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The District Ledger 1909-04-15

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) -
j ■*   ;
i .-
}■■ ■
> *•'
1 /
■la    ..-
> >■.*■?	
Daily Strike  Edition
'     {.*.
A ; ,'     Vi;
Industrial Unity is Strength
Tlie Official Organ, of District No. 18,'17. M. W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
vol. iv.'No.-<porrir| i.
FERNIE,   B. C,  APRIL   15th...   1909
$1.00 a Year
Editor     Ca.lga.ry
Alberta-n. Declsir
es Himself
♦'-    And the Albertan has   said   ♦
•ax   before and repeats, it again, ■-♦
♦ that the-interests of the min-   ♦
•*•*►   ers in the Crows Nest   Pass -.♦
♦ are not going, to-be injured   ■***►
♦ very -much as long as   Frank .*•**►
♦ Sherman Is in control."—Ed- '•**►
♦,, itorlal' comment,  in Morning   H>
♦ Albertan,.of April 14. . ■♦
♦ ■.'"-'♦
-^♦■♦♦•♦■♦♦♦•♦- ♦'♦ ♦ <•>
Every   Little  Bit
is a Boost
The reports of the meeting of the
miners in Fernie show that there is
no rift In the ranks, that the, Pass
miners are solid and that they are
behind Sherman to a man. It1 would
be. very surprising if they were not
, behind Sherman, whose fight is to get
them as good terms as he succeeded
In getting for 2800 other miners who.
o aer working in the same district. .
According to the statement made by
Ms. Sherman he did nothing dishonorable, and In no way discredited the
honor of the miners union. This was
so apparent that the representative
sent by the international' president
seemed to be quite convinced.
So the labor* trouble now resolves it
self Into the original dispute when the
men first went out and Is not complicated with any side Issues. The miners are asking for the same terms that
have been given to the majority of the
men in tho district without any strike
trouble. That being the case, It seems
as if it is an easy road for the strikers. To the outsider, unacquainted
with the technicalities of the business
it would seem that the miners can be
asking for nothing very outrageous,
when the majority ot -the operators,
under similar conditions, without any
argument, gave the requested regulations and the requested wages.
The miners have brought to light
one defect in the * Lemieux act, and
probably the one very serious defect
That is the long notice that isnrequlred
for a board of conciliation. Had the
miners been able to secure such a
board on a couple.of days notice instead of on 30 days notice, in all probability they would have asked for the
board. But with a strike in sight a wait
of 30 days would be playing right into
the hands of the operators and embarrassing the miners in their struggle*'
- With some such change, which'may
be made at this session.'the Leiaieux
act would be found to be very much
more workable." * «
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦;♦♦♦
♦ ' ♦
♦ MINERS ' ♦
♦                                      .         . ♦
♦ ■ Keep away from Nicola as ♦
♦ there are too many men there ♦
♦ now, arid the market Is over- ♦
♦ crowded. *-a>
Goal Operators are Now Willing to Discuss, but they Still
Hug Fondly the Delusion That They can Make the
Public Believe That .the . Abortive . Tentative Proposals
of the Maeleod Conference Constitute a Fair Basis of
Contract.    Incidentally They Admit That a Preamble ; aiid
< i •■
an Enacting Clause,  are, After all, Necessary to the Integrity'of. every Normal and Well Eegulated 'Agreement."
The big race meet at Crilnbrook la
to be held on May 24 and 25. Numerous well known horse breeders both
from the United States and Canada,
are already entered and, n first class
meet is guaranteed by the citizens of
Gra.in      Growers
Want  Square
New  Ontario    Has Also
Pioneer Hotel Problems
Eastern Bonifaces Put in a Quandary
by the Shrewd Thriftiness of the
Canadian Backwoodsman
■ Pursuant to decree of"the Fernie Convention the Officers of District' 18. U. M. "\V. of A. have
proceeded promptly to' place themselves in communication with that minority,of our local coal operators who are still "off the reservation," and wandering in the "bad lands" of disagreement. "The
result of their efforts to date can be* discerned from the following'exchange of telegrams between the
negotiating parties: • '     ' '       ,
Secretary U.M. W. of A., Fernie: 7
Referring to request of International Board Member Morgan and your committee that called on
rue this morning to renew negotiations, we beg to inform you that we will be glad to meet you for the
purpose of preparing an enacting clause as arranged for and executing the agreement made by the
. Scale Committee at Maeleod and ratified by a referendum vote of the employees.
