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The District Ledger 1909-01-30

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M,      „. ■&).f>a'pi!b-,,,la.% -**•- **■*■»■" Ai-AXa ffl***-
'"'4*5S-.*'----. -
'i    I.
,    ,5   »«-'<   "V-- .',*;•    .a     „ ***~a.M-L
- - i-tij-a    ;i     .1      i.      ""a a!'     **     ' ^Ma-_
Industrial^fJ-aity is.Strensrtta,
t \s    -"-""*4-w_i       -     '       .        *■'      '--..       -■    tl       "a' Iff-?!      .',-
*.r ci'
'" Tlie O'fHcial! Organ of District Noi 18, XJ. M; W. of A.
.Political Unity is Victory
IVOI*. IV.   No. ZS
•v '&',%'?' *. -*
'FJEI&riBai' l£^ iSK>9
$1.00 a. Year
,   —*   'J  .a'.**  ■**-
bvring td the fe*^
SaUT^^ a . ^rgestock1. on
Karid it ■ is ^necessarf^^ Spring goods, and'
have decided to \$t&the ■ ve($e{-of Fernie an opportunity of
furriisliing;atfa;|^eat^;i'redu-lealcost.   All goods in the store-
Bedding of tive'ry every variety,
,,;--; Pi-ptures,'.,Carpets, R^ Vtopl-y:..;.
i-^-teumsj Toilet:Sets,*.-Roll- Top- -•'■
*''': Desks and Mirrors
Discount of 20 per
Sale opensStatici'*Jany;^!v6-for twa, weeks
1 ,u ■-
Stoves and Ranges,. Window
s Shades, Curtain Poles, and ail
Window Trimmings,'. Kitchen
. Cabinets, E.tc. .' • ' .
'. /'       • .        t   y a '
.(!*      -i*
-i:,'  n
11*. '. i  I-- -j
Wo bog to'announce to bur-friends that tho
long expected carload of'Flour \m at last '
come to hand and w,o can now supply ' all
doriiiinds, ■' "'• •■-^Tt.. ■, -:   •• - .'...•-,,
Mother's Favorite
Ib the loss expcnfli^tgrado, but answers all the
" requirements for household use and is guaranteed
by it-6 Milling Company.    This is proving to be a
popular flour and its bost rooommendation coraos
from-'those who'luive tried it, ordors having boen
.'.IM*a!', i. -   V'*'  • .". '    ■  i
.''lift in -advance for dolivory on arrival of the car.
Pride of Alberta
Is a heavier Flour, a littlo higher in prico and
spooially adapted for Bakers use, It is also, guar-
antded by the Milling Company, This is tbe Flour
that won'th« Gold Medal at Oalp-ary.*   >■ <*■
Call and get our prices on both grades—or hot-
Entombs Fourteen Men-Some
Get Out AliVe--Superinten-
, iMAmonjIlie'Deail;":-
I10SWELL, Pa. Jan. 25—The Clarln-,
dti mine of tlio United Coal company
al tills' placo wan tlio scone this oven,
ing at 7.30 o'clock of a'disastrous ox*
plOBlon which onlomboil fourteen mln*
oil) Including tlio officers of tlio mine
ub follows:
hi 0. Logan, supodlntoiidcntof the
John Colo, night foroman.
Thooxploslon occurred far ln tho
workings and was caused by tho lg*
nlllon of n pockot of gas which had
lfcoii roloasod by tlio shots fired boforo
tlio day shift left tho mino,
At 12.80 this morning soven men
hnd boon tnkoiufiioni tho mino and nil
of Ilium had boon ovorcomo with after damp which had followed tho ox*
All nro rognrdod nn having a chance
to oscnpo bill Logan, lho superintend*
out who dlod shortly after bolng lift-
im! lo tlio surface.
.Louis• Carosella *syas, aroused, vovy.
suddenly .last Saturday morning-by, -it
noise,- anil on ,inve8tigatlonflt proved
to be a burglar trying tb • enter . his
premises. ■ Louis was commanded lo,
hold up, his hands,which.lie did,,but
in,one hand ho, held a revolver which
ho,lot blaze at the,bold bad.m*iii. A
fow shots were exchanged,. and tho,
burglar .departed., ,,, Of. cpiu-se It was*
put down to Black Hands,,; No truce
was left of tho burglar. ,  '. ,    '
G. N. P. Goal Go. Planning to
Build 1000 Additional
Coke Ovens
Frankhauser, ot 0. N, Holdup Fame Hears Fate-
Makes Confession
HWMilNA, Jun. 28.—Judgo-Hunt In
tlio Forlorn! court 'to-dny Honlonnoi] 0.
FrnnkhnUBor. the convletod train rob* here,
bor, to tho military prison at Fort
Loiivoiiworth for tho balance of his
nut mill life,
FriinkhaiiHor was Involved In a hoii-
miHonal robbory of n UrcM .Vorthoni
l rain a year ngo In which $10,000 was
Hlolon from tho registered malls nnd
on this charge, mid thai of plneliiK
(ho custodian of lho mnlli* In Jonpanly
FrnnkliniiHiir was Indlctod,
It Is sliileil Unit he linn iniiilo lo IiIh
aOiiiisnl n Hlnttiiiient of thi' robbory
und HiibH->'|iiout Jnll delivery which Ih
komi to bo published, nnd which prom-
liU's lo Involve soveral otlun- por*
Tho'Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company
aro looking ahead townrds doing »'
very largo nniount of building In the
noar future, .lust at proson: things
lu this respect nro in an oml*i*yo.irtiuo
but within a Hliort time 1000 mon',col*.e
ovoiis will bo built hero, nud othor
InilirovenienlH mndo Hint will put
Fornio far nwny In tho load ot any
cjty In tho Kooionny, Thai pnarens-
Ive policy or tho mniui*,-om*.Mit of tho
Cl. N. P. donl Company Ih very com-
nH*iidabli: nnd' bIiows that they liru-.'
grent fnltli In Fernio and their mines
I'Mro broke out ill 8 o'clock Thursday
mnrnliiK In ih«' geticrnl storo of Pmil
Pnsln on Ilnlier iivmiui*, nnd hofoic
Hin flnuii'H wnri> imdcr conirol tlio In*.
Icrlor nr the building and lho t'oiiloniHi
worn limlly (laiiiiigeil, The flro brl-i
glide responded (illicitly In the nliiiinj
und by their oxcnllon't Jiidgiiunii iuul',
gond work prevfiited Hi" Hiiiih-h lion,
Hprondliig to thi* ndjiifi-lit buildings.
An ovi-iiifiitfil Move was Ilii1 cnun",
Tho loss Ib jmrtliilly ••m-ei-od by Iiih.ii**
* ' *. -' * *
Fernie Industrial
,       ,-,        -^l   1*       ■' '    »    >.'      ' . I ',  • .'I        .      '
Co-Ofiertitive Socie
ty, L id
Charles WoHtloy Owens, n cnrpenlor,
lost n pockot wnllot contnlnlng somo
chcnuoH ami monoy lo the extont or
about $90 odd on tlio 1st of November
lllbl, JlllOriltUilUil    •*«*»    i«ial     .ilii.    i..a
jiDllrc- nnfl jinivmfnt Mojipod nt    tlm
lmnkfl,     Tt was dlspovorod thnt   they
woro cashed at tlio Kings nnd Contrnl
lioteU on the 24th of r)ocombor  last.
Tho polico had no Information ns to
lho n»mo of tlio man. lint tliey* succoed-
erl In nrresliriH lai" pmim-i.   *"i« M.VH11
hnd loft tho town but -with the Information recfllvod from his partner nml
with tho assistanco of polico In other
plnces. tho man wan finally tracod to
ICI10H and arrostod thoro.    H«   wns
Idkon to Greenwood and tho polico In-
lormort hen*. Mr   U. H. ClorU'i wnnt
to Oroonwooil on tho 28th to bring the
uccuiwd bukti. und la also brlii-jIn**** bark
11 prlsonor   charged   wltli   obtaining
good*.at Hosmer um!<*T false preten-1
in*.    Great credit la due (o tho police
tit they had a (f.-cat deal of work   In
following up the duo given them.
■»♦♦■» »■»»♦»■» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
t *   ' t
I have a large stock of Pictures and
4 i   vvw#   «.*f«.V a** fry «-*-** ***A_\ V   J-zewv   w-'/wW'vw */'*iv
best ever shown in the city. All
work done promptly and
opp.qp.w.D«po4   WM.   SCOTT      Vtrnl*
%♦♦♦•♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ •»■»-»♦♦♦•»»♦■»
Suits and Overcoats
U%3    UOF   liOUIaia   UlOOUUilt
Weassumeaii risk regarding,m and workmanship.   We have pleased hundreds, that
speaks for itself;
Clothers to Men and Boys
m M.w* '(^-MXWmM, \; i
At Indianapolis-World's  Greatest Labor
Organization Called to Order by Pres*
Tom L* Lewis-Largest National
Gathering Ever Held
-. WithYtne gI*»S-han-J\iamaiities anA
the, annual and; special|'addresse3 >out
of, the /way,! th(£TJnited^Mlne^orkelB^
national- convention Va's^ready^ th.h\
morning to get down to serious and
business-affairs to,come before it.as a
legislative body.;.-,. , '-..., ,„ . --.7^--.
The national^ auditors^ Harry Baker,
John Mossop and Patrick 'Fitzsimmoni'
submitted sthelr.Tespective" report.,. 7;
. It was-unusually .exhaustive, and al*^
so very complete, including a reeapitu-'
lation of the funds and finances of different department's 'of,the'national organization at the"'time'when-President
T. Lewis came into office about a year
Indianapolis, Jan. 20.—The   Ameri-
'„' can coal miners' twentieth annual convention, which President T. L. Lewis
•'"called to order in Tomlinsou Hall at
10 o'clock- this morning, bas developed into one of the largest national conventions the miners have ever held.
, Between eleven - and twelve hundred
delegates wre seated In the hall for
the opening session,    and  President
Lewis said he expected (hat the   attendance would surpass that of two
.- years ago which established a .high-
1 water mark with a record of 1301 dele-
'..gates seated.*    "     ,
, Factional differences, the national
election of secretary treasurer and the
vice-president, which falls on the con-
- vention at this time, and the necessity
of getting readj; to. meet the anthracite operators, are the causes for the
unexpectedly large attendance.
The convention got away   on   the
right foot, and though there may be
marked differences of opinion nmong
"factions" no national convention ever
got started better.     President Lewis
,put the top sheaf 011 the many good
, welcoming speeches that took up the
, morning, and he started off the work'
with an emphatic declaration that was
•. applauded by every-faction.
.- "We may," he declared, "haye differ-
/ ences of opinion 'in this' convention,
.-.-' but, "gentlemen, -the conclusions of
.'this convention will be the law of our
:- Union and there won't be any differ-
,' ence of opinion amongst us when we
'•'.' go home to put the mandates of this,
'' our highest'tribunal, into effect.
nual report, the first- business of interest would not be reached until the
next day. o   --    '
.Most notable of the addresses of
welcome was the one by John Kern,
who got such, an .enthusiastic reception that It'seemed as, though all of
the delegates must have been his supporters last fall. .He mado his greatest hit on a declaration for trial by
jury.- * In this connection he denounced the decision handed down by Judge
Wright committing Gompers, Mitchell
and Morrison to prison,-     _   - > 1
"Questions," he said, "of such great
importance are before the common
people of the country to-day that any
man who'stands in the way of the sue--
cess of a great organization working
for the betterment of mankind is a
traitor to the cause." ,   '■'
He deplored the fact that'under the
present system of procedure any man
such as Mitchell, Gompers or Morrison
could be sent to jail without a trial by
jury. "What crime have, they committed?" he' asked. "They ,have been
committed to jail simply for standing
for that, right of free speech and a
free press for which hundreds of patriots have died. I believe that their
commitment will prove to be a mighty
blessing :to the masses of the people
of this country, 7
' "In'it we find a more effective appeal than any that could be made from
the-stump, for a modification of our
laws 011 the writ of injunction. It is
contrary to American traditions and
institutions that any man's liberty be
taken from him except by a jury" of
his peers." ■"' 7      / ,•.        r"[ ;
Referring to the work-' that falls "oii
such organizations as the miners he
Aeclared that all the world-was begin-
"Organized labor," he said, "has its
eye on this convention. I do not
take any"stock in.reports that because
men in this convention have differences they will disrupt the organization.
Such reports are foolish and, they are
the statements of theorists."' He declared that an organization without a
difference of opinion would not be an
organization composed, of strong minded men.      a , ■
Mrs. Anna Nichols, president of the
garment workers,, pleaded the.-cause of
the' female1*workers, many of whom
working in the grind of piece work
at $5, $6, $8 or $9 a week are;.trying
to support people dependent on them.
She effectiveIy„folIowed one* of these
workers through a week, declaring
that she must get up at four. In the
morning, cook and do her housework
and then go to work at sun up and toil
until night.
' She told* how she had to then go
home and do her" cooking, and "then
get out the washboard and do her
washing." She said that thought the
ordinary union wage for women workers-is only $6 to $8 a week,, many of
them hae to support several children
or an aged father or mother.
'.'Can you men do it?" she asked the
Then,-..into ■ this dark .picture, she
threw the' darker shadows of illness,
and the broken,up home..She pleaded
for support for women In their fight
for something better than life at $6
or $8 a week. ■ -   -;
\ She also" asked -the men to patronize
only '-.those' employers of female. labor
who are-entitled to use the union.la-'
bel- She said that by thus doing
they would at least support the high-
The report of the.distribution of the
$950,085.24 at that time shows how the
organizations funds are held available
for immediate check and the interest
rate "generally received on the balance.
" The depositories and the amounts
deposited in them In April were: Capital'National bank, i* Indianapolis, $254,-
974.65; Capital?National bank, Indianapolis, $67,589.78';, • Indiana National
Bank, Indianapolis,'li32.658.55; Fletcher National bank, Indianapolis, $132-
484.32; American National Bank, Indianapolis, $122,498.40; Columbia National bank, Indianapolis $112,255.09;
German American- TruBt Company,
Indianapolis $86,231.68*,, Union National bank, Indianapolis, $30,796.30; Kanawha Valley-Bank, Charleston, W..,Va'.*
$10,587.47.  ',,7 -.';■'    ,  "    .-*.■£. V
. The Indianapolis banks-except/- the
German American Trust company'paid
2 per cent interest on their deposits.
The trust* company paid 3 1-2 percent
and. the Charleston bank paid-,three,
per cent.
While the auditors were making the
report the atmosphere became clouded
with' tobacco smoke-and some ■-" dele-'
gates presented the annual resolution
that 'there be no smoking .during ■ the
annual'sessions.■.,   y-t"*s' ... ,;
W. R. Fairley wished cigarettes put
under the ban with pipes. A motion
to table the atl-smoklng resolution was
carried and the delegates will therefore smoke as . much as . they please
this year. -- * . -7 , : > . * ■•' ,;.,
The auditor's special report, covering
the checking, out''of <-"the. old administration included all loans made to district organizations, to officers and to
others. It included also an inventory'
of all property. V ' *..-.'
1 President Lewis in' making comment'
m the report declared that such a complete statement was a business method
of:correct, auditing.- •   '       -
The . auditor's report on the' current
year ending November 30, 1908 is summarized in the following statement:   ,
.0 .     .-'--*.    '   -' '•••   ^-
Income --
Tax ,,.... *.' $756,055:38
Supplies ..:.'..:.. -...      8,287.04
Journal' .'.      5;oio:73
Assessment-.. ,1'.-.-. ...".*... .*'. ;■>. r." 968.14
Miscellaneous'. ■*. -'.'...'.': :' 36,560.60
- j.      <>''   ?*i   "■''-. - '"-  -
committee1.'!**! composed of ,rSecrjet-ary-
Treasurer W.: p. .Ryan. J.' S. l\fc"Cra-
cken^of -Teiiiiessee, and William -piEun-
•ond of :-MJchig*Sn.'"    '--\ . J*?£-'-
The convention adjourned ' after a
two^hours session until to-morrow morning in order .to permit the committee
to get to"work. ' .
"'John H"Walker, the leader,,.of the
"anti-Lewis" forces, indicates" that" there
is going to be trouble over national organizers being- seated ia the ..convention. \ They, are representing local un:
ions. .>        . ,      '
"It seems," said Mr. Walker, "that
the Lewis people have tried to pack
this convention. I have been told
that there- are 107, national ..organizers
in the convention:
"I don't believe that there are that
many but. I have no doubt but what
there* are over sixty organizers here at
present. "
"According to Scranton papers, and
the "Labor, World,;; published at7Pltts-
burg,''the organizers in the anthracite,
districts are here under Instructions'to
comegiven to them by Mr. Lewis7C
"All the organizers are in the employ of the administration and I
think it unfair that they should be
brought here.
"The.seventeenth annual convention
went bn/ecord agalnBtorganlzers corn-
ting to"!the conventions "uhelss they
were paid by the local unions thoy,rep-'
resent, or come at'thelr own expense;
I",shall ■ oppose any"movement.to'.allow these organizers to draw their per
diem while here and their expenses out
of the' national treasury , and;.will ..de-
mand,.tha,t.i£ they are reimbursed at.ali
Jt must be by the local unions whose
credentials they hold."
President T. L; Lewis,."-, who", was
shown. Mr. Walker's statement',* refused to make any comment further than
to say that if this' matter did come
up", in-, the.' convention lie: would.,' be
heard oh it.* In the meantime lie had
no comment to make on it.
,<mt. i-fe
" Ferriie, B.r C.r
Heated   Throughout
'<Py ji*-<C«A" '*l^>1^.t^^ri-;*!H^^r>
<**■ A'-'RlZKUTO
J. Crawford'
lernie tiyery, Dray & Transfer Co.
.-7  yy:'"-'i'yContracts Taken j    •   "'-;■;
Including Stuni]> Trilling, Lund Clearing nnd Ploughing.    Let us\]
V,''     "■'"'-' -7'figure on your next job ; ;•'
' <=,''■•' j-
Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts
-I, /        .       „■*   „       '    '|   .'  It   I *   ,   1  -al      **** •   ■*-- »    .        +**'*+      fl*,.   ■**  »         * .-
■->-■..,    *!*-:
>!,ri>. •■-
;,- *>6
i."„a „.
,               f                          I        (."                                                                                                                                                       '
44,,        -,
■ui   *?l*t -. a
**,-"• 1"":
,a.^j ^..,
,                         ^           "              *         >
,.- there were no differences;of   opinion
\ among the men in this great convent-
" Ion, I would hot wish^ to preside over
, it.     Strong men have differences of
:' opinion and 'where'* those differences
of opinion are finally brought together
.': they are the very things that make
■:' progressive institutions.
,.  , "Whenever one man does, all ofthe
thlnking-.and .all.of .the work, In this
' organization lt will be'time for-us to
rap' it out of existence aiid let some
one more vital-take up thc work that
It. Js created to. do, - '
' "Our organization' was founded as
a result of men of widely different
opinions meeting and merging themselves into one body which took as its
fundamental corner stono three great
principles, They aro first—^ religious
liberty, second,' political independence
third, industrial freedom. And' we,
no matter whnt our individual opinions nro, will novor.bo satisfied until
wo have completed our united work
and* have established Industrial freedom in every mining camp on thla
American continent. This, gontlemen,
Is our work."
President LowIb lind Just completed
his short Hpeoch when socretnry-trons-
.. uror W, D.' Ryan arose and road a
telegram from John Mitchell In Which
he deplored his Inability to got hero
until tho Inttor part of tho wook,, lio
expressed tho hopo that the fullest- success would murk (he eonyonllon,' nnd
that.it would make the organization,
oven more thnn in the pnut, the grent.
bulwark of strength of tho Amerlcnn
minors. ApplniiBO oxprossod tho approval of tho dolegiiles of .MitcUoll's
Though tho rlvnl factions nro lined
ui) In thn convontlon nnd Beamingly
steadfast In their own opinions, Ideas
nnd blttoi'iH-KH nil talk about a disruption of tho organization In this convontlon Is regarded ns worse thnn rubbish, though such reports lmvo boon
circulated, '
. Thorn urn Indications thru a poiico
party may spring up In tlio convontlon
to servo an 11 buffer botwoon llio ho-
rnllod LowIb nnd Wnlkor fnolloiifl, It
may lmvo retiring International Vice-
I'l'oslrlt'Jit J. P. While ns lis Ik-ik),
with tlio Iowu minors hb Its mick-us.
Tho opening hchhIoii wiih kIwii lo
ndrlrOKHOH of wolconio. This nflor*
noon tho convontlon got down to bus-
InoHH iuul tho crodontlnl commlttoo
woro cnllor! upon lo roport. Tho In*
dlcntlons nro thnt it, would bo-nlglit
Vr.foi.fi  thr.  a„nr'p of onntlm" tlin     rlnli..
gntns nnd orgnnlzlng tlio convontlon
could bo comploiod. President Lowls
Hnld it was llkoly that tlio oirlcors tin
ning to realize that the only way to
make a nation great. is to make the
masses happy and prosperous, and he
expressed the hope that the miners
would ■ in their-convention -harmonize
the differences which were characteristic of strong men.
He said he'hoped and'felt certain
that the delegates would go forth united -.for. -a, continuance , of the organization's worii in behalf of the man
who works and the people dependent
on lilm,--     • 	
John J. Keegan, a member of the
Central Labor Union's entertainment
committee, * who'presided, created
something of'' a sensation when he
presented tho cause of tho Indianapo-,
lis striking brewery workers to, tho
"I can promise you one thing;" he
said, "thnt when you come to Indianapolis next year all of tho beer -made
in Indianapolis will be union beer, or
there will be no beer made hero at
all." To tho last part of his statement tho delegation of Protestant and
Catholic clorgymen on the stngo gave
hearty assent.
Father Gavisk of Bt Johns Catholic
church; tho Rev. John C* Day of tho
Irvlngton Presbyterian ohurch and tho
Rov. H. C. Cllpplngor of tho Edwin
Ray M."E. church all addressed tlio
convontlon and welcomed tho ; dole*
giitos. Sovorul other mlnlaton-i accompanied thom to tlio convontlon nnd
wore on tho stngo, Tho Rov, .Mr,
Cllpplngor mndo a gront hit, with tho
dolegnlos, telling lhem how ho ran
nfonl of n minor's oloctrlc mulo on his
visit, uh 11 groonhorn Mothodlst preacher down Into a mine,
City Attorney Crnto Bowen appeared ns Mayor Bookwrtlkor's HUbutltuto
nnd welcomed tho delegates on beluilf
of (ho city, "In ovory hoiibo that Ib
right., propor nnd coi'dlnl," ho Hnld,
"Indlniinpolls gives you wolcomo"
Uo spoko of tho debt of Indianapolis
in Uk; mlnon, for tlm lliniiicliil s.ipport
given Itb growth by the location of
thoir hondrimirtcrs horo and tlio hold*
lug of their national convention horo.
Willinm  Pflcgor, proslrlont    nf tlio
CHitrnl   Labor  union  wolconio:!  tho
!mlnern In bolmlf of the Iiullimnpolls
j trades unionism,
Rrlgfir A. PorkliiB, piTsldont of tlio
Indiana Pcdoratlon of Labor, rccullod
Hint It hnd boon a good mnny yonrs
Blnco there had beon a non-union conl
minor In Indlnnn, •
Ho recalled thnt twonty yonrs ngo
'I1.? Tvi'l'.t*."fi*?1 Tnl'ft'-*'!''' '-•*••"(-.j** in TTidlifni
oIIh to rnlHO fnnrlR, hot. to ontertnln n
national convontlon, but to koop tliolr
wives nnd children from Ntnrvin*)*.
even those these wages might be.   -
She criticized the law, making bodies
that-pass1 law for, the birds, fish, and
animals but that, fail ,to, give, relief to,
women and children.
The" report of the credentials committee, thi safternoon,* seated „W. B.
Van Horn, president of the Indiana
miners. Patrick'Dolan. the deposed
president of the Pittsburg minei'V'lias
not made his appearance In tho city,
and the Indications.are that, he.is no,t
going to come.
Salaries and expenses ..;. .°.211,803.S4
Supplies 16,498.29
Office expenses ..'..'• '   5,397.74
Journal, ..  ..' .....: ,..,.7 7,410.02
Telephone, postage, express.   6,666.81
Aid *. ..... ... .-.749,037,44
Miscellaneous ...'.,  ... ,.   .. 78,319.79
(Eechwlfi* and Sorklo, Props.)
Now open to tho public
*aJMil-'-'5 ■ - ' H" *" 1' ' """"*" miummim**mim*mmmmmimm*mmmi*mmiimii*mmmmKm^m*mmm
Evorythlnflf new and up-to-dato
Handsomo Dining Room Attached
Music every afternoon and night
The American Coal Miners''convention got' down' to buslnosa-.'thls morning with 11*00 delegates seated ns the
result of the first partial report of the,
credentials', committee. , Indications
were that-the final report would sent
more than ono hundred more delegates.
It Avns found In seating the delegates that John '.Mitchell has not been
accredited to tho convention ris n delegate,' It'seems' that ho did'not. ask,
for a dolegateshlp, '-'. He will como to
Indianapolis to-attend the convention
solely as n visitor deeply, interested In
tho work.   .' , -,    *     ."■,''.
Former socrolary-trensuror Congressman W. B. Wilson though benr*
ing lho credentials of a Iocnl union nt
Dl0BBbui'gl"Pn.l wns not seated In tho
first roport of tlie credentials committee, Ills credentials, It Ib understood
woro held up on the grounds that he Is
not nctlvoly engaged aB a minor and
Is not nn officer of the organisation,
the two rjunllflcnlloiiH for dolegnto eligibility.
It Is expected howovor, thnt Inns-
much ns ho Is n mombor'of tho orgnn-
hat ion In good standing, nud also Is
0110 of thn orgnnlzntlons sovon dole*
giitr-H lo Om A, V. of L, convention,
thnt tho convontlon or tho final roport
of tho ci-edoiuUilH commlttoo, will
sent. lilm.
Wholhor Wilson Is sonlod ns n dolo-
gate or not It. is evident tho floor will
bo given I1I111 whenever ho wishes to
lull*, Uy iiiuiiilmoiiH voto tlio convention Invited lilm to nddroHS tho
dologntos this aftornoon, Lllunvlne,
undoubtedly, will Mitchell, whon ho
nrrlvnH Iho Inttor part of tlio wook,
bo given tho floor whenever ho wishes
id though lie Ih not an ncucruditod
Tho coal mlnorB of tho country will
throw thoniHOlvoH botwoon John Mitchell nnd tho Jull doors, which 'Jimtloo
Wright lu opening to him,  Indications
illo UliK Uiii lltliivia iililiUiti LU.i.'.'.iilon
will innlro :in n;ipropr!ntl(t*n fnr the*
collect I vo dofohco of Qompors, Mlt*
choll nnd Morrison nnd that tho organization will mako a special appropriation for the d©fence of Mitchell.
Ills principal offe-iiKo wab that laut
yenr ho jircHldt-d ovor tlin Trillium tm*
tlonnl convention which put 'tho St,
Louis hi ore mnmifacturorB on tho ml-
nurH' uiifnlr list.
.Mltohf'l! hns Jiidicnlcd tlmt his case
dlfforH mntnrlnlly from thoso of Oom*
pftrs and Morrison, nnd whilo tho up.
pi-iil to iln- lilglior couriH may chniiKc
! justice Wrlglit-i decision In tliolr cases
: tillll ll limy not. ctuuiKC the position no
I .iir nH .Mitchell In concertina.
] In n letter to'flpcretnry Ti-ensuror
Ilynn Im liullcalon that lie believes that
, lie Is ftlmotl certain to he hold, Tlm
miners probitbly will soo that hi1, por*
sonnlly. Imf. defcnio by some of thu
• vory n.u>Ht lawyers 10 b«i Imd in Dm
. country.
Totirt ....... .I.,.... .-' ,u. .$1,076,033.93
... convention' commIteeV. ,_.'■
President Lewis announced the convention 'committees this morning,' "arid
in doing so he stated,that*.the anthracite miners' demands on their operat*.
ors will be submitted'to'the convention'
for consideration, He Indicated that
It was a'iriatter of personal Interest to
every miner no matter -in what field
ho might be employed.
' He also said that district presidents
had been reserved from too' heavy
committee duties,ln order that they
may be available for special committee
work. ' President Lowls' did not appoint a'scale commltteo arid lt is i.ow
bought that the special committee will
nlBO have to''do with the anthracite
demands.   *
Tho important commltteo chairman-'
ships went tO'Davldlrvlne of Central
Pennsylvania, -who'whs'-appointed to
hond tho committee op offlcors reports,
to Harry.'.BouHflold/pj! Kani^ns, who Ih
head of the committee on resolutloiiH,
nnd tCvJfliCOb Hitter of Iowa, who was
mndo chairman of tho constitution
commltteo.1 • . ■'  ,
Kdwnrd Harris of tho Shamokln an*
thrnclto district Is at thb bond of tho
commlttoo on'appeals and.grlovfincoB,
Harry Dnkor, Patrick Fltzslmnions n«d
John Morrison, tho nntionnl tdllors nnd
auditors, will Hervo an tho transportn*
lion commlttoo. '    •
Tho committees nro rh follow«:
On Officers' Reports: Dnvld Irvine of
central Pennsylvania; TU'ii McKimony
of tlio nutlirnolto; Mnrtln N'nsli of iho
iiiitlmiclte* John Moore of Ohio; non
Wllllnms of Illinois; (ieorgo Slnmiol of
MImhoui'I; .1. 13. Molloiiiild of WoHlern
I'diiiBylviinlii; Jninos Moimui of Mon*
tiuiii'Wyoiiiliig; WIIII11111 McCluskoy of
CoiiHlltiitfoil: .liicob Hltfor of Iowa;
Looi'Ilanldn of Ohlos.T. ,1, Llowollyii
of tho nnlhrnclte; JamoH Cnwlo-y of
Mlclilgnu; Henry I'lslnvtck of Illlnoln;
\\, I). Held of Central PomiHylvanln;
Mono ClovciiKor, of Oklnliomn; T. ,1,
Ilbgoifl of Indiana; John Wilkes of
Western Pennsylvania.
Appoals nnd arlovnncou: Edward A.
Harris of tho anthracite; Jnmcs Cnt>t*
well of Indlnnni Goorne linker of Kentucky; John tt. Ualvin of Cniinda; T,
i on nil uiC C'cii iui I'ciit.hyUuiilu, Tvi'-
cy ToDow ot Ohio; T, J. Royxioldn of
Illinois; "SlarDn FyUlk of tin) nnthrn*
clto, nnd "Robert Mnxwpll of tho North'
wost, •   '■*-
nennliitlmnn: Hnrrv Unnsfleld of Knn-
sns; James Moonoy of Ml-fi'-ourl; A. F.
Oornior of.lIllnol«; Ron F. Morris   of
Wost Virginia; John Grnhnm of Color-
ndo; AV.'H. hrownfof Iowa; Jns. Hon*
InosBoy of Ohio; T. J. Smith of Tenn*
ohhco; Georito Hnrgrovo  of  Indlntm;
Thomas Ilrowcr of Central Pennsylvania; William HnrrlBon of Alabama. ;
John Fttllou tit tho unthrnclte,   nnd
John Lawson of Colorado, vera appointed sergea-fits-jit arms, and Phil Kin-tl,
of llllnoli «nd Mutt Ar-rnKaRe of Oiito
aro to bo the official mesaongors,'
All resolution* mud he proswiUid to
luu couuntllce to rccctvc lind apportion [
resolutions by Monday     noon.    The
■",-   WOMEN IN CONVENTION   ,.:',.
The mysterious something about this
year's convention of the miners which
is accountable for its drawing probably the largest number of delegates ever
brought >to' a national meeting of- its
kind,' has'also ibro'ught" to "It more Interested arid interesting women than to
lie conventions of the past.1 - Their assortment , of'. millinery lights up the
eastern side o'f-*the stage. •-' !
Mrs. Raymond Robblns of Chicago,
president !of the National Women's
Trade Union league, "who addressed
the'convention-last evening,'has been
here for three days. Miss Agnes Nes-,
tor, secretary treasurer' of the International Glove^ Workers, union,'.is "that
girl with the catchy, triangular shaped
hat." Her attractiveness of appearance and her-powers as a leader of
workers' attracted her picture to the'
editors".of Everybody's Magazine',."-so
forcibly that she is now known as .the
"woman whose picture was in December - Everybody's."^,. ,-_,.,„, .. ,',
gressman Wilson, who much prefers
Indianapolis to either' Blosbsurg, Pa.,
or-Washington,-D. C, is "back home,',',
and,like her father, she needs no introduction to the audience. She says
that her father's constituency in Pennsylvania continues to give him enough
time from farm seed distribution- to
permit him to get a few..pens!ons and
urge labor, legislation. , ,
v Mrs. "E.1 S. McCiillough.-'wIfe, of the
president.of the Michigan miners,'is
one woman who has been at the1 convention-over since she was-married.
And she Is' one of the-.few who has a
husband who Is a Socialist who has not
succumbed to'the doctrine. She Is here
thlstlme she.says, to. see her husband
elected vice president of the international organization, "
Mrs. Adolph Germer of - Belleville,
111., used to be Miss Mabel LaRuo, and
she demurely played upon a typewriter
for the Indianapolis, News until ono
day,during the convention three yonrs
ngo, Germer, a Soclnllst, enme up to,
make* a kick on the antl-Soclallst com-,
munlcntlons nnd'reports,', As"ho waited his turn In the outor offlco lio bognn
admiring tho typist, ' Tho ,"klck" after' n hnlf hours wait wns tnmo and
tho wedding was soon. Mrs, Germor,
is becqmlng nn out and out Socialist;
Sho tourorl Illinois on pobs Rod Special nnd Is nbout to bronk forth ln oratory. She Is vlsltliig'her parents, Mr.
nnd Mrs. Clarence LaRuo, 1208 Tom-
pio nvonue.
SPEAK-'to the Manager regarding" a. Savings Account
". 7, to,be ..opened iin. tlie name of r a/son or daughter
under age.    The Hbme^Bank.'is,t.a'permanent institution,
its Original charter dating: from" 18,5-1.', It "is k repository
'   "" ' -'       "   '   '      ' ■ ' V1' -    - ''-■;' *'!t'-  "■' * •   • '"•' ■-''    I' ' *   °
where any sum is absQlut-iily.--safe;:   Full compound interest'
I -:;-' '7-;■-■' y '.' ' ,-< ■ i '. f
,'paid. .  ;    .    ■;   .■..?•' - •■. "V     ;        . -■; 7.
Manager   v ^
,'  FERNIE, B. G.t
JV. (*
MIbb Nolllo Llopor, who waB W, B.-
Wilson's private Bocrelnry whilo ho
wn« national socrotary tronuuror, I;i
alHo horo visiting her parents nnd hor
frlonds,, Sho Ib now private socrotnry
to socrotnry treasurer Prank IlnyoB of
tho Illinois minors,
MIbb Sndlo Kiifllck who Is President;
John Wnlkor's socrotnry, In lho Bnmo
offices Ih hero with MIbb Llopor,
MIbb Ilnnnnh Cnrr, prlvnto secrotnvy
of I'lOHldont W, W. White of tho'Town
mlncm; MIhh Doiilnli Ovorstroot, priv
nto 'i('(*rntnry"ln tlio goneral offices of
Iho Arkniinnfl dlHtrlct; MIbb Ilrnid'on el
tha Alnbnma offlcoB, nml Miss Mmy
Murphy, prlvnto socroinry of Prosldoiif,
Finncls Pcuhan of tho WoBtorn Ponn*
Bylvanln difltrlct aro also in tho city at
Mm. T3. 8. McCullough, of Mlohlgnn
Is not thc only woman who hns n
cnndldato for vlco-pronidont, Dy hor
nldo, or voty closo, flits MIsb M. Domp-
Hoy of Scrnnton, Sho has at heart
iho Intoroflts of hor brother, John T,
Dompsoy.    8ho Is hie prlvnto sooro*
I     , ,    I       M wt . ,*   IV.   II,,  n    ,.      '(
taa.J    la,   a.*l   a4'a.a,a,,i   a/.    k.,a.   M.^j   ajl,. ,,.«ka/..'
