L. G. Gales of Blairmore was in
town Monday.
Mrs. Todd has moved to her old
Miss L. Larson of Hosmer was in
town this week.
The cuisine at the Napanee is the
best in the city,
M. J. .McGrath and wife of Corbin
were in Fernie on Monday.
The Club cigar store for your tobaccos and cigars.
Dr. Barber has taken up his quarters in the Henderson block.
Miss E. White of Spokane has beuia
visiting in Fernie this week.
For hotel accommodation the Napanee is the place. .
Mr. Arthur Brown and wife are leaving Fernie for Moncton, X. B.   „
The most interesting place in town—
Ingram's bowling alley.
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Davies of Colt-
man were visiting in Fernie on Tuesday. -
Watch for. the date of our Millinery
Opening. The Misses Euler.
The Hub cigar store and pool room
has removed ato the Henderson block.
Nothing so refreshing' at the week
^end_as_a hot bath. Try Ingr'anVs^y_	
W. J. Mervyn was tried for conspiracy before his honor Judge Wilson on
Monday. He was found.guilty but was
let go on suspended sentence.
While waiting your turn play a game
of pool or billiards at Ingram's.1.'
Lot for sale, Rlerside avenue West
Fernie": Lot A block V, 12 feet 6 inches frontage; 45 ft 3 in. back, 135 ft.
8 in. length. Price $270 cash. Apply
Ledger office. . •
Mrs. Todd has moved to her '.old
stand. /
Mr. Cj, I. Archibald of Nelson was
in Fernie on Friday. ,
•The roller rink in Bruce's hall''will
positively open Monday.
Found: A large bunch bf keys on
chain. Apply Manager Ledger. *
^Wright the Jeweler for bargains, in
ladies diamond rings from $10 up.
R. Sinclair andawife of McGillivray
were in town on Thursday.
The Napanee hotel is prepared to
handle travellers and other guests.
Mr. Whitehouse of Michel "was in
the city this week on-business.
Business lot and building for sale-
Apply to W.'R. McDougall.
Mr. and Mrs.- Manuel of Frank, Alta.
paid Fernie a visit on Thursday.
Bargains in left over winter goods
at sacrifice prices. The Misses Euler.
G. G. Jewell of the Jewell Lumber
Co., Jaffray, is in town on business this,
week. ,
Mrs. Todd has moved to her old
Young lady wishes room and board
in refined home. Central location.
Address P. O. Box 324 1-t
Beef, mutton, pork, veal, hams, bacon, lard, etc., only of the very best.
Phone 41.
The Catholic church have Installed
a new bell. This Is the only church
bell at present in Fernie.
Ladies' and gents' watches in the
best movements at Wright's, next to
Fernie hotel.
Mrs. (Dr.) Bonnell'and two children
are leaving on Monday for a two
months' visit to the Coast.
For a good comfortable smoke get
Dorenbecker's brands. They are
home product.
A. J. Carter,'secretary-treasurer of
District 18 went to Michel Wednesday
morning on official business.
If your eyes are troubling you see
Liphardt, the Jeweler and ,optician.
Eyes tested free.
Mrs. L.'P. Eckstein has been spending some time at Spokane.and returned home to Fernie on Monday evening.
Let us take your order for a new
spring suit. Satisfaction guaranteed.
The Misses Euler.
M. A. W. Wright, the'mainstay of
the Coleman Miner' and Pincher City
News was visiting in the city - over
Fine watch repairing at Liphardt's.
who is the watch inspector .for the
Great Northern Railway.
J. A.^Macdonald of Blairmore, late
secretary treasurer bf District 18, 13.
M, W. of A-., was in town on Monday. . •'    ' , •
Patronize home Industry and smoke
.Crow's. Nest Specials and Extras
' Mr. E. Miller, barrister of Grand
Forks, who has been spending a few
days, with Mr. L.-, P. Eckstein, left
Military brushes make a useful gift
and, can be bought froni Wright the
jeweller, next Fernie hotel. - *
Edwin J. Barratt of Baring Bros, was
here as advance manager for Miss Marie Hall and party. Miss Hall is recognized as one of the great violinists'of
the world. Mr-Barratt is trying to arrange for an appearance here at- an
early date.
New'spring goods arriving daily.
Ladies beautiful silk raincoats in latest
effects. Spring jackets? Skirts and
whitewear. The Misses Euler.
