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The District Ledger 1908-12-05

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 '      .  "'"''      /'" -^"■"'■•'■"7"-'j":,''.jutte 30 _
:i!.;^c;-;T4l^ ■ -*&_<
I'.Ki •4',;-:'.;- *:.
•u. i'.W.;.'; {OK JiJtii.rjf.'j-a  /<.>:. i'!*e ■ ••>-W;7K,A,r;,r'.-,
' -  . •      ' ,  .. ■ ... -    -     i %/■>.*J'
n   i*'!*,!i!iJl!£
ti^.L-j!!'. M*v.;V-",»-'.'-;'.) •'<••*••» 'J-m';~ ■; 7.
Industrial Unity is Stt^cnffth
' Tne toflScial prgra-a of District No. 18, U. M. W, of A.
Political Unity is Victory
t .
VOL IV;   No.
FERNIE,  B. C,   DECEMBER 5th,   1908
$1.00 a. Year
Xmas. Holiday Furniture
„ .-■-.-     ■-.,--'. 7      "'     -- •*• ■ y'.''   -     \  __     - ■» ';   '     ■..,*-.      ■ .'.
.  .. ••
, jVTO Present is more. appreciated than a
niece piece of Furniture. We have in
stock exactly what you want and can supply
every possible demand of the most fastidious
at the lowest price arid easiest.terms. We
are unquestionably the leaders of air that
pertains to home furnishing. . There is no
time like the present. Call early and we
will"' take . pleasure   ih showing   you   our
complete and up-to-date stock.
Useful Presents
- Easy Chairs
Pictures            ,    ,
'..   Carpets
o  'Rugs
*      ,  Linoleums
Toilet Sets      ,
The Celebrated .New Scale..
o,   Williams  Piano .
,   -"
;<    *-,■*, *                  *^*                 '            ,"        ■" *- A   t,    ,-*",                       <    . ■       ■**■ -
The j. H. REID GO.^ Ltd
. ■ -.
*■ •*
Workingman's Store :
«i , *
J*7'*1 '"                                •.--'-■,•*■                ,'    -    T ,t, \
Men's   Wear
'■'• ,    -"   ■    ■ ■■" "■
■    ' ' \
• ..   ..._,„-
\    ''■'   '>*..
■ i      •-■n
.' 'Don't' fail^ to, see my,- stock of *
** Men's wear. . I carry the best'
quality of goods at rock bottom
■prices .   • ' ■
' °" Men's Suits.-ISto-^O
. Men's Shoes 2 to 5.00
Underwear $1.25 to $3.00
(pei* suit)
Top Shirts $1,1.25,1.50
Trunks, a large stock    ;
$3.00nto $20
'   . «i ' ' '•
' Nc
-   '    ,      '                          i      ■*
Gillespie          ]
ixt Door to Bank of Comme
While the .Farmers /Struggle
for a Living and Millions
•' Chicago, 111., Dec. ,4—More than 20,-
000,000 -bushels of -wheat, the largest
amount ever held- by ony one man or
c6mmtssionr6f men,'is now In-hands
of Wm. H. Bartlett, .George. Patten
"and Frank Fraser;1 who say the market Is ln a-state'of high excitement
awaiting results of the deal at the
present time.- ■ * "
It Is bigger than the Joo Leite? corner' wlien that plunger lost eleven rail-'
lion dollars. It Is tho biggest since
the Gatos corner in which millions of
dollars wero lost a fow years ago.
It is bigger by flvo .millions' tlmn
old Hutch attempted five yenrs ngo,
but it Is not a corner.
It Is purposod to (alto advantage of
whnt Is merely believed to bo n'world
condition'and to havo n largo amount
of wheat for siilo when tho prlco begins to soar. ■
In thoir opinion It .will go to $1,38
or $L<10 not as a result of 'tliolr pur-
chases biit because of a combination
of. clrcumsthncos around tho world
ovor whicli no man hai\. any control,
The Globe Fife Assurance Company Cannot Pay
Claims—-Many Citizens Hard Hit
Liabilities Over $59,787.50—Assets Less Than $10,000
., ——————-———    -l c
-■* , In an application pending before the Supreme Court of Saskatchewan to wind up the Globe Fire.Assurance Company, it.is shown
that the Company sustained loss to the amount of $59,787.50 by the
Fernie Fire.   ....
.' There Ib no cash whatever to pay any portion of the loss. The
assets of the Company consist of $7,500 re-insurance, an amount due
for outstanding; premiums and office furniture- known not to exceed
in value $300 or $4b0.   ,
."   It is stated that stock to the amount of $49,950 ;was subscribed,
and that about -$3000 has been paid thereon. .   ' -"
-    A list of:the shares allotted together with the addresses of the
shareholders and'thc amounts stated to have been paid on said shares
is given, as follows.   . The shares are valued at $50.
No; of Shares     Ami. Paid        Name Address
' 20
■ id
'   5-
•'   5
.   .5
■ 20.
that I can buy aood fruit lands with a good water supply, within 30
miles of Fernie, on'Instalment plan, $5 down, $5 per month, no Interest for first year, for a five' aore tract during the life of contract?
This offe rmay not last long, as the price may bo advanced after
1st January next, so If you want good fruit lands at the bottom
price apply at once. Do It now! Sales have exceeded our best expectations so far. We find It easy to sell a good article, and such
easy payments are not offered by any other such company. Write
for circular on "Kootenai Irrigation Tract."
D. W.  HART     Agent for Canada     BAYNES, B. C.
. 5
..: 5
.. 5
■ 5
- 5
p 50
■ 75
; 75
• 37
■ '37 "50'
'  75.00
:... 37 50
75 00
: .150 00
-,!   37
'   37
37 50
37 50
Armstrong Dean... .Kegina
Jas. R. Cathcart Hegina
Pereival C. Dean —Regina
Alfred D.Sturrock.. .Regina .
R. Robert Pearce Moose ,Jaw
Mrs. Grace ,Yeo Moose Jaw   _..
Pred'k Jas, Watson..Fernie, B. C-
J. A. "Westman.......Regina
Pereival Dean .. .Regina '
J. R., Cathcart Regina
Armstrong Dean Regina
Armstrong Dean.—Regina  ..,. •
H. L. Johnson..... .Fernie
J. F. Jarvis '....Hosmer, B. C.
Frank- Labelle...? Hosmer „
Philip Carosella. ....Fernie       .
•A. C. Liphardt Fernie
John Podlielancik. ..Fernie  .. -   :
H. .Willingham. Fernie . r.  '   ,
J. "W. -Dobson. • . .Fernie .
Rizutto & Crawford. .Fernie.
Geo. G.'Henderson.. .Fernie,   ;   ,
R. "W. Rogers ...... .Hosmer
Chingj\Ving Kei1, Fernie .
W.A.Ross Fehiii*- ,.
John L. Gates...«..Fernie .   ~
125    ,
37 50
•J.ii.Ewing:... .7 ...Fernier"
S.P.Wallace.....'.....Fernie '    ,
Percy Beau..:' .*... ..Fernie   .
John S.Bean. ~ Fernie
- Mrs.rSarah-Jennings.l^rnie..-„-..;!
* Wm.Mills....: Fernie ■
Miss E.MIIolbrook.. Elko,. B, C.
Alex. Birnie..' Elko
Fred Roo..' Elko
■W.H. Leopard Yellow
T.L. Records Yellow
J.II.Allen M.D Yellow
Chas, Ileus! ey'. Yellow
Hugh Iiesterman.. ..Yellow
Fi'od.G.Reed Yellow
Paul B.Gile Yellow
HughW.Roberlson..Nelson, B. C.
Hnrvey G. AVatson,
Hugh Atkin.
.Vancou ver
.Nanaimo B. C.
•Wm.RobH'hnud Pernio
Fernie District Fire Relief Fund October 31st, 1908
Tlio Crows Nutit Trailing company
moved Into tliolr lmtiilHomo now l)ruin l«os this wcok. Tho now storo Is
ono of tlio ftnoHt (ippolntoil HtoroH thU
nlifo of WlnnlpoR, nnd In worth it visit,
Tho fixture**, whilo all not nutto sot-
tlod yot, aro a marvel of oxcollonco,
and vory Kront crodlt Is duo tho onior-
prlutnK mannRor, Mr, Darclay for tho
way in which lie hns thlngn nrrnnqrod.
 [1   «»    	
Warrant to be Sworn Out This
Mornlite   6
Potor 1'atteraon 1» Uopt vory lnmy
in tho rofilon of Nova Beat la and lio
has been trying to get back to this
(.(strict as booh an pohrIIiIo, Ilo haa
boon Uopt continually on tlio hum In
Nova Scotia and ban orRantxod many
loraM. Tofor it n nnndidntn for district No, 18 this yoar, mid If oloctod
will do hli best far tbo union.
Tills la nn npponl from a convlollon
by Iho polico maiihlnto of Formo, or
tl,io accused for "•iIIowIiir" Rumbling
on Ills promises, i Without go In*; Into lho tocbnical points rained by Mr,
Kcltatuln, I will ducido tho cano oii tho
morltfl, nlthotiffh I think the npponl
imiBt bo nllow'od on ono of tbo tooh-
nlcnl points rninocl. This being n crl-
mlnnl proHOciitlon tbo Hoctlon miilor
which tho accusod Ib chargnd muni bo
construed strictly, what ihon Is tlio
moaning of tho word "allow" In, llio
act, Whon applied lo a porson u It.
In hero miroly It must nioiui that the
porson has a knowledge of what In
bolng dono, How othorwlso could a
person be said (o allow a tiling of
which bo has no Itnowlmlgo, and oloiw-
ly tbo loglHlaturo bad tbo Intention of
tlio holder of tbo Hcoiino having a
knowledge, otherwise they covilil hnve
mado tho section govern tho proinlrie«
and not' tho porson, l.o„ no gamo nlmll
bo allowed on tbo promises.
„ That, shortly bring my view, tbe
npponl must, bo nllownd and tbo rnn.
vlctlon qun*h(id with costs both Imro
Donation*-! received np on October 3Jst
Received„from tho sale of goods:
.Month of August   	
Monti) of Scplwnber ,. '
Month of October ,
Transportation refunds for August
For Soptcinber',	
. .,.$   !)«'). IS
02. fiO
i  i  *     > *
«  t  »  i  * '
X M A S *
Come  in and look over our stock of
High "- Grade , Christmas    Novelties
Gifts for the Ladies
Gloves, ' Handkerchiefs, * .Sweaters, Coats,
Bedroom Slippers, Fui\ Coats? Hockey ,Shoes, -
etc., at prices to suiE every purse.    -
Gifts for the Men
Neckwear; Mufflers, Gloves, House Slippers,
Sweaters, Pocket Knives,. Shaving Brushes,
Razors, etc.; at special Christmas prices.
Gifts for Children
Toys of" every description,, including Teddy
Bears, Drums, Dolls,; Blocks, etc.,- . at the
yery lowest prices.       ''•'<,"'y   "'■■.'
The Big Departmental Store
-'--■' ->••■
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B. C.
i*4«U   ejtmeiiit*
\\V u«»l«»wtiinrl th*fc * warrant H to
l»f iwiiwl I hli morning for the an-M
of A. IWn. of th« Ololie CU, on th*
cIwiku of McolvlnuinonpyfriMlnlimU-f,
i   -    .       .
Notico to all organized labor, and
friends of organized labor: Keep away
from the MeOlnro Mines al Tasker, N,
Dakota, as thoy havo locked out thoir
mon for joining tho United .Mino
Workors of Amorlcn. Tho men hnd
to bo moved away from thoro ns tho
company got an Injunction against
them,  v
Vlco-Pres, Dl*. J» frlM* W. of A.
I   I
Munt BesVtibili *<   v       '     "•
A nnvr^^^aetod IxfJihM #ta\*)\ot
Oklnhomb oriJt^rfciljst [iff -Jchool book*
UtatA to^vfi^tm ot that state
miut £icj*,v tfw label.
♦ The first meeting of tne Cit- ♦
*> Irene' Leagus will ba held In ♦
♦ the Methodist Church on next ♦
♦ Thursday evening at 8 p.m, ♦
♦ At this Is the first meeting to ♦
♦ be held under the auspices of ♦
•♦ the  Leagufl, a  targe  attand- •♦
♦ anet ia requested. ♦
<*> D-jaiiJs, election ContmlV, ♦
•♦ tees, etc., have to be elected. ♦
♦ from the meeting. Be turs ♦
•**•> and ba en hand at (J p.m, ♦
♦, sharp. ♦
♦ ♦
Total receipts   $1 ir>FOr)0.20
DoiifitioiiK: iMi'H, ITowni't ^20; Mrs, Ciuiipliull $10;
Mrs. Kng, #20; K. IIo^jj:, $o0; Airs, Jones, $4.20; Mrs.
Wcstuby, $5; ,Joe I'nrkor, $25; Airs, J;imo, $25; W, H.
I'uckoy, $25; II. S, Wilkinson rcfuml, *2:..25; city of
I'Y'niio for sanitation pui'i-oses $1,000; \V. W. Tuttlo,
dnnalod by Mr. Tuttlo lo sulTorernnil rci'innloil by
('oniniittoe, $10; J. Miulon, $10; Mrs, Fowler $17; •lohii
Yokes $50? II. h, Ilnll, furnwl over to relief fund in
error $:if)0; Oeo, I'nrker $10; V, Turner $.*">; A. Crane,
$•10.10; Mrs. "W. O. Taylor $0	
Pay Boll
OlVieo •	
Speeial eonstnlili's ,	
Distributing hiiiijilicii   ,..,	
Carpenters  ...
Ofl'icp expenses, stationery, etn
Hospital, .','	
Ktiinips ', .' , ,
Hurinls ." ,
DriiRS .' ,,,..
iiir-tiii'iiii.'..- on uu'ii<- ,. ,, .. ,,  ,	
nuildings ,	
KxpreAH, .4(7.45: transportation $!l24.7.ri	
l'Yoifflit on brick, lime, plaster, sfoves, heddirip, cots
nnd supplies ... .'. *	
'      ' f • ',       f      * it*        .    f
.....m*., >*iU,,i,il,*.  I.;,,.'     11 i-.. ...-.  , , ,    ...    , , , , . .    .
Supplies, provisions, cols and bedding, tents, etc	
liUinber advanced .undoriiKreeinent with fire sufferers
to be repaid to eonnnilteo ,  	
Klk Lumber company, lumber advanced to fin* KiiflVrcr***
tn be repaid to committee ,    15000,00
Tar paper, Whimsfcr and company        812.00
Sanitation         72.00
Wi)m, Whim«tor and fompnny        21R!».2,"
Lm&hi nm) hntln, Wliimsfcr /aid Company    ' 2H.9.0
.$   nori.'j'i
;>,'.'). on
..     :1570.!)0
:v.i t",
,.    2oo:i,:i:!
.".   KM iii!45
In an intervlow with Mr. Tom Who-
Inn wo nscei'tnlncd the fact that as
Mr. Whelan had been requested, he
has coiiBonted to stnnd on tho aldor-
iconic list. Mr, Wliolnn will nol, uh
was lavgoly reported, run iih Mayor.
Aslced an to his opinion of the Trades
and Labor platform Mr. Whelan said
that ho agreed with the platform, aa
ho considered a platform along those
linos wus n'oeossary i'or tho well being und advancement of tbo interests of the city. He did not believe
In an open town, and did not Btnte to
anyone that he disagreed with plank
No 1, which reads: "That wo stand
for u decent city nnd tho enforcement,
of nil laws."
We mention this foot as wo wore Informed that. Mr, Whelan had Btatnd
that hn was favorable to all but the
llrst. plan.*..
There am nome other men wo na-
(lurstniidi who aro coining out to op-
imsii the list put forward by tho
Trades ii nil Labor conn ell and a iihm-i-
ing In oxpected soon,
The Trades and Labor list of nominees, no doubt can bn Improved on,
but euro must bo oxorclsod. If, you
want to fight bur rooms don't ask Hi<<
bote) men to aid you.
Uny City, Mich, Nov. 10
To Hi" offl<"t*K mid .McnibcfH of Lo
oui "'iilonn nf llm l'iilli«i|  Mine  Win--
loirs of Amorlcn,
I hnve boon nnmlnn'od *iiiiI nm    n
cnndldnto for tbe offlco of Iiiior,niilon»
nl Vlco'lirosldeiit nt the coinl/n   ol,u:-
lJolioving as J do tlmt. every member
ot our organization should be Interest-' ,
cm] Jn knowing Bomotblin,'. about,    the .
Illness of men who aspire to     Uh.bo
positions ol honor and responsibility
prompts mo to issue this .circular loiter to our membership tbaL thoso,who*
de not know mo may hiivo1 n chance
to investigate, If thoy no desire
I was'born, in Ohio in 3867,'enteral
the mines iu the age of IC; was u
moinbor of the KnfghtB of Labor, us
well us the opon branch of our union
before Iho formation of the United,
Mine Workers, I have been a member In good standing of tho I'niwl
Mine Workers since Its Inception.
I served the minors of hub-dlstrlct
No. 2 of Ohio as.president. In 1808.
I camo to Michigan In 18'J'J and entered the mines, (u itiOI f was elected to the district oxeeiitlvj board. In
1002 I was elected a mumbei* of lho
International Hxecuilve bou'J 'vliluh
position I held until I!i07 when I wiih
olneled to tho preslitom-y of tliU (lis-
11*1 el.    ■
I am now sorvlng my neoond term
us president.
I Invito the most careful Investigation Into my official acts and my por.
Honul fitness for the poult ion lo which
I aspire, If aftor an Investigation ynu
flud mo qtiullflod to fill tbo position,
and I am your cliolcn, I will apprccl.
■it** your support by endeavoring to
provo wonhy of llio position If elect,
Vory fnilorwilly
i*:. h. McriiLLonnn
•  «—       	
Ladles', gold and gold filled wnti-lioi
for ('lirlHimnK hi l.lpbiinit's, i(emmn>
Iit w« i>e|l tliini for the name price
Uricks, Lethhridtfc Hrick and Terra Cottu Comjianj
Plaster, J. I). Qunil	
Cranbrook Kelbf Fuiifl      KM).(hi
Cttsh on hnnd nnd in bnttk    4ftfJ2-'l.<il
» > • • t
Tlio ahove i'igiuvs Iiavu liocu taken 1'rom I he books unciI by tlie
Hccit'tary Mhioh liavi* hc-cu iniditid and foiunl tnm-vl t-m-.h month.
Treasurer W. (.'. MANSON.
Auditor (I. H. HOCMViX.
Dour Sirs: We bo« to hand .you herewith for, publication, statement ol' receipts and disbursements as taken Cnnii the books used by
ihe secretnry of tho Kcruiu District Fire Kejjcf Kiuid.
T!iii <-tntoment eovops the iiiohiIn of Alienist, Sopiombor and October, A further statement inchiiimi*- Novoinher will be forthcomini?
in i)io I'luirin of n feiv Any*.. Wo i«'n»)it *.,-iv thi.t ii)t)ioi-r»)i wo hnvr*-
elidiavoni] lo iniiko Ibis a ninci.-e slateineiil, mo h.ive not sacrificed
tlu> pnrfiose fur which it is intended. We would also say thnt any
fur)lior information desired inn be obintiiod by eoniiiiiinioiitinj-j wit'b
Pernio District Fire Relief Committee
... R. R. WEBB, Secretary.  . PAGE TWO..
.THfe','"D,ISTI?"jC*r: LEDGER,,FERNIE,- B. C./DECEMBER;^ 1908.-:?':
>•> -,     -
--. •*■
* S?
News of Interest to Church Goers.;
We,will be glad to have news for these columns each week
,   Rev. Lashley Hall left this week for
■the coast to consult with the architect
as to the completion of plans for the
, "Methodist church,,       '■   "
* *   *
airs. Hall will give a special address
- to the young men on Sunday, night in
the.Methodist'church. ' ,  -
* *,- *
The Christian Endeavor of the Me-
thodlst church will be held on Mon-
, day night.     Everyone is Invited    to
attend.    .This meeting will be of especial Interest as It is Cousercratlon
night. ,    . i
*' *   *     —
A pleasant evening was spent   by
the young people on Tuesday night at
-' the homo of Mrs. Dudley.
* *   *
Tho church is opon every day, for
the. convenience of anyone who wishes
to write a letter or moot a friend, also
every evening. Monday night'is especially given over to the young peo-
, pie. Friday night is in the htinda of
the choir. Wednesday night a devotional service is conducted and 'he
Sunday school lesson for the folio win*.*:
Sunday is taken up,
* *   * >
Strangers are always welcome and
church members coming to Fernie
t'rgm other parts are requested to
ffliike tlieni§Q]y-?s known to the pastor
and hand in their letters. .,'    ,.
*   . ' ' *   * ■ * *
If'you want to spend a quiet hour—
the church doors are.open at any time.
i   The Sunday school are practising a
cantata for Christmas.'
.   . -      „ ,*   *   *
The trustees met' this week and decided to put a centre-wing on the pVG-'
sent temporary'structure for further
o accommodation. ■ -       y
■ *       ♦       * .    m  '    .    .--■
Our country has no asset more val:
uable thai?" the Lord's Day."' All the
miiies of gold, silver and copper are
not as productive of National wealth
and blessing.
Homan Catholics and the Lords.Day.
The Defender of Boston; tells of,the
following rosolution which was' unanimously passed at a largo gathering of
tho Federation of Catholic Societies,
recently held in Boston. It deserves
to bo written'in letters of'gold,   nnd
will certainly be - approved by every
good citizen, Catholic and Protestant.
AVo trust that It will have great   Influence at this critical period.
. "Resolved: That this Federation
earnestly appeals to all Catholics
and^to all  our fellow citizens— .
without distinction, not only, not
to take ,-part-in   any   movement
tending   toward the relaxation of v
the observance of the Sunday, but -
to use their Influence and power
in civic, soclaLand private life''to
prevent the disregard and the desecration  and to uphold and    to
maintain the observance and.the.
Banctity of.the Lor.d's Day."
*   *   *
"Numbers of men are trying to preserve ' the national monuments. '■ Why
do thoy not try to preserve the greatest monument that ever existed—thc
Lord's Day,"—Flavel Cook.
Hoiii':H,i;litorland -Tells
of Canada's ■ Policy at;^
"'■>' Scotch Banquet, „;;;;,;
, Chicago, Dec. 4.—Quietly-and deliberately Canada has been spending-a
sum of $200,000,000 on-railways with
a'view to.handling the,great trade of
the  Northwest,   acocrding - to  H.  R.
•     ■*   .',,''    ■   *    -■>     .i
Sutherland, Speaker of--tne Dominion
liquse. ■ "Canada" is In a position to"
command the attention •tthat,hei*.'.i*,at-
ural^resources deserve,"-^aici'fM^ -Sutherland:" ' "His remarks we're' sahd;
wiched into, a speech in which Speaker "Sutherland', lauded V.Scptland., .and
the Scots -'at *" the' annuu'al'- banquet/of
the Illionois. society of St. Andrew.
' Moro than six hundred Scotch Can-,
adians were' present.','_'. 7
'.'God grant.that we shall never,see
. the Sunday profaned here in our land
as we have seen it in other countries."
—Bishop 'Regan. -    , , -,
pointment for raising the general tenor of moral existence.—John "Foster.
Keeping the Sabbath.
Sabbath observence, is, in itself, of
inestimable value.. It'is also' a sign
unmistakeable, indicating that the
life of those who' keep the Sabbath is
undergirded by strong moral principle
and that they keep other things as
welli Til1? individual wlio consciously
•regards this sacred day will be found
to be characterized by reverence for
God, benevolence towards mefl, .righteousness of life, aspiring in- conduct
chaste in conversation and- noble in
character. On the other hand those
who keep no Sabbath are lacking in
clean moral v convictions about other
i things,-an(Ua*ie_only-negativj4_at_best,
concerning life's, moral issues.—Winnipeg Free Press.
Masked Men Commit MurdeH
LOS "ANGELES—J, G. Giorgia was
fatally injured by two highwaymen at
11 o'clock last, night when they entor-
ed bis saloon" and struck, him on the
head with tho butt of a revolver, fracturing his skull above and bo'low tho
temple. "     "
' After robbing him of his diamond
. nnd lho cash register of $14,50 tho
robbers wont out tho back door. Glor-
"gia retained consciousness • long
enough to notify tho polico. Ilo wont
to the receiving hospital and' underwent, an oporation.      '    .
.They  May  Retaliate
MONTREAL.—A special London cable says thai the two leading British
rail makers when Interviewed regarding tho charges ot alleged dumping
against tho Dominion Iron and Steel
Company, said that Canada could not
undercut, tho International Steel combine but' for the bounties. One firm
threatened, that the combine'may ro-
tallato'bydumpInK lnt-o Canada. Another auld: "Canadian buyers will not
long tolerate paying higher prices for
rails than, tho foreign customers aro
paying." •    ■ ^
Who pays for It?
We mean your PRINTING, Mr.
Business Man, No doubt you
are paying for good work, but
do you get it?
It's Your Own Fault
if you are paying your good
money for inferior work. "The
Ledger does my printing" is a
guarantee of a Fair Deal,
i J, A i 	
\(iThe Ledger
To tho Editor, . *-,.••
Sir: Owing to the position which,
by, request of tho. public meeting last
nigliC ,1 was, called, upon, to fill, as
chairman, I .did ,not ,feel:myself ,'at
liberty to take part,in the discussions,
or do anything more than hold the balance oven "all rround and see things
carried through in a business like way.
As tlie.meeting developed however,
there, wore several things "on which,
but for this,'I'would very much have
wished to express' myself, and which','
perhaps, I owe to the community to
mention even now. - ' ' ', ■
■ There were in 'fact several issues,
but they may be grouped under two
general heads: fiscal and moral."
The public,-.doubtless, are .under a
great debt lo thc mayor for • the naiv-,
ete in which he discloses what goes on
in his' mind as well as in' the town,
coming as it does from one', who on
his own repeated 'admissions,   is undoubtedly competent to speak. .  Two
Illustrations will suffice. -  That   the
mayor should be in apposition to state
publicly ■ that he was offered $450   a
month for his consent to let the slot
machines! "run is & fact deserving   of
wider currency than mere town talk,
Further, that ho should be lii a iiosi-
Uon-to,state that he was offered ?1000
as the,>*rice of his consent'td a'certain
$10,000 -proposed, real estate'deal, if allowed itei go through, connected with
locating the restricted district outside
eloquent'ras to the conditions inside
the city.     Rather than allow this to
go through ho himself paid the' cheque
for another site.   7 ,    *
"The attitude taken by Mr. Eckstein
in this behalf'In his-first, speech   of
the evening, is strictly correct.' ■  The
city has absolutely no jurisdiction in
the matter. ,   How can the premier of
this province compound wllh the mayor of this city, lis it was said was
talked of?    What is outside tho   city
limits is outside tho city limits. Why
then, do tho city officials seek jurisdiction, so far at least as polico control?,    Tho answor, put by Mr, Eck*
Htejn himself ll'Is, stripped of all sophistry, simply to'raiso tho revenue.   As
ho put lt, this is raising tho city rov-
o'mio from criminal sources.
Tho mayor's' explanation ' that' nil
lho authorities'do is to llcbnso'—so it,
was said—tho keepers of tho Iiouhos
under discussion,'to soil liquor, seeing
liquor Is sold and will bo sold, It wo
had as many polico as thero aro pooplo In Fornio, lacks nothing lu clear-
iichh.     It Is only fnlr to thohotole,
that thoso who sell liquor In'    these
hoiiHOH, donomlnntod by tho law as disorderly, and lllogul, ought to pay for
tlio privilege,, and tho city has   llio
right to tho rovoniiQ,     That, In substance, was tho lino or argument uficd,
It,'was admitted, of courso, that tho
wholo biifllnoHH was bnfl—lioro was one
of thoso frank littlo admissions on the
pnii. of tho mayor, which so disarm
criticism; but. iih men aro ns thoy nro,
thoHo things will bo; nnd ho contondod
tlmt fining tho lioopors of thoso liou.-on
wiih only tantamount to uhuv-jliig u II-
coiiho for tho salo of'llquor, and not
rnlHliig tho city royoiuio from Iinnionil
HourcoH, or, uh It wnH phniHud by Mr.
lOullHtolll,   (Tlllllllltl   KOUI'COH,        It   WIIH,
to bo Hiiro a Ioshou Iii criminal oUiIcb,
l-'or tlio mayor Ih qullu explicit In IiIh
iit'lltndo', that hn ileum not bollnvo In
iiii'IIiik out lini'Hli treatment, to Ihe nu
I'orliinnto itlrlH In tlmm, bmiKris, nuv
more Hum lio l-'-liuv-'*i In i-ui'tiecuUn;
liotolH, ■ - >
Tlio ninyor ot couiuo wiih honest
oikiiikIi In Kiiy tlmt thu Hcoiiho could
not bo Riwitod legally, or formally.
