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The District Ledger 1908-11-14

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 prov]_iijSrary ~     June.30 03,; -' .,    ■ ^ ,„..,..\.    „'.
,.g5-^-^ 1.l^JC,s-.,jil.,ft.'..1     ,   ,    ,.„,■..,
?'.!" "      irrm-ii      .k^»- E7i'    '      ■ * ■tt»H'--'M^.'v   1  ."' "'**-& >*-!!:-1/
■■■>»    -:}■-■      :    ■  - *       i   ■ ■"'"•■ --* Ki
ll "*.f*fu. !•. firs -U'\ m{ \^\r^'&.'.
jy. 4-„4. ,r.,
1-J'"i   /   I  '     ?•"'? - '■'.'* '!
, '   ; *■-.* -v.- * v -| f ••■ ■'■'
>.i.-,C- t /'.'. i     *'       . '■ '•<('.
Industrial Unity is Stretigftra
- ••   '■'-''  j-*..'**-'    '   *.?•,-,t ■ j;-?!/!'.--   ... ".'--jf 1 )■
*.      i " j'
. s   : .'.' ■. 4,
The Official Organ of .District No. 18, U. M.w: of A.
. -1 -
,,... i. j
7 • \ o' ,
Uticai Unity is Victory
VOL. IV.   No
FERNIE,   B. C,   NOVEMBER   14th,   1908
$1.00 a. Year
d ,     ,   ', .
Finest Pianos in Canada sold on
such purchase terms that
■ " '. every home, may  -
own one
We want you.to. know moro,
ahout the New- Scale Williams
Pianos—what magnificent instruments thov- are —» and
WHY. Our. free booklets ■
give these 'facts—tell what
famous pianists, teachers,
singers, colleges and schools
think of these faultless pianos,
And they are PACTS that you
should know about the
,     PIANO
Lei us send the booklets and
show you how you may have
any style of, tiie New Scale
Williams Piano—grand or'up-
righl—and pay for it on our 6
ne*ty purchase plan. Address
oi' call on the undersigned for.
particulars. 7 . .   ,    ,
We carry ° the stock  to suit
all   tastes.      Our   Kitchen
Ranges, Stoves and Heaters
cannot be excelled.   We are
right    in   price   every   time.
The J. H. REID CO, Ltd.
„•          j	
Heads the  Poll   with
Large Majority
Three-Cornered! Fight-Bitterly
Loses His Deposit
The finest, assortment of .Gents'. Furnishings in  town  at
Lowest Prices.   Sole agents for the famous house of Hob-
The Conservatives are happy' and
the Liberals are "disgusted'and the Socialists are still in the field,
- ' This is the sum and substance of
the deferred elections ' of Kootenay
and Yale-Cariboo.
Goodeve was elected.'by a majority
of over 900 and the1 showing made by'
Davidson iu Fernie riding, essentially
a workiiigman's community, was,satisfactory. ■    ;
Goodeve, Conservative, 3,079.
Curtis,'Liberal, ■ 2,155. '    ,
Davidson.Socialist. 1,1.00.
'Burrell, Con., 2,635.     ,,
Ross, Lib., 1,867.   ,  ".
Buntiiig, Socialist, 609.'
The following are the bulletins'   as
they came in.and will.g'.'e the particulars as far as we- could get them
when we went to press. ■**-• ,
- Kimberley: Curtis • 6, Goodeve • 6. ■ ■
; b'erlin Clothing.     Every garment guaranteed to be perfect
n.fit, workmanship and style..,    'v
Field:  Goodeve 38, Curtis.26, Dav
ids'oii 0.
, Glacier:  Curtis 12, Goodeve 14, Davidson 4. ' '    .
Notch Mill: Hurrell 18, Ross 25/ Bunting "0.1      ' a  , •'"   .    •
Ashcroft: Ross 39, Burrell 43^ Bunting 0.
Windermere:  Goodeve 45, Curtis 8,
Davidson 0.
AUialmor:   Goodeve -11;  Curtis    11,
Davidson 8- '.
Wilmer:, Goodeve 27, Curtis 15, Davidson 3.
Brisco:' Burrell 13, Ross IS, 2 polls
lo be heard from.     -,
Slocan Junction: Goodeve 11, Curtis
8, Davidson 12.        .     -   ■  •      >
Fernie:  Davidson 155, Curtis-129,—
Goodeve 126.   ';     -     -
Wingdun:' Burroll 1°0, Ross 9, Bunting 0.
Texas Creek: Ross'3, Burroll-1, Bun-
■        '      - ' -       ' ■'- " '      " !>'       ' '    '
that I can buy good fruit lands with a good water supply, within 30
miles of Fernie, on Instalment plan, $5 down, $5 per month, no in-
terest for first year, for a five acre tract during the life of contract?
This pffe rmay not last long, aa the price may be advanced after
1st January next, so if you want good fruit lands at the bottom
price apply at once. Oo it nowl Sales have exceeded our best ex.
pectatlons so far. We find It easy to sell a good article, and such
easy payments are not-offered by any other such company. Write
for circular on "Kootenai Irrigation Tract."
D. W. HART ~^tto7toST .BAYNES, B. C.
Miners are warned against going* to
Merritt, B.C., as the Nicola Coal and
Coke Co. are posted as unfair to the
U.M, W. of A. A copy of their rules
is printed in another column.
The following mines are also unfair, and miners are warned to keep
City Mines	
TT» 1       If
JJUhii lUlilo-S	
Kosedale Mines	
Strathuona Minos
"DawRoi'i Mines 	
Frank Mines :
Edmonton Alta.
4) k
How the City Aldermen Really
Act in the Public's Behalf
A Brief Review
"^Wattsbuvg: G^ode7«T!-KFC'urtis~6r'
Ja,ffray: Curtis 13, God*deve 25, Dav-
son 1.' ,
, Marysville:'Curtis .17,..Goodeve 12,"
Dnyidson J,,;, , ■.„-'.; ,.yji£toif&,.,.,„ ,
..Fort Steele, .Curtis 27, ..Goodeve..; 26.
Wardiier: Curtis 19, i3oodove"34.
•  'Mayook:" Goodeve 10, Curtis S.
Fort Steele Junction: Goodev..* 't;—
Curtis 5. "
Wasa: Curtis 5, Goodeve 7.
Baker: Curtis 15, Goo'devo 4, Davidson 2."   -
Wycliffo.Goodeve 6;.Curtis 5.
Nelson City:  Goodeve majority of
about 100. -', •
Yale1 Cariboo: Stump Lake, Burrell
8,' Hoss 8," Bunting 0.
.Kamloops: Burrell 320, Ross 19ii',—
Bunting 31. *   .
Solacreok:' Burrell 7, Ross 4.
' Llllooot: ltoss IB, Burrell 47.
Sandon: Davidson 41, Goodovo   22,
Curtis J,  _ .."
Slocan City: Goodovo 41, Curtis 28,
Davidson 2G.
Sllvorton: Curtis 2, Davidson 17,—
Goodovo 21 ;* '
Nelaon: Goodovo »80, Curtla 2:10, Davidson 1C7.
Blioll: nurroll S!l, Ross 0,   Iluntlug
llosaland: Goodovo 250, CurtisH 224,
Davidson ]M, •
Greenwood:  Rohh 120, Burroll 1*12,
Bunting 4G.
Phoonlx: Durroll 81, Robs 101, Bunt-
iiiK 88.
Trail: Curtis 88, Qoodveo 159, Dav-
IdBOn 43,    ,
Ilosmor: Curtis 31, Goodovo 38, Da-
vldaon 11.
Proctor: Curtis 2, oodovo 24.
BaynoB! Goodovo 0, Curtis 6, Dnv-
IdBon 0.
Kltchonor; Goolovo 13, CurtiH r>, Dn-
vilnon 0,
Mlchol:   Davidson 90, Goodovo 23,
Curtis 22.
.Taffruy: Goodovo 2G, Curtis 13, Dn-
vldnon 1, rojoctnd I,  ••
Nlcoln: Burrell 28, Hess 10,
Dot: Burroll 3, IIohk 0,   Bunting 1.
RoHoborry: ("urtlu 6,   (3ood«ve 4,--
Dnvldnon 2.
Nnkusp; CurtiH     14,     Davidson 0,
Goodovo 32.
CnmlnRnr: fiooilnvo 12, Curtis n, Dn-
vldnon 2, '•
D r
Our new Stock is Replete
with the most approved
of ferities for winter purchasers.
At live minutes lo eight on Thursday ovenlng our special reporter journeyed to tho city offices,, Ills Worship Mayor Tuttle waa already thoro,
as wero also a fow intorestcd spectators.
The mooting of tho council wna culled for 8 o'clock, but it was 8.15 whon
Aid. Quail arrived, plpo In hand. Just
as tho clock struck tho half lion, Aid.
Watson strolled in, cigar In hand. An*
othor wait of fifteen mlnutoH nnd ln
struttod Aid. Johnson, cigarette lu
hand. Sovoral parties who had as-
Bomblod In tho moantlmo to do business with tho council lit up thoir cigars,
pipoa and clgnrottoB and In a fow
minutes tho mayor had to go and got
n Bocond lamp In order to soo through
thn cloud of smoke.
Howovor tho lamp was not much
uso, and ns tho mayor and our reporter woro about tho only oiioh not
HinokliiK our scribe had to cwiao taking notes a» ho could not boo tho pa-
por In hin linndu, This In n phnso of
civic administration, that wn think
Hhould bo romodlod.
Suroly tho gentlemon representing
thu people's IntoreHtn could bo uiisol-
(luh enough to (llnponHn with smoking
for tho time thoy tiro at tlio   council     ,„   „       „    ,      „,,.,.. i>„„ir,r- (!i..-..i,.v<, \-i {'urii-i i  ivn-i.1
mnniiiwr WoHtloy: (loodovc 7, (,ui*IIh 3, Dnv.'    »«I'i"ir' »»t-ii'**'* **.*•'*'««.» I. IMWi
medium. ,. , ' enn 'I
Thoro nro always     people proBout | 'M;"", °'
who do not snioko, nnd as thin Is   a,
public mooting thoy should bn cniiHld- >
ored.     Apart from the selfish side Ii \
i iiis-^. z ~~~^i a ; r—
Clinton:   Burrell °23,'Ross  5,  Bunt-
i»B 0.' ,,       ; .
■   Harpers Camp*. Ross 9, Burrell 6.
Alexandria: Burrell, 6, Ross 5.    -
' !S,.ameyrBuml,ig* l',' Hbri-ell 'lZi'^b'ss'
17. '    -    ' "•''      ' '      .-'•'''
'   Barker.ville:  Bunting 1, Burrell 41,
Ross 24.
Fraser hake:  Burrell 4, Ross 2, ,—
Bunting 0.       . -     .
Stoney Creek: • Ross 8,    Burrell 4,
Bunting 0.
110 Mile House: Burrell 9, Ross 14,
Bunting 0.
.   lfiO milo house: Burrell 11, Ross 22
Bunting 0,
Sycamous: Ross 7, Burrell 6,-Bunting 0.
Malakwa:  Ross 7, Burroll 9, Bunting 2.
Salmon Arm:' Ross 79, Burrell 70,—
Bunting 5.
,   Sptizzsmo: Buiitiii 1, Burroll 2, Ross
•I,     '
Three Valleys:   Ross -I. Burrell    3,
Hunting 0,
Spciieos, bridge:  Bunting -I, BtiiTi'll
25, Rohs, 7.'
Arrowhead:  Goodovo 50, Curl Is 40,
Davidson 8,
Beaver Mouth: Goodeve .-", Curtis 2,
Davidson 0.
Rovolstoko: Goodovo 291, Curtis W,
Davidson 9C. '
Crows NohI: Two majority for Consorvntlvo.
Tappon:  Ross 10f< Burroll (I, Bunting 0.
Ymir: Davidson 18, Goodovo 15, CurtiH 12.
fiiilmo: Curtis 12, Davidson 17, Goodovo 17. , ,
Wnnotn: CurtiH 4, Goodovo 19, Davidson 0.
Snvonaic Ross 10, Burroll 17, Bunting 0.'
PonnyH:  Ross 4, Burrell     5, Hunting 0.
QiiohiioI ForltH: Burroll 8, Ross   5,
Hunting 0,
North Fork district: Grand Forks:--
Bur roll 14, Ross 5, Bunting 7.
Kniltviilc: Goodovo i, Curtis 1, Davidson 0,
Uric: Goolovc 12, Davllson .",, (''litis 2.
I.itnlu: Goodeve 4, Curt Is 3, iJnvld-
1 on 2.
Nov e-1 ties
Our Fancy Goods jDepa.rt-
sxiesit is a fea.tu.re ^witJb. us
stmtid. new Goods arc air"
riving daily. Inspection
CoM JLiiiiited
Fernie   Terrorist   Killed   Near
Spokane—One of the
Gaol Breakers
(Nelson Dally News,)
Tat to marks on tho arm of Umeuto
Siintnro wIiohq body *v,w found with
and back at lllllyanl, noar SpuUiuio,
lust Wednesday night furnish nn Interesting cluo whleh hns enabled The-
Daily News to establish tho fact that
the decoused wiih without doubt ono of
tho Italians who woro arrested at Ferule on Juno 25th last lu connection
with tho famous black hand conspiracy case, and ho wiih ouo of thoso
who BubiHHiuuntly escaped from the
Fornio Jail and who wiih not rocaptur*
Wl*eii the body wiih found In pre-
Hontml a horrlblo Hpootuclo,
Tho Hhlnliig black hair of lho murdered man was clotted wllh blond nml
ion   and a small, neiit, black    menu
Ilo was arrested along with hit
brother Nunzlnto and nine others o,*'
Juno 2,'itli, At this lime i!.e :v..:',;■>
on IiIh arm wore:
PJ.        S.
A I,     '       7-12
TIiIh  Ii bus been iiHcoitainod, repro*
HimtH the man's Inltlaln K. 8, nnd Uio
(Into 17th April 1900, which represents
tho (Into when the tatio marks woro
put on,
Tho A. I,, stands for April nml Is to
ho connected with tho 17th lu the upper corner,
The    exnci mejinliig of the figures
Plnliir:  Onrll-* P.  nnvlfliimi 1, C.mil ''    ""^■™",'^,■ «nm!i»vo IS. funis It. Duv.
loosoiied earth and the ground around j "--I-   hnvu not been aHc-nrtnliifil ns
thn Hcono of lho tragedy for a yard orf-*'01*
moro was soaliod with blood, ;    The doutii's head was put on-whlln
On the left forearm of the dead man j ""' nian was a prlsonnr In tho Jail nt
wnH fcuud ii Komowlint mystifying ein-l I',''-'iil'.*. <md the Ink wus made out of
lilum consisting of death's head     imd \ Inmphlark.
the following flgurou and letters. The   two It-tlcrx h. before and ufter
17 lho letter H., must have lnwn pill on
!•;  i.f  t ' nflnr bin onrnni' from  Ferntn  lull  n*
t<im*. 'they were tint on during his stay In
eve 12.
Irfmiu 0,
Midway: Ihirrell 33, Ross »r,. Hunt-     Armstrong: Uiirmll 173. Ibm '.)',,
A I,
thai prison.
ing 3.
tinning ...
Albcvta CJoal ("!o.  Moiinville, Alta.
A dispute  is also pomling* nt  tbo
Gnlbraitb ("Joal Mino, Luwlbrook, Alta.
Manitoba and Saskatchewan (Joal Mino
la a wnnt of decorum for our civic fa .    ,, ,,    ,       -,,... ,,„.,„
(her. to sit down at tho council   and 7 ,"™T'- r,00(",V° 7' <'"r,,,, l;' ""^ rnr\t"i
J ttrmoko, ftnioho, Ntnoko nnd fiX'pecifli-nco
all over tho floor whilo doing     the
business of tho city.
!    The Dally S'owh Iiiih been able to i    Why thoy were put on or when Is
get    a   reliable  ovplnnatlnnl   nf  thi'I Hi" «'hl*»f mjseiery nm rounding    the
Mcflulgaii: Davidson la. Coedi-w .*,   f„,,,H cmncru,,,! wftli this mystic imi- i ***«««•>-
'.l,,.,, ,,,.4,.M,„|, Vi'', " •■'.,-<   '"-, ,.C I..' -,,| ,,....
* ■.-..■ 4 ..-    4 ,4    i.l4„W,..l       ,.,:».S4*«4',*, 4.4
inoitiiliig. now Hcrvlng a two year Ht'iiicnrn In
Il mipenrs that   Muriiesto   Kaniaro , ih„ provlnrlal jail at  NVw Wnstmlu-
(Irani! Forks City: Including Coliirn-     "«'>'"»'• ''<'od"V I. <'nn'*i
bio: IIuitoII 1*11*2.   Ross., {17.   lliintlng ,'Von °*
!    However wo wlUloavo that mattorj^ „   ,     „    ,       /,,„,,        ,; KZ?",,,,!   rJ"°"0V" "' '"'"«| ;am« to .".nilo i„ ,n.; .-nrly ,mr.   of inter, ,„ which ho whb „,„,„.„„<»   on
i for anotlior .Into ... ipM. I. precious.     ^-' «-'^ «. Crtl. 3. Mnv-  ••■ ^«™; ...,    .„,e w„„„, h, joined his bro,,,,1  j,,w,„u,r » eight otlwr. being .en-
I    A«»oona»tholompomrycltyclork!~*'       „   ,,',„_       ,,    '.nnvl«!«on l> human. ;ten«cl nt  the name time to various
:Mr. Hhunley, was ready, the meeting    ,hrMHnn' f'"r,f" "• 0<MW,f,v" 4' ";" ' wtnZlir  Davidson  .7   ,-.„. 4, ,  'T*™" '?       "   '"' "" ''"   ,h,,,,:""r»K
nu nllod to ordor with tho follow ■v,fM" °- _ M  ,Z1   - *    '"''       '" ,U,,,'nw" A>r,,,, '" 8flUlh AmerUa,     Anoil.c- .-..rlou. fact In con •.-,„,
lllK   gnmlemen present: Mayor l'utt.|-i  J*",™ """^ *' n,,r,,B .B' ,m"     1J,,,. nim.Ui, •   iiurrMi -a ,'„f   ""   '""'   '■*'" " """"'""" "' """ Wnrt''w,,b "'- """" •- '•»•»» ^»"*n •'•" W
(Aid. Quail, Aid. W.IM.  and     AU.!M,"n *' ,,. n ^'."Mul orgnnlzHtlon thon- for foe:- ,„   ^ mvoxnua 1, hH<l h.,n i,i«i„„.(|
! Johnton. *nd *• must not overlook !    m'tl Ctnym: COrU» 3* *MA*0U ' ■''"    .'    , itu rinj,, fnil,  ...     , flv« yMf"*     "" "PoU" «P'"**',h     ■"'•»; ««•>• n .tfllr-io In 21 places and   tlm-
ImilConnoll.     Mayor TuttlolLghlng.!00^3' ,   „ '    Ko^     ,1T, S '*"r,,J' 4I M"> iM Ul" V™*
1 * '    Ducks:   Ho»» 31.  Ilurr«ll  19. Hunt-,    l*'^™-  him 0, IMrmll 3, [i-inMnx ed younu fellow  nliout  twenty  Hin-. ,»lon    that followr.l the body to    th*
year* ot ««o -with rith-»r p.lf (wmV ' ^/.n-o'^ry on PmnriUr U*t "
iCuntltiaNl nn p.s« H$*ht.>
Itif -ft. PAGE TWO
Coal Oii Explosion Burns Farm-
hoiise-No Escape for.
' Bla-cfcv .-.;..;■
-"     .,   .■»•(('..'-,;•,: '■!• 7 ..   "'"
■..-•-,.*- ■'*■       '        ^ >."/-
..Che-winS-fTopacco   .-.. ^"
'Rich ;apcl ^satisfying
The big black plug
..<    >     <
£4*68 .  ;.
However ihe only surviving member
of the family does not seem to realize
the terrible nature of the affair.
Swan Lake .is a village'in Lisgar
-(unity, "Manitoba,, and a station on the
Carman and' Hartney division five
miles east of Belmont. It has one
branch banlc,-ono private bank and a
number of mercantile buildings.
> Edward Carey
,    Mrs.   Carey -> -*.
Amy Carey, aged 18.
Lelie Carey, aged 15.
Evalina Carey, aged 13.
Lily Carey, aged 12.
Gladys Carey, aged 9.
Percy Carey, aged 6.
Miss Mary Gillespie.
Swan Lake,-Man., Nov. G—One of
the most terrible fire tragedies in the
history of the province occurred,four
miles south of here at 5.30 this morning, resulting in-the death of Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Carey and six of their
family, together with Miss Mary Gillespie, the teacher of Lakeview school,
The victims perished in ihe destruction of the Carey home, which was destroyed in flames, the sleeping .occupants being unable to escape.
Son Discovers Fire.
Herbert Carey, aged 17, the only surviving member of thc family, and his
father, rose at about live o'clock, and
wi ,'j ihe lather remained in the kitchen to-kindle tlie fires, the son pro-
cedeed to the stables to teed the cattle and horses, it being then, quite
dark. The other members of the
household were still asleep. While,in
the stable the son heard cries which
he mistook at first for the howling of
a wolf. He went out and heard to
his horror cries from his father, and
saw that tho house was on fire. Run-'
njng to tlie house lie succeeded ' in
dragging tlio burning nihil from the
flames whicli by this time completely
enveloped him. Mr. Carey's clothes
were entirely burned from his body,
nothing, but his boots remaining, and
his son was also badly burned from
the attempts he had made lo rescue
him. Realizing that any attempt to
enter the house would be in vain, Herbert assisted his father to a place of
safety and theii. set off (P warn* the
nearest 'neighbor,    William Shatford.
On their return' the house was a mass !,,„,, ,,    „ , , ,   ,
. ,, -   , ,.       , ,' ,„„„,,,,.    , ,!    On September 10 the Beluga picked
of flames and it was impossible    to ' , .
 i . . L.iin_tlie_dviuE:_.cr.pAV_of_tlie_ir_i1£iich_sbtii
were without doubt by this time past
all aid.
San Francisco, Nov. 11—Bringiuv :i
cargo of five whales and'5000 pon.i.i-.;
of bone, the whaler Beluga, the first,
of the big whaling fleer, of this port
arrived yesterday.
The officeis and crew kill of ihe
narrow escape of the vessel from ll.c
ice-floeS in a driving storm on Aug.
8 during which one of the crew succumbed to cold and tlie others were
badly frost bitten.       "
The Beluga was among icebergs off
Unalaska when the storm struck her.1
Lashed to the wheel, Captain Porter
directed the craft so as to avoid the
huge bergs as they were driven toward" the Beluga by the gale.
The men were compelled to work
for hours in tlie cold, and one of the
crew, B. F. Ballinger, died of exposure.
Tho rest narrowly escaped perish-'
ing. During the storm ' the Beluga lost her maintop and mizzen
mast; but managed to retain her precious cargo.   -
Do. You Thirikf.You  Would  Recognin
,-;-' ,lt on Anothor Person?
' -How stian'gttjt is.'* said the philosopher, ."thai.. thejJ^ei*sou for whom you
ciire nibst "ou"earth, the one you see
oftenest and who receives your most
constant attention Is the one whose
countenance is least familiar .to you.'*7
"Who Is that?" asked the'visitor.
"Yourself.", said the philosopher, '""it
Is a fact that if people could,be duplicated and could meet themselves in'-tlie
at root very few would recognize them-
relyes. We., look at ourselves many
times during the 3U5 days of the year.
Wo say our eyes are blue,or whatever
color they may, be, our hair brown; our
chin peaked, our forehead high. We
know every lineament of our face from
constant study ami attention, yet wbeu
we turn away from the mirror we cannot conjure up ii;. picture, of ourselves.
We know just "how our friends and
even acquaintances look. In fancy we
can see theiii sitting so^or standing so
and their varying expression under different circumstances is clear to us,
even though we have not seen them
for years,. But when it comes to ourselves we cannot even fill in the outline pf the picture. We may laugh, we
may cry, ' we mny frown, but we' do
not know how we look while we are
doing.lt. Photographs do not lielp us.
We have never seen ourselves In the
flesh Mirrors und pictures if re poor
aids when we sit down and try to see
ourselves with the mind's eye. "J'lint
is why people are so deeply Interested
hi anybody 'who is .said to resemble
thein .lust sny to a man, '1 know
somebody who looks for all the world
like you.', and lie will never rest until
he sees that person. Then If tbe likeness Is really true he will own that up
to that time he had'no conception of
how he really looked."
Tlie visitor smiled wanly. "I wish
you wouldn't tall; like that," she saicf
"It makes me feel so uncanny. I am
almost afraid of myself." '
Keep Cool and. Remember and Follow
These Instructions,
lu case * of lire, if the, burning
articles are at once splashed and
sprayed with a solution of salt nnd
nitrate of ammonia an incombustible
coating is formed.1 This is a preparation which can be made at home at a
trilling cost and should be kept on
liaud. Dissolve twenty pounds of common salt and ten' pounds of nitrate of
ammonia In seven gallons of water.
Pour this into quart bottles of thin
glass and tire grenades are at baud
for use." These bottles must be
corked and sealed to  prevent
The -whaler's captain also reports j ^7^,
that (lie Beluga gave the whaler Bow-j ^Vi,p(;,,,tlon| U1H] -,, ^ of flre they
line a week's supply of provisions,, ,m,s*. bo thrown near the flames, so as
and that "the murder of a Porlugueso j *0 break aud liberate ,the gas con-
sailor by a Canadian cook has been j .aiued. At least two-dozen of these
commit ted on board of the ship   Bow-;  -ottles should be ready for an.emer-.
line! '.'        V    •    „■-■.-.'"    [ 2°nc>'> ■ -      •
In .this connection it is well to' re-
lomber that water ou burning oil seat-
Bodies Located in Ashes
The father wascoiiveyed to a noigh-
1 boring house and many of the residents from around came to assist in
taking tiie burned and charred bodies
from the remains. It was lale in the
afternoon before they succeeded in locating the entire number. The bodies
of the three eldest children, , and of
Mrs, Carey wero found together .in
tlie south room, charrod, headless and
practically unrecognizable. The bodies
of the two other children were found
among the charred and twisted remains of a,spring mattress iu tho mid-
del room, indicating that they hud all
burned to death iu their beds without
making any effort to escape, '
The body of Miss Gillespie was
found in the north room .where she
had retired the night beforti. Three
of the children were sleeping in the
samo room with her but they must
have rushed to their mother's room
ns their bodies woro found there. Tlio
other two bodies wore found In various parts of the house between the
All were headless, nnd only (liroo
could ho definitely Idontlllod, .Mrs. Carey, Miss Glllesplo and Amy,
Due to Coal Oil Explosion.
Tho   only Information which could
he obtained concornluK the caiise   (if
William Boyle, which was wrecked
on'an ice berg two "days before. The
five men were insane from hunger or
Shortly after .tlioy wero rescued 'ijy'
tlie Beluga they perished from previous exposure and cold and were buried on an island.
The "Beluga nearly ran aground on
nn unchartered island and later the
provisions became short and tlie men
were put on half rations. On October
20 a whale was sighted and three
bombs woro driven itno the leviathan
from a yawl managed by five of the
vessel's crow. The dying whale destroyed the yawl and three of the
sailor's wero drowned in tlie icy sea,
A.day later, crazed by tlio cold nut.
hunger the, men started a firo in the
cabin of the ship nnd only nftor , a
hard fight wero the men put' In Irons
mid thc flro extinguished; the cabin
was completely gutted, ,' ■
On tho trip homeward tlio men
were released after recovering Iheir
Sioux Falls, N. »., Nov. 12~ln tlie
referendum of last Tuesday the peo
pie of South Dnkoln havo voted over-
whelnilni-ly to ond South Dakota's famous divorce mill,
Al'te rtho stnto cnnvasslnn board
moots at  PIoito  tho lirist  of     nexl
''"aguish ,,11. "Salt thrown upon a fire
u' the chimney Is burning will help to
"'jadeu, the blaze. If a fire once gets
under headway and prompt exit be-
-Jinds'-a iiocl'ssKv^ wellk' huiidUcreUlcf-
"ppediu water and wrapped about
.■ :e mouth and nostrils "will prevent
•.'■..'focalbn from smoke; failing this, a
;i ceo of wet (liinnel will answer.
Should  smoke  till   the  room,  recall
,\jur  physics—remember   that  smoke
-ies first to the top of the room and
., t to the llonr     Wrap a blanket or
y.iolen garment ^iibout you.  wltli the
•.■t cloth over ymir face, drop ,on your
* iiuls 'ind knees and crawl to the win-
..■v.    Bear lu mind thnt there Is uo
■.ore danger lu netting down from a
.s.ce story window than from the first
7-ir If you keep a Hrni  hold of the
rope or ladder,    Do not slide, but go
,.   ul over lutuil, '•'■
(3ueer, Old   Time   Notions,,, Some^ of*
J >#;"";VWl5iQVSti!l Survive;^ S^C..
The one fish'meilicine of which nipdv
era science thoroughly approves is'cod:
tlver.oil, anMhis, though In far less;
nauseous form than formerly, is swaj-
:o\ved in tons every year.
