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tf»y4ayH*,.i,i>.i,i.ini,',iiiWi'fcf ll"*
!':-; '■;"*' .:'■-- .'-i'-J-i^'f./..;- ■>:;*;-..-:•  .."J'!*•;. j,*-**-;.-, r5 IV/jl
i' ■   ■:  ■'■"■ «'V^-^U'":VV"-vJ<!l
* [Prov.,!,^^. ;:'Jnae8*0^
•..^ ......, rti.-^.w.
■|     '   *   :.-■.-,-..',,!? .wci: ?'j*:il*i'' Wo iM-     .COi-cU* bs.-i-S okJlftT,
Industrial Unity is Strcngrtls ...
.-   * , ., -       Di.;-i!i!JU .nvhii'-'.,.1
'?m    J (*I-       (' j".   '       *-      *;rt
The Official Organ of'.b^
;•■ i>y.*.;.:, ;■'■-)■■■<-■: ■„■■.:■ * -   -   --.—■•■ y  -- ■    , '    -' -	
VOL. -IV. -No. *£ -/ U  ~--,-«^--*'-
>:1 .
FERNIE,; B. -Cii" * PECEMBER  IZtttf * 1908
I*-1;;  ■.-i.-'r.l'iyv*   f^'iili-Jj'-iJ!.;
• I
■ ■i
" -     " *           -                                        -                   •> * ',       ■
Xmas. Holiday FtriRilftiRi
Ah* "::3iV;l:.> i,:?"Cv* ^Ji'?'^. : v\*vv* *v  £■*'■* ^',; -
■*,                               r           ■
*.- -TVT 0 > Present, is, more appreciated than -. a
7,iy .. ':.-;■■"... ::::r7v:\/ .^ - •>
niece piece of Furniture.   We have in
stock exactly what you want and can supply
every possible demand of (he most fastidious
at the lowest price and easiest terms.   We
are ^unquestionably; thefileaders of; all that
... pertains to home , fiurnishftig.   There-, is no
time like the present.   Call early 'and we
will' take ^pleasure   ih'■ showing   you   bur
7:complete:and up-rtofdate:stock..;: .7:7 zc...:..
$                                       '
1   :
\ Useful Presents
*-    -.   - •  , ..    *.. -    •. .'     :  • i -
\   ■'■;   Easy'Chairs' -'
'  .' "  Rockers'   '■'"■'   7- '■
!   ',' .'Tables     ,.'','
f ■    '   i"   ''      ,'    ■''y'"'.'.:
S      .   Pictures
7' " -.Carpets
■ Rugs'
I.;....                 ,  ■'
*   ■.,•',.■      ■    ■ ■     **-*.
;    ,   .Linoleums..,. . .      ''.
''    ,'/,Toilet Sets""'  ,
5          Desks
,              "   and 7.'   ■<
\ The.Celebrated New Scale..:
j         Williams  Piano. . ,
\       -.'   .   .. ->.    •     ..]..,' .J    *
1-1 -   ''    •
-.   • i-f,-       .-        ■'.    .. .-   -
 •: -•■'• *"■.•-- t ••- i-.-y.-n-~--. -- --- --
I   -.'.   -....     ••     ■   ;--    .*.   1  :   *
• -(
The J- » REID GO* IM
'..,■;«,'.-.',;!:'..-.>'i'   j, >
al Unity is Victory
$1.60 a. Year
.    /.. "••••;      ^  t.       . \.  f        ;i., s    ■      1    •     ,■*.*-•.-;-■■.     ' " . *    ■>- - •*
Tlie Accused is;-Now in the City—Arfested at
Regina dh Charge .of Theft by False
Pretehcbs---Remanded for Few Days
that I can buy good fruit lands with a good water supply, within 30
mllea of Fernie, on Instalment plan, $5 down, $5 per month, no Interest for first year, for a five acre tract during the life of contract?
This offo rmay,not last long, as the price,may be.advanced after
1st January next, so If you want good! fruit lands at. the bottom,
price apply at once, Do It now I Sales have,exceeded our best expectations eo far, We find It easy to sell a good artlclo, and such
easy payment!* are not offered by aiiy other such company, Write
for circular on "Kootenai Irrigation Tract.*'
D.;W.  HART     Agont for*Canada*   BAYNES, ;B. C.
There's-,.-.. lots-;-of.^people s,can see
ithings when they look at them, hut
they. can't: eat soap; and wash■ • 'with
it. ' '•■"..,■  .*, :..;!■ i v :.','    .■-.••;    ']
Mr. Herron of tlie Puglr'and Livingston Lumber company ■ was ■ in Elko
[several.*'day's ■ this' week'' and left,'for
Dorr the new .strawberry, town.' 7
| Mr. fCarrol, ..the potter .Palmer of
Taher,,°Alberta .and-, Major-IJhootem-
fast, came-in *with their shooting irons)
and left for the-South Fork after'mow-'
itsh... ,■•' y . '7',,.;.-.-.: .-■ ■ -,-• ';..,:>;
; Packr Saddle Jack made several
-trli)s_up__the South Fork this'week,
with sup'plles'fortlie Br9a^yo9d canip
Koncasak'Mouht'aln7Js" -"-'-•* _
. The Kootenay. River Land Company
of Baynes Lake,have.a large force of
eriglneers'.and.'No."2 experts,Vo'rklng
on Plrie' Apple .Creek and . J:", D. ^Aye
says navigation, will ,open up,;about;
the .1st of- March, 1309.  ■- ..■   -
W.-S. McBwen-will-bo burled ln
Cranbrook on* Sunday,' December 1*3
Harry Olands was In Elko this week
making arrangements for.' the " construction, of a monster club house.'
Speuklng of heroes,' ' Tho greatest
hero' is,'the taxpayer In our estimation. ' He keeps the government going; ;■' ■       - ■'
It is reported.in Elko that" Cranbrook is going dry.
Never-boast about making a good
start..   It's tho finish that counts.   ■
Hunters ,.,in. search ,of big gamo
should como to Elko. Wo have tlio
goods.and lots of them of tho wild
nnd woolllGBt kind.
; A man who won't pay for his pro-
corelo. la either a pauper or n dead
boat, ' ,
You needn't apologize sir, This Is
the sowing circle. Blue calico shirts
for tho henthon. Alnt thoy flno nnd
'  Tho skating rink was woll patron-
Izod this wook,
,. REGINA, Sask., .Pec. .^.—-Armstrong Dean, the principal stockholder in the Globe Fire-Insurance Company, which made a voluntary
assignment, was placed'under arrest charged with theft by false, pretences on a •warrant issued at Fernie. ■., An officer will arrive to-day
to,'.take'him'west''for- trial. It.is alleged that Dean sold stock' in
Fernie prior to the* fire and, represented the stock to be a quarter of
a million. ■• "When Ihe big fire made demands it was'seen that the
company had no funds and had^to go under! 'Some of the victims
are'now asking for criminal action against Dean. Application .was
.made in'the civil courts here to-day for the appointment of liquidators for the company.1,. „' a. . 7' ■ ••■ ■ - " ■'*•„•_•'•'■
' . Armstrong Dean appeared before Magistrate' AVhimster yesterday afternoon, and. his' counsel, "W~. R. Boss, asked for a'remand until,
Monday /afternoon'at' 2.30, which was granted. No :bai\..has as-yej;
been asked for. ■   "., ./ ,  ;       ,   . .  *■ ,-,        -  ...
,;.This, case will arouse much interest here;"as so' many citizens.-have
suffered from the fraudulent transactions of this Company. Tliere are
' , .' (1 .   f 1 ■;''.,
other men, however, whom we consider should be as closely cornered
andsinvestigated as-Mr^ Dean, as/they are equally responsible.^;.; - ..:
r ,. Ignorance, oripleaded ignorance of the.law.does not excuse.the
lawbreaker.   ,■;'.-'•,:*"< ^    . -,.'- ■,- *■-   ■*■-. ■--    i'-....'.!..   ■••' ■''-'■' ;■■ ■'
(Continued from pugo T>.)
headaches and Hhoophonlot'H diHIght.
Women aro all rlnht if you "coop far
enough away from thorn. ;   ,
fTho women who can mako nood
but tor, darn hooIch to n frazzlo, cook a
mulligan that tloldos hor huHbnnd lo
tho walBtband and kuop tho child-
hi.'*, i.Jwl.j i,i:i tsi'S clf'on, p"M«w flr-
uron ln n rtlvoroo ct\*c
O'llrlen, tho follow who mado mich
a hornoH roBotto of hlmaolf In IHlko
whon grantod pormUfllon to aponlc before an audlonco of ladles and gontlo-
njnji  In  tViri tnti'n Ji"H   l« tnnrlnff mm-
ny Albortn, May tho Lord hnvo morey on that provlncoi'l',- 7. .,,, \ '
Mr. Dhnoy of Prlnco Rupert camo
In from Hat Portage - oii Sunday and
conimoncert .to moaauro.tho boys for
thoir wlntor bib nnd tuckor..i * ;,,,,
Jim CornloBflol, tho champion rail
•splitter' of nig Band crook Plnorlea,
cntne In Sunday (-wlthjhlafoet in a
pair of shoot*, of the latest stogie pattern, held together by. the latest
ttyle of coppor,,  rivet*,, jvhlle    bis
checker board soa'to rollod In grace,
ful curvoH ovor tha tops) to voto for
nil! Davidson.
C, IliirgofiB, chief nrcountnnt, for
the North tar Lumber company, paid
his weekly visit to Knrnlo on Monday.
,If the Grout, Northern Hy, would
appoint an agont at Kllco thoy would
got tons of freight lo haul from coast
points, Winnipeg and especially Ver-
V IXyilri *n«l*oi» eviil O Vdxvnriln nrn
hunting tip Houth forlc.
• Man's Inhumanity to mon makes
countlosH thousands mourn, nnd oats
nro retailing In Klko at a dollar and
Hlx bltH por bundrod,
Vnn rnn'f hn n rnoRter nnd lav ncRR
evon If thoy do retail nt (10 conta per
Throe wonmilB and squaw returned
(0 Fort Steelo MlHHlon'fdr Chrl-Umni*,
havlnpt spont a ploaaant timo In Elko
with: I*no Wolf,r Afraid of n.Danr,
White lhittulo, Shooting gtnr and
their Jolly wives wlio aro camped In
tho cottonwoad frove hy the Fnnioua
Old Pack bridge which has been pro-
servf)-!-and pickled hy tho klndni>*s of
W, R. Ross. M. P. P. . -     ....
A, n, Mnckenalo of'RosHland arrived In town on Tuesday on a business
trip; connected with tho Insurance
companlos ho Is Intorostod In.
.ludRO Wilson proHklQd ovor tho Hit-
tings of. the-County Court hore on
ThurHilay, Suvoral imibos of minor
Importance woro on tho'docket,
Hurlntul FoBter ofltho NoIboh News
staff wsh a visitor. In town on Wednesday. ' Ho'ls wrltlnK up spnclal ar«
tlclos on tho (owiih of llio PnHH for
tho Now Yoar number of IiIh paper,
If you want eomothln** nlco to give
•way for a Christmas gift you should
see Llphardt's stock In hli new store,
1 A, company of ronl morll, a hcdiiIc
equipment. ltiiHiii-paHHcd hy any company travollhiK and a play Hlmple in
Btory and pure In Hentlmoiit imi some
of tint fOlltUI'OH of "AIoiik tho Konnu-
bee," tho newest bin buccohh which
will bo Been at llruco's Oporn Iiouho
on Dec. 18th, Tho play nnd company
hnvo nli-'iiHod vnut ntidlPtiros wlinrnvor
prosnntod nnd return dates havo been
sollolted. A special feature this Benson-will bo tlio Introduction of somo
eleven charactor BpuuinlrluH. AH aim-
clal scenery. Ih carried for the production throughout.
:"; < 77^'ftta-Good Their Escape   ::
.   ,   «^i-  ^    -,.-,-..;    >   .... i--S >Ui "i-n .1   i.\
SPOKANE,-'Wash.-, Dec. 10.—Three men lield'upttie east bound
Great Northern train No: 4 a mile and a half east of Hilliar j, this
'state, at ah early hour this morning, robbed the mail car and. made
'.their escape., , Only the presence of mind of "W. Perrin, the fireman,
prevented the' looting- of the express car, which contained a' large
amount of, money, including $20,00.0 consigned from a Spokane' bank
toja Montana town.1 The train had slowed down ih the yard at Ilill-
iard when; three merj all tinned with revolvers, crawled .over the, tender, and covering tWejehgineeryand fireman, ordered the train'to be
brought to a stop a little over a mile from the station. The engineer
obeyed, and when the train had come to a stop the bandits forced the
engineer and fireman to leave the engine. While two of tlie robbers
stood guard over the. engineer, the other took Fireman Povvin to
uncouple the mail arid express cars from the rest of the train, ln
the darkness the bandit failed to note that tlie first ear was the mail
while tho second cm*.was the.baggage und the express car'winch contained thc.botty, was third in the train. Perrin saw the mistake nnd
quickly taking ndvantnge of it in spite of tlie menacing revolver held
close to lnR head, cut oft1 mail nnd baggage chi'R, leaving the express
car attached to the dead train. The robbers then left the engineer
and fireman witli the train nnd boarded the locomotive, nnd themselves ran it several miles east, whero they brought il to a stop, rifled
tho mail car, and then boarded tho engine, uncoupling it from the
ears,• which they left on the track and proceeded'three miles to meet
a rig that was thero awaiting them, and they mnde thoir CHenpe.
Ilillinrd is only ten nijleH from Spokane, and it is supposed that
thO'lHiiuiits were on their way to Spokane. The amount of tlie booty
is unknown.
- Large District Concerned Delays Hearing of Result
1 1    H-m-nw. -„,:*-„      ■lll---.„m,.|||||| III. I
The returns I'or the District voting of District No. 18 imi not ,vi*t
nil in nnd it will likely be dnys boforo anything ilefinilu i'h known.
Pm-iidcnt Khcnnim is, of onurms in by ncclnmution, but the other
olVici'i'H will not be known for somo tlmn.
Tho lumber mill hero' Imi not beon
|n ftill oporation this wok.
The ' tlcnuoris lumbar camp" has
broken up -iijd the mon aro Icavlnw for
otliui* places,
\ Tho young local formed hero recent*
ly If In a hoalthy condition nnd nuii>
iii*8,,wl»U for th«' future.
All delegates to Trades &
t sheir r,«iin',M fdnumUnn1 r*
Mimlclpnl nffnlrn are urnefitly requested to be present at
the Ledger Office on Monday
nlQht next at 7.30 p.m. A vacancy on the Aldermsnie
hoard Is nni> nt \re. nnestlnnR
to come up, All nominees on
the Citizens' Ticket are requested to be present,
HIB (MTr/1'.NH' M',AflirK
Meeting wiin jkihIpolled
(ill next Tliui'Mlay (-vi-ulni**.
All cltlziMiH   who   take   an
Ititovout      tu     flvli,     lOcf'tlnriM
hlutnlil ttiiu nut. Tlie iiici't-
Iiik will Ih> hi'lil In MctlKHllfit
I'liiucli  nt  H (I'i'liH'k nlmi'|i,
Do you value your papers or Jewels?
If so, rent a safety deposit locker in
ths best, ftrt proof vault In ths eity.
at tha Ledger office. Ses thc manager
foi- umtv*-'■--'•• ■ *   "
On Sunday, 13th lust,, llio luilplt of
Hid M.'lhmlliit cliiucli, will lu uccu-
pf<'(l by Hov, \V, lloulton of Hosmur.
1'vonlriK subject: What Is Man? All
•}« *-.!-.«•;.-• ■■.:■
Come  in and look over our stock of
High    Grade    Christmas    Novelties
Gifts for the Ladies
*",*••-.' o
,f-~     •   '•'Gloves,    Handkerchiefs,.  Sweaters,    Coats,
Bedroom Slippers, Fur Goats, Hockey Shoes,-'
*■■ -   etc., at prices to suit every purse. ". ■   '
Gifts for the'Men
Neckwear,. Mufflers, Gloves, House Slippers,
Sweaters, Pocket Knives^ Shaving Brushes/
/Razors,-' etc., at special Christmas prices.
'(■«      . .i
Gifts for Children
'•";.-'"■ .'- 'Toys of every1 description, including Teddy
... ,,.   .. Beai\s,   Drums, ^Dolls, Blocks,, etc.,   at  the
'ii-- 7- :-ivery lowest prices. -'•'»-'.'',' ■ '' .--■,*; ,'"
The Big Departmental^ Store
' Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B. C.
•♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•*"♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦*»*» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦i»
Trunks,  Suit  Cases,   Boots,. Shoes or
Slippers, the best stock and largest
variety   in  these goods  at
,W,  F,   MUIRHEAD  &  CO'S.
33?   Call and Inspect  the  same   "*£$!
. Last Friday ovoning tlie first. Hinolt-
oi* under the lumpleim of tlio HrluHlay-
ith nnd MfiHOiiH llnlnii of lIiIh oily wan
Riven In Hruco's hall. In a word tin*'
smoker was n docliled hucum.'HR, mid
tlioso Intei'UHted in Its llii'ilo have
good ruiiHoiiH to be, proud. Uy H.ItO
p, 111. Hie hull was comfortably filled,
mid Mr, Joe MoitIh, who wiih not Iiik
c'liali'iumi, ciillod the kuUkji'Iiik to
order mid In 11 few Introductory n»-
iniiikH opuiKnl tlm pniKiaui for the ov>
cnlng. Owing to ln'liig ciowdcd for
Hpaco In t li Ih Ihhih! wn nrx ininblii to
give a detailed uccoiiut of the program
nnd the pit it iclpu tit h ; HiiiTIrn to nay
lliat' nil taking part did HiciiihcIvch
Jimilce. I'm MIIIi.t and IiIh trlu at-
rived at in o'clock and fiilhiiioil tlm
I'.'miilnder of tlm evnilng's i>iiti>italn-
numt with vocol and liiHtninuMitnl nin-
tilr. mid i'oiik' at.'p daiiidng. .Mention
nilKlit lie miido of llm dot*, dmidiig of
Mr. Harp, which was heartily appro-
clliteil, lie PIUM.-U liuiim-ll la tm u
u'elu • I  <//  do lie mi i.JijJi'J.
14,   Y,   KclCMtl'lll   WIIH   pil'helll,        IHIll
■'poke on Dm lnlinr l««ne nud rreated
11 good liiipi'('.".Hloii animig the men
.Ull)01   l.)IU<',  Vil.li   v. an ui \„\,\, uv.'
ed an elmii'mau, arrived about in.ll'i,
nud took chmge, having boen df-tnlned
owing to n nieetliig of the city council,
The Urotherhnni! of Hrlckluyers and
Mm-nnn proved themsolvos pnstmnsf-
ers lu providing icfruHlimeutH, and
Offer the ^ntle-rttii; broke up «t 1!* It
was foil ml that money i'iioii*,;h nud
good tilings were left over tn provide
fnr another similar gathering.
Now Westminster, I>'«*, «-—John I-i;
I'ljieriillit, colored who Killed his mis-
treHH In Vancouver hint August, and
who Ih now under sentoncu of death
for December 18th, tried to kill Warden .lames Uryinuer nf the provincial
That Mi*, llrymnor was not hilled
Ih diii! to ihe 'ileri'neHH of (iiuii'd Alex,
Turnbtill the lacross player, ivmrnlln
wiih lining coniliicii'd along a corridor by the warden when lie suddi-iily
picked up a bottle which was lying
iii'nr and hlmdied it over the warden's,,
head, The nrflcln) was badly wound'
ed mid tlie enraged negro would un<
iloubledly have repeated the luiHIHlIt
hud urn gumd Turnbull urr!\cil. The
watdeu'H .head wuh cut lmdly mid It
will lie i»i»\ i-t nl days before lie can be
mn\nil. ' r'
T'ie I'tiltn,! ProtVei'linnd nf ("rivnen.
tei-H nnd .Iniiini'N nt their mei'tlitur on
W'-dm-Kdny night admitted thirty new
members tn tliolr already large organ.
Izntlon, Twenty Ihe were by Initiation mid live by affiliation,
I A puny took two lanters from the
{ditch at Hospital coiner 011 WedticH-
! day night and thought they were not.
I seen, but they nrn known nnd -unless
j the lanterns are returned trouble will
! .mnile,
I lie Hiire and be at (Mlignis' I.oaKUt,
I ni'-f-tlnn tievt Thursday. All citizens
I who desire an Improvement over the
j present form of civic government
ishould attend. ..,,.,
"WOM G^XriiS-iWF'fttt-iawssEwftn^
I ■■'•    CHURCH  NEWS 7   /
■a , .    ■   —— ■—'^*\\yy^*'^'r&./ r-^-"--*? 1
I News of Interest to Church Go£rs
We will be glad to have, news for these columns each week
Rev. D. E. Hatt, superintendent of
mission's,' visited the church, here last
Sunday and preached at the evening
service. On Monday night a business meeting was held and the future
policy of the church was considered.
', *   »   *      ,.---.       : • '
Next Sunday afternoon the Sunday
school will'' again be arranged into
classes  wltli, an increased  staff    of
* *   * .-   .
Rev. I. W. Williamson will take up
his residence in' the church and will
be glad to welcome visiting Baptists
at any time.
* *   *
A splendid response was made .to
the appeal towards the •■ re-building
fund' and a strong committee , hasu
been appointed on plans, and estimates.
* *   *
- The Baptist convention of Western
Canada met In Vancouver during the
last week of November. The principal topic of discussion was "The
Church and its relation to the social
condition.," ,
; . *       *       »
Next Sunday,night Revl'I.'W. Williamson will discuss the "Religion of
the Future." A piano has been se-"
cured for temporary use until the new
organ arrives.
Arrangements are being made for
a. Christinas .'entertainment and prac-
. tices for the same will be' started immediately.
S.. That alcohol promotes disobedience to., parents. " !
4. That alcohol causes sleeplessness
and-.nervousness. .
5. That alcohol endangers the moral
nature of the child. -.;
6." That alcohol weakens the resist ■
ance of the body and thus favors attacks of disease. u*.        ......
7. That alcoholism1 .prolongs,tbe duration of sickness. ", /■■ 'j', -7
' 8. That every nickle spent for spirituous drinks would far better be used
for strengthening food, milk, for ex-1
ample.   """:'      ' '   '•
9..That the greater part of all men1
tally diseased idiots arid cripples ha\o
to.thank alcoholism of their parents
and grandparents for their pitiable
condition. ' ,    .
10. That domestic happiness and fidelity in'marriage are endangered and
often,,undermined'• and destroyed ■*■ by
- Y»
Eleven Killed and Twenty~Six
--AcciflMt Nof the ;r
Work of Agitators.
Calcutta, Indja;', Dec^Khr-An! explosion in the magazine, at the' military
station here resulted in* tie killing of
11 men and the wounding of 26 oth
ers.~. :-Most of.- .the.; injured will^ die.
The?casualties', were all among native
, soldier'sN arid/riori-cohimissibried offic-
ers7 ,:■ j '" 'I'.J yyf ,.\i * "ji\7 .. ,
. At the time of the explosion the
men were engaged in converting ball
■ cartridges into blank cartridges. 'It
was at first reported that the accident'was., the work :6f' agitators but' the
reports was quickly disproved.
V.<--*'     ■i\i--.ni   W.-'-r-       • ->.■«'*.
v-,>   i      ':*  SUFFERERS^
■•    7-*-!'      '
-, -V-V
Our Readers Should note these Cases
Much Less .Than/Formerly Supposed,
. Experts  Claim: "„
The Rev. .W. Boulton of Hosmer
will preach to-morrow in the absence
of the pastor.       . , „
The new wing will be'ready for use
on Sunday. ' This will be a , great
convenience as for the last few Sunday nights the church has been uncomfortably crowded. "
*   *   *
An informal social evening will be
-riven on Satin-day evening^ No charge
will be made "for., admission. All'■' are
—welcome. "**—• —■	
There will be a Salmagundle at the
Methodist church next Monday night
at S o'clock; everybody Invited, , especially those that do no'Cftriow-what
the title means. - Come to it and you
will find out and not „be disappointed. '.": .■'-   -   -•   ■>
. 1. That wh'skey possesses no nutritive value wl itever, and therefore can'
afford no str. ngth. •
2. That al)n alcoholic drinks on account' of.'the -alcohol— poison—they,
contain, may exert a' brief temporary,
feeling of' warmth and excitability,
but they soon induce sleepiness and
lower the body temperature.
3. That alcoholic drinks on account
of- the same poison weaken muscular,
power, steadiness of the hands, and'
the whole mental and physical working ability—make one slow and inattentive and diminish the power, of
... 4. That the regular, use of 'alcohol
increases the liability to all kinds', of
diseases and prolongs recovery.
5. That the habitual use of alcohol,
particularly favors liability to con-1
sumption.     -< '    -
' '6. That the regular use of alcoholic
drink-causes an! early*loss of working ability. , " ■ '
. 7. That nearly half of the accidents^
occurring in working hours are caused-
by the use of alcohol.
One.hundred million acres would be,
an'adequate estimate'of Canada's (Im-;
berland,:iri' the'.ojpiriIon of' Dr!'.'" udsori
P. Clark of Vancouver, B. C. This estimate, is must be explained, includes
only,.lands, on .which are . found ,"for:
,ests of commercial, value, as measured
by present day logging standards,"—
to' quote Dr. Clarke's owriHvords—'' arid
including those, areas'bearing' pulp-'
wood'.or saw .'.timber. l '- ' ..••■■; r* *,
. The above estimate is. considerably
lower than that' of two .hundred .mill-,
ion acres given by Dr. B.' E." Pernow,
of the University of'Toronto facility
of forestry,'7 wlien speaking of' the
same class of land; Be' the, difference
what'it may, both estimates go to
show the shrinkage, of, the. estimated
timbered area of Canada which has
followed on close examination; from
the eight' hundred million acres"(or
even twice that area) formerly put
forth,, and until lately accepted without question.    ...',,,'
Both the estimates first given are
the'statements"of men 'who "are acknowledged ' authorities' in "this "line.
