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The District Ledger 1908-12-26

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"a. - ■
•'., r t>
f 1?'
1 ndustf ialJ Unity- is • St rengftli
£ t
TheOfiiicial Ors-an of District Wfb. IO, U. M. W, of A.
** - '.,>;'•> vi'        *   ' '
Political Unity is Victory
VOI*. IV,   No
FERNIE,   B.C,   DECEM|fER 26th,   1908
,$1.0-0 a. Year
What a message for the world;
Battle flags by it are furled,
Deadly shots no- longer hurled
On this Oliristmas Day.
Peace on .earth. It is not'here.
Nations other nations fear;
Strife arid carnage ever near
Every Christmas day.
Phrase for tongue and pen alone,
, Slaves of hate and fear, men groan
- Bodies bruised'arid bleeding, moan'
„This bright Christmas da>v.
AIL good will" and"peace will
When from hate and fear w
.  free ■"... ./.
■ And the lightof love we see
On the Christmas day.   *
■e ■■*-•'
Peace on earth, good'will to men!
What a phrase for tongue or pen!
' Told foi*' ages—told again '
On this Christmas ,day. , .
Peace on earth^good willio'men!'
Splendid phrase'for tonlgue and
pen; ..',''-..    -     ; ""'■
" Sung for'ages; sung again'    ' 's
On this Christmas day., ■ r.      "     .
Por by'acti not tongue or pen
"Peace .on   earth, good will   to
men,",    '•.■..■.       ''„  *
Will have meaning to us then-
Each arid every day.
The Co- Operdtwei
Store is now a
:        >
There may have been some justification for
grave doubts as to our sincerty in former
announcements in proclaiming an early
opening of our store but on account of
unavoidable delays we have unwittingly led
some doubting Thomas' to believe we were"
playing a game of bluff. We are now prepared   to vindicate  our veracity and   here
\we are with
Goods Inferior to None
Prices to Compare with All
To .the Sufferers, of the Fernie Fire on
. Aug. 1st, 1908.
I desire to" call your attention to
thb necessity of somo definite plan
being adopted for a final disposition
of the funds so generously contributed towards your, assistance,
You aro awaro that a substantial
sum will bo loft over after nil accounts
aro paid in addition to wlmt has been
advanced for tho purchase of lumber
and'building materials.
As far as I nm aware no plan has
been ndoptod and submitted to you for
your approval as to wliat would bo
dono with tho money when repaid to
tho fund. Therefore I roapoctfully
advise and roquost, that no repayment of any loan for lumber and building materials be mado by anyone until
such timo,iih feomo definite plan Ib adopted and submitted io till flro sufC-
ororfl for lliclruppioval and coiiHont, ,
! Wishing you all the compliments of
tlio soason,
Your frloi'id and woll wisher,
F. H. Sherman
Fernie Industrial &
Provident Co-Op.
Society Store
Busy Fernie
To lllustrato the wondorfiil growth
of our city since tlio 1st of AurubI
It Is only necessary to glvo tlio following figuros of tlio numbers ot
houses and business places that havo
boon oracled:
Itocrontlon Grounds
Ilowlnn*! iivonuo	
I'ollat nii'l Victoria nvomiofl
"\VoHt Pernio    ...,
nuslnoHB l-loclm ,, •
i.i t t I I
I I i ■ I i
Total    *J0'1
Ono bullillng 1ms nlno boon oroctod
on tlio Piirlc Hlto.
> <*
> 4-4.11.
Brigftt  Young
Tho Pat Men's banoball tonm nro
arrtttiglnR for a ball to bo hold In
Bruco's HnH on ClirlfllmnB night. Tho
objoct of tlio nffnlr Ib to rnluo (iiiiAh
to pay for tlio milt*. All thoir suits
nnd outfit wero .mrnpil nnd thoy nre
oxpoctlng to get enough monoy in
this wny lo pny off their dobtn. Ito
»ure nnd nltwitl ns you <nn bo nsBUiod
of n first cln-w timo. If you cannot
•to buy a tickol nnd help tho boys out
Qroonwood Ledgo: J. Poole McBwafn
loft for tho South Tuosdny morning,
ITo will wlntor on his tnrnntula fnrm
nonr 8an Dlogo, Cnl-nnd at wny
points, Ho bixti fully recovered from
tho offoctB of his auctioneering business In Pernio.
Ro'ehon hns Candy frem 20c n pound
I to $2.00.
Shortly nftor going to proim InHt
woc-ik ft wiru *whh iwctusta worn lUu
Cranbroolc hospital stating that AU
Konnody had pnssod awny. ThU howb
was Indeed a shock lo tlio vory many
friends of Mr. Kennedy lioro. Tho
body wns brought up on tho ovoning
train nnd th« fnnprnl wnn hold on
Sunday aftornoon. Tho romnlnn w«u
followed to thoir Innt rontln-'* plnrn bv
n vory large concoumc, and tho fun-
nrnl wns held undor tbo nunplccs of
lho United Brotherhood of Carpenters,
of which union Mr, Kennedy won a valued -member,
Armstrong Dean is
Committed—Defence Deferred
' The adjourned case of Armstrong Denn   enmc up i'or hearing
again before the Magistrate on Saturday morning.   Henry "Willing-
hum, sworn, said he met Dean in Fernio in April last.    He had a conversation with him re stock and insurance in tlie Globe Ifivo Tnsur-
unco Company.    P. J. Wnlson and J. \Y. Dobson wero prosont ut tho
conversation.    Dean spoke to hint nbout tho reinsurance, and it was,
Hub that drcw'liis attention.    Deun nmdu it pliun.to him tlmt three
J'ifths woro reinsured ns soon*us a policy was issued.    There were
many other things spoken about that he would not try to remember
as it wns so long ngo, but ho would swear to tlio reinsurance slate-
mont.    Dean mado it very plain to   him tlmt thoy hnd n contract
with nn Old Country firm in London, England, for reinsurance, and
that was, why it wns so strong and they could not go nstrny.    Mr.
Willingham, who wns excited, spoke very fast, nnd was pulled up
several •times.    Ilo remarked that it was enough to make nnyono
angry witli a' mnn liko Dean,    In consequence of tho   conversation
ho bought shares.    He paid n olicqno of i|i215, whicli was 15 per cent
call on stock, and tlio balance of tho cheque was IB per cent call on
5 shares of his partner, J. "W. Dobson and premium on $4,000 iiiHiir.
nnoo. •
Doan, who smiled at somo remark of Willingham's, was snapped
up by him, who snid ho might,well snicker up,his sleeve. Ilo was
stopped from making any fui'thor remarks.
CroBs-oxaminedi Thero wore two or throo ciuivorsalions k-l'imi
buying stOajk. Ono or two wero previous to the i<\w\w. which was
dated April 20lh. Tho conversation took place, in Watson's office.
Tlo was not suro if ho wns present whon Dobson signed his application for stock. ITo wns nol suro if Dobson V nppiii'ution was signed
boforo his or not.
IT. G. Lockhnrl, sworn, said ho met Denn in April last in l-Yrnic.
Ho hnd n convorsntion wiih him ro insurance.     Tlio conversation
took place in his store.    F. J. Wntson was present at thc time. Deun
wi.! the capital of tho compnn***' vr." •**?'»rt nno ond tbo nnifl-mt .*iiT*.iliil i
wan .JCO.Of.R.    Ht* look no ahnrpn in the OUu> Vive TnHuvnwo Co.. hut
look insurance in Uio company some time hi tor for $2,000 on   store
nnd stock.    Thc premium wns paid to V. J. Wntson.     Denn innd*
tho statement that three-fifths of thc insurnni'u was reinsured,   and
J!**"*.! th?rr>?r*rfi thn Ii'iI.'IHIp'* of the s'niAr hnldr>r« would bi> ilrcronsi'd
to a Brent extent in enso of firo.    He would not be sure as to Dean's
exact words but tho impression left on Ips mind was that tho insurance wns automatic, tlmt is, when a policy was written, three-fifths
of it wns nt once covered by another firm.    When Denn asked Iiim
to buy stock ho told him it could not help being n good paying proposition, but ho (Lockhart) could nol soo where, because if   three-
fifths of thc insijmncc won reinsured, th** profits «'»nld not b.» vury
heavy, hut it might mnko tho thing safe,    On tlm stnU'ii.eiil nmdo to
him, the conipnny looked safe nnd ri-lfolih* nnd lie took iiif-unui'-f
(<'**»ntmu**d on pag«» i\vc)
Come  in and look over our stock of.
High    Grade    Christmas   Novelties
Gifts for the Ladies
CIlovos, Hniullcoi-cliiofs, Sweaters, Coats,
.Bedroom Slippers, Fur Cunts, Hockey Shoos,
etc., at prices to suit every pur.se.
Gifts for the Men
Neckwear, Mufflers, GIovoh, House Slippers,
Sweaters, Pocket Knives, Shaving lirushes,
Razors, etc., at special Christmas prices.
Gifts for Children
Toys of every description, inelu<lin|» Teddy
Bears, Drums, Dolls, llloeks, etc, at the
very lowest prices.
The Big Departmental Store
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B. C,
Charles Ilutnllii wrtx lnJim-,1 on (Int., Food Prleei lncr«aie
AftofilliiK lo Dm r<>|*ort of tlio Unll-
'■'I Hfftlcit |nir*-ftii of fnlior, ihe r^'ftfl
prlf (i nf lha» principal nrtlcK-i of foo<)
unlay InM In No. r» inliic. Uo mm rlil
. hiK loyc uu Nc 7 Inrlln-.' niul -vlsll'
I pa«mln(t cat* »llpp*.'d on a loff and xvttn
\ raapnt ociwccn cam nml aide,     llwi wan 2*).« our coil lil«h-r In U'-'iT than
i nvelvi',1 Injiirk-i*  to    b\» bark, f.n<l!nt   nny timo durdiK Uio pt-rloil   from
i brtiiwti on hU hond. 118S0 lo 1899.
! ' i.
I SlftsSsa'SJar^-felsaaS'!
 7''m~'rT—.^fa-.™*-....„»..,... ■'|4Tftr-Kai"f--SH1i'y.i.^„i.-.,.„-■„ I ,),.n|
News of Interest to Church Goers
"   -• *•>
We will be glad to have news for these columns each week
Fernie Not only Place to
Gut out Drink at
Simplicity is the essence of Christianity, as in order to embrace the
true principles of Christianity ' we
must become as little children. At
the beginning of the Christian era a
little child was born and about whom
it was prophesied "A little child shall
lead them."
At this festive time is there anything more natural and appropriate
than to have the anniversary of the
advent of this child of the Promise
celebrated in all simplicity in* a manner that will carry with It a savor of
tho fundamental principles of Christianity, o It is with this thought that
the Methodist church are putting forward the simple and sweet cantata—
A Child of the Promise, and it will
be through the Instrumentality of the
little folks."
. Delightfully simple and it will radiate an atmosphere to live in which
will not only amuse and elevate, but
will carry one to the higher standard
of ideal, wherein we celebrate the festive occasion to the honor of this
' Child's name.  ■
This cantata will commence at     8
o'clock Christmas night at the above
church and will be under the direction
■ of Mr. Cook with the assistance of Mr.
Wright at the organ.
Everyone is cordially invited "" to
■spend the'evening with the little folks.
There will be a present for each little
boy and girl belonging to the Sunday
school and a good and a pleasant time
is promised.
Admission will be^ free, but a collect-
ion will be taken up to help furnish a
library for the Sunday school.   ...
A right royal welcome is extended
to all and a good time promised. Come
and see for yourself.
Judge Charles A. Pollock of' North
'" Dakota, writing in the American Is-
■ sue regarding the working of prohib-
.- ition in ;that state, gives some striking facts.
■ ■(. Fargo, the city from which the particular illustration that we here give
- is taken, is situated in a- way that
some would consider particularly- dis
years, and no one'.ever hinted and
he has never been suspected of selling intoxicating liquors. He has prospered in his business and has accumulated a "snug private fortune.Hs is
an honor to the city. He speaks
as roliows upon the question of whe
ther it is necessary to sell intoxicating liquors In order to run a hotel: -
'' Fargo, N. D., Sept. 2S 1908
Judge Charles A. Pollock, N. D.'
My Dear'Sir:- I have been a resident of. Fargo for about thirty years;
have owned and run a hotel most of
that*'time—I know from actual experience—it is not necessary to keep
a bar and sell Intoxicating liquors.
. As mayor of our thriving, beautiful
city of 15,000 Inhabitants—paved and
lighted, and possessing all modern improvements including electric street
cars—I want to. add my testimony to
the value of the prohibition over tho
license , system ■ of dealing with . the
liquor, traffic,
* Nineteen ■ years of prohibition have
worked wonders for good ln our com-
;munity and ..our business men generally do not' want the saloon brought
back to our borders. ■*
Yours truly,
-> Mayor
How different the above condition
is.from the conditions.that obtain in
Ontario, whero licensed hotelkeepers
are practically under the ban of society. Under Local Option this ban
would bejifted. Hotel keepers then
would* take their place as business
men amongbusiness men without any
separating' barrier and would be eligible for any office within the gift of
their fellow citizens. How much preferable is this to the condition under
licenses. , ,,  '•
Local Option solves the hotel question.—The Pioneer.
