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 •Political Unity is Victory
" 'That I can,buy choice fruit lands with
.~ algood water supply,, within 30 miles of
* J>   '-\ .Fernie, ;,dn* the . installment>.plan. -••.Sj-icV-J
] < ^'^'"ea^y'pa^ '
. company. Write for circular on "Kootenai   *
■te^yJrHgdtioni.tFratt"" •"*«'«
D. Wi HART*-fAsM^ B. C.
l\ ■■■
ma-^ s
t forget that I dm: back
in the old stand and thatv
my prices are better >
than  ever
. . . i-        :-,     \  ' y   y    '••; -'V       " ,v'0'**--!
Cy/iMen's Xu,i&y$*jypO'yto.   $20j *    "
l\ > ■*-.-.!' i.y~"Shirtsy '%cym■-■' <5?00 -; ■': .*• r
7       "       Sa-Wa?    2(7(9  jfd     5.0(9 :.
aCa^s ^ , ;5(9c, to '■ -, J.-5(9. -7--'-: , ■
'Trunks3.50 to *' $.25
,' ".."" .7.....' .,.   '.'. j 1. .   ,- - ~. a.,:.- .' ,7, ..' ■■ 4 34    ° .
See my swell: line.vof:NeckUes:iyeQ^ ±n cjo
all stylesyyyi^'_y.y-:y ''.--.-^k-:.     -   *      ^ s
"Constant dripping v(eafs | away .the
stone."'*'   A stormy "meeting,'of the
Fernie' District Fire, Relief executive
and the members.of.th'tj General Relief committee -was'held'last night in
the' Provincial 'Police cqurt'.W. Wj.-
Tuttle acted as, chairman." Imm'ediaeUy
after the'meeting Ws'opene'd the Bev.-
La'stiley Hall moVed'that the executive
iow report to the '/general committee.
' This was seconded; Mr'. Sherwood Herchmer took the floor and 'commenced
his   usual     technical   legal   tricks,
and dodges. The'object, wits to'; show
that5th'e general committee was only
compbsed of business men and others,
whom he was compelled to admit.were
self  appointed,', his '= Intention    being
plainly lo ignore the committee   appointed by the mass meeting on the
football grounds immediately after the
fire.   This brought forth a heated" debate ln the course of which Chairman
Tuttle offered' to resign', I Herchmer
wanted'the fire* sufferers to' rule but
did not know who they'-were; L. P.
Eckstein' strongly objected to ', any
such side tracking tactics; F. H: Sherman threatened to take out an ' injunction ; T. "Bigps "refused" to   allow
Herchmer to .assume..that ihe represented all the exeiutlye..The debating
powers of the miners, present were
again   strongly,-, in evidence, showing
conclusively that they are there with
tlie goods.    Finally after.-, some dramatic scenes, the following motion mov'r
ed by,Rev., Lashley Hall, seconded by
Wm. Dickenson "That the.persons now
present be recognized as part ','do facto", of.,the general, committee.','—Carried unanimously.-     ;      ,.   -
This cleared,,the atmosphere and it
was finally decided that all .those who
desired .relief be- requested to register
their, names -within two .weeks.'' The
cases of applicants will be thoroughly
investigated and 1 if, found, necessary,
those -who ,have had' lumber, etc., may
be asked to repay ,a-portion in,order
than,those now.'in,need—if any—may
get their share. ,     -, .'■=•' .-    • ;
Witli Fafali-ResBlts-Eiipe: Crew Missing—No
PassiSh|lrs HU?t^irt!Acciilent--i-Lenahan
1 "B'Bioom-are NatnesofDead:/:/.
EVERETT; Ffeb. 10— Engineer John .Lenuhan, of Seattle, ,is
dead, Fireman Carl Bloom is missing'and undoubtedly lies dead tinker the wreckage of the. locomotive pulling the Great Northern Ow1;
train from'Vancouver, which was wrecked early this morning near
Mukilteo',' Wa'sh.",* when the; locomotive boiler, exploded.
' 'None otthe passengers were injured. The accident occurred
at about 6:30 o'clock this morning while the train was.running at
the*rateoof about;ten miles an hour// The force of the explosion
hurled the,engine,'over a steep-emb'aiiWment'and Engineer Lcnalmn
was thrown far out into the waters/of Puget' Sound. Although .inter-
nally'lnjured-and'his leg brokenjthc engineer struggled into shallow*
■water, from-where .he was pulled .ashore by'the 'conductor "and one of
passengers'on the train;-   Lenahan died; soon, afterward., '-_   . ■
/ , Fireman'Bloom of'Seattle is missing,.and it is .believed, that his
mangled' remains 'Will be found- under the.wreckage of the locomotive or tender. ■'"'•>,, "; '■** : / 7.,, ..'. *' .a,; , -, ,
'' None of the coaphes iii thet'raiii was damaged except the baggage
car which, was.,paijtially/wrecked. The engine was .completely?demolished. The boiler was hurl-id down Jhe track for a distance of
more than'lOD feet'.'   ,.','   ',,.",,!    ,-    *        ■,. . -■** *     •'- ■':
.'.'.".-    -V'      "     .■i.O/'.i*;    -^ : *-^-l ; ,   , ..'     ;.  ...,.-,      ,.     ,
SACRAMENTO,, Cal." Feb.-ll—Yielding to the pressure brougiit
to'bear by President Roosevelt and Governor Gillette, the California
..assembly yesterday/reyersed its decision'by'reconsidering' the former
iotflifpn the segr<igatlonvof 'Japanese, students .in-the. public .schobls;
-an**}*finally rejected the.measure.by.'a vote/of? 41 to .37..-V-Air-effort
. ' i. .'aV,  ', '"-ra/a    '''   _v'j!*L_  _ _';-'*,*.„i,1.t 'Vr.   laAar-  AloeiiV "ri^it ri v'".Tn nn ii nap-  mP.fl.Slil*ft
I have a large stock of Pictures and
Wall Mouldings just arrived—the
best ever shown in the city, All
work done ..promptly and
Opp. O.P.R. Dopbt
wm,y' SCOTT     *>?.»}?
*t>4>*>4>4f*4\*^ +++4>4r4r**P4l>4a*'*>
A Caso cf Import to
.*•  \ for- s Outcome -y.i
■ "All'persons' who','havo ,'.'
not received relief, or/
any who.havo, not received suilieiont relief
arc' requested to' reg-"
•istor their names* with
the Secretary of thc
Tfolicf"Kiihil not lator
. A componBotlon caso of intoroBt lo
•worltttion wan hoard bofoor IiIh Honor
.TudftoAVIlflon on TucadayV viz.. that of
Victor ProtonBo, or Frofiulor, who died
Octobor 11th ns the roHiilt of an accident received at No. l> mine on October
10th last. LouIb CnroHolla was Hworn
as intorprotor, John Protost-o, uworn,
said ho actod bb ndminlstrntor for tlio
estate of IiIb lato brother, and aa uuuh
clnlniitd compoiiBntlon on behalf of htn
fathor and mother, who resided in one
' of tho Italian HjieaUliiK provinces of
AuRfrln, Mr. .John Jllio**,**, sworn, snld
ho wns flroboiw In No,. B mino on October'10 Inst* 11a ro.Tietobured,seeing
PrntMBo trnlnar Into tho mlhfi:on that
working a fow minutes sawing  at tho
boom whon tho accident took   placo.
Ho was holding light for docotiBod. Ho
was about olght foot away when the
cavo camo.    Ho was In a crosscut aiid'
dc-consoil,onfjhoKmain.level. His lamp
was'-'blown.•'b"ui'!lnh&'he-'-wont Into tho
crosscut to light It.*" The cavo wns^r>
or 20 foot In oxtont.    When ho' cnmo
back nftor lighting hin lamp .ho   aaw
thoro was.a l«ii. of Biuff„on .Protospo,
and he waB 'alioiitln^.'.  Ilo >vont for
th/o flreboiiB.''; ProioB|bV'VaB taken put
about;7 o'clock, but^B^wus not thoro,
htivln'ff gorid" homo. " Ho' novor saw
docoaBod ugain.    Ho wus croRB examined to ohow that ordors had boon glvon to put In coutro props which . woro
(llsoboyod, "
Mr. Thomas Wkbh. Hworn, Bald ho
w«b a cortlllcatod minor of 2-1 yours
standing. A man that was a timber*
man should ho guided by IiIh own judgment In cutting down tlmbora, as con-
tro propB may, or mny not bo roauirod.
Tho previous wltnewn had Hinted that
thoy wero required lo put centre props
under tho timber thoy woro Hawing out
but Mr. Illggs snld this waB ridiculous
as thoy , novor prop anything thoy
want to cut down. Cross examined
whether ho wiib serious whon ho stat-
nd thnt ho should bo guided by his
'of 38 to"36. ancr%-.asse'mljiy:i's. h6\v "clear^f"any jap,an%, measure
objected!to by7th<i|pational.adiiiinistration.= t-The.schobLbill is-still
to be' c6nside'rednjg|the ^nat'e(-'haying'*been'ipresented'the^      Senatr
■"when--brought up. -7.'  ,,.'....■*..:*"'  'm**-*!-*-.'---:   .-' -"'•■-•-\-.
.i •■'■"■ i-, Governor .Outlines Next Step;- '.-.*.■. !
:"■=' ."I anrhighly,pleased,", said Governor^Gillette/_'wThe; dast'lias
been' deeply concerned in'the/measure pending here, 'and, I feared
,that'if the tinti-Japaliese legislation were .pressed at this time it would
have a disastrous effect.", (i. ..■■.;   '"' '     '■        .'. ".,,"   ."_
■ Governor Gillette'last night;said that' thc next .matter, to his
taken up by tho assembly, would be the' proposed appropriation- of
$10,000 for'tho con-piiiug of "a census'of Japanese in California'.''iro
said that if From 'the'.lata so 'gathered it' were found necessary, congress would be urged to enact an Asiatic exclusion measure.   *   '
'f Under tlie agreement between Japan and our government," tlm
governor snid, "the former is planning to ..restrict immigration , as
' much' as possible. ' , If tho'Japanese have grounds-lor the abrogation
j£  of this arrangement, and'decided in view'of tlio unfriendly action
a  on tlio part ol' the, California legislature' tb revoke these restrictions,
MONDAY   FEB 22   1909    1\ °» l,,° ii""»K™t>on of lier people, nil*.our ports would bo opon to Uio
'        '     '        ■■     X | latter.   * If thon 'wo went lief ore, Congress   lind asked I'or support.
from the oast for a general Asiatic,'exclusion law, (lie lattcr'mi^lit
advance the adverse, argument Hint, we had the sitnni'ion well in hnnd
at one time, through'fair agreements, and lost onr advantage by tlio
acts of our legislature against the wishes of the president."
California Will be Safeguarded
, " Tho'WliiU* House,:'Washington, ,D,'C, To Gov..Gillptift, Sacramento, Cal.': "Accept myhoartiest eongratnlations. All good Americans appreciate "whnt'yoii hnvo done! Pray extend'.my congratulations, individually to nll.who have aided'you. . I feel that thc wny in
which* California hits done what is right for iho nation nuikftH it more
than ever obligatory on the nation in every way to safeguard thein-
"tercslii of California. AU that 1 pcwonally can do towards Hint end
wliothor in publio or in private life, shall most certainly bo done.
Theodore Roosevelt.
,y y ...    " . *.    ■•-..■.■■ ■•■ '
Suits and Overcoats
2D per eenl-diseoun^
-'''^.'■fAiLORIN-G DEPARTMENT,   •   4
We''assume all risk:regarding, fit and. work-
manship.-' We haye. pleased hundreds,;. that
■-.a--.*** ir-f   , i ;
speaks,for itself.
n    :•■-
Sri fmBmow^,'C0^
--.■;. ,4 >, --.     ,'.■-. .,.U„P--.4-_. .;-^K<y-.<-...■/&y ■■■'*,■"'%■■?--■:■;• ■>.•*! "*"-;■'f
;. *.':. -*-: Clothers.to Men and Boys , ' ',   |
victoriaave! "' :;':,Ufernie. b. c;
and told Protonso to »oo tlinl his' controls woro In boforo lis start oil. Ho touted tliolr lamps nnd tlioy wont In. Tlio
noxt thing ho know Angolo cnmo running out to any that Protosso wns under n envo.  Ilo nuked Aiigolo whether
tlioy put up contro''props nnd thoy ropliod "No,"    It wftS'hocosBnry to'pul.
contro props In tlmt piirliculnr place.
Ho did not bollovo that tlio cavo would
lmvo como had Uio contro props boon
In.     Ho wns ci-osh oxnnilnod and Hnld
it wnH rldlouloim to put contro props
undor a boom you woro cnttltiR down.
Ho would not undortnko to Hny that
Mr. BIbrb nr Mr. Wilde woro wrong.
Tho mon woro working for height nnd
not for safety.    T. Spruston,-sworn,
snld ho was overman at No. li ln Octobor last,     Ho vlsitod that district
In Question during tho wook nnd hnd
given orders to the ulght firobOHS   to
brush tho roof. On tho Saturday night
lie   hnd gone to bed, whon about 12
o'clock some one camo to say tlmt n
man was under n cavo,,   Ho nuulo on*
QUlrles nn to the accident when   li<1
rushed up lo tho mlnos nnd found ll
was duo to not putting in contro piops,
CrORS-oxnmlnoil: It u fliob(inn gnvo or*
dors tlioy should bo ciinlod out undor
nny clrcumstancos.    Tho wnnt of contro pro pit roHulU'd In tlio fulnl aur-ld*
ont. In his' opinion tho accident would
Its nd vantages aro "but' poorly understood
by the majority of mankind.' Those,' however, who come from tlie great Co-Operative headquarters in England and Scotland
and liave known what is to be gained by
in its benefits are its
T-rmMBO irninK-mTO tup minn-on iiim  nu mm. nn hiiuuiu uu hu.uuu uy  mn  nm. ... «*■■ *,,»„.,*.. a.... ..-a..,	
. date.   Ho had JuBt como off shift, an*town exporlonco, Mr, Hlggi* flftli- iiim | etTiiuniy not mnw unpin.*«vMiiirt.t -i..,
n.i.,,» (ir,,iL,iau raiaa'na* hi* iii.ii...      Uc   't.t u .±t. a I u*x i. hi. fiuLi, uu uu vclm Ivi)   uiili't'i) bi'i'H hi.      Uf ill(< t\tx\  :\\rri'C
OTTAWA, Fob. 10—Following the report of Mr. .Iimtico OiinsoIh
of the .Marino <lopurt.110.1t, Commiiiiilor Kpnin. Dominion Wreck com-
iniKHiiiiicr, unci .1. .1. Fruuer, commiBnio«cr oi' HghtH will step out of
tho govornment gorvlco. *'   '  '
In the oiiKO of, other officinlf* of tho depart ment nllWtf'l by tho
roport further notion will ho tnkon by tho milliliter of miirino in. thu
near future.   <■
The eut-thront policy of tho compoti-
tion policy.
The colossal graft of Monopolist.
We stand for
the,   highest
standard   of
oilier nruOurt., liUU'.tf UU piaitw.     li
■ o-t-nnilnud tho liluto on that duto nn,d
found It nbsolutoly nnfo.
Hostnyoil on to help tlio othor fire-
boss'on tho night thnt dat«; ■'■ Shortly
nftnj. Proirmon vr>Tit Into t*hf* Tntrin Im
was called to n plnco whero a cavo
bad taken plnco, nnd found protcuso
undor snrao. Ho saw lilm taking out
tho mnn nnd ho wns Imdly bruised. Ho
was cross examined to show thnt deceased wns doing wrong In cutting out
.-tlipbori-i betont he hnd out In centre*
props,..which U.iuis. uUcKcd. l»c wna
li(»'*lMats*"Wo*yWi»e;,-WMli ikp'-n-wA-M'hfti-
the nccldont took plitre. They wire
to cut out old tlfnb.T5 find put ni*w
onns In
her e
not do
.111  ttatA (t.-il'ti)-. D<.iUlUi. It'll UU UVVMlvil
llko this. John Wlklo, noxt sworn,
vnld he had nearly 31 yenrs exporlonco
In the mines nnd nbout 1*1 or lfi yours
as tlmbermnn. He did not know of
nnv spf-Tlnl rxAee, tor tl-mbermen. Ho
uuU'fii bi'i'ii hi. Uf ill*, ii'nl "trri't
with Mr. niggR nnd Mr, Wlldo, Ho
would' not Hiiy tlmt a mnn would try
to commit sulcldo, A contro prop In
his. opinion Is nlways n gunrantoo
rip.ninst a falling roof.     It xxut a rl
stated tlmt It wns noL nalural to prop dlculous stiitoinom ot Mr. WiUU*'s.   in
flreenwaod, Tl. O. Pol). 10
Jji-iir ttir'. .>'ii- '*-■• Viuiiw 'vu.a.fcu.ia,
hns handed ovor to mo your lottor of
Fobruary 2nd nddrossod to A. I*.
Whito', nnd In unswor will say thnt
thoro wnn $:100 .vlrod to tho Impciliil
b8nk,.Crtinbio»l;. Aug.,6, to bo pitted
tJae whole bUBliiOBB como* down. , He j not ihlu'K it uw.ihi.iii:.. Tin- iudK«*ll() tj,r, vm\\^ u\ tho l-*cnn«- Uc»
ir*»i.**new,*f' «V.Vn~nny fiiW' othorwlK-*. ,snt«T Tt'wtts'nti lmportutil tmit or lhA' . .. .^      t ,liro„„,, _ fh<.
up outside.   This nloHfd the caso for, Hht«. . ••.•<••• of Momif.' «■*>"•. aW, ih-n v,at,
nppellant. -•****.*.       ■    This timi-A the i-eio tn t.xv an »h<*' fM.M soul by Dv l.nnk of   Ilrltlsh
up what thoy were cuttliiK down. A
centra prop Is Homeilinos nu element
of danRor ns when puttliiR In a contro
post to tighten tho roof I hoy mny tighten It too much and mny bo split a
rock, nnd when tho boom Is released
all his experience hu hnd novor soon
nor henrd of iv contro prop breaking
tho roof by belnj? tightened too much.
The plnco wns wido nnd In IiIh mind
not dungerous. AbIuuI why lie did not
bring tlio boom th.'ro* ho wild ho did
(•iih nlso  sent  "pio  worth  of    now
clothing nnd consldnrublo noennd hand
Aug. I. Mnyor Klnli $   78.00
Aug. 0 Imperial bank     .M0.00 i
,       .... ,., i im • i, ■
New fi'otliln'i?     2WM;
All iltxixv aiv ItCCuiiiiUji KidMtii Uii'.In ii    r.V-
cellcncT of (pmlity and  the prices are not
nion'than sonic  inl'crinr hrands,  in  sonic,
iii-.i.iiu'i'.''' h'*"*
$oi t.no ?;
Yours truly ;
H. Hl'NTIXO, Mayor
^___. _4^-.«,-» '
Th" Fi'rnl'1 fip-*r-» I ""■""' iiritl'T   fh>*'
mnniu?<'mom of Mr. < .(•■•«?«■ i,. Tns*
/■hi*r''*iu  'a prmln''  ;■  it'inulrir roHfiri
fur iliinli*1 pt.-i-*i.    T! ■• tdmltiR pi.-
tore.' nro nf tin- hii'...*-*' su.iidf-.rd, nnd
Fernie Industrial 81 Provi-
i i
J. dent Co-Op. Society, Ltd. | PAGE TWO
big coNvmmimm
*   r   , <   4
V-,'        -v
jxj ■•■;».
• •■ 1 £.
,i  .*K '
'-■*.-■-  -K^H
*      -*..->*- V„
Stormy Session^ Mark Closing Days--
Charges and} Courier Charges-
Walkers Good Advise
INDIANAPOLIS, February 2—Trouble was in the air in Tomliusou hall
this morning when the American coal
miners met. .   ,
■ The Lewis and anti-Lewis forces had
lined up in a preliminary skirmish last
night under the leadership of Lewis
and Francis Feehan, president of the
Western Pennsylvania district, . who
charges that the Lewis administration
had ignored tie need of organizing the
unorganized fields of Pennsylvania,—
while for political purpose . lie had
"flooded' the organized Pennsylvania
field with international organizers.
Feehan says that they were placed
in his organized district over his and
the district's protest, and that they
were put there for the purpose of reelecting Lewis international president
and overthrowing him and the anti-Lewis   forces in the western Pennsylvan-
' ia field.
.' The field of trouble for to-day ■ was
staked out by the resoluion presented
by Feehan yesterday afternoon wherein he calls on the convention to do
what he says the Lewis administration has not moved to do— to organize
these fields, and also by Lewis'.state-
men made last night,that this Feehan
, resolution is only a veiled and unjust
thrust nt Iiim.
, At the opening of the session this
• morning there was a-general discussion of the need of an organization campaign in the Irwin and Connellsville
fields. Things were going along nice-
ly when a western Pennsylvanialjlele-.-
gate named Feeney. got the floor and
declared that, Lewis had prevented
' Feehan from replying to the, statement'
made by Lewis last night that the Feehan resolution was only n veiled attack
on him. -       ' * :
Feeney,declared that the statements
made by Lewis were unfair-to Fee*:
Jinn. ...-'■
Lewis replied, stating that Foohan'
would receive all the opportunity he
wished, to reply.
He shut off a moton to stop debate,
and In doing so rather challenged Feehan to reply by saying that no matter
if a motion is mado to close debate,
after long discussion, still ho would
- reserve for Feehan time and opportunity to mnko any reply or statement be
wished to make.
Feehan did not tako the floor immediately and W. It. Fairley of Alabama
spoke at length urging that an aggressive* organization campaign not only
be mnpped out for tho unorganized Irwin and Connollsvillo fields in Pennsylvania, but that It should be extended to Alabama.
That state, ho declnred, wns ns
strategic a key to tho south ns western
Pennsylvania Is to the North. Ho do-
clurcd thnt tho Tennessee Conl and
Iron company owns moro mines thnn
tho United States Steel compnny, and
he Indicated tho industrial nnd competitive strategic Importance of tho
company and !I.b wide effect, by tho
statement thnt it can mako Iron and
steel cheaper thnn nny othor concorn
In tho world. Tho concorn Is now bolng merged Into tho Unitod States
Stool Corporation, Ho urged thnt for
tho protection of minors In all industrial fields the mines of that company
bo unionized.
Thomns Hnggorty, tho central Pcnn-
sylvnnln International board membor,
exploded n moRt sensational bomb,
whon ho declnred that' international
orgnnlzors, working under tho "con*
trnllznllon policy" of the Lowls ndmln*
Istrntlon woro working to wreck tho
organization nnd woro drawing pny out
of Its (ronHiiry for that work.
Lewis stopped Hnggorty by n vigorous nipping of the gavel nud said thnt
what Hnggorty snld was mil rue.
Hnggorty replied: "Whnt I hnvo
said Ih truo nnd wo will present affidavits to prove the assertion that International orgnnlzetH nre wrecking
tho organization In coriuln districts.'
Uo declared that tho orgimizntlon ns
now constituted Is autocratic and that
Lewis, taking advantage nf technicalities was using International orgnnl-**-
ers to build up his own Interests and
lii ll.til ilisHii till Kj^ii.J.-ii:/, i'u- i,'li„,
Lewis a gill ii took the floor nnd askr.d
Hnggorty who was one of   Mitchell's
first lieutenants if he (Lewie) had any
more power over organizers than. Mitchell had.
Haggerty replied "No,' but he insisted that Mitchell had,not used the International-organizers as he charges
that Lewis has used them.
The fight between Haggerty and iLe-
wis became very, personal. Haggerty
charged, that a lot of international organizers were flooded in on'his district, and that lie was, not getting the
square deal; , i
Lewis again denied these statements
vigorously and he defended his'policy
of placing international organizers in
the field. He reviewed their ,*. work,
and declared that the worn of the international organizers' was. necessary
to maintain the organization in*.these
districts. Referring to;" the western
Pennsylvania district"'he said:—"And
God knows' that ' they are heeded
there." ,„   '  ■
There was a protest against I Lewis
vacating the chair to address the convention but he showed that he was in
the right.
During the discussion with Haggerty.
!a$wIs indicated that the international
organizers'were not only sent into tne
central, Pennsylvania (Haggerty) district to organize, the, workers, but a'.so
to get information about * the condit
ions in the so-called union district.
In this "and. other remarks.he,and Haggerty indicated the very wide hreach
existing between the international officers nnil those of some of the districts. * • , •.
- The .fusllade that Haggerty delivered was a part of thu policy of the anti-
Lewis faction to force before the convention" the whole question of the in-
ternathmjl_organlzers."  It'-Is to _be_
followed by the charge that these men
given employment by Lewis and paid
out of the international treasury, were
sent, into the anti-Lewis districts to
work for his re-election and to tear
down * the district officers who m\y
stand'against the Lewis administration as do Feehan in the Western Pennsylvania field.and Haggerty in central Pennsylvania. "7 . y.. , ■ ,
It,is to be followed,also by the attack on the anti-Lewis forces on tho,international organizers that are sluing
in the convention as deleates and their
charge that tho convention Is "packed"
with them. The policy of the anli
Lewis forces is thus finally outlined
to attack what they claim 1°. "a mscii-
lno of offlco holders built up by Lewis."
Lowls has insisted that these matters vbe left to como up at tho "proper time" when under tho rules of order adopted, such matters will be In
Tho anti-Lewis forces hro determined to bling tho wholo mnttor of organizers boforo tho convontlon before the
roport of tho national tollers can como
Lowls took an nggrosslvo stand this
morning whon Hnggorty who was
clearly out of ordor, continued to attack him nnd the organizers,
"Gontlemon," ho said addressing tho
convontlon, "It is evident thnt thoro
are somo porsons In this convontlon
wjio nro dotorminod to attack mo nnd
tho conduct of tho International organization.
"I hnvo insisted thnt. those mnttors
como up In propor ordor, but wo might
as woll havo lt out now no any timo.
I want to say that Mr. Haggerty, as
woll as othors, will hnvo to answer
for curtain acts ho has dono and for
things said,"
Ho nlno clearly Indlcnted that he ox-
poet od lu the clash, that Homo ono will
got hurt and that it will not bo Lewis.
Ho snld that ho did not wIbIi nny
of those men to go homo with any
excuse for Haying that they wero choked off.
Jnm*'H Moonoy of Mlm-ourl, ono of
llm lnternnlioniil orKiinlziTH. got the
floor nnd snllud lu ou Hnggorty. Ho
mild thnt ho wax otic of tlm orgnnlzers
who Imd,been sent Into Central Pennsylvania nnd* thnt as fur us hn was
personally concerned hn wan nol thoro
to tour down nny pnrt of iho district
U. t,"*'**-'*(<a4<..'
orrosco to Canadian law
Ther*.* wns a cuKsntlon of double
long .'noiiKh for tho convention to go
(Eschwlgr and 8orkle, Props.)
Now open to tho public
Evorythlng1 now and up-to-date
Handsome OlnlnBT Room Attached
Music overy afternoon and night
on record, vigorously in opposition to
any legislation being enacted In' this
country along the lines of the new
Canadian trades dispute laws.,-,   ' •
"We, the United Mine Workers of
America, emphatically >esent any '.Interference with our right to quit work,
and will in no wise tolerate any Legislature which will force us to,submit
our grievances to a court which must
In- the very nature of things be prejudiced against us, if we can prevent
Another clash was temporarily averted this morning by another resolution presented by Feehan being referred to the committee on appeals and
grievances which will bring it up.later.
In that resolution Feehan appeals to
the -.convention, for support over the
action of the president in refusing to
sanction the strike.,        '. '.
The preliminary skirmishing between the Lewis and. the anti-Lewis
factions in the miners convention opened up strong last evening and the
cannanading by President Lewis and
Francis Feehan had just begun when
5 o'clock arrived. '"
In discussing the use of a high explosive that was complained of Feehan claimed that Lewis had promised
in October to take up the matter, but
"from that day to this he has not been
in the district."
