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The District Ledger 1908-11-07

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 • r
, _>
■■■■ •/.<■■ ',>■ s.pwq'rjc,-wrKrpp'~7,~ur'y. }wrc
^ ■ ■-. II:. .v.'.,VI3fi|juifjql-^ftc:4..i^s<a'„0w>,1 ..<,,. ;'.„',.(
t    ''''*' ,Tff'.-'-'"'''"i: }M\i? J*.'*?*'   LJ3:-, '    ,   '•■  '■•_
j.-D.'-jiioi, -jr--V/r^vJv4>";^J--,*iQ-j*j;^ ^jj'ji^yjiVi.rjj,^-ir"'}■ ^?
\   :-i^ynttt-»-r^r]alllfi. ,?£'&#'?£.'-V_i
I    '-•JO.ft-.}'.,-,    ...,.7;,, .-.Wi..,,.,,lfl, nVj.'.-./i,..
-.    iJ«.<.:•.,:•;•,   .;v.l)>!{..!:'}.Hr- ■"  -i-V,   •■•■-.*,}, - --
Industrial Unity is Stresigrth
{y-^yyry.    'X"4s-tOJ*ir-tf
,■ »\.. . -. ■ : .'    ... ..\ , • .. .-   .
*.   >.?;   ..■.-*-.   .-    -; '■;:;*:,'.oKf^'i . ■- ',
Tne Official Organ of DiitHct No. 18, U. PI. W. of A.
-•;., ;..>
nity is Victory
VOJU IV.:' No. 12
7th,   1908
$1.00 a Year
Finest Pianos in Canada sold on,.
such purchase terms that
every home may' ,-
own one
Wo want yon to know moro
about the New Scale Williams
Pianos—what magnificent instruments -thoy are--and
WHY. Our hee booklets
give these facts—tell what
famous . pianists, ■ teachevis,
singers, colleges and schools
think of thoso faultless pianos.
And they are FACTS that you
should know about the
Let us send the booklets and
show you howjyon may havo
liny style of tlio New Scale
Williams Piano—grand or upright—and pay for it on our
new puiKihase plan. Address.
oi' call on the undersigned for ,
We carry the stock  to suit
alL tastes.      Our   Kitchen
Ranges,  Stoves and Heaters
cannot be excelled.   We are
right   in   price   every   time.
The J.H. R
By Fire and Lois Will Run into
Thousands of Dollars
Liberals Straining Every Effort
TO Win East Kootenay
::Tli£ finest:--"assortment"-' of Gents-. Furnishings * in• town ■ at
r Lowest Prices. ! Sole agents for'the1 famous house ofrHob-
f berliri-Xlbthirig.' .,'■. .Every garment guaranteed --toy be'1 perfect
n fit,,workmanship and style.
:'*-w-.i ■• ,..,. ..     ...    •   ■    >.
Ottawa, Nov. G—A b.*vd flro is raging*
at Pembroke... It broke out at four
this morning, and the National Manufacturing company,*,a big concern, is
goiie. .Several hotels and banks are
destroyed,' and the lire was still raging-at 11 o'clock.
It is rumored that-both tho Quebec
and other banks have suffered. No
fatalities are reported so far. Detail's
are meagre o\ving_l'o" the difficulty of
communication. Both Arnprior *and
Renfrew, lire brigades are on the
scone.     ,, .    ;, ■ ,      ,
Ottawa brigade was asked to go —
but was unable.' '.'Tho loss0 will he
heavy. .u Forty' buildings arc reported
as already destroyed.- ...
The fire originated at- 4.30 a.m. in
tlio foundry of thoDNatlonnl Manufacturing company, from which it rapidly
spread up Main.-street as far as the
Manitoba- hotel. •■ -In. the vicinity „of
tlioLLcland hotel the fire was checked.
At the Manitoba hotel the-fire was
apparently "under"control at" G o'clock!
but 'at ^6.30 it broke "out again In a
wooden building, arid. In a' boat, house
and spread'along the river front up to
the new bridge'and'opposite the post
office.-."'It.swept to\a-butcher shop In
between, two large stores and'11 thence
around- and. .caught1 on. the wooden
work of the .bridge and back towards
the Copeland house.  / " *>*_
C-444... nf I rt.. l*ha(-_HV.l_4.rlinl*>.—>'-»^4-,nlr_4^*■..
brick stores was on fire and passage
across the sU;eet was stopped. Then
It leaped the street and'caught In' a
grist mill oh the 3ame side of' the
river,-' and- then -asuft swept back to
wards the rivor it,became..evident,to
the fighters that tho Copeland Company would go. Reports say that, tho'
Copeland has been destroyed also tho
Monroe block', aiid that about forty
residences In all were burned1.
A  Liberal  meeting    was  nold    in
Bruco's hall on tho 3rd inst., to further the candidature of Smith Curtis.
The hall was well packed, even standing room being   .limited.     A large
number of the audience was composed of Socialists.     The speakers for
the evening were Duncan Marshall of
Edmonton, and Dr. Clarke, M. P., i'or
Red Deer.     Mayor Tuttle, who acted
as   chairman,  in  a  few  words    said
that  he  was  no  speaker  and    they
could not expect any speech from him
and he apologized for the' absence of
lion.' J. A. Macdonald, leader of the
opposition- at Victoria, aiid S. S. Taylor, K. C, mayor „of Nelson, who had
missed the train.    He invited any opposition  speakers to  come and  take
a scat witli thorn'on the platform and
in response Charles O'Brien, organlz--
er for the S. P. of C, came forward.
Duncan Marshall was the first speaker, and as is usual with Liberal speakers, he pointed out the great prosperity-under Liberal rule since-1896, the
most .prosperous ten years in th&.his-
tory of Canada,' and .in fact of.'   the
whole, world, and he compared,, them
with the. period .under    Conservative
rule'.     Conservatives,' he, said,   would
say that it was due to natural causes,
but he  denied '.this.      In the      iirst
place when'the Conservatives'were in
tlioy placed high' protective tariffs on
all foreign goods, coming into ■■ this
—that I can buy good fruit lands with a good water supply, within 30
miles of Fernie, on instalment plan, $5 down, $5 per month, no In-
; terest for flratyear," for* a f Ive.abre tract during the life of contract?
This offe rmay not last long, as the price may be advanced after
1st January next, so If you want good fruit lands'al the bottom .
price apply at once. Do It n6w! Sales hnye exceeded our best expectations so far. We find It easy to sell a good article, and ouch
easy payments are not offered by any other such company. Write
for circular on "Kootenai Irrigation Tract."
D. W. HART "l^arliiilte" BAYNES, B. C.
Hongkong, Nov, Ii--Several Clilnoso
rioters woro killed today In n clrmli
botwoon m-nii-d polico and hoIiIIoih,
(itiil lho .lupuuoiiu 'I'mi'Ipi* of tho city
Iiiih Ikhiii clocliuiMl lo ho undor mur-
(lit) rule.
11 Tlio rlollng wan ti continuation of
llio illHonloru of yesterday, which nil-
ruinated ln n riot Ir-ht night, Mi rt limit h cnrryliiK JupuitoHo itoods wero tit*
tncltod niul tliolr bIwph woro looted,
.lapniioio warehouses woro not on flro
during tlio night nnd tliolr hioith do-
To-dny tlio nrmod police worn call-
_CU   tO  (Jlifl.   I 111)   lllOl'K  lllKl   IIIM   l(('(ipH
llt^VV   V,.,'lit.li, A'lW    ,4'ki)[(v.'414t'41.'.4W.'    >4<4     It.iJ
fcOldloiM Imd littlo offocl, nml volleys
/> worn, tiwd into Uio mob lnofono   tho
rlotora broke nnd fled.    Hundrcdn of
nrrculH woro mado nnd further trou-
4>ki'.   Xt   fi.MVXt,
fitronuom monoiircm nro IioIiik tnUcn
to provout a repetition of tlio ill-tor
rierit of yottortiay. Tho shop* and
go-dowiiH which wero wrecked   woro
Vancouver, Nov. 0—At (ho iibhIzoh
youtordny tho following hoiiIoiicch
wuro dollvi'i'uil.
Thoinim Moiho, foiirhinn ytmiH In
•'ITt'ct for tlio iiltciniilcil iniiiiliii' of I'.d-
Hli l.umi)ndo, who Imd foiHiiticn him
and iiir.rrktl a Chilian,an.
Wlnnlpog, Nov. R—Sovon lnborors
woro instantly killed Tuesday on the
lino of transcontinental railway, IS
miles north of Dryden, hy helng hur-
lod undor tons of rook which wore
hurled upon them by (hn pri'inaluro
dlschargo of largo (iimiilltloi* of dynamite,
Four othoro wero terribly nialinoil
or Injured.
i. Kvory ono of llio eleven Including
their foreman, who wen* working* In
u (loop rock cut, woro involved In tlio
(lltiaHtnr following the Icrrlliln cxplo-
hIoii niul (ho four men who were picked up from undor the rockHii fow
iiilmilcf* ufli.M* tlio accident were ho
painfully cut and brained Hint, ihey
woro ininblo to fiiniluli a Hlnli'iiK'iil nu
to how lho iil'fnli* occurred,
St, Catharines Man Rolled Peanut
Round a Block with Crowbpr
St. CatharlnoR, Nov. C--A peculiar
election beL was paid horo last ovoning when Arthur Martin of the Bank
of Nova Scotia as bost ho could, roll-
od a peanut around a block with iv 15
pound crowbar. '  *
' Had the othor principal, Dr.1 ■Chapman lost ho would havo had to wheel
Marl In around tho city In a wheelbarrow,
Lethbridge Man Glvoa a Big Sum to
(Unco liny, N. H„ Nov, ■'.--John Mof-
full, urniid Hcci'i'lnry of (lie I'mvlncj-i!
WnrkltiKttif'ii'H iiNsdi'hifloii wiifi nrrcflt-
Lore.,™ Uforlimo,  hovpii ynarji for|„,, on saturdny i-lmwd will, purjury.
The Information wiih laid by .lumeH I).
McLi'iitmn, n member of the ii»socla-
Hon. The (illcKod piujury Ih mild in
hnvo been ronwiiHIod    In counnctlon i
,..tO.  ^-.'.-.1   „,.n4, , ,M„4.. .  1 ,    „.iii,    .1
llio aUeinpt'jil miiider of the wife nf
CuiiHinblu (iiiildiird of I'olul. (lioy with
whoiiu lio had been llvlut*;.
Kdwnrd    Toinlon,   three yoiii'8 for
.    . in 11
LolhbrldKO, Alia., N'ov. 0—R, T, Gait
of Montreal, on pralcleally retlrlim
from tho active adinlnlHtrallon of tho
Alberta Railway nnd Irrh-allou Com
lnuiy, liiiH doiiuu-il ^10,000, to I lie e.\-
toiiHion nf tho ('nil hospital al Loth-
bridge, on the rendition that tin- oily
donate,! a like aum,
Tho Lolhhridi',.* rouncll has ^rolo-
fully nokiiowlcilneil llio piopoHii! ami
ii by-liiw will bn Hiilmilticd for ihe
Mr, Gull Ih nritiiiKlng plant) for i]u<
now btillilliiH,
ToroiHo, ,Vo\. '.-After an IDuckh of
Mil'.-- nioiitH !!■ v, Ma|<(,1m V.«;(!h-Kor,
frlltor nf The rr'-idiyiorlim for lho
pup.l I'ivn yciirc, (Hod tiil.'i mornlii-'*,
Ilo wan niio of tho hi»Hf known mln-
luti'iu tn  Cii.iulii and   lyui, mi  uoiIm-
Hold iiiiui for m.'inv yoiirti   In Oninvlo
i nnd Mmilloba.      ln MlOfl when Hov. J.
•       0
thoio or JnpanotA movchtnta who hud Uvluff.
bn.enmo wnttry nf thn boycott, on Jnp-'    u„,v.„4VlW„„   „„ ,. ... „   ,   #/k
'     ■       -    '        .        l u  Kaliiftu mn, nn ImUitn, seven yonrw
onoen Cftrrlon nnd who«o Roods woro ,„_ a„_-,n,a., MRA ,' _ „fc„' „„
....  .,.. „.      ....   , iror niiemptcil ratw npon it wnlio wo-
ttTTftltlnff rxporfnflon.      Th* Mlltrnle \nnn ,..,   ..,   t ..
cflUiCd tlio rough olt'tneiiL to mtko «t- j       "*u:  '&x i     ,.' ' ,'J •* .. ■
nirt(»rd.lfuJborC*,rt*b*' wonthi  for
proceeds cf wluir.o ovll life lie \\r\a.' IMiliod Mlim WorVovw fnollon to vo-■
boon Hvlnu; for yewm In I'nrhi and lnUtrnln Mm unitid council of the work j
Tliomnfl Upjohn, ono year for tho nb-
duel Ion of hiH littlo nliico, who wan nt
H...V. 'U.ltt-.;  i.i  ...i! iiv.ai vma.wu^  -Ui    H..«
Children's Aid Hocloty,   i
MfitlRno Mdon, n I'hllllplt\o, flvo
yoar* for wounding a woman with
whose family ho bad boon previously
A, ..incoi'ii.iid iit-t itino iM.*noi* of
mil iui Ml'.i
"f.'.vi..*,,   ,'!i,   ..... i..   .,,
, . .... ., .i'"" ''''<'' IVwib/Uilitli,
litRiiion'B nsHoclntloii from dlHpoHliiBof!
fuudB of Dm order. >    '    ,,'', *>U)   ''"''' ''',0 c""*J,'«-,'» *»i*'*»im
Hall of %2JM was wnii'od. The time\ll11"'
,,.()l    1...    1,„.,,.,1    , ,,    T-l  I , ~
. .    ..      ••  .       n
C. P. tt. CHANGES,
tn-Moi upon them during tho day. tho
Innting In ■
tho iorioua rtota U«t nluhU
minor disorders finally culminating In I *ho^!r). fMl?''^ **l"e'   »u,bert
|maklnt;t33llWlrtoD Jjy paying for the
fcsttl* tvlllM.
,T. A. MnctinntlA. eetiArett. district}    Mr.
No. it. vlstlod U>« city this,week.        U-acli.
•ml- Mrs, fttewnrt, tlve> yearn
TEDDY WILL  BECOME CONNECT- i    Tho chnnKo that kooh Into uffoel on
ED WITH MAGAZINE ,1;o /,'* P* »* '" 1IS •/o!'»vv«:    Th« Xo. ',
                    j •vostliound Dyer nrrlvoH horo nt i.'">
Now York   Nov~5~Ji. bn Ikhiio   of,,,in No" 8 ■',M,1,,,,"", n>',«' "rrlvw hmv
.-now -ron.. mov. o   iii nt maw.   or .|f „, K   yrt   ;. a,[lf(,h w([l      f     ,,
noxt Sulunlay lho Oullool.- will   con jim NOf m w„, nrr,Vfl ,((tr<( nt ,;;.;,
firm ttio pntillshi'd report to lho   of- ;„„j v0, <i:>, which will tiow l»- v»   ••■
f'*rl thnt T*rr"-.li1oiii RoofcCM-lt will hc-jwlll anhi' lier.■ rit *iS,2". No, *•,*■,■, «-,;.■
como as8oeln«><l wllh that publication jbouna will arrlvo horo at 20.01, urn! I Wlinilp.",' nml bnck Kohi, nt.tl >*«-t iSn<v
after his reilr-trnwit from office. iNo- & <-aat*f*un1 will unit* i,<-i■■ *.' . "Hi '■' <>■*'  pr(,-*j»i-/lty*.     Th/.- •u.-jdiu
)%M. ■ ,liiior. aiiinillrt^ In mnny .w'll h" i<
Trains No. 2"}.*. and i'.l wore iiinillol harrier Hum lata wliilo.-.     In Win
nionly rnllnl   im-ats,    but   havo nn,x   t.ipo-j IfM Mny thn «ii»nijiloyrd to ili->
keeping the, trade, in "this country, and
which would give . employment to
thousands of workmen, .but It was af-,
terwards found that it was, quito the.
opposite way. It was .-true, Jig continued, that it benefited, a,few, but
.many factories had 'to'close-down, and-
farmers and others had to pay very
high for their clothing, etc., and "the
farmers could'not dispose of their
produce, owing to', the 'fact tliat other
countries would not accept our produce, and many ■ farmers as a conso-
quence, left their farms nnd went Into
tho' States-and other places; nnd on
the whole things wero looking pretty
bad, but, when tho Liberals cumo
Into power thoy. removed tho larger
part of. this tariff, tliejj first took off
twonty-flvo por cent, and thon lowered lt to 33 por cont,,'aTid as a.conso-
qiionco RrlllHh manufacturers sent
tliolr goods Into this country, and
Iheir ships took bnck tho produce Instead of roturnlng In ballast, Uo also
referred lo tho 1-etnlmix Act, which
ho stated was ouo of tho bost nets
for lho worklugman. There had boen
much criticism pnssod upon It, and
perhaps somo of It was right too. Jf
it, could bo shown whoroln It, was
wrong lt would bo nmondod.
Ilo rc-foi'iori to Iho charges ot graft,
mado by tho Cniisorvutlvos, which
llio country had not endorsed, and
whicli hnd boen dropped from tliolr
Tho noxt ttpoiikor w.ih flias. O'llrlon
who stated Unit ho.had been horn
mid broiiKhl up In Ontario, and whon
he wai* a Im) ho used lo bo proud of
lho fact thnl ho wiih a ('niiiuliitii. "Wo
hnd in work vory hard In (bono ilr.yn
hi tho hurl.wooriH. plonly of hard worli
and In iiui loo mii'ii of il, lio foil
utdiiuiiod ilnil ou*. of Uil'i liiri;*1 (nun-
try m> In tit* of It lt"loii(|oil in tlio
l.i'oiiiiK I'.ii'.'i. I'miiii'iii ihoiiKlii Hut!
n'lifii i.W>v I'odi.'iiIoikIimI IHU iioi'oH li
iiiih ilii'li1!*. bill Mioy woro nil«!iikoii.
.'.Inn'/ ti mnn Iuul none Imck, iih fin*
liiir-l; tm lie could i-'i), nml lllloil lho
lund, with lho hopo thai ho would
• ut be ilopi'iidli:.", upon oiIu-4.1, bill l,o
..!!>.   iir    HIIU1!
: "   Will klll'll.        \*.IIOIl   |;o
■*. il l'.'..iii produi-H ho wim (li'iiourtuii1 '
in   il.f M.bb.-rii who n./iii.-ri ii..* .ail-
•.•'<*.    runt    olnvniovi     pml    (Vl.fl    nul*' ■
i -ii envo tilm onniiuh in kiipp him-
.-li s'lni family until iho ik>xi hnrvi*1" ■
It'to w.-io not fiftpi'ii p.-I' oont of
'.   j.liilioiH  win ownoil   lli.'ir      0.',;,
•'i.iir., ilioy \\'„ri, ncKily nil ranrti;n?
T'-i' Mtiirrtw   »i" lOMdnnoit   I ••.'
., .i (olliir; j (i.i iii'jinl  i.ic prosjii-t.i,
l' tl.c lonntiy uiiri'ir tliolr ,nilo, im-i
' *. I jour w.im HUppii'.-il to lla\u ho(n
•lo ino'i iioi'iHiintiH yoar in lho hi,i-
•ory (if 11.1k *ountry, hut yot, whnt ("o
.vo (lii'l?     Lust winter In Vanmnvo:*
(•Uillo   lloro   worn   0(1111)   Ulif'tJlplfivod
nnd foup klii-hoiis hnd m bn npoiicl
for tl'i'iii.     It wan ilw Ktinii< ll.'n* ti.
of the highest quality obtainable
r , v ' tl
Car of Fruit just arrived,
consisting of Plums, Pears,
Peaches, Apples,; Grapes,
Bananas, ;Squash.     This   ,
is a very choice lot.   Also,.
,    a car of Vegetables.
Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.
A doHpntch from Winnipeg says:
"FootBoro, wearied ln mind and body
wllh clothing travel stained and badly
in need of mending, from having trudged tho railway track all tlio way from
Snskutcho'wan tiV Winnipeg, many and
many (linos having scarcely enough to
oat lo sustain life, Alox. 1'iuil, ii sion
dor youth of Hlxtooii Biiuiniprs, limped
his way along Flora avoiiuo to his fa-
tho boy was that of Paul's son';, and
upon somo marks of identification being pointed out the fathor soon became firm in tlie belief that his son
had met with a tragic death. It wus'
therefore removed and with all cure-
mony of llio Jewish chureh It was In
lorrod In tlio family plot...
Tho caso at the timo wns thought
to bo vory sad as It was supposed that
tho boy imd boon hilled as the termination of his youthful wanderings, and
ninny came forwnrd wllh expressions
of sympathy.
. IMayimiif'S and oIIioih who had nliio
known Alox I'liiil wore shocked at the
suddenness of his death. It was lit.-
tlo wohder then that, they woro overcome ou seeing him appear before
thorn so midilonly, and that thoir joy
ihor'H houso yesterday and In much
(ho same miiutier us the prodigal son j was finally' vory grout for his safu ro
craved poi'mlssdon to bo again Inkon  turn.
Into the boHom of the family,
lush-mi ol his iippiiaiiiiico being. Ih«
occaalou of oulhiirKOi of Joy as would
ho luiii^jiiu! lho follow iiiuiulH'iH of
lilw family \ lowed him wltli uwo ami
hlnni'lii'd   choiil:**.
Thoy wi'ic liicinlly rooiod In tlio
floor by lho Midden npponninoo of Jin-
inlnslu'1 oii", nud not until he had
lipoid1!), nml thoy hint foil his
could Iln'')' b" i)"n,ii:t!e(| Unit li
not a \Mlor lo Hu-in from lho
wm Id.
Supposed to bo tJe.iiJ,.
Tho o\pliiiitilliin of nil I hi;; Ili-u    lu
(lie iiui iii.it Alio., i'.uil iiiiH hiiji|i.j,.'i|
to ho d.'inl mid IiIh ihmh wax t.• nl.-1«-r-
A lux exproHHOH hlniHolf us being Kiit-
Islled to slay close lo his own flrosldo
In tho fiiulro und will conlluuo his studios at school,
A Contractor Gives Marina Afjent n
Actorilinu trf Iho onnmincflmcnt he.'
will be MMwU-jftd mlih ihn e^ibotiti.,
ntnff nt the fnttiootr nttfr M.irvh .Ifh,',,       , , .    ,  ,    ,•.   ,    , ,
' I '■*>«ii.  U»l*iU  Vlklt-i  tllkl «U»44  Ui,i„»  U.
*• tpocl-tl contributing editor. jiwca utbbrii<Tn ft!:«l CrmbrooK.
(t'ontlnuod on par,* four.*
(Jiioboo, Nov. fi --Al Uio oui|iilry Inlo
iho alTali-rt of Uio marliio departnioul.
Ii,v .1 mt:•••> CiiHi-.'IW jo uorthiy ,1. ,1. Mur-
I'li.v i .-ui.'nl i iiitiiiiciiir niul Iniiilii'i*
iiiorohiiin, Hit 111 ho iiowr nuiil" any
11 titlcr foi iiispid't - to '.!.. r;ot. ii.tio'iil
hut iicctiiillii!, to hi., huo't fi on. Mai eh
of llio.*! tu MPIK hn was favored with
ord.'i-M for ci'Diont ami lumber to lho
niiu'tiul i.i' $|.',r.'!i.|S, nml In nnli-r to
(-■ot, Hpoi ciinh li" paid (Jrornry a Ilvo
p.'i1 cciii i iimiiihisioii ou nil .Ionia
(•It »i,i,i    I/...1I4,    .lie   mi; III,;   i,i4vill      «i
lu all In- h.nl ii.tiil (injury ulunn $1,.
f,Vl, s'.'. It. ir', .■ h, ..-, l V.ulf t,ul tn
i.',.| (ii.-di iw'.lidiit liuiliiK in wall for
four oi1 l'h.' iiioiill'H.
l)f niul fiiiu, lo ji.'iy mmio linitiilllos
lo othor iiiemlioii* of OroKory'*   iitiilT,
Mr.  Mui'phj   mild ho imod to charge
thou no p.'iHon <*:imo    In lo Identify  lho (lopiuino'iit not only retail pf|con
It. Tlio lfniflliiH wolo binlod In      lho  bill ut h-ani ton por coin exr..*.} ou ro-
lliool.iildo ti'inotory in dii« loniHi-, and  gulnr totnll pilns and MimetlmoH an
■I"- m-uiUi I'K.r It i ry V.x<\\. !'"tb".!'u  n.'t't. ft*- '""• P--i' <.*..:.
jil.nl lho vl«tlm riil-j;h« hnvo boon    his.    The roinmlxuloii paid  (Jrotrory was
nil, '..!... 1. tl l.dli,.' a ti.i), .!.....* l,..(wi,.   Il,4.!lltl, tl  it.  tl,.'  pii.f iiiuilo or I'Iiiiiv-
, Uio niddi'iti, obiitlnoil iiiriiilnslon fiom  od-
•!•■ «orcin-f a in] h.n,l Ho, holy oxhiiin-  -  --•
—f. * Ilo r,ti,| vorin- othor nlaMvoa nt- Prod Varlow, lute of tho city poll,,,
■loiidi-d «l.m the nrtxxe wai op-nod, force, will bo plan-d at Mlchol by tlio
.in.! il.o t.t;ly U1144 f(>iin,j id, 1*,- ht n pro.lnrlnl fonc. Frod, via*, .-poiit
,W.t A..u- i.C i,....,t:!,..a,du. Tlm U'lu- |Hit>ulm-, Kink Iiim ninny Irlondti
ith.-K v.ow i-nfMhf that thn holy of w'.ll ho j-l:i.i n» l.,ar woll of h?m.
u Hlino as any one of'"1* ,n U,,> nttiv" "( •'■" ''">' «',"«,,!-   "»'
Whon I.,. lm.l l.:n u.ii.:w!'0'" "", f,,,,l,,v "l'l'Ih* I .VMior-Jio1 for
I iillColll.llflll    Ol     11,0    lilllllO,     Molllllll'll
of Iho Paul finally nii..|iiii'i| on' An1:
nut IT. lasl i.lint purpotlod lo ho tho
luii'-ini oi tiioir hon i.nu tuoiiioi', iuul
ulloii  of olio  fiom   (ho lll'llll,
»»« in'.;, '.'t't P.--.1 rns nnlmiwc, Ir.d
,\as klll.'il In iho icut of lho OglM«
rlotir mill on llio ('. P. II, tiacl.'i    by
III'111..'    I.I  in  -.1 .1    ItllVVil    Ittlll    I .|||    ll\..|.   pf
it frol;.'! I 11iiln, nml iiltboiiKh the body
vi aw I.i Id nt iho mon* no for     lo'vernl
hon*-- PAGE TWO
The Calgary News; has the i.ollo*.*f'
ing to say of the fight between Lauder, and Kearns.