WIMtenhnrre'nntlirncHe dlntvlrt,
Tho. visiting women nro bolng ontor*
tainod by tho womon connected with
thu national headquarters offices and
nlso by ropi'OnontiiUves of tho Indian*
npoll«itrndo unloiilutn, ,- Somothing Is
,,Uif.i*.HWi ,u( •tiiiM'a iriBid, A xn% cuui
party I* to bo glvon at tho Gorman
Iiouho to-morrow night and noxt Wod-
noHdny. night a big thoatro party Is to
bo given, 	
T.vnrA.VAPOLfa Ind,', Jnn. 20,—T. L.
Lewis, president of tho United Mino
Workers, threw out n chnllengo today
to hin crltlos at tho afternoon ttonslon
of tho minora convontlon. Aftor reporting on the work of the yenr lie
"In vlow of tho mnny mlslendln*: to.
pons drcal«ted with rc-feronce to my
oc^fnl work j'rtu will narAnn me fnr
(Canilnued on page three.)
It Is Interesting to Know how He Became a Justice—People who Know
Him Not Surprised nt the
..,*.' Sentence
Wo.forget things quickly'*-Iii'America, but "not all havo* yet;.;forgotten
that the other day three labor leaders
Gompers, Mitchell'lind Morrison,.;were
sentenced to jail for twelvo, nlno uivi
six months respectively for contempt
of court.
'•' Those mon woro not accused- of
stealing anything. They had not done
what tho trust owners do overy day,
They had not exploited tho entire poo-
pie.    •' ;
, They woro not oven accused bf:a
real crime against any Individual, Tlio
fact is that by exorcising what they
Iriiuglned to.bo tliolr rlgh^, ,of,..froo
speech undor - tho constitution, thoy
nurt tho feelings of a'certain mnn on
the bench,   "    '      ' '    '
* Justice Wright sentenced thoso lnbor londoi'B to Jail bociuiBo thoy had
dono something that a judge, In nu
Injunction hnd told thom thoy must
riot do. Thoy woro punished in fact,
tor disregarding lho ordors of ono of
the Judgos.'- ,,    ,  ,.',,-'7;
.'.That Hontonee makos It "oloar"that
In UiIh country, n judgo on thc bench,
ovon n potty, unknown, iiiiimpor'.iiiit
judgo, with no moro rail record tlmn
a first class dachshund stands ln dig*
u'lty and majesty above all tho people
of tho country.
For wo know that'll tniBt mtmag-
or, commit Dug a crlmo against all of
the pooplo notoriously, Ih novor put lu
Jnll. And whon ho Is fined, If h)»
fino ia big, It Ib romlttod, (Ask Mr.
Those lnbor loaders,, not having offended the people, but having hurt
tho feelings of a judge, who gavo thom
un order, nro sont to jnll prompt'
Thin Is an lntorostltiK caso, and in
tho future history of this country may
bo conaldored Infinitely moro Import*
nnt than matters which now1 attract
wldor attention.
- i'hti puop.u of Liu VulU'A SliiU-a
havo talkod bo much nbout monoy nnd
(to rights thnt thoy aro inclined to for*
(lot tho human bolng and his rights,
Wo hnvo rnthor lost sight of tho fact
thnt tlii. rehplllnn nmlnst Rnglnnd, our
flret great war. was simply «n hbsoj'-
tion of tho rights of man, and wo havd
also lout Bight of tho fnct thnt the wnr
of tho rebellion, our socond gront
war, was tho assertion of tho rights ot
wnn-—ovon of tho frlondloss black
slnvo," •.   ■   »
' When a nation forgtos fundamental
truths It either sinks Into apathy and
disappears or it necoivos some shock
that rovlvcs its consciousnoB* ami be*
•jin» s career bntcA bit respect for
'Wo «r«J Inclined to think that this
de-tUton which tends tbr«« men   to
plrnon h(*(**iiiiie thoy offended the mitj*
} csty of one unimportant Judgo, roupled
with the innumerable decisions 'that'
refi.se""to- imprison .the really great
criminals—the trust 'managers—j may
play pu important part in the future
histcfiy of'this'1 country.' '- We shall** not
be (surprised to see this case referrWd
to in future, writings.as seriously !'au '
mep-to-day, refer,. to-theDred Scott de-
cision. , ...' -... ,. .,...,. ..., ,,.-. ,.y -
' We do hot expect any sudden realization of the importance of thees prison sentences.
As wq have told you theso are tho
days of money, not'"of monr Monby.-is'
powerful and men are weak. The So-
called porfect system of unlversay suffrage and government by,the majority
has become almost a first class joke'in
a country^where the majority, govern
not at'all. , .      ' * '      '"*■'-     ■,'•■
But that will not always be so,     >
Meanwhile, whilo tho pooplo sloop,
we Invito our readers to consider with
somo ^attention the fact that Justice
Wriglit' of tho supremo bench of the
District of Columbia was taken out of
Cincinnati and put on that bench by
Mr. •Roosevelt>on tho recommendation
of Senator Porakor, And. wo ask our,,
readers to roineinbor that'this Sonatbr
Fornkor whose,recommendations put
upon tho bench tho man who puts labor loadors In prison Iri tho. same Seji'
ntor Forakor that received thoso char-
mln/j lottors from John D. Archbold of
tho Standard Oil, oncloslng much lovo.
nnd affection with certificates of do-
posit of a comfortablo slzo,
Headers, when your Judges nro cho-
son by mon who got, tho oortlflcateaof
deposit from- tho trusts nnd do thoir
work Jn tho somite, you hnvo a rlg,it
to suspout that you nro not gutting tho-
bost. poBslblo Judgos in tho world, And
this wo any with no personal comment upon Justice Wright, cf whom
wo novor hoard boforo, nnd of whom
wo should lio quito content novor :io
hoar ngnln.-—Mino Workoi-B Journal."
J3L PASO, Texas, Jan 25-Nonrly -50
tons of nilvor In tho form af dollars
will bo turned ovor to tlio State of
Toxah by tho Walors Plorco Oil Co.
according to a special from Austin,
Tho attorneys for tho Oil Company
which hns boon ousted from tho st.ato
and fined 11,023,000 for violation of
nntl-triiHt laws nnnoiincod at Austin
that tho big flno nnd tho attendant
costs will bo paid to tbo stato in
. i*. , ,*• *.„i<:. ■
44-,«>l4        USItttttd.
The wtito will hnvo to oniplny a
small army of dorks to count tho wagon loads of coins.
Don't ThVn thn Rlik j
i When you havo a bad cough or cold
do not lot,It, drag along until It becomes chronic bronchitis or dovoldps
into an attack of pnoumonia, but glvo
it tho attention it dosorvos nnd got
rid of It Tako Chnmborlnln'ii Cough
Remedy nnd you nro sure*of prompt
relief. From u small beginning tho
sale nnd uso ot this preparation has
extended to ail parts "(jf tho -.United
fltntVs nnd to tnsny foreign countrlss.
Its many remarkable cures of coughtt
nmlvco]d8 liavq won.for It tbis. wide
reputation nnd extensive as*. Hold
by nil dru«Kl»ttt, -i  DISTRICT LEDGER, FERNIE,' B.C. JANUARY 30 1909
Nfews dif Ii&rest <tdil Church Goers
)We Will be glad to have news'for these.columns each week
The Christian Endeavor meets at 8
o'clock on: Monday" night in the Methodist church to which a.ir aretinvit-
ed lo be present. Thef-Meetiug -vlll
be fin charge of "Mr. Wetheralt and
Mr; Qulnney will, sing a sold 'entitled
"God that m'adest'dearth' aid -heaven."
The Epworth league reading circle
meets everjr Thursday night at] eight
o'clock; everybodyi is'.'lnvited to be
present as some of the best books are
being discussed.   -   .*       ■
V - -'?is. t'. t "'• ■?    j tr.' "'',-     ■ -•'. 7' *■ a'
b-' '
U. M.IW.0E A7IH77'
■      t
The colleges and universities give
food for body and mind but they starve
the  spiritual...... Do not mistake'.my
meaning 'when;-I.|say;' religion. * By
religion'I mean .Christianity and by
Christianity. I ...mean •_ the recognition
of "Jesus Christ as the master of the
I protest against any system which
feeds tiie mind and body at the cost* of
the soul.     -.'-r-y/.-, ..-',   I ,*-■
Yet that is what colleges and universities are doing)to-day. ■*,■ They have
done less than they ought.
True, the colleges have chapel services. ;' But of what valu'e-.-is such
service when .those who attend know
not Him whom, they-serve?."-* Without the fundamental training necessary such services are shams. Many
students attend merely for decency's
sake and In,obedience ,to „a.promise
made at home.
Many universities and' colleges number among the faculty and instructors
men who are notable non-Chris tlans.
It'ls a>sin deserving of.th'e'millstone
tojallo'w a student merely for lack of
light tb perceive the obstacles'placed
injhls'path by .such instructors.—Prof.
Pepper of the University of Pennsylvania. *" ■"'
Cold water vs. .wine is no doubt a
leading factor in '■ the'training that has
giveir the Canadian Indian, the advantage oyer the'pluckly Italian in the
different races they, ihave .'recently* run
together! ""   7'    '/ "    '" -,,'""   • *■-
Speaking favorably of. the Italiiir-,
an; English paper* admits the fact that
total abstinence is an essential to ath*
"Helic, success-aTTdXdefe'aTls~its_Soiith7-
ern .protege. by....claiming that jf .both
had' beeri.'abstalners.TJorando "would
probably have won.—Pioneer.
y i-.,:;-*,:---.-.:".;■'?■.4.;V'l.-.i'-,*4a4..;.;a.;:'., ; ■.•■..;,■*•;'v
j (Continued from-page two)",-'■" !
calling' your attention to the. fact that
my . official acts are subject - to ■ the
most-;rigi.d investigation, and; I ,.cbal-
lenge.any one to prove that any,o£flc-,
ial or personal act of mine has brought
discredit to the United Mine Workers
organization." ■
,- President Lewis brought the quest-
Ion of highest authority" in the'brgan-
lzatlon'before the delegates hi referring to' the strike in-Indiana district No.
11, when the district officers were suspended.
Efforts, to reach an agreement, between miners and operators failed and
Mr. Lewis proposed that the! miners
return "to'working pending the investigation.
j His advice was not accepted by the
union ,of District,No. 11 and theT controversy resulted In.the suspension or-
•der of those.miners by the executive
board.     ''",'''     "        ' '
"The question Is brought up,," said
Mr. Lewis, "because it. involves the
authority and jurisdiction of the international organization.:. This'eonvent-
ion .should decide whether ,the international executive is the highest authority In*the- organization when"a convention is not in."session.'' '.-■'
, "It is worthy, of your, attention, too,
that there is a growing' disposition on
the part of the operators to have penalty clauses . Inserted * in* the •> wage
agreements.     *
■ The" principal"'* reason assigned' is
that if, contracts are of any. practical
use there should be no strikes "during
the life^of the contract.', " ., 7. .
bership'of 300,000. at' the'last'convention it has 29'4,74C this year. "'
\ During the eight njonths from" April
\ "We'should also'-present sonle method that demonstrates that we * are
sincere in our 'desire "to respect >" the
terms of the contract.- >'•- ,-'•'" "-■'
; "You know that the award of the
strike commission- expires April 1 of
this year and•>the delegates . should
carefully consider- such plans as will
?■«*'?* OF ENGLAND
For Canada Passes Away in
Toronto-Long and Honor-
* ed Career Terminated *.*.-■
'TORONTO,'■" Jnn!,' 24.—Archbishop
Sweatmnn having Jurisdiction over tho
Toronto diocese died at 1.30'p.m. today, aged 74 years, Ho was 111 ono
week with pneumonia.
Among possible successors in the
Toronto diocese nro Canon,Cody, Provost Street, Mncklom, Bishop Hoove,
Archdeacon Sweeney; ! Canon Tucker
and Canon Welch,
Rev. Arthur, Swontman, M; A., UT).,
D.C.Li, was born'ln 183*1 ln London,
England, and was tho son of nn omln*
ont.London physician",, "tho lato...Dr.
John.Swontmnn of Middlqs'ox hospital.
Ho graduatod ln I860 from Christ col-
logo in Cambridge and waB ordained
deacon ln 1859.. Ills first appointment
wns tho curacy of Holy Trinity church
Islington, Deceased cnmo to Canada
ln 18C5 to nssumo the head mastor-
ship of tho London Collegiate Institute Throo years later ho was married In England to Miss Garland of
Islington, In 1871 tlio niathomnticai
and scionco mastership In tho upper
Canada collogo bocurno vacant and Dr
Sweatmnn was soloctod, bnt loft tho
collogo noxt year to bneomo rector of
Grnco church nt Brnnlford. Prom J873
to 1870 ho hold tho offlco of clerical
secretary to the synod of Huron and
socrotnry to tho houso of bishops,
In 1874 ho b'oenmo hoailmnstD)', of,
Holmiith collogo and two years lator
rector of Woodstock and rector of
Brant. Ho was administrator of tho
dlocoBO of Huron In 1878 and 1870. Do*
eoasod was nppolntod bishop ot Toron*
.0 In 3870 in n notnblo contost aftor a
week's balloting. Tho synod was dl*
vldcd into two cnmpB on tho quostlon
nf Rnrordntnllritr,,
The Into Dr. Swoatman wns consecrated In May 1878 and In 1907 ho was
glvon tho hlghost gift In tho powers
of tho Angllcnn church in Canada, bo*
Ing olectod archbishop' and primate of
all Canndn. During thn thirty yoars
that be has boon at tho head of tho
Toronto iUocuhu the uuiubtir of Anglican churchos In the diocese Incroasod
from 163 to 246 and 176 missions. Deceased was deeply affected by tho tragic iloath of. his son sovornl years ago
nnd has for some time been in falling
best1- protest, the .interests; of~tlie~lin-~
thraclte.mlne workers.".- : -•.-.. .'. 7
All: of-the'reports said that, notwithstanding! less than,halt time'work for
the" men, the organization had' maintained, its strength..- ■ Against, a,mem-
to November the salaries paid tp the
executive board- and- toiother organiz-,
ers amounted to S56.219.30, and.thelr
expenses were $50,503.07*. -. . ..-**.■
V This was ?17,000 more than the expenses ln the same period last'year,
and Secretary Ryan commented:—"It
appears to me that the expense incident to the management Is Increasing
out of-proportion to the growth of the
organization. • • .- • ■ •• ■ (,* *.. * i'
i; "Were-* I conducting the. affairs of
the United Mine-Workers I should refuse-. to render, assistance-direct to
districtsi whero the officers and-members had put forth no special • efforts
to help themselves."
that will continue to work for the interests of the many.      *-*     •■ '.   ,
"Let us," he said,'"go forward building up; not tearing down." He recalled
the years it had .taken to build up the
organization and , pointed , out. the
weaknesses of dissensio'as.
"Be' careful," he said, "when you
lekve here that nothing has been or
1       I <. ' "* * x
is done that would bring back the old
days when miner "fought" miner arid
operator fought thema.aU.' , Your differences will , be. your employers', op-
poVtuhlty. " Much as I respect the coal
operators, and I believe'they are above
the average in fairness, still as you divide, they, will .unite and unite much
'to your'cost." "'''"y' ']  '
■'■ He" pointed out that this was natural and recalled how: he and the miners
had taken advantage of the dissensions " among tlie operators three years
ago.--*' *" '   ' ''"'■■•'    '-•   '■' ; "
.."Though L may ,not be able-to remain'with you.long, rny spirit will be
with' you here. Let this ever be iii
our minds that back at home ln the
mines and in the modest little cottages
are hundreds of .thousands of men, women and' children with eyes turned towards-us'here.! As you act bear in
mind that to them you. must give" an
He recalled that he had given so
much of his.life to the upbuilding of
this union that he had come,to regard
It "somehow as my own child, and I
will defend , it' as I would my own
child.;;     ,  ,,..,
Again, he said, with* his wonderful
lmpresslveness, "The man—I do not
care who he is—who lays violent hands
on this great organization will have to
answer' for that act. . Settle your differences, here and let every man c. go
back and do his. full share at building
up this union until the time will come
when no man shall mine*coal in this
country, unless .he belongs, to this union.. This was my dream,- my ambition; it Is my dearest wish." , \
:., Touching- on.his,own life he said:
"Some, one may have said: John Mitchell is out of, the labor'movement
now;'he won't see things' as'he used
to see them ;When he worked in . the
mines or .with .the miners. Gentlemen
I do' not intend' that the day shall ever
cdme-when-I- shall-see things differently,
' !"Since",-,going into new-surroundings
for .'fear 3that my 'view-, might (change',
even slightly, I daily" train myself to
be steadfast to ""the' people"of less fav-
orable surrouridirigs. ....I--;never .let a
.week'go-by. that I 'do; not go'down to;
the 'East Side.;oi; New* Yo;*k that I-may
see misery'.;'.''I.'don't,Jthin.lt-that;ieven
if I lived'in a castle, .my..views" would
change. .7 ;
"Biit I propbse'to protect,myself by
going to see.' enough "misery • -every
week to. keep'me. true.„.-!So long .'as. I
live.%1 hope-to, be'true and'to defend
the .rights of these people .and to advo-
As Viewed; From the Outsider-
Timely Suggestions and
-* -How Worked Out  -■
cate the cause' of "labor
this trades union;movement and in .the
United. Mlne_Workers of America.and
my, heart is- with'you.and .in my, hope
of .harmony."   ■     ..*;.-,:•     ■ ,.;. -, •
B. E. WALKER, President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, den. Manager.
Paid-up Capital   $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
"• INDIANAPOLIS, ,JAN. 25. —It was
the John Mitchell,of tho,old days, with
tho-same. old.melodlus, offectlvo volco
of the old dayB, that mado to-day probably tho greatest day ot the convent-,
Ion of tho.gront.ost of all trado unions,
* When tho old' time-loader of lho
Amerlcnn coal minors appeared in
Tomllnson hall at, 11 o'clock this-.iripr.*.
ning tho,minors nntloiinl..convention
went wild, ,,Seldom baa any: man, re*
colvod such nu ovation.; everybody
choorod and many* ovon had tears In.
their, byos for the joy of seeing thoir
bolo.vod old '.lender restored ,lo health.
Ho hnd, Just arrlvod In ,tho city from
Now York.,
Anothor visitor was sponklng, but
his speech wns not flnlBliod.,Pi*qsldont
Lewis .In a beautiful roannor presented Mr. Mltcholl, nnd nftor another
prolonged burst,of,npplauso, Mltcholl,
doeply moved, snld;     .     ,
"I fool doeply. sonsltlvo of tho ro*.
coptlon whicli you hnvo given mo this
day. It would soom that nt loast In
a mlnorB' convention a former,loader
of working pooplo loses nono of. his
lUHtro bocnuRO   ho Is sbntoiicod   to
Thoro wiib nnotlior long burst of np*
plniiHo after, which Mitchell oxproHsod
rogrot nt his Inability to bo prosont nt
tho opening of tho cornontlon, nnd nl*
ao his rogrot ovor tho fact, that ho will
not bn nblo to romnln long. Unions ho
can got postponed nn important con*
foronco sot for Monday ho will hnvo to
lonvo for Host on on Sunday aftornoon.
Ho Is with Congrossmnn W, T, Wll*
son nnd T. D, Nichols ut thu Hotel
English, nnd around It, nt. noon lo-day
thoro was a swarm of admlron*, many
t., ii.'."..,    11. -,.   ,..-!.   i    I,,. .,„,.„,«    n,r-
...a..,4,.aa^/v.»^   |/^V(4.a.    wvtoft   ...,.i..,g,       V*4a,
Aftor the tumult In tho convention
hnd fliibsldod, Mr. Mltcholl spoke nt
length to tho delogatos, first rovlow
lntr hl»i mentonco to prlnon with Ann-fuel Gompers,and Frnnlc Morrison, nnd
thon making n ploa for harmony in
tho ranks of tho miners,
"Whnt concerns mo now," lie do*
clnred nt ho touched sympnthotlrnlly
on tho roportod lutornnl dlfforonnos
in tho orgnnlzalton, "I* not tho possibility of going to prison. I nm concerned about thin union. If my going to prison nnd tttnylng thero would
help to organize the miner* of this
country. I would nay without ftriy hesitation: Tho prison for mo. Oontlemen
I eamoitly hope that the legUlatton
enacted by this convention snd your
conduct hore may rounlte—lt that la
noconsary—nil into ono Iniolnblft body
, ',. ,'.'.'i   SCALE   , . 7,
• Delegates. from .the anthracite,,district of Pennsylvania have complained
that,President Lewis of- the-iUnited
Mine. Workers is not giving sufficient
prominence to ■ the . anthracite - situation. , .   ,      ■ ,
In Central Pennsylvania where the
anthracite.coal.Is mined, about 170,000
mon are employed. Only about'40,000
of those-miners are organized and-ln
any way, identified with the United
Mine Workors.   '.,
President Lowls heard yesterday of
the criticism that had been mndo. of
hls.alleged indifference toward the anthracite , situation.. , He said, that, at
the proper time ho .would- give tho anthracite,, situation all.tho prominence
it desorved -.,   ..  . ,v. ;, ,
It Is probable that President Lewis
will, roconuiiend, that a joint, convention of minors and operators ,in th° nu
thrnclto,.district.be held to .ma'*.** a
scale bbfoi'P tho.-expiration of tho pi:u-
sent scale on April },.,.   , ,.','.,.
The scnlo undor which tha mlnou* of
thq anthracite district arc working ut
■tho prosont timo Is tho ono which was.
nuuld by a commission four or- tlvn
yoarfl ogo—a commission thai, grew
out, of'a recommendation mado ..(jy
President ltoosovolt, who whon hfl sow
that tho minors and operators wor-- nt
loggorhcnds, usod his host efforts to
restore peace, In tho anthracite .district. '      '..
Commenting on tlio nnlhrncno ultun-
tion Inst ovoning, President I/jwIa In
part wild:
• "It lins boon brought to my attention thnt a fow mon In this contention
complain that tho nnthrnclto Bllinillou
was not given mifflclont promlnonco In
my nnntinl report, Thoso mon fool
that tho Intorosts of tho nnthrnclto
workors hnvo to somo uxlotit boon no*
glut-tod. TIioho Hiiino mon do not. appear to rmillsto thnt roBiiltii and not.
talk In.what tho nilno workorn of the
country want, Thn IntorostH of the
anthraclto mon will bo fully protected,
mid this convention will bo able not
only to outline, hut approve of a policy
with ruforoncu to tho unlliiiioltu districts, This will bo done nt the proper timo nud In tho propur miinnor..
Thoro Is no nood for n fow mon in
thU convention lo complain until tluiy
know thnt thoy lmvo n IiuhIh on which
to find tuiilt, i mm' --'t-iir una (K'liu-
IU' Idciiii n*lllj iilcii-jjCi'' |o Ihi' .'iiilJjni-
clto Bltuallon, which will bo given to
tho convention for action.
My doslro la to hnvo n joint confer*
onco of tho anthraclto operators nnd
mine workers in their respect I vo districts, But 1 wnnt to know definitely
whnt notion this convention will ;| tnko
with rospoct to enforcing nnd complying with lho tonus of wngo conti nets,
when thofio contractu nro onco agreed
to, If wngo contracts tnonii anything
to tho mlnlngilndiiBtry thoy moan thnt
minora should not HiiBpomi opi*rations
ponding (he adjiistmotit ot a dlaputo
arUliiK with r(ifur«-iH'o lo tin* im'iiitt of
n wago contract." ,    •
Tho miners held n half day «pRtlon
yoaterday ndJournltiK at noon to per
mlt tho committees to transact butln*
•(■.The feature of the half day tee-
nlon wna tho address of John Mitchell,
former prosldont.
The following Is from The Hosmer
Times of January'21:   !      ' '    J;' '*' ,;
The civic elections have come 'arid
gone, leaving a hew set of officials to
look after the welfare of the city, 'with
the exception'of G. P. Johnson'."wlio
was re-elected'as alderman. But-the
troubles' of' the1 elect begin after the
event, as some of: the elect of 'Fernie
are beginning' to realize. Many things
were lnjected'irit'o the municipal campaign for votes which'did not belong
there,' and among' these superfluous
subjects was' the Fernie Fire* Relief
Fund. '   ■'•     i- ' '   ' ' "'
Each candidate for the honorable
office of mayor travelled out of his
course to bring' the remnant of the
relief fund into play In hopes of gaining a Vote or two, and now there Is
trouble. Mr. Eckstein, the defeated
candidate, stated that he was opposed
to the refunding of money to the relief fund which had been paid for lumber and other building materials, until
some'definite plan"for the final disposition of a the returned monies, as' well
as-the dispostlon of the"surplus had
been made with the consent- of' the
majority of the beneficiaries.
Mr. Herchmer, the successful candidate,', who is now, mayor,    took    the
ground that the miners who had signed an agreement to refund the money
advanced to them in monthly payments
3of $2for each hundred dollars received
should be held for the fulfillment   of
.theii* contracts.',    He'also'stated that
■he would'be in favor of extending the
time of payment of any of ,the miners
' wlio wore unable ,to meet these monthly payments-if they:So desired. ,:.This
was before, not after election, and subsequent developments shed a* rather
lurid light upon' the ashes of- the great
fire. ;'•' ' ;^''7 ' ; '* :'" "7
■ The civic. election was held -on' lasjt
-Thursday, 'and. it now appears" that
Sherwood Horchmor, who is a, member
"distribution of the relief fund was delegated'by-the citizens, went to. ;tiie,
manager,of the .Crows Nest Pass'Coal
Company- and asked .that the amounts
due from tlie miners on their so-called relief should be held.out of• theii;
several monthly .wage accounts.'. Manager Hurd did not like." this procedure,
deemlrig.it unwise, and a very unpleasant thing to do; but after consulting
the. company solicitor, , Mr, H. W.
Herchmer, it was* pointed out that a it
was Impossible to disregard the -assignments and the amount of the pay-
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England"
-    ' ' ;*  • p?5 and. under ,.-..,  3c ■•    •
Over ,?5-and not exceeding $10..-. 6c    - . .   '
Over $10 and not exceeding $30 ..10c
""   Over $30.and not exceeding $50;. 15c -
' These ■ orders are payable at par at every office of a. Chartered bank in
Canada (except in the Yukon) and at the principal banking points in'   the
United States.     They are negotiable at $4.90 to the   £ sterling in- Great
Britain and Ireland.
■They form an excellent* method of remitting small sums of money with
safety aud at small cost and may be obtained  without delay.
Manager, Fernie.
A Savings Account
will help you to save.
Interest credited
on deposits of $1.00
and upwards. . ..
Bar Unexcelled
Ail White Help
.   Everything
Gall in and
see us once
'i , \
C. W. DAVEY & CO., Props.
Waldorf Hotel
(In reai* of old stand)
Table Unexcelled
•i .1 *
Bar supplied with the finest
■brands of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars
, (Formerly of Centml^Hotel)
ments were held out of the miners'
wages,' ' , . , ,7
*;• As rtbei*e has been a shortage of
'work at the mines, and the severity
pf tho,weather, coupled with tho .fact
that few.of the homes., are.finished,
there nro. very" fow i of -the mon In n
position to make payment.' In-one
instance it is stated thnt'n'minor, with
a family of oleVen, hnd'been nblo to
socui'o but fourteen days work during
the month of December, and after the
deduction of uio six dollars from his
wagbs, to meet Lho refund of his,aid,
lie-had not enough loft to pay his grocery 'bill.'   -ii.1 ,!.-;-
As n result of this1 action of * tho
commlttoo, through , Mr. Horchmor,
thoro whs nn Indignation mooting of
about two' hundred discontented minors on Sunday, at which vory strong
language wns indulged. In nnd some
drastic resolutions adopted.
Tho first of those resolutions calls
for nn Itemized account of tho receipts
and (jxpondlturca of the relief fund,
and nn auditing of tho books of the
commlttoo by non-resldcnt nudlt'ors.
Anothor ot tho resolutions Rtntos
thnt thoro hnvo boon no plans for the
final disposition ot thu remainder of
tho relief fund submttod for lho con*
sldorntlon of tho llro Biifforors nnd
thnt In conHoquoneo thoro should bu no
nioro refunding null! It Is definitely
Imown whnt Is to he dono with tho
bnluuco ou hnnd, iih well iih wllh tlio
refunded building iidvuncos,
Still nnotlior resolution culls for tho
dlHlrlbiilon nt thn n-innlndei' of the
fund to those for whom It wiih Intended, between now und thu first of Jim*.-,
A committuo wns nppolntod to circulate these resolutions for hIkiiuIiiioh
among tho llro aufforoiH nud to present thom to tho rollof commlttoo, nnd
♦n tlio ■prnvlnolnl fovornmnnt Thin
Inst move hns boon decided upon In
opposition to a movo that Is Hinted to
bo under consideration to nstc tho gov*
ornmont for legislation undor whicli
n commission can bo nppolntod to nd*
minlnter tho fund, In this connection
mnny Hchemes linvti boon proposed for
tho utilisation of tlio surplus.
My. Horchmor. Hinted on tlio pint-
form thnt. ll might bu n good thing to
Invest tho money In a rocrention
ground, or to expend It In boautlfylng
tho comutery. OtlmrH thought, thnt It
might bo imfld for Hldownlks nnd si rent
improvemnt; but llm only proportion
that might bo connldersd nt nt nil jus*
tillable, wa« tlmt «uitR«st«d by ex-Mayor Tuttlo, thnt wlmtfivor aurplun thoro
might bo could bo turned Into nn educational fund. Ev*i» this would bo a
■,.v.«!i»,on ol thftt* <i4iiUU>\nloim from
The Original and the Standard
You don't get an experiment—or an untried material—or merely
verbal promises—when' you buy RUBEROID. All the
experiments*-and tests were ' made * 16 years ago. You get
perfection in roofing in RUBEROID.
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RUBEROID resists;all weather<conditions—-is unaffected by •
, heat or cold—and is absolutely fire-resisting. and waterproof.
You can roof thei'house and barn yourself with RUBEROID,
thus saving expensive roofers' work. Write for samples and prices.
Sold by Western Canada
Wholesale Co.
tho evident purpose for which thoy
woro so freely donated to tho pooplo of
Kendo from' a' vory goneron"*,' public'.,
which' seems to bo lost Right of In the
controversy now going oti with pomo
hent, More than $100,000 In-cnsli wiih
received from the butsldo public, bo*
Hldbs largo contributions of provisions
and clothing nnd no ono could oxpocl'
that ho much could be hnndlod lo tho
satlsfiictlnn of everybody, nnd It mny
bo tlmt Homo vory nnwlso stiggonilotiH
have boon mndo, but tho commlttoo lo
whom tho, management of tho fund'Iiiih
boon outrun!od should lonvo no room
for criticism, by making n coiuplulo
Htntomont of nil Its transactions In dn-
lull, not only for the wit Infliction of
thoso who hnvo pnrtlclpntod In tho rollof, but. for tho HntlHfnctlon of thorn*
hoIvoh nnd thu goiioroiiH contrlbutoiH,
Nothing short of this should bo con-
tomplntod, nnd nothing Iokh n'1!) ho
iiccoptod by tho public
Thnt ii dlHCUHHlon nn to whut should
bo dono wllh lho roniiilndor of (IiIh
fund Hhould hnve nrlHOti Imfoni u thorough stntonicnt of whnt hns boon din-
trlbulod, |h iinforluiuito, nud out of
Thoro In no doubt iir In tho Intentions of thu many <1oiioi*h to this fund,
and It. will bu timo enough to iIIhciihh
tho uhoh lo which any r-'Hlduo mny Input, nftor It. Iiiih boon found tliut no
moro rollof of nny kind U nooded nnd
Mint fi Tl ti'lin bevv, votillv hnen In nonil
hnvo rocolvod a fair nlmro of It.
It, Is nil very well to sny thnt this
or that porson hns received moro or
Iosh thnn n fnlr shnru but it Ib tho
duty of tho commlttoo, which nccoptod
tho tnsk. tn tee to It thnt. thin hns
boon dono uh Hourly iih poHslblo, If
thoro is n Hurplus It would soom thnt
mi cqultnblt- division of It among
thoso mont noodlng nnd doRorvltig
should bn mndo, Itwtond of creating n
commUnlon through which to divert
tho lomiiliitlitr ot Dm lnnd Into clinn-
nols not Intondod by tlio ilonoiu It
Is stiiti-d that I hero Ih ii remnant nt n
flro relief fund In the c|ty of Ht. John,
N. H., which ylolde Juki enough in tin*
ahnpo of InteroHt to pay the oxpcnun
of n coiiiiiilHslon to ndnilnlstor it, —
It was not the Intent ion of Iho donors
to provide a soft job for anyone.
' .-.very dollnr of aid extended to tho
pooplo of- Fornio was for the purpose
of Immediate rollof, and if that rollof
was more thnn might lmvo boon uecos*
Hnry nl. tho time tho remainder Hhould
bo UHod to mnko tho liomoK of tho Iook*
ers'iiH comfortable through lho hovoi-o
winter as.poHHlblo, Thoso littlo con*
trovoi'HloH, which hnvo sprung up iih
lho iohiiII. of loo much polltcnl zonl
will roHiilt In good, If tho parties will
bo lomporato nnd nol loso Hlght nf tlio
object for which tho fimd wiih croul*
Thoro hooiiih lo bo n growing ImproH-
sion In Homo (-unrloni that this relief
monoy belong--- to somobody, somo com*
mliteo, or dolognto of u coininlltoo; or
tlmt tho (Jliy of Funilo Iiiih, In Homo
wny, bocomo Helmed of tho title nnd
thorofoio It belongs lo thu city, lo bu
hnndlod by hoiiio city official.
OF THE ELK RIVER, nnd Iho commlttoo dolognlod to dlHirlhuto It hnvo
no Hliudow of r I j.; hi io dn anything oIho
with It without tho rnniiontofnll tlirmo
coiiooilicd, oxprosHod by vol*.*. Tho
fuel thru thu commlUou exooodod llh
uuthoilly In domiindliiK moiigiiKOH on
tho wngoH of mliioni oxtoiidlng ovor
yenrH of timo boforo icndorlng nld to
thom tn votnttld tltnlr liniiuoH  Iihh boon
brought out. in thlH cnntrnverHy, nnd
brliiKH up n nuoHtlnti which enn bo
donlt with only by nil pnrtloH, nnd nny
attumpt lo divorl the prococdH of such
n contract Into othor chiinnolH without
flrHt, ninldTifr, n full nnd lioml/cil nc-
count of nil Hint hits boon done, will
bo looked upon iih it groan vlointlon of
tho IriiHt reposed lu lho rommlttoo by
tho peoplo who fronted It, through the
nulliorlly dolugnted to Mayor Tuttlo,
not n« mayor, but as n cliUon of the
dUiri.t. nftV('U<d liy llm gront Iln-,
Tlio Htrlcturon of nomo of tho mln*
"it* ruKtirdliiK tho ndmiiiiturntUm of tho
old relief fund mny bo uncalled for,
but It !« nn «tnnipIo of how auch
things nru allowed to drng out n long
oxlutoncc, providing work for some on.<
~"     The~Hotel~of"Fernie~—L
Feinie's Lending Coiiimercinl
nnd Tourist House
Bni« supplied with the best Wines,
Liquors and pifj*iu'N     .
