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rjune i|';-i
- I-"     ,t>"\\
Industrial Unity is, Strength
vol; iv. No. ija
-Tbe Official Or&a.n|o>f District Mo. 18, U. M. W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
FERNIE,   B. G;>   JANUARY 23r*d,   1909
$1.00 a. Year
Owing to the feet ffi^^ been able tp move in
to our new permanent premises and having a large stock on
hanci it is necessary to make room for our Spring goods, and
Have decided to give the people of Fernie an opportunity of
furnishing at a greatly ^reduced cost Ail goods in the store,
including Furniture of * Every Description *
,   Bidding of every every variety,.
*':•:'VlJP,ictures, Carpets, Rugs Liriol- '
?>^fewms,tT6il<l;Sets)   Roll   Top   "
..'..,   Desks.and Mirrors ."',.   ....
Discount of 20 per cent
Sale opens Sat. Jany. 1-8'.for two weeks
; u
Household Furnisher
Stoves  and   Ranges, ..Window,
Shades; Curtain Poles, and all.
Window   Trimmings," Kitchen
Cabinets, Etc.
• 9
Tho flowors that, blooni in tho spring tm-la-la
t a* a.
Havo nothing to do with tlio case;
But tho flour of which wo sing tm-la'-la '
Is tlio bost for tho human race, ""'
Wo havo a carload of those two brands of" flour
now bn tho way direct from tho mill. . Numbers
of orders aro waiting on our books for delivery
right from tho car.   Placo yonv's npw.
i* < ,
We    Guarantee    Both   Brands
■.lUJI'-IJim.!!- -
A Businesslike • Starts
the New Council-
Most Agreeable
" The first rogulnr mooting of tho now
Council.was hold on-Tuesday evening
in the now city offices, situated In tho
.Tohn8on-I'"aUikner block. Tho now
rooms aro clonn, cosy nnd up-to-date,
and tho now Council and Mayor aro
lo bo congratulated on tho prompt
way in which they got propor quarters wherein to do business.
Tho ontlro Council consisting of Mis
Worshp Mayor Horchmor, Aid. Ilar*
clny, Croo. Duthlo, Gates, Johnson,
and McDonald nnd tho city dork wero
present, and no timo was lost In Rot-
ting to business,
Tho Mayor first of nil suggested to
tho aldormon thnt. thoy do away with
smoking while, transacting huslnesH,
uh wns -provloitsly suggostod by tho
Lodger. Messrs, Croo and llnreluy
woro ln favor nlso, nnd It wan suggested that a ton minutes "half I lino"
hn (•■-.Hod to chat and smoke, Tho
Mayor explained that, ho thought It
proper ub thoy could do thoir work
much hotter nnd quicker without sinok*
In Connection with Relief Repayment—Manager
Hurd of the Goal Company Opposed to Men
Paying Back Free Donations
An liulignnlion mam, nicotine was held in tho Dreamland Thoatro
on Sunday afternoon. Tho meeting was called I'or the Minors' hall,
but it was found that that hall was top Hinnll, so tho manager of the
Dreamland Theatre wiih hunted up, and he very cordially gave his
hall gratis,
Tho objeet ol! the meeting was to consider the notion of the
Mayor-elect in having some 21)0 niinurs docked $G,00 each to pay back
the relief money ndvuncod to thom in lumber, etc.
The public, who as yot have not seen n properly itemized statement of tho donation*-; and expend ilureN, do not think that thc poor
workingmen Hhould be forced to repay what (ho generous people from
outsido Hontfor gratis relief.
Sherwood Ilerclnnor, Mayor-elect, made the ridiculous statement
thnt ho thought the money should he repaid to tho city, and then
used "to boautify our comotory or build a recreation ground,"    lin
ing. Wo must congratulate tho Mayor iWKjn0i jf y,m tan, the people who sunt the money to help the snlTen-rs
nnd Council on this stand nnd trust .,  .   ,     , ..     .    .. .   . ...   .-. ...
■over then* Ih-ikik, consenting to the money being repaid to "boautify
lUbbUAi*),   .HUBaaDAYS   AiiD   SAiuSBATS
our comotory."
The meeting appointed Mr. J. Wilde ns chiimiinti.
The. chairman
they will ndheto to It, thtouKhout the
yenr.    It tertalnly will npponl to most
right thinking men that It Is a want
of decorum to see a council smoking    „.      .....      . ,    .   „ ., „. ,     , .     ,. ,
rs h.nrd ns posslhlc while dolnu the after Hinting the object of the mceling, and asking the men to observe
city's buslm-Hs, j order and ileal strietly with tho waller ai issue, called Mr.   Krnul:
('onsldornlilc (.uklnuu wuh luuuUeil. shl.rmim t„ t|,„ p'tlt,|Wm.
nnd the mntter of tho polico came up. , .
•..•4. ._.,„. ....a. „  Mr. I•:.,'r.v.a* g<-*t r'j»nt «i«■»«•••■ t» lm«mi.Bir  -mil utnled hrsi of all
Dial )ir in.sJji-d Ihe tfiCT-i 1c, tViv.tn-iClU** undevHtaui. thnt lite wnnntrer of
tho CrowN Xest 1'usk Coal Conipauy, Mr. Ilurd, had stupped the money
from iln. uifii only when he was foreed to do no hy law. If he hnd
not dono so the c-uinpnuy would have- been held responsible for tho
;.-4.*."■;.*. .*."; ??"• '•""' h»A j»lvon iK-'-i.Mimetil'* fnr 1 ho iniioitnt of tj*(i.00 11
President Sherman here outlined the reason why he had Huggest-
edtbat the men aigu ngreementt** to pay baek the money.
"First of all," said he, "up to tint time that I pr<»poi«'<l this plan
nothing had been done, and nothing had been Mig^etitt-l, for disposing
of Ihe relief fundi., and tin* shi'ltcring of the bonnlisM, and it was
when, I saw no di.'-pu-dtion on the pnrt nf the eo.m-nit.--*'' to help thai
I suggested Hint the men lie given *r*.0<) worth of hiin!***r, m> thai ihey
would he able 1<> build a Mmill home on their lot-*, and not leave the
We trust that a wild rumor we iienrd
US to -*•', Vad'aJV. in.i„H i.;,i,\il.;>tJ'il m
chief will be very ■farefMlly nnd ilellu-
•orntely ronsldored hy tho commlsslon-
ern. Personally wo have nothing
■walnut Mr. Varlow, lint ho has not
>"i,l t*h<. evnorliMire find tines not show-
the proper t-lmmctfrlslk-H ler'Ulred in
n chief of police.
Wo also wore informed thai n Mr.
FnrtinhArson wns to ho put on the
force. We might sny lho snmo nbont
this appointment. Wo would sub-
e;e*t thnt thr* rotnmlRsloners consider
-♦ory t'twftilly before nftklng theso np-
point mctu*.
The matter of the new city office*
hrotiBht forth mnnldersble diietisston,
»t>«1 M»"»*»>r lfer■rl.■m^r urita, ihe ne-
rerslty of hif-ln*** »«m» of the rHIs
(ConMiin**^ on pspe four,)
((.^nttutted on page (wo)
Suits and Overcoats
20 per cent, discount
Wo n*?«ume nH ri^W re^nrH.n**'*' fit- and work-
manship.   We have pleased hundreds, that
speaks for itself.
———'■ -|- -
Clothers to Men and Boys
News of Interest to Church Goers
We will be glad to have news for these columns each week g
* - I
■*"    On Wednesday January 27th   Rev.
Robert Hughes of Cranbrook will be in
k Fernie, and will give a description of
the great Yukon country, the land of
the midnight sun, glacial Ice, dog
sleighs, and gold excitement, Method*
1st church 8 p.m. Lantern and slides
-   » . * * *
• Rev. W. L. Hall will preach tyo
sermons on Sunday next on the doctrines of grace and election.    11a.m.
7.30 p.m.
*■ * * * i
The Methodist church is kept open
from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. for the
' convenience of anyone who wishes to
write a letter, read a book, meet a
friend or spend a quiet social or meditative, half hour.      Pape rand    pens
* * «
,. Monday evening is specially given
over to the young people. 0" the
.coming Monday there will be a debate
■and Friday night.wll.be choir-practice. Any one welcome at any meeting and at any time.
*   *   •
Miss Mott will be in charge of the
Christian   Endeavor   society  at    the
.Methodist church.next Monday night.
All   are ■ invited to be present as   a
,   good tinie is promised.
William Johns, at Ono Time
Secretary of the Miners'
Union iii Fernie
(Contintied froiii* page one.)
„    The Lord's 'consciousness    of our
need is  the assurance of His gracious care.     Your needs are many but
not more than His capacity to supply.
Have   you tested the   promises     of
, God?
»   «   •i
The, New Year will present new op-
, "p'ortunitiesand new responsibilities.
It will be well if a retrospective look
is' taken' in order to. see the points
where failure was determined, having
■ so done, go ahead with determination
to succeed.
* »   • "
You can make tlais a year of great
blessedness to yourself. • It will surely conie if,you are thoughtful of oth-
. ers.
* *   •
God-given'^ opportunities are invaluable; if rightly used they produce ad-
.ornment for the Saviour's once- thorn-
crowned brow.- Crown- Him with
many crowns and you cannot but be
crowned yourself.
.. The nation's greatest asset is the
"accumulative energy towards the realization of the poorest type of citizenship. Christ was the world's", best
age but His life.added lustre and glory
to a noble ancestry. Let us give our
attention in directing every God-given
talent towards the noblest type of
manhood—our living example, the
Christ of Nazareth.   '
of God.*. It is the oldeBt-.and' finest
aggregation of books in the world. It
embraces history, literature, topog-
•raphy, biography and science." In Its
■ many branches beyond this is "records
the facts of redemption through Jesus
Christ.' If the book is so priceless,
..why Is it not,more used? Why do
teachers use'"tho-helps" and scarcely
ever touch tho book of all books? Perhaps some one can explain.
Another man has been lost in. the
woods around Nnnonso Bay. Il is?
only a couple of weeks ttgo ■ that
Snmesott the Indian, dieuppearcd in
these woods since'when not a trae.-*
nor a sign of him has been found.
It was Christmas dny that he omened the woods on a-hunting expedition
and from that day he has never been
seen nor heard of.     • ,
Now. a like fate has befallen an old
resident of Wellington, a member of
a well known family. The missing man
is William Johns. His brother, John
Johns, was a mine boss at Extension
and left a similar position in the
Crows Nest Pass to take charge of Gil-
flllnn's mine at Wellington. _ Lately
he has been engaged on tho prospect
work at Campbell, river and Is now out
with a party searching for his brother.
Thc story of.John's disappearance-is
very simple. He and a man niimed
George Richards set out from Wellington for a mining camp In the Nnnoose
district. They reached the cabin beside the Prospect hole and Richards
stayed there until Tuesday, January G.
AL nine o'clock tluu morning John left
to go out hunting, Richards declining
lo go for the reason that he was going
out home in the afternoon. Johns told
him not to wait for him as he would
probably not be back until four or five
'in the afternoon. -   ,
' Accordingly. Richards came away at
3 o'clock in the afternoon of last Tuesday. He left a note for Johns telling
him that he would notify his (Johns)
people not to expect him before Saturday evening.     7    ^     '
Johns did not turn upon Saturday
evening and ,on Sunday his people set
out for'the claim to Investigate. They
found ithat he had never got back to
the cabin at all and that therefore'he
had been'ukthe woods all the time
since Tuesday. '■•*<•■
A search party was atonceorganiz-
ed fiiomTWellinKt_on_and_a^numberlQL
MONTREAL, Jan. 21.—Aa I nportant
move towards the prevention ^of selling intoxicating candies was mj*-**" yesterday when the provincial revenue
police made a raid on candy stores,
and -seized large * quantities of chocolate candies which "were found to be
more or less mere shells containing
about a teaspoonful of brandy each.
The chocolates sold at sixty1 cents a
package ar.d many complaints were
made that they were very popular
with,,young girls and boys who, got
drunk on them.
. Chief Archambiilt of the Revenue
Police stated that he seized one hundred cases of these goods at the
Lowney Chocolate factory as well as
a cask containing twenty five gallons
of brandy. ',. - , '-.,'-  ' >'-
Following this warrants were issued
against the city candy stores for selling liquor without a license as a result of their handling these goods that
are known as chocolate cordals.        t
The Lowney people claim that the
bradny seized by the police was only
used by them for, flavoring.
CLEVELAND, 0„ Jan. 19—Tho two
weeks effort of 1800 young pooplo of
thla city "to live as Jesus would live"
came to a closo to-day with a big
mooting. ScoroB of those who mado
the trial doclared that tho toat had
been a success and Indicated that tlio
Christian peoplo could live moro Christ
llko lives.
It was proposed that while tho official tout was closed thnt thoro should
bo no ftbutemont In tho effort, lo do as
Jobuh would at nil times and thnt tho
effort to mako tho movomont world'
wide should go forward,
■   . m>
VICTORIA, Jnn. IR.—Fifty lives
wore loflt. nnd a number of pnnrllng
luggers lost off West Australia in a
liurrlcnno, according to ndvlcos' ro-
colvod by tho steamer Aoningl to-dny,
Flvo of tho Bchoonorfl and fifty four
luggors of tho ponrllng fleet wore lost,
nnd nt least fifty,' Including mnny Japanese find MulayH, woro drowned
Tologrnms such as UiIb "Sclioonor Ilux
total wrock; Tiller nnd four crow mlB-
sing; Young dond," woro bolng rocolv*
od nt Perth. Survivors of tho ■ disaster hnd, ronchod Porth and mnny of
thom hnd reported gront hnrdnhlpn, A
majority of tho l'lguors turned ovor,
and drowned'those on honrtl llko rntH
In a trap. Ia ouo caso whoro tho
lugger Hoy turned over rt (llvor sprang
ovor tho Hldo nnd reached tho ulioro on
somo wreckage,
HIh comrades, four in ininibor. were
battened in tho cabin nnd were nil
drowned. Forty bnttored bruits of
the peiirlltiK fh'Ot mndo their way to
Itnubuck liny.    Tho survivors,told of
iiitlll;    IH.'lU.a,   ii,l,«ia.'litO,
men have since beaten the woods in"
all directions, The provincial police
have also been out but not a trace of
Johns has as yet been found.
7 It Is a peculiar coincidence that'tlio
man Johns should have disappeared in
about.the same place and in much the
same manner.as th'e Indian Samesott,
.Tho't-mystery of the disappearance ol
the Indian has never been pierced 'and
it is how Increased by thc equally mysterious disappearance of Johns. It
may be of course that the-disappearance of the two men may bo accounted for on perfectly natural grounds. In
the meantime there is an,uncanny, and
mysterious air surrounding this double
disappearance, and' wild conjectures
are taking shape ln men's minds of
mnn eating panthers or tigers.
It is to bo. hopod that the mysteries
will bo cleared up and that truco of
tho two men will yet be found. It is
hardly possible considering tho severity of tho weather that either of tho
mon will be found alive,
Tho lnoxpllcablo part of It Is that
not a trnco of either of tho mon hus
boen found,
Willinm Johns was tho recording,
socrotary of Gladstone union U. M. W,
of A, *T,bout two yearB ago, and wns
woll and favorably known horoabouts,
His many friend will slncorely hopo
that traco may yot bo found of lilm,
nnd that no fatal accident may have
befallen him.
NANAIMO, Jnn, 10—Wm, Holdon,
a m'embor of tho Bonrchlng party In
search of Young Johns who waH lost
In tho woods nonr Nanooso bay about
a woolc ago ond whom It Ib feared,
has porlshod, mot with a fatal nccl
dent in that vicinity yostordny. He
was In company with Richards who
was travelling with Johns for a short
time boforo lie was lost.
Richards wiib walking behind Holdon, carrying a gun whon tho trigger caught In somo underbrush, discharging a cartridge tho ball ontor*
Ing I-Ioldons log," badly shattering It,
Ilo was carried out nbout throo milos
to NanooBo, whoro ho died this mor
Thc Trntk'B nnd Labor council held
their regular meeting Inst Monday
night. A good nttendnjieo was pros,
ont and considerable business of lm<
portnuca wim quickly disposed of, The
next regular mooting will bo ono wook
from next Monday and all delegates
nro requested to ho on hnnd as Im
ponani, business will como up,
■REVELSTOKE, B. C.'Jan. 15.—The
civic elections were fought yestercay
on a straight issue,. whethei*t Revel-'
stoke remain an open town as hitherto, or whether gambling and slot machines are suppressed and the licensing law observed. -       ;   , ■
An exceptionally heavy vote was
polled nnd Mayor Linkmark who stood
for the reform movement, was elected
by a majority of 121 over John McLeod, brought out by the liquor Interests, ""
' ST. PAUL, Minn., Jan. 21— President L. W. Hill of the Great Northern
railway on being asked'regarding.the
truth of the' statement that the Great
Northern railway, would Invade Winnipeg, and extend its lines through Man-
itoba to the coast, said: ; •_
city, as many proposed doing. "The men had the club over . their
heads, and-had.to sign the agreements before the committeeVwould
"W. W„ Tuttle, the then mayor, had suggested that a loan'company be established, and that a rate of 4 per cent be charged, all who
got any of the '' relief'' money. " This," said the speaker;'' was the
only suggestion that came forward. , No suggestions came-from the
noble brain1 of the present Mayor, Mr; Herchmer, who had the audacity to publicly abuse the speaker when he knew he was not present to retaliate. "I, however," continued Mr. Sherman, "am utterly fearless, and intend to uphold the rights of the working Jm'en in
spite of the great opposition of the' clique that are now trying.to run
things to suit themselves." -':'?-"'      ■"' *■ " '•*
, Mr. Sherman quoted the. time when he was told, while at The
Ledger office, that a drayload of goods was being loaded up from the
relief store for a certain hotel at Hosmer. This was being done under the order of J. It. Pollock, who,had fixed the prices to be charged.
Mr. Sherman made the* man unload the. goods, and at the'next meet-
ing.of the committee was asked to "apologize "to Mr. Pollocks lie, 'of
course, refused: to do so, and'-'from "then he was not wanted, at the
committee meetings. '   ' -     •*. .7   ."'"""   " ■-.-:--
•; In regard to the'suggestions of our, noble Mayor, the speaker
remarked that, if the citizens allowed the money-to be taken from
them and used-for beautifying the city it would PROBABLY BE THE
"The'people," said the speaker, "should decide"what should be
.1 rf-'     i c
done with the money that was sent for them, and not a few men who
meet in gambling:dens'and formulate plans and conspire against-the
working men. The accounts of'the Relief fund should be audited
by a 'capable man who lives outside of the city, and not- by a man
like Boulton." -      ' • '    ' *   ,   7    ' *
, "Why should not the public have an itemized balance sheet, and
know how things stand, instead of being ignored?
" ''Do-you remember thc relief fund of 1902 that was sent in for
the benefit of the wives and children of the miners wlio were killed?
What account has been "rendered of the amount that -was left over
Mr. Herchmer was the secretary-treasurer of it. . Does anyone know
anything about it? . Should this same gentleman be allowed toi dictate what would be done with this relief,"which amounted to over
!rl00,000? 7 No. We should insist'that the entire community shall
.decide what will be done with it. You have a-bunch of men in. this
city that no man knows better than Frank Sherman. * They ., would
like to run the town,,but we must not let theni."     '  '   ;" -   -
Someone here asked who" was the secretary-treasurer of the-Miners' relief of 1902, and'Mr. Sherman warmly replied:J1 THE MAN
Mr. Eckstein ^yas- here, called to,'the-platform''and-told 'the-, men
that because "they do not look to their interest in time of peace, they
must be aroused, iir times of war. .- -   ',
■ - '"Why,"-said.he "should*iiof the people have the right'to ap-
Now  Open
Fernie, 8. C.
Steam   Heated   Throughout•>
RATES $2.50 A DAY - ■   » . j. L. GATES, PROP..
ll    •
"It has been known for some time
that,we have acquired about $2,000,000
worth of property in Winnipeg and
that we are asking for a charter from
the Dominion government to construct
a lino from the Canadian boundary
into Winnipeg, a distance of about
70 miles.
It Is not true that we are going, to
build a lino from St. Paul and Minneapolis, for wo already run "to the
Canadian boundary from here. •
"As to the extension work In Muni-'
toba \y,e have hnd construction going
on thoro for somo timo." ." •*'*
A. Rizzuto
J. Crawford .
Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Co.
ice: for sale
-n ,     ■*  ll
Contracts Taken
* *,'        -   . .        '
Including Stump Pulling,. Lund Clearing and Ploughing.    Let us
•<',■•.      figure on your next job,    .
;.     ' '.. ,        "   > **   '
, ' - . * \.    . '       i*1
Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts .
Among all the resolutions for the New^Year none   ,
is more generally undertaken . ancl less' ,systematic:
' ally, preserved Jn. than the resolve to': maintain a   ; '
savings account, with the bank.,   Do better during •
1909.    Qne dollar starts an account.,     Full compound.interest paid. ■ 7
out! Eight Bells! from soa to
soa! ,,    .. *
In bold, triumphant accents,' ring!
And let tho fields, nnd mountains
slug        ■ -     '
Glad pnonn to tho victory!
Ono shncklo Iosh to labor's clmln!
Ono mllGBtono nearor to tho goal!
That Mecca of onch tolling soul
Whoro universal justice reigns',
Roll, qcIiooh, down tho, aisles of timo
Teaching to men right mtisl provail
And to the ngos tonguo tlio tnlo,
Linked lo Biich loyalty sublime!
Not all lho fnmo of freedom's luimo
Not nil tho pageant's pomp of prnlsfl-
Ih worthy moro exultant phrnso
Or hornld'H bolder voiced acclaim!
Itlng for tlio now, tlio buoyant day
Thnt   glvon full leave to toll   and
Yot mill Homo lolfliii'o to nchlovo
Tho   purpoHo of nmn'B destined wny!
Drcntho dcop tho nddoil bremlth   of
yoni-Hl i
And   lot tho goldon lnoniontH gnln-
Slnnd HpoiiHor for tho prize attnln*
Iii rlohor, nobler curved cnroorB,
Right monsured bontn, Timo HtrokoB
tlio boll!
Tho foon* rotront linn turmoil to rout!
And up tho lino tho pIckotH nbout,
In1 Kind   rofrnln,   "AU'h Woll!   All's
-Urmit WilllnniH In tho Typo-
nriiphlLi'l .lonrnnl
(Etchwlff and Sort-do, Props.)
Now opon to tho public
Everythlnfir now and up-to-date
Handtomo Dining: Room Attach od
Mutlc every afternoon and night
Don't Take tho Risk
Whon you hnve n biul cough or cold
do not let it dniK along until it be-
enmoH rhronlo hrnnehltlH or dovnlnpfl
Into nn nttnek of pnminionln, but glvo
ll tho HUumloii It (luHurvoH nud got
rid of ll, Tnku Chnmbnrlnin'H Coiiuh
Rune*!*.' nml *>uti nro suro of prompt
ivllof, From u bid nil beginning tlio
biiIu nml hho of (IiIh preparation Iiiih
'•xtond'j'l lo nil pnrtfi of tho United
HtntoH nnd to mnny foreign coiintrloR,
Kh mnny rcinnrknblo cure« of couglui
nnd cohlH lmvo won for it thla wido
ropittntlou nud oxtcnalvo uso. Sold
by nil driiKKlNtH.
