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wulnKi' i«»it^i»h»iii hiM[ri,*>'»*n,to,.i*fit«i?ifcJ*^
i-^l.i-V   Swt"' ''/.<■    ** ,**'   I r
Prov. Library,
\ June 30 08
Industrial ptaity is Sticcnerth
The Official Organ of District Ho, 18, U. PI. W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
,VOI,. IV,   No.
FERNIE,   B. CM   DECEMBER  19th,   1908
$1.00 a. Year
1                                           ','"',"                                                                                                       "                                                                   '                                                 -•,...--*--
'   ■ *                     \             ,l                                 ,              '                                         J*    *?1   . '''■'-j1-■               -    *-\   •-,-  0  , ■  *i
•■••: '-7,.',*;,77M yy-yiy.y.yy^yy .iy%yu:y    '•
x    ,*>    ■      •■
*       1                                        11
,       •                               '          x       .           ''   '   "' \-                        •              .0
l                                                                                                   a     *•                                             *•
TVTO Present ; is more appreciated than a ;
,   "  •   ■'"/'■"'  -■•■-•--'''.■'.-■ .■••'.-- ■;..■;"_,'••_'      :y",7.7V      l
niece piece of Furniture. "We have in
stock exactly what you want* and can supply •
every possible demand of-the most fastidious .
at the lowest price and easiest terms.   We
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,    Desks
The Celebrated New Scale,
Williams  Piano
,.\   -    *   ,
-    -"•-  ■
• '■-''■' v-   •■  -'-•■ •/*• • ->' *: -■  -■-.--.•     ■■■■•-'"■"'.'  -.
'.. v -     * i >'   -      . /":
^he|;?H. REID CO., Ltd.
F.J. Watson Blames a Local Bank Manager
for Loss to Public—Will Not Give
Banker's Name
-  i
< •-•-:.-■ *.-^V  !*!i**.!'>.'',%'** V'J .'..■) j s 1 /.'\'\<   7f"'Y  i-l'-''; '•'■''!  '**''-."
that I can buy good fruit lands with a good water supply, within 30
„  miles of Fernie. on instalment plan, $5 down, 15 per month,, no Interest for-flrsf-year, for arflve"acre trk'bt during thejllfe^ofcbhtract?
This offe rmay not last long^.as^tho^rice may ^e advanced   after
1st January next; so if you want good'fruit lands at the bottom
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—^-far-elreular-an-i<knM«w?!_li.plBa'>lflwTrar.t.'' ....;■ 	
ftW*  HART ^: Agent for-Canada ', BAYNES^B! ^
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Now, books arriving-dnlly} at.Palace
Drug* Store.    •     " "7  '   '
The Napanee hotel Is prepared • to
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Rochon has Candy from 20c a pound
to t2.00.
Pair Draft Horses for sale. See ad.
A line of fancy Chfistrnas Stationary
at Palace'Drug Store.    •' ~
' The Napanee gives the • best meals
at all times.
Go to. Palace Drug Store for nil
kinds, of razors, 'Suasak's .Razor
Stroop,   . •... .   -      , ,
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Up-to-date Workmanship
The West Fernie Meat Market
pleases all people. Workmen deal here
and save money.
The adjourned ease of Armstrong Dean came up, for hearing be
fore Magistrate "Whimster on Monday afternoon. Sherwood Herchmer appeared to proseccute, and "W. R.'Ross defended. Sherwood
Herchmer asked that all papers, and books affecting the company
since the 17th day of Ap'riHast be produced. • W. R. Ross said that
the hooks were not in their possession; a^there was a petition for the
winding up of the Globe,company, and the books were in the hands
of the official receiver. The. first Witness sworn, was J. L. Gates,
who deposed that he saw,the accused with Mr. P. J. Watson at the
King Edward Hotel office*on the- 17th day of April last. Mr. Watson
introduced Mr. Dean as President of the Globe Fire Insurance Company, and said he"had a proposition to lay before him that would interest him. '..-He (Dean) had organized-a fire insurance company.and
•Was selling stock. Gates said he could not entertain the proposal
then as he had* nofmoney to spare. 7 Dean outlined his company to
him, and said he had a pretty strong company, arid, that three-fifths,
of the1 whole fire 'insurance had been re-written (that is tp say. that
when a policy is written up by our agent in Fernie three-fifths- of
that policy is carried by a London/Eng;, office.)' ■ On the strength
of, the.re-insurance he jiook twenty shares of stock.' ' He paid Dean,
a cheque for $75.00, find gave a note for the balance, $75 payable in
or 90 days,.the\whole(amount being a-call,of 15 per cent.. He
would hot have taken the shares had- not the statement been made
thafthree-'fi^ . „ ■■'-■y'■■■-,
Cross-examined.by W. R; Ross,: Watson "was present when-Dean
outlined the proposition to him;   .Watson took part in the conversation.    He had the'proposition'to.lay. before him that would interest
him.   'W. R)Rdss asked if the note for $75,was'not made payable to
F. J. Watson, but; he (Gates); did not think so.  .He was sure it'was
made payable.to the,.GlobV.Fire';Insurance,.Company, bu^
he thought,the,hpte was made;paybale.to ;F.,J.-.Watson. -Mr., Dean
also, spoke of, the experience-he had.had .with insurance '.companies.
He-believed he-mentioned the'Dominiorii Company.'. .'He also said
1 that ;he'thought hejwpuld conduct business cheaper,than .other com-
.panies.   7Fofrinitroce"if ~firin)ccurreTi^
would deal with it*;to, save the expenses of-an* adjuster-coming in.
Dean mentioned about .the stock,being $250,000.'.   Mr. Wa'tsoh-* had
.also spoken>tohiin,6f 'the"experien"ce Mr.'Dean had.**-'"'■• ■"?■'*■ '^- -7?1;'V;-"'
■>•■   F; J.'-Watson sworn,-said he had known Armstrong ;Deau   for
some time.    Dean was in Fernie,last spring in the month of - April.
He was agent for the Globe Fire Insurance'-company, and**went
around, with-Mr. Dean, to-various people in town'for.'the,purpose'of,
selling stock and getting insurance..   He was present at the Gates-
Dean conversation, and heard Dean mention that three-fifths of  the
fire insurance was re-written by a fire insurance company in London1,1
*   .  V        C
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Gifts for Children
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—W9--9tK--9—*-—9—-—9i-im—t^^ -
."., .<  j: ,   '.;„'-.■. v.'7'! - .;Vi,' ".:.•,;.':,':'•,-'- '■*'' •■j,"--'*-    '-■• "■  '-' -   '*i;*" .   ;   iTi.
miTEsiwodixco:, "Ltd. ■
Victoria Ave.
♦♦♦♦♦♦ ^^♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦^<>
to iQpm?
!■■ t..
Theremayfidvt.been some justification for
'• grave doubts  as  to our sinceriy in former
v. / announcementsf- *in',,, proclaiming   an   early
■ -~\opMfifri:<if our PiStore, but   on   account   of
friridvbtdable delays vwe have unwittingly, led
some doubting Thomas' to1 believe we were
playing a'gamex.of bluff,   We are now pre-
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pared   to vindicate' our veracity and   here
we are with
Goods Inferior to None
Prices to Compare with All
1 * i *    ' ' • »
The Fat Men's baseball team aro
arranging for a ball to bo held in
Bruce's Hall on ChrlBtraas night. The
object of the affair Is to raise funds
to pay for the suits. All their suits
and outfit were burned and they are
expecting to got enough money In
this wa--/ to pay off their debts. Be,
sure and attend as you can bo-assurec*.
of'a first ciasB time. If you' cannot
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can be rented at The
Ledger Office.' Most
fireproof vault in the
city. Reasonable rates.1
See, the Manager for
..—..,-.»_.. ,,,^i.„....
Fernie   Industrial    &   Co-Op.   Store
i >   i  ■_ ' *&
ThoswiHons come and
tho soiiHons fro- Mo
"TonnyHon'8 Brook,"
mil i,*.OJ*..'*nig.-. Imux.-
my biiftiiiciSM g<**n.s ou
steadily. Now is tho'
timo to order your
Chrifltman .luikinK in
j>k<uik uhid o:*:m::n.,.,it.,il'
cakoH and jmstry.
A full lino ofTYuits
and  Confectionery ;.
also Toys ami Novelties i'or the cliildii.n.
■    * .4*   V
Jf V
a^a$,£a}a$a^$^a^^$QQa}4Qa$a$a^a%a%^aX^ ^   mmm
England,'    Asked as to the soundness of the company he did not.
know anything of this.   - W. R. Ross objected to this question'heing
put.,  Ross also objected to the question being put as to, the paid-up
capital of the company, but Watson could not remember Dean saying
anything about this.
Cross-examined by W. R; Ross: He could not say whether   thc
dates Mr. Gates fixed wero correct or hot.    The cheque was only'in
part payment, the balance was made by note.    He could not, swear
•.that the note was. mado pay ablo to the Globo Firo Insurance Company; it might have been made payable to himself (Watson.)   tITo
could safely swear to tho statements made by Dean regarding,the
re-insurance.  . He admitted discounting the note in local bank hero,
thc proceeds being sent to Rogina,  ; Some of tho topics discussed by
Mr. Dean with Gates.wore.the,future prospects,of the city, the firo
•protection of the city. Ho stated that on account of the re-iiiHuranco
his. company, could carry, larger features of .insurance.  AH ho .kjie'w
about re-insurance.was what Dean told him.    lie had not mucfi ox-
poriencty.with'regard to the re-insurance methods.' ./Alio know ub<mt
the re-insuranco.before he wont to sec Gates,, ' He thought ho^w
the re.insu'canieev'contrBet/bi)it ho could not say,,if it was hucIj;,^ It
seemed tp him to bo a1 contract. ', IjE there was a conirnet thibii' tho
statements made tn Gate* wore correct,.- Asked by Ross whethor ho
doubted thp;'yuli.dity ol tho ro.inBurAhco contract, he said ho thought
thoro was\a contract-in taxititeneo.    His (Watson's) idea war'that
only large inBuWoolpolicicii would bo re-written.      Asked \l ho
thought whether an iHolatcd dwelling liouso should be re<iiisurod for .
policy of $500, ho thought not;   If a company gavo away three-fifths
of its business its profits would be reduced,    It was not his iilea'that
a company would ho-compelled to re-insure Uiree-fifths of its business,    Ho would cqriiiirier U reasonable protection if a larger insurance was covered,    lie admitted that he may have madu the m-Her-
tion to Gates, that ,three-f if ths "wore" covered..   Asked if he would
inveigle his friends into beggary through the words of a si ranger,
Watson a littlo sharply said Dean wns not n stranger in llm uensn
of the word.'.   lie hnd beon doing businesH for yours with companies
for which Dean was mnnager, and besides ho asked a bank manager
what he thought of bis writing insurance in the Glob**-, and upon his
advice he. wrote business,,   Ah thero was only ♦S.OOO.re-inHuranco,
ho had reason to doubt thc statement being made as to the three-
fifth!* of the' *u\t\\'e b\\t\x\iwci MiirT- vr*.ln«iiiri«(l     *1! \n i.prlnnnl nild'tint
/■ojidilipjiflS whethrr'the Globe rp-inwtT*?d or not.     H<> (Watsony did
not have any of his own property insured, in tlmplobo.   The rato of
iiiMirante in the Globe was twenty five per Wnt fhenper than the
tariff enmpanies.i   Tho eominisnion allowed him' wiu higher iiV tlio
fjinlio linn r,,W pnnmnnioii nllnwrd bim.     StorkhnldftiiN were to bft
allowed n cut of *4*10 per $1,000 on tariff rates.    After the firo h*1 ex-
prejwed surpri«o that no-moro thnn *8,G00 w«» covorod.   'Ihi   had
never enfpiircd frptn Dean tho standing of the re-iiiHuroni'ii company.
When he first wont to n'oginn ho did not know Ilii- utaiiding of  tho
company.    He stnted he got *4t20O n» *300 for rommirwinii on wiling
and about $.'100 or $100 preiuiuiiiN on policies. M,v total t-muiuisHiou
front the (|lobo wan about '^rtOO,    Mr, Gnti«* wn« u fntiNidphliln-hmpr
liy the fire; he lout about ^2,000 tin policy ami nbout fSoO'nn s'toclc
Ho estimated tho Globe's lo«s«8 in the fir<» nt about *f-O,()0O.  'Th'w
ended examination.    Thi, ease was Adjinirncil until Ibis marnltiif at
10.30 oVIork.
! -r.-.-Ei MSftfi-^-wassssKfiai*:.
News of Interest to Churchy Goers J
I   .■■■:''.       ...; ——— ,*       .,'   . -  './'
1 We will be glad to Have news for these columns each week
' The' pastor is now comfortably housed in the church building, and will be
.pleased to ..have a visit from any one.
If you are homeless and your room
(s cold, and you have a letter to write,
come in—there is heaps of paper and
envelopes and the door . is always
open.  *    7 7 ,*.'       ' ,. . •;
*      *      *     •;       .' ;     ',
The Sunday School took a big jump
last Sunday under the new order. We
liave a live staff of teachers who are
• anxious to ,do' business for The King,'
and help make, better citizens'of your
lioys and girls. "o
w        *        *
„The Bible Class is under the guld-
' hiice of the pastor who will order it
along  up   to  date  lines  to  suit  the
' class, and take    up any interesting,
, helpful topic. ■,   - * •'•■.-
i 7 »   "   "
; !  Every Baptist young man and   old
' man,'ought to be ,there.„.    If yon .arc
away from home it.',would please* your
mother to knoiv that you spent your
Sunday    afternoons    in    tlie    Bible
. School.
7 We think Korea a heaten country,
. yet tiicy have the largest men's Bible
class in the world, and a woman's
! class that numbers over 600    every
'meeting.     If we get twenty in   this
; country we call it a> success.     Whose
[ fault is-it-^yqurs?'."-?';'- .-,-'■*.,;•■' ■:'
t;.'   '  ,,       ■ ",.*,*.*, ,
• I •    .'' '• '       .,.-','      ' ' ..',.,!
■':  At the recent.'Baptist convention,'in
Vancouver much of tlie'time wasgiv-,
• en to the consideration of Christian-
• Ity in its bearing upon'the social ccm-
; ditions of the.day. f_-.-.        ■■  ■ ,
*    *    *
The essential purpose of ChrisJtlaV
ity was to transform   human   society.
j Into the Kingdom of God by rogulat-
j |ing,all human.revejations and yocoti'-,
! 'striictirig themrln'accordance',wiih' the1
7 'will; of God.—Rawschehbusch. , 7!,i'"!
!''■■" *    *    *
.. *      i . . •   ,,
■!! At the service on Sunday.there'wiil
i ]be special-singing. Mr. Williamson'
°!will preach on the subject: "A pro-
| phet's advice to his people,   which is
• applicable to our-tipieand place."-- ■
 r~  ^* ? V-   -  ' - ■""-
Services next- Sunduy will be hold
in the Coun. House at' 11 o'clock, und
7,30; Sunday school' at   2.30."
'•    »;  *
' -"Sunday* School teachers Tilble clnss
will be held on Thursday -..veiling at,
7.30, and .Brotherhood, of St. .Andrew
at 8.30 at the rectory.       <-   <-
'■' *', "■     *    *    *;      '**    ."
° Choir practice will bo hold "after tho
Sunday evening service.
*   * , *
'The Rev. Wilkinson will hold service at Hosmer on Sunday 'nttornoon
at 3 in the opera house."
tion is an ■ accomplished fact, and is
powerful;- In view of its semi-universal
character, I shall suggest to the workers abroad that they join with us in
a compact of, peace and fraternity, not
only-In* words, as hitherto, but upon a
fixed 'and-idetermined plan capable of
reducing the government of any power
malting a declaration of war, to complete impotency. Social war will ensue until the workers-have received
their emancipation but in the mean-
lime international strife'will cease because the workers will know that by
it they have nothing to^ gain and much
to lose."       ■, '.'  /Ti   -'  ,-
With tills- double object—the organ-!
izatlon of a British Federation first,
tb be, followed by :,the universal .solidarity of the worker's-^the veteran lea-'
dor is prepared to cross the seas, tak:
Ing with him the 'support and respect
of tho workers of the English people.
—Labor Loader. ...
Fire at Cranbrook
CRANBllOOK—The    sand elevator
at the C. P. R. depot here was burned
.to..tho gr.oynd at^two olclpck"    this
*mornlng.V. \  '-'a. I   \- 'iyyyi \ :    .
.* i       ■•■      if-'*  ?' -. ■ '-* '.     *■•-.   '.» ■",   '*
(Eschwi^ and Sorkie, Props.)
Now open  to the  public
Everything* new and up-to-date
•'"    'i .-'.>"!    /".•     .   "   ' --*?* .*- - " ■■*•
Handsome Din ing Room Attached
yi Music every afternoon .:,ancl'-* night- i\*
> j i-i '.
Thinks It Will Cost Double the U. S.
Christmas artldrNew Year
..1   '     i^"        S   ,     • *\     • V        J,    , t "* a      '
X   it V   . *,'      <*--       *  -:■■' ,-*'
/M -••//.'l 'Opposite old stand
Table Board $6.00.   * All-old prices now charged
,.-*■;-   -■ >*•■"'"'. .-'•- ''*.'"■    ■*'"  '■..V'-V   •••■
Excellent Cuisine
J. L. GATES, Prop-
'     \'.       t
i ;-■"
' Professor Tarrlda del Marmol, the
London" editor of the Madrid Herald,
the * leading Spanish" dally, has. beon
describing iii-his paper an interview
which he had with Kler liardio,-M. P.
previous 16 the' lateV's departure for
Canada. We quote the following paragraphs: '   ■ „ ;.,
During his recent travels Mr. Hardie
•held confereti8es wjtli the^ino'j't.^ctiye
elements In!' tlie "Labor /and!.'Socialist
movements in South Africa, Ceylon,
India, Australia, fc New Zealand anil
Canada, and. laid down the basis of! a
future. Federation of all the labor parties, within,the, Empire, j '.,
■ . The project, is colossal in character,
especially so when it is remembered
that the workers of Australia are
Protectionists; the workers of Canada
Prohibitionists; the English artisans,
-Piee '* Tracers; the \Irisli--.' .Catholiqs;
the'Scottish'Puritans;'the Hindoos pagans;  the New Zealanders, free thin
71 If you..\vani to lmp\y 4>Yhat QhriAstlan
I Faith is/'be ilie're Sunday morning" at
; 11 o'clock. ...,.-.,,.     ; ■  ■'•■'-
'■-,.."'..-: ■»*.*'*;-.*■>"■'i^V/)"'-^''.'■&■
I .';■-•. "://'.'.;.. ^.,
:'  There will, be a religion-'inr flie'fu-''
. ture.      It will -be  Christianity,    and
'. !more Christian than it is to-day. ■There
• lwere;''good'.'';reaspns<'.of'fered laatjSviri-,
day night ., •>
Pnrls, Dec .14.—Plilllipe Buneau R.'.
Vnrrlila, ormer Panama- minister and
onco i*,n .engineer engaged In. the construction on tho Panama canal, takes
the gloomiest view of things connected with the ciihnl.' He says that, the
cost, will.be $280,000,000, which is dou;
bio the estimate made bj* the United
Stales.'1 ,He says,that'the plan which'
Is now being..carried out will,result
almost .noviliibly. In1 the greatest disaster In thb hlBtory!df4public undertakings. Tho oxistonco of the- canal,
depends iipoji'the Gatum dam and all
renciTengineers who studi9d the undertaking nj*e absolutely convinced of
tho,fact that the nature of'the earth
makes, certain the destruction of the
dam'which Is now being erected: The
only* remedy Is toVomove-'the tiara 15
kilometres to Mlrafoles;' '
J-K* r
•"-'-"■A. Rizzuto
:, ..r; •*- *,-,-   a
'   .i V*    :';.'
T' Crawford \!tJ
i i
Fernie Livery; Draj & Transfer Co.
>y-C> '••■ x
'.1 '
''!    <■
J   «S1»     -'A
. i   . ,       . ;'  UNITY.',   .
'i'.There Is little Ukellhood.'of any, Immediate tangible .results1 from the. recent' visit!of,Kief Hardie: to eastern
Canada. .;.
The eastern,delegates at the reqent
convention" of "the", Trade's! and :Ltibbf
kers and the South Africans, colonists. 'Congress at' Halifax who .were-loudest
But all have a common aspiration jii in-their declamations for unity will be
'the emanclpatiori-b'f-'jyie working cl?.:-is, the .very .ones' who will make unity 'an
and .this'!will be-the.'.only fundamental impossibility. ,   \ ,•.■' \y) ," . ; ,
point1 of.the programme^ each organ- "'- The delegate who moved the'.resolii;
ization and country preserving iiiii
automny in order to cotnribute toward,
the realization within its sphere of j operation and according to its own uiq-
tliods" the' transformation~"which-all of
The Young People's meeting.as usual on Monday" night." A""WlBfit*"to"
pic will be'taken..;   All aro Invited,
especially strangers'.     , '  ,,!,     .,.;';
■*   *   *■.        ",.,.
•■I , .'    *'.;,-        i; •■ -,.i;:, ,:i•
The Methodist: church     Christmas
'tree will be held on Chrl'stmas'iilgh't
In tho church.     A good time Is prom-
.Ised;   , '   '      ...       ■  ; •' '       ;; ; -".'
the "Labor parties of the empire desire'
to', attain.-.i, •■•,•■;•.'--  ' *■$*';-'\'     ,  '/•
*"' This* '*Union* witiiin "variation is the
secr.et-.which, explains  • Kler. I^ardie's,
belief ri'n: "the'"dreatlon'-'ol'-the" powerful'
English "iaboV.   party,"" a  party   !pf
which    scarcely,_a sign  existed   .ten
-years;ago,''-arid;_5vhicii 'bids- fair. In jthe
hear^lutreT-to-iput Into practice, Itjie
greater part of its great programme.
"I believe ithat.^this .project will soon
bo roallze'if," salil'.'Jlf." Ilardie to ,me
.this .morning.;,.,."and, that_ we, shall
soon accomplish another'object ■of- su-
ifrome.TmppH'ance,' " viz.," the ifffposi-
tkuv of International 'peace"liy .-the
thrqat' of the, social 'war.";i , win-\x{ '
.(J'But (loliyou,think,It^ls.ieasy to (se:
•cure the aid of the workors of other
countries,   above- nil '.that' of the Germans?"  ,      •■'■''*,.' ', ' :,:--■ 7:.'.'.
'".Wliiih the I British- Empire.-Federa
tion of "unity"-has:a political'record
that changes1 with the 'moon.' And.- the
v,ery„ members • of organized, labor! Lin
the east .who squawk the most, .vicious-*
ly against Socialism are .the ones .who.
HE G-lad Fes^tivei Season -mil
■ ---"''  '. i ..."
. ! soon be witfe ii!s a^ain, arid'-we
.1     ,',,■,'.' -.it,    .'iii:     ...»      j,,   i*-J
■     .." "' T^l'  -•'•.,-'
S*c are splendidly prep^reid|for it witli;;a
7   lai^e stock ^bf- freshest and purest
i Groceries. ••.. In-tliefpast year we nave   I {
i .'"."' '    ••-"• ■ - ■'-:  i  7'- ',, -..'I,    ii '$*'    !     i' ,C''"'""';I '   -♦!
. ;riiade .great,; ibrw^ [strides in the '_]
, Jjiquorlliepai^nienl|aM
- >■■»■ •]  ': ''i.-J ' '.'.!;'.:.   ■ ,k; ,' ' :.-,'    ■"'"*'*;. '   »:     ; ---      .-   -,     ,-.:
. 'recoinmend. oiir, il^uorS'; ;as^.cpmii-ig^-X:!
•'"*■    , ',,-'■'  ,     .    -.•.7,,.'*;;,-   .;.. yfr'./i     t'    :.-'-*»'it.'-T:'-'\ ■*' l?!,r!J-..S:.i'K^'J;!.ii' S
,' from the best- oistiileryrand.yintages:^
;^andbottleai4n piniSwn.vaults.        \
i.ril; *"i.   1*7
i "1..
.7    t*
'. "'..I
'zu<yyyy. ?;•!■-!•! .-jjGoni^^^ts^akenj^.jp, viovq
Including Stump Pulling, Land Clearing1* and. Ploughing,    Let {us }f^
•':'//,    .;■ 7jI:V.';  -J':',JlCfigm*fl-*6h':y6iir(nektljoV:.*TOl   '/iii'-  ->f-\   .'     -j™]
!RulDberfTired Biiggiies/'New1 Turnouts* [ [|j
on e.i
■ iri,*;;! 0 5
i p. i-
S'.j '11
il '.vri
■" *i_:   i   j i
■<      \r\\X
' r,
LirliHampers this^earVillbefound ;J
!:'A ,'" S" "• 7 :■ ~,r'<%,,;' v ,;^,:t*,*:i,.j,v,;.v,-,;_:^::..v v.iu
I,*. HAMPER MO. 1-$3.00
ii. 7/" V.f l.".ii;r.!i-v.-. .;;."'■* ■    ' ■
TDozen Oranges .    .  • ■     ..(   • .
1 lb.Table"R*usinfe ':,i' .; '"""'''V '.,
' 6 lbs' Apples'''-''.,.-' 'L ;'"•'"■  .  .'' ' :
1 lb Fancy Mixed Bisctiits .i;■'.,-;,
l'box,JBp;ibons   ,.   -!■!;','■*" .[.;-;
1 box Mixed 'Nuts . -, v r .' n •, \,.
1 Tin'pliini Pudding-,   -;
l■•Bottie'Native'5P.ort1;',''' "J    ,"'
■1'Bottle:H: B'!C.'i'7-year-old Rye
Satlta^yQfSm'in. M#™ef
ThiB is no idle boast—just come and see
for yourself, All kinds of Xmas goods
for young and old, for father, mother,
brother, sister,, your cousin and your
aunt. All bought in'the lowest market
and selected with care. To he sold at
"fabulously low prices. You cannot
afford to miss seeing this stock. Goods
suitable (ot''young-aad old, rich and
A general invitation is given to everyone to visit
The  Palace  Drug   Store
A. W. Bleasdell
lalffiw^tlfe^le^t^lioW^irancl wanflo
know less.- Their pretentions to "Hurdle was the_ rankest-hypocrisy;.' The
>yest,knows!this ;_by experience. •"■ .:
;" Kler-Hardie, has assumed llm*-- Hie
"labor" party" In-tho'reast'was"genuine,, when as 'a matter of fact; !lt is
composed for the most part of' old 'par-
,ty - office,' seeking politicians .-whose'
chief ambition is to secure a good f..t
government' job-'for themselves—of ior
which tlielf activities' irt:'the'"labor"
.. jWlth su'ch.a composition, dnlibed a
"labor" party,, thero will be no exuberant desire to* moot' tho' Socialists
in convontlon ior: any, other place.-
', While /that portion of the ,. eastern
delegation gave Kler Hardie tlie' glnd
unhcl anll.jAliio'd.'tho gonial'old'soiil
alOhg tlie-/,'had.no''.more'' Intention of
getting'' tbgoth;er,'.',t.))an! so ,'matiy 'K11-,
Itenriy'cats,'_;; \'.' .'."''../ •",'.'■.■'>. '*...'
." I3efb'l'o*"there, cdh ;.bd any 'political
"unity" .'between' tho ..!\voBt,jand . tlio.
east th^re;must!bQ',BompthlnB lii .tlio
east'to uhito" with. ' Tho.rti Is no.prlii-
clplo ' uiideriyliiR tho political,bonier-
i-mults which have,boQii aprunfij horo
and thero throughout;tho cent belt,
Many of tho 'letidors' of tho labor
movembnt&ackioftBt aro not'students
ot economics and aoctoloKy and whon
Prnnk •^herwifin.AflVBV'W1. nomp lot Dioia
"$&&: hl\^\^'tafiaitray.' ;t ■
"Thoro UBtlli'ii' ray'rjf hopo for the
■n't.****   ■H*u«iur'.^--i ■' ** ■•    ■* •*■ • .'..',■       *    :
eaot, inasmuch as tho Socialist party
Ib forging,.a|iead .especially.,In Ontario! ,-'-*, * ',,'''",':' 'r'\
So^far ns thefWoBt-ia'edncerno'd—
woll thtj •'Soclall'-t1 party,* la, hero And
what Vlll? .oast going* W do dbout«'lt?
! Thoworltors'bf tho-vest'havo good
roaBon. to' ltpow, what' fiiin, ho, oxpoctod
from'th'd'oast!• tho rank and fllo of
tho'woBt unloaded a'/bunch' Just llko
thorn ton or twelve yenru airo; replacing thorn with Ilvo mon stirred to aot-
Ion by IIvoTsbuob; "nnd hVvb 'become
a factor In tho, political lifo of tho
w«flt—nnd dollvered tho Roods,
In tho oaBt too lho rank and fllo
muHt get, on tho, Job thomitolvos and
Inaiigurato a gonoral Iioubo cleaning
In UMt-ptU.'     i. "      .•,;'.•
Nothing but troochory_ can bo, oxpoctod from' tho major portion of tho
pronont oastnrn roprosontntlveB In tho
ConKrcbH coiiviiiiUonu,
Bsporlon'eo—blttor nnd long— 'bun
taught tho. wost whnt Klor Hardlo
hat y«i to learn ot Cftin.dH—uuvi ui
I'l, AitiM;
WliSt the future bfti iii storo must
dcp«n<d on Uio rank snd fllo, spurred
to action along correct'linos by shoor
forco ot conditions,
\U\v yttmttxtt. xwet u\t iitii x*i,U\
thlnn until thoy, have to,   .