Spokane Chronicle: After lengthy.arguments pro and con the waiters' alliance has tabooed, the serving of liquor at the annual ball of the organization, to he given New;-Years eve at the
Elks temple.' --••• ,->-.,'   -,  .■
Many members of the organization
favored serving something stronger
than lemonade at the big dance, .because of the fact that it was thought
much money could.be realized by the
sale'qf liquor on the holiday. The majority of the.- committee in charge of
the big'affair decided on the contrary,
and" lemonade   will hold unrivalled
sway. . ° -	
.. Nearly. jBOCtlckets have.been., sold
for the big ball and It promises to be
the most successful event, of the- kind
given by a locallahoruhion* during the
past year."''- • '". "'"■ -    ■*-'  *■•■'■ -'
(Esehwig and Sorkie, Props.)
Now open to the  public
Everything new and up-to-date
,  Handsome. Dining- Room Attached
Music every afternoon and night
Table Board $6.00.     All old prices now charged
Excellent Cuisine
d. L. GATES, Prop.
► ♦•♦.♦ ♦ ♦ • •
Ch ristmas aiid New Year
'" "» ..' '.'.•
Dishonest men question the honesty
man.—The Silent Partner of Cleveland. '
advantageous from a local ■ option
standpoint; Right across the Red
River is the city of Mooreheiid, under
license. These two place's—Moprehead
and Fargo—In. diffeemt states, separated only by a river, with railway and
street car connections, are business rivals, yet this Is what Judge Pollock
Many people say you cannot run a
hotel without a bar room attachment.
This statement is thoroughly contradicted by the experience of all hotel
men ln the city of Fargo. Tho hotol
business thero has always prospered
under prohibition. This Is proved by
tho fact that there has recently been
added to tho hotel facllltlos In Fargo,
already vory largo, the Gardner Hotel,
costing approximately $200,000. Peter
Elliott, the present mayor of Fargo, Is
a hotel keeper and has boon In tho hotel business ln Fargo for twonty flvo
"I look upon. Sunday as a quiet unspeakable'blessing to aH Christian na-
.tIons.!and_above_all_ft6_Qur race,_up_6n_
whofh so large a share' of the world's
hard work has been laid in this marvellous country, and who are address-,
ing. themselves to it with an .energy
full of liopo and promise for the* future,
while controlled by high purpose   and
high, principle,'but constantly'in dan-!
ger of running into feverish haste and
unrighteous greed of possession—  an
unmanly hankeirng    after    material
prosperity and wealth.     Against this
false tendency—thls'subtlo temptation
to us English folks on.both sides of
tho Atlantic—Sunday,.God's appointed
day of rest0and worship, stands   out
at the ono great bulwark. — Thomas
Hughes. ;
Do you value your, papers or Jewels?
If- so, rent a safety deposit locker In
the best fire proof vault In the city,
at the Ledger office. 8ee the manager
for terms.
• Maxwell Smith, Dominion - fruit in-
spetor who arrived in Nelson last
night, from Spokane where he has
been acting as one of the seven judges
at the apple..sho^,, stated, to a Daily
News reporter tha^ the show "was all
that Spokane claimed for it.'"' It was'
the greatest apple show that had ever
been,organized. , He considered, it
impossible to overestimate its educational value., It gave a.practical illustration of the wonderful fruit growing
possibilities of the west which 'could
'never have been' shown on the public
platform and it is the greatest advertisement that the west has as yet received. '7 'v
In the throng of upwards'-of, 100,000
people who visited the exhibition there
were a large number of representative
apply buyers, not only from the east',
but.from London, New York-'and-.Chi-
cago, and the. were one and all unstinted hr their praises of British, Columbia fruit, saying that this province
undoubtedly had the finest display of
'appl^"lnylh'^showrr,™'~ ~ :""*"
They also admitted' that the'.*-, great
export trade' of apples from" the 'American continent to British and' European' markets^, jjvoulil in'.the future'
draw very largely" tx6m the ajlgjiryj.coli
oredand richly flavored "fruit of tlie
western coast, '     i
British Columbia ' carried off more
prizes for the amount of fruit shown
than any other district represented.
Mr. Smith expressed regret that the
only1 unsuccessful district was* : Nelson.
He considered that the promoters of
tho Spokane apple show deserved the
unstinted upproval and praise of all
for the splendid manner In which the
stupendous onterprlso had been ca'r-
rlotl to a successful Issue, and their
treatment of visitors from the north
of tho International boundary lino was
courteous in the extreme.        -7
Suffice.it to say that through theso
and othor magnificent vlctorlos British
Columbia has gained an onvlablo rop-
utatlon and ono which will require nothing but enterprise and effort to Ilvo
up to,—Nolson News.
HE Glad Festive Season will
soon .t>e> with us again, and we
:  '"'.'.;/-      '*'/''''V'1. •'<* i'.?' '' '
'are splendidly prepared for it with a
large, vstock of freshest and purest
Groceries.; In the past year we have
made great forward strides iii the
..^-LiquoPsBepa-rtmeiit and can strongly
.recommend our Liquors o as coming
from the best:distillery and vintages.
^,ahd bpttledjin our own vaults.
Our Hampers this year will be found
of the best quality.,
A. Rizzxjto
J." Crawford  o
Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Co.
ICE   FOR   SA.&.E
Contracts Taken
Including Stump Pulling,'Land Clearing and Ploughing.    Let us
, •   '■'■•*   figure on your next job
Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts
HAMPER  NO. 1—$3.00
1'Dozen Oranges
lib Table Raisins o
6 lbs Apples
1 lb Fancy Mixed Biscuits
1 box Bonbons
i box Mixed Nuts
1 Tin Plum Pudding
1 Bottle Native. Port -
1 Bottle H. B. C..7-year-old Rye
HAMPER  NO. 2—$5.00
1 bottle 7-year old Rye '.'
1. bo ttie Special Scotch' *
1 .bottle Pale Brandy
1 bottle Port Wine
1 bottle Old Sherry
1 bottle Claret
8 bottles Beer '    ,
-HAMPER-NO.—3-^$10.OO^ ■' -
1 bottle „7-year-old Rye
1 bottle Special Pale Brandy
1' bottle Special Scotch :
1 bottle Special Irish
1 bottle Old Sherry  '.  ..     -. ,
1 bottle Old Port
6 bottles Beer ' .-7
,1 box Marguerite Cigars (25s)
1 bottle Jamaica Rum ■'.
Canadian Fairbanks Co.
. Limited
Gasoline Engines     Circular Saws      Frames
Drag Saw Machines
Stationary and Portable Sawing  Outfits
. Temporary local office at P. Tascherau's, Victoria Avenue, E.
. .y    E.S. ORMSBY, Agent
V»a»a»a»a»a» a»a»a»a»a»a»»a»a»a» »»♦♦»♦»♦»♦ ♦<*~»a»+Mfr^.+,<»^
T" HE workingman's is, the most \yelcome dollar
that., comes '.into tho savings department of. a
bank—because the welfare of, the .community at
large defends on the practice of thrift by those
whose labor contributes the.main part towards the
wealth of-'the country.
One dollar starts an account.    Full compound interest paid.
jjj Santa Claus in Evidence;!
l{5    fggfim**mmmmmmr*fmmi! ,m^mmm*^imimi»nt*^n^*mi... ,U. .   ■ m*~—*t*!tit. _!■!.    »
t| ,     This is no idle boast—just come and see       |fc
•N* Cm*-   ..nlta-nata*" All     IflnAo   rtf Vm3C   fifr. fa 1*1 O 9*
for yourself. All kinds of Xmas goods
for young and old, for father, mother,
brother, sister, your cousin and your
aunt. All bought in lac lowc-al ruaikcl
and selected with care. To be sold at
fabulously low prices. You cannot
afford to miss seeing this stock. Goods
suitable for young and old, rich and
_—_mmmaii_iiiiSmS—mumiiuu*MUi»mmv^*'iaw.i*i    uin"ni'r i nfJ~ii n   r
A general invitation is given to everyone to visit
|The  Palace   Drug   Store*
| A. W. Bleasdell £
Wealth    Is anything    whoso   uso
makes for wellness' or woll-bolng in
human kind.
Broad Is wealth, whon it makes for
hoalth or wollbolng.
Broad Is wealth to a hungry man
who oats lt.
But broad la not wealth to a tramp
who throwH Into tho ditch a loaf .given him by a compasBlonato strangor,
Bodily hoalth Is wealth when tho
healthy person uboh his strength for
good amis. But honlth In a burglar or
a qunclc doctor Is not wenlth. It Ih
not usod hy thorn for tho woll bolng
of mankind.
A spado Is wealth whon used for
digging soil or iihovolllng coal, for tho
woll bolng of well doors, A spado
lying forgotten |n n tool houso Is not
wealth, thouRli It may bot-omo wealth.
Hut. a Bpndo usod only for burying thc
(load bodies of miirdorod chlldron is
not wealth,
A houso Is wealth whon used to
hIioIwi* honoHl peoplo. But a Iiouho
full of thlovoH 1» not woalth.
A Hhlp Is wealth whon It Ir usod
lo carry honest goods to honost pooplo. But a plrnto ship Is not woalth,
* • "a!*.!*.*.'' !« vcr.lth -"'h*-**-*. v.1.1"-"! tA
prr-ducr- w'dl •mn<"r« •-•'InthPR for woll
rtnln*** pooplo. nut a machlno Is not
wealth whon used to produce shoddy
clothoB or ovon good clothes for indoors.
A Xinritr 1» wnfilth xvlwn \t nroAxtcen
hoalth In tho reader, whon It lu-
Btructs, arnuuei or elevates. A book
Is not wealth when It degrades or
misleads tho reader.
Monoy Is wealth whon lt Is used lo
buy thing*, which when used, pro-
rluco well.being, Money l« not wealth
when It In used to buy things which,
when used, caimo 1)1 health or pain,
or poverty or sorrow,
Whether a thing Is wealth or not
depends on the uso to which It Is put.
To what uso a thing Is put dopends
on tho user.
lt the user desires well bolntx, he
tries to put things to good use. If he
succeeds those things aro wealth, and
produce well being. But If tho usor
falls, through ignorance, or incompetence, and produces 111th, then tho
thing ho uses are not wealth.
Dynamite Is woalth whon, say, used
by a man desirous of loosonlng tho
stones In a quarry. Whon used successfully.'
But If tho man, through Ignorance
or Incompetence, blows up half a dozen of his fellow workmen, tho dynamite Is not woalth; It does not pro-
duco woll bolng.
Benjamin BlnnB has $500,030. Has
ho wealth?
Wo cannot toll until wo know how
Benjamin usos his monoy. Tho monoy
may buy woalth or Ulth. Tho only
tiling' wo can say Is that Benjamin Ih
r'ch In monoy.
Elijah Brown has littlo monoy but
ho has sovontoon factories, full of
mnchlnory and cotton goods. Hub
ho wealth
Wo cannot tell until wo know whether Elijah ubob his machinery to
mnl.o honest clothes or shoddy, who-
I hor ho pays juBtly for tho material
nnd labor ho buyH, or unjustly, who-
ther ho pays Justly for tho material
nnd labor ho buys, or unjustly, whether ho soils at fair prlcoB or unfair. Wo
can only say that Elijah Is rich In
his buildings, his tools nnd his machinery.
TlilnRs usod by a person who doos
not doslro woll bolng nro not wonlth,
nud do not produce woll bolng,
Tho anmo thing mny nt ono time
ho wealth, nt anothor timo llllh. Tho
poison thnt euros will 1*111.
Tho samo man may at ono timo
Tiv-v'uon wonlth with a thing,' nt an*'
other tlmn Ulth with tlio samo thing.
A wonlthy man Is ono who owns
and Is cnpablo ot using for wollbolng
a number of useful things.
Wonlth Ib anything, whoso uso
mnkes for tho well bolng of mankind.
♦♦♦ •♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.»-♦♦♦•♦♦
* Fernie Dairy]
delivored   to   all
.   parts of the town
♦    GORRIE BROS., Props,    t
•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ a>a»a£
THE .SE  1854
All the leading lines of
High Class Chocolates
and   Confectionery
NOTICE Is hereby glvon that on
Docombor 1st 1008,1 Intend to apply to
tho Superintendent of Provincial Polico for tho ronowal of my hotol license to sell intoxicating liquors un-
der tho provisions of tho Statute In
that behRir In tho premises knovn i.nd
doscrlbcd as "Tho Royal Hotol," situated at Gateway, D. C, to eoinwwce
the Uutt day ot Jij.ttaU.ry, 1909.
Simon Dragon
Cnlgnry Nows
Norman Fraud*, chief conl mino Inspector for tho Alborta govnentneiit,
Is In Frank accompanied by Robert 11.
I.lvlngfltono deputy minister for this
Inspection district. Mr. Frnsor's mission is a doublo ono, thnt of Introducing Mr. I.lvlugstono who hus just boon
appointed to succood E, Uoathcoto who
hns loft tho dopartmont to tnl.;, :i position with tho Crows Nost PnBS Company, and to hold nn examination of
applicants for papers for flro boss, pit
boss nnd mine mnnngor.
