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 ' J J   ■
-     . T -  '   ;'-a, ,
C'^ 71s *,,*.' ..1   .''*•"•*' / *■''''-■,",''*  *'■,•■'•■. '', ■."',   -'"' C;*. -i "  '   .'.■   '•      '"' *   >" 'l^ 7 j,7 „=,! '•!-';;.' *„.■•■.' '1* - "V.     .'".77 7 7.=.,'.
'7n .,->!'^,v7'a-<„j-;-, 'a' "-./..-^ y ' • y, yyy ,\ .yykr./.-'y,  ,.y'-y-^^y/i:"-iyyA^yi-.yyi^-"ti'''^ ~~-v'*i>-:\"»*/•*■'i^y*
' • lj._. >^\-,^y ^«.y!^-o...,yil,i.i,^,^y,,i,i.y.jc,,i.x-.',.,5.,.,'■^.y./.^yy^^m^i.-.i^Ji^i.^^.^-r^;^.^.&£t±--'j&',--£- ,i-4n'*gm^j^.M--J!Z,m ^_••*'&»» .■«&-:-;■ ■**".
!. t -    VJ >    . V,
■ *>
,.p..',i-i, vr.
I   •\-.lf f *ff*f H?f*.*l    f»-**iy'     {.fw-yi      Vi*.    /i?)ti.l^    ■ >-*?•■,   ■"■ ■/.I ' "I    ft*    Iu!\ 1  .tl)    *'   *.<■.
- it* ■ -
April  iZthi  1909
*    »a.'>rf"j'*i*.|*-'!."   ?-fi»'*iiWi-<*■*»*>  v-Ji-^*-,<•-'.•>«>'1-Vi* 4   .--. *.*>*»■ »v-•*!'•', r4**>*t>'i*.
Jujgtfltng of FiguHs Goes on al a Merry, Pace--
X 1    JVbr Nearer, Soititioti: than .Ever—High ry
' * -■ l/    l *- * 1        V *■** S l"*"* f ?       ' ' ».       \ I*" - *        ,      4-      ' J" **^ * »        J      fa,.
■a ;,   ■:.,.•• .•*•*, *.,*' .,*.,'*v,r.7--..'."-.w «•---•-a    •-■* !•-'»•■ •*■,-' ■• --V  --4* ■•*
Finance a Mighty Problem
- (Continued frofc tSatufdky'BvLedfler.J
■ "•-";'; Following'the fevideilce glvfeh in ihfe
linger of last w<eeH}in;.tbe^^leliet|,,id[-
v&stlgatlon'case, "when1 Taylor' had 'lie-
Dikrmid on the stand: ' *'■
,.T^he questlOtl of the accuracy*of-e'er-
~ tain cash; balancfa j foil $elng • #301188-
eql and the Itei*q of fib .was on; the car:
;rpet, it belng'T1hiiwii thai, all-iittrtle^
hai. agreed-tprf-rita'.'beln'g, eliminated
from;the shortj&e'.f    -.(V,^).,.   '";.E:d'
• ■ McDIarmid ' accepted; this ^ex-p^a &t*}.t*
Ion and agreed tb' Its' being,,*taken'*,off
-,th4:am6unt'-whHb'ii-'brbu!sht ;lt',tb* $900:'
That $900 according, to *gour statement
■• leaves^ISlJ^-S'i-^^accoUttteH' K>r," ""^
-, •■.McDlarnild said it dld^ .**.. j.
. ;'Taylor Bald'ha^,-*|QujdJ>io*W4l l\t$"0i|)r?.
•' mid that it was Incorrect. (. .The audit
7hQ;made'ild nqtgo.^r en.ohgil..';Pefdr'S)
. hOjWent any farther he wanted'wltne.BS
, to.jagret3.wlth mm In one sweeping as-
'" sof tion. -'yi   "\      ',.,,'..
ii,: This'^Baat&fi-te^
• tion. of the one, error of $9007
t ,ea in these items ^on, that page. v / '
1'' MeDiarmid-lBald tjtialj if thei**bililan;pe
... b^ought^forwarii'-waB ^orrect-'ltvinlght
be so
''..^CounBeltj, bad: anot,her..,leiigtby1: legal
•iJgnidtMV ;yyy*y :* * y:yyi:;:::-.:
- iiWitiieBB. said- ifr-the cash on hand
1 • was correct then .the, shortage jvaB i*(i
I* Ajigusl;;' but if not correct then In Sep
tember.' "'*"'
''.>*,;Counsel asked,;him to,go oyer Jhe
btjink .book, ihe^cash book ancl, say
Vhich,items were, not deposited. ; ' t
.^Witness, atlei"checkJiigi (fwb IteknB
op folio 8, $2a,'.l4t., transportation "Chief
MacDBugali; $25 transportation Pat
Hughea. Polio. }0 $10,Diavt3y.4. ,., . .
t;CoupBol Bald with,regard to ,tha|i,
-t^lfl wis,,the |10* Item rtJ^rrbd .to
certain items'and you, cab bay if there
-■•■*■    ,AI*J-*** n-t'i "1-   '   ** - ft
are any.niore,
4 ♦ -* * -¥ ■* -% •*\ ♦'■¥ *' 4-
McDiartdlaji fsajd'het would go over
with counsel: '' .. '/•" .'„; '-' -' **
.'Taylor: On'page, 16,c*ash book yob
fiH(lij8tf6.18 an'd'put^do'wn' everything
fdh'supplies'^Page'>14^1;'$2; page 10
|38v^e 8. |25(. |2 ,40.r,;-7 J J
■^pqu-nsel asked,if there; .were any other" ijems."' '" <^( '•'/', V'i 5 ' \
■* WitnesBi" None1 so, far'tis you hat'e
gone.! The, of this„was 1892.58.
LeayCiOUt S^Otha Rose'dale's double eif-
try and the $10 Davey cheque explain-
Counsel: Now do you find that $89*2';-
,58 the {total of Items on cash book,'nol
bn,'.deposit sluSjtl'.' Now; separate items
on deposit slips not found* on •.cash'
bp6krail^a.par3t'dr1.' iteifib' aidount tb'
W. lA5- «'•«* ^..OBjflWp 1 Sf ..?A81?- '■"  -I
^Counsel: It Is fair to assume is it
not tbat,as these items appear as sep*-
arafe'UteiflB-t-'in' th^*-va.egb8ltr- MA *rB.
found-as {separate-items on;cash. book,
that these ^consist, of, cheques cashed
pbtrof ■ ca*Sb-3to.*V Hariq"f*ir^'.'>''^-aV'1-\';>
fair., ,,r * 'y ;,r3J*> ~'y \ %
Asked-'lf it would, be fair to deduct
.tli.2; fK6in-the totaH::bl.'i8"9'i4.-,58lhe r«>
•pite-a''1t"would be iSoVifJttie.'lfalanceis
right, .yl ■ *$,*•**&?' 4 I
'iiponngel'^Assuming that $63.40 was
ail'.*tfiat- Lockhart -turned'(h.oyer, and
with the' $15.03 wh^qh'Webb;;*had oii'
hahd.I^ockhart could havo onl^'taken
from thejtems found.up to Jaii^ including page 17, and-'from .tho .-^tems
found on page 20,, the sum .of $6io?
