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The District Ledger 1909-01-16

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 '; •**■**,■•£
1 *^*£--
I -aft.
U:*&*& '^7.,;...,-       .*,-
'■'*' «-'     "  ■■ -;Jw    **""'*-.■?... -!•-• :
"^ •*-■*.■
li V "'
v^t. ^3vrA
Industrial Unity is Strength
-•Tlie Official Or^anfiof District No. IS, U. PI. W.* of A.
Political Unity is Victory
» IV.   No. al& /tyV -
FERNIE,   B. C,   JANUARY   i6tS»;   1909
$1.00 a Year
V    1
a   -.**.,
Owing to the fact that move in-
tq our new permanent premised and having a large stock on
iiand.it is necessary to make room for our Spring goods, and
have decided to give the people of Fernie ah opportunity of
furnishing at a greatly reduced cost, ; All goods in the stor$,
'■•'.   'Betiding-of'erery every, variety,
i'^Picturesj Carpets,. Rugs Linol-
, ,.eu*^s,. Toilet Sets,  Roll   .Top;;
yz.x Desks and Mirrors ;- ;   ' -■ ."   ' ■ ,
Discount of 20 per cent
Sale open» Sat. Jany. 16 for two weeks
Stoves and Ranges, Window
Shades,. Curtain. Poles, and all
Window Trimmings, Kitchen
Cabinets, Etc.  V
'■Hoi^ji^'ftlrHffu r nishef
;*•'■  -:;*7
,,-■'•'■ • - . '   i-t
THIS     IS     PAY    WEEK
Whm  are   You   Ooluar   t*»   ■wr, Trnxav   Or»MriMi?
A GOOD'INVESTMENT should bb the first con-   j
aidorotion and, remember that CHEAP goods aro
froquontly DE^R goods.     Send your orders to tho*.
STORE OF -QUALITY and you will always; ro-
coive VALUE for your money. ,   ,
Socialist Leader RHlacted
to his old Constituency
In Nanaimo
Nanaimo, Jan. 13—In, tho bye,-
olcctions for tlio local logislature
held here yesterday tho following
votes were "polled: J.II. Hawthorn-
waito, Socialist, G85, Barker, Lib-
oral, 402; spoiled 14,
•   (Special to tho District Ledger)
Coleman, Jan. H—James Jost was killed by accident in   the
woods near here yesterday morning while felling a tree, It would
appear that tho tree in dropping struck another and swung back towards Jost ho suddenly that he,had not timo to get out of tho way,
,. His skull was crushed and'death was instantaneous.     Tho deceased was an entire strangor horo, and was employed in one   o
Gibson's camps, and had only been at work a few dayft.    The pol
ico had.somo difficulty in getting information UH--to his name   am
where ho camo from." '      v
Tlio coroner's jury which convened this morning brought in a
verdict of accidental death.
Tomatooa, Corn, Pciw, Wax Bouna, Refugee Itoans,
Pumpkins, MuHhrooniH, Etc.
Apples,   IllnokberrioH.   Stmwl.orrioH,    Ka.spl>errioH,
Ponrs, Plums, Pcachos, Etc.
Lack of Organization and Tuttli's Denouncing Tirade Beats
Eckstein-Trades Council Candidates all Defeated
Good Council for 1909—Lots of Work Ahead
Kelowna Tea
Hartley's Jams
Sherwood Herchmer, Barrister
i ron BAKKR.S
1 < ■ .
Wo aro Agonta for tho Hour that won the gold modal
at Calgary.
Croolrann, Bi.hU., Jan,' 12-- Aftor
brutally lll-treatlng 1.1b wlfo for somo
timo pftBt ChartoHColofl, a termor
living flvo mllon nouth of hero, roach-
oil tho limit on Monday night, und It Ih
probablo that Colon may havo to Buffer for 1Mb crlmo on tho RnllowH.
Aftor Colon and bin wlfo hnd rotlr*
od for tho night a row Btnrtod, which
ended ln CoIoh throwing his wlfo out
of doors with tho tamporntiiro bolow
About mldnlRht a nnlKhhor who wn»
luiHBlng l<i.o.-,-od nt tho door of tho
CoIoghoiiHu, nnd finding tlio door lock*
od, domnndod nilmlMnnce, whloh wnH,
rofUBod liy CoIob, who tlirontonod   to j _ ,       r_\     "_?   *     l.   *
Bhoot unloBB tho Intnulor Imnioillntoly j JLeWlS   t*   .CXk.Steifl,
vn ;    ■ 7
Rtnrtlnjr for bnmn thi* visitor lmi\rd! Wf.yrV.mPr'c:    TVlTlinrif TT
groan* In thn direction of n wagon j "Li WUUW £>   lUUJUriL,),
box, and on Investigation found   Mra.
CoIob with no moro protection than
n thin llnon night dross.   Ab quickly
en til. enniA be eerrieti Vnr to *•■■■*• •hnmn!
but sho wsh bo badly frozen thnt no
hope* wero entertained for ber recovery.
Mr*. Cole* personally rofimod to
mako a chnrgo against bor biiBband,
and (o for no arrest has been mado.
ColoB la being kept under mirvelllance
by the Mounted Police
The Fernie , Industrial &
Provident Co-Op. Society
♦ Mlntirs,   keep away   from
♦ .., Ullktest, Alta., in a dCiitmic
♦ ' !• pending there now. ,
The first six mon are elected
Duthie,  Robert, Merchant         > 236
McDonald, L. E., Blacksmith 230
Cree, Arthur H., Insurance Agt ^20
Barclay, Wm. G., Merchant 211
Gates, J. L., Hotel Keeper 195
Johnson, G. F.. Merchant 177
Campbell, Walter R.   Contractor 129
Dicken, W. M. Contractor 96
Biggs, Thomas Miner 92
Rutledge, E.      Miner 77
Suits and Overcoats
20 per cent discount
We assume all risk regarding fit and workmanship.   Wchavc pleased hundreds, that
speaks for itself.
Clothcrs to Men and Boys
^5 - - . •■
"5 News of Interest to Church Goers
We will be glad to have news for these columns each week
You are invited to the Young Peo-
pies meeting at the Methodist church
every Monday night at 8 o'clock.' The
speaker next Monday night will be
Miss L. Euler. Topic: Living for day
or for eternity. ■
The Lookout committee .of the Ep-
worth league are only too" pleased to
make the acquaintance of strangers
attending the Methodist church and to
see to the comforts of all. Any one
desirous of attending the meetings
' should inform any of the members of
the Lookout committee who will only
be too pleased to assist in every
Ottawa, Jan. 12—A deputation   representing   the Dominion Trades and
- Labor congress, including A. Verville,
-  M. P., president, and James Simpson,
will wait, on Sir Wilfrid Laurier and
Hon. Messrs. Lemieux and Oliver this
' afternoon with a memorial; expressing
appreciation of congress for the good
'  work doen by the Department of La.
bor,  and  urging  the  government  to
.v create a portfolio of Minister of La.
; bor.
The memorial also asks for the appointment of inspectors to inspect all
gears and tackle used in the' process
of loading vessels     in all Canadian
ports; that elgislation making it com-
'' pulsory for candidates at^ federal elec-
-'• tions to deposit $200 should' be" repealed, and that election * day be made a
b  public holiday;   that the -government
': make  such provision  as will  insure
/- the strict enforcement ofthe fair wage'
,\ schedule in  every  government    con-
- tract; that immediate increase in sal-
f' ary^be granted to letter carriers; and
i that.! assisted immigration <and. grant-
""- ing of bonuses be strenuously "oppos-
'J ed; .^that. undesirables be porhiblted
7.;- from emigratihg"ro_Canadar"including-
.? Chinese, Hindoos and all other Asiat-
j: ies; .that a technical education comm-
>71ssion be appointed to make a thor-
V°ough investigation into the develop-
I-.- ment of technical education In other
\ countries, and report its effect on in-
,a "Uustries and commercial development'.
i ■••'>..
.   (By the Rev. Chas. Stelzle.)    *'
"Lift the stone
And thou shalt find me;
Cleave the wood,
And there am I."    .>
Although not recorded in,the Bible,
this is a quotation attributed to Jesus
Christ. Various interpretations have
been put upon it, but whatever else is
may mean, it indicates that thc presence of Jesus Christ is with the man
who tolls. This thought dignifies labor
as nothing else can.. Men have sometimes made, the distinction between
"secular" jvoric and "religious." work.
Jesus never made such a distinction.
To Him all work was. sacred. Even before He performed a miracle, or had
begun his career as a preacher, Christ
had this testimony from his heavenly
Father: "This is my beloved Son, in
Whom I am well pleased." Jesus had
pleased God as a carpenter. His daily
tasks were sacred tasks. The swinging
of a hammer or the pushing of a saw
in the doing of a job for, a neighbor
was to Him as though it were done for
God. When .-, it is remembered that
Christ was a carpenter at a time when
the philosophers declared that a purchased slave was better than a hired
one and .when in accordance with this
teaching of the .philosophers half the
world lived behind prison bars, the
coming of Christ into the home of an
humble artisan, and the living of His
life for thirty years as a humble artisan, becomes all the more significant. He lifted labor out of the pit
in which the. so called upper class had
placedit. He gave, the .workingman
a place In human society which he had
therefore never enjoyed. The principles which He taught have since)made
the workingman the equal of every
other man, no matter what his vocation in life may be. This is one of the
ohief-benefits..of-tha^coming_pf_. Jesus'
into the world, and for this service
the' masses owe, to Him a debt of" gratitude.  ':
And Endeavor to Win Back
World's Championship
Los' Angeles, Cal., Jan. 9—A hum
of excitement has been caused among
local followers of the prize ring by
the rumor that Jim Jeffries has privately expressed his intention of going after - Jack Johnson and *' the
heavyweight championship of the
world.     -"-•
It is no secret that the big boiler-
maker commenced light training In
the gymnasium of a local athletic club
a , fow days ago" and this seems to
give the rumor some" reasonable substantiation.
The impression given to those who
were Inquisitive enough to ask,reasons for his recent activity in the
gym. were that lie was becoming too
bloated and was commencing a course
of physical culture in order to reduce
his weight ' and to benefit his
health. " "     ,
The Impression that is fast gaining
ground however, and one-that is more
readily believed, is that his intentions
are to gradually work down to condition in order that he may not strain
or overwork-his consltution, aiid at
the first opportunity accept the ?50-
000 offer of promoter Mcintosh of
Sydney to meet Jack Johnson-in Australia. ■".•*,
He will not say anything regarding
his intentions, and merely remarks
that;' as previously announced, his last
battle has been fought..       .   '
He still believes that he could beat
the big negro, and ever since Johnson's victory over Burns Jeffries, has
given evidence of showing the most
intense feeling at the championship
jt' the ring passing'to a colored
tir.n. c.
It is also believed that his banking
account can very well stand the reinforcement of $50,000.
Reno, Jan. 11—According to a despatch from Mazuma, a mining camp
in the centre of the state, the athletic
club'of-that city met last night,.and
decided to offer a purse of'$100,000 for
"■* ti-rM between Jeffries and Johnson
the fight to take place within'the next
six months at that place, preferably
on -July-4. 7" -,-;
"Bill'.' Morrison, formerly prominent
iii British'Columbia sports, and Joe
Nichols, who has pulled off a number-
of fights in Tonapah along with a
dc-*zen others, are mentioned as being
behind tho project.
A Timely Expose of the Me-
'       * f       .        f      ' "' , la.', Jaa,.
thods Employed by this
Social Pariah
Now  Open
Fernie, B. G*.
Steam   Heated   Throughout
RATES $2.50 A DAY  " ° ",'    .     j.! L. GATES, PROP.
To those who havo failed, who have
no future, no hopes; tb the abandoned, the'broken' hearted; to thoso who
aro only' remnants and fragments of
men and women, how consoling, how
enchanting Is tho thought of death.
Death at last is a welcome deliverer.
Death is as natural and as merciful
as life, when wo have journeyed long,
when wo aro weary, when we wish for
tho twilight and the dusk, for tho cool
kisses of the night; when the senses
aro dull, when tho pulse Is faint and
low, when tho mists gather in tho mirror of memory, when tho past Is almost forgotten, tho present hardly perceived, when tho future has but empty hands, death Is ns welcome as tho
strains of music, After all death is
not so torrlblo ns a joyless Ufo. Noxt
to eternal hnpplness Is to sloop In tho
Boft clasp of the cool earth, disturbed
by no dronm, by no thought, by no
pain, by no four, unconscious of nil
forever. "For In that sloop of death
what drowns may come whuii we havo
shuffled off thih mortal coll."
In this world wo all lmvo a chance
of meting with some pity, somo ton*
domes**, somo charity, Whon wo tire
dead, lt |« th'* living only from whom
men's Indulgence find rovoioncos aro
withhold, llko toh.niln by llm hardest.
■ .wind. When the heart uunln bruit-Kit, It Ih your only opportunity; wlillo
tlio eye can hi 111 turn lowtird you
moist, timid (Miti'Ofity, freeze It with
nu Icy minnHwi-rlu-a** kw/.w, while thn
limirt, that .lelleato moHHOUisor lo tho
inmost hu net nary nf thn soul, ctiu still
tnko In tho Ioik-i* of klniliK.-KH, put, it
off with hard civility or nii'*'*rliiH **wii*
plltnont, or nn nflVrtlon of Indlffcr
By John Work In Daily Socialist.
The capitalists' grab at every cent
in sight. They get men to work for
them at the lowest possible wages —
without regard to the comfort or welfare of the men and their families.
They frequently compel their employes to work in vile and unhealthy
quarters where their lives are threatened by disease and their wives and
children often times lose their only
support, from that cause. Thoy employ women and children and press
them through the same process of de-
humnnizatlon. Thoy build hovols and
tenement houses in tho most undesir-
ablo places and rent them to the workers.
They take caro not to have those
hovels and tenements too closo ,'to
their own beautiful mansions on tho
avenues, Thoy contribute to tho campaign fundi, of all political parties In
tho country Hint ,wlll accept tliolr bribery, Thoy treat poor mon as Inferiors and regard thorasolves nn * tho
lords of crontlon,
Thoy do all thoso things bocauso
thoy have tho power to,
Thoy havo tho power to do thorn bo-
cause thoy own tho Industries whicli
the workors must uso ln ordor , to
Tho romedy Is the collective ownership and operation of tho Industries,—
nnd that 1b Socialism.
But wo cannot blnmo tho capitalists
Thoy monopolize tho good things bo-
ciuiho wo permit thorn to do so,
Privato ownership of tho Industries
eiutbloA thom to. hold possession of tlio
capltrtl of llio country and wrest from
tho toiler most of tho vnluo of liln
Wlionovf-r wo soo fit to abolish private*, ownership of tho industries, that
exploitation will coano. * \Y«i will got.
tho full vnluo of our labor, Wo will
mm runt po oiii'snlvos a clinw-n to ouri.
a living,
Involuntary povorty will hn u thliii*
onco, wlillo tho rrciitlvti bruin cun mill
throb wlili thi! Hi-nun of Injimtlci:. nnd!of tin* past
with thnt lovo for broth.-rly affliction.!    \v« htivo only ournolvoH lo blrum*.
mnko luif-u* to pi-own It with your 111-f   if w,, i|V(.,| in lt countrv whoro   llio
considered  Judgments,     your trivial} workliigmuu Iuul no voto, It might bu
coinpni'lHou, your curt-li'HH nilHi'i-'pic-
HcntntloiiH, Tho heart will by and
by bu mill, tlio oyo will t-utwu to on-
trout, tho hoitrl will bo Aaat, tho
brain will havo nonnoil from nil wiuitH
at woll uh from nil worlc.    TIkti your
CIUUI.     aUl4*.a.'     aam*     £|4-i*4.a.«.< •'.     i..'"j '.'...
Vint, then you m«y rp*m<**ir.!i«r' imrt
pity thn toll nnd tho HtruKU-l*. nnd tlin
fnfluro; thon you mny give duo honor
to tho work achieved; thon you may
otherwise. Hut In thin country tho nv-
..•rnno worl'lugmiin has iih mnny votes
lis it niplinllst. Tho worklugmnn inn
bring exploitation nud poverty niul
enoiiiiinli* iincortnliity to iinend whon
over they wlmli.
TI. ..;. -',■, '!.!'.• *-•• v*«'v" fii<* iv
•■o'lcrMvi* ownivBl'l**' of tli" exploit Wit?
Industries; by voting on tho Hoclalliit
If   you dont vote on tlio Socialist
find oxtonnlnalIon for onur» iitiiiiiiuy tlckot   thon quit growling;  you nro
find content to bury thom.—A. M. Ma* |getting what you voted for,
ttills. ,.   i
.(Chicago Dally Socialist)
The question of. the social and personal relations of different races will
always remain to bo settled by likes
and dislikes, lnQ the same manner as
individual relations of tho same
character." These relations, aro really no "problem." To attempt to Inject them Into a discussion of the position of the negro In America Is simply a cheap effort to (lodge tho question. „ '
The only "problem" that Is up for
consideration, the only one that can
bo solved is the economic relations of
tho races. At tho prosent timo the
vast majority of tho negroes, even
moro than tho whites aro'-members of
tlio working class. Tho ruling class
of to-day would mako their color a
permanent bndgo of wago slavery ns
It onco was of chattel slavery. It
would maintain the colored workers
of the South ln such n condition of
Industrial and political servitude that
they can bo usod.as striko breaker**,
nnd, If necessary, as military butchon*
to put down tho effort of tlio white
and black workers to throw off the
yoke of exploitation.
So long ns this condition oxlsts ll
Is impossible lo consider any phase of
tho relation of tho races without at
onco uicutlug this economic .problem,
Socialism will solve tlio rnca problem, lt will hoIvo It by giving nil tho
workors without regard to color, free
iiccohh to lho moans by which wealth
Ih produced, and by assuring to thoso
workorH tho product of thoir labor,—
without nny deduction for tlio benefit
of nof n ohms ntnol Hlmllu KTAOINO
ot n cIuhh of Idip owners,
Whon this Is .dono, wlinn economic
sorvltiiilo |k '.Ik'UhIi.*.!, when thoro Is
no powerful ruling cIiirh InUiroHted In
tlm nialiiloiiiitKio of any ptirtlctihti*
pluiH-.- of tho moo 'iitoHllon, thou It
will bo poHHlhln l.o moot ami solve tho
othor iiiiil*-* h of tlmt question,
To-day tli" ItitoroatH of tho mom-
bors of tho working oIiiuh nro identical
without, regard «> color. Tho wolfaro
of nil depends upon thu ending of
('InoH niel and cIhhh exploitation. Tho
welfare of nil depends upon common
ownut'Hlilp of tho right to live, of the
I jobs, ot uio iiuiiKH wan vtoiu. Uu
lio-/,. ol Div iiu'ii I.'-* (lone,
To allow thi! workers to hn divided
on rare linos Is to Insure tho continued subjoellon of that, dans,
An iiti(lor*.tnndlng of thouo sirup!.)
facts will cant n flood of light upon
tlio "nice problem" of to-day.--ciiKin-
go Dally Socialist.
(Etchwlg and Sorklo, Props*)
•Now open to the public
Everything new and up-to-date
Handsome Dining Room Attached
Music evory afternoon and night
Don't Take the Rlik
Whon you lmvo a bad cough or cold
do not lot It drag along until It he*
cotti'M! chronic branchlMM or Aevninns
Into nn nttnek of pneumonia, but glvo
tt tho attention It denervon nnA act
Hil ot it, Tftko Chamlwilaln'u CiMHh
Remedy nnd you are «ure of prompt
rollof. I'rom a small be/winning (he
Rtilo nnd hho of this preparation hat*
Mit-niioJ to nil part* of it.*** UnH<-i
Sfttton .ind to tnnny forclr.n countries.
It* mnny remarkable cures of cough*
nnd colli**, have won for (t thU wide
rppi'ti-itlon nnd extensive uuo. Bold
by nil druM-flttf,
Card sharks are divided into two
classes; operators who can deftly manipulate a pack of cards ln an open
game, and men to whom a card game
is simply a medium or separation employed upon the victim whose confidence has beenTBecured by the persuasive suggestions and promises of
the "steer." •'
The personel of the former class is
composed > of faro dealers, who can
operate >the "old thing"—a deal In
faro whereby the winning card is
"squeezed" undercover from the box
and the "cases" made to show that
the deal is "square"—draw and stud
poker players who can "run up" a
hand, deal from the "cellar"—bottom
of the deck—deal seconds, use natural or mechanical "hold-outs" of cards
and dispose of their surplus cards in
the "doad\vood"-(discards) before coming in with the "hand"-they intend-to
play. . .'''„."
"Readers", or cards marked * in a
combination form, are often employed
in many supposedly ."square" (?) poker games. Inasmuch as it requires
a keen ■ eye and ■ a good, memory to
operate - "readers" many gamblers do
not employ them; therefore to-day,
many card sharks ^and cheaters . are
themselves falling- victims to 'their
more adept "brother cheater", whose
fraternal-obligations are nil when the,
money is'in sight.' ' A-"twenty-one"
dealer who'can "elevate", (the-bringing back again of_ a hand once played
for, a- replay.;in natural order.- <7'As
this is a .very-dan-gerous and difficult
feat none but*"the*more daring • of
"twenty, one'.", deal ers- ,will attempt it;
and then only when* they are turning
for'some player'''whose - "plunging"
would cripple ther"bahk roll"' if he
wins one bet) is'always in demand in
houses- where -the policy' is; "get ^the
explain in detail In the space allowed
here, how all these hands'.are'.created'
and distributed to' the .victim; and
such an explanation would not * materially assist the average 'card player to protect himself unless he was
capable ■ of detecting' all the • false
moves that exist in any "crooked deal.'
The only safeguard' for the uninitiated
fn the second class of card sharks
are the operators who are known as
"mitt peddlers" "cold deckers" and
"tip offs."      • ■■ -'■    •
Tho "mitt peddler", always; works
with one or more confederates, as do
his brothers. ' To Illustrate a., "mitt
peddler's" operation I recite tlie story
of the "spread." Dad Masters, and
his pal, Itus Clay, arrived in the, village of Manton just In time to buy
a bunch of checks In tho game wherein wore seated the cashier of the
bank, the .owner, of the box factory,
the purchasing agont of the L. A. and
W. road and a couplo of "short horns,"
"Dad" entered tho room about an
hour boforo the advent of "Uus" nnd
during that timo ho had managed to
convey lho Impression that his knowledge of poker wns only ono grade
above. tho kindergarten. But as he
did not hesitate to play behind n nlco
"roll" upon which a fow "century
notos" woro conspicuous, h« wn.s to!-
ornted—nny, moro, ho wns cordially
Ono of tho "abort horn*" ttroso from
his seat whon "Hits" ontorod, Wi'n
nn nlr of Indlfforonco "Riw" look t|io
vacant chair and bought .*?,"') worth
of checks, playing bohlnl $l"i0. Of
courso ho and "Dad" woro nbsoh'.o
strangers; thoy did not exchange
any greeting,*. Thb bankers wns
nbout $800 winner whon tho,donl cnmo
to "Riifl," A,.closo obflor.vor. could
hnvo detected "Dad's" hand piiBh tho
(linear-*!-* towards tho centre of Iho
tnblo; nnd u KEEN obuorvor' would
have seen "nnd" rolcano n curd whleh
had been palmed, nt.tlio mimo tltno
holding thumb and fore finger on tho
tnblo and (ho othor throo flngci'H off
lho table, thus signifying to "Hus" lio
wanted nu aee or a king to cnmplotu
liln hnnd,
When cards worn culled for the
draw tlio box factory mini 'drew two,
iho hunker drew two nnd "Pud" stood
tin.. (YeM, sir, ho stood put on four
Tlio factory man checked the bet;
tho bunker hot. -f20; Dad "wiw It" and
ralfiod $.*,0; tho factory man dropped
out; tho hunker mood lho rnlHO and
tapped "Dad", tho amount bolng $(im,
,'.Vl.ci, "D...V a.;...a7. lh. \ anl'.cr ""V.c*-
od down" nn elp-ht full nn fours, "Dnd*
said nothing but began to tako tn
the money, Just then "Rus" exclaimed; "Hero you, let's seo what you are
taking down tho monoy with,"
"Oh, I forgot," ro.ollcd "Dart," tonu-
inn nu i,anu <,. »ua. cuiu-i tiuv uai»...,
In front of "Hub." "Huh" turned
thom ovor and spread out tho hand,
when, lo nnd behold! "Dad' had an ace
full on kings.