The only way to do Ih nH hnH boor,
done, to vuIhu .thu umoiuit by flno. , Ii
Ih tindoi'Hlood by all pni'tlnii to bo'n
tacit, thoiiBlt HloBiil, llooiiHo,    I   will
I lutlVU   llllrt   t'UllIlM*   UIC*   tn:(.l/liii   bXllnsi
llnuiihi ot Dm i'dl umj-'mUj)*,'    l.'ili*
('omltiR io flncnl matloiH, wo wore
quito frnnltly Informed—wo owo, I
miiHt vopimt, n good deal to the mnyoi
>Oi    \\i\a   X)\i<-\,   UnuUi     'it.w'i   i...i',     Vvij
clorli bad left tlio city without c-Snuont,
on lila own account, leaving u deputy
to net for lilm. This poi-hnps rn«lB-
tern tho RrnvoHt poaslblo Hltuntlon thnt
could .;oinu to the city In tlm conduct
of li!H nffiilrH, Ah to thn roanon foi
tbo cltyclcrk'H «olim away ho unc-in;
mnnlmiHly, Wfiifc loft whollv In th'1
dnrk. Iluro ii«(ilii, Mr. Eckstein hup
pIIom tlm ilicht word—il»*i condition of
civic nffnliH Ih Hlmply clmotlc. , No one
could tell u» how wa uiood; no aw
knew, not oven tho mayor. Tho mayor ntntci) thnt thf books Imd not an
yet been uudltud ulncu tho city clerk'*
abseiice. ; Query—Will'' tiie '-pity; of
Fernie .'be'content'to have' city aff.airs
.continue.to.run,in'.this way? .What
about the opinion^of the outside world
—for these, things'are certainly'knowii
beyond:-dur borders? ;  7
'■' This:bririgs mV-t'6 the'gfaivamenof
the whole fiscal situation, as; it faces
14s in the-coming .year.. :'I> is'a-. year
when we shall require business brains
and financial,ability on the part;";of
city officials.     The proposal that the
office of mayor'"for ihe*comirigJyear;
under the conditions, be a-salaried position may or may. not1 be'good, v. But
it'means'-that such'a salaried'.position
it because" the'"present mayor; in.tbe
.event, of re-election, is ready to" undertake '- the? supervision   ofi all*.public
works, as, a salaried official.and'this
raises ai; entirely new .issue. .  Once
more.M^.iEcli&teljy.was in order','This
wh'oi'e 'wbrk-'d*; supervision: falls'-pro-
perly under the-charge of another official, who is .a salaried man," the   city
"lenglfiepr, who the'mayor said was paid
$175 a month?.  Does the offer of-the
mayor to stand for re-election,   with
the' idea that ho should be paid ■ a sal;
ary-, for supervising public works, reasonable enough if that is what, is call1
ed for, contemplate tho dismissal. Of
tho city 'engineer?, . Without,gpiiigin-
to.the meritp of the case it ■will-be'suf-
.ficient merely to call,attention, to it.
But further, If the mayor Is'to'-be occupied in, supervising,public works "the
.whole timo who is going to'-look after
tlie runniiig of tlio city,?,  "■ Shall we
hoi r.eq'uire .to elect a second mayor?
As iir. Eckstein put.it the duty of the
mayor is to stand firm and'strong and
look-after the whole of the'city-machinery,"'and see that other men, salaried
men :as well   as "aldermen, ■ do their
dudy. -   It was in this'respect, according , to' "Mr. Eckstein that the mayor
has laid himself op'on to criticism.,
' Who are to-be the men to bear on
their shoulders' the heaviest financial
responsibilities that, this city has been
called to face since it came into existence?   , That is the question of questions.      For  it  is  certainly  contemplated" by a large part of the community thatothe city shall possess its own
water and electric light;' tb • say nothing of public .works.     The gravity o(
the situation  can  scarcely be  overstated in view of the" circumstances.
To handle a situation of this kind calls
for men of the highest known probity
and mental .'calibre as well - as men
versed in questions of finance. >
The quQ3tion ot tho relief committee
and the suggested commission-to take
matters' in hand is another matter requiring ; delicate handling on-account
of its bearings on both the'present and
the past.- I shall venture nothing now
except °to say that the sooner things
city and'all concerned.
• V ,"-■*■*■'   /-.iy ■ '--.>.■' ";'*' - - '■; - ■-'
'■/ Al-^mltete'^'omiiiples^of
fallptiiting's arid
-*-''.-- .V
y     ***<*■
lV-.;     '"
In,  I
'.        ', it; .fi'S* - fe- l-'V'^-Jj- -.*■" ' ■■■■    ,
■ ?*-
.OPPOSITE OLD .STAND' ;-'.>V>'.'-■'■• "y
Worstcdis, .Serges
;, Up-td**Uate - WorkmansHip "
•" ; .■■'.'■ Mbdepate "Prices"yiL
J. Ci
Tabie Board $6.00.
AH bid prices now, charged
Excellent Cuisine ;-'-7-.v-7'-'y-/-«-■'•'.
-j^i^GM^ESi Props
'    v§"; -
1, <.^Kf|
' NOTICE is hereby given that Aldx-v
ander Rlziijtto of"the, City, of Fernie,*;
will apply at the next'sittings of.the-
Board of Licensing Commissioners' in
and for'the/City of Fernie as a Licensing Court,for the transfer, of the'
-Retail ,,'Liquor. License in respect of
tho* premises "known-as tho Roma Ho-'
teli' and situate"' on Lots Thirteen (13)(
and "Fourteen  (14)' in Block Seventeen' .(17) Fernie to the new'premises,
to,bo'knowii'as the'Roma Hotel)'and,
erected or to bo erected on the,north'
east corner of the said "Block 17, and
having a frobtage to Baker Avenue of
120,feet .aiid..a frontage* to* 'Jaffr'ay St.-
of;48 feet.;','; ,..-*■'      .-'"',: »   -"
-   '    '   ,,i   ';,' A. Rizzuto. '
bo:t'ed'-31st" October, 1908.:,",.. ,'■.   '.
■• i - * ,  -
.< ti:
Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Co.
•    ..: • "ih' :/w" ■ ■•.•:-->^-' ■■'- ;   ■*■     - ■-*     '-'   *'
I   1
■, > 1»,  j 1 •/.- ■
• NOTICE is; hereby given ,'that one
month after-date I intend to apply to
the" Superintendent of Provincial'Police, for the renewal of my. Hotel' L1-.
cense, to sell''intoxicating liquors' un'
der the provisions of the' Statute In
that behalf .in the premises known
and "described . as • the. .. Wellington
House, situated at New Michel, B. C.,
to "commence on the first day of January, 1909.' '. ,     :
;.- '.; „     THOMAS CRAHAN,. i  :
Dated this 31st October, A.D., 1908.   *
. ' '  11-Bt.
1' (\
Vr '■,',
Contracts Taken
Including-Stenp"Piill'iiig, Lhiid 'Clearing luut*. l-'loitghing.    Let'us
v •'-•■•'»      '-.-.'-.'• ■ vflgiu*o,on" your next, job  -..--. ,-'   , ■      *■•
■ • ■*       ',-    V *   -"-•    ■" ;■ 1 ■ )''*.i'!* i'i "•    •*■- ",*»•'   .'•*   ;   •!   '
< ?.!     <.), '.     ■,-.--.       ,/''*' ' ' ,       ** '""
-     '.' ^ 1 • ,i> ' t   , ^
'Rubber.Tired- Buggies, New-Turnouts,!;; •
, 1 */ t, -   '■ ' ^ , J '
Pn \ '*.    ■ t   »■   ' -i , J '1 1     '-a       .-
NOTICE Is hereby given that one
month after date I intend-to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police'for-the renewal of .my.,Hotel License, "to-sell,intoxicating liquor's un>
der the.provisions of the Statute , in
that behalf* In ''the -premises -known
and described-as the Michel Hotel, situate ftt Michel, B. C, to commence on
the first day of January,-1909.
r Canadian F-iirbarik^^Gd
",■■".'■7. ■   -'  '■ ■! Limited ,   ,,  '."■ -'.",,,- '  '-:-   "7";
■'-.;.   "■   '".-■..   .'■ ■   . :    ..-, ■*-<-,.■ ■   .!■■<,      • :".' *.-
Gasoline Engines,    .Gircular*Saws    ; Frames
f   , 1 •■ ,        «t       ' * .,    -., ...... ^ , , ■     ,^-t 1 ,.. .  . t
;    ',, - Drag Saw Machines* ' '
' Stationary and. Portable Sawing'o Outfits
ll .    ,    *        k . -     ■ l rt - ■- I "     '    . * ' 	
, ■"■ ' ' - *■ " ■".'■, *> I
>•'    Temporary local office at P. Tascherau's, Victoria Avenue, E.
''; 7 E. S. ORMSBY,'Agent  *• ■* \
One of the most pressing matters—
immediately and urgently   pressing-
has reference to the ratepayers' voters list in' connection with the forthcoming civic    elections.   ■ The    city
clerk is'away.    Who has this matter
in hand?     An odd day more and   It
will be too late for the list must be
made up by the 30Ui of November. Not
one,minute is to bo lost.
" I do not "know whether I misunderstood tho tenor of tho closing speech
of Mr. Eckstein.    Wllh the, speech'in
the .first part of tho meeting I was in
general accord; but It rather seemed
to nie that the second speech showed
a change of attltudo.     Tho.clear lino
which had been drawn as to principles
botwoon Mr, Eckstein's conception of
tho right' attitude   ,'of city officials,
according to what he callod proper
Htandavds of conduct, and what    was
represented as tho record of lho city,
during tho year as' a result of which n
voto of coiiHuro was passed, soomod at
tho last to show something llko ragged
edges,   .     " ■ '  .'
■ -One thing Is certain   iih the Troo
Pross rocontly pointed out, wo can
havo no moro councils go In by uccla-
inn tion altogether unplodgod.
I romiiln, yours roBpoctfully,
"TH'OTl aS'-jkahat" prr"
Dated this 31st'October, A.D,,. 1908.
" - ll-5t.
NOTICE is hereo'y given tliat' .one
month after date I intend to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of.,my.,Wholesale
Liquor License tp sell intoxicating liquor undor the provisions of the Statute in that behalf In' the • premises
known and described as Crahan s Liquor Storo, situated at Michel,- B. C„
lo commence on the first' day( of Jan-
ijary, A. D. 1909. v
Dated this 31st October, A.D., 190S,
•     ■ ll-5t,
im _T T-"l W !—* rr a-x ■* 11 ■*• t -i-* d-tt vv* C* *~*   *~*        *« <*<
^ ITXJ—W Ol IVlllJiUIO-IlO—10
— 1 rv*.wl* .*J •».*'»»- »*1V ru=^=
NOTICE Is horoby glvpn , that on
December 1st 1908,1 intond to apply to
tho Suporlnlondont of Provincial Polico for the ronowal of my hotel license to sell Intoxicating liquors'under tho provisions of tho Slutute" In
that bohalf In tho premlsos known Mid
dosorlbod ns "Tlio Royal Hotol," all-
uatcd at Gateway, B. C, to commence
the ilrst day of Jammry, 190(1. •
Simon Drafjon *
-'.".that, comes" into- tho savings/xlepartmcnt of a
..  .bank—because the welfare of the community at*
- '•   large.depends, on the practice of thrift by those
■■ \, Avhose labor contributes the main part towards the    ■ ■.
.."■.■ wealth ofthe country;     ' " ' \
•   One dollar starts an account'.    Full compound Interest paid.
THE 2Sr  1854        head'office,
All the leading: lines of
High Class Chocolates
and   Confectionery
Minors nro, warned against going to
Moiiitt, B.C., as tlio Kicola Coal and
Coke Co. are posted as unfair .to tho
U.M. W. of A. A copy of their rules
is printed in another column.
Tho" following mines are-also unfair, and miners are warned to keep
City Mines L Edmonton Altn.
Bush Minos ^~-      '"
ltosodalo Mines—
Strathcona JMinos
Dawson Mines
Frank Mines -
Alberta Coal' Go Morinvillc, Alta.
A dispute is also pending at the
Galhraith Coal Mino, Lundbreek, Alta.
I\lanitoba and 8askatcliowan Coal Mine
Boinfait, Sask.
-        LIMITED
Always n choice supply ofNeef, Pork, Vcnl,*
Mutton," niul Lamb oh hnnd.    Hums,
Uncoil, Lard, Butter and Eggs
Our Specialties
Fro*!*, aiiwlwl niul Snltod Firfi, ahvayH n good.
'assortment.   Try our Minco Moat,.
SitmUraut and OiystorH.
Is thc time to paint. Don't wait until too late before
protecting your house from the ravages of snow and Ice.
Do it now.    Only choicest matcriai used.
Painters and  Pa*i»erhatJ*arer«
■j-#k ^»I2fcE~£SSsi8££±'S^S!'^^
. B. C. DECEMBERS, 1908
;,- . PAGEJH
Timber Questions*    v   •  '-i.
- ' ■„■  ..- -.-■      '■■.- v       '\ ' :■ -- '■
., C QUEBEC.--—It <-.is    now - understood
that the - provincial ..governmentv will
, ,}ntroduce legislation at the next session''to overcome the .existing'differ';
ences of lumbermen and settlers over
;;''&W*'alleged''appropi'iation by the latter of merchantable timber on"\ their
,  -   '.V
lands. tl r -"<-'■•
Read,the Following and* Act at Once—"
'-* " '"      Association Formed.
Writer Points out How Uni-inism.May
"be Greatly"Strengthened.
,', : ,M~r7fr7v^, '].. .
*: Fishermen in Meeting ,'
■'•■NEW, WESTMINSTER.— A '.'meet-;
Ing of the'Fraser / River fishermen is
being-held'in the,Hardman hall} this
afternoon. , Several resolutions , ■ affecting 'the"Interests of the"boat pullers and, net,men are. to be brought
before"tlle meeting.'' "" ," ■" '   "'   "''•*
7 -, Mishap, in, Hamilton
', HAMILTON.—John Dickenson, ■,• M.
.P., is,ini,the city, hospital, suffering
from serious scalp, wounds as;the.result,-o|. a runaway.,,.,He was,driving
down ""street .when,; his ; rig collided
with, the! rig .in, which', Mr.- and * .Mrs.
Cox of Stoney Creek were driving.,Mr.
and'.Mrs.* Cox were,thrown out ■ and
painfuily hurt."Mr. Dickepson's'hovse
ran away and collided with far street
car" on,Barton'street throwing him^uu;'
'del* tlie* car.',   ','"" ",'" '-'-■' ;    7,   '•
y. -V.   t*  V-   l   • ..      *  • ..f V^,.-   »*4   t'4^,   ,***.,   -,*,»-       ,..'-■-'
')"    , Manitoba "has Rough" Trip.     . 1
v ■ SAULT • STE.r. MARIE7 -ONT.—- Af-
■,ter,battling wltlu-wlndi*sriow and tho
;waves on,Lake,Superior,fQJ" nearly' 24
-hours'the steamship Manitoba of the,
.Canadian Paciflp l}iitt-arrJLved,-here lp.at
-'evening. -^7 .\'j..'-\tf'.Jx'     .,     ':
'.     •"*   '"      7     ',
Lake Navigation Closed.
:   WINNIPEG,—All ^.-navigation'    on
" -!tho great lakes .closes, tp-day as far,as
tthe;Canadian Pacific Railway,is coi*,--
jceriied "and ""this 'afternoon the steam-
,? er Koowatin* will mako tho last sailing
: of the season-fi*pm .Owen Sound. , .
"■!; On,;'the -.return trip she will leave
i Fort William- on, Tuesday. . For some
; time *past--the "company has, only, been
I shipping,'Uic ,ft*ftigbt from hero by all
5 rail, route., ; ■..•^ ;.    ;'•.■.-■..,•■ '.    '■'
',.; .. *,-. ■', Farrper Suicides?,' *, 1,. v'
1 .ST. JOHN,; Ni'B.-rGeorgQ- Thomas,
a- farmer and" -fisherman,.' residing at
.Mispce,' shot and. killed' himself in; his
•homo last night.- , "Ho'-was j-45..years
'old aiid-leaves' a -widowrand- two' sous
and two daughters. ■ Despondency over ill health is supposed to have'beon
the cause-of'his net.-      ' '.*■•■ *■'■.••  *. -
■. .   u ,.-', ,'.•   '   '■■-;« .*-  "■•><''■      li
, Saskatchewan Legislature,-
.,, REGII^A.-iThe: opening:, of tlvv first
session of'the .second--Legislative Assembly' of Saskatchewan: has- , boen
fl'xeiTfor Thursday, December. 10. j A
ly (0 meet jon. that; date has be-in-issued.   , ,   ..,     .;-...
*'»-;.- Roosevelt: Writes' of NeW China !
i ' -i   -      *•   '
[' NE)V ■'■YORI*?—President^ Roosevelt
^wri'tes-'his' flrst'article" In 'the* Outlook
! for', pecernber.7' fit. is,' r.cgardingj _ the
.; awakei-un'*? of China, and saysUiiit the
''^coujitry, is lnc^a'sin*-*; bjr'contmcUwitli
t;-' foreigners and its'branching out is.-a
-" great,, qvenUn liistoiiy. y j[*, .
* (,•'./*''■   *'"'>'->   4 *'.*•■''- •*- '
~C Fifteen-Years•■■in' Prison;.-*?
PITTSBURG—'William H. Montgomery, who stole $1,00.0,000 from the
Allegheny National bank of Pittsburg
.during bis,term'asr'cashier-of that institution was- sentenced to '-fifteen
years in the penitentiary. -ti-i': • ■
4.     .-, „\ '-.'•" ri~ :• ■*)'?-      • . ■ -.
■ ClaimJDlfecrimination
\ OTTAWA.-^Tbe .^?par|l; • ^; Trade
] of Guernsey,*'Sask.,'"fls'complaining to
.'the railway ocinnilaslon of the C.'P. R1.
\ rate "on grain'to Fort William for,r'e-
■\ shipment I,to1, points; east:., lni-favor,' of
I' other shipping poiiitsvinUiH*- 'same ter-
\ l-ltory. " 'TJ{*4,'ci»8q will "be lic-ai-d by
.- Will Execute Sentences •■
OTTAWA.— ^ho, two, British
umbian capital cases of Lee Ching and
John Pertella in Ne.w.- Westminster,
under, sentence of execution, for .murder have both been considered by.the
cabinet,council wltli the-result that
the law. will/be' pillowed ''to- take* ' itfe
course'in''both'cases'.'- -' •',",":     '," *
1 .'.'.'";
-'.■<!.'. .illt,U,tah, apd.Waho'.Tie ■'. ;•
■■ j.SAI/r LAKE CITY.—In the hardest
.fought game, ever-played in Salt Lake
.City,- Utah, and I Idaho • football '■ teams
playecl a.tleigame'wllh no sfco've.'Idalio
.ht^d. the', betterj of the'-play1 but 'could
not score.4., .   ,    * •       ' '    •' ,v''  ■■   *
or,-Tuesday.-.-H-   :-...,-;,-■-, :-   .     * -'*-
■;■-    ST.
M n t\\ .;Y -
J OH N .'—J. ,'A\ , Legere . of,
••Halifax,•'re'side-nt 6ngincier*bf**th'evrmar-
' i'uo nua'*:ffslicrl'es"'a'epa'rTmbnt'"'f6r'' lho
marlllmo.   provinces, '^haa*, jfi^u^mqu,
v' tliarge*'1 iiQre, pending   the, temporary
' 'fUlli)g.9Ktlj1fJ>lVqofl/oe»IIarillVk-/K?lly
' and Morris, suspended. —■■'-■'" '*"' "*-
" \>   '' -*,;:\:.   ;•,,*'&"VtiU''*;.''l'
~" The"Ledger -ha's "been"re"0.uested
publish the following*.
During the past month several meetings have been held of men" who took
part in'the"South .African'-war,   and
who are'not'entitled to participate in
the Land Grant under, the Volunteer
Bounty Act of 1908.' Aii association has
been'formed called tbe Imperial South)
African Veterans   Association'.' * '■ The
object of the association *.is to. seek to
bave'tlie above'act .extended,;.so that,
all'men'of the' Anglo-Saxon race, who
took, part iii the" South African war,
'and wlio are'not allowed to participate
in the Land Grant; and who wero residing in Canada at the'-time tbe said
act came into force, shall be included
in its provisions'.'"    In support of our
claim'we submit:    '   ,; ,'.,.','*''"
'1: That all men who served with the
British- forces in South Africa did hot
serve any particular country,' but one
Great'Empire;  '       ■    -,•'..'.■   ■'."..'...
*, 2.   That it,would bo a'gracious.act
on the part'of ,tho Dominion government", and which would':bo much appreciated by the*Imperial government,
if,the services of.the men who took
part,in ..that groat war, and who since
have como to this land to make • their
homo? were recognized by thej extension of tho act'as suggested. -    -.-....
'3.'  That probably the-whole* of the
men in this Dominion' we are representing, and which.numberwe roughly
estimate at 4,000 would take up the
Jand^grant and there, make-their home;
thus helpingtto build*up'^a."great!Dominion of the' class of. meii of whom
any country might be proud.
*;'4.»- TUat.-jio;c6uiitry.'could;de^iro .to
hbve-d,.better ciit'ss of-settlers'-than the
men who in time of .peril and,.disaster
responded to*,their count'ryfs call'and
who w.puld be willing to .respond again
.„ -     *        <■ fi' tV:*,' •   ■' '* *-,'   *■
:if necessary. *'•:.■■.-   : .'.'   .
,.We'.hAvo:rcason to.-believb our ef-
foi-ls': will' be successful.1 An influential
liberal and K; G. has-promised to bead
a- deputatidn'to-Ottiiwa'and champion
our' cause, - also all the members - of
the Dominion government representing'this city liave. expressed "sympathy
■with lis.1' *Iri order to;'eiisuile"'success
ln"Uiis*'nibvem'6nt'>*Ave' Ae'e'd the' help
an'd co-operation iri "every "way possible
of. all the* veterans eligible'to" join our
.Association-.-' Arrange 'to 'form an as-
sociatibir.-ln' your district*'-if"possible,
and- appoint' a Klepntation tb! w'ait on
the local' M. P. v If "a branchVls not
practical/personally'see yoiir me'mber
and-solicit-his support-.-' *  •■ ' ',•■,- - -
*" If trade's unionists only understood
the full meaning .of union and solidarity,' theirc power,would be invincible,
says an exchange. -. ' '
"To-day union men often -spend-$40
ii month to destroy unionism, .where
they.give ?1 a month to build up unionism.,
. Union men spend as a body no less
than ?1,500.000,000 a year* tp purchase
tlie'necessities of-life.'   ' ■-
c '    . ...
Every dollar of that immense sum.
spent for' non-union goods is spent to
break down unionism; -.*•■-, 7* ; '■' ,
If a strike is on in a shoe factory
union men all over'the'country'send
their contributions to support the
strike. If the strike fails and unfair
laborers are employed union men often.buy the product of that unfair, labor. - • '*■ . : ' ■'
' What ■ witli one harid tjiey try to
build up with the-other band'they try
to tear down.* 7 ■   '   *
If a union man gives'a dollar ' per
month lo support his union he thinks
he has done a great deal. ■ By. paying
those dues be'expects to build   up'a
powerful .trade union movement.     At
the' same time lie often uses his immensely more powerful purchasing power to defeat the ainis of unionism'.' ■
Suppose every hiau of the-3,000,000'
trades unionists'.in this country considered it-a crime-to-buy -non union
goods.     Suppose that merchants and
emrjloyoi-s knew1 that .and'-we're'Irylnij
to attract'union_ buyers.. Suppose they
'knew'that every penny of that million
and a. half .would be,spent for union
made goo'ds.' -.}*What jv'oujd ^-ou see?'
.Every store patronized by working-
men would have a union label sign on
its1 door. • The''merchants, themselves
would advertise the union labeHf the
employes would advertise,  tliat,their
shop is a closed .shop. All the industries that produce products for worlt-
ing- class' 'consu'in'ption "would *' einplfiy
"union-labor'or>'go bankrupt. " ' '*•"•; **'•*;
. This.-, great lesson lis -constantly
preached .by .labor ..leaders. It is a lesson of unity and,solidarity.   Jt means
instead of a ;few millions' of dollars. goJ
, /.'.il.1'...' .'^..V li.ff    ,,r,;4V,,,-c.'r^'"7v,4,f     O
i-Hrs. Toddl
fl'' Is: comfortably locatedat.the corner of: Prior
{§ ■" ■ *• 7":"''   v' ''   """   .,' ,:* -:*'.,.
and Victoria Avenues, and carries a complete
'stock of
R Mk I
Millinery,'. Furs,  Coats, • Skirts
Ladies' Underwear, Blouses
A full line of thc
.-','-,,, \ jlnqulry « Halifax"','"sf
.' ■, 'haIip'^',^* -.nVdsfe } iaktwilB '5
members of   -t-ho..board^ of inquiry ^agul^st'aQboi'ry
tho nuirino and 'flsherlos* dopnrlment '*'*''•''
rfrrlvWaV fAttftifBli? ■" ^Avaftft'ft, "i\,,rn:
, ' Still Dogging Dr. Workman..,
'■' 'TOR'ONTO:'—Tlie'' court 'of .appeals
of".the Methodist' church 'Will meet
here on" Wednesday.' Oue of* the mosf
interesting cases ^s^tho ne,w,.boresy,
trial '•bf^'lte^'.' Di^'Worlunan' of'Mont-.
,^AV!.:i^.-';-i7.v, ^  y '^   y
,    ..  vi...U|.,._^_, r-r. .      ........
<t\".X'  .i.'!?)**'^13   He3d   0ff   "    '';'      '   ;
. ^.CUATflAM.—Howard- -.Mowbray,' 30
years of^Kgej.nnd^pspprttlent' bdeau'so
ot7av'ioifg fllhesfl, piu'cod *u shot- guii
tree and blchv off his
Sevonlcon bus
(ness itieiiVere •^yrixiinojjo'^''* ' j,'*'-..
Acetyleno.Ga^Exp^oflicjn^ ... ..,_
'<•     FHEDEIUCTON,  Nv B.—An     acot-
.' yloiie gas goneralor loak fllicd tho col-
««luv, of .Ryan's drug More iirid'nn''eX])lo'-'
l' sion fqllp\yot\, ,  Pnssprflby lind'nar
■ cow escapes.
■f   <'
Ing to the support'of unionism "that a
billion dollars '-anti over wobld go each;
and every yean to,'the support of un-
Lonism,, ._..,, f:> j,, .,,, -.-,, , ,- -., ,,',
it Back, .of eyCji'y, .union fighter, back of
every;strike,^back/of every,industrial
battle,',woW'beVthat power of a billion 'nnd'a balf.-4';--:'\" ", ,'■ . ,■•'
, Thedu6S,paid,to your union are 110-
t * „>   /  I ;- ^ '
" Awful Accident.
'.l-.-OHHPbO ■ — Two steamships —
,liipiuieso-~colli(.lod oft this *polrt.'! Dd-
tails of tho accident iirqjaeklnp but
It is reported that 700" persons ;lmve
.b-ioadrowned.v-'v: •«',?«*;":■**"• '?t
ix;^-r,-rr— «•')•*
\. V
tf -.   1'; '.|B oend   f- \ . *  ■ •■  1
, TORONTO.—Mrs. Mnry A, Smith,
widow of tho late Slclnqy.Sn.ltli, a for-'
mor t postmnstai*, ■j(jnornl,„or Cnimdrt,
(lio(i;'n t.'i hdj rPHldj>nco;ol.(<lu).i'. non-liv,ln w
' lii this city.    '
V Oi" *">      * *   '      '    '♦■»'1 ■"■'**"**»       "'' ' ' \
A Mllllonnlro Shot
'*llAVA^Af-^TJfvso.-?i^ JMoBU.jn 'mill-
tl-inillloiiulr.0 ;a\\dj u, jn-^rrtjiov |qf; tho
T-oudon bonnl'of'illr'oetors of thpj*Un-
llcil UnllwayH of Hiiviinii was shot and
kll)bd yoHleVilay by Roiuaii yiot'orlo.
VIctqli'loClH'n'Wi1' morcl»»\! "Vd j'''lfi
UidftBlit* "thntUl'i'i.! ti'oublo'fl'v'ose' ovor 11
local qutUTol.       " '''
"Forward rnam'es~anu "aaaTesrses-or'an'
Veterans you know who are eligible'to
join'our.-association; ''''■"■' ' -,.
We shall-at1 all-times be pleased, to
consider suggestions from1 any'of our
members. „• *'■ ''' "" " *' ""„''
< lu order to cover tbo expense of
printing, nclvertising'and getting"1 nnd
keeping in touch'wltli'our comrades in
tlie Dominion we ask for'a subscription of twenty-livo cents from each one
joining the association on receipt of
which an ricknowlo'dgoment • will*' be
sent.1''" All the officers of the assbciu-
tioirai'o, giving their services -gratuli*'
'tqusly. .'--.'    ' '    ^ " 7 ■
, An* wo'nro very hnxlou's lo Unvo all
the pai'tlculars hecessai'y'td strengthen our civje wil lyoii kindly fill in' the
muioxoil form' iliul return-at onco io
mo: .1 '■"'• "- '"" '".., '•./, "■ .7
Parllnmnnt, meets ori'Jnnuafy t,lli,-r-
It'is expected that the doputatlou'vill
bo-nppbliited to wait on the govf;'.'ii-
mont early n'oxl month'.",    "•„,'• i.'   ■>*
sni3Li<,oun.igni.M/\vi)ob >•
"'■0''   '     'V'MolcMfpSI.,    I
,    .,..,'.  i> iToronto,
chasing power—pWer now often frittered away aiid' wasted when- it is actually used'- to bro-ak down unionism
itself.,'i*..•-.-■' .''•.'■, •
f, —'■—*,'' ■*is***—7  • .
',- 0  ',       ,   -
jonw J.
'Dealer in Doors, Windows and
.Store Fronts putin ..St'airwork .,Estimates Furnished'
0'  '    ":''4-panhelledCedar Doorsfroni $1/50.lip   J    .  ■
N.B.---Carloaci of Glass.just' arrived—alfsizes
7." -'.  *. PLATE AND SHEET MIRRORS' ,; |. y "'
^24 ■    .i"n   . ■    •, '■; "..;-'.■!'..,-. .*• ■ ;.     -• *■-   "    '"'■      *   ,'",
B. ■'}'-'".'I'm'ake'-a'nythin'g in carpenter york^.':'
ra'""     '■.','       ' ■' '" "     ' '" " .'■,-, *   "      ■•' •    '■
•Shop ajid Office,' Baker-'
Ave;, next P. Carosella
Smallpox  In  London
■,..*.. \ y       i   i<.
,'    LONDON',—Pollowlns tho (llncovor*,-
of two mllil eimes of Bmullpo'x amoii'i?
, tho 1'iu.ilH of tlio ColluKliito.^iitijHulo,
( tlio board ot oducntlon liiin onlorod
' tlio Hchuol closed for a Week ami lit
tlio nit'imtlmo It. will bo dlslnffoioil.
. Tlio dlfloiiHo Is liollyvoil lo hnvo- como
'horn .from (Doi*c1iobUji' ^bwiiHlilp,    in
1  which plnco.t'lioro i\i*o ii'ulb aMiiimbor
, , Of'c'-IBCH,
,    Daportlntj-White Slaves',      ■
(3IIJCAC1O.---TII0 first deportation of
nllen "white hIiivoh", uh ii rosuU'of
the Kdvoi'iimciit'crimiido, Iiukiui • wJii'ii
l,i\iil(.*l, DiivIh, chief linml|!i*iUlon *' lu-,
upuclov nt Clilt'umi,' U'ft tlio city ,for
Now York wlthjlvo l-'rotich yvpmon.,
The..)yftiiifnj'    .yiliMio "wilt buck- to
I'nuici', •, Ttiuy Worn l)toiiKl\t. Ijoro' hy
Aliihoilo mill Kvn Dufimi* wliofoltow-
llIK,  U   inlll,  <'H(!lipi!ll   to   I'llll**.'
