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The District Ledger 1908-10-31

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 r - : ■ -    :,
■-• " <7.!;'.*--- .'■"''   |c.'"': ;■"'.':• '.jji;.';  ■-■•.*■
,-.«'   hi,-.il,..:,   ";*,   -j„.    .    «,,   v\>i-.„-;■
Industrial Unity is Strength
T*»c Officia.1 Organ of District No. 18, U. M. W. off A.
' -/o  "        '     •  '-    /)   '0   • ^   ' '"V ■■'■.&£
f •-
/ 7
Political Unity is Victory
VOL,. IV.   No. 11     V
$1.00 a Year
wwwwn nn ■ iHifli
Finest Pianos in Canada sold on
such purchase terms that ■':
every home may
own one
We wnnt you to know moro
about tho New Scale "Williams
Pianos—whnt magnificent instruments they nre — and
AVHY." Our frco booklets
give theso facts—tell what
famous pianists, touchers,
singers, colleges and schools
think of those fiiulUess pianos.
Andtheynro FACTS that you ,
should know about the
Let us send the booklets and
show you how you may have
anv style of the New Scale
Williams Piano—grand or upright—and pay for it on our
new purchase plan. Address
or call on tho undersigned for
We carry the stock   to suit
all   tastes.      Our   Kitchen
4- ' >
Ranges,  Stoves and Heaters
r "* *
cannot'be excelled.   We are
right    in   price   every   time.
| The J. H. REID CO., Ltd.
A Former Fernie Man in
a Knife Play
A stabbing affray, at Krag, a station
rn the G. N. nbout twenty miles south
of Fernie, occurred on Tuesday, of
this week, the assailant being one
Wallace,'a colored _ man fiom Fernio.
The affair took place at or near the
Krag hotel, where Wallace was indulging in rather strong language, and
on being called upon to desist by Mr.
 ( U]C Feniieile commenced
carving'' operations in earnest,    with
An Italian Miner Looses
Life While at Work
a knife, inflicting three serious injuries, one lunge almost reaching the
juglar. Wallace made good his es-'
cape across the lines, and is possibly
by this time out of easy reach ofthe
' The victim of the assault is doing
nicely and unless untorseep complica-
t ions set in. he, will be around shortly.,
Wallace referred-to above will be
remembered by Fernie citizens as be-
ins engaged in the "Travelling Lunch
Wagon" just after thn fire/ Thc police are out an dhope to got him as
he is around .Gateway.-
Frank, Oct. 27—-While two Italians
in tho Bellevue mine woro shovelling coal, part of the roof broke away
and killed instantly Rod Marepodle,
an Italian.
Coroner Plnkley was notified and
an inquest has been ordered to be
.held.      .        ■
C H. Caure'd arrived last wcelc to
lake a position in the It. M. C. Co. of
Blairmore.'0 Tho company are rapidly
completing their paint and .will soon
continue the' manufacture of cement. ■•>'- ,     ...
of the highest quality obtainable
= We regret to announce the death of
Mrs. McDougall, beloved wife of our
esteemed fire chief.     Mrs. McDougall
Veiled at Victoria where she"-went di-
#1 rectly after the fire.    Mr.s. McDougall
time, and
The finest assortment of Gents'   Furnishings in .town  at
i. n-vi   ■.*« ,        ■.. . • '        ■> W)  has. be.cn poorly for a long
Howest~Pfices.   Soie-agents~for~the~fanious~hou3e-oi~iaO'j—■- y^i!ei*^e^s>*r^ire~nct~aito'jei
1 * "•*"** j ^2'       .»4...^J-,..l Tl I -..       KT..Tl/Miftnll    lm
berlin Clothing.    Every garment guaranteed to be pertect .
h fit, workmanship;and style.   ;   ->
The Editor will not be responsible for
opinions  expressed  by  correspondents.
To the Editor of the Ledger. ■..
Dear Sir: In regard to the telephone
question, and the vote that i". to he
taken on Monday I would like to
give a few hints to the vntov.3, so that
I hoy will, understand the position the
citizens, and more especially the merchants "will bejn if they decide io
turn down the offer made by the
company that wishes, to obtain . the
franchise,, or I should rather say the
opportunity to run a.telephone for the
benefit of the people of Fernie and
first of all,.I would like to pout
out that a while ago, Mr. Hawthorn-
waite tried to get a Municipal Owner
gj\. pected. Mr. McDougall has the sin-
Ja{ • cere sympathy of all citizens of: Fer-
*jK,nio, who. recognize in him a man of
yVl worth and' ability in the fire depart-
wr ^"	
1 rnent. ' . Mr. MtDougall'lel't.. here  -for
'ictorla-a' short time ago, as-he had'
received word that'the condition* of
7! lils wife was serious.   Mrs, McDougall
ft loaves four children besides hor hits-
f\f 1, band to moui 11 her loss.
• . j      ,  ■ 'J	
^<te£*Wi£><to-1 ■ Rea'8ter before 12 noon to-day, or
^CTO-w^^i? you will have no vote next January. .
ship bill through the parliament for
the province of British Columbia, but
the bill was defeated. Next, another
member tried to do the same thing,
land met with the same defeat.»• This
■goes'to show''Mr. Editor; 'that It will
bo impossible'to get a bill through so
that our city would be able to own
and run our own telephone system, so
that is one point wo must consider
very strongly before we decide to vote
nSiiInst lilm by-law on Monday.'
Next, even If it was possible to get
Car of Fruit just arrived,
consisting of Plums, Pears,
Peaches, Apples, Grapes,
Bananas, Squash. This
is a very choice lot. Also
a car of Vegetables.
that 1 can buy good fruit lands with a good water supply, within 30
miles of Fernie, on instalment plan, $5 down, $5 per mdnth, no Interest for first year, for a five acre tract during the life of contract7
" This offe rmay not last long, as tho prico may be advanced after
1st January next, so If you want good fruit lands at the bottom
price apply at once. Do It nowl 8ales have oxceeded our best expectations so far, We find It easy to sell a good article, and such
easy payments are not offered by any other such company. Write
for circular on "Kootenai Irrigation Tract."
D. W. HART "" aoti for Canute" BAYNES, B. C.
!*..linonton, Oct. l!9—Tlm bin whole.
Woodstock, Out., Out. "ill—One    of
sale bullillnu of tho Foley, Lock nml! tho most rnmnrklmlo sloilofi In (ho
Larson company collupBod at <3,,I0 this • polico hlHtory of Woodstock Iiiib ro-
ovin'iiK, anil ti Iran-oily wnH nvoitod joontly com" to Unlit.
On I'Mrday Hohort Col woll wim nr-
rested In Port Huron, Midi., nnd waa
brouuht hack lo Woodsloelc chai'Kod
with hlni'kmitil. Mo plcwlod Biillty,
und will bo Hontoiiei'il hero on Friday.
Then Mm Hoeond arrest was iniido
hi the person of .1. 11. Iloir-.i*.:, lilulily
respected elll/.iu of Dnimbfl, who wim
jinki'ii Into eii'itndy on 11 slmlliii' chtit*«o
nud remnndi.d.
It Ih aliened thnt on Christmas dny,
1'Mirt, Cnlwcll mid HoiiihIh by IhrcntH
1 nil liiliiiiiiliiilon licciircil ?!Mii fi
old (ionium named Diinini.
by less thnn fifteen mlnutos nH Ihe
Inst man hnd not woll out of iho
liulldliw when Urn cimh cunio. Tlm
building wuh pnictlcnlly now, livum
lifi>ii cnnHliucti'il only two yo.in*   or
li |h throo Hiorlus Holld brlclt.   iiuO
11 r.fl foot Hi.'ftlon of n block 1 r»0 by IM
in which most of tho wliol.'Niilc I>.ihim-
ohh of llio city In iniHiictoil.   HoHldi'i* j
Foloy, Lock nml I.ninon wIioho cut lio |
hiacK   wiih   'iicdi'M.iH-1'  unit  /„<   ><1
f,ill,  .Hl>.   ..■■Ilii-.-.1   ,■.....,<.   .''..i   ''   ■''<•." 'I
the  Otii'l.u1   llniwn'H  Cuiiiiuiiiy  biiindin
!i(,i:,-.c v.iis (*;ni.r.,,'<d («i,«!(!ora»i,.y.
The (liiiniiiic Ik yd unknown bin li
Will     lf.1    OV«'l'    Oil"     lillllllU'll    ll'.OllHItllll
Is not huslnoHs like, nnd lcnvos Iho
city In as good shune after'It Ih' grunted as before.'
Tho'following claiiHO In their agreement iilncos tho inntlor vory plainly
nnd dlHilnctly boforo tho inihllc;
Article f>:
"It Is hereby distinctly understood
and agreed thnt should the city .it
any time be given the statutory power
to construct, operate and maintain a
telephone system It will be at porfect
liberty to do bo, notwithstanding anything contained in this agreement or
In tho said by-law."
Now, Ik thnt not plain enough to
nny bUHlru-KH mnn? Whnt better nr-
nuigemeiit could anyone wnnt?
1 Hny, give thoHo g.'iitloiiien the.
rUht to openite the telephone, nnd
Inter If we nm hch our wny to get
Home other iirnnigcmenl Hint will
milt uc bi'tti'!' il1"!! 1 nko
ll.i'Ho gi minds,
It Ik cli'inly ellhei' a en He of walling iwolvc inoiitlm or longoi', or elni,'
To oum up, Mr. Editor, I ■ wish to
again stnto thnt If tho citizens vote
ngninat thin proposition they will be
very sorry In tho near future, , ns I
cannot see what thoy will do for a
telephone Hcrvlcb, nnd without n telephone tho town will be voyr badly
Trusting1 Hint you will pardon mo
for ulsug your valuable Kjiaeo, nud
hoping to see tlilu by-law carried, so
thai, the town will not be crippled, I
bog to remain,
Youir. truly, . .
A Telephone User.
To the Kditor District 1-edger,
In your Issue ot tho IMth Imit.    1
notice n fow remarks regarding   tho
present Inndeqiinte conditions prevailing nt tlm local post office of   Fernio. #
As I believe 1 am a miffercr in   this
It  over on 'respect There beg to air my grlovnn-
cos In ytnir purer.     The lnx iiielhods-
nt prfiHOiil held out to the public nre'
nothing short of disgraceful,     1 hnvo
1 Ills (oiiipnuy lo
system us  llm..
I     lleiihles HiIm imiouiit  lllnlie ileclnres ; 11   I'll  I'-'oml:  eo ilnn   a-'  wiml.1  li.
Mils wife wns to rix'lve $l'in 11 month
Fort Willinm Phones are Not Money
Port AMlntr, Oct. .'I**—rort William
Inn, nwWcd I'm. AilUui' tu ugice lu uu
Increaso In Hie telephone rates
:. in i.',l: n'liir,- -.-'.i*", :'
. fcntniici* ntioni to tm pti'viiil on hlin,
"in I-" j and lmvliig s.'i'ii his young wlfi* J'i;-tt
I led timii ihe cotiii loom hysi.'ririilly
j crying "No, No," H. llliiUe. contniclor,
'('onvM.'d of havli:., i(li.iii|ii.'il to
l liring .leiiii Al, K.'iiy 10 ('iiniiiy on im-
  ! Jut-y to try Aluiilinni  Hi uf, und Mite
Dominion House. Expected to Convene! for IiIh acitulttnl, 111111.1.' 11 full con *'<-..*
Shortly. \ Ion in court,
  i    Hlnkft snld thnl  nftcr he was
during thn tlnii' v.l.eii he wiih In Ihe '
A Sensational Statement by Convict-', imiillciillnry,
ed Doodler I     wimii llln]..1 w:i.: culled in rNe nnd
  I I'l-Cclvo Hiuin.'iici.i !)l.i wife cried  "No,
Mm f iniii mi o, tn 1. ,...    ,-ii iiiim.iii lu   .'4.1,    ..in. .........  ...    .j   ,..,.,.■, ,1 ..,,,,,
i'l,,    . l;,li.-'   r1'  ii  in !.!(: n'lur.-   :-\)h   :''     'M '"   '' I   tnue   tl">   .'imi1
room,     Afire ini'i"iiri hml lii-eti niiid>'
nud denied for 11 in-v.' Irlnl. IHnKe r'nd!
IM'  illtii   it  plilli'llu I'l   H'   lllilK.1  il.-'  il   M'.l
i.oirwhy tli" JmbM' ut iihoiilil  mil   he
pii'iM'il.     This riuii" im n urprl.ii'   i.i
I.I-    IIUI.'I lit',4 ,-     v. 1,1)    ...|l-    11.  I lull ,1'U     .,1
wiihilinw llii'lr (i.i i'.
Illilko snld lie hnd been offi>re<l |i.-
. ii'M) to Intliieiice ,1. M. Ki'lly, n pio.
Ill-- j pecllMi juror to wilii for the «*r-tj u 11 (fi I
»s   Tim  (.nu-  nnrllii If'SU'd on ii chiirge of bribery. Frimlt'of Heuf.      lie nt   ilrst  offered  K'-lly
.•»-■-» in   wi'*   Imr"11'j Mun)j|yi HMif'H nHsoclnte (oim«eI. np-|*J.".uit wlil.-l   wns refiiHed hut Inter -m
I lo !■• ..:*!'.-il to nl"-'' , ,„,„„.■,„.,•, \,\Ui „,„■, „if,.,,..i \M„ >|ii,iit;<l   m. of.', r oi J'.-l1:" -■.-.-..• iniei- i.i.d ;,..   ,.
I If hn would keep litiiet. 'to!.     Hhike told uieiii of nu all.■.■'•'I
II*: i.uld tt.;i. i.u'i-.. iiiutiiiuMii™    'o  '>'■{•'■• <>f fT".'1"-* col piovl-lon r>
! ci
11 ii.vii nud i.p.'ii:!.' iiiir ii..!.
I u:,' Inn" vwhiIiI |i tiikn lo
• ,,n  .1 -,i
..on..1  ' ..
;   !.-!.■
■  r* f 1 -
. i.li'.e
Cl.e    ,'
.1  III
>■ iiim r.itr ell v
in liiinlle, nml
1 |.'i".l ,-|l)le 10
ul 11 .'! lull.   No.v
!   .      4   I.     .■  ;>Ml' [I
..-■   .-:iii(   it   til
opeillle   i|   K'lepllllIK
now wish 10 un.
Anollti'i' niniter I wo-tld I'l:" In ex
plain Is l hut lie- nit is nn' \"t"S iciih-
(jillllile, vl/„ ior leli'llliOili'S In u nmiil
DUoo ?!! 11 tiionthi Im* i.-leplioni-* n
o'lier plnci s !*• I'per inoinh. An nildl
'.loiiui ■cluiri*!' of $
'   01ml bi'inii'li phni'e ui'-d bv on.
I 1   rjlii'l'   en   Dim   ciiiill.'Clliill.       S<llb|i'i*l
.) 11 illi'iiiutii el ii-n in * i" cent on »H
, icli ini.'i 10 Miii-erlber.i pitying I"
1 Imhii .* on 01   >■• .(.:■■ '!.•■  '''tli 'In,.  "',
; .. nmi.il, h.r ..!,!■ li il •• * r\ I"1 I's
• -.uri'i'il. Insmlln ion fee I'l huIiJci.I
'ii r.'bnti1 nf -nm'- 'l "i*- I'l'in*-!.1! n-ui.'il
1   iiiii.; In ii'..imi •-.
nslnll nnd   ■'■"•,* '"''">*l(,!l ,0 ,,|,al wl,!l Ull'll-'llli P"H'
offlcoH iliroui'lmui t'liniida, not to
s|ieiii( of llm old country, but the service nl Kcriilo is the worst I liuvn seen
I inn (oufli'eiii Hint innll Iiiii nnlvi* I
li.'ie for iln* imdeisli'iied, ami to
pnno tliln I wrote nnd po'tted n letter
*,(. r.'.'r encl" uddl-'"' ,n>'H,,|r 1,,',°l" " "'"""*"' ,n" Wl",,,
■   11 culled next dny nud emiiilied     for
iniiit I lulled 10 receiw- nny,
I inn prow   thnt within Hi'- h.1-1 y'x
Wi el.H   '-I'.eiiil    h'lti'iM   I'.ne   ! .'"il   ed'
ill'i'MHi-il    III   IIH'.    I'l'l'lli   i|ll|e|..|.l    pill In,
Im liidlm; (lliisi'iiw. but  1.01  mi" h:iw-
I le.eli.i'd in Hint periuil.      Nii.v.    Mr.
'r>r\,-,\.\Mu-U .     tO   lOfct.    t^rti.'*!
I illl
■ mil  :
1. !
j    Ottawa,  Oct
', mvllt U eXlW.t
j on January 6,
The now Hpimki-r nnd depnly hiiciiK-
ni>» »"»' ••  4 ....   .4. ...»■   ... «n.--  -- —.. 1,    jn,, ui.yv n|...nni-v nun in-jiui) rjii-iin' i      •• •   ••"•"   ......   ......   — r. ,     . ■	
Increaso In Hm telephone rate*.        i0r will probably bo Cburln Mnrcll M. \*l0-m "ml l"''!'""1'1*1 U) hl\ |,,«n'■,,, f)y I *'"'', 1H"hl!" ,";  W"H  '"  "1tl',,;'  if  '
f«r wm pruuauijr       *"""'        "   "      ' Heuf were delivered to it third party, i would not initio a cotifosntoin.
Tho system hat not been paying at ■ P., for Bonaventur*-., and 0. If, Mcln-jw ,)() |m)(, Ut ,,,„ hnn]i ofl(,r ■„; WJ|< ■    TJl(. Hl0|;>. ,„,,, tiy Ill(,,(f, ,.,,,,,,,.,5,,
Korr, William, though proflrablo here. 11yr.\ -M.; p.,  fop- South Perth,    '>»>*■•; acutcticttt! If h« wria tonvlcieit of ml-1 m'*.-!nation In the «oiirf nnd ilo <>•
A conforenre will ho lulil, ' 'atlo. ■♦'•'-"'. '•' \\wry. . wm* «out limed for (wo weeki*.
1      ,,,;!.mil
M..I   '.:.'.   :.'
'I'l I*.   !-   •'
ll.    f.i.U.    'j
i.'-'-ll  tl.'.le'V  iii|«..il     lo
l'i..|i>  s-it-l-'lii   we   wo l! '.
;.    I. Ii'pt.i'lli'   5 ,'l'-lll   of   ;':
:. . 1  iw.-lw inonthH,
i.nili.-r '.'/in I fi liven lo *-' 1
::.    : 1 : . in.   i;i.il  lit41   ',■, ,.
;i   l.-I'-i-l i.e.. Jnr  il. .1
t-tn ll
■fHIV    I1!
i.> -.nil 111
li- .-ii!.." r
KliH.r. I '-.-ii.-jnit
1 ;(.:i vli.   (!:!** hi hi-v t-l.nuM I'.* .1 ■ I
i.ieil?     Tli.'C* is iif.ihtiig lu It. tJ.ii' \
■ ,.i' in 1 ■
ci.i :; 'li ii'
■ ,*  *.|l	
...I 1.ii   ■ I   ''
il.<,-..!. ■
Ml'.j.    ■
|:I   I II     ' "
(..i.wiii:   Ji-
»'hl' I'll*.  ' '
;'..| , ice   !*'   i
1 1 p
1 il* • 1 nm-
I-   111   D.i'lll ■'.' 1
.   .   '.    Ill   tin'   f i.i!- ■■..
I        I   Ci ■     I '.'
. -i ■: \.:.:. ii 1) ■-
. >i,..i 11 .. 1.1 rr ■-
.. ,1    tu      il   ( , ihci'i
,    1'.'-   lel"|l| Oii.'!.   in
it" ell.; Il' ti I.-
11- ?,:;: p. r tuoiiHi
... i.f .-in nu* em h
|,l.u:.     ;. . ,1  Ij;.   on.
I.1.1   nn!,.   ii
.. •■      /Mil.-1
,. \- i 4 4 4 '     .   I      .
..  i'1'i.ht  1
11.1' in:-. 11
I I'll' IlIMiOll
■   ill'   I-. I i 11 ,
'' ell    ol, I.   !
Mr   I'Mi'i.i*
't.i   ( ;   11 n    [t.-r
1. -   III   i-l|   Mll.M 1 lIll-IS
ri ■■   .,<(   '.<-   ' . fi.!..   ll;.'
I'lO'lti.   I'llf   U'lllrll   tlle
.■'.■|.   .  .lelll.        Ml
I lllil> ll'l'l 'I.Ill
liivhii; f11tl.il t(< Hnd le-'n -■* finiii -1 li**
local offidiilii I wn.-i i.llii.11! 10 pluce
inyindf In ((Hiitnuiiliiitleii    v.lilt    the
poHl office Itmpecior at Vtun inner HiIh
11.01 ultu-     Ticiini; tl.ni : (i'l  .*.i!-!i '"
:■.*.' liiftlii* .Ilii'" »ii the ft.■ ilc-■ ■ir.r'nl  of
I'eiir..', 1 v. It ti 11 U    1 1       ;■!; !■' i ■•■■
I ti nu* 1.. : mi. * fi'   S'l'i   •
John C. Tjrrc*.
i Keinle, It.C, •■- ft'
w,fif „* *■;
■••   ;£ *.\Hi"c:T-.v ■ • ■' •--* ••"■ t^^XS-V^^o
..*-, r.*\'f?i'.sic.(- -jj-*--*   ,    .
i u
: . ■' FROM  PROPERTY.   .-.-.-•
Word has just been^ received of a
new, strike made in the old Reco mine
Sandon • camp, which will enrich the
Italian lessees and revive faith in the
district.1   -       '.. " ; "
It is a long time since the Reco shipped" any ore, though it was one of'the
best' piope'rties of Sandon, and the Italian miners leased it from two Spokane men, J. Karris and F..Kelly who
had";failed'to find ore In shipping'
quaatities. ," *,
The Spokane-men have already of-,
fer.ejj the lessees $50,000 fori, their
bar-jam "as It stands,'but as tnere -is
■ understood to be about $100,000 worth
of ore in-sight, it1 is likely that the
Italians will stick to"their lease,and
realize something like a fortuno out
of, the property.
Tho Italians struck .ore almost Immediately after they, took oyer,;';' the
claim" but said nothing/about it,until
they had a considorabel amount ,;.ex-
posud. , Tho peoplelof Sandon are do-
lighted with the strike as ;lt revtyes
faltii- in a camp which has of lato
been declining. :"'
Some of the Questions, that Will'
!-" Considered. '       "'!
, .Pittsburg,'Oct. 27-A special con-
' vpnfeion.of.district No. 5 United Mine
Workers.of ^erlc'a 'representing 30,-
000 miners in the Pittsburg district;'
convened hero to-day. . President AI.
Freehan of this city while calling thc
meeting to order,-'said that while the
. convention was-gathered.; tinder- extra-;
ordinary 'circumstances, having assembled against- tho .will of the district olficcrs, the following questions-
would be considered.' -v-'-V.' •'' '■
• "Tho forcing of the parents of all
miners under 21 years old to sign papers releasing the.Mononghela' River
Consolidated .'Coal-nnd Coke' Company
from damage under the new liability
law." '   ' '.'*-.■
■ "."The using of the so-called safety
' explosives. v" -•'.• -'■*.' "-'-'•'
-The" operators refusing lo comply
'with' the' agreements on deductions,
awT'the" agreements on "the ■increase' in-
the amount.of wages .checked off,",..
States"-have"- provided thai' the-" air
current shall be split for every one
hundred, men in the mine; but this,'
as.in^other.matters, caiij.be.pverdqiie
—there isisuch^a .thin§;as tpo iinuqfi:
splitting tO'b'esofi'iberiefll. STa*^; ;,^ft
large mlne-*with a .very s high- coat, say1
eight feet, and put int6{that*miheV,say
eight overcasts or divisioiss'of-.the air,
current..,. Now . if • there were one
hundred men in each division, you
would -require 80,000 'cubicteefof air
per minute in order to comply with
the law. ,     , ''•      ,
But Yet 'that mine "be, a solid shooting mine,-or giving off marsh gas,or
black .'damp/and supposing that   you
had a. current measured at tlie foot of
downcast, of say 120,000-cubic feet a
minute.   .Now yon divide that current
into-'eight separate districts or divisions; this would give".you about 15,000
cubic, feet for.each division.    .And,
yet by reason of the great space your
air. had-to travel in.yoti would be un-
abel to sweep out the noxious, jjases
in the mine,-thus destroying, the effect
of thc 'great preparations made to secure an, ample ventilating current in
the'sinine.    And showing that you had;
split the air until you had lost the,velocity, and lacking the velocity, wero.
unable to remove the gases.     This,-
however only occurs.once ln a great
while."   . .But;the fact; that It does, occur goes,to show, that there are coal
corporations Syho'give tho comfort of
their employes? tho first consideration.-
.{ Tho air courses in n mino are,   or
should be, the first consideration nftor
Installlnc** a fan that is calculated to
furnish the quantity of alr-requircd by
law, and the.plain' duty, of the'manager is to see that they are well kept.
In thisJt, might not hurt, and would
be.carrying outfit custom .observed tn
European mines for the last quarter
of a century, at least lo hnvo tho ' pit
committee, wllh the 'manrigor,. "travel
the wapte," or air courses once ovory
I month,to sec (hat t'hoy arc all in good,
order; '\?    'r.,V   "v- "    ,*. ,
A well aired mino is the begt preventative of accident and the one
from 'which the most coal is produced .'-It. piiys tho-operator"in every way
to have'his'officials look after, this
important matter.— .Mine Workers'
Journal. • -
terrible;story-,of hardship
-from medicine' hat—car- '
°        rieddVing man.
' 'Medicine ■: Hat-,i Altay • Oct. 2S--Rid-,
ers* are in from the "south with tales
Of, fearful hardships ..created ,by ..tjie
"storing*.'.-' ,",-••"•'_'; .y.',.',..-;.* -.'/ - I-..''..../.;'-
--. ^YS:. -M,i,:c-.1.'?1.l ?ft21,-.l'-?J1??,-,s.i"?5.e. IS8!-.
