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i   '• *j»*~i
\s**m-^      f
Daily  Strike  Edition
i* .
..'■*   ..*-.'.(*       •'        .'.       a:,..*       ^'->       4-
Industrial 17-ai*^ is Stre-a-grftb
The Official Org fa.-*a of District No. 18, U. IMI. W. of A.
Political IJnity is Victory
■ &
is .
i i
« -
VOL,. IV.   No. 36 A
' -  ' s  *•-'■**•' ■-'*
FERNIE,   B. C,   APRIL,- 13tli,   1909
$1.00 a. Year
Ice Jam Resulted
in an Amazing
May be Another
" REGINA, Sask. April 13~Ernest A.
Morris was brought from Milestone to
Regina yesterday charged with- murder.
Morris is alleged to have murdered
his brother by.'two: blows on the head
with some blunt.instrument.
Miss Gladys Andrews will entertain
a few of her friends at a bridge party
this evening.
$1,000,000  DAMAGES
Inestimable £.oss
Will Result if
Weather;      ,
■ Turns:
The demand for the Striko
special was simply great, It
will appear dally during the
strike. Read it and keep informed. '      -    •
-" BUFFALO, April a 13—Twice this
year,, for the first time since the white
man has come to the banks of-the
Niagara, . the voice of'Niagara Falls
has been mute.
The first time was late in February
when, following a esvere northerly
blow, the falls ran dry and now for
the second time following a severe
souLhwester, when the flood is frozen
solid from bank to bank.
During the past week the river, un-
■j able to escape by it's, natural channels,, rose by leaps and bounds. The
highest flood leveh recorded from pre-
■ vious years is 28' feet above ,the normal. '** * ' ' *
On Friday night the river was forty
\, feet,above normal.   7 ' ■• J,
-—Conservative—estimates- placo*""-tho*
• damage at. $1,000,000.
All' day long a constant stream of
visitors poured down the railway and
trolley tracks, and even rode and
walked' across country to witness a
- eight that,is not likely, to-repeat itself in the life of the'present'generation, tinder brilliant sun the . river
lay white and. glistening to the horizon
absolutely volce'elus for the first time
within their memories,
The weight of that silence was tin
Imponderable thing, but lt hung heavily on all who listened, with a chilling solemnity more awful than the
roar of,tho rapids,
All estimates of , ultimate damn go
are conditioned by what tho weather
mny have In store. The best that can
be hoped for Is a succession of calm
warm days.
Then tho Ico will molt ** gradually
and. subside bit by bit. ■ Already it
has gone down, some places flvo feet
and ln somo placos'ten, as tho support
of tho wator Is withdrawn,'
The worst that could happen woiild
bo r-iiolluT blow fronr the southwes*.
TV no '-leans nil tho Ico In tho lake Is
out, For tho moment tho upper part
of tho river is running cloar, but ns
far ns tho oyo can soo tho white mnn
tlo of frost blnnkots tho lako, If tills
great mass Hhould ovor bo driven on
tho Jnm below tho loss woud bo In
Vinegar Factory -„
Up in Smoke
QUEBEC, April 13—There was a
fire this morning on La Place Sans
Bruit near St. Charles cemetery, and
Robeitales*' vinegar factory .with all its
contents- was destroyed.
,,'■ There was some insurance on the
building but the amount of the loss
will be much greater than the» in
surance.   ,
New Gold Fields
Delegates  in  Convention   Stand  Pat
Agreements to be Signed Unless
Entirely Satisfactory
Six Deaths
Through Fire
On the banks of Cascade .. river,
above the entrance of Devils Creek,
gold has been discovered. This location is three miles from the mining
camp of Bankhead. In the month of
saw shining particles in the sand near
the water's edge and submitting some
of the material to Dr. Taylor of .Bank-
head for his opinion and analysis,.was
informed that the sand contained gold
.of high'value. ' .The ..Cascade, river
has its source' in a glacier fifty miles
north of Banff near Bankhead, and the
washings indicate the existence of a
Mother Lode. No well defined trail
exists .northward but preparations are
being made to exploit the territory as
soon as tho season opens. Great excitement exists as the present, strike
has laid a large number of miners idle.
Important developments aro erpocted
In a few weeks.
The convention reopened this morning at 9 o'clock, the following being
present: .    ,    ■
President F. H. Sherman.
Vice-president Robert Evans.
:  Secretary-Treasurer Carter.
. Board Members Whitehouse     and
Dunlap.   .    .
Honore Jaxon was admitted as a
representative of the Farmers of Saskatchewan.'
Bankhead, No. 29, W. Fisher.       /
Bellevue, 431, C. Stubbs. "
Canmore, 1387, H. Fox.
'Coleman, 2633, W. Graham.
Fernie, 2314, T. Addison
•Fernie 2314, T. Biggs. 7
Frank, 1263, W. Wrigley.
Hillcrest, 1058, J. O. Jones.
Hosmer, 2497, Ti' Chambers.
Lethbridge', 574, J. Larson.
Lille, 1233 F.'C. Gessler.
Michel, 1234 C. Garner   *'
Michel, F. France
Maple Leaf 2829, J. Coghlll.
Royal Collieries, Lethbridge' 2589, W
Taber 1959, Hopkin Evans.0
Taber 102, D. L.  Miller.
.Passburg, 2352, S.Dunn..-
Corbin, .2877, \W. Ryan.    -.       -,  '
■Middlesboro, Chas.  Brooks.
■After., the delegates'had been called
to'order'the .following resolution was
President Castro
,   in an Air Ship
NEW YORK, April'13—According to
advices received to-day by friends of
former president Cnstro of Venezuela
tho plans under considoratlon by tho
now exiled prosldcnt was tho landing
on Venezuelan territory from nn .airship,
submitted to the delegates and    received, their hearty, ehdorsatlon: .
"Thjjt. whereas the/action taken by
.th'e District Officers was the only one
that could,, be taken to protect the In-
teresttfyf/-th«-.Mrne Workers tf this
district;-   -:\ ...   y.   : -u   \- " -- ,'""
Be it therefore resolved: That we
Indorse such actions as have been taken, and that the full situation ; be
placed before President Lewis, showing that, not* only have the. operators
broken faith with the officers of Die*
trlct 18;' but have also wrongly stated
their own. position to President Lewis
for the purpose of discrediting the organization.
The resolution seemd to meet the
views of nil present, and no alterations or amendments were suggested,
and It may be taken to embody tho
sentiments of all delegates,
Board Member Present
International Board , Member Morgan was present, and In view of tho
startling rumors that have been circulated by tlio press ln the district
to tho effect that he was horo to stgn
up the agrecmnts ovor the honds of
District 18, 'nnd that President LowIb wns' behind lilm in whntovor be
did, some uneasiness was felt in some
quartesr as to the ultimate outcome
of his mission.
States his Position
During the discussion this.morning
following President Sherman's report
yesterday and the resolution as passed this. morning, Board Member Morgan was given a hearing.' ,
, Mr. Morgan reviewed' briefly the
manner ih which he had been sent to
Fernie for'0 the second time, and also
touched on the situation as it. appeared to him.
In no' uncertain language Mr. Morgan pointed out that he was here, not
to dictate to District 18, > but simply
to ascertain the real state of affairs.
He stated that he had no' intention of
signing any agreement that, was not
satisfactory to the officials of District
18, and further that he was willing at
all times to be of any service to them
in their struggle.   .
Mr. Morgan was given a first class
hearing by ■ the delegates who thus
are assured of a square deal from the
international.   •■*
Were After '■Him7. -
, A story having some foundation is
told of a prominent official in. . the
LENNOX Mass, April 13—Six people
lost their lives.three others were badly burned and a property oss of between $200,000 and $300,000 was
caused by ai fire in the heart of the
business section of the town yesterday.
Four business-blocks, two dwellings
and two other structures were en.iie'y
destroyed. The cause of the fire has
not been asceitaincd.
♦ ♦
After a Policy
This afternoon the miners" are endeavoring to outline a policy which
will be rigidly adhered to in the present struggle. The best of feeling
prevails'among the delegates, and the
length of the duration of the strike
apparently is "a second matter. to
them. i ■
The following resolution was also
Whereas on March 22 In the negotiations at Maeleod between the. Western
Coal. Operators Association and the
representatives of District. 18 U. M.
W. of A. a request was definitely
made by the operators committee that
consideration' and discussion by the
Miners Scale committee "be deferred
until competent.legal advice could be
obtained by the Operators association,'
and whereas:
> On March 17th in the course of the
same negotiations the stipulation was
definitely placed on record first by the
operators and then by the miners (vide
minutes) and whereas: .
On March 31 being the concluding
day of the- same negotiations, the operators committee, did as a matter of
fact precipitate that final breaking of
Keep away from Nicola as
there are too many man there
now, and thc* market is over-
. crowded. !