•Yes, it's true all light/*'"..^ ■■-»' ,
. -Lauder won on u knock out intir-S
At least he put Jack Kearns down'
for "the count. Whether Kearns took
the count to save himself from further punishment or .whether he was
too frail to stand the punch that Lauder sent in on his jaw is still another
matter. It - certainly was not , a
sledge hammer blow that did the
trick. And yet he seemed badly dazed. .
Lying on the floor stretched at his
full length the referee counted him
and for a couple of seconds after he
made' no attempt -to move. When he
was finally dragged lo his feet he
staggered from the centre to tho^
west side of the ring, and fell iu a
heap across the ropes. Willing ai.d
friendly hands went to his aid nnd lie
was assisted to his corner," and re-
' vived sufficiently to walk to tbe,
dressing room,'
There was  absolutely no  question
as to whoso fight it was, and     the
crowd which filled every seat in tho
Lyric theatre, wildly cheered tho little Scotchman, who thus    decisively
added another .victory to his already
long list.
Kearns'was not in Lauder's class,
, and not nearly such a game fighter as
'   Eddie Merino.
,,    It was not a particularly. exciting
* exhibition at any period, Lauder all
through having slightly the. best of
the fight. -.
Kearns managed to floor Billy by a
a swat on the. side of the head just
before the close of the first round,
but' it did not appear to have done
-<hlm much-damage for he was up in
an instant and mixed things up in
lively style before the gong sounded
for tho round.
The   end of the second round was
also fairly interesting, the combatants
mixing things up pretty well.    In the
'  sixth Kearns tapped Billy's claret and
floored him again.   -He fouled Lauder
... -
and Lauder a few seconds later fouled him, but- the referee allowed' this
..v..- OF  CROWS;N£ST  PASS.,
.,_;■;•,    —"v'y
,; Frank,••Nov. 2—A heavy, wind storm
set in last night, about 12,30 a.m. and
it proved'to.bo the'worst experienced
m* the.,-Pass.    .-■./.  '
'ThV-i'l Meat Market windows-were
all broken, in front and the upper
windows of the Union hotel were' all
blown in and ,the plate glass windows
of the store of G." Coble and Company
on Dominion avenue were smashed'to
atoms by flying missiles.-
The sidewJilk leading to the C. P.
R. station was lifted and carried some
two hundred feet.
Train on Edmundstori Branch Was Derailed.
St. John, Nov. 5—Two passenger
cars and a mail car wore upset, a
baggage car was derailed and five
persons were injured in.a wreck on
the Edmundston branch of the' C. P.
It, Ihls afternoon.
Xo. 4G train from Edmundston was'
derailed north of Green River bridge
and both passenger coaches aiid the
mail car were upset,' aiid the baggage
car derailed but not seriously damaged. 4 -
There was a large passenger list,
and four passengers were quite seriously injured while several other
sustained injuries of a minor . nature.
The injured are Joseph Langlers, of
St. Louis, married, aged 50,,back injured. ,
Fred Maxwell, Inisbis, married, leg
Madame Du Bey, Edmundston, married, face cut. , i
C. \V.. Dodge, married, face badly
cut. , ,   -      '
Dodge was unconscious when he
was found but revived soon. The mall
clerk, H. Porter, was injured about
the body. The injured were all taken to St. Leonard, and" an auxiliary
train was sent out from McAdam to.
clear the line. It could' not be ascertained what had caused tho • dorail-
Different Places
They, say that ^th'e streets np in heaven l ,■;'-
Are paved -withj'jgold unaloyed.
Much different it'is here in.Fernie—
Where nothing but mud is employed.
*   *   #
The joker who told the new arrival
that the coke ovens kept Fernie warm
in winter might have added that they
were' used to light the streets also
- * ' *   * ; .'..--
,A sickly man who,had only a .few
more years to. live wanted a nice
quiet place to spend the last of his
days. We recommended him" to try
the office of, the Hosmer Times.
    *. ■ *   *
'   It is said that a' million microbes
live on a dollar bill.     Don't know for
a  certainty—our! wife  gets  all    our
salary.       "\        ■'■ •        .   •■
*   *   *■
A Humdinger.
Great snakes—yet  gods  and  little
fishes note, ye workers of iniquity refrain from your loathsome    occupations,  ye  high  hills, become levelled,
ye  valleys rise up  in rebellion,    ye
muddy  streets  of  Fernie  be  muddy
no moro—the ;,Michel Reporter threatens to put on a printer !  ! !
able   for
and .
flavor.,  The big black-]
plug chewing tobacco;
to pass.- It began to look as though
thoy were warming up to their work
but tho seventh and eighth' were not
Very exciting, and the ninth put a finish to it much sooner than was expected. * •
, , Kearns deliberately fouled Lauder
•by hitting in the,, clinch several times
in the ninth apparently with the object of losing on a foul, and saving his
reputation as much as would bo possible.
He was all In and seemed to be perfectly well awaro of tho fact that he
could not. last very much longer. The
referee separated them several times
and appeared to hesitate sllgtly as
to what-should bo dono. Each timo
this occurred howovor * ijaudor slid
around bohlnd him and continued tho
fight with renewed vigor. Throo or
four clinches resulted and just ns
often did Kpninn foul liy striking In
. tho clinch. On tho last occasion the
referee hold up his hand no though to
uwnrd tho fight ou a fowl. He said
nothing howovor and ovon If ho had
dono so ho could not hnvo boon heard
amid tho babol of noises and shouting Hint wan going on,-
It was nt this timo that, tho finishing touches woro painted In.
Lauder Rllppnd iiround bohlnd him,
nnd with a short hard Jolt tn Iho Juw
put his opponent down and out for
the count.
Of Iho long list of fights lo Lauder's
credit, Iuul, night's victory wiih only
tho Hocond that ho Iiiih won on n
Ilolh men weighed In nt. tho ring
Hide. Thoir weights woro nut Inflictory,
nnd oach was woll nicolvod hy tho
nudlnnco whon Introduced, Tho boll
noundcd nnd thoy Htiirtod In wiih tho
iiHiitil hand sliuko.
Mr, Wilcox, »  Well  Known Citizen.
Passes Away
No doubt many of the defeated
candidates the Dominion over never
before realized how many liars there
were who had votes.   %,
* *   * .    *
■°   Tragedy in Two Scenes.
How doth the little bridelet-
"Lay fearful and awake
She trembles—for to-morrow
She must dig in and bake. .
<. ■        '
Act. 2—
How doth the loving husband
Groan with a stomach ache,
Alas, poor man, he ate
Of the cake which she did bake.
* *   *.
As the long winter evenings draw
near the1 debating societies of Hosmer, "Michel and other hamlets -will
again determine which is the most
useful animal—a hen or a horse.
* *   *
' A local druggist says that citizens
on the way from the post office often'drop in for seidlitz powders and
■smelling salts—they say the Fernie
post office makes them- sea sick. -•
 anJold__era.ud_: '^—
'-(Toronto Globe.)      <">*
The landowning and other wealthy-
classes of Britain have embarked1 in
a systematic crusade against Socialism, and trained speakers and writers will be' employed to stem the pre-,
sent strong current of opinion.-  The
leaders-iri this  new  movement■ evidently fear that by tacitly and actively encouraging the  Socialist propaganda  during  (he  last  twenty  or
more years  they have ■ been  sowing
dragons' teeth.     The all ruling' majority may. at. any time lay predatory
hands on'private property on a gigantic scale.     Recent support, of Socialism by the ruling classes in "Britain began in the early eighties.   Up
to that time the basic claim, of   the
economist's, that man is, entitled' to
what he1 produces  - or  earns under
freedom of contract,    was advanced
against every Socialistic demand for
an equal division of the products of
labor.     This is the instance of property  inherent    in1    man.      Herbert
Spencer, in strengthening the cause
of individualism, appreciated and declared that a freedom of contract involved    a   recognition    of all men's
equal right of access to the earth's
surface.'   This■ feature of his reasoning was kept in the background until brought forward by the" Irish land
agitation, and by American writers,
who  devised ' practical  schemes    for
the application of his principles. The
landed class-found their titles assailed, and could find no. reassurance in
Blackstone or any other authority on
British law.   In the alarm which was
concealed under an attitude of-superior concern, they began to tolerate
Socialistic; arguments - formerly    denounced.
To the' untrained mind the Socialistic promise of a share of the wealth
of the -rich appealed  more strongly
;'V;J,fe'iipPPQSITE OLD STAND! " •"'•--
'  ! ~>*\
Table Board $6.00.   , All old prices now charged
" Excellent .Cuisine
J. L- GATES,  Prop.
A. Rizzuto
J. Crawford
Revival of the So-Called
A Signal   Honor Comes to Canadian
Montreal, Nov. 5—A London cable
announced that John H. Archibald, a
Rhodes scholar from McGill, son of
Judge Archibald, has been elected .to
a fellowship at All Souls College In
Of all Rhodes scholars the world
ovor, only two "secured Fellowships
nt Oxford. Tho other is II. 13. Rose,
son of Rov. Dr, Rose of Winnipeg, who
holds "a Fellowship at Exeter col-
A complete line of samples of  .
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds. Serges
SL-xtl. Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Co.
, Contracts Taken  .-
> ."J f " . -
Including Stump Pulling,- Land, Cleaving mid Ploughing.
.' figiive on your next "job
Let ns
Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts
Chicago, Nov, 4—Tommy Burns is
very much taken up with Australln,
according to n letter received from
lilm, but what Ih more Imporlnnl. ho
tolls about tho battle which Is to
tako palco Docomhov 2(lth at Sydney,
"Vou know I hnvo signed to moot
Jnhiipnn, hut you may not know Hint
I nm getting my prlco ns I always
said I would. I got $30,000 and ll Ih
oil up lu tho roferoo's offlco In London, .loluiHon gels $r,000 win or Ioho
nud un extra $.*.()00 for his and of tho
niovlgu pictures nnd throo round trip
tlckolu from London."
Tried to Arrest Her on Charge
Tabor, Alln., Nov. i—Word,iwiih i*»-
i     ,   i     .- i i     ,   ,    11    i   .. *;
4.4..,,..        ,,. 1   ...4-.    I J   <.,J. 4.,  4J 4* j. 4.,4>4 4,..4»t
lU'l V. Wlleot*, owner of tlio fii.iou'i
WHcox mine nt Tabor, recently'died
nt his now homo nl Vlnn, California,
of mulnrlnl foyer.
Mr, Wilcox and family crime     to i
Jlnyniond, ("iinndu, about hovwi years
ago, and for yenrs ho wan Rroatly In-
teroHlod In tlio Hhoop Industry,
Ho wnH ono of tho onrly plonoors of
Tnhor, Tlm doparled wnH admired
by nil who knew him, bclnfl* prominent In nodal mid IuihIiiohh clrclen,     I
Ho viae n staunch nmrmbcr of   Hum
church of tlm L, I). S. faith, a kind j
hunhand and a devoted father.     He
leaven a targe family und a hast,   of j
I-'atrlmnlca, Alimlui,, Nov. fi—-A. L.
Miller, chief of polico of Fairbanks
wiih Hliot hy lilnnclio Duval at tho I'lo-
iieur Itiuul yuitutnliiy unit litter died
fro in tlio effect of tho woundH which
lie received.
Chief Miller wan breaking down thu
door of the wouiiiii'h room In tho hotel In ardor to nn ont Jior on mi in-
Hiinlty charge uworii to hy tho proprietor of tlio Iiouho.
TIii-oo HhotH woro flrod, only ouo ot
which wiih offoctho. Tho Duval woman In now iu the Federal Jail and
•lulniH in havo uo recollection of
lho (mooting.
"And vo thc grippe has get tied In
jyor head, .Mrs, Mulvnnoy?"       ,
|   "OI'm alinld It hau. Mm, O'Bhoon—
j .Shore thai grippe it a terrible thing.
LU tt CliXiA 4i.l\Mi4>li Mslllo III lllU VrfftlUsUl
Spot, DO It dOOl*."
The Ledger Is in receipt of the following letter:    ,   "
For quite a number of years a gang
of clever swindlers in Spain has been
more or less successful in defrauding
people In this country but of largo
sums of money. The dally papers
have exposed the scheme from time
to time, but It would appear that the
swindlers nevertheless succeeded in
finding credulous parties, who became
their victims.
In fact, quite recently an unusually
largo number of such cases havo been
brought to our attention, and ln several cases, through our excellent connections abroad, wo have boen ablo to
frustrate tho plans of the swindlers,
and to return to tho victims thoir
monoy. Tho following extract from
nn Inland newspaper oxplalns the
methods omployod by them vory perfectly:
"Miss A. M. A., a school loachor
of this city, to-day mado public that
she hnd boon In correspondence with
n hand of Spanish, swindlers, who
claim to havo a minor heir nnd a valuable cslate looking for a guardian,
Tho heir always boars the nnmo of
lho person to whom thoy wlro and Is
supposed lo bo a distant rolallva, Miss
A. bociuno Intorestod In tho pitiful
story told, and uutorod Into a correspondence wllh F, I.opoz, who had at
I hat time chargo of tlio child. Whon
ho wrote that ?.>«"l would bo neces-
siiry for legal oxponsos, Miss A, balked and wrote tlio Spanish minister.
Ilo Iiiih just wrltlou hor thnt sho Is
vory lucky to havo oscnpod from tlio
olutohoH of a hand of swindlers,'
Iu mulling UiIh circular to moro
that.0000 corrospondontH of ours, our
aim Is lo glvo tho mutter lho groiitost
possible publicity,
You, however, might malorially an-
hImI uh If you would kindly bring (ho
.-iinttor to tlio iitioiitlon to Homo of
•.our local papers, for reproduction In
tholt- next. Ihhuoh. ll would undoubtedly help to nullify tho efforts of tho
■i.vlnrtloru who nro trying to Imposo
ou popoln lu thin country,
Thanking you In ndvnncn for your
.ooperation, wo ronuiln,
HoHpuctfully yours,
Knnuth, Nnchewl *. Ktibnei
than the ^scientific logic of the'individualists. -
,The working classes, encouraged to
build air castles,' forgot "their supposed clairil to the land, and- a real
menaco to the existing order of economic conditions in Great Britain was
safely tided over.- Now the air castles seem to be taking on definite
form nnd the builders have various
schemes for entering into and possessing the same. The agitation for
en equal or a more nearly equal division of the continuous products of
human labor Beem to receive more
roady acceptance with each passing
year. Although with scarcely an exception the leading Socialistic propa-,
gnndlsts unconsciously reveal In
themselves the dominance of that
jonse of property which', their philosophy Ignores, their agitation Is continually gaining strength. It is ridiculously simple and Its promises are
unlimited. That It is regarded as a
menace Is shown by tho organization
of opposing forces,
Advocates of tho exist Ing order of
things will find It easier to domollsh
Socialistic arguments which ignore
tho properly Instinct of tho human
species than to moot tho logic of tho
Individualists primarily founded on
that Instinct,
Tho idle men told to go lo work
to earn a living will cortalnly demand
iignln that, tho Idlo acres bo opouod
lo honiostoadlng iib In tlio   western
,     ; NOTICE.
■ Notice is ' hereby given' that application will be made \ to the Parliament/of Canada at the,next session
thereof for an' Act to incorporate a
Company under - the name. of "The
Canadian • Western Railway Company" with power to construct, equip
maintain and operate a line or ..lines
of   railway   of   standard   or   other
Canadian Fairbanks Co.
.,; ,     Limited" '
Gasoline Engines   * Circular* Saws      Frames
Drag Saw Machines
Stationary and Portable Sawing  Outfits
'    • I ' - /
Temporary local office at P. Tascherau's, Victoria Avenue, E.
' ■* E. S. ORMSBY, Agent , .   '"""-_ '<-...
gauge7^b"y._nieans— ot "steam",
ity, or any other kind'of locomotive
(1) From a point on the international boundary line, in the Province
of Alberta,- between the east side of
range.twenty-three (23) and the west
side of range twenty-eight (28) west
of the fourth principal- meridian, to
a point on the Crow's Nest Pass line
of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company between. Cowley and Pincher
Creek; thence north-westerly,' following the valley of the north fork of
the Old Man.river to a point ln the
Livingstone range;of mountains at or
near section thirty-threo (33), in
township ten (10), range three (3),
west of the fifth principal meridian;
thenco through the pass* ln the Livingstone. Mountains to tho last named, point, and northerly up the valley
of the Livingstone, River to a'point
on High River, at, or noar township
sovonteeh (17), In ranges four (4)i
nnd flvo (0), west of the fifth prlr.cl-!
pal. meridian, ihonco north, easterly,
by the most practicable routo to the
City of Calgary,
(2) From a point on tho middle
branch at or noar.its junction with
the Livingstone River; thonce to a
point in the Rocky Mountains west
of Gould's Dome; thonce through n
pass In lho Rocky Mountains to tho
valley of the Gilt.Rivor by ,tho most
piact.icnblo louto; thenco ■ southorlj;
down the valley of tho filk rivor to
a Junction with the Canadian Pacific
Railway, and tho Groat .Northorn
Railway, In tho Elk Rivor Valloy at
or near the village of Mlchol,    '
And to construct, equip, maintain,
aud oporato branch linos, and with
that:comes, into tho "savings   department of a
bank—because, the welfare of the community at  , _*
large depends on the practice of, thrift by those
whose labor contributes the main "part towards the
wealth of the country. ..* .;
One dollar starts an account.    Full compound interest paid,
THE,    charter.    1854., HEAD OFFICE,
.     FERNIE, B.C.
All tlie leading: lines of
High Class Cnocolates
and   Confectionery
world.     A pure Individualism based 'BUCn poworB, rights and privileges un
on froortoii'i of contract, and personal
liberty luvolvos cIiiiukoh almost.. us
disquieting as tho claims of tho Soc-
IuIIhIh,     But, it. {» ovldout that  the
ruling clnsscs  In   Ihitaln  fool   that
thoy havo tacitly     oncoiiniBoil    tlio
droom of a division of proiluetB too
In tho matter of an application for
tho Isms of a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for part (65 fnet bv
135 feet) of the Southerly portion
of Lot 20, Block 5, of Lot 5455—
Group Ono, District of Kootenay,
(Map 736 )
NOTK K Is horoby Rlvon thnt It Is
my Intention to Ibhuo nt tho expiration of ouo month nftor tlio first publication hereof n duplicato if tho
Certificate of Titlo to tho ahovo mon'
Hound hinds In (he nnmo of John
•Hrnclmn, which certificate la datod
■•ho 2<lth day of April, 1906, and num-
*joiod LG2(* A,
H. L. MacLeod
District Registrar
Land, Registry OlYIro
NMson, n, C.
October 24 th, 160ft,
nre Incidental or uoeosBiiry thereto,
and to construct, equip, maintain and
oporato telegrnph and telophono linos
In connection wllh tho said railway,
 " (iii'tichoB,   and to   transmit
mossagoB for commercial purposos,
and to chnrgo lolls thorofor, and to
goonrato electricity for the supply of
light, boat and powor, nml to acquire
an dovolop-watbr powers for that
purpose and to Icimo, soil and dlHtrl-
huto nnd otherwise dlspono of the
samo, and to lovy and collect toll**,
from all persons lining, and all
frolght pnsHlng ovor said railway,
and branches, nnd to connect with,
and malio traffic   or othor arrange-
NOTICE Is hereby given that on
tho 22IHI day of Octohor, 1(108, IT WAS
Judge of the County Court of lOnst
Kootoiiay, holdon nt Fornio, that
James Ferguson Armstrong, official , ... , „
administrator, for that portion of thn "'un,t8 V111,1 .r.nlhvay °!, 0lll,cr „
County of Kootenay Included lu tho P»r*»0»* ]'»cJ"d,n«t»n*y. lln0 of rB"**y
(doctoral dlHlilctH of Cranbrook and « 1,1°, *_**° of Montnnn, one of llio
Fornio, bo AdmlnlBtrator of all aud l'••l,0,■ slftU;H ot America, and to
singular tho estatOB of Frank WoUml Purelwao, lake ovor, lease or othor-
of Fornio, doennnod Intestate. i*lM ncqulro tlio property, rights and
livery porson indebted to -lio. unlit «••»•*■»-—-    - >  «'••*-'    *-«-.,'.....•-
ivct-tiHudlH IVHul,^ lo wuU-> ^itimt'^  ,0 ,n"*,n or ""■   ,0  """,   0,,,°
forthwith lo tl.o nndoralgui-d. Hompany tho property.   rlsht>   and
Iflvory porson having In noaHOMlon.,p»"ch,M *?f ™° «>»?">* , , ,
offoc.B belonging to tho decon».»d U!, That such railway may ho declnic.
roqulrod forthwith to notify tlio un-, ° •»» for UJ° 8«no,ttl »«lvanliimi of
•Story creditor or other poraoii lmv-' . ™*Xl' **?«?■"'! V^l.'x.
Ing claim upon or Intornst .11 thn ills ,of tho C{t* il,)^^?0Jilint}},^}_n'
trlhutlon of tho est at 0 of Ihe tinld
docoanod Ih roqulrod to send boforo
tho 30th day of Novomhor, 1008, next
hy registered moll Addressed to thu
undoralgnod, his nnmo ond addrosn,
and tho full particulars of his claims
or IntoroHts, and ti .alntoimiot of his
Account, nnd tho nature ot thn nut-up
Ity (If any) held by him.
Aftor tho said last mentioned ditto
tho administrator will procoed with
tho 'llRtribulion of tho entiiU* having
ro/urd 10 those claim* onl? of which
ho alinll hnvo hnd notice.
J, P, Armstrentj,
< Official Administrator.
Sqllcltors for Applicants
.Dated at Winnlpog this Glh day of
October, A. D.  1003. ,     ,
BAIITON—On  Saturday. Oct.    31st,
louts, to Mr, nnd Mrs. tiuorsu Uuv-
ton, Fornio, n dnvtghtor.
lUriTON—On Sunday, Nor. let, JOOS
tho  Intent damhtuv  o*.   ii..    *x\,.\
. Mrs. Goorgo rinrton. ...
AlwnyH 11 choice supply of Beef, Pork, Veal,
Mutton, nnd Lunih 011 hand.   Hiiiiih,
Bacon, Lard, Butter and Kgg«
1   "
Our Specialties
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Viah, always a good
assortment.   Try our Mince Meat,
.Sani'lcrjuit niul Oysters.
Is the time to paint Don't wait until too late before
protecting your,house from thc ravages of snow, and ice.
Do it now.   Only choicest material used.
uaammmlmmmmemmmeemmtmmemmm-mnmemtmm uuui...ji...cjijii aimmwinttm mi"." i-"*
ralntcrp and  PaperhnMff****
,:,itt- .
.30(7 ,. >i™f. >. .'V-^:, ,.Cj .;-.1:1'.-'; i      ■.;.'..•.  -   7..;--- "-■<•
w ^*.v*-\w- '?i *
/Toronto, Nov. 4—As; Mrs. Susan
Jackson,1' aged, sixty,    of Homewood
Avenue',' left the" Christian Science
church' on University avenue on Sunday night accompanied by her son,
she fell to the sidewalk.: ■■ '
The son called for help and someone shouted to get a1-doctor. The
"so -nsaid "No,-.we are Chirstian Scientists."^1. "./' .-7 7. 7 , -
.: The doctor was "called however and
declared the woman dead.
0-: ■
- 1 SENAlOfiSUlP
Detroit Man Tells. How he Killed his
Half brother
. Detroit, Nov, 4—John' Kurka,. made
a startling confession of how he killed
his half brother, Anthony Schultz, a
week ago and then hauled his body
in a .dump wagon across tho "city to
the spot in tho western part'where
it was found.