%ednqs'day'::r*eaeired'the' city this 'eV-
:ening-,frpmi>vrhis .i*aij,bh .afooilt ..sixty ■ or,
seventy--mile--? south'" of!lhi3--,city,*'-and
' Notwithstanding^ the fact^that, ,in a
great number of "mines'the tejiitiihtion
1 is totally/inadequate yWther'e"'' is'Toom
for congratulation in the"improvement.
gOBorally speaking, ,.-i that, .Jias ;.beeu
made iu recent'years' along these
The provision* made ,by-'most of,,the
co'd. corporations in equipment .would
sewn'to argue that if the ventilation
is not good it is-not foB*lack.ot-offIc-8
lent means to secure it. At mosu of
the mines .the .moans for. establishing,
anil maintaining ft good ventilating
cuvrentare ample".,,,"'"- ',,'..
But, after all, is the current of.air
.in, circulation at the mines what,it
should lie? , -       ■,.■''      ' -
And if not, In view, of the large ox-
pcndiiuro in equipping n fan, why is
it not sufficient? To us it seems'that
there aro sevei'iU reasons why tho obvious desire is not accomplished, tint
of which Ir tho ileslro to sot.cheap
coal, nnd second tho careless lndlfl'or-
onao or Inonpnclty of,the men who
nro In clmrse of tho unilorgrqunilniiijiv
ngwnonl,    •' •'",''
Then ngnhi once lu n while, thy
roiinpnny, in'order to mnko good'In
the ventilating line,, overlook'certain
. woll defined principle** In vontilation
nnd thtiH rendor nugatory their good
Whnt Is tho hho of ifgooil fan if tho(
nlr couraofl" for cbiulnctliig tho nlrfaro
not kept woll nnd propor? Too often
thoro Is Bi'ont no'gloct1 in attending to
llio cloning up of croBscutH, nnd tho
fan is kept throwing air Into tho, mino
that never reachea tho faco und honco
fallH in iln object. Thon thorn lit the
other miaou, a lack of attention to
tlm doom and itoppln-fi by which a
great quantity of nlr lonkn Into tho
return without reaching tho working
face*.. In thin particular wo have
been pleased to notico that Rovorn. of
the companion havo employod mon to
ho* that tho doom and stopping In*"
iweoii tho Intako und tho return urp
kept closed; If not tight thoy nro an
tight iih nny obHorvnnt oyo can tun.
Thin Ih n xood plan und oiuihl to bo
followed In all mltiof*.
Tlm mtiio mnniiRor, If cotnpnlonl,
ofluti Iiiih no ninny other diitleH to do
Hint iniiHt bo ntteiidnd In tlm! ttilh Im-
liorinnt mutter Ih often noKleotoil. Hut
with a mnn wIioho nolo duty It Ih to
look nftor It It In hardly pohhIIiIo that
the body of Donald Cameron, a she'ej-)
herder, had ,been 'found-' in^ the .bench*
of-Jthe Cypi'e'ss Hill's. ■■'' ,'-V "• ' ''/:.
- rHe-had,( been Rooking after a' band,
of sheep belonging to Alex. Show, as,;;
slst'e«J--by.(6bfiatd!Wfen(ii*." • Tho storm,
struck (hem on-Monday and forced'
them to leave tho sheep, ' Cameron'
had'tb glveaip and hisr.companion car
rledjilm for fifteen hours in search-!
Ing for their camp,'" Even with1 this
ass'lslanco' .Cameron"c'o'uld go. ho fuV-'.'
ther and urged Plsher'to abandon him',
and caro for .himself. , -Thojatter re-;
mninod with him to the end and then
• pusliod "on alone; -. ■ •   ■
After being sixty .hours with nelthe**,
sleep noi;- nourishment.ho Reached tho,
D.'D. B. ranch	
covered the
noon,     It is fenced that ninny other!
herders huvo'perished/ •     '
A bniid. of three thousand shdep In'
the faco of the storm drlftod into tli.?J
Mnny. Islnnds lake,and oniy'lhree him-*
dred escaped, i
,., ^..-y,,'  '-c'1;^:-.^—■  >*  •  ,.>
", The pessimist' and grpwle^'' raises
'Odjections^tp,t^e.'trades.union move-
•meiittbecause' he'claims" it is statiou-
ary,~"afi(I'"haS "bur one object in .life,
.and that.to raise wages. -" .. - - '
Such people do not know, neither
have they, read, the history of the
trades-union ^movement,-.-.- Show . us
any other movement that has accomplished more, and is still accomplishing more of the objects for .which it
started out. " ..-'....'
What are the objects whicli "we. desired that-have been accomplished?
, Have we "shortened the, hours of labor? ' Have we made life less of a
burden for every person working In
the mine? Let us see. -•* ".
,We,'wilI take the women...Are-there
any at'.wor&fn the mines to-day,? The
answer'to, the (question .must be/'No."
If tfiero are"not, what is[*the reason?
It is not far to seek) trades unionism
was flatfooted in opposition to it, and
by. persistent and consistent agitation,
abolished, the evil.' . .'"..' , .
. Then what about the boys? Do they
go to the mines at tho tender age of
seven or eight yeqrs any more? Do
their parents have, to carry- them to
the mine in tho .morning, and set them
down.beside a trapdoor, and then get
them and carry' them home at night,
for fear thoy would fall asleep on the
way homo? - This was done in scores
and hundreds of cases before the inauguration of the trades union movement, and would bo done to-day' but
for it.   t .       '     „ '      • '    '
' How many of the boys are there ih
the inincs to-day, who can and-will
contemplate tho fact that' there were
thousands' of boys in the mines less
than fifty years "ago" who never saw
the light,'of day, .except on Sunday,
from October to March of thc following year,,an'd'very 'frequently they
were too tired'on'Sirnay to get' out1-
of bed in order that they might'see
tne sunlight.
The boyofilo-day owes.much more
to the'trades union movement than he
ever dreamed of.' Instead of going to
the mine at, say eight years of* age,
ho is not allowed lo go until ,the is
twice that age in several ol the States
—and then for eight-hours*only. Then
it was from six a.m. until six p.'m.,
without an intermission for a peek into his dinner pail,'and"if he had'the
time" it was not in a few cases only to
find; a piece of bread, ancV molasses,—
sometimes - without', the molasse*s.' - v-
' Now, while tils' lot' is not tlie best,
he goes to the mine at 7 pirn.;- and
finishes'at 3.30 p.m..-.' Now'he, does
.iiOfrgo to\the mine.until."he is. sixteen"
year's in a ritimb'ei"(5f cases and never
,'below the age of fourteen yearsi-Wliat
has brought this,chahge?   '• \ ' '-'
-■Have the'om^loyers^aoffQ'.it of thoir
-VU 1?
ZHtsDCtf-W --tLM-s i'*Mrt
h"     * "V     .        '*;''r    ■        -l^'   "*     " ■■ •"* •"•I »  I*"" •*-'*•*■ r~" *.   ii ->* •     i *■■'"•*'1  ♦ 1  if "^ «*S /**   t^^-l
,-«..^-4'-.   ii   -   ..;   ■     .... - *     -   ' - ... ' -
1 .vr>- - •_'■<• -i■<:>•-•' \::-:xc!.,-;..-   , ■. .-, ^,, .-,* . •
Table ^oard $6.00. r   All old prices now charged
t --   ■ '•*   ■ 1VS".W",;'-"V^aIM r-w ,-."."■-"-'.'    ; ,™:i ■-,-.-
»_.;> ..'■...- .,.'",.'. ..-'.Exi;elient„Cuislne ,." ?,"..;    '„"'. J.1.
J. L. GATES, Prop.
• >. j.\i
"A story "is told of the'meanest news
paper proprietor in Ontario. • He ran
a small country daily', and hris always
been-known as an exceptionally-close
mortal.       '
<, In. his employ some years ago as a
"devil" was a boy who now'holds one
of the most responsible positions in a
leading journal,in Montreal.., .
The proprietor lost his.young daughter, and asked Fred, who was a kind
and obliging chap, if he would act as
,one of the bearers at the funeral. He
'readily consented and went home at
noon and changed his clothes. He
assisted ut tho last sad rites and afterward did not think it worth whilo
to return to the office and.help get out
the evening paper, but instead went to
his'home. - • .- '.   :
'■ When pay day came around the proprietor's, grief over the death of one of
the members of his family had.been
somewhat assuaged, a,nd lie remarked *
to the lad who was earning the princely salary of 52 per week:*"I did- not
see you around, hero to assist ih-folding the papers tlio other afternoon."
"No," camoi the response, "I had on
my best clothes and 1 did not want to
d.rty my suit.1'- ■'  - ■     (.   •   * •
• '".Veil," .-replied tho venal owner,"—
"you should have reported to the foreman; I will have to dock you foi* the
afternoon as you failed to show up."
;'Ho then counted out the lad' $1.80,
' as'his week's pay. '
■■ - i **
^veat.vr-l ■"'"'■■
t    RbcHon ?s
It; :;:,;■-;;■ /
J;   Candy
A. Rizzuto'"-
Fewiie Livery, Dra^ & Transfer Col
love.the employe better,.to-day' than
beforet,The.answer to.the.guestioij,.is
apparent.' '   "   '„ ."' ', "".V.
Trades unionism-1ms by„ agitation.in
!fa\'6i- .ijfjimprbved' ■cbriditibrt's reduced
.hours   of labor not only of tho boys
ib'ufc 'th e.j'ad.ii^ts;- jtfJX ^had/accomplish1;
ed mo of.h'ie'r'--'thiVi'g it"'has achieyed"-ohe
,of the .greatest blessings to the boys
that work in the mines, and proves
that lt Increases wages, while reducing hours of nbor aiid improves.conditions generally.        , . .
Thenagaln, what about thq'-lmproyo-
mont In educational facilities?' Have
tho wealthy classes brought them ' to
pass? Has unorganized labor brought
tho reform?    We think and say not.
Thoro is not a school house. In , tho
:h and a search party dls-, nnUou tlmt d06s not,.owo its existence
body-on Thursday after-   Q1. 0,.ifjin (o lho agitntlon,of tho trades
Canadian Northern .Train  Ditched
, ,.-      .With Fatal Results.   '■
• Port Arthur, Oct. 25—William M.
Hunt,, an englnoor on tho Canadian
Northorn, was killed and his fireman
Mtinro badly Injured, In a .wreck for-'
ty milos from horo to-day whon nn
en»t bound frolght loft tho rails, and
tlio eiigino and' throo earn bocamo
Hunt waa caught botwoon Uio loco-
motive anu tho tondor, tho lifo bolng
uqueszod out of him. Doth of thn
man lWod hore.
W. J. Blundell, who 1ms kept a grocery ("tore In Fornio for soverul yearn,
haii half a dozen coplon of old London
nownpapom, nwHlni** In ago from tho
days of tho Rpnnlf'h Armnda dowh to
Watorloo. Tho old rollcH worn In
tho «»fo whon Fornio wni* wlpod out
by flro thin Bumtnor but OHcnpuil injury. Mr, nitindoll linH rofuned M-
000 for Hioho old papei'H uh ho thlnkw
thoy will hrlnn moro. Wo would
ikIvIho him (o koop Hiom In a lew.
fiery plnco than Kornlo,     .No doubt
It run bo forixolteii, ! In Ilvo thousand yenrH   Oreetiwood'H
Tlieii, In nddlilon to linking Uoora i l«*nilfnif excileiiient will bo worlh Its j
mid NtoppliiKH, loo ficqiionlly the re-! thoiiHrindH, hh peoplo of llio fin nro I
turn nlrwiiy In iipkIociciI until It bo-j will prlzo iiiiotnui rollcH JuhI ns much j
rnniPM lmn(i«i»lbb> m '"!'■"*  Mivmii»t\  u  ' nn thny tin tn.ti.-      *(!, .... ;.. ;.; ; ^
thnn destroying the el'fleleney of   llio. I«"t  opportunity tn (nnltn «nm*-i»odv
juu iiim i(.'iluciuK nm volume of ulr in  "t'i  ''>"  buying  largo qiinntltioR  or1
iliciil.ttloii.     Tlm      liiiulHKo  wny in {thiH piipor every Iohiio, nnd  Hlnilng!
kej-t eleiir, but o»h«*rwl«e there would ;«hont avtay tor coming gi-ncr-ttfoi-i* to j
be no conl coming out of tho   mine, ! ponder over nml woudor how u |iu>
Hut beciiiiHe Hie ret urn nlrwny In only  l>«'i* could Ilvo with ho few ndii lu Jth
unionist. Thoro ls'not.a high school,
tho necessity of which has not been
'demanded by the efforts of the • men
who hnvo porHlstently advocated the
cause'of grades unionism.' Yea, ovon
a grentoi* number of tho churches,
such as tho Mothoills'tH, had thoir origin ln the breast of tho tr«dos union
movomont. .       . ■■ ,
' If we would only; alt,down and ponder over tho" achlovdnionts of 'trades
unionism, not only among tho coal
miners, but among tho othor crafts, "wo
would bo surprised to find how many
beneficial and lasting results havo
boon, oblainod and how comparatively
cheap hns boon tho cost, ,
Trndos unionism Is progressive it
may bo not.so fast as somo pooplo iu
tho country would like to soo it, but
It haB boon conditctod along linos that
woro u-iro, and tho'roatiUu aro such as
to bo an abiding as tho government of
our country, and will ondtiro to tho
ond of timo.
Tho l«Bt century has soon an Indus,
trial rovolutlon, also a political and
a religious revolution hy tho tradoH.
unlonlntH—Iho noxt aontury will hoo
ovon grontor adviuieos mado. And
tho work will ho carrlod on-from ono
goonratlon to anothor, corroctlng nn
error horo, redressing a wrong thoro
until tho ultlmuto object of tho movomont Is roachod—tho abolition of all
wngo .slavery, and tho brotliorhood of
man, hiiHod on a foiuidatlon of oqual
nml oxnet JiiHtlco, liberty and opportunity to nil.
Yos, tho trndos union movomont has
other objects lu lifo, for by tho wago
iitiRHtlon it lias (lemoiiHtrnled It Is pro-
grnsslvo In (ho pnst, It will continue
to show lis pi'ngroHHlvoiioHH In.tlio fti-
luro denpllo nil oiipnalllon—no matter
from what sotirco It comoHJ       ,.
.-The union label—what does it niean
and for what doos it stand?.''
This is a question often-nsked and
il I'.veiv'e's a variety" of iiu,T,yors.   ' In
order  to- gel' it properly before  the'
public it-becoiiies necessary "to "mako
application .of. the principle, inyolyed,,
in  it's,..use, in, other- directions- than
ftqiri?,' '^he;' slaudpoiiii of-,'tlie.\iiiii6n
man. "" . "-'''   ;; -.' '."   a '" V   ■'".'
.   ....     --.-..--,. tf   #••'#■■-    -■*    '•     "--
Clubs,and associations adopj.'iii's: j-,
nia oi' recognition' to' prevent".-'fraud
and '■•irap'ersbhiltion/'This :'is'i:the'' mis-
sion'of-'th'e union -'lab'er.-:- .'■'        '-, ''■'•
..'.-.'■'        * ,* • *.:''■' .':';•/'•?::'' '.
• Firms -and corporations,have   dis-
Iy' guardsarid' 'prdte'cE' so/does" the* organized worker guard .nnd protect"'the.
union.-label.-'      '-", "'•:*-; -!  ''*|,':'i"*;'''
Authors and writers secure copyrights as a/shield -from .plagiarism1:, of
tlio prodncls.of • thbi|t;hralii and. pen.
'''     . • *' ,*   **'        ..'-■'    ■'. i
• The union workman uses tho label
as _i\ shield* for, the product*;of;.hiS'la])-
or ,nnd brain,,,    ,.4 .        ..  ,r
• Inventors .seeuro , letters pntout lo
prevent liifrijigmontupon rights. The
union label,soryes, tho .samo purpose1
for organized "labor., - ••    '
'".    ■  ,        .    .*>  .*   *      '    - ' •
The manufacturoi1 places ^liIs ■ trade
mark on-the-products, of;-.his. slioi'-or
factory. The label, porforros.thp^sam'b''
sorvlco   for tho worker ,who, brings
■ A complete. line of samples of
,'■'. ..    '-■• •■'" '6M " v'"-.    :]-
Fall Suitings and
> Overcoatings-;
-.-WorstedsV. •■Se-t'gcs,
.;stsrad Tweeds
.:; Up-to-date.Workmanship ,
; '- ■:,.'Moderate ;Prices '...-jV'1-
••■ -     Contracts Taken
IncliidingStiimi) Pttlling, Land'^.Cleaving.and Plougliing.-^.Let vis
'-.'.' .■:''.!". 'y figure on 'your noxt job    -.  .        '..■,.  . '
• -       '.".■*. '■>.-;•.'■•,•.:    '   V   '"   ,v..' '':        • "■ '  '.•■'•?     * ]
.,■■'."      " -  ';      ''•-'":'•;.'''   -.ft '   '• ■"" -;
*     Rubber Tired Buggies,* New Turnouts
-"   ,'■, ■'■. '. *".•>•? -:.,?.'■       *■   ''•   -'■; ■•.-••'"
■ --•   .•■ r.,•«,.-. .>•':*• •-.-'., /j-^-fc   „ -■;.'.   ' '\
■- • «»   ."•;'■>-.
Canadian Fairbanks Co.
.* -■* (•■
1 Litnited ■
forth these,products. ;-,-,.- ,.!'.-. y
'■ , .• * J  •>' '■ o •■ ■>-.-', '.'■';. .,' :'   ->'
It thoreforo sobni's plnln Ihii'C''' the
siii..o.law which stepson,and protects
those -wlibso intorosts Ho* In'various
nrtbi'Ios of." trado und .commarco,
should-stop In'and protect tho worker In tho use of his distinguishing-label.   ■ •     -'
I3ut tho old'lnboi moans 'oven trioro
than this, To the union man it, also
moniis legality and. fidelity, compact
organization, brotherly love, and consideration'; foalty to organization, and
help in timo of dlHtross, To tho public It niouiiH honest work performed
by sklllod labor,1 thoboflt of malorliil
ably 'Joined togolhor by adult men,
and wamon at living wagon, It also
moans an honost. day'n work for an
honeBt day's pay.
"Self preservation • is tho first law
of nature" anil It Ib1 upon tho Idea
that tho working man has nctnd In
organizing and, protecting his organization with his trado marl-;.— "Union
NOTIOIO Ih horoby glron Unit on
tho 22ii(l dny of Outobor, 1008, IT WAS
.TiulKo of tlin County Court of UiiHt
ICootenay, lioldon at Konilo, that
Jiiiiioh ForKUHon ArniHlrniiH:, nrflclnl
admltilHtralnr, for that portion or tho
County of Kootouny Included in tho
elect oral dlntrlclH of Crntihrook nml
I'Vriilo, bo Administrator of nil iuul
Hiimuliir tho i'hIuIoh of Knink Wokrul
of Penile, iliieenHOil  IllleHliiln.
Hvory petHOll IndOlilfld lo 'ho Hiilil
■'-    ii-.ui m n-i|iiiie(i lu mail" *'.t,yiiii-iit, j
*•"        '''    -' NOTICE." ;, : '■'
■■"Not'ice-,. is>here"by- giveiivithat -appll-
'catiou-will-bO-.madeV to the', Parlla-
meMtiof..Canadti alr.tlie.'nextj'session
thereof- foriari-'Abt.-Jo jincorpprato- a,
'Company.-under  the ,-name 4 of u "The
C'dnadTah"*-* Western'': -''Railway$ Coni-'
pany". wjthpow6r;to construct,,equip
maintain, and operate a line- or lines
of;, raihva,y;-,of- .-standard-.-sor   other
it.y," or-any," other/kind- ofAlocomotive
power....'-. 1'  ,.:::*,   . .       •„•',-   i-V
■''^'(•1).!From-.,a. point: oh--tlie interna--1
fiohal..-boundary,- ]ine,-,-in 'the* Province
of i.-AIbevlav'-'betweonrithe: east-'side of
range -twen'ty-thfeo-.- (23) ;and. tho .west
kido, 9,1 'tango.ri,w.(Snty[-,elght. .*,(28H->vestr
of !;the .fourthsprincipal.- meridian, 'to*
a poIiit-;on the,Crow's.,-Nest Pass" line
of ,<|the. Canadian Pacific1'' Railway Company1 , ^ptween Cowley, and  Pincher-
Creek;  thence north-westorly, following ihe.valley of the ^.orth' fork of
the Old. Man river to a point in ■ tlio
Livingstone range of mountains at or
near -.sqctioir thirty-three . ,(33),   iu
townslilp tpii  (10), range' three  (3)1,'
•wost-of'Uhe-fifth principal meridian;
thonce, through .the pass ln the Livingstone Mountains"* to.'the"-last named ,pb'lnt'-.and northerly -'Up'- thoftvrilloy,
of- the -Llvingstono. Rivor. to a- point
on ...High .Ijtlveiv at.-or '.near.^ township
goyentoeir; (17),- ,fh • ranges four \ (-1)
and'.flvo',(0J.'.woatt.of.th'b fifth, principal, meridian', thonco ..nqrth oaijtbrly
hy?"th'Q nidst'-prncticnblo route lo the
City,, of Calgary.
.'"■'(2)'.'-Prom a'point, on-the nlI(I(lIo
branch, nt,.or„ noar, Its junction, with
the, UvlngHtonu Hlvor;  thenco .to 11
poliit iin-tlio-Hocky Mountnins. wost
of,Gould's Dome;    thonco througli a
pass. In' lho Roclty Mountains to tho
valloy of tho bilk River by tho roost
practicable routo;    thenco Boulhetly
down (ho valley of tho'Klk river   to
a junction, with tho Canadian. Pacific
Railway,   and tho   Grout   Northorn
Railway, In tho I01k Rivor Valley at. |
or near tho village of Michel**'"        {
And   to construct, onulp, maintain, I
and operate brunch linos, mid with |
such powors, rights und prlvllotfon an '
are • incidental or nocossnry thoroto,
and lo construct, equip, maintain nud
oporato (olograph nud tolophouu Hiieu
In connection with (ho said, railway,
■  - n.riclion,   and to . tratmmlt
monsngos   for' commercial pyrpoReii,.
and lo charge tolls therefor, and to
geonrato oloctrlolty for tho supply of
light, hoot and powor, nnd to nc-iulrc
an dovolop wator powers for   thnt
purpoao, and to loano, ho)1 nnd distribute   nnd othorwlso dispose of   lho
samo, and to lovy nnd colled tolls
from   all   persons   tiding,   and' nil
frolght  passing    ovor said  railway,
and bWuichos, and Io connoct . with,
and mnko truffle   or other nrrntiijo-
mciils wllh railway or other   companies, including any linn of rnllwny
In lho Htnto of Montana, 0110 nf lho
United  States of America, find    to
purchase, lake ovor, lease or otherwise acquire the property, right 11 and
franchise - of nnv other    enmn'inlnq
nud to, Ioiiko or sell to any   other
..«iij Gasoline I Engines""' '■^jEiifqular .'Saws^. • •: Frames./ \
•——••--. - "i; -Drag-- Saw.., Machines ll „ . :y\
'.,.-■     ,,.,--..-       •   v ■ ■ * ■ ■■ -"■ ■ -.
-' - „■ Stationary'•• and: Portable Sawirig: Outfits    f?.
:.r.j-> ,.'».'U.;i ,.,r-l'*l.'-J"- ■..-- :  ..it-:   ■ •» . ;,-
' -r-'Ji v.y,.. s yti;,:(y -<n•.-•;*. yvr.y- - ■ "•:* y% *,
Temporary local'ofllce at P. Tascherau's/Victdi'ia Avenue, E,, ,;-
'J,j4.-u   „'04. „•.       IL
iv- ■*..
•• '!.,.*'.« y.£w-y
A    .
.\n",i.   'v.iii'.T'■■:'.;'i'.: ■'.-f.i'iiv,'....'i(.-Vi'i.f.'
•'.':. \ ' We will take,, care of your surplus'.
«    " cash and papers
'   " ' '.■''.'"•;- v *-' .-: ■-.., •.:   . '-.- - .- -,    ,
W. „C> B; Manson* Manager, Fernie
AU ±Smb lessidaa-ftgc Siwes of
., si[-ig:&i CUass  Clfawpcolatcs.
-atnid   C®»ffe.ctioncfy .
TOM 'BKCK FCTmre,   K. C.
<44*4-4tWJ.W-«   ■■
„.* mux.**.*** m^eaA*,a^-*Ae*-mam
Tho Catholics of Fornio, who nlnert
(hn very flrsl Stiinlay nftor tho flro,
wero IkjIiIIiik thoir sorvlcos tuiilor   n
11^*4,1   r,,..   'll.'   I.   I.'   •" ■ '       '     -tf ; ;; ;
(.I'll   1(1  pilttfl IIH  Kl'cltt   11   VilllUllli.'  Of till'
n« If H wiih kept fic*<* ami clunr from
olmi met Ion,
Thin Is a m cut nilHlako and in (.ur
jinJKiiK'iit tho pit coiiiniltli'o with thn
tnlsc ntannBor, should travt'I rho nlr.|nrK0 lt)„ti mmiH* ]stnt 8uminv (n ,„
rrntr*-* at l*n%l on«j a month (0 a.it., ,nnn, «,j>,lt.|oii>i and lomniodlous pluco,
tlmt they aro mill nnd proporly ho|ii. 1 Tho now «f,n,pornry tnnW]x n.Pn«iirn«
nnd w.f...   fnr imp In n time of cm-r   „Uly ll!(,t iiy th)rly „„,, wJ,| ,,crom.
scMty' 1 module tho worshippers until nnollior
Thon thoro nro othor comnnnlcg ii*(riictiir«> In brlclr In rompletcil. Tht
who hnvo koiio to oxtromo* In provld-; Fathoro nnd tho Cnthollo conffroffntlon
In**? for tho ventilation of tho mlneu, jwUh to iixarote thoir honrtfolt ftrntl-
only to find tlmt curtain IIiIiikr not In i mde to all tho twncrour* peoolo who
their calcttUtlon* had thwurtod their | c-ftmo to thoir aȤUtnnr-* In the> Utnn
lixayoM*.    Hu-i of tlm toftl   mlniimiof nrnd.—CrnnhrooJc liernld.
