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The District Ledger 1908-11-21

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 " .....^-Jfe?  ~ Junes,
.". U'
Industrial Unity is Strength,
The Official Organ of District No. 18, *U. M. W. of A.
VOL. IV.   No. 14
__ 7_ - ■       ■?        ^
Political Unity is Victory
FERNIE,   B. C,   NOVEMBER 21st,   1908
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such purchase terms that
,:... , every home may
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WHY. Our free booklets
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think of these faultless pitirios. ■'
And thoy arc. FACTS that you
should know about the
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Lot us send the booklets and"
show you how you may have
nny. style of.'.the New Scale
Williams Piano—gi-and or upright—mid pay for it. on "our
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LOCKHART & GILLESPIE Mens0utfitte^in
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. - ■   i _ _... -iV. _ . .*.   ,, - i ^
that I can buy good fruit lands with a good, water, supply, within 30
 miles of Fernio, on Instalment plan, $5 down, $5 per month, no Interest for first year, for a five acre tract during the life of contract?
Thls'offe rmay not last long, as the price may be advanced after
1st January next, so If you want good fruit lands at the bottom
price apply.at once. Do.lt nowl Sales.havo exceeded our best expectations so far. We find It easy to sell a good article, and such
easy payments are not offered by any other such company. Write
for circular on "Kootenai Irrigation Tract."
D. W.. HART. "a7^Fq7¥i^T BAYNES, B. C.
Miners are warned against going' to
Merritt, B.C., as the Nicola Coal and
Coke Co. are posted as unfair to the
U.M.W. of A. A copy of thoir rules
is printed in another column.
Tho following mines aro also unfair, and minors aro warned to keep
City Mines	
Bush Minos-^_.
Itosodalc Minos.
Edmonton Alta.
a a '■
No Altoratlon in Smoke Nuisance—Good Attendance
Strathcona Mines
Dawson Mines  1
Frank Mines
Alhorta Coai Co. Morinvilie, Alta.
A dispute is also ponding at the
Gaibraith Coal Mine, Lundhreck, Alta.
Manitoba and Saskatchewan Coal Mine
infait, Sask.
Minutes of,tlio special mooting of
lho "Municipal Council of FornlG held
in tho council chambora on tho 17th
of November.
Prosont Mayor,Tuttlo, Aid, Vance,
Johnson, Broloy iuul Watson.
Vnnco—Johnson—That Iho lottor of
L. P. Kokstoln representing tho liar
association ho laid ovor until iho
noxt rogulur moollnq -OvriMl
Uroloy—•Vanco—That wo grant no
now potltlon rognrdlng restrlctid- ills-
Jolinflon—WntBon—Tlmt wo rosclnd
tho motion of November 12th asking
polico Jurisdiction ovor certain property for Rod Light district anil aslc
tho govornmont to glvo us polico jur*
Ifldlctlon ovor properly asked for In
potltlon of Poarl Brown.and others.—
Carried.   ■
Vnnco—Tlroloy—That Iho request of
Pnsln ho grant od on his giving guar*
niitnn to remove his gaBollne engine
bb Boon n« oloctrln lighting ran he
obtained from the proposed plant to
ho Installed hy tiie rlty.—Onriloil.
.Tohnflon—Wat Ron*—That the tender
of Whlmitor & Co. for Installation of
eloBot, hath and holler for flro hnH ho
accepted and that tho city Bollollor he
Instructed to draw up agreement, —
Trtllfinnn -Wntnn-ft     Thr*   TV. In....   "4*4.
«a he rernnflldered ami flnnlly ^n«neiV
Vance—Tlroley—That a, atenogrnph*
er bo omployed to copy by.JnwB No. r,fi
and 8.1 at court rate—Carried.
■nrnloy—Vti»r,p Th** ""* '■xf'r.l ,',';"
time of cloning lender* for rsb producing plant tintll December tho 16th.
Notice of Motion.
That I will nt tho noxt regular
mooting of tho city council Infrodurr,
a by-law to regulate the hanging of
•lgn«,~(1. P. .Tohpurm.
Wat»on—VnnfB—!ln Fairy Creek
water, that tho decision of J. F. Arm-
•iron* l>e rcferrod to the city nolicrltor
with powor to got an opinion on tho
«nm« from K. p. navl«-C«rr»o.l.
A Strong Citizens' t Platform, Formiilated^-Names
•'.',■'.   ,; Suggested for Council,
At a representative convention of the various trades unions of the
city called together by the Fernie Trades and Labor Council on Monday evening for the object of discussing municipal affairs, the following matters were
dealt with,      '"..,',. ' • ■   <-
The workingmen being of the opinion that the civic matters should be
handled'in a more'satisfactory manner than has existed heretofore, suggested
that it would'be advisable Ho put up a Citizens' Ticket, as it was the uimni-
mous opinion of'the delegates that a straight. Labor ticket would be detrimental to'tho best interests of the City..'
After tho. ticket had been named the "Citizens' Ticket" the following-
planks were adopted: '
, NO., ONE—That we stand for a decent City, and the enforcement of all
the laws. '" .    ' /" '
NO. TWO.—That Union Wages be paid, and Union help.be employed on
all City Work.      ; ,        .     .   / '
NO. THREE.—That we contjrm the decision of the electors to acquire the
Electric. Light and Water,Plants, and that we favor the extension and development of, the same.
NO. FOUR.—That we favor a,quarterly audit" of civic accounts by duly
qualified and independent auditors, and that' a statement of such be published. ■ '   I, -,       , ',      " '        "      ' - ■
, NO. FIVE.—That the incoming Council should, at the beginning of their
term, bring in an-estimate, of income .and expenditure for the year, and be
governed, by the same.'i=l./..,       ,.     /• ■' 7
NO. SIX.—That as far as practicable the'city employees be'ratepayers,
snd.in any event that they be British subjects.       ' \ "
, ;NO. 7.—That r we believe in, an .economical expenditure of the people's
money.,      .. ],,  ,   _, ,        '     ■'„*'.'•'"''■-.    ■   '■'
/ NO., EIGHT—That we regret the non-disclosure of the accounts and the
transactions of the Relief Committee, and we urge that as far as' possible
the incoming Council insist upon publicity in connection with the distribution
of relief.       ,,'-,. » ,     "■■■■''■'"' •*      ,.-■,.,,•'
''.'...      ...... lo ..'■;    ' /      p  o.
...It.was suggested (hat:names be submitted to a mass meeting'to be held
next .Tuesday night,.and the following were brought forward by delegates iii
attendance.-.- . ■• . .-■'    ,.;_■!   ,     ,-_-.,  •*_' ' * ' ' '' ''
 ■--. , *.-,--.-t. ; ;-„"'. :for mayor' for'19W'    "   ' \.     "   "' ' .
>' :'W: W. TUTTLE,- the present' occupant of,, the chair.        ... '„,.,.,
•'THOS.' BIGGS.^the'efficient'secretary of Gladtsono Local.,    7;    \   ,,    ,
;   !" MAGISTRATE' WHIMSTEH, a'prominent. citizen. 7     -,'■ - ■" "   :
".',    ..  ' '.,';■■■' " I" •
'....,,•.      , ■ , ." '.[' ,.' ..  ,' ' ALDERMEN i FOR, 1909. . -  ,
,',. L, P. ECKSTEIN, af well known professional man.      \ ' • ■'    ":-':   '■'"
...'..•.AyA^.TER'CAM.PBELL^Contractoi*.          ..-'•'
;,,.', WvSTqCK^ELL, .Miner.   "",',,'°',,'   !'"   "'""'   '    '-'.•'■-'■"-'-7-"".^   ■
: '.,w7'g. ^AltCLAYi Manager Crows Nest Trading'Company.   :"
,,'!.,'.THOS. SIMMS,",'a.'.Minor.   '  '  " '""""     '"       " '  "     ''"'
j.-^tj,v ■y-x-jJA^^vrii'i—iu nici '    * -.1- - ■ ■ —
'..:; WM.,piCKEN', also a Miner. ,.'.,' .   "" ;"   ■ "" ■' "' •"*" ■ /''■' '
7 ■   A'committee was appointed-to.interview the;parties who were suggested
and'-ascertain if-.they^would stand for. nomination, and learn, their views on
th'e'CitlzeriV'Platf'ifin.v, -, "",, ■'. ".•.,■,,. " ,'■■/}'■      "'"'
• The above list, while it contains*several names foi* Mayor, and one extra
for Alderman,,is a llst,that.we think will he hard to find fault with as lt cpn-
talnsiboth business anil workingmen. ' .
■ Our city needs good-executive ability behind it in the coming year,'and
as a Mayor we think tljat tho name of Thomas Biggs would supply the necessary qualifications, r*lr. Biggs Is a man who has been well and favorably
known In the city forbears; ho sat'on tho Council a few years ago and proved
that ho was on the side of justlco for tho people all'the time, and witli a good
Council behind him we think that the City would' be ln first class hands
for the year 1909. ',.>''.
'■   A prominent business man when spokon (o regarding the platform replied
In part:- * ., • , ■
"Capital, first-class,'and nothing in it to arouso opposition from any man
who wants to do tho right thing for' tho city. I am certainly pleased that
such timoly action has been taken by tho working men of tho city, for aftor
oil they form tho great! majority of tho residents nnd ratepayers of this
community, nnd should lii'all fairness be woll ropresontod on tho'Council, I
think they aro showing a' spirit of falrnoss ln going outside of their own
ranks, which shows that thoro Is no scheme on to corrall tho government of
tho city for thoir own Interests. ' Tho Citizens Ticket certnluly has my vory
henrtlest support."    '    ■
Blackhand Organization Follows Italian Laborer
From Ontario to the West
Tho Calgary Xc.wb Bnys: The police last nlfiht arrested Frank Diparnm,
nn Italian, nnd evidently a mombor of tho Illnek Hnnd Society, on n olinrgo
of iiBlng threatening language toward Sllvntor Hullo, ono of his follow-
Dlparmu niipenrod boforo tho magimrnto this morning. Hullo, whoso
lifo hnd boon throatonod, was the only witness, and said that whilo ho was
working nt Cnnip No, 1 at Vermilion liny In Ontario, tlio accused came nftor
him sovornl tlnuis, and nsked him to Join tho Hlnck Hand Honloty. Ho ro-
fuiiod at first, hut Wpannn enmn to him ono day nnd said: "Now you had
bettor Join. It will cost you $10, If you don't Join It will cohI you at
least |lO(i."
Tho witness mild that this soared lilm, and he paid $20 with a promise
to pay tho rest after n while. (-Shortly after h* left Ontario nnd (-nme out
wost, stopping nl Winnipeg for a whilo on lho wny. Hn thought ll would
bo snfor for him out horo,    ..
Whilo in Winnipeg ho raw unvornl men whom he recognized an nrrni
hers of the noduty whom ho hnd scon down Hist. Thoy told him thnt hn
could not got any work thoro, but thnt lie hnd bettor go nn to Udmonlon
and gut a Job on tho G, T, V.
Ho wont to Kdmontoi nnd the follows whom he hnd mot In Winnipeg
accompanied him.    Kipectlng a lottor from Italy to arrive in Ontario,   he
...i^rit r.   1 r-   n    ',-(,,- (   ,l/,»4*44    , *... ,. - ,   ,    f.' . ... ... . ,
•'       '*'      *-    " * •*       ».4'.,f      ...p.»       tt.,'.   t.,1- »,(■> 4.44.,.
ltulln th***,  went  to Vlr-M  t\T«d   nfti-rvc-il'   '*nmc    In  f'•^l,'•'^■       Thc   in -<t
tlmn Im saw thc ncciisort slneo lenvlnu fiitiirlo wnn during InM week.
Lnst night lio rectilvod his pny nihil Dlimrmn cntm'i down to Mlko Afdllo'n
whoro ho wns staying, and Inking lilm •'fide, told him sovornl times thnt If
ho didn't glvo ovi-r $100 ho would he killed.   '
nt,t iKi(ilu,»\ *.»
**\ * »•-,!•»* fcV
tf    *yt\n    \n
ahovo stated.
It wb« iloclded thli afternoon to adjourn llio mm.*- until tomorrow, nnd
It lias boon placed In the hand* of tlm crown prosecutor. When Dlparmu
wni arrested a very lYiurdflroui looking trlnup knlfo was found In his pos
sosilon, nnd (lino lottori. Tho Interpreter said lio rnuli) not Intorprot the
contents to tlm t-atlnfaetlon of the rourl, hut the purport of If wan that the
Illack Hand Society wtutnd |10,om/ to gel one of Hi* membera out of aom«
norloiii trouble.
A u-lfgrnm Im* also bvtn rt'ti^fft. nddnwNt'd to tho prlaonor, corning
from a Illnrk Hand membfr down In Northern Ontario where Dlparma wn»
working on Hie <J. T. It, conitrunlon, Tho iclcgrem mates that a letter nnd
111) In on the way out to bfm. The caM* will bo tr.k«-n up to-morrow -morn
'ntr In tlu lonrt
■*■''.*•   r H.r   ? *'
Stan dfield's
Underwear   for
$3.00   per  Suit
Sole Agency
'■^'1 .;";
Trites-Wood   Co.,   Ltd.
Last Sunday was one long to be re-
mombered In the history of tho local
corps of tho Salvation Army, nnd1 the
mooting which look placo. on Sunday
ovoning was Indeed a notable event,
tho attendance being all that could be
accommodated despite thu poor roads
and streets of the city. The tnalc of
dedicating the now buildings was performed hy Commissioner Coombs, tho
hond of tho Salvation Army In Canndn
nnd ho, wns eorlalnly given n royal
nnd warm heart od reception on his
nrrivnl horo from tho wost. Ho was
accompanied by .Mrs. Coombs, Colonel
I'ligmlrt*. Stuff uiptulu Morris and .Major Frunk Morris. Tho clinlr nt tho
mooting wiih nhly occupied hy Mayor
Tuttle, Tl).- main feature of the evening wiih tho address of Commission*
or Coombs: "A Modern rumido or the
Work of tho Salvation Army in .Many
Lands," 11** was followed with nipt
attention an ho traced tho course of
tho work of the HnlvnilnnlHts In many
corners of tlm globe, and related Ind
dont nftoi* Incident showing tho gig
antic uiulmtakings that woro hemming nccoiniillHhiid realities for tint;
good of men the world over. „    !
During Hie evening thn service wiih j
brightened by ivoll rendered musical j
HolectloiiH which lend no hihiiII pur'
to Its ImproHMlvoiiosK nml telling off.
ect. Hevenil profeHHcd n desire In*
lend a hitter lifo, which was the j
online' of much rejoicing In the ranks '■
of tho workers,    The Haivnilon Army]
nro to ho (ougrnliilati'il on the hnud-j
  . ., ,    , . '
».4 -*,    ,1      ...   ,.,,, '., ,,,,    ., ,j,     ,, 4,(4,1,4-    (
Im1*. and M«"lr future v.'i.il; \< ihln ill;-1
Is Indeed full of promise. j
'San Francisco, Nov. U—Froaiiently
since tho oarthqunke and flro of 100f»
have tho peoplo of San Francisco
been startled aiid aroused by revelations and developments ln the tangled
miizo of tho prosecutions for brlbory
and corruption that followed the sudden overthrow of Abrnhnm Huel nnd
tho hoodllng supervisions of thu Mayor Schmidt regime.
Novor, howovor, has tho elly been
more profoundly stirred I ban by tho
attempted assassiiiatlon yesterday of
Francis J. Honey, tlio political assistant of the district, attorney's olTIco
who was shot, and sorloiiBly wounded
In tho court room hy .Morris Hans, un
Tho past record of Haas, who resides in this city, has been on posed by
Honey, after Unas had quullflcd ns a
Juror io iiiihk ii-ion tho guilt or Inno-
(.onco or Abraham llouf, now iu iho
midst of his third trial for bribery.
linrly today Mr, Honey was sleeping soundly In the Lane hospital, to
which phtn- he was taken after preliminary lieaimeiit had been given to
him ut the city lios|illnl,
Two new locals have been otKatil-*.
ed In District No. IK V, M, W. of A.
this ■wrok1 one nt Corhlu, It, i'., with
upwards of sixty eight members, tlmt
was orgniil-'.'il by Mr. Tliomaa Jnnif*,
■Hi-f on.' • > t*.i-.'.iirg, Attn., n-ar livllt
vii.! with a inimberHlilp of over 20.
Till?, (a a i,ou' liUi. uuU »;,.'uk>. v,cli
fur the uhrrtty ut Hie i»lp(rlct official*-*.
I. A. Mac'"f.:il'l orttat.i/iti i).,< b,.-,,t nt
I'naalnirg, The «jf»,rr'r-i ntJ.v jms
nrer i.O'jn In It* n:'!<« nrnl .,11 meuv
-tt't'K in ■.'Kf.'. Ji;ir..lifig.
Next Year'a Convention of Ihe American Federation of Labor may go
Denver, Nov. IX- Today's hewnlons
of Ihe (iniiiiiil touvciilloii of the Amer-
lean l-'edcmtlun of Labor was devnted
to tho consideration of complete w
ports of the ii'KoliulDii coiiiiiiliiec nml
rcporta of u number of other committees thai bad not yn been henid
The election of officers mny pntmlh-
ly be reiK-hed by Prldny aftornoon and
tho Installation on .Saturday morning,
after wltUh the convciitlon will nd-
Journ. Toronto HeemH to liave n lend
over the other rid,,., ,i,,it,„i.n,M> ■**,„
llio lueellng thoiiKh St. Uuls Is making n hard flKht,
During tho,dny ('resldeiit (lompeiH
niinoiinced that there weie two railroad rnrmi'n'a union one of which wns
affiliated with the Federation. He aald
Hint I'ltortM hnd been made to unite
lho iwo unions, nml Hint to that end
both bodies had been Invltitl lo •end
delegate! lo the convention. He mov
<■■*! arid It was cur, -,) tbat a ccmnlu<v
of three be apfi(-ln»»,| to try an-J nrin^
about bnimoiiloiii r.latlon* tM'»*»e«in
Him union*. THE  DISTRICT'LEDGER,"  FERNIE,. B. C,  NOVEMBER 21, 1908.
K   ""-""  .        •    -• ' la
1 nTTTTnPtl    -MXTAXrC Vi
- S5
I News of Interest to Church Goers |
js "-1
1 ' We will be glad to have news for these columns each' week  |
.Building operations, have been deterred of. late hy the inclemency of
the weather: It had been hoped to
have tho, basement complete this winter to be used as a reading room and
gymnasium for the young men, but it
is doubtful if this will be accomplish-
.ed. ' '     '   -   ,
* * 4, . ,
The temporary building' is open
nightly for any man who wishes to
have a game, write a letter, have a
little music or spend an. hour enjoy-
ably aud profitably.
* * •
A meeting was held last Monday evening to form a young people's soci-
' ety. . There was only a small attendance, doubtless owing,to,the weather
and bad state of the roads. It was
decided to hold the first regular meeting on ■ Monday next, November 23rd,
at 8 p.m. All are invited.
The Ladies Aid will give a "social
on Tuesday next, November 24th at 8
p.m.     An enjoyable evening is    en-
" sured.     Admission is free but a collection, will be taken during the evening; all are invited.
*   •   *
A choir is being organized with IMr.
A. Cook, late of Winnipeg, as organist.     Mr. Cook commenced his duties
last Sunday.     He is an accomplished
organist and    is likely to raise    the
tone of the musical portion of  the
service. ,
The Eleventh Annual Session
of the American Mining
Rome, Nov. 19--A pontifical mass
was. celebrated this morning at St.
Peters by the pope on the occasion of
the fiftieth anniversary of his joining,
the* priesthood. ' It was the most
impressive ceremony witnessed in
Rome since the coronation of the pontiff. There were present not less
than 10,000 of the faithful who had
come • to Rome from all parts of the
Tribunes-had been erected only for
tho pope's sister, the members of tho
Royal families, the diplomatic corps
and the special missions sent by the
heads of states. , The rest of the people were admitted by ticket.
The basclla was radiant inside the
building    with thousands of electric
lights and candles. The papal procession was most magnificent and brought
together a large variety of handsome
and rich court costumes. The bishops
were clad In purple and the cardinals
in red.     Above the heads of the high
church dignitaries rose the high papal
chair under which the pontiff, dressed
almost entirely in white, was seated.
The chair was decorated by the famous fans and as the pope progressed
he imparted his blessing to the kneeling crowds. * "
There were 340 bishops and and 34
cardinals in the procession.
To the President of:the United
States, the Chief Executives of Foreign Nations, Governors of States and
Territories, Boards of Trade, Boards
of County Commissioners and Supervisors, Mayors of towns and cities,
Chambers of Commerce,. Mining Bureaus, and Changes, Miners Organ,-
iuattons, Scientific Societies, Engineers' Associations, State Mining
Schools and Permanent MemlWra of
the American Alining Congress:
Gentlemen: A brbad, open forum
for the public discussion of questions
relating to mining is better calculated than any other means through
which to arrive at a,concensus of
opinion as to the needs and demands
of the mining industry'. Tho American Mining Congress has definite
plans of operation whicli have been
Amendment to the General Executive
into force such "acts as will foster,
promote and develop the mining industries of.'the,"United States.
The main purpose of tho convention
is to bring out the opinions and suggestions of all, men interested in ••mining upon such matter? as need con-'
side-ration, .hi order to arrive at a remedy for,any improper condition that
may exist.
To this erid every member of the
convention is earnestly requested to
introduce by resolution such matters
as he may deem important. , Whenever desired, the. secretary upon request, will gladly assist In framing resolutions so as to-cover tho subject
involved. The Resolutions committee (to which all resolutions. offered
will be referred without debate) con
, A oomple&;line. of .samples of
5fall Suitm^s and
r" Overcoatings
iji' :'■■''  ■ ••-   '■""■'
Worsteds, Serges
..   and Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
".""' Moderate Prices-'
Table Board $6.00.      All old prices now charged
•     Excellent: Cuisine. ,-.•.,       *	
J. L. GATES,  Prop.
A. Rizzuro
77"    J. Crawford'
Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Co.
I'llUlS      Ul      UlJClULlUll       .4 4144,4.     1114143      444,44.4
developed  through   the .deliberations ksts o£ one member from e?oh state
There is a choir practice on Fridays
and a mid week devotional service on
Wednesdays. Monday night is in
the hands of the young people.
7» .-*  *       " " ,
Sunday services are as follows
11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday school at 2.30 p.m.
men's class is conducted, ' -
* * ,*
,\ On Sunday . last. members of    the
congregation were invited ' to take
part in the weekly/envelope system
for helping towards the cost of the
building operations now going on.
, The pastor, Rev. Lashley Hall will
(D.V.)  preach next Sunday morning
and night.
* »   *
In future readers of this column arc
assured of a general summary of the
many Interesting happenings In
church circles.    This column Is   open
. *o contributions from all denominations.     Copy should bo sent In as
' early as possible in order to ensure
of its annual conventions. ,In order
that it may be further directed into'
those channels In which its efforts
may be.of greater service'in the upbuilding- of the mining Industry by
stimulating a greater development,
and a wiser conservation of the nation's mineral resources, you are requested to' appoint delegates to the
11th annual session of tho American
Mining Congress which is- .hereby
called to meet at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, December 2, 3, 4 and 6. 1908.
The President may appoint ten delegates at large.
The chief, executive of foreign nations may appoint ten delegates. .
Governors of States and Territories
may   each appoint, ten deelgates.
Mayors of cities and towns, . two"
delegates each . and one additional
delegate for each twenty five thousand of population.
Boards of county commissioners:—
two delegates each."'
Boards of county supervisors— two
Boards of trade. —two, delegates to
and territory represented .-,!h Mio Con
gress, to be nanaa hy the delegates
from the states and territories respectively, at the opening of the afternoon session of th'e^Iirsi'day of each
annual session. .
Modern agriculture, manufacuring,
and commerce* would 'be entirely impossible without' the product of the
mines. . Some (lay the rays of the
sun may 'furnish heat, and the' waves
of the ocean power, but at this-time
coal is an' essential. • Without possibility of substitute, and equally necessary are, many other forms of produce. The waste of reproducible
products is a great wrong. The unnecessary waste of products which
once exhausted caniiot be reproduced
o is a great crime against all future
generations. -li is hoped that such
action will be taken as wiil lead to
Ottawa, Nov. 18— Notice has been
posted all over the interior. department threatening instant dismissal to
all civil' servants speculating in veteran land grants.
One civil servant discovered .that a
South African veteran was ill in the
hospital and hard up. • This-one (^ad
asked the department for ?160 Instead
of the land warrant because he wanted the money.
An employe of the land service department ' went to the hospital and
told- the veteran that he was ln a position to get him. a grant which he
could sell for,$200, $25 to be solatium
for information.
The veteran, however, got out'of
the hospital in time'to discover that
land1' grants were worth double that,
and' that he was being worked by the
civil servant.,.'    .
The affair is now before the deputy
minister.  - '  ' -'
n i
Contracts Taken
Including Stump Pulling,*Liiml Clearing and Ploughing. " Let us
figure on your next job
Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts
more Intelligent! conservation of our
mineral resources along lines of the
greatest service! to industrial -progress. % j -.,-,■
■ The increased demand for timber
and water in' carrying on mining operations renders more imperative not
Canadian Fairbanks Go.
\ Limited
cumstances. surrounding the settle
ment of the late strike of the mechanical unions on the C.P.R. was made
the subject of investigation by a committee representing the various labor
organizations affected.
This committee sat towards the end
of October and was a very representative one.