Lewis aggressively took the floor
and charged FeehanaWith making an
absolutely untrue statement. He declared that he had "said to the Pittsburg special convention that.he,hoped
to be. able f to return ,at once and, take
up the matter. , -   -■", ■.■.'■'
, Feehan introduced the minutes of
■the-western- Pennsyivania~convention
to show that Lewis had said he would
return but the wording of Lewis statement to that convention was such that
Lewis got quite' as much satisfaction
and,support from it as Feehan hoped
to get by introducing it. Lewis argued that it expressed the hope that he
would be'able t,o return,
The second clash came over a,resolution introduced by Feehan in which
he called on the convenlton to institute
a vigorous campaign for the unionization of the Irwin, Connellsville and other non-union fields lying contiguous to
the western Pennsylvania fields, nnd
in which more than 100,000 men are
working and producing coal that comes
into direct competition with the output
of the union mines.
Fe'ehnn declared' that the Internal
lonnl had done nothing to unionize all
these fields.
Here Lewis came Into notion ngain,
and he camo In with a thundering
voice. He said that he was in harmony with any movement to unionize
those fields, but ho declared that this
pnrtlculnr resolution offered by Fee-
linn was a thinly veiled Instrument for
attacking the administration, and wns
presented only ns n foundation for
other resolutions offered by Foohan,
which wero to follow,
Lewis In his address snld It cnmo
with very poor grace from Feehan or
nny ono else to crltlclzo him for not
trying to organize tho.Irwin, Connollsvillo nnd othor fields during the lust
year, when thero was a terrific depression nnd a half million Idlo mon within n short distanco of Pittsburg, Ho
went back to tho old Mitchell administration nnd snld thnt in 100G, whon
tho country was at tho high tide of
prosperity, no effort hnd boon mndo to
organize thoso fields. Ho said that
thoro was no criticism thon and asked
why, In nil justlco, thero should bo
criticism now,
At this stage of tho proceedings tho
curtnln fell for tho night. During the
aftornoon Foohan and Lowls hnd a
Kriunbblo over tho International administration falling to notify him that ho
could appeal boforo lho liitornntloi.fi!
board to npponl thoHo mnttors. Ho
snld that ho had nsked for such a
privilege and that hlu request had not
been answered, Lowls snld thnt Fee*
ban know (ho board was In Houston
and that ho did not need any prlvllego
to appear- before It, Fochnn roBted on
.ho fact that ho hnd nskod for such a
privilege and ho had nuked for a time
to be sot for him to npponr nnd thnt
in.' ttiiMUiij imxil i.uu «u uiinaaci.
lie Innl-Mrd thnt be hnd Tin offlrlnl
notion that tho hoard was oven In rub.
Trouble Is not confined to tho coul
uniii'iin uiiiu-rnioii hi kvii'.iii.Mjt* lien,
The scale committee is al loggerheads
and has not been nblo to agroo and
submit a report. It wns thought when
this commltteo was appointed thnt Its
duties would ho perfunctory and thnt
thoy would simply consist In reporting
the formiiUtt-d eight demand;-, of the
anthraclto workers. Theso demands,
however have almost been loot n'cht of
In tuo wrangles.
Tin- first was ovor the Inslstonco of
I'ri-'.idcnt Lowls that tho convention
be railed an to mako a declaration lor
the "stability of contract." That Is,
thfet the minors would emphatically de-
-iiU-v I..--.1 tht> ■•i.U.F.-.a.Ui* mU.k'Hi, lu
| the «?*,i-rit of any rontrovrrsy, would •"**••
mnlii at work until thu difficulty   hud
• -4**£.
Vm <*>
been settled'^jr the authoriza^inachin'
inV^on4^titt-ef;V\Y £■} -   £-
.the* ^el^m^en^atyon^^t ^^con-Y*-n*-j
tion pla'ce tlie'demanas'in the*ha>nds"4of
the international executive board fwitb
full power to act.   „
The Lewis "and the anti-Lewis factions in. the" American coal minerscon-.
vention;lined.,pp in their final clash
to-day7""   7 -     .'  ' '* *  ■'   ' • ■'
Though the; actual results of the, final clash will'not be known.untii'thls
evening Jt became evident at noon-,that
the-Lewis crowd is in absol'uttj control
of the convention.   '       '■      y','.'~ ['
John H..Walker, president of the Illinois miners and the anti-Lewis candidate for'president of the organization
in oppositionV.to'Lewis, conceded this.
He, did it in conceding that the report of the national tellers that have
canvassed the ballots cast in the miners' national ballot will show that Lewis has about 16,000 majority.; The
tellers will probably report this evening. No person has been elected to
the office of yice-president or 'secretary treasurer.
Walker not only conceded a majority of 16,000, but he also said that this
majority was so large that it would
be futile to conest the election. Ho
and his supporters have Insisted that
they would contest lt. But he Indicated that while he could show that 7,000
of the votes cast for Lewis was illegal
that it would; not avail anything to
fight a majority of 16,000.
He does not, however, withdrawals
charges of election corruption. "If
the votes' in this election had been cast
fairly I .think', that I would have been
elected," said he. ■ "Lewis and his
friends not only packed the election,
but they have packed this convention
and it would be useless for me to fight
against it. ■ The presence here of a
large number of international organizers, who depend on Lewis for their
jobs and. who 'draw their money from
the international is but 'one of the'
methods adopted of packing the convention.' ,.-,.•'
If Walker does not. contest the election, Lewis predictions that there
would be no contest will be fully verified. • , , i ,
. The report of the committee on officers reviewed the work of President
Lewis, and reads as follows:
"We concur in the president's action in the, Indiana strike. With the
information given * in the report we
believe that.the interests'.of the'.Indiana miners and the'organization at
large would have been best conserved
had the advice of the national president been adhered to."  •;.
The report was finally, carried by
the Lewis'faction.'"*    ■>" v '
. The delegates to the convention had
ing when a, motion ,was, made to oust
W. D. Van Horn president of the
Indiana miners! **■'.*.■    - ■'■' ••■'
The motion was offered.by Jno. Law-
son of,Colorado, and Peter Patterson,
of Canada. Both" are'members of .the
miners international executive board;
Van Horn in his opening speech Saturday on the appeal of the Indiana squab-'
ble between .President Lewis and
Van Horn and the Indiana miners, had
called this exe'cutle a "wooden board.",
Lawson.and Patterson ih their mot-
Ion o'toust Van Horn from the convention unless he would retract the statement as they declared'it was an insult to every member of the board and
to the miners,
Van Horn replied stating that in his
statement ho had not Intended to, nor
did he refect on tho Integrity or ability of the board. Ho declared that he
referred only,to the fault In tho laws
and constitutions of the orgnnlzation,
with which the board was surrounded
nnd that mado it unable to define Its
W. W. Whito, president of the Iown
minors, who was present this morning, ruled thnt such a motion wns not
In order until the discussion of the
Indiana controversy had been closed
by a vote, Thus was tompornrlly
slaved off the motion to oust Van Horn
from tho gathering. .
Frank Hayes, socrotary treasurer of
the Illinois minora, addroBsod a mooting of Socialists nt Piorson's hall Sunday aftornoon, Tho hall waB crowd*
od most of tho throo hundrod soclnllst
dologatos In the convention being In
attendance, Hayes Is a forceful speaker, and ho effectively presented tho
argument of the Socialists, Ho recalled tho growth of the movomont nnd
evoked groat enthusiasm whon ho picturesquely put to work In mines and
fnctorlos, John D. Rockofollor, J, Pier*
pont Morgan and othors of great
George Daor and his nnthraclto conl
oporators aro making hay whilo tho
clouds hang ovor tho miners convent*
Ion, Thoy aro not only rocolvlng "In*
sldo" Information from tho Indianapolis convention, tho snmo as tho Pittsburg Coal company nnd tho bltumlnoiiB
operators have always received It, but
It. sooms that thoy hnvo begun to "educate iho public" In preparation for a
clash with thn nnthrncllo miners If,
oh April 1st, tho minors still lire Insisting on tho demands that thoy and
President Lewis nre to present to the
ft Is Kaii'uru.ly coiuuiuutud ou Oy iiii
of tho Informed newspaper men and
other persons disinterested In tho
fight between tho nnthrnclto minors
nnd oporntors that Baor learned     n
rrnnt ilnnl fenm  tntm flltrliMl In lift')
and 180-3. Ho has In Id nsldo his
dogmatic method*-) and has now press
bureaus nt work. Many Sunday papers yostordny carried n Btory that,
whilo it stated tho facts of tho Impending controversy between tho coal miners nnd conl nperntnrs correctly, they
carried also the oporators side of the
It places liner nnd thn operators In
the attitude of bring protectors of the
people's pock'-thr-ok. These newspapers sny (hoy nre going to refutw the
demands of thi- u I fieri* for recognition
l>f   tll-C   UUlolk,   I la-   <:..Ua.la.   Utf,   lllU   fcUUl.
_, ■•li:
^In^Vto^la^by-j'jsamO now" thatrjie
';spii*pjed fe"l^02:wh^.he wentso*a%h.e
other'" tack to'the extent of declaring'
that the.Almighty had divinely placed'
the anthracite coal mines into the
hands they were in.
-.- Among -the- interestingtfeatures of
the .stories carried by the'papers is
the ^charge"that the coal miners union
is dominated -by- the - bituminous - miners interests,, which the .anthracite coal
operators; characterize Iks competitors.
This, is.to be one of the'prlncipal..rea-
son for. refusing to recognize* the union,'
.the paramount demand to "be. made by
the miners. 7 '-.'"-, \ -.. j"*"
'-; In a* a general war:of'yords .which
took "place iri the UnitedT Mine Workers convention yesterday afternoon, F.
Farrington, delegate from Illinois, and
the chief lieutenant of the John Walker, accused. President Lewis of having
attempted to use the organization in
the last ndiaan campaign to support
James B. Watson, Republican candidate for governor.
Farrington declared that Lewis early
in the campaign last fall sought . to
procure the assistance of two members
of the executive board of District No.
11 to go out and work in the Interests
of Watson. ,_       '   ,.
Farrington said that when he heard
of this he wrote to'President.'Van
Horn of District 11 and' asked whether
the two members of the board who
had been solicited would make affidavit to that.effect. Van Horn.replied
that the men did not.want to do that
but assured Farrington that such a
proposition had been'made.
"The same James E. Watson," Farrington continued,'"had been publicly
condemned by the trades'uriions of Indiana.". •-
"-. President Lewis said that'he would
reply to the .charge against him in due
time.                 '     '
President Lewis's re-election • over
John H. Walker by a majority of 16,-
269 was announced by the tellers yesterday morning. None of the candidates for vice-president' received a
majority-of the votes.and the convention was called upon to take a ballot
on these offices. The tellers have not
reported on the result of the ballot.
Almost the entire afternoon was taken up by the miners in airing their
internal and personal troubles.
FEBRUARY 5—President Lewis of
the United Mine Workers yesterday
afternoon received the first reverse he
has had since the convention opened
two weeks ago when the convention
refused to concur in the committee on
officers regarding- a strike" now' in
progress at Osage, Kas., a' district controlled by the Southwestern Operators
Association. , •• .
' -The'repdrt" of"the committee' ' in
dealing with the Osage'strike among'a
number of other strikes, said: .We find
disregard by the -districts affected of
any advice given them-'by the national president. ' * - -, ■ .,"'•,
'" The convention discussed this" section of the committee's. report nearly
all afternoon, Finally the delegates
'grew .Impatient' arid demanded '-'-.that
they be. allowed' to vote. The convention was unanimous against approving
of this,section of the report.
When the convention by- a rising
vote refused to concur in the committee's recommendations there was a
great deal of cheering done lh the
hall. ,*--..
The friends of Lewis realized that
the convention had for the flrst time
voted against him. President Lewis
said ho did not consider this a disposal of the matter. He. said the Osage
section of the report was yet open'to
President Howat of District 14 occupied an hour in tolling of the Osago
trouble. He intimated that Presldont
Lewis hnd been trying to "cater" to
the Southwestern operators. Ono delegate rose while Lowls was speaking on
the matter nnd wanted to know who
of tho minors orgnnlzntlon hnd boon
"tipping off" information ns, to the action of tho oxocutlvo board, to the
mining operators. Delegate Blttnor,
ono of Lewis's oppressors, said ho waB
ln n position to throw somo light on
the subject.
"Lot's have it," snld Lowls, "wo nil
want ovorything to como out."
, "Woll, here it is," said Blttnor. "In
a talk I had with tho suporlnlondont
of one of our mines ho snid that ho
had talkod with Tom Lowls over tho
telephone and that Lowls doclarod that
he was coming into District 0 and ho
would.show Frank Feehan up In his
truo light."
Lowls ropliod "Tlio mnn who Bays
I had a talk with tho suporlntondont
has not the slightest rognrd for tho
INDIANAPOJ.S, Fob, 0—Aftor select-
Ing Indianapolis ns tho plnco of holding tho convontlon noxt yonr the convontlon of tho Unltad Mine Workors
of America which has boon in session
In this city for tho Inst three weal's,
adjourned to-night,
Tho scale commlttoo, which had under consideration tho situation In tho
nnthrnclto districts of Pennsylvania
mndo Its roport nt this evening's mooting.
Various demands aro mndo In thb
report, nmong thorn bolng nn olght,-
hour day with no reduction In pay nnd
tho  rnn-tplf-t**. ■"PfniMilt'lnri  nf thf  rein.
ors union.    A flvo and ten per cont
increase in Chicago ts nlno asked,
John Walker, president of tho Illinois district, who was defeated for pro*
sldent by Thomas Lewis, Just previous
to adjournment, nddrossed tho   dolo*
.yj' ^■'-•■a£-;j?-^a£}%,
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Phone  No.  48
Ion of tho entire membership In tho
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Im ration.
Mr, Lewis responded nnd doclarod
ho hold no mnllco toward any ono, no
matter what that person's attltudo had
honn horpfofor*:.
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MONTREAL, Fob. 0— Tho charges
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the I'dwlntntrn'i'on o''th" Itnntronl fin.
Wee rtopurtment have at. Inst, spread to
tho courts and will ho thoroughly In*
vestlRatcd If tho cases go ahead. Alox
Prloux, chairman of tho polico commlttoo, today ontorod milt for $5000
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ngalnBt that dopartmont and another
for $10,000 against Lo Pntrlo for editorial comments In which, It Is alleged,
tho paper calls tho polico dopartmont
rotten to tho core. Chief of Polico
Cnnipenu has also entered a libel suit
ngnlnst Ln Patrlo for tho samo editorial utterances.
n*<      '"	
WELLINGTON, N. Z. Fob. ft—Arnst
the oarsman, say* ho Is going to rm-i-i
Drrry [n England thttt yenr.' m In
waiting a reply from Bddlo Durmui
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■» it"1*"   "»i  ' ii ii in nm m mn .it.iuul
the Ledger for News .i DISTRICT  LEDGER, FERNIE,   B.C..FEBRUARY 13 1909
f Counts  Court kStiftngy
•({'•'• *A-L
. T:he4.,Counfy^CourUopenedhefore his
Honor Judge -Wilson on Monday .fast-;
thifpe were several cases of importance
to [[the general ^ublic^(A)l".;prisoners'
we're given the"-oiition-oi.being tried
before a jury in May,.or,- to be,, tried
before his Honor at that "court,-hut all
1 the*-prisoners preferred. speedy,s trials
and elected^'.bV'i^l'e'il-l^fore'Hlai Hon:
•ofk *       ' - ' 't
'-jhe first case on the docket -was one1
■of. assault.*'-*' 1D , .'A-.*-:tqwla 'trad; Charles
<•* Potter, both lumberjacks, were chars;-.1
eta'-wlth assaulting and doing'grleyous
Chinaman was a cook in their camp
Injuring ills eye badly In a spree. The
they had any right to beat the Chinaman the way they did although ..they
■same as* the whlteimon and* he was si
hhmah;-..belirg.:."v*He -would "sentence
them to six months hard labor In Nelson jail.
'The.on'oxb. caseij'oj Hyj-Cullan't'wbo
was charged with' th^t;"de "did' on   or
about the 2-*lth>-aitiyj;of,-D-icfember last,
forge the name .of Charles    Wesley
. Oyens, and Isi/ueititlietfeheque with intent to defraud.     To both of   these
.co|int8..;ac9UajeiJ> pipped^guiltyj/Jn^e
. ply to*<iuerles'by tlio'jud'ge'he";stated
.   that he,wa^"imiyy*iO£.MidIarid, Ont.,
bv(t his parents wero''now'* residing in
Mpose Jaw where •li^; had worked for
tv(o or three years.1. He had not been
-loiig in British Columbia and. was_21
ycftrsTjI'Tger •^tie'Sfiited •that'the.- reason Uiat.;heJf tjid thjs ,was .becausiHiie
4s hungry''ami b'vbRe ■'a't'the',.'time.
Was* spendilg:money!;ouite' freely;' .For.
'-...        ..'-.-,l_-ii.'n-4iK«^n'Jn4l'-hl11a frnm
His Honor in summing; up. said th^t-it
pameiliilm to sij«*fsueli a y'o.'ing mail *hs
Ci|llana*harged,*.w'lth sucli'.a crime.-"'"'3e
bore.in mind the circumstances about
the young man being hungry and having been in hard luck. .He said that
if he applied to a policeman or. sonie'-
one in authority ho would see. that he
did not, starve.;,'-,\il*> passed"sentence
ol'.|12 months impvlsQiiment with hard
kTrites*-Wop& "Office", and .when,he, came
'£owh Tayior'w'as'.b'uylTig a'vatch'I'fte
vcould' not1 -swear'- to'the' watch1.!l \He'
|'th6ught'\he;'t'aid,'.?l-J.,-50-i:'o'r itiV.After-
■Iwards'.they weht[tb the-Red Light' dis-'
trieti-■' and- ■ he*'spent ;money' [['freely'
*therel-a:i'He','changed;a'*$20. bill there.'
He spent'about; t540'*6r i5Qrinhis pfaf-,
sence tbat'.'day.^" Drihlis wef'e''bougtit
at the Napanee 7'   He;tendere,d a'f20*
["bill [in aoirieof thesaloohs. 'aTudge^a'sk^
"ed accused 'If lie1 had- any ['questions'td
>8k'the-witness, hu't'he'Tep'lledltha't he'
had hot.- '*'"   ''*' ! ''''••'    * *' "''!t"' '"'
*i''Wm,.,Hudson, sworn, said he-kept
. i'l, boarding .house ;at iCoal Creek.iO Ac*
I'ciised came [to his place on; Decepitjer
28th.-.',, He'said witness.would have,to
walt[unt}Lheigot.work .untll.hejggt his
board.',!,' He '.thought accused, staffed,
to work^bout the second week,in January.',,, '.ge'^had"a.'conversationj-w^th
accusedt.about, a watch.. There,."florj-j
four; "or 'five. together in .the, .company.
Wlien.the conversation took place*.He
[offered to seli'l^'f6r'$10;.nq.ohej->Yant*
Jiig to b'uy- he reduced.,it t<-)[$8,,but[.af-
•ter .falling, at [this liie 'asked,.witness, jto,
.lend him.$5',on'tlje,watch.,untJL,pay, clay,
.•^hen' .he' would redeem,jt'." t.,>y.ltnesB,
lent.him.the.money. 7He thought the
.conversation ,[took [placej on .th-s ,,;'iast
Friday Itf)January.\-.tA."few',days.b.e*
lore*; he. came'i'up with a hew'hat on
and witness remarked "You must have
struck a windfall,' to* which accused replied "You^can"' g'etJaiiy'tfiihg •:* from
^rites-Wood,,onlyipay for itilater." > .'.'
|, Witness:was going to say.something
about hiSigoing,to..Trites-Wood'about
|t when he:.was stopped,-saying,that
it, c.wasi.iiot evidence. -. '*> Accused :said
Jie had.:hndl,,the watch for five weeks
|efo're ho -ivanted-to sell it.! ■.•Accnsod'
tn.hls'.defeuce said,to   Hudson;"Did-1.
not,say1Lo.you that if. 1 didnot-get .work-
hi-.two 1 weeks I'ewouldfquit.'.', Hudson
Said."No, all.you-said-at that tirivo.'was
that you.had not succeeded ingetting
iv'ork." .-.•;•'•; ■*-,;«.i •   .•_ '*,•     '.7 • i.-, >,".'
"j. J.7 Blondon,'-sworn, .said  he. '.was
night porter ...at .Hudson's--hoarding
house..   His duties were to-look, after-
other" places. He went to Marsh's place
•tb^innerrShd tKen'£Key*^nt fo th?
jfijed-Light distrlcjv.\ [He^Upught     a
Vkc-h7?l3*50; a hat; ana tw^ silk han^-
kerchlefs.-'- He did 'not** know, what i.e
gave for .-the handkerchiefs;* but -he
and knew nothing about .ity ,* Cross ,ex-
iramined by'Mr. Herchmer as to liow he
gbt'the-$69,lhe sa'id'he worked for it:
He ^worked * ati Hosmer' and-'w-int'from
tnere -with: ?S4 tb; Tliuropsbn's boarding,
house.at Michel.   Herchmer asked him
5vhy he went'awayffrom Hosmer.^with-
''ontpaying hfs* board' bill* to1 bits'namesake* who'kept a boarding'house there,
and -accused said- that'he,.went- away
because he would-haveHadjno:mo^iey
lefts after paying- his -board,-;but .he. in-
tendedrto pay ittlater.si-Even.'$34a-was
little .money to go-away! with.;,. This
was the^ill.he canie to,Fernie to pay
Mr; 'Herchmer, but.be got.on t^idrunk
and-did not pay:it..':, Asked ihow,much
he got at Michel he -stated. ?34.<r- He
owed ,Trites-Wooda*bill' twoorlthree
years-ago and,made'them an assignment, and he went<to:Trites-Wood^and
got what,was coming*:t6 him      """''"
.: CAN ADJAN.; ■':^Am^'
■ j .') V:   ,:i-- -.'-i
Tap Cpow&lHestPass--
•■;•• Bill in Committee   ,
'!   ■'::.-«.'nr.   "--n ~ :- •'*'    ',;''"
.' >PressI'G'allerjv Legislature,:ESmon':*
ton, "February 3rd.f-Th'e Grand'Trunk
Pacific, ar'fe: preparing • to; tap _ (h<?. rich,
Crow's' ■ Nest * Pass Coal country,.; byi
[throwing out-"a''iln*S to enter the'Pass
via Puncher, and south of Blairmore
and Bankhead.;' .Officials of the trans.*
continentalthave, applied this .week to.
the ■ legislature for a charter,for.:the'
S Hho,; under-the head of the Alberta
ov-   ,.,',! Sbuthwest'crn , Railway, and-the* Bill
sayed him rthea trouble.of fetching it1
..WALKER, "President
!ALEXANDER':'LAIRD; ;Gen. Manager.'
Paid-up Capital!* -$10,006,000
Reserve Fund !i;-! 6,000,000
Branches throughout Caaimda, and in United States and England *
-"'iANK->;^ONE^ .-ORDERS""' *-
,,.'•-. '■"'iXji,:'.'     1SSUKD- AT THE FOLLOWING' L\TKS      . >-.'    " i   'l:*   ,.
(,'• y  '■  •!, •1JV;?5.and1,under ,.....,,....-......•,. 3c';   -„.,        ,*,   <-•' vf
,"'* ' *'   ','      ".' •"- -Over' $5" aiid! not e'xceeding JlO... 6c   . ,,,.;.- . ■,.  ..;.; ,
",-.'■,'.*;: .-i   ,*"[.*   Over'fJlO and not exceeding $30'. .idc * " •''"■.,,..
7 .,,: ; -ir"!-,,:,:. ' ((.Over |30 and not;exceeding-$50.-i 15c:*
.!' These, prders, are payablelat. par ,at every: office .of a Chartered barik in
..Canada (except in the Yukon) and at the principal banking points in"  the
United States.'    They are" negotiable at, $4.90 lo the.C sterling in   Great
Britain and Ireland. *    ''
• .They, form , an excellent method,of.remitting; small sums ot money with
safety and'at1 smiall cost and may be obtained ' without delay.
Wti L
from the coke ovens. He paid his board
at.Michel'.andihad paid-his board  to
Hudson..: which/.was: kept out of his
earnings^■ -. Asked why-heiwalked.to
Pernle on the pay. day Instead of wait-
.ing for-the train,* ho. said -that it: was
a:fine.morning and hecould;.walk.tho.
i distance (in an- hour * and' a, half,; but
l.had-he, known the traini.was' coming
down,tlie time, it. did'he would have
waited for It.,:.*He owed,,Trites-Wood
Jhoney.ln Michel and. this was the bill
;he.4was going to.pay/them.1 Asked why
he said; that he .had ihad.the- watch for
,flve, weeks,* he, was -some- timo in'- replying,*' and.fHerchmer> said 'to: him. to
answer * .wlthouti.trylng.f'tor; think 'lof
something."   .Accused replied that he'
wasfunder ioatlv and'that"h'e.roust* .be'
careful ■ of. what* he, said
Manager, Fernie.
,t[o[ '"grantvtheTcharter. went to the'-'Rall
''way commltee'Vesterday.
". [The hew line'may connect with the
balgary-Coutts'. branch  from •; ' Wain-
right, Alta..    It; will pnss-through'McLeod to Pincher crossing the Cv P. R.5
Crbw'8.Nest'branch'and will enter the
pass almost ori'a.aparallol with-the C.1
P7R. ■.'''. - . .^7-.■'•';[,! "'•     .'*:i:**   •''•'.'••*•■
'   The.-• Legislative',halls are deserted
.this week while the members aro in attendance at the'grain conference- in
Calgary: -' The '-session' will-1 not-" resume until. Monday'-next.•-'' Premier
■McBride"of British'Columbia will send
feprsentativesV-jto the Conference,* to
discuss .wlth'.Premier' Rutherford- • the
! shipment 'of grain westward,*' and   the
(.erection of 'terminal elevators:,nt Van-
,i *\U
Over Slirubb was of The
—How ,'."«
Won,   ;'
-.„_.,.. Pressed *>hy j-f 0UV-B!:
he.usaid',,this he .replied that two-or.i.
---•■■...■.      */i
'U(V1  . ,. ,
With-theUHird -week, of'the'* Session
he..,said'.,this he .replied that two^or.t-..' ""-*-,'.*--v:-"•*, — -
three'.persons, had,'told .him- that he) *?bPut "UP *fnd Proceedings • called-   of f
was suspected of stealing -the m'oiiey','.iuntir,M[9nday-4*the members :hoye-  as[
1 vpt failed. to. accomplish much.-• The
-- ,    - , ... .'yet failed ■ to. accomplish much.-
and that he said' this .because, it " waa^        ^ ,of legislative- work    	
•the flrst thlnBlthaticame.loJ Ins,mind.   hk -flt, f^d through-the mass of foi
_— 4>    1 ,   * j » J. .-..m*r* n A/ananifall T V. 1 1*1 t>*   " I ' _ I
iW tbns of .good;1
UiC. Ul     XU V>f t-M-'a.     w.»w     ......     ... _	
.town"'.-riils closed the'" cake.    •■The!j**o;hjlls;are.ready-.for;1hird read ng.-
judge In'siimmlWguptsaid'that Ke.rtaV •?«,» .In* Passage-through committee
v ihought'Taylor!took tlie money, aiur °« the. whole, while-numberless meas
/i.rf.ii;-^.^M*.*W,f™nk-with,Wm'and  uves   halv-3  not,Sone  be>'°n.d  a' n,'.st
the sentence.