Dr/Fernow's .work" in'forestry'!is familiar to all over this continent; and'
Dr. Clark, in addition to his work'in
connection "with*the^U." S. Forest' s'e'r-'
vice and. a numbers of years, as Fores-
ter to';.the 'province-"of?Ontario','has
of late had;,extended)experience. .; of
British C6iumbia"f6fests' 'and timber,'
in connection with .the commercial
firm.he;now represents.     -    -,,,•.. ,'
.Wherever ^there is. suffering.'.from
piles, Zam-Buk should * Ve applied?
There, are lots of reasons for this,
but*one.of the testis that insprae-
;  .- .-.     I -.   r. v; i*i    '-•    .-. ;/*,-;-"-f,-.* ,W i,   \lgs',
tically all cases of piles where the use
.   ••.■■,-'_  ■! iu. :•'■■ $i    '.'     £•:    (",'«■. •£,>■••-.. ,-■, i.
of, Zam-Buk Jis."persevered with', ;com-
,s- m ■;', x'-j v t\ ■ ■*    ;- (*■-''.; i- ."' •'■ , ■ ,4"-''.
plete cure—not mere relief—is the're-'
SUlt.   ,        '      .,.   .,.     .      7„    ... /       :,-'
f-Mrs.Wm. Hughes1 of ,253 Hochelaga
street, Hochelaga, Moritrealifsays: "I
suffered from-blind; itching*and protruding piles for years. Sometimes
they were so bad that I could scarcely
bear to move about. . The inflammation, the, burning, smarting pain; ■ ,the
■throbbing, :the/achin*£'thej overpower-;
ing feeling of dullness and dark despair which" this ailments,'brings",'; .the
shooting ■ spasms-, of agony—all, (were
so terrible that only sufferes from
thls^awful..ailment"can .understand
•Bad as, this case'was;'Zam-Buk triumphed'and. Mrs. Hughes suffers-no
longer. It needed a.little perseverance with Zam-Buk certainly, -but ,in
the end It cured. .VJ' \ '..';• 7 s1"';'-';.:
, Mrs. E. Boxall of Sco'tt ^street, ' St.'
Thomas, says: "For-' months without
cessation I endured'great pain* from
\   A compleie'lihe^of samples of
MlS|itjifp and
 h ...^Sf'gfS'S.,.
,4.- 7.--J, .....i.S.  1;.
Up-to-date Workmanship
I Moderate I Pricesl-l^fcii
1. That alcohol retards the physical
and mental development of her children.  "     ■"' .7'. "' '."• ',-
2. That ' alcohol lends quickly ' to
fatigue, and causes dullness and inattention nt school,' •'■•''   ''.-■-
'     : :     7COLU MBi A~ -.
         •   •    '■>'■■"'        ,■»•-     . \! !
  4^4^,..      A .'
The W. C. T. U. of British Columbia Is proceeding as rapidly as possible with tlie work of organizing a lo-.'
cril option league lii every-municipality in the province.
A report has been-received of the
formation of a league at Revelstoke,
A meeting held ln the'Baptist church
was largely attended.' Rev'. W." P.
Fre'ehiari presided arid explalned'what
local option was. Mrs. Spoftard, \y. tC,,
T. U. President at. Victoria, delivered'
an address."'   ' '"/   •'. '."  7-,'V
Leagues have already been' organized in most, of- the coast cities and
hi the Okanngari valloy.
Who pays for It?
bleeding pilesJ ' .For as many, months
I tried-;everything which : I thought
would .give .relief .but In .the', end, ..dispirited.and still•"■ suffering, i gave in."
'.Then it' was'sh'e"heard-,6f Zam-Buk
and 'she adds: "Althugli'l feare'd'Zam'-'
Buk would be' like the ■ ordinary :r'eme:'
dies—useless—I', am glad it was.:hot.
It, soon, proved- .itself, ,to ,be .very different. . It' rapidly gave me relief and
after a time cured me'.completely. I
would like to let all sufferer's'froiii
piles know what" a grand thiri'g': Zam
Buk is.'!.-!...,.,    /   '■'   ■' I'-fd.-." /
So one.could go on.quoting.case af:-
ter case, and it is by-working such
cures' that Zam-Buk has earned for
itself such a great reputation.''." '
'■Now if-you suffer from this'terribly
painful ailment' just be- guided :by. the
foregoing cases.  - 7. v-   '< • •,  °',,
For internal piles melt a little Zam-
Buk and thorpug^hly soak a wad made
of clean bu't'old"linen!
•NOTICE'.Is hereby given that Alexander Rizutto .of: the, City of Fernie,
will; apply at the next" sittings'of'the
Board of Licensing Commissioners in
an*} i for! the, City-of Fernie as-a Licensing Court for-the transfer,of the
Retail Liquor License In' respect of
ttie premises known as the. Roma Hotel; and'situate on Lots Thirteen (13)
and ■' Foiirte'en (14) in Block Seventeen (17) Fernie to the new premises
to* be known as the Roma Hotel; and
erected lor to be erected on tlie north
east corner! of the said Block 17, and
having a. frontage to Baker .Avenue of
120."feet' and afrontage'td Jaffray St.
of .48 feet. '       . ' •■'="■!
Iv"!  ' i     } A. Rlzzuto.
Dated 31st .October, 1908.'-*t.-   •
/IIB 'M 7    ■    ...    •,;"' ■ '  "
\ :?J'A . z-'i)
■*V^° %^
'"••a^i*-*1 '
Table Board $6.00.
All old prices now charged
^•■-.xi^.o^Z'l -:-m      "   "~ "    '
Excellent Cuisine
..,v..£ . I.-HV
J. Li
,. A.-Rizzuto
J. Crawford
Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Co.;
v"*J    ''J tJti,i-\.'..ji ■    .:*.-.
Including Stuiiip Pulling, Land Clearing and Ploughing.
Let usi
^liRubber Tifed^Buggies;- New, Turnouts
s'n t i
r7THe"Ca;nffdiaiT^epjjle^^inay well^dFaw
from these estimates the warning that
their timber wealth is far}-from^being
Inexhaustible as was' once' supposed;'
and that, what- tl)ey have requires a
very, careful, husbanding, both, in ,the
way rof adequate protection of . . the
fbrests * that' now exist, from fire 'and
other enemies, and the-introduction of
further forestry.'measures' with ■ a
view to getting, increased supplies, oui
of areas already-forested, or to be
forested in future,'''    ' "       '   •' '
Within, tlie'last'thirty years', exclusive oMDO'8, 1956'p'ersons aro'known to
have perished on' this continent In
forest fires or, fires caused by burning
forests, ,. ' ,
The list of1 death for 1908 numbers
at' leiist' 290; nnd mny be larger. The
average loss of life por year from this
cause has' thus been about seventy-
two.   ,     ■ ,'•;■'
to the part. If the piles are'external,''
application.of.Zam-Buk.is still.„more
simple. ' bo it upon 'retiring.. Next
morning, you-will-be.well .satisfied.- -
i. Zam-Buk'is'' a cure.;alsO; for-.cold
sores and "chapped cract'edfhandsr ul-
C.ji'J    SI '.\v    -j       ..ii 4-   ,4       !»-v    -,-.-'-.
cers, festering sores, blood poisoning,
eczema, bad leg, ringworm, scalp sores
burns^ scalds,'r adn all.,, skin -diseases
iNQTipB is hereby given that one
month after date'I- intend7 to'apply'to
the^Superintendent of^ Provincial Police ifor'the''rgne'warpjCmy .Hotel'"Ll-
cense, tb' seiPint'oxicating- liquors 'uh-'
dei*-"the. provisions of the .Statute in
that' behalf, in the premises known
and J described ,\. as the Welllrigton*"
House, situated at New Michel/ B. C.,
to'jcbmm'ence' on' the first day of •■Jan-"
uar-v;, 1909. '     *- •
,', ••S,„,i,.' THOMAS -CRAHAN, ...'....,,.
ll-5t. .
NOTICE is hereby • given that^ ■ one
month after date I intend to apply to
the-Superintendent .of Provincial Po-
'llce;for the .renewal,.of my Hol;el Li-
'cense?, tox sell intoxicating liquors under' the .provisions of,'.the Statute ,in
that, behalf in' the. premises, known
and described as the Michel'"Hotel,•situate at Michel;'B. C.'.'tb commence oii'
the.flrst.day of-January, 1909. "•■''"/
' "-' ' '■ '"THOMAS'CRAHAN,'',.: ■'.,
Date'd this 31st October, A'.D., 1908."
i..< - -i .-!'••..    .!*■-:.  »;■.''."ii.5t:-'--
,-,.All fdniggists. and. stores sell Zam-
Buktat'E.6 cents-'a box,, or may be obtained' post 'free' from Zam-Buk Company, ■ Toronto <or price,-3 boxes for
$1.25,;; '".You are,/; jyarned /however,
against (cheap and. dangerous' ximltat-,
Ion's sometimes offered as being "just
as "good." '"' '   ''     ''.'''     1"''
We mean your PRINTING, Mr,
Business Man. No doubt you
are paying for good work, but
do you get it?
It's Your Own Fault
if you are paying your good
money for inferior work, "The
Ledger does my printing" is a
guarantee of a Fair Deal.
•  flelivovecl    to . all;
, ■   '.1      ■*.•.•'.'
parts'of tlio' towii
J    GORRIE BROS,, Props.
. NOTICE, is. here by, given that, one
month after,' date" I intend ,to apply"'to
the''Supe'rintenderit "of ^Provincial.Po-'
lice for':a renewal of my' Wholesale
Liqiior' License1 to sell Intoxicating liquor under the provisions of the-Statute In-that behalf In 1 the. premises
known and described-as Crahan s ;Li-.
quor Store, situated.at.Michel, B,, p.,
to commence oh the first day of, January, 'A. D. 1909. " , '
Dated this 3lst,October, A.D.,-i908.,,,
  ."'"     .,'  ll-5t.
Caiiadiafi Fairbanks Co.
■y:"'y -*'>;''•" 'y syy    Limited
Gasoline Engines     Circular Saws      Frames   i
~1--   ; -;!--'Drag Saw Machines
7 , "7 Stationary "and'"PdrHtiJ£~"Saw^
r:--7;'7,,7'-s:.-*-'.'- :...-'-&z-<jy.■■&■-,. ■-,« LCv^t-wi.fc'c *v-... v
*-*.'    I • , - " I
■;y   iTemppcaryJlqcal offlro;'atiPrTuclier'|,u'sr:YictoHa Avenue, E...   -I
)«;:   J   . E. S. ORMSBY, Agent '
The-Home Bank, welcomes'-saving accounts' that start" witl|«". •
1 v--,
4 <
■A)"'"** Hli
y > fi :""!!i!
The Ledger"\
Tho December number of Westward
Ilo fully equals If It does not HurpnsE
tho sniiRuIno nnnouncomchtR of Its
publishers. Im ChrlstniiiH greollngs
nro nuffusod with thnt glow of ho;ia
which Is sure to nwnkon n respoiiHivo
chord in tho patrons nnd friends to
whom thoy nro nd(li;oRBdd, Tho Rreot.
Iiirh with tho nrtlstlc colorod dcsih'n
nre nltOROther chnstn nud unique. The
reproduction of views of the Franco*
UrlttBh exhibition which nro moui, In-
toroatlnR to CunndlnnH,' Ih certainly
superb and well worthy .of prciorva-
tion iih u memento.
The fiction stands high nnd cxhnlcR
tho spirit of Clii'lmuiim In uucli plon-
tltude thnt It tniiiHports us Into tho
joy nud.ruptures of the hoiihou, Hut
good iih It Ih In rt-Hpfct of deep nnd
nbldliiK nnd soul hiIitIiik pathos It Is
tnuiHceiKlod by tho poetry, Mrs. II, 12.
Moll's three poimiH, "ChrlHttnns Dny,"
"Avo Mnrln" nnd "The MnfiHiign if
ChrlHtnutH" nre not only (.'xqulsliii In
Hiyl.>, nnd oloviitcd In Kontlmcnt, but
they nro of the order which pronoun-*-
ed them an tho nfTHprlng of Mciih Dl-
vlnlor, Whnt too could ba moro
Hi-'ivmoimblt! and meat than Mm. Ag-
turn Lockhnrt HukIiob' "Holly Spruyu"
or mora provocntlvo of mirth nnd of
u full hiitirioUH ItkUKli than the puftirxi
of "WIrkh l»lg" by .1. C. Harris and lis
adroit llhistratior-.-,? „
flporl, pnHtliniii, turn:I nnd desorip-
Hon ure represented by "A Trip ."Via'ii
BnHkiiU'lii-u'inf* ti.v M. i). I.oks;
iHhlni? nnd HxplorltiK up tha (.'lice-
nmus" by Frnnk Itumott; "The Mur-
bio Cnvos of nrltltih Cnlumbln," by C.
II. Mackintosh; "Tho Orchard City"
by Walter It. Poolny: and "Tlie Clulll-
wack Valley" by It. O. Lamb. Simon
Fraser, the renowned explorer whose
uutuu und tickle*.I'muutu uie uo Acixv
(0 the went, it further r-nivlfd In
memory by nn arlmlraMf artlde from
B. O. R. BrhofleM.
-#*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦
• NOTICE 'Is libreby Blvbri' that'on
Decemlier' 1st 1008,1 Intend to apply to
tho Superintendent of Provincial' Polico for tlio'renewal'of my hotel !!•'
conso to "sell Intoxicating liquors under tho provisions of th'e Sttitutp lii
that bohnif ln the'prohilBos' known"(.nd
deRcrlbod ns "Tlie Royal Ho'tel," sit-
untod at, Gntoway, B, O, to coinnienc'e
tho'llrst 'day of January, 1909.'
• . .        .■ • 1 • >
81 mon Dragon
Bank ledgers have grown :in the'course -of,years to'ver/4}
considerable sunis.    ,      .....    7,,..^,,;   -.
• - .■ i -•
,     - >-. ■' One dollar starts an account.     Full compound interest paid. i
'\ V ' , ' ■ • \
y    1 J7L.C      Charter  •v,lQJ('it. ...:.y. , .,-HEAD OFFICE, , ■
W.'C;i3.MANSON,      i
• \
.? yun:
■a i'
..-■■.i'lr1;.-,;; 'io ;ErS..71 *.i *•■•*.v.. r-M   ,
All the leading: lines of
Hig:ti Cla.ss  Chocpla.tes
and  Confectionery
Minors are warned against going1 to
Menitt, 3.0., as the Nicola Coal and
Coke Co, are posted as * unfair to the
U.M.W. of A. A copy of their rules
is printed in another column.
Tlie following mines are nlso unfair, and miners are warned to keep
City Mines— ■— Edmonton Alta.
Buah ]|[incH—.—-—
lloscdalo Mines—	
Strathcona Minos —
Dawson Mines 	
Frank Mines ■
Alberta Coal Co. -j— Morinville, Alta.
A dispute is also pending at the
Giilbmif-h Coal Mino, Lundbreck, Alta.
^Tanitoba and Saskatchewan Coal Mine
Beinfait, Sask.
.,..., .-,        .■■ii",     ' ;  .'   I   ■  '   ■ I- •   ■   ','   v.-l   ,     ■       ->   ■ .'..•■      1      f •
Always a ehoico supply of Beef, Pork, Veal,
Mutton, nnd Lamb oh hand.   Hams,
Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs
Our Specialties
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish, always a good
assortment.   Try our Mince Meat,
Saui'kraut and Oyhloiv-..
Is the time to paint.    Don't wait until too late before
protecting your house from the ravages of snow and ice,.
Do It noW.    Only choicest material used.
mmm mi i«iiiiiii>mi»iipwww«ww>iwi<iiwiwm><w»wiiw»w^ii»i umi m .„. u
Pa.lnt<er« and PapttrHa-no'era
■ I
u j
'•■ h
i^w*<&w>W'^®>¥><r^iK-*r •'X*^___i^_^^___t__^ik^<_f
-*' - ■>' ,' '.''.-.-'.'•r   '•""; i-" ;'!T   '*■ ■'■'■•~x
'Seven Men* Drown *
SHELBOTJRNE—The loss of an-oil
barge * No. lOTand" seven lumbers or
her .crew was reported here by the
tug John - Hughes. _ The Hughes ref-
ported that while; prbceedingyh tow
frojn Boston for" Halifax' the barge
foundered off Seal Island on Thursday
last.-=-„     , : -'■'  -—
house of commons by the chancellor
;pt the- exchequer: '.-The bill,- which
;the'tariff reformers state is a protec-.
tive measure,-was read for.the.--first
"time:-. Iniaddition to'stopping.'iflthe
.use of hop substitutes it prohibits the
^importation _' of. hops except, in rbags
•properly,marked; •.   .;..•• -: , :;*-  \\ ,•■
-,  -1- '        ^Whiteslave);1 J-
LETHBRIDGE—The police raided a
Chinese joint and found a white girl
.kept,' thero-for.im'm'orar.purposes. Gee
Lee was arrested and bail was refused
him. The. .girl at. first said that she
was married vtb Gee-Lee but'afterward acknowledged' her true condition. "'"'"Sfie'is"a'Frehritfiady lately from
Winnipeg." - Fourteen Chinks were arrested as accomplices. •■■;7■ •*■ —    --
*    Police and-Students Clash. "'-'"
;    .- ...  ....-,   f- ..    j. <* *,.-'   i .-..  .-, v
KINGSTON—The police and Queens
students had a .street clash on- Saturday night.C-The students were'liaving
their anuual rush and tried to force
their way. into- the' Grand. Opera house
but the police intervened and the
students'were driven out. .Later... .a
fight occurred bn-the street'in'which
the students threw;-mud and-eggs and
the police used their clubs. Five of
the' students 'were" afterwards fined
in; the police court.
Hindus GiveTroulil^ aitVaii-
,couv8r-~Disput8 Over Plan r
of Deportatioiii
-,'..,...;    American Schools  0 ■.>,.-(
; PHILADELPHIA—A .resolution-' to.
>the effect that public schools,be.closed ',one..afternoon in each. week., for
sthe purpose of allowing the children
.to attend the religious ser.vices. and
'receive instruction in their .churches,
preceded a, lively debate "at the .fed-.
era! council of the Churches of Christ:
.The resolution, which. was defeated,
.was opposed by Bishop Cranston M.
Neely of the Methodist Episcopal *oody'
who said that,   the federal   council
should take' a stand with those '■ organizations which claim that the report interferes with the religious freedom of the public schools.
I.Bishop Wilson of.the Methodist Episcopal church  presented  the' report
of the. committee'-. on temperance• and
also  resolutions:, recommending .; the
appointment of • a-* committee - to. .call
upon President Taft and congratulate1
him upon the stand he had taken with
reference.to,the liquor question.'*/'
South' Africa" Is" Australia's 'Customer
" OTTAWA;—J. A: Chesley, .'Canadian
trade commissioner .at Cope Town, reports to the trade1 and'commerce department that last j'ear South Africa
.imported 288,297,636 pounds of wheat
valued;at$4,178,660. './Of this-Australia' supplied 244,000,000 pounds.     Ca-
„ najla sent $5,168,.worth. *: The Canadian grain is used "for mixing purposes
'only .7. ,   , ...'-..
\Anglican Clergy and Theatres'*'
OTTAWA.—At a conference of the
' Anglican clergy "of ]the - city presided
. over by Bishop .-Hamilton,-,the..whole
question of the present day dramatic
performances was discussed with the
" result that a committee ."was appointed; to c- consider practical means    of
• controlling the theatre as to the character fp%"plki's''.*presenteaj iiivl'OttaV*a-
„. Tlle members of that committee are
disposed to urge-upon- the* Dominion
government the"Vecessity; of a system
of-censorship; just as the government
Js_moving_toJte^p_o_^t_.e;yll literature,
so thT^ommittee believes^ the" gov-
, ernnient/should* exercise control? over,
the plays.   '
? 7,7 Boycott Austrian Goods *-.-
Pallavincl,.the.'Austro Hungarian ambassador has, renewed , negotiations
with a view ,to .reaching a direct understanding with j the.'porte,* but: the
boycott against '.Austrian goods • has
hot,.abated.r ] By instructions ' from
the boycott.committee boats bringing
the. luggage of passengers from an
Austrian steamer, were sunk.
'( Death Penalty Remains
: PARIS.—The chamber ; of ■ deputies
by a vote"of 330 to.201 decided in favor of continuing the death penalty
iii France., ,       •■ ■' '•     ■   "'
-,. Vancouver,- UDec...19—Differences between^.Dominion officials, aiid Hindu's
over, the project of the "former "to re-
inpve.the latter to,,Honduras,reached
an acute stage .yesterday Land nearly
.ended in a ^clasn between .the Sikhs
and the white delegation. The Hindu's,
led, by Teja Singh, who'hits' now 'assumed the leadership,:*outwitted the
officials'who didLnot give-.a. report; of
the conditions, in Honduras ^arranged
for delivery at the ; meeting .Jn the
Sikh 'temple! Teja Sirigli', demanded
that,the deputation.should come into
•the" sacred portion of the edifice • to
hold the deliberations, • but Commissioner Harkin's'advisers warned him
that such action'would lead ,to reports' in'India-ithat Canadian officials
had entered "the -. holy precincts to
force tho Hindus to emigrate;" The
deputation after sending word.back
and forth for ait hour or more left
amid • the victorious shouts of the
Hindus*ih the!upper temple. A few
moments after the" Hindus ran after
them, promising to hear' the report.
•On reassembling In i the .lower'room
Teja Singh declared that the conference was not binding as the. meeting
was not taking place ih a sacred edi-
.flee. A hot argument arose between
Ofiicer" Munro and the Hindus' arid
finally the deelgation withdrew,, saying that evidently the Hindus, did not
want to' hear, the report and that hereafter, the government .would, deport
all Hindus coming under the.immigration act.    -.-'  '    ■ - ,
,   ;. -.•■" „"STUDENTS."
;; Sixteen Million.^    »-.,.-.,.
.PARIS.—The Temps this • afternoon
publishes a despatch,from its,Servian
correspondent saying ,that .Bulgaria
has notified, the ,powers. of, her willingness to Indemnify Turkey,in; the.sum
of $16,G00,000 for-the-.idamages sus^
toihed;.by..the1;declaratlon.,of ^dependence., , . •- ,.iv,.i. *7, i ■/'!'i •<**. ■"'-•''.'
Quaint New- England .folks, ;..whose
n„;"''' Ma'yor'Wa*i' Ho6te&.'
KINGSTON—Mayor * Ross was today, hooted ;on the streets by. a crowd
of Queen's students because he refused, to .uso,/is ieffprts.to free the"students ,who yforo ,arrested,,for,.roitlng.'
■ "Mr..Ross is,a^professor In Queens medical college,.    . ,   .      .■■,,',..:
All -Supporting'.Civic Ownership, u,
EDMONTON—Civic .ownership ,has
proved to ;bo( such a, successful, .system
ln Edmonton during the past year that
ovon its. formor, opponeiits ,aro; being
won to the belief that lt lo practicable..
The'cltyis now .oporatlug most satis-
fact'orlly'"tho' lighting, ,„>Yatoi', telephone and tramway, systems. The.
telephone—the Stbwgei*,; automatic —
Is scarcely to bo Improved upon,'aiid
tho now tviim'way promises to bo as
satisfactory.  *
'.,. Jos, E.. Cohen of Philadelphia is
contributing a series of educational
articles.for students of Socialism; in'
the International Socialist Review, a
few,.excerpts from- the first''of the
series "Why-Study Socialism," seems
.to .illustrate -the"knowledge''a' 'wage
earner may-gain from"a further ah-1
olysis* of -the. position taken5 and1 the
(arguments adduced: ■ Says Mr. Cohen, in .partf .J*.' *-:"--'' •'''' -ly-i-'.'" ■■:*
\ ^"Socialism is. the,, issue > to-dayl:   it
'transformation -in"the • intellectual' si£
per-structure, Socialism maintains
that once the economic question is
settled; that' once" the lust of "gain at
the expense of ourVfellow/nieh.is no
ionger the paramount incentive as il;
is to-day, peering,,into the baby's era-'
die, chilling.,-J;h-?sft.warmthr.of^ .^the
hearth" 'turnihg'away the" affection of
the husband j and;- wife," and..breaking
upiithe,ifamily,.camp, into- a ".camp of
ehemiesT-that once the economic pressure is removed, there will follow such
a-blossoming of 'all that'"is: be'st'.'ih
human:nature as:-will-be a.1 veritable
rebirth of the .soul of man.,f The So-,
cialist" ideal therefore rests upon, a solid foundation, "    „ ,.  .   . ...
The" source of "the trouble is tlie
contradiction between socialized production' and ■ capitalistic appropriation,
not reform but. a ■ social revolution is
the remedy; because the.wojkers .cannot , free themselves, without at, the
same time freeing all mankind, the
Socialist "movement' has the 'grandest
ideal of any movement in history."   '
, Socialism,Is: more than the passing
of. one order in favor of another.;..It
is" born of' the slavery, .the .anguish'
and;the travail of the world's toilers.
The story of 'labor's struggles up1-'
wards out of-bondage is written in
tears,and in-blood. It is a..record
of bold spirits who, have been ostracised and exiled .because ,of their
convictions., It is a record of noble
men who have gladly abandoned lives
of ease and luxury to bend their genius,to the cause of.the.oppressed. It
is a record'of a mighty; host who
have gone to their graves "unwept,
unhohoreda and "unsung" because "of
the "unquenchable fire of justice burning in. their • breasts; „ It is a record
of the sublimest comradeship . that
ever. encircled .the earth.- -
, With",.the. coming of- the Socialist
movement Labor ceases to.be an ob-,
ject of,pity and charity., Conscious
of Its wrongs and,how.to right them
it no longer looks to the upper class
for its salvation,,but"sounds the call
for' the''solidarity of'tiie workers of
tlie world, to'the end that'all economic oppression may be abolished.'
' Against "the 'political economy,' 'the
science;" the philosophy, "the law;,' the
moralityi the 'art '"and tlie' Ideals of
the masters,-it submits its'-own political economy, " science, "philosophy,
law, morality'art and ideal.-,Against
the present labor' offers the future." *:
"t p-t -n v f   t n
Favor, Andrew Strang .
