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The District Ledger 1908-10-17

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 .   .v4»-.--v»;.;
*' ■/.-..
Industrial Unity is Strength
Political Unity is Victory
VOL.    IV.   ..No.   8.
FERNIE,    B.   C,   SATURDAY,    OCTOBER    17,    1908.
$1.00 A YEAR.
A Complete Line of
.■j ,,
Beds, Bedding, Kitchen Ranges, High- Class Parlor and
Dining-Room Furniture, Crockery, etc.  Watch
for our specials next week.
TEe J. H. Reid Co.
Attorney-General Sharply Reprimands the Rossland Mayor
4      '   J
and Magistrate
Complete House, Furnishers
Text of the Correspondence betwees the Department and
Rossland Officials.
. Tho following is tho text of fur-
thev convspondenet' which has pass,
ed b' tween thc Attorn •y-Gcneral and
tho. Mayor aiid Magistrate-* of Ross,
land. lt. begins with the following
letter from .Police Magistrate Boult.
be:.*, in rc'ijjy to the telegram of >the
Attorney-Griwral, published', in lb.-
Victoria Times a few'evenings since:
.    . •.-;..-'   March 9th, 1900.
The Hon. the. Attorney-General,
.    Victoria,  B.C.:
-.•xulanation  was
May. r  Good vt
ns follows:
March 8th, 1900.
Hon. Joseph   Martin,    Attorney-Geii.
' er.il, .Victoria,. 15.0.: .
Dear Sir,—1 did not think it wise
to. publish the message received from
you Unlay,' as it jvould certainly create
a wrong impression on ^the -oiiU-ide.
There is no troubl ■ anticipated lure
between mine owners und miner;-; tliut
>•        l>   •!
Drop in and inspect,our stock pay day.   We have a complete <■
line of Men's Furnishings at lowest prices.   Suits $5 to $20.
Shoes $2.50, $3, $3.50 and $5.   Hats, pur special union-made, .
'      *  Next to the Bink of Commerce
n Sir,—I have the honor to acknow. | I iimi aware of. The' placing of a
ledge' "receipts of your t legram re-; few specials at the mines was f-im-
qmsting me to'advise you as'.to the j ply a precautionary measure in view
circumstances which led to the swear, of th.- fact that a large numb r of
ing. in of certain special constables, rnen were being laid off, and their
and  in reply, thereto    1 beg to say:;'being idle might possibly cause some
The Workingman's Store
YOU WILL SAY, IS IT POSSIBLE • that 1 can buy good
fmit.lnndB witli n good (supply water 'within HO miles of Fernie,
on instalment plan, $5 down, §5 per month, no interest for first
year, for n five acre tract during the life of contract? This offer
will not last long, as tbe price may bo tidvanced after lst January next, so if you want Good Frnit Lands at at the bottom
price apply ut once. Do it now ! Sales have exceeded our
best expectations so far. Wo find it easy to selln'good'article,
anil such easy payments are positively uot offered by any other
company.   Write for Circular of "Kootenai Irrigation Tract."
i ** ■
D. W. HART, Baynes, B.C.
Agent for Cauadft
_   come from Coleman, where his rela-
Ii tives are living. Tlie funeral took
place on Tuepday to Fernie cemetery
from the undertaking room*-, of W.
Scott, "on Baker Ave.
are our Tooth WiihIu'b and tho praiao
of thi'iii. They nre puro, fraptrant and
antiseptic, cleaiiHlng both teeth and
puiiirt, ri'inovliiB tho tartar and Riv-
iiifi a sweat porhnno to tlia brnntli.
Wc iiIho havo Tooth NrtwheH, l'ow.
del1'' and Boapt, for dental purpoHen,
and every ruqulHitc for tho bathroom
and toilet. Our lines n{ Fancy Soaps,
•rdimcH and Baclietn aro second tn
none in i|tiality, but rather low in
This magazine seems to know no
limit to its powers of expansion and
improvement; and the October issue' mnnnfiC1's of
is certainly its best. Tin, fiction ^ l^LT^,"?'**''17
alone runs to nine short stories, covering the sentimental, the. tragic, the
comic, the philanthropic, the serious,
and the amatory. Among thorn nre
"The Dal ton Cose." by Arthur Da.
vies, an author of already attained
celebrity; "Beneath the Old Poke
Honnet," by Agnes Lockhart Hughes,
whose works, both prose and verso,
,\bout the,7th or'8th of F'bruary last
1 was waited on by the' representatives" of the'L2 Roi and War Eagle
Mining. Companies,    who    requested
that some watchmen and,special constables should  be sworn -in,' and alleging that th.-re* were' a number   of
idle and vicious-men about Rossland,
and that they., were, apprehensive that
these nienYmight attempt to destroy
tho property of their respective com.
pani s, ■ and    that   -already   'several1
_things_ha£L:happeJiid whicli_J.ndicat^
ed  that these., idle men were    more
anxious, to*" make    trouble  than,   to
work.   A quantity of powder had been
stolen," and'*one of the steel guys on
th.>. War Eagle smoke stack'had been
loosened.   It was also intimated that
owing „to repairs having to be made!
to machinery in the War* Eagle, and
the non.arrivol of the Le .Jtoi    machinery, it would be necessary in the
near future to partially," if not wholly,
close down tli >  Lu Roi, War   Eagle,
and Centre Star .bines, and thus several hundred men would be thrown,
out of employment to join tbe large
number already    unemployed.     For
these reasons it. was urged by   the
the above    companies
that   a
wise  precaution    that the    property
about these min •« .should be afforded
nece-sfiary protection.   It was further
pointed out and urged that the city
police force, numbering all told only
six men, was not even    sufficiently
large lo govern tho city proper   and
giv.' diiu protection to the property of
citizens, let alone guarding' the pro-
danger to property.   The bankers and
other  independent persons  consult d
concurred in this view.
'   ,- Yours   truly, ' >
,    .        .- '    ' A. S. GOODEVE..
Mayor. *
To the latter the Attorney.Gencrul
replied in a telegram as follows:    ■
March 13t,h, 1900.   •
Mayor  Goodeve,  Rossland:.*
Sir,—Understand city of Rossland
und rtakes responsibility for special
constables: think_.itJy£ry_unfortunatc
aro  alway*-   appreciative  and   sweet;
"A Fifty   ThouHdnd-Dollai*   Laugh,"
putty of the several mining companies, situate so far from thc contre of
Last -Monday night no let-m thai) nix
huld.upH went pulled off in thin city
in I rut* wcHtern htylc Four took pliica
in the hen il of the town, tho othor
two being across tho C.P.K. tracks.
Ki'loury brothern, doing buHinonH on
Vtn»n».'o    *ivii    a>   i»i'tn<f(il   dry   imivlu
itierohnnt*, were touched to the. tunc
of $100, nt tho   Hiiini' timo   looking
down the barrel of a slx.chootor. An
Jtuliitn family living back of tho 0.