The police had dressed Kurka in
the clothes which he had worn- on the
day of the. tragedy and had driven
him to the spot to seo if several wit-
,, nesses, could identify him ns the man
thoy had seen driving the dump wagon shortly after the da"y of the tragedy. .   ',"
After he had finished the gruesome
task and had been identified by several persons Kurka broke ■ down and
admitted that he had killed his half
brother. >   .    ■ ;   -
.   He" said that Schultz and his   wife
were quarrelling and, when . he inter-
■  fered In the matter Schult'',   attacked
"Then I,.let him have it wltlm a
■hatchet," said Kurka, "his wife and
* -1 loved each other and we wanted
him' out of the way. '.Mrs. Schultz
helped me to- put the body in the
dump wagon and I drove it way. I
feel better nbw. . I..was "haunted- by
Schultz'ever since the ■ minute I kill-,
ed him." '    J,
Says A. B. Thomas in The Camrose
Mail: _ ,
"We liave asserted that,the Liberal
government <is: getting desperate, and
the Liberals say'they'are not,*' now
we will prove'that we' are right. If
the Liberal .government'are not desperate why then did the Hon. Prank,
Oliver write to 'Mr. Sherman, the Socialist candidate in Calgary.- to the
effect "that he', Frank Oliver, would
see that Mr'.; Frank Sherman would
get a Sonatorship if he would step
out of the contest. in.- Calgary,. and
thus'give the Liberal nominee a better' chance to bo elected:
Now these aro fauls we are stating, aud Hon. Frank Oliver' and the
Liberal party and their papers can
deny this all they like, and if 'It Is
up to us to prove tho statements we
make, we are prepared to do so.' Our
address is Ihe same old stand.
And not only is the Minister of the
Interior so wrought up and excited
and driven lo desperate means to
counteract the great, popular ' wave
that is sweeping over Canada, but lo
and behold our old friend -Charlie
Cross, the attorney general for tho
province of 'Alberta, he likewise has
written Mr. Frank Sherman offering
him anything if he will only step out
aud leave the field to their own pet
nominee, Dr. Stewart, so that he can
have a chanco to, get the best of the
present popular member,'M.1 S. McCarthy.' .   '        \    . "'"'
But.this is not all. Our .dear old
friend from Medicine Hat,- the Hon.
Mr. Fi'nlay, the Minister of -Agriculture, who judges cattle, pigs and
horses, he who measures the- size of
agricultural products, and tests the
pureness of home'made butter, and
home made, eggs at tlio numerous
country' fairs—-the'* well paid servant
of .the peopie, takes-his pen in hand,
and writes on government .paper-to
the same Frank. Sherman, urging1 him
with all the eloquence possible, ■ and
says he thinks he sees . an opening
for a wonderful career ihsthe' govern-
-ment- employee if he,. Mr. Sherman,
would only accept' it.-' 7
Young  Perth  Man  Killed  in a   ' Very
Mysterious  Manner ■
. Smiths Falls, Out., Nov.'4— Cyril
Gallipeau died at 'the hospital * hero
yesterday as the result of a strange
.'accident which befell him last Tuesday.     :'■ V. .■..'•'
He and his brother Elislm were in
the bush cutting wood, and sal down
to smoke after their noon day meal.
. ' . .. . .
A few minutes later they were unconscious. Elisha recovered about 8
o'clock. , Me saw his brother sitting
on a log a short distance away, but
neither of thorn could toll what had
When taken to the hospital both of
them became unconscious and Cyril
never rallied.,
The brother Is expected to recover,
It Is supposod that thoy woro struck
by a heavy branch that, wns blown
down from a nearby troo, its both of
tho boys showed. bruises on their
Pernio, Nov 2nd.,
Editor Ledgor: ,
Would you kindly auk tho nolle!
Commlttoo to stnto tho ronBon why
they refused to supply tho bacholorB
with a table und a chair aftor loHlng
all their household goodB In tho Into
flro. .
, Yours truly
One of the Sufferers.
~^But even fhlsn,s~^rall77\Voul"d~you"
believe it. The premier of, Alberta,
the Hon,, Mr. Rutherford', 'likewise
goes, out.,of his way. to,urge Mr, Sherman tb 'please consider the rash
stop he is taking and for the. sake of
the Grand Old Liberal who has;done
so very much' for, the labor peoplo
and .".the Socialists. .Kindly' step
aside. " "'
~ The following letter by one * . of
the strongest Labor leader's on., the
American continent comes equally as
opportune to.us in our-political, fight
here1 as its did-to the workers of:the
United States:' : '* "*-.'-,.
7'Men of Labor j Lovers of Human
Liberty: -' '   „ ■.
-You: are believers .In.the- form of
government described by.:the immortal Lincoln as government. by the
people, for the people, you 'would', not
be true 'Americansvif you' were not.
This form of' government—the democratic form—is a government by law
and is the direct opposite of the despotic form, which is government by
, Government by injunction is gov-
eminent by discretion—in >other and
plainer words, despotic. You will
not'willingly assist in destroying our
prosont form of -government in the
United States and I therefore assume
that you would have the Issue in
this campaign ■ stated' plainly and
simply in order that you might do
your duty.  •
Thc fact is that the judiciary, in-
ducon-by corporations'and trusts aiid
protected by the Republican party,
is, ...step by step, destroying government, by law, and substituting therefor a government by.judges who determine what in their opinion is
wrbiij*-; what in their opinion is evidence; who in their opinion is guilty,
and what in their opinion the punishment shall be. It is sought to mako
the judges irresponsible ^despots, and
by controlling them to use this despotism in the interests of corporate
power. •■
.,'■■, ^ ...
In order to do this it was necessary
to proceed secretively .hi order to pi1^-
■vein opposition becoming too strong,
some' strained  "justification" for    il
had to be sought in the, constitution
of. the Unitod States.     The conslitv-
tiou provides that judges shall have
jurisdiction in law .and ejuity and by
.extending the jurisdiction of   judges
"sitting in equity" all safeguards that
were erected to protect human liber-
iy. arc.swept aside.,    •
•  Instead of the-.accuser proving   the
guilt of the accused, the accused .is
compelled to' show cause -why he be
hot punished;       ' " ^
The absolute power in specific in-
submitted, to theV;party iri power.—
the Republican, party—in 1906-Labor's Bill of. Grievances and '„ respectfully urged.hat neces sary elgislation
be enacted—nothing was done. .    ■
Injunction after injunction was issued, forbidding "men to assist" each
other, to give information' to each
other,' and. to do in unionism those
things which it "was the undisputed
right of the individual to do for himself. .        ' '-,.-
Scarcity  of Coal  Causes  Trouble  at
Moose Jaw
. Moose Jaw, ^ov. 4—While the local coal situation is not as, bad as
reported, somo dealers havo rosorted
to lho expediency of distributing coal
in small parcels, Tho seriousness of
tho local situation is recognized by
tlio C, P, R. and President Shnugh-
noBsy when at Moose Jaw Inst week
expressed himself to that offoct,
Wheat haulage has boon sacrificed
ln the Interests of tho conl supply,
and the ordor, has gone out to stop
everything and haul coal.
Flat cars usod for construction oil
.tho now Moobo Jaw to Edmonton line
will have their sides fitted and sent
to tho coal mines.
- For ThunkuKlviiiK Day the Canadian Pacific Railway .Company an-
nbunco a rato of faro and one third
for tho round trip, Tickets on , ealo
Novombor 7th, 8th and Oth, Inclusive,
final roturn limit Novombor 11th.
stances, of,a" judge sitting in—ciiaiT-"
eery, (which is, the real name , for
equity)J!is gradually' extended over
the several fields of human activity,
and a-revolution .is perfected. We
.theii have despotic ■ government- by
the judiciary In place of p;ovot*nnient
of, for and by the people.- .
This revolution has'already progressed very far,.; It .is depriving the
.workers of thoir rights as citizens, by
forbidding the. exercise of freedom of
-speech, freedom, of tho press, freo-
dom of assembly and the right of- petition, if, iri tho opinion of the judgo,
the oxorclso of. these , liberties may'
work injury to; some .trUBt ;or corpora-
lion.' , It is applicable to tho worker
to-day and will inevitably bo made
applicable to the business man at a
later period,
Tho progress1 bf this revolution has
to stop.
We muBt .return to government by
law In all InstancoB whoro tho revolution l.as been successful.
This virus-und poison hns not only
attacked tho judicial branch of government, but has in sovoral instances
entered upon tho legislative flold, hy
milking laws which may bo onforcod
by equity procosB'-'-that Is, tho Judge
is by this law authorized lo:
Disregard all accoptod ruJes of procedure and of evidence, to
DlsponHo with Jury trial and nub-
iitltuto insload of tjiouo safeguards'of
what Ib right.
It was with thoso serious thoughts
lu mind that La'.or's representatives
*. •,
In the , meantime the dispute between the'• hatters','union and Mr,
Loewe of- Danbury Conn., was in*/pro-
gres's from one court to another, until it reached' the United States supreme Court, where it' was.-; decided
that":     .
Organizations of working men and
working women, for mutual aid and
assistance, are illegal combinations,'
in restraint, of trade under the so-
called Sherman anti-trust law. •
That any one injured thereby may
recover three fold damages from tub
organizations, and if they havo not
the means then the individual members thereof. Between this law, enforceable by the equity process,"ami
the'extension of the use of tlio in-,
junction, the individual freedom of
the worker to combine with others
for mutual aid and protection is all
swept away, and his-rights as a citizen'1 denied and disregarded.
For all these steadily growing, and
dangerous tendencies there is but" ouo
remedy— legislation by the people
through their proper representatives.
Again we appealed to Congress, and
again our- answer was a distinct and
emphatic NO.
,. „\Ve drafted and caused to bo introduced iii Congress specific bills to
stay and remedy this great evil, but
to no purpose.
Labor was not only given' an emphatic NO, but' it was coupled with
a. statement by candidate for vice-
president, Mr. Sherman, accepted and
approved.by the majority of'the,Congress members, that, his party, fully
understood what-it was doing,, and
accepted all'responsibility for what
it did and.for.it was not, doing. ,
1 It 'is- no' 'attack upon tho judges to
say that they are men with a fair
average quality of human nature; ami
that they are subject to the prejudices and passions' of men.
. They can not. divest themselves • of
I      4.       4
their    humanity..,. by putting on tho
the Jring divest himself of his by put:
ting,on the crown.
..'.'■''.. n' ■'. ,     "    ,
-   Despotic- power, under' the  ermine
is as dangerous.-as despotic power
under the crown. . To stay* it progress some remedy must be,had, and
we therefore appealed to the Republican .convention at Chicago,, and we
were given the same answer. In still
more insulting language if that were
possible'. We asked for bread, and
they showed us a whip and In order
ot make sure ..that the..whip-would be
effectually applied tlioy nominated as
president Mr. William H., Taft, ..the
original and specific champion of discretionary government—that is, of
government by injunction. In passing, I might say that his nomination
undor the circumstances, was logical.
It would have boen Impossible for
tho party to have found a more effective   representative of its policy,
Labor's representatives then wont
to the Democratic party. That party mado Labor's contentions Its own,
It-'plodgod its candidates for ovory
offlco to effect thoso reforms which
Labor had ropoatodly submitted to
Congress. Tho Htandard bearer of
tho Democratic party, Mr. William
J, Bryan, ontorod fully into tho es-
Hohce of this utrugglo and doclarod
that the real Issuo of this campaign
Is "Shall tho pooplo rulo,"
Tho Republican parly and its cun-
date stand for upholding and furthor
oxtonding Into our country a despotic
government which shall be vested In
tho judiciary.
The Democratic party and its candidate stand for government by law
vested in the "people. ,,
. As an American citizen in view of
these facts, I have no choice—I have,
only duty.* . Duty to preservj, with'
my voice, peri and ballot, tea*, form
of government for the. preservation
of which Lincoln said "Mon died at
. Human freedom and equality of all
men'before, the law is the result of
the struggle of the ages, and our hoi.
jest inheritance. This we must regain; this, we must extend, so that il.
shall be a living, character making,
conduct governing principle in our
American life. '
. Labor has been and will.be accused
of partisanship, but in performing a
solemn duty at this time in support
of a political party Labor does not.
become partisan lo a political parly,
but' partisan to principle.
As lho campaign progresses, accusations, misrepresentations, of all imaginable kinds will come thick and
fast. In answer lo them all, I have
but this, to say, that men who havo
given a wliole life's work to the cause
of Labor, and who in all the years
gone by havo been found faithful,.sincere and honest, are. not likely to
change their character all of a sudden. If we woro desirous of either
office or other emoluments, they both
could have been obtained with greater ease from tho party iii power in
the land.
I have said before, and now again
say that there ' is no political office'
in the gift of the American people,
elective or appointive, that I would,
under any circumstances, accept.
Not that such offices could be
lightly put aside by an American citizen, but.that I believe that I can.
do moro for tlie ideas which I cherish and the work in which I am engaged,, either as''an official or as ;i
member in the rank and file of "the
Labor movement, and the threats of
politicians'to "burn'brush fires" he-
hind me wherever' I may go,' to "create rebellion" in the labor movement
against me and bring about my defeat for the presidency of the Federation, ' can have no influence upon
my mind and can ^not alter in an>
way my course.   "    '  '
As workers and citizens 'we have a
,'    *3
franchise, r as ' citizens we must"' us.*,
it to protect and extend equality of
all men-before the law rand ' secure
TiiUlvrduaTlTBerty fw ^iFmehT""'    "
• A   ....
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¥1  fi
And now, fellow workers— and
friends of human liberty,' Labor calls
upon you to be true to yourselves and
to each other, to stand"'faithfully ..by
our friends and elect t'heni* oppose
and defeat our enemies, whether thoy
be candidates"for President, for Congress or other offices; whether executive, legislative or judicial.'1',.; '
Sincerely and faithfully' yours,
, Samuel Gompers,
President American  Federation of
N. E. Suddaby
Agent for Kodaks, Waterman's Fountain « ' W
Pens, Office Supplies, etc. . 4-   \m\
... Q
Owing to the death yostordny of
Hon, Thomas Groonaway, there' is a
vacancy oh the board of tho railway
commission, a gift, in tho hands of
the Dominion govornment. ' It was
gonorally understood somo three
weeks ago when throo now commlss-
lonors wero appointed that VV, A,
Gallihor, ox-M. P. for Kootonay was
to got a Job and his picture appoared
In some of tho oaslorn Liboral newspapers as one of thc most likely np-
ProfoBSor McLean of Toronto, got
tho position howovor, and now that
thoro Is onco moro a vacancy Big Dill
Ib said to hu a vory likely man for
iho poBl. No doubt Mr. Gnlllhor will
onco moro got bimy In tho doforrud
unlet Ion In his old constituency In
order to mnko good with tho powers
at Ottawn, although until yostordny
ho had made no hIu.ii of tiiklnn uuy
IntoroHt In tho contest hore,'--Nolson
.S'OWH, .1
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A .'* * -    '? ■
■\1 *4 *♦ m   ,4 JS
f 44 mil
Sbe Sisf rit* t&tyw
$1 a Year in Advance
Address all Communications to the
"Manager"'District Ledger,    Fernie,
B.C.    ' ?'        '"
. Rates for advertising on application.
■We- believe, through careful enquiry, that all the advertisements in
this'paper are'signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by
words, we will make good to actual
subscribers any loss incurred by
trusting advertisements that prove to
be swindles; but we will not attempt
to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable businessmen who, advertise, nor pay the debts
of honest bankrupts.
This offer holds good for one
month after the transaction causing
the complaint; that is we must have
notice within that time. In all cases
in writing to -advertisers say "I saw
it in The Ledger."
Workingmen of East Kootenay —
you have hoard and read that both
Liberals and Conservatives in order
to secure your votes pormise to restrict Oriental immigration, and if a
tree is to be judged by the fruits, look
up thc records of both parties: '
When tlie C. P. R. was constructed
the Conservatives held the reins of
government, and Onderdonk was one
of the contractors who imported Chinese, and there was a „ clause in the
agreement stipulating that those
aliens should be sent back to China
when the road was completed.
There is no record of a single individual being shipped back.
fl'ln 1896 Sir, Wilfrid Laurier sent
the famous teelgram dealing with
the question of Chinese exclusion,—
stating that the wishes of . British
Columbia should.be complied with.
In 1904 the 500 head tax was. imposed.- ' Why the lapse of' eight
year's between the date of the telegram .and the date of imposition?-
Becausein; 18JJG.the .merchants and
-others-at the Coast were not anxious
to lose the—clTance of "getting cheaiT
.workers, so they prevailed upon the
powers"that be to defer the imposition of the' head ,'tax7!-This being the
oase you' may'ask lis how'It came In:
to,effe^.iin 1904?' 'Became'toe worli:';
ingmen.iniJii"ted iipon'lt?'-\Not much..';
ff$$ .r?.aJ- .r?-a,BOH )vaa that'*, the Work-'
««* QiliSSi flM'Bf Ui»t-,tlw paid: the.
der the Impression ^ "»<* ^ere
made by Whito. ialior, only'. loJ.0^tf
that thoy were manufactured, by ti.'.'"*
Chinese, who offored, the samo articles for $187 They then asked' the
question:, Why. not deal "directly With
John? nnd thoy did, ,'.' As n conso-
quenco tho Chinese merchants waxed
fat cutting'Into tho markets of" the
Whilo morclmnts, who finding tliolr
which piorced the cars at Ottawa and
trndo menaced, gave vent to a squeal
forthwith tho wishes of British, Col;,
umbia ''(morclmnts1) wore complied
with, and the head Lax ciinio into effect, So much for the hibernl party,
If this In not enough to convince you
of tlioiittltudo of both old parties on
this question, do n littlo, Investigating
on your own holuilf, find out tho political stripe of tho nawnilll owners
throughout ll, C, nnd you will discover tliut lho bulk of them hnvo
boon using Orlonla] labor, rogririllouH
of tliolr political leaning*-*,'
This fact will show that thoy aro
about oquully divided botwoon Lib-
(•mis nnd CoiiHorvntlvoH.
TIiIh cry of a white llrltlnh Columbia Ih thrown out. only us a. sort of
hull to catch your votos, but. don't bo
loud iiwuy from tlio run! Ibhuu by tmy
Hiicli triuiHpnront (lodges. Help the
BoflnllHt parly In thoir of fori m to
overthrow a HyHtom which nioaiiH iho
(onllnuiiiiro nf hik'Ii Hoclnl ovIIh iih
the uniMiiploycd problem, child labor
and tlio othor IIIh to which Hocloly Ih
hnlr. TIiIh you cun do hy voting on
Novombor tilth for the dtiitulard hour-
or of SocliillHin—Willinm Unvldnon.
Washington, (D.C.) Post: The increase of nearly,.35t) per.cent, Inithe.
socialist voterof..l904 over that polled in 1900, together With the" enthusiasm of the,adherents of Debs in-the.
present campaign, is a cause of anxiety to thoughtful watchers of political events' in' this couthry, not only
as to the voting strength of the.Socialists this season, but as to the probable power of that party, in future
The well advised in all the other
parties are cognizant of the influence
of the thousands ".who are flocking to
Debs'.,   meetings, ready to contribute
money for the privilege    of hearing
him vociferate on socialism and the^ suits in this line, and if the hotels,
benefits which he. claims will come
if its principles eventuate into laws,
These recruits to Debs audiences' are
furnishing probable converts to the
cause he advocates, and means desertions by the hundreds from the Democratic and Republican ranks. Well
may the leaders of these two parties
be apprehensive ofthe inroads made
by the Socinilist propaganda.
•In the industrial centres and wherever man does congregate for habit
ln large numbers there will be found
a fertile field for socialism. 'The
teachings of its, intense radicalism
appeal to the discontented and the
dissatisfied, and to the ignorant and
unfortunate who hold that the existing form of government is responsible for their material and social failures and. shortcomings,' it affords an
easy  and • a  reassuring oxplanantion.
The depression in business during
the last year will bring thousands to
the study and support of Socialism
who- would have shunned it had the
times.been better. ' '.
Whether • the Socialist party .. can
continue a phenomenal progress with
the people - of,the country all enjoying prosperity is another question.
But giving due weight to the figures of 1900 and 1904 and the size .of
the vote polled in the election of 1906
by the Socialists, there is much on
whicli to base the prophecy of greater strength for Debs and his followers.   , . ■ '
No'"' man * can give careful thought
to the. possibilities of.this increase,
hear ■ the muttered apprehensions of
the political wiseacres' in regard
ihereto, and consider the claims of
tlie. Socialists themselves without. being startled - into' the* conviction that
be reckoned with in * future political
contests.  " ' 5
If you wlHh to help along pronont
condition*-1 Unit nro mipporiod by
l.    .'.i.tL;
II  wm:
A diiniHon
F outer
T urlff nml olIuii'H
then votn for either flmlth Curllf* or
('ooilovo, niul nmll-jo tho off-Jet of
your net, but If joii would contribute
toward*, tho downfall of the modern
(lollnlh—Cnpltnllnm, Voto for David-
■'Surprising indeed is it to find how
dear to the heart-of the aspirant,for
political honors, are the interests and
welfare ■. of tho workingman. Still
more surprising is tho apparent ere-
-.ulity with which many. Workers ro-
coive those pro-election assurances
front' ctUJtlidates of the ,old parties','
But tho""c"mnx '8 rw?"*?-!' wlien' 'we.
note the de-v?erlty. with which- Uiese
promises aro Blo'cvstopped whon , the
successful candidate Is rorhimlfld , Of
statements made in the' hfifit bt 'a
campaign,' and Is callort Up to bring
thorn to a successful iBSi'.o,
The wYiOlo fi-Vpoal to tho working-
r..iYn lit election limes by both parties
18, lhdoed'farcical In tho oxtromo, The
manipulators and wlro pullers at tho
'scat of power know and realize that
■tho worklngmon hnvo. in tliolr poa-
hobhIoh tho ro'al balance of powor by
renson.of thoir .vtiBtly Huperlor voting,
numbers; honcoitho.appeals,.thaL aro
direct od to brend wlnnorn. *
It; Is rocorded aB a fact that a cor-
tain politician addroBHlng a, body of
workliiRnion, burnt Into tho flowory
oniony of tliolollorH that concluded:
"Ilonoiith that rugged shirt thore
bonis an •nonoHt hea'rll" It Ib fur-
ilior recorded that ho wiih choorod to
lho ocho by tho vory pooplo whom
ho was thero to hooa-wlnk and blindfold.
High tlmu It Ib for lho men who
aro tho bono aud nlnow of tlio Iwliw-
l rial und commercial proHporlty of
tho land, to hotilli* tlionwolvoH, to
cnBt iihUIo the lethargy und Indifference with which tho cniidldaturo ol
ono of tliolr own number Ih apparent*
ly regarded, to turn rmlilo from Un*
mimhroom promlHog of old party cut),
lldatou, and In short, to awiort thoni-
rtolvoi* and mop forward to tho pluei
thoy mtiHt ultimately occupy In the
political and notional life of oui
fnlr iln-rmln.
doubtedly numerous matters have
had prior claims to settlement, but
the time for action" in this regard is
surely,, well matured'by now. To the
uninitiate'd to'venture on* the alleged
streets of Fernie" after dusk is worse
than tempting fate. We do not wish
to dwell on the hold-up element that
has shown itself to ne prevalent'ih
the city; nor have wc any desire to
draw. attention to a possible recur:
rence of such depredations, but the
absenec of light Is certainly a standing invitation," and .an impetus to all
forms of'lawlessness, to say nothing
of the inconvenience caused to citizens in general.
Private eriterprisejs to be credited
with more action and successful re-
and some of the leading business
houses can have good, substantial illuminating schemes inside and in the
front of their respective places 'of
business, why should not the city fathers show as ■ much life in solving
this .vexed problem that is now, and
has for some time past, been facing
tho city of Fernie?
We understand that a lighting proposition involving only a moderate
outlay, has been placed before the
council, and it: is hoped that this, or
somo other scheme, will culminate
ultimately, and with as littlo delay as
possible, in the providing of light in
dark places.
Some careless, thoughtless
did a. very foolish .thing on
in order to get a crowd to alt end
Lho telephone; by-law meeting, an
alarm was sounded on tho' present
fire gong. At the present time nothing so terrifies the people of'Fernie as a firo, and on hearing an alarm
suundod so vigorously on Monday evening hundreds of citizens hurried into the. muddy streets and ran with all
speed to the firo station,, only to
learn that some person had used
this method ot drawing together1 a
crowd. ' '
- We'venture to say that if any one
had rung a .false alarm under any
other circumstances,,, they.-would have
been . promptly arrested ■ by our police, and prbperly so. ■ ' '-
, Several citizens ^considerably inconvenienced themselves to rush.to
the fire hall, others ran through,the
streets,- which   were  almost  impass-.
walks, and in their hurry stumbled
and fell, only to find out on.arriving
at the .'station .that it was ..a false
alarm. Whoever did this very foolish
thing established a precedent that
might be very annoying. ' ■■
Several citizens were heard to remark' that the next alarm they will
treat with silent contempt. ■
The members of tlie firo brigade,
ivho, we believe, get paid for overy
call, should put In their claim for
this call and thus impress the foolishness of the act upon tho parties
T.o»t or strayed. A party without
an UrtUu, If Ucllunvil lii'foiu .Nov. U
flndor will he suitably rewarded hy
• he proffer of an upper berth In lho
Old Woman's Home,—lho Renaio, ht
OtUwa. Smith Curtis, Ouodovn Co.