In old .days.,a. much wider use was
made of fish as "cures for various'ev'ilsr
and some* of these practices have survived'to the present day. , Some little
time ago a boy died of epilepsy in "a"
north Wales parish. The doctor, called
in too late, inquired if the deceased had
been given any. medicine. "Oh. yes,",
was the answer. "We caught a trout-
drowned it in new milk and gave it t«;
the.boy."     \' .    •'  '
Eels are supposed to possess all kinds
of virtues,    Iu the dark ages of medicine a powder made of eels' liver was
considered an absolute specific for deaf- :
ness and was also employed in cases of ;
ague or fever," > A decoction of eels' fat ]
Is still  used  by   I •■,iicir peasants as a' •
remedy for falling li.-.ir
But the most valuable part of the eel,
according to popular superstition, is Its
skin. Many an »!d farmer wears" a
belt of eelskin as a preventive against
I'h'etunatlsni. ,(iiid sonic believe that a
garter made of the skin of this snakelike fish worn next to the human skin
as a preventive net only against' rheumatism',.' hut also against "sprains or
similar injuries.,
Another cure I'm- rlieumntisiu. whicli
f'Ms favor with salt water fishermen.
is :i red herring. The herring being the
most plentiful of all the sea (ish, a
nuiiibi'r of superstitions have attached
themselves to it. For luck through the
ensuing year one must lie sure to enti
a herring ou New Year's day.
Fisliermen bcllcv" that each shonl Is
headed by a', king herring, which is
more than double as large as any of its
followers. They believe that when one
ofthe "kings" mines up in the not it
should be 'thrown overboard; otherwise
tin*' next day's fishing will be a failure.
j *
C-andy c
■\?|'1 fe ^0T^SITE OLD STAND     '   '-
Table Board $6.00.      All old prices now charged
Excellent Cuisine       -'■ '_■''" .
J. L. GATES; Prop.
the fire was glum to Mr. Carey,   who! month, and announces officially tin.
8trictly, Fresh Eggo.
""here are  nu in uier  resorts,  remote
.„;u   any   agricultural   communities.
where fresh  farm products nro even
I'liilci* to obtain tlinn in the city,    ll
ivns  nl   such  ii   place  that   ilu>  uew
'•■ •■■(k,r.  who hnd eaten four or live
.'..ItfiiHtH there, begun to wonder why
le eggs were Invariably served fried
'M<i> jiere," he Inquired one morning
. i'ie gpiilnl colored mini who walled
•'■".!  him,  "why do you always  fry
.,    i here'; ' Don't you ever boll them?"
■nil,  oh.   yen.,, call!"   responded   Ihe
.;il.er pli'Msiitiily.    "Of co'se yo' kin
'nivc 'em hulled II' yo' wants
,,.    '.mow,  sail,  yo'  Hikes  de
was conscious uiilll noon, He declared that he was entirely to blame, lie
had started tlie flie with roal oil, mnl
the oll'belng of nn Inferior iintutc,
had exploded, In his elforls to
quonch' the fliimcM IiIh ■■Within*; hnd
caught on lire, lie mnde an effort to
reach the mnlrK hut tlm door was kiii-
rounded by .flumes owing in tlm fuel
Unit the move wim nt the fool of llw
stairway. Mr, Oniey died nboiu nl*
oVlodi after hn\iug hecii uiK-onscloiii,
for rniin.' hours.
llio iii"..1 law has boon npprovod, ll will
be no longer possible for discontented
wives mid hiiHlmnilB of thu whole.tin
Iverse to come lo Houth Dakota, and
by spending six months horo obtain, j
In Hoeort hcnrliiK, t hnir freedom nud '
Ihe right to cngagi) In more     marrl-j
ll«(*H, j
' The Hlniiitii approved of, Inst ^tues-'
{.lay will eliiinue tin, ilcHilnof families j
! throughout lho Hulled fltales,.    nml!
mt an end to tin Indmstiy wonh   u'
■'■I'll   *f'*fW,l''U)   ll   JCI'I    III   Klu.'N     I'liJI;,
Cut Off Their Escape, i
Tlio fact thai the only window was i
nt the head of the stairs, und that ihej
Hlnlrway was piM-hiipM, ihe llrsi purl.of j — - ■* »
the house- to he burned accounts for I Fnsscrxar nnd FrelQiit Train  Colll-Jnd
tho deaths of, Iho inmates.
,, ,      , ■ - , ., ,    ,
• • t. ,...,       44.,4,      4.       ^t \   ...      44. 4t.
of Inf'-'v'ov rt,.i! i.'l Vic tu en "iiM n-
(■cully, four or fl\*■ lnsnjVi bavin-; i\
ploded wlihln ihe Inst few months In
Ihe vicinity.     Ir I.1 believed Hint lh"
oil which Mr, One,* tine;! \yph nf nn
.. t ,»...     .,        ,,,.., ,
, wi s due io Hint fad.
The bodies weio murc-I in n row
before the ilPvnsMtteil home, and nf-
lerwitnl.i weie Inker, In (-linru-e hy l*n-
(".■fcruiker ItowlMi of Swan Lake, hu In-
(JU(»1  will he held.
Mln Gillenrte's Death
A purlkulnrly M') f-attire of 1he affair in thfl fiut (liRt'Slhn Uillcsple had
pitn'ouii to ihe ii I ,;li I in i-iuciti,'.-, al-
wn:n ridden t-oiw**-on horaohack, tlus
lM»!r*? the tint nlr/ht on xv'-tt U „t.„ «,„.■
rl ■■*.• » 4vnv fu-ci lorn".
Tho Plumber's Derby.
' •• .(.'iiiiipaNMoiiiiii' I'lily.l'ii leiiiail.L'd
..  bis  plumber,  "(ins,   If  I   wero u
i I'.ihcr niul Iuul to crawl lino smiill
."..I s and corners, as you do, I'd wear
i 4i. *,'i  lint or cup,   Why, your derby
lull of ileuts"   (ins replied; "I'd lie
i r< I m wear n soft lint    This derby
mi "ivcd my head many a hurd knock
:*■'• ■ pipes nml bcnins,   See, I hnvo It
p-i l.etl    with   ci'ittiiplcd   newspapers,
1 v 'i! 'i plve mi1 tint li lusplrutloii ittnl Itn-
! i:i.i*i,!y,"
j —,*.^ -..
• A Hpuf-hty Reply.
A   fury about U'llllnm I'ltl I road or
! neiii-1 uniiii'ivlM're ninny years iijcn rep-
i >'■
i ■
. i,
!    C'
I    ►',
, nt Danby, Quebec.
.Mouiri'Ui, .\uv. u,— uuo U'llcil   mid
, ililneeii liijur.'d wim tI.e. ..milt u*   r
,'.idii wn.-cli at Dai.bj', ("tucl-(;c at I'K,",'-
A TinisiMn.'1'r ivn'n f-n n l*diin*l Pen
i" hi  Moiili'i.il ,*i<   I.in p.m. colli.1
• Kh a freight triilii nf. the •*».r "..
i' the Danby ynnbi. nud Sh'i (oil'i'iii
en  mail (onch <ur on  lho c.vpie-
■■.:» H'h in cpeil.     OiiO man, Oliver V
Mcmbliiy,  v.ih l:'lle| nud two m-v
!ri   III   I I'l"   I lit III   (T'"V  tllt'l   i'l "HT1   Jill
■i.-jfi'-i w, re ::V-'\t\r Inliire1!,     Tl
•"■<• nf il<' wi.-. i; u pi'i] io 'i.t tli
•* e;:»Jt;t■• r of the i»p n(ii *«r ■  l;- -
:: p:.--t u'*i.i Ih •.■.-'.J.,!* wwo   HjM'I1'
T'e  »■"■!('   tv«~-   '->j4.!»-.ft.»  (.r.|
.p'lt I.i"- IV !.. .' l,'ry.riu<er',i/.
en .•{] ti inilili* iiieilliH rll> ui. nsKiir
i   i'ic ureal  fitiili'*-uiiiii  wltli somo
'■" ecusloii tlmt he uiljilit fairly
fi' i an enrliliitn for bin uumnlllccnt
VI. "K,   .
"I mi ciii;!:" was the liniiu'lity reply.
"I Ul t'H- tllllU'U "-Sl. .IllllU's' tiuzctto.
. '     H,11,)     H    ^"',4.     I ..(,,....*.4 »
"'. i • and mi exicedliiKly remarknbl*
"Hi what rervpectV"
"IU1. In-ttriimont li not 'a eeouln*
( Wf ■ :< Klnf, the Motitrenl cmiools'
r.tnl !i   ; distanco walker, v*ho vvaRei
,eil He in, would walk from Montren
fo \"; • 'Mi\cr In M)T, days, nnd nelthe
le , i,. i. i,l, but would earn $150 o
') <• '..'•■ .'uilvcd nf hu .Ir.^iJn.'itlnii n
"ili'r: : ,i Just wiihln flro wiinuicji u
>3 n « ii -..Mion of th« time limit. I!
»vns t»:« .■■ntpii with a cheque for tli.
.iit^o'.n! ,f thu wauer, |H00 pnynblo o
■l.* '*f.'- i,t lUtdnt} m tbe Vant-tm
, ter hit: th.
He Used the Sword  and  Not the Ax
Prior to 14S3.
I iim inclined to thliil; that prior to
14S3 the, sword and not the ax was
usually employed as the weapon for
Judicial decapitation nnd-that.a block«
wns dispensed with, the victims reeelv-
liif; their doom "meekly'kneeling upon
thein knees," nud in this' opinion I am
fortified by tlio concurrence of an eminent clerical historian. This learned
writer agreed .with me that the as did
not become ih[> •'regulation" lethal Implement until -,1'ier the rough and ready
"heading" of j. Lord Hastings' on the
Tower green, when be was summarily
dispatched byi order of the protector,
(.■loucestci*. .  i
Iii tills '.Instance, according to the
chroniclers, the victim's neck, was
stretched lipoma piece of timber then
in use for the repair of the adjacent
church of St,' Peter ad Vineula, pr'ob-
which/we. read, "conveniently lny lu
the way," ...Contemporary accounts
seem to Indicate that the executioner
straddled .over the proiie body.' and
J*riiHi.t)ilRvl|»J«t*fcf4tii.-J Jnl'ei' tbat .the da-
ciipltatlon was effected by the tool
known as an adz, the cutting edge of
which Is nt n right angle to mid not in
ii phi lie with the haft,        •■      ,
I may add that tlie only con tempo-,,
rnry reference I have come across of
the use or proposed use of nn ax nnd
block for Inllictlng capital punishment
prior to this tragedy is In one of the
I'aston.serles of. letters describing the
peril of an unfortunate captive of .luck
Cade's rebels (A I> 1100), a generation
before Lord Hustings was so clumsily
liiiek'.'il to death-Loudon Notes and
The Hair.
A single hnir, whicli can support a
weight ol* two (lunches. Is so elastic
that ll may he stretched to one-third of
■rs entire length nml then regain Its for-
'iivr sl/.c nud condition, Dr. IMncus
lit.s measured the growth of hah* by
-lilting off circles about one Inch In
diameter from the heads of healthy
lieu nml so coiK-iiirlng tlie g.'.iwtli of
!'.u> lunches', wltli that of Ihe n-M uf the
i.i li- lie found that the gro.vih rate
.I'lii'ir.ll.v been nie slower after cutting;
that In smile clues the Ir.ilr on the
imtehes grew at the siinie rut.' ns the
rest, but that It never grew any faster
The oi'ilinury length of I lie hair on
the head ranges between twitity-two
Inches and a In mt forty-live,Indies, the
Inner being considered unusually long
Loudon Staiiihn.l.
Tlie l.ev Theodore Wood, n well
Itnown l-'nglMi nuthiii'll.v nu beetles,
iniike" an Interi'stlug observation nn a
little beetle found fro(|iiently In tlie
Unworn of the primrose, but nowhere
rise, which Is Mitlte il mystery It Is
Kimill. brown nml lint, niul Mr Wood
Mimi'li** of It: "How lis life Is lived
iiohnily knows Where Hn eggs nr*
laid, whal ihe grubs feed upon, where
tlii'iliryMilh be liiihlii'i, nobody knows.
Xnlieily know even why Ihe perfect
i("tli> geN lulu Hie primrose blossom"
I An Eisy.iWay.
!    "In ni'.lei In sti ■! ceil lu life." sulil the
\ ''\pclle1tiiil |ii l-itl.  ".veil  ni'l"'  ""t  I*
llfl'll I  in  Ill-Ike I'lieilll."* "
•Then.' niisuere.l the liaitnlile
youth, "yon woul.l iirobiibly advise uic
In put In wiiue iUic uh ii iue-ebill uin-
A complete line of samples of
Fall Suitings and
'Worsteds, Serges
and T-vtreeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
Notice is hereby given that application will bo made to the Parliament of Canada at the next session
thereof for an Act- to incorporate a
Company under the name of "The
Canadian Western Railway,. Company" with power- to construct, equip
maintain and operate a,lino or lines
of railway of standards or other
gauge, by means of steam,- electric-
ity.._o.r___any other kind _ofJocQjnolive
, A.-.Riz/.uto
,.T., Crawford
Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Co.
Contracts Taken
Including Stump Pulling. Land Clearing aiid Ploughing.     Let us
figure on your next job ■      '
Rubber, Tired Buggies, New Turnouts
Canadian Fairbanks Co.
■    > a
>■ o - *■    •
.    , ■ 7. Limited
Gasoline Engines  . Circular Saws      Frames
Drag Saw Machines
Stationary and Portable Sawing  Outfits.
Temporary localoffice at P. Tascherau's, Victoria Avenue, E.
,e: S. ORMSBY, Agent   '      .
When tha r\dtrnttt Move.
Mn*   K,.  Hiilif leiiuin   ni'i   *""«'"*'•
.■jl'i.'.'J ."iiJ.'.'J'j ,■•   ■) y.fi' -1111*1 Ihe liciiulh-
nt the ir!ii-i|i>u nf I'l'i'ii. wax Interrupted |
„>• om> nf tin, tiny tiiti» miylim, "Oh
niiiminn. when tlm**-** Allium**.'* iiium
tnny lot im ixct thnt |>l»»e*» to live In'
power. • v       '.'•„" ,i
(1) From a point* on the international boundary line, in the Province
of Alberta, between the east side of
range t>yent,y-three ,(23), a^d.tho west
side of 'range twenty-eight (28) west
of the' fourth principal meridian, tn
a point on the Crow's Nest-Pass line
of tho Canadian Pacific Railway Company between; Cowley and'Pincher
Creek; theiico north-westerly, following the valley of the north fork of
the Old Man river to a point in the
Livingstone range of mountains,at or
near section thirty-throe (33), in
township ten (10), range three,, (3),
west of tlie fifth''principal meridian*,
thoi.ee through tho pass in tho Livingstone Mountains to the last named point, and northerly up tho valley
of the!'Livingstone River to a point
on High River, at or near township
soventoon (17), in ranges four (4)
and five (5), west of tlio fifth principal moi-ldlnn, thonco north easterly
by tl.o moBt practicable routo to I lie
City of Cnlgary.
(2) From a point on tho mld'.k.
branch at or near Its junction with
the Livingstone River: thence to a
point In the Rocky .Mountains west,
of Gould's Home; thence tliiotiiUi a
pass In iho Rocky Mountnins to the
valley of the lilli River by the most
prnclWal-le loute; thence southerl)
down tho \alloy of tho Rlli river to
a junction with tho Cnnndlnti Pacific
Railway, and tho Great Northern
Railway, in Ihe Klk River Valloy nt
or nonr tho village^ of-Michel.
Aud to cour'tiuct, equip, maliiliiln,
nud opernlo lit (inch lilies, and wllh
such powers, righth nml prlvilugmi in.
are incidental or neccBbiiry thereto,
nnd to coiiHtruct, equip, maintain nnd
operate telegraph nnd tolcpliono lines
ln connection with the unld railway,
'id ,"•   ..ii''lichen1,   anil to   transmit
messages   for   commercial purposes,
nnd 'to chnrgo tolls therefor, nnd to
goonrnto electricity for tho supply'of {
light, liout nnd power, and to Acquire;:
nn develop wiiic-r  powers for.« thnt '
purpose, and to leime, Hull iuul illntrl-
huto   nml othorwliio (IIhpoho of   the
fiiuno, and to levy and collect toll1'
from „ nil    persons    using,'  nud nil
freight pnsslnu    over snld  rnllwny, '
nnd brmirhos, nnd to connect   with,;
nnd mnl'i< truffle   or other nrrntiK*-*- i
inentH  with  inilwuy  ur oiliur    cone;
punlcH, im linlltiK nny tluu nf railway |
in lho .-.into of Montniin, ono of the I
United  fintiR of America, nud    to i
piirc'Iinso, inl(c over,  Iciino or other-1
wise ncqulre the property, rights nud j
(rnnchlR<4>   of r.ny other   conipnnU-H.',
nnd  to |((it>(> or sell  in nnv    oihet■!
(company tho property,    rlulUH   nml:
(..luCui'jit;   ul   iiic   tuuiiiiUU, ,
That smh lallivay mny bo doclaie-'
ThevKunie-Bank~welcomes-saving   accounts   tnat-
start with one dollar.   Many ofthe dollar accounts
on the Home; Bank ledgers have grown,in the course,
of years to very considerable sums.
One dollar starts an account.    Full compound Interest paid. ■
' THE. 3K  1854
All the leading: lines of
High Class Chocolates
and   Confectionery
Always ii chiiicn .supply of Itoof. Pork, Voul,
Mutton, niul liaiiib oil liund.   Hiiiiih,
U-ifim, f'Mid, lintli>r and K«n*s
Our Specialties
Ottawn., Nr.v  10—TliflM m*2   »nn> (
?on»orvntlvn n»plr«nt8 for pnrlhimrn- j:
nry lioiiorg In C'nrlolon county, when
\ »,y.r>lop|lon will bo liftW «ft*r ll. h j
Borden plnccH hin r«»ljjnftllon In   thi j
■mit'lH nr lho nr-y nrtt*alcor ot tho *f»o 1
.linlon hi'iiso.
Clear** KliM who retired In Mr. Ilor- j
lon'u favor, four year* atso, will »»»■»* {
Ito ho for  lho Kt'iimnl iichnntiijK
j      Houah. Campbell & Fsrguion,
of thf- filiv of Wlnninpr. In Mnnlt«i..n
; , KoJJcltor« for AppllcnnlN.  '1
!   Dated nt Winnipeg thin Cth day nf •
Oclobor,  A.   »>.   1908
JMtsIi, rtinoia*(i ami »>alu«l i'Imi, um•<,».> «*■ •-,«'«"»
iiw:ni'tiiioiit.   Try ('in' Mlnco Moat,
■'.Smu'kmut and Oyntors.
Mother (vlcloiml*,' Hrruhhlna* n Bmt.ll
\*h'a fj.ee iim. nv.\\t mui 'Wittovi *::•., V
Johnny, didn't I all yon novir lo hln> I.
>i,ui* i'rttc v..U, l.iiii.i u».l, u'.u'i.V I
havo IrCQii HrnibWnt lior*? to;* half ftn
hour an.! It won"! «o;ni> ntt".'
Roj* |b4M»"»"ti er<}i.«V "I- wirli* I-
I S .'I'.i'J.
, o eontoat a convontlon with O&rland *
; vf HlnlMbnrc. !>r. Grow* and »«*> i**1""1 >0,*r ,iu,l! ****»- —*>'««»*
I nhly many other*. i*' **™* **'* * l»':'
Is the time to paint. Don't wait until too late be.*orc
protecting your house from the ravages of snow and ice,
Do it new.    Only rhclrrst material used.
j  i i              mi  in i ' ""*-    *•"•* -"-—■——'—- ■">^
Pointcvn end Papcrhnncrcrn
, From the Chicago Daily Socialist: ,
- "Sociailism took the, great forward
step yesterday. ' The entire nation,
with the single exception of the state
of Illinois,, showed tremendous' Socialist gains. '        ^
The total vote for Socialism   this
year shows air increase* of at least 34
per cent over the vote of 1904.   The
national vote has been brought up by
i the farmers and small villagers to at
'least 650,000 instead of the 409,000 of
the last "election," .when a number   of
■ ^..disgruntled  Democrats voted on the
Socialist ticket.   ,There were no   sore
heads from either of the old parties
"voting for Debs.    And yet the-steady,
solid growth of Socialism was never
more clearly shown than in these elec-
'tion returns. 7
Good for Louisville. „•■
a     From tlie solid south Louisville, in
Kentucky, the home of "Marse,Henry"
of Weathercock) fame, showed an ■ Increase of 400 per cent In the Socialist
vote.     The frozen, north, where   the
snow flies ten months In tho year, was
not to be outdone by tha land of tobacco and night riders.     Duluth,   the
third city in Minnesota, trebled its So-
. cialist vote.    Thon the far south, the
land of child labor and cotton, entered
■ the field and Augusta, Georgia, came
.   to the front with'just twelve times the
Socialist vote of four years ago.
And even the scions of aristocracy
in Wlnnetk.i, tho exquisite and exclusive suburb of Chicago, quadrupled the
"Vote for Debs.-";   . •       * .   .
From every corner-of the land, the
' small villages, towns and farming
communities swelled tho. Socialist, plurality. Tho'farmer' shamed tho wage
slave of the industrial centre, yesterday, for thc¥fai-mer vote for Socialism
-was-the most astounding vote of the
%        . ■    .      . *       -      .   -i   V
national campaign. ,, .,        .;
Farmer There to Stay.
The farmer was' there, good strong
'■   and solid, ami ho demonstrated  ' by
''th'e-.voto for. Debs'yesterday that he
:'is there. t6 stay;--'' .„■.   /,  '    -._ .: J.l  ■
i     ''•'Wisconsin'   maWaifiM   her'  great
't       reputation by increasing her vote,and
sending Gaylord to the state, senate
from Milwaukee and pushing a number of candidates declared elected by
the police returns so close that con-
.-   test is possible.   , Five legislaturemen,
wero elected..  .
, ■   .Even the unorganized -- districts   of
PeiinsylyanWwaked- upAo.flli&fgreat
s^iiflc*ui'ce'!'df''the Socialist\itfoyement.
4      "and Allenlown, quadrupled    its    vole,
."..•-„ ADDRESS I.- , :
ity, aad.*%ypu,.we, not^prosperous,
depend ■, upoli,. it: -that'; your.c-i- railroads
ViU befpo'or.^.And that'is^the best
ground to put It on. It, is "your own
selfish interests to help you to grow,
and we always expect to hold that
position towards •' you.; I thank'; you
very  much."   (Prolonged  applause.)
(Vancouver^ Province.)
References to Canada . and British
Columbia' in particular were made on
Wednesday1 in Spokane by Mr. James
J. Hill, chairman of the board, of directors    of the Great Northern railway, who is in Vancouver to-day. In
his  discussion -^before  the  business
men of Washington state's inland capital, Mr. Kill' said*
. ,"One of Spokane's greatest needs is
cheap coal.     There are no extensive
coal fieids nearer than British Columbia.     Coal carries a duty of    sixty
cents a ton into the United States.
Get that removed "arid good'domestic
coal can be; laid down ln Spokane at
less than $5 ,a ton.     It should bo retailed at.$i profit which would make
It $6 a ton.     Cheaper coal Is absolutely necessary for the development of
manufacturing.      Spokane is getting
to be too big to burii pine slabs 'nny
Strike   of   Typesetters   and   Printers
Made   the   Editor . Get   Busy.;
■' Cleveland, Nov. 10—The. strike of
the typesetters and printers on the
two local Hungarian newspapers,
the-Hungarian News and the Hungarian, Szadabsag has had the result
of producing one • of the most novel
publications ever issued here. Typewriting was the basis on.which the
editor of one of the papers was able
to produce his sheet. The typewritten sheets were photographed and
printing plates were made , from
them, y
The plates were then placed together in. consecutive order and from
these tho regular edition of the paper was printed.
No Shortage of Cars.
• Mr. Hill does not take a very optimistic view of the railroad sltui 'on.
This coun'ry Is away down and il
will tako ii several years to recover.
You don't feel it out hero because of
the fact that your resources aro agricultural, "but it la felt" in the oast.*
Thero will be no car shortage this
year.     For that matter thero, has "never boen— the shortage has always
been, in terminal facilities.     I don't
think there will be any new railroad
building this year.     We  will  carry
out the work on our Waterville   line
and eventually that will probably ' be
extended. up  the  Okanogan  but  not
at. present;    We will wait until there
are people there,     Railroads do not
pioneer now  as  thoy  once  did.      It
used to be a privilege to put money
into  a  northwestern  railroad  but  it
isn't so regarded 'now." -'    '
21 .=.1,1-114.4^
"WUIICT ILLai.4.1 fc— 44i\4-
..-. Back. to. Canada ...,,,
"I am glad to hail the speaker."who
sat, down (the -Rev. W. J. Hindley,
formerly .of Vancouver,) as-a fellow,,
country "emigrant' ■froiii'" Canada.', It' lb
52 years since-''I left -Canada and a
little more. - 1 - find that about one
child out- of,every. sixt that lias ...been
born in Canada has, ocme to reside in
the States.   '    .'' '  '   '„
Now Stephen A. Douglas said, that
Vermont,was a'good state to be..born,
in- if. a men.emigrated when ho   was
London, Nov. 12—It has been . said
that following the successful manoeuvres- of the United States navy;-" the
British admiralty is planning to send
a fleet of warships around the world.
Officers of the admiralty were questioned' this evening.but all that they
would say,was'that there was no In
formation, to be given out at present.
This would seem to support j.tlio story
that such a irip had been suggested,
but under the present conditions in
Europe, il was not thought that the
admiralty,.would allow a fleet away
which,, would be comparable ,'to, that
sent out by the U, S.   ,, .    .„, .
Thero Is ,a .possibility, that the squadron under,Sir.Percy Scott which is at
present in -.South, Africa, and, which
has been expected; to go to .South America,, may. be .brought home, by way
of the far .east and the Suez Canal.
•v  Lesson   In - Horticulture With  On»
,ij Seriou»:OmlMion..
My neighbor Brown came to the'ua***-
ien fence, and said:       .. -  ; •:
. "flpw dp you do. your grafting*?"
"My grafting?"' said I.
"Yes—grafting apple trees.   I want
-o try If myself."1'".-" ■- '
"Oh!" I exclaimed.   "Yes, yes! - Well,
in the first place, i begin by lying—
ihat is. I He in bed to think the whole
ciing out in every detail.   I watch my
opportunity, and on the first fine day I
• teal a few, hours from my business.
S hen  I borrow a saw—a steel one—
md -with it I rob the tree upon -which
( want to graft of some of its larger
in-ariches.   This I try to do in such a
way that the loss of the branches will
not be noticed.    Those limbs should
not be left lying—that is. lying .on the
"round; .They are unsightly and may,
attract   the   attention   of   passersby.
l'hey should be bustled behind the latticework screen at oncef   So far so
*;ood,    Now. let  me see—oh, yes!    I
cob another tree, of a few twigs hav-
ng buds on them and insert them in
Ihe ends of the sawed branches on tlie
tree.   Then' i take, some beeswax and
tnllow and melt them together. * Thla
nr-jst be thoroughly mixed.' Work it
i'or all you're worth to make it pliable.
Finally' with tb\» I try to hide all npr,
poiirance of the graft, from sunlight
.ma air. nnd there you arc—the job Is
>.ouo." . .
'•I see," said Brown, "and 1 think
I'm foxy enough to do the trick thd
'"rst time trying. "Many thanks."
Shortly after I heard Brown tclllnj
:i!s wife how I explained the process,
i'his Is the wny he hnd It:
•'First." he says, "you must be a
's'ood liar; then you wiitcli your chance
.."md steal a half dny from the com-
,1'iuy's time; then you steal n saw;
il-.eu.you defraud the tree of soma
In-nnches. which you must hide, so no-
ir,dy will get on; then you rob soiiie-
I'udy's tree of twigs, put them in tho
,'ids, of the branches and cover your
:-neks with beeswax and tallow.	
Said   Brown's wife:    "I don't, think
. hat man' can be trusted.   He 1ms two
..inds.of grafting mixed, and, besides,
lie didn't tell you where to steal tha
i»|)le trees'."-,
How the Treasury: Vaults at
,  Washington Are Protected.
i    i
(Successors to R. Hammond)
Electrical  Contractors
and giddy millionaire, . surprised the
nation by'glviiig,.Debs thr.ee times as
many1 votes; as.'it.'did iii'the-election
-of 11)04.        ,    ,     4
Kansas' Splendid Showing
Kansas, the,suite, that Bryan was
' going to run away-with on his bank
guaranty deal, shows Socialist gains
of such a startling uaturu as to frighten' the old party inanagors. .Crawford
County, in -which Glrnrd, the home of
the Appeal to, Reason Is. located, has
cast six times Its Socialist vote of 1901
nnd Ben Wilson, candidate for Congress, .widen splendid race. The rest'
of tho Btato report good gains.
