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A Ha^py^d Ko$pi^
New Ved^sGifts
7-PiwtureaT--* 7'"':!"'''*VV-
-«.  Mirrors   ,, '
.'-   Carpets     •■   ,     '
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'.* 'Roclcen '*-,-' > !•'• *- l„
-""I- - Tiables fs -; ■> -y.'.A "-* ';y:
' - 's Foot' Stools; 7**' *' -1-7
, Linoleums ■  ,,. '
"•'Kitchen Cabinets' -
v., Bedding-of every 7'H *-.
7 "description!    •'* --. *7.
*• v   r (     »>. , »   a. - t,       ,. "*        f
-;'   ,fhe New Scale 7
-''  < ; Williams Piano;...
Now is the time to buy use-
.7 i , ->V ; :     , ■"      7 ■,'''' *■ ' *
ful\6re*sents.    We}hdvenoxvin
-,.,'W:   * .*7'V .7  * * .7*   ' -:    • 7 -j ".-   • - -
"stock the finest assortment of
kpuse furnishings   ever dis-
" * '      «l, . V       t J, , V a* ' *       * *■
filayed in the Kootenays and
our prices are ryiost reasonable
Cdll early and examine our
i; "-' ;   - . * ;-."'-- v ■*,-■*       r,,*' *     *       . '       ' ■   „    -•
goods before purchasing else-
where, it will9 be a Measure to
show you our goods.
The Jvm REID CO., Ltd. 1
~J    "*•
7V'«u.Jr /<r-,._.^..>,-i:r~a.v„y..i- ...v-v-:.*.,--. 4'r,„j.,'-_.v*;^i:iIr5'*;.'!-._7.--'v ■*■'
"that lean bMylflood^ruit-landa.with 'a flood water-supply, within 30    .
;-niilea of Fernie, on'vInstalment plan;.a55;"down,$5vper month",.no-In- .
'■}tereet for, first-year,„for,'a' flvo acre.tractdurlngithe,Hfe;of.contract?% {■
This offe'rmay not laet ibno, as the price may be;advanced = after-; '
„ 1st January next, ab^f; you--WKC good, f^ at-,;the.bottom ' ,-;
7pectatlons so.far. " We.flnd.'it easy,to eeli>',gbod:>artielei1and'vauch> ,-
, easy payments are not, offered by any other, such company.    Write   o
for-circular on "Kootenai .Irrigation Tract.'* *'   '" *-,,,' \    X.K
D". W;; HART T^E^l BAYNES, B;, C;
End of Sensational "Giobe Insurance Co," Trial
Verdict Received with Surprise-—Decision .
Given Over the Wires liy judge   •
 .-   ,'    : : l *'-        •    7 *
."    :      ■ ,*.' *..-!<  .• ■    •'   *.-    *, •, ° P- ' '    *
.The case of Armstrong Dean, charged with obtaining money by false
pretenses in the Globe Fire Insurance case,, came..up* for, trial before his
Honor, Judge Wilson, *.on Monday morning at 10-o'clock. \, J. H. Harvey of
Cranbrook acted as cr6wn• prosecutor, and W.A. Macdonald,of Nelson, assisted by W. R. Ross of this city, acted- for, the "defense.^ The first witness
s-vvorn was J. L. Gates.'' The crown prosecutor dealt,with the evidence sworn
"to in the preliminary trial, by all the witnesses, and which has been'published
in these,columns in the' last two issues, but each witness,was;put through a
very severe/ cross examination by Mr. Macdonald, the' points "of interest in
which we publish. Gates in his cross-examination said he had been in Fernie in business for six or seven years. He received a notice, about a month
ago from Regina that the Globe Fire Insurance Company, was going to '.be
wound up. ;There .was" some talk* that1 the stock holders were going to |,'be
called upon to pay up their balance of the stock.1' A meeting of the shareholders was held iri the Home Bank. '' There had been several meetings held
with the shareholders.*irice the fire, and it was decided to send,a representative to,Regina.a:',Mr.]G.iG. Henderson, customs officer was.the representative: - '.Mr. Sherwood 4*|erchmer;was present at some of the,meetings as their
solicitor, .a It was decided at.a.meeting held after Henderson's return from
.Regina'that Dean betarrested.. , He-did not'know wliat salary was.going to
be paid Dean nor did he-enquire.- He knew riothing'as-to-'the assets' of the
English company.        -y{ v-      v ■■«:    '   -     ■ '-"   '    ^    y    ^ -, *
-;.    ,   '-A J'u EVIDENCE OF'F.'j. WATSON; y.7  ,*'„,;>'".   \~' ii
< \- F. J. Watson-attested-to-the same evidence.as given at-the preliminary
Ji'xamlnatigny'.^Cr'^^Mmlnedlb^Mr.- Macdonald; he'ha'd'been'in' insurance
N e w
We\are just .13 days, old, and doing
very Avell, thank you. To all oui*
friends who have sho\ynviisf their,
good, wilt at this;joyful season we
cordially offer reciprocal greeflng's
.. —to everyone without^ exception, we
.wish, a very Happy and Pro$pei:ous
New Year
Thousand^ PirlshS in Earth-
Concern Locally
i   -,'
* ' - *, - * ■ ■ - - *
, ' *. ^
There is a/Reason
>. - ft   *-     . „     .  * ^ -,• -a, --**,.
-     "\ \i "*     * ,   x '      l      r
.* , m H ' _, 3
Come in and let ■ us
,-   -- yy    '• '    -/        '■^•;-*'-
Tell y you  about it
.'" Rome, Dec. 29—One hundred thousand dead; MesBlna in Sicily and Reg-
glo and«a score of towns in southern
Italy overwhelmed; the ^entire Cala-
brian region laid waste" That is the
earthquake's record'* as far bb, known
at preesnt from reports that aro .coming slowly into Rome on account of
the almost comploto destruction of
lines of communication to tho stricken places. *"
■ The death* list in Messina'Itf'from
18,000 to 50,000; that of Rogglo which
.with, its adjacent vlllngoai.numbered
•15,000'people, includes .almost thb on-'
tiro1 population,
* At 'Pnlmi 1000 aro reported doa'd':'
at, Casfliiiio 1000; at Cosonza GOO and
half' tho population of Dagnura— that
was 4000, ' '"' • 7 . . ,,'-',
Tho ^ontoloono (llstrlct 1ms boon
doviiBtatcd and Rlposa, Bominara, Snn
Giovanni, Scollla, Lazzaro and Cannlt-
olio and ail othor communities and
villagoB on tho straits aro in ruins,
(Continued on page 8,)  ,
Our Firat Consideration
Is to givo tho vory boat quality obtainable and wo
adviso our frionds if thoy havo thoir own intoroRta at
heart to coiiHiddr the quality quoMtiou whon making, thoir comparison*., ' Our Canned Goods arc
all put up in wnitary tinR «pocially mndo for tho ftrnt
chiHB gootlH thoy contain. 7
'\        ■"' '
„. *.      m v.* ■ ~ |:' i'    ' ht
OCCUUU     IU      i**iUUC
Better than Most
A 'woll-ADod'-1 pantry "of  first class goods will'
Under tlio caption* of "An
Official Organ" Tho Victoria
Woolt lmn tho followhiR rof-
oronco to thn Ledgar:
"The Dlitrict Ledger,' pub-
llihed at F«rnlo, In th< official orgmi of the Mlnan' union
and In Its editing and general
get up -would be ■ credit to
any city In Qrltlih Columbia,
The management. displays
consideration to ite readers
In providing good paper, good '
type  and expert workman-
•hin Tt»*   jtvimt**1*      <"f   tut-
vertltlnn matter curritid in It
would aeem to Indicate that
labor,li appreciated, Furthermore the editor shows
considerable broad,  minded-
fifimi In  the txlnttartn  nriunr-
ated end In the support accorded to s representative
cltlttns' platform for the city
council. It goes without saying that OKI Tuttle has made
good with the workingmen,
and that he is {llkely to be,
mayor of Fernie as leng as
he wlshss. The Week could
wish that It were Illegal .to
publish any paper Inferior
In get up end general appearance, ito the District Led*
gsr."        it
business, .for'about'.sey>*}-a,- years, and''principally,', with non-tariff "companies.
He had known,* Dean* indirectly for about sijt or seven .years., and -.knew, him
personally'whence came to Fernie in April last... Dean..wrote'^Watson*about
February la8f-tbat.hi| was Btarting an'insurance company,'*and,proposed that
Watson ;be "general ..agent, from "Kootenay Landing to Alberta. Dean;asked
him' to. subscribe',for,-**.3iarge", amount of stock in,consideratIo'n„oL beinjg ,ap-.
• coming.from Dean.seemed to him'to• be-a very..gbod'-'o'ne, J' .-(When Dean was
in Feinie-^he (Dennj, thought-the rates, very unreasonable,,and so did   the
townspeople, und there' was'-an"' agitation on "foot   for a '.lowering of   the
rates;,,.;. Dean nnd himself .went to.tbe fire hall to see what appliances they
had, and.thoy also had a conversation'wltli Mayor Tuttle as-to the-fire lighting appliances.. /When, Dean-saw^tbeflro appliances-he;'lthought a.general
conflagration1 nearly impos8lbie'and gave".. him, Watson," a pretty free hand
to write up insurance.'    He wroto up about $60,0000 worth of business for
tho Globe.  t In reply, to a question as* to Dean giving hlm'a copy of what was
known as "The Globe Limits" ho said'he'did not remember getting one. Asked
if he remembered Dean naming the re-insurance company he replied be did
not-know if Dean mentioned the full ■ name, but he remembered the name
Temple being mentioned in his .off ice.-'. Ho did not think lt a ridiculous proposition for, a new, company like tho Globe to hand over three-fifths of .its
insurance to another company, at practically tho'samo raio aB what,"thoy
placed, but upon being pressed as to whether ho did not' think it a ridiculous
thing "in addition to tho reinsurance, to'his belng'paid 250por cent, bo'said
yes,' . Ho had issued pollctos in tho Globe boforo Doan's' arrival,  One was on
tho Ledgor plant, and another, for Alox, MacDougall;'ho had issuod others;
but ho could not remember for whom.   -Ho admlttod that ho had beon blamed.a little„for his dealings in the transactions by-somo.   He wob nakod   to
pay a portion of Henderson's oxponsos to Regina', but ho refused.-Ho wont,
to Regina ln Octobor and talkod over with Dean about tho mat tor; it was not
very pjeasunt for him in Fernie, what with tho policy holders and tho stock
holders, tho latter thinking thoy would bo called upon' to pay tho balance on
thoir, stock,    Doan asked him about how much' tho1 Globe's totnl losses woro,
and ho replied about $40,000.    Thoy talkod ovor whal waB to bo dono about
paying.,   Tho understanding ho got was that tho company would llquldato,
call In^ho amount duo by stock holders and with tho rolnaurnnco pay   oft
HabllltioB.      Watson wont to Cnjgnry nnd on November 3rd, wroto Doan
Btatlng,,that all tho other companion had paid except, tho Qlobo, and thnt ho
had*a plan by -which.ho thought tho company would got off lighter,    Ilo
thought Homo of lho policy holdoi'B would accept 60 or 70 per ennt in' full.
Tlio extract froni tho lottor waB road by Mr. -Macdonald,    Watson was subjected to croBB-oxamlnatlon for about threo hours,
. Henry Willingham, H, O, Lockhart, Wm, Mills and G. O. Henderson woro
also oxamlnod; thoy boro out tho statomontB mado nt tho preliminary examination,
Tho dofonso nrguod thnt It was n defective chnrgo against accuBod; tho
warrant wns IhhuoiI for obtnlnlng monoy undor falno pretences, and that did
not amount to much uiiIobb It was with intent to dofrnud, and this wns not,
nllogod against Denn. Blioitly nftor 8 o'clock Doan was placod In tho wit-
hobs box nnd romnlnod thore until about 12 o'clock.
W, O, n, Mnnnon, tho mnnngor of tho Homo Dnnk, Bworn, said thnt V, J,
Wntson wiih n customor nt lho bank, Ho rend out a lint uf nofoB pnynblo
to Wntson for Iho Block,
For tho dofonco Doan wns put In the box, nnd on bolng sworn snld that
ho was 0. yoat'B of ngo nnd was Iho fathor of flvo. Ho had been in tlio
Insurniico biifllnt-es alnco ICCO na ngent, flro Inapoctor oiul mnuagoi* for vnr-
Ioub ItiBuinnc'o comimiiicB. Thu latest conipuny ho wan with wan tho Dominion, nnd ho severed hia ronnoctlon wllh that company on lho IhI of Aug-
UHt, 1007, nnd como to negina nml.organized a company. Ho got a chnrtor
from thf*. Pnnkntrlinwnn irovprnmnnt for n pnnltnl of l-JROOWt. In Vnv«*mh.»r
', of thnt year thoy woro In n position to do biiBlnnss. Askod iih to whnt was I
+ ] tho financial condition of that provlnco ho snid Sasltatchownn wab flnnnclitlly
dad tost yenr, In January of.this yonr ho corresponded with F. J. Wntson
and wioto lilm tlmt thuy inu-ndod appointing four or flvo gunoial ajtmits,
nml thoy woro to tnko $5000 of stock In tho Qlobo. Watson took $1,000 but
said later on ho would tako mow or allow th* commtsntona to apply to stock.
In tho Globe They had four or flvo general agents appointed now. Ho,
(Dean) bad subscribed for stock to tbo amount of nearly $24,000. Ho camo
to Fornio on April 24th In tho morning, ond bad n conversation with Watson
nil thnt day,.nbout tlio general ogoney for tho district, nnd also for Nolson
and Rovolstoko. . Ho had tho reinsurance policy • In hia possession then,
During tho conversation Watson said that he thought ho might got a number
ot shareholders In Fernio, On Uio 24th ot April hit took iho r»ln«utni«t*«
treaty out of hia valise and banded It to Watson to read, which Watson did.
ilo told Walcon b» was not to go over a certain limit. %'lMw (or insurance,
If bo did he would reinsure for a limit \\ttA half, or thr** fifths. Ho (Dean)
negotiated for the treaty hlmsrlf, and also drafted tbo terms of tho treaty
ttlmseir, and'forwarded It to Henry Carr of London, KugtBud., asking htm tf
ho could got n treaty according to draft, Carr replied tut ho, thought ho
could get (t, rrd ultimately it was forwarded to htm Just befor* coming to
Fori.,-*. - Tbo i.t»itt.» ol th* rt-lnftuiancv company was Duo 'iVmit.t* t-'irtf and
(Continued on page *, columns 6 and 7.)
*-  a- »      *■ *■■,•" k      " j. H -| 1 ,- *   *>
• yyHeadquartersrfor/^y'i/. •'•'• ^M , y^yliy:
^VJ^'^Ih^zct^^ShQeS'l-Sip:- ^yyy
I       .   .      , - ^a44 ,   _a-   .__  ..~ I, -_c  .    i.  , '   ~."      V     T   -j.    . .*       _   ._   /'  fe^i *>s      ' -«_^..     .,    Z.~. ^1
«;■[(.■&. -^ -■*-
* »^'^iT-rJj-*J'*^*4SM
V.    *.'•'-•.
The Big Departmental'Store
: t i£<v
Victoria Ave.»"
''- Fernie,'B, C.vyyf:\
-        -a      I**
iih        4*
ijrj v1
■ V'- ■
'<2l' ■
1 if*
-  Store ======
Don't forget that I am back
in the old stand and that
my prices are better     (
than  ever
Men's Suits  $3,00  to
Shirts    7Sc to
Shoes    2,00 to
Caps     SOc to
Trunks 3,50 to
See my swell line of Neckties
all styles     -      -
SOc to $3
(Next door to Hotel Fernie) I
London, Tieo. 2f'-~>W. II. Traitor, rt»-
con Br cun and prominent mombera ot
»hn labor party and had received assurances that the facts submitted by
! htm. taken chit-fly from Dux Dominion
presenting Canadian labor Interests In j govornment publications, should   ro*
llriuln, between now anil May will
tour the United Kingdom carrying on
an anti-Canadian emigration among
tlritlih workmen.
'J -J a.
Inlenrlewed to-day ho aatd he had
nlrcnly laid n*«ta*em*»nt t)f t»i» t'atv
adlan eommltte*'of the tra'df union1
c-tilYt* Hit- wiilaiHi potisliile- circulation
among their fellow workors.     ( ,-.7-/
Mr. Trotter aercrcly aitirlifrd ^tb*
emigration methods of the. Balvatlon
army saying Jlmt be bad letters from
(0 unemployed men In Toronto alootj
who were aent om by the.army   to
•>*    .
*-" *" >'<..f'xiyy'$yr ^.y.:^;?^i?$y: y,, !>-.  '<-., 'y^yyi ,,\w „y-yi . "-y ■•■•■'..      ■■  "  ,;'■'..
• ,»7-,J -,-"■ ^...A'Y.*^*'-; - .  ."•- Jij -*. -■?,-.-i     - *  '--in*
.11.       »!'
■ *l4-*.'.'i<•«, ''""'. »*w  ^ ■
9m9 IiS^"'.^-^?"-'^.,3-'' "7.'v."*'-". v "'*• V''""-•'"' 7
I ."V.,„'-'.'--- -.iij.- •_■    ,-■■ ■-'(' -'   ■
i-~-.' -,1**-.--
News of Interest to Church Goers
We will be glad to have news for these columns each week
The cantata ".'A Child of the Promise" was a decided success, and the
children's good ship of fortune was
hauled into port immediately after
the cantata was over, loaded with the
splendid presents and candies, given
by tbe Sunday school children of
Crystal City. Each child of the
Sunday, school here received a pres
ent,' and everything passed off splendidly to the intense delight of the
younger folk.
Great credit is due to Mr. Cook and
Mr. Wright for the way they trained
the children. 7
»   *   *
1 The1 regular monthly, consecration
meeting of the Epworth League is to
be held* on  Monday  night,  when a
" bright New Year topic will be taken.
Start the new year well by coming to
our young people's society. Strangers
.  especially invited.
The annual Christmas treat will be
. held i on Monday night in the church
at 8 o'clock. A programme will be
rendered by the children and presents
distributed to  the children, of     the
Sunday school.
* *   •
V, -i
On New Years eve a watch' night
service will be held from 11 o'clock to
12. It is good to begin the.new year
in cpmmuniori with God. After the
service refreshments, will be served.       -    ' .     |
* *   »
On Thursday night, New. Years eve,
the annual business ■ meeting of the
church will be, held at 8 o'clock, and
officers will be appointed for the incoming year. After the meeting the
church'tea meeting will be held; Refreshments are being provided for by
■the ladles.
* »   *
The ladies aid was reorganized   on
Tuesday afternoon and the following
officers were .appointed
\ -   President:  Mrs. Buckley.
• "Vice-president:   Mrs. Kenny. ;
>.' :   Secretary: Mrs. McEwing.
•I Treasurer: Mrs. J. Biggs.
Creston, B. C, Dec. 27.
Editor Fernie Ledger:
Sir: WiU you please forward me a
sample copy of your paper by return
post.    I wish to subscribe to a Fernie
paper and do not know of any other.
A. Lindley
Interesting Christmas Souvenir   Sent
Abroad by the Winnipeg Free Press
to advertise Western Canar.-.
Visiting'committee: Mrs. Dr.Wrig-
lesworth and Mrs. Kenny.        .,.'■-.-.
'" *   *  *«     j-    ^
A large gasoline lamp'' has been
placed over the front floor of the
, church for the safety of the congregation.
Last Sunday morning Pastor Williamson preached in Cranbrook, the"
service here being acceptably conducted by Captain Davidson of tho Salvation Army.
*   ♦   *
Next Sunday night tho pastor will
deliver his annual New Years mess-
ago, taking for his text tho Church
motto chosen for tho year 1009.
Prominent Business Man of Brantford
Suddenly Called Away
Brantford, Doc. 23—-Augustus H.
Elliot, a well known citizen, was
found dead late this aftornoon. This
morning lio consulted a physician who
ndviscd him to rcmnin quiet for n fow
days, In the aftornoon Mrs. Elliot
wont down town lo shop. On hor
return sho found hor husband dead, II
is thought he expired whilo trying to
uso tho telephone. Ho had been dead
nbout ono hour whon found; tho cnuso
Is bollevcd to hnVe been ncuto Indigestion. Deceased wns a successful
promoter nnd hold a largo IntoroHt In
tho Diamond Conl MIiioh nt Lothbrldgo
tho Urnntford Hoofing Company, tlio
Boamsvlllo canneries nnd other concerns, Ho was forty tour yenrs of
A Scotch soclnl nud dimco will bo
held In llrucc's Hall on tho nisi nf
Decomhor n( 8 p.m. Hoclnl to com-
monco at 8 o'clock, A lino program
of old country dunces hnH been nr-
ranged for tho evening nnd n a woll
11 mo Is Kimrnntocd to everybody. Ho
nil you young laddies and IiihhU-h eoem
along nnd help us to tip Dm light fun-
tnnllo too. „
Not many people'are aware that the
annual export of caviar from Lake
■Winnipeg to Hamburg, which is the
chief caviar market of the world, is
of the value of from $10,000 to $15,000.
