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The District Ledger 1909-04-03

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 I j;!1'   -■
(   arf -1    .      1*1*   . -' *-I —•
-i        •-i       liTi"*-*-"     "i -*'i   i•*"■*«.: CS*-1/       'il **"
tb     ,U     .-■        t' *»  t  ■h**.; t ^ai'-^awin •*    -'■*«
| te*riima.*   .Jul a ■■
i $n   qgomn
I   » ni »   Itilli      )     t i      i—
\&~. ir, V. ^M-. Swa. ;»*. Sa V », Ja.
■i'-. -: ,-• j v.:
jv ■"'••   •*.■*•.    .r\\    -        _xtK&e,.
-.''    :*""•?.   S-..Jr   ^7?V-
e^'V''*- -*£*A*?i.   ' '*        ■*■   '   *■■*-'■" * ""*• -' **■   -*-'s
rM.7 ■*»£ . .7:^-^,     ^i—V «2.
,    s-l'rtisl'
.    •■> /ait-'-a      L '■    >>'    -      W
!.." -t .: I-.'
',**!■!■<./, ;
Ta?!Ti.r-ja ,:13t:;-A£i-
Fernie, B.C., April 3rd, 1909
• •/,*•'
tliMlt'.-lflAM        J
•4 • t* J -in 4 j t, •*: io* tJ» ib,
#      (■..., , ,.   ...,-, ..
I   il    I   i. **i    1    t A .'Iui *I ll    ft   *    * '*    .'.'.'..    .    .    .    a   a    t
wKw*tHa.AnaKnyt)KxnwiiTtnKixTKitj nrn
iro  and
... ..■■'    •;■ . ;>•<; =■     * ..   -,:"■■>,
JMMr*^r¥¥ •***■¥ ¥ ***• ¥¥'¥,■**¥ ¥.**« jf.* y »»■»»■»-»,
From our own Correspondent. v.,..    ■  j
l^HW* if* .-'Hjj.i'j M" Hi,..^,     *   ■ • '*'.'-' ■. *
Angus" 'Campbell
i*camo In from Hillcrest on Tuesday
(night. Bill sticks well to his merrriest
" man alive. klndu of,.a smile,, and, Angus
'.still stays in the foremost of the bat-
;tle against the workman's common eii-
*emy, the capitalist.. J He has --.been
{.slaying'.) right* i and Vleft', ever ' since he
'•came ln, "i
' Bob Middleton, with wife and family
'.lias gone to Pincher Creek...    ■   -;.."'
The_ moving pictures were .renewed
thlsweek in'the club hall. There'were
shows on Monday and Tuesday nights,
• whei^ the'.people got a rare', treat; for
the'pictures were excellent.* The* gold
■watch was drawn for; on the latter
night and Tommy Martin, who had No.
26 was the winner.'". Vj '.:.-..-.
Through a Blight Inadvertence In setting up the account of the wrestling
match last week, we omitted to report
that the Jap "Matsuda" was the win-
ner having got the first two falls. Bob
"Walton was an active and Impartial referee, giving: every satisfaction *; all
round.• '    > \
A cave-in happened in No, 9 district
■ No. 5 mine on Tuesday afternoon^      !
Several ladB from Coal Creek appear-
. -ed last week before Magistrate Whlm-
.stor, Fernie,; for doing wilful damage
.to the-Coalj.Company'8. property. They
Avere allowed to go. on suspended sen-
, tence.' ■   Lads will   be lads we  knoiw,
and a lad without a degree of mischief
.doesn't fulfil the intentions of the Creator,      ^till'when, mischief" is  carried
beyond-the limits lt is often the cast-
that the parents  havo to suffer. This
herefore is published' to give 'a" hint to
'parents to have an eye to their prodigy.
"I am 30, 5 ft. 8 in. 145 lbs., Protestant,   Scotch,  good  complexion,     blue
grey eyes, fair hair,' good natured, best
of habits, good appearance, dress with
taste, mechanic, own shares in wireless
telegraphy, moderate in everything, ani
striotly  temperate,  healthy,  good    education,'play violin and. other instruments,- do not object to. country or city
life," country   preferred," truthful,"'upright  and  honest,    amiable,    domestic
habits,   lover  of   good   pleasant   home,
and  always willing' to  do my part  to
■ make everything'satisfactory. I wish
to. hear, from ladles' of a loving,, and
congenial nature with' mean's or In business, that.requires the help.of a steady
upright "man not afraid of work. Ladles in good health and, good appearance
' maidens or. widows.'lof, a suitable  'age
—i f^5fcumT5'CTWc~e~df^oivcTW
Ject. Write. You will not regret op-
'enlng a' correspondence with-,'mo
promptly for I can satisfy you that I
would be satisfactory ln every way as
a husband;., all correspondence will bo
, promptly answered lf'-'ybu: give- full'
particulars In first letter; photos exchanged. *K. S. Anderson, Fernie B.
'C. Can-."   '■  '      -   " .'     „*";
The above is taken from the April Issue of "Cupid's Columns!"     Oiir local
ed;.;hejmay stay here until-after .the
revival mission. His successor is Mr:
J.-H,-Martin~from-*Knox college; Toronto, and he is expected to reach hero
on April 7th.-'• *■*■*;-'"   y   ■■'
A service of song selected from'Alexander's.'hymns will "be given under
the. leadership of Mr. J. Treeharno at
7.50 (Sunday) evening, in the Presbyterian church. -' *,-'•'''• .'--i .
We aro especially asked to announce
that the long talked of revival .campaign will open In tho Presbyterian
church, on Thursday, April* 8th.-" The
Rev. W. G. Brown B. A. of lied Deer
Alta., and Rev. P.,A. Robinson B.A.
of Ontario will be in charge. The former knows something, about the life of
the Kootenay miner, as he. has roughed it himself. Ho is an able and
enthusiastic preacher. ,.; The latter is a
man who has been much" lh touch with
his fellow men, having been connected
a good deal with Y. M. C. A. work.
He Is a singer of lio-mean order; arid
Is bringing a stereoptican with him.
Don't forget boys. t      ...
The smoker announced to be held ln
honor of Mr. Geo.:O'Brien last Saturday night was "put off through the
boys being at the mass meeting in the
town.;.  It comes off to-night.*' ■'
We had no mall at Coal Creek from
Friday March'26th" until' Tuesday, ' the
30th,, and' much inconvenience ■ was
thereby caused..-. On the latter-day it
did not'arrlve until'the'evening train
so that most of It could not be got
until the following'day7Wednesda'y.
The fault Is not at this end, and If we
have grounds for similar complaints
again we will 'not content ourselves ly
saying we are indignant, but will take
steps which as British subjects we can
take; to find out.the exact place' of"; dc-j
fault, and will 'further claim ,'■ ■ some
satisfactory redress. This Coal Creek-
Is-off-the-map attitude has got to disappear," and'quickly too;"'"	
, David Davies paid a flying visit
from Coleman Thursday. , He brought
the kind 'regards' of Blli" Powell with
him/-. But when do \we.get},the-brides
cake?"" '"'     s       "'    '""      "
The dark clouds of uncertainty liave
broken, the'high* tension" is snapped,
and we can now breathe with,. that
freedom which" follows suspense.'' The
new agreement has been .signed.by the
employers; and the men's union offlc-
lals, and at, the time of writing'there
is a continuous stream of men carry.
at the office of-the company - here.
The mines _were idle on- Friday and
Saturday, of last. .week, .when ..there
we're -mass'meetlngs held"" In "Bruce's
hall, Fernie, to hear and- discuss the
terms'of the "proposed hew agreement
as drawn up between the masters and
the men's leaders. o.Thc.;bus!ness not
being completed tlio conference was
continued ,on,. Sunday,* when- it, was decided to take a* ballot the following day
to see whether or noi the majority'of
■ Song, encored": Smile: Miss Pickering  Big Red Apple country where she has
 _ ■■;!
»^r><trtba-i.-A **> k Ak tikkkk+kkkickkk
■ ■    -..  , n,.,.,
The; flrst baseball' game' was' Played
on,J3unday, aUso a fodtb'an",'ga'me;'.th'o
day'was bright' and' sunsh'ihy.^and a
large^c'rowd'witnessed'.the matches." ';
, The baseball and football outfits arrived for the club, and s the, boys are
prepared, to meet anything .that .come*
along. '"-.., .,    7   ",• ■ ,:,-    „ ,
The men at the Diamond Vale quit
work on'Monday-till their pay wa's'h'ere
for January and February. Thursday the management notified.the officials of the union that their pay l>p«l
come, and tho men' were hotrsl6w In
getting it The management notified
tho men that the mines were closed
down, so the union have' closed down
the Diamond drill,' as it Is believed'by
the men that the.closing down of. tho
mine is to be uaed to weed out the old
employees, and as'there are, a number of,,men with families this wlll.be
a hardship upon 'them, "so the union
have decided to keep everything down
until they get a satisfactory answer
as' to the reason for, the closing of the
mine, '      ' •      '",,,'
- There'is a surplus of labor'here, and
men are being turned away almost every day, '
Mr.'Lumsden and Mr.-F.-Kef ter, consulting engineer for the B.! C. • C. Co.
at Greenwood, arrived on'Friday's passenger train. Mr. Keffer said that, the
mine's and smelter: at.Greenwood would
be closed'do'wn'on Monday till,ah advance Is made in the market "price of
copper. '•■'■' '    '    ' <        ■■ ■■'"
Don't-forget the'Victoria Day celebration, on' the -24th of ■ Majv , •'•
A large,. and successful meeting' of
the Athletic club was" held on Tuesday
night and all Uie committees reported
progress.'"        -*'•'  ,'7'.'"7.' '*''.'.   .i
The Nicola Valley Meat Company are
moving'their premises across from tho
Cold water hotel. - 'y
■ Thomas Fulley of Fernie was a passenger on Friday's train.
.' D. Munro,;wife and baby of Fernie,
were.-.passengers oh" Friday's1 train,
and they are staying at the Grand hotel. " -..-      ■■■       -=..'.■   /a.  .
W. White and'DIck Brooks of Fernie, arrived on Friday's train, after
making a circular-trip, and are staying at Middlesboro/ >...-,,
Happy. Marshall. left on Saturday's
train for the Coast: • Happy, we shall
miss you.     ,    .. ■ ,        ,
i' Mrs., O.; J.,Marshall arrived on'"Friday's1 train' to join her' husband' who
met her, at„ Nicola ;,-.>, y;a     _.v,,'  .
Bllly0*Bonar and James Williamson'
left on Saturday's' train for Vancouver, -andfrom ther'e"proceeded'to New
Zealand. ,   ' ■.
—      -tit         : .'-
* . ■.-.--.
*- erkk kitkUkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
authorities  cannot  know   that  such  a
paragon   of   virtue   and   a   person   of | the men were In favor of or against the
such high'accomplishments Is In tliolr   new agreement as placed before them
midst. This earth Is not a proper1 placo
for this .species. .'Why'-not have It
hunted, shot and handed over to the
Mayor ofForhld to be stuffed and made
the first funnloslty of a museum to bo
founded In the city? By the way Its
photo Is also'givcn In-the paper,
On Sunday night last Pastor Norman
Macdonald   preached   . his  valedictory
sermon ln tho Presbyterian church. His
• farewell message to a crowded congregation was based on words from    the
18th verso of tho 3rd chapter of    Hnd
Peter." "Hut grow In graco and In the
knowledge of our Lord and    Saviour
Jehus  ChrlHt,"      The  following Is  a
synopsis  of tho  sermon',   "Wo  are.In
religion whut wo doBlgn to bo nnd nothing moro; wo grow by gradation to
our Ideal,     Homo aro atltlHsed with a
low Ideal; others ovor aspire to   tliolr
highest conception of manhood.    TIiIh
moans growth, and tho text's exhortation rcvoals to uh the 'moduB oporandl'
and  criterion  of  truo growth,      Tho
. renson for our arrested spiritual development Is bocaiiBO wo do not obey this
command,    Tho  word  grow  oxpreHHci*
Uh  nature  through life,    and    whoro
thoro Is no growth thoro Ih no lire..Tho
ChrlHtlan \vlnlili.g to maintain a high
spiritual Btanilnrd must grow spiritual-
ly, for the only way to nvold spiritual
death la hy uplrllual growth, In nature
wo dlHCovor tho trnakH or thlH law   of
growth,     The tree, flower or grnsB to
live miiHt grow, and tho troo, falling to
send  forth  now HhootH  from  Hh  top,
Hl'imUH  In  the  plulm-Nt teruiH  to  lilm
who  ronilH  "iloath  hns  liogun   nt  my
roots,"     Tho working of the law or
dlHlntORrntlon   Ih   quickly  rovealod  In
our hodluH an soon nil thoy couho    tn
grow,     For tho moment we nro   nr
restod, nnd doplorn tho fact nnd forget
tlio truo growth,whloh Ih not phyMlcnl,
hnt nplrltunl.     Homo nro growing rapidly In  worldly poHHOHiilonH.      Whnt
nro theno growing In oharnotor?    Are
their hoiiIh  growing In  iironnrtlnn   lo
tliolr HtoultM, homlH or reul  i.Hlnte'* If
Clod regulated Dw growth nf our worldly lntoroHtR In proportion to the growth
of mir houIh: In proportion tn   growth
of our Nplrltunl iiuulltloM, how would
that  dlHflrlmmlnntlmi  lifteri  uh?    The
majority would not hnvo muoh to their
credit In tho (.rent SnvlngH hnnk.   The
hoiiI  desiring growth  miiHt grow  like
Christ at Naxarelhi In olinrnotor, In love-
to man nnd In w*lf snorll'lolng Hcrvlco
tp, Ond.  ThlH Ih llfo'H  hlghOHt ultnln-
...v.it,   t.)   «,-l-..l'   Uu    J.J'..I*..'.'''.r'   rf   flu.*!,
(ind In Ills Htrungth to ndvnnoo to the
fulloHt poHHlhllUloH in mornl perteoi-
loiiH, anil ovory Christ like quality, To
struggle dally towards our Ideal UohI,
nnd not dream In contentment nt
whnt wo nro. Nor Ik thin ImpnHHlulo,
What has boon dono In tlm pant can hi
Special trains wero run from here "to
enable, tho Coal., Creek men to attend
theso moetlngs,'" Tho result "of - tho
voting ln thc .throo,camp's..waB as fol-
lows'i'Coal Creek 364; Michel'459;'"Mor-
rlsey 2. Total for 825. Against the
agreement Coal Creek 195, Mlchol iSS,
Morrlssey OB,
Majority ter 270. .