Doing business in the same old placo
l.lquoi'H nnd t%His of tlio IukIiohI
(|iiality .*, Well ,>t(iL'kcd Imi
which la n grent nld tn whoever (« thei to look nfi.-r It, Ionic nftor the uocea-
-ronimUtdou, but U U »(•(<• to nuy Umi,»Uy fin lu i.xUwih.- intM dlkitpptiitt-d.
CO.,  LTD.
Wholesale Liquor Doalors
A full stork in ii f.-w d.ij-i*.
Tlie 'inly rellnlde \Atu-e In town for
choice pipe*, nnd tobacco
W. A. INGRAM, Prop* ■■ ',-Siff V^-l.	
- lift
. v-r^a,—.-.I*.
 ,.*«,-,    -a,.    s
Sfre Biairijd: foliger
$1.00 a'-year in advance.     Address all communica'-f
i tions to \ the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. G.
1 Rates' for .advertising on application.
.j      We believe, through, careful enquiry, that all "the
■ advertisements in this 'paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will make
* good to actual subscribers any loss' incurred. by trust-
■ ing advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
,.- do not attempt to adjust trifling ■ disputes between
. subscribers and honorable business men who; advertise;
! nor pay" the" debts of honest bankrupts.
<,'"    This offer holds  good for one' month after    the
, transaction'• causing" ■ the complaint;; that is we must
, have notice within that time.     In all cases, in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it ia The Ledger."
W. S. STANLEY,     .
PHONE 48   . ^ y Manager.    ,
WEBSTER'S Imperial Dictionary,.page, 1309,:
RELIEF, The act of relieving, or the state of being-
relieved; the'removal ih"*\vholo or in part of 7 any
C ,_    t    '   la ' J * '
evil or anything painful, oppressive .pi***.burden-*-
some/ • ■   -' y,'-    *,'■ ,i * -.;
'„,., SYN.-rr-Suce.bi*,.support, release, extricptio'hV*alleviation, mitigation, aid, help, -assistance- .remedy,,
redress; exemption, deliverance,"'refreshm'e'nt, com-
<* ■(, .      ' •- f ■    ;■/'•* •-.-*■'
fort, consolation. -.   •'  ' iW--■■■-'
; ;!RELIEPFUL:'*a3iyingar"elief; able tp:.rcliev',.
; RELIEVE (2) To ease or deliver„-fr6,m, as any
burden, wrong oppression, or iajustice,' by legal or
legislative process or interposition. !;'(G)' To-raise to
life again; (7) to give mutual assistance;to; to
support. ■'■'.'", '-.-,   ■'
RELIEVER: One who relieves; ansagent'of relief.'   ,   ' '-     a    ■'    ,
Fernie Fire Relief Committee definition:^
RELIEF: To lend you something that is already
yours by gift-from the people,,, and force "you to
repay it,      ....--.-ri- \y, ,.;-.,- *•••;•;-'■ >~. \, .-..■- ,■-,,,.,: .
-,   Lt 1 .     I  ■**• ,
:.y .... J.*, i-'
WE PUBLISH elsewhere a complete listof the
donations and the.names of the donors *,to the Re
lief.     We challenge the Relief committee to "write"
to any of "the donators and ask them if they wish
the money, returned ■; ," ■*". - ,"
WE WONDETt if ,the citizens who lately donat-
ed ato the eaftliq-^lfOu*atere"rs~in-"Italyrwisb*—,the-
mon'ey paid bact, ■        ,*«■-.      ■     ,■■*....,* -,-.
BE ■ SURE ■ ind'- attend the ■ public '-meeting, to-
■■■*.■   *   •'■•(,    '?.'
morrow after aoon to discuss    the all important-
question as tt* whether Relief is relief, or relief is
.not relief. "■*■''    '*- >"  '■■ ' "'■ --'
' WHAT is relief ?    Ask the committee!
have some rare ethical ideas. ;,
CHEER UP, Maude, when'you DONATE any
money ..to ,the Salvation Army in future you can
demand repayment'according-to the Fernie Fire
Relief committee. '•'■'' .
RELIEF (7) MONEY. We suppose Sherman is
to blame for that .too.
Was the money that thc people from tho outside
sent to Fernio intended for the purpose of creating
a fat job for one or more persons for the space of
six or eight years?
We know i'or a fact that several of the contributor*-, have already stated, and stated very strongly
tlmt they sent thc money here to bo given for tli**
help of tho needy,
Who gave the prem-ut committee any authority
to act? Tlie original general committee did. And
now Ilii*, committee alwolulely rei'tiHc to be dictalfd
to by this general committee whom they claim docn.
not exisr."
The following ameiidiuciil to Mr. Ilerclmier's
resolution which the majority of the •.■•iimiiitt*.**'
(and plciiHO take milieu who the majority were, and
remember the (.-lit'iio they represent) turned down,
shows quite conclusively that the present committee wish to have complete control of.tlie affairs,
so that they can do ns they wish with the money
thai liolongs to the people:
Amendment to llerchmer's resolution: That the
ik..ilt(.r of thc di**po*,,'t'«*i ***■? th-* relief fund li« suit-
j.ijikd to a reformdum \*<Mc nf lho tire HuflVrors.
1: Shall the money advanced for lumber and
othor supplies be repaid i
2! Shall the funds now in hand be given to the,
C**1y   ll»r   "tiltS   illlpn-Ht-Sllt-l.,--*.   XX,   .-.'.•.■a.-a.'...,   -via..?
.1: Shall tlie funds now in hand be distributed
L'y tnt fomnnttr-e to those )iow in need I
The vote of the committee on tho nmcmliiu-nt
resulted as follows«
Kor: V. II. S.ii-rin.iii, T. Uigi;*.
.AjjiihiHi • tt. ITm-niner, Readinpr, Pollock, Man*
Mr. Herchmer, (who by the wny seem* to think
tint be hns some extra divine or other connection
Vfitb this fund and should act as spokesman and
fonns-i)) stntft] flint supposiwor a vote of the people
wa* called for, the inert who had received any
benefits so far should not be allowed ot vote, Well
fur cheek and prcs..i«*f>1ion that takes the biscuit.
__a>   '     -      .-■-'      -*....-«■      ...    >... '■■'...
At a meeting of the general committee appointed by the Fernie Trades and Labor Council held'in
the little wooden shack in front of the Ledger
Office on Wednesday' evening, September 30th
last, the following -question*-*,, werev put to ..the..then
Mayor, W. W.. Tuttle, wbom the Relief "committee
very generously^sent to meet the T7and'Lr,•..committee'"':       i "■'   ■'   y   '•'        - '■   "'■' "■ " v
1:.To ask. (not.demand) an itemized statement of receipts--and expenditures.
2:,To ask,why J. "Wilde was not allowed his
seat-Jn place of F-. II..Sherman, who,.was-away and
had arranged with Tuttle that'Wilde was to' be
seated. -   ' .   ■ * •■;'.-,'.<'•
3:'.A request--(not demand)''that the secretary
and treasurer be'bonded. '     "       ;   '
4. That Ave ask (not demand) that two auditors be appointed. ..one fr-om4.be Trades and-Labor.
Council.     ^, ,.,..v .. -va--*^-.-. - -a*,"*.--
.- Th(j;.i'ollowing'answci*s)wer« olicitgd;from-'''Mr:
Tuttle. after 111 ucli.Uong winded^speilihg had been
indulged in.,..-    -vA-..,--..   i.   •,■    .   .:-, ,-v    ;■-    ,?.-
■ ,     -a '     ■ tf-  :Vf-';-a'   *;--a . ''1 -■'-. \-       •    a,';i!
"'7-In-answer'to' the'^irst-vequest Mr.-.^Tuttle -.giC'i'c
his word -tb: tlie com initfee':-,' I! that' a*:'detailed. s'ta'te-
nieiit would bo prepared forV-thc end.flf-theitiiontli!
Ilc^stated that *he •inilerstood;,that|,ther'e'*alrie5L(ly
was such;ti statement-ready, and that.'buihis rptiirn
handed tb the committee and also printed,,in; itJie
papers." ■    A     ■ ,
. .-"'vln'.'answer:'-to'-tlie'''second..query MR
HIS"';DECISION.r- He "stated that he did'.not -disagree with them FOR THE REASON THAT :HE
AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE'.'' ':"*' $..\
J. R. Galvin here arose and told Mr ."'.-.Tuttle
■■'that'as he was the chairman *'■ of the'committee,
and bad been given absolute authority to .appoint
men on that committee, he had also the power, and
the full power'to fill any, vacancy that might occur
in the ranks of the committee. Galvin ; further
quoted legislative rules to show that Tuttle'should
•hare' appointed' Mr:j"Wilde pro tenTat least." ■'",
In answer to the third request Mr ....Tuttle stated
'-that the treasurer had already asked tq be.bonded
and that he" would present pur requests as'-'tothe
secretary being bonded'to the committee.".'-'. *7'
the.relief^committee;refused TO MEET
THAT^T- WAS AGA^T1HIS; WlteSv?>o ^
-y Mr//Tuttle'j last Week-denied (that .the Relief,
.committee .refused'-io-meet ther committee of the
Trades and- Labor-Council; -The' above'minutes,'
taken^direct frbmithe files'of the'-Tv'aridli: Council
'Why?;'- G6d knows''   ] ''/,_ lj,';:', ,■ *'.. "'".■ ' ' \
'' "Mayor 'Tuttle stated, that, he .would arrangd
for the, committee to',get a'-meeting vfith-the execut-|
ive in two weeks,-which willbeon October 15th."*
WHEN TOLD THAT HE HAD.    WHY?      ,   c
Now then,.why have the Trades and Labor peo!
pie, (whom both Tuttle and Herchmer claim to
love) been' ignored in this manner/..1 Why was no;
meeting called. Simply because'the committee
did not want,any suggestions, or interference at
all.      ' ,.   .  .:-■-.,.       -.-
Then they have gall enough (excuse thc expression) to make a grand stand aiid heartrending appeal to "FOR GOD'S SAKE KEEP IT OUT OF
Who nre these men? What right have they to
try and hush mutters'up? Wc \vill snow them up,
uo matter who it hurts.
•**!»■■ -: '   '■};?■ 1  t";,'i '  '. i 5 ■'; ***•, *^ *\ -  -'•      .*-.•■ -
to such* a? degree!,'as to excite* cbinment,   also a certain amount of ■ well' founded suspicion. , .,. .4., .,
! Thaw. is*1 a Tmuxderei' and yet on-ithe-highway-
to freedoni-^an acquitted man. c   ... ;K:.:.
The Hains-plotted-and carried into- execution a
plot for.murdw-j—j-ei one^f,the principals goes free'
and* the 'other lDrother^ma*y,f iiever'Have tb'cbme Hip
for triaL ■-;l:li'ii*?iJ|)';({]^ 7i!^.il ' "' :" " "':'
. Gompers,''Mitctfeu and'iibfrisori dared to'defy
the right fditf.inljtoctibnfuie",''and at once the strong
arm of the. law, seeks .to place them behind bars for
sentences of various lengths with: absolutely '■ no
'-     J    *       I1-"* S -*— l     '*l'     '     ',       ■*■*•  ** *"-    t 1    I ,     1' '    Xl X '* , " j , * I ,-f , r*
thought of acquittalj..such as was meted, out to,
the,two previously.,me;ntioned.murderers..     . ;.*:•
The., .whole. situation .appeals -to th'e -unbiased ^
thinker, as farcical in ;vthe, extreme. were in ,.not. for
the stupendous results and precedents-attendant'.ou
the outcome, of them all. Americans are'wont to
scoff at,the,conservatism and.adliesibri to '"'well-
founded principles of justice which are followed>iu
British tribunals, and to,be egotistical over''theii*'
boasted independence and freedom from restraint,
but until,th't\','judiciary of the,.Republic-,can- fre-.-
iiself from the, suspicion ..of lack of' consistent1 v
with >yhich.it.ij3.'now surrounded,;the average Bnt-.
islier will have no desire to participate in;the n*..w
order of .things... -. ., ;., .   ,
■ •    -..   --<:i>.        -■ ,    ••■■..:.    ,    .--:v., 1
*   A REPORT .was spread that .a certain firm -had ■
made an assignment,here last week. ' There is.absolutely, no ground ■* for, the report   at all, which
seems to liave^-been .circulated with a deliberate-;
intention to ,do harm. , , It is a'pity that-men* 'will*,
stoop ,to spread, a report like tins even-for
ess reasons,". ,/.,;.        - * » , ■ ■    , -   *
:    The;,Free-:Press admit' that unless vothers ^mentioned the-relief question they ^yer^going;tb*do
as the ! relief ■ committee - was    doing   '' KEEP IT
DARK;!-'-v*'! Since the public has become-'aroused"
; and; the-,*' "editorial mudsling^*3f the -.Lodger' with-,
his!'onergbose'p6w dared to'firing to'
liglit sbnie of'the fallacious ideas of the committee,
the Ffee Press comes but'-witti-:some'fill-upvpenny-.-.
liners, supposed to be*a-personabattack;,on:a,,cou-
,ple of gentlemen-olthe.:eity-.--.-:InTtheir usual >vay.
they-shelve>the:main iassue and resortjto'tperspn-
'aiities\'whieh'j;have no bearing on^the!,m'*it'tef'-at'
•^lL^'V^-v-'-iirH*'!^^ '$iW.*Y '- ' '
"*■ As;'to,'Tom Biggs!.and.l!)._H,"SKe.'cm,a'o, they.are_
above'rQproaeK'as far as.the,Relief:matter, is,concerned,, and..can rest- assured.that .the. general.pub-1
die'(outside ofrthe clique that is always opposed'to
tiiem, "because 'they are' friends • of- -the laborers)*
place more confidence' in them than;th'e] Free 'Press
need ever'hope'to get'.''^'/'"'  '1'.1:': :':."'  '-"•-'•' '     *." '
"".■ There'is oiie'thing"that seems"fo hurt, tlie'Free'"
.-Press..*-and«.their- measly ,50 suppprt*3rs, and that,
is- thatythere-is 'such| a paper, as,The,Ledger,, even,
if tli.e/.^ito-rjs '-V^nonentity. - >The same fact,both-
.ers the- relief '-committee just, at; present., » Truth ,
iilw'ay^'dOes smart you know.   ■:• *    *. i:• ■• \- <>■'-
.; it*r.>:-.  i!*.
' " SPEAKING**of use's'to whicli'tl^'rem^nCaer of
that relief money; might be put' it lias'been suggested- that 'it' would' be"a kifid act to'buy'fi iiew'sbt of
brains for the'1 editorial'department of tlie "Fernie
Free'Press.*"1'"1 ■ • «■■ . ■
• .-
J-j     *;>-?-j ? H    1 *' •
f... nil    . ▼:
?.. .,.'*-
t FRED WAYLETT, Pron-ietov't
' busin-
W.E .underst-cind that thei-police. commissioners
are going to* enforce..the laws, as promised -by Mr;'
Herchmer. ,,-< This is. good news and we give'- the
commissioners :and the Mayor -."credit, foi*   'tlieii*'
, ,, " ..      • -■     C.I
stand. .-.'.-   .- • -  * -',-,
THE following inscription was,noticed'bri a.C'.
P...R7 box car that was in the local yards:—"The
wages--'of sin is'death', but the wages of the C- P".
R. are worse."        ;'     ■'       !   *    ,'.•'.-'
.'.'"'''.SOMEof tlib'junemployed in Toronto'object to''
working four hours a day'fbr'a bowl of ^oup." The"
■nerve of'some of these workingmen is'certainly "an",
awful! thing'.!,,,
Cb:6cola.tes ;!7 I
^■l *'.'. .;*<•:;-' 7 -,!.*..i-.' \l-.i i-.j-j :.9
.r*- ■  i': ,',;  • -',-'-■.-.•u"'/ -i; > ■'■ ;- •%•
iFresh.Fruits Daily-  -,:„Iy
.,-,,-   ■;-'."ii-,.-    :-   ,'   .r;\       ,   .|„-i.|>   ,';.,   *(i-:»,-,
*,J) ' ,"'-*<" * :'' *   >-T
Opp.  Post  Office i
;; THE FACT4that 970;persons signed.an "out of
.work "list in Toronto, many of whom are'actually
on the'verge'of starvation, would, make encourag-.
ing news for .the so-called elite of that city, -who
, at- this, season,- of the" year are, spending thousands
of*dollars on at homes, afternoon,teas and bridge,
"and other forms'of■ wasteful amusement.  - .-..'.:
The disastrous results whicli must
follow upon the rapidly spreading destruction of the forests of .the .east
slope of the Rocky Mountains has engaged the attention, of the Dominion
government,'- and ■ last year - an ■ investigation into local-conditions was commenced, with*a view to devising regulations''such'-as( would'permit the full
■Use7of_alLresburces' while ■' preventing
devastation and' waste; '"' * J"r"^*r-r*
.The investigation is'by nb means
complete, yet the-section of the country already covered—the valley - in
whicli-the Crows £Jest. Railway*rwis,,
an. area' of .some 204... square - miles—,
reveals' a most-serious*state pf:;af-,
fairs. _    '",.-••,.     , ■ ■•■ ',,--.--.-'.? •
Fffteen years ago '184 -square' miles
out of. the 204';C9mprislnR the district
were'covered''with heavy'-fir forest.*
To-day1' there' are, only ; 39 ' miles •'' ot
standing-' timber. ' ■ Nearly,'-' 80 ;'per
cent, of tbe merchantable timber of
the region has.been Irretrievably,lost
through,fire'.. ,', Further than.that repeated ' fires'/have destrlyed even the-
capacity., for tree growth In one third
of the 'total,area, killing the second
and third growths,' and leaving ,t 60
miles, of bare.gravelly waste,' utterly
unproductive i- ■"
That these conditions aro typical of
tho entire eastern slope is not to be
doubted' for lumbermen who have investigated, conditions at tho-sources
of the Saskatchewan and Athabasca
rivers, ostlmato that, not ten per cent,
of the forested area Is to-day; standing tlthbor.
A conservative estimate of the loss
by fire in the Crows Nest valloy alorio
Is four hundred million feet of lumber ln loss than fifteen -years. If a
similar waste has occurred in tho
other-*fIftoon, hundred* squarb milea of
tho east slope which is entirely probable, tlio loss to tho-country hns boen
almoBt lncalculnblo.-rWinnipog Froo
One to be Started Here Soon-
Enthusiastic Meeting
For the above uy^ut lo Uo liulil Trub.
2nd to Oth tho'Canadian. Pacific Railway announce a rato of fare anil ono
third return, fidiots on snln from
Fornio lind Wost, Jniiuary 31st. to Fob.
-1. -   Final rotum* limit Fobvuary 8. ■
Henry Douglas of tlie C, P. It.
freight staff left last Saturday for
Winnipeg where ho./ntondH visiting'
Messrs, Kurd and Simmon** to nrranpio
about bringing Imclt anothor citizen
for Fornio, All the staff wish lilm
ovory Buccosfl In Ills now entoriirlso.'
Wo aro nil vory plonsod to hoar tlmt
Mr, T. A. Bishop will bo tho next
Three deeisious from \11riouH hranoht-H of tho
United Stntes judicinry of compiirntively recent
date, viz.: The Thaw Vurdiet, The Ilnins Verdict,
nud the result of the trial nud,sentence of Gompers,
Mitchell and iMdiTinon rom-n'i'-'c throo more links
in tlie chain of evidence which hns of recent yeafs
threatened to undermine nnd cat into the very vitals of a H.VHtiMit of just ice, lieri'toi'oro supposed tu
be free from tlio thraldom of monetary eoiiHidorji-
tions, and the vory aloofness of which from all ulterior interest h formed thc lceyntono of tho fabric
of an impartial diKpcusiition of justice in the bind
to the south.,
Tho Thaw ciikc, with all its attendant filth and
iiMNlin.w*, wi*H pimidt'd before the public until the
perflon with oven tho most   rnengrc   information,    All mombort. of iho Frntonml Order
wOd »ot do»bt th. guilt *t tho Prl8«nOT, nov ,v»« ZSP^Tttl-Tf-ftZ
it ever denied evon by the deleuHo itbeii, that Thaw 	
killed Stanford White. lii» eoni'inement in an
insane asylum and tho subficquont appeal to be considered shortly, will doubtlest* make him once
more a free citizen of the land'wtioHC lawH ho ho
grievously digressed,
Tho Ilains eauc, of moro recent date, but in
many essentials a similar one, provides new scope
for tho legalizing of murder, and the encouragement to that fast growing belief that it is safe for
any pcr»on to f-0 out and kill providing he has the
ingenuity to form a plausiblo defense.
Thc cane of the Lnbor lenders, who hnd uftVnd-
ed no written law, who had conspired to injure or
kill no ma|i, but whose only offense was a refusal
to obey thc ipBi,dixit of a hitherto practically unknown judge, forms a comparison so striking that
even the wost f-xtenunting circumstrtne.'i* fail mis.-
erubly to suggest any reason or cft.wV> why thi-so
ili-cixioiiK should differentiate one from the other
O.  I',
UUll   Ull   i'liai(a>,   I'li'utUuLi        ll'.'..,
W. a. K13AY, Socrotary
A meeting of, the ^yorl';ers >as held
on Tuesday night for,,the purpose ,.of
forming a-workingmen's club-and in-
stltute.-' There' was a' goodly; num-
ber present and > ■'persons!~Tvvho~reaHy
meant business. ■'-'-•-•    ■],'
Mr. F. Woodyard was voted'to the
chair and' gave 'a-little1 of his'experience* in' connection-with clubs in' the
old country and also in the States.-He'
advised the; starting of- & club in Fernie', ' because; he ;' Btated- that .it." had
a great Influence "on'Hh'e young, for
their uplifting and advancement in life.
He expected-that if the club was formed. that1 it"would be a' boon to,' the
young people and-also to the families
of this town, who at present had no
place to go but to the saloons,       -■*
Mr. L.- P. Eckstein addressed.- tho
meeting at somo length. 1 He stated
that he,had had.some' such project as
this in. mind fori a long* time, and he
had seen the necessity > for forming a
worKingman's club and, Institute, not
solely for. tho selling of intoxicants,
but for having a rootling room, whero
all tho nows of* tho outside world and
all the best periodicals could bo road
and enjoyed. Again; some men cannot settlo down to a good book, but
would like n gamo of billiards or pool,
others would liko a gamo' at clieckors
or dominoes 01* cards, nnd all these
should bo looked to. . Somo mon will
drink, and If they would drink, glvo
It to them at a reasonable price, so
that thoy will havo something loft for
thoir families riot aB at present whon
a man goos Into a saloon, If his monoy
is not all spent, ovor the bar It Is taken from lilm by tho tinhorns that, are
around, Mr. EcltRtoln strongly advised
tho formation of such a club and If
ho woro-permitted ho would become
a mombor. , •*
Mr, Shermnn nlso spoke nnd advised thai there wns no timo llko tho pro-,
soiit to form n club, nnd promlsod his
mcmborslilp nnd lnfluorico for tho
good of tho club,
Ilo thought lio could got a fow
volumes of good books with which to
comnioiico tho library, and of courso
ho Bald that a' gymnasium would 1)6
nocoHsary nlrio.
Mr, Shorman clnltnotl thnt tho aim
should lio not only to ilovclop , tlio
inonliil, but nlso the physical powers
of tlio young mon,   .
Others prosont spoke onlhuHliiHtlcnl*
ly of tho commencing ot tho club nnd
tlio good thoy know It lind dono in
plncus whoro thoy had lived,
Mr. T. IIIrrh wns elected secretary,
Tlio club was formed and signatures
taken nnd monies promUod. An In*
Itlatlon foo of $5 was llxed and a
commlttoo of 12 nppolnted as iol*
T. t'rh-U. r,n*'**    Vneee. .T  Wll'lf*. W.
nirUcnuon, T. Clilfipondalo, F. Shaw,
J. -Dudley, l». Atkinson, T. II. Wruy,
j7Parker, F. Woodyard,'president, T."
Biggs,1 secretary.       .7 7;.'!" *
The charter list is left, open for 30
days and. all those wishing to . join
can do so, by applying to the secretary^ or. some member, of the committee. •     '     ; '".   ■    -7 ,.,'
Workingmen,; get * in at once and
help this thing alohg-^it is-for your
benefit:.      .  , „ „--.'r       -..*,'..    ,.
M;^. Easthep
;Fire, .Lifer Plate, Glass1;
,..fi and Accident   7
,-v'      Insurance1        ■
■••<!,; : *   •- I-   .   .  Xt:'.' ■ > **.-.,-       ■   •
Property For Sale in
-'v all parts.oif the
■r": ! '":/i7citv'i;uI'iU'" "J V''*
Houses -Foi
Agent' , ' '<o"-"/\
New Oliver Typewriter
Machine given out "on trial
No Charge
Mason & Risch
Pianos /
what is • acknowledged .to be a sore
point in school administration -in- Brit-,
Ish' Columbia,' a deputation from-< the
Provincial Association of-School -Trustees; which met recently at Revelstoke, .is at.-present...at. Victoria to
urge upon the government the advisability-of conferring oiiiBoards of Trustees, power to-.levy rates-for:'school
purposes instead - of- having , recourse
,to the city, councils as at present. Tho
course which, the .deputation will now
urge the.provincial government to-adopt in this matter has frequently.been
advocated in these columns as a necessary; step.* towards' .the - complete
freedom of education and a means of
simplifying thb situation,between the
school boards and the city, councils, -
As matters -stand at present friction
between - tho school board and <■ the
City Council in any community may
almoBt bo regarded as a necessity of
the situation, since the City Council,
without control of the expenditure, is
called upon to hand out the monoy,
which the* school board may find it
necessary to expend during tho year.'
That heat should bo generated   bo*!
tween two bodies so situated     that'
movement on the part of either results,
in friction, Ib inevltablo and it is1 In
complete accordance with reason and
common sense that thoir relative positions should be relieved.    If tho total
amount required for school purposes
wero raised by dlrdct. levy, tho council (J
simply furnishing tho machinery for'g*
collcctlon, tho responsibility of   tlio ^
trustees would bo much moro nppnr*,1 _
ont and the complcto Indopondovico of
the council   which tho prosont laws
aim to glvo llio board. ' '■ •
Twonty years ago iln*) monoy spout
on education In the province ', was
raised by tho-provincial govornment
but time- brought modification of a
,system which wns only -Justified In
faco of conditions 'that'woro merely
lho 'request which Iho school trustees
association Is now mailing for further
modification of tlio method of rnlslng
monies for school purposes, besides bo*
Ing jiisllflcd by 'irocodoiit In Hie old
country, and, to a lessor oxtont, in
llrltish Columbia; goes up to tlio provincial Houso with the full weight of
a solid publio oprnlon behind it,
i' i
h JMI**/:--'"1-?*^
Sn vest merits
■j .1 fu r.   . t 1 -w .   :        - v I   ■
are not
But here is; one that will be
Practical Economy
Profitable Results
1 '"   { .* a'
By buying your Bread,
Cakes and Pastry *
You will Say
Is it Possible
Tlmt T wm buy 'ohoioo fruit lands with
11 good water Hiip^ly, within 30 mile.H of
Kevnia., on thu iiwUillmunt plan, Such
easy payments aro not -nttbred by any othor
coinpanyv Write for circular on ''Kootenai
Irrigation Tract"
It is oxcocdliigly hard for llio ton-
'chor's'nt'a preparatory'sCltool to ovor-
como tho lnfluonco of homo training
when this training has"had a bad of-
Wo vuntiirc to' thlnlt thnt fact on a boy,'
Por Instnnco tnko tho cubo of a boy
who hoars continually at homo tlio-
phrnso "I dorio It." Tlmt boy will
bo obliged'to mnko a conscious effort
ovory timo lio substitutes "I DID"-
for "I DONE." Ami ho will fronuontly
Blip back into tho old ways In moments of oxcltomoht. *"*■
Ono curious phase of Uio situation
in this country is tho fact that boyB
whoso pnroiitB nro Imralurants, and
who como to this country whon vory
young lmvo a bottor chnnco of learning'good English than tho nativo boys
blu-al* uy, lit uviuU nuctt. ii„i I.„i'-
U-sJj J* m^icnii. ' Thin ia 'ifluf to' ibc*
fact that tho Immigrant boys bavo qo>
bad English to unlearn. A» t-oon a»
thoy arrlvo horo'thoy at onco'go to
school and are carefully taught good
English* henco thoy should grotv up
speaking that.
•D. W. HART, (ARt. forcmtmtft, Baynes, B. C
The Socialist' party gavo a vory flno
concort nnd loa on Wednesday ovoning lu Druccs lialI. A vory polasnnt
timo was spent,by nil. . Tbo following
wutt u.ii yt*it,.ut,i i^ii?.i;iS ".ftcr "."V.U-V,
ti rtnfifo vitte, be\A, for whloh * Camp-
boll's nrchastra suppltod oxcollont music: '  '" V,    "
Clialrnmn'fl reninrJfs.
Cornet solo: March; Mr, A. Paton,
Recitation: Dlshop and tbo Cntnr*
pillar: SV. Owtiii.
Song; comic: Following* fathers foot
steps, J, T. Puckoy.
Kncoro: Farmer Giles.
Song: Doar old Homo, and oncoro,
Mrs, Simpson.
Cornot solo: Miss Lottlo Gray.  *
8onK;' Coiuolatlon*. W. II. Evann.
Song: Holy City: Gladys Hughes.
Song: Stop your tld-lln-**.: by W.
Song: Mrs. 8otcbfle1d.
Song: My Daddy's a Gentleman; J.
T. Puekcy.
Recitation: Tbe Collegian and tbo
Portor: Mrs. fi. J. Dicker,
Bong; in tUt* BUkdow ol tbo rtatiu:
Wm. Schoflald.
Song: Big lien: T. Dlggs.
Lama Shoulder Cur«d
I.anm ahouldf-r Is usually caused by
rhoumatistn of tho muscles and it
•jiili-laly ylpldB to a tew appllratlnnn nf
Chamberlain's Pain lialm. Mr*. F.
H.'McElwoo of nolstown. Now Brunswick, writes: "Having been troubled
Cor some timo with * pain In my about-
d«r I AettteA to glv* CbamtserUtA'fl
Pain Balm a trial with the rennlt that
I got prompt relief.' For sale by all
druggists. l,#
I -
. I-
1    '--a V "*'■" ^-."-"f 'A"   ■'   v:;-••.-■(•■'n.--v ' .;        -,-■■•.
.'    1
-..j. ..j..
-   I *.- 3       '--'1 14 "if *i fi h" Sf.   3   *?-".-   -
-a.  —,^^,,-^.^A* •-*-■ -  •
nr.**.-7,|  '■k-v7.:-'J-'^^id'3*il-;'^;[1V,i,*rc)  ■)/    VyyhWl-lf  ii..&'»   Oi:;-!:l: {;{'!, "■"t-fflf'
\        --*,-
The Official Organ .of District No.   IS, U. M. W.   off A. ...
'"$•$ 3 ; .-.7--,      ir. ',?i•}'.>cfl-*■*t.1'*-.? '-- .     ■-■'■-'.:-.; ■'■     -•   ~   '     >-*■■•-■"•'
' '\~'»"' Fernie, B. C, ,< Ja.nna.ry \ 30th, 1909'
•ant,3 af-,.*iO «.-;<» ■•■*,' '••■- '.",iyu-u i;Cu. . ■; ,Sv>       • ('iti^i-i :£
••!}:   ."*.
f   -   '■ t, -   -"" "* *'    ' - " " -"—-,—■■:  ~" ,»•;•'*.   jajt»*,.„  -at-'J
J , "'...-■*..-       l  - if. -•-•■   ')■? - *. ' -.t-fjt   r
{'.,.,. ,. .'"    „ 7      i    .--Jyr-.'-M-.' .~'y-,i:       .£/'•   :   .;.-<   >f,   .vV
J. !/:-••■,*   >*!>a; -4a.l     ., f .i ,l-l- a, ^"aila.!-,?-;        j
1 rt»a^r 4.v7.^.r.vl ,,.'.. , . ..
Do ^anyi-of^rthese  people
iiv^ijh'UjifKH^IUiii ns     i.'
wish; the  moriey fettirhed
,.,->£'!*:'!t>*J ii:
MR. \y., S.,. SIBLEY, {ESfJ.,-. 7
Dea'r''Sir::tReferriii'g'tb,y6ur lett'er-'of- Jan.
26th we beg to say that we will endeavor to
have the complete list of donors in .your hands'
in .time for publication iii this.weeli's issue of
your"paperT"""Wltli'regard' tb~'tlie"itemized stat*
{ ment we beg to advise that the. committee hns
j authorjzed an audit to be miule,by Mr'. B. B.1
j M^erriiott, Esfl'.f'pf N^lsojt.ftfndj w^ien this is
j completed'wewiirfurii'lsh you with a" complete
\ itemized statement for* publication.!'
»   ° „ Yours   respectfully.   !
:■-*•*.*■ •=-„•-.-■■:r-.-.-:::r.-:T.(perJt.-R.-.Webb, Sec.J   .
FERNIE, B. C.'Jnn. 27
Tfi0*l|s6;bf49\ipp.lieis shows.only the full cars
received," there was a largo amount received by
express and freight in smaller quantities,'' but
on account.ofv, the, great ju$h. at the time thero
.was riot* a* cdrnplete'recoVd kept, of same.
On behalf of those who suffered in tho late
Are the committee wish to.extend their... .very
hearty thanks* to'the public for their generosity
in subscribing to the fund, also for the large
amount of supplies sent, *     '
,   Vo'iirs respectfully,.
(per R. R. Webb, Secretary.)'
*, ——— t (
Supplies received.by the Fernie District.,.Fire
Relief Committee'in car lots.
, Spokane, 2 cars provisions, tents and other
• Supplies.1 - *--*■■■•' -J'-'A   '-■■■.":-iC'V.
: --'-'Kali6peU,.Mont„".-2 cars ..provisions and clothing. - ' .     '      ,-.,.'
. .Butte, Mont., two cars provisions and clothing. ,
Great Falls, Mont., tv.b cars provisions and
clothing.     ,.
^ : Cranbroolc, provisions, clothing'and other sup-
'•plies, two' cars'. "" :	
"   New Westminster, provisions   and clothing,
two cars. , a    , „ 7 '/< ■'.
"' Vancouver, two cars provisiosn'and supplies.
WesURobson, 1 car provisions and supplies.
Kelowna, 1 car potatoes. '     '
Grand Forks, 1 car supplies .■*,-,
Trail, car matresses, blankets and clothing.
*   Nelson, 2 cars provisions, blothing, hay and
oats..-, .-.   ■ -.'■'.   v.   " ■7-i ■ .,-   -
Edmonton, 1 car oats.     ' .»,.--. K
Strathcona, 3 cars hay, oats, brari and shorts.
Calgary, 6 cars provisions,   clothing,   tents,
blankets.'-mattresses, flour and other;supplies.
Pincher, four cars hay and 1 car flour *....
Nanton, 2 cars hay. o "•
."' ■ Cowley, 1 car.- hay and-1 car.supplies.
.,   Lethbridge,-2 cars provisions and bther sup-,
=*:iplles. -: *   :- -' --■■ ■   - --- i ■-- •""•-' I. .y„    -
 High-Riveis^car^hayiand^atSail. •ari'proVls'-
ions, and'.siippliesliW;'   *1 i?A?1 ,'.t T' "
Medicine Hat, 1 car. oats, and oth-ir supplies.
Moose Jaw 1 car flour.''       "■   '   "
.-..Regln**,.l.car.floiir.-„.,-  ,„w,„  ..
. ;*   Winnipeg, 1 car flour aiid dtlie'r supplies.
'{Liat of subscribers to the Fernfe District   Fire
■•'   I'i-'f/.'-'ii;  ,•-,)-,Relief,'Fuhd;*!?
phoenix  .$500.00
ilohtreal'Board of Trade,.*.. ..■.-......   5000.00
; J. A. Roy .'..' ...-;.'.'■';{...!;."..7:-.-..'..     100.00
Berlin .' ',;     200.Q0
:'Red Deer ..-.. -..'ir-;:..'..•..*■.'.*,..'... "100100
•Prince Albert ',      500.00
Kingston ;.    -200:00
'McPherson Shoe Company ,.,-. '..     100.00
,J.  L.  Cassldy Co'.