Lewis Taylor; betdr known as 'Slim,
a holstman'at Goal Creek mines,1.wiis
■ Wm.'*'Larder" on January '. 15th,, ,to
wliich accused pleaded-'.'not guilty':"
Wm: Larder, kitownitoT everyone as
"Yorkey," sworn, said he lived at Coal
_Crkek.^and^Y.as .hucljar^g^ofltheJamp:.
went up. the stairs lie;complained to
fitness that • there, was .'a'0bad;'.r(smcll
iri connection 'witn^tiie^sejy^r.'-.b^t^h-ie
fitness -coul'd, not. detect (anytl^*j.[ ^ie
tlieh"called', witness to see'-Yorkey>who
was sleepiiig'without'. any, bfankets,, ,„
j iWitness put-his,head'in the'r.oom and
that'was,th"e only.time h'e„went-,'ih the
"room-exceptlwjienJi^veh'Lt_d, bed the
next' day.[.-' r One night, fie' went, into
the accused's room arid a watch had
sixtj$20'bllls.ii '•■ Mc-went-uttCK iu a>uui:
Creek with tlie 2 o'clock ,traln. He had I
supper nbuot 6   o'docit.-f.'atndfWejntl-tb
bed, about 12 o'cloolT.   "The bills were
then intact.    Thoy,,VP,rej -^n, UiB: ^hlp
pocket and he put fil^antaonVtilB
triirilc near his bod.7jAccused[[and the
night5 poHef""aV'tli^'lioariifiiB "'hbiisb
roijmed with him, but not one wns in
wht,nhe' counted lho.money.;'* -Accuso'd
was working on tlio midnight shift, and
-•.Vent out to work about 10 o'clock,, At
about 6 o'clo.ckjjvllriess.Wbkei'iip ami
saw his pants lying on the carpet. Accused,' woke,.up, jind ,asked,, him what
■ was tho matter'.' 'He replied ''Nothing
only 1 hnve lost ".120." Accused sworo
,  anil snld It wna loo bad.     Wltnoss
knew 'accused lui|)-hnd iiq.,mqnoy4for
about  throo or foiir" weoks. prior to
this, , Ho wnH.iiIo'acling'hardiiiicl', nnd
snld lie was flat broke whon ho cnmo
from Michel,     lie"was always bog*
King tobacco and clgurottos.   Ho had
noYpr- glon necked-money.* Accused
camo home tlin following morning at,
about th'r6o^6'Cloo|i;-aB\thoro -^ns.ndmi?*,
thing-wrbnk*awltli<lhe.ni'achin-i.ry.< 'Ac*
cus'od, who conducted his own defence,
aBked'WltnosBlllie had said, any thing
moro to him whon ho swore and snld
It was "too bad," Yorlcoy'emphatically
BnlilJ'No." •.; Ho: nskod, Yorkey- If 4 ho
did not romombor him, Yorkoy, telling
accuBod tbat. Ucihad', tlashpd, Clarke n
»20 blll.'.'dria^lli'hnd wtintfcd to';>V(vo
lilm n 5-5 bill Jn return.. Yor}tey snld
noj that accusotyhad **wlt«o**i*iiL   tho
trnnsactlon niiil'bo had not w.1'1 any*
thing to lilm ftl)(mwlt.t Yorkoy Sues*
tlanod by tho Jmlfco, snld ho quit work
about n o'clock and had suppor and
thon wont to'iho-clulii' <Ho played
cards mid had n few' drinks of boor,
Asked na loilili.,coii<lltlon ho replied
that ho Willi noltlioi* ilfunlt'rior'B'otii»r,
Askod by the JiiiIro who pnld for the
drlhUs, Yorkoy ipidlod Hint l|o had pnld
foi*[ some biit Hint.'ho liad plonty of
monoy without louchlng the 9120. After leaving ,t,lio club ho hu*. In Uio sit*
tliiR room'until about-18, ;,Tlo nnt'on
hin bed nnd nbout 6.minutes before lie
put, the light out ho counted It and It
wns nil safe llio..,' '     '"',"
A clork from Triton-Wood Co, was
noxt sworn. Ilo was employed at tho
TrlteB*\YoQil niorajlurlniiJhu [month
-    - l    ..'■:.\.L    t. -''....1.1   ...    m.IMi    tb
ro°!?L there.^ ^ Hg.,li!ii j^i^Yi-^aecpCd,
, for about three or four'years."' He, had
beena^room-^ifwltn'i-'ftccuse^.talaijriuii- ;VA'f(i"v-,v'"*J*-"-,~ .-:rr,r.-. ----. tl.,.,. .
sohrs boardirigMioiise at Coal'Creek, f}™^ *<>>™-f.??m ,mder-:tl--3,^c^e.(,-8,
Accused came to Hudson's about Xmas «P-"ow.'   .Accused, said to. him., that he,
tlife.     On the 16th of January/'-the 'had'B?t his'watch again......He,.had
- never seen .accused with any money
v,   „__,„.... _     before,
because lie saw jt in 'the. sitting ,ro'omr
.but'.'could not say'how much;   '   .', ,,
', Mr. S. W. Barclay was riext'swbfri,
[JHe[ was'paymastej;' foi\tlierC. N.,P.,
LCi.,' Co, lie' knew'Lewis' Taylor,' the ac*
-.cused!, For November'month' accused
had  nothing/,coming;   in   December,
jM; 45; .ho' had, |68.25 deductions. '. Ac*.
*[c\ised'said he thought ^Mr., ,Barclay
h|ijl missed a pay," one of, about ii or f
days,' Mr.'Barclay, asked lilm for,his
.'choquo number .arid,,1 said he.would.go
'over arid see'tlufpny roll;, oil his'return he said he could find nothing ior
him for 'the"month'of October.*   " "~
Martin Conklln, sworn, said that, he
tM^hVwould'-'be'frarikjwith'him'an'd   uie!;. "a>y  "ol. g0"'e ,,..-,
say'so. "The weight ,o'f' evidence ^was^^^^S/^cause of a--delay in
very much against him'especially that'*",'6*.-'■-.;-.,' '    '     '',.'"
of anbld friend,'which was no'iioubV" u 1S Quite .[apparent' now that,  the
given Very"mucti against liis will.1 'it  government's; railway bill-'to guaran-
,was no't'ln 'a* spirit of vengeance that'":t,*:evthe bonds'of the C. N.'-R. and*G.*
law'werit after'a man; biit. tp\tfy and'T'*'p- Will'not be* brought^ down- till
gethi'm to do right, and to'protect so-; -well* on into the-dying hours of   the
cletyarid as a'warning to! others:! 'He' session,'   The'redistribution bill and
senttoced'the'1 accused    to eighteen the accompanying election -bill,   ^the
moriths Im'prlsoriment with hard*labor other tw°;b.|s government measures of
riri Nelson jail-' ;'"   "• ,,*:*      ' '•'      '   ''/•'he session,'are-still .on* the"order'pa-
\\v: C6Vnoqk,a,Slav,**wkB\charged:atV for second    readiiig,  and  after
the 'county' '--■■-* "*••*' T,..4a^,.o,r,a„it'n tvint-'tni
one G.-H; Mariat, resiaing ai nosim-i,  --.    ■ ..--,„..   . ,   ,.,
certain goods, on, the 16ih of "January' *'the= boundaries-of'constituencies
.''    The'sessloii wlllilast.'for'some'Aveek's
'ter and.it, was,considerable time -be- J   •        fIr8t.^ ltf MaVcli7 : ';
fore one could-be:procured. :,.Gi-*;H.--.1,J.^___1__1rtu_i u.,tl_, .-„-,,
>• NEW'YORK, F*eb. 6—Shrubb's running. last-,nlght at, the. Madison Square
garden was a revelation to the spectators, who continually cheered the'flying
•Englishman-as, in'.the. early stages -of
the . race he moved- around the track
with a machine like motion that.carried' him steadily fnrthor away from |
Longboat.- The Indian-several; times
sought to. cut. do>vn .the, lead of the
Englishman, but Sh'riibb showed; no
signs' of weariness and continued his
fast pace undiminished. Unable to
keep up Longboat would drop his
sprint and fall back'to-his'old pace'
With the result that Shrubb had secured a lead of seven laps at tlje seventeenth mile. During the' running of
tiie 19th and 20th miles Shrubb;.*put .911
'a great burst of speed and succeeded
in putting theeighth lap between him-
self arid Longboat! The time Was'then
20 miles In two hours,' 1 minute! and
254-5,seconds, .--t ■-n-, ,.,
'• ,The. Englishman's cheering admirers
were given a heart thrill wneri-'Shfubb,
in'the twenty-first mile, suddenly stop--
■ped:to change his.shoes.., During ..his
I brief apsence from (the track,[Lorigboat
gained one of. the los't.iap's biili'Shriibb
Bar Unexcelled
"AliWhite Help
Call in and
C.W. DAVEY &,'C0..; Props.
Waldorf Hotel
WV. iB., Barker, CayleyrAlta.
;. 1.- ,-i ;: a * s  <..   ,  . ui, :>. ■-'   •*'-'
(In rear of ohlslimd) ■ ,-
Table ^Unexcelled,
iiui- -supidiwl  with  tin; liia*!-t
1.      ■ 1     ■ . • , ■ ■
\,   liviuulsnf'Wincj*. Li(|inu*s--
'•  ' *;     '  aiid Oiiiars ■ -  '"
NOTICE is. hereby given'that "application will be made'lo the Leglsla-
live  Assembly  of  the'   Province * : of-
( British Columbia at its,next*.session
I for an act to incorporate,a ..company,
with'power to build, equip, maintain
and operate a line of railway of stand-1
■ ard"gauge1froni a point oii the" inter-'
uational boundary line between British Colombia and.the.United States in
,Bast Kootenay, wherethe said.boundary'is' intersected --bj^the' , pijitfcead
•River'; thence'northerly by'the most
feasible and' practicable "route foliow-
ing.ithe.-Flathead'.River^aind  tb  the
''(FOrii/ei'ly nf "Con'tnil' H(itel)
The Hotel of Fernie
' During ''the* week'the' •' gbyeniment
M'arlatt,-sworn,-said that the.accused'. -t--—°  -•;-   ■-.-.-.        ......   ,
'came *}o,hlVstore fo buy goods on, the have Introduced'a measure to'"; give
i46th, of [January.   Hestated 'that-lie.:Powe1, to/supreme a'iid;;district;'c6urt
was employed'byuthe,Hosmer'mlnes.'Judi3e8. and'justlc'es'ot-the peace   to
[Witness,asked if he had,time cheque, '""""''''
of JftnuivV,"'«lHjn ho" Hold :*\ jvatch
prlsonork I th "fowliL;not* ttw-shf hti
tlio exact (lulu wimu tnu viuuh    ..*.»
fca/Jal.      Jl  wm <,\ jjohl tilled   *v/nti'h,
marked WnltliMn, *flI*j;*.w'6u'l(b*hot*'bc»
positive whoOiof ho cquM ldentlfy'thp
watch.    Acuimod paid cash for   tho
watch, from |I0 to $15.   Ho ihoutiht
he tendered $20 In payment for sumo,
but whothor iwo }Wt or 11 ft\it *s»i>,.,,
ho could not nay.     Mr. Davie* •<¥»»•
stnndlng by tlio show enso when   ho
sold tho wntch,
Marsh Onvln, noxt sworn, said,ho
lived at Fornio nnd -aVUi'ompioyod as
a motormnn nt.tho .Coal.Crook mines,
Uo h»d kiio**,!! ttccuaed f*)r about three,
or four yosri, On Cho Kth of January
ho saw Taylor In towu at about eleven
o'clock, and iccuiod asked him to bavo
a drink. - .Thoy want Into.tho .Royal,
nnd had n drink or two, and al'tb'went
to tho olb-tr.hoieIf.JKDd.had » few
drlnkit. for lh* flrst drink he thought
he tendered'» 80'cent; piece,  J-ajflot,
know aocusod arid Larder.1   Ho hadii
conversation with severnl othbrs'^lth
accusodre a'watch.' -Accused waritbd
to,; soil tho wntch,-and thoy 'enquired
liotv much,     No one ' * "■ boughl     the
wn'tch.Tho conversation took plnco on
fl Friday, the* Friday'before tho accused-was arrested.—' *■ <   ' ■ '"'*"
;[[ 8, Watson, swonij Bald ho lived   at,
Coal Creok In Hudson's boarding lioiiBO
•and Taylor 1 camo about tho now year'
n,nd stntod that ho-wnB'-'nlMii."   'Mo
r-nd novor boon nceused'wlv!i"sleallti(,;
any. monoy boforo tho I.nrdev nffalr'.
He had occasionally given accused J-J
or IR cents'oi' n quarter 'when down
town.     Accused put tho qiiostinn'lt
It was not down towii'thnt he had glv
en him tho monoy.- ■■ WIUiohs ■■ Hnld
"No." Taylor wnntoil to cnll n witness
to provo that It wob down town thnt
Watson had .given him tho money. ■
• Constable, F. Varlow.aald ha   arrested nccuBod, told him tho nature of
tho charge nnd cautioned him, nnd
told lilm.that whatever ho. onl.| might
bo usod uh ovldnnco npliiHt him.   .i*
, Accused Hnld to'lilm thnt'lio would
havo to'provo the charge.    When tnii
On to Jail ho sworo and said I! wcib tlio
first time he hnd over boon In ]tlll.'
. This ended the ctuio for tlio crown,
8, Herchmer nnting as public proso-
\ Mnrsh Davlos wits cnllod by Taylor
neon WiitRiin give Tn'yior twenty-five
dents In thn Waldorf hotol nbout tlio
Friday nftor pny day to buy Iobacco,
" Aecusod was cnllod; lo tho witness
box, nnd was given'llio option of mnk*
'ing a sltiti'inonl or being put under
¥ath. ' Aecusod oleelod lo lie'put uii*
dor oath.    Ho was bwoi;ii,   nnd snli)
which .wa.s;.pr,oduced.and he promised
to-pay in ;the usual .way. ,• .He stated
very emphatically, that, he  was 1 employed; at the Hosmer■ mines at, ,the
time, he sold him the. goods.   ;,Witness
said the, best means, he had of telling
whether accused was employed •>* by
the mines >yas by,,his,time cheque,—
which was C34'.    "_'.*'   ' "   .,'.'.,
; Philip *H. Adeburg was sworn and
stated that accused came to his store'
and'got goods In the same'way aB';he
had from 'Mnrlatt'./ The judge, [de-
iriurrdd Bomewhat about1 tnklhg    Ihe
•evidence-as It"had* no bearing' what*
eer on tho case, accused being' charged with obtaining goodsfrom-Mr. Mar-
, -Accused fiworn,   3aid ,that iho,took
those goods as ho thought.ho noeded
thom and that ho,,was going, bac)( [to
work,'' "A* llttol'liitbr' lie 'hatl a lottdi-
from his brother In Trail Crook arid
ho did'not'hnve tlnio'lo1 toll the storekeepers he was golng'nwny.     Askod
by the'judgo why,ho1 told tho( trades-,
•peoplo who ho got goods from that' ho
was working for tho"*mlnes whon he
,wns not, arid'why'ho kopt the   goods
without paying/," hei'smiled nhd sold
,ho did nof'nood to pay1.'  ' Ho,know
that ho wns doing wrong to got lho
goods hi'tho mnnnor ho did. ThoJiidgo
in summing up Hnld ho Hod to   the
morchnnts whon ho,got' credit, but lio
wns an'1 lionoBt. witness to'come   Into
court and tell them thnt'hi?1 Hod,    It.
wns wrong nnd must bo punlshod, Ac*
ciiRod wns not sntlHllod io got goods
from ono murchniit but ho must go to
anothor.'   Ho dirt -not wlsh'lo be too
Bovoro hut this sort of prnctico must
bo Btopped,   Ho sentenced ncctmod lo
nine month** hard hilior In I lie Nelfion
jnll,    -
.l-OV.,    -..-    ,_ -    _.. . 10
'appoint constables,' a^'Aeasur'e'tb enact
that appeals from courts of revision
iri cities and'town's' be made' to: the
at a,lively clip';wlth the evident, inten-,
tion.of gaining the,lost-lap. .-7 , .,,-
' .Tom Flan'ig'an.'the Indlah's'bld'mnn-.
dger.'brbught Longboat's '■■ wife out, on
t[he-track, to. encourage.-her. husband.:,
Pandemonium broke .loose in,,the
garden during the twenty second mile
when'Shrubb canie down to a walk for
:in   Cities   UUU   lUWiiH   ue   inuuc   w.'.uivi  	
district instead of supreme court,, and a few-yards. It was evident he was in
a'measure' to give' power to' 'appoint  —" '■,°t,,oon '*"■" ■**-• wna as soon oft
official auditors. *' The old "territorial
Arbitration Act is being re-framed', for
incorporation * in' the provincial  statf
utes,'-'with'the addition'of d schedule
fl-rclng'fees of, arbitrators at'^40' ''per
day for, professional 'arbitrators1 arid
$20 por day:for n'on-professlonararbi-'
trators. *,*.   "' ■'     • ■■■"• '••    '■" ' '■   '[,,!
D.d. hi \v£j*l:i*fl'r.t'j'll''.*M'*i littlo'nvo'v
W. C. Slmm'oiiH, ImrrlBler of Ixith*
bridge, linn been nppolntod Holleltor
nnd coiumnl lo District No, 18 of the
United Mino Workers of Amorlcn, for
l lie province of Alhi'rln.
It Ib tho Intention of lho Mine Workers lo strictly enforce the Worltmen's
Compnnintloii net In thnt provlnco,
nnd Mr. BlmmliiH hns beeii1 selected by
thn minors because of lils hard wuvli
while n' inemher of lho Logliilnlure,
nnd'liln iinowli-iilgc of tho art..
The' town of St.'Albert is petitioning
for power to grant*'the 'city of Ed'mori'*
ton ' or other corporation,'  the right
to idy'street'car tracks;on'tlie streets
nnd lanes'''of'the .town,''and'for power
to grant bonuses to'siich''corporations.
[Tho annual report'" of * ♦lio'l/Depn**t*
meiitof Agriculture, laid on the'tablo
this week'regrets' thatthb Department
found It iidvistdblo' to'ciit off ptiyriiont.
of wolf bounty on April 20th of'ln'st
'yijnr, ns the appropriation' 'of |2'0,'000
'voted-by the loglslal'iire'for tliut,'' piir1*'
pose had boen cxhahsted and in fact
oxceoddd to the'extant.-of |0000'.'   Tho'
report oxproBsud the hopo that,'' iir*
rangomonts would bo mndn to rosumn
payment of the bounty,' slating ' thnt'
wolves had 'Inflicted much, diimage to
farm stock'during tho year,' The ^ro-',
port stated 'furlher, that' Block   ship*
monlH onst nnd wont out' of the provlnco had gi'ontly Incronsod over those.
ot1 1007, and that payment of    hall
indemnity to fnimerH lind1 left'cohslii*
ernble doflolt over tho iimouiit pnld In
Robertson, of'thr'Opposition, Iiiib
iiBkod tho govei'iimoiit for r«it uriiH of
all papers In coiinoclloii wltli thn acquiring of tho Iloll Tidopliono sy«tnni
and also wllh the piirclmHii of iho
asylum hIio at Ponokn. lie litis iiIhu
nsked for retuniH of the 'iimnunlH of
lined Ri'iilii (llBtrlbullon hy Iho govern-
mont. and price paid nnd lho price ro*
cnlvpd fnr iho (train,
some distress, but hewas as .soon, oft
again with a swinging stridge" though
it could'1 be'1 seen that his pace'"''had
slackened perceptibly. . ; i..1-'! 7:
'With smiles from his bride and
cheers from his friends,,, Lpngbpat be-
'gnn rapidly to'cut ilowh th'e'lead'en
(he now tiring Englishman-,--
'[,The end of the twenty.,third milo
found' ilongboat only 'fbiir' laps'bbhlrid
Shrubb who frequently broke his pneo
and .walked to rent' himself	
Tho Indian, kept, relentlessly, on. and
In th^'ilrst half of the twenty "fourth
i'nlle broiight' forth a luirrlcnrio' of applause iby regaining another Inp. from
his rlyaj.   ,.    ,, .
'Shrubb wns In evident distress niid
'it* was only 11 game effort on IiIh part
tlmt made him struggle on,'- 1 Long-
bout gained another lap at the end of
tho tivohty, fourth milo and wdn now
sotting tho pace with Slirubb'following him manfully,,  >,    :•,■".■   .■*"
' Tho thousands of spectatorB woro In
n turmoil of groat excitement,.,. They
yelled 'nrid choorcd ns the" Indian mov-
qd slowly up to'the lOngllBhrridn'Wlio
\yns now but n scout Inp to the good.
Longboat   run without any apparent
dlstroBB, wlillo Shrubb, iiiidblo ot walk
any fnrthor, fell bnck to irwnlk.'Long*
,bont quickly took tho lend nnd Shrubb,
unnhlo to continue, collnpHed on, Iho
track, leaving the tilnm'phnnt' Longboat to IIiiIbIi llm nice alono,. a- winner.
jjoundary. -between;, British;, -.Columbia
ami[the-Province o"f'XlbertrwHer"Cth6""
saivl boundary, Is intersected by    the
NoVtii 'Kootenay' Pass[! with''authority
'h'Iho"to cbnBtruct''e'quip,-.maintain-arid
operate branches, from any-point;ori
the.proposed line or lines not exceed-
jength and with power to construct,
ing In" any one case fifty (50) miles in
acquire, own arid' malntnih,*' wharves;
arid ' docksf lh connection    therewith;
nnd to' construct; acquire, own, equip
and:maintain steam and other vessels
and boats, and to operate the samo
in .any^nayigable water's; aiid tb construct, operate nnd maintain telegraph
and telephone lines along, tho routes
of the said.,rail way and its branches,
or,iii connection,,therewith; and ,  to
transmit, messages .for    commercial
purposes,, and to collect tolls therefor; and to ncqiilro and roceivo'from
the'* government, 'corporations or persons grants   of land,! "rights-of-way,
-money bonuses, privileges, or, i othor
iiHslstanco in n|d of tho construction
of tho Company's nndortalng with power   to uso;  own nnd opornto, wato'r
power convenient     to tho road for
railway and othor purposes, and   to
qxorclso such powers na nre granted
by   pnrts   IV and V of, tlio'   "Wator
Courses, Consolidation Act" anil1   to
connect niul ontor Into traffic or oth'
I or arrangements with railways, stonm*
bont or othor companloH, nnd for   all
rights, powers and privileged necoss-
nry usual or Incldontnl to nil of tho
ntoroiiald, purposeH.    ''" *' '    ''
,.  Dated this thirtieth day of Docoin-
hor, A. D.* 1008,
Wilson, Senkler 4, Bloomfleld.
Solicitors for tho Applicants.
FerhieVLeiuling Coimneicifil
*. • i.;•,..-."" -■ •: ■ -";r -".!.:"-
iind Tourist lions-?
. S. F. WALLACE, Prop.,
Bar supplied with  the  best Wines,
.Liquors iuul Cigars
Doing business in trio samo old place
Liquors and (Jignri-; of tlin liln|iest
quality ,'. Woll Htouki-il linv
I.VDIANAPOMS, Veb, H—Knlllng lo
fleet n vlco*proHldoi|t nml Hiii'ioliiry-
iroiiHiii'or nu the (lrkt bnllrit which wiih
nnnoiinced'yoHterdny, the duhiKiiieii
voted ngnln nnd ltiHt nlnlit fi'lends nf
15. fl, McCulloiigli Htnti'd positively
Hint he hnd won hy 11 good majority,
LOU ANdl'.U'.H, l*V,'."K--Olie Iiim*
(Ired lives liung In Dm Imluni'o for 11
fraction of a hpciiiiiI lunt iiighl. whllt-
Ungliu'er F. Hiildwln of n Snnlii l-'c
I nt In lieHllnleil iih to whether he
should follow IiIh flri'innn's example
nml jump or Hilck by IiIh nnglnn nml
 -     lit
NOTICIO Ib horoby given thnl Ru
days nftor ditto I Inteml to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Polico for n rot nil liquor llanuao for *hi»
llnffmnn Muuho, l5lko, 11, (.'
Roderick Jnmoi MsoDonald
Dnlyd UiIh lfllli day of Dw, lliOS.
^vJomnnthB nnd he cftmA away from
[ Michel to Coal Crook, with »0t).  Uo loft
Mlchol on tho night.of Monday aft.-i*
Chrlstmas and came lo'Coftl Creok.'nnd
wont.to thu bonrdlng Iiouho, nnd'' got'
boarijl on the pnmb night wllh Hudson,
mu-ai ihti, •*i-c.»i l«.a.»'.l!ub "...a" iVai."!:. Tic,
told tho boarding houso lions thnt If ho
did not got work ln about two weoks
ho should leave Coal Creek, biit   ho
•uccoodod In obtaining work.   On pny
day, Saturday he camo down to pay
two hllli, ono to Mi*. Horchmor   for
*}3.>.   (He did not know Mr. Iferrhmnr
nor bis Initials, excopt that ho was a
solicitor), and one to Trltes-Wood—for
$27.    He met Mr. Marsh, and the nn*
cusod niked him to rome find havo *
drink.    Marsh asked him If he was
doing anything, and he replied that he
wm.    Thoy bad a drink tl tho Royal,
Many bleep!ess NlflVit Owlno to n Per-
slBtent'Cou-jh, n«ll«f Found at L.Mt
I'rom anothor sourco' onrnn iho mujor-1 'JLiiVjt""^^^ the fii»t H«ti|ln« brldgii   »
tv nt inn'     The tollers rnmplHod liml' ■ .,-■ '',.,„„(,,„ .i,(."'Ai'vn'v'n' Hnrn
IjL*|fii|i^       ifi't     *   Pl/I   *      *
      *4aa..,4t,at      la
' "For sovornl winters past my wife
lm« boon troubled with it moHt porilH*
I•"!:.*: ami »?t»<ici*o«><iMo rnito-h which in*
variably oxtondad ovor n period of several wooks and cniiBod her mnny Hleop.
loso nlghtfl," writes Will J. Hnynor,
editor of tho llurloy. Colo., Ihillotln.
"Various remedies woro tried each
yoar with no beneficial ronultH. In November Inst the roimh awln put in an
nppenrnnco nnd my wife acting on lho
BiiKurestlon of n friend, purchased n
botle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
Tho roiult wm indnod marvelloua. Af*
ter Ihroo dosou tho cough entirely din
appoared and hna not manlferrtod It
cnunt but no official Information wiih
glvon out.
Tlm raco for nocrulury tii'iisuier Is
snld to bo very clone. John Fitly nf
Pcnnnylvnnln hnd a BllKht load over
'.toBcph Pope.    Kdwln Pnrry'ln iiIbo lu
.1 1...    r.t    nn„t>\M)ilv M     rUM'.'   ll" I
hu.     ,,.aa»...    I..     ,   - •''     .
that anolhor ballot will liitw to be ink-
en for thla office.
On the first lmllot McCullniiKh for
vlro-proBldont, had a fow more \ote*.t
than his rival, John Donipsey,
*,„,    .M„,    titti v-'non*"    This romndy 1» for -tale
Kfiptneo, King Kdward and ono or two Iby all drutfltU.
LONHON. Ki'b. Vl--Ur, Vaiiluy 8haw.
veioilniiry of Thnm-wiford, has gono lo
1 hi* 1'uHlvUi' luniltiitu lu Chicago, to be
Hen ted for ini'les as a result of being
bitten by a cow, supposed to be suf*
fdrlnit from the dlMRtte., The row wna
piovlously bitten by a cow, auppoMii
•<• lx« •uff-srln* from r»hlM.
The \vi(wo wn» » I'lmlntx torrent byi
reiiHon of 11 hoiivy siorm which Iuul |
uuilerciil the conrn-tn work nnd thf,
brlilKu hnd bop,nii 10 rng. Then tame
the train of flvo rarn slipping down
tho griuli) from PuhhiuI'imhi, finvoriil
Yiumtrfit v-m.'.-. *- •**■ "■*•'• 'xu>i•'■■'■'■'■'■■
tho Htreum "'id when they saw the
train coming niiernpu'd to wnrn It.
KiiKlnoor llnlilwln iiiiw the dangor but
was unable lo Mop the train boforo It
was upon the brldK'**. ho he opened
Ihn thiottlf nnd hn iho train run over.