WINNIPEG.—Board of Trado hold
ti mooting this.hiornlng at whicli Hon,
Frank Oliver was prosont and'rocom-
mended Andrew Strang for tho vacancy oh tho railway, commission cau'i*-
od f;by tho death !bf Hon; Thos,; Grooii-
way. ,',..-.,   '        '•'   ,,•-'■
fund of^humor, appears ;to, be. endless,-
picturesque scenery and honest love
form the basis for the plot; of "Along
the Kennebec," :the latest successful
play of New England life, which"-will
be seen in this city'on December 18
at Bruce's Opera Ho'usel ' Th'e play
deals witlvtho story' of it waif, afterwards an heiress; who" Is being deprived of her rights by "a* woman wi10
attended her mother,,'' oii '""'her' death-
.bed, and *who'with the'!assistance rof
a male accomplice, tries to' sfecure
the fortune of. the'girl arid brand'hor
s\yeetheart a' thief:" Like fill ''New
England plays laughter must intermingle with tears'and-'several"' how
aiid original types hove been introduced. Tho humor is'bo carefully blended'with sentiment that'Just as you
arc on the verge of toars'something
humorous happen**'''which''*turns* the
tldo to excruciating laughtor.'No'play
of recent yoars has had a more sump-
luous production In point of scenic'do-
tail and the production * in this city
will bo given with careful atten
tion,   -
Fire at Maeleod A
MACLEOD-—There wna a small flro
at Councilor. Ma'cDonnoll's' Iioubo,' Efficient work wiih done by the local firo
brigade, Thoro was moro damago by
water than by flro, Tho loss wan
covered by Insurance.
Serious Candltlon 'of. AffilrrRepbrtatl
*i From Almost Every; Part .of \
... '■'        the Fatherland'
^r. Cuihlng to Repreient Weit,"
TORONTO—Tho Canadian council
of tho Laymon's MlBHlonnry movomont
appolntbd thu following as provincial
chnlrmfen* II, A, Flomlng, Halifax, Nova Scotia; J, 8, Slmms, St. John, Now
IlniiiHwIck nnd Pilnco Edward Island,
W, M. Parks, Montreal, Quebec; 10. J.
D. Ponio, KlngBtou, Ontario; (i, R.
Crowe, Wlnnlpng, Manitoba and flns-
kntphowaii; Hon. W, II, CuHhlng, Al-
bortft nnd British Columbia.
Pharmacy Aiaoclatlon'to Meet at Banff
TOnONTO—An unnouncomont has
boon mndo by tho council of tho On-
tnvl-r*. r"n,lrt«»n nf Phnftnnr«v thnt tho
noyt. mnV-tlnp; nf thn Canadian Association of Phnvmncy will bo nt, Banff. Tho
data has not yot boon fixed.
f ^ mi., uiiuu i.-J-iii   _..j
j Oolno and Com|ng '
VICTORIA.—The Btcamor Tango
Mnru of the Nlppoon Yuson KalshA,
sillod with SS00 tons of cotton, flour,
salt'fish and goneral. morchnndlso,
Tho?steamer AUI Maju, which is.duo
this week, brlngi lBOOhaloa-of alik
goods valued at about throo quarter*
ot a million dollars, Five baggage
cnr» have'been prepared at*Seattle
to ru«h till* .vuluublo CJii'no-Ui, iku
Pret«etiv9 Metturt
' LONDON.—A olll prohlbltlnn   the
uio of hopanbitlttotei li the^ »»«*(»-
(■ictuvu of b'eef rttai Mr'6'hiwaliTtho
Berlin, Doc, 9.—From all parts of
tlio omplre!'coino .nriost boHoub reports of ttnempioymont. It Is not
confined to thn north or the south, but
apparently, all industrial regions are
In tho Sozlulo rtundBchnu thoro Ir
an account of goneral doproBBlon In
the building and allied trades showing
thnt in these Industries unemployment Ib Infinitely more serious than
in any recent year.
Thu Important Industry of roady-
mado clothing, Including Indfon matt-
tion, undorwonr, etc,,1 which employs
hundredH of thoiiBandH In nil the big
cltloR of tho ciuplro Ib In a vory bad
condition. ;
Everywhere complatntfl aro hoard of
lack of work and.wurch havo boen ro'-
ducod llill farther In the home Indus-
trios, In nil briinchOH of tho toxtilo
trado tho condition of affaliH Im do
Hcrlbod au despernto.
• Tho samo complaint comoH from Sir
luala and from Uic wOHturn provincv*',
(rom lid*..iij* nf, null ft.-, tixnn Diu
north: and tho state.of affairs Is not
yet at It* worst in uovao parts of SI-
For oxamplb, In most of tho factor-
)i>tm  Ul«  VfflttKt)  "ftO(*A   iltlh  X,W.U   I«WAi
lo four days and the number of tho
unemployed Is dally and wookly bo-
cotnlnR larger,
Already extensive mc'aBurcB havo
boen taken, not In Berlin only, but In
almont. nvary Indiiatrlftl town In Oep
many, to aailst tho worklcas, the mu-
ufcfpalltfoa ovaryirher* hutni? nr-?*.*!
to ..advance publio work* »otne weeka
ao aa'to find aa much work aa poail-
We. "
All the authorltlea arc aRteed that
the outlook U *t<**«dlnflf ttooay at
inspiresr'7pFes87- pulpit 7and"Tfofumjrit"
is.the ^ theme, of artist and:.poet; • it
is'tiie' problem of problems'.confront-,
ing |the statesman. For-.many, years
tlie!-"Socialists of Germany, France;
aiiiT other !European countries.: have-
been able to, say truthfully;that their
governments' have formulated.-no'policies1 without; first considering: '.'How
will this effect ,.the Socialist.. movement?"^ In America the,new; force
in politics was a.little .slow.1 in coming' to be felt, ,.,'But the sceptre of
Socialism has entered the white house
arid' is being,, wrestled.; with: by ,the
two .'dominant political, parties.. *. *
* .* Tho'circumstances which, concern
us hero are.' the.heritage .especially
of the .Industrial revolution, of tho
last century.' Certain inventions and
discoveries. gave us steam and .electricity.'for" power, which, applied to
tlie simple', inexpensive tool,,through
tlio, transmitting "mechanism of fly,-.
wheel, '(shafting- pulleys,', etc., .transformed lt Into a complicated, expensive machine,., Tko-lndustrlla revolution thus separated socloty,' roughly
apoaking, into two classos; thoso who
own tho machines and thoso who oporato thorn) . In othor words a'small'
number of peoplo,. capitalists, possess
as their oxcluslvo, privato property1,
tho land, mines; factories, railroads,
and other Important lnstrumontH by
tlio use of which goods'ure produced
to satisfy human wants;'whilo the
groat mass of tho pooplo, workers,
posHOss only their brain aud brawn,
which thoy dispose of to the capitalist for wngos.
"Capitalists and workors moot upon tho labor market, thu capitalists as
buyers, tho workors iih Hollers, , of
labor.power. Thu capitalist alma to
buy tho lnbor power of tho workors
as cheaply ns poHslblu; tho worlto'iH
aim to sell tliolr labor power as dearly afl possible, Out of this Inborout
conflict ot lutoroHtH botwoon capital-
UtH and wngo enrm-m ui'Ihoh tho cIhh:*
The SoclnllHt brings to light, tho
hidden Hoorots of past Bocloty iih bin
contribution towards thc solution of
tlio rlddlo of thu universe, Arid tho
roHult of this oxcurHlon Ifl tho mat-
orlallHtlc IntPrprotntlon of history,
tho theory thnt, from epoch to epoch
nlinngoH In the forniH of govornmont.
human nature, arts, acloncos, phllos-
uyiittsu unit >o.i'.t |4..un.-> ut iiiv- (mt-
l,n."Ji< i-t cviati'iu'i' run bv nfronntrrt fur
only by considering the rhnngcH In
tho manner of securing n livelihood;
that, ronnoquontly, Blncr- prehistoric
communism, ono BtruRglo between op-
)i,Ci-Mi» —..-1 .j^-,1...«-.-.i*  lu,,   *;">5'.'.''..J,
another theia atruogi** being alwaya
political .in character, and that tho
timo has. now come whon tlio Indna-
trlal revolution must bo supplemented by a political and aoclal revolution',
whereby tho worker*, In scciirlnir power, once and for all time attollah
flans dUtlnctlona. Modorn Boclnl-
lam ll therefore Bclcntlflc, The floe-
iailit movement titberoforo a polltl-
Rel-ftnR upon the aaaurance that every tratttformatlon la th« •Mssnonlle
baala of aoclcty la accompanied by a
A succession-,of...colds-or a-protract-
,ed;,--cold, is;, almost ^certain - to end in
chrpjiic .catarrh,,,from .which,-tew. p^r;
sons ever ^vholly recover.-..Give, i.'v.-
ery.cold: the. attention,.it,deesr.vus i\hd
you may,avoid!.this disagreeably. c!s„
eus'e. How can you cure a cold? Why
edy? It IP highly recommended.; Mi-s.
M.1 White of ButlerJ'.Tenhri'says:' •'Several'"years'ago I was bothered with
iriy throat and lungs.* Someou»'ltolil
'm'u.'.of Chamberlain's, Cough' Itomedy
5;be'g'an using'it' and it'relieved hi" m
onte . "Now'my throat' ami luii'i;n are
Are now prepared to transact your Banking-     •■'
Business  in  tenipm-ary quarters in  rear.. ;.
7 " _.'     : of their late office pending the ebmple-  , ,   .. , '.
tion of. our new- premises .     ... ..,-•   ,,:..
;   'Sayings Departmentv"
Deposits'of jtbo.and^ upwards received,1 .interest allowed *tf
'.'.['. current rates and- paid quarterly.
'',",..   ''.FERHIE   " '.'.'„,
Bar Unexcelled »
, All White Help   .
•>\ *     -             •        .7
. Everything
-.   : Up-to-date
,.    Call in and
see us once
1 -          i    -.
lew. DAVEY & CO., Props.
Waldorf Hotel
(In rear of old stand)
Table Unexcelled
H. L.: Edmunds, Manager.
.;.. Fernie ' Branch
(sound1 aiid well."
For sale by     iO'
The home-warming which introduce^ your friends to your.new
liome will be bn'e'of penuihe co*h-
' gratulation if you have installed
one of the Oxford systems of
Hot Water and Steam
in connection with Oxford Radiators cover every phase of build-
■ Ing heating—ana tney cover them
better thnn nny other make on
thc market. '1 hese boilers hnve
been brought to such a hiuh state
of perfection that they utilize nil,
the heat generated, and dispense
healthful wurmth,evenly, to every
part ofthe building.
These boilers can be fitted to
burn any kind of conl, coke or
wood. They are easily operated
nndveiy simply regulated.
We would like to uive you full
pnrtlcul.irs of our heating systems, Won't you write for nonk-
lets} Tietter still, send us particulars of the building yon wish to
heat and we'll give you particulars
of the best system to fill the
Th* Gurney Standard*
Metnl Co,, Limited
. ,„   Sulllng* A-*tnl, I trnlt
Bar supplied with the finest
, brands of Wines,.Liquors „
and Cigars
(Formerly; of Central"Hotel)
The Original M&^iaH
"You don't get ahexp'eriment-r-or an'untried materiaU-or merely.
vobal prbmises-^when  you'" buy   RUBEROID. '    All  the
'experiments  and>tests  were  made -i6 years ago.    You get
perfection in roofing-in RUBEROID.
16 years', service, on. roofs, all over. the: world proves that
RUBEROID■ resists, all. weather conditions—is unaffected,by
heat or'cold—and is absolutely fire-resisting and , waterproof.
Yoii"can roof the house and barri yourself with RUBEROID,
thus saving expensive roofers' work. Write for samples and prices.
Sola by Western Canada
Dr. Pierce's Fayorite Prescription
Is, the .best of all medicines i for the cure of disease-*',
disorders and weaknesses peculiar to women. It is. the
only, preparation of its kind devised byV re-fjularly dradu-
ated physician—an experienced and skilled specialist in
the diseases of women,
,    .,*,-*' - -   ■ . '  , .■•■"■  •    ',■;.■,.■••
It Is • safe medicine In any condition of the lystnm,
THE ONE REMEDY which contains no alcohol
and no injurious babit-forinintf drugs and which
creates po orav,in| Jot; such sthnulanU.
THE ONE REMEDY, so -food , that, its makers
are not afraid to print its, every ingredient on
each outside bottle*wrapper and attest to tbe
truthfulness of the  samo under oath,
It is sold by medicine dealers everywhere, and any dealer who hasn't it can
let it. Don't take a substitute ot unknown composition (or this medioine op
known composition. No counterfeit is as (food as the tfenuina and the druiUlst
who says something else Is "just as good as Dr, Pierce's" Is either mistaken
or is trying to deceive you for his own selfish benefit. Suoh a man is not to be
trusted. He Is trifling with your most priceless possession—your, health-
may be yor.r life itself.   See that you get what yeu ash fer.
The Hotel of Fernie
" Ferhio's Lending 'Commercial
.   ami i'ourist House
Ulai* Mippli''*l wiih  the best Wines,
7      Uf|iiors anil Cigars
Kditor Dlntrlct LodRor:
Denr Sir,-—Tho following letter win*
received hy m«.' from 11. I'. pottlrtopo.
ormmlzor of the Trndoa CnnKroiK, to
bo read hnfon* Inat Mnndny'fl ron -'en-
lion, lint nwlhK to Uh not lmvln« nr-
lived In tlnii" I \vn« unnblo to do io.
If you enn find apiiro In your pupcr
for I*h |iubllc<nilon ynu will confer n
favor nn not only mywlf, hut iiIho Mr.
lJnttl|>l.--''-, for it Ih I Ik* Inltcr'H wIhIi
thnt It Hhould no beforo tho inibllc.
Youth nie,,
Bin niiNCAN,
n   c    ym
Hill    lJUilli-li,
hothbriilKo. Alta.
iIoh of thnt commlttoo to cull provincial nonventloiiH (not local hole In thu
toriier plult tea nurtluH,)
On Ducpmbor 1Mb Inttt mu-li n convention wna culli'd nnd Uh i.'l delu"
gntoH decided: "Thnt wo, tho ii-pro-
HRtitntlvoH of nridinl'/.ml lnbor in Al-
hortn, ii'*'*''**' tho SocIiiIIhI lmrly iih
our own."
TIiIh thpicforf bei'onim* tho iiolltli-al
IioIIck of tho CoumroHH In Albertn—
nnd Bhould be niTepied by l.etbbrlili?''
—nl lenHt until the minut kind nf n
re|)i*eHeiitntlvi) convention reptidlntea
tho Hi'tlon uf thu "Mil of December ut
If l.flthbrlilm* T. and ].. C. dnen not
denlrp to fall In llino with the i*"»t nt
»1*,f>rn» trndn« imlnnlHlB, In Un proH-
ont nolltlr-nl policy, then lot In r«*qul-
Hlllon the I'.KtK CoilKri»KH WM.cuiise
Commltteo to call mint her p-nvJnduI
Doing business in the same old place
LInuorH and Cinni'H (if Hie liiKliehl
quality ,*, Well Htocketl Imi*
CO.,  LTD.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers
My Dear Duntan: As vnnMm off-;j convc,IlMoll# nilll ,„„ r,gu„ WlMll, ,A,
leer ot a local t-onvnutlon which, I, flr nhmM ^ bjn(HnK fl|l uV(ify 1|n|o||
nnderatRnd your council Ih rcHpoiiHlbloi nTeftnlMI,lon ,n A|hl,rla. , ttm pr„
for, I (IcHlrc you lo place me on re, cm , d ,„, H)flnf| , . ,,„, d(1(.JH,on w
befow the convention ns rcxIatorlhK I^ ,uc|l „ fonV(.lU|on, ,„„ wl„ nn, ,,.
n atronR nnd vIrotouh pro-cat nwlnat | Cftmiot( vl(,w  fh(t        m  wt[m o,
A full xtiick In a few day*.
nny auch ortlon,
Aa or«anlior for tlm Triulen Congress I wnnt to draw your Rttentlon to
tie n-hv.lt of ',1m- d«I!!.orftl!on*t nf fr..ir
tK)dy at the Halifax convention   last'
Alio for aaU by Whlmittr «V Co.
The tnntter of tnklnn tho iultlPthe.
in   forroulatlnc the political policy o'i^jjj'uJiiiy
organlrcd lnbor Yttt bt>on placed In;
tbe hand* of our provincial oxecutlvei
tommlttetv and It Is one of the dw-,
I,cthbrld*/o T.  nnd  I,,  Council  will-
ftnythlnt- but suspicion.
Trtistlng thnt   your   di'lei-ntea  i-r
(on\iint|on aaat-mbtc'l   will loo!*, cor^
i fully nnd tarncatly in'o the morlta of
thi*    protect nnd ynvt'iu il„'iiu.:lvi'i
AcrordlnRly,   I am yours for provln
The only it'tinbli- plucn in iunn f,n
clwdce v\\*>* ami toltaim
W. A. INGRAM, Prop. f~siM£ttiiiaLMet& c jtt-jt*M
^^■.Wt^ii »*a_«..i fc.fc»iij(Ii.-»Hll-1Jwa,vrj1. i
a^t'-MHwusyA-u* "sjKi'K-'t-.Lnaai^fWvij- .-tv*
®Ije Jlbfirtjrt £th$w
$1.00 a yearoin advance.   ' Address all comnnmlca'-'
, tions to'the "Manager',' District Ledger,Ferniei.B. C.
Rates for advertising on application.   ,-,'" ,:
We "believe, through, careful enquiry, that all the
•advertisements in, this paper'are signed; by trustworthy,
persons, and to prove bur faith by wordsi*- we will make
good tb actual subscribers any loss incurred by trust-
' ing advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to" adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay. the debts of honest bankrupts.'•'.
This offer holds* good "for one . month.'-atter the
transaction causing the complaint;' that; is-we must
have notice within that time. In all cases' in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it 1k The Ledger,"
The retail merchants pi" the west are not .likely
to forget that tlie least Christmas stock they have
to carry over the better. It is not, a good plan .to'
run short of anything, but, an effort should always'
be made'to clean up "the holiday stock as much as
possible. There arc many? articles essentially i'or
the Christmas trade, and if not sold auust.be carried'
over ior a long while.. This brings.forward the
question of how necessary it is to liave the goods
■well displayed. Do. not keep anything in hiding.
Have everything iri so "far as possible- where they
■ may suggest themselves to the customers. Do not
be afraid to spend more or less upon holiday advertising.—Winnipeg Commercial.      , '   ',
The above is very sound advice as regards Xmas.
advertising; advertise in the paper; (advertise in
the "People's Paper," The bistrict Ledger, the paper that reaches the people and is read by the people. - The Ledger is the best weekly in .the country.
It is therefore the best advertising medium..
One question that is agitating tlie.minds of the
general public in various parts of the" country is
the liquor question.' The temperance people -.v-int
prohibition; the liquor mc-n want to be-left'alone.'
Between these two,factions there is a constant war
being waged.        «  '' •"'-,'.
In the province of Alberta prohibition is likely to'
become what the politicians call a burning' ques-"
tion, before long.' The peculiar feature about pro-'
hibition.in Canada is that it does not prohibit'.. Men
drink liquor because they like it, and liking it, will
—especially at a profit.-;;" ■   *
We know that an over indulgence in strong
drink brings about deadly ruin to*any person—also
that over-indulgence in other, things brings about
ruin.' 'Yet, people'will indulge knowing full well
the consequences. * '■"'    '
There arc a good many people who believe that
poverty is chiefly due to strong drink. Those whose
lot in life has led them among the poor, know that
poverty is the cause of drinking to excess in many,
many cases.
The temperance people believe in restriction,
and hope to legislate people into heaven, as.it wore,
but tliey cannot do bo.    ,      ...
Why do men manufacture liquor?
Why do they erect large, fine hotels in order., to
sell liquor
Why will men evade the law'to sell liquor In
spite of prohibition? , ..
Men do not manufacture or soil liquor because
they like to make drunkards out of thoir fellow-
men. . ' • '7„. ■'■> ■ "
No; men do these things bocauso it is profitable
for them to do so.
Offer tho saloon keopej; a chnne'e to' make,as
good u living at a more pleasant occupation, . and
seo how quickly ho will/get out of tho saloon business, ,« ■
Cut out tho profit .system from tho liquor hiw-
iness. .
Givo tho people healthy environments, good
houses, wholesome amusements, plenty of food,
good plnthtag-nml this is more than piiwsibh) if you
return them tho full product of their toil—thon the
liquor question will soon be solved.
But that would moan Socialism and your torn,
perance crank would want none of that I
..:*• DISTRICT LEDGER, FERN I g,    B., C.-DECEM BER y 12,. -|908
to give, and it .will shp\v7on.the..Jt>ne. hand, that, you
are -.unpurchasable- and -ofiithe; other hand you .esteem it an^iohbr to giye.-Qioreythah' is.required at
your hands in .every department of life's effort.
That is the history .of isuccess 'in..'-America;' that is a
lesson to the Iboys-~-Full measure^ honorable effort',
happiness arid content,.which; only comes to one
who has the pride of being equal !to his job.—Gov.
Hughes >of New York. ,      ''7.
, The desire of the human mind for amusement
is perfectly natural. ■, We all like to be amused iri
some way; it is'asai'ecessary to our health as is food
or.clothing. - * ,-.."'.   ::v.'-    ,7;   -.j
Who does not feel .ail- the, better for a good,
hearty laugh? What .provisions are made;in our
various miming towns "for"amusements ° In the majority of, cases'none whatever. Why?'- :We generally find upon entering' a typical .mining camp,
one store, one'libteH, ancTrows of houses, mostly all
alike, maybe a church or two, but'no reSdirigTrbomj
no 'miners' institute, no swimming' baths;' no public
parks, no theatres, no amusement of any kind.
Why? Because it has not been found profitable for
the capitalists'who own the mine and all its surroundings .to provide these things.y.'.y . 7 *
If .hundreds have to. be. compelled to'work at
unnatural .empblyment in order to produce"coal'to
■enable .the .human family to keep "warm, then' these
things-should be provided for. ' The prof its.of coal
mining.are generally sufficient to do this, and it
wpuld be done if the miners received the full product'of.their toil.' 7 - *    .
But that would be Socialism!
Arid How it is Being Abused   i
by its fiomrades'y%*^' %, •$-•: j
Elsewhere is published a ^'confidential" circular
of the-Joy Detective" Service'of Cleveland,. Ohio.
A perusal of* the contents will bring all men, union
or non-union, to one conclusion, that the work of
the flood was not wholly finished-. .That men with
minds and-souls (though we doubt the existence of
the latter) can lend, nay, sell themselves, to-such
diabolical schemes to bring ruiiv to working men;
to defeat their every "effort for "advancement and
better terms, is almost beyond the comprehension
of the most degenerate." ■' Judas' has- been railed
upon-for ages-as-a man devoid of scruples in any
degree, but the picayune-nature of the whole-undertaking. stamps the Joy .Detective 'Agency aiid
the men (?) .it'emplpys-as- being 'weli,"ahd heavily-
marked.with the thirty pieces of silver/ , . , .
*-A grammatical contortion of no'mean'rank, is
undoubtedly performed in referring, to the I snake-,
like employees as'.'men.'' ...   J-
, Some sny it. Ih Amoriemi to be "slick," Somo
think tIimt Die great object, of the American youth
is to-he Miimrt nnd outwit everybody. Some think
tlmt tin.' object of ImsincKS is to bu clever in deccp-
tion. ttoniu think tiie biuiiichN of politic;-, in man-
ijmlfitimi and intrigue.   What mistakes these arc!
There is no ono that gets any placo worth hold-
ing and maintains tho confidonco of the pooplo who
does not domonstrato that ho can bo trusted,
Employer* want boys and men that they   can
\r\w\.    J'areiits want children not thnt they can {dinmrhtHmim uses in di'sititiint? u mnobim»,
abuse and wig, but tlmt they can trust.     I'enplej     Animnl unci vcp-otnhle food nlike can be juodtn-
wnnt men whom they can trust.     We nro nil to.led to-dny with infinitely   less cost   of labor tli.m
Ret her in the great brotherhood of reciprocal obli-jwhen this nation was founded,
gat ions, nnd the only thing needed in our American |     Yot thoro aro flvo thousand hungry school chil-
hlv is nie (irvcinpmeni ol tho.se confidence*-' right-jdron in the same city where tho great live stock
'_. Everyone-;knows -that '-there- have • been. marvel-*
bus improvements-iri 'tlie "mechanical contrivances"
witliwhichthe work of the wprld„is.done: . Th<j,
great" machines of tb^day,"'chained to the power of-
water or'steam or electricity, produce more wealth
iii an hour than the crude tools of our grandfathers,
could furnish in days.. .        ■',-,-• {
But the'live-stock show now in progress in Chi-'
yrtgo suggests that there have been' almost equal'
improvements'in ti direction not.commonly thought
of in this connection.' Por several generation^ the
best minds that could be secured have devoted
their energies'to* the. improvement'of the "animals
upon which man depends for a portion of his food
supply. Only'thoso who are familiar with the history of the evolution of.farm animals in this country can realize what a change has been accomplished in this direction.' 7    ..-.'.    . , '. ., ••-.*■   ■.,'
At the timd'of tho American revolution'visitors
to this cotintry-never failed to comment oh'tho mis-
crnblo appearance of: the cattle, hogs and horses
that they saw on the American farms. The'cattle
were so poor and stunted looking that they gave
no milk worthy of taking. ' The razor back hog
was famous i'or his speed and appetite rathor thnn
as a producer of food. The horses were so dwarfed
nnd insignifiennt thnt they word'littlo superior'in
speed or appearance imd'fnr inferior instrength.to
the oxen with which they weer competing as ImmhIh
of burden, ,,.,.•
Practically nothing was known or thought "of
thc science of feeding or breeding. All anihiui pro',
duets were produced ns a tremendous oxponse.