Mr..Livingstone was for somo years
with tho Unit peoplo and Is thoroughly
familiar with eoal mining conditions
in Alborta. Ills district hns been rearranged and Includes now all minus
between Lundbro'clc ou tho Crows Nost.
lino nnd all wost of Cnlgary on tho
ramn .mo, His ticau(*uartt-rs win uu
ai Cy.^my,
In tho rearrangement of tho district
a new district is created conslstlnc of
all territory on this lino cam of Lund-
brock to Medicino Hat and cast on tho
iriiiln bm. A new insjic-cuir ViM\ utoti
ho nppolntcd for that district. Mr.
Frasor's district will remain as heretofore except as to tho Bankhoad and
Canmoro territory which Is added to
.Mr. Livingstone's territory. This will
give to Mr. Froner nil thn territory fo
tho north of Calgary.
There hao also been it rearrangement In tho matter of examinations.
Instead of examinations being held
at different places and at different
times, all examinations will henceforth
he held on the *ab»« dat** In the three
district.*** «nd they will niweyt ha held
at the tame place*.    Frank has been
Always a choice supply of Beef, Pork, Veal,
Mutton, and Lamb on hand.   ITiuns,
Bacon, Lard, Buttor and Kggs
Oup Specialties
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish, always a good
assortment.   Try our Minco Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters?.
decided on ns tho placo for holding examinations for toh southern portion,
nnd nnnff for tho northorn portion,
Tho prcnent examinations here commenced yesterday and nro still In pro-
gre««. Th© board Is romposed ot Mr.
Fraser, A. R. Wilson ot the Maple Uat
company for tho operators nnd David
Steen, representing tho mlncrt.--Calgary Nows.
For Christmas and Now Yoar boll-
days (ho Canadian Pacific Railway an-
..ouncu.4 it \aiti of favii una ouo third
for thc round trip. Tickets on lalo
for Christmas December 21, 22, 23, 21
and 25. for New Year December 28, 29..
SO and Si and January I, final return
on all tickets January 6, ItM,
' ;1
ii ^.t^mtySXfiK^XiiiKS&x^mm^.
•~PW*ff£^!r-r ^A^^t^1^rSr*!t*
To the Officers and Members of the
Local1 Unions,. United Mine Workers
of America: '■ ■   ■   ■
Brothers: ,
in my opinion.a well planned and
deliberate attempt is being made'by
certain of pur members to destroy the
power and usefulness of the United
Mine  Workers  of   America.    . It  is
quite plain that those who seek to divide our membership by misrepresentation have no regard whatever for
our welfare. '-
The newspaper and circular   sent
' from Illinois on the eve of the recent
election and bearing the official approval of the officers of District No.
12, United Mine Workers were    designed to injure me personally and indirectly  create  dissensions  in    our
. ranks. ' -,. ■ .... ..  .-
The statements contained in the Illinois newspaper and official circular
dated December 5th are absolutely
false. You will be convinced of this
when the proper time comes and this
will be In the near future.
If you are interested in the success
of the United Mine Workers (and I
believe you are) then you will not permit sentiment, passion or prejudice to
govern your judgment. This is npt
a time for petty or personal quarrels.
I have refusel to allow myself to be
drawn into newspaper controversies
with those of our members who have
bo viciously and maliciously assailed
me1 through the newspapers and other
If there ever was a time in the history of our union that required united
action on our part that time is right
If there ever was a time when every
local union should be represented in
a national , convention,',, that time, is
next, month.
Personally I want no sympathy. I
desire no favor. Justice is what I demand and this should be accorded to
every man, and especially should we
concede this to each other as mem-
' bers of the United Mine Workers of
My advice to you is to be repr ssent-
ed at the next annual convention by
the men who are willing to hear the
facts and pass judgment in accordance
with the merits of whatever is presented for your consideration.
The welfare of the miners of this
■ country-should be the first consideration of every member of the.Uiited
, Mine  Workers.      With  this  as our
motto let us work for the comnon
good of all.
„' ~i*a.™"lUa3lT,V—UU1 iaiuiao —aauva—aa—aa.-fl/J "
ind prosperous New Year to*our r. em-
1 ; bers and * those depending upon t, em
is my wish. 7.
Fraternally, yours
,   T. L. LEWIS
President of U. M. W. of A
Canada has been the first Christian
nation of the world to inaugurate a
national campaign for the evangelization of the world.    ' This' movement,
which aims at getting^, the Church" to
look intelligently and determinedly at
the problem of the bringing of   the
heathen world  within  touch of  the
gospel, originated a little over a year
ago in New York.     Within the past
two months a deputation of representative laymen of different denominations have at their own expense visited
the principal centres from Halifax to
Victoria holding gatherings to place
before the laymen   of the   different
churches a definite programme.   The
"bloc"   system   is   adopted in   this
campaign, which places Canada's part
of the unevangellzed world at 40,000,-
000 souls. -....*■
It is.estimated that this.will   require 1600 missionaries instead of the
300 now in the field, or an expenditure
of ?3,200,000, which with $1,300,000 for
home missions   makes a total   campaign fund required of .$4,500,000; this
further divided amongst the evangelical church membership ln Canada is
a contribution of ?5 per member.   In
the places visited so far by the delegation representing 27 'per cent of the
membership, the amounts    promised
realize an average.of $7.38 per member.    It ought to be easily possible
for Canada to do*her share in this
great work of "making good" in   the
"Great Commission" given the Church
by her Founder.     Surely,ten cents
a week is not' too much to ask from
the very poorest of those .who enjoy
the benefits and privileges of     this
Christian country and profess to believe in the teachings of their Leader. „  It is hoped, that by next April
the $4,500,000 will be fully in sight.
It is interesting to note that the 1,380
Chinamen who last year    paid $500
each to enter the Dominion of Canada, put up nearly twice as much as
the entire Christian church of    this
country contributed, to foreign missions.     Is it not time that we sat up
and took notice in this matter?
are eagerly, seeking employment in
the public parks, at a wage of $1.50
per day. .
And we are depressed by this revelation of our deplorable poverty.
There is* something out of balance.
Somebody is getting,too large a share
of the eight billion dollars the land
produces, when in one small community there should be 4,000 men who
with those dependent upon thoir. earnings are evidently in need of the necessities of life.
In a land so rich as this is it charity that these men should receive or is
it justice, the justice that will give
them a fairer share "of the products
of the land which belongs to them as
much1 as to-those to whom most of
the wealth flows?
Ih the division of the wealth produced from the land this year who is
to get the largest share of it? Those
who need it most or those who now
have the most? This is'' a question
easy to answer. . ..      ,
A striking exhibit of the unequal
distribution of wealth which may be
roferred to in connection with this Is
mado In a pamphlet Issued for life insurance advertising purposes. It contains tho results of three separate Investigations*' made In three cities.
In our own city it Is shown that, In
a period covering five years 89 per
cent of the adults who died left no
property at all. Of the rest 7.8 per
cent lett estates worth less than $5000
1.5 per cent less than $10,000, and 1.7
per cent more than $10,000.
In other cities the investigation
showed results which varied' little if
any from the figures given. In the
three about 85 per cent left no .estate
at all and a little over two per cent
left more than $10,000.   * '
Census reports and estimates bear
You supply the cook;  we can supply the n ,
Goods.     Fresh   Currants;1   Raisins,   Peels,
Shelled Nuts, Icings, Fruits, and everything
you want. ,
W. J. ,BaC*U»ri>EI,t
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The North End Supply Co. ]
i; CASH   STORE _         |
We have taken over this store and in.addition to the **>
regular stock are putting in a line of choice Christmas . <•*-,
Groceries.   ,. ♦
We. solicit a call and feel confident we can give you Q
satisfaction. •$
McGinnes Se. Charlton, Mgrs.   J
Santa, Clstus
-*  arrived on Great Northern Special Train
at 2 p. m.
.Singe? Seeing Machines Co.,
.  Fernie, B. C.
Why be without a Sewing Machine when you
can get one for $3.00 a month?
J, P. H0ULAHAN, Agent, opposite Coal Co.'s offlce, Pellat Ave.
This powerful poem.was sent to the
New York World oi«ce on a'crumpled
piece of soiled paper. It was signed
P. P. McCarthy, and the author's address was given as "Fourth Bench, ln
City Hall Park."
Whether your shell hits the target or
'-    not
You cost us five hundred dollars,   a
The rural comedy in which J. C.
Lewis appears as SI Plunkard will be
at tho Bruce's Opera house on Dec.
' 24, . This season the comedy has
been put forward with all now features, Introducing a, full working
threshing machlno and many othe*.
catch novelties. Si Plunkard has
been entirely re-written and reconstructed for the present season, and
will bo presented by an efficient cf.Ht,
Introducing many bright nnd sparkling specialties. Si and his country
band will glvo their famous and oils-
Innl street parado. nemombor the
diito and secure your aoatt, early —
now on snlo at .Suddtiby's Drua;
;You~ihi"nk"of"ffoise"and-fame-and— of
power, i
We feed you a hundred barrels   of
*    flour •     . '."'''■
Bachttime you roar.    Your flame   is
fed *•   •
With  twenty  thousand    loaves      of
Silence!     A million hungry men
Seek bread to fill their mouths again.
i Pittsburg Leader
In ono column of a newspaper we
read that the farms of. this country
produced ln tho .present year wealth
.to tho almost fabulous sum of $8,000,-
000,000, or about $100 for overy inhabitant of the land.
Wo aro puffed up with pride ln our
country by the figures. Wo have a
storehouse of Inexhaustible woalth.
Bnt wo turn to anothor column and
road that in tho rlchestlndustrlal city
of llio nation, our own, 4,000 Idle men
Second to None in America
j. & T. BELL'S
Sole Agents
out these figures for the whole country. Ten per cent of the population
has fully ninety per cent of the
wealth, and at least 80 per cent have
none-at all., That "of course refers to
surplus wealth, property and.goods
over and above what is' actually needed for existence from day to day. •
Improvidence of the individual is
the cause of much poverty, but surely
this Is not.such an improvident people that 80 per cent of the people lead
a hand to mouth existence continually.
There are among them those who
would save'if,they could.
The truth is that they are victims
of social conditions under which they
must work for the enrichment of others''and are denied the opportunitv of
doing for themselves
The land whose farm products alone
reach the value of eight billions per
year produces more.than enough for
all.    It is intended that it should sus-
the few the many must live off its
products and pay tribute to the few.
With 10 out of every 100 holding all
of the wealth of that 100 and two of
the ten holding nearly all of tlie property the-10 own it is not surprising
that one of every twenty citizens   is
demanding that all property used in
the production of wealth shall be held
in common. .. Instead of it being surprising it really shows us what a conservative people we     are and   with
what tenacity we hold to the political
doctrine of the sanctity, of private property.
Tho uninterrupted flow of the national wealth to the coffers of tho few
will some day make its redistribution
a question of overshadowing importance; Thero are not a few mon who
believe that wo are oven now confronted with thnt question and must deal
with It more radically than wo are
willing If we would not have tho Institution of private proporty wiped out
altogether. -
A fact that must not. bo forgotten by
thoso who glvo thought to the question Is thnt tho 80 per cent of the pro-
portyloss men hold absolute power ovor nil proporty if they choose to oxer-
clsb lt. Thoy can wlpd out all private rights In It if thoy will.
That thoy may not bo driven to that,
Is It not worth whilo to glvo somo
sorlous consideration to thoir wolf aro
and contontmont?
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W, R.  McDougall
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Presents for all at the
Crow's Nest Trading Co.'s
Victoria Avenue
i&L»#_eeB*-&tSB> emtmt
DECEMBER 24th,   1908
Tho Incompamblo Oomodlan
J. C. Lewis
In tho Host of Kiirnt
aJwiliHtJ   D..W.1U.1
• t
For 22 years Mr. LowIb linn successfully produced
lai i.*iui.K(ui*t and wr... iijijwiu- ivt v-iw-'u *ud \.,*:.*j \rc*-
formnnco In tho character role,
thk mammoth tiuuihihno machine in
aottal operation
Magnificent hand and orchestra
home quautkttk
80NQ     HIT8    **
** *
■ I*
Thoro will ho a Christmas troo ln
tho cook houflo Chrlntmns night. Evory
ono Ib lnvltod,
Tho nnynoB mon hold a mooting
lnfli rldi.y night for tho purposa of
ma'clnB desirable nrratiBomonts for
tho slating Hoanon, Mr. Hart was
choBon ab chairman nnd Mr. McCrnnk
ub Hecr*,*lnry. It wns docldod to hoop
tho loo cUmr for n rlnl? imd to build
a portable Iioubo on tlio lnlco, nnd fur-
iiIhIi lluhl nnd hont for tho nccommo-
dntlon of Hlcators, Tho Iiouho Ih now
completed nnd nil those wishing to
Hknto with ub will ho wolcomod,
Dr. Routloddo from Crnnhroolc pnld
Mr. Griffith a visit on Monday, nnd
nlHO mndo n prpfoafllonnl call In
llaynoB. Wlillo horo ho prussntod a
honutlful noom to tlio llnynoH Literary
socloty for which thoy oxiond thoir
Mi, i'VcJ Ailuliih whu linn hitcu lu
WInnlpc'B and llrnudon on business,
roturned to hin homo on Tuesday   of
this wcolc,
Mr. 8. J, Morrow Ib nt work on a
nn'w foo feU-ruy  uoxuv iot  Im. ...<.,.-
No mall from Fornio on Monday
night, Tho pooplo of Daynoa will
cortnlnly rlMO In roholllon If thoy arc
oxpoctcd to put up with such rnnk
mnll niirvlro nn this. No outnldo
mall from Saturday night until Tugs-
Miss Pltblndo, teacher at Waldo,
loft on Snturdny for a two weeks vacation.