How did ho got It T
Well, de»r sir, when "Dad" tlgnlflod
to "niu" ho wa» In need of an ttce or
a king "Itus" proeooded to abttrnct
oue curd, au nee, from tho dlncnr<1e<1
UaadH snd fhls ho ptdmoA with hi*,
right hand, ITo relotifind this card
u-hen "tDtcadlun" "l)ad't" four card
hand, (bus making: the nco full,
If you do play, poker do not allow
Anyone but thu holder of n hand to
■»|ir»*n(i ti when yuu think you LiiVii
enptured tho pot.
.John Krny, an undertaker In   tho
city of C— ono nlnht ttt" In a   gnmo
with one Rudolph von Zelgler, an  at
A. Rizzuto .".'   *
J. Crawford
tache of the German diplomatic corpsi*
Rudolph had entertained Fray-for
a few days at'his hotel; and hl6 suave
and pleasing voice, coupled with his
evident disregard of the price of
things, endeared him to Fray.' So,
therefore, when Rudolph proposed a
game of whist with Hon. Percy. Char-
leswprth and'DeWitt'Armiton fls opponents, Fray readily acceded.
; With-4, the, score standing four to
one (a five point game) in Rudolph's
and Fray's. favor, the deal came to
Fray. After shuffling the cards he
placed thenr down foi** Hon.. Percy to
cut. Just at that moment'Rudolph
exclaimed: "Oh, Mr. Fray, who is that
gentleman at the buffet?" aFray turned to look at the man In question when
Hon. Percy was' seen to suddenly place
a duplicate deck of the cards they had
been using,upon- the table and.to "go
into" his pocket with the original,
deck: Tho* action was sudden and
rapid in consummation, for' Fray ^turned again to the. table to Inform Rudolph that he did not-know the-subject of the inquiry. Picking up the
cards Hon. Percy had cut, Fray proceeded to deal.' He turned-up the
ten of hearts for trumps. Picking up
his hand and sorting it he found the
following cards: Ace,,king, queen, j.ick
and nine of hearts—and the ten turned-* up—ace, king, queen, jack, ten,
nine and eight of spades. Not waiting
to consider the hand he*"exclaimed:
"It's ho use gentlemen, Von Zeigler
and I win!" He was on the point of
showing his hand when Armiton said,-
"Why, how'can you wJn,»Mr, Fray, —
when you cannot, make theodd?" Fray
was1 again about tp- expose" his -sure
hand. when, Armiton,.said' "It»• seems
we differ on-the value" of* our hands.
Now I'll just wager $500 that you and
Von Zeigler cannot make the odd!"
___ Rudolph-said "Make it ,$5000 and we
wlIl~go*y6u;",:  7TT?—TT^"
• '.'Done!" exclaimed Armiton, reach-'
ing into his pocket and taking out his
purse from which he extracted, five
one thousand dollar bills and placed
them on the table.
Rudolph looked 'confused as 'he
murmured "Ah—er, Mr, Armiton", I was
but'joking. You see I never carry
any money with, me only a sum sufficient to meet incidental expenses.
However If I had the money I would
call your bet for my confidence in Mr.
Fray's ability as a whist player is
worth $5000. , Mr, Fray/ take the
bet and I'll assume the obligation when
we meet to-morrow if your judgment
is in error." Fray was only too anxious to get his money down. They
played the hand out' nnd Armiton and
the Hon. Percy won. ■ '
Fray looked rather anemic when
Armiton picked up tho money nnd remarked "Mr. Fray, that was thc most
peculiar whist hnnd I over saw. You
cloi^l yourself. six • .trumps * nnd seven
high cards of a noil-suit.; yotrdehl me
soven' trumps nnd alx high cctrdB of a
non-suit. *' You' aro over' anxious to
bet monoy on your, hand, Mr. Fray,
you havo taught mo n lesson, You
perhaps have made nn error somo
plnco. Good night, gentlemen;^ nnd,
Mr. Fray, lt might bo woll If yoii do
not frequent theso rooms In future,
for mon who can donl such peculiar
hands In whist aro not tolornted In
hero."   , ,
Whon Armiton and ,tho Hon. Percy
depnrted Fray sultl to RwlolpB! "Von
Zeigler, does tlmt fellow think that I
tried to cheat'him?" , ; .
"We!!, you did deal n pocullar hand,
Mr. Fray, nnd ono might, think nlmost
anything.'" I must lianton to my apartments,    Good-night, Mr. Frny."
Whon Rudolph departed Mr. Fray
was wondering at tho porvorso climax
or tlio ovonlng's ploasuro; and porhnps
ho Ht Ul continues to wonder. Rudolph'
Armiton and Hon. Porey hnvo sought
now pnHtures, Tho foregoing nnoe-
doto llhiHtrates tlio art of tho "cold
A "tip off" o**ei*at«H In a manner
"Htoor" or procurer of tho victim,
fltidH Homo fellow OHtonslhly honest—
but with enough larceny In him to
eniiKo him to gniiiblo when it Is explained to him how ho can defraud
his opponent nud win some quick arid
easy money.
When Hitch a victim Ik secured the
"Htoor" tells lilm nbout tho "Inside
mini" (llio confederate of the "Btc.or'*'
who Ih pictured an being ooh>*, nnd
"willing to go," nellovlng he Is going
to 'b'f'C" f\ "wnri'" th* "nfoor'ti" vie.
tlm hoarR Homethlng llko tho 'follow*
"I'll stand bohlnd lilm (tho Inofdo
mnn) and tell you what he has by
signing up like thin; thumb up, one
pair; two flngern two pairs;     three
flush; flvo fingers a full house; hand
closed four of a,kind.
Having Instilled this Into tho victim
the "Btoer" icikea lilm to n saloon, —
where the pseudo-victim (the Insldo
mnn") is convenient!*/ aeatcd at a
tabol playing; solitary. A txvn hnnd*
ed njame of poker ("freoro out") for
the drink** In proposed. The Innlrte
muu suggests n little money on the
nlde "to mako the gnmo more Interest*
Four or five hands nre played and
tho "«tecr" Is tipping correctly. Mr.
Victim hat had a good convlticor for
he U about $20 fa the goad.
Finally ho get* a hand to which he
drawn three cards, and flndfi himself
holding a queen full on tlxet.
Ho loolca at the "tip or and find*
Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Co.
Contracts Taken
Including Stump Pulling, Land Clearing and Ploughing.    Let us
-    '     7 '.a), ."figure on your next job
Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts
Money'deposited with THE -HOME BANK remains -to
the credit of the depositor,, with full compound interest, until it js taken out of the' bank again ,by the order of, the
fjarty who piit it in. The boolcs of a'chartered* bank never
forget.. j Money placed with THE "HOME BANK cannot be
'lost, nor cease to-bean interest. '■*';
,7;:qf.;canad.;c7'■:.-;.Mfager fi-
S* *•--
Miners are warned against going to
the following mines, as they are unfair, and miners are warned to keep
away: ; -.      (
City Mines __1	
Bush Mines :	
iRosedale Mines	
Strathcona Mines
Dawson Mines _
Frank 'Minos"-—■—
Edmonton Alta.
• * a i
it' ■
'     ii
Alberta Goal; Co. —."' MqnnvillerAlta.
A dispute is also, pending at the;
Galbraith Coal Mine, Lundbreck, - Alta.
Manitoba and Saskatchewan Coal Mine
Beinfait, Sask	
lilm willi tlio four fliiRorn of tlio loft
hand on his forehead and niakliiH7 n
frantic effort with Uio llrBt linum- of
l lie right hnnd tlitu ho hns four fiiiK*
ei*H on IiIh forolioml Tho victim iukIh
mi iinderfitiiiidliiR (icluiowledgoineiit,
nnd coiiinioiicos lo ifot nil hli* money
fo the ceiitrd of Iho tulile, for <1ooh
nol four flngoi'H Indlcute u fliiHh?
Well, the "IiihIiIo mnn" cnlln fho hoi
wIkmi the victim In nil In. lie IooIih
upon (ho victim'*- qiK-oti full nnd en I inly lny.* down n munil flimh, nt. tho
nnmo timo tiiklnff lite .money. Tho
victim IooUh ImiK imd hurd upon tho
fluxli nnd rcnllzoH tlmt no provision
hnd boon mndo to doBlifiinto probnblo
Btrnlfjht fl-iRiit*-**-*,
It does not" roqiilro a vory Kront
porlod of retrospection and nnnlyalu
for Mir. victim tn rf-nllzo thnt he linn
heon flooced. Dut when ho hns thla
(act borne In upon him hin "tip oir
friend and IiIh pnl aro In now floMs,
I ottcn wonder If tlin victim** ovor
lenrn that thoir own cupidity nnd Inr*
cony mndo It pooRlblo for thom to bo
r.'.T'.'.r?:.'.?'?'!?- *"""! 'f thi*v ever lenrn
that nftor all "Honesty Is tho host
Tho enrd Blinrlt hnu loft mnny wonry
nnd ochlng honrtfl, doplolod piirseu,
hunury woman and children and sorrowful mother*, along thoir coumo of
wlthf-rlnK nnd condomniiblo wnndor*
lriK«. Thoy glvo naught to a' community; their better natures we mere
ffinclfu of a pflrvort-pd snd Ignorant
brain—for tho card shark is an egotistical, BclfUh being to who-iA oar* tho
wnll of tho "guclcem" Ib « oyrnphony
moro onfrnnclng than any over crested by vlie mnMcr*..
Ho to the averan* carA phontor sndi
•tk him for monetary asalsUinco. Ho
will olthor give you « hard luck utory
or toll you to got out aud "got It" llko
he does.
For Sale
Prompt Delivery
W. H, Boardman P.O. Box 02
Aa a geuoral rule tho Hliiirlc la n, ct>.
VVUtU    Ul.    ItCMil, LcL    iiiC    .la-llia.     u.lC
force for \\\e vontoTntlo'*n of *nln *mo*nf>y
nnd Mr. Bhnrlt rnllnqulfllinii vory quick*
ly. Among thlovos who rlnlc thoir Hvob
In plying thoir roprohoiiHlblo trndo tlio
cnrdBlmrlc and avorngo profoHalonnl
gambler U looked upon with contompt.
Tho yeggmciTi, jirowlc-r, "Vavi' tnun,
"•tick up man" and "dlpu" would rnth-
or walk Into a polico atntlon than Into
a compnny of oharkB,
Tho card shark helps to koop tho
fallon woman whoro Bho In, for whon
things nro "breaking tough" tho Bhnrlt
can nlwayH live on the procot-df. of her
shame That Is why.thieves of tho
more datlug typo duupluu tho '■.baric.
Thoy look upon him as a "cadet" of
prostitution, therefore cowardly, and a
thing to bo afraid of.
PerHaps they arc right. Would It
not bo advisable for us to aosumo that
tbo shark Is too ropulslvo for ut if
ho Is tor the highwayman and burtilar
and, acting upon this knowledge, expurgate him and his ovU works from,
bur community? I If.y...
i i'V
.>.£  DISTRICT Lt-
.-»'•» •»"»•»■»♦ ■»♦-»-
' \-f-*f-*.-
\:*sjjf..;'y> .
Someiof His Methods,
-.,   J.   --.-J*'. ... ■ -1 -. - _ ,L...
-f-I-I-I I l'M'H-M-1-H'M'.'l ."M"H"I-I"
-, -       * knowledge-of., books -and,'men     am
ll ^Students ot criminology and many
of the-more brtlliaut minds of the
constabulary are to-day up against the
most difficult problem of the social
and criminal world, i.e., the yeggman.
, Whence he came and whither be go:.
cth we cannot affirm with* the positive
-assurance of knowledge; but that he
is a distinctive type in the criminal
world—and very dangerous to life and
■ property—we know. -f.
•', Multiple are the suggestions offered
ior his elimination"; and multiple, also
are the theories of his work and escape by menTwhose only; conception of
yeggmen has been obtained in their
■ official capacity as police from hoboes,
blndle stiffs and, dings, whom they
have,''picked up", and tortured into
confessions so that the office and the
forec could make a showing.
If a native is "elevated" and robbed
by some highwaymen in our cities,
the yeggman is "pegged" or. suspected
—for the purpose of apoligizlng to
the public for theii* negligence —by
.   the "Dicks" and the "Chief." '
; Perhaps, the victim has lost fifteen
or twenty dollars, a very small siim tor
a man to jeopardize his liberty for.
'<> Believe me, the work was'not'that*
of a yeggman,. for that .type ot criminal never operate unless they know
"beyond all doubt that the money will
Toe there 'when they do a Job; "and
twenty dollars to a yeggman lis like
thirty cents' to some of our plutocrats
of sporting procjjyitles.
, These promlscous and small money
"stick-ups' are the work of home
thieves and and semi-desperate hoboes
whose.lack of strategy ln. selecting a
victim proves them to be of that class
' of men to whom an empty stomach,
and the want of drink will preach
recklessness and dont careisnr of ■ a
temporary duration. . ...,*...
Hunger and cold and adverse conditions will never cause the yeggman
to go forth for small money. He always
has, friends in various - cities contiguous to the territory in which he finds
himself—arid he will endure much to
get to.them when broke sooner than
. make desperate plunges for short
money. -■ It has been given out by
many police chiefs and- detectives of
famous private' agencies that the yegg-
. 'man is illiterate, therefore. more' dan-
-gerous" than the ferocious beasts when
it conies to a question of life , and
'death, ■ ">.■"*• '■'..'.'■ , *
* Some few yeggmen are deficient in
the .simplest rudiments, of, knowledge,
•but they-are gradually, passing away,
and. giving place to the man whose
finally execute those robberies which
■ startle'our sensational, .natures , and
defies solution by bur police"."   '"*
The yeggman of yesterday was < an
•uncouth,...savage.itlnerant,.with anlm-
.allsm rife-within him., -.-.Passions ex-,
ploded frou, him in coarse detonations
caused from too frequent consultation
with "Dr." Demon" (alcohol) around
tho jungle fire; and human life was to
lilm a*condition to be blotted.out Jf.lt
proved an obstacle to the consummation of his plans of procurance and sub-
sequent escape.       ,      ' ,
He wns not only an anthropological
but likewise'a moral and social hybrid.
•Freight trains and. cross country
"hikes" were his modo of travel. His
"go ahead" man was usually a "mush
faker" (mender of umbrellas) whoso
duty it was to find out all about the
place Intended for pillage. ' Ho secured 'his "soup" a (nltro-glycorlno)
by the slow process of washing It from dynamite and then convoying It In a bottle taking chances of
lt; falling and'blowing lilm to atoms.
HU "getaways" (escapes) woro mnny
times effected after a despertito bat-
tlo and ■' • then the long wearisome
"hikes" to some point; whoro ho could
"jungle up" nnd squander'his monoy
on nlcohol nnd so|*o extra fine "junglo
feeds,"        ','.:-
Tlmt. wns tho typo of yeggman of
yesterday, now almost extinct; but It
Is from that typo many polico nnnllsts
nnd criminologists adduce their erroneous dicta nnent tho yeggman of
■To-day the yeggman is a man  with
friends influential enough to "got to"
tbo "front" If tho trail bocomos too
. worm, and tlio "Dicks" ore prosnlng
Ills knowlodgo of bnnkn, their con*
tents and tho topography of tho coun*,
try Is wonderfully accurate Absolute
quiet nud finesse of oporation nre
things ho Is proud ot, To have a
rough gotnway is a mattor ot doop
chagrin, Automobiles nnd Pullmans,
with an Interlude of good hotols and
a corroctnoBH of imrtorlnl othlcs aro
oh much a part of IiIh huccobh In "got*
ting lt" nnd getting awny n» Ih tlio
"soup nnd btlor" (drill) ho uhos an mediums of high fiiintico.
ThCHo nre tho desldorata ot the
yeggmnn who HpeetnllzOH ou safes nud
othor receptacles of strength for tho
storage of woalth,
Tho samo conditions     govern the
yoggrpn-:) to whom mntlueo and nightly
prowls of rosldonco are a study.
Whon your yegg prowler outer**   n
1   Iiouho nt night he line but one fonr—
ll.-.- a>»i.J.«...!.»b'wf i.0:.;.* fern **.!"•• ■fflorn.'nr
for be Vnown there Is but. one way
to qulof. n womnn who* Is nroused nnd
dlscovors n burglar In hor room; that
Is by brutally, cnoklng or beating her
,   Into luHonHlbtllty,
Your yegg prowler of to-day will not
dO UllH Till   Iim Ua-a v. .luviny lavia.o;' <if
•>i brutality whon tho victim is a fo*
mnlo.       ■■
Should ho fnll to quiet her by such
monns as throats ho dcpnrtn, knowing
, thnt he may havo bottor luck In the
next joint ho goes after.
Tin- yviM highwayman of to-day will
not grnb a victim on the street unless
hu ..now:* from previous Informal Ion
that the job will' pay. Tils forto It
tho "elevating"' of crowdod saloons
and gambling houses. ' In this , he
may work alone or with confederates.
Of the Big Y.|
yy--   , -"' -yyy.- •-..,*.
a.'opyriKtueU, Mfe. by.vC. -.HL Sutcllffe.  *£.
* It was 'while ■ he. wifs riding down
Little Bear trail tb'itt'Beany Hendrls
•ww her. She was riding up the trail,
and they met at the narrowest point
where the steep walls of the canyon
shut out the'sunlight,'leaving a gloomy
tunnel through whleh there was bare-
• ly; room for two .'riders' to pass. Hen-"
drlx backed, his cayuae against the
rocky "wall and tried to shrink his
, huge form into smaller compass.     .
Sbe..Edith Van Tine, looked at bim
from the, level of grave,, gray eyes
' qnestloDlngly. She bowed politely and
theii smiled. * All women smile*?, when
they met Hendrlx's genial gaze. They
smiled in approval of the warm kind-
linens of bis good looking face, at tbe
strength of his great body and at the
good heart Rhlning through his honest
brown eyes.; ; ': ,.*
. ,Mlss Van Tine's smile faded, however, as sbe saw (he narrow trail tbat
became almost a footpath as it wound
up the canyon, and her cheek paled.'
In spite of tbis formidable outlook she
urged her horse forward, bravely determined not to reveal her cowardice
to this big cow imnpiier, who sat, hat
In hand, waiting for ber to pass.* .
"You're not of raid, are you, ma'am?"
he drawled us she hesitated.
"Not tu the least, thank you." she replied crisply. • .    - „ ,..
"I was about to say." he continued
•soberly,. "that If you're "a stranger In
>these parts this Is a nasty bit of country for a lady to get nbout ln alone."
"Thank, you.',* sbe repeated, still
more coldly, "but 1—was1 only resting
my horse."..     , ■	
Hendrlx looked curiously solemn; in-
,)ped. his features assumed a rigid .ey-
nresslon. One who knew might have
«*nid that. Hendrlx.-.was suppressing a
smile.. He- threw one- leg over1 the
noinmel of his saddle, thus permitting
ills •.•ayiise.to hug the wall more closely, and looked amiably j upon the pretty strungpr. Pretty girls, were rare ln
the.Boar creek,district
She flushed under his frank, admiring gaze and dtig lier spurred' heel Into
her" horse's ' flank with angry * impa-
lien*.*-? -The animal bounded forward,
itrllilns fire with his scattered hoofs.
There was »  faint cry from the girl
"LET US GO TOOEraEn ATjWAYS," be said
nn sbo dashed away, and Instantly Hendrls turned his mount and, followed
her. ,   ,      .-,', ,--,-;.,        *
It was Impossible for him to pass her
on the uarrow.trull without Inflicting
serious, Injury, to either ono of them,
but somehow, Iip managed to extend
tils length along his horse and grusp
the. bridle roll) of her terrified animal.
"Now." hoBnld kindly, "Just you lot
mo.follow you.up till you get out,of
this hole, As I Bald boforo,..this Is a
liasty' bit.of country for a lady to get
'.uhout In." ,   „
"And as I said bofond," she began
.tartly, with oyos , Used toward, tho
' mouth of tlio ifiuyon, "I'm not afraid."
"We won't,, quarrel about .that,
ma'am," roturned Ilondrlx calmly.
"Thoro Isn't room for. two to quarrel
Edith smiled faintly. Beany lien*
tins, riding nt her horso's flank, could
we tlio.dlmplo In ber chock nnd tho
viirl of. her lip, ami n troubled look
('dine Into IiIh oyes, and a doop wrinkle
round place between his brows.
As thoy imshimI out of tho ennyon and
Into the open she turned toward lilm,
I'liesmllo lind fled from her faco, aud
thero .wai'n cold, hard look In tho gray
"Thank you, sir, for your kindness,
I l*,-lli*vo,l Hhnll get along fnmouBly
llr-mlt'ls I'omovod tils lint and passed
ii In-onzoil liinid through till shock of
Diinlmriit hnir. "If you w|ll oxcuse
mo, inn'nm," he snld, with hlfl slow
ilfiiwl, "IM'llko to Hay that you bottor
I'lile hoiiiu I))'. tin- long troll; U'b en«y
riding, nml ll'" snfortlinn tho ennyon."
"Hut I ilim't know tlio long trail. I
lmvo novel' Ihh-ii about horo bufore."
she retnviiPd iilnnkly.
"1 Hhould lw plensed If you will lot
nie in lie yon to the other trail. Oii, I'm
nil right,"'lie iiiUH'i! hnstlly ns «hn turned ii (tmi'itfiil gliince In his dlreetlmi.
"I'm Meiiuy Ilendrlt, from tho nig V
"Nenny Iletirtrlxl" sho ropontod, sun*
prosKlng n mnllo,
"Von novel' heiinl of iiie before, 1
dure sit}', ma'am.    I'm only a cow
puncher," said Ilendrix, with a dogged
look about his pleasant mouth.    ; •
•'Your name sounds familiar." she
-•aid,* with a- return to ber stiff manner.
*1 will be very grateful if you will
-•how me tbe other way around."
•'Certainly." „ He fell Into line at tier
.side, and they rode ln silence for seva
era! miles. Presently Edith became
conscious that the cow puncher was observing her furtively, and her, cheeks
flushed. She turned indignantly toward him, but he was gazing fixedly
away across tbe plain, although there
was that tense line about his jaw
which Indicated some repressed feeling. . 7.\-77.■'■   *'* •* '' .'..
"I believe lie Is laughing at me," she
thought angrily, and then, mindful of
his gentle courtesy and of the fact that
lie was going out of his way to make
her journey safe and pleasant,* she
turned a softened.face toward htm. • "I
am afraid 1 am making you a great
deal of trouble," she said.
"Not at all," he returned. "I was out
looking for some stray critters. If'I
don't round 'em up today I will tomor-
TOW."     .-,■.-'•,-   ,--.,, ■;
"That la what 1 like about this western country," she said wistfully, "there
Isn't the. hurry and bustle of the east
and the undying conviction that what
isn't done today will never be done at
all. Every day Ib so crowded with
events that there Is no time to really,
liver' She spoke bitterly now, and her
eyes were turned away toward the low
line of serrated hills before them.
"I thought you were from the east,"
he 6ald.quietly. "Where are you staying?",     .i    •
"At Anderson's. You like the "west
better than tbe east?" she asked timidly. -.,.',       . . .     ,
He removed his hat and looked about
the level expanse of country that was*
visible from the slight rise they had
gained, at the bending blue, sky, the
gray green of the sagebrush and the
greener slopes of feeding grounds dot-
, ted with cattle: 7
"Who wouldn't*." he replied briefly.
She sighed softly.  "I didn't' know lt
. was so beautiful-out here," she said.
rather sadly, he thought  ''They said
I must come for my health, and here
I am."   ,
*'l came—because—somebody ln the
east was tired of me—said .she never
wanted to see me again." drawled
I-Iendrlx. turning his eyes away from
her downcast face.
"Oh, no!" she. exclaimed warmly.
.'■Not that"-   She blushed vividly.,. .
"Something like that," he returned
calmly.      -   *•■       '■ ■   '■■„
There was silence for a time, she
riding with drooping head and sad
mouth and he, wntchtng her with tender pity, in his eyes.
. "Ilere is your trail.-; ma'am," he said
at last, drawing in. his horse with
sudden energy.'-       ' " .
There was a startled look In her face
as she raised her eyes to his and then
glanced at the well defined troll that
led to Anderson's.
"It's easy to follow and' will take
you straight as a die to Anderson's."