Wo thought nil was right and settled, . and then . camo tho ugly ruin>v
that Frank Shormnn, lin-sldont of di.i*
11 let 18, had rofuned to sign up tin*
ngrooment or lt then Rtood on lho
grounds that thero woro matters therein which the mon could not havo understood whon voting. There woro
talks, of' furthor mooting and of a
rresh ballot. In tho midst* of all
this uncortnlnly n typo written notico
hearing tho namos or Hurd, 'Slmlstor
and Heatlicoto wuh poHtod up on Tuesday artor,nroon announcing that tho
ngrcomont had boen signed, nnd nsklng
all omployoes to cnll nt tho offlco nftor ono o'clock ,',n tho morning or.tho
illtst or Mnrch to formally sign on, Tho
Lodger orflco wns communicated with
by telephone nnd tho truth of thin
notice wnn confirmed, A notice that
cnmo hy tho evening trnln, and which
was signed by Finnic Sherman hlm-
Hoir to tho Ramo effect wns posted up
In tho el lib Iiouho, Thus nro (lie
hanging clnudH dlHperHod, nnd wc
aro watching for the long promlnod
npponrnnco of, tho nun of proHporlty In
nil I tn brilliance,
Tho halo ot auburn fluff hns dlHitp-
ponrod from tho ox-mnyor'» vlsngo, Ilo
novor did hoiiHt of hnvlng nny ronom-
hlnnco to nn nngol, hut ho Iiiih mnde
lho hoHt of tho olrcnmNtnncoH this
Tommy Wnknlnin, Jr., nud MIhh Too-
nlu McT.ood, both well known nnd very
highly I'PHpnolod In Conl Creek wore
mnrrli'd quietly hy the Itev, Hugh
Clrnnt nt Kornlo on Hnturdny nrtornnon,
Tommy Is working nt Colemnn nnd of
oiiiiiMo Ih Inking un Ills reMldmioo tliore,
Long, life, lionllh and hnppliioHH to
"Oive mo flvo chuIh worlh of hoof."
The butcher limited, nud with n keen
mciiho of wit, nHked If hn might deliver
It hy tenm. Tho ciiHtomer did nol
hoo the Juke nnd showod ha wnH In
dond I'uviU'Hl, TUU huHlnuHH trnnHim*
tlnn iictnnlly look plnco In Triton Wood
Htiii'n rocoutly,
Mr. Ttennottilof the Intornntlonnl
Pi-i-vi'(",*'".• nilener- i.f.i,j|,,i.V ,..(.. (|,v(Mi;»h
liiHt Friday,
lllll McFegan und Jack l-'icmiiiK ru-
turned from Hpoknno on TuoHilny
morning ond the hnnd played "Tho
Olrl I loft behind mo,"
Willinm Williams, a gront favorite
nmongHt tho l-oyn, Iwih gone  to Hu'lft
C, A. Carlson or Lethbridge was a
business: caller.on,;D. *Vkrf Hart'Monday,
Mr, Carlson Is interested in a number
ot lumber yards throughout Alberta,
and visited Kootonia,--with'a'.view to
building a summer home,
Mr. W. H. Griffith'went to Gateway
and Tobacco Plains ,on Tuesday on business,       ,      "
Mr. W. N. Frost of Eureka, Montana, had business .ir.. Baynes, T.ucsd'ay.
Ho Is negotiating with the Groat Northern officials ln the Interests of thc
Kootenay River Land Compnny In regard to flumlng across tho right or
way. .'       	
Mr. James Fusee and bride arrived
In Baynes Wcdnosday after a three
woolts honoymoon'ln the States, •
Tho Ladles Whist club met Wednesday aftornoon with Mrs, Halos Ross,
All momborfl wero present nnd hnd a
vory enjoyable timo; tho next meeting
will bo with Mrs, Ucaty's nt Lowor
Waldo. ■
Father Tavornlor or Fornio came
down to Hayiies on Monday and hud
mnss Tuesday morning,
Tho Kootonia Nurseries are being
onlnrged this woek by an addition or
gliiHs nnd shed for potting plants. Any
ono wishing plants or seeds can be
supplied hy our homo nursery.' or
whloh we nre justly proud,
MesBrH, Chappy nnd Young aro digging a woll on lot flvo block eight of
Mr. liYnnk Nash of Waldo, recognizing tho real vnluo or tho Kootenny River LundH, purchased a tract from It,
W, Hart on Monday.
Mrs, Love, who hn» boon visiting her
sister In lnw, Mi'H. IIhIoh Uohh, lert lor
hor homo In 11 an era Inst Monday,
MIhh llowett or Carbonado linn been
spondlng n row days wltli Mrs. Joo
Mr.  J.   P.  Howard  dined  with
nnd Mt'H, Itcgnn on Bundny,
Tho   now   holler   belonging   to
Adolph Lumbor Cumpnny arrived liml
Frldny nnd linn ■boon InHlnlled,
Tho ohuroh mocIiiI glvon hy Waldo
nnd llnyiioH nl tho Uuhh hnll win n
huccohh lu every h-mino, The pro ■
grnmnie wiih highly nppioolrtod, nnd
refreshments worn hmintirully hovvoI,
The receipts woro In nil thirty un i dnli*
Mr, Mlllor ot Conl Crook Iiiih roci'iil-
ly I'.uri.'hnHed twu Join In Koutiinln.
Song, Queen of Angels: Mr. St!"John
..:Duet:  Mrs.   McVicar  and Mr.  Reed.'
'■ Comic  song; (encored)    .Never  Been
There' Before;.Mr.  A. Allen. "  -■; •.
! S!Accompanist: Mr. - Ted Royle. * - ';
.7The chairman then called Mr!'Derbyshire ,tto .the .stage'and presented. him
on behalf' or' his' oid workmen with a
beautiful gold watch and chain.- The
ladies of Michel.also made,a present.to
Mrs.'. Derbyshire of a beautiful silver
tea, service. .The chairman, In asking
him ,to accept the'presents, said they
were"not.to be valued by their Intrinsic
worth, but as souvenirs of his sojourn
in Michel, a remembrance of those.he
liad met and those many friends he was
leaving behind, Mr., Derbyshire feelingly expressed his thanks on behalf of
himself and wife, the. audience then
sang'For He's a Jolly Good Fellow. After the presentation dancing was commenced, and kept "up until 12 o'clock,
the Michel orchestra, providing the music.
Three large mass meetings of the U.
M.. W. of A. were held on Friday,-Saturday and Sunday to consider the new-
agreement. The mines were idle from
Friday afternoon- until Monday morning for. the purpose-. . District Board
Member ; Bill Whitehouse, ■ and Secretary Treasurer A. J.'Carter addressed
tho 'meetings. Several important questions came-up for discussion, including
backhand system, which was balloted
on and done away with on Tuesday.
In future the men will ■ work partners
only-vin Michel.'- The* election for and
against the new agreement was held
on Monday at the Hall, and the,majority decided to accept. ■ -Bill Whitehouse
and^A. J.' Carter are to' be congratulated for the noticeable alterations In the
general,working conditions at'the Michel mines, which will mean much to-
the contract miners.	
The'dance, held at the'hall on Thursday night tourned out a sucecss.   ' '.'"
Roughead's living picture show,, was
at Martin's Hall in New,Michel for „ 3
nights. ; It drew big crowds to the
city.        i ,      ; .  .,
Just tency „ a spooney young.couple
meeting a bear up the track. It must
liave been a B. A. ■ or. perhaps it was
Spruson's   toy   terrier., '..,'•
Mr. T.: C. Phillips or. Cranbrook, a
travelling auditoror the C.'P. R., was
in town on Friday. ■''
J.' W. .Gardner of th'e Northern Coal
Company, now prospecting ,up the,. Elk,
was here on Monday. ' ,
Ed. Stacey,' the well known' driver
boss, left on Wednesday night for his
old home In Seattle.' Ed. has .had a lot
of sickness lately, so he's going to'consult tho family physician.
. o Wednesday was^a busy,day at'the
superintendent's office signing up''thei
new. agreements.-
. .The miners of Michel are all going'
.tofibe_ISbela!i'3ts_now_that_the.v— intanti-
making a living by the. sweat of "their
own brows, and not by that of the back
hahd.' ■• ». . ■  ■ .. ., . . -.V ■-•
•- Rumor -says Bill Whitehouse- has
lost over .forty pounds In weight'' by
working so hard over the new agreements, and that Jack Marsh has gained
50  pounds  through  tlie holidays.
Jack Lewis, the game warden, was
around  here  on  Monday.
The great T. P; ts'seen these days
with his face Iri-slings. What' Is" the
cause, Tom? Michel'beer? - • ■
Mr. Percy Johns Is bock again in
town, after, a , fruitless search for his
brother, who has been missing-for ,n
time on the coast. '>' »
.The short carpenter is very disappointed, over the new agreement. He
really did expoct $5 a shift.' Poor
Bill, noxt tlmo your expectations may
bo fulfilled.   ■
Who. Is that sweet melodious tenor
the Oddfellows' hnve got, HIb jerky
voice Is heard, over tho Creok on Ihe
lodge nights, perhnps lt Is the noble
grnnd,     . .
been   riding  with- the- Quarter
Three' Bar*ranch:on'the spring
up'.*     u--i-.  j;,'-."   7 -..-  ,(     . ][ '   7 ...*'■ ■■
:. Don't  sell.; that-man (,a'nother;drink,
said. Charlie JK.. of the. Elk.
He's all.Tight,- says the liar, tender,
He . ain't, drunk'/' No, but.he's beginning ■ to .tell. what a' nice family , he
comes of.. >   ;«.- •   . .   » „     '
Bill Pekin from ,Duck Lake was in
Elko''--this week; .peddling stove pipe
wire, clothes line hangers.
Time may heal a. broken heart.   7, >
Time is money. '
Exactly '    ' '
But ' we can't exchange our big red
apples and' mealy Rooseville spuds for
it not our catchem all brand of fishing
tackle either,    ' . ' , '  y
Sixty 'villages in Persia were wholly
or partly destroyed by the earthquake
last Januayr, writes the. Associated
Press, and the property loss is estimated at several hundred dollars. Now
wouldn't that put a crimp In a blind
The' Frost Investment Company of
Eureka,' bought the. Mott ranch west
of Elko, and' other land adjoining. An
orchard Is on this place, and the whole
will be subdivided into Ave and ten
acre lots and'put on the market. Fred
Rooof Elko will handle the sates.
A young lady' dressmaker who has
just returned from, New York says the
latest dresses'exhibited there have '500
buttons on them. We intend taking
a day off when our Mrs. gets into one
of ■ them .'-,''
Ed. McKee is taking another rest.
John Mott," capitalist and . financier,
leaves shortly ; for sunny Alberta in
search of health and more weatlh. His
family will  follow  shortly.
Over the Seas Dally Mall states that
King Edward went ' " to see Wilbur
Wright's' aeroplane" perform ' the other
week. ■ His majesty was greatly ln-
tere'tsed. ' Sure thing. We remember
the time when Edward (heavy on-the
Edward) used'to be considerable of a
high; flyer himself.-'
.. We received a mall order from Montreal this week. We had no Idea that
The Ledger' got so far east
Ledger got so far east.
Ing public meetings ln the city hall re
water works and electrlct lighting system!   - \.       ']
There's no fool like an old fool -unless It's a young lady like' the one that
called ln our store the other day and
for three quarters of an hour tried
her gosh darndest to, get a No. 7 foot
In-a-No'.- 3 shoe.      '
There's a big demand in Creston for
Tobacco -Plains produce. ■ We produce
the best and the crowds are coming
this way. Subscribe for the Ledger
and'keep wise. ■"   •■    •'"   '.*'   '*
Fashion notes state that Parisian ladies are wearing trousevs!   'AVe know
a' lot of women that have been wearing
the pants for a long time.
dOIIO   111.   Ulll   prfcHl-Vll,   .JaJtAUlH.-   «,/,   il..H»'.-r.    a.UVIl.-l.a,     hd*i*a.l.U;Ua:VlaU,,     V*liV.V      >•« •*
on "I Will."
Ood hns Riven ut talents that wo
might use thom; ns He Is the glvor,
It In evident Hint ir we abuse them, wo
suffer. Our duty Ih rnther, through
thexo to grow In those ehnraotfrlHtlcH
which Hhnll reflect HI* glory,"
The earnostneM of the preacher Und
a telling eituot on his listeners, Mr.
Mnednnnld '"iti* to Cnftl Creek  In Oc-
hnvlng n turn on his ranch. We wluli
him luck nnd hope he won't forgot lo
look us up when he rnkon In thc dollars
nt the fall.
Mary hnd a little* Inmb ever since wo
first "aw it In tho story hookn nt tin-
Mchools. Tlut this week Mary had a
little letter and not und-jretundlng It
she consulted tho Lodger Kncyclopedln,
Hho learned It wnn n prnpoHitl of Mint'
tulicr lent nnd though hi* »tity hn»!rlnge, nlno thnt All Fools dny happi'im
not been a long one, he hns won his this week, so sho Im* gone hnrk to her
way Into the heart* of sll a-lsine* of.little l«mh, Poor little Inmb! N<>
this community with whom he hns j thank you, wo never tnke sauce,
cotne In,touch. We cannot ilvo the; Mr, und Mrs, Orr and family luu-,
exact day of his departure.     It Is hop.1 returned to Pernio to live.
A grand farewell oonci'i'l. and ilinuv
wns hold nt the Hall on Hnturdny night
v.!.n. i. j,ui.„ ;.,...• „...'„,)*.„, ',...., ...
Homhlod to hid farewell to Mr, Jiui.oh
Derbyshire, Into Hiiporlntouduiit of the
C, N.l'. minus nt Michel, Jim lius^nl*
wny* been vory popular with nil the
workman for his fnlr ilonllngs with nil
under him. |,He lonvo* Mlchol some
time next month to Join his wife who
.» ni iiir-H-ril in i.iuicitshUi', iiTiiOniio.
Mr. A. Young occupied the chnlr, and
nfter passing some fitting romarkH,
tho following progrnin wnn carried out.
Overture, Mlchol nreho*trn.
Hongt Mr, Dickson,
Hong (encore) Down tho Vale: Mr«.
Duct, l-'.icnlhUir; Mihhim. I.'-mlnii and
0, Ht, John.
Snnir   (eneered)    .\ttce,   Wh«n»     Art
Thou,  Mr.  ,T.  Mather,
Hpeoch: Mr, J. Kantian,
Violin st'clctlnn, encored: Mr, A. Almond.
Hung, encored; The Datidvlero;   Sir,
"' '       ■ 4
■ t      ELKO, ROOSVILLE   I
"What a wonderful ago of Invention
It Ih," Raid Mm, Appleby, "I seo thoy
aro now making wlro cloth, and I'vo
Just sent up to Frod Roo'h storo for
somo to put a soat In littlo Johnny h
everyday pants.
JuIIuh Gllllard of Rat Porlrngo, Kenora and Koowntln, Ih vlHtlng sovornl
old college chimin in. Klko thiB wock,
boron, leaving for the north polo, Ilo
gnvo n beautiful llluslrnllon of the
mnld, wife nnd widow In the Elk parlors on Monday night before tho cold
wnter delegate*.
John l-'rost of Kurclt.ii. wnn In Klko
UiIh wook on real cHtnt» IilihIiiohh,
Nothing lh built by hniumeilng nlonn,
hut we nrn building up n I'lno biiHlncfl**
by nttnnillng to our own IuinIhohh nnd
advertising In Ihe District   Li'ilum',
George inghnm, ineehiuilenl I'liglnciT
of l.lphnrdt's wntch Inflrinnry, Kfirnlo,
wns plcldng bnix-uots iilong Hid Milk
Molds p-ntli Houtli of Klko Humlny, nml
his brother Kriuila hnd his pockets flllod for Hosmer, both returning on lh*
evening pnHHi'ligcr.
M. l'lillllppM ol* I'Viililinids drove Into
town on Hnturdny much liitprovid lu
.loo Agnow of lllko left fur Nelson by
thn Itoclc'y IContoun'.' I.uke on Monihiy
on business for tlm now Implement nnd
Htcnirt tlireslitng works In Klko,
Mr*. V. lion left KlUn nn Tuesday's
stage for llnosvllle, the home of Ihe
big red npple, whero the dollars grow
ou the trees and potntoes under Hi"
Quite n party of visitors from For-
< ,   ,,".-i.i.t   ,,,,..  ,U IV   4i, ,a,»w  .*|»' ,11  ,3.il, '
dnv in Klko Inhnllnii; the pure elr of
henvan and gathering wild flowers.