Tho live-stock'shows gives a measure of tin*
progress thnt hits been mnde, The high bred ston*
nnd hog trnnsforms n*certain definito rationiiilfi
meat with the certainty and economy of n n:,v
Thnt is what this modern nnimni really is—ii
wonderfully perfect nicaliine for the production of
eeitnin minim) products. Tho eontnist. presented
in tin- iippeni'iinee and thn Irontinent of these to.
dny nnd a century ago is almost ns striking a pic
turn of tlm improvement in the power of product-
iiou as thnt between tho lintiil tool and the great
The stock fnrmer of to-day, liko the machine hi
the simp, wfirku with wonderfully improved (.,„!«,
The rules of breeding and'care have been worked
out with Ihe samo mnthemnticnl neeurnev ns   tb,-.
One could sincerely wish' -that ther.e could be blotted5;
out ofthe minds of men the .prejudice: that is existing'
against .Socialism... Men who in'most, things are broad-
minded, have somehow, engendered, a, dislike, even 'an
hatred, to that which, if properly, considered, .would not
be in the least objectionable.- There seems to be no-
doubt that some of this',' or much of, it,is'owing to the'
manner and actions, speeches, and; talks, of 'some" Social-,
ists, who in their-lack of somethiug to,sayj have'misused
the opportunities,, and instead of making", a clear statement as to'Tvhat Socialism-is; and'.will be; of the-remedy
it carries for certain evils, have railed on men aiid methods, systems aiid .religions. One who'uses a Socialist,
meeting to vent his Agnostic or Atheistic" creed is a traitor to Socialism. . It has .been said-and said often that
Socialism has no quarrel' with' any man's religion. Socialism would give, perfect freedom for, every man- to
worship God in the way he pleased, provided he did lib
harm, or was in any way a menace to'the public, good.
In fact we may, sincerely believe that under Socialism,
men'would have more time to worship God; more means
at their disposal" to,build better edifices in which "to'
worship. ' Let us try and get'to understand what Socialism really is, using definitions in our.statement giveii.by
men who are acknowledged writers and leaders of Soc:
ialism, but -before' going further, the- writer would- like
to say that, being 'yet biit a student of a few'years, he
would welcome any corrections to anything written in
this, article. '        '.'.' ,   ,   ,  ',',,   _'. ',   ',''"''
, It .is very'necessary to exercise,"discrimination in
attaching a meaning to Socialism.1 Blatchford in- "Britain for the British" cheap edition page 83 says, '"'truly
"There is more than one'kind of Socialism, ;for: we hear
of State Socialism, Practical Socialism;'Communal'Socialism, and' these kinds differ' from .'one another; though
they are all Socialisms."  ,'■'•''
% It has been so' untruthfully and carelessly .identified
with'anarchy, revolution, general spoliation,-..not !to say:
wholesale immorality, that'it is no wonder 1 some 'indig-!
nant protests to the contrary liave, been made. The foi-'
lowing from a leaflet published by the Belfast' Socialist
Society is an answer in'pi'otest tb mis-statements:'" ",
„ "We.'do; not .want to divide up, the wealth of the
country. No lesponsible Socialist ever'suggested such
folly.. AVe.do not want to destroy the foundations of.
morality. , We desire, to .introduce, a higher, morality
into the life of the nation. ■ We do not want to promote
a violent ievolution. We wish to see*a higher social
order peacefully evolved out of the present anarciiial,
system byconstitutibnal-'mearis'. "Y~We ido, not' .want ,to
drag all men down to.one elevel" We,seek.tb provide
opportunities'for all men to develop their higher faculties to the utmost, unrestrained by the fear,.,of hun-gei*.
and poverty,"' ' ■•• '      '   ','   ■'-'     "     [
If such a' statement is^a fair'one surely there is but
small room for any alarm or'anxiety about Socialism
All Socialists seem to agree on what Blatchford says
quoting again from "Britain',and the British," page* 84;
"That 'tW.country.'and.all the machinery;of production
in the country shall'belong'to' the whole people, .and
shall le used by tiie people and foi* the people." This
statement may be more or less elaborated upon."'. Dr.
Schaffle In his little volume, the "Quintessence of Socialism," gives the following definition "The real aim of the
movement is (as follows: "To replace' the system of private capital, (i.e.,'the speculative method of production,
regulated on behalf of the society only by tho free competition "of, jp'rlvate,.en'te"rprl8e).,by, a^syistem of collective
capital, that is by a method of production which would
introduce a unified or collective, organisation of national
labor, on the basis of collective :,c-i* common ownership
of tho'means'of production,',by all, the member8„of society.'.-. This collective method'of production would-remove the present .compctUlvesystein,; by placing under
official administration- au6h. departments of production
as can bp managed collectively, tis'weji.as the distribution, among all, of tho common j produce*, of all,' according
to the amount'and social utility, of eacli," ■ y     ■■
There Is.a qualification howovor, to' bo mndo'by saying that there are thoso whV'Btand for; collectivism iuid
that: only; thoy soy the half-way .■systems and measures
will not-do.     Collectivism, is; theysay, the-.only system
.that is thorough going, coherent and logical, as opposed-
to the different stop-gap systems,-, co-operation; legislat- ■
ive interference; etc., which ,v,ould be either^wholly futiiei
or barely • temporary palliatives.      •    ■■ -       '7
Again Dr. Schaffle" says in his book page120:7 "Th&-
private competing capital into a united collective capital."   ■ "'?''' "     " "
The motive or largely so, which" if it has,not given
birth to Socialism; has "very'much accelerated'it's pro-.
gress, is'found in the manifold wrongs which-to such a
terrible extent abound and • threaten; to increase under
'oiir'modern civilization.''''■ .   *" ''''' **- ' ; -'       ''      ! "
The aim is to cure these &nd previent tlieir recurrence and thus .attain to Ruskih's ideal— "That every
country should contain the greatest'number of healthy,
happy, humaii beings."   ' '   .    '. ■
The method regarded as the only way in "which such,
an ideal, can be reached is collective. It is staggering to
think-of the immense .changei,which Socialists are en-,
deavoring tp bring about; li Is a mighty scheme, but
a logical and a practical one; we claim the above for it,
.and further claim that all must admit its aims to be
Just to all ,men, .,..,,
Thei,writer of the Encyclopedia Britannica states
that "the ethics of Socialism are identical with the ethics of Christianity." What Socialism--aims to reach,is
that ideal state of society .-.which shall mean the'-least
suffering for all, ,and. the „ greatest-. happiness .for • the
greatest. number, and to■ reach that ideal, swiftly,"and
.surely.. \ ■,, ,,■  . •        ',  • • .■"-•. •   .-,,',    ,       ,■',,/
Can,we not also with Professor Marshall set •ourselves seriously inquiring wliether it is, necessary that
there, should be any so called, lower class at-all;-that
' is-whether there need-be large numbers of-people'doom-
ed from their birth-to hard-work .in order to provide for;
others the requisites!of a refined, and cultured life, while
they,themselves.are prevented by their poverty-and toil
from having'any-share or part in. that life.'-'
■   The principle of collectivism- is working out well.
Por proof of this■ turn .to the,large number of co-operative societies both in the wholesale1 and retail branches'of
■commerce, to the undertakings of municipalities/also the1
postal;and'.telegraph systems, telephones,-railways,'and
waterways :in "'England, Prance, Germany,- Belgium,' Austria and Italy.' : .-"..•-■ >'i ■.">■,".: ■ tw.-.l • ;
-7'- We claim'for Socialism a remedy for-unemployment,
■starvation," and'we claim-that lt is trying to Introduce
a sane'industrial and commercial system.' 'Look at the
vast amount of money spent these days advertising
goods; also in keeping a vast army of commercial mon
on the road, the. expensive method'of'carrying'on private enterprise. .' Any-person knows that if there was'a
collective effort, manufacturing and selling "theso' good's
that- is, if all the men engaged in "the business at' present, were .working together, instead of openly and secretly, trying to get the best of each other, we venture to say
that they-would need-to have'much less worry," and
spend., lessitime about the*business, and further-there
would.'be no need of those awful lies about the excel-'
article. . In "conclusion let* us use Ella Wheeler Wilcox's'
lines in answer .to who and what a Socialist shouldbe: ■"•
."'    '"Who is a'.Soclaii{st?4   .It,is the man   ;   . '  .'...,
Who strives*tb formulate or aid a plan        .','*:'
To'better'earth's, conditions.    It-is he 7    ''
Who, luiving'ear's Ito, ear and .eyes.to see,: *   -   .,   "
Is;'neither' deaf' nor blind, when njight,- roughshod -   ,
Treads down' the privileges and rights which God ■ '
Means for all men—the privilege, to toil,      ;
To breathe pure, air,'to till, the fertile soil;    !
The right to live,'.to love, to woo, to wed, : •:  <   -,
,   And earn for !iungryv,nio'uths their, meed of broad.      '
The Socialist is ho who claims no more.
Than his own share from generous Nature's store,,
But that he asks and asks too, that no other  * ,
Shall claim the sharp, of any weaker brothoi   ,
And brand him beggar in his own .domain, ,  ■.    ■   •
i,   Toglut a mad, JnoWllnato lust for.gain, ,    .
Tho Socialist is one who holds the ,best     .   ■'  •   •
Of all God's gifts'is, toll—the second, rest,   ,
Ho asks that all men learn,tho-eweota of labor, ■
'And that'iio idler fasten on his noiglihor;
That all men bo allowed thoir, share of leisure,     >
Nor thousands toil that one may sook his pleasuro. *
Who on the golden rulo shall daro insist—
Behold in him tho raodprn Socialist. ,   ,. .
The "J
PRED_%AYLETT, Proprietor
. „:,' .-;'    •: ■'    '-,--.,
'.     h » ,   '        \^* ' , ' »    -."si
*        > • i
.-'   Fresh ^Fruits Daily  -
Opp.  Post  Office
Tlio Wall Street Journal says:
"Whilo tlio pant year of luminous depression lias-not rosullacl In any gon-
oral reduction In wagosj.tt hns mntor-
billy] Increased tho cfflclo'noy 'of labor, ( If wosliould measure, labor as
lioiBp pWor/wo might, snys that" with
tbo gnmo oxpondlturo w.o.woro obtain-
Ins u lilgbor power, Thin iH ouo of
tlio notable outcomes of tho past year.
Tho,water has been Bgucooisd out of
labor," ,''■''
It Is not wator, but blood thnt lias
been "miu'k'zcd out" of labor. "Purl
of It has flowed out In suloldoH and
pint. im*. dribbled out of tho volns of
lmlf starved children and norno Iiiih
flowod froBh from tbo vlctlmti of pov-
oily iiindduiii-d nitinlorori who lmvo
Houglit tlio rond of crime rathor thun
of stnivntlcii for theinsolvefl and lo\-
od onofl, *i
Truly "it is an IU wind that blows
no nood" to tho muntprs of industry,
lloj'ii wns HomcthlnK for* which wo
fonr thoy lind forKOtton to glvo tlinnk«
on TbnnliHRlvliiB',
Fnmo ouo Hliould ijavo written a
• Bloflsed bo hunger and misery and
unemployment that scourgo tho .wage
slave with Beorpione whoro tho chattel slavo ownor was boaton with
whips. ,    ,
Blosood, bo tho tortureB , of. tho
damned of cnpltnllsin if thereby tho
wator ttii'y bo 8quoo/,od "out of labor,
nnd tho blood of workors bo squeozed
Into tho profits,
Mr, D. W. Hart of Dnynos Poach
I.nnd wna up on Tuesday nnd visited
at Hosmor and Conl Crook,
; NOTICE Is horoby ulvon that the
pnrtnurBlilj) hlthorto subBlNtlm/ bo.
twoon tho tindorBlgnod nnd 11.0." Lock.
Imrt, nnd known n« "Locltlinrt & Oil-
loBple," iib inerclmnlH, nnd enrrlod on
at Fornio, II, C, Is liorby dlflsolvod,
riB nnd from tho HOtli dny of .Novombor, ibOU.
Tbo uccouutM pnynblo of tho enld
nnrtnorBhlp will bo pnld by., nud i,i|
nccouiits rocoivnblo of tho said pnn
noiship mo pnynblo to tho continuing
imrtnor, Alexander A. OlllcHiile.
now Utniiy to colobrntn tlilajptoit off ! Datod nt Fornio this 1st day of Uo.
"<.;•>;.,„*, , it-vuibur, ,ivvs,
Y\("wi\ bv :> win ll.ul Hitdit-ih .*."
Fire, Life, Plate Glass
and Accident
Property For Sale in;:
<   all,parts ofthe
"y.' ,:. i city.,; .;'■,;"..'■>,.
Houses JFor
Agents.-:v ,. >.•. •  >7) >-,.:. i^..*
New.Oiiyer.Tyrjewriter ^
- '  Machine given out on trial  -'  J
No Charge      7      .* :
Mason & Risen*'
' ;To the Shareholders of the Above
■named Company:   \ •       ' ,
■ On account of the records ofthe"
company having been destroyed  by
the'recent fire, tho directors hav'e'pas-
sed a resolution calling upon nll'the'1
shareholders', to produce theii* share*-''
certificates, or if lost, prove the same,
by statutory declaration, stating the
number of shares lieid by bach shareholder, whether common or preferred,1,
and whether tho same are paid ln full',
or not, ob woll as any other necesjjiary ■■
information-regarding the samo.'
Declarations should lie filed wltli '
Uio undersigned not later than De-
comber 21st inst.   '■■" "
Dated at Fornio B.*,C.,' this 7th tjay,;
of Dpcombor, 1008.   .•.„',   '.
■ ■        ,    .     „   ,  W. R. ROSS. .
Soc, pro tern*,.,
.Dec. 19.'
at $10 a Share
of the Kootenay   Telephone n
Lines,  Limited,  have been
placed in our hands
million of uiipiofltdblo Jflloroiu out to
dlo upon the '.Ipluvftvi-,.
A. A. UiU^riHIW
WiliiOflD;   U. S. GAIlltKTT.
fully rcposod in Anicricnn ninnliood.
Don't,Follow tho man wlio thinks it ii American to be "'•lick.''
1 ,, Thftrw mny he ninny illtistniti(»n« tlmt will occur
to you of InntftncoH of mwci t,;*ftil rtbar)>in>j», hut th*.-,*,
ntro «o oxcoptionnl n« to prove tin* nth',
.how ij being held.
TIii-iv :r n petition nflont now to have tlio wo.
hk:i of the notorious rcutrietoil district movn-l onco
jiiiiii*.-. Their pn-M-nt Kit- ih juni m objectionable*
Thc old i to the people who nre livinti next them «•* -»*he»
wny, the t*teft<ly wnfy. is the rijrlit wny. VxD n litlle, they were in the Annex. Thu sha the city kuwunt.
mow in the menmtre thnn you nec-1 to. Oive a j»om1 'eil would he further nway. The «ife m*« wotthl
linnkotfnl of fruit, nnd don't simply hnve n little [Miitwn! would be on top of the Three Sinter* Menu-
displny on top of MipernVinl attention nnd imhw- itnitiH where the eliiuntn would he melt a* tu m*-»ve
try.    Oive * little more work thon you nre niked'th-em from our fci'jfht entirely.
?♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦<»♦♦♦ *>++4>+A>++++AH¥.
~""**'»u-i*iJB--!JWi!mjui<r***Ljiii-. i- liiiiii,. i«l'.u „;.in- -i.mu! \nini—.
MtTCni&mCt,  &   GARRETT
' ' Cr&nbro-olCv B» C
♦♦•♦'♦♦ *>-9<9949.4H>4>94y*>0 ♦^>^<|f
Sal e
This is an A J investment.
Everyone should buy even if
its only one share and own
an interest in our own Telephone and have a say as to.
how il should be run. ■• Buy
soon if you intend tn buy nt
all as the shares are limited.
Cree  &  Moffatt
Read. Tho District Ledger MawgeenigMMame
mi......» ^».i^r,nT4ir«MP*^.
ew-4^^4y-5- ---"if?
■jv-tjv,.-,>*.■.--•,, ,•■'**•■ ft-i-< -..■.-'..''
'Tailored Suits
j'V     ','".' ■-. •,' 7- .;   aiici up ;
.LvQuality.'and fit guaranteed     -:
Next to "Dreamland Theatre"
-J, -.
,-■>■!      =.'
- *■    y. "'-'^•f ,■■ ^ - - ..• -.. i'
tJ-.i'I. i .•», ;
:&-; ,■■>.- 7-"5
. *• . ■ >S'J
Xhe ^Official Organ of District No. 18, U. PI. W.   of A.
Ladies' and Men's Glofiies
Cleaned and Pressed   ..
Work called for and delivered
, Next to "Dreamland Theatre"
Fernie, B. C, December 12tli, 1908,
i In publishing the program of a con-
' cert in the Methodist, church at .Coal
; Creek, recently,, several errors occur-
! red,1 typographical arid otherwise. We
■ regret this fact and below publish a
> correct!'copy:-: ■i/'.'Ay-' %'•',■'"/.'    '",,"
\  . Opening hymn, '
> Prayer:; Rev. B.-.C. Curry.
: Song: An Old Fashioned'Cottager-
4 < , ,
j- Mrs. Simpson. ■
■'    ,Song: Love's. Sorrows—Mr.., Marie-
, land. ' ■ ,   • *'o
'"■     Recitation:  Tommy Stout — Miss
I Sharpies.*,'   '-'•.' ' ;'   "7;    =",.•.      .
:   . Song: As Your Hair" Grows Whiter
v —Miss Smith.
**    Remarks: - Mrs. Hall.
■    -Humorous Sketch: Mr. J. W.-Ben-
o      llett-
Song:, Village:;Blacksmith: Mr. Mc-
Cletchle." '"'''""'   '; "     '*'
Recitation:  Musings—Miss Reece.
Song:.-Asleep in the;.Deep—Mr. J.
Song: Sky,Lark—Mrs. Simpson.
Recitation: The Teapot—Miss Nor-
ah Sharpies.
Song: The Holy City: Miss Smith.
. , Recitation: You and I—Master Fred
.Song:   I Am Waiting—Mr.    Mark-
land.. *■   -* ■
Humorous Sketch: Mr.'J. W.   Ben-
^'....1, - .».* ,..,..  .*-  •.,,. ; 7
Closing Hymn;       •,  ,
\   -Jack-Brewster left the camp on-Sa-
0 turdny last with, hopes of having   his
Christmas dinner at his old home   in
Whitehaven, England.
Anthony Huz/ey ahs returned and
„ bears ."traces of his three months fight
' against death in the Revelstoke hospital. ■     ,   '.    ■
Ha'f dly a' day 'passes -without - some
resident of Coal Creek getting an intimation of a parcel waiting to be lift-
t. ed from the Customs authorities at
Fernie. v The office hours are from
9 a.m.* to A p.m. Trains leave here for
Fernie at 7.45 a.m. and 3.45 p.m.' The
inconvenience is very apparent and Is
causing a justifiable kick. Can anyone suggest a remedy? "' 7 ,
.. .Arrangements are now :. completed
for a. masquerade "ball..to be.held In
the club.„hall ,on the. last, night .of, thjs
year under the auspices of the C. C. L.
A.jA-'i The'managing committee is a
hard-Vorking one."The best-of music
has been procured and nothing -has
been left undone to ensure a. good
night's enjoyment. Further particulars can bo obtained from the posters, ,;-i ■"■,";   ;•'< ■• - ,■   . •-<    ; . r i;■
Bob Hubbertsey is lying in the
hospital having sustained a severe
fracture to ono of hlslmeo caps,
whilst following his employment.
Whilst working at his employment
as a rope rider, on No. 19 incline No,
5 mine a man named .Martin somehow got crushed .between ,a car.ond
n post on Tudsiliiy afternoon. Assist-
mice.was. soon at haud and .he .. wns
quickly removed to the hospital for
modlcnl treatment. Ho has met with
injurloB-to'his'back/aml* reraaijM* as
an In-patlont.
Still another instance of post office
' methods. *'An important lottor pro-
pcrly addressed and posted in Fernio
on Saturday afternoon did not reach
Conl Creok, until .Wodiiosday. afternoon. It would be a good idea If
letter writers wou^cl act aB their, own
letter carriers'no'matter whoro" tha
destination might be. It would serve
'ns nn net,of'"JgraclousnoB8Innd lesson
tho laborious .duties, of, the poHt offlcq
sorvnnts;1 ■ It Is iriio' they sllli draw
their snlnrlos with tlio utmost rollg-
lous regularity but thoy'really must
not bo allowod to nogloct tliolr tollot
nnd flguws. .  ., ,
Tho McQIIlyrny Coal Co. Is oxpocb
ed to, opon. tliolr mino-In, tbo noar !f it-
turo; tbo conipnuy is cnpltnllzcd at
Tlio dniico hold by tbo Finnish soction of tlio Socialist parly was n decided succosfl, nil partU'B concerned
onjoylna tbomsolvoa, Tbo l-ltiRllflh-
speaking   pooplo   had bottor tako a
try and do lil(owluo|,	
Tho Union mooting hold last Saturday wna a (locldod failure ns far at
tutmboni woro concorne'l-bw\ iho fow
who did nhoml (lftlmt*»il fnr Into tho
night ns It was 23,20 buforo tho moot-
, Ing adjourned.
.■ A mooting wnH billed for tho Socialist party tot Sunday but which did
not tnko plnco.    Since election day
f tho Wmfoors who voted for tlio tJoc*
inline ticHui Kii'nk (buy duvu uluno timb
.duty, and therefore remain at homo
' on" nsc-ctln-j- night*,
; Tho inoinboiu of tbo local union also
iieoiii to huvo contracted this slay At
homo dlsoiiBo.
among friends and relatives in England. ,- ';.■■-.-- ,,.\        .  .
:   F. Spalding of Fernie was, a.jisltpr
in Coleman, on Wednesday./
" Dr. Bruce,' dentist,"* of 'Maeleod," is
paying Coleman a professional visit
this week. :"' ■'*■•* -• "-. ' ■*
W. Farlnnd Fontor of Nelson, rep-
• reuentlnK the Nelson Dally Newt*, wan
In town on Monday.'• '
Q. F. Stevenson of Fornio war In
to-im cm WcdaoiKlny, ,   " .   "
F. C. Armntrong of Fernio wat» a
•.Ittilov In Cobiuiuu ou Tucaduy.
Mill Tipping, formerly of Fernie,
bin accented a position In the dinlnit
room at tho4Cotemnn Hpt-jt.       t
Mr«. I). F. Hiiftht?! of Crown Neit
bt \UUlwc wltli £_^m\ W*'f lJ|.
Mj*. a'i.'tlltrl^oa.CalurilaV for
« Tlitt of several months   da ration
C. Leonard and wife arrived on
Wednesday's train from'Kansas,""to
take charge of •'the new hotel now
under construction at Nicola.
Mr.'and Mrs.'11. Priest entertained
at a birthday party on Sunday .
W. Bonner litis resumed work again
having, fully. rocovered. from ,a. poisoned "finger.   ..,*,     .-.*.-'
Leslie Dickey and Lou hearer, who
have been working at Clayburn during
the summer, returned to the town on
The C. P,J Ri extra gang moved to
Kamloops on Friday; ""
. It * Is reported on  good    authority
that , work  on the   building   of  the
new depot .will be, commenced, about
the first of the year.
' Norman West has gone to Tulamen
city. . '"    , ::„,       ■
A meeting'wtis-held'Iii the Hyiands
hall, on Tuesday, night to hear, the-report of .the,sclioolstrustees as to the
site of the school, The trustees in
their .report recommended the ground
which Mi\ Voght' has "offered, which
caused .considerable discussoin. Lots
of dirty ,linen was .washed'■■ and personalities were" Indulged in.""" '
Skating isjiow'in full swing. Nicola
river is covered with fine clear ice. J.
Conklin and Fred Pyles are also flooding the low lands, ..^ . .
■ The people of Middlesboro have a
perfect right to fight for a. school at
that'place.'*' The people should drop
all personal- grievances- on-"the school
question and work, foi* the-benefit of
the children.
i All'who aro'interested in the
school cshould,not, fail tot,be-present
on the 10th.  "''"-''    " ,"" ~ ,,    .
The men at.No..*2. mine at Middlesboro ,came, out.on .Wednesday..on.account of some' labor trouble. When
will-you-sUVves-get wise and ,-organ-
ize?""'"■'"'"    '"!"'^'w
and ,-orga
'ir--' S,--.   nil
; B.' Browltt, mine manager ..at the
Diamond Vale, was on a business trip
to Nicola on Thursday.
Saturday wns pay day at the -Diamond Vale which passed off quietly—
but .the i miner*!-,should look-• for *' the
blue label on .tlio tobacco; ithere'-'are
other things besides shouting.
Rabbit shooting is profitable sport
just now in view of the fact that
there Is no snow.and 'the.rabbits have
already turned that color, makes them
easy'- marks-- * ■' -; '■:;""'y-''-- '•
- Menzle's sawmill was completely
destroyed 6y fire oii'Friday morning:
flames were first noticed about 5.30;
It is thought that a,spark from the
englno must"hnvo fallen around' tho
planers and- boon smouldering all
night, Great'credit is duo to thoso
who fought to keep tho flames from
sproading,' ospoclally the ladies who
with buckets • of, water j and ..ladders
quickly put tho life out of any sparks
that foil on tlio roofs' of tho ad joining
■,;/.-■;...■ ;WNES'':.;V*/v
(Last week's News.)
Mr Geo. .Coiizeiis como down from
Fornio Friday 'ovoning nnd is now
oniployod by Mr. Will Stanley of tho
District Ledger to orect n summer
cotUigb'.'ht ,"KioU>hltti" Wo' are-pleas-
od to know tlmt Mr, Btnnloy will
miornl eomo of his lolmiro timo wllh
us noxt otimmoi'i
Tho FortnlRhtly Club held Its flrst
mooting at Sir, Adolpb's Friday evening aud all report a very enjoyable
timo. At tlio'con'cliiBloti'of tho bun-
InesB meetingtiofi'06hmeiiit8 were hoc-
vort by our young men.' "Following 1,8
tlio program,   .,,,;.
Innti'umonial'ribib: iMtuBAdolph.   -
Solo: Sir. HobbliiB.