He pulled his horse to one side and removed his hat. ' • ,„    i .o .   -•
"It—it is safe'for me to go—alone?"
she faltered' as she turned*- her horse
at him. ;",..,•
Hendrix hesitated. She saw the red
creep into the bronze of his.cheek and
a Strang*? light Invade his eyes.. "Safe
as time, ma'am.", he snld stubbornly,
facing his, horse jibout and preparing
to leave her.'
:*She rode a few paces, away from
him and then stopped. "Benforth." she
said tremulously over her shoulder, "I
don't wnnt to go alone—any longer. I
want you to come with niol"
Ho was at her side Instantly.
"Do you mean It. Edith?" he questioned eagerly. "Do you mean tt?"
"Yes." she whispered softly. "I came
after- you, Benforth. I-* wanted you!
Will you como with me-now?"
"Let us go togother-alwnys," ho
snld contentedly.
Qsvb Her Carte Blanche to Eat.
A woman who has been a victim of
Indigestion nud Is kept to a dyspoptlc's
diet most of the timo was Invited to a
dinner which she was anxious to at*
Sho went, to hor telephone, and,
trusting to a somewhat unrollablo
memory, sho asked to be connected by
tho ever obliging "ceiitrhl", with tola-
phono 230-1. Wbeu tho connection hnd
beon mndo: she began her plalntlvo
, query without nuy prefatory, '.'Is that
you, doctor?"
fl wnnt very much to go to a little
dinnor tomorrow night," Bho . begnn
rapidly, ,"nnd do you think lt, would
liurt mc If I ate Just n tasto of soup
nnd pcrliapB a little fish or tho least
trlflo of gamo, and n bit of salad or
Ico?  I roully think my Btouiacb"—
Hero she was Interrupted hy a volco
from thc othor end of thc wlro.
"Mudum," It mild softly, "eat whatever you choose und nH much nn you
clioofio.' The more you ent tho bottor
It will pIcubo mo, I nut not your doctor, but I'm Burrlam, the undertaker,"
Harrow Etiquette.
narrow Ih not strong In custotnH,
but even tho school on the hill Iiub n
fow peculiar to Itself.
One of tho tmmt singular Is that
which Htiikos every vlHltor-the hugging of (ho wnll In tlu* nircet hy hiihiII'
boys, whether they nre In iIuiiihmh or
out nt them, whotlier tlicy mv covered
with nun! or luiiir.iciilatcly clean and
Hiimrt. whether other nml older pedes,
trliins nre elbowed Into the gutter or
S'evor do you seo the younger Hor-
rovlnps wnlklng In the.road, Why?
Hpeunse that Is "swagguiv" u crime of
the llrnt magnitude
No; custom iirexcrioos nun iho '..uko
tor «»■)■ Ifjy who U not a "t.irt>p-ypnrpr''
In ns ciohc to the wnll nn ho enn possibly got -London '"bronlclo,
Diplomats ' and Nobles Wait to See
That Changeling Is Not Substi-
- tuted—Crowds Await Hoisting of
Royal Ensign—Number of Guns
In Salute Announce Boy or Girl—
Queen's New Palace.
The'birth of a Spanish prince   is
hedged    round   with   many   strange
ceremonials,    some   of    which   must
ionn a trying ordeal for a girl brought
up amid the surroundings usual to a'
high-bred English family.    Etiquette
prescribes that a •• crowd of eminent
-personages shall be in attendance to
await, the birth.    Representatives * of
the aristocracy' and of the political"
and diplomatic world gather together
in, an. adjoining apartment, and, accompanied   by   the  ladies-in-waiting,
wait ■'to greet the latest addition   to
the . royal .family,  and  also to bear
^witness that no attempt is made; to
paliri-.off a changling upon ttie nation.
When at last the child is born it is
carried by the Mistress of the Robes,
on & gorgeous crimson velvet cushion
and covered by priceless lace, into the
presence of the grandees and handed
to  the  Prime. Minister.    The  latter
carries it round the room for all to
see and then   returns   the   precious
burden to the Mistrena oi thc Robes,
•who in her turn rest-ores the mite to
its royal mother.
Outside, on the Plaza de Oriente, a
huge crowd of the people await  expectantly but light-heartedly for the
broad bands of red and yellow with
the royal escut-cheon to flutter in the-
breeze, and to, count the number of
guns which boom forth their salute.
Twenty-one cguns   announce   a   boy.
The' news • is   flashed   all   over . the
kingdom, and the "Te Deum" is sung
in all the cathedrals.   One of tho first
of the numerous official messages is
that dispatched to the Pope, asking
him to act as godfather. The Catholic
Church requires that tha christening
shall take place at the earliest possible moment, so that generally within four or five days at the most the
royal .baby, has  to   go   through   its
second public ordeal,'
Some of the rules of ancient. Spanish etiquette die hard.   Among these
is that by which' everything in Madrid counts- by nine*days.-■ For instance, after a death in a family, the
Nove'nario 'must take place; the widow'
and daughters, or whoever the nearest surviving  relations may be,- are
expected to hold'the Drielo—that is,
to close' their  windows  and- remain
solemnly  for nine days in their reception rooms to receive the condol-
. ences of their friends, who visit them
in .mourning.    As.it5is,the  correct
thing' for  all. to" repeat "their visits
daily during this period, though the
first" two - or. three times they are subdued, it", is impossible to remain so,
end the party insensibly glide into a
degree  of .gossip and  chatter which
is  not quite  becoming  to the  occasion. ,   ... •     .    •     ... ...
The advent of an' English princess
at "the* Spanish'court,has resulted in
great improvements in the. gaiety ci
the palace, where' those in constant
aitendancejiad found the atmosphere
Bomewhat dulH. rn"~the~-days—when-
the, Queen-Mother (Queen' Christina)
Teignedas re?ent-.-evening'dress was
unnecessary,: but .under Queen Victoria Eugen.e ' a general brightening
of social- life has taken place., The
smartest frocks and tlje best of family
jewels only., are displayed, while full
dress is always worn in the evening.-
■ Innovations aro. seldom popular,
nnd the stately "dowagers, recalling
the different state of Queen Christina,
complnin-of tho disturbances to which
their declining ye/irs lmvo been subjected. Queen Victoria Eugenie, however, is quite tho vogue, and her musical parties, cnrrl parties, and. court
dances are enjoyed very much by
those members of Madrid society
who aro sufficiently Bprightly to re-
ccrnizO; the right of youth tp social
While niusic and bridge help to
puss many evenings- at the Spnnish
court, hor majesty has also introduced the English1 custom of afternoon
tons, and dolights.in paying surprise
calls at lour o'clock. At first this
somowhat embarrassed, the Bohornri,
,l>ut now that thoy, understand the
amiable young Quooi requires* nothing more than a simple welcomo thoy
nro dolightod, and oven enjoy tho
(loparturo from tho requirements ol
Bw ninh etiquette.
In tho oomitrv no less than in- tho
capital tho English Queen hns had a
mnrked effect in onch ense, tho modification or 'change establishing in'
improvement. At T.a Granjn, where
the royal family pohborh a beautiful
palace and the accouchement has
taken placo, thorn existed a rule thrit
the Queen had to spend two hours
daily in tha gardons of tho palnco
nccessiblo to any who enrod to visit
her, Hnpnlly for, thn safety of the
voiinf/ oouplo, Queon Victoria Eugenie
hnH discarded tho ciiBtom and made
the fnmnus palnco merely the privnle
plnnpuri). ground of the royal family,
Mnny nltoriitiniiH have been mnde
In thn Interior economy of tho palnco,
whicli was excoodlnnly Insanitary,
iluf'-o's Imvi! boon romediod and tlio
eleotrie ll«ht hns boon installed, nnd
the. residence, with itn mngnificont
ifMrriont*. world-fninouR fountains, nnd
many valtinlilo treasures, Ih now a
moHt clinrmlnc retreat.
Varying Hli Method.
Tlio porch climber lienltntod.
"I'm only d'dnif lliiH," Im mutter-
ed, "bicniiHo getting in on the -/round
floor has never made nny monoy Inv
me In a hupinc.-*** way, nnd It's up
to mo to pet oven with the world
Convincing liimHelf hy this Bfwnioun
rchHoning, ho noftly pimhcri up tho
window and climbed itiHldo,
How, He Enjoyed It,
■pHff"--Hi*i'w do 'l/on en\nv vour mo*
tor oyoloP
•Qriggrt—Fine/   Ml 1 tK.-t.-A is u r**»i.
ol lur und (enthcrs to (col liko a blr**-
Are now prepared to transact your Banking
.Business  in  temporary quarters in  rear
of their late office pending the coniple-    ,
tion of our new premises    "•
Savings Department
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received, interest allowed at
7 current rates and paid quarterly.
H. L. Edmunds, Manager
Fernie Branch
■■ V,':7-   ■"•■/yyy^Ai/  ■..' ■■' ..,■■7.'
The Bank of Hamilton
is in a position to meet
every requirement of
sitors consistent
conservative bank-?
ROY. A I/°
- "  FERNIE.
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
.. Call in and
see us once
C. W. DAVEY & CO., Props.
Waldorf Hotel
(In rear of old stand 1
Table Unexcelled
Bar supplied witli the finest
brands of Wines, Liquors  •
and Cigars
(Formerly of UentmllHotel)
\V!:cr. onr enMcn hni-M*, in ri-nllze ft
few of tliomi facts quoted ntiove thoy
will bo mere succoKuful in tliolr up*
prolionalon of tho nunvry, And our
cltlon nnd countlon ,nnd piIhoiih will
not lo forced to pny the heavy expon*
Ren attonilfiiit upon trials of some
wrntRhftd hobo who fi.Hn nn Innocent
victim to tlio. ambit loin* of tlim-u who
miiM twiI-0 a •.fowlnK,
All mon may be reducmi 10 u mute
nt publlG illnapprtvttl, prov'-dln.K Tate
Y.m a ilonlre to r-nvermrr thc when!' nnii
•ill■ waiiilererB moy ho tJlmefptHl'li* t>
1!'C volco of <*vll; but nil .ioh.."-*H, nml
ti'JijnpH mill Binnmi-ih i-mv-.-'ui^ -..,•.
town nro not yoRgmon.
Do not. lot tho plnco bocomn a repcm*
Itory for unemployed nnd unknown.entrant**; but do not nbiiHo thom through
11 fear of youru that thoy mny be
Hond tli.'in on tluilr way; and excr-
cine prudence and Jimtlco before you
purinii >i»..' iH'ejudlcea fa nllon* on.*-*
hnplcMg wlRht to Kurfiir for the work
of the ynRRttinu who no HticroBftfully
eluded your polico.
The Original and the Standard
"You'doff rgcrarrexperiir.ent—or-an-untried jnatcrial—sojc, mercl*jr_
verbal promises—when you buy RUBEROID. All the
experiments and tests were made 16 years ago." You get
perfection inroofing in-RUBEROip.
16 years' service on roofs all over the world proves that
RUBEROID.resists all weather,conditions—is unaffected by
heat or. cold—and is absolutely fire-rcsisung and waterproof.
You can roof the house and barn yourself with RUBEROID,
thus saving expensive roofers' work. Write for samples and prices.
Sold by Western Canada
Wholesale Co.
1.       "Why, of Courul
The editor of nn iiurloultiirnl pnpur
tlUtt   KlUUk,*....,',   (.'.alu*.   a,    i,a./.J.;:.l>,   HUa4>
Hon ho had received from n city mnn
who had recently removed tn tin* country, Tho Inquiry wim HiIhi "Will you
kindly (ull me lilnv Ion,*; cowh Hhould
Tbo offlco boy, pnnRliiR nciir, hi'iinl
(tin puperlor ri'p^iitlnfj the qttentlon
"Setmtt me, bnnn," )w nnhl. "but iv'v
don't yer .toll, him Jon' di> miine'ti nhort
Let  us  prove   to   you
range  will   save   you
The home that, owns ..   Gurney-Oxford
Golden Nugget Range .
—saves fuel
—saves food
—saves health
' —saves time
1 ■ —saves labor
for this Is the range that  war built
to save just these things
is the lowest-priced range containing
the special features and improvements
of the highost-priced ranges.
It fs supplied with an Gurney-Oxford
reversible grate that gives a constantly
bright, live fire and burns every bit of
the fuel to a fine ash—there is no waste
In the morning a tvrn of the grate
handle gives you a quick, bright fire.
You don't nave to loosen a single
bolt or nut to change the grate from
coal to wood burning
The Are-linings can be removed
without disturbing the pressed steel top
The range will never warp nor crack
(or it Ir built of patent levelled dead
flat steel
The range fs lined with asbestos so nil
the heat Is kept inside to do your cooking
how  much  this
The unusually large oven
hns a drop door thnt forms &
•solid basting shelf when open,
We know thai thc Gurney-
Oxford Golden Nugget Range
Ir the one vou Hhould have Tn
your kitchen
Wo know you will realize
thn if you call and let us
explain the range to you
This Is the range with the new
divided flue, This divides the heat
nnd sends It over the front of the
oven as well as the back, keeping
alipartsat a perfectly even temperature No turning of pies or unevenly bilked cakes with this range
The GurneyOjtford Canadian is also
provided with the reversible grate—
the grate that burns all the coal-
Built of the finest, doad flat,
patent levelled nt«l, imed n'uh
ftsbcMos. Large oven with balanced
drop door
Gurn*y Standard M«tal Co.
CilMi-r     »-»«•»»•*»     Ldncsitn
J, D. QUAIL   «
Saa.llti-.f-f Atf-vr-l. f«rr.t»
The Hotel of Fernie
Fci'riiu's Lending Cpmmprcial
"-T""-TaurToufi sin loTTsc5—"^T~*d
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
Bar supplied with   tlu*  best Winc|
Liquors und Cigars
Doing businoss In the samo old pla
Liquort, nnd Cigar*, of tin- lilgh.'h'j
'■uulity .*. Well utockt'd Imi'
CO.,  LTD.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers!
A. full hi (irk III m few llllV-J
Tin*- mily ndi'ilil-' pIiht in to.Mil
i-liiiicr pipe? iitid Inliiii'i'i
SI}* M*ltitt &tL\%w
•..- >
■■$1.00 a.year in advance.- Address all communications to the "Manager!,' District Ledger, Fernie B. C.
Rates for advertising on application.
We, believe/' through careful enquiry, that, all the
advertisements In this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good to actual subscribers any loss incurred by trust;
ing advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt tp adjust trifling disputes between
. subscribers and honorable business'men who advertise,
nor pay. the debts of honest bankrupts.
This .offer holds good for one month after the
transaction causing'the complaint; that is we must
have notice within that time. In all cases in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
W. S. STANLEY,   ,
-    Manager. ,,'   „..,
DONALD M'NAB was elected by acclamation
in Lethbridge for the Provincial House.
We congratulate Mr. McNab on his appointment, as he is the first Labor man to be elected in
that riding. McNabb has the chance of his life
Lo make good," and if he does so he will remain in
the House.  '• ■'
, We sincerely trust that the title of M.P.P. will
not be a.burden to Donald's labor policy, but that
he will rise to the occasion and be a unit in the
forward progress of the great movement to which
he belongs". „
" THE FREE PRESS has tlm audacity to call our
special a lying, scurrilous sheet.' Well, Mr. Wallace knows personally that not a lie was told.* •,* -As
to the lot.deal he .was there like a.duck. He knows
he did not own the lot on which he voted. Truth
always stings though., ,   .;.'■"'   •' - y   "/..
. '     BARBARISM-
Official Count for the Recent Election
of Officers 7       "h
. *-•<
Detailed Returns from all Camps
With regard to the statement in the Prank Pa-"
per that.all the District. Officials are members.of
the Socialist pary, we beg to state that P. H. Sher.'
.man is the only Socialist on the District Board4 ■
The Socialists as such took no part in the late
District elections..    •.;...'..-. ','•-.-.      ,
■ *, With regard to dissention in the- ranks they
were never more united than at the present time
-■■■-statements of the Capitalist press notwithstanding. , y ■ ■   ' ''
*?.v *
By an Explosion in a Virgina
Mine-Second Explosion J
:; Less than i
The decision of Justice Wright, by which President Gompers, Vice-President Mitchell- and Secretary Morrison are ordered to jail for violation of
the court's injunction, is at once the most astounding blow at free speech,' a free press' and* constitutional liberty the country has known. "
It is a blighting, black disgrace to our republican form of government. Nothing to exceed it
was ever done under any of the old despotic governments of the old world
It is a blow at everything the American citizen
holds dear and a blight on our-American manhood:
It is a subversion of everything pertaining to liberty granted us by the constitution and of which
we have been proud to boast.
" ' If' the courts of the'United States have the right
.to issue injunctions-restraining-free speech,.and"a
free press, and then send people to jail fpr'-viola-
tion- of it, our liberties are a delusion aiid a snare
—a mockery that laughs at our so-called independence and makes abject slaves to the courts of us
all.     • .'   *, "V ■''..-- •   '   "  '
The case has been appealed to the Supreme
, Courts of the United States, and for some tiriic* the
pected that this black action will deter others in
the movement, there is botind to be tlisappoint-
inent. Instead of having that effect the decision
will arouse the.lion in tin** breast'of every Ameri-
■. can-citizen and give an impetus to the labor movement that is bound to make itself felt and feared.
' The decision will but serve to give zest and impetus to the fight against government by injunction and will unite the forces of labor more thoroughly than ever ..before, > and with this increased
strength, activity and power thc strongholds of
the pernicious system .will be assailed, its forts
will fall and the rights of tlio people will be supreme. -.,'„.
Great is Justice Wright; the blow he aimed at
organized labor will strike the wall of truth, and,
rebounding, will slay tho system that he hoped, by
his decision, to make impregnable.
a Government by tho courts and not by the law
must go, and, Justice Wright has hastened its departure.
' In the meantime the.sympathy and support of
every true hoarted American citizen is with Presi-
.dont Gompers, Vice-President Mitchell and Secretary Morrison, and will support them to tho last
ditch against such high handed oppression, repression and wrong.
Wo onter a most vigorous protest against this
unholy class dociBion.    It's a shame and a blight
-on our boasted liberties.—-Mine Workers   Journal.
The statement was publicly- made, on' Sdturd ay
night last in Bruce's hall that one of- thi; prisoh'ors
at the'jail had suffered the inhuman'ignominy of
having the shackles 'frozen on,hisulegs.- '""•'' ■ ■,'.
This seemed such.a monstrous;thing in the
twentieth eehtiiy-'that we were, loath-to believe it.
However on-making official: inquiries we,: were
told that while the tale Avas a little exaggerated,
• Who-is*to blame for this atrocious state ,of affairs?; Not the police, for they are but,servants,
.and doing what they are bidden by their superiors.
Not* the council, for* thai part of tlie civic-administration is out of their 'hands. To .whom then can
Go back to Russia of years ago, and traverse Siberia with all its horrors and you will not see much
.worse' than what' exists in Fernie, B. C.j in the
year of'our Lord Nineteen Hundred andNine.
. .Imagine, if you can, a shack with one ply of
boards, where prisoners are attached to a long chain
which runs from one end of the shack to the other,
with loops at intervals for the offender of the law,
who may be anything from a murderer to a common inebriate. '„'.■•
It is a hole where you would not keep a dog, let
alone a human being, who has for thc moment.digressed from the straight and narrow path of right
and bas traversed the broad road of wrong. ? But
they are nevertheless as much human beings as'you
and L . ■ . •
Thank God, the year is over and the new coim-
cil are going to take a hand jn the matter, and if
the Police Commissioners-fail in their duty they
will be rudely jogged up, and the Medical Health
Officer made,to do his duty. We ask these gentlemen this question: Would you like to be cast
into such a shack to.freeze?•. '
Are we still living in the-.dark ages—is this the
twentieth century of enlightened Canada?-  ■ --
... Tho police 'commissioners are Mayor Tuttle, J.
D. Quail) James Broley.    The Medical Health officer, is Dr. Higgins, assisted by the Chief of Police.
, In Fernie the Ledger and Free Press are firing
paper bullets at each other in a merry war over
labor,,and the end is not yet. Over here in. the
Boundary there is a bloodless chasm' dividing .the
trail between tho Phoenix Pioneer and tho Grand
Forks Sun officer, whilo tho little snowbirds aro
singing something about) peaco and goodwill to all
mankind.-—-Greenwood Ledge.
.1.   I J.,.! ,
Lest wo forget—The. Winnipeg Telegram of
May 21st, 1906, says: " . . . Tho company through
its organ, tho Fomie Free Press, is making all
kinds of threats of what will lmppon if its "great
cinch' is disturbed by tho vote of tho.ratepayers."
Woro wo wrong in assuming that tho Free Press
was always found on tho side of capitalism against
CHANGES do not alwayN mean improvements.
Not so many peoplo play guitars as formerly, but
look at tho increased numbor of bag-pipes.
niumark, N. D„ Jun. 12—In spite of
? court Injunction un nrmod guard
)t Btnto milltln pat rolled tho capital
ait night, nnd lt will romnln on duty
•tonding tlio settlement of tho legal
•oritrovon**/ regarding thu relative
•IglitH of (lonornl T, 11. Poolo nnd Col,
V. P. i'aako. General Poolo wan ro*
I rod by Governor llurku, hut tho (Ion,
'ofiiHOH to give up tho offlco, Tho mil*
tin wns cnllod. out. yoHtordny nftor
Jcnerul Poolo hnd ro-ontorcd the cripl-
ol nnd taken possession of IiIh offlco,
rom which ho hud boon ouHtud ou
lio provlouB dny.
Poolo wan pjoccd undor military nr*
ent. bv tho Oovnrnor nnd Ih construe*
Ivoly conflnnd to IiIh quarters nt
ho Northwoot hotol,
Tho district court has granted nn
nJunction forbidding Pi-iiI.ij or othor
•orsons from Interfering with Pool*
n tho discharge of tho duties of hit
Now York, Jnn. I2*-!lrndford Mor*
| 111, 8, 8. Carvolho and Edward   IS.
Hark, officers of tho Star Co., which
uMUiura Wm. H. ttetirfltii newspaper
| he Now York American woro to-day
*.'i.al fcullly uf <** l-.uWi.aI libel ou a
I hargo preferred by John D. Rockefel-
hr, Jr., and technically committed to
to Tomb* prison,
Vancouver, Jnn. 0—It was docldod
by tho Trades nnd Labor council nt
thoir mi'otlng laBt night to novor ox*
Istlng connoctlonu with tho papor
known ub tho Trndos UnlonUt which
haw boon hitherto nccoptod nB tho
medium for expressing labor vIowb,
Iu iltH placo a now publication lo bo
known nH tho Wontorn Wago Enrnor
will nppour,during tho (lrut woolc in
February. Tho pupor will not In any
wny bo .connected with tho TrndoB UnlonUt nnd will be the only publication
(acknowledged by thu council.
Wlnduor, Jnn 13—Jororolah Jack*
boh, a negro 3(1 years of ago, was or-
roBted nt Pueo, a vlllngo lfi mlloK from
honr on a charge of nttompted murdor.
It in nllug-jd thnt ho bur nod tho houao
of anothor nogro, Thomas Carter, bocauso thc latter*' fifteen year old
daughter refused to elope with him,
Lame Moulder Cured
Utiw shoulder I* usually caused by
rheumatism ot tho -miiHclna nnd it
rjulckly yloldB to a few nppllcnllona of
Chamberlain's Pain Halm. Mrs. V.
\l. McKlwce of llolstown, Now Drunu-
wick, wvltea; "HavInK bvxn Wo.ibU.tl
for somo llrao with a pain In my shout-
il.*.,- 1 da-cUl.:,! lu Kiv.i CUttiiiln-rluiii',,
Pain Halm a trial, with tho result that
f got prompa relief.' For sale by all
WnHhliiKton, D. C„ Jim. 12—Tliroo
dlHtlncl (-urthqunko bIiocIcb hnvo boon
recorded by tho solzmogrnph at tho
Const nnd Goodie Butvoy Mngnotlo
Observatory at Choltonlinm, Md„ during tho pnHt twenty four hours.
Snn Salvador, Jan. 12—- Severn!
earthqunko shocks were felt horo last
night, Thoro havo been n number of
HhockH In the enstern part of the Republic. No loss of lifo'hnH boon reported.