1'nul Glroiix, a noted J'ronrli explorer. I* trapping lynx on Sheep Mountain.
W, C, Leacey, the chief of police, I*
doing the busy little bee set anil hump*
*,,iB •olms«U all over tne oisi.iti,
If a woman U unwilling lo tnke In
washing and scrubbing to support Iho
family she Iim no right to marry n
mnn to reform him.
Harry Otsnds, cnpltsllst snd financier nf Fernie and Hosmer, Is building
a,palatial  residence in Klko.
Tlin hypocrite nml the knocker shnH
he cast down together, Neither do*
Bf-rvi. nn nliMInjf pltK,» on lh* fncn of
the earth nr In FernU* or In Hnsmi r
.\ party nf settler* came In from the
Western Htafi**, mir*? shipped vln rhe
C.  IV U. to Kdmonton.
Miss   May* linn  r*turn**d   from     the
ko fifty copies of the special edition for
free'distribution, which was more than
appreciated,, and after-' reading ' the
glad news about the settlement and' no
strike, . everybody opened up- their
purse strings and-its safe1 to say that
every project ln Elko' will be rushed
to a pink finish, and the basement for
the new thirty thousand Conservative
club house will be started right away.
J. F. Armstrong and Tom Roberts located where the new bridge' Is to 'be
built and it's a foregone, conclusion
that, tho Big Red Apple country :. Is
rapidly coming to the front, and we're
here  because, we're here,
It's an awful thing to be jealous.
Elko Is the gateway to the best agricultural .and fruit land In'south east
Kootenay, climate the best, If you
wish to grow hoalth, wealthy and wise
then come down to Elko,
■ J. Thompson of Wotasklwln Is down
at Roosvllle buying a car load of polo
ponies for Cnlgary players,
Mny God bless ovory reader of tho
District Ledger and may ho Incidentally damt our enemies,
Visitors' from Fernio say that It Is
still as chilly at the lop section of an
tee clioflt.
i.   .,   CARBONADO
For rivo years life in Cnrhonndo has
been somewhat dormant, l.nst'summer
thero wns hut n few pooplo down hore,
not oven enough to convert a lifo of
wearlnoHK Into times or pleasure.
This spring things look brighter,
Young blood hnH boon (lumped In and
wo nro going to try nnd Introduce big
things. Wo have taken our rirst step
hy the formntlon or ii roothnll club,
which nppcnrs to have n good foundation. As things scorn Hoinowhnt unsott-
led nround tho mines we Hhnll bo unable to join the Crows Nent loiigiio with
our neighbors, hut wo ure hoping to
have a fuw friendly games with them,
ho tlmt we may he nblo to show Pnildy
or Fernio thai wo nro nblo to do a III tie
more thnn kick match boxes around,
The old lowiiHlto or Morrlssoy mines
looked liko old Union ngnln on Humlny
nrtornoon, the cause being' Ihe new
ngreemont thnt Iiiih boon brought up
between lho union nnd operators.
The results will he round on lho first
pngo or this panel*,
Now Jimmy, you will hnvl tn rend
more iilioiit spring heeled .lack heron,
you cnu jump,
The next thing you will hnir tell of
Will ho n Cnrhoiuido shooting Huh, We
hnve some fine Mints down here, ,Iiih(
nsk .llmmy nnd Hob.
Jimmy Is turning Into hunt.r now ■
nbout two weeks ngo he shot n coyote
through his bedroom window, but
when he went to fetch It to send to
the tnxIdermlHl, to have li mouiiteil so
thnt. he rould send It to iho old country to hnve his pluck testified to,
he found It was on old ling that 'Mil'..:-
body hnd t'tin swiping conl wllh,
I,nil uii-uflM uI,,/Ul atiuKUIn, ILo »u,m
he Ih irnlni* to huv'li \t\\t\. \ ltltlo more
work for the undertaker, nlso the sumII
urrns factory,
Jimmy wantu to know (f thero Ih
nny elephnnt* In these mountains,
Would you ndvlco him to Inquire nt
New Westminster.
. 0
-...*..  ... ''1   *      ..'.'J   *!-.*"",•''
7  '.   7 the well (known General Merchant-)-.. -
:r.'77.;"  '.'I8-7';- -y£y:.
7    ,     - ' - pleased to make^      ....  .     , ..,'
■ - THE:  "
'i . .- '
announcement that he carries nil kinds of Merchandise
and just received the .*    ■ ■    .*.
stock  of fishing tackle,   the new kind with affininity
adjustment—-hound to bite—can't drop otf.   Some
zealous competitor might call him a
but Fred Roo is happy   .
knowing that he hns a reputation in
for variety.which is worth more to him than untold
Keep your, eye on this   advertisement   and
we'll give you something to write home to
,    your aunty about
3* ,
0 „
Eastertide Luxuries
' Comprising the very best and''
purest in food products that
the grocery fruit aiid confectionery trade can supply, nre
to be had in the utmost profusion. Whether you.have
only a little family feast, or
., an elaborate banquet to cele- ,
brate Easter, it will be greatly to your interest, as well as
■-- convenience,to see our stock
and examine our goods and
prices as both are sure to in-
"terestyou.    There's a reason
why you can always depend
on getting the' best value for ■.
vour money at '•".        ,:;'
Phone 17
Goods Delivered Free
► ♦♦<*>♦♦♦* ♦^♦'
A Good Selection
Ready to Wear Hats  i$3.75
Ohildrens'   Hats   from       .28
Ladies' Sailors from....: 78
Ladies' Dross Hats, a fl no Selection.,,., ,,.. 8.00
Also a pretty Lino trimmed with   flowers
Ohlffon  and   Wines  at  7.00
Spring Goats, liainproofs, Silk Coats, Laco Coats,
Suits, Skirts,.Fancy Drosses, Etc,
A Splendid Selection io choose from
at a reasonable Price
Also a display of Childrons' Wear, the finest stock
ovor shown in Fernio at decidedly low prices
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.
ploc« hy John Cort, under whom- direction MIhh HnharlH Ih niiiicnrlnK.
"•Hah Itohorifl onilro cnroi'i*. In
which un nnhroknn HiirooHHlon of hiic*
('I)hhox lmvo emphiiHlxml hor ulilllly,
has kIvod her no role Ihm ho ndnilnib-
ly HiiltH her (iiinllflrnilnnH nH thnt or
.Innn In Mr. Ohoriner.'H jilny.     Thei_
^tXte&IX&^P m "«■"•" rem
Iiik from hur hiiHhnnil, .lonn fnllH In
love wllh it uri'iit Hiiruo'in, whom ilw.
In 11 phllnntliropli' Hplrlt only, Iiiih iih*
iilHted In rulHltiK money for a nunl'iir*
(mn,     TIiIh Htii'Kton Ih piomlnont In!]
hiulii dlHCiiHim nnd Jnnn'H IiiihIhiihI Iiiih |'
to underno 11 crllk'iil npunitlon.   The
oporation Ih HticeeHHfii) and tliroiiKli 111
cloverly unrnvollod »orlOH of eompUcn*
Ir        T,   «..>.,        <lf*>|..,*<(       ,       ....       ,.,..,     ,t:
Ploronco Ilohci'tH, wIioho poHltlon nt
a dramntic Btnr It firmly fixod, will
appear nt thu Kornlo Oporn Iiouho on
April Htth In a now piny hy Koymour
Obormer «ntltl«*-d Thn Moiuin of Horn!*
HRC In this prodiiciion .MIhh Iiui
Art* will hnvo the highly cnpuhlo nH-
■Utnnro of Thnrlow llorRon, Hnllot
Iloiworth, Hurry Olhhs, Ann Wnrrlnrt*
ton and Mary ..i-manil. A correct
and handsomo mttlnir 1« kIv«h to tu<*
stonk amh fionnts, props
Try us f«r go».t P«rti>kliur*.   I'rtr**
'! iikkIitiH.    AiMrnif Vrtlmt Av«nu*
■.■4.»*.M»irAi.i««. PAGE SIX
^*ss*******r t* -. N    a,     -.',...-. .■*; ;-., .     ■•-    *-,-a
(Continued from page three)
No.  7 Mine
Mining rate, 60 cents per gross ton.
,    YARDAGE: Levels and Parallels 101-2 feet
-  wlde,"*|2:40-per-lineal -yard-.- Levels and. Parallels 131-2 feet wide, $2.00 per lineal yard.
Room Cross-Cut8, no tracks, 50 cents per lineal
     No". 8 Mine    """
,.:;   Mining rate, 55 cents per gross, ton.   ...
7    YARDAGE: Levels arid Parallels, $1.00"per
lineal'yard.   Cross-cuts between levels, fl.00
. per lineal yard.  Room Cross-cuts, no tracks,
;50 cents per*-lineal yard;' :wIt'is agreed; that
'•' the .thickness of coal to be taken out'in rooms
and. pillars i shall be twelve'feet. ;'■
The Crow's Nest Pass. Coal Company, L< **•■.-
-'MteiJ, will pay the following rates for mining and
> yardage to the underground employees of the
'.'Carbonado Colliery:
Nos. 7 and 8 Mines
(    1,   MAIN LEVEL:'(Size in coal-14.ft. top;
- 16 ft. bottom, 9 ft. high.)—One!set of 15 inch
- timber, four feet centres, J13.00 per lineal
,-ynr*K   •■•.•*■.'
•-.coal 10 ft. top; 13 ft. bottom;.9 ft. high) One
•'■set'of timber, collar 12 In..'Jdiameter,'-,, three
'.'feet centres. Coal to be delivered in chutes
' nottover 200'feet from face. $10.00 per lineal
/ yard. " ■    , -
'-Up'the pitch; .Size in coal 5 ft.^w-ida. by 6 ft'
I hig|i, to be timbered with post and jcap.'every
if five feet, and a temporary chute aV bottom.
■;$3,;25 per lineal yard.        -    '
V -ft CHUTES. Size in coal 6 ft., 6,-in. top;
j;il ft. bottom; 8 ft. high; one set ot'timber ev-
'■■erjrVyard, five planks on each side' and two
wplanks on top alongside each post; $9.00 per
'.lineal yard. - ...
{■sin coal 8 ft. 6 in.' top; 13 ft."'bottom;"8 ft.
'X high) One set of timber every yard and centre
-.'post where required; two planks in,.centre and
.i'.one'.bn side of'timber; one permanent stairway,
,$9.50 per lineal yard/'- •■"■*-'V3<- •"■ »'<• '■"*'• '
■"■* 6f CROSS CUTS: between-.'raises-across''.the
iy.pitch. (Size in coal 6ft. top;,.. 10,ft,, bottom;,.?
S',ft. high) to be driven from each side, fifty feet'
'••centres through forty feet pillar. One set of
'■.•.timber -every..-yard,*-. Including-.bridge**., sticks,-
$5.B0 per lineal yard. '
.... -■ 7,-ROOMS:- (Size-in coal 10 ft.-6 in.- top; 13
'.*ft-,' 6:,in.*vbottom;.-9,-ft-..-high).-not,over,.-,twp
•■ hundred feet. deep. Set of timbers every
I yard. Tracklaying and delivering coal to
'"•.hutes,r-$8.00 :per lineal yard. '.'
-'" 8.' 'CROSSCUTS: -betweeii rooms, ;'up the
.i.pllch —Size ln coal 5 ft. wide.by 6 tt, high,-
- to be timbered where requred, $3.25 per" lineal
i'yai'd. •' . • . ..' .*. /' . ..'7;
r-.   9... Except where .otherwise specified herein;'
- all sets of timber are to be framed by the' mlri-
i'er with "Welch. Notch.' ' Timber required .for,
5 chutes shall be framed by the Company'.' 7'
,        SCHEDULE "G"
y.   The Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company, Limit-
Jed, will charge the men the following'rates for
v-'House rent,  Sanitation, Water,    Light,. Coal,
faml Supplies sold,through its warehouse.' The
c6al8hall.,,bej4weigh«-4tion a'proper, scale,-, re-
ijularly inspected and approved by the Inspector of Weights and Measures, The prices
named for coal shall include its delivery to
employees' houses-at-Carbonado,- Coal Creek,
Old and New Town at Michel, and within one
mile of the C. P. R. depot at Fernie:
   ...Coal Creek '., 7:   .
1  Two room Hotise" -.':*..'...; $ «.00
26 Two-room Houses  ...   ...   -5.00
19 Three Room Houses (single)      8.00
9 Three room Houses (double)       6.00
1 Three room House, (double) (Barber
. shop)   ......   ...   :.    9.00
12 Three room houses (Slav Town)
(double)   r. •:...*.....'    6.00
8   Four room   Houses "(Slav    Town)
(double)  ...' ... v.. ',    ,7.00
74 Four room Houses (double    8.00
1 Four room House* ..">...•'  10.00
2 Five room Houses'...". 10.00
2 Five room Houses:(with bath)  ...... 11.50
3 Five room Houses,, (with bath)     10.00
1 Five room House '(with bath and fire
place)   ...   .' .":,  .;..  12.50
1 Six room house (wltli; bath)     10.00
1 Six room house (with? bath and fire '
place) .'i... ;V 12.00
1 Six room house (Doctor) ■ (with bath
•  arid fire, place)  ...   7*.   -i '- 22.50
1 Eight room house (with bath and fire
place)   ...   .,..   ..*.   ..*;.   .'..'".'.  11.00
2 Fourteen room houses,     (Boarding,
House)    •*..   .; '.- 28.00
2  Twenty    room    houses    (Boarding
House) j*.   ... '.  35.00
Sanitation per month for each' house...   1.00
Water per month fo"rt each house  '1.00
Water for bath per'month"   for each
house  (extra)   ...;;..,"• .;.   7.'      1.00
Electric Light;  per vmohth ' for    each
house (per light) ,...*.*      - 50
Coal, per ton   ...   .;'.   ,\ 7 2.50
Shacks; ground.rehtl.per'jinonth ...  ...;   1.00
Fertile     .,-,.