- (•.unilt-d tho bnll  at
Elko Friday nlpht.
Mr, ID, "♦.'. tlnrt mnAo a bnnlnen* trip
j Kil.o nu Haiurdfty.
held in the Nicola Herald building on
Thursday to form a hockey club.
The. following are the offlcerB elected. (i
Hon. "Pres. W. Voghti
President: G.'B. Armstrong."
Vice-presidents G. Hygh and W. Mc-
Sec. Treas. G. Thorns.
Captain: G. Thorns.    '
Committee:   A.  S.  Bennett,  J.  C
Conklln, ,Fred Pyle, J. Adams and R.
L. Thomas.
The two vice presidents of the hockey club aro the popular proprietors
of the Merritt and tho Coldwater hot-
The boys strolled round to congratulate them. Now the boys don't know
whether to call lt a glee club or not.
A. Robinson, supt. of education, nr-
rivoil on Wednesday train,. The school
meeting held Thursday decided to accept the aero of land from Mr. Voght,
Tho building of a grade school will
commence In tho' near future,
If tho would bo czar of the Nicola
Valloy had his way the people of
Merritt would bo damned.
The election of officers for tho minors examination board was hold at
Mlddlosboro on Saturday, .lack Wilcox waB oloctod to represent tho mon
with W. Ward and F. Skolton as first
and eocond altornato.   <■•
Tho mon at Mlddlosboro have, boon
lockod out slnco organizing, tho company refusing to employ union men--
who said this waB a froo country—nit,
Tho rain on Saturday wanhod away
tho snow and put a damper on lho
filiating for tho timo bolng.
MoitIbb McCnrdlo was. a passenger
on Frldny'B train.
Mr. R. P. Littlo M. B„ and Professor
Roborts, mining exports, nro looking
ovor tho coal properties In Morrltt.
Chnrlos 13, Newell of the Caimdlnn
AmuBonuml Company wns Hhowlng for
four nighth In Ilygh's hnll, which was
Now that tho men of MlddloBboro
mlnoii hnvo organized tho prosldont of
Morrltt union does not hnvo to pack
crnckors nnd cIiokho with him whon
going away from homo.
Bert Applohoo loft on TneBday for
Cariford. Bort Is still pncldng a nou-
vonlr of tho oar war In hit* Unco, but
having rea da copy of Morrlo England
Ib going to start a fr ul tranh.o
Is Kotng to Hturi n nun i.uiu.,
t'laiik Su.i.3.. In lu t-hui-xi' ot I In* Li
bor situation nt Middlesboro until tho
arrival of District Prosldont F.   II.
M. FoBslor, carpenter nt tho l)la<
Meat Market
Meat, Butter, Eggs .
.   and Fish
Fresh Meat of all Kinds
Like Success
A. M. MATULIS        Proprietor
For Sale
Prompt Delivery
By selling goods at reasonable prices we made a
success of business right from the start, and our store is
daily becoming more popular with sensible, and wideawake people who buy for cash, At the request of
many of our patrons we have also added a full line of
groceries. You will find almost anything In that line
In the addition at the rear.
We are now buying goods In large quantities right
from the manufacturers, so are now able to give better
values than'ever.     Goods marked In plain figures.
Terms Cash, and one price to all.
W. R. Boardman P.O. Box 62
Read The  Ledger
Headquarters for Choice Fruits, and Confectionery
Cigars and Tobaccos, Books, Stationery, Notions, Nov
eltles; Toys, Etc, corner of Victoria and Jaffrny Sts.
T. B. STRUTHERS, Proprietor.
For ideas go into
lllOllli   SH.\,|   IViai -am   'aaSatAUaa,!   a.  tal^aa.   kv).'
Tho mon nt Mlddlosboro hnvo roturned to work at company rato of pay
undor protest ponding a sottlomont hy
/District No. 18, tho company having
rnrrnjrnlxcd tho union.
W. H. Armstrong and 0. Plommor,
pronMcnl* nnd vice prcsldont of tho Nl-
ccola Valloy Coal Company arrived on
Monday to Investigate tho trouble nt
their mines.
No—tho locked out miners did not
•50 round with guns or dirks; tho only
AnnKcrnnn looking weapons wero    a
pair of skates and a kodak.
Gents'  W.utc.hc.5
Solid floM, with ii 17 Jpwj'1 Movement $BO
Hulld Gold, with a 21 Jewel Movement   *35
20 Yoar Gold Filled, with a IT Jewel Movi/iiionL 13
2D Year Gold Filled, with a (Inn 17 Jewel .MVcin't 15
20 Year Gold Filled, with ii lino 21 Jewel MVem't 20
l^r-tdic-S1   WR-fcc-HiRs
1 IK Snllcl Gold ('use, 7 Jewel Movement...
UK Nolld Gold (W, 15 Jewel Movement..
UK Nolld Onld dine, 17 Jewel Movement..
'St Year Hold hilled, 1 Jewel Moveiiienl..,.
115 Year Gold Filled, 15 Jewel .Movement..
IB Year Gold Filled, 17 Jewel Movement..
. 22
. 30
, 12
. 14
.   10
Come in and ect one of our $2.00 Watches.   They arc O.K.
L,iph.ardt's New
Jewelry   Store
1 AKtUK*: w—e,.1 il-*.'
i Mn—ii aa.4aia.iai
8(e Iteirijpffe&j^
?1.00 a year In advance. Address all communications/to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. C;
Rates for advertising on application.
, We believe, through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prov*? our faith by words, we will make
good1 to actual.subscribers any loss incurred by trusting advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men.who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest bankrupts.  ■
This offer holds good for one month after the
transaction causing the complaint; that' is we must
have notice within that'time. In all cases in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
, W. S. STANLEY, -
subjected to the embarrassments of charity, even
though they seem to be the only, loop holes of escape from temporary pauperism.   A
The time for the sneers of the "won't work if
he had. a chance' variety has indeed passed to oblivion; the unemployed man is no longer a nonentity;
he is a fixture in our present day life. The solution of his case is one over which many., men of
ability^and experience have'differed, and President
Elect Taft's famous answer "of "God Knows" appears to be as near correct as any theory yet tried.
Small wonder is it that so large a number of
thinking men are now advocating that property
\ised for the production of wealth should be held
in common. *     '
Another milestone.in the ever onward march of
time has almost been passed, and even now we see
old Father Time gathering together the few fragments of his fast dying days to make room for his
successor, who shall bear the title of "Year 1909."
Ere we pass the threshold' we" are arrested by
the joyous Christmas season—that time of youthful dreams of Santa Claus, of reindeer teams, and
of, mysterious trips down the chimney, the season
of fancies that rolls back the years to the time
when those sweet nothings, and those mystic enchantments of the Yule-tide lent a color and a
wdrmth to happy childhood's days—the great play-
ground-of life—though we knew it not.
In after years the eager expectancy of receiving
at this season, gives place to the deeper and truer
joys of giving. As one by one we assume the time
honored and .traditional role of Saint Nicholas, the
true spirit of Christmas giving dawns on us, -and
this season finds every person trying in some way,
to emulate the example of those who laid precious
gifts at the feet of the Lord on the first Christmas
To you who have plenty;' a word—remember
there are in our midst those homes to which not
much of Christmas cheer will! come—sickness may-
have lain the bread winner-aside, and herein lies
a feature' full of pathos and inexplicable sorrow.
■ Why, should the little ones of these homes be
.brought face to face, almost before they have experienced the raptures of a Christmas season, with
p the"fact that "Santa Claus didn't come this year"
faith, and drop off to sleep after eager watching in'
' ■ the vicinity, of the hearth,, only-..to wake one Christ-
'inas'morn to find that the cruel*irony of fate   had
robbed them of one of the greatest and richest moments of the festive season. "  Again—you well-to-
do person—whose children's nursery teems with all
,   the heart of a child could yearn for, whose   own
wants-are so few that the choice of a gift for* you
would be no sinecure, remember that, to limit your
bounty to your own well cared for relatives, is to
'deny yourself tlie purest joy of the season.   Think
'it over. „ Don't you know of some ono almost down
and out; can't you recall some chap whose 1908
trials would form a disheartening story; can't you
remember some widow with little fatherless   ones
to whom thc extension of even the'most menial
. Christmas cheer would come as a veritable ray of
sunshine at the close of a dark and gloomy dny
Try it, reader—stop over the conventional liner,
and limits; extend to some needy ono somo tangible token of. tho season, and - rest assured tha t
new fields of interest, and new avenues of deep-
springing contentments will open to you.   Try it,
- Aliens, four-flushers, etc., are the terms applied
in a characteristic article in last week's Free Press,
to the gentlemen who at present form the. Fernie
Trades and Labor Council. * An alien 'is a person
from a foreign country not yet naturalized; a four-
flusher is to the card fraternity what the Free
Press is to the newspaper sphere.
*We offer no apology for the existence of tlie
Trades and Labor Council in this city; we ask for
no special favors on its behalf. It is composed of
working men elected from the various organized
crafts of the city. That is their,own" business.
Tlie Council elect officers, which is also their own
business,' and no affair of the alleged' newspaper,
known as the Free" Press.. Is .it not legitimate that
the workingmen of Fernie should interest themselves in affairs of a civic nature,? Have.they not
the. same right to come out openly with their ideas
as others have tb hold a hole-in-the-wall caucus to
further certain interests? By what .'right, divine
or otherwise, does the Free Press hold.the self-appointed'censorship of actions and , ambitions of
honest workingmen? The Citizens' League was
not, as our misguided cotem asserts, the offspring
of the Trades and Labor Council, although the idea
was first conceived at-a meeting under its auspices. The success or failure of this organization is
no business of the Free Fress. We are still in a
chaotic state of'mind as to why the pent-up spleeri'
of an over-worked and enfeebled brain • should ■ be
poured with such unmeasured vigor on the alleged
catastrophic career of the movement.  ■        „   . .
Not many weeks ago the same paper expressed
approval of the platform adopted to be known as
a Citizens' Ticket: Now the,vocabulary of malice
and venomous hatred fails to embrace the words
of denunciation and opposition, which it is appar-^
ently thought necessary to bring into use .to -deal
origin in the ranks of the working class. (
The working men expect'  'nothing   from-';the:
Free Press.     Bitter experience has taught, them
• Running a newspaper is just like
running a hotel, only with one difference. When a man goes into a hotel
and finds something bn the table
which does not suit him,, he does not
raise hades with the landlord and tell
him to stop'his old hotel. Well hardly.
He sets that one dish to one side,
and wades into the many dishes that
suit him. It is different with some
newspaper readers. They find ah article occasionally * that does' not" suit
them exactly and without stopping to
think it'may please hundreds of other
readers, make a grand stand play, and
tell the editor how a paper should bo
run- and what he should put into it. So
he taxes his brain to escape the shoals
that mean shipwreck to many editors.
—Armstrong Observer.
Is Accidentally Shot
.VICTORIA.—Joseph Evans met a
shocking death,near Elk Lake.yesterday through an accidental discharge
of a gun against which he fell as he
ran from his cabin to get a shot at a
pheasant hoard outside; He, was
married,. 30 years of age, and a former British soldier.
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend'to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a retail liquor license for the
Hoffman House, Elko.-B. C.
Roderick James MacDonald
Elko B.C.
Datod this 19th day of Dec. 190S.
Notice to all organized labor, and
friends of organized labor: Keep away
from the McClure Mines at Tasker,* N.Dakota, as they have locked out their
men for joining the- United Mine
Workers of America. The men had
to'be .moved away from there as the
company got an injunction against
them.    ■' ■     '      *     -,
" '; JOHN R. GALVIN,      :
'-""••    Vice-Pres.Dis. 18 U. M. W. of A.1
To the Electors of Fernie:
Ladies and Gentlemen: At the solicitation of very many of the ratepayers of all classes, I have decided,, to
allow my name to be placed In nomination for the Mayoralty.     () •
Let me make it plain, that I am not
nor shall I be, subjective to any faction or special interests.' I wish to
be free so s that I may be able to discuss and judge matters upon their
One thing I shall most certainly
support is .the enforcement of law and
order. In my opinion that it.is a duty
which a mayor cannot conscientiously
I continue to favor the" acquisition
of the water and electric light plants,
subject to an equitable arrangement
,to ■ be submitted , to a vote of the
electors. I also am entirely convinced
that these two matters should be
dealt with at once. '
, Tho public schools should be opened as soon as possible, and arrangements made whereby temporary quarters may be obtained until the school
house is ready.       " •,
If elected, I shall use all my influence towards having quarterly audits
of the civic accounts made and published so tbat we may know where
we are at.
Expenditure must be kept within
revenue.     The law requires that.
Needed improvements, especially
sidewalks, must receive the early attention of the. Council. '
1 am opposed to lax methods of running the city offices and believe that<
reasonable office hours should" be
faithfully kept. .
I .think that the city limits should
be extended in a northerly. direction.