Nowly-wcil huabnml: Tho tlmt* hnd
come d'-'iiTut, wlu'ii I titu.lt havo thu
painful'(mik of nciiiinlntlng your fii*
thor with Hu* fnrt thnt I n»r heavily
Iti debt, ,i
Wife: Don't mlr.d thnt; ( am nnre he
will kIvq ynu thrr uympnthy of n com*
pnnkin In ndverHlty.
■^mFtlTaTcon'Miftl^ of Hie relief funds, arid
not the mayor. 7When Mr; Edmunds left-the city, who.was put' in
his place . If an.alderman leaves ,the town do.not the people elect
a man to take his place? The public should say what',will be done,
with the relief,* soithat the greatest good could be done to the greatest number." "' " '■     '  '   - - -'*- "■
"On account of the uncertainty of the 1902 relief fund the people
should appoint .commissioners.   .    ' -,*«.•    •        ■-,'--•'. - .
.,    "Both the relief and.the'city accounts should be audited by- an
outsider.""   '" '.',""      ......   ,   -      \ ..    '.- .
Mr. Eckstein stated that Mr. Hurd had told him that he was not
at all in favor of the men being forced to repay the money that they
had got; it was not much relief,when they had to return it, but he
was forced through law to deduct it..- Mr. Herchmer.was directly to'
blame for this as he had put'in the bunch of assignments.
-. "I do not believe;",said'Eckstein "in a self appointed committee. A strong committee ought to be formed to interview the Mayor
and the Relief Committee, and see if they would not bo reasonable."' .- '    , n    '   " "
Chairman Wilde here spoke for a few minutes, ancl "explained
that when Mr. Sherman had to go to the Labor Congress at Halifax,
he saw Mayor Tuttle, ancl told him that as he would bo away for some
time lie wished to leave Mr. Wilde to act in his placo. " Mr. Tuttle
consented nnd said that it would be perfectly agreeable to him. Mr.
Wilde attended the first meeting, ancl it *\vns then moved, seconded,
and carried that ho be allowed absent instead of Sherman. At Uic
next meeting when the miners nsked for $10,000 to houso their own
members nnd other workers, Messrs. Pollock nnd Reading immediately objected lo Mr'. "Wilde having a sny in the committee,'and Tuttle
tried to ignore the arrangement nnd motion that was previously
made. Ross and (our friend) Hercluncr, objected too, and it was
finally iloeidetl thnt Mr. Wilde be allowed to remain but that ho should
have no voice, Mr. Wilde retired ns ho would not stay unless he
was nllowed n voice in tho mooting. , ,'   ,
Mr. BipgR wns thon called to the platform, and stated that on no-
(jouiit of tho chilly way in which lie was treated by tho committee, niid
nt times* utterly ignored nltogether, ho hnd often thoiight of withdrawing, hut hnd finnlly decided to stick and fight it out.     ■
"You lmvo scon," said ho "tho position that somo of tho business men —vultures, I call somo of them—took to defeat tho votes of
tho workingmen at tho rocont elections.
"As to using,the relief funds for bcautifuying purposes, what
could bo moro beautifying thnn helping to rebuild tho homes of tho
workingmen who nro really tho bnckbono of tho city, Could the
donors wish anything more beneficial than that? Tho'fund should
ho distributed aud closed out within throo months, instend of creating
fnt jobs for a few men for an indefinite period. Tho prosont Secret-
nry is receiving $50 a month as well ns working at anothor job, nnd
ho lilt*, prnctioiilly nothing lo do. Ono meeting wns hold in secret,
to which I wns not invited though I am one of thc trustees. I am
thn nnly wproQn-ntnt'lvf* of flir* birr**-* nnmbpr nf wnvVinjfmon in iho
pity, whilo tho hniikn. If* thp -nu-nilipv'of three, hnd n vppvpnputntivp
The following resolutions wore then adopted:
•pjiij* •u'Jy.t'f.M.; ;*{ j<j ;j/i/i(iboij)'i< -'hit ive shonl'l h.ivo ,1 pre1**?Cl'lv
itemized hnlimeo Hheot, showing how the funds of tho Pernio District
Firo Relief Committee hnvo been disposed ofi
Therefore, bo it resolved: Thnt we demnnd nllbooks nnd nacou'nts
of tlio Fernio District Fire Relief Committee bo audited by a firm of
Accountants resident outside Fernie.
Thnt whereas wo believe thnt tho monies donated for the relief
of tho MilYerctt* in tho Into fire were for the purposo of assisting us
to rebuild our home:
And wherens no plnnn for tho finnl disposal of tho funds hnvo
been submitted to the Arc RUtTercn .for their approval:
W. G. B. MANS01St;
•   TliereforiTbe -it fe^lvedTThat no repayment be inadcTby "fircsiif-^
ferers for lumber and building supplies, supplied by the Relief Com-.
mittee.,,.      '   7,,   '      *    ,,v- -. .•*.»'.. ,"  ' •■'*■   -
, .,'  That-whereas there is-a-considerable sum of money-now in the-
hands of the Fernie District Fire Relief Committee: ''*■''
*'■•    Therefore, be it resolvedV'That'we'.'demand'that the remainder'
of the funds now' iii' hand be disposed of in a' manner satisfactory to- •
the majority of the" sufferers'by the late fire.
RESOLUTION NO. 4-*- 7   ,   ../
""""" That we circulate th'e resolutions passed by this meeting in form-,
of a petition to be signed by all fire sufferers who desire to do so :*
Then the whole subjected matter be presented to the Relief Committee, ,       ■ . '    ■
RESOLUTION NO. 5-            '_.,,,
Moved and seconded: That the citizens of Fernie protest against-■
any act being passed by the British Columbia government that would,
empower the District Fire Relief Committee as standing, to"1 do with,
the funds as they soo fit; and that the citizens wish that the fund
bo, disposed of by the lst of June; and that this protest bo sent,,tO'
Wi R. Ross and Premier McBride.-—Carried.
Moved and seconded that a committee of ten be appointed to*
present these resolutions.to the Fire Relief Committee. The following committee was appointed:
•" T. UPHILTj   " L, l\ ECKSTEIN
■ r,\
FRANK, ,Tun, 10—Davltl Wnllcor of
Frank, noting; na conductor in tho Roll-
vuo ynrdH ot (lio 0. P. It,, while coupling enrs (sot badly cnmliod Ilo wnu
brought, to tho Frank liospltnl whoro
an oporation wns porformod on lilm—-
but It Is thought ho cannot live,
Last Thursday ilvo cars of n , conl
train   woro derailed noar LunbrocU.
Vn r\r\f «'nn liitvf lint 1 ho •pnnnntlp'or
tvtiln wnfl dolnyoil fnr     mme twelve
■*•*****-" ■'■	
H'HH JjOaHS       adity   io   liiva;a«,i.av.a4   il'.   aaia.
lilutory of Cannda will welcome a now
book "A HUtory of Canadian Journal-
lnm" which has Jimt boon iasuod, Tho
volumo which furnUlioH In permanent
form tho first comploto lilutory of
tho proiB in Cnnadn, covers a groat
dcivl of ground not covered by nny
othor book oxtnnt In Canada. Tho
render fin he pnrusniHt* pnpeH Ih <*on*
tliumlly HiirprlHfd to'find ln it. lilthor*
lo unpublished aldollghta; on tho car*
corn of our public men, as-.veil as full
nnd first hnnd Informntlon ro«nrdli.B
our groat Journnllsts nnd our gront
uowspapors.     Altogether It Ib one of
tho nioHt valuable,   historical works-
whloh hns nppoarod ln Cnnnda.'
Not only Is tlio niator fresh nnd In-
toroHtlnK nnd Important but tho stylo'
throughout Is quito equal lo tho bost.
This will bo boiler appreciated whon
It. Ih stated that tho contributors In*,
clmlo Qoldwln Smith, Dr. Colquhoun,
Deputy MlnlBtor of Education for On*
atrlo; .Tohn Itoado.P. 11, S, 0,, Montreal Gazette; Arthur Wnllls of tho '
Toronto Mull nnd Emplro; J. 13, 13,
MoCrondy, Chnrlotlotown Guardian;
J.P. HoborlBon, Winnipeg, il, Solliuv
MiintliiKilon Glenuor; J, K, McIuuoh,
Uoglna Loader; J. W. llongough, Toronto nnd H, E, Goanoll ot Vancouvor.
Ono portion of tho book proBcnts nn n
cxcoodlngly IntorostliiK history of tho "
Cnnndlan Press AiiBodutlon, In honor
of whose flftloth birthday thu book was
llrflt produced, with othor sections do*
voted to the press In oach of tho pro-
Tho book Includes 2ti« pitgos with
o\xr 10 hull loins iiuilruhti ot piumln-
out journallatH, Typogrnphlci|]ly tho
book Is very pleasing wltli its largo
typo, heavy papor with rough edgos.
and gilt top,.nnd Its hnndsomo cloth
binding. Orders mny Im sent in cam
of John ll. Dono, Socrotary Canfidlan
Pross Association, Dally Stnr, Toronto. Tho prlco is $3 a copy, postago
IS cents oxtr'n, '
A certain fathor who li fond of putting hl« boys through a proceRf, of na-
tral history, is ofton larprlied at tho
mental agility whirl, they pxhlblf In
-Ho recently nslcod them to toll him
what nnimni is satlsfiod with the least
"TIfo moth," replied one of thom—
"bediiiHO lt cats nothing but holes,"
■ <
and   1 RhA IIIVU- y:f: TreatingSystem,
Smith—Hello, Brown,"'old boy. iJolly
glad to see you.1 Come in with me:
A.glass of beer..- We. must have one
for good fellowship.';':-    "■■•*■'■■     •
Brown—Well, I don't really want
anything to drink, but to be siociable
I'l go with you.;, _,-*;* ,.'-.  .,.:■-•■ '■
Green—Why, here "comes Smjth
and Brown! Mr. Brown, let'me introduce you-to my friend, Mr: White.
We* are just about taking a drink;
come and join us;*   Oh, yet, I insist!
Green—Gentlemen, this is my treat
'Here's your health! ,.        ',,.'',-•
Smith—Let's' have, one* on ,me now!
You'll .insult me if you refuse.    Here
Smith:,;Ho, ho; here comes Black
and; Jones! Come on boys, you are
just in-.time!'.Come;'gentlemen, what
will it be?   '" ".'''•     .,
•"-Black: Set, 'em up again, barkeepe;
-r-;thash' rights!).; here'sh better' days,
boysh! '   " '.,. ,',.' .,,
.. White, * Jones,. Green,. Smith,, Black,
and Brown—Here's luck, 'gentlemen!
"Jones:—Now, this one (is on me—
drink hearty!.     ', '   .-'•
Brown:, Now jus', one more ,'fore we
go. L'et'r* go", gents!
And not* a single man' of them actually and honestly^ wanted even one
drink.—Courtesy" of The Pioneer.
Another Fearful Crash-Two
Trains Meet with- terriblB
TRAINS    '    *       ' *•   ■'
120—Survivors of the' wreck'"on" the
Denver and Rio' Grande railroad near
Dotsero, are arriving- here,-with tho
news that as many as eighty.may have
been killed lii'the collision'.'' •* ■'
The reports aro so conflicting' that
no definite estimate can be' made some
of thom- saying that the' number of
dead will not exceed twenty-flvo nt the
WASHINGTON, D„ C., ,Jan;;.20—Introduced by, Bishop'-' Cranston- as the
Apostle of the Square* Deal, President
African ^ Diamond Jubilee mass meet:
ing, held'in,the Metropolitan',Methodist.'church,; which place the late" Pre
sident' McKinley attended, declared he
.would not come before .a Method'sr
gathering if he>wasnot prepared to
.give the square deal.. ■,,■'.*-• *•• .;■
, "In. addition, to the square ■ deal in
our own country,' ho continued, "I also .want the,Methodists and.others ,to
assist me in giving the square deal,
to "'Japan,, -, I -will see that In doing
this our own citizens" are'.'prctecto'd.
You know I am hot a mere sentimentalist. '';". I - am. not the, least afraid of
involving tho big stick, if It Is neces-
Strange, Farming,,Carried 7on   Along
-   the British Coast.
It is.not known generally that cut-
talefish are cultivated .'on some farms
in order to be Vmilked."* These
cuttlefish farms are'"-1 located on paTts
oi the British coast," and the cuttlefish are kept in tanks or ponds to be
milked oi i-heir ink.'
" The pond or tank is connected with
the „ sea by a pipe, and a thousand
or- more cuttlefish are kept in a single one. They form a most curious
sight as they move about trailing,
'their long arms and staring out of
their bulging eyes.
They, are guarded by screens, which
prevent ~them from being scared, for
if thev are suddenly frightened the
cuttlefish' will-squirt their milk into
the' water, and if would therefore be
lost:- This fluid, or milk, is very
'valuable,- tanci each cuttlefish will
yield about. $4 worth .a year: It is
secreted iri a bag,-which can be opened and closed at will, the cuttlefish
ejecting the fluid to darken the water
so'that it mnv escape unseen when
attacked. The'best cuttlefish are procured in China, where for some reason or other they produce the best
quality of milk. ■ .'
When the farmer considers it opportune to milk the cuttlefish he proceeds by opening the sluices of the
pond and gently agitating the water.
The cuttles then swim around the
pond,, and as soon as one. passes
through the sluice is closed. The cuttle passes down a small channel into
a basin1 or metal receptacle, and as
soon as it is securely there the water
is drained off. It is then' frightened
and at once souirts the -fluid from
' the bap. , When it .is exhausted it
:s lifted out, the milk is collected,'
and the basin is prepared far another.
Me-tasufcs Taken   In  England to  Exterminate the Pest.
The war against rats is-being waged vigorously in Great Britain, where
the annual danv.ee they cause is
variously estimated at amounts-ranging from $50,000,000 to" *?75,000.000.
Potatoes infected with a ' tasteless
germ are placed within reach, ■ and
thie jjerm—faannless to man—is expected to cause a rapid decrease of
. the rodents by spreading ■ a fatal dis-
oo-ee among them'. As a further step,
the Society • For the Destruction of
Vennin seeks to-set. a price on the
animals' .hoods, having offered a prize
of 10 guineas ami a diploma for the
* Ix-et-'method of making ratskins com:
'nwreiBllyr'liefe'ful.'-Tdking the London
and India docks,-as examples of the
seriousness of the plague, it is stated
, that each of the twenty-seven sheds
stands on an acre of ground and is
estimated to harbor 2,000 rats under
its-floors, making a total rodent popu--
; laiion of 54.000 for these, docks, _Ea.cn
rat'* is   chargea   with 'damage  of   at
'least a farthing a day, giving a total
;yeaiiy los6 of more than $50,000. -   .
*• *   '  ■,. __*_._ -„■
■;   Law Against Teeth and Hair.
. "There was a law once against false
.-teeth,','  said, the  antiquary,' flashing
Keeping a Straight Face Counts In
This Amusing Gamo.
Hore is a good gutm- for the boys
itjd girl3 to play. The players sit in a
row or circle, a leader. having, been
chosen, who sits at tbe end of the
row or in the middle of tbe circle. He
begins the game hy saying. "I have a
hen." and the second player repeats it
after him to tils left baud neighbor,
who iu turn' repeats it to tbe player on
his left until,it.bus gone the round,
when the last player turns to the play-:
er on his' right' nnd asks. "Has "she
feathers?" This .'luestiou goes'till the
way back to the leader; .who answers,;
"She has" feathers,!' This answer Is
taken up by the second player until it
has gone around, when the last player
asks, "Can she walk?"        .    ,   '■.
When this question reaches the leader he answers. "She can walk." and
then follow in due course' the* question, "How does she walk?" and the
answer, "Wiggledy-woggledy, wlggle-
dy-woggledy." As the leader gives this
answer he imitates with his hands the
walk of a chicken, and each, player
does the same as he answers. Tho
next question is. "Can she crow T followed by the. answer. "She can crow,"
which must be iiccoiupuiilecLlD every
case by an imitation of the crow of a
rooster. The great object of th'e'gam©
is to have it flayed, throughout without laughter." if. any player, laughs
while he is asking or answering a
question or if he. makes ,uny; mis-'
take In the words, he must pay a forfeit.
Are now. prepared to transact your Banking
Business- in   temporary' quarters in  rear
of their late office pending the comple-
"l/!   tion of,our,new premises :..
Savings Department
Deposits' of $1.00 and upwards, received, .interest allowed at
..current rates and paid quarterly. .* . •
H. W. Trenholme Manager
Fernie Branch
. t-  ...,        "'
Mixture That. Will  Produce Globes of
Great Durability.
, This is the' way to' make big soap
bubbles, so tough that'they^ roll'about
over the carpet for ever so many minutes before they think of breaking:
Into-a-pint of warm, water'shave a„
piece of strong; brown laundry soap
about an inch square.... When .this ia
thoroughly dissolved, add a tablespooo*
ful of gum arable and stir until melted.
Then a teaspoonful of .glycerin Is neo
CRsary and. lastly, a quart of cold
If the bubble makers are not very
strong1 and know how to keep the water out of their mouths, wonderful colored, ones can be'made by separating "i
. this J mixture into-cups-and adding a j
pinch of different,colored dye to each, j
For little people strawberry or currant j
juice for pink bubbles and orange Juic-a.
for yellow are perhaps safer. The lyo
in the soap plus.the glycerin Increases
.the...brilliancy of the bubbles, and the
'gum gives them elasticity. Hot water
is'necessary to dissolve the various in-
The Bank of Hamilton—
by reason of its special
facilities and absence of
formality—is the ideal
depository   for   your
Bar Unexcelled
AH White Help
Every thing
Call in and
,i -   .
see us once
C. W. DAVEY & CO., Props.
Waldorf Hotel
(In reiii' of old stand)
Table Unexcelled
Bar supplied with the finest
brands of "Wines,- Liquors
. and Cigars ,
GL13NWOOD SPRINGS, Col. Jan. 20 sary, nncV.,1-. wajit to,, see us,'.while in
—The latest imports from'tho scene of
the collision liist night between a passenger nnd a freight train' on the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad near'to
Dotsero, Col., is'that the number of
dead is variously 'estimated'between
twenty-flvo nnd fifty.       *:   *"' -    "  '*
Twenty bodies have already boon removed from' tho wreckage and it is
thought that at least'thirty moro aro
under tho debris,' *'A relief train oh
which wore tho remains o£ twonty Victims and ns many injured passengers
arrived at Glohwood Springs lo'dny,
Those in chnrgo of tho rollof train sny
thnt it Is doubtful if a single' person
in tho ohalr car escaped death or sor*
Ioub injury.
Among tho known doad nro Gun Olson, Snlldn, Colo,, engineer of the passenger; Slgmund' Olson, minium*.' of
the first freight engine.
T. J. Jeffrey, engineer of tho socond
engine wiih ho seriously hurt that, it
is thought that ho will likely dlo from
his wound***.
Tho wrockago wns on flro, bnt. wns
oxtlngulahod by snow nftor burning
florcoly for u few mlnutoa.
'slating on justice being (Jono,us,, equal-
lycnreful to do justic-o to .others', It is
only,tho federal government that can
with wisdom nnd propriety doal. with
these questions and I aslc.all good Americans to" soo, to lt tluit,'unwise nioh,
foolish men hi'o not got. to their owii
h'nrm, nhd'the harm of .tliolr own,locality, tho arrangement that, is, now
working so satisfactorily to tho gov
drhmonts, of tho. United States,and Japan,"     " '   '. '     , '  ' '
...  _     gredients.   but . unless  cold   water' is
and ii your wife wore false teeth or    jaiy In'the'blowing.'—Good Housekeep-. "
hair you- could .divorce her."        • •      in
He took down a curious old book
to prove his statement and read'the
following froni a British act of Parliament of-1670:
"That all'women, of whatever age,
rank, profession or degree, whether,
' virgin*"*, maids or widows, tahat shall
from after .the passing of this act impose upon, • seduce, and betray into
matrimony any oi his majesty's male
subjects by scents,-paints, .cosmetics,
; washes, * artificial   teeth, . false   hair,
Spanish-.wool,  iron  stays,  hoops or
high heeled   shoes   shall  incur' the'
penalty of. the   laws   now   in   force
■ against witchcraft, sorcery and such
like misdemeanors, and tho marriage,
upon conviction, shall stand null and
void."     '.-
(Formerly of CentmrHotel)
LONDON,' Jan. 17—J. J. 11111*8 lat*
out threat thnt ho will carry his IIiioh
north to Winnipeg Ih, snyB tho Dally
Mall, Lord Nortlicllffo's papor, it mon-
nco to tho Imperial tlo In tho north-
woHt, tho cook pit of tlio Empire,
Tlio Htnigglo now beginning thorn
bIiowh that Americans reullxo tho fact
If l-'iiglund hns not nltoKothor grnHpod
Its Rlgnlftcnuco,
T-JiunU) r-i.a.i.itUtv..-'. Pcrftrr,, Jmpcrt
■*.    nnt r4«r<iimo«\'y In St. Pntrlck'n
Chiiptar In Queen City,
TORONTO, Jim. 21—With Impress*
he corotnony und tn tlio presence ot
ono of tho most distinguished gal lior-
Ings ot Hoytil Arch Jwiuoiit* ever bxAxi
In this city, tho travelling trlnnglo wns
dodlcntod In St, Patrick's chapter last
Tho trinnglo Is a heavy gold, on.nlI-
atornl, eight Inches long, nnd throo-
quarters ot nn Inch In width. Tho trl-
nnglo will start on Its lon« journey on
Jsnunrjr 20tli, whon fit. Patrick's chnp*
toe will ucamiuuiiy it on Ito firnt titagc
to Riiltfllo, , , .
It will thnro ho given Into tho hands
ot tho Keystones chapter ', Each chnp*
ter thnt receives tho triangle will accompany It in porson to tho noxt.
Prom Huff nlo tho triangle will goto
LONDON, Jnn. 21.—Miss Violet Gordon Chnrlcsworth, whoso mysterious
disappearance a short timo ago cutis*
od a good doal ot oxoltomont, bocauso
of hor romnrknhlo career and hor liv
llniato iiBHoclntlon wltli extensive deals
In stock, lias boon found and Identified
at Oban, Scotland.
It wiih reported thnt MIhh Charles-
worth, who lived with hor parents In
Ilogorn, WnloH, wiih klllod whilo auto-
inoblllng In tho neighborhood of Pon-
miionmnwr wllh lior siHtnr and the
chiiufour two wooks ngo.
Tlio young woman wiih said to hnvo
boun hurled over the sou wnll hut hor
body wns not rocovurod. Hor slstnr
nnd tho driver oHcnpod injury. Investigations lmvo fulled to show thnt the
young lndy wnnt over llio non wall.
This gnvo Who to lho suspicion' that
tho young woman.hnd not gone ovor
tho hoii, wnll nnd tho sonvch fnr hor
continued xonloiiHly. Much linn boon
pubiisliud uf Af.*-.* C'huiict-'.i'rlai'.-* ul
lugod speculations In bonds and nn
effort hns boon mndu to hIiow thnt she
wns Ir   .flnnolnl straits. .
Brusque Brahms.
■' A young'Hungarian violinist, who
"was continually talking about his
- wondbrful skill "and groat fame, had
his flatteries addressed to -BrnhmB
cut short with tho brusquo remark,
"Moro ' finger ' oxercise and fewer
phrases, young man !" •"■ ■ •
", A. young-. woman wlio ■ played tlio
pianoforte naked tho oomposer as to
tho (idviHiibility of - giving a concort
in Vienna.
• "Are   you   all   ready?"   inquired
"Certainly, dear master 1 May I
■-/.ay Bomething for you?" ., ,'•.;•
• ■ "Oh, no; no!   I meant only hnvo
you n now gown and gloves?"