In the matter of an application for
the Issue of n duplicate of the Cer-
tiflcnto-of Title for part (03 foot by
. .»-.., ». •.,.-. v^v44ii«i>^ uoriion
of Lot 28, Block 5, of Lot 5-165--
Group Ono, District of Kootenay,
(Map 736 )
NOTif*]'* Ih horohy kIvoii that It" Ih
my iiituiitlou to iHHiia'nt tho fxplra-
tfon of ono month nftor tlio<flr»t puh-
llcntlnn herrnf a dupl-Mittf If tho
.Cortlll./itu of Titlo to tho nhovo mon-
tlonod liindH in tinr'nnmo of John
Hirnehiiti, -Ahlrh cortljlcnto Is dated
tho 20th day of April, 1906, nnd num-
hercd r.o29 A.
H, L. MacLeod
District Registrar
Ijant. Mt glstry Office
Vi'Mon, U. C.
October 24th, 1908.
fiivlhv.'lth Id'ilu> linilcr! linn il.
Kvcry pi>ri:oii lmvliift* In pnn.'i'jsiloii
offortH Iii'Ioiii'Iiih: to lho (1cc(i,'(ki»(1 Is
ri'tptlri'il foiilnvlili lo notify tlio tin-
Vvin...  f .....ll' o>-  /i"  nil""'  ii.........   '     -
hn; (r)ulm upon or iiitoi'c.'it. 111 tho (Hi*
trlhtttlon of tho fisinto of th> .wild
dccooHfid Mh roquU'Oil (0 Bond beforo
tho HOth dny or.Novombor,. 1D0S, no.M
hy roRlrtorod uinll ftddro«scd lo llio
umlrirBlgnlid,' IiltciintnO' nml addroHn,
nnd tho full pnrflni.nrH" of hin clfilm.t
or liitcrcrilH, and n Hlntoiiinot of IiIh
nctotttit,* nud tlio natnro of tho Hiicnr-
Ity (If any) hold by. lilm.
Aftor lho «ftld Inut mdhttoncd dnto
tho •dmlnlulratot' will -proceed with
tho .Kitrlbuilon of'tlto «*«««*' hnvltiB
Yfifira ro'lliouo cl«,lm» only <>f whlth
lie uliall havo Ua& notice,
J, F. Armftkrong,
Official Administrator.
tuiiUli.lij    (1.K   |li«ljK'U>,     liliillri
fniiK'hli'O of tlm rumpAiiy.
That. 8ii(.'h rnlhrny may lio dprlnnr-d
to ho for tho Komn-nl udvnnlngo nf
Cnttndn. „
Hounh.  Cjimnhrll   *   ~erriii*e',
lot llio City of U'lniilpoif, Jn .Manitoba,
j , .Solicitor*! for .VppllenntB.
Datod nt. Wlnplpo« DiIh (5(h day of
Oolohor,  A.  D.  1908. ,
T- ' .. '*■
, ' i
At tho mooting of tho Pernio District Flro Rollof commlttot held October.£0lh Uio following resolution wns
patjied; . 'r ''   ,..
**"Tbat nO'-mord appllcsiliona • for
LuIlvKnii uiatevtftl will ho -vOuvtiai-vud
nftor October 3lit,"
Alwiyn a clioioo supply nf Hi.'til', Pot'lc, V^'^l,
Mutton, antl Ijuiibonli/iinl,    ttrium,
Hmcou, Lard, JJiillor/nnI I^h'
1 11
'I ;
Our Sjp-ftoialtifis ./
I'l'ChJi, MiHiUtm aim .'iiiili'tl I'-I.sli. chviiysjt \'jnu\
Oui     j'lillR'i^
AMI. iii,
.•ll'.i'l   I
IX ..!,*.?-•
1- *- t**ii*m^**iilV*i**t+re**n
il    "1
"Is/the tlm** .tol.pilnt^'.'.'tJah't wait until too. late .be^re"?.
protecting your house from, the ravages of snow, and-lco*)
'Do It' now; 'Only chdlceat1 materia! used. '     ■"n
li»aHnt«int tmiiifl't*aperhana*cra
U      I'll
.11,'     -a      ,1,'lt    ".   -|    "I   'vi"!"      I,
it-. ,/,<s>;
«<»,f. «t'.
■•t^t ¥~#'mmrjn '-W *
JGRPPRATtO^   OF5*|THE*i 4BWy - OF \
ii 'iit .£' Xi. '*. ."Irprnie: .*-v **:■ :>. .'■-" ■-     .'■'. '■
Hr *-r Mr
■ [ Sault' Mr litOTfe,"' Ont.;*- Oct'.; 25. —
What has-.Ueen;the'-niost,,miraculous
rescue on Lalce Superior for the, present season; of ;,navigatiorit.was. made*
Thursday at noon when Captain Chas
Autersou of the steamer Hoover and
-Mason picked up -George Mutart of
Munising adrift on Lake Superior. ,
They, took hiru on hoard and' landed him-at the''Soo w'nei*e-*.he. arrived
at*noon to-day. .. ''"'     '-'*._
George Mutart' left."Munising, Michi'
in a small row boat .witli"a party go-,'
ing hunting on, the north shore ,• of
Lake Superior.'   , '    "'   -
It was a' very thick" aiid smoky day
and quite a sea was flowing. , The
balance of the party was in a "launch
which was t6wingthe row boat. Mutart doped 'off in the afternoon, and
when he. awoke about nine at night
he found himsqlf adrift, as his boat
had broken away from*'tho'craft.-  '.-'
"On account of the'dense'smoke he'
was unable to learn the locality and
drifted about nil night. The next
day passed and" still there wns no
sign of help.
. All 'liicsday-night, Wednesday and
Thursday ho worked against seemingly hopeless odds to keep his craft
afloat.' r '   ' "■:
.. About, noon- on Thursday as the
, Hoover and Mason camo along about
fifty one miles, due .north of Grand
Island the captain noticed close, to
his side, a boat half full of water and
a man wrapped in a blanket'.-'iylng
in it.  , »    ..'V    ;
Boats were lowered and Molart
was picked-up and taken to the Soo.
He was hurriedly put. unci* the-Vtive
of a physician. ■ The unfortunate survivor is in a .precarious state owing
to his harrowing experienies.
•*, He had been ..without food all the
time he was adrift.
,ci^la|ed.to-Insure the safety and .pro-*.
■tectfoVof the persons and.prqperty of
l -4- - ■
J}I Spokane, Wash., Oct. 25—Another
Romance of the Fernie fire culminated yesterday afternoon when J. "A.
Murray, a locomotive engineer on.the
'Canadian  Pacific,  was  married      to
.■Miss Lillie A. Gullickson. The first
t^f met was when the fire was at
.■Its height at Fernie. Miss Gulllck-
Son was a passenger on the locomotive when the fearless Murray braved
^tjeath to haul the, refugees through
.walls of fire. .   ,
\ -
|j The train w^Bfcrowd^^iU^caQa^-
fclty and the bride "of To^day^was^giv^
Jen a place inp.he.cab.
;i "We got pnlfty ..well.'acquainted tin
-the ride, to , dranbrook^nsaid'. hithe
'.other much better since;, for;I remained In Cranbrook, 'where ^Murray, re-^
.sides.", ' }'. ii(n;-.."'-.if,3* ?•■.-/-. ,_**.'.*,"?
■/; Both the bride and the groom were
"covered  with ."confusion- iwhen.';., the
best man stole a march on the engineer and kissed the-bride before
;the bridegroom had-the* presence-of
mind to do so,—Victorlai'Timea.-.
-,   '-■' I ,;.-', '.By-law No. 62.
By-law''to negotiate   an   agreement.
"-granting-xertain privileges-to    the
Kootenay Telephone Lines, Limited.
'"• Wheeras^the Municipal,.Council, of,
the Corporation of. the,City of Fernie
has\ the-'power, to'pass a.'byrlaw for
negotiating '"an agreement:;, granting
certain"privilege's" to' the "said Koote:
nay Telephone Lines, Limited.
And wliereas, By-law No. 62, being
the "Licensing and Regulating Telephones and Electric Light Companies
By-law" certain ."regulations are set
forth under which the" privilege .may
be ob'tairied' to "erect' Doles, pillars,
posts and/, bthe rappljances, and, ■ to
string/.wlres*thereon- for the convey-,
ance.of .electricity,, for, teh'.use of telephones Jan'd illuminating purposes to
and along the public highways of the
City of Fernio. . ,
And, whereas, tho, Kootenay TeleJ
phones Lines,. Limited, has made application by petition in accordance
with said By-law-number'G2-for leave
to^.erect, construct! 'maintain, and-
operate' a- teleph'ofie system' within
the' CJity" of Fernie, upon the terms
and conditions embodied in the
agreement hereinafter set out.
And whereas it. has been doemed
expedient to negotiate an agreement
granting such privilege to the .Kootenay Telephone Lines, Limited, upon
said:terms and conditions.
• And,-.whereas it is necessary for
the.purposes aforesaid that, the elec:
tors iof the City of Fomie, shall assent .fa such.an agreement.,, '        ./
. Wherefore the Municipal Council
ofthe Corporation of the City "of
Fernie in open meeting assembled,
enacts as follows: .   .      , >   [•
-•1:  That tho Mayor and,Clerk   .of
.the.'Corporation of the City/of Fernie
bOf'tind  they are hereby  authorized'
oii'behalf of the Corporation of the
City/of Fernie, to execute a certain:
agreement made between the CorpoV;.
atibn of the Cijy of Fernie, .party,;6f:
the First Part;'and the'sain Kootenay1
Telephone Lines Limited,'party of the.
Second Part, to be dated the day.'bf,'
the   final" passage   of this   By-law,
which' said agreement is marked /[A"
on the first, page. thereof, a true copy,
of said   agreement   being   published,
herewith and'to attach the Corporate'
Seal of the said Corporation thereto.';.
This By-law may be cited for  ■J.H;
purposes as the."Kootenay Telephone'
Lines, Limited, By-law,' 1908."        ;| ]
Received the assent of the electors'
this   day of	
A. D. 1908.       .        -.    "'.'     .'
,   Done and passed in open
this  day of .."	
A. D. 1908.      ° *'•'•*..
—4>.44|l4»44f4-,4*-«V,4r .4 4.W..V1I-. 44.41.4*     ■ '
'^fo^Ii-oiivM^uldcrs'' union' of North
[ America will 'c61ebi'ntb:,'it3..'i5,0^1,i"annl-
.- *ve,rsary next1 year."       '   '"   ' \' '"
.    "   Ci'garmakers' Union Grows.1'
-.    ■ *    ■ '. ■ *      ,, . -
ii-.-.The membership of tho Cigar 'Malt-
• -ers', union in Porto Itlco, which', wns
"i.organl/.od not very-long ago;'how ii umbers ovor 1000'.      •'_' '■ '• ■:'"'1 '■;•
.?-,,■ *   *  ,*        ' '■  '.'
.■   ■ r i     ,i
''. Law Is. Unconstitutional'*''
''  Tho Podornl.Illgli Court al. Sydney,
i Now South Wales,   has .'declared that
''tho roglRtrntloii of a trado union Inbol
'Ms unconstitutional, ,  ,
'j.i,1- .*   *   ♦
1  ,,., , Will Not go.Back. .  .
,•*.».The-.1200 bridge und girder workers-
''  on 8lrll*.o at Wolvai'liumploii,'ISuaIiukI
rocontly, dccld'cl not to go'back   to
work on the terms offered.by    iheir
1   omployors.
. *   »   *
Labor Man Is Candidate..
Mr, I\ M' Diapor,   uocrolnry of tho
Dominion TrniluH CougroHii, has boon
.. ..bmlnatod as tho labor ciitidldnto for
tho board of control at. Ottawa,
*   *   *
Punish Sti'lkeborohero.
Tlio Trado Union CotiRroHfl of England piiHHod a icHoliitlon iiHl'iiig pur-
llniuiini to otiiiut a law undor which
tho orgiiiilzorit of striko brciklng
innvutuontH ns woll as tho mon thorn-'
KlllVCH,   COIllll   111)   pi'OHl!('Ul(-(l,
porate" seaTthereof to be thereto affix"
ed,.; and_. thee ■^j-^attti^-^tha-.Presid-
eJ4| and ecretary;'thereof "to beherfe-
'ufader.L^ritfe-a, '*£$- * --^^: - -. v y-', f;
' -Sigued.C'sealea^aniirt.Dellvefed    '-
Victoria, II, C„ Oct. 20-yivo tlnys
botwoon ClilciiKO iuul KltiiKwny Ih what
l'rnHldont lliiyH of tho (Iranil Trunk
I'nclllc (ixiiiu'tu of tho time curd ou
tho now G. T. P. '
Ah to the pi'ORi'ci'H of the work In
general, Mr. IlayH Bald hu hnd boon
o.eD-itie nu nil red odd railuH now under
fl'Ui.lj'UtJJf.'j   i»   llilil   lHV\llll'V  mil)   J.'f
wtfu woll satlBfled with the construe-
Ha said thnt in splto of tho Krcat
amount of rock' cutting thnt hnd to
bo dono up tho first hundred rnll<-e. of
tbo Skc-oiia rivor such rapid prosress
Is boltiif mado that tin oxpocU whon
Ito makes hia Inspection next year to
go ovor this section In tho cars.
On tho other sldo of tho Rockies
thero Is a long stretch of tho road
from Winnipeg west that U handling
a Rood putt ot thu wiumt nop UiIh
year, whilo wost of Edmonton tho
flint hundred Ulllcn of thu loud U wvill
tiiidur way.
At tho present time tho survey of
tne town lots at Prlncu Hiip.'it Is undor way, ami by, \tay~ ,1 uoxt( \lx.
Iliiys says that'th*Sw» "will'b*-put'on
th* market. . ..     . .y „   _  ,
'  a- NOTICE   , K  ,
.-..■.TAKE NOTICE that the above is;a
truetcopyr'Ojj -the, proposed-By-law mp-
will.|be)taken,,at the" City. of. Fernie
on thoi3rdrday, of 'November,'i908,';be-
tween.the,hourskof ten o'clock in the
forenoon.!,and eight ;6'clock in- the! af-
.ternoon, atXthe'Cityi-Clerk's ,. Office,'
now- situated in,t]-.<i'"Relief Commltteo
Building.- y j/:'- ..■•■ , . '" ';-:
. Fernie, & C.,,Oct.'46th;'A:'D.; 1908,
.,  -, ■   G. ri.„Eoulton, City Clerk...,,
,  ,    -Vi     '—!—L_I ,...,
-*   '•)  •;■<. ,• " '-     .,'
-This ■ indenture made In dupllcute,
this ...: i..','..';. d'tiy of **.-... '...
A.-D.,'](j0'8.» '".; ,   f. •■-    ':•   :
Betwec-ir.'tho Corporation, of the City
of ForAlo;. which jfor itself,' Its' sue-
.. cessors,' and nsslghs is heroliiaflcr
. called;1"TheCIty";of the,First Part.
And the Kootenay. Telephone * Lines,
; Limited,., a Company. Incorporated
i undoi* tho "Companies Act,  1897,"
and amendments theroto, which! for
.   itsolf, its. successors nnd its assigns,
is hereinafter called Tho Company
of the,Second Part. .
, Whereas tlio Company hns mado application to tho City to erect, maintain, and operato a telephone system
within the., City of' Fomie, on tho
terms and conditions hereinafter' Bet
out.    ,,, ,-,   , _
And whereas'It hap boeii deemed ox-
podiunt to nogoUato an ngrc^rnvnl.
granting such privileges to tho company upon nnt(l terms and conditions,
And whbrons, it is npcqsHin'y lo tlio
validity of such i ngroomont' that • tlio
electors' of tho. City of Fehjlo shall
assent lo samo in tho maniior-provld-
cd hy (ho Municipal Clauses net, and
amonilmonls thereto, •
And whereas tho said electors have
bo assauted.
Now, this Indenture wKiiohhoiIi unit
hi coiiBldoratlon af (ho premises and
of tho covr-muits, hereinafter contained, tho snld city horoby covenants
with Uio mild Company, and the said
Company hereby covenants with tho
Kiilil City na follows, that Is to say:
1, Thai In consideration of tho cov-
oiiaiilii on the part of tho City heroin-
lifter contained, and of the rlghtu, prl-
villges, and powers Imrolnnflor granl-
uil, (ho I'uld coiiiiuiny for It tie 11', Its sue*
(i'HHOI'H llllll IIHHlgllH, horoby COVIMIItlltH
und iikioch tliut it will within sixty
((10) (lays from tlm cwutlun of tiilii
agreement by tho said City Install and
hnvu ready to i-.upply telephone facilities within the limits of the snld City,
a complete, up-to-date, and thoroughly
efficient, metallic, telephone systom,
day and night, for thu bone tit. of tho
subscribers, and tho uso of tho public
ing, out ;of 'the erection;, construction,*,
operation"! and maintenance* of''"the."
said'.system. . •■ ,
v4. ;And the* said • Company hereby
agreeV;to,,permit ijny and everySclti^
zen .'of-l'the.said. City--requiring'V-.tb^j
same;; at ..any - and 'all points .within
the ;• City "to be,connected with-- the'
Company's said system,- and to sup-,
ply 'telephone facilities through such'
connection at a monthly rental at'.the
following- rates:—For telephones '.in'
residences.^S.OO.per-.month.'For tole-;'
phones in other.- places, $4.00." per,
month. An additiohal1 charge of' ? 1.50'
for each additional branch phono'used
by, one',' subscriber on 'one comiQctioh.-
Subject to''a-discount" of "ten- per.'c.'gnt|
on such'; rates'.'.to all subscribers pay<
ing'in advance'on or before ..th'e'10(h)
day 'bf;'the/,m6ntji for. which-ttiie serv-J
ice Is charged.' Installation fee $5, subject^ to" rebate'of same if six ■ months'1
rental 'is!paid iti.advance. .Such-rates'
to prevail,until.the Company lias-225*
subscribers' in. addition .to the' tele-',
phoues ■ us'edf "in., the' ; office of -' the
Crow's" Nest: Coal'Company, Limited,
at the City'of Fernie, after, which, the'
said "Company' agrees that t he JgrosV
irates Ito be* charged- to subscribers,
shall.be as follows... Foi; telephones
I n residences, - $2.00, per' month; for'
telephones 'in- other places' $3,33 per.
month r', an additional .charge of $1.11
for each additional branch.phone used-
by one subscriber. on one connection.
Subject to a discount of toll per cent
on such rates to all subscribers paying
in advance bn or before the'lOth ilay
of tho'month, for which the'service is'
charged, installation1 fee -?5.. It is' pre-'
cedent'to the enjoyment of-Hie lights,
po\yers-and privileges' hereby granted,
that '.(.he '"Company shall ..hot- dli'ectly;
or (Indirectly increase,'tho.'.'sald' rates,
wit)iin-the sald.'City,"of-Fernie.'. ".' ','.
5V It,-is hereby* distinctly uridersiood-
and'!.agreed;that, sli6ul'dVth^*.said city,
at "atiy "lime'<b"e"' glVfe'n" tlie'"statutory
power to construct, operate and-'main-,
tain a leleplione system,"it'will bo" at'
perfect liberty to'do so;.notwlthstand-,
ing'iy'iything contained.in this agree-!
inent* or;, iji; the said: By-law." \'.:. \; i l
• 6.' "Aiid' it is^ further understood, and'
the.Company- hereby"agrees that' thei
"City shall have the right•after'-'tlie'ex-*
piry-of i'teni years from; the .date of;
these;i presents, upon giving ,to ..the;
iCpmpany six .'months, notice .in- wrifiiig!
^of, itBjJntentibii^so to do, to purchase,
at' o"r;;at any'v£ime: after "the; expiration.
of 'said 'ten''■'years,'; from the'date ■• of,
thesajpresents;- and to.ithen take over,'
qwn-j.and^operatejthe .whole, of • said
teleijhone, system, of.rjsaid . "Company.:
•vvlthin' the limits' of said city, "and' the
Company-'shall'*be ;compelled-,;to sell
:th'ei same.!.'*-*:The'price -to be.pald'shnll,
.be.'.fixed'.by. arbitration Uf' the. ljarlies
cannot.agrjee, such,- price .or .valuation
to,'.be determined' by the -'award*'ot
tnree^'arbltratdrs^'th'e1 Cltyvand 'Com-
bitrator, and..the,.said;.arbimitois to
name-' and .appoint, a ^third.arbitrator,
such arbitration ,tb be, conducted under 'the provision's of tlie Arbitration
Act or Acts of British Columbia"' foi-.
the time being, and the said itcf or
acts shall apply in all respects, to the
said arbitration.. In fixing the price
to be paid .for such telephone system
the arbitrators shall take'as'a'basis
of their valuation the amount .which
.would'iie required, tp.construct such
a'; system at the dale of the arbitration',' and the condition' In-which .the
system .Ir,, ami 'slinlV-not alley .anything for' the 'Value of .the privilege
grunted." '      '     ,   . ;   ;    "'
•.■.7:.'  It is .hereby understood and
the presence of;!---
y. '-■■/'. NOTICE."1;'. ■' * - i
■Public notice is hereby given to
the eelctors of the City of Fernie that
I require the presence'of the said electors at the Clty'Clerk's'.office now situated in the Relief "Committee building, Fernie, on the 3r<L'day of November, A. D., 1908, between the hours of
10 a.m..and'~8 p.m.'for the purpose*of
voting on a" By-law'lb authorize the
Mayor, and City,'Clerk,"- on behalf of
thelCor'poration of the'.City of Fernie,
to "execute anil attach' the seal of the
said .Corporation'to a'certain document, between'the said-Corporation-of
thej City of Fernie, and the Kootenay
-Telgphohe Lines, Limited, which said
proposed" By-law-»aud,„a'iri'eenient • ar,e
published herewith.- '-""' ■ >-...'..
October 23.   .  " ,1' 'v'--.-.'--.. ..' -
._-'; G. H..BOULTON,,    ; ,.   .
Y  " .      City,Clerk.    ",
-'..   .     ,    MONTREAL
& Lyons
Real Estate
BROWN    &
, (Successors to R. Hammond)
Electrical Contractors
-Light and Power Wiring, Electric
Light Fixtures and all kinds of supplies in stock. Expert Electricians
employed. '"•/''        •" '•/    '   y '
Twelve' Hundred ,Competitors
r       . 'Contest. .;    '"
Montreal, Oct. * 26—The Montreal
and District Independent" Harrier as-1
soclation race under .the'auspices of,
the„C.:A.,'A. U.,' a distance-of fifteen
miles, took,'place yesteray,
1    * i    ■ -    *• t    »i i ' ,
,'-'The start was made'from the Wind-'
sor Hotel,at'3.15,-,his worship- Mayor.
Payette sending the-twelve,hundred
competitors,away.'■ 'The route in*the
city was. lined with, a large'number of
spectators '.who were-anxious' tb ,'see
tlie runners.
" At' the'start'Longboat" shot "ahead;
closely followed by M"ea'dpws*"Holmes/
Hemloclv.lLenahan' and Knox. At'
Snowden.; Junction;*-,about--ten -miles'
t ;: .i a * i._.t.J.,' .'     .i.i ■     ,   , t :   i • >
from the start Longboat was still' in-
the lead—and* had never'been"head-
i   *-.--.'• I       '.,:-■>     *.. 4
ed from the first, ' . . "
i Simpson, the.Peterborp.:Indian was
second, and Holmes, of Halifax • was
third. • Two-miles from the finish
Longboat1 wasAstill leading.:....'-!'// '.;
. ■ Longboat' won; 'HolmeB of Halifar','
second," and--Woods'-of-I the j Gordon
Harriers oi..Montreal, .finished in^the
.third,place.'i,,....^.; ,;;./,.,;. .-,:,-.;,,
, Longboat's .time .was, ,1.25.44,. which
Call at cabin oppposite Reid
& Go.'s Furniture Store, Fernie
ngrced 'thnt In case of tjjc .exorcise
of such right of purclmso by the said
City, lho. said" company shall not
henceforth operate oi* maintain'a telephone 'syntem ,\vit.hin >tho snld ,Clty,
but nothing heroin 'contained shalj effect the. right, of the said, Company
f6I'0xercl80°'BtIcl> prlvlldgo giyon''under
this By-law nu mny bo neceBsnry to
oii able It' 'lo, c'nrry.-rojr th'6" long- dls-
laiicii coiiuect.ioii'.'noi', lis pbligal.lon'to
'ntfo'rd lon'gdislnnco sorvico ns nbovc
8. Subjoct lo {ho fulfilment of tho
lorms, conditions,nnd privileges con-
Ininod In.nnld Hy-ln'w No, 02, nnd othor 'By.lnws 'nnd ' in thin ngroomont,
which terms, coiidllloiiH and prlvllo
i;*(ir'tiro In duo fulflimonl. thereof, tiro
lo bo tulcoiv ns, n f'o'i.dlllon procodpnt
,lo, tho ,enjoyment' of the rlgh|j». ,'n'n
jiiIi'IvIIoboh Ki'imiod, tlio quid Conipiiiiy
Uh mificoHtiorH nud nsfilgns nro horoby
■..rnnled for n porloil.of twenty-live
(2.1) yi.'iiiK from tho dnte of thin
usrcomonl I In. I'lulil nnd privilege —'
liut hinvovor i.n u>.c1iikI\u iluhl. nnd
iirlviloKo—of (M'Odlliij; nud miilnlaln-
ing jmloH, plllnt'H nnd post**, nnd of
H'.i'lnglng, Hlrolchlng, laying imilnlnln-
liiK,'nipulrlng nnd oporullniv wlion
fnr the hho of leloplionoii, In, over,
upon, iiloun nud iicroHti uuy nud nil
of I ho p.ibllc liljjhwiuH or iiubllc
I InccH of lho t;ity of Kcnile, mid erect-
liiIV, iiiiilnlniiiliiii', (-.'iiilpiiliiK, oiKimlliri
(Mid innlninliiliiK; n tnli'iiliono Hynlom
nnd Mi'i'vlco hi llio mild Cliy of Kor-
1).  II    Ih liiu'i'hy    iiihIci'kW.O'I    nud
is one.minute
better than his
course last year,
and eleven seconds
time 4 over the 'same
Boilermakers. Give  Way  on  the
heigh Valley Railway.  ■
. Binghampton, Oct, 25—At a meet-
Iny of the, Boilermakers union last
night ln Sayre,. Pa.,'presided.oler by
First Vice President Galvin' of the
international union, It was ' unanimously decided to declare off the hoi;
'ier makers strike which has been,,on
on'the Lehigh road, and .while it has
•hampered .the 'company somewhat it-
was evident long ago that tlie1'strike
was lost.' Tho men made application for work as-individuals to-day,
and will bo taken back as,fast (as
they aro needed,
, Thero was nn enthusiastic turn
out at tho public, meeting hold on
Tuosday night, October 20th, ln the
.Methodist church, Pernio, in the Interests of Local Option,
•Tho mooting was woll attondod,
the larger number present bolng
men., Uov. Lashloy Hull, I3.A. B.D„
who occupied the chnlr, outlined1 n
number of tho aspects of the question, aftor which tho Rev. Hobt.