Coal,.per ton -.*    .!'■;    $2.75
Shacks, ground rent per month     1.00
Shacks, using: Compan>7*water  (extra
per month)     '1;     1.50
Michel, •
2 One room houses (shacks)'  ? 2.00
20 One room-houses ..-.- '...' '   2.50
3;;One;room;houses.■■;-.'...-,.■• ..." 3.00
1 two room house   ...  .*     4.00
53 two room houses  ...*.,..;.'.....'.....''5.00
2 two room houses ...».*.-...''."..'. '   6.00
ll4. fouF- 'room.-houses  (double)    '..   8.00
1 ■'flve.'.room house* (cottage with bath)..' 10.00
;3'i*flye room .houses  (cottages)    .' 10.00
2-six, room -houses (with, bath)   , 10.00
■lysix .room'.,Bouse  (without bath)   .... 10.00
1,'eight" room house (without bath)   ... 10.00
1 nine room house..(with bath)    15.00
l'-ten room house (with bath)  '.' 19.00
1. Log bunkh'ouse ■  iV :. .7.. 13.00
Doctor's house and hospital  50.00
1, ten' room, house, f (boarding . house) ... 17.00
1 ten room house .(boarding house   20.00
1 sixteen room house (boarding house) .. 45.00
t        '.$• ^ f-:      .-' ,-45
2 eighteen room houseB\(boardii^ house) 47.. tf6
Shacks, ground rent per. month   50
Shacks, using .Company, *s!?ater,. (extra       ...
per month *.'.' 7 .'7.'' -... -*".;-. v.*.- ■*; ■,>■"',, *    .50
Sanitation per month for-each-house-. .— -1:00
Water per month for, each, house     1.00
Water for bath''for each' house'*eitra .. l.'OO*
Electric lights, per month for. each house .50
Coai;'"per" ton' 7. ."."TT....'.".".'."i,"." 2.50
2 eight room Cottages .  10.00
10 four room Cottages * -. 7..    10.00
100 four room Cottages (double)   , 8.0u
Sanitation per month for each .house     1.00
Water per month for each house   1.00
Water for bath for each' house ,■."(extra).. 1.00
Coal, per ton    ... -...*'; " 2.50
Supplies Sold Through Company's Warehouse
at all Collieries: '   "*_ ,'
A Augers, Breast complete t.  ....$ 2.50 each
Augers,,Handles or Cranks for Breast
,-•> Shovels, Clay, Round pointswltKis
handles ■ ''.....'   1.25
,„ Shovels, Clay, Square Point with ,
'' handles" .::  .'.".  ."'..,'.:'..    1.25
-; Safety-Lamp Glasses.-. ;••*.-.-.-.-..-•"-; 20
„- Saws, 3-/-J* ft. one man cross-cut,
•**■  ,fcomplete with handle     3.25
...Saws, 4 tt. two man cross-out,.
"~ compete 'wiftf handle" .... .'.".7 ""'3.50
Saws, 4% ft. two man cross-cut,
.   . complete'- with handle 7.: ."*. .*.*,* 4V00"
.Saws, 5* ft. two man cross-cut,
.;,:■ complete with handle *"■..'.::.'.-..   4.50
.  Saws, 6 ft.  two man cross-cut,
complete'wlth handles'1 .<.V<-.V.1.'-'.. 5T00
.;.-.■.-'..■;?''   *4,j*i * jjaT'-t' *>«;;j«.-ki '- '
'Nowf;, doling business at the Johnson-
Faulkner Block.7 Office hours 9-12.30
■foO-tf      ff' ;«       '})■
B. C.
Axes, S. B. (without-handles) ..
Axes D, B. (without handles) ..
•C Checks, Brass .Tally	
Caps, Detonator, per box	
Cans Dynamite ..'.■	
Cans. Powder, Monobel ..". .■..■■,..
D Dynamite, 40 per cent.   	
Drills, Cyclone ,Coal •   ...'......
Drills, Hardsocg "Q" Rock 	
F Fuse.Gutte' Percha  	
Fuse, 4 ft', and 6 ft. "Electric".
'Files, 6 In.' flat, •	
, Files, S,in. flat	
' Files, 10 In, flat .,	
, Files, 4 In. Taper Saw ...,	
I Files, 6 in., Taper.Saw	
Files; *3* In, Taper Saw	
H Hammers, 4 lb. Striking (without
handle). ..,'  -
Hammers,'- 8 lb. striking (without
handle) .'.  ...' 	
• Hammers, Carpenter, Claw, with
, handle   ,	
Hammers, Machinist, with handle
. Hatchets', .half or Brattice 	
.' Handles, Coal Picks ,.   ...
' Handles, Coal Pick Hardy.- (wlth-
, out ferrules or sockets).	
Handles, Coal Pick Hardy, complete with ferrules and sock-.
,. ets attached, ..'.	
Handles, Clay Pick ... '	
,  Handles, Sledge 36 in	
• Handles, S. B. Axe ..'. ... .;.:...
.Handles, D.. B.  Axe   ...	
.Handles, Machinist Hammer'-...
-   Handles, Hatchet ..-.  .'..'...'....
Handles, "D" ... '.*.. '	
LLamps, Edison Electric, 16 C.P.
P Powder, Monobel    ;	
■   Picks, Coal.    Reg.  ' Long    Ear
. (without handle)   ... > '.-...
Picks, Hardy Patent, 2%   	
. Picks, Hardy Patent, Ferrules ..
Picks, Hardy Patent Sockets	
Picks, Clay, .without handles ...
S Shovels, Coal, with .handle   .,.. ..
1.50 '
.05' •
1.00 ■
. .08..
.  .35
" .35.,
.50  ,
',-50 "
■ -.20
. V60.
..  .80,
Saws, Hand ...
W Wedges,. Coal 3.lb,,...,'	
" Wedges', Coal. 4.1b.  .,.'....,.''.
; .Wrenches,'Monkey 6 In. .....
' Wrenches.'Monkey, 8 ln	
Wrenches, Monkey; 10 in. ".'■.*■.
Wrenches; Monkey,'12 in.';'.'.
'  Wrenches;'Monkey 15 iri.  ....
Wrenches, Monkey 18 In.   ...
The schedule rates under this agreement are
tb be the, minimum'rates .paid, but nothing In •
this agreement shall be construed.to prevent
the Company, from paying higher rates should
it,so' desire. _•,,      ._'_*,      ,,,     ,_,,' ',' ','.
It is also understood that where higher, rates
have, prevailed no reduction shall take place.-
To be binding upon the Company any change .
in any of the,terms of this,agreement must be '
made Ih writing, signed on behalf of the Company1 by the General Manager or. General Superintendent,'.'and a copy of the same furnished ,
promptly to District    No, , 18, United.. Mine.
Workers-of America, and also to the Secretary'
of the"-local Union,   affected., by,any ...such ;
change;   ' ,   ,.   ,'7     ,. • .,, ,  7, ■■ ,.    , .    .,'/.
No. Mine, Manager, Overman, , Fire Boss or
other Foreman shall.be authorized to.vary this
agreement,'in any manner.. •      . --.-,. .* .*•  •,•,.
The' parties .hereto agree" to .mee't in. conference thirty days prior toj the expiration, of this'7
agreementrto'discuss the renewal .'/thereof.
*IN,WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto,
have'hereunto set the,hands of their proper, off-,
leers,.this thirtieth day of March,.A.D., 1909. .,-.
      .   ,;    ,'        ". .     "    . -   7-LIMITED'
J. D. HURD, General Manager. ,'\
. CHAS.0SIMISTER.   , ...   "'.
General. Superintendent,.,
,> DISTRICT'NO.  18 •*■*
F.  H.  SHERMAN, President    .
JOHN R, GALVIN; Vice-President
, . A.  J.  CARTER, Sec-Treasurer.
WITNESSES-      ■ ■ ' ■•■:.'■
''    A.. Klauer ■■■■     •■ "'• '   - ■ 1- "■
J. S. Irvine "'.,','      ■
Office Henderson-Block; Pertiie B.Cr
Hours 9 to 1; 2-to*-5;.6 to 8.* .
Residence 21' Victoria Ave.
-..-<*. ■"*. '■ •*' -l   "a f1"'"^
W. R. Ross K.C.     J.8.T. Alexander;
.t* t.
,'j i -*•!.{. -. ■■'. >■ - •'• * *•**/>■*«■)* y ■■<■
Barristers and Solicitors.
Fernie, B. C.
. 1 I ,'• ,:   ■•• '
A. McDougall, Mgr.
.;■ '.{    --V-V *-.**> i   -?'*.-■■   -V* 7
Manufacturers of and Deal-
F. C. Lawe    • .Alex. l..;Flaher
7.    LAWE & FISHER   ;
"',  _        ; "ATTORNEYS, '..,'' ; . ,
■   < -   ■' ■    Fernle,"B. C.■' ', ''* * '"■"
W. A. CONN ELL    .
Pioneer Builder and Contractor of
..,.*-. ,•■ ■■   -"'■'■'Fernie'•;.;''c ,'7 ,'7.'".
fin in.^11 ^n^qpou^li
and Dressed Lumber
Send us youp orders
. ;.-,   ,  1   i- •.,
Dealer -.
We did.   We are firing away nt the
'.,.... ,old business.   a-.-.   •-•'.
All kinds of rough niid dressed hiinber       -il
Victoria. Ave.
North Fernie
E. A. Kunmier
' L.'6# Kuniiiii3r
Builders and Contractors
For Dishonest. Jeweler who   Exchanged Diamond Left in his-;
■■   t. .Charge.. .  - <■
Regarding Incidents Having to
"  Do With tha Recent
7, Shack Tragedy   ,
,   „ MJddlesboi'o, B..C; March 24
Editor,Ledger:-\ ': ;'';„'    •.•
In your .paper :,of the 20th arriving
at Middlesboro to-day, I see that the
fli'Bt piece In your paper is about two
mon found In a shack. „ I may be able
to give you a little Information as to
, who the friend is, and how It was they
did not flii'd'hlm I, myself, am the
friend that Mr Herbert Moodio speaks
of, I may say that I first got to know
Mr. II, Moody last autumn* whon I
wont homo in 111 health, as I,went and
boarded wltli lilm, I may say that
It was fully under their own Influence
tliut those two poor follows cnmo out,
aH lie wrote mo somewhere In the early part of January and I told him that
tilings woro worso than I had ovor
Been .them, and I jiavo, not hoafd, froin
lilm Bince.  '       ,    '"'' '        '
: I novor personally know the man
Foil, but ho wns'h. minor, but Mr,
II, Moody waH a goods guard on tho
Q, C. H. I honrd from my wlfo, who
Ih ia prosont In tho old country, that
Mr. Moody nnd 11 minor of tlio nnmo
of Poll was Hotting will on tho 10th
of Pobnmry, thoir dostlnntIon bolng
,'riilfi Is nil I know of tho mon, YourR
truly, ■ A. J. LIMA.
 ; , ■»	
Oroat Irish Nationalist Ceases to
Represent Cork in tho British
t'OKK March !l« —A huiiuiuIoii wiih
ciiml-td hui'i.i lo-iilKht by llm app- .tl'-
•.uifu of 11 letter from Willinm O'/lrbm
liliiioiincliiK IiIh '•''Hluiiniliiii iih Nulloil-
iiIIki mi'iiibi'i' of imrlliuiii'iit I'or f'oilc,
and IiIh comploto r<*Mn*tn.*ut from pull*
SAN DIEGO, March 30—Louis Pole,
one of the leading jewelers "and1'pawn
brokers of this city, was sentenced to
serve, three, years in jail on a charge
of larceny. ■'
■ Polo-was convicted after.lt was
plainly shown, that he had substituted
a diamond valued at $190 less than the
one'ln aring which had been left with
him as surety for a loan.
His Timely Action prevented any
Panic in Fire in,Apartment "House
NE*-,y. YORK March . 30— Through
tho. alertness ,of an elevator boy 2-t
families ln the fashionable Robiirl
apartments In west One Hundred and
Seventh street escaped" early to-day,
whon'flrei which hart-started on tlu-
fourtli floor flllod tho .building with
Tlio tenants woro asleep whon tlio
flro was.discovered, Mrs. Leopold
Ilorzellder, who' lives on the fourth
floor with hor husband and Infant,
daughtor, wns awnkened by smoko and
found tho kltchon In flames, Sho mn
to tho* window and raised tho nlnnn.
Tho elevator boy, Willinm Snndorport
wont to tho switch boards on tho first
floor nnd rang tho telephones In the
npni'lmontR tolling lho occupnntH to
hurry to tho hnlls nnd down by tho ol*
ovntor. Thon he nm tho elevator
up and down until ovory one lind boon
tniton out. in Hnfoly. Mnny tonnnts
ronohod tho street scnntlly clnd nnd
most of thom Rought Hl.u.tor In n nearby npnrtmont Iiouho.
Tlio flro wiih confl.iu'1 to tbo fourth
Archdeacon's Daughter.   Married
.    to the Man. of her  Own
■   %      Choice   .-..     ...   .*
SEATTLE, March 30—Miss .Gladys
Emery, of. Corte Madere, Cal.-, has at
last, realized.her heart's desire. At
ll.-lo this morning she became the
bride of Gunjlro Aokl, who claims to
be a Japanese of high rank.<and. a former journalist, but .whose recent'avocation is reported to have been that
of a dishwasher In the Emery household. ...
The ceremony was performed by the
Rev. H. H, Gowen, rector of Trinity
parish church, the only witness present being the bride's parents, Archdeacon Emery and his wife,'a countryman of Aokl, and A..Patterson, secretary to tho rector.
How the Cash Came Through for
the Recent Fight for Al-'."
berta House
Tho mnnnVcmont of tho ojicru Iiouho
Hhould InslKt on IimIIoh removing
ilu'li' liwidgonr. It, Ih vory nniioylng
to try to Hit bohlnd ono of Uiuho now
morry wldowi* nnd hoo tho show.
Victor KohU, who buhnvoil ho In*
Hiinoly on tlio HtrootH on Hundny wiih
niTfiHlcd and ikIJikIkoiI (iiHfini-. Ho will
bu liiki'ii to NcIhoh. TIiIh mint wiih
ono nf, iln,' unfortunnti'H In tho big
bump litHl. July nml It in HUppoHud IiIh
r-'iiHnn wnn Impnlrod,
Bellevue, Mnrch 20
Tho following Is a statement of donations for C, M. O'Drlen in' the recent election,'    *. •■-
Yonrs etc.,
Com. Stisnni'  ., ,.i>,..| 10.00
Com. Gout hro, Hillcrest,' Altn.. 2.00
Com.    Goodhugb,     Blnlrmore,
•     Altn      2.00
Com,   Mncklo, Bellevuo, Altn.     1.00
Com, Orr, Blalrmoro      2.00
Prnnk Gosslor, LIllc, Alta      1.00
IllllcroBt U. M, W, of A 1.C0,00
lllllcroHt Soelnllst Iocnl       25.00
Colomnn U, M. W. of A    73.00
L.ThoobnJd, Illalrmoro ,. ,',,,     3.00
P. Clinmii-.il. nnllPVito        1.00
Uollovuo SoolnllHt Iocnl     25.00
Ilollovuo SoclnllHf. dnnco' ,,..   23.00
Com. Lovltt, Hulluvuu       1.00
Mlchol U, M.  W. of A     25.00
.■■I'lond nl Lillo      5.00
Com. II. Smith, Colomnn    00.00
Com. Mntt. Pni'gH, Cnnmoro ,   1!l.2"i
Com. Mntt, PorkH     ,10.00
Com. (1. W. Wrlgloy, Toronto
Ont ,      1.00
Coin. Arthur Llndloy, CroHton,
II. C ,      1.00
Com. Jack llnri-lttnn, Cnlgnry. 1.00
Com.' H, Smith, Colomnn .... IB.00
Coin. .InmoB LnneiiHtor, Pernio
B. C         1.00
Of the news plays of. the year none
has engendered more-discussion and
won* more cordial- approval than "The
House of Bondage" in which Florence
Roberts and a remarkably strong sup-
Opera house on' April 19th r The House
of Bondage Is by Seymour Obermer, an
Englishman, who seems to have fairly
won both as a dramatic.literateur and
craftsman, exceptional honors through
this work. Working out plausibly and
with originality a theme of a daring
nature, Mr. Obermer has been equally
praised for his dialogue, and his construction. Tlie House of Bondage
seems to have a foundation of solid logic, lucidly expanded. Miss Roberts
in the central role of the Obermer play
eclipses, according to reliable report,
all of'her previous artistic efforts.