Ohio added its nilto to tho swelling
vote for Socialism. . Fostoriu, tho
homo of an ex-member of a Democratic cabinet, doubled its lust voto,
■Anil so-Ihe tnlo runs np nnd down
tho land, lilverywhoro tho small cities,
the towns, tho vlllagos nud the farmers havo arisen to tho occasion, ■ and
scorning Iho Bryan hypocrisy, have
voted for n at might, clean issue of
tho mnn who works iignlnsi Iho mini
who does not work, doen not want, to
work, nnd will not work.
young. T think-, that Canada, .next
to our own country is1 a-country that
we can all feel proud of.-- Remember
they wear ■ overcoats > in ■ winter,' and
overshoes',, and whoro that is the
case you win always collects a .bill.—
Laughter. , Thoy don't, have to follow
the plow, with an umbrella ovor the
lop of their heads to keep the sun
off. And If you havo reciprocal relations with Canada, especially British Columbia, covering all hor'natural
products of both sides of tho line,
you would, bo surprised to know-how
much-It. would help you,
/v n w ij a i CO NYE NX! O_N_^0£
Result   of   Little   Edwin's1 Ques
tions and Comments.
".'Say,-maw!" •■•
"Well, what?"*        ; •   .,
"How do,they get.hbles In lace?"
"Why. they make'{ho lace round th«
."ies, my son."       /,
-But 'it -ain't" luce; without ..it's-got
wiles, is it, maw?" .'■•■■.
••No',■Edwin,"'7-'    ■!•* ■'• • .*■'•,-   *'   •
•'Well,','how..do-jtbe>1',get;the holes, in,
:e ,lace .they. put ronjid. the holes1 to
inke-the laco, then?"' ,  • ■ .   ,
"Child, you will yet, drive me to. dis-'
:-aetlou."   "'■"'■■''
■ -'Where do' they, get the holes," maw?"
■'•'Whyj the holes are'just air." ''.,
.-'Oh, they're air holes?" '■<
*'I suppose'so.-"-•-- •*■ > • .   - > , i-
A colored gentleman was recently
purchasing n rout In n departmctnal
titoro In Toronto, The obliging salesman was urging the purchase of a $12
coat against thnt of a $0 garment, although both woro Borvlconblo, and
met with tho uppiovul of thu customer. Tho negro finally drove hie great
paw Into tho depths of a woll worn
pocket, nnd on examination, found he
had $9.25. Calmly surveying hin
richoH he turned to tho cleric with tho
"You con only hang yoah coat   an
high ns you can roach."
whoroupon ho purchnHod and paid for
tho 90 conl,
A Ronoml application of tho philosophy of this quaint saying would vorlt
a wondorful revolution In tlio commercial and domcHtlc lifo of thin and ovory
other rountry. How many peoplo of
our acquaintance nro Bt raining ovory
Uluo In ordor to keep up n so-colled
"uppoarnnec!," In ordor to rntor to n
cerlnln cIuhh In tho community, who
may occupy thu position of thu Kolf.
Ail Communities Need Friends.
"Wo think In this country that wo
nro tho'smartest .pooplo in the, world
and from' our own standpoint I think
that Is true, hut wo will novor bo In
a position and no country or community will o\or bo In a position whpro
thoy nro (uedpendcnl of friends or of!
Ihor-to who can help' thorn, and.If wo
aro to havo anything of the kind wo
could nol. do II, nnd ho on a hnsis ou
which both pnrtii'H would bo benefited
by. nny transaction moans lo bo mutual, It had belter never ho mado at
"I am glad you havo an agricultural collego down horo and 1 want to
urge you to oncouriigo It,
I want you lo realize thnt. there can
bo uo.HUCh training, that will give (o
all the pooplo of lho ntato tho samo
good roHtiltH that a good agricultural
training will give, Kncnui-aga tt beyond everything for It la tl\c foun
dntlon of your prosperity,
"'Denver', Col., KoV, 8—Beginning at
10 o'clock to-morrow morning at. the
auditorium the annual convention of
the American. Federation of Labor, it'
is predicted, will be1 the most, important gathering in the history of that
'" The importunt question to .be discussed Is-tthe endorsement of the political programme carried out by tho
executive council during the recent
political 'campaign, whicli ,1ms boon
referred'to generally'ds Mr;- Qompurs
plan. *
Opponents of Samuel Cioinpors, tho
President of tho Federation, aro to-
golhor working in nn ul'forl lo prevent his ro-clncllon. They aro charging lilm wllh "pernicious political activity" and using other argumonts to
convince) thoT worklngnicu thai Oom-
poi*B i'ms lost his Blanding ur a leader
of wnrktngni.-n, nnd thnt laboring
people iipod expect,' nothing from
congress In lho wny'of legislation'If
(lonipors contlnuoH at the head of
lho   eileratlon.
Among thoso who nro oxpootod to
lend llio flghl on tlio fndoratIon's pro-
Bldont Ih ProHldont, Daniel Keofe' of
the l.ongHhoromon'H Union,   who     Is
!.'oes that make It a lace hat?". ,
•'IN'o, no, no!"  -
•'A Swiss cheese has holes iu it. Does
•hat make it a Swiss lace?"
"IIo.tY your "foo,.v,touguet.   Do .yon
:i<>ar?" '7.7 ,  r -    .
•'Didn't you say' all laco had i holes,
naw?"' "■"'"     '       ■'":»■
•■Well, I've' got shoe laces, but they
■ iin't got po holes in 'em." .
•'Leave the room nnd permit me to
.:>ilsh 'Lady Lingerie's Lostv'I.over: or,
.iow Lord Lumbago W»s Lured Away
ny a Lissom Little Lallnpnlnza of a
:,:icomiil.er,'"   *' •  '   ■
••Mow. kin you intike luce?"
••No, Kdwln; that Is not one of my
"I didn't think you could, iniiw. Mrs.
'■.idckenbe'rgor snld' you wns so foi hie-*
is wouldn't do you any good," .
f'.nt "maw" wasn't too fat to give Ed-
lii a lacing that did him some.good.
Always bn Duty and Always Prepared
to Shoot to Kill—Nover Has a Dollar Been Taken From Them by
Force—One Daring Scheme.   ,
-Not a dollar hus ever been taken
from the United States treasury by
Perhaps the nearest approach to loot-.
Ing the vaults of the treasury was tbo
time Martlh/Broadfoot had his plans
about perfected. This wa3 back ln the
eighties, aud the plau was to get into
tlw building by means of the great
sewer which runs under and near the
treasury aud is known as the Fifteenth
street sewer aud which grows' larger
as it enters the Potomac about three-
Miuirtors of a mile from the White
P.iondfoot's plan, as developed after
his arrest, was to get Into tbe building,
truck the safes and place tho money
In large rubber bags and float them
down the sewer to the Potomac, where
his pals would be In waiting.   Theso
bugs were found in ills room whon he
•wns arrested, und secret service men
hnd often seen him walking along the
shores of the Potomac near where the
big   sower   empties.    This   sewer   Is
about nine feet in diameter where It
pusses the treasury.     A   man   could
easily   make   his   way   up the sower
through a stream of water which undor  normal  conditions is only about
twelve Indies deep. ' By entering the
tunnel or sewer nt the river'the journey to the treasury could.be made by
keeping a 'sharp   lookout.    When  the
niaii or mon In the sewer reached the
Fifteenth street sewer nothing would
sepai-ate them from the gold coin and"
bullion except about eighteen  feet of
.earth .nud'not too secure stone wall.
It  wns Broadfoot's scheme to dig. his
way  through  this obstruction "and to.
let tlie earth tioat or wash down the
sewci'     It would not have taken one
man  more than'two  weeks,  working
only at night, to have made ah openiug
large   enough' for   a   ma"   to   crawl
through   • Of -Course .Broadfoot  knew
the exact location of tlie vaults; and
when he once.reached them he would,
liave Imd'no trouble in getting tlie gold'
coin aiid bullion.   It was .evidently'" his
purpose* to till'the'rubber bags with
! tiie precious stuff and' float thorn' down
■ the -sewer-to  the   river. 'Where ' they
would, he looked, after; by his.confederates.. This was the only, really well
laid plot ever made to loot the .t.reas;
ury.   and   just   why   Broadfoot   was,
never  given  n   trial .has  never  been
-known to.the public.,' He.was an ihtel-
ligent'ilimn.:,Audi-suspicion, was* firs1
aroused-against, him,-;by .his .frequent
vNiis to tlie 'money rooms and ytini'ts
anil by the questions, lie asked w.vtch-,
Light and Power Wiring, Electric
Light Fixtures and all kinds of supplies in stock. Expert Electricians
Call at cabin oppposite Reid
,& Co.'s Furniture Store, Fernie
Delivery, can be had in twenty days
N. E. Suddaby
Agent for Kodaks, Waterman's Fountain
;   Pens, Office Supplies, etc.   ,
Uj,(/Ulil(tU   4.I4C
Back to the Farm
"ARi'lculturo has boon the foundation of civilization throughout tho
wholo world In nil time, (lo bnck to
(ho crndlo of the human nice, liack
In I hn trndlo of tho Rnphrnlnn.
(lo back to thn human raco, you
mlKlil H»y. In Uio valley of the Ku-
phi'tttOH. Ilorodotiifl tolls uh thoy not
r,0 fold with ordlnnry cultivation iuul
with Rood cultivation 100 fnld, nml
exceptl"iiiilly good they Rot 2de   fold,
What Ih It to-dny? Pnhylon und
Nliiovnh nre niurkcil hy plW of dry
wind drlvoi.-by the do'cil wlpili with
li.idly n, human bobiu'. excoi't u f.jw
wnnderliiK Arabs hccI'Iiik ii union
spot around which to pnsturo n f(>w|
I'lmnn (iiui  iTontn       Tbf» children    of •
hnrBou* with doBortliiK tho federation's oxeciiptlvo coniiiilt'toe and com-
liiK out for Taft.
AlthoiiRh tt Is difficult to RntiRO
tho temper of tho dolORntoB at this
time, local doloRiitcH who will participate In the bohkIoiih uf tho convention laugh at. thu Idea of dofonthiR
Thoy declare that not. only will ho
ho uphold but that Koofn will ho removed from IiIh poult Ion iih vice president nf Ihe feduriition, while nil of
Keofo'H fnllnwnrH will miff or lllto do-
font for whntuvor nfflpo nr oilier prefer numl I hoy may mink nl tho in<
Htanco of tho fodnration.
In iiddlllnn tn thin leiidlim (inimllon
thorn nro a iiiimbor of KUhJoctK   up
fnr (lliieiiHHlnii, moMly rolntlui; to in-
torunl (llHweiiHlons of affiliated hndhm'
and qunri'flH over JurlRillctlnu. !
Tho Mouse Trap.
•'The child  Is rather to the  man,H
ild an Inventor   "Kor Instance, thore
as ii miller's son who Invented, at the
ro of seventeen, an automatic mouse
■up. n trap tlmt used tho recoil from
1 io inouse'H capture to set Itself I'or
Mother inoiiHO, This trap worked woll,
uiRlit eleven mice ut Ihe tlrat ro oft
.id soon rid the mlller'H mill of IU
.Ice myriads.   Well, sir, thc hoy ln-
mitor of thnt mouse trap used tho
-ip'R recoil principle fnr his Rreutest
ivoutlon, thc Maxim ruii, for It  Is
Ir I Urn in Maxim I'm tnll'lns about,
;ul If you ro lo the Maine vIllaRc of
miRervlllc they'l show you thero ono
.' tho nutotiiiiili   riiiild llilng mouse
.•iips Hint presiiRrd the fninniiH Mnxlm
fun." \
Port Sumter of th* Rovolutlon.
At the mouth uf Ihe I'lsentiiiiua rlv-
:*, three miles lielow tiie historic town
f Portsmouth, N ll„ nestles tbe only
encoilHl furl III the Ulillcil .Statt'i
vlilch Include.^ within It's eon lines a
nf nil the Mtylea of for
of duty, when  the time locks
nud ■ whnt,time-,they,,.oponed, .and all
such i|iiestians.    That-he could have'
Piu'cessi'ull,v»carriei). out his plans so
I fnv lis- nMtlui?  tuto tbe. building and
the vaults are concerned there Is no
question,  for  men  have been In the
■sewer and conduits  who'sny  that it
would have been easy work.. Tho most
ditlicult' part of  the  Job would  have
been In Retting nwny .vith the money
and bullion, for it wou.»l have required
hard work to,secure 11 and Ret away.
About   the  only   chun.?,1   would   have
heiMi to bury ltrsomewhi.re'ln Vlrci'iln,
for If It hod been plncod on ho«W It
would hnvo been easy to recover 11. .,
ll Is the oplulou of Hie necret service
men that many celebrated .cracksmen
hnve from time to time contemplated
the eon version of n few million trous*
ury notes to their own us<-, but nftcr
direful study  they have divided thnt
tb.1  uiidertiikliiR  wns to*', colossal  In
character.    Secretary  l-'ol-^er whon he
i^sniiied  his duties was not slow  In
di'i'idliiR  thai   Ihe  treasury   was  not
I jicrly  nnd  siifi'lj* rtin filed,    There
was in.i an electric alarm In I he build-
in"   Hie watchmen  were Isolmod and
Imi un I'licllUlcs iiir cilllu.i; li.'lp, and
Hie "iil'cs were of Hie old time Inch and
l*c\ -inrt, scatii'i'iil nlniii-u ull over the
lin: inilldhiR.    The seereinry. wont to
work tn hrki"* iiluiiit n proper condition
ol fiiVnlrs    lie liml Hie watch syHtem
dimpli'icly   elniu.'f.'il   nnd   reorjs'nnl/.ed,
imitlnu Hieiii •.:n,l"r ihe strictest disci-
p'tne    Kin I Mini te .ind e\tensivo alarm
Hjslelii-. were IpMtllleil     Th(> old isnfbs
•i-..,.,. i'(>|i!nci>il by lU'iderii sieel nlVnlrn
wllh Dine liido- nnd Inirlcnte comblmi
tiinis   Tlie rom nml silver vuults wer"
titled    with    Mcel    uislliRS   lllld    time
IncKs, diiicivni puris of die i'(iinb!mi'
tlmix hi'luH illsirliiuti'il iiiiiouR various
ollirlii:-<, »i. Hint   the  vaults could be
opened 'niil.i  wllh Hie concerted action
ol ml nl' ilieiu, nud then only nt the
viiulo' ot H<(> hiiur fer which lho time
liM'lis tiiut Im'cii set.   Hut without a per-
feci system of wntelitiicn to Riitird th"
mires the tnw.ttry could be easily rob'
bed,  for   the  iliosl   |K»rfeet   safe  ever
nimle Is not proof irhIiimi the profi".
Is comfortably located at the corner of Prior
and Victoria Avenues, and carries a complete
stock of    ;
■   ■ - "   • . . ^
Millinery,  Furs,  Coats,  Skirts
Ladies' Underwear, Blouses
A full line of thc
Dealer in Doors, Windows and Plate Glass
llciiihui from tlm eiilolilnl Mtonu re*
nubt to the pn'sent hnrholto biilterjr j hlouiils
f concrete fined wltl. onrtli.   More- ■   Tin wntch force nf the treiisury
l      V1,MVI4.,4       im... 	
ver, Kort (.'(Uisllmiloii. ns ltl» imined, I pciiVcily ortrniilxo.1. .unl Hie leiiMt In
••nn thc I'mt Si'-utcr of the Revolt]-1 i fri'dlnn of rules iiieiii.s i\ Iii.muT or ilU
'.la.-Ariny nnd .Vtivy Life, ! rhniire    The men seiiu to i-enllzi', tf,.
———-- --,  , licnv*.    rcsinuisllillltle-'    ivxlluu    .indr
IjxiuWc und nnxloly nre courted, fltinn-
I T«riiel worn brniiRht up and kept In
da) worry 'in invited, nnd In mnMtnrt.! n d(wri to modify thoir nmbltlon, To-
Inoua wnyii tho vory bent, Bwootont nnd I dny tho promlHcd Innd Ir tho homo of
puroHt thliiRdln lifo nro Rncrlflred nnd in f«w wnnderliiK robhors, n lUtHort.
thrown to tho winds, for thn «nko of \ whilo Bgypt, fortlllzod by tlm ovor-
^i*tt>; ifHtMr-K    eW.*itl*   ■jm.-tW'-.t* t   «l*-ft-***'-"**     "*   ***	
Ity to rutaln such ovon If obtained.     ,"i> "« womlnrful fortllliy from Unit
To uiMliieM men the hmioful olfcciHidny to this nnd to-day tho Innd o\cr-
of the credit «y»tom. which In a re-,flowed  by  .lie  wilier* of  iho  Nile
Htilt lursoly   of "tanging   your   Iint:n'iit« nt imhuiiiI rontnl of $:ir, nn ncn*.
Ion! I sjicnk of that to nl.nw tlmt the jin-
foe isciviitlon of the fertility of thn soil
higher thnn you enn reach" nro
Tt!inj*»roH» nml rnnllmmnf. to rnll
Think If owr, Immcly nt ntnv
Foul Air Kills a Man Who Wat Siiiiv
Inu n Well.
SI older, Aim., Nov. II.-— HriKist M.
'''.'.:'.'.     ...   '".   !.'•..'.'   "    ."        BlllllV'lll    I   ItVf.
wns Hiiffncntud Wcdiiesdny inoruing. ■
lie wns ciiRnKi'd'HlnkliiK n woll for j
u nelu-hbor David Brown, niul hud hoeu J
lowered down llif well nt nhout H.'Mt >
nVldck. '
When nsl'fd If lw wns nil right Tsch-
Thcr* An Otheri.
"Rome   women   nn>   foolish,    Tlmt
•mvicti'il Hum ut>\*   hn*  nt   flower*
•.•in lvnnii'ii. I s'lin'c'.'"
••Vex," iiusweicd  Ihe  vviirden,    "Hut
rj lndy muidi'ivr *>n the next tier lu***
t  f,,.'ty"M'\eli  (tlTei'S of  liliirrltlgw 10
',,,. iimi M-ii'r children be tnitsht
i "!,<v ih,. iiiliiir* of tho cnrlh, but
.. invellncM of It.—John IluiUln.
tin-in, niul lit.-*, nie ciifcful nlino"! tn n
linilt. The untcli In (It\ Mi il lulu Itiice
reliefs, the toui of duly ImsiIuk fm
cluht hours ||m\i>viM*. the wntch .b»:'s
imi uiiliclimte ii» iittiick  liy  '.O'l.,"',-.,
lull they lire (iri'P il'eil I'nf llliy (•lui'l'iletl
(•*-, iitnl ihey wl1- not be, cniiu'lit Mip
(   'i;' -iio.ii i *, .,' > . •-.   ',.   ,*i,i.ii- .-.ii.,-. ..
.'. ' .'     "Vi. li wiitehmim ',• i'
i.   •' ■■    ■    '   i".   iiini mi   und  the in,
i"|   Store Fronts put In   Stairwork   Estimates Furnished
4-pannellcd Cedar Doors from $1,50 up
N.B.—Carload of Glass just arrived-all sizes
I make anything in carpenter work
Shop and Office, Baker
Ave, next P, Carosella
Fernie,  B. C
!-'U   11,
,'lil,     „
it, shoo,*, nuJ shoot Vi
Vancouver, Nov. 10.—Willinm BHIf
old reBponBlhlo for tho Int'-r nrl>«'
troot car accident on Saturday lift
nrn nrinrehetulod and thonrh no foi
111*'.       Il^kl'tll k••->')■•>■«      *■-**•-      *•.>•..'.- *-»   .^Xs.
I Central   park cur   for either mlsun-
jiU'rstniidlng or dlHOhoylng his Instrmv
i Ions, i,
».•>•» •i**^'M*»>*»>e>'
lotliinj; IVinn ii^, ii
"•■ .     ^ *      CM
wc Imvi** ii \<tv
j Is the fuundutloii of nil of our mi-sii, ((JW|(.r ,||(| tl0i mmwiir.     A ll«ht wn« , ^ chftrg0 hnB boon ,ftl,i nRMliiiil hli
iy liuyinij; yimv ci
mil'*' i-lncl-; nf .Men's Kiini'i'-hiii}^, MncUinuw Cuius,
(le. Slu'cp^iii-liiii;!) t i1,)!.*-, ■*?.!; 1 vu-ni \ ,i]i, \\\, \\\,\.x\
liiunl, 7.*»i: 1-ilU'il Htu'l'sliin .Mills hikI (Jltivcs, ^1,'J,*);
Woollen Sucks. -i"n'\ llandsnn Socks,."»11».--.. lo n do/on.
.*>Uu ; (ii'inmn Sos7 ."><!(• *. Suils. tweed or st'i'p*. rt7.'J.*»:
Kai^t.' Klminel and Twyd .Shirts. .^1,'25, llools, Slims.
Unl»iin>, ric. all at veanniulilf prices.   (riviMi*j,*i call.
1„.iWMimi.        " '- inwnrt'd which went cut owlnis to loul   . ^   ^e  |.i held hy th-^ *>'•■■"' 'lt   -1'
tlio iiiiplJcatlon. nnd only ono twielu-1    >'f»*»' '•"•',l("n ' P'*' "inrtwl on nn «•'..„,,,     ^ftcr corislilciiiMe effort    1^<*i(">WI\ volition pending the outcome i
tion I* po*Hlhlr>— thn negro illsplayed a' vlriilturnl mibject mnyhe I run nwny',0(l). wns ul,H,.t-j |„,i life wns «xilnrt.-.hft jnquPgt,
1   ilo hns mndo n Jilinied stMomcnt 1
I '.vhlch It Is undomtood that \w blame
th-* "   " ""    "" '   "       ""      "" "  "     " "
W*^,.      F—     f ._.. . . „ w
wlndom and forestnht which Ir ofi.hi , wllh myself,
Inmentnhly nbsent In the comlutt r.f.    Hoar thl« tn mtnd, the    railroads1
-"itrrt-dltoil vtltc «««* of the l*Jii,'*l.|«*»n only* pmnp^r with your prnnper. i
In tho casta of Alox. Busnnr.   who ,
, vmih nrroHted nt CnlRiiry hoiii"   time ; 6
nun nnd clmrKod with obMrm'HnK tlm \ I
truffle vrhllo nddrcBBliiB n SoolnllMt ;. ^
ImcotlnB, Jiidno Mlteholl, who tried llir | j^
;rn«o \att wit, dlrnnUsod the   wm«*   I ^.^^^,^^-9.*-^s-o
and exonoraicd Su.nar. I J,c t>9r*>*>9**>*>*>^*>*><*<•+ <?<-•<■<-«-••* •«-»
,"'\- .   . .*1 * Y.eap in-Adv-Ance
r7 Address'^l-'Comniunicahon,. tn /Ln
-"Manager.*Strict Ledg^*,™?
,ft   *L>. '
•j-7*Rates for advertising '^ appllcat-
■ Ion.     n ■ .
. believe,' through   eaj.eful    en.
quiry, that all the advert|Semonts ,
■this paper are signed by trustworthy
■persons, and to prove our (aitll   b'
words, we will.make good lo actual
subscribers   "any   loss.- ii\curred    b
trusting advertisements that ,jrove to
be swindles; but we will hoi'attempt
to adjust trifling dispute's    between
subscribers   and   honorably   bus*ness.
men who advertise, nor pay the deMs
of honest bankrupts.
This    offer    holds    goou
• the" com
notice within that time.     \n a]1 cages
' in writing to advertisers ^av ,<t '
if in The Ledger."
w* s* s>anLey,
able character, he has for years*, been
the one who has occupied a,large;position in the horizon of affairs political, and he has demonstrated his.ability in no'uncertain;, manner to deal
with problems affecting.a .whole^'nation,' and of far reaching importance;
and unmeasured magnitude."        7 '
That he may bo. spared to pursue
his programme.,"of"Teforms for-; the
workingmen is the sincere hope ' of
every friend and well wisher of Soc-'
iallsni. .-
for'  one
after  the  tnmsactiou  ca6sln '
nplaint; that- is we lilugL ]mvo
H ———————
Referring to the phono \jv-iaw
suit Tho Free Press says:
"The count shows that lnG "wo,.j,.
ingmnn" was not represent^ b .,
small coterie who, under tbe in,-]u
uenee of some one sharper ijian ti10m.
selves, or for some ulterlcir pui.pose
that may easily bo imagine^ attcmi),J
ed to dictate the action, of lbe ,"
payers on this important question'"
The above rather •mibig*4ous stat(;_
„    ment   seeks to place two Parties ,'n a
wrong position.
This paper does not heli^ve th(J jn_
sinuation  in reference  to  .,,„
tne  workingmen being led around by some QnQ
"sharper than themselves"    is jjase(i
on fact, as the workingmen, are intei
ligent enough to decide 'suclj questions
unaided. '- "
This paper has stated that the b
law should have more fully protected"
Fernie people's Interests.   "
The Ledger holds no bri^f in
nection'wlth the Kootenay ^ines   a 1
has no . "ulterior object" " in ^^
other than the welfare of Pernje
the ample and full protect|on o{ a"
" best Interests.   '       , ~ '"   - s
r" "  .; ' ———"*'
' • We were--very much sur*jrjse{1      .
shocked at .the language u«jed ,   7
•/editorial..ln\'the-Western' CUrioji iast
week.       •■ ■ ■•• -< -*■'■"-
-^If-the-cause~of~8ocialism"*"js ." ~;~~
ground at all it must be or-, djr»       .
.lines than-dirt.,   The.reas-)t, ^hv™
many unionists- and worker^ of   *   ^°
class  keep-aloof;>dm   th'«i  a*'* ,„,.*!
party of Canada 'is bocausji
"Bob Edwards" stylo of
Any man of decency, ren^g
ir that, contains degenerating  ftbug_
ive and immoral language '"s"at
'turned against the, pUblicatjon   ^,7^
a .paper, starts.'to-use lnnglln'    „„ .
last week.it is high time *t ?ea3
publication.      Tbe    object    of    t].
paper we understand Is to fw-,,,,,, t,.„
Interests of Socialism, and onl,',.,"„
-the people on its principles-,',   "buun
- Papers nnd jo'urnnls nre n\uch ncC(]_
ed to fulfill this mission, as Socialism
Is vory much misunderstood b ..J"
very class who should bo BUnn,L,"
it. Wo aro supporters, Ca ^11
•ardent supporters of tho tr\l0 u '*
of Socialism nnd havo not h1Q _,,",J
est doubt but, thnt It-is th0 eo'T.'j
policy of ;tho country, and :wou](l "j,^
wecouldlmsten tho day, but. We m'imt
vigorously oppose such dirty „•,,„„„
methods of trying to adva-ieV iV,n „„
bio cnuso,   , • *        U1° I10,
Wo nro well  nwnre thnt ul]  „    ,
cnusos, nnd "moro ospoolnlly „ ])r,u..
enlly now cnuso or movent,,,       ',,.'
hnvo In Its ranks n lot of lna('i10„i,
Idiots.       Wo   BOO   OVldOllOOR   o ^
nil around, nnd If tho Kenn,.,,,
would only think of this
One of the main issues of the recent
campaign, particularly as it affected
British Columbia,, was the keeping as
far as possible of Asiatics from, this
land. ■       /
Much was said by all'campaigners,
many causes were brought forth for
the existing conditions, speaker after
speaker proceeded to take his hearers
to the root of tho trouble, until tlie
average man was'forced to the con-,
elusion that'it was a,grievance, with
as many roots as ,the average poplar
In this instance,.as In others, we
have to deal with conditions as they
are, not as they ought,, to be, nor as
we would like to find them. Tho average workingman knows that lumber
camps and many sections of railroad
construction worlc, are'over-run by
Asiatics. ' Not only db'they invade
the labor market, but merchants and
caterers are called upon to face the
same problem, possibly in not the
same manner, but;- the Asiatic problem, while being a boom to mill men,
is a serious and jeopardizing influence
in other activities.       .
Non-employment and a withdrawal
of patronage would tend to alleviate
existing conditions. While not advocating an Asiatic boycott, we cannot help but conclude.that the words
of Ralph Spiith had the true ring.of
remedy- when he remarked "I • have
not yet spent a dime with an Asiatic."
The question is by no means ;settled, the regulation of such immigration is bound to be a burning question
for a long time, despite the assurances
of politicians to the contrary. But
remember, the solution Is within the
reach, to some measure at least, ■ of
every white resident of the province
of British Columbia.
; J ';S7j
In connection with, the deal for the
site of ..the. restricted district some,
very, interesting facts may be forthcoming. Some of our citizens have
very small consciences and less man-]
liness in their composition.   . -
It Is-a shame'that our city has to
assume-the responsibility nf tt,P rtait
-■-light district.-1 Of course they are located in a better position as.far as
the residents of the annex':are- concerned,.but they, are-still too .close.—
and always ■will-bo.—'•>'   ■''.^-J' x$.\"i
We were ins hope's that'the*' -Fertile
football team would kick themselves
to the top'ofithe^heap in this district.
Rovioyer^fwe,'must"conclude that.'we
are a peaceful''lot,/and' that'all „the
booters have departed.
-:•     -      ,-:.-,    ii£it  „-   , ,  ;*. :A^
The Free Press suggests that a
cpuple of first class cars be secured
to. carry^allTFefnie people who want
to go east, for'.Christmas. First class!
Great Snakes!. .We ."always have v to
travel a la side door or else unload!
If Santa Claus only knew what lias
already been promised in lils" name
with' the usual' conditions, he would
sure stay away back .in the tall timbers .ind underbrush. , Poor Santa--
well we were sorry,once when'' we
found you out,
The Cranbrook Herald had a long
hnrrangue about thai district— that a
supporter -of the government should
be returned because the rest of the
country had" gone Reform. , If some
lunatic went to the top of Mt.'Fornio
and jumped overboard would the Herald; urgo the rest of us to follow suit?