Florence, Jan, 13— Sovornl earth*,
quriko shocks wore recorded horo thiu
morning nt Intervals of two hoc-
VclliCa,,   al'aXil.    ** j/.        'i'tft)   XlAtill>iU&k,l
shocks wero experienced this morning
and ihe {Myopic- rushed out from their
homes nnd gnthcrod In tho plnco of
8t Mark nnd other opon squares
Mi.an, ..w*. li—Ait tiMiti tWiOc.ii wo*.
foil hero this morning and canned
constdnrnblo nlnrm
A number of peoplo rushed from
their houses and congrogated In the
Cathedral Square.
nnmo, Jnn, J.T--.1 nHi-fhr ("flrthnTiiakt*
was experienced early this morning
fhroufihout l.omhnrdy, Vol la nnd Tiifl-
No dsmago was done and no ono
was injured.
. The following! is a detailed ivote;of. the .vote \ given by - the' locals
in the recent'election of officers for District 18 United* Mine Workers
of America :7 ->1'    , '■''-' "•;' 7°    '■'}>l '     '   ''•'■''   .   "     '--.•'-. -r-
„F- H.,Sherman, Michel 63; Fernio 231; Bankhead 225; Cardiff-21 •'
Royal Coll. 11; Frank ,15 ;'C,orbm 2; Taber 80; Woodpecker 26; Lethbridge 78; Coleman 190;' Bellevue 97,;. Taber, 38-Carbonado 12;',I.i'lle
158: Maple' "Leaf." 15; 'Canmore 82;-Hillcrest 32;. Kemhire 127; Tay-
lurton 38; Roche Percee 41; Passbiirg 13; Hosmer 49; Lundbreck1 39.
Total, 1683.    .   .7','' V-"'    ".«'■* -...*'''.' "'"'   '
. PpR VICE PRESIDENT .   , s        ,
John' R., Galvin i Michel, 43; Fernie 180-Bankhead 205-Cardiff 7';
Frank 3; Corbin ,101; Taber 14;-Woodpecker 15; Lethbridge .28;
Coleman, 30;,Bellevue 12; Carbonado 2; Lille 135; Maple Leaf 6;
Canmore 7; Hillcrest 4; Kcmnare 103; Ta^lqrton 38; Roche, Percee
32; Passburg 5; Hosmer.69; Lunibrecki25;.totai'1016. %i-'.'•,.'  '..'..
■ • W.H. Evans: Michel-70^Fernie 180; Bankhead 7; Cardiff* 2;
Royal Cpllieries 0;. Frank 3; Corbin '3;'; Taber 11; -Woodpecker; 4;
Lethbridge 23; Coleman. 17.; Bellevime^ij./Carbqnado ,9';. Lille.: 10;
Maple Leaf 3;|Canmore,'7;'Hillcrest 5; Kenmire-14; Roche Percee 1;
Passburg 6; Hosmer 80;' Lundrcck 15; 'total;'541. ''' '"' "
., ' Mike Joyce:'Michel ,810; Fernie"21;' Bankhead 3; Oorbm.-T; ■Taber 5; Woodpecker 3; Lethbridge 8 ;• Coleman* 12; Bellevue'24; CaiS'
.bonado'.Tj Lille"4;' Mapje Leaf'3V'Canmoro';'2;:'Kemnare 10; Roche
- Percee 5; Passburg 1; Hosmer 22; .total 947: .*.,.''*    .: '  r-   -.  , ■.''
7. Harry, Smith: Michel 11;'Fernie 15; Bankhead 3; Cardiff 4;
Frank 3; Corbin"6; Taber 7; Woodpecker 2; Lethbridge, 8;-Coleman
192; Bellevue 12; Taber 2; Carbonado 2; Lille 18; Maple Leaf'3;
Canmore 19; Hillcrest 5; Kenmare 4; Passburg 3; Hosmer 10 -Lundbreck .2; total'331.' . ' ' .•'■■'•■ . "
a Clem Stubbs: Michel 2; Fernie 20; Bankhead 6; Cardiff 13;. Royal Collieries 11; Frank 27; Corbin 1;' Taber '65; Woodpecker'2;
Lethbridge,17; Coleman 10; Bellevue'46; Taber 32; Carbonado 29;
Lille 3; Maple Leaf 1; Canmore 1; Hillcrest 134; Kenmare 2; Roche
Percee 1; Hosmer 10; total 422.'    7'"
Spoiled:, Michel 21 • Fernie 11; Bankhead 1; Cardiff 2; Frank 3;
Corbin, i; Taber 3;'Lethbridge 7; Coleman 4; Bellevue 5; Taber 1;
Carbonado-3;'Canmore 2; Kenmare 1; Taylorton 2; Hosmer 4; total 71    .      •     .    ' ,„,,     , '    '
J. "A. McDonald: Michel 91; Fernie 178; Bankhead 214; Car-1
diff 25; Royal Col. 11; Frank 25, Corbin 116, Taber 63, Woodpecker
22, Lethbridge ,41, Coleman 132, Bellevue 49, Taber 28, Carbonado
30, Lille 129, Maple Leaf 9, Canmore 63, Hillcrest 13, Kenmare 108,
Taylorton 113, Roche Percee 35, Passburg 15, Hosmer 97, Lundbreck
12yWfalT55i:   ~T*       ~*~.     * -. i  i-   - ""T r ^~T^     ~
A. J. Carter: Michel 855; Fernie 119, Bankhead 11, Cardiff 2-
Frank 11, Corbin 3, Taber 29, Woodpecker 4, Lethbridge '41, Coleman 103, Bellevue 62, Taber No. 102, 9, Carbonado 15,* Lille 30, Maple
Leaf 5, Canmore 17, Hillcrest 136, Kenmare 24,,Tayltorton;7, Roche
Percee 4, Hosmer 83, total 1570. *.•*.■'
, Spoiled: Michel 7; Fernie 3, Frank 4, Taber No. 1959, 7, Lethbridge 7, Coleman 5, Bellevue 3, Taber 102, 6, Carbonado 5, Lille 8,
Maple Leaf 1, Capmore 4, Taylorton 15, Roche Percee 1, Hosmer 8.
.total 84. .     ■     ' :•' - .   , ■*    ■;• • ;
, Peter Patterson: Michel, 154, Fernie 107, Bankhead 202, Cardiff
6, Royal Col. 2, Frank.13, Corbin 4, Taber, (1959) -21. Woodpecker 12
Lethbridge 38, Coleman 136, Bellevue 55, Taber '(102) 6, Carbonado
32, Lille 130, Maple Leaf.11, Canmore 58, Hillcrest4,' Kenmare 71,
Taylorton 26, Roche Percee 32, Passburg 13, Hosmer 71, Lundbreck
30, total 1234. ....•-
Hopkin Evans: Michel 84. Fornio 34, Bankhead "8, Cardiff,5,
Frank 2, Corbin 9, Taber (1959) 48, Woodpecker .7, Lethbridge 15,
Coleman 45, Bellevuo 19, Taber (102) 7, Carbonado. 1, Lillo 14, Maple
Leaf 1/Canmore 9, Hillcrest 134, Kenmare 31, Roche Percee 5, Pass-
burg 1, Hosmer 50, Lundbreck 6, total 535.
James Lancaster: Michel 33,' Fomie 156, Bankhead 8, Cardiff 12,
Frank 7, Corbin 06, Tabor (1959) 3, Woodpecker 2, Lethbridge 14,
Coleman 23, Bellovuo 19, Taber , (102) 1, Carbonado 2, Lille 2, Can-
more 5, Hillcrest 4, Konmaro 10, Roche Percee ly Hosmer 22, Lundbreck 4; total 424.
D. h. Miller: Michel 7, Fernie 15, Bankhead 5, Cardiff 2, Royal
Coll. 8, Frank 2, Corbin 2, Taber (1959) 25; Woodpecker 5, Leth-
bridgo 9, Coleman 8, Bellovuo 10, Taber. (102) 28, Carbonado ,1, Lille
6, Maple Leaf 1, Canmore 6, Hillcrest 4, Konmaro .13,' Passburg I,
Hosmer 12, Lundbreck 2, total 15G.
James Sharp; Michel 072, Fernie 28, Bankhead.4, Royal Coll 1,
Frank 13, Corbin C, Tabor (1959) 4, Lothbrldgo 2, Coleman 20, Belle-
vuo 7, Carbonado 10, Lillo 7, Maplo Leaf 2, Canmoro 2, Hillcrest 2,
Konmaro 7, Rocho Pcrceo 1, Ilosmer 22; total 814.
Spoiled: Michel 7, Fernie 10, Bankhoad 2, Frank 5, Corbin J,
Tabor (1959) 7, Lothbrldgo 11? Coleman 4, Bellovuo 4, Tabor (102) 4
Carbonado 5, Lillo 5, Canmoro 4, Konmaro 1, Taylorton 14, Roche
Perceo 1, Ilosnier 10, total 95.
Rejected, nO'scal, 43.
David Paton: Michel 103, Fornio 302, Corbin 6, Carbonado 17,
IIoBmor'127, total 555.
William WhitelioiMOi Michel 819, Fernio 30, Corbin 84, Carbon-
ado 34, Hosmer Gi, total 1037.
John Johnson: Frank 10, Coleman 140, Bellevuo 17, Lillo 108,
Hillcrest 3, I'ftHsburg 8, Lundbreck 10, total 302.
** 'v     J'* -v'     -    l-      -'»    V .  .- ..... a.     -.,    i.-v*»K.,.4ia4 Jw,    J*....*,        —m,
TWV-rrat. 8. V-nw.ltnrg <1, L*n*nd..rt'flr fl, Ir-lal 3CO.'
Thomas Thomson t Frank 3, Coleman 10, Bellevue 23, Lillo 39,
Hillcrest 140, Pasbs-urg 2, Lundbreck 12, total 235.
.James lioyle: itoyai Col). %, "labor [YSo*)) 77, Woodpecker 3.1,
Lethbridge 10, Taber (102) 40, total 168.
D, H. Quigley: Royal Coll. 3, Tabor (1059) 20, Woodpecker 1,
Coleman 75, Taber (102) 4, total 109.
William Dunlap: Bankhead 219, Cardiff 23, Canmoro 9, total
Allan J. McKinnon: Cardiff 5, Canmoro 74, total 79.
Official Auditor President.
^Bluefleld.- W. Va.,^Jaii7l!2—As;. the
result., • ofs another, explosion at the
LIckbranch mine at Switchback about
twenty miles''from1, here,' between' 50
and 100' miners uw,ere'; killed-' at 8.30
this morning.,,.. ,.,-,,„-., -. ..-.   "„.'.,.  '.'..',".,
n-The-number cmay be. increased as
at' the'- time - there were * between - 230
aiid'300 miners""at work in'the1 shafts
.    '■     V -        •-' ' * *'• I'        ' \   I, III        |'4 ."    1,'  '
and It has not been. ascertained bow
many survived.  '-,.  .    ;;,   ..- - _>,'i.
On December -8 last.'ari^ explosion
occurred In ■ that "* mine, - which up ' to
that time had*been regarded as a model, mine. . On that occasion*' the
cause was not: ascertained - arid the
death list reached 'fifty. ■' ■■'*....
"The last b'ddy'-in. conriectlon'with
that disaster was brought to the surface on Friday and the mining Inspector had declared that -the' mine I was
again safe and that *■ work could be
resumed. ■*-       •■■■■.■*-••■   ,*•*-.
Most -of tho mlners'who were engaged ' to ■ resume work at the mines
were Americans with a,few foreigners
and some'colored laborers;' • '* • '  "■
It was stated that the mtrie''was''examined to-day by' the:new shift tind
was reported to be safe. ''After'the
work .had' been- resumed the explosion
occurred with"'a death list that' will
probably far exceed that'- of' tlie 'December explosion. ' '"■" ■   ■'•"• ;;- • '-*. ■
-/■**■«>--.-■■i --    ...   ..'" .-:y^.-y:
FRED WAYLETT, Proprietor
Cliocolates;   ;
Fresh.Fruits Daily'. 7
'   ''* 'l\ ' VW', \ *," "l„     a .     I '    ,
l Opp,  Post  Office
There is no truth more apparent to
the toiler than the above. It has .been
an axiom with the trades union ever
since*' the inception of the movement.'
It is the .bulwark of our defense and
the power- behind our offense. By it,
and' through it we assail the stronghold of oppression and wrong and defend ourselves from attack that "taken
, . - .---- *.
us individually, would b'ringabout our
defeat and "downfall.-"    „,,  ';
To be united we' must be "one in
purpose, thought and action. There
can be no .success in our ranks'.without
unity, and there canbe'no unity with
the existence of factions. In allirades
unions, as-in-popular government; the
majority rules. .It is-right and' proper
fori the minority toMjrltlcIze; indeed.
Fire, Life,, Plate; Glass
and Accident;
Insurance .
Property For Sale., in
•'-■all parts of .tlie
.-,.; ■ -.. "'     city   ,.
;t"." • -.    ".»*■''.
Houses   For
R   E  M   T
Agents ' ■, ■'
New Oliver Typewriter
Machine given out on trial
No Charge
Mason & Risch
Winnipeg, Jan. i2— The following,
appeared in the Free Press last evening:—"The transfer of one of the city-
dallies to the C.'P.-R. and other cor-'
poration interests is one of the topics-
ot, conversation 'on the streets . this:
morning.. The Tribune is the,paper
Involved and the deal has either been,
closed or will be Within the next few*
days. What are claimed to be tho-
details, of. the transfer are' mooted.
According to the report the consideration is $47,000 for tho Tribune plant.
It,. L, Richardson .the owner and manager,1 will retain the building and the*
editorship of the Weekly .Tribune','and
the new management will increase and
improve thc plant with the. intention
of bringing out a morning as woll.as
an evening edition.
, It will be an Associated Press paper of .which organization tho Canadian
Pacific controls tho Canadian" franchises.-    , ■    , -
R. L. Richardson, ownor of tho-
Winnipeg Tribune denied, that he had
Hold the Tribune, or that he was negotiating for its sale. .
such criticism is'very*often beneficial
if done in : proper manner; because
then it spurs onward the majority to
greater deeds in behalf. of the organ-
ization and Its members..But. when
that, crltclsm, becomes' vile'and abus-
Ive, as was the case in the ' contest
for office, it injures .the organization
more than those at whom, the abuse
is hurled and often predicates ultimate destruction, " \- -..'.-' " ;
» Indeed the political.methods adopted of late In the organization,. If not
entirely eliminated, are bound to result is vast''Injury'to'the progress of
tho movement; although wo do not believe Ih the pessimistic Ideas advanced by the officials of a certain district,
In which destruction and; disruption
wero predicted If such and such were
done.' ■''',"' '.'■''''
Thore Is no ono man can kill the V.
M. W. of A. Neither can any- one
man save It; That Is placing too exalted an opinion dn tho ability or lack
of ability of tho leaders ofthe movement. There was no man alone today -who mado lt what it Is lii all its
strength. Thoro Is no ono man can
unmake' it without' leaving put of con-'
slderatlon tho rank and fllo. Tho latter will havo* somothing to say and in
a vory loud manner, boforo it Ib al-1
lowed to bo disrupted by nny ono man
or any ono hundrod mon.
If wo want to adopt tho sure method
of encompassing'Its downfall, a fow
moro pnpors llko tho "Illinois Tradesman" in tho hands or arms of mon
promlnont In tho organization circulating thom will shako tho confldonco ono
should havo in tho othor and disruption may follow.
If wo docldo by constitutional am*
ondmont to eliminate* all political method** in securing cloctlon of an official, nnd lot ovory candidate «tnnd
on his own merits, froo from tho rancor and clamor of a campaign that
would dlsporngo that of a contost for
publio offico ln any of our largo cltlou
that nro roputodly corrupt and rot-
Timo was when wo wont to a convontlon wo did not know who would
bo cloctotl. Tho officers wo had In that
timo nro not inferior to thoso wo havo
had einco tho adoption of tho referendum. Thoro was not tho appeal to
hate and projudlco thon that thero
appears to bo now. And tho organization wns conducted along harmonious linos.
Why should any candldato for offico
not bo willing to allow his name to go
boforo tho locals, and lot tho mom*
«*.i» **••  itiu   tuiiuii   w-Uivut    tittVtUd
pome one, rc.ro-- rirrmnfl nnrt le... tuera
this brother of tho organization   Ib
black, whilo tho othor ia white, both
literally, ami figuratively,   destroying
tho confidence ono In each othor, and
without which confldonco wo can have
no liut-ie-nM, mid nt tho snmo Uu« do* ^i't^:> ** k***1'***** ^tw*.    'iuvj
Ing a wilful and wanton Injury to a
brothor, all of which wo havo sworn
to succor and support by our united
action. t.
Electioneering for offlco In lho organization must go for tbo good of tho
cftut,<* and lho Kalvntlon of th« reputation of Its members who have ability
to acrvu It with, ,'v.jal.*. to lUumttulvtik
and to lit memberf. If present methods aro pursued, we'll neither have
standing or reputation.—Mino Work-
era" Journal,
Dluofl«Id,rlW..Vn., Jan. 13—ThIrty
bodios havo boon taken from tho mino
nt Lick Branch,
Throo roscuo crows of forty men
oach aro at work. Thoy roport tho*
moot ghastly sights within tho torn
nnd flro swept corridors and workings
ef tbo mines, where'bodios woro found
nmnglod and mutilated beyond recognition, ■     '
It Is difficult thoy doclare, to distinguish botwoon whito and, black, bocauso all tho bodios woro so frightfully burned.
It is Btntcd thnt this Is tho flrBt case-
on record whero two ozplOBlons have
taken placo in such a short timo In
tho samo mino, nnd nolthor of tho explosions hns as yot boon glvon n satisfactory explanation.
Some point to the fact that tho
thermometer fell fifty dogroos In tho
mino on tho morning ot the disaster.
Such sudden changes In tomporaturo-
hnvo a considerable pnrt to play In
mlno dlnnstorn
Utfef^VUfafeU toKbLfciON-i
Telegraph Crook, D. C Jan. 12 —
A party*of prottpeclors arrived hero
direct frem Nnpnnnlo river, tho north
tributary of tho Mad rivor, 300  -mllos**
left Edmonton .last May. Charlie Mc
Uod, who guided tho party through,
tells a startling story which Is corro*
boraled by the others of tho party, of
tho finding of tho skeletons of two
men 00 miles up the* Nepannle river.
Ho Is positive (hat tbo remains aro
ihoie of lil» two hrnthem, Vratth and
Willie, who, with Robert Weir, started
from Port Simpson In the fall of 1004
and went on a prospecting trip up tho
'■St.fi yj-v
x. t ."fiStf
f ■:
The Official Orgra.n of District No,   18, U. PI.1V. -of A.
Fernie, B. C, ja.xt-ua.-ry   16tl&, 1909
■¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ V¥»¥¥¥¥-t^-^MM*-»-***Mf^-<^ ¥^¥-¥¥¥¥V¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥
From our own1-Correspondent
i1 -; ; s - ,'
- kkkkkk.kkkkkkkkkkkkkfikkkkkk
IA' recent move "has:* been made to
draw the attention of Coal Creek people to the "Public, Health act and   to
compel-them to .carry out .Us--.provisions:    The sanitary inspector is very
.active just now. 7He has already paid
surprise, visits to .many'houses:in, the
town cand made special' inspection" of
the closets and all around the houses.
Every householder*-should &ee at once
to-the sanitary .arrangements, in and
about his house being carried out as
the act requires.  k Ignorance of the
law will not be taken as.ah e.\cuse of
. .non-compliance and the pelantles that
, can be° Inflicted under ^the act are very
heavy;    Some of our' women folk have
contracted the habit of throwing dirty water and other refuse right outside their doors.     This in itself is
an offence.     Special . attention  ,  Is
also, drawn  to  the  importance l    of
keeping the closet     itself absolutely,
clean and free from filthy    '"
" The day.of the horse Is not passed,
away. yet.     His  services are  sometimes useful for dragging frozen air
dinkys'out" W a'tight'corner*.' ^'
The dancing'class held a practice oil
Saturday evening and had,a good muster: '     . ,. ,   ,
Tho wife ot our respected townsman
Owen'Corrigan," passed peacefully away
at 5.15 p.m. on Friday, January 8th.
Mrs. Corrlgan, who came from Both-
well Park, Lancashire,' Scotland," just
-. turned a year ago, had not enjoyed tho
best of health since coming ,to    this
•   country, and for the last six months
i had not stirred much from, home In
this time, she "was under, medical, treat-
' ment and advice but despite., this arid
caref-.il nursing she succumbed, as
stated Her remains were conveyed
to the Catholic church at Fernie on
Monday morning, where the funeral
service took place, after which 'they
were interred;in the'cemetery.' A'temperature of, 48* degrees below zero and
verything around bearing- * "a heavy
mantle of snow, seemed to deepen the
Tsorrow~of"the "sad "occasion Oiir sym"
pathy goes out to the bereaved husband with'his family of seven children, :only two of whom are adults
A service of song entitled "The primrose Garth" will be rendored iri tho
Methodist church at 230' to-morrow—
Sunday afternoon.
Jack Appleby Is out of the hospital,
but that nasty cough sticks to him and
he Is compelled to stay.in his, room at
tho boarding'*houso.''-'.-!    ! ,."*-
One of our officials.remarked in,the
mine tho other day that he wants tb
see the. diggers making more money.
This means that he wants an increased output. The diggers are at,ono
with'him and'will help its achievement
if he will stir up his department and
got tho car shortage problem •   solved.
A resident Justice of tho peace would
bo a groat "convenience to tho people
hero, Wo ,h(iye many old' country-,
mo nnnd othor pensioners-who periodically want the signature of a J. P, to
their papers boforo; thoy can draw
their monoy. There aro affidavits to
bo sworn and quito a numbor of mat-,
tcrs crop up now nnd again which all'
como within the-province-of magisterial duties, Wo hnvo boen without
one since Mr, Mitchell loft tho camp
about fourteen months ngo.
Tho Coal Crook Burns club, bottor
known as tho Jolly. Iloggnrs intond to
celobrato Durns* anniversary on Jan*
uury 25 by holding a.grand.concort to
bo followod with a ball. Tho concort
progrum Is an oxcollont ono and a
proff-Hsloiml band,of four plocuH has
been engaged to supply music for tho
ball. It Is Intended that this night
shall surpass,anything ovor held at
Coal Crook.
According to lust wook't'Lodger the
Mlchol mon hnvo booh kicking nbout
having to wash In cold wator nnd at
tlmos having no wator at all, and It
Is reported that tho general suporlnton*
dent on bolng approached, hnd undertaken to havo this grievance remedied. Coal Crook men havo a similar grlovnnco and If thoy havo not
approached unyono about having It
put right, will Charley please tako a
hint and do somothing of his own
Sam Dav 1*1 has contracted a aevcro
attack ot rheumatic fever and was ro-
moved to tho Fernio hospital on Tuos*
'i'clti&l cate*- of" Cfxini. lilU em n,um«r-
ous, hut that of Tom Pugh, well known
tn W«lt*j* Rugby football circle* Awe
not como under tbat category, . Tom
wns ovorcomo with tho extromo cold
wt-.ttM p(ot,totimr.fl* Stun.* V-\i a/it,.,'
night and fell <m his hands tn . tho
• snow. Ilo was got homo, but his
•4stato developod Into such seriousness
that ho was taken to tho hospital and
It is feared that amputation of both
httttdn may ha necetimtry In order lo
savo his life,
A fellow remarked to a few other*!
that she was -15 below. One of the
lUteners doubted this, whereupon the
fellow said "Well If It alnt, that thing
at*-the.-,lamp house for telling!.*!,the
date.,, of .weather, is,.telling .lees," .A,
very spontaneous if crude, idea of the
uses of a therinomete'r.-"'
The., electric ..light is.,, on, the bum
again. "' '" "      '*,,' '* *'"■'' '
Eager eyes are glancing up to the
mountain, peaks near the crack which
caused such &' consternation injhe lat-,
ter end of 1907. There can^e seen
little puffs of what appears to be
smoke rising up; then now and again
thero Is a sudden outburst and large
volumes of black smoke shoot up. Wo
would like some scientific explanation
of this.   , ^       o, t  '
The Chink's laundry was clean wiped "out by fire on' Saturday morning!
It was one "of two'houses constituting
a block situated on the right side of
the track running Uf No. 5 mine. The'
block stood at the extreme end of the
town, and-luckily the nearest, dwelling
was some.distance off,. A,little before 7 o'clock,some men working close
by noticed 'smoke"issuing from the
laundry, and suspecting danger, , at
once .gave the alarm!" 'The'inmates
were three Chinks, Sam Leo, manager
for ■ Ah Ling and his two assistants.