When this is said of Miss Roberts it Is
the acme of praise, for no woman
star, either of.native or foreign birth,
has toured this country with a moro
brilliant series of achievements recorded to her credit. - A truly great
actress, she is ever generous in opportunities to her' supporting cast. With
such players ns Arthur Forrest, Thur-
low Bergen, Ann Warrington.nnd others, n delightful presentation of The
Houso of Bondago,. becomes an absolute assurance,'
Secretaries of Local Unions
29: James Fisher
• ■ 431. -Fred Chap-
; . COLEMAN,-No.
2633:. William Gra-
CARBONADO, No. 2688:
■witt. •* •,    ' .'
James He-
boarding house
Hosmer, B.C..
Board aiid, Room, $20.00, per. month
ALL . WHITE ' HELP"'" ■ " !
Kstima.tes FurulShe-af
Mrs. Desleaures,  Prop.
23S7:   G.  H.    Gib*
2587: George
EDMONTON CITY, No. 2540: J...H.
Crowe.-  '
FERNIE, No. 2314: Thos. Biggs.
1263:' Walter    Wrlg*
ley. •
No.1 2497:   J.  D.    Both-
HILLCREST, No. 1085: Harry Cooper.
No.    D74:   Charles
,  Chamberlain8~Has„the Preference.
Mr| Fred C, Hnvah'nn, n prominent,
druggist of'Portsmouth, Vn, snys: For
tho pnst bIx yonrs I hnve sold nnd ro-
commended Chnmborlnlns Colic, Cholera nnd Dlnrrhoon Remedy, It Is a
groat remody nnd ono of tbo best patent medicines on lho mnrkot. I hnn'dlo
some others for tho snmo purpose that
pny mo n lnrgor profit, but this remedy Ib so j-ttiro to effect a cure'nnd my
customer so corlnln to npprcclnto my
rocommonding It to him. thnt T glvo It
tho proforeneo." For snlo by nil drug*
■- 1  '  m*        	
Thn moving pictures woro a mnrvel
this week, Bon llm* wns shown nnd
othor films oqunlly na good. Stand*
Ing room wns tho nvorngo for first
LILLE, No, 1233: J, T, Griffith,
ra-acleod, Alta.*
The Two Charlies
Charlie Chamberlain
., Charlie Beattle
Team Work and Drayiiig
Dealers in Wagons,   Sleighs,, Dump
(Darts, Spring Rigs and'Hnrness
0. N. ROSS, Manager
Drop in and seo ns
Smith. '
J. D.
2334 :■ Charlos    Gnr-
HT    JLaaV(MUI]uaJiAc£ a v yy %-ftv*
is the most efficient and
perfect of leavening agents*
No alum, lime or ammonia.
Suspicious Garft; of Nineteen Aro
Arrested—Bollovo Thoy
Aro Bad Ones
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Aro you contemplating n trip to
Thu Orient
New Zealand
A ni yon contumplntini; a trip to
Or nnv Pnclfln Count Point?
Or Ih It. R trip to
St. Paul
Now York
KAIHMOUNT, W.  Vn.  Mnri-h SO-■
U'lutt l.q licllfvi'i! tn In* an hniinrfiiit
rnld ficfltirrcil    horn    to*nlKht.    wln-nl
rotmiy nml Kovonitncnt officers loo,, j
idiri <.i,«tni1v 1ft ItnllniiH nil nt wlmni 1
nro hi'll'-vf... to hi* membera of     ili<\
ililnrk Ilniid aacUAy which Iihh fi-rrldifil j
thr-* fornlKn minor** in tli" Kilnnonnt 1 q. nny Kumpenn point thought of.
conl flftl'lH for n lonK tlmo niiHt.     Inj
I Uio houno where tho men w>.m*- nTi-"**-! "Tlio lino ia oqulppod with unexcnll*
!<•«! w-pro fotm.l n plcturu of tjoiit. P»t--0,i **jrtl clnKS clonchoa, .nmlm nnd
1'oeltin who w«» munlorcil in ltnly ti"|atam!nM aJoopora, and dlnlns cars,
.Itlflfk Handera, nnd other .irUd'n r--, coupled with onfoty, »poi*rt nnd rom*
'fprrlnK to hia denth. Around tli"1 fort
' picture woro vnr.ont* cunuu-iutu In ud
I pencil auch n flnn. good, ttc. .    For folded nnd cornpluto lnformnt*
' I   Tho nrreata were rattle, na tho romilt *. Ion npply to R, Hendlng, ARftnt, Fer*
!of mnrknd bllla b«?in»x   found on il-**, nio.
i mnn who aro nHened to havo attempt* • J* E* Prcclor,
'w! *to «-ihort monr*y /rom a local tnilt'i DIatrIc; Prt^ciijjc.* Ak«
\Aeaier. t C*lg;arr. Alta.
MAPLE LEAF, No. 2829: H., Dlnko.
—Chnrlos Brooks, socrotnrj'.
President W. G. Wnvd, W. IT. Drown
METFORD, No. 2608: John Currnn.
Dnpon, Dox -100, LothhrldBO,
ROCHE PERCEE (Sask) No. 2072:
Lnchlnn, McQuarrlo.
TABER, No. 102: Joflltun Crnl***.
TABER, No. 1050: Wm, White,
TAYLORTON, (8oik.) No, 2048: —
Lnchlnn McQuarrlo.
TAYLORTON, (8aak.) No. ,2610:—
Job. TwlHt,
Wholesale Liquor Dealer-
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gents' Furnishings
Stoves!     Stoves!
We have the cheapest and
best line of Ranges, Kitchen
Stoves and Heaters.
b.c. furniture:
New and Second-Hand Goods
TA8KER, N, D„ No.
28011:— J. R
2200: Willinm
—*m*mm—****——t .■
Furniture Moving a Specialty
^^^f—fffmmff—mi^. || 1 111,111 ■ hmm^m.
U<a\o Owli't'H with W, Ki'ity
. 1
Painter and Decorator
(.Iv** inn n (.'hniii'o on vmir work
In ho mntt or of nn nppllcntton for
tlio Ihhuo ot a (lii|t!lento coitl/lcntc* of
titlo for Uio Hast bait ot lot 10, block
.10, Town of Fornio (Mnp 7.U.)
Notlno In horoby glvon thnt It In my
OtaVI.Ua,.,    .aa   ..'-....la    aU   ^....    l^ Ja^.fcaf.\k'O.a   k..
ono month nftcr Ihe drat pnblkntlqp
lioreof n diipllcnto of tho cortlflcnto
of Titlo to tho nbovo -mentioned lnnd
In tho nnnnj of Ann OI«kh, which cor*
tlilrnto Ih dntoil tho 2lHt dny of Mny
1000 nnd numbered EOiiO A.
11. n. .ioravd
District JloRlfitrnr
iittnA yteelntry tlttlec
Neltson IJ. C,
Fobrunry 11, 1001).
— *	
Hpronfter tho T^dnor office will be
closed nt 12 o'clock on Bnturilaya and
ai 5.30 etch day during tho week.
In tlio mutt or of nn application for
tho Imhuo of n diipllcnto corllficnto of
'iWitj  Jllf   lJUJ   SSUttV   invU' Ui   Wv   is/,   a/1'a.a.j.
30, Town of Fornio (Mnp 7.14.)
Notico Is horoby glvon tlmt it in my
Intention to Ihdiio nt tlio expiration of
ono month nftor tho flt-nt publication
hereof a duplicato of tho cortlflcnto
of Titlo to tho nbovo menllonod land
in tho nnmo of Ann UIkbu, which cor*
tlflc.it0 Ih datod tho 12th day of July
1007, and numbered Vl'lU A.
. District Reclatrar
Land neglatry Offlco
Nelaon ». C,
Ftbmayy 11, 10M.
.Thadb Marnb
1     DltlONB
fnrwitinn |«
tone itBdlng »iktteh widJItieripUon m»»
 r-iiif*f CTfowHloni mt JRMii-ir ih
<>nM'tntXrf^lfflmi!Qix PuMiltii
Mt Mfnicr.fif «ew>Ui"rpatoriti,
Scicminc jHfmcrican.
K4BUIBoJo4rt.il   Ytrni fat>
.M/,po*u«t(if«Mi(i, eoid rnr
~ Remington Typewriter Co., Ltd.
3-14 Fender St Vancouver, B. C.
.7.77; OF-r
A Savings Account
will help you to save.
.■_   'l. - >  . •'   _  i -a.    .  \.,; 4 1.1   '; ■• ... •'   - ..
Interest credited
oh deposits of $1.00
and upwards. ......
Fop Safe
Prompt Delivery
W.R. Boardman P.O. Box 62
E.  Weston
Is prepared to give
estimates forallclass-
es of building work.
Repairs a specialty.
Give me a trial.
P. O. Box 18,, Fertile
For Sale
100 tons of good
Baled Hay
1111   P   P>«T«|roi>i   fi-vlft"  AH-
...   —.    H**\\*\,*t    Vta-j iC j , iiltiv*.
Ferine Dairy j
<lolivcrcd to nil
parts of the town      * >
|    CORBIE BROS., Props,    t
Sir Gonille Cave-Brown-Cave, of
Stretton Hall, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Lei
cestershiro, who is better known in
Canada as "the Cowboy Baronet," has
had a wido experience of the value of
Zara-Buk, Writing to a friend recently, and speaking of this gront balm, he
'I fool lt is only niy duly to let you
know what great benefit I have derived by ■ keeping Zam-Buk handy, and
having it in constant uso. For sprains
and bruises which I havo incurred in
my horsemanship, and In. my cowboy
life generally, I havo found lt a reliable and spoedy hoalor. ,*• Somo of tho
best rldors ln tho west that I know
uso Zam-Buk, rogulnrly with tho groat*
ost benefit. I may mention that on
ono occasion, my horse, "Bob," came
down with mo, rolling ovor my HmbB
and tearing plocos of skin off of my
arms, By uso of Zam-Buk Immediate*
ly tho wounds and bruises woro cloan*
ly nnd quickly healed nnd tlio raw
pnrts wero covered with now, hoalthy
"YWion on tho Moxlcnn plains I have
used Znm-Buk for poisonous Insoct
"Zam-Buk has yielded mo far more
romnrkablo results and'gonorally proved moro rollahlo thnn anything could
havo done In the way of moro olnt*
monts or embrocations, and I think It
unequalled for slcln Injuries and dl»*
No clonror ovldcnco than tho above
from this woll known Bnronot could be
hooded to provo tho unique merit of
Ziim-Iluk, and to show tho wisdom of
always keeping hiiudy a box of tills
wonderful halm.
Zam-Buk Is Natui'o'H own honllng
bnlni, being composed of pure herbal
osfloncoR. It la a sure euro for oczo-
mn, ringworm, ulcers, cuts, burns, poisonous Roros, chronic wounds, hnd log
fostering sorci, and all skin Injuries
and diseases, Druggist*** and stoiCR
ovory whoro sell at COc. a box or post
froo for prlco from Zara»l)ult,, Toron*
to; 3 boxes for $1.26. You are warned
against harmful Imitations, somotlmcH
i«.jJ. bfebliUU   IU  hu  Jul)I  UU   fcl/CJU.
Bocrot of Woman's Btranfffl Death
May Never be Mado
WASHINGTON, D. C. March 30—In
tlio folds of her shroud the material
avlAencn ot the death tccre.t. of Mr*.
Plorro Lorillnrd Jr., Is sealed. Tho
funornl party loft tho Lorllbird renbb
onco on HIMyer place yesterday •Afternoon for New York tho old horao of tho
Tho husband, one of the famous
Lorillardi of tho tobacco business,
and a r-TOtnlnc-nt clubman and spoilt*
man, and hi* enn Pierre, hy their own
preference, were tho only mourntra
Author of Thc Prisoner of Zenda
 „., .000000000000000000000,,,,. ,,.
Cop9rrigbt.*i905.Aiithohy Hope Hawkins
laughed low—"I believe I know',who"'U
Is—1" think I've seen him somewhere."
. "Have you?"*  Sophy's question was
, "Yes, I, knowl When we were nt
York! He was one of thebfflcersthere.
He was in a box. Sophy, it's the Earl
of Dunstanbury!"
Sophy did cnot speak. She looked,
The young > man—he could be hardly
more than twenty-^came on. Sophy
suddenly hid behind her friend ("To
save my pride, not her own," generous
Julia explains; Sophy herself advances
no such excuse), but she could see. Sb*.
saw the rider's eye rest,on Julia. Did
It rest In recognition? It almost seemed
bo, yetthere was doubt Julia blushed,
but she forebore from smiling or from
seeking to rouse his memory.- Yet sbe
. was proud if he remembered ber face
from across the, footlights. „The young
man, too, being but a1 young man,
blushed a little.as he gave the pretty
girl by the gate such a glance-as discreetly told tier that he was of tho
name mind as herself about her looks.
These silent interchanges of opinion on
Bach matters are pleasant diveraiohs as ■
one plods the highway.
, He was gone. Julia sighed in satisfied , vanity. Sophy awoke to stern re
alltles. . „,,    ;, .„,   "
"Gracious," sho cried,"he must have
come to lunch! They'll-want a salad!
You'll be here tomorrows-do!"'And she
Was off up the drive and around to
her own regions at the back of tho
house. '*',," *,
l,."I believe his lordship did* remember,
my face," thought Julia as she* wandered bnck to Woodbine cottage.7 yy
.But   Sophy' washed  lettuce  in   her
scullery, which, save for its base purposes, was a pleasant,-airy apartment,
looking out on a path that ran between
ye\v hedges and led around from the
:lawn to the offices of the house.   Diligently  she washed,  as  Mrs.  Smilker
had taught her. whether, rightly or not
is nothing to the purpose here, but how
mniiy1 tnlles away„:was her^ind?., So
far away from lettuces that it'seerncd-
in no way strange to look up and see
Lord Dunstanbury and his dog on the
path outside the .window at which she
bad   been  performing her task.    He
began hastily:      ° .    ""•','
: "On. 1 say. I've been seeing my, mare
get her feed, and—er—do yon tninJtyou-.
could be so good as to.tind a bone,and'
"Lorenzo?" she. said.'
"My dog. you Know."   He pointed to*
the; handsome beast, which wagged an
expectant tall. .■,; .       ,1,-.
^"Why do you call him that?"
• Dunstanbury smiled.   "Because he's
magnificent    I   dare say  you never
heard of Lorenzo the, Magnificent?"
-"No.   Who was he?"
-."A duke-Duke of Florence, In Italy."
He had begun to watch her face and
seemed not impatient for tho bono.
"Florence? Italy?"  The lettuco dropped from her bauds.   Sho wiped her
hands slowly on her apron.
- "Do you think you could get mo one?"
"Yes; I'll get it"
Sho went to tho back of tho room and
cboso a bone.'
"Will this do?" sho asked, holding lt
out through tho window,
* "Too much meat.!' •
"Oh!" Sho went and got anothor.
"This ono all right?"
"Capital!   Do you mind if I stay nnd
eeo blm cat lt?"
"Horo, Lorenzo! And thank tho
Loronsco directed throo sharp barks nt
Sophy, and fell to. Sophy filled and
brought out a bowl of water. Lord
Dunstanbury had lighted a cigar, but
ho was watching Sophy, A now light
broko on him suddenly,
"I Bay, woro you tho other girl bohlnd
tho gate?"
"I didn't mean
you to soo mo."