Vuneyort of dopo to tho public.
, ri)(j following report (ippiiarud ill
Tho ■ Toronto Olobo olf rocoiit date,
and shows Hint Tho Nfelson ' Dally
News IS not lho only payer ■ thai hus,
nn ignorant correspondent-. Whon will
theso "penny llnor" dubs -cM-ao Bonding away .untrue statements ubom
our city?
Winter at Fernio B. C.
Fornio, IJ, C, Oct, 28—(Spoclal.)-
Wlntor has    arrived    with a heavy
snow storm, and tho woathor Is voi**,
cold,     building up lho burnod down
.own is ul u HUiiulBtlll,"
How Is this, and by a Fornio , man,
Portland, Sept. 28—(Qlobo Special)
—Hov. Mr. Williamson of Fornio Ih
hero asking for aid in rebuilding lho
Ilnptist church doutroyod by tho recent, flro,   . .
In an address boforo tho BaptlHl
nilnlHlorH this morning ho doclurod
that Fornio peoplo Jumped Into wolls
to oRctipo burning nnd woro scalded to
(loath; that not a woll had a drop of
wutor lu It aftor tho flro; that scoros
of people jumped Into tho rivor, und
woro drownml; thnt Iho flames plckod
iip pooplo running lu lho streets and
ouruod thorn to death; that boots
a'oio picked up about lown with onl*.
foot, In thorn, and that thin arid much
vlao happened In nu hour nud n qunr-
I nv   i,,1.,.,.    (I        .,1.,, . ,    i    il     ,    ,
lOnturprUa and proffrosslvonoHB are
■"fill-milv conceded to be flininctor^
tic of typical wustoru life, whuthor In
the sphere of privato Interests or,municipal or provincial uovornmont, The
city council of Fornio has dono several most commondnblo things since
'ho irrent flro of AugiiNt first, but In
tho matter of providing street lamps.
whether of a temporary or poruiau-ju*.
nature, tlio city fntluus appear, t:o a
casual observer, to ho Inactivity personified.
True It Is that many other problems aro clamoring for attention; un-
i * * t i    ti
Such waa tho result of tho voto lak-
■ii on Tiiusila/ last on tho question of
jjrnntlng a franchlso to tho Kootonay
Tolephono Linos Limited. Under tho
.craw of tlio contract tho company will
lint Into operation on up to date system to meet tho wants of subscribers
■a onco. As a business eonvoplqnco
phones hft-,0 boon missed slnco the
llro, and will bo welcomod at an Im-
port ant adjunct to our tommercia
The Ledger still believes that a better contract could have been secured,
one in which the interests of the people, would have" been more securely
safeguar'ded,?and which would^have
still . proved acceptable to'* thejfeom-
pany. ;',.     .       .'■  7
-   * li . '     *   **       1    ' l >„*•* v       ,
This paper also believes that handing over a.franchise of such a nature
to a private corporation is in .fact
turning back the hands of progress
and advancement.
The three great methods of communication, postal service, telegraph and
telephone, are. public utilities of " a
very sweeping and general nature, and
as such should be removed from the
sphere of private control, and placed
witnin reach of- all classes.
The cry of the workingman not having an interest'in telephones is indeed
a phantom and a myth. Once' the
government"" assumes control, as it
should,' of' .all' lines, and brings the
rates down to a fair and moderate basis, the workingman will no doubt respond readily tb the opportunity of
availing himseif, of this modern and
rapid means of communication.
A visitor io Fornio may discover that
an election is in sight. The Liberal
association has shown signs of a re-'
surreotlbn to life. ,' Who has come
around with the dough? At the last
provincial elections the Liberals has
as a candidate a working miner, but
like "rats deserting a sinking ship,"
ihey deserted him, und helped to elect
the Conservative,- W; It: Ross. Now
someone has "come .through with the
dough" or there would be nothing doing, for wo know that so called "Liberal" bunch would not do a' thing, unless there was a chance to "got something."        .    '
At the time of the San' Francisco
fire the Liberal government at Ottawa
promptly ^sent. $100,000 for the relief
fund. .But when our people were left
homeless and' poverty stricken by the
late fire, and (the,city of Fernie was
wiped off the map, what'-did the' Liberal party do?. Nit.- Yet they'sent
Templeman here (smooth and fat) and
he promised to help, our city, but outside a few second.hand blankets,and
the loan of a few tents "our*people
could have suffered and. died for all
the Ottawa government cared.-We.had
to depe'ud upon, the kind hearts of our
countrymen, iri" other towns. Now that
the Liberals want our, votes:they get
busy, and tell us how much we owe to
them;..-   We have riot forgotten  .and
wilTnot forget
.The workingmen .'of this riding.—,
there are but[ few capitalists in this
neck of the woods'-^-will'have a chance,
to vote for a man frrom,thoir own ranks
next Tlnirsda'y; '' "'*'.•" " '"
., Wm. Davidson''" is''a' man.,who .lias
been tried and found to be true, arid
xye require 'just" such'. n' man to'i-epre-
sent-'this .riding a'r':Ottawn' j»' tlie interest's' of the common peoplo,.'
A voto for Davidson is a voto • tor
yourself.' .,     .
A V0^ ??r Hie C^n'servntlvo 01' Ihe
Uberal candidate) la YVoto 'for"your
masters'. Tako your "choice, Mr. Workingman.
..In .'O&pGnse to ho crusade ro tho inefficient service at" tho post office
which wo, have been very strongly con-
UOmnlng .lately, Inspector Kowlcy was
sent up from Calgary and looked ovoi
tho situation. * Whilo,'of course, he
would' not commit, hlmsolf, lio prom-
;sod (o try .and get-'somo uliuratlom-.
mado in' tho conditions horo, Mr. How-
ley ndnilttod tho fnot, although wo
'hlnk It. was unintentional, that owing
*o the admlnlstrntlop nt the head of
MlfalrB at. Ouawa.thftt It was almost
■mposslblo to .got anything pnsBt'tl, a*
■loadqunrlors owing toi.tlio rod tnpo.
This Is tlio snmo cry. no la usual whon.
ovor any ImprovOindnts aro wantod In
any of.tho publio facilities,, niul goes
to show how vory important it! la to
have men to roprosont you at Ottawa
who will do nwny with sueh rod tnpo.
A voto for W* Davidson, on tho 12th,
will ho In tills dlrocllon.
,/   (Continued from page 1.)
"-<   •v,-(r-"-     ».'   -^,\«i.u1^  •
number of 3000, paraded.;the streets,
carrying'banners etc.,'! and-the capitalist, press came out the next day with
the statement that about,300 foreigners who could not1 speak English had
paraded, the. streets.
He ventured to say that they could
speak English, arid good English too.
The 3000 did not compose all thes unemployed in Winnipeg * then, there
were many more there who were not
willing to turn,out. . In England, one
of the richest countries,, what do we
find—seven-and a inillions .of unemployed. What we want is a better
chance, to live, an equal distribution
of the means of production, collective
ownership. As long as the present
system lasted,'there would always be
poverty and want. It was an old capitalist dodge to divide the workers
by means of the parties and also in
religion.' •
■ In conclusion he urged, upon the
workers to .vote for Wm. Davidson."
Dr. Clarke then followed. He- said
that he had prepared a speech, but
that he would occupy his time in refuting the charges mado by My. O'-;
Brien, who had m"i'*.<> such insh assertions of graft against Liberals and
Conservatives alike."    -
Ho himself was the son of a minor, and had been born in Northumberland in England.       ,*      .
His father, at the age of ten years
had to-1 enter tho mines, and work for
4d per,day, but,he had worked hard,
and had given his son a liberal education.     , -        .■■**'
He'; Dr. Clarke, in the Old Country,
was a Liberal, and he"ventured to say
that no man had a cleaner record than
himself, ■ and when he came to; this
country he also entered the political
arena as a Liberal. If anything was
to be found of graft iri his past career he-was willing^to give up his seat
at once. He went, on to speak of
what Liberalism had done .for the
workers. The word Liberal . first
came about in-1828. ' That year saw
the repeal of the Test and Corporation
Acts. Shortly- afterward was seen
the sweeping out of the rotten boroughs, and' Hie passing of the frari-'
chise for Workingmen.'lie also spoke
of the Compensation - act,. Factories
act, and other things done for workingmen. He believed iiv. working ..for
the1 common" good, v"; :,He'-was"-riot ■"■in
favor of dividing the classes—putting
one against- the other. He believed
it was possible to work for'the common good. ° He argued'that Socialism
know''what; the' Socialist's r'would'"do
if they''came'"intbi power 'tb-morroW. '
'■'He did riot", think tliey would be 'able
to'do anything..' A"step"at;a t'irn'e'is
the law of'nature''and' so it.would.be
with man. ■ Any - government that
sanctioned the taking away of hard
earned earnings of widows, and others
were nothing else but robbers. He
also spoke about' the'Grand-Trunk" Pacific and the C. ;p. .R.~, In 'conclusion, he
^U^m^iAo^^or' Smith
C*ir,tis, £who ?ihe. bSd" "no ^oubt, would
be rasrwell ai^flook fflter their Interests as any other candidate.
The followirig. letter has been ro-'
ceived by the Citizens Committee.   ,
.    London, October 2
Dear Sir.   , -     , -   .• ~.
Your letter of the' 17th inst,, \ in
which by instructions of. the executive committee 01 the Fernie Fire Relief fund, you were good enough to
enclose to nie a resolution, I beg to
The terms' of the resolution I very
greatly appreciate, arid T beg, tb say
that-it Was a true'pleasure to rrie to
be able in some little measure to contribute to the .-fund for the relief of
those Who had the great misfortune
of suffering from the fire in the Fer-
rlie district.
Will you do me .the favor of saying
to the committee that I should ■ not
desire them to take the trouble of
sending .me a. detailed account showing receipts and expenditures, as- I
am entirely.satisfied that everything
will be done in the best possible way
tb meet the exigencies of the caso.
. Yours very truly,
(Signed)       Lord Strathcona.
It. R. Webb, .Esq. *
Sec. Citizens Committee,
Fernie,n. C, Canada.
.The trial trip of Hie S. S. *'Prinee:-s
Charlotte" which has been built for
the Canadian Pacific Raihyay for the
Vancou ver-Victoria-SeatUo route, a
mean speed of 20.43 knots was obtained. ' " 7 ' '* •,
The Princess Charlotte- has heo'ii'
built on similar lines to the S. S.
Princess Victoria, and will be in commission next season for the Alaska-
Yukon Exposition" traffic.
NOTICE is hereby given that on
December 1st 1908; I'interid to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for the renewal- of my hotel license, to sell intoxicating liquor's under the provisions of the Statute-in
that behalf in the premises khovvn wid
described as "The Royal Hotel," situated at Gateway, B. C, to commence
the, first day of January, 1909.
. J Simon Dragon
i Fa 1 m 5
f FRED WAYLETT, Proorietor t
— t
'   t
»f'»7'i tigM** rr'
!    Victoria
I f Chocolates     f
t ■ -'-?
Fresh Fruits Daily
t Opp.  Post  Office
Fernie B. C.
& Lyons
, NOTICE is hereby given that an extraordinary general meeting of the
shareholders of .the above Company
will beiheld at.the Government Office
Terliie7^T^C^X"Fri"d?^"tK~13thi  of
November,.at 8'o'clock p.riu , " ' ''.
' Business:' To "consider the question
of Winding-up the:company and general business.. -   .'-..'- ''   '■'  ■■•..■-■    •/:'■
Dated  this -5th  day ..of! Nbvemb'er,-
1909.     .-•■     ■ . ■■■ .   ji, ■   ■ •■   -   ,'■  '; <
-    •-       '■:'    '      ■   .W.  R.-ROSS, ,    .■    ;.,„
' •' '.'.  -4. Sec-Treas.1,Pro.-Tern.: -,• ■
)   Is; comfortably located at the corner of Prior   W
' and'Victoria Avenues, and carries a complete
f}   stock "of""  '■'
($.■■•-■■■■.*■■■    ..'..•..
&) -^       '      -.    ■-■:   7;  .■.      '  *■'-   •    '* ■.    ■    •■   ■■
to Millinery,  Furs,  Coats,  Skirts
'       H
x      *■ ,        \
Call and let us
show you our
list   of   cheap
Ladies'Underwear, Blouses:    m residential lots
We have
a A full line of tHc
&)       CELEBRATED P. C, CORSETS ,      f)
Let us place this range in your Kitchen
and end your cooking worries
Oct rid of the fret of a Bulky ranjjo
—the waste m" fuel—the sjjoilinfj
of food—the ccnRoless labor.
1'reo youriielf from tho kitchen
drudgery that goes with a j>oor
I.cl us place, a
Ooldtn Nfui;g«t Range
In your kitchen nnd alVyour cooking
worries will end.
T|io Oumey-Oxford Golden NupRot
Rani/c ia built of dead (Int. patent
levelled steel, blue finish. It won't
crack nor warp—it will last a lifetime, ,
Tlie range la lined with anbeatos
millboard   and  rivcttcd firmly bo
nono of tho heat can leak out.
The Gurney-Oxford Golden Nugget
Ranee in fitted with tho  Gurney.
O .>.->. .4     iC'tCtat.JiC       (3.441.4. 4.I1C   VC1V
\txtent Improv/'mcnt. Thin mot* will
wive more fuel than nny oilier grato
that's made, When you turn tho
handle tho Interlocking teeth of the
grate cut oft lho dead nsheti from
the bottom of tho fire, giving a
clear dr&ufht and a ruti-ck, re#T>on-
mvb lite. An vne co«i*t lxinnroucniy
burne«l to a fine, white nsh—tliure
Ik absolutely no waste. The grate
enn be removed without removing a
l'o't or vtltHurhing tho lining*.
Wnod Iwmlng grates are supplied
when required. ,-   ■• ■
Tho fire linings aro easily removed
without disturbing the top of tho
ranjrn.'t ■ That   saves   money-  In
. repairs.   ,  , ..,-,.
The Gurney Standard Mofnl Co., Limited tV^.^.n
Thli rtint«-(ti» Ourn«y.Oif>>«i CmuuIIm—
conttlna tltf (i-Mtul Improysmd-nl in «v«n
ov«n J»»»Hn« th»l hu Un, ptoduMii.
hxtUtA of Iht hMt btlnt til eurlid to Iln
bwk et the area, * ■■Mtltl riiti.lonM flu*
«U-vid«M lt naajprmM ttil ever thi (raat p(
the ovm, . Tlil« iMlhed.tivw spwMly
»4i«ii Umvyttifin fit ,(n« It* oimi.
'1 he team Itfittea *Hh theOtrtortinimMI*'
•»aytTV*^^k(M-fl*Brffr»,'a»«'U.|r.  j-.,'I
'   Canftdlan~nkna**1    '
",-..i'.X""i;""a'lJI I   t.'.l »'.PlnTO(1.''.'itig' "'.'■'»lMW?aill**i1llf   MK-WJBWtHU-li
Lots for Sale
in every part of
the City
t>anu>M iutter at aomt-
timo or other irotu Vdtte> i
. So uys a giut medial sutttonty, Tatt*
ll no dlitua csuies more . pain aad
wretchedMii Ihtn piles f snd bv Rlring
slmoit Immedtste esse Zsm-Buk hu won
the prslu of thoutsndiof lulTeicis, Ifyoa
sre suffering let Zsm«n.ik aire ymi-    Mr,
V.Cl rv-..-.-.   W-'*-l««>-»'"'   0-»   ,4.lT.«»j4Pt,T4,
piles eight vein. A few bous of Zsm>
uuk eared film. He since uy ti—"I hs»s
hid no Tttuin of the trouble so Ihst I know
ihe ture li perouncnt,"
- Mr, G B,-Froit, Lennosvllle,. P.Q.,
wrltesi '* I htve proved ZsmrRuk ■ great
cure for piles from whleh 1 suffered stalely
tor t long tlms."
. Zem-Duk elw cores cuts, ulccn, borei,
sbeeesse*; poUontd wbondi, bollk, t&Mt*
2_j_S__tf __wt ..•-•'• !-tv 1.
f.ir ft
iV ft?.-?:.
.f---.•■..-■.  --.   .,-......,,..., :f 7,i.
Jf --aB**«sa«i
p,9i-- .otjjco-; *nni win s=:it»rr—?•-.*■, - V.,4VA*Si'*---"*i-7f" ■?«-*¥•". - I"1"
r i-u-l.yiiJii'Xi L-!w:».'.-iilt.'i.'ou3.i>i>-<\ .--i.i*] . j >U<7'.^' > '• iJt;«\i ,-s )3
j' i'd ii(iViJ?-,i.'3.>-' nl >I ..s .; ;ml: Iico',*;.!-,i::-j!-i ■■ •,.!;,'- •;-, ■'■ 7;. ■;. - ;.: .
&'ii-.i.n*-;   •■■A.;J{j.v:nt-^*i*c^i,' ■•'" "■'■ ■'•■-■i  -'   - - -   i~'--;'   "-='   "' ■'' .■-■•"'':7-'''-'J _
'J    ■<* 'ST 8l"-3-   P    ,feHv ■*■?■•   «
5    - *   •/•Kvk^s'UV #:• ^-WJS *,,; t. -:■■-
The Official Organ of District No.  18, U.M.W.   of A.
Fernie, B. C, Noveitiber 7tli, 1908
f. '
. "Dl" James? who was formerly pit
boss at the Rock Cut, and No. 5, and
who has since been at his ranch, paid
i us a few days visit last week end. He
• is off to .Pincher Creek, and the little
.-birds are whispering, loudly that the
'object of his visit is to change    Mie
name of a certain, young lady there.
Tom  Sprustoh accompanies him    as
; best'man.   ■
* .Jack Hodgson has left us to join nis
wife an dfamily at ' Frezlrigtpii, England.    ' »
Most of the" men' on night shift at
No. 5 were sent back home ou Sun-
" lay night. It appears that during the
' day the mechanics had been overhauling the fan engine and boiler and had
not completed their job as soon as
was reckoned on, consequently there
wero largo" * accumulations of gas in
tho workings and main road. Tho men
were certainly, not iii the best . of hu-'
mor. at, turning .out and then having
to, return- home. There is a feeling
that in a case like this the men could
he warned not- to como out by an arrangement of sounds to be given von
■ the whistle, whicli at present, loudly
proclaims the .time for the commencement of each shift. Such an arrangement acts successfully in other places
■and it is up, to the men, through their
■ recognized representatives', to..take up
the idea with-the management.
Mrs'.' Booth of ,191 introduced a lino
wee daughter to tho.family circle oh
"Monday morning last.
Many expressions of approval'have
been .heard at Coal Creek ,wlth.,regard.
to what has appeared, iu the Ledger
' about,the manner of the methods of
the Fernie post office' officials. The
irregularity of the service has lately
given just cause at this end for the
. oft-heard outbursts of dissatisfaction.
We are entirely dependent on Fernie
for a regular "and undelayed service,
that is of course after the mails have
reached there, and recent events show
that we are, not getting this, and fur:
ther jthat .It Is at the. Fernie end of
... the, line»that.;the?grievance.-'cah bo, lb
pleasure by once more electing him as
the president of their local union.
.A good muster of the boys took
place on Saturday night to see if it
was, possible to hold dancing classes
in order to coach the uninitiated and
to get the old. country dancers into
the Canadians styles and figures. The
motto "Money Talks'.' was held up and
the response was. sufficient to ensure
the total,expense of two practices.
.Keep this up boys aud the winter
will be through before you know
wliere you are. ' The first practice
came off on Monday night and was a
great success. Look out for tlie notice ,of the second event. All you
who haven't yet joined do-so at once.
Everything round tho mines wears
a very quiet aspect." Here and there
one may see a spark of activity in connection with the alterations which are
being made, but tho real black diamond is not going from the camp in
such large quantities as one and all
would like to see.
The result of the election for president of the land of our cousins across
the lino was received here very lamely. Everybody seems to be- saving
themselves'for our own little electioneering "picnic which don't forget —
comes off next,week.- Let your reason be your guide.
Then the right way you'll decide!"
"cated.-"■"ThefeTis "your correspondent
in last .week's,„Ledger who told us he
wrote and posted'a letter to himself,
before a ^witness, and .on;,enquiry the
next day:*f ailed - io '-ree'eiv'e\ any,1 --mkll.
The writer „tf*fuitfy *Voiicfr*'fSr- fte
following. At 2.10 p.m. on Tuesday
October a7th a letter carefully.- and
properly addressed to a business' man
In Fernie was .handed 'In at the Coal
Creek post office,  „The sender   was
Mr.' and ■ Mrs. W. H. Griffith and
(laugher .Margaret returned from
Brandon, after, an absence of sevoral
weeks. They, took- a trip to the
States, while away; they report a
pleasant time.
.-Baynes has been enjoying fine, weather the; la'stpten days," a little rain,
no snow.' " Sunshine is the rule,here
and we •feel" thankful- that we missed
the rough weather.    '
Mrs. J. S. Morrow made a business
trip to- Cranbrook on ,Tuesady of last
week-.- -" - - - ■ - -       '        "
- Supt..rj.'D.'Aye has his force work-
The Elko base ball boys entertained
their friends to a swell supper and
ball at the Columbia hotel.
A." S. Goodeve, assisted by W. R.
Ross, M.r Fisher" and Mr. O'Brien, had
a big meeting at Elko last week and
fully discussed the ■ advantages "this
country • offers to" a good strong . opposition. ,
-   It's an awful thing'to be jealous.
* Bill Rawhide, horse wrangler,    for
the 1-4 circle 3 ranch was in    Elko
this week with a fine string of saddle ponies for sale.
The C. P.'R. have" four gangs working in Elko, and are making extensive
improvements around this hyacinth-
tinted and picturesque btfrgh.. Come
to Elko and injiale tho pure air of
heaven, and you will think your lungs
reach away down into your toes.
Bill Cornlassel, champion rail splitter of Tobacco Plains is visiting Elko
this week, and is sure playing . the
races. -,'      ".
, Tlie Baynes Lake Land company
are making, great sales of land '* all
through Washington', Idaho and .Montana.
The logging camps are starting up
along the Kootenay rivor south' of
Elko.   .
. Venison wllh black current-jelly is
an every, day dish in Elko these days,
and tho fish'are faking thc black ant
fly to beat old Isaac, and tlio*Big Red
apples still d-rolling.
' C. A. Carman of Vancouver was in
Elko this week showing u line line of
knitting needles and Gorman sock's.
You can always tell the quality of
the -pudding by the . amount that's
left over.
A man in Fernie one night last week'
went home very late- and the next
morning he tried to convince his wife
that he wore his necktie to,bed just
to tease* her. .- 7. '
ing on the.irrigating dithc north of
the.G: N.'station;,- ; It .is creating considerable .interest,.many, questions being asked by now .comers and .people
passing through. The water-; will* he
carrJed:.over.the.railroad.over thirty
feet above ihe track. Many have
questioned the "-height; thoy*, did not
think it possible to get "such a fall.
This settles,all doubts by the "Thorn-
^particular to Inqulro if it was in time asls'."
for that day's outgoing mail, and was
told Yes, the youngia'dy at*"the', same
timo taking the letter.' In the proper
way of business this letter should
havo been ready to hnnd out to tho
addressee tho samo day.1', This gentleman is prepared to say that ho called for IiIh mall Into ln tho afternoon
of Tuesday, Octohor 27th; also on tho
two following day**,., and, this lottor
was hot given to him.. ' Whether ho
hns received It slnco thon Providence
only known. It might''1 ho'mentioned
thiil*.* tho lottor contained Information
which' wns hocosHnry to tho business
mnn in order Unit ho- might Bond in
a tondor for somo Important work.
'•■ Thin Is HUifloloiit, to show how such
gross nnd . .Inexctinablo : carelessness
nnj! nilsmnnngomoiit might spoil niln'
to jt'OslnoxF, men,
tjllli anollio** Interesting ovonl, Mm.