",:'.'.'•     - LEWIS STOCKETT. ' —
Wily Japs
To the Fore
President Western Coal Operators Association
. TORONTO, April *15—Tlio hotels of Northern Ontario linv-a
been thoroughly inspected during the past few weeks by tho now
Woviiuiial inspector, Mr. "W. K, Snider, who has been looking after
Ihe accommodation and safety of tho travelling public in that new
Mr. Snider's visit will mean u brisk trade for the "fire escape
manufacturers, for not twenty five per cent of these hotels were provided with theso appliances. In every case Mr. Snider ordered ono
for each .floor, nud ropes reaching to the ground for ovory room.
Tho cost figures up to from #75 to $200 in oach case.
Stealing the Houses
This ropo rule in not tlm cnnicHt to keep in force. Several times
when the provincial officer visited a hotol lie found no balconies fitted with fire escapCR, but tho proprietor wns quito certain thnt ropes
woro in ovory room,' In most eases thoy wero but often the bonifaeo
opened his eyes as lio looked in vain for his stout hemp, It is ono
of tho customs of tlie north for a minor or wondmnan to mako Die
room ropes tako French leave. He simply outs it off nonr the wall
for it may como in handy somo time. Under tho now law Mr. Snider
iN usually ablo to secure tho co-operation of tlio local inspector, who
undertakes to seo that the deficiencies aro supplied,
A fow hotels were informed that thoir future exist onco depended
ou the absence of dirty and unhealthy surroundings, but (In* great
majority Mr. Snider found to ho clean, well o'-uipped and very coin*
fortnblo. n
Somo Splendid Housos
The hotels of northern Ontario conipuro favorably with those
oi tne ohicr pun'out, ot the province. Tho inspector waH surprised
at tho equipment in hucIi places nt llniloybury, New Ijiskenrd, Slur-
goon Falls, the Soo, Sudbury and other places. The rotundas in
Homo of them would hold hundreds of people and the furnishings
would eoHt hundreds of dollars.
Inspection in Toronto
Mr. Snider will now return to the hotels in the southern part of
the province. Tho proprietors in this city will not escape his visits
although owing to three inspectors being on thc ground it is taken
for *JT*ini.»v! that they will not demand iittontion until the. vc.it ni thi-.
tour is completed.
The hotel men of Ontario nre being made to toe the mark in n
manner previously unknown in thnt country, nnd the lnw in all re-
gards is being vigorously enforced. As a result many of the hotel*
fomerly holding licensw* with no neconrmodntion for thc public have
either had to improve nnd enlarge their premise* or have heen forced
ont of biwtn********-.. ThfTc-hiw towi n marked change in thc general
•vintpment and comfort of the* hmtdrhH.
, ' * ' ' '
• " ,   ■*
President.Western Coal Operators Association •'■•', r
Hosmer, B.C. / * "
Answering your telegram without prejudice, the United Mine Workers of America, District No. 18
are willing to accept the following agreement in order, that the mines may resume operations:
It is hereby agreed: .     ,
Between the Western Coal Operators Association (consisting of the Pacific Coal Company Limited, the W. H. McNeill Company Limited, the Leitch Collieries, Limited, the West Canadian Collieries
Limited, the Hillcrest Coal and Coke Company Limited, the International Coal and Coke Company,
Limited, the Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company of one part, and the employees of the said Companies, as represented by the United Mine Workers of America District '8, of the other part, that thc
agreement existing prior to April lst, 1909, respecting general provisions and scales of contract prices
and wages, shall govern the parties hereto for the period of two years, commencing April lst, 1909, and
ending March 31st, 1911, in so far as the same may not be modified or affected by the provisions of
this agreement; it being understood and agreed that the parties thereto, will meet in conference sixty
days prior to the expiration of this agreement to discuss a renewal thereof! This agreement covers
all tho mines, coke ovens, and outside plants operated by the companies and all persons accepting employment at these mines shall be governed hy tho following rules and regulations:
The Company will require oach person employed by them, or to be employed by them, as a miner,
mine laboror, or otherwise, in and about tho mines und coke ovens of tho prospective companies, to sign
this agreement, as a condition precedent to continued employment of the porson alroady employed oc
to bo employed. The agreement to bo placed in a book togother with a legal check-off clause and
signed by all employees.        *
All underground wages shall bo computed from the timo bf entry at tho surface of tho mino to
the timo of roturn to the surface of tho mine, based upon tho eight (8) hour bank to bank ..hitt,
A contract prioe to be agrood upon for tha seams at present boing worked at Lille.