Narrow Escapes
From Instant
Death c
Causing: Boom of
Derrick to Fall
Operators Association trying to-head| negotiations contemplated as a possi-
Morgan off before he' reached Ferniel bility by their above stated stipulation
and saturate-him with the-Operators-
side of the-story. The extent- to
which the operators are prepared to
go, and' the "picayune;,methods"'they
are willing to adopt • Is", once more
made apparent. * ■   ■
Gone to the Creek
General Manager Hurd and General
Superintendent Simlster are at Coal
Creek to-day and extensive changes
are under contemplation for the obtaining of an. Increased output from
these collieries. "
It is stated on good authority that
the car shortage, which has long.been
n thorn In the flesh at the Creek, Is
soon to be a thing of the past, which
will be good news to tho diggers.
In recent months thc salute has
been changed up there from "Good-
day1 to "How many cars had you today?"
Mr.. Hurd stated not long ago'that
tho output of the mines hero would
he doubled, and every day thoy are
signing on the vory pick of tho minors of tho Pass who are flocking hero
because tho mines controlled .by tho
remnants of tlio Operators association
hnvo ceased tb offer employment,
For Selling
on Sunday
HAMILTON, April 13—Louis Dirk,
tho nows vendor Is onco moro in tho
limelight. It Is claimed thnt ho sold
papors on Sundny., Tho polico took
tho mimes of tho peoplo who bought
tho papers and thon went nftor Louis
hut ho locked hlmsof In his offlco In
thu Spectator building nnd nt Inst reports things woro nt a deadlock for
tho cops could not, got In nnd Louis
could not got out,
Pugsley is-
To Resign
OTTAWA April 13—Notwithstanding nil the rumors to contrary thoro
Is little llknllhoocl of Hon. Wm. Pugsley handing In his resignation ns cabinet member.
The minister will give his sldo of
tho cnRo In tho Houso of Commons In
a few days.
on March 17th, by refusing absolutely
and unqualifiedly to consider in,any
case the,question of premable. previously'deferred on-their own request on
March-2nd as above set forth; therefore be It resolved: ,..'.'
That for. the purpose of terminating
the conditions of inaction and non-operation ?now existing at the mines of
the members of the western Coal Operators association, who, up to this
time have not come to any agreement
with District 18 U. M. W, of A.
We, the delegates In convention assembled, declare our willingness to negotiate and hereby extend to all operators who have not now got agreements an Invitation to open up negotiations for the purpose of formulating
working agreements.        . -
The resolution was unanimously carried.
Coal Shortage
The C, P. R. claim to have all tho
coal thoy nood, but investigation into
some of their centres doos not bear
this out.
The C, P. R, had a contract wl'li
the 'Crows IVest Co. .which oxplres in
'   ' (Continued   on page 2)
NAPLES, April Ill-Mount Etna Ih
In eruption, A great cloud of smoito
Is pouring out of tho center and ashon
nro falling thiol*: on iho surrounding
country, Consldornhlo npproh-'iiHlon
Is felt und thn pri-groti*. of thn erupt Inn
is being watched anxiously.
Investigation   Still   Proceeds—Mountains
of Figures and Going up-What
Will be Outcome
Knowledge In regard-to the causes
of mining disasters is being reduced,
nowadays to a scientific basis. One
fact ascertained, for example is that
the much deraded fire damp, long regarded as,mysterious, is simply natural gas, the stuff which people In towns'
utilize commonly for culinary and
other purposes. *
A mixture of eight per cent of this
gas with atmospheric air, in an enclosed space,   is the most   dangerous
possible combination. If the percentage tfe less or greater the peril is diminished."    Such a mixture is readily
ignited by the so called safety explosives which  are  largely employed  in
the coal mines at the present'time.
That such'is the case has been proved only recently by experiments made
by Professor J.   A.  Holmes at "the
fuel testing plant of the United States
Geological Survey at Pittsburg.
" For tests of this kind use is made
co'nslsting most importantly of a metal ..cylinder,   one.   hundred feet long,
and six feet in diameter.    At one end
of the block is a huge block of , concrete .in the middle of,which a small
"cannon,js. embedded.' An observer 60
feet away fires the cannon*by an elec-
trick spark, causing it to. discharge a
small load of dynamite through'   the
cylinder.      In order that the latter
may not burst it is provided   along
the top for Its entire length with    a
series of iron lids which aro thrown
up ,and back by the explosion, permitting the expanding gases to escape.
By experiments with this apparatus
It has been satisfactorily proved that
coal dust really does explode—a fact
with'has hitherto beon In dispute. In
the light of knowledge thus gained It
soems' .beyond doubt that tho explosion at Monognh, West Virginia,   last
December, which was the greatest disaster ln the history of American mining, was caused by ft coal dust explosion, ^
Apparently an orlglnn Ignition of
flro damp turns conl dust into coal gas
which takes flro, tlio explosion following It.
Such nn accident, howovor, mny
easily result from n "blown-out Bliot"
—that Is to say from a chnrgo or explosion which, as occasionally Imppens
Instood of rending apart tho coal, In
thrown out Into tho mine.
This kind of accident Is purposely
Initiated by tho discharge of 'the dynamite from tho cannon. Ho fnr ns
ill-*1 pxpr-rlinoitts hnvo untie however,
It would appear that, bituminous, Hither thnn nnthrncllo conl dust, responds explosively In tIiIh manner.
TABER, April 13—Another bad accident occurred at the bridge last
Thursday and two men were badly
injured and narrowly escaped being
crushed to death., A guy line broke
and caused the boom of the derrick
to fall.
The injured are Thomas Beals, a
bad scalp, wound,' and John Broder-
son, also a scalp wound and sprained wrist.
It was at first thought that Broder-
son could not recover. He regained
consciousness about an hour after the
accident'and Is resting fairly well.
That more were not injured seems
nothing short of miraculous as a number, were' working there at the time
and they had no warning 'whatever
of, danger.        ', *>   '.      ,
Toronto March,30th 1909
W. S. STANLEY,    *v'     -       '"'T  _     "
, Secretary' of'Trades and Labor coun- ■
ell, Fernio';   '"        '
Dear Sir and Brother:.
We have to-day received information that a consignment of stoves is
about, to bo shipped to your town
from the Moffatt Stove Company of
Weston Ont.,,
This Is the company that locked out
the moulders In May of last year, and
telling them Hint hereafter they had
decided to run nn open shop with a
25,per cent reduction on present wages
which our union opposed nnd said firm
Is on the unfair list.
In our peaceful effort to lawfully
picket the shop three of'our members
woro arrested nnd placed In, jnll' for
a number of weeks, when a pardon
wns granted.
What we nre kindly requesting of
organized lnbor and friends is that
when piirchnnlii(! n stoves to he care*
fill tliut the hIovg Ih not manufactured by tho Moffat Stove Compnny of
Inolof-ed please find circular which
wo woud klndy link you to read to tho
dek'KHlcs pruHt'iil nl your next mooting.
With IdwlcKt regards
It Is now mifi! to try nnd ciohh between tliu Dnnk of ('.aJiiiiu-'r.'e iuul I'at
IIUI'Iih ef-lnl'Iliililiteiit, . The council
hnvo liiillt ti ili'fcnt itohhIiik there.
AIICOI.A, Si-mlt, April I'l--.!. Smith j •■••■'" ■•"■■ « (•■'l'(,|1, »tohhIiik Uht«.
wns given a speedy trial on a Hiiir*-'.'j A ,,,.*„,„.., A|1|mi)||tH ,„ n,0 ,.„>, wlll)
of Menlng linrsos, hefore Jmlgc Klinm*, n f(>,.m„ ,„.„.,, ,„.„.,, ,„., .,,,,, „ Wfrt|.im
or Inst wc..k i-i-i. was sentenced to one | ](n() ^ m(m||ir|id |n Wt>H, F(,r|||0i
years IniprlKnnniont nt hnnl lnbor. Ills ,. 1|IV1.H„P,|(1„ w„ „,,. „,..,,„„,, ,0
Honor ivnifii'lted thnt IiIh ••••■.•viniiH j-ood
record hnd tinicli tn do with wiving lilm
from n harder hetitenm.
'Hint*' that tlin wiMn.ni Ih Mill alive —
HliewlKc  llie Hcimntlon  tii'-iiKer,
Mystery in Kinrade Case--Coming up
for Further Hearing on April
22nd--More Evidence
HA .MILTON, Ont.. April 13-Prom*
Ue is mado that tho next t-ceslon of
the Klnrado Inriuwst, which open* on
April 22nd will develop sensational evidence thnt may help the polico to soon
clear up the mystery.
It fa t-nlil the Attorney generals department has had fen at work in several parts of the Statci hunting up
evidence, and tost ih-^y hav-ft wcxireA
some that will prove of tho urentent
j importance.    .