"Yes, sir."
"Pity; otherwise I should havo advised you not to give tho concort,"   •
Sumatra is the westernmost of tho
Dutoh Indian possosBions and ono oi
the largest Isliinds in tho world, It
ls-Bopnrutod from Java-in tho south
by tho Btrait of Sunda, memorable
for ita volcanic disturbance Tlio
northorn portion ombruci>s tho sultanate , of Aoho, and in tho days ot
Quean Kliznboth and James I., whon
r.nglivnd nont nmbiissiulors to Its
coiTt, Aoho was a great kingdom,
oooupy.nginoro than linlftho island,
Tlio Aehonoso hnvo novor noknowl-
i.'dged' tho supremacy of tho Dutoh,
and ovor US'i.OOO.OOO ha« boon npont
in ondonvors to Hubduu thin rnro of
warriors, South nf Aoho in a Inrjjo
district occupied by tlio Hat',alts, a
tribe* thnt Iiiih prnntici'il .,aiiiiib*il,-'m
for oonturicH.
Ready Remonlng.
They stood b :'oio ii reproduction
of tlie Venus of Melos,
"Hor hnnds inust hnvo boon bonnti-
!ul,",i*nUl ono,
"Vory," nssnntcd tlio othor, "I won-
tli'r what portitloii thoy woro In?"
"T havo a theory thnt hIio wus re-
->ioriented ns biiHieil at iiur loild, Ono
J.ujjiI j.u*i.li;il'ly held n Mnnll mirror"
"And tho othor n powder puff, ohl
Up' thnt tlioory won't work,"
"And why not?"
"II:id hIio beon nt lior toilet. !'<••
mouth would hnvo been full of hnir*
A Deadly Stream. „ , j
According to Scraps,-near.the river
Diamante, in Peru. Is a'most remarkable death trap ln the form of a yellowish white, fluid, like petroleum., as
sticky as.birdlime. .-'It issues from,the
bare wall of a rock on' a mountain
side, and its source Is like a tiny;,volcanic crater,. black, bituminous, and
very hot. An exploring party which.
Investigated lt some years ago found
floundering in It a large skunk, which
had evidently been attracted to Its
fate by trying to reach ono of the numerous mlsernblp little birds that had
been already caught In the warm ad-,
lieslve bath. A great number of skeletons of birds wero found on the, edge
of tbe stream nnd sovornl of four logged anlmnls. Including mnrmots and
The Bat's Sense of Touch,
It Is Bald that rlie bat has n moro
dellcnte sonso of touch thriii almost
nny othor animal. It flics about'at
, night .wltli great swiftness, nifd, although Its eyes are nearly sightless, lt
seldom comes In connu't with any object. This Is due .altogether to Its
highly developed sonso of touch.
Striinge to. sny, this Ih vonlliu'd to tho
licmtiranc with which It (lies. Uh so
fiillwl wings, So dollcnto Is Its norv-
out* structure that It Is acted on by
nny object oven nt n considerable distance*, mid the bat Is thus warned of
Uh proKonco,
The Witch."
Mnvvur, you called mi* a witch, you 'enow,
bo I borrowed Hxnn'muvvor'ii hood, ■
'CniiDo wltchcH thoy don't novor wmir nny
An' witches they nlwuyi hnvo blade cnti,
So  I'm  trnehtiV  Tommy  to rldo on  a
But up In tho nurn'ry I didn't hnvo room
To do *l»t It Uo wltchcH ihoiild.
The Original and the Standard
You don't get an experiment—-or an untried material—or merely
verbal promises—when* you buy RUBEROID.'', All the"
. experiments. and - tests were made .16 years ago. You get
perfection^in roofing in RUBEROID."
16 years' service on ■ roofs all over the world proves that
RUBEROID resists all weather conditions—is unaffected by
heat\,6r cold—and is absolutely fire-resisting and waterproof.
Tou can fobfthe house and barn yourseif "with RUBEROID,
thus saving expensive roofers' work. Write for samples and prices.
Sold by Western Canada
LO(a.i5   lH'x.1
• ■mic*******    nts'
ran mc
MINNHAPOMS, Minn., Jnn. ir..—1,.
W. Hill of tho Gront Northern Hnllrond
will horenftor pny his fnro whon riding In this stnto on railroads, ovon If
it be over the line of which li<! (» president.
To-day- hin nam" will ho now to th*1
stnto senate) ns n member of the
highway commission. According to
tho laws n state official cannot accept
a railway pn«*-. Mr, Hill has notified
(lovornor Johnson that ho will no
cupt tho stnte position nnd cut off the
BRATTLE, Jnn. 17.—Dr. IJ. P. Itollor
has co.ercd the forfeit money pontfd
with tho iportlnn editor of tho Star
u fow days ngo by 1'red Itussidl,   wlio
chnllonged tlio blir doctor for a twenty
round boxing match «« nny time or
nny place.
Joo Carroll, representing tho doctor,
this morning posted t'M to cov-or the
%2Z(l uuaU'il by Ruauclt. ,.
An' in when Iio'n imiohod to rtde an n
I.tiff, nil trm wlfrh i<«t« dn,
We'll ride through the nluhi 'thom any
An' nlve nil the foim n n-rrmto frlnht
But you won't be   rrnld or your own
little meldt
I'll whisper to you lie » pity 'st I've
An' 1 «mn't tx witch tor true!
- K*-' Vf>)*1f Tf*V".'"'«
TOUONTO; ONT. Jan, 20—Practically all hopoB for tho siifoly of II, F.
Dnrrell, tho wolf known hroltor of Col-
boiirno strcot woro nbitndonod tills af*
tornoon. Tho lust soon of thin pop-
ulnr young mnn wns nl. 1,15 yoslorda)
nftornoon. At that time* Prnnlt Wnnl
and a conipr.ulon worn nouiing 1Ik>
clty,' having wnlknd across from Con*
Iro Island. About two hundrod yards
from Uio shore Uioy mot Mr. Darroll
who wns ho-ulhip; for tlio Island. Having safoly orosstid thonisnlvos thoy hn-
tlclpnlod no trouhlo nnd boyond a hiiI*
uto nothing fiirthor was snld. flluco
thon not tho sllghtost trnco of lilm has
boon found, In all probability lio had
Htnrlud for llitnhiu's-I'olnt lo tako t*
look at, his cnttngo thore as wns his
custom to do n rpiiplo of iIiiioh a yoar,
nnd went thtoiigh n liolo In tho loc
nud' wiih drowned.
TOUONTO, Jnn. 21—It Is staled In
n Kpeclnl to tho '•'veiling Nows Hint n
rumor In .Vnu'niarlft**-' *"•*■)•■* Hint Hon,
A. II. Aylet* worth, .Minister of J list*
W*", will rcllre from the Koveinmerit
nt Ottnwn lo nr-cept nn lmportnnt position lu tho gift of tho federal government,
In tho event of IiIh retremoiit It Ih
Hinted that T. C. Ilohlnotte or Toronto will he the I-il'i'n.l ruiullilnte In
North Vork.
NYAOK, N. Y„ .Inn. au-llnrry K.
Thnw, Hlnyer of Hiniifonl White, tlm
-uchltfct, will be given another op-
tiorluiilty to prove that ho Is sound
uolnnlly nerordlng to n doelslnn mndo
J^     .(a.fjlUV    't'uil.lll-	
Tho hearing will tnke plnco lu New
York (ouniy. The ilnte of the lienr-
ur hns not been set, .IiihIIco Tomp-
k'nH will ilocldo whether lio will net
Hone In tho rnsn or will lenvo tho do-
d^'on nH to Thnw'H nientnl condition
to u refer«.e or •.omm'-ilnn.'
The Justice declared that Thsw was
In liln opinion, entitled m mioilier ln*nr-
, WINDSOR, Out., Jan. 20.—DIhcIoh-
ui'us niaiUi-Iti Ihe Investlgallon otlhc
dlsnppournnc'o of lho Hov. Evans T.
Hvans, i' .,()!iii»?, hnii'lHoini* and ologfint
dlvlno who until roi-oully wns pastor
of St. Johns Wplscopnl church, Sarnla,
hnvo Hpurrod two rnmlllos to grnnter
efforts in find him,
Loitors have been found In his effects indicating Hint ho hna n wife
and four children In Widen. This in-
formation Iiiih well night proslrated
tlio.puronts or Miss Nolo Silt, t'lnre
Davis, who died rouenlly, griof ending
hor nilsory. Sho told hor puroiils
that, she was nuurluil to lCvuiis last
II beenme known to-dny Hint nrrnn-
gomontH hnd been nnitki at St, Miut-
uret'H piivnlu hospitnl for tho recopl-
ion of the slxtoen your old ilitughter of
ono of lho loiiih'i'H of St. Johns church.
Thu girl chiirgoH Unit her former pan
lor Is rospouslblo for her illuoHt*,
Duteetlves In Cnniida mid the United
St n I oh aro sonrehliiK for IOvihih uik'i
Ki.-otliinil Yard has been iioillli.'il io !ji
oii I he lookout for him,
Fernie's landing Commercial
and Tourist House
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
Har supplied \vith   tho (best 'Wiiu's,
Liquors iuul Ci^urs
Doing businoss In the samo old place
Liquors and Cigars of the highest
quality .". Well stocked Imi'
MONTIIKAI,, Jiiii. :'l,*-Kvldeii(-(M ol
n    wholosnhi Hfhenie  tor  Hiuugghir.
1 ""htuninfe \\\tn th,, t'ultml miitixi rrom
I Montreal wiih discovered here i»/-(lay,
when Hrntul Truiii; iliMoeUves lound
tun ('olestlalH enseiiuied in u car hooked   ns theatrical Hienery from Alln.tiy
Tlie detectIveH found the Heal of n
,    .,    i   i i .••...,   ,   .. ,
entering the cur found Instead of ih>-
Hcenery u gropu of Chlnnn.cn supplied
with food mid water for their proHpec-
tlve journey. ,:
They were nrrcHicd on n chnrge of
loitering nnd the detective* nre now
nt >vn*-'* frylw-' to find nut who li In-
hind tho hi heme.
The Chlnesi' s*i far hnvi* n-fuieil io
(the nny liifnimnifr.n.
W. ROBICHAUD, Prop.     ,
CO.,   LTD.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers
A full stock in n few diiV'
only vcliiil-Ic |i|nt'f in ttiwn fnr
tlmiee |»I|M'*. ond tnli.ii-eii'
©h* SKsitisl &&0£r
$1.00 a year in advance. Address all communications to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. C.
Rates for advertising on application.
We believe,, through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements' in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons! and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good to actual subscribers any loss incurred by trusting advertisements that, prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to. adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest bankrupts.
This offer holds, good for one month after the
transaction causing the complaint; that is we must
have notice within that time. In all cases- in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
0 Manager.
the city of Fernie., 'Yet our mean bunchhad the
audacity.tb send a woman there-with a paltry $20
to start.her up. *
"We can say a lot more yet, but are awaiting the
action of the committee before going any further.
The press during the last few, days have been
conjecturing a large strike among the miners about
April 1st: They state that on account of the agreements expiring on that date there is bound to be
trouble 7 We disagree with-them on that score,
as the relations existing between the operators and
men are extremely good. Of course there is always more or less disputes to be settled, and while
at a few camps there may exist slight difficulties,
still, as a whole there is no'reason to expect.strikes
or trouble at all.   . .
On another page we print a detailed account
of the indignation mass meeting which was held
last Saturday afternoon in connection' with the
relief matters. "• .
This matter, when you delve right down to the
bottom, is one of the dirtiest holdups^against -tlie
workingmen of the city that has ever been perpetrated. '
"Who ever heard of such a ridiculous statement
or .suggestion as tlmt made by our mayor,"'-Mr.
Herchmer, to use"' the fund for beautifying purposes <•>' *
i On the public .platform on the eve of the muni-
cipal election, when Mr. Herchmer was trying ,'to
switch some of the workingmen's votes, he ..made
the very magnanimous statement "that-he would,
" see to it that if there was any man whose.circum.-.
stances would prohibit him from repaying" the relief money, lie would certainly not enforce such
cases.'->'' What would Mr. Herchmer have us. believe
in-face oi this statement? Was it just to hoodwink some of the easily led men with votes":   •
The proof of the above seemingly harsh statement lies in the fact that Mr.' Herchmer rushecl'-in
"TWncT^f'^signnTOTi^his-pay^ry on men who"
(with possibly one ;or two exceptions) were too
poor to meet this first,, payment. , 7-
Imagine a man with a family of eleven children*
to provide, i'or, having worked maybe a quarter of
the month, and then THROUGH; MR. HERCH-
the sum of six dollars to repay money THAT THE
cases as these and. others to rebuild their meagre
homes.    What do you think of it?   .
Is it hot a disgrace to humanity    ' *
As to Herchmer's statement*that,the men signed the agreements and should therefore stick to
were famishing in the open; their wives and children were crying with cold and despair, and they
were lold that if they wanted relief they would
have to sign'a paper. Wc venture to say that one
twentieth oi: the number who signed did not-know
what they were signing. All they knew was that
a generous public had rushed in thousands upon
thousands of dollars to help them in their dire distress and they thought thoy were entitled to their
Why is Mr. Ilerchmcr so anxious to force this
repayment? God knows!
If at the time the men wero asked to sign the
agreements of repayment, they had left tho city
and not tried to rebuild and rehabitate their
Wlnit could be more bcttiitifuying tn this, or
nny other town, thnn the workingmen owning their
own homes and being, able to fix up n, littlo
Docs Mr. Magnanimous JTerclmier doHiro to keep
tho men poor? Or does he wish to hco thein Get
along? On the eve of election lie claimed to, bo tho
warmest friend to the laboring mon. Since then
ho has thrown them down. What would ho have
UH believe
One thing we can positively -insure Mr, Ilereh-
iner, and that is that the workingmen will not
stand i'or those miserable dog in the mini per tne
tion, und the people who Kent this money will rise
up in rebellion   if this hold up proposition ron
Whnt rciiwon ih tlieiv for ri*i>nvin!» u I'tvo donn-
tion 1
In it relief when the men ure held up like this?
Did tiie Miners union ask the men they 'tsMstt.d
to repay tlio assistance    No!
iiiii   U!V   a'>)*>'>;»,ii>..,v..a»   •rimmi,   i'mh   ,x   i*ix\n\x  in
tho $500 they went for their members?    No!
Did nny union or any organization that Kent
money in ask i'or it to be paid hack?   No!
Then why should the city hkU hucIi ridiculous
rut. So lliiit a fat job may bo forthcoming fur
nn indefinite period for Home of their friends.
Tho very generous relief committtec sent a widow to Hamilton, Out, They gave her her transportation nnd the magnificent sum of twenty dollara over.    Hamilton generously donated $5,000 to
Now that the. civic elections arc over, a general
survey may not bo; amiss. The returns from the
viewpoint of the workingman make anything but
palatable reading; however, several oiitstanding
features are worthy of notice. *   . \A  •;'""
The mayoralty contest, around which perhaps
the greatest interest centred, cannot be quoted as
being* strictly-, a* defeat for the forces of. the workingmen. Mr. Eckstein was not the riomihtee of the
Trades Council, or any other organized body, although his stand was approved by that body. Yet
opposed to him was a candidate whose record had
shown him to be diametrically opposed to any.'and
all moves inaugurated for the'-betterment of-.7the
working people, and wliose backers exhibited ..an
unusual degree of pugnacity in their effort to down
Mr. Eckstein and the working.men's candidates.
In the aldermanie list were to be found citizens
from ,the ranks of the,-workers, of sufficient'mental calibre to make most acceptable public stewards, and who were brought forward by the-Trades
and Labor Council. Opposed to them were six
citizens, good men 'tis true,'but whose interestst.are
alienated to an irreconcilable degree.from those, of
the-working'class, and some of-whom had literally
thrown the _ prof erred nomination of. the working-
.menback in their faces.      ,     ■**' •
'» a    **" ' - " . >    .   a   I I
' V'Yet the fact remains that the six men who were
elected in this workingman's town showed a cohesion,'aiid-a submerging of-various and conflicting interests, and' a willingness for the. nonce • to
have 110. ulterior interests other than coralling the
.council, tluit ■\vas lamentably.'and painfully..absent
in the ranks of-the. workingmen.---"'*""-';-"1; *   -'•;'' -/v*
" To ai'casual observer it'wpuldseeiri'an impossibility?; ih'at in Fernie,7essentiallyo,a -workingmari's
town, that the Labor.-' interests' sh'oukV_b_e_jitterly_
Statement of assets and liabilities City, of Fernie, ending Decern-
biT 31st, 1908:      ."'""■•■    ":     '■■*■■
" 'I ■?,'. .   ASSETS '
Scavenging 'Account ...' :.'.   .'.$     91.70
Jail Furniture and Fixtures .... '.  - v 47.85
Bank -of Commerce Savings Account .'..., 5983.37
Provincial'Government Grant ......   ....  .".  10000-.00
Eeal Estate-   ...  ........ .;. 4340.00
Fire Hall Equipment ;.'.*..,.'  .2588.62
Fire, Hall. Building. ...... . .\ ..-...<.....: 1903-75
Nuisance Ground .....  .*.......  .7 ............7 .    547.06
Fire Hall Furniture and Fixtures "  -.-.'' 396:29
Insurance unexpired '.'.'.  75.7-1
Sewerage System ' ,...<-. ..'". 45217.8(3
Jail Building'.  '   ..  .';.'.  ;•;... ,.... 2479.00
Unpaid taxes 1905  *....-.'.... .' 7  55.56
Unpaid taxes 1906 ...:  .....  .....    ....    ..     ...6.11.01
.Unpaid taxes : 1907..    ............    -.-...*.'1836.27
Unpaid taxes 1908 -." ......  .■      ..:/.. 7932.07
Hdrses ...   .:/...   ...   ;......■...;..  1025.00
Harness and .waggons .......        .'  '290.46
Engineers instruments  .......'.    \.i: * '.. .346.30
Office Furniture,and Fixtures ......',.'. '.   ..,  .194.95
-v      -ON THE-8IDE        .   -
, Ar scientist claims that by eating
candy we get much the-same res Jilt as
we 'do from-drinking,, whiskey.. He
claims that the "candy is turned into
alcohol .by a chemical action of the
stomach' 'Here."is?another.boulder in
the trail of'thbse who1 are prospecting
for Icoal option.—Ledge,
Fernie being short of jail room, cannot get rid of its fine line of hobos, tinhorns, _thugs, sneak thieves and. others
even by offering them beloW cost. The
hemp,remedy applied "one drop at a
time would soon abate, the evil,, as, it
did when the west was new and un-
painted with the veneer of modern
civilizatlo*?.^—Ledge..'   :    '■ °,''
Last Saturday night Mr. Eckstein
held a meeting in Bruce's hall which
considering the weather, was well at-,
tended. By invitation Mr. Herchmer
was present and was generously, allowed ■ half the time to address the
people after Mr. Eckstein had made
his address. Mr. Eckstein said he
was in favor of a business-like administration; Herchmer -* said - Mee Too";
Eckstein said he was in favor of the
municipal ownership of the electric
light and water plant; Herchmer again
said Mee Too; and so it went all along
until it came,to discussing .the .red
light subject, when it developed that'
the modesty of Mr.^ Herchmer, took
such" a hold upon his feelings as to
make him shy., like ,a near sighted
horse and* he .wouldn't even venture
so far as to repeat his Mee Too statement.—Cranbrook Prospector.
Streets and Sidewalks
1 1' .
Cash on hand...-.
.' . 83,21
FRED WAYLETT, Proprietor
,0 . -    " a -    Vl"
Victoria 7
-■•■Gross*-.. •
Fresh Fruits Daily ' *
Opjp,  Post  Office
ignored at the polls by"the-very men.whose own
best'-intei'ests we're synonomo'us;witli the-*Labor
men in the field.7 ' "■'" "'-'-.*--. •'"  •''''''  ,.
It is1 to be sincerely hoped that the catastrophic
results attendant upbn the appeal ,of honest and
capable workers--to the electorate will not fail to
bring home to the minds of certain people'the importance, nay the absolute necessity, of united and
concerted "action among, the; workers of , this eity
for the conservation and furtherance of their own
be.st interests.
School- board '. ;•' '.' :..'.  ...... '. v .;' : .$237-1.54
Bank ■ Account General  ','..  '.. *......  3742.83
Bills payable (Borrowed-from bank)-.■  8660.0.5
1905-06 Debentures....,'   ./.../.:..:::.'"... ..52850.00
Sinking fund • 1905-06 Debentures ...... '. ; 9071.29
Outstanding Accounts ..".-'. -.  "...'...'..........'..' 5386.52
Outstanding salaries. '.. .'.'■. '..'...' '.. 1168 .'00,
Surplus of assets • over liabilities :...../...■ ...".*... 6118 ;89
(Signed)       C. E. LYQNS;.,!:
'".'■V'   Auditor ',' "'   ',1^
Dated at-Fernie, January 21,1909.-
Gin.'BOULTON,     -
' .*'   -      City Clerk ,
Statement of Eeceipts'and Disbursements of the City of Fernie,
December'31st, 1908:,    ,-:   .,••','..      ■• 7 .-,  -)■■'•--"r" ■'"'•-;7-
. Editor Meikle of the Michel Excitement announces to the world at large
that he;has secured the, services of
a printer, a. ringtailsnorter in .fact,--
one who'can look' after his web'presu,
run the typesetting machine, feed the
jobbers, wash the rollers on' the big
press, brush up tlie brass rails along
the stairs on the way to the editorial
department on ,the fifth storey, write
the jokes for the funny column, judge
the quality of the cordwqod taken for
bad subscriptions, put the dinky dabs
on the job work,' help* around the
bosses' brown stone house in summer
time, and .in a-pinch can do a turn at
leading (he"village choir. Mr. Meikle
also assures the public "that what his
new comp.-don't know he* sure does,
and will bo the^big fly wheel himself
in cases of emergency. A specialty is
made, of .street, car., tickets, and- milk
checks.' *'So send in your.orders'.'be-
fore the Christmas rush. A shipment
of brand, new., red ink is'being rushed
along; and. as soon.as finances permit
a certain amount'of .yellow and'-'plnl-
will be carried. Well, George, - here's
luck to you and your .great family-cyclone.-.,-;*    ,,*i ;,   ,,.',*"'. ,'* i,-*   ' *''"7 .
'Traders lieensesT1908
•}EDMONTON,:Jan.. 23—D^ P..,Mfinn.
Mee president of-the C.,N. R..'recently wrote the. Athabasca-Landing Bd:
of Trade „ that the line .would he ex-
• •     • • 1
•Dogi'and pound tax-receipts .......
^Police- court fines ".'■ .".....	
School Board :  ...' .7 ,
Bank of Commerce, Overdraft	
-Liquor licenses'.1908.'. .v. ' ' ...'.'. ,
Keep of ■ prisoners; .,-.•* ■ i:. -.■ 1 -.*.-: i ;..
•Interest.".'',-.,",.,'.-....'. ',.,:.,'1!'.!.,*'*,',•'.
Fire Hall Building.,. .> '..', ......'....
,Fire Hall Furniture and- Fixtures'   .