Secretary-Treasurer Dist. 18 U. M. W , of A,
NEW YORK, April 15—The Japanese government Is negotiating with an
American builder of submarine boats
for the purchase of plans and specifications for a new type of submarine of
smaller model than the type now in
common use but which will be of double speed.
It is stated that the proposed new
craft would have the. same destructive
power as the present type.
The purpose of the Japanese government is to send draughtsmen to New
Yor to get instructions on the design
but al lthe work of building will be
done in Japan.
Elevator Busines
Free From Graft
Mr. Wm. Muir, representing the
Lethbridge Brewing Company was in
town this week.
WINNIPEG, April 15—.Next week a
delegation from thc inter provincial
council of the Grain Growers association of Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatche-'
>van will vst Ottawa to wait on Sir It.
Cartwright and urge upon the government that they ocntrol the terminal elevators.   '
The following will represent the
western provinces: .Messrs. Edward
P. Frame,** Ianlsfail; George Langley,
Maymont; Roderick McKenzie, "Wlnnl-
The Manitoba petition Is now In th'}
hands of the local executive ,'and has
15,000 names.
J\ 1    L^xxO 1
Riot  Stirred up in Turkey by
Inveterate Enemies
Will Secret Agents of Europe's Robber Governments Succeed in Stifling Liberty's Latest Child
Joe Martin
Bobs Up
LONDON, April IS-Tho Chronicle
derInron tho nnlntowti Liberal ciui'lld-
nlo for tlio |iy*oU*i!tlon in 81 rut ford-on*
Avon Is ri brllll'int orntor a woll hnown
K, (". arid nn ovrnlniilnl pnunli'i' who
hns olinntploiioil froo trod In di-lmtOH
In the Cnnndluii jmrllninont: IiIh Iden*
..*..'•   V'.!!'.'     I",   .a..!,..   •„.',„,.       T'.a.   a,..'.,
mm who would n-itBW'M" the deitcvlji
linn with llio exception of Mon, -VIA-
Dlnko, Ir tlio Hon, .losejih Martin who
hns jiiKt nirlvod in .-.ntxlnnil.
Our nrtlHlIc photoimiplK-r, Mr. J.I\
SpnldinR linn limugurntcd n now dopnr*
two, which la moro fully referred to
In IiIh iidvortlnoniont nppoailiiK   elm**
whoro lu thin Ihhuo,    Tlio l.odj-cr'H en-
morn fiend hnH Inspected theno photon
cud fiiliiiKoinontH with minified envy
nnd Joy nnd itiiimmondH our art lov*
Imk pul-llf to hotnko. Ittiolf to Mr. Ppnl-ju'1' ",f)H' f""lfl11 '"■•■'■■■'■•'■••s**1. exploHlnnt*
mid eruptions nimilicj- IM-tinl Iiiih linen
lidded to JloKOHlof jjioup near UiuiIiih-
kn, ncconlliiK to .'iipuiln Mnoluty   of
Mother Earth
SKATTI.K, Wnali.   April    1,1- Amid
dliig'H Httidlo mid luxuriate in the !hm
mentioned of ll-um.* 100II11-.-.H. ,|ii<-ii|eri-
full}', ll mny he utni(*d liuil wlillo Mr.