'♦   ♦
'*      Minors,    keep nwny    from ♦
a*.   HlllcroRl, Alto., uh n dlapiile ♦
t*r   lo |*c).uli<i» Ida,.. :.f'"
,    THE
CO.,   LTD.    *
Wholesale Liquor Dealers
A   Hill  "I'll-h  II   H »*'»>  il.^ -
V ynnnir mnlhiT hnd n hnhit uf air
Ing Hie Imliy's (lolhcii ill llm u'lml'xv
Her liiiHbnnd did tint lll«< It mid be
llevod thnt If Hho hiiw lho prnctlce iih
otlmrH hiiw It hIio would desUl.     lie
directed their afternoon walk one day
nn* im-.-,..  so a» to bring the nursery window into
Hml the irnln lilt Ui" brldi{p nt ji high'full view. HloppliiR nbruptly, ho
rnte of Bpenil the piiHBitnKorM would i pointed to the bnby'u drenH flopptnK
uuiloubtcdly lmvo t*',<,ii thrown Into Ihn'i unronnclnuidy In thn bro.*/,*', nnd ask-
■ * *. ..    I ....    .. v„,kullftlllla*
water. All lho brld(*o», mithouttOK,
and build Inns, a dozen bulkhead** nnd
hoavy matlr«BBe» have been taken an
toll by the atrrnm ihnt but a day or
two ano mat but a hurtling brook.
etl (.BrciiHtlcnlly.
"My dear, what Ib that displayed at
our window?"
"T.inf,* she ropliod, "why that U
thn flm*. of our union.'
Tho only reliable  plnco   In town fur
choke pipcH and tohnrco.
W. A. INGRAM, Prop.
Jat      M *»..       »l t-      \t J    1   ...   1    T*~
.............-.,„...... ,.,.r.j,^..,,. THE PISTWGT.JLE**fi*il^^
©(je Siafrtrf &2ii0er
j the    Manager   District Ledger Fernie B,
Rates far advertising an application
We believe through careful enqnirv that all the
advertisements In this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons and to prove our "altli by words we will make
good to actual subserloera any loss incurred by trust
Ing advertisements that prove to ho swindles, but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest bankrupts
This offer holds good for one month after the
transaction causing the complaint, that Is we must
thve notice within that time In all cases In writing
to advertisers say   1 saw It In The Ledger
W   s   STANLEY,
PHONE « Mai.an.er.
tainly   mean an increased cost to the lot _.
(.oluinn after column in the most inflnential jimr
nals, whose columns are open to the beck and call
H do a year in advance Address all communlca ^f j^ ^(^jaig^-^clolla-s^ft-ijii bemg^lled with argu
ns in the Manaeer District Ledger Pemle B, (T jugQjg g^d i*easonB (jf they call, ba?*SO called) why
the eoalianjna should refuseLto hand out to those
who create alf'their wealth, Svert"1^ seSaty' liveb
hood, in too manj cases bereft of ,evpn t|ie njogt
meagre comforts for them and those dependent on
their earnings
That these sophistries will be taken seriously
i hardly be credited, that thousands of men
should be ground down and kept down for the
financial betterment of a mere handful such as Baer
and his associates, is a condition so undesirable,
so unnatural and so inhumane that a thinking pub
lit. can hardly lend themselves to become students,
then advocates, of this nefarious form of wage slav-
The 7th session of District No Is t il \V.
of A has passed into historj as beine •■woducti. e,
of more advanced legislation than has been pro
duced by any body of labor men for some time
The lethargy and apparent lack of initiative that
has surrounded many conventions of labor men
of recent yeans, has taught the public not to view
■with alarm these gatherings, and has also imbued
woitangmen generally with the idea that routine
methods will be followed, with the usual number of
meaningless resolutions Not so with District 18
this J ear, as a brief resume of their enactments
wiU readily show
Perhaps one of the most unexpected, yet one of
the most plausible moves, was the disassociation of
the District from the Trades Congress, which latter
hody has of late years failed miserably to show
tangible results that iiould warrant a further con
tmnance of an allegiance between it and the pro
gressive miners' institution The curtailing of an
expenditure of $1000 a year is also-included in this
move, and doubtless this money can be turned lo
channels from which more benefit will accrue to
theU  M  W   of A
The resolution approved by the delegates to
admit into the union Asiatics, is one which is
fraught with far reaching and most important
suits The Asiatic question has held the attention
of onr best legislators for an indefinite period, it
has taxed the powers of the best writers, and even
diplomatic experts ha\e wrestled with the problem,
it has been turned into a bone of contention by
everr aspirant for political honors, yet it has remained for the delegates to the recent convention
of Distni-t 18 to Lome forward with a solution
bearing, apparently, all the requisite qualifications
of success to nummizmg to a great degree the evils
attendant upon the present competition of Asiatic
labor Apart from the humane sidt^nf tjie qugs--,
tion, the delegates fiUly- laah-Kdnh-it.Btf'matterB
stand now, the Asiatic problem, though it has
been, cut and pruned to meet the views and needs
of the operators was one demanding drastic ac
tion. and the strategic move -just made bids fair
to thwart designing and exploiting capitalists who
have hitherto held the powerful le\er of eheap
labor in the form of Chinese and Japanese Let
the pnee of labor be made the same in the market,
as the white man, and the operators and capitalists
will soon see to it that few white men are unem
The question of affiliation with the "W P of
11 i?as also discussed at some length, and the con
census of opinion seemed to favor an allegiance
with the former hody, which, having the same ends
in view as District 18, most have aims and purposes
in common. It is to beJjoped that the near future will see this wise move culminate in success
and "that the two bodies may he welded into one
aggressne organization
The endorsation of the Socialist party came as
no surprise to those who had watched the trend of
affairs in District 18, and all hope of advanced
and favorable legislation for the workers is now
baaed on the future stu tenses of the Socialist piirtv
and the humane propaganda advocated by them
The dny when some leader of labor men "could
land the lnbor tote" for one or the other of the
old pM-tles has indeed passed, and Independent
political action will now he the slogan
The proceedings throughout were characterized
by scriouBni.ua, and an utter lack of internal estrangement or trouble, and President Sherman and
his colleagues are to he oongratuled on being instrumental in having inaugurated a new order ol
thing*! ior BUttiot 3,8, full «f hope, and replete
with enterprising, yet feasible, modes of procedure
The minera cannot look to the government for
help, For none will be forthcoming, the coal operators and magnates are too strongly entrenched in
their strongholds of vested rights to hand out to
the miners any degree of lemencj, that can poss
iblj be withheld _ „ ,.  e*i
THE   felNEBS   MUST LOOK   TO   THEM $£_*_ materials]
M83SUr*-N0#-BBfott UH  fr-fc-Kf" *£HWl ,elito-*> eentten^
with enongh and to spare.     He   waa
The fight for popular control of the Perme Dis
tnct Fire Belief funds has been a long and some
what bitter struggle. The contention of the work
ers of this district who number 85 per cent of the
population, that no self appointed committee had
the right to dictate how the funds should be distrib
uted, is one that will appeal to all those who love
democratic government Conditions change with
thet-mifes; aUd^-fi'-W-ay as well be understood first as
last by some reactionary individuals in thi**. locality
,Jha*t the working ejass is fast awakening to a reah
iationrof their ngpt to a -.mee in all the affairs of
men, committees aiid nations
The battle forfpopnlar"rights is not yet over,
and it will be necessary for the workers to keep
a-Fake and support all those * feat circumstances
force into the forefront of the battle for human
rights and industrial freedom
Tlie conl bnroiis of the I nitod State*, and mon?
particularly those who exploit the antlirnolto regions, are making attempts along new lines to enliBt
the sympathy of the public Tho fact that thc
working agreements with the misers expire on
April 1st provides sufficient explanation for this
new departure
John -Mitchell as head of the Cmted Mine
"Woifcers, taught the operators a lesson in the Inst
struggle which the> have not as yet forgotten
The dogmatic attitude heretofore regarded as part
and parcel of the operator* leaders -make-up m
dealing with thoir men h.is hem laid'aside as n
thing that tins served its dny nnd generation
anil rCBort is being initio to mnre appro*, od moans
nml ta<*lioH Press ImreaiiH nre helng brought into operation, and through the medium of Lhasa the
public mint! is being -.aturnted -willi tha plea that
President Baer nnd hut collPagUos nrd noting ns
gunrdiaiiB over tho public in general, the idea is
belnff inculcated into the reader's mind that tho
official ieeogpitioAotitJie uqio-^^he granting of
an*efght-Iiour *ttorfi day lo tVir titi,\e* must cer-
The mut-h heralded prosperity as a result oi
the Launer policy bang upheld at the late Domin
ion elections seems to have struck the Grows Nest
Coal fields with a vengeance       Last week   thi
s of the Canada "West Coal Co , Taber, Alta
laid off 200 men, who were ordered to take ont
their tools, and with the exception of a few entries the mine is now idle
At Hdlerest 50 men have been laid off, owing to
the pillar work heing stopped, at Michel some 100
have been laid off, owing, it is said, to partB
of the mines being unremunerative at present
prices for coal and eoke A number of men have
also been laid off at Coal Creek for the same   rea
Altogether some 450 men are now idle n
coal fields
The citj of Chicago will spend abfflit Se^ en mil
lion dollars during the coming year in hunting
down and punishing crime, it will not devote this
sum to cheeking or reducing erime The cold wave
which struck Chicago will cause more crime than
all the police stations will prevent The industrial
depression now prevailing raised the crime wa\e
higher than a doubling of the seven millions for
police protection would reduce it
If half of this, seven millions were spent in pro
vidicg work for the unemployed half of the   re
ma in der would not be needed for police protect
n —
But that would be moving towards Socialism
It might destroy individuality.—Daily Social
The agitation started some time ago for a uniform system of weighing eoal delnere-a to con-
sumeis m ■Fernie, should bo corrled on with no
abatement Probably in no city ol its she in tha
west, nnd certainly not m the east, are such lax
methods in use
 „    I
The i oof ing on the Minors hall is the product of
a union shop The cornice "was also made in a union
shop. Thore was a slight misunderstanding in the
shop bat* eon tho men and the bosses, but it haB long
sinao been settled satisfactorily
A mnn who onnnot understand a joko should
not have cheek enough to try and edit a paper even
of the inefliro stylo of the Free Press. The Ignorance disployed thiB wook by the apologMng would-
be editor of that measley rag is amusing. But he
oversteps the decency line and hereafter we will refrain from control, ersy with him. We Will also
remember that it is a had policy to either borrow
Mme Workers' Journal —Peter Patterson, Tn-
ternntional Board member from Canada, was at
tha head of a strong, intelligent delegation from
tho land of the maple leaf Peter has been causing annoyance to soma of the fellows who refused
to submit to the referendum vote in -Nova Scotia,
nnd hy which it wns decided to leave the Provincial
Workers' Asjoowtion and join the V, M. W. ol
'tha operators are encouraging the revolters,
hut the loyalty of Nova Scotia mifiers to truo union
IinnnlpleB. led by sueh men at^atf-jfJon, Shermmi,
James, -etc, will finally ovoMQ*m*, *i*U Qupoirftigin.
nnd the order of things become •unhaimo-as fop the
U M. W. of A
Th'e following la a copy of a MI
before  the  B    G    Legislature   introduced by Mr   Bowser   An Act far the
better securing of certain Mine Work
■a  Wages
His Majesty by and with the advice
and consent of the Legislative Asaem
bly of the JPra-slnoe of British Colum
bia enacts as follows
This act may be cited as the Mia
Wage Security Act 1909 "
In this Act: miner shall mean and
Include any person employed ln or
about a mine, either for wages or un
der contract for thb supply of labor, or
of labor and materials The word
wages when used hereinafter, shall
also Include any sum owing or to be-
due to any miner under
:ract for the supply of labor or of )a-
jor and materials. Operator" ahall
inean and Include any person or c
nany who, not owning the mine
question shall operate and work
under lease or contract or upoi
bond or option of purchase of such
inine ar of an interest therein. 'Mine *
shall have the meaning given it In the
Mineral Act ' ,
3 Whenever any operator shall
plqy any miner., Jn or about a m)lie,
such operator shall, within ten days
from the time he first begins to operate or work auch mine, cause to
posted up and shall keep posted In a
conspicuous place st auch mine, where
lt may be seen and. read by tbe miners
a certificate signed by the manager of
a branch within British Columbia of
some chartered bank in Canada, certl
fylng that such bank holds op becomes
responsible for a specified sum of money to be used asifar as necessary to
pay the wages otjnlners employed at
the mine by the operator, such certl
flcate may be repldced or supplement
ed from time to time by another Each
certificate shall be posted up as aforesaid at the mine within fifteen days of
its date and the specified sum therein
mentioned shall noj be less than will
at any time thereafter pay all
wages then owing niiners for work at
the mine and that jnay be earned by
the miners then, working there until
tbe next regular monthly or other pay
day, and for and during another month
after each pay day Such certificate
be in the following form or In
words to the like -effect, that Is
To whom It may ebneera
This is to certify that. In accordance
-rtith- tbe provisions of the ' Minera
"Wage Security Aot 1909' the (name of
Bank)  holds or becomes  responsible
the extent of (-« towards   the
pavment of v ages of miners employed
and working the <Darme of mine) in
(state local!tj of flrtnlnfc camp) in
tbe (insert name nf Mining Division
Ih British Columbia*) which wages mav
be duly claimed and pro*, en undir tne
,id>QL _..   t
Dated this dav of 19
^   (Sign-autre)
Manager Af said Bank (nauip^ol
place) In British Columbia
upon the bank by any mlner-j for bis
The Jiank shall be liable to applv
the sum, specified In lts_certlfloate first
to defray any coats lt~may be put to
ib the adjudication of any 013101 made
wages out of such aiun and then oi I
ot the remainder there shall be paid
the wages found owing every miner
working,-for^the opecatqr at the mine
but not exceeding two'^months wages
any case, proided" such miner shall
[thin th*i time of thirty days after the
last pay day upon which his wages remain unpaid, file with the said branch
of the hank a claim for his wages nut
of said sum, giving full particulars
thereof and In the event .ot, tbe sum
available for the pavinent Df such
wages not being sufucient^to pay all
whlclf .have been duly
made and proven 'as aforesaid, tbe
same shall be paid pro rata to those
entitled T
Any miner may Ir,, writing relin
, or waive hia rights under   'his
Act, but may by glvinK fifteen daj<-
notica In writing to the operator, can
col snob. reUnauiattimeni, nM after tha
expiration*, of sueh fifteen days his
rights XmAer this agt bfgm
" It shall be unlawful for an oper*-
ator to incur at any'tlma greater Ha.
btllttei In wagei to the minera employed by him at the mjfle than the
sum whloh ti mentioned In tbe bonk
An/ violation by the operator of
■ny provliltm of thli net ahall eonilltu*
te a leparate oiTencti for each and ■**>.
ory mine** employed hy him at tbe
mine who Is or may be adverialy uf>
rooted by such violation, and the oper*
ator iball ba liable to -greieautiott by
only Dueb miner or iq[ne» io affected
acting sepRr&tel) or Jointly at proie
eutor or proiecutori under the "Summery Convictions Aot" «nd ihall lis
condemned upon con.Ir-Uon to pny Ior
eaoti loparitte offence el wlilch ho li
convicted the weiai thon owing to tbe
miner icourlng the oanvletlon nnd **>
penalty not exceeding titty dollarii
and all coiti ot the court and of the
pi-oaecutlon, and In default of pay*
ment of name -.ball be liable to ImprH*
onment for each offence for not more
thnn sixty days A conviction requlr*
in-*- the payment of any miners wage*
shall not preclude sueh miner from
taking any other legal proceedings
-igatnst hie employer to secure or ooll
•it. tho wages owing to Aim
8 Tn the event of thtj pperator being a company, Its officer gp agent an
thnlly in charge of or direoUn'*- the
operation of the mino fltyilf be consld
ered the operator (or \M "pilrWfen of
proieoutlon hy i^miiiymi^-rtotlon tor
tlie violation of tho pro-.iilon* ot thi*
Aeti nnd In tbo event of tna operator
being a person non raildent In the
prpvtaci* thon hin mnnaifr or agent
Iui charge ot or directing the operation
ot tho mine ahall bo liab|* to proioou*
lion by lemmnry coiiviotlen for the
violation of the provdioW ef thlt aot
by the -mentor, to \hb Mme intent
and in t io Mm* nniiuer M the BpefO'
a generous man, -who gave
and withheld not when any worthy
brought to his notice On
the evening of August Snd, ISOg,
read ln the dally papers that Fernie,
C , waa destroyed by Are complete
devastation of home and business sections had taken place and tbat bun
dreds of people mostly workingmen
had escaped with their wives and Ut
tie ones and were absolutely and en
tirely destitute Farther on he read
that relief was imperatively necessary
and that a fund had already been
started for that purpose
The same evening tbe matter was
discussed in the family circlet and
tha**, next morning Mr "B." was
bright and early at a local bank whleh
bad already opened up a fund for the
"Relief of tbe Fire Sufferer* of Fernie,
BO" Be explained to the ttnttag-
er of the bank that hb always made
point of doing what he could to hfelp
those in trouble and he was sure that
people In Fernie must be In desperate
straits as the whole town Had been
burned bo he would transfer 1100 from
his account to the fund for Fernie-
sufferers. He preferred that
money be spent to build a fence
around the cemetery, put a new flag
pole on the hand stand anil buy a n£w
handle for the town pUmpT
No, decidedly no—HIS MONEY
HELP, yet there are certain factions
here at present who would seem to
hold the view that "B's" money waa
for some other purpose
The varlouB meetings that turn been
called of late have brought a speedy
settlement not much nearer ia fact the
greatest valufe. If value lt cau be call
ed, has been to act as i safety valVd
for an over plus of diverse opinions
The assembling of all classes otjjitj
Izens for the purpose of discussing re-
Itself a most com
mendable and laudable move, but tbe
turning of^such gathering Into a veri
table beargarden aud the heaping of
such terms as liar, scamp etc, on
the heads of citizens, who in turn re
taliated with no abatement In ylgor
and ardot;, la certainly not productive
of tbat amicable feeling essentia) to a
proper settlement nor Ib It in the least
edifying to the municipality The reputation qf Fernie is very_ much at
stake, intact It Is being jeopardised
unwarrantable extent by t^e domineering tactics of certain element^
and cliques
Tbe real trouble Is this- The people
want lo know what seemingly vested
rlghtria -placed within the relief coin
mittee] whereby they can dibUtf}'the
filial disposttitm of tbe -tdad Or eteh
''demand the repayntSnt of eumtf ad
vincedron the Instalment ipllm True
who were docked by the 6rtal
Company can have thetr money re-
landed pending futher ictlon on the
part of the relit*1 committee "but their
position Is decidedly etatfarrassing io
say the least. *
The question at once arises   — Is
there no further uBe for -relief juoney,
goods or lumber ln this city*"        We
assert wiih no fear -ot successful
contradiction, that there are many^peo
r- ^^gej5ioJwhoih»ve4Jelt. the iplnoh:
or want, nay, of poverty, this winter,
^ and that, too, with an enormous sui
H-lying Idle to be flijUtaJBIed oveF-fiy ..
lot of supposedly loyal citizens LET
grudgingly for the size of the fund
sent for this purpose does not warrant
a picayune administration but wlth^
a view to equity and Justice Above
all see that no one is ln want, and
attend to it that the Mown and. out"
members of the community are given
that measure of help that will encopr
age them to strive to achieve even,
greater successes than before their all,
and their accumulation of years of
hard Work waa wiped out In a   few
Much dirt has been stirred Up by the
premature and poorly advised parad
ing of ibdlvidual cases before the pub
Ilo and an attempt In oerta'n quarters
to actual!1/ belittle any person, nb
raster how needy who asks for help
from Ihe Relief Fund When alt are
attended to then opportunity
present if-self for the ntM-ting of thla
fund for some such object as the clt
Izens may deem advlaablp The ait
ion of the Free Press In attacking cei
taing workingmen, because they were
the recipients of a paltry {300, either
In lumber or cash, cannot* be too
strongly condemned aa showing an "lit
ter lack of the qualities that go to com
prise what Is desirable and best in any
We have no desire to lean back and
yell out Graft!" in connection with
the disposition of tho fund, but the
tenacity of purpose with which
tain faction adhere to their posts he
controllers of the fund, certainly opens
the way to legitimate and possibly,
adverse criticism      That there   has
been a dominating tendency to 	
the representatives of the workingmen
Ib too well known to need further proof
* to permit of reasonable denial
However those representing ' the*
workingmen on tbe committee though
they are decidedly In the minority,
fortunately as determined on securing
a fair deal for the Interests behind
•hem as are the majority of tha com*
mittee in denying apparently, any
equitable adjustment of aUajrs
The only feasible course Is to submit the Wbole matter1 toT tbe" people
THE MONEY       The committee,    or
rather tbe executive, are merelj stew*
ards, although the actions of the ma
.jority would not verify this fact
Many splendid Ideas have b'een sug
isted as to ihe final disposition   of
the money for it Is known tbat a con
siderkble amount will remain even at
ter all suffering!*- are alevlated     Let
there be manifest a wholesome desire
on the part of allvcltifens nr'      **
what \oeation they' folloiv *7_   	
itatid-tt'tney-fffl to tfrlffg1 about AJ
ON6E a speedy solution of^thls ™-
atious Question   let1 there be a
merging of all paltry Interests and	
sideratlons let the ' squSr^'deal" Idea
permeate all transatclons to the utter
and  absolute  ebtcltislon  of  n
banish all acrimony 'and'
strife let "New' Fernie free itself at
once and forever of all suspicion of
inward estrangement and turmoi) and
let this city show to the outside world
that its citizens are MEN ln the truest
and best aense of the word
Editorially The Calgary   News   has
the following
District 18 of 'iie United Mine V.o "
hers of America has adopted a resolu
Union Few realize how momentous
this decision, is U thJjs attitude towards tbe Oriental spreads, and an
example of this nature- always prod
uces a following, the problem, of tlie
Oriental inyaslon,»wlll be appgoaohad
on the line Qn,wjii<:h aloce a^satlsfac
tory and permanent solution, can be
reached, ,
For after an it la useless to try
resist It The Orientals will cgmt,
Just as mirely as the Anglo-Saxoni* in
veded anelent Britain* Juit as eurely
and relentless!} at nny Immigration
movement of former time*) occurred
There is ai much ot wlndom or of pos*
Bjblllty in an endeavor to stop them
at there wu in tbe endeavor ot the
nrtolent kins to heap buck the tide
But It Ii not on thli feitture ot the
•Ituntlen thnt our policy ihould be
based. I+abor organlituioni profen tho
general principle of the brotheihood
of men. There can bo no true phlloi*
ophy ot society, end no eound courue
of nation, ther|tore, whloh is not bnied
upon thli principle
In the working out ot this principle
wo mujt,f«1h>v where It mt%* It li
not oonilitent fer my Mice or nny color tl lit In the Ugh pleoei -trying "Wo
nre the people end wlidom ihell die
with ui" For to pjmi from the theoretical to the practical again, wlidom
will not die with ui Ohlneie and Jar
pinese will not only.jeam, all tbat we
can teach them, but will ■bow ui thnt
their minds are itiong and Icecn e*
and that we will have seme
things to learn of them
Our might ia not equal to thein, If
theirs were aroused, our mentalities
are superior If at all, only became
hey have been longer enlightened not
>eoauie they nra of a finer quality
And again and chief of all, If the prin
clplei at equity and brotherhood li
[he right one. "we are artmlln.li If we
drew llnei ntid boundaries ond put up
walli beyond which the tnce» may nor
Protection and reijrlctlpn and all
tne rest of it are policies n-lted for
local and ipiBlal conduce etone* <Tlie
Mine worker* Have* ihown-rthe -rtilit
Hilrlt and adopted the Wife e-surke    ->
lime -will be laved -utd oowgy. con*
le-fvnted If we nocopt tho pr*«hoVo*
.these, Oriental**., nnd then bend  our
efforts towards compelling them
observe qjit laws and onr customs so
far as tbey pertain to health and decency We have the right to do tbis
and we have ,the might at present
We can deal thus with, the limited
numbers that are now amongst n
is losing time not to do so And with
the Orientals that we have among us
brought Into sy-npatbv and conform
ity with our pustoms, we shall hip/%
the most effective Iea>en with which
to work, upon succeeding Immigration
and thus slope shall we be prepared
to deal effectively and preserve our
own interests? in case the ' Invasion" la
made of which there Is talk
Our office towel tell off the
yesterday and broke Its neck we
mourn for that towel I It had gathered
up our tears and blood and the gore
of dellquent subscriber* for many
yeean In other part* of thli glorious
province. R I P—Creston Review.
NOTICE! Ib hereby given that the
J. H. Reid Company, Limited, currying on builnon aj Furniture Dealer!
at Fernie B. C» hu by Deed of As*
slgnmtnt dated the 11th day of February ifiOD, assigned all Hi personal
property, real estate, credits and ef*
fecti, whlob may be islsod and told
under exaautltin, unto Oornellui D.
Lyons of Fernie, B. Q., Aj|I|ne.s, for
the purpose of paying and latticing
all Hi oredlton ratably and proportion*
Ptely, without preference or priority.
AH penoni hnvlng gIrIou agalnit,
the 3, H. Held Company, Limited, are
required to forward particulars of
sutne duly -verified, to the laid Cornelius B Lyons ot Fernie, B. 0., on or
before the lit day of April, 1000, attar
-whloh date the laid Cornettui B, Lyons
•Mil proceed to distribute the aiBete of
the estate among the periDitB entitled
thereto, having regard only to th*},
claims of which he shall then have
kad notice and all persons Indebted
to the snld J, H, Reid Company. Limited, are requested to say such bioi
tedness to tlje said CWneliUR'B Lyons
■nvwi etfioe, F-sraVjl, 0. - -   —
A meeting of, tlrt eredltoM of  the
uuiuiHmr.avioTann nvanutt on ijhv
MllMtli.'   '      itV,»
OM4« ttli utn mt a *«§#* *;,
D. laOB. nr,^ ,ni.
."■*«?' witr
M.A. Kastner
Fire, Life, Plate Glass
and Accident
Property Por Sale in
all parts ofthe
Houses   For
NewOliver Typewriter
Machine given out on trial
No Charge
Mason & Risch
aii ^^ywM,
are not
| Paying
[ But here is one tbat will be
Practical Economy
By buying your Bread.
Cakes and Pastry
Fernie Meat
M«*t, Butter*, Uggt,
mnn M-sri
Pr-Mh MfjMi of All kind's
Qivs ut atrial
A. M. MatulU,    Prop,
Baker Ave. Rear Hetel -pernio
All kind* of
ir I'll IH*1   TlHTll-'/Tff.'I
AtfvarlfseTri the tedder
iirt, *j '*kn »i   i
fl (jnn MtllX
!..!'l"llt 3   -1
i -fl
72i<2   3H'
a  *    ;  '
,: • ■>;■? ,.i-T-*«\f, ,.-4. c, ,-->''■> -■     ■•,  ••   •     r  , -
■*■*•* 1
Fernie, B.C., February
13th, 19C9
-'***.--*.    *   *    i   t   t    »   >   i   a.   i    >   t   i''»   »   t   i   a   t
*■  ',.,.„-..■/;   K.ir '"'i   '.r-,.*----iV.,|.-'-;!*   *
j Mr.' MV B.''W.lae* has severed'','his
connection with' the Coal Company. He
leaves on'the' lSth^foh/ltfoiitreali *
'Mr. Tom Spruson.-left on Monday
night for Pernio on. a ..business trip.
•'t ma.   "Wit's1 J'r?Sv-r£'i    '*•"**■».. r
sJoe Thomas, late pit boss of No. 5
mln(e, left on Saturday for the coast.