- 'VVltneBs:, YeB. /".■;? \; 'ii': ,7' ;,
. Taylor: If It be tif-qe from^he check*
lhta-,which you^made-'thlB morning on
a Bworh( checking made, by, Wbbb, that
I have sbb-vv'n you, being'checked off
deposit, slips and'cash book; tip to and
Including llhbe- lb last quesilbn up t6
page 22,' and if $$* true that^Webli
reco(yo*4 0,0, < cash, -from ' Lockhart ex*
cf.-f      lil'a.       *««       41A      :*JJ_'.'_-      V_       .*.-       .. ll
Nd iie*Sr developments   ^kre'1 4
♦ reported ln the strike in DIb-  ♦
♦ trict 18. The officers of the ♦
•^ Unions tiave the sltUaiion wbll •#
**f>.  In hand, and the l,id is o*d tight > •%
:."as far as ihe Operators Asso*   •*•;
' clatloji mines are cbncerdell.   ■#*
♦ -' Reilorts    are    being: circul*'.'. ♦
♦ , ate^jthat ,large.f stockholders -^
•***► of some of,the Idle.mines' are' <►
•»!»  bbjeciing' to,Ihe tie; up, ' dia   ♦
♦ , theyclajmbuslhess has*<beeii   ^
♦ none'too good in the last six,,*^
♦ months,' and   they   are ■, de*'-«*■>
♦ ,manding the immediate oper-   *-**•>
♦ ation of the mines in which, ♦
•**► their .'ntoney is wrapped lipi' ♦
9* -pointing,out thqt; idle mi*qes,*♦
♦ ' are not much when It coines ,♦
•¥7'&> dividends:     ■;,    v" ♦
♦ 1 Ledger readers will be.- in-';♦
•<(►   fo-jmed^diily.of.t^ progress,
*•*' the men are making in tjh'eir
♦ * figlit for fair .working: con'dit-
,■♦' ions., '7 ,» - . 1,^,,  l
♦ ■. j;,lI"hejC: .P.; R. and,the Ope***-
4e at'brs association are one .aiid
*' 'tbfe-'sameV TtiJi tj. P-- fer have
,♦ 1 granted a closed shop to their   ♦
t ..*g§Shfln*\?8a;-in &%&%?$* .j£
♦ miners want,the same .thing.   ♦
•4»". 'Why arettie C:- P'. K.'Hbt *frH- ♦
♦,s-Hog to,grant the same c'ondit-., •%
Special Convention of Dist. 18 tn Session To-day
Important Matters Being Considered—
Lewis' Representative.Coming
:I  '•*• --wV'    'ii' ii'''.''1'  'I^'*''i '*•'■"'    L"ii*
♦ ,,. We shall see what we Bhall
,♦' -see.* ■* Watch''Wr'tlife-Daily
■*■*► Ledger, and .kno^.for.yburB'iJlf
'♦ -without having to depend on
•**► ,-, street gossip information: We
j-tt'S are on^the .inside a*rid will.pitb-
•*•► ,-liBh only,.absolutely, ■'reliable,,,♦
♦ Information.    ,   .   * .*   1.^  ,;-♦
*>•-'  .■"':;*'"''''■ •-.■-'*..i- *--r-*
'♦.♦ ♦ ♦ ♦'♦ ♦ ♦'♦,♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
.1*1,. .-- ji    /,' -.        a^.'.'1*^      /*.•-*'     'l      -
' Tne convention df district Eighteen
U. 'M. 'W*! bf A. .calledbyttiai officers
for,the purpose at considering ttie
whole, strikesituation commenced this
morning in tide Miners hall: "
■ «M tich inttirfest'; c'e'ntreB * in' this g'ath-
gring and the putebme'is awaited, with
expectancy.,.,   ,    •     -■*"",•
District Prekdent Sherman called
tfie meeting to order i**The .first order
of business was .the,seating of^tlcie-
gates' and oii behalf of -the' Scale committee; AiessrB.v ' 'Clem tStiibbs' • 'and
Chas. Garner retorted the*following
delegates .as .eligible to be seated at
the conference: • , , ■ .*
''!B'aiiktiead;;^b'}''29,>,W-:';h6bek"' ■'
4'.;Bellov-ale;*431i'.C. Stubbsi   • ■, -   ',-•;
,.,Canmore, 1387, H. B|ox, v .,   -
■ Coleman, 2633, W*. Graham. ''     " »
^Fefiile,' 23i4,T7Aadig6iiV:'!."'-'' '
■ Fernie 2314, T. Biggs.    -
„ Frank/ 1263, W., Wrigley..."   v.
Hiiicrest; i058,"J'. 6. 'Jones.'  " .' "'
* Hosm*3r;-2497,'T: Cfiamj6er8:J'.''':   -*
,\i.ethbrldge„,574, J. :Lar'son.,> .. . :
*Lilie;'i233 F. C.'Gessler.
Michel, 1234-"aT.! Gafrief. '
'Mlchel^F^France*-*.:'.:»-*:\'?•.**•*.   -''
This Ih tHb'$50 which It' Ib claimed ibttt
Lockhart crribs'! Entered a'galhki hlni-
.Various btlder amduiiti** wero }>pxit
down as hbi'ilSpearmglfollfili. Tay-'
Ior then'1 produced, a statement mnde
bjr Webb thq'.dt-*.**/' prevlptiB,, mndo .by
him under oath, from tbo batik rash
■ Items book obtained, from tho bank
aiid cash book now boforo them of
tujjountB riot ^appearing ns sbparato
items on cnsH book". McDIarmid said
that ho would not attempt to swonr
thiit thoy wero tho snmo items. Counsol said ho woiild have tb, It was
i \ mado undor oath but thoy woro not
going to fetch tho, bank' books for
;McDIarmid said .Taylor was.trying
to make him a. detective to find put,
who stole tho. money, biit,ho was not
a.detective. He ropo'rtod a shortago
and that was all ho hnd to do,
' Theso* Horns woro gone inlo by counsol, Item $71,(16 he said thoy fpupd
to bo correct, and was on a sldo memo
exhibit 13, and was added In as a part
of tho Dnnk of Hamilton draft, >. Can
you say If a draft fop $80,20.was In
tho deposit Bhqwn?
MoDlarnild could tiot say,,
'Tho balinco of $71,C5 you will as-
siimo then si correct T .
.Wltneii. Nnld ho would assume It
was corroct.  * ,
'Counsel i, Ploaso put down Items
wjiloh you, find In tha cash book as
saparato ttema but which you cannot
find ln„tho .deposit book bb,separate
la*msroi* If you ^lib I ckn fahoek ovor
  __ .-Ap\d, thpn,Lockhart, *|i	
as tii<i:'i)age'B of tho-cash book is'con
corned, provided he, handed".PYjBjf the
cash Webb.'coiild hot'havo taken moro than $010.
McDIarmid: Assuming tho deposits
of September Ilth. to bo chocked out
correctly I should ony that this is correct,      ,      t
Taylor: Now this,is mathematical,
nnlj d'dmltB qf.tio'coiitradibUon.
CBiinsel:, Now as a iiiathbmatlcal Is not truo,that Lockhart took
•OOP, ft   ,,. ,, ■< .,,,.*   *,, '•
Witness: Bvldontly not,
-, Counsol: It Is not a raathotmatlcal
fact;^that, |io tppje, 18,7,0..08. „ ,	
MoDlarmid: ABauming, amountB to
bo chocked up corroctly ho could not
havo taken bo much.,,,        .
Taylor:, Wo will go, farthprr ,lf ho
passed over aiiy cash to Webb, und If
ho passed'over a greater amount than
tho $03.40, dbposltod and tho $15.03
on hand, It must bo rodtlcod by that
amount. ,
Mebmrmldt No, I should not say
that. .   ".,i
Taylor: You and I agree tlmt tho
only amount stolon could not havo
boon mdre'than,$0,0. Now I want you
to go further, I want you to say
that the $010 roducod by ovory dollar of cash that Is not'lnoludod
lit thb dopes!t slip bf floptempor Ilth
and' not Incltldod lu tho bslanco of
McDIarmid: I cannot too how    It
could bo,.„,    JL      	
I (ContlnUod to-worrow)
I       ,!' •>»',    ■ '    ■ .     .       ■    '
Scaf ed df His Life
7'-   • i    *■' ': ■' '.i'^iM./jy.'j''''-   >. -*'!' ;i
.' St.'PBTEfebfiUllGMpHi'la^Thfea-
tened; by'assassins in,his own palace
at Teheran and. by rebellious.Tanistanl
tribesmen who may'sack' tlie cities
along the Persian gulf at any moment,
the Shah of Persia is in a state of
abject terror to-day.
*A report to-day ■say*' that a British
cruiser is anchored, off.Bushlre,'ready
to protect 'European residents from
the niitlvep."'
s'This has greatly complicated •, the
situation as the. Shah has already
requested the Russian government to
send troopB.4to..occpy..Teheran , „and
protect blm from assassins whose
plots .have recently ibeon discovered
by police. •* ■•*;■,■ ■    •
, As a'rebuit a clash*betwbeh England
and RiiBOld, each of whom,JealbUsly
watches ^the^mpvoa oi|\thb othor' "ih
Persia, seems' imminent.   „ u,s \    ,7
: The ghiiH'B .requpBt for Russian, military aid .was .received seyoral days
ago,, but was taken under bonsideratlon
at, tho Russian govb'rnraeht do*
aire to antagonise tlie British'. ',
, ^hb; action oi1 thb British to-day in
assuming control of the Rhpres of tho
Porslan gulf^ will probably result. in
RusBla iit once sending Boldlers to Teheran.
'■        ^ '^ii	
Marines Are
On Strike
, CHICAGO, April 12-*-*Actual liostill*
tlos In tho lako Bailors striko started
In South Chicago whon * efforts v*oro
inado by vobboI owners to Rtart out
a fow boats brought out tho fact that
marlno workers had boon told not to
shlb oh nny voBsoh cpntrollod by iho
Lake Cnrrlors nssoc.-itlcDi, _
' Tho marlrio firemen's i'.nl6nH*ocioHt
ly hold mootlngfl. all around tho lake
ports, and ns n rostilt rib flroban enn
ship with nny ongliioor who signs a
eohtraot. »    '
Tho local union cnllod out 85 flro*
men In South Chicago yostordny, arid
reports Indlchto ttint othor t-lacos Hro
doing tho'sdnib.
Sovornl of tho most powerful con*
corns nro reported to bo on tho vorgo
ot withdrawing from tho Lako Carr*
lors association.