Fewer still are aware that much of the
Lake Winnipeg caviar comes back to
this side' of the Atlantic in one pound,
half ''pound and quarter, pound jars,
and -'tins labelled as tho Russian article. By.gourmands tlie world'over,
caviar is relished as a great appetizer,
King* Edward is particularly fond of
caviar sandwiches "at luncheon.
A nandspine little enamelled tin of
caviar from Lake "Winnipeg was sent
out by the Free Press in pursuance of
its usual custom of marking the Xmas
season by the distribution of a western Canadian suvenir to the western
newspapers of Canada, the United
States and Great Britain. This makes
the eighth of these annual souvenirs,
the one for Christmas, 1907, having
been a miniature barrel of flour made
at the Hudsons bay company mill at
Vermillion, 142 miles north of Winnipeg, from wheat grown in, the'Pence
River country. The Christmas, 1908,
souvenir is,accompanied, like its predecessors, by an artistic booklet with
numerous illustrations, the cover design being the reproduction of a water color picture of a Lake Winnipeg
scene. In addition to much interesting and valuable information about
western Canada, it contains some curious facts about caviar'and the Cree
legend of the sturgeon, given in print
for the first time.
Dealing with ttie Red Light
District—What Solution
Cap'-ir is. the..roe .tt~tlie~sturgeon'
v." e- *   . ,
prepared as a table delicacy. Shakespeare makes Hamlet speak of if as a
dish too rare to be known by tlie generality of people and the flavor of
which could riot be relished by'nn uneducated palate. No finer sturgeon
are caught, anywhere in the world
than in Lake Winnipeg. It is not
generally known by the way that Lake
Winnipeg has a total area of about 9-
000 square miles and that its total
coast line is longer than anv of the
great lakes, excepting Lake Superior,
Thoro is not on this province contained wholly within the boundaries of
any ono province or state, a body of
water nt nil"approaching It in magnitude. Last year's catch of fish on
Lako Winrilpog amounted to 8,000,000
pounds making at an average value
of 5 cents per pound a total value of
400,000, Western Canada thus reaps
othor harvests than thoso which nro
taken from its fertile soli.
To the Sufferers of the Fernie Fire on
Aug, 1st, 1008.
I deslro to call your attention to
tho necessity of somo dcfinlto plan
bolng adopted for a final disposition
of tho funds so generously contributed towards your nsslBtnnco,
You nro nwaro Hint n Riibfllnntlnl
sum will bo loft ovor aftor all accounts
nro paid In nddltlon to whal hns boon
advanced for tho purchase of lumber
nnd building mntorliils,
Ah far ns I am awaro no plan has
boon adopted nnd mibmltted to you for
your approval ub to what would bo
dono with tho monoy when repaid to
tho fund. Therefore 1 roHpnctfully
advlso and request, that no repay-
mont of any loan for lumber and build.
Ing niaturlnls bu mado by anyone until
Mich timo ns somo definite plan Ih ad-
opf-id nnd Hiibmlltud to nil firo miff-
oi'-iih (or thoir approval nml cons-uit.
Wishing.yon nil tho compIlmontH of
till)  HPIlHOIl,
Your friend and wull wlshnr,
F, H. Sherman
(Spokane Chronicle) .
"I am not in favor of a restricted
district.—Ex-Mayor P. S. Byr.ne.
"I am in favor of a restricted district."—Ex-Mayor Floyd Daggett.
"I am not," answered P. S.«Byrne
this morning, when asked if he were
in favor of a new restricted district in
Spokane. . "While some things can
be said in its favor it is horribly demoralizing to our young men and women to know that there is such a
district tolerated and approved of by
the city. However if our municipal
authorities insist upon-having such a
district, I do not believe in monthly
fining them, for after all a fine of that
nature is a license and Spokane must
not increase its revenue by any such
means. . .
"In my judgment the morals of the
city.are in-better shape'since the red
light district has been done away with
and it ..would be a* decided step back
to again have such a district. If such
a district were established it would
not clear the women out of the blocks
and. hotels. • American women will
not go down to the cribs. Only the
French women and foreign prostitutes
will live therei ■    ■: ■   .■
"I say <hat if a district is established the women should be licensed oui
and out and be put under medical examination, but now that we are rid of
them I think it would be best to stay
rid tof them. If there has lo be a
certain amount of the social evil let
it be checked by the police and kept
under the closest cover so that per-
sons would have, to look for lt Instead
of having an open district flaunting in
their faces.""   '
Establish District
■ "My opinion is my record," stated
ex-Mayor Daggett "and when I was
mayor the city had a restricted district. I would establish a district as
near the police station as possible and
have an officer on duty there every
night if possible. I would put' all
the Immoral women there and run
them out of hotels and blocks. I
would put them there together.'
The police and those who are up
on the present conditions will tell you
that none of those women who occupied the cribs have left the city; they
are all here just the same. I am not
of the social evil. It is here and I
say it has to be dealt with, and the
best way to handle it is to have the
women of this class all in one local-
jty.     . , -    '    ■
"As to the best location for It I
wiljjigt. discuss that, but Lwould have
it as close as possible to the police
station where a close watch could be
kept on It."
(Eschwig and Sorkie, Props.)
Now open  to the  public
Everything new and. up-to-date ■'.
Handsome Dining Room Attached
Music every afternoon and night
Table Board $8.00.  ..- All old price* now charged   .
'" ii .       Exceilent Cuisine
J. L GATES, Prop-
in a Minnesota Town —Frankhauser, the
Bandit, Described as a Bad Actor
;   Offered no Resistance
An Edison  Phonograph
The Newest Model.   Cost $65.00
Complete*:, with
Tlirt'o Dozen
'2 doz. 4
mid 1
doz. *l minutCH.
!l weeks
Price $50.00 -
Apply  at tho Lodger Offlco for  particular*
A serious accident occurred on Friday, December 18 at tho No. 3 shaft of
the Cardiff mines, resulting In the
death of Francis S. Whito. Deceased
was clearing out tho sump, when a
piece of wood fell down tlio shaft,
striking the unfortunate mnn on the
head. Ho wus taken to his shack as
soon as possible, but dosplto all efforts
he died a littlo before 1 p.m. The ac-
cident occurred at 7.35 a.m. At the
Inquest tho coroner's Jury returned a
verdict of "Accidental Death," Tho
remains wero taken to Nanaimo on
Sunday, December 20 for burial, whon
the Hov. Duncan MncLenn preached a
vory appropriate sermon from tho
text: "Oh that yo wero wlso, that yo
understood this and propared for tho
latter end." Tho wholo of tho members of local union No. 2378 U. M. W.
ot A. followed tho remains to tho burial ground to pay the Inst tribute to
their departed comrade. Tho Cardiff
Coal compnny woro responsible for tho
solectlon of a siiltnblo coffin, nnd woro
represented at tho funeral by Mr, I-t, J.
Illack, Mr. F. 8. Morris and Mr. J. W.
Norton, Frlonds of iIocorhoi] alBo
camo from Moiinvllle to pay the Inst
respect to, their departed friend,
Deceased loaves a widow nnd throo
chlldron In Bristol, ..higlntul, to mourn
Ills loss,
The following resolution was passed
by tho members of local Union No, 2.178
Uiiltt-d MIiiu Workuru of Amorlcn, Dec
cumb.-r 19, 1008.
Wo do hereby rnHolvn Hint. "The Into
Frnnfl*) 8. Wlillo, wlio wn» n 'mom-
bur of [liu above Local Union ami ono
of our follow workors, wns highly respected nml esteemed, both ns a bro-
Uier ami u frit-itu. •>> iim ....-•., tm-
,'uii.v i.iiil iiLiithiMiily JJi^wJliwj, in-
iiindo frleiidfl with his follow workmen and all others with whom ho
camo, In contact, Ills frlonds woro
numerous nnd ovoryono deeply regrets
tiUV.     Sa.l.v.. a'at ..A-. V.     aalll<a«\:i,S.     a.k,a*a VaAW.
our brother from our midst.
And bo It further resolved: That wo
tho members of local union No. 2378
U. M. W. of A., nnd fellow workmen
of tho Into Frnncls 8. Whito do extend
our deepent nvmpntliy to tho widow
and children who wt-r.i no suddenly
hfti'ti nt Ihi-'lr liiiR-tufiurl iuul father,
• (Spokane Chronicle)
Geogre Frnnkhauser, who with O
McDonald held'up the Great. Northern
traiii near.Ron'do, Mont, on Septeni-"
ber  12,  1907,' is  again  behind    the
bars.' ,
': This is the information received in
an Associated Press dispatch this afternoon from jloorehead, Minn. The
officials at both St. Paul and Jloorehead are positive in their identification of the bandit and he will be taken
at once to St. Paul where he will be
held pending arrangements to return
him to Helena for trial.
Franlchouse and McDonald broke
jail at Helena March 10 of this year
and had eluded detection until the
The arrest of Frankhauser who was
caught by M. H. Delaney a brother of
the Spokane detective, will be joyful
news-to the police of this city and to
the Great Northern officials who figured in the flrst arrest.
The desciiption of the bandits, together with photographs taken by Of:
fleer Lewis of the police department
were scattered'over the country broad-
cast.      . '      ' ;; ."
Has a Tough Record 7 '
kane, gave the name of Ed. Smith,
and it was not, until he was taken to
Kalispell, Mont, that he was identified
as an ex-convict. When the men were
arrested, in a Great Northern train
near Hamilton, street over $14,000
was found ln "'their' pockets all of
which bore the labels of the Chicago
bank which liad' consigned the $40,000
In currency stolen from the bandits
, Of this sum Chief Rice still has over
$1400 deposited In a safety deposit
vault in this city which was held
here to be identified in case the balance sent to Montana had been tampered with. -•    :'j.\       .   ■        <7
<Broke Out of Jail
The escape of .McDonald and Frank
hauser from the jail at Helena was
one of the,most suspicious in the history of the northwest. The men first
broke jail at Kalispel and were recaptured and taken'to-Helena, for safe
keeping.. In broad daylight they
broke out of their cells,- scaled the
high walls around the jail and though
they were missed within half an hour
no trace of them has been discovered
until recently.
, The bandits had a big spree at Bon-
ners Ferry where they aroused sus-.
picion through their liberality.    - .
They were tipped off to the police
by Bonners Ferry men and when the
train reached More it was boarded
by Sergeant McPhee, Detectives Brlr-
ley and Macdonald of the local department and Detectives Ryan and
Delaney of the Great Northern. They
had no chance for resistance.
- By escaping from the jail at Helena, the local officers probably lost
their chance for. the big reward of
almost'$18,000 for the men. Now that
Frakhauser Is recaptured it. is likely
that the officers will share in the rewards,     ' .7 .   ■". '■>■ *
A. Rizzuto
J. Crawford
' When the men were arrested in
Spokane only half the money stolen in
the holdup was recovered and no
trace of the cache was ever found, although there were numerous rumors
as  to  its  whereabouts.
According to Detective Delaney both
the men were at tho point, of .making
full confessions when they made their
break for liberty at Helena. . ;
Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Co.
->'•• - ICE' FOR   SAE£ "»
" 4   v '   -.      a „
, i •...
'   ' '' .,''-."' fl '
J     Contracts Taken - . -■■.'--'-
Including Stump Pulling, Land Clearing and Ploughing.    Let us
figure on your next job
, Rubber Tired Buggies,. New Turnouts   .
THE workingman's is the most welcome dollar
that comes into tho, savings department of a"
bank—because the welfare of the community at
large depends on the practice of thrift by' those
whose labor contributes the main part towards the
wealth of the country.
One dollar starts an account.    Full compound Interest paid.
THE S££ 1854
W.C.B.M ANSON,"     ,
TORONTO—It wns docldod by tho
polico fftnimlMioftt-f-) to form tbre«
new police illvlaloni And to Add 75
men to the forco, brln-ring it up to S00
mon. Thr- Additions of suburb* havo
made these extensions abiolutcly no-
To the Electors of Fernie:
Ladlos'tind Gentlemen: At the solicitation of vory many of tho ratepayers of all classes, I have decided to
allow my namo to bo placed in nomination for tho Mayoralty.
Let mo mako it plain, that I am not
nor shall I be, subjective to any faction or special Interests. I wish to
bo froo bo that I may be ablo to discuss and Judgo 'matters upon thoir
Ono thing I shall moat certainly
support Is tho enforcement of law and
ordor. In my opinion that it ism duty
which a mayor cannot conscientiously
I continue to favor tho acquisition
of lho wator and oloctrlo light plaiitB,
subject to an equitable arrangemont
to bo submitted to a voto of tho
electors, I also am entirely convinced
that thoso two matters should bo
dealt with at onco.
Tho public schools should bo opon-
ed as soon as possible, nnd arrange-
monts mndo whereby temporary quarters may bo obtained until tho school
houso is ready.
If elected, I shall uso all my Influence towards Imvlnt** quarterly audits
of tho civic accounts mndo nnd published so that wo may know whoro
wo nro nt.
Bxpondlturo mum ho kept within
ruvetiuo.    Tho law requires that.
Noodod   Improvements,   ospecinlly
lilljl'VitUra-a.,    'MU&a.    laai.ia    a..a,    a,**.*.'.",."    !*..
umUuii uL ai.*; CvuiHi...
I nm opposed to lax methods of running lho city offices und believe that
reasonable   offlco hours   should   bo
a    ,,,   t    11..   !.--..
a,4>aaua.<^>,a J     la.y.r
I think that tho city limits should
bo extended In a northerly dlroctlon,
I favor loglslat|on which will onsuro
enroful nnd economic administration
of tlio Relief fund. The people should,
In my judgment, ho nliowod to iilfct
commissioners to look nftor this
I nm opposed to the system of opening the door lo law breakers and
licensing thorn.
I refuse to glvo private pledges to
any one. My stand will be made public, if I eannot.w.thout enuring into n prlrate agreement,   concerning
private or special Interests, got elected, then I prefer defeat with honor
to the dishonor of being subject to a
When I address the electors as I Intend doing, I shnll deal moro fully
with tho nbovo matters, ns well as
others, Including tho necessary removal of temporary buildings and the
checking ot 1908 accounts.
Fatal Accident,
HAMILTON—Conductor M. Harper
wus Wiled by being run over by a G.
T, R. train last night In tho west end
yards. Whon tho train reached tho
station Hnrpor was missing, and ns
tho trainmen started to search for
him a telephone mossago wns received telling of his body being found in
the yard. Doth legs woro completely
sovercd bolow tho knoos nnd his skull
was fractured. It is thought that ho'
ho wns riding at tho end of ono of
the curs when ho fell under thu
Lame 8houlder Cured
Ln.ii*o shouldor Is usually caused by
rhoumatlsm of tho muscloH and it
quickly yleldH to a fow nppllcntlons of
Clmmborlnln's Pnln Hnlm. Mrs, V.
11. McBlwoo of Ilolstown, Now Druns-
wick, writes: "Having boon troubled
for somo lime with a pnln In my shouldor I decided to glvo Chnmborlnln'n
I'/iln ilnliu a trial, with the romiH tlmt
I got prompt relief.' I'or salo by all
Tf thoro woro not abundant sanitary
and eco'iomle reasons for tho obiter-
vanca of tlio Sabbath Day, tho plain
command of dod is enough. To sup-
oone- thnt nnvthlnir onn bo gained Id
monoy, comfort, or anything olso, by
(llsol)oyliig Uod, Is tho dream of folly,
—DlBhop O. V. Fltjsgornld.
E.  Weston
Is prq»irc<l to give
us nf I mil1,.ing work,
llopnhs n spocmlty.
(Jive me a trwl.
t». o. Jto* IB, Fertile
• •
■■ Always a choice supply of Beef, Pork, Veal,
Mutton, and Lamb on hand.   Hams,
Bacon, Lard, Better and Eggs
Our Specialties
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish, always a good
assortment.   Try our Minco Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.
NOTICE is horoby given that tlio
partnership hitherto subsisting botwoon tho undorslgnod nnd H.G. Lockhart, and known as "Lockhart & Gillespie," as merchants, and carried on
at Pernio, D. C„ is horby dissolved,
as and from tho 30th day of Novombor, 1000.
Tho accounts pnynblo of tho said
partnership will bo paid by, and Ml
accounts recolyablo of tho snld partnership nro payable to tho continuing
partner, Alexander A. Olllouplo.
Dntod at Fornio this 1st day of Va-
comber, 1008.
A. A. aiUtlZSPllm
Witness:  II. S. GARRETT.
NOTICE Is hereby given that on
December 1st 1008,1 Intend to apply to
tho Superintendent of Provincial Polico for tho renewal af my hotol license   IO   tVII   l.-.lOJ.ia.Mti.lta.   iiaiUW,*   a...
dor the provUiour*. of tlm SialuU' In
that bohnlf in tho premises known (.nd
described ns "Tho Royal Holol," situated at Gateway, ll. O, to commence
ix.r, flrot /ley nt .Tntiiinrv. MH\t.
Simon Dragon
West Fernie
Meat Market
Meat, Butter, Eggs
and Fish
Fresh Meat of all Kinds
A. M. MATULIS „     Proprietor
Notico to all organized lnbor, and
friends of organised labor: Keop away
from (ho McCluro Mines at Taskcr, N.
nnko'ii, as they hnvo lockid out thoir
men for joining 1he Unit*,! Mine
Workers of Araorica. Tho men had
(o be moved sway from there as the
company sot an injunction against
Vice-I'rea. Dl*. IS U. M. W. of A.
Fop Sale
Prompt Dol Ivory
W. R, Boardman P.O. to* M
For Christmas and New Year holidays tho Canadian Pacific Railway an-
•nonncps n rate of fare and ono third
for the roulid trip. Ticket* on sal*
for Christmas December SI, li, ti, U
ond 25. for New Year December M, ih
3$ and 31* and -January 1, final mum s,
on all tlcketi Jannary ft. iW»,   .      j
i ■ttS-Tf/.-IBf?*
Burns Puts up Game Contest for Fourteen Rounds-
Fight Practically peGided in First Round-The Black
Man 'Proves io ba a Real Cliampion
Sydney, N. 8. W., Dec. 26 —' Jack
Johnson, the big colored man from
Galveston, is the heavyweight champion' of the world. He won the title
to-day in the big arena at Rushoutters
hay from Tommy Burns, the Canadian
who had held* lt since Jeffries relinquished it, and after a chase of Burns
that-led him half vruy around the
The end came in the     fourteenth
° round when .the police seeing   Burns
tottering and unable to defend himself
from the savage blows of his opponent
mercifully stopped the fight. Previously, it had been arranged that if the
police stopped the fight a decision'on
■. points should be given, and Referee
Mcintosh declared the "big black man
a winner for all the way through he
had shown himself Burns master in
every style of fighting.
Burns ln an interview after he had
gone .to his dressing room said
"I. did the best I could and fought
hard. Johnson was too big and his
reach was too great."
Johnson appeared fresh after the
fight, while Burns eyes were badly
■ puffed and his mouth swollen to twice
its normal sizei He fought a game
battle and showed indomitable pluck
but he was no match for the big Texas
Twice only in the annals of pugilism
has a colored man been permitted to
fight for a title emblematic of the
world's champion heavyweight pugilist: Peter Jackson tried it with Jno.
L. Sullivan but Sullivan would not
consent to a go. After James Jeffries took the scalp of Bob Fitzsim-
mons he took on Hank Griffin at Los
Angeles but' a colored man1 was easy
for him and never had a ■ chance to
win the honor. He was knocked out
in four .rounds.     Jeffries then drew
"thtTcoior line~Tnd^f^aI"Tears"Tifter;
he retired. Johnson had tried to got
a fight on with hinrunavaillngly. .
I Then Tommy Burns, or Noah Urus-
so, as lils name.really is, took up the
mantle of Jeffries. Since then and
until to-day Johnson has endeavored
to get him Into the ring, declaring he
was Burns master.