Their report is soriiewhat lengthy
and exhaustive and it Is severe in Its
dealings with' the executive committee responsible for tne settlement declaring that thero was no justification
In the sacrifice .entailed In the terms
A" roport from Calgary says that
Bell Hardy, chairman of the" mechanics .union has resigned on account of
tho finding of tho committee. *
Mining organizations— Two ^del-s-i
gates each.      ,:    ,
Scientific. Societies. Two delegates!
each.       ' _      *■    J
' Engineers associations —Two delegates each."
State  Mining  schools—Two   delegates'each.
il   Who pays for Itf
We mean your PRINTING, Mr,
Business Man, No doubt you
are paying for good work, but
do you get it?
"   fi
I    It's Your Own Fault    *
if you are paying your good
money for inferior work. "The
Ledger does my printing" is a
guarantee of a Fair Deal.
The early appointment of delegates:
upon the basis above outlined Is re-,
spectfully, but earnestly,, urged, .and
that tho name and postoffice address
of. each delegate so appointed be forwarded to the secretary nt Denver,
Colorado, at the earliest date possible. This Is particularly desired to
enable tho secretary to furnish to
each delegate such information as
will enable him to consider ln ' advance the subjects to be discussed,
and be bettor prepared to speak and
vote with intelligence niul effect.
Signed on bohnlf of tho American
Mining Congross, J. H. RICHARDS,
A meeting of tho mombors of tho
American Mining Congress Is hereby
called to meet at PlttBbiirg,, Pa„ on
Thursday, December 3rd, 1008 at 8
p.m. for tho election of throo direct*
ors io hold office for throo yonrs, to
uuccood 13, A, Colbui'i), Alexander
Dempster nnd 17 W. Powell, whoso
tornis of office as directors expire,
nnd for tho transaction of mich,othor
buRlnoBH as may bo brought beloro
snld meotliis,
Nolo—Tho American' .Mining Con-
Kress Is nn Incorporated body, and
only momberu of tho organization can
loKiilly voto upon such mutters aH ro*
lalo to tho permanent Imslnoss ulYuirH
of tho CongroHB, tho control of which
Is lodged in a hoard of directors consisting of nine membciB, throo , of
whom nre eloeted nnminlly to hold
offlco for throo yenrs.
j The Ilonrd of Dlrocloi'H will ho
Irii'Koly Riildi'd by tlm reHolulloiiH ml*
iopted by the roiwewj, wlilch Is com*
■johoiI of iiKJinberH and duly nccrodlt*
ed (Idemiii'.-i nud will innliitalii a
working force coiitlnuiilly miiniKcd In
(•MiTyliiK mil  the dlrailoiiH of     (he
((HIKIi'-'H    ||H   ('MI)l'l'SH.'ll   III   I'L'HOllltlOIII.
•K'.'iph'.l nt  It* rc'iiliir Ki'HSioiiii,
Chambers of Commerce-Two dd-!°,a^the bettercbnserVa-tion of these
sates each     - "        ■> .natural resources but calls for such
6 Mining bureaus and exchanges' - Rations ™ wfll insure that .tlm-
two delegates each.      *■   7     ■ ^-j^erlrom the public domain shall, first
"which its use Is "demanded. The treatment "of ores of such low grades as
to xender : transportation - impracticable, and the economy of -ore reduction and treatment at or near , the
mine will continually, demand an in-'
creasing supply of water for milling
purposes as well as for the generation *of power. .' '*'••
■ Discussion will be welcomed looking to a better conservation of, the
timber and water resources upon the
public 'domain.
The paramount Issue of the mining
world is and always must be, the
Bnfety of the men directly engaged ln
mining operations.
First—Because of the value of tho
lives of men which cannot be computed, and
Second—Because every loss of life
entails an additional expense In production which must bo borne by Industrial enterprise.
The flrst appropriation made     by
our National Congress for tho assist-
anco  of practical  mining operations
was secured through tho I Ionian way
(Continued on page three,)
Gasoline Engines;,  Circular Saws .   Frames
Drag Saw Machines
Stationary and Portable Sawing  Outfits
Fow women entirely uKcapo tho
pain and annoyanco of rough or of
chapped hands during the winter flea-
son, and mont outdoor workors Buffer
moro or Iosb, If your hnndB nro
chnppod wnsh thorn at night In wnrm
water; clonnso thorn thoroughly*— lining Znm-lluk soap If poflslhlo— rind
then nuolnt them woll with 5?am-llu1(
balm. Hy noxt mornltiK you will bo
pleaHed with tho result. Znm-llult
i^Ivck nlmoHt Instant onm-, and speed*
lly clones (ho cracks.
Mrs, Wnlker of U Munufncturor St,
—•*. 44* nr    a
vtyr\rrir?T TrJCO
IMKjy JUaJUX -\±J,K>
"The Ledger
Montreal, says: 'My son Henry, works
with hia shirt sleeves rollel up above
his elbows and pnsnltiK from n warm
...   dliiliici'oii iiehv i tho i'IrIkh  ■■"«">"* '" tlm "Wiir •=«•■«■ «H '■°    wnH
oi' ni«mlicrn and iM.mnhtH hns cninfil lubllm*tl to do, ho ro! Urn worat nine
i'.'oi*.' .ii- ],.-n dhi-'ni'iiu in   ii.i-'v'oiisi"f chapped arms nnd linndH 1 hnve
in']".ml sei-KloDB, iuul It Iiiih boon do
cic.'ii io he Ih.'si io imiK'u this state-
. > (.i ii.c t.ii'iuiuii i)i i.u.ci' Ui
aw. :  i-r.y   iiilmiiul.'iiilfliKllii:.      Dole-
',-.,! t ot .- .f..'.nr ,v.|.!: i'r-..'cJ..
i ■■■ ..ii." il.c luw iiui li.M','i'i'(.;-;"(l by
 ;■   i','l', ii*. wicli n.In v.'oiill he
■*, "1 ivoi'l.l jcoj)fiiili;:e il:i« yaw-
iIn1 t'nni".i".t in a  corporal*
ever hccii,
■iii. .'
..4—- —--.
!0   f
.)■.■'■  .
7vllh *
, rein i
S^i-fit^^^^^^^*^^^^ ^^ >i*^i^*di Ji^l«&»i*i^ i
' Ut
From his fltikers ^o   IiIh
.-,(.()    i>UH    l.lltan    "<     (<>'.     * 44.44.,
wiilt.  I.:. I  m;(),i,  hviv  'ii.tl   llii'i'.1.
( Whciiuvei1 Ik., washed It brought the
teem in lib oven, tho  pain wan nn
"He tried Hovornl  kinds    of solve,
lull    ) .(>■ >i ■ 11 p4    Iri.nir.l        .nil.    M.,t,i    iiv.
tried Znni-nnk.     This took nway tlin
burnlii? nnd Hmnrtlnu nltiioBt nt once.
:-!nst tl.l.-t aniioiiiicuiiient    tlm J Tho crnrks hPRim to lionl. nnd a few
• roinmliioo cnlU  niHMitlnn • nppIlcntlonH of Uio halm cured lilm.
i:'t that tl.p loiii; Moiuhi co-'"*l» '"-nils ond arm* aro now smooth
'■V ..,.• ...ii'idiiiil Milf.ixiii'it1   at*** ff'.
!r.lnlii.T Indiinirv throuqh tlm1 "W« have nlno uhoiI Zam-nuk for
ii n Miiii-iiu nl Mines in oil.*-'.' einoiui'iiclctt. I ausuifried a
. - (omjilisliincni nni ii |«'burn on one of my Ungen. S5am*Huk
* *l. f'nnl >-.|-nitr.t—ii* of the"w»: the* fire out and henl.-1! up the
' —' uic I: luiifiv.i (House HIHBore.    If ronlly it a wonderful liount-*-
.Notice is hereby glvenj.that application will be made , to the Parliament of Canada at the next session
thereof for ah Act to incorporate a
Company under the; name of "The
Canadian Western Railway Company", with.-power,to construct, equip
maintain and operate a line or lines
of »'■ railway of standard or other
gauge,- by means of steam, electricity, or.-.any,other kind of locomotive,
power. *     7 ..
"r'fl) j.Wm"^1~p6int^"on~"th"eT*-internai;
tional boundary line; in the^ Province
of Alberta, between the. east side of
range twenty-three (23), and the west
side of range twenty-eight (28) .west
of the fourth principal. meridian, to
a point oh the Crow's 'Nest Pass line**
of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company between Cowley and ],Pincher
Creek T thence north-westerly, following the, valley • of the . north fork of
the Old Man river to a point'ln the'
Livingstone range'of mountains at or
near ■ section ' thirty-three • (33), ln
township ten... (10), range three (3),
west of the fifth principal meridian;
thence through the pass In the Livingstone Mountains to tho last named point, and northerly up the valley
of the Livingstone River to a-point
on High River, at or near township
seventeen (17), in1 ranges four (4)
and five (o), west of tho fifth principal meridian, thence north easterly
by the most practicable route to the
City of Calgary.
(2) From a point on the middle
branch at or near Its junction wltli
tho Livingstone River; thenco to a
point In. the Rocky Mountains wost
of Gould's Dome;' thence through a
pass in the Rocky'Mountains to tho
valley of tho Elk River by, the most
practicable route; thenco southerly
down tho valloy of tho Elk rivor to
a junction with the Cnnn'dlan Pacific
Railway, and tho Great Northern
Railway, In tho Elk River Valloy at
or noar tho village of Mlchol. •
And   to construct, equip, maintain,
and oporate branch Hiiob, nnd jvlth
such powers, rights and privileges aa
aro incidental or nocoBaary thereto,
nnd to construct, equip, malntnln and
oporato telegraph nnd telephone lines
In .connection with tho said railway,
7i(!H,   and to   transmit
mesaagoB   for   commercial purpOBOS,
and to charge tolls thorofor, nnd to
goonrato olectrlclty for tho supply of
light, heat and power, and to ncqulro
an develop wator powom for   that
purpoBo, and to lonso, aoll and distribute   nnd otherwise dlHposo of   tho
name, und to lovy and collect IoIIh
from    nil   por-sons    using,   nnd nil
freight paBBlnu   ovor Bald railway,
nnd branches, nnd to connect   with,
nnd mnko traffic   or othor arrangements with railway or othor   com*
liiinlos, InclndliiR nny lino of railway
In tho State of Montnmi, ono ot tho
United  Stntcs  of Amorlca,  nnd    to
pui't'linoo, lako over, lonso or other*
wlso acquire the proporty, rights and
t'rniu'hlBo   of any other'   companies,
nm!  to tonne or noil to nny   othor
company tho proporty,    rlghtH    nnd
f'.''lT"'h'"'"*'    ft    111"    pcmrinT'i*.'
Thnt such rnllwny may hs declared
to bo for tho general ndvnmngo of
Hough, Campbell & Ferjjgion,
of tho City of Winnipeg, In Manitoba,
, BolleltorB for Applicants.
Tempopary local office at P. Tascherau's, Victoria Avenue, E.
,E. S. ORMSBY, Agent '
^HE.AVorkingman's is the most welcome dollar
Sat -comes into Ea^sTfinp^cl^arlment^of--a=-
bankfj-because- the*,\yelfare;pff the community at
large- depends-on the^ practice, of, thrift by those
whose labor contributes the main part towards the-,
wealth of the country. "
'     One dollar starts an account.    F.ull compound interest paid,
THE'" 2S 1854
,.    HEAD OFFICE,. *--
All the leading lines of
High Class Chocolates
and   Cohfcctioucfy
TOM   BECK FERttlE,   fc, C.
AlwayH a choice, supply of Beef, Tovk, Veal,
Chilton, nnd Lamb on hand.   Hams,
lliioon, bird, Gutter and IC^s
Our Specialties
»      i 1   **.«   V     I   T*"  1,     ,14.. 4i... .-.  ittxrxt
i'lUSlI,   MlltlKCU   ililU   OilltCU   » «.i«l,   ,tiui\j-. ••. p' ^
assortment.   Try our Minco Mont,
Smu'kriiut and (Jystui-H.
Octolior.  A.  D.  100).,
; (j rr:
un t   ui
XS",\  (tl   Milt:   put
toM prf-pnrntfrjn."
Bvcr/l-ody sn;-«
uo who ba« tried
J5ftm*I»ul'. Purely liorlinl, It Is nimiro'H
own rcnierly, Kczcmn, ulcors, and
chronic noma It h«n!n niul cIohoh.
flnnto n*frh cuffl, hums nnd Incwnf*
od woundn. For chilrtron's InjurloH
U !:i uilhour 0f*nnl. Hubhc-rf nn thn
1 chest it oihIh tliu ncliliitf nud tl«hliic'«8
• due to cold. All druspljtd nnd nil
j sforon ne\] at Mc. a box or pout troo
| from Znm-nuk Compnny, Toronto, for
j price.
la the time to paint. Don't wait until too late before
protecting your house from the ravages of snow and ice.
Do it now.    Only choicest material usccU
Painters and. Paperltanscra
BcauuuuulUkalHilil THE DISTRICT,^LEDGER, FERNIE,'. B.'C., .NOVEMBER.21,'. 1908.
-PA'6e THRE£f /
Labor Leader Tells Some
the Causes of U nem-
plbymeirt ^
London, Nov. 17—During the.debate
in the Commons on the unemployed,
Mr. !John Burns, M. P., said:— The
house had a right to know what' was
, being done by his department and by
the government in administering" the
, temporary Act for'the "spending- of
the $1,000,000 that had been granted
and what would be-done in-spending
the additional grant .that had been
In his judgment they had had during the past three winters one that
was worse than the one which now
confronted them.     At the same time
, in the administration of the fund to
meet this state of things they had not
been confronted witli a single adverse
criticism from the Distress commit-
tees or any other responsible authority. There was absolutely no foundation' for the assertion that they had
acted iri any * naggardly way.
Causes of Unemployment
■    The causes of un employment' 'were
social, economic," personal ,«and political. Thoy -.vere not created in a" year
and they could not be dissipated iri a
'  month.   (Ministerial  cheers.)      They
,   were the accumulation1 of ages, -the
' heritage of past neglect," the burden
of ignorance and selfishness, and the
result of communities of men disobeying' natural as well as economic law,
and not. one'single department would
'be ablo to at once remove either the
follies of communities, the neglect of
ages or the vices'and.'dissipation     of-
individuals.1 ;        - .
,-. ,He was to.be commiserated by .everyone because he was being made're-
•*. sponsible for. the neglect of, . other
departments. ., He did not, however,-
object' to lJeing the "Derby.hog"" of
■the government on the', uneriiployed
' question* but' he'respectfully suggest-
two millions iriore than the Lancashire
Cotton Famine fund spent in the years
1862-63-647 ;   .,,-..- •'. . . •
■—„ .—.—ed-tiiatTiionorfible - members in critic
izing his department should remember; the origin of-the complaint 'arid
the disease.-*  ■• ■•   -'''•-■ .-'■' *,'..,.  .,_' •,-...
For three years the building trades
had been depressed and they had provided two thirds of the men registered
on the unemployed bureaux. The
depression In' those, trades affected
from 3,500,000 to 4,000,000 people.-* The
depression was -duo not altogether to
disappearing industries but to overbuilding, to seven or eight of the
Btapic trades of' tlio country   having
The London Storm Area
T Corning to London which was the
storm centre iri connection with unemployment he had heard' with surprise the statement that six to seven
million ..' people were dependent upon
"out of works."
If those figures were at all' right,
they would have reflected Jn tlie pauperism of the year. (.Hoar, hear.)
"London had in ,1907 20 peoplo dependent upon pauper relief; at the
same date in 1908 the figure was 24.7
and this did not warrant the extravagant statements made. , At this moment in London, out of 31 boards of
Guardians, 15 had' a reduction of
pauperism as' compared witli last
The hon. member-for Woolwich —-
Mr. Crooks— whose attitude'1 he could
understand," had said that' too often
thrift had not '.been taught to ' the
workman. But the average workman'who spent five shillings a week
on , drink (Mr. Kler Hardie'— "Not
true-*') spent money which if invested
in the'prope'r way; would ..bring enormous benefits to himself. When he
was 'evicted from the bench' and resumed the chisel and file that .shilling
.V .week of the .workman invested' in
his union for benevolent 'purposed,
■•.vou Id'mean much.'   ' 7
If the'millions of money that   had
been wasted in good times by    the
workingmen,had been devoted to their
own insurance much' of the'     trouble
that is' now being experienced would
not have .been experienced. .,      '
' -The River Clyde produced,020,000
tons of the cheapest,' fastest arid best
shipping In trie world, twice as' much
as Germany,     arid  as-much as  tlie
whole of. Europe with Japan   thrown
in, and yet within^ a month ,of   the
American depression striking .that, jji-
ver 'unemployed meetings were being
held at'which-complaints were made
against the Secretary   for   Scotland,
being £11,000, should have been £19-
000, when in the, preceding     twelve'
months four million golden sovereigns
had been, spent by'these Clyde arlis-
ans on alcoholic liquor alone.
; He would .be false to his class and
to his duty if he were not to tell the
workmen that if they,wero to rely on
their own.good selves more and not
so much on tho state"and the municipality' it'would bo better for thorn and
It would be better for tho country.—
(Cheers.)    ,, "'    '•
The- November-.number of this magazine presents? that variety-of subjects  which  makes  its "contents  so
piquant.*- ' The fictiori.ranges over almost all the themes with which it is
ever interestedly, concerned;;.and the
style of , the .contributions, is 4 of the
most commendable order. ■>,-*-"
, "The - Expiation -.of John ;Reedhaf"
is a serial,story.,by. Annie, S. Swan,'
which, notwithstanding.,- its.-sadness
and sorrow, is fraught with, rapt in-,
terest; and each new,, transition of it
is   more and more thrilling until   its
final culmination.     Patrick Vaux also
gives, another .of his rapid sketches
the arts and intrigues of, war under
the title "Where the. Eagle,Flies Sea-
war ", anl the prowess of those   who
ride the main is illumined ,vy .   the
perfidy which, the author shows often
to .exist among recreants there "She
Tested Him" forms the subject of a
variegated domestic story by Mrs. J.
H. Skinner;  "Fox and Houril" by L.
Harward; and "A Guilty Conscience"
by H. A. Black.     All of. thees are
high in their class and are sure to
be appreciated.
The number is particularly strong
in articles. Bonnycastle Dale is
fresh as usual in his description 'Following game with camera, rod " and
gun," Captain G. Godson takes us on
a tour in an automobile through the
Transvaal,' the, Free State ,and Cape
Colony, and his fine photographs enhance the value and interest of his
descriptions. Under- the • head ■ of
"Potential Canada" there are three
articles—one on "High * River;' Alberta," another on "Summerlaricl, B.
C." and another on "Calgary, Alta,"
and another on'the Nechaco Valley."
All these- are intensely interesting as
exemplifications. of Potential Canada.
The; whole number is in fact essentially. Canadian in the highest sense
of an enlarged horizon. - - --.       ■ -' ' „
...  PAY FINE     ■
•Provision,for Work
Whon he was asked what provision
been diverted from the building trado wns ,bolnS made for giving work during tho coming winter he replied that
to.local authorities having boen unable, to borrow at less than llro, six
or seven por cent,, and to tho change
in tho methods of "constructing buildings during tho, past fow yo.irs., ..,,
In September, last thore woro 10 per
cent more laborors at work tliuti In
September of tho previous yoar, but
thoro wero eight or ten per cent fewer
skilled artisans at' worlc In tho samo
tradori. . In ordor, to glvo tho sl;il'o.l
arlisnnfl work tlio local government
board .•■elected loan works,
Tlie Example of,Leeds
Ho clalmod jthnt by oxpoditlng loans
nnd^vork, and. by speeding up the gov-
ornmont   contractu, thoy would compress Into tho noxt bIx montlm noaror,
throo* millions.of worlc than two,   As
an example of how this had boon dono
, he cltod tho enso of Loods as typical,
For tho last throo years Loods had
boon lntoroutlng Itself vory sorlously,
nnd lio thought Holontlllenlly, In    tlio
task of grappling with tho problem of
omploymont. Loods wont .to tho local
govornmout board u fow montlin nno
for a loan of .CI20,000 on publio work
tlio groat bulk of which would bo usod
In tho Black winter inoiilliH,    It   wiih
not work Invontod for charitable purposes, but for making sowers, roads,
nml olootrlcal Improvements,,
Tlin Hoard of Agriculture had acquired thousandh of ncros of land for
tho purposes of iifforoHtiitlon. Further by,speeding up.hoiisliiK hcIkiwoh,
ho had pushed forward work which
would not. bo olliorwlso avallablo I his
wlntor,   ...
x' (M /
Work In Parks '
The Office ot" Works had given the
Central (Unemployed) body nil llio facilities* It could In llio nine or ton
Royal parlia whoro thoy hopiid tliut
some five or six hundred mon would
bo employed during tlio wlntor.
The ndmlralty, which thoy woro Informed, moved with loadon foot, hnd
jlvon omploymont. to 2,000 men on re*
tali's costing -C73,000 nnd hnd oxpodlt-
\ 'orders to onablo contractors to
>cnd at least two or three months
•Mrllcir nt lonut £200,000 nnd contracts
would bo given imxt month e<|iial to
two and a half -million storllng. Altogether he calculated thnt n fund of
money equal to Ave million pounds
storllng would ho tnndo available,' or
there woro nearly COO men employed
In tho royal parks and nmu.gon.eiUa
had been made by which that "num.*
bor would bo doubled,.
' Tho London water bonrd .was going
to bring into omploymont 2100 navvies
six months soonor" than would havo
otherwise been tho ,cnso,
The county council wns going (o
spend hnlf a million In work which
would bo'hnslene'd In Improvements in
roads, otc, Ilo had n scheme for tho
old soldiers and rosorvists which If lt
had boon carried out twonly yours ago
would havo gr'ontly .alleviated tho sufferings of tho old soltllors nnd rosorvists,
It waB that ox-floltllorB and rosorvists In receipt of pensions or rosorvo
pay'should not bo compelled to rosldo
In tho Unitod Kingdom but Hint military workmon 'should enjoy lho siimo
mobility of labor Hint ovory othor
skilled and unskilled arUtmu enjoy.
Thoy woro given permission lo -emigrate to any Ilrltlsl) colony, nnd>In tho
courso or two years jioarly 10,000 ox-
Holdlors ,nnd rosorvlstB had nvallod
llionisolvos of this opportunity.
■ Mr. Ualfour,—Doob tho hon. gontlo-
mnn moan lo loll us thai, ln tho pusl,
two years 10,000 rosu'rvlslH have loft
Ihe eotmlry with the ikh'iiiIhhIoh of
lho war office,
Mr. Tlnldnno: Wo hnvo nrrnnged
that, to the uxtont of 10,000 wo shnll
allow UrlllHli reservists to go to nny
IlrlllHh possession that they plonHO,
and flflOO are now availing themselves
of thill permission, ,,
Mr. UiiniH could assim, the House
and   tho country Hint If thoy would
j but leave this voxod and tangled problem to himself Uiinghlor) ho was prepared   lo worry through iho winter.
If thc Houso of Commons would only
leave It to lho    eighty nlno distress
committee-* aud to the local government hoard to provide menus to provide work for honest men ho was suro
that when tho six' months woro ovor
lho House would nny that tho municipal It Ion hnd responded handsomely to
their appeal and thnt ns n rosult not
hundreds hut thousands of men would
ho provided with honost work nt hon*
est wages,     The houso might   rely
thnt If tho circumstances wnrrnntod It
the'wholo of the £1100,000 should   be
spent In tho Interests of necessitous
Denver, Nov. 18—President Samuel
Gompers at the • afternoon session today of the conventlon-of the American
Federation of Labor declared that if
he was found guilty and fined in ;the
contempt proceedings against him at
Washington, he would go' to. jail be-,
fore-he would.pay his fine .or-before
he would.-allow, the federation, to pay
the fine for. him.  -..':;     ".-•  .','■    ..-■■-
Tlie'statement, was made during.a
discussion "on the report'of the treas-
that immediately following the " adjournment of ■ the'' convention) the executive committee take up' the matter
of'placlrig Yhe'fuh'ds ~6f' the federation
where they will be removed'from dariger of attachment., 7'
The report brought out a political
discussion in which' several members
declared* themselves in favor of independent political action..   ,  .'
Treasurer John"Lenon said 4 that he
had discussed the matter of safeguarding the funds with' good attorneys and they alleged that' it vas ini-'
possiblo without resulting in Injury
to some person. 'Several suggestions
were mado from the floor, one of tho
remarks being that tho funds be deposited in Cnnnda* and anothor that
certificates of deposit bo tnlcon out
lu somo othor name thnn that of, tho
'(Continued from-page two.)
Legislative and Judicial appropriation
Bill by which $150,000 was provided
for making investigations as"1 to the
cause of mine disasters; As a result-
of this legislation a testing plant has
been established at Pittsburg, Pa. and
a critical examination of the •' more
important coal mines'of the United
States has been- made by- a party that
included three experts from Germany.
Belgium and Great Britain in: which
countries the los.-, of life as a result
of investigations siinilarMo those provided by the Heraenway Amendment
has been very greatly reduced." Statistics show that the average loss of
life in France, Belgium- and Britain
during a five year period ending with
1906, was 1.09 per 1000 men employed,
while during the same, period in the
United States .the annual loss was
3.39 men per;.1000 men ■ employed, in
the mines. ..
These figures show the dire need
iu .this country for investigations—
such as have reduced the ratio in the
countries mentioned. The American
Mining Congress feels proud of its
part in organizing the forces through,
which the demand for this appropriation was made manifest.
Mining is a legitimate business and
not a gamble. -Under proper condition it brings larger and surer (livid-
ends than anylother business under
similar conditions.