Tho woit his had to do tho right
thing politically.
Tho oust will havo to.
Ponding that timo,   thoro Is     not
much'to hop*** for In thin   mnHor of
—HAMPER-NO^ 2—$5.00 ---
1 bpttle^-yeM.pld'.R*^eij^^ "rv
1 bottle Special Scotch ■      ',     ■
l^ttle'PnleJBmnli-yi'*.."* J] j>'3
1 bottle PorVWlne
1 bottle-Ql^SJieifrjr^ ,r^ '',±f\ ;
1 bottle?*C&arbt*'iif ^' {#&&
3 bottles'Beer .      ,    ' ''
HAMPER   NO.   3—S10.003
11,bottle 17-yeiuvold ,Rye _.,-',.. .-■
*1. bottle ,Specia,l Pale Brandy...,
1 bottle Special Scotch ■     '"
■1 liottle Special Irish  ','' ' '
.UiottlcvpidSlieii'y;    '*,_'-; ',:;-
lbotUe'pid'Pbrt,-    \ „'   .t ,
C bottles Beet?:-'" ':-*'-*'",.'•'; ';;
1 box Marguerite Cigars. (25s)
1 bfjttle ,T,-iu,aica"lluin "■	
*"!*'"V4 *
!■> **■•»* •,,1-l'li'li
". II,* *»•>,**. il Hit* *■"
VI*- <i'i   Tit. A
Canadian Fairbanks Co.
Jm-iWji       l"^*-        J
\£- "' "
,V   if .
•■ jff p.***-
■?i"     <*.
■5 ,   . "-■<
i ■
%■■& ft--".. i^.<'-iri»Srf|*i(*-'»"*'!'•-''!'•'»•' !'•* ;» i«.-4(i W;i J7!Si i fell*.' iW-)*»- ';';u«jtJJlj
« -a  Drag Saw. Machines
V TIC •">^***l \  *"X ••**,■*„ yn  »•' •   *ff*   /-*>*■'   V***«l t*fr*<X(nf~* •!*>»>«*■ f»rf*.vl^ tlJ^lxtt^MMOUbWXHr*  «-s*>-s»«''»|M-4-i»-nr.
■*■■-'• * '* Stationary -and -Portable "Sawing * Outfits'
■  "'   *,".■•'.<**. ■   -      '   ,     ', y !*.'  ,'•"    ',   ',;..,-        7'77'
■'■H'g'-r-f'.'V.'rMVVJ,:   .iilV'r"   ."T-V       \< Ml       l;y!ryUr'    "l.'.i-'l'U..
jf   .•*.  am. ■-. ijA
f> ■ t'
■•'"  ,-•      '"-• :■;•  • - -  " * .,'!..   !' '•7  -t'   : ' H'.-y-' ■ ■-: ti -i^ .'Ji'in-i to siSWrt ■
>:'{5 ■'.-,5.Temporary.lock!,office.atiP.-jTaschewiuls,-VictoriarAvenue.^vE.»j *
-r'r  J-5'.;d 'i.i. i.  ij&i.a;:-:U --,:t\ a i. t r-> *J ■! v TJ .'i *"?'  ft 'Jt       . *> 1 f-» -''
.'.'.'4*?      4*1     i.l'M
j,..»    (.-!•   1,'J-*".
:''y:l XEt7iSR)lP^>,'','^iL, 7, 7''',--:
,1 /.-
,      t / -   ■
\ 1 (By Robert Huntor.)
'/ For many years om* friend, Mr.
Woloy." the Irl^h!,philosopher 'has
confined his ^•VnW'ViB'-lom tp the
narrow limits^ oPa\dlaloot, w> !,^'
,[ As every dialect restricts oxpross-
Ton and llmltH ono's audlenco,   many
♦ Fernie Dairy I
),. V.X
W, P. V. (Winnlpop Vnlrfl)
Do you Vitus your pipars or Jawsltf
If *e* tent a ulety dtpoilt loeksr In
ths best fir* proof vault In ths olty.
it th* Lodger office, 8m ths managsr
f*f terms.
friends of L'Miilo**,' Potor Dunno,. hayo
ploadod wlth*;1\lin Hj0,forgot,.vtlituf'^0,
Is Irish atul'tp iido^tho.VrtrO',farnll-;
lar! toiiKiio of Ills iVflllBh^l'o,ppfoaB6r."**,,J1
, It Is now thoiiRht that ho has at
last boon porsunded and that' one
may find lilraAmqnth*by. .monUu,.^In
thd Intorpretor's Houso" of thb Amor-
•lean' Mngaxitio, ,   ,
ijlo could hardly havo choaon a hot-
ton dwolllnR plnco; In fact ho hns always dwelt thoro.
**.yhen ho moved from Archy Road to
tho North Bhoro, and from thoro to
Now York ho brought his Iiouho with
hln». It Is, I Imnglno, a hind of observatory, with powerful glasses that
point downward as woll ns skyward,
or,' at nny rato, n towor such as tho
ono known to Toufolsdoock,
In nny case, thoro ha Ih unsnarling
tho tangled t broads of our thoughts
nnd w'ttliiK uh right again month by
Wo hnvo not anothor sueh iih ho—
one so umloiHlniidliig of us, so forgiving of iih, ho pntlont of us, Uo laughs
us out of our hypocrlHlus, shnmos us
out of our hrutttlltlos, and so kindly
wIMml as to mako us wonder how It
woro uvur poHslblo for uh to ho cunning nnd ct-uul.
lletlcr It Is to write of laughtor
thnn of tniirn. snys ItabolnU. Dunno
wrlti'H with laughtor often to conceal
his lours.
For ho lovos mankind—all of us—os-
poclnlly tho Honnessys, the Urklns,
tho llogans, tho McKonnas, and, tho
8cliwartzmelst«r«. Now and thon ho
has a poisoned shaft for Uioso who »i«t
th-fmiclvos on high, but his arrows fly
nil about thoso old companions, mover
yot known to hurt ono of thorn.
All of which Is an unworthy and
porhops unnecessary Introduction to
something' Mr. Dunne has recently
snld that will Interest readers of thla
"I can think," be aaya In tho Octo-
ber number, "of a hundred useful occupations for tho government, and !
can ltnaglno a party rising to the op-
"I can liwftiiluB a, party of tatctit*
iHE ,-->vorkingman's. is, the. most welcome dollar'*..". .:
that comes into tho savings, department of a£1 -.
;v:7- Bank—because "tlio" Welfare-of the.^commimity -at"
r;;'Jlarge-'depdhd's oh 'the practice'of thrift by these,; i(,
,   -whose labor contributes'.the', main part towards the
. •   ,■.'',--,'-•      , . , • ■■ •-.t>-1 -,*-i ■ 11*
wealth of the country. *,   ■'•  •■■.'  ",..,.,   ■'?;,'..   .-
.,,'    , ,. ;One dollar starts an account.    Full compound Interest paid, ."-■.',' C
TUTh       Original      1 QCA ' *S-
•        1 JT1JC      charter      1 ^^ HEAD OFFICE,
■r *v
,,   FERNIE, B.C.
7-.               . i     'V'
delivorecl    to   all
1 7."'' ''''->'  . . .
partSrof tho 'towj^ft
^1 *uu~* A
1/aU.''*    .    $*'l     '-t»4f
"^*xti^:   ti'y* 'fi**
■\ •.'•'   *-»*, *
V, n'.'.f ..!{
't   fe-J
^"yvjxLv v,     *"A.''"i-.' y. '"*.jvv ^'   -
All tHe lca,dinfi: lines of
High Class  Chocolates
■,-T-^t^B* n.d:.'. *G:b;i^£*«;etl;0;»;e5 y
I' 4-
I    H 1
j    <y
gonco nnd popd will towards mankind.
Its. loadorB. men of rcondc/oncB" vojind
ability, Itj? platform tlio wolfaro of tlVo
raoo.' *■ ** s,|*,'•   '" '■   ' ■' '" *' ,'r' *' "■'*'*     {'W-
>■ '••I'i.qan Boo.lt,dlBcard^hes(;l)QiutH.and
swlndios of tho old partlo**, thoir **hnb*
byi rhotorlo; thoir fnlsoipromlsos, thoir!
disgusting, nppbals to lho venality' of
.V^dtors^'-'-'V-^",;'''''^1 'i'
, "I cub soo'such a.pnrtyjlghUng Jtor
tiio improvomont of, tho honlth «ind.
mornis of *,tho peoplo, for; tho botiorV
mont 'of dwellings, for tho destruction
of Insanitary surroundings;-for Hho'1
currying out of public works for tho'
pIOQHtiro of nil rathor than tho business advancement of a few, for scion-
tlllc laws to adjust'tho Inequalities of
lifo, for hono»ty In. civic udmlrilatritv
Ion, for Intolllgoht efforts to euro tho
rnco.oMho cura^-of poverty—such a
party, to glvo an* illustration,' wnlpli
would not think, of wasting Its broath
Ull      CUII Villi)    IChit,*UUt/a    VlMliU    lt,UU*-(
iiuiD &1 d))lijrc» Svp'rr ro"nfl^^l•nc•li', \6
convict lnbor In tnlnos, fnctprlos and
dopartmont storo*,vsucli a party rat
would propoBO to nbollsh phlld-labcir
by tho slmplo process 'of cbmiVonnat-
1,   ,   .     , ,..   a...  n...  1,44.   ,,. 11.4.1..
\ttli.    ^l*Va    ^aaa^.a*u^   ,'4,    ..,.-«    .-Ji**t   w.    ..«>.«»
children's wages.
"It would bo « party that would
think and hopo beyond tho limits of
tho existing constitution, and not n
party proposing lawa to cheat tho
eonfiMtnnnn. Tt would propesfl con-
stltntlonal amendments as woll na
lawn, ft would oroat') new iAeain on
old achievements. It would move
forward and upward alwaya and think
lesa about the history of tbe country
that has been written than about that
grwt«r.and mare spkndld .chapter
th-U romnlns to ho written.
r'tvvv.i   'v-Wr'-v*,',
ymm & coj
.',*.".*., "4,- "''4   ' *.     *, ■"■. 11'.         i                                      ; i\,
7                                                                 * r
,'t •■!■ x    -   •         .',i             '                                                  ; ' ;
Always a choice supply of Boof, Pork, Vonl,
\ .'•■<■ V  v.'iMuttoii, and Lamb on hand,   Hams,        : .
■ f
...     ' Rftoon, Liml, Buttor and Eggs
li                  1                                                                                              it ,
«* 1 -.. < r * OiiP v Sp6bialti6S            I ■
'  I           ■             '               i                                               i '.
<-' Prosh, Smokod and Salted Fish, always a goodi
assortment,   Try our Minco Moat,        * •,
Saurkraut and Oysters.
'•Whon auch a party comoa you will
•And 1010 In,tbo proco-jslon cfurrylng a
WeSi, Peter, auch a party there Is.
You expressed It better than It can
express Itsolf.
Will you have a torch?
—Dally Socialist.
Por Christmas and Now Yoar holidays the Canadian PacMc Hallway announces a rate of far* and ono third
for tho round trip, Tickets on Slilo
for Christmas December 21, 22, 23, 24
and 25. for Now, year DecetnbortS, 29,
30 and SI atjd January 1, flnal„r*4jlrn
on oil tlckots January 5,100S, a*>,af*»tli»antt«.>im
,<Tr, ^-~t^,-^ifr.irjy..*~*,i?1iei-*t1ts-ml'f>-ttir-X3:
rt-a-MlV*-   -  *
arid .Qyerdit?*ats!:
,v Qtwlity and .fifc gviamhteed^f.
[J   WILL SfiCCO^B^^OR."**^"
V     Ne»tto'"DreainaindTheat're„      -.,
The Official Organ of District No.  18, U..M.W.
"r **«'s*r.' •*'
^t&aift^^^n^MBi^c Blothes
Cleaned .and Pressed
'   "* -          \
Work ■ called' for und delivered .
,   ■     ■
'   ' "    Next to "Dreamland TKeatfe"
'- JL
Fertile, B. C, December. 19tHj 1908
v     .{((Last weeWs'Ne-WB.) .-''
Tlie seating capacity :0f».the Miners'
Opera House was -40^0^ to last week
by^nstalling;.elght^-new..ope^ Qhalrs'
?hh popularity, orthe'buiiairtg'tor a11
. kindsv.of. public:^6Wormances-has Recently grown ,yery.-rapldiJ. . v An the
beai ' opera' compa^. glve "perform.
antes here and in addition to getting
all-40ther.:-publtc g*-\thertflB which Sre
not' of local origin, nearly every pub-
lic^event of-lmpor^nce4lg.:held. ln, thft
, bullding.„_'rh^:fa'Cj; 0f, the;, matter, is
t11"',* '^ifS,1!?*^!?^ll^e^tie'st'opera house
insthe Pass. Mai\y t^as miiclT larger tare-much less favored-than Coleman ln;-thlsUesp^ct^    ; _;   y-\   /;
kev. .Charles     Hepworth . of  the
„church of^fiilglaAa, \^(t for E,igiand
on) Saturday. ' Mi*-;* Hepworth" came to
Coleman In Julyjast; and during his
short stay has ma^ man'y friends" hero
and In the Pass, Avho wlu regret   to
learn of ^hlS}dejJa*cture>   ....  ,      ; , 7
••W. :'f. 'S&n&viugfi''\fi_i "^ 0*n-:ijrVe'd.
nesday'night'to Icitchehef:' Mr. Sand-
vldge-will visit -.Cj^anbrook - and other
' plices before retv\rrihig.,'"':' ■-- *
The skating ri% 0pene'(j on Friday
'   evening, with a* *tr^e sl&te to every „-^e
■ who, wished • to,, ta.ke a-dvantage "0V the
offer. The ice fa now In first class
condition and the way- in wi!ich "everything has been Started reflects credit on the'management.,.    ,M ....( ,, , °
On,Monday; nlght a grand hockey
■ game ,"was playoa .betweeiLttie .employees, of the Ooiema'n-and the em-
■ ployees, of the P-acific hotel.     It was
■ the first game ot"'lhe season and the
Coleman-'hotel Crbwd-,g6t';*"a few surprises. The honors fell to the Pacific. ' When tiihe was called.-'' the
score,stood sevea to two in favor-of
the Pacific. ''    '!'•■' -'   '■' ■' • "•■ --"''■.
's iThe steam laundry at Middlesboro'is
completed. ■■*-;_*•-■'■• '. ,'"'" **•
"•' The -men at Middlesboro have organ;
.zed. "'The' President'-of Merritt union can;now, get,a; hair cut and"-.,.a
"$have.r,,,,--„ ..-.-'.v',^;/',;-,-'..-.I. .-.-
>_ It is reported. Malcolm Crulckshanks
•gpt snowed.under.jths.nlght^of,tho sot
Alal  on^  tatlaA  tr. i*onnH thoro/    /.Vovfir
eial.and failed to reach; there.' ...Never,
iriind.Mfic, better.luck.;next time.. u
j. J. P. .Greaves,.shipped .a car-load-of
.cattle jThursday. ■ .-,. 7 -., k■ ••, *-. 7 ■ • ■■ ••. •
i^Jack Wilcox le fire boss, at, the Dla-
tiiond Vale. - . .-,■-,
A m'asqueradQV^aric-e-'^in'he held
at'Mrs. Adlams^afding'iiouse     on
...December ,24tfi.^-   Music will be   supplied by tlie'-Adla^g^rJthers1:"-'!:-. ■>'."-.
-The mine has heen closed-down* for
.several, days, Sd^e: boys-are having
.' an;idle time.    'However'just to keep
everyone in.gooa,fettle, a new-lock is
.    being built.........
The wind! in these"parts-.has been
and keeping the du-st   out   of one-s
eyes.peopje'h^ye a busy-time. _^     _.
\ ^he' Literary dub 'met at, Mr. Cldm-
4ns on Friday, night.     Although lt
wab very dark "the .house was full and
ti ;v(ery.enthusiastic n^e-iitlng was held.
The study of; Dickens was continued,
jkir^Hart gWW the chief,reading of
the evenlnv irom Pickwick* Papers.'  .
■"'.The program-,'l-waa:*'* ' '' !
3 Recitation:,;Mrs; iClemens.  ".
| Solo:.'Mr. Ronald Ross.  : 7 " .;• :
* Humorous selection: 'Mr:-Howard.
\ Solo:-'Mr:^m.,;TVhite;-7\'./;' .,'; •"
\ 'Selections from, Pickwick Papers'; —
ilr^Hart.*'.;;: ; '■ >*. ','■' -/■   '" .   -'7!.   '
* ,Mr.,Surges,* :who IsVa brother-in-law
of Mr.-1. Peter 'Backs, .has''! purchased a
tract at'Kootonia "aiid .is now erecting
a nice'house. -.. .'"'-. ' .■    •" '/•'> •
i' Mr.'arid■ Mrs.'J.' D", Aye"'shopped in
Pehiie, last Friday! ,*,'."'" '",', , ,"'!! '
j';Mr.,John .McDonald, _Mr. Thos. Ray
and Mr. Francis ;Shaw of Fernie were
business guests.of Mr-Hart's^on Sunday arid Saturday,'' each purchased ' a
tract of'land'from' the'Kootenay River! Land Co. ,,,-,,' , . ',.■•■.
; The,pretty summer cottage erected
in lot five, block eight, is being built
from plans prepared by Mr. B. H.1 H.
Stanley, and'is'uri'der.'his supervision.
Mr! Stanley-has'had considerable, experience in erecting j dwelling, houses
ih! Winnipeg,' and is prepared to erect
dwelling's ,rto suit Intending purchasers
'. ' Mr.1 AVatson-ihas • made. the statement'that before he placed'any insurance in-the Globe Com-
^ pany*', he,',went to tlie manager of one of the banks,
of '"pur .city, and requested him to find out the fin-
•ancial standing, of the Company. After keeping
•Mr: Watson waiting several days for a reply, Mr.
Watson stated thiat the answer he got was that the
Gloijc company,'was.,good, and that it would be
riHiriglit to place business with them. If this is
true Mr. Watson is released from blame, and the
manager of the bank*is responsible for the $59,000
odd insurance that the citizens of Fernie should
have received. But Mr.,Watson so,far has refused .to. state who the.manager is, and of course it
must.be known,before Mr. Watson can be entirely
exonerated. The bank manager, whoever he is,
should come forward'and save Mr. Watson's name
that Bill often wishes he' was back in the little two
or three' fobm'ed house he started up housekeeping
...SOME MEN want the right to get drunk., No
doubt Some men * want the right to steal, to. cheat,
to gamble,' to commit all kiuds'of evil acts'. It is
not'good for the "community that they should have
these,rights.'Indeed'it is the duty' of the community,, by, law, as Gladstone says, "To"make'it, easy
for men to dp right;and > hard   for* men to    do
•Wrong." -       ■•"■''-':■      • ' ■■--..■
, '"AFTER A MAN has saved money and built a
house larger "than his family, his ^relatives .begin to
punish him. v If an objectionable relative comes to
town the rest.of the family .say "Let's send, him
to Bill's; he has plenty of room."  /The result is
MEN AND WOMEl*^ a-ce-.constantly. screaming
to the.children. "What. do;-you;say!" in- attempts
to teach thempolitenss.. • But.how'few grown-ups
are really polite! How many grown, ups accept
favors without as much as saying.thank you!,,;.,
'       *,*,*•■'.• ' 7   *
SOME'ONE who .signs.themselves "Man's inhumanity to Women" wrote, a, letter touching, on
•the remarks by Observer in last week's issue.■■ The
letter proves two things.conclusively..] F;irst, that
the writer was. ashamed, of their own writing, as
they, did not comply withf. the-usual, custom /oi
signing their name for the paper's'use only,   and
secondly that they must, be very,, friendly to the
women'referred to, else I why stick;*up'for theih>
No 'newspaper ever publishes' letters that are' only
signed witli a npn de plume.      ... v , ■. 7  ...   . -r
The writer, of • this letter is spine,- poor, misgnkl-
ed individual who has, not as yet .learned to pi't
two and two together.'   .If. the women referred to;
do not .like. the treatment meted out, to   them, all
,they have to do is to make themselves scarce. Move
..to. some- other locality where ttiey will be better
used; and where they will be allowed, to monopolize, the town;"they will never,,-again be allowed
such freedom in Fernie. The populacec ha^■e I'-Miue
tii'-thi-ir senses and will not allow such.detfisiiertiti'S
to'.rnn the place.    Has the clever writer any hi*.»rfe
to'say     ' '"' 7 ' .-.'',
Is now doing business in Kastner &
Lyons old office and has a special
Christmas Display at bar^fin prices.
Ladies' Neckwear
Fancy Coats
Fancy Cushions and  ,
Centre Pieces
Fernie Pillow Tops. .   .
Special Line of Fancy >
' and Plain Handkerchiefs
', ''''FancyBeiti 77 ''"'■'•
^Children's Bearskin Coate
and Bonnets at half price,
Ladies' Underwear going at
Bargain   Prices
Also Hosiery
Furs, Millinery, Suits and Coats
Children's Bonnets
All marked exceptionally low in price
J."*A.' Menzles wishes''to thank'all
who/so ably a^isted-'hlm"' In fighting
' the'firo at tils/ih'iii.''*'  " :   " /"   • '*'
It is..repor'teirttii'(|!Aiex' Hogg'an has
. failed >toi;g'etia:iiCeii'B0 fo''. ttie "Grand
hotel.    We \v^u-J,3' i*,-^" t'0 kn'oW' Why.
Al(?i;tias put i\.p the'best' building'In
town, and. be'l^r'^! 'olfj' ml^ - and
ftn'oWg ttiVw^nt^ot the' m''in'erB;'he
has provided ri'Vash"' house and bath
, for tils boarders, "whicli none of tne'
other hdtfela haVe got;     It la a ftiie
building'and a''credit tb the towh.
Joe Costllen [B building' a house at
the back of Ltjoimrd's for^J. Mitchell,
who is hiring \,i8 teato8 from up . tho
Coldwator. .to. haul coai f01. j00 ^lft.
ham this-winter,
There Is stlij tvoublo at thc.'Ml.dd'
lesboro miiiesv    siaVes, govern your-
ticives accordingly"'' *	
W. B. Dunci\n,^uperlntendGnt at the
Diamond.Vnlo,- Bevorod.his connection
with the same* tho first of the month.
D.V Drown takQ8 fun charB0 frora tho
drtto.   ;     ,..,-■   .M(.;.',  -' (i/.,
> largo PHrty,drove'from Merritt
on Sunday, to Nicofa to/starto on tho
lake. - It Is Voportod tho gonial host
at tlio Droard i,ot0i COrallcd them and
thby did not sae tholoo,;''      ,-,
.The DlamohA Vhlo! havo Bta'rtod oii
another shift at NOi 3>
It. Wlcltshlvo i,ft8 two cftrB 0f fino
ciil)por oro i*on(]y t0 Bi,)p from tho
Coppor klnb. '• * ■ -
The mon m Mtddlosboro, Bay, thoy,
nro not mah|ny thoir board. Woll-
what's tlio r^attor with the grey stuff'
In your upper atopo. Why don't you
..Tm. Loggt\n lB im|i{unB himnoif a
flno rosldonco on tno V(lBht town 8lt0,
(larcla nn*i K]nff' rouri(lod up tliolr
cattlq on Monday and shipped the
Inst lot of f0,.ty for tho season.
The concert nn,i B0C|fti hoi,i |n the
Hyland hall „n,ior the auspices of tho
ProBbyterlai*, cllureh   wan,.n ,ioe*,i0fl*
siiccoss,    Ahout |80 was realized for
the buldllnrt 0f a now church.
The Unoc'rom at tho Qi-and hotel
t must havo lj0(in working overllmo. Sit
back an«.vl0w your wori(..,
in this_ district. .-It would Tie/well, for
those Interested.! to * correspqnd*>,'v'wIth
him.   ' '       yyyiy: '   ■'   •
•,' Mr." Bailey and Mr. Barrett, • who
have, been' building'their- house- ; at
kootonia-completed'their' work,," and
,     .      ,-. ....     '     .v ,        at .4i .   ..' .-.,
^returned to .Fernie. on; Sunday.. ;,
.7 Mr. -W. S. Stanley/was down, -to
spend Sunday with his father and mo-
Baynes .Lake. ,;. ■ y -., \. -. ViJ'f ."*• ,s;. r
The- people, of upper .and' lpw-gr AVal-
doigave, a "party to"! 'ttielr "friends on
Tuesday'evening. The kootenay Ri-
'veij.was beautifully,'Illuminated with
electric lights' and-the. first-part of
the evening was spent In skating, after! which a. bountiful lunch-, that had
beon furnished by-the ladle's *pf Waldo,! was served at the'.cook house. The
^uesjs then tripped; the,, light fantastic
foTthe romillnderof 'the time. 'JRayu.is
,was represented.hy "Mr..dnd. Mrs. Hnr
ry [Griffith; Mrs!'.S.-' J. -Morrow, Miss I
Adolph, Mr:jWm.: Whyte, Mr..Robert-
Boii,' Mr.' Jde; Backs, Mr: Coddingham
aini'Mr. and'.Mrs.'fD.'.W*.'. Hart. All
returned, with a feeling of gratitude
towards the,: Waldo people!,lior! their
kindness,   *,, ■ '*   :,|. ,!,,,* _; I,
kr. Clarence Herma'nson of   Dorr,
pufchased a*'tract last week 'from the
Kootenay River. Land' Co; \ ,7
, Mr. Fred !A.dolpn' has, bberi absent
on'business and ls.cxpoctod hack "noxt
week.  s ^	
Mr. ciomons spent Sunday iii' krag,
Mr. ,T. W. araham- left last Friday
for, Cranbrook..   ,„..'.
UK Solid Gold Case,.7 Jewel Movement, .•..:.
14K Solid Gold Case, 15 Jewel Movement,.;:'..
°l-tk Solid. Gold Case, 17 Jewel.Moveiiient:....
So* Year Gold Filled; 7 Jewel Movement..,.
. 25-Year Gold Filled, 15 Jowel.Movenient	
; 25 Year Gold Filled, 17 Jewel Movement,...
Come in and; set one of ouir $25.00 Watches.   They are O.K,
Solid Gold, with a 17 Jewel Move'mpnt...•.-..*.:.$50
Spliil.Gold, witli a;21 Jewel,.Movement.'..;,'..'. 65
20 Year .Gold-Filled, with a 17 Jewel Movement ,13
■ 20 Yeai- Gold Filled, with a fine 17 J owe! M'vein't 15
20 Yeaf Gold Filled, witli d fine 21 Jewel M'vem't. 20
Liphardt's New
jfewelry   Store
"You novor„ml6s tho .wiitol* till the
well runs dry," and so It Is w}th the
electric' light,,    The time you miss; It
Is whon.ydu can't liave nny,;On ^IiuVb-
day of laBfweolt/'^o llght^chmo on
horo aB usual and' ton mlnut,ps lator
lt gradually waned away,    Tho dark-
noBB Bllontly crept ovor ub and   wo
stirmWod'tho wl'ro In'tho globo was
owned'put.     Investigation     proved
this' to bo wrong for thoro was not
any light' hoxt door, aor In tho next
block, nnd suddenly wo tumbled to
tho fact that tho wholo town was In
darkness.    Thoro wns much souttor-
Ing nnd hunting for tho long dUusod
oil lamp, 'mid shaking of tho oil bin,
and thoro woro many who fell1 bnok
on candles, using empty bottles   nsl
candlesticks.    Tho cniiBO of all this
was a serious breakdown In tho machinery which gives us our light.   It
was rumored that' wo might bo In;
this Btato ior some time but whilst
most of ub slept the king ot lights returned wllh majestic radiance.
Somo of tho new air dlnkyn have
We ', are  now in  our   new . quarters
1 ,'.. ',. '■        ■' •    .  -','''
... and,  have   room    tb   display
our   immense   stock, of.
Christmas  Goods ,
E.  Weston
Is prepared to give
estimates for all clauses of building work.
Repairs a specialty.
Give me a trial,
P.O. Box ts, Fernie
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦•*♦••*♦♦♦
like Success
! The *fVraytj». ,,'■• Cv*>v" s-Ati 'hwli be heen put Into use.-   Ask No, 5 mine
•fl>™ *«e from a VtioMtPr,' ■'    I diggers.
-Prank ty^y prMtdont otMorrltt
UiiloB, iue^0ti0(j |n orgnn|y,lng the
u«n at Mittoionbord mines.: The now
union stnrtt, wlth ft mernberitalp of 70,
Iff to UfW tlio xvnrrtn ft jijan rif •"hfl *xew
momborfl, |t»g tho finest oaby In th*
Snow fell |n Mflr*rltliSft,Mo-n-3«iy.ft-nil
Hlolgh bolln nro ringing tt'nd every ono
feels happy ^dh tho mon at Mlddlos-
nilly Oorlott, the Crows Nest PaB»
champion mouth orgnn manipulator,
and hli inUsua and two kids are off
to havo tliolr turkoy and plum pud-^
iiinn In the old country. <
A few additional mon hnvo t-eon
started In No. 2 mine this week.