,"Maple .Leaf 2829, *■ J., .Coghill.,,.., -,.Jt
Royal' Collieries, Lethbridge 2589.JW
White.-; '-'•'■  " :'*" ' ,'"   ' 7\
, Taber, 19,59;^lopktn Evans.' •' *,\'  '•
'.; Taber' 102,, D. ,L\*Miller., .;.;
Passburg','2352,)'S. Dunn.     ,,'
-.Corbin; 2877;.W. Ryari."'*   "  '
President Sherman presented.,!, the
following report, bn .the sit-qation, in
District, 18, setting forth 'fclearly' the
facts leading to'the present stoppage
bf wbrli.    ' " ' '  *   , ,  , \   i.y.
To the delegates a'ssembl,ed,ln 8pecla|
Convention; a riego-Hatibna lootci'iig
to a renewal bf agreorneritu;  *
The' Scale cbiiimlttop ,, appointed at
the laet annual district convention at
Lethbridge,met the' Ba-ttlO'cbmihittbe
of the )Vestern Conl Operators asspcl?
atibii tit Maeleod, Alta., on March,2nd
1909.   u,We found thaj the operators
were riot ready withrariy^ proposal for
a Hew agreement;., Oiir Bide pre-a'eiite^
a net of prbposdi^, tor, formulating a
new agi'o.omoht Covering gon'ofal, prqy:
Islons.    The operators thon ,tppjft thi?
stand that under r\o conditions,woiild
they agree tb anything that would Increase thb cobI of producing coal, bur
side taking the sj.and,.that under no
conditions would wo agrob lb any reduction ln wages, but would prefer a
Btoppago of,work to a reduction.     I
saw, that thero, ^tis a littlo, friction
among tho bppratprB thomselvos,   so
advised oiir, slclo to adjourn', for two
wooIcb, which was dono and tho district
offlcors visited tho various locals   to
consult with thom,
In tho raoantltno I was laid. ,up
sick for ono wook.','. I managed, how*
oyer, to roach Maeleod Iu tl*no for tho
second mooting of tho Joint Scalo commlttoo. Again I had to go to bod,
Vlco-Prosldont Oalvln taking chnrgo
of affairs.,
I loft'Maclood for homo oh tho understanding that I should bb kopt Informed of tho prodoodlngs. On March
21st Vico.prbNluoht Galvin cnmo to my
homo at Tabor and Informod mo thnt
tho Operators association had split,
tho Canada Wost Compnny, at Tabor,
and tho Crows Nost PnsB Con) Company of Fornio, Morrlsoy and Mlchol,
nnd tho Maplo Loaf compnny of Hollo*
vuo, Altn,, had brbkou away from tho
I Instructed him tb go back to Mac*
leod nnd break off negotiations with
ti-b operators unsocialjon,until such
tlmo na wb would nogotlato ngroo*
IJi.b..      •'.'    I'      *-  'J*  .a    .*,.     U,'.  .'. ,..       (
ments with-the .independent, compan-
lbs, who' employed the majority oi! the
members of our union in DiSlrlc't No.'
181 ^ He, .left me, promising me in
the^ presence , of ^wlthesses that he
would'keep ihe fully ihfbrriied of ' ahy
fiirther developments, and that before
any proposal was voted(on,,by our men
my tidviSe would be Bought. ',' '
''•"'This Vice-pVeBideiit baivin"falled to
do; arid I- was entirely iri the,'dari«7as
.to'the, situation of affairs until March
27th, when I saw in r Ihe press s that
ah &greement:iiad ijeeii'arrived at and
was being' voted a oii by our local'unions.   ^ ,   .'..',     , ,  ,-,.,        ^ t    ■.,,•.-£.;.    ■
Xltfiougi not.fuiiy,recovered I left
Taber and came'to Fernie oh Monday
March 29;-"and*'saw Galvin and' asked
him what,was the meaning -ail.
I got the proposed agreement, between
the Crb*Ws' Nest Pass Coal 'Coihpahy
andtour."linloiit first and havitii'care-
fuljy ~,noted' its^contents, told,,Galvin.•
that* I .would not sign'same,, pointing
biit: that It '-was''unfair in some vital
partjcularsi: and,, was practically .an
open shop_ agreement,,.. ,-*,' ;,,■,,. '. ,^
committee aiid interview 'Messrs rfiird *
and- Simlster n™*t  *t,a motto. . tt.
upon., the matter. ■ :'■! Ih
the .meantime,,Mr.( Stockett, the pres}- *
deiit of, the Western Coal' Operator's
Association came-down'fridm' Hosmer
to'see, Vice-Presldent4 Galvin for; the
purpose of, getting the agreement signed.'     I tpbk the matter out of Gal*
vlns hands-and informed Stbckett that1
under   np circumstances would.- that
agreement „ be .signed In, Its present
form, as' it- had neither a, beginning
nbr an ending Hhd^ was distinctly, a
non-union document. ,,    ,,,,..,
; Mr. ,Stbckett,^hen,,' stated ,that,it
would be,necessary to call, a meeting
of his association asking at' the Bathe
tlmejhat our conynlttee go to Maeleod
at tho same time for tho purpose bf
further„discusBing. the. situation. <• • I
Informed himthatii*I.,wo* camo to an
agroomont lt would be necessary   to
havo, our eollcitora proesnt to draw
tip the document according to the law
of Alborta. ,."■  ,./•'**..    -.
,, In, tho meantimo I had given* Stockott a copy of tho agreement arrived at '
and signed at Fornio on; March 80,1009 >
tolling him that wb roqulrod' a similar
agroomont at Maeleod..'v>'    <   '.
Wo mot at Mnclood on March Slsti
and procoeded to tho hnll. Finally
Vico-ProBldont Galvin proposed * that
wo appoint a chairman nnd got down
to bustnoBB, M,r. stockott objdetod to
this and stated that this was not nbc-
ossary, no wo hnd met to sign tho
ducumont placod boforo our mon and
nothing else would do, absolutely refusing to dlBcusB any proamblo or anything else.
In roply I told tho operators thnt.
as thoy roprosontod a minority of our
momberB nnd ns hitherto thoy hnd always dostrod to follow tho load of tho
Crows Nost,Pass Conl compnny, wo ox**
peeled thom to glvo ub ut lonst equal
Wo thon withdraw and tho'District
Kxocutlvo board decided to call a discontinuance of operations ponding a
I loft Mnclood nnd procoeded to
Frank ond togothor with Secretary-(
Tronsuror Cnrtor nnd tho local officer*,
wo concluded ■ a vory mallsfnctory
agroomont with tho Cnnndlnti American Conl and Coko company along thb
lines of tho ono nt Fornio, I thon
oponod negotiations with thb Illllnrost
Conl nnd Coke Compnny and tho Wei-
(Continued on pngo 8.) ■v/;
' *■; '■.-. >'.
'"•_•. V",
7 5 -
>w. .*.*-- *-\- .-•;"■=•
.  ..a>-.
*■      ■£
JSaClie? 3S3ioJirijtJ £i%^
's*y ■*•***•.*
AddfesaVall comiriuriica*
"■S.'iw.'.*JL*'i--—. "I-",
to they^Manager'A.'DlBtrlctaLedgejr;'Fernio B.* C.
for^advertl8lng^bn}appllcatlon.' £U.? Vi.t ' ' '•""-
e"i beiieveV •throuKh -careful 'Vhautnr.' tliat'; all-' the
$1100 a year.,in advance,
tions to the
We",. beiieveV • through -careful 'Vnqutry,' that'■ all-' the
-advertisements in this paper are'signed by trustworthy
^persons, and to,prove.our,faith by.words,*,we,will make
good' to actual subscribers any, loss Incurred by trusting advertisements that prove tb be swindles; but we
:-do- not,-attempt - to adjust*trifling disputesr-between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay, tha debts of honest bank-furta.*^ 7; -., <*-.••*,,"•,>
This offer holda^good afc^'' ori^ *m^ti. 'aftey ' the
•-.ransaction causing' the *-Wmpl*^nt^that4B W must
have notice within that tlmo.,. In all. cases ln writing
to advertisers say„"rsaw It in The Ledger."   „
t>. «p.      , T ht '     -        -ha   t."*- >     *1 -a-".-' *     ^      " "** - ** ■   "" '     "
J    lr, S,     ....    •   T    ;>.     ,a,    .a-^^    8(
'fhone 48; Residence 9'* -\
•( ,       -.  »  ,1   ,    V-y*       *•■*)'■'        •aS.,*'.'     ','     i^A.
tvfi-  W
ively' shown that*
, v.- w&sj?~-
J**I*3   ttJ*nA
sjANiA-E*/; .>■; v..