Hughes of Crnubrook, In an ablo
and offectivo speech, went into n full
presentation of the merits of thc
caso, lt was not very difficult to
show tho substantial Justice involved, nn somo of tho mock objections
to tho suppi'OBBlon of llqudr truffle
readily lent ihc.-.m-.chc.i to humoiou..
trout mont.
A point, wim mnde of Pernio holiiK
tho first town In tho provlrico to pass
undor prohibition during tho mont I.
following tho flro, niul tho splundld
record ns n rosuli, which hus nine*.'
been bpoiled lluoui'h tl.o opening up
, of tho bni'H.
; Opportunity wiih kIviiii for quoR*
| tloim, whon It wiih moved by .linnet.
li.niicuHtcr, KULondcd by William Die.'
! lien, nud iiiiitnluioiii-ly cnnlcd, iliu
'tho nu'dtlut1 ro on ii.iinl iih Lr'.n-; In
n.'truml I hut fnllurn, oiiiIhhIoii, no-jlnd i hourly Hupport of ihe inovomciit lo.
or icfunil io obiiorve, lump nml p»i- j ,,ocul Option, tl.u iiiuttc-r to bo nuulu
foiM    nil or n«y    of the loud!'.!«!*..■ ,n  tc*;;t  with  ttII   poll'l'*'.!  cnnd|ilii'f«
MpiiliiMonH nud provlHlmiH of ciild Hy-Jnud  to be  taken  hi
! ouv lvo, ti'.' or ot tIiIh lu.reuiiu'iu. by
tiio hiiid (oiiipitity Hhnll mil-jrd It to
u forfeit urn of nil iuIvIIukch, horuby
gmnnd io it, und lho xnld Council nt
i lu
l.l'll.'lll1,   ic
In tho i.ald luiiulclpallly und will alaoju mui'ilum ihnnuof, ul which tho com-
alYoid a long dlsttuico connection over j puny hIiiiII hnvo been given n reiihon-
too .uioio oi kh uiieptiuiiu ay-nium in
ynii jiJtnljjci- n\ "jui-Jj ulvu Jw uui.'Ut
long distanco Borvleo nB may provnll'
from timo to timo on such long distanco system, providod that tho Council mny on reasonable cnumi bolng
Hhown, extend tho time ho Ioiik an
mny bo nbsolutoly nocoHsury, but
not In any cato longor than tho causo
2. And tho said Company horoby
covennnta and agrees thnt It will In
tho exerclso of lho rights and privileges horoby grantod, conform to and
tie subject to Ity-lnw No. W, bo.n-g thu,
"Licensing and Itcgulatlng Telopliono
ulul LltiuUU; LIkIiI Coinlmillw* i,>-la,v''
and to all other by-law* of tho said
City and all amendmentt thereto, and
to all municipal taxation and llcenw
Tho Company hereby agrees In
units oppMiiiiiiity to o« iu->mi, nm) tut-,
J'I> llic <%<;ui,v))y ui tjic ji'(;ii1iTJiii'iitK
of thc city with rcRpect to tho mat-]
tors In question, nnd If after a ren.
Houtiblo timo and aulijoct to tho right
of arbitration iih In Held Hy-lniv No.
1,1 prAvlfl'iHl, tho snld company shall
not comply wllh bucIi w'lili'emwit'',
tbo said Council mayon proof of such
non-coiiipllniico by reiiolutloii doclnro.
such prhilcgCH forfeited,
AND It Is hereby doclnrrd nml
tiftrcrd Hint thoso preset iih nud over}'.
thins (ontnlnc-d shnll respectively enure to tlm benctit, nnd bn blniliim upon tho pnrtlos hereto, thoir success-
OIM  HlUl   UHH^ii-*   lt.44|,4jcliVclli.
CHy hsv cautM-d  tho corporatt* seal
.villi thu l-jloi'toii.i
cunlly fouued, ,
It waH furthui* mowd by Thonuitt
Hlggs, secoiKicd by l^lw.n llmioiigi-,
that Iltomluro Ik- Hrriilnled, giving
tho provisions of the Liquor Llu-iiae
atil,      »U(       III*!      pU(|IUel.      <-*»      i'444,4.4- *,„■
Mi;bti-iinu*iit, nnd c-nforcomrnt of
tlio law, Thin wnn llkowlso unanimously carried, nnd on request of
mo mooting tho chair man undertook
to soo to Us requirements,
lu addition to the foregoing speak-
ers, Hov, "Win. l',tiu,U)ii ot loin Ctetsu
wns prosont, nlso .Mr. Tiirnbull, tho
Hint literature bo circulated giving
tho provisions of thc Liquor Llconso
agent of tho Illblo Horloty, and sov-
oral Indies of tho loml branch of
iho Woman's Christian Temperance
mim nitr.t,
Undoubtedly  this     Is one of the
moat *:uccc3»ful nud ^nthunfastlc
lt.rs riHcUiig* hel-l w the district    In
tho Interests of trimpi-ranco reform
I-'IIKI'  WAYU.TT, I'lopilctor
Mt^-tniJMrF-i inn'tet*** sttV"*
9 CK=
h    Vic ter ia
by buying your clothing from uh, as wo h/ivo a vory
largo stock' of Men's Furnishings, MneUinaw Coats,
cUi". Shoopskin-linod Coats, $"); Twoed Cap, fur lincil
lmntl, 7">o; Lini'd Iiuclcskin Mitts and (ilovos, -$l.*Jf);
Wnoilcii.Souk.s, 2">t*; Ilandson Sucks, ."ilbs, toiiilu/uii,
."»(l(.:; (iornian Sox, ")(lo ; Suits, twocd or sorgo, .^T.'J");
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Kiihhers, oto., all at rt'asonnhlo prices,   (live us a call.
eytm*^****** */ ■*•»*•*• "-"•■ eem*&mmt***^i%»—*ee^epm*&eameienaemme*MeBtm.ewM*eeMev*iM
'-*-0 Q* <L> t> O &• 00<^**>'>'>'1><} 40*9 "*"*? •<>-««©-0-*0-«0'<l •<©•*«•
0 ■' '    1
pi M'v. X'uv.-A intniats nviw i.-ou tiik r.vMnrH
Frr«:h KniJt«s Dallv
Post Office 4
thoroof to bo affixed nnd the sUoa- jTho two «pca>:era ha* a been conduct-
tures of the Mayor and City Clerk Ing a wee':'* campaign (rom point to
thereto to bo hereunder written, and (point throughout tho Katt Kootenay
j ftierclj-9 of. Its j-lghts, And privtte*tes, j tho said Company has rati serf tho cor-{district.
Thero wnn a splfiulld mcvtlng
gprrfliibifiok on Fridsy Inst, another nt
)„ ('Mil Cr<-f*K on Bunday and « meotlnr
nt Mlchol on Wednesday night last.
Ii.dlcAtkms   are   Iricrcasing of   a
ivl.'.'sprcflil inlf-resi   In Local Option
io. ono of iho Ilvo Issues In lho next
;-,>•.<>•.incul ikft/on.
nnlivnrv cnn ^ bar] in twpntv flnvs
E. Suddaby
Agent for Kodaks, Waterman's Fountain
Pens, Office Supplies, etc.
■ y-o
i ^' 7
n**m+-*.jm. *-* «m^
--■j. *t»««i*'i ■!•■-"» ■*.»«rb-4.4n PAGE  FOUR
- . .   .-•'.-,:.- .r:---'-;-;-    ,* .. . -y.^i: \n2-::v\
-   . \''i  DISTRICT. LEDGER, T-HNI--:, 3. C>CCTOC~ER S.VISOS. V,-.
...$1 a Year in Advance
; Address all Communications to the
"Manager" District Ledger, Fernie,
B. C.
Rates for advertising on application.
i'   • , Manager.
In connection with the election re-
.- turns where there was a Socialist candidate in the held (ho result was very
gratifying, although the- various candidates did not succeed iu -..getting
The gratifying fact lies in the enormous vote polled in each district." If
you compare the result with any previous election you will at once seo
that there was a very much larger
Socialist vote polled than at any previous election.-
That is one fact that Is going   to
make .'the politicians at Ottawa sit. up
and stare.     They will have to come
to the conclusion that the new party,
the party representing freedom for the
,,vast army' of toilers  throughout tho
"   universe, is gaining'and gaining very
fast, and that they must reckon with
them in their future calculations.
This is the reason why we, say that
-   the. result was very gratifying.    An-
other feature in connection with the
" election Is that the majority of. the
votes polled for the Socialist candidates were-all purely Socialist votes,
. Why was this?    .Why.did not , the
labor, men "come out and-help fho Socialist vote? Because in-most instances
they were afraid of their.-Jobs., • Why
were they afraid of.their-jobs?,—What
: intimidated them?     The simple rea-
'.Tspn is that most of' the'* bos'scB *- are
^capitalist politicians;.find-besides con-
■  trolling t-he men that; do' iheir work
■•".and'produce, their.- profits, rhey   also
■. control the government. " Therefore,
If a voter was bold enough to   come
.' out flat footed and vote according to
■his conscience,; he  had-to take"; the
' risk of being "laid of* through shortness of work. "'^Aiid-'sooner than, take,
that chance he would, sell, .bin**'ioui;
and see the only policy that would
eventually unloosen the bonds of sla-
' very .'that'"bind "hlih,'' "go-"down To" de-
 loat',—aud'a-tlieiiu.he—iwill tucnlTaLbuiid.
,-arid accuse .the government they themselves authorized and aided ^and abetted, of "being a govornment of graft.
.   .Of course we, would not for^a-minr,
ute. attempt to deny that the,gpvern-
,' inent Is a government of graft.   Both
, governments have been accused of;be-
Ing that; each candidate accused the
other of graft, and we would hate to
, step in and say that tho accusations
aro. false.; ■    ■
What havo the now party been accused of?  ...
■, Just one thing—and they are accus:
isd of being alive and daring lo Inter-,
fore in tho political sphere, .That
in, thoir ono and only fault, nnd thc
mighty politicians nro finding out
that thoy aro no small factor In the
political arena, and thnt they ftiust bo
reckoned with.
Tlio secrecy of tlio ballot, ln connection with tho voting on Xov. 12th, Is
snfoRtinrdod ln ovory wny.*
The net provides for Ibis; and section 2,'iS iilao doflnoH that nnyono In-
torfcrltiK with u volor ninrldng hio
ballot or (HhoIo.hIiip* for whom a ballot
hns boon polled, or in any wny jcop-
nrdiitlng nbHoluto nccrocy:
"Is guilty of un iiidlctiil'le offoii****,
nud is liable if lio Ih ii retiiinliti., nffl-
or, elect Win dorlt, roll clorlt, nr <oh-
hIiiIjIm to iiniu'iKjiiini'iit I'or n icnn
not (sxcedilinu; twclvo nioiitliH, nor Iohh
thnn nix lnouilin."
If threats 'ijutli'-.t Hccrecy or Inlliu-
Idtitlon nro pniciinod hy nny other
pi'ii-oii thoro In a fine of ?io(i nnd
cohim, anil mil cxec-iUnx %"JM dii.1
ronlK wllh liiiprli'.onuii nl If linen illf*
noi pnli],
in ihe iiiiiiii-r oi' hril.i'iy ll in *no
Vidi'd. m'ciIijii «ii.">, tlmt for nilMiiieli.i',
HlOlli'.V,   ((    Ull't    (.!'   pl'illl':-.'   of   |IUnll'(i.t    '
icl\ Ji'sr.   lei n.nr. or  ii.o'iiiMlun   kiwi', s '
Ol   11.(it.i    ,  I'll) el'  lijjm-li.*,   in1   lllilil'i'i I   .
1>, Hi. re hi,nil In* «l!H.|iinllliiiitl(iii, niul >
llli'nlny  lu  li..|i:n (ii.iiii'in   foi   n   I. . ■ i; ,
lidl   > : Ci-.'il!'!'.*   I ".VI lie   Illfill t fi*l,
.... i «"•!     ,...   r. r- ti i r*    r^fni-i
Ill K i.';1111 tl, ll.i- l-i'd' ll'llll tll'jt I If
U'i' would lll.e In lilKIW ivlllll life III!
tlldlltii'l III" doill-i  III   Hie  lllllttrr.  \\V
wnnt 'ii ."ee ilie.'i.' women enilrely nb-
davidson., the ;n,an;..-
--,-.-. '        " ■■       *" t> 4t  #   -
Speaking, of the',Dominion electipns
the -Nome (Alaska)..Industrial'.Work-.
er, has thls\to.6ay-.atiout"\Vm. B; Da'v-
ldson,"the Socialist and laboring'roan's
candidate In this riding: ' / ',
Brbtlier Wm.' E. 'Davidson, member
of the Executive Board of the .Western Federation of Miners, is conducting a, w,arm campaign in the Kootenay
district of British Columbia, where he'
,is running on the Socialist ticket'.for,
■   i,- ,. ; .      .,4(,4t  \.   -a   - ')>,      ..4.
member, of parliament. \- .Davidson's'
chances, of election, arefalr. . He was
nominated; last April and has been
busy;,ever, since.".:'" The, Western Clar-
lonsays-that the-bunch "Bill" ; hands'
November the 9th Is Thanksgiving
day. ,' The citizens of Fernie have a
lot to. be thankful for in spite' of all!
that.has-happened, and'we hope they
will not fail to give thanks .to;., their.
Maker for all the blessings they- havel
received.-. There ought to be a public
Thanksgiving service held.. .Rcmem-;
bor.we all had,narrow escapes with;
our lives on August 1st. - -We shoud
"offer .thanks to God for., our safety. ',■
out to his capitalist opponents  in 'a
thirty minutes' ,talk is more than, they -
can dispose pf;though they work their
hot ''air ^appaifatus under a •   forced
draught." ■*>'"'.-,.*.': *--:i   .-.  I    -
■;.■*.*■■'  •■„'   ,    ■-'' ll i'>   '       ,   '
' ,We understand that a, representiit-"-
Ive of tho Moore Lighting company of
Vancouver has made nn oiler, to tho
city to put in twenty large gasolene
lamp's ^anywhere ln the city to light
the streets, and for the,sum,of four
hundred dollars a molnh'to keep. Ire
lights going; light- them'/over night,
supply mantels', globe,s'''gni.ol(,no and
everything, as' woll'na'.Installing the
lights In the first'.placo,'''; As wo understand tho'matt'or iho dloclilu lls'ils
will not bo on for "'"al'1 least thr.io
months, and wo would llko to see this
offer considered, as our strools nro
impassablo without llglits, - Wo trust
tho 'aldormen will go liito lho mnlt'ir.
thoroughly nnd It. I hoy find lho on'er
any wny reasonable, nmlto lho doi 1
and let. im l.avo i;or..o 1!|'1J,
What Is holiij? done tilioul a skat In*1;
rink for Ibis winter? Aro lho hotols,
tho pool rooms nnd lho gambling
joints (whoro n band of kouIIosh do-
gonorntoR Bwlndlu tho iniwiiry out of
lijh hist, dollar) lo run lho town, iiuii
form llio only uttinotion.fur our youiis
mon? Wo tntfil llini limy ure not.
Wo wnnt lo nee somo couiilei' nilrnel'-'
Ion hero thin wliitor. Tliliifin will ho
trying oiioiibIi without iiniusenieni lie
lug denied. And lliou Hici'e nro ilie
yoimg Indies. l*'von If iho young
mon go Into llio KninhlliiK lirolheln -■
nud we ure iihIiuiiuiiI lo sny Unit
tunny do—whin nro onr young IiuIIoh
In do? II Ih timo u move wim imiile
tn nupply u ilnli.
1 To-day at noon is'the-last .chance
you will have to register'your name
on the; Civicu list.-. - "-'.When •'•'the,, civic*
-eIectlons_come_:off_LiniLJanunry,    and
The Attorney General of Manitoba Is.
'"        Assaulted.   ,!
you ; want to elect''some live ones on
the-counril-you'will feel annoyed that
you-have no vote. So register before
noon to-day'and avoid this'state of. af-
fails; ,    .'
Smlth-Curtls says that Goodeve is
a grafter. Goodeve says that Smith-
Curtis'is a grafter.' You have not
heard that BUI Davidson * is a" gretter,
and ho is not.' ■ So vote for him and
prosperity.        ■.   ■• *     '      ■    '
Voto for Bill Davidson and send a
good man to'represent'you at Ottawa
According to Smith 'Curtis and Good-
evo Davidson 1b ■ tho only anti-graft
man ln thu riding,
Winnipeg,.Oct; 29—An aftermath.of
the.:blt^er,,electlon„contest ,lp,,this city
took.place.this afternoon on Main,St.
when _ E. L.;. Howell, a son of Chiel
Justice .Hq-A-ell, attacked Hon,- Colin
Campbell, attorney'geneirai/for' Mani-
..toba.'c.'-So..'.•    '.4-;'. '..'.'' :<•':{,° .'.".."
The matter arose from a • conyersat-'
Ion oyer „tt*.e telephone, betwoen How-
Sunday.,night, when the former demanded ,a,dmittance   to  bail   of  the
.two Liberals who had beeh> 'arresied
and placed, .in. the .provincial jail   on
bribery charges.
■ . i ■'*      .
Ho'.ye'.l stated that the attorney general called him a "blatherslclto"-   in
tho course of the conversaticn."  '•
• i,    ' - ■ ' ' -   . . -
• Mr, Campbell'.was walking . down
Main street .when :Howell stopped him
and asked, him to- apologize. Mr.
Campbell .refused to do;so and-Tfow-
,ell: struck him several times,. ■* '' ' '"•
'" Howell wns arrested1 Inter'arid' released on- bail, ■ ■   ■ ■' -.;     ' '
Return of William Sloan by Acclamation Yesterday. '
Victoria, Oct; 28.—Tho 'election to-
.'.ay by acclamation of Willinm Slonn
in tomox Atlln enme as a surprlso tit
Consorvntlvo headquarters,
Whilo It wits admitted that'Elour.'s
(■T.niu'oa of oloctlon wero thu host oi
nny l.iboiul in Ui'lUsh Columbiu, It
wiui thought that hia dofont could bo
'•..•(Mired If ii Btroiig mini wero plncod
'u tl.o Held ngnliiHt. him. This mar.
was tI'o;i'.vlit to bo John UoiiHloti, r.
.'ownei1 Consorvntlvo mombor but latterly un iu(le|i(Mnloiili
The CmiHi'i'viitlvo orsniil*.(illoii wr.a
ui'suinul Ihnl IIoiihIoii would contost
the riding iih nn independent CoiiHer-
viilIvn und for that rcnijoii wore pro-
jmred to ruiidor lilm ovory iiOHHlhlu in:-
• Refllster before 12 noon to-day, or
you will 'have no voto next.January. ,
ing of our enterprise in, getting out a'
special .edition *vitb,...the -election returns.     We w.ould. have liked "to put
n ,." i •> I'.   - :-..4 ii'.--, :- , ,.,-:,.- f
out a better edition than we did,',but
we were- rushed and'.our outfit' was
hardly, iri^shape, so *-we have W'b'eg'
the indulgence'of our "many readers'
and friend's.1'''-'We ;are'printing ...this
issue * here-, again,, and. in future ' .the
public-can.t**est,assured that.they' will
get" as'good if not a better paper "than
before the fire.     We are under a last-
'-.i|~     ..'.••'.-;.-.i        .1.-)   I'.'   '■'■i.^■"..)•.•~^■.;'^^\^■ '        '*, ■"--.--   »
Ing obligation to., the Lethorldge. Her-,
'aid for their courtesy, and'kindness' iii
getting our paper out while'we-were"
getting the new, outfit'' iri- shape." "We
appreciated-their kindness very iniicn
indeed.* ■"'. -We* trust, that our readers'
appreciated tour- efforts'*in their' behalf- ih .thevmatter of .getting 'out :;■&
paper-without niissing an-issue, which
was.a record. . We are now prepared'
to issue-regularly from,here, and, will
appreciate, any news items that you
nav hnve. We do not1 charge for
personals, and trust that you will
"take an,,interest in, .tho Ledgor,1 and
we, promise to mnko the paper more
llko.a letter that-will glvo:youall tho
news.all the time.
.■I.   .•: ..I'M   ,-:i.l j-; .Ci""'-
'*■■ •.•.■.* yy^\   '- '.■■:/■,   Hi    fr.-
0'   .'".-;• "* - ■'■ (,<-;v*!-,;-i- '.-.i-i-':;.'.-v'.'"-.-.•   W--;.,\: •-   .....;,_*-.•;.!,'_■.•
M'-: 'i-xV: ..v^-j'i Al.'.Vti 'Vi-. ,..•.,'...'   S'i;..T--,-.;-.   ..„.-.     •*.*   •:-?<)•;>
:\:    .•'/.   :J'\" -»'.',   '.■'. .''. > •
■w .-,-' ii'.,.,' /■:- ii'Y •'■  ■ -
.„ -    .bitx ■.-.if   ,ii-■ i','.-■■, ^■-•■u.,.: ;.
,!•.   .I'...-.  ;.i   ,•;-.  •"■ ;■".■ 1  I   •;-   ,    ■..'.:.;,•):
. ■'      .'. :.'   .\'-x''V<-i '*'-':r^-'.-;^.'r ■( K'~
' •■'. >u\-'   ..:■   T-.14--. |    '.  -k '■•;       .,••■ ..-
• Peoistdr'* before 12'r'oon to-da>*, or
you.will.have(no vpte next January.
nn-)   i>.  .I.4.,  n ij   i..i   ii.u.-i   i ,,.u.;;>.
llll'll     I'.i.ll'Oll .   I.)    lloiii,'!    lllll'll.'S",    niul
)(i')l   lit!:    !' i.iii.   to     ii :,.'   ( ,i.      i,i,
Il     114    II    I iiiii--1 il .'    lllill     III.'    |i(|l'lill|l        (if
nnr  full'  I'll 4    ivl l,-li   It   'n   I   i-.i'i'ii'iHn,'
Olir  full'  el'*,    wl it-Tl   I I   'll I   l-.i'i'lilil'liir
llflcl*   tbo  file  Hhoillil   I"' '■life,'»     h\
till  ,u l.l.-.li i .;  I.i Ui"      JH,' lo  |,ji,*;tii 1(1,
ton,   .lie  M.wl.t l   U.i .   44,i iiiu.iii     i'.,<
hi'iii-r for nil pitrtlisi n.iici-itn'.I.
h-*l$W* l^?<^?#<^i^-
,.'.  4J... fl'.     .    *..->»,:.
ItfiW-it1!"**" •-*** "t.r*''**'.
Tin- irnn'. I.n.li i.r (<ivi.'t (ir. in ','.,,-..!, Ci.!>.,...l,',ii h|,ii.kI over rtome-
thliiK like 2,000 *i|iuire iniicn of mini .e a.nl limli r Iiiii(1h, cotnplntoly wip-
mi/ out, vviili t'.»' i-.iivi.Uuu nl tM.tiii' n..i,. .,i i.iiil<iiii},'n, lint town uf I'l'i'iile
nud ninny villnt'ex,   (Ine of tho ftiost   iti>|>n.•-■-.Ivf lentiircs of tin* firo Wftt
tli.. -.t'liupeilr- nt niiimiiN from the    i
wai. the fir*t  w'lniiiiir nf (l.tnifcr   t'i ',
The above will |/ive our renders   -.
lii'I.l'iy.'.l iib'.iit  llritir-h ''iilii.nl.i.i ii
■,..,il..1   iit  tl»'  l-Hni-iii.ill  U.I..U!  nf  I...
try |n.()|ile leiirn cuiiictliiiii; ntmnt tin?
-.■.Iiii'li,   in    many   iiictanci1'*,
i" li.Mtinii of tin* rank Iftnornnci1
:i"! it.     Hie   cut   lllltl    f' lllltrk-i   lt|H
■ I..4--.-.   When xxi\\\ tint Old I'.oiiti-
meiivns range perfection.
r*JOR  vears the name "GURNEY-
Jf   OXFORD"   has stood   for   the
liiy'.iest development in cooking
ranges.   N'.o maUcr what conditions' the
runye must, meet, no matter what price
you wis!, to pay. you will Ret more
ni!if*e ol'ticiLMicy ■ for your money in
Lnu ■'Gurney-psford"   lines   than in.
any other that's built.