I favor legislation' which will ensure
careful and economic administration
of the Relief fund. The people should,
in my judgment, be allowed to elect
commissioners to look after this
I am opposed to the system of op-,
enirig the door to law breakers and
licensing them. •
I refuse to-give private .pledges to
any one. My staridwill be made public. '" If I cannot,wlthout entering into a private agreement, concerning
private or special' interests, get elected, then I prefer defeat with honor
to the dishonor of being subject to a
When I address the electors as I intend' doing, I shall deal more fully
with the above matters, as well as
others, - including the necessary removal of temporary buildings and the
checking of 1908 accounts.-
• ■■-,...♦
VANCOUVER—While. coasting * in
New Westminster in the vicinity- of
Third avenue two girls, Miss Mack," a
daughter of a C. P. R. engineer of
this city, and Miss Ellis of Vancouver,
were upset and sustained serious injuries.^,    -.-■•*       '    ,
Miss Mack had one of her legs fracc-
tured, besides other minor injuries,
while Miss.Ellis' leg was broken in
two places in addition to being badly
bruised about '• the • body. fl
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.♦
<►.- ■ -    ■ ■.".- ' ■ ... ...o
<>    The Store that gives you a "Square Deal"    j>
Sole  Agent     "
Next door to J..D, Quails
Tlio problem oil unemployment, nt first only
felt in the larger nnd moro cosmopolitan centres,
but of Into years ono thnt hns wormed its wny into
almost every centre of notivity nnd enterprise, is
receiving unprecedented attention from even thc
most iiifhienti.il poriodicnls nnd journiils, An nr-
tic.le of Home length, nnd which devotes considerable spneo to iniimtno nnd detail, nppenrs in "the
current number of llio Twentieth Century Magazine. Mwilzerliuul is tho particular Hphuro under
consideration, and much information oil a general
nature is submitted.
The <|iii>sti<>n is viewed entirely from Ihe
Btniulpoint of a well-fed and presumably a well-to-
do writer, and IneltH Unit touch of color which can
only be iici|uired from el.,*** contact to the actual
needs and eoiiditioiis of the iiiiihkch,
Ah to whether there are men out of much- needed employment hns long siuee passed the problematical stage; it. is now a recognized fact, one that
carricH with it mnny pliaseH of a snd anil trouble
some nature.     The statement can be made—and
1 '11 f (* I',   I ,.<•-.   IT    -IT.   a
JJImia.      t.jllt     till     ..lit     '1.      .-„,,..  l.^ili.      I .it... ......  . .-■*.
l\„d   i)iti',;  .'..''a.'   ».i'ii     null   <.'f   )»'.l\V)l     Mil)   .'JlJ.V'lr,
men of vigor and ability, men oi' willingness and
tiageruchN to worlc, wlio, morning after morning,
leave the crude little dwelling called home,   with
ii ...    i   *,.,,,   ti,,,:,.  ..,,,. ..I.    ,,'*    tin.
^kA     ...'■ ...'   , ,.      ...a p. .... .  I
attempted cheerful hy.-byc to tlie loyal little wo-
man and the pnorly-i'bid and under-fed bairneH, to
trudgti from factory to factory, from shop to shop,
only to turn with heavy heart and mind homeward
nf -/lijHk—defeat ed—yes. defeated, disheartened, be-
cause of failure aftor failure lo secure employiii.-nl
by which l>> providi; I'V.** I In* i*i***''.v,iti*:. of li'V fur
those dependent on them.
Men no not want thurily, men do not .leuire
to be corralcd into n bread line; men do not eherihh
the i,l'-a of being licrilnl into a .vni|» kiti-ln'ii. Fii
everv limn, worthy \\w ii.itu»*, \lu-iv in ,l.,.i ii'l.«.iviH
spark of independence that (tick out against being
times without number that the murderer'of Caesar
has a present-day counterpart in this personification of narrow mindedhess and editorial imbecility- ' ... . *.
••' Gladstone said that "L'abor unions are the bulwarks of a nation," but—tush—a greater than he
is in our midst, wielding his little poisoned''quill
to meet the picayune conceptions of an uncultured and untutored brain (though the existence of
the latter is only surmised.)	
The present stand of the Free Press in its attitude to Labor is not the outcome of a meteoric
flight; it is tho result of years of poisonous -enmity
and antagonism tb anything and everything tending to the betterment of the toilers. The. descent
has been mado by easy and gradualVages; the
" mains, peior, pessimus" program hns been ruthlessly carried, out until wc have in our midst \o-
dny a journal capable, nay„willing nnd anxious, to
grind out tho most nauseating decoctions and
putrid utterances, calculated to throw its 50 odd
readers into paroxysms of exiiboration nnd delight.
In conclusion—the Trades Council of this city
at last reports was able to sit up and take a little
nourishment. The opinion of tlio Freo Press, or
its good will or otherwise, is not of thc least concern to it,
"Whnt can you expect from a mule but a kick—
whnt look for from n snako but a bito?
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Man for Christmas
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The Gurney Standard
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AIbo For salo by Whlmotor & Co.
, To. the Shareholders of the Above   ,
named Company:
On account, of the records of. the
company having been destroyed by
the recent flro, the directors have passed a resolution calling, upon all the-
shareholders to produce, their'share
certificates, or if lost, prove the same
by statutory declaration,. stating the-
number of shares hold by each shareholder, whether common or preferred,
and whether tho Bamo are paid In full
or not, as well as any other necoBsary1
Information regarding tho same.
Declarations should bb filed with
the undesigned not later than December 21st inst.
Dated at Pernio B. C, this 7th day
of December, 1008.
Sec. pro torn.
.Dec. 10,
THR •niH.iioip.il lmiUcnu nocm io lio nHHumiiiR n
rail lively appearance, in spite of iho supri't wny
in whieh Homo men aro lieini? liroiiK.it out. Do
tho mon know what platform thoy aro opposing?
Oitisions, havo a caro. Romombor wo must havo
a clean city, TO HAVE A CLEAN CITY IT IS
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I < ■?*
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"   .,-     I-'    *•■'
The Official Organ of District No,   18; U. PI. W.  of A.
Ladies'and Men's Clothes
Cleaned and Pressed ...
Work called for and delivered
, Next to "Dreamland Theatre"        •''
Fernie, B.C., December 26th, 19*08
■ ,■•&
'.! -■■I.,1
■ ° (Continued from page one)
Examined: He could not remember the date when the conversation took place., He thought they asked him for 15 per cent on the
stock, and there would not likely be another for a long time. At
this juncture the case wjas adjourned until 10.30. a.m. on Monday.   °
On taking up the case on Monday G. G. Henderson was the first
witness sworn;,he said he met Dean in Fernie about April 9th last.
After making representations regarding the,Globe Company he gave
him to understand that a large amount of capital was paid up, -about
$50,000, and three-fifths of all policies issued were reinsured in an
Old Country firm in London, England. He took five shares. It was
the inducement of the paid-iip capital and re-insurance that made
him purchase these shares and nothing else. If these representations
were not made he would not have bought.
On November 28th last he went to Regina where ra meeting of
the shareholders was held for the purpose of voluntary liquidation.
Armstrong Dean made" a statement at that meeting that, the re-insurance,did not take effect until after the 1st of August, which un:
fortunately was the date of the fire. ;He produced a balance sheet
in court. - Mr. Cartwright was the secretary, of the meeting, *; and
read out a statement, the figures of which were checked over by
' The figures re the capital were tlie same as the statement produced in court. Dean said the amount of reinsurance was $7,500,
the reinsurance shown on the statement was $7,129.69. Dean reluctantly admitted at that meeting that the premium on' the re-insurance was not paid, and the difference was the amount of the
premium.' The gross liabilities for insurance were $60,787.50. The
amount of reinsurance was not the same as was stated to him.
' Cross-examined: The'conversation took', place in the Customs
house, F. J. Watson being present. ' Watson took very little part in
the conversation except to* introduce Dean. It was at that conversation that he signed the application for stock. Asked if he had any
conversation with Watson re stock or regarding thejcompany before
the conversation with Dean, he said he had no recollection of any.
"When he went to Regina after the Fire he met someone from Fernie
there. Before going to Regina he asked Watson if he had any idea
when the insurance money would be paid. - ■■>*        .
L. Mills, sworn, said be met Dean to whom he was introduced by
F. J. Watson in April,-about the last or first'of May at the Central
Hotel.- We had "a conversation, re insurance. ; Dean-said that the
amount of paid up capital was $50,000, and three fifths of all insurr
arice was automatically insured. ' In the first place-■he refused them
admittance-to--the hotel.1 They asked him if they'could'"come down
to his house to see Mrs. Jennings, and*he, said, they, could., He asked
Dean if in the event'of.a big fire in Fernie, or elsewherej' whether
^th'e_company^vouldJie^prepared-to-pay_the-losses -Dean-answered-
that there .would be no'ganger of any loss as the company would pay
everything; . The -reason Dean said there would be no loss was that
the paid up capital was $50,000 and that they reinsured three-fifths.
. He bought.five shares and.paid fifteeri;pik'.cent'oi1them. -He did not
know whether the note was payable.-.to'the Globe Company or tb F.
J. Wat'son.i 'The'.statement of the reinsurance and paid up capital
made by Dean induced him to take stock and take insurance also of
$2,000.' " He paid a premium on the insurance to F. J. Watson, Dean
said "Watson would be local agent, and in case of fire .would, also.be
adjuster, or words to that effect.
Examined: He knew thc Globe Fire Insurance company was a
new company just starting business. He did not know whether he
signed an application, or if he did sign one whether ho read same.* At
the first conversation at the Central F. J. Watson was present, and
it was at that time that Dean mentioned the paid up capital and
other things ho could not remember. The statement of reinsurance
\vas made at his houso and not at the hotel. At the conversation at
his house Mrs. Jennings, F. J. Watson and myself were present. He
was not suro as to Dean's exact words. Mrs. Jennings subscribed
for stock. Ho did not remember seeing hor sign an application. This
closed tho prosecution. No witnesses were called for the defence.
Deane was committed for trial, defense, being deferred.
.. 24.18
..    1.55
No. 214 Eastbound Regular'..
.. 18.25
No. 213 Westbound Regular ..
..    9.46
No. 236 Eastbound 1st' class
..  .9.00
No. 235 Westbound, lst class
.. 20.16
No. 252
No. 251
12.40 a.m.        FERNIE.          '
1.00 p.m
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Hnrtwoll, Garland Toomor, Lou W,
Hubbard, C. Ed, LaiiRdon, Arthur Pits*,.
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Mr. Pearce of Pearce & Reos, architects, left for Lethbridge on Wednesday morning to spent Christmas.' '•
Mrs. E. Todd has moved to Kastner
& Lyons Office.
J. W. Bennott, Scrnnton' School's representative wont to Rovelstoko Wednesday morning to spont Christmas.
For hotel accommodation the Napanee Is tho, place.
Mrs, Lashloy Hall has been seriously 111 with hor old complaint of asthma
hut we aro glad to say that sho Is hot-
tor again.
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Mrs, Bon Barnes loft for hor homo
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oxpocts to bo back tho lattor part of
NOTICIfl Is horoby glvon Hint, tin?
imi'tnorsliip hlthorto siibfilntlii'.' botwoon tlio undorHlgneil and II.G. Lockhart, nnd known n« "Lnokhnrt St Oil-
losplo," ns inorclmntH, and carried on
at Pernio, B. C, Is lu-rby dissolved,
ns nnd,from tho 30tli dny of Novom-
bor, 3000.
Tho accounts payable of tho mild
partnership will bo paid by, ami r. 11
nrinuiitti nwnlvublu of thu mild pnri
nerahlp nro pnynblo to tho cotit.lnlilng
liimnur, Alexander A. Uilk-spto.
i- Dated at Fornio this lst day of TJo-
cemfoor, 1908.
WltnooB*.  II; S. GAUM3TT.
A Scotch Hoclnl nnd ditnco will bo
held In ni'iii/n'H, Hull on llio "list of
Dor't'iiibor at 8 p.m. Social lo com-
ni('iu-.i at 8 o'clock. A lino progrnm
of lild country ilnncns linn' boon arranged for tlio ovonlug nnd a hwoII
timo Is Kiiarantood to ovorybody. Ho
all you youiiK IndilloH nnd Innslos room
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MP.. V.'tl 1 I AM ?<VM T IVC, P'.-U-'r.-.:*.!
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Wel( understand that.W. G. Barclay
has refused the nomination of the
Trades and Labor council as he intends devoting his time tb the store. .
Mrs. E. Todd is now located at the
stand recently vacated by Kastner &
Lyons.      y' ' ''.'" '''"
P. Burns & Co. received a carload
of turkeys on Monday last. They
make a fine show in the shop but we
think they will make a finer show on
the table Christmas day.
Pair Draft Horses for sale. See ad.
Diamond set lockets, tie pins, cuff
P. J. Morris of the Palace Drug store
was called away suddenly east owing
to his mother's Illness. He left on
Monday evening by the flyer for Durham,' Ont.
links and broaches at Wright the Jeweler's, next'Fernie Hotel.
Jos. Buchanan of Coal Creek has
to. undergo an operation in consequ-i
ence of his arm not being right, which'
was broken in No. 9 mine some '.time
ago.   ■■"/-■       ' -   ' •
Wright the Jeweler has some nice
cut glass and Pickand's hand painted
china—store next Fernie hotel.
A derailment occurred on the C. P.