.-* ■%   *
Judging by present appearances Fernie can well lay claim to tho titlo of a
"City of Homos." • The number of
creditable dwellings that have been
erected in three months .is indeed' a
matter for congratulation. ' '"
*   *   *   .,
President Taft will " undoubtedly
lend more weight to' the presidential
chair than any occupant yet holding
that post—for the simple reason that
lie -weighs 300 or so.
, *   *   *
R. L. Borden has "gone down to defeat. ', However R. L-: gets $7000 a
year as ie<ider,of his majesty's royal
opposition. Guess the average working man wouldn't mind going down
"ker chuck" under like conditions.
'"''''      *   *   * °
- "The District Ledger's remarks with
regard .to the possibility of a rink   in
Fernie this winter are entirely in or-
der.'V-Free Press.
We were wondering what we had to
he thankful for this year—biit here it
is. As the mental acumen of the
Victoria Avenue Literary Digest; develops, no doubt the dictator in the
Sanctum sanctorum will' realize that
all of our brainy sayings are "entirely
in' order."      '■.,..•■     ' '■ •   ' '   ■'      -, '
■-   '•■•'      -'•,"■--       -.',1—T— 1 ,-i: ■'»',!-,v      .'
(Cotninued from.page one.)
-' ShuswaprfBurrell 15, Rosb 11-, Bunt-:
ing.-0. .••*.'■■ -   *" ■      '   '■ '•"■v;*5«;»5"ri!f.i-
Lytton:1 Biirfell 41, Bunting 'li'lRbss
li,    ,•      v.77 ", ;;,.;;"'_-f-iy
Elko:  Goodeve 15, CurtiS "5,''"Davidson,3. ■      . -,     ..."',,;;,',.' *,,,'.'
• Hogranch: Goodeve'9„Curtis 4,' Da-'
vidson 0; :•-,.;.-.- , ■ . 71 : ,-: ... ,*-. •
. Galena: Goodeve 10,■ Curtis • 6,vDav-
idson 1,.    " -'   ''        ' •'•     '- c .:'i'-'; .
Shuswa'p:  Vote at Chase':'' Bunting
6, Burrell 6, Ross 1.     .'"'    .,'     '■
...Quesnel:,Rpss 22, Burrell',53,'' Bunting 1, spoiled 1., .,-•
Mara: Ross, 12, Burrell, 14,<.Bunting
io. .     - ■   • •'-.      •■■;.-..■
- Gatewood: Davidson 1, Curtis • 2, —
Goodeve 2..   ,"    '
.Coal Creek:/Curtis 27,. Goodeve 22,
Davidson 105." .     .       ?"     ',,'"'
,   Sisdar: Goodeve 12, Curtis 16," Davidson 1.,-'.:  •       -••...      ■ .,,
Trout Lake: Goodevo 45, Curtis 12,
Davidson 0.  - . >
'. Ferguson: 'Goodeve 13, Curtis 17,
Davidson 7.   ■ .''■'"', '   ,
Silver, Cup Mines: Goodeve 5, Curtis 13," Davidson 2.      ,
lliecillewaet: .Ciiilis 1, Goodovo   4,
Davidson 1.     •
Rogers Pass: Curtis 11, Goodeve 7,
Davidson 2.
Golden:Curtis 64, Goodeve 69, Davidson .1. .   '   '
Bnderby: Burrell 98, Ross 72, Bunting 13.       '     :
Three Forks: Davidson 11, Goodeve
6, Curtis 1. .,   :
New Denver: Curtis 18, Goodevo 38,
Davidson 0.
Beaton: Goodeve 15, Curtis 11, Davidson 0. '   .
•St. Leon:, Goodeve 2, Curtis. 3, Dav-
idosn 0.- ,--.'. 7
Pavilion:  Ross ,6, * Burrell 10,. Bunting 0.' '
Kerenieos: limiting 15, Burrell1' 48,
Ross 25.,
10, Burrell 48,
' "; i U-ri
, f'i
±hM i.57
Labor Man Not Grar^;e<|^a
in Britisli H ouse on .'behalf of
■       ^'"K Starving Hundreds.
The Mayor's story about his .first
vote" being cast for Hon. Frank Oliver
told at the Liberal rally, was pathetic
in the extreme. ' All it lacked was
Legree,' Eliza and the blood hounds.'-
Bunting1 0,  Burrell
!  i,    ■
Bunting 3. Burrell. 108,
Bijnting 11, Burrell 152,
We wevo.told on'ge by aigentloman
that It-would not be any use for us
to agitate for the removal of,those vipers from the Annex." ' We have the
satisfaction of knowing now that our
protests were not in vain.
H,hl   mnko
for  It  lho
would not Hiiffor so much fr
mlHgiildod IndivhluiilH, hut l),0 .j,.,.,,,
do not.'mnki! mmh nllo\vnnuOH    . _ ,'
InimedliHcly coiKlomu  lho  Mio,'-.,,,,.,,
and all  (joiiunciuil  with  it, tw    ,,
fiiulls of lho I'n.v orrlng rni(!Si  ■•„..,.;
tin'  iii'onioii'i'K nn I  Hupportu,,^,   .,.   ''
no.VBpiiiicr Hint Ih udvnnelin*. ].. ,     "
.viiciitlnif thn jum nnd rl'.;hi.'i)l|H (,
of Kocliillsin, hhouhl not 'to"
decency or n.hum' In llielr \)^d "   "
new opera house on Victoria
avenue will be an acquisition to For-,
nlo, Prof, Pasta is given ns the owner. , They expect that it will be ready
by December 10th.   ■ , ;
A meeting of tlio shareholders 7111 d'
momhors of tho Fornio Industrial and
Provident .Co-oporulivo socloty will bo
hold hi tlio store on Monday night at.
7,30. *
Tho work on the basement of*tho
Mothodlst church and piirsori-igo ■ Is
proceeding vory satisfactorily. W, M.
Dickon has chnrgo of tho concroto
work. Tho ciirponlry work is undor
tho suporvlBlon of ISrnost J, Dlckor,
A flro started In tho husoniont 'of
Dr. Corson's houso on Tiiomlny night,
nt about 11 o'clock. A prompt ro-
apoiiHO by (he f|ro i,P|Rndo 800|, ,)U(
out tho bliizo, somo dnumgo wns
dono by siiioko und wuuu,
A convent Ion is bolng callod'hy lho
Trmles nnd Knlioi- unions for Monday
"■Kilt   Ht   lho   l.(.!(|gor   Ufricu   to  HUKItOHl
"»""'« of iikmi from Uio Labor ranks
"» "li ns nlclernion noxt torni,     Any
""I'm   cun   Hiiiul   (;
llJglllL'H   10    .   iho
nor, nml
tl    jlM|l
let    lIl'Kelielllli
lieil   1111(1   lll(
lino  11  filthy
Hhouhl hoi wrlieiH of u churn,,,.,.. ..,„, ■„,,,,„
would  iiniiiiulniiic  Uic liiovi,.'. .' "" • Pa,t of Cnrooeilln's Dulldlng a Wreck-
Kiciul of rcuirdlni! It. '"'j Girl Hnd Close Edcnpo.
The  Wi'Hieni   ( lurloii  has ,,   .. ,,   '. ,
limy 10 iiMiTiii'in, und Hhould ,)(,        "]    0,w "' ""' '•(•llm* wuIIm of CnrnHellii'
of Inriii'-iiod nnd Itn..i,.._. ...!'* I «t«>-" fell lu yi-Hltiriliiy in.nnlii!?, rim>,
n« n Hcrlonn fliii«nr-|ii| n,,-, mt,| wjvl:s ■
!i younic lndy who woi'Iih In tho ntoi<*
'a iKivcrii nhiililnn'iip.
'■    The wall was built
/'Id I'oiniiluiloii which
r KJifo einiinrli, ..Km   for
1 iiiin-|c|ll,lll-! " ei'iiiuhleil iuul
HttciH-1 'l,,«vn rimiill.
V. I)ell» HI Ullds fullll US ll IH.l), of w<1|1- 1 |||:il   Ku|    Mi)
dcifiil pen-ntinl    iniiL'iioilMm,    ,,        7 'he lmll,*i,.-. .,,,,1 n
Miiniii  in-
,     ,,   u  nnhlt, ■
»'»'»!'l|.,. mud,,!
ul' luiliiH
l\'f"ll|eil?     V(l:;---bUt
Iilrui of 11 iiiiut  worthy
Mill ll.,,.
cnimn  1,
on pnri  of i|-,.
WIIH   (()1IH|||.'|.'(I
Koine iinhniiw,.
fell  111  Willi  Ihi
Mr, CfiroHollii hnd onl;,
hir;;o .s'licl- iiiniii*,'."! h
, (Calgary, News.).! "-;   ,...,.
The evidence Is-becoming more" coii°
elusive every day'that civic 'officials
in Calgary "bludgeoned"' tho voters in
the employ of the city on streets, se'
wers and waterworks in voting for
their "favorite" in the' recent federal
campaign, It was a Tammany trick'
and a disgrace" to Calgary. Sixty per
cent of the men taken to , tho polls
under the threat of losing employment
were supporters of Frank Sherman, it
is, all very well to say that these rcen
could have boen driven to the polln In
tho black automobile and then vote
for-whom they pleased but" anyone
who knows the game knows how pu'c'
rile such a statement Is,
Cnlgary will never maker, the pro-
gross It should until some of these
officials aro rblensed from ' service
who fool that- tho taxpayers uio pay
lug thorn to bo party heolors first nnd
civic omployoB In any spnro moments
thoy may linvo afterward.
This city has too much at stake to
ho at tho mercy of party heolors and
tho Dally Nowshas not a doubt'but
Hint this sentiment will bo endorsed by
evory fnlr mlndod man In tho city, ir-
rbupoctlvo of1 party leanings.." Thoro
nro mon who love to hoo tliolr cnudl-
duio wi.i, hut, not unless'ho enn do i.o
hy fnlr mo-um. Inlini "mt lot. Is 11 cov..
nnlly trick, nnd much more doHplenhlo
than buying n voto, roprohonslbln nv.
1 Imi mny ho. *  '
There wiih prohnbly moro Inllmldnr-
Ion oxorelHi'd in ('nimiry 011 Oelohcr
H'hli 1 hnii in imy other ri,n„K |„ Can
"(In niul Unit Ih HiiyhiK n wholo lot,
The Dully NoWS |H rrodltiihlv Informed thin nhmit twenty innn worn
•'ilieu off die gniviiy Hynti'tn ' wnrl(H
mid Iheir votoH "pluicj;..,!" ut 11 rurnl
l»'ll. Probably If nny one would Inlie
^,e iim,. i0 luvi.HilKiiio It would !.„
found Hint um- uliigulim was i'oikIu'-i-
•'(I "li a wliolcHnle ImihIh,
The moi'iil of tin. whole tilrty bimln
'■»■*• lh ilii.i Un, provincial Rovoriimoni
d.OUlil In. I|in,,,|  |„ ,,„4tM (l |nw pr0V|,|.
•'><•*■ n voicih Hut    w:th Honm flnnllti
10 ll.
Tin' pioi-ciit syHl('iu letivfiH u wido-
'"pen ("ikii* I'n:1 plusi{,.lB ,U1(| hni-ler-a to
»' P'.'eit;,- iniich iih thev plons".
Ross 63. '
Granite Creek
4, Ross 2.        1
Ross 49.
Ross 87.
West BankMBunting 3, Burrell
Ross 11. "..
Canroe Creek:  Ross 19, Burrell 14,
Bunting"i."    '' j."   .'       .   ...
Ivanhoe, Mine Highland-Valley: —
Burrell 1, Ross 10, Bunting 0./ ,. ,
*.  Summeralnd: Bunting.11, Burrell 97
Ross 787, . -  , ° ' ■    ',-••    -
'Peachland: .Bunting.  3, Burrell 66,
Ross 23. 7    ," ,,   ' , ,777,,, ...
Okanagan Landing: Bunting 1; Burrell 23; Ross 10.... .    ..-...",   ,   ,.    "
.Comaplix:   Goodeve 11, .Curtis .   9
n-2^- : -—.	
Vernon: Burrell 301,.Ross 223;:Buntv
ing 40.'' '• "       ' '""
doicnnli.uUen niul of uiihwoi
to ll.o cm. it- of tint So<;||,|ll(|    |U,.|
lev '"■ ,,,ni'
Hamm, Westphalia, Germany, Nov.
12—The greatest mino disaster In a
great ninny years in Germany occurred this morning at the Radbod mine
three miles from here,        ' ''       *
There wns a heavy oxplosloh In the
mine about 4 a.m., and almost Immediately thereafter tho mine caught on
Ure.  •
Of 380 minors only six escaped without Injury, 35 were taken out badly in-
jured and 37 bodios wero brought,
out.   ,    .. '
Tho remaining 302 have boon given
lip for lost.
, Tho explosion destroyed ono of the
shafts which had to bo partly ropalred
before tho work.of roscuo could ho
begun. Heart rending scenes wero
onnclod ut tho mouth of tho mine as
tho dond mill wounded woro brought
to tho' surface,'
First reports Indicated that tho explosion wiih duo to nn explosion of
conl dust but lho HlnlcmontH of the
Injured men .ponder this Improbable.
Tho nnhiro of tlio explosion now up-
pp'ni'H lb' ho not vory clear.
The extraordinary scenes of'disorder in which Mr.' Victor Grayson fig-
uredtook place'on* Thursday.'and Friday of last week. , , ■"- •
,: At the close of questions1 on Thursday Mr. Grayson said:-"I rise to move
that this house'do immediately adjourn to consider a matter'of urgent
public importance, * namely the ques:
tion of unemployment."       -   •
The Speaker reminded Mr. Grayson
that his motion was out of "order.
Mr. Grayson: "Under the. circumstances I feel that (the cry of (unemployment are so great (people are
starving at this moment in the street)
that we must for once ignore these
(Loud laughter aud cries or 'Order.') - ,        .   ■,
The Speaker.said he was* afraid the
House was bound by tho' rules it had
itself made. - ,,
',' Mr. .Grayson: "Then 1 must '-et'use
personally to bo bound by any such
Loud cries of order wei*e*angrily renewed when the honorable member
declined to resume bis seat while
the speaker was standing. Mr. Grayson raised his voice above the'uproar
and shouted. "It is all very well to
cry out 'Order' for you who are well
fed."" 7 ,_ '-• -   '.'
Mr. Grayson' refused to sit down
and continued to discuss* with the
speaker the ruling of the latter.
The Speaker: Order, order. I have
given the honorable member with, I
think, every courtesy, (loud cheers)
an'explanation of the-circumstances
which" prevent him from raising the
Question at the present moment. . I
have pointed out that another occasion may arise and that he should wait
until that'day."      „     -
Mr. Grayson: "Yes, but In the immediate , future people are starving."
There-was great disorder.-,. Loud
cries of order and reiterated Injunctions from all parts of the house to sit
down came, from all quarters of the
house. Amidst the uproar the Speaker of the House ^called upon Mr.
Grayson to' withdraw.  • -: •,'.-,"",'• •-■ .
Mr. Grayosn: If you send your machinery of force.to remove me I am
willing,to*withd'raw..-..-• •"' ■ ,-,, "
"TK^Sp^lf^IfThTTliohp'faBl'e mem-
ber- will" not withdraw bt his own accord I must ask the sergeant at arms
to remove him.-' (Cheers.)
. ,Miv. Grayson: "I am willing to'.leave
because''I feel, degraded'.(uproar)',. I
have the unemployed mandate behind me, They are asking for some
urgent legislation and have been goaded into disorder. ■ I absolutely refuse
to be bullied into silence!"
Speaker:' Ser'geant-at-arms will you
kindly remove the honorable member?
Mr. Grayson: "I leave the house
with pleasure. Turning to his fellow
labor -members Mr. Grayson said: —
"Traitors to tliolr class who refuse to
stand by their cause,,
The sergeant" at arms' then advanced towards Mr, Grayson who at onco
arose and, proceeded to leave the as-
sombly. Halting at tho ,bnr ho faced
the speaker and glanced down both
sides of tho houso and shouted:— "I
leave this houso wllh iho greatest of
This was followed by more cries of
,  "A House of Murderers."
Mr. Grayson ngnln' figured |n an
ogroglotiH, exhibition In the house on
Friday whon (ho comnilttoo stage of
tho Licensing Hill was rosumod,. Immediately after tho division of 1111
amendment.Mr. Grayson rose and said
ho wished lo cull ntteutlon to tho fact
liml. I horo wore UiouhiiuiIh of pooplo
dying In (he uticoL whllsL they .vu.-o
U'lflliiK wllh UiIh hill.
.This was. followed by loud cries of
order. -  '.,-.-   ;       , 7      . .. ".
' "Personally," retorted the member,
"I refuse to give order. I am.only a
single one in this house but.I defy it
to silence me."     ...
The chairman:. Order, order!-"..,'
Mr. "Grayson: "I will not give order.
I have, a large mandate behind me,
and I positively refuse to allow this
house to proceed any farther while I
am in it. .Shouting above the din,
the honorable members accused ; the
house "of callous indifference' and1 defiantly refused to" give'order. " There
was then a repetition ,of the! argument in which Mr. Giayson had engaged ^vith. the speaker on the previous day. *"     '    •
The Chairman:'The honorable member has refused to obey my instructions to sit down and I now ask him
to withdraw*from the house!
Mr. Grayson: I refuse to' withdraw
voluntarily until tho house shows an
Inclination to deal with this urgent
question. ,   ' ,
.The chairman: .Then,. Mr.- Victor
Grayson, I name you for disobeying
tho orders of the chair.
Mr. Grayson:— , "Sir, you .cannot
shame me. I will obstruct" the procedure of this house so long as it refuses to u-.tend.lo this measure."
The Prime. Minister then . moved
that Mr. Grayson be suspended from
the ho'use, which was immediately carried.
. :Mr. Grayson slowly made his way
to the door, and remarked to the assemblage:   ■
;■ "I leave this house feeling that i am
gaining dignity by so doing.'.. I hope
that other members will leave it' too.
It is a house of murderers,"
The honorable member then passed
through the doors and left the house.
—London Paper.       . 1 •
f Pal mi
JTRED' WAYLETT, Proprietor
■   Fresh Fruits Daily.   -.
Opp.  Post  Office
Mistake in
Signals; Said to be Cause
of Trouble.
Michel, Nov. 10—A wreck occurred
here about three o'clock yesterday at
"NoT'gnfilifo^tracks, -and~"as a result
Charley Coutious.'a young Hungarian
motor driver, Is now lying at the hospital in a precarious condition. Cou-
tious.was standing-with his motor on
the main track when unexpectedly
the big°motor and a long string- of
coal cars from the mines came down
the track from the, mine, thoy having
been, signalled a clear track by mistake. ' -       ■   ,    , .
Geo. Gregory, brakeman ' on the
small motor, jumped, as,he saw the
train coming, but Coutious was not
able to clear tho engine before it
was struck by the oncoming train
nnd hurled from the tipple to the C.
P. R. tracks somo .forty feet below,
where ho wns found n fow minutes
Inter pinned down beneath tho motov
Coutious was takon to tho hospital,
where his right foot had to be ampu-
luted.      ' .-
Ho also suifol-ed a broken noso and
arm besides many bnd bruises and
No hopcN nro bolii*.; nold out for hl»
Minors' Mngnzlno—John Wnnnmnk-
or has discovered that n model homo
can ho built nnd furnished for $2",o,.
000, Whon tho workingman learns
thnt a home can bo built for such n
trifling Hum ho will certainly ceaso
pnylng rent to a landlord, Wnnnmn.
leer is n genius.
.1. S. Gusty und .1, Volumo wore
Lothbrldgo on Tuesday.
& Lyons
Real Estate
and General
Iku'oi,,.  iho  hut ilo of hnllt,|H
hcjuii ho ovprcH'cd lilniHolf im |mv| '
full l-iunrl<'i1"i. nf 'in •.!,..»..., |
,     . "•.  1 II.IIIH'
ill-lent tl-.it! lUVliilod Iiim, hi,. ||()V _
tl.dcs.i In. yjis iv.llhn;, nay it|,j.(lllH t0
loud hliiH.-lf to thn great o([
Tom Whnlon m vory noxious •» >;,.
|i0MM),-,H|0l|   Of  IW(.  llKMllllu  which   WiMI
Hioi'ugh Uio llro.ii'iml w!|| 1 nndiiom-I:
"■Wind  ruiv on,,  w- n   ■" 11  !,..•,,.,  .>
10 him
I'd titer
;     •M***".*   *  ''■•It  1.,,-inr ,,,„  ,„,.v „,,.,.„
it  nl'Jl*-;      Tlmn* Is  no ilimw   »,'
Hos-lii**-* ii"i Htondy   nd. nhoitt    homo-
1 ■'<*<* i'"   *T*ii!onii In iho N'nrthwcdt.-
ciiniinili'ii l.i'iiii' pnipitgiitetl h
clnlist imny lit tho Htuteii ut (iroH,.,!,....
n <rnipfi!i;u Unit will, In thtl ,,n.imil'
Kj'ilfc (if eveiiii:, hnvo to ho <,
w'Mi I'Vfii grentor fervor iin(|
li.1 in il.nti l:i".i'*nfori',
An ormor of tlm Hist
They mo me'ij.i ||ull    \Uf
won at th.- Ciintenn \v»r. nnd '
(> miynno  i>|<n>   thoy  ,m    viiIiikIohh. I
"'I'M* wer... |i(.|,i  at  j,,., \vi)nl,.,,'8 to-
•■Idcnco nud    im H('\(.|iil    were neon!
Iiiinilng relics the iiupposiiion Ih that t
'•■".'  *.*».«• plckixl  np      Mr.  Whi'lim
ontlniiml' will
lltlllU  . 'u   I
>' the .%.'
-II .-lllll
'i. a mnn
of Hifciljrig Ijiu^rity nnd   •'it|mp„n,.jl,;
n'wnnl nny 0110 w|,(> brlngH tln»m
^11 liiu, hi.,, will ns!' nn ■•upsMouk.
Thmo were orklnnlly ihrcc, hut Torn
'nt i*oi ui..* which was not Injured
••>* M:.! llro.
»n Minn*, ll, 1
•.lltnr of 'l • •;,
'0 wns ll  1 ;i
<)illl( 11II (III.  <
It'll lliue ! 1,j
Hurry 'frat ••
KH'ti In O:.'
'in.'iiljtf-r ef ■,
mia In tl.nt *.'
Iiere his: w,!.','•. JVin-
nn'iiinl I'^hinvlKh,
MiiKU.ion llulleiln, fal.|
ve of [Jrui-c.    Orifnrln.
"' f*"*l 11:0111. All gi..,.t
"Mme re,-,ide,| in nn	
Mo mur/ercij fir'ei.i
■ ami Wrul Inron (.
••■ •',*('. fust fciiw tSa/.
' at comity.
If you cooKed with a GURNEY-
OXFORD range you'd save fuel,
food and labor
RP.MIvMllIJU thnt n dollar saved in lho firnt cost of n ranee mny mean
n luuuli'i'd (lollnr loss before yun'ro tlirounh with it.     You hlmuld
look fdr ellii'ioncy. fut'l :intl f»n.|, t.i,(in..my, ofi'o of oi-^rution in th«
jnnce vou buy—these nro exactly the points tlmt. (liHtlmmish  tlu*  (.urnoy.
Oxford Utmijeu, '
*»»'1t   n'.ff.   4.4MJ   (ly,   l.f,,-, -   .(.T.   -. I'    t
tion out o'f cither coal or wckkI,
Tt it tit-tilt, of tlf-arl flat, jintcnt. lewllr-tl
Hieul, cloioly rivctted to t-hects nf i^bes-
t'n milllM-tnl n ti.|,.-,ir.iitii-n wliiwh
Jrr.'ilntp; the hent of tin- r,ui);c nml
rcn Icni inipiwllile a Mopi.nRe of tho
draft bv lei'.,- tu» inTn !lu> (inc.-
Our flue system by which the oven is
li tc.eil (ji-4-or) nn nhwr-lutcly cvvii ttnif
piTiuurc throughout.
Wo '"'iuM like to hIiow you thin rnng;o—
oxii'inn it to you, If ynu cannot cull.
dr,.;, n card for further dotnila.
Call arid let us
show you our
list of cheap
residential lots.
We have
Lots for Sale
*" v
in every part of
the City
V-'—; jl);      .; I UJi *-—:• 11
Golden Nugget
reported tut Toyal Crown and two
OtI.cn Will Jeln.
CftlRiiry, .Mm.. Nov. 12—'.'otluii iko
i.oiv ont rnllhis for n special mooting
4.4     44.4.     .>,„.,.l,,,l|    ......j,    V 4JU|JI,ll,,. i,l
'       I     .      .
•4. .4, ,,44. J ,
The meeting Ih cnlled to ratify nn
nuroiuncnt ontored Into hy the dlrcot-
oih loohing loivnnlu nn nniiilt;nmntlnn
( nt   ,».,.    t»r..r.»    C,r,,„„    ,1...,.      ,        •    ,«."
I* t. Wfiniht al *(f\ekt\ty. It hu th* «xk1
pr.ln'D , t tli* hlgl.Mt [iripfd rMigei, yri i«
priM.I \«ty tow.
null' "f nilnnl lrv->lt*<|, .Vn.l flat dImIJImc]
Willi »»U",ii4> tu keep ull IL* Lrkt 1(1.
fto 1 Inn Uf Avon—-It \» rvwity hn**,!
tliroiiK ..iit—no (iirntng of l>rr».| nr ttke*.
Juki nice, ovon, (xrfKt cocklnn
1'L.e  Gurney Standasr! Metal Company, Limited
J*   D.   Quail,   SelUntf Atfont, Fernio
lAJMtfK jl! JSLTV -aUB3i3E<.i;
n(pert, anl ih« llo/nl Hoap company
of Vnnroiner an.! the Standard Sonp
Co, of Calgary.
The Standard Soap Company under
the management of P. T. W'ler,   I;bb
been a nronaurtrod ntirrnaa nine.n     If.
- CmHarj. Edmonfn j "^J? bmineu ,n Apr" of   ,h"
llr. Wfer has controlled the policy
rnd worli* of th-e company islncv nu>n.
ft it tafd that he will remove to Winnipeg.
—*** suer
.--.    •■•/Sr. tV> &■ •*'*&*-^-"&-KZ^}*&':&*&%t~l~
.,:-; .G'
.4 V -,,-«4
S-i;"'. ;■' •
c ^^^^ij|^|'- ¥y,^iNi^f'.:y 'k-££-\*i
ijaMavoii w -.a     .s-mk-t-i ,H2f-ti;.J "ns^T--"" '■
7-"^^'iW   •    '-    .        -.■■■'           -*-.-ii **.!*:, -;'*->
.  ,.._..-_s:S*.. ™^,;* ■ ,.t*.;;j           .      , 	
,. f  ' i*v¥>" vrf' .:''." ---.i f f•>.     *."& -,, v jw;'^*' '*.
'■^■l.'Vt-'C- ■ ■
'.', ■<■ •* I . '
"■"V. V \J- .
Thc Official-Organ of' District No,   18,,U,'M.w;:of A.
Fei'-nie, B„ Ci, November 14th, 1908
Ritchie and Slather, whilst McFegan,
kicked ,the penalty goal for ..Fernie.
The teams.were: Fernie: S. McDonald (goal), Bowliill and W. "McFegan
(hacks),-J. Henderson, "(right); Kun-
; Tom Jenkinson.with his wife   and
■ Joe and the rest of the family joined
I ^fi'^i.^1^ ?n .Saturday evening: j sieai. (CeiUre7 and E^'Mc^m'(lett),
i Their destination at Parton, England. lw. Gorrie -(0litside rjght) j; McGeckle
•" Mrs..Jenkinson's brother Jack Eiiheck
went',; along-:with them. T,'There Js
,mucti curiosity as to how long Tom
will be away.' ;r .._ -.,'*,_ -...__- _-..
inside and right; J. Manning, (centre)
D. Munro'(inside'left),'Oi. Speers outside left, forwards.   ,
. Michel:  M. Joyce, goal,    S."Moore,
Whilst engaged working at the fix "j right,' and T." Oakley, left;" J.' Guest,
Ing of the boilers in their new station | right;  \V.' Wlilteh'ouse, centre and J.
William Fairclough ■ had- the misfortune to fall from tho top of one of
them, sutaining a serious fracture to
one of his shoulders.'-' He'is -'" doing
nicely although he is slck'alroady ^of
carrying his wing around, in n sling.
■ Mrs; H. Biggs from town spent last
week wltli her old friend and neighbor, Mrs. 'J. Evans,- and. is quite do-
. lighted with the new arrival. *
. Arthur Uerridge from the Coal Co.
town office is up.here again having
taken up his old duties in the corn-
Mason left, half backs;. M.' Mather,
outside right, M. Almond; inside right
G. Millot, centre; R. Ritchie, inside
left and E. names' outside left, forwards,    ...
Mr. ll. l-Jrennan of Coloinuu was an
efficient referee.
The mines woro laid idle on election
day, and thc whole place looked it.
A stranger might liave guessed (wo
were in mourning and burying our
only mayor. Tlio officers at the polling booth  looking after' tho require-
pany's office here. •   Mrs. Berridgo isiJnelIts of 'hG law wcre Messrs A. Mc-
also residing amongst us.