All our years of experience and our
stove of rn.i***;»o l-:now]i?(l(jo is put into
this, one of our latest production3—
' Golden Nwgcel
Steel   Range-
is built ol dead flat, patent levelled steel blue lininh—thc kind that
stands nil kinds of heat and never warps or ciacl..i.
It's supplied with tho new Gurney-
Oxford revcr'-iiblo *»raU'. too, Tho
(jrntc with tho iniurlockin^ teeth
that cut off the i"t-a.l a;-;hcu, when
operated, and muU'-* tit.* lire respond quickly. No (,'().>d coal drops
thiotiKh it cither, overy particle is
burnt. That in one of this range's
fucl-fiavinji features.
Thin ■.'rate ."an bo removed and a
wond-burninji (jr/tto substituted
without u.oviny a bolt or a screw.
The*. !.cti"c tl""** cv.tvp 1,*l,"','o oven
—rpletvbd tor bnkinj« dny And
thc drop door loans a solid shelf
ior basting,
The fire linings can be removod
without disturbing the top—that
lUCUUS   ■4-V4Jl.4J4i4.Vl4.>    iC^Ulii,
The Gurnoy-Oxford Golden Nug.
get Range is n low-price range
with high-price efficiency
V/e would like to explain it to yon
tn detail   ■•
Wc know that onco you havo scon
it vou won't be sntisfiori until you
have this labor-savinj*, fuel-saving
couhirii*, range in your kitchen.
Tho Gurnoy Standard Metal Co., Limited gsjj'jjr,
y   ■•<;;-..•,'■ -■;, ",'     "■'   '"" •,-**■.'' j±._u-
Those who^are-entitled to ..vote, on ,„
' municipal affairs should see that their..
"Tufmes'are pla^^irti«"il8t"^tKerwl8e"7J
when   the tir-n'e comes around to vote
they are likely to find themselves with
no voice in clvlc;affairs. The elections
'take.place in January.   .   -.?,      '„
' 'The following'"are; entitled to have
their, names    inserted on..the .voters'.'
list for the city for the year 1909.
. Any British subject'male or female,'
of the full age of 21 years, being,      -  ■■
1—An owner of real estate' of the'
assessed value of.not less than $100.
2—A resident authorized representative of an incorporated company which ,
is the.assessed owner of land and of
Improvements of land within the municipality, .,..,. ,■•,-,;    ■ '
3—The owner of a trade license, the .'.
. annual fee .for .which.is not less than
>..' -.   ,'..  '.-•   ,.;,".', ,,
A—A householder, "householder". Is
to mean and Include any person of the
ftJH age of twenty one years who occupies a dwelling, tenement, hotel or
boarding house, or any part of such,
' and who' shall, unless exempt by
• statute, have paid directly to the municipality rates, taxes and fees of not
less than two dollars for the current
The names of property owr.ors,' no
above, will be taken from the assess-
. ment roll nnd Inserted on the list.
Representatives of Incorporated
companies must hand in their authority to the city clerlt; boforo their namos
can be. Inserted.
Llt-onscT holders and householders
must make tl clr statutory declaration'
during this month (October) and hand
tl.e'samo In to tl*o city clork within
18 houi'B alter It lo mndo.     '
All declarations must be handed In
by 12 p,m. on October 31st, Forms
and doclnratlonu can be obtainod at
the city hall.
I   V
,T«lf*S •»•*-♦
l\ijt\\ ^
Chancellor Range
built of patent-levelled, dead-
flat blue stecl-r-will last a lifetime. Kitted with the Gurney-
Oxford revorRiblegrato.ivhiohcan
be removed without disturbing
the linings,
The Gurney-Oxford Chancellor
rnm»o saves food, fuel and worry,
take:,  all   the   bother  out  of
J. D. Quail,
Vf 44-W4 fi w mm     I tm* m,'(?»      ,*i», R«P4 0m, (Mkt 41% a~\    *m a***,
M WWU    K-'A&&   ^IM<fi«Llli^«&   t*W
Register your vote
expires   to-day   at (
2 o'clock
i .i
„ .    ....     ..    • ...   ■    .      .i\
:'^v^msEeVe\^tL':\itu''t',riei inn .«'.T-inr^wff*aar:ivi■ui.ia,«^i
""^■K^xatt-. ...i-   u..*..--. -i. itrojixii: r-?sm?Krvnv.viv*Mtmui.
dy +*■&•# stfHyj wi** *■ '.S
, -J -<        ■ ,„'''■.
,<V"- '
X-^Y   i?A.«iiiS
The Official Organ of District No,   1G, U. M..W.   of A.
•,4*  '^STVlr*
-jmwj-.uu   ,.m
Fernie, B. C, October 31st, 1908
■  .A
'-41 '
• The daughter,of Mr. and Mr.s Jack
."Tyson has been removed to Cranbrook
-hospital suffering"from typ&oid fever.
.We understand the latest, report of
her progress-towards convalescense is
' satisfactory. ;
'" David Logan has. returned from a
prolonged trip to Ireland and Scotland. He still says that the scenery
.  of "Old Erin" and "Canute Scotland"
-''appeals" to him more than the scenery
of the Rockies.       , .-!....    ,,
- The Rev. Robert Hughes of-Cranbrook gave a very Interesting address
- on Local Option on ■ Sunday,' October
. '8th,     111 the Primitive      Methodist
church. .  He had a good congregation
who followed him closely' as he put
, forth point after point in favor of the
subject before them. Many have'expressed themselves since as having'
received great .enliglHepme.it on this
''very "oft much misunderstood quest-
Ion. On the lollowing evening the
same gentleman delivered a - lecture
.  entitled "Klondike" in the same place.
A charge of twenty, five; cents'.was
made aud'a good number put in   an
appearance......The- •Rov-rJ.-WtBoulfoii
occupied the chair.    Mr. Hughes once
-.. moreAvtyh hia.nat'urally^winnihg style
' soon rivet'ted the attention ' of his
audience. The interest of the lecture was added to by the fact that a
good many Incidents related were the.
actual experiences, of.the lecturer. At
the* fraif-ih he was accorded a very
unanimous vote of. thanks.
, Johnathah Henny. was noticed on
the east bound on Saturday evening.,
We learned he was booked for-hin
natice place, Farton, England.
A wedding of Coal Creek parties 1b
not a common occurrence, and lit
makes the, pleasure' greater to have
to report one"''{iffiTwe'ek? u*t&^
" W8tLSaturday; at. the^ernle'Metnodlst
chapel.'between Mr; .Tames' Orr *• and,
 jtflgg i3c*ittlci'P'?"r-cn'.'--i'i.-l'**'H'?r?'5 -y'Ti'iir'-
health;''Jimi also that,of the Missus,
-t       ._   $,__-.   - s  .   *,  »     *.-    j   ■■*,       r ■* •', 4r-»">-|*'   >»■ *     ;
and may.yourj troubles ..belittle ones,
and not—"pout there! '   1 mustn't! :•
'- 1
_    !»
and to stamp indelibly theroon tho all
and all importance of,what, the flying
of that greatest of all flags means to
every man, woman and child of us.
The flag is' to be flying always unless
some unfavorabel circumstances prevent it. - .This itself will serve as a
reminder-to'the youngsters as they
grow up that while they are citizens
In a large self governlng.'colbny, there
is an old -mother country far across
tne ocean, who .-knows she would not
cry in vain for help in case of need.
There are those who say that this
kind of teaching leads to a sort of
jingoistic militarism. All I can say
to this is that the parents of Coal
Creek' need not worry on this score
so long as our present schoolmaster
has charge of the training of their
children. -• He -believes in "Defence—
not Defiance".     ''
-..  .       .'■■•'•
' The first social dance of the season
came" off "un'd'er"the auspices* of 'the
C. C- L.A.-A.-in tho'club hall on-Tuesday night last The committee, conj-
sisting of Messrs G. O'Brien, T. Douglas, -R.-Hubberstey,''Sam Clarke, ■ jl
Mathieson, T, Wakejam. and J, Combe'
are to be congratulated on the .smoothness With' which tlie night's proceed-
ings were carried-out. -' There was an.
excellent turn out-of-ladies, and. I
somehow think' the small 'announcement in. the Ledger last Week had. a
good deal to do with this. ' ■'• It ia grat-.
Ifying to know' that the' ladles read,
and each week look forward-for* our
paper.     Mr. Ed. Coughlari'*waB ,   the
,-•: ■      .'":.    .|i;
"caller, off" and, needless to say, the
duties were in proper hands. Mr. Thos
Wawelam was a most energetic,' and
never tiring floor manager.'1 .The music consisted of. a piano, two violins,
and violin cello, and too nluch praise
cannot be given "the instrumentalists.
,.      . '■'■ ■;.  -- ,m ■ ■•( v»j>-7
The reBt of the duties fell to the mem
bers of the committee-generally.,, The
dance opened shortly before 8 o'clock,
y^j^^^t dance programme,' was
carrledvthro3ghiwlthout;;tlie slightest
sljfm^qt* laggjng^. coming, tq^.Vclosf^at
about ,12.45..?; I- have .reason to. know
dates hao/not dealt fairly.with lii-.a.
.Outside ofthe challenge" he liad given
out,to deb'ate'.witii either, of the two
candidates or both if them,*'In the
biggest hall in Calgary,' he- had • also
asked them several questions at different meetings with both of the, candidates,'-which they had made no-attempt to answer; .Mr. Sherman said
that all he could-hea*r in the different
meetings was graft: ' Tlle Conservatives were all the time, telling the "pub-
He what a lot .of grafters, the Liberals
were," and the Liberals' replied- - by
telling the public that the Conservatives were a lot of slanderers, andgraf-
te'rs too. "We believe all this'to be
true, but what's the use of telling us
. no w.-The; Socialist had no regard for
personal records., .The question *.* is
what1 d'o'the candidates stand for, and
what are they going to stand for'.' ''"
After going .wlth..considerable detail
■ tn'to'Sdcialist'ic'pririciples, in which he
showed the,"audience'that' what was
good'for the Capitalist will not"be of
any' use or benefit -' ,to the working-
'class; owing to their interests.lying in
opposite' directions/ Mr. Sherman said
the main object of" the'Capitalists was
;to keep,the,'pedple divided In.order to
rule: '.-'*• -   -V .''.-'-'*•''-"* "",   ■',".'■■'.,    . "' •- i
' Mr. Sherman said if the people were
satisfied' wlthvtHe present state 'ot
things it •' did ,* not: .matter * which - of
the i parties ^tj-iey., supported, ■• Liberal
or^vConseryatlVe'V.; but'jon the"'other
hand, if they: were not "satisfied,;, they
should vbtei'Jor' the; Socialist -candidates'. ■  ,' T.■■:-.'•■      -•■'.■." ,     :l ..■'.'      '
' The crowd cheered Sherman ae he
•     '• - . ...    .   4   '     'X "- L
resumed his' seat'. '
■'.'■•■.*.-/ i'.vti'.-f.i :y,.-j;\:i   ■ ■ j', v
,   Mr,. Ajlex jjtyBnpr, .Slavonian, organizer, ....made".a,!short' ...speech   after,
which _the'' meeting, • closed'withy, hearty, cheers, for Sherqmn, ,,..,,. ,',"."   \
of-nursery- stock. Mr.-Stanley, 'is
not lacking'in'push and energy. He
has great faith in the Kootenia lands.
With regret we have to record the
death of' the'litUe infant of Mr. and
Mrs. Peter Backs. , They "have the
sympathy of every one in Baynes. The
funeral took'place on Sunday afternoon. •   -     '    -
Mr. and Mrs, Hales Ross and family of Kreg took tea on'Sunday with
D. W. Hart's. .      "   .     -.    ' -- :;
All of the machinery of the Pugh &
Livingston mill was shipped to Don-
last week, \Ve understand •■, they
have a very fine body of timber near
Dorr. ' They have boen constant exporters of lumber from Baynes.   "
A Mr. Foster arrived in Baynes
from Spokane. J- He .is stopping,' at
the Club house "of the Kootenay River
Land Company.- We understand-lie
is.empoyed hyMthat company.
A number of bur poope took,in the
ball game in Elko oh Sunday. We
understand-lt-was well fought; the visiting team being from,Fernie. They
returned' home,' knowing Elko .won after a hard fight';1*'
. • The'.Adol^hs*"have their,'new dynamo installed,"and-'are enjoying .electric lights again.
.   , ..     ,■ .    .   •   • ■ i*   • • -
» ■ •   • ">■'•'- ■" -- -.   ■       ••   .-■ .-  ■      •   -
There will be a regular song service
every other Sunday at the Adolph cook
house. • The alternate Sunday service
will be'held'.''*, j-All .are invited to attend. v -..'    .,,         '. —
~r.-*r«nfi',)iriTTi l wn
Claimed That They Were Taken With-
-'-    '-    —'out a Camera.
A coal cutting.machine.has been In-,
troduc.e.d into^ol l;mine...•»■-, .j.>.    ,-.
Billy, Hughes latest venture In the
.    , . ' •    »  •• *     •■- >. •■.
sporting line is that.of quolting. , He
says »..s marks up to now have been
easy,    He reckons'that when the next
handicap comes around ihewill' be
able'o walk in with easy grace.'"'*'
Many of you when you go to- the
smithy *wlth your, picks to bo sharpened will wonder Whoro the'gentleman1
has gone to who for bo long, presided''
over that department,. The fnct is
that "Croft", lias goii.o.to his .ranch'fn
.Stevens County, Washington TJ. S. A.
All Indebted to him aro requested to
communicate with him.   •'.
A vory successful social ovoning
was hold in no Prosbytorlan church
on Thursday ovoning, October * 24th.
Tho purpose was to.Rive n formal wol-
como io tlio now pastor, lho Rov. Nor-
mnn MncDoimlil, Tho Rev. .T. ,W.
.Boulton. lho tnlnlstor of llio local Methodist chnpol presided ovor ft splon-
did gathering, Solos woro woll ron-
doroil by Moshi'b, II. Sampson and J.
llugliQH, nnd Mi's,, SlnipHon and Miss
Taylor. A cornet solo wiih played by
Mr. A. Patau, und a cornot. duel was
Rlvon by Unit Rontloimm it ml MIhu
Cray. Don mil Mllclioll kiivo ii .Scotch
rciullng, nnd Mi'H, Hurry Mc.Ard wim
tho ubln iicconipiinlnt. llcfrnshiuntitn
woro Hurv«(lT"fliiVh'lB .tlio avonlUK, und
ouch Itmii uiol wllh woll iiiorlloil up-
Mi'H. Wllklo, w.ho burled hor miiuH
roHimcUMl lumhiimr.il fmv wooUh ngo,
Ih Hi 111 ly Iiiii; HniioiiHly 111,
.Mr. HydtnVy Hyno, who for iibnitl u
your wiih IkmkI hiiIchiiiiiii Iii tho
1miIi'1ii.t1iik ili'inuuiii'ii! ol Trlti'n-iVoud
iitnrii hdi'o Iiiih lull I'or Himltiiichnwiin,
whoro he linn l:mirvlu n, Iiiihmiohh ill |iin
own, Mr. t-'yi'iuiv "(vsnn fnini Midi-'
oil,Iiiih hIi'jiiiimI li.lo hi.. .-!.i-v  .     .', ,.i>-
llOOMlH JUll lUU-l'H 111 la-cll (111 till.1 I'lK'.ll.
hIiIo nf UiIh iiiiiirunil iilvn lilm )oii)'
mom fi'ichlni; iiiitllo, that Ih of coiii'hu
'y. j.,i. ■....].: i:: .:.i.!. .ii!: •;... i'.i,li.l;*
b\\'.\. ?,< wciiiVn'v Ihey nre ver,"
Muiiy, hu\u .bu(,'ii tho , kmikouh ox-
proBflin. for tho flylUK of tho Union i
.inch nn tlio flnii- wtiifT nt thn H(-hnnl I
Iioubo for hoiiui days piiHl. On mak-
itiK ouqulry. fromn most rpllitblo
aotirco I nm convinced tlmt tho pro-
vnlont idims nro wrong, It nppcmi'H
Hint somo timo «bo tlm National ljonr.1
of Kdii'rnHon' Innucfl u'Ww r*»(*iilnflon
whornhy nil govornniottt hcIioo'Ih woro
IllHtl'lU'tiiil lit hiUii a fliiu hlllff |ilui:u(l
In it iiiiltnhln poHltlon for cnrryliiR tho
Union .lark. It further dccrccil thnt
tho (■•,()-.( i iiiiiciil wi.nld iiiipply the
fliiVH. 'Cm hli'ii of UiIh whs to «iiii;(»ii4
'. idm'.nrt'il ciiltlmtii.thn trtitJUplrll. of pa».
th'at a..good.,many dancerssfailed to
tufn out; preferring to wait and hear
whether or not the opening dance au-
gered well for the success,of the.ser-
,ibs... To these I would say that thoy
.-missed-a' treat; besides stayini? away
:for'-t'hls 'reason-was not the-best,.way
t 1 o - .
to h_ai.lt up the dance commltteo, Ih
Uii.ir oil'orts to give thepcopti; of Coatl
Creek some little ' source! of amuse-
ment during - the. wlner. months.
''"A large'party of friends were enter-
tained on. Thursday evening, by'Mr.
and "Mrs. Hales ,.Ross at their beautiful, home in Krag.    -.  - .     :' ," *:■■  » •
*   ' '       ' ' '    "/    ' : i bs,"=^1':- ^
Delicious refreshmentsiwere.served,
.'»...-    i'.
.mi,   .      ',."'...;.' >■-,!.- -,y, • ju  -    ■   ■-
To the. Editor^ of The Daily News*.
Sir: I desire, to experss my personal
thanks: to the editbra and management
of tlie daily newSapapers of Calgary
for their 'unfallinglcourtesy and1 kind-'
riess sho wn to''me in the late contest:
Tlie spirit of fairness shown by the
press Is a-'matter for congratulation
for the residents-of the*• Calga'ry-rid-
.*■?•?•..■:■ 1-,-, 'yii-f y -a.. '-Y '
, I am riot disappointed at thejr'eBult?
Tho Bankhead Mines Limited, are
still working on short time owing tp
a.shortage df cars, Tho mine's' only
ran-throo days last week.
A big crowd turned out on Monday
night, October 11 tli, to hoar I^roBldont
F, II. Sherman, but owing to tho wost
bound bolng Into, Mr. Sherman was
unable to put la an nppouriuico, theie-
fore tho mooting had to bo ndjournod
until Thursday night, Octobor Mth.
Thoro wns a bigger crowd out on
Thursday night than thoro hnd boon
on lho provlotiH Monday night. 'Tins
hall was flllod lo tho door, showing
tlmt thoir anxiety to hear .Mr. Shor-
mail hud not. dlniinlHliod hy Uiulr ilUi'
nppoiiitiiiPiit on Monday iiislit. Mr,
W, Dulap, pruBldont' of tho nnnlihond
local prcBiilcd. H, Morgan was thu
iii'Ht Hpimiter citlloil upon; iio mado n
fOii* biiof rnmnrltR, aftor whlfh Mr.
Sliorman, tho Soclnllsi cniulliliito, ml-
slioi-'ijctl tl*') niQctlng, ■ Ilo not forth
tho iTo'ciallHt (loctrlno In a' clour manner nnd Kiirncd tl.o plntidltk of tho
cuiivd, who Hl.oivod n uinrkiid oiKhuii-
Inijn. |iit(' n mnrked (loiilre to llalon to
m. ' '
and from'the; delightful, manner
■whichjMr:''andi,Mrs,- .Bogs.looked after
• their., guests: it.-.was .easyi:to! conclude
that thoy were not novices In this line.
Baynes was' well ..represented, at the
party,.'nud alii pronoun-'cd Mr.- und
Mrs. Ross a charming-host.and'hostess.* . -, ' '''- ■ ■'■'' • '"'' ''
.             ..-        , *   ■.
Mr; James McICee of tlie' Reid Fur-:
ntturo'Coh'ipriny' piirciiase'd'land from
tho Kooteiiay River'Land Company on
Tuesday. ' ■•»■•'.    '.i.
. .  i ■■ :■ 'in.
Mr. Dohenhlmor and friends from
Fornio spent .Sunday, at Baynes Lake.
'Mr. A. B. Ingham's father and'brother, who havo boen visiting him for
tho past threejjyookH, loft on Monday
for tliolr homos' In Kansas.
Mr., J, McKeo spout- Sunday wllh
.Mr. und Mrs! 13, ll! Slanloy. I
,Mr. D. W, IInil,'nnd Mr. Frod Adolph woro busluoHS- callers In Forulo
Jlr. Adnlph Sr„ nud Mr. li. Uldinnls
worn dlnnor gucBts. nt Mr. A, It*. Inj-
linin'H on Simmy.   •
Tho Infant child of Mr..Koii*!uH oi:
Wnldo dlod on Rnndny ovoning Imil.
(Too Into for hud wool,','!
Mr, LliniioiiH und fninlly   of I-'oniio,
ntovod to Dnynon Init week.,,    Mr.
l-loiiioiiB Is ouiploycii by llio Adolph
Liirnhnr Coinpiiny nn oiiKlr.our. ■
, Mr, 10, II. Htnnloy rotitrtiod homo on
Knitirdny from Koinlo, whom h'o hnd
Hpoiil Knino timo on IjuhIikibh, IIIh
Kt'cnnliotifio on lho Kootonia irutlii Ih
iioiirliig rnn'iplotlnn; ho hns i|i?lio   u
I would: rather be - right ■ than victor*
ious."" 'Th'e'''wage'-ilear'n'er8 'of the'district . having chosen'' to vote' for ■ (he-
capitalist masters,'* should' now be!sat'
isfied with what'the masters will give
them. ■ ""-■'*-'■'■
Tlie Socialist'piifty will continue it**
campaign of educating the workers,
and to ihat'ehd' will 'Immediately, begin to prepare for.the cominti' provincial contost. •..■•'„       .■    " '
•ThO'amu'Blng paft of this contest Is
the large'number.'of men who voted
for the'Conservative candidate, in the
expectation of ,a,.change'of govern;
ment, and na a Consequence Calgary
would get Bomothlng, and 'who ' are
kicking themselvoB"now that wo arc
going to have anothor-strong Liberal
govornment. The, electors.should re
mombor I hat If thoy can bo bought,
thoy also'can bduold!- '     '•
Manchester, Oct. 29—Archdeacon R.
Colley at, the close of a sermon on
spiritualism * at" Manchester recently,
exhibited ■a; series of what he. called
spirit photographs.
One of them taken in March'lust,
outside his residence, showed the
archdeacon's mother who died fifty
years ago, and his father who died in
1891, aged 8Li       /   „ "  '.    '"
The mother -was.- we ver photographed during life but her likeness has
ueen readily .recosnl''ed by'hundreds
'in''Leamington.   •'   ,' *   •   •
In a second photograph taken half, a
failhute' afterward "the father.' und the
mother had changed places, and the_
archdeacon deduces' from'this a double parental blessing on what he now
calls .his... an ti-Saducee..worlci "<,
"Seventeen years, in the'higher life"'
said the' archdeacon "appear to account for....maklng, my father.'in the
spirit photograph look somewhat younger than iri the'negative l'took of him
about- three .years before .he parted
life."    ..-'..>.,,
Another print shown looked,- as the
•archdeacon said, 4like a psychic fog,
biit in-the miSBt could be clearly deciphered some Greek characters, and
around .them.some.some writing'wliich
the archdeacon declared1.contained, a
message'from a* friend who' had been
dead'for twenty five-years.-
"The photograph was \taken without'
:«i' camera,"''said 'the* archdeacon.'i: "I
went to a friend's house and\: took
three -plates;,and. puti-them.,in an envelope. I initialed them, sealed .them
and retained--'possession of them; and
no-soul touched .them. - -T.'tobkvone
plate,between the palm of.my'hands,
lady-placed, her,hands above and below" his. '; My .friend: then went into
a "trance. .In a short .time lie' said
'.'.They are .writIng.'.,r.-'v':''..:.-'..-<'' -
'. .^,1  r'*'j'"f ■f\V'i' i  *  ' ,' r     „■;■-      *V:".-- ,,','- •"   ' '  /,-
'.   ' j Are I now prcpkrecl toi'tii-ahsact your Itonkin"^",
.       Business  in, temporary quarters in   rear    '
of their late office bcntlin'' the comple-
•?      tion ot our. new premises" ?
-if "..
V'1 -
Savings Department
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received, interest allowed at
current rates and paid quarterly. .
'•Up- -.y^-^'-y [:   .vy-.ny-.-yv■" ^ ,:,*■.   ; y\{l
H. f. Edmunds,'--Manager '' ' " "   "    Fernie Branch'
(Lethbridge Herald.) ■■ .""
Coleman, Oct;, 28—The. elections, being ovor,.things In Coloman,,are now
getting back to their • normal state.
The campaign on the wholo hnB'becn
the warmest that has beori entered Into in the Pass thus far. ; ,,
• Tho three cornered contost lii tills
constituency- tended to increase rather than 'diminish tho interest In lho
election, Tho fact that a Socialist
was In the Hold scorned to bring ' (hi)
wago oarnors of all nationalities   to
■ the foro, and voles wero sought nftor
Again thanking'tho peopel of Cal-  by all three parties as perhaps nover
gary riding for thoir many klwlnoaaoii before,
lo myself, I nm yours In lho'fight, fori    T,,0 ,,0HultB •„ colemnn and In    n
Industrial freedom.
. F. H. 8hermai>.
C, P. II,
Muhsi'H, JMoDiTinrit d. Cnmpiiny,"roi •"
tractors of Wlnuipe1;, hnvo roculvcil
tho contract for tho V. V. 11. sio'lo:.
horo. 'Tlioy urn uiK'or (oniiiuii' to
havo tho frcl'iiki i'Iioi'h ready lor (>;■
(Mipiincy hy Iho l.it of I'ocoinhor. 'T;:o
frolBht, shed will'ho wl nt ir l.i u v
im No, "2 Hliindiiril frcl/'ht nl.ei!,   pi >'
vlll !)(> Inrvei  11 nn tl o ov.u il-nt "vi.