J. J.. Kvhiuj hriH prosohted her good"
mnn with nnolhoMIno hoy and nil's
.woll,1 ,■ ,        -     '■   ■' ! .,/.:     ,,r'
-The Conl Crook branch of tho Sou-
Inllst. party of Cnnndii held ,i puMlc
"mooting "hero oh, Tuosddy nitfht. air,
W, gray, who mado an oxompliuy
clinltTriftrt, Ihlillilllc.h*. AlOX. Blinm*r,-rr
who WlibhiJ UtKnitfly on thn nooosslty
foi1 ihiiel'idildOiit political act Ion, J,
Hhrrlnfitoii wiih lu good fighting form
nnd gavo a donr outline of ttomo of
thu lending foutui'OH of,Socialism. Tho
cliiilrniiin In cloning tho meet Ing mado
an excellent npponl to thn vol urn of
Conl Crook to voto for tho working
mini onndldnto—nill Davidson,
Normnn IIoiuIoihoii, who hrm for a
long time been In charge of the nie-
clmnlcnl cnglinMirliifl- department tor
tha Coal Company dinro, hnH rnslunod
IiIh poult Ion and In nucc-omlml by hnv-
Id Bmlth from Mlchol,'
Tho Shorruh'u gave tliolr ontortnln-
mon In tho Club HnH on Wcdnosduy
tivwiiiifj-.     Thoro wai   a good audi-
•ci'it**,       ("jlin I'd vWiUUlll dou'-t 0110 of
tho bust Knows of llio kind which linn
•nVcr vlsltc-d thc Crwk. AH tho lumu
—vocnl and litHlruiuoutiil— woro capitally, rendered and tho humor wan
JiMiciuid with nun rellntimt'iit to no
found only In tho artlat who hn* thor-
ouRhly ma»lorod hit profonidon. Aftor
tho nhow a danco took plnco, mimic
bolng mppllod by tho nrtUli.
Jlth' Clarke and flnm Nlcholls havo
pulled out, but have firomUcd to
*rtii%$¥,:tifll( #■. »t»ltlod down,
m 1-jev^rii.j-v^^oiMit.iioJoim^'u*
yot JfwV rill/ ^^l^^f^iiJAIcM
C. B. Wcstate of Fernie was     a
guest of F. \Vh Adolph's on Sunday..
•' Roy.; - Hobblhs    nnd Mr.  -' Howard
ato dinner with' D. *W. Hart, on Sun-.,
day. |
D. W. Hart, tho sales agent for tho
Kootenay River. Land company .ro-,
ports a number of recent Bales, and
snys the- sales 'havo exceeded his most
sanguine expectations up to tho present, time, wltli'onq'ulrios from : all
parts of tho country. ,
■ Mr. Irwin.of Krag,.who was bo badly (jul iii*;by a ''uxor lu the hands of
llio negro Walhico last, week, is coming around as julckly as could be expected. . Wo understand that, ovor
twenty stitches.wero takeu in ■ bis
A lat'Bo parly of young folks'from
101 ko Hpent Sunday aftornoon last in
Dnynos,*. enjoying tho lake, sunshine,
nnd otlior natural attractions of our
natural vnlloy. ■'; .' .-.•'•••*■•
The following.letter, was received by
the Conservative committee at Calgary
and shows how. low.some people, will
drop-to ..try-and better . their purse.
They do not consider.their conscience,
for the simple reason that they have
no conscience at all. , ,,7,,,,,
7. -*<-,. .'. Calgary Oct. 20. •-,
■Sir:—    . •',.■"
As I have In my possession alone
certain, information that will overthrow the Socialist condidato from
running in Calgary this time, I am
writing you to this effect:, that if you
will glvo mo one' thousand dollars if
I ovotrhrow him,, I will meet any prominent ouo (alono) of your organization, and divulge facts to this effect.
Knowing that this campaign, as'others Is.run on a.gnmo of graft, i.wnnl
to ho Ihe game myself.   •'
I 'am -writing this undor the nnmo of
W. Facy,' general delivery, which' is
hot iny nnmo. If you consider my
proposition worth troubling about to
your own Interests, address lotjor to
ahovo address, general delivery ns to
,whoro you'will-moot mo.In private and
nlono nnd timo.
' I also wnnt you to guui'nnloo me
tho strictest, secrecy lu this mutter, If
you accopt my offer.
•*■ •     Yours otc.
' (8gd.) '        W. Fnoy.
.,   . .  TO VANCOUVER
) •
Taft to. Guide Ship of State-
Bryan Makes a Showing
New York, Nov. 6—Wm. Howard
.. .) *■
Taft of Ohio," Republican, will be inaugurated on -March i ne\t' as the
twenty fifth president of the United
States, succeeding President Roosevelt of New York.
James S. Sherman of'New York will
succeed Charles \V. Fairbanks of In-,
diana as vice-president. - This is the
most important thing decided by the
people at the • ballot box as the culmination of one of,the most remarkable political campaigns in the history
of tho republic.  ■
William Jennings Bryan of- Nebraska, the Democratic candidate, went
down before the storm of ballots for
the third timo, and with him foil John
W. Korn of Indiana, candidate-for the
Returns received show that'Mr. Taft
will have at least 298 electoral votes,
and as tiie details come in increasing
fullness from the west, it begins to
look as though he might have considerably more than that,-, might " even
reach the 325. claimed for him before
the' election by ^nairman Hitchcock
of the Republican National committee
before the, election; or possibly' even
approximate the 33G achieved by Mr.
. One of the results surpassing the
most sanguine hopes of most Republicans was Mr. Taft's carrying greater
New,York by a plurality of 15,654, furthermore his plurality- in New York
state will be approximately iS9,o34,—
exceeding by nearly 14)000 Roosevelt's
"plurality of 1904.
 0nly__sdcond7inlrinlni-7nf- romwi-in^
To representative Wm. B. McKinley
the candidate wired: "I am delighted
to know that we shall have a Republican house for that is absolutely necessary for future work."   "7    ,       0
Timothy Woodruff sent an express
sion of gratitude for the "great campaign whicli was carried on." He also
expressed especial satisfaction at the
election' of Governor Hughes.
Some of the figures relating to the
Republican slump in states which had
been regarded as certainly Republican are little short of anting. Perin-.
sylvania's plurality of over ,500,000 of
two years ago has been cut in two.
Illinois which gave Roosevelt 305,000
in. 1904, has gone ..for Taft by about
107,000. The highest claims of the
Republicans for IndIanaDis, 15,000,- as
against a plurality previously of 93,-
000. ,   .     -     .
Iowa gave Mr. Roosevelt'* 158,000
plurality in 1904, .and has now-dropped fro' nit hat figure to about 40,000
for Taft.
" Thc return of "Missouri to the Dem-.
ocratic on the presidential ticket al--
so wiped oii'l • a Republican majority
of 25,000 four years ago:
Maryland aiid West Virginia are
confidently claimed by the Republicans.
- There has boon a shinkage in the
Democraic vote' in several of the' southern states, notably in Virginia and
North Carolina.
Mr. Taft'has carried Wisconsin by
a plurality estimated at 75,000, a falling off from,the Roosevelt figures of
156,000 iu 1904.   ■ -.
Kentucky has'gone safely for Bryan
by about 15,000. Governor Johnston of
Minnesota has probably been elected
a table of.the electoral votes in the
different states:   , ,
governor of that state for a third, period, although, the state has gone for
Taft. " ,.       ,     ,       c    ',
New York, Nov. 3—The following is
Total votes In electoral college. ..483
Necessary to elect  ./. ......, .242
Alabama   •-.'..,..; ..'.  11
Arkansas..    ... '..','..;     9
California .;'..' .* :. .'.'.  10
Are now prepared tb transact your Banking
Business  in  temporary quarters in  rear   ,    '
of their late oflico pending the completion of our new premises
Savings Department
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received, interest allowed at
current rates and paid quarterly.'
H. L. Edmunds, Manager
Fernie Branch
Great Northern Will Build Line via
Southern British' Columbia,
Pour fiky thunder and a party of
Indian hun'torR pnHsod through Klko
tills woolt for Uoosvillo, tlio big Rod
Applo country.
Tho,ball gnmo plnyod.ln 12llco ho-
Iwoon tho IClko Lightnings and tho
Fornio Bklnnors, tho hot-l, tho swift-
est, tho most, sociable hall gamo ovor
playo'd in South'East Kootonay, and
for scientific ball playing tho nmlo
Bklnnon. bent tho other ball teams In
Kornlo as had as a full houso bouts n
flUBh. Tho gamo only lamed i'.o niln-
utoB but both sides plnyod hall. Tho
gamo .wai won by Elko by tho score
nt 7 tn 9      ■
Spokano, Wuuli.i Nov, 0—',I cxpoot
to soo through trains from St. Paul
running to Vancouvor, ovor tho Vic
Iorin, Vniicouvoi; oud.Eftstorn railroad
before tho oud of 1000." Patrick Wnlsh
of Spoki.no, mombor of 'lio firm of
L'oloy, Wn'lch nud Slowurt, rnllror..!
contractors, who built Mio lino f.*om
Marcus, WnHh,, 'whoro It connoctH
with tho Oroat Northorn from Spokano
through tho boundary district and 81-
milknmoon to Koromou, miido tho foro-
Koliiff statement, addinfc   .
"Tho V. V. & 19, hns hoop complotod
nn far ns Karnmeon, and Into this fnll
trains will bo running to Hedley, 2*>
mllOH fnrthor. As work will ho continued nil winter wo expect to roach
Princeton Ip May. Thon tho task ot
hulldlnx ovor tho IIopo Mountains In
terest was' the victory" of Gov. Hughes
who Is re-elected to-day-by a plurality
estimated as well above'75,000, ovor
the vote cast for his Democratic opponent. •'. • . ■ ■ \' .'/•"
,i Now'York, Nov. 3—deneral election
returns received.up to midnight show
tho following results:
Wm. Hi Taft Is elected president,
with approximately 208 votos; practically no change is' indicated in tlio
completion of tho national houso of
represent all vos. ■
. Tlio United States .Senate will re-
tain its jfrosoht Kdpubllcan majority.
Govornor Hughes litis boon re-elected in Now York atato by about 45,000
plurality.    .
Indiana has gono for Taft,
Ilryah has apparently carried Nob-
Ohio returns nro very slow owing
to the immoiiBo ballot but thoro Is no
doubt but tlmt Taft lias cnn'Jed I hat
Hlnto hy a largo plurality,     , -
.ludgo Taft, may hnvo aplnvnlity in
Now York, lho Ural time tlio lilr? city
litis given Its voto fnr n Uoiui'illcun
proslilontlnl cnndldnte,
Mr. Tuft will probably rccolvo n
greater plurality lu Now York* ntuto
tl'tiu dld.'ProHldonl IlooHovrlt, . four
yours ago. He litis nlrondv oxv'ocdoil
th'o flgurcH polled by Ilooijcivolt. In
Now JorHoy nnd hnd a surprlslnBly
big voto In MtisHnchiiHottH. Tho Ho-
publican pluralities fell off hoavlly In
tho middlo wost lu a miinnor thoroughly suriirlHlug to tho llopubllcnn
nituuuioiH,     ...
Spoukor Cannon hns boon olocted
by IiIh uhuiiI majority, UoproHnntut'
Ivo I'ayno of Now York, nnd Dalzlol of
fonimylvanla hnvo boon ro-oloclod,
nnd tho Houso of UoproBontnllvos will
probably conllnuo undor Its old ro-
Rlmo. Mr. Payne will hnvo tdinrgo
of tho now tariff hill nt lho oxtrn
Hcsulon which Mr. Tnft will cnll Im-
Missouri has returned lo tho "solid
south'* on tho prnsldnntlnl tlckot, nnd
oloctod Cawliord as Its Rovornor.
Tho first rotuim recr-lve-d to-day
onino ftom Hcattcicd dlptrlctn hi Mas-
suchusotttt. Th" heavy plurality so-
curotl thoro for Tnfi sucmnd to pro-
Colorado '..
Delaware v.
Idaho .:.. .
Mr. nnd  Mm. Owty    drove  down'10 tho VrMOt rlvor Vft,l°y W,U bo un'
from Rlko to noonvlltn on Tupsdny to
got a cornor on tho Illg Fat Cnttlo for
tho P, Burns Moat Mnrkots..    • :j
Professor Mnrkti, not tho Tlne.o 'f om
w.'.'*4>.44    y.&i'l.a,,    44-U4    vLc    i;4.»7 -*''*4,«U|
ftpoclflod Roll Simon I'uro Comedy
Comptiny was In Elko this wcok pod-
dllnn summer sausage nnd soap
Miss Motile Weasel Tall and Miss
Hetty Hole lu her Stocking -Here. In
town this week looking aa frlodly u
j^iouuta^f^MiiPt-o. pupu,
dortnkon and rushed to complotton
with nil posslhl cspood. It Is a task
to surmount tho mountains but I am
Informed that satisfactory grados nro
Illinois ....   .'•.;.;.■ ..(..':...'.'.■.:.V. 27
Indiana ....•  ...■•.....■..-.'..■. 15'
Iowa....  ..... .- 13
Kansas   ....  .,' , 10
Kentucky .... '. ..'....18
Louisiana ....     0
Maine .'.  ..  .'     fi
Maryland :  '..:  ';'...   8
Massachusetts   IC
Michigan   ..,.'  ..  ........ 14
Minnesota ....  .Ml
Mississippi 7. , 10
Missouri ;..*. .;.,'  18
Montana ' ...'. ,.;    'A
IS'ebraska     8
Nevnda  .....   3
Now Ilnmpshiro    4
New Jersoy  t, 12
Now York1 '.'.., 39
North Carolina /',..' ...'12
North Dakota ....  '....'   4
Ohio t r
nithihoma ..'  7
On'soii1 ,, '..a,   ....  ,-,,.  ...... 4
Pnnimylvnnln    31
llhodo islnnd    4
Houth Carolina     0
South Dnkotn     4
TcnucHseo   12
Toxns 18
Utnh    3
Vermont ,    4
Virginia       12
Washington ,,,   fi
WoHt Vlrfilnla '    7
Wisconsin    13
Wyoming;      3
Cincinnati. Nov. 3—Judgo Taft at
10,30 soul the following telegram to
Chairman Hitchcock: "I om delighted
to hoar tlio favornhlo rotuniH from
nil piiriH of the country ospeclnlly
Now York, ami I wish to oxpreRH my
Krailtndp for llio work whleh you
havo doiic"
Mnrolii, Neb., Nov, 3--Wm. Tlrynn
tO'iilght rccolvoil at his homo nt Pair-
view the rolurns which told him thnt
for tlie third time ho hnd been do-
foithril ou trying for tlio grentoHt nm-
hit Inn of hiH life.
r'niifidciit of victory until tho vory
cludo nny possibility of a landslide, ,MH| ,lfl wn8 not prt.nBri-,,| l0 bollovo
fnr Hrvnn as mmiv n«mnernts hnd'.,,.,, ,,„ ,„„„„ „.„„ u„» „„»■■< (-,,„ '^y
clalmod. and tho Ilcpubllcnn manftlfi-i„,.|(v 0f vtn *n«»piihHpnii nppnnont pll-
nrs nlso bognn to put. out, claims of |f)|« „,, •„ Hlirf, ft prnpnrtlnn at to lonvo
victory. HoturnM fro* tho up atntn j II0 mm for ,•„„„.,
country of Now Ymk wlmro -volltiK, Mf. „ Bnn01,nWl, ,Mpr *Ut ho
machlnory Is largely In us« woro «i«i|won1(, ,mv„ M „MoniPnt (0 milkn ,„.
nr>«t in rnmc In.     I» hflid ticpn rutiwct-     . . .
are our Tooth Washes nnd tlie prnise
of them,1 They nre pure,'fragrant and
antiseptic, chnnsing both teeth nnd
gums, removing the, tartar nnd giv--
ing a, sweet perfume to the breiitli.
We iiIbo have Tooth Brushes, Pow.
dors,and Soaps .for dental purposes,
and every rcquisiti- for the bathroom
nnd toilet, Our lines of Fancy Soaps,
Perfumes and Sachets are second , to
none in quality, but rather low in
price. ■    ■
Palace Dr-u-g? Store
The Original and the Standard
You don't get »n experiment—-or in untried miteria1~-or merely
verb-il pron.iies~w.ien you buy RUBKROID. '■• All tlie
experiments and tens were made 16 years igo. You get
perfection in roofing In RUIWROID.
16 years' service on rood all over the world proves that
RUBKROID resists all weather conditions—is unafl'ccted by
heat or cold—and It absolutely fire-resisting and waterproof.
You can roof the house and barn yourself with RUBKROID,
thus saving expensive ro'oferi' work. Write for samples and pricei.
Sold by Western Canada
Wholesale Co.
Southern llrilish Columbia will   bo ed for dayB Hint Kilo county, tncliid-
the scone of unusual railway construe
Hon activity next spring. I .on Is IIIII.
president of tlio Oroat Northorn Kail
way. Is desirous of rushlni to complotton tho through lino between Vancouver and tho Hounaury district."
'in? Iho heavy, tote of Iliilfalo, ta\*.ht \
'm inkoii nn ,n typlral riiso so far as:
•ho proHldcutlitl tU*!(«t was coiicernt'il,'
Trtff liiivlng a plurality of morn than .
4000.        . - ' |
. To tlovemor IluKhos    Judgo Tuft
.Vow York, .Vov. 3
tonitdit rhnlrmnn
a louutu u. ,,, „,. r„r~.
J.ifl J<Zii?W'yi.*.*-t'miMA '»—■- .■-Li'i.JcW'sl, fxtonslon of the Grand Trunk
?HteW*-\h*^!-^^ hls.flrm !>..
MrWVlrh snld nlxn ihnt work on thflMld: "I itrnnk ynu Wftrmlj' for   ynur
tlW Fort Steirt-*1*Bi**«*sffn-< Cottifiahy.
•fe ra^M-fKWW^wLiiH -fl-wili?Jm'iii* fain tu
lUAMMtlM'ir ,''•*'-•*'W
At I0,n0 o'clock
Hltchcork of tlio
tt*-publlrnn NatlonsI rommlttro, irifit
•lie newxpnppr riipresentatlves In his
rooms at National hpsd(iusriprs, and
rn them mmfp rhp following: ura'cm-ont
fn r-ntnrd to th« returns:
Thf rvtiirn-* n|n»«k (or th»msoivcs. i
far mora thnn I cxpecti-d, mm so i(
KUuS. i* pii'iiicivii t'.ttC <-.'.)(«,n.'/i
IIURhes would bu clecied. To .Mr.
HuehPs **<- owp much. At » cam-
piilgnor ho tins helpvd wondorfully In
tho national conlcst. All hero at
Dm hen im* ii liners wcio strcHi.y unci-
estod in the flftht. Hn has carnnd
his victory and wo aro -glad to rejoice
with him."
In a nelioo! recently tho teacher asked tho scholars to write a Hciiteiice.
with thc phrase "hitter ond" In lt.
Of ronrsf one srholnr hnnrtni! out the
NtuK.'iuciit (lint "Ituhsia unis ilt*(criiiln-
ed lo flRht the n-ct-nt war to lho bitter end". Another snld that lho summer holidayh hnd como too uooit "to
their bitter end." nnd so forth. Tho
sentence* that took the cake, liowttvor
•*«»* ihnt «riitiii l»y n bright ten yenr
"*■ ' **" !old boy who tu responsible for the foi-
I    Cornple-tf nnd final results of   ihe!,nwi',B;
Ul(Mil«B In Jlarlpod ar«:—John Hrr|   "Cir bull pup chased 8mlth's black
(ODRratulstlons  and   rorlproi-ste    hx
mrnidlnt fonrratulatlona to you 0„ : Th«r« sc^rn to bo no lonKor any doubt-
aecurin, Ko** Yotk SUto s.sin.i u»   J' «    ;'* m^„ ?«?£(• wm *" iWB. Consorvatlr^ MM; Mrftin.M, M i"* *am* U« Utk »•""• Md ss 8hfl
roondoua odds, and  the     wondnfu.;*   .   ™ai mjr voie *•"*»«• .*»■ COf*ir' '  ,„.,„   was Ki'ttla-t undsr th« fur.ee he bluer
*ampnm whlrh »o« tarrle4 on, W*''**' !bcr»' 2M2' »»rr,"»ton. B^*"*' W2U»d"
Ot*) -UWet-Md toV«W alto for your i   Th* plurality tn Indiana will b* U-m. Plurality of llcrron ovw McDonald 30* [ . ,	
*tm8WIBrTORTHrLEO-aElf.' •*"*« in tbo national fltwpalm."        h!;**° I e*ml*3.    That In Illinois is*—total vote 6.239. 1     OO YOU READ THE LEDGER? PAGE  SIX
,    —NO  WARNING.
IN B. G.
(B. C. mining Exchange.) .
The Provincial department of Mines
is preparing a bulletin  in regard  to
Miraculous     Escapes
,. ported.
Are   Re
time. Dr.-Dawson .wrote *,of--'"these,
creeks: "Williams Creek has yielded
more gold than any othe,r stream in
British Columbia. As'examples of
its yield in early., days, Steeple's, claim
gave a maximum yi'eu of 409 ounces.,
or $6,314 a day. ' More than ,?100,i'*j0
was taken - from-this claim of-80x25
feet.,1 In 18S6 Cunningham's.'. claim
produced gold to the value of 'nearly
$2,000 a day "for" the season while "oh
Bosion, .Mass., Nov. 3—Twenty persons on board tho Cunard liner Ivor-
uia, which arrived a few days a?o,
were  injured   when   the  steamer  uh- ^
couniered a  tidal  wave in  the "dev-j in-ihe' nasi  two-years
il's hole" one day out. from  Queens-1 ducts of all industries aggregated in
Six of the passengers were struck
by loose fittings On tho deck or were! l.uiuhorin
tin own   usjiiinst   the   hatchways,   but
over.       "    ,
all will re
According to the officers of the ves .
sel  the  wave   was'ilio largest    thnt j.Minernls	
any  of them  have  ever encountered.    Thus miniim contributed
in this way.
IL came without  any  warning and
struck ihe ship to starboard, and al
onco poured all over the dock and, in
to the companion ways and
ward hold.
A .panic in the steerage portion of
the'ship was averted by the prompt,
action of tlie ship's crew who rushed
to the rescue of those who were almost swept overboard when the wave
mining in this,'province,'and has issued in pamphlet form the first chapter,
so as to be able- to place it in   the
hands of '.he. membe.s of the-Mining .
, „   .    . ■     *-      •     ',,„   several days as much-as o*2
Institute,  and their mends, remarks . . .
,.,...       •    ,- i  ,i..4 weight of gold was taken out of this
an editorial in the  Victoria Colonist, j      a . ,.   ^
of  the   23rd   till6.   , We   learn  fiom jc fnm'
this  cl-apter tlie rehuivb  importance j    The Adams claim yielded to each of
of minima, anions  ihe  industries'   of jits owners 54.000 a year. These claims
l]ri( isl! Columbia, for it. tells us that | --voro above'the canyon In shallow and-
the total pro-! easily, accessible ground.  , The deep
touhd at the bottom of the canyon,
which was divided as ! "•"as first reached towards' the end of
I1SC1, by the Barker company (whence
' S**> OOD 000 ' conie5 t-ho name, of the town of Bar-
-'■■■ mn i korville;)    the   Diller   Company   was
... Aj.y yyn j the next successful In this, and it is
.,., Qj.Q qq j credibly stated that, here ,on one occa's-
-| ooooOO iion* "^ l)0U,uls °f sold W0l"lb ?oS.-100,
i was obtained in  one day.      In" 1SC8'
three claims below tlie canyon yielded
of tho wholo. which is  v. larger pio- j .
'$300,000 and twenty claims were proportion'than tlio pooplo of ihe prov-, ..,.,,        r-,. .    ...,-,
1                     ,,                             ■      .     i cluciiig steadily from 70 to 100 ounccs-
incc generally supposed,        -
BY THE  HON. R. P. R0BL,„N^-f,^-
--      FUNERAL. , ^ °.j;*.
jail ?l*i7,0'
j follows-.:,
.Vgricultui.* .
Fisheries ...
Secretaries of Local- Unions
M.^W. OF A.      .
-•      . ...J       CS-'-.-V,'
10 per ct.
: larger pio- ]
of ihe prov- ,
In passing
! it miiv 1)« Pii'd that tho loial Is vory i
' i
the for-! •ill'3(J fm'.:l !)1()Sin''e *° sniall in pop-
Terrible  Experience of a  Toronto  C.
P.  R.  Brakeman.
A despatch from Toronto says:
■. "Falling between two freight cars,
John A. McDermou, a C. P. II. brake-
man, was mangled by the whole train
passing over him, a short distance
east of Myrtle, and he lives' to tell the
tale.' ,       •   ,     -
. He dragged himself on his bleeding
limbs at a distance of about 30 feel
clear if the other track and up a bank
and proceeded to make a tourniquet
with his shoe laces to have himself
from bleeding lo death.
. Found by. Mate.
And all this time his mates on   the
freight'   were   aware "that   anything
and .the.train was going ..on;Its way
until a man who was passing gave
the alarm. -   ,
' ■ Then ..if M. Leggett, a fellow'1 brake
man went back and found his 'mate
gritting his teeth, and", bravely trying
to stem the' flow of blood from his
... ,^
severed legs. McDermtt was still in
a conscious condition and'remained
so until he waB taken to tho hospital
and had the limbs amputated by thc
McDermott had been in the employ
of. the C. P. II. for about a year as
brakeman and was at work on the
morning of tho accident. It was
very foggy on the tracks and In order
to soo tho engineer better and give
signals plainer ho wont up to within
about four cars of tho engine.
Fell  Between Cars.
In somo way in gotting in botwoon
them ho fell nnd the cars wont ovor
him. It wa sa long train of about
thirty ears and all of thoso wltli tho
exception of tlio four In front passed
ovor him.
Ills cries for holp woro not hoard,
and tho train wont on, tho crow not
knowing that thoir mate had met witn
an accident,
Dragged on Bleeding Legs.