Will the gentleman who has been
busy making an Inspection of people's
clothes props and cords kindly , explain his reasons for so doing?
The Rev. E. Curry of Kimberloy conducted special services iu thc Methodist chapel on Sunday morning and
evening! ' His' subject at the latter
service was entitled "A'True Index."
and.was exceedingly Interesting. The
resident pastor of the chapel, Rev. J.
W. Boulton, we understand, is shortly
to be removed to Hosmer. Here is
an opportunity foi^ serious reflection.,
Tt hav long <.m felt that the ro.iuiri-,
ments of the Free church element in
Coal Creek-could he met by'tlie ministrations of one church, and that, to
b<S basedi on modified unsectarian
grounds. It is claimed that this
was the position until about a year
ago when the Presbyterians built and
opened their, present chapel.     There
■is ,very little difference between the
government and rites.of these, two
sects. The feeling between then1 in,
Coal Creek has beerivhotably -stamped
, with brotherly love and. irxie Christian.
^charity and.forbearance... Still,    the,
as their religious aspect nnd; every,
true member of a] church 'likes'?o see
his church self 'supporting aiid' ^entirely free and Independent, of outside
subsidies, Monoy is not.so plentiful
in Coal Creek as it was a year ago,'
and a working ninii 'cannot dive down
even to help his church' with that freedom which he could thon. Limited
space forbids going into detail on this
subject" but'It Is-hoped that what
has beon said on this subject will
serve ns n hint to tho Methodist conference and lo the Prosbytorian Synod:
Bob Strachan wns In Coal Creek
this week.
"Dl" JamoB hns returned from
Pincher Creek nnd has verified our
Inst week's news by bringing Mrs.
Jnmos with htm. Ho has everybody's
bost, wishes.
A meeting to ho addressed hy Smith
Curtis and Ralph Smith M. p. • '.for
Niinalmo wns ndvortlBod for the 6th,
but wns called' off through unforaeen
trnln delay. '
The Socialists had a rallying mooting horo on the ovo of the election.
Jack Smith was tho chairman nnd the
sponkorH were Comrades C, M. 0'tli'i.jn
nnd Knglluli. Thoro wns uo roHponno
to tho chairman's Invitation for opposition'npeahorfl.
The dniieo commlttoo hold their
Ard, A. H. McDonald, J. Smith, A. Fraser and C. Sanderson
They report having hnd a quiet day.
There was a poll of 154 voters with
tho following result; Davidson, Socialist. 105, S. Curtis, Liberal 27, Goodevo
Conservative 22. There was great
jubilation and much hand shaking
amongst the hoys of the Socialist belief and they are proud that they have
shown how they can nail down the
coffin lid on both of the old parties.
Rev. Weyth, superintendent of
Missions, and Rev. Hall, Methodist
minister from Fernie, made- a visit
to Baynes; one day last week with ' a
view to securing a site for., a, new
church.   ■    ;'"'   *"" *■•■'-''"      ;
" They were1 very much pleased with
our valley and it is probable that' before long the-; church bells will ring
at Baynes Lake. - .;,,.-•
--.'Mr and Mrs. Regan, are .rejoicing
over the birth of a son.
i * -,- •    '- ■V'-
A party* of young_ people were down
Irom"."Ferrii"e" on Sunday~for an~outingT
Come again, young'people;, we,.Will
always be glad to welcome you.    .
Father McCulloch came ,down from
Fernie on Monday ....night'..and- hart-
mass .Tuesday .morning.
Tlio people of,Baynes will meet ai.
the home of Mr, and Mrs. Hart on
Saturday night for tho purpose ' of
organizing a literary society.- '
„ Mi*, and Mrs. Iverson, who havo
boon employed at tho Club for the
past 'summer left on Wednesday evening-for Montana'whoVe we understand Mr. Iverson goes to seek Indoor
employment. '    "
Mrs, Woolf. camo down from Crnn-
brook on Wednesday to inspect land
that, sho hnd purchased from the
Kootenay River Land company noino
months ago. Sho was moro than
pleased with her purchase and will
arrange ns soon iih possible to eronl
n house on, II.
Horn—to Mr. nnd Mrs. Sognr, No\.
11 th, a daughter.
FINED $100
(Vancouver World.)
" Unmistakable evidence that, the
Chinese have, reduced to ' a system
the business of enticing white girls
to frequent opium' dens both here,
and in, New Westminster, was presented at last night's meeting of the
Moral Reform association, and was
further borne out hy. subsequent investigation.
■ "Allegations were freely made and
seem to be verified by facts that the
Chinese owners of theso dens of unspeakable iniquity are not only on the
lookout for fresh recruits to become
inmates, but thoy take good care that
a girl once having placed herself in
their power is given little chance to
lead a better life.
. At. last night's meeting-of the Moral Reform association a well known
local lady who resides on Pendrill St.
and who has been interested in tlie
hioral reform' movement for some
lime, made a rather startling assert,
ion to Chairman II. H. Stevens' and
Secretary' Melekov. - This lady, who
believes in deeds as well as words in
moral reform worlc, was much interested in the case of.Belle Walker, a
white girl who was found in a Chinese opium joint some time ago and
sentenced to a term of imprisonment
on a vagrancy charge.-  '
Believing that this girh could ' be
reformed she made arrangements by
which Belle Walker was given employment at her home on Pendrill St.
until such time as' she could commu:
nicate with her "parents and find her
home. ;!      ■  ■-     -•
The day of Belle' Walker's liberat-
ion arrived, however"and she'„dld not
put in-an appearance.;. This led" to
Inquiries being made by the lady and
tt was found that the' proprietors of
the Chinese den which the girl had
previously visited, "had made irieffec-
with her during the* period which'she
spei/t in prison.' Tr'?.* had sum pro-
.Writs' of- 1'i-iilt,'■flo> i> 'i.'n.'l- sweet*.
and1 twice had asked '"permission" to
see''tho*giri."* 'But' tiie'matron"fflist-,
rated, all attempts"'to hold communication with her.
It is alleged that, the Chinese were
on watch for two days before the liberation of the girl, the men being
changed every few hours. However
Belle Walker did not come to the
home on Pendrill street which was
waiting for hor and to which she had
promised to go,' nor to the home of
another local lady who had mnde her
'iv similar offer. ' ''
., That thc, Chinese induced the girl
lo ngnln resume her lifo of shame
mny bo Judged from the' fact that information was secured by the local
polico that Belle Walker went ovor
lo Now Westminster nftor her liberation nnd becntno hn Inmate of a Chinese opium den there fully as notorious ns tho ono In which Bho was
fuond horo.
Hor presence thero wns booh din-
covered and the polico was raided hy
tho Now Westminster polico. Just
three days ngo Hollo Wnlkor was sen-
tencod ngnln to six months In tho
provincial jull.
I Tho following vordlct w is given In
ho-j iho libel suit In Cnlgary brought hy
cond dnnco on Friday: night, tho Cth.iEdwiirda of the Rye Opoiwr against
Again Dn:oxcellont dance programme j 1). MeWlllcuddy of the Nows: j
w/ih fl-nnn through to good music. Tom ,    I    Wc find tlio dofunditni guilty of
Wnklom wiib floor     manngnr     and il ltd.
culled off, and Mi-b. Tnylnr from the;    2.-   We find thnt Un.. plcii of Justi
lioiirdliighbiiBo war In'chiirRo'of the, llcutlon huu not been iiutitwlnod.
refreshments. j    l-vum,.. wo tho Jury hb citizens   of
Everything went swimmingly,   ilioj^nlsiiry, di.slru to plnco on roconl uur ■    „, t
only drawback h.iing n scarcity of tho I disapproval of tho nlisrnno Hlonitiiru I, , ,', r,p"l"lM'ri* *ov* ]lyA v'°-
mnlo porHiMHlon. Whnt aro vou foi-'nml lllitntrntlons which from time to I f"1 ^■■"l*'*?*'0 "»">«"«. "' «••» f!">'
low* thinking.About?      . , ntln.o hnvo «ppm.r...l In tl... WyM)p..iH..*i,,,rnw "T ","?'     ,,,t0 " ,m,,l<!' mw"
The dunclng c« will hnvo ,t„ Ki,' « - W,l.„., hog ,our Lml-hl.. j ^"•.^9k|S>£i '^VS'"'.^^^
ror.     The hIioiMi hmted for hi>-
Nicola Valley Goal &
Coke Company and Their
; Employees    [
,, 1,. The terms of engagement with
Clerks and Overmen shall be held, to
be continuous, but either party shall
have the power to terminate such engage *u en t li.. nlvliie1 a month's notice
of their intention so to do. All other
workmen both above aiid below the
ground shall he hold to be engaged
from day to day, and in their caso one
day's warning or notice of leave, or of
dismissal shall be required from
either party,
2. Every workman occupying a
house or house and lot belonging to
the company, shall hold the same on
a lease of „one week, and thereafter
from week to week, and on said worlc
man quitting the employ of the company, or being dismissed from same,
the said lease shall terminate a week
after date of such quitting or dismissal, and'said workman,'shall thereupon
vacate said house or said |house and
lot; and said workman shall not, be
entitled to receive payment of any
wages which may be due to him until he shall have delivered ip the key
of said house" to the company, and
ceded, possession of said 'house and
appurtenances in good order and condition. '"..-••
3.' Every - woVkman who is.in possession of a house as above mentioned shall be held liable to pay for the
repair of any damages' vrhich may
arise to his house during his occupancy thereof, ordinary tear and wear
excepted, and the cost of such repairs
shall be. chargeable' against him, and
the company.may retain the balance
of wages, due to said workman. pend-
ind the assessment of the cost ofthe
■ i. \ Every workman w.io is m possession of.a house as above shad uso
the same 'for the accommodation of
his own family only, and,shall not use
said house, for the pflrpb*s& *$** ,5? boaYa;
Ing house, nor "shall h'e'koejr any pig's
oi*' poultry in any of the fc6nipany's
houses nor in' any part of the ground
adjacent thereto, without having the
special permission, of the company
5. If at1'any'time'any workmen in
the employment of the Company are
Idle, and the Company shall, notwithstanding, allow them to continue
in possession of their houses, that
indulgence ehall not bo construed ns
sotting aside or at all affecting Rulos
2nd, ,'ird nnd 4th, hut the workmen
shall still ho bound to remove, from
tliolr, houses at tho expiration of ono
week's notico given to them hy the
Company.     , ■
0. No conl miner or othor workmen
omployod hy the company shall lntor;,
fero in' any mnnnor with the Company's Just right of employing, retaining or discharging such workmen iih
may ho considered proper, or with n
workmnn's right of working, mid engaging to work, In tho way, upon the
terms, nnd with whom ho may think
bost for tho Interests of himself and
his family.
7. Coal minors In tho oniployniout
of tho company nro engaged, nnd tho
price agreed upon for their work is
paid, on tho nndnrMnndlng tlmt they
work, If In'health, not Iosh tlmn flvo
with them, ,. be made monthly by
cheque, when the rents of houses, the j
priee of house.coal, advances of .non- j
ey, melical .fees, any inside iopairs>
to their houses, and any other supplies'
or incidentals and.off takes customary |
at the Collieries will he deducted |
from tlie gross amount of their wages}
on each succeeding pay day. ■      ;
10. A statement of the amount of j
money earned by each workman, i
will be given, to him on tho day pro-
ceding the usual settling day; which
statement must be returned ,to the
clerk ou tho settling day; and should
any workman entertain a doubt tis to
the   correctness   of   the   amount"'on !.
the statement, he shnll be bound to! Deposits  of .*],!.00 nil'I  upwni'd.S l'Ct:ci\'0(l
report   on  tho  s.atenient | CIllTOIlt' mtcs *UI<1
Are now prepared to transact your Bankin
■   Business   in  temporary quarters in   rear
of their late oflico pending the com pie-.  ■
tion of our new premises .
Savings Department
make  such  report   on  the
in writing, when'enquiry.will he made
regarding same on the first business]
day thereafter. i
The dellvery'of lho statement witli- j
out written protest shall be held to bo\
a conclusive statement, aiid  ho shall
not thereafter be entitled to dispute
tiie samo upon'any ground or pretext
,   11.   All workmen in any department
of the works whatever, shall ho held
responsible for any wilful damage to i
safety lamps,  where such lamps, ate ]
being used, or to any tools or to nny
other property of the company.
12. All workmen shall he bound,
when required, to move from one part
of tho work to another, or from one
pit or mine to another, or from one
placo in a pit or mine to another therein;, and to submit to and obey all the
general:1 and ■ special -. i;ule,§..- of "tho
Coal Mines Regulation,"'Act,, and all
subordinate rules and. general orders
of the overman of the/department as'
to the-proper carrying7; ..outi'pf the
work. 'All disputed arising>as|; to:
either the quality,or quantity.of^the*'
coal or other material put out fhy]
workmen," or the manner in- which 'it
has been, or. shall he .worked by
them, and also as.to all other work
pe'rformed by all other workmen, shall
be and are hereby submitted and referred to the.manager, whose decision
shall at all times be final and abid-
13.   All injuries to workmen   how-.
ever slight to be recorded inimpriinto.
| Wild
H. L. Edmunds, Manager
uterest allowed at
Fernie Branch
Iy with full particulars at ..the Com
pany's office.
14. Any workmen found In possession of any tools or other materials of
."ffi^tever,. dcjscplpUpfl.,.than,'thoso., of
lils.-.,owri or those supplied by the
company, will be subject to being discharged or being prosecuted according to law.
15. These rules shall in all cases
bo held to be the terms of engagement*
unless they aro modified or set aside
by a subsequent written or printed
agreement o rngroements, and nny
workman who shall bo guilty of wilful contravention ,pf any of the above
rules shall bo llablo to Instant dismissal,
Chicago, Nov. 13—The govemmenj
petition for a ro hearing of tho ense
In whicli tho United States circuit appeal court rovorsod tho trial court
In fining Iho Standard oil compnny of
Indiana $2I),2ij0,000 for. alleged rebating was denied in the court of appeals
to-dny.  .
It Is authoritatively stated that the
govornment. will now nllompl lo bring
tho wholo matter before (ho supromo
court on n writ of certiorari.
Tho govornniont In Uh petition for
a redioarlng Intimated that if ihe
opinion of the Judges of the appellate
court, QrosBcup, Seaman nnd Hnkor.
were allowed to stiiiul It would nullify
are our Tooth Wuslii's mid the prni-W'
of them. ' Thoy ar j pure, fragrant ami
antiseptic, cleansing both teeth and
Bums, removing the tnrtiir und /.'iv
ing a sweet perfume'to the bre-ith,
We also have Tooth Jlruslies, I'ow.
dors and Soaps for dental'purjioBcs,
and every requisite for tho, bathroom
and toilet. Our Hues of 1'aiicy Soups,
PerfumcH and Sachetd nro second to
none in quality, but riithor low in
Palace Drug Store
full dnys per wool, ir roqulrod, unions | Hourly every shrod of rate reformation
I hoy hnvo flio consent of tho munuRor I loBlsIatloii iiccompllBhed hy the Ron-
to thoir absence, or inn satisfy him riuvcli  ndmliilsirniioii.
thnt thoy wore'prevented from work- 	
Ine hy IlInoNw or nlhcr oiiuboh beyond
their own control, nml oil 'workmen
absent from work for moro ilum on,,
day without porntlHHion or a renBon.
nblo eiuiBo. may coiinldci
r  cond nlBlit'u practice lu thu club Iiouho j"' ,',lll,'rt» '»•' PuhllHhcrto rofnilii: lu !,„ ,
>  ou .Snlunliiy tho.H'h, comnieiiclng nt!,ll,; ''l,(,"(' f""''   l-x'dlHhlng hucIi oh-1
8 Imii. . t Utiles will ho mnde-welcome ! B-'''",ie  .,,,l!ri»",r*'. Illustration*-.!'     '
Ol'1., I
Do not I rifle with your oy.i.-.,   or n|. j
low olhei-H lo do no; hnvo ihom pro'
pei'ly (•Miiulnt'd und perfectly    filled]
hy Dr. Il/uvey of tho Wnipiro t'ollogoj
hoiiisolvcKluf OphthnliiinloKy. Toronto.   '' I
(ilW'hiii'ucd; hul every workman shall!    ■ -•-   i
■Ml.*' Ihn risk of belli1; iitoppod lu Jils.HOW SOCIALISTS 8PENT MONEY, i
own work by (inform-cn iiccldentH nt
iillllllice illieel of flift C'ltmpillgll fllll.l
,.,,,.,              .                  or ,0' worlut w m«*.hlii«!.v.'iiii.i hIm)1
nud m.w,m(|mhefH nro Invltod to'afl i,,,,«l '«'"»« <1>I* thm tlm pnp.*r lie Hiip. jll„,;ll,0_,n- ',   nUm]m" .■»"  I'""!""  during tho period iwrvtmry Un
loud * ° *   'imtnttl. *   !,,n"'  ^,r";,r,, ,0 r,"«,","«' ,Il(,"• I""""'"  imlrs (hereon, or by -, dty of
W1....I il.. i,-,i.i ,,•,■..,.   ,  u       ,   -    In   w**.'vi  s.nlen...  0,i  ■.|..r..inUii* ''foP f,'nr °f n ,',!I)l,l,(o11 of «»» **»**>  nr want of onlors.
Wlicri the liiiln aiilved ou hninn ay i,.     ,   , ., * '   ''**"    V mn» cviiIo^Ioiih nml » Iimw riinil.       ti i       ., .   .    ,
Inst Conl Crock look on ti„. „.„,«.,■„!  "w.i'"JKO snid: l„'Z'\^,"™^^'J." ^ ",»ll"1. TIiIh nr.ldo to ho rend n« npplylng
heck look on tho impeet'of
a Saturday nfi-uumm In lho old coun
I'd- ;
;-.rh ■
'I iiiii hound to ImpoBo    n ponnlty,
Hug noise ncromp.'inlcd the HhockH.
try.    Tho on-as'cin wn> U.o visit     of i",1"1 ' n,,T,,( ' V" ,"' ,,Pn,*"K ■*'"•'>' I
M:o Fornio on,] Mlchol iu.wlnilon foot I   .   n,""|,r 'f ! ,,,?",0Sf' " f,,1° "«"'" y"
bail tcnniB, thoir object bolng lo derldo
tun 'tiii.iiipi(jiit(inp of tho   Crow's Near i
3Vj.-,v; Jt.Vp.-,,.,.     A ui at i in" thu     gnmo
-.of cvi. I'lindrc'l dollni'M, which will h"
*    - '-     '   '     ...   •«4 „|,     4/. * fi
thro» lnonlVc «n y.\'.\ ■-•ttb 3,;,;.,j v/-n ,
I Rinv. howovor (!k» etc-*.Mit'oii or thai
HcuiliMico «,nlll tho l.'tih of IVcobi
_„      , M" PfTloiU of working warnlnu-i or rn
The HhockH wore thu most norloUH '■ Hcch ns well ns to the oiilleu.1
Hint hnve boen felt lu ('•■rrnnnv ,*V ; long of oiignponieuiH
vwi*.     Tl.o tompnrntiirf or tho nu- ,    8. Tho price paid lo any conl
MlCPl   Ptlflncn   hove   .'."ia   |,i,..'pn«o,|    ("!f,.„  i,
of the Siiclullxt puny oi* ('nlgiiry ihl-'
'-i.i;, lioii.ii'idii i-li-i rim,, v.iiie.
Voluiiii.)1}1 KiiliHcrlplloiiH ,..'...nau.co'
Collerlt'd  li.,'  si>('i)4|ii|'','     .*,,•{,:!.', J
,,' lier- .(.'(iih rlod bv i-.uh hooks Jo',.In*
vHnle of IfiiM'iHurfi   ,.   ,     | |,*,:
miner J -  1
The Original and the Standard
Youiliiii't |.;cj an cx|itriincnt—or un unirlcil inji.-ii-tl—or mrrcly
vcrhal prcuiiifei—when you |Uiy RUBKROID, ,\',\ die
experiment! aiul tens were nude \6 ycjtt ago. You get
ptrleitiou in roofmn in RUHI'.KOID.
ifiycarr,* tervicc on roofs nil over die world proi-ei' that
RUW.ROH) resiMs ail wratlicr (.-(inditloni—Ij un-diaicd by
licat or co.M—mj is glixilutely liie-rr-l'-tini! (im) waterproof.
You c-n roof the hone and b.ir*i youritll" with RUBKROID,
thui wing expensive roofers' work. Wriu fori amplei ami pricci.
Sold by Western Canada
Holesale Co.
I 'Iotoch In p f'>'v n'l-ti'i.q (,,'d
i'ko'iIo nr„ rfnrld U-rtr n (>-enoinl
,'mlcr mnn. overtphp ihr-ni.
Wlinilpcjr. Nov. ti -lion, J.  ||. A?-
Tr.,v1,."i. 4i».'..r.« .,-.1  ,4   ,t      ....       ■
■ ed will "in rf-'-H *'il !,v M ,4 ntv of For.
'iff* ur» »o <2 o*cln?k rwi-i nn tit, first
dnv of !*c-<*rni'ier 1f<(iS for tbo In-**.-!'
Int'on of n W lor*--' powi-r fins IVo
tl.o    f,,,\..      n,,    ^f„.  'hl1.,,,.    ,, ,.,,.   .   ,,     _., _
dN-jmnv have cnntriieteil io pit o"i.     ,\u
sl*n!c*.  lufet'or lmnev eo-.l.  ntnnc* nv-
I rn!ih|g!> of nnv kind, mint ho rciiovod
''f-'oro the conl or other mntprlpl   |H'
ciiD.icoT rn net IICIOMC
vuuuwu*   iv ui.Luuiu«u
I'.-ii,..? t...
. .Mi"  Vn.'lt'
wns ii'i-iiiu nijuiii .*(„''o, nnd the mip-
Por«c>rs of b»th Koama liaij i|je s.Mli,.
f net Ion of hcuIiiv riKhl. nwuy I hut tho
«lrug(,l(. wnH hoIiih: lo bu n lomrh one.
j.l,»t..v,, ■nuiMi't.i'*-, nml iiin loriurui of
name Fortune Kornlo lmr« unmls
takelmlo hIroh that they hnd not fully
roroverod Trom tho «erlonn .llRloatlon! now, provlneli.l tronsurur of Mnnlici-
,';; l7mqT* ,Bf?   "*0W;**n,,,r!M''; nfr^r    hov"'"«    l«l™*t**lM*ci«rVnrr*nWm*nt will ho mud,     Tlo ™v(n,um land nf thu rffr, m
™:::: te^heZtTat {[z^rr ^.u,r ,fcrtt ^ oriK^;r;n,^" "r f*w?; ;°l-; p^w ^«-;:
,        ... ,   ,  ,                             •■■« | im-iv.                                                         'vatte KlPMrlr TJtrht nnd Vnwnr rum-  ""no ■>'.* the /n-,.rm.,P
v ..ur.,      ..uctiul ui.'x, Uuvti uur run-1    tome time nco he wn» on-.rul^d on  nerv to- tin r.Mrd.t.cr. „t ,«,. i„ .„„ '    1    n.f.,„.i.  ,i*    -    i     .
j™«u«.,.op..     W. bonntboyvtm ll.ePmr hereon ,-« ,„.     „r! Aww ^^o'S     "  "^   ™ JJ*^ht^
torn ft* be prmAottMrmedaU.Tbe th* tMM jirnflnrin! mutunr      «»- A   * ....v. ,.v ,i-lU .„,,'   .   „',   •"«»"«"» «»f <I"
„ore wn, Michel *1. P,.nl,> , (BCual«y>  Pointed bv Pr*lW-JtoMU,.-*M»hJ -;     - A«^i A ' k '       !      «   I Ly 27 '"""     ""
TYc 8«r*r. for MM.*, tnro WV.atyjmim Xo i)t, ^o&LS..: I      P^.1 tt. r.   'to~L
.% ;.(,.;.
in i
Tf different I'Iji.'r of cm,| or other ,T,!e:riuus .
innterlnl In  one  s-er.ni.  iho dlffnrnnt
''IndH nl'iiJI be rnrcfully nenttraioti nnd
filled Into different curt In micli mnn-
MIhii-IIi.Iicoiih c-XpeiKieH
<*ii*.|, on hnnd    	
yinem of vianm will
p-iTFHV** f,f *-j)ft?«nir scc-ouriia
Tf'-iF  ... 	
Tullil cout  of election   . .
Klffiion ARtmt
Antilles] «n.l f nn ml forrttt.
««f).   ll(.\\'l\Ut
A. .1. ItllOWN'INO
Ui i. j, rhtfh
TIh'Ci- I'kIIik )!.!|ilni!4. viltili'h nlmn,,.
UK ipileklv itii Iliev i oiii.t. l!
Tl." doi-ior- ii-coiiiniiiul a luiif; \,„.
li lo a contlii'ir. clliiiiite. whleh i|i«>y
ll.ltik wciiil't eiittri'ly nntor,. her to
l.e.illt.;   but   the  ('/.(irlllll   tefllHi'H       (0
■      •   - - ■    ,*, 'I..M     V .■..I..III
Waxv Itf'SHitt.
The lorn of th,- conMnnt compnnlon-
idilp of her cider Hhiier, tint I'nuiil
IliiihcKN  I'li/iitx-ib,  widow of the txn-
 j    trMixiu lime |i>*o »,!,(• koi the Idea In-: W"!""*"''! <»rfti.il l>nk«« He,^,., j;re«tly
.tMT.lOitti le-. li.-iitl tl..,. i-l..- ,4,-iU ciiily ^i-tp u"'"'"-l l!,i *4''-iv>'li..i. I'li.i' i,tunit
.t39l.2Sihc<ir thr wa :ii.>1 nl'-.-pless t.lirhtx nr; !>"( Iickh, «l,*i I* Immt-nmrly w.'.-i)t/iy,
1 |'etert-of to.Uf.n'H At ur.ntlicr time '••"• '••«t«i-'d lu n-iiuimt'e the u-urM.
»!.«• imjiirltied thai -tin- had an Imped!- 8ltl1 t",,"r ° "••'"'nt ni* a nun.
■f-.-M ii, l.-r fi„"H» tm.! <o--ild si-f &U- hue aht-adf takm tf.o firni utrp
Kkl'4. fid fur r, wh»l« xx.eU ■*!... tn tr-nt Mn-ainxx. i'titt.rir.x a vunv.-ot
*,;» si.;i»vi:.l aloii in a tl.alr, nnd In the nt-lirhtxv'hfv)J nt \i<n*.e»v *# *
.<,*.,!', *.oi *pf»J.. rt-lleieuno. -.
4-'/.,j«;ii4i'i.4ii ci
To l el; I   	
'A'.ll |'■ -'in.' ntmi nrt:;-.n'./!it^
tilde ("iiliuiry	
I'epi.iii for cuiidhliilo JJOU.flO !     	
■ '("ii'ii'     !i.'l.!.(. j    l.oni'oji,   .\ov,   /:•   ,\>.i->.  rioin
....      2.35 ■I'et.r-.ttiiri nl.out t|i.' ('ziirliiii'i! h.-alih
Offkc m-c«-HHllli!H     |0,3r, iconilmicri he i.i.d.     *-"l,c Is Mil.1 to he
....    t.3r, jgufferliiK fiuin eiitn'iiH' iiKiitii'tihi-iiln,
     '2A't JHcconipni.tvil l.>  h;.!liH'li:ii'!(iiiM. PAGE   SIX
Interesting Sketch of an
Interesting Man.
Pleads'Guilty to Charges of.JBurglary
'„      -  Made, Against.Him.,.     -   ,-
Secretaries of Local Unions
7   DISTRICT 18 U.. M. W. OF A.
, v- -       ■'  DENTIST,
James  Keir Hardie,    originally,   a; for' them."
working Scotch miner, and now chair
So it is with the chairman   of the
British Labor party; he believes in his
-of tho Labor party in ihe British.
house of commons, has evolved into;
international eminence during the laslj.through the corridors of the House of
his mission and power to ach-
'He attracts.    And.on his way
twenty years.
! Commons on to the coffee room  or
lie was born in Glasgow iu 1S56, and | lh(j smoking roora (and he's an invet-
at the tender age of eight years went j qi&^ smo*;el-) n10 police officers on
to work in the coal pits, remaining at.;,luty 1.0tm.ll i^ i-jiuily salutation with
that occupation working with thc lllcltJ inoro apparent feeling than they would
till he was twenty four years old. Itl "j i-ospond 16 the nod of live lord or of
the early clays his hours were from j COiim,.v squirc. On Tower Hill, fa-
5.45 a.m. to G p.m. 'moil's ns being thc scene of Ihe cxccii-
Smuige as it may appear, for he has (}on o(- iiuiui,.e(js who have' fought for
.proved himself an able editor, n pow-  tlie ,.jgjlts 0f the people, famous for its
erfu land lucid speaker, nnd a writer mcotjr,gS during      the  historic dock
in various fields of literature, ho never  strike of 18Sy) Hardie has hold    im-
wentto school. men so  meetings of  the unemployed,
Penmanship was acquired hy hold-*an(1 marched them to prove their ex-
ing a white stone over the smoke of -a j |St"ence t0 such citizens as Lord Rose-
lamp in-odd minutes of the mine, and I ,je(X wl)0* Jn ]8,j.| -pom,e.i co](i water
tracing characters thereon with a pin. |on this'agitation.