All, tho bears have not sottlpd In
thoir lairs yot. Four well known Coal
Creek boys can vouch for this. On
Sunday night thoy set off down  tho
Misses Eider
By selling goods at reasonable priest we made a
success of business right from the start, and our store li
daily becoming more popular with isnilbls, and wideawake peoplo who buy for cash. At the request of
many.of our patrons we have also added a full line of
groceries, You will find almost anything in that line
In tha addition at the rear.
We are now buying goods In large quantities right
from ths manufacturers, so are now able to give better
values than ever.    Goods marked In plain figures.
Dressing Cases
Manicure Sets
Htiylor's Chocolates
Latest Novels
Ornamental Clocks
Fancy Ink Stands
Afternoon Tea 8ets
Card Cases
Muslo Rolls
Books of Poems
Dressing Mirrors
Clove and Handkerchief Case
Calendars '7
Post Card Albums
Perfumes—the BEBT.
Fine Stationery
Purses and Pocket Books
Fountain Pens
A nn*6tl|jg W||| bo hold |n tho Nic-| track for Fernln.    Juni near thc Uock
Ladies' Coats* Skirts
and Waists
Christmas. Novelties
Wal.leti and Bill Folds
Shaving Sets
Shaving Mirrors
Smoking Sets
Cigar Boxes
Tobacco Jars
.Writing Folios
Safety Razors
Fountain  Pens
Smokers Cabinet
Office Calendars
Bridge Sets
Military  Brushes
ink Wells
Paper Knives
Terms Cash, and one priee to all.
Henty's Adventure Books
firf'«',«•,*,»   tfnitslt*
Mufllc Lanterns
Games of all Sorts
Hockey Sticks and Pucks
Rov I no Gloves
Boys Own Annuals
cits HeraM offtcci Thursday to form a
hockey dub,
J, MoNom bat gone up to Jo« Ora»
barn's tyr-ip.
Mr*' ^',Hoiltian U at the coast buy-
Ivi fahi.tijtt for* I he Grand Hotel.
Cut a crackling In the bush on their
right drew tin-Mr fiHHnUon. I'l-a^ut-
ly a dark object camo out which ev-
eventually ttwk the shape of a hune
bear, TUoy didn't wait for the pis-
(Continued on pak* 7)
We aim catty. a.fl>n lino of
TjmW anil • Chllihtui'** Undor.
wear, Chllilr.'*.'* H-nu* Nkin Coat*
nml llorvls, etc.
'—eammm m tin ■«
(Old »!(« Cflihnllc cliuifh,
Hannon Ht. F«nU%B.C.
Headquarters for Chalee Fruits, and Confectionery
Cigars and Tobaeees, Books, Stationery, Notions, Nov
titles, Toys, Btc, corner of Victoria and Jaffray Bte.
T. B. STRUTHERS, Proprietor.
Olrli' Own Annuals
Boxed Chocolates
Dolls' Dresits, Furniture
Dolls' Dishes
*tm*emenmvmme*v^tm^m***^^^^*mmeiiim*mmmm . -"-lA-Or *&"»* "*««S"«"
^^.tl'^^Ji^Slr,!*, '!> J^^Xa
I' !
I! '*
®& Jfeirijc* £*&#**
?1.00 a'year in advance. Address all communications' to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. 0.'
Rates for' advertising on application.
. We believe, through ■ careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper'are sighed'by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good"'to actual subscribers any loss incurred by trusting advertisements that prove to be swindles;' but we
do'not attempt to adjust" trifling"' disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men. who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest bankrupts." ■'" ■-   • '
7:This offer holds good for one month after the
transaction-causing the "complaint; that is we must,
nave notice5 within 'that time. In all" cases in ■writing'
to, advertisers say.*'-'I saw'-lt in" flie Ledger."*.. •',, -7 ..'
..V. v.- 7.7 7 /w. S. STANLEY, .*
*'■■ ,-   ,    .     . .,   -     ••  . .     ..Manager.'-
* * *
"■•'■' :/->^fek:'r:' yyn:> '•' • ■
-4      I..
-■ - '-'<~^yM)^^> >.■/)-i-i-i *■■■-.- ■ ■
1   .
.'•ij^The   municipal   issue   at .present   rests   between a wide open town" and a decent town.     The
. business men who,are,allowing their names to >bc
piaced on the list of candidates should be aware of
(Jie clique they' are catering to—the saloon men.
Are the saloon men to-rim the town?- -AVe'trust
not, for the good of the people. Mr. Eckstein was
informed that if he intended to close the -saloons on
Sundays, and did,not allow gambling; that,the.saloon-men would'have to oppose him; as they, wanted
' an open town.    They considered gambling a good
.thingbecause.it brought.money to the town.   ' We
wonder    if    the    saloon    men ■ think    it    right
that,  gambling should "go "on in-their premises,
and men lose their last cent, while-their wives and
families go." hungry and the store bills are left unpaid.      Think it over, citizens, and turn down
these saloon men.     It is only two or three of the
saloon keepers-who wish this state of affairs. Some
of the better minded men have openly expressed
tlie sentiemnt that they would like to run a decent
house, and allow no gambling, and close up at 11
every ,night, and keep closed on Sunday.     They
■ assert that they would feel   much better, make
more money and have the   respect of the public.
The other few want an open town where they can
run things to suit themselves, and after getting a
man's last cent kick him out to do the best he can.
. To gain this end they will stop at practically nothing.     So do "not be coerced   into their snare.
Stand for a decent city and down this immoral element.
- It is a coincidence to say the least that the day
Mr. Eckstein refused to become a puppet to
a "few" saloon men, a requisition was started to
r^bring-out-an-opppnentr-and-the-price-of- support
offered Mr. Eckstein was a.wide open.town, and
more especially free scope for. gambling.,
, ". It is to be a fight for. a decent city or,for a
'  wide open town.    -Which do. you want..
large employers of labor to defy the laws of supply and demand and,maintain wages, "Wages,
howeveivare coming down now, and may be reduced further." .     ;
"They alsb serve'who meekly stand and wait."
The five,,idle, starving,'workless workers -who
stand waiting in the hope that some ofthe fifteen
may,drop*.oiit .of .the race, serve to "'increase the
efficiency" of those at work "with the result that
the dollar buys a dollar's worth of work and a little more."' ,
'.' '.'Before election",there was the possibility that
tlie workers might vote against tlie system'   "that
maintained, fifteen'jobs for twenty Vien," 'and
.thereby '.feouverted' the superfluous five' into 'lashes
with--wliich' to Scourge the working fifteen to sup:
orhuman exertion?.'    The result of the "election
showed that artnajority of the-working class liked
this sort of thh\g.   .     ,-..--
-'''• Now that the' election is over there are no long-
el*! any " 'political reasons why the administration
should ask tl^large employers of labor to main-1
tain wages.   )JJei this sentence sink into the minds
of those.'who,v.oted for'"Taft and prosperity," or
i'or,"Bryan nikV something right now.'' 7 " ''"
; They are getting what they voted.for.; - *     •''■■
' The .Wall Street Journal tells them what'it'is
they^ voted for^and what they will'get. " It can "afford to do it,now. " .Before election the workers
were told'that jirosperity was-' coming, ttiat .wages
were going, up and that employment wpuld' ' be
plenty.   ' ■'    7,7    ,    " ' ? "'■'' •   ' .     .7
•Here is the,"way it reads after- the'votes'' arc
counted:        V
"Wages are.'coming down and may be reduced
further."       '.*   - ' '.. •        ',-'   '
The Free Press last week in their editorial column mado some useless, sneering remarks / about
the ' Citizens' League," calling it "the purilc offspring of the Trades and Labor Council," and ending their' ignorant hnrranguo by dubbing the Citizens' League as a joke., ■ • .•; ,, : ■
Of course when you refer back to the past of
the Free Press you must immediately come to the
conclusion that they must needs oppose anything
that is brought forward by tlie unions of the eity
in nny way..                          . 7,
It is nearly nhvnyfl the same witli any stand
taken for the moral betterment of tho city. Tlie
Free Press generally oppoRCK it. l Why., Tlie old
saying "Birds of a Feather" perhapn mny answer
the query.
. But why tho Free Press should come out in opposition to the,Trades nnd Labor Council when
tlmt body is doing the host it can to uplift the
niornlH of the eity, and trying to. get somo interest
taken in mimioipn. nffnirs, so as to do nway with
the former, unbusinesslike methods, is more thnn
wc can fathom. Tho fact that tho mooting mallei!
for Thursday niffht hnd to bo postponed on account of noiMittendnnee, is no proof thnt tlio
League is n joke, and wo predict thnt tho Lenvjuo
will bo a real live issue in the coming canipaivn.
Ifowi'ver, we prosumo that the stand wiih taken
"m> tlmt lho rocord of opposition to anything mi'iot*
could be uphold.
Tin- Trades nnd Lnbor Council took tho initiative mid put up a ''Citizen** Ticket," Tlio Vnw
Press remark-** woro nn insult to the Ciliy.i'iiN. Hut
llion, where ignorance is blisw	
"England," says a recent report,'"is facing
the most serious condition of unemployment in her
history. Unless relief is'provided oii an .unprecedented scale, bread riots may be expected."-.
Intermittently for more than- forty years the
English government has been dealing witli this
subject in various acute phases.. During the Civil
"War, when.the cotton famiue caused great industrial, success in,Lancashire, 1,200,000 pounds in
money • was appropriated for special relief work,
and some 30,000 persons derived support from the
government. , After the Boer War, unemployment
was recognized as one of the standing problemstof
government, ' *■
In 1904 the Labor department of the Board of
Trade investigated 2,000 families? fairly representative of a large .working, class, and found the average family income to be $8.96, while the cost of
food (three children on an'average living at home
was $5.47) not .including liquor and tobacco. That
after_paying the rent and buying, some clothes;
leaves a very wide margin for. a rainy day!    ■■ „
In every industrial country, even tlie" United
States,* there is rarely a time when some men cannot find work. Any shock to the industrial organization multiplies their number rapidly. Unemployment, in.fact—meaning involuntary .idleness of men willing and able to'work—is, in some
degree, a pretty constant.factor. Some countries
attempt to deal with it by supporting government
employment agencies, ln Germany and Swtoer-'
land societies write insurance against unemployment. '•?., 7 " ■ . _ ', .
The ancient notion—faintly preserved in cartoons and stock newspaper jokes—that the man out.
of work was necessarily a."sturdy beggar,", and a
"rogue'■'-■-disappears under scientific ' investigat-
ion. •■•'--.,..
What to do -jvith him is always a snd and some-"
times a perplexing problem,' ■■■. * ,-.*. ,. -,    .-, ..: .,
To the Electors of Fernie:..;'     ,;.',.■'
Ladies nnd Gentlemen: At the., solicitation of very •■ many of the ratepayers of all classes, I have decided to
allow my-name to be. placed in nomination for the Mayoralty.    _
Let me make it plain, that I am not
nor shall I be, subjective to any faction _or special.Interests. ...lavish to
be free so that I may be able to discuss and judge matters upon their
One thing I -shall -most", certainly
support is the eriforcemenfpf; law and
qrder: In my opinion that it is a duty
: which a mayor cannot conscientiously
escape.". " '   ' "■"' '■"'
I continue to favor the acquisition
of the water and electric light, plants,
subject to an equitable."arrangement
to be. submitted to a , vote of the
electors. I,also am entirely'convinced
that' these'' two ■ matters*,' 'should :be
dealt "with at once. - hv" ■"./},. •-,•; ■• v
1 The pubile schools should^be.opened*-as.-soon as. possible,, and, arrangements .made whereby temporary' quarters may lie obtained until'the school
house is ready. •   '■    '•■>'  . • < -'
If 'elected', T shall use ail my influence towards having- quarterly audits
of,th'e civic.accounts.made and published so that.vwe may know' where
we are at.   , ,. ■ '   '''  ' "*
Expenditure    must be- kept within
revenue'.     The law requires that.,...
Needed' improvements,   especially
sidewalks,, must-receive the early, attention of, the Council.
I am, opposed to lax methods of running tlie 'city offices and believe that
reasonable' office hours should.. be
faithfully kept'.' •..-,,.':.
I think that,the city limits should
be extended.in a,northerly direction.
I favor legislation which will ensure
careful and economic administration
of the Relief fund. The people should,'
in my' judgment, be allowed to • elect
commissioners to look' after this
fund. ....       7 ,-     •■
lam opposed to tbe system of opening'the door to law breakers and
licensing them.-
I .refuse to give private pledges to
any one. My stand will be made'public. If I cannot.without entering into a -private -agreement,- concerning
private or, special interests, get elected, then I prefer defeat, with honor
to the dishonor of being subject to a
faction. - ..
v.Wheh I address the electors as I1 intend doing,-I shall deal ■ more < fully,
with thejj above matters, as-well as
others, including the necessary'' removal of temporary -buildings arid the
checking- of 1908 accounts. '=. .
. ' Yours faithfully,
over 10,000,000 persons in the-United States have dealings at-the.stores
of these societies. '" The centre of
ihe movement is in Manchester. " It
^requires no argument to demonstrate
what immense beriets this movement,
after every-deduction, confers on a
community. *        ;,"
"Speaking, at a. large meeting in
Leeds, Yorkshire, .England, in November "of this years, Mr, Arthur Henderson, -M."P., said: "The co-operative
movement had succeeded because of
the value of its. fundamental principles,- which were those of' economy,
equity and. self-help. Moreover, its
ideals'aW'ere. high.-;. It .recognized for
:'all ■-* the'- right: lo iliv'a,' and .-endeavored
to place that right within the reach
of all. '- Its' methods of doing business
were" absolutely 'sound','"and' its"financial-' results were, eminently satisfactory. ..Nor was this all., Speaking gen-
shareholder, that by taking one or
more shares they may share .in the
profits, which ,wi.ll be divided every
three months ' amongst;-- purchasing
members, according to the amount of
purchases. Shares also, hear an interest of five.per.cent per annum, Our
objects are to sell groceries and further to seek the social," intellectual
and domestic advancement of the people of'Fernie.
' Thanking you again on behalf of our
members,-'- - •—'-' ■....'...--
■, I remain, yours truly
James Lancaster -,
,   ., ■       Secretary. -
« -    i   ■^-'» ,•* : i   *,     ■ * i"    -*-
i      ;        .1 £' » . i
FRED" WATLBTT," Proprietor
erally.the,movement stood for better
conditions for its emplo'yes, '.shorter
hours, higher-v>'agesl'ah'd'tuiler'opportunities'for recreatlonVah'd-seif' Uim>*
provemeht. . tin this respect he -V was
convinced, that;*co-operation*rhad.. set
the pace for others, to, follpw.     The
co-operative movement had also been
and' Svas an ' lmpor iaiit' factor ** In ■' the
commonwe&l,i:a 'large-'pefcentage"  ofthe : working ola'ss representatives   In
parliament, as .well, as on- municipal*
and other. pjiblic   bodies, . haying received Iheir' first training as' co-operators. ' '"Proceeding!   Mr,   Henderson
said* that the valu'eofathingwasof-
tenseen^by,contrast.,   What:was the
alternative to co-operative?'    As society was at present constituted there
was but one^ alternative, and that "was
competition, r    Competition means ill-
rewarded labor, conditions which' adversely   affected the   health of   the
.workers,'which in.its turn .was a menace * to, the well being of • the community. .. Competition ■ ca.used      the
wretched' sweating system, and speaking as a member of parliamentary committees dealing with this question, he
said that there was not a particle of
evidence to show that the sweating
system, was in any    way; associated
with the Co-operative movement. That,
could not be said about private trade'
and the more co-operation they'could
have the less sweating - there would
be.     Alluding;-to those who   .were
merely co-operators for the dividend
received,* Mr. Henderson said dividend
should.be a secondary, consideration;
and was always so regarded by those
"who sought   to realize the ideals of
co-operation. • ■    ,-=     •>
Further the ^speaker said the future
was in the hands of democracy only
in so far as a comprehensive view of
the possibilities within reach was
taken, capacity and character being
essential "elements in bringing to pass
the day of social betterment toward
' For a Xmas. gift' you" cannot better
a. certificate of oil shares. Such'a
gift Is- not' only 'very appropriate but
carries with' it greater ' possibilities
than aiiy other present. ! A few-oil
shares have made many fortunes very
quickly,*' and' from'-khowing' this fact
everyone wants some. Write ''Beale*0*£
Elwell,' Cranbrook, B.' Ci, ;before buy-
Ing. -    . i!■■" ."
Victoria'^ :
Xross." V.''"r
Fresh* Fruits Daily7     '!'
»• ** ""r   .' ' -'' -1 a." J - ", J **    1 .   J        7       "li ^ 1
Oppa      POSt
' A,
=^..,:   -trpr-ECKSTEiN.
■%V,*433 5'Jn-i*l J(.nrn;il: "The rcihvlion in opor-
,Hting ex|ii:iisc.s by tlio rnilromls i« a «in» "f doclin-
, ing priei'i* uf c<lHlJftollitu-,^ njnd invroasiiiR efft'-'iou-
cy of labor.    When there are only fit'locn men for
' .,,.,,.♦,. ;,.*»,<■   ♦iwit-n fiftium An tint Iwi'mm1 innro
■- -a*     *       ■     ■    ■ •'
{ Ii'hh, ofT«*i:tiv«.    Knowing tlmt tlu-ir M«rvic*cH
f wanted at nny prifo. they k'ivc anything bnt   full
value fur <lu> money, When tlicrc arc twenty mon
for fift'M'n jobs, howovor, the posHibility of-itl'InR
< thrown out of wnplnymont iiuircnHftt tho efficieiicy
ot each indiviilual, with tha rt'Mjlt that the dollar
'buy** a dullar'a tr-irfh of work, mu) a liiib» over.
■ This increased effivienvy i» Hhowing itnelf in tlu*
* 'boaper operation of tlio railniftaltii. and mutt   b*»
',' reflcctod In thr* ircsuili of tho industrial toriMirnt-
Itoforc (he election then; were *politi«**aV
why tl'f mlwitttstrfttiftn shoidd n-itr    i)n>
■* irtos a!w>
Tn a capitalist shoot the other dny J snw an editorial which said'that there are a lot of follows
loafing around on the pretext that they arc unable
to And a job, and it wondered why they did not'go
out and take up Rome of the new lnnd.
Thus do tho lying capitnlist nowspapers add
insult to injury when a worlcingman is down and
out and cannot find a job wliorowith to food him-
solf and his wife and babies.
Go out on the new land, indeed!
Supporting, for, the hakb.'oT.'iirgumont, that
thero is good land to bo had for nothing, please-tell
us how a penniless man can transpiirtfhin.Helf and
family a thousand: or two of miles,'build a house
and barn, dig a well, buy i. teiun, a wagon, a plow,
a harrow, a seeder, a cultivator, a harvester, etc,,
and live until ho grows and inarltotH a crop?
Kven supposing that insurmountable difficulty to be overcome, ho would find himself constantly robbed by tho same horde of grafters who rob
him of his job whenever they fool liko it.     The
fanners of thu so-called now lauds have discovered
thnt, try as thoy may, it is impossible to escape being robbed by the capitalists so Ion*-; ns tho capitalist system exists.    Witness tho enormous Socialist,
vote in Oklnmoma nnd other agricultural states.
Hut the land is not free.
With a few exceptions, it has to be paid for,
from fifty eo»in irt several dollars nn aera.    Thon
the wnler vtyhtn eont from twenty to tdxty dollnrs
per acre in addition. And without irrigation most
of it will rniw nothing but sage bush and   jack
rabbits. .
It is not hint! abort of n orimfl to flint? such a
proposition iu the face of the unemployed num.
Hesides, why should workinimien go to;the
••lids of tint earth to get a living, and leave the
enemy in possession of tho good things they have
earned and been robbed oft Is it not more manly
to stay and fight for their rights
No. tbunks, we will stay ria.it here and fiuht
for our lost heritage. Kobbcfy. dopsn't Au'it m
any better one place than Another, We propose
t<» keep rfglit on agitating uuttl thc robbers arc
d'napoHHi-sseal, and the workers conic   into     their
Editor of the Ledger: .
Next to the labor movement, where
In existence, the Co-operative . move-
njent has done the most practical good
for working men, But not being con-
lined to one class (which .the Labor,
movement by force of .circumstances
Is) its possibilities ore, wo might say,
limitless. Co-operation,'according to
.porse Jncob Holyoak, "Is a system ot
commerce nnd Industry consisting of
societies of peoplo ln which tho business, profits of a,store, aro given to
tho purchaser,, arid tho profits of tho
workshop to tho, yrorkers.
' Thb' division 'ofrprofits Is mado ln
tlio store according to the amount of
purchases and'in'the'workshop-* ac
cording'tp:tho.amount of wages."
In the ciise of the workshop lho Idea
Is not'yet. fully rcnllzoil.but It Is-making progress. 'The' original object'of
co-oporntlon wns very ambitious,* ' It-
Bought to ofiUibllRh' self supporting
communities, distinguished by . common property nnd common moiihs ot
rocroation. Those woro to bo oxam-
plos of Industrial freedom from compe-
Tlio real founder of. tho movomont
wns a limn of noblo idens.-
Robert Owoii foresaw, tho,evils ' of
Industry, and tiioil to.provent thorn.
110 demonstrated'how by co-operation,,
capital and .labor could .lo united. Ilo
combattod tlio notion tlmt all profit
Bhould conio tocnpltnl, and that tho
chief duty of tlio'-employer Is to lecture his omployooa on tlio duty of'bo
Ing content with tliolr wngos.    .
Owen was eager to apply bin WonU
to society but ho Roomed to hnvo boon
boforo his timo. Owen's schemes in
IiIh day wero failures, mnny attempts
hnvo been nmdo nine© his dny to estnb-'
llHh his Idons, niul ono enn snf.0/ nay
that i>ro Iour Owen's scheme of co-
oporation will bo workoil out.
The co-oporntlvo movomont tshi,*!»
ollmlnatoH tho middleman in t'lul'',
hnH boon nRlgiintlc huccohh, In 1001
In Hnglnnd nnd Bcollftntl there; w-v ■•
2.078,178 mombors of co-npurdtlru no-
I p^»<nn   ot*-^   thn   nntoit   (l*mi<l1,,ll'l'l     lit'
cr.fl^H.OM, nnd ft profit, tmoHiIy dl»-
trlbutod In dlvldonds) of |0,«J 11,348,
was ronllxod.    It is outlmatod; that
which they'were, advancing., .,
.*■ Well,-Mr. Editor, to get back to
Fernie; there-are'those In Fernie vrb'o
sincerely believe that co-operation will
be an excellent thing for the town arid
this province and tlieTDomlnionir and
although not by any means rich, ....wu
have put our small savings together
and bought a stock of groceries—the
best we can get. We have a good
mnny supporters, a larfee number;
whoso-larders afo bare waiting for us
to open, that they may go back , to
their old lovo, buying at their own
storo whero (with all respect to those
we have bought of In' this town) they
will feel moro contented to buy; "as
they .know, that we shall' buy. at. all
times when possible goods mado uh-*
dor fair conditions. You might whisper as load'-at you can,,Mr. Editor,
so that our friend of the Froo Press'
may hear'the glad- sound, (wo;knBW
iao Is very anxious to hear of anything
,.\vhloh .jvlll b6,*Bood;*l6r tho town/arid
wo know ho Is glad to glvo a helping
"hand to.ovory good cnuso, wo, would
llko you to tell him quietly that wo
commence  to-day 'December 10th.  ,
Wo did hoar, that ho was making
onrnost' Inquiries about us. Wo
would, be. glad to, receive him In person, toll lilm and show.him all about
our movomont, and wo doubt not that
If lio 'speaksat'nll It" Will "bo'to' sny
we aro certainly all right.
,Wo would llko to, say again, wo aro
opon to do buslnoBB with all; bur
storo Is not confined ;to minors or to
union mon; It is a storo to noil to nil
who wish to buy; (ind further wo
nro proparod to mako any porson   a
The test of a-heating system is
the warmth of the halls in.the
early morning. - A hot water or
steam system will,keep a com-.
fortable,' even  temperature  all.'
over the house day and night.
Getting-up . time  finds ■ perfect
comfort all over the house.   -The
. Oxford.systems are the highest
development of hot' water and
. .steam heating.     Other makers
come as near as they can or dare
' to the Oxford idea.   That is the
, standard they try to reach.    If
' you prefer thc Oxford idea, insist
-' that you'gefit in the original,, '
-not" the' imitation.- -The- Oxford
systems are operated by o ■ *-
Hot Waiter and Steam
,; in connectlon'with - Oxford. Radi •
ators. If you l.ave a building^to
heat let us have the particulars
and we will tell you all about the
'■• best system-to install.' -.'■--. ■,,,,--
•* interest you—they are free—write ,u».
The Gurney Standard
'Metal'Co.', unit"'.
Sailing Agent, FernU
; Fire, Life, Plate Glass
and Accident
V" 'insurance0;; .:',.V
Property; For Sale in
all parts of the, ,
a     •■*•■• city   '  ?,;'
Houses   For
Agents ,
New Oliver Typewriter
Machine given out on trial
No Charge- • •
Mason 8c Risch
"    Piaihos
Alto For sale by Whlmster & Co
To the Shareholders of the Above
,!..} named Company:^,. ,, . .... ,  „
On account of the records of the
company, having been destroyed by
the recent fire, the directors have passed a resolution calling upon all the
shareholders to produce their share
certificates,.or If lost, prove the same
by statutory declaration, stating the
number of shares held by each shareholder, whether common or preferred,
and whether the same are paid In full,
or not, as well as any othor necessary
information regarding tho same..
Declarations should be filed with
the„undersigned not later, than. Do-,.
comber, 21st Inst.
: Dated.at Fernie B. C, this 7th-day-
of December, 1908..
■ W. R. ROSS
Sec. pro torn.
.Doe. 10.
NOTICE Is horoby Riven tlmt tho
partnership lilthorto BubalHtlug botwoon tho.undersigned and II,Q, I<oc*c-
linrt, nud known as "Lockhurt & Gil-
IobpIo," ns morchnnts, nnd cnrrlod oii
at Kornlo, IU. C, la horby dliiHOlved,
ns nnd from the 80th dny of. Novonv
bor, 1000.
. Tlio accounts pnynblo of tlie snld
partnership will bo paid by. and i-'l
accounts receivable,of the said part
norBlilp are payable to tho continuing
pnrtnor, Alexander A, atljoRplo.    ,
, Dated at Fernio this Ut day of.Uq-
renilior. 100R,
i ■    •-   A. A. OILLESPIBl
WltnOBs:  II. 8. OAllllliTT.        ,
! ' i ' >
at $10 a Share
*■ t_9, -jia. jit iiiii A tp w***q|'--*i*m***whw -W"^1 ■••ij* -^<1^ ■O & 4£^ £p &^ *% ^"^■■%^-^^
■*vn».—•HnHv SofinlUl.
of the Kootenay Telephone
Lines, Limited, have been
placed in our hands
For  Sale
This is an A 1 investment.
Everyone should buy even if
its only one share and own
an interest in our own Tele-
phone and have a say as to
how it should be run, Buy
soon if you intend to buy at
all as the shares are Mwiicd.
Cree   &  Moffatt
Read The District Ledger IX
miMiRS. C. N. WILLIAMSON :       v
, Authoress of "The Princess Passes," "The Lightning.;.
Conductor," Etc., Etc.
Copyright, 1906, by Ml*. C N. Williamson.
f ef rested "^d more nervous than when
■ohe.had started. .She had gone a M-
A full line4 of;shelf, and  heavy.. B
;ware; in' stock* together with' a-
complete, range bf Stoves.-.
Fur nitiire
Qur Furniture, Department embraces the
"■''    most unique and up-to-date, lines.;. -
*; . Come iri'and have a look .= ...;   '. .
Pair Draft Horses
«..*. —and -Outfit..
For.Sale-^A-first claas'palr of
Draft Horses, weight 2600 lbs., 4
and 5 years'old. perfectly sound
and In fine condition,
1 I have worked this team steadily during,the.last year;, they,,
had good1 care and .are fit for
any.kind of work.
I have no'use for, them during
the winter, and will sell for S350,
which-Is.,a bargain; also Bain
wagon used six months, . and
now sett double harness.
"-    'Apply ;.;i j. ..*■*■--,-■     '-1 '
1312 1st St, West.' '
100 tons •: of
Alberta Show
Case Works
Manufacturers  of
Calgary, Alta.
tie'farther1 than -she. had intended.-
and consequently' **as rather late tor
Mr. Kenrith. To, reach thc hotei .2
tirae, she walked very. fast and lore
her dress. Altogether, it.did,seem
as if everything was bent upon going
wrong this morning, and when she.
made several mistakes iu taking down
"from Kenrith's dictation,■. lor the first
time since she had begun working, tor
him, the last feather appeared to be
.added to her burden. , '
. She grew red and White,.and the
tears rose to her eyes, stinging her
lids so sharply that she,had to bite
her lip to keep theiii back. Then, in
the midBt of .her distress,, she saw
..that Kenrith waB looking at her 0
"My child," he said, "you are overworked, I have seen it. for several
days." <, -       - ...