Itocltntlon; Mm. Unit.   > ■
I'npor on Clmn, Dickons; Sir, Hob-
bins,     ' '   '"'':   -   •"   •''*•*•"   •
DlsoutiBlonir,Mr, Howard, Sir. Hart
and Sir,' !.aiinl),'''*     ''
Recitation; Marguorlto Griffith,    {
Tatrlotlo spiig.
Itodillng: SIr.*McCralik'.
Accordion nnmlo: Mr, Font-ion.
Mr. J. tt. Young of Fornio    camo
down Wednomlny night and will bo-
gin work nt once on IiIh now houso
on tho Kootonia trncts. *       ■ s
.Mr, Thomas Qhljipondnlo, contractor    r,f '(•''^'•f'ntA   h^^in'--fToW'^   r,*A.   •T,•,'-•**,
dny. Hn mnile. n bimlnown rail on Mr,
Adolph nnd Slr,Hnrt\V«>dnMdfi*y nnd
also Inspected hia laud recently pur
chanod from tlio Kootenay River Lnnd
Company, ',
A  pnn nrrlvfiil nt l*ho*hnmr> nf ATr
and Sirs. Jolm McGregor last Friday.
*SIr. Arthur Kennedy p'urchaicd a
farm from Kootenay River Land Co
on WediifiBdtiy//'     -'.•.''
. 7A CONTRIBUTOR writing oh the building in-
spector situation in Fernie,' amongst other thing-.
says: "I must say that I have been in many to\\*n&
and cities'but Fernie has the worst   construct*.*.1-
buildings that I have ever seen. Who is to blanip.
for it x\s there is no,practical building inspect*'.*'*
to see that only proper buildings are erected, what,
can you expect? , Naturally a man is going to put
his place up as cheaply as possible,' independent of
the danger to other citizens; lie will build any style
or way that 'pleases-his own personal tastes, and
I must-say that you'cannot blame a man for getting it, d^ne as cheaply as possible. If he employs
an architect to'.look after his building lie has to
pay him-five or six dollars a day., This,would insure the.proper kind of .building (in'some* instances) but would add greatly to the cost. In many
cases, though, the so-called architects know little
more than the workmen, and. hence the necessity
of, haying a,permanent-building inspector, who will
see that buildings arc put up.,in proper and safe
shape." . ,,, _ ,..;. ,.,.*-. ,,- . ' ',,:-'" ; -" -'*_ -1 •'
The,'above is all very-sound advice, and.'we
would like to see a building- inspector appointed.
The .recent ''collapse,' and partial collapses'1 show'
that some shoddy work has been performed. 'What
guarantee have the public that more disastrous accidents are not going to'happen. None whatever.
a.',?!-*!^    f-'i'; '•    v>    .♦:,*'A*   * 7-
',:..'*;-     :--i<:{    '       Hi     .,;■'* .ii7-      ":—    ■' '■-.'.    ■     ■
..IN REGARD , to the-women   of-the restricted
-   ii* -
district we-hope that proper laws will be' enforced
to keep them* as'much; as possible "out of the city.
Are these women to be let.run the town as before?
We hope not. If there is notnow, the law necessary
to handle this question, there should be "one passed
by the city.- It is a sii'anie that the children auri
the deecnt, respectable Jadies of. the town should
have t'ohiinglewith these'loud,'boisterous,,low bred
degenerates., The store keepers .should.not cater to
them as some of them' used "to do before the fire.
What is the use of talking about having a decent
city if these women are to bo found in all"tlu*
stores in,the.afternoons, just when the general
shopping-is being, done by the respectable women.
Why should these women be alknved in the saloons
(they were in some of them last week.) Why
should they be allowed in our theatres and other
plaices qf amusement It only tends, to.keep others
away. The women from this district are unlawful. Why tolerate them at all? It is all very fine
to sny they have to be. They do not have to be
here.     Other places have absolutely done   away
vim them.   Why not Ferine?
-*   *   *   *
7 SOME CARELESSNESS has been exhibited in
the matter of having the electric wires hanging too '
low, where they cross the road between,here and
Coal Creek.'.   , A gentleman of West Fernie was
returning on horse back from Coal Creek one even-1
ingthis week, and was given:a very severe shaking-
up by'being caught under,the chin by'the wire.' It
might have resulted,seriously..,...Who is to blame-
-' IN REGARD to the curfew law that was in existence before the fire we would suggest tliat parent's .now. enforce the same.    The number of young'
girls that gfet out on the excuse of going to   the
moving.picture shows; and"'then prowl homeward
with some hoodlum' would'surprise some' of tbe
dear papas and mammas.,   *.
'' -.'',ui' '   ,;    ■ •'     ,••*, '•« -..»' .->''     .*'',-.,  •■'   ;•,,. *
", '.IN ADDITION to doing-the cooking, and"  the"
dishes, and the sewirig,, keeping the house straight,
and clean, and caring for tlie children, there is that
paramount task every.wife has of:trying.to   keep:
lierhusband from making a.fool of himself. Woman
—rpbpr-!-woman! ■    7 r"° '-' , ••  '-':''' -■  '„•       '''*•■
... EVERY OCCUPATION, seems easier, tlian. your
own, e-xcept taking care of the baby. » -'.
Mrs. Todd:
Is comfortably located at the corner of Prior
[-  and Victoria Avenues, and carries a complete
stock of
Millinery,  Furs,  Coats,, Skirts
Ladies'Underwear, Blouses
A full line of thc :
Canadian Pacific Annual
Eastern Canada
Baynes Lake 1(3 in prime condition
for skating, the surface being .like a
mirror. Jlany are contemplating a
good time on the runners. •'
Mr. and, Mrs.-. Walter Robertson of
Waldo spent a part of last week. In
Cranbrook, poing up in V.Hydo Baker's auto' and returning by' the' way
of Elko on C. P. R, .  .'.,,'
A number of deer were Bhot In,this
locality last week.     .'*.',
This Week's News,'"'""''
Mr, Fred Adolph left on Monday
morning oh a business, trip, and, -expects to bo gono several days.
Mr. and Mrs. David Hart entertained ii delegation of Waldo'friends on
Saturday evening. tt Skating *■ was
the order of, tho evening ris Baynes
Lake, was in primo condition for that
sport. The' skating party adjourned
to the houso at about 11,30 'where
refreshments woro .served,'-,,Thoy
then departed to thoir respective
homes aftor giving thoir Appropriate
camp yell,',   -    '    '■ '•■*' .'■*'■■■ •
Mr. Porclval Bailey nnd ,Mr. Arthur Barrott nro now nt worlc on their
new houso on lnnd purcliusod from
the Kootonny Rivor Lnnd Company,
.;■ Mr. Harry Barrett was flown to seo
his land'last Thursday nml"wan very
much pleased with our now settlement nnclcllmftto', ho said It was .the
Urst timo In sovornl days that hu had
Boon flun shlno. ,
Mr.'D. W. Hart loft on .Tuosilny
morning' for HoHmor and Fornio, mid
oxpoctu to bo Boiiu for sovoral duy«.
'Mrs. Johiifloii chmo up bull Saturday
to Join her husband who Is one of our
now uottloi'B, , ,.,,.
'It makes no difference'what you
were—it's what you are' to-day that
counts,"' .'''"' '
William Teirney of the Napanee .hotel, Fernie, was in, Elko this week
looking up.a fruit farm, that ,would
grow geraniums. ,,<,.,,..
. R..L. Browp of tho J, H.^Ashdown
Co. of Nelson was here this. week,.pedt
dling carpet tacks,' sknttj , screws,
stove boards and stem winding mouse
.traps, also Cap Carruthers, one of,tho
men you read about,and.only seldom
Boe. , Cap .is a great favorite. .with
tho ladles and has ono in every, port
be calls In. Ho is,,sure.,the He Lilly
when ho comes to Elko.. "Tho, fair-,
est of 10,000 .otc",      ' "
,On,account of tho death of W. S.
McEwon, proprietor of tho Hoffman
House, tho house was closed by orders of J. F. Armstrong of Cranbrook. ■    '
J, C Lewis and family moved Into
Elko from Jaftray • this * wool*;.        '
.*■ A, C. -Bownoss of Cranbrook was
in" Elko on  Monday peddling liquid
(Continued on page ono.),,
';   ;   ' ;*■    BLAIRMORE ' -'.
The cement, works have some good
substantial building's in the course of
erection. ■'' .The work will be rushed
in' the' spring, wlien the, company Is
in hopes of having the plant in operation by the lst of .May.
A small staff of men are,working
in the mliie'. ' ,, .  ,'
"      FRANK    .
C. Burrows, tho Frank miner, is in
training to box Sailor Woods of the
British navy at Coleman on or about
December. 16, Both men aro in tho
pink of condition, weighing'about 1-1G
pounds, This fight promises to be
ono of tho best bouts that ever took
plnco In the PaBS.
The staff of men in'the Frank mine
Is being gradually Increased. The
company Is doing a great deal of do
volopmont work,
Preparations aro being mndo at the
shaft''for conl to be taken out there,
and tho "outlook for this town Is vory
bright.      ' ' „     ',    '    '
The manager of the Canadian American Conl and Coko Company Is in
town, Largo contrncts have boen
taken and, big 'shipments of coal will
bo ln ordor In tbo near future,
Low Round Trip Rate's to
Ontario ";
, Quebec
* '- ';-anfl7"'
■• •'.    i
2 Thrdugh7Expre88
Trains Daily, -',.'
:, *fb^'-
Tickets on  Sale'
Dec, 1st to'.Dec. Slst,
inclusive, good to re-
tiu-h within 3 months '
Tickets issued iii connection tb  Atlantic'
Steamship   business
will bo "on sale Nov.
' 21st und limited to
./five ".months   'from
■"date of issue. '"• '
..Finest, Equipment.
•Standard First-class
^t21... ...I*. .»_•>, n.l_rPr4..».tui.	
Cars oh all Through
.-Trains; ■,   . ■ -.'-■'.'■.
The "TORONTO  EXPRESS", leaves Winnipeg daily" at>22.10,i
making coiincctiohs'at Toronto, for all points east or westU hereof.'
Apply-nearest C;P.J*. Agent for full'infdrinatioh ,'-..
. ' m.''   m*X 'mx
*' '   l*.     ""-,     1
I., Y, EckHtoln hnH Intlmntud lib*, Intention of running for'ninyor,' bnvlng
been requoHtf'd to do ho by a btrgo
deputation of rntopiiyoi'H,  „,
Dr. Hell of Crniihronlt wim a vlHltor
In town on ThurHday, IooIiIhk over
tlio h"oi*8o« cmployoil In tlio collloilcs
at Coal Creok,
. _ .rcrtNic	
TAKE* notice that tho Court of Re-,
vlklon will ill In the City Ottlta on
.Monday,-Dwrnnnr Jint/IDOR, nt 8 p.
m;( for tho purpoio of revlilnrt the
TOtMsVllM.  I ' '• ' -*'**'*'!      •'  .
12it Cliy d«rk
Misses Euler
Ladies' Coats, Skirts
and Waists
Christmas Novelties
We nlno entry H full line of
UAiett' nwl Chlliljt-ii'n Vndfr-
wear. Chlld-n'ii'N Ib-tirHkln tVmli*
«ih! H<*«i\i«,.ttc.     ,
■♦>»W«WMW1WU llJUtll-l-.W1^1 M»»tl"'l«".Ml»''l
* (OM fclt<» CAI-Ml^rlfiiivlil *
HnnM-n ht. bVinie, B. I'.
like Success
Dy nellinQ ooodi tt reaionable price* we made a
■uccen of builneis right from tha itart, and our atore li
daily,becoming more popular with sensible, and wideawake people who buy for caih. At the request of
many of our patrons we have also added a full line of
Groceries, You will find almost anything in that line
In the addition at the rear!
V'.'t   j.Jf  ««v'  *•« ■.nc I tin  nnn^m   In   Iflrn*  n!iintHI»i|  HrjM'
,frcim \be mnnufacturrrr, no nrr no'ii nhtf .e pW«* beHer
values than ever,     Goods marked In plain flflure**,
Terms Cmh, and one priee to al
'   !
Wc   beg to announce that, our
■ full display of Christmas goods aro
roady for your inspection.    Our
stock for artistic  merit, variety
„' and value, will bo better tean any-
. thing   that, wo  have   heretofore
attempted.   Early shopping is do-
• sired from a comfort standpoint,
and, as many artistic novelties cannot bo repeated, this, will aid you
in the oxolusivohess of your givings
Wo will bo pleased to lay aside for
you any article selected,
''•*^m?r§m£mfr_±_£_£m^_}-_t.mt.M>.m't glitmn.ms.
Kef oury   Bros.
01111*11114*1 u
vrf**mm*4* i if* *n tr*
Dry and Fancy  Goods,  Boots  and   Shoes
Gent's Furnishings, and Underwear
Headquarters for Choice Fruits, and Confectionery
Clonrs and Tobaccos, Books, Stationery, Notions, Nov
eltlei, Toys, Btc, corner of Victoria and Jaffray 8ts.
T. B. STRUTHERS, Proprietor.
Alberta Show
Case Works
.M'Uiiifiu-tiir.'rx   <>f       i
Calgary, Alta.
ThiiIi-ik ndtlri-Hhcil to tlio umttTi'Igii-
i*<l will bu rfci>lv«'il by tlm C'Hj* of l-'er-
ulo up to 12 o'clock noon on tho Iiiii
ilny of lk>comlii>r r.»0S, for llm Irmtnl-
Intlini of n *.'*in hnrm1 |io,v«t (Ihh I'rn
ilwcf-r IMniit on tho ronrlltlon Hint n
antlafflctury nrrnni;i>mt>nt will ho mn.lr*
by tbo toniloror wltli tlm Crow'a Kohi
J'afcn ElKtric UrJu nnd f'owcr Company for Hit* piir<*hf»m- of tliolr machinery now on IiiiihI.
A. A. 8IIANI.RY, Acting Clork
K<Tnlt», 11. C. 'ii'i.^ft^VAa'^'itottUiiOl'a*^ a}$~<M&r*^m.Xf&;^8piT^jy~i.-$}r^i^^ fiJ
THE   DISTRICT.. LEDGER,   FERNIE.  .8.  C.   DECEMBER   12,-1908
' '^-li0* ^ThW&ytiot^0the Greatest of Them. All; -,,
ii---,';:j"'-> '.'."7*5'.>" '-'   '"'-     "      '"''   '"
-"    '-In-'-keeping with the policy laid [down by the District, Ledger, of ^having
\tbo best'meclianical contrivances obtainable, in order to gl\;e.to;its.p*jtr6ns
"'the best possible results; a Mergenthaler Linotype Composing Machine   has
'''recently'been"adde'd" to the"mechanical equipments    It is of the very latest
-and-most approved-pattern, ftesh-from the. factory,, and -warrantedto. meet
the demands of this growing journal for years to come.     The machine has
thus far fulfilled the most sanguine expectations of the purchasers, and has
•l'ived-apto the promises-made-on its-behalf-by-the Canadian-sales agent.-Mr.-
Thomas Bland,-' of .Toronto.-';-. The-versatility .-.of .the- machine, is.demonstrated
'by-" ifs"■applicability to*vnewsi>'aper 'work;'- bbbV; Var^JoW-Vbrk',- or-for", the
'casting of borders, dashes, etc., a-fresh stock of Which can always' be procured from the machine.^ The Ledger is the first and only paper in this' district, where a linotype machine, is, in operation.     A description of .the workings may* prove-of s interest.   '"The. management .will be please^ to'have -subscribers'and patroi(s;oi the paper call' and. seefthis'wonderful' m&chin.e^at
work. •■ , „..'!,   - , ,     -.W
Years of-'contlnudus'>experiment^and':.the.-es*penditure;..of:a;g.reat amount
of' money were "required for the invention of the greatest type-setting machine,
which is called the "Mergenthaler Linotype."     The* word linotype' really.is
■a'coined.word, which means "line of type.". The Lintoype is conceded t$jbe
the most remarkable machine'ever-invented', and'is scarcely- second iii^im-.
.portance to the wonders wrought by electricity. Its invention and Introduction.hat-? worked a reyoiution-in ,the.printing.business: .The, Mergenthaler
Linotvpe marks the first and only successful departure from "the long-estpb-
, llshed" forms of type-composition. The keys serve to assemblej*. temporary
Hri'e of brass matrices made of brass, against which the slugs or "linotype-,"
ate cast in type metal. {%
'■.'". The Linotype is a single machine, operated by.one man,,producing .aha
'single ope'tatloh -the finished*' prcduct-dire'ctly ,in .response' to tclie'r.opora^lon
pi tho-keyboard. It composes* matter more readily and more nccui,4t'e,ly.
'than can be done iu eny- other manner; it does syvay with .wqnr;n.nJ battered
'type and always gives if new' clean/dre'ss. 'The Iiinotype is-known to-day^ll
■ over the world, and is used in almost every newspaper office ih the wor^d'
I.Rere being over 13,000 in daily operation,*which have been built.by the Mer-,
.genthaler "■Linotype Company. Outside of the-newspaper-offices ■the^nachlue
'is used extensively in book and job offices where the highest class of composition is required.     The Linotype is guaranteed.,to be capable of setting
'   'G.COO ems of solid nonpariel (26-ems-constitute" a line one column wide)M>pr
■ hour, and this output is. widely .obtained.by first class7qperatpi:s. in comi^er-
=cial offices every day'. Two of the most recent 'records , were made c-* by
,',Mr.-Nichols;of-the.Salt-Lake Herald, and Fred. -Koelle; of Hh^-Philadel-Qhia
Enquirer.''  Mr.' Nichols record -,was 1061300' ems^of*corr^
"average of'"13,287 ems'per .hoVCJ^
r''pr"dfeate'':fn"''tw^ '■'fhe,'firs£'^
^office of the New"York Tribune in July 1886, and the equipment was. grad-
defensible' one.
7 -
 JjRtns^ayfor D
.-.—--" -" manl~df-.Party"="—
dually" added to uhtil.-a battery of thirty:,five machines.was obtained."-^. Spriic
'■of these oldest m^chihes7ai:e'.'ih kctivg "operatlopVto^
v:as good product as the day they were put in., ^.
•^ ;
- ■.,-.-;
■ to \
jr • f
w-4  ,
■*■--, **
*y- i
v : i
,,             .
*-'," J
' M
ft/   ;
IS     i
t;,\\ I
- tm
'"K '.
"/k '
*»   '. (
. i
■   Lincoln, SebL,'D9C.\il.^\yHliam Jen;
uing's Bryan in: the^current! number of
The Commoner devotes his leading article to "The Growth of Socialism."
His ppsition is that'Socialism is bad,
that the;Socialists should have'joined
with .the Democrats to. ge.t reform,.bin
that now since'^.the Democracy'.is utterly-' defeated, 'Socialism is going ' to
gi'ow iiiitil 'If compels'' the reforms that
the Democrats'desired:*'  Bryan says*..'
."The return's,so far'tabulated indicate,thnt the growth of Socialism has
not been so rapid during the last four
years ns''durhig;ithe..foui*'years' preceding.'' Several causes liave beeii given
for. this retnrded' growth. * Pirst^'some
Democrat's .-who .yoted the;Socialist ti'c-'
ket;four.,years ago* voted Democratic
tickets' this year. -: 'Secondly! ^President Roosevelt has stimulated .'thei- re-'
form element in his party to hope for
remedial legislation ..from; the. Repub-.
lican. party!-    Mr.,, Taft's. nomination
wa's heralded* as'a triumph for    the
progressives, and doubtless held witli-
iri, the' Republican" party many1 who'
would have: deserted it had'lthe'rcac-
llbnary'.elenieiit selected' the, nominee'
Third,'the active",support,-given 'by
the liabbr leaders io the Democratic
I ick'et* fended tb'reduceto a* minimum
the Socialist gains from the ranks of
Labor. **.,   There , were  other, reasons,
but these.have,'been"mentioned as the
.riost influential.'     '',','■ °,   .   ' ,.
of Socialism, and that' is why these'
leaders were anxious for;the defeat of
the Democratic ticket' .This desire
to' get rid of .the Democratic, party was.
a" very natural 'one;..although?'hardly^a
,.„._.-,        .       yy^-y    y
i      'V  *  •*      ■"■■
Should-Join'Democrats?, b'-rw
However confident;the' Socialist may
be that-worse conditions -will ^-'hasten
the -adoption-of- Socialism - he-takes-• a-
great risk .when he helps to m-jke-con-
ditions.worse!,for lietlius becomes re-"
sponsible f6rv"the",e\ilsI'tliat" follow1
without being certain'of* his-ability-to
correct those evils. It is like one man
killing another on the theory that he
.can afterwards restore.-,his life/; It is,
better to' try' the theory on .a'-'dead
7.'-.-? r'the-iName<of
Black Wakh
""Ofi a Tag oh:a Plugof"
"Black Chewing Tobacco
'■- -'Stands tor Onalltyr
. 2273
Now doing business.:at"
the    Palace
KC '
yji     .-.^, y
Drug Store.
B. C.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
—4,.'.'i—-v,r,„ FeV-hie;- B:' C""
1 *
'    FERNIE.
..■--ti-' .*•   i
man than to become' responsible for
the. taking of a life, arid so-the-Socialists might more wisely have joined
the Democratic - party in •. order, to 1 get
what reforms are possible.,,^., ...
" But, 'taking conditions, as we,find
them, the Democratic party "stands as
the only logical and intelligent' chajn-
piori of individualism/ for (it not-- only
defends individualism,, but. seeks.; to,
strengthen it by freeing it .from , the
odium that'the'abuses tolerated by
the Republican leaders'have cast"up-"
on it!';'     7;'.       '"'■'■ '    ■•:■■' ''■■'■''
• .Socialism Is'Rejected''   '••
The Democratic party, can not';'adopt i the-, Socialist program;  it; cannot
accept the, remedy -, which Socialism
a-.trip to
" Are you contemplating
Th'e~0rient" * ""•• vf      "•
• ''■',*Honolulu -'•'■•''_   ' '  •'
' Australia'
• ii •-, i.i .'**..■ ■■ 7 ,'•-:.■:■ ,"■■   .-*■■'■
...''.'•   *,   ,,. .-   New Zealand
Are you' contemplating.a trip'to
,. i:-,.T. ,-.*• .-.    .-■:   ii ,.y.       ■   ■ . *
, , .        CALIFORNIA, .
,    '.Or-any Paciflc Coast,Point?,
Or,,ls it nitrip'.tp ., ..(   , ._;, ,
W. |R..iR6s's^K.'C.," , J.S.t! Alexander.
" ''ROSS & ALEXANDER:'" '-^
Barristers and Solicitors.   ,~
Fernie, B. C.
--T ThiB illustration ohowtt'the 'i'imagazine"vbeYngl'removed to give place;-;;-.''
;,' to another.      T Mis' I s t Ho J"lVI o*d <> I 'Five'Wiachlne, the Bame as Is in-,.-.*
ope-ratlon In the compoBlng
,'•'.    ... Socialists are to .Gain ■   .;
"Now .what is the future.of Social-,
ism?    The' small-vote cast.by the In-,
dependent party. and ,by the Populist'
party is apt to turn men from both' of
these parties to the Socialist party.
The defeat of the. Democratic, ticket is
likely .to, discourage some,of the,-De
.niocr'atic laboring" men and turn them
towards tlie 'Socialist party." 'Some; of
the' Democrats;1, not- laboring'm'eii,''may
betwealtened-,iriiialthV*ahd made';susceptible to the arguments of the Socialists but-much depends" upon    the
character, of Mr. Taft's'administration
a*clWa,shinkt6n:i!'\'':i;:',"J'' ''■'■'■ '/''■ ]
The argument's.pre'sen'ted'in'his be-
ready to put.^on-the-.president's man:
tie—the- president continually offered
HimJ*io:itlie\'ipartyV'as'lthe oiily. "man", _ to
continue,' to complete ana*  to".clinch
tlie reforms iipoii" which' he, the presi-
:;dent!""iia'd" entered!",'' Iii tlie east. Mr.
Taft was' represented 'as -W quiet',' and
amiable candidate wlio, woulil" restore
peace' iri the: business' centre's! arid as
Mr.. Rockefeller jut it, avoid1 "rash ex-
perimerits"" iri Tegislation.     Mr. Taft
cannot satisfy'both''sides.     He   may
make,an:attompt'at reforms'but he is
quite sure to be thwarted,by tbe stand-;
pat eloment-of his party,'and his" fait'
ure: to .accomplish' anything1 in  the
interests of tho people—if '• he'fiills—
will1 surely- Increase the"strength*'of
tho SociallBtfl.'    ; •    '"'
presents. ' The Democratic remedy is
more neariy'in accord: i/iiii the plan
upon which * the .universe was ' constructed. ',;   '     ,. .     ;l,-,. •'  -.   ••   ■-- '' '.,!
., The Maker of. the .world might have
supplied us with''food,, clothing ,and.
shelter without" requiring labor on our
part.ibutiHe.didi not. He'gave'tis the
rich resources.of nature;'but arranged
that, pur rewards should'be-, in; proportion "to our intelligence and oiir^indus-
try.' " Miglit1 has. overturned the law
in some Hcases,' cunning ;has perverted
i^,lri .others, and government has some
.times.suspended"'it, biit it-should. be
the. aim of "the social, man to..i;estore
this*' law' arid make it operative.
■ ! ,,,     ,- ,,', j    >:.!;,•  --I--   l ■  '' I    '■''■■
.Must Keep Competition ,.
'Man'cannot adjust the rewards of
society as -impartially or as equitably
as-they'can beadjusted by .competition where competition is free.. ■ • Man
has( not the,-intelligence to, parcel out
..the'1 world's' work by'legislative act or
' by-' bomniissi6h',; rioi* 'have'!th'b'se 'iri'po-'
. w'er, the disinterestedness-necessary-,to
•ri/wise .distribution;of• the work,to Ibe.
done.     Where competiiori. is-imposs-
liu jii1:,!'",,! 4 -u ,,, ;, -a,)! >.l ..;.:..