They were aroused from their slumbers and two of them succeeded in
getting downstairs and out of the
house in safety, but the third; evidently loosing his. head, opened the bed-'
room , window and jumped out into
the snow clad only in 'his night' shirt.
He was assisted to the'nearest house,
and. has since been carried to Fernie
hospital, - suffering ■'. from ■„ fright - and
frost bites to botli feet and one hand:
The block was doomed,from the very
first. There was a good wind blowing
and the flames were fanned toward
the outhouses and chicken.coops, all
of which were totally destroyed. The'
constable was on the scene early and
his presence acted ■ as a deterrent' to
looting, although'.some '.are suspected
of having lifted articles. The,tire is
near the stove igniting through.* the
. ,The
prices i are-within everybodys .means—"
ten.cents single, arid fifteen "cents the
round trip.
Mr.'\'G. ,G. Lindsey of Toronto was
in town on Wednesday.
A-Bleating match j will, take, place at
the rink on Sunday between Bill Porter and Roy .Taylor," the two fastest'
skaters in Michel. The men will
skate two races'—one half and one
mile. .'' -   "
, The Michel orchestra, held another
of their popular dances on Thursday
night, which turned out as' usual, a
big success..  ..... ,|  ., - -   "   .-,.   , -
young men walking four miles to be
present. . This is the kind of energetic spirit we-need.to make a success of
our. work; . The*'progr-am was a .very
interesting and entertaining one. The
first number," an instrumental splo by
Miss Adolph, was a real musical treat,
and Mr.. Howard's ■ selection "Pigs, is
Pigs" brought peals of'laughter from
the whole company. -   ■' - "", ■
Mr.' Lamb's rceitation,- "The ■ Fireman's Wedding"- was also highly appreciated. ** r
The next meeting of the club will be
on, January ,22.with'. Mr. arid.Mrs.,.E.H.
Uf Stanley:- 7 '"3      ' >
At the last meeting of.the. Laborers
Protective union No. 12667 the following officers weer elected" for the' incoming1'year': •'"•"'   ■*•'■'■ "•'■■*•-   -•
President:'^ Samuel' 'Hartley.
Vice'president: Joseph' Hartley.
■ Secretary treasurer: -William.  Gar:
bUtt.    .;'■■?       *'   •'/.■..■•.     ,.--..-
: .Recording secretary:—: Frank , Adams.     ■ v'   ■   ,  ,       :      "    ,
"'Warden:* Geo". Curdy.
Guide:'Sidney Hume.
Truste'ss: „
■,,James Longden.    .-    ,	
Joseph Boulton
Charles Aushin. ....-•
■f* .    *
I *     COLEMAN.-1   - "'"' %
* '...."  , . ,     *
H. N. Galer of Spokane spent Satin*
day and, Sunday In Coleman ..leaving
for Lethbridge on Sunday night..
Roy Hogarth of the Coleman hotel
staff left on Friday for Dauphin,' Man.,
where* he wlU°spend<a couple of weeks
visiting friends.-    *   * ;
"R." L."Elves'"of Ciiyley has'-takeri 'a
position as freight clerk at the C. P
R. depot. ,;- ■     .-,.    . ,-,   >•'   ,..,    .; .
■   Miss Ross, sister of J. H. Ross,, book
keeper'for the cooperative stores','arrived last week from Calgary.   =Mr'
Ross and sister have:moved into S
Shones house.on,6th street. '  ;,„,„    ..
,   F. G,, Graham has purchased    the
barber outfit owned, by Clayton and'
Morrison". "  Mr.'Graham thus-gets the'
monopoly of the barber business ' in
Coleman..    R. Evans, of     Vancouver,
who arrived a.few days.ago to .conduct
Clayton and Morrison's shop' has taken *.a position'wilit. Mr. Graham. ',;.' ;"
A. J. Jolly, who resigned his. job-as
freight clerk last week is now a conductor on the electric railway over the
coke ovens..     ■••.■.,  -■   -. ■• 7 -;
Harry Ward,and C. S. Keating- of
Regina are auditing the books of the
Coleman Mercantile Company.
E. A. Crawford of Toronto has accepted, a position" in the office of the
International Coal and Coke Company.
Mr.-Crawford arrived-from. Toronto" a'
few days ago.,"
, Jim Burrows has purchased the Hillcrest hptel.°Th'e deal was put through
last week and the new-proprietor is
taking possession at once. Mr. and
Mrs, Burrows have both gone to Hillcrest.   ■      ■    . '.•■•■
O: W. Benedict visited  Fernie
•'..->     . .'\*,   YEAR19Q8   "'
excessive^ heat froiii the stove
buildings were the "property, of the Coal
Company arid the other house was unoccupied .,.,!'" , '.•".
The ballot to decide, whether the doctor's monthly dues should bo increased
was taken on'Friday January 8th. The
voting took place, in the club reading
room for the Cpal Creek section, and
the boxv'waB'in charge of Tom Biggs
and Jos. R. Moore. The result was
against the Increase.
BECEIPTSrT'*--"* /-;',!7     ■;', ■ !     -'" *
j    Membership fees-and dues . ( .'."'"
j ' ■ Nurse's fees''.... V." '■...'.  .; /. ...*"...'...'.. .7
:.   Proceeds of Easter Ball' (net profit $197.'0o),,
Donations'yyi'iiyyyy., ;
'       ' a, .*''"■-
:   '.Mrs. Mutz's daughters ..-.  -'.'.  ;.-*. ..".' ...,.,
|   ' Proceeds base.ball■ game,, fat; men vs. lean1-...
.    Amateur Dramatic club ....'; '"'.'...'.'.'..'..
..[ _ 'Perriie-'District Fire-*Relief Fund	
\    .Collected by Mrs. Macoun, Carman, Man. ...
■■     Sundries "   ....  .''..'.,'.
• Balance forward from 31st December, 1907
" '2.00'
.135,'. 25
. 30.00
-.'. 2-60
E.    TODD
is Now Offering: the Following Bargains
.Ladies', Dress 7Hats3 $5.00 Special .Line at $3.75
Skirts, Winter Coats and Furs at Reduced Prices
Also Fancy Dresses. The Celebrated Pugh Underskirts,   perfect   in   make, fit,, and   finish  at $3.00
Mr. William Whltebouso ,loft on
Sunday 'night for Lothbrldgo to attend
tho District und joint board meetings.        , , ,
Tho Mlchol Burns club aro going
vory strong this yoar. Thoro Is to
be a great night on the 26th, Mr, Jas.
Bonnie, tho local secretary, Is kept
moving these days gottlng things inform for tho big event.
, MoBsrs, Tom Franco and Jack Car-
tor left on Thursday for Indiannapolls
Ind,, to roproBont the Mlchol • Local
Union at tho National convontlon of
tho U. M. W.A.
Tho Junior hockey team woro, vory
greatly disappointed at: tho;'non-appearance of tho Frank team, who woro
billed to play horo on Sunday, Anothor
match wna played between tho seniors
and Junior*-*. Tho juniors won by 3 to
0.      '       '    . .
Dort Smith, tho woll known Michel
liockoy plnyor t had tho mlafortuno to
havo hiB two foot frozen whilst playing
for tho seniors against tho junior** on
Sunday. Several others complain of
frozen toon,
Owing to tho iiovoro cold weather
wo have boon having Nob. 3 and 4
mines nro Idle, All tho air pipes aro
frozen, ,
Shortage of timber In likely to bo a
thing of tho past now. Tho now
lumbor camps havo started to supply
tho mines.
Mri, Korapuon left thlfc week to Jolt*.
her husband who ia stationed at
MrB. Houth, wlfo of our now constable baa arrlvod ln town.
A pinnrt i»nn/>*>rt In tn hn be\A nt thn
Methodist church on Tuesday night,
tho proceed-* to be devoted towards
forming a gymnasium club in connection with th« above church. Thnsr-a Is
n long program and tho best local talent will tako part.
tiai.^a.kliaa.ayClWaailUaiaa   J»Wa.a.ai   S>t   CaaVar       a,si -M
Elk Valley mines returned to town
this week from Idaho, whoro Ito bad
boon spending his Christmas Vacation. !|
General Manager Hurd was In
town on Monday.
General Superintendent Slmlator has
boen In town most of tha week.
Things aro looking up In Mlrhel —>
tbe new city bas service has started
to run bettt-f«n the old and n*w towns,
Mr. James Bonnie Is tho conductor-*
B. M. Stltt returned Sunday morning
from a trip to Calgary and'■'Edmonton.
The recent, storm and cold weather
has somewhat lnterefered "with . the
work-at the mln6,. Still the company
have been fairly well supplied w'th
cars and the loss of time has not been
very great..    7 .,
,, Prof. Webster,' phrenologist of Regina, Sask., has been in town for. a
few days and Is giving people an opportunity to know If they have'missed
their calling, Thc professor Is, picking up considerable'business!'
Tho Coleman hockey club are advertising a smoker to be held in the opera houso on January 23. An attrac-
tlvo'program has beon-prepared. ;
The Coleman Recreation and Debating club which bold forth at the club
rooms every Tuesday evening last wlntor was rcorganlzod on Tuesday night.
DISBURSEMENTS—7 7     ;      =
i   . Nurse's;salary, board, etc ,...-,.-..  $301.95
, Nurse's expenses for supplies, etc..:'.-.'- .- .* *. ■ 56.00
Provisions ... v..  ....  ... ;.. ./■  121.65
.     -Drugs ,'...".•. ......v.7.. :[.. ."....... '7 .'.!'!-.'.. .'!. .10.40
Furniture bought .'.".".......  .:..-. '*.'.. .  . 29.00
.   .. Board paid \.."   ..;  ...   ........... ....' 19.3.5
Rent paid. 1 .y. :...'...,....--" '..,..."  '.10.00,
Transportation paid .-',  106.00
Freight and cartage .. ...*;1...' . ...'....'  9.25
0 '. Typewriting ... .........  .;. . !  2.00
 -d Tn'i.-x— r>„n       .       .   '    ■ .        '         L_J7_l__Kn
 xaA.i/cjjocopajaSLv;i_jjdj.i.——.—rr-rr";—.— .-—r~.~r........ .— riTuU'
Sundries   ...  .....  ..  : ,     ,   1.35
Sole Representative in Fernie for Spirella, which all
well  dressed  and , up-to-date  Ladies should wear
Spirella is the only, boning which has perfect spring qualities,,
allowing It to yield to every motion of the'body.     It    allows,
grace and freedom and gives support and.comfort .ind   shape
to tlie stouter types. Spirella is absolutely guaranteed not to
break;- tho only perfect boning in the world. Tlils ideal corset
is healthful, comfortable,' allows perfect freedom, and at tho
same time brings out the graceful and symmetrical curves of
the figure. It is inevitable that a corset to iit the figure cannot'
as a,rule be found In stores! Wearers of, Spirella corsets aro ,
assured of the selection of a mode designed to suit their style
. of figure ancl to afford the acme of comfort, style and    durability. Spirella corsets, are- endorsed by physicians and physical
educators, everywhere as the only corset'containing ".the   'es- •"
sontial'qualifications of health and sanitation   with   absolute
correctness of fit and perfection of style;    prlcces    according
to quality. .
■ '.--"'             .-'.'.'     o $801.45
Balance in bank.'. /...'......'.. $lo8..45
, (Signed) .'    ..'. EDITH 0. HERCHMER, Treasurer.
Fernio1, December 31st. 1908.   * °; •
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦ *»♦♦♦♦<
The Misses Euler
announce a Real Genuine Bargain Event
\ > of Hats, Furs, Ladies' and Children's Coats
and Dresses, Underwear and Hosiery
Mr. S. Morrow drove ot Elko Sunday,
Mr. Bobbins took dinner with D. W.
Hart's on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs, Lurgos havo moved
Into thoir now houso on Kootonia
Mr. J, 13, Young Is preparing to movo
into his now' hoimo juBt completed.
Tho sleighing Is good at Baynes now
and from tho way,tho logs aro rolling
In wo judgo thnt tho milling prospects
will bo good for noxt season.
.. Dr. Houtlodgo, V, S„ of Cranbrook,
mado a professional call at Mr, Griffith's on Monday,.to treat on of Mr.
Griffith's pacore,
Dr. Itoultlodgo, na woll as others,
foil in lovo with our country, and ox*
pods to roturn toon to look ovor tho
Thoro woro rogulnr services at
HnynoH Sunday aftornoon nnd Nov.
llobblns took » topic Instead of toxt,
His topic was (ha Now Year. Ilo
spoke In part of tho good resolutions
of tho Now Yoar, that it wns not only
tho making of luch resolutions hut
that thoy must bo kept. Ilo dwelt
on tho Importanco of our being char
Itablo In our erltlclura of othor». and
all thoBO who hoard tho talk thoroughly enjoyed It. Tho •dUeourio showed that Mr. Hobblna is not ono of
tho narrow mlndodclatti, but hia aor-
monn can bo listened to with buuviit
iu ilii,
Mra. David Hurt rccclvod a Clirlat-
ma* letter fro Mint M. K. Ilobertion
of Hertford, Rngland whuro alio hns
charge of. a aomlnnry. Miss Robort*
■nn Bj>pnt Inot miirimor tn nirr vlrtnltv
and wrltca "I cannot toll you how often I think of my happy day* In Ilrtt*
Inn Columbia. I havo laid up n atom
of vivid and doll(?htful memorlon which
aro a constant lolaco. I remember
with particular pleasure- tho dollght*
ful Sunday wo ipont with you—tho flo*
wera and tho beautiful view of tho
Tbo Fortnightly Club mot with Mr.
and Mra. Hart on Friday night,   and
aUhou-th the nlr.ht vat rold there was
Ian ontbuilaitlo wiombly, ono of tho
Astonishing Values w^gth^^st <;
':,'■'*:-,'    '  ■ ■</
Hanson Street      <oido«thoiioOhuroh*iit«> .    Fernie     >[
, Wo certainly expuctTto make a reasonable profit on everything we sell.   . If we'.
did not; we would close up shop.;, But,;
mind you. we snid rejinonal)le.     Some
* -      '■-     ■       '.'•..'.,..   -.
dealers want big profits, but then they
an.' satisfied with few sales. "Wo run our
InisincsHon a dilTi'i'imt basis: small profits
.*.     .-, .r*
often rcpeaU'd. ., Wc are satisfied, oui*
customers nro satisfied to save money on
good quality groceries—bo   everybody's
.   il
THE FAIR        T. B. STRUTHERS, Prop.
The   Workingman's
I,   t , ,' 'a     '       * , I    t , a
' " :" '  Store , .
Don t forget that I am back
in the old stand and that
my prices are better
t af     ,, ,'|
than  ever
Suits   $5,00  to
Shirts    75c to
Shoes    2.00 to
Caps      50c to
Trunks 3,50 to
that I can b**y good fruit lands with a good water «upply, within 30
mllei of Fernie, on Instalment plan, $5 down, 95 per month, no lit*
tereit for first year, for a five acre traot during the life of contract?
This offe rmay not last long, aa the price may be advanced after
1st January next, so If you want' good fruit lands at the bottom
prloe apply at once, Do It nowl Sales have exceeded our best expectations so far. We find It easy toiell a good article, and such
easy payments are not offered by any other such company. Write
for circular on "Kootenai Irrigation Tract."
D. W. HART "TglnTforo^ala"" BAYNES, B. C.
A comploto line of samples of
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds, Serges
and Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
West Fernie
Meat Market
Meat, Buttor, Kggfl
nnd ImhIi
Fresh Meat of all Kinds
A. M, MATULIS        Proprietor
| •Hrkkk++k+-k'k'kirkir*ckk-kk++kk'kk
Safety Deposit Vault j:
See my swell line of Neckties
all styles     -      -,    -
rt* /%
SOc io $3
(Next door to Hotel Fernie)
Safety Deposit Lockers
can be rented at Thc
Ledger Office. Most
fireproof vault in the
city. Reasonable rates.
Sec the Manager for
*     ■*    -*    *-«     »     ■*■     ■     -     a    M ■ *     *    a    A. A    A ..*     A. .A _ J    A    A\   J\.   A     A.
All kinds of
Qlvo us a trial
'-' :" *'*' REPEAL IT
Edmonton,' Jan. lO.-r-A deputation
composed of the coal mine operators
lumber merchants, millers and man
ufacturers of Edmonton waited bn the
Alberta government at the parliament
buildings to ask for the repeal of the
Workmen's Compensation act which
was passed at the last session ot ■***■».
Legislature in the interests of ^the
workingmen of Alberta.
"The Workmen's Compensation Act.
is a bit of class legislation which favors the labor employees and is unfair to ,the employers," said George S.
Montgomery of the Alberta Coal Company.
"In what respect do you consider
the act a detriment to your Interests
as a coal mine operator?" Mr. Montgomery, was asked,
' "It entirely upsets the principle of
insurance of our men. The amount
of insurance which we can carry on
our   employees Is limited to $10,000,
and no'man can be insured for more
than 11500. You will see that this is
not adequate, because according to
the act the death of one man through
accident calls for an employers liability of $1,800. If ten men lose their
lives in a mining disaster the . mine
owner is liable for $18,000, and yet
tie cannot get insurance on his men
:   for more than $10,000.     Before    the
operation of the act the insurance
rate charged by the companies was
84 cents per $100 of the miners pay
roll. . On January lst 1909, the rate
was Increased to $3.02 per $100. The
insurance companies "think that the
risk which they carry is increased in
that proportion.
(By Rev. George W. Slater.)
As Socialism stands for the good of
the working people through whicla
good it is hoped to better all, it doubtless will be interesting to know in
this day what Lincoln thought on the
Labor question: ...
' On December 3, 1861, in his annual
message to the Congress he said as
follows:,, • v __ ' _■   ■*
scarcely be justified were T to omit
raising a-' warning note against this
.approach of returning despotism *  *
..It is the effort to place capital on an
.equal footing with, if not above, labor,
In the structure of government. It is
assured- that labor -is available only
, in connection with capital; that nobody labors unless .somebody else owning capital, somohow by ttie use of it
- induces him to labor. * * * Labor is
prior to"; and independent of capital,,
Capital is only the fruit of labor, and
couid never havo existed if labor had
not first cxlBted. Labor is the super-
lor.to capital, and deserves tho higher consideration."
On February 12, 1881 he said:
"Tho working men.are the basis of
•all government for tho plain reason
that they, are-tho moro numoroua *.*
I- will simply, say that I am for those
means   whicli will give tho greatest
i good to 'tho greatest number ♦ .* * ♦
* "i   am In* favor of cutting up tho wild
lands lntoparcela bo that overy poor
man may havo a homo,"
,   On Jiily 1, 1854, he Balil:
, "Ah labor is tho common burden of
'our rnco, so tho effort of somo to shift
tliolr share of tho harden on tho shoul*
' •  dors of  'other*, Is tho   great duralilo
curso of tho race,
' Labor Is the groat sourco from which
'nearly ull, If not all, human comforts
'and necessities aro drawn,"
What the Initials That Expressed Hi*
■    Regrets Meant. -*
"I never see the letters R.S.V.P.,"
said the man wlio' lc-o.ied' up from
the invitation tu a w (Killing supper
which' he had just- opened, "-.hat .1
don't think oi Hank tS.ainner, who
used to be the village postmaster
back in-the little burg I was ralscal
in. Hank was'a long, lean, lank individual with sad ejes and a moja-
tache* that drooped in melamjaoiy.
Hank was regarded as a very, serious
pea-son, .biit after a certain-' incident
in Hank's career in which the letters
R.S.V.P. figured ' there were tho-ie
who wondered whether--our melancholy postmaster did not have a vein
of humor somewhere in his makeup.
„ "It was a little village built around
one^ of the- state's colleges. , Everybody in it knew everybody- else, and
..•hen. it happened that one of .the
pioiossors gave a.function the entire
population was invited. Well, one
of the professors gave an affair once
r.pon a time and duly sent to Hank
an invitation ' on which the usual
letters, R.S.V.P.," appeared, A day
*>r two later ■ the professor received
through the mail a card on which wan
written in & scruwly hand:        '  *
H.H.N.C.     ,
"The professor waa nonplused. He
waa unable to determine whether by
these mystic letters' Hank meant to
accept or decline, ao tlie next time
he called for his mail he approached
Hank, exhibited the card and stated
he couldn't understand what tho letters H.H.N.C. stood for and would
Mr. Skinner please pardon his stupidity and explain.
"Hank for reply spat out his chew
of tob-tcco arid withdrew from his
pocket the profes.sor's invitation, . .
"'Waal, now, p'fesser,' said Hank,
'before I answer your question,- beg-
gin' your pardon, will you kindly tell
-me whut thein air letters R.S.V.P
stands fer?'
"The professor smiled kindly.
"'Why, R.S.V.P. means "Respon-
dez s'il vous pla.t," which is French
for "Answer if your please." We put
that on our invitations so that we
might know whom to expect, you
'"Aw shucks,' said Hank shamefacedly. 'I axed a galoot whut them
letters R.S.V.P. stood fer, and the
son of. a gun told me that they was
put there - because the space on the
paper had run out and that they
meant; "Right Smart Victuals Prepared.". Now, I'm-, sorry, p'feaser,
that I can't come "to your,party, so
I axed this same fool what must I
do. He told me to mail you my
cyard, which would mean "regrets."
Waal, after I had writ my name down
I didn't have much space left on the
evard, so I jest put underneath, • "H.
H.N.C." It means "Hank has no
clothes!"*,"- •'" '
Ailvlcoa from Wallaco, Idaho, nro to
tho olfoct that on tho 19tli lnHtant
% tho llocla mining company at Uurko
doulnrod regular dividend No, CO for
J3ecuinbor. SlookholderB will rocolvo
ihro.i pntH. a Hlmro, or $30,000. Thin
mako Nn totnl distribution of profits
tn date of $1,710,000. Not a month
wan (.kipped In 1008 In mailing pay*
rnoiitH, altlioiiBh tho amounth woro ro-
iIuuimI on lucoimt of tho shut down
tho Hint nt tho year, Tho total paid
■out In 15)08 wiih $1!i0,00D, »» followH* —
Jnniiiiry to .July, !m*li!n!v*\ $10,000 for
oach input h; Augum $20,000; Bop-
U'/nb'T 1.10,000: O.'tol'ci' and Novum*
lior. $1.0,(100 <Mir|i; nml IJi-roinlinr I'M),*
_ 000. Hwvi-rul F'thIo n-Hl'li-ntH hit
' foi'tuniito ..'H'liigli to ho n\ot'U 'milium
In thin properly and It him provort to
ho an A I liiv(-'i'!ini*nt.
.. The Pure Food Law
fiocroinry Wilson iniyi •'Oni* of un*
objuau*. ,of iho* law, n,((o,ii)'u./,' th,.-
fioriHiimor of tlio prom-nr.* ut -xt'/iIii
.harmful drills In m-HUcim-p.." Tlw
law taquli'OH that tho -.mount of chloroform, opium, murplilno, nnd other
habit tormina iIiiikh .«• Mhii-o un mi-
Iftlifl of enr-h hotlh; Tlio 'hiftinifac*
turf-m of 'Muimhorlitln'H Cotimh Horn-
ody lmvo always clnlinod thnt thoir
remedy did not contain nny ot ')"•.•*•■'
driiKK, and the truth of thin claim Ih
iiuw fully'1 ii-i-ivii as no mriiMoii of
tlii-m Ih mndo on the lnln-1. The rem*
■, oily Ik i»ul o.il> uui* of th'.' Mfcnt hi**
'ono nt tln» ln*hf in iiitM for -romrhN nml
rnlils, /(•* xnbitr hn;' hfflt proven hi-
yoml riuf.iilnii iliirlnj,' tli*. ninny y«'«r«
It hns liuen in K<<m*rnl mo. J-'or ■'•.Ic
by nil di'/*,{■.•-.* v.
The Prodigal's Return.
The prodigal. son approached the.
ancestral homestead with a considerable degree of pleasurable anticipa-'
tion, only to-be-met afar off'by. his
elder brother, who straightway lifted
up-his voice,ssaying: ■ --
—-Qur-b'sloyedjatherjggs;_me to in-
fbrm you that, owing CoTlTcriact-th'ai-
he has but recently been invaded by
a prodigal daughter and her. titled
and impoverished husband, he does
not at this time fc-el equal to the task
of providing for you' the ' reception
you'' doubtless" expect ,and • probably
deserve. However/he bids'me;-equest
you to repair to one of the plain.but
serviceable .restaurants in the village
and there sojourn until he can. get
the present incubuses, or.incubi, as
.the.case may be, off his hands, when,
jf there is, anything left of the fatted
calf and-other- comestibles,- he will
b<->, delighted'to share the same with
you,"       .,  ;• -   ■
Laughing* Plant-of Arabia.,    -;
The seeds of tho laughing plant of
Arabia produce the some effect upon
persons as laughing gas. Tlio plant
attains a height of from two to four
feet, with woody Btoms, widospread-
ing branches and bright' green foliage. Its fruits are produced in clusters and are of a yollow color, Tho
seed podR are .soft, and >voolly in texture and contain two or throe black
seeds of tho 8J7.fi of a Brazilian bean.