Bills payable'Bank of 'Commerce ........".'. t."......."..'..'.. .8300.00
Road tax 1908 .... ..' ■ ;,    730.00
.- -112.00
'. 3419.50
.*-' 3-472:83
..-'.. 295;00
." 1*498.10
') '400.00
The; argument is often advanced that Socialism is antagonistic to* Christianity. If Christianity can be maintained only by robbing the worker,
by compelling him and his family to work long
hours and live the life the average worker does live,
then Christianity ought to disappear. But Socialism docs no such thing;"instead it will enable every
man to live a practical Christian life and in every
way promote Christianity,
Religion deals'with mens i'uturo life. Socialism
deals with man's earthly life. Socialism, does not
in any way interfere with any religious belief or
liH'k »f belief, but permits the individual to hnve
any opinion on the subject whatever. Any one
who uses such an argument is only presuming on
your ignorance and prejudice. The next fellow
who talks this trash to yon. notice the slant of his
head and see if he is not a fit subject, for some
asylum for the feeble minded. Again, road the
Socialist platform and show wherein we intend lo
destroy Religion or Christianity,
Frances "Willard is regarded as having been
one of the foremost Christian*, of the past decade.
She insisted tlmt Socialism is applied Christianity.
There aro thousands of other people devoting their
fortunes and entire time to teaching Socialism.—
Men and Mules, •     ■
Sanitation Account1 .".,.'. ,'.."....  ..•..'.... <■,.,
Jail Building ... ',..............,
Unpaid .licenses 1907-*.'..,-.".;;....;. ,
Tax account 1906, v ;..'.   ......':.., ,
Tax Account 1907' '.'' '... ....    '	
Provincial,government grant  ,  ..-....'...*.    918.50
Sewer connections'":'..'V.'.;   .. '.'    551.80
Street Grades ".' '.'.'..."...' ;   10.00
Tax account'1908 .-*./;'.'.  .*.'... 10128.55
Cash in* bank July 1st, 1908 .....'    522.02
Cash on hand July. 1st, 1908 :    215.03
Cash on hand debenture account 1908 January 1st ...... 2711,85
"tendedrif "ILT^uanmtee, for,~tlie~bonds~
could rbe secured from the feder.al government. The' Minister of the. Interior expressed himself,as favorable to
the guarantee of bonds and.promised
to, do -all he, could towards, securing
,the-bonds. .a,,,/   x     -:.f
'  —  a^»'    ,       '—.    .
• EDINBURGH,Jan: 21—The tee-'falling to-day the Canadian curlers, .'who
arrived here on Sunday wore given „a
drive through the '.'Walter Scott"
country.        '    ,    :
Fire, Life, Plate Glass
and Accident
,. Insurance
Property For Sale in
n    all parts ofthe
1 - * 1 -
Houses   For
RE jf   T
'Agents.    ' ' - ,*
.   1 -   Machine given out on trial
•■''•"- No Charge   ,
Mason &*Risch
THE PRTINIK VRVA) I'KKSSS uutunlly npolnjrlz.
ed for the nppearanee of its paper last week, Get
up, Maud, Heaven's not far off,
DR. T. C. UIDDLE, n noted physician of the
United States, Hays that .15 per cent of insane pat*
ifni.B nre made so by tlie ns.' of drugs and that
whiskey has the largest number to its discredit.
Add to this the well established fact that whiskey
is the cause of half the inmates of tho prisons be-
wig there and you have nood causo for thc exclamation "Whnt fools those mortals bcl"
A flltKAT DEAL of timf is wasted in i-mnplain-
in-j* about the unequal distribution of wealth which
might lift wcwl in gettin-;' nearer what you regard
»h your rightful slmro.
IF YOU AUG acting a fool there are two things
you tiliould do at once; acknowledge it; quit it.
Dog and pound tii.K '    11.98
Polico court fines ...'.'...I .....,..'.  201.00-
Svhdol board ..  .'.'..". 4575,34
ICxpenso account   ,,. 381,41
Election account    73,00
Offico fixtures V. V....*...,. ,  200.38
SalnrieH ,  1153.00
Fire department  3003,71
Printing und advertising   206,58
Streets and sidewalks  8260.75
Street lighting ... ... '.  132,05
Street sprinkling "and sewer flushing  v',... (524,05
Health Department  276,00
Outstanding accounts, 1007  2103,41
Keep of prisoners  755,37
Police' salaries',,. -  3085,20
Police expense .  .  .  ....».,..,  1003,78
Fire equipment <- , 1701,1)8
Firo hall building ....  .'.  3072.00
Fire hiill furnitura nnd Fixtures  t-Jrt.20
Nuisance ground surveying  25,00
Insurance  ,  143,75
Legal expenses ..   ,  576.1)5
Sewerage system  5144,41
Sanitation '.'  1276.50
Jail Muilding ,,'.. 1717,30
Interest 05-00 Debentures . *  2612.50
lJoi'Kcs   (JtXi.OU
Harness and waggons  247.11
Dehenturo savings bank . ,  1700,50
Stable '..,::.' ., 177.08
Sewer connections ...  130.00
Weigh Hi:nl<*>»  24,50
Fniry 'Creek Water Ttight«  '.  74.50
Engineers office instniments  281,00
Electric light I 15.00
Offiee furniture ,   ,1fl,C0
Cash on Hand December 31st, 1008  83.21
(Continued from pago 1.)'
finished at once so that tho prisonera
could bo moved   from thoir prosont
miserable quarters.
Tho next Important matter "was, tho
electric lighting proposition. As" Mr.
Bell, representing tho GaB Producer
Co,, was present', also Mr., Dopqw and
Mr. Hammond,' the Mayor kindly
threw the meeting open anil suggested that thoy obtain all tho Information possible, and'ttion call a special
mooting to doal with this matter alono,.
The; two representatives of the press
.wore invited'to'tako part hi tho iIIb*
cusslon. Ot course that was a little,
out of the ordinary for 'the reporters'
to bo Invited'to say anything, but
they both mndo some good suggestions
and wore hot kicked.out, Surely tho
millennium Is nt. liniiil, "
Mr, Hammond was askod to go
around tho ontlre city and ascertain
lho number of lights tlmt will bo roqulrod. The Mayor stated that ho
wished tho lighting proposition to cover tho Aiinox, as woll as Uio rest of
tho city, This will bo good news to
tho pooplo of tlmt part of tlio city.
Tho following standing committees
woro appointed:
Mosul's, Ilnrclay, JoUiihoii.
Mohbi'h. QatOH, Duthlo and McDonald,
Messrs. Croo and McDonnld.
The mayor nppolntnil the 2nd nnd
4tli Tliursdny in onch month ns regular mooting nights and tlio hour at
8 p.m.
GatOB—Duthlo: That tho Finance
commltteo nnd clnrlf ho glvon poivor
to purchnso offlco furnituro for eity
office not to oxcoed $ 1 CO.—-Carried.
ClntttH—.TnliiiBnti! Thnt tlu* city pl«*rlf
bo glynn power to hnvo collectors roll
QntoH—JoliiiHon; That city clork or*
dor phono to ho Installwl tn flro hall
nnd city offlco nt onco,—Cnrrlod.
Moved hy Aid, Croo and Gnton —
"Clint    n»n    m ,1 Ir.,,*.*,   ;.-7*l?   fVltfinitny        Htn
10th, nt 8 p.m.
All mombora woro pronerit onTucs-
QatoR—Johnson: That communications from Mr. Robinson and Mr, Fisher ro proporty for school purposes bo
roforrod" to school hoard.—C.arrlnd.
Jolinson—McDonald: That tho city
clork ho Instructed to wrlto W. "ft.
Hom M.P.P., and Say boforo him the
facta ro J. H. Poro, lufforlng from
chronic lung trouble and ask him to
uso his Influoncc to havo tlio govornment placo him In a homo for Incur-
Croe—Ttarela'y—That Dr. 'AnArnwn'
application for tho' appointment   of
health officer be accepted at $25 per
month.—Carried:   --,   ..  •'•" ,','   .■-•■'•'
Cree—Barclay'/ That*:Mr7Potter's:,
report for 1908-and;recommendations'
for 1909 be passed on .to the   Works'-'
and,Property^committee.— Carried. 7
'. Gates—Johnson: That the city clerk
.write the Canadian Bank of Commerce
that all checks,of. the.city of   Fernie ,
be signed by G. H. Boulton, city clerk
and: countersigned by Aid..-Barclay,..
chairman- of the Finance committee,
andi in the absence of Mr.  Barcley,
Aid.,Johnson.—Carried. , ,4 ...
Duthie—Gates: That we recommend
to the school board to lnstal,.   two
flush closets In the temporary school. ,
— Carried,. ■■;     ■
''.Johnson—Cree:  That E. J. Gook's .
report bo. passed on to tho polico
commissioners.—Carried., ...
.Duthie—McDonald: That,the ,-clty
clprk bo,instructed to, notify A. Beck
tp close stairway on, Victoria avenue
o\ once,—Carried,       ,   ,
\ Gates—Johnson: That the clork do,
comply wltli thc request of George A..
Stoinson and othor ro debentures, and .
thnt the debentures denomination be
tjtiOO, and extend time of tendors, to
Feb.1.15, 1009-Carrlod..   ;
Barclay—McDonald: That plans and
specifications for. city office nnd jail
bo complotcd by Mr. Itooco; that ten*
dors for ovectjon of building bo callod
for without loss of timo; basement to
bo complotcd. In thirty days for keop ,
of prisoners, bnlnnco of building to bo
commenced In tho spring and rushed,
to completion.—Cnrrlod. ....
Dutlilo—McDonald: That tlio nc*
count of Wm, Jackson ro counting
houses nnd business buildings ho laid
ovor for further information. — Carried.
Gates—Johnson. Tlinit clork ho Instructed to gel atatomont from Mr,
Jnckfion of all plumbing tools on hand
nnd tako posuosalou of llio samo, —
Carried, 7
Notico of Motion: I horoby glvo notico that at tho noxt rogular moating
of council I will irilroduco a temporary loan by-law,—J, h, GntoB,
nnrclay--McDonnld: That tho hcada
of oach dopnrlmont submit nn estimate of monoy roqulrod for tho running of thoir dopartmont for tho coming yenr.—Cnrrlod.
Johnson—GiUob: Thnt Mr. Fisher
bo offorod tho position of city solicitor—Carried. ,
Bnrclny—Croo: Tlmt, Mr, it. n, C.
Hammond bo ongngod for tlio aum of
tlfl'trt (."f^rlnlr. ■number p? lln'h,.r ctl
Izonn will eonlrnct. to uso from (om-
porary Bystom.--Carried.
JohiiBon—Gato»: That tho Flro and
Light committee Interview Mr, Hurd
ro coko brcono,—Cnrrlod.
Johnson—Croo—That     tho council
-1/.  ..,..,       -,-,,.
-"'.''.".a   a«   uaa^a   la>u   a k ,\*i.'j    dV   O   *,», l\l,
for dlicuBBton ot oloctrlo light question only.—Cnrriod.
* 1 *
Lame Shoulder Cured
Lome ahoultlor li usually' comod by
rhoiimntlsm of tho mmnlna and It
quickly yields to a fow applications of
OhnmhnrlfllnVi Pofn Unlm. Mrn. F.
H. MoKlweo of Bolitown, New Ilrutis-
wlck, wrlte«: "Having beau troubloit
for Botno timo with a pain,In my shoul-
dor I decided to give Chamberlain's
Pain lUlm a trial, vtl\h tha malt that
I ant prompt mflii>t' 'Tor kale hy Blf
drugglita. *•*-.-->'--       it    '.'a
- '.i -.—
The Official Organ of District No.  18, U. M. W.; of A.
Fernie, B. C, January  23-rd, 1909
*     • -.,.■-    -.- * *■
•    .                   T       "'                -"           . -        *
From our own Correspondent
Mr. Tom Biggs of Fernie presided
over a highly successful vocal    and
instrumental concert and social In the
Presbyterian church-on Monday evening. '   This was in aid of the ladies
mission society and the crowded building—there was not a vacant seat -^
must-have gratified those who had put
forth their best endeavors foi; a vs.uc
cessful issue. ,   The programme comprised picked talent from the district,
an dthe effort of each artiste was enthusiastically' applauded.   ..The -customary, vote of thanks was neatly proposed arid seconded by Messrs.    T.
Hasketh and Geo. O'Brien respectively and needless to say it was received
with cordial acclamation.    Airs. Harry McCard was accompanist and the
success of the programme was'  much
enhanced by her .musical abilties. After the concert the ladies-served a fine
and varied assortment of refreshments
as only ladies can.
Programme follows:
Recitation by Mary McClimint.
Song:  Miss Taylor."
Cornet solo: Mr. Andrew Paton.
Song:'Mr. J. L.. Hughes.
' Violin selection:. Mr.,.C... Banks.-.
" Song: Mr. T. Biggs. '   '
Violincello,selection: Mr. S. Walley
Song:  Mr. R. H. Nesbitt.
Recitation: Gus,Pearson.
Violin selection: Mr. J. Foster.    .
Song: Mr. R. Samson.
,    Song: Mr. R. Samson.
Recitation: Mr. A. McFegan.
Song: Miss Taylor.  *
Cornet solo: Misa Lottie Gray.;
Song: Mr. R. Samson.   ■'     ■-""
•♦'Violincello:  Mr.  S., Walley.   -
Duet: Mr. and Miss Bigg's.
. Violin selection:' Mr. Foster.   .
■    Song (encored) lR. H.  Nesbitt.
Billy, Alexander has -returned with
the wife and family and intends to
stay with us, again".-    (.;;.
The - sloppy ..weather''• .we have".' had
'lately has already caused a few small
snow slides.   -'There* was'.one-about
9" o'clock.Friday, night,-January 15th,
_close._tb No% 1  mine t umieLTVVilliam
- Lancaster, afternoon; firea bossr"";had'
just come, out andhad-a narrow- escape
from  serious  consequences.    • There
happened to be a few cars standing
near where he was at the time;   and
these with the nature-oi the.ground
. immediately above him broke thc full
impact of the tall.''   As it was he' was
bruised but managed In tlisi*** *"o flgli*1.
his way. out-none the worse' for his
trying experience. .
Burns 'anniversary,'.in the club hall
on Monday night will buck you up for
the rest, of the year. Don't miss'it.
■" A service of song entitled The Prim-
* rose Garth was rendered in the Methodist church on Sunday afternoon The
Rev. Norman' Macdonald,, pastor of
the Presbyterian church,' was the
reader and' the musical part was
given hy a choir of woll baliWf*i«l
voices. The afternoon. was stormy
otherwise the congregation would ho
doubt have been larger.    '
Tommy Douglas has resumed v**.rk
ft'ter his indisposition.
Going down In tho train the oUi.-tl*
nfiernoon a fellow with an lrrosi.ciolv
Interfering inclination prompted tho
conductor to try to" trap'a mnn "on
tho train into saying ho had a train
check, tho intorforor knowing ho had
not. Visions of self elevation nnd
tho downfall of tho other'chap fndod
silently away whon the necessary fare
was unhesitatingly tendered, Tiio
natural law of selection docs not'find
n placo for such a superfluous amount
of blundering genius, but it has boon
suggested * that, a sphere reputed to
ho warmer than Canada*'would meet
tlio caao. Truo It In that tho mnn
always mistrusting should always bo
mat rusloil.
Prosldont Q, 8. Lindsay has vlaltod
tho mlnoB moro than onco recently.
There nniBt bo somothliig doing.
Tho Chinks nro doing laundry bus*
ines at 304 and 307'Welsh camp. They
call* for and deliver washing as before
the fire.     '• ■'■  ,'''   ",-   '    *  - '
Qpite a bunch of boys went . to
town Monday night to'witness a boxing contest between Cyclone Kid of
Coal Creek and Sunny Bill of Nelson.
The Kid knocked his man out in the
same, time that-it'takes to tell it.
The kid is a well known specimen and
aspires to' championship honors. He
would like* to arrange a fight with
Jim Burrows arid communications
from, the- right persons addressed * to
John Jubeck, Coal Creek, near Fernie,-B. C, will open up straight business. "    c   ■ ■
Jack Barrett* has left .the ca'mp.for.
. The C. C. L. A. A..held another
of their pleasant social dances on the
,15th. ., The inclemency of the weather perhaps accounted.for fewer of
the dancers being present than usual
but a good time was spent neverthe-w
less. " "      7   "„   ' ,"
We are delighted to see' Doctor Hunter on his rounds again after his illness. .   ...     .   ... 7   .  ■ .   „■	
A.wrestling match'for $50 between
John Jubeck and Mike Koma came
off .in the club gymnasium Saturday
evening?; .Mike is a big powerfully
built Slavonian and the other-is -a
good sport with more, experience of
the ring.- , The match was-under the
same' rules as governed the recent big
tournament and.the same referee was
in charge.-* • The result had :to-ibe-'the
best of five falls.' The match lasted about seventy-minutes and' there
was 'no. display of science worthy of
special'mention. Jubeck got the first
fall; Mike* got the second and Jubeck got the next two which made him
the winner. **'•••
-.; ''Many'-householders; are gritefui for
our'information , about'1the public
health' act. * A-few more tips'are also
worth, bearing in- mind.'"'-'Refuse1 of
any kind* must not.be thrown out'-any
other /liquids'!after "'having- been used
should be poured down'the' sink where
, such is provided... The .sink .. should
often be well.flushed. ..Where there
is no sink* this" Vater* or liquid must
be ,put down .the closet.,,- It is imperative'that bedroom slops .'and such
like'be put,'do',vn the closet, and that,
the closet seat'be effectively cleaned.
Harry Merrier, better' known as
Massa, went to town on Monday and
whilst larking with some more of
tho boys had the misfortune to fracture his'leg near the ankle. He Is now
ln Fernie hospital and Is doing as well
as can be expected.   "'•"■   ; ,'
A fine, doe dee-.' judged-to bo about
two'years1 old,, met with an unusual
fate on Wednesday morning. Through
the barking of dogs it was espied embedded,in a deep sriow drift above tho
Presbyterian church. It,,was .extricated nnd found its, way down Into one
of tho wash houses. Mere it was seen
to bo in pnln and tlio discovery was
mndo that, one of its hind logs was
broken, Tho policeman to put ,lt
out of its,misery, humanely shot It.
It was iri splendid condition, and the
cnrcnBo has generously been giv'onto
the Fernie hospital. Several old
tlraors have suspected for somo timo
back the. pi-csonco of somo . animals,
moro ferocious thnn the coyoto. Their
Biirmlao. Ib that this' door wns hotly
pursued by a pack of, wolves, and
found Ub way down.tho ravino behind
Morrlsey Iiousob.
Mrs. Robort Wllklo wlshoB to thank
lior i mnny frlonds for thoir klndnosB
any-sympathy towards hor ln tho snd
borenvoment which alio rocontly cnmo
A young digger arrlvod nt Bill
Parker's No. 113 Thursday morning.
It and tho mother nro doing nlcoly.
£ S
*. .,'■"        BAYNES ,-J
■jt   '       * Jf
*-*r*+**+******irk*kk * » » *-* kirk*
F. W. Adolph left on Monday for-
a week or ten days trip east.
' W. A. Barter, our accommodating
station agent is again at his post after
an, absence of three weeks in ' the
; Mr. Telford of Winnipeg, president
of the Ross Saskatoon Lumber Company at Waldo, spent part of Tuesday
looking' over the,Kootonia,tracts. He
is very- much taken with the outlook
for .this vicinity.' Mr.- Telford1 expects
to spend the summer here.
'A. P. Bailey.and Arthur Barrett
came down from Fernie,to spend
some time in Kootonia and do some
work on their land.
The Great Northern have a. large
force of men taking up the pipe., leading from the lake to,the water tank.
They have been frozen up'since the
cold siiap. All trains have been supplied with, water from.tho Adolph Co.
machine shop pump. ,
S. J. Morrow and J.'I). Aye made
a business trip to Elko on Tuesday.
Mrs. S. J. Morrow acting.as hostess for the junior chorus "class at
Baynes lake gave a reception at her
home .last Friday afternoon in honor
of ■ Miss Jennie Adolph, their instructor. It was a vory happy occasion,
for both grown ups and children, and
after getting the company interested in
a guessing game Mrs. Morrow quietly
slipped from the room, arranged the
children in double file and then
marched into the parlor and halted in
front of their teacher,' when little
Grace Hart, as a representative of her
class, made an appropriate speech, ancl
presented Miss Adolph with a manicure set as a token of appreciation
from the class. . '     '"    1
After this dainty refreshments were
served by Mrs. Morrow, and the corii-
pany felt as they left for their homes
sthat this was an occasion long, to be
^i.At*.¥¥^MMM*-¥¥.¥¥¥¥¥¥.¥ ¥¥»»¥¥ »*
■k *
Mrs. Norman Wilson was a Fernie
visitor this week.
The Skelton boys are logging at Galloway. ,       , .     -. ' .
Miss A. McShane of Vancouver is
in charge of the public school.here. -
We are doing everything we know
how to boost our business and ■. are
meeting with success.'' .
Mike Kelleher received a cable from
Seattle on Sunday stating that it was
snowing there—then had to go , to
Mrs. Roo is up from the big red ap-N
pie country.   '
■*■ Mr. A.Walkerton left for Vancouver Monday. .
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hueston and family are moving here from Okotoks. .
"Truth will, always be truth though
told by the devil.
Sailor Woods says hes having a time
like an admirals' dream in the mountains. ' . -    ■ -   -
Excuse the,blurs on this column—
we had to write it in-our shirt sleeves
on account of the gosh darned heat.
A womans idea of doing, charity
work is to get somebody else to give
the money for it. ■
Albert. Armstead, the celebrated'tin
whistle "soloist and spike maul juggler
is under study to C. Backlund, section
foreman on'the Great Northern Ry.
here. *'' ,.
C. Burgess, ■ accountant of the
North Star Lumber Company, was a
Fernie visitor this week-. The mill is
closed down for. the present but will
open up,like a rose bush in the sun
early this spring.
¥¥»¥¥¥ ¥¥¥^¥¥»¥-¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥-¥¥¥
| MICHEL    , jf
vs •       .' • +
'i i
John Banard, an Italian, met with a
serious accident on "Saturday night,
whilst following his occupation as a
driver on the tipple; lie was'conveyed
to the hospital.   .*■ 7 •'-.,* .'   -,-/•". '
Newtown is looking up;- another big
firm intends starting business there.
Pat Burns the well-known butchering
firm, has bought out the business of
Valesick. • .>-'■£.   >.-. •••-.-.*.'-
Minors are warned against going to
•jhe following mines as they are unfair, and minors are warned to keep
Keep away from Hillcrest, Alta., as
a dispute is pending there now.
Edmonton Alta.
City'Mines ;;
Bush Mines,"."" 'v;v;
Hosedale Mriioa_l__
Strathcona Mines
Dawson Mines _
Frank Mines 1
Alberta Coai Cb.itLlL Morinville, Alta.
■ The drummers are flocking into
Elko like Methodists to a pink tea.
Among the wall-eyed spendthrifts aro
noticed' Jim Bates, W.-. A. Weaver,
Bloridy Smith; the Fernie whirlwind";
Codfish Sam.,of the Vancouver Smoked Herring Company; Mr. Hamilton,
J.1 Gordon, Pincher, and others.   '
i i '■ *
Old timers say it was the worst, and
coldest snap ever seen in Elko, still
the merchants claim they did a big
business in yeast germs and red pepper,
J. D. Aye, the hustling manager of
tho Kootenay Land Company, Baynes,
paid' a flying visit to Elko this week,
bought a big consignments goods and
left with his team of ivory handled
mustangs, leaving a,hole ln the air
behind him..
Sam Morrow came ln from the fruit
belt this week.