R. at Jaffray on Monday. Eleven car.s
were derailed as the result of a broken rail." No one'was hurt. Traffic
was delayed for about,six hours, i
A fine line of bracelets and necklets
suitable for Xmas gifts at Wright the
Jewelers—next Fernie Hotel.
""We shall not be left entirely without music this year.. The Fernie Glee
club who have been practising assiduously, are making a round of the inhabitants and also the Salvation Army
band.    v    '
For Sausage try West Fernie Meat
Market."" ' '
, The English church Christmas services will be held in Bruce's Hall at
9 and 11 a.m. •_ Special services, holy
communion. Rev. Wilkinson will
The Napanee hotel is prepared; to
hahdle'travellersand other guesjts.
' J.' D. 'Barrett, manager of the Coleman—Miner—was^in-town-on-Sunday-
and had a look "over the Ledger plant.
He expressed surprise, at the magnitude of oui* plant. '      '--■'■"   '
The county court opened on Wed-,
nesday. morning before his honor,
Judge Wilson. There are several civil cases. The only case of importance Is that of Armstrong Dean.
The Napanee gives the best meals
at all times*. '■"-■■     ■   ■   ■■
A.W. Wright, who has been with
the Ledger for the, past two years,
severed his connection this week and
went with Mr. Barrett to Coleman to
work oh The Miner. We wish Mr.
Wright success in his new field.
The West Fernie Meat Market
pleases all people. Workmen'deal here
and save money,
, Bob Clarke from Ireland, our worthy
city constable, nnd Jan Vermeor from
Holland, C. P., constablo are to have
a fall In tho snow Wednesday or
Thursday evonlng, Mnglstrato Whim-
stor Is to be judge.
Tho Inquest on Allan Kennedy, tho
carpenter who died nB tho result of
nn accldont on tho skating rink, was
hold ln tho city offlcos on Tuesday
ovoning, P. Kennedy was foreman,
nnd Messrs. T, Uphill, J, Clarko, T.
Howdan, J. Qulnlnn and W. Connoll
actod as jurymon. A verdict of accidental death was roturnod, no blame
being attached to anyone.
Music hath charms—to this phrase
should have been added, Musicians
have charms. - This opinion will be
endorsed by any, who'were fortunate
enough to be present at the Polmat-
ier Sisters performance-on-Tuesday
night. '• The music was excellent from
start to finish and the performers
showed that they have spent time and
money to reach the high pinnacle they
have attained. * We wish them all
the success they deserve.    '    .
The play put'on last,Friday evening at Bruce's Opera House entitled
"Along the Kennebec" was one of
the very best that has been"seen in
this city. The company is an: aggregation of artists from first to last and
between pathos and merriment kept
the audience in rapt attention from
-the rise of the curtain. Manager
Bruce got a good show that time and
if he is as successful in the future he
should gain an enviable name as a
"good show hustler." The pianist
with the company was a dandy and
reminded us a lot of our own'"Pat."
Is now doing business in Kastner &
Lyons old office and has a special
Christmas Display at bargain prices.
Fernie Hotel
Barber Shop
E. L. HOLT, Prop.
Is now open for. business.   Give
us a call for up-to-date work >
E.   Weston
Is prepared to give   .
estimates for all class-
es of building work.
,. Repairs . a specialty.
Ladies' Neckwear
Fancy Coats
Fancy Cushions nnd
■ Centre Piece's'
Fernie Pillow Tops
Special Line,of Fancy '
and Plain Handkerchiefs
" Fancy Belts
'      O'
Children's Bearskin Coats
and Bonnets at half price
Ladies' Underwear going at
Bargain Prices
Also hosiery
Furs, Millinery, Suits and Coats
Children's Bonnets
All marked exceptionally low in price,
a Address j.     . a
y P.O. Box 18, Fernie   |
♦♦•♦•«••♦♦♦♦♦•••> ♦♦^►♦-ItM^J.
Misses Euler
Ladies' Coats, Skirts
and Waists
Christmas Novelties
^ FifiiP^i€*^^r^-^n} ■*,
IB »" "a'*-Vk   nw>"»,M&>¥TAlVM'HBtK •'
£ta eWto^wlMmm
'     £.
'-  ll
m*mm^mm- mm;'
ial *!aflB^Haa^^flflHfllB^^B*B*B*a*Bl*B^^^^BB^^^^ mjlmmm****.
We nlso cany n full lino of
Ladies' and Children's Underwear, Cliildrai'*. Hear Skin CohIk
and IIooiIh, otc,
(Old site Catholic church)
IVatiHon St. Fornio, II, ('.
We are now in our  new quarters
and   have   room    to   display
our   immense   stock  of ,
Christmas  Goods
A HIH'COHHlOn Of COltlH oi* a proti'MDt-
oil cold Ih nlinoRt. nor'nln to ond In
rhronlr witnrrli, from wlilcli fow ni-r
noun ovor wholly recover, Cllvu every cold tho attention It dooRi'vci i.n.1
yon may avoid tills (lliiiiRrooabl.1 ..i's
(."iso, How can you euro a. cold? Wiiy
i.'it try Cliamliorlnln's CoukIi rt-.nl-
ody? It If lilRhly rocommondoil. Mi***.
M. Wlillo of UutliM', Ti.iiii,, Hn>a. **H<--
voral yonrs ago I was liotlioroi'l with
my throat and Iuhkh. riomt-on.• Mil
mo of Chnmborlnln'a Con»h lluuio..*'
I neaun using It nnd It rollewd m» m
ciue Now my throat nnd luamn it-v
f,(/.i:id and well," For unlo liy ■•)'
Xmas. Holiday Furniture
TUO Present, is more appreciated than a
niece piece of Furniture. We have in
stock exactly what you want and can supply
every possible demand of the most fastidious
at the lowest price and easiest terms.   We
uic   UiiijUcbLiuilauiy    lllC   lcrtUC*6   uf all    llicil
pertains to home furnishing, There is no
time like the present. Call early and we
will take pleasure in showing you our
complete and up-to-date stock.
Useful Presents
Easy Chairs
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The Celebrated New Scale
Williams  Piapo
Dreislng Gaaoa ;t
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Tobacco Jars
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Fountain  Pens
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Ink Wells
Paper Knives
The J. H. REID CO., Ltd.
Uil.l/.'   aAJli..tj..'C   O.iA*
brownie Kodaks
Magic Lanterns
Games of all Sorts
Ccxlng Clovefi
Ooys Own Annuals
nm THK (H1H.S
Girls' Own Annuals
Boxed Chocolates
Dolls' Dresses, Furniture
Dolls' Dishes
Vancouver, Doe. IB,—There will be
no general exodus or (lio Hindus nnd
glKhsi from British Columbia t
Is!) Hondumb. This Is tbo c
Ion ttlraady ranched by n brigadier go-
nflf«l, Sw«yiit>, C. B., sovornor of tho
British Central American colony during hia hi-ief slay i« Vnncouvoi
It is doubtful wiiethcr even one ot
tlie east Indians will accept tlie tormi
offered by tho colonial authorities.
They ara a unit lu expressing a
ference for Brltis'i Columbia as eom-
Hitroil to the semi-tropical climate of
tbe souiborn colony,
This   wag made Quito clear to Gen. I
Sv-ayne, during tbo investigation lie'
has tuireucd sfaco reaching bore   at
midnight on Saturday.     He vtailed o
Taumbor of East India boarding eslab-
llaliinenlB yestorday.     Conversing ti
the natives in their own tonsue.   ii.
ascertained thai they are quite satis,
fled with HondltloM hore.     The c
census of opinion from   Iheir stand-
Dflint was tbat thoy had nothing
Bnir. but much to ior-e by quilting this
He wna assured that owing to tho
rpri'i' Imptovemenl in the tnbor market (Ik-re are virtually no East Ind-
Inns out nf unililnj-raont   and thai a
inpffiom class in non-existont. It wt
also pointed  out 10 him  that    those
who nre not employed at present ore
lh possession ol enough to tide them
over, and thai where any destitution
esfgled  -he  Indian comwiiutty would
OQ>ti.lmtt> io (end n IieliiliiK hand. Provision for the employment of the n
ttves at  nftricuUural pursuits,  It  Is
also pointed „ut, had boon made In the
oreiit of the labor market becoming  '
stagnant during tho ensuing   wlntor '
in nn tha.
.Get I" Their Dastardly Work in New
'-'*» y0rk
' tow Yorh, Dec. 15.—More than a
score or pet-sons were injured, flve
seriously, early to-day when a bomb
was buried tnto tbe alwhaft of tfie
teaenieiit house at. 330 Boat 63rd St.
The bouse Was badly wrecked- Failure of the Occupants of the house to
■comply with demands mpde nn them
Sy the members of 'be Blade Hsnd
(or money la believed to have been
tile cause of the outrage.
-*" Practically all those Injured were
tutoep in tbe bedrooms on tbe south
fide. Plitstpr and briok, mixed with
jigged pieces or glasi from tbo sbat-
't«ud windows, worn hurled tnto thoso
rooms witb frightful toroo and   aorao
*" or tho***- injured woro found half bur-
led nnd unconscious undor tho debris
piled "J.wn their beds.
Spohaoe. riec. 10,—1'robnbly no pail
ol ih" bortliWesi is hotter ryproseiitoil
In tun national npploshow wbli'h opened |n Brand aiylo Uti» morning Hinii Is
Brltidi cahimbln, for frull ot UUnllty,
Sxhiblt* of rosy cliwlt oiuil"" from
the ('nimdint, territory are not so
initn as ilio»p cmitt Oreimn, Waahlng-
toil nnd Hit* states dlri.i'ily lnn*eslp-J
lu aPI'ie growing. Tiie plate displays of towns under Ihe lurlsdlcilon
of King Edward promise to b-> prt*
'   lix
that I can b*iy good fruit lands with a good water sup ply*, ■within 30
milei of Fernie, on InttalmeM plan, 95 down, f5 per moMth, no Interest for first year, for a five acre tract during the life o* contract?
This offe may not last long, as the price'may be advanced after
1st January next, so If you -want.good fruit lands at the bottom
price apply at once. Do It nowl Sales have exceeded OKT.beat expectations so far. We find It easy to cell a good article--, and such
. easy payments- are not offered ley any other auch company. Write
for circular on "Kootenai Irrigation Tract."
D. W. HART "H* **<-*-   BAYNES, B. C
Maekeniit King Ln.ti far tha Opium
.poi-li-JUB of ihe *J3-j.(Kt9 offwod..
Thc'e art- jr, exhibits from various
parts of British Columbia, many n
thou, being in the armory In the plati
contests, but several being entered
for other contests and situated In the
malt, hulld I nR. Here there are
blhits from \olson, Summerlnnd, Kaslo, Victoria. Grand ForHs. Kelowna.
Suunylatid and Bpence's Bridge.
Ther.- was a largo attendance nt
the opening this morning, onmnc the
cron-d Turlntc mnny promlneiit fruit-
growii-s nnd dfUiers from nil **■■*•■•■> ion s
,of tin" i-ouiitry, Chicago wns repi-nst-M-
etl by several rruit (.rowers and merchants, omcwK whom were Daniel J.
<-'q•.''.« and (]i-orge N. Show, af tbe
hilt eon, mission bouse of Coyne tiros.
of tbat e|ty,
William CrossteF ot the firm of
CtTjuslyy and Sons, fruit growers and
dealers, bavins bouses In New York,
Boston, Mvernool and Glasgow, was
an interested spectator at the opening ot the show. "This ia tbe great-
est exhibitS01j ot apples ever held,"
said Mr. CrqSBl«y- "It Is simply great.'
Wr. Crossl«iy recently sent from the
norm** est u one collection of winter
b-yiana apples to King Edward. The
apples have not yet been received
hl8 majesty.
At 1 o'clock the formal opening parage of the big show was made sta:
tag from the main entrance to the
buildings on Second avenue. The parade '"as led ny a squad of police fol-
i-^lowed. by-tbe apple- show, -band- ot^id
Pieces and ten carriages, in w'llch
rode Louis v?. Hill, prealdent ol .the
apple ahow, governor Mead, M. E.Hay
Heut- govetnor^ elect,M--iyor Moore,
the Hon. Miles Poindexier, E. Cartler
VantUssel, and many other leading
cluiena wn6 have labored for the
succ-^b of the apple show.— Kelson
News." :
Oltnwn, Doc, 10—William Slonn, the
Biombof olocl for Comox-Atlln. Iina a^
rived from llio went and will mite, part
coiiferuneo respecting the situation hi British Columbia, nHslug tram
tbo dotont of Hon. Mr. Tcmplemau-
a rotiremciit In tnvor of the do-
tented uilolDler Is mild to bo one ot
lho ptiRNlliltlU'.--* nf thouonr fulure.
. I.. MnclH'iislc King left (bis after noon for New York, where be saiiB
Wednesday for England ou the LusK
He ia en route to.Pekln to attend as
one of the British delegates, the in-
tt-rnatloGal conference which will consider means for tbe suppression ot
the opium traffic. He is accompanied by A .W. Geddes, his private secretary. . .