Joe' Is taking In Moyie oil the way
to see his old friend Bob Strachen, late
superintendent of Coal-Creek. '■
\ The.sacred concert given by.Sp«-*ars
wa8*a"tfeatV~"The slibwirig of the Passion play was greatly-liked by the audience.— The ,hall.waa, crowded, out
a,5a.-!L.*!*L*'V ."^li.. SO6*
fllmr-werT"lBhbwn'.:r^ ••■ 7"~* 'H"-""-"■
Michel had. a city aspect* on Wed-
nei^lair^tt^fiee *;Judge"WtlBon,"L./ P>
Eckstein and \T. H'. Herchmer around
Judge^-Wllson-jhad, a .compensation
couVt on Wednesday morning;'
, The I. .p..O.E: held a team practice on Tuesday, night. (
Special services., are to be held at
the. Methodist.church on Sunday, the
14th'inpt, the' Rev. „,Curry, of.Coal
Creek will occupy the pulpit.\  ■'•,    -i..-
There is a. new society started in
Mlchell called the Gallant Four Hund*
red7 Who are the four, hundred gallants, everybody wants to know. Perhaps It's the New York crowd come
out west .—-Anyhow we shall find out
on St. Patrick's night. The .Gallants
are going to hold a grand'masquerade
ball. Admission is not by invitation.  You will be-let in for $1.50.   '-. 'r
Messrs. Sparrow and Guest, late
guests .a,t,.the..Kootenay..hotel, .have
now removed Into their new residence;
Riverside Manor. They will receive,
the flrst Monday in every month:'" -'
. Over 60 new men have been laid off
at the different mines during the-last
few days. It,is to be hoped that .the
management will scion find places to
restart these men'7'   ■     ■• ■
Music,is gettlngfto be an expensive
luxury In Mlchel'•!^■,':5"'^v•v-■v■>■'',•    .
One of oiir city bus horses met with
an accident. during the week which
caused the, conductor :a great) amount
of anxiety.' But doctor John soon patched him up.   ,   „.'.;,..  „.;   a"/-.
The Church of'-Biigland are going
to have a grand,concert on the.20th,
when, all our, leading,artists will-take
In time.    *' " '	
Liverpool: Ifl^progressing favorably at
the hospital.
Never mention Shrubb to Yorkie. _,,,
A pertain young man named Billy -
Wj^ walking the track so gaily,'
When a young-lady thi- metv*-;^yy^;
Who from he'r'new>'hbme had to "get
For1 reasons best known to Billy.
•-■     ,>.  .     II    j :; 7/   :/'   ;■
. Billy like a knight ot old
Listened whilst her story, Bhe told ..
vSo'he thought of a plan- "' '■ \
And like a gentleman
The wedding bells will soon be toll*
*.ed.    ■'■■      '   '''   '    '-   '-"
man who made the trail from Middlesboro to the depot has got. to*.walk It
1 Alex.' Foiilds," mine "manager at" Midr
fllesboro chas,. sev.erad. his, connections;
with the above mines as the company
stopped his pay. ,. -,
The popular Fred Shield is on,a trip
to the coast,...;-- ',<-.'>. •■* - -. • r,t-    -
| Jos.  Williamson is bartending    at
ihe.Coidwater hotel, T. Bennett;hav-'
ing gone Into partnership in the Nicola
Herald'with L.*G: 'Lobslnger'."-'-  -"
{ The steam,^au*odr*^,ls in.full operation, and the work" iY good and service
prompt./ You union men aiid friends
of a square deal','*cut out:the Chinks.
i" A. Foulds, alias Farley No. 2 paid
more attention" to'sihasblng'iinion than
to mining coal, and now he has . to
walk- the _ tight rop'e: on, his own .favorite'trail. ;,'.,, ,, .
I The Nicola. A. A.,"the present holders of the cup, have accepted the challenge from Merritt 'A."Avfci'r a hockey
match, which will be played on Friday
at Nicola at 2tp.m." '■ ""
} Chris. Main has tsken over the barber shop of E-4 Mfce*. • •',
i .The iocal train was 12;hours late on
\Yednesday -owing "to 'a "slide" between
Dot and Spencers '• bridge.'-'. •'"*" '•-*■/*
1 The.ruilng passion in Merritt: Four
ladies went,to church.on:Sunday and-
1Q4 were spectators', at the;-.,hockey
match.,   ,.                           ...     , .
Tho'dethroned czar of the!Nicola
valley is selling-his household goods:
Ah, Alex! Thou aft" a'poor prophet.
Thou art departed'the valley but the,
union is still here.   ,'
James Gray'took charge of the Middlesboro mines, the first of the month.
The company have at present 220 men.
on the pay ropl and. steadily increasing
Its working' force.' '  .*''".'
Many Bills to Grant Charters
Before the Housq
VICTORIA, Feb. 11—Much Import-
ant legislation \vasT:introduced in the
legislature yesterday., a.TJae     water-*
, .- • I.', ,-l V   . .      '' a i  •
clauses act dealing with irrigation and
distribution of'water.'In-the'dry belt
of tlie provlnco wns'brought- ln by the'
Hon." Fulton, minister of'landsV The
bill, which' will lie the ple.ee' de resistance ofthe "session, contains 'three
hundredand seven clauses. .-.,•; • ■■■
A bill to ratify the action of the government during the" recess ln connection with,,the agreement *wlth the G%
T. P..as to the Prince Rupert town-
site was also brought.In. .;*.:.'
i j A •, bill ■• tb, Incorporate tiie; VIctorla"
and. Barclay, Sound '-Rail'frk'y), a new
line Intended to connect Victoria5 with
the west• coast; 'was passed'Jand:a bill
for a railway on Graham Island, north
of Vancouver Island 'was"'"Introduced. ' * ' =• •'■•"., -",,'',>',
; 'A bill to'give a; chaTter;'.;to"*Westminster hall, a Presbyterlaji .college at
Vancouver! under the jurisdiction of
the general assembly, of the v Presbyterian church of Canada-, was introduced.'    .  o.'     ' ...   ,.,    ■
W..  :,.
that- the firing", party under the command of Ambrose- Lepine, adjutant-
general", of, the rebel-half-breed garrison, that then' held Fort Garry, did
to death Thomas Scott under the verdict- of a-!court martial and the -fiat
of the ■ mocassined .president of the
pseudo-republic, Louis": Reil. What;
ever disposal-twas made of the body
has been a mystery, to all except these
men. - r,      ■ • *• •■*,■■»•.! *.  .     *
The ,weather5"thatiday.,and during
thnt weefy had been exceptionally cold
and. the-theory that the body of the
young-.loyalist.had been placed in the
Red river through a hole In .the ice has
been generally accepted.- -      ?.-■ (
Speedy Trial After the Killing
ot.a Minister
W. C. Leacey left for "New Westminster Sunday aim. with a Russian
nobleman.-,..JRJU sure,does the heavy
work for^thip' <ais.trlet.-v-*-- ; 'ii/i ;*! | J *
De Long 'of ■ Hunket and Savage ■* of
Calgary .was '. an, Elko vUltor'.- this
week- peddling^ocoanuts and- seedless
splids.    ,!.„'•    .   ,,   ,
Mark's, one of ,Phjj Arjnour's. adopted, sons,; was."'trying "to., sell a rancher
■Mi'm'mBrl'BftirHi^'gfl foirL''fe-n"ca*' posts .*?* '•*:■"."
;-*: .''0
i .{\\    **L -»L
;* b.
I    i  COAL  CREEK   ' ' I
At u smoker to be held In the club
hall this Saturday evening the presentation of a gold watch will be made
to Mr*. Tom-SpruBton, late .pit.boss'at
No. 5. ThU has boen subscribed v to
by his working itBsoclnteB. '  " '
Jack Baugh, whllBt working In No.
5 mine on Saturday morning, had his
right i"*ye' badly cut by.a.picco ot fin
A practice danco wniheld In tho
club hall on ^February"4.'"'
Mrs,: Thompson of Mlchol visited
lior dftiugliter, Mrs.' T. Duncan last
week.     '. * -     * •"•  ;.      '*   '
An old timer In tho person of Joo
Dodd hns -left for Fartrilngton, Illinois,   .-  *.;*•. '• '     • '     ■""
Mm. Taylor, Mrs. Kllnor, MrH.
Aubrey, Miss Taylor and Mr. Fred
Taylor nlno contributed songs at tho
party at Mrs. Taylor's bpardlng,houso
on February 1st. * Mr.' Georgo Hunt
wns m. C. nnd Mr. E. Thomson was
tlio band.
Davji Martin's noblo looking doif
"Prlnqe," a familiar flguro In tho
Blolgli;around'horo had dlod aftor being shot. Dnvo would llko to know
tho parpetpitor of this outrage.
Jack niissoll was caught by a rope
on Fobruary 4th In No. 6 mino nnd Is
BUlYorlpK from,urcrushed gnldo, ,
Some 20 won wore laid off at No. 2
beginning of- tho wook.  .!
Cyclone Kid of Coal Crook and Dill
Cadman. n: young Now Zoalandor, nro
putting up a ten round boxing contest
at 8 o'clock on February 22 in tho club
hall. ' Some good fast preliminaries
will also be put on.
Tho Coal Crook boys tn Fornio hospital aro all doing woll.
An account of a county court .case
of Interost to Coal Creek-people was
MlVUlt}   ill.  nUO illK**  X*UtlU  UlU fl*l*l»fi
rent in by onr CimiI C.rpc\k rnrrfinjionfl*
ont was rocolvod,.4henco It will bo
found on page three.
v:y    .
There were 17 grocery travellers In
Eljto this^ week,'.and,,the,guff they;do,
peddle Is enough to make, a.man'take
tlliim by the wind pipe.and tie.in ,a
two ply; bow..     ,.,,,,'        ■';.*.■•..-,    -  i.
;A man's, always willing .to' lend, you
a ^5 bili'w.M'n he'.hasn't^got J&/-'" -.-,' a
Mary Jane,, whatever do, you mean
by; putting your tongue out at people
pissing by. It was only Dr. BonnelJ
going, by,, mamma. w .,     ;       .
Hoiilahon was in .town renewing'old
"Coupsey, the well known chef 17 has
■been appointed .jnlnfstpi* pf the Interior at Fred Zellors'camp.' "
Fred Clement,of Nelson was In Elko
several; day's this weok looking, over
fruit lands for a Victoria firm. ,
After spending t\vo. months running
down mountain lions, lynx, and black
tailed deer for his wind pipes, Sailor
Wttods,*'ex-champion lightweight, left
Elko for Blairmore this week, iind wo
understand he will mix pink elephant
cocktails and flhoephordors delight for
Harry Howard. Ho snys It's impossible to put a mainsail or evon a jib-
sol) on a back yard.     *
The building of a big* Bmeltor at
Elko will mean considerable prosperity Ior tho saintly paradise
The-hypocrite and tho knocker Bhall
bo'cast down together; neither deserve, an abiding place.oh tho fdeo of
tlio .earth.-1 ■ -- -i * ; ,* v *■ *'. *
', The Fomie* Ledger., In .last week's
Issuo says thnt a railway will build
from' Belton on the main lino of tho
Great Northorn and will cross the International boundary lino 100 mlloB to
.tho'eoBt of Gateway. As we havo boon
Over this wholo district wo stato that
should tho G. N,,, build from .Bolton,
Mon., lt will crosB the International
boundary line nbout 20 mlloB oast of
Roosvllle; thoro Is a trail from Roos*
villa that was built by.the U, S. boundary commission sovornl yonrs ago.
, Saddle horses, pack horses and
KUldos can always bo hnd, nlso sup-
pIIob, at. Roosvllle whoro the'trail
loaves .the wagon road. Tho wigwam
cresses tho boundary lino and trail
IS miles oast of Roosvlllo. John Phil*
llpps of Frultlands camo In from the
North Fork of the Flathead river ovor
this trail in eight hours. Thorn Is a
Kood mineral and timber land on this
trail and tho coming of thoso roads
will open up a fine country, and the
way to get In and look It over Is from
Roosvllle, the big Red Apple country.
There's some awful big boys attending the Elko school.   '
Andrew M, Kennedy, "The Little
nuuy Doe Man" la suffering with   a
severe attack of rheumatism. We men*
,'.     - i, .I..,.
..a/uCu <Vv4»a/  tfUlt, UfcaJ fKMU* u,Ul lmU*f
Inp; «pvoti\\ btiTTolfl of wrtt<*r "wltrtoul
getttng htn feet wet; tho next trip he
mado ho fell In tho rivor. Ho contemplates going either to Banff, or Soap
Lako, Wash.
Dotting on tho Fernio paper .fight
,*   ttXltt    t/   IO   -J   tlii    ,..1,4   UtVaVlSV,. ,
Fred Roo, general merchant of Elko
Is down at Roosvllle this week.
Mr. .Neal McCrank, who "was employed by the Adolph Lumber "Co.'' as
yard ;manager and who( was reported
as seriously 111! in last' week's' issue,
died on Friday night, February 5th,
after an Illness of less'-than-• a;'week.
Mr. McCrank suffered a seVere'hemorrhage of the lungs on Sunday.Vmorri;
ing from which be never, rallied.'*• 'A
large concourse of friends accompanied the remains to Elko on Saturday,
and,from there"*'they were1 taken*' to
Cranbrook to await the arrival of a
■urother-from" the**east~Mrr"McCrank's'
home was in'Plantaganet, Que.-He has
been,-in the .employ. ,pf the1 Adolph
•Lumber company, for several years and
his ready wit,and:hu*oior made|hlm'a
great'favorite,with, all. Although he
was ^..from feome...and^ relatives-every attention was. glyen him by his
employers and friends, and when' the
end came and, his -wants could not be*
longer anticipated,, the manager of the
company Bilently sent the sad message
to the different .members of the camps
and all labor was suspended to mourn
the loss of one who had been bo highly respected during life.
; Father McCullough was called from
Fernio' Friday to administer the last
rites to Mr. McCrank.
Mr. George Couzens of Huxley.Alta.
who hns beon on the Kootonia tracts
for the last two months doing carpenter work, left for hiB homo on Wednesday morning. Wo regret his departure and wish him well,, In his prairie
. A regular meeting of tho Fortnightly
club was hold Friday evening,at tho
Adolph home. ,A very good program
was rendered,'the topic of tho evening
boing-Gold Beating, by Mr. F. H. Howard, which was greatly enjoyed by
all; ' It was decided to havo'nB chief
fentuor of tho noxt meeting a joint
debate between. Baynes. and Waldo.
The Baynes Bocloty chdso aB their lender Mr. D. W.-Hrtrti ond.tlio Wnldo
society choso Mr* Louis Fitch. Tho
noxt mooting will bo held nt the Adolph dining hnll. A good program is
Mrs. CharleB McNab colled on Kootonia friends on Wednesday. '
Miss Lillian Gray, who has bpon employed at d; W. Hart's for tho pnat
six months was cnllod to hoi* home in
Coal Creok Monday.
Mr. F, W. Adolph came'lii Sunday
from tho oast nftor an absence of two
weoks on business.
1 Mr. W. S. 8tanloy Jr. from Win-
nlpog Is visiting his cousin, E. H. H.
Stanley on Kootonia tracts.
Mr. Gould of Fornio camo down on
Tuesday night for a visit for a few
days with Bosirs. Balloy and Barret.
.,•>.. "-\ "—A,      ,      i   :'   -
A meeting' of the "Joint committee
consisting of O.'E. S: Whiteside; J.'D:
Hiird of Fernie, and'-W. F., MoNeil,
of Canmore,'representing the mine operators, and President F. H. Sherman,-Wm. Graham and A. J. Carter
of Michel, representing the'miners,
waB held in Mr. Whiteside's office on
Tuesday.- The only matter which came
upfor consideration was the interpretation of the brushing clause in the
Coleman agreement. '.This wa*s refer*-
red to the scale; committee which
meets at Maeleod on March 2. -
; "Operators'. Scale t* committee:- Lewis
Stockett,-.Hosmer; ,Wt>. H. McNeil,-
Canmore; J; D. Hurd'tFemie;' Q.*'E.'-
S. Whiteside,,Coleman;: Pi-L.-<Nai-
smith, . Lethbridge; *!i*Mr. •'."Rameau,
Blairmore;. Mr.'; Hamilton,"Passburg.
Miners Scale Commltteo: Messrs. F.
H. Sherman, Thos.■ Biggs, Fernie; W.
Whltehouse, ■ Michel*,*-iWm.' Graham,
Coleman; W.. H.-^Dunlap,'Bankhead;
Clem Stubbs, Taber;<n*A.« J.- Carter,
Michel. . .- ,..,-.-." - ..-..).! •■*! ': .: . •■'
. .    , .-- : ■..■*•***■, ii i.  - -     -
BOWMANVILLE, 'F'eb: 9—Dr. Chas.
Harndej committed i;s*t.'icide" here this
morning by hanging himself. He has
been confined to the ftcitup for about
ten days owing to signs'of. insanity.
He was about 65''years old.
■". .   •..-:,::*r:   i .  ',
;. Words of the highest-praise are the
results of the visits of (the-San Francisco Opera company to every city visited. They»will-play- in Fernie on
March 5th at-,Bruce*s-opera house. •*■.■
The,people of.Fernletwlll have'.the
;'treat,of their lives ou March*the 5tb
when the. San. Francisco Opera-.com-
HOUSTON, Texas, Feb. 11— Roby
Buskin? murderer of.the Rev. W. T.
Hudson was lynched by a mob here
yesterday afternoon.
A crowd of over 300 determined citizens took the negro from the jail,
and hanged him to a nearby tree. Not
a shot was fired and the proceedings
were conducted quietly.; Sheriff W.
Dean of Okaha arrived Just.an the negro breathed his last. -The mob said
the negro had been, given a Bpeedy
trial as promised and that they w„ere
not to be blamed for taking justice ln
their own hands.
pany7wlli^play"here^r" Nd^heTwIsfilng
a real.good itlme,can afford, to miss it
^-it's, undoubtedly 'the' best company
that'ever played .the .city.,of Fernie;'
■7'Get your seats .for-the S. O. , Co.
early at, Suddaby'a. ,*. [f-hey are going
'Wgowith. a'.ruah.- ,>-. out, ..-    .'■«
• On .February 15. music lovers of Fernie will have the opportunity of hearing a program put on by the Fernie
Philharmonic society. The work of
the evening will be of a high order,
as the list comprises numbers from
standard works, varied with lighter
selections. Among the best numbers
should - be "Soldiers Chorus" from
Faust; "Anvil Chorus" from II Trova-
tore, and one number "Heavens Are
Telling" from 'The Creation." Several solos and four voice selections
make up a programme that should be
pleasing in the extreme. The soloists
for the evening are Mrs. Stevenson, G.
F. Stevenson, R. H. Nesbitt, Fred Dick
and W. Sampson. The chorus is in
charge of Mrs. G. F. Stevensoif; who
has faithfully and efficiently brought
it to a high state of'proflciency
m Millinery
% In addition to various Trim Hats
Attractive Millinery .
Quite a number of attractive styles have been made up.
The result is an assortment of millinery at decidedly favorable,
•quotations. « The Hues are at $3; $4; $5.
Coats and Sacques
LADIES' COATS aid SACQUES—Ladies (semi-fitting 7-8
length, line broadcloth Coats ln Black, Brown and Blue suit-.
able for„spring; regular $18 to $23; now $10. * *-'
Women's  Skirts >
Women's Dress and Street Skirts, "".7.50 and $10 cut to $5.
The very skirts you need for right nov**. and the rest of
winter.    They are made in broadcloth, panama and Venei
Finest skirts ever offered at such a low price.
Dress Goods ■■;•
, DRESS GOODS—In order to-make ready for my spring
goods I offer the following at* ektfemely low prices In an
assortment of various materials.
Orders taken for the * New Empire and Sheath Corsets,
also Dlrectoire* style.     Prices irom $5 to $30. * *
' ' ,   -      -   V .. ' •(** -4-      a, * '      '* -     -'   **'
. 27 - >'  •'
CALGARY, Feb. 9—Discussing the
coining Conservative convention,. The.
News says A. J. Robertson will not
be chosen' leader. The choice lies between Maitland McCarthy' of Calgary
and J. D, Hyndman'of Edmonton. It
up "the substance for the shadow. "\
The NewB says that Hon. W. H.
Cushing's. running mate In Calgary is
tb be either Clifford Jones, W, jM.
Davidson, Dr. Egbert or Clifford Reil-"
iy-  -   -        ■■':" ■ .'   ■
You've   Got   to   Fall  Back
On  Canned Goods
between season's time when
it's almost impossible, to procure
fresh vegetables and - fruits.
But the fall needn't be'so hard
because the cannerieaS we patronize certainly put up a fine line
of things -edible/ Yet we hold
down the prices to a living limit
' i i
OF DIST No. 18
Much   Work   Accomplished in a
Feur Days-Leave   The
Trades Congress     .
aid Thomas, having secured tho contract to build the Jail,-eotBinenMKl -the
same on Monda/. A    ^      (*.,'„.    .
n enr nt tho Pti»rn«n-1 Vnlfr.
The hochey maicli on Sunday   . be*
In f«Tpr.af a^erri**^ them
be lofTof"rivalry between tta, two
teams ind
OTTAWA, Feb. ll—Thcre Is a probability of Introducing a new animal
tti't-a) '.Cana-Jb*/becaipttiK n pooalbtut*/.
A herd of fix Asiatic YakaU coming
to Qttavrfi, sftixertmental farm, nnA
they will when oihurt jtrrl-vt- bo sent to
fjwettcrn grailng lands with an end<*a-
vor to populat-s the fl«j-tbw«**«t and La-
Yaks can wn*jd,--aol4. stud live   on
co*-***..ration*/   rTkety-'fle-ib
tladl' tu that Of. OU OIL.
For a Consideration—Racalls
Wm nf Iniik Rail
**•  *mt v       & £      *******>**#        e * it* * 4
WINNIPEG. Fob. 11—Ambrose Le-
pine, tbo lieutenant and adjutant ecu*
oral of Louis Roll, president ot tho provisional or Rebel government that hold
VliblM.ti'.M.t   Xml    t~\ml%   'Ud.jli')    XmX,i .U*^       '.-..'«
wlntor of 1869-70, says that for a consideration named he will point out
tho spot where the body of Thomas
Bcott, the murdered martyr of the Red
River rebellion of 1869-70, Ilea. Negotiations to this effect have been un-
dor' way for s-etcral w««ke.
7he grave of tbe young Canadian
Thame*tflcatt, trtto t'ttethbt before
the.atone gateway, m-ar-wl/m- Main
street and Broadway now Intersect*,'Irt
tb*. thy .of Winnipeg fewr toeVt-r been
dlacAlrered by hit family,' M^rids" or
lila brethren of the' Orange Lodito to
which be belong***!.
It, iina uu, u. cold Uacca" diiy (a. 1ST*]
■r*.   .   .'	
•    .    t    ,  ,    i). ■  ■*■
LETHBRIDGE, FEb. 3-rMInors   on
tho wholo have Uio reputation of being hot debaters, and* when the best
talkers and th.iiWn* '& a \yholo dlB*
trlct get together thero Ib sure to bo
•"something, doing." . There certainly
was yesterday at tho1 convention of
No. 18 district V. M. W. of A.
Tho Press .was riot!'prosont during
tlio discussion of Uio .HJllcrost trouble
but It resulted In tbe I convontlon advising tho men not to go on striko
but to ask for a Doai*d of Conciliation undor tho Lomleux, act In vlow of
tho fact that the agreements oxplro
In seven weeks.
Tho aftornoon session was taken up
with hearing tho report of tho grlovanco commltteo and tho discussion of
tho president's roport.;
Nono of tho grievances woro of a
very serious nature and woro satisfactorily adjiistod,
Tho Nicola Valloy In.JJ';. C, and the
northern part of tho district,nskod for
more thoroiiKh organization, and tho
matter will rocolvo Immedlato attn,n*
tion. The Bonnl mombor for No. i
left yesterday for Morlnvlllo to on
deavor to settlo a dispute bctwoni. Uio
mon and tho'Cnrdlff Coal Comphny, by
reason of which the men are out.
Fernie local asked for asslHtancn to
eomploto their fine new hall. This
local lost $3000 on account of tho flro
and a nurabor of men hnvo loft tho
Tho District will ask tbo National ns*
imiMMlnn   fer e  Inn-ci  nf ♦•(rtflrt  tn    b'ri
nrantod the Fernio local and for which
the district will bo responsible to tbo
National association.
The recommendations made by President Sherman In bin report ,wcre
tnken up singly. Practically tbo ' only
1   .    *      * H.   m I      .- .-   •>l*»-     -.1      *r-.-V      *-.--*. »*l»-       •-••,-•
WU1^    Vh*-J*--»    !• v**U*W** ** WW   t**-***       -"tfyx,^*, ,t,#M„    ititf*
the one that advised breaking away
from thn Trades and tabor Congress
of Canada. Tbo President showod tho
Congress up as being unprogrosslve In
the extreme and giving labor In western Canada no assistance. Ho also
show*,*) thai.'this- overnHvtt'tnA \eaAlr\t
members are trying to play tbe Labor
party Info tbo hAnd-* of fhe Llbcial tn*
Ccmsfrratlve'parties. Were -was some
strong opposition to ttds more but the
{-resident rt>ct\\t<6 t-JbtUnUal butWog
and during the AltcusbTod* was highly
complimented by a *!olefotc who spoke
of what be bad learnod 'of ' prc«ident
Sttcttuati'ii Bottcut, cmsr.if.ctii; atand for
labor at the meeting of tho Congress
whon ho might have benefited himself,
A,roll call was.asked for nnd tho voto
stood 30 tor and 20 against breaking
away from the Congress, This will
mean a saving of $1,000 a year to the
miners of District 18.
Tho, convention , wont something
right awoy.froni tlio governments of
Alborta and British Columbia. A telegram was sont to Premier McDrldo,
J. Hawthornwalto nnd tho member
for Fernie, now nt Victoria, asking
thom tp call tho attention of tho mom-
bers of thc Brltlfih Columbia Legislature to tho necessity of legnl bi-monthly pay nnd to urge tho pnasiigo of such
legislation boforo tlio ond of tho prOB-
ont session.      '
■ Another tolegram wnB nont to Promlor nuthorfonl and D'. McNab at Edmonton oxpi'flBBlng dlsnpinoval to restrict by amendments tho boneflclal effects dorlved from tho existing compensation nnd eight hour bnnk to bank
law by tlio workors of Alborta, and
strongly resenting nny nttempts to
amend such nets until tlioy lmvo
boen tried,
The tolegram also nskoil that the nt*
tontion of tho mombprs lio called to
tho necessity of a legal bi-monthly piy
nnd urging the passage of such legislation before tho end of tlio present
President Sherman's annual roport
was as follows:
Tbo past year has been a difficult
ono for tho working class, nnd ospo*
dally that part of the working class
fortunnto enough to belong to labor
JiaJiufflJuU-ty jjfttT thi* rlnr.i' of lho
Inst convention—Just nt the timo wo
Intended to launch a forward movo*
mont*—thero camo a purlod of depression in tho coal trado of Wostorn Canada, resulting In the ttoslnit of several
mines In our district, iiui'ing them being No. 0 mine, Coal Creek; Nos. 3, 4,
and 5 mines, Michel, U. (.!.; tho Frank
mine, Woodpecker mlnoi, Domestic
Coal Company, Dtiggan, lluntrod and
Co., Tabor; tbe Cardiff mines, Morln*
vllle, Alta., and Roche I'orcce. Sask.,
throwing out of employment nearly
1 BOO out of a total memborshlp In our
diktrlct of four thuuft'tiul, A lttt liu
nmnber of our members, knowing nothing of the cjuis**, which made such
a condition possible, began to cry out
that tbey were locked out, and to do*
tas-ad support frow tbo diitrkt treas-
tConflnii'*'! on pic*- *>
,   Miners are warned against going to
the following mines as they are rin-
* fair, and miners are warned to keep
Keep away from Hillcrest, Alta., as
a dispute is pending there now,
City Mines	
Bush Mines	
Eosedale Mines—
Strathcona Mines
Dawson Mines -■—
Frank Mines	
Edmonton Alta.
Alberta Coal Co. — Morinville, Alta.
NOTICE Is horoby given that the
nnnuiil general meeting of tho shareholders of tho Fernie Kink Company
Limited will bo hold in thc Provincial
government offices at. 8 p.m. on Monday, February 16, 1009.
Notico to all organized labor, and
friends of organised labor; Koop away
from tbe McCluro Minos al Toskor. N.
Dakota, as thoy havo locked out their
men for Joining tho Unitod Mino
Workers of America, The men had
to be moved away from there as tbe
pnraa*..!*.    rtf,t   p*A    ^*al,l**f.|lft*^ **. rrfyfrMRt
VIce-Pree. Dl». 1» U. M. W. of A.