t-jpnldliiK'H vnlnoH nro high lii^'pi'l'-en
mi* •.•Mc-iiii'iii'iiy low,      A  word  to
.'.'..'.     M ,'.M.    7   .l.'.'M.a ,'a. ,'.*.,
H\tt .*    ., .... li
Cupid Makes
j A I'm*- wifl puhllf' .spirited hf*w lu-l
loiiKlnK to Mr. Thomas Letcher hatt'
fnllcii n victim to Ith proHuniiihlo Joy nt
helnB omployod In tlio good work of
erecting our Iocnl Lnbor Tetnplo—Its
Hjioelnl function liolng tho holHliiiK of
tho brtckliiyora lift. In -.-.■.von'^ji;
around Its stall ns tt foflectoii on tbo
fluid   Uf  UHofuIllCSi.i   UiUrt   Ol.,.|.,.-..   ll>   ii,
this ••l0,Hi*,-fo-.i(*cloiin nnimni got Its
neck oMAnf-lf-d In its own rope ami
passed over to tho spirit lnnd, Our
rapltallsllcntly minded frlfnrts mny
fttH.iT.f't to draw At-me klrnl of a moral
from fhfH* bur they afc welcome u> tu
attempt. Thoy are "short' on morals,
il- 1 '5   Un):ij
l\ir ton (lit)t* prior to tbo Inl-md'h
•-.{HpriratKo above tin* wuteiliuo tlu* nu-
tivoH of the oilier iwtitfillk within 11 ni*
,tln.1   nf  inn   .It . 1 .
."'.*. '. ...a .      . ,+ .
W*3vf*n P-pflppi,",,'l"'or "f ""' ''a-''- *•"■ in "• v',,y
vv toy lu ai cd'ia.ci..„„,.„,,,,■, ,niMJl, MI(J „ u,w iUiyH hllflw
jibe itppe.arnnie of Ihe IhIiiihI tbo vol*
' 8HATTI.K. April IS—Iiistoad of ll*.'-|.onle iihmiihhIhh in ibe group hnd boon
ing nt Columbln city ns reported,   Mr. ;ln net Ion.
nnd Mra. Aokl, who woro marrlod Inj .hiHt what Ih the «,(■/,. of llio now
Stan..- fitllooiiiK ■•% MiiihHtlotinl tligtu .isliiiid could nut bo li-'inud id, Du, nn-
from Cnllfornln, sovornl wcokn nxo.i t|\.*n could not !»• Imluced to ko u'ltb-
ui«* now ekiiiK <«n «»n fulstcnoo on a j In many mllei** of it,
little four acre trnaacwsa Ijiko Wnthj Captnln Mnckny n-all.od Unnlaskn
Ington a short «il*tanro from Sunny-j on Mnuli U'tli u-Jih tb.- l^u ami was
'Jul**'* j Informed  nbout  the  pbonomenon  by
Mra. Kmory. mother or thu A moil-; Nicholas Grey. ak»-ih <»f tbo Ala«k«
<an girl vti.o took th<* Jar%ne*o «<*rv*,{*ommcri.inl Co. and Deputy United
iiui ios  U«f  Uut.bi*inal  U kWUiK  wiih.Hiftri-s Mnrshnl *'. I». Mormon.
PltANKPORT, April 13—CoiiBlnnlinople lias been in full rovo-
lullon since early this lnorniii-,'. doclnrcs (lie ('oiiKlnnt.nop.o corres-
liomliiiit of tlie Krniikportor Dcspaleli.
Two Imtlnlioiis of troops quartorod in tlio ministry of war pro-
(■on.lod al dawn, hended liy their officers, and iniirehed to tin; Mosipie
of St. Sophia, from which point they then surrounded the parliament buildings,
They demanded the dismissal of the j-xand vizier, the president of
the chamber and the minister of war.
„ Panic Is Spreading
(.'ONSTANTlXOJ'liK, April M—Serioiis dislurbanees of a revolutionary nature have broken out here. The sit tint ion is j,'rsiw, The
miiliiiotis troops art! demoiiNtratin*,' against the parliamenl buildings.
I'anie has nroused the people ami all through the country simps are
being hurriedly closed,
The cabinet has resigned ami their resignation has been aoeepi*
ed. It is reported that Kiamil Pasha, Ihe former grand vizier, Iiiih
now been charged with the work of forming 11 new cabinet, which he
has started to do,
LONDON. April M--The only news to reach Loudon up lo Id..'HI
to-day about the trouble in Turkey was contained in a code mc.ssago
which set forth the serious disturbances of a revolutionary character
which had broken ,,ut, and furl her stated that the situation iuik
very grave.