. "I only caught
a glluii'80 of
you, I roinom*
bor your friend,
"She  remembered you too."
"I don't know
hor    nnmo,
"Julln Robins."
"Ah,  yes —Ib
it?   Ho's nbout
polished off thnt
Ib sho—or—a grout
"Yes," he said, "but I shouldu't have
looked at any of "that and I shouldn't
have looked at her.'either."
Brightly the mark glowed; subtly the
eyes glowed.   There was silence again;
Almost a • start, marked Dunstan-
bury's awakening. "Come, Lorenzo!"
he cried. He raised his bat and turned
away, followed by his dog. Lorenzo the
Sophy took up her lettuces and carried
ihem- into the kitchen. u
7'There you ore at last! • And what's
put you in a temper now?" asked Mrs.
Smilker. She bad learned tbe signs of
the mark.
Sophy smiled. "It's not temper this
time. Mrs. Smilker. I—I'm very happy
today." she said. "Oh. I do hope the
salad will bo good!"
For he who was to eat of the salad-
had he not forgotten print frock and
soiled apron, bare arms, red hands,
ugly0 knot and execrable cap? , He
would not have looked at them—no,
nor nt beautiful, many tinted Julia
Robins In her pride! He had forgotten
all these.to look at:the stained cheek
and the eyes of subtle glow. She had
glanced in ttie mirror of love and sipped from the cup of power.
; Such was ber -first meeting with
Lord Dunstanbury. , If it were ever
forgotten, it.was not Dunstanbury who
'forgot v*....rf'   .,-..   .*-*'■
The day had wrought much In her
eyes. It had wrought more than she
dreamed of. Her foot was near the
ladder now/though she could not yet
see theTlowest rung.
ul» »lic—cr—a orc'ii
bono, hnnn't ho?
friend of yours?"
Ills 11111 nnor was porhaps n littlo at
fault. Tho slightest noto of chaff hnd
crept Into lt, and tho slightest wns
enough to put Sophy's quills up,
"Why not?" sho asked.
"Why not? Kvory renson why iho
Hhould bo," ho answered with his lips.
HU eyc» nnsworcd more, but ho refrain*
ed Ills tonguo, Ilo was scrupulously n
gontloman, more so perhiips thnn, hnd
Boxes nnd places beon rovarsed, Sophy
horsolf would hnvo been. Hut his oyos
t«M her. "Only," he v. mt a.;*., "if ia,,
why did you hldo V"
Thnt bit of clinff did not anger Bophy, but it wont homo to n different
iurp<»e, for deeper, tar truer homo
tlmn tho young mnn had mount Not
tho mark  only  roddwiod;  oven  tlio
, 1.    *\.,-     n.,   1.1 fi «•' .
•»*•■„ ..,.*»+     u>i4u**,Ui        <0-»*C     -bitVU     ia\>     vitiKUt
With a illng out of her arma-n gosturo
it-rang**).-***, prophetically foreign na It
teemed to htm In nftor dnys-sho or*
hlbltod, horaolf-tlw print frock, tho
■mllod npron, tho hnro arma, red hands,
tho ugly knot of her hair, tho scrap of
rnp tho wore. For n moment hor Hps
quivetwL,while tlio mnrk-tho red atnr
of future dnyn and fntiird fnm*wgr'»w
Tho.enfjj- lonnd waa of torons&o'a wor
rylng the last tough acrap of bono. Tha
Ind, guutlcmnn hh ho was, wna good
ffouli nnd blood, too, and tho Wood waa
-.jorlng. no felt a Uttlo tightness In
iy* thnntt, He waa now to It. New,
too, waa Sophy (Jrooch to whnt hi* eye*
•filld to ber, but aim took it with hen-,
1 rect and a Kin nc* utoodlly level-Mil at hi*.
THE scene is-at Hazelby.  Lord
Dunstanbiiry's Essex seat.   His
lordship is striking the top off-
..*-.. .,', his breakfast egg. -   .
got a deuced pretty nitrhet* maid." -*
"There you go! There you go! Just
like your father and your.grandfather
and alt of them! if ttie English people
bad any spirit they'd have swept the
Dunstanburys und all then wicked Whig
gang Into the sea long,ago."
"Before you could turn around,they'd
havo bought it up. Inclosed lt and won'
au election by opening it to ships nt a
small fee on Sundays," said Mr. Pindar.
"Why are Whigs worse tlian Tories?"
inquired Mr. Pikes, with an air of pa-
tient inquiry. .■■*,,
"The will of heaven, I suppose,"
sniffed Lndy Margaret Duddlngton.
"To display divine omnipotence In
that line," suggested .Mr.' Pindar.
"A deuced pretty girl!" said Dunstanbury In reflective toiies, Ho was
doing his best to reproduce tho Impression,he hnd received at Morplng.
hnm ball, but obviously with no great
"On some pretest, frivolous though lt
bo, lot us drive over and seo this miracle," Plndor suggested, "How could
wo better employ this last day of our
visit? ■ You'll drivo us over, Porclvnl?"
"No, thank you, Mr. Pindar," said
tho young man, resolute In wisdom,
"I'll send you ovor If you llko."
"I'll come with you," said Pikes, "But
how account for ourselves? Old Brown-
low Is unknown lo ub."
"If Porclval bud been going I'd havo
hnd nothing to do with it, but I don't
mind talcing you two old sillies," Bald
Lndy Mnrgnret, "I wanted to pny a cnll
on Ellzaboth Browniow anyhow, Wo
woro at school together onco, But I won't
gunrnntoo you in sight of tho kltchon
"It's a protty drivo for this part of
tho country," observed Dunstanbury.
"It may woll liecome your favorlto
road," smiled Mr. Pindar bonovolontly.
"And Blnco Lndy Meg goes with us,
It's nlrondy ours," nddod Mr, Pikes gnl*
So tlioy usod to go on for hours nt n
tlmo, as Dunstanbury hns dcclnrod,
both nt Ilneloby whon thoy woro thero
nnd nt Lndy Meg's Iiouho In Borkoloy
Hqunro, whoro thoy nlmost alwnys woro.
Thoy woro plotmcd to consldor thom*
bcIvoh polltlclniiH-Plkos n Whig, twenty yonru behind dnto; Plndnr, o Tory,
SOO, It wns nil nn nffoctntlon, ni*
Binned for tho purpose, but with tho
very doubtful result of nniUHlng Lndy
Mug. To nunstinibury tho two old
wnlfa-for wnlfs of tho son of society
thoy wero for nil thnt onch lind n sufficient Incomo to his nnmo nnd n reputable lifo behind hi in-woro shcorly
tiresome, nnd thoro bcoidb littlo ground
j*»-j to i1l(T*-r from
his opinion. Hut
they woro old
family friends,
and ho endured
with his usual
Thoir pntror*.
CHs-tbey would
hnrdly lmvo
gll-cd nt tho
word — waa n
more notnblo
iwraon, Lady
"J(Ieucc.]pr<-ti|/,-lrir Mcg-tho world
generally nnd Sophy always spoko of
hor hy that itylo, nnd wo mny tnke tho
Hiiino llberty-wo* only child of tho
gront Bnrl of Duimtnnbury. Tho title
und estate* pntscd to his grundncphew,
but hnlf a million or no of pound* came
tt> tier.
Th*> air of the Iwunohold waaatorroy
thnt dny at Morplnghain-an Inctntlvo
in tho <«[K*dltlon, not n deterrent, for
Lady Meg had iho known It. Bophy
wnn In aoro dlMgrnco-necuae-t tried and
rmvlcted of IntuboitUoatloo and no-
seemly demeanor toward Mrs. Smilker..
The truth seems to be that this good
woman (Rest her soul.' She has a neat
tombstone iri Morpingham churchyard)
loved, like many another good creature,
good.ale sometimes a trifle too well, and
tlie ordera she gave when ale had been
plentiful did not always consort with
her • less mellow injunctions. In no
■ vulgar directness, but with a sarcasm
which Mrs. Smilker felt without understanding, Sophy would point out these
Inconsistencies, Anger'ed'and humiliated, fearful, too, perhaps that her subordinate .would let the secret out, Mrs.
Smilker .made haste to have the first
word with the powers, and against the
word of the cook the word of the cook
maid weighed as naught After smaller troubles of this origin there had
come"a sort of crisis today. The longest of long lectures bad been read to
Sophy by mistress and repeated, slightly condensed, by master, then she was
sent away to think it over. An abject
apology to outraged Mrs. Smilker must
be forthcoming or. banishment was the
decree. Informed of this ultimatum,
Sophy went but and hung about tho
avenue, hoping for Julia to appear.
Soon Julia came and beard tho story.
She had indignation In readiness and,
what was more to the puipose, a plan.
Soon Sophy's eyes grew bright
Into this storm tossed house came
Lady Meg and her spaniels. This unkind name, derived at first from the
size and shape of Mr. Pindar's ears—
they were large and bung over at the
top—had been stretched to include Mr.
Pikes also, with small loss of propriety.
Both gentlemen were low of stature,
plump of figure, hairy on the face;
both followed obediently at tbe heels
of commanding Lady Meg. .The amenities of. the luncheon ;table opened
hearts. Very soon the tale of Sopby's
Iniquities was revealed. Incidentally
and unavoidably If, Sophy's heinous
fault were to appear in its true measure the tally of tbe Brownlows* benevolence was reckoned. But Mrs. Browniow wdii ' small comfort' from Lady
Meg.   She got a stiff touch of the truth.
"Ran in, and out of the drawing
room!" she said. '.'Did she? ,The truth
Is, Lizzie,-you've spoiled heri and now
you're angry with her .for - being
spoiled." •       -,_
"What is'she now, Mrs. Browniow?"
asked Pindar,- with a sly intention.
Was this Percivul's deuced pretty girl?
"She works ih the'kitchen, Mr'. Pindar."
"The girl!" bis eyes signaled to Mr.
Pikes.- "Let /Lady Meg1 see her," he
urged Insinuatingly. • "She'"bas a wonderful'way wlth'girls."*
"I don't want to see ber, and I know
your same, Pindar,"..said Lady Meg.
.."I'm afraid she must go." sighed
Mrs. Browniow. Her husband said,
more robustly, that such an event
would be a good riddance—a saying repeated, with tlie rest-of nthe conversation, by the butler (one William Byles,
'still livingi. to tlie'gratified ears of.Mrs.
Smilker in the kitchen.' ' '
She's hn odd child, and looks it"
"Pretty?"   This from Mr.' Pindar.
"Well. I .don't hnow'. .Striking looking, you'd rather.say perhaps. Mr.;Pindar."
"Let lior go ber own wny. We've
talked quite enough
about her."- Lady Meg
sounded decisive and
not a little bored,
"And then." Mrs.
I-Jrownlow mndo bold'to
go on for a moment,
"such n funny mark!
Many people wouldn't
like it, I'm sure."
Lady    Meg    turned
sharply on her,   "Murk?
What   do   you   mean?
What mnrk?"
A laying re,     "A mark on her face.
pented    by ymkmvr'   A round red
the butler to mark." ,
the gratified     "Big as a threepenny
earn of JWr«,  bit. protty nearly," said
Smlllicr.        tlm squlro.
"On hor cheek,"
"Whoro Is the girl?" nskod Lndy Meg.
Her whole demeanor had chnnged, ber
bored air hnd vanished "She seemed
fnlr excited," Mr. Byles reports. Then
sho turned to the said Bylos; "Find ont
whoro that girl Is, and let' mo know.
Don't toll her anything about It I'll
go to'her."
"But lot mo send for lior"— begun the
wqulro courteously,
"No; glvo mo my own way, I don't
wnnt her frightened."
Tho squlro gnve tho ordors she do*
sired, nnd tho Inst Mr, Byloa heard an
ho loft iho room wns from Lndy Meg;
"Marks llko tlmt nlways mean somo*
thing-oli. Plndnr?"
No doubt Mr, Plndnr ngrood, but his
roply Is lost
Tho girls In tho nvonuo hnd mndo
tliolr plnn. Sophy would not bow hor
hond to Mrs, Smilker nor longer ont
tho bread of honovulnnco omlilttorod by
'iorvltudn, Sho would go with Julia.
Alio, too, would trend tho bonrdH If only
ulio could got hor foot on thom. And
whon did nny girl seriously doubt hor
nhlllty to ilo tlmt? Tho p-ilr woro gny
nnd Inughlng when suddenly through
tlio gate ciiine Lndy Mog and tho
spaniels, Lndy Mog 11 hond ns UNiinl nnd
with n purpow'fiil air. "
"Who nro they?" cried Sophy.
Ilns-Ioby I* but twelvo miles from
Morplnghnin, Julln hnd boon ovor to
seo tlio big Iiounp nnd hnd sighted
Lndy Meg In the gnrduu.
"It's Lndy Mmgnnit Duddlngton,"
«lio whlupcrod, rather In a fright
Thoro wn* tlmo for no inorO. Lndy
■lU-ii ,>.in •■'h-'' ilu-iii. tx'-.'i.v was iueii-
•Mod by bev drr-'M nnd. in Lndy Mpj;'**
-Invonrliig i-ye-K, by the ninvk.
"You're tin* girl who's been bolinvlng
•0 bnilly?" n|u< hh'iI,
Reolnu no profit In arguing tho irjorlt***,
**ophy niiHworpd "Yps."
At Nil** pomi* Julln oliMprvcd one old
•atontlemnn nwlgi* the other and w!il<*p*M
■nni.'t'Mn*"'     ■* l«* morally (•(•nnln lli-i*
(To ho continued.)
The Tenderfdot Farmer
&* It was one of these experimental fanners, who put green
■■'•*  spectacles on'his cow and fed her shavings)   His theory
was that it didn't matter what the cow ate so long as she
was fed.   .The questions of digestion and nourishment had
.not entered,into his calculations. ;
It's only a "tenderfoot" fanner that would try such
an experiment with a cow. But many a fanner feeds him-
self regardless of digestion and nutrition. He might almost as well eat shav- '
ings for all .the good he gets out of his food. The result is that the stomach
grows "weak" tbe action of the organs of digestion and nutrition are impaired
and the man sutlers the' miseries of dyspepsia and the agonies of nervousness.
To strengthen the stomach, restore the activity of the or.
fians of digestion and nutrition and brace up the nerves,
use Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery., It is an ua»
taillni remedy, and has the confidence ot physicians aa
well as the praise of thousands healed by Its use.
In the strictest sense "Golden Medical Discovery" is a temperance riiedi-
eme.   It contains neither intoxicants nor narcotics, and is as free from alcohol   o
as from opium, cocaine and other dangerous drugs.   All ingredients printed on
its outside wrapper.
Don't let a dealer delude you for his own profit.   There is no medicine for
stomach, liver and blood "just as good" as "Golden Medical Discovery."
Suit of Clothes, $5 and up, Hats $1.00 and up,
Shirts 50c and up, Underwear $1.00 per suit
Kefbury Bros.
Temporary building between' Northern Hotel and Henderson block
Andy   Hamilton
Tinsmith and Plumber
We can furnish you with estimates in
/ anything in our* line
W        a
Thc reason $50 few robberies take place in thc
Cities is because people tako their money to
"the Bank instead of keeping it around the
house or carrying it around with them. By
1 supplying a means for the safe keeping of
• money tho banks afford a protection for both
lifo and property.
W. C. * B. Manson Manager
Companies Act 1807; Canada, Province
of British Columbia.
(No, -164.)