Thoir flavor iH a littlo liko opium,
and their taste is swoot. Tho odor
from' them produces a Bickenin'g sensation and is slightly offensive. Tho
poods, when pulverized and taken in
small quantities, hnvo a peculiar effect upon mnn, Ho br-gini* to liuip-h
loudly, bolBtorously. Thon he singR,
dnnco-a nnd cuts nil manner of fantastic capors. Such oxtmvnp;nnco of
gait and manners was never produced
by any othor kind of, dosing.
What He Folt Like.
It wan lho fli'Ht timo ho lind sung
in nn KpSseopiil choir, nnd ho folt
»trnngoly out of plnco in tho vohU
merits ho wore. Tin* other choristers
looliod oomfoitnl-lo onoiigh, but tho
now ono wim -wro ho would trip on
Uio sklrtH of, the cassock when hi*
went up tho chnncel stops, nnd • ho
know thnt if lio did not stop porapir-
infi his clonn'llnon cotta would bo
Hiwlly IniirtHOf!,' Thn opening pniyor
Imd boon intoned by llio roolor and
thn -dngors woro in, lino witltlng for
tho introdiictjon to tho nrooon/iionn!
to be pl«ye<l when ono of tlm Ijiwdoh
wlilHjMiro/l in Urn now mnn'** onrj
"Yoii'rft.n termr, nron't youP"
"I Huppotio bo," ho replied, "but I
fee! like ll two np<»t."
..    i  ■ .. ,
. Protiction of St«»l,
A procosB for protecting iron and
Ktuul tiuiii runt Iku. be.'U invetitod nml
pntentiiil by T, W. CoriloU of Tumplu
Itow, llfnninia'linm, Mimlnnd, Tnis
conbintB iii itiitiu;i*rting tlm nrtif-Ii* in
a hot pliouphori/.ijtl m>IuUoi> coiituin-
Ing j9.li iron compound. Thn turtnef
of tho iron it* converted into n mix-
iu*,!: 'll tfwxn" unA ferric -ohnHphn'oH
and proRontH n pleaniny dull blnok
ap|Kiiiruin:«. 'thi* pi i.e...-,.-. ni.tl.'-.i J1.-.'
iron hitKhly re»i«tent to corrocion mid
(h beinir npidied to all kiml» of Unlit
engineering work, Much on cycle
frnmoA. gun barrel^, Htumpings and
promi work. •'
But Acted in Self Defence-
Was More Likely Crazy
Carthage, 111., Jan. 11.—Rev. J. R.
Carmichael, before suiciding ■-•-•ade a'
complete confession of the murder of
Gideon Browning near Port Huron,
.Mich.,- in letters to several people.
, The preacher left a letter to, the
sheriff at'Adair, Mich.-, giving: details
of the murder, the dismembering and
incineration of Browning and attributed the act to self defence and moral
cowardice because of the hypnotic Influences which Browning, an illiterate
carpenter had thrown over him. While
the confession of the clergyman is
long, and in some points minute, it
leaves many questions in regard to the
iragedy unsolved.
Admitting that the statements of
ihe murderer are true, some parts
of the letter tend to cause the impression that the confession is really the
liioducf.on'of'an unsound and unsettled mind.
The preacher does not explain how
he and Browning canie to go to the
Rattle Hun, church or why both seem
bent on keeping their presence secrei
except to say that Browning wanted
the minister to officiate at Browning'-;
wedding that night. *  *
Montreal, Jan. .12—Five stores damaged and a loss estimated at more
than $20,000 resulted from a fire that
broke out last night' In the dry goods
establishment of B. Boiirdeau. About
one half the loss is covered by insurance.
Singapore, Jan. 12—The French liner Palynesien ran down and sank the
Dutch steamer Djamdi at the wharf
Seven natives were drowned as a
Pair Draft Horses
and Outfit
For. Sale—A first class pair of
Draft Horses, weight 2600 lbs., 4
and'5 years old, perfectly sound
and in fine condition.
.1 have worked this team steadily during the last year; they
had good care and are fit for
any kind of work.      ...
I have no use for them during
tho winter! and will sell for $350,
which Is a bargain; also Bain
wagon used six months, and
now sett double harness.
"Apply ''   ;' *
1312 1st St. .West.    ";'•
Decision'-oi,' Great Importance to the
Workiig.iien. Given- by an A.'ber-
tan Judge.
, -Edmonton, "Jan. 11—A judgment that
is .of considerable importance to laboring men in the province was handed out at.the district court by his honor Judge- Taylor. 7   —  -   -   --  .
This was' in the case of some' IS
members of the employees of the United Collieries company against two
directors of that company for wages
'due them amounting to some $700.
Judgment was given in the case for
the miners. . '. '
■ ThiB was a test case and provides
that laborers arid wage, earners may
collect tho wages due them from any
or all of the directors of a joint stock,
company in the event of that company
Black £?t
flavor.   The big black
plug chewing tobacco.
"dentist.      -1 .
Now   doing, business at the Johnson-
Faulkner Block. 7 Office.hours 9-12.30
1.30-6.-"     V       v
i                                                B. C.
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one of the Oxford systems of
Hot Water and Steam
in connection with Oxford Radiators cover everv phase of building heating—ana they cover them
better than any other make-on
the market.    These boilers have
. been brought to such a high state
- oi perfection that they utilize all
the heat generated, and dispense
healthful warmth,evenly, to every
part ofthe building..
These boilers can be fitted to
-..burn any kind of coal, coke or
wood.   They are easily opeiated
and very simply regulated.
• " We would like to yive you full
.   particulars of our   heating sys-
' terns.    Won't you write for booklets,?. Better still, send us particulars of the building you wish to
hi-*.at and we'll give you particulars
' of the' best system   to fill the
- . - "        -j -
The Gurney^Sl andard*
Soiling .Agent, Fernie
"How did you m-i|<iiro nueli nulllT
iwImhI 1h.< {nr-ulHiffvc ono of tlio rlnv«<i
! lUKglair.
j "Why, I hnvv* ii niitiirnl tnti-ut- in-
J rndltnry, I mliflit my My fatlit'i nnt\
j to cat |h>ii« vv llli n 'uiltv."
Jutt * ChanQn.
"Poor tinn:   fl i■*•■.• y.»u nlwnv* ln-fi
"No. ninm."  ,*ir,--,\,'fnl   I'lr-d   lltll* ■
untliliifclncly    "l/i'-i ,•,•,-,••■ | mu.m.m'h
Imt Oi-iv   iinxii i  "i.ii ,   in  I,,"
If you suffer from Pilei the experience of
thoui»n4i le-MU to one definite concluilon--
that, tbe iurwt* woy to, relief Ii The * Zem-Ruk way! Purely you
believe that* nature provides somewhere, * cure for ell nature's Ills J
ZejflxBuk Is tbe refined and concentrated essences of beeling herbs- nature's
balm. TbeoreUcttlly It should be good., Analysts and doctors agree
on this, PPfcotloftUy as well as theoretically it Its good. Thousands
of people In four continents bear testimony,   Read these cases t—
Mn, Wm. IK'ghei, of 953, Iloeheliua btreei, HochtUjtt. Montreal, iiyi •—■" I
■uflared (rom t-lliui. Itching, and protrudl*.'* plica for yeari, Somttlnti thiv ware
10 bid that I oould hardly bear to move about, The Inflammation, the' burning
•mining pain, tha throbbing, tha aching, tha over-powering feillngi of dulnen and
daik deinalr which thla ailment bringa, the ahooiing i-'iimi of soon-y—all wrr« ao
terrible tfut only itilTereri from thli awful ailment can undentsnd I". ,1
Had ai thli cue wai, Kam-Uult triumphed, and Mn. Hufhai lutiVri no longer.
Mre, 11 Ilosill, ol Scott aStreet, St. Thcmiai, iiyi 1—" Fnr monthi wlthaut cciia-
tlnn I endured great pain from bleeding pllai, Por ai many monthi I triad everything
which I thought would give ma eaia, but In the end, duplrltcd and 11III tuiTerlng 1
gave In." t t
Then it wai the heard of Zim-Bnlt,- and the addi 1—" Allhosgh I feared 7-»rr..Bula-
would be like the ordinary remeillei - uielen—I am glad it wai not, It anon proved Itielf
to be very different, It rapidly gave ma relief, and alter a time cuied ire complexly,
I would like to li-t all lulTeren from pllei know what a grand thing Zam-Duk 11,"
Mr, Thoi, Carr, of Ulleimere Sireat; Huncoin, iaya 1—" I fir»t began to lufltr from
t>Hei through iltting on dtmp gran one mi miner, and for yean, I endured agony from
thli terrible complaint, Sometlmei I would be bedridden for ai long si a month at a
itratcn. i «*, *&£•§, I *.(.**. j»rf-.t f;-.-.r. jIIm I 7im.n»lf riired mn, to itay cured,
•nd I Hmi thn dey \ fint tried It I" ;      *
So one could vo nn quoting caw after caie, and U ia by v.ud/«t' tuth cute* ttat
Zam-lluk hai earned (or itiell Hi great reputation.
Now if you lufTti* frcm (hit tenibly p*lnful ailment juat be gelded by the for*f oUg
Cain I I'on't delay I Don't wnle time on Ihlnga laid to ba "juit aa good," Oat
tha reil genuine Zim-TluV and itart out on tha way to health I
Zam-Iluk li • euro «lio for rolfl-i'rrpi, nnd t4i,»i/j*ai<tfciM,i U..'.,*.'...., i,!-,'-'"! •**♦«, M«M«
nohaefn-r, tcwmi, b«4 Uf, titipnotm, tctlp mtti, biunl, icclrff,
aad ill >kln tltttv* ik4 InJurUi.
AU druf iliti mil itnrtt »l joe, » bo*, or peit free (rom Zim-Iluk
Co,,Toronto, (orpric«t j boiM tot ii.ti.
Cut out ittMtifd coupon and m«i) w.ih ic, itamp (to piy rrturtt
p«rtat«)t«Z«M-IiukCo.,TtkfD»ta/lo|rttk*rwlib aid* ind date o(
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Are you contemplating a trip to'
The Orient ,, '
.     Australia
New Zealand .
Are you contemplating a trip to
Or any Pacific Coast Point?
.  Or is It a trip to
Winnipeg .Detroit
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Boston New York
Or any European point.thought of.
The line Is equipped...with unexcelled first class cloaches, tourist and
standard sleepers, and dining cars',
coupled with safety, speed and com-
'fort. ' .  ; , ,
For folders and complete information apply to R. Reading,- Agent, Fernie.
J. E. Proctor,
, Dlstric; Parienger Agt
Calgary, Alta.
Secretaries of Local Unions
. DISTRICT 18 U. M. W. OF A.     .
BANKHEAD, No. 29: James Fisher
BELLEVUE,  No.    431. Fred Chap-
pell.       '   uy ,     •".
CANMORE, NO.H387: A. J. McKinnon.    v, ,]
COLEMAN, No. 2633: William Graham. '
' CARBONADO, No. 2688: James Hewitt: vV   " . -.
CARDIFF,   No.  23S7;   G.  H.    Gibson.   '•"■..- -„
. DIAMOND CITY, No: 2587: Goorge
PrescotK-       ~~**—""~^*~^—t :-
EDMONTON CITY, No. 2540: J. Hi
Crowe. '        n    ' ...-'-
FERNIE, No. 2314: Thos. Biggs.
FRANK,  No. 1263:   Walter ' Wrig-
^:  V  ■''■-■'     ■    "   '   ■■"     *"■
, HOSMER,   No.  2497:   J.  D.    Both-
wlclc.'     ■        *' .
HILLCREST, No.'1085: Harry Cooper. *. -
LETHBRIDGE,  No.     574:   Charles
' LILLE, No. 1233: J. T. Griffith.
LUNDBRECK, No.     2275 — J. D.
Smith. '•     .  .
'.MICHEL, No, 2334:  Charles   Garner, ...
MAPLE LEAF, No, 2829: H. Blake.
MERRITT,, No. 2627: .Thomas Calvert,*
-  METFORD, No, 2698: John Curran.
Dupon, Box 49G, Lothbrldgo,
ROCHE PERCEE (8aak) No. 2072:
Lachlnn McQuarrlo.
TABER, No. 102: Joshua ^Cralg,
TABER, No. 1959: Win. Whito.   *
TAYLORTON, (8nak.) No, 2048:-
Lachlan McQuarrlo.
TAYLORTON, (8aek.) No. 2510:—
Job. TwlBt,
TA8KER, N. D., No. 28CS:— J. B.
WOODPECKER, No, 2299; William
j Investments
are not
Cut Here {•; one thnt wilt \>*.
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Fernie, B. C: ;    Canada.
L. P. ECKSTEIN.   ..
C. Lawe
Aicx.,,1. Flaher
Fernie, B. C.
Fernio '■,    .   b. C.
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and Dressed Lumber
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Lumber Dealer.
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AlilmMiAt, .60 VIARr
°—■-   MKPgmWGU,
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦.♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
The Paper   that raachas
th* People of the Pes*. A*
an •clvoitUlny moriium It's
Trkdc Maiik*
CO*»VRiaMTtAC.   'JL       I
SAivrtUS 1-M-ltAjr • rttteb MdAtietiMttin mt j I
B'™!fJ**Stfi!B W' omtonffnajiihtiiUr tit
tpffttanMUt, tiithwdAnne, la the    ™vw"'
^UHillic American.
Sy^J&Pfm***»u**Vntne\, Twrn*. lot
-     i* •■ j-%1    , '
Authoress of "The Princess Passes," '
.*"■■•"■'*' Conductor," Etc., Etc.
Copyright, 1906, by Mrs. C. N. Williamson.
The Lightning
periencos -which had so severely , tried
ElBpeth's, nerves. It would- be hers
but for-a fortnight longer.- She must
go, and she did not know where/
How she had admired this.room a
\vi*ek ago, .and how proud she had
been of it! -How she had enjoyed the
thought, of all the nice-books whose
gilded covers winked at her from- behind glass 'doors; How'her-courage
had risen' to the task of finding a solu
tion for all the mysteries unassisted by
any one. Now she would go away
and never know the explanation.
Worst of all, what would Mr.- K?n:
rith" think  when he heard,  perhiin--
Remington Typewriter Co., Ud.
334 Pender St
Vancouver, B. C
A full line of shelf and  heavy . Hard-'
-:,   ware in:,stock together , withy a
.. complete range of-, Stoves* ' *..
Furniture Department
Our Fiirpiture. Department embraces the
1 'most'unique and up-to-date *lines.:
   Come.in,and. have a look
, nu.*-!
100 tons of
acquire; i own and .maintain; --wharves,
and docks in .connection .,; therewith^
and to .construct, acquire, own)" equip
jind maintain 'steam and other vessels
and boats'," arid -to. ope'rate'llie same
in any.navigable', waters;' and to con-
Klspeth nood still, -icaicmno.
from Mr. McGowan,'that'she had behaved so. foolishly 'that "she had been
asked to resign.;   ,, ....
She had not dared let herself dwell
upon this .thoudit, before, but now it
overwhelmed hei-; and' the long restrained' torrent of !jher. tears'burst
forth;' -' She " could' eat no' dinner,- • nor
oould she sleep that - night,' though
she was undisturbed by.any influence,
outside her-own mind..     •• •   .,-.
Her head-.aehedc when ;she,,-;Vose; in-
the morning, •■ arid* she' owas^glad"- to'
hear the "Knock'"-which told-hei* thnt
Uf. E. Barker, Ca-yley.Alta.
Alberta Show
.    •' '-,--'■ ei'    • 	
Case Wopks
* - * .. i« - ,
Manufacturer**   of,,
Calgary, Alta.
and telephone'lines';alorig 'the routes
of' the * said railway * and its branches)
or In connection-therewith; and \lx to
.transmit messages    for    commercial
purposes,   and' to collect tolls therefor; and to acquire and receive from
tho government, corporations or persons grants    of. land,' rights-of-way,
, money bonuses,* privileges or   other
assistance ln aid of the construction
of the Company's undertaing witli "'power   to use,   own and operate, water
power convenient     to the road for
rail way and other. purposes,' and   to
exer-jise such powers as are granted
by, parts   IV and V of the   "Water
Courses, Consolidation Act" and   to
connect and enter Into traffic or othor arrangements with railways, steamboat'or othor-companies, iand for   all
rlghtB, powers and privileges necessary, usual or incidental to all of the
aforesaid purposes.
Dated this thirtieth day of December, A.D. 1908. •"       ..   "
Wilson; Senkler & Bloomfleld,
Solicitors for the Applicants,
.    '  21-0t
thought. _..........'.
'.The..man came ,iri. and'iplaced: the'
■tray a'oh! ,the table'.-;' but. .having i ,done
so, he lingered. "There's been a'terrible thinga*.happened * inAthe; night,
miss," said be, with'thet unctuo.-.*-*
onioyment of the sensational so often
seen amone . persons ,, of-\ hia class,
,"Lady Ardcliffe. and Countess Rade-
oblskoi have both been Tobbed of all
their jewels." .'     '
Fernie "-'-"
delivered to all
parts of tho town
♦    GORRIE BROS., Props.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦
''Scaled tenders addressed to tho
I*'6a,(maBtb'y General will bo roculvod
'at, Ottawa until noon on r Friday thc
IGth'ot January 1009, for tho convoy*
anco ot his Majesty's Malls, on a proposed .contract, for .four yours, six
tlmos por woolc,, bach way botwoon
Coal Crook and Fornio from, the, 1st
of April next.
Printed notlcos containing further
Information as to tho conditions of
proposed, contract may o Hoon, nnd
blank forms of tondor may bo obtained nt Uio pout offices of Coal Crook
nnd Fornio and at tlio offlco of tlio
post offlco inspector, .
d, a, i-mucw,
Post Offlco IiiHpoc'or
Post Offlco Inspector's offlco, Cnlgary,
Doc. 4, 1008, Jnn. 1(1
NOTICI3 Is horoby Riven that   application will bo mado to lho Lot-isia*
tlvo ABHembiy ot tiiat Vivylncv   ut
'British Columbia at Its noxt t-cflslon
for an act to Incorporate a  company
■with power to build, equip, maintain
and oporato a lino ot railway ot stand*
nrd gauge from h jio.hi on vliu *■,»«*.<•
national boundary lino botwoon British Columbia and thb Unitod Btntns ln
East Kootenay, whoro tho said boundary Is Intorsoetod   by tbo   Flathead
nivor; thonco northerly by tho most
feasible and prac-tlonblo routo follow*
ing tho Flathoad River and tor tho
boundary between Urftlnh   folumblit
nnd tho Province of Alberta whoro the
said boundary Is Intersected by   tho
North Kootenay Pass, with authority
nlso to construct, equip, maintain and
oporato hmicht't from any point on
the propoacd Kno or linen not eyceeA-
length and with power to construct,
Inx ln any ono case fifty (50) miles in
NOTICE Is horoby glvon that 30
days aftor dato I Intend to npply to
tho Superintendent of I'vovlnclal Pol-
ini*. foe t rotnll Honor llconso for tho
Hoffman Houso, Elko, IJ. C,
Roderick James Mac Donald
Elko 11C,
Datod this 10th day ot Dec. IdO*.
Had Elspeth herself been in the
olot and learned thus suddenly of its
discovory she could hardly have been
more, Btartled than she was by tho
news of the robbery.
yesterday Mr. Konrith had lost his
jewels iri tne most mysterious oircum-
stanoes; and now Lady ATdcliffe and
Countess- Rodepolskoi had been robbed. It was at least a strange coincidence that thoso events had followed so'quiokly one.upon the other.
Elspoth folt as if Bho wore groping
in the dark for a master key which
could open all doors and lead hor at
length into tho hidden placo whoro
the soerot* of theso mysteries lay. * It
was as it she caught a glimpse of that
key, Bhlning through the,twilight, and
thon, juBt as she put out hor hand,
it vanished again.,
The servant could ombroidor his
ntory with vory fow do tails. Ho know
only that tho robbery had not been
discovered until morning, The maid
*>f the CountoBB and tho maid of Lady
Ardcliffo had-given tho alarm; and it
wnH said that tho two ladies must
ihavo boon, chloroformed, as tho at-
monphoro ot their rooms was still
heavy witli tho drug,
When. Elspeth diBCovnrod that tho
man had littlo real' Itiformntion, filio
did not encourage him to Btny nnd
Kossip,    but   Hurried- through   hor
hrcakfnnt, and wont out to learn what
no oould for hor-nol!,
Shu was naarcoly surprised to hoo
Lady Ardoliffo nnd Uio CoiintoHH both
.i tho tfivuit hull, t-jtlklntf citrnoHtly
to Mr, MoOownn.   No one oIko had
appeared an yot, for it wiih vory early, niul thoro had pearcoly boon timo
tor tho oxoitliic iiowh of tho robbery
!o Hjiroiid tlii'oiirjh tlio hotol,
KlBIK'th had lo liiiHH nnar the group,
on hni* way to tlio mamiK'.r'H room,
and Uio throo woro ho deeply nbsnrh*
od In tliolr rnnvoi'Hiitlon Hint limy nol.
ther li'mi'd nor Raw tlio yomiu tynUt,
3ho hnd no intention nt oiivoHdrop.
pin**-*, but flojn*1 words tittered hy Mr,
McOowiin ronohod hor earn, and atari-
li'd her ho much that it waH all ulio
-tould do to uupprem* a cry ot dlfl-
Mr. Trowbridge were to be summon-
2d to this, task; and without an instant's .hesitation .*„Elspeth sped
through corridor after -corridor on her
•vay to his sitting room. She had
not. had time to knock at the door,
when it opened and Ivs came out.
"Miss Dean!" he exclaimed in surprise at the sight of .her flushed face.
"I've conie to'ask you to save Ladj
Hilary," she burst out abruptl'v.
"Save Lady Hilary?" No one who
saw him then couid have doubted the
sincerity of his love.
"From Lady Ardcliffe and the Countess,"* Elspeth went on, breathlessly.,
"All their jewels have been stolen in
the night. For some reason or other
they suspect Lady Hilary and are going to accuse her as a thief. ' They
hate her, you know.; They are downstairs in the' creat hall now, talking
to Mr. McGowan, who. is trying to
dissuhdo them; but I know he cannot. You, perhaps,' may. I think it's
the only hope. Oh, do, make haste.
■ If Lady Hilary should come down, as
j she generally does about this time,
there will be a horrible scene, unless
~ou prevent it"——
The look on his face frightened EIp-
•>sth.   "I  will "prevent it," he said.
''Go to,her.   Keop her in her room
i you-can.   Make any .excuse.   Give
me a little,time, that's,all I ask'."'
■ .Then he war- gone, and Elspeth'"* did
not. stop to look after.him'.'" She'flew
off in  the. opposite direction," which
was that of Lady Hilary's' room", -but
■he ,h*id not tjono far when she saw
the'-jirl approaching "with her mother;
ElFneth paused, bewildered. • What
covld she.do"novf*?  .After the miserable scsne yesterday; .when Lady Lambart   had..done  what'* she   could   to
ruin her, how would it be possible to
accost the  ladies and prevent them
from   ■foing* downstairs?'   Yet' somehow the object must be accomplished.
Lady   Lambart saw -her  from  afar
off.   Elspeth could see the handsome
(ace freeze into'haughtiness.   Though
.she  could  not hear the .words,„- she
knew that Lady Lambart was forbidding-her. daughter to speak ih pass-'
. ing, and it did flash'through Elspeth's
head that, if she were' revengeful', she
coi-dd satisfy;'all 'cravings by letting-
the two go dn to their fate.   But at
this moment" she" would not only have ,
sacrificed  a, thousand revenges,  brf
her hdpes for' her * own future happiness, to'save Hilary ;Vane,*.and'.careless-oi- consequences- to herself,,.she
stepped i,forward,', saying,  "Don't  go
downstairs just'yet,, I beg, Lady ..Hil-
;ary. -1 ■ can't tell,you why, but-~-but
if. you'll' jWait-^-if,'„you'll breakfast' in
-your-room.JJiop^y^pjLma^yjjaye ^yourself aridVL'ady,"La"mbarV-Ta very^dis?
agreeable-experience."' "77  -.