(ible a government ^monopoly is necessary, liu't wlier'e indiviilual competition'
is necessary and possible','/c6mpetrtibri'
Hsi.betteiv'than any government, owher-
-shjpj4,■„.../..*_ . .!',,: .,..;;, ...ii..,,-,'.».; ,,
.'The-Republicans may boast of their
Winnipeg  ,
:• .!.'.- St.,Paul,,, ■;
* , °'Chicago')
Detroit. ,/ ..   ',,,
- ,,■ Toronto      \
\ ('Montreal
•=■  .-   -j»ijL\.»i-> jiii..y-.i   *r
\'.t inr-'ii'iv
Mariufacturers of and Deal-
  ■. "" •» ,    , ■-' ■
-.;''.':.i! '.-i'.'I' .-  ;.." :.■>.*  ■ -t'.-- ,' ?' ■
.   ers in all kinds of Rough, v
and Dressed Lumber
'New York
•!■!   Si     ■:■'-.   .
Or'any European point thought of.'-
Tho; line Is equipped with unexcelled "first class; cloaches;' t'bii'rip'i"' arid
diriirig' cars,
standard sleepers; and
coupled with' safety,'speed andcom-
'fort!! ^''^" ■ ;"!--' '}^y   i';*«'M;
For folders and complete information* apply ■ to"R. Reading;.Agent, Fernie.;;" 'yi-:i'' ■...,.- ,.".>'■. !'i :-.'.. ut--  :
,   , J. E. Prcctor,
•     i.'H,.'     I>'.' .        -'   ,-  il'' •  ' ,'..  . /   '      ', I    .
. '-       ,     Districc, Pft-sseiigei* Agt
' Calgary,',' AlVa."
Fernie, B; C.
F..C.k Lawe
Alex. I.-Fisher
,.    ATTORNEYS.,.
..   Fernie, B. C. ;,
Send us" your orders
Cumber  Dealer
|l l
Secretaries of Local Unions
'--'DISTRICT 18 U.-'m^wV OF1 A.
'''■ BANKHEAD, >No.s29
pell.   .
,*s i '.>■! 7i    n'.-'-'/'i-   s : '•
James" Fisher
.....    .-if   i
B. C.
All kinds'of rough and dressed lumber
Victoria, Ave.
North Ferrti
.'/.  . .   vW. A. ;C0NNELL.'   ■■ ■■/-.'
Pioneer- Builder and Cotractor of'
- .  Fernie    ,  .'.'.,   ij( -.,
431. Fred
■,;-..,•  >•!(■*"(
.   CANMORE, No.
ii-.i-.i   '>! (■.:■';'   :;,.*:'
non. ... .,   .., '   .
'i , '■!■■■*, ■■.** :;■■■-.
l:'l   AH-'. •     '■   -'!.■•    1-    '
ham.      ..   ,   *•
;. ,C,ARBONA.pp,
A.' J.'Mckiri-
'/'.■i '. tt  •-,>!„,
'   ■. i
2633: William Gra:
No"!- 2688: James,He-
nlng room, of the Ledger.
.-'V When the slugs! or'"iinotypes" are'nssdmblod' alde.'by side they:constitute a "form" composed1 of ordinary'typo and ■ adapted' to bo used in tho
same manner. .After tho BlugB< havo boen .used, they .are returned to tho
melting pot to bo recast Into' othor lines, thus dol'iK away- with the old stylo
of" distribution. Tho machjno, contains,^ largo, number of. small brass
matrices, 11-00 to bo" exact. Thero Is n combination of teeth on the upper
part of each mutrice, similar to tho Yalo'.lock ldca,-ln ordor that tho matrices after paBHlng'through tho tllstrlbutbrib'oxand.on'to tho distributor bar,
may drop Into their proper channels; this!makes lt. Impossible for a lower
case "t" to drop Into tho lower, chho "b". channel, and so on. Whon a key
is touched, a matrix bearing tho corresponding character .Instantly appearo
In tho aHRomblor, although In tho meantime n dozen comploto and different
niotlonH of cams, kby.rodH, oBCiipments, etc.'havo boon mado, Tho keyboard
Is admittedly tho finest In oxlstonco, and Is oporatod by tho morost pressure
ou tho keys, -
Tho mutrlcoB nro usKembled ono by one, and whenever a spaco is do-
airnrt Dm oporalor touchim tho spneo bar, which reloasos a Bpaco band, which
l»'n wedgo Bhapod affair, and JUBtles tlio, width of tho lino automatically.
Aftfir tho lino Ib iiBsomblod tho olovator containing tho matrlcoB is raised
whon tho lino pbbhob nutomatlciilly to tho loft to tho casting mochanlim,
to bo Jimtinod to U« proper, width nnd thon cnBt, Aftor tho cnBt In mado tho
natrlcuH   nnd apacebandi nro raised to u hlghor point, on'llio machlno, and
pnfiH to tho traiiRfor at which point tho mntrlceB and HpacobBiiilH are Bopar-
ttlod, thn former bolng ralsod to tlio distributor box and tho latter being carried to tlio rlRht to lho Bpacoband box to be UBod ri(?alii In thoir rogular turn.
•   Klthor a ninck Lottor or a Uoiiiiiii enn bn obtalnod by tho oporation of
a'Ulilft Uoy AND WITHOUT nny dolny or Annoyance. Tho accompanying out
showH a lnudlng feature of thu Model fi machlno. Ono sot of matrlcuH can lie
ronovod and un ontlroly rtlfforont Htylo put on, In Ions than a minute's time.
Tlio width of the Him, (technically the "body") nlno tho length ran be alter-
od In iilmoHt the Hamo length of timo, no that nn oporotor hft« at IiIh command un «a»orimcnt of type and measures whfcb mako the composlilon of
'various hi mis of work easy, fn«t nnd aeenrato.    Nnnrly inoo hluh grade por«
lodlciilH nro H«*t on the Llnotypo, among thorn being Ilarpois' Mugaxino, liar-
pe'r'H nn«inr, Ontury, Munsey's, Iron Ago. Now England Magaalno, Bonder,
Bystein, Bugliiccrlng Rocord, nroadway M«m»li»». Hwroailon, Inliind _Primer,
Craflvmnii, «'ti;,
A fow of thn Inrge Linotype plants In tho HtntoB nro: Clnv-irnraeiit print-
. i i        *    **,   ,,'   i'r..i.   itf.r<il,l    "1   M'i(<l'lni,l>'
- HIK oilim »u tmuut,~Uitihttt..ti,   »i.»>.. ...>..>,   .•   "    •   • ••   ••■■-.     (
' .NVu* Yui\ iYi'i'h\ CI mnrl.lucr-* S'cv.* Vnvk .lournnl, Ml marhiTi».iivnth<*r'nowB.
pftpfirH owned by W. It. I learnt, 110 mnrhln»s*, HoHton niobe fil;    Chlcnun
■Dally Nowh, r,0; Iloston Herald. Hi Chicago" Tribune'«5 Brooklyn   Dally
Englo, IS; PMlfldf'lphla'Knniilror !R, '       '
, . .i     i i.. .,,...„ „.nn ft*'•■'•"""• Mci'rri.nHifilfti'  n Onrmnn rlnrk-
maker. It hns been Mated mnny times that he dlod hi poverty while oiliors
roaped the reward of Mb genius; but thla Is not a fact, as Mergenthaler died
a millionaire In 1609, nnd his family royalties hnvo imvor boon Iobh thnn
160,000 a year slnro Dm timo, Ottninr Mergenthnlor was a genius, and
every linotype men glories In It. He created one of the wonders of tho
' wofM,1 The Linotype to-day Is far different from tho machlno turned out by
the inventor, Philip Dodge and John ll. llogors being tho raoa ri'spoiiBlblo (for
•mf.nr of D\e marked improvements.    ' » '        '
It lakes one quartrr hor*e power to operate ft Linotype.
Tbe distributor will distribute 270 matrices por minute.
There are In tbe neighborhood of 300 patents on the Linotype and Its
Improvements. _ .,.       .
There are over 13.000 American built Linotypes In dally use Uiroughout
tha world.
.The price cornea high—vory high—but wh«**n you have a Mnrgenthsler
Linotype, especially the Model fi, yew possess a REAL LlMOTVPI.
Honest, but .Mistaken
' .''Tlie.'Socialis't, .as"the ,'Commbnor
v'olwB ,iilni,', Is an hbriost anil earnost
mail, but' a' mistaken man., Seeing
abuses that flight .to" bo corrected ho
seeks toi'overturn tho ontli'o' industrial
system., That,thoro is injustice, In
tho distribution ot the rewards of labor no ono can deny,, and, starting at
this admitted, injustice, thoso known'
abuses, whicli oven Mr. Tnft cbnceiloB,
tlio Sociailst riiakoB thorn tlio basis of
his protest against.Individualism. Tho
scientific Socialist, prosentB a now systom .which lio, would substitute for individualism,
"Thoro Is no doubt that tho theory
of Socialism appeals to a Bontlmont,
and yet tho proposed system will not
stand.tho tost of,analysis or roason,
Tho Socialist'Is nfl much mlBtakonln
Broking to destroy compVtiiloria*) tho
parent wlio lmagl'iba thnt his child
can bo mado strongor nnd hotter by
relieving him of tho struggle that Iiiih
dovolopod his fathor.    In llio earners
of tbo sons of tho rich'wo find orio
of tho strongest arguments against tho
elimination of competition,    Chlldron
fall In ambition, In energy nnd In both
physical nnd muntnl strength    when
tlio spur of necessity is removed. This
Is not nlwciyi. truo but It Is tho rtilo
rathor thnn tho exception lu tho homo
whoro great wealth has had a   free
Turned by Hopelessnsss
"Aside from thoso who nro drnwn
to Socialism by sentimental nrgum-
n«,t*» thoro nrn Minnr. who hnvo turned
to It hemline, pnrsonnl oxparlonce hr«s
onil-Hton-d thorn against the pn-„oi*r,
iyfltcm—thoso who fool that tho struggle In hopeless undor the present conditions,
Tho HppHbllfsn party by crentlnK
rnuscs, by falling to remedy them, and
hy defending the principles end tho
practices of privato monopoly, hns
fostered and ecnouragod Socialism--
pot Intentionally, but actually. Tlio
Democratic party Is seeking to remedy
and remove the Hi-uses which bun ul*
von to the Socialist bis argument.
It Is seeking and trying to reeto-i-
and protect competition. It belie vei
that competition Is necesssry to Industrial progress and It Is trying to
mako' that compolltlon fair arid Juif.
The Socialist leaders have very properly regarded the Democratic parly
as t he: greatest'Obstacle lu the way
victoryl-but--they--have;-.a.-more .formidable opponent than the Democratic
y-rf*.     \ ■  1"i  • t     t'\ /  > { u e f,        J'-.   s;    \ trr
party tb,'>contend-!witli.'*j,';ThVy !h'ave
;tfie\niT'esistlble-'-fdrcis of society to
contend with. ...If the Republican lead1
ers are deaf to the petitions..of those
i '      r., ,..' ......    ■     i. ',.     '»
who feel the grievances of. the present Injustices, tlie remonstrance.' .will
grow until the threat of punishment
"will force the government td'giye need
—Just as tli'e'Populist'pal;ty'grow'until"'it compelled eoi'isid'eratiori'of tiie
abuses that led to Its'organization, so
the'* Socialist', party ■will*"grbw until it
!forces the' government'to" look' into
wrongs complained'of and'apply*'the
remedy, •'■■•■y '<<■' •   ■ ' '■ •','-""'   '"''
1 iA- Democratic victory; would'' havo
'brought the-reforms•'earlier|but even
•a Republican victory; can iio't| periri'ah-
ontly iprovorit'them;'1 !* '■  '■'■''-"   '
■''  '        Will' Force Reforms'!i  ' '" .
Tho Socialists', "acting witl7 "tho
Democrats, might hnve'liaste'riod"these
rofornifl, but tho* -Socialists alone'will
still'exert1 duMnflubrico' In forcing" a
more'careful consideration of ' tlio
groat economic' quoBtlon that     has
voxod tho world from tho beginning—
namely,,tho equitable -distribution   of
tho Joint product of human toll—n distribution which will glvo to each individual, a shnro proportionate to his
contribution to tho  wolfaro, of   the
"NoTmsT:"!" G7 'H.'" "Gib;
M. A. KERR & CO.
E. A.Jvmnniei'
, L. O. Kummer
Builders and Contractors
1 Builders -and Contractors'.'
"   ..I'.*   4 '■
■Estimates Furnished. •
..     .'-.,-- i...P'-''-t        -).,        t."4 .-,.('-.
SOn.''.'i' 'i :■■:■'.'. ' -l> ■-■'•   ■-/■"■ !'   -<■ -t'O.'-i
' "DIAMOND cii'Y, No: 258?:'; George
i   '.'•!'' ■ t>'-. i:' '•)' -'i,   ,- ,   '■.'i','".      '.'"    *-r;
Prescott.     - , -
EDMONTON CITY, NTo.r2540:: J. Hi
Crowe.'   • '■-'''    :;r I '•'• '■' *'i   '"■'•! ■'■'
:: ,i.'    ,     ; ■',' ..,.,-..    ,.', .- -,!.,','..
' FERNIE, No. 2314: "Thos. .Biggs...
FRANK, No. 1263:. Walter * Wrig-
ley/.' '";   ;■ "*; ; ''''■ i;"','*'";1" ;' '* ._
HOSMER,, No. 2497:, J.'. D: " Both-
• Wick.;- ,    -■(•!.; /    -,   ...      ;■
.   HILLCRE8T-, No, 1085: Harry Coo-
■:. ;,■. • ,     .'.i < • 4 ■•    i
Per.   ."
,'i ;)„.   .'.      ,:iu\.   :'■:. i-     :•'.'.   '•."■  ■■'"        •
,., LETHBRIDGE, No.t, 574: (Charles
Peacock.,;,. • ■*......     ■■,-.: i"-.'-;
' tlLLE,' No, 1233: J1.' T." Griffith,"
li  '   ■;   • '.'.   I!',:-.1      ..(''■ii   .il   -'I ■■'  '■ ■<--' '
2275 — J.. D.
We did? 'We'are''firing away, at the
ji*:; ■v».--.!i(,i'-*jji .:.) .-: -;- ,^j ,  ...,i,,.w ...
Estimates Furnished
sf'bld' business
- .   .:":ai,berta-;(;1;.
{ ,.   -r, ....     ;>-..'     /.-'■■■■ •''■-_   "":r ''
Team Work and Draying
Dealers „in Wn'gons.^ Sleiglw,.;„-P,V«U)
Carts, Spring Rigs and Harness >
Bpiii'd und Room, '$20.00 per month
11.    ■ :* ■ALL-WHITE*' HELP    ■ :
u<- .j
The Alberta-conference of tho Bro
thorhood of St. Andrew will ho hold'in
Edmonton from Fobruary 18th to the
21st inclusive, 1000..   This will   bo
tho socond annual conference:to   bo
hold In Alborta, the first wiih hold at
Calgary liiat fall find was vory.    successful,     Tho local chapters having
nsBiimod tho responsibility for   tlio
hiiocobh of thiB forthcoming   confer-
onco, aro now'-lasulng prollmlimry not-
Icoh to all chaptoi-B In tho province;
and will bo glad to hoar from nnyono
IntoroBtod.     All communlcatloiw, —
whothor containing BUggoBtloiiH or on*
(|iilrloB, will ho gratefully received by
tho secretary, IX, S, Young, Imperial
hank, Kdmonton.,    tt Is   hoped that
nil IntoroHtod In llrothorhood'' work
will tako anactlvo part In InHiirln'g
tho BticcoBB of tho conforonco,   and
IniHt, that, all chapters of tho dlocoBi*
will ho roproflontml,
Smith!   >..'   ,-.!.■, - ,•	
' '•WilCHEL', '.No.' 2834: Charles ' Gar-
nori'''       '  ,
• l       11 *^ .'    , i        , ■    '     • '   *J'     .      *
MAPLE LEAF, No. 2829:.H. Blako.
itfERRITtVNo; 2027:  Thomfls ,Cal-
METFORD, No. 2608: John Curran.
Dupon, Dox 406, Lothbrldgo.    '„.    ' 1
ROCHE PERCEE (Sask) No. 2672:
Lnchlan McQuarrlo.
TABER, No. 102: Joshua Craig.
TABER, No. 1050: Wm.-White.
TAYLORToti, (8a»k.) No. 2048:-—
Lachlan McQuarrlo.
TAYLORTON, (Saik.) No. 2510:—
Jos. TwlBt.
TA8KER, N. D., No. 2803:— J, 13.
WOODPECKER, No. 2200: William
/,.;■,•     '-M—« -•- --l|"    'j        '
!...   ,, ,i,,,-!  ,,-;,   vli .. ' vr- .    -•" ' ••• '■''■'.
Mra. ncslcaurcs, Prop.
'•...-   .«..* i'l •■■*■ ''"■ ■.i"!'ii'
• - >   *  ...,   ''''  ' ■
''      Ma,clcocli Alta.7
0. N. ROSS, .Manager
Stoves I
J. B, ROGERS, Prop.
Drop.In niul Hcome
The softHon for coughs and colds Ih
now at hand and too much caro cannot be usr-d to protect tho chlldron. A
child Is much more likely to contract
diphtheria or acarlet fever when ho
has a cold. Tho quicker yon euro hlfl
cold tho Iubb lho risk. ' Chamborlaln'a
Cough Remedy Is tho solo reliance oi
many mothera, and fow of thoae who
hnve trtnrt It ar« willing to use av»y
other. Mra. P. P. 8tarchbi* of'Wploy
W. Va., lays: "I have never used anything other than Cha-mberlaln'a,Cough
Remedy for my children and It has al-
waya glv«»n'Koo<J aatlifactton." This
reaiody cohtal-h's no' opium or othor
narcotic and may be confidently gicen
«o a child or an adult. For aale by
all draggiata. -.-
Il-r-r-r! b-b-r!
Tlio pedestrian pauBcd at tho Inter-
auction of two'biiay'croBH btroots.  '
Ho looked about, An automobile wna
rustling «l nun Jioiu oitii liiKciJu,., ,.
iMliswyuK' tivtii *»it«l3H-r, un nuto-
tiuck wob coming from behind and a
taxlcah was «peodlly approaching.
ZIp-jlp! "*.■'.
Ilo looked up and Baw that directly
ship in descent.
There wns but one chance, Mo waa
standing upon a manholo cover. Quickly solxlng It he lifted tho lid and
Jumped into tho hole Just In time tu
Ik. run over by a subway train.—Cleveland Wain Dealer.
Rinman Kaminski Co.
For your mipply of
Groceries, Dry Ooodn
Boots and Shoes
We have' the,'cheapest' and'
best Hrie of Ranges, kitchen
', Stoves and .Heaters.., , ,
,1  ,       I..     4  ,,l  ,,.',      I    T,    ,     ,     ,    '.    '        .    I  .
New and Second-Hand Goods
Painter and Decorator
Hosmer, B, C,
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Oive mo a cliniioo on your work
"During tho aummer of 10O3-! wa'»
tronwled -with -maaeularpalna In the
Inatep of my foot," aay* Mr. 8. Pedlar
of Tovouio, Out. ' "At tltiica It wab
ao painful T could hardly walk. Chart-
wm-ui|y jl l i i^wiimmBMemmm^^m^m
-iryrieeA* Craeerien. KentnntxA Shoe*
OenU* Furnlihlngi
berlaln'a Pain Balm waa recommended
to me ao I tried It and waa completely
cured, by one amall bottle.' -,! have
alnce Tectftntaended lt to ae-ver-a! ■ ot
ray frfend* nil nf whom tnenir hlffhlr
of tu"   for tale by all drugglita.
R.   Addison
Blairmore, Alta.
Funeral Director
and ^Undertaker , by mrs. c. it'. Williamson
Authors!, of "The P'rlncoM Pint,," "The LIB
eoiW(wt«S" ii*.,f»t     hi"
d the blank
it wlirtih^ifi-orifftoEf iwtw.htha two
luttnliwil wlndowa. tfrom ths room
thrunrHBnUT vho. aoeoHlinu to tha
heuwkaepar, had fill quartan then,
wai ulwndy at work    II wai mow
pBHtbls (or her to laek H while the
ortrnanlor wn** at work Ahogathm the
vM* exploring expedition al* not
FriM tan mlnvM. and aha   8}«»
- *    **ton   eintx   tKntlt-ni,
un  uiw iiiwii—.tu  w- -  .  OaoOlJit-
-ABon kept in rspaliv -whlla the
mm hnd boon nugleptod, and Ian
uftlnlutbltnblor Wan to 19m-M
Mt owuweM ln any W W» *•
itBry ol tho lowar, or■ wra* It job«mij-
life gUt aloryf Bba AwM*,*"*
without manflonlna lior oxiwflfflwea
iih -Ahloli ulio Btllr
Imaglnud a wn uowu ao wonderful m
■vlth battuj
imall altf.
EliPStU wrote a latter or two (Km
| Gotttkte-ag'a '
ii* made
nSWtras fflraltomflnt, whloh KM J«-
inind nlhn Itaa dlminUhid itoM
ralsnlB.'bttl Ultra »»» w ™M*
lcuhor (tain Sho Ul thnt. It ■»
ooulit only put hor hnnd   upon   ono
Breakfast   mas   hurried   over
b3». King to Mr Modo««n,l
ank a, nn excuse she bogon by aeWng
Mr. \mWt«ir,tBi»18E«ni»ke->jme-
Httle ohanses in the nrrnngemont pi 1
"fft1! bl... > < henrt, a» djffi"
.eld tfi Mel* od v,em«n, "you
eon do just no yon like lu your own
HrtMS I hopo you're quite happy
aSS* I «eut up 0» WW* *> «*
how yon lot on je.teiduy •»»»»»•
!th her room   "It'B good enough tor
'dnehne, eo It would SLi^C-S
I   shouldn't   bo   entiefled."   Bhe
ighed    ''But I do »»ndet »hy It
tie onlji room in, the to»m wi eh
tto've nuule hehlteble   ™ereie*;eh
nMvoly yiew ten there, •»* M;
Te«ti1 uould obleot to the ghoet rtw-
1   Buwlyftbo omployeB  would  be
fit "n!S* w-oSlAhPtSable 'tod
ee otlputting the other rooms in
* I BU-pneBe.'. replied the houBO-
keener, "a-eelng_ thnt thai eouldn t
3y«ell be oltered to gueels The
enZnbuve your. hn. the root 'alien
ir? ou it. wntoh wob the reason the
o&rB-werefbloeked V. '"J"" ***■*»»
,&*. the wholo upper story   But you
iv. Won don. t« topnlr iour quar-
tors, elthor. lur the .nilio ronfon, «tld
hot™ ihlfs,* mm ".*»,§
1 thero. efceft to U*. J" ' ,,£* ™*ffi
hits ol turilltura to udd tt lttUo to the
"'"oBoV'old IMI I,oely>«ln to occupy
my room then rnnhed BUpeth,
Kothtiis «ae orw-ANad them, Whon
SBrSSOwan took ohiirsa oi avary-
sut elsewlioro, but U16 A"*a
Emg end pi
Count-mi*, with her (Mo'iimtlng
rtll 0( ihe "r" "You muat tell ml
about vounalt I would father h-mr
you tnlk than write more latter* "
Klipaln demun-ad ai tint on tha
plea ot waiting limn, but the Coum
test lraiifthed. and anld aha lound 1*)
pefiploiiiiioh at Wny both were So
the iilrl waa drawn Into talk about
hanelt, na iho had been by John
KtJhrHii. Uiouuh ta a vurv tjlfletont
IiH^'B kn-irtmit'rJhV'WB dolS
to dlaouas tho people aha hud met Ch
the hotel,
, tTha- Counteis waa anthflitftaUff -in
praise ot Lad) Hllai-j Lambart, bu*4
did net llko-the* mother; and Elspeth
.wna only just prudent cnou-ih not
to eKolalm, "Nulthor do II" Ho*;
aver^ bur men must hnve been ex-
though - you nrg too wise to nay no
in words. You nre only, a yoxmt girl,
^■Mte-oTMiar'-flw'tftia-e you hnve a
remarkable insight Into human nature. It is a groat silt. What a pity
men have- not bo* it, vwhei*8: women
are oonearned! Aod tha nJcor tha
man's .mind, the lass ho seem** to
know of uomon Tharo'a Hood Mr.
Kanrltli, tor inatauoo t have A
even met Mm yet, but I hnvo o*
and already t see that Lady Lamt
Intends ^jmarry him."
"I hope ihe won'tP exclaimed Bl»-|
peth, lured out. of her. ptudeiice.
"So do I, tor hiB sake, thouah I do
nob know him They say she ia hor-
ridl-,' $q£t and in debt. It ia hia
mode-, she thinks ot, for he is
soi* of ffiai-^a,'^lA4GEffiH5P". _ _
it fleams, you are1 helpina. him with
aatd Sl^Wi
"Jt ia a pit-rV-But perhaps yon ate
too young to undertake such a diplomatic miasion. By and by I Bhnll
kUtfi, blra, perhapB, find then I will
try to do it so oleverl) thai he will
nol even hany It has been done Only,
.unfortunAteiy. rtear ho -tuw been in
lome manner preiudiced agaiUHt me.
Jle looks al me with cold bj-Js, whloh
9o ffiit^*^ao*WBV,"*Sri-l*iit all, and-
t am not quite used to that"
"I should'-, think-not, * ElSpeth replied
^"•Do, i! y&tt oare, opeak kindly o!