"When tho cars pawed I dragged
self ovor the othor track to tho bank,"
said ho as ho was bolng lifted off tho
train nt thn Union Btatlon nnd carried
to the police ambulunco, "It, was awful work, and tho pain waa Homothlng
"How I got thoro I can't say," ho
wont on gritting IiIb tooth as tho pain
wuh something terrible. "I lost ono
boot but the other was hIIU on and 1
got. the Incd out nnd tied around tho
.  wounded legs.
"JiiHt ns I was doing UiIh Lcggott
cairic along, nnd found mo and they
soon put me In the train nnd brought
mc hero."
Both Legs Amputated.
SlinrUy   after  being   taken   to   tlio
illation as ours, and may be regarded j
as a promise of the wonderful things |
to  come,   when- tlie   vast  unoccupied!
areas have, boen opened up.     As thei
bulletin will only come into tholiands i
of a  limited number  of  people, and t
as tho story of the discovery of gold
as told in it is vory interesting,    we
reproduce it in part.     Gold was found
in small (piantlties as long ago as 1830
on this island, and iu the year following a discovery wa:. mnde on Morris-
boy  island  of tho    Queen  Charlotte
group.     About ?7."*,iH.0 worth cf me.".!
was taken out of a small seam thero.
Numerous reports of finds of gold in
different parts of the province came
to hand, but it was not until the year
1S57  that-tho'discoveries were'made
that gained for British Columbia ilia
name of hying a"gold producing conn
The first authenticated discovery of
placer gold on the Thompson River
was about-1857,'and soon Qat ter wards
rich finds al Hill Bar, near' Yale, on
the Fraser River, were reported. This
was the beginning of the great Fraser
River excitement. It is, .stated that
in 1858 bet ween, 3 5,000 and 20,000 persons embarked from San Francisco to
this was tho inauguration  of     gold'
per day. About, 100 miners wore at
,,'vork on Williams Crook litis year —
the golden yoar. The aggregate of
Williams Creek for the first seven
years of working, of which no record
was kept, was very largo. Tn 1SG1
$200,000 worth, of gold was taken out
of the Campbell discovery claims, and
! tlie adjacent Whitehall claim both of
them on Lightning Creek. Attempts
.were mado almost from the start to
reach the deep channel of this creek
out after much work were abandoned
in J864. Sinking was however, resumed in 1S70, and having proved to
bo very successful, led to the subsequent great developments. The rich
character of the ground' on this creek
may be illustrated .by stating that
at one time the Butcher claim yielded
350 ounces a day, the Aurora 300 to
000 ounces, a day and the Caledonia
300 ounces." ■■   ,
Other placer gold discoveries were
made on Stikino River, Northern Cas-
siar in the sxities; in the' Oniincca
district near latitude 5G dog., In 1868,
in the Liard river drainage basin in
1872 and at Allin in\L89S. The official
records show a production-- in, Allin
district for ten' years ending 1907, of
.Winnipeg^ Nov. 3—A striking tub,
ule to-'the" character and worth ";\of
Hon. Thomas Greenway,,as. a .citizen
and a public man is .-that offered^ by
his strongest opponent'in the, politi■■
cal arena in this, province; but oue
cf .his closest personal friends, Hon.
R'. P. Roblin, iho present premier of
Manitoba. ' ' '
'.'The place which Thos. Greenway
Tilled in Manitoba was a largo on?."
he' said.' "Although of late years his
activities have been removed to Ottawa, and although for somo time
he had been identified with federal, j
rather than provincial affairs, his j
name was still one to conjure with
in many respects in this , Weston*.
Ottawa,. Om., Oct. 30.—At S, o'clock
jlliis    olenitis  in   the  parlor  of    the
j Windsor hotel, the" Rev.' Dr.'Henderson, lho pastor of the Dominion Mo-
jthodist  church,  read  a  service  over,
tho remains of tho  late  Mr.,,Green-
way.   "
The remains wero subsequently 'put
on the N.-T. It! private ■ car. They
will' be accompanied west by J". W.
Greenyay and Cv A. Young of tlie
N. T, R. commission.   '
pell:• *f --'-'-' ~'7'1'    '
" CAN'MOREj.Nb.YllsS?
iio'ii."'-- '• '•     •'-.'. \»'-,.
29: James Fisher.
431. Fred  Chap-
', A.- J.-'McKin"
..*.».>/.•■..->■ *p.ENt-J?*V ■
Now" doing"" business vat the   'Palace
« *■ . v
-'.'-..       -.--,-,',5   pru'g   gjQJ^  -j
B. C.
'   c* ...
COLEMAN,'No. 2033:" William-Graham.1 - '.-.c ''v7,' ■' .'' -„.■.■■" i-ifT,- .
.' - C A R BO NApb,; NO.' 26S8: 'James Hewitt. -■      ':''"'['' '    ''"'"' _' '""    •
..CARDIFF,   No.   23S7: !iiG.! H.    Gibson. Vv ,,. X.   :•,:     ■   .--ii- ■ , .-   ...'.* ... :
' DIAMOND CITY, No. 258?
Prescbtl.      ' '■'    ' "    '  ' "
EDMONTON CITY, Xo. 23-10:  J. II.
Crowe. ' ,,
FERNIE, No. 2314: Thos. Biggs.
FRANK,' No.   1203f Walter    Wrig-
loy.   . '  .,   ■
■■ HOSMER,' No.   2497:   J.   D.   .Both-j
"Vic!-: "  '
J. £ARBER p. D. S.
Fernie, B. C.
W.  R.  Ross  K.C.      J.S.T. Alexander.
Barristers and Solicitors.
Fernie, B: C.
I il LLC,?. EST, No. lOSo:  Hairy Cooper. ;
LETHBRIDGE,   No.     574:   Charles
LILLE, No. 1233: J.'T. Griffith.
Smith.      ' ' '
J.  D,
Fernie, B. C.
F. C.  Lawe
Alex. ). Fisher
Clutches of Law Tightening on Vil-
lians Managing Apparently Well .
Organized White, Slave Traffic.
2334:. Charles    Gar-
MAPLE LEAF,.No. 2829: H. Blake.
* ft
No.",2G27:   Thomas Cal-
John Curran.
" T.
$4,333,000. During the current'year
reports have been received of,discoveries on tribui ary streams , of. Finlay
mining in British Columbia, the pro
duetion .In" 1S58, roughly estimated at
"5705,000, was considered disappointing'
and so great were "the natural difficulties of the country at that-time—unimproved too as it was then, with no
means to support a large population-
thai many of tho immigrants'returned to.California early In the next season. From,lho season of 1858 dates
the history of mining in Britisii Columbia, In 1859-GO gold diggings were
discovered at Fountain on tho Fraser
river; on tho Thompson River; on the
Slmilkamoeii River, and at Antler ln
tho Cariboo district,
Hut it. wan not until 1801 that tho
two most noteworthy discoveries —
Williams and Lightning creeks—wore
made, and thoso Induced a considerable migration of miners to tho province, this.Increasing In volume until
180*1, • Tho average value* of gold obtained per lineal foot of chnnnol on
certain chiiins on Williams Creek Is
given ln tlio report of tho provincial
minister of mines for 1857 as $1,075.
Tho production on Lightning Crook,
whilo In tho aggregate only about ono
tenth of tlmt ou. Williams Crook was
groator whllu it lasted, and from this
creek alptio gold to tho value of $2,-
170.272 was oxtroctod prior to 1875.
From uvalliiblo. hUiUbUcb It uppearB
tlmt. tho maximum production was
reached In 1803, In which year tho
output, almoRt entirely from tho Cariboo district, and from Wild Horso
Crook In lOnst Kontonny, was $3,013,'
503, and tliu average curnlngs per man
woro Btatod to havo boon $899,
Of lho offoct of tho placer gold dlrv
covoi'Ioh on thu ProHor Itlvor It ban
been written: "It la an old story how
peoplo hurrlod hy thousand** from San
I-'ranclsco, California, lo Victoria, II.
C-nnd tluM-c sot up limit* tfiits-; of
how I hoy viiHlmd up tho Primer river,
many ci-ohhIiik tho Oulf of t'.rargiu iu
open boals; how thoy cnino by tlie
iHilimiiH of I'niiiimii or rounded Gipo
Horn, or plodded wearily ovciIiukI lo
llrilHli ('nliunhln frnin KnHlurn f'nn-
n city  in u
river in the extreme northeastern .portion, of. British .Columbia, but up to
the-time of writing the report.of the
provincial mineralogist who-had gone
up -to the district;"-has not been re:
coived. .■•■' -    '
'Chicago, Nov.'4—The arrest last
night of Joseph Michel, known as ]
"Michael, tlie Mysterious", in connec-.'
tion with the, government crusade
against the ."White ." Slave" traffic,
promises to furnish one of the most,
important cases in the batch of prosecutions' brought. by the , ^United
States District Attorney  Sim's.
! Ever since the crusade began ea'rly
in June the government has been
trying to obtain evidence against the
defendant. The prisoner was arraigned before U. S. Deputy Foote,
and"in default-of $25,000 bail,    was
-METFORD, No. 2698
Dupon! Box 49G, LeUibridge.
ROCHE PERCEE  (Sask)  No. 2672
Lachlan  McQuarrie.      "
TABER, No. 102:  Joshua. Craig..
TABER, No. 1959: "Wm. White.
TAYLORTON,   (Sask!)   No.'264.8:—,
A.  Wilson.    ' '    .     "7"
(Sask.)   No.  2519: —
Fernie, B. C..
,'   ;-A; McDougall,'Mgr.
Manufacturers of and Deal-
■ ers in all kinds of Rough
. and Dressed Lumber
f ^ *. '<
■   ■    ,>
Send us your orders
Lumber   Dealer
All kinds of rough and dressed lumber
'   *■■'   .
Fernie   -7 B.  C.
Jos,1-- Twist. ,   --..
.   TASKER,"
N."D.,'7sTo.'2863:— J. "E.
Swede Has Been Missing for
Gus Quist; a Swede 25 years of age
left McArtrur's wood camp near Boundary City, fifteen days ago to go to
Greenwood after some goods, and ho
has not boon seen or heard of since
Flvo men from McArthur's camp
searched the country for days without
any success and last Saturday .SI men
prospected tho mountains for a trace
of tho mlsBlns man without any success.
He has disappeared as completely
as though tho earth had opened and
tnlton lilm in,   „
Lowe.,- ■       ' •, •   -'■■■
2299:  William
Pioneer Builder and Cotractor of
Fernie  ,
Victoria Ave.
North Feral
13, A. Kummer
L. O. Kiumnci'
M. A. KERR & CO.
An American Syndicate to 8eeure
'  Control.
A rocont Issue   of tho
Lodge has tho following:
A numbor of tho lnrgor mining properties lu tlio vicinity of Kamloops
will puns into lho hands of a syndlcato
of American mining capitalists, comprising Simon I). Nowliouso of Salt
Lake, tho Guggonholms and a third
party from Montana. J. T. Young, representing thin syndlcato Iioh boen look.
lug ovor tho pronorlloB nnd rogunlH
thorn ns among tlio host In tho province.
Ho Iiiih already taken a CO day option ou lho lMg l-'otir and the Tythoii
gioup and In now negotiating for the!
Iron .MiikI:. Kvoiilug'Star and Hovernl I
oilier*-). ]
At llio conclusion of sixty days ten j
lior cent will be paid down.     For ihe;
lMc Vf'-r *'" ".on (« thn nnle. prion niul •
' for lho Python tlio uvurtlento will puv I
ijino.nno, It In Mated on tho bout of!
i authority that If the syndicate can oh-1
itiiln a controlling intorost In those!
1 inlncH n big smelter will he erected hi
.1   hlKlll   HUM'.
The ore In tli'w* initios Is of nn un-
umiiilly high guide,
remanded for a hearing' to be,, granted next" week. ... * . .. . ,
'.- Michael's ' wife^ was arrested some
time, ago.- and held under bond -• of
$5,000. -* She waved a preliminary
hearing and'saved her husband at
tnat time frpm ■ arrest 'by declaring
that she was the sole' owner of the
two houses,1-and'that'hor husband'
was merely a bartender.' - The government claims to lie able to prove'
otherwise now.
• Michel was .formerly in .partnership
with Alphonso Dufour, who with his
wife recently forfeited their bond of
$65,000 and fled to Paris, .However
In' June when Mr. Sims started on
his crusade Michel was the owner
of tho houses In which it was said
that several alien women were harbored, °      ,
In' some manner Michel had been
told of tho raids and just boforo his
arrest was planned ho managed to
ship out.
Tho abode of the women was also
Tho names of tho women wore procured and tho government officers ln
ovory largo city were told to bo on
tho lookout for thorn, Yestordny aftornoon Mr. Sims rocelvod a wire
to tho effect that tho women wanted
had boen arrested in an catsern town
and a warrant was sworn out for
Michel's arrost. U. S. Commissioner
Sims is now working on the theory
thnt Michel's house wns used an a
clearing Iioubo for tho "whito slavos"
who woro brought form Purls to Chicago, and thon sent back to Now
York and othor oastorn cltlbs,
This theory Is based on the Information contained in tho tologram
asking for tho arrest of Michel,
Builders and Contractors.
-   , Estimates Furnished.
Geo. C.  Egg, A.I.C., William. Haldane
Builders and Contractors
Estimates  Furnished
A Chinaman, a Negro and a Mulatto
to bo Executed.
hoHpltnl .MeDciiiiott had tho two logs  nda-      Vldoiln  beaiinc
aill|>lllill*'ti im tie.'}   Well' (»(<ll< liiiUS'Uli i •'.(>'   HUM   III"   lituiHmim   nuiitu.a.    >.....
(.4     Ull'    ll.U.v   .' .1   ll...'). , l III!", CI >''...    ifl'H    .4    l,*lttli    Vli.llll)     H>    i.
He recovered from lho shock of tho i yoar."
ncciilciii   ami  uuiputiuion     all  right, ■    or tlio Cnilbou digging!* thu follow
und he iip'ii-iii'H to hnvo a good chiinco | lug hus brim prlniod rnpeiitodly:—In
»..(■ p> ..,.< ..I-.- ' ivr.t   itu-v v.I'f.rlnni  bntmovliiRi    of
MrDermeitt was formerly a street jdniiiK pios*>*'ctor.*, WUIIuii.h und nis.,
enr fotulncior niul liml l<«*(*n working' Ughmlng fn-eht*. two of Hin most
for il.e C. I'. It. for about u >-nr or! noted gold produrorH or lirltlsh Col
m,m, umbia, wore dlscoverod, and In this 	
Iln Is 27 years of age nnd married. ;»•■'• «•>«* "t,s" WIowlnR yeiu* tnont of TH£ FA8T |ND|AN AN AMATEUR
i,i,.Hi-,,,l ;*.'. l:vi IW-.u -Ui-.-.-t,   \V- .-.'   "'" nffc.-r rlrh erer-lct In the Vnrlhrn HQ   UOHGEni
Toronto.     H«« I* married and Iiiih ii dlHtrkt liwamo known.     TIkui lieitini 	
wife nn<i in:" > hlld.
Wife Went to Hospital.
Whf,n the new* or the accident wAiiub ColiitnliU, and ono that hat bad]   Thi* announcement wan mado <hU
brouiK.it io her his wife wont nt once tl,„ mwt{ |Hinng (,ffect» In ilelorniln-; week by hU tnanagor Toni Flanagan
to tho hOHplml nnd word wn» nl*°; |nK Uw fuiuro     Tho flndo wero   very '>'«»i" Irlnh Cannillftnn
km io fcl» bfc.ih.-r. rich and.bo "lucky pro.poc.orn   who     ™« n**on ghon I* that lton*boai
iiui wtoiiil iiirtU which h. iiui ittu-t     „,      4    4,      „   ~      , _   . _., ,»
,    ..    .. ,        . ,. ... .      loronto, IMov, 2-~Torn Ixingboftt l«
; notable event In the history or HritUl. I10W ft prof,.M|onB|,
VnnrOliver, Nov, -1—-l.cn CliunR, n
i.Iiliinnir.il, rthnrgnd with klllbi,**; IiIh
imi.nor, Yuiik Illnu In u rpmrl'ol in
.-.Olllll   MlllCOU*,«.'!',  Klhl   .'(>(>   «Hi>  p.Ov-
14 '.    h't.i'j % -.uniui ••••;'   {,!!■' il..".'H,      Uli-l
j huinuiii oil by Jmitlco Clement to   bu
ji.fn.ai-d on tho 18th or Deccwber.
j    l.eo UmiiK and Ymi« 11 ing   woro
I'.mi-u.i'-•*. in a plf? ranch, and the oil-
.'-.(.•iiui showed thoy had quairclled ns
to the ownumhtp bf-Bomri' or   tliolr
Yiiiik HIiik'8 body was round in tlm
bush foiirfiilly hacked, und it   trail
tit blood  led   to  the  door or  Imo'h
tthack and on hi» clo.hi's wero round I Dopnrtmont of Public  Works,
Jwn, Octobor 20th, 1D08.
NowHpapur-i will not bo paid
LIU uiullwf Iu lii'w wait almost pro* ... ^
tmt»d when the hoard tho new, <*>'■««<» owncri of claim. amn«sed a
th« mUbap. Rr,'»l ,J,)n '"' nionoy In n vory nhort
trtintn the money nnd In  futupo    he
will be paid for the performancei* ho
SEALED" TENDERS addressed' to
the undersigned, arid endorsed "Tenders . for. Dredging Coal Harbor,"; will
be received until Friday, 30t.h,Octo:
oer, 18.08, at. 4.30,. p.m. for dredging
required at ,Coal'. Harbour.. Vancouver, Province of British Columbia:  ,
Tenders will not be cohsi'dorcd un
less made on the form supplied, and
sinned'with'the actual signatures of
tenderers.   ■'-..■■ -..,-.
* Specification and form of tender
can be bbtalhed.on application ° to
G. A. Keefer, Esq.; resident engineer
New Westminster, and at the Department • of. Public Works, Ottawa.
Toners must Include the towing of*
tho plant to and from tho works.
Only dredges can bo employed
which, aro registered ln Canada at
tho timo of tho filing of tonders, Contractors must be ready to begin
work within twonty days after the
date thoy' have boon notifed of the
nccoptonco of their tender.
An accepted chequo on a chartered
bank, payable to the order of the
Honourable, tho Minister of Public
Works, for one thousand dollars (?1,-
000,00), must'be deposited as security. The choquo will bo returned in
caBO of non-occoptanco of tender.
Tho Department doos not bind it-
sofl to nccopt tho lowest or any tender. ,
Dy ordor,
Nap, Teseler,
Dopnrtmont of Public Works,  V.
Ottawa, Octobor 7, 1908.
Newspapers will not bo paid    for
this advertisement if they insert it
without   authority from tho Dopnrtmont.
SEALED TENDER addressed to
tho uiidoralgnod and endorsed "Ton-
dor for Publio Bulldliifl*, Vornon, II.
C„" will bo rocolvod at this offlco until 4.HO p.m. on Friday, Novombor 20,
1008, for tho construction of a Public
Huildlnp* at Vornon,
Plans and BpoclilcntloiiB can bo
noon, aiid fornriH of tondor obtained at
this dopartmont and on application to
lho poHtmnBlor nt Vernon.
PorsoiiH tandorhiR aro- notified that
tondorti will not bo considered uiiIosb
In tho prlntnd form supplied, and
hIkiioiI with 'thoir actual slKnaturos.
13ach tondor nitiHt hn accompanied
by nn accoptod choquo on a chartered bonic, inndo payable to tho ordor
of,tho Honourable tho MlnlBtbr*- of
Pnlillo Wnrlrq orpin 1 tn ten per W''ent
(10 per conl.) nf the amount of tho
tbiuior, which will hu turiuited if tho
portion tuudorliiK decline to ontur into a roii.rnc. wiien called upon to do
so, or If ho fall to comploto tho work
contract ml ror.    If tho tondor bo not
,'jni-T.T.t'v]   Mir.  i.)ifiniin  H'lU  l.r.  retn'*tlPi*l
Tho iDopartmont does not bind It-
SOU to' accept tho lowoift. or any ten-
Ily ordor,
(Slgiiod)        Nap Teailer
. Socrolnry.
,    EGG..&  HALDANE.
Architects and Valuators.
'• Nelson
Fernie,  B. C
B. C.
AVe iiid
We are firing away at'tho
. old business '
Team Work and Draying
Dealers . in Wagons,' Sleighs,   Dump ,
Carts, Spring Rigs and Harness
Hosmer, B, C.
Board and1 Room, .<i,2fl.OO per month
Mrs. Dcslcaurcs,  Prop.
0. N. ROSS. Manager,
Stoves!     Stoves!
Mf-tcleod, Alta..
We have the cheapest and
best line of Ranges, Kitchen
Stoves and Heaters.
New and Second-Hand Goods
J. E. ROGERS, Prop.
Drop in and seo mo
Rinman Kaminski Co.
For your hiij.ij)1j' of
Groceries, Dry Goods
Boots and Shoes
Painter and Decorator
fllvo mo a olimi'-o on your work
.. . ■ '      '■   -
Ilosmcr, H, C.
This mako* throo prisoners to bu
oxecuterl on Docombor 18—Pertelln, a
negro, for murdorlng Mrs. .Tonhlnii, a
negro woman of Vancouver; Jonltlns
a mulatto, for murdorlng Mr». Morrison of l!a«ilm«rn, nnd nlno l,oo
this ndvortlncmiont If thoy Insert It
without, authority from tho Department, ;'
Try a Ledger Ad,
y, uaroseiia
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
B. 0.
Dry GoyJu, Groceries, Dootsand Shoes
Gent*'. Furnlihingi
'baker! avenue
R.   Addison
Blairmorei Alia.
Funeral Director
and UndertiUtcr THE. DISTRICT  LEDGER,  FERNIE.   B. C, NOVEMBER 7, 1908.
In the, matter.;of the.festate-of. John
Csupiki late of 'Hosmer,.,B: C.,,de-.
7 "ceased.        ''*•■l ■   .       !'    ;* '
1 Notice is hereby given that all per-j
sons', having; any claims,or demands
against ' the late John Csupik,>who,
died, on or about the 1st,, day; of. Aur:
gust, 1908, at,Hosmer,'B.''C.V.in the
Province of British Columbia, are
requested to' send by 'post prepaid, or
to deliver ti the-"undersigned, solicitor herein for Michael Csupik,,. the
administrator, their names and addresses, and full particulars, in writing, of, their claims, and statements
of their, ■ accounts, - and ■ the nature of
the .securities,.if any, held by'them.
And take notice .that, after the lst
day'of .December, 1908, the said administrator will priceed to distribute
the assets of the n said deceased
among the parties entitled-thereto,
having regard only to the claims of
which he shall then have had notice,
aud that the said administrator will
, not be liable for the said assets, or
any part thereof, to any person    of
whose claim he. shall not then have1
received notice.
■Dated  at Fernie, B.  C.,. this    9th
day.of October, A.D.',-l90S.  ,' ■
.L. P. Eckstein,
Solicitor,for the said Administrator.
THE GHOST; OF    ;..v^ ^7
- Authoress of "The. Princess1 passes," "The Lightning '
,'      '     "' .. "..Y"'    Conductor,"'Etc., Etc.   .     '.    '•  «-  '   "
«..;■ Copyright', 1906, by Mrs. C.N. Williamson.        ;.. y
In the; matter,of the estate of Melissa
Leonard, late of the City of Fernie,
' deceased.
- Notice is hereby given that all persons having, any claim or demand
against the late . Melissa Leonard,
who died on or about the lst day of
August, 1908, at-Fernie, in the Province of British Columbia, are' required to send by "post prepaid, or to do-
liver to the undersigned, soliti shrdl
liver to the undersigned solicitor for
the executor and trustee" under the
will of * the said (Melissa Leonard,
their names and addresses and full
particulars In writing of Iheir claims,'
aiid statements of their accounts, and
the nature of the securities, if any,
1.0,4 iy>* il.cm.   - ■     -   -     -' .  7" \
And take notice that, after, the 1st
day of November, 1908, Tthe' said executor and trustee will proceed to
distribute the assets,of the deceased
among "the persons entitled thereto,
having regard only to tbe claims, of
- which he shall then,have had notice,
and the said executor and trustees
will not be liable for the said,assets.
ojc, any part thereof, to any person of
whose claim he shall not then have
received notice.
■' Dated.at Fernie,' B. C, the 14th day
of September, A. D.,' 1908.
L. P. Eckstein,
the said Executor and
Solicitor for
.. Fernie, B. C.
. Suchorzag,    late  of. Fernie,   B.  C,
deceased. , .
Notice is hereby given that all"persons hairing any claims or- demands
against the late Steve Suchorzak,
who died on orabout the 19th day/of
June, 1908, at Coal Creek, B. C, In
the Province of British Columbia,
are required to send by post, propaid,
or to deliver to the undersigned, solicitor herein for Simon Bogacy, the
administrators, their names and addresses; and full particulars ih writing, of their claims, and statements
of their accounts, and the nature of
tho securities, if any, held by them.