\  i
Contract L,el.     ,
'oTTAWA.-ClontruiUH for llio. JiibI
hi.'Ctlon of tin*-iMtfllfTn'iilvlHlon of llio
(\,1\. 1». lyliiK 100 iuHi'B \v««t ot haMo
AI'HJbhl, m>'l Hlri't'fihlnK woHtwnnl to-
ward I-nlco N'lpiilRoti. linvn IipoiV nlvbn
? to lho .Mi-HHi-it. DuvlH.. Tlmro uio lit
, ptoi'Hiit no iiinnim of coitinniiiU'ittlon
with UiIh illHlrlrt nnd tho coiitiiU'UirH
tlioitiBi'lvf'ii will' Imvo lo rmiHtrnct n
-, wnK<?n rond nortliwnnl from .liuik.F,l**li
i t   i ,, e„,,'.v!nf      Tt t« nvnnnteil'     * Ri»rfiiri»  I lri*«nfl««
'■"i  -•* > , ,        ,
'  Hint <*w'v*.H'ttr.n wtirlt will bi> umlort»- p-v, r,\TUAtMVV,'Ji--Tl\<> ritv '(•muv
wny by next pprhiK. rii iiocldpil io mibrnlt u by-law for ft
rniluctlon of tlio lioti-1 llcemou fi*om
Official is^Arouiedi
'. HAMIUTON—MiiKlHliiito Jo'lfH ftit-
iiomicml (lyitlio ,woiil»l n\\\<'$!<>& I«
liny oiioTVli'n'rOillil pioducu! nyliloiteu
\lmt,lio.hwl even1 mitliorlzvd n.polky
of 'toitTiufoii ln (Mitiiiwilon wltli dlH-
onlnrrly. Iiuuhkh, nlllioiutli ho my* ho
hrll'-vi'H loU) in lion to n ccrtiiln oMont
Is jmci'tmilrj'.* ^    '
Hones 8toppe*i,«t Bofder.
o»ti mtry r\r,r> oifcift ,-if ibi» nut
l-renl* of foot nnd mouth (lUcaso in
horilR of> Unltml •Rtnton cuttle will bt
f,hovltolfll«(ii iipM tho border of flft«on
Kvnturky thoroughbred horspu.bouglit
for thb N'ow 13nirif»wlcl< government. ,
Mtmy, miiny aro tho youn*,'
who will hold up tliolr IiiuuIh in liolyl
horror nnd nny, "tlio lips <lmt touch
liquor tilmll novor-touch mino," "inul
yoi thoy will miiK nbout a you'n'B blood
who amokos clsovcttca,    nnd    novor
puclcor thoir fucofl In a Brain.     Wo
venture• to niwort. Hint thomt vil», ll|-
HinollliiK tlilims.'nr*- kllllni? moi'o of
lli(iyoun« iniiii, iuul rulnlm; more of
tlio yoiliiB* UvoH'tliiiu In tlio liquor tnif-.
fig, Tlrtun conioniptlbl" Ht'liilclriR' coffin imllH'Imvo liui'Mini' nullo llio'fiub
lunoni? tlm "tliri'o k" inoriiilH    who
wnllitlii* lilnliroiidH of HOdMy.    Tlmt
olgiin.'ttori nro n curfiii nidi ii iiilniulty,
to on,r Kind Ih bdiiK (U'liiotiHtvnti'd on
ovory 'litind.     In Hip   minkou   cyc-i,
filimHy'youili, In 'tho 'hollow' coimump-
ilvo couKbi tboy 'i«'('( sbowliiR   IIipIi*
dondly nnd nwrul I'ltown.
If Ihu fat horn'and mnMi'Tii of Can
tula hnvp nny r'trard' for tlip' fmiirn
Ki'piiti.OBH. of tliolr country, If thoy
hnvo nny fiiHpwft for tliolr boy8 whom
tht'y hop'* tn wr** nrrupyltiK high posl-
iIoiih nniong iliolfMlow bclngM, thoy
will do nil In'their powor to fruHtrnipj
*,-Vn pur?p ihtii eawhm be wt bv   Inol
RtTftng oppoBlt!6n* frrfm' nil' fnrboH   of
ChrlHtlnnlty.—Grand Korku naxattc.
, Iff to 12.
Receive! Encour»flement.
CA1.(1AUY.--Alfrpd hi. Uudi-T. »
young Calgnry, Inycntor has rpcclvpd
n UtU'T frojn Alexander O. n«*ll, tho
Voted BriVtor'lhal wwcatlona «ciU
will bn considered arid dUciitScd by
Froxen to Dcath^
KSTKnilAZV, Hn«h.—Ttob. :.iwi> n,
twctlon* foromhn *on Ino" •Cffifoillr.ri 'I'ft-
clllc. wiih found fi-o'iim-to dontli on
Iim rnltroad nix rolloa west af h(*r<».
An lnquntt la probablP. t Mack,waa
n HfOK'hnmii, '.'ai •ft-ai» of at*,', wi un-
■.' By instruction of th'o Hon. Minister
of AgriculUiro a distribution .is being
mado this'sctton of samples of miperior
sorts\'of grain and potatoes to Canacl-
liin farmers fbr '.tlie Improvement   of
seed.     The stock for' distribution has
boeii secured mainly from tho Bxporl-
nio/ital • farms' at'' Indian Head, "Saski,
and Brandon, >i("an, .r'Tho s'amplos'coil-'
iiist of oiitsl sprint,' wheat, ba'rloy, pei'is",'
Indlun corn (for oiisllakc only) ni?d lidj
talo'os, ■•' .'Tho quantity of bats'sent. Is'
four pounds', and of wheat or. barloy '">
lbHl/mifflclfint In each case to sow ono-
twoittiot'h of an aero.   ' llio/siimploD
df IiuD'ii'n.corn',    pons and i potatoes,
weigh '3 lliR uncli. '-A fiiuintUy of oueli
of'tlio'following varletloB fins been so-
cin'od 'for, thiH"dl.slrlbut^n. _' \"
. Oats': 'Uiinuor, pnulsh Island, Wide'
Awako, \VKlto (liiint, Thousand , Dollar,' Iritprovod, l.igowo, nil whito 'Varieties.    ' '       ' '   ,
Wheat: Hod vurloties, Rod Plfo —
bourdlesH-— Chelsuu, Marquis, Stnuloy,
anil Percy (early beardless) Preston,
Huron nnd PrliiRlo'a Clinniplon .(curly
'boarded,) Whito vnrlotlof*., t \y.htlp
Klfo {beurdlOBsO Hobs (on'rl'y '( benrd-
" Uiiriny.—Six rnwod: Meiisury, Oilea-
nil nnd MniiHlR'ld.' Two-rowotl! Invlu-
clblo and Ciiiiiidliin 'Thorpe.
• Hold Poiih: Arthur mid Golden Vino.
Indian Corn (for   niiHllUKo),-~10iirly
KOitH, AiikdI of Midnight, Couipton's
Bar ly'mid Longfellow; later' vitriol Ies,
.•ji.l.'f'tod l.c-iimlng;    Marly   Mamodon
nnd While Cmi Yellow Dent,
' PotdtouH: Milrly vni'lellOH, lloohcstni*
Mttit nlid IrUh ('obbk>r.(    Medium to
Info1 vnrlo'ilpH, ("11111)1111  No. 1   MoiK'.v
Maker, Gold Coin nnd Hociloy, The Inter vmiellPH are uh a rule moru pro-
diicllvo thim the oiiillur l(liuln. |Qul'iic/iy, Mam*
Only nmi humpli' tait bo M-nt to e»»l.
iilipllcmit, lit'iit''' If an Indisldual   !>'■
celvoH u Hiimple of outs be cannot also
receive nm* nf wheat, hurley, pens, Indian I.OI1I Ol* IIUliltOUH, I.llltH/lf lilltll":'
'from one Indlvldiiiil or applications for
I more than one cainplu for one house-
Cu|i| (,(ilili<n   I'l* I'liicihhiiiu.   i «••"• '<••"
.'. -  i. ,'J ;,.   , i..l  Jj*c-  iJ ili'ii*"'   by
-'..■   *€' 7;
Dry a-iia'Fancy. Goods,   Boots   and   Shoes
Gent's FurnisMne"s, and Underwear
' l'eriiie's Leading' Coinniercial
' ami Toiirlst lloiine
1   -.  '    STARVING '*-      '
' i'i ti   ■ S ' \, '   ,    ■ -'.
,'■.,       ..THE BALLAST,
1 • O
Paoks.'of Woives' Kill' off •dJti'ne—Fort
'' '" George 'NcdroBt'Supply Post, ■•.,' '
.     ■     '     ;' <*—-.iJ-i-'——      i ■"« "' ' •'
;; Vmico'uvo'r./'De.C. 'n^Fivo i( hiinflrt-d
riorliicrn'Tn'dlniiB'aro on'-t'ho vorpo of
'stiirvn'tidij,' SKSfcoI'dljlii'"'lb' lriforituitlon
received' feiioiitiy 'from ' 1'ort.' R'eorjio'.
'The tribe"WliVeh"'lives"In Mho'district
two hundred miles oast of tlinf post,
lind run 'out of supplies three weeks-
uso, iina were llvliiK oivwlmt'lhoy roi
fro-nv the'white *proHpoetois.'-   .  •  •• '
The over ruiuiliiK of'the country by
packs of >volv('« Is primarily respoiiHi-
bio for Hie.condition-of iho lndlanu.
ProHpociors from tlio IiiRimlcii.declare,
,ihnt   thew'i anliniilH have. been -.Hcon-
iih IiIkIi as forty in a puck und "Unit
they have killed off all thu name In
ll.p woods,
I •IJr68lnii,' Dec. ■!.—A Gernlan balloon j
ithht ■ passed over Russian    territory';
lust Saturday was fired on by the Hus- i
Hlan frohtier BUiirds.near.SSorkow. No.!»v„     •■■„;* ''> /.nvvrr'-nnv
less Hum fifteen shots wero fired,an*l ] DIMM«   KOO-M   IN   LONNM, I ION
this In'Bpllii'of tho fact that the ball-, ,    ,     . , . f. .
eon was flyliiK tho flwmiin flap, wlien f       ;       , ■' |
Hin bullrits'hissed all around tlio air-'-
ship and'.ouo of, them plfli*c,od a t-uukj
of biillasj-iiind was lost iii iliesand..
The aeroiuuils made a hurried ■•dose-;
.out and succeeded lii li'mdliiK on Oiir--
iut.m soil,
■ .Thoy wero nol. hurl. , Tlio. balloon,
iH-jonsetl to,the Siloslan.Aoi'O club.,  ,i
■Hnv suiiplied willi' llnv best "Wines,
l/upifirH iuul dinars ■:'
•be'ware.of FR.EqUENTjCOLns, ,Doing busiiiess.ln.tho samo old placo
Reelected Head of Federation of La-
, bor—Next' Meatlno In Toronto.
Denver-I'reslileiiL Miiiumd
ih, \yas|illi|<tpii. Ut ti. ,    ,, .
VIcej'reHldeuti): Jiuii';>» l'liiieuu
A suecesslmi of colds or a protra.-t-
ed Cold Is nlinost. inrlaln-lo'oiiirv.i,
clnoi'tlc (*iitiirrh,.fr,oiu whlob tew in v. *
foiis ever wholly ivcoyw.     VAxt ev-'
cry cold 11m niienilou li deehim"* • nd .
you may avoid this dlsiiiiivenb'•   «.'•. :
(.■.si,,    How can you cine a cold? Wiy'
i.ut Iry'Cliiinibnrliiln's   i.miBb    H'm-i
ody?    H I'' lilnhly ri'coiiuneiid. d. Mi'.
M, While of Uuller, Ti'im., sn>-.'. ".•*'-'■
vuriil yenrs n*S» I was botheied  wllh
my iliroal and Iuiikh.    Hoiimm.u -lid
JiiijiiOj-M iiiii1-C'ikiii.'m id'.the IiIkIichI'
•'.(piiilily .*. Well .stui'ki'd bur
John Miicliell, Spilii^wiiW,), 111.
.lllllieH  O'Cdllliell, Vi'llhllllUtUll  \1. tl..
Max MnrrlH, nmivr, Cnl.' j
I), A, llnyen, 1'hlliidelpliln. I
Willinm l>. Mnbui*. Indlauaimlls. j
.lum.ph V. Viileiiilnr, Ciii'(.'liinall, t
Toronto, Canada, was chosen nn the,
nu.- of,Chamberlain's Coiiuli Uciic
! iH",mi umIhb H mid ll relli".."! in-
jtmi.     Now my i In mil iiim bi"'-'.1'
|.i«.inil nud'well."     l*'or sab' b>
i dill; i(iil.i.
CO.,   LTD.
tmh e*»% i
^ft■b'l<n VidnnietT c»nlMeil in ;
New Bf-jntwlck Oy«-electloni __
BT. JOHN.—Uplmm, Ubernl, vent *>b
ectod tn Cnrleton by IS* nnd flurchlll,
\"hn mmton of Wi'^toif. Umlfr'-iln^^^^*' U**r*\ m'»» .dettcd. ta Vff **rrU* «UI Ve nwb *mw»««5
beory'ln In th« torm ot a monWUue XuUUuuitwiUud ly .i*.loue, ;0H In 1.h«\hy putty.     The time tab* rein   M
"     J ... i  .... .        .4 ,1 found *MtM> top of pag.*-olRht
• .j, ||   [|   I   || -|||M    t      I U....IJI1.I   llll   I
An will be aeon by, the rnvlnud timo
table of tbo O. S. tho train service
between Ikjio nnd Michel lia« boon ot-
tntilUhori.     Thla movo on tlio part
nf thn h. N* rtfflrfnli will h<* very hone-
convontlon cliy tor tbo >«*ar ivw.
in,..-,   tu!) I-   .i.-l  IJ''*-  U  ibm"*'   i'."(    All.t umiii"..,/»a.. ^.-...'^u-iJ tu_;».-.,
mall. , lOlTlco l.o liiu lii'ld almunt u)iillnuall>    ,. ,    , ,-        .
ApplkalinrH should be ftddrMsod M* twin the toitatdlK. ul ih* fo-JoritKoa. polntment of ft milwtltut*. and muHl
M'a land jiruiit must tn- liy way of up-
the dlrcctoi of Kxporlmonml   Fnrma
Ottawa, and mny be nent In riny time
. . . .     . -. i
flUlll   'UlW   HI'   'tt   .' --i.'^l.^.'.t'..    '•'■•         «'   ■•
of Febniniy, after which the list* will
bo cloud, eo Hint tlio Himpleu nak-'d
for may be Rent out in Rood time fo
Howlns. Thos-i' applylriR for Indinr.
corn or potnipes abould bear in mind
tbnr  rorn H rot  naunlly illsirlbiiiwl
n nol
liimldst seeing of   Ki'iutest entt,.,,,;^ '« **'«>*" P^ % «J" A«*
!lk„„", only one vole bcl.^ n>..*lm<\    *\*"™   ,l,,«*»,,0» ,H vn""A ,0 hub
i«;{iilu.'ii li'iii
^1   ,X.i.    Vr.l,
tidal for traffic and w«.tnt« that until April nnd thru, potiUoe-. o»
the company ivfl? put ot| n better «-trv-' h* mitil-il urnll •'.nniriT train tttut In I of Tornnir.. Or,?
Ice iu tlio uiatlcr of c-yuclicii for ibis
additional traffic. Thc pretont coachea
nre rather nut o^ date And no doubt
will be r-ftplact-d aa aoon at poanlbi*.
provincial t»y->- election.
"DujIiik the .summer of 10*3 I
troubled with miiHfiiliir pMrfa In   the
Itikicp of r.iy foot." fays Mr. H. rellur*
•At llmO'-t H'wna'
\ ar, painful I «o-iU l.atdly 'wai**:. •rhiiw-'
berlaln'a J'ain Halm wa* r->eommehded'
to me to I H'lfrJ 1? Mi>l ita* rom;<k-t<-J/
citrrit by,one   smnU bottle.     I'tavo'
ntrt"*» re'oramended It lo a-nval     of
Dlrertfl') of KtiM-rlniental 1 mv ItlenSt oil of-whom apeak hlitM;*
Farnti. '     ! of it."    Tor sale by nl! drtf-nlsts*
,11,-or lioutmi Act, I0(ii» which provldOHj
, that no (laMgn'meiit of the rljthi of a>
!\fllnnf<M'r by tho appolntnien,*of7 a-
jgilbHtltute shall be accepted or recttV j
nlne-l b>Hie depnnini'Ut (if t\w in-j
fWler which l« not nxt>rniml and (bit. i
ed afier tbu'ilatv of H.e •.'iirrniit for;
Wholesale Liquor Dealers
A lull Mock in n fc.w 'lny*
truiifcit Js (Ai:r.        ...
Xo po-*.'tn&u Is rcijutrc-J on mall matter addnnx'-d io t.w Central lixpi-ri
nx-ntal F',.*t... Otiuwa.
wm. jiAr.viiKfes,
•li<-' t.'in't fr.'it:! lumiii'd '<v »h-* ,'."l,,i!-»l,-'i
of Mllil iu «'dl* Jlffciifi* In i'a*i'i' (>f Uii*
.!, W, (JHKK.VWAV.
Commlaslotipr of Do.i.ln'ou
l^nd*. Ot:a»,i.
TSth t*i'-p",mti',r 1*-»**i »4
Tlh' Miily r.Hrildi« fpUc*- tn tfiuu *, r
t liiiicv (tiptit and tulaiio
W. A. 1MORAM, Frop. L-V
®fye M&liipi fobs**
.$1.00 Vyear In advance.- , Address all communications'to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B.' C.
Rates for advertising on application. , o  '
* We believe,' through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons; and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good tb actual subscribers any loss incurred by trusting advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay the-debts of-honest bankrupts.
This offer holds good for one month after the
transaction causing the complaint; that is ,we must
have notice within that time. In all cases in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
W. S. STANLEY,     ,.-■;'...
i ' ■ Manager.    fl
,,Iu connection with the statement that we print
on page one of the Globe Assurance Company's affairs, some astounding facts are brought forward.
The total loss sustained by the company in the
Fernie fire was $59,787.50,' and a loss of $1,000 at
Nanaimo. '.,-'"-,
The following clause from the official document
re-the application for,; winding up this company
shows what state the company was in to liquidate
the heavy.claims against it:
(7) "I was further informed by the said Armstrong Dean, and.verily believe that the said Company has no cash on hand with which to pay the
said losses, or.any,portion thereof, and that the only
assets possessed by the said company are the respective, amounts due from the shareholders in the
said company for tbe amount unpaid by them in
respect of their stock, and a small sum, the amount
of which I do not know, for unpaid premiums, and
the sum of $7,500 claimed by the said Company to
be payable to the company for reinsurance of the
properties destroyed in the said town of Fernie, and
certain office fixtures not exceeding in value .the
sum of $300 or $400." ,.   7
.First of all the agent "should ascertain before- he
transacts any business, what , assets the company
has, and their exact standing, instead of rushing
blindly ahead, and taking thepeople's good money
for :a worthless article.      ''■ ,.
"In this case it reflects more than ever; as the
agent is a resident of long standing, and an alder:
--mRn^nnd-ghoiilrlinnt, Jmyefoandled the business "of
this company "without'making J rigid examinations
as to their standing.,. The idea of a man ''writing
up" thousands of dollars of insurance and not
knowing; that the company w.as not in shape to
cover the losses. How has it'placed many business
men and private-citizens to-day* ,.. After losing
their all, and then expecting fo get their 70 or 80
per. cent from their insurance, that they had hard
work to keep up, to find- the company, in such a
shape. ...
This should be a very strong lesson to other
agents, and make them enquire into the standing
of the companies they represent.
Mr. "Watson should have known that Mr. Armstrong Dean was unfavorably mentioned in connection with other companies, and wc understand was
dismissed from one company. He is known to be
'a high flyer, a champagne supper man, and should
havo been watched.
The Globe Fire Assurance Company seems to
have beon born in insolvency, and to have remained
in that state. There seems to us to have been no
excuse for Mr. Watson having switched insured
persons from reliable companies that he was agent
for, to the unreliable Globe.
It is an absoluto fact that if the loss had been
only $500 the Globe Company.oould.not have paid
it. Soma people through the country who have
policies out with this company are as yet unawaro
of its standings, Mr. Dean was askod to cancel
their policies and inform them, and he refused,
Mr. WntKoii coulil not, mirc-ly, have been, ab-
Ki'lutely ifiiioriint of tho state of nffairs of   thiH
company.     - '
Were you ever out of work? Did you ever hunt
a job Have you scanned the "Want''.columns
of the newspapers trying to fihdiif any "master
wanted a willing slave? Did you eyei* stand in a
row outside the well-appointed offices of some wealthy corporation waitingf!for an- interview and a
chance to exhibit yourself for, sale—for wages
Have you ever tramped around from,morn till eve
searching the pitheads for work-, with your hungry
stomach asking for a square meal,, and then returning to a poor house called "home," to find
that the landlord had called for his rent, and not
getting it, had given notice to the little woman that
you have to get out, or be turned out, and your
few.sticks of furniture taken for rent. .
And all this through no fault of. your. In
taking up the newspapers and.trying to find the
cause of it all you,find'it due tb "financial stringency," "Lack of confidence," "over production,"
—and "Sunspots." We have experienced all this
and more. <•
, This is the lot of millions—millions mark you—
millions of the world's wealth producers idle. Why?
Wc boast, of our, wealthy resources, our great machines, and our clever way of "doing things"—especially the other fellow. And yet we continue in
the same old way regardless of. our neighbor-man.
There is no need, you say, why any one should'want
for a square meal in Canada—and men are out of
employment in Canada. Why? The Canadian
and American employers of labor have no eqittl
on earth: Look at that square, protruding jaw,
and that short, upper lip and you can tell at once
the reason why. -.'■.,-'■■
Our forefathers wanted for food at times, but
it was.only when the harvests failed and the earth
did not bring forth her fruits in due season. Their
sons want for' food^ clothes and shelter because
they have produced such an abundance of wealth
that there is "overproduction" so the mines, mills,
and factories must close and the producers go
hungry until the owners of the modern wealth producing machines can sell at a profit. What a satire on our boasted "Christian civilization.','.
Men cannot get work in order to live unless
they can not only earn their own living, but also
"profits" for the master. When we see processions
in the West End of London, bearing banners containing the,words "Work or Revolution," it means
something—for the Anglo-Saxon is not easily aroused, but when, he is he will do something, and do it
quick. "'If the unemployed problem was confined
to but one country, then we might look for local
causes; but" it .is a'universal problem —America,
Great Britain;- Germany, Italy, Austria, France,
Japan,' Russia and other" smaller nations are all
affected in the same way."
Ask any-Liberal or Conservative politician
what remedy-: he has and he invariably answers as
did Taft "God Knows." ' -  /   '
Unless-the producing class can find a remedy
no one.else.can... ., .; •,  ~
,      s..- ,Ki. .
A Coal company in the Hocking Valley, Ohio,
employs both men and mules. One mule;costs $200,
and in point of "work,, equals six men; The company
has this order standing on its books?-•
"When the roof gets weak, take out the mules.'
'.•*•.. ■
■ *     *     *     *
IT IS wisely said that everything has a value,
We just happened to think that; one value of a post-.
mortem is that the doctor can always learn from
itwhether or not.he has given the patient the right
kind of medicine. . '
ELECTING a man to office is as sure a way to
find out his faults as marrying him.
.-.»•'*     *      •
HOW would* you'like to.be a millionaire John
D. Rockefeller's new home in the Pocantico Hills of
New Ynork, and into which he very recently moved,
is to be guarded by eighteen watchmen, two detectives and one bloodhound. These eighteen watchmen two detectives and one bloodhound are to be
a part of the John D. Rockefeller family from now
on. u .
•   *  • , • "•
' THE CRANBROOK PROSPECTOR has launched out into an eight page paper. The Prospector is
a good, bright, newsy paper and is entitled to the
support of the Cranbrook citizens." Mr. Grace is
one of the pioneers of the Kootenay, and is-always-
found on the right side of the people's interests.
Good luck to The Prospector.
THE CALGARY Typographical Unions seems
to have lost,its,prestige and1 have wandered into
, the broad road,' * At* a-meting.there recently they
passed a resolution condemning the government for
.prohibiting the Calgary-Eye Opener the use of the
mails/ When a union that is supposed to.compose
men of intelligence, apd ability such as the Typographical union does,, starts to* uphold .'indecency
of the lowest type it is high- time it was dissolved.
. In speaking editorially oh the matter The Calgary
' News'very wisely'says":' ■"
"The.typographical Union was in^mighty big
business- Saturday night when it passed a resolution condemning the government for prohibiting the
, Calgary Eye Opener the use of the mails. The clique
that is apparently dominating the union is not doing much to enhance the prestige-of that body in
the community. - A union is supposed to exist for
the purpose of safeguarding.the rights of the men
as employes, and,when it side steps to pass resolutions condemning governments, it only reveals the
existence of a bunch who are more interested in advancing outside interests than those of their ■ associates in the union. They are the kind of men who
sell unionism when the election contest rolls round,
and odra'g their, associates through the muck to
serve selfish interests, !' -'       ,   , -
( It is to the credit of a large number of the union's members that the resolution was vigorously
opposed, and that they protested against the union's influence being.menaced by,the passing of a
motion which cannot possibly do the union any
good, and must utterly fail'in its object."
PREiJ'*WAYLETT,. Proprietor
Fresh Fruits Daily
!Opp., Post   Office I
■*■■_.•__*•__■' ~^_:■__}
telligent-working,class that there,is one remedy
proposed.that!may be.worth trying. And that is
the owning and:controlling of the machinery "of
wealth production by all the people and for all the
PQPPJle-A. ■. '7   ,   •*..'    . -,      ,.     ■ •--. •.-' ■  -  ■*,
u •   But.that would be Socialism!.     ■ .   -   ..
■     **4*
On *\lotuhiy next tho. iiH-'iihen* of D.Htriet No.
IS United Mine Worker* of America will lie culled
upon to voto for tho official*-* for thc com ing year.
Wo hnvo juNt pii-wr-d through n very HtrenuoiiH
year in the liiHtory of conl miiiinK, uHpuuinlly in
District 18, and locally a vory HtremimiH ono, on
account of the awful disfiHtei's at Conl Creole nnd
following them the Fernie Kir**. Times liko thorn1
cull forth tlio licHt. ni'tioiiH of mon nnd tent their
devotion to their unioriK. and individually to each
otlu'r, . .
In voting for your officials on Monday go by
the records of tbo past to some degree. Voto for
mon who havo proved their worth,
Do not vote for personal iroasons, but for tho
good of the many.
Do not vote against a man that you know in
your heart and soul would benefit your organization, just because he is personally not to your liking, or because you think you can "get somothing"
personally hy voting for Mi opponnet.
The United Mine Workers* of America io ono of
the grand est organization**! »f lo-dny, containing
some 450,(100 member**, and aa a unit of that urnnd
society of workers it bolinovon you to vote in the
bent intercutb of all concerned.
Consider carefully, therefore, and cost your
There never wns a time when politics was not
tainted by selfish interests. Private intersts still
continue to.pr'ey.onthe people, in general. They take,
the form of bribery, taxation, public works, expenses, franchises, the employment of labor by municipalities and office holding. These public func:
tions are at times. managed for private interests,
nndicach time'.to the dotrimont-'and danger of free
government. '
The small and wealthy class that has private
interests is active and influential, and its interests
are usually paramount. Numerically the olass is
insignificant, but its methods are Becret and endanger the stability of tho state.' The power of money
i3 the root of all evil in'government and is the real
danger to democracy. Tho damage done by it is
moro than that done by apathy and indifference.
The class, who pusli their private interests to
tho front might bo called the note setting class. It
is by this class that the tone for living is sot all
through the country, and any evil influence by the,,
class contaminates the stream at its source.
lt is highly creditable that the standard of
public virtuo is so high and that it is steadily rising.
Onco tho, standard is lowered it is hard to raise it
again, Sonic great cause may stir men's hearts,
and-thoy givo thoir best and most disinterested service tn their country for a time, but thoy fall back
and allow Hclfish interests to control thoir actions,
Publicity is a valuable engine to rott put self
interest and instill in its stead public interest, but
prevention is bettor than cure and thore should bn
legislation and administration iwhieh will; prevent
men from getting rich through public lifo.
The"condition of moderate fortuutoH is an ideal
ono, for it means that tho solfiNh interests of the
two (!1«hh(!8 will not sway largo elm-won from tlio
public interests. Nothing is to be more desired
than that party lines should not. coincide with no.-
ononn'e linos nnd that as largo a share and number
of persons as possible should ho willing and ablo
to put aside selfish interests for publio good.
Wage onrnors should not become too jubilant
•itvi i*.'i*.<-i.> »f H.» li.«.l wjivc cf pro-««r!'." vh\»h
.'•■'I'ijy pi.j'1.' Wllovo l*i*,s pot \r\ since tho eWMmi.
There is no I'lH'stion but whnt industrial condition.!
havo been growing bottor for some mouths past,
nn<l tlio removal nf tho distractions nud unooriniu-
lies of a presidential campaign is serving ns a pow-i
. k ■! .•'!...;.!:;.'.i' £? *.••'■',•:"'■•. On tbo txtboe htm] n
•rent panic duos not right itHolf with u jerk.
It is better for the future thnt the movement be
.steady nnd normal. Thero is loss likelihood of re-
let ion, While we run rejoice in tho positive ns-
surance 'that many tlunisi'ndK of idle men throughout the country are returning to work,, and that
un-at corporations are lolling contracts for sup-
plii"*. and betterments which would seem noon to
ejiMire employment for all. we cannot expect at
oih'O to gel back to thc height of the past good
tiniL's, ,,
I it any event the lessons of tho pan lit in curbing
extravagance nnd the speculative instinct, to whicli
WAfra earner no less than the big And tho little
tho       „
for men who have the work at heart, mild;capitalist,, owes much of past misfortune, should
will always do it without grumbling.
not he forgotten.