(nt to the. gentleman I (ahoy your
opinion—you are no young Mid frank
—would Have weight with a inajijlka
MK fSrirSfi. PerKaps he thinks I
grudge lilm the Una diamond which
fina onoft-lh-my daadyhuebSnd'w family, but •! don't t nm Bind for him
t^W ItTfSr rB'Ml6^*^K6TrWhg&id
man, But lulimild dourly lov-j io
know If.Hie dtanutid' Is na boautttul
THtf BiWcf i&tmtit KKt^r^jbi y'gjtffiy^JSjajJw
. oan. dare to tallj
mars mu jauSr* 7 (li
"I tljbushj yeu mte aelng to lw
nifl'MiOtH BKWftftt., Ple^aeil B*
palU. "Thli aonvematlofi h ffluSh
more wearying, alter a bad nlehl, lh«i
attending to m MeQowan'I aotrtfc
pmidenae I've a haafnoha, nfid-ttrfa
I'm worried about lots of things
"You need nevor worry about any-
thine after thla If you'll truat yoiu-
bpH \o ma, and do as 1 nm Bolng to
imk you to do, prertntly Pifst of all
I wont you to promiso thij* y***" "111
ho ifty me, by and hy "
"Oh, I ooultm'H'' on«d llapalh,"'
am not at all to. lava with you. ;
never could-ba,
You want to hurl my lut-llng*, J
Jae,". he aaid .'Uf you dldn'.t, you'd
o '■/Ull.iH'lo aeo^pv a aiitnll fnWr llkn
that ftom me "
to her, she did not wiih to bo un
gonarouB- "*oii. vary wall." «lfo an-
iworod, "1 will luuvo ijias; ot lt to
you, ilnoo you ard io xliicl, It you
will prOiniiB Eiftor thi* to n6t im If
uathluo had huitpBiii*-1 uatyuen ui
"f 11 do my bent,'1 rjplha Qwni
, '"I'lianli you, Tliuii I'll lust uet
thEDUa In mi'lpo here.'' She drew to-
ward tl'B uaHH upnin, but ■till tbe
pouM man kept iwr urbk
"if ma mult Intei oil yourself in
theaa lliflifl. wu  ■ •-   r-"--    •
P, hi"»M ol Ml. ooolduH tanned
MUybe you notlerf. it 1* »»*''-,!'';;
Tm little enlljUUuniont. after aU
?rSl a wrtata ^,tinat? hard-
antna ol tlio old *oman a BomViuvtur-
oS t&ti that ahS did not «nV»*JgJK
Knelt be ' puinpod" on U» »«««»
J that vaiiWiad j;i»rso»_-£_ini"f«nj
ipa^ntly, old
artwl the one
n the tower, and Blapoth ituosa
ed that the abort story, »]»**£ lt
nSeht ba, wn? flonnoelnd with hffli
i  ""if I rAtiMout Stoim m It
oSint" alio said  to howelt na aho
mff-a taittnet told her 11liaady that
".Pray, let us -aiu
maud uiioii tuo ijuitit umil «"»»£' -*    v   —- - '- -*•-
termlned to trv aaaln to draw iwm
b-tavtwa ll
(     loiibo. H jo mtn
"What o dear oh(ld y
ih* Oounteis, -piittifig Imr hand, nnd
pOfinu her a qliattntiig emilo, Kith
dark eyes allihf   SillJ, Bla^eth oek-
, herself aftenMird it she had mxid
(ifd brought the dtainmul tn I
rftln with titm She remombered _
l,Bdy Lambart had 6K0laimad aRainut
hta ImimidaaM 4n mentioning.-it be-
nr* u   " •' >x.
tpoaod tha presence of the jewel In the
house would ntrt be spoken nbout
raver, on reDooUon she daolded
, she had committed no tinpru-
hi and as Countess Rattapolakoi
_ a _ rich woman, with _Mfcny_ re.
marknble 'ewek of lior own, her in-
tereut in Jlr. Kenrith's blue diamond
oojild not possibly  be n dungeroua
pOftumty of keeping her px
tHe Counteaa   if she would
Lady. Lamhart, with Lady iRilary,
name to the Bitting room door -hist as
E&peth wna flntshtoB her work tor
m Kenrith, hut nl sight of the voong
stlnographer, mnde as it she would
retire -     ...
"Oh, I tttmifftit you would ^e alone
by tliiB Ume;"_ahe said.- ".You told me,
tha hour. but"r— (she; glanced, at
her braoalat watob) '*T see we're a
Mr l&nrtlh .       ,
Sue had dopii.od liersalf of the knowl
edge whioh aha might have hodrbut
whntever Lady Lnn,uatt had seen, that
had Lady Hilary seen too
For two nights ktspath hod a te-
snlle Nothing happened But as she
lay awake In fenrlul expectation, or
started out ot her nrst sleep with her
heart pounding and her forehead
dump, it waa uot surpriaintt that she
began to lose her dolor and haVa blue
elrelea undtsr h-ir ejes
Tlie girl, know that her lace showed
Bometliing of the strain she waa silently ondurmg, but alia hoped that no
one -would notice the change Luckily,
she said to herself, nobody cared enough for, hereto observe too closely.
much absorbed in her oWn anxieties
But on the morning which eoimueted
the -firt's drat weefc at LoahwUn Castle Hjdro, James Grant was waitiiiif
for hor in Mr. McGowan's roo
and.he was there' alone.
As Elspeth came in, he sprang up
from Hia ohair nt the desk ''M last"
He oxolaimed, I ha\e a chance to
see you alone t began to think it
would never come again Not once
since the second day after you arrived.-'when you promised, ma your
Mendaltlp. have.I had five mlnutes-to
speak to \ou without MeOownn or
someone else buraUnt in upon us
Elspeth was rather taken aback at
his manmr, which saw a verj different impression of the man, Irom
Hint she had received ott thaw first
mooting :He hnd hwn ' exceedingly
outet and self-resttained then, talking to her of his cmplojer with mark
ed respect ond toitrence Now he onll-
ed the monitnor "MeGm*. an. and ro*
Urrod to him almost truculently, as
II with roBeutment
Somehow ElBoeth had been glad not
to soo Mr Grant nlono slnoo Uio doj
whan ho hnd suddwly nake* tor her
friendship, with repressed emotion
aad im odd air ot myrterv. imd iiow
sho shrank awav u littlo, loughlnt)
unoomtortablv . ,.
"As It's Mr Rrcaowan'B own room "
she said, "Iwi't tt rather tunny  to
spiuik ot-hU 'b'-rsUngMft!' .    ■ - ■
"You know what 1 mean," re-itled
Oiant   with no HtiewoHng smile
do vou know that!" .naked
"UiilolB Iham ts imffiil otliet
r*thar>j^lBmeK***-*j.j muat
di  iiiiuwht   rty  xt***&. «**
„ _     ' Mm\ ;^otf *h$' ?«
my tftiaUMs laeh ift they'nre."
%Pr«y. lat us *«lt," bogdn Lad)
Lambart signiiiaantl},  but Kenrith
lisS   "31J& Dan
oi! tiny
of a
,. ,«,     ... , j oth.
Nov. t nin.iolna to show it
„ „„„, Lmnbaii aud Ladi Hilary,
also a Blook ptwUMiieh I haw !««•
ly picked up    Vou ahall stop nnd
see them wo*- 	
"I-I think noihnps I hnd,better
not, thank you,   stammered bUp^th,
• Why, don't you like jewetsF' asked Kenrith.
"Yes. but"	
"Then you mi"-t stay, anta he, in
, hU masterful voice
ft The girl resisted no longer, but the
Ridea (Inahed Ipto her head that st»
1 wocad r-fther not know /«hm the
miiBonalre kept hia valuables. Th«*
no definlta reason iot- this feel.
loittig dirt. lt> °" IreBif *"*
■ver met any ono ai 4
r BO-*n a room bo, liltertfti
w important—on introduction to
SouM-ac   Badepolsko'i    Mr    Tro*4ft
Oountosa "AhoTiaa a pretty Utile
private parlor, divided from the best
of her suite bi an arahway with heam
portieres J*«.
Ebpeth had fancied thnt,B%*ollld
not like the dark. handsoffitelfottiSffi
who won too torei-jiv m nppearanee,
ln_thejomewhnt naupw opinion of a   ««• ,"","*;'•:-, r -       ,   -»   .    ,
oM, tTb^freeT-ftvoaed- But life, bfitrsht-ha4 it uti^ngly^InatmL
* L     --    -" -- TOdting In   « (olloiviur^ ^->» itb  with her bob,
'ftia Ooun-   "a he wnlVc   'o the other end of the
room, she *• ined them "upon was
, gHtHry. with rnthP- nn'Jtnounlinjt
■ami;*., a* much aj i»b-*s, "Ldtt bope
yo \ don't ml-d me lin-vlng a»p^»af"
itBut tha «**" Bifl Oii not even lea
the sr-Hev   mr whol«* aoul seemed
iie olosed the door whloh SlfcpeUi had
lnUmlloiiaUy. loft opon. ,fAn>liow,
tiiere's no daugur ot hia Intruding up
on us this morning "
"tn he awaj-r asked Klspeth
"\'ea, till afternoon He has earn
to see Lord Loehrain by his request
at a nlace about Uilm miles Imni
hero tthere his lordship Is visiting
before coming on to step at Uiis tm
tel. There'a Borne bnaineaa about tlu
o«il on . the estate,., a question of
bo 'ndnrtea, ond io on -    --
"Well" said tlie r'1*! t» « matter-
of-tnot voice, "we musn't neglect ow
work. if. he Is away.    I,suppose .Uic
"Yoj n*»d suppose nOthintf about
the lettefs," ert in the ymma man
his .blank eje** b-ishtaiiintt ."Ytm are
*- ^est thia nii>mins. I will do Your
work and mme  too'
"It's verv kin*t of yon to suggest
such n thino" replied Elspeth Uur
rlcdl*   "but"—
"Kind"' eeh.'ed Qrnnt "Aa if
there w dd be a * naation of kindness
fom mo to vp \vlij. 1 have thouelit
nci"!'-"? b l *-o«r fico growltip
pn!er nnd thinner this last week, from
overwi-'-E "
"Ob it isn't that," answered the
rtel, then c'uc el , hereeU aulokly
f e did'notwlslito confide in Jamee
"\oii have had enou»h to wear you
out iiii\h«w,"Iioentd ' It's a shame
Hut I hope it won t lw for long Von
promiaed thnt oilier doj to let me
be your friend b it you know I want
more thnn that, renll*. I never oared
about any woman = before I saw you.
Tlle sort nf girls I camo in toluaot
■aiUi wero commonplnce ematiirea,
•aIiH >ut any attraction for me I uaon
to think it would be my fate,, t! I
ever tell tn love with a woman, that
she should be.some one so far abovu
me. tt would.be liopeleaB, for ma to
«y to reach her. But you-you are
mi dtintv and rottned and W pretty
, ought not to -uk mo such rj
mrtsllon. but—Lhara Is no one." tha
-M anawai'id. Sho apoko mk trutm
1'hero waa no man In her-llfo,aaad
thoro novor had beau, except hor latlij
er and brother NevarinalBBB. tha
color gha Und lost slowly itroamBd
back to her mee, and tho Imagai ol
a mini rose before hsi* eyes She
•euro-sty knew him, and Mk-waa ai
fnr removed from her aa ,t}i% •tan
obo»e ihl Mtlh y-fai aha reiiHMd Urn*
ho was liar ideal,, tho, man aoa eaulu
havo loved if alia had been mora fortunately plneed Mthe worldi and
that compared to lilm, no man Hint
she hod evoi met. or was likoft W
meet. Mould seem In her eyes l»ortli
the loving. ,        . .
Thp thought of him, coming to hot
in audi a wav, almost frightened the
girl, fbr she hud not beeu awaro -what
a hold he Imd obtntned upon her im*
ngtnntinn She tried to shame herself
by thinking ' How t aurpriBed ho
would be if ho could drawn that the
poor Ilttla ti^vrlter hnfi bucI; Ideaa
about Wm in her foolish hoad" and
It wns thli reflection that brought
the blush, which ■Tomoa.Orant waa
oui ok to aee „
H "She la Uilnklng ^aomaoaa after
aU," he told himsett "Who wn it
beP Ottord nerhaps? Yes, that 8
the most likely tkfng That's why
she blushes, for aha needn't bluahil
tt were any one who la likely to care
honestb and not Just fttrt with her
to pase the tine Thnt a one more
blook mark against him- If I had
any hesitation before, I ve. none lelt
now." „ „ ... »
"At least, yon don't dislike me"
he said . ,       ...
"Of courea not," the prt protested
•"Well, then, liatjls something, to*
ten to what 1 have to propose Ba
engaged to me-miita privately, if you
Uka: n» one need fcntfw till- sou wish
iti and help me to,early out a.scheme
whioh will make UB both rich. Meanwhile t ehall be doing all I oan to
make jou care lor me, and if I enc.
ceed, so much the bettar for me, if
not, ho harm'will have: been done,
only n great deal of good, tor you
io make you independent, Now, isnt
thnt a fair ofierf , . „ ,
"It ia fair, but I can't accept it,'
replied  blspeth
r'Are you ao well sutisaed with your
condiUon in life thnt ypu are read*-.
to refuse several hundreds of pounus,
without even hearing how easily they
can be earned?"
"Too well sntiBtteii to be willing
belter my condition by being ehgoced
to a mnn I don't lovp "
Qrant was silont. looking thought
fully nt the girl, evidently undecided
what to do. mspctli felt that he waa
debating within lilmsalt wlietlier or
not to tell her something that was to
his mind Hia tips want down at
lho oornurs otd suddenly nn MiBry
light sparkled tn his ejes "It tnere
were no -such conditions—It you hndii t
io pledge jouruB'.f to ma—*>ou wouldn't be eager uiouah '» %ake the
mone\,   no aatd
"That depenrl* upon the scheme
you BpokB of," she utorted
Again he pau-cd I ooul 1 toll you
nothing unless xu\t wre bmmd to me
in sueh a way tlmt my interests were-
youra," he aj-.«jrcd ot InM
"lhen I am tfiu-1 ^ will haw
to woilt alono oi «t Ion t without
me,'1 Wild CL Ktli Cm I can onlj
be bound to ynu m n friend'
She spole duotrtudlv. nnd a dark
Bush mouuied to tl e roots of the
voubb muU's liair He wus not onb
^aegfi disappointed but.eniijiUered
by his - dboppotntmoni,- end Elspeth
wns half, alarmed by; the angry,
thwarted look In hiu eyes. She could
not doubt that, he hnd, reailj been
attracted bv her. that -he-fancied, himself in love with her if nothing morei
vet She felt dimiv that love denied
would not be. ciiuuirli tc- bring that
look to his face. Evidently he. con-
■videred her hel« "er-v necesaari in
some- undeitnkimj importnnt 'P hw
interests, nnd wns nlmost inclined "*
ask for it., tlim-ch she had Juet
■"used to be engn-njd lo him.
"I. believe  xo
mind yetj" he
« fl Wl
to your reem," unld lie  "I ann work
HISMh lunei* m obleetlen to Uila
HrapoiftL Wiilsfi titdeea was a reitel
Ui mt, for the wns far from nimous
ba Himun In Mr Urnnt's society, ss-
pulallv alter what- hud sailed But
she wns aomaivhnt surprised at the
avld^ftt Batiaiaotlon hs felt at being
taken at'hls word. - Hedld nol ex*
rsi this, except b\ his itwo. sat
set Slspetlt woudeiinq Hnd lita
offer to help her, and lather rest not
betm made .entirely for dlslntereated
reasons thenl* Did he wish to Bet her.
out ot the way, and have the room
Lo himself t
In nny anse, the girl thought, it
wrta Hot her nffnlr, rind alio was glad
to go, without fiicQier argument She
gathered up a faw letters, took her
- tyiwwmor, which bIio had brougui
down as usual, nnd went nwny
It wns true, aho hnd been vaty tired
and alack, mil tlio excitement ot the
little Boano alio hod just now passed
through, had eUmulnlad bar, and far
the moment she rait at trash as li alio
had slept well ftlth iW\or a dream
throughout thu nttfTifc Stie typed the 1
leltera whleh abe wai able le answer herself, through tlio knowledge |
at Mr MaQowoii's wlaltca, and then,, i
ns the waa nol In the mood for reading, she made w hor ntfnd to take a
walk bofon it aliould M lime to begin work fur Mr Kenrith. Somehow,
she ■> Islied to be feeling and looking
her beat when she went lo htm,
though, of oonres, na she scornful!*,
reminded herself, her nrpeatoiioe waa
teas thnn nothing to him, and the bent
thought she could hope ior from lilm
was mat ahe sei-ved his purpose as
a secretary well enough
The girt brought dawnstelrr the-t*t»:
Let  u«  prove   to   you
rnnfle  will  save  you
the home that ?wni . Ournoy Onford
Oolden Nugget Range
-*-«ivh fuel
—Itm load.
—n\«i KeAltta
—invBi lima
—ins'ct labor
far thlftiitternnRi itmi wai built
isiava Juiv than.thingi
ut the hllhait-pfujed faBges '
- -It ii lupplWu with an Gurus,'.Oxtoro
revafilble grate thai une> a t'nttonsly
brljht, llvf ate and Hurim-uM tn   f
the full loflfiBia»ii—itutii nb waste
iBthemomtna a.irm of"th* grata
hattdlB fllvai iou a tiuitt*  t right Are
YOuflonlt tin.i to luosen a "ingle
bolt or nut to change.the grata I rum
coal to wood burning.
The fire 'linings can. ■ he rcmivcd
.without disturbing she ijrctwd Bteel idji
The range will n***er « n n r ct-o.k
for it It built of
.flat iteel
Tha taage is lined with a«i-Mt.-
tha heat iafiepi Inside to do your g
how  much  thla
1 pu tent lew tied lead
The .unu'uslti* .largo., oven
has ii drup'door that forms a
cuhd liiiiting ihelf when ope Bi
W* l<nnw that th* Oufnev
Oxford Golden Sugvei Iten-je
M the on,* vim nhuuld huvo in
j'uui kiltliun
<   knn
W    Jf-U
If     V  1
.u mil
nil tl i
r» faiirje
to y
This lathe rang* with the aa***-
divided flue. This divides the heat
and sands it aver the front of the
oven as welt as the back, kieplng
all parts at a perfectly even timplfa-
ture, Ko-turning of pits or un*
evenly baked cakes with thti nose.
The Gurney-Oxford Canadian it also
6rov!d*d with the revarslble ura**-
le grate that bums all tbe coal.
Built ot the finest, dead flat.
patent levelled attel, lined with
asbestos. Large oven with balanced
drop door.
j. r>. QUAIL
•Jsllln* Ar|»n1   F»rnl»
KOTIOB is hereby given, that the
timo tor the reoepOon ot tenders tor
Vwoon, B a, buWo building,    h?a
been extended to December SOTIBOS"
Plana and Beeclncatlona nre also  to
be aeeii at Vlotoida aiid Va-ftcouver.
By ordar
Depattpyiat ot .gubile Worka, Ottawn.
NoVUmber SO, 1808
atat in talking t
Elspeth.   'M   ahiiU
are aoine to peril ko this," aaid
_,,  _ be  driven  awns
from Loclirnin ihuush 1 wr? raueh
v,ish io stay here Ilo bo kind nnd
mo to my-'tdt now "ion have
„.- ...ime a eonrt deal and mnd4 my
liondneho woim 71 musl gat at, uiy:
work „     ,     ,    ,'
"I told you I ftitcn't rwliw to lat
you work this morning" returned
Qront, nlm«at lercl? ,Go to iour
room-or lake i wnlk-do aniUilne
joit oIioobo oscejit work I will <m
everythins myself."
"I enn't hnve jou doing my work '
said Elspeth "loss than ever ntte
nhat jou've Mild '■ hho would haw
snt down nl tne disk but Qrat»t cnui-.
"xxir  movlne il
"t>f course Itetlt" anstrmd SlfpttlL'
tors, she had finished-. and .as she
thought b\ this time Mr Grant must
hnve flnished aoj work he wished to
do alone hi Mr. MeGowan's offlce.'ahe
opened the door to leava the neatly
tllreatud otivelones on the desk Utere
"Yoi must work upon her nmbi
Uon,"where the first words she heard
na she entered, spoke in a vtiica she
knew. "Once engaged in the work
she daren't"——
Silence Imtlojitly followod;tl» opening of the door und Btaneth saw Mr.
Trov, bridge ataniUntt talking vrlUl
lutnea Oraut, Tlra An»rloan-4t A**
ertenn lie was—showed no contunioni
but Ornnt started rind frowned.,,
"There I" osel limed TrowbMcta.
"Speaking of angels! Now tlie can
out of the bug Miss Dean will gum
thnt you hnve confided, your troublea
to mo- my friend, and that I've been
trjiug to give vou good advice how
te win hei t do nope you don t
intntl. Miss Dean. You've' no--idea
whnt mi iuteres-t, .1 take in love nf-
teiw, mid vours" —
' T have none " »n!d the girl coldly,
"Well, Mr Grant here has and he's
an excellent chap He ubb done me
no end of little favore since 1 r*
rhed in Uils hotel, ntid^hy Jovfiv t'm
going to mnke his Bnncee n hnnd*
aome present, when lie gets oris. I've
more money thnn t know what to do
with, unfortunately  so	
'Perhaps, when Mt. Grant has a
flnnoee she will bi willing to let you
spend some of it on- a present tor
her," cut tn Elspeth, "but her affaire
and mine hav* iio connection with
each other"
She laid down the letters on tha
deBd and .ut'-o't another word went
out. But there wns a deeper emotion
in her mind tha" vexation with the
Ameticnn itiHHt'Uutre'a (imctQuanosa
or'with Jame* Grant for taking Ir<*r
unre* in vain
"N\hat poiild thej have been talk
ins nb'-ut'*' i-he asked lienwlt **«
uiuet haie tw-n «1 mu or Mr Grant
wauMnt hn-,e t™ked einUrrnaBed.
but It wn-iit what Mr Ttowbriduo
wantud in ti li Imve 'Oic angaged
in the w«rk -he dareu t — were the
nortls *« wns -.uyinfi and his voice
soi ntltni *■> \b\ r and odd I What
woik «as I to b> invaged in, which
iv lii ■ i*v nt m from darluij-— some-
I'^iin'*' <. ii tut chwne MS Grant
wntiwt nn- ti; go-in with, it J »■«
bitind to him flret so thai mf In
toi-ests and hii* *-uiuW bo lho aamc
Can tt b* n Hjih'e t' at it haa _Miy
thhw to do with Mr Troflbildioj"
This was loo tntmo'n a p isale l
w .nl\i.d piwilv  end tl»|ioth thought
1   \(?r in hnr«.l thiit.when sho return-
Vlv-n'i her 'nhwt walk she wna .un-
(To be continued.)
la connection -with tha Eastern
ourelon tickets are on aalo Deo iat to
Slat, tnelusUa Tho C. P, R. are
running BUBQla^toui'Iat car-aervfee-j
from Kootenny Landing to intermediate points to Toronto on following
dateri. Doc. 1st, 8th. IBth..and flOth; The
berth^ rate Pernio to Toronto will;-ha
.■(8,8(1 and reservations can be made
through local agent. _ This means r
change between Fernie and; Toronto.
*"lNr three lon)t mbatha 1 wu ,wt nb'* to ittand to my <
needst.aini ior tnree w>tkiihe •ictema -an my handt w*i»o bad thab
I Was utviele ti fcwl wyinif. I Hid W be ndai on* tttix a boby,
bct-jiutu ItKiiU-t not hoii knit*, 6irk7aaoon or eU|»."    i.o uyi Mtti
Znc-Kuk cured h*r ot ecttnu. S~e a-Wtv ^l^aJt, wriitt »nd *mi tip
t(H„u ulUiua-'JKru iOv«n*i witli v«suuis, *l'ho iiu'.tli- wit tlie Korvne» Were
liigb uub*o-auh. Aa the dieaue devtl-jpeil, tlnslcia ■utmUI-.-p^eWlo'I
Wviu'j tn* sores. The paiuis, BuK«rn, banks ef my liaiiJ* autl wriitt
«Bte ail ;in -tbl» tboeldiiK ttatev-nnd t iwua;{MC«d to ilit iu e_0^_
»U the wbdc
" The raw Boren vtere aooa In a foul condition, ami my Bnaer MUla, all
e-tc*[tt tiro, felt off. During.the differeni stsgee of my trouble, I sought
the advice ot three different doctow and recaivinl treatment.'but although
Retting sltght relief <tV first there *u no cure, Amriutatian wis at one
tune thought necessary but the timely Intredw-tioc of 2sn.-Uult iiKveuted
tki* fearful ending."
"■ffnuhufc. waiT«commsodad by a friend snd w» bougHt s »upplr
The first few apphcaUoi b Bins nie a littlo Base, but it wna not nnut thud
cop twit ml mith. it tor some time Ibat I full a decided improvemt-nt.
Aii«t tbat my .cuf*, went, on quickly. . Zam-Hok did what everything
she bad failed to do, Now my hinds and urtns aro quite fried from the
Are (j«« •ntreribg front skui Aaeanet It so, take Mis»MeSori«y*s
advice. aiiTTrs^Zwi-llulE.        _
, wan*. ut-Mfo, PU**- t*d '«*- nucwonii.
_ bra-Kit. muat, lUm.""*". »«*!»is«*l wvuniU
wtaUWt«iJtai»'*lu*it«»IM**,T»*   ^_____
««H) lbl> •wtiroB •u"1
■ lo. •lusr X" Kim-U"*
th-s — -> **»•
' The' Paper '. that reathea
the People ofthe Pais. A«
■n advertising medium lf«
am Biik
that no aBsisnmeut of tho. right ot tt
volunteer   by . tbe onpolntiiient ot  a
substitute sli&l ■ ho, ACoe-jted \ir ;recoii-
nlzed   by tbft dei^arbn^: Ot the tn-
""'  ' tertor whlcH is not executed and dat-
BVBRY aatflKttWcnt or tw right oj ed aftap the date of tb? warmnt.tor
ksouth African -ftHuirteer enUUea-tn **1ta"*S*2^C!? *" '*   M""SWr
* ! ot MUltiaadn Defence in fa-or of tho-
land rsrant muat be by way of ap-
ptSntmentot a;-*ubatitute,,and man*
be in tfte.toxm DMiid^hy, tijft^sjf-
Epeciat   BtUntion la.ealled to Sub-
socfion 3 of SecUoa.B "of ;tHe *yolmu
j. W. QBESrSWAT.    -
CommlsMoner ot rwmlnlon
Lands, ottawa-
3Sth September I80g **- PAGE EIGHT
.;Ko. § flyer Eastbound V
- vJS'o. 7 i%er Westbound 	
;"xo. 214 Eastbound/Reg'ular.-.':•';
]~Ko. 213 Westbound Regular ...
7xo. '236 Eastbound 1st class .
',Ko. 235 Westbound, lst class'
"'■ 1.55
^ 12.40'a.m.
.12.5S '.,-',   .