(Continued from MondflyU Daily ,
Taylor; Wo hnve, checked over
from niice 22 Includlnc llm* 7 bv
your own chocking, ond hy the sworn
chocking of Wobh shown to you, evory
Item contained In this cimli book on
the debit side of enuli,
.McDInrmld: Wo hnvo checked over
everv Itfin rt«s qtmu'n tiv I1if>    iletmutt
hook.   .    ■.    > .
Tnylor: Tho result of ihetltliig of
every Item, you sny ns a nintiienintlrnl
fact on the assumption thnt I hnve
given you, lu that lho most one could
hnvo taken Is IfilO. If, In addition
to these IteniH which have heen ihecU*
ed off, there was ensh In many hundreds turned over by Lorkhnrt to Webb
say amounting to IlliO, this $ 1.10, no
far at J-ockliart U «"o.ite.*Jid Ahotild
be taken from the ISt'i.
McDIarmid:   I 'don**   **«*    why' It
dlioitld he!
Taylor: Up to the point that I hav,*
named to you there Ih a hlioitnue of
McDInrmld: Yen.   ,
. n} ilii .  1,(11 (IJMili * ili;l KHIK OUT, Itlitl
If fiow i'.i.*>( 'nui.ii hi D.i. li,..',,.-, ',..
plumed over JIIOO to Webb which Webb
lias not ntvoimted fnr. then Lockhart
will hnvo his nmotint reduced by tho
h J-.^ a*.*. .j,..a. ,     «t     ,.v    a.,'4,
Tnylor: If It be truo nnd you have
said that If Lorl<hart hnd stolen the
money It must hnve beon stolen from
the Items in the cash book,, nud we
find It was ImposHilila for him to have
t-ikeri -J'tf't'i, nml'thr. mnif "you njrre •
with mo Is J*'!'*; no wlf he turned
oyer from Hi" It-mi xvhlcb iv: retched
vvi.U-U the 1010 'UK'1'N, J.'.'"; or %W\ In
ciit-h or cheapies, whleh Wobh jlttf.
not Heioiiiited for. then the JfilO ahnuld
uUo be rcduci-d by that amount,
MflMaimM tela he «mh\ not f.v
the drift nf rittfitlnn '
Kckmeln nalA; it may he «o accord-
lug lo niy frlciid'H hypolheKU, but hn
would prove liml. IiIh liypnlhenlH wns
j ftllHe,
Tnylor: The (t;i<i,    if molen, mum |
tilt.'' I'i'ell hluleu ti oil) Ihe 4'ft.'.-<>•'*>, It |
I not every portion ol' that $M'',,,,K wi\n\
, tun.i A oi i-t tt; Wi V). 1
I    Mcl'litriiild:   V'-h. J
i Tnylor: If l.orhhnit mined over n!
. Iui Uier hinn ot -fi.li' in ii'l'im-'Ji to me>
. amount** referred tn lm did not Me til I
n dollar, nnd It Ih Up tn Webb to nc
, count for thin,
McDInrmld: That would seem to 1-.-I
', correct, j
! Taylor: fn dv* '(•.■■nM-nl tvny whUh!
i you arrived at IfilO you arrived nt thej
, i'j'if) iv, j uur n-iiuir. '.
;    McDIiinnl'l*   .Vol   iieiehuarlly.      A*'
Welib'n fhecklcg from bunk books win*!
i nm received by MrlHiirmid the I-ooKhj
- were ,-roiif'ht tr.*m Die Home tmnk nnd j
MiDl'ini'ld  xx, j.t ntii ihi in. j
'' Tnyfir- Arc im* nm- ntti'tit-A fFr,-tr *
i ((.'ontlnufd on pnw.e .1) I
•I* J—i W ^mr Jm Jm m* *m *M. *M» wt*
For the Murder of His Mother-Bad
Record from Infancy-Only 22
Years of Age
OSHINI.VaJ, X. C. April 13-Fnr ih<-|    Carlin had linn mi Imitate of chi.rl*
IlltU'il. I   uf   I.i..   llltltlicl,   :*U»all   I'.uliU,, l.llili' in   (i'iuiliiilLi.i>   u.**l|l>HI(Uir  muni
ill her liom
Ha man)
ii   ..i,.   lllaiwlul,   a>U«all   I ,H liU,. l.lllli' in   (i'iiilliiilLi>l>   kl.nlIMI1 Itilir.  IIIUHl
me' iii llrool.lyii one year iii;h , of hin life lii'idiming In iiifi.u.y wIk-u
('.irllii, HKiii 2'Z, wan put    to. hia father dl'il.
Avntb by i-l<*rfrfKUtion early to-dny In
Hintc Sltitf.
iint' fahw?. ill the nmiiit i uuti'tt,'lu
fit* I St'I onli* ".'i    !.■ • ■     i"j  to I..V-:.
He Mntiie'l IiIk mnthet* for p«-iniltt*
Int? him to he fftiut up In these hnmea
.'.le.  \lMUt;'\\.i\y o.'i   hu  tel./lf,.'   H..MI
aat'.tl   *,lULLt....'*4lI   A   .1, .ul'. t'4    J.UU    JailiaU
he utiOl and klltii] h«r.
,m "'■  '-'V.-j:'
®lj* M%lt\tI &&%&
$1.00 a year in advance. Address all communications to the. "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. C.
Rates for advertising ou application.
We believe, through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good to actual subscribers any loss Incurred by trusting advertisements that prove to be swindles"; but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest bankrupts.
. This offer holds good for . one month after the
transaction causing the' complaint; that is we must
have notice within that time. .In all cases in writing
to,advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger.",
'** "W.'S. STANLEY,
Phone 48;  Residence 9 Manager
deluge of false telegrams and 'statements to the
headquarters bf the miners; then they spread the
report broadcast that, the international president
had listened and given way to their y*j*rns, and that
he -would approve of any old agreement that the
Operators would submit; then tlie story was scattered of splits'.in the ranks of the union officials.
Finally'the" visit of Board Member Morgan was interpreted as meaning that President Lewis was
sending him here to force matters.
But when we get down to facts—what are they!
"What do we find as the result of all the * tryim-*
circumstances through which District 18 has just
passed? '    .*
" The action of the President and officers endowed; the-men solid.and united in backing up their
stand; the Board Member here as an assistant, not
as a hindercr, '* and the prospects of success more
assured than ever.
Waldorf Hotel
Table Unexcelled.
Is your name on tlie voters list?
If not, why
Bar supplied with the finest
brands of Wines, Liquors
and Oigar-i
MRS. S. JENNINGS, Prop. ,'
(Formerly of Centi.illHotel)
I E.  Weston.
f ' Is prepared „to give .
estimates for all class-, -■
es of building work;.
Repairs a ^specialty.
Give me a trial.
t #.v.i      ts-1,1; ■■   ,. -.y
and Plumber
P.O. Box 18, Fernie   T
The outcome of to-day's proi-eetlings at the convention of District 18 will have a-most important,
bearing on tlie whole situation.
*.* • .
There are three important features in 'connection with tlie work of to-day .*        '
1—The delegates unanimously endorsed I lie
action of their officials in ordering a cessation of
2—International Board Member Morgan states
that he is not here to dictate to District 18; that
he will not sign agreements not satisfactory to the
Canadian,'miners. ,
.3—The miners express their willingness to enter
into negotiations with any company for an immediate cessation of hostilities.     7
Rumors have been rife for days, and many of
them have been given credence in tlie leading papers of the district to the effect that President
Sherman wns alone in his stand and .that he had
not the support of the district. All such rumors
have been set at naught by thc action of the convention in placing themselves on record as being
behind theii* officers to a finish.
The coining of Board Member Morgan lias been
the centre, of much speculation, certain factions of
the Operators Association declaring most emphatically that the purpose of his mission- to -Ferine' was
to sigiv up agreements on the basis of the Maeleod
convention, irrespective of the wishes and views of
local .officers. Mr. Morgan in a straightforward
manner put his case befoe the delegates. lie   is
here to get all information on the case; he is here
to assist, not. to retard the progress of District
18, and he further made his position clear by declaring that he had no intention of signing up any
agreement that would.not be satisfactory to District 18.
Tlie Operators Association, at thc outset, tried
to use the Crows Nest Pass Company as a cat's paw
' to militate against the miners; in this their efforts
were a dismal failure, and tlio result was that the
Company in question simply withdrew from the
Operators association.' Ever since then those in
charge of the destinies of this great Association
have been jabbing right and left for missiles with
which to fight the miners.     First they started   a
Ever know a man of this'nature*? You meet
him on the street and impart the information thai
Smith has just passed away. He knew it was going
to happen. Last lime he saw. Smith lie si'iid to himself Your're not long for this world old chap. Oh,
yes, he knew Smith was going to die.    *• ^
We meet him again. "We inform him that H——
wlio held a good job with I\!r. So and So, had been
let out this morning.     Sure, he knew, that li	
had no cinch on his job; no person could go the
pace li hnd and still make good at his work; no
surprise at all to him.