Itomim Catholic church   woro   nlao
enlli'il upon lo ei.uMi nn   nnd lrwt no
time in difiging up $t&.   No informa.
tion r» pording the other* can tie had,
and Irom all report* vory lux moth.
od» M'om to hnvo been nt work   to
effect ii capture,   Wo aro told on re
liable authority thnt t\w chic! would
not even get out ol bed on being ftp.
prniftwl of th*» hold-upst,     ThU report, If true, W rath'-)* tmrprislng, and
Hhould bo looked into.     If tlm   re.
port T'j.'HTding the chitt it not true
th.-n An iiijuntie.' ii Wing done him,
so lH* havo the facta.  To their credit be it fcahl. tho other officer*   did
their duty, and although trounce****.
ttul in thi** earn*, it wm not from luck
of hesitation.
by Billoe Glynn, whoso name is 8jin.' J0 ty. Ihey further potnted out
onymoiw with humor and pathoB ; «io BHualion o tho machinery of th-
"Hloek Hawk Hnnk." I.,. \r«,   v.uu  CMitrp btnr, War haglo and Le Roi,
Hlack Huwk Hank," by Mrs. Ruth
Everett; "Tho Dollar and tho Cross,"
by J. DoQ. Dom-hoo; "The Moaauro
nf His Love," by Isnbi'I B. Macdon
Illack Ileal' and Joale mines, nnd tho
largo area over which tho machinery
and buildings were situate, und how
aid; "Tlio Truth' nf Pretence*,"   and  "°° Hsnry ,il w,,fl to huvo ° "a,flc,cn*i
Thoro  are  two  .'xoelleiit    artiolos,
forco of night watchmen and apodal
constables to protect all tbio valuable
ono by Ilonnycstle   Dale on "Tho l»'l,I>'-''ty. and  that without   having
Opining of tlio .Season," and ono-on
tlm "Alpine Club of Canada," by S.
H. Mitchell.   Under diversified nrtl.
men on duty to guard this property
after night fall, how readily it could
bo interfered with or dedtroyed with-
such a course..adopted; effect on administration of justice in province
likely to bo bad; would be .glad to
get full information by mail.
■ Attorney-General.
This telegram'was supplement d by
th? following letter;
March 14th, 1000.'
His Worship  Mayor  A.  S. Goodeve,
RiMHlnnd, B.C.:'
,   Sir,—Yours of the. 8th inst. at hand.
I   wired  you  yesterday  pointing out
wlmt, great- damage the action of the
mine owners' was likely to onus> to
the interests of this province.     It is
in my opinion, utterly futile to keep
an action of that kind from the public.,, It is. quite  impossible  to  have
a number of armed men patrolling a
poilion of the City of Rossland without the public b.coming nwnre of tho
fact, and, having become aware   of
it, it is absolutely necessary that an
intelligible explanation should be offered for a circumstance ol that sori.
ous nature.   I feel that no action of
thnt kind ought to be taken at nny
tlm ■  in tlit-s ' province without   pro.'
vioits consultation -with this depnrt-
mont.   1 certainly, as long iih I nm
Attorney.GonernI, will not allow nny
attempt in this province to interfere
with  the   administration   of justice
through American detective agencies.
This is a practice which hits grown
up on th; other side, and which has
been  productive of a great deal    of
hnrm tln*r-\   It nppenrH to mo. to bo
absolutely nacoHhiiry   to take   active
measures to prevent it b"j*jg ittt-inpt-
ed in tlm province.
cles wo find "Simon Frnser,'.' by E* m,t ll1" oity ,)0,ic" b inR "Wftr,,   "'
O. 8. SoliolflfMil, librarian of Ilrit. I1'   U wa* h'A frJ,m t,u' Mim'rH' U,u
ish Columbia, whoso intimacy with
tho subject lias enabled him to givn
to the publio a splendid memoir of
the eolobrnt.'fl explorer; "I'rinco Itu
fenred—tin- union nro ns a wholo n
most respcetnblo body of mon—but it
is well known to 1ho police thnt there
P'Tt," hy Ibwnlnnd W. Young; "Tho "rtl "v''n "l tllis mom"nt '» I*°"*»1,"l<l
Harry Martin, the popular conductor on tho M. V. and M, Railway,
wns murderously -sot upon ouo day
this week at Conl Creek by nn In.
(minted man who had been refused
permission to ride lu an empty box
car, .Martin was attacked from be
limn, nun nad no clianiv vMiniuver lo
'.■'.i!..i'i iiiiii.xt.U wr ullti .x:iy i,tiinL<
iincv, mul had it not been fur -nome
mon working clone at hand coming
to his nKslntance, thero In no tolling
what might hn*/e huppened.   Martin
•*.rtn plUMn1. Up 1)1 J Ml if I ll bniliy  tMl-
tcred stato, nnd quickly conveyed to
Fornio, nnd U now under medical
treatment. His nHmilhint will likely
got what's coming to hint and a littlo
bit more.
Morale of ("lothos," by Mmlmmi D'Al
bertn;      "Mural    Docornlioiw,"     by
CCInudo \\;. Gray. A.R.CA,; "II. T.
A.   IMI,"  by William Jllakomoro.
Thero aiv also the rn.ua]  fonturoH  , ,,....,
of editorial, poetry, -to., whilo   tbo IV.'.™ "nlil !"1.''}*',!'"! Ihli;."l*r,,!f,.1
ilhiHlnitioiis ibrougbout am numerous
and  appropriate,
I only yo-Htorday learned thnt the
city authorities (insumed respoimibill-
ty tur ttluit ocoiirred at tho iiiinoK.   I
ion a- a union that any trouble whk | hIiiiII  hiMst  upon that  responsibility
being und-rHtood by the ptiblin nt
liirj/e, itixl hope that Home sufllcient
leu-oil can be produced for whnt
nci'iii- to lie your most unfortimnb'
iiclioii under tin- circuniKt'ineeH, If
tin* mini- uiMicri had any reiihon in
■il'pri'h ml violence being ilnun to
tln-ir priip'-rty they whouM havo com.
miuiieiited with thin T*iopnrlni"nt. Tho
miih' thing nppli.n io tho (*|ty of
IIo-'-IiiiiiI, If nt nny timo uny muni.
cifinliij* nntioipntf". any trmble which
winild ri'i|iilr.' inch  an unusual df**.
(nnd some of them under assumed
naiiioH) men who took a prominent
part in the labor troubles in
the Co. Ul* d'Al'"!-' coiuitiy.
There were "ev.ral of thi*,>>    p opl"
Hindus to be
«... 4/#        ....
1 Ail'v^.k'.Vf,
them have now loft the oity.   Tho dif
feront mini'ic oompanliv, of oours ,
pay thoso *.|i oinl«,  io thore Is    no
••xpense to tho city,     You are    ii<*-|l'l''.v nfj f«rci*. it would appear to me
ii.      ii i ..     . .     . I.     . 'Mi.i       i     iii'
•vilify (I.i- TV'T.nrtnv'n', hi order'thai
we might work In harmony with theni,
to afford the protection of properly
which Wi- nr»' hound hy tho law   to
give.   If, <iu the other hand, nnv at.
    ;.   .... i.   *.	
-  i ■   ■ —/      V'.k* ■>
lri(.-litfii the public by domonttra.
tioiH (.( thii kind, not for th ■ purp-vc
nf pr«t<-etirig property, nnd not from
any bon<i-tid»* finr of violence, hut
Ior an ulterior motivo, Much nn ut.
tempt -.11011111 mfot with no mitnton.