And. take notice that after tho 1st'
day of December, 1908, the said administrator will proceed to distribute
tho - assets of tho snld deceased
amng tho parties entitled thereto,
having regard onyl to the claims of
which he shall then have had notice,
nnd that tho said administrator will
not ho liable for tho sold assots, or
any part thoroof, to any porson, of
whose claim ho shall not thon havo
received notico.
Datod nt Fornio, B, C„ this 9th day
of Octobor, A. D., 1908.
L. D. Eckstein,
Slllcllor for lho said Administrator.
il' . fr 4,1 f * .4.
Elspeth Dean "was almost" ashamed
to go again into the Agency to ask the
same question: '."Is there anything
(for - me?" and to hear the same answer, "Nothing to-<iay." She hesitated
at the 4oor a moment, but she had
come out on purpose to make-the.call,
and it was a confession* of "failure to
steal away discouraged.
Elspeth hated to faii, s.o she summoned up her courage und marched
in. ', ..."
■ The same young woman1 sat at the
same desk, with the saint; rather waspish,-expression on" her face. Elspeth
would have envied her ii little for her
secure position in life,.if it had not
been for that expression. But Elspeth
would.not willingly have changed hers
(whicli was ■ attractive,' even in a
greenish lodging house mirror, with
a crack across tlie middle) for that
other, in spite of the material advantages whicli might go with- it.
,   "Good-morning.  Is. there"  she
had begun as usual, when the young
woman with the expression" cut her
'■ "Tlie manager will see you in her
private room," she said, with a nod
toward the door, succeeded instantly
by a flshlike gaze of discouragement
for the applicant who followed'' on
Elspeth's heels.
A small boy in livery/'sitting by the
door in question, knocked, mentioned
the name of Miss.Dean, and after a
murmur from some one unseen, in-
"vited Elspeth -to pass -.through.
Miss Smith, the manager of the
Agency, looked up from a pile of letters." *■
"Ah, Miss Dean, it's you, is it? I
■was expecting you," she remarked.
"You generally come in about this
time. How.would you like to go up to
Scotland, and be a kind of secretary
in a bis Hydro?"
Elspeth's gray eyes opened. She had
dreamed of nothing, more exciting
than a place in a London-office, and
it had appeared enormously difficult
to get even • that.. But Scotland—dear,
beautiful Scotland in August,- and a
big Hydro! It seemed too good to be
true. She was almost sure it would
end' in nothing, but she did not show
her lack of faith in her attainments
and her luck"; she was far too shrewd
a girl in spite of her inexperience, to
make such a mistake. ■
"I should like it, I think," she'said
■with creditable calmness. "Exactly
.what would I have to do?"
- "Well, it's, not-quite.an ordinary
secretarial * position,".,, 'replied. Miss
Smith. "You would have to take down
the manager's letters ■ from dictation,
of course.- Let me"-see, what's1 your
"ie next morning she-was at Eusfon
Station, one small unit in a crowd
for the Scotch express. 7,
t When*.Elspeth was a 'little girl, "she
had been taken once to Scotland to
see the place where she was born, but
she had not, been there since. Her father's people-had never forgiven him
for marrying a pretty girl somewhere
beneath him in'station, and absolutely penniless, therefore' Elspeth knew
nothing about them. Major Dean h«*id
left his son and daughter at school-in
a suburb of London-when they were
email, and Inter he'could never afford
'to take Elspeth out_to India. She had
done very little traveling in her"life,
and was much excited this morning.:
She had not dreamed that there would
be so many people going^ by train,
though—she told herself—she might
have thought of it. as Town was now
"dead;" and everybody running up to
Scotland for what was left of August
■and September.
. Elspeth had a tliird class ticket,.but
the crush wns so great that no plnce
could be found for- her. Neither was
there anything-left in the second class
compartments", by the time the porter
who had registered her box and taken
charge of lier hnndbiig began to search
for a .seat.'
"You'll have to go first class, Miss,"
said he. .
The.girl demurred. •     '
"But. they.won't let me,.and I can't
afford','— she- had begun,, when the''
porter broke in reassuringly:
"That's all right. Miss; they'll have
to let you. There's no room in the
thirds or seconds, and they're bound'
to carry you."     ' ■'
They hurried f.-om door to door, but
everything wns full, until at last they
came to a compartment occupied only
NOTICE Ib horoby given that tho
partnership , horotoforo existing botwoon Samuel Erwin and John Wai-
tin, doing business as plaatoroi's, etc,,
undor tl.o firm nnmo of Krwln & Walton, hnH this day been dlnsolvod hy
mutual consent, Samuel lSrwin retiring..
And • fui'ihur tnko notice U.ni nil
outstanding account** agninsl. tl.o (Inn
of Erwin *i Walton aro lo ho paid
by John Walton, and nil bill** out-
Btundlng ami duo the firm of '.Irwin
and Walton nro puynMu io .John Walton, '
Samuel  Erwin
John Welton
Dated nl. Pernio, II. C„ Ortobui* 1ft,
In the Matter of r.n Application for
ll'o Issue of a dut.lict.to of the Cortlfl-
calo of Title to tot 7. flock 2», Town
oi Pernio,, (Map 7-!4.)
, N'OTIcrc In horoby Rlvon Unit it Is
in,' intention to Icr.uo ut lho uxplia-
t.on of ono month r.fior lho Unit puh-
tortlflonlo of Tlllo to tho ahovo-
i.'-.i.MciK.-l Lcl ',;; t!:e v.tv.r.c of .Mr--;
nir"or Mnl.nr-hlnn. which nnvtlflpnto In
tlntnd tho 13th of July, 1006, and
numbered 0802 A.
H. I". MacLeod*
District RokIhIi-iu*.
1 nrd lloBlBtry Offlco,
-. 4 4, 4-,
Soptombor 3rd, 1008,
Wlnnlpo***, Nov. C—Hon, J, H. Ag«
re! v, provlnolnl tronsiiror of Manitoba,
la -nttil vory low,
o l.opo la entertained for hia . re-
t ovory.
, .'.'I'm d[cU of thin town. Whoro would
yo i Adrian mo to ro!"
,, *:',y(sll,.(iankly 1'djhato to namo tho
riite "per minute?   -'
"A hundred and thirty,words is my;
average speed.- • I, can.do. a hundred'
and fifty for a spurt."
"Good. But T balieve you have.only
hnd home practice as yet." '   i
. "I used to work from,my brother's
dictation".''He could hardly-speak too
fast for me."
.. "One doesn't lose one's head with
one's brother. Whereas with strarigyis,"
and a great 'many strangers at whone
beck and call vou'd havo to be, you'd
find it different."
"If you think T am too inexperienced for the place"— began Elspeth
"Frankly, I do think you too inexperienced, but' you seem a quickwitted, sensible girl, who ought,to got
on; and the manager of Loehrain
Castle Hydro makes it a point that
the person engaged shall ho Scotch,
well-edi'cated, a lady, not over
twonty-flvo. and—er--prepossoBBing.
You happen nt this moment to bo the
only young Scotchwoman I hnve on
my books ns a stenographer. Otherwise I should have preferred someone-
more experienced and nearer the hrh
limit .mentioned."
"T'm twenty-two." snid Elspeth.
"And look .iiinotoon, but it;can't bo
helped,-Mr, McGowan wants some oimi
at one.-;, 11 yoi go, you'll have to start
to morrow. Can you <lo that?"
' "Easily," replied Nlnpcth, who
lived in one room, and whoso worldly
possossions would all go into n box
not too Inrgu for use ns a cabin trunk.
"You say it isn't an ordinary place.
Whnt is thoro tn do besides- attending
to tlie manager's correspondence?"  ,
"His correspondence would probably bu tho leapt part of your work,
as there's already u young.mnn who
helps with Hint; but ho linn othor du-
tioB. hookkeopinj' and so on, and can't
devote hiH whole timo to correspond-
onco. A local young woman was tried,
b-t failed,, and a new uuisoii is want-
di' In a hurry, bocauuo (horo nro gucits
in tlio hotol who nood Hcerotarial
work dono. and haven't brought their
own son •HtnrioH. Thnt is whv I snid
ye • would havo to Uj at tlio book nnd
r">!l of ii good ninny Htriiiipar*** million*., clergymen, politicians, flnun-
ol' i*h perhaps--oh, all norls of peoplo."
"I think that would bo vory in-
toniHlinp," Hnld ElHjieth..
"Yes* but detracting and confuting. Pooplo oMImi sort   havo   odd
wayH, and aro olten luinatlo't, and
hard to ploiiHc. Yo * would ti -ud tact
i>i woll tw propone? of mind. Howovor,
it's n prom nliniico. Yoi couldn't hnvo
hoped for anything lie.I as good, with
your inoxperionco. l.ochrain OaHtlo
Hydro Is now un n hotol, oponod only
UiIh nouson, mid .no of tho finest In
Scotland. Tho milnry in two guinea**
ti wcok, und you're sure to havo prett-
•int**, Hut mind, you mimt do us orodit,
1 don't wnnt Mr, Meflnwiin in think
f'vo mndo n mi(*tn'*e. Tli.it ^ould*'bo|a
bi,\\ «>l,ertia«)itioii!. Im (ht) Awucy,"
"I will do my beM." enid TSIbpoUi.
to whom a wool-ly two guineas Boomed a fortuno,.Sim had lived on fifteen
tthlllirisB n weak foi two yaani, ninco
hor father had died, and hor brother
(now in Aufttralii. nocking his fortuno)
nnd,l|iif*l(*tod on pi-ring hor tho wholo
of that fnthor'n ppijhIoii an a Major
in tlio'Sovmitieth Scottiuli Tlordorors.
London, nnd ho*1 trninlnp nx a fthort-
hand wrltnr and typiHt, had Btrninnd
lior roHouicr-i1., and for months Miohad
been trying tn viln for work; calling
avory dov nt sovernl n(*oncioa.
In n low min"to« everything was
nrrnnped, and Minn Smith was ablo
to send a natisfactonr lolagram to the
manaffor of tho Lnehroin Castlo Hy-
droimtlilo Hotel. Elspeth went home
to her lodgings, packed up her, typewriter, whioli sho had bought on the
"Instalment plan." and nil her, other
belonging*}, fl-r Hlvay tic'tet wto*
paid for. by. l**'-*w .tm^lai-cj. 41*4
Then hurried, frutn door, to door, but every-
itiiv'ff iras full,
by two ladies. To bo sure tho remaining seats'were covered'with-small lug-
. gage, a couple of smart drossing-bags,
with gold monograms.(one   of   them
surmouted  with  a  coronet)    and '. a
idustrcoat or two.' But1,.tho porter was
■ hot easily, beguiled.    *'      ' ,"
'■    "These places all 'taken,' madam?"
iho"asked briskiy of the older lady, a
vory  handsome  woman,  whoso'  admirers would have pronounced   hor
thirty-three,   whoso..,enemies   would
have placed hor past forty.
She {glanced up from*rending a letter,, and stared haughtily at Elspoth
' and' tho portor
>'VnE_'*   ahn
Yes—" sho'bogan, when*tho girl,
who wan with hov'interrupted:
"Oh, mother, il is only one scat bo-
sido ours thnt it engaged, and wo
aren't quito sure about that.",
Tlio othor frowned with vexation,
and she did not look half so handsome, or nearly so young, when bIio
"You nrd ridiculous," Hilary I" sho
nnapped, in, a low but angry voice.
Thon, to tlio portor: "Thoro is no
room horo. Don't yoi seo, tlio raoks
aro already full of luggage, and wo
nood tho dlHongcircd mint Cor our
"Vory sorry, madam, but thiH is
tho only compartment with a placo
froo, and this Ind*? must rido Homo-
whoro," ropliod tlio man, alrondy beginning to find ispiioo for tho gorgoouB
dressing bugs in tho rnckH,
"Impudent creature I" exclaimed
tho liuly, flunhing dooply undor a deli-
cato film of liquid powdor, and a voil
which liclghloneil ltt. ilowor-liko effect, "I am tlio Coun—"
**01i, mothor, don't I" implored tho
girl, hor faco—which Klspoth thought
tho prettiest sho had ovor floon—scar-
lot with iiumllation nud dlstrosH, "Soo,
Im Ih malting room. Wn oan't oxpoot
to hnvo tho wholo compartment to
Tho oldoi  woman bit hor Up and
was Hilnnt, roalnslng, jiorliapH, thnt It
was she who woe on tlio point of mnk-
ing hnrHolf rldlouloim, But film twitch-
ed nBido her dress with such an air
ol (liHgmit aa ElHpoth mookly piwboiJ
ti tho Boat which hnd boon eloarod
by tho portor that tho iinfortiiniitfl
nowoomor folt that Bho was regarded
as Home inferior wort ot animal.
"I am sorry," hIio Bald, looking
MliUgilt nt  the hid
"Plftwo don't b". It doptm't. malt/nr
ln tho loRHt," answered tho beautiful
oreature, with a ainilu bo charming
that Klspeth's heart warmed to hor.
"I'm Hiiro riho'n ns nico im she s
pretty," the tvpiiit sold to. horself,
''thrmoh how v\\e ran Iw, with buoIi «
mother, h a miraelo."
Tho intruder snillod a grateful an-
swor, and then tried to appear oblivious to her traveling coinpiiiiloiiH.
Sho openod lior handbag, wliioh flho
had on her Inp, and protondod to ho
deeply interested in its contonU, out
nhe enuld not help hearing thoir con-
versation. It wwi oil but timo for tho
train to start now, and tlio oldor of
tlio two ladle*, apparently forgetting
tlm unweloomo tliiid in the compart-
n\&t\t, did not attempt to conceal her
■jxcitement, , . , „      .  ,  _ .
"What a sliarno I I bellevo lie b not
coming," who exclaimed, looking
eagerly out of tho w!ml<w. 'An-
rtthcr minute, and it will be too late.
1 do;l)<u« Udy. Mohon'ij.news wmii i
a mlstaTJe or miKle"up"oiit oflHe whole-
cloth," and our time wasted. It would
be like her. I always did think Maud
Melton a cat."'1   . "-I-'■■'-' - .
', ''Mother, -do .be careful,"- whispered
her daughter. ' -
' "What..dc.j; care'for a person of
that sort?"  aske'.!  the "other,  with a
quick  glance'of  contempt' at pretty,
,plainlv-dresse'd   Elspeth.' ."It's   bad
'enough" having her stuffed in with us,
without havin«  to  think  about her,
with   everv   word "one .speaks.     She
doesn't matter' any .more than  one's
maid .matters;  indeed,  she  is probably someone's  maid.    What is the
use  of  spendinsr  a lot of. money to
travel" first-ci->P3,  if .-.third-class-.creatures are to be squeezed in, without
■ paying appen'ny?"
"Here comes Mr'. Kenrith,'-' broke
in the' girl, as ii thankful to make a
diversion. ■ ■ •''.•?".' ' *
■ Instantly an extraordinary change
came over her mother. "The hand:
some, though rather sharp features,
were softened with a charming smile,
which' irradiated them ns the rose of
si sun-set "(-'low irradiates a'bleak landscape in "the noitli. The dark eyes
sparkled, -the frown that had drawn
the straight black brows together was
smoothed out. ,. She looked suddenly
almost girlish and prettily feminine
as she patted ■ her beautifully undulated'auburn hair.
Elspeth, though angry, was inter-
,'ested. wonderiue what sort of man
would appear. Tiie name, Kenrith.
sounded faintly le.miliar, as if she had
heard it before; but, if bo she could
not lemenibar where!       '=
In- another second her curiosity was
satisfied. , A tall, -broad-shouldered
man'of about forty, with a nice brown
t'uc*?. wns at tiie door.
"Here I am, just in time,"- said he
in a pleasant voice, which proclaimed
him from the north' country. "May I
reallv travel with you, Lady Lambart "aiid Lady Hilary?"
"We are delighted.    You won't let
us be dull,"   replied Ladyv Lambart.
The new comer 'glanced-at Elspeth,
■as if expecting to "lind that she was
-an ncauaiiitance also, saw she was a
stranger, and begging her pardon-as
he passed took.the unoccupied seat.' .
By this time'the" young typist knew
whv'the name of Kenrith had sounded'familiar.   She had never heard it,
but  she  had   read'.about, it in'the
papers.   There was a millionaire named John Kenrith, who was very charitable,   and   whose   good   works   she
had seen mentioned.   If she remembered  aright,   he1 came  from   Lancashire, and she wondered if this nice,
brown, rather ucly man were he.   "If
he is, I do believe this horrid woman
is being sweet to him on account, of
'his- money,"   thought the   girl,""for
he 'doesn't seem her sort at all.   I do
-hope he sees through her.' He looks
clever, but I suppose men never do
see through •hands'ome.women,- especially countesses, and this evidently
is one, because now I come to look
at it,-that's, a Countess's coronet on
her dressing bag." .        ■
Elspeth had "brought a novel, and
she tried.to absorb herself in it, as
,the train rushed her on toward ex-
, citing new.':experiences; but the talk
of her traveling companions .would
entangle itself with1 that of the: characters, in the, book.- •' ' .,
"It was such a pleasant surprise
to hear, after we had.made up our
were going,"" said Lady Lambart. "I
couldn't resist writing you, a line,
when I heard you were at the Carlton,- to ask if. there .were any. chance
6f "your traveling'-by our train. Then.
when I didn't get an answer"	
"I  was ; away  from ;town .all yesterday,   and   only    found  your note
when* I got back to the hotel at'-mid-■'
night, too late to wire; but of course,
I  sent  a  messenger the  first thing1
this morning"  . ' ■>
"We must have already left, It is
such a Ion? drive,- you know, and
Hilary and I hnve heaps of luggage.
But all's well that ends woll. Who
would' have dreamed of your goinf
■to Loehrain? I thought of it because
the air is so good, and it's been such
a tiring season that it will: be more
restful for us both than a' round o.'
Scotch visits,"' "
"I think I'm in great luck," saie'
Mr. Kenrith.
"You poor fellow, I, suppose yo*
roally do think so," mused Elspoth
" 'Surprised,' indood! I wonder sh
dared Bay that, after rwhnt- bIio mui-t
have known I heard when I first got
into tho oni-ringe. What a scone thoro
would be "if I told!"
• ThiB idea struck her sense of humor bo oomically that she almost
laughed aloud; but nobody wns paying any nttontion to hor, Konrith
looked her way oociiBionnlly, to be
sure, but not curiously to see if she
woro listening. Hu wns not snyin',
anything that ho heed mind all thu
world hearing; and hin gloncoB toward Elspoth oxprossod only tho interest that a wnnii-lienrted man of
nu unusually hind and sy,?ipnthotic
naturo would' fool in a protly young
woman traveling alono, almost shabbily droHn«d, when hor boauty ought
to havo noon sot off by  charming
russia to send
-,     ...       .KAN. STATES
Paris. Nov..-T—A Berlin despatch tc
the Petit Parisean says ii is rumored in diplomatic circles thai Russia
Is about to send an ultimatum ■-
tria-Hungary' and is making . pa.-'
ations for' a ■ hasty mobilization. The
despatch adds" that it.' is impossible to
obtain an offical confirmation of this,
report,      .   •,
"St. Petersburg, Nov. 1—Interest in
the Balkan, situation is centred in the
positive statements of several parliamentary leaders' that. Russia has db-
Jcmn Harrington, the Socialist candidate, made  a, very strong . run  in
j the Pass," carrying'* it by a small majority.     This is the first occasion on
which this party has entered the political field in Alberta, and it is sur-
nns'r.;; the ,::ir;oi::.-t' of siipyort    t'.'.cy
gathered  around   them  iu  the. short
'."me at their disposal'heforo election
day.     We must say that unlike   the j
Liberals,  the   Socialists   conducted-aI
clean fjnanly campaign throughout, — j
and also were at. all times ready   to
meet their opponents  in  public    de-j
bate.   • That, is what we liko to see,
and is the way- things should be. —
Coleman  Miner. ..
tei-mined to drop the idc-a of-tho pro
NOTICE is hereby given that Alex-
'•! andci* Ri7.utto of the City of Fernie,
posed    international    congress,    and i will apply at the next sidings of the
svill refuse to recognize the aiinexai-i Board of Licensing Commissioners'in j
.'on. by Austria Hungary of Ho&uia or j and for the Qity. of'Fernie as a Li-j
1-Ierzgovnia. 0 j cousin*, Court for tlie transfer of the j
This information, though inirportiiijji Retail   Liquor   License, in  respect  ofi
tl e prem'.iK's known as the Roniu Ho
tel, and s.luale" on Lots Thirteen (131 |
to ho from official ..sources, is not
quite definite. Russia has finally
committed herself to the ' principle
that the question of the annexation
of the provinces may be discussed iu
and Fourteen (11) in Blook Seventeen (17) Fernie to the new premises
to be known as the Roma Hotel, and
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
»■ Call in and
see us once,
C. W. DAVEY & CO., Props.
a conference of the powers, and Aus- ■ erected or to be erected on tho north*
tria' will prompt the status of Bosnia cast corner of tho said Block 17, and
to bo included in the program, hut
only on condition that"delegates will
lefraiii from questioning her action,
and content themselves with'.resist or
ing the abrogation of the article' re-
(.'crrin'g to this'matter in the Berlin
treaty. •      ■
The foreign office states that 'the
negotiations between Russia, Austria
Hungary, 'and'- other powers oil this
question are still in progress, an-J
considers' that an, acceptable formula
for the solution of the difficulty may.
yet bo found:
It is difficult, however, to forsec
how a satisfactory agreement may be
reached.without one side or the othe:
withdrawing its contention."
having a frontage to Baker Avenue of
120 feet and a frontage to Jaffray St.,
of 4S' feet.
'A. Rizzuto.  ■
Dated 3lst October, 1008.
The New Regulation of Interstate
Chicago, Nov. 4—The new uniform
bill of lading approved by the interstate commerce committ.ee went intc
effect on 416 railroads in the official
cl_as^ficatipn_terdt_oryJ__I __1
"NOTICE is hereby given that   one
month after date I intend to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for the renewal of my Hotel License, to sell intoxicating'liquors under the provisions of the Statute in
that behalf in the premises known
and described as the Wellington
House, situated at New^Michel' B. C,
to commence on the first day of January, 1909. '
Dated this 31st October, A.D., 190S. ,
1 l-5t.
(In rear of old .stand)
Table Unexcelled
Ritr supplied with tlie finest
brands of "Wines, Liquors
and Cigars
(Formerly of Central Hotel)
Hereafter every shipment of freight
in the .territory of the Mississippi am.
north.of the Ohio, must be made oi
the basis of. the new form, unless ■>■
shipper, objecting to the terms, ir
agreeable to paying ten per cent more
than the regulations freight rate
calls for
NOTICE is hereby given that one
month after date I intend to apply to,
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for the renewal of my Hotel License, to sell intoxicating liquors un-
that behalf; in the premises known
and described as the Michel Hotel, situate at Michel, B. C.,to commence on
the first day of January, 1909.
Dated this 3lst October,. A.D., 190S.
An Explosiion Takes Place, Resultirr
in Instant Death
Index, Wash,, Nov. 5—Wm. Ketch-
urn, a' miner working at p, N, Scott's
property ton miles up tho north foil;
of the Skyomlsh rivor, was Instantly
killed last night.
One of a round of holes in the face
of the mino had missed flro. Ho re
turned to reload it and received th,
."'ill forco of tho explosion.
NOTICE Is hereby given that one
month aftor date I Intend to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of my Wholesale
Liquor,License, to sell intoxicating liquor, under the provisions of the Statute In thnt behalf In tho premises
known and described os.Crahans Liquor Store, situated at Michel, B. C,
to commence on tho first dny of January, A. D. i909.
Dated this 31st Octobor, A.D., 190S,
Milnes,  such   as  Lady" Hilary   Vai.
wore.   If lie thouzht of hor eoiincniu-
ly, It "wild to say to hlmuolfi 'Voo
nlilldl   Girls  like her havo  a right
to  everything  tl.ut's   brightest   n.uj
bout in tlio world.  What an awful
iliaino thoy cnn't nil hnvo it."
"You nun-it Iuivj Iuul dozens of in-
v-itutiont*. for lliis month mid next,"
.•ornnrkocl Lady L.'iir.bnvt,
"I had a few. lv.it I'm not mud'
of a hand ior vi■■itlnc," ropliod the
mlUioniiiro  iiier'*\ l!y.    "I   Unow  Uy
until  who ..*'..> t*iii'*d tlio old plinth
of Loohruin int.- a hotol.   Indued, J
was able to help 7 *i n littlo, as ho1:
n food follow, ami dtmarvoH *u-ee<.;;t.,
Tlnit'H ouo reiiHon I'm (join*;, iimi hi.-
othor U. I tlioujjlil it would k a good
I .not  I'.uce lor in'1 to try  my hnnd
•il writing a b*.o!t 1'vo had in mind
f«u* i*o,iio  time;  n  dull  thine  >o.fd
think   It,  but  InloroHtinB  to nm;. n
now Idoa in uncialIr'tlo HolioinoB I want
to work out,"
"Yon nro alwnvH tlilnldr.*.* of other*.," oxclalmi.il I.adjr Lambmt. j
"Im nfraid I don't forget iiiyi*olf,' |
•iiiiU'd Kuiiniii.    •'*«■ j'*"'' i**" ■* '•'"'•■ i
ini' niVRi'H n hi*.* nronpnt.   Ye' know '
tho Tt'i(le,|inlf.kio diamond?   \U-.1( I've ;
got It—cot It on mo at thin moment, i
i! you"-—          ,       •         , '
•'Oh, Mr. Kenrith, you forgot, wnll< ]
havo oarH, evon walls of railway ear- i
,.*.,«>.. i" ttrtfii T.ndy T.ntnhnrt.   "Yon ■
oughtn't to Hponl. out auch stnto bo-
orot«,  excopt whon  you   nro  quito.
quito nlono, with your mont truHtod
friond», nnd ovon thon In n wliUipor.