* The local Rebeccahs journeyed to
Ccleman the. early part of this week,
From reports they played havoc with
that town and incidentally captured
the hearts of some of the younger
For a birthday gift nothing more
appropriate than a piece of fine jewellery.     Wright has a choice selection.
- The roller rink will open on Mon-
day7-. Mr. Bruce secures! a quantity
of roller skates from Calgary and has
everything ready. Any one who likes
roller skating should patronize this
The Fair is distributing very pretty
calendars'' among its customers; it's
rather late now for calendars, but
better late than never..
. A naval seaman has once every day
to salute the quarter deck of his ship,
even if no officer is upon it. ".Salada"
Tea is in such popular flavor that
many people'feel like saluting a packet wherever seen.
- Just arrived at the Fair 1000 pounds
of tobacco and 6000 high grade cigars.
The Fair has the largest and best assortment of cigars and tobacco in town
and prices always the lowest.
The'-fan at No, 5 mine wns stopped
on Sunday from 7 a.m. until 1 a.m.
on Monday. As a consequence tho
midnight shift was stopped on Sunday night and the district of 19 was
stopped on Monday morning.'
The pictures at the Fernie ■ Opera
House were, exceptionally good this'
week. A series of scenes from ihe
great Italian earthquake were- shown.
Miller's able orchestra presided, and
crowded houses have been the rule.
The local hockey boys have decided
to hold a dance in Bruce's opera house
on the 17th of this month, St.^ Patrick's, day. .This is sure to be the
best ever, and everyone should turn
out, as the boys are sorely in need of
The Board of Trade„will meet ori the
23rd in the city offices. All old members and anyone who is interested in
the progressiveness of the city is in-
vlte'd'to attend. The board is going to
get busy and boost for Fernie, and we
should all be with it.
Tenders are being called for the
erection of the new Methodist church
and parsonage.... Plans and specifications and all particulars can be obtained from the secretary of the trustee
board, D. V. Mott, or the pastor, Rev.
W. L. Hall. See public notices. All
tenders,to be.in by the 31st of March.
The production of "Monte Cristo" at
the'-opear house was fairly good. Critically, speaking „the., company ■ needs
some' changes. The leading lady,
Miss Willa Feour, as "Mercedes" is rather too droll. She fails to put enough
life into' her -portrayal of the character.
LiUr.',Frederick   Clarke   in his many
^   It   ^   il   ill A   fli'    -*-    -*•    -*-    ^*A'iA4i||    A'A —l'*m   A   I*,'   *.
www w w w ^r*p^^rw w w w. w •» ww v-****r*^*9**P,
Inew  store
| .     With w£>-to-da.te Fixtures   \
I     W. J.  BLUNDELL    ™™
Fresli Groceries and
Right Prices
us a. call
+ <*X + + *Jr>*++*.+ + * + '1* + ++ + + + &<sAl*.
roles was really good, and is" easilyllie
best of the troop.. Most of the other
members of the company with, the exception of'Miss'Virginia Elwood, Mr.
Will F7Crockett, and Bruce Kent, (as
Albert) were too tame. However the
scenic effects'and costuming,made ur
for tlio other deficiencies. The toucli
of .'"Millerisni" at the piano by out
local orchestra relieved the strain between acts.' - -        -   ■
G. L. TASCHERAU, Manager
Joseph Murphy's Masterpiece of Irish Dramas
Tues., March 16
See the Great Prison Scene
i See the Blacksmith Shop
See the Carrier Pigeons
This attraction is under the direction of W. E, Burnham who gave us
the famous Juvenile Bostonians, the Geo. B. Howard Co., and the
Beggar Prince Opera Co., so it must be good.
PRICES:   $1.00  and   75c.
Singer Sewing Machines Co;,
*   "*   ) . *,
y\[ ,   Fernie, B.C.
*■ Why. be without a Sewing Machine vtfien you
can get one for $3.00 a month?   .
--i.f1 "** ■ '
J. P. HQULAHAN, Agent, opposite Coal Co.'s ofllce, Pellat Ave.
Grdwg Nest TraHiiti^ Co*
: i '■.-''" i '-y '■,    ■'    ,,*■■-.    " -'"'.   '" •"' - ■   "'"- ■    ''
'■■•■".■"-',: /General Merchants.   . •' :
,   ■,,'■.* • , 'i
i *■ -  «t • i
.   1 , > *■■ , v      -a .    - '" .I'l
The   Store- of: Good Values
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B.Ci
a 'ft * •■
X   „.