I How different was. his tone from
James Grant's! This time, the girls
heart went out in . gratitude,,,though
the genuine concern ol the mans
manner made her long to cry comfortably. '■ ' , ,(T,
' . "It's nothing," she faltered. I m
very stupid."  ,,'•'-       "     ....   „
"You are anything but stupid. You
are very brave,, and 'cleyer, too. I
have a great' respect for you, Mibs
Dean." - - "* ■ ;       .   :
Now the girl dared not look up at
him, the unshed, tears hung so heavy
in her eyes, and her heart was beating fast. „ How cood he was — how
kind, and how far, far away from her
iri'spite of-his sympathy and consideration. ■.-■'-.      •
"Tell me," he went on, 'is anything worrying you? And if there is,
couldn't you let; me help?"
"I—I am quite happy, thank you,
only a little tired," she said.
"Not homesick?"
"I have! no home."      ...
"Poor child.   You are so young to
be fighting your own battles alone in
the wbrld.   -You ought to have.com--
paniohship and amusement.    I don t
believe you are out in the fresh air
enough.   Motoring would do you more
good than anything." ...."■'
. Elspeth laughed.      '    -..
"I'm not'joking," Kenrith went on.
"Do you like motoring?"
>" "I've never tried," said the girl.
"I am sure I should love it, but I m
not very likely ever to find out by
experience." ,   "
"You shall find out by, experience
this very day, if you will. in. my,
motor. Instead of taking your, usual
walk—I know you do walk at a regular hour, for I've often .seen you. going out as I sat near my window—
you shall have a run In my motor.
I have been lending it-to Captain Ox-
out, but he has a friend .coming to
"You are too kind, CWntess." said
Elspeth. really gratetal. though she
would not have given up Kenrith s
invitation for 'anything which could
have been offered. "I'm so sorry you
a.v lonely; but you see I've promised,
and if I didn't go, Lady Hilary, would
have to stop behind." .
"Oh:"' almost whispered the Loun-
tess, "Oh—ii you didn't go, Lady Hilary would have to stop behind. Of
course, in that case—I say no mote.
Good-bye, child. I wish you luck. It
will be a pleasant party; you, and
Lady  Hilarv and  Captain Oxford,
"Oh. Captain Oxford isn't going today," the girl explained hastily, for
Hilary's sake, lest some trouble should
be made with Lady. Lambart.*
"Not going!" the Countess cried
sharplv. Then she burst out laughing.
It was" strange laughter, and Elspeth
wondered at it, just as she had wondered at the expression of the woman's face.     -
ihing: dreadful is going to- happen^
'Perhaps every one feels much thei
jame when they are motoring for the j
first time," she told heiself. "I have ■
the idea that 1 should be glorying in
it if it hadn't been for the .Countess
and Mr. Trowbridge; • but   maybe   I
shouldn't.   Maybe this  is  only  part
of the experience." .
• Just at  this  instant Kenrith  half
'turned his head for a second io ask:
"How  do  you   like  it.   Miss   Dean?,
;You're not frightened, I hope?"
: Then Elspeth felt that not for any-
■thing in the world  would  she .-have
said "Yes."   "I think it's glorious,
she   answered   bravely,   though   still
the inward monitor whispered    lell
.him*to■stop'the car. Tell him to stop
the car."                       '           '     .   „
Now they were coming to a steep
 and  all   Ken
me&ns range perfection.
FOR  years the name. " GURNEY-
OXFORD"   has stood   for   the
highest  development in'cooking
ranges.   No matter what conditions the
range must meet, no matter what price
you wish to pay, you will get more
range efficiency  for your money m
the "Gurney-Oxford",   lines   than in
'any other that's built.
All our years of experience and qur
•and  winding descent,  and all   Ken-     » . knowledge is put into
;S*rL,%tSr»o°m1S A.IS : £,one.ofkouria.«stgp-odUo.ions-
Golden Nugget
(driving..  He spoke ..--,,,
girls, were at'liberty to be silent or
talk together.
' "You don't look very happy,.   Hil
ary said,
dfter all.
'I believe you are terrified,
As for me. I don't think I
see him this, afternoon, it.seems, and
has just sent word to me* that he
won't be able to use the car. You
shall,gofinstead.". •-•-.■., ■•■■-- *. ** ,
, "Oh" thank you!" exclaimed. Elspeth.   "But-rall alone.  V'	
"No, not all alone. 1I'nV4u.'?..Lady
Hilary Vane,will be del ghtad to go
with you,", said Kenrith, ,rand in that
case I-Bhould be able to be.oi the
^Elspeth , realized quickly that for
'her sake'ho could not have gone with
her alone, .but with tho two girls, his
presence in Mb own car, as host, could
not drouso gossip in tho most-censorious clique. "It would be too glor-
KS." sold she. "Dut-but I &n't
think Lady Lambart would* allow Lady
HVwo shaUsee," ropliod Kenrith,
with a determined look rn his eyes,
which told ElBpeth that the chances
were in favor of tho ofP6*™1™*  . ■
She. finished her work with.no fur-
ther mUtakes and loft Konrith a sit-
ting room, feeling singularly, unox-
All kinds of
Glvo us a trial
TAKE notico thnt tho Court of Uo-
vlBlon will sit In tho City Office on
Monday, Docombor 218t, 1008, nt 8 p.
m„ for tho purposo of revising tho
votorB* llBt.
12.2t        ,        . City Clork
'   • ; *   1008   ..
■ iflVBUY assignment of tl.o right ot
n; South African Volunteer ontltlod to
ailand grant inu-H bo b> .».*> ul **•*>
polnttnont of a substltuto, <mJ mat
bb In tho form provided by tho Act.
Special   attention (« enlled • to Bub-
Boetlon 8 of Sootlon 6 of tho Volun-
»a ,  ,      ,   .,      .finfl   a,.t.lA*.»    va«,f\l,Mfll*)
tfttl    »JUUUa4k|   «VW,    fc«w*    al..,-..    „■-.*
that no amlgnraont of tho right of a
volunteer by tho appolntmont of n
substitute ■bait be accoptod or roeog-
nliod by tbo department of tho Interior which !■ not executed and dnt*
od aftor tbo ditto of the warrant for
the Und grant Issued by <h-3 Minister
of Mllltln ndn Tietmea In favor of tho
Commissioner of Dominion
.■■;•...'■..fXAadir^blUwi..'■> ■
attb Beptembor IMI *>
flrmled tondora addressed.to   tho
PoBtmimtor Gonornl will bo rocolved
at Ottawa until noon on Friday the
16th of January 1009, for tho convoy-
"My chauffeur, has had a slight accident,   it seems,"   said   Kenrith, as
the two cirls in motor veils and coats
appeared at the door.   "He has hurt
his hand and can't drive," soT I am going to take you-myself:   You needn t
be frightened. - On the whole I think
I- may say, without conceit, I m the
better driver of the two."
■■ He  put  the  two girls  together  m
the tonneau of the oar, which was a
fine one of the latest type, 60-horse-
' power.' Having started the motor he
took his place in the chauffeur s seat.
and in another instant they were spinning ,awav-. down   the  long .winding
avenue which'led away frorn the castle and through the park.   They had
not pone far when they came in sight
of Mr. Trowbridge ■ walking leisurely
toward the hotel.   He looked up, saw
,the   car,   with   Kenrith driving,   and
quickly his eyes flashed over the other
occupants.   Neither of the girls wore
veils heavy enough to disguise their
features; they both bowed, Lady Hilary rather coldly  and mechanically.
Trowbridge snatched off his Panama.
'But seeing Lady  Hilary in the car,
Instead   of -smiling' in   greeting,   he
grew ghastly pale, and, turning shouted after the motor as it-flew by him.
,   Elspeth caught the look of'horror
on his face, which reminded her of
the expression she had seen Countess
iRadepolskoi wear when told that she,
iElspeth, was going motoring in Mr.
'Kenrith's car.   A chill-crept through
:her.veins, and she.wondered greatly;;
'!but\neither = she. nor  her. two. companions heard' Trowbridge  shobtmg.,
'"Stop—stop!"   In the distance, a dog-
icart was comintj<up the avenue, and,
iing   so  that  the   voice  of. the  man
■who turned to-run<after them was lost
sin-the 'shrill rioise of. the horn,
'   The   car   passed ,the   dog-cart and
sped. on,, passing  through  the  park
urates; and out into the public road.
"I thought   of   taking  you  to  see
:the ruins of the old castle of Loch-
,rain," said. Kenrith over his shoulder     "It will  be  a  good   spin,  and
'there's  a" little..inn  close by  where
thev will give us tea.   Oxford and I
have boen there once,or twice.,
•   The rirls answered that that would
be delightful, and  Hilary  began  to
tell Elspeth somethine* of tho history
of the ruin thoy would •■Hco-an old
stronghold -destroyed' in tho, days of
■ Mary 'Stuart.    But Elspoth scarcely
heard the  story, which   would have
!hold her interest at any other time.
: sho had looked forward intensely to
this  afternoon's  pleasure  given  lior
by 'Konrith,   and enjoyed with him
so near her; but now that the ex-
porience had begun, it was spoiled
former by the strango thoughts which
would come Into hor head.   Why had
the Countess looked so Btnrtled  on
hoarlng that she was to bo in the
car?   Why had sho tried to dissuado
her from going, and only .Masod her
arcumentB when told that if hlnpoth
Btnyed at home, Lndy Hilary would
no doubt bo obliged to do bo. too?
Why had she laughed as if in amuBO-
ment boonuso  Captain ' Oxford was;
not to fee of tho party, am  why. had
iBho seemed almost savagely pleased
!to know that Lndy Hilary would bo
In his plnco?
"Tho  CountoBB doesn't like   Lndy
Hilary." Klspeth said to horHelf. "Bho
oarofl  for Mr. Trdwbrldgo,  nnd .has'
tho air of eoiiRldoring him hor pro-
norty.    Now, he has fallen  in love
with Lndy Hilnry.   Any one can hoo
that—indeed, evory ono doos boo ll,
and  talks nbout Jt,  muoh to Lndy
Hilary's  disgust,   ospeoinlly   nu  her
mother encourages him, boonuso lie
In supposed  to bo bo  troinondouHly
rich     I bollovo tho CountoBB would
bo Bind to havo somo harm como to
Lady Hilary.   She's a foroignor, nnd
n Btranco, passionate cronturo, cap-
Sblo of evil! I holiovo, If It wero lo
further hor own oihIh or injiiro nn
enomy.   I'orhnim It Ib horrid of mo
to think tliut, a« Bho Ib bo kind, nnd
eeoina to hnvo taken sueli a finioy
to mo, yet 1 onn't help, fooling lt'B
truo' nbout  hor,    Rut  ovon .It alio
would llko to harm thnt swoot girl,
why nhould Hho hnvo beon bo plen»od
to know Lndy Hilnry was «oini! motoring with Mr. KoiirithP   I sunposo
U must hnvo boon bocaiiBo hIio know
that now Klm'd bo »uro to hnvo Mr.
Trowbrldgo to horsolf, oven if ho lind
planned to be with Lndy Hilary. That
muflt be it.   Sho must havo known
ho had Homo Idea; to propoBO all ex.
cuso to be In Lndy, Hilary's Bocloty
Steel   Range
is built of dead Hat, patent levelled steel blue finish-the kind that
stands all kinds of heat and never warps or cracks.
It's supplied -with the new Gomey- .
Oxford reversible grate, too.. The
grate with the interlocking teeth
that cut off the dead ashes, when
operated, and makes the fire respond quickly. No good coal drops
through it either, every particle is
burnt. That is one of this ranee s
fuel-saving features.
This grate can be removed and a
wood-burning , grate substituted
without moving a bolt or a screw.
Then, notice the extra large oven
•—splendid for baking day. And
the drop door forms a solid shell
for basting.
The fire linings can be removed
without disturbing the top—that ,
', means economical repairs.  ,
The Gurnev-Oxford Golden Nugget   Range is a low-price range
with high-price efficiency.
.. We would like to explain it'tb you
in detail.
We know that once you have seem.
it you won't be satisfied until jrou
have this labor-saving, fuel-saving
range in your kitchen.
Chancellor Range
. ., .    .      - r -  .
built of patent-levelled, dead-
flat blue steel—will last a lifetime.   Fitted with the Gurney-
Oxford reversible grate, which can
be removed without disturbing
the linings.    . ....
The, Gurney-Oxford Chancellor
range saves food, fuel and worry,
takes   all   the   bother* out   of
J. D. Quail,
The car-passed the dogcan ami s/ied on.
-ghould' much ■ care   provided  ,1   had
only myself to think of. if Mr. Ken-     taKes   a
,-rith' drove straight into that wall of  . cooking.
ro«C'HowStcaah you say ■ thats" exclaim-   The Gurney.-Standard Metal Co., Limit-ad SsJitSwi
ed Elspeth. -"You. who are so betiu-
•tiful and young, and so much loved—
-you have everything of the best that
-life can give." .,    • ,
-   "How little you know.'   answered
'.Hilary bitterly. . "What good does
it do one to  be, young,  if  one  has
'nothing to hope for. of joy in the
future? What good to be loved, u
one can't hope to spend one's^ days
with those one cares for most?"
"There's always hope," replied Elspeth, "until one t is old.'.'   • -
"I feel old," though I'm not twenty
yet," Hilary said.' "I know I oughtn't to talk-in this way, to anyone,
but I am so miserable, and if it wero
:'not for .you, 'I*should have no one
:'to confide in. , I should, -really be glad
• in-Hio.   unlpRR—unless——    -
Dr. Pierce's Favorite
^ a a
plalnably happy. p,
After lunoh a note mme up to E1b-
peth's room from Lady, Hilary, with
a heavy coat and a thick motor veil.
"How- nice!" said the letter      -
"I am going out with you, Mr. Kon-.
rith suggested that I HhouldI look up
something warm and oomtortablo for
you, In cSso you might no have come
prepared lor motoring and chilly em-
orgonclos of that sort. I hope t™
things I Bond may do. What a talk
wo shall havo!" ,
Elspotli'B heart' was vory warm towards Lady Hilary u "he read the
friendly noto and put on.the pretty
coal bo m^oh handsomer Uian- any
she had over worn. She tied too lona
chiffon veil over hor hat snd found
I lo blc. .fluffy bow undor the chin
very becoming. "I wonder If he will
'boo mof" Bho wnn aaklng horsolf ob
Hhe wont downBtalru*. and -wns bo ob-
sorbod in her own thoughts that Bho
fi almost collided with tho Coun-
toBB KadopolBkol boforo alio Baw her
°°"Ah! "iow prottv you look, my
denr!'' exclaimed tho handsome wo-
man. "You havo tho sir ot ono who
Is to'go motoring."
"I am aolng," Blsneth anBWorod,
•<I can guoHH," said tho Countoss.
"You aro driving down to tho sla-
tion in ono ol tho hotel motor*,
"No." answored tho girl, Mnllins.
"I havo had a mueb;pleisantor invitation than that and havo accepted
U,8uddonly tho woman's dark faoa
olmngod, and her oyes dilaUd with ft
look of horror. "It is" noV-rou are
not going with Captain Oxford in Mr.
Kenrith's oarf" sho asked, in an odd,
low voloo. .      „ -,.
"Mr. Konrith has invited mo," fcls-. «„.„ .^ — ... --   .„ .     	
netlv ro?llend*, then, remembering the | „nd that wouM P«l«n. bo   nough
nonvontionalitiet*  »ne   auUsJ,     *—d    to uta-uui... »-.  -^  ••?.,'•    TI'.	
I-tovdie, unless—unless-
 ,4T.      a . '       4  ...»
—"uniess_wnui.'^  . >
1   "Oh, unless I-could suddenly „.come
•into a lot of money, or—find a few
jewelB.'like Mr: Kenrith's. which he
showed us theother day.,-.Then—then
everything would'-be'different.", i
"Aire things worse' than you havo
told me before?" asked Elspeth, syra- >
pathetically. . t
"A ■ thousand times worse, if that
.could be possible.. Mother and I are |
in dreadful!difficulties. I don't know j
what is going to become of us. Any j
day—any" hour—the . most awful dis- '
grace .may, fall upon bur heads, and
we shall ba ruined forever."
"Can nothing be done?" implored
Elspeth, forgetting all her own anxieties.'*'     *    - ';        ,.
"I could do something-—somclhjng ,
I would far rather die than do."
"You moan'.'—-       -     ■ ■■
"I see you've guesBed.". „
"May I speak out?"
"Yes,' We're friends. You hnvo
done bo much for me. Oh, you can't
help mo now—except by sympathy.
But that's a grfot deal, when ,u girl
is ns wretohed *ns I am,'!
"Your mother wantB you to mnny
somo rloh man.""        ,        '      _.
"That would bo nothing now, She
brought mo up for that. ,Onco T didn't mind tho thought so much, when
—I carod for no one i.i pniticulnr,
nnd-r-whon it' was only an abstract
idea. But now, inothor insists that
it is my duty to say yoc, at once, to
a certain man"  ,    •
"Mr. Trowbridge!    Has ho spoken
already?"   ' ■  ' ,     x
"Last night ho spoke to inothor.
Bho likes him tromondously. Ho I old
hor all about hid circumstances. Ho
is vory rich and he an good ns told
hor'that. If he onco hnd my promiso,
ho would holn hor in any way. *
"You won't glvo it to him? You
can't I" oxolalmod ElBpeth.
"I don't know whnt I shall do. I m
afraid I-must, There seems no nl-
tornativo. Oh, I would bog or Htonl;
I bollove, H T could only get tlm
monoy which eould bsvo us In «omo
othor wny."     ,,    , .
Elspeth would havo nnswered,
would hnvo trlod to bid tho girl hnve
eounidp. and wait upon ovontfl, whon
suddonlv tho enr sworvod: thoro wns
Is the best of all medicines for the cure of diseases,
disorders and weaknesses peculiar to •women.. It u the
only pr-iparation of its kind devised by a re<ularly graduated physician—an experienced and skilled specialut in
the diseases of women. ., ,     . ,    ,
It is • safe medicine in -sny condition of the system.
, . THE ONE REMEDY which contains no alcohol
i and no injurious  babit-formini drugs and wUeh
,   creates "no oravintf for such stimulants.
are not  afraid  tn  print, its  every in<redient( on
each outside   bottle-wrapper  andf,attest to _***•■
truthfulness ot  the' name under oath. ''
It is sold by medicine dealers everywhere, and «°yj^" ^.^l*-£,~
get it. Don't take a substitute of unknown composition for ^!«"'«« *
known C0Mi>osiT.0N. No counterfeit is as <ood as the -jenutne andthe^rutfW
who says something else is "just as good a. Dr. PjereeV is «ter «*£•.
or is tryintf to deceive you for his own selfish benefit. Such a man »■"<».
trusted. He in triflirii* with your most priceless ppssession-your neoltb-
moy be your life itself.   See that you get what you «* for.	
Canadian Pacific Annual
Eastern Canada
Low nound Trip Rntoa to
2 Through Exproes
' Trains Dally .
Tickets on Bale
I )*>(*, iHttoDce. !»lHt,
IiicIuhIv.*, good to return within !l innntliN
TicketH It-NiH'd in win-
iHiftUm Ui Atlantic
St<*'iinNhi|> lniHiniwH
will'Imi on Hiiln Nov.
21 nt nnd Hinitcd to
flvo niontliH fiom
diit«* of iHmio,
Kini-Ht H«nil|)iimiit,
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Jlib-y Vnnr In Ifolntf, too,
Tho  Oonntens  UadopolBkors  clear
fosturos iMined ,to 'ro0"',*"!? ^
lous glitter, like steel. llahUd her
, blosUly.  MHM-Mr. Trowbridps
Coal Creok
of April next.
Printed notlcos containing, further
Information as to tho conditions of
proposed contract mny o soon, and
blank forms of Under rosy bo obtain-
od at ths post offices of Coal Ctrwk
and Kornto and at tho officii xtt tli*>i
post office Inspector. ',,
Post Office Inspector
Post Offlco Inspector's offlco, Csltiary,
Deo. 4, 1908. Jan. 15
Us.' Why should ho lmvo »>oen toldr"
. ' .V'.n ..   'l-J,.4„'t"   anlinAll   thn   f*ftUn-
"Why, indeodf" echoed the Coun-
tMS.  ''It-is a matter ol no[■;W>R*jt-
!J£. It was only a foolish UtU. oks
of mino. as ho •Mmednto>JtT?wUwr
tntorfltitfld  In    T,ndy Hilary Vanes
movements o! Into.   •*••<*•> her,t?s   *
tYope-she -will hats a plsasant driTS.
Hut you-1 wish yon would ilvo it
up. and spand an hour with me In-
itesd.  I am in one of rof bad moods.
I am lonely.   I should llk« ytmrao-
sfoty.   Make somo •"«•*• Bton with
me and T will soi? If 1 can't find some-
Ihinj protly lor you-somu little inn-
tor—  ' ■'   '    .„..
whon h« nav I.ndy Hilary In tho enr
Just now. Ami yet-and yet~it tutu
ifiorb than a look of dlnappohitmont,
It watt actual horror. And then, too
ohnnffonr's accident? Was thnt a co-
Inoldonoo or~sometliini*; moro Htriuiituf
What can It nil moatiP Or doos It
rnonn noi'mtiB. uxoej.v vim*, my xtnw
Inatlon has grown morbid, and t-ikrn
to oonluring up sensational.things?
A voloo within herself sootm-d to
nr.t-.wor Ebpoth's loroufldinga with a
warning. A vague doproHslon fell upon hei. -She Mt a asitse of runponwl-
hlllty, as If sho outfit to sny something, do somuthlng, while th.nn via*
time to prevent a calamity. Still, »h«
k*.i,t sllunoi. Mr. Xen'Hth w«nW/mlv
think hor foolish and cowardly If
the said,! "Pleale stop th* motor, lie*
csuwi Counttsss Ra«iepol»kol didn t
want ma to come put with you, and
beonns«'-1fr." Trowbridce, looked «1 s-
ti-Mu-ii at M*in*5 Udy Hilary In tha
ear, 1 have n praaunUiotDt tlist soma*
grinding crnsh ol wood, n sonRn-
..on, at If a whool wore giving wny,
nn Instant ol cold fonr with no ilsslro
to Roronm, nnd thon-a cossntlon ol
ovorythlng.   Tho  world stoppod  for
hor*.    .	
"Is this deathP Have I died, and
nolvcd thn gront mystery? Am I on
tho threshold of a nowllfn?" Slowly,
fnltorlnoly. the words formed them-
io'voh In Elspeth's brain,.
Bho wns oonscious of no suffering r
sho  senrooly  romotnborcd what  ulio
hod pnssod through, yet tho imnroH- ,
sion of some tremendous oxperlencn )
lust undergone, flostod dimly In hor j
- '-d    l'lth"? hrr •>''«>*  wpm  «pi»n. I
and she sbw nothing but a soft grocn j
snd golden light cjiaiitsiiiff «uJ |>iiJ.'.' ,
ing, else ft wns an llhiHlon, a waking
dream. ,
,j;i .mu|l.hiw_diadJJsiJL!SLID to
""""■"   (To'bo contlnuod.) .
Kefoury   Bros.
Ory wml Fnncy  Goods,  Bootu   and   Shoes
Gent's Furnluhlners, nnd Underwear
NOTICB Is horeby given thnt the
timo for tho reception of tendon for
Vernon, U. C„ public btilldliiK.    bus
boon axtendcA to Docombor 30, 1008.
Plans and spocldcstlons oro aim   to
bo Boon at Vl-ftnrla snd Viincouvitr.
By ordtir
Department of Public Works, Ottawa,
.    Novomber 50, 1901.
i Atidv   Hamilton
&' Tinsmith and Clumber
We can furnish you with estimates in
anything in our line
','tT»:i 11 ii
■■£>»' i*- xu8tm*£-Tr*
^ m~&fstt^LZ^£b&k&. iv^^a^r^ic.
If ■ -
ButCli^GruIsef Takes Venezuelan Guard Ship—Nota -
V Warlike
Williamptad,. Dec. 15.—The,: Dutch
cruiser Gelderland came into this port
this morning'' towing, the.- Venezuelan
coast guard;shlp--Alix, with tho Dutch
flag flying and'a Dutch crew on".boar;!.
The Gelderland captured-the Ali\ pff
Puerto; Cfibellb on Saturday. At that
time tiie Alex was lying close lirshorc
and notwiUistanding the ""threat that
the Venezuelan government had made
to fire on any Dutch warships- committing a hostile actT the Gelderland w-jut-
at,speed towards tho^uardshjp, pnd
sent ^an'officer of the guard in a
launch to seize her. ' This'they did
without'resistance' and no' shot came
from the land forts.  ■•
The crew of the Alix "were put ou
shore and the Dutch officer and marines remained on board; tho Gelilerland'finally taking the Alix in tow and
steaming away with her prize.'
Tho* seizure of the Alix was in ac-
1 cordai'.ce of the plans of the Holland
government,   when instructions, were
issued.to..the three.Dutch    warships
now in.these.waters .to mnke a demonstration off tbo.coasl of Venezuela and
to, * capture auy' Venezuelan' ships 'of
war. and guard ships that 'they might,
iiiyl.'-'' The 'arrival of' th'e" Gelde'rland
at "Williamsl.au was greeted with unbounded'enthusiasm by those who saw
the 'cruiser approach, and the' entire
population were down to-the waters
edge "to  -welcome 'lie., return  of the
Gelilerland Rowing *lie."enemy's. ship as
though from a gr<>»t .conquest.
,.: . jNot* an   Unfriendly  Act.,
Naturally the people of Curacoa.who
have long been clamoring, for activity;
on the part of the,Dutch government,
are.greatly rejoiced ov.er this incident
that ilbllaiuV hits'at length begun act-'
ivo measures against Venezuela, but
the govern'or fqf ,Cuj*acoa; in explaining
., the1 incident This afternoon, had this
.to say: "The capture by our warships
of coast guards and war 'vessels is not
to be - considered as* unf rlendlyJagainst1
the Venezuelans'.     It is merely a reprisal against Casings government —
which refuses to give satisfaction for
his unfriendly acts towards   Holland.
The.seizure'of-these vesself.will make
it impossible for the'Venezuelan gov-
erainent'-to carry troops' or munitions
to and.frpm.the various ports.   -, ,
'"A .cbiriihu-jication to this effect has
been'forwarded by the. Dutch, govern-
^==aaartaaf-r_f 4\_4-la4aI.ri4a,.TYa nr,_T« 1T, 1 U + Q,- ot-^flr..
- ^ Jr ' ..-.
__ acas.'7; ."■-■■-*:"-."• » .'-,'■.,
'.-..Going- After. Others.
It is; learned from [the officers of
the GeideViahd that the battleship Jacob Van. Hcemskerk and tho cruiser
Frlesland.'are, now off Laguara, and
that'.tiirther. captures.may be expect;
od-at/any time. . These,two vessels
left here-on Friday cleared for action
and it was. believed at the time .'that
the intention'was to.make a forcible
demonstration at Laguara, The opinion-is hold here that the Venezuelan
goyernJpentj'lh'; tho .absence ,of ■i*Presi*:
dpnt Castro, will "not go so far as to
Are" on the Dutch warships; which, in
Vlc-w -of' the" fact; that, Venezuela -is
practically"without a riavyi hold the
Vcnoluelnn ports vory. much at thoir
JAdrcy. ;.': '■''.'''   ,'•
/•jThp situation, between Vonozuela
hiiii tho Netherlands has beon. strained
itdij'somo months,"' Tho troublo arosa
indirectly over the expulsion from
Cfiiracas of M, Dcrcus, tho cliplohiatlc
r-diJroB'ontntlve of Holland,'but lt had
already beon ronderod acuto by tho
courHo of Venezuela ln issuing a do-
crqo on May 1 last that practically Ull-
Iciil tlio com'morco of Curacao,.
/'.'^roHldcnt Castro' rofused to withdraw this docroo, notwithstanding thb
fadl. that Holland Issued-nn* ultimatum
that sho would tako moasuros_unless
lip j topic prompt, cognl/nnco of hor do-
inrendB, Costra suggostod that IIolI-
lind should send a roprbsontntlvo to'
jf'iij'ncuHjQ confer,.with hlra on tho.