IN tho matter of an application for
tho issue of a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for Lot 7, Dlock 81, Annex Town of Fernio (Map 734A.)
Notico Is hereby given that it Is my
Intention to Issue at tbe expiration of
ono month -iftor the flrtt pnhllrnrlnn
hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of
Titlo tn tho nbovo mentioned lot lu
the Tinme of Verel Vanlcek, whkh
certificate Is dated tbo 1Mb of April. IDeS. snd numbered S<J«7A.
District Registrar
Land Rtjs-Utry Ofllce,
NVfiMn, n. ****. Feb,  ?f) fM»,
Fernie Opera House
Wo present to you the latest
tragedies, drnnnm, and com-iid*
Ies In tho mont realistic and Ir
(-•resting mnmicr with nil the
latest scenic nml musical off net
known to tlio kluctograpu
Wo also havo nn unusually
good musical program, a Ilvo
pleco orchostm In tho latest and
1 *•        ,      i   .    - t *
*ti<#*V   tsiKUimiHiU.   All I l-WV.il *    UUU<kl
Ihi    Mi- jJ)j''-ilw*liJ-; vi Vlll.
Our Songs aro tho
Latest and
Our programme for Saturday
nlgbt will bo tho best In ita lino
ever prost-ntcd In your cliy. Wo
Invite you ALL.
Dont forget the Place I*********************
.:Xceam -.....-■:
A pure grape cream of
tartar powiier. Its fame
is world-wide; No fitum,'
no phosphatic acidi
There is never; a- question as to the absolute
purity and healthfillness of the food if • raises*-
District Ei
■,.:j^.a.■■■//■::   - '•■:
(Coni-iiut?d. from   page  ">)
iii-y in "no"- iinc-'M'tain' hiaitncr. -The .lis**
r.ric't'constitution makes'no provision
for out-of-work pay ' However, in order
to .meet ll*.,? situation'provisions.* were
given to our, members according to
the following scale, two weeks' sap-
pi;-' (o each person': Sugar,- 2 lbs.;' tea
or-i-ot'tee half-lb';'' floiir-12'J-2'lba';' rolled .oats 2-. Ihs; vegetables 5-lbs,| but-
ter J pound: lard lib.,; potatoes 12li
lbs; soap, *.' cakes; meal 10 lbs; yeast
cakes 1 box.'.'.'     ,'< / '\.t ' 7"  ■' l';
A \acant store was rented at Prank,
_a_i_Kl  a commissary, opened; and 'man-
men advising the.,MichcV mon-lo -resume, operations and place the,matter
in dispute* in tlie haridS",of-'the> liislJ-icL'
officers,;'",*This was done arid .w^i final-';
ly got'the twelve, men' re-instateiVithatj'
tlie coin pany, refused *to re-employ-. • ;„■;'
"Since tlien--matte'i*s\have gone on at'
>.,!i'liT'l -mgre smoothly. '   • -.,-'
..;' V SASKATCHEWAN ;.-., -'."'' ,i
,; Considerable difficulty bas 'been'ex'-,
periencod'In-adjusting matters in,.this
part ot" the district- However.**as. tlie
vice-president," spent! considerable, of
his time iii that field'I expect'he7vilY
report more, .fully <- upon .conditions
iliere*7 i'   ' ■' y:y ■':■'   -::a"j ...
■ To fully enumerate all ,of the dis-
•putes woiilditake too'pibch timei Let
mine. Mr. Sherman spoke of the
necessity of having, more outlets for
the mines in B. C. to the surface as
these aer.the most dangerous in the
world. ' '.•-'   .,*' "•'■,''7 ' '"'
S? Resolution No^-Tasked that Presid-
iojiirt Lewis'be requested to Instruct all
organizers 'wljen^.worlfing.ijn ,thls district to.'report Vo;thetjPrL-sy.ent of i)is-
•.ricl. >,'6-lS and receive»l,un'ammous en-
:'.oit,ation.    , . ...'....
" Article "Xo. 1 In tjie"'' Constitution
extends to all men in and around the
'mines without regard to. race or color
oxcepT Chinese and JapaiYese* an" invitation ,,'to unite-.with a the .union.: iR
achieving tlie aim to }mpi-Qve' tlie .iria-.
i crial,; intellectual' arid moral'; ioiutft-
■ons bf''the tollers ln{-and-*arbii'ii'd l.lh'e
mines." .The. constitutional"; committee
■•advised striking.ou.t*jhe -words^except
bhin'ese'and'Japaftfe'se?'''''' -    *-*'
Naturally the resolution called far
ho'expression of different opinions.*.
-*ome 'thought.'the -action inconsistent
'wltli*. ■the* effbi-^tti-Jkeei) these'people
but of Canada.' Spoaking;to thc-ques-
,tion the Presfdfc/nr'spo'ke'.bf how "patriotic citizens" of Lethbridge and.of
Canada advance ?500 duty to get. a
boy from China tb Uh agency* in "Vancouver and then deduct the amount out
of the boy's wages, making him a practical slave for five years.' He also explained how Asiatic labor was held as
a club over the heads'of the whlte'nien
and spoko with sonie Vbh'emenc'e "of
how the law is broken by the man'who
represents-law'In B. C:','ih employing
yellow labor. • He stated (hat it is ridiculous tb advise sliding these'p'eo-
ple out when' the miners vote ' to
bring them in. Tlu-se" Chinese work"
for the same wages-nu'llxe white labor.
He also gave.as hi. opinion that'Or*
ientals could '"easily* be 'organized. In
the Pittsburg .disti'k" UiOO Asiatics
were organised and* drew the same
pay as' the- white miners; then vthe
company quit, hiring them."By .--other
arguments he'-showsd tho advisabilil.y
^of.-orgaiilzingthe Chinese and Japanese oil the Coast. ■-*, ay    ■    ' «'   .•'
■ Tho'resolution carried:   ■      '.■••'.■•.'
Tho President spoke-of American,csv-
Ipital'-getting- $50,000.bonus from.:ilie
| Albef.ta-.goveriim(*-nt-,,airtl 'the -same. ..a*
'{ pllal employing. Japanese.■      ,   ■*■ .'
j' -..The, third.-resohition'.'-suggested that
i .North .Dakota'   and t*oilth* Saskatohe-
i waii    be, made- into -a -sub-district.belonging ..to District*.No..'i8.   -The delegate-.from- North Dakota-showed'tlie
vast   'extent-of the field,-the iinfaVor.'
Aftijrj-tt* sfiort' debate ."the, following
resolution wa\.pass*id -jvit'iv-lbno.-.^clis-',
sentiiig  vote;    ->-.■     .7   ih ,-f     \
aged by our,members,'who were.
The-cost, of-provisions, -as*.'.supplied,,
was-as follows: L. U. J2G**,.Frank,.?V.-
178.8.*); L. L'., Fernie, a*G(i.4; L. U.. 102
and 229!)', Taber and Woodpecker,5? I,-
6(i0; L. U.' 23"S! Cardiff and Mo'ririville
$607.^5; Lundbreok $08; pincher "M **.•*;
Tnyliorioii, ?1,26:i.4i". Relief oil account
•of Jyiciimi7.ation haB been granted lo
the amount.of'$150. The Strathcona
strike cost us $1,101.25; Tasker, N.D.,
cost. ua.?l78.-4:1 to fight, making a total
of:biu or work relief, $0,528.10; victimized members, $150; strikes; $2,041,110;
grand total. $11,742.10.     ,
In order to provide for further emei*
gencios J would rocoinmoiiil that tho
convention lay down  rules to guide
, the District Executive In future distributions of defence funds.
i   Wo', lmvo undertaken   considerable
organization work In the past yenr. We
orgnnlzod the following local unions,:
RoynrCoiliorloH, Met ford, Alberta Minn
Cardiff, I'nssbiirg, nil Ih'Allienu. lOsio*
"an, Hoche Percee, Tnylorlon and the
I'ludson Day mino, all In Saskatchewan
mid Carbonado, Corbin. Merritt   and
Mlildlesboro In llrlllsli Columbia, the
total being: Alborta 5, Saskatchewan
-I, British Columbia I, North Dakota 1,
14 now IocuIh In nil.    OutHldo of tho
salaries anil uxpuiihoh of thn, rtigular
dlstrl-M officers we hnve spent thn mini
of |3,2n'i1.60 In orunnl/.iitioii work. Our
district now extending from N. Dakota to Nleoln Valley, D. C, makes   It
wry ifXiiuiiH.lvv \o.,ti'U,vol,iiiul.eiiti!ill8 a.
lot of work'of which lho majority   of
bur members hnvn no concept Ion,
Dlsputy*- liiivu Iioijii almost loo nu-
morous'to montlon d'ur'ing ihe ihihi
yenr. Ilnpplly moHt of thein hnve only
linen smull ultaliH,
TIiIh illHpute wiih one I Iiiii ni'iim<
OWiliK io r.'Diiillllnim din- IO the iinlver-
Hill ilepiDHHldll. We Imd Hlll't-eeil-'d III
initkllig ii HiillHfiirliiry iigreement, Klv-
Itig the men nu Incenise In wngns, tn-
gel her with ll Hluii'ler wmiilliK illiy uf
ftfKl)t Iioiwh. The compiiny hiiw fit to
repudiate the UKieenieiil III ItK unili'd-
ly. Tlio mon (jult work mid their
pliuei* wen1 quickly filled, nml lu or*
dor ro teHt tlm logiillty of our ngree*)
mi-iitH an action wus taken in ttio tiu-
jii .-lie; C,i,in Ut lUluiunU'1, uaiilu^ Ihe
liompniiy. We won Ihe milt for whk<'H.
but lost the Hill! for diinillKes, .1 lid He
fltuurt ItoldliiK thnt the union could not
onforco ItH collect Ive iiBreementH In
Isw crmrts. We ii(ii,en|,-.| Imi flniillv
iloclderl to withdraw our ease on tlio
lulvlce of counsel,
lu the mouth of May coiiHlilernblo
friction developed nt Michel which fl*
nnlly ended In the l.ornl union qulttliifc
work, contrary "o my 'ndvlee* I fool,"
tho position Hint two wrongs never
matco n right, nnd nnlereil Hin local
to resume opciullons pending a settle-
ment. This, on the ndvlco of their
local leaders, tbey refused to do, tbe
company refusing to fettle the matter
; Its dispute until work wus resumed. A
mastt meeting of the.Fernie -miners
vi ait ..tild und tlm uiU.Ucr threshed out,
and the meeting ended by the   Fernie
me say.hojveyer that our members are
not right, at alf limes and it. has been
by no- means easy tb satisfy "some bf
our members." " I have at all times
■tried to do-what "was right,"" ha vlng'dut*
regard to the rights, of.'boih parties
under.our agreements. •'   '
■*    '•  '"   LEGISLATION'   "o
"During the last session of the Alberta   Legislature 1 was called to Edmonton    lo'asBlst. the lobbyists sent
there b'y the last'District Condition.
Our   efforts were successful,   and we
'now (have in-.the, statute hook,of.Alberta a Workmen Compensation   Act,
tuiid .the,eight-hour law,bank to bank
working   'day, together'with the coal
mine   regulations.   I strongly recommend   that these laws bo fully enforced in the Interest of our members, and
Hint wo watch the oifocl of our enemies to hnve theso laws repealed    or,
amended In tliolr'favori nnd do all In
our power to retain what, wo have, and'
to keep up a constant fl(5ht. for loglsla*
nt Ion In the intoront, of thb workorri. I
recommend that we urgo upon the Alborta govornment to pass a two-weekly pay law in this provlnco,    Oiir or*
Kiiiiizatloii hns now one bf its menthol's.
In tho Alberta legislature, BI*o. Donald,
MeNnb, being oloctod for Lothbrldgo
riding by what Is know**-*, as the I...L.
I'., there being no opposition,     two
iiiemhorsof our district ran for, tlm
Dominion Houso'ai the Into oloctlon;
both, woro defeated but the Increasing
solidarity of tho minors votes speaks
of succcHH lu tho future.     I Htrongly
rocommond that our members hoo   to
ll that they contost ovory Hpnl'pOHHlblo
In lho Inlorosts of the worltbrs iit thb
coming provincial elect Ions,
I intended the convent ion of Iho
congrcHH hold nt Ilnllfnx, I niimt
cnnfesH nl lining disappointed nt Iho
Htnnd taken by Um eongresH upon
niiiiiy qunHtloiiH affoctltiK labor. The
(OiigrcHH appeared to hn dominated by
uiiHcniptiloiiH old party tiolltlclmm, who
evince moro unxlely to serve llio (lov*
eminent thnn to seriously iIuvIho nny
inciiHiir.-H to protect labor from nil up-
I recommend thnt our district withdraw from tlie .-niigrwt-iH fnr our money
cnii' he H|>cnt lii ii fin* heller wny,
Hum by the upkeephiK nf mi iii'kiiiiI*
/ihIon ho (lend tn the rcnl lnierem of
liilinr'iis Ih the Trndos nnd Litlmr nm-
id'esH of Can nil ii,
My relations with my eolli-aguoH
hnve boon of n friendly clinrne'inr,
and     I desire lo thank thorn- wIiohd
In*In 'in" \\nn\x iHriwiiil  in nplmllil llie
Fi-iitiiiiiully yours
FKIIUIJAHV fi—Tlio minors of DIh-
Diet aNo, 18 met In the fifth session of
their convention nt nine o'clock this
morning and Homo imporiniit rewuii*
tlnns and count Itutlonal nmendmoniH
Woro nilnpted.
A roHolutlnn will bo sent to our representatives In the LoglHlnturn at Kd*
nimiton roriii'-stlng tlio depurtnieut
thoro to inst net their mlnoH Inspector
to see tlmt pun of the workings of
any mine In Mbortn bo posted In a
roriHplfumiH p.ure thnt nil workmen
can sen every possible moans of escape
In case of an ircldent.
Delegate Oesdor thought that such
steps would hi at Utile valuo to the
men but that a a-scue clause be asked
for, Th-*1 prouM'-nt: and ofh*»r» nhnxveA
tho value of knowing the plan of the
able . conditions under, which the, men
labor and the greater need for organization'.'-  .■■■■.- .-'•-'
■ The president'stated-that'vice-president Galvin-was toibring*-.this question
up at, the-meeting of Jhe, e.^ecuUve of
tlielNatJpn'al-bbard atAlndianapolis.**He
tbought' the -Vatibnal "should bear■'the
orgaiii/.atioh, expenses,' and, predicted
that I lie", Nicola district, and .Nanaimo
would be made, a sub-district at 'the
National.'convent ipii.
. This ^vas.referred b'a'ck.'.tb.the.conf
stiiution, committee..',. ..,,.. .',' '. ,....
There was quite a lengthy .discus-
Board,'] Members' .'permanently in,,the
field and    keeping' the district secrc-
The District-Union will not'liereaf-
ter recognize an appeal from a local
until 20 per,'cent of its members are
idle, and the distribution of funds
shall be'ander'1fhe;supervision',"6f=;tba->^
ofS&ersiof .tt^distrlQW.- ,^-t-'"'''
"       '    ' "  "        fbflo
trial i.spressign^hat has hLunted^Am-
erica""' for "fiifffe" tharn:;a year, ^botfi'iir
Canada vand;:.the.-Unlted--"Stai:e's,;" "millions of willing workers, have be.en for-
'cefl into, voluntary'idleness, -.thereby
denied access-to the .means- • of* lifer
and -,,-); ■ _._ ,_._.,- * : .,-,,>-
Whereasf'/Many of Ihese'who are.'yic-
time of :this. industr'ial'depressioii have
in self'preservation,,become infractors
of tlib law;, arid. ,. -,.--,.. ■
Whereasi^-A.class of p'redatory-rich'
who/scarteljrjknow^the limits of their
wealth are fco-existent with.tlm countless-' thousands',whose poverty is.. directly, attrltiitaible to their failure to
find some owner of the means of productions to employ,them; and    ,'. :-
Whereas; the; denial,of the opportunity to the willing, workers ,to ,.,en-
gage in useful labor springs, from*.the
fact that, the means with .which • the
necessaries of, life are produced, are
owned .and contrqUpd by'.private ?lndl-
vrdualsiwho are!not lieCeBBary factors
In-'the. fl^ld of■ Wealth bi-oducllon.'b.ut
whose, only function Is to7 profit by
tho activity; of * the working, class, so
long as a market can be.found,whei'e
thp product'. of,; the, workers , can, be
disposed of; arid--7;^. ; .-..r ,,.^-7 ■;
Whereas; ..The .workers..receive,, in
the form of wages-only a-small sharp
of what theii*. labor power with, tho/a'id
of machinery .creates, thus preventing,
them, fromi buying back, out of.-.-,.the.
markets the.equivalent,of.what' .they
have produced; i necessarily, causing, a
glutted market t* 'therefore ,be it, :.„;.-
Resolvedj'That- we, .the 'jlnlted 'Mine.
Workers of. America, district No. .18
in.i- annual convention .assembled, .recognize sand, declare' 'for-.the necessity,
ofthe public owenrship.ahd operation'
anil-, the:"demdcr,atic.;management., of.
all ■'tliose,meansr'ofproduction and,ex-,
change that'are .collectively used;, that
every working•nlan.br..woman willing:
and ablo to work,can have" free access-
to.tlm meansjof.-life and ge,t.,the.-fiill
social'value of what they produce.". ..-
In* introducing this-resolution.'Dele;
gate  * Stubbs -made"-*-an- eloquent  ap-
I peal .for its support,  p^legate .Evans
* 2270
A new
"j*^'■-:       -The big
^«ta»    black:
Wbacco     plugy
Canadian Pacific Ry.
-■"'Aire you contemplating a trip
The Orient
. •,/;•'.'»'
i -J '
'-'•: H
Faulteierl tilboEX Office "hdurs 9-12.30
1 •»A_c*!' '■ ■  '•**«£*■-?''»'        i-   >«.
-«.   .... ,V   .   »,.  \ f •     . ;-• >■;>
! yii&s.
B.  C.
•■•••*;•Fernie,-B.-C.-:~~ *
-'•■•:• FERNIE
;Honolulu* -.
■.•'.*■'""'■" -'• >; :
.'*'-i; Australia«
V :-. ••     ■■-. -'--.*.'.
New Zealand
Are' ydii;contemplating a trip* to
.. -. „0r;any.Pacific Coast Point?
Or is, it. a, trip to .      ,, ,,•,•: ,*,•.*  <■
W.! R. Ross* K.C7* -J.S.T.. Alexiander.
Barristers and Solicitors.
■ '    * -    " . -   ' a
JiPER J30.
■]■■'"'ArMcDougall, Mgr. - - -
- ':5.-,.'l-*'*.v>.^.:--':a:-"-> I''*1.--, .^}.-^i..-r;,\.;:^.j
t J± < r-. .-.-S.--.,
FernTej' B.
• Cunada.
';-''('"*     --' V' '•*' •'.'■*' . '';';vV
:•  :••' -FERNIE, B.C.  ', .'•).. •
..',. St. Paul ,-, .*
Chicago **'"'-'
I     .     '''■',.   4 ,   ''   i
Boston „
Detroit    .
..   Toronto,. .;•
:i •"'     Montreal'
also, iri a fiery, -address ,„showed,,how
his'ideas'had ch'angedj, -aiid'-taht" in
this' .was, the- wbrkingman's, only-salvation.-   „'■■';'■ '■-'.'  -'.',''•  ;,'  k,  ,;,'
■President , Sherman'also .delivered a
lengthy, and 'eloquent oration jn favor
of the resolution. .," Poliowing>y',are/ .a
few quotations from his'-'speech':'
"■ "Socialism* means - eithe'r "the "salvation -oivdamnation of the.human family."  .*,:V; 7**:*- -     •' -,V"   -••>.•'." •'■
'■'The powers! of the :!'press'-and the
pulpit-0 have chloroformed '"'• the -thinking powers of the'workingman." .- ,'."'
."Editors have ,to voice the*>wills-of
Or' any" European point* thought of.
, ■!■  '-)!   '.V.'i'l ,'>.  'a.'i.r;-'-/  -a;ri-')T   - *, *-V '      ",
The line is equipped with1'unexcelled' first' clasB cloach'es," tbiirist:'and
standard sleepers,""and" dining "cars',
..i!.:".".;  -.-.,   s, .-.•'*,'H'v>,, * ii.i^r.*.!  ■    ',
coupled?,.lyith,,safety,., speed .andafom-
fOr.t.".'. .;i,,i.'-.'.Ta '.>i'.'.-,;.,;*   ■•'•■- •'.•'*.••!  -.,-'•
;  For'" folder's and' cbniplelo1.information apply, to R..:Readlng, Agenti;,Fi?r-
nle.-., 'l*'" "v"'*.* *. * '•-!"■■ ' •"*,,;-.' ' '■'■'""
\i . -,..-i,„ ■'■:,.).. J.ErProclor, - ■'•..'■■_
.   .*-;-.'4i.i   •oistrici'PasaeiVgci'Agi
, .,.- t^,... ,.'... •caig'ai.'yi,i"*^ifa;-*   "_
F. C. Lawe
Alex. I. Fisher
;■ vis;'; h •: j. ? }'. li« r >>- *« >■■ »-
Manufacturers of and Deal
■ fl.\.:
ers in all kinds of Rough
?; ■'.'..
and Dressed Lumber
. c-i--
us youi»
f 7
!.,, ,„!  LAWE &.FISHER,.;7
• ri..:,:■■.      '•'. '■   : '   '.'/'-. >\:y »■-
;,, ,.j . ■     ATTORNEYS -,-•:.
>' .'•/
' Fernie, B- C.
-•: I
Lumber Dea,Ier
All kinds of rough nnd dressed lumber
-" V
Secretaries of Local Unions
"■* DISTRICT 18 ,U'.',M. W. OF .A.t „ ?
.   (    ^——^.—— .    »
.BANKHEAD,,No. 29: James-Fisher
'..'a.'!'.'i'.' .w-i a; c,9nnel;l,"--! -".. V
V    ■ ,       ,.''"'.,■,!''.'
Pioneer Builder and..Cotractor/ofi
' ' ":   Fernie' ',".'    :7- -:-~"
;  '    ',.. '       .-•>*'.'■' '" ." '-""I ;.'."'  -■
Victoria. Ave.
, North Fernie -
," " - ' i   ,'■
Fred! Cha'p-
•-1 ■■;■•■! <'i ■)
-A.^ J.
. ■  ■ -, i
tary in hls.office.-all ihe time, ■•
, A" constltutipnnl, .amendment advised leaving the.'inl'tb.tion fee for non-
p'ractical miners'.'io the jurisdiction of
the several locals. Tlie President stated that this was a matter for the Inter-
national president to consider as far
ns pincticolnmn are concerned. Some
bf the delegates;thqught the.initiation
fee in all-locals/-should be fixed1 and
the same for all.
llogarding the fee for iion-practicnl
men there was a markod difference of
opinion, The president 's/tnted'that the
official's,, of some companies were taking a rake-off from the unskilled labor.
He,had-told the officials that.superintendents, pit bosses^etc., were banking
more money by'this, means_ than'■..)••>
Iheir snlarles,
' , Tho difficulty with, a difference ,11..
i'bos Is that a non-practical'man ciin
gei n union enrd nt, ono camp for a
'.until fee nnd go to another camp and
be a full fledged mirier, though tlio
fee thoro bo"larger.   * *
'■The Initiation foe for a non-practlctil
mnn was flxod at SR—that Is fnr men
earning $2,R0 por dny nnd undor, *
' The District' office was tninsfoi'r'jd
from Ulnlrmoro to Pernio. This nc*
lion was taken ns Fernio Is moro ecu*
irhl, The printing plnnt nnd labor
papor nro there, nlso half the mombur-
Hhlp of tlm district belong io tin Fer-
n'ielocnl.    ''
' Tho snlnrles of the officials will ro*
niftln the same for the current, yoar.
' FI'innUAIlY, G—At yostordny nftor-
noon's siiHslou'of Uio convention, nu
iinmiidmont. wiih added ,to»tho constitution by which throo .tellers shnll bu
niipnliileil to count tlm ballots nt tho
nnnuiil olcctlonn, to report to the different locals, nnch toilers not lo be
cniiilldiiteii for "nny district office. Tlm
count ll ut Inn will also bn printed In
Hiich fonilmi liniKiiiigoH us Is wnrrnnt*
ml by the niimhor nf mon spoiil'lug the
At this morning's session of the
tniicntlon thn imittor of nffllliitlnii with
tlui WiiHt'-i'ii Fiuliinitlon or Mlimi'H wiih
(IIhciihhciI, Tlm movnmnnt. met with
viiry little opiiiiHltlnn Frnloriiiil Dole-
gum (Iiiih, Hiiiitlnn from Iho .W. K.
of M. Hpiiki' sironitly In favor or the
Hlop nud tho proHldi'iit, In ii lengthy
nud umvliicliig spoech, showed the
wlHilom of Hitch notion beiiiK liikon,
Iln proillclod Hint tlm labor movomont
or the Wont would become the lnbor
movement or Camilla. The foelliiK of
tlm convention Is expressed by the
rnllowlni*, motion:
"Tlmt tho offlcors   of District No,
16,  .',   M.   ..'. Orf Allli'l .Mi UlKOt IO tilf-
iiiulnlw a plan whereby affiliation cun
ho affected, and Hiibmlt (he same tn
the Hpcrntnry of the \V. V. of M, and
when such schemes aro complain they
•ilinll Iv* plticr-il h.ifnre tho IncnlH nf
District No. 18."
Tho convontlon will ask the governments of Alborta nnd Hrltlsh Columbia
to hnve a proper apparatus Impt In
rmulltioss at all coal mines to bo used
In enso of accident by rescue parties,
such to Im known as "Tho llfo*savlng
D. McNab M. P. P.. **IU bo asked
to have the following Incorporated In
tho act, vis*. A clauso regulating and
establishing a miners' examination
board for tbo purpose of examining
nnd granting certificates to miners.
A general holld*y -will be derlared
on the Any* of dlstrlrt and Internal*
lonal elections.'
cffeir'masiers:.. ,■•*">:■.» , :<—
"Some coal diggers'are the niost-.ig-
norant men—".this <- is'due'to** conditions." ■.'■     «"■'■ " '■■'' "/ ■'•' "*•'■' , . '"
"Capital   dictates the policy of the
press."              "■ -.               ' .7' "' ' ''
V."Reporters are,Anarchist's; they see
the truth and send the- truth to   the
office.". -   .- . 7- -    - -   - • -■'-, -•
"1 thank God there are a few good
parsons.!*;- .-^   -v* y   ; \.'-'f,s,-   -.\
* "Maii'a-'aim Islto-ileave the .world
pen.' 7 ;.-....
non/'' "'"*'    "*•" 'l>'    ',      '
-.',■'„; >-■•■  ..:: -. -.-.';i-..'   -■: '-..* ' .'.** ' ■
.COLEMAN, .Nb.i-2633: William Graham!'
,. „;• ':i:..*    •      ■,.:'.<     '"    ,   "  ■ '. '"   '■   *
2688: James He-
: ai >:. ;-.,'-.av  ,'
, „'.'!i-..*   .      .,.:*.,
' 1
^CARDIFf*,, No.
son." ..-:■        " ':
.2387:..G.  H..   Gib;
7 • ; » v ,- -1.. ^ ■ ■' ,< •?-1* ■> > ' - *' *.*■',-, *> x'-yi"" v
-:. a..,t^. ".'., V,-;i*..    ,',-..    a.- ..'*,-. -\-'t
I      ,...,,■•   — -■   ,,-. a . ^ \ \y(*>  ...   ,'•*•.*■ f,        '     '
We did." - We-are filing aw'.i'jf- at the"
;"-'.s<'/'""-'".old business1'."7",' ''.V ^
i CKEE & PFFAf t]
; ■  I.,-.'.       ai, L ,. i "        ...-./.'.-
r, •;)••.-. -■>! ,-i.rvr s.".;'   'it ■-)--. .<.
i-M •.I- :,'..!:•'
. ■    !> n  i [.;       '...-\
Buildiera. and Contractors
E^tima.tes Furnislied
better than he-found It.'V "7 '" ,2'
_'  ''Half of the. locals, in  District  18
woiild'bo down.and out wore it not for
tW'SociallBts."',77, y.