• ol cnmiiry covoTod by the inacbin r;
Q       .    * lin<' building-* of the different mining
061lt AW&V compnniiK, ext.nding from tho   Illack
j Henr to the (Vntro fitnr, nnd yon cm
 *—- j rendlly see thnt It would bo   (piite
i * . t
^i.^-.h'-i.*' *       *-.*.   4
An nctidont which r-M»ulb**d fntftlly
for one .nan occurred on Saturday
night at No. 5 mine, tho- re-auk of a
dive-In, catching three men, two of
whom »ue*e*efled in getting out without any leriout result*. The unfor.
tnnato yietjm of thi** accident wai
Jo*eph Vrofii?,or, an Italian, nnd had
only been working a week,   having
li.  *»'.,  U(t.   H,—J,    )J,
llarVm, nt tho department of tho In..,,ul5' t,'*,r''*
torior, Ottawa, announced this oven-'    r ,u'"r<l  H,,llt ,,,° W'^tl.-m. u, and
tng that thn govornment hnd aolvwl  "1m> Mr*   n,1,y»  »oHclt*ir f"r the  1^
tho Hindu question so    fnr   na    tho Iloi* ha<l !" *ny' wn"'«',,'w' *'>" "'^
province of llrltlnh Columbia In con- ttr u"f" t,,,( ,ollowi»>«r «''»y. »»"' «««''
corned.    Tin. entlro rrindu colony con  ronmiltntian with lh.' mnyor 1 thought
•latlng,of 3,000 is to lw> moved from *l *m <,oi"p ,iRht in *'r,»l"in»1* ,,">ir '""''  iu'M  tluu*'  w,,° Aw ••ntnwti-d
of the highest quality
We have a car of Fruit just
arrived, consisting of Peaches, Plums, Pears, Apples,
Grapes, > Bananas, Squash.
This is a very choice lot.
Also Car Vegetables and our
prices are right.
< i
Where Did You Get that Hat?
Picked it up in the rush, did you ?
Well, get a new one at*
Opon in Bruno old flUiiul
*♦♦*♦♦♦•»♦»*»♦♦♦*»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ■
John J. Wood
J'j.*'.j,j:*i js
Doors, Windows & Plate Glass
fobuuljla    to   British Hon-
I mity ciiy thnt th • firni nt thi-n-
np-u'lnlii wa1* Kworn In- I think, on
the Old fir Huh ^.February, Mini the
(.tlui* on th.1 b>w day* folli.wiiiF, and
Toronto, Oct. IS.-Owirt*** to thr- Hal.
kan<U'ar ««ar*» and iu *tte<t 11^*0 ■'1 *""■»*■' *im,> b»»f<>r«> y.u u*;V *l(to-
money nntrkot-4  nf"th.»    world,    the  apaln.
Outarlu fiowrnnmnt,, dreided not to!    ' ■'«•"•''' ,li'' Wor to b--, *it.
Wont  tin? 14,tm,<m loon  until next' Your nbedfcnt m'tvant,
tpntig. } JOHN BOULTBKE.
Polic« MAf-iitrat/*.
•Aith tin' hdMifiiitrMl'in of jtixti^   io
tilt- j.riivinc ,
Tin- lulliwinp t.hprnni vttt* re-reiv.
>A fr<m th,» -f.TftTinfisl r-rm\u\A<' st
Ko*Hland, B.C., March 13th, H>W.
At(orii4<-y.(i<--ucral, Victoria. B.C..-
Cenlinutd  en  P»|« 1)
< ■
t t
i *.
Store Fronts Put in      ::      Stairwork
Estimates Furnished
4-pannelled Cedar Doors from }\,50 up
N. H.~~Cnrloftd of GIabh jtiitt nrrivnl—nil siwi,
J j Shop and Office, Baker Ave, next P. Caroitelln.
\\    I make anything in       C*/*****:^    Vt iO     \)
j;    Carpenter Work..      r CtHJC, JO.V^   \\
I '       I'
\ *■. V"   ■■-. J -K
i     "s.
( '
Every Treasurer of Church, Lodge0
or Association Funds should at once
ojjen a SAYINGS ACCOUNT for these
Trust Funds.
We specially invite this class of
Accounts and pay highest current
17;    1908;'
♦ »♦♦»♦»♦»<»»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*» *»♦♦♦♦*>♦♦»♦•»'♦»♦»»♦■»♦»♦»
4   .
\  "
Are we Building!
Well, rather!
Better than ever, too.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦*»•>♦♦♦♦
, «►
i t
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Arc now prepared to transact your Banking business in temporary quarters in rear
of their late office, pending the erection
of new premises.     " ,      ■
 --THE -
(Concluded from Page  I.)
Enquiry.shows that a number, of
special -constables' .are employed
around mining property within city
limit;; under superintendence of city
officials, and Have "hot acted illegally.
To the magistrate the .following let.
ter was despatched:
Victoria, B.C.,. March 14th, 1900.
John Boultb.*e, Esq.",."Police' Mag'is.
trate",  Rossland,- B.C.:
Sir,—Yours of th"e'9th inst. at hand.
There is no objection whatever to the
mining companies 'employiiuj whatever,-watchmen they .-ffiay,wis)ji. WJ&en-
it comes to a question of special constables, who are to hi,armed, then
the matter is a very different one. It
seems to me that you should haye at
once notified this 'Department as to
what had occurred, "and I was sur.
prised when the matter was brought
to my attention that, while these
special constables had been sworn ih
by you, there was no knowledge of
the fact in this Department.
I consider-it'the dyty of tb? Government to protect prppeity, and I
think the proper course'for the mine
owners to have pursued was to have
brought the state of affairs referred to
by. you to the attention, o{ the Government. So far as I am concerned, in
the position of Attorney.GeneraX I
do not intend to allow the administration of justice to be carried "oii by
American detective agencies.   ,.
I think that this circumstance has
be.*n very unfortunate indeed, aud is
likely to much prejudice, the admiri-
istratioiu of justice in the, province.
The point made by you as to the expense, to my mind, is of no importance whatever; it is the duty of the
Government to protect property-with,
out any regard whatever to the ques.
tion*-of expense. No doubt' the • administration of justice is committed
to a large extent to a city when in.
corporated, but at all times this De.
partment is responsible, and no step
«.f such a serious nature as this should
be'taken by any magistrate or any
city municipality without first notifying and obtaining the advice of
this  Department.
I hope this is the last occasion that
in. this. province it will (be necessary,
to deal with,an attempt to influence
matters through-armed'men furnish,
ed by detective agencies in the'1 man.
ner so much practiced and very much
to be deplored in the Republic- to'
the' south of us.'