The large amount of money-lost to
investors in. illegul mining.operations
justifies tha effort of the Am'.-rir'.n
Mining Congress to stamp,': out ihe
wildcat promotdr,, and to assist the
legitimate promoter in his most ..beneficent effort ,to bring buyer and seller together- in j honest trade to their
mutual benefit, j • ■*
. Through sueli transactions "alone
can the highestj development of the
mining industry be attained cwhich is
so important to the industrial progress of the,nation.,'■ A discussion of
further efforts ■ in this . direction will
be welcomed. . .,: ■    ,
To what extent relief from ,- these
conditions' may bo |iad 'through federal legislatiori -is a subject - upon
which there is ■•no concensus, of opinion. -,It is desired /that this subject
Men should
look for this
-Tag    on
_ C h e w i n g
-,,   .      ;. Tobacco,    lt
guarantees thehighqualily of
Black Watch
To the Editor of the Ledger:
As yet no answer lias been received from the Relief Committee to an
enquiry published in your paper several 'weeks ago in reference to supplying a table and chairs to one of the
sufferers in the recent fire. The bachelors think they-are entitled to some
consideration as they lost all ;, their
zii   "     '        '  ' " ........
{Successors to R. Hammond)
Electrical  Contractors
Light" and Power Wiring,  Electric
Light Fixtures and all kinds of sup-,
plies in stock.   Expert Electricians
.* Call at cabin oppposite Reid
& Co/s Furniture Store, Fernie
In the matter of the estate of John
Csupik, late of Hosmer, B. C,'deceased. -,.
Notice is hereby.given that all persons having aiiy claims or demands
agalrist the late .John Csupik, who
died ori or about the.1st day of August, 1908, at Hosmer, B. C, in the
Province of British Columbia, are
requested to send by post prepaid, or
to deliver ti the undersigned, solicitor herein for Michael- Csupik, the
administrator, their names, and, addresses, arid full particulars, in writing, of their' claims, tand statements
of their accounts,'and the: nature of
the securities,' if any, 'held by them.
,.., And take notice that, after, the lst
day of December, 1908,' the said administrator will priceed to distribute
the assets .of the ,-said. • deceased
among the parties, entitled thereto,
having.regard only to the, claims of
which he shall then have had notice,
and that the said' administrator will
not be liable.for the said assets, or
any part thereof; to any,.person: ,of
whose claim he. shall, not ■ then have
received notice.    ,.,
Dated at Fernie,  B.  C.; this    9th
day of October, A.D., 1908. ,
■   '- L. P. Eckstein/
Solicitor for the said Administrator.
Okmulgoo, Nov. 18—After rin afternoon of wild cat acts during which
two of floors of tho lnw woro klllo'l,
nnd thoir murderer, n negro, wa?
burned lo donth, by n frantic- mob
which nppllod a torch lo n houso Iti
which ho hnd Inkon rofiujo, Okmulgee
to-night Is nt. tlio point, of oxcltomont
nnd troublo iHoxpectod,   '
Governor HnBltott him donpiitciied
Inn compnnlps of militia to UHfll*"t hi
keeping onlor.   '
Tlio (lend nro:
\V. Hoblnosii, sheriff of OknmiKon
llonry Klubor, n patrolman who \y-ih
flKHlHtillg  him.
.hunoH Docker, who wnH burned by
I lie mob,
Tho troublo nroso when the aftloorn
found Docker nud nnother negro fighting In the still Ion of lho St. l.milt, .ind
San PrunclHco rnllwny.
.   Tho  offlelnl  (old   tlio  mon      tlmt.
thoy woro undor arrest.
IV7.1,. 4 4.-,7Uil ..j.u (iii'it, ^ luwil-
vcr nnd ".dint the ■•licrlTf .'Did l.;r ulhi-r
officer to dentil, Holding people ui
bay with IiIh revolver, Docker escaped
nnd look refugo In n nearby Iiouho,
Maddened nml enrngod by the nf*
inn a ludU oi about three hundred
soon formed and mirrouudod tho
house; they poured volley nftcr vol*
loy Into the building, Docker nil the
timo returning the flro.
A number of persons In tlio crowd
were wounded by bin bullolii, one It
Is bollevod, fatally. A bullet, finally
Hirui'k lilm nnd killed him limtnnily.
The mob wont wild with dollRht,
then applied n torch to the building,
nnd the body of the negro wan burned
to a crisp.
shall receive careful-'consideration,
and that such action may be decided
upon as will-accomplish-the greatest-
good either through a congressional
act' controlling' the corporation doing
an interstate business .or such-' other
course''' as. shall after, full discussion,
be' decided upon'' as the most advisable. "     '       "..       v      ,  ;     , ....
ing operations in-, the' several  states
would"greatly simplify the conditions
under^which*-mining-enterprises ■ are
conducted; *■   In,the-protection of the
lives-of-miners, in= the prevention of
mining frauds; -in •', the prevention of
unnecessary waste. in. the utilization
of fuel and other mineral resources;
ln the development ,of water power,
as a substitute for fuel; i nmore uniform, laws for. the creation and control of corporations and In many other ways a .unification of statolaws
would bo of, vast bonoflt to the mining' business.     Discussion - of these,
and kindred topics will bo gladly welcomed. . '   ■"    .
■Tho  sbrvlcos' rendered  by agrlcul-.
tural colleges arid    by experimental
stations iu tho dcevlopmont', of agriculture fully justifies the federal aid
given thoso Institutions nnd justifies
tho demand for Hlmllar aid to    the
mining schools of the. sevornl   slate's
nnd.In Uio establishment of   mining
experimental stations, from the   pro-
coeds of tho sulo .of mineral  ln.iids.
lt Is hoped tlmt further action will bo
taken  looking  towards  the  development of tliCHO useful InHlltulloiis,
, Tho report of lho committee on Ihe
Mutual IlolntloiiH and Grlovimcon of
tlio Smellor Trimt una the Oi'e l'ro*
dn cor mndo nt  tlip Tenth      An mini
HOHHlrin Indlcnled (hat a very iiii,|ii«>;
burden Is bolng cnrrlod by tlio pro*'
ducor of refractory ores on account
of excessive smollor chnrgos.     The
pnrllciilur remedy HiiggoHlod was competitive smell Ing plants.    A belief In
tho offlcncy of UiIh romedy 1ms romilt*
ed In tho eHlubllHhmoiit. of,two Independent' competlllvo liiiiellliig plants
during tho present year; one nt l>nn*
dorny, Idaho, nnd tho othor nl 'Pintle,
Utah.    Further offortu along this lino
urn anticipated, nnd It Ih hoped Hint
condition!*     mny ho    crontod under
which the ore producer will    nlwuys
hnvo the nilvniituge of nn npon com-
pollllvo miirkel for llio product of IiIh
Tlio convention Ih (IohIkiuuT ro be
nn'open forum for the (IIhcuhhIoii of
nil probloniH concerning the production, (continent, li'iumporlnlon, market-
lug iuul luie of iiiuturlnlH, nnd tho volution of ilie mining IniluHtry to llio
Htntn and federal government In con-
iiorillnit wllh loi'lnlnllnn tn r.nnirril mvl
,Invimtlgnttnn to Hlltmilntn nnd mnlte
fur* i
Delivery can be had in twenty days
* ■; i t- '
U. E. Suddaby
Agent for Kodaks, Waterman's. Fountain
Pens, Office Supplies, etc.
r*— j
In the matter of the estate of Melissa
Leonard, late of the City of Fernie,
Notice is hereby given that all persons having any claim or demand
against the late" Melissa Leonard,
who died on or about, the 1st day bf_
A"ugust7_r9"08,\at—Fernie,"inl:lie Pro
vince of- British' Columbia, are required to send by.post prepaid,, oiv'to. deliver .to.the undersigned, soliti shrdl
liver to,,the undersigned.solicitor for
the executor'and .-trustee'under" the
will of- the said .Melissa Leonard,
their names arid addresses and full
particulars In writing of their claims,
and statements of their accounts, and
the nature of the securities, if any,
held by them. ■■   '..
And take notice.that after the lst
day of November, 1908, the said executor and trustee will proceed to
distribute thc assets of the deceased
among the persons entitled thereto,
having regard only to tho claims of
which he shall thon have had notice,-
and-the .said executor and trustoos
will not bo liable for the said assot's,
or any part thereof, to nny person of
whose claim he shall not then have
received notice.
Datod at Fornio, B, C, tho 14th day
of September,, A. D„ 1908. '
L. P, Eckstein,
Solicitor'for the said Executor nnd
■ Fernio, 13. C.
Is comfortably located at the corner of Prior
'.'     •' '      ■ •->.''
and Victoria Avenues, and carries a complete
stock of:
Millinery,  Furs,  Coats, Skirts
Ladies' Underwear, Blouses
A full line of the
In the matter of the estate of 8teve
Suchorzag, late of Fernie, Q. C,
Notice js hereby given thai nil per*
Bonn having nny claims or domnndB
against lho Into Stovo Siichorziik,
who died on orahout the J9th dny of
Juno, 190S, nt. Conl Creek, 11, C„ In
tho Provlnco of British Columbia,
aro roqulrod lo Hond by post, prepaid,
or to deliver to the uudorslgned, solicitor heroin for Simon llogncy, tho
ndrnlnlHlrnioi'H, their nnniOH and nd-
droflflOH, nnd full' piirllfiulnrfi In writing, of tliolr clnlins, nnd Htntomontu
of their iicconntH, and Iho nature of
the HucurliUiK, If nny, hold by them,
And Hike notico thnt nrter tlio Int.
day of December, 1908, the mild nd*
minlRtrntor will proceed to distribute
the iiHselH of tlio wild duceuHud
nninn Ihe piirtlcH eulltled thereto,
having regard onyl lo llio olnlm** of
which ho Hhnll then hnvo hnd notice,
lind thnt tho snld lulmlnlmrntor will
not bu llnble I'or Ihe wild nssolH, or
iiny purl I hereof, to nny person of
wIioho clnini he Hhnll not then hnvo
received  iiollce,
Dnted nl Foi nlo, I). <"'„ UiIh lith dny
of October, A. D„ 1008.
L. D. EckBtoln,
Slllcltor for tho Hnld AdinlnlHlrn'tor.
Dealer In Doors, Windows and Plate Glass
Store Fronts put in   Stairwork   Estimates Furnished
4-pannellcd Cedar Doors from $1.50 up
N.B,—Carload of Glass just arrived—all sizes
I make anything .in carpenter work
Shop nnd Office, n.ilccr
Ave, next P, Cnrosclln
Fernie,  B. C.
poHHlhle n imwir development, nnd n     N0TKjK *H |,„,.0i,y fi|V,.n that   Hie
wlfliir'coilflprvnllon ofthe     nilnernl ^mrlnerHlilp   herolofore oxlHtliiR   be-1
wenltli ofthe Unllud HtntoH,. :tween Hiiintiel Krwln and John Will-j
A proKi'iim will he nniiounoed a? nn ] tin. dolim IiiihIiiohh n» plnnterorB, etc., i
Minder Hie firm nnrnP nt Krwln ft Wni '
enrlv dnte unou wlilrh will ripper *'"
niiiuiia of prominent loudem el'
thought who will load the (IIhcuhhIhii
upon the prliicipnl toplau which Hhnll
bu advanced for conHldernllon.
Kncli dolofjnle Ih howovor, rerpieHi*
ed to Introduce by roMoIutlon nny
topic which he mny cotmldcr of Import mice.
Bufflclcii llni'' will ho allowed foi
a full dlflciiHHleu of any propeHcd nl
leinil'ins of preHept conditions in
which nil membori. of,the convention
will be Invited tn wirtl-MpA!!-
ion, Iiiih UiIh dny been (HkhoIvcuI h,
miitunl fnimenl. Pnmnel Krwln rotlr-
And further ln!*e noMre thnt nil
oiitnlnndliiR nccountH nRnlnst tho firm
of Krwln & Wnllon nre to.bo paid
hy Jehu Wnllon, mid nil blllo nut-
HtmidliiK und due the firm of Ki-viii
nnd Wnlton nre pnynble jo John Wnl-
i;     8amuel  Erwin
John  Wnlton
Pftled nl l-'ernlo, ll, ti., October 1ft
'•y I'ln'!!!^ yoni' f!'i!lii:s^ \huii *;.-,.;.-. i'.\; li.iv*.* a \\-\x,
liii*j4(! stnelcol' Mini's .iMiniisliin^s, Mackinaw Coats,
<'W*. SlittojisUin-liiKMl Coats, •$•*); Tweed (!ap, fur linc'l
j   linml, 7i">ci; Lined Hucl'slciii Mitts and (iluvos, ^l.LV);
t Woollen Snitks. il'nr, llandHon Socks,"»His. to a do/<M),
."illii; (I'M'inan Sox, ;*)()«: Suits, twiuvl or stM'fjo, ^7,'J"):
l-ar^n Klannol and TwikmI Shirts, Jjtl.lffi. Moots, Shoes,
Kiililwi's, t'lc, all at reasonable prices.   (live usn call.
.£  DISTRICT LEDGER, FERNIE,      . B. C., NOVEMBER 21, 1908.
©be M*lti& fttbtv®
-|1.00 a year in advance. * Address all communications to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. C.
Rates for advertising on application.
-We believe, through.'careful 'enquiry, that all the
advertisements ih this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good to actual .subscribers any loss incurred by trusting advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
■ subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest bankrupts.   t
This offer holds  good  for,one  month  after,   the
'.transaction  causing-the complaint;   that,is we must
have notice within that time,     In all cases in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
"_'''' -    *   ?     "°'>- " Manager.
Elsewhere in this issue' is presented a platform,
adopted at a convention of representative workingmen
from the various crafts of the city, tho various clauses
in which they desire to make issues in the forthcom-
'. ing municipal elections. The Ledger does not countenance the introduction of politics in civic affairs,
neither does it uphold any move made by any body of
electors, Labor or not, that would have for its aim
and purpose the capture of all the seats on the alder-
manic board.       - ''-.,'
This city, in common with other .communities, is
made up of a variety of interests, and all these' interests aro entitled to an equitable representation on
the ruling body, the City Council., „
' '"{Spell was the conclusion of the convention above
referred to, and so a broad platform, upon which all
classes who'seek the betterment' of conditions could
unite, was, nftor d)\o {leliberatlon,' submitted and approved by those present.
'v We make np° apolpgies for any of the principles
advaf'fted, for nope is needed; we.offer no lengthy ex-
pla-aailnii of' t!?6 'rSSSGSS caHiP.S them Into, existence,
* ; .„„ i\ -,.'..:., . .i.,d«t Ht.tUa.Httmo.will.iiufi.lea..te
..9]' even a casual pe.4......
show that they have self-evident reasons for being,
embodied In the Citizens* Platform. ' v
■;.'' A Council elected by acclamation is not the wish
"'of tho working men of Fernie, nor should it be sought
after by any class of citizens. Competition for offices
in the gift of the voters is an essential to the best
government,  whether " Municipal,' Federal  or    Prtjyin-
" clal. °       ' ■
' The Ledger is pleased to see that the subject of
municipal betterment is .already receiving attention,
and that the workingmen of the city have decided to
throw down all bars, and welcome all contestants to
a platform outlined on a strictly non-partisan basis,
one on which all can unite who "are well wishers1 of
the advancement ofthe best interests of the community /and * who desire to see the moral tone of our
city raised, to a-high level—a level    from, which it
- should never havcdesccndcd.. ,
that'they do not' possess
in a savings bank say the small sum of fl a week, and
leave it there, keep adding to it as much more as he
could conveniently spare,' don't you suppose the operators would be very select in the language they used
the next time you met them in" convention.
■ The,brag and bluster would be .tafcen out of a
whole lot of them, because they .-would know they
were dealing -.with " partners in the business , .who
were capitalists like themselves and were-in a position
to resist any tendency from the opposite side that indicated brag and bluster.' '] ■ '-
If every coal miner In'the country were lo lay
aside just an even hundred dollars and; keep it in
the bank for such an emergency they would whip the
coal operators in every fight they got into. Nations
only make war on the weak. ' Capital only does the
same. Let the weak become strong by means of tho
money behind it, and there will follow industrial
peace because it will be to-the interests of both the
parties to maintain it, and will endanger those interests to disturb it.        n. -
Wise men never monkey with a hornet's: nest, and
if you can point out anything that would so closely
represent a hornet's nest to the operator; .than the
miners of this country with from one to five hundred
dollars per capita in the bank, we would like to see
.it. ■ "
It can be seen that to adopt a policy of this kind
we make provision for a.rainy day in life's battles;
that we protect ourselves, our ...wives and little, ones
from the dangers of the poor farm, and are also promoting industrial peace and good,,wages, all of which
will be for the general good of society.
Let us study this matter over carefully;, cease to'
bo a good fellow- to the other fellow, except thoso who
are in need, and be a good fellow to yourself.   ■'.
That there aro but few,of us who can work a reformation along these lines is apparent to every right-
thinking man. "All that is needed is to make a beginning, it is harder to save the first hundred dollars
than the next thousand, but it can be done if we .will
only half try and deny ourselves of some unnecessary
things. , ..*.-'
This will increase, our standing in the community
and make us feel better ourselves. There' is not. a
man in any community who, owns his own home that
does no£ feel bigger and prouder foi* it and who is not
"more highly respee*,g*i fry his neighbors by reason of
his owning th-af property. "•   ''    '-   ",
As a means of secuh-ng justice and fair play, as a
means of drawing out of man all the good qualities
there is' in him Oii a platform ■ of self' respect, and to
be respected, we want to begin to respect ourselves.
Then we will compel respect from others, and we
don't know of any simpler or more ready way to do it
than by first taking steps along such lines to compel
it from others. Let us try*- it.—Mine Workers Journal.
THE POLICE of. our town-are doing' everything in
their power to suppress the many evils-that-are continually annoying the, citizens, and they must be given
'credit for what -they have already done since" the, fire.
The,town at the present time,'is a mecca'for all the
hoodlums of the country who come here with the idea
that they will have an easy graft while the town is
building up.. They-soon find out, however-that they
are badly mistaken, for they no sooner get here than
they are driven to other quarters. ...      ft -
THE ROADS in...West Fernie are ; in a disgraceful
and almost impassable condition, and a.re a disgrace
to;the government of,'British Columbia.. Surely something practicable "could be done to help remedy this'
state of affairs.     ,i-;-- ,,-,    - ,.- ;*
Daily you can observe teams stuck with their loads
in these roads, and often the wagons sink down to
their hubs'. The citizens of. West Fernie have enough
to worry about without being- left-with' impassable
roads by a government that professes to'do so much'
-for the good.of the.people, and we can say that if the
.local member.were of much account at all he would,
see that something .was done to .help .the people of
West Fernie, and also the large number of people, who
have to go through'* that. part of/the city from day
to day. '        j ,      .   '  "
-. ' * i.    *        *        *   -
' WE WERE glad! that Mayor Tuttle cast the de-
cidlng vote in favor pt rescinding the motion previously ■ carried in regard to tlie location of the red, light
district.     While we cannot' at all countenance-   the;
action of any City Council assuming the .responsibility,
for these womenN and being a, party to the scheme of f
obtaining, money-from their shame,'yet'we do not be-;
lieve in. every cheap Tom, Dick and^Harry, trying .to
hold the women up on the property they have to buy.
•A-man "that will he. a party to 'such a dirty low deal',
will do anything; and we know of no name bad enough
to .call him. -   There are some in this city and they .
should be shunned as vipers, for they are no better.
But-the most galling part of it all is that one of: them
had cheek - enough; to even'hire a counsel to come be- .
fore the .City Council and expect that the council would
countenance his dirty action, and we are sorry to have
to say that two members of the council actually did
vote for such a proposition. ■'
Is it time for a change?   " .   ,! " ■" '* * .'■ -.;  ,
*    - *      *    , » "*    ,
ON WEDNESDAY afternoon* several miners who,.
wanted, to do business with tiie city went to the city
offices oii their way home from the four o'clock train.
When they, arrived there they were very much disappointed to, lind that'the offices were all closed, and
that there.was nobody there to attend.to them. . Now
what way Is that to have the business of tho cityv attended to?^ We can.vouch for the truth.of this as we
went over ourselves to get some information, and after
waiting about fifteen minutes decided that it was no
use, and returned to the sanctum sanctorum to ponder
on the good of having a city clerk who gets a raise
in his salary and then leaves',the citizens to'fish for
FRED WAYLETT, Proprietor
Fresh Fruits Daily
4 Opp.  Post  Office 4
Pecisive ■ Action Which  Settles  the  Status of the
• British. Labor  Party
THINGS AS WE SEE THEM      , .^ £*}
■ • t    . — "    , *>"-,7
palaces live    in    rented
automobiles ,'have  the
apathetic In civic life,' and
the stamina to take the initiative has indeed received
a most deserved set-back, for the Citizens' Ticket most'
' surely is a comprehensive one, embracing as it does
•'the  vital  principles  of  judicious.,government  of  tho
people by the people, and for the people.
"Working men who
-. Working  men who0 make
pleasure of going on foot.        . '■ ,
' Those who mako pianos get the jewsharps..- ■ ■■ ■■
The soldier who defends his country gets embalrried
beef furnished by"the beef trust.- '   '7,^    ''-'.'
Farmers who produce our fine meals get sowbelly
with a little stale liver on the side. v   „,„..
The workmen who produce the finest firearms in-the
'(Prom "Winnipeg Voice.)
' At tiie last meeting of the International Bureau (Socialist) held in Brussels innOctober the British Independ
ent party (Labor) was formally ad-
mit'ted as a. constituent part of the,
International Sbcialik fnbveffieht.' ' ,.
There has been'-l phdency on -the
part of  Sbc'ialisttc  organizations.   in
■An official call has been issued to ail interested,
to attend the American Mining Congress in Pittsburg,
December'2nd to 5th of this'year. We believe that
the convention business in somo respects is being
overdone, but the aims and objects of this institution
are so vitally important to-nil connected in nny way
with better conditions for miners, that it at once
commends Itself as a most useful function.
Tho safeguarding of investors in mining propositions is Included In thc program, and also the rendering of wildcat mining,companies less probable, To lho
Investor a properly conducted and reliable mine offers
about, tho best field for legitimate dividend earning,
and anything to promote confidence between buyers
nnd sellers of mining stock Is a move In the right
direction.      n
Carefully compiled figures show that tho death
rato from mining accidents- In tho mines of Groat
Britain and sovernl countries on tho continent, is 1.09
por annum for ouch 1000 men employed, whilo In tho
Statos tho figures reach 3.30 per 1000, which goes to
show Hint there Is .Indeed great, scope for the work
of tlio Mining Congress, which will devote much timo
and consideration to this most important question.
••"too and opon discussion on all subjects pertaining
to tho mining Industry Is Invited, and there Is no doubt
-but tlmt much will bo dono to further wise and useful
legislation Iir tho InleroHls of minors nnd others   Interested directly or Indirectly In the milling industry,
world find themselves at the wrong en"d^of~th"e_guii:^;
-The capitalist ■system, compels you to send your
dsuighters to do the heavy, dirty work'for "the-wives'of
these'.capitalists'.holding special privileges. Do the
daughters of the rich,doghouse work'for you? No.
Your family could rotVthousand.times before 'one of
them would do as much as a hand's turn for. you, and
yet there are long-faced hypocrites who tell us that
thero are' no classes in Canada, that it is wrong to,stir
up strife, that we should be content with things " as
thoy now are.".' ■■ °
"    '* -    *      *      * .......   i
' The Socialists are pleased with their showing lii,
thc Fornio. provincial riding' , and will now' continue
their policy of educating tho .workers with renewed
vigor. Their motto, should bo organize, oducato, register and return' a Socialist for Fernie at tho ,noxt provincial election'.
„-*.,*,*      *
The workers of Canada having choson to voto
their capitalist masters   in the late   elections,
should now be satisfied' for tho noxt ilvo years
what the masters will be gracious enough to
thorn.  ..Bccnuso wo are" told that   real ostato
shortly bo on the jump and the pooplo will "got something"— we shall seo whnt'wo shall hoo,      ,
*      *      *      i"
Thero nro a ,'iueor lot of pooplo down at Lothbrldgo
calling themselves the Independent1 Labor Party    of
Lothbrldgo—whatever thnt means.     Most of them nro
either Liberal or Tory heelers: thoy havo chosen Donald McNab as.,thoir candldptc, nnd oxpoct tho Socialists to tuke tho stump for them.     Wo aro sorry for
McNab who Ib nn honest Scotchman with a big family, and whoso chief fault la thnt ho Is a Liboral of
tlie  Simmons  school.      Howovor ho  has  tho  saving
grnco of belonging to tho U. II. W. of A. and thoro may
bo no content.
If the Socialist party contests Lothbrldgo    riding.
McNab will loso his doposlt.
The coal miner is iho most happy-go-lucky, generally HpcakliiK, of the hunmii race. Ho is lho hiirdesi
worker, Uio best Kpoudor nud the hcsl follow In tho
community; no appeal for nld Is ovor mnde to him
in viiln. Ilo will fight for a turn nt the mine, and
fight for n turn to spend' tho money that he earns
whll" flphtlnK for tho turn to earn It.
Un docs not work for money bccauHc lie Iovoh It,
but bornusi* nt what, it will do for hlin In tun wny of
■■"pending it.
It Ih UiIh cliiirnctcilfsilc that keeps him very largely
In the power of iho i*««il mi point loin., ami th»>* an-
the firm io Iuul tlio clmrisc ut extrnwigniuii In living
at lilm vvlicii ho nU'etH ihcni In convention or item Into
n striko.