■A. E..Trltea;'..?,-,v;.
' Soo ..'.'.; ";.'. ..*.' ..
"Spokane Elks;*.".' .,.'
Erie City Iron Works
Woodstock;,',-*. .*... ;*...;.
. National "Red Cross '*.,
rH.   L.' StovenB.   ...
' Daley .Red .Company
* R. '. Ironsides	
„Hudson Bay Knitting-Company
Vancouver subscriptions   4000.00
St. Johns, N. 13 *,. 1000,00
Mnson Rlsch Plnno,Company *....'.. 100,00
Trail, B.   C ; 212.25
D.  Lowe ',  '...'...,',,..'.'.*.,... 5.00
Forrest, Man., a.v..■....*,.,   .. 100.00
Novth Vancouvor ,..'...  ,,",  IfOO.00
'Victoria TradoB and Labor Council ., 10.00
.St.*'Johns church-...,   ,,.£. .23.25
"Ottawa   2000.00
Laggnn  ,;v ;,-.*-.-;*..v*.";.* - 30.20
■ii  ': ■     '
i   i ■■ >.
Lake .Louise Chalet. ..  	
Edmonton  .'*..ti, .-pin-y/i.-;.
Methodist .Mission, Nicolet ...
"Medicine' HatSlercliants'Bank
Calga\*y,; Merchants bank	
'Methodist'cliurch, Michel  ,.
St.  George's church, Irvine ...;.
"Cochrane^!. .,"■'.*'.-.;-'.'.    _	
Manitoba  Gypsum Co.	
Montreal, .Rolling Mills   	
Hiunllto'tf' Powder Company   	
Jeffrey .Mafg. Company  ....-	
Kindergarten class. -Cardston  ...
R,   S.  Wilkersori,'Friciul   	
Fort William Theatre .,.-	
-IIIlDnifet."--Bnptist- church   	
Cnlgnry Hardware men   '."..
J. M.,-.Phillips  -.-..-..
Hlllynrd ... '	
Lacombe :	
Trail •-•.v.'.1'.' :	
North Vancouver 	
X" R\'-&""'irCo.",""L"ethBfidge :."..'-.'
Friend i'.r.'l i...:,'.. U	
Lethbridge theatre" -..  ....
Crannon ...,„.....,..., .:.'...
Vei non  .,    ....,.-.',;	
Friend' 7   . '*'	
*H.- L;- Loviring"-.": .-.--.--..-r.v....'"..
Ri-P.-Davy-. ..a* *..'..'..
The Ogilvle'Flour Milli  ..*	
Revelstoke ■'	
*Ai'-'G;.* Johnston  .*..- .•'-•/"■	
E. A. Morris	
Mrs. Fernie  '.
Canadian Rubber Company ,..,....
Jv A.  McDonald,-Winnipeg  .....
Rev." John", Fernie' ,.-■!-'.•
Vancouver.. Chinamen.-...- '.'':: J-.
Souris    7 ,.
Portage La. Prairie ,.,..,.., .'.
J. P .x Hartman '...'«.'.."..'	
.Winnipeg, Driving Club     7 -. .-
Medicine, Hat''... ". ".	
H.   S.   Suede   	
Banff ;	
Princess St.'Church, Vancouver .
T.   Crahan       -. •.'-.'.
Waterous Engine r W'orks  	
Versey '...,.... .--._.'.-;. ..*'.	
Saskatchewan  .':'":"..'"'.- '.'..'/:.
Winnipeg   ..   ...    .'.......:	
Spokane Chamber of- Commerce ,
James J'." Hill   -....;.,
Taber 1>-\:*-.':. - ■*-/;':':-   .7-	
Vancouverv Portland Cement Co. ,
KetobfWge* -'^■jV^-'-^.* v.-	
Kaslo ': <T. ■■:<:.- :.~T~T..  .-.. .ttttt
Bank of Montreal, Calgary Sub.
Niagara Falls, Ontario  7
J. H. Grant	
T'.-Eaton .*., '-.}/. ..-.;\ '.'...';:. I
PhilliRS &. Wrlnch. -.-:
Hamilton'■.',.'. ■..'.'. .. .;' ;.
Geglns ...  ... ...  ... '..'.''	
Toronto   ...  	
Calgary subscriptions • .7
Cobalt ,,	
Coleman',' Alta.' **-.",. V .'* .* .;	
Carman, Man ,.	
'Blenheim,"--;:.- /■ -;•'■"-.'?;-"-7. ;*'..  ...
Ontario governn. jilt ,	
Lord' Strathcona .;. ... 	
Victoria '7.T :.".'   ...  	
Vancouver Club v-....- .... ......
'Itodysmlth-';,-.' ■ .'■■ .•;,..	
Quebeo ......	
Golden ,.........:	
Grand Theater! Victoria	
A, T. Larkln	
Snndon .'., .-	
at-." Todhuriter ';...,......
,D. 9. Crystal	
Isabel Roue   '.	
Nicolet' ... 7.	
W. E..Hayes	
Dan Stewart   ,.
F. W. Johnston	
Cnlgary Commercial Travellers
Canadian Cnnnors  ..   ...........
Friend ,,,	
Friend m , ...... t	
Crane Lake ,'	
Belleville, Ont ,
'JiV, i
- ^O'.-OO
. 13.00
" 10.00
no. oft
-4 s. oo
.. 36.25
230. (10
Nanaimo    ;	
iWidow, Fort Willinm'..
Sympathizer '-	
Prince Rupert 	
..Miss G. W.orthington ...
JJames', Dn'vle'....,...-.'...
-3i\ ;,W.  Herrlndeaii ...
Lewis' Hall, Victoria ...
Roseiiale -.,..   ..." '	
.',1'illewach   .... ...   ...
Alberta' Gra'n Company
Vancouver Maccabees .
Peutlctoii'-.V.**" .*'.'. :.'..
W. B.. Jackson ...'
New Deliver"
.. 200.00
.: :4,,*-00'.lOO
.';,',, 5.00
. " '9-5.20
..'"'" 89.'00'
... v p.'OO
.. 500.00
.. 500.00
.. , 25. (00
.. •■" "5.00
.. -1000.00
.; • ,10.00
:. '    so.oo
..* ■ 100.15
...   . 100.00
..      100.00
*..-   " ,-5.00
..      100.00
.'.    • 300'.00
..     100.00
..   '!: 25.00
.;.   '    6.00
..      300.00
..      350.00
hi   * 100:00
,..'   100.00
7   ?     5.00
,.\-':-2ooo: 30
.. 5000.00
... 500.00
,..*.- 5000.00
... 500.0-')
... 500.00
.... 400.00
...    1000.00
rr^ oOOtOO
... 5000.00
'..' "*563;00
..." ' 200.00
.;. ' 100.00
j: ..;..,-.- 25.oo
.'..-,- '500.00
.-.,'.. ,,-,500.00
...    5000.00
... • '500.00
...      100.00
...      100.00
...-•    ,11.00
...'     17.00
..- 5000.00
....   5000.00
...      214.50
...      500.00
...    1000.00
.'..      800:00
...'•      32.00
.*.'.  •*■   '5.00
...     310.00
...        ■  .50
... -. ,50.00
.,..-    23.00
...     100.00
••• 1.00
'    5. On
• 10.CO
fid! 50
,  25.00
"   5.00
'r 50.00
' 38'. ^
■■• 9.70
*'i:;iIpeg-,Paint and Glass Co. ';.'.'■..".
Field"".'.".' -.....'.* '■
J. A. Lancaster ......'..-...'.;.*.. ..'•..
Great West Permanent Loari&' Saving-
Mission" City i..'. '...'...-',...'.'. .■*.'.'.. >
Harsoque Mfg.  Co.   .;..,.....,..,.,,.,...,
'Nakusp -.:■.*■ .-.-.* ...  ".*.. '.'...".'"..*.:'.V."'
Miss.   Podley,', Dublin1 iv. ' :\:.<ir...'.;'
Medicine Hat . 7   ...;.; *.,**....,    23.00
*' 50'. 15
■ 264.00
' 828.25
'•''• 66.00
,     40.00
■ ' 5.00
•' 10.00
.    S."50
Port 'Arthur .777:	
Mrs. H.. Scarf.,.: '-.!■.'"...'. ..*'.'...'.".
North Star Mining Co and employes.,
Coleman, Alta;1 ,.,..,..... —
Merritt,.;.. ...-; . .* .....'....■*.'..
Grand Forks ...   .'.;-.'.../.'..'.'..':'	
Mt. 'Lealiman" .':'.".  ..-:..-. - *..,
G. W. King, Dauphin -	
W. 'B.   Van, Eggmond   ..:	
Lake of the Woods Milling Co.-....
Girls Aux. St. Andrews church.....
Ladies Aux. Bro. Trainmen Medicine'
'-' Hat '.:*.-' '.'■.."". '..* -.•.*.;,
Masons; Whitewood 	
Japs,', Northwest"... ". .' —
I. O. O. F. Port Arthur .........:'.'
W.* H. !Tlffen   ...   ...	
Wardner,  B.   C.-
Spellamachene    : :...   100:00
H. Aspmall-..7  ..- .-.:'..-.        5.00
Medicine  Hat   ...'     10.00
R. C."Clark :'. ,.. "      5.00
Shuswap .'...77..' .-.'".     100.00
T. H. Hoven', '.'..-. j .-•    15.00
Dean," Quetie'c' and * others    ,   30.00
Portage La Prairie  *.''",' 200.'00
Employes Nicola Valley Coal and"
-.:-'. Cbkfe' .'Co/,:1 Middlesboro   ....'.'.'..".*    '200.00
Glelshen-.; .:.'..:*...'.:..'.-     100.00
Calgary '*.'.-.  .'..-...' .:..-;'...■< 2600.00
Employes Western Fuel Company.... •■ 600.00
Union Brewing Company    i...   •   25.00
W., A, Letcher ..'. ........"...- •       5.00
Prescott. ' .' '..:.."'.100.00
Banffff ...'.'.':   '; '..;....,-   .'71.65
-Ro'sedale—.- ^—Ji..:.-.I.-.-.:.._.'.,7.'.' '  50.00
Glac'e Bay .'.'.-•'..::; .77T;.'. moOOTOO"
■■Nicolet' .;. .-.:- .4. :.'....:.-.':.■;:-y. - 250.00
Blenheim .-.«.,.--.. .-.*.. .•;'.'-.." v;. .•."-• J'8.50
Victoria Board of Trade ...-.•:...-..:>;•=■ 3000.00
.Ladysmlth.-;*.'.'- .-,;-. d-. ..ii,-,- 7,00.00
■)-...,'... i..,,'...,. 'i-,21.,00.
 ;..'...'   - 5.00
Miss L. Duncan..  ..............'.
Golden    :' ' .-.
Friend .  .  .' .*..•..'..;....*,.:
In His Name,*;- ... .: ,	
Cardston   t ;,....:.'.'.'.'
Berlin Christian Endeavor Society
Mile Stone>....-.<,...-.. ;...
Daily News Sub.*
Winnipeg ...   .'	
Quebec '.7.- i
C.alaary Brewing Co.    ,...,.
Carman. .   .,., '. [-a--
Boden",'... 7,. , '......': ...,....'..'. 7.'...,
Edmonton   .'...,".   ...'../  7 .vi.'.'.. 7'
Bobelstine' &' Company ;.' ..:../..". '/-
New  Westminster   	
Municipality of JSurbanby :. .-
Pentictoi   .  ..:'.;-.-■ •..■.■ .-	
Brownfiaid ...   .•.*......:.:   ,
R. E. Boden	
Regina   .... , '..,..,
Phoenix. ' '.*..'
i?randoii Times ',.......,
Oxbow,'Sask.   '.:.'...  .' '..'..-.:
St.- Marys church,'Calgary '.'...-.'..."."
Forrest,  Man;  .-.'.-...   ..- .•..:.'
Nanaimo' ..: •. .*.• ...  ...>...*■..;....'
Home Bank ,..v -...:.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. ....,--.
Canadian Bank ,of Commence ,"..'7..,
Hi   C." Coppock1'. .*   ...   ....,"...;. 7';
Summerland -,. i ,...'....'.."'.'■..'.!
.Manitoba ,Free" Press' '.:' '.';!........
Balance from' Cranbrook Relief fund
Windsor'....*..'..   ..:. ....;'....-..' *
Kamloops ; . .'.-> '.; .,   .-;.',...;..'.'.-,-	
1.  M.-. Phillips,, r. '. ,
CoquiHeri B,,C    .,,....,....
Christian Endeavor", Berlin,,"Alta—
Leduc, Masons.'.'.'..,'...' *. '.,'•
Haney and Hammond municipalities.'*.'
Red, Cross Society•'■'-..-. .'■ .'..- '.':.'.."
Local Mine Workers of America Lille
Flshburn      .' :•  ■;'.
Twin Butte , .-..*..
Ewelrae  ...   	
Ottawa subs •	
Geneva, New York '..."...'.,.
Canadian Bank of Commerce '	
Employees Cumberland Ry. & Coal Co
Prescott       ' ' -
Cranbrook Subs ' ;...'. *
Rebecca Lodge -	
Summerland Subs. .*	
H. Clayer ...  .'..'	
A.   Megrew ' '	
Ladysmlth .   ... , 	
Presbyterian church, Kltsllano . i	
Montreal Board, of Trade' :	
Princetown' Subs. -.'....-...'  '.y.
Ironsides Lodge P.' W.-' A.- ".-.
Miniota Herald Subs; -.'	
Toronto Subs.   	
Brandon •  •
Victoria  ..- '.....,..'.........
Revelstoke    °,,.. 7 .........
Government of Alberta ..' .'...'.'.'.*.''.'.
Victoria'Board of Trade   	
Nanaimo ...' ..'. ,'. ':.-. '..'•• .'.'..*....
H 7 W.'Herchmer  ..- "  .,...:—'.,
Tictoria ...-':..•-.'.-.■...-..:. ....
'HT^ATf~Keiryoii~...-...,   .,- -r-*irr-.
London •.  .,.,..,.....
Prince Rupert7  ,...   .'..'..
vlnnlsfail    .' '	
..Haney ,..,	
Cranbrook .:.'..•.■'.','. .';'. ..'.'..'.
.' ' 5.00
''"' 3.00'
' 125.00
- 8.00.-
,. -5.00 .,
.,10.00 ,
' 2 5.'00"
;' 10.00'
75.00 '
17.00 ■
-, 5.00.
10000. on.
' 1000.00
' 6.50
' 114.73'.
'761 .'00 '•
. 300;00,<
- ,,- 58.25 ,
,. .31.00
" '"11.50.
' ' 25100
"* '50.50''
- 1.V.50
During* this .sale  I   am oftbring a. nice  range of-.'
"Women's   AYhitewear   at   exceptional low p'rices.71
Women's Corset Covers made of fine cotton, low style  .
round   neck, trimmed with laces  and  embroideries
, FROM 25c UP ,
Women's   Drawers    made  of soft   finished    cotton,
trimmed   with" laces   and   Embroideries
.  . - - ■ ■-,---< -    .1.- '
{Women's Night Gowns made of nice quality of cotton,
some Mother Hubbard yoke, short sleeves, low neck,
,   high neck, and long sleeves
FROM   50c   UP
Also a small quantity of white flannelette Night Gowns
All this whitewear. is genuine   bargains and   tlio
'cheapest ever offered.       Inspection   invited.,-
RS.   E.   T
" i.'oo
■■■ l.'OO
• 87.50
Printers' Union Victoria   , , 10.00
'   1.00
Lagan   .... ........
Brandon Times Subscriptions  	
Dr. Mullock ......   ;...;...
W. C. Ellis	
Mission City7*.'.. ...	
Summerland Baptist church     . •• ...
Standard Paint Co *.
Crows Nost Pass Coal Co.*.  5000.00
Harrlgnton, Wash,; Subs -... I   -4.50
Port Simpson-'.' ■  72,00
Leduc  .; ' ,... 75.00
Seattle Commercial Club ..  475,00
Friend ... ;;'..* ■-..*.  "-2.00
Cnlgary"  2600.00
Winnipeg Free Press    1553.15
Woodstock..  1800.00
Banff     ,371.05
Princess Streot church     350.00
T.  Crahan   ., '  100.00
Waterous Engine Works  100,00
V,Gasey,-.,-(...v   ,'*'.' '.,,.,.,, *   5,00
Saskatchewan ' government      2000.00
. 3.00
3. no
• 16.U0-
- 500.13
500. liO
• 520.00
' 10.00
'7 500.00
„ i.0ll_
.. ' *'' 3.00
i. 2000.00
You've   Got   to   Fall   Back
On   Canned  Goods
between season's time when
it's almost impossible to .procure
frash vegetables 'and ■ fruits.
But'the fall needn't be .so hard
because the canneries wo patronize certainly put, up a fine line
of things edible. Yet we hold
down the prices to a living limit
,» ;t. b. struthers, prop.
t v.-. ■.-.-.■... $139,205.46.
Drafts* Returned- Unpaid
Banff    ;...7	
T. Crahan , ,.
Princess St' Church
Waterous Engine Works	
VeaBey....' ... 7..' ...   7.'	
Saskatchewan government .' v.
Quebec .., .......
Kaslo.'.';!.   ..."	
Prince Rupert	
Geneva, N.  Y	
Wm. Fernie	
Calgary .*.
Canadian Bank of Commerce, Fernio.
Bank of Montreal, Victoria	
'    5:00
Total ' .*.$17,536.65
Amount deposited ln bank  $139,205.40
Less draftB returned      17,536.€5 .
't:y      The Misses Euler       <>
V.   ,' .,.-1 . ■ - -I tf ',<i ■-. .---i ^
Y.  announce a Real Genuine, 1 Bargain Event
o, .^——Trr-.','...,, ., -  ~ 7~~
of Hats, Furs, Ladies' and Children's Coats
■ ) '    I x x X
■<>'       and Dresses, Underwear and Hosiery ■■
% Astonishing Values ^MtBmM
4>      Hanson Street      toitt o«thoiic church site)      Fernie      yT
I certify tho above to be correct.
R. R. WEBB,.
;»^iV'f-i,;f "iv"!'-'!''-". -'-
'       .!
•'- _
r, y U UyJiL     U K Jb JtL K j
== ,.
From our own Correspondent
■i • i.
a>   1   • a .   - -i
********************^^ I
By an ovoraiglit Innt woolc wo omitted lo Btnlo In our report of tlio Pres*
bylorian concert thnt Mrs, H. II.
Nesbitt nocompnnlad aovornl of tlio
mil Dixon from Iloamor apont Bun*
dny horo with h'la friend' Torii CoiiRh*
Inn. Yoti hot *wo went Homo. Thoro
woh nothing olso to„do.,>  _
Tlio Bouth Afr|c«n Votor«iiH «uHooln*
tion linn moved n Atop towhrda' ohtaln*
ing thnt 320 acres for onch of Itn
momlH'i'B. A clr-'iilnr 1ms boon aont
out nakhiK if thoy nro willing (o bo,
■worn Into a homo, dofonco re-nerve
forco, It ia thought tho conauntlng
to do thla will practically onauro tho
grnnt by Iho govornment.
Moria Boll wn» tlio lucky holder of
tho winning ticket In tho drawing for
tiVU   'ia-a.'**.. It   {,','_'.'.T..
Tien hitmen la now nftftrnoon boaa
and fleorge Pounder flro boat nt No.
8 mino; Mlchol.
We ahould havo boftfd Wo plpv* on
tho 25th.! ' Bora* of yoii^Jolly Beg-
nam romomborthli nostVcnr.
Ilit* Ito/lii tihWiit-itmi, ,-*>», •;*.« L**iiV
of tho Scotch, poot Robert, noma; wm
colebritod by a concert, and dance In
the club ball on Monday nig ht under
the auaplcoa and wiMUgement^bf tho
Jolly Deggtra ciub/.ri-fli»'inow and
wind were fierce during the'1 day and
at »h« tulvbititcd time for * opening
the doore thore. wan very liUleaUte-
mvut, uud more thnn on" ot th«» mn.
mliteo bed thtJr doota abont * big
turn «*it ' IfflNrnver at ctiftinr Utno
tberfe' w»».«roUe a hvmptty iaMtrttig,
ahowlng with what r^vmeate and r«-
tn*tt thu mem6ry of "Du'riu la atlll
held by.all-who Ute a .loucblrt »bai-
nre \e\t vt\ih.u tUwa.. .iCat-Vterlaii, tha
bnll ono wns bound to remark on tho
contrast from 'thorough olomonts:out*
aide. ISvc-rything lii'Hpoko comfort
ond brlglitni'BS. ' The drnplngi)' nnd
long running llnuu ot luturtwlnod and
various colorod niimlln with horo and
thoro Rueponded electric fairy lamps,
formod n hcoho of perfect animation.
Ulght aboyo .thu front of the platform
hung a beautifully drnjiod picture ot
"llnbbln" hlinaclf bearing In largo typo
Ills Immortal, phrauo "A man's a num
for ii' thnt," The Rov, Norman Mac*
do'nnld wiib chnlrmnn and in hie re-
mnrt(H gave a brief outline of the
bard'e career nnd touched feollngly
on many of hia charactorlettcu. The
following' program waa admirably given, the accompanists being Mra.,Nov*
bitt and Mlas Edith Mgga. The comic
convulned tlio audience; ,
Selection: Mr. L. CnmpbollV or-
cheatra.  - *
Bong: My love la Like Ihe Ro«\ Red
Rono-rMr. R. Sampton.
3".",£*.* J-:-?"'*1, the finvter of Thin*
blane—Mr*. Slmpion.
Cornet Solo: Mary of Argyle: Mr. A.
Comic aong: Bnfteit o* the Family;
encore Step your tlcklln' Jock: Mr. J.
T,. Puckey.
Song; T.noh Lomond:— Mlaa M.
Recitation'. Half piiat ten!— Mra.
Song; Annie I-aurlc, and encore, —
Someofte: Mr. R. 1!. Nesbitt.
Song: Ye banka nnd braea; —Mlaa
flvn taititiit-t hittnei dnHng vthlcb
orcheetrn rettAercA aelectlona.
Down tho Vule; Mi*b,
Recitation: Tarn O'Shnnter; Mr. A.
Song: Pal of mine:''Miss .M.;Snil'tli.
Comic Song: • Sleeping in tho old
Uaclcynrd, nnd nncoro, extra vorao —
Mr. J. T. Puckoy,
Cornot: • Scotch 'airs':' Miss Lottlo
,Song: Cliorua Gontlomen; .Mr..,11.
H. Nesbitt.	
Song: Always Mo: Miss Taylor,
Song: Afton Wator:, Mr. It, Sampson,
Mr. A. McFognn proposed a voto
of thanks to tho chairman mil iho'
artists. ' Mr. 11. Snmpboii socondod
and it was otHhuulaHilrnll)'. carried.
All Joined In sliming Auld Lang Hym*
iind thon dlsporsud well plnmcd with
lho ontortiilnmcnt. After tho room
was cloari*d Mr, L, Campboll'a orchestra struck up the strains for thn
danco and kopt it going In flno stylo
until 3 o'clock Tuesday morning. Mr.
Wm. Alexander wns floor manager,
and caller off and with a smiling faco
and courteous manner carried through
without n hitch nn excellent string ot
dancoa. Mra. Taylor supplied a »u*
perb iuitv,li..'.iiit.i. .ti»* mu'vi'd by ibr-
Jolly Beggars. These also carried
out Ihe other duties.
Wm. Alexander aucceoda R. II.
Nesbitt ns outsldo aupcrlntcndt-nt.
"'iaae Mue U>vi*.c vi. -.il- .■ivcr* t?
Mr.— houno when you have time."
Such waa a'written order picked up
not -more than a mile from (ho tipple.
It la a dreadful malady whon a man
beglna to feel too big for hia aboes,
but whon be alao requires a ahpe horn
to help him put bt*i hat on. wt»ll If la
time ho took a tumble to hlmaeir. The
Introduction of moro bualnees i*n«*thode
and less of this nonsense -would f,*iv<-
aome people from thinking ugly
It ia a hard Job to keep No. 5 mine
track clear of snow drifts.
How many cars did you have to-day ?
This Is becoming a steotyped query
nmongst tho diggers. Surely Mils car
shortngo problem is not going to be
like tho poor-**always with ns,
Tlio ropen'ted failure of tho electric
light 1b renclilng d soro*point. Liiut
week end n'section of the town Imd
again to resort to candles nnrl nil.   it
Is high time this Iwns looked Into,
„ ■'"•■ i
Tho following nre the figures of the
doctor's bnllot:
i'or Incrense, Conl Creok     i'l
For Incrense, Fomie   41
Totnl S3
AtjhliiBt Increase Conl Creek .. . 141
Agnlnct, Ferule     it
Totnl  IB a
Majority ngnlnst 70,
Mii.evR arc warned against going to
tlio following mines as they are unfair, and miners are warned to keep
Keep away from HiNevoHt. Alta.. as
a dispute is pending there now.
The   Workingrfoan ys
——  Store ======
Dont Jorget that I am back
in the old stand and that
my prices are better
than  ever
Men's Suits   $5.00   to $20
"      Shirts    75c io 6,00
Shoes    2.00 to 5.00
Caps      SOc to J. 50
Trunks 3,50 to $25
See my swell line of Neckties ?q    *q d*j
V./i.tw'j    »i*.**k*k»aT: ■
Bush Mines	
Eosedale Mines.
Strathcona Mines — •
Dawson Mines 	
Frank Mines	
Alberta Coal Co. Morinville, Alta.
Edmonton Alta.
(Neuti aW io Hotel Few?*,!
The regular meeting of the City
Council wns held last Thursday evening, and the usual routine buslw ** at*
tended to. The city band was grant*
ed 1300 on the motion of Aid. Cree nnd
.■lUta Ul.,
Fifty aanltary boiea were ord»*red
on the r.iotlftn of Aid. (Jat*>« and McDonald,
A.J. Fisher waa appointed as (it)
Aid. Gates and Johnson moved that
the* clerk write tbe provincial government through our (-.uti'it: iauiautci, J...*.
Ross, asking to hnve more fire wardens appointed for Fernie electoral district.
Property ownera are to be notified
through Chief of Police to hnve their
promise* cleared up and all rubbish
Notices of motion wero bunded In
io amt-ud public health h-fla***',' to regulate trade Hrenjt-i-s; lo weigh coal;
r« a t*<*wer aad plumbing by*law.
Tenders were ordered tor tbe b*U"
miui fo tlty hall.   . PAGE SIX
The Scene of Accident off the
Coast ot Vancouver Island
,. Sep. Liners in Mix-up ,.
"' Republic,. White-Star line, rammed
' byHhe Florida off Nantuckett and her
passengers transferred to the latter
vessel. . The Republic sank later. ..**_-
r Florida, Italian Lloyd line, stood by
to-pick'up Republics passengers after the? collision.,     ''-,..
Baltic, White.Star line, caught distress signal also from Republic's submarine bell, searched for and found
the disabled .' ships and took the' Republic's and Florida's passengers from
the later vessel and brought them to
New York.   .
Furncssla, Anchor line, picked up
by, wireless by disabled Republic, and
was aiding to tow ,Jier to port when
latter sank.
La Larraine, French line picked up
wireless messages, sought and found
the Republic but finding that she' wns
not needed came into port.
Lucania, Cunard line, picked i<p distress signals from submarine bell and
searched for disabled vessels.
New York, American line, warned
by' wireless messages of disaster,'and
searched for disabled vessels!
. NEW YORK, .Tan. 2-i.--The wireless'
telegraph on' Saturday spoke but tlie
prologue of the great drama being enacted-on tlio sea behind the Impenetrable curtain of fog out where the
steamship Florida'witli 1100 souls on
.     board had rammed the White Star line
.   boat  Republic with  upwards of SOO
souls aboard. 7 -.. t.       .. ,
To-day by'the same magic means the
full drama was revealed before the,attentive world and soon revealed itself
a tragedy,
"Regret that first class passengers
of the Republic, Mrs. Edward Lynch
and W. L. Mooney were killed; also
Mr. Lynch and Mrs. .Murphy badly injured.—Ransom," '
■ ■; This wireless   message received by
officials of the White Star line grim-
'- ly refuted the All'Safe and :No .Lives
Lost messages that had gladdened the
watchers on shore.     Science had done
.- "** much to-lessen' the horrors of j- tliis
great .modern disaster of the sea but
death hail not been baffled. It came
quick and terrible' when the sharp
prowr.of the Florida cut its. way into
the side.;pf: the Republic," crushing to
- death th'e two passengers as they"were
asleep in their berths and'--maiming
those who slept but an arms length
away."'" " "" " ' ■"""'
>It -.visited..'the .hold as. well as the
deck of the liner and four members of
the crew, believed to be coal passers
at work deep in the, hold of tbe ship
were killed by the crushing blow that
doomed the Republic.
,. The dead and injured , ns reported
by wireless are ns follows:
^ The dead:     ;. . . ._
'*'W. .Mooney of ■ Langdon, North. Dakota. it , '
- Mrs-Eugene Lynch,of'BoBtoh, Mass
■■ Four members of the crew at present unnamed. ,''-.■, . . : ■
-•; The injured:
:■" Eugene, Lynch,
;.j-.\Irs. M.-J.'Murphy, Grand Forks, N,
" Those named above wero first cabin
passengers and occupied ■ adjoining
staterooms on Ihe saloon dock on the
port side of (lio Republic" whoro the
bow of the Florida crushed Into lho
vessel. ..
-Passengers of lho. Republic who lived tboriiKh; tho peril passed through
tho most thrilling experiences yot.ro*
AND -'•$,*■#•
Are your hands chapped, cracked,
or tore? Have you "sold cracks"
Which Open and bided when the skin Is
•Jrawn LigliL? Have you a cold tore,
frost bite, chilblains, or a "row"
place, which at. times makes It agony
for you to go sbaMt, your hou»«liold
•taMei ? If to, /.am- liuk will give you!
relit-f. and will heal tho frou-d»mog«d|
akin, AnointU tbe tore pis ■••, at fiijjiit,]
Zam-Buk't rich healing i-moi-icoi will)
link into die wounds, end iho smart
Ia-**;, and will heal quickly.
Read this Lady's Experience.
Mm. VVIIon, of Portlnml, hiiv-i»:■-
I connidor it only py dntv lo toll yoi.
Of tho (iWftt, bnni<nf 1 hitvn Anrivml from
JSam-IJuK. Sly Immii woro no hon rfinl
Cfurlic) li.ul .'1 na, tik:, ;J- >., ,tiii •*„„-„
neur wnter, Whim f ilH an tliuy vmild
amart and burn in if I h:i.| hoaI-Io-I tlmiu.
f aeein^l quite uruble t > uu mild /rum
•nyinl'.rf I put on tlit-m until I irlod
Knm-Knlf and It nncceml',*l xvn<n nil uton
hud faiifd. It cbwcil tho tiiir omoVh
jj-avo ttu lame, nootheti Die inilntnuiM'ttm,
and in a vary ahort time tiealvd m*
hands, completely. It ix it wonderful
healer and should be in every home,"
Zom-Belt alto turn etotni, rtufm. viitlrt
w-W l*Ut, uktri. /titrrini torn, mrf Mini, M,,
butki obtctttft, UiiifiUK ntti-'i'orm. tie. <•«'.,
beret, tniitt-, meUk. iirtlix* Vuj tu an m>-ro-
uillvH. it t\>rt* rhntwiltim tftnlMi, tuurakht.
tie. Well HruMttUjittti ,ta>t,er juMftu/fmn
thr Xnm-fliili da. furwi/'* Prttt U e. tt Kn.
,t iir fi el
corded in the history of marine disasters. Transferred from a sinking boat
by small boats in a black fog, abandoning their effects and glad of a chance
for their lives; they found themselves
aboard a vessel but little safe- than
the damaged hulk*.'they'had left and
facing a rising gale. "*  ,. -..7,?,    ?-*,...,-7
For 19 hours they were crowded on
the decks of the Florida with her 900
excited passengers sleepless and poorly nourished "while the fog made the
midnight of their peril never ending.
Helpless and with • the "knowledge
that the rolling ship" beneath" them
fould„not. outlive. the ;p*;oniised,,stoi ui.
at almost midnight by' tlie clock, they
were .told tbat Jiey must face another
twenty four hours'.of peril.thot-*hey
must be twice transferred from the
sinking liners by means of small boats,
must climb down the frail, rope ladder
thrown over the swinging sides of the
ship until like'human pendulums-they
were" swung:. aboard ' the cockleshell's
tossing on the waves below-, only to
climb the steeper ladders of the great
Baltic, where at last they were to find
safe refuge.   '* '',.*.
VANCOUVER,'B. C. Jan. 24—The
last of the survivors of the -wrecked
American schooner Sequel, seven men
including Captain Jamieson and. Mate
Swanson,. ..were .rescued by daylight
Sunday morning from Senbird Rocks,
Pachona Bay, Vancouver Island by
the C. P. R. steamer Tees and a* lifeboat crew fiom Bamfleld which went
to tbe scene of the wreck on the siea-
mer. Leebro.
Th? men were shortly after their'
rescue transferred lo the United States
revenue cutter Manning, to be taken
to Neah Bay for medical .treatment.
They were utterly exhausted and had
suffered intensely from a night of exposure on the wind swept and'spray-
dashed rocks. Seaman John Herman,
the second man°taken off the rocks;
was suffering from a broken leg," the
injury having been received when the
two aftermasts of - the four master
came down after the schooner' drove
on the rocks about midnight last. Fri-'
day night. ■■'..- .,   n
It was these falling masts .'winch
killed the wife and-child of Captain
Jamieson; the woman and child were
standing0on the deck ;whei7the spars
fell and they were instantly killed.
' The bodies were made 'fast to ' the
wreck and are still on board. To-morrow morning aii attempt will be,made
by the-.Bamfield life savers to recover
the bodies. . With the exception of
the wife and child of Captain Jamieson
everyone; of the fourteen people on the
schooner when she struck were -. rescued.   .,_,   - ■'■.'•■'       •'-      v ■■■
Five seamen were heroically-rescued
Saturday afternoon by, crews''of the
steamers Tees and Leebro' an'd tbe
life,.saying.crew from Bamfleld., .These
menJat' daylight Saturday, morning left
the wreck lit low water and scrambled
' through the surf to a small rock that
was_almos.l..awash, at .high. tide... A
which-' it -j was, made fast with -."a-Jline,
and an attempt was made to approach
the rock on which the men were huddled "when the; boat was swamped. „
Luckily.'another boat had put off
from the Lees and rescued the members of -the .swamped crew.;., - *.
.A.second attempt was more successful and the crew managed'to get near
enough .to thet rock to throw' a life
line, across jt..;'  ....', ,,;
V, To .the'.llne was "attached" a'lifebuoy
and into this the shipwrecked men
stopped one,at a time and iverp hauled
through the surf to the lifeboat.
. Five men .were taken off shortly before dark,"'but Mate Swanson; refuse*;)
to leave the rock until tho men on tlie
battered hulk of the steamer wore tai
ken off, As darkness descended nothing more coulcl.be done for the man on
the'Soquol ami the'Tee's nn'd Loobi'o
proceeded-1o' Bamfleld-.whore -the-live
rescued men wore put ashore for mod-
k,'   i   ' -    S i '  \. . '   .'.-'.I.'      '■.'   ■„---.'"aa»a4,4, *.
pal treatment, . * - ■   ■•
, NEW-iYORJC, Jan. 20,—JVIthln uori-
sldorably* .cab thnn 72 houre nftor the
em Hli botwoon tho ocoaii liners Ropub*
lb- and Florida off Ihe .Niintmdteti,
sboala which eventually sent, tho for*
mor ,to the bottom and rendorod almost helpless survivors of tlio -accident have found n haven nt Inst. At
nightfall to-night MM piiHBoiigers of
llio two voflHoln wore Bnl'u,l;i this port,
brought horo by the Baltic, wlillo'non'r*
Ing It wore tlio revciied offleora and
crow on tho derelict destroyer Seneca,
to whleh tlioy woro tniimfoiTOd from
tho cut Uu* QrcHlmin, after slaying up
to the last moment by tliolr sinking
VUMHtd.   ,
At, tho dock In Brooklyn wiib tho
biittoii'd Florldn, aboard which tho
crow had I'Mimlnod throughout hor"try*
Ing ('xpi'i'leiicuH.