J have the' honor to be',-sir, n
Your obedient servant,
 —: Attorney-Generalf—
Coal Creek
We had a-cinematograph and magic
lantern exhibition at the Club Hall
,on Saturday night.     Most    of    the
pictures were of.'the comic element
one,  called "The" Hobo, Hero," pari'
ticularly keeping ■ the audience in la
continuous rpar ofv mirth.,"'
.Harvest festival "services were held
in the Primitive,, Methodist chapel on
Sunday:     The Rev.-J.  W.  Boulton
preached powerful "sermons to"' good
congregations';     both    morning    and
evening. '*  .    "~
. Mrs.. Reid has arrived witli her two
?onst from Scotland, to take up ' her
•Jbo&.with  heir husband,  who  has-
been working, here--some time.    .
The old song says "Riley" Did if,"
but Riley himself, who.is now living
in Fernie, says*. e^jphaticaHy. hef'did
not do  it, and more, "that he~ abso.
lutely took no part in tho doing of
it.   Riley, previous to the fire, waa
a citizen of Fernie,   but having had
his homestead burned out, he    was
impelled to take a shack at the flock
Cut;.     Lift was monotonous   to "hia
j,0'.**1. SP*.*?1. her-v and he was glad
and  pleased  with  himself  when  he
completed arrangements for the   re-
ffiOYS.1 of his shack and its contents
to ins old quarters in Fernie.     The
**% was Sunday, and ..the train Ud
amyed, but the stoical Riley   didn't
I*?!*?-.., .»«<* a    trivial incident sufficient > to ' interfere  with  the  Sunday   .       ,- - - -■■•-• uect-as
rights of a British stomach. So it'* took p,a<;e from ^undertaker's
the moving about of <,,arlor8* F(-'rnie. on Wednesday af-
'■*■■ ternoon at 4 o'clock.   Following   the
usual custom all the mines were idle
that day to enable the, men to pay
their last tokenof respect to their
unfortunate brother.  •  He had    not
brothers Nicholson returning to-England. ' "   ' °
.Tom,Fowler>nd" Minto are off to
Illinois, and^a.good-mahy will'anx.
.iously-await news from them ai1' to
how.,-things are-", looking 'around', that
district.     "   J"- ■'"    ^ y\
Yet" another accident' to'add.to the
roll, and one'which, this time, un.
fortunately has had, fatal.results.'.On
Saturday, just 'after, "the"' night shift
had commenced work in No. 5 mine,
,a. ™&!£} *?.*^*l?d, VM0T "-Protessoj;!
was engaged* "in * attending to"'"'"some;
timbering in. a place off the right
slope, 47-.'district,"' when"without' the
?W.?8.J ^rW .the/whole place
caved in, completely' burying mm'.
The mine boss and- some of the under
officials, with a party of willing workers, put forth their best endeavors
.to rescue the man, but it was over
eight hours before they were able to"
reach.him. He was"found to be
alive, and with .alTdfte care" aiid despatch he was-taken" to th'e hospital.
The doctor's examination d'iVcLsed
;that there wetesno "gnes bjtfkei' but
he was badly crushed, and' bore ex.
tensive bruises all Qv;er his body, and
that he was suffering from 'severe
shock. It was recogni7.ed that he
was in a very precarious- condition,
but there were hopes that his strong
constitution would help him to pull
through. These hopes were not real,
ized, for. thc poor fellow succumb,
ed about six o'clock on Monday
morning. ..The' funeral of. the 'deceas
(In R<r*ar of Old,Stand.)
Bar supplied with the -Finest Brands
... of-Wines, Liquors and .'Cigars ...
rtRS. S. JENNINGS,  Prop., "-
*« 4 ''
^.•i'^l Hofci.)
G~-,C.,E^*5.l,p., #*|ii,m ^aip,
EGG   &   HALDANE.    *-
Architects and Valuators.
«      ;    o.      ,      ..-..        ...4,.4'V'1 .
Fernie, B.C.
Nelson, B.C.
;Wrib said-'Fire?.;;
We did.   We are" firing away at
-     . the old business.
C^. Davey ff GoM Propjj.
- ° Wo mayvbek little up-s«t,
hat jaat smile.
was that during tne moving „
the '"Appyhome,"- he was' particd.
larlyn attentive to. the stoking "of the
cookinfe^tove, His'antioipatioM. not
only foe himself, but for the few spe •
-Rial friends who had gathered to dine
...    ' »■•« 4-.-.UU Kiiuierea to dine .   «.„n,VI_.      nv Ima    not
with- him, wrre chicken" broth; with  ,       m the camP ]oaE, opting here
tll4»    4illKutn.,«„    4..     t-,l.... 4^.. .,     ' .-.        frnm     Vann.-n,^ — -
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Fernie Branch H, I. EDMUNDS, Manager
" tf*
Raphael Tuck's Private Greeting
Christmas Cards
the substance to follow, ftiley,1 with
hu,friends and bis. homoSvere' safe-"
ly lodged on the railway car. A start
was made, and all was' serene, until
suddenly a jerk, * and then, well
Riley says he never will be able ito'
explain .exactly, what happened, as
the shock to his Syatem whs so great
The, truth is, "that th'e chimney of
the ..shack didn't feel in the humor
to fall in with 'the day's proceedings, and the "bricks fell down"' in
-mob a way as to upset not.only the
broth- pot on the stove, but also
RUey.'s calculations for-the entertain
ment of his friends. The old saying,'
"It's an ill wind that "blows nobody
any good," was truly verified, for one
of the Chink restaurants got. Riley's
custom thafday;' Riley is .on the
Warpath looking'for chicken hunters,
so beware!
-■      i    •
•  One of the best and most success:
ful smoking conceits'   ever heldJ_aL
"Coal Creek took place on Wednesday
evening, October ."7th. The chief
event was the presentation of a beautiful gold watcli and Albert and a
-suit case, to Mr. Robert Strachan,
who up to recently. was superintend,
cut of Coal Creek,mines, and a lovely
gold brooch for Mrs., Strachan, which
were subscribed to by thc mino offi.
oials and workmen. There was, ,\
crowded gathering 0f subscribers and
friends, over whom Mr. Geo,' O'Urien
pr. sided. The following program was
j ii".ulcrw|: Sonp. "Mon.i,*' J. mickey;
son;.' (comic),, "At a Minute to Seven
Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 7, 1908.   ■
To the Officers and Members United'
■ Mine Workers of America:-
Greeting.—We are in th'e midst of
a political campaign. Kvery method
known to"political managers will b'i
used to secure vote's for their'respec.
tive candidates, This is especially
true in the attempt to obtain expres.
si ..ns from those holding official posi-
ti'o'is in hi hoi1 unions.