Neither tlie foreign office, the Turkish   cmliass.N nor ihe batiks
with Constantinople connections Imd any further inlurinntiim   than
that already given.     It is known however, that   tin- situation   hat
been extremely strained for several weeks in coiiici|Ucncc of the bil-
.u-j Hiiiii..*! iieiwri'ii .-ie i-iiimiiiiicf ut union .-iiui progress and the libera!*".
Tor 11 in-ia ii*. i-fM-nl tin* iillcinpls 01 1I10 committee to control public
affairs,     The murder of Hassan l.tfcndi, the editor uf a liberal neus-
paper, on April   7 is thought to have been tin* elinuis of the trouble.
The paper had been carrying on a enmpaign against the Nociciy »f
1* ,,,    .
Violent demonstrations both iu parli.-nin-iit and ill Ihe streets ad-
jacetit followed the killing of the editor. The committee on l-Yhru*
nry II public!;, .r.i-idiiilod any intention t*i overthrow the <)nltii*i into instal a military dietntorship but the crisis ami its outcome
tho c-ou--.lt? on this littlo garden parch;
which they have li-/is*d. '
Tb** Island npfH*nred
about  March
not rt'irnnh-i] then *i«j jin.mi**ii)g "*,.[[ f,n- .\^. .,*..!>;.it*, t,f ti„ Uirmii-
or the stiecesx of tlle plirlilllllClltary goVeruiiK'lit.
On April A Kiiiniil I'-ishn m^ue.i n si:iteii|.-iit in which he ib uiiunc-
ed (he committee of union and progress, to whose iiincliiimtion*. he at-
trib.iteil Jiie iole of eciihiire iu the Turkish parliament and the eon-
tto.-tifut downfall of his cibinot.
The irn*sp.*miible j,M,*rf<*rt'iift> of this coiiuuitti*)*, tin* I'asha de.
il.»»«d. loo I n« liimli/.e*! the ffftirts nt the govenitilent, iltld if ptl'Uiit-
ted to continue would Nprtniialy cmlanger the future of the entire
country.. ^«F*^wr*^««.»J»ratjoa-acaAWraoB^^a.w.-4j*M
^JS,.*,.*, K.*.^.',-^.,.
©be Mzltid £&$&
$1.00 a! year, in adyance'. Address all communications to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B.. C.
Rates for advertising on application.
We believe, through careful enquiry.- that all the
advertisements in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove'our faith by words; we will make
good to actual subscribers any loss incurred by trusting advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business* men who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest'bankrupts.   ■■
This offer holds' good for one month after the
transaction causing the complaint; that is we must
have notice within'that time.- In all cases iu writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
Phone 48;,Residence 9 Manager
]n the field of om* local industrial conflict the
most strikinj*: feature which for a lonj*- time met
the eye ofthe casual observer consisted in the mass
of fojj and smoke created by-an unfortunate*   and! wide awake public men are more and more stremv
shortsighted endeavor on the part of a minority
The final outcome, that tlie Operators have thus
failed, is not only matter of congratulation to the
■Miners, whose domestic peace has been threatened;
and to that general and non-privileged public,
whose true interests are inseparably bound up with
tlie industrial-welfare of each .individual contingent
of this same general'public (which is manifestly
and obviously nothing else than the composite and
totality of the various branches of the legitimately
hand working and brain working class); but
ought also'to be occasion for sincere rejoicing
among the shareholders of the coal companies whose
mine's have been thrown, by these managerial blunders into, that condition of-disuse which means
present disintegration and future expense in restoration of the tunnels, or "entries," to a working
Apart, however, from "these more material and
financial reasons for rejoicing at the present clearing up of a wilfully befogged situation, and the
consequent regaining by,both parties to the controversy of opportunity to inaugurate a fair and un-
handicapped discussion of theii* respective intcresls,
there is room °for wick'Spread rejoicing in the emphasis and publicity which this episode of unnecessary aud expensive delay must unavoidably contribute to the advancement of that general policy of
common sense and fair play and decency which.