Aday or'so after we ran across him again.
iVe ask him if he heard that Smith and Jones had
failed up and gone out of business at about 20 cents
on the dollar. No—he hann't"exactly heard it,
but he had expected to hear of it before and was
surprised that 20 cents was going to be paid instead
of 10. ' Sure, Smith and Jones were going in too
deep, he knew they couldn' t keep square with' the
world at that rate.
As a last shot wc met hinv on ihe corner and
told him that the editor of this'- great moulder of
public opinion was going to Vancouver.to face the
music for criticism of the B. C. judiciary. 'Well
—yes it was news to him, but he.knew it was going to happen; he' just thought,the day he read it
that that chap's goose was cooked—if he was running a newspaper he would keep clear of all such
things"'"*   No surprise to him at all, not a bit.   ,
And so the procession moves along of those* who
"knew it was going to happen," or "told you so."
And our worthy cotem takes up its little tin horn
and brings up the rear end of the procession by
last week .stating that they, knew at the time'just
what was coming.""' Yes, they are a great class of
people.    .They would all make fortunes writing
R 0 Y A L
Bap Unexcelled
Ail White Help
,   Everything
Call in and
see us once
C.°W, DAVEY & CO., Props.
the state of-the weather next August "for Chase's
The police authorities are hot foot after those
citizens' wlio persist in making a. cess pool-out of
their back yards, and are insisting that the same
be cleaned before an.epidemic breaks out. Go to
it coppers, and more power to you. A dirty back
yard is neither desirable nor necessary.
Get on tlio Voters list. ' The list is being' revised. Now is your opportunity to be in a position
to control your destiny—by the use of the ballot
box, ■
(Continued from page 1)
Juno nnd H.Ib not, likely this will bo
ronowofl, In view of tlio fact that Uie
Interests of tlio Hill fuctlon are now
Sovornl Industries In Alborta'are
roportod lo bo already fooling tlio
pinch of tho conl sliortngo, as thoy
havo not boon In tho habit of koop*
ing a lai'Bor supply on lmnd tlmn Is
required for Immedlnto into.
Not much Change
On tho* whole thoro Is not much
change In tho conditions at nny of tha
mines. Non union men havo shown
up lu some camps but not in law
mioiiKh numbers to* warrant tiny nt*
toinpl to operate the initios,
Tho Operators appear to bo plnylni?
a wnltliiK Kimie nH a body, but Kevoinl
leudliiK members ure ai tlie uniiie tlni'-
eoiisldorliiR iiKn-nmoiits wllh   Dlstrl-'l
IH, with it view lo hIkiiIhk up and op
oi'iitltiK ns independent companl**!',
Roqctb Snys Mlnea are Good
Kilns lloKurti, tlm new pri'sIdT-nr of
the Crows Sent <'<>., HpeiililiiK ri-e.'iiily
to a Toronto World num, snld tlmt lm
Imd  I'vury  fnllli  In  thn  iuIiioh  here.
Uu ail'iiowlfilKi'tl Hml Iln* iiiln-s li'nl
not been In ns nood shape r*",*,utly ns
hit could hnve di'Slrud, but milled tlmt
Mr.  Hurd liml I" Dm lust your Iniro*
duci'd ninny i,lumn''S for the lifttcr.
He milled Hint lie wiih Insirtinientnl In
IlldltcllIK tlin Kl-OIlt* milKltlltti IIIII 10 III'
.... , ,-• -' I     f.
IVU'iit    lmi'.-*«.,l   il*   im-   i- tu at.,,    i  ■'■
Tbe    i«bj'i'*t    x\".\-   tn   !'eclli*e   li    lifter
market fur eoal nnd coke In D\n boundary country und further south ns the
tl'inndlnn imirl-et had been too tin*
fltendy and too unrollnhlo lo wnrriuit
, I .      . .   if,,,   ..     ,il      nt tl.,.
.,.. .*,*•..-   a      '.-    - '-
Mr. IloRerK further eonflniicd Hie
fn.it tlmt oxtoimlve Improvements nre
be rushed for the production of both
coul nnd cuke.
B. E. WALKER, President .
Paid-up Capital   $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
fniTMTDV DTTCTNDCC Every du-llity nll'orded to farmers nnd otli-
lUUNlltl DUOlflLOO e,.H f0P tlu. tMHrtmeiton of their lmnkiiiff
business,   Hales notes will be cashed, or taken for collection.
t> AMl/TWr UV 1WATI Aeooiints may bo opened by mall, and monies
DAImlNU  Dl   MAIL deposited   ,,,.   withdrawn   in this Way with
I'tpial facility,
H. W. TRENHOLME, Mnnager, Fernie.
The Bank of Hamilton—
by reason of its special
facilities and absence of
formality—is the ideal
depository for your
...    The hotel of Fernifi
Fernie's Leading Commercial
and Tourist House
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
Bar supplied with  tho  best Wines,
Liquors and Cigars
The New
WIU opon for buslnoBB tho flrst woel<
in March, Built oxproaoly for
It's a dandy, como and boo. It.
Workingmans Trade
ROBICHAUD,   R088   BROS,   &  CO,
(W. A. Ross, Manager,)
Lumber  Dealer
All kliuls of n»u«h and dreiwi'il IuiiiIhm*
Victoria Ave,
Wai-th r-*»rnl«
CO.,  I/TD.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers
A lull slock ir it few days
Advertise in   the   Ledger
Wm. Eschwlg, Proprietor
New and up-to-date
Handsome  Cafe Attached
I     ——»■■■—»■*"—*m■
100 tons of good
Baled Hay
W. E. Barker, Cayley,Alta.
We can furnish you with estimates in
anything in our line *
4b- '       ; ; -A
| You  will Say     O   0|
<> Is it Possible     "•.     9 <>
4> That I can buy choice fruit lands with <£
y a good water supply, within.30 miles of X
X Fernie,   on   the   installment  plan.-   Such   ' ' <j>
<> easy payments are not off bred by. any other <>
i> company. Write for circular on "Kootenai <►
£ Irrigation Tract" a
O =—" "- —-: ■—"—:—— %
J> D. W.  HART, (Agt. for Canada) Baynes, B. C. £
M. A. Kastner
Fire, Life, Plate Glass
and Accident
Property For Sale in
all parts of the
city ,
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New Oliver Typewriter
Machine given out on .trial,
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N« E. Stiddaby
tf- U'
f <
Tlie Official Orgf-an of District No.  18, U.M.W.  of A.
Fernie, B.C., April 13th, 1909
Figuring it
Out Still
(Continued from page 1) „
the sworn checking of Webb's is In all
probability correct?
McDIarmid: In all probability it is
Taylor, addressing the magistrate.
'To make out this charge on these
books It is absolutely necessary to
prove that he stole an even $900 or
nothing, or tho charge falls through.
'This Intends to bo the first part of
my defense. The second part.will
be to prove out of McDIanntd's' mouth
that Wobb has not accounted for all
the monies that he received, and that
the system lo get rid of the $900 was
to use certain items bf Lockhart's entries and keep certain,amounts them-
■selves, and therein lies* my defense.
Another   argument   followed    with
both counsels.   ,•
'.*i . ^ ■      ( °
u The witness was not finished with
yet and the second part was proceeded
Taylor, Now McDIarmid, you will
■assume that Lockhart turned!over to
Webb $250 as 'cash sales, what difference does this make to your $610
Eckstein objected tb this .question,
-and they both entered into another argument. ;
Taylor spoke re lost balance sheet,
but McDIarmid said with regard    to
this ,that he. would' not require the
lost balance sheet,-for all he had to
deal with ,was the books. He said
it was not produced to him nor had he
heard anything whatever about it. -
, Taylor: Two facts we have arrived
at. One is that it was not produced
to .you, the second is that it would be
a very important document.
McDiarmid replied that it certainly
would be.
Taylor: And ft would be a very Important paper to acquit him of having
stolen any sums of money. Now if
you were a.book keeper and* you had
$10500 passed over to you as cash,
on any particular cash balance arrived at at the tlmo and it was found afterwards when you came to make up,
the books that you had $900 more
thaii the books showed what would
you do as an honest'man?
McDiarmid:   1  would endeavor    to
find out where It came from.
Taylor: Assuming' that you wanted
to steal, the $900,you could keep the
cash on hand that he passed ovor to
you, and deposit a small portion of it
and steal a larger portion of.it.
' McDiarmid: He could steal a larger
portion of the cash or cheques.   •
Taylor: Cheques could be cashed
could they "not* ' ,
McDiarmid: Easily.
Taylor: How do you conceive that
Webb had $71.08 in cash in this
McDiarmid said this conveyed nothing to his mind;'he might have had
it in stamps or he might have called
ten cents eight cents for. balancing
purposes. ;,.'.'