Konrith Imujlicd.   "I  rntlior tliln.c
I'm ablo to look nftor my property.
t\\l* Inn't tho Unit Jownl I've cnrrinl
tihont, and oven now It inn't tho only
"Yo'i ronlly unmtn't," the hralta
in, "You irniHt ncnd your viiluahl'"
to bo locked nafdy up In n biink (ij-
rectly wp arrive at our journey's end.
or I Bhnll tint li"vo no easy monunt
by nliht or hy ','ay."
"You  aro verv**kM. to IftKo
Intareiit,:'jiai'J t-.'-* myilonalrc
The Hotel of Fernie
Fernie's IX'iiding Coniinei-cial
*    and Tourist House         - ,
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
■   . ■'     •
Bar supplied with   tlio  best. Wines
Liiiuoi-H and. L'igarH
Zam-Buk wins favor wcore
ovor tried I   Tho Magistrate
whoso words are quotod bo
low triod it thoroughly and
now tolls tho result,   if you
suffer from any skin disonso or
injury mark well his woras"
Tho Pavilion, QoU PI Ids, D O,
Aftor a very fall' trial I havo proved Zam.Dull omlnontly B»tl*rftO
tory. I i ourod mo ora el.ln r..sh of fl to joora niandln« wl-.lch no dojtor
had too i cbloto do nny good for,  I do oorta'n!y onooum/ro any por-
non to Hoop ZnmDuli In t..o.i« ho:no».  It trul/ doos moro than yo
ola'.ni for It. Y-iuro vory truly,
no-cn r. psnnY. Jun-.ico or rosoo far n.c,
Chronift Hr-ira Quite Hsalad.
Mn. M. A. 11m rit <»f CO CiicMnut Kt„ ,Su TIkmiuih, Out., mty-t: -'■ My
liimhiiii'l li -d a ruuuim* tnvo on hit initio fnr uliout two inoiulix, Zhiii-
Jink hIihwc'I BUtlnfuntcry ro-ultii from tlio fiivt ai'jdlcii Ion (tilih(jii(;li ntlifi*
nilvcnlixl fiillod), oli'iuiin^ niul lin,.liux tlio ojiim vouml.    Wn havo also
/ ,      r, |l .1 |l     1      r    .     /'    ..        I'        C..,.<,       ,.',< ."•   1    t'.|<^<
lUU..*.*. <**♦.•»    4>4**4 U.4--'y4   ...     .44 ,1-t. X.     ..     ,        .<-4-».     , .  	
groit, con idoino in r.'iioiiiiiieinJing iu-to otliorn."
Z\^VI-3JK CURES ™»' ,'ln,«H,,,m,lll,(c,,'!,«
„ _. i nii run .  iilfiux, tliiuii.o
(-.■.run or riiwn w«uiu1k, liirbur'-i r.ioh 1>1.<*< hjaiiMmiiiK tmhb
nro*, craoVml humlx, oum, build*, wi'.t rliuu.n a..>l a It-liiii
iiijurhw and di).u.i«im.   It \n nUo a hii.j tu.u f. r \>i\n,
('f nil etiiroi anit ilrnituUU t, *n t, hut, i r |> "t(feu
xiiii >4,i.u-Jltik uj,, Toi uii tu, lor priouU bo km fLiti.
fWli BOX
M.,.1   til H   CUUJCOI
li /nu link Co.,
I'ur.ii.i.i, hi'ikI In
*4..i...|i i.ml «u w 11
r'orivii i* (I
uttuiiiio bus,
Doing business In tho same old placo
l.ii|iKii's iuul ('i^.ii'.s nr llit> lii«licNl,
(IlllllilV  .'.  Well htnclii'll Imi'
CO.,   LTD.
i r
I -■"   •'
I    Wholesale Liquor Dealers
i A full sKick in ii few days
i      i.
! Tin* (inly iclliililc pUrp In town for
clinln' pIppM nnd to'incrn
■ Wanted—Experienced stenographer wants position Address. Ledger
office. •    --    '        .<
. WANTED—To hear from party or
parties, two could handle best, ' prepared to make investment from Ave
to eight hundred dollars,  wood    and
shingle hoick proposition. .A sure
money, maker". " Chance to clear up
a thousand or two. Particulars from
Box 702, Nelson B. C.
. Remember that
Thanksgiving day.
Monday   will.. be
Wipe off your chin.
■' '■ . ii
.    Mrs. G. il. Boulton left for Ottawa
Friday evening.
A. C. Liphardt is now in new prem-
, ises two doors north of Fernie hotel
J, P. Graves of Grariby visited here
this week. He also went up to Coal
Mr. and Mrs. E. Colson' and infant
"arrived from Spokane'on Wednesday
A. C. Liphardt has a full line of
jewellery. Two doors north of Fernie
Mrs. Arthur
Monday after
the Kast.
Burrldgc returned  on
an  extended   visit  in
■ Alex. Susnar, organizer for the U.
M. W. of A„ came in from the north
this week.
Mrs. U. Reading and daughter Sybil, who have been visiting coast''cities since the fire, returned home liiis
Mrs. J. Leithead .of lied Deer called
in and subscribed for The Ledger as
he wauls to be able to read a real good
Silverware, knives,*forks, spoons etc.
A. C. Liphardt—two doors north of
Fernie Hotel.
W. H. Burton of Wood-McXab, Co.,
left by the Flyer on Wednesday for
Detroit and other Eastern cities on
a visit.
Mrs. Wm. A. Ross and children left.
Tuesday morning for Vancouver to
join lier husband who has recently lo- i Pany's  warehouse.-     The  stock    car-
Don't forget Pat Miller's dance
every week at Bruce's hall.
.Miss Finn of Calgary, but formerly
of Ottawa, has accepted a position
with C. N. Trading Co,
1 Watches from one dollar up at A.
C. Liphardt's two doors north of Fernie Hotel.
Frank Vance arrived in the city during the week from Edmonton,oand is
visiting his brother .Fred.
Cross eyes aro being made straight
without pain or an operation by the
.iso of Dr. Harvey's Perfect Spectacles. ,   "
The 'phone by-law carried by a voto
of 103 to 31 and in a few days it will
be "Hello, Bill, is that you?"
Mr. Ed.'Davey, a brother of Charles
Davey, arrived in town on Sunday, and
is with Charles at the Royal:
Charles \V. Davey is in Spokane receiving trcaincnt as well as undergoing an operation on his eyes.
President F. II. Sherman and Miss
Annie Sherman arrived in the city on
Thursday morning from Taber.
Dobson and Willingh-im are having
their building rushed along and the
structure will soon be ready for occupation.
At a meeting of the * Firebosses ' of
Michel.it was decided to form a Fire
Bosses association for educational purposes, etc.
A full line of watches and clocks on
Pand at, A. C.Liphart's—jeweler —
two doors ri'orlh of Ferr.i,*  Hotei.
Thousands of, people in Toronto
and out of Toronto have had their
headaches entirely removed by using
Dr. Harvey's Perfect Spectacles.,
An auction sale of Relief Furs was
lied'lras'.f week. k Tlie Persian lamb
coals, also the niihk and, ermine ruffs
all sold well, and the handsome sum
of $61.23% was realized.
The East End Cash Grocery store is
the latest commercial enterprise for
our city. It is situated just east of
the Western Canada Wholesale Com-
THESALfttJOH5   r -(-;:
The first of the public buildings.to
grace the streets of Fernie is the now
citadel of thej Salvation Army, - it
is a fine architectural' buildinjr, constructed upon a solid foundation and
is a fireproof structure of buff brick
with smooth faced, concrete trimming
all In black pointing, while the.roof
is of Eastlake' Metal Shingles. '"-■
The interior' is arranged with, a
gradual sloping floor, a raised, platform and band stand with officers'
rooms at rear.
The building" is well lighted - and
ventilated and is up to date-in every
particular. The building will be
formally opened on November lGth
by Commissioner and Mrs. Coombs,
who will be accompanied by Lieut.
Col. Pugmire, and his private secretary, Staff Captain Morris and Major
and Mrs. Frank Morris of Vancouver.
The mayor, and city council, together
with the ministers of the various denominations have intimated that
they will bo present.
The Commissioner will give his famous lecture entitled "A Modern
Crusade"; the chair will be taken by
W. R. Ross K. C, IU. P.1 P. Captain
and Mrs, Laidlaw of Vancouver have
1,'een looking after tho interests of
the Salvation Army during the, lime
of construction.
Tho Army has been very energetic,
and during the fire strenuous efforts
were made to save the building they
formerly occupied. It caught fire
several times, but was pu,t out each
time, but eventually it, caught fire
and resisted all efforts to put it out.
Tlie Army had a fine lot of new'instrument's which had only just been
presented to them; these were liur
riedly taken out and placed in the
vault of the new post office building,
and  were fortunately  saved.
The building had escaped. three
times, and was an old landmark of
Fernie. .. •
The new building which is close to
tlie Bank of Commerce is a'sorat improvement to the old wooden , struct
W. J..ABr.Ul^ELfe
-. ■•'!*
The Cash Grocci-
ii     n\     \l *"-''•%•*:
Better than Mother used to make. "
Also.Pure Gold Creamery Butter.
cated there.-
A number from Fernio attended the
I. 0. F. dance at Hosmer, also the one
at Wood McXabh's Mill Friday, and
report a good time.
John R. Galvin left for. Roche Percee
aiid.district.on Friday. John has a
lot of hard work before him' in the
field of the district.    ,       '
 DonIt-*-.o=elsewhere=to=have Xhanks*
giving good old time. Go to Bruce's
Hall. Pat Miller's dance is on.' It
starts at ten, supper at 12. $1.50 a
. Miss Minnie Fyfe, C. P. R? telegraph
operator-agent" at Banff, spent a few
days visiting her brother, Charles of
the C. P. R. this.week.
Considerable money changed hands
in town on,the result of the election
across the line last-Tuesday, oho local
printer taking down fifty..
Joe Goupell and "Duke" Cunning-
hnm havo gone to ^Cranbrook, where
they will have charge of Geo. Doren-
bocker's branch cigar factory.
We now boast of six 'trains daily
over (lie C. P. ll„ and two ovor the
G. N. Ry, The now train on tho C.
P. il. Is a groat convenience.
Word was received from Spokane
to the effect that C. \V. Duvoy has
ditccussfully iiiulergono ills operation
for Ills eye and is doing ulcelv.
Sovornl of the inorchanls, aro very
enterprising in regard to sidewalks lu
front of thoir now blocks ot) Victoria
nvoiiui', and nro laying cement walks.
Good progress ih bolng nuido ut lny-
Iuk Hliiowulks nud u wool; or ho will
see lho eliy pretty well Kiipplled, Con-
noil and Scott have the contract for
tho work,
Any portion who drlnUH LTic tea, nnd
OlICO  IIIHfCH IIOc.  "Kllllldll" will  HCC  llllll
lt Is not only I'lnor in flavor, bill tliut
uk (ini! iiound niiikoH moro cii'ih, It. Ih
CI OllUllliclll   ill   Wiiil, 'ill
Singer Sewing machines Co.,
Fernie, B.G.
•" Why be without a. Sewing Machine when you
can get one for $3,00 a month?'
y^yw^m ft-^rr ir-PMt:'
J. P..- H0ULAHAN, Agent, opposite Coal Co.'s office, Pellat Ave.
ricd is absolutely new .and fresh, and
the management promise well. The
new store will open on Tuesday morning.    .4 '
For Thanksgiving Day the Canadian Pacific ' Railway ■ Company ' announce a" rate of1 fare and one third
for the round trip. Tickets on sale
November 7th, Stli and- 9th, inclusive,
final  return limit, November 1 Uh.
. •.- -       ,i ■
-""*■ Go~to_fYMiier*5_danCe"at":Bruc"e's— haii"
Monday night. If you. don't have" a
good<time you get your money back.
'Dance starts at 10; supper at 12—$1.50
per couplq,
Who will guide' Fernie's ship',, of
state during 1909, „ A pretty hard
one to answer owing to Fernie's rough
passage in 1908, and tho task of getting a good sea going crew for the
coming season is not proving too promising. At tlie right timo however
there is likely1 to be a goodly number
to choose from.
" Regular services aro onco moro being hold In tho cottage built'by the
Raptlst church of Fernie, '' The laymen of the church and Mr. Turnbull
of the lliblo society have hnd charge
of tho services in the absence of lho
pastor, who is absent in tho JOaF.1,
looking for Uio sinews of '.war with
whicli to build a new chnpol and ('a.*-
ry on tlio work here.
Mayor Tuttle is raising a substantial
subscription for J. J. Thompson, tho
C, V. It. operator at. Ilosmor who so
plucklly vnir up horo through tho
flames nnd tapped the wires by tho
pnrk galo to Hond'"tho urgent, moss-
iigoB. "It is proposed to purchnso him
somo Hiiltublo presont nnd got lilm up
hore to receive lho snmo publicly.
A Thanksgiving dance will be held
at Bruco's Hall on Monday night by
Pat Miller. It Is noodleos to say that
a good timo will be held. Dance starts
at 10, Supper at 12. $1.50 por couple. .
To-day at 3 p.m. the local footballers
meet Michcll in" tlie' final for the
Crow's Nest League championship.
The' game is being played at Coal
Creek and promises to be a warm
match from the kick-off: Michel .boys
are coining down in full force,, and al1"
ready considerable money, is up on
the result. The local team'.'were in
line for the honors just previous to
the fire, and at this,stage it is hardly poss!bhfTol)ick~a wilinei*7ll^wever
we are assured that Fernio will'be in
the' struggle all the time','and should
Michel prove victorious thoy will be
sure to know they were in a football
match.     Hero's'to' Fernie.""' '■
The Socialist party- have been invited to attend the Labor convention   at
Lethbridge, and Tabor and Lethbridge
Locals are sending delegates.
(Lethbridge Herald.)
The- Labor Convention
To the,Editor of The Herald:
Dear Sir:-rAUow me through.,the
medium of your valuable paper'to endeavor to find out if there are any unions in the. Lethbridge riding who'have
not yet received from me a letter of
invitation to' our convention— whicli
takes place' on Monday next Nov. 9th
at .9 a.m.—and which is for the purpose of adopting a platform and selecting a candidate to contest the riding at the coming elections (provincial
bye-election) who will be acceptable
to .ill sections of the labor movement.
If there are any unions who-may have
been overlooked, we, the Trades Council,'hope they will not .think such, omission, intentional,,but it is caused by
the fact,Unit the .names'of their officials are not on" our registered list. Ir
such unions.will notify me,I shall be
pleased to send them a formal invitation and ' also credentials, and' I' am
sure their delegates will be warmly
welcomed "at our convention as it is
our, earnest desire to make it a representative, gathering. .;   7
•:.',::,.     S. W. Tuck well','.
■    ■*' ■ ■      ■—"~~ Secretarj.
Winnipeg, Nov. 5—J. W. Dafoe, edl
tor of the Free Press, was committed
for trial yesterday charged with criminal, libel as the result of an attack
on P.. C. McLagan. .
-■ Tlie paper charged hirn with being
tho ringleader in rowdyism at political
meetings here.'
Box 444j Lethbridge,
"Announcement is mado' In an eastern paper to tho effect that the Lester
boys of Nelson, their efforts proving
futile to get. the necossary support for
a Stanley cup team, hnve thrown In
their lot •\\ith„Edmonton and will be
on that line-up when the Northerners
go east in January.
Mr.  Unrvoy Iiiih dono  ninny gn'ml
ihlnns to iidviinco tlio hoIoiico of op-
ties, but IiIh porf.Tt  HpectiicliiH   iu,..i
MyogliihBCH, by relieving    IiuimIiicIh-h,
, stiiilght.'iilutf croHM'oyuH. curing plio-
Dance 6t4irl8 nt ten. Su|i-;t,Mli)oiiiii and  ikji'voiikiiohh, clarifying
$1,DO per couple. iih.i vIhIoii nnd rumoring sight to lis
Don't forget the unnco on Monday
night nt Bruce's Hall, '   Pat Miller is
the nrtltt
per at 12
.Mm, 11. Could nud family iirrlvwl In
Fornlc on Muiuliiy hint fiom New IJ.ui-
ver, wlieiv ihey hnve boon tilnci.' tlm
Ilii'. Tlii.y ill'*.' Ill in;; at the k.iiiio
fiihli'ci'ii, coiner uf Hnwl'.nil u.uiiiif,
aiid 'I'hotnpKoii Hired,
*•*   The ('nlmiry ('null, Coinpiiny   Ltd.,
' Mi id   .Mini,, t   v>ill  In- opiii  inilii,.   in
Uieli   (ild Kliiml,      Tli.'y liiiwi Imili  11
lllie   hllO|)   iiui!   l-liniuliti'K   ..utile  wills-
fiietlon as hefuii'.     A full iiiiil frciih
iiKhoituieiit cun led, i
jlKirillUl    llHorilllle.HH,   Ih   l|!l(|U(!HllOUIll)|y
, Rogina, Sask,, Nov. G— Tho Laird
Scott libel chnrgo camo boforo the
court to-dny and tho Judgo■ struck out
tho plea entered by Premier Scott, that
tho court, hore Iuul no jurisdiction lo
fry tlio charge,        ;,
Ho said tho chnrgo was Inld hy Iho
Attorney General and ho could lay
itnnywhoro In tlio province, tho fact
thnt lho alleged offonco wns committed In tho Mooso, .law dlHtrlct notwithstanding,
Mr. Ross hnd tnkon tho enso of Mr.
Hen!I and plondori (hat. ho had not. had
I lino to file tho particulars of , the
charge, Tho judgo onlorod lilm to
(lie a general plea of jiiRtlflcalIon. tomorrow morning, nnd gavo Mr. Embury, for Laird, right to tloinur
link for iiitrllcuIni'R immediately
Canadian Pacific Ry.
' Are you contemplating a trip to
The Orient   " ,",.-"'
'■'HonoKilu. ..    -
•New Zealand
.  " ' it '   (i
Are you contemplating n trip to
Ail kinds of
Give us a trial
We Are Af^ain
With a complete assortment of goods,in
the following lines: Boots and Shoes,
Trunks, Suit Cases and, Bags, Horse
Blankets, Harness and Saddlery.
W. R. McDougall
I beg,to announce to my many custom-.
ers that I am now open for business at
the old stand, and have in stock a large.
variety of Clocks, Watches and Jewelry
and' Jeweller
!g ... ■      . ,   . - - ' • i 1
Or any Pacific Const Point?
Is'it a trip lo
ipeg   ,',
St, Paul   .
New York
;• Meat,', Butter, Eggs ''-•'
"!        ■ and Fisli;-,.    *
';.   ,{'■'.'■*■ ' "'■ „  7
Fresh Meat of all Kinds
Or nny ISuroponii point thought of,
The lino Ir equipped with unexcoH*
ed llrsl class cloachos, tnuilm nnd
stiiniliird BloeiiorH, and illiiinir enrs,
coupled wllh safety, speed and comfort.
For foldoi'B and comploto Information apply lo n. Rending, Auoni, Kit-
J, E, Proctor,
Distric. P.it-.U'K'Ci* Ah't
Cnlsnry, Aii.t,
8- • . .*.,,.'.. ■:■■'&
Andy   Ha^iltcm
' ;:> i " '   ;' , • 7,7/ ^ :-i  '■''      ■    .•-:zi-:.■>:■:> .<r* /f-.r-.:.,
TinsmitH a.t&d Plumber
We can  furnish you with estimates in
".'."''■        anything in our line'  ;
...4,     W|.,l/U     .41     ,i|.'     I,||t     ,.1,1.1.,.   I      (Ulll-
i>'i'., ■• ■.' :c .■*;■.:,,..   '.',;. 1. .:.   ../
hill,.; Mr.;. ()1..,nii imd iluu^lii, r lmm;
They inrvlf.il lutck on WcdiK'vihiy. Mr«i.
Ohon Ikik heed wlHi her inotli.'i* in
Hiifihnnc hIiicc ihc^lrc,
Tlio tent i-.tiluuy oi l''<iiiii<' Ih ..'nlly
(llmliilHliliiK. nint ninny who have .-ii>
ployed I IiIh c.\|ii*illciicy Hlnco I lie llro
urn now couiforMthly lioiiscil for ih>)
wiul "r.
A   numher  mc  '.i'l!    ■)uif
iiowevor, anil   work  011  thole  Iio.ih.'K
Ih ptijcccdliiK with 11 nisli.
4V0W tlmt 1 he elect Ions an- over in
linth 4-mtntrW-'i xx" Imp., to |„. h'-ttir
Horxod at lho Ii.-iikIh of thc bin dully
pnpfrfl with rciuhihlo ii«w». Tho hot
air nnd Hlmon pure hrnnd of poll tion
h«» had nn Awful tlmi- of li nml will
not b« .rikoitTiuMr''botittii nt If nut
another thw ynnrn.
one of IiIh Krciiloni iieeoiiipllHliniciit!-;,
Tlie doctor will visit Siiildiihy'M Dniu
■Kloro for two dnyn, Krldny nud Sntiir-
.lny,  Nnvciiihor :'T iuul :).S.
j our polico khI 1 Im Html on soiii.> ol'
the KiuuhliiiK friilorully Immi wo.-k niul
.iriiitstcil .-u'veiiil ol'tIn; innut iuiKu'Ioh..,
.Soiil.' |:ol   .\iiid of 1 In; fact  1 III.1   wi...
jrnnt-ri woro out for llioin nnd H'dpp.'il,
The oilii'i,-: jiulil up mid l«l! town liv!
lonhu* of lho polico,     Thero 11 ro still I
'..nun.! had, ouch loft hut thoy project 1
' tlit'liii.'r'lvr>u inn "'i-ll ,>...( (( !.•'■> I...,, il
illllltlor for tlio jwillc,  lr( ,1„(||  wttl.  (ill I
1 of tlioni. • Hut ilmlr dny will roon I
iunno, It Ih 11 loin? hiiid Hint haH no I
;tuiu iiiiil tho pnliro mo on tho nlort.
'J'OIII   Wllllll'll  I!( \>>rv liltxIOHH  (o  r'.'l
JiONhCHHiOII   Of  IH'I-  IllcillllK   W'hlcll ll.'lll
Mhoruith tho flro, and will hitiiilHoiiioly
rownril nny one who will lirliiK Ui<>in
to him. Thoy nro iiioiIiiIb Hint hlu
futhor won at tho Ciiuunn war, and
to nuyniii! cl»o  thoy nro    vnluoioHti.
Ttcy   W0l-.>   I/,,.,*,.   ut   J,{,..   Wll.Vll'.l.',,' V»:
Hhlcnco nud iih Hovcrnl woro neun
liuuiln,; I't-llcy, iKu k,U|>|ioitltliii> U tl,i*,l
thoy wero |i|ek<*il up. Mr. Wholan
will rf-ward nny on<* who brim?* »ht*m
to him and will nok no riuoiitlona.
Thfro w*ro orlRlnnlly throo, but Tom
htm i;oi ono -iihlch vim' not liijurc-d
hj- tWftre:"   ' '
Vote for
The Work!
Ik       il   mi 9^ 9~mt> 1* 111- '•*■•'
What has Laurier done for you
The home-warming which introduces your friends to your new
home will bo one of genuine congratulation if you have installed
one of the Oxford systems of
Hot Water and Steam
in connection with Oxford Radiators cover every phase of build-
iiifrhcatniB—nno they cover them
hotter thnn nny other make on
the marl'Jt, 'I hese boilers hnvo
been brou.'lit to such a lii(*li state
of perfection tlmt they utilize ■ nil
the heat generated, and djspenso
healthful w,*innih,cvenly, to every
pri ofthe building,
v Theso boilers can bo fitted to
burn any kind of coal, coho or
wood.    They arc easily operated
"andveiy simply I'etfiiliiic.l.
Wc would like to nivc you full
|Kirtictil.iis of our heating systems, Won't you write, for book-
. lets ? llcttcr Mill, send us purlieu-
Inrs of the building yon wish lo
heat and we'll give you p-irliaihrt*
of the best system to fill lite
Th« Gurney Slandard*
Motftl Co:,, Limited
n     r    tt» »»»» T',»'*'(
SalllntX A|(«nt. r«rnl«
Fernie's  Pioneer
Furniture and
Hardware Dealer
Baker Ave*
Hardware     Hardware
Alw for'tatc ty WhtmaUr &. Co."
When  you  require  anything in
Hardware see
Whimsfor £ P.n
Hanson Street* Fernie
11 ,..    »•        .  ..     r  .    .
Back of old stand
\y,Mi \jm xpmz*. .-co"
*mi ■      we\*   ■-■>**• *,i""   ■ »**        ef*      ww    %A
The DistneHedpHor-News


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