Belnfait, Sask, Dec. 1„
To the Editor of the District Ledger.
Sir: :* ,   '    - ' ' '
Will you kindly give me space in
your valuable paper to say a few
words about the way in which the
miners and mine' laborers are treated, who are members of the United
Mine Workers of America in this
neck 0 of the prairie. Having been
sent into this lignite coal field ' by
President F. II.. Sherman of bistrict
18 of the U. M. W. of A. to look over
the situation ■ and. help the members
all I could, I left Fernie'on the"-6th
of last month and got to Roche Perceo,
in'the small hours of „ the morning of
the' eighth";," I found' the" hotel at tha
place closed and it looked fair for me
to go and sleep with; the gophers on
my fate had not''ah old' man taken
pity on me arid given me shelter for
the night.'' Iwehi to Beinfalt, Sask:,
and got a place'to "stop' at the King
Edward hotel, and 'then "started'out
to'look u*-) the situation—and I|found
things in bad shape for our- members
down here. When I'got back'to the
hotel I met Bro. Robert Evans, one
of the organizers of'our district. He
had just returned'irom an organizing
tour in our sistef republic to the
south of .us. He had a-telegram to
go at once to Tasker, North'Dakota,
I wont with him. When wo got there
we found that the McCluro Coal company had locked' but their men ' for
Joining tho U. M. W. of A. This company did not stop at just locking out
thoir men, but they own tho storo,
the boarding houso, tho bunk house,
and -thought that they ought to own
tho men thoy employed. Thoy stop-
pod credit In tho storo, gavo orders to
tho mnn tlmt ran the boarding house
to chnrgo 25 cents a meal In cash for
any ono that got a m'oal thoro, This
boarding houso was boarding tho men
for $4.50 a week and waiting until payday for thoir monoy, which wna onco'
a month. Whon wo got thoro tho
mon woro out on tho prairies with
their blunkots tied up and no wlici'o
to go nml no monoy to go on. Wo
rented n cook shuck from n throalilng
outfit and got somo provision nnd wo
Btartod In to cook and oat, Wo put
tlio cook shack, fdr It was on wheels,
on a rond allowanco, and tho mon
wont bnck In tho bunk houso to sloop
nnd'nvVnlt tho noxt, movo of tho Co,
Wo did not have long to wait, for tho
mnnagor of tho company wont to Mi-
not, County sont of Ward county, N.
Dakota,.(ind got out ono of.tho most
ruHtrnlning injunctions that tliO art
of n lawyer could concolvo or thu law
ot tho stnto pormlt lilm to frame,
luialnst thlrtoon of thoso mnn; ho got
n writ walnut tho, cook and had tlio
hoiiHu taken to Mlnot N. I),, no that
put. mi »ml to our hnppy homo hi
Wo then niovud tho men, 42 in all,
io Kcnmoic, \\ D„ and got thorn
work In tlio rnlnas thoro, and loft tho
McCluro company 'without a mnn to
Nork Uh mtno9, only tlio official atnff
nnd f don't think thoy will dig m'lich
'onl for tho mnrkot.     Our Iowh   In
Inwsi In Nurllj 3"*.al(ola. T wrotn tlie
•nnnugi'i' of lho McCluro mines nsk-
iv.X hi in for nn ntnlloncn In bohalf of
Ills nmplnynrn, but ho Ignored the
cnmmuntrntlon  (ind  turned  It down
*M       , '     " 1     I " Ml      , m..„f*r.ei        **-,M
■|b/»V       Ml        *****•*'*,       l»*4h-|>l *-. M<« H"»if-> »-*        &"*•■•*.
nt this uilno nro tho lowoit in tho
Dolt); tlio conditions that* surround
tho worker aro such that I would nd-
vino all organized men and frlondu of
omit nixed lul-or to stay away from
Tnsknr nnd tho McCluro Conl mlnp~-
If thoy don't thoy will got tho worst
at It. ? will >.rlvi> ynu thn situation In
Saskatchewan in my noxt lottor.
'thinking yon tn advance for this
letter, I Am yours in the struggle for
VhwiMttitUttki DUUU.I 15 u. ir. V.\
or a.
A Good Address by F. H,
Stan-Large Audience--
A New Departure. ^
Tho smoker held by the Fernie
Trades and Labor council was a success both financially and otherwise. In
one sense it was an'innoviatlon, Inasmuch as it was thought advisable by
a majority of the Trades and Lnbor
council to have no beer at the concert.
The reason for this stand was that
beer was not a necessity and as it
was considered ;to be of a degrading
nature, and one to be avoided, it was
decided to dispense with it.     .     ;■'"
This'.was a-very wise move 7 and
one' that' could be well followed -by
Plhers_iniglvingt''smokerB. -'-i■''-"* '. ':■■'
At the meeting of the Oddfellows
held on Tuesday, the 3rd the election
of officers took place the following being chosen: v,
Noble Grand: Dr. W. J. Wrigles-
worth.   .       _. ,■■'-■•
Vice-Grand: W. J. Blundell.'    ■ -! -
Recording Secretary: Hilton Young
Financial .Secretary:1 J. F. Cox. '
Treasurer? Robert Dudley.
The city lodge,have Invited the Hosmer brethren here on Wednesday ■ evening and requested them to     bring
along their paraphernalia    tQb confer
the initiatory degree as the local Oddfellows lost all their'outfit and have
not yet received new ones. The meeting will be held.in the office over.'G.
.F, Johnson's    store.      Refreshments
will-be served and.all.Oddfellows.are
invited.;-   •
Own your own
home. We have
several residential properties
which are offer-
ed at attractive
The Trades and Labor council rare
to be congratulated upon-this question
The higher that; unions'aim to raise
their standards'the better for all the
members, and this is , one instance'
where it worked out all right."''"-'But
we* must not stop "to sermoniie "further.     ■ ,.•-..'      ■■  .■.-•   ',."!■'
President, Gravett opened* the" meeting and called upon Mayor Tuttle'who
had been requested to act as chairman. Mayor Tuttlo - stated '•■that 'It
was a real pleasure'to be*chosen by
the Unionists of the city as chairman
of tho smoker, and repeated his remarks to that effect 'made at -the,
meeting.ln the Methodist church'. Ho
made a brief Bpeech which was well
received.      -       '     ,,    .
Tho following programme was thon
rendered and wns one of tho best given ln tho city. ,
Song: Village Blacksmith: William
Schollold, ■     ■ i
Recllntlon: Woodon Log: Ernest J,
Song, humorous: J. T. Pnckoy.
Bag pipes: Mr. Charles Robertson,
Address by Frnnk H. Sherman, Pros,
Dist. 18, , .  ,
Song: The Dlvor: Willinm Schollold,
Rocitatlon: Ernest Dicker.
Bag pipes: C. Robertson.
Song and dance, Frank Enrp,
: Song: T. Biggs.   ,
Frank Sherman, who happened to
como to town, wns lnvltod to tho
platform to sponk on tho Lnbor movement, nnd gavo ono of tho best labor
addroBsoB wo havo had tho ploasnro
of listening to, nnd showoil that ho
was thoroughly conversant with tho
labor movomont. Uo oxplnlnod that
labor unions woro not for tho purpose
of holding up anyone hut for tho good
of the pooplo gonornlly, IIq oxplnlnod what nn nwful state of attaint
would pxlBt If thero woro no unions,
Ho adviiiod the young men oupaclally
to not up a standard, a high moral
Htnndnrd, nud that by living up to
thnt standard or Booking to, nH miioh
ns poHHlhlo, thoy would not only bo ol>
ovnt-lng thomsolvoH but would holp to
olovnto their follows. Iln stilted that
aimlstono'H words, tutored dome 2fi
years ngo, and which ho Imd had the
plonsuro of pomotmlly hoaring "That
Trades Unlom were the bulwark) of
the Nation," wore us truo to-dny ns
thoy woro whon thoy woro uttered. Ho
couciuitcU by exhorting Uio mumliura
ot the various unloni to pull together
for what would be to the advantage
nnd bottormuut of tho public generally.
Ilioro whb n very largo attendance,
and at times It wna difficult to die-
corn tlio singers and sp'enkora bocauao
of tho demo nmoke, The hall was
vory poorly heated arid ventilated for
auch an occaalon, Evory ono of,the
pcrformora wore oncore-i andL^pspoi*.-
ded agreeably. , .    .,, .   ,,,,;,,
Have your Plate Glass
Kastner & Lyons
Real Estate a d Insuranca Agts.
Cranbroolc,  B. C.
The total earnlnga.of union print-
era tn tho Unitod 8tatoa ami Canada
•how an approximate ot 13.123,00*)'anil
an rttfrage wage   of n«arjjr "aevisnty
(foFlnnt pur monfh  tor the  merniier-
at $10 a Share
of the Kootenay Telephone
Lines, Limited, have been
placed in our hands
For  Sale
r i i
This is an A I investment.
Everyone should buy even if
its only one share and. own
an interest in our own Telephone and have a say as to
how it should be run. Buy
soon if you intend to buy at
all as the shares are limited.
NOTICE (8 hereby Riven that the
pnrtnomhlp hitherto BubBlf-tine* bd-
tween tho undor»lgnod and It.O: 'Look,
"i'tirt, nnd kniVwirt an '"VfichbarVlt till-
loapjo," as merchant**, and,.carried pn'
at Pornio, "&''&»' Ij'.'norby.yiMolvod.
at and from tho 30th day of .Severn-
bor, }}>($.   ,. ,    ,'•";,;j'
. The WousiU p-kyablo of the »aH
•Jwrtft?ShlH''win,Vi,'»Mil(f,,bv, ati/l l,i|
accounts receivable of the said pKrt''
•i.(i<».'it: ■.   i. I'm   ■ '.     , .'!..> i
nofBhlp nro payablo to tlio continuing
partner, Alexnndor A, Gillespie.
Dated nt Pomlo this M day 0f We.
cember; 1908. *   *.   ' -   -■. 'i.v
 '    "A.'A.-0!LWS8PIB,
WltneBlt" Htf'ff.-(JAnRBTT,*'. ' '«'/••'•
..•'■• Kill  I I ill   I     ;l'l    I'l   •!>.' "JSk^t • "I ">''
■*>      ■?•'."■      I'.-'Ml'.     'I'M      ,■..*■'■',        ,-'-f,4/ is*-*3'^^ffi>J!^
~ i k'.;
^Tailored §uits>
and Overcoats*
(?   :
f Quality: and fib guaranteed.- .-
il * «7^.*»>»-*-'..-'■ .,{-',, ^.jrt-'.v;, . ^5,'..
i*- "WILlJ* SECCOMBfi, tilLOR'-'■'-'•
'?        Next to "Dreamland Theatre"    •
The Official Organ of District No.  18, ,XJ. PI. W.   of A.
Ladies'and Men's Glottis
Cleaned and Pressed
Work called for and.delivered
--   Next to "Dreamland Theatre"
Fernie, B. C, December 5th, 1908
'•■'-■-  ■ MICHEL
" "J/Seigel la constructing a large
building for a store and pool room
near the G. N. hotel. " * ~
■?. - Several other buildings are going up
on the new town site.   ,
s-.Quite a few of the,inhabitants   of
Michel have left for'a visit to*the old
country.    ;.■-,.
; ■--Fred Hyatt''of Calgary was In Elko
.this week with a smile on Ills face you
couldn't   scratch   off, with,a blnck-
, smith's, rasp. >
. The C. P. R. surveyors,gang, which
has been laying out summer, bungalo
.; sites and fruit farms around Elko the
last threo weeks moved east to Coic-
John Mott,-capitalist, who is confined to his room for several weeks with
,asthma, is making wonderful progress
under Dr. J.H. King's medical attendance. »
Mrs. Dr. Barber of Fernie is visiting
with Mrs. George'N. Scott in the Big
Red Apple country.
Harry Olands, the famous Dutch' and
coke oven builder of Fernie and Hosmer, bought 10 acres of mountain scenery near the     Elk River: grade this
week from W. F. Brown of Roosville.
',. Four Sky - Thunder,- * Crazy V Horse,
Three Weaselsi Lone Bear, and Shoot-
■ ing Star and their ladles in5 waiting
are hunting on Lodge Pole Creek.
, Don't cry over spilt milk—you never
; >mi8B the water until the well runs dry.
George Klingensmlth, who is visiting his brother Charlie at the Elk ho-
. tel, is having the time ot his" life. Chas.
is a past master In the art of entertaining.   *■' ■' ■ '    '
Buck up every mother's son of. you
—Christmas. is coming.',''.' " i
\ W. E. McEwen, proprietor of' the
•Huffman house .was taken to Cranbrook hospital, this week ' sufferjng
with bronchitis. ' '    7
Sam Pike of.Vancouver was '.in
_tftHn,ihljLweek' with rubber• boots' and
1 belting for hay balers*and"serving*ma-
■ chines. ..... 7.   .; -;•.
,    A Medicine, Hat doctjOr says that a
" quart of "good whiskey will cure,]    a
srialte bite: 7 Biit what's.tlie use when
you can't find the-* snake? ><—a.-~ =-.■.-- .v-
'McNamara of the Western- Canada-
• ., '■  t     ..-       .....
Wholesale Company of Fernie     was^
in Elko on Sunday, and he was in Elko
' all the time ho was here, and he-Ib 11-
' able to spend a short time In .. the
river the next time he'comes.7., ''*
, A man that wants to get through
this life smoothly shoulll never   borrow trouble nor loan money.
W. M. Frost, the hustling real estate man was in Elko this week on
hia way to Baynes—the now gold district, ' , *;
. The basicst. nodal held, in -Elko on
Nov. 27 was tho groatost social event
over held In Elko and MIbu ' Alberta
Middle ton, the popular young tcaphor.
Is rocolvlng congratulations from all
quarters for tho'oxcollont mariner In
which sho managed tho wholo affair,
Tho affair was got up to raise funds
for the children's Chrlstraas troo nnd
tho school board gavo the: use of the
school house for tlio occasion. Tho
Imskots woro sold by Fred Roo and
realized $67, Mrs. Alox Blrnlo's Mb-
kot roproBontod tho battleship Dread-,
naught and was tho admiration of everyone Thero woro all kinds and
shapes and they sold from GOo to $5.
Mrs. John Mott mado tho coffee <and
tho boyo dug Into the baukots llko tho
ohlckonu into a dough dish, Tho ono
wc.got would,mako a palace dining
car look.llko,a lunch countorr-ali tho
kinds of doughnuts, pio, opon faco,
with pruno moovmont, cookies with
BURtn* on top and crimped around tho
odgOBi and such a jolly crowd ato
lunch in tho sclinol Iiouho that night,
and -whilo tho crowd,was sitting nnd
tho young follows woro holding handr*
Goorgo Kllngonsmlth, who Is horo at
present from South Oratilin, Bring that
Moo(lj*ri nnd Snnky patliotlc ballad
"When the carpet laid poor father on
tho Stairs, Tho mimic was fuvnlshod
by Prof, La Clinnco of Wnrdnor and
ho certainly kopt the rtancorn jumping around like a pnn of, pop corn,—
anil |t was Just llk'o'crririm pio (l^lnc^^•rf,
to his music. Jt didn't tako flold
KlasHon to sou that everybody wnn out
for a good time and had one. ^iy—
nn tlin rlnnd level, It, was flno and
dandy. •
.luck Lowls, Hie gfitmi warder.i Is
flying around tho district llko a
BWiuiiii nigger chaslo*; a coon.
Jimmy Shaver and Tommy Calvert
have left for the coast and the girls
are all in tears.    ' ■ -   '7
Dolf Fyles has taken charge of. the
Diamond .Vale store.   .:"■<-.■.,•..    '
<*- -
Alex. Hoggan has quit the Diamond
Vale to put the finishing touches' ,to
his new hotel. ■' Alex we wish you
luck;.''"    J .   V    ' '
There is considerable agitation ' for
the post office to be moved to a more
central - \ocatiori, which ' ia' certainly
needed. ■.'..'•;..-
What tho people of Merritt want to
know, Is why the mail is given to some
after hours and is refused to others.
G.ilygh contemplates,putting a side
walk up Nicola avenue for tho benefit
of his patrons. Good, for you,   George
Art Hygh is building mine cars for
Joe Graham. , »       ' „
* H. Greenfield, the post office inspector, was in Merritt-, on Saturday,
investigating the .post office grlven-
ces.     ' .1    , .   *-,   ,
1 Tenders are asked for the obuildlng
of a jail. With civilization comes the
jails.  ' •' ■ /:   - ,
The post off ice is a public institution and should be run as such,
A. Voght has offered an acre , of
ground gratis to build the school house
on.     .. 7 -,-,'..   '     '    .  /   .   '■
Why did the active members of the
Liberal association work' to have the
school built at Middlesboro. ..'    '
Iron Mountain is*now covered with
show. >
The election of school officers was
keener than,the election of M. P.     ,;
Middlesboro mines closed down for
the occasion, but were deefated. , Ah,
Abe the ways of the transgressor are
bard. The school will now be built
In Merritt. The result of the election
of school officers-were: ''-'■
Merritt *..":.,. " - ..:
Cleasby .105; / ;.   ,'•■-. '•'•
•Williams 101..  ' '■'. !'*-
Menzies 88. - „■    ■'.,
Middlesboro . . .-■ ;•■■'
Foulds','48.7 ■'        '■• , f.    •'■•'
Collett 62. -     -   .; ',-- -.'   '-','.•   ,--,-
Reid 50... : '.''      ■ -    ■'•.."  "
.Merritt is in need of. post office
boxes."'    " '    ■ ■■:
Howell7Johns~has buiirT'Iine'jeF
andah'to his.house.' '       '    '   ']
-. The. Diamond' have, shipped ." seven
cars of .coal' from No. 3. |  .
Tho uniiBiinl riling; ot tho Coldwator
ntver at this tlm** of the. your lias
dono uofno damaxo to tho f>l(-*mond
Vnlo dam now undor coniUruetton.u..,-.
.'jMri..Cuy ayil son arrived on Mon-
dny's tmini-fromiClnybnrn; Mr.*. Qray
JinvlnKKJwiTgo of Ihe Clayburn   brick
vrjyK fl^MlilchJuiM jdtoafil jIo.wji Jar.
^o.w'^te-f,,,,!,;,;,, v; i,i-ian' '.u; iu'-.
,, ci?V,f toi*.rr9H.-W M^M Wi
of cj\U\^to f!|i«tfr|.'it1,?1inl»b:«..c(Rr^.
" Biiiy ,Mooi:p ,pf„jffl)tij}*4. (irijpijf?.!,,^
the csini) to lmvo a look afty.tj.-J.-V'M
U tlilnlctn-j now of tnkln*** np a ranch.
J. W. Bennett of;'the International
Correspondence schools spent last
week].ond".amongst.,hls many clients
here..   7 „ _.,     _     „       •-   ...
Another successful social dance
was brought off lri'theClubi hall on
Saturday, night. There was a good
programme and the various duties all
ably performed.
Isaiah, Lunn had the, misfortune.to
bo cniight by somo falling rock in No.
5 mlno.;on Tuesday of last ■week.'' He
reeolvod a nasty gaoh below tho ribs
as Well as a severe shaking, ;,,
■ A"mooting of dlggors,'was held ln
the-Club hall on Sunday aftornoon —
attendance was good, ■ &   •
David McClumont 1b back In camp
after a-epell on his ranch in tho Mc-
Lood district,. •■'■■•
Ned Powo 1b'off to Arizona whoro1
his wlfo'nnd family aro waiting to
wolcomo him. Ho Bays ho can't do
with tho cold weather. ,'
Progress continues with tho work
on tho.High lino. Right long from
tho tipple almost'to Trites-Wood storo
hunilrods of toris'bf rock havo boon
dumpod ovor. Tho improvement Is
vory mnrl'od and thore In room for
another trade.   ,
Ike Moore whllBt following his em-
plqymont, ImB boonirupturod bo-badly
ns to hnvo tho wall of the abdomen
oponod. It Is foarod that an oporation may bo nocommry,
A most successful social evening
came oft In tho Methodist church on
FVoilnosdny last week. Tho proceedings commoncod at 5 o'clock with n
spread of tho choicest to satisfy tho
Innor mnn. Tho Indies In chnrgo of
this pnrt'of tlio ceremonies woro Mob-
dnmos Wlllos, Hell, Iluchnnan, Smith,
Hall, Stovons, Sharplos, Stovo. Hall
nnd Mawson, and thoy woro kopt busy
until 7.30, Aftor tho cloarlng of tho
cluircji Rov, DquUon of IIOBmer pro-
aldoil, over a splendid program, and
oxplalnod that thu proceedings wore
In celebration of tho;flrijt pnnlvorsnry
ot tho rebuilding of the church, Ho
tnnk the nnnortnnltv-nf thanking ono
and nil who had holpod la any way.
Tho protjrpm follows;
Opening hymn.
Prayer: Rov. E, C, Curry.
, Sons: An old Fashioned Cottage —
Mts. filnfciaon.
Song;; Love's Sorrow— Mrs, Mark-
Recitation: "Tommy Stout," — MUfc
pong: "As your Hair (Jrow» Whiter"
Sf'BilC'. vrWi.'*' «;.'-'i-.M*
R»'n.arXs:,Mr». Hall ,
^IjfumoroUjJi altotcn! jtr. J. ,\v^ Ron-
•Recitation: The Teapot "Miss Nor-
ah" Sharpies. ",'.'   *
, Song: .The Holy .City.—Miss'Smith.'
, Recitation: You and I.—-Mrs. Reece.
' Song: I Am "Waiting:  Mrs'.^- Marie-
land.        '- ."''-'•"•
"Humorous sketch:r Mrs, J. W. Bennett. -          . ..',,'
Closing hymn.
Mr. Richard Corner fulfilled the duties of accompanist with distinction,
and the small charge of 35 cents was
made,for tho tea and concert in aid
of church funds,
A' pretty but quiet ceremony happened at the Methodist church in Fernie on the night of Nov. 26 when Jack
Bigg and Elizabeth, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J.' Smith of Coal Creek wore
married. Mr. George Hunt,,and Miss
Hunt assisted. Best wishes are extended. ,
Jack Higson left with tlie eastbound
on Saturday evening. Ho is bound
for his old home in Manchester, England. '       *.
•A special general meeting of the C.
C. L. A. A."was held in,the Club hall
on Sunday night. . For some time
back things have not been as should
be expected from .members of a re-
spectabel.Institution and the committee of management in order to put a
stop to it, have recently suspended
several members for misconduct. The
meeting;was called on a petition presented to the president in accordance
with rule/'.The.'object apparently'was
to protest against and upset a suspension of six months, meted out to a
member, but there was a marked undercurrent of petty and personal imaginary grievances against certain.-individuals., Mr. George O'Brien presided. .'. The whole matter iri question
was as to the extent of power,which
lay, In the hands; of, the .committee of
management. \, It-was indisputably
put forward that, according to the
Club's present constitution the board
of management had absolutely .full
control of the,management of affairs,"
that, their resolutions cannot be upse:
even by a general meeting,, and further, before, any alteration of-the constitution can be■ valfd'.'the" consent of
the general manager ofi the C.'N. P. C.
Ing, was disorderly throughout, —ont'
man using language that a,Billings^
gate Cockney would,be ashamed of. ft
became 'so, foul and 'disgusting that
the president 'was bound to -hurriedly
close the. meeting.. <-.,,When-will-somo
people learn that one ounce of diplomacy achieves more than a' ton „ol
bullying?,-.       ■,'.- ,7-i
. Mr.,Cox, chief mines accountant has
been ^removed to the town office.
The Jolly Beggars Club has been
aroused from Its slumber.. Its members intond. having a night of joyful
mirth;at an.early date. '
David Murray Jr. and his brother
William have-returned,after a three
months trip to Scotland. ' Tho say
things nro in a bad way.thoro. ■
- ,Mr. .Hcnthco.t, the new superintendent arrived on Tuosday and commenced duties right away,  ..• '   •
Entries for Christmas tournaments
havo como ln fine,.thoro being 32 In
billiards, 20 in "pool, 51 "lh domlrioos,
13 in checkers, 42 In whist, 54 In scv-
on up and 20 In crlbbago..
A match ,1ms beon made botwoon
two Coal Creek sports'to run a hundred yards sprint for $100 a Bide, Ten
dollars hos bound tho match which
will como'ofT on boxing dny. Ono has
to concede the other flvo yards Btnrt,
Joo'iLlmb is back und bis health
has benoflted from his trip to the old
Jim Hill in addressing somo of the
leading commercial magnates of tho
U. '8; has boon pointing out tho importance of looking to Canada, especially British Columbia, for ' coal
supplies, Considering tlio Interest ho
Is credited with holding in Conl Crook
mines wo should gain something out
of this shuffle.
petition to the provincial government
which deals with' further restricting
and regulating the,liquor traffic.
Coleman is more enthusiastic than
ever this year in regard to hockey. A
well attended meeting "was held "on
Friday night in Eagle's hall at which
steps were taken in the-way of organizing' for the season. D. J Mclntyre'
was made chairman for the meeting
and Charles Qulmette was elected sec-
rotary pro tern. After some discussion it was decided to reorganize the
Coleman hockey team. The honor
of being president fell to T. B. Smith,
while G. C. Gage became tho .choice
of the meeting for sec-treas. Two well
selected committees were appointed
to look after the finances, the other
was chosen for the management. It
was decided to systematically "canvas
the town for funds and the organization of,the team is being looked after
by'the management. With' such. an
enthusiastic beginning Coleman ought
to treat.her neighbors to some reckoning this year,
Messrs. Clayton-and:Morrison, who
are managers of tlie rink this season,
have been giving "a good deal of attention for the past few days to making ice.i;: The pre'ae'nt'cbid snap!has
been of'great assistance*and it Is expected . that the rink will • be open by
the latter part of the .week.
Vice-Pres. H. N. Galer of the International Coal Co. witli Mrs." Galer, paid
Coleman a visit on' Friday and left on
Saturday for Spokane.   , ,.      ,   *'
The, Coleman ■ stores have cut out
the Wednesday half holiday and are
closing now at six p.m. instead of 7
as previously.'" ""Tlie "ararngement'is
probably better for all concerned. The
stores will be open for about the same
number of hours per week.
Quite a number of rumors have been
flying around regarding the opening
up of a new mine about two miles to
the ho'rth of Coleman, and as would
be ■ expected- a more.'than, ordinary
amount of interest", prevails. ■ Jt is
understood on good > authority' that
the project,.wtll be carried through..—
though all. the particulars are not yet
forthcoming. ... .-, ^ ."■--• ■
. J. P.„Marcellus M..P..P, of Pincher
Creek was a. visitor, in .Coleman .and
"the "Pass on Tbu^dSyT?"""; yT~T~
•' John-Unsworth"has been given the
position .of. .check." weighman for the
union since, the company have put on
the double shift aga^n.
■ ;.R. -jitf. .Bpok.of blairmore who,form-,
erly managed' the il^meat market in
Coleman has moyed,r.,-.to Lethbridge,
where.-he becomes^ manager for P.
Burns .& Co. ,„ Mr. and.Mrs. Book's
many.friends in Coleman,and vicinity
will hear with regret,that they have
left the,Pass. .',
T. Thompson, who;,came, to Coleman
recently had a narrow,, escape .from
death on Monday,., While at work in
the mine he fell about 200 feet down
a chute. He received a severe cut
on the back of the nock which, would
havo proved fatal had It been a little
doeper. Mr. Thompson,considors himself very fortunate In bolng .able to
be around so soon. .,
Dr. Wostwood'B many friends will
bo pleased to know that he has entered Into a now- agreement with tho
local union which will prolong Ills
services ,ln our midst for two yenrs
moro. All will bo glad to know tho,
doctor will contlnuo to bo n resident
of Coleman.
, Charles and Harry Higgins wore In
Maeleod on Friday last attending the
Wm,-Nelson, who .for the past yoar
has boon C, P. R. coal Inspector at.
Mlchol has beon transferred to Colo-
man,-. . Mr. nnd Mrs, Nolson camo to
Coloman on Saturday .night, II. W.
Mills has beon appointed1 to fluccood
Mr, Nolson at Mlchol, Mr. Mills wns
(Continued on page eight)
Causes Tremendous Loss of
•life in Pennsylvania-
Heartrending Scenes
Pittsburg, Pa. Dec. 4—Not less than
138 men were killed In an explosion
in the Marianna mines of the Pittsburgh Buffalo coal' company Saturday
and it'is feared by many residents of
the little model mining town that the
death list may exceed that number.
Conservative estimates indicate a loss
of 140 lives and the list may reach
two hundred. '   '- -■
' At 1 o'clock yesterday morning the
rescuing party had recovered 31 bodies and brought, them to the bottom
of the' shaft- preparatory to raising
them to the surface. All the victims
we erfound in the' main. entry, and
the amount of debris there made it
impossible to excavate.   : ■   '
The slight'hope that any of the entombed miners t would, be rescued was
revived shortly after midnight when
Peter Arnold, an American miner was
brought to the surface suffering only
a little from his terrible experience.
Joseph Kearny,, one.of. the rescuers
said there were other men alive and
on receipt of-this news-the rescuers
redoubled- .their -efforts to , reach the
unfortunate minexs...^.   *    ,   -
Officials of the company place , the
number of dead at 138.' Some estimates of the total number are as,high
as;200. Yesterday--was,-pay,,day at
the' mines and last night 143 of the
pay-envelopes had not been claimed,
by the owners.,   . .",, lj .'.,
It is believed that practically every
man that did;not call"for his pay', is
numbered among the deadi -1- ' *'"' ':,;
About-fifty of .the, victims of: the
disaster are either Americans or Eng-:
lish' speaking peopIeT-^vA majorIty"*o"f
the foreigners were ', •' 'comparatively'
new arrivals and many" of them'hail
left families'in their old homes.V:
The power house of the mine has
been converted into"l>''a'*ftetop'o?at«y'
morgue and has been arranged for
the reception of. the,.bodies and.for
their preparation for burial.'' Coffins
have been ordered from all the surrounding cities.       .  ■;.