' Alanafler I
e has actea'ndvin„the!uriderhand^
wayjhatma'ny-sectibns.of the westera^presis have
tried to represent-'but ;iri. a"' frank,:straightforward
maid'nei*,-;haviag ah-';eye single. at -allvtimeq' to- tlie
beist'Sntefestsof th-^Canadiah"miners.t.;; *..,'- '.'/;.'-,
.'■ ^■Me^while*t^e;h;um,of industry, is h^ar'd iriythe
camps where tlie independent,companies are operating, and they are prospering!as-neverbefore;;the
demand. formal bein^^greatly'in^excess'^fv,their supply.*-*!-The feeling betweenrthe'men-in
thefca*mps around/,hfjreu and:>the companies .operat-
iiig same^hvas never better, and the beneficial re*,
suits   b£-.ii'"8everance of conhectibns with the mil-
-\\ i-*- 'tajf J\'    1       "    *-'Cj2 ■..'■. ' --JJ-,**
dewed OperatorSj.combine- are. becoming'mpre an4
more apparent eve'ryday;* ' ■>> vvl yi< ,--.- . '■"■*''>■''*' ''^
\*    * ;<Si      .' 7    .*-,.'-",>.' j.';,' .     •    *„•■■:    -t
•■-   The first worchof dissention has y jet-to. be" heard
< *       *     i *■ ■ • i,
f^pin the men out-'on strike in^any* of* the 'camps"?
Everywhere, the' organizations' seem^'.'complete' -and
perfect; in all" ceij.tres.-. the -men, are •' conducting
themselves,■.in*a,dignified but determined'^manner1
befitting to workers who .believe, in.'the dignity of
labor," and the still greater, dignity/oft quitting under unfair conditions.' „ -"• **i -;•; i* ""<'''
t- t^r&¥&.'K&tf'?. y*
*;.i.'3aV;   J--  a.,,,.;' >   ..... -I    .",^",*
^7^ '-
A ; Poor- * Sluoe
^ t,sWili' not^tn-cn-il^ltts *■- v
-.-^-'•''^'-■-sir^S*/''''^"!^^^ -
»;,J;*^-rite^l-oct-tos ,toy7vy-,-
&-^   Va(piijin|nar|,-A> ;   ,*-'.-
^•-^^^*i'...*'t*;^.^^;'^ '   *--f
_-*Get  the" kind- thab^are made..
'"- right' in -the beginning,". Right,
,7**in8bape, whicn gives them'style;"'-*
'.""a  Bight in &t^ which gives them'v
*'".comfort." >b'Bight inr durability ;
4.   '^ W^C ',*■*     "      tr*   ^•17*^'^*^P^*-^*^vl-**r     -!(-■■ ->-at*h.""
*'" ',which'makes tHem wear well.,
The-right kind are always tb be
%'. Thad at right prices"&*% *'V *- V:
.r;rK.V.fMcBougaU^s ^y' ■
Wilti?" STiSD ous all
:,,'-»4   H.i    "jr
iH     'll,
■t.* ,-'
• if,)'!
Acting m an eminently,, fair ..'and frank manner
,. the officers of District .18 called a convention, of
•* all local unions in bistrict. 1$ which.ia being h'elti
•in-Pernie to-day".   .•  *,   - 1 ; .■    ■ *.  -" •'-. j'.."*,. . .-.'.-,*
„;,<'-,'    ..-, -y ■ -  . ,
"•   , "A goodly representation of delegates are,in attendance arid, the whole situationiwilLbeithorough-
~ \-y gone over, and the forces of the men' concentrated and united' for :the struggle.     ,  ' , * •= '    '.- .
The message",pf President. Sherman to the men,*
{which is,given in full elsewhere,.places his position'
in a hew light''to' many who^'heretofore,could.not
quite' understand, his, actions and .his' reason for
'   ordering the cessation of work.    .A perusal of his
statement at once convinces the reader that he has
* taken the only course "possible under the circum-
.. stances',' and' the ^manner in .which the men are
backingAhim' up is in. itself a glowing tribute   to
" their confidence in their leader. 7 ,. .if--=-=4fli-. .   \
;' One of .the. outstanding features of the.wholu
survey is the questionable action of Internafioufri
[. President Lewis, who by his action iri telegraphin-*
to the Operators association, promising a signed up
agreement over the heads of the of f icialsof"Distrujti"
18, seriously jeopardized the chances of success at
the very outset of the,fight, It has; been made
perfectly clear to him that District 18 and the Canadian'miners will notbe dictated to, or snubbed in
any such, manner.", ^The fact that he gave credence
to the operators side of the case without first obtaining an explanation from .President Sherman
cannot be overlooked; and no doubt more will be
} heard on this point later. "
■ President Sherman has made it perfectly clear
to the miners and to the worldin general, if needs
be, that he is holding nothing back, that-his con*
duct and actions are fully stated, and he has posit.
. W-W'
- , ' '.■J*.*' ,       "j I I 'I i* ! iTa   ^ll      ' ,'   ' *>''
,With this issue, we start,avdaily.'bulletini.' off-Strike Business,';' which-will be'issued as long a|
the-strike lasts. 'XThere1 will, of 'c6urae,;ibe;7other,
rea'dirig matter,'injL'it 'regarding local affairs,' telegraphicI news) etc), but _ theymain'-* object "is 'to1 acquaint th'e men bf.the^istric^withthe true, state
of affairs','as;it'isvhard tb tell what outside reports
to believe.-. These daily biilletiris-willbe sold bjjr
the newsboys andpVwiir'also be majled tq'allreguhira
subscribers.! If you are,not.already a subscriber
to The Ledger .we invite your name arid* more'espec-
ially your dollar.^'- The District Ledger is the.besf.
weekly, newspaper*- published in Canada.;' We? say
this -without any'.'fear.'pf. contradiction as we,'have
seenW paper'yet that'icontains the, amount of news
and is so' creditably printed as The Ledger."
*•*. * <¥■
. 1, Geton the Voters list. '.iThe list is being revis^
ed:-i. Now. is your^opportunity .to ]be' in a '^position'
to control'your destiny^-by the use°of the ballot
box.    '      '.ir-*', '•' *• --".\ '..*■- .as --.-_" a„'- .-j   '   '..J .
.. .... •       a       -    i * ' , a* •
-      A* '.*{■>    •**.
f..-... ■Everytiiing''*is iNicej'/a^
' Wt j i  v—    ^ -i \   ^' \l '' '  '*.►   ",      .   _,'■, ""' '*.  -1- .   ■.;.■ 1«'" C'r"xi- y
' t .^.17 tT?ie: ^ '-You;..-; \yjjA ■ y
■ ▼    ,'.  -'twill find in part,. Drags^Pat)ent-'JMedicinesi•f-Jl   •-'a-s-S.
"Magazines^^ of.all^kinas, pa^y^^Newspape^s ^,l \
and 'Weeklies; Stationery! and Office..Sup-  ^ .-.*■•
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 * • ''    ■     ' , ■ ;.i -t"-1--*o ** ' ,.   ,*.        .   *.•  t' * -   ''•   .-    '§t    <
A;?^.;;"BLEAS:DELI-7, ,7'
-!.•;.*.-:•. -'-.'£? 1 > ,*'-r. * >."■'■    '    u..>*.*r.\a ',*. y ;>s'
reliable; -druggist ; Phone ;418
old and
Vc« -will Alia tarn om the.Cotmet ffkera the Peat OStlec iraa'kaftnre
-/if'-.'---'-     s.-- vi   "    -"--a *--*«• Fire   ^**j"*= "-'-:"*1'-''''■*--*«-.'-••  -'.•»-»'"
.-" Tlie ariti-Japanese and .Chimese^talkns alL v^fy;
well, but who starts them—the capitalist. Now think
hard, which is better, to have the Chinks and. Japs
controlled, by the unions Tor have them scab when
you strike for better conditions t ^
, 7    ,..'■' ■       ' * . •     .u    •    •
i The police authorities are hot foot after those
citizens who persist in making a cess pool out of
their back yards, and are insisting that the same
be cleaned before an epidemic breaks out. * Go to
it coppers, and more power to you. A dirty back
yard is neither desirable nor necessary. *    '
Did you say that the nation can't run
those industries for Itself successfully?
Well if the nation can manage a state
university, It cannBuroly run a packing
house.' ■      '•• l" '
If it can feed a fighting arm it cim
run a hotel,'
If It can build bridges It enn build
factories.  '     >    ■
If It enn Irrigate land It can &ell
If it can sell postage stamps lt can
sell conl, <
If it can manage a navy It can man*
ago telegraphs, telophonos, express
companies and railroads.
If It can mako ennnons It can mnko
If It enn manage experimental farms
at tho agricultural colleges It can man*
iiKo tunning,
If it can pave tho st roots It can alBO
mnko tho mntorln.n wllh which tu
pavo tho st roots,
Jf tho peoplo can run tho public
schools thoy can nm factories or any
othor public utility,
m*     .     '
FORT WORTiirTex. April B— To
hoys aud a corolusBly thrown cigar*
otto stump Is gotiurally credited tbo
flro yostorday which dostioyod property In South Fort Worth, valued nl
$2,000,000, caused tho doatb of J. J.