Mr. .Telfer of the Ross Saskatoon
Lumber company cnmo In from tho
oast and is visiting the Ross Brothers
nt Wnldo.   ;
T.j Lotchor, contractor of Fernio,
was looking over his Elko estnto this
Sailor WooiIb was ln town on Monday from Konca'snk Mountain, nn,J-,lie
says ho Is willing to meet C. Burrows
of '.Jnclcrabblt Plnlns, Coleman, Altn,,
for $200 a aide nnd gate receipt b, win-
nor lake tlio lot. Woods nddrosfl Is
Elko, B. C, slnco tho wind stopped
Somo peoplo look upon tliolr own
rriodlclna ub criminal.
Somo men would do nlmost anything
for a woman except go to work.
VIsllorB to Milo Hhould call nt Frod
Roo's   storo nnd bpo tho olcphnnt,
Willinm King of tlio Dnlior Lumbor
Coinpiiny wnH In Elko this wook vlnlt-
Ing with Mr. Scoloy of the Donnors
Forry Lumbor company.
Tho Inwyi-n* nro linvlng n fine old
timo wllh tho CnstellnnoB trying lo pm
tlio irJmnilngH on llio Morry Widow*
Mr. Fonwlck, tlio niuto skinner for
Iho linker Lumber conipniiy, Wnldo,
flow into town thin wool, nud out
ngnln qulokor thnn .lorry could write
tho noto.
Tho miinlolpnl olootloiiH In Fertile
nro over but tho pnpor fight scorns to
bo still on. Bottor como out to lillko
and Inhnl" tlio purn nlr of lion von nnd
non a good dog fight,
Bottor a bnld hond than a hnrofac* j
ed ilo. , |
Fred Hoo wna down to lloosvillo IiihI j
week, I
John Molt caught a novoro cold op-1
onlng oyHtcrH. !
\V. C, Loiicoy, ehifl ot jicdu-k, in
spondlng connldornblo timo away from
home lately,
C. C. Snowdon of Calgary wnn In
Klko thin wook with that Und Kindly
Light song of his.
Tho liotoln are putting up dotiblo tho
g,unntltlt.'» of Ico on account of thc big
rush expected thla Bummer.
TUiaiu l.ykajn wt-iu ..ecu together In
Elko thla wook; somo per«on ilr.uM
notify tho polico.
.M, KdmondB moved his family out
to the Bmltlt and Tr&cey lagging
1)111 Coatc la tniilntr the Mulllguna at
tho Columbia hotol now.
Alex.' McCool of the Great Northern
hotel went to Fernie on-Monday on a
business trip.
The concert held in. aid, of the gymnasium, club, was'a great success' The
program was the best We ever'had in
Michel. Albert Allen, the well known
comedian made a great hit, in his song
of the Taek; he also caused, roars of
laughter in the sketch* called Woman's Rights. Mrs. McVIcar wns also
one of the'stars; she is. without doubt
the, best lady singer" that has,ever
sung in Michel. Her song, Molly,
the Marchioness, was a treat. In H.
N.  Reid we have tho bost baritone
singer in the Pass. Sir. Reid has.
sung in New York operas. It was a
treat to hear him sing "There let me
Rest," which was loudly encored.,
Messrs. D. C. Dickman, Hodgkin-
son, J. Mather, A. .B; Bastian and
R, St. John were also well received.
The concertina duet by the brothers
M. and B. Littler was loudly encored.
The sketch by Haskall and party entitled Restraining Joseph was well acted. Special praise is due to the
Michel concert orchestra which rendered some fine selections during the
Jim Carey of the Great Northern
hotel has returned to town. Pirn has
been spending his vncaton in his old
home iu Minnesota.
Dave Smith of Coal Creek was ln
town on.Tuesday. Dave took in the
J. F. ' Fife of Vancouver was in
town on Tuesday.
Two experts representing Messrs.
Walker. Brothers of Wigan, England,
are, in- town looking over the new
compressors. '       (;
W. A. .Montgomery of Toronto was
in town on Wednesday. -   '
The, flrst, regular meeting of the I.
O. O. F. took place on Friday. The
followng newly elected officers filled
their places: Geo. W. McLeod, N. G.,
W. Blackburn V. G.. Tom Winters R.
S., J, Martin F. S., W. Mast, treasurer. ■.'..,,
.Mrs. Wyley has given over her well
known, boarding house. . It has been
taken over by Messrs. B. Smith and
G. McKay.  - •'
Mr. David James of Coal Creek has
been appointed as pit boss for the
afternoon shift in No. 8 mine.    ,\
There has been no skating iu'Michel
during the last week owing io Die
rainy weather.
, The skating match which was to
have come off last' Sunday between
Porter and Taylor had to be postponed as there was no. ice. ■
Who .are the young men that intend asking, the coal company's permission to-start a roller skating rink
in the stables .(Now Bert be careful.) .   -'.* .   -,' ''  -•-■ •■■    ■-
They' say around town 'that' Trites-
Wood will have .their : new-.store " in
Newton open for next pay day":   ,'' ,.
During   this sale  I   am offering a nice
Women's   White-wear   at   exceptional low
Women's Corset Covers made of fine cotton, low style
round   neck, trimmed with laces and  embroideries
Women's   Drawers    made  of soft   finished    cotton,
trimmed   with   laces   and   Embroideries
Women's Night Gowns made of nice quality of cottorl.*
some Mother Hubbard yoke, short sleeves, low neck,
high neck and lone sleeves
Also a small quantity of white flannelette Night Gowns
All this whitewear is
cheapest ever ' offered.       Inspection
bargains and   thc
MRS.   E.   TODD
"opened Tiis new~s"tofe
Seigels has
in Newton.'.'
The pool room will soon be opened.
1   Billy had a one'day promotion from
the hoist to the dinky.    '   " '  *
A few cases of scarlet fever, have
been reported around-town.-   -
Although ;the amount paid biit this
pay day was not so. large as , the
iast a great deal of business was done
in town. Some of the drunks were
on the war path on pay day. A few
wore running n round with knives, and
picks, and axes. There was a full
housoaflhecoop; '     '      ',
a >      *
but its hard to get—good1 one Iiui-*' and'
biul the next. You've found- it sjov have-ti't
you.   Let us supply 'you with our   .' *
You'll find it good nil tiie timeV * -10 cents'
per pound.    All our 10c good's" are" the
same—good all the time.
: r; 7t. b. strutrers, prop>
The Misses Euler
announce a Real Genuine Bargain Event
of Hats, Furs, Ladies' and Children's Coats
and Dresses, Underwear and Hosiery
Astonishing Values whfobggkut' %
4^      Hanson Street      cow oatiioiio ohurch sito      Fernie      $
that I can b*'y good fruit lands with a good water supply, within 30
miles of Fernie, on instalment plan, $5 down, $5 per month, no. interest for first year, for a five acre tract during the life of contract?
This offe rmay not last long, as the price may be advanced after .
1st. January next,, so if you want good fruit lands at the bottom
price apply at once. Do it nowl Sales have exceeded our best expectations 60 far. We find it easy to sell a good article, and such
easy payments are not offered by any other such company. .Write
for circular on "Kootenai Irrigation Tract."
D. W. HART   Agent for ca^T BAYNES, B. C.
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I.n»t Tni-Hihiy •■vi'iiliitf Ui** br»ihi*r*
Itood ot •'■,'iiui.i''n-, Ki-vi* n '••uiiiurt in
llruoo't* hull nnd wo nro wif.t In nny-
In i» t li rt t It  ,inf* nn fnr nut nil   othiT
llko ovoniH In llio (Uur. Tho wuuiliur
wns nny'lilnfi* *>iit ■lef-lrnliln, yet n
Kood crowd watt In ntondnnru ohihicIiiI-
ly wcr'" Mi'? lmll'-B In ■.•vdfiioc, It writ-
R..10 when Clinlrniiin Tut tlu collod ordor nud fiooti had tlio program under
wny, nnd whllt* not |.in*{th.v, wn* In
overy tmrlkulnr (.lenAim**. Hliould
vie mwitlon nny nnm.-"a probntdy thnt
ot Mr. Dlrkcr In ht» r-xMlntion "Ttti*
01d Woodon Ijcg' and Mr, Crownhutt
wllh a parody on "In tho tlmdc of tho
Old Applo Tree" wero (Inc. At tho
conclusion of tho proRrnm nil prc»-
cm tat down lo tabic* vteW laden
wlrh   nil thnt «•«» rnnA tn ent.     Th«»
UU'lf-i   Ih-iiik  i-it-un-il,
.-,, D
HhVVMm;   Lull
iDnih.ji u'.ftV'-A ,.*'h. :i
' ilancr* which wiih ltcpt up until Uu*
I Hinnll lioiiiH of th<> tnornliiK, n throo
i ])|i<c(i orcli(>Ktrn fiirnlHhlnK muHi<-, MInk
i Kdlth IIIkkh prcHidcd fit thi- plnuo.
' Hnl« off to thi*'. tin* flr-Hl of tli" bun-
<iuf.*l8 by tlio Jnlcriiiiiloiifil llroihcr-
hood of VoaintU'tt ot Fornio.
flUICAOO, Jnn. 21—It Ih known
thnt thirty men woro drowned In nt*
'■•mtftlnK to cscnpo from n flro whK'h
destroyed ono of tho intnkn crlbn In
ijtko MIcIiIraii off 7.'lrd uwwx to-day.
Tho crib In ono thnt viae cmnhllnhcd
by tho, ({oorta-n W. JncVson Company,
contrttctorn, and la a milo and a half
out in 1-ako Michigan, nnd connf-ctf-d
With tho ahoro by nn afrlaj railway,
Karly report* atnto that nearly alxty
Tncft mere "worklnK on the trlb when
the tire broko out. PAGE SIX
|;THE  DISTRICT LEDGER, FERNIE,        B    C    JANUARY 23 1909-
-a ' ■        *">
Caused by Snow Slide Near
Yals—Four People Killed
Engine and Cars into
the Fraser River   .'
VANCOUVER, U. C.- Jan 15-r-A
frightful accident occurred" yesterday
on the line of the C. P. It. eight miles
east,of Yale, \yhen passenger train No.
97 westbound;" with two locomotives
ahead, pulling through heavy snow,
struck a twelve foot snow slide, left
the tracks and four of the cars with
the engines, went into the Fraser,river. The accident caused' the telegraph wires to break and it was some
time before a message could be, sent
to North itend and from there on to
The first report declared that no passengers had been killed, but a later
message states that several are dead.
The engine drivers of both locomotives
are killed, at least they went into the
river on their engines and their
bodies had'not been. recovered when
the message was sent from North
Bend. Their names were Carscallon
and" Foster, * Both men are well-
known in Vancouver, having been driving engines for years on the Pacific
division. By a miracle both firemen
whose names are not known here wore
not liilled In the wreck.
The train was made up at Medicine
Hat on Wednesday night to tako the
place of the Pacific express which was
delayed by storms, in Manitoba. The
wrecked train'would therefore, not
contain any through passengers. The
last message from North Bend stated
tha*. the baggage, mail express and colonist cars all followed the engine into
the rivor and the remainder of the
coaches were held*back by the dining
Ir-mcctta'cl;- on receipt of the news
p. ■,-.-!,eci:i!.'a, i''**i:i "was made up in the
yards of the C. P. 11. Doctors Weld and
Proctor and four nurses were aboard,
and a complete outfit of surgical appliances wns taken.
Baggageman Collins one of the best,
known men on the division, was very
seriously hint. The young, men of
tho. mail crew escaped without a
scratch, Conductor- McKay and the
.brakemen, Daniel and-Mitchell, escap-
—eay^-'" : -u ■' ■-'• ! ■**""■-"-
The following aro among thc injured:' ,",..-,*
.Richard Clark", Lethbridge, hip bro-
Miss Tena Dickson, Swift Current,
bead bruised.
Mrs. Mary Folsom,'Okotoks, Alta.,
Jiead and hip Injured.
Joe Williamson, Battleford, head cut
and leg broken..
G. W. Burn's, of Edmonton,, head
li, JIunri,'Hlllcrcst,iB..C., hnnd nnd
side injured.
Matthew Perry, Queens Bay, loft
band broken.
Alshouse T-Ieldarti, Westfork, B. C,
shoulder and side injured.
George ..Moonoy, Wawanesa, Man.,
right hnd cut.,
Mrs. D, Moonoy, head bruised.
Elsa Mooney, leg broken.
William Wilkins; England, shoulder
nnd bnck injured.,
D. McCleod, Storhowny, Scotland,
right jtiieo Injured.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦•♦••^
«•> "♦
DOUKS MAY MOVE TO        -•**►
Kamsack, .Sask., Jan. 19—It
is rumored here thai one hundred families of Doukhobors
from Saskatchewan will leave
for British Columbia in the'
early spring to settle permanently in that province. The
villages about here aro gradually falling off in population.
Last week eight families left
' the village. of Trepamey to
work for themselves.
a> -^ -^ <> <S>  at>  <*• <> <a>-  -«>  -*>   <***><-**
Trouble  Between  Hat  Manufacturers
and Employees has Reached
Traffic has Changed—Grades
Must be Reduced
Now in Fourth Session-Start
Off in Best of Spirits
Members Greeted
QVANCOUVEU, B. C. Jan .21—The
C. P. B. is preparing pious for the
practical rcbuildng of that, section of
tho Crows Xest Railway between Maeleod and the summit of the Hookies,
a short distance oast of Crows Nest
station. The distance between th2
two points is approximatoly saventy
It is expected that the work will
be undertaken during the present y^ar,
in fact it Is probable that tender.! will
bo called for during the month of
February in order that work mav begin with the advent of fine w.-.ath<?r
iri the spring.
The new construction is impctat.'.ie
for the reason that the grades on the
eastern slopes of the Rockies ar<- very
adverse to eastbound traffic. Str.uii'e
as it may seem some of the heaviest
grades on the eastern side or cue divide, which might be expected to be
against westbound trains are really
in favor of them.- ,
I"* 4     . ' '
The Crows Nest Pass branch was
built at a time when the general expectation was,that the heavy freight
hauls of the road would be practically
all westbound, and for that reason
everything was'done,.to give the benefit of the haul to the westbound traffic.' .Since then the west has developed . with such amazing rapidity that
there is every prospect that soon the
balance-of the heavy hauls will be in
favor of the eastbound trains.
The opening of the coal. mines at
Hosmer, which started shipping this
month has had a great deal to do
with the determination of the C. P. R
to rebuild the line between Maeleod
and the summit.
The great market, for this coal will
be.in the Northwest and the hauling
of it against needlessly heavy grades
would be too expensive lo be long tolerated
. Another impulse to the improving
of the line down the eastern, slope of
the divide is,tho growth of the Spokane businoss both freight, and passenger,
Adolf Fisher of Chicago Suing  Russian  Government for  $75,000.   ■
Now York, .Inn. 10—Tlio t'irai'eiie-1
rnpturo between tho Associate,! lint
inniiufnci.urera roprosontlng 7'» factories in tlio United StutoH, nnd tho Hat.
tors union came io n crisis to-dny when
tlio iniiniil'ncturoiH docldud ,nt a mooting in tho city.to illHooiitliiiio the usi-
of the union label,
Tlio decision wiih followed by u gen-
oral HtrlltM order sent out by the lint-
(ers union.
ft wns Htntod io-nlRlit Hint tho order
so fnr iih could bo lenrnod, hnd been
Rfiioriilly obeyed. Twonty-llyo thou*,-
nnd workcri*, it wiih snld liml <iult work
In tlio various farlorlmi whoro the union lnl)*'i hod beon In urn*,
Tlm union wiih not entirely uiipi''*pnr*
od for the notion of the muiiufuftutvn*.
Tlio trouble which itiwIhmI n ci*IhIh to-
dny, hi>|a*iiii In HoHton I'cfoi'i' iIn' ri'tiiov-
nl of llio fJoycr hut foiiiiiiiiiy from Hint
rlty io l-liiliidi'lidiiu. Tlmn' lind Iu'-mi
ii Ktilko in I'liflndclpliiii and when tlm
ronipniiy went to IIohIoii It lined tlm In-
bid, Tint, win, Hi Id to \w in ilcliilliiu
nf un iiKiri'iueiit mid the unuiufiniui-
o\n wero apponled to.    The roRiilt wns j Iiim
Now York, Jan, in—Falsely licensed
of murder, and liberated nftor, languishing n wliolo'yeur In a filthy Uiiks-
Inn prison Adolf Fischer, n naturalized
Amorienn, .whose homo Is In Chicago,
nrrived horo to-dny from Lilian In the
steamer Estonian, nnd Instruetod a
lawyer lo begin suit ugnliipt tlio Rim-
fdnn government for $7^,000 for illegal
imprison.wilt. Wo wont io Western
Ilnsslii f If loon months ago to visit ro*
lntlvos. On his wny homo to Ciilontrn
ho stopped ovor nt. Minsk lo soo un old
Hc-hoolniiiln. Ho wns In the city I wo
months ylion Niohohis Wofosky, «
niewliniit, wns murdered. Tho police
alleged llull the Amerlcnn was ul lho
soeno^f tlio orlnio about tlm timo lho
merchant wnR'killed, nnd Him-bor, Uio
only Amerlcnn In MliiHk, was nrrcstod.
At tho trial ho produood wIIiiorhob
from his.hotel to show, tlmt lm could
not hnvo been nt tho bcciik of tlio murder when It wiih commitHM, lie iiHkoil
Unit tin opportunity bo given hint Id
Mend to Chlengo for fiiit'lR to defend
DoNpllci UiIh Klflcher Riiltl lio wiih convicted and Honteimod to tlm Siberian
mlnoH for life, "With tlio nBRlfltnnoo of
IiIh rolatlvoH ho mumiged to lmvo n
now Irlnl ordored tho dny boforo tho
time wet for dirt d-.'|mt'tiuv for Hllierlu
mliu'H. Ifo wiih n wliolo yenr In prl*
non lii'foro Hie new trlul wiih grunted,
iuul tlleiiuwlille his reliiHveH hlul communicated with tlie suite di'pnrtnmiit
at WiiHlilii^ioii -,, hkli iittcbted to ills
respectublllly and ■'■'ciinv<l (-,>illiH*'l for
tliut lit u meeting In this city the mnn*
tifnelui'iTH decided lo do nwny wlili ih<
label. The Hi like order fulluwed niter, ii
!    At the second trial .''ifichor proved
Hint  im wiih nol   Hie miirdciei*    and
WIIH   ll('(|lllttOd,
Ilo wm* told lo leave I In* coiitjiiy In
i 21 Imiirw,
The Pure Food Law
tiucruiuo U'iIm-ii hii*tx *jih* or iii«'
r>l'Joct« of tho law Ih im Inform Hie
conM.m'.-r of the pr-r-ncnre of •rf-rtnln
lmrmftil ding!* In iiU'-Holne**." The
law rwiulr«H Hint llm amount of chloroform, cijiiurn, ifiorjiniiie, nml nider
linblt forming drugs bo Htnted on the
label of enoli bottio,     Tho timi'iifu*'*;
LONDON, ,I(in. 21--M', It. Trotter,
delegate of the' Canadian Tendon nnd
r      .      . f. 1.1.1,,,
Dally Graphic of Uh fltnte-nu-nt tliut
there Ix plenty of room for town
.... .,.,-. ... I workerH In Camilla. The Oniplil**
tur«rn of Chnmborlnln f> f'oiigli Rom-; n,pr„„„on Interviewed Lord Stinlh-
edy liavo always clttlrned that tlmlr• ,.,„,„, w|„, HUiU,«. »W{. Il0Vr,r cMirotnnu*
remedy did not rnntnln nny of the»oi,,d Hie nrtldnn lo go to Cnnnilo." Il
drugs, nnd the triiflt of fhl*. rlnlm Is [ also Interviewed nn nffle(n! nf rt lend-
now Tully proven ns no mention of|ln»c irntmportntlon compnny who do-
them i'i iwvl** on tlm label. Tlm r*-*n» ' r']ni'"'} ,hn' ,,"'r'1 ls "n iunHncnHon
ody 1» not. only on.* of the aatoti but!ff,r ,">n1r,r"? *M}M t,r «n«hlll«'il labor
ono of Urn boat In u«o for couglm and!fmn! ,h,° pinion.    |,,TI»«    "rllliih
..        ..       i     i.   i .    , meclmnicB nre the best In the world.
rold».     IM vnluo l.n» bee,, proven be-, Wo m ,ft ^ w|    ^^ %]mM ,0(u,
yond question during the mnny yenr*; „,,„„,,,   ,nbor  orf„rfl(1  ,,y  n   eounlr).
It huabtfen In rem-ta) nr,e.     For Mb*' baxlntf tlie kioki «killed <In«i* ut   In-
by nil Artiitrtnti.
KDMONTOX, Jan. 21.—The speech
fiom the .throne submitted, to.,- the
legislature by ihe Lieutenant promises
to be a document that will have a
positive historical value, in the commercial' and material development of
the province. The keynote of, the
speech is an energetic railroad policy,
and this is to be the .main business of
the legislature this session.'
In this respect the fourth session
promises to be the greatest of the first
legislature of Alberta, just because it
deals with the problem that lies hard
at the root of our industrial, commercial and agricultural life. It, is as
impossible io carry on trade and development on the prairies without rail-,
ways as it would "be impossible to'
carry on the commerce of the sea
without steamships a»nd steamship
lines.     . .
Method too and common sense distinguishes the policy to be'-'pursued
by' the Government. In . the railway
business. The speech indicates that
the bulk of the railway building will
be,, in the south and the centre of the
province where, as in the south the
country is thickly settled and is in
pressing need of railway facilities to
haul the great wheat harvests without
delay and loss to the producers.
In- the central portion of the province there are great areas of thickly
settled country and larger areas of
partly settled country that are entirely unserved by-„the railroads. ' These
places will have them without delay.
The north, to which all mens eyes are
turned because of its immense mineral and timber wealth, is to have at
least a single'railway which will in
all probability be sufficient for colonizing purposes?-
The session that is just opening
leads " one to a review ofthe three
sessions which have gone before, and
to a consideration of the work done
by the legislature since the elections
three years ago/.
The flrst session was largely taken
up with the organization of the macb-
ery of civic government and the administration ,of justice. . The flrst
great task of the -Alberta - legislature
was to put the province on a working
basis.- .The work was done and the
new province" rose into her place in
out a jolt or hitch. '
. The flrst session also gave the people of Alberta a taste of the quality of
the kind of government they were to
have for the next four years—strict
adherence to the principles of party
,oveinment.'that made the British em-
.<■ ..-resit, y,-jtb a dmsh of American
democracism. . The majority were to
rule but. all classes, and the minority
were to have justice. Actuated by
the traditional reverence for rights of
property, a -fundamental'principle in
British jurisprudence, the first Legislature placed upon thc books the, Act
known as the,Lands Titles Act. Corporations that, liad long escaped contributing a moiety to tho public exchequer, through the timidity and the
carelessness of .method of former legislators jn western- Canada, were talc-
on into enmp, and as n result, the province nniiiiiilly receives $100,000 yearly from corporations' enjoying lucrative public franchises from the people,
Tho work'wns further cnrrlod* ln
Uio second sossioii when thu "l-kliion-
tlonnl Tnxnllon Act was passed.' Hut
Ui'o distinguishing'feniun. of lho season of IDC' wns llio lolophono policy
of the government. * Hon, W. IT.
dishing enrly'ln tho session brought
i'owii the telephone policy, the nn.
nounrenicnt. of which electrified tho
country, Since that timo 2000 mllOH
of telephone Hues hnvo come under
iho conl ml of "Uio govornmont ovor
lmlf of which woro built by the now
■■ Tlm hohsIoii of 11108 wnB oqunl In reforming ordor to thnt of 100", Tlie
condition*-; of lnbor and tho relntlon
of workmen to thoir omploynrs was
Uio basis of thu Important loglHlntlou
of (IiIh hohhIoii. TIioho who lived in
Alburtu In tho t-prlng of Hi07 will ro*
member lho* Btralnotl rolnlloiiHhlps
Unit oxlRled botwoon tbo minora nnd
lho initio operators of Uio province,
A RorloiiH Hlrllco tied up tlie conl mln*
lug fiidi-Hiry ontnlllng Iohh to the men
and compiuiloB. Tho government up*
pointed llio conl. oommlRHloii and on
Urn I-iihIh of tliolr report, the Work*
meiiH Compi'iiHiiilon net. ami tlio JOight
Hour law were Introduced nnd piihh*
Thu piiHRngo of Uioho two nclH pIiicoh
liihoi* on equal footing Willi llm most
iidvunced HltilOH In the world, Tho
lnbor Inw of tlm province now recognizes tlmt tho energy or Uio laborer
Ih n imccHHlty, nnd tlmt II Ih entitled
in iih niueli protection under the law
ns llm gold of the enpllnllHt,
TIiiih It will Im obHorvod that n cure-
fill Mini f>rini<li,i*f>'tfn wtlil ,*(ln(t,-i(fi,l,-lv-..,
equnl to iinvthiiig known In older
Ah ii hocIiiI function tho opening
y.-Hterdny equalled ftnytlilr.fi thnt preceded It In former ycniH, Tlm public
were in niteiidnnco In large iiumlmrB,
... i * 1.   fi        ,,,,,. .
