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 •J^v. Library- r~;yJuue 30 08-J7
\SSsfetive >.ss^,% .
Industrial Unity is" Stren-gtli
VOL. IV.   No
X4t-teOfBcia.lOr-gra.t1 off District No. 18, U. PI. *W. of A.
^^lticSi\ttxity is Victory
FERNIE,   B. C,   MARCH  6tli,   1909
$1.00 a. Year
Operators Oppose any Increase-Men Refuse any Reduction—
Another Meeting Galled for March 16—Miners
■' '  - Considering
The committee appointed,io conduct negotiations for .a renewal
ol agreements between the "Western Coal Operators Associaticm and
District No. 18 U. M. W. of A.. met in the Masonic Ilall at Maeleod,
Alta., on Tuesday, March 2nd." There were present representing
the operators: Lewis Stockett. Pacific Coal Co.. J. D. Hurd,'Crows
Nest Pass Coal Company, 1\ L. Naismith, A. R. & I. Co., G-. H.
Reaumore, "W. C. Collieries Co.. O.-E. S. "Whitesides, Int. Coal and
Coke Company; AY. B. Hamilton. Leitch Collieries Company; AV. F.
McNeill, Canmore.    , -a. '   -   .*	
'.' The miners were represented by F. II. Sherman, J. R. "Galvin,
Clem Stubbs, AVm. Graham, Wm. AVhitehouse, AV, II. Dunlap and
Thomas'Biggs."   ,   ' 7   -        ,   •       -      '.   -.'.'   ■" .   .
„ Mr. W. F. McNeill.was elected chairman, and Mr.7Thos. Biggs
secretary of the1 committee;    '
An agreement.covering general conditions.was submitted by Mr.
■F.r' II. Sherman on behalf of the miners.     In reply to that   Air.
' Stockett, speaking as president of the Operators Association, emphatically .refused^to agree to anything - that would increase the cost of
producing coal in'this district.     He pointed put the conditions sur-
. rounding the trade of the country together with the increased - cost
recenly" added by reason of the advanced legislation', obtained by
' the miners. - ■■,"'-■
President Sherman, speaking on behalf of the miners, was quite
as emphatic in declaring that the miners would not.submit to any
reductions of wages in any shape or form, pointing out that the miners, were not responsible for the unremunerative prices of, coal complained of by,the operators, aud that the cost of the necessities of
life was constantly on the increase, in spite of,the depression in the
-country.,.. .        *'       - * \'.   •
This seemed to bring about a "deadlock, the operators finally asking if the miners'would consider an agreement based'upon the old
agreements.    To this the miners demurred, arid finally asked for an
adjournment until March. 16th, which was agreed to.    •'    .
In the meantime the matter will be farther -discussed "amongst
the local unions* in-District No. 18. •,-:-: - - -. ■ .
\ ^VANCOUVER, B.;C. March 3—Mr'.,
Joseph Martin, K.C". : ' will leave on
Sunday next for London where he will
take up his residence. . v -
.Oh his way east Mr. Martin will
stop at Portage la Prairie in which
place he formerly lived, having accepted an invitation to address the
Canadian club.
Mr. Martin is under engagement to
argue the Bryce vs. Chechalis case before the privy council In June, next.
This is a caso arising out of a collision between the tug Chehalis and the
Princess Victoria, in which the full
court-gave judgment in favor of the
C. P. R,, the privy council case being an appeal from this decision.
■  ^	
, . ESTEVAN, March 3—Fire early this
morning destroyed the Kelly hotel and
Kenmer's general store here;'loss $20-
HALIFAX, March IS—Dr. J. Woodman, professor of geology at Dalhousle
college has been appointed to a similar position in the geological museum
at New York university.
- Her husband is engaged in business
here and 's well.known. 7The bodies
are being* shipped east to Seaforth tonight. „. :.    y\. ,,A.   .L,/yy^yy
Won Back the Lightweight Cham-
.   pionship from Marino at
CALGARY, March 3—All, ..the employees of the Exshaw Cement'Works
went out on strike, to-day over'a reduction of wages.,' ■
The cement works have been closed down for the three winter months
but resumed business yesterday morning for the season. q Most of the old
employees * were re-engaged "and commenced work. On starting the" men
were told that all employees were being reduced from 20c to 1*1 l-2c per
hour,   -'
The men would not stand for the reduction. It is understood the whole
staff have been reduced in.wages, including the mechanics and the mill
wrights.,. • ■    '
Detective Has Left for the South
to conduct an Investigation
. •■ There
Well Known Resident of Rogina—
Originally Came from Seaforth, Ont.
IlEGINA, Sank.'March 3—Mrn. Willinm FlnlayBon this morning murdered
lior tlired yoar old Bon Wnrron, and
thon committed suicide. Tlio, deed
wns,dono in n moment of ..infinity that
lins been brought on by continued ill*
Mr, Flnlnyson loft tho houso at 7
In tho morning lo opon his storo, anil
whon ho roturnort an hour lator for
IiIb bronkfiiHt ho found that tho plnco
was lockod up, Ho know his wife
was 111 nnd wns fearful of hor aolIons,
According ho broko Into tlio liounu and
nftor Honrohlng found thn body of Ills
wlfo nnd son In n tank of witter. Tlio
. tnnk wns located lu tho liiiHomont of
tho Iiouho nud, ronohod noarly lo tho
collhiB, Tlio poor woman lind evidently thrown tlio child In nnd thon
crnwlod In hoiHolf botwoon lho tnnk
nnd tho omaU opening tlio lop nml lho
Tlio lank wnB cut opon nnd tlio bo*
iIIch removed.
Mi*h. FinliiyBon wn» only 27 yom'B of
ngo nnd had boon married Ilvo yours.
Bho wiih tlio dnuglitor of Wm. Slonth,
a cnrpciitur of 8onforlh, Out, nnd cnmo
woHt (o .leglnn two yoni'H ngo,
CALGARY, March I—Bill Lauder of
Calgary won bnck the title to the light
weight championship of Canada last
evening at tho Lyric theatre- by, defeating Eddie Marino of Seattle, the
holdor, In a hard fifteen round contest.
The bout was a good one although not
bo fast ns tho last meeting of those
two littlo men and .not noarly ns fast
aB tho battlo between Laudor iind
Cove. "
The men woro vory cautious and
did not leave any openings nnd when
thoy did hit thoy folio-wed up by a
clinch, so that tlio other follow could
got no advnntngo nnd for this ronson
tho bout wns rntlior Inclined to be
. Tho contost, howovor, wiib always
Intorostlng. At tho.closo both men
woro strong on thoir foot and Laudor
got tho doclslon on points. Tho decision wns populnr with most of thoso
nrosont though naturally tho followers
ot Mnrlno thought that, a draw would
ho falror. Tho roforoo had no hesitation in giving his doclslon and af*
torward ho gavo tho following ronsoiiH
for bo'doing:
"Lauder did nil tho fighting nnd lod
nil through tlio contost. In tlio lnBt
fow rounds ho wiih nl lovor Mnrlno.
Liuidur showed clovoriieBB In footwork,
Mnrlno cnught Laudor ovor,Iho oyo,
which mndo n nasty mark, nnd lio
opened up tho old wound onco or
twico, but outflldo thnt honovor hurt
VICTORIA, B. C. March 4—Prem*
ler McBride has given answer to the
deputation headed ■ by the Rev. Dr.
Spencer, which , recently Interviewed
the government In reference to local
The delegation had an Interview on
February 2nd with thb executive nnd
made a strong plea for the introduction of legislation whicli would result ln
communities being able to deckle for
themselves whether or not tho snlo of
Intoxicants Bhould bo permitted ln
their midst.
Tho lender of tho government hnd
Informed Dr, Sponcer thnt tho question of local option will bo submlttod
to tho pooplo in the form of n plebiscite, tho oxnet dato for which has not
beon deckled.
Good nui'BO girl wantod. Apply P. V,
Tlm bnnkern hnvo chnllongod llio
printer*, to bowl on WcdnoBdny, Tho
bunkers will only bo Bony onco— nil
tho roHt. of tliolr IIvoh,
Tho City Council held an Important mooting on Thursday evonlng,
Probably Iho moBt Importnnt rri-ttor broiiwht up wns the monoy bylaws which nro to bo submitted to tlio peoplo on tho Hith of March.
Tlio t--.utuwa.kH Uy-luw iull» 'or an uxpontlituro of |10,uu0, und tlio
School by-law flflku for 115,000 (oi tho completion of tlio Furnle pub*
He school now In tlio court.*** of cMiHtruttlon..
Wlillo all monoy by-lnwH coming boforo thu pooplo tiuinot bo
commended nn wUo and prudon*, yot nil citizens looking to tlio host
Interests of tho city of Fernio hnvo hut ono oounio open to them on
tfils Question, viz., to support thp npponl for fundi. Tho aum* nsked
for In each enso arc retiBonablo, and tho work to ho carried on by
thom will form a mont valunblo nt-uet to tho city,
Provision should bo mndo at tho earliest possible date for tho
construction of comont tldowalk- at leant on tho builnois portion of
Victoria avenue, without v/hlcli, even *wlth the up-to-date liullillnKa
bolng erected there, thai thoroujihfnro will lack a smart and flnlihed
UpputU'ttiicu. Tho Koiiaii'til lU'.v.d fur MldbwnlkH throughout U.u city
la to apparent that no nppoal li needed for them. The public school
MUST be built and the fund* MUST be forthcoming.
. All tho rogulnr wook night meetings
nro wtlhdrnwn In favor of tlio propitiatory mootlngB for tho grent Ohnpmnn
Aloxnndor rovlvnl which Is to bo held
during tho month of April.
* ♦ *
ArrnngomontB havo boon mndo for
Hocurlng Rov. D, K. Ilntt to como to
Fornio to glvo n recital of Dr, Drum*
inond'H "Unlillnnl" nkc-tehon. Tho enn*
cort. will bo glvon In Ilrueo'H hull on
WodnoH'iny night, March 2-lth, Mr.
Hntt Ib mild to bo ono of lho clovorcHt,
Drunimond Intoi-pruton* who Iiiih boon
In this country. TIioho who honrd lilm
nt tlio ChrlHlnuiB tronl In iho llnptlHl.
church thla wlntor will need no urging
to hour him ngnln. In mldltloii to
tho fllcc'telum thoro will bo a good pro*
grhm of mimic, Procooda will bo do*
voiod to tho building fund of tlio
* « »
It Ib tho puHtar'B prnyor thnt overy
llnptlRt. In Forntn will bn fnltliful nnd
onrnoBt (liirlng tho rovlvnl nnd help
l.«        Tll'onn^nn        ta,.n*'r...       VVfl    i',,->.....-ir.,>M'
work nt tlin prnpnrntory mont Ing*' nnd
nlno nftor tlio Chapman workorH como
Horo Ib nn opportunity for tho ChrlNl-
Inn people of Pernio to show If they
truly havo recclvo.. tlio gunpol of
.Iobub Christ.
<  t  t
Tho LndloH Aid mot on Wodneudny
whon propnrntlons woro nuiido for ng*
groBHlvo work nlong sovornl IIijob nnd
much good la expected to result to
tho church,
* » »
After the fjermon next Sunday
evening tho ordlnnnco of tho Lord*
Supper will be observed nnd thc Imijil
of fellowship extended to tevernl new
membora. Tho pnstor Is nnicloii* for
a good attendance Thoro will also
be vory Important bunlneii discussed
at thla meeting.
. HAMILTON, Ont., March 2—The funeral of Miss Ethel Kinrade, who was
shot and.killed in her father's house
by an unknown person on Thursday
afternoon, was held yesterday afternoon. ~ Between 3000 and 4000 persons turned out to witness the sad
sight and the'police reserves'were .'e-
quired to keep the1 crowds in check.
There is nothing new in the.case outside of the fact that the revolver used
was a 32 calibre.     •'
Provincial Detective Miller agrees
with the members, of the local police
force that the motive for the murder
of Miss Ethel,Kinrade was not robbery.
He said "The police have only a
poor description of .the murderer to
work on.. It would fit one thousand
in the city."
, Detectives are still as far off from
finding the solution-of the Kinrade
murder as ever. * There are of course
all sorts of sensational rumors afloat,
but apart from renewed expressions of
confidence of police that mu,rderer will
be found,* -nothing; has come .from
Detective Miller,' who is worldng on
the case, interviewed'. Miss Florence
Kinrade this morning. , He found her
In a most nervous condition. She gets
more mixed every day in her stories
but . she repeated this morning that
she called to Ethel .to' lock herself in
her room when she saw the murderer.
Later Developments
HAMILTON, MARCH 4—A peculiar
aspect is lent to' the Kinrade murder
mystery by the story of Ernest" Stone,
Rtrppt   railaggy- rnnt-nrmpri    ■^•ho        ~"J?°
discovered by the police to-day^ Stone
says he was travelling west of Herchi-
mer street on the, afternoon of the
murder- and .had^just -passed^ Bay St.
when'he saw a youngiV6mari'rush*out
from the Kinrade' house across the
street and into Mrs. Hlckey's residence. ,' :  •
She looked neither right nor left, but
appeared terribly excited .and was hat-
less and her hair loosened. The rather strange part of the story is that
Stone saw the girl run directly in
front of his car at 3.25.
The police did not receive any word
of the shooting until after four. That
would mean that the murderer had 38
minutes in which to escape and the
police wero not notified of the shooting as was first expected. Late developments are .most startling and
lonvo many avenues open for conjecture. § .
Murderer Wore Falsa Moustache
' HAMILTON, .March 3—It has been
discovered that on Snturdny, Fobruary
20, a stranger went Into the storo of
Mmo. Mints! nnd bought a false moustache remarking thnt lio wns out for
n littlo -fun.
This fact 1ms boon unearthed by a
detective who hns gone to Richmond,
Virginia, to look into a possible duo
in tho Kinrade murder mystery.
Miss Floaslo Klnrndo visited Richmond hint summer, and' for sovornl
months during hor stay thero wns
pestered by the attentions of a young
mnn who porHlslod In forcing himself
on her, Whon slm returned to hor
homo sho received Homo loiters from
Vlrglntii, dosplto tho fact that bIio wns
ongngod to n Montreal Btudont. Sho
and lior »l»tor Ethol hnd ■ quarrelled
ovor thiB The theory hns nlrendy been
advanced tlmt tho murderer wiib disguised so far ub tha. mouBtneho wiih
concerned. It Ir Riipponod thnt tho
mnn who purchnHoil thn -moi-f-tneh''
wiih tlio miirdoror, nnd Dntoollvo .Miller Ib now following UiIh eluo find may
go to Virginia. Ho snld this wns lho
only duo tlioy wore now following.
...WESTMINSTER, March 3— Two
hundred Hindus employed at Fraser
mills'went on strike yesterday, this
being the first labor trouble in which
the Orientals have figured since coming to this country.
Their grievance is that their leader
has not been paying their wages for
some time back., The Hindus are receiving one dollar a day.
The strikers have applied to the police for assistance.
Their leader is a Brahman and being
of high caste, the Hindus decline to
do him violence ,nb matter how badly they may consider that they havo
been used.
 : ma*
MONTREAL, March 3—C. A. Giroux
local manager of the bank of Hochelaga died suddenly of syncope of the
heart.    He was 19 years old.
, SUSSEX, March 3—The coroners'
jury has returned a verdict of suicide
iu the case of Ernest Rupert who was
found in the woods near Newton, N.
B., frozen with his throat .cut.
NEW YORK, Marcli 3—A pamphlet
issued here, which according to The
Times, was approved by the anthracite coal operators, indicates that the
demands of the miners when presented some time this month, will" be refused.       . '     ■ °
The three year agreement between
miners and operators which has-been
in force since 1906 will expire March
31st.. Reports have it that the miners,union will not only demand official recognition, but will make demands
for higher wages, shorter hours and
other concessions.
Warrant Issued for the Arrest of Former Secretary of Com- *
mittee—Will be Brought Back from the East
to Explain the Shortage .
Members of the Pernio District Fire Relief Committee held a
meeting on Monday, principally to deal with the report of Auditor
McDermott of Nelson, who was engaged some time ago to check tip
the records of the administration of the Relief fund.
'- Considerable surprise "u as .manifested at some of the "disclosures
brought to light as a result of the audit, the greatest interest ccnliv-
ing around the charge that $900 of the funds had disappeared, dur*
ing the time when 11. G. Lockhart was secretary, of the Relief Committee'. On account of Mr. Lockhart\s previous good standing in
.the community no action was taken at that meeting, and another
meeting was called for Wednesday afternoon, when after careful deliberation, the committee felt justified in issuing a warrant for the
arrest of Mr. Lockhart, who is at present in Toronto. - He will be
brought back here and asked to explain the deficit unearthed by the
Local friends of Lockhart claim that he caii clear himself of any
charge of dishonesty, and it is to be hoped,that   matters can be'
straightened out satisfactorily, for thc charge of stealing funds sent
here, for the alleviation of the sufferings of fire stricken people, is
in itself a most serious one. '-•
Exaggerated Stories Published
A despatch from Fernie published in the Lethbridge Herald
places the amount of the shortage at about $10,000. Of course this
report is greatly exaggerated. ' Other papers publish accounts of
the shortage more or less accurate as to the amounts involved in the
dispute. , -    .
t Other Complications Expected
,   All sorts of rumors are rife on the-streets as to complications involving several citizens, who were connected with the* handling of the
relief money and provisions especially in the earlier stages of-the situation.     Charges are even made that carload lots of merchandise
sent here to be disposed.of-for the benefit of the sufferers, were sidetracked, and never reached their destination.'    However, not much,
credence can be attached to these stories.    ■ •* .
WILKESBARRE, Pa. March 4—Despatches state that twelve men wore
badly burned by an explosion of gas
to-day in No. 14 collieries of the Erie
Coal company at Port Blanchard Pa.,
near here. It is feared that many
of them will die from the injuries received,
' The'mine officials estimate that at
last reports thore are sixty men entombed behind tho explosion, but il
is said thoy crin still be rescued. Some
of the employees who escaped aftor
being entombed say that tho remainder of those in the mine will die of
Tho Rnllof Commlttoo iloslro nil wlio
Rot tents to rotum iliom nl onco.
A   I1KIHH   IIIUIJtlnK   Of  OlllllHtOIII'   1'K'lll
Ih lo bo hold Sunday jiftcrrioon at 2.30
In Ht'iic'i's hnll to iIIiicukh n<>w m-n'o-
mont. I'i'OH. Rliurmim will ikIiIi-ohh tlio
meotlne. All mumb-Ti. reaiibHted to nt*
ttind. Conl Creok irulii Io-ivuh nt i,
NELSON, 13. C. Miivc.1 S—Tlio city
Council decided to buy out lho rights
of tho Electric Trnmwny with tlio object of RtiirlliiR tho service again, .'"or
somo yours the'system wns operated,
but lust March flro destroyed the barn
niul wiih it tho rolling nto'*l<, nnd flu*
company hns Bince shown no deslro
to renew lho Horvlco.
To-nlK.it nn offer was rccolved from
tlio company offering all tht'lr holding
In tho city, Including tho trncks, trol-
liiyn etc!., vnluod nt ij-'i'il.OOi), to the city
for $10,000, nnd tho offer wrm promptly accepted.
Epworth League
I'.pworth league will ho hold .Monday night ni 8 o'clock nnd will lm In
chnrgo of Mr. \V. Hhond. All nro Invited to bo prwut.
For Safe Keeping
If you him* nny vnlunhln pnpon* or
anything you vnluo, rt;ii onr of our
ifnfoty deposit .Q.-l'i.-i'H. „ Wo lmvu the
bent fire proof vault In *li<* city. Only
l«n locki.'i'H Mi, so M'*'iii'' ouo nl
T.  ertti L.   Meetlnn
Tho Trades nnd Labor council mot
un M'-i'iiti*,' niKlii, •v'.-j-..' imiionmil
uiutK-i'H wt'iti brought up nml coiiwlili-i-
r.hl<» bmlnciiR of Imp-vimi-*'" lo union*
l«tn wns hnndlod. Tho noxt rogiil*ir
tu-'Mliig will lio hell! on Monday titt-Jit
Social Evening   .
A very pleasant evening was spent
on Thursday night at the home of Mrs.
Hamilton. Miss,S.,Hamilton was the
hostess and a delightful time was
spent by all present.
Hockey Dance
Tho local hockey boys have decided
to hold a dance in' Bruce's opera house
on the 17th of this month, St. Patrick's'day. This is sure to bo the
bost ever, and everyone should turn
out, as the boys are sorely in need of
tho money.
Many friends will learn with sincere
regret of tho death of the little child
of James Sevcrns at Carbonado. Tho
littlo ono was only, eight months old.
The cause of death was inflammationI.
The Rev, L. Hall wont down on .Monday morning to officiate at tho funeral.
Roller Skating
Mr. Bruce iiiiouncos (hat his new
roller skating rink will opon. (Uirlng
tho coming week, Tho floor is in
perfect, condition, Tho locntion is in
tlio popular amusement hnll, known
as Bruce's opora house, Popular
prices will prevail and tho rink will bo
Board Member Here
Mr, .1. E, Morgan, board member of
District. No. 10, Washington, of tho
U. M, W. of A. wns In'tlio city this
wook. Mr. Morgan wns Hunt, hern
to be prosont ut tho Joint honrd meriting which was hold nt .Mncleod, nud
ndjoumod until tho Kith. Mr. Mor*
gnn exprosRod surprlso nt, the Lodger
plant, as he onnslderfd It the ninut up
to (Into plant Im hud soon In a city of
this hI/.o.
Lnnd Agents
.Mokhi'h, Diuilmm nnd Kltolcy,   rep-
ri-Hi'iilliiK W.    A. I'll tn pb'.'ll, real    oh-
into agent of Winnipeg, ure In town j lecllvo lioiigliiH iuihwhi'imI llio cnl I nud
this wook handling Wiitmim property, i hitchioiI Sliuw.
Now Waiting for Trial in Calgary
■ Police Station on Serious
CALGARY, Murch 1—A vory exciting H!ion|jng nffnlr occurred this ovoning at D25 fitli Ave.. EnHt,, whon Earl
Shaw tried to commit suicide by bIiooi*
Ing hlnisolf ovor a lovo nffnlr..
Ilo Is now nt tho polico Htutlon on
a clini'Bo of trying lo lake IiIh own
Tho prisoner arrlvod In Cnlgnry last
evening from the kouiIi arid Immediately wont, to tho roHldonco of hiH kwooi.-
honrl, n MIhh lllllho. After it short
coiivorHiillon lm was told ihat lie
ilim't give up his InU-uliuns,    ,
This ko upHi'l. Slmw that hu   went,
out on the vonindiih nnd tried to commit Kiilclde by Hlmoilng.
„ Nf'Ighboi'H   cloHii   by     honrlng tlio
HhotK, (ell-phoned for tlio pollci*.    Do-
W'o do not know anything nbout theii
propOKlllnii nnd therefore.' do not tuke
nny rcHponHibillly lu reoonuuoiidlng it.
The gentlemen, howovor, hhumi perfectly reJInlile, and their ml. nu |>ngo I
explufiiH their pi-opoHltlou. They elniin
lo hnvo mnde numen-ui- hiiIch In ihlt-
ll wns found Hint he hnd fired four
hIiiiIh only  ono of  which  had  taken
; effect.
; A hllghl wreck occurred on (ho D,
IN. neiir Krag yeMerdny, A freight en-
i glue nnd hi-mtiiI ciiih are off the trnck
■ nml truffle Ik delayed eon-alilenibly,
Iltmril of Tn
la,, 1,1..