The light was for a purso of $35,000,
of which Burns received '$30,000 and
Johnson $5,000. Tho ring was a 24
foot one and was built In the centre
of a big arena built especially for the
purpose at Rushcutters bay. Tho bout
was to liave been for twonty rounds.
The day dawned overcast and cool.
Thousands of persons from all parts of
tho country wero attracted to tho
scene of tho encounter nnd many had
arrived thoro Christmas night, and
slept In tho open. Thoy came by
street cars, automobiles, carriages, on
horsobnek and at 10 o'clock this mor-
nine, one hour boforo tho fight wns to
start, ovory Bent wns occupied. Tho
prices of seats ranged from $2.50 to
Tho crowd was estimated ut botwoon 18,000 and 20,000 persons nnd
it kept porfect ordor throughout tho
light. A brass hand enlivened the
holiday throng,
Ilcforo tho contestants enterud the
ring Bill SnuiroB who thrico has been
defeated by Burns, chnllongod tho winner.
Burns weighed tn at 108 und Johnson at 102.
Tho betting was 7 to 4 on Burns at
tho start but It voorod In a few rounds
to 2 to 1 on Johnson.
Tho spectators conceded that ,Iohn-
son's victory was duo to his physical
advantages over nurns, and his superior knowledge of tlio fighting gnmo
and his unrufflod demeanor while being taunted by tho champion.
■ Tho stakes were paid tho men wlillo
thoy wero In tho ring,
At 10,12 o'clock Johnson entered tho
arena. Wild cheers grouted him and
the biff black man turned nnd bowed
to nil four Hide., of tho ring, Just as
Johnson took lilts scat Burns appeared,
Ilo wits t-mlllnK and tlio plaudits of
tho spectators wero oven moro on-
thusliiHl.lc tlmn those accorded the blR
hlack, When the cheering hnd died
. down somewhat JolniBon crossed ovor
tllllt   UttUljH   IHU lit,   O)   MO  ..«..U,
-right 6y t-ioufiii*
At 11.15 JohiiBOU and Burn* posed
for a moving picture machlno and had
received final Instructions from Ref-
eiL'O Mcintosh and retired to thoir
Thon tho battle began.
First round: Aftor a fow moments
ot preliminary sparring Johnson reached Burns with a sharp upper cut and
tho Canadian went to tho floor remain-
lnc there for the count of eight. rr<?
signalled to his seconds that he was
all right, howtivut', aud whuu hu io»o
ho tailed In for Jobnsona body. Johnson swung a hard rinht to the head
and Burns tlnggenA backward nearly acroM the ring from, the Impact of
the blow. Tiles Jlurat, ruthlns Is
pUulitd t* v-atla*. Lt punt, Cuccc ou. tho
negro's chin;and by an excellent display of boxing warded off a ; return.
Johnson nevertheless, managed, to put
through a stinging left to the head at
the sound of the gong.
Second round—When the bell clanged Johnson yelled, across, to the approaching Burns "Come right on!"
and he swung his right and landed on
Burns chin. The champion's ankle
gave way under him and be went
down. ■ He was up immediately, however and Johnson got to close quarters
with him and placed his, right and
lett to. face and body. Burns left
eye. here commenced to swell. Johnson thus far had the* best of tiie battle. -
Third round—Burns swung his right
to Johnson's head and then did some
wonderful execution at In-flghtlng,
chopping his right to the ribs frequently. Johnson during the round landed
some terrific blows to the kidneys.
The black man was coming all the
time and swung a terrific left into
Burns stomach. Burns was doing
but little. He was bleeding from the
mouth and apparently was tired. The
men were clinched as the bell rang. -
but few blows were struck.
Fourth round—When the men met
in the centre of the ring Johnson
shot a heavy right into Burns' ribs.
The men talked wildly to each other
each seeming intent on getting the
other excited..   They sparred fiercely
Then Johnson swung to the body,
and "Burns brought his right to the
head. Johnson, closing in threw a
terrific right and left at the head of
the Canadian.
Sixth round— Johnson ■ rushed and
Burns clinched. Breaking loose with
one hand Johnson swung his right to
the white man's ribs. • Burns jolted
Johnson's body frequently and swung
his right hard over the ribs and put
a stiff left to the „ stomach several
times. Johnson however, treated all
these blows as a joke, laughing to the
crowd and making sarcastic remarks
Into a corner and scored a couple of
rights to the body.
Seventh round — Johnson rushed
Burns across the ring dealing his right
in which there was no mercy. Burns
got a" left to "Johnson's Jaw and the
big man raised a lump under Burns
eye In return. Burns here seemed to
be losing strength. Johnson ■ wns
landing repeatedly on Burns eye, and
was addressing the people around tho
ring, and though Tommy was working
dexterously at infighting he placed
several tcrlrfic blows to Burns ribs,
dropping him to the floor for a few
Eighth round— Burns' eyes wero
puffed up and ho was bleeding from
tho mouth when ho emerged from his
cornor. Tho white man's blows had
appnrontly littlo effect on tho Texan,
who, wont soveroly nbout bolnboring
tho Head of tho champion.
Ninth round— "Como on, Tommy,
swing your right," yelled Johnson ns
tho gong rang. Burns responded hy
calling tho negro n yollow dog. Thore
was not much fighting— probably
moro talking during tho round,
Tenth round—Both men seemed tiring. Johnson still used his fists effectively on Burns' hond nnd stomach—
nnd Burns was doing ns ho could ln
response but his blows seemed to bo
lnoklng stonm.
Klovonth round—Tho porsplrntlon
pouring off tho body of Johnson mndo
It look not unllko highly pollBhod walnut, Bui'iis tried, to cross IiIh right
ovor but Johnson clovorly avoided —
and planted a hard right, Burns Is
outclassed and Johnson apparently Is
Invulnerable Whon tho boll rnng
Burns Umpod to his corner.
Twolfth round— JohnBon continued
to play for the Injured oyo and tho
bleeding mouth of Burns which wnH
Hwollon to twico Its normal slzo. Blow
aftor blow tho colored mnn ralnod on
him nnd tho gong nlono wived him
from di-fent for ho wns reeling nnd
groggy at It rang. During the Inter-
mission between the thirteenth nnd
tho fourteenth round the police conferred and it looked as though tho
fight would bo stopped.
neforoo Mcintosh went   to Burns
cornor mid hnd a talk with the champ-
Ion who declared that ho was strong,
.'•'i......«/•>.. i...... „./,„.,] tl.v iiiV.ee r.c-t to
Fourteenth round — Johnson went
right after Bums when time was
called, Burns warily bnckod nwny—
but Johnson followed him up nnd put
'A  ilrJilai  Snail... SA>  viiX,  ikla4..7 "Gat-..,     L'.VJ
three' slowly counted the referee nnd
nurns remained down until tho eight
seconds had boon roolod off.
When ho arose Johnson flow at him
like a tiger and using both handa un-
morcIfuHy tnnn hnd tho champion nn
the go. Tho polico then lumped tnto the rine and stopped tho tlp,ht.
Tho referee immediately declared
Johnson the winner. He added that he
fonsldprpd It tho best fight
hnd witnessed In Australia and that
t-oth of tbt- wm hnd tcmghl KMt fairly.
Let us nanie a few of- our great inventions and what they are accomp-.
lishirig, and you explain why the laboring man';does not benefit by them:
One^inaii audi two. boys do the-work
of 1,100 spinners. -.
One cotton printing. machine, and
one man can do the.work of 1500 men.
One horseshoe machine does the
work of 300 men. „      ;        -,
A nail machine does the, worlc of
1200 men.
A modern sawmill takes the place
of'800.'men. ■    -
One man by machinery does the
work of. 1100 in making.'pottery.,
In loading and unloading ships by
machinery, right here in Toledo, or
any, dock, 2000 men are displaced.
Mr. Owens.of;Toledo invented a
machine which he claims, will do. the
work of fifty, men in making bottles.
A needle machine turns out 260
needles per minute.
, Sheets of tin are fed into one end
of a machine and at the other end
complete tin cans are dropped out at
the rate of 38,000 per day. A child
can operate the machine.
A bread making machine will mould
20,000 loaves per day.
, Three men with machinery will turn
out. 250 tons of steel bullets in eight
hours.  •
These are but a fe.w of the many
inventions, and about the same increase exists in all branches of production.
These figures are taken from the
census reports and can be verified.
The late Mr. Gladstone tells us that
by the aid of newly invented machinery our capacity to manufacture is
doubled every seven years. Do the
wages of the workers double every
seven years?
Now, my dear reader will you explain why it is that with all this .marvellous machinery of production, our
wonderful means of distribution, our
increased knowledge in the arts and
sciences, we still have in this free America millions of -people in abject poverty? It is because there are not.in
America only, but, in every country,
two classes of people. One class that
owns all the machinery, does no work,
and yet receives all the good things.
The other class makes all the machinery, does all the work, and has nothing
but a living. The rich who own all
the tools and other means of production upon which the worker depends
for a living, own the man.- The man
is finding that out to-day—Men and
Mules. ■    ■
Montreal Was Excited.
, - Rome, Doc. 28—Southern Italy.- was
visited: by a serious and fatal earth-
quake this morning. The centi-e of the
disturbance was in Sicily and the
greatest loss of life and property occurred, on. this island, The reports
af.e as-yet incomplete but the people
everywhere were thrown into a state
of panic.
.In Catlaiiissetta, a'Siclllan city of,
30,000 people a number of houses
were shaken down and the inhabitants fled for safety, into, the streets ot
the place.
Vast, crowds gathered in the parks
and the churches are* filled. At Miso,
a small town 100 miles southwest of
Catania, several houses collapsed,
and the scenes of panic were repeated.     ,.:'.     ,
At Catania the docks and the shore
front were overwhelmed by a tidal
wave. Much damage was done to
shipping, several steamers being damaged. At Catania the shocks lasted
20 seconds.
i   - \
Prisoners Break Jail
, At Agbsta in the province of Syracuse two churches and several houses
were demolished, but no lives were
lost. The prisoners In the local. Jail
made their escape and ran for liberty
through the praying crowds on the
streets.* Troops were called out and
quiet was restored. There were shock's
also at Linduagloss, Santa Savernla
and Notoall in Sicily.
The greatest reports of loss come
from Calabria, where three dead and
sixty wounded have been removed
from the ruins. , Soldiers liave been
called on to carry out the work of
succor. Troops have also been ordered to tear down damaged buildings In
order to minimize the danger from
falling walls.
Sixty persons aro said to have sustained injuries at Sanhofrio, and-the
population is camping out.in the open
air. Tioops everywhere are engaged in the work of rescue.        <>
Steamers Damaged
London, Dec. 28—A dispatch received here from Catania, Sicily, says that
the Swedish steamer Asta, the Axis-
trian steamer Budatwo and the Italian
steamer Orseolo were damaged today by an earthquake and consequent
tidal disturbances "at that port. The
extent of ihe injuries to the vessels
is not given.
Are now . prepared to transact your: Banking
■   Business  in  temporary quarters in. rear
of their late office pending" the completion' of oui* new premises
Savings Department
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received, interest allowed at
' •   current rates and paid quarterly.
MONTREAL.—In some , mysterious
manner the. rumor ■ started through
the city yesterday afternoon that' the
Indisposition of King Edward was of
a serious nature and that his majesty
was in great danger. Although no
one knew where the rumor came from
it continued to spread and In every
direction enquiries were made in regard to tho health of his majesty. To
such an extent did this occur that special messengers were sent to inform
the Rev. Dr. Johnson of the American
Presbyterian church with the request
that special prayers be offered for the
health of his majesty.
Teamsters Settle Differences.
Peace in the ranks-of organized
teamsters Is said to be-assured by
the amalgamation, after -a split, of
more than two years duration, of. the
international brotherhood of teamsters and the United Teamsters of
America, recently brought about ai
a conference.
Bad Fire at Warman, Sask.
WARMAN,—Flro broke out enrly
thls°mornlng and half of tho business
block was burnod down. Tho lire
started in u restaurant next to ■ the
Commercial hotel and spread eastward
The loaf. Is nbout $50,000 with Insurance of nbout 20,000. Tho cause
of tho flro is as yet a comploto mystery,
Two Chinamen Were Murdered
WINNIPEG,—Ynte Sun, n Chinese
lnundryrnnn of 211 Jnrvls avenuo nnd
Ills hired mnn woro murdered some
timo Sunday ovoning, robbery apparently being the motive as tho store
wns rifled.
Last spring nn nlmoBt Blmllnr rob-
bory wns commlttod nonr tho   over-
Charlottotown P. 13.. I. Doc. 2*1—Jno.
Porry, formerly of Moncton, but now
of this city, tried to ronst his ilvo year
old son In a hot ovon Inst night. Tho
hoy wns ton big and ultliough tho fathor Jnmmed lilm up ngnliiHl tho hot
oven lie was unnblo to shut the door
on htm. Thou ho pulled lilm out nnd
throw'him against tho wnll,
With his head covered with blood
tho littlo follow mnde his wny to u
neighbor's Iiouho nnd told IiIh story.
Porry wns orazoA with liquor and
wns arrested,
T*-i»   P(if»   Prtctf,   Law
iiiXU'Ut'i' Wllavii i*4,*-'i! "One nf the
objects of lho law lu to Inform the
consumer of the presonco of certain
harmful drugs In* medicines.',' The
law requires that the nmount of ehlor-
•ulvi.Ul,   'Oji.v.tU,    U4M.ya.414..,   uaa-2      ■'/).'. r
habit forming drugs bo stated on the
label of each bottle. Tlio manufacturers of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy havo always claimed that their
remedy die} not contain any of these
drtint, and the truth of this claim Is
now fully proven as no mention of
them Ih mnAe on the labfrl. Tho rem-
tidy Is wot only one of thr- i.nft-st but
ono of tho best in uso for coughs and
he ever j coldi. Its talue hm betti proven -beyond (iu<*tlcn during the many year*
it bee bten la **<>-*-'>ral use. For tale
by all drug-jluta.
The home-warming which introduces your friends to your new
home will be one of genuine congratulation if you have installed
one of thc Oxford systems of
Hot Water and Steam
in connection with Oxford Radiators cover every phase of building heating—-and they cover them
better than nny other make on
thc market. These boilers have
beer, brought to such a ht-^h state
of perfection that they utilize all
thc heat generated, ar.cl dispense
healthful warmth.evenly, to every
part ofthe building.
These boilers can be fitted to
burn any kind of coal, coke or ,
wood,   They are easily npeinted
and very simply regulated.
We would like to wive you full
pnrticul.irs of our heating sy».
terns. Won't you write for booklet*? Deiter still, send us particulars of the building you wish to
hi-ut and we'll give you particulars
of the best system to (ill the
Tha Gurney Standard'
Metal Co., Limited
a*>*iiinft siitum, }'«.<.,i«
H. L, Edmunds, Manager
Fernie Branch
R 0 Y A L
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Call in and
see us once
C. W..DAVEY&C0., Props.
Waldorf Hotel
(In rear of old stand)
Table Unexcelled
Bar supplied witli the finest
brands of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars  „
MRS. S. JENNINGS, Prop.  .
(Formerly of CentrarHotel)
The Original and the Standard
You don't get an experiment—or an untried material—or merely
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You can roof the house and barn yourself with RUBEROID,
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Sold by Western Canada
Wholesale Co.
Miners are warned against going to
the following mines as they nro unfair, and miners arc "\vnrncrt to keep
City Minos—
Bush Mines ~
Edmonton Alta.
a it
Rosedale Mines—
Strathcona Mines
Dawson Mines —
Frank Mines	
.(.       *
Alberta Coal Co. — Morinville, Alta.
A dispute is also pending at the
Galhraith Coal Mine, ■Lundbrock, Alta.
Manitoba and Saskatchewan Conl Mine
Boinfait, Sask.
the Hotel of Fernie
Fernie's Lending*, Commercial
nnd Tourist. Houso
liar supplied with  lh«  licit Wines,
Liquors -iwl Ciptrfi
Doing business In tho samo old placo
Li(|ii()i'*- nml ('Igai'H of the hlKhcht
(-utility .', Well fdo'-ki-d lull*
W. R0B1CHAUD, Prop,
fi,ar,y Fatal Accidents
Hudson's Day Steamer Lost
I IM.'     I. till,111,.Itllllltt .     14.
OTTAWA--Tlio I'Xlrnurdlntiry nunv*     *>* i.s.*v*«-r.«..
bor of Vi\ iutIiU'Iiih 1'iiw- liiM'ii r«|.on-, •'••'■ •*■*•'• *•■'■ '''•■'' '-'-.' •■'■■'■'J1-''.'' 1 •'''* >' "•
od for the month of Now-mlmr to tltc,**'-1 Information Hint the nmiimiiy'i*
iHhor dv»aiiii-..i.t. No fciver then. 8«' *mr'»'"J s"»'k* re*-.Mitly ropnrrcd from
liven were Iohi on rullwu>H or In mil- j '-ondnn an ovcrdno from .InnmH liny,
wnv fulfill!Ies which o-aTiin-a'd in   tho! w»" wredu'd nt Ufd-on RIioMh In Hud-
MloxvliiR ttrtivliKH'H: O/ii/ino .i'*; M«n-. •'•"*' " *"><■>■     "'•'- ****■' '• -■■*-* • ■-> ■-
Itoba 8, QwAti'C 7. llrltlnh Columtila i.'W1 w.v.'ij, nnd arc nil well at Moot*.
CO.,  LTD.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers
A full Mitcli In 11 fi-wiliiy*
HtiHkiilclii'unn ',',, Ailiortn 2, Sow Minn
■iV/lik I, .N'ovn Scot In 2, Tho worm
accident \vnn ni'fir Dryden, Onliitlo.
where n dynnmito explOMlon caused
liii- dt-ivtli ut 'M'wb ■m«*mli',ni of a cm
•.miction {■'m*.'.
Yactnry. Tho ntpihln of tln> Siorl,
lilt** rennhed thc rnilwii)- lino nnd Ik
now 'irocopdlng 10 i.ont.on.
First-nan  Killed
t.Olt\VAl.J.~A CJiani!    Trunk «m-
iii;*,**.. Willli ui Hnrj?rn%>-. M) from h\u
Alio Per ul* by WMmittr A Co.
I'ETRKIIOKO.—8«v<m yoar oU   Ar-; '„i.k.i;.» ii.*nr l.iuui,n\uv ji-ntwd*y aiidjTJi-f «»dy rHinl.lf yiaiv in tf.vvn f-T
ttuir Ho-idf-r is dead tit tho rr-Hiilt of' •'I'stalncd  Injuries  which emwd hu]
a kfclc from a .ior*.** whilo ho     wan . di-nth.     Ills Lome waa In HrtK-LviIU*. i
jilnylnf in his father's poultry yard in  nnd ho vtan aijout twenyt lhrc« )fa.r*j
(■"infill to«ntfli![i. of age.
rludrt* jiIjh-h and toUtm*
W. A* INGRAM, Prop.
► ;ftv»»fc».«4w *«( „ -.'xjjj PAGE  FOUR
Sf)e Mzltiti £ti#tt
?1.00 & year ia advance. : Address all communications to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. C.
Rates for advertising on application,
We believe, through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good to actual subscribers any loss incurred by trusting advertisements that prove to be swindles;.but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise;
nor pay.the debts of honest bankrupts.
This offer holds good for one month after the
transaction causing the complaint; that is we must
have notice within that time.. In all cases in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
!:•*;■;.-,,;',_. "    ,W. S. STANLEY,
i '*'" ■•'■■.■r   '•"     .' "      Manager.
started in August of 1907, almost 18 months since.
Can the belief find lodgment in the honest conviction of any. man that such a length of time was
needed to weigh the merits and de-merits of the
w Could it be possible that the "unimpeachable"
judiciary of the United States of America could
fathom the effect of this latest pronouncement on
the vote of the Labor men?
These and many other vexatious questions readily suggest themselves, and their answer is not thc,
work of a minute. The appeal, already entered
against the decision, forms a crucial case iri the
struggle of workingmen fora fair field, free from
the shackles and incumberances of legal technicalities and judicial favoritism, wherein their chances
for success will not be jeopardized, nor their "aspirations for fair conditions be reduced to impossibilities before the general public are even well
aware of the issues at stake.
Municipal affairs are beginning to take on a
concrete aspect, and some, at least, of the lethargy
which has heretofore characterized the contests,
has given place to keen and wholesome interest.