''""itsl'had adybcato'd a different policy 'I could have been an M. P." *
"•There Isn't an editor in the west
thnt-dnro call'his soul his own." .', ;■
"The Church says private property
iii a-divine Institution.'! .
"Two 'hundred oriel forty men wore
lnld.-off.'.'tbo-drty after the oloctlon in
Calgary. '' They 'voted for their employers first."      ■   '.
"The iiverftge employer of labor in
Canada is tlio worst In the'world."
Doolgato. McDonald from ■ Michel,
took exception to the last.statomoiit
claiming thoro was much English capital In Canada.—Lethbridge" Herald.
' DIAMOND C.IJY., N672587:. George
Prescott., *■* *     ',!.   •'.   .  •   '- •-■   ;*-'"';
EDM.ONTON'.CITY/No. 2*J40:,al. H*
Crowe% ,, „ ;.,. -.', ,-,'-.,.;• t -'' ■„.,,,,
1   FERNIE, No. 2314:', Tbbs.'Biggs'./
FRANK,  No. 1263:   Walter    Wrtg-
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TheTwo Charlies
,.,  ,. ,    ,■■,.,    , i'   '■ *  i:..      i   ii" " .■
Chamberlain -
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Hiop in ntidsen lis '
To the Sufferers of the Fernie Fire on
Aug. 1st, 1908,
I dosjro to call your attention to
tho nocosnlty of somo doflnltu plan
being adopted for a final disposition
of tlio funds so gonorously contributed towards your nsilatnnco,
You aro awnre that n substantial
sum will bo loft ovor aftor nil accounts
are paid In addition to what haB boon
iidviinced for tho purchaso of lumbor
and building materials,
As fur us I am aware no plan has
beon adopted and submitted to you for
your approval as' to whut would bo
dono with tho monoy when ropald to
tho fund. Thoroforo t rospeolfully
advlso and request, that no repay*
ment of any loan lor lumbor and building materials bo mado by anyone until
such timo ns somo doflntto plan Is ad*
opted and submitted to all flro suff*
erert for their approral and consent.
Wishing you all the compliments of
the lea-uen.
-four fiiond ind well wisher,
f, l-f. Sharmii.
2863:— J. -fl.
2200: William
' K friend of tho' family had beon
summoned.to testify, much nunlnst his
will, ns to eoi'lnln domestic dlsturbnii*
com In ti Chicago household,
"You, saw thoso,.blows, administered?" asked tho counsol. ,.
"Yes Blr." ropliod .tho witness.
"Did you hoo tbo boglnnlng, of   tho
IJUUIUti     l'a)lV,a!a*tl Ivlh     UIUII    Hi I.J     jlj*t
"I did."
"Whon was It?"
"Six years ngo."
"Plv veer* iiD-o' How wns thnt possible?"'
"I wns n guest at tliolr wedding,"
said the witness,
P, Carosella
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Ono day as tho train from tho oart
pullod Into Ilosmor a passenger put
his head out of a car window, and
nsked a dtsgustod looking eiiixon who
was leaning against tho nation door
the Question:
"Tell mo whnt you call thla doad,
drlod up dreary, low down place"-
"That's near enough, stranger," replied the native In a melancholy volco.
"IM It go at that,"
In tho matter of an application for
tho laatio of a dup^cato Cortlftontd of
T!J!c tor 7.0* ?!?, 1*"Pi>p Hno, K not en*
ay District,
NOTICB Is hereby glvon. that It Is
my Intention to Issue at tho expiration
of ono mouth after tho first publication hereof a duplicate of tho Certificate of Title to the above mentioned
tat In tho nnmo of Charlos P. ]!lll,
which cortltlcnte of titlo is dated the
19th day of April 1808, and numbered
If. F. MncI.KOD,
District Reglatrar
Land Registry Office
* Nelson, D. C
January 18.1009.
___A__,_ »o- vnuit*
Trabk Mann*
^     DMIONi.
L?;i^i5sHl^ /■:
.'.'„,.. . cirri el P.i'iTJJ.'.QliXi.P.v-EK^. fe r.-Si t£iy£ici: f.z b f. u ah y J)lii03„
1                                                 -. •>
K               ?i
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■          ri
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1*                                        * #>
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li             ~:i
■ i             ;?
I,                  4
I;                    -***■.
1                     &
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1  ',                                    ^
:THE3-GHO|>T7qF 7«j 77 ;■-.-: ■" 4
Authoress of "The; Princess Passes," "The Lightning
*     - ■■      .,;-,; .,.„-Conductor," Etc., Etc. , ,r,.
Copyright, 1906, by Mrs, C. N. Williamson. ~ „.,■ ■    ,  . "
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♦♦♦♦♦•©•♦•♦♦•^ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Mr. Frank Sendamorc, t.hu xreat
WJr corrcipon'tont, who sent many
r,\'t^r"i*4>^•"    of thu C-madliin despatches duiin-J
*•■ JW2T t io into Doer War, owes his health --
•1 Zam-Buk.   Hj hat patsod unscathoat throus-i I
battlos, but a scratch which air Mid to blood-
poisoning nearly ended his Jays.   Zam-Buk tavod
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•** I have proved Zam-Buk minhu blowing that
I want others to know of Its msriti.
poisonous dye In tome underclothing I was
wearing got Into a scratch I ha,I sustained
and blood-poisoning sat up, Infla-niiatton
wai follow-* *< ay great pain and iwoliiiv*,, ana
then ulcers broke out on my legs, For somo
time I could not .valk a fow stspr nor even
fiutmy feet.to tho ground. On my left
eg below tho knee I hod ssvontoon ulcoro
which otutedholet. into whicli I caul*) put
my thumb. O.i the right leg I liai f jurL.eat'
Ulcer*. Msdlcal treat-nent fa.l«d ts re h/fl,
homely remediei wero applied In vain. V/ecl*.
followed week and I gradual y got worse,
until I was worn out with pain and lack of
ilcep, O.i tho advice of a friend I obt-ihcd
some Zam-Buk and loft off evoryth'nijj else
while I tried It.. It seemed to givo ma aim ait
Instant relief from the pain, and In a few day*
I noticed that it was healing some ot me j-|
•uiujrf. Th.s watdicrrins Vnai'piJ, andghdly r1;
I ptrtever A with the Zam-Buk treatment. ti
Bit by bit the polunoui matter was drawii
out. The ulcers were healed, and new healthy
skin grew over tho previously diseased places.
I am now aulto cured, and in gratitude, I
m-mtJnn th•***!*• tne.1% that oth*r xtiffrrcr* from
skin disease may know of something which
wB cure them.
tatn-iluk Mfm mtirtly /nm orJ/»ir-/ itnlnreti mil
Mint, tu Hit aJ-fli' 'tait tlttitlit !«•«>•/, ter ell Mn Atuaut
Uletri. abwut*. *m**i torn, rinun'O'iit, t\il\rtn'» tart hm.U
tut*, burnt, brtilui. *!(« It It n tfttiln tut. 7* aim rvrti
rt'Wftif. IM. pltst. hUKnl-pnltitiliV. Mf*.bl'ml,\rt. M **a-f\ nt.*,
lit, MM mrtt, thtintfJ It-tndt, an I 'roil hit. .',UJ*il ll
inte tki ruttt afteM, U turn rbfumull.m   nrur.iljU, nml
HUlim,   Ml^flMllllti. tllU ,[U\U *U ill i'k  it  Iv,,   ui   l*i,(
Jink .On, Teimta, M pile.
Ts' l aiu concerned,"' said "Tienrith.
iJ.'jaOi for. me,'7said Oxfb.iel......,;,...
■>*, "Oh, come, I shall be quite him
"rt you don't try some" of "my whiskey,1
•iiid Trowbridge. "It is supposed to
be rather good. Won't you'drinkand
Visli me .-happiness':' iii" "/my-., engage-'
.nent?"  * •'- *•   ■'-   --v •--'-"-• ■■     .■
"Your engagement?" echoed Oxford,
loo.uug startled.' " ■
"My engn->emeii4 with La"dy Hilary
Vane," Trowbridge went on. "It will
b> announced to-morrow. You two
are the first ones who , have been
told." "•    '    "'
As a matter of fact he was lying.
Hilary's letter had not been given to
him, and when she had learned this
from Elspeth she hnd made tlie most
of a headache arid put off the.evil
moment by remaining in her room nil
day. 'Lndy Ltiiiih'urt, however","'had
told Trowbridge " thnt the'-'girl's consent was but » question of a few
hours; on the strength 'of this assurance 'Trowbridge':had paid the sum
of two'hundred pounds t*o a -certain
man who hnd ' arrived during the
morning, armed with, a blue-paper
for Lady Lnmbart; nnd*as a reward
• for .what he had done, he .considered
..himself. entitled , to all , the pleasure
he'could glean fi;om.a somewhat premature announevment of his engagement to" Lady" Hilary. ." ' . ' _,
' A's he spoke he poured -out the whis-:
key  which  he'wished "his ■• guests to
■ taste','. and, filled up the long glasses
, with soda- water," , - * , *  .
7c Neither man"■ answered, and Trowbridge glanced curiously-at Captain
Oxford.   '..,'!               . •    '.    ,
."Are neither of you-going to con-
grht"lat'e me?" he asked. ■"■
'•'"You have surprised us both/'said
Kenrith,-tlirowini*- a warning-glance at
Captain Oxford, who was.pole to the
lips,,'*I .know Lady Hilary and her
mother well, yei I,heard nothing.'" ,
"You, must have, seen what was
..goirt, on,". lnr.-;hed TrowTaridge.
"Vm' afraid' I've heen Tatlier 'selfish-
1 ly taken' up with' my own ' affairs for
the last' day or'two" replied Kenrith
,nn*jriously to'cover* Oxford's emotion.
'   Trowb:idge''laufrhed.   "There'   are
■ th'o:i<? ■ who say—you know what gossips-there arc in hotels—that we shall
be;-,Iienriixi: so:n:'th'in« of the same
sort, abol-iT-Lady Lambart and .you**-
selii" 'said' he.   .
' ' Aii •a,i'.'-.-'-y'hi'h'f*'fla?hGd'4n Kenrith's'
'cld.ir   gray ''e'yes.'7""iliose ' who   say
sxich'.i, -ires 'saj*':what* t'.iey have 'no
right to s:r.".- pnd' what -is most unfai-
j- to-. .I.ocly   Larnbart.""    ■  -, .'*
"It' .niil'it, fcive . here a great denl
| of trouble if it were true," remarked
Trow bridge'.'" "I'm "afraid ^he - poor
ln'3y—hirs_'^een"n'^ooU7d"e al-"bothered"
for money,tV,aTid il'her -credrtors were'
suTe—      -    --    '■-.--. -   .     i
■1 think we:'had 'better. :mrt -discuBs
that .subject any further, "Mr.-, Trow-;
br'iclire," "'b-oke' in Kenrith; 'but .hi?
heart socotly smote him, and he
ivondered .if he' were :to'*blnnra" for any
of Lady L'nmbart's allerred troubles:
Had anything-that he had actually
said,.or done' .influenced her to re-
gietai-ile-'extravagance?, TI 'that were
true, it was presupposing that she
would have ibeen willing to accept
him, "had he proposed, and he hnd
never .told .himself that she would do
that.-    -    ,
But, if 'she hnd believed that he
intended asking her to be his wife,
wns ho -not in n way pledged to her
by the h'hlf intention once in his mind,
and the words niul notions to which
thnt half intention of his had prompt-
'(*■■■! him?
He thought of Lndy Hilary, her love
for Cnptnin Oxford nnd Cnptnin Oxford's lovo,for her. If the girl's mother hnd -'been his affianced wifo, the
child need not liave sacrificed her
inclinations. Wns it not his di'ty
to save-lier," oven now, thounrh. day
by dny, his intention of proposing to
Lndy Lnmbnrt hnd been slipping further and further nwny from his mind?
Ho lind never loved the handsome
wornnn, us ho hnd' hoped to lovo if
he married; hut nitil very Intely ho
hnd nditiirod lior r-xcoodingly, niul rIig
hnd fiiflcinntod Iiim to a cortnin ox-
tfniit, Doubtless rIio hnd soen and
known hor own influence over him;
nnd nlthoiHi n subtle change line'
nropt Into tlio relationship latoly, ha*1
lie not porhaps cone too far to ro-.
Konrith had not nsked hlniBolf thip
question Jn so many words before;
1'ntil ho hoard Hint Hilary Vnno wns
to be sacrificed for her mother. And
us ho tried to nnBwcr it mentally,
scarcely knowinu whnt ho did, with
his hurt-it and hniuln-jed hnnd ho
raised a glnss of whiskey from lho
Hinnll silver trny which Trowbridgo
hnd placed on tlio tnblo beside him.
. "1 bog your pardon. I mixed thnt
forCaptain Oxford, H'h rathor stroiiR.
or than yours, I romemborod honrlng
you say onco Hint you didn't liko
your whlHkoy too strong," said Trow*
bridROi nnd thus It wim Konrith himself wlio hold nut tho m\a*t to liln
Oxford would rathor linvi* thrown
Trowhrldgo'H whlnkoy In his faco thnn
drink it, could ho finvo followed liln
Inclination; hut II ho rofimnd to drink
tlm mnn would know why. nnd ho did
not wish to quarrol ovor Lndy Hilary
"Bho nhiill nol mnrry him, Some*
how. I shnll savo hor, if I hnvo to
run nwny with hor to do it," ho mild
l-» hinmoll, ns reluctantly ho lifted
tho glass to his Urtt.
At this momont thoro came n knock
>»•> i,4.u mmi,
It was tho night portor who opened tho door nt Kenrith's "Como In,"
and ho wns holding a bonutllul collie
i     i
"I beg pardon," lie staid, restraining the animal with diflioulty, ''but
I'rinco Charlie seomB half out of hi*
ii'iu-pH to-night. Ho'b boon at good
d*. pold mont nlghtu since he was put
In my chnrgo to look nftor till morn-
tip; but whether it's been the con-
fui'lon of the <rxi in tho liouttc, or tho
emoU of omoko, anyhow he's more
I!'-.* n wild thin" thnn hlmsoH. I
i*""l* \to\A to hrins l>i'» "P hen.
r.'iiiking if I saw a light still, I would
1 ii<-rk nnd ii«k the caiitain to see
vh-M he e.-iiild do tn soothe the poor
'.» n»-t."
'That'a. right. Millar." said Captain
n-ff-'il. who paid  n  |Mjrter to take
-..   ol  Uu* Ax,; ul  x,;mhi. Dm uuly
,*li« in the twenty-four hours when
-•  ■.an* H«.it-jiuu-il froiii liU master.
sveii. in 'a hotel
"Let him come to
As he spoke, Oxford put down his
•Mss" with' tlie" whiskey untouched.
Ihe porter unfastened tlie dog's leash
,'rorii the ring i"n his collar, arid the
■jeautiful ..creature bounded through
ihe door-to-his master. The young
■•fiicer patted his knee, as a sign that
Prince Charlie., was permitted to lay
his head upon it; but to his surprise
Ihe animal did not respond as usual
so this much appreciated signal. In*,
stead of accepting and giving the ex-
oected greeting, he turned and show-
id his teeth.at-Trowbridge, a film of
bloodshot veins nettinj the white ol
his clear eyes.- The whole graceful,
leathery bony quivered with the suppressed, growling, that rumbled in the
dog's chest and throat. * ■
Trowbridge    flushed    slightly    and
.looked  uneaasy;\turOxford thrust   a
•■ouple   of   fingers" through    Prince
Charlie's .collar,; and prevented    the
spring lie evidently longed to make.
'.'I'm afraid.your.dog doesn't fancy
me," snid Trowbridge, with rather an
uncomfortable laugh. "I'm a favorite
with most animal*-*, but this one"-—
"I must apologize., for Iiim," said
Oxford; somewhat stiffly. "I* .have
never seen the Prince like this before.
He doesn't make friends easily, but
he seldom' takes dislikes—or if - he
does, he* never shows them; except
"under .extreme provocation.",.
,-. "And now- he has no provocation,"
returned Trowbridge.   ,        „   ,",
"Apparently ' none,""the ' younger
man echoed. But ,he looked puz7.1ed.,
He'was sure that; unknown-■ to him,-
Trowbridge  must  have  done ■ some-"
thing to rouse the: Prince's   snmity,
and he was asking himself what it
•could   have   been, i.when   the   affair
could have happened.   .
"One'-woi'l-d think," said,,.Kenrith,
smiling, "that the .Prince 'expected
Mr! Trowbridge to' attack" you,' Oxford,' and. that He was standing on
guard, to protect you' at any cost. He
has jost that attitude.''
Tro\\ bridge laughed again. "I had
■ better try to show the faithfui old
chap, that his .master and I are the
best of friends." said he. "Now, let
cus clink our glasses together, and
then drink.' That, act ought to. prove'
to,,the,dog that we're all right together, if he's the intelligent Sc*ot'ch-
'man I-ta'/c' him for; and then I'll-bid
■you-good-night'"-** :-  ' " • '7
"He hOid-out his glass'and .Oxford
took-r.p. his again, .Kenrith also lifting-his .to his :lips,once more." But as''
Trowbridge .extended his " hand,.- to-'
wards' Captain Oxford, each holding
his glass, with a fierce growl the'col
and striking his tawny head against
his master's,tumbler, dashed it to the
•ground; It broke with a sharp crash,,
its contents spattering the floor, and"
drenching the dog's finely, .marked
face and glossy ruff.., Both . men mechanically drew back to escape the
deluge', and Kenrith was surprised at
the expression which 'for an' instant
disfigured Trowbnnco's' features'. •'•-
It was natural'that.he should be
slightly startled, and.norhaps vexed;
•but..a look of such rage and hatred
darkened his eyes for a second, that
Kenrith feared in his sudden anger
ho would attempt to kill the Prince,,
Quickly as it had come, bo quickly
did the strange expression fade, however, and Kenrith wns half-inclined to
think' it must have boen a trick of
light and shadow,
Thore was confusion for n moment,
Captain Oxford holding and' rebuking
tho dog, Trowbridge wiping the spilled liquid from his ovoning shirt and
whito waistcoat.- which woro plentifully bespattered; and the night portor (who had boon standing inside tho
door, -as if to nwait further ordors)
running to pick up1 tho piocos of
broken glass,
Ab ho stooped, Iub bnck to Trowbridge, ho plnncad up meaningly nt
Konrith, and held out a tiny nolo,
.folded in triiiiigulni'' fashion, and
crumpled as if *it had been held concealed In the ninn'H* palm,   Konrith
In the firsfjplace, the'"morning had',
beeii begun-byf'ii'hideous-shock. She
had hoped' to:-jvjring'-a .proposal    foi   ;
herself from Keniithand,to have matters settled .between■"fctiiaty and Trow- i
bridge'..belore ttie-.-b-akting    of    the,
-storm which-hdd lieeiTthreatening so
long..If she had dared she would have .
spoKeii' directly with Kenrith of hei,
financial -troubles, a-=but   instinctively
she had felt that, if she seemed even
to hint for- help irom him, though she .
would doubtless obtain all the assist- ;
anco she-needed,-she would lose forever any hope-of him-as a-husband.
• He had been' brought up in a dif- ,
ferent world from hers,-and .the worn- !
an he asked to marry himimust be— ■
or seem to be—like   Caesar's" wife. ,
Though he admired lier and was perhaps fascinated by her (or she hoped
it); he was. iiot enough in love to lor-,
give  her for  the  follies  and  almost'"'*
■criminal" extravagances, . which    he
would  certainly  hnd out .if  she  ap- ,
pealed to him for help in this crisis.
Her one hope had been that she
might be*already engaged to Kenrith, '
before her troubles reached exiremc
issues. Then, when she could inform
her creditors that she would soon be
the wife oi the well-known millionaire from the North country, they
would be willing, even' glad, to wait
for their money. If Kenrith made awkward discoveries- before- their marriage he would be far too honorable,.
• too old-fashioned in his.code of mor-
ulity, to break his promise.
To Lady Lnmbnrt's bitter disappointment and chagrin, however.
Kenrith had saidno word of love, and
ho neither listened nor looked at her
in the old interested, way which had
given her' hope. She attributed the
change largely to Klspeth, who-u she
—herself an * arch-schemer— regarded
ns a designing little trickster, n ki.nd
of Becky Sharp; aiid nothing would
have given her more delight than to
hear that the young -stenographer had
been killed or disfigured for life-in the
motor car accident. As fate had not
relieved her of the enemy, hhtj had
donfi her best to assist destiny, and
was , enchanted with..the',,news* that
through* her. Elspeth bean had lost
her place at Loehrain ^C."-.tie Hydro.
For the present, neve-thclcss. the
girl1* rem ai lied, a," detested incbiis;
and it had been a hateful humiliation
to Lady'Lnmbart that she and Hilary
should have received a warning from
Elspeth. ,,
It was a .warning foi   which to be
thankful;' still  it  seemed    to.   Lady \
Lambart that she .'would   rather not |
have had it at all, than to have re- j
ceived it through the girl; j
If wns a great relief that the emer- !
coney had driven Hilary to capitulate j
at1 last; yet Lady ■ Lambart was not i
easy in her mjnd that Elspeth Dean |
should be the bearer of. her daughter's |
message to Trowbridge. Whether Els- |
peth had oi^'had not acted in the af- ,'
lair  of  Captain  Oxfoidas  she  had
been accused of acting, was a' detail
of' slight  importance  to   Lady   Lam- ■
bait;  sho favored-- his    cause,    and
might never deliver the note to Trow-
b.-.cige.. ' ..   ,. "    ..
iviutters-being desperate - at the moment, Lady Lambait had tacitly p-,:*,- *
sented to let 'Elspeth take the" letter,
rather than there should bu any de- •
lay for even' ifLKenrith .failed, *if the
A Poor Weak-Woman
As she'is termed, will'endure bravely and patiently
agonies which .a strong man would give way under.
The fact is .women are more oatient than they ought
to- be under such troubles.        ,,.     • - - •
'    {Every'Woman ought "'to. know that she may obtain
the most experienced  medical 'advice free of charge
and in absolute confidence and. privacy by writing to
the World's Dispensary Medical; Association," R. V.
Pierce, M. D., President, Buffalo, N. V.   Dr. Pierce
has been chief consulting physician, bf the Invalids'
Hotel and Surgicr.l Institute; of Buffalo, N. Y., for
many years,and has had a wider-practical experience ......
. its Ihe treatment ofwomen's diseases than any "other physician' in this country.
His medicines are world-famous for their astonishing efficacy. ■■  •-'■
The most   perfect  remedy, ever   devised  for weak and deli-     ■   ■
cate women is Dr. Pierct'o'-Favc-ite Prescription.
..=   ;. '■ •'   SXK WOMEN WELL.
The many and varied symptoms of woman's peculiar ailments'are'fully set
forth in Plain English in (he Peop'*.'s, Msdical Adviser (1008 pages), a newly
revised and up-to-uati. G-.i;'ion o' which, cinih-hound, will be mailed free"on
receipt of SO one-cent stamps to pay cos. oi mailing only.    Address as above*,
Vou can saw from *J"> lo -10 per cent, if you buy now
-MEN'S SUITS,   FINE   CLOTH   $5.00  AND   UP
MEN'S FLANNEL SKIRTS,   $1.50   NOW   $1.00
Ke£on:ry Bros.
Tomporaiy hiiililiiij.j between Nol thein Ihiicl and HcihIcim.*-,, block
Andy   Hamilton
Tinsmith atid Plumber
I        We can furnish you with estimates in
s. ■ ■ ■ ■     ' ,
9*     .     * ' • ,
I anything in our line
1   "   •     ''  , ."       ;
"/ brg your pardon.    I tnlxttl that fot
Captain Oxford."
tOOK tilt- Jollied iui, oi iiu-Mji uiiu i'.-
plnnlly Toroj.'nlw'l the ■hnndwrtt-v***,*** nl
RlRpnth Dean, which ho hnd seen
mnny timet-; nine-* Hhe had beuun to
nd at hin •".fWlriry.
lie -gU'.'HBcd thnt nhe hnd nukfid tho
nlpht porter to dollvor tho note «e-
rrtitiv If \\n v,'fTi' not nlnn*** in the
roiv.i, nnd thnt v«ry likely Die mnn
had olevorly mndo tho rettlomineu ol
Prlneo Chnrlin lii*" excuiio for no laf*
n c-all.
Hnntlly, while tho attention of Oxford nml Trowbridpo wa* too com-
pletoly eiifti.i'cd for them to ku«m thnt
nnyfrnnp* wan ("•'nc* on hnhlnd their
buck*, lie tinf-Alcd the noU, and
rend, with Inten-* »urr>riiw and he-
wildprmi-m tli« l"* wurile KI»iwU»
had tcrawleil tli'-r*.**
niAi-rcR xvir.
It hnd ax*.'ii n tiuiiKo and terrible
doy fnr IAtly I n-nlmrt, one of the
i.vuki tuviihla. ill ■ 'T Ufa, which, at
Into yonn*. hnd not wen I'ved all 1*
thing might yet ba'well. Sho had done
her best-.for him-.with Hilary, iind she •'
intended to have liov rcwuid. \
When, (,hore cniaa, no .'.disturbing j
uexx'st froih downstairs. Lady Lambart j
took it for grunted .that:'.Trowbridge
had had. the note, and that lie' had
'kept his promise' to save hbi-'and hers
'■whenever the tune of need might
(.01110. -   ' ,   ' "' '
- Viie' two lndicr-' b-eakfustcd in their
room, instead of going'down as usual;
, but when an hour-had. passed in
peace, Lady Lnmbnrt felt,thankfully
certain that tho const had!been clear*'
. ed for her, and wns anxiouB that Hilary should descend "for a talk with
But Hilary obstinately refused to
leave her room. "Ho must have hiid
my letter long ago," she said. "He
might' answer it. It is enough excuse
that I have a headache. I've done
what you aBked of mo, I've consented
to mako the sacrifice, and I shall be
miserable all the rest of my lifo; but
I know you don't enro for that, mother. I've done enough for this morning. I moan to stay whero I nm, nnd
koop out of Mi*. Trowbridgo's way."
"Ho will think it very Htrnngo, and
ho will havo a right to bo angry," snid
Lady Lambart,
"Ho knows 1 don't lovo him," tho
girl nnnworod,
"Still, you hnve promised to marry
tho mnn now, You havo no right to
avoid him."
"Oh, mother, I must hnvo ono more
dny to myself," Hilary cried, horoyoH
brimming with tonrs, "1'vo promised
myself to hitn, but. in tho mood I'm
in, if—if he should try to kisB.me I
fcol thnt I could Btriko him acroHE
tho faco,"
Lady Lnmbnit wnR startled, Thoro
was a look in Hilary's oyos which
told hor thnt the girl wns in no state
to bo coerced. She dared urged h«r
no further; for Trowbridgo wns certainly not n pntiont mnn, And if Hilary Hhould forget herself and bo rude
to him ho might ropont hin bnrpnin.
Tho bost thing, ulio thought, would bo
to go down nml soo tho mnn, mnko
up Bomo prnlly mossngo from Hllnry,
with upologioH for tho hondncho, nnd
also to talk of tho ongngomont an of
n fiottlod thing to ovory ono whom
■iho might meet, Sho found Trowbridgo In tho hull, looking imlo and
nnxioiiH, hut lie hi'ightoncil visibly
mi lu-iiri'if? from Imr that Lndy Hllnry
Iuul dellnitcly decided to neenpt Mm.