^jbjufil, but this tho. Netherlands do-
•ojinod to do. Without .waiting,. however, to ascertain whether, or not. this
SUgKustloii would bu adopted, Castro
(fHlJod for Europe,
•■;f'Otlior-liicldoiit.u that havo addod to
the'lll.fooling'havo booibtho.stoppuKO
of Dutch Hailing vohhoIh nt huh by tho
nuthorltlos of Vonosunln, and nlso tho
fltormlim of tho Veiie/.uolan coiiHUlatn
at Wlllomstud by a mob,
!- Venezuela Will' Resist
-*; V(!*n*7,!*ol'i Iiiih mado preparation** to
•roHlHl, any hi.*.i. of liiiHtlllty, Tho forlH
at'I-aKiinra." Puerto Cabollo and Mar-
jrtc'ilbo have been reinforce-.! wllh men
and, munitions but. until Saturday no
outward act occurred which would
felvo Venoziiola an 'opportunity to answer force with force. More than a
Wool* ago throo Dutch warshlpH, the
Jficob Van Ut'oroskorl', tho., Frioohiml
UU(i llio *i<. iutjiunii aivuiiiuu ,/tulit, lUC
ytii(*3Ui*l;n4 ui.'ist from I'mHo Piibrlh,
ttr'lahiifiiaia, fit "a dlatnht-o" of three
thousand yards from tho shoro. It
Is iifi'dnrntood tbat tho hattlnnhlp Der-
iilltton Is now on her way to William;
■,   ,    ,        ,      ,,,,,,,      i,       ,
feV*v-»   »*a.^a'..   .......    .....   .ij...   a,.^   ..ti...   ...   ...
cj3ntlt|ulng thu. .demonstration .against
VonaitioU.''-.--''' . -• " ,*.;
., Interest In Washington
,'*Wasblngto«, Doo, IS-—Whlla no ad-
yjcos official or unofficial havo rvnch'
ejrl tli"-** VnUnd Stnten il»<pnrhn»iif con-
. f^rmlni? tho soliuro of tho Vo'iinolnn
chip ao abovo nfat^ii, vory IKMo rnir-
prlso wns expressed In diplomatic cir-
c|os honv Although Hollond has
hnd Ihroo or four warships nt Curacao
oi* thereabouts for some timo past,
nb hostile net had prfcvlowMj* o&uru-rt,
ttfld thoro httrt hnnn much ttnnetAntlnn
$$ to Holland's purposes.     Great In
terest-.attaches v-rto-'-.the -Netherland's
government's next move sines'it apparently intends . to force matters" to
an issue. For some time there has
been talk of a blockade, but' siich' a
proposition might have brought .the
country into friction with Britain or
some other power which- has claims
against Venezuela. The U. S. idea
is that the best way is to let the situation work. itself out gradually, unless the commerce or other interests
of this country are being interfered
. ,      KOOTENAYS
"Nelson; B.C. Dec. 15— W. B. Lan-
nigan, C. P. R. general freight agent
of Winnipeg, with the' president of
the board -'of 'trade,' and the committee
'representing local" merchants held a
conference on the: reduction adjust-
'ment of freight rates on goods coming in and going out of Nelson and
The conference was privato but it
was announced afterwards that a satisfactory, settlement was arrived at,
and the new .schedule when approved
of will be put into effect at once. , It
will mean a saving of many thousands
of dollars.to merchants and.consumers. ,■""'
, There is a municipal lodging house
in Chicago largely filled with tramp-*,
In addition tp housing them an intelligent effort is made to get them into
regular industry. „A physician in attendance makes a careful examination
of each man who comes to the lodging
house, and last winter he tried to see
what connection could be ^ genuinely
established between pre-matuer labor
■and1 worn-out men.":- It is surprising to
flnd how many, of them are tired to
death .of monotonous labor and begin
to tramp in-order, to .get away from it,
'as,a"business"'ma'n''gbes'to the woods
because he is worn out by the stress
of business life. ■    - "
This inordinate desire to get away
from work seems to be connected with
the fact' that the men have started to
work.very early, before'they had.the
•physique to stand up to it, or „ the
mental vigor with which to overcome
its difficulties, or the moral' stamina
which-makes'a man- stick at his work
Till they with hold hage are bent, *
What do they, care,ithat's no.bisness
* offtheirs;.    ■- <  - '\ - - - v ,
As long as they draw their per cent; -•■
They have sung "Brittons never shall
■ bee.slaves;" ■ , .•        .7
For ive heard hit many a time,
A grate many say such-things are
past'    ** , ' ' .
But, slaves ive seen in the.mine^       ;,
Hand if I ham not well eddicated,.
I krio(when men are trod down
Hand such things do 'appe.n, I'know
;   hit. . ,   ,,'•"';.',■.■''.
For hits down hin the gloom   of the
Hive read'many times .of the'gallies
Where slaves were chained to their
seat, ...     ■ A
Hand owned body and sould by thoir
masters, -     ,      "       ■     '
From the top of their hedlto. their
■ feat. ■   . ' "-
'Tis not so much changed—take now-
a -daze
From that slave owning hawful time,
The only change that I kan'see7-'
They wear no chains hirii the- mine.'"
^-m. u.:p. s,
  <r/» ''""     —)—..._
The editor, of an exchange" - tells a
story of a young bachelor sheriff who
was called to servean attachment'oh
I O. .    - ,.- . , u -I      .
a handsome widow.' He' called and
said: "Madam, I have an attachment
for you.", She blushed. and *' sajd ■the'
attachment ^was reciprocated;''.-'.'You
misunderstand,", she said,*, "you'-must
proceed to court," She:said, she,knew
it was leap year but she' wouid^r'efer
him to do the courting.g "Madam..'this
is not time for trifling, the._ justice Is
waiting." ' "Oh, I prefer, a- minister,"
she; said. "A' squire- njarired me the
flrst time and 1 had hard luck/'-^-Ver-
ona Advocate. -        '- -, '-'      '"'.':
Here's hoping that the-.handsome
widow, ,in questoin was successfully
"spliced" the second time, and- by a
minister' as she preferred. One also
trusts that the young bachelor,7, o'f
course, served a life attachment'iip-
on the lady, and that' they ■,are now
just as happy at; the proverbial-turtle
doves. ■ ■ '■  ■
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Everything .',',
Call In and;
see us once
'} **-■•:■.        ..      ,      *.i'/ ,    *      .-^     *-'•*,   .,
•r\r— aV-nal; •»<-? ^?(. a"- t   4*1.-fl,   > ", jv-n .ir_     «7-> —  ■,+■_,   j-
■i   I      ^.■.i'-i^iiA"-.-^::-;,*>-.-•.'■•:■...'   .
'i     £..-.?t-.-
Nows7doing business at  the Puhici-
'    !>',, v. ,t                                -.' --.-- i  -.
f. :i,-'- -...1^.                              -.. ,   -     -
,- y&yy.DTtig Store.:'. -   -v ',
Fern|e'\;' *:
v7-> Jf;
'-'-;. c:
Fernie, B. C.
'i i
C, W. DAVEY & CO., Props,
Canadian Pacific Ry.
t   .,■'■"■'    *  -.-■■-1 ■•' •
' Are *you contemplating a * trip- to - *
Thei Orient ■; „      ■', _  .'''"' ,, 7,   ,-:
' Honolulu'"   '       '"'" "
•y>-   -    - - '   7 ■■•*,  :..,.-,.   ,-..
Australia- ..<■    •'
, >   <. . .New Zealand
Are you contemplating a trip*to
' '   ;  '   CALIFORNIA'^
'    '-    Or any Pacific Coast Point.?
. Or is"It a: trip to  ** "') 7   ', .'
.r.-t hH
W. Ri Ross K.C;"'■■ J.S.T.
!••'      •.-,',    -'■
Barristers and Solicitors.
■   "■' -fiTit'
A. McDougall, Mgp.. ;^J
, r;.
wiTetKer~HeTlikes""it~of "HotT-^ But'^e'
cannot demand'' any of these things
from a-growing boy. They are all
traits of tho adults. -A boy is naturally restless, his determination,easily
breaks down and he runs.away. At
least this seems to be true of many of
the mon who come to the lodging
I   recall   a man who begun to work
in a textile mill quito below the present legal age in New England,   and
who   had worked hard for sixteen or
moro years, says   Jano.   Adams, ' in
■ Charities. '"Ho.told his tale with all
simplicity and as he made a motion
with his hand ho said: "I done that
for sixteen years."   ' I give tho words
as ho gave them;    "At last I was sick
In bed for two or threo weeks with the
fever and* when I crawled out I made
up my mind that I..would rather go tp
holi than go back to that mill."    Who-
ther ho considered Chicago an equivalent for that I do not know but;ho
certainly tramped to Chicago and ho
had been tramping for four years. Ho
docs not slciil.     Ilo works In ' tho
summer and wanders about tho rost
of tho yoar getting something to do
when ho can, but tho suggestion of a
factory throws him Into a panic and
ho quickly disappears from tho lodging houso,     Tho physician has mado
a diagnosis of gonoral debility.    Tho
man is not fit for steady work.    Ho
has boon.whipped In tho battlo of lifo
and is spent proinaturoly bocauso   ho,
bogan proinaturoly.
* What.   dofiH this moan?    That  tho
young,man cannot stand up' to   \hj>
grind of factory lifo;   that'thoy brodlc
down undor It, and that wo havo mo
right to IncroiiHo tho list of pnupdrs,
—of thoso who must bo cared for by
tho municipal aitiHiy tho*%.ltbvaRon.
clos bocauso whoii thoy nro still Immature and undo vclopod I hoy aro buIj-
Joclud to u tremendous pressure,
- A succession of colds or a protracted cold is', almost certain to end in
chronic catarrh',' from which, few persons ever wholly recover. ."-Give,overy'cold, the attention it deesrves und
you may avoid„this disagreeable, 'iiis:
cise. How can you cure a cold?'Why
i.ottry Chamberlain's Cough Rtm-
edy? , It isihighly, recommended. Mis.
M. White of Butler; Tenii., says: "Several years-ago I was bothered with
my throat and lungs.,, Someoneto.'d
mo of Chamberlain's Cough. Remedy
I began using it and it-relieved meal
-Ciiic.e   ' Now.' my_throat_anjlJuags__are
Waldorf Hotel
(In;rear'of old stand)
Table; Unexcelled
Bar supplied with the finest
brands of Wines, Liquors
, and Cigars
(Formerly of Centrnl"Hotel)
sound and well.",
".For. sale by     nit
St. Paul
'*  Toronto     ■
New York
Or any European point thought of.,
1 *> t. t
\ The line is.equipped ,with.unexcelled first class cloaches, tourist ' and
standard-sleepers,' and' dining' cars,
coupled,.wItiWsafety,, speed and. com-
fort.-':        •*'    -    ! '• ■  ■*' •'-   "    '■;
1       ■•*.,>■        ,• ... ...   .',    '   -■ v. ,.
: For .folders and* completo. information apply to R.* Reading, Agent, .Fernie.'  j; 7'7,''. ,'.'■  ;;';'''.■'; '.*'  ";'',
' .7        7 J- E.' Prcc'tor,'   ' ','''
j ■,' '   ..DistrictPaiserigcr Agl
1 :   '    Calgary, Alra*.'" '*  -
Fernie, B. C.
-. ■&
7     L. P. ECKSTEIN.,   j.?
.•*■;'■.-. .;•-.'.' .'  "4-
Fernie, B. C.
Manufacturers of arid Deal-
, ers in all kinds of Rough >
■ •-. and Dressed Lumber
Send* Us yoiip orders 4
F. C. Lawe,
Alex. I.'--Fisher
Secretaries of Local Unions
'    DISTRICT 18 U; M. W. OF. A.
Tlio nilnor.lollH In tlio gloom of   tit
mine, •
A buru, Vinimiy llvln" to earn,
Thu uuiHtnr ho iiIIh ln Is clmro lint Is
Wlio tlio mln.tr tolls weary and worn
Kno Ibought as ho of tho blavos of tho
Hns Ioiik ns ho gctts Is bright gold,
Kno pity uh lio for thu nrd suns of toll
U'i.y «uu Oiuivuii Id budllli vWiuu hold,
Tliu iiilnui' hu wurltb in lho gloom of
the mino
Kno Hiiiiiililiio to wolcoino hi guzo,
Ilo'u Hhivliig wlio muster hlu spondlnff
lh H.'Hl
Hoh nmiiMomont In various wnls,
ThO'holder ha Rots lino wtirlc lean boo
Ho Is told for a man of his lingo;
Tlioroeson Is this so master nazo
liny yunirnr mnn brings In moro wngn.
Hcach iriornlng ho drives to is offlco
no ,/iny,
To soo how riiiiny black dlninouds nro
Hand littlo ho Itaros ns hu counts his
Of the diggers who toll for Is ROld.
They nrn thn nlnvcti fnr 'Im, they hni!
The large, number of miners' lives
that are paying the penalty, of blasting
operations in our mines is now becoming „a subject that. Is exorcising • the
mind of many of our-thoughtful readers. Several shbtflrors wero killed and
three Injured in Illinois a few days
ago, Kansas and other states had an
equal quota, and. when, all added 'together, lt makes the question a serious one not bnlyfor tho o(wi)er bf'the
mine, but to tho. minor, it becomes
moro serious.
There aro differences of opinion'as
to what aro tho causos of.those fatal
blasts,1 bettor known to tho, miner as
"windy-shots."* but' whatever tho
cause,1 the results nro bocomlng awful
ln the destruction of human lifo nnd
tho damago to mining proporty, and as
boforo stated thoughtful rhon aro • now
wondering what dovlco, or devlcos can
bo adopted that will obvlato.tho.noc-
esslty of mon being In;the mlho nt
all during "firing" timo. Xt ono mino
ln Illlnolc, If not moro, tho, shots* nvo
nil flrod by an olcctrlcnl apparatus, at
tho surface, It Is noedloss to say
that thoro aro no shotflros killed In
this mine. , "   ,,
Recently wo had tho privilege.ot
witnessing a tost of a dovlco of tho
same nature, that Is tho product of tho
Ingenuity of two coal minors and froni
tho test wo ontortaln a good opinion
of tho Invention nnd hopo to soo good
rosults If'ovor It Is given a trial;
Kixpunso In Installing a dovlco of
this kind Is tho first thing consldbrod,
but this should npvor bo allowed to
provent tho.adoption of nny system or
lnolhod of conducting mining operations that nro conciliated to savo,tho
llfu of tho minor.
IkmldcB, wo are Informed' that In
tlio'caso, of tho Invention roforrod to
tho cost of Installation and operation
Is comparatively slight In comparison
In thn good results It will accomplish,
Bo thnt, as It may, cost high or cost
low, all such dovlcos should bo glyoji i>
trial, and, If found 'Bucccz'jfu!, .aV.cvld
be Vopt nt, work tn tho mino, '       •■' »
A single lifo Is worth moVo 'than^ti
entire mine, and tho first duly of ,0
stnto, of tho coal operator .snd iof r»H
parties intorostod, Is to protect thb
lifo  fit  thn   eri'd  »*Wf»aoi"''*i"i  (WW' Wt)V
possible lo do It.—Mino Workors Journal. -"•
The Hotel, of Fernie
Fernie's Leading'..Commercial-
and Tourist House   ■
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
BANKHEAD, No. 29: James Fisher
BELLEVUeJ-No.    431.* Fred Chap-
pell.!     ' '        ';' ;.,_,- ,.;. .:.'*
CANMbR'E.-'No.;1387o. A.''J;:McKinnon.      '       - '''_'..'', '[■'..,
COL:eMAN,'N6. 2633:' William'Gra-
ham. ■ ..    .,*•.'.,,   ..-', ,;*!..., =..,*.   .;• -.-.,;
[  CARBONADO, No. 26S8'('iambs He;,
witt.   ', "      ■/   ■'. .•'   .'.'■ ..    . ..'
Fernie, B. C.'.
~ i,
|j V BARRISTER, .'SOLICITOR.*-■?■;*.*,
.*; ■' Fernie     -"'•      -'.,   ■   --B. C.;.";;
Pioneer Builder and Cotractor of
i •
'/■  yj  Fernie 'y-.f-k :.i 'H
■ >\ <     -  •• , i
"No.  2387: ■ G". "H. •. ,Gfb-
Prescott,' ■'■    ..   ..'
No. 2587: George.
Bar supplied with  the host,Wines,
Liquors nnd Oignrs   '   '
Crowe.. .     ■.- '    ,.
FERNIE, No.,2314:'; Thos. pigg's/ ,,..
FRANK,; No." i263:   Waiter " Wrig-'
No.',2497 .''J.  D.';'Both-
M. A. KERR & CO.
"fit. 4"* i     Ht **','/>.      '        \f    *-•   r
'  i"*   , i    ',        ,     *     > .*■        i/' •:
Builders and Contractors.
I'l'..: V-'---y *•-.,> :*\       .,.;»   -.iiJ.
Estimates Furnished! '
ii.-; i'-v-y- •}V"-.'.'.,V.ft".j"!' .'..-v-ir.s
'-i Si
•.  ■   » .*      '.v     n*  ■**    ,ft' -'Vs   ■■'-•;  *■?•'*
,   Lumber  Deale-P; -. „
y   "J-   ""h.k;     /<--t-v.    vV^-JV
• '   ..'',\     -I"' ':',*';     .;j';"' 'i?        "''     *■**'
- .' .*•*. .-*. ;,.v   t.-'tlt if* I', !■;'
'-JS. il
All kliVds'b't rough and iliossod lumber
i a
Victoria. Ave-
, '.i -   !'*. • ■'-
•t i-- y -•,-     .-
- Kbrtli Fe-rni
E. .A.. Kuimnci'
■   i
Ij. O. Kummer
Builders' and Contractors.'
',!■ 4
Estimates i Furnishecl
' i  . J-*;-' 7
We did.   -We-, are! firing nway at the
?       .  ■   ' /   .    . -7-     ?';     i   ,
. t      "..',. old business 7'       •>'
Doing, business in tho samo old placo
■'.      * '   '
iLiquorH lUHl.OlKni'Hof tho highest ,
.,*   qimllty .*. Woll nIooU'ihI bur
.   HOSMER,'
wick. ,' ■ ■   , • > ■     , -. .  ( :
\ -HILLCREST,,Nb. 1085:' Ilaity"Cooper.*    ■ "        >■      ■■    i
.   LETHBRIDGE,.. No., > 57,4:,. Charles
Peacock. '"*' ';■  *'- * ■
LILLE;1 Nb. 1233: 3. T. Griffith,
LUNDBRECK,. No.    2275 —J.',D.
smiti-.;:,,. ■■_'. '   ';  '■'■'   '■', ;• ■ '--
MICHEL, No.'2334:  CharloB   Gar-
J101"*'  '■    -      .: »l   ■   ..','.,.   -!  ...:;''
:   MAPLE LEAF, No. 2820: H.' Blalio.
MERRITT,' No,! 2(127: Thomas Cal-'
vort," ,,'", ,', '      '',''' -'
METFORD,'No. 2098:' John'Currnn.
bupon, Box '490, Lothbrldgo.   ;,; ,
!   ROCHE PERCEE (8ask) N6; 2072:
LachlaD', McQuarrlo,,.   ...   ,,,.,.    '  ,,
TABER,'; No, .10^: Joflhua, Crhlg, ""
TABER,' No. 1050:, Win.' Whito.
■. •       /
.  TAYLORTON, (8ask,) NO. 2048:—
Lnchlon .McQuarrio.'
(8n»k.) No.,2510.5—
CO.,  LTD..
■J   -'-"AliBERTAf"*'1
Hosmer, B.C.
7   ' V y,.::- '.""■'.  i' ,-V* "-''■•<
Board ,ahd Room, $20.00 per month
:   '      ALL WHITE   HELP     V,
:PIrs. Desleaures,  Prop.
>1 "I.;.   ."  t
:.4 .*•;.■;;'''/*?•  ■'
„, Maeleod,, Alta,'.
,-   .■*•-, i'iA'iT/i .yiju'iki- Tf.c'v  •■••>
•> ......
team Work and Dray ing
.Dealers in Wrigrtns, . Sliiighs,   Dump-''
\ Carts, Sprinir Rigs and Hiu'ness : (
0. N. ROSS, Manager
Stoves!     Stoves!
J. E. ROGERS) Prop.
i -
Drop In and sou mo ■,', ■
Jos, Twlot.  . .
J, E.
TA8KER, N, D,, No. 2803:
Lnnsborrj*'. ,        '      '■
.'   WOODPECKER, No, 2200: Willi AID
Lowo. '
NOTICIO Id horoby glvon that on
Docombor 1nt. 1008,1 Intend to apply to
tho Suporlntendont of Provincial Polico fnr thn rnnownl of my holol II-
conso to noII Intoxicating llauora undor tho provision**! of tho Btntuto In
that bohalf In tho promlHOs hnov;n (.nd
doHcrlbod as "Tho Royal Hotol," situated at Gateway, n, C„ to commence
thn first dny of January, 19/)*).
Olmon DrtQon
Wholesale Liquor Dealers,
A'full Hlork In n. few day**
Tho only rcllabhi plnco In town for
cholco p|p(>H nnd Uihncci)
W. A. INGRAM* Prop*
Vancouvor, Doc,, J.2.—A, Bljjhal; victory was won by tlio Stono Cut tors un
Ion of, Victoria In tho full Judgmont of
iilU,a.UalU  itilU   JCuiUlliil)   111   thu  UU.t  VI
Grdkarii vs Kiioit',' hu'liittci-'hclnj 5p;
crctnry of tho union. ',     ,
• In effect tho doclHlon rollovotf any
trhdo wnlpn^of liability to im anplb
cant -yvho fofuBon to submit to a lost
!»', ...    I f   ,, ,   t       II     .       ..„,.,.*.'    J...    1     >.||4
*U,      akajtuaaav^avla.   Wai    k.HV    at^aaajaa.   a*,*-*   aa*.,^
to socuro omploymont as n result of
his rufiiBiil to comply with tho union
conditions. ■   ']
* Thoy can threaten to otriko If'hp Is
omployod, and so* forco him out' of
work at thoy did In this ohs-) nnd mill
not bo lii.blo, Mr, Grulium camo from
• . — . i *
"During tho summer of 1003 I' -was
troubled with muscular pains In tho
Inslep of my foot," says Mr. 8. Pedlar
of Toronto, Ont. "At timet II van
so painful I could hardly walk. 9h*m-
Rinman Karainski Co.
For your supply of
Orocerles, Dry Goods
, Bootn nnil ShoeM '/'
. HoBtner, B. C*
We have the cheapcist; and
i; best line of Ranges, Kitchen
* Stoves and Heaters;. .
, i ■        , .■'"',''
j.' .'*.";i;,*:' -' *  .-.',,' f •-";)
New and Second-Hand Goods
Painter and Decorator
P. Carosella
..Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods. Grfteeriwi, Boots and Shoes
GcnU' Furnlihlngs
i :    j / .'
fllvo inn n clmui-0 on vour work
B. C.
borlaln's Pain Halm was recommonded
to rao so I tried It and was cotnplotoly
cured by ono small bottio. I havo
•Incx-*, r-e-commfitidcd tt to several of
my trlemln nil of whom apnak highly
of It"   Por uio by all druggists,
Ro  Addison
Blairmore, Alta*
Funeral Director
and Undertaker
S*HMW*M1I ~7
: ! .J C. P.'.R. TIMETABLE.
No* S.Jly'ef Bastbouiid ' ,V
.No; 7 Flyer Westbound 7.'. ;..V.*,
,Uo.- 214 Eastbound Regular ...
.No.. 213:We8tbound.Regular ...
No.' 236 Eastbound. 1st class 7
* 1.55
..' 9.46
.." 9;00
No. 235- Westbound, 1st class- .-.20.16
'Wo' 252,:.
12.40 Wim,
% ?-',)
Nol 251
'->. '.- 3:40
■ V..-3.27
FOR 3Al.E~Edison Phonograph —
latest modelj. 2\.or 4 minute   records.
Cost $65, for'-*|5P» with th-ree dozen-re-
cords. Records fcpst $17-, alone.- Apply
Ledger officelVfe'"^
:-.. ,*»t,Vjv?..     ■ -j •■'"•. -,
'  TO    RENT.-^Large, ,   unfurnished
room in house, wlth^th^hot and cold
water, etc, Apply. ,Iiedgerv«0fflce.
TO LET—Two fiirnlstiedgrooms on
Victoria avenue, ApplyX-fedger office. '., "".'".     S%*&!_
t.  -,■• : <*■.■/..
$200 will buy an 80 h.p:, boiler juj'ti
a 40 h.p. engine in running order. Ap;[
ply box 175, Dldsbury, Alta.  „-'.,
For fresh meats of all kinds .try.tha'
"West:'fen](e-Meat .Market;j /'*■-. ';, \„
* Rochon has pure Candy; no Eastern
dope full of cheap,truck.y\  ;'; )yf/
By the Rev. -Wilkinson/-* Miss -Florence Roo of Elko to Mr. Joseph Des-
rousler, also of,Elko, on Wednesday,
the 16th Inst:- ■■'■   ■.   .,"** y :•■■■ ;'■
The culBine at the Napanee is unexcelled. The. bar has- the best in
the land.        -■_"■',•.   : ' '■
On Sunday night, in. the Baptist
church Mr. A. R. Kennedy will sing a
solo. Mr. Kennedy has recently arrived^ in the city.-' ■'>;-,,, :V[ •
, ' Go to Palace Drug Store for all
kinds of razors, Sunasack's Razor
Ladles and "gents toilet sets at   all
prlces.Wrlght the jeweler.
* See Rochon's Candy Canes and other
Xmas specialties.       y	
Get a box or a basket for a present
at* Rbchon>.
'Sterling silver FlaBks. at Wright,
trie Jeweler's^ next Fernie Hotel.' .'
Mr. Cree of Messrs. Cree St. Moffat,
moved into his new house Friday. .
... Mrs. E. Todd has moved to Kastner
& Lyons Office.       , ,. .       -    f  //
'jf H, Reidleft od^ a'business trip, to
Winnipeg last Tuesday evening/.-, -j
^For' hotel- accommodation-the'.Napanee is the place. 7 j:;
• '/sterling'Silver"Cigar and Cigarette
at A..yV4tG.IHespje;a next Fernie Hotel.
.vW. Jj. Blundell "to/giving away, some
nice ^Christina's'souvenirs to'his customers.  :Hi^i„   ^§yy ■•'
^ee JRochon. Nothing keptjbut the
best.'No idcerits a pountl stuff' at all.
A fire at Andy Hamilton's place
,was the 'cause, of a painful injury to
Harry - Cornett      ■ £■* '^'y
Go.to; Palace Driig^Store for Rubner
set Shaving Brushes the most reliable
briish (made'-eaeh^tirush guaranteed.
Mr. Drlscohryepresentlng the Ro-
cord Foundry^Machlne company was
in town-Friday.-"."
Mr8.;En<Todcl..ls now located at the
atandVrecWly-' vacated by Kastner &
Lyons.* . ••?*
'**' Mr. .--Campion, * formerly, with J. D.
Quifiil. c^Comp-any, left Thursday even;
fng-'for Spokane. L'      '    -"
PaifDrafjt Horses for.; sale? See* ad.
•* J; Kennedy was very seriously, and
perhaps fatally, Injured by a. -fall at
.jthei'new -rink'jthlB week.-    We trust
he will recover. • -  <«   •
Diamond set lockets, tie pins, cuff
links and broaches at Wright the Jeweler's, next Fernie Hotel.
F. F. Busteed, general superintendent'.'of the Western Division of the
C. P.-R. passed through Fernie,in his
private car on Friday accompanied by
Supt. Brownlee.
Several of the merchants have moved Into new quarters this week. Owing to lack of space we cannot give details.' We will give a write up next
issue of the new .stores.
Wright the Jpweler has some nice
cut glass and Pickand's hand painted
china—store next Fernie hotel..,    .
Editor' of tho District' Ledger:
• Dear Sir.—Will you kindly give publicity to the fact that relatives ", and
friends are; enquiring fbr„the' following:
'* DAVID MORDY—supposed to have
been In hospital,after the fire as a result of burns.* -<■ •    -J    .-. ■-
DAVID GRAHAM"     -,    .   , -
17 years old, 5 feet 5 inches in height,
hair and eye3'.dark^  brown,   large
Mother In Minneapolis enquires. ^
Any information will be thankfully
received'by '     *
■'.'    . •    Chief of Police.
West Fernie
Meat Market
• •«   Meat, .Butter, Eggs     ,;
'.-   and. Fish-      , *.   -C
Fresh Meat of all.Kinds
.(Continued from page 3.)
tol f irer, biit started out on a long
distance run towards Fernie. A*little
concern was felt lor one of them who
has physical drawbacks in his running
propensities .sustained through serving his country, but, he swears he was
not-the last man in. On-Tuesday a
bear was plainly seen low down on
the'mountain right opposite the club.
It is highly probable ..this',,was the
same bear. Being as scared as the
boys themselves we can' feasibly presume it has': hurriedly''crossed /the
track and'been'prowling around until
landing, as related., . •■   :.
-We are pleased to "have Billy Rat-
cliff e'back again. The damp'weather
at'jtfie"coast fblind his joints'. -*"" , 7
See posters ^announcing . a grand
wrestling tournament in,the.- club hall
on"'Christmas'eve". A purse of fifty
dollars is offered to all comers'; -
,'..Don't.forget the big sprint on box-
ing-'day.' ...-k--..;.-.-;'- ■}■. -;: ,■ -j-y, ,..-
•-'Mr.' W. Mitchell,' late chief accoun'.-
ant ,here looked lis' up! oh * Wednesday.
.'.' Edwin Thomson had "his'hand/liijiir-
ed-while at,work., , ■' I !}'•"•>;'',',',,'.'-'.,' -
* The'whipping, updnthe Xmas. tournament at the C."C.'I;.'A.<A:-haB;been
a;splendid piece, of "work. The Indefatigable jEa-jcretafyj BUI. Hughe's* may
well shake hands.^wlth himself...,:*- t
Before you receive the next issneiof
The Ledger tlie' chief festive day of
1908 will have.passed. Just"a,.quiet
hint or. two appropriate to,the season.
When you call-next door to wish them
i   .   i. ■ .   .,
the season's greetings, don't say'"Oh
ho,' i' didn't come' for that" when you
are. invited inside to tak' a dram', because they know that is just what
you have come for.1' When you- aro
comfortably seated inside and the old
"grey hen" is brought off its perch,
on the sideboard "3: and its neck is
stretched over a tumbler for you,
don't be looking' around at the moment you are expected to say 'when.'