Newton, a bank omployoo, tho serious
Injury of six persons, rendered throo
hundred famllloi homeless and caused tho tomporary idlonoss of several
hundred workmen ompolyod In   the
manufacturing plants and .businesses
burned. '     ■ ( ;'
Tho burned area Is under guard ot
the state troops to prevent looting and'
tho entire fire department lis still en*
gaged ln oxtlngulhslng the' burning
embers which, with the. high, wind are
Bt-.11 burning.
A mass meeting was lield today arid
relief eommlttoos wore named As thc
burned rosldonco quarter was populated largely by thoso In comfortable circumstances littlo mdnotary relief will
bo needed.
- When you hoar a'man snoorlng at
the Iocnl pa/por bocauso It Is not as
big, cheap and nowsy ns tho city pap*
ore, you can safely bet thnt ho dooB
not squander any of his wonlth lu
assisting to mako It bottor, and that
gonorally tho paper has dono moro for
him than ho has for It. „, Tho' man
who ennnot soo tho boneflts arising
from.**, local nowspapor Is nbout an
much' vnluo to n town as n delinquent
tax list.
A big Yorkshlroman had como all
tho wny to Ixmdon to soo the nrit-ali
Unfortunately It was a day whon tho
Munoutti was'closod. Tho Indignant
Yorkshlroman refused to tako no lor
nn answer from tho hooper at tho gate
of Ihti.plnco, *
"Out alnt It publio properly?" ho do*
"Yoi," admitted tho policeman, 'but
ono of tho mummies dlod on Tuosdny
snd do you begrudge us ono dny to
bury him In?"    "
"Oh excuse mo," said tho Yorkshlroman In a hushed volco "in that case I
won't Inlrudo,"
' - Canada ■ seems to have reached a
point of development where there < is
substantial appreciation of Canadian
magazine offort. .The Homo Journal
announces an Increase on June . lst
from twenty olght to forty four pages
with a number,of now departments.
Miss Jean Graham, at present on the
staff* of the Canadian Courier and a
staff writer also of the Canadian Magazine, takes tho editorial management
on April 1st,,and Is associating with
her a uumbor.of tho best .known Canadian writers. The Home Journal,
when tho proposed changes have been
Inaugurated, will bo ono of tho best
journals of -Its class on tho continent. Tho prlco is to bo ndvoncod
with tho Juno number, but in the
monntimo subscriptions aro bolng.taken at the old figure.    ,    ,,,
 --^-—7     '
In reward of faithful political service
ah ambitious saloon kooper was appointed as polico magistrate In his
"What's tho charge ■ agin this man
hnro?" ho asked ns his first caso was
"Drunk," your honor," roplled thc
Tho nowly mado magistrate frowned
upon tho trembling dofendant.
"Guilty or not guilty?" ho demand
ed. ,. , i
"Suro sir," fnltoord tbo dofendant,
'I novor drank n drop,"
"Havo   a cigar thon,"   urged   hli
honor persuasively,   as   lis absently
l-ollshod the top of Die Judicial dos>
with hli pockot handkorchlof,
LOT FOR tALC-West Kornle, Apply Ledger Office,
Young lady wants potltlon tut ttono*
grapher. Apply Ledger office.
Easter Hats
A splendid display of Ladies' Ready to
wear hats ,".'....,\. 7ttS.80
Ladies'   Dross   Hats '* trimmed, Vith '•l*
Wings," chiffon,' Flowers and Foliage **
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both large and small. at a reasonable,
price. .7...............,v.............,;., <> 8.00
'Also a display of Children' Hate that,:   ,
cannot bo equalled, from , -   .25.
My millinery consist* of agrade of goods bought
with tho greatest of care and at low prices and
'will 'appeal  strongest", to the' carolul buyer.
Custoriioi-s note my styles nrp excluslVo.*'    .
No Two Hats JSold;Alike1
,, ,        . 1  ■   1 , 1    I''.!'.   ,
A fall lino of aliolf and heavy Hardware in, stock 'together with a
complete range of Stoves °
Furniture Department
Our Furnituro Dopartmont embraces tho
riioHt unique and up-to-dato linos.
Como ih and have a look
<i .*f 7
:7'";^l:?f:Vjy"'<v5i7r. y y\   •
..aa, ^■j*P(j4ftrt4(J.a;j.vSl.^ -
a .a.. <-.-i'£; .'"W, :'^i3^-:*|«ja5'l***'3
rtS",; ..-i4Laiji^^^t-f^Xt~~fi--
**.»rwjcr;'\*4 -.-;*-■'-' -«>",*'*"-,'? >'■&;!<&> '-J .-if^t***',
. ,-,»- .,,**■ '.V-.M-,.-.*-., - \.*"iXSy*t .
*■*   --,
r?i. i.
Always a: choice supply of Beef,b Pork, Veal, *
c    _,    j,.     .TaC)^—\n*,**■-«+   -» »*■*  •>- -    v*-" %. ■^'";**- ;**i>.'-'('Y--t(' l-*,'*-*******"* ' "■"■*"*■■*  •"•!*""■'   v-JiM".'*7*  «*■*
.."- . :    I^ona.Lai-d;,^
444  4.
'":•.■"      Our Specialties
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish, always a good
V - .tons#*^ ,'..'-
■, ;' assortment.,,\Try our Mince Meat, 0     -'
.     ..     ,    Saurkraut and^Oysters;,''^
wa. ,.  *.
'^...J       .   ti\,   'a.jiHjf.flj*   aa,*,       V4U3J(-'' V!
FERNIE, B.C. APRIL,12 1909
m^^i^iii':. ::•-»"<*. £.   ...-4, • -^j^ci.-a-^.^.'i^-.'V
.-'C --. '-- -;.>■*y—r    1 • -.7y.-y ■
iOne?of the .certain indicatioria,  of
apfIng.'le the'awakehinij bfvthe soul of
the.BprIng.p'66t. S*p'asm"'l:7 *^U,;' -*-
There's one small;spot In the British
* land, tnat~*wilK*always bef-deartO
is? me,  ^,.  7; . .^7 yiy\    ':!~y'
Itfa a little"lot^on'a-sunriy'Wiria'tho
. -ft west part of Pemle, B.C.*
TTlils. lot is sheltered *oh* the north and
lV west by mountains, tall and grand
The east and 'south af-J'bordered by a
■/tf, pleasant valley- land.      *'•' -      !
• 11, ii O "*        ,1 1 ' l- *
wy :, '   * -     ■    ■" . .-»i-
Tsees.and stumps that decked _,the
%}. gr'duntt' have all' been cleared*;a>way
By. days and days of labor,, but from
„-«^,' now oa<'iwHV be play^v ^.y- •,''**■>
FOr when -you're" passing'-to "and "fro;
\1 you wiirbe surprised to see
Growing where those Btunjps .stood,
¥ some thrifty apple trees,     "   '.
$j /\  ''-'     *■* *-■*/, ' -.:!:**;-   '''*:-:*'
When the April clouds break .over and
-.."..send their welcome showers'down
The beautyof my. orchard flowers *wiu
'?    ho   thn   tail-   nf  fill   tha   fraum
be. the talk of all the town.
/..,-&. aw ^ta'j.a- a-.-
'a," '     '~.  .
~*fr;&&'r<i£l.-.-iS'ty <
1    ^'      -  ;a.        -. ',   ,    <****•
-.*»'....,.;. a.   '   -,--*■;. ^ ■ .Vx;..
(Co^ttnued from .pageil)
through allvof Fernie's. streets.,
town" will: be
,.'-;■-•     *   v -   ■ <'« ■ , >> 1^-"%    , ~..y-
The 41 Meat Market Limited
- ' .-.        •'   y>-.^    .Jj>*    ■_ -    Jf*    >'fe,a>'-.,-**-.'«.     •'"A.,^*'*-*   1     ,'"
-     Wholesale and Retail Butchors
Stores ln>ll the Principal To*wni In Brltl«W Cotiimbli*. and Alberta
jv*»'«y,*. a"*"*, -v'a - *." "I ' "*..
" wi^-T  «*ms   .-**'•   .
J   ■      Bacon
Salt Fish.
'• i'J   -p*   ■"    '      "■  '* t.    ."      "■       --'•   '-     „    '    -    .'  '
Our Motto ''Civility, Cleanh^o^iiandcoriwt weight to
,*. ,i < ;- ■
.*-*-i.M;7i v,ii.i. <',i 7,
a. n-
Dont Jorget that T am back
7  .   -,' i *... <,,,-v'.r .** >• '\i "   •
'■•■"lm" j^Ae old stand and thaf
'. 7 " ' ' *'"'' a,•■        *
;       my prices i are better
than  ever
Men's/Suits£$5.00, io
■ .'.
Caps ;$ 1. Stic] to
Trunks3.50. to
Strangers {coming into
- -y. surprised to know
That*.applettrees:aWhen.planted {.Willie
*« .• F(ernle'-ever- grow...,-*.-,,-, ;.; «..