Although the office of chief magistrate—the
Mayor—is in many ways a position attached to
which is only limited authority, yet the occupant
of this post, the supreme gift in the hands of municipal electors, should be a man capable of meeting
the many-sided phases of civic'' management,-and
one able-to: deal in an-'impartial, manner Avith the
claims of all classes of citizens. . • * ' -
He must be broad minded in his outlook, yet
narrow enough to keep the interests of Fernie ever
large on his mental horizon; he must have high
standards of life; he must have clear-cut and clean
principles in regard to the. moral welfare of the
eity, over whicli he, for the time, is the presiding
officer. In short, he must "be a man of many
parts, of unlimited scope, and a, man of indefati-
. gable energy and determination,' capable of inaugurating and piloting to successful issues, schemes
and plans for the welfare and betterment of the
city as a body politic, not for the advancement of
".'class or selfish interests.
The candidature of L. P. Eckstein as Mayor of
the City of Fernie for the.year 1909 has been met
with favor from many of our citizens, and the
Trades Council has also approved of his stand. We
• hold no brief for Mr.- Eckstein; as a Mayor he is
an unknown quantity. , However, the stand he
has taken, and the frank manner of his appeal to
the*electorate must commend themselves to all well
--..wishers of a clean and independent council.
Mr. Eckstein says, in no uncertain mariner that
^administration of affairs, aricl a more rigorous .system of-finance; no delay in school work, an independent audit, and a more concise method of   administering the relief fund.    He is a well known
advocate of the city owning thc water works and
-ekretriorliglitrplants. 7'    y'''.' ■: ■
The incoming council needs a "Mayor wide
awake to the city's best interests, and one who can
intelligently and with acceptance to all citizens,
preside over the deliberations of the Fernio City
Council for the year 1909.
The Ledger believes that L. P. Eckstein is the
_man for the place, and doubts not but that his
appeal to the electorate will be heartily endorsed
by a great majority of the voters.
A letter published elsewhere from Mr. L. P.
Eckstein is sufficient denial to the aspersions in
last week's Free Press "as to the authorship of a
certain editorial regarding the mutual affection
and the wonderful bonds between the Trades Council arid the said Free Press. To assuage the 'unfounded suspicions of our cotem, we volunteer the
information that the article in question in common with others, was written by an ordinary .wage
slave iu the employ of the Ledger office. "We can
further guarantee on a bond not to exceed $3.50—
which is our present- capital—that the writer has
no hankerings after municipal honors, even though
tlie post might be that of fence viewer or pqund
keeper.    The reasons are self-evident:
1: He would be sure 'of orily two votes—his own
and his wife's—and women can't vote in this larid
therefore his aggregate vote would be 1.
2:.He could not have the support of the Free
Press, without which it would be as impossible to
gain any office depending upon the popular vote,
as for the proverbial camel to go through a needle's
eye.        *        ■■ ,
Has the Limerick editor of the Press any more
The Extraordinary Performance of Fomie Free
Press-A Few Short Weeks Makes
The Free Press for'the last few.weeks has been going considerably out of its way. to defame the Trades* and Labor Council of
this city, and in its own school.boy fashion has also sought to-hold
up to ridicule the attempt to launch a Citizens' League in,connection
with civic affairs. Amusing indeed are the changes of opinion and
the various acrobatic performances that have-been going on lately.
We apologize to our readers for intruding on their good-will by
quoting from the Free Press, but side by side some of their stands
make interesting reading, and rival in the ludierous even.the best
productions of the comic supplement.
. The Fernie Free Press of November
20th, contains the following.
The article can be found in the date
named of that paper, not as an item
of news, but as an editorial expression
of opinion, supposed to.set forth the
The municipality owns, operates and keeps iu
repair the streets and roads from which no dividends 'accrue to the public coffers.
A private concern owns, and operates the telephone lines whose poles are everywhere to be
found in these streets, and from.the operation of
which dividends are declared.     Strange       ,'
The insane asylums and jails are owned, supported and their up-keep provided from the funds
A decision, far reaching in its effect, staggering
in its immediate action, and nppalling'to the interests of Labor, was handed out by Justice Wright
of the Supreme Court at, Washington, D. C, in the
famous and long-protracted case (tf the Buck Stove
and Range Co. vs, the Federation of Labor. Thc
temporary decapitation of President Gompers, Vice-
President John Mitchell and Secretary Morrison,
and their sentences to jail for twelve, nine and six
months respectively, is but a circumstanco compared to the avenues of nssailablo points laid baro to
capitalists, and we doubt not but that n veritable
saturnalia of injunctions and other iniquitous
forms of modern day slavery will follow in the
wake'of this infamous pronouncement.
Any law, whether good or ill, is an unknown
quantity until a precedent is established; but now
with the powerful weapon of a **Hinted case" in
his hand, tho oppressor ol' tlio worker becomes an
nlmoBt invincible person in all cases of a liko nature.
Tho abiiKO of tlio power of injunction, in itHoli'
n necessary adjunct in modern government, its appropriation by certain cIhnhoh to further thoir own
interests, and a goneral disrognrd to the propriety
of itB use and the sphere of its applicability, has
ltd thousand*, of men to demand its removal from
tho KtatutcH of the land, and tlm .vimon for Die
demand for such seemingly drastic departure from
prcBont day practices, is not hard to find.
If it in illognl for union men tn tnbon 'dortnin
CHtabliNhmcnts an unfair, why is it legal for mer-
ciianiH, iiotoi men, etc., to Keep a "i-iiiuk list'' and
to paBH thu same from ono to the other f
If/for this reason, they nro guilty of illegally
reBtrftininR trndo, why nro not tho men who cor-
nnr tho wheat mnrkot, smother trado nnd (romp-Hi-
tion for thu liims iiv-iiig Hiui fortw u.iii:!-*. down unit
ut, guilty of tlio same offenco
lit tho ideas ndvoentcd by John Mitchell in his
ook on ''Trades Unions, ote." nro illegal, n« stat-
d by Justico Wright, why .was not tho book sup-
rasner. lit tho timo of pubUenffon before Ihe 'Inn-
ors of contamination lind n chance to become realties 1
Again, ft very Bignifleftnt point, nnd ono that
nay have a bearing on tlm length of time needed
o reach ft conclusion—why wns this decision, n
natter of life and death to Labor men, held back
util after tliu viictut t-lccl.o.u*.,     Tlie chhu whk
of_tHe~^ebple! Tliey declare"noT dividends. T~
- The drink traffic.and other.businesses which
contribute largely to the numerical standing of
these 'institutions are in the hands of a comparatively few men who draw large dividends from
them.,. Rather odd? .     .,..'.. ., - --   .-.
The Northwest' Mounted Police against which
not a word can be said, patrol large sections of
land. They are paid by the government, and are
not in the strict sense of the term revenue producers.    They are a bill of expense.
The C. P. R. runs through the same country as
is guarded by the N. W. M. P. It is a dividend producer of the first rank, owned and operated by the
government—oh, no. Owned and controlled by a
private corporation.   Remarkable?
Britain has a navy of which every Britisher is
justly proud. The up-keep runs into millions of dollars annually, and the direct revenue is nil. .
Tho mercantile fleet of Britain, which is guarded by thc government owned and paid navy, is tho
property of privato owners and operators. It is an
A 1 money maker. Peculiar arrangement is it not
that the government should be at thc expending
end of the sea-faring business and the privato owners at tho receiving end
Tho wholo category of enterprise, embracing evory conceivable utility and commodity, can bo
searched, and the result is always tho samo, that
whero revenue and returns aro most prolific, thert
tho capitalist and his retinue aro not far distant.
Why should the government bo turned into a modem scape goat to bear away on its shoulders all
propositions of a dubious nature, while all paying
enterprises are usurped by tho ever present capital,
ist and stock promoter?
Tho farcical naturo of tho prosont systom of
control is becoming moro and more apparent to tlie
thinking public, and the roason for the growing
demand for a now ordor of things is not difficult
to ascertain,
views and beliefs of that paper:
* "Elsewhere  we  publish  a  full   report of the minutes of a meeting of
the Fernie Trades and Labor Council.
At this meeting the personel and pol-
* •-. '
icy of the incoming City Council was
discussed, a citizens ticket named and
a platform adopted. The various
planks in the platform have our unqualified approval and should receive
the support of every good citizen. The
fair-minded spirit shown in the resolution to the effect that "a straight labor ticket would be detrimental to the
best interests of the city,' is most
From the Fernie Free Press of December 18:
"The sudden and disastrous collapse
of the Trades and Labor Council's municipal boom, while a source of considerable dismay to its boosters, has af-
forded much innocent amusement to
our citizens, who thoughtfully and ear-
enstly consider public affairs. The
short lived, if not still-born progeny of
the T. & L. Council, the Citizens league
—is surely dead, and we have grave
doubts as to whether the aforesaid
Council can clear its skirts of the
charge of infanticide in the first degree. To the inquiring mind the reason of the league's premature demise
is not difficult to discover.-What self-
respecting,, intelligent community will
stand for its municipal policy being
dictated by an organization composed
largely of aliens, floaters and agitators, whose chief executive is not even
a voter, whose only achievement has
been, the organization of a mule skinners' union, a four flusher locally
known as—well, what does it matter
—it isn't an asthetic prefix? We answer, not Fernie, B. C." o
Trade is beginning to slacked iri
the lignite field of Taber and vicinity,
and in consequence disputes are Increasing at many of the   small mines.
Considerable dissatisfaction exists
at the Royal Collieries, Lethbridge; ow;
Ing to the exactions of the management.-
VV •  ♦   : 7"'*'.■**■
A serious dispute exists at the mines
of the Hillcrest Coal and Coke. Company, Htllcrest Alta., owing to the
demand of the company for a thirty
per cent reduction on the mining • of
"Pillar coal."
*  ,*   *
' District President Sherman and
District Organizer Alex. Susnar addressed a crowded meeting of the
Hillcrest miners on Monday night upon the matters in dispute., 'Hillcrest
miners show a solidarity that is an example to many other camps in this
district, and can be relied upon to
give an account of themselves In any
contest that may be forced upon
them. *
■» ' •   »
The members of the Minora Union
aro beginning to look after their
fences in anticipation of the termination of their present contractu, At
present the outlook is. a peaceful one.
Can this sudden change be accounted for by an equally sudden
change in the personel of the Trades and Labor Council? To our
certain knowledge .the Trades council is composed of the same
gentlemen when tlie Free Press approved of. their actions, as when
the same sheet turned loose on them its vials of enmity and malice.
The article commending the action of the Trades Council was a
mistake. Not much time was lost in retrieving* this error! ' The
slanders and mis-statements of the last few weeks are easily recognized as the normal output of the Free Press. That paper has not in
the past, has not in the present, and presumably will.not in the future,
this, or any other community. This, feeling is heartily reciprocated
by. the workingmen. ■
Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 28—"Gentlemen I desire to say that I have given
this case careful consideration* from
every standpoint and after having
done so I am ofthe opinion that It is
not a bailable-case;  therefore I de
cline to allow bail .to any of the defendants and deny the .application'.'' "
The above was the decision of Judge
W. M. Hart in the criminal! court this
morning in the matter of application
for bail of Colonel Duncan R, Cooper
Robin G. Cooper and John S. Sharp,
charged with the murder of Senator E.
\V. Carma'ck on Nevember fl.
The prisoners were conducted to
jail to await their trial on January
The Store that gives you a "Square Deal"
Sole  Agent
Noxt door to J.^D.^QuallB
TJJK PUKK PKK88 volunteered tlio Huporflu-
ouh information last week tlmt thoy write thoir
own uditoriiilK. A long HiiflVring publi*- lin.s been
only too cognizant of this fact for somo thm*.
THK NEGJtOKS celobrntn August .1 oneh yoar
ha Emancipation Bay. Thc decisioij, of Justice
Wright hut*, tho .jiiiaiiciputioji ot tho white slaves
ut home hliuduwy ilato in tho never to conic, future.
WHKTITER GoiuperH, Mitchell nnd Mormon
\i,x, Ia, ,i,i). ,,-, \ntx, iiui iWl n-nmiiih ,)■*■■•., liiO judiciary of the aliened land of liberty to the south
have shown their hnnd iu no uncertain manner.
Truly their lovo for the working mini is a wonderful foree—HurpasHed only by their lovo for the capitalist and lii.q method.1*.
LEAP YEAR m now v. thing oi' the pant—thc
confirmed bachelor can venture out with a certain degree of safety, and the unclaimed trenuureH
can condole on the unhappy marital relations of
Count De Beaux La Fronteau Parisicuo and Mis*
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Any of tho. above articles will bo appreciated
by your gontlomon friends,
I tako ploasuro in announcing that I havo  in
stonk thin Rflnnori •Mia mrtfit, h*aiu.t,.fiil nRnortmctit, of
|       ncckwcixi', V
_r+ a lur-wri     ranc* a t^o
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«'  " ' -"' ' ****""■"" iiwiipiiiiiin'
CranbroolCt  B. C
FRED WAYLETT, Proprietor
k '     Fresh Fruits Daily
I Ops».  Post   Office 4
Messrs The Ledger:
' I am sending, the ■ original to' the
Free Press and would thank you to
publish it as well.—L. P. Eckstein.
Editor Free Press, >
.Dear Sir: In dealing editorially in
reply to an editorial in the Ledger'you
conveyed to the minds of many that I
was responsible for the article published in said Ledgeri    *
Until I read the said article in a
copy of The Ledger which I purchased
on the street I knew nothing whatever
about it.
I had no knowledge whatever that
such an article would appear and you
knew just as much about it—which
was nothing—beforehand, as I did.
Without saying what I think of the article in question I leave it to the public to pass opinion upon that style, of
editorial which deals in inuendo, instead of fact.
1 understood from your Mr. Wallace
that he admired my stand and you
certainly referred to my address at
the Methodist church as a "powerful
one which-was well received." You
begged me to let you have my platform
to publish and I gave it to you. Your
reported described it to me as a 'manly platform.'. If you have decided to
oppose me, as I understand you have,
you- certainly must have had a quick,
change of view.. You know that I am
not running on any ticket, and I had
your own statement', that you were
pleased that I was coming out as an
independent candidate." You have my
platform—that which your roportor
termed a 'manly one'—and you may
criticize It, but may I ask that you and
I adopt a respectful attitude and let
neither of us deal In inuendo, which is
the weapon of persons the clnss to
which I am suro you do not bolong.
Yours faithfully,
L. P. Eckstein
"Mako a good, article and toll tho
peoplo of its goodness and tho peoplo
will buy it and continue to buy it."
Tho truth of this statement is proved
by tho succoss of "Salada" ton,
Fire, Life, Plate Glass
and Accident
Property For Sale in
all parts of the
Houses   For
R   E   N   T
Ne*w Oliver Typewriter
Machine given out on trial
No Charge
Mason & Risch
Ppnoka Herald—Last week while*
Johri Weiss, three miles west of town
was having a well drilled at his place
what is considered a rich strike of
coal was made?
At a depth of 170 feet a vein of five;
and, a half feet was struck, eight feet
further another of 7 feet encountered
and at another twenty feet a vein of
5 feet wns found,
Tho coal is of splendid quality,—
samples of lt having boon brought to,
town. Boforo tho coal was roaclicd 10-
inches of rock and 330 feet of slate
was encountered which assured a
splendid roof,
Further Investigations aro being'
riiade and tho outcomo will bo watohod
with intorost.
Read The  Ledger
at $10 a Share
of the Kootenay Telephone
Lines, Limited, have been
placed in our hands
For  Sale
This is an A 1 investment,
Everyone should buy even if
its only one share and own
an interest in our own Telephone and have a say as to
how it should be run, Buy
soon if you intend to buy at
all as the shares are limited,
Read Tfiio DlstrJot Ledger
j.jMm11   ■»-   '■■■■»•	
am_^_mit_m_mm ^X^-.a^wta^mLV4aQaa«]Ua£SK,.t^£^,*^
Tailored Suits    <|MO
, and Overcoats    vAO
. land-up
Quality and fit guaranteed'
Next to "Dreamland Theatre"
The Official Organ of District No.  18, U. PI. W.   of A.
Ladies' and Men's Clothes
Cleaned and Pressed   7
Work called for and delivered
Next to "Dreamland Theatre"
Fernie, B. C, Jaauary 2nd, 1909
** >    ■■ •*■*
-fc - *•*■
 i •
: • *.-
From our own Correspondent \-
Wherever one turns around •. the
works here now the warning words-
No Smoking—meet the eye. A rule
that no' employe shall smoke on tho
property between seven in the morning and seven in the evening is also
being enforced. The. object we take
it, is to lessen the risk-of fire. A
worthy ono nb doubt, but there are
some people up here who will persist
in wondering wliat risk there is between 7 a.m.,and 7 p.m. that.does not
exist between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. Will
some fire insurance officer please en-
glithen them.- .   \-       . .     \y
Remember the masquerade ball' on
New,Years night; and a good time is
'.'certain. ,      „
•   C. C. L. A. A. tournament finals: —
■^Billiards: John Shanks 1st; Tom.Wilson 2nd. Pool, Dan Oliver lst; Jim
McGechie 2nd; checkers, Jim Barr 1;
■■ Bob Adamson 2nd; Cribbage, Joe Mil-
burn 1st, A. H. McDonald 2nd; Seven
up, Frank Launders'lst, Joe Milburn
2nd; Whist, Haryr Merner and Tom
Wilson lst and Bob Macpherson and
Bill.McKay second.' Another tournament is now on the way. Prizes of
fat turkeys are offered for all above
games, also for dominoes. (Fives and
' threes and count out.)
Quite a number of old timers have
, dropped in from * all around this
What could be more annoying than
tq buy a bottle in town with anticipation of a quiet nip at home, when on
arrival thero you make the discovery
that about nine tenths of the contents
are, water. Wouldn't'you go some?
One of our fellows was a victim to this
fate on pay night. To, all appearances
the cork, label and everything were
as intact as though they had0 just
left the bottling cellar.     The bottle
thing,- but it "would "tax the powers ot
; Sherlock Holmes to trace the date of
the extraction and the , substitution.
We don't doubt Willie,' it was before
coming Into'' your possession. However let her go as she looks,.  this
* time.
Several of tho men's lockers In the
changing house were broken Into
during Tuesday night or Wednesday
morning December 22nd and 23rd. .In
some cases the*'pockets wore rifled of
articles and cash and in others the
garments themselves wero taken.
This is a mean and contomptiblo kind
of theft and we hope the reward of
$50 offered by the Coal company for
■ information leading to a conviction,
will have good results.
A man aftor drawing his pay on
Saturday went on afternoon shift Into
No. 3 mine, taking somothing like *$8Q
in with him. Ho cnmo out without it,
and this is also supposed to bo a caso
of robbory.
The annual general mooting of tho
members of the C. C. L. A. A. was
hold on Sunday aftornoon, December
20th, when tho election of officers for
tho onauing year will bo carried out,
Tho appoaranco about tho mall offlco this week has savored of Christmas.     Everybody sooms to bo   ox-
• poctlng somothing from somowhoro nt
this timo.
A ballot for two checkwolghtmon at
Coal Crook Is proceeding. Thoro aro
six candidates and tho results will
bo publlshod noxt week,
Tho youngsters of our town havo
boon onco moro kindly romomborod
by momborH of tho C. C. I.. A. A. Thoy
miiBtorod nt tho club hall on Christ-
mas morning in good numbers and
woro rognlod with candloB. Tho pro-
Bldont with plonty of willing holpon*
loolcod aftor them,
Mrs. Wnltor Rydlnrd and hor daughter havo returned from a trip to
tlio old couptry.
Mrs. Dick gavo n Christmas danco
nt hor boarding houso on ChrlHtmiiH
ovo and tho boyH all had n good
Oh, Martin Mnrtln. Why and
whoro did you lone your hat?
Roughcnd's moving pIcturoB woro
thb attraction at tho club houso on
Christmas nnd boxing nights. Tho
Bliow Is all right and in wolcomod horo
nny timo,
Tho promoters of tho wrestling
iwurua.iu-a'.it for tlio ii<) punto tor till
comers cntch as catch can, aro to bo
congratulated on tho efficient manner
Jn which overythlng was carried out
at tho club linll on Chrlulmna ovo.
'i'livj bo>'» lurut-u out wati and know (-Hi
tho ovor provalont sporting instinct
that Is,with us. Thoy aro unanimous
in saying that thoy got thoir money's
worth nnd nro looking forward to tho
noar futuro for anothor wrestling tour*
nnmont. Shortly nffer Ihn advertised
timo tho reforce, Tom Wakolom, an*
nnttnccA thnt tho condition*! of wrootl-
ing would lo tho samo as prevail In
H. C. Ho emphasized tho fact that
tho strangle hold was barred and thst
nny unfair or rough tactics tried by
any competitor would result In such
competitor being AlaqntWittd nnd    n
In the first round Tom Smith (Fernie)
threw Jim Clark (England) 'Billy S.