I nm in receipt of hunihvds of let.
ters from i.K',1 of ,.11 .slmdes of poli. j hast Xlphi." R. II. Xcsbitt- song^"Vf'
•en   b,hef.s and from nirparts of tl,e|iil(. Man in tl,.. Moo'i, was « Son"
orni£ JSf^;rk,n%*7 I,,y'°1,inion!'1'   Dn»»'»«: '-"P. "Only a RRaniif'ul
of the different    onnanlntes,    or „,y; Picture,"   J.   [ngh„m;   song,   "Gene
views upon the. issues involved in the'   ■■■--■ H     w,'Ml
ji-ilitical campaign,
'   The Unit-cl Mine Workers did   not
elect  nie  international   president'   to  the  I),.0,lf» Jlls.  x[ni.|in    collcerUmi"
'»«"«■»«' yur political    prefr.n'nce;s,j "Double  Kll(fI„ Alnrch," W.'   Sow r
or how you should est your vote on   sonir,  -|   w.,„M„'|   Leave  Mv Little
«.-leo ion   day,   Vou   Inn,., elected  ,,,, |,Wooden    Flut."    J.    Tuckev*-    «o B
Mine,w,,'!,:;,lfTi1's '"',hH v,,,t:Hli(n"»,e»- •'»,"" **™ w««t-":
Mine  Workers.   Ihe success ,.f   lhl., Drown." *H. H. Nesbitt; chan.cter din-
from Nanairiio
We aVo not yet entirely rid' of-
'scarlet fever, and'it. is, a matter for
regret that we have also "a few cases
of typhoid amongst us. It behooves
each one of us to overhaul our habits
with a, view'-to correction; .and, use
every possible means to prevent the
spreading of this scourge.
•Have you all seen and procured ,-a
photograph showing" 'some of ' the
boys skinning the. b?at?" If not, call
at Dick's boarding house.
■Mr. and Mrs.' WillitihY Ireland ' are
back after a three months' holiday in
bonnic Scotland, and bear marked
evidence of the benefits
thereby. '    -
■?^ M?*  bf,inw at  ihfi  Falaee.
Drug Store   .,
F-Wie. ,    •    '   ' b. C.
All-kinds ojf b# secured.   Satisfac.
;>  v Uipij guarantee^..
,   W. G.  Bruce,  Prop.
The  man   who  gets  you  a  job.
Opposite Postotmce, Fernio'
Fernie's leading commercial
houBe. :: A little bent but
still in the ring.
F. C. Laye .   Alex. I. Fishw
Fernie,   B. C.
i ■ ****■■"■"■■        —
' Working condition's in this locality
have i improved greatly in'"the course
u.-.H.'-iosr lew-weeKST
vie,*e," J. Tyson; neitation, "Sir Wil
frirl Lnuri-r at the Jubilee," T. Cough-
lin; ,song, "Koeki-d iu the Crmlle of
tlu   "
•     I4.
Dolivory okji bo had in twunly dayB..
Aumit for  Kodaks. VViitnrinan'fi l-'onntain Poiib,
United   Mine  Workers  iuul   the  WeN
f.ii' ■ of it.-i inciiibers hii.s and will re.
eeivc my first and only .'(insiilci.itioii
us long a-. I have the honor of repre. i "M.uy
-suiiiing you, |joy("
I in,i not rehiMJiihihlc for interviews
"PPeariilg in the newspapers alleged
logiie,  "Jnhn J one1*  in London," R.
H. "N'e^bitt; song, "T'll meet You in
Antonio."    T,    Douglas;    song.
Mud a  Little Lamb." Harry
■foiig, "The Treacher and the
Heiir,"  Hurry    Lloyd;    >ionp,    "J'ni
Afraid  to Go Home in  the    Dark."
olefin,,, nH.. that 1 favor any „,„•• T. Armstrong- (iiuIoBlu;i .,jc,w,h1i
c,,l»r camlHlat..     J  have declined Chnnieters."  Me,,   Mh.nchard;    song
to iixpii-w ot* to give any Ktnteineiit; "My  Wife  Won't  Let  Me," J.  liigl
ii'U'l (hinee, ]{,' Miller; song,
'ill Death," Jii-4. Miirtin; reei-
poliiien.ly for lir nguinsi nny eandi.
'bite or issue, nor <>., I intend t„ do
•i'l. This letter will he my answer to
all .vim ask mc for any mlviee n],m
p"lnM':i! lines,
1  hnve the lionoi' to represent  an
..ruimitation of n .,„.|y .•ioo.ooo'' niem.
liain;   ;
"Tru- '
tiitions, "Selected fro,,, Shnkespeiire,"
11. Cox; song, "The Toilers," J, Ty.
"on: song, "Ple.ise, .Mr. Conductor'."
•lo.- Morris; song, "flood Company,"
•<• II. NVi-bitt.   Thi',lucsentiitioncero-
Ij'-w of every knoiv,, nutioaulity anil i mony w,m in the 'eni.nhlo hands of
''"f">"'"  I...I.IU...1 vlewH.     We   have!.Mr.  .\.   II,  MaeDon,. I    Th    1 ni
aiio.ni.'  our  members'  Prohibitionists, "
l'"|Miiist«,    liiilepeiideiils,    .Socialist.**,
IVM.oe.H.s. Hej.ublieans, Liberals and  Mibseril,.,, |„ „ „mim„r ,,„,r
^ jf'on-.'iviillvi's. l''roin what | know o
*\* | oiir lil'iuber, you nr- fully fompeten
V   lo di'eule |or yuiiixelves how vou wi!
•"on-* verdiel  wns thnt Mae cxpresK.
'•<!   the  feelings  nud   winlu'ji  of    Ihe
The Eambton
operated by Mr. John' Marsh,
also the Hopeful mine, operated by
Mr. John Howells, having recently
started up after a lengthy closedown,
which -was' caused chiefly by the de.
pvession in the coal trade: The chief
obstacle in the way of steady working
at present is the inadequate supplv
of box cars, whicli we iiope to see
remedied   in the  near  future,    ■ .
Mr. John Marsh has been successful in • securing a six months* con-
tract, by which he will be able to
dispose of i5o to„s of coal por week
for tliut length of time:'1 which will
ensure steady employment for a con.
sirlerablc number of men, About 60
men are employed in and around the
mnn* nt Woodpecker and Coal City
With the installation of up-to-date
iii«ehfii..ry at the Coal City mines
the number of men employed will be
doubled  during the coming winter.
The miners here are expecting the
dislricl president or one of the district officers, to reorganize the local
union, which .suffered . greatly ' in
mimerica] .strength during the spring
"■"I summer; lack of work forcing
men  to seek  employment  «]sewhere
At n meeting' held at the Bountiful
school house, in connection with the
Dominion election eiimpaign, a Lib-
eral association was formed here the
following officers being elected: l>'rosi
«]«'«;. Mr.,W. V. Jojmson; Vice.PreHi!
<l;'"t Mr. John Marsh; Secretary.
•Mr,  Wm,  Low, j
Mr. Frank ,Toliu«on. of'Woodpcck-'
"f. >>as talten over tlie boarding house
«l Mliiolt which was l.cpt by Mr
Jolin Dunn last winter. The'work'-
iiiKiiifii in thix locality hope that Mr.
K. I'. 1'ettipii.ee, tlie- Socialist cilluli.'
Until for this riding, will see his way
'■h'lir to addr*H.j a meeting here be.
two the coming J)oininjrin election
Fernie,    B. C.
f    W.   AI   CONN ELL
Pioneer   Builder   and   Contractor
i ,      Fernie
M. A.  KERR &. CO. ,
.Builders and Contractors
Estimates  Furnished
Xing Hotel
1 .~**,~ '4
We will do the liest we' can for yo»
.-..; ; -■ ," / "-.j "-*--   *■•• •-•.■•"•.•-••I »/v
- at
Pioneor Baker of Fernie
'   »
We still hnvo sqinohot stuff.    ■
• Waiting   for   Ice.