».1t       ,l,.1|.'4f,tflt, 1  IV,
io be on luinil at
Frederick Clark*
urgently it-'jueBted
thnt time,
8chool Notes
MIhk Itonlnfton, ono of thn public
Hchool tenchers, wn» confined to tlio
Iiouho with n very severe cold tho Inst
nt tbe week and In (iiiita'-iivientt* one
or tho roomi hnd (o be cloned down.
TUa1    'tall.*!'    laa-LOa)..,    lit    Dill   Alill.'X    UlllI
Wot Fertile will bo ready In a tow
Atyt, and the to-ifhrr*.* nro expectmd
dally. Tho books from the department
have b-i-er. iblppej and should arrive
In * few d.«yi.
uio hmi Ht'bmitted the following resoliiilouH to
,      ■ *  ...
"Wllnreni Mm i|i"'(H,cttvo (tv ef Ml" tlrul   i|i\<* (if   \i|..*>\"'  If."'  ■■"•
Htroyeil tlie fine cfitirt Iiouho of I-Vmle, nnd n« n result It hn« been "\-
treinoly difficult lo curry on the ndinlnlRtruilnii of justice, owing to tho
InmlnquiUo nnoiiimniliitlnn nffonled by the lempornty government
building; and tho court work of IVrulo Ih fiiMt Inrnmi-liig, and In the
.■r.lH.t.'      ,.',!!.'      'l)t,l,ti     fl,,,t-r,     1.411*,.     I...   »l      HT,      fr»      >*».l.>      .1.,,,,      ,,,        ,       I,"''      -     •
while the toipremo court cnneji are of a co|iHldet,'ible number, nnd lu
nplto of the (onflngrntioii Koinii; Ih Mtlll growing nnd IncieaHlng In
linpnrliiiire, nud hnH been nnd lh ntlll the mont Imporlnnl nud popul-
our plnco In Hunt Kootonny, nnd the dlsirlcl Hiirroundlng !in« grown
boyonil nil oxpocmtloiiH, nnd tho nearby towns of HoHiner und Michel
hnvo large population*, i
Tliercforo, bu ll rcHolvtd that this buurd urge upon the provlinlal
Rovernnifitt tho nt'coHUlty of oroctlng n nultnhlc court bonne nnd jrov
t*rnmetit liiillillng In Fornio." An Independent government agency Ih
alio nuked for. Coplea wor<* sent to \V. ft. Itons M. I». I»., nnd by lilm
forwarded to iho proper authorltUia, PAGE TWO
Address all matter for'this page to "Proletarian" District Ledger
^     ^ 4S a      <
You have, no doubt noticed the new
departure in the Ledger, by allowing
this page 10 be used for propagating
the principles of International Socialism.
!f, -'cThe management, when deciding on"
this change, invited the writer to euu-
duct the new departure, and believing
it would be in the interests of the Socialist movement that somebody should
be responsible for the matter appearing—not to mention the mere fact
that a "punching bag" is a necessity—
I accepted tho post.
I fully recognize it is no easy task
to fulfil, for, like the majority of you,
I am compelled to sell my labor power day after day, consequently most
0 of my time is given up to ihe "pursuit
of prosperity," that is, the master's
It is my intention, so far as it is in
■my power', to make this page interesting and educational—but I must have
co-operation,  and  to  those who    are
able and willing to contribute articles
I look for assistance.
To those readers who do not know
. the writer I might let. them understand
that a fully paid up membership card
in the S. P. of C. is my privilege to
. , carry;  also I am not .altogether unknown in the district, having had no
little share In- building up the movement in the Pass,
- My natural modesty   prevents  'me
• from telling you that "I know it all,"
also for the benefit of those delinquent
ones, I make it known that I,   with
Paoosevelt, have the only genuine "big
stick" on earth, so look out. Now comrades, to work, ancl let us make this
"   page the FEATURE "of the  Ledger.
Criticism is invited and fair treatment will be meted out,'
Send all articles, clippings, etc
-   .the Ledger office, addressed to
auds out of work, continue to occur.,.
The cause of our troubles is clear
as the noon-day sun.
It,is production for porfits and the
wages system which by the competition of the unemployed—who are always with us—keeps down the work-
ingman's wages to about one fifth the
value of his product.
The remedy is equally clear—to stop
producing for profit and to cease to
be wage slaves by all becoming partners in thc great national business of
"our country."
After centuries or tne struggle for
existence, we have arrived at an economic system, where we can command
nature to give us all the necessities
"ancriuxuTie'TonifSI BTiTTncTiasTrbliT
rier has been set up which prevents
every man, woman.and child enjoying
this blessing, and it remains for the
workers to break down that • barrier
in order that access to the means of
life be free to all.
This must ,be done. Already ten
million class-conscious workers de
maud it. .Millions more would like
to see it. The class "which has set
up this barrier are few in numbers,
and wc outnumber them at least 80
to one.
The Capitalist clnss obtained possession of- the means required to pro*
,duce nil the good things which go to
make life worth living by "legnl methods," We must get possession, of these
instruments of wonlth production also
by legal methods. Wo must elect
men out of our ranks, men with "our"
ideas, to parliament. They must be
Socialists because thoy will abolish
this "dog ent dog" systom.and will be
guided by tho precept "The lnw glvoth
tho lnw tnketh nwny, blessed be tho
nnmo of the lnw."
Tho workers In Albertn will liave nn
opportunity to register their votes nn
■March 2**. The Issue Is boforo them,
"They who would bo free niiim free
We have fed you all for a   thousand
' years,
And you hail us still unfed,
Though there's never a dollar of all
your wealth,
But marks the workers' head,
We have yielded our best to give you
And you lie on crimson wool,
For, if, blood be the price of all your
Good God, ,we ha' paid in full.
There's never a > mine blown skyward
Out we're buried alive for you,
There's   never a ' wreck drifts shoreward now
But we are its ghastly"crew.
Go' reckon our dead by the forges red
And th'e factories where we spin;
If blood be the price of your accursed
wealth, ,
Good God, we ha'.paid in full.
We have fed' you all for a thousand
years, ,
For that was our doom you know,
From' the day that you chained us in
-,   your fields,
To the strike a week'ago.
You ha' eaten our lives and our babes
and our wives,
But (.we're told its your legal share,
But if blood be the price of your lawful
-wealth,     "'.-".
' Good God, we ha' bought, it fair.
Anonymous  (After Rudyard Kipling)
ther and invalid father to help. Told
me that he nearly went crazy from
On request I was called* to feel his
muscles which were as hard as those
of a trained athlete. *i>"
O'Laughlin continued: "Who'll give
this man a job?".
A man, in the audience arose and
offered one, driving a bakery wagon
at ten dollars a week.
"I'm offered ten dollars a week for
this man. Who'll make it fifteen?
Who'll make it fifteen?"
"I'll make it ten dollars a week and
three loaves of bread a day for the
children," replied the flrst bidder.
"Who'll make a better offer?"*;asked the auctioneer. "Going, going.
Am I offered anything better than ten
dollars^ a week an dthree olaves of
liread for this man."
None coming he banged the gavel.
"Gone to this°man here."
The audience seemed stunned and
at a loss to know how to take it. Men
sobbed and women wept for a minute.
Then the vast crowd stood up aud let
out a hoarse cheer and made' the entire house tremble. Why? The poor
wretch and his seven brothers and sisters-and invalid father would have
something ,to eat. He had a job. It
was a scene long to be remembered.
"No. -10 come forward," called'out
O'Laughlin.' Reading from his memorandum .he continued: *'.'Out of work for
eight months iron worker, motorman,
and driver;'25 years old. Who'll give
this man a job?"     .      , ■*   .
After a lapse of several minutes and
no bid the auctioneer called out: Take
off your coat aud show them your
Off came the coat and the arms were
bared to tiie shoulder, showing hard
and well developed . muscles.
"Is there no one who will give this
man work?"     © ,
He was without' a bidder and went
back to the line of waiters in' the pul-
"No 21 come forward. Engineer; machinist, painter, steam fitter, electrician, 27 years old, doesn't use liquor or
tobacco; was in Boer war, and Philippine islands." '-   •".   .  :■
At this point O'Laughlin pulled out
of his pocket about two dozen letters
Unsuceess'fulTeplies tb~ appflcationirfoT
work'.froin different companies.' "One
from the Standard Oil company   was
Socialist-can put you through the initiation ceremony.
'.. ^ * * *
The third and last degree of the
Order of Comradeship has never., been
administered..yet. It is the comradeship of humanity in the co-operativt
commonwealth. Say, how I am longing to take that third,degree!
or disputes the progress of this century in many things useful to mankind,
biit it seems to ,me a very dark sign
respecting us that owe look with so
much indifference '-upon * dishonesty
and cruelty in the pursuit of wealth.
In the dream of Nebuchadnezzar it
was only the feet that was part of iron
and part of clay; but many of us are
now getting so cruel in our avarice
that' it seems as if, in us the heart
were, part of iron, part of clay.
Now  Open
Fernie, Es. C.
Steam   Heated   Throughout
A. Rizzuto.,
J. Ckawfobd
Now thnt tho elections nro so cIoro
In Alborta wo shnll soo certain Ignoni*
lnous lndlvidunlfi, members of the
working clnss, oiulouvorlng to betray
tliolr follow workers, thnt thoy might,
like n cortnlti hlslorlcnl clinrnctei' of
old, (.•nrn from the mnster clnss "30
pifcos nf silver."
The pieces of silver hnvo tliolr ox*
clmngo vnltio In those dny-* nnd men-
nine up with "government hIiicciiivh,"
—n timber cruising Job is n fnlr sum*
pio of such,
Poor old .Indus wns saintly in coin
piirlson with tlnr-c? modern trillion,,
nnd lio hnd tho fircone y 'o uo and
linug himself,
Labor produces all wealth and gets
it—in the neck.
* * *
One reason there are hard times is
because men have soft heads.      >\
» * *    ■
The .farmer produces the food that,
feeds the world—and lives off the refuse. This is because some one else
gets the better part of all his produce . ' '
* * *
Capital has no rights any more than
a mineral can have rights. The capitalist may have rights, but he has
them not because he is a capitalist but
because he^is a" man. (>
The farmer is not dependent on others for work—he gets all he needs of
that. But he Is dependent on others
for markets, and being a dependent,
he is not free. n
* * *
There seems to be a'great over "production of the fruits of capitalism.
Even the masters admit that there is
too much crime', too much white slavery, and too much war, and too much
' * *  *        „     °
These Salome dances,' the latest
schemes for making money under capitalism, are really free from suggestion. They do more than suggest1. They
show, nastiness naked.., ' -a
-Reform i:*i merely the patching up
of a system of slavery. Revolution is
setting the people free, from all exploitation.
The" worker produces the houses and
clothing, and dresses'poorly and lives
in-a rented house. Why can't he
"afford" the, best?,, * -  ,
-. ■ .'■;*,*-*•'.,.
(By Robert" Hunter in Chicago Daily
Socialist.) > ' '*-"
Not long ago James J. Hill spoke before the bankers convention of Nebraska. He said wise things worthy
of consideration.
"The American people are a good
deal like the child," he declared,' "that
plants a seed and then digs it up every morning to see if it is growing.
Every session bf every legislative body
applies to some industry a brand new
selection of regulations, some perhaps
wholesome, many merely mischievously annoying, and still others destructive., We do not wait to discover the
natural laws which „ govern the conduct of business; we give the laws no
opportunity to act. We heap statute
upon , statute without a • moment for
rest- or recuperation.   '..
"Business suffers as a man would
suffer who bought every patent medicine advertised - in • the market, and
tried'them all at the same time on his
own person."
And j'ou are right, James.'
We Socialists rarely have the opportunity* to agree with you, but to all
that you say here we do agree.
You might have found it all in Karl"
Marx. Had tou read, Socialist economics you would have found that we
too, believe in * the' orderly evolution
of modern industry".'
Regulation is doomed to failure, lt
is, as you say, a patent medicine—it
never reaches the" seat of the disease,
and in most cases it leaves,the patient-worse off than if he took no medicine at all"
There are evils in our present system—gross,' frightful evils—but" with
Thu human race, which It doos hIow*
ly nud sui'oly Iwirn, Ih n dull nnd hIo'.v
Hcholnr, Hero In Amorlcn nine.* tlin
full <>f 1!""'7 hundreds of ihoiimi'i'l** of
nii'ii lmvo been out nf woik nml mile
Graphic Picture-of a Scene    in    New
York on the Hundredth Anniversary
" of   Lincoln's   Birthday.   Written  by
Wm.   McKenzie. ,.
On the night of tho auction the men
assembled in ono of the committee
rooms of the church. As,they all refused to go beforo the audience in any
way in which they could be recognized
black masks, having previously boen
provided, were tied over their faces,
and a shipping tag with a large number on it, was pinned on the brenst
of onch. Slips of paper bearing tho
number, gave the age, trade or trades,
nt which the applicant had worked,
and particulars regarding family connections. The terms upon which thoy
would accept work wore left, blank ns
tlioy wore all willing to accept anything;
Thoso men on nn nvornge, were between twonty flvo and thirty yonrs of
ago; somo woro younger, and ono wnH
fifty five or more and grey hooded. I
saw thom unninskod. Thoy wore denn,
respectably drossod, woro collars nnd
ties nnd woro intelligent nnd educated.
Ono hnlf of them never touched liquor,
nnd dospllo tho hints from some sources thnt thoy woro "oozy rummies,"
their nppenrnncc coturndlctod this
Tlio church wns Jnmmod nn hour
beforo the hour of the miction ennu*.
Those woro nddressed by the well-
known Soelnllst sponkors, W, \V. Passage, J, A. Berlngor nnd Leon Mnlklol.
At times the npplnuso nnd cheers of
the people Interrupted proceedings In
tlio church.
Inside, nil wns subdued silence nnd
expectation. This wiih not nn nudlonco
of Idler curiosity seekers. All or nonrly
nil woro working pooplo with u large
sprinkling of SodnllstH. Iu fact somo
of tho most nctlvi* members nf tho lo*
onllty wore thoro. Thoro wns n ron>
ligation thnt Micro wns nbout lo occur
! nnotlior of Oioho irngodlo** In which
ninny of the nndlenro know thoy might A'1 tho world Is to bo froo nud It Ih
bo iK'torti nt nny Him*, Thoro wns no « mighty I'Ik Job. But tlio reward Is
buzz of foiivi'i'sntlon nnd no laughter;;«« hlg ns tho timl*.
read asking the applicant to fill out
a blank and1'Ills application would bo
put on"file.,
One of the audience gave him a temporary job at $10 a week.
No. 23 got a job as painter at ten
dollars a week.
No. 24 was offered free board which
lie refused because'oi itNbeing charity.
On promise that he would be given
work ho accepted the offer nud was tc
receive his board for work. "
No." 14. Grey haired man at le.ist 55
years old. He also got a job for his
No. 10, First class? education;'penman and bookkeeper; 29 yenrs old,
would do general work.. No offer, but.
woman in the audience offeerd him $3
a week which he refused a she wanted rt job, He wns prevailed upon to
take the money ns a lonn.
Hnlf a dozen received jobs with pay,
others jobs niul their board as remuneration, Somo employers hod written
for men and a few placed at work,
pending investigations to make sure
that thoy are not iu bIiopb where
strikes nro on, A number of letters
wero rond which sought to make tho
unfortunates absolute peons, These
letters were burned.
Hundreds of men applied for work,
mnny of them from out ot town, but
only n few In tho city would permit
themselves to go before the audience
for font* of bolng identified.
And this on the ono hundredth an*
nlvorsnry of Lincoln's birthday! What
more fitting day could havo been chosen to prosont this awful tragedy of
the 20th century?
C." D. Q. in the wireless code is tbe
signal of distress. <It is now being energetically flashed "forth by friends of
the^ present order.
. The worker" piles up fortunes'for
men'who never toil nt productive-labor, and yet imagines that he is employed by the people he feeds.
The black slave of the sixties was
better off than tho white worker of
to-day. He was not troubled about,
his noxt meal, his clothing or whoro
to sleep. Even when he wns put
on the block nnd a price was asked for
him ho' received the nttontion thnt the
dumb brute now receives, for it wns
necessary that he be in good condition
to demnnd a price.
But how is it to-dny? Doos tho
capitalist provide for the toller whon
there is nothing to do? No, he
turns him out to starve amidst tho
wealth which ho has created, Tho
mnster has cniiBed the,tools of production to be taken away from- him, and
the poor wretch, by whose skill those
tools were mndo effective, Is driven
away to starve, because under capitalism profits are of more vnluo than
men,—Albert Vose.
Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Co.
Contracts Taken
Including Stump Pulling, Land Clearing and Ploughing.    Let us
figure on your next job ,r
Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts
A full line of. shelf-, and - heavy   Hardware in°stock together, with a
0 >     complete range of Stoves
Furniture Department
Our Furniture Department* embraces the
most unique, and up-to-date lines.
Come in and have a look
J. D.   QUAIE,
Under Socialism wo will
jtockholdors In tho Hank of
nil  bo
V rue*
wnnii'ii   snt with   heavy
Don't mil your follow workers ''I.nd*
I'M or •ii'iitlfin-'n." It is moro of
tho until!'-' of nu insult ilinu n ooinpll*
I'on't try to nilso yourself out of
>o\u* class. Tills Is tho net of n trnlt-
o". Stay ilulu with your cIiikh nnd
l.dp it In tho HtriiKPK- for cmiinclpftt*
iti-'ii   and
Suddenly Uio nrpnn  pnnl**il  fnrih
llio  wtrnln  "John   Hrown's  body  llei
Ions) of women nnd ihlldn-ti have been j mouldering In ••"' Ki'iiu1. but liU ooitl', mom ax thing* nie now
undt'ifoi! or htni'vlng.    Why* Ilccmivo! -.och twuc'hliig on."    Slowly nnd with:
niuchiiiery Iiiih ho Int'enm-il i'n* i.ru*! bent  bends tli*'i*e mni-chi.-d down Hn*!
diictlon of liiinmn lii'ior (imi n wor!*.*; tnlrfiili- aisle  the  thlny  four  whiten,'
liuiuun getting two dollim ; day i ut iih ^ ami mio black mnn, with blink ninsl,'-
out ton   dolliirs worth of goods to bo j nml iititiiboret! wan—thirty live n'jf■
- tHtJJtt . ■ *.aji.4* U   1.1.*.,..',   *4«'4* ,*..-        ia,   41a.    ....a.. ...I.   .
.V ii • :■ :■■ '.■ ):,",:, ',■,•:''.•. ul oui* 'At '<" the 'ilf':.'i'"" *..!'"■■■■•• 'n ni**■••■ :n
liiuiiciife nni'niinl product •-••n be fold' keep nllve nnd et-'-np"* the teinp'.i-' w.
ril-ii-ii-"] or tleutioyed nnd w/i**te/| by'i'o (time. Men's, nml woinon'i. *iw,
warn, fires nml enriliMUiikes, mom of.nllrd with UTirt* and home of them
ns keep our Job*,     Mm w)n'l) Die rom* ■ wept opi-uly.
petition nt other ••.••■pl.'il —llk«* tin-' After u f.-w piellniliiin y t.-iiiiii-1 *, i' •
(ton/i'iiih or .I'lp-uie-i rk'neH the deor '*<"*'■ •''''■ l-*'i*j' intm .uce.i .>u. *••
of the foretell niiuk-i nn un, nnd Hie, i.nuuhlln. who took i-oni*' 'h>e \<\ ,\-
trnpi iur.de by wni und cnlnniliy I.hvi* ! plnlnliu: how be tint lntere*<*e.l lu ti*-*
lieen filled up, then thoiiKinulH nnd work, IiIh dohlro to help the oppre«Meii,
tl'ousniii'H of un Ui-i-our JnbH. This'nnd the KUspicloiiH of nr(,'niil7nilnu«
!(•> Hlini'ly beei'iise two I'.ollHt'i* wtjues 7hin be .mis ilolnn it for notoriety nnd
dtnint buy back iu dnlliir-*- worth of1 ainft.     ,\fter mnklnu oleitr hi* purely
JdHlli III li l-njitr-  motlii-i*   b«'  I lii'iet*!  Dill*.
"NiiMb'-r 11."
.So.   i)  M'-'nnM I'ltiln I lie lertl   nf tie-
M'llpit. o'l.fiur.lilin rend from hi* mem-
M be t-nlA tor ptotf. 'iiflt to lone ns   ftrrtii«l«ni: 'So. n Voin.a ir-nn 21 yifitt-
(By John Ruskin)
By fnr tho greater port of the Buffer*
InK and crime which exist at this moment In civilized Europe arisen simply
from peoplo not understanding this
truism— not knowing that produce or
wonlth Is eternally connected by the
laws of lionven and earth with resolute
lnbor; but hoping In somo way1 to
client or nbrognte tills ovorlnstliig lnw
of life, nnd to feed where they hnvo
not furrowed, niul bo warm whero
thoy hnve not. woven,
1 repent, nonrly nil our mlHory and
crime romtlt ■ from this ono mlsnppro*
lieiiHlon,   Tho law of nntiiro Is Unit n
coitnln r-unntlty of work Is nocosHnry
to produce n certain nuioiinl of good
of   nny kind whntovor,    If you wnnt
knowledge you must  toll  for It;    If
i food you intuit toll fur lt, nud If plcie
! mire you must toll for tt.     Hut nun
j do not acknowledge this law, or strlvo
| to ovnrto It, hoping io got thoir know*
I h-Aire, nnd tntiA nnd pleiiHitio for i*o-
| tiling; nnd In llils effort tlioy either
\ fall of Kottti.g thom, and remain Vi-
• roinni nnd nilHornblo, or thoy   obtnin
|*l(iii by mnkiiiif oUioi rotn  von- in
, Un:,'' ijont-fu, nud (imn '»"•) •'•"- u»/•*•".
J.oclnlli.ui ilua-if not hk.t.ji n ebiiusej ilmn lymnth ami robbt-rfi; yes,
tuni'. one kind of ecci.nmlc ulnvorj* in: worm* thnn robbers.
eio'l-er.     ]t nienitH n full nnd   complete fibolltlou of nil economic »lnv-
I nm not ohe who In the lonst doubt**
all that the capitalist(,industry, of the
present day is infinitely' superior "to
anything the world has hitherto ever
Let those who want to-re-establish
oempetition in industry remember
what existed- in the middle of last century when.the condition of the workers and of the mass of people was, the
worst lt had been in some six hundred
Competition means anarchy and
chaos. Great organizations of Industry
mean the systematic exploitation bf
the means of life. And between the
two the Socialist prefers the condition
of the present.
In other words tlie .Socialists will not
put a single thing in the way of the
evolution of industry, When they
come into power they will not try to
break the trusts. *
Even beforo coming Into power thoy
will beglri in their work by forcing the
trusts to treat their employes more
., They will force measures to Insure
the workers against unemployment,
old ago, sickness nud death,
They will force the trusts, to give
good service to tho community—good
denn, unadulterated products.
In other words, they will use their
utmost efforts to Improve tho conditions of lifo without Interfering in nny
way with the evolution of Industry or
with the necessity for tho' regular,
competent employment of both labor
nnd cnpitnl.
Tho fight against the trustB to-day
is mode by two classes.
Small capitalists who arc being
crushed by the trusts aro lighting the
trusts becnuso thoy themselves are
greedy to obtain for themselves the
power of the trusts,
Tlio other olnHH are the politicians
who want regulation because It gives
thom tho power' tolevy blaokmall or,
tho trusts,
Thoy know that regulation Interfere*
with 'business nnd thnt the trust mng-
nnto who can bribe lilmBolf free from
the lnws of regulation will Immensely
profit thuioby,
And bu the chonp grafting politic!**.!',
hedges legitimate Industry nil mound
with potty littlo roHii'li'tloiiH so thnt
cnpltnllHts must como to him to buy
Hut the workeis, and .motii p.-opb
gciiornlly, huvo t.o Interest In rt-gii'n-
tiou—iio tjuod ccmicH to thom tluongl;
Thoy wnnt Bootl scrvlco, Duty wnnt
unadulterated products-., thoy Witin fnlr
wages, shnrtor hours of work, Iiihii>*
mice ngalnst dlsonso, accident, iiuern-
plU-lIllelll,    (ll.-latll,
Anil tlu vr* i,ro D)c vt\t-\\ v.*bo nro fi.w
coming into the Soelnllst pnrty, nnd in*
I'n hi, ns they come Into iho Soclnll.u
party thoy learn two tilings;.