 »*    ..',,.»    aj.   a..a»    h.ai>*.v.    a.aaA   *a,v>'a.»aa-
oil with beniitirtilly gowned women. A
iii'ilque feature wm* tlio reHoivntlon of
the vIhIIoih gallery for the mombon*
of tho A.P.A. nnd the Society of
I'-qulty, Roth bodlo* nrn In nniiun)
convention nl the cnplfnl UiIh wook.
ft xxn* In reality the friendly meeting
of two pnrllnmontJ*., tor Dw farmer*
vnUierlnir bmludod tbe lendem In thnt
dn«H, mui well worthy nre limy 1o
iit In tlm liniiH cf log;lH|ntiiro,
The li gUlatlve h»H which hns been
used all Hummer n« n depitrtmentnl
offlco, wan put In order for the opening. Tin- firut -member to *nlve In
'I'e -*ltnml,<'i* aud begin the routine du
ties, was Mr.RosenrolI, the Wetaski-
win member. By 1.30* p. m. air. ■ Ros-
enroll was in his seat dashing off letters to his constituents and preparing
his speech to second the address^,in
reply to the speech from the throne.
Then at 2 o'clock the house" began, to
fill and the appea'arace of the1 ministers all in black.frock coats,' signified
the importance of the occasion.
The next member to enter the house
was John Simpson of Innisfail wlio is
always ono of the most punctual of
members. Premier Rutherford -was
the firjst of the members of the government to. enter.' ,Few men conduct
themselves ..with more composure and
ease while in the public eye than the
Premier of Alberta.
He(,\valked to his desk at the right
of Mr. Speaker arid laid thereon' the
speech from the^ throne tied up with
dark'blue ribbons. Next came the
attorney general.
Presently Mr. Cushing walked into
the chamber with the chaplain of the
occasion, Rev.  Edson 13.  Marshall.   *
The Minister of Agriculture was also there. He has the' factulty of conducting himself with an easy'grace
among his fellow members and colleagues. , Mr. Finlay never fails to
go around arid shake hands with his
fellow members and pass a joke o> a
witty observation which his keen sym
pathy invariably suggests.
The private members entered in
groups.-Malcolm Mackenzie and Frank
Walker, widely divergent, types of legislators, but both Indespensable to the
business of tho committee and'1 the
general discussion in the house.* Together Messrs. McKenny and MePher-
son cariie iri—both Macs and both of
them old timers.
Mr. McKenney is the oldest old
timer, in,the house. He bas been in
the west for forty three years, and
never fails to illumine his addresses
by anecdotes from the romantic past.-
Mr. McPherson for Stony Plain, takes
his duties, seriously and always attends lo business, ■
■ Mr. Telford of Leduc always hunts
alone. He is a man of thoroughly independent inind and temper. .He
walked into the house as though .* it
had been'iir session for a month and
began to look at. his mail.
Mr. Boyle for Sturgeon was'keenly
alive to the ineeds of the visitors'! and
In the confusion of the brand new sergeant' at arms was,'forced to conduct
visitors admitted, to the floor of the
house to their respective places.
Shortly before .Mr. Speaker entered
Mr. Marcelliis, the father of the
house, entered. No member was greeted so cordially as the genial old man
from,,Pincher Creek. Before he could
take his' seat 'beside. Mr..., Pucer he
had to shake hands with all of members. , '      :
Why.the members of .the opposition
stole into the chamber just as Mr.
Speaker entered, Mr. Herbert "has riot
stated,- Evidently they were late in
"reaching the' hall.' Apparently, they
intend to act as a.real opposition this
year. ••- They showed'an aloofness in
will be merry fighting lyhen the policy
,of the government, comes up for debate next week.
A number of members were absent
One, missed the presence of John T.
Moore, who occupied a seat next to
the ministry, the felicity of the kindly
greetings with which' he meets his
The strong face of W. C. Simmons
who formerly represented Lethbridge,
was missing. Mr. Simmons will.be
missed in the'house this session. He
was a valued member in'dobate and in
committee. Tlie late Sir Wm. Vernon
Harcoiirt. once said that the greatest
tribute that could be paid to n member of the.House of Commons was that
ho "Rtodd well with the" members of
the house." Thnt tribute ,ls desorvedly
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standard sleepers, and   dining   cars,
coupled with safety, speed and comfort. ,
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Distric; Par-ten gei* Agt
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and Dressed Lumber
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Tho following officers word elected
for Ihe year 1009 for tho International Ilrothorhood of Teamsters *■" nnd
President: J. 13. Grnvott.
Vlco-proHidont: ,T, -Mitchell.
Socrotury-troasuorr: II. V. Culliis,
Recording socrotary: V. Hamilton,
Conductor:   It, Simpson,
Ward on: W. Griffin.
TniBtuos:—13. Drowory, S. Dunlnp
II',  Spcnrs.
Hologntos lo TrndoH Council: J, E,
Oinvett, .T. Mltcehll.
1.13THH1UIX5I3, .Inn. 21—11. N. Gnl-
or, president of tho lloynl Colllorlos,
Limited, wiih ln tho city rocontly attending u mooting of tho Woiitorn
Coal Oporntors iiHaoclntlon, Mr, Claim- drove out to tho minus nud Is
woll ploiiflod with tho progrGHR that
lint* Ijoon mado,
The work of dovrdopniont hns been
cninplotoil and tlio spur Iiiih boon In
oporntlon for Homo timo and tho ohlp-
nu'ttlH nrn nmdi* rogulnrly,
Tlio company would like tn procure
tho iii'i't'lt-'fiH of twenty flvo more
mInen* nl mice.
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pell.  , "'',.'''
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. '"     '    " ■    n  t.
CARBONADO, No. 2688:. James Hewitt. - '  7„.'-'". *;. '  '
CARDIFF,   No.-2387:, G.  H.   ,Gib-
"son.! ' ._.'"*~      ~ ",       ' " .   .-,„
., DIAMOND CITY, No. 2587: George
Prescott. ' • •''- ;
EDMONTON*',CITY,""!No.' 2540: J. H.
Crowe. '.'     ,' ■'
FERNIE, No. 2314: Thos. ^Blggs. "
FRANK, No, .1263:  Walter  , Wrig-
HOSMER, 'No: 2497:   J.  D.    Both*
HILLCREST, No, .1085: Harry Cooper. ■ ■*,•''
LETHBRIDGE, No^   ,574:   Charlos
Peacock. -
LILLE, No. 1233: J. T. Griffith, , '"
. LUNDBRECK, No. ,  2275 — J. D.
Smith. ..*'■■
MICHEL, No, 2334:  Charlos "Garner,. '■  '    ■'.
, MAPLE LEAF, No. 2829: H. Blake.
MERRITT, No. 2627:  Thomas Cnl-
vort, ,
METFORD, No. 2C98: John Cumin.
Dupon, Box 49C, Lothbrldgo,    .
ROCHE PERCEE (Saiik) No, 2072:
Lnchlan 'McQuarrlo.
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TABER, No. 1059: Wm. Whito,
TAYLORTON,  (Sask.)  No. 2648:—
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ho ono of tho lmKOHt wotldliiR ctikOR
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ro hotol, It will lio Hont by oxdi-ohh
to Hnmllton, Ontnrlo. The cnlio Ih
nearly 6 fcot In hulKht, 5 foot In din*
motor nl lho haiio niul woIkIih jirnr.*
tlcnlly n qimrtor of a ton. It will ho
.A-ifvaj a, \iit 'i,v<iuiitK i'l v-iiatitm >',
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87. Thoro nro to ho (100 jTiionts nt
tho woddlnK reception.
me      —
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mino owtwr nml porhfipH tlio Ini-jit-Hi
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ly Wiled by a n.lon JMcl/lc englno In
llio Orognn Hhoit Line Ilfillwny ynrdf
tit 9,11Ti IiihI ovi'iiing. Ill** body watt
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the Ihbiio ol n dupllciuu CurniiohUi oi
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ay District,
NOTICE la horoby glvon tlmt It Is
rny Intention to Issuo nt tho expiration
of ono month nftor tlio first publication horoof n duplicato of (lio Cortlflc*
nlo of Titlo to tho above muntloned
Lot In tho namo of Charlos V. Hill,
which c-ji'tllkiiltj uf title Iu dated tin*
llith day of April 1808, nnd numborod
71 SIC
District Roglutrar
Und Iteglstry Offlco
Nolson, B. C.      •..    .r.«....
January 18. 11*01*.
eo VBAitr
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I tt tkttth mi4 <l*)*Mrlp''
epttUUttUtt, without •Mit-J, lathe
Sci.iiiificjkrcaii. .
 *--Uuii*»WW6fAln Lvtftrfit*
MtWIlM lOftlMl. TTmbu Jto»
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or in connection* therewith;,, .and -to
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power convenient to the' road for
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Courses Consolidation Act" and to
connect and enter into traffic or othor arrangements with railways, steamboat or other companies, and for all
rights, powers ancl privileges necessary usual or incidental to nil of tho
aforesaid purposes,
Dated this thirtieth day of December, A. D. 1908.   '
Wilson, Senkler & Bloomfleld.
Solicitors for tho Applicants.
..<:?i' telt that she understood his veil-
a:- meaning. He hoped that Lad;
Hilary would promise*to mnrry him';
but in any case tlie engagement would
not. be announced for>some days, and
meanwhile, perhaps, he intended to
be particularly attentive to Lady Ardcliffe, as a "bribe" to her for sparing Lady, Hilary.     ."   .
This was cleai enough, but it seemed to the girl thnt he must have found
much greater difficulty in dealing with,
the Countess, a tar more dangerous
enemy than flightv and foolish Lady
Ardcliffe: ' Tt was the Countess whom
Elspeth had feared, yet Mr. "Trowbridge seemed to have disposed of her
without a struggle.
She would liave liked to ask more
questions, but Trowbridge glanced nt
his watoh and said that he must po.
•'You haven't had breakfast yet."
•remarked Elspeth.,  .
He smiled vaguely. "Haven't I? I
forgot." And without another word
ho was gone. , '
There wns grent excitement iri tho
hotel during the * morning, when the
news of the double" jewel robbery had
spread among the guests,, and every
one wondered much what was being
dene;,but to the annoyance of their
friends, Countess Radepolskoi and
Lady Ardcliffe not only did not appeur
in public, but refused through tlu'ir
maids-to receive visitors.
Had Elspeth been on her old terms
with James Grant she would probably have heard' from him what was
being done; whether the police suspected any one; whether there'was n
disguised detective . at work ■ in the
house. But as it was. he kept such'
becrets as he might possess, though
he looked nt her wistfully from time
to. time, ns if he hoped that she
might yet change her mind.
It occurred to thecgirl thnt, if she
wished to penetrate the mystery she
had now set herself to solve she
coulrl not do better than tell James
tJiant that, attet all. she would be
engaged to him., raid would help him
in any .-way he wished. He would
then open his heart to her, and it*
might well be that, through ..his com
miiincations, she would be put' .n
possession ot the very clues she want
ed. ......
But Klspeth could not bring' herself
to such a course.' She was but iv
amateur detective - at, best, and couh1
not do the:tilings which a profession
al would have.done .without, scruplt-
in pursuit of an end. She.must'woi'
alone; "for,'though she. did not lik* -.
or .trust James Grant.1 slie would* not
deceive him.   ■■      ,        ....
Late in the afternoon Grant- * potato'Her~for tlie first time"flint'day,"ex'
ence. "-'-':' ' *-- .
: "Mr. McGowan. has asked trie to.teii
you'," .he said,'"that he'ha? a ver
good  offer for your room   nnd  thr
♦♦♦ -»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦» »♦♦»■<>
[Fernie Dairy J
(lelivorod to all
partH of tho town
NOTICE is lioreby giver, that 30
days nftor dato I Intond to apply to
tlio Superintendent of Provincial Police for n retail liquor lloonso for tho
Hoffman Houso, Elko, B. O.
Roderick James MncOonald
Elko B.C.
Datod thiB 19th day of Doc, ,ltiOS.,
♦♦♦ ♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦^
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦ a****
NOTICB Is horoby glvon Dint Application will bo mado to the Loglnln*
tlvo AsBombly of tho Provlnco   of
T*...tf*',1i p,1,,,,,1 |,, 4,1 Hn Uf..' 4,4..,4, If.,,
l.,t,.^,.    *a4a4.M..aa4,.;    ...     t. *.    ,.a.,V    aia ai-'.'a'Ia
for ■"if. net to Incorporate n onmpnny
with powor to build, oqulp, maintain
and oporato a lino of railway of stand*
•ml gnugo from n point on the international boundary lino botwoon Urlt*
J"}) Pplnwbli •Hid tlio Vnlfpil "sitnto'i Jn
East Kootenay, whoro tho said boundary Ib Intersected by tho Flathead
Rivor; tlienct** northerly hy tho most
fonstblo and practicable routo following tho Flathoad lllvor nnd to tho
boundary botwoon British Columbia
and tlio Province of Alborta whero the
said boundary Ib Intersected by the
North Kootenay Pass, with authority
also to construct, equip, maintain and
operate branches from any point on
tho proposed lino or linos not oxcood*
length nnd with power to construct.
Ing In nny ono caso fifty (SO) miles In
E.  Weston
■ la prep'ived to givo
estimates fViriillcljiHs-
, or of building work'.
Kopnirs a specialty.
Give nie a trial,
P. Oi Box 18, Fertile
For Sale
Prompt Dellvory
W. R. Boardman P.O. Pox 02
•*•>*»♦■»*» ♦•■»♦♦♦•■<-■•*■•»♦♦ ♦♦♦
♦ ' ♦
♦                          ♦
♦ "Miners,   keep nwny   from ♦
♦ Hillcrest, Altn,, ns n dispute ♦
♦ Is pending there now, ♦
tMiumig JClspeiA -turned u,v ilniiigh
ihetr wind.1
coiiHO'iuoiitly you will hnvo lo cliiiiu*.-
itito another.  The numiiiti*- will help
you,  but  pui'li'ip*  would  would  lii.i
to ovoi'suo thom, '
"When am I to chnn|*ov" inquired
"At onco, plonso, You nro to have
No, 33, on * tlio third floor, in tin?
wont wing. You hnd bolter go up tp
your room now and p.uporintowl the
innidH putting your tliiiign togothoi.
This in your froo hour,"
"Vory woll,'* snld tho girl, hldinp
nil emotion but. in reality sho wm*
ns inuoli oxcltod ns BiirpriHod, Slit1
wiih coiivlncocl Hint Romotliing was in
happen In Hint room (rom which ulio
had boon bnnlpliorl—HomothiiiK con*
nootod with tho myntorlniiH BlRhtn nnd
Round** tlwit Imd kept hor wiikin/.*
through ho many nlght» nf (oar,
"Who In to hnvo my room?" ulio
aflknd, with an nir of indifference.
"Lord T.oohrnln, I bollovo," nnHWor-
od Grant, Iir tho nnmo tono,
Number 3,1 was n hiiii.I1 nnd com*
mon-plnoo room, such nn might hnvo
boon glvon to a lady's maid; and KIb-
noth ro (looted, when sho biiw It, thnt
Mr. MoOownn would not hnvo offered
il   tli   licl   li,id   nlic'   nul   liictJ   ta".i>*»   !>>
lonvf* IiIr omploy, Now, It. did nit
mnttnr to him wholhor ulio wnH t*nt-
iHllod nr not nt f.ochrnin Cnutle; hIio
wouli hnvo to stay on through h*r
fnrtnlchti nnd thon nomo othor plrl
would nrrlvo to tako her plnco, to bo
treated with nil thn kindnoHH nnd eon-
sidonition thnt hnd boon riora nt HrM„
. Hut, aftor all, sho snld to horsoll,
such unimportant things mnttorod no
mon** to hor now thnn (liny did to Mr.
MoOownn. Sho wns'sn iinhnppy both
fnr hon-olf nnd for Lndy Hllnry Vnno
thnt little* dotniln of nhytionl com*
fort were too infllgnlllennt to bo
tr-ivpht nl twico.
*h« ivn* mlftornhlo hernudo rIio wiih
■*"■■!••? ic In? turm-il out Into the world
/•-"in ivherp »nr? would Imj wnrto off
thnn ever beettwe *he lind fnMM—or,
" «h» hnd not renWy ("ilrd., it win*
t'i» i-iftic n* If uh" hnd Shi** wn« mis*
er*hie beetnee *be Vnex\ thnt the had
h*»i»n t*v»t|»h »r»*>««>|, to Ml dfcplv In
\t.ve ••••'*■ « m*n 'i» ff i-moven from
ba  e» Die *>*v •« irom the *nrth—a
man who thought ui he;, wlieii hi
thought of. her at all. as a clever child
in a different class from her own, a
poor little creature to whom one must
be; kind out ot sheer pity for hei
loneliness. She was' miserable because that mat* would perhaps marry
Lady Lnmbart, who was doing all shs*
could to. secuie. him, und who—if slit-
•iiicceHded—would sooner or later iii
duce her lover to believe the young
stenographer a scheming' little pre
tender.     .':.*' -
These were Elspeth's own personal
, priefs, but .she had others. She was
very sorry for Captain Oxford, whom
she liked and admired, and whose
cause she would have championed if
she could. She was wretched in sym-
Ijathy with Lady Hilary, who would
probably be forced into accepting a
mnn she did not love; and she feared
much thnt her friend was, Ptill in
danger from' the secret plottings of
two jealous' women. ' ,-,
As for the letter which Hilary had
asked   her   to .give   Mr.   Trowbridge.'!
she had not handed it to him during |
their short conversation in the morn- j
ini;.   and,  when   several * hours   hnd
passed without' hei seeing him again,
she had enclosed the letter in an explanatory   note   and   returned   it   to
Lady   Hilary.    What  hnd   happened
since—whether the girl hnd given her
answer by word nf*mouth instead ol
writing-, or whether the question was1
still   in   abeyance.   Elspeth   did   not
■know,  for she  hod  heard  nothing.
- None of her reenlnr wor!< went on
that day; except with Mr. McGowan;
for she was'informed by !ii'r>'tlmt nni
ther Mr. Kenrith nor Captain Oxfotd,
would need her services, and she
could not giiess- whether this ' were
because  ol 'h^t ■' disgrace  or   because
,the theft of Mr.  Kenrith's jewels had
' upset,, the ordinary   routine.
Later, when the time came for her
to go to Lady Ardcliffe. she was in
formed that she would riot be wanted
that afternoon, therefore she would
have been idle during most of the
day, liad not Mr. McGowan had plenty of work to give her in the office
to replace that which she usually
undertook outside.  - "   t
Altogether, she was in a strange
stat: of mind—a state which she felt
uoul'd not endure for, long. -Toward
evening, as she tried to make the uely-
new room look habitable, she decided
that she would pay a. secret visit to
"the tower • that night; nnd discover,
if she could, the reason for her, banishment.-' 'She -knew nothing- of Lord
Loehrain. and'could not suppose that
he had any connection with :the mysterious occurrences, in the tower; in--
■ deed  he  had-; not,.been' in  the  hotel
- w h en-t hey~had_tn V en_pl ace lB_ut_s_h_e,
believed that his desire to have''the
room was only an excuse to get her
out of it.' '-   •■      '• '. .
'.Perhaps it-was really to be given
to him, perhaps-not. Perhaps it
woiir. not be occupied at'all,Nat any
rnte immediately; but of ,one thing,
Elspeth was obstinately certain. Something was to happen in that room, at
all' events in the tower, that very
night,' or she would not have been
moved out so hurriedly;
Elspeth did not oven say'to herself
that, if-she. was right.,in her surmises, it was nothing to her. She
had como to hnve the idea—though
but , dimly and vaguoly—that many
mysteries were moving shadow-like
about tho hotol, ancl that all these
dark shades wero controlled by ono
hand, perhaps aided by others; that
somehow there was a connection between all the gliding shadows.
- Kenrith was concerned, if tho motor
car accident were part of a plot. Captain Oxford was concerned; Lndy Hilary was concerned; ancl behind tho
veil which wns impenetrable still,
Elspoth soemod to seo Trowbridge ancl
Countoss Raclopolskoi. Maybe, nfter
to-night that veil would not bo impenetrable. In nny case, tho girl
resolved to do her bost, ovon if sho
risked much to Und out what was
on the othor side.
Elspoth remained in her room all
tho evening, ns sho hnd remained in
tho bonutiful old ono; but sho did not
go to bod at tho usual hour, Sho sat
up, trying to rend, nnd onco in a
while glancing at ' tlio stninod nnd
laded skotch ol tho boy In old-fash*
lonod clothoH, which sho hod brought
nway from tho other room, botwoon
tho pages In n book ol her o\yii.
Tho fnco wn* -o liko Cnptnin Ox-
lord's thnt sho half intondod to uliow
it him Boino day, und though sho did
not wIhIi aiid hnd no right to take It
with hor out of tho housu whon bho
left Loolirnln CiiHtlo hIio hnd boon
dlslnclinod to leave It in its old plnco.
It Hho did ho nnd tho towor room wiih
really ocoupiod sho oould not got tho
thu sketch if sho Hhould mnko up hot
mind to lot Captain Ox to rd hcu it,
Tho guoHtH uf tho Hydro, thoso who
woro thoro for plonsui-j *ih woll in-,
thoHO who woro thoro tor health, wont
to bud on i'l y, nt,'I by midnight, un*
lohs thoro woro u diiucu or thontiicnlH,
lho gront Iiouho iviik quiet, tho hull
nnd drawing rooms doHortod, even by
iho men, Ulnpotlr know thiH, mid ho
when the linif hour after midnight
hnd woll pnHHod iho oponed her door'
nud Inokud out.
The dimly iigliti-d cmridoi wim hi-
lent uh tho grnvo, l.vuu the mm. who
i-oiloctt-d thu bout*, had cunie and
yono nud would not return till omly
morning."Sho tiptoed downniiilm nnd
wiih not diNturhod by n Hound, On tho
ground lloor there win* n gnindfiithor
clock Folcininl*,* ticking nnd itn hands
piMntivl In tlin r>unrtr>t lira torn I KIh.
jioth  told hoi'Mcff thnt  nhv  wiih  Htifo
HOW.  >*)llU   Hiillfif   IIKct   llufunl*,—-Ull'i'Mi
Hdino portion wondering for iih Htinngo
n reason a» hor own.