Smith of Hamilton threw Oscar Brlnd-
ley of England; Byes, John Moore, of
England; Bill Sloan of Scotland; Mike
Koma of Austria; Mike McLean from
the Coast; Dick Glskett, Coleman, Jnp
JUbeck, (Milwaukee)
Second round: McLean threw Billy
Smith; Sloan, Moore and Giskell were
Third round; Tom Smith threw Koma and John . Jubeck threw McLean.
The foregoing wins'were awarded
on the first throw. The refer*..:* then
announced that Tom Smith of F-'ru'e
and John Jubeck. better known as the
Cyclone Kid, of Milwaukee, would
decide the final by be.st one oat of
three falls. In the first encounter the
referee repeatedly remarked on the
rough tactics displayed and at tne
end of six- minutes he unhesitatingly-
declared a foul against .'ubeck for
head jabbing. Getting to work once
moro there was somo off play followed ' by some tough and clever worthy both competitors and at last..Jubeck threw his man with a leg and
neck hold. This bout lasted foi 8
This was a throw each and the excitement was intense. Tommy Smith
is a great favorite up here and up
till now there has been a tendency
to think that he ha;d a cheap thing on
but now things wore''looking precarious. Getting in'to holds again a
lot of clean and beautiful work was
again put in and the tussle for mastery, was keen. When nine minutes
had gone those who know Tommy —
well, could see he was not at his best
and eventually he was laid on his back-
by a clean and cleverly executed half
Nelson and arm hold. John Jubeck of
Milwaukee was therefore de_clared.J;o
throw being awarded to his opponent.
be the winner and was vociferously
cheered from, all sides. The,activity
aud the fairness of the referee was a
noted feature of the evening. The
stake holder was William Mackay —
and- the secretary and general manager was'Wm. Hughes. During .the evening a" challenge was .put out that
Billy Smith of Hamilton would, wrestle any man In the camp, catch as
catch can style his own weight, 135
pounds or give 5 pounds, for ?50 or
$100. A match has been arranged for
'January; 18th between Mike Koma
and John Jubeck for a' big stake, A
binding amount has already been deposited.
Owing to inclement weather tho
big sprint which should havo been
run on boxing day is now-postponed
Indefinitely.  ,
Mr, G. S. Lindsay, president,' accompanied by Mr. J, D. Hurd, general manager' was round tho mines
on Monday.
Thero was a great gathering of
tho children in tho Prosbytorlan
church on Christmas ovo, Santa had
sent word that ho would bo thoro and
ovory boy and girl knew that ho
would keep his word and also that
ho would not como without his large
bag flllod with all kinds of nlco things.
Tho church had boon mndo **o pretty
for him with ovot-greons nil round tb?
wlndowswlndows and platform, mado
beautiful wit hfern boughs and thoro
was Buch a finely docoratod Christ-
mns troo, Tho program of muslo and
recitations was much appreciated,
and wns na follows:
Opening oxorclso: Hymn B38 by tho
choir; prayer by tho missionary; tho
chairman's romarks,
Recitation: Allison Jay. ,
Recitation: Tho Roason Why; Minnie Wilson,
Song: Keep your heart Singing —
Mona Boll,
"Recitation: A lovely Mirsory: Mag-
gio Shonflold,
Recitation: A Sprig of Honthor --
David Mitchell,
Cornet Solo: Andrew Paton,
Recitation; Christmas has como:—
Mary McClemlnt.
Song: Ib thero any ono can Help Ub
—Jas, McLollnnd,
Recitation: Good Morning.*—Jonnnlo
Violin selections: Mr. 0, Danlcs,
Recitation;    Burial   of Blr   John
Moore; G'us, i-yarsoi*,
Recitation: A Good Boy,—Joan Mc-
Song: As tlio dawn was bronklng—
Lottlo Gray,
HbcilHtion*. i> lowers In Hn .ti ; —-Joo
Rocltatlon: Tho Slavo's Droam. —
James Hopo.
Song: Tho Deathless Army:— Mr.
Std Wnlloy.
Rending' Mr. Due, Mitchell.
Recitation:'Lord TJlln's Daughter:—
Nottlo Hope.
,   Recitation: Girl's Own Book; Josslo
Cornet Solo: Lottlo Gray.
Hymn 504 by tho choir.
Violin selections; Mr. Banks.
noe.itn.thn: H-ine'tig tho SaOeMngj*:
N'elllo Wilson.
Song: The Joys of Christmas: Jean
Hope. .
Song: The Star of Bethlehem: Mrs.
Simpson. -
Recitation: Open the Door: —Bella
-   Recitation: Mabel's Sixpence: Maggie Shenfield,
Solo: Brightly Beams our Father's
Banner: Nettle Hope,
Recitation: To Close the Ale House
Door—Maggie Wilson.
Song: The Holy City—Bob Samson.
Recitation: Memory of the War—
Jessie Bunch.
Recitation: When mama was a little Girl: Mary .McClimint.
Recitation: Edlnburg after Flodden:
Gus Pearson.
Recitation: The' Little Dutch Girl-
Nettie Hope.
Recitation: The Last Stand: James
Hope.        .       (
Hymn -Jno^by ihe choir.
During the time this was being
gone through' many little boys and
girls ■ too were wondering which way
Santa Claus would come in—out of
the stove or through the window? Or
perhaps he would be just like anybody'
else and come in through the door.
And so it was, and when they saw
him their little hearts jumped with
joy for he .was smiling at everyone of
them, and sure enough he had his
big bag and myword! how full it
looked. He gave each boy and girl
a nice toy and a bag containing an
orange, an apple, candies, nuts and
raisins and, and then they went home
so pleased, and they are going to be
good boys and girls because Santa
Claus has promised to come and .see
them next Christmas if they are. VA
vote of thanks was passed to all the
workers for the entertainment on
the proposition of Mr. A. Berridge,
and seconded by the Rev. E. C. Curry.
;We are sorry to hear that Jack Ar;
pleby has been removed to the hospital. He was kicked a while ago by
a horse while working in the* stables,
and though not"thinking it serious at
the time was" in'the end-compelled to
-lay-fUpfp. ^-^     "   —=^=*=^=
Xmas tree laden with presents:—Oh,
why did you hang them all on the
tree; they excite me so.
• Mr. Ross, Mr. Harry Barret of Cranbrook/ Mr. A. P. Bailey and .Mr. Arthur Barret of Fernie took Christmas
dinner with Mr. D. W. Hart.
Mr. and Mrs. Lurges expect to move
into their new home on Kootonia tract
next week.
Mr. Joe Backs ^reports a pleasant
Christmas In Elko.
Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair will give a
farewell party to their friends on
Tuesday evening..
Master Albert Hart having tooted a
horn on-Christmas day until his lips
were almost paralyzed was asked by
his father to let that out for a while.
Albert answered "Father I am letting
it out."
Mrs. Griffith went to Cranbrook ok
Monday to spend' a week.
Mr. Wm. White, who has been employed at the mill left for his home
on Saturday morning.
Mr. E.-R. Streeter of Dorr, brother
of J. T. Streeter of Flint, Mich., called on the Adolph Lumber company
and D. W. Hart on Monday.
Sleighing and skating are two excellent indulgences for human .beings and theroad from the top of the
side of Coal Creek right down to the
railway track with its switchback formation is a tempting hunting .ground..
It gladdens one's heart, to 'se'3 the
ruddy faces of the kinds peeping,out
from under their winter head gear, as
they pass gracefully on their sleighs.
There are others who indulge In skating and sleighing down this road. All
are big. enough to have reached the
thinking age and we would ask If they
have not calculated on the safety of
their.own necks to give a little consideration for the safety of tho poor
mortals who are bound to walk on'
this road sometimes.
, Start tho Now Yenr well by taking
in tho social at tho Methodist church
on Now Years night,
This Is tho last time' we will meot
this year. During this week each of
us will havo occasionally, taken a
cursory glanco at tho eventB of 1908,
as they havo effected us, and no ono
can blamo our curiosity in wondering
what tho coming ono has ln storo for
ub. How many of ub havo not drawn
up tho samo old resolutions about cutting out this, that and tho othor. Wo
aro all moro or less proparlng to turn
ovor a now leaf ln somo rospoct, Lot
ub ovor romombor that to keop tho
loaf from turning back roqulreo tho
exlrclsoof a littlo will power on our
parti Woll, horoB to n go, Tho bost
of hoalth and prosperity for tho bunch
of us right through 1009.
i- £
$ MERRITT      ! i
* ' ,    . 3f
A meeting of the Merritt Athletic
club was held on Tuesday. The members are showing, themselves wide
awake. A masquerade ball will be
held on New Years eve to raise the
necessary funds. .
Where is the Merritt Board of
Trade. There are several matters'
that need* attention.
Mrs. McKay left for the coast for
the Christmas holidays. '
G. B. Armstrong has costumes for
hire for the masquerade ball. Get
in and help the boys.
If the Merritt board of trade would
wake out of that long sleep Merritt
could have the finest race course in
B. C.
W. H. Armstrong of the N..V. C. Co.
left on Friday's train. President F.'
Sherman'of District 18 failed to arrive
to-db-business-~v"ith"himi ™	
The train service to Merritt is improving. Monday's train was only 4
hours late." ■_.-       ■*
■ The mines at Middlesboro are.now
employing only union men, the company having recognized the union.* *•
Some of those who got into, a scrap
on Saturday night are now wiser but
sadder men. When a man is looking
for trouble he can get it even in Merritt.
Dick Pollaston, lire boss at the Diamond Vale, received word of the
death of his old partner Dave Cook
at Nanaimo,
Archie Jackson slipped on the ice
on Thursday night and broke his leg.
The mild weather and snow Christmas morning prevented the hockey
match between Merritt and Middlesboro.
Tho married employes of .the Diamond Valo were presented with a turkey each, No wthe stngs are kicking.     Woll got married,
Tho men,at Middlesboro tiro working, What thoy want to know is are
tho district officers working?
Thoro Is not a church In Morrltt,
and during Christmas not a drunk wns
Shorty camo down from Rockford to
spond ClnifltmnB. Ho reports things
good at. his claim and that ho and
Stovo hnvo not quarrelled ovor tho
cooking yot,
G. B, Armstrong and II, Law drovo
to Nicola Christmas morning. Thoro
Is groat nood horo of nnotlior doctor,
Tho committees of tho unions nro
wlfloly tnklng tho matter In hand.
:< baynes |:
•< >•
Tho ChrlBtmaB troo in Bayiios wna
n grand buccobb, Tho night was an
Ideal ono, Tho BtnrB Bhono brightly In,
tho hmwotifl, calling to mind tho truo
Hotting of tho story of tho Christ child,
Merry sleigh loads en ma from all dl-
roctloiiB, filling tho Adolph hnll to Uh
capacity, Tho program waa woll and
artistically rondorod. Tho trios woro
especially (Ino and wo fool thnt much
credit Is duo Miss Adolph for hor
training of tlio chlldron's chorus which
was highly approclatod by nil.
Tho chlldron's recitations woro nil
goou. Hus i. in co X'juuiurt-j by buri
Ch'iiiviia uui) llouav Ck'unlug hy Ma*'-
garot Ayo aro deserving of special
mention. Although tho program wns
a long ono, twonty flvo numbers In all,'
tlio IntorORt did not lag for a momnnt.
AUM.    \lili   *aaaaVat>^,^\:i4.k<.UVN. *Ua alsWllaa
Claus refreshments wero served and
wo think tho Baynes Lako Fortnightly
club If not dlsb,nndod will voto to hnvo
a Christmas treo noxt yoar.
Mr. Duncan Mcintosh had the mis-
fortuno fo break his firm on Chrfifmnn
day caused by a kick from a horso.
A party of Elko people enjoyed a
skate on tho lake Sunday.
Mr. Ed. Robinson spent Christmas
In Fornio.
Mr. and Mrs. Ingham took dinnor
•with Mm. D. W. Hart o^ Thursday.
Llttif} Sfnnniorftfo artftiVtf wr,* henrd
'■ xk*********'***^**********
do better, and put in everything -we
know as (Elko Specials) Here's a few
Inez  Holbrook was hanging     out
clothes Monday morning. ■
Archie McKee shod two.horses.and
a cayuse Tuesday.      • .'
.   Andrew Kennedy hauled up   three
barrels of water Sunday morning without getting his. feet wet.-,,' ';
Hans Peterson stopped a botlle with
his eyebrow on Saturday and the other fellow paid $10 and costs for residing with Leacey over night.
George Bardsley, the , Loon Lake
rancher, brought in a wagon load of
grunts this week.  .
Ed. McKee' is thinking of going to
work some place next year.
Big Joe David paid his blacksmith
account on Sunday.
Billy Rusk, who owes us for a pair
of bliinkets, left for Vancouver— we
miss him from our midst.
The Misses Mott are making fancy
doll dresses'of pale blue silk for the
missionaries and they know we sell
bread and ginger snaps.
Jack Guest, champion boxer,, who
fought three drunken men in a gravel pit on the Great Northern, for 15
minutes and came, out without his vest-
is back in Elko.
Jim Thistlebeak is on one of his horrible drunks again in Elko. God bless
Charlie Klingensmith got a soap
sketch on his mirror.
Fred Sheridan's pigs are still boarding in Elko. J
1 Roy Motts got a big boil on the back
of his neck and says one's enough.
Jane Cakebread, a splendidly feminine girl and as wholesome as a November pippin spent twenty two dollars in
our store last week. We always said
Jane was a good sensible girl, and
knew where she could get the most for
her money.
Them people that's been bellyaching
Jibout   oysters   so. much can get all
they want from Tom Roberts right off
the shell or from the keg.' °     >
When you hear a fellow,boasting
Of the brave things he has done.
Don't disturb him; let him tell you
All his smart things one by one.
But remind him when he's finished
, That the hen that cackles, loudest
Does not lay the biggest egg.'
That may hold him for a time but
take care that he doesn't catch   you
cackling. '
•Mrs. Murphy of Gateway, B. C, was
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Leacey of
Elko this week.
If some people would only say what
they think, they wouldn't have much
to say'.
We don't give a rap about the trouble they nre having now in .China.
What we are interested in Is Turkey.
We wish every reader of this column a merry Christmas. May God
bless you and may Ho incidently
damn your enemies.
Mike Kolloher Is an artist with the
mouth organ.
It's as plain as tho Instruction on
tho back of the C. P. R. shipping bills
that Elko is a placo flowing with milk
and honey and big green goosoberries,
Always remember whore ignorance
Is bliss 'tis folly to tell tho' othor follow BO,
Wo expect nftor tho Elko journal*
ists read tho above Items it will bo a
caso of "Seo that my grnvo Ib kopt
Rubbers nro all right for wot weather but not much for flavoring soup. ,.
Tom Prentlco Ib still residing     In
Jim Broloy of Fornio Is building tho
now ctty hnll In Elko,
MIbb "Oborgfoll cnmo In from Pincher Creok to spond tho ChristmnH
holidays with lior pnrontH,
Thla cloumn will hnnd out big hunks
of hot nlr io any person willing to
pay lho price.
Our advlco, kind roadors Is to trunt
lu God and keop your powdor dry,
Wo nro too biifly dinning nftor and
closing In on tho long groon to worry
ovor Bklnunod milk.
Is now doing business in Kastner, &
•Lyons old office and has a special
New Years Display at bargain prices
Ladies' Neckwear
Fancy Coats
Fancy Cushions and
Centre Pieces
Fernie Pillow Tops
Special Line of Fancy
and Plain Handkerchiefs
Fancy Belts
Children's Bom-skin Coats
and Bonnets at half price
Ladies' Un'derwear going at
Bargain Prices
Also llosieiv
Furs, Millinery, Suits and Coats
Children's Bonnets
All marked exceptionally low in price
The Fair
wishes its many
patrons a Happy
and Prosperous
New Year thank-
ing them for
their liberal support in the past
and soliciting a
share of their
trade in future
.- ,-v
-.a'--, .'
Lnst Wook'B Nowb
John 11. Smith and wlfo of tho Fort
Stoolo Browing Compnny wnB In Elko this   wool* and   Kootonny   River
Tho Elk vletlmB nro watching   tho
Fornio pnpr-rH for nows of tho fllobo
swlndlo and are praying thnt Whim-
stor will hnng two nt tho lcnst.
Curiosity IIvoh only ns long oh it Ib
fod. But Bomo tlilnga muat bo recorded.
Thoro is bitter reeling in ivIHo over
thv pack hiliihv .......it, ..ecu hfoxtti
out, nnd there's a big black nlggor In
tho fenco someplace.
Bnllor Woods camo In from tho
Brondwood camp with tho last pack
vruiu u> i-tottf, \iii-. o... uuioni: bi.dKU',
ono of Elko's groat attractions.
Mr. C. BurgoBs, chief accountant of
tho North Star Lumber company, and
Mr. Minos, genornl auditor of Nofth
Star Co., Brnndon, Man,, mndo a railway visit in Fcrnln on Monday to
chock up tho shlngloB nnd 0. O, moulding,
You never know Just how smart you
arc until you hnvo failed.
Wo havo boon getting it whoro tho
hon got tho hatchet all week; in fact
tho last two *«<M*-*ks bKauso wo  only
This Weeks News
All yo who by tho night pnlnt
town—tako warning
A tasto for red bcgr-tH dnrk brown
noxt morning.
Mr. nnd .Mrs. J. Kullohor, Mountnlii
Vlow Cottngo, Cnnyon park, entertain*
ml a largo parly of frhn'ds to dinnor
on ChrlHtmnH day. Mm. K-plIulior, who
hnd n word of welcome for oach of
tlio gueHtB as tuuy fiuercii, iuukcu
xt-iy diuutilin; lit u aottu ot fitr;.
Bilk trimmed with laco, Tlio reception
room was prettily docoratod wllh
carnations and smllax, wlillo tho dining room nnd tnhlo woro festive with
litu  b\,iitA).i is  n'lViutivv,   'u\i',',)   iU.u   .u.e>-
tlotoo,' hung In clusters In tho spacious rooms which woro opon for tho
guosts. Tho (llnuin* wns oxcollont,
and could mnko n pnlaco dining car
look llko a lunch counter. Aftor din*
nor thn gunstn wero nntortalnod In
thu drawing room to music, songs nnd
■jnmon. VIhh ncBolf- Mott plnvfd no*
vera! fltlcc'tlons on lho piano, M, Kelleher and Mr. Armstoa-1 assisting with
musical selections on tlio cornet and
harp.    But tho feature ot tho enter
ing lo n closo one of tho bost social
events in Elko this Christmas. The
Kollehors aro gront ontortalnerB and
tho ovont wna a glorious ono and will
bo long remembered by tho participants,
Ah wo travol through lifo may wo'
Ilvo woll on tho rond.
.Miss Dorothy Brondswood, York<
slilro, England arrlvod In Elko on Do-
combor 21th and loft on Christmas
morning for KoncnRitk Mountain, Houth
Fork, to Join her fathor and Hlstor,
whoro Colonel Brondswood nnd hlfi
brother nro hunting big gamo.
Chnrllo Yonndlo cnmo down   from
Cinnbrook to Hpond ChristmnH,    nnd
wiih accompanlod by Englnoor GlnsH
nnd wlfo.
Mny tho hloHHoniH of lovo novor bo
And a truo honrtod young woman
novor ha Hllghtod,
ChrlHtmnH day wiih vory qulot In
Elko, Huvorul big hocIiiI oveutH having
to ho postponed ou account of tho mild
went hor. But nbout. hIx o'clock tho
young mon got bu»y ami rouudoil up n
(■uiirlottd of hoIoIhIh. Mrs. Kay, tho
charming and delightful hostess of
tho Elk hotol, took all tho furnituro
out of lho dining room, nnd by nlno
o'clock according lo "Ynnndlo" , tho
Elk hotol wns crowded with the grnco
and bouuty, a (Iniito wns uio oraur,
and it \xtXa u hi'.t-iu.Ji. .illalt' mid u
brilliant nodal succuhn, C'lius. Yonndlo Btnyed with It until 0 o'clock, then
went to bed, hut got up nt noon nnd
uto a lioarty dinner.
May iiotiuwy tunvt uu •rt*»ir..iiia-.v, iii
nn unfashlonnblo garment,
Elko Specials
W. C. Lencoy won driving n married
lndy out on ChrlstmnB day in   his
now cutter.