Something Original—that's the
cry of every buyer of printing.
•IJ If every print shop could or would work character
'into their product there would'nt' be so much common
place pnnting.
1$ We'll be glad of an opportunity to' prove to you,
that when your printing is placed, with us'there will be
character to it.
C| Our new type faces -will do that "alone, but
there'll be more than up-to-dateness in.type faces.
There will be care taken in the arrangement of the type
—good ink will be used—the proper class of paper for
the work will be selected, and if it requires illustrating
we'll see that suitable cuts are used.
First, that there nre, ns you sny,
laws which govern tlie growth of In*,
Secondly, thnt tho nnturnl growth of
Industry will make It necessary one
day for tho people to own, control and
democratically administer nil Industries.
They want to see the laws of Industry work themselves out. They want
to soo one industry after another grow
Into monopoly so thnt. little by littlo
ns this process works Itself out, they
can tako over the big trusts for the
nation to own,
Regulations nre like Iron bands put.
about a growing tree—-thoy destroy the
The Socialists do not Intend to destroy tho troo. They Intend to assist
the troo to develop, to grow big nnd
strong nnd powerful, to flower, bud
and bear fruit,
And when thnt dny comes fliey will
take posBOBslon of tho tree and
their patience rewarded.     For
tree will be theirs nnd the fruit thoro
disposal nil that could be known to
those terrifying phenomena, .would seo
to It that no buildings that would
constitute by their weight or height
a danger to hiimnn life were permitted
in the one specially affected; nnd
would have at Its disposal the whole
resources of mankind for rescuing all
those likely to perish ns the result of
an utterly unforsoen cataclysm, and
then lmmcdlnte sustenance would bo
Immediately organized. Moreover what
Is after nil, tho worst result of a natural catastropho, aftor the dead aro
counted and the first pangs of star*
vntlon In tho survivors have been np*
penned, Is the economic loss nnd of*
ten tho absolute ruin of those survivors; of that thoro would bo no trnco
under Socialism. The burden of nny
economic loss would fall on tho broad
shoulders of society as a whole, and
no ono would be ruined theroby.--
*   *.   .
,'Wti  ft) trillc lis- (.iioil* nre rtlftile lie.!
to ".M-ify your •..■•s'ret*, nnd mine, but
Then* mc throe »e|>r.iott* ib-nrt-t-e of,
H.e Ordor of f.'on.rndeshlp. We nil |
ii'i.e tic firm degree. Thnt is lho do-i
•■!•■•■ of ■rnmrndeHlilp In luUfortun*-•-j
In "Mii-omle slavery. W*. woi-ken*-,
•■■ ■ ,.'.. -:-,'.Ct(i\te<.l ll'") rl'.s" p.** '.do t'■■■.■•'
of birth. I
jo'i nrd f nud Ir.His nt oth**n* hnve io - r-.lt., mil of work eight momln,, driver,
fell *u>r iahtir In 'omp*«Hloii with i niunculsr, irmmped nil over New York
t-ffb •r,*!.+ r < Ti D.- i.-i'u.r t,*.?itV<-<. Jmc" ' ar.A UrooVlj-u «**f*v«-i; younr hro'l-ftr-*-
.*i-. Uiri" will wiiti?   thrnwltm thnus- and •"■Intel** dependent on lilm, no tno
The   KetOIld   lluKIVM   U   f .H.Ufldel»')|p ,
iii Itcwjlt. Wo take tli jii tlegren ns'
.«(<\ii nH we become (Inn* coimcioux,:
Mi jo.i, in the Soi'lallm movement lu,
'!<• f'tfhi for fm-tfiloro. Have yoti1
ff:.-(n rtii» tocond degree yetl Any old j
IThe Doctor's First Question
"How arc your bowels?" This Is generally the first question thc doctor asks. He knows what a sluggish liver
means. He knows what a long list of distressing com-
plaints result (rom constipation. He knows that headaches,
bilious attacks, indigestion, impure blood, and general
debility are often promptly relieved by a good liver pill.
We wish you would talk with your own doctor about
this subject. Ask him at the same time If he approves
of Ayer's Pills.   P^ ?5 he .wys.      7~C. AutrCcLowelLMiau.
Mamm*mm,^mmmmMtmmr*.wnr*>jitw*n.mmmmt. *•• -mm****mim*He*mK********e*RMmmKtmmea—tlBKmeLm
The wonkness of capitalist soclotv
In fnce of a gront nnturnl uphonval,
lias seldom been more mnnlfost ihni
'n connection with the recent terrible
enrthqunltes In Sicily and Calabria.
••VnnVlv with the exception thnt the
Intost scientific appliances were In i
hnp-tiu/t.ni *•*...> (jtoa»;(t( iu-~nir.i.7.i*.
tulegiHphy to announce tlte iifwe of
th.* catamrophe. nnd tho power of
sfonm to expedite the appro-nob fif
vescuem to tho scene of the disaster
<3nr.tr,,,.    tn f1<U*    mWCrq    *|K     Vel*nlea.«.
ly In the faco of n great tolcniilc eruption or slf-mlc convulsion ah did the
I'otnar.a in the first century nt the
overwhelming of Pompeii nnd Ilercul*
aiiouin, so graphically described by
.'liny. All thnt tnoie on the spot
rnn do |» rn dodge falling liousei nnd
diefid the resiillnm tea wave; alt that
those can do at a distance (n to pass
around the hat to feed the famished
and reclaim « few fiom economic per*
dltlon. Society, otrftn.xf-d nationally and IntomnMonn.to', could not. Ir Is
true, control earthquakes or regulate
loittnott: h«r it vw\$ Teat* at lt«
Prof. H, A. Howell of Havana, Cuba
Recommends Chamberlain's Cough
"As long ago na I enn remember my
mother wns n faithful user and frk-nd
of Chamberlain's Cough Ilomody, but
novor In my life have I realized Its
true vnluo until now," wrllea Prof. H.
A Howell of Howell's Amerlcnn school
In Havana, Cuba. "On lho night of
February .1 our baby was taken slcli
with a very sovero cold, tho noxt dny
lit.' wax worMt* anti tin.* tuglil loliowun*
lil'j iLivftlDi'ii wui; 'jnh.i\:.i, Jle ct.uM
not Ho down nnd It was necosf-nry to
hnvo him In the arms evory moment,
livon then his breathing wns difficult.
I did not think he would leave until
the morntne. At Inst I thought of niv
•rootlier'a remody, Chiiniborlnlii'H Coui/h
■Remedy, which we gave, and It afforded prompt relief, nnd now, three day*
Inter ho has fully recovered, l.'nder
J the c!rcumt»tanci**s I would not hesltnii*
I a moinetit in saying that Chamberlains
■Cough Ilemedy, and that only saved
, tlm life of our dour Unit* boy." For
•nlo by ail druggltta.
' WAl.KEnVIU.B, Ont Fog. 2S—A,
:8tefont«on, painter, thirty yettrt at ag«*
'.committed aulclde by taking   Pari*- DISTRICT  LEDGER,  FERNIE,    B.C.  MARCH 6 1909
The Record Now Stands   1 to 1—
The Great Game to be Played
off on  Monday Night
-./Souse these tears!    _r
■;* "How -weak and Frail a Thing   is
Man."1 (Queen of Sheba.)
■    "It"'is Enough,"  (Aria from-  Men-
delsshon's 'Elijah'.') ;
We are fii*mly convinced that . the
chaps ■ who wrote - these knew what
they were talking about—we mean
writing about.'
'. "But the Lord is Mindful of His
Own," (Mendelssohn's 'St. Paul.') We
never doubted theN above till Saturday
night.       | ■ ■ ■ fi
\ .How have the mighty fallen! How
have the great of tho earth been laid
'low!      Bill "Tuttle's. left. town,., the
empress of China's gone dead, King
Edward and Emperor Bill ate their
soup out of a gold dish, into which
they dipped their bread iind conveyed
it to their mouths with a swooping
motion. ,  ,
,153 points to the bad, and those
slippery oysters still alive and well.' '
Well, after It was over we went to
. church Sunday morning, and. were
thinkin' the parson hadn't heard the
news, when they ' all * started to read
out "For we have done "those- things
which we ought- not-dto have done,
and we have left undone those things
which we ought to have" done, and
there is no good in us." ' We just
reached down, tor our new black.hat
and bur waikin' stick (which used to
be a handle in an-umbrella) and started to shuffle to the-door,.for things
were too personal, "when we were informed that those words referred to
the human race in general and, that
we had beter stay till after collection
was taken. We stayed, but have a
good mind to,turn down "the ladies'
aid next fall when they want our big
pumpkins to, put on "the windows for
the harvest home tea meetin'. ^
.Well, come to think of it we were
lined up at Ingram's again on Satur-
day night. We sauntered in with
the greatest amount of ease-we''could
muster, and cast patronizing .glances
as the, wobbly" pin eaters from the
goose farm filed Ah.' We handed in
our names and took our oath rthat we
were simpn_pur_e_arnateurs. The v
P ."muddlers didn't'have to "do this
as "from their last performance it'.was
too painfully apparent'that they were
worse than,amateurs. ■ ■ ,.- • -...-
." Well, 'by" the long horned spoons-
John R. Wallace, walloped out $5
worth of oysters so fast that it made
relief money., look like molasses ■ in
January. Had the giant got ?10 tho
Free Press would have the back of
their bulldinv raised up as high as
tho front. 'Tis said that the great
John cut out his liver and rice-diet,
and has been partaking of . small
quantities' of spring chicken and .wine,
and a little toast and tea. By ginger,
he sure was in great shape though,
and took the game' by the horns in
the first stab. His face wore the
same look of determination as when
Pierpont Morgan organized the billion
dollar steel trust. However he. shot
his big bolt'early and towards the end
fell down with a dull sickening th-od,
which reminded us of ■ the way in
which the hero used to knock the
block of the 'villain in the show on
fall fair night.
Our key hole reporter found out
that it was a matter of life and death
with Whimster, and the looks of the
Financial Critique of the F. P. (that
F. P. means,"Funds Punk") , made
him wobble more than usual at times.
Bert hummed softly to himself "For
the Ladies are Looking at„Me." He
also threatened to make the 224 figure and the $5 hitched on to it look
like'a Christy liat and a pair of "kid
gloves at 40 below zero. However,
Ingram still has the five bucks, b.ut
Bert still has the notion. Great little.bowler though, i We learned afterwards that he wanted the ?5 to help
,buy a kitchen cabinet—of course not
for-himself.. :• .'**
Col. English had his brass-buttons
cut off and his,sword broken, and at
last accounts was. hiding in the tali
uncut timbers."- His place was ably—
we use the word ably because, nothing
else comes to our mind—taken by J'.
M. Gorle, .the' charming brunette of
,the red and blue lines department.
Evidently the Colonel, had left. his
mantle for Gorle, for he wore it to
perfection, and dug up about the
same number of counters. However
the Colonel was sorely missed, and
his winsome ways and winning manners left an aching void this world
can never fill. (Tears flowed here in
spite of everything.) An old^ subscriber just called to ask about the game,,
We showed him around the, office;
and told him it was fine weather. He
said a little more snow would make
sleighing. We had a couple of good
jokes which' we told him and by the
crackey, he went out and forgot what
he asked us in the flrst place.
', John .Volume had on a clean collar
but the same old tie*. He "had his coat
off and "a little emblem on his vest,
it is eithor a.badge from the,Society
for Prevention of. Cruelty to Animals,
or a Comfort Soap Pin. Some one said
it was from a Temperance society,
assumed a particularly pathetic attitude, dropping gracefully * to one
knee, while one dainty foot trailed
gracefully^In the rear. He'made several strikes, quite brilliant in fact (for
him) but no doubt he will tell you all
about that in the Free Press. He had
an Interview with Archie Glendenning
and- Is going to have a sewer dug out
in the centre of the alley. He still
holds firmly to the belief that he can
bowl. Crows and sparrows also have
the notion that they can sing.
Mr. James Corn-cob Robertson was
retained'on' the firing line of ,. the
enemy, but the recent' depression in
the wheat market has told heavily on
Jim, and his step betrays the lack^of
that old timer vigor and the elacticity
is rapidly fading from his movements.
(Another bucket of tears.) Jini is getting out a' little booklet on "Bowling
and How She is Did. "It is to be printed in two different languages, one for
the South Sea Islander's aud one for
the rebellious tribes of North Borneo.
Fred Kirk's a great little bowler,
though. Sure we're proud,of him. All
the ladies wanted to have a curl from
his luxuriant locks, but.nothin' doin'.
He also had on a clean shirt. -
Buckley has a.,new theory, which
he calls "The Only System" which he
is going to try out for the next game.
He. expects to have a-moustache a la
Emperor William to help him out."
George Couzens, our husky member
has left for the prairie','but-we liave
a dark horse in training for the next
Wallace   ....   ;     670
Whimster    5S2
Volume     ...   ,, '.   443
Gorle            413
Robertson ... ... ."    383
' ,7 ■ 2491
Kirkpatrick ].  52G
Kennedy    491
Couzens  .;        456
Stanley           44C
Buckley   7 419
Majority for Free Press 153.
A bystander remarked as he sized
up the crowd: "Best"looking and the
most intelligent bunch of bowlers I've
seen here yet." ' Whimster and Volume were away at the time,
The Free Press "skulduggerererers"
held a mutual admiration meeting one
evening, and the orchestra . supplied
the-music.. John W. played the big
drum,,, Volume, blew a swihet, Gorle
tinkled sweetly on the ' tamborene,
Robertson harmonized on a dulcimer
and Whimster chorded on an" accord-
eon. Our Old Favorite "Aul Lang
Syne was much In evidence, and was
used.to the following verses:' y
My job is saved, no more shall I
Go hungry to my cot.
For my big score, they all do say
Helped out a gosh darned lot.•„
-  The BIG game will be played - next
Monday night..     If you .want to get
near the" building be there before 3 in
the afternoon, the game starts at 7.
Ingram's were equal to the occasion
and presented the winners with two
boxes of cigars. The.winners were
also equal to the occasion and passed
along the smoke.   ■ .-_,
'  Mr. • Oyster,  we  had you   by  the
ear, but now .we haven't,got.you.
Back to the, underbrush for you Mr.
Bengough, for John Volume draws
pictures that will make your best efforts look like mud pies. He can eas-
rounded by a small army of   oddities.
Blundell, a gradute of the Free
Press, was; conspicuous during the
game, and jumped around like'' a man
in the last stages of St. Vitus dance.
' All said and done the prints are
having a good'time out' of it. , The
Free Press are good losers and good
winners, We reckon their sheet's
account of the game, will be worth
the reading.""'
So Says Clark Who was Just
Re-capfured—Enjoyed His
c    Liberty for a Year
27—After enjoying liberty for ovor one
year J. W. -Clark, the convict who
escaped from the B. C. penitentiary
in company with Bill Miner, W. J.
Wood and A., F., McLuskey on August 8, 19071 has been recaptured at
Mount Vernon, Washington, where ho
has been living for some time. Deputy Warden Carroll left for the south
yesterday to identify the prisoner who
was being held by the sheriff of tho'
county as a.suspect.
A message was ^received here later
In the day to the effect that Carroll
had already Identified the escaped prisoner.
At the time Clark escaped from the
penitentiary he was serving a three-
year sentence, for forgery, having been
convicted at Nanaimo,
His term would havo ended in June
this year, not allowing for good conduct reduction. Clark is said to
have informed, the. Mount Vernon authorities that Bill Miner and Woods
are in Australia.
' OTTAWA, March 2—The challenge
for the Stanley cup from, the Shamrocks of Winnipeg Has been accepted,
the trustees being satisfied with the
list of players sent in by that team.
There are ten players on the list sent
in, and they are vouched for by the
Secretary of the Manitoba league and'
by the' Shamrock' club. The trustees
will order nie'first cup game either on
March 8 or 9 and the second a couple
of days later.
■ Renfrew has decided not-to press
their challenge this year but the trustees will accept the challenge of the
Gait club as all the players come under the-ruling of - the trustees except
one and the' club is willing to drop
As the Shamrocks, are now in Edmonton where ' they play the - first
game in" the series of two for the Fit
Reform cup to-night' it is hardly likely
they can take advantage of the opportunity to play for the Stanley cup at
least not so early as a week ■ from
to-day. .''".■
Methods during the many
years of our dealings have
proven the wisdom of trading with us. While working
for a business we have been
working for a reputation, we
have gained it, and it will be
upheld. Every deal with us
is a satisfactory deal.   We
■frii-at-nnf-ata-ta  fVinf
WINNIPEG, March 1—A special re
sul-General Jones of Winnipeg" had
an audience with President Roosevelt
and extended him an invitation to a
big game hunt in Manitoba this year".
The president takes a lively .interest
in the development of western Canada
and would appreciate an opportunity
to visit it."
PETERBORO, March, 3—Firemen
Thos. Craig and Chapman are under
arrest charged with assaulting Deputy Chief Grange. It- is stated that
the men had been drinking and that
they attacked Garnge because he had
reported them late for duty.
FREDERICTON, March 1—The provincial govornment refused tho petition of the New Brunswick temperance
faction asking for prohibition ln Now
B. E. WALKER,  President 7,
Paid-up Capital   $10,000,000
Reserve Fund   -    6,C00,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
; * issuKD .vr the following rates   *
?5 and under  3c
Over ,$5 and not exceeding $10,., 6c
Over ?10 and not exceeding $30 . .10q
Over $30 and not exceeding $50..15c
These orders are payable at par at every office of a Chartered bank in
Canada (except in the Yukon) and at the' principal banking points in    the
United States.     They are negotiable at $4.90 to the £ sterling in   Great
Britain and Ireland.
They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money with
safety and at small cost and may be obtained without delay.
H. W. TRENHOLME, " Manager, Fernie.
Canadian Pharnmcoutlcul Journal—
To Fornk"*, B. C„ In anothor month
will bolong tho dlHtlnctlon of possoss*
ing tho finest drug store in America.
.Mr, N. 13, Suddaby of Fornio, during tho mouth of Novombor and Do*
cembor, visited tho loading cltlos of
tho United Statos mid Canndn for thu
purpose of gaining knowlodgo and
securing Ideas rogariling tho most up
to dato manner of fixture trootmont
for a paint lal drug hi ore, Mr, Suddaby had about docldod on placing Ills
order In Chicago, behoving It. tho contro for iip-to-ilato fixtures, but boforo
doing bo oamo on to Toronto, whoro
hn cnllod for plans and Hpoclflcntloiis,
and nftor rocolvfng iho drawing-* sub*
ralttod by tho Toronto Show Ciiho Co.
docldod lo plnco bin order In Can*
Tbo moro iih woll oh bolng extra
long Ih iiIho vory wido, Mum allowing
tlin out fit turn a Hploudld chaiico io
xliow what cnu bo ilmm In Mio llxturo
Unu, Tlio whole- Inmrlor Ih lo bn of
solid mahogany Jlritlsli Plato Gltihx,
Polished mirrors nml whito marblo,
Tho fun lior ond of i lio atom will have
largo Colonial pllliin- In front of polished mlrrori*. liuiiiodlnlcly In Mm
cnwtro on olihcr Hide a largo cryntol
donio will bo Happened ou maHHlvo
pillars in front of pollflhod mirrors
^.'in-.'J hi tiUfU u ,'„.....'.! i' ijnii <),,.- inflection Ih contlnudii:'. Tlu> display
cohoh nro all of spfolnl doslm. with
special Trianon Cnblnota. Tho I'nlni
Oardon Ih tn bo iiHod for phonographic
domoiiKtrntloni*, Sin-rial dcnnnifionti*
hnvo boon arranged for liosplial nm**
plb'H, niagazlium, n kodaka, leather
rooiIh, «-;porlliig goodH, ihiihIo, station*
'•ry, etc Almnluti'ly no oxpontm in
bolng spared and Mil* Ktoro, whon It
Ih completed will be xccoml lo nono
In America.
Mr. Huddnby in having Incorporated
In hia plni.H sonio of Mio effoem pro-
iluccil by tin* Tinunto rilww Cnwo to.
In connect ton with Mio flxturea supplied to Moms. A. K. ftoa ft Co.
for tliolr now utoro on Vongo atroor,
which hat had »uch unlvmal ailmlrn-
Always a choice supply of Beef, Pork, Veal,
Mutton, and Lamb on hand.   Hams',
Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs
Our Specialties
- Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish, ..always a good
-   assortment.   Try -our Mince Meat,
,   Saurkraut and Oysters.
The 41 Meat Market, Ltd,
• -I
ttAVING   opened a branch store in the tenipor-
-1-   •  ary. store lately occupied by A. A. Gillespie,
,t-wo rdoors ,'north of the new Bank! of   Commerce
_". Fernie and sun'ounding district .with the
of nil kinds.   We keep a choice selection of hams,
Bacon and Lard (the well known Armour Brand)
and Fresh Fish daily.
All our Meats are Specially Selected' from
oiir own Ranches
Hotels, Boarding Houses and Camps supplied at the
lowest possible prices,      We   respectfully solicit
your patronage,  .
The 41  Meat Market Ltd.
OTTAWA, March -.—The Houho of
Commons to-nlglit discussed tlio telephone rpieBtlon on a reHolutlon movod
by Ilaughton Lennox In which It was
declared that the exporlonco of tho
wostorn provinces which hnvo talton
ovor lho tolophones biiHlnosfl and tho
evidence collected by the commlttoo
of tho houso which Inquired Into tha
mutter forur yours ago, established
Hint Canada outside of tho throo wok-
tern provinces is paying moro for tliolr
telephone sorvlco than thoy sliauld ho
called upon to pay. In ordor to
glvo tho pooplo a hoi'vIco at mich rates
that prevail In countries whoro a national sorvlco Ih In operation, .Mr, Lennox siiitwl that lio did not Intend asking for Htato ownorolilp but moro cont
ploto govornmont control, Tho west*
om provlucoH had gone Into tho 1-uh-
Iiiosh not for tho ImihI'H'iih but for political retiHotiH.
.Mr. McLean movod nn aiiiciirlinniit
Unit thn llotiKo reaffirm Uh approval
of thu loglslatlon pussi-d pinching tlm
tolophono companies under tlio con*
trnl of tho railway hoard until hucIi
timo um tho oilior provlm-i'H followed
tho oxnmplo of tho wcbI-th provlucoH
this lcglHlttilnn was Huffli'loni.
Tho (lli'i'oioi'M of tin.' friinlirooh park
l-lmltod, hold a largo m--'-ilng and do.
iii ....
...Ci,    ,.jJV4.   ..    ...a1.    ,,.1 t,    ,.,,.1   *),t....f,
to bf« *n>ld on Mnv ?t *iv* *.'" Tlu« of-
Iclals havi' opened ini'renpnndiMH'o
wiih tlm loading horm'iu-'ii of wostorn
Caiiiula and tlio .NoiUi.u'sii'iii Slates
and aiillclpate ono of Un.* iikhI huccohh*
fill nit'i'tliiKH ovi'i* lii<M In UiIh aicrtlon
(il Hin lliuu'if ,i , All I ill i II <* I'.iln'-i'i KM-
tO In* put tip ami tin- lioiH.iii'-n of this
vicinity fool confident that thoro will
bu a largo attendance.