Misses Euler
Ladies' Coats, Skirts
and Waists
Christmas Novelties
Wo nlno > curry a full line (if
LiuUch' iuul Chlldren'i* Uiiilcr-
wear, Cliililicn'** Hear Skin Cimts
and Hoods, etc.   ,
»■*■-»  -      '■-     1      	
(Old Hltn ("ntliollc cliui-cli)
Uni-iMin Hi. Wi'Tile, H, (.'.
Are now prepared to'transact your Banking
Business in  temporary quarters in  rear  -
of thoir late office pending the completion of our new premises   -  •   ,"■ .
Savings Department
Deposits of $1.00 and up wards, received, interest allowed af
current rates and paid quarterly.
H. L. Edmunds, Manager
Fernie Branch
The Original and the Standard
You don't get an experiment—or an untried niatcrial«-or merely
verbal promises—when you: buy RUBEROID. All the
experiments and tests were made 16 ye'ari ago. , Vou gfet
perfection in roofing in RUBEROID.
i 6 years' service on roofs  all over' the world proves that
RUBEROID resists all weather, conditions—is unaffected by
. heat or cold—and is absolutely fire-resisting and waterproof.
You can roof the house and barn yourself with RUBEROID,
thus saving expensive roofers' work. Write for samples and price*. |
*•- •    '
Sold by Western Canada
", Tjrjo:Jjl.la'fft. pinctamlth: Mr«.^Im-
son lind ilM«r» McCTotehie and 'Mac-
oVii:'*&iiy.krif'i\r*. Slkpion
Tlm Jordan, who wont to Mlchol
about a month imo In bnrp nnd him
startod again with tlio Conl f-'omimny
hero."   - l
Quito-an Important '.'oui wiu t**r.u>
JtctAd thla week In which D. J. Hill of
tho Colomtin llurdwnro eonipnny be-
enrno tho owner of AV. J. Siiiidrldfco'n
out IncludlnK humei*, Htablen, hoiiuiu,
and lots. ' Mr, Sundvldffo Ib 1111' old
tlmor in Coleman, * ho lmvlng come
here In the Ijukkiihiii' ut uiiuh**,     iu
till.-,  aim)  Iiiiil uiU.  ill Ctih<i,;;ll':i  U,'.''
lqiown and mont respected oltlzonn,--
nnd It Is hoped that hU Ri'lllriR* nut
will not mean his roimnnl from tbr
Mr**. ,.fiti. McNi-ii. nmi .iu'ix t*a«.
returned on Friday from Hnnff wli&ro
Mm. 'McNeill Iim been recolylnp: it
course of troatmont nt lho t.nn!»ar'
Corn—On fntnrdny Nov. 28, to Mr
a-n'rl'ltfrs!' n.*»#lif' Vavln n ''rtntiRht.*'**
MIbb Annlo Lnlnl vntunind tho In'-
ter pnrt"0f't!io **fln"*lr*frnm,th'> nuwi,
anil Ih mych jmproyod In he/ilt'i
The Atborta^Tp&pernnci! nnd Mo'rnl
n-^nrm Je.iVfl'iifthciil n'int'etlim at ll.c
fnsirtnHoiiiii'''chiir<-li on"Sunday' vxxtx-
!nV 'jirter >lh!f» 'fo^ilnr '•Vrvl'cV'. QuhV
nIliirW%ii**Mn*»^WrW' ,B-i'»it nM'"r- $r"
llvel/ tuterent wut mnntftsi'.'d in  V.i7 JV
Wo beg' to fliuirmiico that our
full display of Cliristiiins ^'oods nro
ready for your iiis'poction. Our
stock for jirtistic merit, vnriety
•ind siCiuxi, xuW lit licttrv tear, .iny
tiling Hi'vt wti havo liwi'tofovc
Hltcnipted. lyirly shopping is do-
sired from a comfort standpoint,
nnd, as many artist it! novoltieH can-
i»vit !.'C   rcj.'V'ltod. !)))-> wjj) nirl ytm
in tho cxolusivotings of your ffivingH
Wo will hu jilt'iisotl'to lay aside for
y-ouany nrticlu Hclcctcd,'
N*  E.   SUDD A BY
Canadian Pacific Annual
Eastern Canada
Low Round Trip Natoa to
2 Through Express
Trains Dally
Tickets on 8alo
lli-c, lht Utih't'. MM,
IliclliHivi', Kiioil to ri<-
turn within MiiunitliN
iici'tlnii Ut Atluiitlur
Sti'iimslilp liiiclni'HH
will In- nil "'ill' Nov.
I'Ut nml  limited tu
(l.'lti' llf I.-IMH',
Flm-t I'.iiuljiiiu'iit.
St'ii.ilmil Klr-t-idiisM
K|i.(.|ihi|j; niul TnurlHl
Cllfh nil (ill Tllf(illl(ll
(tic "lOhUNiO
11 ibli',1,' 1 iiimi'i i\n\X
Andy iii'iivc>.t c. i'
H     Ttie "
H     in ibl'u
nl 'I'm-i
'.-....     V.'!- ■ '"" - ''•'"<■  '<(  "', 1»
iiito fin* .11 jMilnth riM (ir wi^t lliowiifi
lt. A(zi'iit tor (nil iiifiinimiioii
Alberta Show
Case Works
M'mufru'tunM'H   »»»'
Ga!«;ary, Altr,
I    Ti:udcrn nddroHst'd lo Win undoriilxn-
iod will lie recolvnd by Hie City of Per-
j nlo up to 12 n'elork noon on the ICth
1 day of Dncembar 190S, for the Iniitat-
'Intlon of a 230 lior»e power an* Pro-
,ducer I'liiDl un Uiu coiultUuu (lint n
t utitlufnctory nrrnrtxewont will bn mmlij
'•bv tl.,- U'Tnli-nM" wltli Uio ("row'H \en
' l'jiHii i:i.<trlc l.lKht anil Power' Com-
•l>any tor tl" pu;cb*-io of their *m»
! ct IntT)* ro>v on r-wul,
' A. A. iUIAXLliY. Acting Clorlc
)        - Fernio. .D. C. lau
Member  ofthe "Black Hand" IVSurdered
Without the Consent of That
Bloodthirsty Gang
Leader of Vancouver Colony Says In-
terpreterioffered to pay Representatives to Investirate
■ .Conditions.
_ A recent,despatch from Spokane has
the-following: '
, Oilier murders as blood curdling as
that .of Ernesto.' Santero may soon
shock Spokane.
Though Santero was stabbed to
deaih:«fier the terrible fashion'of the
dread Black Hand society, and in spite
death fb carry out the, decree. Generally the men picked to do' this sort
of' work are ones not in the good
fellowship as yet of the Black Hand
society. If the murderer is caught
in the act of committing the murdor
he, must suffer the penalties of civil
law unless his colleagues can offoct
a rescue.     If he succeeds ho is'   ai
once in' good standing and a valuoi'
of the belief that the murderers wero; njonibei; aIter'ihai of the Black, lluiid.
members of that organization, Sante- j society. ' • -  -   -
do was murdered without the authority of the bloodthirsty society.
,.   Santero was murdered by a party
headed bv one who bore lilm a per-
sonal grievance and in the same mail;
nor    other murders
low.     Even now'Santero's comrades
may be pulling-forth their best efforts
to'Vun down the murderers of Santero, in order that without, the slightest
. sho.w of mercy, these too may.be -mur-
.   dered.        , f   ,.  ,.      ._-.  .   ,.,,., ./ \
These startling assertions'are made
. "to a Chronicle representative by a lo-
''.cal Italian'who is declared by his fel-
' low countrymen-to have been an act-'
' ive member of the Black Hand society
■ .here;     .   '. ,-     , v"'" _•.'/ V'^-*'*
?■ .'■ Before"'-a''manis formall*/-killed .by.
the Black Hand society it. is asserted
.7-a' sort'of .cp'ur't; is- called into~ session
,7 and wlth'tho'tyerson in .question repre-
-"" sented iiis-case is tried-before this se-
_,.. cret,tribunal.     -  yu      ti,"    .   '•
(/ '.>'' If.' as,?a' result of • the-guarded■' trial"
"ii. it is decided thai the member must die
;, a certain -member or members"' of the
According to ihe party who is .authority for this information, Santero
had. not been,on trial in the Black
Hand courts.0   "' ,""*..
■ lie-hnd escaped from the provincial
jail, at, Fernie, B. C, and was consid-
ire likely to fol-jored a brave nnd a cunning man at
' iho time  of his  death.
Tho matter of ending his life in
the 'diabolical fashion-of the society;
it is declared had never been considered.. .His murder.in the.cold blooded manner in which it was performel
is said Ho-have shocked the member's
of the Black Hand society as much as
if!did".any ..one: •>_ ■*   ', I      ,'    .7
American detectives of the, shrew d-
.e'st sort will never'run down Santevo's
murderers .'Ahis-ltali'ah.-declares,' but
(he^Black-Hand society/will "order ,a
ai*,uel-.deai.h'for the murder-of Erno'slo
Santero' -should .-they ever be found' or'
**-- -• ■ • ■     --. ,, -
discovered*"'-^;;- --7-.       •   •'.]     '    ■
Thc civil authorities may. be puzz.
.ed equally as rniich ,at\ the discovery
of ■ the. bodies of the men i.thus soiii-
cnc'ed.to death by the,Blfiick Hand so'-
ciety for the murder of Ernesto Santero as'they were by this frail, Italian's
■'. gang 'will be detailed 'under pain '■ of! homicide:
A despatch from Vancouver says: Intense.excitement pervades the Hindu
colony lierVas a result of.a'stateineiit
that efforts jvere being made to' bribe
the   Hindu delegates to- Honduras .to
sign a report stating'that the country
was desirable.   ^Tbe statement was
first made at ajnpeting.'of the Hindus
Sikh temple last, night when the 'delegates'' pr'eserit'ed'jvtheir reports.      ,,"
This .' afternoon' Ttelah; Singh, "M.-A.,
leader'..of; the- local colony,'alleged that,'
Mr., ^iopkinspn, ^interpreter,'with a
party, had;offered'*iiim a bribe,     • ■
•''fie said that a bag containing $3,000
irt'iibtes-'wa's'-'glven to two men and
they, were told that they could keep it
if they returned a favorable report on
the country.-     ■ '■    ''. 7  ,,
"   The delegates * reported to the Hindus, strongly .against going to    Honduras, declaring--that the situation in
thai, country was unfavorable to the
rac6.',„,They..said there were but fow
Hindus now there, the. remnant of a
colony which hnd come from Jamaica
some years ago*   , Tho .wanted to; get
away.,- -The(delegates said1 that sev:
oral attempts had been made while in
the place Co deceive , them. „■; '   *
. A resolution. *■ was passed by Uio
meeting, protesting tp„the British, Canadian and, Hindu, government, against
the proposed deportation'of*Hindus to
.Honduras. *    \,-„. ■-, -.  \ /•'   . . j
It was also decided to'appeal for
aid to-the Sikh .'bank in ..India Jo secure farms.-in ;this .province to'give
einploymcnt^.to .the.-race and', to inau-
guiate.a school system., . --.;, "'y-:
■ Telah Singh .plainly.-.slates'that' unless. Hindus, are better treated in the
British Colonies,the result will be an
uprising in India.,    _ _"      .'     ' .
A despatch says:— "Hiss Ruby
Turner,-seventeen years old,-of-Utah-:
ville,isvdead at.her home'and* thc,docl
tor has declared that she danced her.-
s"if to'death. *      "''  ," yA''"''
- The girl'-received'many'invitations
'0 dances and seldom could, refuse
one. She would dance' all night and
worked the most of. the day. Her physicians told her that the violent exei*;
cise would,eventually kill her.. -r ' t
', Wednesday night, she became ill
while .dancing. A physician was called'but she ,died before "his .arrival.
Heart disease caused her death.   '
.     DENTIST.
Now doing business at the    Palace
i.     *       . .1       -*     ■ .-: ...-<-..
■\    -.... ■;.'7,.Drug'".Store. "      ;,
B. C;
J. 8ARBER D. D. S.
Fernie, B. C.
Brave Act. May lesult
■   Limb
in Loss of
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Are you contemplating, a trip to,,
the Orient      .   , , ..        ]
:■"  ! •'.•','.,
■^Operators. Will. Refuse. the
Dem3ndsLof the Mine
1 ' rl >xi -  "
\y^iil3Jtxr]/avo        .'••*'
nv       11 ui !\ur-oT*Tl7^7T- -]
New-York, Dec. 4.—Indications" are
that ."there'Sviir be^ a clash between the
,;miners and1 finthraci.te !coal .operators
when the? -present peace- pact? expires
\dn April \tst nextv-'.v.i'.,   _.--' ■;':'•   "'".
A committee of the -United.- Mine
Workrs of'America has "drafted a now
set ,of  demands  similar'to   : "thoso
reached during the strike of .1002 and'
, tho-negotiation'of .J 006. -.:' Whilo. tlie
; demands have not been formally pre-,
1 sented''.to the'operators a 'statement
-hn's.boon Issued lii7'wliich*"it- lsisnld
that tlioer is,no- possibility of ,tl),o op-
, orators needing,.   Their stand will be
for ii renowni of the'prosont, pit* working, aBrceriient.    What promise's'to-be
the linrdost'.'flglil.',;*,vllli oejit.ro. n'roinid
tho check off pliuV whoroby"tlio.bpbm-v
tors keep 'baok'iri'prirl of thoir-   era-,
jiloyos wages for union duos.' This tlio"
opoi'jUdrs. ninlntiiln ;ls ii;'.ro,(in'oKt., nnd
it Is'now believed'liml 'tlioywlll reject
It,        -   *      '     '        ■:.•*■;■
' ED  R,  L.  BORD'EN,'' '"' '
THE I1§;PL' !
7.jtyr-y':,i r,~.f        ,y~t/}'.-:,   »    . . t
Whon you refuse article'-i'-'devc'd .of
the union label you cjiSn'gel'the'aver-.
age business man's pdlicyhinstanter.
Io vwants your trade;'."and he must
- ' '^4-44,        4V.I
r.-vcit. ■•  Easy to see'thro'ugh it isn't
San rancisco. Dec.' 3.—Herbert' H.
Bassett, husband of lime Blanche Ar;
nil, the concert singer," is threatenbd
with(vthe loss of a leg 'as the result of
his lieiolc notion in smothering a. fire
that, ihroniened to burn, his wife to
death last .week. 1 •
1 *    *   '
. Bassett-was shot in the knee,in an'
encounter with a footpad ou Novem'-1
ber 10 and did not secure medical at-,
tention for the wound.. .It was getting, along-well .when, his wife overturned, a chafing dish in which she-
^va's; preparing some supper for her
husband. 'Bassett jumped out,of bed1
,and" smothered;* the' flames'that -had
caught onto:'his wife's dress. . The
bearing of his .weight on-the injured'
.-leg made iUworse and he-was removed to the .hospital. It was discovered
-.'.--     4.' •  ,
that the knee was infected and a consultation .will ,be held to' discover whe-
'44       . ^        .     ( •    ,     ,     .
ther amputation will be-necessary.  ••
Railwaymen   Will   Have an   Immense
7.7     ,      Organizatipn .,
* 3*
Hot 8|iiln?>«.,
The employer of-nbh-uriidn-mon re-
,     -•-., - /•       i.?,-     -.I.[f4       -"
spects a.union man'far'morfe than one.
who' -hap-sold his ^birthright'1'ov . a-
messTo'f ~ por rfijge^ranjl- fonft7who""lias
prostituted his hoijbr.     'Xuffi said.   ,
Everf.'the' affluent buy--Uiiion Made
goods,', knowing as* they-.do that they
have merit embodied,therein,, not to
n.entiori cleanliness and substantiality
Even though-jlioy do-not employ.un!
ion labor, they in common with otliev
mortals, recognize conscientious effort,'perfection of production, and
■over .aiid--above allV'unflagging prln-
'olplo;    •        ••■'-.    :■ ■
The Union, .Label..is the-infallible
criterion of labor's*elovatlon. It rtij)--
resents the nobility".find power of tlio
limn who works. ■' It" serves as'a f 1.111-
■d'lnieiA'al for tho nccompllsii'ment, „ot
(■verything whicli labor goes after.
:' '      ■ .■•, '•''  „ *     *
,.. Tiib Union LaJ-el wus first'adopted
11 ml brought into prominence by the
Cignrmnkorn union, At tho date of Us
l)(rth It was'ehrisloncd in imraaculnt.e
w::lt'(.. '" "Whito", in regard to il'.'d'i-
Ing and syfilcrniit'lc modus opoinndl
means bill one llilns?, ns wo nil linow—
a snmire alinko to all pooplb* at. nil
j tiroes
to      it      ,/
I Many peoplo bollovn llinl tlio rjiioa-
■lion of Hie Union l.nbnl is'n Inttor
day Iniiovnllon. No such Iden 'v.ts
B-vbiyso t'lir fetched qr mlRloiuHng. The
miit(er of tlio union llibol wns,discus-
amy mid. tulopind ililrly years ngo,
The prestige; It 1ms secured nnd 'the
vktork'*-! li lias won in 11 mnttor 11 f
Ilum. hiHiory,
. - *   *   *
U'liltu ih U,<_' iibHDiicb of color. Wlillo
-Denver, ' Dec 5—l£""is!,- announced'
'that'there'was' bbrh' in7 Deliver yesterday a powerful'rail way^-'em'-ployees'pr-_
ganization fo :be known"':as 'the., Rai,l:.
-.way'- Employees • Department' of the
American'-Federation of*.Labor '.'.witla
ten affiliated 'organizations as members.* H.!B.'Ephaihan was'elected pre-
The object is 'to,birng;'abibut''a-close,r
union" of' trie'railway'''employees and
seek lb afiilia'te'all'railroad organiza;
tions'-"with* th'is'*bne. -'■•THe-'hrst con-;
veiition is ,tb be-held In'TJenyerrand'
:it; is "thought'-'tliat 16'0,66o,;employees
-vvill'.be representee! by"the officers of,
the' 'following unions':
v; Freight' Handlers
' '■'Machinists'1"' '" ' '7 '*'• "/
•' -Car Workers/       "* *   :•':   _     ;
Blacksmiths     '      ...,".    . .
Railwa-j*; Clerks;' ''       ■   .   ^
Maintenance bf'.AVay Employees
' Steam'Fitting"'•' *' •"'",    .'',    ' ' '*■
.    ■ New Zealand.
-Are you contemplating .a, trip to
''   ■  • '    CALIFORNIA   '  ■
;   '    ■'..,       ;'    >-,   *-. ,
,".,   Or any Paqlfle;.Coast, Point?
Or is it a trip to,:' \ ,,  .*.,
W. R. Ross.K.C.     J.S.T. Alexander.
,,'''* ' ''■'".    s
Barristers and. Solicitors."
Fernie, B. C.
Winnipeg ;. *
St. Paul
.,.' Chicago ■.  -,
!"" 'Boston
• Toronto
in ,'t Montreal '
'New York
,i 'i 1
A-Movement Being Made to Have All
',.-,.-    .Nationalized • ,--  ,'■"'''
Or any'European point thought of.    ''
The lino,is.equipped..with'.unexcell-
ed first class1 cloaches,'..tourist•• and
standard sleepers, and dining ' cars,
coupled with safety, speed and com-
,.    "1 '  '    . "1  ,,'     r      .'  '._.l*    .J     1 rl"   ,1,1'
fort,       • • .   .    ,    r, .;.,.„.
"'■ For folders' and completp.-anforiiiat-
iou. apply to. R.,.,Reading,' Agent,* Fer-
w  ,    -•-       ....  .•■'.' I-
, '  c\.'-'. '•■   j't'i/ i-   ,;-.   •
-, ; '   ..Fernie, B;,C.,.j ■'. ,
7 A. McDougall, Mgp.
..."  .vi), 7 '.- -.,   •:• :, .--
M-aniifacturers of and Deal-.
.,' ers in'all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber ■
■i',7s -»r "v7:; yyyy,^;
Send us your orders
F. C. Lawe'
1 -.- "-'
I.  Fisher
1 I •. **. r
.*-,-• Fernie,,, B. C. ...
,, J. E,, Prcctpr, i;,   v..',
Distric; Passenger Agt
■ Calgary, • Alta.: "-   ■:
Secretaries of 1. Local; Unions
'   DISTRICT ?8 U.;M. *W. OF-A.,,.
7Winnipeg,. Dec. ;3-—A jconferenco
■of'the -goveVhm'ents.i of ;the three'western; provinces • 'of.<- Canada: will he
held at Regiiia shortly, todiscuss' with  p^'f.
'the"excciitive'of„ the'Grain'.Growers'!' '       .       '-'
association''the nationalizing- of ■ 'all i    CANMORE,
elevalors" in western Canada..   -''
BANKHEAD," No. 29: "James'Fisher
BELL'EVUEr.Nq.,   43i.,"Pred  Chap-
H, W..HER9HMER   ,
B. C.
Lumber   Dealer
All kinels of .rough and cU'esseel lumber
: ,'.1 .v. 1 i. I. .-'  -    .;
Victoria.' Aye.
.   !       -..    % '■   W        'l
'  . '     '-,' '-• '
•' North Ferni
:.-?;.  - ^w.-aV-connell"" ••■' *■
Pioneer Builder'ahd'Cotra'ctor of
1.. 1,1.,.    • -, ■    11 •■■• 1  '..:(!'.'.'
...      -.Fernifi "•  ... .. *   .-
M. A. KERR'& CO".
.  The sclie'-me is 'a'.big one involving
an' immense expenditure' inbuyingout
elevator'companies. .-.'.     ,v '.;■••*
■    .' :.,'■ .    1 if, s-   ■■ ''
\tt A'r." I ^^J_D a .Iiy-A a > 4^^.
V Ml-i—I IN~DAurvAiN O-
1887: A'.
,   :.    ,' 1. '
•J. McKin-
Said to1 Have Been Started by -Servia
and Austria .     "■',,.
ley of 1 he Himio-l'Oily, on I lie llnltn (H
ilili-s plnci'.        '■*,''
TIP' I'liltHl HtlitvP wf"> ■>>' ll mm t}t
two ii|), . ,
Dec, ;i.--An Inter-
-Muionni goit mtpu- w,l» ]!^tii  hy
iwrlii l>i**jB|(lPni.olo«h.:i:"«t «r •"'» "•
H. and Hoiinuir IKmriio ol 0>'rW>n on
, one Bldi- nml II. J-. Hoi'iloii, lmulei* of, |() also tlio cxproKisloi) of .nil Hint is
tlm i,niiMjrviiilvit','l)iii*tyi. In Hi*' Paiinil-I •.unjiil^iiid'. inn'. Wlillo-nicniiH also
Ion lion.*." of f'oinlnniiH niul fl. II. P«'i"-} ihn union liibcl   nml u   iiKiiiiiByllablo
 which-In H«'i*6Hti'|cti'il hi'Iiho iiiciihk
'•'-iiiillly and I'lt'lrnoHH. Aro you n
whito mini, und do youbollevn In wlillo'
principle*,*    Well then, do yon duly,
ac 11 while mini, ,
'     " *' •   * *        "
..Tin,' L'nloii J.iiljcl niiiy.lK! iih'millcd,
nml cQiiiiii'il nn a Hocniidui'y coiiHldi'r*
nllon but, b'1 us ui-k bow 'ninny nn'ii
live tlirlVlnn nn Hw< Hirciiutli of llio
I'nlon hnbi'l. wlillo iim iiiitciiHiH iu*o
ruiiiiliig nbout
Canri'dian Coal, May be'Admitted-Free
'    to' States ,  '
x," \  ':; ;-l   —-----^,. ,   _'      _
'Spokane, Wash, Dec.'. 8,—Congrcss-
■mftn.'W.'- W.-;r-liimphrovyidf1ln'J Jlrst'dlH-
'ti;ict''IirW(ifiiriiigto)r,'w1io''Ts In SpoU-
nno visllIng^J. E. liny, Ilciiteiiiint' go-
von'ioi; oloctf'niid Millard T, ITnrttion,
postmni^tor of Spoknijri, aiiuoiincod' It
!s" pro'brtblo Hint tlie'tiiriffon Can-id-
Inn coal will bo taken off nt. Hip coming session of' congress, nddlng:
JT don't know whuthor 1 will vote
for placing conl from Ciinadn on lho
free list nnd I do'not bellovo It will
mnko" much iTIffo'ro'rico' frliotlier jt Ih'
ndinltlod free or. not. Tlin duty on
ilrlllHh Cnlumbln cnnl was inkeii off
undor I lie Wilson bill nml ns n romili
I'otno of tho mliu'H In Wiinhli-gtan dls-
coiilliinoil opcnitloiiR und wn wero ob-
llp;ed to pny ns much ns when'thoro
wn« n duly on Cnimdlnii conl," ,
": Vienna1,' Dec. ,3.—According!* to• reports hostilities have broken out in
tlio'Balkans.-'A'body of Servians have
attempted to cross the Bosnian frontier-near Tyornik. Tliey were attacked by a force of Austrian troops nnd
'In"the fight'that^'followed if Servians
and 'three Austriansi were killed. No
official confirmation of this 'report is'
obtainable here or ,ln 'Belgrade.
  ,«!B».,, ■ , „ ,
», .1 ' * ,
OBITUARY  '.   " .
Tlio death' took 'plnco.)rathor unex-'
pcot'odly -'al "Cranbrook ' hospital on
Sunday' last, 2Dth .'Noyomber; of Herbert Joseph 'Fordlinpi, who .has been In
the employ of. tlie fi, .P7R. as ,car
clibckor mull nbpnt,- six woe.lcs ago,
when' ho con) riic'tod typhoid and was
rdmoved to lho above hospital. Tlo
ciim'o to Pernio from Uford, Esnox,
Eiiglnnd, about.' two .yciirs .ugo, nnd
wns vory,popular "with the othor ciii-
ploj'os (if the corapniiy.'      ;   "
Tlio funovttl.took plnco, at tho, Fornio
(iomoicry ui "J.SO p.m. on Tu-aadny, 1st
I'liHU, ui (.ended by .Mr.. Reiidliik, tho
ngont, and Mr- Tolfor, rondmiiBtor und
,lhe. freight shod nnd office Btnffs. Rov,
R. S. Wilkliifiim olTicInted,
.. COLEMAN, J-Jo,- 2633: W.illLam. Gra-
ham; ,;!MJ;   /.^      •.'. .i;-/.^'.,,,:' :
"•'CARBONADO','' No.'-2688:'' James He-
■-'      ■ -   1 .,-••. --   ;-.[ : --.-- -ir   -. -   -
witt._: •   •■ -.-;   ■•   ■, ■
CAR Dl F.F,. No. "'23S7: * G. :-H.V "^Gib-
sbn. ]     ■-, .   ;-.     '■   ;'   •••'•■• ;'•'
- DIAMOND CITY, No. ,'2587*. * Gborge
Prescott.     7    '      .■-''-'    ..     ]
.'EDiyiOf-JTON CITY, No.. 2540:'J.'H.
Crowe. -'     •   .'- ,•-',•'* .)Xf--' '••••■■' ■
FERNIE, No:"2314:'.Thos. Biggs. • ,;
,*-, f   ,        *    ' '  ' •' r,
FRANK, No.-1263:   Walter    Wrlg-
loy.     ''"'•    '■'•:-   ' ;';"" - •   '"•;   '
'■-   HOSMER,  No.,'. 2497: .J., D.    Both-
wick.   .   ,   ,     . - ' ".'.■*;' '"
• 'HILLCREST.-Nb. 1085: Hairy'Coo-
p'dr. ',*', ' '"'    ''  '   '   '"'  "'' ",
',,LETHBRIDGE,' ^o.... C74;.; filiarleff'
Peacock. .    ', ■ .1     ■••■ ■''■'■'" ...
Builders and Contractors,
Estimates Furnished.
. 1  ...,   ;;.I-.'-"*.'1
- I
AVe did.
.We are_ fiiing-jiiway-- at the
--.''oUVlmsjiiiefes   '■'■ ' ■*-"-
E/'A.'Iviinimier..... . ,,'L.O. Kumnier*
, ;■;,'• ,1'i '     ,< " '.• -*J> ;'.-!'*,*    » '
' Builders and Contractors
^.Estimates .Furnished
t. -.' 1       '   '      .*-f. I    , \.'   .i. 't,, , r    , I
. ir
LILLE,'No, 1233: J. T
7 '■ .  -   '. .-■' ■•• - •'■". '-'
J. T.. Griffith.
ner.' '
No.., 2275 —.J. D.
'2334':: Cliiirlc's    Gar
Of llio 42 iin'inborH of llio 1'eglnlu-
dim, how ninny will ;bo' fnimif mip-
polling* oIToi'Ih to klvo'ilio ),**.'>plii of
Pi'lncK lliipcrt tlio rlRht to M">* Uio
(ixporlinoiii ofllvliiK'.wlUioiit Alio Inn*-
room mid lu hIi1«i nlinclinnmt.     llw
Ar> mi Illustration of llio. expnridltig
bv-wiiu'HB of .Mr, II, ,!,._ IUii*ii*y,,ilio fui«•
most iiiirHcryinan. of 'WoHtorn Cnniwlii
It might bo liioiiffoiled Hint rtccutly
HlllinnciitH wero miido from his hciul
nirrHcry, liOlOWVntniliinler' roinf. Vim-
c'ouvor, to Sti'Gcorgo, llilriniida, lo
Cliltin nnd lo Uiilirny Cnslh1, tlio homo
nf.-Sfi* ■ Ariliiit* Mlddloloii, Nprtliiim-
bprliifid, Kiigliinil, Mr. Miiiiry n/ccnl-
Iy I'Ruolv'nil tho full order"fiiv ornnmrn.
,(nl trepn,! BhrubK itn'l vim}.* tor tno
I'liiprcsK liotil, Vlctort'i Thl» ordor
vii' HcciiKil 111 open «onii"-*''-f »ti Willi
MAPLE LEAF,iNo, 2820:*'H. Blako,
' MERRITt,'No.,202,7,;''Thomas Cal-
vort' .; \-       •'.   .   '..* .•.-:■. */. ,i-
METFORD, No. 2008: John :Currijii.
Dupon,' Uo(\ 4i)G, Utlibi'lelgo, ' .