It ncenm lo ub Unit the feature of tuldim cure of
tl.<" carnlniw h«» bwu, If not alto nether iu-kUicU'iI. tl}en
l-i n verv Inrire detrreo, It Is not so much what it
mnn p-irnn ns what lio mvvr that ioiuitH with Mm In
Hip end.
Tl,e bout BtilkeiH and all round union men are the
"Thoy also Horvo who only Htnnd nnd wait,"
Nowhoro Is this moro terribly apt limn In Uh application lo the nrmy of tho unemployed, Theuo
men, while Ihey meekly wait, nro Borving tho purposoH
of the employing prorit-mnldnij class,
Thoy nro Hurvlng thlf* purposo by driving ovory
mini who Ih now employed to greater oxertlonta. Thoy
are actlim iih the slavo driven*' whip around tho
HlidiildciH or Much of their own cIuhh ns nro able to
lind n nuiHlcr.
•ItiHt how thin Ih today Ih neon from n atatoment In
"Tlie Clay Worker" lo ih« effect liml riilntgo -contract"
orH nro figuring the cost' of labor ftl ten por cent, lend
than liiat K'ar, iililioiigh the bulldliK frndoH have
maintained their union acnlc, hc-mum* of tlio greater In-,
icnti'ty wltli which ll.-.' m>'i. will work when they real-
l/.e Hint "tliniiMiiiKlH nf HMIIed cnrfiHiitcn nro walking
tlm HtreelH."
i   . Kveiy iiiiui who lit i,.<ky enough tu bu producing
[•iinfliH for nn I'mplnv.- lodny  la ahlvcrlnff becmiBO
men win by their Iniliiaiiy and thrift gather u Utilejuf Uio iiimy tUi iiiar...*,
I rime mound iliem, iuul lny by n few doHnm for   n |
..!.,. ,».,*       if ,.11 Vfi.1 linn- »*M>*, there would never hi '
(mil.I have Ik-cii won by   the j
l> hit. Job -.•wry day.
n rtrlke lent, but what
miners, a Ml wl at Is more there would lmw beta ,»*•
KlrlUrs Uifti Hiere have lie.-n, iKiotmted for by H.e
fmt Hat n ccr-l nilimr lu H»U fix I* alwtiyn careful and
tiiV.f.erxtd'ixf in 1:1:1 action and doen r.ot tunh into n
fitrili" ur.P's* there la an nhfinluip neresslty.
1*1, n ui ll..; oilier Land If the conl opeininrH (if the
Vrbo't. •*>.t>f. kiif'W Hat there wna tot n mnn In iheir
tmpUiy but roiiM rsr-ily re-*!-;* * f--w roonHia of #ir».o
Hey rciuM be my rnrcful about pjovokli.fi: a mrtae
in il-efr mints.
KuppoothK that c-.it> coal mlmr were to mak-? up
Ma tttltil «fc»* *Jurli.»f the tomlnic winter he would put
".ery member of which lie know* la driven by   thn
•,"(. ?si(lc« of lilmai'lf i""t M'os" nfftri-st  him to neeh
.lib iltuwrn*!' cr.ein' <*' 'i.*.me Jo nor.'* nnd Ihe.
nernune H.e employe!    orker known thin be known
Mud nml body lo the limit
that uulOBii lw driven hl.-
I:e will find liliriHi'lf illh|il,,.
•vhlle he <n turn tiemfi*. o
Wherever  Hie   wm'M-i
=.trnnK trpd'i union their v,
O   lie   po'tll   Wl'P'P   ihev
ii'Y  T'-fifP  ll"  offered    ■
.,!! I e ff.n el   K. e-ch:.li-
..ut nf-wmk wl o Is only i<.
'ly Kv live,—"Tie Call"
. d by one of tlionn outaldn,
■  utreetK nnd (-uffera prlvn-
ti.   urn   protect ui;  by    n
• -. t.iue been forced d*)wn
'* }L'M  iiiii"siin Uf-.     If
• ■ tl.t y  know    Hint    tliev
"    •..''ii '..»,.• ',,,'in!;i.*
•>■• ro -,--t nn opportun
English'fepeaklng countries, to repudiate Vv'hat is.essentially the Socialist
j*abvement,..ih Great Britain,   and to
•deride, the  operations  of  the  Labor
party,,since-it .really 'became, a force
in the councils of tlie empire, and the
S. D. P. .(Socialist Democratic Federation) of Britain had, been. the leader
pose the acceptance "of the Labor par:.
ty in :the International,bureau.^ ' Mr.,
G. Bruce,. Glasier, .wUo gives the .lol;
lowing account' of the meeting,' of the
Bureau in.the London Labor Leader,
was in attendance in the place, of Kler
Hardie... who  only , reached Liverpool
on his "return from Canada on the date
when the Bureau met.  ,. ....
Tho nations represented were:—.
Franco, Germany, Austria, Belgium,
Switzerland, Bohemia," Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark and'the two
newly reconstructed.states of Turkey
and Bulgaria. , ,
Tho larger nations sent twO( delegates, and the smaller nations sent
one,'      '
AdmlBslon of the Labor Party.
Tho first business on the agenda
was the claim of tho I.L.P. to have
tho question of tho right of tho Labor
Party of Groat Britain to be admitted
to tiio momborshlp of the International Socialist Congress definitely docld-
od upon in accordnnco with tho remit
from tho Stuggart congress, I arrived
a fow minutes later and was called
upon to stale tho cuso for the Labor
party tho moment I ontorod.
I pointed out that tho Labor Party
ln Groat Drltnln was essentially a
working class party; that its class
consclousncBB, so far as that,, phrase
had any practical moaning, win* shown
by tho fact that it was organlzod for
political action, Independent or the en-
plliillst pnities; and,that Us aim was
lo combat the power of capitalism und
emancipate labor. The Labor party
was not. avowodly a Socialist organization, but It hnd nt Its nnnunl con-
furoncoB declared in favor of ovory
meiiBUro on the Socjallat program, It
had allied with tho Socialist organizations, nnd wbh contributing to a Joint
fund for Iho purposo of flRlitlng elections nnd sending Trade UiiIoiiIhIs and
gudnllBtB to parliament.
Of what uho, I nsked waa an International flociollHt party which profosB-
ed.to apeak In thc namo of tho workers of tho world If It excluded the vnBt
bodies of trade unionists In llrltnln
who woro to-day orjtsnlzed side by
aide and hand In hand with Hie Social-
hits for tlio nclilovomont of overy Immediate   aim of tho    International
|il(j".t'.lK'Hl   .      I(      *.«•»    UUMbl<V41*t     44/     44444/...
.jwrs i.'i- ll" ullirujuihm of r re (■flu Hie
lest of Hie purpose of movements.
Many jM*jp!ft crtied th<lim«<'lv',» Soc-
lallutu who wero unworthy the name,
Many people beHllatod to call thorn-
Ht'llTK  BOClH'llRlS 'llfCIIUDU Ulf'.i  Villi  tl(»'i
itiiln** iindoratnnil tho dogmas of floe
tnllflin, lmt who nevertheless, were ab-
cotutcly In favor of tho purposo of
i'oclnllHni. It was the duty ot Hio In-
tornntlonftl to look beyond mor<« flnga
und t.anv-'A.     They Uiul a RopuhHoan
in Great Britain, and .it was the duty
of the'Bureau to discern its true significance and'1 welcome it, not grudgingly but whole heartedly into the
Socialist Iiitu'natiotial, *        -"'T!:-^,:,..
The Discussion „ " -j
. My statem<?ut; vraa ti'aiisiated into
PreiiGli.and German by HuysmahS, the
irtcomparable secretary of the Bureau.
Hyndman followed, and.opposed the
admission of the Labor party, on behalf'of the British Social Democratic
party. He spoke with good moderation,, if I "may 'venture* to,, attach' any
such a* reprehensible quality to any
utterance of his. He-explained frani**-
ly that' he himself' had urged the Social Democrats at the last' conference
to* join the, Labor parly, but had been
two to "one.
unrty In Fiance, nnd a Democratic par
•/ In tin* IJ-lHiet. Inn iio»v Uttln icpub-l
I'.ranlsm or demociMlc prlnclpli'** thn
•.urtlr* reprf-n.'-nied.     Thfi lJtt>or and
was bound, to present the view of
his organi',*.ati6n. \ He and his S. D. P.
colleagues -had. never* opposed the, entrance of the Labor party to the International Socialist congress. -. - ..What
they opposed was the admission of
men.wolrdeclared themselves for the
class war in the Congress and against
the, class war when they returned to
England., Besides to 'admit non-Socialists simply because they were class
war Trade Unionists would open tho
door lo all kinds of complications and
intrigues.     ■        ' ,,
Valllant, tho veteran French, Socialist .followed. Ho reminded tho Bureau
that" the International ■ had begun as
a worklngman's organization; tho Socialist affiliation was a later development, and was really framed, to exclude anarchists nnd pro-capitalist organizations, It was, .ho, said, too lato
In the day to attempt to exclude thc
Labor party which was In nqtual fact
a clnss conscious organization.
Thon Ur. Adlor, the leader, of tho
Austrian • Socialist Democratic party,
rose and Immediately announced (hat
he was strongly In favor of the full
recognition of the Lnbor party.' ' Ho
had followed events in England with a
great deal of interest, and had approved the courso the I, L. P. had tnkon In
allying with tho trade unions. Socialists In Knglan.l sat side by aide with
trndos unlonlstb In parliament—ovon
n Soclnllst Demo* rat like Will Thorno
did bo—and why Hhould not they sit
Hldo by.Hide lu tho Iutonuitloual Congress, ...
Mollccnbuhr, who enmo ln placo of
Bobol, also approved of tho admission
of tho Labor party. Ho Htruclc mo as
being much like Mr. Bnoch KdwnnlB
In faco, build and mannor except that
ho Ih unquestionably a man of much
greater liitollociual grasp, Tho principal Idoa, ho polntod out, of the International Congress previous to tho
London Congress lu 1880 wns to promote purely working class legislation.
Tho narrowing of the rule of admission at that mooting was made wolr-ly
to exclude the anarchists. Tlio Labor
party waH undoubtedly mi tit led to full
recognition, >
Kautiky's Resolution
Then en me Knutslty, tho fnmod exponent of scientific Socialism.   Knut-
i ,.       .     »,*,,.     i
Ui.}    0 1444 VI  , 4.141 *4il4 4.4 4.4414^* 4.44 4 IV I.M 4
Ct'U.i*'-!".-!' illt'.rur,!-hni*i iumiiiII.v lends lo
some definite formulation of tho Inane
In dispute nnd his stiltomont was listened lo with f>*rr*n» Intcront. Ho Is
a ilttle mnn with darkish complexion
'A'.V,*.   U.'l'.'k4f.'»4''     U.U14.'.«)'.»   444,   W44.4'i4»   W 44. Z
sees tha Rteant or iho prophet or
fanatic, whichever you will. ITo speaks
with prcat eagerness and oarnentness
—hut Is not an orator.
Ho did not, Im said, quito agree
tvlfh my remfirVr-i about creoan. Creeds
wero necessary ns definitions of belief
TIHr FlntjHnh t-omrndos did ant appear
io ipille uiulersi'ind the mwiiil'iu   of
the tint's RtiuttpK\ hut they wore net*
wlnTIst ttllluuc*. was. I declared, the lnR In ni-cordnnro with It. Kler Hftrdlo
i.-vital'lii form of Socialist evolution
one of them would think of excluding
him from, the Socialist International. Pgpfljg
He referred to the growth of the Socialist and Labor movement., and said
that the Social Democrats in England
could lay no claim to leadership in
the working, class movement. They
had failed to understand it. ' Kautsky
concluded,, by, giving the following re:'
solution ln French.'L.giye.Hyndman's
translation: ....
'' "Iirconsideration of the resolutions
of past International Congresses, a't>
cepting all the organizations which
take up their stand upon the ground
of" the class struggle and reco'gi^e
t.h<3 hes'll of political kctioili ,
''The International "Bureau declares
that.it admits the.Eiifeliali Labor party
to. the International ' congress," ' because without implicity* accepting the
proletarian. class struggle'it is practically "engaged in that struggle;;, because, tlianksjx) its own o'rgaa^'z'atlori,
it isindependent of the boiU'lcois parties,'and 'places itself i1\ 'consequence
on,the ground of International SociaP
iBm.",'.     ."'"(,y  ' ..;'■"",..-'..'.■/
Three'Speeches in Opposition
Mademoiselle Roussel who was pre-
section of the .French Socialist'party
spoke' against' Kaut'sky's resolution,
though  I  am  informed'.'that  Gues'de
himself is in favor of the admission of
the Labor party.   "She was the only
woman delegate present.     She alleged that tiie Labor party had been won
to its Socialist position not by'concessions,'' but by' Socialists insisting upon
forcing their .own' definitions upon it.
Whereat Von Kbl, tlio leader of- the
Dutcli 'Socialists, who knows the position in Britain, shook his "head'    lii
dissent.  ,     ;  ,     ,   ,      ■.
Roubanovltch, who Is a professor of
chemistry ln Paris nnd Is tho delegate
of the Russian Socialist, Revolutionists
also, I regret, 'opposed Kautsky's resolution. He Is a man of groat attainments and attractive personality, but
unllko most of his highly educated fellow countrymen, I assume ho docs not
lUKlorstaiul the British Socialist movement, Uo said that If Kautsky's resolution was adopted II, would'bo* a cor-
tlficnte of class consciousness to tho
Labor party.
Hyndman ngnln spoke, this timo
with some vehemence. Ho declined
to nccopt Kautsky's resolutiont nnd
protested against, his statement that
tho Socialist Democratic party had
shown no capacity lo load the working clnss, Tho resolution If carried,
would create, a difficult situation In
Amorlcn, Ho hnd tho bost authority
for stating that, wero the Amorlcan
Federation, on tho authority of Knut-
sky's resolution, lo claim admission
lo tho International, tlio Socialists of
Amorlcn would revolt against tho International.
The Replies
Dr. Adlor roHo again and In a striking spooch, In which ho displayed nn
Intimate knowledge of tho British
movomont, roHtatod his approval of
tho policy of tho I, L. P, Ho challenged Ilyndmnn'H statement thnt Iho Labor party was clasa conscious nl International caiigreHHOH and not cIuhh conscious at home, whereupon Hyndman
Interjected "NowcaBtlo."
I was then .called upon to reply and
did so very briefly.
Tho chalnnnn then put lho question
to tho vote with tho result that nil.
tho nations unanimously voted for the
admission of the labor party except
Hint tho votes of three lint Ions woro
halved against tho proposal, viz: the
votes of livmlman (llrltiiln) Madomol-
ncllo Flous-icl (Franco) nnd Roulinn-
ovltch (Rut-slnH BuUurlti niismiliiSnti
from votlTi**;.
Wsr nnrt P*>*if.»
On n-'iiniiiiB after lunch the Bureau
took up thc question of the political
situation cm) Intornailmml r<>Int!onn,
Vallhnt submitted n lout resolution
from tl c From to Poclnllut pnrty whlcl
congrat'.tinted the Hnclnlfstn of Ens-
land, t criiiuny, France und tuber ol
tho co'fitr'p'.* on the effort* ihey hnd
made far piaoi.     Tl.e rck.li 'on wns
hwovtr, ipiUc rnlorlcss nml fonlnln
ed fuo riinrm.itlo-i o'- ."locInliM opinio'
Own ybiir own;
home, We have
several residential properties
ed at attractive
Have your Plate Glass
'        Insured
Kastner & Lyons
Real Estate ti A Tnsuriu'ica A*,'ts,
for   r-rnrnplf', »!i a prlnclplo, but not
on rec.i.t imlit'.cr.l    kcn'.t* :u: did
make suggestion foi future action in
tho event of w.\.   ■   It was agroed on
the suggestion of Di  Adlor to include-
a roforonco to the rocont upheaval in
tho Balkan provinces.
Molkonbuhr, Adler, * Avromoff, and
Brouckero delivered long speoches,—   _
which so far as" I could gathor afforded no special light on the Internal Ion-
nl standpoint.
I oxprosaod dissatisfaction with the
character of tho resolution,     It   was
just Biieli a resolution'I said, as   any
ono of us could have written at home,,
had we desired to express pious Interna 'onnl sentiments without poasoH's-
in*.:, an loin ot Information beyonil that
con.alned .In the capitalist press. Uo-
solutions of that kind   would nover
hnvo tho least Influence   on politics.
Tho "Duron was a commlttebon Public
Safety for Europe, thore were present-
delegates from the loading Knroponn
countries who possessed special information,- and Buroly the Bureau ought
to bo ablo to glvo a lead to tho Socialists of Europe at a critical timo llko- >.
this.    I asked Adler If ho had nothing
to say on bolmlf of tho Australian Socialists ns to tho nttltmlo tha Socialists of Britain should ndopt towards
the annexations by Austiin, tho uprising of Ihe now nations aud tho proposed modification of (ho Horlln treaty.
Hyndtnnii Joined In my protest. Ho
wns hn snld, an Internatlonnllst, but
not nn antl-ntttionallst, Ho bollovod in
national autonomy as against Imperialism and. lind warmly supported the
national claims of Italy, Poland ami
Ireland. When tho Horlln treaty, was ■
signed r.cmc forty years ago thc chief
concern of llrltnln was lo save llio
Balkan pro\lnt.cs from Russia. Tho
situation was now changed; tho menace was not Russia, butuAustria. Tho
liiterriaiioual Uureiui ought lo lime
:*omo suKKOHtton't, as to the general policy which tho Socialist* of Kuropo
should ndopt on these big Issues; It
should not merely content Itself with
dissociating itself fiom tho policy or
capitalist iioveriiinoiitM.
Tbe remainder nf tho Bitting wa»
taken up with' several purely formal
mntieiH and with n discussion, which
lasted Hirre hours on the question of
itie, udmlsHlon nf tho Zionist (.lew-
uh) FoclallttH of Russia to tho Inter-
fitloiisl tir. a in'p*i:ate rjation. Tho
ur<r<u ni •.".nthril tie propotrl.
Tlie Official Organ of District No.  IS, "O. M. UH*-.  of A.
Fernie, B. C^ November 21st, 1908
Mr Todd from Ferule had lus friend
Mr SL Hamilton Ot Saskatoon up tiere
last Saturday The snrface plant of
the Coal company amazed tlm. To see
it in fall swing would Be an eye opener to *M"», I am sure. Ob, bow far
distant is that day?
Norman Henderson, pife And lam
Hy hare removei! to Hosmer
Bob Strachan with his better "lalf
and youngsters has made his final departure &ir Blo-fie where he Is holding
It was reported last week end that
the well known ' Minto" had taken
sudden]j IB On enauiry se brand
that reports were veT much eyagger
ated. He certainly was far from being HimselT, tmt his manj friends wm1 puu^Tpan ttel^ifa^'whnih
be glad to fcnow he does not intend (flras ^^d and    made    a sodden
right, for np to now he baa got clear
away with some Ham in the ncuuty
of sixty dollars Perhaps it will interest _him when be is reading this
account to learn that he left morf
behind him in eflyer than he got away
with. Next time he really shanM not
get Qamed at his work. The ion is
conclusively tbe work of some one
who has been keeping close observa
tion on the general routine of tbe bar,
i tor sense days and who has lamped at
tbe first opportunity of carrying out
his mean and dirtv scheme. With
the aid of a confederate probably two,
on watch, be has quickly opened the
door leading from the "-erandab direct
Iy Into the bar with a key preriouslv
tried on the quiet He bas then tor
riediy walked In and stood upon the
foot rail that rnns along the front of
the counter       Leaning over be    has
Wm. Pearson cf Indian Head, Sask. j
is the new groe&ry clerk at the Cole-1
man Mercantile store. Mr Pearson j
it is understood is a hockey player |
and enthusiast- t
J W Bennett of Fernip the genial
representative    of the    International
inviting them to tbe Fernie cemetery
this tnp
Robert Jleabitt, the outside enoenn
tendent, has moved into tbe house va
cated by Gorman Henderson.
Constable Eempston who has been
here for some time, has been removed
to Michel. Constable Fred \arlow
from town, where he acted as Jailer,
is at present in charge of tie station.
We noticed A. J Fisher and A. J
Mott from town making the final Ltb-
eual survey of Coal Creek on the eve
of tbe election- The boys are spec
nlatwe ria to when tbev vnU be np
Bill Mackay, one of the best known
men in Coal Creek, has been having a
rough time of it. Whilst gc-'cg home
one night last week h? stumbled cer
one of the many oostacj.es on what is
no better than an apology for a sidewalk, with tbe result tbat be bad to
lay up in the house for almost a week
with a badly twisted ankle He is
ont again but it compelled lo use a
stick for support. With tbe present
condition of the road and sidewalk
right along tfcfc "Club side of the
Creek It is gratifying ne do not have
more frequent accidents to man and"
Arthur and Mrs Berndge art. now
occupying the house left by Bobert
One sometimes comes across an
Instance where a person reads an
account of his or her own death, but
a Cool Creek couple last week end
had the espenenee of having many
wedding celebrations and congratnla
tions without their knowledge of such
an event having been performed. How
these things arise that mvstcrlous
' \obody" only knows In the case
mentioned even the ubiantous "fads"
earned out wiiat they seeai (n thi-ik
is iheir part of a wedlti^ ifVbiat on.
There was no scar-city of old tin
cans and the; made things hnm as
only kids can. It was thought at
first It was the Conservatives celebrating th«"ir glonons vlctorj but
someone reflected that snefi a pio-
ceeding was beneath the dignity of a
Conservative, besides they "were all in
bed suffering from "swelled head.
The C C U/LA. Dancing class had
their second practice in the elub hall
on Saturday night, vrhe-n a very en
joyable time was spent The presence
of tbe ladies ensured this
Mat Tully, Ids wife and family and
his cows bavo ventured to Fernie
where they intend again to do their
share in pushing the dairy business
The Rev J W Boulton Methodist
pastor and his wife bave finally quit
Coal Creek. Hosmer Is his new field.
A robbery of a somewhat daring
kind was carried ont at the clnb house
on Sunday evening sometime between
5 la and 6 45 The bartender on duty
was Joe Mllbnrn and he In accordance
with the rules of the club closed up
tlie bar at 5 o clock aad went for supper On his return at 650 he proceeded fo make preparations for opening up at the appointed hour of 7
o*clock, anil In taking a cursory glance
at tbe cash drawer he at once noticed
that a pCe of dollar bills which ha
had left there at 5 o'clock were missing He at once reported the fact
to several members of the management, who at this time were tn other
carta of the Club p remises. They at
once decided to call In the police con
stable He was quickly on the spot
and lost no time In making a thorough
InvestlgatlcR el the premises maids
and outside Jiot the faintest evld
ence of a forcib'e entry was discover
ed and steps were at once taken In
other directions to solve the mystery,
and get on the track of the perpetrat
or, who had not left anything behind
which might serve as a clue
result there Is bnt one surmise
deducted. The bar has only been
open one week and In fact is
_ TCbolIy: completed.—Ttte-daor-IeafUag
to it from tbe verandah is not used
entrance and no one had even dream
ed of having a- bolt placed otr ihe III
sTSc ol the door, then agatn,
thing happening at this time of day
was never reckoned on S
win he remembered was a very cold
day, and tins will account for
fact that none of the membera
siting outside on the verandah- The
fellow bad acted the "sleek grey
grab at the bills which were piled
right on top of the loose cash and
clearifl out with record haste.
Owing (o the failure of tiie electric
lighting installation the Gladstone local was usable to hold its meeting on
the 13st inst. up here       This wants
Some members of the C C  L. A. A.
think ti>etr beerd af management is
becoming too strict. Boys, there
must be good reasons for it
Quite a number of Fernie business
men paid us a visit last Sunday after
noon      We hope they like ns
Great surprise was evinced at the
death of Bob Logan He had not
been in his usual state of health for
some time but it was not suspected
that his illness amounted to more
than a slight cold.     However h« grew
few davs in town   hustling
Tbe  Scranton schools  have  a  lafge
number of students in Coleman.
W S Fair of Calgary called upon
Coleman merchants on Wednesday
Gordon Laird left on Tuesday night
by the Flyer Sor Vancouver and Nan
anno where he will spend a couple of
weeks *ith friends.
R. Reay is leaving Coleman for
Fernie Mr Rtay went to Fernie
yesterday and will move h.s family
EL Disney, uito has tbe contract for
building the tipple and cottages at
the Royal Ct"__ries mines at Leth
bridge was in town from Saturday
morning until "Monday
>. B Finn left on Mondaj night
ior Portage la prairie Man and will
spend a month visiting friends and relatives in Manitoba
L Plant has leased the Eagle Restaurant to A. Eouchner of Pineber
Creek who took possession on tbe
Plant has moved his fain
Tbe Rock Creek Lusiber Company
putting in a new boiler in.     their
sawmm.     Operations I-ave been at a
stand still for a few i avs   but wore
wiil resume on Honda} next.
Some disease amt>Eg*-t cattle seems
to be prevalent here The stock are
good and healthy looking oue dav and
the next some are dead The govern
ments attention has alreadv been
drawn to the matter as the disease
mav spread
Why is it that the mail delivery
here is so erratic W lat is the mat
ter with the mail train." Slails for de
Iiverv   take any  time  ro  reach  this
Are now piepav&l to transact yom* Banking
Business   in   temporarj   quarters iu   rear
of then- late office pending the completion of oui new premises
Savings Department
San Francisco ^or 18—aianncf A. *
Haas, who on Friday attempted to
ass-jsalnnte ifemcis Heney, comraittnd
suicide last night by ^booting himself!
in the bead with a pistol which he
had concealed ttltotit bii Hereon.