Only tlio lll-fatoii Republic wiih then
wanting to complete the entlro list,
und h1h» was In port, lier Jimt port of
Little could bo leiiriied from C'n'ptnln
Hofblnl of the Florida to-nlglit, hut.
uiTonlliiK to olhurii who hud been nn
board Homotlilng went wrong with tho
Florida'h Htiierlng ivlu-ol when Hie col*
IIhIoii wiih imiuliieiil, Unn Hlory Iiiih
it thai tlio (-imrturmiiHtcr had tlie holm
when ihe (CiiniiiHiiiIiir yidled for It, lo
li" Jtmimi-d at Htiirbrmrd, Hu put II
lo port Instead rind the llnorn criiHhud
Into ericli other. Anotlier Hlory line
It that Uu* iiiiui flro-'p'-tl ibe wheel In
I lie piiulc. Hot h HliiwiuilH ngi'i'ii In
Haying Unit Uio cotuniiiiuler followed
Iho 'iinirleriniiHlor with un lion Kplke
tuilowitiK what  tie iiuihI hnve coiiHld-
'.'a.1   Il,l     :,{.UI,lUli'l,   i I*..'! I ,'i(,t ) ,
All liijnreil ijmirteriiiiiHler from the
Florida wiih broiiKht Into port to-dny
but ho stoutly naaerted Hint*he wbh
not nf. tho wheel whon tho accident
The t-'iiptnln of Ili« lli-publle refiiHoil
fo leave and llm hoc-oik! nff(ci>r remain-
od nt hia Hide. An hour In tor when tlm
Hi-nrchllRhta of llm tug Mnry of Heuilly
wero plnylnit on the arcne two ahota
wore Imiird from llm brldgo of tho
llopubllc, two blue lighth wero burnml
at tho bow,of lbu doomod «toanier.
.luat before hIio went down Cnptnin
rtenlby climbed the mimt whilo lho
Hooond officer Jumped from tho rnll.
Tb*.*)' wore rencaeA by one of ihn
firenhnm'a lifo bnnta In rnnimand of
('minor Johnaon.
'   On the Aech ot <h*^ Ropiiblle ■**.« the
wonr down ri-atnil two enuketa, ron*
taining the bodies of. Mrs. Eugene
Lynch of Boston and W.J. Mooney
of Langdon, N. p., who were killed
in the collision between the Republic
and-the .Florida.
0Tbe Republic re.sts on .the bottom
of .the 'Atlantic with 3S: fathoms ■ of
water- over ber. > -.. '
And the Socialists—Proletarian , Criticizes Article in Lethbridge Herald
A recent issue of The Lethbridge
Herald contained almost vitriolic attack on-the Socialist miners-In the.
Pass by publishing-an article" culled
from the Frank Paper which charged
with them warning abroad, "breathing
threatenings and slaughter"- to-, all
and sundry who differed from them/ *
Many of the statements made,-' if
not actually libelous, sail very close to
the wind.
The whole article was one of cowardice and by. covert sneer and subtle
suggestion tried to convey the suggestion: that the great miners organization Is lending Itself, to parties of disruption. * .   .
The regrettable feature nbout the
affair is both the Herald nnd Frank-
Paper lent themselves (possibly willing victims) to air the grievances of
one Macdonald, erstwhile secretary of
District 18 U. ,M. W. of A. That individual, a one time ardent Conservative, but now, having listened to the
seductive flattery of Hon. Frank Oliver's satellites In the Pincher riding,
finds It to his "interests" to become
an ardent Liberal.
The incidents leading up to his departure were partly of a political nature, but owing to the advances made
to him by certain prominent Liberal
officials, Macdonald thought he, was
big enough to deliver the labor vote,
the price, rumor hath it: he was to
be tbe Liberal Labor candidnte in 'the
district at the forthcoming provincial
elections and in tbe event of success
—well, you can't keep a good . man
down. '.■•'-'.. '.,
But the day has passed when any so-
called labor leader can deliver the
vote.       ''"' .;
By adopting certain tactics in the
Maeleod . election Macdonald. earned
for himself the bitter enmity of the
majority of the miners in the Pass;
they resented being made (lie political
football of time servers who would*
not.hesitate to adopt any method- to
reach the desired goal.
The ,hard feeling was carried frorn
the political field into the economic
field, and now interested, parties would
have us believe that Macdonald was
sacrificed to appease' the insatiable
appetite of that ogre—the-■ Socialist
party." '    , • .      .  .   . •
The statement that he was defeated
because of his non-acceptaiice of Socialism as a political'belief is,manifestly,absurd. '  '  ■
. He was beaten just as the other officials might expect when ■ the rank
required number of candidates" to be"
nominated in opposition instead' , of,
lis in the past splitting up their voting
strength. -
To the charge that the officials of
District 18 are all 'Socialises it is an
easy matter to brand the lie upon it for
President F. H. Sherman Is the
only Socialist- among-'them.''' Messrs.'
Galvin and Patterson hfvo repeatedly
refused to Identify themselves with
the Socialist party. ' ., 7' ,,'.'
. NTo; the whole'business hns nothing
to do with the S, P. but, simply the
fact thnt the miners in tho Pass endeavored to ndmlnlster a woll deserved rebuke which might1 also serve ns a
reminder to others Interested.
The mills of the gods grind slow.
But they grind exceeding small,'
. (Proletarian In'tho Southern Alborta Lnbor Bulletin.) .
A Manila' mother-in law lind stayod
so often with lior daughter ns to caime
n quarrel with tho husband; and one
dny when she cnhio ngaln.lo stay sho
found ■ 1k.\v dnughlor in toni's on tho
doorstep,    , ,.,     ,.
"I mippotio George hns loft you," she
'.Then thero Is n, woman- Int ho enso
I know," sho fi/ild, her eyes lighting
"Ycih."   (sob.)
"Who |r It.?" sho domniulod,
"You." (nob.)
"OrncloiiHl" oxclnlinod llio mother*
In-law. "I'm sure I novor gnvci him
any eneoiirngenioiit,"
" Tho brawny Irishman ormiod ovor
he big gliiHH ->nsa in tlm chomlat's nhop
nnd uruiilimlly luiumgod io locate llio
diminutive proprietor of tlio bpufllnoRs,
"Wud yo plasto glvo mo Bomothln'
to kill motlm?" ho asked nnd wan at
onco Htipiillod with a pnekiiKo of moth
Liiti-i* In tlm dny tlm Irlnlitnnn returned,
"Aro yon Hi' moonoy fneed littlo
Imp   tlm I Howld mo tlioHn bulls?" Im
In IiIh norvoiiHiioBH the mtili of pills
Raid lie wiih,
"Well, thin," liowlod the IrlHliiniiii,
"JlHt you conm homo wld inn, nn' If yo
cun hli it Hlugle moth will wim Iv Uioho
lltllo Imytliou pollotH I'll npuro ye lh'
flirnHlilii* yo'll g|r. nthonvlflu, Hny no*
f lit ii* nhoiit ih' looliln' kIiihh nn' ornn*
mints iwwmlf mid flw ml-mlN broke,"
With tiie United iiif Workers
of Amefiiifcft
1 Convention Closes r
i ne Pure l-ov-i*. Ldvv
Si'i'i'i'lury WJj/wi WO'*-' "Oiie of Dm
objects of tlio law is to Inform   tho
consumer of the prosonon of eortnln
linrmfiil drugfl In medlclimH,"     Tlio
luw reqnlrr-R tlmt the amount of ehlor*
" . * -     ,       ,,   ,   ., i   ..,i
'-'.'al.a.a,     af^ku'ith     1.|V>. ^kaaaav,    u.aa*        Vj.kaa..
Imblt. forming drug*, be ntnted on (lie
label of oncl) bottle, . Tlio innmifnc-
turoi'N nf ('Imniborlaln'H Cough Hem*
cdy have ulwayR claimed that their
remedy did not contain any of thoso
drugH, nnd the truth of thin claim I*
now fully proven ns no mention of
thpm Is mnde nn Uio label, Tho rem*
ody In not only one of .(ho unft-st but
one or the bent in uio for cough* nnd
cold*, Iu vnluo bM boen prove*) beyond queitlon during (tu) many* ycara
it ha* been In tfenoral imo. For «nle
by all Arnnultit.
Men should
look for this''
T alg o n
Tobacco. It
guaranteesthehighquality of
Black Watch
The Big Black Plofl.
-<■■ ■■ ' ;,.- ,•• Nelson Daily News.   :» _..'.-",-.,
7The   proceedings of the,annual con-'
vention of* the western union of miners
-   . c.
concluded in Nelson yesterday. The
delegates expressed themselves as be-
ing extremelj-" pleased-'>with the gen-"
eral results of tlie meeting and considered that the convention would be
productive of several Innovations that
would greatly favor (he status, of the
mine -worker In the province and in
the part of the state of Washington
which is. included in this division of
the union.
Frank, Sherman of the United Mine
Workers of America was present as
a delegate from that confederation
and expressed.for tho workers whom
he represented a wish that the two
unions might becomo' affiliated. This
proposal was most favorably received
by the convention and it was decided
that Charles Bunting should,attend as
a representative of the W. F. M.
at the fraternal meeting of, tlie U.
M. W. of A', which .Is to be held for,
the purpose of' considering such an
affiliation at Lethbridge oh February
3 next. ,,.- ■
A motion was'passed at the convention that a proposal should be submitted to a representative-referendum
of'the members, of the Western Feder-'
ation of Miners to the effect that'the
"per. capita tax should be so increased
as to allow a paid' organizer secretary
to be appointed for the district.
, A resolution was also passed that
representations' should be made to
Messrs. Hawtliiornwnlle, Mclnnes and
.Parker Williams asking them to "use
their influence towards the abolition
of the clause in the election "iaw-that
necessitates a a candidate making a
deposit of ?100 before standing for
election to, parliament as the conven'-.
tion considered that this, clause was a
great hardship-for working men,,and
they believed the object of the clause
was to prevent; members of the working class' from.'-'electing-independent
members.,      '.'■ '' V  -'
:. -They also-asked that an amendment
•should also; be',''made to the present
are constantly .moving from one place
to another maybe able-to.be.placed
on the voter? list in any. constituency
within a'period of ten to twelve days.
A motion was,carried to the effect
that the convention placed absolute
confidence;in the above' mentioned
Socialist members of the provincial
house of parliament as It considered
that they were the only true representatives of the working.class.     ,'-    :
The following officers were elected
for 'the present year: President: J. A.
McKinnon of Rossland; vice-president
T.M.,McKay"of Greenwood, and secretary,, troaurer, A, Shllland of Sandon,.' - .,. 7 , , ,
, In , his address Charles Bunting the
retiring president pointed out that he
considered it, esesntlal to the success
of the'organization that tho members
should on evory occnslon stand together as one mnn, At the tenth' convention a resolution was passed calling
upon their district to, acquire and operate a newspaper In tho Interests of
tho .union, and a 'committee had beon
appointed to. take such stops towards
.'aeeniiiig'n. nowBpapor and-would no
doubt make n' report oh tho progress
thoy had made,      ■ '...
HofeiTliig'to tho proposed homo for
tho sick nnd aged .mombors of the
union tho president did not think that
nt tho present llnio It would bo advisable to levy a. special tax.for Unit
purpose but thought that tho matter
Hhould bo more fully- discussed when
conditions wore moro favorable,.Thoy
lind boen oippoworoil to ubo the fiinda
of tho association for educntlonnl and
political purposes Imd ho' bollovod
that, It would bo more satisfactory If
n portion of the pdr capita tax were
sot aside for Huh 'inrpoHO, Dealing
willi the quoRtlon of benefits allowed
for dlHiiblllty ho wiih of .tho opinion
that a uniform scnlo Hhould bo sot
for nil Ihe difltrletfl In*tho union. '
~.:«r'H   «-.
To the 8ufferer*3 of the Fernie Fire on
Aua. 1»t, 1908.   ,  ,
OruetlngR*. ,
I desire to. call your,attention to
tho necoHHlty of hohio daflttlto plan
being ndoptod for it final disposition
of tho funds ho gonorouHly contribute
od towards your aHRlstanco.
You are aware that a substantial
mini will bo loft over nftor all accounts
nro paid In addition lo what has boon
advanced for the purchase of lumber.
and building materials,
An fnr r.c I nm nivnro no jilnn hn«
boon adopted and submitted to you for
your approval as to. what. would be
dono with tho mono*/ whon ropnld to
tho fund. Therefore I roupoctfully
ndvlso and requo-it, that no ropny*
mont of any loan for lumbor and build*
Ing materials bo mndo by anyone until
mieh timo as some itr-fintto plan 1* adopted and submittal to all fire suit*
erers for their approval arid consent.
Wishing you all the compllmont* of
tho ■e».4t»n,
•/our friend nnd well wisher. •'
F, H. therm*"
Canadian Pacific Ry.
., • ,     . , "
a--'Are you:contemplating .a* trip tp.;
The' Orient •'-=    \ Oily -'
Australia     -,
New. Zealand
Are you contemplating a trip to
' , v
Or any Pacific Coast Point?
Or is it a trip to '.,.'.
Winnipeg ■ Detroit
St. Paul Toronto
Chicago Montreal
Boston        ,   New York
Or any European point thought of.
, The line is, equipped with unexcelled first., class cloaches, tourist and
standard sleepers, and dining cars,
coupled with safety, speed and comfort." ' 7 ' - •
For folders and complete information apply, to ;R;,Reading, Agent, Ferine.''   ;,'..''..
, J. E. Proctor,
<*' ''    - Olst'ric; Pa-v-ieiiger Agt
, , ,        Calgary, Alta..
Now - doing business at-the Johnson-
Faulkner Block.y,Office hours 9-12.30
1J»H:   y""~i-     i-.
B. C.
 .-—  Fernie, B. C.        - -,--•'-
1 ■'' "FERNIBy,-:V' {"'"" •"'-' B.C.
W. R. Ross K.C.     J.S.T. Alexander.
... -..        ^.
Barristers and Solicitors.
Fernie, B. C,
,..    L. P.,ECKSTEIN.
F. C. Lawe
Alex. I. Fisher
Secretaries of Local Unions
DISTRICT 18-U. M...W. OF A.   -'
,'BANKHEAD, No. 29:- James-Fisher
BELLEVUE, No.    431. Fred Chap-
pell. ','".'.   .. ;"'■■*    '
-CANMORE,.,No: 1387: A. J. McKinnon.' '   '*.'.'  - *'     .-
*; COLEMAN,'-No. 2^33:'',William Graham:   ■   -7"
..-'CARBONADO,iNo:,'2688:' James He-
witi,;?;v;,V  •'''';;•.'".;"!,
"CARDIFF, [No.   2387:'' G.   H.""  Gib-
DIAMOND CITY, No,',2C87: Georgia
Prescott.,' -    -:.' ■   •"■*  '■
. EDMONTON.CITY, No; 2S40: ,J.. H.
• j •      .),
FERNIE, No. 2314: Thos. Biggs.
FRANK,* No; 1263:  Walter . Wrig-
Iey. ,   „-,"'' ..,   "' ':■
HOSMER," No.. 2497: .'J.  D.    Both-
wick., ,   •    ''_.      ;    .     ',   ',,.
..HILLCREST, No. 1085*; Harry Cooper.      ..*,'■' -.*   .
LETHBRIDGE,; No.     674:   Charles
Peacock, ■
LILLE, No. 1233: J. ii! Griffith.
. LUNDBRECK, No.     2275  — J.  D.
Smith. . . ' .'; -       ' ' ''.
MICHEL, No, .2334:  Charlos    Garner, ,'       .,',■,''.
MAPLE LEAF/No. 2829; H. Blake.
MERRITTi *No.i 2027:  Thomas Cal*
vort,   .' , „■ ■■   .
METFORD, No'. 2098: John Curran.
Pupon, Box 490, Lothbrldgo.
ROCHE PERCEE (8ask) No. 2G72:
Lnclilnn McQuarrlo.
TABER, No. 102: .'Joshua Craig..
TABER, No. 1050: Wm. White.
TAYLORTON, (8ask.) No, 2048:—
Lnohlan .McQuarrlo...
TAYLORTON,  (8ask.) No, 2B10:—
Jos, Twist.
TA9KER, N. D., No. 2803:- J. IS,
WOODPECKER, No, 2299: William
IcOWO,      .
Tho Juniinry numbor of Outdoor
Canada rippcmn* with nn attract Ivo two
color cover typical of Canada's wlntor
NeiiHon, nud nu Index page lndon with
tltlur, ot good thliigH. Among tho
landing arllcles is thu story of n Musk<
Ox hunt, entertainingly told by that
king among oxplorers of Canada's
north land, J, W, Tyrrell. John T.
Hnll of Medicino lint writes of a
Ohi'lHtirins Broncho Bustlng—a form
of ontortnlnmont arranged for thc
bxiimiU tit tlio Mmilciiw tttU ti'ciiuiit.
hosDlt'tl, and furnishing before Us con
rltislon nl lonst one additional patient
for that Institution. A gripping (ale
of the Northorn Ontario woods comes
frrni, tbn pen nt Pellnnirh Pnrmn In
Thn Oitilmbl/ca Puck, nccompanylng
which Is n clever frontlsploco llhiatra-
lon by Arthur Homing, tho woll known
Canadian nrtlst—Tho Timber Wolf,
Rodcn Klngsmlll dlscussos sport In
his usual breezy stylo, Montreal's winter carnival gets a pen picture ns wall
as Koveral illustration and tbo regular departments of the mttgiulno are
well represented. The number is In
ovory way a most creditable ono, «-
showing; that the new management Is
determined to make of Outdoor Canada what It has right to bo—an over
Increasingly Inierestln-R nnd successful ma-faslne.
Fernie, B. C
Fernie B. C.
' .    .     W. A. CONNELL
Pioneer Builder and Cotractor of
"• .Fernie'.'.
i --'■    , ' \   ,  -    ...
 - Ar McDougall, Mgp.
Manufacturers of and Deal-
a. Jl   -a...,'.. ■      '
ers in all kinds of Rough '
. and, Dressed Lumber
*"_ , !     '    J        ' ' x-     .    ,   '     ■>    ,
i '   * i   ;     * * i -■,*      '
Send us your orders
Lumber . Dealer
All kinds of rough aiid dressed lumber
Victoria. Ave.        North Fernie
who said fire:?
We did.   "We .are firing, away at-tlie.
■  ■'■'  old. business '•   .'
Hosmer, B.C.
Board and Room, $26.00 ;per month
Mrs. peslea,*uresf Prop.
11 '       V .** * - >! '|   \
Placleod, Alta;; '
The Two Charlies
Charlie '< Chamberlain  '
Charlie Seattle
Drop jii and' bee uh
.'. Wholesale Uijuor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes'
Gents' Furnishings -
The Puper   that reaches
the People of the Pass. As
an advertising medium It's
In tlio niattor of an application foi'
tho Ibhiio of a duplicato CortltlcnKi of
Titlo for Lot 018, Group Ono, Kooton-
a-.*-)   DittaUCt,
NOTICE Is horoby given that It la
my Ititontlon to lasuo (it tho expiration
of one month nftor tlio flrat publication hereof a duplicate of tho Certlflc*
nto of Title to tho above mentioned
Lot in tho nomo or Clmrles P. Ilill,
-which cortlflcato of titlo is dated the
19th day of April 1898, nnd numbered
District Registrar
Land Roitlstry Office
Kelson. D. C,
.January Ifl, 1009.
E. A.'Kummer*       '   *'T;. O. Kuimner
Builders and Contractors
Estimates  Furnished
-'• i". ■* ■ :i 'i,j  ,':-./: .,
..il'   'Il
1 Team Work and Draying
. .'..  -, '    ';:,y.'.: '■-.  '•'.'*,*i;i   : .,!-■    .       '
Dealers in Wagons,. Sleighs,  Dump
' Carts, Spring'Rigs and Harness,-
0. N. ROSS, Manager
Stoves!     Stoves!
We have the cheapest and.
best line of Ranges, Kitchen
Stoves and Heaters.   . .
..New and Second-Hand Goods,
Painter and Decorator
Oive nie n ohimoo mi ymir work
*   i
60  YEAR&'
rssss    i
mmpn<>_*hr MtaniiRa ieaiti-u, item* Jot
,mTBL, TFuhtDf
If more liquor. is sold ,where there
are tlo" saloons than-where there are,
would brewers, distillers, and wholesale dealers, who own about seventy-
live per,,cent of all saloons, pay license
rent, taxes, insurance, attorney's fees
and contribute large suras of money
to influence the press, to publish and
distribute literature and in other ways
to - obtain license, all to lessen the
amount of their sales, .      ,, ;
"Would the liquor men now be maintaining five national organizaations at
heavy expense, to oppose all prohibit
ory measures, if such measures did not
interfere with the traffic? Would
they keep an expensive lobby at the
national capital tb urge the restoration of the canteen or army saloon If
they were not at all financially interested?
Are beer wagons and "speak easies"
and "blind' pigs" and liquor-agents
alone, worse than all these evils plus
the open saloon? Do not the records
ot hundreds of towns show that saloons do not lessen these nuisances,
but acord additional temptation to
drink, and are the spawning place of
the most degrading vices?
How do saloons help a town? Do
.they .make better fathers, husbands,
sons or brothers? . Do they make
mothers, wives and children comfortable and happy? Do5" they help to
build up churches and make it easy
for the   parents to keep the children
in school?
Do not saloons mean drunkenness,
and   does not drunkenness mean less
steady ad less skilful labor?   Do not
sober men work more and retain their
' earning capacity longer than drinking
men? '  Do not the insurance companies say that an abstainer is from 30 to
40 per cent better risk than,a drinker?
Will' not the business of a town bo determined by the   amount   of   coods
which its citizens can buy and pay for?
Is not the purchasing capacity of   a
man limited to his earning capacity?
Do   not sober men as a rule earn
more than drinking men, and do not
I    Notxonlyis,,the .mater fresh and interesting and important but the, style
throughout is quite.equal to the best
This wiU be better appreciated when
it is stated that the contributors include Gold-win Smith, Dr. Colquhoun,
Deputy Minister of' Education^ On-
Srio; John Reade, F. R. S. C    Mon-
S Gazette; Arthur Wallis of   the
Toronto Mail and Empire; J. K* «*
McCready.   Chariottetown, ..Guardian;
j P  'Robertson, Winnipeg, R*. Sellar,
Huntingdon Gleaner;. J* K. Mclnnes.
Regina Leader; J.^WrBengough, Toronto and R. E.Gosnell of Vancouver.
One portion of the book presents an
exceeding interesting history of the
Canadian Press Association, in honor
f whose fiftieth birthday the book-was
first produced, with other sections devoted'to the press in each of the pro
The book includes 268 pages with
over 40 half tone portraits of prominent journalists. Typographically the
book is. very pleasing with its large
***.   Battle  to  the   Death   Between   a
'■ Donkey and a' Wolf.'
A combat' of most unusmil- c^rae-.
ter  occurred  near  Paso   del   Norte,
Makico.    The   participants   "^-t
brirro, 6r little Mexico donkey. amcMa
wolf of a very large ^V^^^f^
thelobo. I>arinStbeim^xt^^S
ship had broken out of th*i stebk
and wandered several miles ont mto .
the country. His , owner,, going u>
seek him, was an eyewitness to dm
feht with, tahe wolf and titos 4e9enb-
"My burro was quietly B«^J^
a little tm .^ ,*W\}&g±'
two  walls  of    uttmg,   ragged   rock
X* the wolf ?™ *^*S*
with his head close to the. &°v£%>
as a trying to trail somethnig-tiiis.
^■^Scteristie of that sped**,
tfedid not.see Dandj-os I call my
burro-until he .was, neaift* on too.
Important Legislation Being
likely that it results from unscientific
observation. The instruments which
the scientists have now at their disposal for measuring the extent of the
earthquakes and tremors show that
the usual amount of vertical movement
is only about two millimetres or about
one twelfth of an inch."— Montreal
Star. , .   '
with rough edges   other I «rald
type, heavy paper
and gilt top, and its handsome cloth
binding. Orders may be sent in care
of John R. Bone," Secretary Canadian
Press Association, Daily Star, Toronto. The price Is ?2 a copy, postage
15 cents extra. .
Where No Bar Rooms Absorb. Their
In a Scott Act campaign last month
the Moncton Daily Transcript struck
some sledge hammer blows against the
liquor traffic and among the'lnterest-
ing items of' Information which it
supplied to -its readers was the following statement, which needs no comment to make it impressive:1"
Moncton city gave a crushing   answer to the fallacious argument that
the absence of the license saloon mars
the prosperity of a community.
Moncton City has on its assessment
and it was not till then that, raising
his  head,  the  latter  saw the  wolf.
The moment they set eyes on each
other I could see that a fight would
surely   follow.    The  wolf,   with  his
jaws" snapping   mid   growlmg   ferociously, made at Dandy, who wheeled sharply around and let fly with
his heels, tumbling his enemy oveT
and over and nearly   pounding   the
life from him.   This performance was
repeated again and again -until the
wolf seemed to realize that-the job
on hand was decidedly more than he
had bargained for.   The last contact
of Dandy's heels had sent him with
a crash against the hard rockB that
'-walled in the* dell and stunned him
for a minute or two.   So, on recovering, he changed hia tactics.   Running
"up to Dandy, he waited. until those
terrible heets were elevated, in   the
air, when, jumping around with surprising  agility,  he  dodged the kick
ind made for his antagonist's throat.
The latter, however, was on the lookout,  and the lobo   found   that   the
burro's other end wa.s also armed for
battle.    Before he  could   fasten   on
any part of the lively animal he was
caught at the back of his ears by a
set of powerful teeth, and in a second
his neck was broken.   Notwithstand-
Sunday, (To-morrow) at 2.30
Miner's Hall, upstairs
" . ' - .'n r
of Fernie and District
VICTORIA, Jan. 26—The debate on
the address in reply to the speech from
the throne was continued this afternoon by G. R. Xaden, Greenwood; Dr.
W. T. Kergin, Skeena and J. M. Yor-
ston .Cariboo, for the opposition and
\Y. H. Hay ward, Cowichan, for the
government.'' A. E. McPhillips, K.
C, the Island, moved the adjournment
of the debate.
The opposition speakers devoted
their remarks mainly to a review of
the conditions in their respective constituencies. Mr. Yorston in a quaintly
humorous speech kept the house in
roars of laughter as he told of the
work of the government road builders.
Mr. Hayward's speech was notable for
a, vigorous attack upon the  govern-
GRAND JUNCTION, Col., Jan. 24.—
Pour men. were killed and more thanty.
a score had narrow escapes from sudden death when a fifty foot high avalanche of snow swept over the Camp
Bird mine at Ouray late yesterday. .     -
The four men were talking in the
cook house yesterday, when almost
without warning the thousands of"
tons of rock, dirt and snow came upon
them in its frenzied rush from the
They were hurled in-
For what purpose was Relief Money
sent in by a generous public ?
mentis present fiscal policy in so far Imountain sido*     -—•■  	
. . -,.-4.,._   „„„_ I to the canyon and covered with snow.
as the rural municipalities were con- be mld8ummer .before the bod
Mr. Lr. Morris
Profession-al Optometrist
(Graduate of the Spencer Institute, New York, Dr. of Optics of
The Nor-Illinois College of Ophthalmology
and Otology, Chicago
mg the fact that the wolf. wa3 killed
-instantly, Dandy, held on-to him and
occupied himself for several minutes
i uij udii uu ..a  .yith   beating   his  vanquished   foe's
list more than six hundred wage ear-    i^y up "and down on the  ("-round.
the houses in which   Then, feelini? satisfied that-life was
extinct, he dropped the carcass, and
cerned.      He  dealt principally  with
the question of the cost of school maintenance and alleged that under    existing conditions,   whereby   personal
property, Income and poll taxes, all
went Into the provincial treasury, ru-l
ral municipalities were unfairly handicapped, and the application' of present school law was a failure so far
as rural municipalities are concerned.
The same speaker dealing with   the
liquor license law, said that in    his
opinion,  what was absolutely necessary to-day was the appointment of
one or more inspectors whose duty it
would be to examine and analyze all
liquor offered for sale and he believed
that much of the stuff offered for sale
was doctored and poisonous.
Hon. R. G. Tatlow, finance minister,
presented a return of the special warrants signed by the lieutenant gover-
ies can be recovered.
Caught in the steep mountain trails
by the blizzard which raged all day
are eight six horse teams and the
Camp Bird bullion stage carrying $6-
000 ln gold and many passengers.   It
ners who own
they reside.
This estimate excludes all business
men, employers of labor, professional
men, etc., . and only includes those
ordinarily classied as wage earning
working men.
At the last Dominion elections there
were cast in Moncton city 2245 votes,
which votes were based on virtually
manhood franchise.' There are some
property holders in
Fefc. 1-2
., 7  .,    „, .4 ..v.        1,244    property noiuers m    Moncton,
the* families consume more and there-  and Qyer.m   or 5Q pgr ^ Q. thege
Is the credit of a  are wage earners.
It.is doubtful if any city of its si7.e
in Canada has so many workingmen
fore helpN,business.
drinking man as good as that of an ab
stainer; if not, why? o
Do not all political economists agree
that the morals of a bread winner are
fully as important a factor in his
value to the community as his physical
and,intellectual qualities? Caii a man
beer   and beef .with the   same
owning the houses in which they live
as does Moncton.. The.percentage of
houses owned by the -workingmen here
is phenomenal.
' The workingmen and wage earners
of'Moncton : have prospered without
the saloon.
They     have built their homes,,they,
* * 1 ...L- . ___,_.__^-«j/i4iaa4aac_+iifav—mn.in?_
the"liceli"se_anu-airii3wn~tneir-own7icDIaeaaCa.s1-...-*.-    -   -.
tain  their families'*in  comfort,  they
educate their children:   despite their
.being deprived of the saloon or the
Who would that money go to if it did llcensed bar;- „ , .
iZ fnr llnuor'' • •    7 « a Scott Act city or town without
not go for liquor._   . .   i,   u u notnrosner will
money?. Who pays
the other expenses of the saloon keep
tpon calling him he followed me
home as though nothing had happen-
id to disturb his equanimity.' After
*<he boys heard the story they unani-
•nously agreed that he was indeed a
Fat  Babies Out of  Fashion.
The fat baby is at a discount. He-
s no longer the admiration of his
!ond mother and the envy of other
labies' mothers.
At the Edmonton Baby Show the
nedkal officer of health, Dr. Lawrence, refused to have the babies
yeighed. The fat, pasty baby had not
\ chance. ■ ■
The Edmonton church schools were
'he scene of the conflict. A row of
^arriapres' was. drawn up outside thc
■loor, but they were baby carriages—
wrambulators, mailcarts and even a
-.mall wheelbarrow. Inside the hall
v mighty roar greeted the ' casual.
visitor. ' It was not the babies. cry-
will  be at
TABER        Monday and Tuesday,
COLEIfAN       -       Saturday, February 6th
FERNIE     -      Monday  and Tues., Feb. 8>9
After a long and careful study of the Science, on experience of ovor 25 years in
thcbupinc&s, und the adoption of the newest sind best methods, Mr. Morris is
second to none in Canada us a Refractionist. .AVo manufacture, our own goods.
All our lenses nre cut and pioimd at Regina, and all orders filled from there,
saving delay nnd guaranteeing satisfaction to our customers in Western Canada. No matter how difficult your case may he, no matter how* mnny others
havo failed to fit you, if you can be helped with glnss.es now is your opportunity.
is feared that tliey were In the path
of the slide and great anxiety Is felt
for their safety.    The men who escaped narrowly, were  working  ln      the
mine.      The shaft building was not
in the path of the slide but was close
enough to tremble as the avalanche
thundered, by.
A teamster saw ,(the slide coming,
and unhitched one of his horses and
escaped on its back, the slide missing
lilm by only a few inches. Dad Austin
the hero, of many a wild ride through
the mountains and one of the oldestc,
stage drivers in the west^ heard the
.. ...      ., , „„.„„„„ slide when it started.     He was driv-
nor together with     the   expenditure . ,    . .        ....  .     ...
""       b .   , ,;„    mno   „„,-   .„„    inS a six horse stage filled with peo-.
thereon between May 1908, and Jan.    ,        .    .       ,,   ■, ,*
" '.  '     . . . , .        , .,   a. „,„ ,..„,   pie and when the horses were pluug
25 1909, which showed   hat the ^a - recognized the"
TVrXe£Q0,; , it ? ? ' ,' w»n«l. instantly threw all his weight
of -which -j229.5d8.39 had been already m ^ brftke ^ succeede(1 in ^
expended. > ln    , the st       on u    v       v Qt
Hon. W. J. Bowser, attorney gener- lhe avalalichc.     Two of the leadlng
If it is such a disgraceful thing to
sell liquor that you do not wish to
associate with the man that does it, is
it a good thing for you to vote for, him
to do a bad thing? If.it Is a bad
thing to bo a drunkard is ll a good
thing to,-license men to make drunkards? If a saloon is a good thing,
why do thoso who patronize it desire
to- ho shielded from view by screens
a liquor license does not prosper
tho advocates of license explain, why
six hundred of the^ wage earners of
Moncton city own their own houses in
which they reside?
Moncton city has been nearly thirty
years without a licensed saloon, and
such Is the ecconomlc record
The workingmen of Moncton are
known as a rule to bo Industrious
sober and thrifty.      There is much
whilo thoy do so, and why must lt boI """""•", —7  "      - .   ....   .        ,    ..
...... __,.„„i„ | loss drunkenness in their ranks than
a    a  mia/alaa
kept away from churches and schools
and out of residence districts? .
Is there anything In logic, morals,
reason, rollglon or common sense
which says that the church should
throw down hor arms and strike hor
colors whon sin forms a political alliance? .. Christ came not to regulate
the,works of the devil but to destroy,1
thom. Ia it not enough for Chlrstlnns'
that thoy be as tliolr Lord?
Is it right to voto for a thing which
no decent man can defend?
Is not the license systom the strong
tower to which the traffic doth rosort
ln Its every time of nood? Is it not
"the'revenue which it pays" which is
always mentioned by the trade whon
tho evil la on trial for its life? Is not
tho license the most dangerous and deceptive expedient yot tried to dofbr
*- or defeat tlio overthrow of the traf*
' flo?
ln those of any licensed town. Thoir
proporty nccummulatlon, their savings
In tho banks, nnd their payments to
benevolent societies* are all factors
which challenge the admiration ofi
students and economists. * |
If tho license saloon had existed
overy few doors on -Main street, and
occasionally ln the residential districts
during the past twonty nine pears, enticing men therln to spond .their
wages, 'does any sano man for ono
moment bollovo that the showing in
proporty would ho approximately bo
BimlnoBB men and wago oarnors,—
study these facts and let woll onough
alone. Can you afford to run . the
risk of marring this rococrd of prosperity by voting for llconso and vot
Ing against tlio Scott act,-—Tho T*1"
•>ut the mothers genially discussing
* he merits of their respective. treasures.   ■
. One mother, the proudest woman
'n the room, sat in state on a large
-■hair, with beautiful triplet girls on
ior knee.
Several lots of twins were to bo
-,een, and a pretty little couple drcss-
•d in pink would certainly have won
he prize for the best complexions if
mo had been offered.