- ROCHE PERCEE (Sask) No. 2672';
Lachlan.McQiiarrlo.   „ *   ,• ■
TABER,' No.. 102: JoBliiia Cr«lg. *'
TABER, No. 1050:' Win. Whito,, , '
TAYLOh'TON; (SasU.)  No, 20151:—
Lachhin Mc'QiiniTlo. ,
TAYLORTON,1 (Sank;) 'No,'2Bl!>:--
JOB,   TWlBt. '"'       '   ' ' . ' .
T.A3KER,, N. -0... No, 28C3*,— J. 13.
Lnnsborry,        . •. *•        	
WOODPECKER, No. 22119: William
I.OWO, " '   '     ' "   '
■';' '' ALBERT A -
', ..        ',    .    .4 .!     ,, 1,4.  ", ■••    ,->   '       .
Hosmer, „ B. C
Team Work and Dray ing
•   ■•*.■■•■ !•   * >:-  ■
Deaiers,Tn -Wagons,'' Sleighs,'' Dump
•1 X'avls', Spring Hi(J;s and Harness
"a.-■ i ;  :-.ii   - 'i ,.'  ".-,'    '.'
I)oitf-d,iuid Itornn, ,<!2',l.0()..i)e).'„ month
■ ,.  •       1 i« •■ -ii    ,' ' '"''
 ^-^-'!->ii '. •)'   • ■ *''"
Mrs. *Qcslca.*urcs,  Prop.
1      ,       ,    ,     ,     K(|iH'   ''*   |.   '"•', '..< .''•    ,   '      1' ''
.".i     *      -1    -I-
naclcod, Alta..
0. N. R0SS,i,Manager
Stoves! ; Stoves!
.-.*!       -, ,-        * ."   *l.    .1    •   I
Drop In ami seo 1110
ifiiuililiti*; room?     SS'III nttliuv Rohh of
|'*(iriilo,  Miickny of KiiIho,' Tnylor (if ','itm'ny oiiIhIiIo polntH. Tbo tot'iilVolRlit
Hi'Vi'lHln*-.., IMiitouk of CIoMpii, Hdio    of I Im idilpuu'nt wiih ovor I'oui'tiiii''--
^J..«.i,   W.-.-.5-..  I'"'   1    "J""1    n"
boon uh wc mo provlilfil with    fnlo-';
qiinu-  dock   fiicllltloH  on   the   Pacific
conHt wo nhnll lmv« 11 flont of Imttlcj
iihlpfi pc;nniiiiintly HtntlimciT on'' tl.o I
1'rtl 111*.*    "l»VVi!»li, ■»• •■■»•         -v
prim Ion of <i2.000.000 for two dry
dockH and wn wnnt. nnotlior, Wltli
that Incratwo In dockliiK fiicllltlcH tho
prcHldont will hoikI a fleet 10 tho Pnc
Uic nml It will never no buck."
rnnirrcHHrnnii W.    B. Hninphrny of
tlu> firm illstrlct   of tlm junto of Wn
||i.|d of Trnll, Rlllnmi nr.Vi'i'non. HHntr
ford   of   Hliiilllkimiooii,   Mainion      ,>f
l)«wilii(i,v,  niirord  of  Now  WoHlniln-
♦   *   * 1111 or, tiiirilcn of Vnncnuvi'i1, fhi« fomr
Wlioiher It    bo llio Allied Pi'llittMK [ uidTiiTicrH from Victoria, McPIi|III|jh of
Trml'-'H l.abo), iho (.liiiuieiil  Work-TB 1 tlio IhIiiiuIh, or llnywnrd of Cnwlcbnn
1     1    1       11..    m,,(N   T ii,n\   nv   nn»»   ftllinv    , .( r,,.t. 1    f,.,,„,    n,,.ti-    ,-,.
     '  * j I" -   ' ' Vj-''    	
('•Vnrni'tor   of lnhoMn«llrn*lv»'of-  n In-1 „p,„,,(„,,   d'^rlcm  ln  fn'vnr nf  t'ivfm*
Kltlmutc lnbor orKinil'/nlldii, i*i'cor:i!?.'<i |)10 Itpnpln nf Pr|iit'o Rupnrt iinmodl-
It,    Vou will prospiH* by ho tlo'.njr.     Into    wilf uoviirumont ho timt    thoy
m* •    ' ■! may lmvo n loual rlKtn to nbnlliili bur
! ■■,',.-■■ jroomH or prohibit .bonnlo (if liquor?
Gen. Roths 11 Patriot . ,,   t f., ,„  nr,y  ,),„«   ,,n„,v ^f .l|w,
CAPKTOW.V.—Ui'ii. Hothn, »|iuukiiitf|nil0vfi nnmoil would oiu1oi*hm such n
j-rrnbriMy tho Inpr«»hI Hliliinioiit evw
Hi-nf to a Hlii|Jit« piirclniHor 011 V»-'i':oil-
v-ir (filniiil, TIiIh is only, nnotlior In-
Htnnnn of tho pliciioiiitniiil develop-
mont. of tblK -rront liiilusiry,'   ',
at n biinijuot on .Siiiurday made n very
HtroiiK plea for union. Ho mild: —
"Thoro nro two (inuHtloim fucliiK uh.
Whnt (.'iiti wo tin for South Africa unit
what cull wo do for tlio omulro of
which W(/ form tt part. '   Tin* nnuwer.
iiii'iiiorlnl woro thoy nski'd fo lny It
bofor*. tlio Royoriimont,—-Prlnco t Hup-
crt Kmplro.
nlilm/fon, xx-hn Im Ninpplnif I" HnoUnno l« thnt wo mtim. unlto and utroiiKtbon
niii'lu- tho foruffOltiK ilecliirntJon,   nm] piinwlveii and thi- *ttlp!ro.    Tho pood
"With our nicrcliiint. marine built
roIntloiiH which oxIhI today will n*
tslht us In atialnliiB the* Ideal of  ono
up  no It would bo by Biili8lille»,.wc'ruutt«>il natloij."     7
will not he •rcmpeUod to pnrf-hnno and I    (lencrnl Uu \V«l. who propouud tlio
rlinr^p fnrnlmi **blpi for mo an trims- i auccoai of tho-convention emplinslitod
■ porta «ii<l collluw n» wo wero durtmtltlie ii.'ccsfiliy of n policy of ijive nnd
thn Bpimlith vi aw" \tnhe.
rilU'AHU—HlK Hen, tlm lloynl lion-
Kill tlK'>r of tlio Lincoln pnrtc zoo, dlod
Iuul (•n1i;ht of pneumonia nnd old «ro
at twenty yonrH of ni<o. Ho wna
broiiKlii to Chicago fifteen yenra oro
from Indian nml wna known aa tho
lnrRfHt hpi'dnn'it of IiIh kind In captivity.    Ho wna n'mnn oator.    >   "
The HoiiBon for ('oiikIih nud,colds Is
now ut limid and too niuoh onro cun-
no( Im tmt'il in *oi*(iff'rr tli<' rhtlilri'ti, A
child In much moro likely to contract
diphtheria or ucniiot fover whon bo
Iiiih 11 cold. Tlio quicker you euro bin
cold tlm Ichh tbo rlalc. Cliiimboilnlii'..
Couftli llfimedy l» tlio nolo mllnnco m
many motlieiH, nnd fow: of tliok* who
luiviiirliil ii aro wIIUiik in uhi* any
0,1 hor. Mra. V, F. fltnrclior ofltlplcy
W. Vn„ NiiyH* "1 hnvo nnvop uacd anything other thnn Clmmborlnln'a Coii-ib
Hpmedy for my children nnd H hnH al
wnya hIvimi «oorl Hntlnfnctlon."     Thla
,,,   - INCE. ■■■...    .  ■
WiniiipoK, Due. a.—On liia ruiurn
from n tour of Urltlsh Coliimbb., Col.
y. J*, tlordon,' retired, of London, anlil
ho hud nceompfthlnd Mr.' U. 'jlai'lioio,
oxociitlvo iiKuiit of lho 0. V. n? (0
llrltlHh t'oliimbln, to mnko 11 ropori iih
to wliotlior llrltlHh Columbia wan n
Rood plnco for retired rirltlali offleora
to HOttlo. "
Ho travelled nil ovor. Vancouver Inland m], tho fruit, growing, dlatrlcm,
lnclildlng OkiuiHKitii, Kootonay and
N'ulaon (HatrlotH. Ilo.wnB vory fnvor-
ubly linprnHHod nnd whilo hu did not
wnnt lo glvo hia report prnmiuuroly,
l,o oxpi ORROd tlio hopo to. Induco many
Ilrttlali offleora to Hottto ln nritloH Columbia nml on tlio .IbIuiuI, .. .Mrcndy
"' ' For yoiii* Mipply f,l'  '.,
I   .   ,   1 '       '  'r.       ' *1
Groceries, Dry Goods
Boots and Shoes
Hosmer, B. Ci
- Wc have the. cheapest and
best fine of Ranges, Kitchen
.'Stoves and'Heaters..'   ''
, New and Second-Hand Goods
I1      , ' '
Painter and Decorator
(Ilvo inn 11 I'liiinru on vnuv work
romoily cohihIiih 110 opium or othor
nnrtotic and mny Im confldontly kivcii j In Hrltlah Columbia thoro nro Jit.uiy,
in n i-bOd or nu ndult. For wile t.y 1 roitrtnl niiny offlcvra nulllfi1 (>u ><uil-
nll diugRUiH, fnrma nnd rancliM.
i^_^   ^_^   ^^^ ^ ^ T^fr'rA
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry GooOb, Oiocenti., bow* -wi S'uxm*
Genta' Furnlahlnrta
O, Ti' P. Otart on new Line.
.JVINfNJPEO.-rMondnj* marlcod tho
Innuguratton of tho flret regular pnn-
nongor and freight-servlco.'on Uio C.
T. l'..Ul,ww:tt Fovl. VVilKttia uud Lake
Superior Junction.
R.   Addison
l| ■ ■   '■ ;;      ■
Blairmore^ Alia.
Funeral Director
and Undertaker
i'% »msatmxmsmssiiBS3Sktim^
„   i-   7l.7«'f'i*-''-v''-  ■""I: '      > v 7-.v.--:*,:., *.- ••
Authoress of "The Princess PassQS)»"' «fhe Lightning
54,  *.Xonductorj!,'Etc., ^■-c>, , •-    V*V'-  -
as1 the handsome,-eyep.and^ps .smiled
faintly ih greeting, the girl:'gave a I
slifeht-/start of".surprise.'*    '■J'/
"Why," she. asked herself, eagerly,
"where have ■ I-seen-him, or someone
Exactly like him1,, only ;,a short',-time
ago?"   '"   .       '"■-    . -" '      '-
Copyright, 1906;Vby Mrs. C.^"M-jWJ[*JJam50ii.
"  " t.-'.it
Elspeth replied that she was to assist Mr. Trowbridge-from 6-o'clock un-.*
til,7'every evening,' unless—she added h-ather mischievously—lie '-.wanted,,
to lend*; lier services\to oi^e-*of''his-'
friends.-   ..■   >   ..*'7;.:-7:4....ii..^,7»*"*..■*
"Lend voir, to .*fl*ae qUIiir friends..,
echoed L*idv"'Arc!cliffeT; suddehly' in-aflutter of excitement.    "That means
Countess ,Radepolskoi." . She -paused
a 'moment, evidently thinking'- -very
earnestly. Then,1' with flushed' cheeka ■
and dilated eyes,-she went on j'"Look
.here, mv.dear.'I have-something to,
ask  vou.  Are you fond ,qf ,■■ jewelryr
Cut oi course you are.    All normal
young girls,are'. Now,--you1 'arc going
'to.hclp me.nicely ,with„iny work; and
3 want to give ,ypu-something-pretty
to*'encourage you. Perhaps you'havo
heard that I .have/,rather- aj.i\d vfoi*,
jewels, and own' a. great many: Now,'
I'm going to get n! box where: I 'keep
-my rings, and I will point out somo
from among which you may take, your
choice."    ; '"-,.,*.-  ,'/•'■' ••'•■'•
i'Oh, no,-- Ladv Ardcliffe,'**-please
not!" cried Elspoth'.'"Y.ou tire very
good, but'I couldn't-take such a present. I am paid by the management ol
the lioteb for'-all, I do .for you, and
less ''-miction. Tliis lias been' no place
to snusi-v jt.,;,j..have been eatingjmy
neart ov. ^.Uh n-,.; one ;t()- srieak to ns*
' ttimeucl—no'-oneo 1'-! w6uld>- have"""car'ed;
:>m B5*'Hs-l with. uV'such.'a^way-.'. * »•#'
..V}?: .J11.-^," mo-rreiit".j'ou .looked*, "up .intb",
'•^'k■'^-^yistc^dsi'V.I-'feli.'Hl-Le 'presence::|
0T'« R .'Hd*re''J - EViifitrL I -' want- to ■ have i
■'°Lfor a frie'r.d    May I'think of you
pji^.eo;. a'nd• ^-ot  qijite'r ati-\ease, -but
' i •IX^v{th;-, kii-dnefs in, her. )ieart( for
r ! -vniw- 'employe. ''She was 'very
far. tro^ gure-that'"s!ie was'su kindred
\Wr- W ,Mr,'. Grant's, but "she wa.;
1".!!?,- ^UiliS to' be> his .Mend.
,4 ;'".?■.,%l. you.' ■ Shako .hands upon
•!,'*lr* V'-'slie,;.,said...sejzins'tier hand and
crusnn\j, ■ it' ■,<•,*. lm*vd- -tiin-t she could
scarcely, ^ifjlin irom crying'out. "Re-
tore* i%g i m'ay test'your. friendship;
by  asi*;ing j,ejp  gujjjj  (ls onjy  n. wp.
m'l,n ,C(Xn Pivo. But I shall not make
sollibii, (lomtut[:ja ,l,^on jt/ -Don't fear'
that.,'-j Avii:it'.We friendship which
■>'.°ui j'U*e . promi?ed,-to promote your
iKlvant(lg0 n-ny E'.'v.mC2mont.i 1 can't
°/.!? a}}) how. at XJ& .moment, though '
.'at  I  mean  before
A" second ulance at, Captain-Oxford
assured Elspeth -. .that;,, deisp.i,te..;.the.
hauritinc likeness 'to some other 'face,
she hadTcertainly.never seen hirn before." He was riot a young man to be
easily forgotten,;'and the girl.did-not
■wonder that-he-had 'attracted*:Lady
.Hilary. Not only was he remarkably good - to look" at* -but !it- seemed
to her- that', with such eyes—bronze,
like his hair, and. only a fe-.y shades
darker than-his*'snnburiied' skin-j-he
'{must be honest-and sinceVe. ,If*.there
' were a mvstery about'- his adventure
r-f last night, she told herself-..that
it could be nothing oi which lie1 need
jeel ashamed. , ■■..-.-■.
■ Wicn Elspeth. had'.-been made acquainted' with'-'Cnptain* Oxford,* .'Ken-
nth lett them alone, and went off to
plav goH--)*erliap3, the "giTl thought
gn:K'rir.gly. wilii-..L*dy'Lambart'. - "■•■■.■.
•" Site* wrote two or three. short. letters, which she would not have judged to be - verv important, . and .tben
cnine a pause! "l}on*t you'think you
ought.to rest'now?" she. .asked,.:re-
«ioinberin<r Mr. Kenrith's instruction!,,
i '*Yes."'"tlie youn*: man answered..
"I'm not'foiu" to,aak-.-v.ou, to-do any
n-ioi-e lettnr-*. ♦'-• Ar/.  B *t*" be hesi-
interl. ■ iii-Jrl  PI
"Mr.- ..Grant - arid?-1 -suppose,   Mr/
McGowan' are; certain- it was.'';s-. .^-5.%>|
""I haven't told>,them everything:
I liave:iny'own"reasons.for not.doing
.so,"'.'said.Captain Oxford, thqughtful-,
ly.,' His, face .'changed to'sterhness as
he spoke; and' Elspeth .wondered if
she could have been mistaken after
all-in fancying him absolutely frank
■ and open. • -Suddenly- he- looked- like
a maii who 'could keep a secret well,;
/nnd - murht,'- have secrets of 'his *owiv.;
The' words that Kenrith had said before going .out darted back into Elspeth's brain,* "He lost a good deal of'
blood." What, pf the ruby, drops that
had fallen' through the crack in' her
ceiling,- froiji .-that/, mysterious . place
above,' 'inhabited "by. ho one ' save
ghosts—the rubv drops that had stain-";
■ ed„thp face, of the,.boy. in the.sketch,...
But' at-the',.thoi.£fKt':of' that- sketch,
somethine which- had been, puzzling
Elspeth '.was-ma'de-, clear. The likeness which'-''had so - bewildered her
was"-between'Captain*ps.ford and the
bov'in the portrait.'1 ' .,
. .it.Jwas',npk.s.d iT,oti.ce8ble..Jn-p^v,,.foi;,
the'ybinie' nian' was looking grave to
sombreness,.while the face of the. boy
was bricht and sniilii;*: still  Elspeth
could' see"U,v*i'--'d* it "wj>s "marked on-
ounh to seem rather odd.    But," after,
all",'what could it nitan?,. TJ.e boy:,
wlio was..bv this-: tinic.eitlier,.ji.u'old.
•man, or "de'nd. hid* br'en one-of, tht-
siune tvi'ie with Captain Oxford, per-
.'Itopi'. tioT. an-.'ostrnordinnry  one,  a.-
' though che had not happened to, seoj.
Vo,.-,, niv.oro' efivn'these "two.   She was-
start, feajirife'.thsit'slie had"hiis'se.d.her
he.tt appoifttinent:' but il'was only
half-past five, aii'd ten minutes later,
with   smooth "hair and - bright ,wyes
.J.r.-.sis i,«n»s
. .  -t\\i.\',,'i.
'/.veil suddenly he spied on ■ the tabic
aear Elspeth's .elbaw.i-.tUe, book wlm-h
.Lady, Hilary had*'givent her. / 'Ihe
folded1 paper was visible between the
-'pages, and at'siaht of it Trowbridge's
her.;>hour oi   wdr.c -with -M'r.   Trow
bridge. , She, did not' lilie,hiniimuch
.houghtflashed -c— -
Mr.   Trbwbi-id*-l:a1.,i,*Pvh"PS. .suspeqie'1
"   ' an the' poem
"Yes, there'is Something,';,,rhe si
''I—my friend; Mr! Kc'niith, told
f'Ah, but there is something else I
want-you-to-do, ns n-great favor to
me.-somethin-z- the-, management -has
nothing to do wiih, and, w,ill .hear nothing about, if you are the' nice, sen
sible girl -1 take you for," broke in
Lady   Ardcliffe. ,"Yoii',needn'ti*hesi:;
tnti:  to have, the.ring., and   perhaps
another-Uttle, token later, on,-if you,
use me-'t'iod'. i\)'r>xou;-.\yil,l, have ..earn-,
ed them.-Don't look so anxious
only quite an .easy -thing 1 .want you
t,.>.do, and it won't intertere \vith nn>'
dutv.. All   I  ask is that* you-will-tell
me .'it: Mr. Trowbridge .writes any love
Letters,-of.' iii'deed.-letters of any kind,-
to'"women, oi   it when with him you
hear or  see  anything  which    makes
you- suppose he."cares about Countess
Radepolskbi." -""'  : "     ■' '       ''' -
""I couldn't possibly,"   Elspeth   re
plied  in  hiiote. - "I'm  sure-.you-are-
speaking thoughtlessly,. ,but..ii,,J7di.d
what vou ask I:should be a spy, a
very'mean spy, and I should deserve
to-be discharged.',',,.,,    - ,,'...''      >>•■;..
' ,"0h.: dear!"  exclaimed "Lady.•?Ardcliffe, distressfully",*'-"such- -;an * - idea-
never occurred to'me. .Of .course, . I
would .'not. have asked you'lf it had.
Please forget that 11 did.    But-, you
shall see "my jewels .'some day^in.arty
o'ii'se; now, if" you'jlike" \   r-1,'-^"--'
-"Hadn't'we-"tieue*f,get bn'with your
work?" suggested Elspeth. "We have
been talking for half ah'hour." -.*./ -■
' But" Lady   Ardcliffe protested  that
>'ou ..Vtll  know
:0?,8;UV ..:,.*       ,.'."•-   ""•".   - ■ ■'
-.-*i  .°,^ • are  very'good."  reniied  the
-y** . Mint you "haven't tbl'd  me yet
wnetnt^,.  j  nm   wniltcd  ior t!.e_sparej
^■"^•.VCtt'TuiH..beforeT^^O'^-^ ;  ./
■ G'^'-Vt, seemed to wakS'frbm'-'a'fever*-
[B|'.cl,Xmm   "Yes—yes!"-"-'he said.'.'-"I
.md   <orj:otteri    Captain   Oxford—the
A1*'1.1'-'-*• „tqld.'yoji. 'r.boV.t this morning—
'•^ ,s*inl ib   know "wriether'there   is
any o^ wj10 01iU-.w,.jte from.,his dic-
-''- 0I\a fe,w -letters „wl|ich--.he'is.'.v-y
r       "-s in atst off as soon as possible-.
.. j suppose you ,will have to go to hirh,
■ U-iou-r»h f j   don,t  qui-tc. Hke jhe  idetu
' .j.pd.'I'suggested "to-Mr. McGowan
'-'■'!, I might do what was wanted,
t- on*3 thinks he jias some, work which
tl *«     'n°hody'else, must doforhim
, afternoon. Rather ' inconsider
I*,-' t ..call it.' However, patience is
?n* \ord for,the .present.' Everything
may "be -vc,.v' different soon. Captain
,£XIPl*d has a little- room opposite Mr.-
'-^^^ith.'s;;. and Mr. Kenrith—who is
51 tu^rid.bf his—hiis'l'ent'him that hand-
50m.<s sitting room which you saw this
.•fP^ing. .Captain '.Oxtord has been
1 , ing" over, there' for! the .afternoon,'
ancl;'it is '{o.-be^at'-his "disposareach
after lunch, as often as he likes,
•3' he's 'on tKe'sick" list."' Ve'fj' Kind
•.t/.i  tciit'.. up, the; ser.-
,      ..    .     •     ...     ;     .-''.< *0' '
Hence where it broke'off, inquiring if
there were anything further that she
20uld do .tor him. - *
he said,
•,'bu traveled up in |.h'e.same carriage;
with him* yesterday,, and^with Lady
'Lambart aiid her"daughter,';
> Elspeth's eyes' brightened, 'she know;
.yhat would please Jiim now, and did
not see any wroii-; 'in doing it.   "Oh,
/yes," she answered, "it was so crowded, they' put  me - iri; 'first-class;. and-
L'ady -Hilary- Lainbart-was  so .sweet"
about it.   I never-saw. such-,a lovely
girl-as she is, and I am'sure' sho is
ns, nice, as'- she is beautiful.";
•   Captain   Oxford's   face   lighted   up,
arid   he   smiled,   showing" his, white
teeth. ' "You are very quick in forming yoiir 'impressions, evidently," -he
said.   ".But I believe in-the kind of
admiration that begins at first sight."
"So do I, and.love, tod," .said P.ls-
pe'th. "If I w.ere a man I should have'
fallen-*in love "with Lady Hilary Lambart at first sight.    As it is,' I would
do anything I .could to please or.help
her, and I told her so this morning.",
'"What?'   You've' been   talking' together, this, morning? ! I was going to
try-and. pump .you,  without .letting
•■you>find out what.I,.was doing, but
'now I begin to see'it isn't'necessary
ito'-do "that.""    '- •   '      •   ;i -   ■- '
■.•-c"It- isn't 'a bit,!', .laughed' Elspeth;
"if you: really, don't mind.my saying
"ajl,after lunch, as often as he likes,
w,mie' he's 'on tlie'sick" list." Very Kind
ot %. Kenrith', I call it,- quite un-;
^•r^ssarily.;, kind.- Anyhow)-that is,'
]*YneVe, you will   find ■ the interesting
inv*\lia-,,     •    .;-,,;,.;   f(    ,- .   -.   -   ; ,
•   .l\ere .was   bitterness-   in   Grants
?, ,S- niid it was clear to Elspeth, as
so.'     .     ,   ■    . .-"*•■ ^
•, '"Mind?'- Why,aiow that I know-you
.are'such-a stanch.'alley of * hers, it
will simply 'be paradise to have a'
chance, of talking, .about, her./,Do tell
me, since we've come down so quickly
to 'bed'rock,' as' the Americans say;'
liow- did5you find -out- that I cwas in
• ■ ■ -        -r       . tt -, _    _.     T U ...+ D*'
had worked herself into'quite, a'nervous state, she said,'arid would feel
bettor if she chatted quietly! And- so
she did chat, though scarcely.quietly,-
about not'5only her own affairs, but
tlie affairs of everybody else of any
importance  in   tlie  Hydro.  She told
Elspeth that Lady Lambart was horribly in debt, that wherever she went
duns rained upon her,,and'that "poor;
pretty Hilary", le'd a terrible life with
such   a   mother.   Somehow'or'.othoT,-
however, Lady Ardcliffe went on, confidentially ,■ Ida' Lanibiirt had contrived   to  fascinate  John   Kenrith,    the
Lancashire  millionaire,  whom everybody liked so much.' He wns an exceedingly clevor man, as well ns a
elmritnblo  and  n  good  one,  but ho
had  not been clover enough,', apparently, to pee through  tdn  Lambart,
Peoplo  woro  saying  that she  would
sooner or later, succeed in becoming
Iuh wife, and of course it would be ii
dorious thing for her, as well us" for
Hilary, if sho should bring off such a
gront coup as that. Still, tradosmen
woro not confident enough of .hor ultimate success to ■ trust her, in   tho
hopo of future  benefits    whon   she
should ■ have  scoured  the  rich 'man,
and thnt lookod rather ominous, as
tradosmon hnd such nn extraordinary
•harp scent, * ■< > •
Elspoth folt very guilty to sit hearing thef-ifi inlimnto dotiiil:-* concerning
Lndy Lniuhnrt nml poor Lndy Hilary,
and, would hnvo been glnd to stop
Lady Ardcliffo if she could, although
■<ho could not help bbing interested.
It would have huen impossible, howovor, for n person in hor position to
diet nlo precepts of propriety to ono
in Lady Ardcliffo's and nil*; had no
nllornntlvo savo, Ic listen, till hor
!io'.*r wns at an end,
Sho had boen told, when sho had
ilniflhod work with Lndy Ardcliffe, to
■nturii to Mr, MoGowim'a room to
lcnrn whether or no 1hu tlinu lolt
>jiun for extras wiim to bo filled, Ah
dp was nbout to enter, tho door wiih
nponod abruptly, nnd Mr, Tro\vbridp6
vmo out so Hiiddenly thnt Klttpoth
had to Htarf hack out of his way, Ilo
'luggod hor pardon, and hurried on,'
nit alio hnd timo to notico n look of
iNtroino Hiitisfnctlou on his IiiuhIhoiiio
"Ho' Inm  porhn|B ifot'Rbmo favor
it of Mr. McGowan." thought tho
but Mr.    MoClownn    wiih    not
., , 4,. ,„1U 1U „uo w^ar'to Elspeth, as   jovc- with", Ladv Hilary Lambart?.'  ,
. 1 M begun tb.be earlier in the-day,'    *-'Shall'I toll"all the truth?""
y.^'..the1 .manager's, assistant did not' ' "why- nfnnnrsn.'-y '""" j.7_
.^Captain 'OxfordT   This, .for some;      At this" encourncement1 Elspeth pro-
pory*erse reason, made her, the more ,ceeded to ewe' Captain Oxford,ii short'
"V'.lous to see, the young man of whom-   sketch of "the journey; bow she. had
3110 had hoard so.much, that was in .      .   .      »»
'^sting nrid even mysterious, It
10 "tiled, therefore, that whenever'she
*ve,Vt to Mr.' Kenrith's  sitting' room,
Mil)) I
thoro. Mr, Juiiioh Grunt wiih nlono in
tlm room, Hitting nt IiIh own dcml,
with n bundle oi impem in his hand;
lio Imd nol tho air, howavor; ot having beon nt work with thorn, Evidently ho wiih laboring under hoiiiu Htcong
oxrltotnent, which at night of K1h-
noth, ho used all hiH HoU-contiol to
hldo. Hut, he could not conoonl tho
ilmliing ot hU llngui'H thnt.fumhlod
norvouHly with tho pnporH, nor tho
dnoU'ot red which hurncd on his rather high clioek-ljoiiort,
IV...... '.\,  M .-ul- fin-*.v thn*) Mr
to nnnoy
«ibly nritioising huiuc 	
mnnncomont, with iiiHolonco, which
Mr. Grant, an nubordinnte, had nol
■ liaen able to recant. Sho felt Rorry
I for thn tnnlo youn-? man, nnd Hmllod
at him in n nwnci. mihi in\-\ni;> f,.-.'.,
nn tha nuked It thoro watt nny work
(or her to do between three nnd four-
Ho did not anRwor nt first, or, ovon
mom to hnvo hoard hor -luoBtlon,
MioitIi hi-*, eycf* woro llxod intently
"pnn her. ns il ho would hnvo spok-
\n\i   -----   I.,   n   .aattttnu
I taint to Iuir4 i/iiufor a friend,
■    ,       , think nf no ii so'/" "'
Jfto was doutlnod to loolrforward with
.'loro  ihun  ordinary interost to tho
^yontB tliut uwnitud hor on tho othor
"hie ot the door,   .
What would ho bo liko, thin young
!mm   who  loved  Lndy  Hilary  Linn-
J'M, and was loved by hor in return;
,Vlio Imd begun' lite nnn foundling,
hid nindi) a onroer for himself in tlio
'h'my: who Imd won John. Konrith'*'
VlmuLdiip nml'loy-il iidiiilration; wlio
{ViiH Inbullud "dungorous" by Lndy
Unibiirl, and bitterly dlfllikod * by
'tiimoii Grant? •    *
.TIiIh wiih tho thought In' hor.mind
Ui hIio tupped ut tho door ol Mr, Kon-
'ith'H  Hitling  room,  lor  tho suooud
.Mmo that day.
'' John Konrith hlniHalf oponod it, and
■iomohow Hho hnd tho • oonv[oli«r*—
5*niinultod though it might havo boon
iu n mere typewriter—that ho was
hroRont for her Hiiko, to introduce her
to Cnptnin Oxfoid and put her nt hor,
IUh flrrtt wordn confirmed tho im-
preatiioii, ' "I ^iui In boforo kooplng a
t|olf ongngnmont, to hoo it you woro
horo, oh I hoard you woro coming,''
ho nxnlnincd.' "My frlond, Captain
heard his name' mentioned, by Mr.