Elspeth' expected an insulting .'answer from' Lady Lambart, .but, to<heT
surprise,* none came.. Mother.^ and
daughter stopped abruptly, the -girl
turning pale,. the woman flushing
scarlet under, her rouge' arid powder.'
"Oh, mother," exclaimed 'Hilary.
"It.has come."       ' .   .
Instantly Elspeth guessed, the
thought-in their minds. She remem-.
bered the words' she had overheard
yesterday, when Lady Lambart hnd
said to her daughter that "to-morrow
a summons' would be served." They
thought now that this dreaded ■ thing
had happened, and that, if they obeyed the warning she had given, they
might  somehow  hide from  disaster.
pointing finger. "Why,, that's-ah »ar-
i-ing oi Countess uaciepoiskoi's," she
exclaimed. "How, could it have got
caught in my dress?".
"ihe Countess was wearing those
earrings yesterday atternoon," said
"Yes,  I  remember.   But   I  didn't
have on this dres3."'
"Where was it?" Elspeth asked.
"Hanging up in the wardrobe.   It
was taken out only this morning. How
.queer it is.   I must give the Countess
her earring when 1—when I see her.
If she has missed it, she must be anx-
, ious, and I"——
"I'll see that, it's properly disposed
of, if you like," replied Elspeth,
with a diplomatic .. meaning which
seemed to convey nothing mysterious
to the other's mind.
"Thank y'bu," said Hilary.   "That
will be better, as—as I mayn't be going down for some time.   Please .explain to her how we found the earring, and perhaps in some way she
may be able to clear tip the mystery."
-  Elspeth did net answer; but HUary,
taking  it  for  granted  that  she  acquiesced, went  on with her writing,
instead of making the request again.
A moment Inter, she had finished
her note,  which consisted of but a
few lines, and hnd given it to Els- j
poth,   At the same time she put the
Countess's ruby earring into her hand.
"You know what to do with both
of these," Hilary said wearily.
"Quite," replied Elspeth. "You may
depend on me." Then, at the door
aha* tuwied, and said, "Lady Hilary,
do you lock yourself in at night?"
"No, not always. Why do you ask?"
nturned the other girl.
Elspeth was slightly confused. "The
—the key looks bent," sho said. "I
thought yon ought perhaps to speak
to Mr, McGowan nbout it. In a huge ■
place like this, with so many Strang- 1
ers about, it isn't safe not to lock \
'one's door at nieht."      , . ■:
Lody   Hilary   smiled   bitterly.    "I
have nothing of value for anybody.to ,
steal," she said.   "It's true the key '
k a little bent.   I don't know how
it happened, but it must have,had a
knock,    I dare say" the maid could
tell - how, if she Avould—but no servant will ever confess an awkwardness", if she can help it. ' I only know *
it's been like' that for a day' or two,
and that the key won't turn properly.   But. it .really doesn't, matter for
such a poor'person as myself. .With,
Countess Radepolskoi  or with  Lady.
Ardcliffe'it would be different."    ; ■-.'
•Elspeth fet.herself blushing.0 Had
Lady Hilary heard the. story of the *.-
robbery-.'yet;  or had ,she  not?    The
girl dared not ask, but went away,
with much food for thought in her
mind, and the note, and the ruby earring in her* hand.
' As' soon as she was but of the room,
'and shut'the door, however, she slip--
ped the earring into her pocket.-, *
,-She'believed.that'there was■ a plot
against' Lady, Hilary, and .that..Provi-
'dence'had sent her at the'right moment to frustrate it   • -' :
The instinct ot modesty natural to every woman is often a
great hindrance to the cure of womanly diseases.   Women
shrink from the personal questions of the local  physician
which seem indelicate.   The thought of examination is abhorrent to them, nnd so they endure, in silence a condition
of disease which surely progresses Irom bad to worse.
It has been Dr. Pierce's privilege to euro a
tlreat many women who have found a refuge
tor modesty tn his offer ot FREE consulta.      "
tion by letter.   3111 correspondence Is held
as sacredly confidential.  Hddress Dr. K. V.
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.     -
Dr, Pierce's Favorite Prescription restores  and  regulates
the womanly functions, abolishes  pain  and  builds up and
puts the finishing touch of  health  on  every weak woman
who gives it a fair trial.
It Makes Weak Women Strong,
Sick Women Well.
You can't afford to accept a secret nostrum as a substitute
-.for this noii-aicoholic medicine op known composition
Fernie JB.C.
and s
Boots   and   Shoes
Dry  -and Fancy   Goods,
Gent's Furnishings, and Underwear
' ■ ' ■ ' S
Aiidy   Hamilton
Tinsmith and Plumber
We can furnish you with estimates in
anything in pur, line
'If they have other,- proofs against
aa i_:.j'.
her, they've made them, as-they tried ;the;SEcreT OF A FAMOUS HEAL-
to. make-this/'-,she said to herself.   *. ■       , ■ -
"But is this only a part, of some great     *'   ..-,_■  mi»  bml-ivi
scheme, or is it the. whole?. It's time •  ■    -■'    • —".    •
I set myself to," find^quC and I will.,     Tne'reljlscovery of a s'acret' that has
migllaT     BUUIUIIU,.        anaaw      .	
Elspeth decided that, for Lady Hil
ary s sake, the bsst thing 'she could
do would be to let tho impression remain undisturbed lor the present.
"I told you what would happen
but I didn't know it would come quite
so Boon,"' half whispered Lady Lambart. "Now, will you be sensible and
Bave us both in tho only way,you can?
It isn't too late yet.." '
' "I must—I see now that I must,"
said Lady Hilary.   "If I could Bee
him, I would say"	
"You can't see him now, You must
write, n note, and quickly," replied
Lndy Lambart, in tho same low tono
sho had used beforo.
Hilary turned to Elspoth;' "Miss
Doan, will you como to my door lor
one moment, whilo I write a lino,
nnd then—as a j*raat favor to mo-
take it-immediately to tho person it
is intonded for?"
As her daughter mado this ToquoRt,
without waiting for an answer, in tho '
afllrmntivo, Lady Lambart turned and
walked rapidly ahead of tho others,
in tho dirootion of hor owii room.
Klspeth road hor thought accurately
and scornfully, In hpit.c ot her crupl-
ty tho dny before, she wan willinir
thnt its victim should be mnda uso
ol, though sho would not scorn to no*
lino'tho girl sho had ho deeply injured,
Hilary and Klepeth wnlkod togothor
along the corridor, but the ono wa**
too miserable, tlio other too anxious,
to spoak,
"Como in nnd wnit," the fornuT
pnld when thoy lind ronohod hor room.
"Sit down a minute, nnd thn note
will ho ready,"
Klfipoth knew without asking whnt
tlio noto would I)?, nnd nhn war Men
nt heart. Tho door wns onnn between
thin Toom and thn ndjolnin*/ one
whoro Lady Lnmbnrt could bo heard
moving rcHUcRHly about, therefor**) Hho
dnrod not cry out as she longed to
do. "Don't write to Mr, Trnwbridpp
that you'll mnrry him, Pnrhnpn It
won't bo neooHHary. Porhaps you mny
bj snvod in somo othor wny.
1 ndy  Hilary Boated  hen-cdl nt   n
.•■'..".".ll -■■■••■ tl-I i? Aenit In the window and
who wish' Lady..Hilary.' harm — they  will"always enlist,'.attention
"^■•w"**-^ -IfT8} *UT'* }0C>'iiT''- Buk' is the vital descendant' ot   those
to'beolihJ others "        -   '      -   'Ay.teriou.^erbal balms by the use of
Strange * thoughts' floated ' in Els- whlch the manly athletes of Ancient
peth's .-brain. ."She began to' weave Greece and the stalwart gladiators of
them tojether, and her pulses beat Home ensured . the healthiness and
with the weavin*:.      >,   •     ■ •   ready healing of their skfn.
"What shall, I do witli.this note?", M are U)e attempts that W0Pe
she asked herself. If Id dared to '„.,■ J7 „„„j„„» „ „„„..„,.,. wi™ f„..
tell Lady Hilary she was wrong- mado to produce a perfect balm for
that no riian had come with 'a sum- ,the 8kln but ln Zam-Buk na-a.the ideal
mons-would she have wished to take been realized. Since its discovery
extreme steps?" Shall 1 wait before Zam-Buk haR been welcomed ln man-
handing tho note to Mr. Trowbridge, sion and cottage and the people of
and, give fate a chance?,. I could ex- two hemispheres realized that they
plain to her that I had delayed a have been placed In possession of,an
little. I oan t see how it can do harm, absolutely unique euro for skin comas he is' trying to work in her inter- .,•„■,,*„
est   at   this   very   minute.'.without,'p.8,
knowing that ho's to have a reward—     The reasons for this triumph of scl-
.a reward a thousand times    grentor 'once aro'simple and few.     Taking   a
i than ho has  deserved,    Oh,  I  will 'lesson from tho Anclenls, the propric*
| wait, whatevo'r'happens." , tors of Zam-Buk first of all wisely do-
By the time she had decided, upon ! ciiled" that tho ideal'balm must be
hor pourso she was back again in tho 'purely hei.bn* an,, contnln .not   0V0I1
Lady Ardcliffo was thero, but ■ Mr. ■ftttB °r P°-s<™ mlnorals. Thus
Trowbridge,, who had ovldently been | -4am-Buk Is mado solely from rich and
oxpeoting hor roturn, came forward j P«ro essences obtalnod from certain
to meet hor. ' i medicinal herbs.     Those juices   and
"I think that Lady Hilary will bo j extracts are prepared and rofined- by
safo from annoyance now," ho Raid;
and Elspeth saw that he was vory
pale.  •
"You persuaded them both to do
lathing?' Hho asked.
"T havo persuaded tho CountCRR* nnd
bo far as I can mako out, Lady Ardoliffo relied for proofs upon the Coun-
toBs., Without her, she's hnrmlOHH. ox-
Ingenious sciontitlc proceHscH, and
then so skilfully blended that a unique
offectlvo nnd yot perfectly natural preparation for disponing skin dlseaso Ih
socurod. ,  . ,      '
Knm-nuk has an nffinlty for tho human skin hucIi as uo ordinary olntinoni
or llmtiiit'iit. can possible possess. Uo-
Hldus soothing pain aud allaying Irrl
Is Felt in all tlie Cities-Bad
*        ■*   j, -I,, I,* «)
*   ■*  ■     ■ ~ t
Victoria, Jan., 11—Some excitement
was occasioned here by a slight shock
which was generally felt over the
south end of Vancouver. No damage
was occasioned with tlie exception of
the breaking of some crockery in a
few homes.
Vancouver, Jan, 11—At 3.52 this afternoon a distinct shock was felt In
Vancouver and Immediately thereafter, flash messages from,.Victoria and.
Seattle arid other points cnmo ln reporting similar-shocks,
The first shock was diatlnct and
sharp,nnd was followed by. heaving
motions, tho whole lasting from fifteen to twenty seconds. In somo
parts of,the city,on tho higher levels
Uio shock waH moro pronounced and'
caused the people to leave their homos
ln alarm   .
No damngo was reported but residents in various parts of tho city report, tho moving of furniture and a
distinct personal effect...
Nanaimo, a.In. 11—A Blight   quako
Rltock was felt hero at 3.55 p.m
day.    No damage wan dono.
cont for flpiteful oosBip, porhaps
''You're suro tho   CountoBB   won't' lIll)on lt poshohhoh unique iimlHcptlc
"1 nmln«,™,» "^l WT?,!»i,ri,ion ' B*"' wmlclflal qualltlOR which vhuiul-
Krimlv 1 lowbrWuo , |y chftpo iUmm mm m of „1U hWu
Elspeth waH n^ured; but riot, coin-!'!H"nn.B:' '" "l0 Hnmo ,lmo'," 1,,l,'lfl,,,,
foitnblo. "Thoy had told Mr, Mc* !lllG i'01'()K ••••<' liivlBoratoa thn nniunil
Oownn their HuspicionH, you know," fnnellnim of tho skin In a way thnt
Hho reminded him, no other pr-'imnitlou can,
"Yoh, but I. hnvo Bpokon with Mr, j Znni-Huk hoIvoh In » porfcri nmtim>r
MoOownn. I told hlni thnt the Conn- mi-,, prnlilcin of always IhivIiik hniidy
tefH ItndcpolHkoi chdn t tnl-m-l. after . ul hoIll(. 0|. „( 0„(l.H work „,,    (>vr>1.,
T1'!!1'! !&.,'nS.I!L1«r^Mn«mmTl"'««'y ,"»,1 rollnbln fli'Hl 11I.I for nits,
uuiHt have 1>oaii mintakon in hor huh- ! /Ciun-imu Is without i<i|iuil for nrxfinn,
pi.'loiiR,    1  Hiiid thnt thnr- woro no i ii1<*.m*i*, pIIoh. bad log, rlniiwonn, hcalp!
pronfrt  nt nil  n-.'nlimt_ Lmly   Tlilnry. j hoi'.-h, ffHt.-rliiK Hori'H. Rpnilim,   Htiff-i
ICdniontoii, Jan. 0—Coal Is up to $t
on the market to-dny, Tlio reason
Klvou for,this Is that the cold weather Iiiih IncronHcd tho deiniind for
tonl, mid nt the Kiimu time it him
docroaHod   tho produciloti from   tho
llllllOR.   ■
Thu V>'.'tl*ni'.'n'H C'ompc'tisatlon net,
whli'h wi-iii Into foi ci* on .Iimunry
1 hi, rnqiilrcR thnt nil inlnon |invf< air
nhnftH nnd somo thnt lmvo not lmvo
Iuul to chiRi' down.
'•^**>   a4>^^^'^-frA*»|**4fa««*a*.**.^4M^
E.  Weston
Is prepared to givo
CHtinmtCH forjillclftss-
os of building worlc.
Repair* a ..specialty.
Give mo a trial,
liuf to him to hem that."
"1 think it was."
"Ih'l 1 mippnso thoro's already n
doteetivn in tho Iioiiro, or noon will
U>. Suppc'O that Lady Ardcliffo
Hhould direct hit* nttontl.-n to Lady
'•Sho won't do that nt proBent. Lady
Wan to write    Ar iha did w ^ , »«-y ^ »- ^(% -,- — * ^ d|(,
IVtli WUtCMd llwl liJ.*.n<J.JJ, xxj.in , u i
e   ly with a Mnrt, hvram toexmeA ' »-—•
nn .cn.ethlnB bright which, Rparklod
In  a laco frill of    Hiliyy'a    4rew.
Quickly Hho look a stop forward and
bout down to m what it wait which
I'ODIM     III    (HI     irnuir.1     lii,.f       ,, ,   ,
nil tlint, if Lndy Ardcliff" popnli-tnd ik'hr, poltiHoni'd woiumIh find fnr<* hoh'h
.u hor ncmiftntloii!*, hr- wo, Id bitterly (.|mfinK, ■.•hii|i|,,*d hniidH, cold tmr-'H.
roprot nfterwnrd Jinvine pnid nny at- ;froM, ,J|„.Hi H0I,, ,,„.,_ ^n,,,.,,,,,.,! uuHUm.
t0"i'm Sre'ifmuRt hnv, boon a ro-1^£ ilc1"^' irrli.ilo.._•«.! Inflnin-
IP.©. Hon 10, trernte
cm-Id hardly keep back a ^ ol m- ,
toniBhment. for tnnjlod in (ho Un
wns a ruby and diamond hoop ftar-
rinu, which «hn had ofton nocn tho
CountCRR ItndopolRkol wearing.
for a Roeond or two fin oAA aiAAl-
pori eam« over EUpeth, but it wan
enon tin RW-n almoi't an It hart come,
nnd Rhe felt ecld and calm, M it in
the teen nt a en-nt danifCT TPqulrinB
nil her recervo lore* and presence o!
"""T^V,   UAr  MWtxry,"   the   said,
drawing no nrar^r, l««t Lady Lambart
,,ho.,ld  ent«r, "L-wk  fit that thlnij
/.vpht in your frill.   How vory odd ,
Mint it Rhould 1» th«M." | thtm.
bmp-fUa. vLo «Ul tt-joP-P*^ ^ *•;,'■
fnrent, but thon, I hope, the real thiol
tuny liave lieon discovered; ot at
wrtrnt, nothing can l* j>rovwl RBninst
Lndy Tlilnry nnlr-M thi-co womon havo
plottod againBt li«r mor* elovorly than
* think.,T
Elspoth rol*K)Ote*i ioi h momiiij-a >m*a!
(To bo continued.)
"I do b?g thnt yon will liolp mo to
ivold a Hcandal, • tho maunder wnH
.aylriB*. "Tl you publicly iiociiho Lady
•lilary" .
r-nrd no mov**', hni it was enounh. I
V planco at tho OountoRR'R hard, hand* ■
,omo (ace Rliowed lior that it would
ftko percunBlens mor<> pownrful thnn
Mr, MeOownn'R to Indueo hor to ro-
UnquUh no choice a rnvongo, Doth
i-fimon hated Ladv Hilary Vane, and
'.lions*}* it w*i« lirmoBhi.uu — bihp«ui
'old liorROlf—that Rhe oould be fjuiHy,
olroumRtantinl ovldcnco must Rome-
how point to hor at tho thiol, or Uioy
would not dure throaton to accuHo
I-'Upeth grow cold with iW ai the
Hltrht. of thfl pitfall propnrod for hor
friend by thcfio two Jenlomi wornoti,
Kven 11 T.»dy Hilary could prove hor
Innoeuiicu, hIh. would ba made to r,nftor. nnd Klopotli c>\M not boar thnt
;t Rhould ho eo. How could ulio trrnve
*?ie jioor clilldl  She «t.ked horRflf.
'ih'.ni, unddimly,  »ho    thouglit of
Vii-vab.'iilco nnd hin pm-nlon for Lndy
Lhiiy Vinfi-tr.    I'«»m it hei wmins
tlio rtififf»v of f?i<*«i* who wouln ruin
.e (Iri; hut through \t Rh« ra\u.ht ■    *,.*.,  ...-
;t hi reROu»d, j midst ol h«r note, and following wllh j i«..».„ »«- te i** \« vi- -♦ i
Tluro wa* not a teconi to IpfcW, li | her cye» the dirootion of EliDtth'i ' Mce-Prei. »!«. 18 L. M. W. of A.
/.luii-liul. U a daily nt>ud tu «vi>i-y
hntiHehold and Ih roUI by nil dniPKlmH
und Htonm nt fifty cciitH n hox, It<i<
iiho hnrmftil nnd dniift«i-ntiH hiiIihiKiucn
HOIlU'llllK'H  "pUHlU'd" IIH  IH'tllK "JtlHt  (IH
' BOOfl,"
|  .	
I GO UP Ht-.AU -vuhNfir
Notico to all orRfttiUed l"bor, nnd
frl'-nd« of or(tnnl*?f>(l lnbor* Keop nway
from tho McCluro MlnoH at TaHkor, N.
Dakota, as thoy hnvn iocitcA out thoir
meii for JolnlpK tbo Vul'ail Mine
Worker**, of America. Tho men hncil
»o bo moved awny from thero at thc
'odd I f<""PBn-/ Rot nn WurtCt,on ■J(-»,Mt
,roif,v n. oALvr.v.
Onco upon a time nn Innpcctor wiih
cxfiinli'liiK a M-ry youthful cUcs of
Hcoleh Ijoj'h, and aniout; other wubjoct h
lio wjiiPfitt-d tlio tenchor to aak hli*
pupiin '.» luJ, i,i»\i..y..i*..'. ;.«'.-;•. !..'.,'■'
U'dRo, DcslrlnK hor tlaRH to do her
honor Hho decided upon a Wry simple Hubject, clitckcnH,
".Vow chlldrun," alio Raid, "I   wnnt
you to toll mo HomcthinK vory wouder*
To the 8uffarer« of the Fernie Fire on
Aug, lit, 1908.
I dcHli'o to i.nll your attention   to
tllO   IU'lH'Hhll.V    of   HOIIIU    (ludultl!    plitll
l(t'liiK adopted for a final dlDpoiiition
of the fumU ko KL'tiurotiftly contribut*
n,\ inn'nrtla vonr nsHlHtnnre.
V(>'\ nr*1 nwnro thnt a wnbuiinitial
Hum will he h-ft over nftcr nil ncrotintH
aru puld In addition to wlint hns boon
ndvntici'd for the purchase ot luinbt'i*
and hulldliiK mnterlnln.
.1ai>     .'*■      a..-      a     a....     ,a   ......   .      ^ . '
beoit ndopu-d and Rubmitted to you for
your approval an to what would bo
dono with tho money when repaid to
the fund.     Thercforo  I rent-wet fully
ful about chicken***." I ft(,vl*-i0 m*  rouiiobt, thnt no repay*
"Hov,* thoy (f'H ont from rtm Hfiplli,"! mi»nt nf nny loan for lumber nml build-
n-upondod ono littlo fellow lo the bnck j Iiir umtorlnU be made by anyone until
scot. ' Hiirh ilnif or Romn definite p'lnn 1« nd-
"Wt-ll." snld the ti-nclUT, "tlint U] opted nnd nubmlttcil to nil fire -Miff*
wonderful, but I wnnt you to tell mi> | ,.m. tor their approval and con«ont.
RomcthlfiK moro wofuli-rfiii." i    „,.    „ „ „ .
There wa« nlb-nce for a f.-w hpc*!    ^Mm you Ml Ul° ompltmcntR of
ondH.    Then up npoko little .lohruiy: j
I   "IMcntaf*. ma'am, it* moir wonderful!
jlioo VU«> Kstt, not. luuc th'jit* adf-lf-r!"!
tho m-atum,
Your trienA atii w-ell wisher,
ff. H. fi*i*rrtian -IrKE^-HaTR^
zagst&t*** wi «****,
- •-.■-tw^--'^' itfiKstst^iSSi
•;*"•"      C. P. R. TIME TABLE.
,No. 8 Flyer. Eastbound ........ 24.18
No. '7 Flyer Westbound  1.55
No.-214 Eastbound Regular  18.25
No. 213,aWestboujid Regular .... 9.46
No. 236 Eastbound 1st class ,. 9.00
:No. 235 Westbound, 1st class ..20.16
No. 252
.    No. 251
12.40 a.m.
FERNIE      .-a ■ 4.00 p.m
HOSMER  ,         .    3.40
1.10   ■
OLSON                   .1.27
.MICHEL                 3.05
At Coal Creek.     Apply at house No.
.-    149.      •
ESTRAY—-One horse, color black;
weight about 900 pounds, branded 7L
on left hip, blotched. brand on rifiht
shoulder. , Came to my ranch on 7th
January; owner can have samo by
proving titlo and paying expenses.—
Chas. Stephenson, Gateway, D. C.
TO RENT—Furnished rooms with
bath at Howland avenue, opposite the
Baptist church.
K, WANTED—Partner in good paying
bulsuess, with five hundred dollars capital; apply post office box 238.
Good Beef Good Blood; Good Blood
, Good Health; see the 41.
J,.. R. Pollock is in Portland on a
business trip.
Rochon, that's all—the Candy King
The ballot will have Its crosses to
bear to-morrow.
Pat Miller is away in Spokano on a
short vacation.
■   R. W. Wood was in Coleman   last
. week on business.
Mrs. Young of Howland avenue Is
on a visit to friends in Spokane.
Mr. John Lundie is not improving as
fast as his friends-would wish.
Patronize home industry and smoke
Crow's Nest Specials and Extra's
Miss Marion Corsan left on Sunday night for Calgary, to attend
.   school.
G. G. S.LIndsey, president of the
C. N.P. Coal Company was ln Michel
on Wednesday.
For a good comfortable smoke get
Dorenbecker's brands. They . are
home product.
President F. H. Sherman arrived in
'•>,  town, yesterday    morning.     He will
*.. leave on Monday to attend the conven-
.  tion of the W. F. M. . •'•
Rev: I., W. Williamson left on ■ the
Flyer  for  Vancouver to  bring back
Mrs. Williamson and family.'''