: Taylor asked him to*examine, the
cash book. There was a strong legal argument, in which there was plenty
of hot air flying around, which Taylor wound up by saying that if there
was a physician in the room he would
ask him to examine his friend's head
for him.   .
Taylor: I said to you a little while
ago, McDiarmid that if we found that
cheques which had belonged to Lock-
hart's, time were used for deposit in
the month of September by Webb,
that Webb must account for cash received other than the $71.08 cash balance.
McDIarmid could not say what cash
he received,
,       ■        * '
Pleaso figure up cash book and say
if he deposited the exact amount received.   '■' ■* .
It was found that' tho amount of
Webb's deposit was $25,585.78, plus
$71.08, which is In amount equal,with
all the figures on the debit side of
cash, pages* 22 and 24.
He admitted that Webb was responsible for pages 22 to 27.
Taylor:  Is cash'received by .Webb
on pages 22 and 24 equal in amount to
bank deposits in September?   -
' McDiarmid: Yes. °
■ Taylor: If we prove that they .used
chequer, in their deposits which are
not included in \yhat they admit they
received from Lockhart, and' not included in what they received in-Sep
tember then they, have used them   to
cover up somei amounts.
McDiarmid said he,.would not' like
to answer the question without some
Taylor put' the question again, to
which McDiarmid replied: If you find
that Webb deposited cheques ih excess
of' $10,135.00 plus the seven Items,
then it follows that Lockhart turned
over an amount to him in excess of
this.   ;    '       7   ■
Taylor: And it clearly follows that
if such cheques were used that Webb
did not deposit all monies received.
Taylor: Was the Calgary correspondence shown to you in regard to the
He believed it was.
Taylor: Did you see a letter from
the mayor of Calgary saying he could
not send $3500, but was sending a
cheque for $2600?
McDIarmid replied that he thought
he had.' .        , ' ,   -,
Taylor: Oh, by"the way Mr.'"McDiarmid who was it brought the discrepancy to your notice?
McDiarmid: I noticed the discrepancy in going over the books but Shanley said they would find a mix up in
the books about that time.
Did Shanley produce his'sales book
to you for the sale of supplies for your
audit?   \   .
.McDiarmid: He produced no sales
book; he said there were no books' in
connection with the supplies.
Taylor: It. is like drawing a red
herring across the trail.     If Lockhart
was arrested it would tend to lead tlie
scent from Shanley. If Lockhart had
wanted'to steal that'$900 he put_that
error right on his books in such a
place that it would be exploited to the
McDiarmid admitted it, would   , attract attention. -> . '
' Taylor: If books are:-wrltten up with
cash as turned over to someone else
it is not a good practice is it?
McDIarmid replied that it certainly
was not.
Counsel: Lockhart certainly made a
mistake in that.    „
Taylor: If Lockhart got a balance
sheet and got It signed by himself ancl
Webb and the auditor, that would be
all  right,  would  It  not?
Yes:     -
Taylor again asked him If he saw
anything of a cash sales book of the
supplies which were sold, during the
McDIarmid replied that he had not.
Taylor:   There  is  nothing  in   this
cash book is there not lo show how
much money in cash was turned over
to Welib by Lockhart.
, McDIarmid: Not as far as I know.
This finished the cross examination
which had been conducted at groat
Mr.' Eckstein then proceeded with
witness further. My friend (Taylor)
made an assertion yesterday that the
Calgary correspondence was ,'noi
shown to you.^Is this correct?
McDiarmid: No.'
J    a
f     **!
! «
0 |
(Continued on page 4)
With the Canadian-American Coal & Coke Company, Frank, Alta.
M 1
entered into this 2nd day of April, 1909, ■ by
the Canadian American Coal & Coke   Com-
the Laws of Canada (hereinafter called   the
Company) ■ ,' •.
AND      '    ;
the Employees bf the Canadian American
"Coal & Coke Company, as represented   by
■the United"MIne",Worlters'of America, DIs-
■ trlct No. 18  (hereinafter called the    District.) , ■    *
WITNESSETH, that for and in consideration of the mutual advantage of the parties
hereto, and of the several schedules herein;
that.Is to say schedules A. B, C, D, E, F,
and G, lt Is hereby agreed between tho parties hereto, as follows:
This agreement covers all the mines, coke
ovens atjd outside plants operated by the
Company, and all porson accepting employment at theso mines,, shall be governed by
the following regulations:
The Company will require each porson om-,
ployed by It, or to bo employed by lt, as a
minor, mino laboror, or otherwise, in and
about tho mines and coke ovons of the said
Company, to sign this agroomont, as a condition precedent to continued employment of
the persons already omployod or to bo om*.
It is hereby understood and agreed, that
all mon omployod on construction and ox*
tonslvo repairs, nnd spoclal work nt the
shaft, are not undor tho jurisdiction of Ihe
United Mino Workors of America;, but tho
Company doos not objoct to any person, who
may bo omployod at mich work, becoming a
mombor of tho Uriltod Mino- Workors of
Amorlcn. '    y
Settlement of Local and General Disputes
(n) In enso nny disputes or grlovancos
arlso undor this iigrouinnt or nny local nBior**
mont mndo In connoctlon thorowlth, whothor
tho dispute or grievance Ir claimed to have
nrlfion by tho Company or nny porson or persons omployod, or by tho mon nt a, wholo,
thon tho partlon shall omloavor lo uoltlo
tho mnttor an lioroliinflor provided, nut,
boforo nny grlnvnticoH or disputes shnll ho
Hiibnilttod to llio Pit Commlttoo, tho portion
or poi'hohh nffoctod Hhall "ninlonvor. by personal aiipllcntlon lo tlio Ov-nrniuii or Foro
man In clinrgo of tho work whom tho dlmnito
ai'ltu-H, to flottlo llio iniittor, nnd In lho uvont
of their ugrooliiK, tliolr doclRlon Hhnll bo fin*
lb) In unflo of any Iocnl dispute urlHlng In
nny mine, ami failure to ngroo between tho
l-'oi't-mHn or Overman nnd any omployoo, tho
I'll Commltteo aud Mine Muimgur Hhall ou*
dt'iivor to Hotllo tho niattor, nnd tf thoy tigroo
their doclslon shnll he flnnl.
(e) In tlin ovnnt of tho fnlliiro of tho I'll.
Commlttoo niul tlio Mino MnmiKor to HOttlo
dlHputo ho rofoiTod to thom, nn woll nu lu
tho ovont of nny othor dlHputo nrlHlnR, thn
iiinlter In dispute shall bo referred to tlio
1 (Innornl Buporlnt undent or Gonornl Miuuiiw,
of thc Company and tha Officer**, of District
No, IS United Mino Workers ot Amorlcn, for
Rottlomont, nnd If thoy ngroo tliolr doolnlon
shnll bo final nnd binding upon both parties,
(d) In tlio monntlmo, and In nil canon wlillo
deputes aro bolng InvoatlKiitcd and Bottled,
tho minora, mino Inborors, nnd nil other
partlca Involved, muat continue to work'
pcniUnu Invtmtlgatlon, nnd until flnnl docln*
Un. h.v*. buuti reached; but where mlucr, minor*.,' mino laboror, mino Inliorcifl, linn, or
hftvojbcftn discharged, by thtsCompnny. hu
or. thoy shnll not romnin In tho omploymont
of tho Company whilo Ills or thoir enso In bo*
Ing. InvestUcnlod nod settled.
'■ If. a claim is made, within- five (5) days,
.where a man, or men, has, *6r have, been
unjustly discharged, the case shall be dealt
with according to this article; and if it is
dealt with, he.or .they,'"shall be reinstated.
If a claim is made for' compensation for time
lost, In cases.where .reinstatement has,followed, it shall,be left'to the management of
the Company and the Offlcers^of District No.,
18, United Mine Workers of America, to de-'
elele what amount, If any, is to be paid.
(e) Any breach of this agreement, by any
of the parties hereto, is', not to void the'said
agreement," but the same is to continue ln
full force and effect. It is not intended,
however, by this sub-section, to abridge the
right of tho men to suspend work, after the
final settlement as herein provided, If the
Company refuse to bo bound by any doclslon
given against them under this article, subject
always to the provisions of the Dominion
Statutes, "
0       '     Check-Off   System
Tho Company will glvo to the United Mino
Workors of America full recognition, and
concede tho check-off system, that is to say,
upon tho Individual request, ln writing, of
any of tho Company's Employoos, the Corn-
puny shall deduct such monies from thoir
wngos oach month, as Is designated, for
duos, assessments, fines and' Initiation foes;,
In other words, the Company will retain
from the wnges duo tho employoos any sum,
for which ,thoy may havo given ordors, In
writing, upon tho Company, payable to such
offlcors of the United Mino Workors of Amorlcn, as may bo designated In such orders.