of our local'Coal Operators to trick out with the
" habiliments and legal-status of a definite "agreement" certain partial and tentative proposals
which, if vitiated by no cunningly concealed "jokers," might fairly enough have been submitted to
a preliminary referendum as a basis for further
discussion and final shaping of a real and completely worded contract, but which (by reason of the
fact that in the absence of one local official—and
the worse than absence of another—certain -'jokers'
did as a matter of; fact find means of entrance) became simply a sort of infernal machine—dangerous
not only to the trade interests of the miners, for
whose diseoinforture the thing had been loaded,
" but also to the reputation and "standing iu equity"
of the operators themselves in case the machine
should explode while it was still under convoy by
its inventors and before being finally and definitely
landed on the premises of its prospective victims.
The fact that the device did explode thus prematurely is simply one more illustration of the
great moral truth that the mere act of conspiring to
take technical and unfair advantage of a confiding
■   unsuspicious fellow laborer, in the' working out "of
a business agreement, does, indeed, so confuse and
unsettle the judgment of the conspire'r himself that.
,-»sooner or later he bungles the seeming advantages
—r—™—.. .._ 1.,.. __-,,y_   , .'.-,..   duct necessary to the carrying
which lie ]magine*^inmseif-tD~have-gained-b*y^hisJ—- * "
-strategy, and finds himself in the predicament of
an'"engineer hoist by his own petard. "
. Tlie existing status of affairs, then, is that the
recalcitrant minority of our local coal operators—
the "gun-toting    bad men" so    to speak,    who
through sheer love of combat have started out on
a "high lonesome" and undertaken to "shoot up"
our peaceful coal mining community, are seen from
the documentary record to have signally failed iu
their ill-judged attempt to deceive, first our local
miners, who by the unforseen and .unavoidable illness of Distrief'l.-'resident Sherman were perceived
to have been deprived of their most experienced
counsellor; secondly,' the International officers of
the U.M.W. of A. who by reason of their remoteness
from Hie scene of action seem to have been considered an easy target for misleading statements   and
disingenuous explanations; and lastly, the general
■public itself, with its long and pathetic record of
ready gullibility iii matters of trade union controversy.
ously advocating as being the course of true and
ultimate expediency no less than of uprightness.
--■In other words, the wide,advertisement which
will necessarily be given to this deserved failure of
an attempt to win a victory over organized, labor
by means of chicane and "business strategy,' must
inevitably givo tremendous impetus to the educating of the average business mind to the fact ■ that
in rat least that department of business activity,
whicli is called for by the necessity of arranging
terms of collective bargains' between corporations
and their employees, the time has long gone by.
when any permanent advantage can be gained by
means of cunning or coercion, finding their con-
congenial and appropriate atmosphere in bland and
Hyperborean ignorance, of economic fact. The resistless advance of economic evolution is day by day
laying heavier and heavier stress on the great bus-
mess truth that labor power is the most important
raw material that a business manager has to'buy;,
and that,,the manager who fails to acquaint himself witli the last detail of the conditions which
govern the production and organization and delivery of this labor power, is laying himself open
to'be distanced by more wide awake managers, just
as surely as would the purchasing agent who took
no pains to inform himself concerning- the physical
nature ancl the market conditions of any other pro-
ou of his., plant.
AmonglHl "luclfneees^^
Table Unexcelled
Bar supplied vvjMi tho finest
'  brands of- Wines, Liquors
arid Cigars
;  MRS. S. JENNINGS, Prop.
(Fovniei'ly of Central^l lotel)
R 0:7 A L
Bap Unexcelled
All White Help
Everything rt'0
Gall in and
see us once ,
C. W* DAVEY & CO., 'Props.
at once the mostvaluable in use, the most subtle in
nature, and the most liable to deterioration in business value if carelessly or ignorautly handled. One
of, its peculiarities is that with the advance of civilization and intelligence labor power becomes more
and more refractory under treatment which ignores
th6 human quality and human necessities of the laborer, and more and more responsive to that manly
and straightforward attitudewhich recognizes the
natural desire of the laborer to enjoy the gains and
honors of this advancing civilization whose very'
road bed is composed of the bodies of his class.
If our managerial friends of the 0. P. ll.. system desire to pursue that, really up-to-date policy
which will put them approximately abreast of
the able lieutenants of .Mr. James J.