Each baby was labeled with its
nother's namo and nddresa, the date
>f its bhth, and the food it had been
•irought up on. •-
Dr. Lawrence, who organized   tho
••■how, considers these exhibitions to
'xo one of tho most radical remedies
or high infantile mortality.
Tho babies   to    be    prize-winners
nust    havo    "well-developed   'and
• traight bones, a bright color and -n
•oncral appoaranco of health."   Ex-
'•easively fat and flabby babies Have
•tot a,chance in competing.
The   Sporting
Feb.  2nd
to the 6th
5 Big Days f0etUth
by the best teams in the west
Faro and a Third for the Round Trip
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
If a thing is bo demoralizing that lt
must bo prohibited on Sundays and
election days, and bo dangoroiiB that
lt must be forbidden in caso of rlotH,
tiros or othor occasions of grout ox*
cltomont, ought It to bo pormlttod at
any time?
Ib the government more zoalous of
rovonuo than of.,Jufltlco? Shall wo
prohibit the slaughter ot buffaloes ami
llconso the butchory of liablOB? Shall
not tho cry of tlio child and the mother bo pourod Into tho oar of tho
State, which Ib the bnllot box, ami the
powor of moral miaHlon lio Bupplomon*
tod by tlio Btroni? arm of the law? Aro
tlio devil ami bin mlnloim wolRhlng our
arirumontB or counting out votea?
"Shall tho tlirono of Iniquity   havo
followulilp with time, which frnmoth
„ mlfloliloC by law?"«--(PBalm 01, 20.)--
'•.veryonu   wlio It. li.k.c.-U,'. In the
** UiiUorj- ol! CuuuAa ivlll u'clc-omc n new'
book "A IIlHtory of Canadian Journal*
Uin" which hnn just beon issued.  Tho
volumo which furnlslioR In permanent
form the first    comploto lilfltory of
tho prouB In Canada, covorn n Rront
deal of ground not covered by any
othor book oxtant In Ciinada.     Tho
roador at hn penmen Ub pagos Is continually mii'prlBod to find in It hltlior*
io iinpiibllRlind HldollglitB on tlio car*
oore of our public mon, aR woll as full
utul first bond Information roirnnllnK
our (treat journnlUtB and our great
newHpnpcri..    Altogether lt Ib ono of
tlio moBt valuable    lilHtorlcnl worka
which hns apponrod In Canada.
GREENWOOD, Jan. 2fi.—Tho fourth
general mooting of tho wostorn branch
of lho Canadian mining liiHt.ltuto waB
oponod In tho court houso this aftornoon,
In tho unavoidable abBonco ot A. D.
1W. HodgoB chairman ot tho branch,
tho mootlnR was presided ovor by 8,
8. Fowlor, Tllondol.
Tho vlnltlnf*, motuborR woro welcomed by Mayor Bunting, alderman Dick*
Bon nnd   GovoriiinotiL Aitont McMynn.
Aftor  roiitlno bimliioBB Imd boon  dlu*
poHod of eonimltlooR woro floloctoil ns
follows to draft roHolutloiiB* first, con*
KratulatlnR   11. \V. Bioclc,on Ills appointment nfl director of tlio rooIokI-
eal Biirvoy; hccoikI, nnilni'HliiR tiie pro-
PobiiI to apply to tlio Dominion rov
eminent for monotnry aid to the Nol*
son eloctrlc zinc umuliui* iiiiui,   a-
protuiiiiK iipiM'ajclaUou ui' ilw utdluii at
tlio provincial Rovernniuut iu hnvlnit
asRlBted tlio name industry,
A BiiRgcstlon wiib mndo Hint the pro-
vtnrtnl irnvr-rnmont he roquofltod to
subHldlo the western branch of the
liiHtltuto as It nlrcady doos farmers'
Aftor n abort noBslon the mooting
adjouriiod to to-moirow moriilni! when
nf*vornl pnporB will bo read and ills*
CURRod, Later thc vIMtorn will be.
tnlion to the UrttlRh Coliimhln foppor
compnny'fl nmclttng woi-Uh iuul tlu*
Mother I*odo mine,
To-nlglit they nre belnR ontortnlned
to a daneo by the (Iroonwood Cinder*
orra club,
A'Question of Sharpnw«.
'Best value in tho world—2s, -3d.
free  from   8erapem,  Stcole  &
...    -thus   ran   Uio   advertisement,
''GonUomen," wrote Mr, S. Poogor,
"1 have pleasure in inclosing pootal
order for 2b. Gd.   Please send too one
i>f your rnzora by return.   P.S.—Ae I
■lon't posBOBB 1&. Od. at the present
momont, I cannot Bend it.   However,
I have no doubt you will aond Uio
razor.   In a largo concern liko yours
one postal ordor moro or lees will not
ooant."   "Dear sir,.' replied Monsre.
3..S. & Co., "wo beg to forwoid you
tho ra7.or and thank you for your
esteemed patronage.   P.S.—Our pack-
■r has carolcBsly lorgotton to inoloBO
tho razor.   To ono with such a chcok
us yours, however, one razor moro or
lees will not counta,"
Measuring the Complexion.
Tho  color  of  tho hair, oyon and
iildn is mooflurod by a now inutru-
mentr-a  Hiinplifled   1/ivibond  ti*nto-
moter—doviBod by J. Gray.   Tho ob-
lorvor looliB at the objoot under test
through a tube and interposoR I^ovi-
bond's Bt-andnrd color gliuttws in front
ol a white Btirfnco at ono fiido oi the
uporturo until tho glnBHOA tnuiRmit a
a*»lnr exnotly oorreHpondlnR to thai
'if tho hair, oycR or Bkia,   Tlio oxnot
aompoRitlon of thn color Ib then ob-
aa-ilnod (rom the ri'iidlngn on Uio hUui-
ilUt'd  ttlflHOOH,
An All Around On I nml ry,
A (/oiitloman invited boido Irlondrt
to diniit'r, and as the colored Rorvant
iintored tho room hn accidentally
ilrnmu'dn platter whleh hnld a tnrkoy,
"My frlondB," m\A tho RonUemnn
In n mont Impnmiilvi! tono, "novor in
my llio havo I witneaHcd an event ro
Irnmrht with (liiiaHtcr to tho various
natiotlH ot thu (!i"i-i;, ,,in thin u.l.u..-
it,y no .-,<.■.' 15iP I'.^wn.nll of Tnrkoy,
'.lio ujifwltlnp nl Oreeco, tho destniie-
Mnn of China and tho humiliation af
Notice to nil organized labor, nnd i
frlondB of organized labor*. Koop away j
from tbo McCluro Minos at Tnakor, N. j
Dakota, as thoy have lockod out thoir
men for Joining tbo United Mino
Workcra of America. The men had
to bo raovod nway from thoro as tho
company got uu Injunction neelntt
Yico-Proi. DU. 18 U. M. W. of A
Let  us  prove   to
range  will  save
The home that owns
Golden Nugget Range
—• saves fuel *
—save) food
—uvei health
—saves time
—saves labor
for this is the range that war built
to save just these things,
is the lowett-pHccd range containing
the spocinl features and improvements
of the highest-priced ranees.
It is suppliod with an Gurney-Oxford
reversible grate that gives a constantly
bright, live fire and burns every bit of
tho fuel to a fine ash*—there is no waste,
In the morning a turn of the grate
handle -rivos you a quick, bright fire.
You don't nave to loosen a singlo
bolt or nut to change tho grate (rom
coal to wood burning
The  fire   linings   can   bo   removed
without disturbing the pressed -steel top
how  much
al, introduced a bill as follows: An act
to authorize a revision of the stotules
of British Columbia, and an act to license clubs to sell intoxicating ll-juprs.
The main provisions of the latter bill
are as follows: No liquor shall be sold
or supplied by any society, association
or club, whether incorporated or   not
incorporated, or by any memlier, officer or servant thereof, to any member
of such society, association or club or
to any person on the premises of said
association, society or club, unless a
license for tlie sale of liquor by   such
society, association or club has   been
duly issued as hereinafter provided.
A license to be known as -a "Club
License" shall upon application therefor, -, accompanied by the consent in
the  writing of .the attorney general,
be issued at any time_by the superintendent of provincial police to any
such society, association or club which
is not by its charter of--incorporation,
or o^Terwileri^BibiteaHEroni-^seiiirig-
liquor to the members thereof, upon
payment    of a fee of  $100.      Such i
license shall remain in force until De-i
cember 31 next ensuing and shall au-|
thorize the sale of liquor by the society, association or club, its officers,or
servants to any member of said society,  association  or  club,, or  to  any
person bona fide entitled to tho privileges thereof.     The provisions of the
Liquor License act of 1900 and of the
Liquor Traffic Regulation act, not expressly applicable   to such'societies,
associations or clubs, shall not apply
thereto.    Nothing In (his act contained shall authorize the sale of liquor
upon the premises of any society, association or club to any person who is
not ot tho full age of 21 years.     The
superintendent of provincial police or
any person authorized by him in writing   so to do may at any timo outer
upon   and inspect the promises   and
books   of the society, association or
club   licensed under the provisions of
tho act.  The attorney goneral may at
any time cancel any license Issued under the provisions of this act, whon it,
is made to appear to lilm that the society, association or club, or Its members,   offlcerB or BcrviintB have violated any provlBlon of thiB act,   or that,
tho society, asHoclatlon or club Is not
bolng   conducted    in a   propor manner,
W, ll, RoHB K.C, Kornlo, has boon
choHon Kovunimoiit. whip in succession
tb Hon. ThomnB Taylor, now mlnlHtor
of public workB, (i
horses were cut off by the mass of
snow and debris and carried down the
canyon hundreds of feet below. The
camp of the Ansfelder, freight camp
was-completely wiped out. Forty .or
more horses "were carried into, the
canyon and buried.
Fernie Meat
Meat,  Butter, Eggs
-    and   Fish
Fresh   Meats of all kinds
~^~ Givs~us-""&-"trial—7"—
a,a> **-*•      .
A, M. Matulis,     Prop.
• Baker Ave. Rear Hotel Fernie
All kinds of
Give us a trial
The range will never worp nor crack
jilt of 	
flat steel.
for it In built of patent levelled dead
The range Ib lined with asbestos so till
the heat is kept inside to do your cooking
.... unusually large oven
hns a drop door thnt forms a
solid basting shelf when open,
We know thnt thc Gurney-
Oxford Golden Nugget Unnge
Is the one you should have in
your kitchen.
Wo know you will realise
Hut if you call nnd let us
explain the range to you,
This is the range with the new
divided flue. This divided the he»t
■Aim M-i'vla, il «..,. •*,**. fra"**-*. ci ib*
oven -*.** wMl us the bock, keeping
nil part* at a perfectly even temperature No turning of pics or unevenly baked cukes with this ranee.
The Gurney-Oxford Canadian is also
provided with the reversible grata—
the grate thnt burns all the coal
Duilt of the finest, dead fiat,
patent levelled steel, lined -with
asbestos, Urge oven with balanced
drop door.
Ourn*y Standard M«l»l C«,
Meal.****     Z.&tt.ettte*
Salting A|.nl. t»*Me
In eoniiocllon with the recent earthquake on tho Paiilflo roimt n profcHHor|
of Mcfllll utilvei-Hlty who In dueply In*
toroflloil In HelHinle phoiionioiin Hinted
Dint thu occurrence of nn earthquake
In Hint, region would not ho at nil mir*
"Wlillo tlm Bclonce of HftlHrnolngy Ih
hi 111 In ItH Infancy," hn Hnld, "and none
of iih can Hpoiilt with any eortnlnty on
it, hi III wo know l hat I'tit-h dlHtiirhim-
ccH nro dim to tlm Krndunl mol Inn off
iuul Htii'liikugij of Hut mii'fiiro of the
(llll'tll,     AH tlio Kii-itt pluiiiM Hlil'illltH In ,r
hI/.d the t-rmil planet linn <o ttcntninin- j
(Into Ituclf to the dlmliilxjitn-j: lunly nml *
11 cortiiln amount nt Hluiklim In und |
-Tiiinl-lliiK iriHiiltH from lIiIh adjum- j
tn.'iit, TIiIh vory often, In fact Hourly nlwiiyH umini III till' llllHC nf HOllln)
lingo mniintiilii or I'ltii-j--' of ni(iiiiitiiliiH>
which by 1 heir weight plan* n ureal !
nt niln on the criiHt, miiKlng It finally'
IO   CllVt)   111   VMieli   (le-   Mil')'",'   «.'   tie
('.•■'l'*.l jiejilini nf ibe i-nrth \n wlM--'
drawn owlnj? to Hliilnkni-'e,
"Out un tho ronut there you hnve;
the hiiKit 1'iinia-'* of Hie Ito'-klcH, one of
tho gi'-uW'Ht. miiK«H in the world, nml,
I the prcHHiue wiib which Ihey i-e«t nn ,
tlio Hlll'flice ol Die <-ii11 tl IH I'li'infiliuM, ,
HuppohIiik the hIIkIiIcki nhrlnkiigi) haHJ
(icciirri'il under Mm criiHt of the earth:
In a dlHtrlct where mich nioiiiiiiiliiHl
Htnnd, then Miln erinrmotiH    preimiiro 1
Hlmply hrenltH up the hollow rrtiat and
you have nn ciirthrtunko,
"Ah   for the tepintH that tlx; earth
moved Hnvnrnl IiicIich nt genttle," con*
lilllled   the   lH'llfi:l.liUl*.     "I   filld   It   ex
tromcly difficult to kIvo <.iwl(.'iicn to
any such Htiuenieitt.    It Ih more tlmn
A complete lino of samples of
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds, Screes
and Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
60  VBAtia'
„ -. —aW, without olidfv't, U> tba
Culillon ofjuij' KrleiilKli* 5i.urtir.l.
CAittttrt, \Xtf* t**r, pj*t*i* pr»p«l 1,
»ll neaftttMltr-i,
•j ttrnij lur
tottTtw y bu Wauhiotdun, u. a
(II.ASMOW. Jnn. 28—The   Cnnndlnn
• urlw.i ivt C'cui". myloiT to dny won (lie
tlrnt out nf three Intcrimtlonnl test
ninfclicfl rie.nlnm Sent In rid with n Hcnre
ol 112 to Tn, The irnphy In thin com-
petition |in-< been donnted Uy l»rd
Str/ii].«-f<i j*. *»^»1»V¥¥V¥VYYV**t¥-l'V¥¥»¥¥¥
|   ^    ,      BAYNES I
The Pprtnightly club met ,with Mrs.
B. H. H. Stanley on Friday night and
thei,-meeting was a very successful
one new life being given to-our program by the addition, of some voung
people from Waldo. Following is the
Solo: Mr. Lamb.
Reading, "Mr. Fenson.
Recitation: .Miss Gray.
Sam Welter's Walentine: Mr. D W.
Paper: The Owl; Mr. Dan Curry.
Humorous, reminiscences of " the
Boer war:  Mr. Hobbins.
Duet: Messrs Green and Fenson.
Recitation: Forugner's Views of the
Statue:  Mrs. Hart.
Original remarks, Mr. Louis Fitch.
, ■*>      Mr.  0. J. Johnson, an electrician
from' Spokane is having a house built
.   at Kootonia.     Mr. s.  J.  Morrow is
doing the work. ,    *
'".    Invitations are out for a.farewell
Party to Mr. and' Mrs. George Lewis
of Waldo.-    it will,be given at   the'
home of Mr. and Mrs." Robey on the
Mrs.   J.   d.  Aye was    calling on
-    Wends m the new addition Tuesday
afternoon. ^
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ross, Mrs. Clemens ima Mr. Barter took tea with Mr.
and Mrs. Hart o.n Sunday night.
Mr. H. L. Crate is at work on his
new house on Kootonia tracts
Messrs.  Bailey and Barret gave a
...bachelor dinner tho other day and it
is appalling the number of bachelors
tnat were present.
The land agent reported the -sale of
,so many tracts of land to young wo-
■ toon, and the only way Dame Gossip
;   can figure it out js t))a(.
ha\e .sent their substitutes.1 Those
' Joung*men piobnbly believe wKh the
■>   "author wlio said-
bachelor's Hall.-what a queer looking
,      Place it is
«uei» me from such all tl e davs of
,    - my lite.   ■
■  Ah me, what a burning   disgrace   it
fcevrr m -ii] to b0 pjlt{n£ a vHa„
"E )f*
\u^tl J'0U Seen the ghost? That's the
W bnVtm MicheI' Xo- S min°* We
C\ I   ? troated dur,nS "»e Jast week
\assTnn am,U?iUg gh0st stor>'* which
Mosei1 t0 wnder around the
?lne m the 'orm of a woman. It was
^ Pay night that the wierd ghost first
2>s2 ?n. nppearance. a>"- was sup-
'J-hH,?    ,   ,epairers. who no doubt had
tt^ "'?? t0° *** ******
S„«?fDame-Liquor.     Anyhow     the
fef* subject" spokenot
%d tlM? h°USe ^rins the week,
■W intTt Ti' 'Wero*80 Sea'-G(1 ^at
t5 the ! i *raWlns the,r "me. un-
'So ll\TQ nCWS WaS b'ro»Sht to
_C -IIM0".86 on Fr»ay night that
izing the order of Eagles. .The lodge
is expected to start -next mpnth about
70 having already "put their names in
for membership. : *   "
. E. Scentore of Calgary was in town
-H.H. Sharp of Spokane was in
town on Tuesday. \
A grand lime light lecture entitled
A Trip to Klondike was delivered on
Tuesday night at the Methodist church
by the Rev. Robert Hughes, which was
well attended.' The lecture lasted
about • two hour3 during which time
Mr. Hughes took the audience right to
the Klondike and back.
, The regular meeting of the K. P's
was held on Wednesday last when
the installation of the following "newly
elected officers took place:—.E. K.
Stewart, C. C, J. A.-Murray, V. C,
H. F. Weber, K. F. R. S., Tim Truan
M. W., W. J. Mast, P. G., B. Stead-
man M. F. and M. E., W. Hewitt I.
G., J. A. Martin 0. G.
, Roughead's living picture show was
well patronized on .Tuesday night.
The Church of England was again
opened on Sunday last. It comes as
welcome news to the people of Michel
to hear that services will be held there
on every Sunday night for the future.
It is a great pity that the sacred
house has been closed for such a long
time. The Rev. C. Crowther has
been appointed curate, in charge. He
occupied the pulpit for the first time
on Sunday night and delivered a'most
stirring sermon.
We are soon lo have a musical treat
in Michel by the children of the Methodist church who are now practising
a pretty canata .under the able direction of iheir conductor, the Rev. Mr.
Cook.   *
The Coal company had the misfortune to lose one of their most valuable
horses on Monday night in No. 5
• .Mush is on the war path again trying once more to win a home. What
will the lady in Vancouver say?
Mr. Joe Thomas, pitboss of No. 5
mine is resigning his position on the
31st inst. ,,,
Bennie is getting his name up these
days as an Irish jigger. Why don't
you buy clos.-s, Jim? .
resulted' in a tie 3-3.... This is the
first game that Coleman has played
away from home this year. -:' They ejc.-
pect to play with team in Fernie oii
Friday night. , The - aggregation is a
particularly strong one and it is said
th(-*.t in the last half of the game the
play was very fast. The Coleman.line
up-follows:'' "■
Goal: H; Grady.
Point: Ai Ju White'." -    ' "'
Cover: Spence Lewis.
Center: W, Bawlf.
Right wing: Alex. Grisack.
Left wing;, B. M. Stitt.
D. J. Mclhtyre representing' the
managing committee accompanied the
team. A. McKeDzie and R. H. Evans went as extra' men.
A. Mutz of Fernie was a Coleman
visitor Thursday."
F. Whitnay of Lethbridge called on
Coleman Merchants on Thursday.
$ ,.f.opyrlghied.
""1~ IlilU
*?S ™,,'ei?0SS a-ncl v*"as k'eked out
aVho*-tn 'V0 draW',0rtime* "was
' Pfc!fc      ?; a Woman aftei' this pay _
flaps'it will be the ghost of a don-
-   «> after noxt pay.
«hAFrif,S<?fy,liCkle Ca,ne to light.
C M,k0, SIra°»- a Hungarian    had
CnJy I0"' hanKing by Che "Mk
Wind his shack door In Newton.   A
Cwh? ln?"eSl Was hol(J on Snt'»"
%s re,    a,1ft,te'*left by the (lGC<™<*d
as road which showed that his wife
■ 4am,ft,itthM0,d count,'y'had bce»
b?i«5 ,,e.fl,,uro wb children should
4c wlT'l '7 t,lelr """-mother.
lCiowi      Ul be°n a long ,lme l"
kW°S  WaT,WC '  Hketl  & a'»    Who
diet „f , ,Tho Jury r°lMrno<1 n ver-
■•£, St T W!!il0 tomPo.*«i*I!y |„.
dJ"e*     iho funernl took placo
■Mr. and Mrs.  Foster of
,«re in town on Sntnrdnv.
town L J3ckHt0,n of Fornio
'wn on Saturday,.
t *'• H.  Mc.MiiiHn of
inwn on Sntiirdyu.
•K     i, - - *
D. Evans of Pincher Creek visited
Coleman on"Tuesday.
John-Sc'.us made a business trip to
Fernie and Michel on Monday's local.
D. L.. McPhee of Royal City was the
guest of 0. W. Benedict on Sunday. -
.Mr. McPhee reports business good
in the new city of the plains. .
D. J. Lewis, who has been spending
the past few weeks at the Union hospital, is now out'again and is able to
get around by tlie aid of a pair of
crutches. The fractures in his log
have healed very rapidly and ho expects to take his place soon at the
mine. •
Robert Holmes of Burton City, B.C.
is visiting his sitesr, Miss Holmes,-at
the boarding house. Mr. Holmes was
moved last April with his
on Sun-
was In
Fernio was   In
■ "■•/ *■*• **
The banquet and dance hold-hy the
*'lehol Burns club on Monday night,
"•o 213th Inst,, was ono of the boHt
°\w held in Michel, About 200 por-
Sl"iifl «at down to do Justice to tho
jj^od things tlmt, had boon provided,
'pv Frank Camplioll presided and nf*
r0t* giving tlio company Burn**' grnco
{•"-tforo meals tho following menu was
"Inded out: « '
Scotch HogglB
BrnlHod Vonl nnd Spiced Hoof
Boiled lia niniid PIcI'Iob
fruit Salad
Cakes assorted.
Ton nnd coffoo
Fruit, wlnoH, Hppolal Scotch wIiIh-
J%, old Port wiuo, Throe Star brandy
0t>rmrin Lngor boor.
A loiiHt. to IiIh (Burns) Immortal
"J^mory wnn drunk. Tho Michel or*
''•OHlra ulfiyiiil Homo (Ino Holoctloim In
ll'i) ovoning, Tlio chairman wavo
IJ'li'nH' giaco after iiiciiIh afior whicli
"'w followliiK miiHlcnl program wan
curriod out:
Son*,':   Rtur of HuriiH;   Mr; .Iiiiiich
Hoiik: Village lllackHtiilth: Mr
•"lstInn,' .
a3oiih': For ihe Noil (cncoroil.
Jl not ton.
 ,.,,,, The man who wiib iihkIk
10 mourn: Mr, V), McDonald
Violin nolo: Ditto Bolls
*',>. Jo« Donne
nr Seotjniid-
M."w   5?l.V,,orn I,om" inneoreil)
;'i  >v. Hldlov.
•somk;  Tlio Football
Match:— Mr, Ion Tucwlnv
v?on«: The Cainph(ill8 Am Comln*,'.—
konit; Donnlft Mnry of Argylo: Mr.
''• Mftthnr, onenred.
n»»t: Thn ITr.ii'ii, t»
w .lacM nml Mr. Stewart.
At 11.30 tho dnnclnfi* part of the
Prt)«rnmnie wiih ntartod which wa«
•V'ht up until fi.ao next mornluK, when
'hi* nioBt. cnjoynblo tline cnmo to n
^to with Iho sln«liiK of Auld   I-nng
\lr. Walter Moody of Frank w««
"• town on Hundny on n vl.nlt lo   blfl
A. M,  Morrison of Coli.*ninn     h«B
In "own durlnff trc wci): organ-
r family to
thenar famed fruit growing regions of
tlie.Kobtenays. Mr. Holmes reports
prosperity in the district'where ho has
made his new home.
The smoker.for the benciit of tlie
hockey team - at the opora house on
Saturday night was woll attended and
a good lime was reported by those
Rev. Father De Wilde went to Michel-on Monday.
D. F. Hughes; general merchant of
Crows Nest transacted buisness In
Colcninn.on Tuesday,
C. P. Wlllmott has been laid up
for n wook or more with a severe cold.
Tho Inlc-rnational Conl and Coke
Co. made a record dny nt the mines
on Wednesday. They 'loaded 2,"iC0
tons of eoal, n
II. C. McDirney of Cnlgary visited
Coleninn Inst week.
F. M, Smith of Nelson II, C, route
agont for tho Dominion Kxpross Company wiih In Colomnn on Friday.
Two new pnnsongor conches and n
bnggiiRo ear passed through Colomnn
on Friday on tliolr way to McGllllvrny.
Thoy nre tlio property of tho Knstorn
B, C. Unllwny und will bo used to
nccomniodnto (ho pnasunger trndo on
that company's lliio whicli runs from
McGllllvrny to Corbin.
Quite a numbor of Colomnn's hotol
hoopers, butchors, etc., nro putting up
a supply of Ico. Tho Ico waB novor
bettor than lt Ib this year, thnnks to
the forty and fifty degrees bolow zero
woathor which1 wo had n Hliort time
* J. II. Millar of Pincher Creok wiw
it Colomnn visitor on Tuesday.
W. J. Llglitlionrt of Lundbreck wus
in Colemnn on Monday looking for
moro plastering contracts,
Charles LoiiKhurHt of NolRon II. C.
Is in town nnd Ih Htnylng nt the Cole*
II. W. Shnrpo of Spokane Ih niRlh*
tcroil nt tho Colomnn,
Win, WnrtBton of Vnncouver, who
Ih Rolling the Frnser HolglitH iIIvIhIoii
of Now WostniliiHldi* ,,Ih Hiapplnfr nt
thn Clrand Union, lie reportH IiiikIii-
dHfl nH good,
Alex. Mc Kin linn I'ulliriied u fnw
dnj'H ii|;o from (iliiLii N, S,, whuru lie
lind boon vlslilng undor the pnrontal
roof for Hdvernl nionlhfl. Ah*x says
tlint llmcH nro flow and that work Is
Hcnre In the far eiiHt. He Ih gliul to
get. hack to the wimt ngnln.
0. W. Dcii'-illct left ItiHt night on n
trip lo Nelson ntid to tho Okiiiiiignn.
Ho will probably ho nwny for n week.
The Colemnn  Itueroailon  and    Do-
.t'.l   1,'t't    III,   alJICl'lIlK,    HllrL'llllg
■nll'hl with ii full' mil-lid
mmtt |in>K(>nt, Tlm vlro prcHldiMit or*
ciipldd I Im clialr durliiK the former
p.iit of the iiieotltiK and nftor Homo
routine IhihIii-.<hh liml boon trnnmictod
n good progiaiii of about nn hour nnd
,» '.,-..-. e k-iikui miih lintciKu) to, Notice
Hhouhl lie made nf two hoIoh by .Mr,
llnyson for which ho received n Hpoc*
Inl voto of UiiuikH from (he nudlcnro,
S. Alt.'lii'8oii7principal of llm Colemnn ptiblln Hthnol delivered nn nddroxH
on thn cdiicnllonnl ndvantngoB of de*
ttatluK, und 'XiXii llhtitiied to with H|ic-
clnl attention. The evening on the
whoh* Vi'mi enjoyulily n\wM by till who
The hockey Rnme at IMoyh* with the
.Moyie team on Wednesday nlfflit which
A meeting was held in Menzle's hall
on Saturday night to form a voluntary
fire brigade, appointing G. Hygh 'is
fire warden.. Another meeting will be
held on Monday.
The Grand hotel is now open , for
The hockey match between Middlesboro and Merritt resulted in a, tie. '
The miners of Merritt and.Middlesboro are working in conjunction to
start a co-operative store. .1. Galvin,
vice-president of district IS, attended
a meeting'of .Middlesboro union to settle the grievances, but other business
prevented him from remaining.'
Dan Beaton arrived from the coast
and is now working at ihe Diamond
There Is a chinook wiud in the
valley and everybody js -.-mlling even
the cattle in the fields.
James McCulloch of Fernlej arrived
on Fridays train and Is working at
the Diamond Vale.
Abel Warn and W. Stanton arrived
from a trip to the coast on Friday's
train! ....
At=the meeting of the volunteer fire
brigade held on Tuesday night it was
decided to raise money by subscription, to sink large wells and to secure
hose piping,
J. Travers of Vancouver has secured a position iu the Diamond Vale
Bob Boyd has taken, over the Diamond Vale boarding house.
The local members of the order, of
K. of*-P. are*working to start a lodge
in Merritt.
Tom Bennett starts to work for the
Herald first of the month.
, A strong committee of the miners
union.is working to start a co-operative store in Merritt and Middlesboro.
Rod McKenzie.* has gone up to Joe
Graham's tcamp.
Alex. Hoggan reports every room iri
his hotel is full. Well what about his
license?   -
There is considerable agitation to
have thc site for- the new" school
.changed ~ ■. -*—'■	
A lady of unknown age and'character arrived on Monday's train and all
the stage have gone crazy.
A bazaar will be held in .Merritt
in the near future. One lady was
seen making some fancy work while
tlie old man was mending his pants. ■
190S. by E. C. Purc*)l|j3.
i*.,*i.'..*.,Tr,*..*.i?M*..T..*.„T^.T.i*.,* ,T,
Jimmle Blatchford sprang to his feet
to greet Marcia as she entered, but the
gravity f/f the 'girl's face ^rrested the
greeting 'that hung upon his -llps^and
Instead he gasped.
"What's the matter?" be cried when
tie bad found bis voice. "Is it anything
serious-some of the family iU?"
"There is no Illness in the family,"
said Marcia coldly." ■'
"Then .why this .' funereal', countenance?" demanded Blatchford. "Here
I am, just back from the west, and
you, don't even say./How d'ye do?'
Didn't you got my letters every day, or
what Is the matter?"
"I was Induced to visit a motion picture performauce yesterday," began
Marcia, "I believe that they are called
"I've heard the " phonographs outside.", murmured Jimmle. ,"If the pictures, are-as bad as the music your
look of woe is explained. How did
you come to patronize such a place?"
"It was curiosity." explained Marcia.
"I happened to meet Belle Brewster
and George Taylor nnd Henry Towne.
Belle is perfectly crazy over the ■ absurd motion pictures, and they were
ou their way to oue of those place*. 1
foolishly.let myself be persuaded to go
with them. They had a picture of you
on tbe screen."
"That Is Ilattering!" cried .Jimmle
mockingly., *'I find, you looking as if
the end.of, the'world was near,,and
you explain that you saw me ln the
motion pictures, which accounts "for
your stnte.'of depression."
"It was taken at the shore last summer," said i Marcia meaningly.
"I admit that I am not a dream of
beauty In a bathing suit," said Jim-
rale, with a-smile, "but L did not know
that, I: was - almost • fatal ;to the. beholder.".-. -. .-...„
"You were entirely dressed," interrupted Marcia. "You had on that gray
suit r liked so much nnd the tie I gave
\ .,/!,
* o *
Corbin is a new mining camp sltuiu-
cd about 14 miles from the famous
loop of tlio Crows Nest, branch of the
C. P. It. It Is supposed to bo,owned by the Spokane Intornutlonul Railway and controlled by 0. C. Corbin,
one of Spokane's lending millionaires.
About 125 mon nro,employed. Just at
the, commencement of winter n number of men woro laid off nnd woro encouraged to hnng around the camp In
the expectation of being re-employed
nftor while. Tho only boarding house
!n tho camp is"run under tho auspices
of the compnny, $1 por day being
charged for board, tho, men finding
their own bedding, sonp and towelH,
After tho mon who were Intel off hnd
exhausted their sayings In paying for
board thoy wore ordered out of camp
and several of! them tried to got to
Michel In tho bitter woathor wo ox*
poi'lonecd in the early part of this
month with tho result thnt several of
them wero badly frost bitten In tho1
onilcavor nnd woro picked up by tho
railway soction mon.
Thoro Ih no road into Corbin except
by tho railroad nnd If was blocked by
snow, and no effort npponrod to bo
mado by tho company to clear tho
track. Tho food supply, having ho-
gun to run out somo of tho men cnmo
ovor tho snow into Mlchol picking up
some of their frozen comrades by tho
wayside, nml wired to tho Hon, Rich*
nrd McDrldo, promlor of British Co*
lumbln, ncqiinliitlng lilm of tho situation, Mr, McBride Instruct ed tho
C. P. It, to Bond n rollof train nt
onco. Tho hpow plow wim put to
worlc nnd tho track nlonrod In two
dnyH. However tho men have hnd
to pay tho $1 pur day for hoard, grub
or no grub,
Can tho publio wonder If some of
thOBU minors at Corbin turn revolutionists nnd emphasise their protest
by voting tho Socialist ticket.
The Pure Food Law
Secretary WUboii Bays "Ono of the
obJoctB of the law Ih to inform tho
coiiHtimor of tbo presence of certain
Utiutul u'niKH in niedieinoH." Tho
law r«qulroB tlmt tho amount of chloroform, opium, ■mor-nhlnc, and other
linhlt forming drugs bo stated ou tho
lnbcl of each bottio. Tho mnnufac-
uin-th m nmmbi'rtn.n'H CoukIi Hem-
ody havo nlwnys claimed that their
rornoily did not contain any of these
drugs, nnd tho truth of thin claim is
now fully provon n« no mention of
them In mnde on tho label. The rem-
(■dy ia not only one ot the aaf.jat but
ono of thc bout In u»o for couglw and
colAit. Vs value haa been pruvcu beyond i*ijei.tloii during the mnny years
it ban been In general ur***. For aale
by nil rim-tR'noi.
you for Enstor, tho ono you said you
novor would, wear except whon you
wero with mo,"
"And I never did," said Jimmle
promptly, "Only the thoughtof being
with you would tempt mo to'wear'that'
'■Ircus nocktlo.   What else did I bave?"|
"A girl," said Marcia explosively—"a
girl who looked like an-actress. You
bud your arm nbout.her >yalst, and you
wore kissing her, und,the.people walk-;
Ing along the beach stopped and iaugh-
c-d nt you, and suddenly.you Bnw them
nnd got up and ran away."-
"And horo'8 whoro I. got-tho ongage-
mont ring and my letters back, and you
tell me that I havo destroyed your faith:
In the honor of men'Just becauBO somo
motion picture actor happens to look
llko mo."
"It was you,'* InslBtodMdrcla.' '.'Thoro
mn bo no possibility of a mistake," ,
"I'm from Missouri;" docldrpd Jim*
mio. "Would you plnd taking mo to
tho plnco whore I can bo confronted
with thoovldoncoof my portjdy?"
"Slnco you will not admit your guilt,"
said Mnrcln coldly, "I do not boo how
you can tlony the picture whon you
muRt rccnll tho'clivumstancei,"
"Plonuo." Bald Jimmle pleadingly, aud
Marcln nodded nn nsuont* Tho Nlckol*
odoon wm. but n few blocks nwny, and
proRoiitly thoy had paid ah admission
nnd hnd pRinod Into the dnrkenod hnll.