J.   Gates,   Proprietor       '.       Fernie
Fernie, B. C.
thnn nny oil.
At times hi-4
oil!*   old   Mlpeilntelideut
else ei.ulil  have done
word-   visibly  iiffirlci
\o,;.,„ election day. el,,m. ,„,   vMw   „,    ,,„ W)Illl|    wn„
,,",!"*'    "'"" ,H '""'l' ''    I" look j greeted   will,   musie,,)   honors,    and
•J'''* •••••■r-"!- «« tl- Ui.|l.,| Mine the !„',,„>• .ingiug ... "H..'„ B jo]|y
U "Km,. Ihos' interested i„ the (li....l l-Mluiv." He expnwd the
-''-"-meronhls letter will jdease I Pleasure „ ,MVl. ,,„„ "^S wife's
"',"/"" f'o,M wihihk me in connection| behalf, ns well i.s hi, own, to aeeept
an; the  beautiful   p.'exeuts    which    had
*********** *k* ***************
Our rttock is all ('(juiiiloli! now.   W,- Jmvii i\ full Jim. uf
fi""',? K»ij\Sl,'W' nt $7.30
Wool on Untlurwonr at   I .«ij up
Sweaty..  Bt  lf(XJ
SnirtH, liliiuk Silicon nt     75 np
BuoUittmi Sliui's. Udios' Wear, bry (Joo/Ih, Nolions. K|c,
Kcfoury Bros.
i******Vi^*** ****** ***********
wil1' I'olHi'*1*. if they Iiope 10 get
""■•*«'T. I luwt     I,..,.,-,     I„„„|,„|     (        ,  T.  ,        JT
«'"*  ' ""ed Ainu- Workers iu*    an | not 1. puhlie ^,.„ur   Zd\}vy mn'l
'."" """ "  ",ls  '"""»    '" <'M^enee|iill Ihcivfore ,.XP1N(. ■,*,„  u ,JP „„,,,
e-Ln'u'1.?' >l"7  b"f,T1') m: I,1^li,if»1,!"" """'"' '»'« «-k the,,, lo accept his
■ •'!»•"-'..    od  w,.. all  xx-inh that    it. thank- for  tin, expr-^lo,,   of    their
;;    >      •■ »'•■..)■ .vear« a ter the ,,„.--. | „.,.>.! f(,'li,1R townnls hi,,, nnd bin wife.
">■   (llllll'le'li  I,,,,  pulsed  into hUt.M-V. ' ••I11TV   their   tl,„„„l„      1 ., „1.    ,.       f     ,
, OH'iwa. Opt 13,-Th.i Capital ]„.
Mr. Slra. «,»'»s«" team (tot baek from their west
,;" """• last niKht, The opinion of
•■■" tl'""1 I" tkal no team in tlm Kiint
It eapable of lifttiif? the Minto Cup,
iih tlie Xew WentininMer biineli, even
willi Jennie mid Tumuli uLh.-iiI are
«   l»"'M.v  /ormldable  lot  of  Iimriww
Fernie's pioneer FuneralDirectqr
'■    and Undertaker
Pictures Framed
H. W. Terry, Prop.
Now Doing Business
W.R.Ross,   K.O J.8.T Alexundsr
Barristers nnd Solicitors
Fernio,  B   C.
"o.i niii.i . \',y wrontr u\ whicli the
"liner roiiiplinim js honorablv ml.
<'ieei{. where noiiiy pl.-asmnt incidents
of thoir lives |ii„| h;ip),ene('l,' Re.
! frenhiiient.s  nud ri-.j,,-'. were  handed
Vi.iira f.„. ... ii        ...      •••'"■*  w*'n!  nanneii
Mm*, fint.-in.illy ,„„| f<ir harmony.j,.round, and .Mr. J. r.,mbfl mmlo   a
il   ii   41','.'w ,'HWI,'S'       IwlHiiiff rii-ooiiiiiimi-i .„, tln« pluiiu. A
l^'"l "t I,. M. W. of A.    [vote of thank*. wm, IinI-IcilI hnnoMi
, ,„ „„, ,.lmiril„.Mi (1|li| tJ||i ,-||gjnR uf
! "(i..d Save the Kiuu" brniiclil n vttv
hiintmntoiM cv. iiiiij: ,,, n elojie.
There wim nnotli.-r exoduu from
lure for the Old Country on Bntnr-
tlay liul. Jim Finl.iynon, l»to fire
bosu in No. 0. takinr h\* irife and Iwo
ehlldrpn 1« HeolJnnd, inr? Jack l>n-
son, lii* wife ami fnm'ljr, and tho
Hei'lill,   Ont.   M.-Ne  ,,(,,Vrt  y(.t   ,.,1S
'vnehed   here  of  tin.   three  miisin-r
eonleHtantrt   in   the   bnIrion   rne*   for
the interiiatioiial eup tliut wan Htnrt-
•'i|    from   Hertin   C.....1. ,.       n'i
* * L"' ' ''•-'       «Jd*k at
"klpu a»i> tho aerniiin. Spitiilnh nnd
•SwiHM, Jt in now 72 lii.urH'Hiuro they
"oiled away and nothing whatever
l.i known of their whercaboulo.
Fomla, B. 0.
r.AGKn  alb  roitTmt
W. Stan. Terry
Painter and Decorator
Glvo tiB n chance on your work.
T-'Hiiito.   Ovt.   J.X-Klm/.ln.n,     A|m
Phelps,  widow  „f  (|„.  ]„„.  n„rt  A
M.uxcy, died l-ft niphf aped HfJ yearn.
Now U the time for •rniidb-s,     Ro.
chon'm mnkinp: nil kimU ut them.
X'Tih liny, Ont,. Oct. H.-The jury
!"   "»e ,<*■".*.   of   TIlO-.,   Wi*I«lH,   Jan,,.,,
Quimi and .Michael Morri-i, chnrgcrl
with the murder of Fritit Yotinp: In
u Grand Trunk Paciflw construction
ennp at Iroquois Falls on liny 30th,
U»\*y found Wright guilty ol nutn-
"■Vm-jhtor. Quiua and llwl- ww«
KCt free.
* Por Fall Planting *
*.  •utiiii.ogm. jrco. .Armt Nurs.   *
* orieu on tho Pacific Slope      *
* M. J. Henry, Vancouver B.C.   *
* 3010 Wofltminster Rond        *
41. ***,**,XJiA,
Toiuiitu, Oct. U.—ihe body o| .Mrs.
J. W. Checsoworth; wif* of a well-
known broker, was found in Un fed
ot water near Centra htnnil ulip thU
morning. She was suffering tym
nwlancholi*. She was supposed t*
have luUroil »l nin« oVIock lust night
but imUad went to C«ntr« Island.
J. E. ROGERS, Prop.
:'Drop in nnd spomo.
Ftrnls,   0. C.
Fsrnli,   0, C» T
THE    DISTRICT   LEDGER,   FERNIE,   B.   C.,,SATURDAY, .OCTOBER.    17,   .1908.