NOTICE Is hereby glvon that the
J. II. Rold Compnny, Limited, carrying on buslnossi n» Furniture Dealers
at Fornio, Ti. C'., hns by Dood of Assignment dated tlio nth day of February 1901), assign-id all Its personal
proporty, ronl oslnlo, credits and of-
fcctfi, which may lio seized and sold
undor execution, unto Cornelius K.
Lyons of Fornio, 11, C, Assignee, for
tho purpose of pnylng and satisfying
all Its creditors ratnlily and proportion*
atoly, without prcforonco or priority.
All persons having claims against
tho J, II. Hold Company, Limited, aro
roqulrod to forward pai*tlculai*H of
sumo duly vorlllud, to tho snld Cornelius 13. Lyons of Pomlo, ll. c., on or
will proceed to dlntilbtito lho iihhoih of
lho ostato among the persons untlt'od
thereto, having inprd only to the
claims nf which ho shall thon lmvo
had notico. and nil pursmiH Indebted
to the snld ,1, ||. I{,-1,1 Company, Limited, nro r-'tiui-Htpd to pny such ludHi-
lodiiosH lo tho hi,H CoriuilhiK K, Lyons
at IiIh offlco, Foiiiln, U. (;,
A mooting of llm creditors of the
Mil.. J. H. Hold Coinpiiny, Llinltod,
will ho hold nt tin- offlco of Uio snld
Company, Victoria nvtmiin, on Tluira-
day, tho 2.1th day of Ftibrimrv, A. J),
19Q!. at li.tio p.m.
Datod this Jlthdiiy of Febiuury, A
I). 10011,
Solicitor for AhsIijiioo,
Fob LUt
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Call in and
see us once
C. W. DAVEY & CO., Props.
Waldorf Hotel
Table Unexcelled
Bar supplied with the finest
brands of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars
(Formerly of Central^Hotel)
a The Hotel of Fernie
Fernie's Leading Co'iiiinercial
'  and Tourist House
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
I3ui* supplied with   the  host Wines,
Liquors and Cigars
The New
Will open for business the first wook
In .March. Unlit expressly for
It's a dandy, como and seo It
Workingmans Trade
(W, A.  Rom,  Manager.)
■•ITTriM.'INJ, l'o, .March 1 Wm. K.
Oorhardt, raptaln of a flro onmpn*v
who yi'Hteidny munion-uily iinttaultoj
.Mm. Anna itaxtcr with n nuor and
then sorlotinly cut hlmf'-lf, (omrnltlod
•iilclil'* by Jumping from th,. third
floor window of lho Pi'itd-urg hoi.pi.
to] unlay.
Wm. Eschwlg, Proprietor
New and up-to-date
Handsome Cafe Attached
CO.,   LTD.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers
.A full sinek li ii fi.-iv iluyx
Advertise io the Ledger
Alberta Show
Case Works
M.'lllill'jirtui'i'K    ,,f
Calgary, Alia. PAGE FOUR
The lots-are 50ft. x 110 and
50ft. x 139 to a 20ft. lane.
The streets, are 6(Jft. wide.
Lots can be bought for $50.00
each.    Corner lots $00
$5.00 per lot cash and $5
per lot per month. No interest charges and no taxes until
1910. In cases of out-of-
work or sickness we agree to
protect the purchaser provided they notifv us.
Torrens Title to the Property
The Midway and BusinessPivot of the Grand Trunk Pacific Ry
ATROUS. is the halfway divisional point between Winnipeg and Edmonton.     Note
the position-^—407 miles west of Winnipeg, 388 miles east of Edmonton.   Ci
In the the centre ofthe finest district in all Saskatchewan from which, branch lines will run. from Watrous to Prince Albert-, and
will connect with Hudson Bay line from Watrous to Regina., ;,Withm three, miles of the, depot lies. Lake Manitou a beautiful
lake containing 6% salt. Ages ago the Indians had their sweating lodges on' its shores and brought their'sick from all'the surrounding prairie to bathe in its healing waters. To-day.it has cured the most stubborn cases of rheumatism and skin' diseases.
Can you appreciate what that means ? A little ' bit of ocean in the heart of the prairie. Already New York capitalists are
figuring on the erection of a .Sanitarium on its shores and it will undoubtedly be a health as well as a summer resort.
For particulars apply to T. A.  KITLEY or G. L.  Dunham, Waldorf Hotel,  Fernie,  B. C.
or to  W. A.   CAMPBELL,   Nanton  Building:,  Winnipeg
Watrous Addition lies
between the,station and.-the.
lake in a- position three
quarters of a mile from the
business centre.   .
Tofrens Title
to the property arid in the
event of sickness or out of
worlc payments are extended
No Taxes till 1910
■■ vi
'&i# Mtivitl £ttyw
$1.00 a year in advance. Address all communications to the "Manager", District Ledger, Fernie B. C.
Rates for .advertising bn application.
We believer-through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and lo prove our faith by words, we will make
good to actual subscribers' any loss incurred by trusting advertisements that.prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest bankrupts.
This offer holds good for one month after . the
transaction causing the complaint; that Is we must
have notice within that time. In all cases in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
RESIDENCE 9 Manager.
Were we dealing with bonus grafters, or unscrupulous immigration agents whose whole actions are governed by mercenary considerations,
no undue surprise woulii- be aroused by questionable methods to reap commissions from any and
every source by any means whatsover, but when
the Salvation Army, or aHeast certain controlling
sections of it;- form themselves into an agency with
the idea of swamping the labor market, of Canada,
it is time that the rank and file of .the Salvationists
looked to it tn protect tlie fast disappearing prestige and standing which they once enjoyed.
■ There are periods iri all classes of business, including newspapers,' and among all men, for that
matter, when the need of a tonic   is felt—when
"some"sort ofTtimulationls necessary,-. ' ***"
. This does not necessarily mean that.the business or the papers are deteriorating. These periods
occur naturally, at .-intervals, and it is sometimes
difficult to explain the reason for the feeling of
lassitude—not to say depression.
It may: come in the spring or it -may occur in
the fall, but it is pretty certain to happen along at
• some time or other.    „ ,
Then it is that*'the business or papers experiencing the feeling of debility need a tonic—they
must be subjected to some bracing'influence.   '  .
Quinine and iron may do for a man under the
weather, but the best tonic for business depression
is advertising.' It will impart new energy to any
concern not broken down beyond redemption, and
will' infuse additional vigor into the strongest organization.
Advorlisiii-j* is an economical treatment which
is certain to hnve a beneficial ell'ect if taken before
it is too lnte to be of nny good,
Do not wait until the last moment before you
lost thi* virtues of judicious lulvei'tising,
Take a tonic now and then, no matter how
strong you may be, and if you are depressed, take
Ionics until the depression disappears.
Morning l'ust, London, Hng,: Mr. Trotter's recent statcnionts have led us lo mnko inquiries as
to llio worls ol the Siilvntioti .Anny in connection
with oniigt'iition to Ciiiiadn, nnd we lenrn thai Ihe
program for tlie present yenr in course of prepar-
alion hy the l.uiignition (lepnrtinent of tlu* Snlva-
tion Army slntes that tlie full reports just received from the Army's Ciuia.linn Office, containing
np-liwlnto informal inn as lo llio outlook for tlio
spring, give evidence of a considerable demand I'or
workers. The Canadian office, it iH said, calls definitely for .1000 men for Calgary, Alberta, and
points west thereof, including Hritish Columbia;
1000 ••'••n for Manitoba ami points west, including
Saskatcliewan; 5000 men for Ontario and the Has*
tern counties of Quebec; 1000 men for thn Maritime proviin'cs, Nova Scotia, New l-Jninswiek and
Prinfio Kdward island, making a total of 8000 men,,
To meet this demand, it is stated, the Salvation
Army's Km ignition department. Iiiih decided to or-
giuiizo weekly conduct ed partios, the Iirst of which
Will slai'l lor 'anada cuii,** in .Mulch. Aiiitiigt-
iiients are being mmie wlhT-'f-.v ciiiigr.iiil,s hunt tu
Cannda under the Salvation Army's auspices will
be nbl(! to ensure against loss nri-sini": from sickness, accident, loss of luggage, and unemployment,
in 'i'oroiilt' rcccini.v '.InT higin-d ii.i out of v,,nk
list in a very short time; on a recent Sunday morning some 300 were fed in one place, which is almost a daily occurrence, and reports from all the
large centres nro the same! No work, absolutely
nothing to do for hundreds of men already out-nf.
work. On top of this the Salvation Army proposes to ..limp SUi'l) more emigrants. Can any
sane man for one minute concede any justice in
tlio work of an alleged religious body, in trying to
dupe nnsnsprcting persons into this land on a
promise of gun run lee against unemployment. To
-'■Mr. W. R. Trotter, Canadian labor rep-
;.. resentativ.e in Great Britain, is making himself
considerable of a nuisance. He appears to be „
seized' with' tlie conviction that his chief mis-
■   sion is to stop emigration to Canada as far as   -
he js' able. ' He' has just riiade bitter attacks
; on the methods,, of tire Salvation Army, alleg--.
ing that the latter body is simply, endeavoring •'
,„to acquire government bonuses,'instead of as-
themselves.   All who have any record'of * the
Salvation army in the matter of emigration to
this, country know that this charge is absolutely without foundation.   Mr. Trotter ought to.
be recalled."—Cranbrook Prospector.
Will the editor of the Prospector state- the record of the Salvation Army in emigration affairs?
Can the editor of the Prospector deny that -■ Mr.
Trotter is armed with scores upon scores of letters
from persons who were brought to this land under
the auspices of the Salvation Army, only to find
tlmt the promises of work and employment at good
wages, were a myth and a delusion?.    Would it
be reasonable to suppose that the Trades Congress
of Canada would spend large sums of money   in
sending Mr, Trotter to tho old land to warn prospective emigrants of true conditions here unless
their action was justifiable aud warr-intcd,
Mr. Trotter is not a jingo prattler, iiis actions
and speeches are. not the outcome of a brain sot
upon, the belittlemeut of Canada as ii land of homes
nnd promise; the great bulk of his statements arc
merely the authenticated records of the Dominion
government taken from current Blue Books. As
to his attacks on the Salvation Army, thoy are confined to, tho emigration policy of that body, and
no'thinking, rending nnd observing man enn for
one minute countenance tho tactics pursued in the
past nnd in tho present, by "certain officials who
control the destinies of .the Salvation Army.
To say thnt thoy, are playing into the hands of
the Canadian Manufacturers association and kindred capitalistic organiztions may be a strong and
rather far fetched statement, but wo are within
hounds when we say that tho Salvation Army aro
piling hundreds and hundreds of strong, able bodied men with families into a labor market that Is
glutted to an unwarranted and unprecedented ci.
tent, The commissions on tickets and other bonuses forms a most likely cause for their remarkable
activity in them lines,
Will tlie editor of the Prospector state what,
tho average Hritish emigrant is going to do upon
arriving in Canada ? The writer of this article has
seen train load after train load of emigrants land
od in Toronto under S. A, auspices, who were act
nnlly hooted ns thoy proceeded on thoir way to
S. A. headquarters, by hundreds upon hundred*
of out of works, many of whom had come out under
similar auspices.
J'jvcn ilie J^ominioii government '■ocogiii/.c-*. the
■fact that emigration to Ciunuiu is hxiiuu uvcr-alui.-*,,
why thon should tho Salvation Army seek to forco
upon us people who are not wanted at present for
tho simple renson that we have nothing to offer
liu-iii. Ay.iinht tiit wink of Uio StU\ <t.i..c.. Afiuj",
ami against the thousands of dovout souls -who are
striving at great personal sacrifice to do tho will of
their Master, not a word can bo said; indeed woro
their activities withdrawn a sad want would be
Wt in the mi-won work of many eommunitios. for
churches as a rule do not come so close.to tho peo,
pio who need help as tho Salvation army workers
do. Tlie ill-advised taeties of ft tow of tho higher
officer**, cannot he passed up ns praiseworthy, nor
can thoy be countenanced or tolerated by tlio laboring classes of Canada.
One word. Mr. Prospector Man,-go deeper into
the subject, don't view it from the narrow horizon
of your little hamlet; study the whole question on
a-broad and fair minded basis, for from your present utterances w'e are firmly convinced that a lit
tie knowledge is.,a dangerous thing.   '
The two-by-four editor of the Frank paper is in
j.'terrible ste.v;, It is rumored .that it is proposed
to divide the present Pincher Creek provincial rid--
iiig'at about Lundbreck, which making a new riding, chiefly peopled by dirty ,cq'al. diggers, would
mean the election of a Socialist to'the legislature
from that riding. ''■    '
If (the editor) points out that' all who were
not Socialists would "be to all intents disfranchised," which seems very unfair, while, under the pre-,
sent arrangement,' all who are Socialists are disfranchised, which appears eminently fair. - -
Further,.'• We do not hold-that this.would be
so serious a matter, if at straight-out'labor man
could be elected;" What a compliment to straight
out'labor men'.'',' ' .7 *    -   ..-
And then again, twenty.millions worth of pro-'
perty would haV'e no representation which would
be almost too dreadful to think of*r.for of course
tation than-mere human beings.'—Western Clar
The Ledger i \vas severely criticized by the
Free Press, by Ex-Mayof Tuttle and several others
who seemed very angry because we demanded investigations into ■ the affairs and accounts' of the
Relief committee.-    The fact that the committee
has now issued a warrant for the arrest of II. G*.
Lockhart, the first secretary of the committee,
shows that our stand1 was right, and ought to make
our critics crawl some. We"have always tried to.
expose everything that was not just and proper,
and the fact that,after our demands were acceded
to, a shortage''of the people's money of over $900,
which was cleverly disguised,,.was unearthed by
the auditor, shows that onee more "we were right'
iu our demands.
A publicity number of exceptional excellence
was issued bySlThe Lethbridge Herald, comprising
some 6-1 pages. The whole issue is replete with
illustration 01" Lethbridge.and Southern Alberta in
general, and no doubt will have a far reaching
effect in* calling attention to the advantages of
that section'. ' The arrangement of the matter, the
typography, and'presswork were all that could.be
desired, and the Herald is to be congratulated on
its well-direc.ed enterprise.'
The Morning Albertan.of Calgary has also published a'56-page special,-but .devotes most of its
space to Calgary and immediate district, contrasting the.past with the present, and showing, the
remarkable growth of that city. . Many interesting
statistics have been compiled,for the.number, and
a great fund of valuable information is made avail-
able. . - The production, mechanically, is also    a
fine piece of work.
All parties who'donated money or other things
to the relief of the Fernie people and who have not
been given•• credit should ^ at once write the secretary and drop us a line as well.'. We want to go
right to the bottom and ascertain if. there are
other "errors or ommissions."   ' ,'■   :
M. A. Kastner
Fire, Life, Plate Glass
and Accident
Property For Sale in
all parts of the
Houses   For
aa ,.        .* t>
New Oliver Typewriter
Machine given out on trial  '
■ ;-'„      " ' ' No Charge /'-'?'
Highest   Price   Paid   for
South African-War Script
Piano for sale—$200 cash.   A   bargain. Apply Ledger Office.
Monthly Meeting
Fernie Local of the Socialist party
of Canada will hold their monthly
business meeting on Sunday afternoon
March 7 at 2.30 In the Miners hall,
Propaganda meeting'; will be held ln
the evening at 7.30. Speaker, John
Splendid Performance.
Before a houso packed to tho -Jours
tho San Francisco Opero, Co. presented "Tho Strollers" at tho Fernie opora
houso Inst night, .The management
of the company, of,the oopra house,
tho performer!*, the musicians, tho mechanics. 011 tho stago, and ovory one
connected -with the. performance Is
entitled to no ond of praise. Without
a question of a doubt tho San Francis*
co Opera company Is the bost organization that ever toured Wostorn Canada; and our ihentro goors are thank'
ful for the treat given, This aftornoon
at 3 p.m. tho compnny will proBont
"Dolly Varden," one of tho daintiest
and most musical of comic operas, Tho
prlcos will bo 25 cents for chlldron,
75c for adults, To-night at 8.•IS the
company will again sing "Dolly Vnr*
Special Service
Noxt Sunday night tho pastor will
pronch tho hocoikI sermon In tho series on Uovival, the special Bubjcct bolng "How can wo havo a Uovival In
Fernio?" Thoro will alBO bo special
nniHlc. Mr. Williamson will sing a
solo and will bo assisted by the malo
(■■uurtouo, Tho titlo of tho Hong,
"Shadows", wiih iho most popular hoIo
during the groat • revival In Spokano,
by Frod Ilutlur, and was called for hy
the congregation almont ovory night,
Anolhor Item of IntoroHt In this con*
noctlon was tho dying statement of
Rov, V. C. Pledgor, ono of tho rovlv*
fill**!*-*, who during tho Inst conscious
moments of his lifo, Hnld to nutlor-*-
"Toll thom thoro nood bo no shadow*)
thoro," and then*ho said "Thoy nro
calling mo from ovor yondor and I nm
Ji.hl    lit     auC    bull." Mi.     Vl'lllIaiUJ OUlt
will toll the Rtory boforo nlnnlnft tho
noirg at ho was In Spokano during the
timo and attended tho funeral sorvlco
whon $000 people woro present.
0 &
% You  will Say    O   O %
1 Is it Possible      •      * §
V          That I can buy choice fruit land's with   "' <£
%         a good water supply, within 30 miles df x
Ferine;   on  the  installment. plan.    Such, &
easy payments are not ottered by. any othor
'company. Write for circular on "Kootenai
Irrigation Tract"
£    I>. W.   HART, (Agt. for Cana.la) Baynes, B.C.
The   Workingman }s
— Store =
Don t Jorget that I am back
in the old stand and that
my prices are better
than  ever
Lame Shoulder
Whether resulting from a -sprain or
from rheumatic pains, thoro Ih noihlng
■so good for a lamo shoulder ns Chamberlain's Pain nnlm. Apply It froo*
ly and rub tho partu vigorously at
each application nnd a quick euro la
cortnln.   For salo by all druggists.
Men's Suits   $5,00   to $20
Shirts    ?5c to 6,00
Shoes    2,00 to 5,00
Caps     50c to J, 50
Tt'Uiltii 3,*j0 to
Application for tho poaltlon of hoc-
rotary of the Fornio District Flro rte*
llof fund will bo rocolvod by tlio chair*
man up to Mnreh 16th, 1009.
Socrotary pro tnm
See my swell line of Neckties m^ j^ (to
all styles      -      -      *, OUC to 0J
(Next door to Hotel Fernie)
All j
I Investments I
are not i
SBut here is one that will be »
Q        Practical Economy
a        Profitable Results .
I   By buying your Bread,
Cakes and Pastry
from w
All kind, of
Give us a trial
The Ledger for Job Printing
<] Tho news itemi of thi horn*
<J The thingf in which you ftr-a
moat Interested,
<J Thc births, v-eddta*******, de*tht of
the people you know.
4J The tocia. affairs of our own
and surrounding: towns.
Tti.M trt th* kind ef f*rti .Mi pipo**
it*** y<M ia *<t*n itnie Tk*r "*
eetuhAf *#*rt*r, t* * rnkKri-MlM fike.
* '   t
H 4
The Official Organ of District Ho.  18, U.M.W,  of A.
Fernie, B.C., March  6th, 1909
COAL    CREEK     j
| From our own Correspondent <•* *
•jr    . :■''■■'-'   '-'; .   7: . t
■ Jim Stockwell, who was taken to
Fernie hospital * last week suffering
fiom typhoid fever, Is in a very sick
What, was described as a birthday
social was held'' in the Methodist
church on "Wednesday evening, February 24th. The idea was for each person present, to. contribute a .cent for
every year of his or her age. • lt took
on fine, and even the members of the
fair sex with whom the age question is
always a delicate one, toed the mark
with easy grace. Some splendid musical items were greatly appreciated.
Afine Irish terrier was run over and
killed.near the first powder house by
the train going to Fernie on Sunday
The wooden shack opposite the. Coal
Co.- office which has acted,as an apology for apostoffice for, a while, is
at last closed. All postal business may
now be transacted at the residence of
our:respected postmaster, Mrs. Math-
ieson just over the bridge.
Dan Doherty, who was through some
thick fighting in the South African
campaign came in from Hillcrest on
Monday night..:    ~
Mr. and,, Mrs. Dick have given up
, the boarding house business* and for
the i present are living privately in
Fernie. In response to an invitation
a big number of their friends turned
up at the boarding, house on Friday
evening, February 26th, to take part
In a. farewell dance.. Good music was
supplied by Messrs. Ernie Mercer, Ed
Thompson and Bob Bailey. Grama-
phone selections were rendered and
much appreciated, and Messrs. Jack
/Thompson and George Crabbe merited
the applause which their step dancing
brought forth. The inner man's needs
were well catered to and the mirth'was
kept going uptil - the wee sma hours
under the direction of an efficient M.
■c. ■   ;i,
The moving pictures are still running good in the club hall. See bills
for your chance of winning a gold
watch.       *    . -j 7 ",''  7 ' -
Quite a crowd went,from Coal Creek
-on-T-hursdayj-Februar}— 25-t6-see-the-
Tom Marks Co. at Fernie.
Tom Davies, who was formerly brat-
ticeman in old No. 1, was an unexpected visitor on Wednesday. , He came
from' Pennsylvania. .    >
The mines were idle on Monday for
the men to attend a mass meeting in
connection with the, drawing up of the
scale'under the prospective agreement.
A special .train ran to Fernie, where
the meeting was held, and Coal Creek
woro a deserted appearance until the
return of the boys at G.30. Some of
them were in a very hilarious mood,
and Indulged;in the Innocent diversion
of snowballing to the great amusement
' of the on lookers.      ■ ,   -
The Rev. Hugh R. Grant B. A.
conducted service in the Presbyterian
, church on Sunday evening, after which
the sacrament of the Lords Supper was
observed by a largo number of com--
Mrs. "Uncle" Smith was romoved to
Fornio hospital last week, having contracted rheumatic fever.
Tho Socialist party of Canada hold a
meeting In tho club hall on Sunday
night when Com. Harrington address*
od a mcagro, but onthuslnstlc audience
tnl'lng-fov hlB.subjopt "The historical
aspect of tho Minors Convontlon," Ho
pointed out. tho urgent nocesslty for a
school'for tho cultivation and development of speakers, and also touched on
tbo grent educational vnluo of a work*
lngnuin'B convention. Comrado Dave
Paton presided.
A big snowslide shortly after the
dinner.-hour on-Wednesday had its
impetus -broken and its course diverted by the bulk head built behind the
car shops in the fall of 1907.
A* sketch and concert will be given
ln the club hall next Tuesday night.
The proceeds will go towards the purchase of an invalid's chair for Fernie
hospital. . :\
Mrs. Yarde who was taken to Fernie
hospital" last week withuan attack of
rheumatics, is out again.
The celebration of St. David's day
ln the Presbyterian church on Monday
night was crowned with success. Mr.
R. H. Nesbitt presided over a large
gathering and after a few pithy observations regarding the patron saint of
Wales, introduced the following, program. Every Item was well sustained
and Mrs. Nesbitt ,.was a brilliant acquisition as accompanist.
Violia solo, Mr. J. Foster.
Song: Sailorboy's Dream: J. D,,Tre-
Song: Arrah Wanna: Mr. W. Vick-
ers. -> '
Address: W. H. Evans.
Song, Mary: W. Owen.
Cello selections: Syd. Wally.
Comic song ln Welsh: W. H. Evans.
Song: Asleep ln the Deep:   Percy
Heskett. '
Duet: Excelsior:, Messrs. Nesbitt
and Trehearne. »  ..,
Song: Free as a Bird: Mr.T. Jenkins. -   • '      '.
Address: J., Le Hughes.   -,
Song: Make New Friends: R. H.