For half an .hour, thoy nut thoro
wnteliJng tlio flickering pictures thrown
ngiilm-t tlio screen of whltowoBhoil
wnll: then Mnrcln turned to Jlmmlo,
"Wo intuit have Been all (he plehiroi,"
Bhe HnUl. with omlinrrnHn'motit. "This
koi'Iiin to ho tho place I wns In yostordny, but T recognize tionenf Hipm* pictures.   I hope yon do not think I"-
"I tliltik ,vo*. nre iiufnmlllnr with
picture ricnlen*." Hnld .llinnilc, with n
Innjaili,   "Wnlt here n moment."
lie dl[f'|,(>'l it way in the durknoHH, and
Mnrcln oIipkimI her tired evet tn thnt
out tlie Unworn*.* flicker !i
£'.'- U'U iiiMiv ii.im'riUiie ihuii ever.
H-iitnlo i- iiilltiiile imd Hoinc**., tint wlmk*
en her (•••iiH'tonci- lu th<* Irl'-ntlflcAtlon.
iuul mm ulin t--i*l ■■ven fnllwl to prove
ber case, "with: him. Presently^ a band
rested on her arm, and she opened ber
eyes.   •• - '   ,   -  - :
'.'Slip out,".; said,. Jlmmie.,. ..,"1' have
solved the mysteryjri part^ The'same
people.'come;here;every, day, ap they'
change",tho picture'sfeacb morning;' i^he
proprietor Bays .there's, a regular .'circuit, and he told me where I cao And;
our scandalous,film.".
He balled a street car/and a ten
minute ride broughtithexa to another!-
place almost exactly like the flrst ■ One*:
of the first things to greet "their 'eyes
..was a huge sign reading, "By'the Sail1'
Sea Waves—Very Comic."   ,        .
-■ 'Tm. glad some 'brie, sees bumor to
the situation,'.'.said. Jimmie-grimly as
he laid a ten cent pieqe on the cashler'ai,
shelf and led Marcia through the door. •
They* had not long to wait, and Jim**
mte  gasped  as  Marcia' convulsively;
pressed bis arm.   A glrlland a man',
-were Bitting oh the Baud;In the 6hade"
b£ a huge uinbreila.'   Oblivious of a:
gathering crowd, the two billed and
cooed until a well, directed-pebble bit
the sunshade and attracted tbeir; attention to the audience in the.rear.   ,.
The man' was so exactly like himself
tbat' Jlmmie stared In fascination.
Then he sought the box office, where
two men were counting money,
"I want to make some inquiry about
that film just shown," said Jimmle aa.
he attracted the attention of one of the
"I've nothing to do with the pictures," was the surly response. The.
other man turned.
, "I'm "the  man   who ■ makes  them.-
Want to hire, tbe service?" he asked-
eagerly.   "We get'all tbe big'French
stuff before any' one else;    We're the
most up to' date.' and we get the crowd'
every time." '•" ,°  ,
"I am merely curious about the picture 'By..'the Snd. Sea • Waves.';" explained Jimmle. The man grinned.-. .,
"Friend of yours?" be asked. "Great
sell, wasn't'It? It was made to order
for a chap., He wanted to spring It at
a bachelor dinner to the other fellow.
He got iis a suit of the chap's clothes,
even to shirt and shoes. ' The-picture
stood.him $200, but he sald.lt was
worth'It "He let us use it for.exhibi-
■tion' too.", .
"You don't happen to know the man'8
namei do^you?" coaxed Jimmie. •
-.' "Sure,"°,was the prompt response. "It
was something like a-.clty.--* It wasn't
Villa; no, It was Towne.- That's lt
He's a broker chap: . What? -I'say,*
you're the chap they took' off I "Towne
said there wasn't no * come-back. It
was all a joke.'*   ;
„(,"It Is a joke—on Towne," said Jim-,
mle steadily. "You need apprehend no
trouble in the matter. I thank "you for
your courtesy."' _',"   '    .
He turned to find Marcia at his elbow. .; .,'.*■
"Take .me out of here, Jlnirale," she
said-softly.*  "I was an idiot to fall so;
easily Into Henry Towne\ trap.'   He,
wanted to cut you out   That was hia
"And he counted, upon your freezing into Icy silence and offering,no explanation," said Jimmle understanding-
ly. ."Now, let's get home. I've seen
enough pictures for one evening,- and I
very far.- I want a chance to cool off."
"What are you going to do about It?"
asked the girl curiously as they sought
a more quiet thoroughfare."
"Three things," explained' Jimmle.
"I'm going to fire my mail for letting
Towne have my clothes; r am, going tp,
call on Towne—never mind that—and
I'm going to get a license tomorrow
and marry you before they can 'spring
any more photographic seeds of jealousy on lis."
"I think,", snld Marcia softly, "that
In future the seeds' will foil on barren
ground, Jlmmlo, but—you'd better get
the llceuse anyway."
Women of Ancient Egypt*
Women always Htood'on'a level with
men In undent Egypt,'unlike the custom of other eastern countries. They
wero allowed to rule ns queens as'early
as the second, dynasty, Their palaces
wore of brick adorned with gorgeously
painted walls, rich carpets, rugs of fur,
ivory and' ebony chairs and couches.
Till tiie end of the eighteenth century
there was littlo change, In fominlne attire, which consisted of a fine linen
garment, extending from shoulder to
anklo,,.supported by straps over tho
shoulders. Colored robes were not fro,
qucntly worn. Gay plumage was loft
to the men. Women contented thorn-
solves with blackening their eyebrows,
lotting, thoir hair down and decking
themselves with ', innutuorablo rings,'
chains and bracelets.
"For three long months 1 was not'oble-to attend to my own =
needs;' and for three weeks the eczema on my hands was so bad that.
.-Twas'tinable-to feed myself.* 'I had to he fed^os one feeds',d.bob'y,
-because 1 could not hold knife;.fork, spoon.or cup"   'io says Miss
-tViolet McSorley<:of -75, Gore Street, Soult Ste. Marie, in telling how ;
„ Zam-Buk cured hpr ol eczema. t, She adds: " Hands, wrists and arms up ■■:
Jo tlie elbows wero covered,wiih eczema.   Tho itching and the soreness were ■■■
'■igh unbearable.   As the disease developed/tho Bkin actually,,-peeled off ,
.leaving raw sores. ; The" palms',''fingers; backs of my.bands.,'tmd-wriBts ■
'were all in  this' shocking' state, and  I  was forced to 't-rit in agony
,all the while." *
I., - .
.... "Tho raw sores were soon in a foul condition, and my fiqger nails, al( -:
;.except two, fell off. , During the different stages of my-trouble' I sought
the advice of three different doctors and received-treatment, but although,
-getting, slight, relief, at first-there-was no euro.. Amputation was at one
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ttkia fearful-ending" ,
"Zam-buk was recommended • by a friend and we bought a supply.
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Send thli coupon'and
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ed you.
0' .
'. 0:
' ill"
■ to',
.   Palled to Relieve*,
On tho mighty deep.'
Tbo surfaco of tho soa roae and fell
with sickening monotony, Tho great
ocean llnor rolled and pitched.
Tbo young brldo covered her pallid
countenance with her hnndi.
"Harry,-" she faltered, "do you ftlli
lovo nje?"
"My dtirling, moro thnn over!" vowed
hor compassionato Bpouud.
Ah'oloquont sllonco.
Tho surfaco of tho son roao und fell
with nlokoning monotony, The great
ocean llnor rollod and pltcbod,
"Harry," sho gat-pod, turning ankle
her pnlo and gluiHtly fnco-"narry, I
thought that would mnko mo feel bettor, but it dooin't."—London Answers,
Divert DlmiM,
"What," iuqulrod tbo Sunday achool
toachor of hor youthful ptiplln—"what
uo dlvora dlsenitos-}"
nnihful or Ignornnt, tho acholar*
•lung tenncloiiflly to tho doctrine that
Ittlo boyii nhotild ho noon and not
"■"*flnii\'' pitrtmcd the ("nchcrj1 "tj-ia't
my of you toll met"
rtiuu Johunie-n arm that up.
"Woll?" atkod tho teacher.
"Ploaie, mtu," tntwored Job*4irtH
•ivnter onjho .brain,"	
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Copyright; 1906, hy Mrs. C. N. Williamson.
old wood which she had * 'smelted
every-night when she had waked-up
in., Uie-wondmiui.,bed. in . the . lower
room.,.Often she nad^old herself, that
thefee scents wouid wake her !thinJt
of that-room, no matter-where*,.Bhe
might,oV;'..and how many years might'-
have passed. Only last night, she-" had;
thought that, not knowing she was
not to sleep in that bed again/ •
* But,, she said in her.mind, perhaps
it was part of the dream that she had
been changed to another room. Surely she. oould not mistake. -No other'
bed could be just lik« that. And then,',
if she, were not there,' why should"
she'be in bed at all? What about the
fire shining behind the closed door in
the oorridor,, her frantic knockings,
her-scream, and the hand* that had
choked away her- - breath?,.. Had-uhe
really - gone through- that fearful
scene? Oh, she could not doubt it.
Perhaps;, even at this, minute, Mr.
KenritK ]and Captain Oxford were
being burned to death. Somehow she
must save them.    - ■*
She tried to sit up, but something
held her down? Hei arms* were crossed behind her. back and tied; together
at the wrist; she, could feel 7 where
they were.bound.' And her feet were
bound also. She' was powerless to
move, but.at least,she could cry out;
Suddenly she remembered how near
to .the "corridor 'of,the burning room
r-       -Tl-.l,
J. p.  QUAIL
ii      • y.
100 ions of; good
,,-. /y .ii ■' ,.'';-*'.;-..". Spy <•>;- n
W.JE. Barkery Cayley, Alta.
Alberta Show
Case. Wbrks
, Manufacturers, of
;    Calgary, Alta.   '
acquire, owii'arid maintain', ,-wharyes',
aiid docks' in connection therewith',
and to'construct, acquire, own, equip
and maintain;steam,and other vessels
and boats, and to operate the sape
iri any navigable-.waters;* and to cons-
struct, operate jand maintain telegraph
and, telephone lines along theroujfes
or In "connection therewith; and* \\tt<
transmit messages. fforVl cqmmercla
purposes, . and to collect. tolls there ■
for;'and to acquire and receive frhnf
the government,' corporations' or, persona grants of land, rights-of-way}
money hbnuses,-privileges"'"or oth'eij
assistance, in.aid.of, the; constructlor}
of. the Company's undertaing with power to.usp,. own and operate, .water
po\ver convenient .to,the. road, for
railway- riiid 'other purpose's^' and " to
exercise - such powers ub are granted
by - parts 'IV and V of the '"Water
Courses Consolidation Act" arid 'to
connect and enter,. Into'traffic or other arrangements with railways, steamboat or other companies, and,for all
rights," powers and privileges'necoss*
ary usual>or-,lncidental to all.'of the
aforesaid .purposes. '*•'.' '-.
..Dated this thirtieth day 'of December,' A.' D. 1908.   ' ; *
Wlleon, Senkler & Bloomfleld.'
■*"•   '  Solicitors for tho Applicants.
....''*■ :  - '-   21-6t'
I Fernie Dairy
delivered to all
piirts of tho town
L GORRIE BROS,, Props,    1
♦■»♦♦♦*» ♦■»♦♦♦» ++£
NOTICO ia horoby given that application will bo mado to tho Logleln*
tivo Assembly of. tho '• Province of
briitau -wOiuuioiH at un uuxt ut-»»iou
tuf i.*i *.<.'! lo iui'vrwulij ti Wiiiv-uy
with power to build, equip, maintain
nnd oporato a line of railway of stand-
nrd gauge from n point on the Inter*
national boundary lino botwoen Brit-
IfeU **.'A>»-U..ia>aJ. tVaiai a,Uii  V^Uaa't-al  SvaWaSit* X—
Eflit Kootenay, where tho laid boundary ii intenectod by tho Flathond
River; thonco northerly by tho moit
feasible and practicable rout-d following the Flathoad Hlvor;-and'to* the
boundary between Hrltlih Columbia
and tbe Province of Alberta where tho
(.filil bounilary Jn Interseelfd hy th«
North Kootenay Tan, with authority
alio to construct, equip, -maintain and
ope-mto branchei from any po.nt on
the propoieai line or Unci not exceed-
lenKtb *»*S **hil» power t* eonttruet,
Ittn In any one «••« fifty f E0) mllei In
notice.    ' ;;    v
' NOTICE /is hereby given'that 30
days aftor date I intend to apply",to
the Superintendent of Provincial Pol*'
Ice for n retail liquor Hcon-BO-.for-tho
Hoffman Houso, Elko, D. C; -
Roderick James MaeDonald
Elko D,C.;
Dated thU 10th day of Deo.'l&OS.   \ •
E.   Weston
Is prepared to givo   /
ostinirttea fonillclass-
oa of building work,
liopairfi a specialty.
Givo mo a trial.
P.O. Box IB, Fernie
' (* She^'oiienetH*her door'akd'Jotilied out.
, vyas the,'tower.', If ,the," fife ^spread it
.would'reach the tower; and'if in.reality-she'were lying on her "olid bed'in
the tower room it was only'the question of a little time'before the"fire
should reach her, and- she would be
• burned to death.--, .     -.-,.'..   •■    !
'.-,'-Elspeth Dean .was;,-young -,and
strong,, nnd. the. tide ot,life .was. high
iu her. veins. The physical repulsion
to death was intense" in her, and the
cry' on its way to her lips was rendered even more piercing by the quick
horror of this thought.' ','-■'
She screamed long and shrilly, but
a voice within her seemed to say
with the echo ot her own shriek thnt
rang in her, oars: ."If you are in the
tower, x\p one;,i,will hear you,    You
' might die I a.' liund ro'd '"deaths before
For Sale
Prompt Delivery
W, R. Boardman P.O. Box 62
Miners, keep away from
HIHcresf, Alta,, ** a dispute
li pending there now.
any one-would ;come."^,:
The girlv shivered from" head to
foot, and lying' there helpless, waiting
the horrbT, that was to'; como, sho felt
that the .bedh'had.begun to move.
Thore had sheen n-.click; and thon
slowly, smoothly, tlie bed began to
glide along ns if sliding in a groove..
■   y. CHAPTER XIV. /    V.
Elspeth's eyes were wide-open, but
the darkness was like a dark eloth
laid'upon, them.. She could aee nothing; but as the bed slowly moved;
inch by inch, she'folt an intensely
cold air which surgod round hor like
tho wind made by a pair of giant
wings. Thon the bod stopped, still in
thick darkness, and she hoard n
sound of hurried footsteps and of
light bronthing. Thore was nnotlior,
curious,. clicking sound, and • while
tho girl wonderod In chill torror what
would como noxt, tho bed on which
sho lny tiltod suddenly up nt such nn
extrume anglo tliut she rolled off,
Thoro was a brief instant of horror,
ns sho trloil vainly to save herself,
oxpootinc a crushing fall, porhnps
into tho blnok depths of some hideous
cubllotto; but she rolled from tho
bod upon a solid floor, covered with
something soft, liko a thick rug, And
tho fall, was so n!lght tliut, sho win-
not ovon jarred.
For n few seconds thore wiib com-
ploto stlllncsH, and thon Homothing
that moved brushed against lior
ohook, Sho hollovod thnt it was tha
hod bolng rolled nwny ngnin,
"Now I am to ho murdered, perhaps," was tho thought that crept
coldly Into Elspeth's mind; but sho
oould do nothing tu avert whatever
(ale might bo in store for her, except
to ory out, nnd if sho did that, it
would probably precipitate hor death.
It was by liu-llncl rather than calculation that she lny still, scarcely
Voices whispered noar hor in tho
f^nrl'Tin"'*   Phi» fiixnIA •nolihor r^cnffnlT**
the tones nor make out the words,
hut tlm foil her face v.**, ha-in-f Jio-
ouused, perhaps hanging in the balance.
"li only thoy would believe me
fainting," (.ho thought. "They will
wonder that I don t mnko a Bound,
Vaa.v.     i>.t-(.'aHi.J4      Ita!*.^   ka     aUkJa-'a,     a*,     -a^.tai
nnd look at my (ace. I must lie with
my eyes shut and hold my breath as
long as I con."
Scarcely had she formed this plan
o: action, when a stream ,of white
lipht fell  upon "her closed' eyollds.
Sitli all the tnree of her will she kept
f... <.U'.ulj, Uer \uwi tiwhcu lying ou
her cheeks without a flicker,
"Fninted," eanio t whisfier. louder
than tx-fore.
"Can't be sum." murmured * second voire. "S'xe r!,ay be nhsmrninr."
A moment Inter  Klefxith   fell   the
-,ie>>raur« of a hnnd on   her   chest,
'Hbe (|(WMi't *ieeiii 1« ftr*»-ithe," was
'i*t *hhi#tt.A tot Hii-iit,
'•.V"!!   liuu, I-., iu  w:y«  Uct  tin
the  present.' She   can't possibly' ob-
cape."....,..-    ;
"She can screain." y.
.'.'Ii shedid, she wouldn't be he^ard:"
"Yet We are whispering."
, .."Loiid voices.-augut' rouse tho girl
to. conecioueness,- it's more, coaven-
-ie'nt that'she shou|d'",be'as she ' is.
We'.ye no time to wiiste upon her now..
Little  wretcn!' u one  Uadu't spoiled.
, our game down. Delow witli, her yells,
the tire would presently nave -saved
us all trouble. Our two birds, would
have been killed with oue stone."
"Too late .to, thiim ot that. There
tniist be no suspicion against us. We
had better go'now.- But I-would leel
safer if I were certain she could make
np noise." ,,{,.,,... ;
- "Simple ■* enough to close her
mouth.7 , . - .„...,. 7 . -. ;.;
"You meau"—— ,
"Not .what you. think'1,'do. We
can't afford, to-risk, the .smallest telltale stain'' whenj.we-shpw Yourselves
downstairs 'among the people who've
been roused by the fire, and! besides,
I've another plan. The thing must be
done before.morning, and in such u
way that .she can be curried back to
her bed and laid' mere quietly, - with
no one to guess that she met death
by'violence.-A dose of laudanum is
the things the. bottle found by her
Bide. It,'will,'be thought that, she
killed herself'because she'd beeri, discharged." ." "'■'-'
"You think'of everything."'-'V
* " I' ' have   - had"' some ': experience;
i otherwise I* shouldn't be where I am."
"Can,you get hold ,of the-, lauda-
numP','. i ..,        ,       ,  .,.,.
,' !'Yes. VI .always, keep plenty ' of
stage, properties.,. There, I've made a
gag of a sort out' of "niy handkerchief.
A second's work to fit it in, and she
can wake when she likes,, without->
causing you a oualm."-
Elspeth ..heard, every • word of this
conversation; and when a hand pressed down her chin tp open her mouth
ulio lay limp und, motionless. as be-
'tore,-making ho,^resistance. A'great
lump of cambric' waB "fo'reed'between
lior teeth,'' and still she feigned un-
Ga>:iBciou8nees. 'Her hearing seemed
now,>!almost-abnormally    keen.'  She
* heard "the: breathing, of- the. two.men.
",8he heard.the,soft, sound of footfalls
on ..the thick % rug, „or carpet, arid.-at
.ldst ,'a faint elicka:.*vyhich .sieemed ;to
.oorne' from .a' distance. After that all
'was'.still, and she .knew that she'had
been; left''alone.' ■•'**■■■ • ;    , ^
■She had 'h'eai-d.-why-'the "meii'were
:goin'g7a'nd-if waa-^ieasonable to sup's pose-that;thoy* would, be gone some
time.  Still. if could ' not be-.-so.-very
long, if she were to be disposed- of
"before _mowing,",.Jftftei...the fashion
ness' beeii''Hugjgested."Th'ey would~nee^d~
darkness.to hide tlie" deed, if she were'
' to! be "carried i through "the house"' and'
■.laid upon th'e' bed;'in"the new room
■ whose i uumber; ■ they    must*- already
know. .:'., -.'.'■.,-
. , It ,Ib'' difficult*, Vo- recognize a voice
. from,, a whisper,. ond,'Elspeth could
not have guessed , the    identity    of
.either .speaker from the;.murmurs she'
had heard; nevertheless she was sure
that she had guessed the name of one
man. The other wasr still a mystery
to her; Bhe had ho idea who he could
.be. But, after all, it mattered little.
Nothing,* indeed, need matter much
to her now, unless she could   free
.herself, and .escape.
To expect to. do this seemed'like,
expecting to perform a' miracle. And
yet ElBpeth could not believe that she
was to die to-night.     < ' . "
For her thore was but one ray of
light in darkness.* She had.heard one
of the men say to the .other that sho
had "spoilt their game." That must
mean,, she thought, that the alarm
she had given hnd been,heard; that
John Kenrith and Captain Oxford
had been saved. And ' tho idea' that
she'had been able to do'this gave her
oourago to attempt more. She did not
know whero she was, but ii Bhe oould
only tree herself she oould find out;
and if, * afterward, she. oould escape,-
she would be ablo to give at least one
villain up to justice.
VOh, if I could only' loosen these
bands that hold my arma,-' she said
to herself. "If I could do that, all
tho rest would bo easy, perhaps."
Elspeth Dean was a lithe ana supple as woll as a slender oreature,
with all tho elasticity of youth and
health. As a child sho had been ablo
to do all sorts of wonderful things
with her lively little body, and sho
and her brother, two or three yearn
older than herself, had often played
a glorious plav in which they were
contortionists in n ntireery oirous. It
was many years einco the girl had
praotiBod any of tho fonts tor which
she had been .famous among her little
oompanionB, and indeed, sho had tor-
gotten all about them until this moment,
Now, howovor, she suddenly romem-
bored how well, ir tho old days, hor
body had been acoustoiiiod to obey
hor will, And in tho despernto dangor which throatened hor sho called
up her ancient skil' to hor aid. So
did she wrltho and twtst hor slim
arms and shouldors as to looson the
bonds made to hold less supple muscles. Presently she folt a slight relaxing ot the band*, which hold her
wrists. Slowly, slowly, grudging each
moment, sho twisted one hand out of
bondage, the fiftieth part of in inch
at a timo, Then suddenly it was froo,
and she could have sobbed in joy and
thanksgiving, though she was far
(rom being out of danger.
With ono hand nt libortv, it wns
but tho work of a tew seconds to tear
Die i'iix* ]j-i.-,\i hu ujimlh, mni lo ..>
lease the other hnnd. Then sho sat
up, nnd unwound a long,- narrow itrip
of woolly (iiatorial which (elt like
knitted work, from hor ankles. Sho
was free to move, free to escape—If
«•.!■. t*    ^^,ttrl   X •--I   ft,, 1    ,»    hi *• •*
• ••..- ,.<•»■• H    **        .At*    * •* "■'"j*
Tremulously, tott.3ri.1g a little at
flrst. she scrambled to her feet, and
for tho Ami time since she had rolled (rom the moving bed seriously
asked hortelf where she wu,
Gropingly, «he tilt-d to find a woll,
•Humbling on, catching her foot in
th" wrinkM foM-i of it rug, and saving herself from a fail by setting an
Hue o! snmo hanirinir drapery. Thus
, Frank Paper: >. The subject- of. redistribution to increase the membership
lnp-the legislature, in accordance .with
the increas-i.of population since Alberta became a Rro\-mce',is very' much in
the public mind these days, - Whether
or not there is any good reason to expect.such a redistribution,at this ties
sion is problematical, but a recent
news despatch from Edmonton announced, it,to be the Intention 0^ '.he
government to effect some,such legislation and the run of newspaper com
ment; throughout the province would
indicate that it Is quite generally expected.'     ' "       , -= i.
The: talk ■ as' it affects the. Pincher
Creek constituency is that it is.proposed to . divide .this .district at about
Lundbreck, putting all the coal mining
sectfon of this district into a .section
by itself. The,Frank paper does not
believe—yet—that such a thing is contemplated but in the event It Is proposed we are inclined to think there will
be protest from,this district that will
cause the members of the government
to sit up and take notice.
While under ordinary circumstances
there would be no objection or at least
no very general or serious objection,
under existing conditions there is a
very ' serious and valid objection.
Should such a constituency* be created it would of course mean,that In
all future elections for member ofthe
legislature, the man elected would not
represent an aggregate of $50,000 in
property, whereas the property valuation of-the, district is. far In excess of
twenty, millions. The,'people who
own the property.would havo.no representation at all. AVe do, not-.hold
that ■ this would , be so serious if a
straight'out and..out lnbor man could
.be. elected,', but this would not'be the
case. The labor organization of the
district is in,the control, of the. Socialist party, and that means that the
people who.'own the' property* would <J«
have to be represented by'a';ni'aii who
would bo nothing more nor less than
the mouthpiece of an organization',
whose chief tenet is the very antithesis of owning property. ' ,*' •
.- And then there is another,,phase of
the case that will meet with objection.'
Because of the fact that the creation
of such a constituency would insure
There is one man in the United States **vho has perhaps heard
*  more women's-secrets than any other man or woman in the
country.' These secrets are not,secret8 of guilt or shame, but
'. the secrets .of suffering, and they have been confided to.Dr, ^2^,
R. V. Pierce iri the hope and expectation of advice and help. .
That few of these women have been disappointed in their expectations is proved by the fact that oiaety-eijiht per cent, of
•all women,treated-by Dr. Pierce  hflve been absolutely and
altogether cured.*,, Such a record wdolti.be remarkable if the .,
cases treated were numbered  by hundreds only.   But when
that record applies to the treatment of more than half-a- mil-
, lion women,- inva practice of over 40 years, it is-phenomenal,..
and entitles Dr. Pierce to the. gratitude accorded him by women, as the first oi
. specialists in the treatment of women's diseases.   -
, Every  sick woman! may,,consult,. Pr, pierce  by letter, absolutely without *
charge.   All   replies are mailed; se«leal in perfectly plain.envelopes, without;.
any printing or advertising whatever, "Jpoi. them.   Write without fear as without fee, to World's Dispensary Media****1*. Association, Dr. R. V. Pierce, Prest.,
Buffalo, N. Y. ,,   /       •* ;••'**■-■,    \
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Andy   Hamilton
Tinsmith and Plumber
always the election as member, of a
Socialist, all electors who do not hap-*1
pen to ,he of, that pereuaelcn would to '
all intents and purposes be dlsfran-,
chised. .   It would not be us.If they  *•
had. a, fighting chance, of *?o::ie ..time |
electing a member.     In such a case ^ -rsr—
the wrong,would,not, be so great but ■&   *       **.■'•      '" '<':,*'-
they .would never, have that-chance;.' the present system of exploitation uur"
there'is no combination of circunistan- Would ask the exploiters' to be' lthid
ces that could" be" devised , whereby' enough to dispense'just-a-few more
they'could ever elect a member. . | crumbs,' yet the Idea of reaching for
These'facts'.have been brought to,'the entire loaf Is riot-to be consider-'
the "attention of Premier Rutherford ed.
I        We; can furnish you with estimates in
I anything in our line
* ■ ■      ' ■ . ■■ . ■ .      _ . ■ •       ■
and' the members of his' cabinet and
they reallze.thi's is a correct-statement
of the' case.'-' The'-lFranlc Paper is not
The argument that In the event of
this awful' catastrophe' taking' place
the  electors of■ the' other' bt-colored
ready   to believe that" they will won't-' stripe ' would   be'1 practically   dlBfran-
ery person'-who does not believe-In-crumb,,of sympathy, does, he .extend-to
Socialism. -*;.• -.   •-, • ,. . .-.the  great, number of practically, dis-
. But If they- do they will simpiy be franchised electors of the Fernie dls-
pandering to Frank Sherman and lt is trict, yet the only result this'has.had
from him that the proposal emanates Is .a closing up of their ranks dc*er-
and It would be. In his.interests alone 'nilnedly'resolved to keep -Incessantly
that it ..would bo-put .'.through for-.tho , battering away, at the walls of on-
scheme is!nothing more or less than |trenched privilege, not'with-squeals,
pleas, protests, but with lrrifutn-ble
logic and a recognition that events
are fast shaping themselves to bring
out about a reorganization of society
wherein humanity will ccaso to be
everlastingly a  secondary consldora-
a vehicle of his own building designed to gratify his overwhelming desire
to,, sit In the legislature. Of this
thore is no possible question asrlt Is
already known to a .certainty thnt Mr.
Sherman will be'the candidate of tho
Socialist party In this riding ln , the j tion
event the decision referred to Is made.
The Frank Paper is not willing tc
believe tho Alberta government would
he guilty of nn act that would hnve
tho effect, of foisting'anyone man upon any district, 'particularly a nonresident who does not own.a dollars
worth of property in tho district, who
has no Interest whatever In It, who Is
not wanted by any man who ownB a
dollar's worth of property and who
only Books" election In the dlHtrlct that
ho may gratify his nmbltlon to Bit in
tho houso to bo a perpetual, thorn In
tho flesh of the government of tho day.
,Tlio Kditor doiMiiol liolil IiIiiim'U wiikiiikIIiIo
for 011I11I011N isx|>r(!i"*ed liycniTuuiiniKlciitK    '
"Mlacrcnrdla! All yo unrcgonornto,
loud - mouthed, slim pursed and prop*
ertyloBS disciples of Knii Marx, , who
still possess n lacteal streak of liuin-
nn kindness .In your . anatomy, hark
unto tho wnll of the unfortunate editor from Flunk, Alta., who mo hkIkiih
of sequestration of his kooiIh and
chnttolB (tho Inventory Iiiih not yot
boon mndo'out) In ,tlio event of tho
C'Oiitoniplnk'd redistribution' of the
Plnehnr Crook cont-tltueiicy boeomlng
nn ofcompllnliod fiiet. Ordinarily tlio
N*CHtoi*n of iho Fourth I'.muto nro vo*
clforoiwly loud In thoir support of tho
theory of vox po*>uU vox ih*l, but when
that majority eotiHtlttiti'H.    to    theii-
IM-l'f.-I'VOd    linilKilllltloilH   II   IlK'llIt,".-   to
vpRteil Intct-f-HtH, all provioiiH rlii'torl*
onl obullltloiiH nro fowl ten, mid
carofiilly.Iiild upon tin* nln-lf until nn
election Ib appronchliiK, when thoy
nre Bayly trotted out for thu purpose
of alluring tho iinnophldtlcntod.
Thu wlohlur of tho fucllo pen him,
howovor, overstepped thu limits of
dUcriulon, and by hU zml on behalf
of tho minority ranged himself squarely on tho aide of the d-ifendom of
thlnw*. and against human boltm**. Now
Tho power which, from this gentle*
m'nn's stntement, Mr. Frank Sherman
Is credited with wielding, must, If
ho bo a vain man, bo exceedingly Gratifying and this despite the fact that
he "neither owns n dollars worth of
property nor Ib ho wanted by nny man
who does."
Tho editor of tho Frank pupVr is
either a victim of crass Ignorance or
wilful perversion when he stntes that
the chief tenet of the organization —
Socialism—Is the 'very nnttthoBh* of
owning property, otherwise Its votaries In tho coiiBtiteuncy In which he
lives ought to bo thoroughly satlstled
with tho JiiO.OOO thoy aro credited with
If holinfi access to a WcbHtor's Imperial Dictionary I would respectfully
suggest that ho look up tlio definition
of SoclnllBin. and whilst this is not
tho exact definition, It Is nevortlioless
a refiitntlon of his assertion ond I
would also urgo him to moke a ftudy
of I'ConomlcB becinmo ns a moulder of
public opinion. If ho coiihIiIovh tho
philosophy of Socialism to bo Illogical and  unsound, It Is his hoiinden
cause all married, men to be discriminated again..    I wonder if this delegate ever heard a workingman oxpress   .
such an opinion.*     I doubt It.     Such
a statement "as this is absolutely' ridi-n
eulous, for it is such a thing as the
Workman's Compensation     Act -that
the workingmen have been .seeking. *"
Why?'-* Because if anything happens
to   the   bread   winner   the   employer
must, under this act, - pay compeusat-
ion "to'TE«rTiffloun<r'ofT$l-;SOp~in-rc-ase	
of death; or weekly amounts in case
of disablement, up to a maximum of
$10 per week. As this touches -. the
pocket book of the employers they do
not lli<e the"act, and'wish to.bluff tho-
g'overhment into believing it* Is the
people^who do not want it.. Ono of
the delegates has, I,believe^'gone;_ so .
far 'as 'to discharge - nil: married men
ln his employ. '„ I doubt if that will
avail him anything for the simple reason that any member of a family, or -
nny person, wholly or In part, dependant upon tlio earnings,of a workman
Includes wife or husband, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, stepfather, step-mother, son, daughter,
grandson, " grand-daughter, Btop-son,.
stop-daughter, brother, sister, half Bister, half-brothor, adopted child, foster'parent," It further adds that
"If tho workman leaves nn Illegitimate child wholly or In part dependent
on'hiB'earnings, or being nn Illegitimate child, leaves .a parent or grand-
paront wholly or In part dependent on
his earnings, thoy shall bo Included aa
dependants," and will therefore bo en- '
titled to claim undor the Workman's
Compensation Act,
How many workmen are there In
Alberta to-day who havo neither a
"member of a family" nor a depend"
nut" who could claim undor this com*
peiiBatlon act. In my opinion tho
number Is small. Thoro hnvo boon
other things said to the detriment ot
tho Compensation act by theso gentle*
mon I lmvo no doubt but the above
will Bhow sufficiently tho vory quoB*
tloniiblo methods hying employed lu
an cnilcavor to ropcitl the Work-
innii'H CompeiiHiitlon Act and to striko
another cowardly blow to tho wealth-
duly  to Inform  IiIh  rciulni'H  wli<'i'<*ln .
tho fault Hoh.     This phlloflophy Iiiih l>io<lucr.'rB--tlio workliignion
moro than olght million ndhorontH nil1    ' ,nl'I,,t Bny' •Mr* ■'•'■■■or tlmt   my
over tlio Rlobo and Its Humbert?   arc! opinion of tho gent lumen (?) forming
foiiHimitly growing, tln-reforo it can*:"'0 'hdoKatlon referred to goii.-nilly,
not Im Hwcpt aside by any hucIi '•rinj,. '•••«• 'ho one thai dlHv'liiirg*'iI all   tho
argumentb ub ho advances, hm iiuihi ' '•■•"'•"lull men In UiIh employ, pnrtlc-
he di'iilt with calmly, Hcl-'iitllleiilly ami * u,nr,*Vi wo",,!' "ot ■onlt *'*•'■■ ,n l1l'lnt-
dlHpiiHHloiuitcly. j Yoiiib truly,
SochillHin Ih not tho otTHprlng of 111 ^JQS. N. MI3IU.
fow faildlslH, hut Ik a urowlng rccognl*' "'••'
thm of llio fiat Unit a HjMtt'in which, THOMAS HKHlrl, l-lflQ.,
foninliiM within ItHcJf the ciuihc of thn > lS,,c* "In'-Htono Local,
fxlHtliig wide Hproad mlHcry Ib Jniulo*'■ ^mi' Slr: • hnvo In my office at
•luntu loiiieet wlththa tiiilvorHiil ..(•Hlr.'i''1'-" I-Ir,-H(,|1l "nm suvcral ciihi-h whero
for hollormont of tho wholo human fn*'n,on *,riV" P«*"ehntit'd property In AI*
wily, mid at. lt is Incapable nf helnn! h,'>rUi "n<l lip01, hivpuilpntliic I linvn
mended niimt be replaced by the toor- i ■'0,l■"• '■"■• "10 vendors hnve no fit lo
Kiiiilzation of bocloty on another bn«	
' und while It U ImpoMslljlu, or Hcc-nm
to bo Impotxilhtn, to get a return of
the pu relume money I feel that nomo*
thlnx ought to bo done, to put a stop
to what I coiiMlder little abort of
Hwlndllni; tho miners. Some tlino
tiioru u not need to »(rij> mm 01 me |intre(ihe ino nuuiber ot (initrntK-'dKed 1 "»•'" * "" " »uc.'.i»u, *'„.«.a'.. /..„
luiisU   lit  hyi'imliiy,   ..*.-  3ji>  him    eo  I'li-'-Uy-,-? aV.'.J.T,      P'lh.lc pr^c 10 DM \'.\nc\ nt budlnenp,
hut ilnuhttPHR what I then wrote him
Horo'-* a qtu-Htton for tho troubled
gontlomnn! If tho coiiHtltuency ro*
miilnn unchanged and a. Soclallut candidate hocomt'8 olected, would It not
ruthloBuly torn lt off Mmself, throwing no fnr beyond tho tench of repossession that It it merely noceisary to
call attention to tho fort,
"Tlio (trpfttest KO<**d to th* nront(**t
number   Majorltlwi rule*.'