Torotiio, Dec. 15—Tl'o Join*- com-
mittoD of tlm Presbyterian, Methodist
and Congregational churches, which
has been.discussing iho question
church union, formulated a reply tu
H.e eomtnunlcailoti from tho \n*Ab
church. Tbe reply amies thai the
obstacle to the Inclusion bt the Angll-
ron church In the union government
13 the quettlon of tho historic episcopate. However If tho Anglican
church is willing to interpret the historic eplscopato liberally the conference will bo ready to meet the proper
The season for coughs aad colds is
now at band and too much care
not be used to protect the children. A
child Is muoh more likely to contract
diphtheria.or scarlet fever when he
bas a cold. The quicker you cure his
cold the less the risk. Chamberlain'!
Cough Remedy is tho sole reliance o,
many mothers, and few of thoso who
ha ve-tried-It-are-wiillfiB-to-use-
other. Mra. F. P, Starcher ot Ripley
W, Va„ says: "I have never used any-1
thing other than Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy for my chlldron and it has always given good satisfaction," This
remedy contains no opium or other
narcotic and may be confidently gn'On
to u child or an adult. For sale by,
alt druggists. ,
TheHcasoitB como ami
thu seasons uo, li-fco
"Tcni-^fson's Bi*oofe,"
but Moliwing'js Bakery buriinoris gnus on
■ steadily.' Now is the
time to older your
Christmas baking in
- plain and ornamental
cttkoH ami iHistvy.
A flili line, of Fruits
anil Confectionery ;
also Toys and Novelties for the children.
I Safety Deposit Vault I
Safety Deposit Lockers
can be rented at The
Ledger Office. Most
fireproof vault in the
city. Reasonable rates.
See tbe Manager for
particulars. „
A complete line of samples of
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds, Serges
and Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
The Hotel ofFepnie*
Fernie's Leading ComiaereW
and Tourist House .
S. F. WALLACE, Prop*.
Btii* NUpi'Iiiil  .-,-itli  the  best Wines,
I.li]iiin-s und.Cleaw
Doing business la the same old place
Liquoi-s aiid Clgnrs of tlio highest
quality. .*, Well stocked bar
CO.,  LID.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers
A full stock in nfowilayd
The only reliable playe in town "for
" choice" pipes and tobacco
W. A. INGRAM, Prop.
COLEMAN, Na. 2633: WUllam Gra-
CARBONADO, No. 26SS: JameE Hewitt. .*;...
CARDIFF,   Na-  25S7:   G.  H.     Glb-
DIAMOND CITV, No: 2oB?: George
EDMONTON CUTV, So: 2540: J. H.
FERNIE, No. 231*: Thos. Biggs. ■
FRANK,'Ho. 12-53:  Walter    'Wrl-s-
HOBMER, Nou S4ST:  J. D.    Both-
HILLCREST^ No. 10BG: Harry Coo-
LILLE, NO. K33: 3. T. Griffith,
LUNDBRECK, Ho.    22V5 — J. Dt
MIOHEU No. 3S3-I:   Charles    Gai--
MERRITT, N'o. 202T: Thomas Cal-
METFORD, No. 20D3: John Our can.
Dupon, Box -49*3, Lethbridge.  .   .    '/.
ROCHE PERCEE (Sask) No. .8672:
Laculan McQunrrle. :
TABER, No. 102: Joshua Oralis.
TABER, No. 1868. Wm. White.
TAYLORTON, (Saslt.) No. 2848:—
Lachlan McQuarrle. -   .
TASKER,  N. D., No. 2863:— J. B.
WOODPECKER, No. 2209: William
Vancouver, Dec: 12.—A signal victory was.won by tbe Stone Cutters un-
of Victoria in the full 'udgmoiu of
the court late yesterday In tae suit of
Graham va Knott, the iattor betnj secretary ot the union.
In effect the-flecision relieves any
trade union of liability to an applicant who refuses to submit to a tost
for admission to the union and foils
secure employment, as a result ot
his refusal to comply with the union
Theycan'threatea to strlka U lie is
employed, and so force him out of
ras-themid inrthiB -<!a#a-iin^"-BUIl-
not be liable. Mr. Graham came from
'During tha summer of ID 03 I waa
troubled .wltb^inUBculap pEUna..ln,jtha
Instep of my foot," aaye Mr. S. Pedlar
of Toronto, Ont. "At times It was
so painful I could hardly walk. Cham-
We-diiE.   W* me firing away at the-
old business
Qhiunl ami Honni, $20.00 pur mimUL
Hra. Dcsieavurea,  Propa
Hf-acleod, Alta.
Th-e Two Charlies
Rinman Kaminski Co.
For your BUpply ot   /'
Qroceries, Dry ttoods
Boot* and Sboes
BOBmert B. C.
P: Carosella
: Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
GenU1 Furnishing*
herlaln'B Pain Balm was recommended
to me eo I tried tt and was completely
cured by...one., small bottle, I_have
since recommended It to several of
my Mends all of whom speak highly
"of It" ; For cale by all drug-slsts.
Team Work and Dnapig-
BlKtlera In Wagons,  Sloiglis,. Dump
Carts, Spring Rigs and Ekricet*.'
0. N. ROSS. Manngw
Stoves I     Stoves I
We have the cheapest and
best line of Ranges,, Kitchen
Stoves and Heaters.
New andSecond-Hand'Goods
Painter and Decorator
Givo iue a ohanuo o
Fernie B, C.
R.   Addison
—_ Blairmojr*er.Alta.
Funeral Director
and Undertaker ll**"
:    Authoress of "The Princess.Passes," 'The Lightning
Conductor," Etc., Etc.    .
' Copyright, 1906, by Mrs. C. N. Williamson.      - *        .
A full line of shelf and  heavy   Hard-
. ware in: stock together  with a .
complete! range of Stoves
Furniture Dcpartmcttt
Our Furniture Department embraces the
most unique and up:to-date lines.
Come in and have a look
Pair Draft Horses
and Outfit
'•For Sale-—A first class pair of.
Draft Horses,,weight.2600 lbs., 4
and 5 years old, perfectly sound
and In fine condition.
I have worked this team steadily, during the last year; they
had good care and are fit .for,
any kind of work.
I havo no uso for them during
the winter, and will sell for $350,
which Is a bargain; also Bain
wagon used six months, and
now sett double harness.
1312 1st St. West,'
. Calgary.
Alberta Show
Case Works
MiinufiuilurovH  of
Calgary, Alta,
100 tons: of good-.
W. E. Barker, Cayley, Alta.
to have no body," she' told hersell.
"What has happened and what is
coming next?"
Then, with a flash, she remember,
ed. Perhaps she was .dead;, but if she
were, the last thing she had done in
life was to be in a motor car with
Mr. Kenrith and Lady Hilary Vane.
There had been no accident.    If all
had" been killed, it was her fault, for
she had had a warning, and refused
to listen. The thought that John Kenrith was dead,  and that',she might
have saved him, made her conscious
that she had still a heart to beat, still
a body with warm blood to flow fast
through throbbing   veins. ■ An   ugly
Bohing. made itself felt in the back
o£ her head, and she knew that the
great mystery was  still unsolved to
her.   She was alive, and lying Eome-
where by the roadside. The green and
golden light was that of the afternoon
sun  playing   among   tall  fronds   ol
bracken which spread above her like
an emerald roof. ■ ,
"I must find him—I must, find Lady
Hilary," she whispered brokenly, half
aloud,-and was glad of the sound of
her own voice in the silence,.which
wars like a tragic assent to her fears
Painfully, she  sat up,  and would
have thanked Heaven that she had
the use   oi  her  limbs,   if she  had
thought of herself at all now.    Her
head   ached horribly,   and. she   felt
braised and Bhaken, but there was no
unbearable-pain to recall her attention sharply to her own needs.-   Bho
scrambled' to her feet, swaying giddily for   a  moment,   with   Bky   ancl
treetops whirling before her eyes, but
in  a few. seconds  she  was   able to
walk, though rather unsteadily, and
pushing her way through the bracken,   crushed' by her  fall,  she  came
out upon the road, and almost upon
Hilary Vane/ who was kneeling beside
John Kenrith. .
As she knelt there in the dust the
girl's back was turned toward Elspeth,
and she was so absorbed in what she
was doing that she did not hear the
rustling of the tall bracken.- She
had opened'the coat of the unconscious man, who was lying - close to
the big, broken motor- car, with his
face'stained with blood. Busily her
little hands were searching, searching for something, and her, whole heart
was in the'work.
- Elspeth stood still, unable to speak,
unable to move..   But.the spell was
broken by the stealthy whirr of an
electric  car  coming. along. the  road
by which they had traveled from Loch:
rain.   It was close upon them, and,
as Elspeth turned with a start, she
saw .Trowbridge stop the automobile
and leap, out.'\, •"'   '   -    ■ *    ,/,'"   .
•RosiHr him the Countess Radepol-
Bkoi was sitting, but when the car had
come  to' a rest', she left it  quickly,
and    ran , forward.    Seeing  .Hilary;
kneeling beside ' Kenrith she gave a
low cry which sounded'strangely'in
Elspeth's  ears.   There  was,  or  she,
fancied it, a ring of anger and the
bitterness "of* disappointment;"'
Trowbridge sprang to Lady, Hilary,
nnd, as she struggled to her feet, he
caught hor in his arms. With a moan
she let her head fall-limply against
his breast, and'Elspeth saw that she
had. fainted. ;
Quickly the thought flashed through
her mind that if Hilary knew she
'could not boar to rest,in this man's
arms. Ho bent over lier, muttering"
something, and. ElBpeth uttered an
exclamation just in time to prevent
his auto. I hoped to overtake you before'anything had happened, but I
was just too late, he wheel is matchwood and the car badly smashed.
It's a niiracle'you weren't all killed.^
"Mr. Kenrith's head is bleeding, ,
said the Countess., "You had better
try to lift him into Lady Ardcliffe b
automobile, Mr. Trowbridge, and get
him home, where ho can be taken
charge of by the doctor. Miss Dean
could hold his head on her lap. for
he oughtn't to be left alone, while
you drive; and I can stay here with
Lady Hilary till you come back for
her.   She doesn't seem to be hurt at
oil  "
To Elspeth's surprise, Trowbridge
laughed, a singularly hateful laugh.
"Oh, you are very kind, , he saici,
"very unselfish, but I will not trouble
you, -thanks:* Miss" 'Dean will-- not
leave Lady Hilary."
As he spoke Elspeth saw his eyes
and those of the Counters meet with
a look of defiance and understanding.
"I hope," said the Countess with,
doadlv politeness, "that you will not
repeat your decision." Her voice and
her eyes were like steel. For the-moment, .she was no-longer, beautiful
but hideous, though she had evidently
remembered Elspeth's presence, and
was striving for self-control. _
"She has some plan, was ttie
thought that flashed through the girl s
head, "some plan by which she means
to make him repent."- ,„„„„.
Trowbridge, however, no longer
looked at the Countess. He bent down,
nnd lifted Kenrith's shoulders from
the ground, exerting so much strength
in the effort to raise the unconscious
man that the clasp of the strange
bracelet Elspeth had once before noted on his wrist, snapped open as his
sleeve was pushed back, exposing the
"Before Trowbridge was aware oi
the thing that had .happened, the
bracelet had fallen' from his arm to
the ground, which it struck with a
deUclte. metallic sound, then rolled
away into the bracken by the roadside.    Elspeth ■ saw. him   start,
All kinds of
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12.2t City Clerk
EVERY assignment of tl.a right of
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S*th tiitrflember 190*? ftS
his eves did"norfollbw.the bracelet.
They darted to the exposed wrist and
what'thev must have seen there tuf
saw at tlte same time-; ...
The band of,white., kid, resembling
the top of *a,long.glove from, which
tlie hand has been out*ofi. or anothei
like it, still" covered'the arm 'tightly
and smoothly, but the heavy band
.of gold'which had mask^the-j.end
above ihe wristbone had hidden the
ranged edge-of a curious scar. • u.is-
,petlUow=saw=thatJth^flesh was inflamed and.that just above the.wrist-
bone was a deep red mark.
Instinctively she turned her. eyes,
■that Trowbridge might not-be aware
of her discovery.   She felt that he
glanced quickly at her, tc, see .whether his'-se'eret-whatever if might ba
-was at her mercy; but her face betrayed nothing.   As he was in the act
•ot  lifting   Kenrith's   shoulders   from
the' ground fie could not pull down the
ouff and coat sleeve which had been
pushed back; but he turned in such
a way. that, if Elspeth had not al-,
ready  seen .the scar,  she wouId be
unable to catch sight of it. His change
of position must have exposed the scar
to the Countess Radepolskoi s gazo,
but Trowbridge oither did not care,
or considered her knowledge .of his
secret a lesser evil.   Hall lifting, half
dragging Kenrith toward, the oloctno
car lent by Lady  Ardcliffo, he had
almost reached it when' the unconscious man showed signs of' coming
to himself,' , ,
Ho sighed, oponod his eyes, and
* met thoso of Elspeth, who had risen
and was watching him anxiously, instantly ho seemed to havo remember-
ed all that hnd fiappenod, lor look-
ing straight at hor. he said. "Thank
Heaven, you'ro safo!   And Lady Hil-
"■"Doosn't seom to bo much hurt,
though sho hns fainted," Trowbridge
answered boforo Elspoth could Bponk.