Above all, be kind to your little Mary
Don't treat her the way.you did last
Christmas, and the Christmas before
that.    If you do she'll play the d	
(I was almost saying 'devil' but I
won't) deuee.with you.
;A right,'royal, Christmas-.to everybody, young and old and the same to
You .supply the cook; we* can supply the
Goods. Fresh Currants,' .Raisins,. Peels,
Shelled Nuts, Icings, Fruits, and everything
you want,
The North End Supply Co.
...We .have taken'oyer this store,and in addition to the,
regular stock are putting in a' liiie of. choice 'Christmas.',  ]''
"/"Groceries.''   '; _ ''     '■*,*'    -"■''  •■•'' " "   "• -.   • •■       *::  :    -
_"., ^Ve.'splicit'/a call, and feel cohfldeht .we can give you
' satisfaction.,~ '*■''■      -   J , ••"■<■'-  '      ' • -"        ......•...--..•. -
McGinnes -fie eharlton» Mgrs.   f
:--.   .-,-.>. -j j'  * ;   •■•—'I  . , ii.'j;- -v .,■, . -   •,,   ,     .-•- . -Jr-.   1 "•▼.
■ •»♦♦♦♦♦»,
L.i (;'.-
I   ■!   I\>'iy-t\,
{**■'■> i.".v.i vy.t -j-a.';*.' «..«■*-■.-■•'■    \_\m'u/i"i_'ie •■■•■"■■   -....-ft    '-.-.-
Singer Sewing: Machines Co.,
•■if   V   i-.-i-.
Fernie, B. C.:
. •*. i- •: ■**■ .*r.* * ? <
.. «..Why be without-a Sewing 'Machine: when you ' :
,...,, .\ ,.   i -'.-    can get one for $3.00,a month? ,". '._-'■ y ... ,,.'„,.,
.,., J..P.., H0ULAHAN,, Agent, opposite Coal Co.'s office,, Pellat Ave. ,
Will'arrive on Great Northern Special Train
at 2 p.
mud! **tJi>
Fernie Hotel
Bapbep Shop
E. L. HOLT, Prop.
Is now open for business.   Give
us a call for up-to-date work
A.M.MATULIS        Proprietor
.  Curiosity killed a big black cat
Elko last week. ■■
■ George Bardsley,- the., well known
rancher from the Big Red Apple country vas a Fernie visitor this week.1
Jack Lewis, the game warden, left
for the North Fork of the Elk River,
and will be up there for Christmas. If
you are.anxious to keep track of this
"^yET Weather Footwear, is what you
' require: ' We have'a splendid'aSaSort-
meiit in Rubbers,.and Leather Boots and
Shoes. A large shipment.of Trunks,
Suit Cases, Etc., at away down' prices.
Gloves and Mitts
Yes, we!vc3got *em   .."'
W. Ro  McDougall
For Sale
■ .■■'.   -,'.-•'■■ ,.•■•■•]'
Prompt Delivery
     -***M^^^mmm^-»tfm*amKmaMmmm-mmmm*^Km-me*m '
*-■■—■'*'   i       ■"■■'       ■■i-——.—.., ,■—
W. R. Boardman P.O. Box 82
i " <  ,  ■
Second to None in Americk
■:'* .'■■"■ Sole'Agents-.."-., .*• ; -.r".
• i
• t
■ t
• la
• I
• t
• I
DECEMBER 24th,   1008
The  Inoomparablo Oomodlan
J, C. Lewis
In tlm Host of Himil
("rnnt'dy Drniniw
P^^ft Pi      m   M w*e\ Hi IH JlW'1^ 0kn   e^^*t.. ...
t_m9f 111 111 M-4, _VA mt_ M  M
For 22 yonrs Mr. T/i\viN h/u* HUcti'Msfully produced
SI Plunknnl nnd will npponr nt each nnd ovmy por-
formnnco ln tlio nhnrnotor roln,
Magnificent hand and orgiikstha
80N0     HITS   **
Sherlock.subscribeifor this paper.
J. S. Gusty, our mutual friend who
sells the new Maple teaf tinted patent
perloscopic slap jack lubricator for tlle
Pat Burns axle grease,-sausage,'-toilet
soap and Calgary Chicken Manufacturing Company, Fernie; was an Elko visitor on Monday taking orders
for oysters" oh the half shell and,elephant steaks ln car load lots!
. Notice to Labor Leaders: Among
other needs not included in China's
new reform programme • Is a child
labor law. ..Tlie.now emperor Is only
3 years" old. , „ .
. George Washington arrived in, Elko this week from Sunny Alberta and
left for Robsvllle, the Big Red Apple
Country, -.
: Geo. F. Stevenson, maiiagor of; the
WoBtorn Canada Wholosale' Company, passed through' Ellio on his
way to Fernie aftor a brief visit to
thb Lako' Country,   ',       ,
W. C, .Lencoy, "The-'town. Bobby"
was up to Fornio this week,   .
Chickens como Homo to Roost, —
If tho. devil' hates a bass'drum' as
I do (a Fprnle . man . said ln Frod
Itoo's store last woolc) the Salvation
Army must worry him a lot.
Don't insure in tho Olobe,
Arthur Hopgood resigned his position na minister of the Interior at
Frod Zollor's tlo cimp this woolc.
A poor unfortunate farmor In ran-
ny Alborta was digging a woll. Tho
pdor old .fellow dug and dug and dug
and tho only thing he ronched was a
bovoii foot voln of conl, Wouldn't
thnt frooze tho clionios In your
grandmother's' bohnot,,
Twonty years I'vo boon a. nactor,
and novor ohangoil my Bhlrt~nnd wo
nro both living,
Miss Alborta Allddloton, tlio bo-
witching and churn-Inn school teacher
will hold tlio Chi'lBtniiiH troo In tho
school Iiouho Friday uvonlng, Dunom-
hor 18, nftor which sho will ontortnln
tlio clilldron'H parentr to n fruit
spuclnl, n r» year old troo with tlio
apples still on from HoohvIHo will bv
one of tlio Htm* attractions, nnd .ft,o.
.Mott, who still rufiiBOB to sluifflo off
thin nioiliil coll, will Hlng hin cclohrn-
toil soiiK and ilniico entitled "I fool
JiiBt ns happy oh n III-*; Hun Flowor.'
TKui'o la considerable npccul-itlou uh
to wlilcli will bo llio host., tlio pro-
gi amnio or tho fruit sp'ocinl.     It in
IKHlUUvA   lllUv    it,   t't,   i.i.   a->lMi«i«,<>     ilOj'l
I hi- Ijilif ivuidry will iiirri* Du< V.lu
Red Apples and cut thc mustard.
Elko Is certainly gottliit" to bo nu
up*to'--dnto burg; Inst woolc thoy opened up a*Bkulrrol club on Togo ave
Land seekers are coming, in from
Sunny ' Alberta and. are' buying kind
south of the burg. 7: .
the British navy,-came in from-Souch
Fori:, where he is engaged in^ running
down Mountain lions and snipping
skunks. He was^soniewhat surprised to see in the Ledger that he-was
to fight C. Burrows of Coleman,- but
exclaimed that it was just as easy to
him as tobogganing down Koncasak
Mountain.       . .   ,  \,   _  ,'■
Harry Dlmmlck.of Moyie was ln„El-
ko this week. „   -
„ There was. a young couple * from
Elko missed an awful dose ot rice and
gooso quills by not letting the general
public know their business this week.
Work hard, live clean and save up
your'money, says J, D. Rockefeller.
What do- you suppose would happen
talk about ' anything on earth, but
money, money, money.
The pot hunters are all leaving El
ko this week fortthelr.f- respective
homes.  '    -.■ *    "  ■'  "    ,;,:
And travel via Thompson Street, Howland Avenue,
Hanson .Street and Victoria Avenue to the   ~
Crow's Nest Trading Co/s
Victoria Avenue
An attraction1 really worth heralding Is the, concert .by,.'the Polmatler
Sisters orchestra and Concert Company at Bruce's Opera House,oh tho
night of Tuesday, December 22.* Local
lovers of music may avail themselves
of the opportunity' of hearing what Is
considered the world's most talented
musical family. The company consists
of one brother and five sisters, and
that the talent has taken so wide a
range is remarkable. The programme
contains features that will not fail to
please all; and there is a wide range
to choose^from, both vocal'and Instrumental. Some1 to be specially mentioned are'the soprano'solos of Miss Phyl-.
the cornet solos of Miss Helen, which
will never ibe excelled in Fernie, and
the full orchestra numbers with'beautiful-scenic and electrical equipment.
The program is .interspersed with
humorous and dramatic readings,
, There is already a brisk demand for
seats, now on sale at Suddaby's Drug
J. C Lewis in "SI Plunkard" replete
with interest, mirth and pathos, will
be presented at Bruce's Opera House,
Fornio, on December 24, and no lover
of rural drama should fall to attend
the performance.     No expense   has"
been spared iu the effort to make this
performance in every way artistically
realistic.     One breathes   the atmosphere ofthe simple farm life; :and *
ones heart throbs with the suffering
of the plain country folks who engage
the attention with their homely ways
this city andvicinity willhave the opportunity onDecember 24th to laugh '
away their cares.'No one will regret
the* time spent In witnessing Mr. J.
C. Lewis in his own version of   thi
now "Si Plunkard."     "
A fine line of bracelets and necklets
suitable for Xmas gifts at Wright tho
Jewelers—next Fernie Hotel.
Music, Musical Instruments at,Palace Drug Storo.
For Sausage try West Fernie Meat
One Night Tuesday,  December 22nd,  1908
[ Some peoplo In Kiko- are «o waving
of tho truth that you couldn't got It
out of them with a elder prcBH.
Dill born-tan, tho Whito .Mountain
trappar, camo in on .Monday with a
bunch of martin nnd lynx.
Dill Corntoj-tel, tho punmpkln rnUor
of Tobacco Plains war tn Elko this
wi-ck buy his Clirlttinni grub ttorlc.
MAy you command much pleastiro
thin Clirlsium*.
Fred Sheridan was down to Gafj
way thi* week.
i  i, ,4».441»»'-  a ^v
,.•>•.*.*• G,X^'7;fek
Tlii-u'-irl-rN'ari-.-iiii-Ki |july ('(inictcNt with
Tin1 I'nlni'iti.-r Hlhl'*i'>i'()irlu'Mi.i und
Coiici'i't Co,, lli'iKM-'NOpi-m lli.tiNi-
XyliipluiiiK Hnl'il'.t  with Tin* IVilumttor
Hlhtfl-H Ol-cllOhlfll k ('DllCOItlVl,
Tin* rnliimtlm- HInU'I-h Oii-hrMr-i
ti Vtnwuvt Co,   '
The Famous
Polmatier Sisters Orchestra & Concert Company
A Mnsnlflolont Programmo of Vocal and InitrumontAl 8oto*a, Duett, Trlot, Quaeiottot, and < omptoto
Orchefttral Rendentions. Drllllant, Humoroui and Dramatic Enterialnor*. Qorgoou* Sconic and Co*-
umo Equipment.  8oate now on Sale at 8uddaby't Drug Storo.  Sooure your Seate Early.
PRICES ARE $1.00, 75 CENTS, 50 CENTS and 25 CENTS
*< X
..  *. .-(' *■
ft-t^n ^v*t «pm^^|WW'' ^-Wflf-*.^^ »fjtJ« ' •*£■< £■;-. %.--, ;v-:
'      *        - EST TO UNIONS.
Government by Injunction figured
largely as an issue in - the ' recent
American campaign. The following is
Roosevelt's reference to it in his message to Congress:
"I most earnestly urge upon congress the duty of increasing the totally, inadequate salaries now given,.to
our.judges. On the whole there Ib 'nobody of our public servants w,ho do-jis
valuable worlk, nor whose moneyed re{
ward is so inadequately compared'to
their work. Beginning; with the Sup:
reme court the judges should have
their salaries doubled.        , *,v.    *
"It is earnestly to be.jileslred that
somo method should be-'devlsed for do-
s**■••,' ■ •   . :--i- ■■";
ing'awny with the long'delays Which
now   obtain in the administration of
justice,    and which operate.'.with'pe-
'   '.    -.'^v,  ■*     "•       'I.*
cullar severity against, personsiof ra_-
I .V,-'-'-,.'.     .--'.I-'    >    ..V'.
ther. small means, and favorthe very
criminals whom it is most- deVirahle
to punish. These long-delays in .the'
final decisions of case's make.i'h'Uie
aggregate a crying evil and a remedy
should be devised; Much of this intolerable delay is due to improper regard paid to technicalities, which are
more hindrance to justice. vIn somo
noted recent cases this over regard
for'technicalities has resulted in . a
striking denial of justice and flagrant
wrong to the body politic.
"At the last7 elections' certain lead-
ers',6f organized labor made a, violent
and sweeping attack upon the,entire
judiciary    of the. country, an . attack
* couched iri such terms as' tb include
the most upright, honest and broad-
minded judges, no less than those of
narrower minds - and more restricted
outlook.     It was the kind of attack
"admirably fitted to prevent any sue
cessful attempt to', reform abuses of
the- judiciary, -because it   gave   the
champions   of. the unjust judge their
eagerly 'desired  opportunity to  shift
their ground into a championship of
just judges who were unjustly assailed.    Last year before the house com-
,  mittee , on the judiciary, these same
' labor   .leaders formulated    their de-
Long 7'Waists' ■»or ■ "SKorV'" Waists," 'It?
Makes No Difference.
Through -•' the ingenuity . of \ a ;New*;
York man shopkeepers-and •-Jre'ssmak-'
ers will be'able to get'alpiig hereafter
with" •''one kind'of- dress* form.'*■ .Long'
waists and short, waists-look alike.
on this ' body ' portion, which" can be":
adjusted to Bt anything the human?
form ,can wear. , The- form, is mude,
similar to;!those\ now in use. except'
•that the model.can, be moved. up,and;
'down on the upright rod that runs]:
through the center and affixed ut any-
height over the .hip Hue that may be
.desired." In'the old style form a short;
^nlsted WijlBt did,; not tit on a long
wauVted , model,j^nnd   vice  versa, and.
both ;for 'yindbiV' idisplay  nnd dress-,
/making a.Duu'iltvr of different forms
were   required. •eaVir= for  a   different
type of figure,. ,', Hither for Jittlng or'
display this Invention Is expected to,
be  of  value   both   lii  the  saving of
money and time, for not only will one
take the pluce of several of the old
designs, but it will not be necessary to;
scour about.for the.suitable form for
each occasion.
To Operate This 'Masterpiece Air li
■k'7 .vthe pirst->iecessity. ';,;*■'-''
. Of lall the ,euglue-/-&-iranlhgly devlseil.
by man not one can equal that master-'
pjece of construction, the engine of thu
human frame. 'To rati that englne'air
Is the flrst necessity. Construct it hd\»,
you will7-the greater part of the
energy which feed's a power plant. is
lost before it. reaches the',.applying
machine. The body only has the power
of using energy^ really ^economically;
and. efficiently. -Its,"food is its fuel.'
To.be available all. the constituents ol,
that food must be burned, producing
heat and power.' For that b'urhlng'tba
oxygen of the air is essential, .Equally
true Is,.itsthat nitrogen .^ust ibp preft
ent to prevent the rapid .corabustiotf'
which would take' plai^v-^,vbi»yge¥'
alone. ■ But, .whether the.,cppjp-ustitic.
bo*'fast or slow, the action'te the'same.
Tbie. .body.,bu'rn.s'.'. the'tCarbpn - aod,;by-
drogen of its food and gives out th*-'
oildes of these substances, -carbon
dioxide (carbon acid gas) and hydrogen
oxfdc (waten.* The water that li
farmed :-jrrlthtit <f h^.bodyi.&y.rtlJe. burn-:
lhf( of hydroRpn Ib pf comparatively
sllghtlwfrotfn'ho* In a ijoristderatlon ol
the-, vltol qtt*a(*k<n» of the effect of ctt?
air upon the Individual,- but .tbe-cthet
factor, the enr'oon dloride formed ln
the body, to-of direct ^lmportance,-
Hollls (ioStrei In Atlatitie. .,■■;
; .. .. V ' i , .„.«-!,     •     •:' ■
mands,-. specif ying-the-bill" "contained"
then refusing all compromise, stating
they wished the principle of that bill
or nothing. They insisted upon a'pro-'
vision that in a labor dispute no in-,
junction should be^ issued except to
protect a property right, . and specifically provided that the right to carry on business should not be constructed as a property right, and In a s*e
cond provision their bill made Iftgnl
in a labor dispute'any act or agrcv
ment by or between two or more pci-
sons that dono by a single porson. In
other words this bill legalized black
.listing'and boycotting In '-very form,
legalizing for instance, those forms of
tho.secondnry boycott'whicli the an-
thrrtctlco conl strike commission so
unreservodly condemned, -wlillo the
right to carry on a business was explicitly taken 'out'frdm-undor >thftt
protection which tho laws throws ovor
property, Tho demand was mado
that thero should bo trial by jury in
contempt cases, thereby moBt.BorlouB-
ly Impairing tho authority of thclaty
courts. All this represented a coiirBO
of policy, which If carried out, would
mean tho enthronement of clasu privilege ln its crudest and most brutal
form, and tho destruction of one of
tho most essential functions of the
judiciary ln all civilized lands. (,
"Tho violence of tho crusade for thli
legislation and its complete falluto 11
luatrato two truths, which It U.OBSen-
tlal thnt our peoplo 'should lottrnV In
tho first piaco thoy ought to toafih tho
workingman, tho laborer, the    wage
worker, that by domaftdtng, what 11
Improper and Impossible, lie plays Into the hnnds of IiIh opponents,    Such
a crudo and vicious attack upon   the
court! If It wero tomporarljy success-
ful, would Inevitably in tbo ,in»l be
tho ciuiHo of a violent rcaotlon, and
would hand tho jrroat mass, of tho <*lt-
'■/.(•tiR toKothor, forcing them to sruwl
hy all Judges comnotont and Incom-
potent alike, rathor than to soo   tho
wheels of JiihIIco slopped.    A movomont of t It In. kind can ultimately   ro-
Biilt In nothing but damage to thoso
In whoRO holinlf It In nominally undor-
token.*    The powor of Injuiictloii Ih a
ureal oriultnblo remedy which should
on no account ho destroyed,
"But Bnfogunrds Hhould ho eroded
ngaliiat Its abuse. I hellevu thai somo
Hiich provisions at thoHO I advocated a
year ago should ho adopted for temporarily chcckuiK thu atnimxs of th*
Issuance of Injunctions. In subslnnco
provision should bo mado tlmt no Injunction or temporary restraining or-
dor Issue otherwise result, and ln Such
cant't a hearing ou tho menu ot \bb
ordor Issue otherwise than on notice,
except'where Irropftrablo Injury would
cthorwldo rc*ult, nnd In micli cate.t n
'hearing on tlio mortta of tlio order
should bo J-ueordO'1 Immodlntuly, nnd
thc chttne-i o( dcltiy mlnlmlifrl In f>v-
•ry way.
"Moreover, I hcllcvc that thc procedure should bo sharply defined and
the Judjco required minutely to stat*
the partlcnlnra both of his action and
of his reasons th«r-Mor, so that con-
fredia can/ If -Decessarr, txamlnc an*,
landitlgatc the taho."
, H       *  , -, - •     IM V        I "
5 Suushlne, Cake.—For sunshine cake
, sift the flour and sugar, the same as
for angel cake, only lessening the flour j
to three-fourths of a cup. ..Add a pinch,
of salt to the whites.of:seven eggs
,nnd beat until" stiff and ilry'.' Berit the
yolks of five ejj-gs until lemon colored'
and thick, add the sugar and 'flour to
the yolks, stir In lightly tbe white of.
the eggs7and half "ri teaspoonful of.
cream of tartar, flavor'with orange extract and bake the'same as angel cake.
Frost with-yellow icing, flavored with
orange,' and decorate with bits of candied orange peel aud leaves cut from
angelica.      ,'    ■•-• ■• • ;;       ■   '
, Lemon Ginger -Beer.—This beverage
should, be made a couple,of.'days, before using. . Pour two,gallons cold water, over, a half dozen lemons sliced[
thin,, add' a..pound' and a half, sugar
this come to a' boil, then add a.'table-''
"spoonful:'creamof tartar. Strain and'
.'set in a cool place When nearly cold
add a ,yeast cake, dissolved ln a little
lukewarm wnter. stir thoroughly, then
.set In n.eold place.overnight In tbe
morning mix well and bottle." corking
air tight, and lay the bottles on theii*
sides in ii cool place. ,A small bottli'
of .Inmnlcn ginger extract may be used
In placo of the whole ginger if preferred. *,
Lemonade.-For every quart of lemonade desired allow three !dmonn.
Scrub tin? lemons* thoroughly, as their
rough skins hold many particles of
dust nnd grime Clip off the thin outer
skins of part of the, leiiioim urid: Rteep
for' a few minutes In a. little water
Cut two thin slices from the center of
oach of the remaining lenionH and lay
one Bide, ,. PresH the Juice from the
lemons, UHliiji n corrugated glass or n
;lemon nqupwer' •AddfnWigli fciiffar to
tho Juico to nnike us sweet iih deRlred,
thon pour on the pmncr nniniiiit of
IwllliiR witter, together with the
strslnw!'water from the ctilp[M*d yel
low peel.- I Aft stand until ciild.'aticl. If
not h'liily to line put,in the Icebox
until needed Serve a couplo of Rllcen
of lemon In each glass nnd a little
chipped Ico If you are nnwtrod of Its
purity, '
On* of-th* Many TragedliM Eiwated In
., Polyneeia	
It is not bo very longago.tbfltican-
niballsm was rire throughout • Poly-,
nesla. bo tbat to be killed, cooked arid
eaten was the almost Invariable fate
of sal tors who chanced to be so unfor>
tnnate^as to:be,lcastc*iiway,,on,<any. of.
the outlying tittle visited Islands.
•Perhaps the"most"awfnt tragedyof
the, bind,"on .record.^was "that which
•happened' Iff connection with the "loss
of the St Paul, Captain Pennard, while
on a,voyage from,Hongkong tb;Syd-
ney. :';Thfg fine 'steamship tjarrledjl be-
'■ sides a full'crew', 327 passengers, "mostly emigrants'.1.7'-*.'' •'■',-.. ;'i -■& ■ •;l.-..'J.V..,
On Sept.SO, 1858. she was wrecked
on the island of. Rossel,. but all got
safely on shore. A little later; the captain and eight-of the ^crew.-. left .the
island in search of assistance and were
.picked up by! the Prince' "of ' Denmark schooner.' Eventually;the*.Frencb
steamer Styx was j dispatched to the
Island ' and brought away one^'emigrant The' remaining .320 had been
massacredj and devoured- by the, natives.— Pearson's Weekly. .    ,
r---CL-EANI*rJG--,A CLOCKr -:-
■. it '» 'Not -Very -Difficult, According te
,-''  ',.o-s^y y^Qxeee pirect[ons.>-!*-;;--7     '
'.■7ft.';fsCvi.'-lv "slSiiiie to^clfiiinia-cifock;
whieb-may-souiHl^ither. absurd. ■= For
an amateur it.is.upt always^necessary
'tJ»"talje the ciocii. lif pieces/    With' -J
, iltlJe'rcareUindiVatieiiceaiid using some
li'enziue.  a "clean, white, rag.  a sable
t>r.islir'iiud' some*.oil. a ' clock  can  be
cleaned and put iujlrst class running
, order7!.The  benzine should  be clean •
and. free from oil.  -Toil can .test ,ben''
•jine-liy-puttiiig-a little ou the back ofthe hand; ;If it Is good.Jt.wlll,dry,.otl^
' leaving the  hand quite clean, but l!
anyjgreltsereilialns on'tlie hahdjt'ia
nofjfit to;iise.;-:. /*, 7        7l7'I"'    .-■;
^The oU iliould^lpf the'.very, best,
"tliat can7.be procured.    Vegetable oil*-}
'should never,lie:u's^d. Clock oil can be
i,prc»cured 'JErom your druggist-br Jewele*?.
'   Alt loose'dirt should be removed from'
1 fhe;|worksj by '"blbwjh'g 'wlth*-J»Uawa otf-
a frin'or dusting with a dry j brush.' la
the latter case great care should be eXr
ercised not to iri^*j're,any. of the parts;
Dip the. brush lu the benzine and cleatji
"the, spindles .undyplpdle holes and th<[
teeth ,of the escapenient wheel.. After
' Wa^lilrfg'o'frart'-iViplrjJth'e brash .cftrf^tlw'
■mx -nnd-rinse; jii.-tbe -benzine.-.-.This
should..be .repeated frequently until no
more dirt is se-en. !
When tbe clock bus dried ollttUe spin-j
*aieJ'hrtl<»:c«refoll.\%^ Tbto;ma.v. be^doneX
>.lti. a toothpick or=u 4tlvetlbf,!wood|
jcHt-to a'flne point. Oil iht* toothrof thej
i%!a;pement wheel slightly,! using a.fine"
bruBh.—Popular Mechanics.
Philadelphia's Anti-tippitig Scheme. •
A Philadelphia acquaintance has invented ay way of getting rid. of-f the
.'brushing*' • nulsahceV,i He places m?
sliver quarter in the hollow of his
right'.hand-and,-turning to" the-boy
who ls.pretendingto.flnd dnst-.upon his
clothes, says:. .-, .:,,■.-;'.■  ',,   ,-,   ■-•..■*'?7
."You are such a, tremendous 'brush-
'er'''l\'wlll glv you this money If'you
ca'^brush* it but of my'fiapd."    ,     ^7-;'
"Yes,""sir,", answ'er's. the boy' with
glee unless- he- has tried the act previously. In that easd1 be gives up the
Job. '■ >    ,' ■ 'i*-' .-,.'■•: ,'•  H.,i   ....
As a- general proposition, the most
facile "brushing"* will not sweep ■ a
coin, off a human hand. Why ^ this
happens to be true wlll.be less.understood after the render has tried it,himself. ;! One might' almost say that a
coin cannot-be' brushed with ri' whlsl:
broom off the5bnck as well as out of.
the palm of a hand. *.',•■    ■, >     >7
Give the boy three • trleB and then
return, the  money, to your pocket
Story i" of :«i   Factory   Whoke' Products
. Are.Now Highly Prized,
At the^end of- the .North parade, •
Lowestoft, -is. ..the,.Warrsn-.'-House, - ia
-place of great Interest: to:connoisseurs;
'■of chlni.'. i* It' wris'lhei'e,^in the eight-
eep.tji:.century.„-:.that.a;;discovery, ol
'fine clay was made .which' eventually
led to Lowestoft manufacturing the
china which fs now so rare that lt Is
almosjt priceless.-' fy '.yy ''*3,"7;- •,"     ;
Initial 'experi'fni'Uts 'made'-'tiy HeSvlin
Luson, - *Ssq;7v6f-' Gunt6n liPark,. 'riear
Lowestoft,, with- some fine-clay discovered .accidentally on his estate result-,
ed ■ in; complete, success - and ultimately
■ led, to the, opening of a factory at
Lowestoft in 1750 for the, manufacture
' of fine earthenware and porcelain "soft
paste.".*-' .-.' '* '" :-i '-.-' \
, In 1775;a fluely glazed .and decorated
"hard paste" was introduced,, the efficiency and beauty "of which betoj-
-keneda brilliant success for the proprietors. ..Contemporary evidence indisputably shows- that from 1770 to
. 18W ;the,_Lowe!norJt;vworks were at the
zenith of their fame. Owing, however.
tosthe enormous 'expenses and-difficulty incurred in'.rrpocuringychina clay
from 'Cornwall and elsewhere (after
the original clay was - exhausted) rand
the -rapidly- increa.sing-,c6mpetition:,of
other makers.i.tsiprosperity.,waned,-the.
collapse - cain'e;" arid,, tlie^wo'rks,..were,
closed'in' lS03.-Lond'on Giobe.'.
Why, of Course!
Thc editor of an agricultural - paper
was grumbling nbout a puzzling question ho had received from a;clty man*
who had recently, removed to the country.' ' Tho Inquiry wiib' tills:' *?,Wl.l'y'oii
kindly tell mo how- long cows should
be milked?"
-The oflico boy, posslnu;.np»r,theard
his^ superior repeating the question'
nloUal. .'■..' '. ,7        . -..*,
"Scuse mo, boss." he said, "but w'y
don't yor tell him Jos' de same's short
Cle'ricai Cibthes" In['New 'York. '.'
. "Today''.'l\ encountered') a'" "'whi'm'"of'
New'York tailors'"thnt astonished me,"'
said a-western clergyman.' "I *'ordered
a suit of clothes,'fi-pm a. man, who refused to'*work,for me."**■ '-,,• ' ■     ■*.-, ■■-
"'What's ;the .reason you folks ai*e>
passing, me along,.,to another,, tallorV"
I aijked'.-.''Do I look bard'to fit?,' Are.
you afraid you won't get your money?
"The tailor,explained that neither^of
my guesses wns correct. He' declined
to make.my clothes simply because 1
am n clergyman.and require a clerical
cut. lie let,me down euslly.by. stating further that- luv.never-,undertook
to, mnke ecclesiastical gunnents, that,*
very 'few of the. fay" tailors.,'in New
York do. undertn!<*»,.them. .,.They-, do
not hnve euough of that kind of work
, to kecp-;them constantly- Informed or,
the requirements of the different rt"
llgloiis orders. A'mistake would be
emburrusslng to the clergy men, und to
the tailor, so they bund all such customers over-to tailors;, who muko a
specialty of'such Work."