Kenrith; how'Lndy Lambarf'hnd not
seemed .pleased with the news that' he
wns staying at Loehrain Hydro; nnd'
how she (Klspeth) had fancied from
tho look on Lady Hilary's face that
her emotion was very * different.
"I- didn't .try  to\ listen,"  the;.girl
apologi7.ed,'-"but I could't help being
interested, because it-seemed such a
romnnco, nnd Lady Hilary" isT-uch an
ide'nri.ei'bino"' for' a loW'story'."" ""•■•",
- 'Bless,her, I should think she was!",.]
exclaimed .the young man.', "The only
hc-roine poksible, for a love, story; of
mine-.-even^ifil wore banished 'to!some
' far- country, and knew, that I could
hovar seo ..her ««ain.    She' knows <l
love her, of 'cou.ise, and I do think
she likes mo n'little, but 1 am afraid
she will never ro i^ninst her mother's
wishes,  nnd  marry me. - Perhaps  I
oughtn't, oven to wish it; for sho is
so .lovoly, sho  could  have anybody,
and I'm a poor man, heavily hnndi-
enppod in mnny ways,    But T can't
rise to such heichtH of unselfishness."
"T'm suro she would luito you to
rise to thnt," said 151«peth, absolutely
on Oaptairi Oxford's aide'now,'J
"Do tell mo why you think ho—o^
do ynu only Bay it to bo kind?"   <
• "'I think so, heciuiBo of gomothlna
thiitliiipponod thin .inornintj."     "And
thou eho told him how Lndy Hilary
nml boon iih, one struck with a blow,
■hn .hearing from tlie gossip of Lady
Ardcliffo that ho hnd been dangerously-wounded.   Shu told'also how sho
hnd, managed to L'ivo tho girl news
of tho ronl Rtnto of his lionlth, 'whon
(iho hoard of it from Mr. Grant,
"You ronlly dr nuom to havo boon
nt horo by Providence, Miss Donn,'!
CldUmuit'hnvnHald'soniothiiiBl.Vxtord, met with nn ugly adventure
.'bri thp nmnll room In n reatloRH,
•,«mls vk.iv.UkcaDiinliti-iUnnr.im..
"    oin  i'l»d you  have c-me-glm
at"'\VVre you wanting mor" nh-s In-
,V«y£-mo. 1 «»•»« ' Bm Bl*(1 y0ll
h,y, Jn* to Loehrain.* I mi not
I BJ,,,* !«::. t rm a man wttu U*4Ud.
and was Hhot iii tho arin—of nourHo,'
tho arm' that had been hurt'boforo 1
That'B UHunlly bo, Isn't UP Ho won't
bo ablo to liolp liimnnlt tnuoh tor a
•!.;y .j.* ii*. j, t.':".'"!! !•'•• the loft nrm
(or lio hits lout a good deal of blood
and In rathor woak. 1 think you hnd
hotter not lot him dictate many lot-
.torn thin afternoon; nay throo or four
lit mont; and I'm mire he'll llston to
your advice, and' rout afterward,
though ho dooi-n't liko play Inn invalid. Now como and'be Intr-vlm-wl.
S,.'o, there hu iu on the Hofn over,
Kotirlth lod Klupoth acrotn tho huge
roh'm toward n oom(nH«blo MOfn, pilod
with cushi-jn.-) among which could b*
seen the back of a mnn'u hond—a
Well-shaped bond, thickly envorod
with . cloHo-cioppod, rippling hronza
hnir, In anothor moment who »aw
tlio .faco, which Jurn-'d toward her nn
nil** rrt-i;.*oadied, at Kourltli'B sldo, and
Hiiid Captain Oxford, hnlf laughing,
half Borious, "Of ooiuho, you guessoa
why I asked thnt I mipht hnvo you
to writa lottora for mo'r ' *
1 "Ynu hopod thnt, iih I hnd Boon
Lndy IIi In ry, you might gut mo to
talk about hor, nud that Is junt what
hns hupnoncd."
■ "Vou have guocKod ri(jht.   1 thought
you would,' And I nhouldn't wondor
If'Konrith guoHsud, too,   Ho ndmiroa
Lndy Lnmbiirt vory uuieli, but ho \i
ngaiiiut lior whoro I am conoornod',
ito didn't know till yoHtordny  thnt
dio dlHiipprovod ol mo iih nn iic'-unlnt-
unco for a woniiiii with a marringu-
able daughlor, though' If ho weren't
rnthor unworldly in somo way**, ilo-
•ipito  his KhrowduosA in otliurri, Iiq
iuitsht havo guoHwid how it would he
with her.    Uo hni) too much mnnny
hiniHolf to earn about whothor othors
have it, or not, or ovon think of it;
but  Lady Lmiihii't  hn»  vory littlo,
iinfoituniitoly tor mo, othorwlHO she
"would jiorluip.'* not mind no rnuoh, Ai
it lii, Iih sure eho would havo thank-
t'd  tlunvon  devoutly, lt 1  had  been
killed Inst night out b( horj daughter's
way toruvur, moUiiul ul juoi wl..h-4u<
n) il Inbl uji it)T n dny or two," ',
1 KlRpoth sliuddorod, "It dooBfi't mot-
tor »o much to you about what «h*
JcuIh," Hiiid the girl, "But do you
really think that It was a ponohor who
shot you by mltdnko for a kooporf"
"Vn T'm r-(»rtnit. it wnn not." '■
iuiy otiiers',, save' these "two
iuilf-inelined io spea!-: of the pencil
led', DO-rtrnit 's'he' 'bad', f'-iuiid',' -Wit 'she
did not .wish "to, bo. called upon at
present for'an explanation of tin-
pink'stain, ns sho probably would be,
if- she showed the sketch, to Captnin
Oxford.       , .'. ,■..',  ,;,.!'
. As she mentally compared' the real
features * with »the->pictured -features,-
the young-man-spoke again.,  "Nntur-.
ally, Mr. McGowan - would prefer to-
.think that. I had been attacked. by ■
some poacher, while'straying-about
in lonely places, .where.I,had no business' to 'be 'after' dark'.    Any* 'other,
idea'— any   more   sensational ■'idea—"'
would be bad-for the hotel.'ln-.-
.   "Why?" asked Elspeth.
"He,'wouldn't' like to hove it said
that there were thieves and murderers
lurking,..about.    That.' sort  of  thing
.would  probably   keep a "great"many
guests  away* from  the Hydro.   - The
sort'of people .who'come here .don't
want adventures." 7     '.'•',
'■ "But.do you,, think it was a thief
who attacked  you?',' -the  girl  impulsively asked. •    '*
* Captain Oxford laughed. "I've nothing  worth   stealing,   and   everybody
who knows' me, - knows that.   Otherwise,  the  whole  affair    might have
been   almost ' worthy. of  the   Underground Syndicate—if only it had come
off a little more successfully."
Elspeth looked blank. "What ir.-
the . Underground Syndicate?" she
asked."   ■      .    *'. ,       '- ;
"You've never heard of the Underground Syndicate? Well, I- can't tell
you precisely what'it is.'or even, whether it exists. And if it does, .that
probably, isn't its own name-for itself." -■••' ' .. ' .'■ ,. ..'■-.'
'-."It sounds rather vague—tot "very
.mysterious," said'-Elspeth.
,"If there is such' an association as
the Underground Syndicate, it is very
mysterious—so' mysteriqus'that it has
•land .Yard  in»particular,- for,years.
It's," supposed,  you know, to  be  an
cssociati on- banded, together to- com-,
mit' crimes for important clients who
don't   wish  to 'commit them   themselves.  Several farjwu murders have
oeen set down .to the account of. the
Underground   Syndicate,' but  though
.there   have  been'  clues  and  traces,
there have never been enough to help
the police to mnke arrests,. or even
actually suspect any one person, They
hiive, as it'-were heard stirrings behind  a veil, but the veil has never
been lifted.    Now, if L were a very
'rich  man with millions to leave to
relatives, or if I  woro in any one e
way, I should sny to myself—because
of 'certain things that hnvo happened—
|Ahn. the Underground Syndicate hns
put ,ii black' mni,ki opiiinst my name.'
But'"thcro is  absolutely- nobody  ox-
. copt  Lndy • Lambart—who  would   be
tho hotter off for my death; nnd-poor
Lndy Lambart, even if she wero prepared to go to such lengths to wipe
.out a would-be  son-in-law,  couldn't
afford to pay the Syndicate's prices.
Thoy charge thousands, bo the story
goes.   And. thoy are vory-rich—according to tho siime stories—-tor they often bring off big coups, on thoir own
nncount, such as rnlinvinL' pooplo of
their jewels,    I  often wnni   KonTith
that he hnd bottor look out."
1 "It Rounds too extraordinary,"said
"T don't  bc'lisvn  there  is such' t.
syndicate ronlly, do you?"
"No, I don't," replied Cnptnin Oxford,   "Ar you sny. it is t/.o fitntnHtie,
Pooplo will 2'?1 up nny theory to an
count for crimo!' which remain' myh-
•oi'Ior;  and  I  believe  thnt rathor  n
lonsatlonnl morning pnper is respoiiH-
llio for suggosting the idon thnt thore
wiih n syndicate.  Aftor n murder that
bullied tho polico last yenr. tho editor
pnhlMind  n   i-cri*-*!*  of  extraordinary
anonymous lottorw thnt servod tho object of nonius t'm iHHi'QH in which
the;* nppcnrrd   it' no othor."
,/.'l thlri moment, tho resident doctor
appeared to sou how his paliont win-'
getting on, und Khpoth was baniHlicd
fr'nn thu room.   It wiih now hor hour
of freedom, nnd hIio wiih glad of it,
for' hIio had much to think of.   She
want to hor room, whom ton wiih Himt
to hor, nnd rested luxuriously on tho
nl'.l-fiishioneil sofn.   Whnt n wonderful dny It had beci*. she tlioimht. More
iim! happened  iu It, than  happenod
In wmil-H in liur old London life, where*
ono dny told mini her. nnd sho forgot
whothor it wiih Moiidny or Snlurdny
Rile denied to hnvo boon |iluii(.'od In
tn tho mldHt ot tiiimy livoH, nnd tr
liitvo hoiiiu inlliieiie.), lnr-jn or miinll
upon ench ono/   It was nlinos! iih V.
sho.  nn iiii-lfulllennt  young  gir
Trowbridge's' si.
him deep iu tnlk withiLadji Hilary. ' He
was .-leaning far forwiud in his chaii,
his q'bo.vs on his knees, lost to every-'
thing but his interest in tlie!hc,nutifu!
gii;l who. listened with a'n indifference
which"she- did not,try,".to ,.hjds.'»:. Hi*?,
back;.- .wols- tuVned., towards , Elspetlj,
'but L'ady Hilary saw hei-, and'with a
*--wdi*d  to"' Trbwbvidsre,' which' 'lilspeth
did  not-hear,   sprtui'i, ,up   and* gave
' the"' young: stenographer., p. .look .which
-snid—'.Come to me." .   '.        ,  . ,x t.
The-two'ijirls met''half'way across
'The  hall',* and  Lady   Hilary'''handed
>Elspeth •■n book. ■ "A•"■pretence,"  she
..said  hurriedly,   ''Opent,it-.nnywherp;
and \ve ^yil'l.seem to be talking about
it.   Now; have* you teen'him?    Mr'.'
Kcnri|h -liappene'd "to"liiention ' you
-were ?oing-to writo for him this after-,
There i was
... ■■ •■■.' i   •,".
no  need  to  sp?"'-; the
Elspeth   well'knew'who  wns
-   by ,"him,"**dnd 'rilio' dbubtqd
^ery niueli that Mr. Kenrith hnd ■'■happened'.' to .?penk. . ;.,.-, ,j> .  ., ..,,
"Yes," .she answered,, as lier head
and Lndy' Hilary's .were' bent 'over
tbe book. "He 'or'Iy' wanted- me be;
cai'se be'had hcnrd"'thflt. I'd-traveled
■in" the same carriage -.with ,yous and
hopod I could be cot to talk about you
t-i'him. He,confessed that after I'd
been in the room !a" little while. Oh,
Lady Hilary, he worships tyou; I do
"wish I might take the liberty of,saying " something"      ,    •       .   * - • ,
'. - "Say it, , ouickly. It won't be a
liberty." " 7 ' , *•■■',■-
7 "It's' only that I do' hope'nobody
will persuade you; to-give him up,
because such n love cun come but
once in a life, it seems to me, and"—
"Hush! Here cotn'es"that Mr, Trow-
idge,',"whispered La'dy'Hilary. "Oh,
he is most oppressive.'   I wish Lady
layi at soin<ji-di'ii.inf;e.tijom .his,
his wrist was ey^or'ed'for an inch or
two bWond tlie *c*:f, niili' Eljpe*h paW
n> very' odd   thins.   Just   above   tho
wrist-.bone,, he  wore n braceje^iio'
the padlocked |)?.nsl'e which some men
I'fect, *to i'l'fr^i f7!ov?'-s'ecre't,,'but n'
flat "band of s?'-d*?ot -with pearls, and
turquoises,, and. fittins so closely ^at
it'-pinched ■,tr)iei f'-'in' ns ,fiy* /town as
'•,1*. .hand, int.o little'folds.   Above tbis
bracelet'the   arm ' whs  eovered  with
white 'kid;">*like n'.woman's1 glove, and
the   junction 'between}.this, and,:the
flesh was masked„by' the band of gold.
Eor the fraction' of  a second  EU'-
peth. forgot'herself,'aud stiiCed; Wbe-'
ther Trowbridge-noticed.the direction,
(■•flier  eyes,   or   whether-he   meiely
remembered aftei  nn instnnt' of selt-
forgetftilness ' tliut  h.e   had   been   in-
tiisc.-'eet,   the -effect    was   the. same.
Flushing .,darkly, .he. drew, bnck  his
Rt-'m, 'and the bntcelet.nnd wluit wns.
above it were once liiore'. completely
hidden by his sleeve.    *' • '
-   '  l 1 • x
-     -      -' CHAPTER' VI:: ■ •    .    *
*nd'loose, his face clear' and white
ui the stream ot"1 moonlight,1' wnich
tell tull upon it. .Omy ior a breathing    t
space  diu  Elspetti'a uyes,- n-uu - tue  ..
e\es of this apparition meet and hold
2a'eii  other," lor',  wmiout*' a    sound,
soeniingly without a motion, save one '**
gliding step br.ikwaid.-.the tall.form ;
vanisned  non.  sig-.it," as' ii  tne sha-•*
dows—n'o'moiv e*tiifcrcal*fthan-itself— f
..ua .swallowed it up. - - .
. Stiff  and straight the    girl    stood
M.i.nig ui. the spot where-it.nad been,
•'itien,  when she  reeovoied from the
dipt shock,   hair  tenor, half  amaze-
UKfit, she- wcriit, uiiateadily und sbiv- ■
aiing, as if with cold and weakness, *
<iciv,.-;s to the table lo light lamp and ■
.candies.' All the while she could see."
t,ue whitq face'in its halo' of moon-;a
light, us plainly',as if it had ■ been ~
pilot-')?;apned   upon   her   brain;    tlie1
fliie forehead,"the straight brows, the'
brilliant eyes, yes, more clearly than
Ihe ivst, those un lb'ly brilliant eyes.
'Hot* -oNvn" "breatlvlnff frightened ~'h*-Jr,.''
and the knock, knock of her   hea'rti
against hor side, until she had go£ .
a .)iglit. .Then,it wns. more, horrifying •
to iind the room empty, save.for herself, than it would have been to see
•tins mini where hrf bad stood before. ■
It die, were a in an of flesh and blood;-
be would" have bkni'-' there still," she
said, for thc* di>,n was shut and lock-
sd,' and it would bq impossible to enter or escape tliruuirh'a  window,  It [
must be, the'jriil  thought',    that    ii
gho.;t Imd  co:i).: to  prove to an  »i-'
b'jlicvei   that svci  things  were.  And
yet—u'.'.d  yet—.-he did  not feel as if
she* bud seen n ghost.  Besides, why
should, n ghost hnve seemed- startled
ut pikIu of heri' Sjrely there'hnd. beon^
n lob a of (lpprebft'.isiuu and alarm on"
Ihet palo face, with its frame of dark
l-vtad. n^ tin- Iviliinrtt eyes had found
hers.    And then, there -was another
qvostion.   Why  should   a  ghoht  look
like Captain Ot'tord: disguised in a
dri**k wia nr.-l bjn*.d? -
Klupetb  baled  to  ask  herself  tbis,
lor sue wished to believe Captain Ox- ■
I    Elspoth, had .'Lid   very  little  time
j dining lior first ciiiy at Loehrain Cos-
tie Hydro to-brood over her own af-'
fairs."    Those-of  other  people-had
proved . still,   moro    absorbing; .und   — —	
dwelling upon them had prevented her to.-d all trial was noble; and-yet there
from giving" mucV'ntiention 'to the was .ft land'of relief in the-thought
mystery of the'nisht's disturbances, turn the drungc vsitant. might have
But-when darkness .came agam,.-and bveii ho, b«mt upon some mysterious
-*.--__.i .,;„i,, i,„,i +„ •,,„ tat.(t(\ in the   errand to the haunted tower
i uere ■ weie   secret   entrances   to
rooms in some old ho ises—secret en-
a second night had to ,bei faced in the
tower voom, eveii the rbjnantic love
troubles of Lady Hilary'Lambart and
Cnptnin Oxford .faded into the background of her.mind.- The one, absorbing question was whether a trick had
"eally been'played upon her, or whe-
iri spite of her firm conviction
Ardcliffe   hadn't  introduced,,"him  .to I , 10,V "' ",""" ":,■ .... .
mother. I'm afraid-I'm' going to have' ^ f™»t,a7/ he,re ^eve such things
trouble with him.'" Her voice chang- i *™ S1>'»t8..^«h. h°lV'ted, ll!sifs. °»
ed suddenly, as Trowbridge, strolling | ?*$■ tnat they,had loved or hated.-
t-nvards tb%m. c-me within bearing |.. ^.p1;1 ^d.n<>w.t0, remember rue-
distance,-" It .will be sood of you. Miss' u11-)' bat ? ie ha.<1 l»™n staP.3 ,to del
Dean, if vou will com- out the poem eml he™». gainst., other nights of
for me. .As it's a"v*ilume out of the error, and .that no light whatever had
hotel1 library,■ I','—she stopped, fori been thrown upon the mystery lie
her purpose wns served., Trowbridge, ™\l*"* o{ evidence in .favor of the
1    * i    :j. .,,„.„   ....A-,-trick theory (n  indeed it, could    be
had paused close bes.ide them and
must liiiye heard ."all that she intended him *t'o'hear.'.
','1 will do it' s'-adly this evening,',
said Elspeth. "For the'.next hour, my
tima belo-.ss, to Mr.,,Trowbridge."' ■
"Lady Hilary,and T were just having a rattling g,ood argument,"" said
he. "I was "on,the point-of* convincing her that I was rijht and she was
wrong,- so , I. ,wiii. give- up • half my-
share of you for to-day .to„her! Copy,
out the poem she wants. Miss Dean,
and, when'you'have-finished, come to
JOy-AJttingjxoom; "please.". I'll be there
by that .time.",     . .
,. .Elspeth'   moved   away .'obediently.
The   book   really   was' a" volume   of
verses by' a minor poet; arid 'though
.Lady Hilary had probably selected a
page'at random, the girl copied it in.
her own room, with her own machine.
Ih half' an hour she wont down again,
and this timo Lady Hilary and Trowbridge had-both vanished from ,tbo
hall.  Elspeth had brought ithe typed
..p'oem,   and   the   book, -in. case  she
should   meet Lady   Hilary,' but   not
seeing her she took them on to Mr.
Trowbridge's sitting room'.   He himself stood just outside the half open
door,   speaking   with .the   handsome
woman Elspeth had hoard spoken of
as Cquntess Ttndepolskoi, but ds tho
girl approached, with or light shrug
of'tho shoulder the Countess left him,
"Be    careful,   that's   nil,"    Elspeth
thought she heard her sny; and Trowbridge's expression was not quito so
pleasant as it had' boon, though ho
called-evidence) was that the servant
who had brought her meals bad worn
rather- a peculiar expression when he
civilly asked after her health in the
morning..He had looked, she thought,
as if he had expected to hear that
she had passed n bad night, and'appeared somewhat disappointed when,
,she had announced herself to be ,in
•the best of health and spirits.    '.
But then, even if she had-riot imagined the .expression, the man might
-easily .liave-known po more than that
.the" tower, was said to be haunted. *•
Personsu-bii-that. class of''life were
supposed- to be ■ fond * of fhorrors,; and"
it -would have been a delicious declaration for the servants' hall if Mr,
.McGowan's'new secretary ■ „had acknowledged receiving a visit from the
ghosts. Perhaps the man knew the
story of the tower, whatever it might
be, and would be more willing thnn
Mr. Grant to repeat it. But Elspeth
would not yield' to the temptation she
felt to ask him, when ho brought her
dinner or took away-the tray, , and
when he had gone with his polite "a
good night's rest,to you, miss," she
knew that she was nlono.
Realizing nil too keenly now what
she had undergone last' night, her
nerves began to jump, but sho took
herself to task nturnly.-This sort oi
thing would never do. Either ' she
must become the victim to moral
cowardice, trick or no trick, and nsk
to be given another room in exchange
for this, even if it were no more thnn
eight feet scjunre; or else slip'must
be firm enough not to bo frightened:
for it-was'.impossible thai she could
lio wakeful and trembling with nameless terrors night uller night, and
still bo nblo to do .justice to lier work
by 'dny, -     *
So well did she succeed in gettini*
the upper hnnd Of hor nerves, thnt
by 10 o'clock *\\u wns actually calm
enough to be sleepy, and to feel that
nothing earthly oi unearthly would
have tho power to rob her of Hluuibor.
Hardly hnd hor bend touched the pillow thnn bIio hud thnt soiiHiition ol
fulling which m so often llio forerunner ot n heavy sloop; and hnviiifi
saved ..horHoll duly, she limited pone-
fully off into dreamland.
How long sho slppt, hIio did nut
know, but sho waxed with a Htart to
find tho room filled with a poft light,
which al.,first she mistook for dawn,
She had tho HeiiHiitiou that hinuelhiiii*
hnd wnked Imr, some nnujid perhnps;
but if ho, it Imd i'1'iii-eil and the ioo:n
H'lis in* Hlill iik if it bud been a vault.
She realized utter a moment that the
light wiih tho ligln of the moon, not
*>f morning, and she wr.nd«*red how
mnny hrcrrt'of r-wi'd uneoimeioiiHiii^i.
•lio hnd hud. Were Ihey fi-w or ninny''
111 niiv tviHfl. 11 wiih dollelous to knov
tlmt thi'i'i* inuM bo Mi'vera) nine le.M
befo.i! him need t tt nt k ot gi'liinir up tn
begin a new dny'H work, TIiiih the lny
'nr nwliilo In n bliHuful Htnte b'tween
(li'i'iunliiK nud  wiikin*.', her eyes hull
Lances, so skilfully hidden that none-
save the initiated  would    dream ' of
t'ueii- existence, Elspoth   knew , this
very   well   from   hearsay.    But  what
business could Cnptnin Oxford or nny
other, man.'have m tlie tower? Whoever it had been, ghost or human, the
sudden revelation of her presence in
the room had been- unwelcome, and
the apparition had hastened to avoid
her by vanishing in .some way, therefore she might assuit herself that the
visit  had   not  hr-en   connected   with
her.    The  trick   theo:y. -.was  equolly
negatived by  the evident apprehension on the white face. If a man had
come into the room to play ghosts and
frighten a girl out oi quarters sacred"
to his.own purposes, he would he.ve
stopped long .enough to complete his
work thoroughly, and he would, have
attempted to look appalling,    rather
than appalled.
All these reasonings restored Elspeth
to a'semblance of calmness. She took
a candle in each hand, and'made as
thorough an examination as she knew
how' ot the wall on the- right of the
fireplace,' into which the figure had,
seemed to vanish; but,as;far us she
passing her hand over tbe surface "of
oak. there.was no door or,.any means
of opening the wainscot there.
When she wns satisfied that, if thc
wall hid any secret, it wns not to be
found out by her that night, she sat
for a lime; and waited, so still she
scarcely breathed, lor any repetition
of- thc sounds, But nearly an hour
passed, and nil quiet. Nothing could
be accomplished by waiting longer,
Elspeth decided, and shivering with
the night chill, sho crept bnck to bed.
She did not expect to sleep, but fatigue oveicnme fear, nnd ..from puzzling i.vyr the mystery in waking
thoufditH, she bovan heavily btriviiic
to decipher it iu a tangled maze of
dreiri<K. As before, she slept .until
broad djivlipht; but it wns earlier
than on the previous day. and when
NOTICE In hereby Riven thnt the
tlnio for tho reception of tendon* for
Vernon, K f!„ ptibllr hulldlnnr.     linn
boon njUotirtod to December .10, 1008.
j J'lnnn nntt * ■nt>o*~lf!**i»f fonfi nro nlnn   to
bo seun at, Victoria and Vancouver.
Hy order
Ber rr-tnry.
■Twnnrtmfn* of PubH<> Works, OM»***n
Xnvemher SO,  t!>M.
iiald employe uf tho hotel, worn watch
l"g the performance of n piny in »
theatre to which hIio alune hnd the
right of ont mure,
,?i\.*  '..'.* \ !.:.•.*'' ,n J*-1**-*  "H  ''*« Alt
fevent   Inn-ie   llireiidH,   Wllioll   RllO   felt
vaguely ought s ,iuulmw to nintuli (u-
pethof, but she could not lind the
way; nud at bud tbo effort culminated
in nu  nhxuid jumblo which  wna n
Bleep did  her cowl, although hor
tlii]) w'lit) otioii, atiA **ii*i tt**f.)i.vi ti'/y, .-
forced  n  smile  to  gv:?t  the  steuo
. "Fino lpoking woman, thnt," ■ he
said, iih ho ushered Elfinoth - into the
room. "Countess Rtidopolskoi, I mean.
Sho and I only met herq n short time
ngo, but hIic'h mighty kind nbout plying mo good advice, nnd wiib just
telling me I ought to bo.careful and
not overwork niy«olf. You wouldn't
think I wiih delicate, would you? But
I'm supposed to bo |iero for tho tonic
air to pick mo up utter a threatened
breakdown. ' Wo Aiuorlcnns nro ho
npt to keep the candle burning nt
both ends, you know."
Elspoth   aiiHweiud  thnt she  would I
not hnvo  draamud    ho  wiih out ol •
health; but sho wan thinking "I don't
beliovo tho Coun torn, was talking about
overwork.    11 it had  boon  anything
ns simple as tliut ho wouldn't hnvo j
minded whutlun  I ovoilieiud or not. '.
But he did mind,- (or hoiiiu ieni-.on or j
utiiui, and  wunt  out  <>l  til-,  way  to •
account for her wordn.  I'orhnpH' Iio'h
afraid I miulit loll Lndy Hilary thnt
there's Hometuiuij;  Ijutwcui, him  und
mo Countess,"
"You   might  to    hoi* bur  jewoU,"
Trowbridge went on, iih Elspoth' arranged 'hor typewriter and pnper ou
trie, table,  "SIui'h rolling in mouuy, I
believe, a jully good milch ior hoiiiu
puor young, iiiiui, "By tho way, hIio
wim lulling mo thnt Mr. Koiuith hnd
b'niglit a Jowol— a diamond, I believe,
wliioli wmh oiiru in her tninily,   1 don't
euro much about huoIi thVugH uiyHolf,
Wlieuevor I  buy iliniiiondi-. it  in to I
L'lve away to hoiiiu triuud.   But hIio Ih '
l:ei'ii to know If Iui'h (,'ot it hero, (or
it HeeiiiH, though it wiu in her Into
hiiHband'rt (iiinilv  for  ninny  irenern*
tloiiH, it piiHCtd I rum thein bcfoni Iter ;
iiianiiigo, and hVio'h iiuvci* even It..  II ',
you hour him npenk of it, you might [
let   uiu  know,  iih  hhe  feeln drllcnta
about nHldus, nnd, anyhow, hIiu Iiiih- {
n't mot him yet.   But now to work. .
Wn nutat f»nl tbrnui'h iih inurli u« wo I
enn in wliat'H lett nf the lioui. {
B> ttili» tune i;.i'iii lii a,..- .'ill'um ;i\
the t'lb'.«, and lie llnne blniHelt down
in ii bl'! eiuy rhnir within comfort-
b'.e dihtnuru (or dietiitum.   He had ,
begun   the lli*nt   letter,  by   tflvilltf  tllil ', ti'",M»<*"' ■•nvereu mi" pin- i.,,,n-.M....v..
i"" and jL-i't**''•" im fnr as "Benr 8I'K" I °1 n ,"•',,•• dro»..rd in noimdhlng dark
>/;- totii a r'limHe in rili'h hand.
hIio lind dri't-Ht'd luiHtily, hIio tlirr.'ght
Hint i-lii' would linvu timo before the
clri-<eil   when u hwird rrenkril, iih It ' coiiiing ol the i-eivniit with broiikfiHt,
Undur'thii pr.Mnurc of n foot. i to v-miium* nn mhiih nxplunitioiiH, But,
Ebpeth  know  lho  *•/*■■>■   board,  w '. they w.-r.- ;,veu m..ru bilof than who
h uglit  die knew it, ff.r lu Vnmw   oxpocted, fur m him hnd Hiippo.ied,
"ii    ft i hor foot had Winn.'.! tli— i U.'-M wn«J »» w»>' "f m«»"»\i«K hn'h-
In m	
f-nmn diHiiiiieeMble Hqueiik, nnd nlie \
had t'ii'd to evi'id the nhiee, In n !
Hurond hIhi Iuul toutuled from her ;
bed, and oui  of tho alcove into thu
I'll/  IIM.n'llit   HlV'l. ,
It wiih more li/ iiupulr-.il thnn deli- .