Misses Euler
Ladies' Coats, Skirts
and Waists
Christmas  Novelties
Wo nIno curry a full line of
IjIiiHcn' nml Chlldren'ii Under-,
wear, ('hlldri'n'H Hr'ii'Nklii CuiDh
nml IIooiIh, etc,
IImiim'ii Nt, I'Vniie, II,C,
Hnllor Woods, nx-rlinmplon boxer of
the steamer Mnry Jnne spent Christ*
mas day on tho trail botwoon Elko and
11 Tl 1. ,1
,Mj*. nud l\U:i. MiuDu 'i'hvio '.'.d
family spent Clirlntiniiu In Elko, coming down from Jnifrny on Chrlstmnu
Mrs. C. BurgcHi* wns n Cranbrook
vihiior on 'itiuiHiiiiy.
Johnny Jumpup, tho Rock Creek
trapper camo In Christmas dny with
two weasel skltiB nnd a grnvo yard
Jack fluent, champion boxer of iho
tfthtment •**»•* » ptMhetlc bsllid   by
mention nnrnelvea in thin enbimn. Sow \ John Mott entitled "How thn doir feels
Wo don't know how they found out i United States nnd Unllowny, who wiih
but wo wish to thank tho party   who j affectionately mentioned In last week's
sent us tho nlco new suit of pyjamas.
Wo mean tho ones with tho mother of
pesrl buttons find beaded with x>t\o
blue baby ribbon, our fnvorlto color.
Ed. MeKeo swears he'll never leave
Elko after New Years and worlc for
to «ic!ilm when she first beheld   her' we are sorry but in future will try to' when tho can Is on his tall," this bring- his living.
(lcnpntchcM     returned     south     this
Sheridan still smiles over tho fact
that his pigs can cat moro spuds than
John Motts and still bo ablo to
(Continued on pago 8.) PAGE SIX
Gompers, Mitchell and Morrison are
Sentenced to Jail-Appeal Entered
Against Court's Decision
Washington, D.C. Dec. 28—Twelve
months in Jail for Samuel Gompers,
president, nine months for John Mitchell, one of the vice presidents, and
six.months for Frank Morrison, secretary, all of the American Federation
of Labor, was the sentence imposed
' by--Justice Wright of the Supreme
. court of the district of Columbia yesterday for contempt of court in violating .the order * restraining them
from placing on the "unfair" or "we
don't patronize" list the Buck Stove
and-Range Company of St. Louis, Mo.
All three of the defendants were In
the court when the sentence was passed and an order'of appeal was given
Gompers being released on bail of
$5,000, Mitchell, on $4000 and Morri-
■   son on $3000.
In addition to the wife and daughter of Gompers there were present also a number of labor leaders who had
been attracted by the notice that a
decision-in the famous case would be
handed out.
Mr. Gompers family was visibly affected. With tears coursing down
- his cheeks President Gompers heard
the order of the court condemning to
prison for a year tlie president of the
American Federation.
- Both Mitch Al and Morrison appeared' to be stunned by the decision al
that .members of labor unions were: "With knowledge and approval of
forced and coerced into supporting tt the others writings and spoakings
"whether individually willing or   un- J herein before specified against Gom-
willing, approving or disapproving,"
various bodies. The court read extracts from numbers of resolutions, of
labor organizations' bearing on the
JJ-uek case "and.these methods," the
court remarked, "seem to be known
as persuasion.' •
The customers of the stove companies, the court said,' had been Intimidated, browbeaten and coerced
out of their business relations with
their customers "by direct interference with and by boycott of their (customers') trade relations with their
own customers and the public general-
Following an exhaustive' discussion
of conspiracies in restraint of trade,
Justice Wright said.
~fhi)Ug"irTvpTnpe"rs""s"e"emed"T(rT US~"Ie ss"
. concerne i. = Asked if he had anything *,o say as to why Judgment on
him £hould not be passed President
Gophers snid that he had not seriously Eclated any of the laws of the
. The decision of Justice Wright,—
which consumed two' hours and twonty minutes wns one of the most
scathing,arraignments, that, ever lino
come from a member of the bench in
this city.('
"Everywhere," the court, said, "nil
over, within the court and out, uttor
rampant, silent defiance Is heard and
proclaimed. ,,       „
Unrefined insult, vulgar Indignity,
measures, the litigants conception of
the tribunal .wherein their cause still
Whothor. President Roosevelt will
take nny net Ion as ho hns been urged
to, do in telegrams received from different labor organization** throughout
tho country In connection with Judgo
Wright's doclnlon hns not. boen deckled, lt wns stilled at the Whito House
„ t o-fJtTy.
It wns explained that tlio president hnd not rend tho decision,   nnd
thoreforo could not sny If ho would
i tako nny action.   ' Thoro was somo Intimation  however  tlmt  somo  action
might bo taken, If ho should bo con-
'.vlncert that Uio scntuncu Is unjust, if
It ijlioiild bo affirmed upon appeal,
'Company Wielded  Injunction.
Tho Buck company's prosucultoii of
tho offlclnlH of tho federation   begun
In August of 1007.   Tlio orlgliml notion wiib n test enso wherein It wiih
,  nought to enjoin tho labor uiiIohh ot
America from using tho "unfair" nnd
"wo don't patronize" lists In    their
light ngnlnst firms and Individuals,
Justice ('mild of the miprnmo court
of the DlBtrlct of Columbia IhhuoJ an
Injunction which inter wiih mndo pur-
tnnnont forbidding tho puhllcntlnn of
tho compnny'H name In theso IIhIh,
President (lompors tn nn editorial In
the I-YdorntlonlHt of Jnuuiiry hint
" made known IiIh Intention not to obey
tho order of the court, contending
that the Injunction Issued wiih in derogation of tho right of lnbor and nn
nbuso of the Injunction power of tlio
courts. Gompers, Mitchell and Morrison HiibHOQiiontly wore cited for contempt nnd this phase of tin,* ense  has
.,(.■.;..    union)   ittv   iuu.a»       iu,    utati,
jjji'Utlr.*, tlii- ^rweciBiigi*. tnkliy the
form of n hearing of testimony before nn examiner.
...id go   Wright's   derision   wns   n
scathing denunciation of the defend-
Court Sums Up Offense
"From the foregoing it ought to
seem apparent to thoughtful men that
the defendants each and all of them
have combined together for the purpose of:
"First—Bringing about the breach
of plaintiff's existing contracts with
"Second—Depriving plaintiff or pro-
erty (the value of,the good will of its
business) without the due process of
law. ' ,        ,J
. "Third: Restraining    trade   among
the several states."        *
The  ultimate purpose of the defend-
was unlawful, their concerted project
pors, he (Morrison) took part in the
circulation and distribution In large
numbers of each nnd every Issue .of
the Federationlst containing'-'■ them,
as herein before specified against
Gompers and with the. same purposes
and intent.
Mitchell's Book Offends*
Concerning Mitchell the court pointed to various acts which the court
placed him within tho pale of the law.
He quoted from Mitchell's book Oon
"Organized Labor, Its Problems, Purpose and Idea" certain passagos in
which .Mitchell declared that it was
the duty of all patriotic and lawabid-
ing citizens to resist or disregard injunctions when they forbid the thing
which is lawful. Mitchell was also
credited wltli' signing "with full
knowledge, the urgent appeal which
accompanied the 27,000 or more circular letters to the various secretaries
as heretofore specified against Gompers and Morrison and with full knowledge of their .contents, counselling
their distribution and with the same
purpose and intent.'
The court also referred to the presence of Mitchell In,the chair on January 25, 1908, at the annual convention
of the United Mine Workers of "America, when a resolution was adopted
placing the Buck Stove and Range Co.
on the unfair list.
Continuing as to the three of   the
speech and freedom of the press has
not been granted the people to say-
things which, they please, but the
right to say the things that displease
even though they do a wrong.,
"This is a struggle of the-working
people of our country and "if is a
struggle of the' working '' people for
right.1* It is a struggle for the ages—
a struggle of. the men of labor to overthrow' shire of the burdens, which
have been heaped upon them; to abol;
ish some of the wrongs and to secure
some of the rights too long denied.
If men must suiter because they dare
speak for the masses of men of our
country; if men must suffer because
they have raised him tb meet the sordid greed—even to grind the children
in the dust to get dollars—then I must,
bear the consequences. '--
"But." continued Mr. , Gompers, "I
would not have you believe me a man
of defiant character, in disposition .or
conduct. But in the pursuit of honest
conviction and in the furtherance of
the common interests of my fellow-
men, I shall not only have to, but bo
willing to submit to whatever your
honor may impose."
Mr. Mitchell followed in a strong,
resonant voice:
"I thoroughly and unreservedly
endorse what Mr. Gompers has said,
I would like his expression to be accepted as my,own."
Mr. Morrison spoke last "I endorse,"
he said, "what Mr. Gompers has said.
I am conscious of doing no wrong or
having in any way violated the law,
and it is my belief that in every act
I have committed I have but exercised
my rights,under the,constitution and
laws of this land." '
Views of Canadian Labor Man.
Montreal, Dec. 24—Alphonse Verville, M. P., president of the Dominion Trades and Labor congress, says
that the sentence imposed upon officials of the American' Federation- of
Labor is very regrettable, but it is*the
best thing that could happen for the
Labor movement not only in the United States but in Canada.
"I do not believe the same thing
could happen in Canada,"*,, he said.
"Not because our laws are not as
stringent as the American laws, but
because of the judiciary conception of
equity and especially our British sense
of fairplay would not permit such an
extreme appliance of law."
' "American capital," he said, "had
decreed that Mr. Gompers and his
companions shall go to Jail and It is
my opinion "that it will succeed."     -
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B. C.
Secretaries of Local Unions
.'a*Vfcl*«l,lalJ V
an offense against the law, and it added that they were guilty of crime,
Coming to the' question „of violation
of the court's injunction Justice Wright
Labor Defied Injunction
"In that Gompers and others hnd In
advance of the injunction cotcrminod
to violate if issued, and had In advance of the Injunction counselled all
members of labor unions and American Federation of Labor and the public generally to. violate it in caso it
should be issued, appears from the
following, which references point, out
nlso tho general plan and mutual understanding of tho organizations nnd
theirs, various members.
The court horo rend n mnss of ex-
tracts from reports of .proceedings ot
conventions of the federation, reports
of Prostdont Gompors, edltorlnls from
tho columns of lho Amerlcnn Fedora-
tlpust, nud tho labor press generally
In support of his utatomont thnt. thoro
wns n predetermlnnt.lon to violate,
Discussing tho notions of tho do-
fonilnntB slnco tho Issuance of tho Injunction, Justlcu Wright snld:
"Having In mind whnt may bo in
the foregoing dollnontlon which Indicates thnt olthor of tho throo respondents did beforo the Issunnco of tho
Injunction dolibo'ratoly determine to
wilfully violate It and did counsel
othors to do the sumo, lot mo now
turn to thoir snylng nnd doings since
the deelHlon nf JiiBtleo Gnuld wns
formnlly niiuonnced nnd the order of
Injunction Itself put into teehnlcnl
operntlon by giving of the Injunction bond,
"On December 17, 11-07, the opinion
of thn court wiib filed Into tho cnHo;
thn ordor of Injunction wns entered
on December 18 tho giving of tho undertaking required by„lt wnH consiira-
muted on December 2!!, nud I am
dlHpnHod now to look nt. the separate
conduct of each respondent with a
view of recording his individual responsibility in niifflclont dotal)."
Tho court quoted ut  great length!
the altitude taken by Mr. Gompum'
since the In Junction was Issued,   his
writings, his IntervlewH mid public nd*
dresses, nnd remarked:
"All of which wns done,   all     of
., 1 t 1- ..,..,,I Ml 1 4,11 4 » ,..*, I -I „., .,
 '      »••*" • -■• ■'•*-
f'lrr**l*,tf.'1 in wilful (•HHohfrtleneo nrn,
dellhernte violation of the Injunction,
and for lho purposo of Inciting nnd
accomplishing tho violation generally,
nnd In pursuance of tho original com-
writ**   rlf-n!******   t\f   VI-fr-nt**,**•■*.If   ■**••■. ri ci   pf»nf/wV»r.
atf's to bring about tho breach of the
plnlniifffs existing contracts with
others to deprive plaintiff of property
(the Kood will of its business) with*
cedent to tho Injunction nnd referred
to tho fact that for twenty flvo yenrs
tho Buck plant had operated as n 10
hour shop nml Always find mnlntnln*
ed nn open shop. Ho also spoke of
tho numerlfnl strength of the American (-Vdt-rntlon of tabor with its 2,-
IWi.-W*. nnd of Its reiienteil endorse*-
ment of tl,r. boycott of the Buck Stove\ Secretary had Knowledge
and Ranee Company, throuth the Am-1    As io Secretary Frank Morrison, tho
erican FederatiONlst, the federation's, roan dit-lau-d that be had full ..no*-*
,,official organ, speeches by the defen-1 midge of all that was t.>du-c atone, took
dantt. letters, t.rcular-t. «ir. I part in the preparation and public*-
Tho court referred to the um. of the} tion of the American J-Vderntionliu of
defendants the court said:
Defence Inadequate
."No defense is offered save these,
"that the injunction (1) infringed the
conMltutionaLguarant'ee.o£=freedom of
the press, and (2) infringed the const ittulonal right of freedom of speech.
,, "Those"defences do not fill the mea-
sine of tJ-.e capo, Tho Injunction was
deslgnnd ;o stay the general conspiracy of which the publication of the
"unfair" and "we don't patronize' lists
woro but. incidents; also interferes
with tho legitimate right of criticisms
of comment that the law has over
sanctioned nnd the respondents that
It doos a mockery and pretense,
Gompers Will Pay no Fine,
Denver, Dec. 20—During the convention of tho Amerlcnn Federation of
L: bor in \hls <*Uy Inst month I'lesld*
ent Gompers, in speaking of the possibility of n jail sentence being imposed upon him In connection with tho
Injunction proceedings of the' Buck
Stovo nud Rnngo company, thnn pr-iul*
ing nt Washington, 'declared from the
rostrum thnt he would go to' jail rather than pny nny flno for his action.
Vlco President Mitchell nnd Secretary Morrison „mndo stntomeius of n
similar natnro.
Whilo It wns tho soiiho of tlio convontlon thnt ovory legnl Htop should
bo taUon to keop tho federation offl*
ccers out. of jail, tlio dolegutou woro
practically unanimous in tho indorsement of tho Htnnd taken by the lend-
Keofe Is Optimistic
Detroit, Doc, 23.—"I think you will
(ind that Mr, Goiiipers, Mr. Mitchell
nud Mr. Morrison will novor Borvo
their sontoneos," wns tho only comment Immigration Inspector Dnnlol .1,
Koufo, formerly vice president of the
American Federation of Labor, and
bond of tho LongBliorenieii'ii union,
would make when told today of the
derision In the Buck Rtovo Compnny
ciiho, "I am not prepnred to discuss
tho matter any further thnn this prediction,' ho said "and I won't say why
ihey never will serve their son-
"It Ih an outrage, an absolute out*
rage," declared William Malion, president of the Amalgamated Association of Hireet Rnllwny Employees when
told of tho Bontonce.
"TM"  r-.ni'**  frn".  "nr.w|( *f(  n'\\\  {.<•
roannted not only hy working people
hut by nil llhovly loving porsons. They
cant destroy trades unions lu this
wny. Thnt wns thoir object, If thoy
put throo lenders In jail for contempt
nf  rnurr   ttiern  wilt  tie  frPRli  lonrloro
to take their places now nud   again
fresh leaders nftcr thnt Indefinitely,"
What tha Defendants Said.
President Gompers stood up    nnd
The cloth hat and cap makers of St.
flrst local union in that city;
Nine Million in Union
A compilation of trades union statistics in the principal countries places
the number of members in good standing at,nine million.
Union Teaches Engineering
A free course of instruction in steam
or.gineoiing for members lias been arranged recently by the Stationary Fire
men's union of Boston and it promises
to be well attended.
Tax for aid to Injured
A bill to provide for a state tax to
be used for the aid of injured mineru
of the state will be presented to the
Pennsylvania state legislature.
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1IS0 boxes of npplos $5000 of prizes
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In third ln tho foreigners competition
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tho pinto fruit dopartmont, carrying
off with an exhibit of 1(5 variolic-* 3
first, throe second and two fourth
Ah a matter of fact practically all
tho llrltlHh Columbia exhibitors got
prlxon, Kolowna carrying off tho palm,
uh with only 43 boxos of fruit thoy
mndo tho romarlmblo record of carrying off $lfi00.
Tho notable fonturo of tho show was
Uh nlno, Tho grounds woro throo
imd n half acres In extent nnd thoro
woro enough npplos on exhibition to
piivi* tho entire area a box di'op.
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MICHEL, No, 2334: Charles Garner.
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METFORD, No. 2098: John Ciirran.
Dupon, Box 490, Lothbrldgo,
ROCHE PERCEE (Sask) No, 2672:
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TABER, No, 302: Joshua Crnlg.
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We, did.   "We are firing away at the
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out duo procosn of law; restrain trado addressing tho court, said: "I nm not
among the several states; restrain conscious at auy timo during my life
i-oniHH-m* among ilie several slates | of having violated any law of tbo coun*
of tho union." ! try or lho stato in which I lived.   1
•would not consciously violate n law
at any time during life. It Is not pos-
tilh ibht under tlio cirturasinnccs
under which I am before your honor,
and after Httenlng to ihe opinion you
havo delivered to aay that which I
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"we don't patronfzt*" list aud "unfair"j April. 1303. with coaipk-to lcnowlcdgu. bavc In nilud, but. sir, I may be per-! for thc purpose.     Uo had
list of thn labor organtrattons end snld I of bt cononK*. f mitred to sny this—that freedom   of | In the jail to sober tip.
NORTH DAY—Telespbore Boileau,
U years or age, with a wife and two
children In Matha-aon, committed sul-
rla'.» In th* police station by hanging,
having torn his blanket into strips
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chief dropped from Lady Hilary's, bodice and.iell to the iioor. ,
Eispcth would have stooped to pick
it up, but with a low cry and a burning blush, Hilary slipped from the
chair to her knees, grovelled for a
few seconds searching for the thing
■ Bhe had lost and, having reclaimed
it. grasped the- knotted handkerchief
tightly in her hand, as if determined
that Elspeth should have no chance
to guess at its contents.
The other had no wish to pry into
Lady Hilary's secrets and was conscious o£ no curiosity; but she could
not help thinking that the thing tied
up iiv the lace handkerchief had looked like a piece of jewellery-Hjr perhaps mora than one. The cambric was
so delicate that a glint as of gold had
shone through; but Elspeth did not
even' wish to' know what Lady Hilary
desired to hide, or why there should
be a necessity' for hiding it.
Neither of the girls spoke of tho little incident, and Elspeth continued
to holp'Lady Hilary. Sho had taken
off tho dress, which was torn as well
as dusty, and put lier beautiful friend
into a dressing gown, when Lady .Lambart came hurriedly into tlie room.
Elspeth had just stepped to a wardrobe, whicli was' iri an alcove, and
thougli she heard the door flung hastily open the new coiner could not
see, lier,
"Hilary!" exclaimed Lady Lambart,
who entered witli nn open letter in
her hand, "the end, has come unless
you will consent to marry that man.
To-morrow some awful* person is coming to serve a summons 'upon me,
"Hush, mother, we're not alone,"
said the girl in a distressed voice.
"Thore's been an accident. I'm not
hurt, but a little upset, and Mis3
Dean, who went out with Mr. Kenrith
and me for a spin ..in his car, has
very kindly offered to help me to get
rid of "my dusty things."
At this Elspeth moved forward, put
down the slippers she had just brought
for Lady Hilary, and walked to the
door. "I'll leave you now," she said.
"I think I've done everything I can
do." , .'   .
With a slight, bow ' acknowledging
•Lady Lambart's presence, she-would
have gone quietly out, but the elder
woman stopped her.
"It.is' an impertinence your having come into this room; your helping my daughter is a mere pretence.
You have worked upon Mr. Kenrith's
there is something? "I hope so."
.."Sit down here ori the sofa, .among
tlie-ie cushions," he said, making a
place for her on the sofa, where bhe
had first seen Captain Oxford. "There
is a thing I want to tell you, and
then a question I will ask.. You remember the blue diamond- and the
black' pearl. I showed you the other
day, when Lady Lambart and Lady
Hilary were here? Well, they have
both been stolen this afternoon."
"What, you left them in this room
when you went out, and they were'
taken while you were gone?" gasped.