Haas went to bed at elgK o clock)
m the county Jail ana covered his fac , Deposits of $1 00 ami upw.inU receive.!, interest allowed at
with a blanket.     At 8 40 a shot was j * ,
heard from hfecell and on In-mtu CUTieilt Tilt*--. ,U1<1  payl <(unityvly.
tion he was found lying on tbe noor
of the ceii with a buiiet wonu3 in Bia H- L. Edmunds, Manager Fernie Branch
A Derringer .
And voa stand op <-leir eyed clean
minded, to look all the world squarely in the eye
Did iou ever thinL, -ir  how much
Someone has figured up the cost in
mone> of rearing a child. He says to
bfng up a joung man to legal   age,
care for him   and educate him  costs
thr_  house  occupied   by   Mrs    S25 00O which (s a lot of monev io put
GreenaiD on Third street i into flesh and blood
Born—On  sov   6 to iir   and 3Irs '     Bat that fen t all.
Adam PAtteison   a daughter j    Yon bate caused ybui father many
On y,o\   14 to 3Ir  and Sirs
Astturst, a son
grasped   in   hia
His left trousers leg was pull !
ed op and a mark showed that   the)
weapon had been concealed inside his
left shoe j
While at the eonntv jail Haas was
In charge of the police and an officer
was standing within tw-a feet ot his
cell door at the time wh^n he shot I
Haas* wife called at tbe jaa ve-ster
day to see nlm and two stories     are
told  of  the  interview  wmeb      look '
plaee      One sivs that Haas taAcS to
his wife through the cell door    and t
another savs that thev were allowed I
to go into a nearby room together       I
™<i *    The two stones could not be at an
hair , reeoncIled last night      A rigid inves- j
wdl j tigation is being tiade by the ai thorl I
hard knocks and short dmtit
firry and grej  stream   u
, And J our mothT—ah   boy
T  Leyshon left Jtlonaay evening forinever jmow'
Htllcrest where he has secured work ]    Tou nave cost her days and nights I "**	
in the mines      He wffl be much miis-, of anxietj  and wrinkles In her dear
ed tn Coleman especially in musical >face „j heartaches and many sacn .THE  REV   lt,L H1CKS  At-MANAC
circles  having been a member of the  Sops
and at last typhoid i band ind the Coleman quartette    He      it jias ]&en verj. expensive
fever ensured      He was removed   to  has always taken an Interest in any 'you,
'. Cranbrook hospital and died there just  thing pertaining to music m the town       gut —
a week later      IBs remains Were ta I    Walter ^elson ^q 3]r   Keaa 1Iaa '    If you are what we think you
ken to Fernie where they were lnterr i
ed  on  Sunday  afternoon.   A  special \
tra.n was run from Coal Creek to en j        " Be -mee of this   While father does
able his old companions to see the end iThe b0K1D<-'    contPS'   iD   ihG  °Pe^  not say much more tnan **HelIo  son
of his Me s journey   and was taken hoas"  oa  Tuesday  et-ening  beiweon  W3y dQwn deep m ^ tonghj ^^
great advantage of     The bovs extend ^ B«™°ws ^Kul Howdl of Seat I hmrt he timkg that vofl ^ ^ ^
sympathy to his brother David  "" """" """ "**    *"*      ""'*" "
and all other near and dear to him m
s country and a<ross the water
!lm Pollock   has quit Im. bosp.tal.
1 is once more convalescent.
ter went to lUethbridge on Mondav ev
Tbe bOKing contPs( in the opera
i Tuesday esening belween
i Burrows and Kid Howtll of Seat I
Quite a
f or tSOt  read} ^ov  li  bigger and ,
S**0™" j bctttr than e er by mail 33 cents on r
r news stands 30c       One      copy  fret, j
with Word and Works monthly mag !
„ , azme at SI a vear      Word and *rt orks I
worth aU you cost-and much j p^bnsning fompany   2201 I oenst S.
Bank of Hamilton
-     $2,500,000
-    -    2,500,000
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards reoehwl.
4 break away of cars occurred in
* I mm" on Tuesdav ^ illiam Pol
left who resides in Fernie bad the
misfo-tune tc be caught He was
qnlcLly removed to bis home and medical assistance procured His in
juries consist of a badly smashpd arm
id a ihghtlj fractured sknlL Later
.ports of bun are favorable.
It is just exactly three weeks ago
since we announced the wedding of
Jim Orr and Beattie Pearson. and
it Is now with profound regiet ^.e
bare to record the sudden death of
the latter Her many friends up
here can hardly vet realize tbat sbe
bas been taken away for she was out
domg ber usual shopping on Friday
The following Saturday sbe wa= un
well and had the skillful attentfon of
her mother On Sunday it was no
tleed that ber condition was fast becoming alarming and Dr Hunter was
ce called In. Despite the best
endeavors of medical skill and advice
she contmned to~sinl. The end came
Monday afternoon and the lmme-
Inte'cauie     of death     was internal
;edmg Her body was committed
the grave on Wednesday afternoon
The deepest sympathy of this commn
ity goes out to the sorrowing husband and to the monrnmg parents,
brothers and sister
Tbe weather has played havoc wfth.
tbe roads around here this week, and
has ploughed them up in places so as
make them impassable     The con
ittous heavy rains have made the
Creek jump up aud come donn with
majestic fury Here and there large
chunks of Ice were observed being
carried down This Is an manual spec
tacle for this time of tbe year
And as for tbe little   mother   she
. simply cannot Keep her love and ber
the wven^h romd From pnde (or ?0Q oM o( bef
the beginning it r.as apparent that' Yon are a „„„, now
Howell could not win ou'     Jim still       .„„ „mQ t „„ „„„     „„ „
i    And some time you must step into
retains  his  champion^.p   prestige vow ather>s ghoes   H(, won,dn t |Ae
  'vou  to  call  him  old     but jnst  the
BAYNES &an"' "e isn t as voting as he used to
  i be     Tou see youn? man he bas been
Jlr and lies Will Stanley and Mr i worfemg grotty hard tor mot" ttan
Kennedy came down to Barnes Satur twentv ypars in order to help you up-
da> evening to spend Sundav with' .4n? Blww,» *DBr mother is beginning
Mr Stanley's mother who reside*.
here They were also welcome
guests at Mr Hart's on Saturdav ev ' Your fatitei has done fairly well but
emng -*"on  ean  3°  hotter       tou   may  not
Mrs Hales Ross called on 3Irs Aye't!mI,l so bnt he does      ^e has given
jon a better chmce than he has had ■■
In many wavs you can begin where
iplnjed bv thelj,e [eft off       He g^^^ 3 g00d deaIi
ed  of jou and that is whv be has expect
n(l | ed a good deal of you.
Don t amen, boy'
Tha -iorld will try -.oa out. It w H
the test every fibre in yoj
good stuff  once
Fernie Hotel
Barber Shop
ED. HOLT, Prop.
Is now open fot   ousuress    Gwe
ns a rplj for up-to-dais woti
Doesnt    tiat   sober  vou—Twentv
The force of men
Kootenay Biver Land company
camp from Baynes to the png.
Livingston Lumher camp on ^ednes-
work on a cut near Rock Creek.
They have been making splendid pro-1 Bnf
gress recently s the ioad is squareij strapped or
Thc  company has  taken  on  eight! young shoulders vou mil earrj I' ^.r.J
iw men withm"the last few days H«*.recly feel it—if onlj  there be "the
wining and the cheerful mind.
JUiss Lotue-Grev, who bas been em | -,t a blsh tln]Q yon were besiai.- ,„
plojed at the borne of J  D  Ross left j ,0  pa}r  |he  ^-gat-and  ,OUr    udlk
Mondav for her borne in Coal Creek j debts t0 ^^ farber ar,a fll0{her
and Sirs  Surges took her pUce Ydq ^^ pay [benL WQn
Hiss Edith BEgga came down from boy^
Fernie on Monday evening and is
spending the week with ~$lrs Stanley
and Mi-s Hart.
Mr EL H. H. Stanley is spending the
week in Fernie on buslnea< ]
There was a social gathering at the ]
home of O W Hart on Saturday e*en '
It was well attended and an in
terestfng program was rendered con
listing of banjo, comet violin piano:
and vocal music and readings at the
close of which refreshments were ser
Jgmes McNeill and O W Taylor of
the Coleman Hotel spent part of las-
week in Cranbrook returning on Pri
day last.
Dr Baron, provincial health officer
of Edmonton   was a visitor In  Cole-
an on Thursday
Hev T Taylor of Frank conducted
services at the Institutional church or
Sunday, while Rev T V Murray too.
charge of tbe services in P.ailk Hill
and Bellevue recording (o ths
arrangement hett een the Metbodi*=
and Presbyterian ehurclies
Adam Link of Letbbndge spent sp-
veral ^ysJn^olemanhijLweekJOD!.-
Ing up some matters connected with
the Dominion Lands department.
Mr Nichols of Vancouver arrived recently to accept the position made
vacant bj tbe resignation of J P Po-
vah from the office staff of the Infei
national Coal and Coke Company Mr
Povab left lor Winnipeg a few days
How shall von pi- them*1
—Gr£nii Hapida Chronicl-
Fall Millinery
be- M
i- that  wi.
Mill n
Ladies' Winter Fme
Cloth Coats, Skirts
and Watsts
-fte irtbo di-iv i ixxW line "E
Latins in.I tluldrens Cndti-
wtir, t*hildi fit <- Be-" ^m Ln its
The Misses  Buler
(Cnthi.lic. hurch "id *-.tc)
Tbe Original and the Standard
You don't get an apenBeot-—or an unlried ttaterial—or merely
verbal promises—when voa bur RUBEROID. AU ihe
cjperuncnts and tests were made 16 years igo. Yon get
pofcecon m roofing m K.UEER.OID.
16 years* service on roots all over the world proves tbit
RUEEPOIP resists al1 weather condinons—is unaffected by
heai or coM—and u -bsaioteiy fire-resisting and waterproof!"
You can roof the house and barn vourself with RUBEROID,
thussavmgexp*"nsiicroo'ers* work  Write for samples and prices.
Sole! t\yy Western Canada
Wholesale  Co.
The puttmse of this metetng was to1
organize a literary society which was!
quickly aicomplisbed under the name
of the Baynes Lake Fortnightly club
Mr  J   H  Howard «as elected prpsid
and D W Hart as secretary   Tin
t mc-ting of the society will     be
1 at Mr Adolph s on November 21
•as gratifying to us to sec our people take sue!) an interest In this worT-
tbink  thi-  same progressive
spirit will  enable Utem to put fortt-
tbelr besl efforts lo make It a success
Miss McLain and Stow came      up
nm Spokane last Friday and'pnrch
ased land from the Koolenav   Rive-
Land company      Tbe company report
line sale? last week
-The Adolph- fjumber- company - bave-
helr new mill and  planer roofed  m .
•ind are placing the bollcre       When i
'his mill is completed It will be an np
o date plant.     They are hoping to I
have logs cat this winter to make   a |
summer's work in the milL |
The Baker Lumber Company     art-
__ }ratting lumber on tho Kootonia tracts!
ago and after spending some time land, intend pushing the woik all win j
there, with friends and relatives Willi ter clearing up abouf one thousand
return to Spokane _ 'acre's.
\\v beg to announce that our
full <Iispk\ of Chnstm.!*** tpHHkaie
le.i-fij for your iir-pti'tuin Our
stiitk ior artistic incut wuiety
iitui \altte. will be liettti tcin anything that we liaic heietirfoic*
attt'nipted Earlj -^hoppinjr i^ flu
Miud from a cnnifitn '•t.-uni-pdint
and as many artif-tic novelties cannot l*e repeated, thi-. mil aid \ou
mrlipe\clu.si,.ent--^iif "•"in -Ji^nifi-.
\\ ,t i\ JI bj pl&wi] to lay aiule for
_ \t>[L_<'iny_aitiele selccttiL	
Canadian Pacific Annual
Eastern Canada
tow Round Trip Rate* to
Tickets  on  Sale
IW, 1st to I)w:. ''1st.
'iHfJtwivi-.(,«m*1 i'.n-
ili'ctioti   l»   Atlniiti'1
Su-.tiasllt|.     IH1MK..-J*
Hill Ih- ..h raj.- N.,v.
:'t.,t  niul  lii.iit»l  i.)
fiV.-      lll.lHtl.S       fl„l,l
■l«w of i-iMi".
Fiuest     K-iutinni-nl..
Sbuirlnnl Pii>li-iitKti
. Cm* »n oil •Dimuirti
2 Through Express
Trains Daily
■     '     f"
The "TORONTO  EXPRESS"  I«»v«. '
iiuki»K*'ntii.-<timi- it l«n'"t« fin all p.
\p|.l. u^-ireitt   i>  R Aui-ntfoi-
Alberta SJlow
Case Works
Tenders oddi-i-aipd !o the » .Jit   -^
ed =111 j; re+flt -Jl-b    U     t  tr
oii. up ia 1   a Ic-k aoo-i on (ht i
day Of IteceiE  er  '9CS   for ih     I  »
lai nn of a   60 hors    pon  r fits f
- Plant ■
aihfn   i
ft II I -
@^^9l9^^^^^^t^9S«s^^o*£H3^SfS£«S|« '
Calgary, ^ta.
bo tpnd r»r srid <h^ ( o* a *
i H-flrlo I ct-t and Pout (
, for Ihe purrfc ^e of tbelr
cr>    o    on hand
K   \   "-.IfWIF-"*   Arnnsf PAGE   SIX
...-";■■■ " ■ .       isS
. &
Organizer Pettipiece's Report to  the Twenty7Fourth Annual Convention of the Trades and Labor Congress
• -■ df Canada, -Held at Halifax;
To rhe officers
,    Trades,  and
and members ol' tho
Labor-.Congi*ci--3'- ol1
Geiulemen: Iu presenting my report' of the year's work for tho Con-'
g-es& 1, feel it unnecessary to enUSr
into details. This because I have
kept your executive*committee fully
Jn.formed---.fron. Urn-, tb time of my
work, and have carried out their instructions.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 7 07.    ,
While here en route from ■International Typographical Union headquarters at Indianapolis to Ottawa I visited* the International headquarter** of
the "United Brewery Workers and after placing the position of tho Congress before the executive board, Secretary Kemper mailed a*cheque for
$200 to Secretary P. M. Draper as a
contribution to our organization fund.
In partial return for this I initiated
the organization'of a largo Brewery-
men's Union at Calgary, endeavored
to start the Edmonton Trades. Council on the same task tliero; and hav-
ina; a small branch organised at Vancouver which will come out all right
in time.
Calgary, Alta.,, Nov. 14 to 16 1907
Acteifded as tlie Congress fraternal
delegate, the annual con vent:or. of
the Canadian Society; of Equity, a
farmers' organization. ■>   ■
Initiated the passage of several resolutions endorsing demand for .-Un-
ion Label products. Discovered the
farmers' representatives had very
hairy notions as to the work and mission of the-Congress. Explained the
function and position of oar national
legislative .body and its desired relationship with the working farmers'.organizations.
What the ultimate results 'will' be
rests largely with the farmers themselves.
Lethbridge, Alta. Dec. 10 to 12 1907-
' Attended annual convention of District IS-United," Mine Workers' of
America. President Sherman arranged for my reception on the floor
of the house and I presented the
asked the miners to consider the
question of affiliation. 'With the
splendid assistance of,the district officers and the keen -rasp of the Congress' importance by the coal diggers
delegates, (he convention unanimously concurred, in a motion to affiliate,
the district board to pay the per cap.
ita en bloc. That the'United Mino
Workers will not only be a financial
factor ln'the-future of the Congress,
but tako steps to be represented by
delegates In our annual convontlon,
now seems certain.
. I roturned from tho Canadian
North west in December 1907. During
tho evenings of tho winter, months in
Vancouver I initiated and attended to
correspondence and endeavored to
keep in touch with tho livo ones In
the labor movement west of Port Arthur.
New Westminster B, C, Jan. 15 08
At iho Instance, of R. A. Stonn'y of
tho recently organized Typographical
union, a unionist- who Is always ready
and willing to do things, I first assisted-the seven vigorous trado organizations of tho0Roynl City to form u
Trndos Council, and ns an ovldonco
of Its present and future usefulness a
doloRato to Halifax' was ono of lift
first demount ration, It Iiiih ii bunch
of good committees and tlio work of
organization Is bolng pushed uhond
•with enthiisluHm, Wu cun look for
results In New Wohtmlnstor.
Victoria  B. C. July 14, 1908.
Uudui* instructions from oxuculivt*
I vlKliod tlio Capital City for tlio pur-
posij of cicittliu; more Congross sen-
tlment iimougHt unionists nml urging
the iKiOdHalry of roprcflontntlon nt
Uio Halifax convention, though It. did
menu a return trip across lho emit In-
out. Thiinkfl to lho efforts of tin?
'Prndi'B and Labor council two dulo-
Kiitt'H will hn present at the '08 convention.
The receipt of liit-t.niciloiiH from
Secreiiiry Diaper lo (over nil h-iTl-
lory between Victoria mid Port Arthur in five weeks time lu'tla.* Inter-
enm of th'i Congress'. nnd organized
lnbor wiih Hoinwliui of a Jolt-— when
ono realizes tlie niiiuiilfleent illHtnnroH
•-niul nil tlie executive hoiinl applied
the spurs I must hci'iIh gel on die
i i ,..4.,f,    imu    nt     ..,..-.    'IH'Minhiim'    1(1
lie il.oniu.'.Oj t.i'Kiiiil:i:ilh.'.'i ii'ivr); in '.';..
timo allotted I planned a schedule of
mass nir-nttnirH. under the imspleeK nf
the fcnirnl bodies en route,' mid en.
deiivnred to mnko tlie work and mis-
■V.4J.4    \t,     4i,4'    >4tj.ih|V«|t    HIIU..,I     ,\l 4,1,13
worker. .4 throughou' Western Canada.
Owlni? to tho bin C. P. It. striko lmv-
Ing boon forcod upon tho allied mech-
miles boforo I loft. A'niicouver (Auk.
1.1) thu mind of nil organized labor
was In a ferment nnd therefore.
Rusccptlblo to agltntlon along correct
llnca, n fact which materially asolatcil
suited,in' a renewed determination to
revive their trades council. Nearly
all railroad organizations here.
Rossland  B.C.   Aug.   16
No public meeting but, visited big
W. P, of, M.'s union in session, and
brought a better understanding' be-,
tween the Congress and this militant
band of Labor's bravest champions.
Cranbrook, B.  C.  Aug 13
Met tho C. P. R. strikers executive,
and tried to renew interest in the
restoration of a Trades Council now
The results of efforts are rather uncertain.
Fernie Q'. C. Aug. 19.
Thc town wns in '.ashes, but the
district'officers of the United .Mine
Workers were working like beavers
to assist their membership in every
way possible. '      ■   '
Had It not been for the terrible lire
at. least, two' delegates from Ferniec
would have represented the coal diggers at the convention in Halifax,
,/fhough the "entire population were
living in tents and in shacks.,the spirit of optimism and unionism still-predominated and all hands' were engaged in building anew. Splendid assistance was poured in by organized
labor to their unfortunate brothers;
the International Typographical union also rising to the occasion by, voting its Fernie local $500. As soon as
thc town is rebuilt there, Is no question but its trades council'will be revived'and heard from during'the future. •
Michel B.C.  Aug 19 '   '   ,..
Addressed a mass meeting,of • the
unions here' this evening, and at least
one delegate will atlend the convention. Found-a-noble lot of men ■ at
work in Michel, a distinctive wage-
earners' town in the middle of ,the
mountain region.
Coleman, Alta.   Aug.   21
Held meeting here in Miners hall-
poorly" advertised but fairly attended.
Was promised a delegate; coal miner's camp: *   -*
Lethbridge,'Alta., Aug! 22.
Had a bumper meeting, bubbling
over?, with enthusiasm and will result
feeling-prevails'here in favor of independent political action. Fine: lot
of boys,, willing to do the right thing,
but.like too-,many other towns; too
prone to wait 'for an outsider to do
tho job for them—instead of wading
in and helping themselves.
Calgary, Alta. Aug 22-23
Addressed a crowded public meeting on 22nd and " also the regular
Trades Council meeting on the 23rd„
Interested unionists — a live aggregation—in the congress and at least a
couple of delegates will represent at
Halifax. On December 15, 1907, a
provincial convontlon was held here,
called by the Congress Alberta executive and nftor one' days deliberation,
agreed to "accept, the Socialist party
as our own."
And in conflrmity with this resolution political organization throughout
Alborla was actively begun.' Calgary
workors will have a candidate of thoir
own in tho coming federal election,   ,
Tho printers and othor trndos   nro,
pushing nn enorgotlo label campaign.'
The organization committee   of .tho
contral body Is alive to its duty.
Edmonton, Alta.  Aug.  25
Though advertIsod by wire from
Edmonton at Calgary tlmt no dolegato
would ho soul to tho congress convontlon at Halifax— and therefore no
meotinu imd boon arranged by tho
Trades Council for mo, I visited' tho
Northorn Cnpltnl anyway and nrrniig-
ed a mooting which could not bo towned a howling success, Like tho coon
ISdmnnton unionists had assumed tho
role nf "please go away and lot us
lluL In spite of unfavorable- local
conditions and apathy on tho part, of
organized lnbor I look for somnthlng
hotter during tho coming year, An
orgnnlzor should bo "u*pt, lu Hilmonton
nnd vicinity for at lenst three montliH
In order in do hlmsolf or iho movement Justice,
Medicine Hat. Aug 2B
Held a rattling good mooting hore
mid much IiiIcithI In rongrt-HH work
wns mnnlfcHt: hut owing to ih»> \,\K
Htrlko In which most or component
parts of labor wero Involved there
will ho no dclegnto, Mopo to organize tho typos horo on my next, visit
to thn city.
M >-». i». *p     t -, ■ , -     P. . n*»
ArtrtvenKort mt Inten-f.teil imd j-e^jc
Hontntlvo number of 'unionists, nnd a
dolomite, wns promised throiiuh local
propnrntlotis for n field. Lnbor Day
celebration were     dr-munillng   much
workers in-Regina—and the necessity
of some better defined line of politi-
before labor., cau possibly ,come into
its own.    ,'      -
. The-Labor'Realm "is doing good
cal action is recognized as necessary
work for the movement in the prairie
west. ,' *'."..-.'
Brandpn,. Sept. 4. '.,..-
A bumper meeting was held hero
and many misconceptions of the Congress' work were put right. A Trades
Council that stays on the job flourishes, but it" is remarkable .iii one respect—there are no typographical
delegates in it yet. A strong feeling
in favor of independent political action prevails, and I look for something
more concrete in the very .near future
and an"" agitation for a labor ■ paper
and a union print' shop promises to
become a reality. ,   >
Brandon is making, progress   from
Labor's viewpoint.",
Winnipeg, Man. Sept.- 6 to 10   .
Visited. unions in session- at Labor
Temple; participated in C. P.R. mechanics',, morning meetings'; interested the Street Railwayman's. Union
sufficient to send a delegate, and did
all one could hope to do for the Congress in the time at my disposal.
.The 'Peg trades council will, be
represented at the Congress by three
delegates. Industrial .conditions in'
the eity were such that it was well
nigh impossible, for unions to finance
their responsibilities and do their
duty to the Congress convention. The
Manitoba capital' needs the services
of an organizer for at least two or
three.months a year.
The Voice is ably assisting us in
our work and deserves much moro
support than it receives. Some plan
to make it more useful to organized
labor throughout- Canada should bo
devised and carried out.
Fort William, Ont. Sept., 11
, Addressed a fine meeting here, arranged by the central body; .also-met
the C. P. R. strikers at their 10 o'clock meeting.. A delegate was also
provided for. .A sincere desire for
political action along correct lines is
also evident and only needs fostering., . -1 . .
Port Arthur Sept. 12
' Good meeting," here with results.—
Am satisfied that tho lake towns aro
to take their place in making the Congress what it should be. But, like
Fort William, the work of local central bodies could be materially .augmented were the, services of an organizer available. for a period of-systematic work." Here'too,"the necessity of political action by the workers
themselves is agitating' the. minds'' of
unionists.   ' ' • '   7 '   -    -'
From the Lake Towns I proceeded
to Halifax via Toronto and Montreal,
as Hie delegate, - of",, the Vancouver
Trades and Labor-council;
: I appreciate . the efforts made by
members of '^central .bodies,,en ■ route
to make my'mission a;.success; .an
endeavor to deserve it is1 the wish of
yours ■-.;   -, '   ' *•
The striko sltnntlon somewhat crip i «-iti«»h.
plod the central body treasury.
Renins, Sept.  1-2.
A mixing of dates somewhat militated against heitor results In Has-
kntcliflwnn'H rnplfn! rlty, huf we li.id
n good meeting and a dolcgnto euoi-i.
ed cumin.    The function of our Con
1—The abolition of all forms of in-
voluntary servitude except as a
punishment for crime.
2—Free schools, free .text books,—
compulsory education,
3—Unrelenting protest against tho
Issuance and abuse of Injunction process in labor disputes,
4—A workday of not more than
eight hours In tho twonty four hour
n—A strict recognition of not ovor
eight, hours per day on ull Fodarul
stnto, or municipal work, nnd at not.
less than tho prevailing per dlom
wngo rate of tlio, clnss of omploymont
In tho vicinity whoro tho work Is
(5—Rolonso from- omploymont ono
day In seven.
7—The abolition of tho contract
system on public work,
8—Tho municipal ownorshlp of
public utilities, "
fi—-Tho abolition of lho swoat shop
10,—Hiinltiiry Inspection of factory,
workshop, mine mid homo,
11—Liability of omployors for Injury to body or loss of lifo,
12,—The iintlonallzatlon of telegraph nml telephone.