"'CAMNlBAmSM. : j
1      •    :-v "-■Vi"-',,Cjr -..-iv-t,.-,-^!!.(;,,_«. '     i
,'t Still, Flourishes. Ip Many, Remote ;
- -;).;.  .'-..Corners of ;the,Earth.,., t,;-..,;, ■
... That-cannibalismfstill ex;ists,-in cer:,
-tain, remote, corners of the. earth", in ay '
surprise' people4*'wHo were"under' the
impression' :ttia£'" iri'"'the:* 'twentieth
century-the restraining -influences';of
civilization.-.were, at.- any rate'.powerful enough, and sufficiently.,widespreaii
toi, stamp, out entirely" any.,, custom' so
r-SJ-voltihgly'barbarous. "    '..' '**"*'   '•[''
'Since the beginning'of the twentieth
century, white men ..'have been slain
and eaten.on, the-island of: St. Matj
■ thias,;..in(itlie.,:south. seas;   in*- New
■ .Gi^ineaj".tlie, New' .Hebrides, -in Hew
'fintainr one of the Solomon -islands;
along the Congo; -in*'Central; Africa;
. in.the;.wildsof Haiti.and,-,m .Nigeria.
-The.y'.haye, human sacrifices.,inr.Da--
homey, biit .np:cannib'aUi8hi7''In tlia
Kamerun's the Maka'tribe' eat' only
-their' criminals.'■'■ ■■'■'■. ■■•■''{ -.-"-.
■a!.;Wh<5n' a*, "tambn,": or.- chiefs ihousa
is'.defeated on,1 the i^land.oi; St. Chri9j
taval, one of.theiSoilomon7gr6up'<'there
is *3ure W. he \'a .canriibal1 feast.';*'If
.'a"Victim!'cannot W:.secat«aby'a*raid,
on some neighboring tribe, he.isigen-
erally., selected-,, from; among the .men
originfUly.-.purchased, by the; chief., It
is .not"etiquette7. to let tbie doomed
man' know hisfate. "He may have* assisted rin the erectlrtn ■ of "■ the .very
•house iori.whieh:hisilife dsj-to, be tor-
foited. MlQne, blow .vrith trelub on; the
,head,..,|Bim'ed,. from behind, iB, all.
^prhetimes,. a', h'umah body is necessary for fh'e lattnching'of a wafcanoei
and, oiie 'of the imem-who ihelp 'launch
it may be^thefviotim. - u , • .
> The,islanders,of Santa Anna abstain
from eating human flesh; 'but'make
a handsome living, by"'purveying' it
to' their neighbors on adjacent"' islands.
Sometimes.there.,is.;even, a .gleam,; of
tender,feeling when,the, tnan.selected
a^,vthe .victim has lived so long .among
them a's' to become' alriiostf one of
themselves. '• * ** •■"••■ "-'• < '■•--•• *
"With-some, cannibals the .eating .of
human, .flesh is part, of .their, religion.
It.must' be practiced. With others it
means' simply the addition of,an ex-
tra!<dainty to an otherwise monotonous daily bill of fare. -.-■*....     i -
Weird, and-wild are .the .rites in
those faraway, spots, where cannibalism, is a religion." Strange music oii
queer instruments,' crooning songs,
unearthly yells and • cries -are • part of
the ceremonies. Men are-eaten .to
.music. - ■•    ,   ■■ 7   ...     .. ,      -   - >   . ;
The wives, of the Solomon islanders
are. their "slaves, to.fondle of kill as
they please. Should a wife displease
her lord she is promptly, killed, and
her husband and his remaining wives
partake'of .the dainty. ■,*,-,
Concrets Tombstones.
While-the*- application, of" concrete
in the'•' 'manufacture-' J cf *'! tombstones
•.seems..rather.:.ajjgruesome one, says
Cement, Age,.-still...t'h'e ancients associated the.tomb-with'"the highest.artistic impulse. 'v The, manufacture '.of
concrete tombstones is Tapidly , becoming an-important-industry 'iri.-it-
self, so great.is the economy pf-.con-**
crete.. .The . results.,already .accomplished' suggest the';-po'ssibilitie'8 .'of
tlie ■future.: With " concrete \as::th-i.
structural material'there, is'no-limit
.toh ,1116.-,. opportunity ;.-of;. ,the;i: artist.-
iis to' make tlie ornamental features
an integral' part' of the'" structure 'or
.whether i't-b'e''incrusted -witli ;terra
cotta.in subdued1 tones, the.opportun-
itv exists for .the exercise ofHhe ,best
artiRtic; talent. ., Designs .formerly
made* iii'marble "or' gTiinite*" can' be
readily 'reproduced' in 'concrete 'and
at considerably smaller cost." '     :■;-,*
••"■-;5".r ,-•-.-.'-.*■.*••
■•■•-«    *-   "af*..    >aad«
Money placed »n afou'c*^ temporarily or
otherwise, by rttet4veK *riettd or oreantz-i
J atio'***.; shbtild at once be deposited In t."--)
"Sayines j^ank-- for your own  pr»< -'
Section.   " , . '
..    ,, .,    -...& ,-±.    ..   -.
1 WdtnVl-te bitchirust deposits.
:;r. :&£twikik-
-,:...(,.,.    I    |4...iO
*••  '-■     '.'      ,-  '•      -'I*.-      -.       Wi        .-<'>■.,*'..   '■«.;'■   ' -
'    X I"-'    1      I     .' ,      . »'J \ -..'J  I,,; ,*■'!' 'a, ]      - ^      '    ■        I .' '..I*'" 'la.i .' » ' '     ■"
■ Are* now prepared to, transact your Banking
,   :  Business''in' temporary ^quarters.in .rear,   ' f, '
< -„...    of. theirlate office pending the comple-       ,
"" '     ■'''tion'1 of'bur"new-premises -*
Savings Depkntnient
Deposits of $1.00 and*, upwards received, interest allowedat
y,    ' ' '; citr'reiitI; rates arid, paid quarterly. .
H. L. Edmunds, Manager ■-.*■''"=■-..
Fernie Branch
, . . ■ -;.!.;* ■.-,-■- ,-«(.,i;
A Plea Por Leu 8nobblehn»n.
One wIhIii'h tlii'iv \vi'n» I«>hh KtiobhlHlv
noun  In  the   Anicrlcnn   woinim,  less;
shrinking from pcotilc on whom she
bestows  the epithet "common,"  lens
pride In flKiirliiK by mini** In tlio dally
papers, it ciiiinot lie di'iilcil, though It
Ib, atmospheric i<iitlii>r  tlinii  tiuifflhle,
thlti conilosiMMiHlon of tin* woll broil to
those who hnvo not tho requisite .hnll-
marlc of.cultuiv   Whon «hiill tin*,dny
dawn when a pcismi w11li n wltrli,ibn«,i
wrind of perfect courtoi-y hImII iiiti>|>|
|M>of»lt»' for whnt thoy nro. not" onrlnii
wjtotlior thoy Ilvo on tlio nor|li, the
w'ckt or lho south utile of a' lown,
whelhor tliolr IiiihIiuiiiIh nro profi'HKlnii
nl mon or olerlin bohlnd it ooitutor,
wtiotlior'tliolr hocIiiI tnilulnu Iiiih boon
tjiilnoil ntnoiiK pooplo who wohr llio
blue rlhlMin <>f oncIiikIvoiioh*» or down
aiiionK the ninkHV iii*I.h a writer In tlio
.Woti'im'-* Homo compiinlon. (fiinlililHh
not* In thlH counti',v U mi iinncliroiilHin,
VTonten'OHirht to bo ntdinined of It nil
tho mi-re tlmt It Ih n Hun nt Atiiorlcnn
wmi liiiowH, Inn-'oly foinliliio nnd coldoni
pntctlfod by nion   Tho iitireMtr,v of no
ninny ooiiHplciioim moHii! loiulont throo
or four ■mnorntlniiH n«o lM>lnii|xod prnh-
'xlily to the plnlnoKt of phtlii' iH'oplo.
who hnndbMl tho broom n**,;l tho hoo
•imi littlo droiunod of 'So fmiiiilntliinf
It  win* liiylim for tl.o futiiro nrintoo
nic,«.  If oii*> inniiLllil willi Ui-itH'lt miii
lK'crnn iiiiywhoro In lior houI un lixno-
Mo tondoiioy to Ivliia* n unob. I* Inhnt-
■iltniilo to thnt, nnd try to trample It
'ii.lor foot nnd irot Imrk, If nnttoplali
• vliiir nf iciKt tn hleti thlnttltif.
, ,,; A'W«rt,8uper»tltlon.,
Hoys In the west of EiiuIuih! ImIIovo
that by squootxln-u n mole to dentb between tho.lmnilH nnd toiU'hliiK tho uf
fectod parts with the blood that oozes
from tho mouth of the dyliiR animal
warts will dlHiippimr iuul will nptroup
pear, Tho culprits tiro convinced that
moles, worms iuul other Hiibtorranbnti.
dwellers havo no fooling, nnd 'thoro-'
fore It la not cruelty to put theni tp
death Intlilu wny, ;•  .-.■':',
Scarolty of English Humor. '< .
It Ib .tu bo fen rod Unit tf the pnper»
roBiu'vi'd a BpiH'liil onrnur ouw ouch
week for tho wIuU'Ihiii of the week jt
would ho often left hliinli, Thoro Is lie
wit to BpfiiU of today, only n feeble Im-
Itiitlou of It which peoplo ure fond ol
ciilllnft the aiivliiix himiho of' liutnor.-—
London Suturdii.v llovlow.
"How did you iici-ulrv Rticb.akllir
nuked the InqiilHltlvu ouo nf the clover
"Why, I hnvo n nntiirnl tiiloht-lii-
redit-iry, I inlirlit nny My father .mod
to em puns wllh ii luilfo,"
Juit ■ Chingt,
"Poor mntil   Hnvo ymi always beeri
Mind?"    „
",Nn, iiiutii.'   iiiiHucrtii   lirc.1   I'kiik**
IJJil)i)j)!;)l)^]>V     *'I.!1-*)   (Vl'l'l;  I   HllYhlllliv
Imi dory wuy.n't oiiuff tn it."
When Sleep Wat Trumps,
A - bridge plnylni; net nt uu eastern
university. whoL iwuiilly. turned nlftht
Into diiy,.used ,to hinwir ut inornlnu
clmpel/wlth rtitliirUnbio regularity nnd
were pointed out as uu uxumplo by thc
Riithorlilos An nl term Ion wus mado
In the time, cliupel not beginning until
thirty minutes Inlor. and tho deun wus
astounded jo: see tlmt none of those
'.rncn;,; so • ruRUlar before, wiih prosont
Hespnt, fbf'tbetii, nnd nsUod the reu
"WelJ, sir," snid one. "It's like this,
when Minpel wiih nt linlf pnst 7 wp
-could -Just Imrtnnjre It. but we enn't
keep .awake till A o'olook,"   .
On lee,
"Yes," B'tilii AlUnll Ike, "n eonplo'c'
cow piint-liors IndulKod In u vory pret
,ty scleiuille sernp down nt llud Itneko's
"It's wonderful how oiiol tliiiKe foi
lows liocp under the clreum-ft-MCGa.1,
roimirkod tlio ei'.itt'ru to,irlHt.
, "Ynnrw tlijyyortulnly hnvo to bo kopt
cool, Htrunja-er. | iiollove, for somo reason or other, tliolr fiincnils oln't to be
for n couple o* iliii-rt yet."
.Nelson and .tho Spaniards. . ,
' There is an amusin'gianecdote"about
that gruff sea'dog Nelson, Two Spanish captains came-, on- board with a
request to 'be allowed to see "tho
greatest seaman, in, the world.'.', Ijel-.
son, grumbled,', but gave in and.yrent
on 'deck, fdgoltirig' thirit "at' that moment his legs were bound up at the
•knee's 'and 'ankles'■ with pieces 'of
.brown; paper, soaked .in vinegar, and
tied; on .with red tape,", ,;This, had
boen done to allay .the irritation arising from mosquito bites. Quite' forgetting his nttiro -and the extroordin-
nry ' appoaranco whloh it.' presented,
Lord, Nelson went on deck, and conducted .the interview., witli tho Spanish captains with such porfect coiii-
tosy tli,at his singular' appoaranco was
ctuito obliterated by .tho-ehnrjri of his-
mannor, ..and. the Spaniards loft tho
ship with their high opinion of him
thoroughly oonflrmod.
Bridges ths Chasm.
Blnckbarry pio bridges tho olnism
between tho 'millionaire nnd tho pauper. It is .found on tho inuliogany
tnblo of tho ha'ighty sooioty loader
. and nn * iho oLcloth ' covered' pine
table of tho lowly'-^nshorwoman. It
is on tho bill of faro of tho grandest
hotel.mid is fed to the inmates of tho
poorhouBQ. ,Tho rich man who rides
n his giisollno buggy nnd tlio poor
tramp who rides tho rods undor tho
freight or.r'or st-jps from cross tie to
oross tlo In tho blistering sun • moot
on a common level at tho lunch
counter, nml bV.h ordor blackberry
pio, In a word, blnokbarry pio Is
tho ono article of diot whiol. makes
.lie wholo woild kin. ■„
^ '/--{.?y-'i-/-,>"fi.-    *"„*:• 4'/»:7''.'''-.L :
J - '■Tl1*?'!':'' Mtl'IJ* -*-■ -, *       •"- -a   t*        lii' ■'■.■'»' I'.a.l. ,'.»,.'''
'; Miners are Hvarned against going to
'   ,       :    "I*     ' • '■ ° '   ■ i,I"'.' -I,     \''--'J    fl
Merritt, !B;C., as therrNicqla GoaL and*
}C6ke 06. are 'posted. s,as.;n
TjrM^Toi^.7  ATcopy"ToT^tirlifl^ulfIT
is prihied in another''column;'
w.v*:* .   -ttu-U'V .:•!..' :■"- [[■■:<.y\.- "■ i '■'.'  y
•■''.•■■■"■Th'e following'mines .are also nn-
----- ■ --- ■• .-°-. \ '
fair, and miners a?re:3yariiedLt6T^
away :j \
1'   v, V   1( ■
A decision, said 16 bo the first of It*
kind over Rlvon, hns boon handed
down by tho United States circuit
court of Appeals, which says tlmt
ponronble methods of picketing and
enforcing the boycott of lnbor unions
In not n violation of tlin law.
Justice linker wrote tho opinion, and
It was concurred In hy Justices Oross-
cup, Baker and Seamen.
Tho case urew out of a strike of tho
Iron irorkftrs In JMUwauke* two y<-tr«
n-ro,    '
Tlio I'ork <iftoii I'Vtwvit .vlthnut * rl«*
fniM'- Tlrt'il. Ii  "'r,,.. i'Ii
Csrtslnly Would,
t'lty .Mm, (to vlllWen-Wouldn't It
(ijien ,vdiii> .•reu In lin.l; uiToi's ut thnt
lot ,.iei> ;ir.,! mm' hho of our city skyscrapers cororlnu ICV Vtllniti Man-
""'r.*.'.. 1 —.ii " ! ".v^'ild. "^clvi* *>," t,"''>
•rut twniiir liMul n' i-nttU" vriw.W that*.
Oik- ennnot tnli'. pniistJintly wlthool
sitylnp foollsb thlnijs.-Olilcsgo IU»
In connection with tho KaHorn ox-
curslon tlckots nre on sale Doc. 1st to
(list, Inclimlvi*. Tho 0. P. It. aro
riinnltiR special tourist car service
from Knnlenay T,nni.lnir tn Intormodl-
ate points to Toronto on following
dntos. Dee. 1st. 8th, 16th and 30th. Tho
berth rate Fornio to Toronto will be
tft.GO and reservation* can bo made
through Itxal ag'-r.t. This mean* no
churn***!* between Fernl**** and Toronto.
Notico to nil organised labor, and
friends of organized labor: Koop away
from tho McCluro Mines at Taskcr, N.
Dakota, ns tbey havo locked out, thoir
mon for Joining .the,- Unitod Mine
Workors of America, Tho men had
to bo moved away-from,there a* tho
company got «n Injunction against
Vice-pros. DH. 18 U. M. W. of A.
Ths Oat's Pins.
Martini hnd tormented Dinah, hor
k'.nd old cat, (or moro than a hall
hour without un intorvnl ot ponce,
whon hIio gfivo Dinah's tall such an
unmerciful pull that tho poorold out
decided thnt forboarauco had oonsod
to ba n virtue, so she resorted to her
c'.iiwn for tho nr-*t time in hor' lifo
whon with the nhllil, Dlnnh gnvc
Martini's littlo hit haiidsuoh asoratoh
that the blowl fairly trickled, and
sho, with tvurt. anil blood stroiimlnn,
wont to Dinah with all tho wrath in
hor volco sho cuuld command a**.d
nald, "Glvo me thoso pins out ot your
hand this minute, truss!"
Tho centre of nttrnetlon at'tha display gwoii by tii» Umdon Kiro Uti-
<t de nt Victoria l'nrk a short tttno
afro, wiu thn slx.ycnr-old son ot Captain Hnmi'.tnn, tlio chief oi tha brl-
trndo. lu briiKs helmet and ovary otliar
ictill ti' "•■••iiti't, drou.
City SlinesL-l
Busli^ Mines-J.
?'„• 77.7^
.. Edmonton Mta.
Rpsedal^ -Mines-—;
Simtiibonaii\ Mines;
Dawsoii Mines _
: Frank Mines ;' ;< -
- \ '« i.;->
• a
'" .<«.../'.
- '.'~
ji           \ , *
'   i'i1/ '
' ' a
Alberta Coal Oo. -1~ ..Morinville, Alta.
A dispute is also,; pending' -.vat i the
Galbraith Coal Mine, Limdbreclc, Alta.
Manitoba and Saslcatche\van Coal Mine
Beinfait; Sask.
Th* Paper   that rssohss
tha Paopl* of tha Pass. Aa
an advertlslno madlum It's
An Edison Phonograph
*. '■
Tho Newest Model.   Cost $60.00
C6mpVotOL'.-witli Throo Dozen Kccords—2 doz. 4
-ininntcR nml 1 doz, 2 minutes, only used 3 weeks
■ ■    ' h Prlco $50.00 —-—-
Apply  at tho Ledger Offico for  particulars
i\*nnth<<r -mtloston* hns boon pushort
In tho Judicial march toward tho' ox-
ttrpstlotl of labor unions. Tho court
In this ense—Wllcutt iiKalnat Boston
Rrlcklayors—In tho Supreme court of
Massachusetts. It holds thnt a labor
union cannot, lino a member under its
rules for refusing to Join striko*. provided for In It* rules, Thla decision
cotnos protty close to holding that tho
trndos unions aro Mogul. For l.ow
ran any court hold that a legal body
must not fine a tnemhor in accordance
with Its rule* and for violating Us
rules! The right of tihgnl organisations to do thi* Is ao firmly fstab-
lUhed, that It* abrogation by ,' lho
courts can hardly find any other logical resting placo thnn tbat tbo organisation socking to Impose tho tino la
unlawful,   ,„,,
No matter what reasons may bo given in tbo court's opinion, there can be?
no othor substantial. ronson (or tlilsi
doolslon. Denial or tbo right to fluoi
DiomtK-rH lor uruucti ot rultis it inconsistent with tho right to organise
for purposes which tho fine it Intended to promote With this Massachusetts decision holding that unions can
not onrorco upon their own membership their decisions to strike,, and a
Federal decision holding that labor
uulutis aro criminal euiu'ili'uclaiu lu iu-
•tralnt of trade, little remains to complete tho outlawry of labor organisation,
Tha Papsr with ail tha ns^ar-LttJ-jiir*
MM TH E DISTRICT "LEDGER,""F ERNIE?..'\" "*••*•.,, DECEM BER 19, 1908
•»   :      MITE
HOISTS' tviiNERS    =•   ';-
Colon, Dec. 15.—A giant-blast of dy;
Jiamite, already-' prepared"//; for * firing-;
v-was prematurely.";, exploded in the
"-workings.,at Basopispo yesterday.
' -■-RECIPROCATE.     Jhyy
■i, "-Eleven men were killed and fifty of
-•-'tlie others were injured. ■ It -may be
'.that others are killed for the debris is
--.piled- iip in all directions.     Basobispo
-'"Is about thirty miles from Colon and
D-i-j;. •-**■     - t;v"..-'.r,,w-l'.v*.'*;
" /.the shock of the-explosion was dis-
■J-tinctly felt here. ' '   '
!-  .Numerous current reports are "now
^afloat; as to the cause of the accident,,
-•.burthc official version which gives
'    .'-,   *".** ! *•
'-ten killed and fifty wounded states
4,that during the blowing of the-j.last
, hole of the blast, the dynamite in tho
\J cutting was discharged and the'-regaining fifty two tons put In position
fand the discharges set for 5 o'clock.
■>*" • The   ,last    hole wns'   being ■ load-
•"ed under the" supervision "of oue of
v"' "■>     >
(Catue most efficient powder men ..In-the
.    ?       > '      j
vempldy of the commission.     ',V)jiV..
; j
! \fA [passenger train' had Just; passed,
•".when'the explosion occurred but it.was
*   Xf     ; *■* 'J...-      .*.......*
fnot in any way damaged. ■  The.major-
jlty of,the victims of;the accident,ai-e
l*'™'» ,S a **■ *>  ' '        '      ■       *'
; Span|ards.   j ....  -.        ■-.*;,**$
, ,',j; 'px later report state's that/"relief
.j*. trains were'sent tol'th'e scene^o*? /the
■i**. disaster, and- oue ,whieli retucpe^an
i'lipurj later brought'back' the report
^that forty five of the injured'had, been,
■•">.. *.  *       r '     ' ***
; Washington, Dec.'-.15.—At thehear-'
ing before the ways' and. mean's'^com-
mittee to-day coal operators of the
eastern states declared that they were
in favor of the removal of the tariff
on coal shipments if a reciprocal ;re-
lation could be established with Canada.      ,.
Following the hearing a member
of 'vth"tf'•committee;said'thAt* on''vthe'
present'- showing-* the"' tariff on' this
commodity1-   would very probably be
removed. t;7, 7"-"1      •,"■<*,■'''"■-*',
Although"'"the coal operators n»
Washington have taken no action in
the Matter," Representative Jones is
incJinod:to^6ppoae the1-removal of'.the
duty "j.belfevln'g'ijt. "..would; Vace^-f the
Washington mine's in severe.competition ,-iWith*.the'mines of British; Columbia. —.-      ■
--.'-Judging---from-.what he had*"read, in
the daily press of.the United Kingdom
Mr. Lemieux said that they 'liad very
little information concerning the Dominion beyond the seas. Life, opinions
and aspirations of our,fallow subjects
* in. both hemispheres,' should cease to
bei \what' "it' is' to-'day-^practically a
closed bcok. ■„,,, - . ,*- 7
■' Continuing; "Mr." Lemieux said he
was more partlcularly":c<jncerned with
state' owned "cable service across the
Atlantic as '"it "would' be a logical sequence to the establishments of the
Pacific, cable. .* This one step would
be';of incalculable'-importance, a feasible'scheme and one-that would'"be
■>* THE^NEW MAN  :-
worked'on a "paying /basis.. Figures
showed that the Pacific cable had not
been worked at aii,annual los***, ...There
h/ad'beeh/ah excess of earnings", "over
"expenditure ranging, from $125,000 to
$278,000 a year which./-was regularly
employed; in^pa^in&;off-■"original-icapi-.
'i„'i nv„n;,jiV,,i;o..1' ;:*,',-»-•*■'' "    .'*-• •'•" •*■
tal expenditure.',
The twentieth
century   was   Can-
,7V\."  '.'•   i    IN TWO    '/ "'"' "i'""--7
'•London,' Dec. 11—Ah Influential, con-
'ference "was held at-the Mansion house
in,:support of the movement' in favor
""ofl.the state' ownership .of* cables and,
,cheaper-,rat.es. Lord Mayor Truscott
'presided'.'''Xmong those present were
•■thVplil-Je pf-Argy'le, Lords-Strathcona,
-Ij'jllner nnd'Jersey, Sjr Edward Sass-
oon, Hons. Messrs. Fielding, Lemi'euy,
Sir Frederick Borden, Fisher,and-the
/■'.■m •-.-■"■;,"/?7:.-; ..v i' .'■■*
ad£*s' and was it not' wise to give   a
cheap telegraphic, communication"* to  that
both countries.    (Cheers'.)^ He.-'wel-
corned the, help 'glyeii bx'.the0.;/QiUt.ed
"States,'.but as .'thif-Lgreat Veform'.'ls to
be achieved at no distant future'  he
claimed  that Great  Britain and, her
premier colony should'lead, not follow
and-state owned cables across   "* the
Atlantic would immediately lower thn
charges'fifty >per cent.     This would
Immediately: bring down the charges
for messages between England, Australia and New Zealand to ,half or less
of tlie present exorbitant charges.   It
would tie a harbinger! of the pan-British'cable "and'."telegraph system encircling the globe.     Can that be accomplished?     I think it can.   Pbelieve it
will.'   I have searched in vain for the
word "impossible" iii' the latest edition of the English dictionary."
■Th'e. Duke of Argyle, Lord Milner,
A quietly dressed man arrived in a
sleepy little town' within one" hundred
miles of Toronto about three years
f-i o.
He looked around and went away. ,
■-Then .he came back'and started in
opposition   to thc   other.- otsabllshed
merchants and opened up a   general
store.      ■ '.      '.';■'.' -'■ '_'
.-•'Six months-'for him" said the "wise
man. .*!'" -'* " ' '*'■'*; ,'"" '"
. ''."If he last's a .year he'll be doin'
well," responded another wise guy in
the leading .store, establihsed in the
year 187-i,. -. -\ .   - '■ -   -tJ   ' '  ,-
.'-,-When,t.he new man blewa'in/'.'he/call-
,ed';pn/tlie editor ,of the'weekly-news'"
paper, and asked him' for his rates
for a page, three**quarter/page-and'a
half-;page ad.-v'— •--^•-v-. •*.■-•.-.*.;■ ""
•   The editor's eyes bulged.-   -
A page ad! Never in all his years
had..he been, asked Osuch\a- question
before:     c \ \ ? t .•i«rc'     Vl'" 7. /'-.hi
Here il was ln January,* and some
of his ads,still announced'.the fact that
-'*'. .,',    .       a-    ._J.',..V--J-     ."ij
'.So'did the leading opposition'estab-*
lished in-1874.     ' ' '/ ■       -•-' '
" The page add and the dodgers did
the trick and the "store was crowded.
A poor family was discovered by the
town's good Samaritan, rich in love
but poor in purse.
She went to the new man ,with her
list, asking him tb put down his name
if he' -would, to help the unfortunates. |,,.     , ■ ■;'/••
The'man took the'list and looked at"
it.   .'*■"•"- ".*'' • - ''
'  Then' he gave'$3.
The leading opposition established
in 1874 had given -but $2, ■ ■    .
.   The news spread.'It always-does'.in
he iceni'ajij; could", b^'-re'lled'/btt apd
hat this\jjvas'*th'e 'Um^foii-'qoollrig
drinks ,and-*lce<'l!crenm7'nnd lawiv/mow'
ers.could.-be,put ,in< repair.^and -lawn
hose could be bought cheap.
The editor scratched his head.
He would brlffg"ov.er a rato in a few
hours. '.'-"''.-.V,.'    '
"Then strike* me off-a thousand
dodgers."      '..* ''.-■'
There were-'i-pt a thousand houses
in towiy;b'-it "the" new /arrival wanted
to bill the country through the post of
flee as well,-as reach the people of
tho town?,   ■ ..- "■/     ■   ". '/.'
Then tiie new-mnn^ handed a typo-
wrlt'&n. nofice pf-hls .arrival to the
editor,'1 prepared-'hy/ himself.
"Would be pleased to h'tave you publish u.".';.-.    ■"'•/'..;. " '.*:■.
"Why certainly*1,'"'-was the reply. .
•' You see the:""new man /'was. not too
modest. '*'.'!   , Vy'.     , \7.
  .?'.     , ,
a small town.    „    /   _**      - /-  .-.,' -.  ,
The next week another lodge meeting was'held in* another, hall. "'" ' *-'
"•TRapr -RapIr*-,:-'" rXV/y—-: *—.***"":
""Again'the' cofrect'slghal.'and "again
the new man entered to^meet pgarn,
rha(i leading *oppositionr(est'abHsiied in'
1874.        £ i't- '" X', *•"''*' *' ,      '•
His church held an anniversary tea
jneetlng and l'e.'V*as there and called^
>up6n/to *»y,a ^ewC^vords. Ho did not
apologize*, for not being prepared./'
His View words, were funny ones.
ticiiltng"'th'o1''},oun'g' pepple'^ahd causing even his leading opposition established  in  1874' to give out a  sickly
smile. - . ...' —-.a -
He kept up .his,Jj,ut_ti.ng In .and„,by
his tact, confidence and good nature
is to-day giving the, opposition' established in 1874 a great-run for/his map-
ney.            ]        ,,,/./  '"   .•,"""-;'.-
It all depends oii how' you't'dp, U.