Nesbitt.   ,	
Welsh"solo: Mr. J. Le Hughes.
Hen Wlad fy Nhanau
God Save the King; •       *'
Durlng the'evenlng several selections
were finely rendered by the Welsh
male voice party.,-:
A male voice choir has been,formed
at Coal Creek. A good conductor has
been secured and prcatlce will commence right away.        ....-'
Much interest was evinced.here in
the Longboat and Shrubfr fifteen mile
The Rev.' Grant of Fernie tied, the
matrimonial „ knot at Mrs. Williams
boarding house on Tuesday evening be-
ween Mr..,Harry,Striethorat, Nanaimo,
and Miss Maggie Roberts of Coal
Creek. Mr. Bernard Falrclough and
Miss Annie Sofko were best man and
bridesmaid respectively. After refreshments the party adjourned to the club
hall where they received the congratulations of a big muster of frionds. A
good porgramme of dances was gone
through with*.
Mr. and' Mrs. Will Skellen, former
residents of Coal Creek, havo taken
over the boarding house vacated by
Mr. and Airs. Dick.
Returning from ono of the cottages
between No. 2 and Welsh camp tho
other ovenlng at dusk ono of our quietest young men unexpectedly disturbed
two coyotos in tho midst of a meal
right on the .roadway, Tli'oy displayed
(heir resontment by exhibiting their
teeth In a somowlmt ferocious mannor.
With a fow-angry* yaps and furtive
glances they evontunlly slunk Into tho
bush, Their meal was tho remains of
n dog which thoy hnd presumably killed,
Johnnie Kohoe ha« dropped In ngaln.
This time from Lillo, He speaks woll
of that placo,
Tho porson who took tho book from
tho Blodboard at Mrs. Dick's farewell
danco will save a lot of nnpIonnantnoBB
by leaving it at tho place to which It
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkirkkkk kkn kkk
Thi* Week's News
Mr. and Mrs. Oonnmlc of tho Wen*
tern Grocory storo, Nowtown, loft on
Monday onroulo for Ito-y
Anothor InrRo building linn started
to go up In Nowtown. It will in Uio
noar future bo oponod for biinlnoma by
tho CrowB NoBt Hardware Co,, '
Mrs. Poroy Johnu of Iloslyn, Wash.,
Ih in town on a visit to hor parouts at
Mr. Adam Watson, Into of Coal
Creok, hnH boon appointed ftroboHs at
Nob. .1 and 4 initios.
R. Bartor of Toronto wno In town
on Monday on a buftlnoss trip.
Great preparations nro being mndo
for tho grand mnsquorndo ball on tho
17th fust. Everybody should soo
Dill on that night with his clogs on.
Mr, J. F. Povah of Colomnn was In
town on TuoBday.
Messrs, T, A, Kltcloy and G. L.
Dunham of Winnipeg woro ln town
during thej wook Belling real ostato
situated along tho G, T. P. Thoy did
a big biiBlnoBB whilo In Mlchol.
Mr, C. h. Rnmou, manager of tho
Blairmore mines wno In town on Bat*
urdny, looking ovor tho now conl tip*
pio, Ho had an Interview with Mr.
Croon, tho Inventor of our fine tlpplo,
and no doubt ninlrmoro will hood hnvo
one-of'these wonderful coal dumpers,
which .is proving a big success at Michel. '
,.*,Mr. ,R. W. Wood of. Fernie-was
here on a business trip on" Tuesday in
connection with'hia well.known firm,
Messrs. Trites-Wood! who ara the.,two
candy kids now at Michel.'   '
Charlie Fife of Fernie was dev.-n for
Monday night's dance. Come again
Charlie for the big masquerade on the
l^tb. •■      ',
Alas poor Mike, ?10 for a horse that
dropped dead on its way home.
Supt. Derbyshire .has severed his
connection with the Coal Company.
Mr. R. Roof-has been appointed to
the post *of superintendent."'
Mr. Tom Ball Is now out of the
hospital.. **
The dance given by the Burns club
was a big success.
' The Baronet has at last cut out the
booze "Hurrah."
E. F. Davidson of Calgary was ln
town on Monday.
A big crowd took In the show on
Wednesday night.
. The sunshine makes some people
work. Take care when you pass under the old tipple.
Mr. Otto Meyer of the Michel Brewery went to Fernie on Monday on a
business trip.    '   ' . , ,
When are,we going ,to have the
brass band that was promised us? W.
B. it's up to you.
•**•¥¥¥¥¥•*>¥»¥»¥¥■¥ ¥¥»*f*¥¥¥¥\-»»
■< *
t BARNES        ..     I
* 3
+ ekAk*.ktiXkiikknk**AAkkkkkkk
1 D. S. McLaren and H. Crates spent
Monday and Tuesday in Fernie. They
are now at horn--! to friends in their
bachelor apartments on Kootonia
tracts. c
Wednesday we. were greeted for the
flrst time by the'new mill whistle. The
Adolpli Company have their planer all
ready for business and will begin, to
work the flrstof -next week.  .,
Mr. and Mrs. McNab entertained
a • large number of friends at their
house in Waldo on Thursday evening.
The house was beautifully decorated
with ferns and-Japanese lanterns. The
earlier part of the evening was spent
in, porgressive -whist, first prizes being won by Mrs. Flamsbery. and Mr.
Veerhouf. After this delicious refreshments were served and 'dancing
was engaged in for the remainder of
the, time.7The genial host and.host-
a. delightful manner that they left nothing to be_ desired y-
-^Mr. J. D." Aye is building a house
on the Kootonia tracts' and-expects to
move soon.   - • '
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wilson left
for Vancouvor on Thursday morning.'
Mr. W,llson has secured employment
there, but said he could not leave so
many good friends without leaving a
tie to bind, so purchased a farm from
D. W. Hart before leaving;   '!
Tho whist club met with Mrs/ J. D.
Aye on Wednesday. Tho iirst prize
was won by Mrs. Aye, and consolation
prizes by Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Coffee, but tho ladles voted their prizes
to two members who were leaving tho
club. The ladles enjoyed a special
treat of Ico cream and cako, tho occasion being Mrs. Aye's birthday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Norman Wilson were
guests of Mr, nnd Mrs, Hart Wednesday night, and drovo from thoro to
Elko Thursday morning,, Thoy will
bo missed by their many friends In
Waldo nnd Bnyuos, nnd nil will bo glad
to know of thoir hopo to return to tho
Kootonia tracts nt somo future time,
Mrs. McNab expects to lonvo noxt
week for Victoria whero sho will spend
tho summer.
" Mr. Peter Backs has just purchnsod
a two hundred ogg Incubator and a
broodor from D. W. Hart.
James Cameron and John Watt left
on Monday for.the Arctic circle.
* George' Mellett of the Columbia was
looking over the fruit section south
this week. .   '
Jack Johnson of the Pugh and Livingston Lumber company was in Elko
Sunday - from . strawberry flats at
The Conservatives picked' out . a
winner when they picked out A. S.
Goodeve. He Is Bure there with the
goods..,   '
' Mrs, N. A. Mackenzie of Fernie
was in Elko Wednesday visiting with
friends, also the Elephant.
Blessed are they who expect little
for they usually get lt.
Joseph Stfrzyewski.of Malta, Mon.,
and Miss Maria Swlatkowska, Much-
ski Joyska of Fei-nle, B. C, wore married this week.
Say Buttinski ever notice how things
that are none of your darned business
will interest you.
A girl juBt out from Sweden who is
empolyed as a servant within 100
miles of Elko, and making good progress with her English was ordered by
her mistress to get the table ready
for an early breakfast. Is everything
laid for breakfast? Everything bane
laid but the aigs and I don't, tank dat
bane part of ma yob.
Elko is known among the natives as
the widows paradise. . ■ Sam Lee brother of Wing Wong, was the other day
referring to a merry widow hat, but
forgot the name of-it. He said: He
dead, she glad.
People who wont pay their store accounts are either paupers or dead
At Elko police court: You are charged with being drunk and disorderly—
are you guilty or not' guilty? -
Prisoner from Tipperary: Be Jabers
I don't know'till I hear the evidence.
Jim Bates (the shoe, man) wished us
to say that he had been here and that
his goods would-follow.
If you are' In search of health, wealth
or pleasure then come down to Elko—
we've got the goods:' * * ''"••
Some people are trying to form a
game association in Elko. We don't
want one. „ The game ,ls so thick at
Elko they are a gosh darned nuisence
and the trout In the river makes'    lt
,,, Howell Johns la flrobosB at No.   4
Elicit Gavlln, having purcliasod nn
ncro on tho Voght townslto, has movod his blacksmith shop to lho snmo,
, MrB. C. Hoggan loft on ThurRday's
train for Auhcroft. on business.
Jack McNeil has everything In shapo
ancl expects to Btart tho Diamond drill
at tho Vnlo on Monday.
Tho Nicola liockoy plnyors soon, a
littlo Boro on tho report of tho match
hold botwoon ihom and Morrltt, Well
'.ho ways of tho tranRgrosBor aro hard.
0. Hygh has received his timber for
tho building of his new stable, ho aim
Intends making Bomo Improvomonta to
his hotol,
If Morrltt Is going to colebrato this
24th of May thoy hnd bottor bo moving. If tho Athletic club Is too slow
to movo, lot tho citizens tako hold of
tho matter,
Joo Shay says ho hns Hold his tonm.
Joosays ho he,n thom circus tralnod.
niilldlnM er'rx •»*Mnln' mt> m\\f\'    T'">
now jail will soon bo ronily for Riir-nts I
A friendly hockoy    match botwoen
Morrltt and Mlddlosboro resulted In I
to 0 In favor of Merritt.
Tho men nt tho Middlesboro milieu
«tnrt. on contract tho first of    the
Tho regular danco hold on Saturday
night will bo changed to Friday night
In March.
T. ninkloy loft on Thursdays train
for tho coast. Tommy wo will miss
your smiling face.
Jon. CempbeU f« bulMlnir a crtttmie
on Nicola avonuo for G. Desmond of
Fr*d Gay ftot badly hurt on Wrdnt-s
day at No, 9 mino; coal roll on him
and broV« a -ihouldfrr snd a wrht.
norn: To Mr. and Mrs. 8. Howes,
on Sunday, a daughter.
necessary- fo*F~yc-iTTo^cafJy a club-to
keep them' from biting the shoes off
your feet., Talk about your full dinner pail.   Coem down*to Elko.
The young bachelors of Iilko gave a
dance Friday evening,,, which was a
very enjoyable affair. The reception
committee was Messrs. Frank Hart,
Wm. Hutchinson, J. L. Mott and the
floor manager George Bardsley. The
'music was furnished by Professor L.
La Chonce of Wardner, and assistants
3 pieces. The blrdge crews that are
working on the new steel bridge were
special guests and turned out1' en-'
mas8e.\ The supper was supplied by
Mesdames Mott, Blrnie, Burgess, Roo.
At Buppor Mr. Billy White gave, a
splendid exhibition of step dancing.
It was by far tho gayest dance In
Elko this wlntor and a decided buccoss
from the promoters point of view.
Blondy Smith of tho Western, Canada Wholesnlo Co., Sandy McDougall
Avonuo, Fernio, blew Into Elko Monday night, offering bargains in1 car
load lots of sugared raisins shoo blacking and cobloss corn.
Como Whimster old chap, send that
$37,50 to Bill Leacey; don't try to
work any bnso bnll tricks on our Bill.
Frod Shorldau Is, building a large
now livery barn In town.
Jim Thlstloboak Is still sleeping after hiB big drunk.
■Whnt'fl bred In tho bono comos out
In tho floBh. Wo hnvo ovldonro of this
right In,Elko.',
Wo would bo awfully obllgod to A
Bryan William's, tho HyaB Troo Game
Warden, If ho would Instruct C, Jack
Lowls to stop around miko a llltlo
moro and chatse tho door back In the
hills and not hnvo thom. cat inn: tho
pnnsloa and crocussos In -our unrA •**.*
Supt Prottlo of tho Canadian Bridge
Co, was Inspecting the contitnictloii of
tho now Hteol bridge horo Inst wook,
The" Editor does not hold himself responsible
for tho opinions cqpressed by correspondents. '
' ■ '      -'' FERNIE, March 1.
Editor Ledger:   ,
Dear Sir:   Greetings. "This    is the
first time I have ever ventured to take
up^that which is mightier   than   the
sword, and to indite a short epistle
to you.      I regret to say I was   in
Fernie a couple of months before  I
got next to your estimable paper, but
now I am pleased to say that I am
a regular. purchaser whenever I happen to have the necessary, but elusive
nickel.     Really I did not think there
could be so much news In such a neck
o' the woods as this.      To come to
the reason for my daring to address
this letter to you is the fact that 1
want to call your attention to several
abuses which exist In this burgh, and
which you already know about,   no
doubt.      You, as the mouthpiece of
so vast a following, may be able   to
call public  attention  to  them,    and
have them eradicated..    The first of
these abuses which comes to my mind
is the lack of common honesty shown
by the gentlemen 'who preside over
the bars lh the numerous booze emporiums in this town. When a ma.i
pays for a glass of, beer he is entitled
to a full glass, and not ,as is the case
in almost any place in town, a half
and half, I.e. half beer and half foami
This is a glaring case and I hope and
trust that you will do what you feel
inclined to do in the matter.     The
next one that occurs to me, though
I: shall be put down as ungallant. for
mentioning it, is the great conversational powers of the young ladles   who
preside  over  the   destinies   of    the
mail.  . To be kept waiting while the
latest thing    in directoires or Merry
Widows  Is  being  discussed,  or  the
various' partner's   in  the  last  dance
are being weighed in the balance and
probably found wanting, (when one is
anxious to get home and get the flap
jacks and sour bosom on the stove,
—annoying to say the least and should
be remedied at once.     In this matter your paper could be of great utility, and I trust you will do as you
please about it without treading on
the susceptibilities of the ladies.  My
last grouch is against, those worthy
and necessary adjuncts to civilization
the druggists, who charge an exorbitant price for-light literature. To one
of my temperament, to whom reading
matter of some-kind is as the bread
Prices Prevail in Millinery
In addition to various Trim Hats
Attractive Millinery
Quite a number of attractive styles have been made up.
The result is an assortment of millinery at decldedlv favorable
quotations.     The lines are at $3; $4 j $5.
Coats and Sacques
SIMCOB, Mnrch 3—Ex-chlof of Polico Malonn hns boon Indlctod by tho
grand Jury on flvo soparotb counts of
nttomplod murdor, shop brcaldng and
of life, an oasis in'the desert of work,
the prices of magazines verge on the
limit of extravagance, and; I have several times' exceeded- iny monthly ln:'
come in trying to keep up with all
the serial stories, and I am now re-
duecd to two Sunday editions and your
worthy paper once a week. Of'course
this Is a matter which I cannot expect tho bloated capitalists who own
the drug stores to rectify, but' that
does not prevent one from registering
a kick, however futile.
I am going to send your some news
of our district but there Is not much
doing, seeing that tho only Inhabitants
are myself and sido kick, and the only
visitors are an occasional coujar or
coyote. The district is somewhat remote from town and Is noted' for Its
deep snow and lack of transportation
facilities. The climate is all that
could bo desired fov nny webfooted
creature, but I could not recommend
It to a prohibitionist as It Is too wet,
I think It is time I made a noise like
quitting, but before I do so I would
like to say that, noticing your generous offer to allow peoplo to become
bettor ncqunlnted with the Inner work*.
Ings of your* establishment I should
llko to avail myself of tho offer, if you
would not mind mo coming In my
Sunday clothes, which by tho way aro
tho ones I work In. WiBhlng your
paper ovory buccobh and a brilliant future,   I am, yours truly,
P.S. If you llko to glvo tho foregoing any apneo you may do ho, but. I
shall not fool hurt If you consign It to
the W. P. B., but If you do publish,
plonBO ubo nom do plumo, bocauso If
the P. 0. girls* Bnw tho real nnmo I
would novor got nny moro mall at ull,
LADIES* COATS and SACQUES—Ladles semi-fitting 7-8
length, fine broadcloth Coats In Black, Brown and Blue suitable for spring; regular $18 to $23; now $10.
Women's  Skirts
Women's Dress and Street Skirts, $7.50 and $10 cut to $5.
The very skirts you need for right now and the rest of the
winter. They are mado in broadcloth, panama and Venetian.
Finest skirts ever offered at such a low price.
Dress Goods
DRESS GOODS—In order to make ready for my spring
goods I offer the following at extremely low prices iii an
assortment of various materials.
Orders taken for the New Empire.and Sheath Corsets,
also Dlrectolre style.    .Prices from S5 to *$30.
FERNiE,   B. C.
"Him who ls-atts  arcts"
and if its not coining your way its be
cause you don't buy your goods at the
right store.   Have you tried our fine tea*
ancl coffees, our fresh ancljdelicious fruits
and confectionery, our high grade pure
foods nnd table delicacies.
. Try them and ,
see how low our prices are
for superior goods at the same time '
a reason why yon can 'always depend on. getting the
best value for your moneyvat
Phone 17
Goods Delivered Free
A complete line of samples of
Fall Suiting's and
Worsteds, Serges
and Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
TORONTO, Mnrch 4—Following the
onslaught upon, tho confectioners of
Montrcnl for hoIHiib hrnndy chocolntiiH
moro tlinn a score of tho lending confectioners nnd .enndy mnkors lmvo
boen Horvod wllh Bummons to attond
court on chnrgei* of hrenk of tho liquor
license net,
■HMBWWHB UU.il1. ' ll'.'l' ■'
Rll (PI 1tr%f% 1*1
T U ii *h <n -rl «*> tr
lit UI ouaj*
£. Willis presents
| Mr. Frederick Clarke and Company
kill, ad HiVrtH. WI *.'...••     *t..*Hl..V.V.iMlll 111  .'.'.l-VaiVUlUV  .Hi,!,,*.*.   SUV.ll  J'..»;i
(imyrenm cn\tl\nnen, ele^aut econery, KreaX Mi'rlmnlcal nnd e\ec*
iricAl effttcU*.« powerful emit'of player***.    Mall ntil«it« will rwvivo
prompt* attiMitloit.   Pot.ltiv.-ly notn\n m-nteA during action nt pUy
Curtain rinwi at R..'«» ttharj*
PRtOEtt  •f.00  .78  .80 *nd .28
SlfAVtt    ON   8ALI   AT   8UDDA0V8   ORUQ   STORE
Fernie Opera House
A   Magnificent   Electrical
of l lie latest  tragedicH, di-iuuiiH.
'inrt '■omcdii'.s    Wc pi'i-soiil to
you on
Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday Nights
for the first time in yoiir city
Thc originr.1 ond only authorized
film of thc
Siciiian Disaster and
Messina   Earthquake.
tuken on tlio m-oh'-h by the Ur
bun rcii-'-trb" iiitii-ts
Dont forget the Place
•a—  *^ *    ±    .—- «a*    a*      *.•>'   ±mT  .   a^
X'i<JSiK ANii KUiJi)ii>,   re.xJflt
Ttynttvi tdwl Pmtt'Aimt. P.ice»
Mod«f*tt. Addr*n Pdllitt Avonu*
nppn«-.TTP    top    MncpiTiit
MOXTHEAL. March .t-A ronintici:
of a Hoya! Mllltory coIIcro cn-let and
tho principal of the Imlloa coUorc, nt
Klnifiifon mme tn nn en A In four* thU
mornlni*-, when the innrrtoxe of Aukus*
tn* A en f*w,' nrni nt Willinm. « w#'«lthv
Mont real er. to MIr* Cobcr, wna ntiti-j
ulled.      Tht* Kround  wai that    th«|
brldtgroora wa% a minor am! Silt jjur-j
«nU* (onwut to the luarrlaKe had not:
boon obtalnr-d. !
I'mlcr tlie itl|*i|i|ce» of the
Wed. March 17
nt the
^ff*?1-*a?tr       f%*e*r*iril* *\A     \    •«        -it*,*
-   .. ..„ ,J „ .» »-v**»»»*..^*»*i>,s* At      J <•• *-*-*-• S*
Queen's Hotel   Orchestra
Supper served at 12 o'clock
in the opera house
Tickets $1,50   Ladies Free
Everybody Welcome
Advortiso In  Lodger Hi
* *' *
■    „      1 • ,       . o
(Last Week's News)
The Alberta Legislature
What the Neighboring Province is Doing
Legislative Chamber, Edmonton,
Feb. 23—The Alberta government has
planned for the oncoming year an outlay of close upon four millions, the
exact figures being $3,881,401.0-1. Of
this amount $800,000 Is going on capital account in'aj.the Public Works Department andi$«5l0,000 is on suspense
-account in the Telephone Department,
leaving an estimated expenditure on
current account' of $2,471,401.04. To
cover this last amount there is estimated a revenue*of* $2,483,665.58,' and
that would provide a surplus of $12,-
264.54 on current account.
Premier Rutherford, during a two
hour speech on the budget, .declared a
surplus on current account' for the
past year of $69,669.83., /.Total receipts' had been $2,893,500.79,' and total general expenditures $2,823,830.96,
with ail additional expenditure of $1,-
380,050.24 on suspense telephone account.
The estimates make provision for
an approximate outlay on construction of public buildings iri the province
during the year of $550,000. Provision
is made for the commencement of a
co-operative pork packing plant, as recommended by the pork commission,
with a first estimate of $50,000. The
Agricultural department are making
arrangements to * send the live stock
commission into the country to canvass farmers as to how many, hogs
can be raised, prepartory to establishment of the'plant.
Other expenditures provided for on
public buildings are, $20,000, lst estimate for Claresholm court house; $20-
- 000, lst estimate for. Medicine. *■ Hat
■ In $S00,0"00~gdIng to ca-
and every member who spoke upon the
bill gave an unconscious, but none the
less certain acknowledgement of the
power of this voice In that they took
particular care to declare themselves
as ever ready to do what they could
for. the workingman.
The bill provides as follows:
1. Each employee of any mine, factory, building or work of general construction shall receive his or her
wages fortnightly, i.e., on each alternate Saturday (or whatever pay day,
has been agreed upon as.a condition
of employment), In no case.the number of'days dividing two succeeding
pay's to be. in excess of fourteen.,
2. Each'employee ,in any fiilne," factory or work of general construction
to which this act applies shall on these
pay days receive their wages in legal
3. No employer or agent acting for
employer in any factory, mine or work
of general construction to which this
Act applies shall withhold any more
than one weeks wages as back or lying time to facilitate the-keeping of
books, or any other purpose for which
such sums are retained.
4. The employee, upon dismissal,
or upon leaving the employment of
any employer covered by this Act,
shall be entitled to,receive legal tender equal to his current wages and
tbe week's wages retained by .his employer as described in the' foregolnfe
clause within twenty four hours of
his leaving said employment.
IMcNabbdrew vivid pictures - for the
members of the hardships worked by
the present conditions in some mines
in   the  south  where  men  were  oniy
court bouse.
pital account are,.$300,000 additional
on .parliament buildings' at. Edmonton,
$100,000 additional on Edmonton court | checks every month
house, $20,000 for a. new court house
at Fort Saskatchewan aiid $40,000 for
Lethbridge  court  house.   For    roads
there is a vote of $200,000, and '  on
bridges $123,500 on current account,
and $151,500 on capital account.    For
purchase, money of sites for    public
buildings $76,673.00 will be voted. For
holding an election this year $65,000
will be voted and $75,000 is allowed
foi* payment of land Insurance indemnities.
In the department of agrlculturo a
progressive policy of educating    the
farmer now on the land  was  being
carried out, said the premier.    Some
assistance  wns  being given  to    the
stock Industry.   .There woro now 29
creameries ln operation with an output last year of 2,107,485 lbs at a valuo
at tho crenmeery of $526,871.    This
year about $9000. would be paid    in
.bonuses to boot sugar growing. Grants
lo nui'lcultuml societies   last year totalled $20,390.49.