■iiilll heforo ll..> flro,     T!d uni'loii I
o ho lend/ wi'i.'ii I'ini;' n.nii:!;.,,     .. ;
'.'   ' 'in  ( ■   ■> . j   n  I] r   i "
great many of llio Pass (owns were a
surprlso to many.    The Llhonils Iuul
hoped to havo a big majority hi Colo-
mini, but came out second In tho riding, whilo llaili'oniro, which Iuul Ixmn
counted on' hy tho CoiiHoryatlvos as a
Btioiigliold,  glue  thoir (jiiuilldiile    u
j very Binnll iniijorlly.
\    Taking the I'iimh ns n whole, Unit Ir.
from  I-iiiiill)iv<lt to tli.; U. (', houm*
nry,  lluiI'iiiKimi,  the  "-'oi'lnllril   ciiikI
(Into, hud ii vory Hiib.siiiinuil    innj.i
Palace Brag: Store
' (>    I
plot of ground ready for fall planllim ItioltltiB nftor tho biiHlnei'n
t c I, el' it    mule    liil'nui    a1:..; '
eciTihiy in (iiiieiviiy nenr the
i. I'e ot .'li'lUnli Coliniihln nud '
<      T ..' . ('ilii cliihl wii.< in],f>n
'    .v! de i n   rijii.'-u ,*.•.*, 11    In-
i (: h i,;.     !,„i'.(.ii!;" n      U.
f ■
IrlnU.-m In tl'e in!!.
.rav t VtiA'/'.-.f.. ...4..*....'	
r: our
11 '.H..W4.:
Stands Extremes of Heat and Cold
RU1JKKOID is used on houses nnd barns nt points
i,ox), wilM north of Kdmunton, Alberta--mid the
ex I rente,cold hns no effect ai it.
RUIIKKOID is used on httildinRS In the West Indict-*,
Smith   Ann'ticii  nnd  the Orient,—\vhm* the titer-
liiotneter ren'isU-M from 90 to KX) dittoes fur inonlhs
—.nnd the extreme hent li.'is no effect on it,
Guild you (i'>U for 11 more siti.-f.'u-ioiy roofuuv for your
hou^e and burn ?   Wrile for itaniiili-rt and juices,
if   *4>
f\    ^  t—4   mT
;SoM by Wftster-:
*<*■•*•» **.» •,!* i»i 'fl —
y y*.w.:^t^K y<-*.
G'Ont Coi*\i*itUn to "jo Held ai HJd.i
,       4       , ,.    I
Tlie  }*l\tei'iiih   Jiilcnniiliiwil   .Meill-
(■III  ("(UlUlei'l  '.HI In1 lii'il  III   |lllllllfl("4|,
! lliiiirnry, under Hi" (llsilnuniUhcil pa-
1 •miiiiiui' of th"! l'",iiuienir niul KIhk ol
llliiiuiary ifnuii the -'U' of,AiiKH*»t t"
llio   Ull of Kepli'Illl'iT Illi'lllMlve.l
,\ Cm c."i i:"i*'otii)ii'Mi.(i In ii'|i'.*ii'iil
i|.d iiicilid'l  luofcciloii of <'nin>i1ii /if
.| I  ,.,,,. »i, I .-.-   !,.    1,  foi ni'.'l,     i.'.'il-
VV It !!. ,'■!! Ill), ,\ 11 <;nr
1 hit, IMimiiiil Kin:, .l;un>'* .Mit'tilluiii,
C.-in"!," U. 'AlelxiMMli, A .ili;ri»'lniii.
II.   .1.   Ill.llliltOII.   I",   '.'li'lliil.,'   ItM'l-.lll.
j-i.,1 Aihiln'tf. *AVi\*Tit"(-'.f Y-cenMi T*ii*i
II *-• Ith-l'i.M 'i"ii " «:)'.'til..*>it nf'Mnn-
t.c'il Ur. .t I*. I'imrii'iinv of niiiiwn*.
Mr. .lumen Third nf K'lni'iiioii; Ur. In-
>4i ri'dll OIidhIi'imI ot llitinilton, Dr. .7.
M Wll'nii nf I'ijiilon, Iir. ."linin'H Dun-
enn nf ('l.iiihiim, Dr. Titiiwiill or Vnti-
Ml,..,,,     ...    •*   ,,     1,1,    S>,     ,'..,    ,.V,,*4 .1,       .11
Vlctiirlii nml hi. Helpi'iiny. WliinliH'B
Tlie sed ci my uf lho pchiiiiiIUcv Is
Mr. AilieiiH, :.n Ciillc-e street, Toronto,
TIllH  in  HKilV   10  Ic  the  1110HI   I III-
Mi-nl lis
'    1
!   I.I  Hi   '
■,K.i:.:i.-   .;.. ,:;i   1
llllllilier nt .M'lM'l,
I1 <■   ;i 11!', ■ - up   in
li. : "i-> ,|  vw.llt !
11,'"   '...III   i.   liC
I IMllthltM'.i    III    '••'
11--.in ;,. !.■ hi !"i it
ulitt: 11 li.V iiielnliei' (it
1 , 1 .i.*11 'vl.o nlhlii's
l'.l    „i I!    Ill   Mllllllllll'l
:n" .'i ef 11 c rtlinvi'
i.'.- tiller    infm-i'iii- THE  DISTRICT LEDGEH, F£Bt*lE, B. C OCTOBER SI, 180B.
Picked out as Murderer of Bother ""a.
Man Who Haif^'Conitectioi
all WHITCase.
New WeirtBiinater, Oct 25—A. aenr
sailon was sprang at the late sitting
of tbe Asslif Court wfa->n little Mary
Horrlson, thft e^hf year oM-danghter
ot the woman -whom James Jenkins
Is accused of having murdered near
on June 9 wa&** placed ia    the
Laupiep Government Returned with a
Slightly Decreased Majority
Ontario Presented Biggest Surprise-Manitoba Goes Conservative
AU Cabinet Ministers are Returned-Hawthopnthwaite's
Defeat in Nanaimo is to be Regretted
Sherman Ran Well in Calgary
Returns all appear according as they were received and at time of going to press the
last bulletin reported 135 Liberals, 78 Conservatives and 4 Ind. elected.
is toe murderer a negro who had
been pot ia the prisoner's box ia the
place of Jenkins to test the reliaBIIity
cf the evidence wMcri the chflg •aad
5 -was asked to look again, and
more positively asserted, that
he was the man who had assaulted
Mr mother. Placed wfthm a lew
feet of the man and givea plenty of
to scan his features closely, the
chnd maintained that she recognized
the negro and that she could not lie
The colored man pressed into service. J. Wfison, is a different onfld
from the accused and is several
shades darker.
There Is otter d'..■similarity, be-
ceen the two men and an adult
could  not possibly mistake the two
Mr. Robert Cassfdy. who is prosecuting for the Crown desired to have
wo men placed side by aide   111
the dock in order to permit the little
Eo pick, out the right mail,   &nt
Mr Justice Hunter would not consent
this, pomtfng  oat that the  evid-
■e of the child was absolutely vat
Nanalrno. 8, C, SitiHli, Lib-, el***
Victoria, B C, Barnard, Conaervat
ive, fMde-,
New Westminster,  B.     C, Ta^or,
}. C, Covral Con, lOOO
Calflary, Alt"*"-, McCarthy, Con-, 714
Edmonton, AlU» Oliver, Libera!, 374
MacLeod, Alta, Hen-on, Coo, 69 majority.
Medicine Hat, Simmons, Liberal, 4
Bed Deer, Alia, Clark, Liberal TOO
Strathcona, Alta, Mclntyre, Liberal
27 majority.
victoria, Alta-, White, Liberal, nine
Assiniboia, Sank, Richardson, Ind,
100 maj-
BatMefora, S.asic-, Champagne, Lib,
McKenzie, ask. Cosh, Liberal, 105
Moose Jaw, Bask, Knowles, Liberal
30 majority.
NewtJorf, gives Miller, Conservative
71 majority.
Qu*Appelle, L^ke, Conservative, 37
W.e&m, Bask, Martin Lib., 400 majority-
Saltcoats, Sask„ Con. leading fay 125
Saskatoon, Sask, McCrcady, Lib, 16
Brockwlle, Ont, Hon. Graham, Liberal, "ffiO -majority.
"Cafietoii Place OoL, R. U Borden,
Con, elected.
Corns-fall and Stormont, Smith, Lib
300 mSJ.
fJliJfcrjiv-Ontr, Barr, Con, 100 majority.    _,    t
6undaB,_,-Oot, Broder, Con-, 500 ma-
JoHtr.lf'.yr    =.-'-
Durham; O'ritt Thornton, Con, elect
Eaflr Elgin, Ont, Marshall. Con, el
ected.   '.'    • .....
West Elgin, Ont, Crothera, Con3 500
Sotrth Essex, Out, Clark, Liberal,
400 maj.
North Essex, Ont, Sutherland, Lib,
24 majority.
Glengarry, Ont, McMillan, Liberal,
300 majority.
East trey, Ont, Sproule, Con,   el
Halton, Ont, Henderson, Con,   321
East Hamilton, Barker, Con, elected over Eastwood, Liberal ,1(163,. over
Landers Lab, 1893.
Haldimand and Monck, L^lor, Con,
East Hastings, Or.t, Korthrup, Con-,
2D0 majority. "
Hastirga West, Porter, Con, eiect-
Sputh Huron Cr.t, McLean, Liberal
West Huron, Cnt,-Lei-ris, Gonssrn
tive, elected. 6
We-t ;*a.-niltcn, Tf.*.. S^rvrart, Co.
£C', majority.
East  Kent, Ont, Gordon,     Liber;
■5S0 majority.
" West Kent, McCoy, Lit.
South Ontario, Fowke, Liberal, 361
North Oxford, Ont, Nesbitt, Liberal
1-36 majority
South Oxford, Ont, Sc&ell, Liberal
98 majority
Parry Sound, Ont,. Arjhora, Con, -160
Peel,. Qnt, Blear, Conservative, 150
North Perth, Ont, nankin. Liberal,
i majority. *•
Peterboro, East*, Smith, Con
West Peterboro, Stratton,    Liberal,
300 majority.
prescott,  Ont,  Currie,  Lib,  elect
Prince Edward, Currie, Ind
Oueens, Sudbury, Ont, Wilmot, Conservative, 77 maj.
South Renfrew, Ont, Low, Lib, 600
North Renfew, Ont, White, Con,
500 maj.    .4
Russell, Ont, Murphy, Liberal, 300
Simcoe, South, Lennox, Con, elected majority 366.
North Sinicoe, Ont, Curry, Con, 56
North Simcoe Ont, Curry, Con, elected.
Thunder Bay, Ont, Keefer leading.
South Toronto, McConnell, Ccnscr-
vativeiCOO majority......
West Toronto, Osier, Conservative,
-sleeted.      -
North-Toronto, Foser, Conservative,
114 majority.
East Toronto, Russell, Liberal, 9!
Victoria and Haliburton, Hughes, -
Waterloo, South, Claire, Con,    3:
Charelbois, Oue, Forget:, Con, ZOO
Chateguary, Que, Brown,    Liberal,
Compton, Que., Hunt, Liberal,
Dorchester, -Que, Flynn, 1tM major-
Drammond and Arthabasca,    Que,
Lavergne, Lib, elected.
Frontenac, Que, edwardc, Con, 115
majority. ,
Huntingdon, Que, Rofeb, Liberal, 200
Jacques Cartler, Montreal,   Liberal
Joliette, Que, Ewbeau. Liberal,
Labelle, Que, Matford, Libearl, 414
Brandon,  tv'.an.. Silton- Liberal,  100
Catiphin, Man, Campbell, Con, majority •JS.
Lisgar, Mai.- Greer, way. Libera). 9Z
McDonald, Man., Staples, Conslrvi.
..orth Waterloo, McKenzfe King- Li
Kiraston, Ont, Harty, Libera'. W5! bera| jjb, ^v-
majot-ity. ' -   n_
;    Welland, Ont, German,   Liberal, 700 j majority.
Levis, Que, Carrier, Liberal,     635
Lislet, Cue, Paquet, Cons, 113 maj-
. Lotbiniere, Que, Fortier, Liberal,
300 majority.
Maski nonce. Que, Honey rand. Liberal, 300 majority.
Megantic, Que, Savoie, Lib, majority 500.
Montreal Quebec, St. Annes div
Doherty, Con, 70 maj.
Montreal, St. Marys divisior, Martin
Liberal 218; Marchel, Conservative
192; Martin niaj. 26. _
Montreal, '■. Maissonenuve, Verville,
Labor, 675"majority.
Monttncrt-y, Cue, Bay, Lib, 175 ma
Montmcrency, Qje, Parent. Liberal
400 maj.
Nicciette, Cue Turkett, Liberal, 700
Nov doing hnsiness'Tft
Drug Shn-e.
discern between two men of different
bnBd and color.
TMs monrmg Fbrenjan Brown ol
the jury asked that the child be glv
nother chance to identify the
mnn, bnt his lordship ruled that the
child could not be given the fourth
chance. This afternoon the taking
ore enence in the case is being
proceeded tntiL.
IVhen it was decided to hold an
evening session the child was again
obliged to attend-
SEALED  TBNlJEKS  addressed
the undersigned and endorsed Tenders tor Dr_i_dging Coal Harbor,"
be reeeft'ed*Dnffl*3?,fiay, 30th (
1308,  at 4.30 paa. for dredging
rerjtiired at  Coal  HMbotuV Tanccm-
;r, J?rovittce of BritlBh Colimibia:
Tenders will not be considered nn
ss made on the form supplied, and
signed with the actual1 signature
Specification end form of tender
can be obtained on application
G. A. Keefer, Esq., resident engineer
New "ffestrainster, and at the Department ot Public Worfcs, Ottawa.
Teners must include the towing
the plant to and from the worlis.
Only dredges can be employed
which are registered In Canada, at
the tune of the Sling of tenders Con
ors most be ready to begm
work withm twenty days after the
date they hare been notSfed of the
acceptance of  their tender.
An accepted cheque on a chartered
hank, payable to the order of the
Honourable, the Minister of Public
Works, for one thousand dollars (SI,
000 00), must be deposited as seem
Ity. The cheque win Be  returned in
ise  of  non acceptance  of tender
The Department does not bad  .
!f£ to accept the lowest or any ten
By order.
Nap. Tesaier,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, October 7, 190E
Newspapers will not he paid fb-
this advertisement if thes insert i
without    authority from  the Depart
3. BRRBER'-rirD. s."
Fernie,-B. C
W. R. Boas K.C     J^.T. Alexander.
Barrister* and Solicitors.
A- HcDongaU, Mgr..
Hamrfaetarere of and Dealers ia aHMnfis ofBoogfc
and Dressed Lumber
Send as your orders
Fernie, B. C
Alex. I. Fisher
Fernie, B. c
Fernie B. C
Lumber   Dealer
AU Jantis of roiurh and dressed Inmber
Pioneer Builder and Cotractor of
Builders and Contractor*.
Estimate* Fornfshed.
Geo. C. Egg, A-I.O, William Haldane :
Acchitiictc and Valuator*,.
Femle, B. C. Nelson E
"We did.   "We are Bring; away at the
L. O. Kutonner
•Estamta.te-5 Furnished
Team Work and Draying
Dealers in Wagons,   Sleighs,   Dump
C*arta, Spring Bigs and Harness
Board and Room, *JE8 00 per montli
ills, Gt-c, Lantoc.
-in, :
jell. Lib
75 n
i     Wellington, South, Ont, Girthrie, Li-
h Lanark, Crt, Haggart,   Con, '-. ^^ ^ ^.j^y. _   ■
Leeds, Ont, Taylor, Con
Lincoln, CntL, Lancastei
ive- elected.
, 146 n
Quebec County, Rebftaifle, ln<L, 300
Quebec West, Price ConservatitfC 24
i     Wentv/orth, OnL, Ptolemy, Con, 20C i maJDrity.
e";;ct* "    \ maiority. j     Quebec East, Laurier Liberal,   ma
Conscrva-i    North VafV^ Qn^ ^^^ Lib,!^"^ 9SS-
Richmond and Wolfe, Que^ Teh in.
Marr,udte, Mai
ority 71.
Porta6= 13 Prairie,
Liberal, 305 majority.
Lci-don, Crt, Ecatw-i, enww -e, (    Yoi% ^^ 0ttLf Wa„ace,
Koche, Con., <r,aJ     1JJra -"a.orrty. jonty
Lamtrton  East.    CnL,     Armstrorg, |	
;, Man, Cravrford,   ^ • '■*& r»»iOrAj.
i and Addi-Ptcn, Or.L, Wa-t
, LarVierre,   Can,  ■*■«-"• Liberal 47 maj. f    Argenteu.1, Que, Pertey, Cno,   200
North Middlesex, Crt, Smith, Lib-  ra*SorAJ'-
5   era,I ISO maj.
West Middlesex, Calvert,    Liberal,
, Jackson, Liberal, 146
Souris, Man, schaftnc,
Winnipeg, Man, Kaggart, Con, 2000 j    Wtst Korthunifcerlartd, Out, MeCcol
major-ty. _ Lib^2C0ma>
Moskofca, OrL, Wright, Con.
Algoma West, Ont, Soyce, Ccn. WO  Ottawa, 50 polfa
majority. } McGovern, Lib.
Brant, Ont, Pater-son, Lib-, 303 ma-' Birkett, Con.
Brantford, Ont, Harris, Liberal, 184
majority' j    North Ontario. Sharp,
Laurier ..   4903
ChiJbot, Con. .     ...    4590
Laurier and McCovern elected.
, sleeted.
ma    Liberal.
{     Richiheti  ~aunty, Lanctot, Liberal,
I 11UI majority.
luski, Que, Ross, Liberal,    450
St Lawrence, Elier*, Con, 12 ma>
Sfc Antome, Ames, Corwerwative, 300
St   Lawrence drvfslon ^ight polls
give Eic*kerd!fce„   j3berals   six major
Betlecnasse, Qse,   TaJEwrt, Liberal^
1100 majority.
— BertfnerrQne^ ^crement^tio
365 maj.
,  Fisher,  Liberal,    320
SEALED TBVDBR addressed to
the undersigned and endorsed Ten
der for Public Enflding, Vernon, B. ,
C," win be received at Uris office un
Ul 4 30 p.m oa Friday, Noi ember 20,
1908, for tfie cocstrucdoii of a Public |
Bnadnjg at Vernon I
Plans and spccifiearJons can be |
seen, and forms of tender obtained at.
this department and on application, to I
tiie postmaster at \emon- \
Persons tenderiiis are noilSel tliai
tenders will not be considered unless
in the printed form supplied, and
signed witli tbeir actual signatures
JZach tender mnst be acomppoW
by an accepted cfteque on a charter
ed ban's, made payable to tbe order
of the Honourable the Minister of
;Public Works, equal io nn per cert
tlO per centj of the s-ziount of tbe
tender, which will be forfeited if the
person tendering decline to enter in-
contract when, called upon to do
r if he fail to complete the vtotk
contractEd for. If tbe tender be not |
accepted the cheque win be retnmeu
The Department does cot bind Itself to accept the lowest or any ten
Ey order.
(Signed)        , Nap Tessier
Department of Public Worfes, Otta
wa, October 20th, 1908
Newspapers wfll not be paid for
this- adTertisemeat if they insert it
without airawrfty (rout the Depart
Mrs. X3esle-a.-ui-*es.  Prop,
J. E. ROGERS, Prop.
Sto-ves Z     Stoves I
We have the cheapest and
best line of Ranges, Kttehea
Stoves and Heaters.
b.c. furniture
i  New and Second-Hand Goods
Ir. STAN, terry"
Painter and Decorator
Sfc. Jaroe*, Que, Gervais, elected by
-1519. __yl	
Sberbrooke, Que, Wortfilngton, Con.
75 majority.
Two  Mounlafnu, Que, Etfiier, Lfb-
eralr^'maj. £   *
Temiscouata, Que4, Gauvrean, t
large majority.        ***?
(Continued on page 7.)
Rimnan Kaminski Go.
Fer yonr -rapply uf
taroceries, DryGoods
Hosmer, B. C
B. C.
■^^a^t^'iSii^DoTvreneto the
^,'Tou-af: Ue tight pante. a^____P__«_*[tS^5 ^J^'^Ll
Who "bougfit some tight panis,
atJOnO. oat how he does it we
1 tcanmn this paper for another week."
•Did Mother Hunbaiil    the went tof"Why do the Japs love Canada 302**
tfie cupboard [    *nie little chHdreE cried.
To get ner poor daughter a dress,    j **Why, lenrier loves tne Japa,    you
When she grit t£ere j        Know,**
The cupboard waa bare, |    The teacher dear replied.
And so was her daughter I guess. —Nelson. Dally News.
R.   Addison
Bia-j-rmo-re, .Alta.
Funeral Director
and UiMicrt-afcer, '//
■,..y. **~.^ -..-r.'.
-.44,' .jVi...*.-'.
■V .,4^-4T.^-...-"-VY.,(j44.^^.4^4 4i^B4.444U.4^^.
rt«s-<-. <'■■■ ■   .j-'yj..!...,,.; .-        . j ■
- /■'.:?-,H'^ ..?•••■'.•' :* •'   ' "
» u ^*.if—-*■ -  -_,vtf_:*; " j. ,"!*■„* V,".^.       ",	
"-)"f?C * v*"-P v"1* r'V*     '',   ■*»'.*■■** *   I'*.*--****•**■-    v*.1'?!* ;<$tit   ke'i'e i" -x,
4    4       ,.-. ..     •»'—f
."■"l      "
.J.4--       i4j9-'?-»   jSt?.-—      "—   '     -'»
1"     ^Continued-from,page 6,)   .-..'' '*
. _|". 4" v Nwa fScotla;;' *[;;f";'
Halifax City,'      ;•..■■* '.  .'- .';.',,   \■',
Carney, Lib..■..... ....... .'.-.   .4958
' Roche, Lib.'...  .. ._„'.. .'.*. .*"'.'...;   4836
.. Crosby, Con. V..'.;...''. ..........   5270
Borden Con. ....    5516
Borden and Crosby elected;      , . /(
Annapolis, Pickup, Liberal, majority
.210. ■■.   ***   .  * .'•-....
' Ahtigonisi-i,, N. S., Chisholm, Liberal
■1209, Girror, COn., .1163,'majority ..for
Chisholm 46.. -!■■"'.'.
,Cape Breton • North, McCormack- —■.
Con., 53 maj.   '    'v',... ";v. "- [/'.;.>.-.''
o'     . t-'-t.   Ir' . '-.'^4 , 7^   .   ..*. v,\.J ^'.7.    --:.>..
'   (Cape Breton South, Johnston, Lib.,
-.2165;  Madden,' Con., 1992^.majority—
Johnston 17*?.-  -;."•',   ..',■-,-., .J-"   ; . .
.... 4.-..4J-*.        „-. ...v-i    J;-*:,--•,
jCoJchester, N. S., Stan-field, Conservative, 64 ma'jo'rity. '.,''•■''; ■'• V-'"•'"-. ■*"."
"■: -     •..'. ■      '■■*:S
-   iCumberland, N. S.r Rhoies, Conservative, elected.,  ,    , -.:_   _.. '"!'-.
■   ,Digby, N. S., Jamieson, Liberal, .131
majority.-.      ■-,',,'     , r.        ,.  *•*•■'
■Glace ,Bay,-Haddon, Coh.jMOO.'niaj-
' ''* ,.-*.",•*   ',.
ority. . '      ''*'*.;.,' •'
'■*    Guysboro, N. Sv St.'-Clair*?,-Liberal,
' elected..- .--,;.',.„-   '■'','■■ *;.■'■'. i';'.     *' "  .;
'■'. ".Inverness,* N7:S.,,Cliishblml Liberal,
, 943 majority. *-* —   -- —
.*-•.' . -i ■ ,*■*
A......  .■•m..-,.
Hamilton, lEasfc' *■*'.,
...Hastings^.West:.....'. ,
Huron, East"",'"'v* "
Huron, Westv,
Kent," West- '•*      '., '
LaxnbtonV East
'Laiuafk, South. "
.Leeds. k.. -'--.'     ■ ---".
, Lennox and Addington
• Lincoln' #_',. >■ ■ '. '.''.' ** '* ',,
...London' , ' - -,.-.1', !. '
' Middlesex East .-    '   -
Northumberland, East
Souih-Ontnfio*    '?•-'  *
•'Peel-.■■:y-',.   . '?' *   :
.. North Perth'* ■
J P-cince'-Edward .   y-
North Renfrew    ' * o
' East* Simcbe/- ."
South Simcde-. - '   s •'
Durham ..;        '
t ,jyest-Elgin      .•'*_   .   . "
^Front'ena'c,'.;*;:    --■
"Norfolk-'-''.. ."'.■""■''
Toronto Centre
',".,Toront(j,';'East, -.■,
*' TorontbV^West! <\j,  ^
.  Toronto, .Nor.th\ ,'.'■;  ■,^.;
- Toronto, :iSbuth "
Victoria .and Haliburton
. North- Waterloo""*''.!■  : ..
Wenworth *   *•' ''
• South' York;' .- -
■    -  '   .   -4 ■,       "I- I
Liberal .Seats ,
■ East Algoma'
Brocliville^''' >'•-'
■<• t<,
i ..      '   '■?  - •  ';*,>■; i'-} •      j ■..' '•
.;.,     ' NEW;.BRUN8WIClC- -;
Consefvatrves-V^HV^^^ ^-.'(?-< I
u-^-i '.-.•■:  iy-'^i-nsi. ■ y--.- -
'.Charlotte ' ;--- \      .'..",
,. Kings-4&lbert_   ..  ......