—C. F. R.' in Toronto'News-.1'*"'' '"t"
 ! i£_±! -T- -vH:
The Original and tlie Standard
You don't get an experiment—or an untried material—or merely; ■
verbal promises—when  you buy   RUBEROID.      All  the
experiments   and  tests   were  made   16 years ■ ago'.    You get;
perfection in roofing in RUBEROID. " ^
16 years' service  bn  roofs, all  over  the, world ,proves  that;
"'''-RUBEROID' res^ists'all weather'conditions—is-unaffected by ,'
"Youcan roof the house'and barn yourself with** RUBEROID, *'
-• (hus saving expensive roofers' work1. Writt for samples and prices.'
Sold by Western
•*■'    - .- -    '      * >
^Thoiesale Co.
ti y
.- \ \**-(»J ' ■(•iaHt-T' *•
>^y. • i&Tkc-' iy' ~~:- y^'iiy^^M^^yyii^yd
UBMHS'l*^ **?J*^^|'p^s
*5* ;■■■■' '■■ .mMJli:
the convictions
the convictions of-'itsireaders.:'J.Othef-
'. ---
wise they would not have bought it;
otherwise i^ could not have'lived.
1 But to-day"t'he*rfeaae'rs"'6f'ri"new8pa"-'
per hardly .pay for the white paper.it
Is printed on.     The thing that makes
i     i a> \xf i. ri
the mayor .go,is, the'-jevenue'pai'J'by.
,ridvertis£r#.' ^'It ".Is ^-iai,'*hut owned/-- o%
the advertisers.; J> It/j'is mostly, a' bill'-
' •'If you suffer from Piles  the ' eit^eriehce ' of
'ibbuk-iniis  leads, to  one, definite-conc-usibn—
.thptiUhe Surest, way to relief is The - Zam-Buk  way! *: a urelyj yon* J
i>Sliwe that, nature provides so-mewhti-e, a cure for all:naturc'a ihsl.I
"Zam-Buk is the" rtfiried arid concentrated t ssences of healing herbs-nature^,
^heixci'J: Tbeoreticolly VL, ishowld be.goojl.., Analysts and doctors /agree.
' on this, " Y ractlt. ally as Well as thebfeUcally It/Is gcof   Thousands
: of people in four cohilneh-i^ be3r'ie8ilh.6iiy.TJ Keao thtse cases:— i     V, „
"•"'iM'f'iVWni. HuL'hes.'bf 253.  HcclieUua Mitel, Hichtln'^a, Moiitrriil, sayi-—\*1^.
.uflered Irom blind, itching, and, protruding, piles for -.ear..    Si4n.el1we-.tl.ey were;!
'•jo'ba'l'iKdt I could hardly bear  to move about.      The inflammation,.the burning;
•smartinepain the throbbim,, the-aching, the over-powirmg feelingiof du nei« and,-
dark'de'pair which this ailment'.1-iina'S. the* shuoiing spwrni-. of ajiORy-all W"e:*>f*-
temble that only sufferers from .this awful aliment can understand I    •; ;     y y
f"r*Bftc,"a» this case was, Zkrt'Ba.kltHumpK6d,'an'd5Mr». Hughes suffers no longer. ';? 1
ijMMrk'.E. -Boiall, ot.Scott Street, St.'Thomas,' kays -.—"For monthk. without:ce«»a-
(By,Robert Hunter.>in Dally-jgjpclal-. -   -    "• ' "_: •--.-•-     ■- - n*" *^"    .lUunQ,
ist.) ■   1 ■ Ty. : "yyyy^
Yesterday; I asked, this queslion.-.To-
day I ask it.again.     _
In the old'daysVnewspaper^jaa,-of-
ten, as Artemus Ward'said, "the.ar^y^
median lever whichmpvea the woi-ld."'
It had a conscience.1-' I*£'"-jxptr'essed'
the convictions of^h'-'editorMf.' It'.<ile-;
pended for life upon its readers.'They,
paid the bill! In a'sense they employ-'
ed it to tellithem'.tbe.'truth',' to pi-each*
to them da| by dajr. ; It w,as p, thlpg -,..„Mtt.._, ,DOia„, „.«„„ o..^, „ -..—. --,-■     - - ----.-.; ---     •        ,,
with  princitiles,   expressing  no't.only, M.-ttin I,endured great pain from bleeding pi ei.   for as ratfiy months iW«W«
Ls orthe1-ediibV; lluValsV |^WcK'l|jhoughr would -give me ease, but in the end. dispirited and-.i.ll «*f«%§
k-; ^ii-^V-i-'-.f^i:^ I •^^•^ wm ^e hea'^ of Z9m.Buk> and she add, :_.. Although iVredZim.^
..would be like the oidinary rejneaiMT7Useiias-=rlAm glad it was not. It won provid itseir
to be very different. It rapidly Rave me relief, and alter a time cuiedn.ecompleieJjr.,-?.
I «wcnld like to kt ail auflferers from-piles know whata g-rand thing Zsm-Luk is.   .;   ■
Krtretch.'*. Yet. *ao':dtvr, I never, suffer from'pilei I*   Zatrj-Buk cured me, to,stay, .cured,,
l.-^.a- ..        .a-      *'-..    ■t%_t£V»UJJf?Z*M ^'\'h-. "' 1 t     ^
^oohecould^o^quotmgMwif^ «uen cu^t «***;
i &ii!lS*%J$i-,Si&'
i 't^ftuVy.'?*^' i^
' 'i1r;"-77t*.*.^*-
*■ tt
al    _*l
'     ' •*«*?'  'St". ■ ■ {'■
"PlaANT <*»f il'C Itil
i.i r,i. ,•—. -. ■. ■   A   ""
iHTEfrHA'tWN'fiL V0AU%' XsMt ^
j?*! W'es. thejday-I^reUri.;
f <So one could go on quoting
FZ«n'Buk has eArrted'fur itself Its'gfeat. reputation.
■       t^ > '■     .       *• ,i*.    .' I 1
,  y-i  \
ii sontjto tho Ancon hospital.' Officials
•. on tjio train said that olovon dead had
**; booij found and that many moro of
v thb gang of two hundred ond fifty who
v ytoro at work ln tho pass aro missing.
2 it Is stated by trainmen that thedls-
7astor was duo to an Immense steam
,). rti'pvei which scooped up tho wlro that
,*, 'load j to tho lmmonoo charge ot dynu-
). vnlto',,
, V   'i 	
E P RE?BNTk; 50:i.MB-rA BU3yC>Tq.WN.
■"I'ii'ng.T* J—
ngents gonoral of most of the co
of tho omplro.
', Thoro wns somo objection to„j"ta,t,o
oulnod cnbloB oxpi'PS8QtJ.la..Svord'''.So-'
qialtsm," but 8/issoon omphnsUndthb
dlfforoncu botwoon Socialism i\*qci 'm-
ncrlullsm, ,.».... .""
1 Hon, Umloux„who war warmly .vo-,
c'olved, claimed tlmt tlio 'caUBO< or
oiieapor communlcntlons'.'bptwbon tiie
tiothor country and.dolonlo*) bad no'y<
r •   ''lit. I       ,      „'''t,' 1
1 1   iijiH—tU..
Mr. Plowing and others spoko l)i sup
.port of lho movomont.
Resolutions In support of tho ijiove
mont oW calling on tho government
to convonb a conforonco woro also car-
; Promlor Asqulth wns also rociiiostod
to rocofvo a deputation ot business
mon.    Si * '■
Mr. L-binloux sailed for homo (this
aftornoon by tho Campania,     f
Thoro woro four lodges In this town
niul 11 fow nights atfor* I't^/ntwU»*«.t tic
leading lodgo, whicli had.Its name
tmblnlonod on thi" frosted''window,
hold a session. ,:^'*; ,
Rap I    Hap! ,'      ,',
It wns the correct slftnal and In
walltod tho iiowcomor, - llprrdrsl ho
bolongod to thu samo, lodgo as tho
loading opposition, - ostahllshod in tho
year 1874, - ,/,[    ,„,;/;'.',,
BT. JOIIM, Dec. IR.—Thfl Inform!-
pnlal railway water tank at Island
yards, huldlUK 100,000 gallons of water, burst last night with a mighty roar.
This momlnnc broken Umbor and a
''mass of twisted Iron hoops mark ihe
aoot. The force'of Ihe escaplnir wa«
t«r broW the btUlt* " aci^rifaibs
titttk aud alao all thc.w!n<!flww*fn-th#
dyiamo -worn and store department of
thi railway.
or recfllvoi! such  Influential support
as now,
Ic survej'-id Canada's r*»**nrd In
this regard and Incidentally paid a
trlbut* to Sir Sanford Flemlnif.
Then ha asked: "Should we lay our
ardor astdo. (Cheer*.) It was utterly
"•tain to b***t of anUy of Kmplre un-
til the rompflni»nf parts b-wome mor*»
fully ictiualnled.
:>, KINGSTON, Dec. IT—In an address
before tho Queens political sclenc«
club on Wt^rvrn**-* rind witter power,
Q. Gibbons, K, C, chairman of the International waterways commission,
mado a ploa for Canadian Independence. "We should he a daughter In
our mother's bouse," lie said, "but
ttilatrcaa tu our 'own."
Sunday came and In pranced- the
now mnn, fur coat ovor his arm, cam*.'
In and sat well up to the front ol the
Tho parson's eagle oyo spotted him.
"I am pleased to see you, air, and
hope to havo you with ut again."
"The pli-a-Miro (s mutual, t belont
to this denomination/* was the roply.
three-fourths of a modern newspaper
buys'its'way'into -your house. .It
"comes'to'get'a profit "out of you."""It
is-an attempt to extend the .front win-
vd6'widfra "depa'rtment-'s'tore'Into 'your
household,"" rIt'' is'' a"itind" of- bargain-'
co.unt.er.bulletin,.attracting.readers by
- a' frontpage of -vice* nnd'-scandal, 'murder.' and' • vlolence7a'm*f' a • back* .-paee * of •
cartoons.of sentimental poetry' and-of
pious MnvtiivTupperisms: **	
— Certain:impers-live-by financial* advertisements. Other papers by the
department storo advertisements. Still
other papers by department store advertisements. Advertisements are the
big thing nnd/advortlsprs^'oxccpt the
'Job wanting'kltidt jji'o thi)|.*'powor bohlnd the throne. ■Vi../     !-n'.
A couplo of-SveblA ago^Ho proprietors of tho Philadelphia''*-newspapers
woro   called to a conference by the
..Rciail ^Iorfhpi-).ts',;,A^o,QlatJpn,>,.l, Tbe
X.filtarB.jYiJj'o plainly. ..told In. Jmpartant
•fjimncial.'jiiiii'nnl," roportB, 'that",thoy..no
longer could  open  their columns to
thoso ngllntora who sought'to"dbttilh
.notoriety through attacks-upon--tho
street, railway company.    And      the
Journal adds that since Uio conforonco
tho agitation against tl\u. compnnyhas
boon crusliud out.        \ <
In* a rooont book, "Tho Career of a'
Journalist," tho writer' speaks of a
time whon Hoarst'B Chicago American
was conducting a popu(ar war agnliiBt
tho gnB trust. Suddenly the fight was
discontinued nnd soon' after a full*
pago advortlsomont of* tho gas trust
appeared In tho paper. -Numerous Instances of a similar character nro told
by tho wrltor. \;
Most of our modorn newspapers
havo appotitos and Interests. Devoid
of consclmico, proHtitutlng themselves
to men of wealth nml Ub those who
mulco uso of thoir billboards, thoy havo
finally liorome powerful tools In tho
hands nf those modern feudal chlofs
who now control our liulimtrles, our
v'omimnco und our govornment.
Nows|in|ii*i'M have como lo ho perfected vnpllnllst .institutions. Thoy
hfiv'o-i{on6' tlio wny ofr'our political
machines nnd aro now conducted not
.'pr a rftiisi' but for profit,
And llm worst of It Is, tho people
do.'ij'ot riinllne tho chango, Thoy still
think, If tlwy think ul all, that news-
imperii 'ovo (Iglillng for principles for
the public good, 	
Hut It is well to think of one UiinK
Ul it-list,      '.'.U'liO t/I.iuUiK.lA Mtliv..' (*-.<<'
sold you at a cunt a piece are gradually getting control of the noeie agon-
jh>s,ns nn Industrial concern gets
.'oul'rol of natural resources.
'liven now ttii^j Mipptvh-* nx-.ee tiuM.ii
:t ls^ not idvlsahlo to lot you have
'■aiiowlcilge bf. Kven now they distort
news. Tlioymallgn your friends. Thoy
exalt your enemies. Thoy make and
unmake for you your heroes according
ii* It profits fhi>m. Thf****' keep you
In darkness of the groat things, and
let yon know whnt l« p.naA tor you
of littlo things.
In lime you will know nothing that
they do not want you to know. And
'n return for all (his parental caro, you
■{Ire dslly Ihstik* and only one «m*l!
fn«rirn(fl-,'sn>"'*rtpp<«r retn. '* *'   *
^.aa ,x,\. t.rriKiy'pinf.il nilmpnt just be euided by the foregoipg..
ca.se.** I   Don't delay,!.. Don^.wasle .time on thingswfd to be. ''juit as goo^"7" Get-
" the real'genuine Zam-Bu\t and start out on the way to health t       • -.     ,,   ^
., • -Zim-Bak It *. cure also for cold-.orcs, and chipped 'cracked hands, ulcers, featerintr aores, Mood- >'
ppiaoninif. eczema, bad lee, ringwoijra, acalp aorea,, burnt,  icaldi,
:lSd anakm'dlieaaea'ana lnjurl«t.*-"*>-r>--a.» v> .-•*,-/, i.' • '    '.   "* ^ ,.-,
.AU druggfata and ttoret at.joc. a box, or pott free from /.am;UuK
o..'Toronto, for price; 3boietforafi.fS;-r*   '■*-'■''.■*■  "*    .  'Z '■
fiut out attached coupon and mail w.th 1 c.'atamp (to pay return     1
potuge) to Zam-Buk Co..Torpnt^
"' *;'" ""fe lIows't'6 "ho rib' u-r'as" '"'' 7
:i:i '.."xirr ?■'*'"/■-' --■•,"•.- v-***- r-^ '"'\'T""?$'"'--''
Viin'toiVvc'i',' h," C. 'Dee, "'in'—"' WlVaC
looks verynmcli lllco'n'chockmnto hns
boon offoctod by TJa Slnah'lu Iho Interest Ing gume Iho Hindoo louder has
\ieoh playing against tho Domljijon go-
Voriftiiout sihc'o"ihe ;Jlrst propojB'nl wiih
rrindo -to romovo tho' Illiuloda from
•British' Columbia t(,[ Doltish   hondur-
Teja Sln'gli'coiiipYotbd negotiations
for tlio formatlpij. 9f. pll unemployed
Hindoos Into' jin' Incprporutot) • com-
pnny of land owt'of's*''their chitt asset
bolng valunblo P|*9j*«rty noai*' North
Vancouver at ftngllsirWy.     1
In thiB laisUboldlitiovo Tojii Singh
has no* only clonk lho doaih blow to
the Drltlsh Hoiidilrn's kchemo/ but he
has ''offectlvqlK-iraujOvod all (liillgunt
and unemployed Hindoos frtjiji tho
labor niarkoi.,'ahtl lii/s'thiis In'one ro-
Bpoct boiiolltd(l.,wbl.tt)( lnboieiij
Teja fllngh, tho nowly uDPolnleil
londor of I lib Illndob's In llrlilsh Columbia, pui'cli-iHi-'l'.oii.) liuiulr^d nnd
fifty two iic|*iis pf lat/il In Noi-lli Van-
rouvor mnnlclpalltyt -tho plnclm**'-
price being $41,pp0, npi,l ho liiiH-B«r*ur.
(•il nn option 'oii 'iin'otlu'i* pnfccl of
property vnliwd at tsn>)00.     f j
a year for le-jftHnfeJa' hundred.f'^'nd
the soamsti*es'i4«/'»viio use iho thread
get "'V& d. '"for ,'mal'lng li.paii-^of
trouscrB. -      ' >',   '-Vo,
, Tliu)(c^wantof. )bo Af;D;Mls
.nu'Hp .i*Jsllt;^,'tbo,,.\vorl:er8 jijro.'JMJnK
called'u'libii to'provide moro U!i'(I*,.Wpi*o
7oi*'iTib"ldlb niiiiltirlhlesB."'     Jfi
At an oxli'li' Ln of ,«wnnil:i^ i'Hibs
held ut llford, sonmstrcsBi>sJiaVn boon
V    ,','        ".''.i'l. ..".     *•*.' X'v'. "*,*"'*(. ■", i t"f,..
«'»,a,tVa.     »,...,».,,.,    ,.     I,.*,/   .t     a <t>i, .* ..I' .1   ,
Ihlrlocnpfflro (\nrt ft pair of (vcMinorn
containing    32 sepaiato    pleros   for
fourponco halfpenny.
Hut tlio   Booming Inability of   the
purchasers of those goods lo pay a
,    ■,      ,,   ,
-,,vavUi     am.   v>,,Ji" '    »"«,a'»    •'>>      -a.-... .
apparel, owing probably "to the rap- j
Id ailvnnro of tho country towards Socialism," has happily not affociud tho
manufacturers of tho thread which
the seamstreuses presumably used. Al
any rate wn learn that tlm firm of J.
and P. Coates are able despite the
lorrlblo rlf'proiDiIriii of tr/ul" and thi"
ciodus of capital fiom the country,
to declaro a profit on the year's work
of two million soven hundred no inula
or a dividend of thirty pounds on ev>
ery hdndred pounda of their capital.
'" Thi» iiWiirehfilders irel thirty pounds
 !'   tffy.
Trtiv'.ii.ng on the I, C R.SViV^Inri'y
Towers, SI. Paul street, St.' .loJip^N.
H., found a box of Znni-Iluk' tho -gi'biit
flltln hoalor, Ilo wns suff*j*r;ln'g\t(,,om
badly chapped liaiulB at tlxjo- Uni'oi'-80
applied tlio balm. He »^yH:^:**5Sftin-
Biilt cased the pain and smari)*d'gt it
lienlod tho craeks and ninilti jn*/'ji|i|jda
quito smooth. Finding lt)*|o [ijfcajl I
kept a Hiipply hiiiidy and |isvu^slV:u
provod It to bo a really j •i'onjrferjful
IieiiUir, It cures, cuts, sores,'or. .btirns
oanally well and I would nqt'llWhow
lo ho without a supply."   ' ' i "''M
Mr, Towers Is only one of. lliourf^ds
who aro glad thoy heard of Knm'H.iik,
Thoro Is no Hkln disease It will ifttliro'
Hnvo and cure. Its fame Is spreading
•■verywli'iio, mid II Ih now icfturdod'ns
Nature's first "giciit iiid,"'l>i ^rk-
Hl.opH, on the fnrm, or In thj* i*fb*mo,
No traveller hIioiiIi! bn without $.Hv-
ory homo Hhould have Its box Always
ready for .uo. A little '/-unilluk rub*
hud n-Ktilarly ou the hands mid .'face
before retiring each nlvtht vvlll -keep
the utiiii soft and free from chiips.'cbld
boiw l/i' tlluvusg, ', , 7*1 TI _
If you have a cut, n bitilst1, or tifimo
Iri'linilnc nVIn dlHi>pRr> whicli h«Tt do.
lied nil ordinary remedies, apply Ham*
link, li first rlnansos a -wound-by
killing off all harmful bncipr^la, fliou
It builds up new Uhhu.' cull by ce)l --
just ns a bricklayer 'lays row after
lownf hrlrkn." Thfn It rovovs tlu>
wound with new healiliy Rl'ln nml the
cure Is effected! i -
Znm-lluk Is alfo a cure for piles. It
gives speedy relief and ithU the throbbing, birrnliiK pnlns. Skin ditotuos,
such as eciemn, Itch,.ulcers.-barber's
raali, ranhi'S duo lo blood polton, '■•tc,
csnijot icHlHt Its t>owerful hr-allng virtues. , IMrely >t<gotabln. It Is' an
Ideal romblnntoln In power and pur-
Ity. 50c a box of all dniRflsti and
stores, or post free from Jtam-lluk Co.,
Toronto, for prlcn. Ilejj'rt chi-ap;harmful, and dangeroui substitutes.
'*• \H PAGE .TEN.
yy '• t.-'f^i
?i-: -."•** -.:
' >v ,f7  *fe tvfe'*f>:r'iTv'f\;^^
ft.    ft
i    ' V      <■■„
. \ <V u ,- ,
*    ."{'   ■.*       a'   ft ,-'•'•''-
«'-. '    **
> /,     it
; .■ .. .r      -   y - ",
■, 4 .,   4 "■-(.■ ,=*    -,,
',)  :,!"  !••   ';
**, ."■ »,;
w? ..
<*»       *   aj
, >,tV
Three   Days   only   for  to buy your Winter Supply at Cost
khd      MONDAY
Men's Suits Regular Price .. .v..-  $ 8.00 SALE PRICE -'. '.$ 4.95,
«'       "7    " "-......,    10.00 SALE PRICE ..   6.95
0  « ,      "   '" "    ...al.     12.00 SALE PRICE V.'  8.95
." •       " '      "   ,    V|.'.   ...t..*"' 15.00 SALE PRICE .. 10.95
«< ,      '«        " v   , !'   '.;.... ,; 18.00 SALE PRICE .. °12.9£,
"'      "        " "....:.* 20.00 SALE PRICE ..15.95
Men's Shoes, Regular Price
■ * <i "     ii        ii
ii      a- ii ■ - " i'r '    :
ii         ii       . i»     . .
1 «'.
. <          .      .       .   '   .
i Underwear Regular Price
'" \it
, ii           t't '      tt
'• y '-, '•'.' * 7 . - :,'-*•"■*,- - - •'-•'
"    ,- H           ii         ii -
- 'u -
11'         „      »         ,   ,   .   il                                       tl
.Men's.Socks, Regular,Price ..]..
.  fc • • • • • l
3.00 SALE PRICE .. 2.15
8150 SALE PRICE... 2.55n
4.50 SALE PRICE ... 8.55
5.00 SALE PRICE .. 3 95
"".'',>7  , >
2.00 per suit, Sale price 1 45, ,
2 50 per suit, Sale price 1 *. 95;
8.00 per suit, Sale price 2.25'-
5.00 per suit, Sale price 3.95
y\ .20 pair, Sale 8 pr. fbr< 1.00
,". .25<paif,Sale 5 pr. for-' 1.00 .
.35 pair, Sale. 4 pr. foi^ i .00/
.50 pair, Sale 3 pr,"fqr7^l'-PQ.,„
, r -■ i       i *.*«, ,«  ' '    '
,        ,<-   ,      <        ,■*■? ',*' I.i,
,   *"       'V
>J<h      i'
r\'' M   ,  V-  V   4*4. '
Men's Shirts Regular Price
P'       '**',-- ' . o'    ,
<(     -'*     ',• ««..'' II' nH
II ,*,  '«"««
.!, •"
-,*   . 1    V*
1.00 SALE PRICE ;.' , ,65
1.25 SALE PRICE .. -?5
1.50 SALE-PRICE..' 1.15:
..Men's Hats, Regular Price\.:..v.4 *-'2.50^8ALE PRIONS..   1.95 f-
.:.,.>     3.00 SALE PRI0E,..» 2.00
3.50 SALE PRICE':;   2.25
, -  * • •  ,i
" -...'..-.-      4V50 SALE. PRICE.;; 3.55 "J'
J    W.VWVLSWZi       '* <<■-',      ;
ST ■' MW'>     ' *-■'''..
t     t.
' A  '•.*•'"          '        -   *,   ,* -*         :   "     *   • *    , '° -'"' "     '
Regular $20 Suits and ^Overcoats made to your measure    ,, k ^.
„-   ,,.4..,.,.,       7uf.  * * • * V!, • * ",*    ••.•,".••■',-•.- ,,.,.,> •'-V-.'ft / ,•.-  • , , i ^, >,,,,|« <)-1-<yIO,,W,')'v
\ Regular $25.00 Suits and Qvercoats.matie to yotir measure,. ',   „V ; ;;
..   for ...../.'•..;  ....  7...'    _  \,'_ _   ._.', /    ^   $20.J95!!l
vV Regular $30.00 Suits andOvercoats, made to your meiasure        f  V ,.
'-"'•.' " '•"■ for*.'      ^ ■ ■""'i \ V 7'7".,,'7I ':"-,'-,: %'«■> .*.;- :*•** >'■;.' -*' «*;.; eoA flK -   -
..,»Regular $35.00 Suits and Overcoats, Made^to your measure,1 ;<..:   yi 7
'"}  7*r.>'fbr ..;;. V.-..0;.1-...7,7.^.'.••>'.''".'..■.••;.'"'.,.;.;".':>.':C'$28.95';";
<**     !
. l\^t^f'yyyi >. T7*,"""7!;--"";.7T-7vl7 :'.7^, ^.^/^TT^^r^,^-1 •^-^-'j;^-^;;^-'." ^v^^f |^'-7;7;*^,"*"i3^**^^l^*7^^ vW^W^
.»,",:; H A-v- v;-.^.^,^,1';../',-^/,,-. .•.?; ;*v"i'i"''? -7' '"iit""'   a'»;; ;f""-7f77 - * -^i \j,.„ - y't-y^vri^iff'-yy .1 lif-; *-***/, '.A---\ ^-"-",-£7- ,,*,-, '.-,^- „;.v^7^77   A"!''*/"'
•7'7'V,!'    \", '-. V'•',*..". 7.**A7'-."-„,,7-..-:-7 . -,'7 -.- "7 '- v 7"* ^"■fg," *v? - ■•^vvrv.!*",-!'1*'*'..'^'"*1 >« *'   ".,*^-»-^ 7.":^'-.   7|Ct4W-!
i   i-'..<■"
-.>  J. , ;.(fv
',    ,-.  j,a'>'-9    .,,'•.-      .'.      •' f '-'■-. I    '"      .,~\      ,'       r '",*   '""    .4  "**',-'{'. '-<',-'-*,».''   -T    '- *t" '( ""-  ■.o'1" -' . '"   '• -..' •-'-.-,     "' '(,*,,t .   '••->'• "A i IW.-ii--v'vS*<>-(W •?{»/» "in,.'> -;,- -     ,      •' y,-»T t'i?*" .'"
^yj;,-**^*./^;..-"* -" *i-/^ ,,' '.-•,•:'7,? ^ ''7,*-*,- 7-l>;- . "»,•' i i*v.- +»'•>•*->■' -^i- ** -- y ' -'-''• - -," N" * -'7''-f*:v^'.>^,/,vvV>7?- V* •/>>'< y%-  ' - ''TiX • ' *"
">(?i"*  "'**«**  *f„  "t   -,1-t    't\H>».    *      ,.   *•   , ,, .    ,f
7;* 7 "777* *-*7'7^'','rK'*r{';;'''''.' '"• :-'-i'^i;\i7-7f   7,7;",!
' *.7\, - -'-1 '. ., £'.,-7 .
i ;t. t. *■,/">.     * .i*'.
.77.•> '77 ;*, -.'f'/'f•■",.'*-■ 7""-<.V;r-'--»*A,i,Wi
;v.r \
t! -.    V
Mi", ,
. v*, 4
. us-
■V't    • t
*:'7i7\"<'/a *'n*"va,'K«- V-
\ . '   III   I
For Ladies
Diamond Set Watohea
Oold Watches   .
-  ,.,..1       .   .   11     'U.i       •
.' ■ 1       ■    'i\
in ■ *    *    1 * -
Bracelet^     ., ,
.Keddtrti;;   ';;-"*
Wai«t SeW
Hat Pirn
Jewel Oaiei
Out Olan
Sash Pint
OUt Clocks
Paper Knivos
■SHIvururarn '•'
For Children
Silver Mugi
Pins ,
OhlldBotu ,
Dinner Sets
Napkin Rings
For Gents
, Watphes   ,
We have a large stock tp choose ft;om*::Qur
t   range of diamond s|et gpdds is
' ,   and our prices are right
*»   i, ;t ''.'• 'J I  H'l *.>'&      1.' **,*-
i"''"i  Ohainl';';v:,;   ,    ,  ,
■, .''''.'IM,' ,^';k    •".*.<- "H'   , *1, • (fi*. "
. Diamond Sot Lookots
Diamond Stick Pins
i  ..,  Oold Stiok Pins
'    !| Diamond Set Link!
*   -Oold Cuff Linki	
.      Cigarette Oases >-
Oigar Oiuei ^
, Storllng Oigar Omm
, \, Sterling rituki
Smokers Sets
Tobacco Jars
Match Botes
V" Bottle Opouen, St«rilog   ,V \i
ummJi , ,•• >i>.* ''/."■''"ir.'11*
iihAis:<ti„»>t.«„ -->'•! i. t .' • '
I      4*
.'.<*",< .'
We have a  nice stock of Cut Glass, Silver-
ware, Sterling Silver Novelties, and Pickhard's
Hand  Painted China, which make useful gifts
W' " "D T \C* Tl HP
The Jeweler        Fernie, B. C.
Call and inspect our stock, its a pleasure
for us to show goods. New Store with A, A.
Gillespie, next Hotel Fernie
i n tfr
/ ,>>


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