-"town yesterday-morning. 7 Mr.* Car-
" ter left the same evening to attend
the U. M." W. of. A. convention   at
Indianapolis. -"    -'•'.-,
If we were asked who was the finest
-man in Fernie, who do you suppose
W would say?     Why George DOren-
' oecker,,of course. . •■    *'* •  ;-, *'■'*■  ■•
Did'you vIsirth'eMr Meat'Market
.yet? If not, why not7
•; Bobbio Burns anniversary will, be
celebrated in,truo Scotch style ,.iri
Hosmer.on the 25th inot., by way of
a banquet and a Scotch 'dance;   *
Wright the Jeweler has a fine line of
ladles Diamond rings which he in selling at great-bargains, prices range
from'$10 up. 8tore next door to Hotel
Tbe members of the local lodge I.
O. O. F. aro mooting this evoning in
'   their now lodgo rooms in the Pythian
hall.    Degrees will bo conferred and
offlcors elected.
Your vote and influence reepectfully
solicited to advise your frlenda to get
the best of meats by buying at tho 41
Meat Market Limited.
Wo rend from tlio columns of a
"Bruce" papor that last week several
farmors wero plowing. That's nothing
—wo have boen plowing through snow
and slush for two months past.
If your wife Is angry get her a box
of Rochon's Chocolates—.that will win
her over.
Mr, Pat Kennedy has boon sent to
Vancouvor to lay boforo tho Catholic
administrator that Father McCulIogh
having been instrumental ln doing ho
much good, thoy want him to remain
Ladles watches at great bargains for
to-day only. Wright the Jeweler next
to Hotel Fernie,
Fir.) brol-o out In ono of lho ChinoHo
laundrloH nt Conl Crook al 9 o'clock
on Monday morning and In aplto of
tho Rtronuoiifl efforts of tho local brl*
gndo lho building wiih burnod to tho
„ Intjram's Cigar Store contains all
the beat brands of tobaccos and cigars,
Invitations nro out for a Imnauot
under tlio nui.pl'.'f'H of (Im Local llro-
thoiliood of TnnniHtofH to tnl(.» plnw
In Jb'iJ'.'-'H hull, TIiIh ••■■oiiiIhuh lo be
tlio ovmit. of thu H'-iiHo-i nnd Is nn-
noiincijil tor Tik'H'Iny next, tlio Ifltli,
We hove a nice range of Sterling
8llver Toilet Sett and Military Druihea
which wn nre •Militia at It*) ft a than (heir
actual coit. Call and get one bttforo
they are all gone. Wright the Jew-
' eler in A. A, Ollleipie'g storo,,. next
door to Hotel Fernie,
Beef, mutton; lamb, veal, pork etc,
s.rly c* (*"? x'tr\' be*l te he hsd n( lh*
41. fi
Tho Hov. A, II. N. Crowthor, church
of England olorgymnti for IfoRmer nnd
Michel arrived on Hntuniny from tho
dlocoKO of Qu' Appnlln, Tho Hov. Crowthor la from Oxford unlverillty, and
hohlH un M. A„ wUch should be a
alrong enough rocommondotlon to tho
pouph; ot Ha-jutcr ut.J Michel,
A vory aorloua railway accident
which rotuUoA In the loita of two live*
occurred at Bfdowood. Alta., on Wed-
nesday ovntiintt. A way-fre!***!*.. (rain
proctu'diiifc along tho main lino ran
Into thn nur eud of a train coat-tin*
tnr, title, r'Milling In tbe Aenth ot
Pireiiion King and Ilrakeatan Porter,
both of thn way froixht, and In the
Injury of'tho conductor of lho *J)k
For hotel accommodation the Napanee is the place.
Connell and Houlahan are a pretty, hard pair to beat at electioneering.
The baths in connection with the
Club Cigar Store Barber shop'are a
great convenience to,tbe public.
Mr. H. Douglas of the C. P. R. freight
department ofEernie goes to" Winnipeg
on the 19th'inst for-about, two weeks
vacation.' - ,'....
, Mrs. (Rev.) Wilkinson .and baby,
accompanied by Miss Moutray, are
leaving next week for Kingston, Ont„
to'spend the balance, of the-winter.
It's not how cheap but.how good—
41. .       '
The annual Sunday school entertainment and tea of the Church of
England will be held this Saturday
aftornoon from 3 to 5 in Bruce's hall.
For New Year Gifts see Wright the
Jeweler's display of jewelry and of
watches.     Next/door to Hotel Fernie.
At Washington, before the Ways
and Means Committee bf„ the 60th
Congress of the United States,
"Salnda" Tea was spoken of as the
"King of Teas."
The cuisine at the .Napanee is unexcelled. The bar has the best in
the land. ■   •
Messrs, Whimster, Ross and Keeley
are going to hold another informal
dance ■ on Thusrday,' January, 21st in
Bruce's Hall. Standing" invitations
have already been sent out.
Rochon has some rsal nice Ice
cream on hand.     Call and see.
Along the Kenebec Co. returns to
play The Convict's Daughter at the
Bruce Opera House on Saturday night
This is one of the best plays ever
written and is handled by an able Co.
of artists, assuring every one' a good
time. ,.
Bills are out announcing a tea'and
concert in Bruces' hall on January 27
by the Socialist party of Fernie. This
is bound to be a good affair and will
no doubt be well - patronized. The
tickets can be had from any member
of the party. .
The Bowling Alley and American billiard table are doing a great stroke of
business these times Call up and
watch them bowl. ,    .
The hospital has been completed,
and.'.opeued its doors for patients last
week. It is now one of the most up
to date and'.best, equlpper in the interior of British Columbia. Two new
nurses arrived on Saturday from Winnipeg to accept positions onrthe staff.
The following were awarded prizes
at the carnival last night:
Best.dressed lady;. Mrs! Crawford.-
Best dressed gent: Mr; Bell.'    .   ,,
Best dressed.girl:;Miss A. Andrews.
Best dressed boy: Billy Ross.
Best comic: W..S. Stanley.
The "4i" Meat Market is the latest
business enterprise' to jenter the field
of commercialism iri Fernie. ' 7 The
new firm aer, doing business in Lockhart & Gillespie's old stand, and carry a full supply of'fresh and'salt
meats as well as produce. Their ad
appears on another page.
-. The Ladies Benevolent Association
present their.financial statement in
this issue. This is' a really good
showing. This organization does
moro charitable work than many people understand, and should receive
the very hearty support of tho citizens
in general.: The Indies are.a littlo
short of monoy at present and when
thoy call upon you unlpose your purse
Pasta's opera houso openod to tho
public for the first time last night
with moving, pictures. This latest
addition to Feruio play houses is well
accommodated, and Is provided with
evory convenience Including a steam
heating plant and its own electric
lighting plant. Mr. Pasta promises
to provido tho citizens with tho vory
bost attractions.
Word was recelvod In tho city thin
week announcing tho death of
Poarson Elliott, nt Sponce'n
Bridge, B. C„ son of Mr, and Mrs. Jas.
Elliott, at ono timo woll known resident b of Fertile, Tho young man
was in poor health for somo timo,
and although tho ond camo not. unexpectedly his domlso will bo groat*
ly folt by tbo family. Intormont was
mndo In Vancouvor. ;-■
Rochon has won the highest appreciation of tha citizens at a. Candy
Throo drivers of tlio P. Burns Co,
had a closo call from doath on Tuoh-
day night by asphyxiation. It appears thnt they had net up an opon
stovo In lho stablo ovor whicli thoy
slopt, and tho escaping gas poured
into their bedroom all night with disastrous offoct. When tlio mon did
not turn up at tho usual hour In the
morning nn Investigation wiih hold nnd
thoy woro found unconscious In their
hods. Thoy nro now nono tho worse
for tliolr experience
The Napanee hotel la prepared to
handle travellers and other guests,
560,000 FIRE
Business Section of Thriving
town Almost Wiped Out;
List of Losses  ; *
We have. the ) best,assortment in the; country of the
Poaches, Pears; Raspberries,Strawberries, Plums, Salmon'
w. j.,;blunhs:ix
-Taber, Jan. 9—This town thought'
the destruction of its,business section
,was - certain at 8 o'clock last' night,
when a fire which began in the basement of .the Taber^ Trading Co. store
promised to wipe out that part,of this
thriving town.        .', "
Fate-and the magnificent work of
the men of tho town ruled-otherwise,
and the fire was confined to the Taber
Trading company and the Douglas
stone block. '7
The fire originated in the basement
of the Trading Co. store, and the
cause is believed to havo been from
an overheated furnace. The alarm
was sounded about eight o'clock by a
number of children who .espied .the
flames in the basement.. Soon, the
town's fire equipment and a. big
crowd were on hand but the engines
would not work satisfactorily and by
the time the volunteers " were thoroughly organized, the Douglas block,
whicli was looked upon as fireproof,
had taken fire, and all efforts were
directed toward preventing the spread
to other, buildings. The men used
chemical hose- for a time and then
formed'a bucket brigade' hauling the
pails of water by means of a rope to
the roof, of adjacent buildings.. The
roof of the Douglas-block, was forced
in so as to confine .the fire within the
stone.walls and that precaution had
considerable to do with staying ■ the
flames.    _.      .    '    ■
All the-merchants in the blocks adjoining, Potter-Taylor' Co., Campbell
and' Anderson, Westlake Bros, and R.
P. Wallace, barrister, succeeded in re
moving their stocks; safes. and * valuables. * Fortunately the fire did not
spread to the buildings which they
occupied. '
The Douglas Block and the Taber
Trading. Co.'s store were completely
destroyed, the latter with.all its contents. ...
The, Taber Trading Company's establishment, was a frame building and
was the property of W. W: Douglas,
mayor of the town, who also owned
tho stone block adjacent. . The tenants of the Douglas block were:
Post office  ■   ""   *     *
Eastern Townships bank
. :R. P. Wallace/barrister    ' J7
: Knights , of ^Pythias .7
, Monarch Coal Co.        .,
■* Nearly  every article of value  in
eluding the safe and all.letters were
removed , from the postoff.ee.    ■ Mr
Wallap'e saved practically aU of,   his
valuable papers and furniture.,   It; in
feared., that the  Eastern  Townships
bank'   is not going to safeguard its
contents as this morning smoke   wa:,
seen escaping from it.    '
Mr. Douglas is practically the only
loser, as he-is not only the owner of
the'two buildings ,but the Tabor Trading Co, ns woll.
* Ho estimates bis loss, at $-30,000 and
Is insured at $38,000.' Mr. Douglas intimated that ho -would likely build'in
tho spring if ho found tho,contents of
his safe in good condition so tbat
ho could have his insurance adjusted
wtthout delay.
The Chinese laundry, Minor's real
oslato office and Hammer's real' estate office .wore moved away from tho
fire zone with ropes.
An attempt was made to get a hone
attached to a C, P. 11, ongine but it
wns found that tho hoso was not long
'If tho wator carriers had not ceased
work for tlio day tlio flro might havo
boen confined to the Tabor Trading
Company building as It was the absence of wator that caused tho flro
to gain such rapid headway,
Tho electric light syBtom wus put
out of businoss owing to tho wires
bolng cut off on account of tho llro,
Mr, Douglas owns two othor build*
ings and ho will bo opon for businoss
again on Monday,   ..
Tlio pout offlco oponod up this afternoon In ono of tho samplo room* of
tho Palaco hotol.
li, A. Cunnlgliam camo down from
Lothbrldgo on tho flyor this morning
fearing that tho I'ogorB-Cunningbnm
lumbor yard might bo'In dangor of
dost ruction.
Somo pllforlng Is roportod to havo
taki-ii placo during tho llro and ono
arrriHt was mndo.
Lothbrldgo Herald: At 0.46 last ev*
enliig a mesBago wns brought to tlio
Council Cliumber whoro tho council
was In session.    It wna from'Tabor,
Coming to See You Again
llainM«v -j**.m.*•■■*   iftr%*i*,r\Wr*r*   fits Mi
* »«W t.fgm)      aa.«a.aa»       «»*»•• V«*\~W       W«
in a now pfay
Bruce's Opora House, Sat. Jany. 16th
Tho Powerful Melodrama
'SlDj^R^WUig H-d4adUlK0i5::'GQa.--,'
■■ Fernie, B. C.       ■ 'y:i - -• '■-   -■"
Why be without a Sewing .Machine when .you
can get one for $3.00 a month?,   .,
J. P. HOULAHAN, Agent, opposite Coai Qo, 's office,-Pellat Ave.
and contained the, alarming intelligence that the town was burning. It
asked the city to send the fire engine,
the, firemen, hoso wagon, and policemen.., Immediately Chief Fowler,, and
Supt. Wilson of the Mounted; Polico
were phoned.- Inside of ten minutes
the- drivers had their wagons outside,
and several firemen had come. .. The
news spread rapidly over the city; and
in a short time quite a crowd had gathered at the station. ■    '
By ten o'clock a' crew had made up
a -train; and the propositpn of getting-the big engine loaded confronted the brigade. After some little delay
the engine was gotten up on top of
the planks by means of block and tac-,
kle. At this critical stage all of.'the
slack was pulled in, and another delay jproved too great' a strain on the
rope and it broke. Everybody gafe
the engine a clear passage—one i man
by a very narrow margin—and'.dov'fn
it camel ~ '     ' ."-•'*"■' ' .'
The planks were planed on'7bpe
side, and this with the snow on them,
made them quite slippery. While 'tljie
front of the engine was not yet tg/jthel
ground it slipped off the planks,(j*and
the fall broke the front axle.* nMore
material had to be secured and''tne
axle chained up. Then the* derrick
was brought up from the yard, and
taken, back again as U7was not suitable;* "    *     ■       .-■'*''
7 7 OBITUARY**.*.,* ..
It was7with deep regret. that. the
many friends of H. G. Lockhart.. received word on Tuesday* of. the. death
of' his wife,; which sad event took
Lockhart bad been,an esteemed'resident of Fernie, for -.the last five years
and only, left here oh a visit to her
parents'in Toronto shortly after the
Are. iHer .husband, who had been
hastily summoned only, reached her
bedside a few hours before she died.
The sympathy of the.whole commun-
ityi.goes out:,to'Mr. Lockhart,in his
terrible bereavement.   ',"
.The following, school trustees'.were
.elected by-acclamation for .1909, and
1910 respectively; G. L. Pedlar, 1909,
W. R. Corapboll, 1909-10, G, H. Boulton
1909-10; Robert Dudley 1909; W. S.
Stanley, 1U09-10.
,Wo trust that these goiitlemun-wlll
rusli matters along nnd seo that proper schooling facilities nro Immediately nvallnble.
T. Wilson, who was working in tho
bUBh for about two weeks forged somo
cheques whicli ho succeodod n pattp-
lug. Ho was arrested and Pertenco'!
to two and a half ynrs imprlsonmoi".
on Monday.
W, Hammond, proprlotor of tho Imperial hotel was charged with     attempted rope on n Slav girl, but was
acquitted owing lo lack of ovldcnco,
■*» .—
Convict's   Daughter
The Grandest Play Ever Written
I -ft ~*Z~.—Z~. 1 IT.—1—.1^— -9 18plendld Band
16 B»g Vaudeville Acts 6 J A orcne.ua
Wrtteh for Strsat Pnmde on Day of Show
8IAT8   ON   SALE   AT   8U00AAY8
What might havo beon a serious nc-
oldont took,placo at Coal Crook on
Wednosday afternoon. Ono of the
now air dinkeys and a steam dinkey
wero coming down from No, 5 mine,'
tho air dinkey bolng In front, and
when turning tho cornor near whoro
the CI .nks laundry was, mot a horso
pulling a car of rails up to No. 1 Mino.
Tho dlnkoys woro travelling at a pretty fast rato of speed nnd crashed into
tho horso and knocked it complotoly
ovor, burying It dooply In tbo snow.
Tho horso had to bo dug out and was
vory badly hurt, Tho air dlnkoy sub-
tnjncd sorlotiH damage, In fact ovory*
thing except tho bailor was knocked
off, Tho motormnn, H, Dakar, had
a narrow oHcnpo, having to jump for
bis lifo.
MIhh G. goaton of Calgury is relieving In tho C, 1\ II. local telegraph office this wook.
M1h» ,1, TIppliigH of Coloman Is
upending tho week visiting in Pernio,
Tho Fornio gloo parly Intend holding a supper and danco at the Northern restaurant on Wodnosday noxt
('nu <J, (-*, ii. tuti'u itacr, icu l* ,. .iUiV-
butter lbJtf wcok,
I). McNVIsh has succondnd W. Hammond as tho manager of tho Imperial
IT T "FViTrmr of \1nvln wnr. In town
on Wednesday.
, T. K. Phillip*, auditor of tha C. P.
IX. Is In town this week checking up
local station accounts.
Clilof Gook has handed (n him re-rig-
nation to tho council.
IF. P. lllckt, manager of tho Co-op-
orntlve store hut received a cflblcgmm
annonnrlrig tho death of hit* father nt
London, Kng.
Flvo nii-it-lans with unpronouncable
nttnee lett on tWdnwdty via thn C. P.
R. for Bt. Potorsbur-r.
Conttahlo Fred Varlow went over
to N"f-l*orj on Th8T*i*.*tijr Trill*. WHfcon,
rh/> rtittn ttcntenceA for forgery.
T. ll Oakley, chief clerk of tho C
P. Tl. freight offlco spent n few Atyn
at lethbridge thla week.
Did you say anything about a snow-
slide? ;     ','     '• ,
IiJurphy says hauling coal is right in
his lino—nit.   "    • ,- -.
What do you think of the influx of
foreign.immigration?  ,.*■*,
.'John;.Hatrringtcn,was appointed by
the^Gladstpne local to attend the convention "^of the U. M." W. of A. convention'at Indianapolis."   *,'
. ■ Charles' Sirhister returned from Mid-
tiel' on _ Friday., morning. Mr. Simister
bavs been at Michel, since the cold snap
looking after, the'affairs'of the company." '.--';' ■"■'*.•'. yy ;  .. "   " 7   ;  ■■
•   The dog races last Saturday afternoon resulted as follows:.       .'.".'
David Anderson; 1st.   '.'
Jimmie White 2nd. ' .    .7     7
James Lamer 3rd.  ' " 7.-' '
A derailment took " place at Lundbreck, Alta., on Thursday evening,- a
freight train being .delayed five1 hours.'
Luckily no one was hurt, traffic 'being delayed several hours. -■
The Convict's Daughter will be presented at Bruce's,opera house on Sat-
urday'-nfghf: Thhr—Is-ti—-powerful-
melodrarnarfull'-of-'sensation and will
afford -"-opera..* Qpfise^raplepdjd,*evening's entertainment.:      . . ,' ~7,
One of the main air pipes * burst,
which supplies', air to the district'
known as, 47, or" the 2nd incline in No.
5 mine on.. Wednesday morning, . ne-.
cessltating the stoppig of,that district
for, two days. , ..•■•-., „'•■?> ■ "
-.-' :—'.    **» ." ; , ':-.•: -
Will Represent Lethbridge
_ Riding in Closing Session
^Lethbridge, Altai Jan. 13—The nomination'; for by-,elecUo*a,'/to fill;vacancy
in the representation" of 'Letliliri'dge in
the Alberta Legislature resulted ■ Jn
the return of (Donald; McNab, Labor
candidate, by acclamation, The Lib
erals and Conservatives will reservo
their 'ogorts until the, general election's.' ',,'■'   . ■   '■  ■   • •■ _,    ,   '
The Liberals held a largofy attended
convention yesterday and decided
that a. candidate was not advisable,
as there remains but one session of
tho Legislature nnd the Labor men of
the riding woro entitled to.an aecla
While they reached this decision it
was, decided to prepare for emergencies as Mr, W. 13, Ives had announced, himself as a. candidate. ' The announcement was regarded as a. bluff,
although thoro watt no tolling what
would happen so tho convention, while
opposing a contost against tbo.Labor
man, decided to prepare for Mr, Ives
should he bo nominated, "
Mr. W. A. Buchanan, editor of tho
Lothbrldgo Herald was tondored tho
unanimous nomination but doolined on
account of businoss reasons.
Mayor Klvors of Raymond was thon
proposed and would havo beon formally placed In tho lists had Mr, Ives boon
Favor Telephone CommlMlon
Tlio convention passod a numbor of
resolutions, tho most Important of
which was a declaration that tho pro*
vlnclal tolophono Bystom should bo put
In chnrgo of an Indopondont commission,
Tho resolution was not Intended to
rcfloct upon t ho public works dopartmont, but rathor doclnrod that as
that dopartmont had such a tromond*
ou8 amount of work ahead of It In tho
construction of roads and bridges thnt
It would bo unfair to saddle upon tt
tho telephono syotcm.
Anothor resolution was n demand
that n southern lands title district bo
croatod and that tbo lands titlo offlcos
bo orocted In Lcthbrldgp.
Tnbor, .Inn. 12—8, ,r, Wing, weigh-
mnn nt lho Scrnnton, Rock Springs,
nnd Central coal tuintta at Conl City,
hi.id to-day Unit tfia.a.u tiiruu min-a.** uru
now producing on an ovornge of CO
tons dally..
This morning thoy will havo Installed thrr-o iMpptrlr-nl nnnrhlni-- mnrhlnpn
and when In thorough running order
can produce 200 tons dally.
Mr. W. W. Douglas rocolvod thU
morning a largo connlgnmont ot troth
grocerlcd, flour and bacon from tho
firm of Dentloy nnd Co.. Letbbrldgff.
Ilia placo of business Is on Hough Bu,
one block north of bis old stand.
Thn totvn amhoritii-f! should see to
It At onco tbat a fence It eroded
•round tho rest and south fronts of
the* ruins of the late Trading Co.'*
store and the Douglas block to pre*
vent relic t-twfe*rt from tnttant death.
The east stone wall of the Doaglaa
block If In au unsafe and tottering con*
dftlovt, A west wind would sttrelf
bring tt to tha ground.
Grows iNes^
|gen^r|l merchants?
•^;Fernie?s   Cheap > Cash   Store
^Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B;C.
v A-
; ;     QUESTION?       4
.,jDoesn!t make nny. difference^
} wl\ero yon buy your jshoes—*, *
even if you mako your pur-
,  ellipses here-^lo your   shoes.
flit) do they give you the satisfaction you have a right to
expect.  . One thing we are.
8urejof~wo can and will give ;
you shoe satisfaction ■ if;* you '
wil^..,.givo   us the   chance— J
. even,it.:.that involves;, ah, ex-
., change".: or ;; refunding;'{' .of ■
".inoiiej*-;".'',;' "" ,.' '" "   '"*'; *
W.R,  McDougall
A complete assortment of best music
Vocal and Instrumental, received to-day
■ li
\ ^HIS has 'been'.carefully selected.and. comprises
.'.77  most of the favorites, both popular and.classic. ■
We have now on exhibition a shipment of the*
• famous new double record Columbia discs.   These -
discs at 85c each bear two complete, records, one
on each side, and cost only.10c,more than'.,thef
iisiial single record of other makes.^7'     ';' ;i:: iy
,_The7Januar^„issuejofJkiisoiiiJlecords. has arrived.
Cail arid make your selection early while our stock !
is complete.   The hew; four  minute" Amberol^
records are winning many friends. '•-■.,..
■A'full line of violins, Mandolins, Banjos, Guitars,...
Harmonicos, Accordeons, Flageolets, Strings, etc.,
always on hand at '■ ••'      ,
Suddaby's Drug & Bdfyk. Store
The 41 Meat Market, Ltd.
.•*rrAVINO  opened a branch store ih the tompor-^
■ nry storo lately occupied by A.'A. Gillespie,
two doors, north of the' now Bnnk of Commerce
building, wo nro propnred to supply tho pooplo of
Fernie imd Hiiritmnding district wltli tlio ,
of all kinds,   Wo keop iv choice selection of hams,
Bacon and Lard (the woll known Armour Brand)
and Fresh Fish dally. *
All our Moat* aro Specially 8olootod from
our own Ranoheo
Hotels, Boarding Houhoh and OanipH supplied nt tho
lowest ptisslblo prfei'M,      Wo  ltisjieclfiilly  solicit
• your patrnmtgo,
The 41 Meat Market, Ltd.
Aiy,*A)*6 »i -cliolvx »><-vj[)'t>*> i>ri}*;*cf1 Vail., Vet!,
Mutton, nnd I^nmbon hand,   Ifnms,
Ilncon, Lnrd, Unttor nnd Eggs
Our Specialties
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish, always a good
ft.%ortment.   Try oar Mince Meat,
Snurkrnat nnd Oystera.


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