In education department 23 new
school district!* had beon erected, giving a present totnl of 1093. There
wore 1210 toucher*-; in tho province,
of which 17 por cent had lst clasB
certifier*, gh.
The imiiunl report of tho Public
WorkH department, tabled this wook
hIiowh a totnl output of coal ln tho province of over two million tout*, from
112 mlnon In operation. Thero hnd
been 11 fatal ucddcmn nnd 51 nonfatal accidents. The majority of
those had boon caused from falling In
of the roof or Hlrb'H of shnfts. Twelve
wore cniiHod from gas explosions and
two from other exploHloiiH. Tbo nvi'"
iiir,-.! whkub pnld to conl iIIkkoi'h had
beon from $75 to $180 pi., -month. In
thn yon!■ 281 bridge-** woro built,    nf
An Ayrie of Eagles was organize,]
in Michel on Saturday night when
about 40 members were put through
for membership.- , The Coleman Degree team, in charge of Deputy Grand
Master Aleck Morrison and President
Graham, came down to open the new
Ayrie. Another meeting: was held
on Sunday night so as to enable another bunch of candidates to be put
through their initiation-form.
The big lankgot left-with the little
Fisheater, he left a portion of his ear
in the snow: Boys, take a little advice, when next you fight go for it
like men and not like dogs.
The U. M. ,W. of A. held a crowded
meeting on Sunday afternoon , when
President Sherman addressed the men
on the various questions, that'the men
are now involved in.
- Tony Farrace, an Italian,. died at
the hospital on Saturday after undergoing an operation. The deceased
'was buried on'Monday afternoon. The
Italian Sick Benefit Society all turned
out to pay their last respects to the
departed Brother.      " .
R. P. -Williams and R. S. "McKib*
bin of Rossland were in town Sunday.' •
W. P. Rogers of Cowley gave U3 a
- Vice-President John Galvin of District No. 18 was in town on Sunday.
J. H. McMullin of Fernio was in
town on Monday. ..
General Manager Hurd was ln town
on Tuesday. .      -
D. C.-Black of Vancouver was in
town on Tuesday.
DonT forget the grand masquerade
on the 17th of Ireland. A fine orchestra-has been engaged. The four'
hundred are all getting their costumes
ready.    Hurry up and do   likewise.
The Michel Burns" club invites all
those who took in the good time at
Burns anniversary to join them at a
dance to be given' on, Monday night
at the hall.    Everybody welcome.
A grand smoking concert was held
at the hall on Monday night, under
the auspices of the Michel Football
club, winners of the Crows. Nest
League.championship medals for the
season of 1908. Mr. Tom' Winters,
an old,, strong supporter of, the club,
was called upon to take the chair,
and after passing some fitting remarks
on the merits of the team ■ called for
refreshments to be served .out. The
club's worthy president, Mr. 'T. Crahan, was unable to be present, so the
duty of presenting the boys -with the
trophies fell upon another strong sup-,
porter, Mr. Ed. Stewart, manager of
the Trltes-Woods store, who called the
following players to the platform: —
Mike Joyce, Sam Moore, J. Sharp, Joe
Mason, T. Oakley,.W.-Whitehouse, A.
Almond, Joe -Millet, R*. Ritchie, Matt
Mather, J. Mather, J. Guest,, E.
Barnes. After the presentations had
been made_a_mpst_enjoyable time was
fell under, the first car, and was badJ
ly injured about- the head. He also got
a few broken toes.    0
Where is the pawnshop around the
Newtown? .. A qertain young man -aot
l.ome oh Sunday without his. shirt.
But he still had his collar-and tie on.
Now little...one,',tell us where you
were.       *'"'-;.   '    *
Mrr. Bob Forsyth, the well known
time keeper of No. 5 mine is fesign--
iug on the.28th; .His place will lie
caken by Frank,.Moods, late ofthe
C. P. R. at'.'Frank. -   ■   *■-•"'   .*■ "   "
The new Imperial, bank building
was opened on pay day.
There .were, not nearly so mnny
drunks on pay 'day as usual, but they
made up for It at the smoker on Monday night7    ,    .
■ Harry Ryan is bn the road to recovery again at the hospital.
The misprint in. last week's Ledger,
makes 'everybody in town raise his
hat now to George Fisher.
Superintendent Evans of the Corbin Camp was in town on Wednesday.
.James Cargo of Maple Creek has
opened the, new pool room in Newtown. ■"      .        -
Bert Robinson of the firm of Stegle's
in Newtown, has left for his old home
in Fillmore, Sask. . '*•
Jimmy looks downhearted since his
lady love went away. Poor Jim, we
do feel sorry, but can't cry.
J. W. Mcintosh of the Trites-Woods
store went to Fernie oii Wednesday on
a business trip. ,      •
Get acquainted with
Black Watch
the big black plug
chewing tobacco. A
tremendous favorite
everywhere, because of
its richness and pleasing
Canadian Pacific Ry.
....       _      .    -■ .f >
"Are you contemplating a trip to
The Orient
■ *.'
Australia *
New Zealand
Are you contemplating a trip to
. Or any Pacific Coast' Point?
Or Is it a trip to
Now - •- doing business at. the Johnson-
Faulkner Block. -. Office1' hours 9-12.30
1.30-6. :        -!i   „ 7-
B. C.
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
' Hours 9 to 1'; 2 to 5; 6 to 8.
Residence 21 Victoria Ave.
W. R. Ross K.C.     J.S.T. Alexander.
Barristers and Solicitors.
Fernie, B. C.
The- title of "Monte Cristo" is most
familiar to readers and theatrical patrons. As a book it enjoyed the distinction of being one of the most widely read stories every published. As
a play It held the boards for ten long
years, and season after season reaped
a grand harvest of financial success;
it,was throughthis play that the well
known romantic actor Mr. James O'-
Neil became so prominent a figure in
the theatrical world. The play is of
a romantic ; order and-brings out all
the interesting incidents'of1 tbe book.
The role of Edinond Dantes, the sailor boy and th'e Count of Monte Cristo
,*:11 rail in the Jhands of the talented
and-popular leading man, Mr. "Frederick Clarke.*" Mr. Clarke has made the
hits of his theatrical career in ' the
characterization of plays of this order
and it is safe to predict that in. this
play he will add, another .to his already
long list of dramatic triumphs.
Monte Cristo  will  be produced
Fernie opera house on March 11.
St. Paul.
Detroit .
New York
Or any European point thought of.
Thn line is equipped with unexcelled fli*3a* class cloaches, tourist/ and
standard sleepers, and dining cars,
coupled with,, safety, speed and comfort. „    ,        ,      •■
For folders and.complete Information apply to R. Reading, Agent, Fernie.
°J.'"E. Proctor,
,7 .  ...  -    -. District Passetfgei* Agt
Calgary, ■■'Alta.
F. C. Lawe                   Alex. 1
. Fisher
Fernie, B. C.
//A. McDougall, Mgr.
.Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
Send us your orders
W. A.
Secretaries of Local Unions
Pioneer Builder and Contractor of
Lumber   Dealer
All kinds of rough and dressed luaibev
i ...
We did. , We. are firing away at the
old business '
29: James Fisher
431. Fred Chap-
whleli 258 wero of timber nnd   20 ot
Tlio IokIhIiiIiii'u will null iln Mum.
Iiilon Kovcriitni'iil *o turn choi lo tli"
provlnco llio prari-odH from tho mile of
school liimlH In thn province. Thorn
nrn !i millions nf iktoh of Hr-hool IiiiiiIh
In the province nml bill very llttb' of
tllUHl'   IlllVO   IM.'PII   MOM.      Till)   UVUI-HKl'
price iciillzed Iiiih brum ill ppr lU'i'i.1.
If tli" Dominion iicci-i'di'd io the hi.
.■iii'Ht n liiindHnniP fund will bo phi fib-
llrthi.'d lu (hi! provliulnl in*uniny, Tin'
pi'Hnlitr propow-'N lo lomi iliu monoy
out nl IIvp pur cent to rural hpIhioI
district*-*, whicli now pay nboiil m-von
per ''"in for Inn iih, The province mi
pi***Hi«iii iwl'Ivuh but il ppr ..'.•nt from
I ill-    '4U.lltll!>fia   Ul.   it*.   .illtCe.
Tin- llnn—■• -."IM nV'f. .l'"*-.'""- » !•'•"*•
Iiitlmi thin wi'i'l* nHl.liiK Hi" limnliilnn
government tn tnkp up the --uoHtlnii
of Kovi-nini'-iH -'oiiii'-l uf initial ul'-vic
torn, eltlipr with n view of tuUiiiu* ovoi
thu "It'Valoi'H iIiimiih-'Ivi'H, or to confiT-
rum uu,' ihm-prmhj h tinniumt* pw..i*ih
upon tho province for tlm Hf-Uulon of
thn problum.
The voire of iln* laboring pIii»m*k
nc lined through tin* lonlHi.li I vo tinllH
InHl week with n power wltlrli It ban
hitherto Ih-pii iir.nl>!-- to exert nwny
up In th** I'.**!* pi'.i'<" ii> Al.'i.u.. at.il
tho ndv.inti.KeH of having the Labor
luiercuu n.'i'rci'a'uii'il up nmuiiK tin.
lnw iiiaJaPr*. wat fully uxoaipMtleA when
MftN'ftb.. (T^thbrblKPl moved the wc-
ond iuihUiik of hii fortnightly wngo
bill, with a strong appeal for a favorable consideration of tho uivusur.* ~-
paid once a month, and where wages
were- paid by check. "Take the
mines where the' miner's t get their
Work is intermittent at its best: Perhaps in February the mines work only, a few
days. Do they get their wages at
once? No, they must wait until th.**
middle of March for those few days'
pay, and it will be the middle of April before they are able to draw a fall
month's pay check.",.
Then again "Picture the diggers in
a mine where payment is made by
check. On pay day,they knock*off
and come itp from the shaft tired and
often .wet through. In the cold air
they hang around the pay offico waiting foi* their checks, Then they must
hurry homo, dress, and walk one, or
two, sometimes three miles to the
bank In town. Here a large crowd of
miners with their checks In hand have
collected, Each one falls In lino and
waits his turn. The bank' closes at
six. If the clerks seo that thero Is
too big a crowd to be finished at that
limes the doors are closed at twenty
minutes of the hour and those loft
outside must go away without their
money and knock off work during a
week tiny to como to town to cash
their paper."
Tho only question tho houso sticks
ut on this bill Is how far reaching are
tho oifocts,   It la just possible that It
mny go io tho othor oxtremo nnd work
n hardship on thoso who aro content,
under existing conditions.    For    in-
stnnee tlio bill would cover any homesteader who might wish lo help   his
neighbor build a brim or othor farm
structure, nnd who would accept pro*
Uuce as compensation for his work,
AVero the neighbor compelled to go to
town nnd procure ensh with which to
pay his I'riohd thoro would bo a hardship,     Hut throo Is uo doubt of   the
Intentions of the bill bolng but to relieve existing hardships* nnd should the
iru-iiHure pnns It will work n lnsllng
benefit to till labnrot'H and trndoHMen
who lmvo suffered Injustice under pro*
Kent HysleniH of wago puylng. Ah Iuih
boon pointful out by McNabb tho in ho
operiiiorx nud employers hi*p to a cur*
tntn pxtpiit In fuvnr of iho bill, iih whnt.
ihey wiini Ih■ n uniform KyHiom   thnt
will pui nil nn tin equal hauls.
spent in singing- and smoking,' until
the early hours of the morning. The
following artists- took part in the mu:
sical part of the programme: A. Allen, Ted Strudwick, H. Chapman, W.
Picton, R. Dickman, Baronet Jones,
F, Campbell, J. Benni.'J. Mather,,T.
Parsons, Mr. Bennett and Mlddleton.
Jack Robinson, a motorman In No.
8 mine had the misfortune to.have a
broken leg on Tuesday. Jack was assisting. In some repairs and was putting up a stringer when the accident
happened.. The stringer fell upon
his leg and caused the stated accident,      '• ,' ,
A certain young store clerk has not
the timo to wash his face these days.
Rumor says he's trying for a locker
in' the wash-house. , Please don't
como thore; we are overcrowded now.
Tom Ball, a driver In No. 5 mine,
had an accident on Wednesday.- He
was taking In a trip of cars when ho
2633: William Gra-
To the,,Sufferers of the Fernie Fire on
". Aug. 1st, 1908.  ,
Greetings:   . ,',
I desire,-to call your attention to
the necessity of some-* definite plan
being adopted'for' a 'final disposition
rtf_tV»-Q_fii'n/1e_o/\_'£rQnQrrtnelTr^no,M + -*f«*IK
■ W i" *- W *-*. *W  — l.UUUhi   -*J\J—QWUVt VfLiwi j— VVUbl iUUV  ~
ed towards your assistance.
You are :aware.that a■-substantial
sum will be left over after all accounts
are paid in addition to what has been
advanced' for the purchase of lumber
and building materials.
As far as I am aware no plan has
been adopted and.submitted to.you for'
your approval as to what would be
done with the money when repaid to
the fund. Therefore I respectfully
advise and request, that no repayment of any loan for lumber and building materials be made by anyone until
such time as some definite plan Is adopted and submitted to all fire sufferers for their approval and consont,
WUhlng you all the compliments of
the seat-ten,
"ifour friend and well wisher,
F. H, 8herman
CARBONADO, No. 2688:
witt.   ■
James' He-
son.'     V - *
No.   2387:   G.  H. -Gib-
*■ DIAMOND,CITY, No. 2587: George
Prescott. '
EDMONTON CITY, No..2540: J. H.
Victoria Ave.
North Fertile
E. A.-Kummer
.L. O, .Kummer
Builders and Contractors
Hosmer, B. C.
Crowe.'" ;
ley.   -
2314: Thos. Biggs.    -
1263:   Walter   ,Wrlg-
wick.   ■
No.   2497:   J.  D. . Both-
per. .  -
108&: Harry foo-
Board.and Room; $26.00 per month
ALL  WHITE   HELP      ...
Ea.stima.tes  Furnished
Mrs.  Desleaures,  Prop.
No.     574:   Charles
LILLE, No. 1233: J.
T. Griffith.
. 2275' — ■ J.
No.  2334:   Charlos    Gar-
a        , I***. '    ,. , ! ' . 7 ' '! , ■ '   ''/I,'--'    '
'____* A ■*■■»
«•**-'■■■* i
OMAHA, Nob.   Mnrch  1—.llm J.-ir*
Hon Iiiih di-cld'-il to mako a twitch with .
.Iiit'k    .lolnihoii,  thu negro champion
lii'iivywi'lV'it   fishier.   JuffrleH  punned
ilirotiKh  hero on his wny to     NV,v
fnr over
nvtit" whlrri will butt
lie mild to n Hportbig editor
all'IIUi-le   ((I   lui.'L't   JohUt'Oil   IIS   hOUII   iu;
tny i'iii*HK<.|ii(.)il  la over,      I feel iibt,*
mi ted nt ihe Hi'oi'tliitf pub]]-* to at b>nhi
IliliHi-   .Hi   iMlun   "ill   lrUi-tilll   Hit*   Mle-
of heiivy.vulBlit champion, for tho while
rr.cn. I wns through fighting until
JoliiiKon turned Into first place but iih
long iih I have not boen di-featcd I
think It Ik no more than rl«lu that l|
nhould step Into the ring ngnln nnd
.jii.uiuitiati DM u will'.-., niau Ij W.ttri
of them,"
rpnn hi'i nri'lvnl In Chlcnco Jeffrlvt
i1«'(].'h*lm] thnt hu hfid not uutl-orlK-.-d
tlio stnti-'ment thnt ho would fluht tho
colored champion. "There Ih no r,-a*
Monnhln bnnlH for tho Htntcmtnt pub-
lluhod," he Mild.
Zam-Buk's  Hoallne  Powor Pi-ovod
by 8ohool Oommlnnlonor and
Bap Mot  Doaoon.
ONE of  the  most recent converts  to the
. Znm-Bulr. method of treating and curing
disease In Mr, C, E, Sanford, of Weston,
King's Co,, N.S,
Mr, Sunford Is a Justice of the Peace for the
County, and a member of the Board of School
Commissioners, He Is also Deacon of the
Baptist Church In Berwick, Indeed, throughout
the County It would be difficult to And a man
more widely known and more highly respected.
Some time back he had occasion to test
Zam-liuk, nnd here Is his opinion of this great balm,   He says i—
" I never used anything that gave me such sotlnfactlon as Zam-Buk.
I hnd a patch of eczema on my ankle, which had been there for over
twenty years. Sometimes, also, the disease would break out on my
shoulders. I hnd taken solution of arsenic, had applied various olnt-
mentH, and tried all sorts of things to obtain a cure, but all In vain.
I wuh advised to give Zam-Buk a trial, and as I am a Arm believer In
Nature's remedies, I did so. Prom first applying It I saw It was
altogether different to the ordinary ointments and embrocations, and it
«r,r.>> t-.(*rKin tn nhi'vi* Mrjnn of' rUnrlnr/ nwnv th' i*(*T*,m** t*n my nnVlx
Thin was so gratifying, that I persevered for some lime with It, and I
am glad to say tt had the desired result. 1 urn now cured of the
disease which defied every other treatment for twenty years,
" This Is not the only direction In which I have proved the merits of
Zam-Buk, I suffered for s long time from piles, and I found, a perfect
cure far this painful ailment In Zuti-Buk. Zum-Buk soothen the pain,
r.ll^vfi ib* eentfuttni wlnr* find nn rcRtoren Tin* rVntlrlty tn thr ttnr.li<*n
that the piles graduully but ourely disappear."
MAPLE LEAF, No. 2829: H, Blalce.
—Charlos Brooks, secretary.
President W. O. Ward, W. H. Brown
METFORD, No. 2608: John Cun*an.
Dupon, Box 496, Lethbridge.
ROCHE PERCEE (Sask) No. 2672:
Lachlan McQuarrle.
TABER, No, 102: JoBhnrt Crnlg.
TABER, No. 1959: Wm. White.   „
TAYLORTON, (8aBk.) No, 2648:-*
Lachlan McQuarrlo,
TAYLORTON, (8nak.) No, 2610:—
Jos, Twist.
TA8KER, N. D„ No, 2863:— J. E.
WOODPECKER, No. 2200: William
Maeleod, Altai.'
Team. Work and Draying
Dealers in Wagons,   Sleighs,   Dump
i   Carts, Spring Rigs and Harness
The Two Charlies
Charlie  Chamberlain
Charlie Seattle
Drop, in arid seo uh
***»nvt.u1<',« • twiiltlvs and el-ruin curs for emu, Imrni, limitoi, ipriltt*, rile*, fftisrlni
ilrtt, f ■■-■--■---• -
nr-avorm, te»lp vm  - 	
ft'iM>«ai wsli Into Itiv punt •llrcl'id, It euroi nnunilslii. rhnumnlam, mil telttle*. All ilniiiiUti
•orrt»,"lilccri. »e»ld», iilood-iiojionlns, ecfcms, »cati», cIibim.o.I S.intti, cold cracki, chilblains.
rinrlworm, ualp «nr««, lidil lei. rtlnuamil snklri, nnd nil ftilii-r thin dl«miini And Jn|(itl«t,
 ull it Me. txii, thres for 11.11, and |k>m frwi from Xsn-Huk Co.. Toronto, for
prlet.  fUftiM tbs btrmful Imlinloni lometlmet r»proi*nied to b« *" juit u sood."
In he mat tor of nn application for
the iHAiiu of n duplicato certificate of
tlllo for tlie HiihI, half of lot 10, blocl*
30, Town of Fornio (Map Ui.)
Notice Ih hereby Riven that lt In my
Intention lo Ihruo nt thu expiration of
one month nftor the Iirst publication
hereof a duplicate of the certlflcale
of Title to tho abnvo niontlonod lnnd
lu thn iinni'i of Ann TIIkkh, which cor*
tlllcnto Ih dntud tho 21st dny of May
1906 and numbered !>or>li A.
District Roiilm mr
Und RcBimry Offlco
.\drioii ti, C.
Ff-bruiiry 11, 1?f.?.
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gents' Furnishings
0. N. ROSS, Manager
Stoves!     Stoves I
■——•J—■■»I l |l"- HLI I '.. I^1       .   . -il
Furnituro Moving; a Specialty
Leave OrdiM'H wllh W, Jveay
We have the cheapest and
best line of Ranges, Kitchen
Stoves and Heaters.
New and Second-Hand Goods
Painter and Decorator
fllvo mo n (.'limK'p on vouv work
III Uio tniUtor of nn rippllciitlon for
tho Inhuo of ii duplk'ulo cortlllcnto of
'i 11111 10,   lu« VM-.ftV iiitil Ul Kit  \\l, I'ilJl.il
30. Town of Fornio (Map 734.)
" Notice Ih horoby given thnt It, Ir my
intention In lumio nl tho expiration of
ono menth nftor tho (Irnt publication
horoof a dupllcntfl of tlio rortlflrnto
of Titlo ro thn above niontlonod land
in tho name of Ann BIkkb, which certificate Ih dated tho lath dny of July
1007, and numbered 722f) A.
,  District Registrar
Lund RofjUtry Offlco
Nolson H. C.
Pobruary 11, 1009.
'    NOT ICC   t     '
In tho mutter of mi nppffuiuiou (or
tho Ibc-iig of a duplicate Cortlflcatt- .if
Titlo for Lot 013, Group Ono, Kootonay Dltttrlot,
.VOTT'C1!? tn linrchy riven thnt It Ih
my Intention to Isbuo at the expiration
of ono month aftor tho first publication hereof a duplicato of the Cortlflc*
ato of Titlo to tho above mentioned
Lot In tho nnmo of Charlen P. Hill,
which ccrttflcitto of title Ig'dotod the
10th day of April 1808, and numborod
H, p. MacLEOD.
District Itoglstrnr
Lnnd Registry Office
Nelson, IL C.
January 18, 1009.
eo YBAna*
"lApC M*Blt»
_    OttfiaNt
I • iktl^h.sndjlMeripti'jn nst-
ni_w ttUtie, wi thosi d-im, Ia tbis
Scientific mmm.
AnsnaioaislrUuitrsUatwsslili'. *Urt«it«Jr>
BY MRS; C. N. WILLIAMSON;.     .   -|
. Authoress of "The Princess Passes," "The Lightning     |
Conductor," Etc.; Etc. -- |
Copyright, 1906, by Mrs. C. N. WilUamson. ■ -p
Fop Sale
Prompt Delivery
W. R. Boardmair P.O. Box 62
Eo  Weston
Is prepared to givo
estimates for all classes of building work.
.Repairs a specialty.
Give mo a trial.
P.O. Box 18, Fernie
- •> .>-*> *•>•*>♦♦♦ ♦♦t-y******')-***
For Sale
100 tons Of g'OOfl
W, E, Barker, Cayley, Alta,
EDMONTON, March 1—On Thursday a deputation of the employers of
labor headed by Jno. Water, G. S.
Montgomery, and John Macdonald,
ivalted upon Premier Rutherford and
Hon. C, W. Cross at the government
offices for tho purpose of ascertaining
from tho government whether any decision had been mado as to making
nny changes ln respect, to tho Workmen's Compensation act,
The government Informed the deputation that It Is not at present in a
position to mako known any definite
statement as to what It will do, us
Information is now bolng got from an
axperlenced authority In England on
accident Insurance and the government' Is Booking to obtain, a consider-
ablo reduction of nclcdent Insurance
rates ln this provlnco,
After sufficient data has been obtain*
ed tho government will later consider
whether It will bo advisable that the
province hnndlo the accident insurance or not,
The Compensation not will romain
on the statute books as It stands at
4$r<*^<*%*- ^*-^^h^^-^.ef^e^4^-f^4^e^-*f^.e^.4^.