And.some,wiU,, anxlpus to,fiftx
f     my orchardUand        ". o'    *'70   ',
,the* winters-" are. pleasant/
and: the. summers 'Are so* grandl 7
i>,*'K» >-i     Tuai*'.-i,    .>t  .;*i.'-* r'   ,
^ a ,,'--(* ...._, ,
When the long, bright sunshine.days
{    of .June are on the* wing, ' ,
I'll be strolling.through my orchard
'jf\ just as proud as any king, "
And yoVll hear""m*y 'voice'-re-echo
£ -through this mountain air so free,'
As, I sing that well .known song: Un-
,- der the shade of the old apple
•■* , tree.^., .,*.  ,,   $,  ,,, *aj.?j     -.*  ,
* £r&;*\\.t. V s> J,  v    ^ '--
' ^ I***1       " *     fc ■      ' " I
Soon, oh soon July and August will go:
j*   flying, swiftly j by, •y.i ^v, •■
And the apple harvest season in" its
: !- splendor will be night, . -
Ah, 'tis then^twill keepCme hustling
-J...*;. from early^morn till night
But the. picking ot the apples will be
•',  . a sure delight.  _    7 -. -,
,When ~you*re out a shopping on Fer-
■i 'nle's;busy street,,;.- .-■ , > i; ,
You will* be.surprised at the rosy up;
* • plies.that your,-wandering 7, eyoa;* ■*.       "    '
■Through^' the * windows If * you'll- notice
'.'7 you can^ look to any" slde^  ,   '7
Tl}e' leaders among "the Apples are tne
* *- WeBt Fernie Pride.'-
tern Canadian Collieries Limited at
Lille and Bellevuo.*, f.''"'-1 ■; - <".
I then found that "these, companies
although*disposed'to;be* fair to our
union; would not sign up because o(*
a 'telegrata from^ Ihteriiatibnalv President T. L. Lewis to the Operators atj-
-soclatlon stating that the" agreements
would be 'signed and that International
Boanl Memb*er*lJV .B.^'iyiorHjan would
b'e*slnt here *wTth"full ipower to act. ^
', This, action of President Lewis before-asking District No. 18 for an explanation ,of ^heir action, I strongly
resent and' simply wish to say. that it
is'Impossible'for me to1 do justice to
my position ln fighting for the' Canadian mirfeW If th'iS International vinioi\
Js^to take, the 8ldej,of the-Operators
Association before-Shearing jourl case'
bf District nyv^: -„„ «?* «-'-v , «
, .With regard to ..the. referendum vot|
about'which so much tuss appears to
be made'liy the Operators Association/
less than one third of our members
-affected* voted: ln ,favor,-:jt)f-.the* agree
ment, and only, then because the mem.
bers of our scale committee who visited-the locals told bur'members that
they.a>could,.'not get any, better agree
ments, and" that we could not get the
support of . the International union
In. some cases amendments -were promised before the vote was Obtained.'
I, therefore, was not Influenced by, a
vote such as was obtained. '-.
7   copy of Telegrams* c
■  Indianapolis April 2 '09
F. H. SHERMAN,     ,'... , ,.,
''-'•-'--. ■ '*-,^■•t-.Fr-10*1' , *-,_■ -~ . ,
.Telegram received from representative Western Coal Operators association that you refuse to sign up contract
after ratification by referendum vote.
Kindly explkln by return wire.
"-    r"'' •   ...\T.'i
.v* ' I?1. •■">  .•- '
As a Result of Bitterness
.,   of Old Parties
See my swell line of Neckties.* _*/%_■ _^ $,_.
all styles     -      -    ' - 5®° to $3
, , ,       , .....,-,,. ... .4 ' -*t, '    ' '
(Next door to Hotel Fernie)
Singer Sewing Machines Co.,
Fernie, B, C.       ,
Why be without a Sewing Machine wl|en you ■
can get one (5r $3.00 a month? **
■    ...     '       ,4        t        *        ■■ t -      ' X 'i        ■ »„/' . '        ''» ' '■*■*/•.     I" "        '       ■.**     •'•■"*
J. P, ROULAHAN, Agent, opposite Coil Go.'i offlo*. P*IUt Ave,,
  . _    ""I . ' ■* . . .       a . ■   \
T.'L..LBWIS,-\ *' ■ ,"    . ; -     ;• x
-State* Life, * Indianapolis. - .-;,/
Statement -of operators. i*ncorrect.
Agreement signed with companies employing * 2700* men, 2000 idle; negotiations pending other -companies;' full report by letter.     . * .      ..<  7
.""'-    ■.    *"7.  . F. H." SHERMAN
Vou will know thein "by" their color)
you .will know them by their' size,
tlo north, go south,- go where-, you
will,   from east to farthest west,
'.Twill be-the same, same ..story, Fernie apples.are the best.
:■ ■■ \ '*■.;—    _:•
(lo to the rich- man's' dwelling wnere
luxury does reside, .
lie always uses apples,and they're the
.i    West Fernie Pride, .-"
(lo to this poor man's humble cottage,
,"   where doth reign.       •
You'll f|nd that when he;, uses apples
'' 'r  it's the Fernie Pride again.
Tou can travel o'er the CQjatinont olth-
, <    er walk or ride ,
Dut'Whorever there^aj-o apples   you'll
y   find the Fernie Pride.a1.';   , A*,..
There'll be so many orders from1 near
and foreign lands
In fact it will keop me pondering  to
* Bupply tho' demands :      '
» .,-«V*^'4»'l*T*«!*'*''.   -     ■''"T'iV- .'   ,•!*.      4**.»%
I'hero'll be a rushing order from oven
';    Model Paris
]*orwartl'us,somo npplos just as booh
*;    as you got this,      <
l\or we hear* you have somo .beauties,
* thnt aro worthy of tliolr namo
We should liko to try;a sample —And
'- ' enclosed tho price for samo. '
i - <■
■ i.
There'll be ordors from my npplos from
,.   Australia and Japan••
]'"rom tho. rugged coast of, Scotland,
nnd tho little Islo of Man,
J'rom Greenland's loy,mountains, from
-   tho southern strawberry land,
1'rom Asia's barren deserts will come
1     the same demands.  ^   \
Vou cun board a ship-that's loaded,
and' will bravo the rolling tide,'
If she carries nny apples you will find
thoy'ro the'Fornio Pride.
On any station platform boxes of apples you'll SCO,
Ubollcd with largo black lottors •—
Applos from Pornlo H. C. -
You can go to all tbe fairs or any exhibition,
Tbe Fernie Prldo will tako first prlto,
<    abovo all othor competition,
Thoro's no othor applo that can quito
>   compote,
I'or tho Fornl-S Prldo Just almply can't
* bo beat.   . .'. ,
And now kind friends, when here wo
7 part
To cross tlmt rivor to tbo other tide,
If apples art admitted thor*. 'v
Wo'll find thero   also the   Pernio
* Prid«.	
*■ —By a Wost Fornio Apple Grower
• I i
WELLSVILLE, Ohio, April (5^-Four
persons were injured in a'pls^olduel
and general fight between,-members   ,
of the Gopd Citizens league^
who had been; drinking ln a houseboat
anchored- in the Ohio river, sixty feet'
from the shore.     "    " *
, Wvhilo the West Virginia line comes
to the phio,slde of the river the Ohio
authorities have, been claiming jurisdiction over1 the'sale* of liquor close
to the shore until a decision last' week
gave undisputed right to sell liquor In1
boats sixty feet.from the Ohio   bank,
without interference by. Ohio> author.-   •
ties.    ,    '• ^    ■     „ '
A boat said to be well stocked with *
liquors arrived early,, this morning and
anchored off „ the shore. During'.the
day the boat was .visited, by crowds *.
/rom, the shore who were carried - in *
skiffs and small boats, while,the dock
was, lined with men; ' ,1}
When. the president of the Good
Citizens league passed near, the place
it was.' thought he' was taking.,'.the
names of those around the boat, and
he ■ was knocked down and severely
beaten. .' He thereupon' slashed back
with a .knife. • .„-.•-. ■„' \- - - 7.'
.- A', little, later Dr., Barnes of : the.
same society, knowing nothing of the
former fight, passed by the same-
place and members of the gang stopped him.'
-Revolvers-were drawn and firing began.-- Several rounds were exchanged with the results named.7 .
.Almost   Incredible  Story
Told to Magistrate
.     ,.."'•'.,',      ,   .Prank April'5
t. l. Lewis1 7 7 7   •
;' Indianapolis.  ' \,;,
; Our local unions unanimous in supporting action of district executive
.board in refusing to obey final proposition of Western Coal operators association who are ln minority in this
,Your action, in wiring Stockett that
agreement will be .signed by your representative strongly. resented. Canadian miners .will,; not tolerate another
Tom Burke.   ,
Other member's Operators association now lh negotiations with ub- . nothing but action of International union
can defeat us7   , '  ,
.    F. H. SHERMAN   ,,
• *' "• '. Philadelphia April 6
My information you failed lo be
present at conference; local union railed proposition submitted to thom,* I
have a right to bollovo Canadian miners bolleve In strict observation * of
coniract provisions'. Board Member
Morgan on way thero with authority
to act.