'". -1 '■ ,.
:fe      IN FIFTEEN .DAYS        ■<   „
\ ' ' a . ,
_ *>  ,,,Y'     *''*;, ■""*-*'  '•.■■a*1 f, , •
Suits and Overcoats
20 per cent, discount
We assume all risk regarding fit and workmanship.   We have pleased hundreds, that
speaks for itself.
Clothers to Men and Boys
WE ARE   .
As usual tfiQ Nnpnnoo hotel will
(ilvo away- Shamrocks on tho lilli,
Thoy lmvo receive., n Inrgo number
this year.    *'f'. •
Tho Froo I'l'oss nnd Lodgor bowloru
hi art iho 1st' of another series of
games to-nlKht nt 7.. LiuIIob aro requested to movo their lints.
Mr. Frod Dick nnd Miss Mngglo
Donnlngton woro united In tho holy
homlH of mntrlmony hist WodnoHday,
Uov. II. Grunt officiating. The Lodger extendi) congratulations,
•I. A, niirhor, representing the Out-
iiott Universal Anthology, wiih In lho
**lty thin we'll*., nnd corralled severnl
orders for this gront work. Mr. Harbor
Iiiih ono of tho bout offoi'B In tho hook
Hun mid Ih writing up hundred*-, of or-
dorH for hiH firm,
Our Hcrlnl "Tho Ghost of Lochrla'i
Cumin' ends .vlth this-. Ihsiic, Wo hnvo
hi?fiii*i'd n much hotter fltory for the
ni'Xi Hi'i'lnl whleh will si art next week.
Il Ih i-ntlth-d Sophy of Krnvonln, nnd Ib
one of tho host nerlnlB published, Sub*
nwii'c <iuvv m„l uu ..ui ,,/,.., :."., 1...'.;.,
Mi; I. J". ':.'!,■', I fin .niciiil'* to1, i*r.*et
(i flue building its soon ns wc-nther permit h. The building will ho n Htorey
nnd hnlf hlifh nnd will bu created on
the lot, nifuplod lntely hy Hohh nnd
AhWnmlcr. ■• lt will he a flro proof
building tnul will hnvo n hirgo lire
proof vmilt.
It Is reported thnt one of HoBtnor'B
fnHtldlmit* newly mnrrlod lndlet* knendn
brund with her gloveB on. Tho Ind*
dent mny be somowhnt peculiar, hut
tlifi'i' nri* r.,h**>rn. Tho editor nf
this piipt-r iifod* bread with hin shOf**
mi. he in (mIb bread with hia shirt on,
he th'dh l>r***nd with hiH pnnts nn. mid
nnlciis Home of the delinquent sub*
Hcrlh'-rn (if thla old "Itntr of Fiwdom"
pny up In-fore long he will need hrend
without n -"jinni thing on nnd Fernie
I.*.* no O.-mlivn of Bdf-n In the winicr
In connection with n communication
Inst week wo nscertnlnod thnt tho gov*
eminent practically control the hiiIo
price of periodicals. Tho druggists
could soil more books nnd mako more
money by selling them nt a lowor price
but thoy nre forced to sell at the pro-
sent prices. This notion docroasefl
sales, and whilo thoy got half n cent
more on onch book thnn formorly thoy
only Boll nbout ono fifth of whnt thoy
could nt tho old pricey.
Prices talk—yes, but quality talks louder.  ~ It  is;
unwise to make price comparisons without due  con- - ]
sideration of quality. ' We aim at keeping up ■[ the
standard of quality .andr,s.e,lling' at. .the lowest possible price consistent with* same.
'\    Labrador Herrings;, ■.;■...... -,.. ...*..'.>.. -*, v12 for 25c    ■ . -1 -
.   Canned salmon/.. /.?. ..'.". .2 fb-r 35c  _      1
.   Canned'tTomatoes-.;     ...., 2 ,f or^'25c   '      '"
Canned Apples ... ./. ...'■ 2 for 25c
Canned Blueberries ...;... '...;. 2 for 25c
- Canned Plums v. :.. ,15c each'
Oranges, per dozen ;,.'■ '...':725c   *
Granulated sugar ... • '.. ... .20 lbs for $1.25
Whole'Wheat Meal ,... 6 lbs'for 25c
Mothers Favorite-Flour .'... .. 100 lbs for" $3.50   a •
Peanuts ... :'.' i lb for 15c
Deniston.Tea ... *.   '.. 1 lb. for 35c,1
Mocha and Java Ground Coffee ... -.•*'.. 1 lb. for 30c  ,
A Carload of
»  * ^ *      '
Flour just arrived
Fernie  Industrial and
Provident Co-Ofi. Society
Uov, Dr, White, superintendent of
missions, waB -present at tho united
prayer iiorvlco in the Methodist ohitvch
ii ml gave n brlof addrehs,
On Wednesday evonlng Dr, White
gnvo his well known lantern recital,
"Here nnd Thero In Ti.C." which gives
nn Iden of lho extent' and variety of
this grout province, The recital wiih
greatly itppruciiUed,,. On Thursday Dr.