Rheumatic Paint Relieved
Mr. ThoniHB Stonton, poHtmaster of
Pontypool, Ont, -writ****: "For tho punt
nlKht yonri I nulTorcd from rlioumotln
palm. During that tlmo I used many
different liniment* and romr-dlea for
tho euro of rhoiimntl-im. I.nat numm*
or ! procured a bottio of Chamberlain*
Pain Dalna »nd trot mor-e rollof from It
than anvthlnr I hnve. over unwl, nnd
choorfully recommend tlita liniment to
nil tttttertr from rheumatic palna."
Por aalo by nil druggliti.
THIS Is to cortiry Hint tlio "PtiRh
ft LIvIiiRRtono Lumbor Co. I.lmltod,"
la nuthorlzed nnd llcoiiHod to carry on
bUBlnoHB within tho provlnco of llrltlHh
Columbia, niul to carry out. or effect all
or nny of thr* obJontR of tho compnny
to which tho Uifj-lHlntlvo authority of
tlm  LcRlHlnturo of Ilrltlah  Columbln
Tho head offlco of tho Compnny In
altuntc at thc Town of Okotoks in Mie
Provlnco of Alborta; tbo iiriiount of
capital of the Company Ih Sbvouty-flvu
thoiiAnnd' dollaiK, divided into Hovun
hundred ami fifty uhnruH of ouu hundred dollar*, onch.
The head office of the compnny   in
UiIh province Ir sltimtn nt Klkmoutli, I
and Willinm Stownrt llcrron, liuiiix-r*-
ini.il,   11 m.mi;    i.Jtifcn.l       la     ImlknixlUil, ,
nforoHiiid,   Ib   tlio  nttornoy  for    thu
Company. I
ttlvon under my hand nnd sonl of J
offlco at Victoria, Provlnco of Tlrlttnh ■
On1llm1>!*J     t*M<a   flflfnanja    .Jr.,.   r.f   U,i-,., ,    '
ber, ono tliousmnd nine huitdrt-d   and
., (Ileglstrnr of Joli.t Storl;
The objects for which thin Conipnny
hiiB been established and llconsod are;
Tho purchnso of timber IlmitR. tho
matiiifncttiro nnd nab* of lum.-.-r, in
eluding tho -manufacture of timbers,
telephone pole*-., tics, shingles, lnttis,
boxes nnd all other kindred products
that can bo mado from tlrnbnr; to pur
chas* or sell other lumber Industrie*
or tho stock thereof, and Rcnornlly to
curry on the businoss of mnnufneture
and sale of the products of timber and
lumber, Mcli 'iM
NOTICB Is horeby glvon that application will bo mado to the parliament of Canada at tho prenont sosslon
thereof for nn Act Incorporating a
company undor tho namo of the Kootonay and Alborta Railway company,
with powor in behalf of tho company
1. Construct, equip, maintain and
oporato a lino or Hiiob of railway (a)
From a point on the Crow's Nost
branch of tho Cuimdlnu Pacific Rail*
way bolwoen Cowloy nnd Plnclior
Creek, Blatloim in tho provlnco of Alberta, thonco In a southerly direction
pfiBHlng through lleuvor Valloy to tho
North Kootonay Pass, thonco In a
Houthorly direction down tho Valloy
of thu Flmhi'iid rfvor, ln tho province
of llrltlfili Columbln, to tho Iniernnt*
lonal boundnry. (b) From, ut or near
tho nforosnld point on tbo Crow's Nest
rirnnch of tho Cunudlan Pacific Railway, thonco In u southerly direction,
piissliiK Bt or near tho town of Plnclior
Crook through lho FlHlibouru fiottlo-
mont, through tho lllood Iiulluu Ho-
serve, down thn Milk Rivor Valloy to
tl.u imc, .iu(i»!i,i, -./uijuiiiii > ui ur noar
f'rmtt". (fl A brnm-b line from n
point nt or nonr thn crossing of tho
Wntorton river In the provlnco of Al*
buriu, thonce In a southerly direction
do'vn to the Houth west cornor of tho
lllood Indian Konoivo, puhhIiik lu tho
Mi'inny ol MouiiUiWivi'-w. Uioneo down
tho Valley of I.oea Crook to Cards*
2. Acquire nnd utilize steam nnd
wnter power for romprcBHlng air or
generating olectrlcliy for any purposo
aud commercially dealing In tho snmo.
3. Construct, control nnd oporato
tclenraph nnd telephone linos.
•J. Knter Into ngroeiuenta with,other Rnllwny compunics.
Solicitors for tho Applicant*
Datod at Ottawa thlH 35th day of
January 1009
1 T.^i^a «*s ^asS'-;?.;;
"page eight
Piano for saler--?200 cash. A bargain. Apply Ledger Office, ,,■
LOT FOR SALE—West Fernie, Apply Ledger Office.
Young lady wants position as stenographer. Apply Ledger office.
.House for sale—Three rooms at'Coal
Creek. Apply- Fred ' Miller, French
Camp. 4-t
Lost—One set of spring tee balances
400 lbs. Return to Fernie Ice Co. and
receive reward.
Lost—Orie set of spring tee balances
400 lbs. Return to Fernie'Ice Co.'and
receive reward.
Nice fresh lettuce at the Palm.'
Mr.- F. Adolph* of Baynes was in
town on "Wednesday.
They're al! talking about it. What?
Why  Ingram's bowling  alley.'
Mr.Mutz expects to have steam up
'An bis new brewery on Monday.
, '■   ^Furniture for sale.  Address Ledger
^office? \ _      .    '"'*-';■'
.- The bridge crew wont up to complete
.the bridge at Fort Steele' on Thursday.
Easter cards at Suddaby's—the best
over.    ' ,
„ Carbonado nilno was Idle on tbe 1st,
•the men having refused to sign the new
; agreement.       , ' ■     "
Wright the jeweler has moved., to
•the Henderson block.
.4 Thursday was April Fools clay and
'the usual larks • were" indulged in by
the juveniles and others.
***. Two cars of Okotoks brick for sale.
Imme'Jiate delivery. Apply P. Burns
&. Co.-     ■
-   Our society editor reports tbat the
■-   Ladies Benevolent society will give a
ball in the near future.
Liphardt  has alarm  clocks  for $1,
$1.75 and $2.
' • ; ■?•
Mrs. J*. Pollock went to Spokane on
Thursday to attend to Harry, who has
been very sick with pneumonia.
Baby carriages and go-carts fitted
with rubber tires, from $3.25 up at
the Trites-Wood Co.
The mines commenced work Tuesday.after being idle in connection with
the miners meetings since last Thursday.
I'll spot you ten at Ingrams' billiard
room to-night.
Messrs. W. Stockwell and     Teddy
Rutledge have resigned their respect-
'{yo positions as fire bosses at No, I
Mr. S. Taylor, K.'. C. of Nelson is
in town acting as leading counsel for
the defense in connection with the
Lockhart case.
The liveliest place in town—Club cigar store.
„    Messrs. P. Mercier, D. McNeil and
'   Paul Peterson, friends of Mr.    Tom
Whelan, are staying at tho 'Napanee
on a visit.
Phone 41 for the best of meats.
Bill Russell is in.town again1:-. Bill
says there is no place like.Fernie. *
For hotel accommodation-thV Napanee is the place, T   : *  „
Business lot and building for Bale-
Apply, to W.  R.  McDougall.    . ' .-
The Dreamland theatre has been
condemned and will be pulled down.
Patronize home industry and smoke.
Crow's Nest Specials and Extras
, Clean up your yard. o  Don't wait
until your family get fever, but act at
once.   ■
The Napanee hotel is prepared to
handle travellers and other guests.
C. Stubbs, one of the officials 'of
District 18,' was in town tbis week
from Bellevue.
Nothing so refreshing at the week
end as a hot bath. Try Ingram's,
. The Royal hotel hereby challenge the
Napanee to a-game-of bowling-   for
moneyj chalk or marbles.. -
C. C. Wright in his new quarters in
the, Henderson block.
■Johnny Behind is*out after his hibernation, and that is one of the surest signs of spring.
Suddaby has a very large and choice
selection of Easter cards.
Bill Tuttle is once ' moro * in our
midst, and looks none the "worse for
his short stay in Spokano.   '   -       ,*
A large number of the .old time
bricklayers and carpenters are back
in town waiting for the,rush.
The cuisine at the Napanee is the
best in the city.
.Alex. Susnar returned to the city
on Saturday, and' reports things going
along as well as1 possible.
For a good comfortable smoke get
Dorenbecker's brands. They are
home product.
'* Are you a voter? If not, why not?
Register and see that you are entitled
to'vote at the next election.
Beef, mutton, pork, veaj, hams, bacon, lard, etc., only of the very best.
Phone 41.
The Boulton Bros, who were associated with I. Covert, papers hangers
and painters, are back in Fernie.
Leave your order at the Palm for
cut flowers.
Carpenters are warned to stay away
from Fernie as there are now an overplus of union men here out of work.
Suddaby's for Easter novelties and
cards; ^   >-
Mr. Garrett G. Dalmadge of the
Wm. O'NeilCo. of Vancouver was in
the city on Monday and reports buildings, especially the high ones, "going
up.',' l
You are right. T,hs Trite .-Wood Co
again we insist on* having a pair of
computing counter scales, for we still
have our doubts as toDr Wriglesworth
being able to show any more than 134
The game started late. 'Tis said that
Chaperon Scott, who had the platers
In tow, was giving „them a little heart
to heart talk on right,down the centre
and a little more speed. Tom Whelan
was under special coaching treatment^
throughout the game. *
Doc Wriglesworth managed to climb
the stairs, and'appeared with one , of
G, N, R. Blackstone's Sunday handkerchiefs tied around'his. left stump
midway between the . pedal and
where the aforesaid stump hitches on
to the rest of his body.-He grasped
the sphere in his. lunch hook, and after two or three high dive motions let
her flicker, and to his great surprise
and delight knocked off ,two pins at
the'-end towards Morrisey and the Lizard Range. He was a" great help' to
the Fatters'his good looks being about
their only redeeming feature:
*■ Mr. Hit Em on the Nose Scott has
been some bowler a couple of hundred
years ago. The day after he limbered
up, but has given us a solemn promise that he,is off to the woods and that
his bowling career is over, and that in
the evenings hereafter he will' stroke
the old malt'ese cat and read'the columns of the Ledger.- ■'.,-. . ■
***Mr. "Rotten Split" Blackstone, ,is
one of Jim Hill's side kicks in. the sand
car business - between ■ here and Slko,
with, numerous .branch lines between
Spokane and Chicago, He was a' trifle, nervous at meeting such classy
avtists.' He smiled as he dug into his
jeans for a dollar' bf lawful currency,
so he's a good sport.-
Tom Whelan jumped 'into the • game
like a 20 to L shot,'and after cutting
out his. alee samee ditch shots, he
hit. three figures with the.. same. ease
that Archie G. takes the cash.   ,"
"Aha, you Miekmillan fellow!    You
can't weigh 250 pounds to- save'  your ,
neck! You made the loud noise of the']
whole outfit and were qute' the* big-
fly wheel'of the evening. .
As.to our own five dandies we,, are
too modest to particularize; suffice it
to- say that .we negotiated with 148
more pins than our obese pals.
, The boarders from the King Edward
hotel and the Pie Eaters from the Royal met at-Ingram's bowling alley on
Thursday evening and played -havoc
with.the pins. The following score
tells the tale:
Hughes .'.'   404
Elfner    '403
Gates  *■   .....    347
Blackstone ."      424
Coons -    '469
Total- *... ..... 2047
McMillan  414
Jones \ ... '.  300
Rayner t .. « 469
Armltage '..'. '327
Green *  334
have big values to offer in furniture |Majority for King Edward 203
Special inducements for
manufacturer is going to Spokane to
"What's  that  George?—oh/yea,      get
boiled out'.
Mr. and Mrs'. T. Biggs were at Carbonado on Thursday, Mr. Biggs having business there in connection with
the new agreement.
Mr.,John Biggs has resigned his position p» Firoboss at No. ii mine Coal
Creek, and hits been succeeded by, Mr.
T. Smith pfCoal Creek.
For Sale: Two housholfl properrtles,
with furniture. Will sell property
either jointly or separately, For particulars apply Ledger office.
Dan Parkins was arrested on Thursday for vagrancy <in<l came up before
City Clerk Boulton, B. S. on Friday.
The judge handed him thirty days. *
Rochon, the Candy King, is contemplating the erection of ono of the best
Ico cream* parlors and cafes In the Koo-
tcnays, nnd It will cost upwards of ?10-
000. , i
Constable Cleri.o has been 111 with la
grippe for somo dnys. He was around
.again on Monday and was able to nc*
'compnny Con,  Bowen to Now WobL*
niinsto rwith the lunatic Kost.
The'offlco Hlftff at Conl Creole minus,
were busy on Wednesday, the 31st
ult„ nnd on tho 1st. inst, with the
signing on of tho workmen, From
400 to SOO signed on Wednesday.
Doc; Sawyer wns arrested for oh*
tnlnlng goods by fnlse pretences on
Thursdny aud Corp. Moses of the N,
W.M.P. from Frank came up to take
lii ni to l Inn. town for his honrliiK.
F, D, Flnlnysonof Homo bunk fmnu
reports that .'ho woh held up hy two
murderous looking (liiigH on Mncphor*
son nvi'iiuo lust Monday night. Wo
cannot vouch for tho brand or truth of
tho report,
CoiiHinbH.' Lncoy from tho Big Red
Appln I'liy nf l-llko wns In town thin
week, We hoard hr> onmo up hh hooii
as ho sot'word thnt his pnl IHU Tuttlo
wns hen'. Ilo Ih no doubt after llio
J.liu'khnnd reward.
Tho ImH'-hnll I'lub will moot on Sunday nfu-vuuoii ul the Nnpiuioo to ol-'ct
u dolcBiito for the .•'(.•rule A. A, which
will ho held next week, Tlm fans
should turn out nnd help tho good
cniiHi! along, Play ball,
On Monday the Sflth nit, Constable
rioriniui nvi'i'Kti'd Herbert l.iirko on a
charge of vnitrnwy. Ilo wus brouuht
before MnKlmvatu Whltnui-'i' nnd w-n*
tewed to one niontb'H ImprlHoiinient
with hurd lulior, lie admitted bolng n
Tho provincial pollc* pr-w'Miicrl!
Sam Vfslk nnd Adiim Wlczvlk beforo
MnKiHtrat.* WhiiuMi'i' of the city for
selling liquor without a license acrnm*
tlio C, P. R, IrnckH. They were filled $!.<•■ and costs t'lu'h nr three iiioiiiIih
hard lnbor,
Coiiimeiit htiH been lieind re iho ai-
I**.- nt nrmm of iim lintel mi-n In not
olnsliiK ou Thursday when thu nnt'oni)
cloned now li (■'•,.■'. 'ri.iw u;i;* :in*>-
po-ied to bo an iinilci'HlaudlnR between
the liotelmeii and tho tnliieni officlnls
thai  ihoy would eJoso.