"No. I had them about, me. I
always carry them so. Didn't you see
where I kept them that day?"
Elspeth shookher head. "I wouldn't look. I didn't want to know, somehow. I heard Lady Lambart cry
out, 'Who would have thought of your
keeping them there?' and I supposed
you had had a safe concealed in tlie'
wall." * .      ■
"No. I carried them in a belt. 1
had them as usual, -when I ,went out
motoring to-day. When I came back
they were gone. The belt had been
cut with a sharp knife. Tlie question I want to ask is, 'Did you sec
any tramps or suspicious looking persons .hovering near us when you camo
to yourself after our accident?'"
100 tons" of good
Baled Hay
W. E. Barker, Cayley, Alta.
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All Elspeth's blood seemed to rush
back upon her heart, and lier throat
contracted so that she could not answer.
Again, she could see Lady. Hilary
eagerly bending oyer John Kenrith's,
still figure as lie lay unconscious on.
the ground. ' Again, she could hear
the girl saying that the only thing
which could i make life tolerable
would be money. Again, she saw tho
knotted handkerchief fall from Hilary's bodice, with a glitter of gold
through the cambric. Could it be possible that, driven half oui of her
mind by misery—but no; Elspeth
•would not tolerate the thought, and
felt a. traitor because it had passed
swiftly through her mind.
"When I came to myself," she said
when she was able to speak, "there
was no one in sight except you and
Lady Hilary. Poor girl, she fainted
away only a very,few minutes after
that, almost immediately after the
Countess and.Mr. Trowbridge arrived, vou know."
"Thank you," Kenrith answered
thoughtfully.a "But of. course," ,you
mav have lain there stunned for some
time.'"  _.     ^_	
—"No. Lady~HilaTy—didn't'lose"|-co7'1-
sciousness at first,   o.-.d  she said it
discussed in the hotel. But I'm sure
I don't really need to say that."
"No; I would not think of speaking
to any one," replied Elspoth. "And I
shall try very, very hard for that in-
apiration though I'm afraid it's too
much to hope for that a really help-
ftd one will come. Now, if you have
no other questions to < ask me, I must;
go, for Lady Ardcliffe wants me to ;
co:ne to her room, and I'm keeping
' her waiting." i
..■"I hope I haven't worried you.",
Kenrith said. "I'd much rather lose
the jewels than do that. Naturally, I
should like to solve the mystery of
their disappearance, and etiU more to
get them back, if I can; but<4f I
can't, it is not going to disturb me
seriously, and it certainly must not
distress you; Eemember, I took you •
out this afternoon by way of trying'
to bring back the color to your cheeks, i
Instead of doing you. good I threw j.
you out on' the road, came near kill- *
ing you, shook you up terribly and'
bruised* you a good deal, I'm greatly i
afraid, though you are too brave to •
complain. So you see, I've enough'
responsibility already. If you are going to worry about a comparatively j
small misfortunte that's-happened to
me it will inake.it a lot worse"	
"I won't worry then," smiled Elspeth. "I'll save myself up for the inspiration. But now may I ask you
one question; what about your chauf-"
feur? Do you trust him entirely?"
Kenrith looked surprised. "I've always found him a good driver and a
particularly fine mephanic," he replied. "I've had him in my employ
ever since I took to motoring, nearly
two years ago. I've never had any
serious accident until to-day."
"But what about that wheel?
■Oughtn't ho to have known there was
something wrong with it?"
"He's been ailing for a day or two;
some trouble with his eyes. He told
me, when I sent word at what time I
.wanted the car to-day, that ho would
hardly trust himself to drive, if I
were willing to do,so instead. Of
.course I was willing—indeed, I generally do drive, and put him in the
tonneau. But T must say that the'*
wheels and everything else appeared
to be all-right before .we started, i
looked the car over myself, but I see
now it must have been superficially.
As Dubois wasn't well, I ought to
have made a more thorough' examination, so I fear I have myself to
blame, rather than the chauffeur."
■ "He's, a Frenchman?" asked    Elspeth.
■ 'fA Belgian."
"Well, I must go," said the   girl,
scarcely daring to suggest that the
chauffeur might have pretended illness by way of an excuse to" absent
himself when he knew that., nn accident was sure to happen. If tho
man were innocent, it would be cruel
to plant an unjust suspicion against
him in his master's breast. If, he
were guilty of connivance in some
.horrible plot, then let the detective
"Mr.' Kenvith was going to send for
find-it out'; for in the meantime,
there was no further," danger from
harm that ■ he could do, as the car
was badly broken and could not be
used for many days to come.
The girl supposed that Lady Ard-
cliffe^.wanted her, to talk.over some
new- poem.about to be begun, therefore she was surprised to find a number of people in the sitting room.
Not Sisters
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reversible grate that gives a constan
bright, live fire and burns every bit
the fuel to a fine ash—there is no waste
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handle gives  you  a quick, bright fire.
You don't have to loosen a single
bolt or nut to -change the grate from
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The fire linings can be removed
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The range will never warp nor,crack
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flat steel - . . ',
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parts of tho town
™ * ■* * Jt, a*. A      jA       J*       JtV     A*\    A*\.    A*\       A*\    j/9*
KNt80x!i,,'^i'New York
NOTICB 1» horoby given thnt 30
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poied contract for four yearn, six
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Printed notice** containing further
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Jan. It
"Sitdown here on thesofa," he said.
good nature until ho hns allowed you
absurd libortios; but I advise yoiv not
to fancy for a moment that ho ro*
epoots you tlio more for having taken
advantage of his kindness.. Whon I
toll him, as I intend to„do, that you
havo accepted bribes from Captain
Oxford to holp that person to communicate with my daughter ho will
bo as deeply disguBted as I havo
boon, And whon I complain of your
oonduct to the manager of tho hotol
In" all probability you will bo discharged.   Now you can go.
For n momont Elspoth faced hor.
"You know that I havo accoptod no
brlbofl, that T liave dono nothing un-
dorhnnd. Hut if you wiuh to injure
mo you will no doubt bo ablo to do
oc" ,    ,
Hllnry sprang up, with an imploring exclamation, but Elspoth felt tlmt
nho could boar no moro, und, olosing
tlio door bohlnd hor, Bho went out.
On tho wny to hor own room sho
mot a Horvant with two mesHngos to
dollvor. Ono wns from Lady Am-
.flllfto, tho othor from Mr, Konrith,,
and Irom onch thoro was u roquost
Hint Miss Donn would como for a
low moments' corivorHntion ns soon af*.
|)<MHlb.O. , ....
I'limuth was cerinln Hint Lndy Ard*
ollffo'ii wish to nee her wan a morn
v/lilm, wliorons Mr, Kenrith would not
hnvo Hont for lier in this wny unW
lw liml no-no reui'on ul Imporlittioo;
lliorolora hIiu tmi'l Hint ulio would bo
witli hint in twonty minutos, as soon
ui ulio could elinii!*'*, nnd that sho
would go to Lndy Ardoliffo iu a littlo
moro tlinii hnlf nn hour.
Now bIio bor/nn to fool utifl, nnd
I,,.* l>i-.n.l fif*l,i-.r1 fnHnmlv: but hIio
told horsolf Hint tho hot throbbing
oi iiur iwtVajA »ua» i,i'i,v lli.'tiii^h j.'j-
dlglintlon iitfuiiiHt Lady Lnmbnrt thnn
In coiiKoqtienco of hor fall.
Sho was pnlo to tlw lip** whon, in
ii (rosli whito drosH, t-diu proHontcd
homolf nt tho door of Konrith's Bit*
t» 1  1 -4.   -.
\\~lil    .UMa.i.        ka.-      ■      .............     ...
on her entrance. Although ho too
Imd chavi'ed his cloth-1**., thoro wire
traces of tho neeldunt to l» neon In
ono or two mnnil cuts on his face,
whloh the resident doctor of the Hy-
iho had now elo.*e-l up with (-trips
,,( nlrii-ter. .,      .
"Vi-.v.Vv! t'.w f'if t'otviln-j fnr yon,
hut thore waa no othor wny of get-
liii't nt yon. Mv |>'""'r child, you are
whit* a* a lily nnd lonk almost a*
Irnll. How can I ever pardon my-
df tor m.-ikiny ymi siifferr"
"Wi liav<* nM made me suffer,"
KUpeth Hnaweri!.! softly, but ihe
mrdlj Inut -I her own voice. "You
ir« vary pwi to nie and that it why
t *'**** I c.^ttt.do Muwttitnsr for yon.
*»l,l v*»» ••"•J 'or me to tan me that
was only a few minutes after our accident that„the others appeared 'with
Lady ,Ardcliffe's car!" Elspeth replied impulsively, then half wished
that she had not spoken, for she
would have died rather than- put a
doubt of Lady Hilary in Kenrith's
head... '
"Then it is a very great mystery,
returned Kenrith.
"You are sure that you had the
jewels in your belt when you wont
out?'-' '
"Suro," Kenrith answered. "Thc
reason I- am so certain is because I
had a queer dream about the diamond Inst night. I dreamed that it
had boen stolen by a masked woman,
that- crept into my room in the night:
and the dream was-so vivid that I
opened the bolt in tho morning before putting it on, to be sure that it
wnsnH truo. Since then, there has
boon no chance for a thief to rob mo,
except when I lay unconscious this
aftornoon." -  , i
"What a pity you brought such
tremendously valuable things to
Scotland with you!" Elspeth could
not help exclaiming. . "II only you
had loft them safely in tho bank.'
Konrith Bmilod. "They wero now
toys," ho snid. "Perhaps you may
have hoard that rare jewels are n
weakness of mine. Besides, I had hall
promised to show them to Captain
Oxford, who hnpnonod to hoar thnt
tho Radopolskoi diamond would be
on tho markoti'*and therefore it wnE
indiroclly through him I got tho
chance to buy it boforo it wont to
CliriBtio's." '
Elspoth shivored a little, Suspicion
pooplo, who knew of Captain Oxford's lovo for Lady Hilary and thoir
common poverty, might suspoct n
plot if thoy should hoar this, story.,
especially should thoy find out tho
Boqual to it, which sho know. Hut
(•ho did not intend thnt any ono
should And out that soquol through
'"Shnll vou send for a dotoctivoP"
sho iiBkoci. ,   „„ ,
"I suppose so." ho answered. "But
now vou toll mo you wiw no ono noar;
and as Lady Hilary did not loso con*
HoiousnosB at ilrnt, sho numt hnvo
known if anybody hnd npproaohpd
mo, I must confflHs thnt to mo tho
mystery uoonis. beyond tho skill of
anv detective lonn olovor thnn wo
rond of in impossible iiovoIh."
"I think." snid Kluiietli quietly,
"Hint the detective would turn his attention to-mo."
"Whnt do yon rnonnt" oxclnlmod
"I monn thnt lio would consldor It
vory llkoly that I hnd tnkon tho jow*
"Thnt is nonsonHO," Konrith   snld,
nlrnoAt nngrilv. "A man who saw you,
nnd yet mndo nuch a suggestion ns |
thnl, woiJXi oo <uociiai((i«.u «*• nut/.. <«.
bv ■•in*.-* ii "
"Thnnk ynu." Elspeth nneworcd,
toughing fnintly. "After all. perhaps
a very clever detect ii* would know
that most women would bo too cow-
rmlly to attempt rucIi a erimo ns Hint
Ir,    n,,ni|    rltl"      PVCtX    If    lllPV    lind       lh'»
will "to do it. Hut, indeed, I Hhould
hnvo no right to hi offonded ll a hub-
plcl'jn of Hint sort did somo into n
detectlvo's hond." .....
"ll you sny auch thing* I shall not
send for ono, but will lot tho jewels
"Sri, nny exclaimed tho srirl. "I
shall f«ol terribly if you don't do
evervthln*? you can to -jet them back.
1 -wish i fni'ld hi-lp yuu, I uli'ill
think and think with all my might.
Who know* but I may have an In-
"You are el»v«r enough to havtt
one," unW Kenrith, "If you put your
mind to it. no Ao try. Of eotirw, al!
thnt I've told y**n in betwetm mir*»I-
v«a. I Axx'l waut my low known and
We want you to tell us all* about
the accident,"' Lady Ardcliffe s£iid.
"Begin at the. beginning, - from tho
time you went out."
There was, no-reason why Elspeth
should not obey, still she was reluctant to speak, and, would havo made
some excuse to refuse co-.ild Bhe have
thought of one; but she was - very,
weary, and not as fertile in expedients as if her vitality had not been
at a low ebb. In a dull, ,tired way,
she told how the automobile had
Btarted; how Mr,, Trowbridge hnd
.tried to stop it, and all that had happened afterward. Lady Ardcliffo began by asking questions, but preRent-
ly she relapsed into silence, looking
so pale and angry that Elspeth won-'
dared if inadvertently Bho had sail1,
anything to givo offense. ■
Thc change in Lady Ardcliffe'3
mnnner wus felt by evory one in tho i
room; and when Elspoth had told her i
story, they rose, one by one, and
wont away. Elspoth would gladly
have gone also, but Lady ' Ardcliffo
laid a hand upon hor arm. "Wait,"
sho said. "I wanted to speak with
you alono. That is why I protended
to bo tired; I meant to get rid of
them all. Now, tell mo, how did Mr.
Trowbridge aet when ho enme on the
spot whore the motor had broken
down? Didn't ho seem particularly
nnxious about one person in the
party? I was suro from something
vou inadvertently lot drop just now
that ho did. Yon noedn't look so obstinate, as if you had mndo up your
mind to say nothing,'Miss Denn. Ho
did show that ho wns deBporately
nnxious about Hilary Vane, I'm
"A week ngo, Lady Ardcliffo, you
nsked mo whether I thought Mr.
Trowbridgo onred n groat deal about
CountoBS Radepolskoi."
"Ah, but that was boforo ho mot
"You muat think him very ohango-
"I only fancied that ho oared about
the Countess, I feel that lio is in lovo
with Lady Hilary, You know it,
don't youP"
"It is not my affair." said Elspoth,
"Thnt is just the Rnmo na If you
gnld 'yes.' But of course, it ia not my
nffnlr olthor, except thnt I nm a
friend of Mr, Trowbridgo'*, and I
should bo vory sorry to soo him sno-
rlllooil by a designing woman."
"Oh. l.ady Ardcliffo, vou can't cull
Lady Hilary a designing woman I"
cried Elspeth,
"I call hir mother 1 denlgning
woman, nnd Hllnry Vnno must do aa
Ida Lnmbnrt bldB her. They are wellborn, of course, but tho mothor has
boon hldoously oxtrnvagnnt nnd now
she in ronping tho rewnrd ol lior folly,
T bolievo that Mr. Konrith is beginning to aee her -*., she really U. She
U losing hope whore he's concerned,
•.im uvt-rywiii'if, uc'iw.fai* -pvt, III-
\hr/'e m•>Tv''^'''•. Tl •,<**Tn«thi'nff inn't
dene, Mr. Trowbridgo will fall Into
the trnp they'vu laid for him."
"II.* niaiv b-j a ii.i.iiv-.alre*, but all :
tl.o •■•■tun Lndy Hilary Vnno is a thou- t
i-vvl tlnifj t'>o,||o*d lor him," Elspeth i
. This  is' the range with  the new -
divided flue.   This divides the heat
and  sends it over the front of the
..oven as well as the back, keeping
nil parts at a perfectly even temperature     No turning  of  pies.or-un-'
evenly baked cakes", with this range.
The Gurney-Oxford Canadian is also-
provided with the reversible grate—'
the grate that burns all the coal.
 -0.4:i.._4a<i_t*hA  'Sa-iaaQf^../:lAflfl^-^flat._
patent levelled steel, lined with
asbestos. Large oven with balanced
drop door.
Gurnoy Standard Metal Co.
Colaary      Llmltad     Cdmeaten
Selling Agent,   F«rnU
\v-     **
Canadian Pacific Annual
Eastern Canada
Low noutitl Trip natoi to
2 Through Exprost
Trains Dally
Tickets on 8alo
Dec, 1st to Dec. Slnt,
iiichiHivc, good to ii*-
turn within .IniontliH
TIckf'tH li-wiu'd in con-
lUM'tinn to Atlimilc
Sttfimwhip hiiHlnt'HM
will he* cm wih* Nov.
21nt mid limited to
Ilvo niontliH from
dati'of ismic.
KlncHt Kqulpini'iit.
Kundiml Kh'Kl-fliiHH
Hh-cpliiK imd Tourist
t'ni'H on all Through
Tho "TORONTO  EXPREfiO" 1*iiv«;m WIihiIin-k daily ■U 22..0,
nmkltiir (M.niuTtioiiH at Toronto for all point* raid ur .x-,i Ui.*M*.*f.
Apply ni'im-ht <-!. I*. H. Agent lor full Information
Kef oury   Bros.
J obbers
Boots  and   Shoes
Dry and Fancy  Goods.
Gent's FurnishinBS, and Underwear
(To bo continued,)
NOTICB In hereby given that tho j 0
tlmo for tho reception of tondcra for ■ q
Vornon, U. C, publio building,     hns j \\
benn exti'iub'il to Dfcomber 20, liiOR.  I y,
Majis ana spcclfliiitloni nro aim   io) jP|
bo «ecn at Victoria and Vancouver,     j fj
Dr order ■ J»{
IVpartnwnt of Public Worku, Ottawa
November SO. 150J.
|     FeeS************ ** *• •' *• ** ^
Tinsmith and Plumber
We can furnish you with estimates in
i g
\ anything in our line |
No. 8 Slyer Eastbound .... 24.18
No. "l Flyer Westbound     1.55
,Nq. 214 Eastbound Regular...... 18.25
.No, 213 Westbound Regulsir .....  9.46
No: 236 Eastbound. lst class ..   9.00
No.;,235 Westbound, 1st class ..20.16
No. 252
12.40 a.m.
12.58   -
No. 251
4.00 p.m
FOR SALE—Edison Phonograph —
latest model, 2 or 4 minute records.
Cost $65, for $50, with three dozen records. Records cost $17 alone. Apply
Ledger office. ...     , ^
7 TO. "RENT.—Large, unfurnished
room in house with bath, hot and cold
•water, etc.- Apply Ledger Ofllce.
TO LET—Two furnished rooms on
Victoria avenue. Apply Ledger off-
Apply at House No. 149. *    2t
$200 will buy an 80 h.p. boiler and
. a 40 h.p. engine in' running order. Apply box 175, Didsbury, Alta.
Pair Draft Horses for sale, See ad.
Bill Connell Is an ideal speaker.
Tom Whelm spent the holidays   at
■ R. G. Ottey left for Toronto on Monday's train.--
For fresh meats of all kinds .try the
West Fernie Meat Market.
Mrs. T. H. Whelan leaves next week
for Deseronto, Ont.
Rochon has pure Candy; no Eastern
dope full of cheap truck.       ''
- P. H. Burnham, district freight! agent was in town Wednesday.       '
See Rochon's Candy Canes and other
Xmas specialties. j
*-* Jack- Jones    of the "Royil"    arrived from Spokane this week.
-   E."Kirkpatrick.of.the Albertan staff,
Calgary, spent .Christmas with his mo;
ther in town. ■
- The cuisine.at the Napanee is unexcelled., LThe bar ,has the best in
the land. ,        .  "  .
-Get a box or a basket for a present
at Rochon's.  . .'
;' Miss---Amy.' Biggs '-is" visiting with
Mias^Annie'Sherman at Taber," Alta.,
-this week.   ■  - " •*- •      -      •■ -
**• .-■ii..*trtlOTa,
ariee is the place.
v. / W.'A. Macdonald, K. C, Nelson, ar-
./ rived here on Sunday.     He was act-
/ .ing. for. the defence In tho Dean case.
'',',       See Rochon. Nothing kept but the
best. No 10 cents a pound stuff at.all.
' " ' W. Smith ot the Trites-Wood ■ Co.;
. left for Laysla'nd, Ont., Tuesday nior-
ring.     '* "
For Sausage try West Fernie Meat
J. A. Harvey K. C, Cranbrook, arrived here Monday and registered at tho
The Napanoo gives the best mealB
at all times,
Tom Wilson, formerly at the King
Edward, was In town last week from
For New Year Gifts see Wright tho
Jeweler's display of Jewelry and of
watches, •> Next door to Hotel Fernie.
Fernie Hotel
Barber Shop
-..    E. L. HOLT, Prop.
Is now open for  business.   Give
us a call for up-to-date worlc
I Safety Deposit Vault I
Safety Deposit Lockers
can be rented at Thc
Ledger Office. Most
fireproof vault in thc
city. Reasonable rates,
See the Manager for
A complete line of samples of
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds, Serges
and Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
Pair Draft Horses for sale. See ad.