To go from thin pint ol tho Iiouho
lo tho towor whuiu Klnpoth hnd lived
It wiih necoHHiiry to imnH tho doors of
Mt, r-Ivlulil.'n iit,** Cii'-itk.) Olatuiti a
I'f^'iiH, Thoy wero lu tho Hanio corridor, jiint beyond which wns tho en-
trnnco to Iho towor; nnd their corri*
dor. -.mild bo shut ofi Irom n smnll.
Hqunro hnll (on which Hovornl private
bitting rooms cpnii'd) by n heavy,
sliding door.
ThU door r.lnputh had never Keen
cloned, nnd ho fnr ns hor knowlodgo
I'vti'iidr.cl, if iiM'flr u-iin clo^pd hy
niplit hi hy dny, but now, to hor nn-
loiiiHhiiiciit, it wnn shut.
"It in nine to f.r*u,*fl-c nnd wako
■•"iiu'li'ifly up," tin? girl thought ruo*
lully. n>» fho trwA onut'ously to pmih
the dvit luck, llm for -orne timo she
liicd in viim, nnd it x*at only when
the dit'-ovvii'd hu odd. oid-lnHhionod
catcii. which ueiu lae latcu down at,
slie strove to turu tne '"nandie, that
she was able to open the door.
"Supposing anyone on the othei
side had wanted to come through."
she said to herselt, "he could hot
have got out ot the corridor' una
way." And then ihe thought sprang
into her mind that the. closed ano
locked dooi waa.jjerhaps part of int.
mystery she was noping to unravel.
The idea frightened her. as it made j
the plot—whatever it was—appear so
elaborate and .-0 formidable, she felt
that the elucidation might prove to
be beyond her powers, or that she
might be destroyed in the attempt
she was about to make.
Still, she persevered, and slowly
pusnec* back tne suiting door' which,
so tar from .-.queaning, glided so
smoothly aiong'- iu groove that Els-
pein wonaereu u it nad not been
lately oiled.
.As the dooi slid back a wave 01
acrid smoke ru.slieu out into the girl's
face. She could s-«e uo light in the
corridor, except a dim yellow gleam
taintly visible tliruugh a thick brown
smoke cloud.
Instantly the tears, started to hei
smarting eyes, and she, kept herself
from coughing ouiy by covering her
mouth and nose with a handkerchief.
"Something on tire here," she said
to herselt, and witn a start of tenor,
her thoughts turned lo Mr. Keuritn.
Hi3 room wus 111 me corndoi. What
u it should be . burning while ue
slept? What it the same person who
had .stolen his jcwoio, wished him now
to die by liiei-
Her eyes and lungs stinging witli
tlie acrid smoke, l-.i--.peth felt her way-
down the corridoi, and was about to
stop before ^Mr. tuMiiitli's door, when
she saw' u1 red uglit glimmering
through the ke.vnoie 01 tiif dooi .opposite. ,.
"Captain Oxioid's room!" tlie girl
gasped. "It's on iiie.'.'
I'or a few seconds she lost her presence of mind, and ran to the door of
the tower, not knowing what she did.
But the fact that .this door was locked, as the'-othei   hud _been, recalled 1 yj
Elspeth t6 herselt. Never had it been !  W.
loc.-ed before; nevei had it even been
thut. It could not be tnat both these
doors   were   closed   to-night   by- accident; that this   was  a  mere    coincidence. No; they had been locked for
a purpose;"nnd that purpose could be
no other than  to prevent the escape
of   someone   whose   room   opened   on
the   corridor.    The   person   who  had
kindled that red light had locked the     __
doors  a? ' well;   and  the   person   who j  "j
thus planned the destruction of Cap- ]  jg
, tain   Oxford   had' attempted   his   life
once before. .'
Elspeth knew that, „ moat ran.
round this part oi the castle, which
was the oldest w all; .and , should
Captain Oxford try to escape by his
window,' he woul 1 certainly be seriously injured, it 'nm, killed. Kenrith,
too, was in the same danger. He w.is
to-be "'sacrificed with" Captain Oxford..
•All these thoughts, (lashed through
the girl's brain in the traction, of a
• moment; which carried,her back,from
the tower door to the -door . behind
which the red light flickered. There,
she beat ■ upon' the panel, shrieking
"Fire, lire!";and crying Captain Oxford's name.! '/'-'• - - f
-No sound came in answer,t though
again and again Elspeth: rained .blows
Kenrith's door ft! the opposite'., side
of the hall. Thcie was no red light
there, and'Kenrith was nott in the
deadly peril' which threatened his
friend, but if she could wake him he
would be safe from danger afterward,
and would, help her rouse Captain
Oxford. -    ■     -
With all her lorce she struck upon
the door, calling "Mr. Kenrith—Mr.
Kenrith!'' But there was no movement, no reply.
"Have they, linen murdered already?" she asked1 herself, trembling
'with horror now. "No. It can't be.
The heavy smo«.e cf the fire has drugged them.' I ■ must find the night
■■'watchman .and get him to break the
doors in.. It's a wonder lie or some
one else hasn't heard me before."
She turned to run toward the door
which led into the groat hall whon
she was sei/.ed iouikI the waist from
behind nnd at the same time a hand,
wns pressed ovei her mouth, She felt
that sho had boon lifted off her feot,
and that sho wns being borne away,
away toward tho conidor in tho direction of the towei.
Thoro could be no doubt that tho
hand which prosHed lior lips was tho
hand of tlio would-bo murderer. Sho
hnd intorforcd with tho success of his
work and sho wni* to bo removed porhaps from tho world, But, strangely
onough, thore,wis no fonr for herself
in Elspeth's hoiut at that instant,
She though onlv n' Kenrith and Captain Oxford, but espeMally of Konrith, whom hIio loved,
Sho could, not let thom dio it tor-
riblc death,1 If shu could but savo
them sho would ho willing to dio in
thoir nlnco, Lot the murdoi-or rovongo
himself upon hoi m ho chose.
With the llor-v Htrongth that only
dimporntion gives, tho girl toro nt
tin? hnnd which covorod hor mouth,
and rogiiliiiiip hiir liborty fnr n soo-
rmd'H Hpnco, uttoiod hiioIi a shrlok an
she oould not linvt? given in 11 mo*
mont of lew peril. It rang wildly
through tho , ecu riilor, nnd wns tor*
I'iblu ovon 'In' the girl's own onm, It
•si-cmed to hor that it might ulniOHt
iiuikii 11 dond mnn turn in hin grnvo
hi ba .'iilli-d thin-. Hut would It wnko
John Kenrith mid Cnptnin Oxford?
She could but prny tlmt it tniirht ho
ho, for tho Hcri'iun win- Htillnd In tho
mb\A hy lho hum! which cniwlipd lior
(iicu ni-'iiin, with 1111 iron grip iiiid-*i
Ihm chin, nml 11 jii'iiHiuro .10 Hnvngn
ovei hue HpH tlmt U Hoomod tlio blood
iiuihI Hpiing tlimigl) thu doliontu
id-Mil, Her nerl* \ui» bent no roughly
Him. her inuHfili'-* worn 'itriiinod, nnd 1
Ium breath olmkod hack upon hor
lungs, A showc'i* uf Hjmrks t-uumed Ic
riwo nnd (nil hofoio lior oyon,-smart*
Ing nnd rnlninir tenrs in tho thick
Kiiiuko, She Kti'iiguled nviiln, but vainly, and In the ntrmiizltig RtrugBlo of
body mid mind ngiiin*<t tlin uiiHCon,
pompulliiip forco.   loht   hrontli   nnd
Whon hIio nwnkod, it Her-itind Hint
sho wiih lying on a hed—n bed at tlm
Hiitiio timo comfiiitnhlu nnd fninilim.
Whnt hnd linpponcd'' Hnd hIip hnd
n hnrriblo dronrnf. *"ho nsked hnrnolf,
,. Thoro wns tiip hiiiiio nleiiHtitit, mini.'*
ling frugrancu of diiuil Invendiii- nnd
What Ails You?
Do you feel weak, tired, despondent, have frequent headaches, coated tongue, bitter or bad taste in morning,
''heart-burn," belehing of gas, acid risings in throat after
eating, stomach gnaw or burn, foul breath, dizzy, spells,
poor or variable f.ppetite, nausea at times and kindred
If you have any considerable number of the
. above symptoms you are suffering from bilious- -,
. ness, torpid liver with indigestion, or dyspepsia.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is made
up  of  the   most   valuable   medicinal  principles -
known  to   medical   science -. for. the permanent
cure of such abnormal conditions.    It is a most
efficient liver invigorator, stomach tonic, bowel
regulator and nerve strengthvner. ■
Thc '.'Golden Medical Discovery" is not a patent medicine or secret nostrum,
a full list of its ingredients being printed on its bottle-wrapper and attested
under oath. ' A glance at these will show that it contains no alcohol, or harm-
, ful habit-forming drugs. It is a fluid extract made with pure, triple-refined
glycerine, of proper .strength, from the roots of native American medical,
forest plant-,.    World's Dispensary Medical Association, Props., Buffalo, N. Y«
You can savo from A") to 10 per cent, if you buy now
MEN'S SUITS,   FINE   CLOTH   $5.00   AND   UP
FIVE   PAIR   -WOOL   SOCKS   FOR   $1.00
Kef oury Bros.
TenipoiMry building hotwoi'ii Northern Hotel and Henderson block
>..\:k.k *..-* .t..
•xvxxxks, •s*«s2aB!Sa.'«js
Andy   Hamilton
Tinsmith and Plumber
We can  furnish you with estimates in        I
'4  -          -           anything in our line |
•■-.*                                         , '   - ,..-'.*«
.    .     " TWOMONTHS
Salut Ste. Mnrie, Ont., says: "While
employed superintending the unloading of a* coal vesarcl at Cohen's Coal
Dock, a heovy coal bucket in descending into the vessel to be refilled suddenly overturned, grazing my left leg
and scraping the flesh off to the bone,
I was compelled to discontinue .work
nnd .go home for treatment where I
was confined for about. Lwo months.
, "When able to get out again,I got
cold In the wound, inflammation started,-the. wound opened again and for
another month I was unable to move
about. I tried all manner of things
to got ease and get the wound to heal
but nothing seemed, to be ablo to do
it. . Not only did everything I tried
seenv iiBolesa so fnr as hoaling went,
but I could got no ease from tlie aching and burning pains, At times I
was just, about crazy with the intonso
throbbing pains' nnd night aftor night
got. no sleep whatever.
"Not until my wife began applying
/.nm-Uuk did I find relief. When applied to the liijurod'meinber tho balm
quickly soothed the pnln and us wo
continued using It,,, each day brought
an improvement, The throbbing pains
woro soon banished, tho Inflammation
and osroness relieved, nnd tho wound
thoroughly cIciihciI of nil poisonous
and unhealthy matter.
"Healing then began and,in a wonderfully shot timo—-coiiHldoi'lng tho
HorloiiHiiuuH of tho wound—Zam-Duk
effected a complete nnd Inst Ing cure,
I hnvo ninco hnd nn trouble with the
limb nt. nil, and It Is iih sound and
strong ns boforo tho Injury,"
Ziini-Jlulc is 11 suro euro for cuts, Ino
orntloiiH, burns, oczoiiui, ring worm,
cold sores, ■ chnppod hands, polf-nimd
wounds, festering soros, bad log nnd
nil skin dlHoiiHcs nnd Injuries. It Ih
nlso a euro for piles, DimikkIhIh nnd
Htores hoII ovorywlinro nt fiOe a box,
or pout free from Zniu-Huk Co, Tor-
onto, on riK'ulpt, of prion. You nrn
wnnieil ngnlnst hnriiiiiil Iniiiniloim —
unmet I mon eiproscuteil 11s "Jum. iih
good and choiipor,"
top and the small ones at. the bottom,
sell split leather for calfskin; hire'his-
clerks the cheapest and work them the
hardest and longest;  hire ad-writers,,
who can advertise the greatest num-,
ber of fake bargain  sales  at which
sales goods are usually sold at'a little higher price than usual. • Yes,   he
does all these, and many other contemptible things for profit—to • keep-
the_7de_ar,_commpnI people"-' from trad-
ing. elsewhere, and thus destroy, his
competition,, while all those who escape his store are "forhanschwaggled"
to the tqueen's taste by his competitor
who is aclose'second in the deception
adulteration, misrepresentation of this
modern' (?) business man.
Under the present system all Ihu
high priced managers, superintendents,
foremen, floor walkers, head clerks,
etc., are only" trying to "get" ■ trado,
while the owners and stockholder*? of
these stores are enjoying their winters
in Florida and their summers in Newport, with dog parties, monkoy dinners^ nnd baboon entertainments to
drive dull monotony away.
During 361 days of each year you
detest and condemn such condltlomt,
and on the 365th day, you,--yes, you--
voto to conliinio tho systom that will
breed these conditions.. Unrnur-i and
Ibilloy could do a rnshliip* business In
tho main tent at that with you ok tlio
solo attraction, under tho truthful cap* .
tion '.The Grent, Human "-.Ionstrosily."
Como now, aren't those facts?— Mon
and Mules,
WKTASKIWIN, Jan. 20—Conl lias
been discovered In largo quantities
a short, distance south of Wetasklwin,
and 11 large aren linn boon iicqulrod by
Ontario cnpltnllHtH. At. ono point at
which 11 shaft hns boon sunk the sonm
Is nt a depth of seventy flvo foot, and
Is eight, foot thick nud of good qunl*
Ity. Mr. U111111 tlie miiiinger, hus left
for lho oiiHt nnd will return nt onco to
tin! nilno wllh a comploto outfit, Tho
mine is about five iulles south of hero
nnd nbout. throu quartern of n mile off
the C, nnd 1:1. rnllroiwl from which 11
Hpnr will Im run to the nilno onnhllng
tlm ownei'H 10 place their conl on tho
mnrkot at n very low figure,
(To bo continued.)
Notico to nil organized labor, nnd
friends of organized lnbor: Keop nwny
from tho McCluro Mlnoi n'. Tnqkcr, N.
Dakotn, nB thoy hnvo locked out thoir
men for Joining the Uni'cl, Mine
Workors of Amorlcn, Tlm men had
to bo moved nwny from thero nn tho
compnny got nn Injunction ngnlnut
vicu-rr-a-.*.. I)U. 18 U. M. '.V. of A.
I'ndoi' Hoclnllmn, ImihIuhhh will ho a
Hluipli' propiiHltlon, more child's piny,
nn Micro will In* no in'oil of money thnt
toinptH, or hnnlcM nr Inmirnnt-n agouti-,
or colloctorn, or travelling im-ii, or
Inwyoi'H, or advertising, or trading, or
buying, or Hulling; no roi ail mnrmi un
wo know tlioiii, only un oociihIoiiiiI
mimplo more owned hy die peoplo, lu
which will ho kept HuinploH of evory*
(mug nooileil, iiom which 10 onior
■v)j'i|.'H-*' vol) iv*ii.l ;u,,l j.:iv fur It 011!
of your labor timo cluck*! onniod by
lionoHt effort yournoIf,, Nothing could
ho moro Nlmplo, rciuionnble, and more
corlaln of ndopt Inn whon 01100 tlio
pooplo undorBtnnd tho ndvuntngoH to
bo gdliicd undor Hoi'liillmn.
I think It wiih Josh nilllngn who
unld that If "ho wanted to mnko nn
accomplished llnr of IiIh boh ho would
hnvo him lenrn tho dry gondii IiiibIiicbh.
If lio had mado tho remark to-day lio
could ooHlly lmvo Included nil   busln-
To tho Sufferen of the Fernie Fire on
Aug. lit, 1908.
I dcidru to cull your attention to
llm iifooHHlty of K01110 ileflnlto plan
bolng mli-pled for 11 final dlHpoultlon
of tlm fundi* ho goiieroiirily contrlbut*
od towanlH your iiHslHtrmco,
Ynu aro nwnro Mint a mibmnnttnl
hiiiii will bu loft ovor nftor nil nccoiiiitB
are pnhl In addition to what Iioh boon
iidtiuiiud lor tlio iMiiuluiHu ot luitibur
and building mntorlalH,
An fnr ri« 1 nm nwnro nn ntnn lmn
boon adopted and Hiilmiltted to you for
your npprovnl ftB to wlmt would bo
dono with tlio monoy when repaid to
tho 'fund, Therefore I respectfully
ndvlno nnd roquoRt, that no ropny*
ment of nny lonn for lumbor and build*
Ing tnntorlnlH bo mndo by rmyono uiull
Tho moHt Riicooimful morolmnt to-1 mich timo nH nomn doflnlto plnn Ih nd*
dny Im but tho om. who tun hire 1 tit-1 „p»,,a ftn(1 mibml»od to nil flro miff*
!!LR.B.!lH.1 .l"r..H,.!.0.!!.olJ) ]'!."' ^"J"!"0!.!!!!! i oror« tor "';,|r »PProvnl nnd corn-ait.
Wluhlng )on nil tho compliment** of
wnroH* clocks who crm mix tho mont
Hand In Riignr without dotootlnu; hcII
tlio mont cotton Hhodily for all wool;
noli pot motnl rnznm for thn ronl nrtlelo; put tho largo potntooH on tho
tho Bei>>n,
tour friend nml woll wither.
F. H. Shermar*- PAGE EIGHT
No78, Slyer Eastbound	
No. 7 Flyer Westbound ;
No. 214 Eastbound Regular ....
No.- 213 Westbound Regular	
No. 236 Eastbound 1st class ..
No. 235 Westbound, lst class .
No'.'. 252    .-                                    N
o. 251
12.40 a.m.       > fERNIE        '  4.00 p.m
12.58.                 HOSMER
,  3.40
3.10           ' ,       OLSON "
'' 3.27
1.35                     MICHEL
.   3.05
ESTRAY—One horse, color black;
weight about 900 pounds, branded 7L
on left hip,' blotched brand on right
shoulder.", Cr.mc to my >ranch on 7th
January; owner can have same by
proving title and paying expenses.—
Chas. Stephenson, Gateway, B. C.
TO RENT—Furnished rooms with
bath at Ilowlnnd avenue, opposite the
Baptist chinch.
WANTED—Partner in good paying
bulsness, with five hundred dollars capital; apply post offico box 238.
FOR SAIvE: Firo proof safe—Apply
to L 1». Eckstein,
LOST—-1-Juiich of keys, yesterday afternoon, chain attached; Under will be
rewarded by bringing same to thc office of city police.
Baths hot or cold at the Club Cigar
W. Forsytho was a visitor in Colo-
,%  man this week.
For hotel  accommodation the  Nap-
' anee is the place.
Mrs. Norman Wilson of Elko visited our city this'week,
Devere Hunt, iho popular conductor
on the Local, was in town on Thursday. -  „
If your wife is angry get her a box
of Rochon's Chocolates—that will win
her over.
■ G. G.'S. Lindsey left Tuesday evening by ihe Flyer for Toronto via Chicago. - ,
Ladies watches at great bargains for
to-day only. Wright the jeweler,next
to Hotel Fernie.
The Fernie   curlers 'journeyed   to
.Cranbrook and captured the   district
•- ■ medal.'
Mr.  C.  Farquharson "and wife left
"on Thursday morning for Spokane'by
the I'lyer. *
For. a good comfortable smoke get
, Dorenbecker's    brands.      They    are
home product.
G.  J.   G. Bag-nail, passenger agent
for the C. P. R. at Calgary was in
-a*atown this- week. * " -
'    Rochon; that's all—the Candy King
•; senting the Canadian Oil Company'was
i  in town last week...' ••      ■*-   -.,
We do not sell refrigerator beef—
we only sell fresh killed beef. See the
' 41.- . - • ■ ■; ■
,   Dr. Corson's two sons, also W. R.
'- Ross's two sons returned to college
' at Victora this week.
The cuisine at the Napanee is unexcelled. The bar has the best in
the land.
The Socialist party are holding a
. supper, concert and dance on Wednes-
1 day the 27th in Wnice's hall.
Dr. Wrlgglcsworth has moved into
his now office in tho Johnson block,
where he hns his apartments fitted up
in tho most approved fashion.
Several telephones havo boon connected up Mils week. Wo would bo
greatly obliged if wo could j;ot oura
,    A banquet wns held In tho Northern hotel Wednesday ovoning. About
.40 were present and n good time was
•spout.  ',
Conntnblo IlcuMi loft, for lho const,
on Tluii'Hdny in chnrgo of two prison*
e:*H for NiiImou nnd ono for Now Westminster.
Wright the Jeweler has a flno line of
ladles Diamond rings which he Is selling at grent bargains, prices range
from $10 up, Store next door to Hotel
The now Wnldorf opened up Inst
Saturday, TIiIh Ib n first, cIuhh oh-
tnbllHlnnont. in overy particular, and
a crcdt.to tlio city.
EnRtorn oiipltnl rondy to Investigate
logltlrruito In vent monts, innds, ilmlior
or mlnoB In nrltlBh Columbia. Address
in firm Intitniico with full purtlcularH.
" "Capital." rare of Noblo & Co., Mol*
houh Rank bulldlnff, Vancouvor.
.liilliiH llurol nnd wlfo of Ilosmor
left Fornio on Thurmlay evening's Fly-
or for nn o.vli*ndod vIhK to Nnplos ami
other polntH in Italy,
Beef, mutton, pork, veal, hams, bacon, lard, etc, only of the very best.
Phone 41.
Tho trnln wrvU-r on tho i". P. II.
for tho Iiihi fow wi'i'lm Iiiih Ih-oii rathor
liToi'iihir, onld wonthor nnd uii'aliuii*
ilnnrii nt tv.ow IioIiik ••■'njioiikIIiIo. On
Hiiiiirilny Iiihi thn "•'Iyer wont through
nt nbout ft In the I'vi'iiliH! liiHioud of at
rnlrinlKliI Ouo -i'l km >n ■.'.••• (or rat lior
would-bo imbHouiit'i'l wan ■•.■'■•ii around
town n fow nilnutoH nftor ooinplnlnliii*;
tlmt "Mm lorn! wiih goltiK out nliond
f,f it,,-,,,'}''**  lif.  l"i,l   ffll»lnlTH   thi.  (iM
ond of 11m Vlyor for lho loonl,
Rochon has nome renl file* Ice
cream on hond.     Call and tee.
*0 *V O ^*   &  & & ^ ^ V""^ V *^" ^ ^ *^"*5*"
Mew N*), 0 Kootfltuy R-ing*-, Etc.
Owner going to leave city and will
sell cheap.
, Next to Kobt. Redhead
■♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦••* ♦♦♦•«Mf>
Fresh fish daily at. the 41.
Ex-Chief Gook left on Tuesday for
Kamloops. "■   ,l
Pat Whelan made a flying trip to
Crows Nest early in the week.
Don't miss the Tom Marks show in
the Fernie opera house to-night.
Joe Goupell of the Cranbrook cigar factory is in town for a few days.
Phone 41! for. the'best of m.eat^.    ■<-
.1. F. Armstrong of Cranbrook was
iu town on Friday.
Contrary io expectations the saloons will be closed on Sundays
nThe bowling alley at Ingram's for
an hour's sport.
. Mrs. Wilkinson left for Toronto by
'he C. P.„R. on Tuesday evening.
■Ed. Wriggles worth and wife. A. 'C.
Liphart and wife, Rev. Grant"and I-lar-
,vey Brown are intending the bonspiel
at Calgary this week. o
The Napanee. hotel is prepared to
handle'travellers and other guests.