An it hnppi'ii(>d, while l.mly Lnmbnrt
wiih ei)[*ngeil in giving tlio now**, tlm
rn-'ii wit'i the dr'iidcl "blue nnper"
n lived, Ti'owb'i'U'fl wmh mllf*,. upon
tf liwip hin promlriB, nnd ulio Hod, but
not to her own room. Sho dnrorl not
wait iu thn hnll. loHt thoro should be
Home diHpiite, nnd ulio Hhould Im called upon to son the "dreadful person"
whoA-s (txpected coming had no shaken
hor nerves. Hut lintdily iiorlbbllng a
tint* Ut iiiiv.innititi, "l «.*. n« U* eta
"■'fMintc!',' Undfpf-V.'Vol Plont"** enrae to
hor Hitting-room, nn<l Imieh your
riehl check if nil h* woll," iho hand-
**l the ci-nled rnv»»l.i|vi*- to a waiter
with lnRtructiotiP tn give It to Mr,
Trowbridgo at soon ft* ho ihould
wmiP hnrk
Lndy Lambart Imd Ihe U'«l of ex*
suiei for paying n vinit to CountOM
QUARTERLY   DIVIDEND       •    '•
Notice is lieroby given that a dividend at the rate of
Six Per Cetit. pen, annum upon the paid up Capital Stock
of this Bank has been declared for the three months ending
the "28th of February, 1900, and thc same will be payable at
its Head Offico and Branches on and after Monday, the 1st
day of March next. ' The transfer books .will be closed from
the 14th to tho 28th of February, both days inclusive.
By order of tho Board
JAMES   MASON, General Manager
Toronto, Jan. 23, 1000.
W. C. B. Manson Manager
Companlce Act 1897; Canada, Province
of British Columbia
(No. m.)
THIS Ib to certify tlmt the 'Tugli
& LIvlngHtono Lumbor Co. Llinltml,"
Ih authorized nnd llcetmed to curry on
htiHlni'HH within thn provlnco of llrltlHh
Columbia,* nnd to enrry out or i*ff',.,t ull
or nny of tho ohJnctN of lho rnnipiniy
to which tho li'glHlatlvn nutliorlty ot
I ho  l.oghflnturo of  llrltlHh Coliinihlii
Tho hond offlco or tho Company Ih
hIIiiiiIo nt tho Town of OkntokR In tin*
I'lovincn of Alberta; tho iinioiint of
cnpltnl of tho Company Ih Hfvpnty-.lv..
thoiiHimd ilnllnrH, divided Into Severn
litindrod and fifty Rlinnm of ono Iiim*
ilroi) dollnrH onch.
Thn bond offlco of tho rompnny in
thin provlnco Is Bltiiiitit at Klkmotith,
nnrf Willinm fttpwnrt Hcrroti. lumbor*
NOTICE lu horoby -glvon thnt up*
plication will bo mado to the pnrlln*
mont of Canada nt tho prcm-nt Hosslon
tliuruof for nn Act Incorporating a
compimy under thu nnmo of tlio Koo*
tunny nud Alborta Hallway <oiiipntiy,
with powor In holnilf of tho company
1, CoiiBtruct, oi|iilp, maintain and
oporato a lino or IIiioh of rnllwny (a)
From n point on tho Crow'n Neit
hriinch of tho Cnnnillnn 1'nclflc Hnll*
wny lidtwoon Cowloy nnd rinchor
Crcoh, iitntloim In tho provlnco of At*
Imrla, thcncii In u Hiiuthcrly direction
piiuHltiK throiiKh Ilimvcr Vnlloy to tho
North Kootcnny 1'nHH, thence In a
Houth'irly direction down tlm Vnlloy
of the Fliithoml river, In the provlnco
of llrltlnh Colunibln, lo the Intermit-
lonnl botinilnry. (b) From, nt or near
tlio nforoHnh) point nn the Crow'n Noit
Hrinif.i of the Citniidliin I'liclfle Hnll-
wny, thenco In a Houtlierly direction,
piiHHltig nt or nonr the town of I'lnchor
Creek throufili tlm FlHhhourn nottlo*
mont, throiiKli the lllnod Imllnn no*
Htirvo, down the Milk Ulvcr Vnlloy to
thn IntornnMofiftl linnnrlnrv til or <nt<nr
mnn, wIiobo   nddruHH     l»   Klkmoutli jcouttn.    Co) A branch lino from   ft
NBW YOIIK, Fnb. D-Flvo thousand
Chino-Ho corpf-flR bound for their laat
rontlnfc placoa ln lho flowery kingdom manufncMire
will lcnvo Ilrooklyn next Wpilnoaday
on the Hteamor Shlmoi-a. Thn bodloa
of tbo dead C-Mentlfilt' were dlalnlerrPd
from huryJnR RroundH nil over tho IL
8. and plncod In n-nnlril cnnkftB which
in turn werr- placed In {-Itk* ixne*. and
pftch ItthellcA with th,' nnmn nnd hi*-
tory or llio tll-snt oicupunt and stored
on thodc-cknof thn nlilp.
nlorcmuil,  m Uu*  luuina-y   hit    Kn-
Coinpnuy. „
Olvc-n «ndcr my hand nnd «eal   of
office at Victoria, I'rnvlncv of llrltlnh
Columbia, thin flftoonth dny of Herein-
. ,, i   i.    , i. i    i     .i
(Kcgla'.rnr of Joint Htock
Tho objecta for which thla Company
linn been ei-tnl'lUtied nnd llceimeil nre:
Tho piirrhoiio of timber llinlm,     the
point nt or neur Hit* croaaing of tho
Wntorton river In tho provlnco of Alborta, thence In a aou«h<>rly dlroctlon
down to tho Bouth went corner of tho
lllood Indian Heaervp, pntmlng In tho
f.'f.1.-:.")* c! Ms:;r.'r.i;ix'.   xt; '!,,;.;    ..■,-■••;*,
I the Valloy of Leca Creek lo Cards-
j ton.
! 2. Acquire and utilize Ktentn and
water power for comproBHiiij*" nlr or
t-eiierntliig electricity for any purposa
nnd commercially denlinK in tlie mme.
.-.. Cnnafrucf, control nml opuraf**
teloKrnph and telephone linen,
and Hftln of lumber, In* i    4.   K,,,f.r |nto nttrf.,a„„.ni». w itli oth
r-ludliiR the manufnetUN' of tlinhera.',,,. nt\\^y companlea.
telcphotifi poles, ties, shlnalca.   Intlis,! a\fi*pii a i/iuvbt/w
bo*es nnd all othPr kindred finnJnUa' h«iim.« . #1   .•    V   11     .
that can be made from timber: to pir..,. -r S ii. ?hi? * 5,U .'" «»
chntn or Mil other lumber IndiiHirlesi m* ut ?* »*" th.1" Mlh ^ of
or ihp stock tberaxt. and r-fn.T»lly «<»' -January iuuj
rarrv on thi« hiimlnpso of mnmifiictiirf  *."■-"*'■ j  'j «•
annate of the produita bf thnber nud ; A|)VEHT|SK |JC T|IR ixmm
No. 8 Slyer Eastbound  24.18
No. 7 Flyer Westbound  1.55
No, 214 EaBtbound Regular  18.25
No. 213 Westbound Regular  9.46
No. 236 Eastbound lst class .. 9.00
No. 235 Westbound, lst class ..20.16
rt ,
*   '
a OLSON,    *   «
-j -
• :
, TO RENT—-Furnished rooms with
bath at Howland avenue, opposite the
WANTED—Partner in good paying
bulsness, with five hundred dollars capital; apply post office box 238.
LOT FOR SALE—Lot 13 block 2,
Hosmer, apply A. J. Limb, Coal
Lady operator wanted for telephone.
Apply by letter to box 306.
School opens on .Monday.
.** Fresh fish dally at the 41.
Col. J. Mackay, G. N. fuel agent,
is In town this week.
Be sure and take in the Firemen's
ball next Tuesday night.
Lettuce and Celery at the Palm.,,
Bill Gates won the • two mile race
for men at the carnival last Tuesday.
, Valentines at Palace Drug Store.
M. B. Archibald of the Michel Reporter was in town last week on bus-
■ ir.ess.
Phone 41 for the best of meats.
•Mrs. ..J.. Young is in- Edmonton,
wliere sho lias undergone a serious
Patronize home industry and smoke
Crow's Nest Specials and  Extras
' The city sprinkler   froze up on the
streets this week,- anil the dust since
has been just awful.
For hotel accommodation the Napanee is the' place. ■ .
Pete Murphy refuses to act as master  of ceremonies i at the Firemen's
■ ball next Tuesday night.
Cut flowers every Saturday at the
W. II. Wood leaves this evening
for Toronto to enter the training
-'school of the Salvation army'.
A complete line of Colgate's excellent toilet articles just received at Sud-
- Dr. Chown of Toronto spoke to an
interested- gathering, on Tuesday evening in the Methodist church. ^   „  ■
Call up Phone No. 77 for fruits and
confectionery delivered at your home.
Skldoo club on short notice one day
this week. Just ask some'local carpenters."        '   ' ,
The Napanee hotel is prepared to
handle travellers and other guests.
, The uniforms for the .local, police
force are being considered and in part
are to consist of red top boots and
hats tb match'.' (j"
American or English billiards is good
sport. Ingram has the tables.
■ Piano playing'In local hotel bars got
a black eye last Saturday night, and
ns a consequence the profossors aro
*on short' r'ntions, - *
-For a good comfortable smoke get
Dorenbecker'6 brands. They are
home product.
The "whotlng up" process has been
going on heartily sinco Inst week, nt
our contemporary's offlco and thb
bends that, will fall will bo dead ones.
Beef, mutton, pork, veal, hams, ba*
con, lard, etc, only of the very best,
Phone 41.
Nov. I. .V, IVIllInmsoii left on Sunday night's flyer for Hillynrd,' Wash.,
to assist at special mooting!? being
conducted nl Hint point, Uo will be
absent two wenlis.
The cuisine nt the Napanee Is the
best in thc city,
The purity, flavor and Ht remith of
"Snlridn" Ton mnko It. Incomparably
Uio bost value on lho market. lt. Is
Infinitely moro delicious and dnehloilly
more economk'iil thnn othor teiiK.
Valentine Pest Cards at Blenadell'6
Palace Drug Store.
,A movomont Is on foot lo Hlnrl nn
Immense ccmont plant in Fornio , In
which Iocnl cnpltnl is mostly concorn*
od. Wn hopo to give moro particulars In a short lime,
St. Valentine's Headquarters is at
Suddaby's dmy and book store.
Thu local liiii-koy ti-iiin aro,In hurd
trnltilii.si nml oxpnrt to go to Colomnn
next wiii'lt. Tho riniiingoiiii'iit nm
tryInn to nri'iimpi for Mil mon ton to
mop otf on tlm wny from Nolson nftcr tho Kith.
Jutt arrived, a few dozen of live
chickens at tin Fernie Meat Mnrkot.
hills nn- nut iinnoiincliiK it h.-xliiK
rout.ml nt Conl f*n«i>k .-lull on Mon*
'tiny, l'Y'bnmry'.''•nd, which promises lo
bo a llvtfly nttnlr. Two rnriln bouts
nro billed wltli n koixI preliminary for
nn opi'iilmj, Bt't' law poslnrs for
l-'astorn puii'dri* iir-,! curryliiB ii',Hl.*.-n
for youtiK women to como out ! niul
marry ytuttg Atuvtiu /,«.,.<•-». jui>( ..
u'/'.li' i'J' Jjjijii.j-t.'iJ'l lidhit In lb" drill']' of work |h henlinK L'OO hem) nf
with' niul mllkhiK 111 cows heroic
►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦ ♦•*>♦♦•♦♦♦
In  Fernie  its<
Hawthorne for
Painting,  Interior
t Decorating
IVrtnr) fie. A entnt Avn.
«»4*'-*+«*4<» •♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦V
Don't forget Firemen's Ball on Feb.
M. A. Kastner left for the coast on
Thursday. »>
President P. H. Sheririan arrived
In town on Thursday.
Wright the Jeweler for bargains in
ladies diamond rings from $10 up.
For Fresh meat Pies try the'Fernie
Meat Market.
Pat Miller's ful orchestra. at the
Firemen's ball on February 16.
Stick pins and society emblems in
all the latest designs at Wright's.
Sec-Treas.'A. J. Carter came in
from Michel on Friday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Mackenzie of Winnipeg were in town this week.
W. E. Warren and wife of Greenwood were in town this week.
Mrs. J7 Kirkpatrick', is indisposed
at present, suffering from an attack of
For fresh and best sausages go to
Fernie Meat Market."
Who gives the best ball of the ses,-
son! The firemen on , February' the
„ Mrs. Jos. Hughes and two children
ietuined fiom the old country Wednesday.
Everybody come to tho Firemen's
hall the event of the season on February 1(*.
The Firemen's , ball undor patronage of the mayor, and council on February 16.
After your week's work—a hot bath
at- Ingram's.
W ' , '4 '
Jas. Seddon of Coal Creek received
a bad injury to his eye this week, by
being struck by ■ the end of a wire
C.' C. Wright, the jeweler, has taken
up his residence on Howland avenue,
occupying one of A, B. Trite's cottages. • _ ;
The other night we heard a man
going home, singing "Mansion in the
Sky," and we still believe it wasn't
Bill Tuttle."    ■
Patronize Fernie Meat Market and
save your money.
Epworlh league Monday night at 8
o'clock. Speaker: H. Douglas Topic,
Pilgrims Progress series at the Slough
of Despond.    -,       -    ■
Patronize the rink. >The management are supplying a fine sheet of Ice
and every attention is given to the
comfort of the patrons.
The temporary school quai ters,, wil
be opened for business on     Monday
morning with two teachers and   two
dozen birch rods from Bruce.
"' For fresh killed chickens go to Fer-
nit Meat Market.        ,'
Mrs. J. R. Pollock was called to
Spokane this week owing,to.the serious illness of Harry. We hope to hear
of his speedy recovery.
If it's any .brand of. tobacco you get
it-at-.ln gram's -* ,-■
Great evangelical meetings are expected to be held here next summer.
It is intended to hold the meetings in
a large tent with Dri* Chapman of Ch'i-
cagq'in charge": *'
The bowling Alley at the Club Cigar
Store for healthful exercise.
It is whispered that the Relief committee have made their will, leaving
the balance of the funds to John D.
Rockefeller, excepting $23 for cigarettes for February.
1 Ladies' and gents' watches in the
best movements at Wright's, next to
Fernie hotel. ' ,
Dr: Shearer, belonging to the Presbyterian church and who wns on liis
way'to the Coast, dropped off at Fernio
und,>nddressed n mooting nt tho*Methodist church on Monday nlfihl.'
The report thnt. the doctors'had resigned from acting as tho miners doctor alnco last January -and hnd charged
some of the miners for nttondnnce tn
the month of Februiiry Is Incorrect,
For a birthday gift nothing moro
appropriate than a piece of,fine jewellery.     Wright has a choice selection.
The men's and boy's races are going
to bo run off ngnln on n'nxl Friday ovoning. The men doing 25 lnps niul the
boys 18, As somo fust skaters ure
supposed to bn forthcoming It. will bo
worth n visit.
Wo notice in nn cnstcni pnpor n
firm of brokoi'B nnd bunkers currying
tho nnmo Lawson, Burnhiun und Mc*
Swiiin. We rise,to usk If the Inst, nniii-
od ' in our old frlond and promoter —
Pock McSwnln,
Military brushes make a useful gift
and can be bought from Wright the
Jeweller, nex* Fernie hotel,
Mr. Leslie Mills, proprietor of lho
Contrnl hotel wns fined $30 nnd $1
niHis for broach of the llcoiu'liig Inws
for selling liquors on Sunday, .1 miliary
Ulth. Tbo enso wim irlod before Mn*
•-"iHtrnto .Wlilmator.
A number of lho iiiuiiihors of tlio
Owl society nro iuixIoiih to Itnow whnt.
hns become of tho money Dun wiih In
I In- funds Imturo the llm. i'erli.ipsi the
Free Press, who hnve tal<«<ti upon
llicmne)v"M tin* I link of acting nn tlm
pi-Ople'H chiimploiiH will. Ii-uk Into this
Tim AtiinlKiimitta-il Soi-iuty of Cur-
P'Dtnrx nml .li'Iiitim ).*m> accopted tho
I'linlloniia) of lho Unitod llrotherhood
of Ciirpiiiitoru nnd Jolliers for n muni*
of hwkoy for either money, innrblr-H
or clinlk. Tho prlntoru will play ttio
winners for nny Htitku not. cxei-edlng
IKiOn, Hen Arniilhnh! .J*>nu-n H-r>norv
\ lhickley.
District lYoHiiliiiit V. II, jjiiunni-ati
will address n itiiiHH uu-utlui; of Ferric Mlr.orn l.'nlon tomorrow afternoon
In Ihe Miners' Hnll; subject "The in-
diiHtrlnl Outlook." Mr, Hhormi.ii spoke
.-•  /•■ '  .  ..   ...  ■»,.„...,.,.. „t,,, t;«„.,,,i. „,.
\V'du>Hilfty ulKht. Me will no to
Hosmer on Monday, then to MIcIkI,
ei'ileiivoiliiir to reach ns mnny camps
lis pn.'i.Hilile between now niul April I.
The following were pilze winner-,
nt the carnival last Tucudny orri-liif;;
[*.■'*• ,l<; i—-,\ :vii»I<-mair. F Klrkp.-u-
rick ns l.'mlij *-*.im; bent dressed lndy,
MImh I. I'udlti'ii-I ,'im fow llnv; )mm
iliehi,-il Mlirml tlii, liorfilliy Hciuli r-
'Aon an lilitlilaiiil I.iihhIi>; bent dresHf.-d
uUttil 1,(j>, rijuiili, wn jot Ley.' Hi m
dvejas.il d'11,.11*. U. I,. Litwrb* ns hiilll.,
{In tin! wii-i'i* the followliif? v..rc win-
, inrn; #j.i1-i'*- itiitc ttu.u, iJisM ilunel
, V.'l'.hu."'' i*. I.:- il': .' iii'I-1 ni'">* '*" C,»J, .-.
t itnye <tn«» iiitit* i', Hui^ii-ri-iiii.
-   In'the games' this week the following rinks won: ,.
First game: Blundell . won from
Campbell by default; Johnson Von
from Liphardt 10 to 8. Henderson won
from Grant.by default.- Duthie won
from Woods 12 to 11." "
■Semi-finals: Blundell beat Johnston
16 to 6.    -
Henderson won from'Duthie ,14-6.
Finals: Henderson won from Blundell 12-10. '        ' '
These games are for four beautiful
gold mounted umbrellas presented by
W." G, Barclay. .
P. Burns and Co. are putting up 4
valuable gold pins emblematic of curling, for another series of games.
    **" ~~
We extend pur congratulations to
It. R. Webb, who was married on
.Wednesday of this week at Winnipeg.
The happy couple will make Ferule
their future home.
At a .meeting of the, International
Cooks union it was resolved that delegates should wait upon nil hotel proprietors to interview,them in regard
to their employment of union help in
their "kitchens.,
The Lizard'Local No. 141 of the International,,Brotherhood of Teamsters
have placed a fine of two dollars for
each offence on anyone found eating
or. patronizing Chinese or Japanese
cooks when white cooks can be patronized.
NEW YORK, Feb. 11—The managers of Tom Longboat the Indian Marathon ' runner announced to-day that
they had decided to'accept the offer of
$7,500 purse for a fifteen mile race
In, Buffalo on February 28 with Alfred
Shrubb, the speedy Englishman, who
was defeated by the Indian in the 26
mile race at New York last week.
Shrubb's seconds'are sanguine that
they can beat the Indian at the shorL-
er distance.
.The fivst act of-"Monte Cristo" pre
sents the port and harbor of Marseilles with the-arrival of Edmond Dauti-3
the bearer of Napoleon's letter.''
Eighten years elapse between the
first and" second acts.' The first scene
presents a glamor,-in .the house Fernando .Count, de Horcerff.,. Scene II
presents. the prison and cells of .the
"Chateau" D1Lf".~~Scene" tHf^tlieTTpen"
sea, the great, electric .wave' and the
storm..- "The World is Mine".. Act 3
the Inn of the Pon du Gard', Act fourth
will present the-Hotel de Horcerff. Act
fifth or,the terminating scene, present's
the Forest of Vinncennes, introducing
the duel in the vrpoAa. Strong in cast
and complete in, scenic arrangements,
the production under Messrs. Willis
and Cosgroves direction will unquestionably offer one • of the. strongest
events of the season. This production
will aippear at Bruce's Opera house on
March 11. On account of the length
of the performance the curtain will
rise at 8.30.   .
- '.;.' oWitli •ttp-tca^atef Fixtures
: i ■':"->,•"
Fresh. Groceries  -and
W. J;   BltUNDjEaCX      Oive usacail
Sewing Machines Co.,
Fernie, B. C.
Why be without; a Sewing Machine when you
can get one for $3.00 a month?
J. P. H0ULAHAN, Agent, opposite Goal Co.'s office, Pellat Ave.
The Ledger^does not hold Itself responsible for opinions expressed."
To the Editor:
In . the discussion of the mental
avoirdupois of yourself and your op:
ponent; in slandering myself; in , the
proposition whether Mr.' Cree, Mr.
McMullin and J who "after placing our
respective wives in safety remained
and faced the elements of that terrible day were cowards, and the men
who not only sheltered. his wife on
£he'train but''flew away with it, was
a hero, the real question in Issue 'is
lost sight of.       "!    ■ *
What ' has my bravery or yours or
our' cowardice to do with the,question
of what is ultimately.' to. become., of
the relief fund. , In the language, of
the grand stand "Stop your, quarreling
and play ball." Abusive ' language,
whether,written'or spoken^will never
enable us .to solve the preponderating
issue. No one-man Las the authority
to determine that, issue. It is-much
to'be'regretted that instead of "using
forensic discussion about so important
a matter' everyone seems to be, concerned with saying how dreadfully .bad
his neighbor-is. I propose now'' to
take up the'questlbns as mere.business propositions and to suggest'that
others adopt'some line of'arguinent instead of'abuse'.' ,,'In the final analysis
sent money ■ to relieve the needy "and
distressed. ■ ''There ,>ls quite a differentiation betwegna "sufferer'' he;-one
who has lost"something, but who still
has something left, and the one who
lost ail and w,as, placed ln ifeed ;'and
distress.    '•*•'''     ••'      -       7     ,7'"
The' maii who was able to start in
business again' whether- because of "Insurance money, or otherwise helped,
stands in a far different, position from
the man wh'o/'advanced in years, found
himself without shelter or food for, his
large family.'-'I do not belong to tho
"repudltitor" class. 1" hnvo ui'.vitys
maintained and still say that each caso
of stated distress should be Investigated and decided upon its merits. T'.at
mistakes were madejs no doubt certain. To have expected more would
h5ve been to have looked for the-impossible. I have little doubt, thai- the
committee did the best it knew upon
hasty,- demand. ' There are some cases1
no doubt .where too much was given,
and others where Insufficient "was dis;
trlbuted. Where a person received
too much lumber he surely ought to
pay for. the surplus. . There are other,
cases where a man should, pay for Jill:
Aiid 'again cases where no payment
ought to bo made. You cannot bunch'
the whole*and do justice. ;
I know of cases^ that went without
relief, but I always felt certain that if
the ■ committee had been . apprised pt
the'facts justice would have been done"
and 'I did "not blame them. .The relief,
for'street building.'for the beautifying
of parks, cemeteries, etc, biit for dis-'
tribution to needy and distressed per-;,
sons and families,;-' Whilst not sub*'
scribing'in entirety to any of the many
conflicting propositions, I fancy cfia*?
it can- be made abundantly plain that
the ■ donors never contemplated the'
diversion of the moneys into the civl-i
treasury. There "are some persons
who can, but won't pay their taxes, and
they live in the hope and belief that
the relief money will'find its way into
the city coffers thus relieving them
from taxation.
. If you Mr. Editor, and your cptem,
will get'down to argumentative 'discus-
sioh'of the .issue and'drop your person-
■al„disc.ussion_tojiching _which__has^i the
greater.,brain power, you willassisf
perhaps in arriving at a solution, of
the difficulties' re the relief money,'
besides removing so-much unseemly
unfriendliness.       • ' •'.",-."   a
','    *■■ '   ■:'Yours faithfully i
7-  ' ' -L..P. ECKSTEIN,  i
"    '7 '       '    a****** •
W. Young is back at' Suddaby's after a trip to California.
..Tom Whelan   ,Is at Victoria this
• week on business.
Oscar Kummer has the contract pf
plastering the .Henderson block and is
pushing the .work with, all speed.    '!
= Edison Phonograph
■ ■  c ■ ■
Is An  Entertainer
The Edison Phonograph Is an entertainer
which comes into your.,home for a small price
and makes all kinds of vocal and Instrumental
music available. By means of Amberal Rec-
ords, Mr, Edison's newest invention, a great
many other kinds- of music monologues, dialogues and other things are available for the
Edison Phonograph which have not: been used
in a talking machine.
Hn.v*? ynii   h*»rtrH   fh«   late-st   Soner-
Success ?    It's among our new
Edison Records.
Suddaby?s Drug & Book Store
,..a-      ■ . . ■-■      j-.',:*      ,*'■•*■■,*. •-■'"     r*f     ?■'   v*1    •**'*'       'J
■' ,-C.-- --'-'■ -'.   -'.t'"X' «..7.-sf'.. 4 ":   ■-
-■ ,...>Sr_4.sy^   ^j,.
-.-.-     :    a   --       *...-.■J-.*.'.      ,    i
>■■'■?.- s'>>'*-'*? *>''-i:'   *
Grows 7 Nesf TraHiii^ Qo.
ai .*■".- ^ •."   "i" -Genel^-Mercharits-"'"; ,. -1 *'  ;;?J£J
® ' ' '" '>       •**    :""-; -w •'  :' , '■ ¥^f-*i££Fi'
y\ "•' •       .'■■'■'• '••'■'.   y     ' '       "        'y',$$&-.&
Storfe ■ ■ of Good ValiiepH
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, Bi'Cj
' *M
look well to your feet.
The advice of doctors when
there , is an epidemic ' of
■    7 -     grip is        - .-,
You can do,this by': wearing shoes made of   goody
leather nnd put, together',
by the best methods.   We;
have" them.  • When' you*,
buy a McDougall shoe'-you*
tire insured - against, dwaip
r-"- ''„''v-''brwet-fefet.'- rj^fo ,:
:« ■ V 'a- ■ •*:"   ' ■-.'■ '.-..-"-ar ;";*.i-a."".a,..vi;
W. R.  McDougall
/"a ^^^
The 41 Meat Market, Ltd.
TTAVING   opened a branch store.in the tempor-j
_. _    ; nry store lately "occupied by, .fi. A, Gillespie,;
two" doors'" north'-of'the new Bank  of  Commerce'
building, .we aro prepared to supply- the, people of'
. Fernie .and surrounding district' with, the        -
.of all kinds. ..We keep a choice-selection of hams, -
Bacon niul r Lard (the well known Armour Brand),
* ''*"■■'     'v *' x ■•"and Fresh Fish daily.* "7; *7- •-'",    '•'■>■
All oiir Meats are Specially Selected from
., our own Ranches »        '
Hotels, Boarding Houses and Camps'supplied at", the-
lowest,possible  prices,' ;■)  We   respectfully'  solicit'
, .y.,'-- .y.'y '■',*, .' your patronage... *   ".     .    '.
8 The 41 Meat Market, Ltd0
•}■<-■■    :;   ;i. .J'; -,"j_-.'■*.  Ti   ^      -   ,',., ,,l„:„..j   /^^^^ista^V*-4,,'.
FJBIED, •/•:-.   :■•;•■'
Always a. choice supply of Beef, Poyk, Veal,
' "y Mutton, and Lamb on hand.   Hams,   "' [
Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs
Our Specialties
Krosh, tSniokud antl Salted Fish, always, a good
assortment.   Try our Mince Meat,
•Saurkraut and Oysters. ,•■ ..
A Savings Account
will help you to save.
Interest credited
*,....r ■
on deposits of $1.00
and upwards.......
IM^HH-j -t*^-"*.    -.f-.-
p> .•-^■■■gi-*'' .--■ •*••*■ T-'*-" -f lyy '*iia*ss: ^.^r^!1.,. y*^'i^gjy),'g;i^g;jjg


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