Hill, of that ilk, they will present each individual manager of these subordinate eoal companies of theirs with a thoughtfully selocted library
of modern economics.
The Hotel'of Fernie
Fernie's Leading Commerci-il
"nd Tourist House
S* F. WALLACE, Prop.
E.  Weston
Is; prepared to give
" estimates for all class-   -•
es of building work."*
•a    ■** VJ -
. Repairs a specialty;
Give me a trial.
P.O. Box 18, Fernie
*»&&■&<$>&<&<&■.&<&■ <a>>>*4>^*4t>-^*^
.1.00 tons of good
Baled Hay
W. E. Barker, Cayley, Alia.
Tinsmith, and Plumber
'.•- ' ■''. *,■ ')"*"- " -   ■ ■
__vA..- '       *■:■.;■■-'    •"   .
We can furnish you with, estimates in
anything in our line , r
Is it Possible
That r can buy choice fruit hinds with'
a good water supply, within 80' miles of
Fernie, on the installment plan.' Such
easy payments are not offered by any' other
company. Write for circular on "Kootenai
Irrigation Tract"
1. A. Kastner
Fire, Life, Plate Glass
and Accident.
Property For Sale in
all parts of the
Houses   For
R' en  t
Agent '
New Oliver Typewriter
Machine given out on trial
* No Charge
4>   I>. W.  HART, (Agt. for Canada) Baynes, B. C.
The   Workingman 's:-\
=====  Store - 1
a ■>-.
Dont Jorget that I am back
in the old stand and that
my prices are better
than   ever
"  . .
Men's Suits   $5.00   to
"     , Shirts     75c to
,   "    J Shoes    2.00  to
"      Caps      50c ^to
' "       Trunks 3.50 to ,
.. $25
A. McDougall, Mgr.
inn iii   . ii.'. i
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
Send us your orders
See my swell line of Neckties. P/»     /     _t*o
all styles      .-       -       . oUC _ IO 0J
(Next door tb Hotel Fernie)
Bui- supplied with  the  host Wines,
Llijuoi-s;;niul Cigars
B. E. WALKER, President <
Paid-up Capital   $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    •   6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
rOTIMTRV   ■RTKIWP'QQ   I,]vi!r>' fa(!i!I<-y ■•.•"■■I'-li-il to farmers and oth-
l/UUJIini    DU0111LO-0   m ,■„,, thu iwi„wu.t|„n ofthplr hnnkln-f
huHlni'HH.   Nali'H nolos will bo ciislinil or taki'ii for (Milh'ciioii,
RANlflNft TtV   MATT   Aci'mmtN may Imopi'iu'd by mail nml diodIcn
DrtimUlU  Dl   MAIL ,i,,,„IH|t,.,i   or  wltlnlriiwn   In 'hiH.wny wllh
I'lpllll flK'llit}'.
,   H. W. TRENHOLME, Manager, Fernie,
K. A, Knniun r
I,. (), Kiiinnwi
Estimates Furnished
num; w-vhtkk kk.t .notock
Lumber  Dealer
AH kindf* uf r-.ii|j*,!i «ml Areitteil htmlc."
Victoria* Av«.        Worth r«rt»l« i
The Bank of Hamilton—
by reason of its special
facilities and absence of
formality—is the ideal
depository   for  your
i 1 •^l'*!.^^
The New
Will open for buBlnouB tho flrfit wook
In March. Dullt oxprossly for
It's ft dandy, como and son Ir,
Workingmans Trade
(W. A, Rons, Manager.)
CO.,   LTD.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers
A full Htock it ii tew iliiys
Wm. Eschwlg*, Proprietor
New and up-to-date
Handsome  Cafe Attached
Come and see what we are offering in
Wall Papers
Fancy Borders
We represent the best Firms in these Goods:
The Regd.  Boxer Co.,  Staunton's  and
and therefore, carry the most complete stock and newest
designs and the best of qualities combined with prices that
cannot be beaten elsewhere.    Call and sec our sample
books before, making; your iinal selection.
Huylcr'3 Chocolates, Kodaks, Fountain Pens, Fishing Tackle, New
Scale Williams Pianos, Office Supplies, Etc., Etc.


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