'., St., John .City        , , - ,-,.-', :','..
York .    . ■=    -'.-4 ,..,,.,
Liberals ;•; ,.   .     :,       \ :.-,
■■ Carleton . , '   , '   ■
. Gloucester" '-, ■'■',-..'■
' Kent       .   .\. ,     •' -"'-.' •
• .Northumberland •   •
Restigouche"' " '" ""•'".-; :
.St. John City arid County,'.',- ','
,vVictoria-Madawaska ''    ,'.'',v;'.''
Westmorelan     •   ■
■:*? '
Kings County,-N. S.,: Borden, Lib
DO majority'.."'^.V-^.L' .'' '■"',/' ■
. Lunenburg; N.;s;,:McLean,'Liberal,'
371--majority. ,."       -     .'' '*
'   .,  ,.   .,     ■ ",.* ~. *■-  "■■ -''".■.*'.;'■-  "{;.,' '•'
' • Pictoh, McDonald, Conservative, —
■maj.- 13.   ' ( ^y ;■"■ -    '■"-y     -_     .;.
Richmond, N. S.,'.Kyle,.Libi', 223 majority. ""
Shelbourhe and Queens) N.S., Field-
ing, Lib., 400 majority. '
Yarmouth, N.S., Law, Liberal, .750
majority. • ■   ■-' -    •• -'.- -     ,   ,.
Carelton County, N. B.1, Carwell,.Liberal; 157 maj.' ■ ,      /,- ''■    •':"'.- , P".
Gloucester, N. B./Jurgon,  .Liberal,
300 majority,  -/.^t. -".' ■   ■ -y-y    »-- r.
'* ;'.St. John City; Daniel; Con'.;'majority.
~ igoT73?""',;'. -  "-.,,-, v":.. .v-. ',■,-''.
:.,.'. '--,r.--vj-'.-.;;-•■,'■•>•  --  ..-viv5- •*
<*. York, N^B.;-latest gives Crockett,
■Conservative/majority of 800.
\ South Bruce'-'
•; .Noj'tli. Bruce .-*-. ■
v. North;.Essex1 . _    . , ;-'"j.-'      " "„.,!.'„
^, S,outh Essex    '"      r.''   "   •'■■'
"' Gleiigai-i-y- .*'     ,;•    -   «' '._, „' •*'
' ■ North. Grey -   .
*   Sdutli.Grey", l.'i "' 'i.■</',•":
West Hamilton^1'*-■-•• -*'■ ""'    ,,'
..'South .Huron  „' .-,....,
^East.'Kcnt      ,/'■
Kingston '«       ,'.>•-.,'.'        .    '
■'■West-.'Lambton '"' .}?',*    •   •   -
.North Lanark^'-' -j/      t     -.,   .-..•'
'-.■VVest'lMiddlescx , \        .   ;>
•■Nipissing  ''n'~ y):■/'."..r. ,
- West Northumberland " '
4'North'-:0'ritarid-'r\ *'! ' \*'
:','Ottawa—two members
" "North.'Oxford       . ,. ,-,... ,.v.:-
■ South Oxford   „
Parry Sound   * -
. North-'Perth     ,.. *. -,..*      - ■■',    ..
South Pertli ". '.  s .-;';■-
East Peterboro    ;._ -     "..-_ /„'/* .'■
- West" Peterboro ,!   "r       -,
Prescott-:..-.--.-  ■'.'•"'."  ■'" '   ■."■'"* ;,'v"
South" Renfrew-•■;;-'-;;':)'. ,-....,,'.■,     • *
'• Russell ' .'  '"   7-      "'■•-■..■ ■.'"...
. North' Simcoe       '    •
Thunder. Bay and. Rainy,River Dis:
trict :--■■^-3 >; - .■;'    (. .'      .'';*i..-.-' "j
-.\Welland"   '■; y.J.y.7' ' "*"-
'- North Wellington'.---. .-" - ■_■   ■■ ^,
■   South Wellington-   " """,.',
.'".North'Tofk ~v' *' ~:*-"':-"'"        • '■''   ']'
- Ccnfre'York'1:'"'
Conservatives ,■*• ■■.,,.. ^
-..Queens—two members
.".-Prince"•'" ' -••'  ;-•■„   ;-
Liberal ,' ',' "_'_. •_.■-.■;
•Kings     '        '.   "      V,'S
, ; • * r-4V   ^MANITOBA;,   '
Conservatives %vfV ■    "^.  .
■;  Marquette1?    ,v
'Siuris1' ^'  -  '    ■ '
Liberal '"  ■.'"    ..- "   " "' '
■\ Brandon,,,..,. ,^ ','•'• .,	
jLiogar.-i^4-4,^j,'A -', »,.  ',
Macdonald'   ';■**-..    '
Portage la Prairie
a Provencher
.Selkirk   •:.,«.    ; Vv
Winnipeg"'r'- " ..'*'/-      '•
.       ■■>     sr< ;k   -..^4 . .,.
•■   Qu'Ap'pello'1 ;,
*AijSlniboia . *-,   -   -
." . •, ,            - ...
'tt ..■',■'.<
Liberals ^
t.'Prince..-Albert' (deferred);
Saskaloon • . -•',,,'"' y/
Humboldt "-/   ■ '
I ■■'Mnlkonzio  ': .'.'      .;"".!-
*. ....  .■«.   ,      •'■ .-•. i  "•
.- IMooscjaw.   , • '. :.•'*':   : ■  .
^-^->Ind. Con." ''" •''' '■
-. '      "* .*
.Conservative'        *-•.-■ /
Calgary ' '   ;-   ,-..-.
. Maeleod ^
Liberal  ■      ,'*•■'
:   Edniontoh .-*
Slratcona * .... V   .''.:   ,.
-*,i'--4 ;:-
"it} i-i.'
.   ''.--ED IN FUTURE
Pekln, October 29—The fourteen vital laws, under which the Emperor of
China is expected'.to govern his. subjects when the-.new constiution ■ of
that nation becomes effective, are announced through .the promulgation of
a form'-'of that .document. Basically
the constitution,!-will contain" these
classifiicationsf;.; ■'.''
'"'The ,Ta'.Ch'ing'Emperor will.*rule
supreme'- * over i -the' Ta * Ch'ing Eriipire
foi*, one* thoiisgnij. generations in" succession' and-be.; honored forever.1
. Majesty of the overeign.
Right;of promulgating laws.
Convocation, .suspension, extension,
and also the^,dissolution of parliament.   ■.    VA.AJ.-.-.      ^ ' ,      ,
- Appointment, payment,   promotion,
degradation ot officials.
* Command over the army,   also the
navy.1'   •'' •'-;.'«-- "V- -  , f, . .,.-.
Power to riiaki? war, peace, treaties,
and to receive-and appoint'ambassadors. ""  ; ■ '   -■■ ■■
Rewards and-pardons.  ,        ''■■--
Martial law.'-.:•-..■.• ..,'',
Rights over judges and the administration of laws. , .-i   . <
'   Injunction.".. '•         ".....',..   ■ -.
,, jRlght. of raising funds' whe,n- par-'
Ham-ant' isnotfltf setjsion.v'* ■,;]r '■""'
Right .of .fixing'trfe-expenses of the
Imperial household.. . , ^ ' ■,'* -'■, .
. Respecting' authority over the Imperial clan.      ' ""..-.
It is then set forth that on the dissolution of parliament the people' shall
be called upon'to',elect a.hew/'p'ii-lia-
meht." •;-.',.        .■  , ','■ ',*, . ,. ,,
**PiAWKIN-S-i-.SMITH—On'' * Thursday^
the.22nd,,by the'Rev. Everett. W.
Couper, rector of St. .John's church,
Spokane,, Wash., U. S. A.,.Dolly IC.
Smith, oldest'daugiher of .Mr. John
B. Smith of the Feniie-FoiTt- Steele
' Brewing Company, Fernio, B. C, to
-'Mr. James Hawkins of the Hudsons
Bay Co., Nelson,-*B.'C. •   ,
.■^xy .* •
Prince Edward Island   ;
.Charlottetown, P.E.I., Ganongl"' Con.
1581; Todd, Liberal 1523. Majority for
"■Ganohg 58. ,- \ ,' -   ' .
- ,        .    -    , . .-'•...,. ■
Kings P; E. I. Fraser; Coriservative;
•electel. '
Queens, Pro.wse," and Warburtbn, P.
E.-l.r'both'Llbofal.'.,'.-'. {..   , >.. "'
*■--■'■■     " ^QUEBEC.
Conservatives.. -\ ' .
-| Argentouil'' '   " ., "
-'■Beaubarnpis   <.."■.
„ Oliarlevolx.^
Dorcliest'e'r "
I Huntingdoni,   '.,-'.',
: Jacques "Cartler  ' "  ,
' L'lslet
Montreal, St, Antorie"
•v,Pontine, .   '.\ ;'.
siier'brooke ■ '    .'
Liberal      v
Victoria r.   • .■[,—:.-'-,.
., Vancouver
New Westminster   >■. '
' Yale-Cariboo—deferred
, - Comox-Atlin—deferred -
'' Kootenay—deferred.'* '".'.
*" - • •   "' '
One'seat,' Conservative.'
The worklngman who says he will
not join a labor union because < he
wants to be independent and do as
lie pleases has not learned to think
.very.deeply on the-things that affect
him economically. He simply echoes
the Voice of the selfish employer. ■
Independence, is a precious term to
the true American. But he does not
always,understand what it means..
A man is truly independent when
he stands for that which,is best for
himself, his family and his country.   \   .('' *     :-     -
• The man who asserts his independencei.in getting drunk, and making ..a
.beast of himself, a-menace to his fam-
■" -I, . '' •    4        .
Uy and:a nuisance.Mo society, Is not
a very high class of independent citizen. ■, '    ., <*'    "   •   ■ ,.,
The working-man,who asserts his
Independence by working for any
wage his employer may elect and. submitting.tb'.'Wy-conditions ho may im-
pose' can not claim the "enjoyment of
a superior..tquality of indepderice for
himself.        '"   • •, ,■
Is it possible for tho workingman to
do,as.ho pleases? . How far can ho
go in that "direction!*.,. ',/'  -,
1 • Let, him• start out*to-morrow riiorn-
ing.-with the' idea that ha. Is goiiv to
do ..as he pleased and attempt--1 o put
it into offedfi" "'Let him..please (o get,
a rqise(.of 'wages' ilnd"a shoi'leiiliig . of
hours., If he is'gettiiig:,tliroo dollars
a day let^lim'please.to get four.-,Will
he*;get-.wliat lie pleases..   •• i   ,.
* Is (tlio worldngman-sunciulering his
independence" by'joining a iiniou? No
".i ■ ,
he is insuring his incio-peiiUeiice, for
.in unionMliei-e-is'strengtii.-.'•
As a. union member he, lias a voice
in'everything that .affectsJris job
In the matter of the estate of John
i Csupik, late of Hosmer, 8. ;C, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all persons .having any claims or demands
against .the late John Csupik, who
died on or about the lst day of August, 1908, at Hosmer, B, C, in the
Province of British Columbia, "are
requested to send .by post prepaid, or
to deliver ti the, undersigned, solicitor herein for Michael Csupik, * the
administrator,- their names, and .addresses, and full particulars, in writing, of their claims, and statements
of their accounts, and the nature of
the securities, if any,   held hy them.
And ..take notice that, after the lst
day of December, 1908, ' the said administrator will priceed to distribute
the assets of the said deceased
among the parties ■ entitled thereto,
having regard only to the" claims of
which lie shall then, have had notice,
and >that',the>isaid administrator will
not be' liable for the said assets, or
any part, thereof; to any person of
whoso. claim he shall not then have
received notice.
Dated at Fernie, B. C, this Sth
day of October; A.D.,. 1908. ,
' L. P. Eckstein,   ,
Solicitor for the said Administrator.
i   Tho''r'esult-'of the elections were- rib
British Columbia-   .,,.
..   3
Ontario  .'..., ..,,*.;,.
... '15
Quebec,-    '   ..'.
,. 11
Nova Scotia    ,
..      0
1    13
New  Brunswick
'.'.    2  -
.    11
Prince Rrtwnrd'Island
..    1
..    7
'     3
..   3
78..     135 *
is tlie
The ■■ Following
Standing of tiie Paris
Prior to October 2Bth
The totnl a'cnta in tlio lust purlin-
mont miinborod 2M, hut four new
•aoaiB aro utldod to Saalcaluhownu arid
three lo Alhortn, making tlio division
aa follows:
Ontario ,,,'.,,   ,
Nova Scotia	
Now nrunawlck	
Piinco Kdward Iuland
Manitoba ;,
Hnflkolcliowun  ,,.,",,
Alborta ,,,   	
Brllliiti Columbia ....
ii»      I i i # » •
* * * t     * I l ■
,  4
Tbo InHl. Dominion IIoijho v/iih dl
■vldoii ns foll(iw3,
•Ontni'Io    -17
Quoboo    . I
Vni'n   *-,,''i(ln i
Now Hn.iiHwIek  R
lilnca iCdwiml I Hi nnd .. .',
.Munliobn  :t
.^(iflkutiliownn ,  1
Alborta*  a
BrltlHb ('nlmnl'ln .... 0
• tabello,
Quebec .Comity
Ilugot. ,      ,, ;.;   .     .
13cllecbusso   , ■   .     , ■
Uortliler       '/ ■'  '"'
,   HonaventurO'-'. <?, ;   •   ■"■   ;-.*
.   firoino
Cbambly-Vcrcheres.     ..,',, *
,- Clmtcausuay
, Drummond-Aiithabaska
' fii'W'^    ''        '"      . ..*    ,
llocholaga   ■
Joliotte  ,
Kamomanka ,
•   l.'AMSomptlon ,
Miisklnorigo- ''' '■■','
MiiKuntbi    t -,
MliiHiouol   ■'*       '
Mnnttnngny •    ' '    .
Montmoroncy    '    ■
Montreal, «t„  Mary
MontroiiI, St. Anno
Montn-nl, Su Jamas -
. Nlcolot ■--   •
Quohoc Contro
Queboc JCust
Qiifib*'o Wost
Itliihmond nnd Wblfo
It 111) 01,11!)'.|
Ht, Kynclntlio
SI    .Inhu iitk!  JI'i-.TVlllc
Ti Mi'!.' oiiii'h
'i < ) rn),!(ll|H!
Tii'v.' nil'*-!'.*; nml .St. Mary
'I've Moinitulj.a
; \v..;..( >
, v . i ,-
. 'n.uVA  SCOTIA
^■t i,.t i. i„*
doubt a' surprise'to many,' who'""'had
figured on1'a change this timej wliile
to the old and, stauricji. Liberals- thero
never- seemed-to. be .> any .'doubt -as. to
.the result. ' .. '''•'--* '-!■"'■' :")''"'.
Wo would' ,Ul^yto,^avVJ.seen;i Frank
Sherman elected in. Calgary, and some
of tho other* Independent'or /.Labor
mon-put'lnr'as'we'thlnk that it is
necessary lo have,a, .few. honest* n*jen
to work-for the people's interosjs. .*'
1 Where working men. make tho big-
mistake of their lives is by voting the
6ld party ticket because (heir fathers
(lid. , This is a, mistaken Idea," and
tlio-sooner wo break away, from -it
(be hotlor.' ' l ' ";' :
•'Roth "iho old parties''aro corrupt'-
■ ■ FUL'BALlYi;'   '   .
•■ Zam-Buk, the' favorite , household
balm, is now. adopted, as "The Doctor"- by leading' parties' in-surveying
various parts of the DomiiiionJahds^
In the matter of the estate of Melissa
Leonard, late of the, City .of'Fernie,
deceaseu. "■ .
,, Notice is hereby given' thnt'all persons' havihg : any. claim    or,-demand
agains't"fhe'- late:   -Melissa    Leonard,
who died on or about the lst(day of
August,. 190S,'at.Fernie, in tho 'Pro-1
vince "of British Columbia, aro requir- j
ed to send by post prepaid,.,or to de-!
liver to the undersigned, soliti shrdl'
liver to- tho undersigned solicitor for j
tho' executor.'and trustee, under  -the "
will of' .tbo said' ' Melissa ■' Leonard,
their. names aud  addresses and  full
particulars' in writing of their claims',
aiid siateinants of their accounts, ami
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Everything ;
Up-to-date t
Call in and
see us once
C. W. DAVEY & CO., Props.
(Iiil'oav of old stand)
Does th* omploycr.-sntnt him a volo^h?.n1*4l!lr,° °{ the ^hrilloa, if   any,
•   ■■■ ' ■ held by.ihom..      . ,
and voice' in/tlnr.-adjustment of.relat- ,
ionsjiips b'et\reen;*'tbeni? Ilo'has .nothing to say.' .I-Io must-simply'submit.
■■•-,.'.       , "   ." ■ »
Ha.must dens.the omployer wishes
him, to do.   '" ■-L;,
- What would be the degree of hide-,
pendenco enjoyed by_ the-. American,
workman if tho unions,were not in ex-
istente ?.*-,-,   ■ •• ',,,  .; ' _,'. .■,,,'.'
In how many inslnnccsMs it possible
to' find  wherein  employers .improve
,-• ■      ' . ,- . : l /* "..v. v,-*4       , .        -i  - '
tlio'conditions.of lab'ot witbofit" the
'presence ..of. union, influence? Why
do the ^eniployerS" oppose- he- unions?
Because.,/they "make.".' the employe's
more1 Independent, i'moj^mauly^fliiiL
Jio working nicn finer curropt-.>n;
Ion;'or'c-lso ,'thpy 'wbiiJd slop, vol up: •-.''
for the .'.irruplioi.'isl**, .and vol.) for ]\'Y:',}nAU'. p,"!."*
thf.-ii- uvn tiion'who'wJll •.(>.''■. I nc.fi'1U w, /'•''"I""'
jbow-iimn hot air'-rind proiali-.M/ .'-- ■^''; ^hy^'^
f.^Ir. Henry Hall writing from Fort-
Will,am, says*.'"Having'proved how:
beneficial Zam-Buk Is in cases ,of
cuts, skin injuries', and diseases, 1'
.determine \o keep'fa'5 supply liaiidy.
Beiiig"engaged to gl on a survey party,I thought it would-be a' most use-
'fuf'thing, to-tako along. I obtained a
shpply in' Fort'William;, emd very well
"it was 'that ,1 did so, , i may say that-
pretty nearly ovory day I was railed
into requisition by one or the other
of tho party for cdts, bruisps," burns,
or .spine injury'or other.; U is won-
(Jerfiii how anlkly Zam-Buk, takes tho
soreness out,of:cnts, burns," bnilsos,
anil injuries; and in ''our" survey-' ', It
earned'golden opinions 'from,all who
j bad-occasion to try it. I,hay,o,fpund
lit. very 'Aiio for BklU'/dl.Heiises, aiid I
ji'iin shongyl rooommou It as a Iiouho-
'holi.l balm."    , '_'  ...   ""''...■
I'iiui'oiil aimiyals, ,say3:.T-ri"I:
ii".,|!:iiion   In  (.entlfylpB "'to ■
And take notice that after the 1st;
day" of November^ ^90S, tho said ■ ex-!
ec'utor- and trustee' will proceed to :
distribute the assets of the deceased'
ahioi'ig-'lhe persons'entitled thereto,!
having regard only to the claims ofi
which be shall then have had 'notice, ■
and 'the' said ' executor "aiid trustees J
will not be liable for tho said assets,';
.or any part thereof, to any person"of j
whoso claim' ho shall not then 'have i
received notice.       ■  - ■       . "       *■*','
Dated, at Fernio, .B. C....Uiq l-lth./lay !„
pf September," A. D., 190S. '*"".- ,l_
'/   ,'.■ _ .L. P/Ecksteini' '   j"
,  Soljcitor, for 4the, said'.Kxecii^oi*. and
Trustee, .,   \    ■ . , *
.'.-,'",        • -"-.Fernio'. B. C.!
Table Unexcelled
Rar siijiplioil with the finest
hi*ai 1 ds of "Wim*.--,- LiijiiovH'
- - •   .and Cigars
- .MRS. S. JENNINGS, Prop.
(Formerly (if teutntl Hotel)
betters, citizens. '-;-•'>- •'' * .
" Be not' ded6'ivedKvoncib'griioii', When
you aro.advised to adliere to the"kind,
of .independen'cVadvocjited- hy.v,seJfish
omployers bo assured that tbe curt-,
ailment of yoiir.iudoppi^ence js,eon-
template^,—Citizen,.    .,,
• XOTICIO Is hereby given that .one
month after date I iniendto nnpjy to
,the'Superinleiidenb -of .Provinclai Po'-
lice for llie.ronowal of iny.lIotpl-Ll-
conso. to,.r,ell intoxicating liquors u'n-
dor tlip.pro'ylsioiiH of tho Statute in
•that, behalf In tho.promises known
and doHc'iibod as (lib- .Wellington
Uoimq,' Kltunioil at .Vew Miqjie'li II. C.,'
to conimence ou (lie first day o£.January, I'lOit.   '    '   ' ■
In the matter of the estate of Steye.
^Suchorzag,    late "of   Fernie, 'B.'-C./l
]  deceased.., -..:-. '■   ',    .■•-«.■••   j'-.- -> '
. Notice is hereby given that, ail'per-;
sons having any claims .or. .demands
against ' the late    Stove    Suciiorzak,
■.ei-ilfylpB 'to I'  ■*" TIIQMAS CIU'liAN,
vol' ^laia^tuk, which | Uuiod. this .llst.'OcloboV*; A.D.; I DOS.'1'
■.newly ailnptod j.
.The Hotel:of:Fernie. •■■
Fernie's Leading' Coniiuoi-cinl
anil Tourist I louse
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
maa^tut'e*mfKim*i--ve\.iiUt.tn~i^ .v
■"Lai '"us  -pro'va'   fo
raffle   will, 'save
Tbe noir.p that   iwii'   1   4.!ini."/
Golden NiiBjiui K.m.ji.'
■—1..\.,>. fi.^i
—save:-, tfiod
—fjvc,' li;*,-i|*.ii ;'
—-r.Vvce' 11,lie
—saves- labor
(or this ii- tbo raiiRc' thai   .v,-vi  w
to s;ive jii',' ilio-.c" tii;i.;;- '
G'i"JR ^ fV-OXFC' '*?:
v.; 1%     hov-/    rX.
(■ )■*,'
XOTIOK In liuroby. given Hint one
numth alter (Into T lutein! lo apply to,
ilu> ,Sii|i(frlnioii(lcnt. of I'mvliifilnl To- \m:OIve(I ,10,lce'
li.-ii Im* ilic phiowji] of iny„Uotel Ll-
(•(in:;,', lo i;cll Intoxicating llquoi'H Ull-
..;.!!' tin' tirovlslons of the Staluia In
1.1 nt'''behalf In tho premises known
and d"'*''i'lbi'(l as the Allcbel Uolol, Hit-
uiiie al 'Mld'el, ft, 0„ to (•ominniK'o on
!!.(! U.i,;.'.!. day ot January, I'lOit,
iwioil.tlir. ;llst (Ji'tobcr, A.D.,'11(08.
who died on orabout tho 19th day of
June, '190S, at .Coal Creek, B.-C., In
the    Provlnco    of' British  Columbia',
aro required lo send by, post," prepaid,
or to deliver' to tho undersigned, so-
lleltor herein for Simon*' Uogacy, tho
administrators,  their  iiamos.and  addresses, and full partlciijiir^ In writ; i
ing, of thoir claims, and statements!
of their accounts, and the' nature of!
tho HecurilloK, Jf any. hold by them,  j
And tako notice that after tbo 1st;
clay of December,  1908, the said ad-;
lninjstt-ator will proceed to dlstrlbuto'.. — -
the'   assets    of - tho    said deceased '■/        '       ■
nmns lho parties entitled 1 hereto,' h,,,. wi|»i»licil willi the best Wine.s,
having regard onyl to tbe elainiH of,'
which ho Hhnll then havo bad notice,;
nnd that tho said administrator will,
not bo liable for tho said assets, or j
{any part thereof, to any porson of;
jWluiKo claim ho shall not thon   have j
,*   1
nnlflrt at Kernle, 13, Cb, this Dili day '
of October; A. D„ J 90S.
L. D. Eckstein,
Slllcltor for tbo said Administrator,
'     f a    "*
is ihu
(i . ...
Ol ll
•ml ft*:.
r.i.1 hi-'liv.1',.:1
i''1 I'll,
1 !'.'*; il
l-|i,ll4,-(]   |,'.il;;i'
\- *.;).! i;i.
•••'.! r..:".',
IT .'!', : '■',:'
.'.irU :
■ 1.61
■'   n I'M*'!-' :•.*■.
I ;nc.i.(.li ui'lei* ui .j' ■
!i '.' ni<-' 1
Vi.'.'C v
h\: <:-.-.
tlu : "
In I
You (k'ii't
boll .'ir f-r
t:j ;o vi" *'
A   , A I, I v
wr. .;-. ■    .
T.i.1 1
I...-.-  :. I   .'
ll : ".(,.!.
1      1.   ■ ■
Will i-w.'. !■  I'l
I     l:
1   'I
'    I.
Tlio roiiHtKiinnrleu In tho pros in-
>coh hi' tho lant hoiiHO,wore.represent*
•oil ns follows:
Alpoma, Wont.
Mrnntfonl ,,
Hnrloton ''
Cornwnll and Stormont
nuff«Jic),*f5,*--vJO f^,'n^irxjiX
IfaUtnuaii aud Mouck
nLibcial .  •
.('iipi1 H,c!mi >;,
t"'|i|hy illc'tOll I',,
jciiml..*-! Until'
!(l'l&oi*o •''''''''	
. I liiliitu--i >,, 11 fjicmbors.
■JlfiiU'' .*}• <■-" *'S •.