The street sales of The Ledger last
week were double those of any previous week. Who says election specials
do r.ot pay?
' B.-F. Lester of the Hosmer Time*?
>vas in the city on Wo-lnosday. Mr.
Lester has .just relumed from a business trip to Winnipeg.
Mr. Charles. Lang returned on
Monday evening after a six,weeks trip
in' California.' -I
** F
Tho-Trades nnd Labor r-oir.u-il brr"-
a group photo taken last ,\*o*~-'<. A'
Inst, reports the photographer 'was mlil
fining business.
For New Year Gifts sec Wright tho
Jeweler's display of jewelry and of
watches.      Next door to Hotel Fernie.
Frank Keeley who has been with the
A.-W. Bleasdell Drug Co. for sonih
timo. left- Wednesday evening foi* Cobalt, where he has accepted a position. , •
Tho United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners will hold their regular meeting next Wednesday evening
at 7.HO sharp in tho basement oi- the
Miners Ifall.
A meeting of lho Fernie hockey club
will bo held on Sunday afternoon at
2'p.m. in the dining room of-the Na-
VPiieo hotel. All interested are invited to attend.
■ Rochon has won the highest appre
ciation of the citizens' as a Candy
King. ,,   -
The Great, Northern trackmen aiu'
snow.plow had a busy lime on Sunday
clearing out'the yard and tracks. This
section-of the road is now said to he in
good shape and free from snow.
The following officials of the G. N.
Railway company wore in town this
week: M. ,T. Costello, .assistant, general "traffic manager; Archibald Gray,
assistant general freight agent; F, H.
Burnham, district freight agent.
You can play on either English,or
American billiard tables at Ingram's,
think "you are being served as well
„ ..,"In the matter of, teas'.' perhaps you
think you ■ are being' served as well
"Salada Tea" - It's the, purest and
most delicious tea. in ■ the world. All
grocers sell it. •
The Dreamland theatre people had
a slight breakdown with their motor on
Wednesday. „ They will be doing business again to-night. They are put;
ting up a good show and' promise better. v
The Club Cigar store every time if
you want the best that offers in cigars
and tobaccos.
During the recent, cold snap a customer in n Iocnl grocery storo naked
for eggs that would not freeze. When
he got home ho found Hint he hnd n
dozen china nest, eggs Howovor ho
got whnt ho asked for.
Patronize home Industry and smokn
Crow's Nest Specials and Extras
Shovelling snow off tho roof wns it
fnvorilo and vory necessary 'occupation with many dwellers in lomnornrv
establishments, Mnny of the roofs
woro,. "wolghed" (hy the snow) and
found to bo Badly wnnting.
We are pelasod to be nolo lo mako
a correction' in these columns regarding a wrong Impression thnt. .ox-
luted rognrdlng Mr, Tom Wilson who
wns roconlly sontoncod to a term nt.
Wost minster for forgery. The parly
in quoHllon Is not Tom Wilson nl, one
time of tho' King Edward hotel.
IIIH Tuttlo had his hot. air furiinoo
working overtImo at tho teamsters'
Imnqiiol. Tlio ox-worahlp imparled
tho startling Information that ho had
driven from ono to twonty four hora>R.
Wo roc Icon If. lho said Hill had had to
koop houso otc, for all of thoso two
das-on oqulnoB ho would bo mighty
liiindy with Mio Hhovol.
We have, a nice range of Sterllnjj
Silver Toilet Sotn and Military Brushes
whleh we .nre selling nt less than their
actual cost. Call and get one before
they nre all gone, Wright the Jeweler in A. A. Gillespie's store,,, next
door to Hotel Fernie,
Tliurndny wan (ho (."liinono Now
Yenr, nnd lho local Mongolian*! diHlrlb-
utoil iiiiIh, llro crurl-oi-H and CIiIiioho
IIIIIoh iimniiK tliolr oiiBloinoi'H, Thoy
lot hoiiiu of llio LoilKi'i' hIoff hnvo n
fow bunches of flro crnckorB ami Mm
hoiiilinrilinoiit Mini IiikioiI for n fow
iiilimfoN wiih Ulio unto lho Into riiiinl-
<>!pnl cninpiihiii. lint wo nro mill nt
work,    "Mii'M'lin-i-hofti llung-nllii loo."
Tlio wcl**)il of hiiow nnd llio high
wind lust l-'i-idny nielli ouiiflort a wooden building ou Vlotnrln iivoiuio to i-ol-
IiiI'mc, Ono portion ol' tho Hlruf'liirc
which wiih Hltiintoil iionr tho prmt-of-
lloo wim occupied an a pool room and
,.'.< .„,..'.,.;.. ',. . ' ':.! '. '.**. 1 :' ('.;'
rti-bvl" nnd bndlv ilnnuii'od. Two ■men
worn in tho building at Mio timo, hut
fortunately mndo their OHcnpo unln*
J'li.'d. Thu J. II. RuM niriiltiir.! Co.
Iuul u Iiiiko Htock of furniture Htoiotl
In Mio othor purl of Mio building, hut
\\l\~  KlrtlVl,-,   111 l-,*,t:Vl   il-aii;   \,,.ltla-aa,V. ,
The Riippor glvon by Mio (lice club
on WednoHdiiy ovoning nt Mio Northorn Onfc proved In ovory way buccokh-
fill. ,'ovcrH woro laid for about 40.
A eoneort wan aftorwnrdw Riven In
whloh Mio following nrllsta took part:
Piano MtUv. Mv. .1. CurtlldKo; nolo:--
Mr. .SrorflcM; duet, .MIhk I'ollnnl nnd
Mr, -'iwcifi; ror-l*nt|on Mr, Owon«;
ablo, .Air. Turplii; recitation Jl?| O.
N'oblo; solo; Mr. CliOHtorflold. Gnmos
nnd dnnoliig were Indnl-jod In io Dw
f'ftrly hours of TbiirHdny inornlii?!. Mr.
J, ('ai'Mi-dgo wiih lho utile nccoiupi,)!-
Constable Clarke is acting chief.
C. -Burgess of Elko was visiting in
the city this week. He reports Roo
to be still living. '■ '.      ,;.
Mrs., Wm.- Fletcher *-of Wallace,
Idaho, is in the city on a visit to her.
sister,' Mrs. J. Scott.
•. Mr. John Itiitledge, proprietor of
the Alberta hotel was in town during
the week on business.
Rev. I. W. Williamson arrived via
the G. N. from the coast on Thursday, bringing back Mrs. Williamson
and family.   , ...
J. R. Lawry, manager of the local
branch of the Bank of Hamilton leaves
on Friday night for Gakima, -Wash.,
to visit his wife and child. ■"
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Blundell returned from Petrolea last week .where they
wore present at a large family gathering.   A splendid time is-reported.
Jim Burrows easily defeated Johnson of Pennsylvania last Monday at
Coleman, putting his man down and
out in" the ninth round. .'.
ii-'-Messrs. Whlmster, Ross and Keeley are lo bo congratulated on the success of their informal dance. A very
pleasant timo was had last Thursday
evening. »
Somo of the brick work on the Sth
storey of the Todd block made a sudden dasii for liberty Friday afternoon.
Fortunately no one- was in the way,
not ovon Bill Council.
What nbout our hockey team this
Koasoii? Other towns along the line
aro in the gnmo and why not Ferule?
S'omo good material still ..remains- If
we organize at onco.
.Mr.' Mat nils of the West Fernie
moat mnrkot has moved his business
up'to the centre of tho town. He found
business so good that ho'secured, premises, on Baker avenue.   •
We have beon asked to deny the report, which has boen widely circulated
that, the surplus of tho relief money
was going to be used for, the purpose
of erecting a monument to ex-Mayor
Tut Ho.
P. A., Hicks, accountant of the local branch of the Home Bank, who has
been transferred to the head office in
Toronto, was given a farewell, banquet last week'before leaving for.his
new post.     -        , -.
The many friends of James McLean,
superintendent of the coke ovens, regret to hear of the death of his father, who. passed' away at his home' in
Nova Scotia on Thursday last at the
age of 53 years. , *        "
The Tom Marks Co. played to a
full* house at the Fernie' opera house
last night, and their performance was
one of the best that has been put on
here yet. Several interesting and
clever specialties were introduced. In
the same place to-night the comedy
Dublin Dan will be put on, and patrons of this play house are assured a
good time.'       '. *
Vancouver,   b. c.   Jan. • 19—
Apart form, rushing main line construction in the north this year, the
Grand Trunk Pacific Is about,to formulate plans for bidding branch lines
in British Columbia on a scale "of
magnitude novor dreamt of by tho public. ' Nothing loss than the1 invasion
of the Crows Nest Pass coal district
In east Kootenay is contemplated. The
project constitutes ones of the principal objects of.tho mission of D'Arcy
T:i.'o, assistant solicitor of Uio Grand
Trunk-Piiclllc railway-who arrived ln
the city from the oast, to-day. Necessary authority to build info east Koo-,
tonay v.-ll ho sought at. lho forthcoming session'of the, British Columbia
legislature. Formal application has
been mnde and it is certain that the
vuloa will have to bo suspended In
order to srniU the required authority
Tlio oast Kootonny branch lino will
bo an extension of iho proposed Grand
construction ,of which It Is announced
will bo started early Mils Rpring.
The following nro "tho polico commissioners for tho yenr 100!); Mayor
Horchmor. A. lI.„Croo and II. Rending.
Tho following aro tho newly appointed license oammlBSloiiora:—   Mayor
Horchmor. Aid. G. P. Johnson   nnd
J. II. Mnrulinll.
Tlio school hoard mot on Snturday
afternoon In tho City Clark's office.
DlhoiiHRlon nu to the advisability of
Htnrtliig up al. onco wnH'iiiduIgod in,
and tho mnilnr of lho oonlriict for Mm
now building wiih oarofully gone ovor.
(1, II. lloiilton woh olootod oh Hocro'
I nry nml W, H. Hlnnloy iih olialrinaii,
A iiropoHitl lo Hociini lompoi'iiry (juiii*-
foi-H wiih tnlion up mid tlio mooting
niljouiiioil mil I) Tui-mlny In onlor lo
got. definite liiforinntlou,
On TiioHdny tho Imnrd mol at 11 p.
in, /.nil decided to rout Dm promlnon
lately vnoatoil by tlio Homo Hank, noxt
to lho now oily Jull building. Alter*
atloiiN will bo mado lo ni'tl.o Mio building comfortuhlo, Including lho iiocotm-
nry (military iirriitigoinoiitH, Two ton-
olioi'H Iiiivij boon lologrnpliod for, and
honoliOH aro bolng propnrod nnd If pos*
Hll'lt! 'HIIIOOI   will   (i|)i-|l   iiKillll   ill     ii-iu
in ■(•'■•■■.
Tlio honrd look up Mio quontlon of
arrant-dug for a Hiunll placo In West
Fornio nud tlio Annex Jimt for tlio tut
Krndo chlldron, who would bo too
winnll ot nt toad tho uchool uptown. If
puHulbUi tho an'iiii*'oiriorit will bo iniulo
In tho near future,
Tho noxt niootluB Ih cnlloil for Tuos*
Aay aftornoon.
We have the  best assortment in the country-of the
Poaches, Pears, Raspberries, Strawberries, Plums, Salmon
Singer Sewinf! Machines Co.,
Fernie, B.;C. .'     ,   /,
7   Why be without a Sewing Machine when .'you
■ f   ... can get one for $3.00 a month?        .   •
J. P, H0ULAHAN, Agent, opposite Coal Co.'s office,.Pellat-Ave.,
Held in Relief Committee
Rooms-Progress is
In Evidence
The. committee appointed from the
Sunday mass meeting to interview the
Relief Committee met that body on
Thursday evening In the relief offices.
John Wilde was appointed as chairman,, and explained to the relief committee that his committee wished to
bring tho resolutions before.the meeting, and wished it distinctly understood that they wanted a' courteous
hearing, and would extend the same
to them. ' .    .
The secretary of the Relief committee' then read the resolutions —a
copy of which we print on page two—-
Ur. Herchmer suggested taking them
up for discussion one by one.
■ Resolution No. 1 Avas {.greed to, and
the* statement made that it was not
at all that anybody doubted the ability
or integrity of the city auditors) but
that it was considered better, from the
standpoint of outsiders.   .. ,.
Mr. Tuttlo .here stated that he
thought there need be no disagreement as. he considered this relief money WAS SENT IN FOR.THE PEOPLE
bRATIS'. , ' ■ "    b
It was moved by Herchmer, seconded by Biggs that Messrs. Mcbe'rmot &
McHairdy-of Nelson be .engaged for
the audit—Carried.^ .,-
Considerable discussion took, place
at this juncture in regard to Mr.
Wilde not being allowed  a  seat "in
Siierman^s-place-after— Mr. .Sherman.
arranging, with .Mr. Tuttle .to seat
him. Tuttle raised an objection to the
term '.'Indignation" meeting, and
claimed that he felt hurt'at the word.
As was very fully explained by some
of the public .committee the word
"Indignation" was very much ln place.
The miners, as.evoyroiio hnows, have
been working '.very irregularly since
tho flro,, nnd tho men havo had very
small .pay; some.instances occurring
whore a man .who had worked 3 days
and ■ earned, $9, goL $3 and a receipt
for'-his first payment. Other cases
where a man with n very largo family hnd worked but 12 or 14 days, and
hnd not enough,|,o pay liis grocery bill,
had .his ?l) stopped. If this Is not
enough to call forth an indignation
meeting it Is n funny thing. Horchmor
continued to hnrp on tho question of
Sherman- llrst. suggesting tho proposition. Mo doos not wnnt to seo the
reason Mr. Shannon hnd In doing so
at first. : It must bo an evident fact
to nil Hint if tho men hnd tho money
tnstend of lumber thoy would lmvo
tsoiio nwny and wo , would lmvo had
lo got now people-here to stnrt the
town nnd tho mlncB again. .Mr. Slier-
mnn wus perfectly conscientious in Ills
idea, nnd is still conscientious. It
has turned out to bo all right, lint
now tho PEOPLE, not a' fow commit-
too men, want somothing dono, and
not koop tho fund.up for six years
In order to crento fnl, jobs for some
ono. •     \
Mr, Herclimor horo nskod for hoiiiu
HUggoHtlons ns to thodlspoHnl of thu
fund nnd Mr. Wilde snld tlmt lt looked
rnlhor peculiar tlmt lio Hhould ho asking for HuggoRtloiiB nt, tho olovetith
hour, "Hnvo tho peoplo boon .islrod
for BiiggostionH boforo?" unld ho,
Horclimer uiiHWorod thnt Shornmn
nnd J)lg«s, wlio roprosontod tliein lind
(llsctiHHod things, but ho Imd to admit
Hint tho peoplo hnd not ns yot. boon
nskod for niiy opinion. Mr. Kbptn
thon nHltod why Wlldo wiih not nllowwl
lo Hit In plnco of Shornitm iih nt. rim
nrrnngod, ..No rcnl (nnglblo niiHwer
wiih glvon lo this oxoopt Unit Tuttlo
Hlioiiltloruil tho roHiioiiHlhlllty, ||or*
clwior vory grnccwly ulntoil (hm ir
Shorinnn would roHlgn won ih».\   )h>
would be pleased to have Wilde on
the^, committee,
Mr. Eckstein who was appealed to
by Tuttle, used the very convincing
argument that as this. committee as
now constituted, was only the executive of the origin nl committee it, was
responsible to tho, original general
committee, it could not be a perpetual
affair. .It must derive its authority
from some' higher source; and should
call the original committee - together,
and let it net. „'    ■
Mr. Herchmer here admitted, that
perhaps the, people were right, that he
really thought,the money.was sent in
for the people gratis.
Considerable-useless, discussion was
then indulged In by all .parlies. The
climax came however,when Mr. Wilde
referred to the- often, promised meeting between the T. and L..committee
and the relief committee.
Mr. Tuttle look it to heart and was
going to retire when "Mr. Biggs informed him that as long as he' had
done what was right his place ' was
there, but that if lie had done*, 'anything to be ashamed of he should go.
Tuttle' stayed and the situation was
once more saved.
It was then resolved that all the
monies deducted from - the miners
through the C. N. P. Coal Co" be
repaid by the secretary of the Relief
committee on the men making personal application. ... ", ,
A meeting of the executive will be
held on .Monday. afternoon when a
written answer will be given to the
resolutions.presented. •'•  "'*        t •■
The public will later on be asked'to
decide whether ,this money Is to be
used for relief or loaned to men who
cannot, afford to.repay.it. 7' '*. ;..-.'
The management of the Pacific hotel changed on the 15th inst. -Robert
Dunlop, who has been proprietor for
some time 'past has given it up. - Mrs.-
J. McAlpine, formerly of the Coleman
has rentod-tho houso-and will conduct
a first class boarding house.
'Byron B, Sharp' of Spokane, secretary treasurer of the McGillivray Coal
and Coke company spent Saturday and
Sunday In Colemnn. Mr. Sharp Is
nlso a member of tho .firm of Sharp &
Irvine, stock brokers, and-whlle hero
spent somo timo looking ovor the McGillivray. Creek property. Ho was
vory much pleased with tho prospects
and Ih mora thnn.ever confident of
lho company's future.
Miss A. ,IZ', Anthony roturned to
Colomnn a fow days ago after sovornl
dnys nbsonco lh Vancouvor.   '
Miss Tipping has glvon up lier position ns waltross ut tho Coleman nnd
hns roturned <o Fernio.
Robert Jonos visited Fornio on Wednesday.
Tlioniiis Udo of Blnlmoro spent Wed-
nosday ln Colonmn,
The Jamas Knx Concert company is
io glvo nn ontortnlnmonl nl. tho oporn
houso on Fohrunry iHt, The Fnx Co.
aro n strictly high clnss aggregation
of artists. Their ontortiilninontB aro
usually of tlio hu morons kind and no
ono will rogrot attending tliolr performance A part of tho procoods of
tho concort will go lo lho up koop of
tho club rooms of tho Institutional
Clinrles Phillips wllh Mrs. Philips
and thoir two ohildron loft Colomnn on
Tuesday for Nanaimo whoro Mr. Phillips hns BPcurf-d work. Mr. nnd Mrs
Phillips woro among tho first residents
of Colomnn and It Ih to bo rogrottod
tlmt nftor building up n home horo
thoy aro compelled lo loavo on account
of "no work,' Thoy will lmvo tho
host wlshofl of tliolr mnny friends In
Colomnn In thoir now homo..
Tlio Colomnn Morcnntllo Htnrtod lust
wook to (igftln oulai'Ko tlu'lr storo ami
nil or It,
Mr. L. Morris
Professional Optometrist
tf1.     1       l        r il      ii i      I'ii      *»»   .     **•■     1     IA p   n    •>    '
!-,--.•<,.. *,.*,!.*»•    *>*.   m,    .J^t*. iti i i    iii>.*U,*t*,* t   tlii  Ik       n-.-WftAi   »•••>     \i»     •Oj/ta.-wl
Tlio Nm'-TNIw*.!-* fcMpifc nf Oji-ill-inlinnlniry
nml Otology, f'hlciigo
AlHillciVtlonti for tli'-" pofllflon of
Chief of Polico for tho City of Fornio
will he recolvoA by thn twHornlpnotl
up to Sniiirilny tlio 5,0th Im-ititnt. Nono
hut i-'xporioncoc! men In polico duty
inn! apply.
(J.. H. nOlJl/fON
Clork of Hoard of Police
will   bo nt
TABER Monday and Tuesday, Feb. t*2
COLEMAN • Saturday* February 6th
FERNIK     -     Monday and Tues,, Feb, 8-0
.\ttrrnlentrnnAcnrctti1fltulvtttlheMence,Mtevt>erieaee ntevrr%1 yettr* In
tlm l.iialhi--.*, .tiiillliniulnHloliof Uift neweot 1H11I leM liuilhuU, Mr. MoirU U
■afftmil to none In t'nniirU ft* A Hi-IWtfonl-it. We riifiniif"i',tii'*«» onr«wn ifootK
.Ml nm-l«iiiw!F*iirti i*iil nml irmiiml itl Hmtrlriiv. nml e\\ itrilnrw llilwl bum Uinm,
Knir^(|oUy«niI jftiitnitirc*j(ri«*»i4t'a.ftw-Uori toour i-n-touicn* In UWmi Cun-
mtii. .Voiii'itl<-rli()wilimruUvnurr*>aftTiii»yJ)e, no nwltor how many other**
imi i fallal tci fit yov, it j on <viii Iki |ici|hh, m Uh iriA**-* no* i» youtopfuMimilty,
*♦*♦♦♦♦•♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *♦•*»•»■**»*»♦»
Gtfbws Nest Trading Co.
.*      "'  i      -'",'.        " ' * ' ' -. '. ■       '      -'     -V
'    '.   ' .'.      -7 '■:■-" -, ' -7 .■-. i: -• ^ '       .'        - ■-" *;     -'
Fernie's   Cheap "Cash   Stof-e}
i i.      ■. .-^ *■*->.  *■
Fernie, B^C-|
look  well, to   your feet.
Tlie advice of doctors.when
there   is nn  epidemic > of
* grip is
You can'do this by wearing,, shoes mnde of good
leather and put together
by tho best methods. Wo
lmvo them. When you
'buy a McDougall shoe you
are insured against damp
, ,'.or wet feet.
w. r:
M c Douga 11
A complete .assortment of best music
Vocal and Instrumental, received to-day
'pHIS hcis been carefully selected and comprises".
most of. the favorites, both popular and-classic... -/\
We have now oh exhibition a shipment of'■--the    •'
famous new double"record'Coluhibia'discs.' These*""
discs at 85c each bear two complete records, one   *
on each side/-and cost only 10c-more than the. v
usual single record of other makes!•.-., ■'...    ;.*.* ,-.-"'■ i'i
'   ■-■''■'■■'    ■    '■   -.*    *■-   ■■■".-  . .y'y   y::  '>*'  -. a 7 \
The January issue of Edisoii Recortis has arrived.' ;
Call Jiridmake'your selection early while bur stock
is .complete'..  The, new;, four  minute  Amberol -:
irex30rds'arer^nning"ma;nJ7^riends: y —-
A full line of Violins, MandolinsJ'.Bahjos,'-G-uitiirsj;   !-
Harnionicos,;Accprdeons, Flageolets, Strings, etc.,
always bn hand at"'■  '"'l'■'"■"•   '   '
■ '   '    ■ ' .   ■   ,'    %    i.-'        ■      ' 7. i ■•:-'■■ k
Suddaby's Drug & Eoqk Store
The 41 Meat Market, Ltd. {
ttAVING   o|)onc(l ii bviuich stove in tho tempor-,
"*-*■   nry stove lately decupled by A. A. Gillenplo,-,,
two (looi'H  north of. the now Hank  of  Coniinerce
building, wo nro ■ propnreil lo supply tho pooplo of.
J'Ynu'o niul iniiToiuidiiig dlnti'Ict with the   ,
of nil kinilN.   AVo keep a choice Hclectlon of hnins,
llncon nnd Lard (tho well known Armour Urnnd)"
and Fresh Fish daily. .
All our Moats aro Specially Selected from
our own Ranchos
IToU'Ih, lloiirdliig IIouhch nnd GnnipH Hiippllcd nt tlin
lowent jiOHnIblo prlcou,      Wo  respectfully   solicit
your patronage.
The 41 Meat Market, Ltd.
Always a choice aupply of Beef, Pork, Veal,
Mutton, and Lamb on hand,   Hiwih,
Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs
Our Specialties
Fresh, .Smoked and Salted lash, always a good
assortment,   Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oystora.


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