Qid   Paymaster   During   Building   of
"" .t     C. P. R. Tells, of Strenuous   -
Days     -""'
Vancouver Province:   Revisiting,after ah absence^ of 28 years the places
where were laid the so v*nes of probably the most strenuous five, years of
. his' life, -throughout w.iiclv; he .was
_ chief timekeeper and an. outside pay-;
' master for - Onderdonk"' during-.'" con-
- struction days on the C. P. E. through
. .the mountains, Dr. George W. Campbell, of Los1 Angeles, is now in. Van.
cpuver. a guest at the Vancouver, hotel.
,,On .'his arrival in Vancouver three
weeks ago, ■ Dr. Campbell set out to
find.some of his companions of these
pioneer days. One, after another he
checked off his list' the names    of
those  who had  left the.  country or
had passed to their last accounting,
and he almost began to djspair of
..unearthing a single one of ihe fast-
vanishing, old-timers   till- he   found
James Leamy "of,. New  ..Westminster,
■ with whom he had been associated
in tbe valley'of the Frag jr. -
<•   Onderdonk and Construction
"It was one of tho greatest pleasures of my life to meet my old friend
Loamy," remarked     Dr.     Campbell,
,   drifting back into a reminiscent mood.
'•".From thi early summer of 1880 he
and I were closely conn.-cted during
thc wholo construction of the 'C.'-P.
R.   in   British   Columbia,   from  tho
..Columbia river, west to-Port Moody.
,   Mr. Leamy was a superintendent of
construction while I was chief timekeeper' and an   outside ^paymaster
o during all those trying years of. putting the road,through.   The work was
of some magnitude—I had 50 assistant, timekeepers. and  there ;were at
one time 12,000 men on the payrolls.-
'-"I had b.*en taking .. a *- medical
course in Toronto when' I became so
run down in' health that I simply had
to get out into the woods and after
going" to New York I found-my way
out here by: way of Panama.   It was
not long. before;!, entered the employ
of Mr. Onderdonk, who was manager
of construction     of     this . - western
stretch of the road. Our headquarters
were at Yale, the'head of navigation
.    on the 'Fraser, and in those days Yale
, simply  teemed  with.life.-...No  nioal
was to be had for less'than four bits.
,A,.b.d  was  something unobtainable
 ancMhe average.man had to be_sat..
-isfied with his. blankets and "nature's
/resting place on the flat .overlooking
- the town. • ~
Criminals and Gamblers
"The company fed and clothed an
army of men, many times under great
dirTlculti.s,- especially in the winter
• after the Fraser had frozen over. Of
course," there, were no.roads for the
transportation of supplies and everything had to bs moved by water from
New Westminster to Yah and pack.
- ed by mule-power lo the camps. ' It
was not by any means an uncommon
occurrence for mules—and even en.
gincs after the tracks wero laid—to
go over th.1 deep bluffs into tho.rivor,
packs and all to the groat disarrange.
' ment of the commissariat.'
"To a great extent the labor pi'ob.
lem on construction was solved by the
bringing'in of any kind of a-human
being'* who. could handle a pick and
shovel, and as the best of wages werj
paid the line .was flooded with the
toughest characters on the Coast, not
a' few of whom were men who had
done time at San-Quentin. Police
protection was an unknown quantity,
Jack Kirup .being the one man who
was to-.be depended upon to held the
lawlessness in check. Of course there
were gamblers. and other loose char,
act its hanging on the tail of the
work and as everything" ran wide
open in. Yale the-town was the*scene
of many a-riotous night and "not a fow
men found death or injury*as a con.
sequence. The hospital for. the whole
grade was at Yale and ..tha transportation to that point of wounded men,
especially .frofh- the upper divisions,
was often attended with harrowing
Gamble Couid Not Forgive
„ "Jim Leamy was considered the
best- man physically and I might say,
morally on • the lin„\ Only once in
four years did lie- furnish any ex.
citement  and   then  we  all  took  to
the unharvested zephvr breakers.'We
** . . .
had one good story on Leamy which
occurs to me:    About the beginning
of tha work one of his foreman, an
American sent in estimates for more
rock than the whole contents of his
cut.    Of course, Mr. Onderdonk'was
horrified and H. J. Camble, who was
then. in , the engineering service   of
the f .'derab. government,     said -    he
would not forgive.    It was 24 hours
before Leamy was able to make good,
his  Yankee   foreman  finally   confes:
sing the fact that he had turned over
the rocks in the cut after the govern.
m;nt inspector and had chalked them
and had measured them twice.
"I- No Cheques Went ■ *
"To pay off 10,000 men in those days
was a serious task. Thc money was
brought from Victoria to New West,
minster by. the express coinpiiny and-
two of us packed it-ovjr the line, on
foot, on horseback, with-Indians,_ in
fact, any old way we,could get there.'
Many, niany times we walked all the
way from Now Westminster to'.Yale,
traveling around sloughs piloted by
Indian guides and picking our way
among• the dead1 salmon Jining th.*
banks-'of the river 'and' tributary
streams. When night came we were
literally-tired to,death carrying mon.
■ey-r- So.metimes-tlie^late-KJ'ohn-Tv-VYiird-
aiid I packed at Last $100,000 in cur.'
rency—no cheques went in ■ these
"Once on a rainy night when near
Harrison river we stumbled on a re.
clusc. I remember he asked if the
queen was still alive. He slept on a
pile of old overalls and jumpers and
kindly offered us his bed. He had a
fireplace and chimney of wood cover.
ed with clay. Ward and I chose to
sit-up by turns and keep up heat.
We got,in plenty of wood, but unfor.
tunately on my shift, I set fin to the
wooden fireplace and nearly burned
down ..the old. man's cabin.
Meeting Hold.up Gamo.
"Hold.upsP   Yes, I passed through
some four attempts mado'by somo of
the bandits iri the country to relieve
me of.the money I had to-pack around
but I never lost a single cent during
the whole five years I was with Mr.
Onderdonk.-        ,   . >. £.„
"On one occasion and the narrow,
est squeak-I had, I was travelling lip
£he line, paying.off as I went. When
nearing the-Black Canyon" I noticed
several, suspicious characters near the
trail. I only "caught sight of their
heads peering around a , bank—and
called Ward's attention to them. We
carried revolvers when -we packed
money,, a big Colt, in a belt and a
smaller' arm in the right-hand coat
pocket. for quick action, and that
night when we' turned, in under a
tent I put my. guns n:?ar at hand and
Waird did the same. I also got a
big axe and laid it with the firearms.
That night Ward soon dropped off to
sleep," but.. I ■ was still - awake t when
about 2 o'clock I heard  soft ' foot!
Likelihood Of One
Hundred Miners
Being Lost
steps encircle the tent, and I knew in
an instant that tin . hold.up "was
about to come off.
"In a moment' I could discern
against the canvas the shadow of a
man who was attempting to undo
thc flap of the tent. By this time 1
had arisen, armed myself and was
just in. the act of awakening Ward
when there was a sudden rush of feet
and shouts that an attempt was be.
ing made to rob us. The man who
had been fumbling with the flap of
tho tent was borne down by force
of numbers and securely bound in a
moment, but his pals escaped. It
turned out afterwards that the bandits had been observed loitering about
the camp for ten days and some
friends of mine on the work tumbled
to what they werd after. They did.not
say anything to Ward • and me, but
they sat'up that night on watch for
just the occurrence "which, took place.