;lnvorneg«'    1
Kinnn ,-!
ll'lctou        Wic.*": 'i  *• ■
-jllchntontfiijC, jot.'-'.1 ■
I -
t'^41    *4»l
' til .
4.4 «     4 4   4 4.
.N   r.AN'Ct,
i' 1..
*'"bl '
dl !.:■.
',...:   I.'
"iy clvon U.hI   oho
1 InMtnd to npiily lo
infant of PtovlnclHl Po.
ij...- Mil of my Wlioliiml*
Jill'' t(l K''U liiKixIcHtlngr lilt « I'.ovlidoiirt uf lint IrJtd-
i*   \.':i.ilf   III   ttld   pruhliHI'H
• 'th ui.i-d uk C'tHliuirn 1,1-
i-'iiiuii-rt nt Mlchol, It, (!„
• 11; ti.o (iitu ('uy nf Jmii.
j M**. *'•
rii aha*.',
•-I'.' A.I>„ IMS.
. 'i.i
t!i'» i.'.i.-ll
1 M-d
,.>.!,    ■
■ui*. !
nt Moiu! Co,
*•    f.dmoiit8(i
.1  4
w it*/ * •*>* **j>
044-1 btt'tUl' *lt AtUiUt."
time or other from Pile**!
" • vji »■■•(■.■at m<-.!ic»! r.uili(<rit]r. Theic
h pci ilii'-it^c ciut'c" inorij pnlr und
incicliedneM limn pllct t «nd by RlvInQ
•ihit'.-t {it'irifli-it'! i-A-.r Zani-Miik M% won
1.ii' j'i,i|..t-i.|ii..iii''.-irui*4(.| tiiili'icm, 11 you
jiii; tuii'filng b'l Zaiii'JJuk cure ymi" Sir.
Niil Duv.io, WrbbHomli Out. mtTcred with
iiii.'j cl^lil y«uu. A lew Irfiif* of 7-rtu
|tnl: cured him. He itncc iiy»:—"I Imve
bid tin ((tinn uf the trouble 10 that I know
tlm t ure U pcruir-ncnt."
Mr. C, li. J'*n.»t, - Lennnnville, P.Q.,
„,;,... " ! 1,.,-4C i-(.j4i-4, Zjht.-UuV n jjteal
cur.*- f..r j.ilr-i from which I (ulTfted icutely
fur n V -i' linn* "
/..iii It.il- *!■•) fsr.-ii tx\H, ulr««, bntni,
^l.'ii'.fi'fi, |>'.U(.ncd wmiiidi, IkiIIi, ectemi,
..',<*. all i-Vin tioiibtt-j. 5'v. * low, all drag.
i;/As nn) flouts ot fri.fn Zim-Ilub Co,,
1'nopf..   3 b ixc* for$1.3*;
XOTICli) Ih horoby Riven thnt tbo
piii'tnei'Hlilp ' heretofore oxIhI Imk between Samuel Krwln und John Wul-
tin, iloliiK bimlnnHH an pbiHtoroiH, etc.,
under thu firm riaiiid of Krwln & Walton, linn tIiIh dny been db-Hnlvoil by
nititiiHl coniKint, SHmuol Krwln rntlr-
IriR, I
And further Inkn notice tlmt all {
outntundljiK account« nKalnnt the firm >
of Krwln A Wnltoi are to bo paid j
by John W11 It on, Mid til billn out-;
HtitirlltiK and dun the firm of Krwln |
and Walton ire payable to John Will-!
ton, 1
(HIkiioiI) i
8amu«l  Erwin
John Walton
I     Dated tit Kernle, I), C„ Octohoi* 1!), 1
I mo?,. 0 ;
j : . ;
!    In the Matter of an Application for
!the Itsue of n duplicate of the Cortifi-1
i cnte of Title to Lot 7, Block 24, Town
of Fornle,, (Map 73-1,)
1 - .   i,   »•   ...
'niv Intenrlon tn Ihhiii** et t'iA ov^(.»i
lion of one nioiilh nl'ter Hie   Hnd |in!i-
.Ceiiillciiti.    of    Tltln    to  ll.e  nbove-,
' mentioned ?.(«t lu the ii.'.jih- of Ah-v
niiilcr Mi'I.acblaii, whlcl. (-uiillliiiUi Ih
'itnti'il  il..   iiiih   of July.   I'tiiii,    and
II, V. MacLeod,
District lie,-lutiar.
- Ofi he,"
Doing business in the samo old placo
l,li|i|(ii'H anil ('l-fin-Mi-if tin: IiIkIi'cmL
iliinlity .'. Well Nloekcil bin*
CO.,  LTD.
vviiuiesalo Liquor Uealers
*4      t'llli     -i'l   "I,     |M   'I    '-l       .t   ,4   .
land It*"
Nell (11
Heiileinl.er '.'All, lilOt,
#n oil-am tAtimt-emwy
■%iaattu*a:-*tmam—, iit
y.itmlh\U iiii.*h (iitti, uciiIiIh, Imiiiih
biulucn,  (.ryeniri,    mnlp*  cnri-M.   rlm-
»4-n in.    nlcern.    nl>t>«',.H*i('<i,    cbajiinil
il. (i-4.   (old   rnrva,   blood   itolminliiif,!
.1- f>   nbh(fi-'4«'«, vty.      Ah (*,.•  eu; ,
■ ..itii,     Ir   rolfeven    rheumatbini,'
-1 «•".'.-   end  srlnfli-n.      All  dnigfc-
•.. '.     ' ■    1  fir-11  nt   .*('»  until     pe: .
it.,    fi.-  f ,.,1   '/nm.Ill)If  fnexn^l'.t-,   Tr,   '
■ 1     .,   f->*   i„..e,  ;,   boxes   foi    -jt.•>,"., j
"nt 1 i i-M stamp for dnlnty Hampli-
!-i I
Tlic only iflL-tMo j>h',- in to-Ah for
i\*1»Ikv \t',)*"*HiUi\ \lv\e\*%rrt%
■■Wanted—Experienced -j "Vent-jgraph-
er wants po-Stion   < Ad-tress   .Ledger
fj» *. *.     ^ ». •Js    , t- * y
FOU KD—Brown r horse --with*..- white
face. Owner can' have! same'liy applying to .W.-Kynaston. Fernie,-'-B. C.
WANTED—To bear from' party or
panics, r.vo could' handle best, prepared to make investment from five
ta eight-hundred dpllai-s",4..wood_. and
shintdc hoick proposition. A-1 sure
.money maker.      Chance to clear up
• Don't   forget .Pat .. Miller's .'dance
every w-ie'lt'at^fiice'-i'h'afl.-t^■".''< -
t,o remind you jhat, this, ishal-
, and* it:""is* well to seeJ\n'a't your
a. tho.usand- or t\vo.
Box 762,'Nelson B.
Particulars from
11. \V. Hart of Baynes wns in the
city for a couple rof days on business
an-i gaxo Tbo Ledger a call.
Hoard on Vi'ctorla'avehue last Tuesday morning:   "Well,     another    five
vears of peasoup .government."
* i. ■. 'i. .'
Miss Annie Sherman left on Thuro-
day evening's-train!for Taber. Miss
Sherman is the industrious stenographer- for.,dlstrict,-No.-18..-:.-• -«,...•..->.»> •
Monday will be election day across
the border,'and as usual both parties
aro going to win. We can tell you
more about it on Tuesday.
Col. . Mackay, purchasing agent for
the Great Northern was in the city
last week on buisness connected with
Hill interests,' and paid tho Ledger a
visit. -
The results of the Dominion elections were announced iri no less than
three places on Monday night, viz.—
W. A. Ingram's, Imperial and the Na-
panco.  .
' Charles Davey is away at Spokane
having an operation performed on his
eyes, which have been troubling him
a lot lately. We trust the painful operation will result satisfactorily to
The dancing school recently started
by Messrs. Kennedy and Fairburh Is
meeting with success and promises to
be- well patronized during the cold
,,A log shack on the hill opposite the.
C. P. R. station, and an old land mark,-
was destroyed by fire early Monday
morning.' ■ At the time it was occupied by an Italian family, and they
all* escaped without Injury.
-The contract,for building. Che new
public school .has  Deen • secuerd    by
j   Just
-.ow'eri, and'itrls'well to': seei*th'a't your
jgate is'.' lifted"-- beioii'e | -Severi' and'- your
'wooushed and  nailed dowu-.tight.
'Never can tell ..r.yhat tbeAboys.>,vill do.
!U you are. from/Bruce.,- .Uq.lVP '■ the
:pump. handle-.  V,   -    j'?.-,   <£i    -
. -    -       '. • r        -      *
1 To form a big international, hockey
league composed of "Nelson], Spokane',
Cnlgary and Edmohtdli'v isr -the, plan
which has been launched by Mr. J. L.
Bell of Calgary and "August" Wolfe,'
the publicity man" "of 'the.'Spokane
ci.amber of commerce....   '*"'.'/'      *-'   -
J. -A. Macdonald,-leader of--the Lib-
eial opposition in-the,B.-G.-legislature
.U'.sl other speakers will Address ihe
electors of Fernie j'idU'Vg. iiv*' lii-ucn's
hall on Tuesday"■rtvpnin'g-i.nt'-si, , the
1.3rd ■ of - November, * on .b'.'-halt'-of. M r.
Smith-Curtis,1 the Liberar-candi'date. ■,
The,. special election, edition of the
Ledger was read by. manj\.l' -,We got
a direct messenger, service-from .the
C. P. R., ,wh|ch was all. tb^could be
desired. Wo were surprised'-at the
demand.and had tp,,.print two, lots to
satisfy the people. \\re .jcould not
mall any away as they, .were all sold
in short order on the sXf.ee-ts.
.Mr. H.'M. Moir,- repersenting the
Moore Gasolene lJghr"Company of
Vancouver. . has just. ...installed flvo
lights in our,.office. JMi\MpiJ\ states
that he has over sixty customers in
the city, and,has yet to hear of a complaint.' The' Moore system seems to
be 'a very handy and efficient light,
and shows a much better light than
does electricity. , Until our city gets
the electric lights installed again, we
recommend all to see Mr. Moir aiid
have him put in.tho-Moore system of
.  -j.--. \\ •■■, ■. >v  '.I** t- v .-■ ,-' ,x    \ i
_ -TT
-j - .   -.-•"'.    AfrQREStON
Bin" Man Declined1 to' Cease the Rossi-
r        ,*'.     d-i'rxe.'- -   '     '"     --':
Cranbrook, Oct.. 29—It is reported
here that Lord Sholto Douglas, who
has a. residence, near Creston, is under arrest at that place for shooting
and very severely injuring a man with
a shot gun.  - ,     , .   .
It is paid that Lord Sholto unexpectedly returned to his house,, and finding, • the man Uv-iroc* ordsred? him io
As the man-refused to leave,, and
being a man of much gerate'r physique
than-Lord Sholto, the latter picked up
a shot, gun'and shot the intrude:-.in
tho back of the head.
Lord Sholto was once the owner-'of
the ■ famous' blue diamond known as,
the Hope Diamond'but this famous
gem was sold some time ago bv order of tho court'of chancery in ling-
land. A considerable amount of-romance clings to the name of the family.
ml^m ww®uixi*£^/yy
•,-. The .-Cashf Grocer - '•        ;''~;7r"%.
-FiiilvLine of,SjLaple and Fancy Groceries in stock'       '..',"'*'■'"
?    Pui*e:Qold' ereamery3utteT' one of our special^-f;
''"'. '.'"",        Agent for iVIcEwing's Bread            * ^       -.:.->--
■  "   ' \'. y,.:      ■'->. "'■"' :"."-.    -   -      -     ■             •    v   ■   ■         -      ''
A Most Damaging Confession has been
' Reelfoot, Lake, Tonn., Oct. 30—Jn
one week form the time- tbe soMiers
of Tennessee undor personal direetiou
of Governor Patterson spread their
tents in the heart of the Night -Riders
region, evidence of the most damaging nature against the murderers ^ of
Captain Rankin have been uncovered.
Frank Ferriner in a confession, has
implicated ten or twelve'cf the 1..011
now in custody. He gave the names
and went into detail. Tbe total number of arrests Is eighty five and of
this number half are believed to belong to the Riders.
The Englishmen Played Splendid Lacrosse. .
Many Deaths are Due to Deady Gas
the Fertile Construction Company, and
excavating 'started on Wednesday.-
Tho school isqtobe situated at the
corner of " Victoria avenue and
Thompson street.
A meeting of tbo,Crow's'Nest Pass
Football league will be hold to-day—
Saturday—nt Michel, to arrange a
date fror a sudden death match between I'ernie and .Michel for the honors. "Paddy"-Hughes Is representing Fernio.
*A flro, causing a loss of some, $20,-
000 to tho Wattsburg Lumber Company, neur Cranbrook, occurred last
weoli., and for a time threatened tho
entire plant.' Noblo work by tho
employes confined the flro to ono
point and kept It from spreading.
A, S. Goodeve, the Conservative
ciur-dldatc, hold, a campaign meeting
on Wfltliumdny In Bruco's Tlnll, nnd
was llHtoiiod to by a goodly number.
Stirring campaign addresses wore delivered by tho cnndldnto and savcnil
other iipealceri*, which woro followed
with much inloroHt ,and appreciation
by tboHtj present, ■
■ iir, Alox.i SuHimr,' intorproioY*;' for
TJIrMrlct Nb.:,18 arrived1 In town*''on
Woilnt'Hilny from Cnlgary wlumi be
worked hard and willingly iu the In-.
toroHts of Frank Sherman In tho
campaign.'-" .Mi*. Summr gays that a
vory low of tho labor mon voted for
Hborinun. The large niimbm' of voIuh
bn received were Hoeluliut votuu. This
hIiowh Unit, tho movement Ih find -;itlii-
tug giotiiid.
Tlm Lodger Iiuh been printed nt llio
I .■.•Brill Office nJnee.tUo torrll.h, flm
i.t ('"ci.iiii It him not iiibvHil i.n lumie,
belli'; tbo only paper Ir- Koinb with
that record. A coinpb'te and modern
ptitul Iiim been IiikIiiIoUI InclitilliiK nu
American HudlM?*",' nnd thin wcoIi'h
Lcilger win Im printed In I'Viulu, Tbe
IKtiiI'I. wIhIioh '("be Li;iIk(>i* till IdmlH
'of 'Htjc'rwi. Ojir iiU'dlliiKH ..with ;itit
.iniiiiilwnti'tii Imve been inoitl plenHiun
niul unreliable,   -LcilihrhlKe, lleinld
A Hclii-mii for Niopl'inK'cei'iiiln vol-
ovh wiih discovered In Hoveral pliicos
biht .Moiiduy and partietiliirly In Winnipeg, und poKHlbly too Into for remedy, Imi eleetoi'H nf Kootenay lie
wiriicd,     Tbe bclieiijii Ih to get on n |
nlli.tll  l.vl   ul   i.u,>   ^.   i,i   ^4.  in.   ii.<   4
ul' ;.' il i'l i v- ■ !!••• fti'(. ('( ebiiMcuceil !
on .piIii'-: In (be |KiU tut to liuvlng I
money up ou the remill, with the re- \
Hllll 1 Itit ( Hie pel Hill lllivilli; lililllu tin',
bet I'd-imi I.Ih trnie'liiMn, ll'rt nu iild |
.loilu" sui't nfii'ti * rii'im up, *-!(> lank !
All thai «f(H mniii'! of Mr. .1. I'ecli '•
MeSwntn wok nlmm<i, but  not (pilie, j
coiiMlgin .1  to the  pmverhial  nix  fei-t i
of eitilh on .Sittiii'd.-iy inornini;    IiihI, I
l»"fl:. In piiHsltig ilitoiiKb tin- Minor** I
hull )">»' nndei  (firiMriictloii. nuiile a I
rnlH-MH p, tun. ilioppiil Into   lie (illar ;
—probably ten  feet, nnd wtitt  |it(*k j
ed lip nlKHit cev> ti I'ours later wiik in
n hnd wny.     Uf wiih tonveyed to the i
Ct-r.trM hotel -.nil mi examination he :
watt found to be badly brolr-ied, lint no
bonfn brokon.      l*«-t-k In (..ettliiK on
n*('5l Ulld *IH *wn t-* frnuivl. Il« «»>•«
rft.fr ht, will t'l'Vfr, vuxur do it mcnln.
R«*)liter before  12 noon today, or
you will have no voto next January.
New Orleans, Oct. 30—Deadly fumes
miles from' Tampico, have killed more
than' a score of workmen during the
|,past few days; completely blackened
the white paint on.the sides of the
ship's; endangered i commerce, ,and
caused thousands-of dollars worth',of
'damage to ranches aiid other Interests
In the neighborhood.
' „ Battling lo save what they could
from vvi-eclvii^o, Amoiicm ir'no ov'-m,
ers'after spending moro than n million dollars, finally succeeded In extinguishing tbe blaze.
Laboroift who Inhafed n breath of
the deadly,fumes dropped ln their
tracks lifeless.
' Owners of tbo well have applied to
Iho Mexican government for aid, and
several companies of soldiers have
boen sent to tho hcoiio to .take the
placet, of lho laborers who refused to
remain thoro nny longer,
London, Oct. 29—Five thousand
spectators'to-day witnessed a fine lacrosse match between the Canadians
and the North-"of England, with the
tine play mostly on England's side.
The Canucks, especially after Gorman
scored the first goal In a minute and
a 'half, thought, they had a, cinch
en the game, for instead of following
up with their rapid and quick passing
the Canadians lagged and failed to
respond with any brilliant plays.
When the first, twenty minutes ended the score stood Canadians two and
England one. '   . -•
. England then went to work in dead
earnest and showed some fine, form,1
in sprinting, and outran the Canucks, and had their passing been on
a par with their sprinting, they would
have had more than' four goals to
their credit at half time to' the Can-
udlis three.     ' *'''-.
Excitement was at high pitch and
the third quarter England scored another goal, and when the scores were
the Canadians were all In.
The last ten minutes-was well contested by both, the teams but Gorman
scored for Canada and a few minutes
afterward- Ihe whistle, blew and the
Canadians were safe.
It. was not exactly o, lady like game
but there was no kick coming against
tho referee.
Tbo   Car.ftdlnri play Chi-shlro
I'.oekport. to-moiiow,
Singer Sewing Machines Co.;
."Y Fernie, B. C.
Why be without a Sewing Machine when you
..    •■■*.' can get one for $3.00 a month ?...
. ' t -, <■' •   >
J. P. HOULAHAfl,' Agent, opposite Coal Co.'s office, Pellat Ave.
tt^t 'fyNfRfrf I'Pnnfl-iii fl^ilifl^
l\     •.,..".   ••wS'j'*„*'■.' &-V1,!*   ', g."*.   -      g *** ****" Vl;   T*<wSi,"b W'<i- -'
11 "'       ivrv' ■.-'-.,'■»■-i-.y^-rfAf£i'jyt<\ Ui**.*V.j*#y.'. --i *'-•""
U..m.y.i',1.   .;£«'■? if?Ss-*4l j     i /-ii-AL-.    -.
*? J.$?fry>*4.&$i4 ,y $ytzmi
U i'H -
Extent of Damage; Done Not Known
as Yet.^   '       '''  ->
Cardston, Alta. Oct. 28—An^ explosion in the Hammond mineB near hero
to-night shattered hundreds of window
panes In Cardston.
It. is. not known how much damage was done to the property at tho
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Are you contemplating a,trip to
The Orient ', ,..
New Zealand
Are. you contemplating a trip to
Or any Pacific Coast Point?.   .
Or, is lt°a trip ..to .
A list, of the polling places for For-
nlo district ol tbo Kootenay Vnlo ("•.'•
Ibon elections to bn held on November the 12th next Is given below. Each
of those, places Hhould give u inn jority
for Hill l*uvl'.non. If a clean and whito
British Columbia is desired.
.Moi'i'lHiioy MIiiob  ''
Coal Creek ■ i     . :   • •
■   Koriil*' • ■•■ I,..,      ,' ,
Fernio. .     , *. • ■■,(.,■;      ..',■<•
. Fernio W(»Ht  -<i-!.'•{   r.v.r''   ■
IIOHIIUIP     '.,  ' *   M.U.iJ.' ;)„• ■.
R])iirw(o 1 ■ •    >■ a * , .v'!- ,i t*
.Mloht'l.       • •!     o ','rit  ',
Mcdllllvrny -r,*i   :,(.m.»>j    v •
Cl'OWH No»l
Carbonado •    ».t;    uj'.i'i
EllltllOlltll   -1     -  l?,I^M*    mtt-ftf.
HayiioH Luke  •,•;>'«' *>r-
Within   i     r*    ..'.'iur*'   •■ '»
tialewny       "  . ,i*> ; •<•> >• ■ .
r .«.} I ll- j- i;1,,*',■
St. Paul
■'■-,    Toronto
• Montreal
New York
Or any European point thought of.
ed first class-cloaches,. tm-riist" mid
standard sleepers, and dining cars,
coupled with safety, speed, and comfort, ."i n    •
l«'or'folders''a!id complete information apply' to R, '-Rending, Agent, Fernie,   ' •,.-,'.     , . <-
0        .  J. E. Proctor,
Olstrlc: .PtM^eiigcr Agt
Cnlgary, Alta.'.
The Paper
that gives
all the News
all the Time
The District Ledger
Here We Are Again
With a complete assortment of goods in' '
the following lines:  Boots; and" Shoe?, >
Trunks, Suit Cases and  Bags,   Horse
Blankets, Harness and Saddlery.    ,
W. R. M*C5D0ug*ll
I beg to announce to my many customers that I am now" open, for .business at
the old stand, and have in stock a large
variety of Clocks, Watches and J ewelry
A-p T    T P'H'A'P  HT Watchmaker
.    \-- .   .:L*r, I' r, IT. Jr%Wr\. XJ[I        &tii jeweller
Doing business
at the olid stand
The Nelson Dnlly News says;—"A
serious    accident happened on    tho
droiil  Norlborn Rallwny, near    Mac-
(lougall'H mill hot ween here nnd Michel, this ino'rnliiK.    A MorrlBoy, Fernie
and Michel railway engine   drnwlns;
two or throe loads, waB runnins   lo
Michel, when, lu passing tho diamond
ul lho place,mentioned, left the railH I
mid tunluil turtle.     Fortunately   tin1
: ciiKlnuui' and flroninn juniiiod and c.
jenped Injury.     A wrocklui; train wmi
! wired for from Kallspnl and thi> IiimI.
wiih  cloarcil   for truffle dnrliiK    tho
All kinds of
!    Now Yorl*. Oct, ilO-Tbc
Ml ill   lho   KtlllKllll'd   Oil   ("o,
jl'i'oin u fiici'iaciiilal frclRht i
! tbtiii that quoted to any Hb'pji> r,
iliiiwn ft out a wltiipss to-diy ;.!
!licarltiK of lho F,ovoi*iimr«niV mi,
OlHttnlvo the company.
i.* |..,s. r
x i,.
GSvc cjs a trial
■'Ksiiiiii'i'liln, when nre you and Geo-
fmy (,(iliiK 'in bn ma ii luil?"
•Mum iih (-.oon iik ---iih I Hiiy tho
"And when nro you koIiir to t»ii/ tho
"Juki iih noon iih lm hhIih.iiio."
,    ,1'fc.        '   ,',(4        "I"-|.'.V',*'"»l,j'     *.'<t",  '■*',■"'.'» 'I      '''""iffp'Sf'1'!'"1'.**'
Tinsmitlt and Plumber
We can furnish!;you with estimates in
anything in our line■■
A t.
- a
It^'V   *'v-
vy;y .yyyyy-y^r
,y>l»*tfk'2ii\fc-t-. • > .'
— (.«. 'I- Jl«
"   '%: ''X' .''J/-'7' ....     ".'.'. ',,.• wy' '•'  .'
' j*\     •       ' ', ■    . '■'**'; ■' *
■ ,■■■■ ■'! ^'■■«i*r*J'';^ft-;''''p/u,%-"lsym"'- f*+*\****<T>f^ty'r^'y\:W''M *"
V*,\    .     ,4,^444*'*T     . T.-4 j
,,».;V   ,r;i/y   .;.-.
• .-■ '    ..■•»' >,'     \ .JjV..   ,     .
( -     .      »r. •     )/• 'i\'\.f
The test of a hcatinn* system is
the warmth of the halls in the
ciily inoruinjr, A hot water or !
steam system will keep n com- ,
for'iib'.t*, even tempurature all '.
over the house day and niR.it. .
':C'c!tinM-ii!)  time  finds   perfect !
comlnrt ail oyer thc house.   The '
■ Oxford systems are the.highest
(le.elopnicnt of hot water and
MOain heatin),', Other makers *
come ns near as they am or dare
lo thu Oxford idea, That is the
stniuliiul they try to reach. If
you proler the Oxford itka, ins'tut
that you \\e\ it in the original,
not tho Imitation. The Oxford
systems are operated by
Hot Water and Steam
in connection with Oxford Kaili-
alius,   If y..u I avc a bi.ilriinu* to
bent let us have the nariiuilnrs
iitvi wu will icll you all about the
l.ei.t Ky.'4',i-in to inntu'.i,
Our li'mkloU nn lioniti l.cntlng will,
inturiKt ynu—•Uui'/iirrt (reo—wula at,
Tbo Gurney Standard
Motal Co., Limited
A. 1. llt.tiUL l OU
5i/)))iLU Ajin.t, V.'r,\\f
Fernie's  Pioneer
•',        -  ....     'rl;    .'     . „ '",     i1
Furniture and
Hardware Dealer
Baker -Ave.
Hardware     Hardware
Alio For itU by Whlmitur & Co.
Whett you require  -anything in
Hardware see
■     , ...
WhimstP.r & Cn   I
Hanson Street, Fernie
Back of old static!
l'_ '   ''hi,   -t f<.,'
The District WaM^ IP
fthf/ ' f! - \fit"*tt.-""
' SX   :,ttu;>;
4.44411 W4444H4.»»444«*4«*4t


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