{Fernie Dairy j|
VICTORIA, March 1—Tho lighthouse tondor Quadara which returned
from a cruise to Northorn Lightships
loports nn Indian ghost story in many
vlllngcB ro tho whistling buoy which
hns been missing front tho Soiithouno
S..onl, behind tho roofs and Nlchollo
Early In Jnminry 8 Itullnns, tln'oo
'.vornon nnd two children woro wracked
!n a Hiiuill schooner on tho roofs nt
Prince of Wales Island whon hound
from Skldognto to tho main lino, nnd
n party of Indians went to recover
Mio bodies. Thoy mnde a enmp near
tho wreck of tho schooner, At dusk
piolonged wnlls, louder thnn could
'•o mndo by a human volco wero hoard
nnd tho Indians Intinnhcd their en noes
nnd flod In fright,
Thoy sprond tho tnle of n ghost thnt
.vnmtled nnd moaned terribly loud.
"Wli'u the Q,.,,■'.,a.'.,. lv\ii.<l llm ItUtty u"
the ghost wns killed.
a'*'.   i'V-i T-jitWil-i. Hii,   JilMlIi
delivered to all
parts of the town
mnn named Avntlnoff wns sentenced
by n court martini to donth on tho
technical chnrgo of having tried to
kill nn officer nun resisting Arrest,
Avntlnoff wns arrested at Pondery In
Novombor n fow minutes before tho
train bcartnv; the .lowaKer enwcaA of
Russia passed through on the way
from Copenhagen to St. Pcferabiir*;.
He was Acting KmpJcJoiisly and Die
ollcgntlon wns mndo that ho wns involved In a conspiracy against her majesty. In thi? court proceedings*, ho*v*
over no mention of a conspiracy wns
With a cry of rage and amazement
ment Trowbridge ■ stepped back and
stumbled against the man behind him.
Then, what followed camo so-quickly
that Elspeth had scarcely time to understand the meaning of what she saw.
The unknown man sprang back as
Trowbridge staggered away from the
light, but the full blaze of the detective's lantern was* upon them both
now, sparing only the face of .the unknown. The girl distinctly saw him
pull a revolver from his breast and
aim it at some one among, their number. She had the impression that the
shot was not fired at random, merely
to injure a dangerous enemy and terrify the others, but that it was meant
to find and kill one among them. So
strong was this impression that, with
a quick thought for the man-she loved, she tried to throw herself in front
of Kenrith. But the light thrown' up
by Trowbridge's swaying lantern was
not upon his face. It was upon Captain Oxford's, and quickly she realized that the coming shot was meant
for him.
With a shriek she would have.warned him of his deadly danger, but,he
was saved in another way.
Trowbridge, struggling to regain his
balance, had caught .his foot in the
folds of a loose-lying carpet, and falling against'the man behind him, not
only destroyed his aim, but received
the bullet in his own body.
Then, for the fraction of a second,
• Elspeth caught a glimpse of that other face. Disfigured though they were
by fear and some other emotion more
terrible still, she recognized 'the features. . They were those of the mysterious man she had seen twice before—
once revealed bynwhito floods of moon-,
light in the tower room; again, in a
corridor downstairs as he had passed
her. But even fas the revelation came,
it was gone. The face was withdrawn
from the light,!and turning the man
fled.    , ..     -       .
"I .must have him!" cried the detective, darting along the passage, his
lantern held high, and Captain Ox-'
ford sprang forward to snatch up the
other lantern, which had crashed to
the floor. Disregarding the danger of
treachery, he "bent over Trowbridge,
who, shot in the back, had,- fallen
heavily forward on his face. _ ' •
„"Good,heavens, I believe he's killed !" cried the young man. "It's
Trowbridge!",    ..   .    ,
''The man who would have killed
you," said Kenrith, "Strange that his
last act' should liave been' to. save
your life." -   . ■..        »
■   The fallen man stirred and groaned,
"I'm—done for," he gasped, trying to
turn upon his side, and a thin stream
„of blood oozing from his lips as ho.
spoke.   "I—don't want to die—without-seeing—her."' '■'J   '       _     y_
"Oxford^ \vourd—h"ave'~nrove"d"r~him^"
gently laying' him upon his back, but
Trowbridge groaned in anger, as well
as pain.   "No—not' you, I hate you,"
he said.   "Let Kenrith."
There was no need for him to finish.,
The man was dying, nnd no matter
how vilely he had sinned, he must be
forgiven now. Kenrith went down on
one knee, and brushing up tho loose
carpet, made a kind of rough pillow
for Trowbridge's head.
"Is it Countess Radepolskoi you
wish to see?" he asked.
"No—she'B dead- I killed her,"
panted the dying man. "Up thore
above—she's lying,' I— did ■ it to—
save Hilary. It's Hilary I must seo.
Bring hor someone, quickly,"
Kenrith looked up at Elspeth.
"What is to be clone?" he asked.
"I will-fetch Lady Hilary hero; I
promise," answered the girl.
"And tho doctor,", said Konrith.
Trowbridgo heard, and lifted his
hand with a ' commanding gesture;
"Not now," ho said, "Hilary first-
the doctor nfterwnrd. But what use?
I know I'll dio. And Idon't wnnt to
live, I'vo—lost everything I've played for. For Heaven's sake, girl, brine
Hilary to mo, If you will—I—I'll tell
her things you would all give much
to know.
"I'll go," ropoatod Elspoth, "Thoro'B
nothing to bo afraid of now."
"Tho othor man—whoovor ho waB,"
sucgoetod Oxford,
"Ho will havo enough to do to es-
enpo from the detective," snld Ken-
rim. "And ovon if ho doos OBeapo"—
"What thonP" ,.
"It will do him no good,   I, Baw IiIb
fnce," Kenrith finished.
"And ao did I." said Ebpotb.
Thoy wero tho last wordB sho spoks
ln tho socrot piu-maco, for Trowbridge's
oyoB, brilliant with fovor In tho dull
flow of the lnntern which was to hnvo
ighted him to anothor orlmo, Implored her not to delay, Sho wont out
at sho had como, Into the towor room
nnd bo downstairs, reaching tho great
hnll in timo to hoar tho tall clock
■striko tho half hour after (our. nnd
to boo tho dawn turning to Jowols tho
colored panes in tho big stained* glass
"Tho CountoBB dond I" nho kopt Baying over and ovor to homolf, na mechanically she wont on townrd tho
stairs whloh would load hor to Hilary
Vnno'a room, "It wns hor faco I
touohod—that oold, cold faco lying
thoro in tho soorot room; hor nalr
thnt was bo wavy and soft.' And—ond
If I hadn't bogged him to snvo Lady
Hilary from hor nt any cost, bIio would
bo alive now. How torrlblo — how
wicked ho is; and yet—how ho loves
Hilary I It was for hor—ho snld it
wns for hor."
So Elspoth oamo to a dosed door
which Bhe knew, anu tupped onco,
softly. Boforo sho hnd timo to knock
again, tho door wna opened, and Hil*
my stood Rllhouettorl against tho half
light in tho room within, hor long,
l>i-*ii*iiJuJ JjjjJj* )ui3n;lii_' Hocce t'Va-r ,<i
while droRsIng gown.
"You I" sho oxclalmod, at sight ol
her friend'**, pslo fnco.
•Toh. I," snld Elf-pot... You have-
n't beon nsloop."
•""Mf.       T   Iui   Ifin   ,inVi*inTM*   Ifi   tt}f>nr\i
Oh. Elspeth, I'm glad'lo soo you,
Din you come because you folt I want*
sd youp You woro a dear to sond my
letter to him — Wk; but nftor all it
wan no ufo, I shnll lmvo to marry
"Dearest, ho is dying," laid Els*
pelli, "Death, nnd hi.-* own wfrkM*
noss, hnvo freed you. But—ho wants
lo tee you now; nnd you can't refuse."
"Dying!" echoed tho girl.
"Yes. I'll explain on tho way, if
you'll come. Oh. do come, not only
br hi* take, but for the sake of ths
man yon love. I think—h» knows who
fantafn Oxford really is, and would*
•ell you that, arid everything If yew
asked him, because he loves you so,
though he would tell no one else."
Without another word, Hilary stepped out to, join Elspeth in the corridor. %    .
Such explanations as could be given in haste, Elspeth did give; but
when the two girls reached the tower,
Hilary understood very little of what
had passed. She knew that Trowbridge had been shot in a secret place
near Elspeth's old room; that Captain
Oxford and Mr. Kenrith were both
there: that Trowbridge was dying, and
had begged to see'her; that she :>*ust
try to get him to tell her all his 'tory
before it should be'too late.
."How is he?" asked Elspeth, at
the door of the, secret passage, for
Kenrith, hearing her voice, hastened
to meet her there. ./'Oh, don't say.be
is dead, without speaking?"
"No, he is not dead," said Kenrith,
"but he can't hold out long. I think
he's been shot through the lungs, and
that the case is hopeless. Every word
he speaks gives him agony—but he
wants.to speak, Lady Hilary. He's
been saving himself for you. Go in;
and send Oxford, who is watching
him, here." '
A moment later the young man
came. The dawnlight was finding its
way through the windows of the tower room now, and putting out the
stars. The three stood close together,
talking in whispers, their faces pale
and weary in the gray dusk. ,-
-. "You'll have to go and find the doctor, Oxford," said Kenrith. "It won't
do for ■ us to let- him die without
.one, though I know well enough that,
no doctor can do any good, or could,
if we had run aft-er him at the first
moment. r There's the dead woman up
above, too—murdered by him, on his
own confession. That secret must be
told. McGowan ought to know. Will
' you wake him, and tell him he had
better come? Say that the mysteries
. which have been puzzling us for 24
hours can be explained behind these
walls, thanks to Miss Dean, his secretary."
"I'll, do my best," said Oxford.
"But look here,' Konrith, do you really think that, poor wretch in there
was the fellow who' tried to do for
me the other night?"
VI think that he was acting for
some one else."- * *J
. "Who?   Your .voice sounds strange-*
ly when you say that." ,
"The man our detective has gone
tt find." . ...,.-
"Yes—but-who is that man?"
"I'll keep my' secret till Lady Hilary comes* out to us again. Then,.we
shall see if she does not say the same
name which is in my mind. But gor-
go and find' the doctor.   It is time.'
CHAPTER XXI^j ' '   '
could still give. She-said to herself
putting away a mean little' temptation, that she would be glad to have
him help Lady Lambart in her difficulties.   .    ' "
As if her thoughts had spoken to
him, he went on. "I want Lady Hilary
to marry Captain Oxford. They love
each other, and he's a fine fellow.
She could never .have been Trowbridge's wife; and now, you and I
must see what we can do for those
"You and I!" How delicious it was
to hear him speak like that, linking
her future with his,
"I believe,"* she said, "that when
the,.whole truth about this plot is
found out, we shall discover that Captain Oxford is a man of importance,
a man Lady Lambart would think
twice of before refusing as a husband
for her daughter." ,
1 "You think that?" Kenrith echoed.
"So do I, somehow; but we have no
very solid foundation to go upon, I'm
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* Temporary building between Northern Hotel and Henderson block
' liuant Lady' Ji'uary io many Captain
afraid. There's the fact'tKat it was
worth some one's while to have him
put out of the way, but"——
"Ob!" cried Lady Hilary, coming
quickly into the room. "I think he's
dving. Is the doctor here yet?" *
""Not yet," answered Kenrith. Bui
at" this "instant the door, opened and
Oxford came back, with the doctor
and Mr. McGowan.
"Bring more light," said Hilary.
"It's so dark there. The lantern .is
burning dimly. And—he has promised,, to try and sign a statement, if 1
will write it out."
Andy   Hamilton
pj Tinsmith and Plumber            d
a ■   •    • •   —-— p
We can furnish you with estimates in
anything, in our Jine
|       a • ' ' ' , * - SI
Elspeth Dean and Kenrith -were
alone together for the first moment
since he had told the girl that he
loved her. .   ''    ■
Only a few yards away,' on the other
side of the secret door,, which was
now wide open, they could hear the
murmur of the dying man's voice,
ns he talked brokenly, painfully, to
Lady Hilary Vane. But they could
hear no words; and strange as was tho
situation, for a few minutes they
forgot" all its strangeness, except as
it concerned themselves.
"You are the brnvest girl in tho
world,", said Kenirth. "No other girl
could or would have done what you
have done to-night. You saved Captain Oxford's life by the risk of your
"But it was you I thought of, more
than of him," confessed Elspeth.
"Perhaps I shouldn't have had so
much courage if I had known that,
whatever happened, you wero safe and
but of reach of .the fire."
',1 think you "would havo just the
same cournge," said Kenrith, "because
it is in you, I hnd not known you
long before I recognized your strength
of character, your bravo self-rolinnco
and noble loyalty, which alono would
be enough to plnco you on a pedestal
fnr above any othor woman I have
ovor known,   And then your sweet*
"Ah, you are too good to mo!"
broke in tho girl. "I nm nothing,
really; I'm not worthy of you. I
novor dreamed thnt you could ovon
think of mo, except In kindness, nnd
as if from far off."
"I havo thought of very littlo olso
for a long time now," said Konrith.
"But I was afraid thnt I wns too old
for you—that you couldn't enro for me
ns n womon should be ablo to caro
for n man if she"—
"Why, them's no othor mnn In tho
world," Elsneth eriod.
Ho took nor In his arms; nnd ns
she stood with her hond on his breast,
henrlng the healing of his lionrt, oho
wns more than pnld, for all hor suffering of tho prist fow dnys would
linvo pnld for years of suffering fnr
more cruel tlmn sho hnd known In
'tlibso dark days.
"I thought you wore In lovo with"
—Hho began nt Inst; then stopped,
teeling sho hnd no right to sny to
lilm whnt hnd beon on hor lips to
lny.   Rut ho answered frnnkly,
''Willi Lndy T.nmbnrtf No, denrost,
I wns never In love with her, I'vo
novor been truly In lovo with nny »o-
mnn until yon enmn Into my lifo, to
>iliow inn what I hnd unconsoiously
linen waiting to find through nil lliese
venrs, I didn't lovo Lndy Lnmbnrt,
but I admired lior, wns evon some*
what nttrnclod by hor, esrn*cin!iy when
wa firnt met; and I admit It's not
'mpnssihln, If T hnd novor soon you,
flint wlillo we wero thrown together
lior**, F mlcht hnvo n«l«*d bt»f In rnnrrv
•no, livon to-night I wns wondorinir
. '' ll tu'iv my tluly ,\ ,3./ A.-, .,\i)iig!i
Mio no lontrcr IntoroMfd me. m r-lie hnd
onco, But when you nnd I Inokod Into
a*ncli otlier'r, eyes to-mglit I saw somothing In yours nkliii to whnt wns In
my heart for yon. Thr-n T know that
and I were meant for i-neli other; and
thnt It would be a sin to offer my
nnnif to nnoilict woman, whilo you
and T hi'lnnptvl to oni1 another In lovo,
Probably, if I had n**l*ed Lndy Lnmbart the wouldn't have neeoivlof? me."
Elr-petli mndo nr nnswor. hut she hid
an frifrrvlt'lnn.-i *-mll-* on hi* hri>n.'t,
Mnny girls in b.*i position would nt
•.noli n rimmi-nt linvc •-.tir-fliM. ibr-ir
innnb* d»*i*ir« lor r"vi*ngi* by tolling all
the u-rnni--* they find suffered from s
"•nlo-n rival: iiiit ..l-MK-'tli lirld hf>r
••«?«ee. V.ven II *he bad ; not Jo\*t-rj
I »dy Lftmbsrl's daughter th* irrould
..ot have robbed the urimnn of such
' .jv.Iv UicTiAt-.iip   ** J'-br*  K-"nriO
It was a strange confession which
Trowbridge had made to the girl he
had loved and hoped to marry, thai
night wken he knew .'that death wns
near. „ •
He had begun brokenly, by telling
her how he had, loved her, and how,
up a successful career of crime.
"I want you to be happy," he had
said, "so that when you think'of me
it won't be in hatred. I should like
your happiness to come through me,'
tins perhaps, it might have, come if I
bad lived and could have taught you
to care for me after you were my wife.
Tf it weren't for that wish I'd let every
secret I have, of mine and of others,
die with me, for I've been hnlf mad
with jealousy of Oxford ever since
the first moment I saw - nnd fell in
love with you. , I'camo here to kill
him, for another; nnd afterward, to
keep you two apart I would liave
been glad to do it for myself. Bnt, I
failed, and I've got tho shot in ray
lungs that was meant for his heart.-
Because I want you to forgive me, nnd
because the ^one thing to ease the
pain I'm suffering is tho thought thnt
it's in my power to give you a happy
future, I'm going to tell you a tiling
you would never know*If it weren't
tor me."
Then tho whole story hnd como
out, brokenly, for each word ho uttered was llko a dagger thrust in
Trowbridge's breast.
He waH not an American, he said,
but nn Austrian, who hnd 'lived in
mnny places and dono mnny , things,
Noltner was be tlie millionniro he
protended to be, "That was n pose,"
lie snld,. "rind the Syndicate is responsible for my expenses—tho Underground Syndicnto, ns outsiders cnll
,t. Nd, I'm not going to give it away.
Tho others aro just as snfo ns over,
nnd tt doesn't nintter nny moro for
my assistant hero—Countess Rade*
oolBkoi, ns sho ■ called horsolf for
this occasion, nnd for a special pur*
none, She's dond, Sho hnd to dio,
or sho would have spoiled your life,"
Tho Countess who,was no CountoBB,
and who had become a Rndopolskoi •
merely bocauso John Konrith hnd
bnuglit tho Rndepolbkoi diamond, hnd
boon sent by tlio Syndicnto to get
thnt dinmond; nlso tho ponrl whleh
Konrith wns supposed to enrry with
lilm; nnd tlio jewels of Lndy Ardcliffe,
which wore Innioiis. Hor own jowols,
sn ningnificont in nppenrnnce, worn
almost nil fnUo. nnd hor fortuno'cr-unl*
ly n pretence; money supplied by tho
Syndicnto that sho might seem n rich
woman, nbovo suspicion. Her mnld
wn» n humbler mombor of tho same
n-winiKMion, n person of littlo Initio,
live, but skilled ns nn n**nlnlo!it, Trow*
b-idifo did not know how the Countosi*
had Intondod to provo Lady Hilary
n thi'if, but if nny Jewt'ls—ono or
two of the faw renl ones, perhaps., pos.
i,%ai-:(..i |,v th,* Cnniiti-an -wor»> to lw
bidden iii Lndy Hilnry'i* room, or at*
tinln'd to hf>r dn-"**, ho had no doubt
thnt the mnld had boi-n tho porson
to disnosn of thom.
He lind known lor smiti* yonrs tho
wninnn who cnllod berull the Conn.
te«-i  nf  Hnder>'il*>koi.    *-' 1 io  wiis  hall
rVili'-h, hnlf French.   Ib-r ronl nnmo
.      ,.    «-, •.      • t    **•     i-i
..   t-    ,.,,,4t.«*.p    tilt.t..       If.    ti  L.tnm^v,
l*,,,il riven bor rnnenn ♦•> think that
■ hn cnied lor her, nn<! would marry
hei Mi-iit* dny; and uwy Inn] oftun
"unik.'il enmia" tftg.*i'.i'r. though nt
L-iflnnlii Castle Hydr'** tlioy prctond*
nd tn Ic newly ocqunintcd.
■Vi* foi bim-t-li, bo lui'i comu to Loch*
(To bo continued)
Notice is hereby given that a dividend at the rate o.(
Six Per Cent, per annum upon tlie paid up Capital Stock
of-this Bank has been declared for tlie three months ending
the 26th of February, 1000, and thensame will be payable at
its Head Ollice and Branches on and after Monday, the 1st
day cf March next.    Thc transfer books will be closed from
v , I*-
thc 14-th to thc 28th of February, both davs inclusive.
By order of the Bonrd
fAMES   MASON, General Manager
Toronto, Jan. 2:3, 1.000.
W. C. B. Manson Manager,
Companies Act 1897; Canada, Province
of British Columbia
(No. 101.)
Unequaled as a Cure for Crourj
"Ib»s!i.fls belnK nn <■■*.■.Il-nt i*-niedj
for colds nnd thront tr'nu-l'-H, Clinm*
berlnln's rough Hfm»vh* in un*»r|iinli*rt
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biiRliiOHH within tbo provlnco nf British
C'olunibln, nnd to carry out or effect nil
or any of tho objoeiH of tin* compnny
to which tho b'KlHlntlvi... authority of
tho liOfjlHlitturc of niltlsli Col limb In
The lioml offlm of tli<> Compnny In
ultiuito ut tho Town of OkoiokN In Mn<
J'rovlnc**' of Alliertii* tlio (.mount of
cnpltnl of the Company Is Scvi'iity-llvf
t.-.ouBnii.! dollnis, dl'.lded Into Hevt-n
Hundred and fifty slum*** of ono linn*
dii.'d dollnrs .'itdi.
Tho bond office of tho compnny in
this province Is iiltunie nt Klltnioutb,
nml William Su-wnit llerron, lumber-
iiifiii, wlionu ii'l-li-isti iH '■-'kniouih
aforesaid, is I lit- ntiorney for (lit*
(jivi-ii under my iiimil nml hchI   ul
OfllcO  lit   VlCtOI'lll,  ruiHIHt- of   l'1'ftit-li
Colunthln, Uil* flf*>«'i H* dny of !>( ••!*.-
ber, otic t'hoiii-aiiil nine hundred   .ind
.*>.    \.   \l\l\l t'\\j'.-i.
tllenihttiir of Joint Hki.-I;
TIk.' objects for whkli this Company
hns been eHtnbllslied mid Ib-emu-d nie:
Tlio piircbnsti of timber llmltH, tin*
manufacture and >-a!e of lumber, in
eluding the liioiiiitiictiiic  nf tlmbiTK.
telephone pob.'S, Ih'S, ShfllKlcM, Intlis,
iiOM-H  Clint  Hli  Oilier   iltliill't-il   pUilim I*
ibnt can be made from timber: *o pur-
ehate or fell other lurn'ier InibiMrks
or the stork Uf-nfif, nnd RcnerrUly to
carry on th*** >>iisifn-**» of innnufnciure
*t\A t*Rle ef »ti* ty o.... **i of M*».'".-*r »tI
'umber. Mch *.'■«.'
NOTICE In hereby given that, application will bo mnile to tho parliament of Canndn nt tho prosont session
thereof for nu Act Incorporating n
compnny under tho nnmo of tho Koo-
tenny nnd Alberta Hallway compiiny,
with power In behalf of the compnny
1.   Construct, c**ulp, maintain   and
oporato a lino or lines of railway in)
; Krom  a  point  on  tho Crow's    Stmt
j branch of the Canadian Pacific .-.nib
!wny between   Cowley   and    I'lnclier
I Creek, Hint Ions In the provlnco of Al*
iberiii, thehen in a Koutliorly direction
IpuhhIiir tlirotiRh llenvor Valley to tlio
j North  Kootenay Push, thence lu    a
j southerly dlifctlon down  tho Valley
!of the Fin tli end river, In the province
I of nrltlsh Columbia, to llm Intermit*
ionnl boundary, lb) From, nt or   uenr
itHo nfoicNiild point on Hid Crow's Newt
'■■ HiniR'h or the I'nuadliti) I'nciriu   Hnll*
wny, tl.eiKi: In n -iuiiiUmI) dltcdlou,
|piiss-li)-J! tit or near the town of I'lnclier
jen-uk  tlnoiiKli  Hie  H-dil-oiim  Hetib*.
iment, tlnoUKli the Mood Indian    Hu-
'Herve, down the Mllli Hlvci* Vn.lli;y to
the Interiiatlotiiil bouudnry nt or muir
f'nuiiH.    ic)  A biuiH I, line fimii    ft
point nt or near D;>i ciohhIdi' of lho
ii lIK-l it'll   ||t l*|    III   lilt,*   I'HAHII If   Ol   Al*
'*n ■■'■i 'Inn *i .'i ; i ■ ■ i * 5.« ■!.. i)!j i-<' ■wi
down to the "Smith went turner of 'lie
Illond Indlnn Hchciv.i, pasHltiR In tho
(vicinity of Moiintalnview, thence doivu
|tbo  Valley  of bees Creel*  lo Cards.
i ton,
I 1'. A-'-ulre and iitlli/.e ttic'im ami
water power for compreiiHliii.' »ir or
KciieriitifiR electricity for nn> purpoio
nud ■'oniiiiei'i-liilly'deiilliiR In tin* hiuni'.
li. Construct, contiol and oii'-mui
telemnph nnd telenhcnie llnea.