Early, prominence was gained us sec-j frll0 xinetcenth Century "Magazine
rotary of the Miners union iu Lanark- j ilc.copU.ti im article explanatory of the
shire, and activities in this office be-:
fore long brought about his dismissal;
from tho mines.
Six. months from that date found
23,000 miners organized and one of
his biographers asserts that „in some
quart ers he wits looked upon as iv
monster in human form. ,
For a period around 18S**, he was
sub-editor of the Cumnock News, but
gravitated by, persistent agitation into organization and politics.'
In 1S8S he contested Mid-Lanark division for parliament, and on his defeat founded the Scottish Labor party.
x\nd soon after came an epoch in Lon-
1. L, P. in January of J895 from
pen. of Kior Hardie.
In August of'.the same year, accompanied by Frank Smith, who had resigned as commissioner in the social
wing of the Salvation Army, America
was visited. Here they mej, or got
iu'uuaintoil with the work of John iUe-
liride of the,coal'miners; Samuel Gompers, cigar makers; P. J. McGuirc, of
the carpenters; Thomas Morgan, August McClaith and'others.        ,,■/■'
Since theso days Hardie has visited
India (and said pertinent, things anent
British rule therm) Africa, Australia,
Mew   Zealand, British'Colunibia.'Can-
' (Lethbridge Herald'.)"' ■
Coleman, Nov. 5—William Miller a
boy of fifteen, was killed here' last
night while riding on a freight train.
Several boys from around town were-
taking a ride on the same train, and
did not think'that anything had happened to their companion, -as he. was
oii a different car and they"thought he
had gone 'home.    . '
The lifeless body of the. bfly was
found'in the morning by some of ,the
coke oven men and they at onee no-
tided the Mounted Police. The body
was, found lying alongside one ,of thi- j
numerous tracks by the'coke ovens,
and was horribly mangled and lorn.
Coroner, Gate viewed tho remains and
a jury which was empanelled, met at
11 o'clock.
The jury retired in order that additional evidence might be brought in.
Thoy again met at two o'clock, and
after summing up the evidence ■. the
verdict given was that William Miller
mot, death accidentally while riding on
a freight train in the C. P. It. yards
at Coleman.
Voting Miller referred,to above was
for some time a resident of Fernie.
i and will be remembered by many of
his young playmates who will be, sor-
Cornwall,. Oui- Nov. 6—David Wil
A.fson,. a former bank, clerk,of .Chester-1
I ville, said to be the son of an eminently'respectable western Ontario couple
pleaded guilty in the lower courts to
.six charges of burglary.    The burglar-
.es took place in September.
■A member ofthe bank staff, who
was suspicious,  looked- in  Wilson's
trunk one day during his absence and
found it,to be filled with loot which
he had pilfered from the' store keep-
;  BANKHEAD,^No.^: James Fisher
BELLEVUE,  No. * 431. Fred  Chap-
pell-    .   ." 7 ' '   .
CANMORE, No. 1S87: A: J. McKinnon.
COLEMAN, No. 2G33: William Graham. ■  ■     ■ '■    f' '     .
CARBONADO,. No. 2688: James Hewitt.     7 ; V   ' ' "'.     J . •
CARDIFF,1   No.   23S7:   G.   H.    Gib-
Now doing^ business . at the
,Drug Store.
B. C.
Fernie, B. C.
Upon several of the latter being re-
quested to Inspect the suif? they iden
titied it.   '  . ,'-.*.
-, - -i
On Sunday, Oct. 18, two of the satin. I
stores were1 again  broken  into,    and j
■ over ?!00 worth of stuff was carried j
off in a suit case. ,       '  ■ jiey,
Wilson was not seen around Chev
lervillc bin was recognized getting on
a C. P. 11. I rain at Finch. ' Ho was in-
lesteci at Itroi'd'ton with h.s booty iinu
admitted his ■Jtiill.
He will likely bo sentenced next
EDMONTON CITY, No. 2540: J. H.
Crowe. '■' " •   -
FERNIE, No.' 2314: Thos. Biggs.
FRANK,  No. 12G3:   Walter ' Wrig-
W. R. Ross K.C. '. J.«.T. Alexander.
Barristers and Solicitors.
Fernie, B. C.
No.   2497:   J.  D.'    Both-
A. McDougall, Mgr.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber ,
i -r 0
Send us your orders,
On their*: Way to Vote—Attempted to
Cross Railway Tracks
-While en routo'lo
day of the United
, „„    .,      elections,    William
family lived on Pellat avenue beyond I ' -    .   •    ■ ,   ,
' ■ I WendorSoe,  Herman  Krause and the
^'Buffalo. Nvo. 8-
. ,.        t.     ,    ,    ,,   „,,      the  polls  on  the
rv to hear ot his untimely death, lhei      J       , *        ,
,.             ■    ,, , ., ,  States    general
„.don.'At-the instance of the West Ham  .ula ancj a dozen other places.
the  Hospital arid moved  to Coleman
over a year ago.
ilaUerVson, Kmil were almost Insfnnl-
ly killed1 as n result of attempting to'
cross thii Soo line ahead of tho morning westbound passenger train.
Wandijrsec was killed outright and
Krause lived about thirty .minutes iil-
ter iho accident and the' boy died in
two hours. '   All three1 were farmers.
Radical-association,   away in tho far
east" ctid of London, he,stood for par-,
liamenl iri the- interests' of the working, class.     Many ol' the great, docks
,-were in- this region, ship building industries  and   masses  of unemployed.
Hundreds of meetings'were- held day
and night at. dock gates, in halls- and'
particularly at street" corners,0 and'iif-t
ter a long and enthusiastic fight.  ' he |
won   his seat in'parliament in, the?
Novel iiideed.au 'innovation, so to
speak, it-must,liave seemed when on
April I, 190(5','Kler Hardie entertained
thc Labor parly and its friends at.
dinner in the house of Commons,.
His ■ work has had telling effect on
such measures as the trades disputes
bill,' workingmen's compensation bill,
feeding'of necessitous school children
and old age pensions;      '
t\s   a statesman for. the people   he
' Reno, Nov.", Nov. 12—Mrs. """Ghita M.'
Franklin Bui-ch, 'wife of one of ' the,
wealthiest contractors''liviiig iri Montreal; Canada, and the;direct desce'nd-
ent. of one' of the peers of England,
i Wash
cy.-.".l ..ci
HILLCREST.-No. 1085: Hairy Cooper.     , ,
LETHBRIDGE, No, ' 571: Charles
LILLE, No. 1233: J. T. Griffith.
LUNDBRECK, No. 2275 — J. D.
Smith. ' ,      ,
MICHEL, i\"o. 2334: Charles Garner. •   •
MAPLE LEAF,'No. 2829: H."Blake.
i '      *
| , MERRITT, No. 2627:   Thomas Cal-
I'vert. '   .    '
METFORD, No. 2G98: John Curran.
Dn'poii, Box 49G, Lethbridge.
ROCHE PERCEE (Sask) .No. 2672:
Laciilan  McQuarrio.
, TABER, No. 102: Joshua Craig.
TABER, No. 1959: 'Wni. White.
TAYLORTON, (Sask.) No. 2C48:--,
A. Wilson. .    .        ■ •
Fernie, B. C.
F. C. Lawe
Alex. I. Fisher
Lumber  Dealer
.epbrt of Work of Excavating
Already Done.
Fernie, B. C.
All kinds of rough and dressed lumber.
b. c;
TAYLORTON,   (Sask.)   No:
Jos."Twist'."'   :   .       '     '    '
nglon,-,'Nov.* -5—The Isthmian
n-.riii3Sioii'gavc out official flg-
N.' D., No. 2863:— J,.E.
Pioneer Builder and Cotractor of
Victoria. Ave.
North Ferni'
E.-A. Kuinnipi'
L. O, Kunimer
M. A. KERR & CO.
Builders, and Contractors
yoar 1892,   "Fifty thousand      people j ]W\_$ rank, .witli'Bebel, Jaures, Van-
=J-awii'lt'e'a" tlie result of that election out- 'dorvido aiui'jJnrico Ferri.  ,. ,     '   .. ■
There"u '.vi'ctc in ^.Vr.ldc": "If :\ ni*.'.?-1.
is preparing evidence' to" present in lures >to<lay which-.apparently demon-
a<-suit'for divorce'against her hus- j strated jtlial the canal will- be 'complet-
barid', who she alleges, deserted 'her! ed'muci earlier than January, 1815. j
in England six years'ago. ' ': j ' xiie •j'ttitomeni shows tliat since'May
'.The woman .has been"--living here 11 f*, i 90-lv ,53,7SS,598 ciihic-'yards have
quietly for a .yoar'"iii order to .esiab- lijeen'okcavated from'tho canal,
lish  eviden,ce' before; bringing action j,;E    ;^,M.a ^n;^tR Biat'' there'- 're-'
Lowe. "
was declared he was carried on   the
shoulders of his admirers two  miles
to Kls" headquarters.
•   The Independent Labor party which
is syuonymors witt Keir Hardie, w is
formed  in 1893, and  since then has
been a factor to be dealt with and has
created mere than- consternation    In
the ranks of the upholders of conventionalities in politics and otherwise.
* Ills headgear, (a cap) the serge suit
collar, shirt and necktie, often of the
same fabric, became provorblal nnd familiar.     To critics ho replied "I dress
according to the class to whicli I he-
long, and am not out to npo or copy
my supposed'superiors.     My cap   is
sensible In or out of the Houso   of
Commons.     I can put it in my pocket or sit upon it and  It's' all right,
and as to my clothes thoy contain nel- j
thei1 the tours nor sighs of women and |
.children, they ure homespun nnd they
ur.-! paid for,
Hurdle ."n u meui moral forco, us
llcjlno wrote:
."Wo do not luko possci'slon of 6u'r
Ideas but us posaossed by them.'Thoy
mtistor us und force us into tho iirona,
whom   like   Kliullntors, wo must fight
does not keep pace with his companions pei-liaps'it is because he hears a
different drummer.. Lot him step to
the music lie hears, however measured or far away."- ,'
Kler Hardie is an iconaclasl. Some
sneer, others smile, but he forges on
stepping apparently, "to the' music
lie hears,"
He   opposes war, pleads for woman
suffrage and llio unemployed. For thei
past   eight years ho has represented
Merlhye Tydvil, a South "Wales parliamentary division.
According to his outlook"^ on  lifo,
Kier Hardie stands by his record, In
the cntogory of Robert Browning as:
flOne who never turned his head, but
.Marched breast forward;
Never dreamed  thnt right  was worsted
WroiiB could triumph,
Held, we fall loftrlse,   nro baffled to
figlu  hotter,
...eop to wake!"
Moro will bo heard from Hurdle In
the Unitod Status anon.
Ills t-iloniiu lo tho workers of America, unionists'und non-unlonlsls, Is.
Voto nlwiiyH tho Soclnllst ticket.
for separation,''and 'shR1n.°ks..for
absolute   decrtc  and   the   custody
her little daughter Ghita Louise Iole,
ten years of age.
The complainant, alleges that her
husband' deserted her six years ago
when they were living in England.  -
She followed her husband to Montreal where she alleges they discussed their troubles and lie at thai, timo
agieod to,support the child but declared that he would no longer live
with his wife.
The daughter Is at,present In Ihe
convent of St'.' Anne and Jerome, Quebec. Tho wife says sho is the owner of entnlled property at Reading,
England, and will" come into possession of If. when ho-aunt, now (54 years
of ago, dies,
She asks permission to resume her
mnldoii name, Ghita Mllllecnt Miller. ■      '
m\ mains to .bo excavated'8S.211,-107 cubic
01 i yards; which when'c'ompletc'd'to-the 85
j foot'level'will be within a short'time
J actually realized.
' The work of excavation will be completed, it  is expected, by thc      year
Builders and Contractors,*
Estimates Furnished':."
Geo. C.  Egg, A.I.C., William Haldane
Estimates : Furnished
""Architects "and Valuators;
'   .   , BUK.
How Long It Will Last Need Not
Trouble Us.
Two Already Established In Canada-
A Third in Prospect.    ,
Tho micHtion of tho exhaustion of
tin' coal supply of tho Unitod StatoH
Is not ono whicli cun nffoet tho prosont Konomtlon, or tho noxt Hiiys Harper's Wookly., Yot tho American
supply Is likely to ho exhausted boforo that of Kurojio, nnd particularly
boforo thnt. of Oroat Hrltaln. Look-
Inn at thn matter from tho point of
viiiw of national providence or provision, cnvoi'ltiK KonorntlonH and Kotioru-
Hoiih, America should beyond doubt
In.1 a littlo Hiivlni; on Hu coal.
ll has boon oHtlmutod thnt J'uiiimyl-
viuiln has about onoimh anthracite to
hint m tho piuHoul r*io for about 20U
yeiirx, I'oHHlbly tlm nupply will ho
cxhminti',1 much sooner tlmn that un-
|(*kr MOiiif i-ultnhhi mihiilltuto Is found
for ntithriK-llo, Ah lo bllutnlniiUH coal j
In the l.'nlted Suites the supply Ih
very widespread und ueiierul, It Is
I'HilmiiHd Unit li will Inst ut the inic
Ol   t'lllihlllllpllllli    Willi tl   l..l.->   pii'S.ll..'..
iu die hihi di'i'iidc rm* -1 .'•«> yciirti   to
( (Ult' ,
If ih>: (mil hiippb of tlm world ut
lain" win tll'.dy lo be ..\li:iiiHt.'<l in
nny hiicli way as lo in'ilii- a coiikkii'I'-
able driiln on Aui'Tl'-iiii uml for for-
("lltn (-im-uiiiptlon Hn" Hldintlon mlaht
he ri'guiilcd im iiliiiinini,' If w<* could
put our».-lv('H In lho plncc of our ki'cui
Rintidi'lilbircn.      Hut  thru- In no*  at
III)   likll..    U,   ll.l'i.*--   4'.   '.il...      All. I'l       ...,
shnll hnve to feed  ih>' n-r.t ut    the
ply would last for about 900 yenrH,
The coal measures of Lancashire nie
1)000 foot In thleltnoBS,
.Moreover, thoro are many countcIoh
which pohhosh conl doposlts tlmt. havo
nover boon touched, Hosldes tho
Kieat coal fields of Europe nnd America ns now workod, thore nro un-
doubtodly.cotil doposltB In Chlnn, lu
tho Philippines, DrltlHh North Amorl.
en, In AlaHka, In the Indian archipelago and elBowhore.
With ono clrciimBtaneo tho Amorl*
can people, looking nt the matter from
tho consumorH' Btnndpolnt, may bo
well ploiuod. Europe doos not want
our nnthrnctlto, tha best coal, on the
whole that thu world has ovor pro
dueod. Kuropc does not underHtnnd
tho value and use of anthracite, nnd
Is nppnrenlly iinwIllliiK to lenin lt. It
cnllH on un for bituminous conl which
wo can hi.iirn more roudlly,
The iihiui nipt Ion thnt thn coal fields
i of (Ircnt llritnlu nnd Aincrlcii will bn
oxh'iimli'd, ovon nt tho ond of several
! centurion, Ih founded ou the further
1  ,,..,,,, y.lt, .,    M...I    V; ;.,!     ...Ml    ...4,,M,  ,.
1 *!ii> mtidi* nnd powi" t'i>ni>rnt,<(l In »**-.(-
ifuiuro much ns thoy nre now.
i    Hut our Invent urn mid (IkmiiIhIh ;nv
'holdliiK ont  iiHHiirnnrr-n lliiit  u n.'-it
i cliiiiii?o tuny ho looked for lu Hi'1 \m<
, I   .    V.        »    ,-,..    1,.,!..,,    1.,..,.     ,.,..1     ...    .  I
! leu I cncn;y,
Two schools of forestry are now in
operation in Cn.uula. Of those, tha1 ut
tho UnlvorBlty of Toronto Is tho older
This wus Inaugurated In tho autumn
of 1!107. It Is a distinct, "''acuity of
tho University nnd has u hi alt of ono
professor, two locturoi'H nud an assistant,
Tho head of the school mid denn of
thn fact nil y of forostry Is Dr, H. E.
Porno w,
Ho Is German by trnliiliiff, a Brad-
iiate of tho colobrntod forest Hchool al
Mueiulon, mid hus studied ut thu Ui.l-
vorslty of Koonlgsborff. Uo has, how
ovor, boen a rosldont of thin continent,
for ovor thirty yenrH, was for twolvo
yours (from 188G to 1808) chief of tho
Division of Forostry of the Unitod
Stilton dopnilmeut of Agriculture, af>
tor which ho was head of the Now
York stale coIIoko of form-try connected with Cornell university.
Thonce ho pittno directly to the Un-
lvori-.lty of Toronto to arK-inlzn     tl"'
Zam-lluk by its healing powor has
cnrn'ed the prnlse of mon and women
In the highest stations of life. One of
lho latest prominent gentlemen lo
Rpouk highly In Zuni-Diik's favor is Mr,
.Mr. ('. P.. Stanford, of Weston, Kings;
County, Nova Seoliu. Mr. Weston Is
n .liifilieo of lho pence for the' county,
and a member of (ho Hoard of School
commissioners. He is also n' deacon
of tho Baptist church nt Horwlck. Indeed Ihi'o.iiR'houl the country It would
he difficult, lo find a mnn more widely
Ifiiown nud more highly respected.
Some timo bnck ho had occasion lo
test. Znm-nuk, nnd hero Is his opinion
of this great unlm, Ilo says: "I hnd
a patch of oczoma on my ankle, which
had boon thoro for over fwonoy years,
KomotlmoB nlso tho disease would np*
ponr on ono of my shoulderH. I hnd
tukon solution of anionic, hud applied
various ointments, und tried all sorts
of things lo obtain a cure, but. In vnln,
JJiim-Iluk, unlike all else I tried, proved highly satisfactory and cured tho
"I havo also used ZnnvUuk for Itch*
■ SEALED TENjjERS addressed to
ihe,undersigned and.endorsed "Tenders for Dredging Coal Harbor,", will
be received until Friday, 30th .'CJcto-
oer, '1008, at 4.30 p.m.- for dredging
required' at Coal Harbour, Vancou-
rer, Province of British Columbia: ,
Tonders will noi be considered un
less mado on the form supplied, and
clgried with the actual' signatures of
Specification and form of tender
ean b^ obtained oh application to
G. A, Keefer, Esq,, resident engineer
Now Westminster, and nt the Department, of*Public Works, Ottawa.
Tenors niust, include tho .towing of
the pluut to and from tho works.
Only dredges can, be employed
whleh aro registered in Canada nt
Lho time of tho filing of tenders. Con;
tractors must be ready ' to begin
work within twenty days, after the'
date thoy have boon notifed of the
acceptance of their tender.
, An ncccptod cheque on a chartorod
bank, payable to tho ordor of tho
,Honourable, the Minister of Public
Wotks, for ono thousand dollars' ($1.*
uoi.,00), niuut be deposited ns security. Thu choquo will bo returned In
case  of  non-acceptance  of tender.
Tho Department does not bind It-
sot'l lo accept tho lowest, or any tondor. , ■
I3y ordor,
Nap. TesBler,
Depart ment. of Public Works,
Ottawa, Octobor 7, 1008.
Nowspapors will not bo paid    for
this udvortlsonient If they Insert It
without   authority "from tho Department.
Fernie,  B. C.
Nelson1 B." C.
We did.   We are ilring away at the
. old business
Team Work and Draying
Dealers in Wagon's,   Sleighs,,   Dump
Carts, Spring Rigs and Harness
Hosmer, B.C.
Hoard and  Homn, ijs2lM)0 per month
CI. N. ROSS. Manager
Mrs. Dcslcaurcs,  Prop.
Ing pllos, nnd It has cured them com1
pletely nlso, I take comfort In help
lag my brother man, and If llio puhll*
cation of my oxporlonco with 55am*
link will load othor Htifforors lo try
It I Hhould ho'rIbiI. Kor the cure of
pllos or skin iIIhoiisoh I know of nothing to oqual Zam-lluk."
Znni-Ihil* nlso cure* burns, cuts,
ulcers, blood poisoning, ringworm,
sculp Horns, nnd all skin Injuries aud
Maeleod, Alta.
Stoves!     Stoves!
We have the cheapest and
best line of Ranges, Kitchen
Stoves and Heaters.
New and Second-Hand Goods
J. E. ROGERS, Prop.
hom /.inn-j,ii iv tin.,
,';  l.U.\,:-i fW -J'.-".
ttnttuiu,  t\i*   j*i it i; j--•'-<• i
When ii child dies lu Cici'iilond il,-
puri-lit-.' I'-u-. u llvlliic d'i'A nloiiB wl1'
thu (otpH", lho tion heliij: nupposed i j
..it j.., ,4 m-i.l.i tu the child lu the u::.
faculty of forostry in that imlvorlHty. !,||.■(.[•,hoh,    lliihbed  well on lo     tho
Thn courim nl the university of Tor- j ,,|1(ll,. lu'tniMiB of cold It rollcvoH the
onto Is an unilowuiluafo one, ronnlr-' ifRlifucnH" nn*1 nelilim.     All (Ii'iikkIrIs
iim four years of study.     It lonil-M to \mt\ H\w„* Hoil nt fiOc box, or post froc
...C    444^,4^4'    ,/l     IttH.tt l-'ntl     lit    .....I.,.-'    ..'
I*i.)'i'!'ij-y -,vlih •H-l.'t ;;r.'iiln:itc de,i»n*c of
Koi-ckI Kiu-lncer, after al leant Ihrec'
years of pin el. leal work.
The Hnlvomit,v of .Vow Hrunsv.'Ick,
at l-'rodorlettm, N, 1l„ iiIho offem n  I-
,1,,,,       4. -I.,'.' ,   p.. Vi1.. ,,.',»'.'      'V',.,, I  ,'4\'      t'.i      44J4'4   ..     .   ¥>
Icikdlim lo the (lo-deu of Ilaclieloi* of:
Hclcnco In Koroatry. Tho courso wns j
liiaiiKiirnti'il nl the lieKliinlniT of the;
present kcshIoii 1008-OJl.     Tlio profos-;
.'ill    ll IM.lll'.l.l    "HiUilp,!..    I.v.Uiv.   4\    .V   >•
York police judRo on a e)mr*,'(i of vn*
Kinney, wiih thus (liieslloned:
"What (rnd« do you follow?
Slmro, yes honor. I'm a Hnllor," on*
world with colli,
In I8SD ('rent Jlilifttu hnd "In High!":or world.
Mi In Hpcnh—-alili'iUKcli ii w.ai;   all In- - ■-—	
low Ihe Ktouiiil-.iii luiilh.U." '-on! il<- Wli'-n *( mnn mlsroprenents fnn.
jK)*lt '•mlmntod in nearly SKS.OOi'i.OOfi: «'• Vtumow his pomonnl lnt«ret«i» h>
ton«. At Utf rate of production nn.l. •'■<•■ »». uvi> him fellotv ra.'in J.i ih-
fonsumptloti ih»>-« pr.'\Hilinv, il.,- *\t\,   '•■-• uui.u.tuiilty.
nr in flim-KO Is Mr. It. II. Miller .M.A., j Hv.vn-rt Tat.
Ml''., n irrndimtc of fhn Vnl"   Vnrent/    "ivimt    ynu  a  xenf-irlnir m.in?      I
i'-hool one of tho 'InndliiR forestry   In-1 clouhc whether you woro over nt sen
'KuMoii': oii th>- eoiiMiieut. iln ■.inu- Hfu," exclaimed the   fiato Jim
iu Uio province of Quelle.' steps are i tic,..
U-o heitijr taken to eHtahllnh n school! "Bhure, nnd does yer honor think
■>f forestry, CourRos of sludy In for* l| v^mn ovor from Irrlnnd In n wn*
1 'ry or pn-pnrninry to forestry   nrojgori?" Rrlnnod Vat.
'■ a til!, 1-,-d by ViiiiiiU,., oihcr iiniver*)*'
nud i-...i!viii*,iii-ni (.■oiie^-.i. .   iy^ccr.i*:: .'"cr. thc ledger.
SHALBD" TENDIflll ftddroBHod to
tho undorulRnod and ondorBOd "Ton*
dor for Public Building, Vornon, II.
C„" will ho rocoivod nt thin offlco until 4,30 p.m. on Friday, November 20,
1008, for tlio construction of a Public
Inilldlnu at Vornon. s
Plans nnd specifications can bo
Hoon, and form**, of tondor obtained at
this department nnd on application to
tho .postmaster at, Vornon.
Portions,tendurliit; nro notified that
tenders will not ho consldorod unions
In tlio printed form mippllod, and
slKiiud with tliolr actual slgnaturoB,
Kuch tender mtiBt ho accompanied
hy an accepted choquo on a chapter-
rd hnnlc, made pnynblo to tho order
of thu Honourable the Minister   of
Public Works, oqunl to ton por cent,
(10 per cent) of the amount of tho
,...,■, v;!.'.-.. w!!! lie fcrfflt'-d If t'.11^
person tcndorltn*; ilnollnn to ontnr In-
to a contract whon colled upon to do
i ho, or If ho fall to complete tho work
{c-unir,*i(.-ic.(] for.    If tlio tender be not
' accepted the chc-jiio will bu returned,
Tho DupurUni'iil. doos not hind It*
i Hell   1(1   illCt'JIl.  tlio  Ul-ADhl  Uf  nil>   Vl-.ll-
! der.
ny ordor,
!        (Hlitncil) Nap Te»ler
i Sccrotary.
: Department of Public  WoiIcb, Ottn-
Ui-a, Or.lnhnr 20fh, IfiOS.
NowspnperB will not ho pnld for
11)1*1 ndverflficuK'nt If thoy Innort ll
without authority from, tho Department.
Drop in and sen nie
Rinman Kaminski Co.
For your siipply of
Groceries, Dry Goods
Boots and Shoes
Hosmer, B. C.
Painter and Decorator
fllvti mo a chance on your work
P HarpooHa
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
' Fcrni
, ittmmmm_m_mmmm
Try a Ledger Ad.
Dry Goodi, Groccties, Boots and Shoes
Gents' FurnhhlnKi
R.   Addison
Ill-airmore, Alta*
S'uneral Director
and UndcrtaUcr
In,, the "matter ^of the 'estate,' of. John
Csupik, late'Tof- Hosmer,"b." C, de-
,* .ceased. -■*■ ''•"
Notice is hereby given that all persons having any claims' or demands
against the late John.-.Csupik, \who
died oii. or about the.lst 'day. of 'Au-
' gust, 1908, at Hosmer, B. C., in the
Province.,- of British Columbia,1 are
requested to send: by, post -prepaid, or
to deliver." ti the undersigned,; solicitor herein .for'Michael Csupik, the
administrator, their names, and addresses, and full .particulars, in writing, , of their claims, and statements
of-their" accounts,, and the nature ot
the securities, if aiiy, held by them.
And take notice that, after the-1st
day of December,' 1908, the said administrator will priceed to distribute
the assets of- the said deceased
among the parties entitled thereto,
having regard only, to the claims.of
which he shall then have had notice,
and that the sa;d administrator will
not be liable for the said assets, or
r any part thereof, to any person ' of
whose claim he shall not then'have
received notice. ■'
Dated  nt Fernie;  B.  C,  this    !)th
day of. October, -A.D., 1908. ,
L.- P. Eckstein,
. Solicitor for tlie said Administrator.
THE; GHGST OF   *■,.,.:.- X#s"*
•^7-   BY MRS. C. N.;WILLIAMSON    -
Authoress of "The Princess: Passes," "The Lightning •
-• ;•". '-:-■ Conductor," Etc., Etc.     , -   ■     *'•-    ■-■-■
".' • '■ ■';,   '" r?       - ■ ■■
Copyright, 1906, by Mrs. C, N. Williamson.   ' ..... .    ,.
In the matter of, the estate of Melissa
Leonard, late of the City of Fertile,
"•Notice is hereby given that ull persons having any'claim Or demand
against the lato Melissa Leonard,
who died ou or about the 1st day of
August, "90S, at Fernie, in the Province of British Columbia, are required to send by post prepaid, or to deliver to the undersigned,' soliti shrdl
liver to the undersigned solicitor for
the executor and .trustee under the
will of   the said-   Melissa <j Leonard,
■ their names'' and addresses, and full
particulars in. writing of their,claims,
and statements of their accounts, and
the nature of the securities, if any,
..tl    by them.
And take notice that "after tho lst
day of- November, 1908, the said executor and trustee will proceed to
distribute the assets of the"deceased
among the persons entitled thereto,,
having regard' only to the claims of
which he shall "thon have had notice,
and tho said "executor and trustees
will not be liable for the said assets,.
or any-part thereof, to any person of
v/hose claim he shall not then have
received notice. o   -
Dated at Fernie, B. C, the 14th day
of September, A. D., 1908.
.    ...    . °. L. P. Eckstein,
Solicitor for the said Executor and
Trustee, '     ./'
,    * "Fernie, B. C."
In the matter of the estate.of Steve
Notice is hereby given that all persons having any claims or demands
against thc late Steve Suchorzak,
who died oh ornbout the 19th day of
June, 1908, at Coal Creek, B. C, in
the Province of British Columbia,
are required to send by post, prepaid,
or to'deliver lo the undersigned, solicitor herein for Simon Bogacy, the;
administrators, their names and addresses, and fuli'particulars in writing, of their, "claims, and statements
of their; accounts, and the najuro of.
tho securities, if any, held by them.