Which ordors Bhnll bo continuous ordors, riot v
rovocnblo whilo tho makers' remain* In tho
omploymont of tho Compnny. ,
Minimum Rate
Whon a minor'B working placo bocomos
doflelont owing to nny abnormal conditions
preventing him from onrnlng tho minimum
wngo rato of $3.00 por shift, and should tho
Compnny dOBlro to continue to work tlio
Bald placo, or placoB, tho Mino MnnaBomont,
nnd Pit Commlttoo Hhnll oxnmlno Haid plnco,
or plncuH, nnd ngroo upon n rnto to bo paid
tlio minor for bucIi doflelont worlc, .Fulling
to agroo upon such n rato, tho plnco, If
worked, Hhnll be worked upon Iho dny wngo
Htmla for minors,
Pny Dny
Tlio Compnny will continue to pay the regular Pay Roll nt'conllng to tho proHont. oiif**
torn nt tlio mino; that Ih to nay, for nil
wiikoh narnpil (luring the provloiiH cnlnmlnr
month, on the fifteenth of oach month, If
Raid fifteenth bo a Saturday, nud.If not, then
on tlio first. Salurdny nftor tho Fifteenth, except In tho enwo of llio l-'lftoonlh falling ou
Sunday, whon tlio Company will pny on tho
Fourteenth, If, during tho lifo ot thlH Agroo*
mnnt, the Minors mil Rnpiirn tlio nnnptrnfMit
of n half-monthly pay day, through legislation, this cluiiHo nhnll bocomo null nnd void.
Any Employoo donlrlng to lonvo tho Horv*
Ice of tho Compnny, Hhnll on his roqiiost, bo
pnld nil monies duo to him, within two dnyn
aftor liln Htoppnge of work.
Article No, 1
Tho Company IIousou will ho rented l;o Ub
omployoon at. tho rato of $10 (Ton Dollar**)
por month for throo-roomod Iioiiboh; nnd nt 4
tho rnto of $12,50 (Twolvo Dollnrs and Fit*
ty ContB) por month for four roomed liounoB,
the rent to Include water, nnd out, hlxteon
cnndlo powor lamp In onch room, tho light
Huivlco tu deptuul on the Compuiiy'H Kloclric
Light Plant.
Article 2
Tn'ovory month, oxenpt thoso In which a
ntnnitory liolldny occurs, tho Monday nftor
pay-day shall bo a holiday, but boforo such
holiday, an officer of the U. M. W. of A., appointed for this purpose, shall wait, upon the
mine Manager, and ascertain what his
wishes are, irrrespect to the holding of such
'Holiday on sucli dayT or other day, in lieu
thereof. ,   ,       „       ' ...
Article 3
In case an employee Is thrown out    of
work, unless discharged, be shall be   given
preference over new men.
'•' \ Article 4
The right to hire and discharge, the management, of thc mine, and the direction of
the working force, are vested exclusively in
the Company, and the U. M. W. of A. shall
not abridge this right. It is not the intention of this provision to' encourage the discharge of employees, or the refusal of em-'
ployment to applicants, because of personal
prejudice, or activity in matters affecting the
U; M. W. of A. ''
Article 5
The Compnny shall nol tako contract miners from their places to do Company work,
unless nn emergency exists, where it Is
nocossnry to dp work for tho safety of tho
mine, or, if contract minors nro cut out of
their working plnces, by renson of somo
special work to bo done, to get coal away
from thom, and they are given employment
ln such work, tho minor is to rocolvo $3.00
(throe dollars) por dny.
Any minor called upon to do dangerous
work will bo paid a higher rato according to
prosont practice ($3,50.)
Article 6
Tho Compnny shall dollvor all matorlnl at
tlio nearest cross-cut to tho faco.
,   Article 7
It Ib undoi'Btood nnd agrood that tho mino.
at tho option of tho Company, shall work hIx
days ln tho wook, oxcopt legal holidays, and
holidays provided In this ngrcomont, tho
only oxcoptlon being tho burial of nny Individual connoctod with tho mino.,, If any
omployoo, or omployeos, Bhnll cause a slop*
pngo of work, In violation of this agroomont.
ho, or thoy, Bhnll bo mibjoct to dlHchargo by
tho Company.
Article 8
Tho Compnny will hcII to Uh omplnyooB
niant. Powdor at tho rato of flvo and   ono
hnlf cmitB por stick, ciiph at ono cont. onch,
and fiiHO at ono cent, por foot,
Article 0
The Company will fiirnlHh oil to the Company mon,
Article 10
Thn following Hhnll lm tlio hpiiIp of wag-**"
for flhlflmon for olght IU) hourH work un*
Flro Hohh  $'l..ri-l
Flro Hohh HolporH  ii.(m
Brnttlcomon  :i.oo
Tlmhorinon  li.oo
Dvl*'(*r  2 7"
Tli'lvorR' In wet plapriH   ■>,.on
Drlvnrn, f,p!ko Team  ..."  3,25
Trncklnyoi'B  3.do
Mlnorn ,  , ;t.00
Mlnorn In wot plncoB  3.50
Minors   (Tlnr-ld  1 *",0
Hopo Kldum   3.00
Couplon, 2.fl**l-2
LondorH nnd PubIioi'h In CountorH ., il.".'
Timber pnekors 3.oft
Conl IluckorR 3.00
Switch   Iloys    i .no
Door lloyn ,  1,2,1
Door Men 2.50
Unsldllod Labor Insldo 2.50
Bhlftmon nbovo ground: Ton hours work,
unless othcrwtso specified.
Dumporo   ., , |2.(J2"j
Blnto plckei'H, boys undor iilxtcen
yonrs  1.95
Teamsters - '2.G2-V*;
Blacksmiths .'..'  3.50 to $3.671/2'
Blacksmith helper... 2.62%
Car repairers ...   ...   ...... ... 3.ljT	
"Engineers Tipple  3.15
Box Car Loader Engineers 3.00
Firemen Engineers (8) hours  3.15   •'
Firemen (8 hours) '.,.. 2.50 •
Car trimmers     2.62%
Hoistmen (8 hours)  $3.50 to $3.C7Va
All other wages not provided by contract
to be paid going wages,.
Article 2
The wa'se scale above set forth shall not
operate so as to prevent the Company from
paying individual men a higher rate; neither
shall It be construed to lower the rate paid
any individual employed at the mine prior to
September lst, 1905.
Article 12
Yardago prices will be paid as follows:
bo driven 10 feet wide by.7 feet high, In tho
clear Inside tho timber, and bo securely timbered with sets not exceeding 5 ft. centros,
ditch to be carried on ono side, to bo pnld
for nt the rato of cloven ($11.00) dollars par
yard, lineal. To include also the laying of(
ties nnd short length mils,
Counter Gnngwnys Bhall bo driven hIx
foot, high by six feet wide In the clear liiBiilo
the timber, llinbored with sots of four places
five foot centres lo bo paid for at the rnto
of six ($(3.00) dollars per lineal yard,
Crosscuts! Will bo driven •! ft, x 1 ft.,
untlmbored and to be paid for at the rnto
of two ($2.00) dollars por lineal yard.
Horizontal Crosscuts botwoon IUiIhoh and
Rooms:, Will bo bIx feot by hIx foot without
timber, nnd will bo paid for at the rate of
four ($.|,00) dollarH por lineal yard for tho
first flvo ynrdn; thon an additional price of
fifty cents por yard for tho noxt. hIx ynrdH,
thon nn addlllonnl prion of fifty ppiiih por
ynrd for tho next flvo ynrdn, making a total
dlHtnnco of forty eight fool, thnt tho contract prlco cavort**.,
Narrow Work. Six fl, by bIx ft. up iho
pitch timbered, Timber to coiihIhI of one
prop on the high Hide with enp piece nnd
lagging nud In liielndo laying of   Hhcel Iron,
Crib Chiito. Nlno ft. by hIx ft. Including
part It Ion und lining, I.iuIiIith iuul lliulim-
rhulo to he linlll by thi! Company,
PIlIni'H. To lm pnld for nl the rate of fifty
contH por ruble ynrd, Including timber.
Article 13
All oxlrn timber net by tlm (.•onlriic.'oi'H lo
be pnld for nt lho niln of five Ml •'■••ntri \u-.\
llnt;nl foot; by extin timber Ik uu.-ani nil
timber, net by tho rontrncloi*, In mxcciih of
the number Hpcclfled In tho Hclioiliil,-, for
(lint imrlluulnr i'Iiihh uf worli, lu which he
Ih ougngr*i],
Article 14
All   l.,l4|.'u,)! i:,-,   »lli   III!  ltl,llf,UU  OlH'   llfliHil)
■fHT mnnlli for Uji   in- <.f {4 lm),, •  lu   1!.,
wriHh house.
Article 15
All cnntrnrtorH using nnkml lights will be
charged flvo (5) cc\m per dny for nil,
I"*.*    1l»*»n*.»,,r,,.     M',,|4M,,4.„       ,, ,.