Ill—Tho passago of anti-child labor
laws In SlnlcH wlwre they do not exist nnd rigid defenco of thorn whoro
I hoy hnvo been unncied Into tho lnws
of the laud.
M. Woman Huffnigu coequal with
iiiiui suffrage,
L".—Hultiihlc and plentiful play"
grounds for tim clilldien in nil    tho
]0—Tlu* Initiative and referendum,
■••,,(1 the-Imperative mfirnWiu: mid the
II lnht of recall.
17-■Continued agitation for tho pub-
imiii  Hysiem  to be placed  Jn all
Canadian Pacific Ry.
■Are,. you>.contemplatingf a rtripj-.toji.:
The Orient 7      ■'f      *.?    77.."*    »V
•; - Honolulu     : -   ?.-• '   ,- .C-.      7
,.   .-. .'Australia",..-.
■-.--,- New Zealand - ..
Are you" contemplating a" trip to
Or any Pacific Coast Point?
Or is it a.trip to       . "   -
St. Paul
„   .  Chicago
Detroit    ,,•.„•
r Montreal
.. ..     Boston New,York
Or any European point thought of.
The line is equipped with unexcelled flrst,class cloaches, touiist 'and
standard'sleepers, and   dining-• cars,
coupled wltli safety/speed,arid comfort. "    '"
For folders and complelo information apply to R. Reading, Agent, Fernie., -; „.-"■'■
.     j      ,.J. EvProctor,
|     District Passenger Agt
*"   1     Calgary, Alta.
20—We favor a system of United
States Government . Postal Savings
bank. ' ,  '
The above is a partial statement of
the demands which 'organized labor,
in the interests of the worker's—aye.
of all the people of our country—are
making upon modern society.
Higher wages,' shorter workday, better, labor, conditions, better , homes,
better and safer workshops, factories,
mills and mines.   , ■',■•'
-In''a word, a better, higher and nobler life.        -I-,     .
Conscious of: the justice, wisdom
and- nobility -of our cause; the American Federation of Labor appeals to
all men to; join "with us in the great
movementiwhich is carried on for'its
achievement. -. -   7
More th|tn two million wage "earners who liave reaped the advantage
of organization and federation appeal
to their brothers and sisters of toil
to unite with them and participate in
the glorious movement with its attendant benefits.
... I   J.   .   o    ,,' ' ,,
There "are,, affiliated to the American Federatiofl of Labor 118 International Traces Unions with their 27,-
000 local "unions; J56 state federations,
537 city central bodies and 650 local
no internationals. - ,    •
We have nearly 1000 .volunteer and
special,organizers as well as the,officers "o'f the uinons "and of■-, the. American Federation of Labor itself always
willing' and anxious to aid their fellow
workmen to, organize and in every
other way to better, their present conditions. .     '
•For information all are invited to
write to the American Federation of
Labor headquarters at Washington,
D. C.
'   '      .123-425 G. Street N." W.
Washington D. C.,'. -
A Avag, sauntering quietly nlong n
street tho other day wns accosted by
a man who stammered,
"Can you Moll mo whero. I may
B-got somo g-g-ood, t-tlii t-t-acks?"
"Certainly,"'ropliod tho wag, "Yoii
turn down this street on your loft, nnd
turn ngaln to lho loft mid that, will
bring you to tho bost hnrdwnro shop
In town whero you nro sufo to bo ablo
to get them,"
Tho stnmmoror continued hts way.
Tlie wng, walking down tho street,
entered the uforosald hardware shop,
and procoodod ns follows:
"Hnvo you got" any g-o-o-d t-t-t-tln
"Yob,.sir," ropliod tho shopkoopor,
as ho produocd his best, after somo
"Aro you suro thoy nro ronl B-good
Yes, sir," replied tho man, "they
aro tho host."
"Aro tlm h-h-Ii-oads g-o-o-o-d and
"Yes, sir."
"Woll, p-p-ploaso s-s-lt on thorn L-ttil
1 como bnck," f*nld tho wng mnkliiK a
holt for the door.
Presently tho unlucky stammerer—
after having doscrihod a Hquitre, arrived at the store mid (•uterlng asked
Innocently "Have you any K-oo-d t—tin
When he recovered ho askoil In n
Honiuwhnt dnxod fashion, whether tho
hnusn hnd fnllen nn him nr tf tl wnn
■limply nn explosion.
Secretaries of Local Unions
BANKHEAD^No. 29, James Fisher'
BELLEVUE,  No.    431. Fred Chap-
pell.      . ri_,       ,    ..
CANMORE,,.No. 1387:.A: J...McKinnon.   -   •-
; COLEMAN, No! 2633:.. William. Graham.   ' ■  '
CARBONADO, No. 2688:
witt. . • ',.-'.
James He-
No.  23S7:   G.' H.    Gib-
DIAMOND CITY, No. 2587: George
Prescott.T.- .'•■,/ .'.?,.'     ..  "
EDMONTON CITY,-No., 2340: J. H.
Crowe.' .*•*- '   '.
FERNIE, No. 2314: Thos. Biggs.   ,.
FRANK,  No.  1263:   Walter.   Wrig-
ley.       '   .-.    ..;,     ,-    :
wlcki    •
2497:   J.  D.    Both-
1085: Harry Coo-
No.     574:   Charles
LILLE, No. 1233: J,
Smith.        ' '  ;   ','
MICHEL,  No.' 2334:
T. Griffith.
2275  — J.
Charles    Gar
MAPLE LEAF, No. 2829: H. Blake.
Thomas Cal-
MERRITT, No. 2627:
vert.'' -    '
,   METFORD, No. 2698:
John Curran.
2589': T.
Dupon, Box-496, Lethbridge.'"' •'
ROCHE PERCEE (Sask) No.,2672:
Lachlan JIcQuarrie.        , ,'s
TABER,'No.-102: Joshua Craig.
TABER, No. 1959:  Wm. White".
TAYLORTON,  (Sask.) ;No. 2648:-t-
Lachlari .McQuarrie. ■   ,°
•TAYLORTON,  (Sask.).-No. 2519:—
Jos. Twist-     "   .   '    \. oi' ,'
Now doiiig .rbusiness.' at the.  Palace
• < >..V :   ' f-f .. '"
< ■■'-. v)y   ,-irirug Store.'
B. C.
Fernie, B. C.
FERNIE.'.. " ., „B.C.
W. R. Ross K.C.     J.S.T. Alexander.
... Barristers and Solicitors.,
Fernie, B. C. ■     .   Canada.
Fernie, B. ,C.     -1
F; C. Lawe
Alex. I. Fisher
Fernie, B. C. "
Fernie ". B. C.
Pioneer Builder and Cotractor of
'    • Fernie ., ,
TASKER,  N.  D., No. 2863:-
Lansberry.  ■'..' ....",
J. E.
Lowe.       * .   , ■
2299: William
', SEALED TENDERS addressed to
jthe undersigned and endorsed "Tenders .for Dredging Coal Harbor,".will
be, received until Friday, .30th , Qcto-
oer, 1908, at 4.30-*p.m7for" dredging
required at Coal" Harbour, Vancouver, Province of British Columbia:
Tenders will not be considered un
less made on tlie form supplied, and
signed with the 'actual signatures of
tenderers. '■
Specification and form of tender
can be obtained on application ^ to
G. A. Keefer, Esq., resident engineer
New Westminster, and at. the Department of Public Works. Ottawa.
Tehers must Include the towing of
the plant to and from the works.
Only' dredges can be employed
which are registered in Canada at
the time of the filing of tenders. Contractors must be ready to begin
work within twonty days aftor ' tho
date thoy have been notifed of tho
acceptance of thoir tondor.
Ail accepted choquo on a charterod
bank, payable to., the order of the
Honourable, tho Minister of Public
Works, for one thousand dollars (fl,-
000.00), must be deposited as security, Tho choquo will bo returned In
case of nQiwicccptance  of tender.
Tho Department doos not bind it-
sell to accept the lowest'or any tondor. , l
fly order,
Nap. Toosler,
Dopartmont of Public WorkB,
Ottawa, Octobor 7, 1008.
Nowspapcrs will, not.ho paid for
this ndvcrtlsomont If they Insert It
without authority from tho Department,
Jn ninkin« nil the incutlnKi n success «»"««« van nt k-nst bottor understood
from the standpoint of tho I«nbori,»J/ ol"" unionists hero nnd hortsfter
Interests. I wo can look upon thnm ns an Integral
Rcvalsteko B.C, Aug. 14
Und a bumper meeting which
part of Uio International lnbor move-
nf-'ment.     There arv several i,ooi! IIu*
la.—Qualifications In permits to
build, of all cltloB und towns that
'l""i* shnll bo bathrooms nnd bath-
•■"(mi attachments In nil houses or
'""■ iwtmonta lued for habitut'on.
if*.—\Vo favor a systom of finance
w.-.i-by iitoiiity Hindi l>« Issued oxclu-
*'.' i> by tho Rovornmont, with such
").••!*(,(|on« nnd restrictions ai will
pre-,*,- u (rom manipulation hy tho
hntiMns Interests for tliolr private
In the Matter of nn Application for
m«s ,hr>ue oi * Ukipit-vAlti «.' tut Cert*...'
cste of Title to Lot 7, Dloek 24, Town
of Fernie,, (Map 734.)
NOTICI'l Is horoby Riven thnt it Is
my Intention to Issue at tho expiration of ono month nftor tho first pub-
Cortlllcnto of Titlo to tho nbovo-
mentioned Lot In tho name of Alexander MelAchlon, which cortincato is
dated (.!»" 13th of July, WW, nnd
numbered CSCS A.
H. F, MacLeod.
District Registrar.
Und ReRlstry Office,
Nelson    R, C.
September 3rd. 100S,
SEALED TENDER addressed to
tho undorslgnod and ondorsod "Tondor for. Public IJulldlng, Vornon, R.
C„" will ho received nt this offlco until 4,30 p.m. on Friday, Novombor.20,
1008, for tho construction of n Publio
IJulldlng at Vornon,
Plans nnd specifications can ho
soon, nnd fomm of tondor obtained at
this (lopartnioiit nud on application to
tho poHtmnstor at Vornon.
Persons tondoiliiiT nro notified that
tondoi'H will not ho consldorod unlosB
In tho printed form supplied, and.
.signed with tliolr actual Klgnaturos.
Each tender must bo accompanied
hy an accoptod choquo on n charterod hank, mado payable to tho ordor
of tho Honourable tho .Minister ot
Publio Works, equal to ton por cont
(10 per cent) ot tho amount of tho
tender, which will bo forfoltod tf tho
pfixon leiiderliiK decline to enter In-
ill ,'4  i-UllU-Ml   IfJitH  tViJ.'cvj   Uiri/il  iii ilo
ho, or If ho fall to comploto tlio work
contracted for.    If tho tondor bo not
accepted tho choquo will bo roturned.
The Dopartmont doos not bind It-
arAf ttx  tU'i'tirit   tlio Irnt'on*-   er  nrtv   Inn.
Ity order,
(Slgnod)        Nap Tetiier
Dopartmont of Public WorltB, Ottn-
wa, Octobor 20th, 1008,
Newspapers will not bo paid for
this advertisement If th«y Insert It
without Authority from the Depart'
M. A. KERR & CO.
Builders-and Contractors.
Estimates Furnished.
Geo. C. Egg, A.I.C., William Haldane
0 ?
A., McDougall, Mgr.-
-Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
Send, us your orders
Lumber  Dealer
All kinds of rough and dressed lumber
Victoria Ave.        North Ferni
E. A. Rummer
L. O. Kummer
Builders and Contractors
Estima.tes - Furnished.
■   ■■■ ft   H/lU !♦ AAfr A -IHfl \/»1 IliniAMn-
11 ■-.    e-\t vin*4*KW*o-ariu — » niuaiui a*-
Fernie, B. ..C.
.   Nelson B. C.
We did.   Wo are firing away at the
,   ■ old business
Hosmer. B.C.
Board and Room,. $20.00 per .month
Mrs. Dcslcaures,  Prop.
Maeleod. Alta.
J. E. ROGERS, Prop.
Team Work and Draying
Dealers in Wagons,' Sleighs,   Dump
Carts, Spring Rigs and Harness
0. N. ROSS, Manager
Stoves!     Stoves!
We have the cheapest arid
best line of Ranges, Kitchen
Stoves and Heaters.
New and Second-Hand Goods
Drop In and m*(* mo
Rinman Kaminski Co.
For your Kiipply of
Groceries. Dry Gooda
Boots and Shoes
Hosmer, B. C
Painter and Decorator
Glvo me a ('limine on your work
Try a Ledger Ad.
Ik..-    ...^-.4.-
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Coots and Slues
Gents' Furnishings •
B. v.
R.   Addison
Blairmore, Alio.
Funeral Director
and Undertaker THE'. DjSTRICT  LEDGER,i FERNIE,-,B./C.>AN0VEMBER-;21, 1908.
■■r1,^ .. '       ' it.**,-.     ■     * ^     „ ^ i£1'   :     -, y l"^1
Pelting Nov. 18.-r-The .DowageV, Empress of China, the autocratic head of
the:., government, which she directed
without successful interference since
1861 is officially announced-' to be
dead.     u- ..*'.-■ t
This • was closely- followed'.by a
report: of the emperor's death at five-
o'clock but'it is believed that the
deaths of the emperor and empress
occurred considerably before thi "date
set in the official statement.'' '.
\The,foreign legations were .notified
this morning of the death of Emperor
and the succession of Prince Pu Yi,
the three year old son of Prince Chin,
The' court will go into mourning for
three years. •       ' .
All the red objects have therefore
. been removed and blue will be substituted. .       ■■   ,
The people learned .this evening of
the death of the Dowager Empress.
Although tho Chinese are not an emotional people they were profoundly
impressed by the death of their most
powerful ruler.. - The death bed. observances of three thousand years ago
marked the passing of the dowager
and emperor.
They, died alone and unattended although .surrounded by circles of abject spectators, who remained a rod
distant because .of the sacred personages of their majesties.
v The emperor refused all scientific
aid. He had refused the services of
foreign physicians for months,' although it was stated that he.had returned to the old form of medical
treatment, it is believed that latterly
he.received no treatment at,all. '
i    i ..
., Foul Play Suspected.
London, Nov. 19—There are countless rumor's concerning the nature of
the emperor's death and illness. No
scientific opinion could be obtained,
but the general description of the
symptoms Indicate a severe nervous
affection in which complications occurred that'caused death,   o
As the: dowager's decree of:: last
^veek appointing a new emperor indicates no impairment,of.her vivacity
her unexpected" death excites suspicions of foul play. 7    "
s There are= rumors of disorder" in
the palace and its precints. 7 , . V ■
All accounts agree that', the - new
..Dowager' Empress is a complete
nonentity but the new regent's-mother
ih law is a woman of strong character
and is almost certain to exercise a
strong influence In tlie" destiny'of the
new regime,       ''    *, '■      ' ',- •
\*i *,;•!■-■•■•..,     grew:
•Jr i
|4THErGH0Sar.,0F:r-; • yf   •
p-^^ 'CASTLE ^
fr; ' BY MRS. C. N.; WILLIAMSON. , •*■"-': |
1 "" Authoress of "The Princess Passes," "The Lightning ;. S
Ih' ' y..s'k   .-•"-■■'Conductor/*'Etc., Etc. ' '  :-* '   |
S3 ■ -"   -■-    Y    ■' !,■•--.■..'. «S
|2 ,   Copyright, 4906,, by Mrs. C. N. Williamson. . ''.''" < '   *&
wnen at last Mrs, Warden had led
the girl up the'.ivinding stone stair-*-
way of the" "haunted  tower," to the'
■ room  which' was to be'her own,  E1-*
8))u(li ihunked the ghosts -. to   ,whom
she nwe'cV.sueh'.deliglitful'quarters. Ii.
it'had not been for them", suiely tlii?
murt"~h'nve baen (ine'ot the "most" de-
5t:ab!(*.  rooms in   the    whole    great
bouse., she-, thought: and if sheqould.
"w.t-.'ld' ha.ve  pe|lsi-.a(l-'d. Mrs.  Warden *
to. toll  tlie-story of ,.the .tower; But,:
as  Mr.-.Grant line) (lone, the house-,
keeper grew suddenly"reserved  when'
the subject of the haunted tower was
.nentioned, Klspeth did not wish to insist, but she wns becoming very curi-
lus. .''*'.,,'
As the housekeeper was on the
point of leaving htr alone, having
promised that diniiei should be sent'
up at 7.30, the old woman turned on
the threshold. "1 hope you won't be
timid here," she snid. "It is a bit
ionely, for the room under yours haE'
been turned into-a place for.storing
luggage'.and odds nnd ends of furniture that aren't wanted, nnd the one
under that is whom the carpenter of
the hotel does .his work. So there's
nobody but you in the tower at night.
Yet it's all the'quieter, and better for
sleeping because of that, and "you
have an electric boll, just like anybody else, which you've only, to touch
as you lie :n bed, if you have a fright,
and the night port".iiiwould be at your
door'inside of twr minutes But there,
you won't have n fright. Why should
you? There's nothing to frighten you
,. "Of course not, nnd ' shan't' be in
the least afraid." nnswered Elspeth
Even when Mrs, Warden had, gone,
she was still oi the same    opinion,
;*"'.'       Roanoke,-III., Nov. 0, 1908.
Editor Mine Workers Journal:
,   Neither ft  practical  hor' a  skilful
writer, I thought I would like to give
you a letter, so here goes. .        -• ■■■
Volnoy while travelling In tho Russian empire, noticed that ho thought
cultivation ot tho soil could bo improved -upon.
, Uo "know It was no use to talk, so
lie bought an estate and had the land
worked according to his Instructions
unil'lilonB. . .»„
Tlie empress of Russia was so Im-
piojssed and plensod with tho results
tlmt sho publicly thanked htm, and
dotforatod lilm with somo, badge of
Mow why couldn't the U, M. W. of
A. buy a thousand acros of coal land
and equip an up, to tlato plant and
soil tho conl to tho consumer at cost.
Demonstrate to tho world that you
can do away with all profit, Interest
nnd rent.
If tho plant costs a hundred thousand dollars, and assuming tha plant
to bo good for twenty flvo years, you
would hnvo to lay away 31000 a yoar
to mako tho 3100,000 good to start
another coal plant,, * Tills would bo
socialism nn I understand It.
T claim tho minors wasted thousands of dollars In conventions (luring
liiHt your; no nood of sumllng so ninny
(U')ognton to thumj conventions, Whilo
In Mlnoiilc tho othor day I had lho
pleasure of aeolng Uso niil-lwln lamp.
Tho Mlnonli Iocnl has boinrht a dnzon
of tlio lamps wltli a vlow of lutroduc-
Ing lham In Die Mluonk shaft. If
tho Iliildwlu lamp could ho Introduced
In our mliicn It. would bo a Mr: Improvement,    It Is n bottor light and
Uu fcii.ynv,
Onl     '..(.ci,   ...HiM   nut  Uiliu„tv    1*
pit lamp In th-tlr Hummer klichoiiH. I
nm not Ir-U'-ri-'fated in Uso nixie of the
Baldwin lump. Your, rvuduM'H could
soo tlio ml. of tlio l!**l:lwlii lamp In
iiic .Humid,. An ivio.iuh nun tin
chani?os nro mot with opposition. For
Instance, tako tho railroad, any labor
Having mnehlne, It takes labor, patience, nml piM-fiovoniiico io Introduce
thorn ond mako them Btlck. My oh-
Joel III '.vrl'fns Uio ahovo |q to do
good. Trusting, that you will
U.U ii \d.wv lu the Journal,
" Very sincere! /
John Pettigrow
"Taken from   the Mine   Workors'
' 'Ol course- not/a nd 1 shouldn't be the
.•.   ■ least u/raid,"    ,•   •
though-even-tluu early in-the evening there was a deathlike silence in
the tower, which-(-seemed Btrango in
a crowded hotol, full from cellar's to'
attics of lively people.
" It was a large' room, circular in
shape, with twe oxtrnordinary deep
set windows, opposite one, another,
bi retired in tho thickness of the tower wall, that oach one had the appear-
nnoe of being nt the far- end of
another and smnller room;- but tho
windows wore so wido and so. high
that despite this peculiarity they gavo
plenty of light,
Undor one.. wnB a cushioned soat;
nnd tho alcovo of tho eastern window
had' doors en oacl) side, in the black,
onk wainscot, Those' doors 'concealed
spneious wardrobes, but the west nl'1
novo had doors ol glass on either side,
opening into lmgo recesses. Tho ono
on tho loft wns n ■bathroom, while in
the one on the right stood a bod, apparently carved r.ut oi ono piece, .with
tho oak wall bohlnd it. This bed was,
of courso, .invisible- from tho outer
room, ns the wnitmcoted wall hid it
from the alcovo. therefore Ulsnoth
was practically' In possession of n
toparute sitUim-room. Tho glass doors
were sliding doors therefore they did
not Interfere in passing to and fro,
and could nlwnyn bo lolt open,*'Tlio
furniture of tho big outor room was
admirable Elspoth thought, although
it wn» of many diffoient poriods and
'.-.ad p:rhiip** kon relegated horo, bo*
■jii-.-se it hnd 'iniide place for something bettor oipLivhere. Thoro woro
two or throe wonderful old chairs, n
oharmlnp tnhlo with claw* foot, an
ancient "Htioretniy book-ciwo buronu,"
with plaH* (loon., behind which.tlio
eovoi'H of bld-fiiHliloned books showed,
and n tall screen'ot lxmuttful, thouali
"ndi'd, onihosiiod leather, whleh hid n
loo modern drOHMiiK-tiiblo from view.*
The pirl tho'f'.irlily enjoyed tlio
tusl; of iHipiio',*.iuir nnd putting nwny
her, foiv modost bolniiRhigs in tlie
givnt ttiill-eiililimnlH. om. of wlilcli
ulio (lifC'Vyroil iv*iH linod with codnr;
and h.-.d e ulio linn finished all she
Iuul to do in iivltliin* in, diniKii in-
rlviid- (piitii a littlo ft nt. it ceemeil
11 liei, o;i n larpi'ttnmanK-Hpreiid tniy,
v, iih r|!voi e.ivii> Uu the dished,
llu'iv wm,* ii ii"1 xllk-Nhndeil lump
..si ( :',> tnli'e, v,lic.vt the horvniit who
') (i ,t':it in «!.(,' ti*.i/ oljlitrlnBly lit; leu
:'ii»-?:i  t!*"' l!"in'  w-.thiti   mnde  the
i'.I.i    ■!'    i.-.'1 li... ii   livivnt  of  riwf".
tlin   *.'.■*'i: i-o til'.* d 1 \.   lip  t li! _ Ill/lit
,'.:.xi i;  "'
r.e   t !.'
•,!|llt  1.1'.
■i;*'. T.(l
H'liip.'d '
U,,X1   v.-.
ioned >1 *
.•nee tV
,-.. :l.
in t.i.
I,. .', i
',\f   ii   i
•■<i. .'ir.-' >
v  .    ;•.
I    re
.^;::ir "rli.i>,
■ niul1
'.'    Be ',*.
Ij,> i ;-e:',:^'
e.o ini*  in
it'll,     til.
*,"'*■"*• tlv lit I'-.
...   ' > i , , ..
b t tho   di-'iot-
ceMvenl^l notlen
,<• .''.ur;.
.'.:■    V. ■ IC
hly, Ihey \<i''■•'-"' li''**' tt'**-* tlini» 1» tli'.'
Aoif.t. nv.d tlie 'M'l I).cm to wondi|i
whether, ".'if*' i'-l. >l>1' wore qi'ite in.
h c".,y n*( s-he iniil thri plit, In hnvlnii
the 'liiv.'iiU'il Kiwer  at  l^cl.ialn " to
\,*i-.f\l. .     ' ,     i  '
U'lo O'vld net   reriifinbei*    hnvhi|»
j.'vh (i diiiily nnd -Jrell-nerved dtiv
I nei. and it wt'h! to,have l»eeri deli-
| oiouii to thin!, thai ahe could do n*
! idie pleaud 'with her tlrm* iirilll (•>•
j morrow mornlnit nt 0.   How nie*, it
would U to Wild until the wn»
1 cleopy. nnd limn to dream In thnt
j wondurful old bod   with   the   great
fuftkd Uucu ullluwa!
ITut when the tray had been taken
away, there began tdbe strange, lit-"
tie creeping sounds' behind tho .wainscoting, sounds like' light,- hurrying',
footfalls, rustlino of stiff silk, tappings : of unseen fingers. Only mice,
of course,/beginning their-night revels; Elspeth knew that, and she was
not afraid. Still, she hacMo tell 'her-
?elf, again and again that" she rather
liked the ojueer noises,, thnt. .they-
were conipiinionable, here in this isolated room, where no sounds of'hu-
■nan life save her own could crime.,;
She read, fitfully, until n soft-voicec.1'
clock on the nauo-.v inuntei over the
big fireplace hnd struck 11, and it
was" nearly uI2 beiore she •• hud cuddled into the great bed in the alcove.
Lying there between the cool- linen
sheets, the gitl folt very wideawake,
though after the long, exciting day
slu! had passed, sleep ought to have
come quickly! Sue had left the glass
doors pushed wide open, and the alcove which she fnced as she lay' was
white with- the light ot a lnte:rising
"I'm glad I don't believe in
ghosts'/'.she  sai.l  to    herself.    "On
such a night" The sentence, broke
off short in b'lspeth's thoughts, and
her heart gave n leap. Just behind
lier' head there was a new sound,
which neither mice nor rats could
have made, a queer, metallic sound,
like the clinking of a chain or a jingling of k"ys one , against another,
,Once and again it-' came; then,' the
cop of a high heel on a stone,stair.