T. II. Strut.lent was fined $10 nnd
routs for mi>IIlu•{ on Sunday. Mr Htm*
Tiu-i« ih l.'-Miift uiv- i.',.v. -w .; .'a.1;;!' •.'•
Miurt. Mr, .-Strut..on* snyu ho Ih
willing in (bw: on Hundnys provided
the rem do tlm mime, but thinks thnt
wh-n otlii'iH nie allowed to sell ho
Hhouhl be nlco,
Home of the coming iittruetlonH of
uotB at the Fernio opera Iiouho will be
Flari'iin* RoberiM In "Tlie Hoino of
nniidiiRi*." on the 10th of April: Arthur Cuiuilii|*.i«-i) In Khtinii Ithue. The
Mlnutiel Ma his In Iterilm from IlorMn,
Thr* RiinnwnyH, Mnx Flgman in "Tlio
Man on th'- Box," nnd H. R. l'|t*Tcf
& Co. In "In Wyomlnit."
Mrs. It. R. WV'bb gn\<* her firnt rv*
c-ppllb.. ihi» -Ki^Jt. Tho follawInK wer«
atnotmet .hone prosont iMUhcii Hud*
nlckl. fl. Hendlrifr, **■. Ai.-.r-iw-t, Cull
-.'nmornn. Mrs. ft. I), Hnll, Ml»» Anna
Klrkpniridt, Meitar*. WHIM Ross, If.
II. MrClny, K. I'. Hell. W. 11. Oaten,
A. 3hi.nl.--y, Thfy all report thM
Mrs. Webb U one of the bt-tt ot hot-
We guarantee this to be the .best
flour ever sold in Fernie.     Satisfac
tion ... guaranteed . or.
'. cheerfully* refunded.,
your   money
Give us si. call
♦-*»♦*»■*»■*»♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦ ♦♦♦•»*»v-**» 9«
and stoves
cash.        .  i.
__TJie_J^dgeJ_CoL__Lowery^s '    home]
spun, is to be removed to NeTson7~and"'
yet some people say that the, Lake
town is dead.'    Well, here's success
Colonel. * c -   .    ■-
The most interesting place in town-*
Ingram's bowling alley.
° Pat Miller returned from Kalispel
last week, and reports that thriving
city to be better than ever. Pat says
Kalispel is all right, but Fernie is just
ono better. We agree there.
■ Why Is the roller rink like a crockery store? Because you see so many
tumblers, there.
The Trades and Labor council meeting was postponed for want of a quorum on'Monday night. In future the
delegates should try and be around on
time. The meeting should bo called
for 7:30.    '   '
Never feit better—Just had a batlt
at Ingram's.
The purity, flavor and strength of
"Solnila" tea makes it incomparably
tho best vnluo on the* market. It is
Infinltoly moro delicious and decidedly
more economical than„othoi* teas.
Look at your diamond and see   If
the'claws fire holding solid,     If not
bring  It  to  Liphardt who does that
work tho 6ame day as It is left. ■
Church  NoteB
The lathers hnvo challenged the
1'rlntors bowling ■ earn-for ihe chtini-
pldiifhlp of Cokntn, and the gnmo will
bo plnyod on Saturday ulght nt 7
p.m. .   .
Tlio usual run,of high clnss moving
, A small..fire occurred at J. J.
h(T - hvddd'sfpremises on Monday night-. The
'nre-brigadej^^poi^ed^promptl-yj and
kept the blaze down wonderfully^ For
a while there was a scare as the shop
was a carpenter's and contained much
inflamabie material. - The'loss is about
$1000 covered by insurance held by
P. J. Watson. We hope it is not in
the Globe company.
nlciuroH at thc Fornio opera Iioubo lira nwnr
1.11****   11
(Continued from page four)'
ers, have been cliosen so tlmt Individual
attention mixy be Individually shown t'o
all coming In. Special Invitations are
being1 sent to railroad men, and to the
respective unions, minors, carpenters,
teamsters, and other'labor organlxat-
01*18,'an well as to the business men of
the city,    ■■ • • ■    ■* •:
Trains will bo met and cards of. Invitation circulated ' , throughout the
town, ln addition to which personal visitation of tho whole city will be taken
up ns tlmo goes on. This means a
very-large amount of organization ami
Individual work, enlisting th'e' services
of n largo hand of wining' Christian
workers from nil the churches,'
Final oignnl'/ntion nvrannements will
bo completed on Friday night, April 2,
m'ttho'-lnRt prayer service and'choir
pj'ucilce In ftiitlolpntlon of the coming
services, Tho pvai,Ki?llnU aro expect-
i.d on Saturday''night's Flyor, and will
bo mot by a'deputation of tho local p?ih-
tors,' ■ * ...
HorvlccH will bo held ln tho various
almralie-i Hnndny morning, April 4th, nt
tho regular hour 11 n,m. It Is possible
one or oilier of Die visiting volunteers
mny bo present nl these services, although ih". Hpeclnl ovnngellsts do not
until  lho nfleni'ion and' ovon-
pleiiHltig largo audloncos, Last Sat
iii'dny ovoning large crowds wore walling for ndmlHHlnn to tho second por*
forniiince as thoy could not. got, in 111.
tho first.
District Doputy h.iigi'110 JUbborl of
tho Modern Woodmen of America Is In
our city for tho purpose of orgniil/lng
11 ramp of Woodmen, nud will hold a
preliminary mooting on Saturdayoveii*
Ing In tho K, of ■■». hnll'foi' Iho pur*
peso of selecting 11 iiniiui for the enmp,
balloting on tho ehnrtur, members, nip.
All old mi'inlion* or any wishing to Join
aro Invited.
McMillan ...
Hliii'lu'toiie.  ,.
Wllimiiior .'..'.',.,..,...'....'.   ■)&!>
Majority for tho Prints 118
Thus were disposed of a Ki'oteHi'iio
ftHHoriment ol cinwim .-,1 ■..mi', uiv.„-
uelvoB tho KntH. Hefore we play them
Singer Sewing Iachine$*C6;,
Fernie, B. C.
Why be without a Sewing Machine when'you
'•';,       can. get one' for $3.00; a month ?■■■•...- .. *,'
J. P. H0ULAHAN,. Agent, opposite Coal Co.'s offia,e,,PeIIat Ave!
s. fr.aa ^j^;^^^p^e,»(y^vf.p:yf' y~ y?y s^iyT-^fff* *->
'(•Srlcovs'' --Nest i^ravitf g^mf
A.**    d'       "" tJmi*^''°     ' ""*)'" ■*.»"   '"''**i' i   i'-" \^V\
s-'%\       .*'■•> General Merchants t       -    ^y:
fjij-.u   .    :y-£   -yy y.yiyy' 7-; / ?y ,,-...* %^.y}
llfhe" Stbr^'of;v;Gpad/Values:!
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B.'C;
*.-. ■<*
A    Poor,:; Shoe
■■   IVill not'mend its
S|"; its ''lbb-fcs  toy
f sliining-I
1.  .  t'. ' '   ■' ■ '     ■
Get' the' 'kind   that are mado
.right in<tthe*)Ljjijgii\ning, Right ?
iri shape,"wliicn gives them style. £:
Right in fit, which gives themJ7
comfort.    .-Right in durability?^,.
'wliich mak^s them wear well."f{
-il. ■*■*■■ V,-^?**U« «&*   Jf.J.
si*.H4   -' -V    Mb,... .' i-'-mtt't..!:. i-.'tt    ,"a'h;\>l,.,        > W^m ,i(,!dn.;„^,ii,ii. ,,,.v"
«"    '
1 „
>- -ft
For Easter Trade
Patterns and Quality
■   y a '
7 7TIES;
25c  to   $1.50
75c  to $3.00
■ Z  for  25c   .-;
Mil'liti>i'i» Ave.
| Feathers
Inf.", Iii I,rw'<''H Imll. Tlio Huiidny mor*
nhiR*', McrvlPcH on tlio nr('m*nt ocoiihIon
nrv very ImpnrtiuUi since,; the pnitturh
lmvo <<pnulnl ooiiiihoIh tn Klv« tliolr con-
KroivniliinH with ri'siii.ct tu thv, hjii>hi'»
'Hi»ni  niccilnnH."
lt Ih oxiiijctoil ihevo will ho h liu'K*»
iitid Iliorniifrlily vviiri'Hvntiulvo Katlivr-
IpK in fiit'h oliurch no ns in mnlu. lho
nnist of tho prcHont oppoi'tiiiilty, '.\r-
riiiiKcn'K'ntH hh t<i tlio1 tollnwInR Huniluy
corvlcc-H will lio In llio IihiuIh of the
cvunKollHtH,. nnd will lio announced hy
next w-'oh wlK'ii llio PvniiKcllHtH nro on
Hid  HTiillllil,
Tlio Kiiiulfiy i.fhooln lmvo not boon
fiilKOtti'll. nnd nif'othiKH will li« held
fur the Hi'liolni''! imd for clilldrcn n*en*
ernlly, mi immc nft-'i'iinon to ho iiitiii.h-
i<\. It will ht* nopoHNiiry for tlin ro.
i*|M.(<|lvi) HalioiilN to (ipon 1mll' nu Imur
i-nrllur on Hnnrtny April 'th, unniuly m
: p,iu, Mmr|t, nnd hiitfo nnlv 11 mIhui
n('Hulnn, nre In tunny hvhom tonrlmi'M will
lio rvi|ulrvi) to do Horvlro in tho fnpni'-
lly *if wOutm or pt'i'Honnl worhorn ln tin*
mr-(>tliiir,. ov In llio choir nt tlio mcn'i
inoutliiK nl ,1.
On ricoount ot prpfNiiro of ttpn.ee nt
Hrucui* littll tli** mnnu niocllnu; on Mnn■
dny iifturiiflon nnd tin* R-oncrnl m<>/>tlitfi*
Itt    IHKIll   hlli    ui    ....,..'...    1    '■     n.lil'd'
1*t,v v«ndv Idcntlflnitlon nnd convuu*
U'tino in PtirryinK out tllu-v;iiim») Ut»
chief OHlior will wi-nr « red hndKc tin-
(i«j,(-rl!»i<'*nid<'tit of workorH li whilo
Imdfr^, Hf-rllon lender* a lluht li]>i<*
hodKo, iuul porHonnl workorH it huumi
»nrinll»'d l>y th* ovaiiKulltit. 'J'liu jkm-
fonni workMK hini kit it,.*.*. ■>• b'.l,'...::
will Iil* vpfulally nddr*nniiil hy tho cvini-
koIImi, nnd Klvpti n-scfuenry lnntructlmm
nt no mo tlmn which will tin nnnoiii'ccii
In tlm courRO of Sundny,
"Wldcuprend nnd RrowlniT Inlf-roxt In
liclntf mnnlfoted In lho projof.lcd cum-
pnlKn. nnd It In confidently hflh-vc 1
thht innKlldi* H-ftttltn '«ttt o.',''nt<! '.i rlin
community In tlm flifinKlntj of mnny
lUiii apd n itecpnlntr Intr-rcut In tin-
tlilriK* or Oofl.
MuttilriK hut kindly ff-cllnir nnd enr-
did! co-ivp#ratlor, hn* Wen nerorded in
utt (lirootlnni*. The happy mlnifllnK of
n,*>mlinr« of din-miit etiurch*-* In one
common enA In In itm-lf nn diiKiir of
comlnK Rood. Il It liop<-.l the- irnlic
aV>rf,mui..l> umy tn' I'Mrrod n* t,*»v<*r t,*
tore. Nothlnr* lm* oicnrr-d to
thn litiirly (*o-opcrntl|r.n nf All tak'nfr
purt, llteb of the churrh** him run-
«rlhut*«l * full quota to thn eommltt«**.*
#ntru*l*d with th* d-itnlt work <>f xh*
^i^4JM4M44- ***. Vt^i^
in Fernie
is scarcely within the limit of
,   practical   realization*just now
but judging from the remarks of
those who know it is evident the
next best thing to fresh fruits.
' •    '       ' '   * • ■-
is our ■'••*•■'■'•
of.Canned Peaches, Pears, Raspr  \
% - '    ii.*.'..';'!   '     .'. ' , /
.',;', '\ •     ' ' . ... ,.   1
.. ■ berries,   Strawberries,   Cherries
and Plums. -'''. ■* ;7-   '.7
0 ,i . ' '        '
,.«*•' "  Z, -.it.-ou. ..v'."-.. t r   f;**v** **'*^-* -^f'^*'"
l  h'i',',,.y    i'    f 1   U''/', O i •■/>-,','   )< '' ? V ■ ^
IO .<•■ I ,".,'1    i. .it)
'I ,S,t'> i"t i 'h UUu
New Store!   New Goods!
Everything is Nice and Fresh
Tho Stock is. comploto in * all linos. You
will find in part, DnmiA, Patont ModicincH,
MagaxinoM of all kinrlH, Daily Nowspaporn
and Wooklios, Stationery and Qlllee Sup-
pliu.i, Garden and Klowov Sccd.s, Toilet
Ai'tiolos, Fancy Goods, Vmo Soaps, &a.,&o,
Call   and   seo tlio   storo and the goods
Fernie \l^diif trial  and
Provident Co^Op* Society
•il mi w.Mii ,<■* ,*<(
| a'
1 *
♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦ ♦ A
old and ■ reliable druggist.   Phone  118
1 Bronze Cobbler anil 3 Hens
.3 White Holland Gobbler.
Barred Rock and White Rock
4***'   ify ,itui-.  \ hi     I
Yon will flml «« tnt llm Cnrmer wliuro lh« l»««e Office wee Ueture
llio Klro   (.
ttjft'Xltlt'll'al W *a> **> M  ** ~W   ""* "^ ■^"V* "fj**^ '*?■*}*'"*?'*•"»'   •••••••
iifffniili:ntl')ii. N'othlii(f In wnntlnsr tn
tlio cmnploto Hticconn of tlio wlinlo enm-
imlKn hut tin) nctunl prMf-nco nnd pnr-
tlcipntlnn of tlio pooplo for whom iho
prf-nnrntlon* have h>>6n mnile.
Htuiitllnjf over thc fntrincu to Itriim'*
hnll I* the »ymhol of tho crom*, In
the (mno\nia..u>a!im. louclilui-- the Ktmr'u
IniNlni***—fit cmhkm (if thd nciiHun
nml tlin ohject *6Ught. Iu ntrlUlntf
ponliltin will «rr"M*t the *tttnllon or th»*
p-imi-r hy, and tin to nil a rnmlndor In
tin* litirry mcurry of llf«, ol thlnu« nut
nt-n with the wortnl «y», of the until
... - M.mpfMlnir c hull en Be In the Ptirnnn of
mar tlm Ktrlckftn Dirure who «Un<U iiUiaal*
Inn with every mnn'* ti»tter nelf. pro*
Holmlnir njiiU'Mlnuty th« ciownlntr
iflory of the *»** In tho r«(lfm(itlv« Icivts
of Qod in Chrfkt.
t In  Fernie  its
♦      Hawthorne for
Painting, Interior
Wood •«*. * CellMt Mvm.
^ETT BROS.   ♦
1 I'l J "li W'l'W'I'U'im." 1UJ_ JM      A
lNti   iiiANisFi:il        -J
niiKUHK'1 tlt'Hvi'ifil   to   nny
part of tlio cJl-y,
All klndo of
Givo us a trial     ]
*v ♦♦*•»♦♦♦
White Lcnlioriu Onod tjt/ept
«1.00 foi*   15       '■
Kootenai N«r*«*rli***
A complete line cf samples of ■";
Fall Suitings and
Overcoatings   {
Worsteds, Serges -
and Tivecdo
Up-to-dato Workmanship   ,
Moderate Prices
w«*^*b-cw^'l^^i^s; m *


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