Tho copy sent to President Stockott
of the Operators Association reads as
follows: '
Indianapolis, April 1
President Western Coal   Operators
Association Hosmor Minos B. O.
Wages contracts agreod upon   , will
bo signed by our ropresontatlvo.   Wo
expect at all times representatives of
the United Mine Workers to comply
with any agroomont that Ib mado and
this Is specially truo when ratified by
referendum voto of our members, Officials of district eighteen will bo notified Immediately.
-   ,  - .   ,   * *_   .,* • -,- A
PHILADELPHIA,, April  7—One of
the most peculiar   yarns Magistrate
Borle     said he ever, heard, waB that
told him by, James Hogan; who was
arraigned today on a charge of drunk
and' disorderly conduct in the Fifth
and Race street police station.
" Hogan, who says /he is an oyster
fiBherman,   declared that be boatded *
an iceberg which drifted .into: Chesapeake bay and several big polar bears .
came along and scared the rest of the
crew "to the boat, leaving him stranded.
For ten days I drifted on that Ice-,
berg living on fish and birds that had
frozen Into the Iceberg whon It form-,
ed/ In that tlmo,we drifted from the
Chesapeake to the Delaware bay,' said
tho sailor. y   -
"I had the time of my life dodging
thoiboars and as the berg was melting and getting smaller all tho tlmo
I knew lt wob only a question of tlmo
beforo they tmiBt discover me. At last
the. berg got so small that there was
only ono place for mo to'Btay'and,that
was on a platform of Ico right above
tho bbar'a cave. One day whon I was .
sitting on my porch ono of tho hoars
fell overboard. • Seeing him In tho
water below mo I was Bolzotl with an
IrreBlstablo Impulso to jump on his
back. I did so. Frantic with fear nt
tho sudden shock the bruto plunged
forward and swam at llgrftnliig spood
straight up tho bay."
"That will do," interrupted tlto magistrate, "It's a beautiful yarn, but
you should hnvo told It to the marines
nnd not to a magistrate, Thirty days
for you." '
 "<***- r
' t
■beven killed in mine
We tlld,  We aro firing away at lho
old business
JOHNSTOWN, Pon., April 12-Sov*
on minors, all foreigners, woro killed
by the explosion of a promaturo blast
In mine number 37 of tho Borwynd*
Whyto workings near tho village of
Wlnbor, south of horo about G this ev
It Is not known how tha blast camo
to bo sot off,   '„
llescue parties headed by officials
of tho mine at once started to work
and tho bodios of all seven mon wero
rocovorml boforo midnight. Tho mino
li In good condition and no damago
was dono except in tho Immediate vicinity of tbo blast.
'   , il, ,
I \
-a        -f       *
J*-f-(f"' '   7/**1
ii?-"^'"H•*".'.-'•' ■•'" :"*-7';V--'.V7-'- ;"'-" '•'''~"-^7 7- ';-"■-;;;y .*".-',' ; Av
■',_•*■;-,. v*:? '"r*f:';-;7 :•."•/";'_ v'r; '7'.*"" v.^.77 .^',7'. V-/;^''; °",'.7..-. f;.-'1".-'" V.»-; Y.-YC./, ,'..'■'*'..'■'
-;S'-' 7:rV,'.j,Mi-''-V;i'^ ''>•-■'-'•.:',„i' a\----'-,"!'-7: ^'is-"'''','1'' *-*
.'■",/,.' •-..--''.-'V;',-' ■"   ■'" y -v-
-',.' 1 ,   "*'*-,.,-   ■ ' * -■   . ■ ■
■ 7.' '*-*-<~y.' /• ;,i?7 *v*?•   ":*■•.   - ,•>.
* MIsb "liuW Du'diey is laid up by
a severe cold.     ,    *   ,
,", School, ye-opens to-morrow'after the
Easter nolldays.      -*
H.'H.'R'oBB of Waido was registered at the Fernie to-day. •
/:R, B,,', the vOcal artist,
at the Fernie opera house.
**     Mrs. Bowser left Tor, a'short4 visit
to Elko and Carnbrook.       i
George and Alex; ^Taschereau leave
for Spokane on tonight's Flyer.
- Mayor Herchmer and W.  MaWson
spent the week end at Spokane.
Mrs. Jarvis^ and, her mother-,   left
,  yesterday evening for a viBit to Cal
Jack Mciajonkey, barber, lately, with
J. Scott, left for the coast on Sunday
A large number Journeyed to, Elko
on Sunday. Fred'Roo'B yarns are good
for a Sunday-treat,, they say.
..-.•..*•-." •/*•■-.
Complete change .of .pictures at the
^Fernie  opera house4 to-night.* .Some
'real laughable films are promised;
* The Trades and Labor council .will
-, meet this evening "at 7.'45. All aele-
. gates are requested tb fee'oh hand
promptly. ■ '•      .  ■ 7     ,   '   :
The singing of The-Palms "by Miss
Rudnicki last Friday waii very 'much
appreciated ,by the'-patrons of Fernie
opera hoiise.     *•--,■ '   '
'   . - ■     ,7 ,..,.. .7* . -   --• <• ■  '"•-.'*-
J. A Tormey. came up from Baynes
this morning. -.Mr. Tormey..as8ured
ub. diat the, irrigation wpuld. .be, com-
plete on.the Kootonia tract in   six
,    weeks.     **' 0
Mr. W. S. Stanley, cousin',of ^ tha}
manager An3 ^'editor .bf^ thitl jtajg-.,,vof
.freedom, came" tip from'Paynes this
morning.., ,.'.'',.   • , -
\ Vj»a-'.'   ',''    -,'j ■*» 'a "
"Everi* cre'ahi parlors and tobacco stores had. a.sign which to the
- thirsty man and the, smoker meant
■ "Nothin' Dqin'/ yesterday. The * council
are certainly there. , *   a
able  no^/tc^.*^***^
.£_■,—. rf-*s- )
1       ■* 1 m     • I, \*     I*     S   -. Xt * ' - * .       . Z
We rfre showing a cbllection of tfife in'ost'   ,   ,
lihique and. attractivis dajsigns^.we.h^ye       , „
y.iy ,eve^t^^^P^-ii^^      :,« .   /    :
Pric-u   aa   Urmal   atHt   Woii   tteaAbuss-ble
1,-V"   ".-,•    -■*-■    . - ' ■:*..'' > ^71-7V,7>^^:7
Crows Nesfc cFrading G©|
V 4^^^-M:©eber^,4eW^r^ .*■ *'-$.»
'/K    i' -*.i*!-*" . '-H't1 •A*\-~.'X1.     v-     ■**(,■•   J   fJ-'X&M".-  *.V^ -*a>.".   * .   "'        ,*-^-'.-
1. •    ' J'. ■ tJV
ISc and tip
,, ■ '. . ■'.- ."•■'" . ,.'--' '" -a*- ' '
to the mere elabdrat^ blies. PoUt; Cards,
Folderij, Eriibds'ged Resigns ahd a complete liiie o!f, 'the* lateiit; Eastelr , novelties.
ii.'.' -  V   ial*r. ■    ><■' a.   1
A-ieiilftjrKbdali-s, Huylei-'s bh'ocoiotej, PhoiibgrapiiB, Ne'tv Siitile
-'*''*        WilitaniSPiivn(is,Btc.       *-.-.:
<.,i^A^l 4     .,   '^
The   Store'tif^Good Values
S1> ,», „-•,.,. -'.-,, •,*■*.„ 1 ..--.*, *.■-,»'.. • ,'1-*, <?f 1*- ■"'.-".-*'0
T .Akfc-.■t/j'i-tij.ji ''aajti^,*-'* l^-U**,**, t'*1^        -»**»-••••'***•*• »"*--1-' -■'
 J-J- U.. *g**BHMW8aa v
/a *'- -"■' '" '•-   .     .
Fernie, B-C.
s Howv do-you lite the stbrt, Jack? ,7
- ■. -     -    * -   -*> ,„.*" *   '
The police look ;filifty in their he*
Easter hats.    '' ". -' *   '*-.
,*,,    1    1* -   ! ''"'''     '   '       '■'    ■ ■' '
.H/Oldland, and .wife spent Sunday,
in,our city.  ■      '' '■"   * ";
John Hunter was. arrested ,b*y 4 the
chief of-Mlice for being drunk, and,was
fined *l|0'.    :    ' - -■    . -
Mr. Wm.-Muir, represenlfAS ,". the
Lethbridge Brewing' Company, was-in
wh this week'7 ' '    ''*    ''-.';'-'
~'   TTlrVlBatVs&rwhimsteraifdT'ovfeblf
.a trip to Lethbridge last week, which
place he says is thriving., Like'iots of
others, however, he returned tb Fer-
' nie.   -., ,■  "-.j    •     -■'.•;•'   ■•*■■■■ n
Thomas-Barrow wa^ riin-in on Sun,*
day, morning\by PV,C. ^Gbr'ma^.arid
wap up.tjefore the^eak on the drunk
and disorderly charge. ti. jii wjas.  re-
'' suired to square, his account with the
,, world.      -"' .       ,    ,   .,
* Mr;' Kent Scbvil of Spbiiahe Friiit &
Produce Co1, cain'e into the cltyF,riday
night. Mri ScbvilT is a cartoonist of
marked ability anil, several members
of the Ledger staff' have their hooks
out for him.