W. Carsdell, assistant superintend-
entof the G/N. railway was in town
this week.    - •**
The Napanee hotel is prepared to
handle travellers and other guests.
C.'Rainfortb. of the firm of Plun-
kettx and- Savage, .leaves for' Calgary
to-night on a short visit.
Steve Barclay, cashier of the Coal
Company-has "returned from -a* very
enjoyable^visit to Spokane.
Ladies watches at great bargains for
to-day only. Wright the jeweler next
to Hotel Fernie.
•J, Ogden, representing the Confederation Life Association, is a visitor
iu town, a.guest at the King Edward
Mrs. George Levasseur and Mrs.
Cyr and cbildren^of Pincher Creek
were in Fernie en route for Spokane.
The West - Fernie Meat Market
pleases all people. Workmen deal here
and save money. -;
Tom and Kenneth, the two sons of
Dr. Corson, returned on Christmas day
from Victoria to spend the holidays
at home.
We are pleasod to announce that
Jack Lundie, who has been painfully
indisposed for several months is now
rapidly recovering.
' Wright the Jeweler has a fine.line of
ladies Diamond rings which he is selling at great bargains, prices range
from 910 up. Store next door to Hotel
Bert -White of Coleman spent Sunday In town. He says that hockey is
booming down there ancl that a good
team has been rounded up.       - „
C. W. Davey arrived home from' the
springs at Hot Lake, Oregon, much
improved in health. He visited his
parents at Portland before returning.
Chief Gook has been away'on leave
of absence for a .wcok. He visited
Regina, and returned Wednesday. In
his atfsence Constable Clark acted as
, The ever popular dog sleigh races
wil be starteduagain to-morrow (Friday) afternoon. ' Tom Whelan is giving good prizes'again so be Qout,
boys.        -
' "The Quarters" the fine new residence of the unmarried men of- the
Coal, company's office staff has been
completed and the boys are comfortably settled.
' The Socialist party of Fernie are
holding their meetings every Sunday
night in the basement of .the .Miners'
hall. John Harrington will address
the next meeting on Sunday night -
Our consignment of news . paper
virtuous path-we are under everlasting obligations to "Dad". Simpson of
Cranbrook for paper the past:,two
weeks. But "Dad" never fails when
anyone wants a favor.   ■ A
. The'case of Thomas Kennedy, the
building contractor who Is being sued
by a Japanese resident for obtaining
$190 under "false pretenses came up
for preliminary hearing .before Magistrate Whlmster on Wednesday- afternoon. "
The'-'Carpenters smoker .last Wednesday week was a howling success
and, everyono present, hnd a good
time. Tho Kangaroo court at tho
hands of W. Tuttle was a novel affair
barring the initiation— and even *at
that wo woro truly thankful.
, ,'Bill Turnoy,. nn employe at tho Napanee, wo nro glad to say, has pulled
through a very, severe attack ot pneumonia. At ono timo he was passed
up for dead,' hut Billy foolod 'om all.
Ho la sill very weak but is gaining
We have a nice ranjje of 8terllng
Silver Toilet 8ets and Military Brushes
which we are selling at less than their
actual cost. Coll and get one before
they are all gone, Wright the Jeweler In A. A. Gillespie's otoro,., next
door to Hotol Fernie,
Tho members of lho Fornio Co-Op-
orntlvo nocloty nro having iv publio
tea and concort on Now Years day In
Draco's hnll. Ton will ho sorved at
0 p.m, Tho ton, nn excellent 0110, hi
bong prepared and will ho served by
lho lndloa, Mr, Thomas l)lgg» hns
chnrgo of tho program and snys lt will
bo tho bi'Bt over given In Fornio.
Wo undoratand that quito 11 num
bor of prominent hockey players nro
In town, nnd wo trust that noma movo
will' bo mndo towards goltlng tho
gnmo Btnrtod In good timo, Somo of
tlicHO players hnll from Ottawa' nnd
Konorn nu woll nH Edmonton niul with
Hiifflclont Iocnl unUnmliiHni, Furnlo
Hhould boast of tho hOHl (cam In tho
Anthony McMnnn, supposed lo be.
a cook wiih kllclil nt Wanlner Saturday ovoning liiflt. hy bolng Htruck by
tho oiiHtboiind Boo-Spoknno Flyer, It
Ih supposed thnt tho utiforlunato mnn
won nrouHlng tlio I runic Just ah tho
flyer wan coming round a curve,   Ho
>,...>   i>i tUt-'ih   U>    itlW   i.l.1.1.   .till.   tltlUlUi   tit
ihe ditch. When picked up Wi* "-.'.••v.*
oxtlnct, HIh home Ih supposed lo
tm In Sent tlo.
Thu Fat. Mon'** Bunobull team got up
u dunce for Christmas night In
I'nu-u's liu.l. 'fntt im men always
wore n good lolly crowd, and In
dancing proved nn much oqunl to
tho occasion ah In ban-mull, Tho
floor of the hall was lu exceptionally
good condition for tho ovont nnd
wlillo we worn unforfunatn enough to
bo awny from'tho city on thi* occnt»
Ion wc arc told that it waa thc beat
J. DuscourtE, 68 year* ot ago. drop-
pod dead at tho residence of hli son*
In-lAW, Thomns Fnwcot on Saturday
taut, Decoaned had been In, tho tin-
ioyiucut, ot l*.U iwu.il IwullU up tu Dm
hour of hl« dtiddcn demise, and had
been at work in the morning."/Shortly" before noon,he was seize'd;^tK.a
fainting spell'and.a doctor. was-,;huf-
riedly summoned, but he ■ passed
away, in a few, minutes.'. He- was
well known and popular * in Fersie,
-wheie he had resided for some time.
'Mr. X.'E. "Suddaby--in his usual
magnanimous way. sent a box of nice
chocolates to each of the staff of the
Ledger. The staff extend many, well
wishes to Mr. Suddaby.
' President F. H. Sherman, Vice-Pres.
John R. Galvin and Seo.-Treasufer J.
A. McDonald came up to the city ou
Tuesday. ' ,'
According,to scientists the 26th of
December at Sydney at 11 was the
25th of December 7 a.m. in Vancouver.
This means that the citizens of Vancouver read of the Burns-Johnson fight
before it happened. -• How is,that for
B. C. being ahead of the time.
The monthly tea of the ladies aid
society of the Methodist church will
be held at the home of Mrs. S. Bonnell
on Tuesday afternoon January 5l;h,
from three until six.
Rev. Mr. Hatt, superintendent of
Northwest missions expects to be in
attendance at the Christmas entertainment in the Fernie Baptist church on
Monday evening.
Edmonton was defeated In the first
game for the Stanley cup against tho
Wandereds at Montreal by 7 to 3. The
half time score was 3 to 2 for Edmonton. Tbe next game takes place on
Saturday night.
"I,. P.-Eckstein, the well known
barrister of Fernie, formerly of Grand
Forks, has been urged by a large number of ratepayers of the former city
to run for the office of mayor, and
has consented to do so. The problems to be faced by the new council
of that city' are the most important
that have ever occupied the attention
of the authorities, and an effort will
be made to bring out candidates of
business experience and ability. Mr.
Eckstein has been a resident of Fernie for a number of years, is a large
property holder, and has taken a
keen interest in every movement for
the advancement of the city,of Fernie.
Grand Forks Gazette.
]'. Yoir.-fsupply- the cook; .we can supply, - the
■\ j3opds.,\." Fresh - Currants,   Raisins,   Peels,
Hj      ,   J-l        ^ I      **\- -"a.** - -a.   < l   ** 1 y      '
r;[■ Shelled Niits. "Icings,' Fruits, and everything
, you want:    \ , ~''" ' \
y'iJprl7* bx.vHpin ..
Singer SeeingMachines *0o.,
- • '■;'• v<k..; 7 . ''  -Femie, B. C: - „   .     \ , .; ^
ai'T   *""      ., *.r
Why. be .without a: Sewing Machine when you ,
, ?   ■"■;"■' can get one for $3.00 anionth?
J.- P. H0ULAHAN, Agent, opposite Coal Co.'s office, Pellat Ave.
a^_    *1***|j41V1
Crows Nest Trading ^Gb,
Fernie's   Cheap   Cash   Store
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B. C
The Rev. Grant officiated at the
marriage of Miss Mary A. Letcher to
J. A. Quinlan on Monday, evening, the
28th inst. Miss Letcher was very
well known and liked by all who met
her in .connection, with the telephone
office where she has worked foi* some
time. Mr. Quinlan needs .no introduction  as  almost_ everybody ■■ knows
"Jack." ■ We -wish them all the joys
of a happy wedded life and-.trust their
troubles may be small ones.
(Continued from page 5.)
Archie McKee said he found it easier to give than to receive when     lie
passed around the hat.
It, is strongly suspected that tho
young lady who writes the Elko specials for'thls paper is bald headed and
wears whiskers and chews tobacco.
A young lady writes lii the Montreal
Star asking for a good recipe to make
apple butter. To three gallons of
cooked apples add one' nnd a half
pints of elder vinegar, half, a gallon
of good ryo snako medium, flvo pounds
of brown sugar, , Boll down to two
gallons and then send for ur.
Mrs. Davis of Montana Is spending
Christmas with her sister, Mrs. E. M.
Holbrook. Mr. Goorgo Bardsley, a
brothor to both lndios came in from
Loon Lnko to Elko,
The Columbia hotel Intends giving
a Now Years dance ln Elko, No Invitations but everybody come.
On account of tho Elko notes nrrlv*
ing too into for publication last week
wo are still above dirt and si 111 firmly bollovo that a woman Is tho nohlopt
of tho good God's creation whon In
hor placo, nud thnt hor plnco Is not In
shoving her Hiiout.Into othor people's
Butter nnd oggs up ngnln, So help
my Joflophlno. Whon did they como
Wo fully Intondod having thin column docoratod with turkey cuti1 b*if
woro unnblo to borrow any und Billy
Uohh refuse*-.! to loan uu his election
Thoro woro vory fow lemons handed
around In Elko tIiIh CIii'IhIiiihh, lt
wnn qulot, qulotor thnn nny wo Imvc
aeon In Elko biit tho prcHoutn wit
got and tho good iiowh wo enrol veil
tnailo It moro than pl'mwuit for iih,
IlloMHOd nro thoy tlmt oxpivt nmhliM
for thoy Hhnll not be dlHappolntml,
Wo havo boon cuhhuiI, iIIhcushoiI,—
talkod about, boycotted, robbed, huhl
up, Hod to mid everything elf**.*, and
our htiHlnoBB still Increase**., Our priii-
fllinlH, liMlo'iondniH'.* nnd Haum''* Auitb
lug might hnvo cost un thoimundA of
(lolliiiH, but wo nro still In xUt gumo
and when It comos to calling the hut
turn wu'H bo thoro with a Ktnck of
bluon to chock lu.
Hondon* of this column who hnvo
no doubt got a big supply of whbkey
on hand nnd who hnvo difficulty In
torlng this untamed llory liquid nhould
apply to ub, Wo know sovornl com-
modloim promlseH to lot cheap,
Among tho Chrlfltmas cards wo re*
celvod wo discovered u new motto, It
roads: Should auld ncqualntunco bo
fuiKOt—HUppouiiil to bt- ot Scotch oil-
"^yET Weather Footwear is what you
require. We have a splendid assortment in Rubbers, and Leather Boots and
Shoes. A large shipment of Trunks,
Suit Cases, Etc., at away down prices.
Gloves and Mitts
Yes, we've got 'em
W. R.  McDougall
A complete assortment of best music
Vocal and Instrumental, received to-day
H^HIS has been carefully selected arid comprises
most of the favorites, both popular and classic.
We have now on exhibition a shipment of the'
famous new double record Columbia discs.   These
discs at 85c each bear two complete, records; one
on each side, and cost .'only 10c more than the
usual single record of other makes.
.The January issue of. Edison Record.s, has arrived.
Call and make,your, selection early while our stock
is complete.   Hie new tour  minute
records, are winning many friends.  ■•   <•
A full line of Violin's, Mandolins, Banjos, Guitars,
Harmonicos,' Accordeons, Flageolets,, Strings, etc.,
. always on haiicl at   .. ., '
Suddaby-s Drug & Book Store
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN:--Haying consented to iiccept nomination
for.Alderman, I think it my duty to acquaint you'wlth the stand I intend to
take in tho Council if elected. ' "   .  .'
1—I   nm   In favor of a clean and decent city,'tho abolition of all gambling, and Sunday closing of all stores, saloons and pool rooms.
,      2—The spending of tho rates lu the most economical way nnd to the
boBt ndvantugo in Improvement with a fair Bharo to overy part of tho city.
8—Public conveniences erected for tho uso of mon and women" Instead
of having io witness scenes thnt belong to the brute element,
4—Of rogulatlng the appearance of restricted element In our streets and
stores as they aro n menace to nny rospoctablo community, and I think tho
timo haB como whon wo ought, to rid ourselves of their presence In our
C—I am in favor of something being dono about the relief which was so
gonoroiiBly sent lo us. Wo ought to know what Is Intended to bo dono with
tho action of tho relief commltteo in nsking us to pay hack what, was given
to'iiB, and whoro thoir right Is In making such a demand, as I'believe they
havo no legal right In making any such dcmaiids.
0—Tho enforcement of all laws, provincial nnd civic without prejudice
or favors to any, and a syBtem of hours of duty for tho polico,
In asking you to.support mo I may sny that tho morals of our city will
hltvo my keenest attention, that wo may have a much needed improvement
upon former years; also that tho financial part may not bo nogloctod. In
I nm yours truly,*   , W. M. DICKEN.
Edmonton, Doc 29—Tho writ won
lB»ucd today for tho Lothbrldgo byo>
election on January Huh. Tho legli-
laUui'u U tiaUa'al to uuul uu JauuiLiy
About 10 o'clock Saturday night
Con, Ilowen arroHlod a man for Htual*
Ing nomo trim..** from the C. V. H.
Htatlon, Thb man wiih caught in the
net. One of the trunks ami contents wore valued nt f'JOO, Ho wot*
brought to Iho polico station, searched and put lii tho ao-cullod jail with
n pair of Hhncklos on. CotiRtnblo
Clark, who wiih acting chief In Mr,
Clock's abHonco heard a nolso botwoon
ono ami two o'clock Sundny morning
niul Immediately got up anil went lu
tho jnll, whon It wiih discovered that
lho prlbonor .had got away tlirougl
breaking a wjndow,
Tho alarm was given and In ro-
spouse Con. Bowen wltli about half
a dozen citizens came upon tho
Hcono. It wnH an awfully Btormy
night and hlf* tracks could not bo
traced very far. Tho park was Honrch-
od togother with West Pernio, nnd tho
a. N*. tvacka without avail. Thc O. N\
cam wero gone through \yhon they
v.uiu Jalu.id by th*-, C. 1', R, umnUblu,
Tho C. P. ,11. c,arB wero alio gono
through but nothing could be seen of
lilm. Information wan sont In both
directions. Tho opinion of tho poll*
Ico In that a gang were operating,
nud thai ihu mUotta!.' wai helped out
by Rome of hit frlendi,
(Continued from pngo 1)
Home, Doc, 29.—A report of technical obHorvatloiiH from tho observatory
nt McHslim flays tho earthquake last-
oil for 23 Hoconda only, It was ace-
ompanlod by remarkbnlo ntmosphorlo
phonoiiinna. The surcharged air
watt lit up with sparks until tho heavens Houmcil on fire, The crest of
tho earth appeared suddenly to drop,
Thin phonomonon was followed by
distinct lateral OBclllatlonn that
throw panic stricken people off their
feet and thoy rushed to tho streets
for safoty,
A groat many of tho local minors
come from tho dlutrlcts reported to
be moat ivltoctcd, and a number of
them havo relative*, and somo famulus., living tUuiu.
Mr. Nicoletti, International organiser of the U. M. W. of A. wai trying
to got word through to his parents,
but tho destruction of tho telegraph
service fn the Interior will rnaJte thla
ulow aud uncertain work for aoaio
(Continued from pngo one.)
Accident company of London, England. Watson's' statement that he never
saw the treaty only, In lleglna ln October last was false. Ho never snld anything to Watson or anyone olse to lead them to bollovo that ho was going'
to reinsure three-fifths of all the business. It was a regular thing io cut
tariff companies and ho decided to malco a cut of 40 per cent as ho considered Fernio pretty woll equipped for fighting flro and that would leave a
fnlr profit for his company! It was not correct thnt ho said to Gates that
ho would reinsure three fifths of tho buslnoas, and Mr. Gates statement was
false. He told Galon that the company was n now one. orgftnlzod In Uoglnn,.
Sask., to do business In tho wost only, With reference to Lockhart. Ho
was told by Watson that'thoy were hard up, and ho said to Watson that ho
did not want him to take slock or insurance Ho was passing tho storo
ono day with Watson when Watson asked him to come In. Mr. Lockhart
cnmo down tho shop to them and Watson Introduced Dean to him, Ho explained tho company to him but Lockhart did not lako any stock. Ho did'
not prosH. Lockhart to tako stock, or oven ask him for a .policy. Ho novor
mndo tho statement as to $1,0,000 bolng paid up, It was an absurd Btato*
mont, . Thoro was nothing on papor or anything said that would load pooplo
to think that $50,000 was tho pajd up capital, With reforohco to Hondorson,
WatBon practically did tho butjinoBB. with him. Ho (Dean) montlonod tho
fact lo him ot its being a new coinpiiny, and that thoy had a treaty whoioby
largo amounts would bo rolnaurbd, a limit and half or throo fifths, Hondorson
paid WatBon $7.G0 and gavo lilm n nolo for $30. , lie, Doan, fiald at .Wntson
when thoy got outsldo that Henderson was a protty "cheap guy," Ho nlflo
mado many statements rogardlng the winding up proceedings which spaco
dooB not permit uh to print. '
Ilo waB Bubmltlod to n Hovoro ci'obb examination by the crown proBocutor.
Ho ndmlttod tlial I'UbIiiobb was dono In llrltlBh Columbia boforo registering.
Ho was on Mb wny to rogUtor when he Bloppod off In Fornio laBt April. Tho
dlroctorf* of tin? company wero Mr. Cathcart, vlco-proBldont, Doan'B son, hoc*
rotary, nnd hlmnolf. Donn'H Balary wiih $3,000 and IiIb boii'h $t,C00. Asked
how much monoy there wna In the troaaury he snld he did not. know. Ho
admitted thoro was vory littlo. Tlio company owed his Hon and hlmsolf a
largo sum for nrreoru of -salary, Tho last sum ho drew wan on November
30th when he tlrow $10 or $G0, The director had only paid flvo por cont
on their etock, but woro credited with in por cont. Thla ho explained wai*
by the Iflnunnco of premium Block, tho promlum bolng given to thorn for com-
inl«BloiiB and BorvlcoB. ABltod whether ho intended to pay tho hnlanco of
tho ^lock If cnllod upon to do bo ho snld ho hopod to, but upon bolng prossod
an to how ho Intondod to pay same, ho would not answer. According   to
iA'aWI *   C.laaC»ll.*4.    a.«i4   ftta.a.i.*».a..«tb   aa*.    lata.   U.tti-t     X, 4a„a-a4-,..»a-    I, a., a.   t*   aatfajua*   a/a,   ««a.*4,
The dofonce in Bumming up said that Dean's story seemed to bo   tho
correct one; tho othor story eccmed to be agreed upon by tho other   witnesses.    It was probablo that a man llko Doan on securing the treaty would
carry lt with him and show It to his frlonds, etc.
Tho Crown Prosecutor said thero was n6t much doubt but that Doan
was guilty, and ho must ask his Honor to believe tho story of six mon boforo
Doan.    The Olobo company seemed to bo born In fraud nnd contlnuod In
Tho court adjourned at 1 a.m. Tuesday morning until 7 o'clock Wednesday night, when Judgment would bo given.
The Judgo being Absent from town his decision was rend out by Mr,
Watson. It was to tho effect that ho thought a slight error had crept Into
the ovldonco ot tho witnesses with tho exception! of Lockhart's, which bo
thought waa fair. It was plain that Dean came to Fernio to sell stock, and
not solicit insurance, and ho believed Dean's version of tho treaty was cor-
reel, itm-l'th* wlfnpMM had misunderstood him. On these grounds ho ac
quitted tint, accused, " • ,
-'■VI  a-I,
■«»■«,«■,.•     ■*■..-


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