' The girl's blood knocked at her
temples. She sat up in bedi'ahd listened through the' thick "beating in
.her ears. The sound was fainter, now,'
as if farther away. With hands that
, shook a little she found the candle
and, matches on a small table by the
bedside, and struck a: light which
•glowed small and yellow in the white
moonhaze.      -"',..
All was still now, as she waited,
and the" impression she had, had of
something.strange and horrifying began to fade. She must have imagined
the jingling, and the. tap,* tap ■ of lit-
"tle heels. It, was well known that
mice could make all kinds of extraordinary noises, scuttling „ about in
the walls of the tower, a; glorious
playground for the mouse'tribe. How
3tupid she was to. have a fright, she
who-had-boasted of* her courage;, and
said that'she'*-"h6ped tlie tower, was
haunted!'' Now, she- would blow out
the candle and force herself,to sleep,
or she would not be at her best to begin work to-morrow morning... 7,
'Down she flung "herself ..among the
big pillows again, but scarcely^ had
.she begun conscientiously.to""count
■ sheep jumping over a gate, when a
the wall which was.one:with the head
of the bed.-.A faint cry ".followed,
sounding as, if it came, from somewhere above, and again theTtap,. tap,
tap of heels. "■'*.''-
. -Elspeth did-not sit. up in, bed. this
time. She. lay still as if frozen,' her
eyes staring wide,-her ears strained
to catch, a .tioubled murmur of
voices.. It was-as if ii man and worn-'
an talked together, and thon came
footsteps mingled with the metallic
clinking in which the girl ".had tried
to disbelieve1,-    ■' '
'She no longer struggled : to bo
brave.- Cold and shaking ■ with terror
she sprang out oi bed, and ran,, pattering on her bare feet, out into the
tower roor.1. n   ' ■
Thore in the moonlight which filtered through the two windows left
uncurtained, 'she could, seo the objects which had already, become familiar to her oyes. Somehow, thoy
did the. details of lifer soon to be hor
everyday life,,,
' "Nonsenso—'nonsense — nonsense!"
she repeated angrily, half aloud, glad
to hoar^ho sound of hor'own voice.
"It's nothing. What could1 it be un-
leas I dreamed M'l Oh, why can't I
get this lamp lighted?"
Soon sho had the rosy glow shinhig
through tlio fleecy silk of tho "lamp
shade, but not satisfied with that,
she, must have all the candles as
were n comfort, suggesting as thoy
woll. The light was like a friend. She
could think how, ask .herself questions, nnd njiswor reasonably,
Whnt had t1 *■'hopsnkeopor told hor*
That. bIio-would be alono in tho tower nt night, In a room on the ground
floor, the hotel enrponter worked by
day; hv tho ioo.ii above thnt, furnituro and luggapo' wero storod, Noxt,
came her own Hoot, and ovor it—
whntP Mrs, Warden's e>:nlnnntioi,r
had gone no furthoi; but Klspoth hnd
noticed that thu nowly rostorod,
winding stah*ea**e ended outside her
room, Tlie way beyond wns blocked
nji with brick, theioforo tlioro could
have been no voices, no footsteps, no
tupping of hook 8li.« must have
dreamed the snvMids, llnsldon. ovon If
the HtnlronHo londiM-a lo the llooi
nbove woro nm obstructed,/tho walls
woro fur too thio'; for noiiios such in-
shn hnd fuueitd k. peneti'iito to hor
room; and, at nil events tlmt alcove
where the Ik>(I etnod was not a place
peoplo would 'in*-*** in goliiK up the
xtnlrri. Hut-lf I here "were hiioIi things
•te -jha-ith, nftor nil1*
No. idle would not lot lior thouuhl-*
turn Hint wny. Ff .--tie did--If she <»n<v
indulgcd linrmlf in sueh fonlishnuim,
there wn'.'ld  li? nn end Id tint pt.'iiC'-
■ind pleiiHitre in 'hi.* tower rno-.n, to
'i .iliieh s!ie hnd iynkod forward. She
- wojld If f-iMi-j.l.'.-.'. hut there wilt, no
j <••■(• In point* leic't to bod, until she
-hu-'hl   f,.'i'l  hU-,;>y.   Slie  would   vruw
. tnnre nnd ijr»iv rmrvo*.i8 lying there.
„;,. ;   y, . ;:,,; I   .   J..J,;    "   .   >*■ *
,,..(. nl«lii «.l|i. \ PI nllmv hm^'olf In
■ -Ait i'p nnd reid. nnd to morrow i>,'.e
! vmi-.;.| p.vb.ibiy liml out ►oinc p-.'i-
! f".-t;,'.- •!"(».!.. •*>v|>.nttiitlfi>ii (if I1,.-'
i -(vi|n|« wt'ieli lit'd HH.iii'td tn i»hnntly
j She wo-'M 'ivploiv K Utile nnd und.'i*'
■ tntifl lu«r •■•rro -n«titivt* tli.ii-.*"'*!ily.
j  Ij'iiil'fi llll'il'll-'l   liKiil fliiinii) inn
i S'ia', too.c up th'» volunic nl Seoti
j whirh --lie hnd hi'iin to r*nd nt dinner, b t, dn if to piove tliut mIk- xx'\
j not mist reus of ''er norve», uh'-.* --trtrt-"*
i ft, sharply at the noise ol n -.eiiinpei-
! ing i-nt Ij.dilnd the wahifool. Hint th<»
! bo'ik fell to tlie floor, It lny open, on
j it*, fnee. nnd n xijnnre hit ol h'.Miik
! pnp-er e*r(ipml from some hiding plnre
. tiiiuiiii; iiic jvln.u*. muaty':*4»iellltie
', piii'es.
i ftlsjwth picked up the ncrnp, and
after aU jt wn* i«*.it blank, Upon the
nido which had h.m next tho floor,
•ome one hsd sketched tin f««5o of n
yoxxnt hoy. Tli« penciled line* had
I faded, the paper vu the color of old
j ivour. »n«t thqucollfcL.MUli.tti> JL«g8«"»t-
ed by-a-few- fig-Sl-stfoTses were "br
quaint fashion. But the face was
strikingly, handsooip, (ind so indivi-'
dual as to .convince-*.El.--.peth' that- as
a likeness the little" sketch must have
hsen ;a;su,ccess.- -rliLon-.- corner-tliere-
were initinls, 'ai-'I.Jn-r'd'.to; but. they'
he.d beer. ^.l-rT'-!, eiiVi-.r deliberately oi^ by n-3cide,-:t,-ahd Klspeth held
the paper~ilo?(. tc"the light "without
b.'ing able to decipher, them. Sudden-,
iy ns.she ,s>t''diec. the'faint lettering,
sonie'-hing seemed"to fail from above,.
\ -ist   her  eyes—something  swift  aad
-mall, from, which the light struck a^!
gleam as it froit. a-ruby, and at the'
same instant.the,ruby, was shattered
in a red snla'sh  upon the sketch.
With a cry .Elspeth -prang to her
■eet, still' mechanic-ally holding the
oit of paper.'The pictured face-of the
hoy was stained red; thore was, a red.
liquid smear on ner thumb and fin-
.S'er,'and as she 'stared, horrified,-
dumfounded, again . there * was a
•-wilt,  ruby flash  before her eyes.
CHAPrKR 111.
■ Instantly the words, of the housekeeper - leaped into the girl's mind,
fhe^bell! The bell by which she could
summon the night porter—where was
it? Ah,'' she remeriibered, and almost
'ns quickly as the thought had**flashed into her mind her linger was hov
sring over the electric button.
A second more, and the summons
would have eoue flashing over the
wire; but something seemed to restrain Elspeth's hand, as if it had'
been seized and forcibly held back.
"No!" she snid, half aloud, "I won't
do it," And with.great force of self-
control, she turned her. back on the
bell, which meant help and human
companionship if she ahose to have
"Very likely they have had the same
kind of trouble here 1-efore with their
secretaries," the girl, thought. "Mi.
McGowan ,told me. the one from the
neighborhood whom they had had before couldn't rnnnn':e the work, but
r'm.sure he .loo'.ed,j odd when he
said it. and perhaps there was more
behind. 'Probably they're expecting
me   to  make   a   fuss,  of   some   sort
though I don't,eome
borhood.,and am not supposed to have
heard the storv of tl
from the neigh-
is Tower, what
ever it is. Maybe the other girl knew
it beforehand." Bnt i doesn't matter,
I won't make a fuss I boasted that
I was brave, and I'm going to stand
it somehow, if it kills me. It can't
be ghosts; -rhosts' don't have blood.
The chances are that some one tonight has been playing a horrid trick
on me. Well, -they' shan't get any
satisfaction' from it! ' I'm going- to
stop on here, and in this room, if I
have to stay awake all night, and
work air day. every day, till whoever
it is gets tired." I
. This forceful -'determination poured
courage into Elspeth's chilled veins,
as if she had been drinking strong
wine. Instead. of completing the ha-
v(.,4 already-mn-le; in,;her7spirit by
terror, as for' a few seconds it had
threatened to do the fall of ruddy
drops from the ceiling, had undone
the work of the strange sounds behind
■the walls. The eirl was even calm
enough now to,-regret the "damage, to
the sketch she had found in the old'
volume' of Scott, and to attempt repairing it by pouring a stream of wat--
erover^tlie paper while the red spot'
wn37fresii*ancf. wetT'flnTspife^ofher"
efforts, however, a stain was ,left, but
the vivid red was changed' to a pale
pink, which gave an effect as if the
smiling face of the boy had been washed over with' a faint flesh - color. The-
ponciled lines, faded before, were still
more faded by th(s application of water; still, they were riot; obliterated.*
nnd Elspeth was vaguely glad. She
did not know who the boy hnd been;
if he * lived, he must be nn elderly
man now, judging by the fashion of
his' dress; she would probably never
learn anything more.of his story,
even if it had been worth hearing.
Nevertheless, she was interested, and,
said» to herself" thnt, ns she was np-'
parontly connected in some distnm
way with the Loehrain family, through
•her father's, people, the" Deans, the-
boy of th'e sketch was perhaps a cousin of hers, far,, removed. This house
had' always been the' home of thc
Loch ruins until lately, when it hnd
been bought for an hotel, nnd ns
everything in it, furniture, books unci
pictures, -had been tlio property o:
the I-ochrains, it wns likoly that th.
boy wns n mombor of the fnmly.
"I'll be worthy of their blood, i.'
it's really in my veins," Klspeth
thought, "and 1 won't'be n cownrd
in their house,"
As if for a rownrd of eoiirniro, n.
;*.irther souncls crime, and no-more cr
those rubv dro*-*.-- fell .from the ceii
Ing. H*.uf it not been for the pinl
■.'nil. i':i tlio sketch the '.'iri mi?'*'
hnve bevjun to fnney by nnd by that i'
hnd nil been n Imd drenm; but th
..uu't'.e.i! side oi' hnr nntrrc wns i.
ti.e m-C'iidnnt now, and she did no.
laRCV thnt, !?> ronliswd. nnd ne'i-
■•.owiedsod to hoisolf thnt she hnd hnd
,ro;.d cfi'.'p.' to be fiifhtenod. bit hoi
'lighting ■ b.oocl wns roused,, and, she
meant sooner oi inter to hnve nn ex-
.-..■.'.natlC'i. of everythiiid that hnd Imp-
*";;aed. •
"I will flnd ov.t for myself if ,1 can,
•itho'.-t con'.idin: in ni.jb-.dy," she
l.ci'.lcd.,   ■
The one* thin*.' the ,.irirl could not
, .in, however, w- to 'jo Irielc to bed.
S'io fat **p in hei dressing -/own ure
iii-'n:n.i!l*:''.t tad d into 'dawn. Then,
■.vl'en tho ~'i owe ■•(■'"■i wn* (fray with
iiK''*niiiB li<f'*t. i-'''*' lay down nnd net-
■■illy wort" fi i'hep
' light: Ii she had, by this time., th-
i sew-i would ■ have spread over the Intel, ami every servant -would khbv
that "the new secretnrv" had had r.
fright." '   •        "  . -       '     '
F.veu as.it was' she thought' tl..
waiter looked at ber with''a furti'y
i-iterest, different "run: :h.3 look of ln,-i
ni«;ht. It was us if he were 'expecting
something. "1 hope you rested well
niks," he said "civilly, and Elspeth.
thanking him, ..au-iwc-iod, with  .-.eie;-'.-
.cheerfulness 'that slu- had never' been
better in "her life * t.-rin she'was thin
morning. .The ..best, of it was that ii
was perfectly true. The girl telt ready
for anything.'.1
As soon as she had finished he!
breakfast, she started to thread hei
way to Mr,' McGowan's room, but sh**
had not yet- "got her bearings" ir.
this immenseandi-iimbling old house
and to reach the part'she wished tc
find was easier s-md than done. Afte>
some wandering, she came out throng'.-
a corridor into a square hall of con
siderable 'size, which she was sui<
she had not-Seen before.", Howevci
there was the stairway, which descended in the middle, and rnthei
than retrace' hei steps, perhaps to
be lost again, she decided' that J*
would be better to £0 down. On.tho
floor below she would probably meet
servants of the hotel, who would put
her in the right way.
There were, however, several ladies standing in a group on the third
■ or_ fourth step. Klspeth, .waited for a
moment nt a distance, thinking thnt
thty would go up or down; then, seeing that they did not move, and that
the stairway was very broad, she
thought that she might pass -without
disturbing them. She moved forwar-*'
rnther timidly, conscious that she wn,
a paid employe, j.nd that.it would b
a grave offence ior one in her posi
tion to discommode guests. Drawinp
nearer, she saw that one of the three
ladies -\vns the beautiful young, gir.
with whom she had traveled'up from.
London yesterday. This morning six
wore a short, white serge dress, with
dainty white shoas. nnd had' on r.
hnt, therefore she wns presumably
just going out,' oi bad just come in.
early, as it, was.   ,
Oue of her companions' on the stair-,
way was an elderly and rather peculiar looking lady with cameo features,
faded lirdit hnir,-arranged in a would-,
,b?-artistic fashion, and .an aesthetic
gown more suitable for a London boudoir at tea time than a .Scotch hydro
in the morning.
The third figuie was that of a very
striking woman of perhaps' thirty-two
or three, foreign certainly, Jewish
perhaps, with magnificent dark eyes
like wellsi) of light, singularly pale
yet clear complexion, and black hair
rippling away from an unusually low,
broad' forehead. -
A glance was enough to photograph
these new personalities on Elspeth's
'brain. She saw also that the trailing dress of the 'eldest of' the trio
was spread out over the stairs in such
()■ wny that, bred as' they were, it
would be impossible for. her to pass
without   pushing    or 'requesting    the
NOTICE is hereby given that Alexander Riziitto' of' the City of Fernie,
will apply at the next sittings- of 'the \
JJoar.d of-Licensing Commissioners in j
and. for the City of Fernie as a Li- j
censing Court 'for the transfer of the ■
Retail Liquor License in  respect of i
the premises known as the Roma Ho- •
tel, and situate.on Lots Thirteen (13)
and  Fourteen   (14)   in Block  Seven-.!
teen (17) Fernie to tho new premises :
to be known as the Roma Hotel, and
erected or to be erected on the north ,,
east corner of the said Block 17, aud .
having a frontage to Baker Avenue of
120. feet aud a' frontage to Jaffray St.;
of 4S feet. j
A. Rizzuto. i
Dated 31st October, 1908.  ■ .
Liquor license   act.
o'eloo!:  when  she
hnd  scni'i'idy   moiv
of ret     Nevuithe-
I inn1 •■■.r.'in-.'rtly buoy-
■   excitement   to   iro
thriv.«-|*h "whatever   now   axporiiinpii*.
.ii''!il h? in i'1'i.e foi h'T.
lt    Wile    I'.V (
•vnkod,  nnd  i,!i<
ilum t'-'ve l-.o 'i
'..••■h, sin- felt *,"■:
■Mil.    help-'d    h
NOTICE is.hereby given that   one j
month after date I intend to apply to .
the Superintendent of Provincial Po- j
lice for the renewal of my Hotel Li- j
cense, to sell intoxicating liquors un- j
der the provisions of the Statute   in '
that behalf, in  the  premises   known
and described     as tho    Wellington
House, situated at New Michel, B. C,
to commence on the first day of January, 1909.
Dated this 31st October, A.D., 1908.
H 0 T E £
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Call in and
see us once
C. W. DAVEY & CO., Propsi
NOTICE is hereby given, that' one
month after date I intend to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for the renewal of my Hotel License, to, sell'intoxicating liquors under the provisions of the Statute in
that behalf in the premises known
and described as the Michel Hotel, situate at Michel, B. C, to commence on
the first day of January, 1909.
Dated,this 31st October, A.D., 1908.
'    '    ll-5t.
NOTICE is hereby given that one
month after date I intend to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of my Wholesale
Liquor License to' aell intoxicating liquor under the .provisions of .the Statute in, that behalf in the premises
known and described as Crahan s Liquor Store, situated at Michel, B. C,
to commence on the first day of January, A. D. 1909.
Dated this 31st October, A.D., 1908."
(ln rear of old stand)
Table Unexcelled
Bar supplie'd^-vvith tho'finest
brands ofj"vYines, Liquors
and Cigais
(Formerly of Central'Hotcl).
'I It-It ji i> m;,n ,11,',, litis/;' , c ,(/i„, ,
wearer to movo. She was close upon
i ne j roup now, but wns on tlie point
(.•.' tcrnine. bnck u.'tor nil, when some
"hing  :.ii|)|Ji!iied.
.   "Why.   it   wn-.   Cnplniii   Oxlord'
e.\cI;iiiiiod the li.dy nitn the truiliii?
dro**,!*..   "Didn't xua know tnnt, Lu.i\
Hilary i*"
'No. I—I—" tlio girl Htaiiiinero i,
nnd tottered sli'.'htly, as if recoiling
from n blow iicicu-s tho fnco.   ■
frmtiintly Klspeth saw n wny olsuv-
ing hor from tlie -diniue of nn involuntary ievelutic.il. "I hei' your pardon,"
she snid briskly. "I'm nfrnid I stopped on your drorR, nnd pullodi yon
buck, I'm ho sorry, I do hopo I haven't broke nny stitches.
With n hiiirt, Lndy Hilary Vnnc
'o'iked round, nud lier oyes mot I*,lh-
,1-t'i'n, (list with HiirprUo, then reco*/.
. ■''* m, thon i.'intitiido, The undoi-
-' .*!;:ig of v.hnt th.e --tninircr had
• It.- .v' tor her, nnd why, wns so olenr
in that lowly look thnt the youm?
Hton'ieriip'.u'i (clt herself' hluhhinir,
She alho felt uxtnionliniirlly |)leiiHcd
thnt •.he h"d h;-cn nh!c to do-even to
xriinll a tliiii*: mi' this t'ii'l. and wii-hr.ri
A\e. tHif-dit have the chniiee to do moro.
'm;c!. ...J;'*
(To bo contlnuoil.)
"h.* il,m tiihi:
■'id xx'te In hniji
..•efully nt the "'Hit'.' tm nny tnioe
■tf nd Minn, h-it inithi..;1 v.an vle-ib!-,-,1
th.)''*j!i tlieenilj L--,i:ilii*'.e wint potiriiif!
in   thi*it,*"h  nu  i''1 t   .lii.dmv.    Thoio
MVKItY iiM'ilKiiiucnr nf H.<» i'1/M n!
NOTICE is "hereby given that on
December 1st 1908,1 intend to apply to
lice for the renewal of my i hotel license to sell intoxicating liquors under the provisions of the Statute in
that behalf in-the premises known'i.hd
described as '.'The Royal Hotel," situated at Gateway, B.- C, to commence
the first day of January, 1909.' .
Simon Dragon
Take notice that I hereby intend to
apply to the, Boards of Licensing commissioners in, nnd for tho City of Fernie for the transfer of, the "Liquor Ll-
qenso held by me ln respect to the
Waldorf Hotel situate upon Lois No.
fourteen'(14) and Fifteen 115) Dloek
13, City of Fernio, from myself to
Sarah Jennings.'
Dated 8th Soptomber, 1908.
Notico Is hereby given that I Intoinl
to apply 'to llio Board of LlaoiiHlnn
(.(wmlBHiC'iierf* In and for tho City of
Pernio, at tlio next rognlnr Bluings of
tlio Licensing Board, for a transfer of
toll Liquor License now hold by mo
In respect to tho Control Hotel, situated upon Lot No. Ono (1) Block
Six (0 City of Fornio, Map 734. from
myself to Limlta A: .Mills, "
Datod Mils 10th dny of October
A. D, 1'Ji'S,
The Hotel of Fernie -
Fernie's Leading Commercial
and Tourist-House
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
Bar supplied with  tho  best Wines,
Liquors and Gigiu-f-        *
Doing business in the same old place
Liquors nnd CIkm-h of the hl^hoHt
quality ,'. Well (docked bar
NOTICU Ih horoby rIvpii Hint   on
Mm Slinil dny of Octobor, .HOR, IT WA8
■lii'lKn of llie County Court, of    Himl !
Kootciiny,     lioldcn nt    Fornlc,  Hint \
•luiili-H Koruiiiifin  Ann ft roni,',   official I
adiiiliilHiraior, for Hint.portion of Hum
('(unity of Kiinionriy liiclndcil lu H.e
fl'-etoral dlMrlcts of, Critnbrool;   nm] '
Fcrnln, lie AdmlulHii'iiirir of all'   nnd '
HhiKiilnr thn .ihiiiluii oi* Fiiiiik U'dlsi'al '•
ol" Fdi'iilo, d'MTiiHi'd liiti'idnle. |
... , l-'vi'i'y  pi'i'Miu  Inih'hlcd to 'li.i i.nl.l i
n Innd Bruin iiiiihi be by wny of up :,,,„,„„„,„, ,H ,,„,,„,,.,, ,0 ,.,,„.„ ,1|1VI11(,IU .
a Houth Afrlcnn Volunteer oniltli'il to
wjii-.,   hii.-.i-wi.   .i   'ii '■'  erne'i   ill   nun
of tlie d'li'k ivi!('li"iu'i,-« which (•m.-iM'd
the  (Miliii".  iit (•■•cctly  ttie f-pot, mi | pnliiiiiii-iii nf a uuhwtltiiu'i nnd hiuki .fdriliwlth to iln- iindfridnii.'il
•nr n.. dim etvdt] .'dwl.lte, wlu'lic,' tho I,     .    .,.,. ., ,,.^,,,,1,,,-, ,,.. ,|„,  K„*      I     ],)vor\.  „„r«ft„   |mvliic  I.i   ..■,.|4-..w»|r,ii
.ni.i'.'.Iila* diopri n,U i,-lii;;i, tipltiauiiii*
,:    :.   !!.     •'-<■•■'■    V-1.1   l:- .
,:'(,:•" red <!''''■>• m".':it hnvo e ui..
tlr'fj'.i(,:li itueli ii '"I'l'-ct in tlui blue;
\<o..l wiuio.it Icii'-iii.; fl vi-iS/o in ir...
li >!h! Wore to Iln I i'':t the mynlji**,* it
•,\(."1il not Iv in -"Hi nn r-hvlo-n vr,
.... ■  ',. . "■,i,,     ,   I,     4j,,,     „,   Jii,.,.
'•'.■.•iK't.i h.illu'd  i    I ■' .*.-i-4'l (iiiH* l\,
•in.! tt'iu almost r- ndy to po dxih when
.'*; ■ i '■-:]      !)rU-*.''.Ml    I-    r'\\i"\    tn   «!,,l,
»-,.'i:lim ."J of Si.'( iIon •". of tlni Volim-
i.iv nouimi Ait, l'i<A which prov!!'-.-'
thin no iiHiiieiiment. of ihe rlnht. of a
rl,..«r,..i.      X,  •      tlu.   'mil'llllMl-ll,!"    Of      •,
leffcclH  belolli'JliK   10  Hie  ilcre.'lti.'d   Ih
l.'ipmnl   ImiinSlUi   lo   i,uiil>   uu.   ill)-
, tl'Tl.lnlll'll.
!    n\'ty (r.diior or other p. r:(.n l-uv.-
i'.IIK llllilll  ll|>H|l  (JI*  Illll'l'Vlil.   Ill till; lllM
trllmlldii   of  the   csltiie  of   111• •   mild
t!".-   Kcrv.'ilit,   t\-.\n   und   b '•'
1 ■ ''l-u.wr hi the c":iii
.     .        .....     ....... „
' t-(;.4.',
0 ir. with nn nttnietive-h.:,:(ii,j.'h;
I'm   ti ■!*
-I nt i'i-
.wi .-
.tii't tniy, A u-\-,<-■<'..-"■ ini.'iiij.i" •«)
•.a.   c-Tply   tli il   b'ci:i   mi'I   t'.'i-:
,,--,,*  ,|   b,r  p ■•• >  "i   :■' ',-Mril-".-'v    .,.• .1
-.li'* wai ut't" \'. ii •.".".•! j.led, n» ti'r
olbKront c.i.uiu* -y.'-'f i;-'*1., '>' ivi*-
d»y life vicoiif-fl i • ,'t)u\.> tn nt t!i» 'i'mt
like nu rttnif.'-p'.-.e ti-.nt ehe l,'.-! ii"t
,"ili«.il niiv ^>:i'1 ''i htii  rcfpiiii in tbe
hy niKlKic.-cl mall iiihh*e.-«-'>"l i»   tlie
; iiii(li>r*,h;i:eil,  ]i|h  nnin« cii'l  nildreici, <
The lAtdfter   alnm nt nil tini'-x to \
jnMic sJl the nei.* tUt's fit io p*(.m.  -I'-th fi^ptfrntHr 19'1S
hiib.-'tltuio Mnill be neci'pied or rnco-;-. the "UHi day of Nnvemln'r, lilns, no,)
nixed hy the dcpnrimonr of tho In
icrlor which In not csecnicd nnd dated after the dale of th** "vnrrnnt fm
Hie land Imint Isnued '.y 'Ik* MlnlHioi
of Militia inlii liefiiii'if In I'n'.or of the
J. \V. OllKRNWlVV.
CoiiiinUsloii'-r ut I'o./iliiioii
nml the full lmvtk'Ulai'K  of hin clnlniH
or Intoi< sin, nnd a Htiitcmuct of hiH
nccoiini, nnd the nnturo of tlm secnr- ■
Uy lit ni.yi l:"M by Mm. !