And take notice that after the 1st
dny of .December, 1908, the said administrator will proceed lo distribute
the ,'assets of' tho said decousocl
nrnng tho.partlos ontltlod thereto,
linving regard onyl lo the claimii of
which ho shall thon hnvo had notice,
and Hint the snld ndmlnlstrntor will
not bo liable for the said assets, or
any part thereof, to any porson of
whoso claim he shnll not then have
received notice..
Dated at Kerule, 11, C„ this 9th day
of October, A, D„ 1908,
L, D, Eckstein,
Sllicltor for the Biild AdmlnlHtrutor.
THspelh's ears 'tingleTl.'- "She said*
before I was of no more consequence
than a servant, and now she takes
me for a spy—or a thief," the girl
thought. "I hope I don't look like
either; but then, T suppose, it is imprudent, of him to talk like that."
She remembered that > anions' other
things she had rend of John''Kenrith
was the, fact, thnt „he collected rare
jewels, his one piece of self-indulgence. Now- sh" had no longer a
doubt of the identity of this Mr. Kenrith.
"By-the way, vou'll find anothev
friend ot Lochriii.!," remarked the
Lancashire mini, r-hnniriii*-: the srb-
ject. "Captain Oxford, whom I happened to run amiss n day or two
'iipro, told mis lie \"-«s storting li'.Jt
night, and meant to spend n fortiiirht
or Ion go r at tho hotel, . Thnt old
wound "in his arm is troubling him,
it Feoms. and he thoupht'the Hydro—"
"How very ve.'tatious!" exclaimed
Lndy Lnmbnrt*. . '
Her tone was so tremulous with
surprise, and annoyance that Elspeth
glanced up in' spite of herself.
Lady Hilary's "lovely face was scarlet, ah'd, tho'ueh her,,big violet eyes
were gazing "at the flying landscape.
Elspeth - was to feminine not to be
sure the girl felt the angry, suspi-
fcious flash her mother's eyes darted
nt her. The atmosphere of tho carriage had suddenly become mysteriously electric. '
"I thought lie was . a.- friend of
yours." said Konrith, innocently.
"Not nt nil. "T consider him a'most
undesirable youn" man," returned
Lady Lamburt. "T- hope, dear Mr.
Kenrith, if he t-ios to force himself
upon us at f.i*.-'tr;iin, as he is almost
sure to, thr.L \ou will hplp me to—
er—keep liini iir his place."
"What is his place?" Kenrith asked bluntly. "H'-'s an officer and a
gentleman, and a very irood fellow as
well as a bravo one:" That's my opinion of him.'
"Well cnoui'h, from, a man's point
of view," said Lady Lambart, more
gently.' "But I'm a woman, and-Hilary is a young rjirl, with ,no one .to
watch.over us: We must be careful.
Captain Oxford is dreadfully- pushing, and of course lie is, nobody." '
"So am I nobody."
"How like you to say that! But
you had a name, even before you
made it, whereas Oxford -Isn'-t .his
name; you know, or Laurence cither.
Really," „old Miss Laurence, who
adopted him-when he was a2.wreteh-
ed' little' foundlins in somo- fowjign
place or other where she was' visiting, gave him- his surname because
she lived ih Oxford. ■ And he hasn't
"Yes," said Elspeth, turning quickly, to. see, not a servant,- but-a pale-
faced, black-eyed, young man, very
well dressed in dark,blue serge..
"I am Mr. Grant, Mr. McGowan's
assistant," he announced, with his hat
off.   '"Mr.   McGowan  -wished nie  to
meet and.drive you back,.so.that on
,the  way   I- might   prepare  you 'for
'somo oi your duties, and save time."
'   "It will be very kind,of you," said
ihe jjirl.
"1 shall be glnd to help you in any
,vuy 1 can,", he'answered, and looking
up, Elspeth caught' a flash, in, the
dark, deepset eyes.which contradicted
the white coldness, of thc iace.
"I  wonder  whether  I'm  going to.
like Mr. Grant of not!" she thought.
,The look in his eyes told her that the
pale man wns not unaware of the fact
that'she was a pretty girl.   ■
The drive to Loehrain was a wild
and beautiful one, but Miss.Smith's
ouloginms hnd "-not half prepared her
for the magnificence-of'the place itself.   . -
■ "Why, it's like a great castle, and
has the air of being hundreds . and
hundreds of years old!" she exclaimed in intense admiration," when the
dogcart Mr. Grant drove hnd passed
through a .park, and brought them
Into sight of a huge, gray stone pile
on a slijrht grassy elevation. But
even before her companion replied,
she remembered how Mr. Kenrith had
spoken of "turnin-r the old castle into
"How delightful," thc girl went en.
"This is even better than I expected.
It's  always  been my dream to live
NOTICE Is hereby given thai t.ho
pnrtnoi'fihlp horoloforo twisting ho
tween Samuel Erwin nnd John Will*
tin, doing business ns plasterers, etc.,
under tlio flrm nnmo of Krwln & Walton, hue thin, flay ,beoo, dissolved by
mutual cbiiHont, Samuol Erwin rotlr*
And further take notice that . all
oiilHliindiiig accounth iigulimt tin1 linn
of lUrwlii &„ Walton are to be pit Id
by .lohn Walton, and all bills out-
standing nnd duo the firm of Erwin
and Walton aro payable to John Walton,
8amuel  Erwin I
John  Walton |
Dated nt Fornio, II, C, Octohor 10;'I
1009. !
In the Matter of an Application for
the litue of a dupllcaie of the Certificate of Title to Lot 7, Block 24, Town
of Fernie,, (Mop 72-1.)
NOT1C1'* Ih hereby given thnt it'limy Intention to Iuhik* nt thu nxplrii'
tion of onu month nftcr lho HrM pub-
Corllllcnln of Titlo to tho above-
mentioned Lot In the nnmo of Alox-
a, penny"exceprxTiel ev-r"wr"etcirecrnun-r
dred a year she left him.    I wonder
how he man uses to. scrape along in
the army ""
'It's much "to his credit'that he's
cot on so "finely." said Kenrith:
'"In his profe.-.'-ion, yes; but of
course he could neve: dream of marrying, at all events, nny girl in the
station to which he seems to aspire,"
replied Lady Lnmbart.
Elspeth bei'nn to feel as if she had
got into a story book far more interesting ' than the one ■ she was trying
to road: "What will they" do when
Miey see me at* I.c-clirain?" she.wondered. But she soon decided Uiiyt th*.
Countess of .Linnhurt wns not a woman to cue tni-cli for the' opinion
or, t,lioi'»lits of a humble typist, even
If'Blie. lvmembercd tliat'she had'seen
tlio fnca b?Ioro.'' *    '.
The journey did not seem Ion,/Ho
the cii'l, for "her bruin teemed ,with
all sort-H of intei-osting fancies, from
the. bosinnins' to the end, Tho station at" which passengers descended
for Loehrain Castle Hydropathic Hotel was tlmt of u small town, popular
anions tourists, uiici so thoro was uo
reason why it should occur to lier
follow travelers that her dostination
was the same as theirs,' Loehrain
was livo or six inileH distant,' and
Elspeth saw her threo Into companions co away in a very smart motor
car, so exactly liko several others at
the station that she guofisod that thoy
woro sent by t!ie manarjoment of tho
hotel. Thoro were, ovidontly a num*
bor of other jruiislB for the now. and
fashionable Hydro, and olijht or ton
ol thoir irinkl* and valets departed in
n bunoh in a hi*: motor omnibus.
Evorythins win ro quickly dono that
Elspoth had not timo to wondor what,
was to become of her, bbforo a voice
•,4-oko her name.'
"Aro you Wtire. Donn. pi*-***iv.*oil ns
wwrctary tor Loehrain Hydro.1"
- "ihafwiil- bs butler, ir -you" ure
equal to it. Well, from 9 in. tbe moire-
'tng till iO.30 I shall be obliged if you
will-be at. my,, disposal here, to answer letter's^as Mr. Grant is engaged
then, and can only, help: me in the
. evening. From. 10.30 until 12.30 I have
promised'your services to Mr.'Kenrith; who has arrived-..to-day; that is,
I wired him I would "have ah efficient
stenographer. ,to .work , with him,
which, was the principal reason why
I'wanted you-in such a hurry."
"Ilbeg.youT pardon, may I come
in?" asked a voice "at'the door, which
was slightly ajar./'It was a man's
voice, and spoke with a marked
American accent:   '"
"Come in, Mr. Trowbiidge,".replied
the manager politely, and a person of
striking appearance entered; a man
of thirty-two'-or-three,-perhaps,' tall,
clean-shaven, with' thick, fair hair
parted in the middle, dark brow's, and
black-lashed, narrow! yet. bold, gray
eyes. He was handsome, exceedingly
well dressed, with an air of wealth
and prosperity which was almost aggressive. His glance dwelt for a few
seconds with flattering admiration
upon shabby little Elspeth; yet the
girl was ungrateful .enough not to
like tho newcomer.
■ "So   sorry-to   interrupt,   but    I'm
badly in need • of your help, Mr. Mc-
' Gowari," said he, laughing in a
friendly wny. "I'm; n busy man, and
can't let everything slide, even up
here, while I'm taking a vacation.
My correspondence ,h:is run milc3
ahead of me. Can'you recommend
anybody in the 'neighborhood who
can write pretty well'from dictation?"
"This young lady will be able to
help you, I think. She lias just, come
to act as my secretary, but I can
spare lier for somo' hours a day to
guests of the hotol who vnnt her services."
"What an odd coincidence, and a
lucky one ior inc. Introduce me,
please," said Mr. Trowbridge; and the
stenographer should have been more
than ever flattered thus to be, inten-
• tion ally (ho doubt that it was intentionally) raised to a footing of social
equality  by. a young  and  handsome
■•man, evidently., a person of importance in the world.   •' - =. '
Mr. McGowan obeyed, and Mr.
Trowbridge made himself agreeable
to Miss Dean, looking at'her with an
expression which seemed-.to say,
"What a surprising, thing to find such
a pretty girl in your. position. I admire you immensely, andjwant you to
like me."
■ Still, Elspoth did,not like him.
"There's something that doesn't ring
true," she said to herself. And she
did not believe that it'.'.as a coincidence that Mr. Trowbridge'had happened to ask for a secretary, at the
very moment when she had arrived.
She had an idea that he had come to
Mr.'McGowan's door with some other-
object, that he had overheard a word
or two of the conversation, and had
taken his .cue from it. Still, even if
she were right ,in the-surmise she
had to' remind herself- there was tio
great harm in' what Mrl .Trowbridge
had done. Probably- the. man must
want help with his correspondence,
for she was not such a radiant beauty
.that he'should invent a'need solely
as an excuse for enjoying her society
for an hour each day. Such -things
might happen in novelettes, but not
in real life;" nnd  in any   caso    Mr.
...   1                4 ,      1
„,,■"'  J       •   »>    «
,   4
■» 1   i
>, ,   44,4.   .
1      t
4. V       ,,'
(Intnrt   tV(<
nth   nf   July,
ridirc a
F, MacLeod,
I,nud IlotdHiry Office,
B. C.
jilt ui^t'
•<i (a, 1'.
All the
to print
Great Exellomcr.t Caused by the Re-i
ports. i
lAUuu.iloh, Alia,, .N'uv, li--IUii.it.). i4,
of n rich pold ftirlkc nt fi'dsowlck on j
thc Wr-»nsklwln nrr.mli of the C. P. H.'
linvn ri'nrlrd here, t
is in
The Ledger
Tlm rfpnrtu nny tlin niftier* In ll:?]
vicinity art' gct-nily •exrlioil. j
"Hero.ice are at ih'< door," said Mr Giant.
in a'place "like this. I do hope it's
haunted?" -
Mr. Grant. smiled rather grimly.
"There are more gruesome stories
■told about Loehrain as it. used to bo
in the past than about almost any of
-the feudal houses, which is saying a
good deal, especially in Scotland.
■Aren't you afraid of ghosts?"
"Not in the least, I don't believo
:in them, • thouuii I ,lovo ,ghost stories
dearly," she said;    , '
■"Very well, men. I'll tell you
what I wouldn't have told you othor-
, wise,,, It will, no doubt ploaso you to
hoar that your room is in thc 'haunted tower,' ns it used to be called.
Tlio Hydro is crammed for the season, and if you hadn't been put thorn,
you would- have had to bo tucked
away in an" attic, You'll find tho
room a, nice one, so nice that Mr.
McGownn would have had to keep it
for guests,' if it hadn't been for the
ugly old stories which, if any one
got' to know—as thoy most certainly
would, one way or another—would
havo- led to rows with the miinngo-
mont, So yon boo, nn ill wind has
blown you somo good—especially as
you're fond of -.'host stories,"
"What are tho stories about my
'loworP" askod Klspeth, .
"Hove wo  nro  at  tho door,"  said
Mr, Grant; and sho could not guess
from his tone if the ovimion of hor
question was dolibornto or not,
,   A queer little, thrill crept* through
,her voiiiR, such as sho lind novor felt
.before,   Bonictlilii'j  e.eemod to whisper in hor oar that oxperlmicoH—who*
thor ghostly or not—would como to
her at Loehrain, strnngo enough to
try the bravest spirit.'   And yet, it
was a fashionable ,Hy(lro, full of guy,
plr'aHnro-scnkltif people, nnd she wiih
'only an  itifli-jnille'iint    littlo  typist,
'come horo to work for her living* in a
nroslno way; (it two j-uinoafi a week.
-KoiiBon   said   Hint  i'mnglimtion   wiw
flying away with, her *.*nod soiibuj and
yet tho thrill and the proHontlment
remained.   '"*'.'••.
- ciui'Tiin ii.
I. v .
KlspoMi had only Jimt time to bo
ImprcBHod with tho mnBiiitlconco of
thu groat RtoiKJ-jiillurcd hull, with Its
vast flrnploeo, ,it*i tnpustrlcH and Its
anoiont armor,' when; she wan . led
• down a connect Iiik corridor into a
(■mall room, whei'ii she found horuolf
In Mr, McClowuii'a urcHonco,
He wns a clover-looking:,   middle-
...,-   rt       ,\:.-m nvll.t.'l..'   '    H'        ,.4,»>.!Lr-r»,«',,'l
v. Itli a worried, cvor-worknd air, and
such kind uyc* unit.hiiipett, tint nut
tuimlur tho uiillkmuiro had liked cud
wMicd to help him in his ambitious
"Uf.t you aro n moro child," wan
hU  first exclamation on KCfiiiip the
llliiV    »V(-ll(l«l,l|liU;. ,     P-, ill    ild    XXlU    Iiui
seem wholly disappointed in her up*
punrnncM, Ivli-li. tit co.tld not lie'. ■
thinking, and when, to prove wlu '
■alio could do, ?)',■> had ti'ton down '
few rapidly dicl'tod noiitoncPH, wit •
out an iii.:t'i!it'i (Kny or he-dtatlo ,
lu* (.'vpivjix'd li'm-i'lf entbll'il.
"Y..i will ii>   v.-r>   well,   m: .
Dfitn," ho said pleasantly. "Tom-i •
rtt.v niornlne  i-cv  wnrl*   ivill  bfci
V.'lut ninnl.V'. of 1'ni.iy you v.HI hriv
t,i j-*.-. rrelf; Irt i-o-nu time tills ovv:
i*i(r. wh'.'i yo i »• > re,;t.'-(l after yo- r
joit/.-icy.  1 Vhni'M liko you to eom-j
litre ".sfuiji, to lt-,u;» wliut your vtou
ii t-i hi."
"I *.n not tir<«l,' fnid Klupcth lif'i*-
1       "r   fl".,.''..1   t"   uliHl   tu  I■■•:"*   Uvjfciy'
Ihinj; now, utilej* you prefer"-—
her face tli rough the, crack'of the door
before putting his question to Mr.
McGowan. v.
In five minutes it was settled that.
Miss Dean should'work for the newcomer for an hour », day. She was to
go to hisi private sitting-room from
sis o'clock till seven each evening.
"That time's to be"mino from, now,"
ho said, "if some days\I shouldn't
need you, why if you .'ctyn't, mind I'll
lend you to. a friend; lots of people,
ladies-especially, would) be, only too
thankful to get a few notes written
for them while they are resting on
thoir'sofas b.t.voan ten, and dinner;
li-' *-*-"' -j shall.be able to
spare you often."
W; . i'i).. u.-o^o was to pay the
management seven shillings nnd sixpence nn hour for the privilege of
.Miss Dean's assistance and Elspeth
bagnn to seo thnt it was not entirely
from motives of philanthropy that
the guests of Loehrain1 Castle Hydro
were to be supplied with the services
of a stenographer. Tho appointments
already made" for her would put
seventeen shillings and sixpence
daily; except on Snmlays, into tjio
pooltotB of the ' management, and
doubtless it would eventually work
out, to moro. In this way, Mr. McGowan would pot nil the help ho had
from hor for nothing, whilo the hotel
mado money out of tho oiTiinueiiiuiit
bnsidos. Hut tins did not mutter to
tho girl. She wni more, thnn satisfied
with hor two guineas n week, her
bnautiful surroundings, and tho pros*
pnct of an interesting and oxoitiii-gr
"Mr. Trowbridpo is an American
millionaire," explained tho manager,
whon lio nnd Elspoth wero alone to*
.gother again, "llu.'s only boon hero a
few days, but ho has already, mado
iiiniHolf very 'popular--a man with a
magnetic way, just goos about and
talks to peoplo; i.liun thuy'vu known
Iiim ten 'inlniitcs they feol ua if it
might have been ton yenrs. All tho
iudios like him, r-spoeinlly a certuin
oountOHSi and if. ns ho snyH, he lends
you to Homo of hiri friends, at his ox-
peiipo, you'll pn.hiibly fc'ota good deal
of amusement out of,your job. You
will know more (nun anyoiio else In
tlio hotel about Mr. Trowbridge's
HlrtntioiH, and I prophesy that hour
b t'.vccn tun and .'inner won't bu dull.
Mr. Konrith In ul") a millionaire an
ynu know, I Huppo-'o', but lio is a
very different hoit of mnn. He doenn't
•jn in for hum • ■*'-". ami your work
ivith Iiim will I-.' work."
"Vou fleeni tn !i«v:> plenty of mil*
'luiiuireK," >*aid I"., putli, ,
Mr. McGowan :!;ii!*<l. "We evre'las-
hionnblo and h* c<*!*-**»<f«l»" said he
(ontentcdly. "I hv.v* sometimes
tlioiiKht. riliici.' wi ■ •,-.• <m liejjan, v.' t
m ridi liaul jewel '.I'.'-.-v.:!* could m.- <
It-" lie oliocb'd Mi'.^'W mid fro'.i
ad| a* if iijinoyt-.t nl Sim own nam.
.>,i,.n..r<r 'l.-Mh •! •■'■■I "'"•. \vn«   after e\]
," Ii-j added moio
,    ,(. .|'..4.,4.i.2    44*1,'   4U4,-..
:'i .-.i- isn't a profes-
I'.'itain   or   Europe
,yt invay with **'»
■i irciii tlitu houeo,
ii," of rloh pooplo,
yoii will,give?youi"'— •... '.x... 4,.o'.-
three ,to?Lady. -.Ardeiin— the    peere.
who fancies 'that sne's a poetess, yo
know. From" three to four-thirty  w
will keepopeii ior extras and erne.,,
gency'work'1'Then you will have a.'
hour to .yourself,„foi- tea and a wall,
and your evenings will be your own
Now "i need not see you again unti.'
nine to-morrow  morning. ■  Your lug
gage will  be iu your  room, and th.
housekeeper shall snow you tlio wa1,
.You'll like it,  1  think; .and  I  fane-
you will, prefer having    vour    meal
there."      ■   *    '     >■
"Oh,'yes,    thank    you,"    '-.lspet.
cried   quickly,   witli   visions   of   nie.
books to read while she aie near soih-
window   that  gave  on    a    beautifu .
view. " . f ■ ■
.  "Everything is settled, then," sai,
Mr. McGowan, witn ttie iclieved sig.
ul-a very  busy  nun.."except  that
may add, youi sei.j,ry will be paid a
the end oi eaeli week," ■• '      •
As he spoke he t.tiiclieii.aii eleclii
bell near his cUihl;, and the youth i
smart livery t*.lio almost iuimodiutei.
appeared was sen1 off post haste t-
cull the housekeeper. ,t
*'l do hope sh.' is a kind creature,' •
Elspeth thought, 'foi I suppose ,!
shall be a good deal at hei mercy."   :
'But the first•glimp.-e of plump' Mrs
Warden, with he.i .pink clioeks, he
whito hair undci u lace cap, and lie
rustling black sill; irock—foi all th.
world like a lioi:.-el;eeper in soni-
great nobleman's house—wns- reassuring. She smiled on the uewcouiei
and volunteered, 'is ihe guests of tin
Hydro would be dressing for dinne
to" show Miss Dean Mmiothing of th.
house, on their way to the towei
room.   '  . •
lt seemed.to Klspeth that she luu
strayed- into a 'wonderful story book
She   had  nevei   .-cen   anything    lik<
Loehrain   Castle,   and   could    hardl;
realize that it was a hotel. There wer.
drawing ■ rooin.4,   and    leiuling-rooim
and  writing-rooms, and    conservato-
ies,to see, and stories to hear of wha
each  hud been in the pnstj for Mr; ,
Warden lind known the place when i
hnd belonged to l.or'd Loehrain. "Poi-
old.man, lie's den'd now; died of grie
ovei the ruin "' tne family fortune,'   \
sifrhed  the  honsekeepor, "as    if    h.
own private sorrows 'were not enough
lie went before there was any idea (
turning" the  Oa.-.i!<-   into  a   hotel,  o
that would have killed him, for suit
such,  such   a  proud   man    he    wa*
thinking all  the world of his famil
history, and the part his people an.
their house had  played  in  the pasl
Loehrain   was  u- gioat' name in    oh
days,  miss;  and   the    Marquises    o
Loehrain were among the highest i:
Scotland.   But  for  tlie  last  hundre.
years  or  more   their   fortunes    hav
been going down.-   Superstitious foi  .
said  it was because an,  old    family
prophecy    was    being   fulfilled;    bv.
that's a long story;  never    mind'  i
now. The poor old Marquis died, an-
the new one is a distant'cousin, quit-
a common  man  on  one    side,    win
would .never "have    inherited    if,  i".
hadn't been for ail, awful tiling th;*.-
happened in the old "lord's immediat.
'family, a-good many years ago.
"It" was ■ this, new man 'sokl. tl;.
castle to Mr. Mc.Gowiui, or rather t.
some rich gentlemen 'Mjy, McGowa
influenced to*buy it for a" hotel, an
to make him manage!. Young Loi-
Loehrain—though not so very youn
(except as computed with the' oV
ii was.in sac!) nwiul ropnir, and he'
iic.t'.iing to keep it up with, so lie so
;  .'oi  a song, and nil the old I'ami..
■ >o;ti-nits,. and   tapestry,"1 and   anno,
i  did  seem  a  cr.:ol  slr.-une.  LrcUi...
"' NOTICE is hereby given that Alex-;
ander Rizutto of the City of Fernie,!
will apply, at the next sittings of the!
Board of Licensing Commissioners in j
and  for the City of Fernie as a Li-i
censing Court for the transfer of tho j
Retail  Liquor. License  in' respect of }
the promises known as the Roma Ho-;
sel, and situate on Lets Thirteen <1'*) [
and   Fourteen   (14)   in   Block, Seven-j
teen (!7) Fernie to the new- premises j
'.o be, known as the Roma Hotel, and
erected or to be erected on the north ;
east, corner of the said Block 17, and
having a frontage to Baker Avenue,of
120 feet aiid a frontage to Jaffray St.
of IS feet.
A. Rizzuto.
Dated 31st October, 1Q0S.
NOT1CK is hereby given that one
mouth after date 1 intend to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for tlie renewal of my Hotel License, to sell intoxicating liquors under the provisions of tho Statute in
that behalf in' the premises known
ami described as the "Wellington
House, .situated at New Michel, H. C,
;o (.ommonce on the first day of January, 1909.
Dated this .list October, A.D., 1908.
a   *'
MHS*eWit7fT!l ■v*f "*'* ("'''l'^'^™i^*****«*'
Bar Unexcelled   ,,
All White Help"
Gall in and
see us once
C. W. DAVEY & CO., Props.
NOTICE is hereby given that one ,
month after date I intend to apply to j
the Superintendent of Provincial Po- j
lice for tlie renewal of my Hotel Li-
cense, lo sell intoxicating liquors' un-:
.ior, the provisions of the Statute in
ihiit behalf in., the premises known j
and described as the Michel Hotel, sit- j
uate at Michel, B. C, lo commence on .
"who first day of January, 1909. \
bated this 31st October, A.D., 1908,
- v ll-5t.    ■
(In ivni'lif old stand)
.NOTICE is hereby given that- one
month after,date I intend to apply to
tlio Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of my Wholesale
Liquor'License to sell intoxicating liquor under the provisions of the Sta-
:uto in that behalf in the premises-*
i known and described as Crahan s Liquor Sloic. .situated at Michel, R. C,
to commence on (he first day of .lan-
tiary, A. D. iOOO.
Datod this 31st October, A.D., 190S.
Table Unexcelled
liai- .supplied   willi the finest
'* brands ofW'iiu1.1-, Liquors
- and ('ifrais
I, Funnel ly nf Central Hotel)
.I'Siini, though, Liey didn't want t
.. loio esti'te.  only   |'ust  the  park, .-
M •i,---1 re g/o.-nds i'oi tlie hotel guosl
'.....  Lord-I.ochiiiin   wiin    oh.iged    I
.cop tho re.-t. Hi-1," would'you bjliev.
il. o.)nl ha1- b.^en 'omul now on a d.
iant piut oi" the land, and he'll hav
a -.'feat fortune, after all?"
'•Too lilt1.* to,(.-jt buck the Castle,
•aid l'.li-'peth, int >rusted.
"Yes, brt he doesn't care for tha*,
here's unotliei .iplendid estate i:
•jurroy, not so o.d us this, yet ver,
me, and a house in London, both o
vhicli have boen let foi many years
lut he'll have them again now
' 'rent luc';, isn't it, niiss.**, And tli-
nan doesn't, denervo it, I'm afraid
■.'obody lilies !in.i, You'll seo fo
oirsolf,  pcrliaps,  as  Mr.   McGowa.
.Is mo hif lordship^ is running ui
,.•(.* from Loudon, to look after hi
..turosts. iii'd w'lll stop in tho liotoi
...o nn ordinary guest. Ho inherit.
.•om tlio distaff si'le, and the relation
7o is qi He di.Mniit, us I said. H.
mother wns n Miss Dean, who mai
icd   honeutli   her.  nnd  she  was    i
iid coil; in of '■'is- old lordship"—
"A Mis;- Donn?"   ,
"Yes "Why. "to b'j suro, thnt'-
.■our nam" i>.ii'tsit? I forgot for a mc
in.nt. Arc '.iiui' people Scotch, miss!-'
"My IV'hei wn.-" beotch, His peep'..
lived In I'L'rtliKhhc."
"Why thon, t.iey must be tho sain-
Di'iin, I slio'-'ld think Only fane;,
miss, vou'ro bciiut ono of the famll'.
1 i\v.'/,)i sny, nnd coining to the ou
nncoHtrnl  house as—us"— .
"As  a. typewriter!"    Ipiighcd    V.
sputh. "1 shnll b'gin by fculiiiK qui.-
at homo.now." She spoke lightly, b.
in  ro/ility hIio wiih deeply intoresK'
and ovon excited.    Dor father    Ini'
searcoly nvei, spo'ieji of lho relation
who Imd turned their bucks upon hi
ou  his innrri.'it-'i*.  but the girl  line-,
thoy hnd aristoc.'ii'tie Mood  In the:
veins, nnd clie iiuule up lier mind liii*'
now hi"1 would try mid truce the co;<
neetioii,  If any,  liiitwpun  lier  Poaii'
and  llio  Duiiiih  who were eoniiecti".''
with  Loelirnin, '* •,   '
"1 won't iiieiition It to .Mr, McGov.
an," rlic mid lo liui.-n'lt; "it/won!.
Htiem buiistful and silly, hut I hIiu.
enjoy feellnj.' Iil;e a kind of (laiiKht"
of the house, and I hope Lord, Loch
ruin nill cuiiii.', I should liko to m ■
what he is like, iu cusn ho Hlinu!<
turn out- In lie a noil of foi'ty*sccoi■■
pnicil)    nlll.niw.l.  '■«  ..■('!
(To bo continued,)
NOTICE  is horoby,,given    thnt  e.i
.]'^£i'^ai'i-i1'i£ii!_1 iif-_1 (UIC T_ilit-fin/I_irt ai*tnl.u_l /i	
-J_4-UUVJ#»*WW» — A-KTV— *   «VW|-1-1M«W>I.|-IV-14I/|1.J->V	
Hie Superintendent, of Provincial Police'for the renewal of my hotel license, to sell intoxicating liquors under the provisions of the Statute in"
that behalf In the premises known Mid
described as, "The Royal Hotel," situated at Gateway, 11. C, to commence
the first day of January, 1909. „ ,
Simon Dragon
Tako notice that I hereby iiu-,»u.| io
apply to the Hoard of Licensiui.' coin-
mlssloiie'rs In and for the City o!' Per-'
nlo foi'"llio transfer of 'he Liquor License held by me In respect lo   Hie
-Ynlilorf Hotel sll.uato upon Lois "Vo,
■■Yin rt eon (H) and Fifteen il.">) niw',;,
111, City of Kornle,  from   myself    (o.