4   1.10      ,-'.•',.       .
U.3b" --!■..
g. n. timetable
■ OLSON* -
No. 251
4.00 p.m
-    3.27
7 FOR" SALE—Edison Phouograph —
; latest model, 2 or "4 minute records.
'Cost ?"65, for ?50, with three dozen* re-
.. cords. Records cost §17 alone. Apply
. Ledger office.       . <...'-.
TO RENT.—Large, unfurnished
room in house with bath, hot rind cold
water, etc.   Apply Ledger Office.  '
TO LET—Two furnished rooms on
Victoria avenue. Apply Ledger office. .
TO RENT—Nicely furnished   front
, room $10 per month, corner MePher-
son avenue and Hanson street below
' the'hill.'   Apply Wm. Hely.  ' -'    '*
A line or fancy Christmas Stationary
, at Palace Drug Store.
President Sherman returned,to the
city from Lille on Monday.morning.'
. , Music, Musical Instruments at -Palace Drug Store.-
, 1 Mr. George Couzens' came up .from
Baynes on.Sunday  evening, on. business.
!*   The Napanee gives the best meals
'at all times.    .'    '
'. The . King" Edward'.. Hotel will ■ be
open in new building on Tuesday, the
15th. .     ."„..:...        , ,
; ' Wright the Jeweler has a complete
stock of 'Ladles" Broaches', "which he
Is selling" at Bargain pjrices. '
• ; C. W. pavey.left.for-Hpt.L'ak'e, Ore.',
■ .on'Saturday's Flyer for-treatment-for
.rheumatism which-has been' bothering him for some time. He was accompanied by Jack Jones, o"
.Pair Draft Horses for sale. See ad.
jPMMMr^¥¥-»»¥»¥¥»»»»»»'¥'y ¥.¥¥■»¥
i-        *'• -        .*<-: -.-*- ■■.     ■■; *
! Safety Deposit Vault |
k of' jew-
i ■
■ (
• t-
•*• '•-■' *-""""■-.""■"-'•.    ,.-,-■        .jj.
<( • -f. -A.
kkickkk it kkkkkkkkkkk k k kkkkkk
, Safety Deposit Lockers ;
can.be. rented; at, Thie
-Ledger ,,Office.,: ..Most'.
.fireproof vault  in  the
city.   Reasonable rates.
See.--the -"Manager for
particulars...   ;   '
' New books arriving dully at Palace.
Drug- Store. ,- -■■■'".
'J. A;,McDonald ran up from BJair-
more on Tuesday to attend a, joint
;' Wright has his jewelry , store In
Lockhart & Gillespie's gents' furnishing Btoi'o.   .
' Mrs; .'Arthur R. ■ Kennedy and son
arrived in town on Saturday from the
east. Mr.-and Mrs, Kennedy have
taken' up ther-relsdence on McPherson
avenue, in Mr. T. ].%gB' houso
The West Pernio Meat Market
pleases all people. Workmen deal here
and*save money.
Choap .''watch, rognlar $2.fi0 watch,
special Saturday for $2, Wright, the
jeweler, ■
Fernie Hotel
E, L, HOLT, Prop.
Is now open for  business,   Give
us a call for up-to-date work
Alarm Clocks, $1.25, ?1.75 and $2.50,
at.Wright's", the-Jewela'r^777".7.?'.77'7
I t
See"; Rochon. Nothing kept^.but the
best. No 10, cents ai pound stuff  at alj.
" NeU ,McKellar.left,for.„St. Thomas,-
Ontario, on Wednesday./^ ^-.vj'o  j ?
Go to Palace Drug Siore for Rudobi
set Shaving Brushes,'the most reliable
i ■ -  , *
brush made; each brush guaranteed.
, j.'
A. C. Liphardt has moved into h(s
new store and has a full stock of*
elry, watches, clocks,, etc
Thomas 'Beck left bi\ ^Vednesday evening, for Almonte; Ontario. ^ l i
For hotel accommodation the .iN'ap-
a'nee is, the place,     -,,      ,      .'•',)
Ladies' Toilet Sets in Sterling Silver
and Ebony at Liphardt's.   ,
Dari .Ferguson is progressing favorably from the .effects of typhoid.    J \
Pair Draft Horses for sale..See ad.
Get a box or a basket for a present
at  Rochon's,- •, ! v'
-*      -       ■ i* •     ,
Miss Amy .Tutty returned this week
from Spokane after taking a'success
ful course In "tiie Blair Business col
lege. ■ ' \
Go to Palace Drug Store for all
kinds of razors,' Suasak's Itaaiir
Stroop.        ., -...*!
Ladles' rings, regular price ?5Nfbr
Saturday $3.50 at -Wright, the -jeweler's,- at Lockhardt & Gillespie's store.
Tom Whelan made a trip to" Hot
Lake, Oregon, last week to take
treatement for pneumonia with which
he was affected.        -    —,--,-..
Rochon has pure Candy; ho" Eastern
dope full of cheaptruck.. | '
For fresh meats of all kinds .try the
West Fernie Meat Market. •'■ *       ";'
Messrs. McGinnis & Charlton; have
taken over the business .recently' begun by J. M.Prou'dfoot'.'in tlie^North
End: ..The store will be run in future
by these enterprising gentlemen under
the name'of tye North' End Supply
Co.   See their. ad7 • .    -',. ;' •' :     : >'
. Gent's.Diamond set-lockets and cuff
links at Liphardt, the jeweler's!   '? .-
The cuisine at the Napanee',Is unexcelled.     The bar- has the .best ;in
the'land. -'- -„..  --^ ■:/        ■',
. Rev.. Mr.. Hat arrived jvith'.'Miviyii-
liamson on Sunday. Mr. Hat conducted the services at the Baptist church
as ,u. Mr., .Williamson's . throat .would
only' permit.,'6f "him^coriduc'ting the
moi;nlng service. *Mr. Hat'*>left on
Tuesday for.'the* west;, ;>'//.- ' •;''■
For Sausage^ try West Fernie Meat
Market."'    -. V7    '?;■■       ^.,,..,       7 ■
■ See Wright ..the Jeweler's''"'flne line
of 'diamond rings' from $7.5*0; to $200.;
/A; small 'fire was -.-ilscovere'd in 'l**.
Burns1 & Co.'s"'store'^on* !}W*3dnesday
abotit' noon7-.;>The-flrjemen-fesponded
,'wlth .a.great bprst,of;speejd,'so great
in fact, that-the hose wagon, came-to
jumping and luckilyjescaping injury,
Tli'e blaze was attended'to; by an application of, sand and water.
Gents' Military Brushes "in Sterling
Silver at Liphardt's.        ;    ■
Pali*.Draft Horses for"sale. See ad.
**** - > a'"     '  , .    '-1
; A. W. Bleasdell'took over'the drug
business of.Keeley BrQthers ..yesterday.. Mr. Keeiey's. smiling face will
still, bo seen' behind the counter as
Mr. Bleasdell Is retaining his services.
Mr,,',Bleasdell 'has. had a very'hard
siege and hftof his .recent oporation
has gained wonderfully, until he now
considers ho is strong enough to enter business again. "■ Mr. Bleasdell
was .the first, druggist •to< open up In
Fernie,        *'.   7 '■'■,'"' '.'
See Rochon's Candy Canes and other
Xmas specialties.',  -
" Go   to Palace Drug Store for.  all
kinds    of razors.    8uhasack|s, Razor
stroop,    '■'','., '>.'.':      'y ,7,■■',_ '•'::
A ,'sad accident occurred at. ;,tho
Wood McNnbbs.mtHoii Tubsday last.
A young mnn named Fred Anderson,
about 23 yours of ngo, was skidding
logs, when tho ennthook slipped from
somo can bo. Tho ■ deceased was
thrown down with great forco nud
hiB nock broken, Whon picked up ho
wiih quito dead. His body wns shipped on Wednesday's train ns far as
Moose Jaw, nnd from thoro It will bo
forwarded by'his two brothers to
Cnmi'bollton, Now Brunswick, Iho do-
con Rod's homo.
Rochon has Candy from 20c a pound
to 92.00,
The Napaucu hotel Is prepared " lo
bundle trnvellors nnd other guostB.
DECEMBER   18th,   1908
Tho Beautiful Down East Play
, i
Staged with all Special Sconory
V ■¥ » ¥ » ¥■ ¥-*f¥-*f»¥-»>->f ^*»¥»-»>f-^-f *f»
•iX    .-    .■'-.   *.■.*.:.•■ *
'*- •'-..'."' .'•":. ., •-'■"'":' "■;' %
Encouraged doubtless,, by the success of-the Manufacturers' Information Bureau and the'Corporations Auxiliary in-grafting, on the.business element of the country, the-Joy Detec-
tice Service of., Cleveland, has been
sending out strong: confidential circulars, in which: a bid is made for patronage;    ' '  •     .'•.'"' '    .'
The frank, cold blooded manner in.
which, this Joy .bunch talk about furnishing thugs, spies, and scabs: ..to
smash' strikes • and • disrupt, organizations is "s'ome\vhat astonishing. There
'is.prohably no country iii'the world—
not. .even .Russia—..in which such
brazenness would, Lbe tolerated by
public opinion as is'revealed by the
greedy, vultures who operate these spy
agencies ■ and rat. incubators.'
When'reading "such,appeals for dirty
business as follows one is'compelled
to marvel and wonder how much lower-human beings can sink. The world
has always cursed a Judas, but it appears that"the thug agencies and their
patrons are preparing to sanctify the
treason of,Judas and place a halo of
glory upon every degenerate head who
is willing to prostitute whatever little
manhood he may have had for a few
crime tinted' dollars.    ,     . .' -
Let-honest men read the following,
and ask themselves whether, there are
any' deeper depths'- of 'deg'redatlon to
which manhood.can, sink:
."This service makes a specialty of,
handling' labor troubles,: either existing or .contemplated.'
.,,, We. can break strikes in, all parts
of United"'States and Canada, and are
prepared to submit a list of- references from • manufacturers' and others
who have employed us during , ,'the
past five years. ,'.*.,'
We .have in.pur_employ experienced
guards for the protection .of .life1 arid
property*" during strikes;*and lockouts.
These men are all over, six feet In
height and are-selected'for this particular class.-.of work.' ' All have seen
strike service and many of'them hold
commissions from city and .state/and
should not be confounded with "guards
furnished by. our imitators and " recruited -t rom the.slums of the... larger
cities." .t"' /••!'•.,. ._ - ••''.,''.7' *••- ■■• j.
, - We' furnish' secretr operatives of ail
trades^^unlori'.or. non-union!for work
in mill,, mine, factory, store, etc., for
the purpose of securing, inside/information. " " '■ ■'" '. - ■*'.■•- '"' ■•-■''
-0 Is your shop being, unionized?" •'•'
. ,1s your output being restricted ?.v ■
Is the union running'your.shop?- !
! , Is;riiaterial beingwasted 6r'stolen?|
==^=H&VG=you==a==3uOp==comiuittee;=i and=
who are they?-'"^   '.,,'/.   /'-. ,.7:.,
.   Do'your foremen,- showt any favoritism?   "; ■ \.: ' .■",• ' :" !;
' Are you losing castings in' your
foundry?        ..-*-*
Do you care to know what Is being
done at union meetings? i
Lot, us place" a'mechanic operative
with you and find out?  '
In handling strike's we take entire
charge of the same, furnish necessary
guards to protect men while at work
or. escort them to and from work If
boarding outside. . '
'We employ,',transport and deliver
non-union , men to fill up the: affected
Wo chargo no premium on such mechanics,' but employ them at price
per day you wish to pay them, charging, only for actual time nc*ont. mny
be engaged In securing them.'
t Men employed by us will, bd tulcen
to affected "plant by our Rimi'ila nud
safely delivered and strikers not por-
mlttod to molest thorn, . ■■
Wo havo found from experience
that Rtrlkos nre broken quickest In
casos whoro men nro boarded Inside
or ndjncent to tho nffocted plant, nnd
wo are prepared to fit up and moln-
tain temporary boarding qunrlors, employ colorod cooks, waiters, etc, Onr
enptnlns are thoroughly compotent. lo
hnndlo such bonrdlng quarters, making Bnmo prnotlunlly* self suHtnlnlng,
Sanitary , nrrangomontB aro carofnlly
looked after and nothing Is allowed to
go to waste.
Secret men attend all mornings of
strikes and report proceedings, This
tiurvlco poHHosHus Uio liucoHHUi'y equip,
mont, such ns Wlncli(?Blor rlflo, police
clubs, cots, blankets, etc, to handle
any sized lioiiblo.   .
Wo are roproHontud lu all tho larg-
or oltlofl ot tho Unitod Stales aud
Canada and a reprusuntntlvo enn call
on you free of charge upon roquost,
INC„ Clovidand Ohlo/'—MIni)   Work-
is' Journal.
JSiigav    Cured     HamSr, and,
.' Breakfast' Bacoii.   Not. .h'6>v.!
■•cheap':.but .how- good. >*Fresh"}••
,", Eggs:ftbe. cdnibinatiOiii can't f
'h& "beaten;; We-'have -'-lem:'■•'•
\e7. J i   B:tilJ.'Sr;l> E \JH I*
Pay Cash
Prompt Delivery
j -}     vJ^n i. '  £-'  C,r*V£ A*^,-^'      -'if --'-,- viSitrt    |t   & 'itw-^f^ V^1 m**,>k''
1   .,..•;'  ._•,LIMITED   .'
it.       A <.i.
'?,waaiy\\ *>jiT" /\?-j?z;fI tf:rnyS.i£i *.,:fl." lo ^j-^'-idj-rjA
The Store of Good Values
fThe Noptli-^d Supply Cor
We have taken over, tins .store andun.addition to theV'.','-■ ,-''■„ A'
regular stock' nre putting in" a line, of choice .Christina's'' ?'■' 7 -' 4
Groceries.. .; , '    '\    ,{.,'-;'-'-j  ;• *'':'.".■'•;     '''     7',,"'".  X
We solicit a call and feel confident we'eah'-'kivo you '*'    •    ▲
NcGinnes fie Chtarlton, Mgrs.
<**4>.+.i>+.++++4. •»•»♦•»♦•■»•»♦♦•»♦•■»•»♦■»♦» ++++,+++
Singef Sewing iaichmesCp;,
Fernie, ;B. C.   '; ■■>   ;      '•'"■'.
' - 1   - ■•    1-       .   .  *; -  ,
* Why be without a Sewing Machine when-'jrou
can get oiie for $3.00 a month?       ;....'
J. P.. H0ULAHAN, Agent, - opposite Coal Co.'s ofBee, Pellat' Ave.
Strike Leader Says Best Terms were Accepted
•        _ . . „ ■* . ^ O " - ' j L,'T   ■ ) ( a      l. * "
"Victoria Av&nue ^.^
Fernie, B.^C.
. 1,. i...
-t'j:   *- .
^yET,Weather 'Footwearlis what; you
, . \ -, require!'.i-We'liave a'siplendicVassort1',
ment in Rubbers,; and 'Leather'Boots and,
Shoes.';';.' A" large shipment' of Trunks,;
Suit Cases/Etc., at away down prices.\
Gloves and Mitts
-     " ..   '    a .   l' ' ■       l t . *       ' , [
Yes, we1 v-e got 'em
W, R,  McDougall
1 ;
the Splendid Orchestra
the Comedy Quartette
tho Good 8lnfflr.fi;
Clever Character Specialties    Bright Music and Comedy
the Realletle Snow Storm
the Funny Ouel Seene
the Thrilling Exptotlcm Qceno
Priest (  36c, 50c, 7«cf 01.00
Bonloil toudoi'H nddroHHcd
V: .['::.::■ '.•.:* Ci:.. :*:*,! v.-Ill ....
nt OMnwn until noon on V'rMnv
iSth of .Tnnuary Kind, for tho convoy,
unco of his MiiJoHly'H MiiIIh, ou 'i pro-
podpil contrn-rt for four yonrn, nix
ilrncB por wuolc, eneli wny   botwoon
f-„.,1    r,-,.i,t.    ftn.t    Vl.fllit,    r,;,rr,    It),    1„t
of April next.
I'rlnii'il notlccB coinnlnIng further
Information uh to tho rondltlonn . of
proponf-tl contract mny o seen, nnd
blnnk forms of tondor mny bo obtain,
ed nt tho po«t office* of Coal Crook
and Ft-rnk- und ut the office of tho
post office inspector,
I'oit Office Innpector
Youl Ottko Ifispector* office, C*lK«r)*,
Due. i, VM. Jan. IS
■ ■./■.(Vancouver World)'•'.', ■:
The following statement has, been
obtained by The .World'from .Mr. J. H.
McVety, one. of the-six membrs, of
the excutive board.of the allied mechanics' organization who arranged
the recent .settlement.of the C. P. R.
strike.   -t7'     -'    .   . ■■'.
' The settlement'of the Canadian Pacific strike' has received a great deal
of ...publicity- and newspapers] .unable
to i find .space for a single article, during the strike,-now devote'whole columns' to the vilification • of * some'* of
the-men responsible for calling It off)
and in the publication- of circulars
written at-least'four* weeks- before'
falling into the hands; of the, news;
papers..,/ '~a-" .'. '.' '■.' '.,',
..-This policy has been.'detrimental in
"many.ways; the public,have been lead
-t-n .^i nl 1a..^ i'l... ^_i_4.*4.v.^ ! ,l^nn_n M^^n_ rax^gt-
"c.O-uciicve-i,iia^"^V4Uiiuivi*Jiio-cii c-n-&i cat-
deal worse'.than they really are; ot
flclals of tlie company have been "unnecessarily antagonized and the men
have been mjsled by a ■ set of self-appointed demagogues anxious, to,.appear now as the champions of labor's
cause. '.   i    :     .
'The general Impression is that Hardy and McVety exercised an autocratic rule, to the exclusion of the repre.-
sentatlves of other trades and thnt
the full power of calling a cessation
of hostilities had been assumed :by
them. - ,     ... ,
, A more incorrect impression could
not be conceived; the commltteo who
negotiated" the agreement at Winnipeg waB composed of six members Instead of two, and thoroughly representative of tho larger organizations, and
wns continually Iii touch with another commltteo similarly composed with
headquarters in Montreal,.
Many, different opinions havo boon
expressed regarding tho condition of
tho company's power at tho time "of
the settlement, tho majority believing
thnt. speedy capitulation was absolutely necessary if tho company wero to
majjitaln an offlclont train , Borvlco.
Tho publlflhod statement of tho mini-
hor of Blrlkoi'fl ro-omploycd In enfltorn
Canada would, howovor, load one to
bollove tho officials preform! tlio
striko breakers to tho" old employes,
nnd had thoy boon In such dire distress surely tho opportunity of socur-
lug old nnd tried employes would vory
quickly' been taken advantage of.
Thu ability of tho men to continuo
tho strike Indefinitely Is anothor Import unt points about which many havo
oxproHsod opinions, and but fow know
anything nbout, for lho strikers wore
Hprund ovor mich a vnBt territory that
evon tho Htrlkors thomsolvoH woro fn>
miliar with thoir own districts only,
tho oxoeutlvi* commlttoo belnn tho only pooplo In cIoho touch with all tlio
points nnd thon only through corros-
The Finance*
Tho rati llmmclul situation lm» no-
ver boon proporly underf-tood ovon by
tlip"inpmlifirRhlp,'1\vliu «opm unable to
wimp thu imincnulty of iho prohlom
Involving the mnlntouniico of K.OOH
Approximately 14-10 of thoso woro
rnrod for by their International orj;ai>-
(impossibility* for the, men' to have remained solid for any considerable period longer, in fact two /weeks." before
the settlement .the .men at a ,number
of points threatened to return to work
.unless money was immediately forth
coming, and from' then on* the committee was besieged with threats'of .a
like-nature.s   •.,    7  ....,'.•■-, ■
i Many t w'ill' pledge' themselves' ' to"1
stand'solid'forever, when enthused by
some: eloquent ■ speaker; *. but. this feel-
'.ing is of* short duration when '• the
■pinch' of hunger Is felt, and invariably
tho men. .who', talk the loudest now.
■were the ones most-insistent'and the
most, threatening' during the time" of
tro'uble/   , • '   '  ■'*- \ - ■."■'■' '•'•"■ "' "'  '"'
, .    ' ' ''■,''. t.    i, .     ' ' v.        ,''-, 1       [I
.-.The financial situation, ;together
with the , daily eviction, of the, men
from their homes on account of their
■- >    (..  ....    '.  -7 -=■ :
'-'(',.':. "',
Tiaismitlt and Plumber
We can furnishr-you with estimates in
7 . anything, in our line     -. -•    „
,.- . ..*
.'-.   '.   -<*,■.'
rnabllIty7io7P^y~T'Seir rentTTfefusaFof
further credit. by- grocers. and, butchers, the rigors of an approaching winter,' coupled with ■ the apparent, ability of the men. to fill the shops "and
operate their,,train-serviced all were
instrumental in assisting the committee to decide on the necessity of
any settlement that would quickly return the men to their work.
Having these conditions always before' us, every offer of mediation was
accepted gratefully and when the last
offer, was presented we^considered. it
very carefully from evory standpoint
together, wltli the assurances that accompanied lt, one being tliat 80 , por
cent of the men would be.reinstated
within ten days, and the balance very
shortly after, It being also stated that
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy had snld-,-
"Wo will make a good job of It and
take them all back."
Many times the question' haa beon
nsked "Why did' you not submit tho
proposition to tho membership?" and
.it might bo just as well to stato hero
that tho offer .just roforrod.tohud to
be accepted or rojected tho samo afternoon It v/ns made, aB tho coit.pmy
hnd told the mediators that thay hnd
a largo number of mon engaged In
England nnd thoy had olthor to bo
shipped' or dismissed nt once.
During tho timo tho negotiations
woro bolng carried on lho membership
hnd been buoyed up by tho hopoB of
a Bottlomont and wo fonred tho rone-
Hon If tho negotiations woro declared
off, and not having time lo submit the
question to tho mon (It would havo
taken throo days) wo decided that lt
would bo tho wisest thing possible to
accept tho torms and got tho mon
bnck to tholi*. worlc nl onco, recognizing that tho nsinimptlon of the responsibility would lonvo us opon to Iho
criticism thnt would assuredly follow
nn ngroomont nrrnngod by polltlclnns,
tho othor hIdo nnturnlly using ovory
known means to bollttlo tho bonofitH
derived by lho successful 'in nrrnn'g-
Ing tlio Hottlomont,
Our oxpootiitlons ns fur iih tho ('I'll-
ielsm Is ronlhod hnvo boon fully ronl-
Izod, hut nn timo rolls on wo fool confident our position will bo bottor understood by tho moniborHhlp, nnd the
responsibility trnnnforred to tliolr
shoulders; wo fool thnt It would hnvo
A:".full; line' of.-stielf ■ and, heavy   Hard-'-*
.    . ..waire.. in,. stock * together,'„with„ a .*'.',.'..
.'•'-'•"■'-  no.T-mlfiti-!;/'range of Stoves ''        '
Furniture pepa,rtmienit
; Our* Furniture Department embraces1'the
. most ..unique and' uj>to-da£e' lilies'.. -;.
'■'   •     Come in and have a -look ■    •    .-
J. I>.   QUAIL
Pair Draft Horses <
and Outfit
. Tor Salo—A first olass pair ot
Draft Horses) weight 2000 lbs,, 4
nnd fi years old, porfectlysound
and in fino condition. . .
, I havo worked this team stond-
Uy during tho Inst yonr; thoy
hnd good caro and nre fit for
nny kind of work.
I lmvo no uso for. them during
tho wlntor, and will soil for SAGO,
which is a bargain; nlso,J3aln
wagon used six months, and
now BOtt double harnofls. *
1312 lBt Bt. WoBt, ' ,,
West Fernie
.       I  ,. ,'   ;     . .  • ■  ,    „ , .. ^
Meat Market
... Meat, ButtoiyEggs, •
and Fish<   .  ..;••■''
Fresh Meat of all Kinds
A.M. MATULIS        Proprietor
Imftn  ri' nf>„'n,'fV(, «4%tl^i,  tr, ,.\htr  It.c. >-^
• - ■- I    •    --.-■•      --».-       "'    I  "	
lhoI fnHltlni» pnvfflo-nt    end  \onvln*>;    tho'ploymont nf tho mon moroly to rnivo
commlttoo tn provldo for 0000 from
funds contributed by organized lnbor
uonornlly, the totnl amount rocnivod
fiom this rourco nggrogntlng $0000, or
'(l.nnt    fl  'It)   tt.y   rinfiti   otrfVn^
Tlio Kolldarlty of Uio men during
tho two months of the striko was unparalleled, but the render can safely
In, allowed to determine how long
this could bo maintained by men who
receive on nn nvcrnge of 12.60 por day
when employed And who worked nn
nvorngo of 17 dny« por month for the
(.renter part of th* yi-fcr pirvfodlni! th«  proprlolor» that the support given Is
our own voputntlons, nnd hitter ns tho
denunciations hnvo boon I personally,
would net In the snmo wny ngnln, If
the circumstances    surrounding  tho
rnno wo-ro t*ho ■ariTno In Itio tioltof t>iir
n good goneral should know whon ho
la defeated and prepare to nave as
mnny of tho rank aud file on possible.
In conclusion I desire on behalf of
tho mombonthlp to thank the World
for tho ncilvo support given to tho
caitfte of th« men nnd to atmure   the
For Sale
Prompt Dollvory
W. R. Boardiuan r.0.BaAfl2.
100 tons - of good
Baled Hay
W. E, Barker, Cayley, Alta.
strike. '
The *pUlt to«y be Strang, but   the
flotoh la weak and It vat a phyilcal
a* deeply appreciated al! over    the
^ount-ry at litre ia. thU .-tlty.
Notico to nil organized labor, and
frlondB of organized lnbor: Keep away
from tho McCluro Mlnoti nt TnBkor, N.
Dakota, aa they have lockod out thoir
mon for joining tho United Mine
Workerh of America. The men had
to be moved away from thore aa tho
company got an injunction agi-iinat
thorn. ,
Vlee-Prea. Dl*. 18 U..M. }V. of A,
AH kinds ef
Glvo us a trial


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