Fernie Opera,House
, *,, ■,  .. \»     *rf,i|   !   \x   *■ *♦-» l ■    f-.
1.   1 '.-.; '   '•:'•-' a      "-/iy -        '.
.-* .^aJCii  Willi  fait •utlllnl. »■-.*  •»***''
yin Coil was flend.$5-coB**.s1.ana' gl:
ven ten hours to leave*town*.'-6. H.-
Boulton .conducted the case, i: •,;.-,.-.
"■ A*iheetihg:of the Pernio^Football
club ls't'o be held on Wednestia*y eveh-.
i'ng. All .interetsed are lirgfedto attend.*- ',      '7-'"'*5'" ,* 7'."'*7'*'■'"'  -
,xy/--,{,    , --  -y-y   <    ■'- a-..-;•■,,; ■
-'.- VSugar":pDlxon; came.'intp tojynalast
Friday, representing (C .1; R"..,- Diiop^C
Co., Limitedi wholesale^
ers of Calgary. -..i  -"';.v-;
""OT D7"AUStinrrepr«*Beunug- uic i^= ■.«-
bridge Herald is in the city at present getting the"rlght side of the strike
news for his paper".   -     ''','',■>.
James Lindsay was-In the .city, on
Mo'nday*.* H?. reports -work jprogress*
ing, ver-^rapidly/and say's there is no
place like Ferine.. .,   ' ' '"       **
II; W.'NJacksoh of Re'ston', Man,; ar^
rived in the city on Wednesda*y to accept the positldn"ot a'ccbiiiitant. for
•the Wood-McNal}/Lumber Co.  ,/    -'
■    "   '■—''<i '—i——
1   .''    • TRXiM'8 COLLIDE     ■
...   ,.■:.• ia a-*!.':
.   --• UP TO DATE    *
.-. !.'*»*; t, ,.:!f.r
*l1&-      , a
T'hree fimes a\Week,r-
Moiida-v'j '■• WednesdayH
-. »*■ " -t- ■ii_ yy^_J-'   ■-» '
1 -^7 —alui^Ffiday
1 *-.c*
,Oren;Leovl McNall. (curly) waS fined |20, and costs or given the option
of'30 days on the charge of being a
frequenter of immoral houses, A couple of hours at s-dow. shovelling had
the,effect of bringing through the tie*
cessary $20 and he was ordered to
leave the city.
.Friends of, Fred,Dick,win bo sorry
tb, learn, thnt;, hp is suffering from an
attack bf Inflammatory rheumatism. .
A.mooting .of tho bartenders, was
called for, Sunday* afternoon for the
purpose of forming a .union. Several
of the members were unable to attend
so tho meting will bo held at a later
A very, amusing story Is just to
hand in connection with Sunday's oy,*
angelical campaign at Spokane. It
appears that .brio of tho audience, rose
tb lonvo tho.mooting and Sunday called to hliii, "Hold on thoro friend,   an
; .TWEED Ont.;'.April 12-Early,(i this
taofnlhg two C. P., 11. special.paBsen;
feer'' trains collided bn'a;curve, ln^a
rock cut a mile cast of here,    The responsibility Is placed oft Operator W.
Johnston at Kaladar, who is said to
iave been asleep and accepted orderB
or a train after the same had gone
;hrough., ■   *   ...   -a     '   ,
We resl-ffned as soon aB ho heard.ot
tho wreck. -'■■'-        - •■• •  ,
Tho trains were In charge of Conductors Scnnlon nnd Webb; „!Both of
the engineers Jumped and were, unhurt. The passengers wore badly,
Bbakorl up.) The damage is estlmat
ed at (20,000..
,      ■'     U'a'J     V       ■  *.a^.    -■V'.l    4J    .-    *--,'.
All the Eiatest
illustrated;; 7
* x ..' Songs ,7
i       -     '  . +   • .1 i>r
] - -    -l f      f r^      t   *    **\    *f*      ■■•■. .. *,
/  ■*   "    1 .  '   '
; d6^6¥missthM, .
Admisiion 10,, 15 and 25 cents
*,'    -A.**-
a        ,
• ,,* .:*•. ■■),*
t. A ,-
iFor^Easter'Tr^dfe^ -...
• °    > - *    .. >.-*-',-.
iy\_Q^_t_^_\_^_i_i_^ /^>,;7^\Va.0n 'ry^l
,■.:." ,  jt,x. ■■■...•«, ' 'i.' ." .i'#w:-y<£t''te<r^^s'3.*'$i'&'y
'■^ivu'v^. '---v ^f'^:**i-\*-«v*p >-'-• •"> <•■ '.;*-*• ,■*'■':* ''    "\    **' ***'.';•' '*-i!     ,(
■y:- ^v'PattefnsV:^d:"^ /.^
Uneixcelled ''
■»T-itt/*^    J-r*V  *rn,**t    ir   t ^•t^tet________
M. A. Kastner
«m '•c.t.n'K.  'i-ii/. iytj?u±_lUXi_ilJi±_l
"i^^^^^yiiiuua^ii^u'i 'jinxiiii)
L.50  each
,'        '   "" *•    a      ■ .'*   % ,#' \ ■>'   ?     i    r
a-.        „- '   ,*'  (-'t.ta-'.K-ff'a-M-r -J' *     '      -       '
75c  to, $3.00  each ,
'.*-*    a   ■    \     -    *    '•     !£ C--   VS"    -'"i-il.'     ■'   ,''    i>'\   a      '     •
'.      .1     .     4     - "
MINNEAPOLIS, April 12—D. C. Sullivan, president of tho Sullivan Elevator company is bolleved to havo f beon
murdered, * " '
.Sullivan disappeared on March 27.
lilri rolatlvos havo mado a vain hunt
■4,u iu,......, *,».» *,.. v..*... ...«..a.,   — ifor h*m.     To-day it was announcod
nunt of mino wont to hell by leaving t*mt n rownr,i   had boen offorod for
a gospol meeting.;    The man looked nny information concotnlng his whoro
nt tho spe'akbr atitl qulbtiy replied —
"Havo you any mossogo you would llko
to send her?"
Conn tnblo Gorman found Wm,,Cook
wandering around the streets Ih ,i
sorry plight tit nn oa'rly hour this mor
nlng, It appears,that ho tried to
suicide lh tho promises formerly occupied by tho Flro hollof commlttoo and
nftorwnrtls took to iho Btroot-s,covoi'cil
with blobil. Tho Instrument's used
woro two pockot Itnlvqi*-, Sovornl
hacks ahd wounds woro found In tlio
region bf tho heart.,, Dr. Anderson
was called, and attonded thb man. A
number of tho cms woro quite doop
and no a result iho niho may ho laid
up fdr somo tlmo. At proaonj. ho
cftuuo can bo ascertained for tils ranti
abouts, .Sullivan left his office at
about nooti, saying ho wns going to St.
Paul on buBinosB. Lator lu the aftornoon word wns rocolvod from him'
to tlio effect that ho had gH-on up tho
trip and wpuld return to the offlco In
a short tlmo*     	
Ho failed to put Ih hn appoaranco,
hnd. since then nothing has boen heard
of him,
• y    <
0. P. R. TIME YAliU.
No, 0 Flyor Eistbound .;  24.1 fl
Ko, 7 Flyor Westbound  l.RR
No, 814 Eastbound Regular .... .i.ta
No, 118 Weitbound Regular i... -I.4«
|No, 2<6 feKsthoiitid lit elais .'. 1D0
No. 28S Westbound, lit nlui .,10.10
Fire, Life, Plate Glass
*       M it   ....
and Accident
Property Fdr Salfe lii
all parts ofthe
city   * •
.   :'i'.  >   ■•llf.ut     'tU.
Houses, For
REN   t
 —i-l^ll. fc-J-aJ**..*...
NewOUver Typewriter
', iftachioft given ouf; oh trial ,
No Charge   -
■..* GO.; Ltd.
FBhilQ's Big Deparlmeht Store
i t   *      ■■'Y tf ...Tli.-,
>.\    \X.
rii^cst Price   Paid   for
South African War .-Script
Wogiiarariteo this to bo tho,boat
floiti- oyov soli! in Fbrhio. 'SliiisfaiS-
tion guaranteed or your money
cheerfully reftintjed, '       rf/ ,   „
em_Vg__mmmmmmmammemmmwuimii        i
w. j., atmMzt.; ^ >****-**■ ■»**■•*
/.    ,y'.      " '||-   * i   il*      "      **
Advertise iii   the   Ledger
Ja,J.*4,M*(t*' MM*)M4i» W


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