"Don't worry. Wo hopo you aro going to bo all right, too. Bottor not
try and help yourself, for fear you
may have a bono broken, or n sprain
somowhero.     I'll Hit you into   this
0n'r,Thoro'H nothing the matter with
mo.   Give mo a hand and 111 get to
my  foot,"  said   Konrith.   ''No^-as
ho staggered up supported by-Trow-
brtldgo.    "I'm  all  right.   No bono
broken evidently.''     Ho passed his
hand ovor his forehead, whoro a few
ronB  of blood trickled down  over
is eyes, "Just a out on tho head.
•s nothing at all. You're suro you ro
tot hurt, Miss Dean, or Lady Hil-
-.bought that she might be needed to
jive some assistance; but fortunately
vou are all able to help yourselves.
Even your car has apparently escaped
any very serious damage, Mr. Kenrith; and now, if you feel up to the
-jffort, I can get vou all back to the
hotel."   ., ., ' <       '      J   , iU
Involuntarily Elspeth glanced at the
place where-the bracelet had fallen,
and where „the heavy  band of gold
had been,visible at the.side., oi the
road, its pearls and .turquoises g*-eam- ,
ing out among the grass.   Would ho-
leave it lying there? she wondered. |
But already it was gone.      n j
It could not have been he who had
reclaimed it, for he had not' once
moved away or stooped.. down since
Kenrith had recovered consciousness.
But for a moment or two Elspeth had
lost sight of the Countess Radepol-
skoi's movements, and now she quickly , decided that, while .she, had not
been looking,, the Countess must have
picked up the bracelet. '
"Will she keep it, or give it back
to him?"-Elspeth asked herself curiously, as she stood aside while Trowbridge helped Lady Hilary into the
car.   It was then the Countess a turn
to take, her seat,  and Trowbridge s
assistance was given to her also, notwithstanding  the" bitter  words,  and
defiant looks which had passed between them a short time ago.     Mow,
Miss1 Dean," said Trowbridge, when
the Countess was seated beside Lady
Hilarv  in  the   large  tonneau.    But
he did not come forward to help her.
He let, Kenrith give her a hand, as
she  mounted   the  step,  turning  his
back for a second or two.   Then, with
Kenrith  was   also in    the   tonneau.
Trowbridge,closed the door; and biB-
peth had a fleeting glimpse of gold
and turquoise under his cuff as ne
did so. , . .'  '
"She has given. it to him-quit-e
quietly' and stealthy," the girl thought.
"Then she must have known all along
why ho wears it; there could have
been no secret about' it for her or
she would have said something. Now
I'm certain that there's an understanding oi some sort between- them.
She's furious with the man, .on account of Lady Hilary He knows
that, but he's defying her; and for
some reason or other she dared not ;
fail .him whenf he needed her help, ,
in spite of all." ■     ■ ,   |
Elsneth felt that she was surround- ,
ed bv an atmosphere of. mystery.
Something very strange was going on
nround her—something so intricate, so
manv-sided, that she could as yet lay
her hand on no clew to the puzzle,
though she could dimly see: her way
toward more. than one, as, half bewildered, wholly frightened she grop-.
ed in darkness ^ toward the light.   *
There was a -Teat sensation at the
Loehrain Castle" Hydro, when it was
known that .there .had been an accident to Mr. Kenrith's magnificent
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Dec. 4, 1909. Jan. IS
"Miss DtantulU not leave lady Hilary
him from touohin*: tho'beautiful din-
ordorod hnir of Uio L-irl with hlj lips.
"Glvo lior to mo,'7 sho cotnmandod
peremptorily. Trowbrldfjo and tho
CoiintoHR saw hor now for tlio flrst
lime, and without a word tho man
oboyocl., Ho laid Hilary down on
tho orusliod braokon by tho roadsldo
nnd Elspoth knolt ologo to tho -whito,
sllll flgnro.        ,    , ,    ,.„ .
".Mr. Konrith—ho is not dood? she
Trowbridge gavo hor no answer, ex-
oopt to stoop ovor tho motlonlosfl body
of tho man. Tlio Countess, too, bent
down, balf knooling, and as tho two
woro between "Elspoth and Konrith,
she oould no longer seo him lying
L-rride hi" bw^V"" enr
"it floomod many moments boforo
Trowbridge  miois.*.),    thou*!,  iwih^ju
J rUWUIl-.-.fcU      B|I«iaai, >.™u|.i      |.w,
not twico sixty minutes passed.
"No, lie's not dead," tho answer
came at last. "I can feel his hoart
iwating. I! only I oould havo mado
you hoar in the nvonuo, w you drove
Ollt,  tilift   IWMtaiu't   Ika*.****   avUi>*,;wU.:.*.      I
Haw that tho near driving whpol was
out of shape, as tho car wont by, and
oallod out; but I eould mako nono
of you hoar, though I took a short
cut through tho park, and ran after
you until I saw thoro was no hope
of catching you up. Then I hiirrion
bank, thinking to get one of he hole]
motors, to fallow, but luckily Lndy
t\rAe\iilfi'* eieclric. car vtan at tho door
ready io take her out with the Coun-
tent, I've driven the samo snme kind,
n-,,,1 the let me tako it,, thMigli ehe
wouldn't pomi**, and I don't think sho
rmll nndor*tood what I meant. The
ehsuffiMir-a stupid young nnlmal--
triood by like a ttock. H««i| « »
he tUou«Ut ui& uiua-l, a- I up'in off wim
''Sho was up and bonding ovor you
wlion™wo onmo," said tho Countoiw,
SSowhat sharply.  "It wm ™K^™
sho saw ua that sho fainted, llioro,
She's coming to horaolf now.     Ono
might  almost  fanojr  Bho  hoard  us
sneaking about hor,        ,,»,.„.
'Thoro wm nothing actually offenH.vo
in lho words, yot ihoy gavo the im-
pro sion that Lady Hilary had fo gn-
od uneonfloiouBtiOHS   to draw atton-
tion to horfloU, or for somo other reason,   Elsneth felt an impulse of an-
Ior   and would havo dofondod the
clrl. but it wos Bcarcoly a moment,
for argument. Uosidoft, tho eo or was
coming back lo Lndy Hilary's   ace,
and tho long dark lashes woro quiver-
inc   A moment later sho was looking
up into Konrlth> anxious eyes.
™T-.l-how r*(upi*. nl mo I" sho mur-
murod. trying to *>H «!»■ "|,u *»»"»"•*
EH* «i 0*c shmiMPT n( V.Wh. who
hnd bent down  again to help nor,
'Tm not a bit hurt, only jarrod, I
think.   At flrst I was up, ™\ln«.»'
MIbs Dean, and trving to find out if
Mr. Kenrith was alive; but thon, sud-
.i.-iv ■ mi- Vr-fiTt, pppmnd to stop Mating."" I iupposo it must have been
tho shock and    thon tho reaction.
Whon did you  como Countess—and
Mr. Trowbrldffor
"I thought you saw us nrrivo in
Lndy Ardcliffo^ cloctrlo car," said
thn Countons, with an odd emphasis,
"V'-wi apiM*nn»d to boforo you—fainted." .
"Mo, I didn't Heo you—consciously,"  Hilary  repllvd.
"I cnllod after you all. as you drove
naM me in tho avenue," Trowbridge
rancatod. "J *«« m0 of tho. d,n,TinK
whoi'ld wn* out of shape, and follow-
?d p» anleltly ns T could, with Lady
'r.!c.lfliA c-.r, in iihleh th« Coun-
tci.il xxnn JiiM folnir out with her. She
when they arrived: at the-hotel m Lady
Ardcliffe's electric car.   Dusty and dis- |
ordered, thev .were able to escape to ;
their own quarters without being seen
by more than three or fouT persons;
'but the story,.of the accident spread .
.through    the " house.■ .like«■.wildfire-
Gro'ups assembled in the great hall
■to talk it over:   Those who could say
■that they had" seen* the electric ear
extraordinarily popular with all. their
:-acquaiiitances, and.were besieged for
details;   How had Lady Hilary look- ■
■ed?   Was it true that Mr   Kenrith s ;
head was'.terribly cut? 'And had, they, ,
.'really   had   that' pretty   little   type-
'writer person-in the car with them?   j
The Countess Radepolskoi kept her  •
room, ancl Mr. Trowbridge also hid
himself, therefore-Lady Ardcliffe was
overwhelmed with callers in her pri-
Vate  sitting  room... It was  nor  car
which had gone to the rescue, therefore it was thought that she must
have more information to impart than
any one else. ■> ■   .   .
On- tho contrary, however, Bhe had
very little.    All she knew, with certainty was that she had boon on the
point of taking Countess Radepolskoi
out foT a Bpin in her oar, whon Mr.
Trowbridge had rushed up to ask U
ho might borrow it in a great hurry.
Ho  had said samothing was wrong
with Mr. Kenrith's car, and ho wanted to follow it.   Ab he know how to
drive, ho had preferred not to take
tho chauffour, but  he Countesei.had
insisted on going.   As for horsolf. she
had boon so upset by tho fear of somo
torrihlo accidont that sho had boon
obliged to como back to her room and
lio down, with her maid to fan her
constantly,  and hold    her, smelling
salts, or she should certainly havo
fainted,    Neither tho  Countess    nor
Mr. Trowbridgo had visited her since
bringing tho others homo, though she
lind expected thorn to do so, and sho
had now sent for Miss Dean to toll
hor everything oxnotly as it had him-
nened. Tho young porson, it Boomed,
wns slightly sliakon and bmisod by
hor fall from tlio car, and was changing lior dusty tilings.   Sho might not
bo woll enough to net as Bocretnry
for a dny or two, ns Bho had wronohod
hor arm, but sho would bo ablo to
como to Lady Ardcllffo's room and tell
tho story of tlio accident.
Ah a mnttor of fact, poor ElBpoth b
oxnorlcnco after reaching homo was
Roarooly oonduoiyo to tho restoration
of Bhnttorod norvoB. Pitying Lady Hilary's woakness, bIio hnd gono witli tho
crirl to lier room, as poverty comnoll- ,
od Lady Lnmbart nnd lior dnuKhtor
to travel without a maid, and Hilary,
utterly broken and inclined to bo
hystorioal, wnB in nood of liolp.
"I'll stay witli you, doar Lady Hilary, till Uio dootor comoB, unless Lndy
Lnmbart hna roturned from lho wn k
you Biiy Hho'd gono out to tnko, Bald
Elspoth. ,   i      T,
"I don't want a dootor. I m per-
foetly woll," ropliod Hilary. "I'm only
rathor nhntlorod. I can't help train*
bllng, but I'll lio down nnd bo perfectly fit again by dinner time."
"You must lot mo help you un-
drosfl," pleaded Elspeth,
"You nood help yourself," Hilary
said. "You aro an pale as marble,"
Tint Elsneth only laughed and in-
BlHted tlmt Bho hnd not ovon a {»«<»«•
.who. S5.C luwhUAy Hilary Mi. down.
quietly removed hor hat, which woa
crushed into sliapolossnoss, and booan
to opon hor Anmn. She had unfastened Rovornl buttonB, when Bomo-
thing DeA up in a littlo laco handker-
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hv.'       o      -'   '
♦,»»♦»»»♦♦♦» •♦-♦♦^4«><>aj8a -«.at>^.a$44^-a^^.-«>-a>-«> 4& *fye>*P**>'<>!<t ^-aj!K^-«^-^-4l><><i>-#.<5». a!><f>^!>^-aj>a5>^    a^a<J^..^0.^0.^^^ «!»»»♦»>'»»»»•»'» At^A^A^A^A^ »»»<» -»a»»-a»-»4»» -»>»»-a»^a»»a»»<». ♦»a»^-a»i»»a»->» ♦♦»«»»»»»»^a» -» ♦ » » » » » *T   A
•»♦»♦»♦♦•»♦■» ♦♦♦♦•O"^*-♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«'♦ •■^^•^♦♦♦.'♦^^•^•♦^•^^^ ♦•^^^^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦V*»'^ ♦♦•^•♦♦•♦♦♦►♦♦♦V'^.^^^^^al'
. r
' '■       i
p-. *i-i
*,.   ' »
...     _'o
, . «-
■ -. /'
' .' fc>
,;"- ■ *■; "»'->
.'     .'f
*-\   ,
.:'**;" ■ i
For Ladies
Diamond Sot Watches
Gold Watches
'   Hi..I'M,', .
Waist Set3
Jowcl Cases
Cut Glass
Sash Pins'
Gilt Clocks
i,"     •*
1 Papor Knivoa
For Children
Silver Mugs
Child Sets
Dinner Sots
Napkin Rings
Lockets   '-*
We haye a large stock to choose from. Our
rarifee, of diamond set goods is large
and our prices are right
For Gents
Diamond Sot Lockots
Lockets..1   ,      ' '.. i' .
Diamond Stick Pins
Gold Stick Pine
Diamond Sot Links
Gold Ouff.Links
Oigarotto Oases
Oigar Casos
Military Brushes
Storllng Oigar Oasos
Storllng Flasks
Smokers Sots
Tobacco Jars
Match Boxos
Bottio Oponcrs, Storllng
We have a nice stock of Cut Glass, Silver-
ware, Sterling Silver Novelties, and Pickhard's
Hand Painted China, which make useful gifts
The Jeweler        Fernie, B. C.
(Nezt the Hotel Fernie)
Call and  inspect "our  stock, its a  pleasure
'it ' 7 it.
for us to show goods,   New, Store with A, A.
illespie, next Hotel Fernie


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