...     i.,t.,„.,.,     .» ikh.tai.aj. .4,4      ,,i..,.,,i
hereto lmvo hereunto «et tho hands of tlicdr
proper off loom this 2nd tiny of April, lliOli.
The Canadian American Coal & Coke Co, Ltd
A. MULL.4,II,On. Mnnnt'cr
The United Mine Workers of America District 18
F. II 8IIKUMA.N, I'1'..wl'l.'iii.
A. J, CAnTKIl, Hw.-Tri'iimin.r
Scale Committee
ALKX. ai'fl.VAH
the well known General Merchant
pleased to make
iiniioiiiic'i'iiifiit that he eaiiies all kinds of Merchandise
and just received the
stock   of fishing tackle,   the new kind with aillninity
adjustment—-iKittuil to bit,—can't drop oil'.   Sonic
zealous competitor might cull liini a
but Fred Hoo is liappv
1-yiowiiig Unit lie lias a reputation in
for variety which is  worth more to Iiim  thnn  untold
Keep your eye on this   advertisement   and
we'll give you something to write home  to
your aunty about
rt     *
Eastertide Luxuries
Comprising the very bet-land
purest in food products that
the grocery fruit and confectionery trade can supply,.are
to be had in the. utmost profusion. Whether you have
only a little family" feast, or
nuelaboruto banquet to celebrate Easier, it, will be greatly to your interest, as well as
convenience to see our stock
and examine our ■ goods and
prices as both are sure t.o interest you. .There's a reason
why you can always depend
on getting the best value for
vour nionev at
Phone 17
Goods Delivered Free*
♦♦<•»♦♦•* •»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦» +++.++++.
Easter Hats
A Kplendiil display of Ladies' Hoiuly to
wear lints   $3.50
Ladies' Dross Hats 1 rimmed with
Wings, cliilTon, Flowers and Foliage
A splendid assortment to choose from
lioth large nud small ut a reasonable
price.,'       6.00
Also a display of Children' lint** thnt
cannot lie equalled, frniii        ,915
My millinery consists of agriule of goods bought
with the greatest of care nnd afc low prices and
will appeal strongest lo Uu* careful buyer.
(Jiisl.oniei'S note my styles are exclusive.
No Two Hats Sold Alike
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *4>.«.^4|.^-#.«.*4>^^ W*>i>t>+OPO<> •*♦-•*>♦♦-<»••■-•
HiinliM'SN   lllnclis,   ('Inirelies
Ni'IhmiIm/'iiimI ln'iivy woll; 11
■.permit >•'
.\|a'i'lil>. f'U' I'llllllllllllll l'll".-nl 111 Ilk
iiiiiI    lliiml    I'nliii   f*<im,in.nt   mill
l'ri-1-i..il   lli'li'U,      Kp-iint.it>*»   fur-
lllftlil'il firn
J    bLVi   MMH   IH   Hit Gilt'
™       • *>i"    I**--*      4. -»- -.    .,_.,.,,.,...  .4,      n
Try in T.ir (j.io.l  IMrlrtltiir-.     Prk**
inmli Mtn.    Arfilreii I'ltllitt Avenui
A     MI'I'ilMITF.     Tim     HOSPITAL
In ho mutter of an Appltrntlnn for
thn Ismift of n Anpllcnto rortlfli-nr** nf
titlo for tlio Hast half of lot 10. block
■30, Town of Fornio (Mnp 7.1.,)
Notico Ih lioniliy ulvcn Hint It Ih my
Intention 10 Ihhuo nt tho expiration uf
01m month after the ..nit publlcntlon
horoof n iluplicntn of thn cnrtlflciilo
llf   'I'll111   III   Ull!   ItllOVt)   lllDlllillllinl   litllll
in tlio mum* of Ann HIkrh, which cor*
tlllcatc Is (Intod the. 2int dny of Muy
lltuC nnd nun-bored m:,'j a.
PUtrlct KoRlstrnr
l.ftttd Ylepjetry Oftlct,
N'ulson II. C.
Fobrunry 11, 1000. „ tsLsa&KA «£&. -i'^-ia-i-^iS**-!
« rJLii i^WnR iz&i.
\J$i'W.M*x\A'*-txxrJm>,i -m mar ij^ta^awr^-M-TBip-'n^:'*.. •fJnfc.-oAja.-J .is
NO. 252
OLSON   °   .
No. 251
uring it
Out Still
(Continued on page 3) .
House for sale—Three rooms at Coal
Creek. Apply Fred Miller, French
Camp. 74-t
For Sale: Two houshold-properrtles,
-with furniture. Will sell property
either jointly or separately. For particulars apply Ledger office.
Nice fresh lettuce at the Palm.
J. B. Turney left for Michel to-day
on business.
Fred    Perry    returned
morning from Nelson.
They're all talking about it. What?
Why   Ingram's bowling  alley.
Mrs. James Broley and family returned from the east yesterday morning.
Furniture for sale. Address Ledger
The delegates to the convention of
district 18 are all registered at tho
, The Coal Creek football club will
hold a grand supper and ball In the
near future.
Easter cards at Suddaby's—the best
The big fire bell arrived to-day. The
sound of It will hardly awake pleasant
memories. "
A. McDonald (Sandy) of the A. McDonald Company came into the city
this morning.
South African', script for sale.—Apply R. rf. Marlow, Lethbridge, Alta.
Bob Gourlay, the popular hotelmari
of Hosmer came into the city on the
local this morning.
Wright the jeweler has moved
the Henderson block.
GeorgeVM. Exley of Napanee, Ont,
friend of the Whelan Brothers, is registered at the Napanee hotel.\
Eckstein: Please turn to page 3(5.
Has anything been shown to you to
make It clear in your mind that this
amount had been handed over by
Lockhart to Webb? '/.
.. McDiarmid:  Nothing whatever.
Eckstein: And if„it be shown that
these amounts were not handed over
by Lockhart to Webb would it make
any difference in your statement that
the $71.08 was the correct cash.balance. ' ,
No.    *"
Then   your statement is correct as
to the $71.08 being correct if these
figures were handed to him?
McDiarmid: It is.
Eckstein: I ask you to go to exhibit
49 and go, to cash book. Have you,
in arriving at amount, included an
amount of $250 shown upon page 20
In cash book? „
.McDIarmid: No.
°Eckstein: If you do, what difference
would it make In your result?
McDiarmid: It. would mako It'up
to $860. ., „
Eckstein: Now, if it be shown that
Lockhart debited himself -with $50 on
account Rosedale, would that make
any difference In what you term the
shortage? ,    ' -
- McDiarmid: These . figures are
made' up as though this was a double
If the mistake in the bank had not
been made of $10, what would the result be? ,
$850. '.
Eckstein: On page 17 of the cash
book you will find cash on hand as
$10,125.28, so far as the ink writing
is concerned it is $10,135.28. What
effect would that mistake made In regard to Lockhart's cash?
McDIarmid:  He would have '.to be
debited with $10.
Eckstein: That brings it up-to $860.
Now with regard to the first deposit
made by Lockhart, there was no currency, was there?    ., '
McDiarmid: I do hot think there was.
Alberta Show
Case Works
Manufacturers   of
Calgary, Alta.
»*^ # itti # '> '!*> ♦ ***> **fr •*!■'
We guarantee this to! be the best,/•* '" '
flour ever sold in Fernie.     Satisfaction   guaranteed  .or-your,   money,
,       . cheerfully refunded. ^ .      ■
W. J.    BLUNDELL   j Give us a call
Crows Nest Trading Co.
~        .7-   7 General Merchants
.    .. ' -. ■       ■     ;*'.'.. '     I '
The   Store   of Good Values
Singer Sewing Machines Go,,
,  ■■ .' Fernie, B.C.
Why be without a Sewing Machine when you
can get one for $3.00 a month ?
J. P. H0ULAHAN, Agent,. opposite Coal Co.'s office, Peilat Ave.
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B.C.
♦♦♦*»•»♦♦ ♦♦**■» •»*■»-»*»•» ■*»*»*»♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
; Fernie Dairy t j palace drug store
Liphardt has alarm clocks for $1,
$1.75 and $2,
The initials of the Aliiska-Yukon-Pa-
cific fair—A.Y.P. —might easily be
taken for "After Your Purse."
I'll spot you ten at'Ingrams' billiard
room to-night.
Mrs. J.. Caraichael and family re-
* turned from the east yesterday. Mrs.
 ^"1—.    , -   - i A*Un "1 Va. r* —. nni. \\ mi nn It 0*10 ril*-, sift
— ■"OuFuilunS'Ci—UttD—llUt—uccii—ubic- a i liv-(J
t the fire.
delivered to all
parts of the town.
(Continued In  Wednesday's Daily)
Baby carriages and go-carts fitted
with rubber tires, from $3,25 up at
the Trites-Wood Co.