The rights ot tho Individual aro'superior to tho rights of proporty, and
sundry othor mouth filling aphorl«ms
are tho stock In trado of tho ordinary
spell hinder, yet this Frank (In ' a
double semo) editor calmly oitlmatcn
the Aggregate wealth ot iho majority
of tho electorate In thu proposed nbw
•ho (•.t4>(*<tl«vl herself, and' found be-* I "hllng bh toO.lWH wh«-ni<..h Dm p»*op«rty
hind that drapery the wall for which jvalutlon of the district is largely In
t*he had *earehi»<l. Her hand touched   exeeis of 20 million-..
a iurfaoo of «w»l, and puaing her
Again, he sees no danger In     a
flrwr* along it. «h* dii«ov«re4 that mraight labor man, who regards a
r.m±1,?* »*j!W'r m5"Ul end* to • «•■•*«' »« «»»!• (IK as Bicrely a   Ji*
framing 01 otone. ........   .    ,..,     .       • ..
"Tlw tower -villi'•* oh 1 told to Ul- KnntUtl ^MAual willing lo uphold
(To b# continued.)
Cardiff, Altn„ Jan. 18.
Editor DlHtrlct Ledger,
bit; ini'M' iim w itit*- j-Ti-tM-ri' tlmn
a number of men who own and oporato umall mfnei) In Edmonton and
district, trying to do harm to the
Workmen* Compensation Act, which
came Into forco on January tgt, loofi.
by method* that are not at all Above
(ipruckLh,     Thi-iio iiilr.e Of.ncri*- form
J been entirely forgotten, bocauso I
jflnd (hat people are *tlll koIu*; on pur*
jchHilng property from thene iiKetiu.
I You underitand. of course, that I do
noi. *■.*.;», or  •at.'fii  Vtiittn,  xuax imm-t*.
ought not 10 Invest ttmlr monlen, but
It Is not an InvoHtment where they
pay for something and never get, it.
May I suggest, as a means towards
stopping this objectionable practice,
that your union draw tho attention of
lu u\\;».Ucnt to what ha* bwii Aw.4.
I trust you will pdrdon me In   thaa
ed a delegation and Interviewed Pre
mU:i* Uuthuiforil, Iu ihcli* ciitla-aivor w!brlnglnc before th*** local union tbh
havo tlio workmen's Compen'atloit
Act repealed. One of the deletates
mado a statement in this interview, it
la said, to tho effect that tb« act
iraa not approved of by tha v-ftklng-
men of Alberta, for, he said. It *ould
tnitiUr, but I feel thnt J may do t>o,
became I know that If there If ono
(hlng more than another tbat union*
want to prevent , it I* pracflo., which
to my mind, are criminal one*.
Your* faithfully,
L. \\ ECKilTElK .a..w.-wH,fc^J.-*-V'-•".a*"*'
!*?ti^Sr -Vrj,^'i^'|i"StJi-WVViS«'1
, '       C. P. R. TIME TABLE.      ■"'
No; 8 Elyer "Eastbound ' 24.18
No;; 7 Flyer Westbound '. ;*■    1;55
No. 214 Eastbound"Regular .... 18.25
No.-213'Westbound Regular7.'..' 9.46
;No. .236 Eastbound, lst clas3 .,:   9.00
' No.v,235*!We8tbbund, 1st class '; .20.16
,    G. N. TIMETABLE.' "  *
No. 252'"' "'  7 No."'25*1
12.40 a.m.-'«! -FERNIE ■ = 4.00 p.m
12.58 ' ' ••' "HOSMER *'-■ 3.40
l-ty'-i i'T ''"'OLSON-7'' ',' ' ll 3.27
1.35 " '        '    MICHEL    ' ■"' 3.05
„ESTRAY—One horse; color black;
Tweight 'about' 900 pounds, branded 7L
on left hip, blotched brand on right
-shoulder.- Came to my ranch on 7th
- January;»owner can have- same by
■' proving title and,paying expenses.—
■.- Chas. Stephenson, "Gateway, B.' C. '
TO RENT—Furnished rooms- with
;'; bath at-Howland" avenue, opposite the
!" Baptist' church. *' ■    ,
WANTED—Partner in good paying
*, buisness, with five hundred dollars capital; apply post offico box 23S.
FORSALE: Fire proof safe—Appl
to L P. Eckstein.
LOST: Pocket book containing $1-15.4.1
i' near tho C.  P.    It. express   office.
: Large reward if returned to Adolph An-
• derson, Dominion Express office.    *,
WANTED: A reliable giri to   look
aftei\small child and do li-jht   house
■   work by February 10.     Apply M.w.'R.
W. Woods,  c
Mrs. King of Calgary was in town
this week.
Mrs. Iir: Higgins of Hosmer was in
town on Wednesday.  „ .*" "
Just arrived, a few dozen of    live
v chickens at the Fernie Meat Market.
The police arrested several drunks,
this week and also a man for stealing
a watch. .    .      -     .    „
The Central Hotel was caught sell
ing liquors last Sunday and summonses issued against them.
Mr. and Mrs. J.- P.Lowe have returned from their honeymoon and have
taken up their residence in town,
J. II. McMullin, government agent,
left: lv ""* P. R. express on Wednesday for V.ctoria on business.
For fresh and best sausages go to
Fernie Meat Market.
Miss Ruth McLean and her mother,
both of Hosmer, were in town' this
Col. J; McKay, fuel agent of the G.
N. railway is in,town this week looking over mines at Coal Creek, Michel
and Carbonado."''-.* 7"   '
Patronize Fernie Meat Market; arid
save your .money,   .,       	
' turned to the -city from' a trip to the
• coast. " They will reside for-the winter at the resldenceof W. W. Brown
on Prior'street. ■ » '   - • •
•••••••••••-a kkkkkkkA tikkkkk
• t
• i
• t
• <
• t
■ i
• t
• t
• t
■ <
• «
■ i
■ (
• t
Safety Deposit Vault
Safety Deposit Lockers
can be rented at The
Ledger Office. Most
fireproof vault in the
city, Reasonable rates.
See the Manager for,
Tlm Brotherhood Soelc-ty of Cnrpun-
tors iuul Joiners of Fernio challenge
the Amalgunlatod Society of Carpeti*
tci'H mid ,I(»Iii('Vh to ii gnmo of hockey
liny tlmn tliey fuel propiired,
A. Initio, ii loci nro depleting hccuch lu
llio Klondyko wiih shown nt the Methodist cliurch on Wodnesdny evening.
About 70 slldofi woro shown and a
largo number of people were InnUend*
For fresh killed chickens go to FernU Meat Markot,
Al Illzzuto of tho Homn hotol lias
been confined to the Pernio'hospital
for ii fow diiyH undergoing an oporation, IIu i.-i reported <*ih piogreHsliig
very favorably tnwimlH complotn io*
Tom Pugh who recently iind Ills fingers nmpiitfttod Ih progresfllng satis*
fiictorlly and Is expected to bn hooh
out of hoHpllnl. It. Ik undorfltood ho
InteiidH unlit k back to t'10 old country.
,1. ThoinpHon, an elderly I'.iiKllHlminn
who was living In u tent, nn-ir to tho
Catholic prloHt'fl" rn-Hlilc-iico and who
had his two feet frozen iliirlug the cold
miiip n lltilf while ago, had both amputated on Monday hint.
Dating .Ji'iitinry 1,'tli Mr. Prank Raymond Ih appointed local miiniiger for
Ferule and p.'nilc Dlnfrlit; all orderei
or ((iinpliilniK Hhould be reported >o
Mm. Kooientiy Tidephonn Uih-h, Mm
Itcd, (per .MitiU'ii*.,' Qiinlu, .Supi.i
The soil of Ceylon In of volcim'.- oi1-
Igln, colitnlnl^g phoHphoroiiK mt<i niin*
a, 4.4 a ... „ n<i„i.- i,lf,lf,l.        4 lilt* llil!»MI;J
In "ftflbitbt" ('be well knuv n ;,i, *,,.,•
Ceylon ten, a i ollcney iirtd frnnrniice
that lh Incomparable,
..Valentine Post Cards at Bleasdell's
Palace Drug Store.
The new depot should be-ready the
last of February.
, Rochon has some real, nice ice
cream on hand.     Call and see. .
Miss .Constance Stiyen of Cranbrook
is visiting her' sister,;Mrs. .Charbon-
neau. .....    -   ,    »„....".- '/,,-.'   >
Baths hot or cold at the Club Cigar
Store. _''.-*,.;.-•;•, , ■   ',''        • '•'"'"
,Mr.*J. .McMillan,"superintendent of
C. P.-.R. telegraph ..was in Pefhie on
Friday.■•':. *.i       •,•,.•■•*.      ., -f .. -
Patronize home industry and .'smoke
Crow's Nest Specials and Extras .
■ Charlie ShepIJerd of Hosmer 0was in
town over Saturday and Sunday,   of
last week. s   •-    '"..-.■ ■-'
7 Rochon' has won'the highest appreciation, of the, citizens as a Candy
There are a great "many applicants
for the .position, of chief.of policc.of
Fernie,., • -, ,T.      /. .    ..,„•.,, •.-,?
.Rochon,<that's all—the Candy King
The San* Francisco Opcr.a, Company
wl'tf play,In Bruce's opera hoiise in ihe
near future'.'-      '.-■'-   •  - -a •        },
Valentines at Palace Drug-Store.
Colemuu played hockey iit Moyie "on
Tuesday and broke even, the ' score be-
■ig three .all. '.•.-",.       "•
...L.-T.  English of .iho Free    Press
'•iff has hoc ii <-oi.sldcr:ibly under the
/eatlier of" late."" :■
Mr. E. V. Daugerfleld, district bag-
rage agent, at Calgary was in Fernie
--.'huisdny-and Friday.
, The cuisine at. the Napanee is unexcelled. The bar has the best*.in
the' land.      -•-■■-      ..-*.-
■ Tho committee of Italians wish' to
thank all who contributed to tho relief
of the sufferers- in Italy.
The Club Cigar store every time if
you want the best that offers in cigars
and tobaccos. •      -.,',    '*"•
Socialists meetings are held in the
•Miners hall every Sunday night at 7.45
and all workers are'.invited.
P. Burns and Co.'s new store is now
near completion. It is expected that
it will be occupied next week.
You can play on either English or
American billiard tables at Ingram's.
think. ''you?, ar.e being served as well
Eatons have received a rush order
ior:six sets, of boxing gloves, 6 punch-
•ing bags and a few hand spikes for the
Pree Press composing room.
The bowling alley at,Ingram's for
an hour's sport.' .  ,
•The 'Ross-Whlmster dance will be
held on Friday evening February 5, in
Bruce's hall; .excellent music.
, A large number from here' attended
the social and dance given in honor of
Robert Burns at Hosmer on, the 25th
inst. - , v '
* Hereafter; hockey' practices will be
as follows: Monday and Friday nlghfs
from 7 to, 8 and Wednesday, night from
10 to 11. ....
**n .j*"* -*£*■ ■**5'- A A A iA i^ ,A -^-~j_r-mt'^-'-^-\_u tjr
N«w Ho, f Koottnay lUng-c, Etc.
Owner gotac to leavedtjr -ind will
ull cheap,
Next to Robt. Redhead I
•■- Wright the Jeweler has a fine line of
ladies Diamond rings which he is selling at great bargains, prices range
from $10 up. Store next door to Hotel
Fernie. *
a    i    •      .,
Rev. Dr. Chown, head of the Methodist department for moral and Social
Reform will be In Fernie on Tuesday
February 9.
The Socialist party desire to thank
tho following for tho loan of dishes etc.
for thoir concert-and ton: Mr.- Terry;
Mr. neid and Mr. Blundell:
The electi-lc wiring of the new C, P.
It. depot was finished this week by
IT. I-I. Boyd, electrical engineer- of
Winnipeg. *'
Tho yard onglno baa boon tempor-'
ai'lly removed from the C, P. U. yard
here to relieve the congestion of work
nt Crow's Nost.
Mr. It. }'f. Nesbitt hns severail his
connect Ion as outside siiporinton'deni
with tho Coal coinpiiny iind has boon
'Hiiccoodcd by Mr. W. Aloxandor.
Through spoclnl Inducements Wr. (I.
Bruco has succeeded In getting • the
San Francisco Opera Co,, with 40 net-
on* to play Fornio at tu\ ourly date.
The LadioH Benovolenl assoclnlion
nro going to glvo a tea on February
the 5th from :i to C In Bliindell'H store.
Mr. Bluiidoll very kindly offered his
moro nnd Hiipplles for tho oncnnlon.
All the solicitors nre now liousod -n
iheir now ipmrteiH with iho oxcoptloi.
of Mr. h. P. Kcl'Htoln who will bo re*
niovinii' to IiIh old ciunrtorH in tho
llendorfion block whon It in complotcd,
In lho l.'ii pi int. church nu Suiulny ov-
enliig Mr. Wllllnmson will preach on
Ihe subject "A Worthy Purpose," Mr.
A. II. Kennedy will also hIiiu ii nolo,
service ar. 7..'10. Everybody Ih conl*
inlly invited.
A naval muimnn Iiiih onco nvory dny
to Hiiliitn thu (|iiiu*ter-(leck of his ship,
ovon If no officer Ih upon It. "galiuln"
Ten Ih In hucIi popular favor thru,
many peoplo feel like wiliitlng ti ime-
hot whenever seen.
Ladles watches at great bargains for
to-day only, Wright the Jeweler next
to Hotel Fernie,
The school lionnl mot on Tuesday
nml completed iirriillgementH ilhout the
niieitlug of the hcIkkiIh oh kooii iih pen
sltile. The old biillillng of the 11 om i
hunk will lie ui-eri niul |h now In t'h1
couiHe of ((mi)iletlon, Ah noon iih
mine room Ih available extra teaehet'B
will be put on. U in lispecieil that
•he Hplionl will be open within ten
/-*     ,    , i        - , '   ,
44a...     a ......p. .,    ».,..!      a/*.a tt    C.,.,1,^;     II,
t\\n mmini'onw'c-.t t\t Ciml t'vecv Mr.
T. KpriiHtnn, pit Iiohh nt N'o. r. mine,
Iihh been promoted to nn«lHtnnl Hiiper-
ititeiiib-nt ul Michel. Mr. I'uvn Martin, pit Ikihm ul No. '.I uiluo Ih laklu-;
charge of No. fj mini) ami Mr.   Tom
Vi'iiiaAikin   *i«   VrtlUIlK   t'lCnlKi-   III    ,'MI,    ,1
nilno. We underHtaiid thoRn changeH
nro in tako effect on Monday next.
For • good comfortable smoke get
Oo re n becker's brands. They are
home product,
W. J. niundell, the (rrorer hns moved Into his new quarter* In the John*
non-Falconer block nnd Is now com*
forlHbly uliimieil nnd better prepared
itutn even to meet tbo demnndu of his
many customers, lllundcll I* one of
our pioneer business men and Imrdly
i.«yi*ds introduction ae his choice jrro-
i-.ri«-s *r«> io bo found in nearly -r-if-r-j
I home in the city.
, Mr. Biggs' calling days are Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday; Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, any hour.,
Phone 41 for the best of meats.
A. J. McCobl of Michel•> was:. "n
town yesterday.;on business. -., -,
" Mr. tudwig from Winnipeg arrived
here last' Saturday and joined ' the
Ledger staff.       •■•'-•■•     ■   r    .-'."
Bert White of. the, Coleman hockey
team stayed over' for a short' visit
with',friends, here. *        ', ' '
,T. H. McMullin,' J. P.]'left on Thurs-
dify for. the coast on official .business*       a',   '    .-       ^ .'■      ■-'.-.--','   /        .'    /'"   .'
,Would; the Free Press'.editor (not
near-editor) like to.get .the receipt for
building 2 houses and luxuriously furnishing-one on--$300 of Relief money?.
.'.Air.-and-Mrs. F..J.-Watson.returned to town on Tuesday, after having
spent two weeks in Spokane, Seatlle
and -Vancouver. •*■'■.*
Master*Leonard Dudley.left for California, on Thursday. He went ;as
'far as Moyie alone and'from'there he
will go with his' sister. ,'•    ,' ■"■'   '
The'hockey boys have Issued tickets
that entitle tlie holder to membership.
They'only cost,-**l so' buy one; and
help .the boys along. i
. Pat Miller's orchestra, the best in
the Kootenay, is going to play at Hosmer next week. They also have two
or three otliei\,engagements ahead,
"Wallowing around in the snow up to
heir necks seems to bo a popular sport
with ^some poipUv-They call It snow-
shoeing. . .
' The postoffce staff were busy Friday
placing new boxes in. ■ This will be
welcome news to a great many people
who have had to wait alobg time for
their mall.
The Teamsters'.Union had an official visit from T. Briggs of Indianapolis
Ind; Mr. Briggs is the general auditor of, the International Teamsters union of America/   " '
Fresh fish daily at the 41.    .
c ■ ,   ,- ' ■ •*>
, The Trades and Labor council meets
on Monday evening at 8 sharp.- All
delegates are urgently requested to
be. present. -The Miners delegates are
especially reminded. ■.-■'..
We have'.our phone connected.now
andi any Irates can save their, family
a funeral bill by. phoning instead of
calling. One called last week, but he
was of-the harmless .nature. The
number Is 48. ''        ' ' ■   •
Beef, mutton, pork, veal,,hams, bacon, lard, etc., only ofthe very best.
Phone 41.
The Monthly tea of the Ladies Aid
society, of the Methodist church will
be held at the' home' of Mrs. W.
Brown on Tuesday, February 2nd from
3 to 6 and at 8 in the evening.
The Tom Marks company are to return to'play here on February *he
25th, 26th and 27th." This will be good
news to any one who s'aw,.the previous
performance. Have you got a match.
- For hotel. accommodation the Nap-
anee:Is the, place. *",•     •   - ■ ■-
* Joe Aiello, one of our merchant prin-j
ces left on ^Monday.night's Flyer on
a four months trip to his old home in
sunny .Italy. .*- Joeiwill visit""'-the
scene, of, the j recently stricken portion
of .Sicily.    ijt>,   ,     ,- ■■•■     ,-
, For.jNew Year Gifts see Wright the
Jeweler's display of Jewelry and. of
watches.. , Next door to Hotel Fernie.
' J. Lundie was taken to Spokane'last
Sunday to undergo treatment at .one
of the hospitals in that city. : He,was
•accompanied by Mrs., Lundie and alio, P/, It. Lundie.- We nre pleased to
report improvement,-  '       •-.:■-'
If i»ur wife is angry get'her a box
of Rochon's Chocolates—that, will win
l-.er over.'      '  ,,       ', ',        .'    '
, President F.: H, Sherman .left,for
lIIllci'OHL.oii.-Tuesdayj-.lio will return
Sunday morning to attend tho public
meeting .of firo sufferers and thon
leave for, the convention on Sunday
(■veiling's train.
Tho mniingoment of'iho Drnmnlnnd
tli'Tiiro nro putting "on .i bohor chow
U-nn ovor'.theso days, Thoy h,\\n reduced, thoir prices and if you want to
•mu ii good moving picture show glvo
Uioni n call,
The Napanee hotel Is, prepared to
handle gravellers iind .other; guests.
l'.OBtoni cnpltal ready io liivosllgiiti?
legltlmato liivontnioni8, IiiikIh, ilniber
or mines In British Coliimhin, Addrosp
In flrnt Inslauco with full particulars.
"Capital." cure of Noblo & Co.. Mol*
sons Hank building, Voneouvor.
IIo's back—who's back? Why don't
you know. Bob Mooro, tho gonial Ir-
Isninn who linn u linnrt nn Inrgo ns a
'.i.i.sli nnd n pockot that. Is opon to
the needy at all times. Bob su.vh Ireland h; all right, but Pernio Is bottor,
We have a nice range of Sterling
Silver Toilet Sett and Military Brushes
which we are selling at less than their
actual cost. Call and oet one before
they nre oil gone, Wright the Jeweler in A, A, Gillespie's store,,, next
door lo Hotel Fernie,
Bonn' (Aclteiiient wiih ciuihoiI horo
on Weilneiidny, Iho report going
uroiiiid tint tie men Imprisoned for u
ihort while lu the ('nrhoiiudo mino hnd
been killed, hut when the true until ro of tho iii'Cldmil wiih kiuiWn people
iirenthed freely tigaln. Many of the
SlnvH !*eio hnd rehitlves there.
Two (•'.•HoldU-i'H ut the Queeim Owfi
from tho Pieo Pcuhr offlco engaged In
a rough nnd tumble, lot mo down easy
PltzglmnioiiH-Jeffrlt'H combat thin
wook, Keports my that one of thom
Ml bHtjLDy lliv iitvcA*. <it U. J^J'ttir'*
noiu.—ilU'HO are not tho same two
tlmt locked horn* n short timo wro
•*»•*>■» *» *»-»**»■,
':1 vpr^WItti' Mp-to-datc (Fixtures „ _. .
- V J   -a...-   -   -S.
!•- i'■■•*•  ; -., i <*.
BLUNDELL      Olvei-ua ;a.yeall
SiilgeiP Sewing Ma|.-hine|fb.y
'.'."'■'..   Fernie,'B. C. ...,:"
4-i      .-.• = }•,.'
.    . .!}.y,..
ai , ! -a
Why be without a Sewing Machine when you,
\V. •■.,   '• '.can get'.one, for ,^$3.00 a.rhoiith? \';:}i(\£ ,!;'.->  ';".-.
al     li'       -al
J. P. H0ULAHAN,-Agent; oppositeI Coal Co.'s office,, PellatAve... ',
The Ledger,does not hold Itself J*e-
sponsible for opinions expressed. , ■
To the Editor of The Ledger:
;' Dear Sir:*.-! want to call your, attention to. a case .of, so called relief   by
S., Hevchnier, now mayor.
.;. Mrs,. Demfturez had.^ some insurance
on her houBe which was burned..
■   When she-.sent-me up to;get" her
money from.Herchmer I found that
between,.bills: that,did not belong to
her and lawyers costs she had nothing
coming oiitof .the $600^     Is this; proper treatment to hand out to a woman
with'twri children who,has lostr all. I
am going,to, prosecute this case. ,
- . .*",..- ,'0:.,O. DBMAUREZ
, NEW WESTMINSTER, Jan. 25.' —
Piqued be'ciaiise.a recent despatch'from
Ottawa intihiated that discipline in ,the
B. C-, penitentiary was not perfect in
the-recent.tenure of office of D. D.
Bourke ex-deputy warden and for several months'.vlrtually-warden,'haB written to' the press intimating that unless
justice Is-done he will "open tip a new
Held for moral reformers by telling the
world the .'truth about the-escape; of
Bill Miner and his three convict companions" who escaped from the.B. C.
penal instiutlon In August of 1907. .Mr.
Bourke states'that tbe disclosures ,he
may make public would be sensational,
and' far'reaching. - ••'■ .. '}•-■ *; -   - -j- , •
- WINNIPEG,;Jah.-,28.—A special .to
this city from .Big Falls, Minn, says
that a fire''-which'destroyed-'the Audit
hotel and saloon here1 last nlfeht^caus-
,ed the, death of twb(,*men and' two oth-
vers .were, probably-? fdtaliy burned, at
the same'.time;**''" '.}'" ,', ,■•' ' „ ,,';''' .
, J.J,. Curie"-/, and Joi?.' Leblance,'the
homesteaders ,-of.,^aiikonda^ were. cremated.., Paul"'Lawrence and'ills wife
who ran. through-tho, flames in'their
night clothes1 were terribly burned and
are' not expected to live.-;' Nels Erlck-
p6h who'leaped'froiit'the third * storey
window, was badly;'bruised about'the
.hood' and his'jugular, yeiii'wns' narrowly" missed by tho window' glass ■ which
cut a deep gash,.Injbls-throat, \Tlie
buildings and contents' wore a complete' lOSS. -.     '■'.'' in-'   ■ \
' t \
■•■I*** ,
'''',   '    \DIES "At. CALGARY ''■ *
, GALGARY, Jan. 25—George Mnclion
nn . omployeo *of tlio. Groat West
Snddlory company ileft work this aftornoon 'about 15 o'clock and died, an
hour Inter nt his.rosldonco, Sixth nvo.
Ho was n resident of this city for a
mimbor of years and, had been a mem-
bor'of tlio old volunteer flro popart*
mont and,vory popular.' Ho loaves a
wife and family.:7 . ,
,i . ■', —: .1. . —i , r—
. ■*. i •• . CARNIVAL-
■A fancy dresB carplval will bo held
In'the rlnlt on-'Tuosdny ovenlng, Pob.
0, '/"PriKOB wlU'-'boglvoh for the host
moiVs oofitumo,' bost.huiy'B . costume,
boat drcBBod school girl, nnd.boy, and
the host, comic costume, ,, Mr. 11.,W.
Wood will glvo.,11 five dollur ..prize for
a two mllo-raco /ornnen, and n prize
will also be given for a halt milo race
for hulloB and ono mile race for boys,
twelvo lapB to tho milo,
''A'; meeting of tlie, hockey clubi'was
held .on Sunday ,In the-Napanee "and
tho .following officers .elected: ,, '•'",'  a
Hon. President: W. R'. Ross a'nd!,R.
W. Woods.    ,     ,      ',   '..':. ■- .',/■,.,'
Hon. Vice-presidents:..Rev.    Grant,
T'. H. Whelan'and W.G. Barclay.
^President: S. HerchinerV ;.■
■  -1st vice president*. J. R. Pollock.
'.■&-2nA vice president:  H.  W.    Tren-
holme. ,     , '**
-3rd; vice president: W. C. B. Man-
son.' ' 7        ','.-   V'"'-"
Manager:  Con.,L. Whelan.*      ',,
•Secretary treasurer: Chas. Pyfe.   .
Executive: ■ M. A. Kastner,;-:, F •' C**'
Armstrong, J.-.-.A. Scott. ,. '■■'';'-' , :"i
The colors of-the club will be'.red
and black.
The Coleman hockey team played
the Fernie boys on Thursday, in our
new rink. , The game from the spectator's standpoint was very. good. The
Coleman boys won by a score of .five
to,one; but when It is.considered that
this was the'flrst^game our., boys played together -,(as they only, organized on
Wednesday) it is a very,-good.showing
Indeed. Thegaine at half time was
nil and •> the Coleman' team were the
first to score in the. second half. Our
boys when they have had a^few, practices and get. down to playing, together
will be able to skin the ColemanMoyle
aggregation.    Rev ._F_ather_McCulloch
made a most impartial referee.
•" A game, was played between-a picked
team', and the Coal "company boys this
week,and'the picked team'picked; ev
er'ything in sight.,,' Modesty for the
Coal company boys prevents lip from
stating th'e score.'    •*• • ,f ,-:!,"
The office staff of the Cohl Compahy
met the Trltea-Woods boys at the new
rink last night and after'a very; hard
tussle managed by the use"'- of a', little
overtime, ."to get .the best end pf tho
score to, the tune.of"*! to 3. It was, a
good game all:through,and the Coal
Company boys earned tlielr win.: ■
?PSw^lNfest':,T^iiM2oY \
-\ .,-""•'".  -.,.-• y -   ■ -v-f. ■ ^-'-i...&<-?sks--'■     s*
, -* -j -i*. 'vsv^*
4-.(-     -      ."J.'     -.    •
WIFernie's -7Glfea$-;JCash - StdSeHI
v..-ivi. * '■ .;*,       -  *-.- ,?"■   .- ■    >..-'i'^\.yiit
.   _ y^&i'<yi?\s®y -y>y^/ ■••
Victoria Ave.
1 '-M^sX-i.
"^~- ";"*: Fernie/ BM
"'W l,*^0i nobavrv/'j/. -,:!T ■■
r*'   M
. t> -. - - -     -   ......
look,,well ,to. ,,ybiiv feet.
The advice of doctors when
there   is im   epidemic  of
'■',» :.'. *,. grip is
You can do this by wearing, shoos: made of good
lentlioi' ("ind- put together
by tho beat inuthodH. -Wof
have them. When you
buy a McDougull shoo you;
are InsmiHl ngninst dump';)
.*''■• ':y-.*.'.ov wot foot. ^-.'A*- 'X,
~.\,.'iityy -s      .,     .,--"/yv&s<.
* ' •' '* ■' •-'* -
--•   '   --■-'- * '  ■
' -   - * * jf?*
.1,.    i> (-*!.■*<*    *"lU   '»**
■- •-' •■•**-
Da   I'AMt,
-. I'-^ri-^W-.^t.j.J li, ^.-rat.A
'   '    ^aHf'    •
'■ .-v;rV-'-
v \   . C'*-t* * ■Vt ^ -r^
...-?!    ._)a	
mtS.Kl.-    .-   ■•■■«
■ i
A covdpiete assortment of best-music
Vocal and Instrumental, received to-day
.^HlS.has been..,carefully selected and comprises^
: """ mostt:of the favorites, both pbpularand classic;S\
. We. ,have'".now." on., exhibition ..a'.shipment 6f;..the"!^.|'
famous new double record Columbia discs.   These;
.'discs '.MAofi each^bearstwo..complete records, one
on ieach,:sideJ anrj, cost ionly710c more, than thef.i
usugii* single record-ofb£her|makes'.^.^vv-' (?•?£"'fe>l«M-
".:*i.-■„"--.■ .I--• 4.,-.- -■ • .••-' r,!„r..v.i{tk'"/ "'-'^^1*'^.
> The "January-issue MEdisoh«I^ora^
,Call;and make.your selection early,.while oursstockw„, 1
records are winning many friends. 7, •      )
'".".■'   "'-'■•'■••e'    '.•'.   .'».-•,>•'•■■.  if.V*w',*-'.-■■" i*M-i {" j
A fuli line'of ViolinsP-NIandolihs;,^^BarijoSj,5Giiitai*s, ■-* '*
Harm6hic6s,'*AccoMeohs.:!Flage^^   Strings;-etc.,
, always.on hand at,,.    , i.>\-,-•   rt'- i^s^t- ■•■■. -  .
Suddaby's Drug & B$ok£tprie
''■"'-'-       ' "   ■' "-•■'- CHOCOLATE8,i ETC. '     '      "'
: .Tn■.*■' "•7i,v^J","'-^''!f;.'?' y- '.'<  'i
)v   '.tit ,-.f*t u*. '
The 41 Meat Market, Ltd.
i Two rinks journoyod to * Cranbrook
Inst week playing for tho district' mo*
dais/ resulting In Fornio being 2 up nt
tho, finish. , Following nro tho rinks
and; scores:     -
A.Abbott Wrlglesworth   ,
McDougnll Johnson
Ward Liphardt
McCownn Illundoll
skip......     0    ,  Blilp.,,;.,..   lrf
In  Fernie  its
Hawthorne for
Painting, Interior
HAMILTON, Jan. 25—Tho city coun*
ell chamber wah crowded to tho doom
by woven o'clock UiIh ovonlwi when ll*
cmu-io roductlon waH connldoiod, Tom*
poronco nldormon wanted a reduction
of 15 to (10 hut the roiincil fixed the
number at. OS, tho iiumlior now IhhikkI
which Ih 7 below tho commlHHloner'H
prut-ii-nt prlvlloKnH,
.NM3W YOI»K. JAN. ^"—A coIohhiiI
Htilko In Hlxty triulPH lo involvo Hin.
000 men and women; planned by the
United lkbrow Trnden was innugur*
atod to-day by Konernl NtrlknH Involv*
tug paiiirunkei-8 thiouglioiit Now York,
Ti.U ,lllji.*.l Iji. iltl) kltih,) iit iU    CcfttUlt.-
tho wuf{« Hciilo In erred befoio lnut
ycar'H (lopiciiHloii.    *
WMMl tt A ■"•II** Av*.
Drake of i>amlnKton wan inotsntly
killed nt the Standard White Lime
company'**! worki, Hin nock vra* broken by tioniu falling machinery.
The new rlnlr 1st Incfe-vl a great. Imn*
cllt to the young people, tt ia lar&
er thnn the old rink, more from fort able,
and Mioiihi r-ceivt* largo pntronfiKe.
There in cno thlnit that onitht to be
remedied a littler. The boy* are allowed to play Around too much. The
raretaker or mnnogor nhould quiet
tb-rn ;i JSul.* «* ir. I« «mio}lri*| to Ihe
14        akip ,,
'    2!1     ' " 25
CurlliiK Is most popular nt pronont
and tho Htnnos aro in groat domniMl,
Tho boyu report lho rlnkg to bo   In
good Nhnpo.
20.--I)t>Hpoiiilont ovor tlio Iohh of IiIh
poiRoiml liberty Jnmon Ii, Weiton, a
convlflted liomo thlof and Jnll bronker,
cnmmltteil milcldo In the p-'nlientlary
InHt iiIrIiI with n ahoomakor'H Imlfo.
HIh dead body won found by a gunrd
nt ho miule li 1 tn mnrnln,** rou-ii!i-
Wofiton wnu sent down for five yearn
JiiniiiK been sunt down from Vernon
for sle/iHiig I101-809,
1 '      *****>     	
.'AViiiS. ,l»it, -to,—Ail tbe llnotypors
on tho Pari* nowspaperg struck tonight for mora, pny, Tho publishers
wero oxpoctlng tho striko and hnd
propared. and only suffered slight In*
convonlonco nnd delay. '
'  m
NOTTf.!? Is b«*reby -riven thnt tho
annual general meeting of tho nhore-
holders of the Fernio Rink Company
United will be held in the Provincial
government offices at 8 p.m. on Monday, February t, 1908,
, Socrctary-tseiuiu.il-
ii, i -i ■ * «* ~ i
ttAVING "oponetl a brunch stoi'e i.n thb^tompoi;-,,,--
■IA   ,u,y stote lntely' occupied by .'A. *A; ,Gillespib,!;-.
■ two flobi's  north 'of the now Bank of. Goinmqi-co
Iiui hi Ing,, wo a ro', prepared, to Hiipply tho people of.,
l^ci'iiio und mii'i'oiiiHliiin; district with tho
choicest ;meats: ■;
of nil kinds,   Wo koop a cholco Holoction of hmns..
Ibicon nnd Liuil, (tho well known Armour Bi'im.l)'
,    iuul Fresh F(n]i (lilily.. " ,"    ,..'„'	
All our Moats ana Spobially Soleotod from
1 our own RanoHai   '-,•''    '£: ,'•,",■
IIoUiIh, Bouvdinij Housoh nnd Cunipsmipplied ut the
lowest poHHllilo ,pj!]'!Oii,.i,   .Wo   iCHpectfully   Hollolt
-,■: your patronage. .•-.,'
■3 4
The 41 Meat Market, Ltd.
•T *■   '-'«■'        t
rViiuliiiSALII and aii iml mtriii iinift-uJiAlUd
:) I ."..''" i" "■- •'. ■. . ' . '
'AhvaJ's a choice supply of Beef, Pork, Voul,
^»ut*aA)ii, iiuu L.utiiiuii Siaiid.    iiinn*-.,
*L     .*•■■•..■«>.!'	
 B.icon,i lA\t\, Buttor and Eggs
Our Specialties
Kw-h,' SmoV-prl ftrifl flflUml Fisli, always a good
assortment.   Try our''-Mince Ment,
S'UU'kraut. and Oyster*-..
* i
aa-V,,  ,4^       jei .'J.      - f,    .a,*,.     -,,V    I    ?■   *f.t *lP«    *. , «    ^  -   *tj-*     ^«


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