After llie mild last, mentioned date .
!l:e   iii|i!ili*.l,'rf,or   will pi-.'),—-'.! «vi'|7
I he -'istilbiiiifiii of Dm (.''.lale biu'lnK,
! ret'nrd io tho«'i clnlniH only of whit It >
lie Hhnll liuie had notice,
J. F. ArmitronQ, (
OfflHat Admlnlmrmor. I
CO.,   LTD.
Wholcsalo Liquor Dealers
A Hill xiiii'k Iii ,i lew .lays
The only t.•liiil.l.' pine- In |n\vn for
choice pipi'»> and t«il<:nro
One Frame Shack
12 x 14
Price 875.00
c. p.
No. S Klyor
No. 7 Flyer Westbound 	
Nc. £'.' '.'.'-tbound'Regular ...
Ni. : ; • . ;ibound Regular ..'.
No. TM  I'lK.Jthouud  1st  class  .
Arrives  12.-.0 nnd lc-av.'s   1  o'clock.
WANTED—To lit*'*** from parly or.
parties, two could handle best, prepared to mako investment from five
to eight hundred dollars, wood and
shingle block proposition. A sure
money maker. ■ Chance to clear up
a thousand or two. Particulars from
Box TG2. Nelson H. C.
.   ■    30th-lt.
The Fernie Trades and Labor Couu-
cil are going. to hold a , smoker in
Bruce's hall .on Wednesday evening,
the'2nd of, December.
"i'Mr?and Mrs.* C."Whelan returned to
the city this week' after a very enjoyable honeymoon trip through the'
east and.the States.^-
A former resident of Fernie, F. P.
Bearisto, was married in Sedgwick,
Alta., recently. Many local friends
extend congratulations.
The Trades and Labor Council will
,:.oot on Mou'P'v evening .11 the Minors ball at 8 p.m. All delegate's are requested to^ attend promptly.
Ladies', gold and gold filled watches
for Christmas at Liphardt's. Remember we sell them for'tho same price
you can got them for in the east.
The train, leaving Maeleod at seven
o'clock a.m. and the one leaving Cal-
nary at 4.'"> p.m. now carry'buffet parlor car between' Maeleod and Calagry.
'.Messrs Kennedy and Kairbairn gave
a dance in Bruce's hall this week".
Jt was Hie, first-'that these popular
dancing masters have given and was
a success.
Traffic on Ihe C. P. H. was suspended for some twelve hours Wed
nesday owing to tlie bridge at Mor-
rissey Creek becoming impassable .owing lo tho high water caused by heavy
rains this week.
Cranbrook Herald:—The Cranbrook
Cigar factory has made rapid progress
the past two weeks and they now have
several thousand cigars ready for the
market. They announce that the goods
,-»vill be strictly first class in every
respect and should be liberally patronized by the local trade. The staff at
present consists of Joe. Goupill, H. J.
Cunningham and Frank Brown and if
the business warrants it the -number
"\Yill be increased.
Mr. L. G. Snow, foreman carpenter
on The Ledger Building met with a
painful accident on Friday morning.
He 'was taking down some cribbing
that had been used in connection with
the concrete work and a plank, in
which was a large spike, fell on his
wrist, lacerating it in a most painful
manner. The injury was dressed ih
the city, but on medical advice Miv
Snow has since gone to the Cranbrook
hospital. ■ His many friends will wish
him a speedy recovery, and hope that
no complications ensue,
.'—' V --IK.
G R X F Frif ' Sugar   • Cured   -" Hams " audi
-. Breakfast Bacon.    Not how"""'
"cheap but.how7gpod.7 Fresh,-*
Eggs--the combination. can't
be   beaten.'   WeC have\ ■ 'em.
'!       , "    - ":- -"" ■.-«.■■...-. ■    ■•'■/:
"W..J.   BtUNDElt
Pay Cash
Prompt Delivery
. Work on the Kootenay Telephone
Co.1 lines Is,being rushed ahead as
fast as possible before the frost bin-
deft the work of digging post holes.
Quite a gang of men are engaged at
this work at,,present.
17 Jewel lilgin in a 20 year gold filled case for $il.i>0, a-special A. C. Liphardt 21 jewel niovement in a ?,0 year
-Second hand goods. For1, £0-,i fined 'case for $21. We only have-
' FOri SALE—Lot 11 Block 75 Anne ■;. opposite G. N. W. Station. Rob
en Tucker, Coal Creek. 2t
.'    WANTED
sale, Winchester repealing
Address Box 265 city.
shot gun,
Music, Musical Instruments at Pal-
■ ace Drug Store. a
:    Mr. Adolph was up from Baynes on
■-business this week,     n
I    Central telephone operator wanted.
-.Apply Coal Go's. Oifice.,       ,,,_         ;
I-I. \V. Herchmer left"for-Winnipeg
Ion Thursday eVoning."--     +     .        I
■« ..S$,'.o■' have   the .best ^assortment   of
Candy  in  Canada. .Rochon's	
,..,,.- Liphardt, has. pit, watches  . for j?l,
■51.50,'$2.50,  $-1.50 and  ?G. 1   '
' ?\W/e"' carry', tho I; finest 'lino ofyTaffy
■ boxes.'in.'the '.west.—Rochon's.< •.'-* ,
-J. H. Scott   made a trip to Spokane
last week,'.returning'this.:week.
0. N, Ross left for Calgary Wedne's-
"day^evening'-on a business trip.  -  T~
Did you try some, of thoso caramels
that Rochon is making? •  Oh. my! *
H. Fdrdham, car, checker of C.  P.
R., is very ill in the Cranbrook hospi-,
tal, " .„.,■''
Go to Palace Drug Store for    all
kinds    of ' razors,  ' Suasak's    Razor
Stroop. '•
' The" culsliie at the Napanee is unexcelled. The' bar has the bost in
the land,
-Now books-arriving dally at Palace
Drug- Store.
Wright has his jewelry storo in
Lockhart & Gillespie's gents' furnishing store.
I high B, Gllmour has been in town
this week, and loft ror the coast Friday morning,.
Jim Burrows knocked out Howells
of Spokane in llio Glh round In the
fight  at Coleman,
Alarm Clocks, $1.25, $1.75 and $2,50,
at Wright's, tho Jo'woler,
Dr. Harvey's Porfoct Spectacles
don't "COHt much monoy but thoy do
a great deal of good.
J. It. Wallace of the Free ProHS Is
able to bo up again but is still fooling
vory wonlc nftor IiIh Illness,
Wright, tho .lowoler hus a comploto
slock of Ladles' Broaches, which ho
is soiling at Bargain pricos.
13. L, Chiidlolgh, acting BiiporlnUuid-
out, bad IiIh cur attached to tho east-
bound local Friday morning,
11. McnoiiRnll and ,1, McLean of
Fornio Lumber Company loft, by Frl.
day morning's Klyor for St. Paul,
II, L Tlbbottg, travelling paHHongor
nBoiil of the Minneapolis & St. Paul
Hallway wiih in town 011 Tliurnday,
J. IO. Proctor and A. Sylciw of (J, P.
H. piiHHoiiKei* and Hlenpliig car dupnrt-
mont woro In town early this woolc,
Central lolopliono operator wniitod.
Apply Coal Co'h Office,
Yon can i'ul popcorn for popping,
ehiM'ohiN*, almond**, wnlniitii, or any.
thing nice you tiiunl for baking at, Ilo-
Come In and hi.m> our dlHpliiy of lino
clocltH, Llplinrdt, the Jowolor,
.1, I). Mni'lln, eiitter for P. IJiinm &
Co., bun been   IraiiKfo.'rcd   to Hovel-
,,. r I   . ».,.!..        1 If.      ., ,
...    '..     ,       •     .,,,..C. .,.   .- .4., ,.....„,  .14.,. J
ficorgo L. Pedlar of lho Kreo Piohh
Ih nwuy ciihi nn n trip. Wonder what
ho in nftor thin time? Laiit timo ho
grow whlnkfra.
Tiki Foniio Hotel Burner Hhop undor tlio maimptomont of 10, L. Holt, Ih
now opon for btiRlnoHH, Soo thoir nd,
ln mint hor column.
Mplmrdt han received hin Inntru-
monlH for t outline ciyim. Ho KiinrnntooR
HittlHfiiction 011 money refunded,
Mr. .1. I). Quail opened his linrdwnro
Htoro on Saturday ovenlng, It In one
of thc finest building*! In tho city, being of concroto,
Hoo Wright tho Jowelur'u lino lino
of diamond rlnrn from f7,50 (0 |200,
a few of these.
Mr. John, Lundy," who has been suffering from rheumatism for some time
has returned from Blairmore Springs,
to which place lie went for his health.
His friends are sorry to hear that he
is'not,much improved. '..•      , ■"
Slop that constant, waste of -energy
ous energy that makes you weary,
.nervous1,Jand your head feel dumb,
You can do it by wearing a( pair of
,Dr'. Harvey's , Perfect'', Spectacles , to
take the strain off your eyes. ;
For.'hotel.,accommodation the Napanee.-is. the place.       . .*
The Fernie Free Press says that —
"We would-again request subscribers
who arc., not .receiving .their paper lo
report the fact .to this .office." -If a
subscriber is, not getting .the. paper;
how is he,to see that notice? '
... TIip   Tv-nnanpp^p-ivpR   llio   hpsk mpnlR
at all'*times. 7
-. Mr. A. R. Kennedy of* the Ledger,
received the sad" intelligence of the
death ■ of Ills --grandfather at Parkhlll,
Ont.,' at 1.10 advanced.age of-ninety
years. Mr. Jas. B. Kennedy, master
mechanic at-the Exshaw Cement
Works is-also a. grandson.
The delicious, flavor, and aroma.' of
"Salada Tea" is preserved by r.he use
of sealed led packets. ■ lt. is never
exposed to the sun, dust, dirt, air,
llio'surrounding odors and'contamliuit-
atiti'., InThiinic*-) of olhor '(.'oodti'ns
bulk or loose teas are, A teapot tost
will show Hie difference, ,.
. Citizen's In general aro waiting
patiently, particularly business men,
for the installation of tho ' electric
light system which the city will take
ovor. Sovornl lighting schemes have
boon tried, but nothing yot has boon
found so rollablo and convenient .as
the "press tho button" brand of light,
Ladles' rings, regular price $5, for
Saturday $.,,50 nt Wright, the jowol-
or's, nt Lockhordt & Gillespie's storo,
Dr. Harvoy's Important discoveries
In tho sclonce,of optics' and tho oxtbn-
slvo clinic nnd laboratory of tho Km-
plro Collego will onablo him to o'ffoct
a grout Having to thoso requiring
irliiHHPH or optical help. CoiihuH. lilm
at Stiddaby's Drug Storo noxt, Friday
and Saturday Novombor, 27th and
i*8tli 011I5  ■'
A fatal accident wns narrowly averted on the M. V. St. M. rond Friday evening at Hock Cut, whon a littlo girl
Irlrxl to bonrd a moving train. Sho
wiih almoHt undor tho wlioolH, when,
wllh great proHonco of mind, a man
Htandliig near, Bprung forward and
In tlio nick of llino grabbed hor from
a iiiohI porllmiH position,
Tlm Niipanoo hotel Ih prepared to
Iminlln tmvolhu'H and othor KUOHtu,
fniiHldernbhi damiiKo wiih iIoik. to
local proportion by tho heavy wind 11
prevailing the en HI or    purl   of (IiIh
WOOlf.        0)1(1   Of   tllll   Olllof • lOHMI'H   \VHB
Mr. PaHtii who had purl, of tho ntnui-
Hire work on IiIh ainum-numl building
blown down, but. It. Iiiih hIdco bona r(>-
pulrod, imd work In now progroHHlng
i u|ildly.
Mr. A. A. CillluHple iHHued a muit
card calling iitloutlon to tlio fuel, that,
Uio IiuIIoh' tailoring and (IroHinnnkliig
oHinbliHliuiciii m now open (or hum-
iiomh under the able miporvlHlon of
.Mr*,. Uennett of New York, n lady of
viihI oxporiouco, Mr, (illloHpio Hhould
recelvo a vory liberal palronng.i in
UiIh lino,
Cheap watch, regular $2.50 wntch,
iipeoliil Saturday for $2, Wright, tho
Tho Hov. Il, It, Grant Bolomnlssod
thn mnrrlnum of Mr. Harry AmiHtrnnK
to MIhh IOtliol Dlgby, nt tho homo of
Hie bride's father, f*. ,T, Hlpliy on
Thui'Hdny ovoiiIiik. Only tho linmod-
fate relutlvoa of tho contracting par-
lew woro pioHonl. Tho happy eouplo
loft on tho Klyor for n trip to Hpokano
nnd olher points,
A meeting of the shareholders 'of
ihe Fernie Rink company w,as hold recently. Soveral mailers we're adjusl-
e.l in connection with the old rink,
and the_ project of a new rink was favorably received by a majority of the
stock holders. ■ A strong committee
was appointed to view several- available sites, and it. is expected that tho
work of building a now 'rink will be
started at once. The building cannot
pi'oeeed too rapidly to. please lovers
of "good winter sport ih the city anil
it is hoped that work will he commenced before.spring—a mistake that was
made in the erection of the last" rink
. At a subsequent,meeting the committee reported in favor of a'-. site on
the river bollcm near W. R. Ross's residence. .Tenders have been, called
for ,and we understand that Mr. N. E.
Broley was the successful bidder and1
will do the work, . Th'e ^skating fink
will be eleven feet wider and the
same' length as ■ the- old one. <  . •  *   .
Machines Co.,
Fernie, B. C.
Why be without a Sewing Machine when you
.. . can get one for $3.00 a,month?
J. P. HOULAHAN, Agent,, opposite Coal Co.'s office,--Pellat Ave.
Tho Philharmonic Society showed
their enthusiasm on Tuesday night
by turning out in very gratifying numbers in spite of tho Inclement weather,
several new -members being present.
The total membership Is now over fif-
It is hoped' that, all present members and those desirous of joining will
make'a,special 'effort to attend .next
Tuesday . evening's , rehearsal at the
provincial government „ building as
the concert, is being arranged for an
early date. ' "*'' ■ -.
1 The work taken up is of a very high
standard, Amon'c other choruses1 of-a
higher class .being "The Heavens ' are
Telling," (from-Creation), and "The
Soldiers'-Chorus'! (Faust.),- ',   •■
, The secretary.'' i\lr. Webb, has already been approached- by musical
people in Cranbrook wtih a' view of repeating the performance in that city..
The Store of Good Values
Victoria Avenue;
\ Fernie, B. C.
Meat, Butter, Eggs ..
and Fish
Fresh Meat of allKinds
'-■   GIVE US A TRIAL       •
'Winnipeg', Man. Nov. 19—Cornelius
Favel, Jr.,. his wife-.and "two children
of ..Netty, Man,,- were drowned .in the
Red River fifteen'-miles south of Sol-,
kirk yesterday. They were travelling''
,by' dog. -train, on the ice .when. ,they*
struck^a _thin, place and jijl_ went under. .'     1    '.',.-.' '   ' ■■"  -
Sir:- Can nothing be/done.to rouse
tlio .civic authorities of this -. town to
a-sense',of their duties, .or;are,.-,.they
still too da74ed with tlie'smoke ofthe
fire four months" since, to.realize, their
obligations to 5000 odd'people.' ; For
days, nay weeks since, the inhabitants
of Fernie have observed piles, of. lumber gracing the roads, and many • of
them in.their simplicity have remark;
ed: "The council is about tb nrovide
sidewalks once more. Thev are optimistic though, for although" time to
re-sidewalk the roads has been ample
ono finds'that'only a small portion
has been laid. '.Why Is this? May;I,
:i new arrival— pounced upon almost
before arrival for a $2 rond tax, sug-
;j(5st that lho council instead of smoking cigars, etc., whilst attending council meetings, should glvo Immediate
alteiitlo'ii'to tho convenience of the
public and provldo them with at any
rale something In the nature of a
footpath. Thanking you In imtlcipa
tion for Inserting this and hoping il
may Instill n slight Interest in (he
heart of nt least, a majority of the
council, I remain yours etc,
To nil Wago Earners, Groollngs:
On May 1st tho Moffat Stove Company of WoBton, Ontario, iniido a do-
iniind on tliolr inotildors for a twenty (lvo por cent reduction, and Unit
In future the shop would bo run as
an open shop, nnd that, in future tho
firm would donl Individually with
tlin men,
Tho mat,lorn woro tnlcon up by tho
officers of tho union nnd everything
PohhUiIu wim dono to offoct 1111 hon-
orablo Hotllumont, but. Uio firm refused to moot, tlio offloom HtnlliiK tlmt
tlioy wore going to nm tho Hhop   to
Hlllt   UlOinHClVOH,
Our organization having,nn ngreo-
liimil with tho Htnvo iimiiiifnetiirerH
Hint thero would he no chango in
llio wiigo rule during 1007 iuul 1H0S,
ll beeimi.i noei'mmry to "Htrlku" them;
hIioph: Tlio Win, Iliifk Riove Co. of
I hunt ford iuul Moffiitt Httivo compnny
of Weston, Out., to protect our mom-
hern In thn other hIioph, also to pro
I mil UifHO iiininifneiiiri'i'd who worn
willing   to bo fnlr and fulfill   their
■ T*i *" *» *+**• -WW
^Incc thc idrlhc rl.'irii-.) Uwnv tlt'Lin
hnve brought, our iiuinbei-H Into court
fin* asHiiult ami Intimidation nn<l In
('v.-ry wny tried to discredit our mini-
bi'iH without, micrcRH,
-■       1    ,1
■ ...    .4.u«,.... .>    rti„„    ju„   -Il)(,    j,nr,
•■liiiHliiK nn nrtlelo It Ih with your own
hurd cnriiod monoy nnd you lmvo tlio
I'lglii to say what nrtlelo It will hn,
no Mint mutter romi, wllh yourm-lvo!-,
Hoping thai you will nwili-t. i)H nl\
you i-.-ni In this mniffr-lf don't cosit
nny muro for tho fnlr nrtlelo.
Than Ling you for paat   uuatnlii.iico
J'f'lllll 1 ed. ,,
J. 11. HAIl.NBTT.
HiiHlnonn Agont,
P. H.--WI1I notify you of any chnngo
In iltu.Mioii.
7 Winnipeg, • Man? Nov.  Ill—Hugh H.
Armstrong, member  for' Portage''" la
Prairie,   was   sworn in as provincial
treasurer in
succeeding .
the: Robli n   government,
; H.-Aghew.'.deccased'.'
- r-- ■      -■ • i ■•••   ■ ■
',':;   '*    ' .' 'DECEMBER 2 -
..The. date ofthe fight between Billy
Lauder and [ Eddie Merino has been
fixed for December 2 and-*will • take
place/in'.Sh'erpian's roller riiik' in Cal-
sai,y.'. ',,„',.;. ,.'.    ,„" .■'■', y . ,„
Merino -commenced to train- yester-
7day .aiid• Billy Lauder starts on his
work, at .once/ •',' .   :. '
-It is possible that. Potts andLauder
may be^matched for a scrap■,on Xmas
day-or.'the day;following. ,, , ■* ' ■"
;' Laiider's. management will not agree
to' a-match, however, unless weight
is'fixed at 136 pounds ringside. • They
do riot- feel inclined to give Potts ■ the
advantage of eight or ten p'ounds by
weighing in' at,.three'o'clock in' the
aftornoon.—Calgary News, -'-   '. ■
NOTICE,   ■ ■ •       .
In the matter of an application for
the Issue of a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for part (65 feet by
135 feet) of the Southerly', portion
of Lot 26, Block 5, of Lot 6455—
Group One, District of Kootenay,
(Map 735 )
NOTICE is hereby given that It Is
my Intention' to issue at tho expiration of one month after the first publication hereof' a duplicato If the
Certificate'of Titlo to tho above mentioned lands In tho nnmo of John
Strachan, which oort.lflc.ato is dated
tlio 2GL1) day of April,. 1900, and .numbered 5B29 A,
H. L. MacLeod
District noglslrnr
Land Registry Office .    „
Nolson, B, C,
Octobor 2'ith, 1008.
For Sale
1.00 tons of good
Baled Hay
W, E, Barker, Cayloy, Alta,
I IT..:,   .. -. .-
■-^he. home-warming .which intro-.,
"■duces your-friends to your'new :
" home will be one of genuine con-'-.
■ gratulation if you have'installed''
'' one of "the- Oxford - systems 'of
' heating.' ''   '"   -: :- '   '* ''•■"'>, " ■■'
,-'   "<.'   ■■■■   ' ■:, 1;    ■■/ ■■■■,    .-.. ,i> .-
. Hot -Water and Steam"
' .iri'connection'with'Oxfoi-cl'Radi- *
' ators cover every phase of build-
,'.: ing heatfng—and they cover therri ■
■" better than' any other niak'e on''
■* the market,    These boilers' have,.'
.-' been brp,u^ht„to,such a high state '
,of perfection that they utilize, all
' the heat generated, and dispense
. healthful warmth, evenly, to every
part of the building.  ,
These boilers can be fitted to
.bum-any kind oi" coal, coke or
■ wood.   They are easily operated
and very simply regulated,;
■ We would like to give you full
.' particulars of our   heating sys-
■ terns,   WQii't.you write for book- ■
lets ? Better still, send us particulars of the building you wish to'
heat and we'll give you particulars
■ of the best' system  to fill - the'
requirement. • ' ■
The Gurney Standard-
Metal Co., Limited
'     Selllnrf Agent, Fernio
■\\7"ET Weather Footwear is-'what you
t ' require. ' We have a spleiiditl assortment.in Rubbers,-and Leather'Boots aiid
Shoes.,* ;A,. large, shipment of Trunks,
Suit Gas-is,-'Etc.; at ;a\vay down prices.
Gloves stud Mitts
Yes, we've got 'em '■■■'!
W. R.  M^cDotigail
Andy- ■ ■ Hamiitoii;; I
I »■■''■*."    TitasMaitIi:''ia.fiid-Pi*u'i*jateerV"y^^    '|
17'. -
5?    .-.'      <    •    1°
f8 7"    -    -    ' ■
Hi   .*
V 'I
I ;■>■•-We can furnish you yviih estimates".'in '  ?" g
§?.;.  >■-■.::       . :    -':. jy   7" ''     wc.w-. vr.:*^*„-.*j ■    |
-   anything in'our line; "''.'-':
'- ■",.*
v.. •■ --.
.'it.'.'-f   {
Also For sale by Whlmater A Co.
• (.-. «v ,.   -H'
i, •»■
ware in stock \ together --with'i a   77^
-;    •   .-'   complete range-of Stoves   •      '"•■'.
-.,"    "    ''   "'        '-   ' 1 . .'.--"■:•'„(,   •   "- - '    .     -   ■'.     '   -
- '     - ,     '  ■    ■•-•- '     -   . ' • - •
Furniture Department /
* Our Furniture Departments-embraces the
■ most unique and up-to-date' lines. *   -^
•. ;        Come in and have a look ..  .
and Tinware
We are carrying the largest and most
complete  stock  in .this district and
can guarantee satisfaction every time
i *    ■ •
Steam Heating and Plumbing
.'.■./■..-.W'-WS'S***1*?-'•*.., "I        ,, J*l*l*XfA  f'M^'IW'
All kinds of
Qivo us atrial
If you cooked with a GURNEY-
OXFORD range you'd save fuel,
food and labor
REMKM13RR that a (Volbir snved In ihe firnt coot of n rnn*»e may mean
a hundred dollar 1o«a boforo you're thrott^h with it. You should
look for efficiency, fuel and food, economy, time nt operation in thi
ranco you buy--these ure exactly tho jwints that dintlnEuish the Qurnoy-
Oxtora Ranges.
trill give you the bent cooVing untiufnc-
tion out of either c*«l or woosl.
11 ut built of -tad (Ut, jvatont levelled
stool, clowly rlvetted to shoetK of nsU'v
. .,,,      , -        , . ,
itwukUo the lie»t of the range and
renders tap-owiiblo a Blopp«4ffl of tlie
droit by leaving into thc fluea,
Our flit* tytttetn by which tho oven it
bt-ftted (fivrit an absolutely even temperature thMMighout.
We would UIc« to ihow you thin lun^e—
explain il to you. If you auuvot call,
dtop a cord (or further details.
G#14*an Nugget
I \tm--i, eetd to* tfMl.llMd
• hHf) tit Um ImI In.
Ium the food
•mcm, y*t It
It *l
Ate t-*i Ul evrn  It U eveetr heeied
t—tn»0i*m»   *e (mm-Imc el WmbJ or mIuh.
J«tt   (MO
The Gurney Standard Metal Company, Limited -
J.   D.   Quail,  S.\\\ne( Ag«i»!f r«rnU
Oalgmr-f, H4«Miii(-»tii


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