Mrs. M. B. Kennedy-arrived iri the
city on Monday, and Is staying with
, her son, Mr, ?A.,R. Kennedy, of the
Ledger staff;' ■■
' Wanted: Quiet bed-sitting room at
Coal Creek for two men. Particulars
and terms by letter to J. Jesslo, Cot.l
Dob Webb's rendition of "I'm afraid
,to come home In the dark," last night
waa very much in keeping with his
nowly married life.
Mr. Stephens of I.awe- & Fisher's,
returned from Lethbridge yesterday
evening, Ho reports the prairie as
Hut as ever.
The liveliest place In town—Club cigar store.
The Trades and Labor council mol,
last night, and thero was consldornbl*?
business attended to. A largo num
bor of delegates attended.
The appeal or Lesllo Mills, proprietor of tho Central hotel,wiib denied by
Judgo Wilson. Tho Conlrnl was convict oil of selling liquor on Sunday iu
tho lowor court, Fined $!I0, coRts of
appeal -fTfi, also lawyers fees,
Lost—Ono sot of spring Ico Imlniiooi*
400 lliH, Hot urn to Fornio Ico Co. and
rocolvo reward.
Mr. Ed. Tlckhoiisi; anil wife unregistered at tho Niipiuioo', Mr,
TlckhoiiHo Is an experienced tonsorlnl
iirtiHt nud takes thnt position with
Mr. J. Scot I.
Tlm li'li'pliono servlco ns at iirosonl
Huppll-wl Is nbout lho vnnkcKt thing
wo ovor had. UiiIohh Uio niniingonioiit
get nftttr tliolr oiiiployixM nnd give
llm pulilli' n bet tor hoi'vU'o tlicy will
nol linvn many additions to thoir mill*
Hcrlpilon list.
Look at your diamond and see -If
the claws are holding solid. If not
bring It to Liphardt who doei that
work the tame day as it Is left.
Mkhhi'h. Ci'Orgc nml AW. ThhcIut-
i'uu h'fl for Spokum* itfrft i-vi-nlu**; Tli"*
purpoHc of Un1 trip Ih in i-iigngc vim-
1 ilovlllo   ntli'iiclloiiH   I'or  lho      Fornio
l*|M'!l(    t,./,|.->l. .     .,|,.a.,|.a.     ...      I.t<*'.,.(il....
uu,]   (*,   A     T     r.i'.li !•  :in    ,n:i".r*'r:'
thi* oui-rn ..nunc In llii'lr iilr.'eiK".
Rheumatic  Pains  Relieved
Mr. Thomas Stenton,'postmaster ,of
Pontypool, Ont, writes: "For the past
eight years I suffered from rheumatic
pains. During that time I used many
different liniments and remedies for
the cure of, rheumatism:   Last summ;
Pain Balm.and got more relief from-.it
than anything I have ever used, and
cheerfully,recommend this'liniment to
all suffersr from rheumatic pains."
For sale by all druggists.
New Store!   New Goods!
i   ».    *
Everything is Nice and Fresh
The Stock is complete ■ in all lines.   You
will find in part, Drugs,, Patent Medicines,'.
.Magazines of all kinds, Daily Newspapers
and' Weeklies, Stationery and Office Sup-*
plies, Garden and   Flower   Seeds, Toilet
Articles, Fancy Goods, Fine Soaps, &c,, &c .
' Call   and   see the   store and the goods
A    Poor    Shoe
Will not. mend its
its   looks  by
Get tho kind that are mode
right in the beginning, Eight
in shape, whicn gives them stylo.
Right iii fit, which givos thom
comfort. Right in durability
which makes thom wear well.
The right kind aro always to be
hud at right prices at
W. R.  McDougall
"One Touch of Nature Makes the
Whole Wor I  Kin "
.When a • rooster finds a big fat.
worm he calls all the hens in the farm
yard to come and share it. A similar
trait is' to be observed in human nature, when,a, man discovers something
exceptionally good—he wants all his
friends ' and neighbors to shart, the
benefits of .his discovery. This is the
touch of nature that makes the whole
world kin. This explains why peoplo
who have been cuyed by Chamberlain's Cough Remedy write letters to.
the manufacturers for publication, that
*oth"ers-siiniIarIy""ailing—may- also- use-
t and obtain relief. Behind every
one' of these letters is a warm hearted
■wish.of the writer to be'of use to some
one else. This remedy is for sale by
all druggists; . ..  „iMWtl:
old and   reliable druggist.    Phone
You will •Tlnd im on the Corner where-the Pout Office won before
•the Fire * " "'■..
♦ ♦♦-»♦ ■»•»■♦♦-» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Fire   and   Accident
** (>
• ■ ■* v   ' 'it        .
A frill line of shelf and  heavy   Hardware in stock together  with a
complete rango of Stoves
Furniture .Department
Our Furnituro Department embraces the
most unique and up-to-date lines.
Come in and have a look
Fernie Opera House
Always u choice supply nl'ltoof, Pork, Vefli,
Mullon, mid hiinl-onlinixl.    ll'iniN,
I.«(•(»., I.nrd, Hultit and Kggn
Our Specialties
I'Vrsli, ShioIumI nnd Knlti.d Kisli. nhvnyw n good
assort ment.   Try  onr Mince Ment,
Nnuvkviiut  nud Ovst'-vs,
Programme   Changed
Three Times a Week,
Monday,  Wednesday
and Friday
McFlioraon Avb,
Fernio, B. 0,
=Fo r^&a-s ter—Trad er
Patterns and? Quality
Urieixcdled :-
25c  to  $1.50  each
. 75c   to $3.00   each
Z for  25c
All tHc Latest
Admission 10, 15 and 25 centn
For n good comfortable Hrnoko aet j
Dorenbecker'i    brand*.      They    aro! — - **..        -r-—r-r-. rrr-
honm product. | ., .        .. ._.
*^ f*****! ■*•*>> #***■% f&w* >>Mfe^ 0wt^, .jf^M****, >J^l>>i rrfflnb f>a>^l *'*l*a^>^ >Ta^>k f^^m J/*>^H>k >V*Vn >H>^i VW*4ll
"w^H +^ W ■*m*f-***r ***** -w^ ■*^**" ^-^*' l**>   '*-*' ^****' ^t*"* *****-* *^***' W -mm"
The I'ltl'ff of pollcf Ih luiwy tIh-kc ;
•InyH imiiilluK «n* lft.»<>r to iln- hir-cih
commlflBlonoiH out of liln jnll crew, j
Tlt-oy nm tit-iiii; ilmy at iiiiIIIiik *»• iiii«|i-j -,
i'(r. Tlwr iliii-r of Mm .'0|i|H*rii riKHincd'
our »p"i*liil ki-ylioti! runmiinnilfnt Unit ||
ihuro wim room lor mon*.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦^
]ln[j*|i*iif*;(>  ilelivi'ii'il   to   any
-.nut of tlm city.
w**-**-* ♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦,♦♦
Stoves I
3iov*eaS 2     Stoves
GO,, Ltd,
Fernie's Big Department Store
160 arret ot land for sale
7 miles from Pincher Creek,
Alta, 50 acre* cultivated,
rest all level. First class,
buildings, good water, land
free of stones,
Anply at
The Ledger Office
>»<•«» CTOiOO
The 41 Meat Market Limited
Wholooalo and Rot all Butchora
Tlm Ftii. M.'U'k '';ui:Ini!l ti;iiii l;avi..
procured Ui" orlclnnl U'lllininH Julii*
li-e. Sln«iTH, (onMlsiliiK of two   (junr*
ttfttr'H, lu ordor lo mnko «x|H'Iihmi to
ennble thtm to -[iiirclinso miltB nnd .hfi";
r<-nt of Un.' oiuJ.t hi'tcsiKiij in ;ijj{«i.r
Uiii Lufotc sin nxD-'ctant ptiMl'- !ti   lii'*;
st-nwm.    Tli<* Fats sure nc.'.. tlurroo-j
ncy, iuul Bloulil luni' jrvur »*u|>jiiirt,    : •"•si*
Qtorcis in all the Principal Towns in Britisji Columbia and Alberta
Our Motto "Civility, Ctaa-tlto and correct weight to all"
Mil* ton
Halt Fish
Wc have thc cheapest and |
best line of Ranges, Kitchen i
Stoves and Heaters. j
New and Second-Hand Goods
Pioneer Builder and Contractor of
In Fernie  its
Hawthorne for
Painting,  Interior
A comploto lino or samples or
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds, Screes
and Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
All kinds of '
mn pfju* ft ,9Pt&
Glvo us a trial
Painter and Decorator
♦•a**^**-**--^^-*** ♦<*>«>«**><)•«><>
1 Bronze Gobbler ttnil 3 Hem
3 Whit* Holland Gobb'**ii*j
Barred Rock and White Rock
(live the n fh«n<-o «n v»«if wnrk


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