I.   I.r.'i'i* lr.*''i nure. lueii'i1. ••.Itli oui-
jrr Hnll nay (ompnnle-.,
I J-'oli. itofH for I lm Applicants
* Dated nt Ottawa this 2Rth day of
i Juiniar)' V.w<j
No. 8 Elyer Eastbound ;.. 24.18
; No. .7 .Flyer'Westbound	
No, 214 Eastbound Regular ..
No: 213, Westbound Regular ..
, No. 236. Eastbound lst class
iVo. 235 Westbound, 1st class
NO. 252
g. n. time table
,   fernie"
'   HOSMER   ■     ,
No. 251
' ' 1.35
'--;! TO' RENT—Furnished rooms with
bath at Howland avenue, opposite the
Baptist church.
LOT FOR SALE—Lot 13 block 2,
Hosmer, apply A. J. Limb, Coal
Creek.    ■   	
WANTED—Partner in good paying
buisness, with five hundred dollars capital; apply post officebox 238.   '
Mr. and Mrs. G.  R.  Stockton
Toronto was in town this week.
Valentine Post Cards at Bleasdell's
Palace Drug Store.
James Burkitt of Elkmotub was in
town this week?
Lettuce and Celery at the Palm.
Mr. and -Mrs. H. Oldlands were up
from Hosuie** on Tuesday.
Wright the Jeweler for bargains in
ladies diamond rings from $10 up.
■ .Mrs. A. Cawthorne of Bellevue, Alia,
gave Fernie a visit on Tuesday.
Business lot and building for sale-
Apply to W. .R.  McDougall. -   ■
Miss Sybil Reading is progressing
satisfactorily at the hospital.
Are you coming up' to-night? Meet
me  at  Ingram's  Bowling  Alley.
Tbe police report February as the
cleanest month from crime in Fernie
since the fire.     " .
Cut flowers every Saturday at the
Mrs. Tom Beck returned to Fernie
on Thursday from Ontario. Mr'. Tom
Beck dropped off for a day at Taber.
For hotel accommodation the Napanee is the place.
Mr. and Mrs. H.' J. Cunningham
of Cranbrook were visiting friends in
Fernie1 on Tuesday.- c.
'" Whimster and Co. are removing to
their old stand in the Henderson block
which they occupied before the fire.
Patronize home industry and smoke
Crow's Nest Specials and Extras
Mr. W. J. Cox, ledger keeper, late
of the Trites-WoodJCo., has taken up
his new position as accountant to N.
E. Suddaby.
Beef, mutton, pork, veal, hams,, bacon, lard, etc., only of the very best.
Phone 41. '
and freight agent of the G. N.** railway has been Inspecting freight tariffs
at Fernie station.
The satisfaction obtained from the,
smoking of Ingram's tobaccos and cigars is beyond expression.
The Napanee hotel Is prepared to
handle travellers and other guests.
Wm. Thompson, who had his both
feet amputated somo time ago on account, of frost bites is expected to
leave tho hospital this, week.
Oh Shoot, at the  Fernie Shooting
Gallery.'     Next to the. Fernie  Meat
'  Market.
B. Jamieson was tried before J. F.
Armstrong on a charge of nssaulting
a Chinaman and sentenced to sixty
days Imprisonment.
Military brushes make a useful gift
and can be bought from Wright the
Jeweller, next Fernie hotel.,
The doctors report that tho mines
aro vory free from accidents of a serious tintura. Tho lust accident ne-
cpssltntlNK removal to the hospital
was in December last.
Patronise Ihe rink. Tho management aro.supplying a flno sheet of ico
■ nnd every attention Ih given to the
comfort of tho patrons,
J, V. Armstrong, official receiver of
Cranbrook was In town on Wednesday.
C. rturKOHs, accountant of tho Xorth
Star Lumber Co,, Ullio, wob In tbo city
on Wednesday.
The Fnlr Is distributing very pretty
calendars among Its customers; it's
rather late now for calendars, but
better late than never. *
.1. Stockwell Is lirtho hospital suf-
foilii.' fium typhoid ft-vcr, urnl hi*1
condition** la Htutnd to bo very serious. MIh many frb'nds will bu sorry
to hour of this.
Ladles' and gents' watches In the
beet movements at Wright's, next to
Fernie hotel.
Tho pinna for tlm proposed n«w
bulldiiiK of the Hunk nf Hamilton, to
bu oructfiii tlilu NiirliiR. elans thu build-
in*,' to be, when nw'tcd, one nf tin*
Un.'Ht. wont of WIihiIpck und will bo
n Ii/iiii]noiiiu iiddltlo/j to th« town.
For tlmt tired, far away feeling try
a bath at Ingram's,
Tine cuisine at the Napanee is trie
best in the City.
.Mcmhi'h. tlri'cti and flp'ifory of tlm
CooIch union hnv«< i a Icon nvnr tlm )),->|*
mont Cufi' and ln fu tup' Villon i-h.mi
enn not wlifit tlmy wlali hoi/ud by nn*
Ion help. Their stand Is imxt to tho
*f*l..4 »i »,a*4,n ,1   *l»rn*»«fa
11 yiui i-yit* -i-'t I'Piilillry j'Pii r.rr
Liphardt the Jeweler and optician.'
Eyes tested free.	
♦♦♦-»♦♦♦■♦♦♦ +++++++
In  Fernie  its
Hawthorne for
A mass meeting was held by _ tbe
miners in" Bruce's hall on Monday to-
discuss their side of the proposedtnew
scale agreement. The: mines -were
■iUe on that day. A special train
left Coal Creek for the Creek* miners
at 9.30 a.m. , • , .*
Follow tbe crowd to Ingram's and
indulge iri a game of pool or billiards/
Geo.* Card Sr.,- was arrested, ., by
Chief Burroughs 'and Constable Gorman on Wednesday aud brought' before Magistrate Whimster on Thursday morning, on a charge of indecent
assault oh a girl of tender years. He
was remanded until Monday morning.
For a good comfortable smoke get
Dorenbecker's brands.' 'They are
home product. ■•
Fine watch repairing at Liphardt's.
who is(the watch inspector for the
Great Northern Railway.
The finest leaves from Ceylon tea
plantations are contained In "Salada"
tea. Ic is packed in sealed lead pac-*
kets to preserve its delicious flavor,
and aroma. Sold by alLgrocers; never
by peddlers or in bulk. ' 7
For a birthday gift nothing more
appropriate than a piece of fine jewellery.     Wright has a choice selection.
Plans are almost completed for the
union evangelistic meetings to bo1
held In this city In the near future.
The campaign is under the direction
of Dr. Wilbur Chapman, who has 10
workers in the field all the lime. It
is understood that Dr. Chapman will
be in Fernie during the meetings for
a short time. The'eampaign is .to extend -.over the entire East Kootenay
district. The meetings in Fernie are
to be held In the skating rink and the
committee in charge of this detail are
leaving nothing undone to have a suitable placo in which to hold the services. A union choir is being formed
and Rev. Mr. AVilliamson will have
charge of this. Preparatory meetings are being held by all tbe denominational bodies.        \
Just arrived at the Fair 1000 pounds
of tobacco and 6000 high grade cigars.
The Fair, has the largest and best assortment of cigars and tobacco in town
and prices always the lowest.
Call up Phone No. 77 for fruits,and
confectionery delivered at your home.'-
The offering' at Fernie opera house
on March 12 will be Monte Cristo, the
great French drama, by-Alexandra
Dumas. This piece will be presented
by Frederick Clarks and a company
of sterling players. The piece is
splendidly staged and the company is
well balanced. Mr. Clarke is a leading man in his profession of assured
position in the larger cities of both
United States and Canada. Monte
Cristo is the strangely thrilling story
of two lovers' turbulent lives in France
during the 18th century at a time
when- heroic deeds were common occurrences, Messrs. Willis and Cos-
grove take gerat pleasure in offering
this play to the western Canadian theatre goers, and feel that they will rp-
preciate their efforts in this charming
as the Count of Monte Cristo holds'the
audience spell bound but his artistic
portrayal of this difficult role is excellent. Do not forget the date, March
Phone 41 for the best of meats.
be sealed with the seal of the Corporation and signed'- by the Mayor thereof.
3. ■ Th'e said debentures shall bear
date from the lst day' of May,' 1909,
and shall be made payable in thirty
years irom - the said date in ■ lawful
money of Canada at the office of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce in Fernie
aforesaid, which said place of payment shall be designated by the said
debentures, and shall have attached to
them coupons for the payment of interest, and the signatures to the interest coupons may be either written,
stamped, printed or lithographed. ,-
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at' the rate of five per cent,
from the date thereof, which inrb-est
shall be payable annually at said office of the Canadian Bank of Commerce in Fernie aforesaid, in lawful
money of Canada, on the lst day df
May respectively in each year during
the currency thereof, and it shall lie
expressed in "said debentures and'cou-,.
pons to**be so payable. 7   ,,
5. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation to negotiate
and sell the said debentures, or any
of "them at less than par, but. in no
case shall tbe said debentures or any,
of them be negotiated'or sold for less
than ninety-five per centum of their
value, including the cost of negotiating
the sale, brokerage and all other incidental expenses. ■    • a
6. There shall be raised and levied
in each year during the currency of
for payment of interest and the sum
of $750 for payment of interest and the
sum of $315.29 for" payment of said debentures by rate sufficient therefor on
all rateable land or improvements'or
real property in*the said municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for the said
Municipal Council to re-purchase 'any
oi the said debentures on such terms
as-may be agreed upon with the legal
holders thereof, either at the time of
-sale or any subsequent time or times,
and ' all debentures*' so re-purchased
shall forthwith be .cancelled and destroyed, and no "re-issue of the debentures, so "re-purchased shall be-made in
consequence of such re-purchase.
This by-law shall take effect on the'
31st day of March, A. p., 1909.
. This  by-law may be cited for  all
purposes as the City of Fernie Public
School by-law No. 78. * -,   ,*■
Done and 'passed ' in open council
this 4th day of March, A. D., 1909.
TAKE notice that the above is a
true copy of the proposed by-law upon which .the* vote bf the municipality
will be taken at the City of Fernie bn
Friday, March -19th, between the
hours of 10 o'clock in the morning and
8 o'clock In the'evening, .at the City
Offices, situate In Johnson-Falconer
block.      .       -        ■ ,
Fernie, B. C, March 4th, 1909.
'    G.- H. BOULTON,    s
'    City- Clerk',
7   With -u-p-tb-dta-te Fixtures
Groceries  a.ind
-rj-fr.****!*- 'ft-**-   * »yv"\*ttt*tK\ity \"*- .-i-^jP ~*v-'t*" ,£_ -*A;j,.V--y" "
|    W. J.  BEtUNaDEXX
-Give us a call
• ♦♦♦^♦v---* •»•»»<»*»♦•»♦♦♦
' Va a I**. - , ■* - ,     ■*■   *-       '      , (
Singer Sewing Machines -Co.,
- ■_ '■' *. Fernie, B. C.«'.       ,      y-y
Why be without a Sewing Machine when you
can get one for $3.00 a month?  ,       i. -i
Crpws^Nest Tfading^Co.
..' General Merchants, \-f;
The   Store: of Good Valuesy
Victoria Ave.;
Fernie, B^
a ,,_• .. "»
J. P. H0ULAHAN,, Agent, opposite Coal Co.'s olllce, Pe'lat lm.
Fri. end Sat, March 516
** '        ' a    ■-." . "I'.    ..... * , *       7        . a
Presenting  ''The  Strollers" Friday; ''Dolly Varden," at
the Saturday.Matinee and   Saturday night.
Guaranteed the biggest operatic attraction ever offered in-Western
,  • "      ' ' ■ • Canada.,     ' . ■"
t *
Safety Deposit Vault
Safety Deposit Lockers
can be rented at The
Ledger Office, Most
fireproof vault in the
city., Reasonable rates.
See the  Manager for
BY-LAW NO. 79   "•   -    '
pose of building sidewalks in the City
of Fernie. ' ■
"WHEREAS for the purpose of building sidewalks in the City of Fernie, it
will be necessary to borrow the sum of
$10,000 and to issue debentures of the
City of 'Fernie for the purpose of raising the said amount.     '   ■
Ancl whereas the amount of the
whole rateable land or improvements
qj* real property of the said City of
Fernie according to the last revised
assessment rolHs $1,291,500.
Ancl whereas"it will be requisite to
raise annually by rate the sum of
$1372.30 for paying the said debt and
And whereas this by-law shall not
be altered or repealed except with the
consent of tho Lieutenant-Governor In
Now therefore tho Municipal council of the Corporation* of tho City of
Fernie enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for tho Mayor
f tho Corporation of tho City of Fornle
to borrw upon tho credit of the said
Corporation by way of debentures
hereinafter mentioned from any' porson, persons.body or bodies corporate,
who may bo' willing to advance tlio
same as a loan, a* sum not exceeding
tho wholo sum of. $10,000, and to
cnuso nil such sums bo raised or received to bo pnld Into tlio hands of
tho Treasurer of tho Bald Corporation
for tho purpose nnd with tho object
horolnbeforo recited.
2, Il flluill be lawful for the Mayor
lo cause nny immhor of debentures to
bo mndo, executed and Issued each for
the sum ot $500, as njny bo roqulrod
for the purpoHo nnd objoct nforosnid,
not t>.\ct.'u(ltiiK', Iiowuviji* tho sum of
$10,000, nnd nil Bticli iloboiilui'OH shall
bo scnlod with thn hpiiI of tho Corporation nnd algnod by lho Mayor thoro*
.'I. Tho snld ilobcnliii'en Bhnll boar
(Into from tho Int. dny of May, 190!.,
ami Riuill bo mndo pnynblo In ton
yenrH from Iho until (Into In lawful
A ny-I.nw to raise $1">,000 for tho
purpose of completing the Fernio
Public school now under courso of
const ruction.
Whereas a potltlon hns been presented io the Municipal Council of tlip
("ropornllon of the City of Fernie,
signed by tho owners of at leant one*
tout It of the value of real property In
the City of Fornio (ns shown by the,-
latent revised KhMcKtiiiu'iit roll) re*
qucHtlng thom to introduce such a bylaw,
And whereas for tlio purpono of
compli'llng the Fornio public hcIiuoI It
will I'*.' in-CKsni'v* io borrow i)»> hiiiii
of $ I .l.titiu and i,o Ihbiio ili-li-jntM'*.**** of
die City of. l'Vriil.* roi" tlio purpoHo of
rnlHliiK the hiiid nmniitit,
Ami wIii'i'i'iiB    tho amount of ihojuwn.-y of Cnnndn nt tho offlco of tho
wlioli' inti'iablo lnnd or Improvi'inuntHiCnnmllnn Ilnnlc of Coniniorco In Fernie
or rail property of tlie hiiIiI City of
■•'■•ruin iiccunlluif to Uio Inst I'dvIh-jiI
iissi'HHincnt roll In $1,201 Jiiin.
And tt*ln*'.*.'iiH It will be rcqiilKlle to
nilKii iiiiiiiiully by rule the mini of
j:I(1(1,1,lii) for paying the Htifd dobi iuul
And whcivni" UiIh by-law* Hhnll not
lit; nlini'fd or rcjw-nlt'rt cxcppi with the
■■oiwonl of the MutiteuniiUiovernni' In |
aforesaid, which Hnld plnco of pay*
infill shall be designated by Dm snld
debentures, nnd Hhnll hnvo attnclied to
tliem couponi* for tho pnymeiit of In*
teroHt. nnd tho HlgniiturcB to tho In*
li<r<!Ht coupon** mny bo .ilthor wrllteii,
■•(limped, printed or llthoginplied.
I. Tho snld dobonturopi Hhnll bonr
Interest at tlio into of flvo per cent,
from the (Into thereof, which Interest
roiiiii-ll, jftlmM ht> pnynblo nnnii'illy nt tialij ot'
Now therefore the Municipal co'iu* jficn of tho Cnniiillun [tank of   Com*
M     (• il. ■   Pni.^wMn'i   of  »l>ri  /'It"  nf'miirnn     In   Fomie  ntOTOtfliA.  ill   IflWflt!
Il-'enili. I'tuieiB uh (iiIIiiwh: I inonoy of Cnimdn, on llio im dny of
1,   It shrill lm lnwful Ior the Mayor I .May roHpecllvoiy in eiiuli }uu uiiium
f the Coiporntlon of tlm City of Fernie j iho currency thereof, iuul It shall be
j io Unut upon Die if .•■111 of Dn  ■■.xlA\*-*\,n**ti\ in «nlil debontureH and con*
Coi'i'omtlon   by wny of   iIcln'iituii'tJpmiH to ho ho pnynblo,
Painting, Interior
WM(I •«. A   aMIIaU Av*.     '
licrelimfter mentioned from any per-
J*r1/*|,   \rt \ t -Wit?.,   i»Vt-i)    \t»     ■«'•**'*•■ a  .t-   ■»'-**, j   J.-« ,
who mity bo willing to advance the
finmo nH n lonu, a sum not oxceedfiiK
the wliole sum of $1.1,000, und to
cniiHu nil -.iicli mi mm so ruined or received to be pnld Into tho hands of
ihe Trentiiirer of tho wild Corporation
for tlin pur1,-../.**' and with tho obj'-tt
lierelnlmforo recited.
2. It shall hi: lawful for thn Mnytr
to tuiii,c any number of dfbentiin*.- to
bo mnde, executed And It-sued each for
tho num of I.1O0, hi mny be required
for tb") purpoNe and object aforetaid,
not exceeding, however tbe num of
$15,000, and nil such debenture* thall
It tahnll ho lawful for the Mayor
*      ' i i     ■***■« ....,/innJl-Mi    *rt    rtfir*r\\\t\fn
■*.>»       \\*i        -.V*r*li.l.*t      •S-*-** ■#    ■"'*    •     *■■ ■*       "
and Hell tho Hnld dobonturoH, or nny
of them nt IeHB thnn par, but In no
ciiho Bhnll the Hnld debentures or* any
of them bo negotiate"! or sold for loan
thnn nlnety*flvo per centum of thoir
vnluo, including the cost of negotiating
'he Dale. brok«rnt*;o nnd nil nthor in-
rldental cxponnoii.
(7. There "•'■'•■I he mined nnd levied
In each yenr during the currency of
Raid debenture* tho sum of $500.80
for pjiymcnt of Interest and the aum
of 9672.30 for payment of aatd de*
bciitureB by rato sufficient therofor on
all rateable Und or Improvements or
Winners   J
I   You can bet on quality .to-win every time, but when
-   you have quality combined with average prices theii
its a; cinch you have the equivalent to an ace of
trumps.   This is our position in a nut shell with
reference to our  Niagara   Falls   Canned   Fruits, \f =.
'   Special Tea Blends and Union Flour
Canned Whole Fruits
Almost equal to fresh fruits, packed ih special t sanitary, cans free from solder or; acid. \ Without doubt
the best canned fruits on the, market
Choice Tea Blends
These are our own.special blends of pure"Geylon tea"
packed in Colombo.     Fine flavor and,-" economical
In one pound packets only.     Namuniah 40c per,
pound.    Our Own 50c per pound
Union Made Flour
the only flour on tho market bearing the union
label. It holds the gold medal at Calgary for excellence. ' What, more do you want?. Ask for
Mother's Favorite or Pride of Alberta. A
car of the latter is oxpected in a fow days. *
Fernie   Industrial  and
Provident Co-Ofi. Society
Suits and Overcoats
20 per cent, discount
Wc assume all risk regarding fit and workmanship.   We have pleased hundreds, that
speaks for itself.
Clothers to Men and Boys
renl pronenv In tho snld municipality. |
7. It hlmll bo lawful for thc Hnld
Municipal Council to ro-pnrehnso nny
of thn Hnld debentures on such tornm
na may be agreed upon with the legnl
holders thereof, olthor nt. the time of
sale or nny subsequent time or tlmcH,
nnd nil debenture** so repurchased
ahnll forthwith be cancollod nnd. do*
utroyed, nnd no re-lBstio of tho debentures so repurchmed ahnll be mado In
consequence of auch ro-purchntw.
This bylaw shall take effect on tho
,11st dny of March, A. D., 1»0D,
This by-taw mny bo cited for nil
purposes ot tbe City of Pemle 8lde-
wnlltn Hy-Liiw No.  78,
Done mid pitHBiH.    in opi-n cuum-i.
this -1th dny of Mnrch, A. D., 1009.
TAKI3 notico thnt tho nbovo Ib n
truo copy of tho proposed by-lnw upon which the voto of tho municipality
•/ill bo taken nt tho City of Fornio on
Friday, March 10th, botwoon tho
hours of TO o'clock In tho morning nnd
8 o'clock ln tho ovoning, -nt the City
Ottt-oei, altuato Id Johnson-fYilooner
Fonilo, B. O., Mnrch "Jth, 3*00.
City Clerk
$10 Down
10,00 a Month
will buy a lot to build n homo
lu tho hoHl roHldoiitinl uocllon
of North Vnneouvoi1, 07x100 ft,
nt $200 cadi, 0 per cent Intercut
nnd no taxes for 2 yoni-H* ton
mlniitoH walk from car lino niul
boulevard whoro lotH nro soDIiih*
al $unoo nlot.
$10   Down
and $10 a month
will nlso buy n D200 ncro on Lulu iHlnnd, 1*2 mile from olootrlo
enra, throo mllea from Vancou-
ver city, I, por cent Intcrest, no
tnxoB for two yonrn, Como onrly
nnd got tho choice lota nnd
ncroa, For pnrtlculnrs npply to
Chas. Lewis
King Edward Hotel
Fernio, B. O.
Oritiah Trout ft Inveatincnt Co,
UtlHllll'HS   Dloi-lcN, i  Clllll'l.'JinU,
ScIioiiIh, and lionvy work n
      '    ".fl——-ffilll IIJUIW" J|i*»'i'J.J
.Vuoiilx fin* I'lliwmWm I'l'iiNxoil lli-lck
iuul   I nml   I'olm C'otiitiiiin   nml
I'ltll'Sllll   Ilrlcla,       KhIIiiiiKoh   fnr-
nlnlii'tl frcu
TV th" •mntt'-v nf nn nji«ll',p»tnri tny
Dxe (hrup of n ditpllcnto of tho CortlM*
cnto of Titlo for Lot 7, Block 81. An*
nox Town of Fornio (Mnp 734A.)
Notico Is horoby glvon thnt It la my
Intention to Ihduo nt tho oxplratlon of
miu iiituiHi ntier the nrm pubheauon
heroot n duplicato of tho Certificate of
Titlo to tho nbovo montlonod lot In
tho nnmo of Vozol Vnnlcolc, which
cortlflento la dated tho 11th of April, 1008, and numborod 8467A.
H. n. JOf-IAND
District KenUtrnr
Land Registry Offlco,
NeUon, n. C. Feb. 10 1609.


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