In'i'iile   li'li'iiMnn   thnt   idle   rilHlied  In'
el than leu o'.wi room, The dUiiu:
(ttiiirea.«e that had once wmuiil on
ubove, had been buU.t up i-ith b.ink,
wllioll (nriiied ,i t-nlid. wall. Oil thu
floor below, the Hunt of Hip room under hi'it* wiih not bii'-ked, and a gl'ir.eo
hIiowi-iI   that   the:"   wiih   no  myM u*y
.'brover, it Kb- rodd, Mint liml mnde   there  The wain-cotim, hud hem. J».«-
., i   i     i . , ii.. ,v.\ „\,n evi,r,Pi • i.tired   lonif   iu*"   bv   conn,   pernm   <if
iri'w.".' linv tWiii nr.vo tli.  dim Hhnpen \ bixl tanm, ami. nm being renewed evj.
ot   the   old-fiii«bi<iued   lufiilure,  rai.li    *.l«:i'»i. ;•'•  « i   )■''■'•''. i\ bf) ••;'■>,<';
ou.. nl v.'hlrli   «!!•! iili'*','lv l.ii-'W.
Ilitt tlii'««» wu«* !»■»'" t<» <tee.  Hy thc
fl,-.'.pb.e-i '.(iverrd 1br» pnlr npprnrnnco
In connrrtlon with tho Enntern ox-
eurHlon tlekotH aro on Halo Doc. ltd to
lint, Inchmlvo. Tho C. Y. It. nro
runnliiK special toiirlHt car nervlco
from Knotcuny Landing to Inlermeill
Unemployed at Prince Albert
Wins Honor Abroad
into bed rep' '.'■ \ 1'•'■'. |>iec.-> ot old
fuinilnio, und -"-ne. miipty packing
boxi'H ami lolln ui onrpoU, ucre tho
,olu cuiiteutH of thu room,   nud   a]l
PHFN(M*1 ALUKHT-An opldomlc of i
(llphtherln hnH broken out lu the lam- \
her uunie.i h'*r<\     Tliref nrf rtunrnn-
lined ami nomn elidit of thu men a,re !
l.ON'UON'.—A llm Hn di-Hpntrh twiyK
Kntlili'i'ii I'm low, a youiiK Cnlgary via
llnUt lU'liteyed n great triumph nt Dm
liliifiithor Iiiiil on Sntuniny night, r,\n-
wtui iceiil'i'eil twenty timet*, and her
pla>liiK of (lie ronti-rlc/j. nioiihi-il lie-
nto point* to Toronto   on following' laid up.
dntou. Ore. Int. SttvlStli and 20th. The I    Mayor Mnedonnlil han wired all ov- ^ ,,„.,. sm
tH-rth rnt« Kcrnlo to Toronto will brjrr noilfylnix men not to come m   ihu   tcrt-WMii <-ni« wmnn.
|G50 and reHorvntlonn can b«* mnde'plnre.    0\i»r a Immlreil nn-n have an- I    On Friday t*tm played with     gram
throtiRh lornl ngftnt.    TIiIh meaiiH no \ piled to one t-oiupuny orrerliiK to work ! hiic-ci-hh licforo llm l.-mlliia rrli|r« of
rlinnco between Fornio ami Toronto,   j for their board, i «l>« touniry.
Tfrr-.     -  -   ■ •
, Tr.c Paper that reaches '
i the People of the.Pait, A* j
' en ndvertitlng medium It'i j
l\ .-*. fm^.naa>.lnff.%,^..»u».T.. ■*--?-
. 7     C. P. R. TIME TABLE.
No. 8 ilyer Eastbound .......
No. 7 Flyer Westbound •	
No. 214 Eastbound Regular ...
No. 213 Westbound Regular ...
No! 236 Eastbound lst class .
No.- 235 Westbound, 1 st class
,   9.00
No. 252
No. 251
12.40 a.m.         FERNIE
4.00 p.m
12.58          „       HOSMER
1.107                   OLSON
1.35           *         MICHEL-
FOR SALE—Edison Phonograph —
latest model, 2 or 4 minute   records.
VCost $65, for $50, with three dozen records. Records cost $17 alone. Apply
Ledger office.
FOR SALE—A second hand Smith-
Premier Typewriter. For sale cheap.
Apply Ledger office.
TO LET—Two furnished rooms on
Victoria avenue. Apply Ledger office.
Sec.-Trensurer J. A. Macdonald was
In the city on Wednesday on business,
A line or fancy Christmas Stationary
at Palace Drug Store.
Miss Annie Sherman left on' Monday evening for her home at Taber,
Alta. ,
Music, Musical Instruments at Palace Drug Store.        \-
The election of officers for the International U. M. W. of A. takes placo
on Dec, 8th.
We have the best assortment of
Candy in Canada.  Rochon's
President F*. H. Sherman came into
the city from the east on Tuesday evening on business.
."   The Napanee gives the best, meals
at all times.
° Pair Draft. Horses for sale. See ad.
Be sure and attend the Citizens
League meeting next Thursday, evening in the Methodist church.
Liphardt has .pit' watches'   for  ?1,
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1 The  election  of officers- for    District No. 18'U. m! W. of A. will   take
place on Monday next, December 7th.
Come in ana see our aispraj or nue
clocks, Liphardt. tne jeweler.
The Trades and Labor Council desire to express their thanks and appreciation to "all who assisted at their
smoker.    ■    ■ , <       ■
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The new C. P..R. station is making
rapid progress and should bo completed early in February.
See Wright the Jeweler's fine line
of diamond rins-s from $7.50 to $200.
Rev. I: W. Williamson is expected
to be back to-day and to take the services at the Baptist church.-,-, to-morrow.
Liphardt has received his instruments for testing eyes. He guarantees
satisfaction on money refunded. ..
There was a small fire at Beck's
new store ou. Thursday night but not
much damage resulted.
The Napanee hotel is prepared to
handle travellers and other guests.
Ellas Rogers of Toronto, director of
the C. N. P. Coal .company is in town
on business..
Wright the Jeweler has a complete
stock of Ladies' Broaches, which he
is selling at. Bargain prices,
The boys who are owners of dogs
will hail with delight the advent of
snow. Mr. Whelan will run off the
dog races this winter as usual as soon
as the ground is in shape, so get ready
boys and go aftor the prizes. .■
J. D. Hurd, manager of tho Coal Co.
returned from the east yesterday.
The first" theatrical play since before tho fire was put on at Bruce's hall
on Tuesday night. . The play was—
"The, Girl from Chili,", a farcical production. It was all right and afforded a good hearty laugh "in spots." The
floor must have come from Chili too as
it -was terribly cold on the feet. Manager Bruce offers some real good attractions for the future and the hall
will be better heated. , Watch for announcements.
O. N. Ross leaves on Saturday evening on a trip to Eastern Ontario,
and will be away about, six weeks! It
is over 33 years since Mr. Ross left
the old home In Ontario and this is
his first trip east since,
a Cheap "watch, regular $2.50 watch,
special Saturday for $2, Wright, thc
Mr. G. G. Henderson was at Regina
the early part of the week ln connection with the'Globe Fire Assurance'
Company. Mr. Henderson says that
very few Regina peoplo knew of the
existence of the Globe company:
For Sausage try West Fernie Mpat
You can get pop-corn for popping,
chocolate, aimonas,, walnuts, or any-
Another of Those "Flowery
scriptions of Our Recent
Suffering—By a
Sugar.    Oiired " Harris "'and'"'
TBreakfast Bacoii/.-Not how-
cheap, but how. good.   Fresh -
, Eggs--the combination .7 can't
.-.be> .-be'kten. ...We ' have''.''.em. .7
W. J .
Pay Cash
B TiU'-H !>EX\X\:;/'
, Prompt Delivery
♦«►♦•*♦«>♦ ♦♦♦♦♦'♦^♦♦•♦i ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ -*>-*>++■&*>*>+>*$>■&
5***'*fc'lj   v)i';?*£    Q   "     >L# :-•'--■ ■$.<?   -M    |?
^i,.?.-iA;E>:v   -vvi:-AS ^LIMITED      •'    -'- '■'-"- -7:, "•■* '
'     .' i:        :-■'.'■
'-■'   '  -.    -._■•■'       . .   ..*?.■ :■,-■ -       .--•.:"    .  ;.      i,-
•'   y y.-.-y"  -y*jG?tVtl .'•*%  .'      ' ' f'"' '-"--   '   ■- "~ "    "-:'   ■- -'—'■-'     -•-'■'
& ThelStore of Good Values
thins nice1 you need for baking at Ro-
A large number ot'people.are book-
The • following report of a Bible society colporteur, Mr. .Thomas Turnbull
is also an Interesting description of
conditions in the fire'stricken town
of Fernie:. ..■''.
When I arrived in the ill fatet^ town
of Fernio it was a little better than
ten weeks after the never to be .forgotten lst August, the sad day when,
as is now well known, the terrifci Urn
blast, surging up from Cedar Valley,
swept its business houses and homes
into a blazing furnace leaving behind
it In, an incredible short time a wilderness of charred • wood and scran
iron. In spite of the great ■ number
of buildings which had been rushed
up the scene still bore the "unmiatake
able evidences of the'; fearful destruction. The day I put my foot' ou tin.
platfor mthe snow was falling raid
melting . immediately which. • heldpod
to deepen' the picture1 of desolation.
The basement containing the ruin-id
heating apparatus was all that was
left of-the railway station. There w--re
to be seen temporary buildings- and
others in the course of constriction
wherever the eye turned, but iho
character of the town was completely
changed. Everybody waswovfiing as
if they had just struck-the camp and
were determined to get things in good
order for the night, but in reality the
town looked as big as it-did beforo,
The unpainted lumber looked much
cleaner owing to the* giooii-ly, environment, .blackened stumps, Iviaps of
debris, great holes and in the ground
and mud everywhere. '
..New Fernie could'scarcely look for
sidewalks yet while*-1 the people wore
eager for a shelter from the snows of
another winter. "A large number of
tents were in use when I arrived but
they are becoming fewer every day,
Tlie town is unlighted and. when the
darkness falls' lanterns;. .carried., by
pedestrians, become 'a necessity. Also
there has .been occasion to ward off
desperadoes who make'nights " the
season for their ungodly deeds.
.-The, relief supplies saved-the situa-
North End Grocery Store
(formerly known as The Fernie Trading Co.)
Has been taken over by J. ML Proudfoot
•Call   and   See   his
■ < .,, #
Saturday   Specials I
♦»»»»i<»»-».»-» ♦♦•»•»•»♦•»■»•»•»•»♦<»♦♦♦♦ 4>04>4>4yey*»>
A meeting of the Co-operative committee was held on Tuesday evening,
and some important business was
transacted.   7
Did you try some of thoso tavaniels
that Rochon is making?     Oh, my!
Thos. Chippendale paid n hurried
business visit to Baynes on Tuesday
evening, and returned to the city on
Go to Palace Drug Store for all
kinds of razors, Siiasak's Razor
Our city clerk, Mr. G. H. Doulton,
with his wife and family returned to
tho city this week after an pxt ended
trip through tho east.
Go to. Palace Drug Store for all
kinds of razors, Sunasack's Razor
Don't forgot tho TradeH and Labor
Council meeting on Monday night.
Important business will bo on hand.
All delegates should bo on timo.
Tho cuislno nt ,,tho Napaneo Ib unexcelled. Tho bar hna tho boul. in
llio lund.
Mrs. Dudloy entertained n nuinlwr
of yomiK peoplo from Ihe Methodist
church nt her homo on Tuesday night
and a vory onjoynblo timo wnH pimsod
by all preuunl.
.Mr, 14, Reynolds, an oxporloncod
proHBinnn, arrlvod from Winnipeg on
Saturday Inst, iicconipmilod by Mi'H.
Reynold*?. Mr. Reynolds Is In chnrgo
of tho proHBioom nt tho Ledger Oflico.
Now hooka arriving dully at Palna*
Drug Storo.
Mr. Hurry Cox of tlio purchnHliig
department, of tho Crow'H XcHt 1'iihh
Conl company Iiiih roHlgneil from Hint
office- nnd Iiiih nccoptod n ponltlon
with, tho Hlk Valloy Ilrowlng Company.
. Lockhart.
Ing hIoi'i',
Lndy ini-mlu-n* of thu Fornio IiiiIiih-
trlal imd Provident Cn-oporntlvo .Roc-
loty nro kindly roi-uoMtoil to nttninl n
committee meeting on Tiiendny next
nt 7..'l(i In llio mon*. A carload of goodHi
for tlio above mirluty will bu hero In
n few ilnyx,
The  West     Pernio  Meat    Market
*!*^»*»   ^11 T-^ft«li*    -lA'^rtfm***,   rl**-s!  to*,"".
t , -
and my* money.
W. .1. Ilhiiid'-ll 'i* handling hoiik-
dellcnrlcH In tho uhnpn of homo tnudo
pBBtry, fatten, etc, innd*. by MrH. Irwin
of Cox utrooi.     Wo woro not  n«k«'il
4   . 1.       ...ill..,,!   ,.l     ,.   I.   ,t      I    .    ...       i
go by looks, but if tho goods an* nn
good gondii ns 1.1.7 looked to be, \hu
goodfl nro rnrtnlnly good goodx,
For freih meat* ef all kinds .try the
Wctt Fernie Meat Market.
Mr. F. rryaff* W' h"V" nn T*i'-"Mij'
' evening'** train to net an npf^'lnl corr-
«»iiouilvut iuul aub-a-Iptlon os-.m fur
Th« Lodger through thu fiiilri; tlin-
tHet. Wo havo alrrndy a.Woj a
very lorg-n ftnmbor of nxibmribcm In
the city, Coal Croo'c nnd Worn. Mr.
Hyatt i-xuucitt to put u;, »l bs-.tt ■,.v
""totUwl- 130*1 tuini''- rfiro'ic!. rr..' .-.i«f''rn
Ing via C. P. R. this week to visit
their old homes in England and Bur-
ope, Over twenty from here are
booked by the Empress of Ireland for
the 11th inst from St. John.. This
boat is filled up and no more space is
available this trip. •      ' '     .
Go to Palace Drug Siore'for RuDDer
set Shaving Brushes, the most reliable
brush made; each brush guaranteed.
George Broley, D. Dovino, F. Vance,
and wife, J. Nellly wero among others
who took advantage of clump eastern
rates ovor the-C. P. R.' nnd left on
Tuesday night for Toronto,
For hotol accommodation the Napaneo is the placo.
.Ladies' rings, regular price $5, for
Saturday $3.n0 at Wright, the jeweler's, at Lockhardt & ("lllefiplo's storo.
Singer Sewing; Machines Co.,
Fernie, B. C.
Why be-without .a* Sewing Machine when you
.   „„  can get one for $3.00 a month ?
J. P. HOULAH'AN,; Agent, opposite Coal Co.'s'office, PellatAve!
At West. Fornio on Friday weel. Inst,
pltcli dork, at. 0,30 p.m. n gontloman
was crying for help. Throo olliorf,
al traded by IiIh cries ran or li*iul*?ort
to his iiHSlBtnnco and with somo difficulty arrlvod on tho scono, Thoy
found Rob Redhead held up In thu
mud, Tho would bo liolporn woro
Informed whon thoy nskml what, hi.d
luippoiiod tlmt ho was crying for tho
sulci) of Wi'Ht Pernio. Siiroly thla Is
surlous for West Fornio, for onco thoy
aro homo thoy aro bound to stny In
weather llko wo havo had latnly. Cannot'thoro bo Homothlnff dono down
tliero by Dm provinclul miUiorltloH, It.
Ih I Into tlmt Went Fernio wan loolcod
nflur or thu place will bu lost In the
mud. Cry ngnln Hob, cry often, - •
linn  bin  Jowelry  store In
& GIlloKplo'H gnntH' ftirnlHli-
At n conforonco of tho roproBontnt-
Ivoh of tho oinpInycrH nml ojiorutiv-.H
In tho bunt mid hIioh trutin In Knglmid
It wiih imn'od Unit tho work I un Iioiii-h
Hliould be ioHiicimI to fi'i pur woolt,
Shlnale Weavers Meet
Tho unnuiil com out Ion of tlin Hlifn-
gltt wonvot'K will bo hold nt Olynipln
on .Innuiiiy 4, A majority nf lho uu-
Ioiih of tlm Htato hnvo already iinlci.lod
ilolfgiilcH mid tlio iloRHlOII'lH CXpftClt'd
tt, 1,4, r,., ,.-,tnrivt,mt  r\,-,r,
(roii.lnui'd from pngo flvo.)
fornii'ily tbo railway roinjmny'B   In-
l.pcilOt   Tll'll*,   lull   liitn   1M-|:1I   h)ii-.li|-|lll|t;
the pnm month or moro In Wlnnlpog.
O, K, 8. WhltPBldoa, nmnngor of
iho liitnrnallonnl Conl iuul Coko Co.,
wiih nxirrlcd In Chicago on November 2.r,th to MIrh Kiln T. Clrtrl-* of
".irnl.i. Oof, Tlif rfrrrrinny xx-nn por-
formed by tho Hov, John Allwortli, n
i ot|,ln <)! tl\<- hrIA", Tli« i-lll;'f'nn nt
(.'oii mnn gonerally -as ivcll an Mr.
U'hltfKl'!"'''* host of frtoiuU, will ex-
und to lilm and Mr*. Wlilu-sldcH, the
hcAiHr-nt rongrAtulatlons and f*ooil
vAt\.t *,,
I'alr Draft Hon.'* for iiul<«. Hi-u ad.
tion. rT^^as"k^lldtt"edno_th"eTsfaff
was a difficult one. In meant hot
only the handling of the kiiid', prompt
gifts which came pouring, in.from, ev
ery quarter, but attending- to tho
claimant needs, of .the stricken people,. Neighboring towns showed a'magnificent display of generosity.-.nnd of
sympathy. It is',beautiful^and , a
hopeful omen to see the'touching-ex
pressions which - flo\ved ' in' from' .all
■parts of the Dominion... , Bacli town or
Individual who helped may. have this?
satisfaction that1'their help lias, put
heart into many a home'where there
was distress and .lippelessncss. Nuhion
has acted nobly-and it-is only ..just
that this neighboring t'ownshould lie
spocinlly mentioned:      ' '",    "• ;
After the worli o( dostriictlpji , w'mi'
complelo many rushed'Off to tho different groups of shollorldss pooplo,—
scattered oyer tho bnro ground Svhc.ro,
:,oino had lain exliiiuslnd aiyl '*tnlnt,|
ond brought t]iom'.a share of tho foqd
nvnllnblo, supplemontod' In-many.-ir
ciise by ten or coffeo, A'n soon as tho
generously doiiu'tddrstoro8 nr'rlvoil nil
of lhem woro niTijngo'd.-horseshoe.fn-.
Bliion and with tnbloa convoiiloiitly:
neiii* thoy woro iin'sBod out to iippuftso
tho liunger of tho homolosa onus, Aijy
ceremony or delicacy.,wad iio'j.io bo
looked for, mid nil"who .fllml in *;ot a
portion piping hot. • Bomo-cotild nol,
stand It long on Hitch 'ji'ftolilii, Soon
other means woro found, and gnidiiiil-
ly tho dlHtruHH luiB boon lessoning,
Since my arrival flour, ono ot tho
chief nnooRsltloH, Iiiih boon boom on
tlio bucks of men nnd on drays, golni;
In all directions—all rocolvod from
tho common fund. Nnmborfl of thn
peoplo hnvo now nico cottngofl,, bnlU
wllh lurnboi* Kiippllod to tlioin, .Tlin
pooplo nro undor legal bonds lo rofiiml
,lt to thn town nt tlio rato of $fi por
month beginning with tho 1st of Jnii-
nary. Complaints urn rlpo ns to tho
tiilHinniiiigiiimint of tlilngH but In how
far thoy nro just It In notpoHMlblo tn
Hiiy without Invoatlgiitlon, * A fow It-
om h will 111 imi rate. Homo who woro
not bui'iH'd out mm Hiiid to hnvo boon
hll|lpllt!(l   Wltli   (.'lotllKH   ItllOllgll   lo  hint
for 11! yuaiH, mid hoiiim who lind truly
loHt tliolr nil bnciimo Intomporiitoly
grouping nnd ho niiinngod to neoiiro n
imicb liu'gor iiliui'o I linn tliolr rlulil,
Ollioni who nro roptilml to bnvn (lion-
nnnds of dollnrs nt tliolr cnmiiinnd liml
ii iiocrai hiiuii; ui (nt* tiii'-'im'-. wiucli
tin*. .'iJ.v.i !m ilii: Hi^ii); 'I'lli.u *i\v,"<.'
nm ibosu peoplo wlio uro found lu «v
fry community who hnvo Hhrtink nnd
dolnyod putlhiff In thoir Just clnlniH
and hnvo mifforod In ronHoqiKitico, Tho
hi 4,i^,v,4.. I'mii kA.^i vi\>i, I. w»t \',i\: i,v'i',\i
of thu hoi'no wns to appear nt tlio of-
llro wns not nhvnyn poHHtblo of on-
forcvmonl. Tho motbor would lio
Htrk, nml tho himlmnil too butty with
tho work thoro wns to do, to nppunr,
A filck womnn with a family ftlr.pt
on th'; floor of n aback anil nil tliuy
bad hfinrtnth ibfrn xvnn a blnnki't niul
itiMiUTJck'HL fovtirlnn mid tit!*, liml id
for two woolti. Evnn this oompnrv
tho comfort did not romo direct nr
from Hit- proper (innrtorst. NetRhbom
'•TM-.lt olty sM one Udy, loavln-f town
hnndwl rxx-er ber own mailrnnn.' Null
U,%* wt-n- tlulr st-uta and a rough
table was put together. Only very
recently have these scanty" furnishings had some additions. They were
minus proper or decent things to appear in in public, and underclothing.
These needs are only met in the most
meagre way,yet,-. If reports are true-
it is surely not for lack of supplies.
Parcels have come, from friends to
the people for-which they, had to pay
express. I know of one family who
paid out almost their last ninety cts.-
express for a parcel. When 6p'«ne-l
part of the con tents, had'to be put in
the, stove—soa, filthy." ~ What was exhibited to mc was so ridiculously gaudy and dirty at;that that, no, person
would care to have them in their
house. Things of this character take
tho edge off'charity. Boxes of such
things have come to the churches for
distribution. The whole, contents of
the boxes—rent, tawdy garments, ■ even cast off boots without soles—"" had
to be condemned as unfit for,use. ■. It
Twenty eight is tabulated but from
enquiries that are coming in it is believed that the total is greater. The
true number will never-:be known,
and over the desolate town- we read
"God Knows." So far the, town has
not greatly improved morally' and
many seem to forget that God inspired oho to leave on record in the Bible
"He doeth according to-His will - in
the army of Heaven and among the
inhabitants of the earth, and noii'e can
stay his hand or say unto Him 'What
doest Thou?'—Dan.,IV., 35. J ,-:
• This is a needy time for the colporteur work. I am here to visit the people with the Bible. There' are"' many
cases of gratuitous giving and .what
are sold are chiefly of .the cheap editions. The work is full of interest;
and has opened.many, doors of.service, ' "_ .   _   • ■ *-'        ;'. -',
—From the Calgary, News, y
 ,_ ' ■■«    _ "    o   '■'        -.
Victoria Avenue
Fernie, B. C.
MUD!   iMtrb!
"^Y-ET Weather Footwear".is' what you.
:. require.   We have a splendid assortment in Rubbers, and Leather Boots and
Shoes.     A large shipment of Trunks,
Suit Cases,' Etc., at away. down prices.
Gloves and Mitts
Yes, we've got 'em
W, R,  McDougall
- y
Andy   Ka.xniltbii
Tinsmith and Plumber
* ' it ■ ' ■   "
.  We can furnish > you with estimates, in    ,
■' ".   o   . ■•-•*"'.-" •    - '      -
anything in our line .    >
is true tliat there-are some,who are
better off now than they were -before the'fire and.no one grudges this.
It-is fervently hoped that it will continue to be so with them, It is most
refreshing to hear the grateful thanks
of the people for even the ■ smallest
necessities. People cast their eyes
around the beginning of their humble
home and tell you simply that it has
been provided—ejoquent of the many
generous' hearts, who liavel rallied to
tho aid of tho sufferers. . Many comforts romaln still.as a fragrant memory. 'Every office in town Is said to
contain a cot or cots.'.' .Evon tlio'malinger of ouoof the town banks'is said
lo sloop on'ono-of tho town cots and
makes his own lied!'        :im
My own apartments nro ' "after the
samo pattern.... My..,flrst night wns
spent in-nn'-1n,pl''ovlsp'd hotel which
was built'.'df'r.rpiigh Vaitifjov and the
sleeping' 'i\ccouunoidfttl.op' was indeed
primitive.'*';.I-was-relegated to a certain nurribor"-whlch belonged.io a
particular tod' hnd, lii a .room with 12
or moro similar bods,; Ea<*li.vboi}jlmd
two„occupants<- My "compniriilo'if proved to .*bo -ono wltlr'abiind'on of tho
lumber jack. Aftor I lmd(;;dl'srobcd
and retired -ho.camo,ln^smoking nnd
without rotnovliiR hla.jijpo ho disrobed niid "fiirhed'In J (pi'riyorlosB) plpo
und-all to-finish his smoke. - I am
now happily''flxod.In tho temporary
promises of tho Baptist church.
Thc'llfo'of'tho; town Ift full of unrest ami '(Qvorisiy, Unsto, .but thank
t'od for .tho number,-wliQ, lulu- u iuh-
plto frohrthe strain ono dny In seven
In obodlonco to tho command of God
nnd tho i'tiw'of tho land.'
But hnmmor nnd saw, brick nnd
concroto building rob 'many of thoir
noodod rest, Iiulood thoro npponi's
to bo a (iroator concf*juration of pur-
pnsn on thin lml)ow«(l day wlillo tho
fow wond'tliolr wnylo thoir rospoet-
Ivo plaeoH of worship. ' Thoro Is n
'lulckor ring of tho, lmnmi-ir nnd n
hnrdor jiiihIi of tho saw and lho Iiohh
nppimrs to bn moro oxnctlng. It. Is
.mid to think bow ,,-mnhy arc deceived
by tho Ood of this world for truly 8a-
tnn Ih ti hard task- mastor.
Thoro hns boon work for nil cornorn
but much of It Is of temporary character and loft, only hnlf finished, In
tho spring thero should bo a demand
101   BrUiH'tl   lii in'..
,\.'.WJ«i'l Dm *,'U'j>lf iho nubjoi-t or
tlio great flro Is an easy point of contact with onrh othor. Tho common
calamity lin« swopt nwny a good donl
of stlffnoRH, Tliolr mutual lossos have
,  .     .    . , „    1 ,..,.itr.,X
M'.Xi..^'^'.        ,.,,1*        \..IJ.*."..'. H."-'.- —        -4   ..-    -      ..     ..
spirit of romntlHoratton. Somo, who
lost, nil nnd with no Insurance, toll
you heroically that thoir poor neighbors, who had perhaps less to loso,
lost all thoy had. Tho day of tho flro
thoro wns a torrlflc wind. Tho flro
Is snld to lmvu originated In iho Co-
dnr vftllfv and undo," tho notonpy of
tho, rnlghly wind It 1 rov piled towards
tho doomed town llko n mighty fiend
entirely beyond human i-ontmJ. A
conservative c-Attnmte places tin** lost
at tm.ttoOfidn. Ihit what aro parish-
shift things to th(> valunblo llvot sacrificed In this tui-rlblo catastroph*1'?
. For 1909, ready Nov. 15, bigger, and
better'than ever, by mail 35'conts;on
news stands 30c,:. . One. • copy- free
with Word and Works monthly magazine at $1 a year. Word and Works
Publishing Company, 2201 Locust St.
Sudden drops of temperature are .
impossible in the home heated by
hot water or steam. Stove fires
die out, hot air furnances heat
unevenly, and thc hot nir switches
to other parts of the house leaving tlio remaining rooms cold
and drnfty. 13ut with the Oxford ■
henting systems operated by
Hot Water and Steam
in connection with Oxford Radiators nn even, steady circulation
of healthful warmth is kept iii>
throughout tho house. Each
radiator is diffusing thc same
temperature of heat in sufficient
quantities for tho sire ofthe room, .
The illustration below shows an
Oxford Comfort Hot Wnter
Uoilcr. The firo pots nre accurately nnd scientifically proportioned to the fire surfaces for
burning low grade fuel, nnd surprisingly economical results are
attained thereby. The improved
pattern rocking nnd dumping
grntes, ense assured for cleaning
fire surfaces, large fire nnd flue
doors nro some ofthe commendable features,
Out* IxviVloli An  homn hasting will '
Intortul ynu—thoy »r« frn«--writ*i u«,
Tho Gurney Standard
Motal Co., Limited
tialllns latent, **'«rnie
. ware in stock'- together  with a
.      complete-range ■ of Stoves ■■
~ i" -• ** , ,l ti <- .*-
■-■,.•■'.    .   ,'-*-1 ■'-;:.:;*;4- !• ^0"1'. ■ .
Furniture Department
Our Furniture Department embraces the
*   most unique and up-to-dato; lines..   ,
Come in and have a look    •*
Fernie Hotel
Barber Shop
ED, HOLT, Prop.
Is now open for business,   Give
us a call for up-to-date work
Pair Draft Horsco
and Outfit
Por Snlo—A flrnt cIuhh pair of
Draft Ilornos, weight 2C00 lbs,, 1
nnd 5 yonrn old, perfectly sound
nnd In flno condition,
I hnvo worlcod thin toam Blond-
lly during tho InHt, year; thoy
Imd good caro nud nro fit for
nny kind of work,
I have no use for them during
tho winter, and will boII for $11130,,
which Is a bnrgain; nlno Ilaln
wngon usod hIx monthf),   nnd
now Bolt douhlo hnrnoHfl,
1*112 lst Bt. Wont*-
West Fernie
Meat Market
Meat, Butter, Eggs
<> ' ' -
and Fish
Fresh Meat of all Kinds
Alio Por tile by Whlmiter A Co,
i .     .. ,
For Sale
Prompt Delivery!
■,..-;    i li *it
W/R. Boardman p^"»m m
For Sale
100 tons of good
Baled Hay
W. E, Barker, Cayloy, Alta,
ii \i
1 !
1* t.
All kinds of
1.4«u:i,f»',T^XSM. WA^.^ThIsM^Tu-'j


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