Whito loft for Hosmor,
On Sunday next missionary addresses will bo glvon by Mra, Lnshloy
Hltll,   Dili   (IMttlUI    ifa-ilih   a.<u'la.U   U..U)     au
TondorB for the prospectIvo now
structure aro being called for hy tho
trusteoH. I'lniiB und specifications to
ho seen on Inquiry of Uov, W. U, Hull
nt renr of church.
Noxt Tuesday, March it,, tne Uuiwt
Aid will Burvo aftornoon tea In the
church to the ladies of tho congrcgat*
Ion with a vlow to becoming better
acquainted. All ladles of tho congro*
got (on, especially;, those recently arrived, will ho welcomed. ■
The church Ih open every day for
thn convenience nnd nccornmodtUlcii
of strangers and (>'!<-mU, t'upui aud
Ink on hnnd. Hpcclnl attention is called to the young people's meeting*-, on
Monday evenings, (o the united prayer
lervlco on Tuoiday, Friday evi'iUug
the -united prnyer »«rviri> lo held In
the Hnptist church.   ,
In Fernie  its
Hawthorne for
Painting, Interior
Wood at. A Pollnt Avo.
.#♦♦♦•*->•*>--•>> ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Tenders nrn horoby called for tho
.erection of Mothodlst church and pnr*
.»,...'•.;. iv, t\\f f-tfy nf fVrnln. Plnns
nnd Rpoplflcntlonn enn ho seen on np*
plication to tho secretary of the uu*.*
tee honrd, Mr. D. V, Mott, or to tlio
pastor, Hc-y. W.L.Hall.
Tonclors  oro required for:
(n) finch building, separately, and
vim worn w^-U.. S!u:!!i:-.r. ♦•*."'?'•)-
aro called, for;   ,
(c) Brickwork nnd carpentry, separately nnd (d) In hulk,
Note: Il Is understood thnt bricks
nnd cement will bo supplied hy tho
Mothodlst church, for which arrangements arc already nmdn.
Founi)ntlon» will he completed renuy
for the atiporfltrnt'tnrp hy thr* trustH*
board so that tho worlt rnlleil for. in
tho foregoing tendors may commence
about June 1.    >,
Tend*v» will.ho accfpted up till
noon on Wednesday, March 31, ad*
dressed to the trustee board and left
DiiNlneNH Dlocks,   ('hurohoH,
Schools, ami heavy vyork iv
Nju-elnliy    '
WWWH—ilimillii I HUMPH—ft.
Al/i'iili for l',ilni(iiit(iii I'toxhimI Itrlnlc
nml   Ilum.   Point   Coiiiiiiuii   nml
I'la'-i-.-Ill     Hli'l'. KatllllUtlla.     (in-.
IlikllKll fl*t!l)
■ IN tho matter of an application for
the lainnn of n ifupllentn of the Cortlflcnto of Titlo for Lot 7, Block 81, Annex Town ot t'urniu vilap i^.A.j
Notlcu Is hereby given tHiat it Is my
Intention to tssuo at tho expiration of
ono month after tho first publication
hereof a diipllcnto of tho Oortlflcato of
T.'Mc ♦*» '}"• ttiovo -tiif-.rit1riT.nd lot tn
tho name of Vozol Vanfcolt, which
cortlflcnto lo dated tho Ilth of April, 1008, ttnd numbered 8.07A.
Ulstrlct Hoglslrur
Land Registry Offlco,
Nelson, B. C. Tcb. 10 1000.
with the pastor at the church, lowest
or any tender not necessarily accepted.
!    On behalf of the trustee board of
!tho Methodist church, Fernie.
! March 13 I>. V. MOTT.    2t


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