Sarah JonnhiKs. ,
Dated, 8th September,  190S,
The Hotel of Fernie
ie's Li'.-iiliii'Ji CiniiiiRTohil
.-mil Tourist House
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
I la i
supplied  with   the   bent
Liquors anil Cigars
Notice is horoby Riven ilicit I inteui
lo imply to tlio Hoard of LU • iivii i
i u'liriilss't'iiei's in nr.d for the t'.iv of I
Kovnlc, nt the next reRiilar Hltllnus ofi
Iho I.Uensini? Hoard, for n tinnsfer of ■
toll Liquor License now held  by me,Doing busir.OSS ill tllO SaiHO Old place'
In  respect   lo  llio  (Tentrill   Hotel,  Hit-'
uiited  upon  Lot  No.  Ono   d)   Hloek
i His (ll) (Illy of ■■'<«riil(!, Map Till, from
i myself to Leslie A:  Mills. I
'    Dated    (his   I (Iih   day   of   n.-ini'<-.r'
'A. 11." VM.     ' ;
■   '. JAS. SMVHUNfl '
,..'*;      ,Vl"
Liipiors niul <'i(j;iiis(i|' tli** hi^liesi
(|iuility .'. Well Htoeked liar
■i  Ptriimfi.'!.      i,
;...,,..,, "..k'l<- ,
■■•.'.i.i'.'m'.tti'HL'*, ■*■: !
{•■■;al  in Orer.t
■'..vr (.'iio'.'p'i, t.
,l> !>'■ 1'-. K ll''t '
f., I l;-!'*..'.<■■ I*'
. lo' n":i. K
u1'. *■ f ( .*.!
e V.(. '
no I, i'l
.-! '1 '."ri
1 .,>
11. v :;.-,:-.I i*> io
In ilnr.-c:1* ".rt"
,i,. ..(,>. ,.:,,:r,,.:,'
, *■ f, . ,■■>.-',_• :,.
WAUNI.MJ TO  I'nii'llAHl'.l'.M
MVHIIY aHHlwnment of tl.o rlalu of
i I'oiuh African Volunteer entitled to
' ihihI utinit must he by \.ny oi up
ni'.Mllelit   Of   f,   HIlllHlllUte,   lltlll   mUSt
• In tl.o foi iu |i.m Si'i'i. by tl.o Aet.
.-pci'lnl    iilli'iiiion is cnllt'il lo Hub-
. ,M!nu  :; of KiTiInn  ', ut Un-  V'oluti-
ci*  HoiHllq  Act,   I'MlS  WhU'll  p.'OlJle'l
•nt iii m.Hi-vnment of the richt of -i
'I'Uileer hy the iililio'ntnx'i-i? of :t
.'..ntltuui sliiill he iKcepteil or rerov
l!veil hy tlm depnrlmeii' nf the In
erlor which In not cvc.-i".! nnd .■•.'•
1 i*f«i-i- il« dull- nt il.- "nuinot ■;..,
le Inn,! prnnt iHHiud ',y Mia SJInU' -i
•'. Milnui ni'n Jielnirt' i", ■ri'.ei* of ti ■
J. W. r,RKV.N'*iVAY.
rouim!sr»!or,"r nf lio.uln'o
LninlH, otta'a.
,"*.h t>< |>*•int)i(-r 1*ko*4 > •.
.N'OTICH Is hereby liUeii tlmt    on
1 the 'i'ina day of Octobor, IDOS, IT WAS1
Undue of ihe Count)   Coun of    Kiiki
1 Knot'iiiay,     lioldnu  at    Keriile, Hint
.Iiunes  Vet fill (ill   Ariiihtioii*.:,    otflcilil
I udliiliilsii'i'loi', for Hint iKii'tion of llio |
County  of  Knolenuy  Included  in  tlie
. electoral (llslrlclH of Criiiihiook   nud1
; rei'iilo, he AiliiilnlsiriiKir of nil    nml
Hfiifiultiv the eslnteii of Finnic Wokral :
of  l'VU'llle,  ileet'iiiieil   InlcHliiie.
Mvery person Indobieil lo 'hu hi* 1,1
ilereliili'd In req'lln-d 111 lill.li>1 ;•('VTliflU
foilhwllli lo llio undi'iHlr.iicd. :
1-tXI-ty . pel Mill   Ilil'.IIO'    III   IKI.....-11MII1 j
''. .';• 11-   I...', ■ i.'j..,   i, !.'..■ ,'■ ..      -I l
leipilli'il   fnllhwIHl   to   I'liMfy   tt'e   un
i ilei'KiKlied.
Ilicry ei'i'dlior or niher tiei'inn l>nv-
iiu; claim U|kiii ov, IiiIi-hki mi ihe din
■rtlmilr.n nf the ''eiinte of lli> i-.-iM
ilei-.'iti-.'il In requlieil lo hmiiI before
i!,, ::nili i|;iv of November, ilii)*-". ne\t
by |-('Kl i.ied mull nililren: .■ I to tlie
uiidersli'iUMl, IiIh inline eti.l ii,1i1i*i>sh, i
and tli>- full pnitlculiirs of his claims
or Intel, sin, I'md n Hluicinnei of his
fifcoinii, mill the nalure of lho security I If iiiiv* )i< Id hy him.
After th- snld lil'M  inentloneil'Mnlc !
CO.,  LTD.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers
A   lull -1 * >• k  bill leu (lil)rt
•!.,*   ii'lin'i-.liii'iitor   v.'!|) pr(rt4-4-.| with '
i),»   'iMilhiUlmi "f the entnie lnulni,'!'""'
ri',*artl mi itnfe <l*ilni* oi,l;  of w'li.U
Ut tdial! l.nie hnd iiothc. !   ,
J, F. Armitroro, |
tjffirim Administn.iur.iW. A. INGRAM, Prop
nlllV. lelillliie   |t|i|ee   III  luu ii f.ie
<lioiie jiijx*. nnd tiiUicco PAGE EIGHT,
-Goodevo-won;—-The others-lost.
Smith Curtis said "ijoodeve'' to Wm.
"ll! G
One Frame Shack
3 JO
WANTED—,To hear from party or
parties, two could handle best, prepared to make investment from five
to eight hundred dollars, wood and
shingle block' proposition. ■ A sure
money maker. Chance to clear up
a thousand or two. Particulars from
Box.7C2, .Nelson B.C.
FOR SALE—Liit 11 Ulock 7"j Annex, opposite G. X. W. Station. Robert Tucker, Coal Creek. ' '  u,
WANTED.—Second hand goods. For
sale Winchester Repeating Rifle. Ad-
dross Box 265 city. -'
LOST---.V Gold locket; initials \V.
E. Finder will be handsomely rew.uvl-
> ed on returning same to Palace Di.i'i
Sioi-e. ''''
Lockhardt returned from - the
east this week.   „
. Next Saturday will be. pay. day and
n bis sum* will be "'distributed.
A. C. Liphardt is now in new premises two doors north of Fernie hotel ,.
.WIS. Suddaby is away on a purchasing nip. He is after fixtures for his
,:ew store.
As a political orator of note and
ability and a credit to the Liberal party Lhiekley cannot be beaten.
A search party was noticed on
our streets Friday-5 morning. They
-.•.-ere evidently looking for some Liberals. 0 '
The store, fronts that aro being
built•'are very attractive and reflect
ureat credit-on our enterpris'ng merchants.
Charles Davey. returned this    week
from  Spokane.      Charles o reports
eyes as being much better after
Geo. Pedlar is recommended by his
Worship Mayor, Tuttle as an* all-
round referee in connection wi'th fistic
It. 11. Brown, 11. Ross, R. Woods, .L
\V. Bennett, M. A. Knstner and ,1. II.
Mc.MulIen were all Cranbrook visitors
this week.
Pock IMcSwaiu is registered at the
Tremont hotel at, iVelson. Peck has
had a hard tussle but says lie will
come out. on top yet,
Pat Miller had a most enjoyable
j Thanksgiving- dance in Bruce's. Hall
jon Monday "night; it was reported as
j one of the best of tlio season.
| Thomas .10. James returned on "Wed-
i nesday night from a hurried business
| (.rip to Taber, where f-.nmo slicdif.dif-
..,.'* ;-.- *' •—■—  "■■ • '••
: (Continued ■frbhv-page'bhe.)'-
remarked that Bill should be
alderman as he is the only, one
mayor cannot-lose. -~   „
The other aldermen' ' we''presume
were so busy getting in their- election
returns that the position they occupy,'
and the people's interests iu' general
could afford to be sacrificed.
And it is over thus with our .aldermen. ■ ' .' - ■   "-v-
Just here it' is riot amiss to slate
the people should have a complete
change in the aldermanic -hoard'.'th'is
coming year, and get some*'men ^6n
I lie council who will pay enough ;£tt-;
AlVttlV I adty6r OfliCG | our streets Frl(la.*P morning. They emjon to the interests of the,.pepbje;
"Fr'J     **•'"   -3 -.■.-ore evidently looking for some Lib-  to attend every council meeting ..(and
leave their pipes behind.)
After the acting city clerk .'\liad
stumbled through the minutes of, the
previous meeting it was moved1 by
Aid. Johnson and Watson: that ' the
minutes of October 10th,"27lh ""and
November 5th be adopted.—Carried.
Aid. Johnson and Qail moved and
seconded that letter from Bar Association be laid over until the next meet-
ing.—Carried. - - r
^Johnson—Watson—That the properly mentioned in petition received
from Pearl Brown and others tb he
set aside for the Red Light District he
instructed lo write the provincial government giving lis police jurisdiction
over same.—Carried.
■ Watson—Johnson— That the-cleik,
be instructed to buy supplies for the
Fire department as requested hy tho
chief and that tenders- be called for
the installation of a bath and closet
at  fire hall—Carried.
Watson—Johnson—    That  the'   request of Pasta and  Pere for building
permits for opera house be not grant-
in jy Good, of Crows' Nost. paid us, ^^ ^ ^ ;l hn* ,.led 1)UBiness j ed and the city clerk so Instruct them,
a visit on Wednesday. ■ j ^ ,,,- ^^ pnm_ ,,•„,,,  dif. I -Carried. . *
10.  H. 11.  Stanley    came  -up. from ; flcul(Jos ^ (obe an.a„BOd.   .. , Watson-Quail-  lhat W. R. Ross
PnviH'4 on "''i-ii'iiv   ■■ i " ' °    be employed'to get the necessary le-
a ' r    . iLh-rdV ha- a full' line    ef \    Silverwa,c* knives' forks' Sp°°nuS etC'  gislation put through to have all tern-
A,   C.   Liphardt has a tun line    on       c    LiDhardt two doors north    of , .,.,,. ,■ „ ,, „
jewellery. Two doors north of Fernie £*•  fj,phJ'dt Porary buildings removed trom     the..
J '   , jFetme Hotel. ! live liniitsby June 1st or next, year.—
j    As   Professor   of  Refinoscopy    and ■ carried
Presidem   F.  II.  Sherman   returned {-0l)lometrics and head 0r Uie Clinical |    W!USOii-Jolmson-   That   the   foil
from -the  Leihblrdge  convention    on , I)epartment in th0 jompire College ofi
-■■ G**pa.pcs'
Lemons 7 7.
"', Pears
9_W   1.
Crowds 1& liradiipCo.
'■> - Iv- M*--'-1'-
.y: '■
■*.• 1','
Pay Cash
Prompt Delivery
Smger Sewing Machines Co.,
Fernie, B. C.
Why be without a Sewing Machine when you
can get one-for $3.00 a month?1
J. P. HOULAHAN, Agent, opposite Coal Co.'s office, Pellat Ave.
B. G.
Are you conlemiilating a trip to
The Orient'
..... ti
[ ' New Zealand   ,
Arc you contemplating a trip' to
'. Or any Pacific Coast Point?
Or is it a"lrip to   ,
All kinds of
Here We Are
With a complete assortment, of goods in
the following lines: Boots and Shoes,
Trunks, Suit, Cases and Bags, Horse
Blankets, Harness and Saddlery. ?
W. R. McDou
Winnipeg -
St. Paul
Chisago   -
,    Boston
New York
Give us a trial
I West Fernie
Tuesday niglu.
Ceo. 'Inphi'in returned from an extended huniing expedition last night,
loaded with soon things.   ,
Watches from one dollar up' at. A.
C. Liphardt's two doors north" of .Fernie Hotel.
"Mrs. Teller and her daughter Laura
were  sent,  io  Cranhrook
They were Kiiifering from
ver.      ' ' ■
owing accounts be paid:
! Ophthalmology, Toronto,    Dr. Harvey , connoll 'and.. Scott
has Uiat opportunity for research and | ]3.l,.1.is0„ and Company
oxpcrlriient   which   has    brought  the i KCOp  0f prisoners	
blessing of good'sightMo thousands of j-.'
sufferers."      ..
Tlie Pernio    Philharmonic    Society
held a very successful practice      on
Tuesday evening," November 10.    The
this .week.! next  regular practice will be held in
typhoid fe-i tlie provincial-government court room
,    "-'      ' on*Tuesday, iVov. 17th. at 8 p.m. sharp.
We arc sorry lo learn thai.,.1. R. Wallace of the Free Press is confined- to
A full attendance of all those wishing
to lake part is requested.'
"ins- iiBniir^nroTi'jir" a- namrrracii—ul—hit
grippe.   '.    ,. "        !olC the Salvation "Army will be officially
The Kootenav Telephone Co., we ui.-j opened, by Commissioner Coombs, ac-
derstand, ore hurrying the installation ■ conipanied by Mrs
Johnson—Watson — That tho   city
clerk be instructed lb call for tenders
io be opened December 1st 1!>0S ,l''*v
the  installation  of  2G0  h.p.  g.is  p-'O-
ducer plant*'and insert a clause in advertisement that in making tenders a
satisfactory arrangement must be entered into with the Crows Nest Pass
Coal company for the purchase' • of
■i_L_iJ,r*ir machinery now nn    hand.^rCar-i
Quail—Watson —That Mr, Shanley
along.     Srfme of the poles are report-1 Col.  Pugmirc, Staff-Captain
jaiul Mnjoi;.,Frank .Morris. The meet-
| ing will take the form of' a lecture eri-
i tiled "A Modern Crusade." The plat.-
j form has promise' of being represent-
led by Mayor Tuttle and the citycoun-
I cil, Revs. R. S. -Wilkinson, and II. R.
ed     to have been delivered here already. ,
You can make richer, more fragrant
more delicious tea if you use "Salada."
One teaspoonfiil makes two cups. Use
absolutely boiling water.   Steep   flvo |
The regular mon (lily meeting of the
Ladles' lienevolent Society will bo
held at the homo of Mrs. S. Herchmer
this afternoon at :,t30. A full attendance is requested.
A full line of, watches and clocks on
hand at A. C. Liphart's—jeweler --
two doors north of Fcrni*' Hotci.
Tlie proprietors of the Wulilorf hotel were convicted of soiling liquor
on Sunday and fined ?."»0 and costs.
Tho police aro very strict, in regard to
nny liifrlngmont of this rule, and
will prosecute all offenders.
When tho prim becomes dim, and
Hewing Ih difficult you will lind Or.
Hnrvoy's Porfect. Spectncles or 10ye-
glasses will' benefit your eyes, Consult'lilm nl Siuldtiby's Drug Store on
nnd   Saturday,  November  27
(.Irani, Thos. It. Turnbull, tbe Bible
society representative, V. II. Sherman,
president of District No. 1?, and Mr.
Thomas Biggs, Chairman, W. R. Ross,'
M. PP, The meeting will commence
i at. 8 p.m.
Or miy European point thought of.      i.              ... •
The' line;is equipped with unexcoll- j M ~ ~ I M« plr pf
ed  llrsL  clijss  cloaches,  tourist    and ; JIIU'U*U I?!<U*1 JtVUV
standard sleepers, and    dining   cars, I   ,. ' 	
coupled with safety, speed and  com- '
fort.       -'     \     , •. ' .
Andy; .'Haniiltpii
Tiais-mitH akd Flumbcr
For folde
ipiu apply tl)
s and complete'inforuiat-
R. Reading, Agent, Per-
J. E.-Proctor,
Distric: Pas'^erigci
Cnlgary,  Alia.
.-Meat.- Butter; Eggs
;-and Fish   ,
Fresh Meat, of all Kinds
I        We can :furnish you with estimates in     :  |
ft; ' .    '      , „ „ i . ■    . ,       S
I-, •, .      anything in our line     '       "'. ";     |
N ■ " '■ ' ■ ■-■!*;
«. . ' ' ''.<■• '■ -> , ■ ft
In  the-matter of-an  application  for
and 28. ■   |
,los, .loan, tho popular proprietor ol
tho Imperlnl hotel died nt Ilosmor on
TuoHilny. II" hnd not been well for
sovornl days hut IiIh untimely on-i
cnnio as n terrible shock lo his IiohIh
or frlomlB both hore and nil ihrouuh
tho (liBtrlet,
Kornlt' Iiiib now n hrnml now typo-
grnphlcnl union and it will bo known
nu Pernio Typographical Union No.
CGri, Tho now chnrtor, luhols, utc, arrived on Monday, All donations should
ho Hiint to tho uocrotury troaHurcr, Ar*
chlhald Ihickloy. Aslt for Uio lnlml.
Tho Crnnbrooli lloruld Hiiys. --"Thi«
export crow of tho Iocnl telephone Co.
will proofed to Pernio iih booii iih tlio
jiocoKHiiry documenth urn hIkiumI nnd
will hiHtnll tho telnphonn plant, I-nbor
will lie* hired nt Pernio. It In oxp.'ct-
od that the phones will he working In
InHwtjdii .10 nml -10 dnyH iifier   work
i    Wm. Ingram, of the club cigar store
has got into his new premises, and is
! making all poHslhlo haste to got the
(Inishliig touchcB put on. Mr. Ingram
,1ms two nice pool and one billiard lo-
jblc which ho hopes to have runiiliig
tIiIh week or early next, The up-
l.slnlrs will be imod as a bowling alloy,
:and is one.of the best we have seen
; tills side of Winnipeg, Two alloys
iaro already liiHtulled iuul will be open
InoNt week. This will afford a good
! clean spori for tho young men and a
, good bowling club Hhould ho forthcom*
j Ing.     Mr. Ingram Is to ho eongrntulat-
ed on his enterprise.
and Lot
be appointed to act as temporary city
clerk.—Carried.       ' ,''',-
n .Watson—Johnson—That the mayor
••id Aid Qu:,i; and P.-i-oly b" empowered to insial a heating plant in the
new city hall—Carried.
Johnson—Quail—That we adjourn
until Tuesday evening, the 17th inst.
Just, here wo would' like to add that
the action of the city clerk is something that, should not. bo tolerated, lie
goes away from his duty without (asking the council to appoint a man in
his.place, and not evon mentioning tho
fact to the mayor.
' He gives the office, tho city's books
and everything into tlie charge of nn-
other man without, consulting anyone,
nnd" nppnrcntly has been doing thu
city's work.in a cnroloss, slipshod
manner for some time buck, ns llio
books and minutes plainly sho,*.*. Yet
the aldermen present said miugiil.
They midoresd IiIh stand hy appointing tlio mnu thnt tho clerk loft.', ,i man
who Is supposed to bo workln,; for the
relief commltteo, und If a citizen goes
to tho city offices ho haa to take his
chances ou being served.
Surely wc wont, ti big chMiif.;e from
thte method. Wo coiild Bay more,—■
hut wn llilnlf thnt this shouM bo
If It. doos not hnvo tho iljslro.l olfoi t
wo hnvo more facts for inu'illcullnii In
the future.
Two gentlemen woro prosont from
tho Canadian Gonornl Electric Company, nnd ono from somo other com*
pany ro thn Insinuation of n gas pro-
ducer plant,
Wo would recommend this Hystom,
ns It hns been trlod with groat ruccohs
elsewhere. Those gontlomon guar*
aiitoo n saving of cIobo on to ton thousand dollnrs a yoar In fuel nlono.
Don't forgot that the next mooting
Is called for Tuoiiday ovoning, Uio 17th
iiiHt. Wo will he thoro,
"Th eTi ssuiTofir dupl i c"afrort n try e r--
tiflcate of Title for part (65 feet by
135 feet)   of the  Southerly  portion
" of Lot, 26,  Block 5, of  Lot    5455—
■*  Group   One,  District of    Kootenay,
(Map 735 )
,' NOTICE is hereby given that it.is
my intention to issue at the expira;'
tion of one month after the first pub-,
licatioii hereof a duplicate ■ if ' the
Certificate of Title to the above mentioned lands, in the name of John
Strachan, which certificate is dated
the 26th day of April, 1906, and numbered' f.529 A.
H. L. MacLeod
District. Registrar
Land Registry Office
Nolson, B. O.
October 24th, 1008.   ...    .   '■
For Sale
100 tons of good
Baled Hay
W. E. Barker, Cayley, Alta.
Lot 80 x 130
House 24X-30, Six Rooms
Painted, Finished Inside
•#!t* 0Sl wsz*Hk ^^k^nh
^vm 9ty*yt *-^it*m *-*-ev tf ^p e^^f
The biggest snap In Fernie
& Lyons
A farmer nuoded a homo to take
his produce to mnrkufc ., IIIh nelghhor
needed ono ho they culled on n horse
denier togother,
.. Thu iiulghhoi1 spent his moiiuy for
tlip hoHt. horno ho could buy.
The farmer mndo IiIh cohlco. Ho got
ono Jii«( its good und nu wived ton big
i.i;a,,l  ihilliifti  .i.itj   'ilu   jtUinc   hu  tiul
wan hlggor nnd ho felt pleased with.
hl« Imrgnln.
They started for uinrlict togutlior,
At fli'Kt the fni'iiior kept up but soon
i" ii n hi'iiiiitj. When bit l\nt\1\y sol
to Hn' market the day's sellliu; wns
nil ovor nnd tho most of his produce
wm- ><-iollod.
Am] so hu hnd not haved much nftor Ml,
>' 'which due are you? Ava you
the ■■■•■■tiy wlso farmer or the really
wl-u ...UhburT
"(• *..m save $10 In printing, and
lon»< «*..' In trndo?
Wl.\ rmt present your goods so as
to kI*.. Hirtiit firnt chance ou tho mnrkot?   ,,!ll(,. Snyln-jH.
Vancouver, Ik C„ .Nov. 8—The
worst accident in the history of .the
Uritlsh Columbia lOloolrle Railway Co
In Vancouver occurred at midnight,
ln n thick fog close lo Cedar Cottage,
Two Intorurbnn curs going at almost
full speed, crashed Into each other.
As a result ono molormiui Ib dead,
and thu other Is'not expected lo live,
and a number of passengers are In
tho hospital now wllh roi'Ioiib wounds
and Injuries.
I low tho .•nlnstroplio occurred Is
not clear nnd probably will nevor bo
rovoiikid iih death Is drawing a veil
ovor the wholo affair.
The victims woro hurriedly brought
to town and thoir wounds were drnBB*
ed ns woll as possible at tho terminus
hore prior to further attentions at
the hospital,
Molormim Murdoeh McDonald of
tho Cent ml park enr who wns killed,
was torrlbly mutllatod. Motormnn
.InmloBon of the Westminster cur ia
so Bovoroly Injtirod tlmt his life Is
doNpnlred of.
Tho Injuries lo lho piiHsoiiKors ex*
tciidod all Ihe way from mere abrasions to broken limbs, thore being one
ciiho of n broken thlRh, the victim be*
ln« William HohnrlBon, a resident of
Central pnrk.
Tho list of Id Hod and Injured Ih iih
Motnnuim Miinlonlc MneDonitld,
. Motormnn .Inmioson frnciiircd Hkull
Sudden drops of temperature .are
■ impossible in the home heated by ,
hot water or steam. Stove fires
die out, hot' air furnances heat
unevenly, and the hot air switches
to other parts of the house leaving the remaining rooms, cold
and drafty. But with the Oxford
heating systems operated by
Hot Water and Steam
in connection with Oxford Radi-
atQi's an even, steady circulation
of healthful warmth is kept uo
throughout thc house. Eacli
. radiator is diffusing the same
temperature of heat in sufficient
quantities for thc size ofthe room.
The illustration below shows nn
Oxford Comfort "Hot Water
Boiler. The fire pois are accur*
ntely nnd scientifically propor-
tioncd to thc fire surfaces for
burning low grade fuel, and surprisingly economical results arc
nttninca thereby. The improved
pattern rocking nnd dumping
grates, case nssured for cleaning
firo surfaces, large fire nnd flue
doors nre some of the commendable features.
Our booklet-! nn home linMinB will '
intercut you—they »r« free—write ui,
Th« Gurney Standard
Metal Co,, Limited
Selling A|»nt, F»rnU
Fursiiture and
Hardware Dealer
Baker Ave.
ii ■ *
Hardware     Hardware
When  you  require  anything  in
Hardware see
Whimster & Co.
Hanson Street, Fernie
Back of old stand
Wm   Sllvt-r. brcthen lee,
Wlllnvil ItohcrtBon, fractured, thigh.'
A. flniy, lnol'oii leg.
.1. Kiiciiiil.iirRon, hrnkmi leu,
O. FnrnnhiirHon, hroUon" ln'n.
,.    ,   ,       .->.,,	
>4V...'.M„,4       4.4)       l^ljtl,4        lit*       4*4. \   .*«.   .-4.4.
vor iiolleo forco, head Blliihtly <*ut.
W. MeAdle, hond nut.
Frnnlt 1'iiir, hond cut.
A. C. ('linen of Colllngwoo.1,    ci.ts
iihout head.
W. 9. Slrcrlf. lino** Injured and nlir
V,'.  T.   nnrrlii.  conduelor on   Wont
mliiHtiir enr, hond cut.
A. McU'erh,' liond eut.
I), a'TinlB of Codnr CoMm-, hi'ftd
Jlurfiiiroyd. l**dly •ha'kfn np.
Mnn Fnr en\e by Whlmtter A. Co
MIhh Ilonnott, Cunt rat Park,' leg Injured.'
Bylvomor .InhnHon. (.'ontml Park,--
log Injured,
I.00 Chow,' head Injured.
(The two Knrquhnraon boyM llgur.
In*r" In the colll»Ion rflforrod to nbovo
aro both well known tn Pernio vtbtre
tlio family lived "for yours. Mra. Ed.
Wrlgloiworth and Archy Karqnharaon
of thU cHy aro alatnr.and brothor r**.*
Bpoknno, Wnah., Nov, 12—Drltlib
Columbia will bo Htrongly roproaont*
od nt tlio National Applo Show In
Bpoknno, Docombor 7tU to 12th. Moro
than 200 ontrlos will como from tho
province, Including district nnd Individual dlaplnyB. Tho Intorost ahown
by tho growers of nrltlul*,, Columbia
has decided tho board of trufltooa to
mako tlio bIicw nn International event
after lino )v*it,,
In turtltor rucoiiiiitluii oi t)i« Vtmuil-
IniiH, ll. J. Neoly, Hocrotury mul man*
riBt-r, hos Inhcn up tho matter of the
rumovnl of dutloa on exhibit a nont
from Drlllwh Columblu with ovory Indication Unit hia rtiijUHM will *.(«
United Btntoa Botmtor PUoa of
WnahlnKton lina liitercated hlrnHolf In
tho matter nnd has preHontod tho
request to tlio aorcotnry of tlio tro-
aBury. Benntor Pllea waHhucctnaful
In havlm? tho duty roroov-ftd' on Im*
porta from Japan for a somewhat aim*
liar occasion thla year and la confident tbat be will be aucceaaful thtt
Ittiie, * Mr/ Neoly^ hat al-itf wldfwt-wJ
«on. Bldnay FlahVr, aoenr-iirjrof Ag
riculture, at Ottawa, with the request
that ho Bond officiate of his depart*
ment to act as JudROB nt tho national
applo show.
"W, H. Covort of Grand Forks, will
hnvo Bovornl exhibits, and Ib confident that ho will carry back with him
sovornl prizoB, Kolowna has appoint*
od an agent to collect fruit for a display at tho show. Among tho towns
from which displays will come aro
tho following:
Swings' Landing
OnfUiro'n   Tlrld'CO "'
A Bpeclnl prlzo of flvo ncrn» of Irrigated land linn boon offered for tho
, .        ...I.,,,l.      #..4....      ,1,A     T^r,,.*      tr-ni ti.,.,.'
district, ||
Exhibits hnvo begun to come In In
such numbers thnt It has bocomo no*
coBRary to arrange for cold storage
accommodations In Spokane. ThU
Is furnish*-*'! frco of ch/irjfo flxcopt In
the carload contest for which a nominal feu la'cliacKud. The national ap>
pio show will occupy the national armory building at Spokano and an ad*
dltlp'nal ttructtire,, makfn*r ln;t»l,l'*7IS-
000 squaw fa^t of floor, spae*."; *
1 ■ 1
• i
1 '&
' ill


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