, Escaped Bandits'Ambush.
■, "On another occasion when we
were making our'way east along the
grade on j night near Maple'Ridge,
with a large sum' of money, we nearly ran into an ambush. Luckily we
sighted some of the men and had time"
to, back out of the' trap.   We   fired
. ..*4
some shots at the men, but they were
not returned, and we finally got back
to a point where we secured guides
.to.' take,,us past,the danger point on
a detour through the woods. We had
to go on, and that-was the safest way
of going. ,
"Once at Savona when tlie place
was full of roughs an attempt was
made to get us into a fight so that
our satchels might be stolen. Ward
and I were walking up the middle
of the street ^and had been followed
for some.distance by a big burly fellow,- who  complained, that    he had
Koenigshuff, Russia; Oct. 14.—Fire
broke out this morning in one of
the galleries of Koenigshuff coal
mines. About one hundred men' are
imprisoned; in the gallery 350 Let
deep. - It is feared all will be. lost.
Six bodies so far have' been recovered.
Winnipeg, Oct. i3.—J. F." Kane,
chief clerk to W. Whyte, second vice
president of the C. P, R. has be.;n
appointed,fuel agent of tlie company
with headquarters at Calgary. ■
■■-■* <*■
worked and had not been paid for his
"     ••* ■   '
labor.     He kept approaching cloBer
and closer, and growing more abusive
as we neared a crowd of particularly
desperate looking men,   In my young.
er days I was handy with my firsts
and had the muscle  to back them
up, so I waited,till opportunity   of.
fered, and swinging on myhe.l gave
the fellow a.smart backhander.     It
caught him in the right place, and
he went down in the road.  We wero
not molested again there.
"There an many other incidents of
construction days in the' old Fraser
valley worth   the   telling—things   I
have not thought of for many years,
but they come back to me since   I
have been over the ground and visit.
ed thc old spots during my present
IN THE MATTER of the Estate of
Melissa Leonard, late of the City
of Fernie, deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given that all
persons having any claim or demands against thc late Melissa Leonard, who died on or about the First
day of August, 1908, at Fernie in the
Province of British Columbia, are required ,to scud by post •• prepaid, or
to deliver to the undersigned solicitor for the executor and trustee under the Will of, the said Melissa
Leonard, their names and addresses
and full particulars in writing,' of
their claims' and statements of their
accounts , and the nature of the securities,, if any, held by them.
And TAKE "NOTICE that after the
First day of' November, 1908,- the
said executor- and trustee will proceed to .'distribute .the assets of the
deceased among the persons entitled
thereto, having regard only to the
claims of which he "shall then have
had notice, and the said executor and
trustees will not .be liable - for the
said assets or any part thereof, to any
person of whose claim he shall. not-
then have received notice.
September;' A..:D. 1908.
. L- P. Eckstein,
Solicitor for  the said Executor and
Trustee,' - *
Fernie, B. C.   •     ■
New;, York, Oct. 13.—The Democratic National committee" made public
the following statement tonight: "It
was stated at the National-Democratic Committee headquarters that the
President, by promise of office, had
succeeded'in having one of the big
men" of the American Federation of
Labor desert President Gompers in
his advocacy'of the election,,' of Mr.
Hryan .for the presidency.
"Thc labor leader in question is
Daniel J. Keofe, of Detroit, Midi.,
president of the International Association of Longshoremen and one of
the vice presidents of tlie Federation
of Labor.        "
"Tho Democratic cominiltcG alleges
that. Keofe and the President., were
closeted for suvernl hours in Washington on Saturday, Oct. 3rd, and
the olTcr of being named Commissio-
er of Immigration, made vacant by
the" death of Commissioner Sargent,
was made to Mr. Kc-efo by repudiating Mr. Gompers and tho executive
'.'Keofe on Saturday last issued a
statement in which ho said:
" 'I am going to vote for Wm. II.
Taft.' " The source of the Democratic Committee's information was not
divulged tonight.   ■
Chicago  Team   Wins
Another Game Of
the Series
New York, Oct. 14.—Frederick E.
Cook, the Arctic cxplor.r is believed
by .Explorer Anthony Fiala to b:
close to the North Pole if he has not
already reached that target of many
•historic expeditions. No word nas
been heard from Dr. . Cook since
March 17 last. He was tjien on the
polar ice north of Cape .Thomas Hubbard about 560 miljs from the pole.
He was the only white man with
several Esquimax with,equipment,of
dogs and supplies-*. When he wrote
lie was onthe eve of making a desperate dash for the pole owi-.the
means range perfection. . p..
FOR years llio name "GURNEY-    . ft    ' ^L^,:^r\
■ OXFORD"   has stood   for   the     B       ^*T     l/_J-%
highest development in cooking ■'   ™** .-■" *-»■*-..   ,rszSh=M
ranges,   No matter what conditions the
range must meet, no matter what price
you wish to pay, you will get more
range efficiency for your money in
the "Gurney-Oxforif'   lines   than in
any other that's built
All our years of experience and our
Btore of range knowledge is put into
this, one of our latest prpductjons-
Golden Nugget
Steel  Range
Is built of dead flat, patent, levelled steel blue finish—the kind that
stands all kinds of heat and never warps or cracks.
It's supplied with the new Gurney-
Oxford reversible grate, too. Tho
grate with thc interlocking teeth
that cut off the dead ashes, when
operated, and makes the fire'respond quickly. No good coal drops
through it cither, every particle is
burnt. That is one of this range's
fuel-saving features,
This grate can be removed and a
wood-burning grate substituted
without moving a bolt or a screw,
Then, notice the extra large oven
—a'.-iv'.iuiu •.«.'. Uiivilig day,      Aflii,
the i3rcij.'',3i4'4,','- k')r.n' u **JiJ i)n)\l'
for basting.
The fire lining.-, can be removed,
without disturbing the top—that
means economical repairs.
The Gurncy-Oxford Golden Nugget Range is a low-price range
with high-price cllicicncy.
Wc would like to explain it to you
in detail.
Wr know that once you have seen
it you won't be -satisfied until you
have this labor savin-;, fuel-savin*;
range in your, kitchen.
The Gurney Standard Metal Co., Limited fal»™„_
Chancellor Range
V.,i!if  ,.r  i,..,h. »     i.. i
-4*,,,        4*       ■j.rt4JvfUi,   (»-*■»■* ttol»H*,l»» |     W»-*t*'*li
flat blue steel—will last a lifetime. Fitted with the Gurncy-
Oxford rcvcrsiblegratc.whichcan
be removed without disturbing
the linings.
The Gurney-Oxford Chancellor
range saves food, fuel and worry,
takes all the bother out of
„The second Provincial Sunday
School Convention in to be held in
the city of Revelstoke October 27.2!),
The principal speaker will be Mr.
W. O. I'oaro.',1 international superintendent of the adult department. Mr.
l-Vfiica it-nii very interesting and pruc.
tieal speaker, Ho Is tho,leader of tho
adult department, tin greatest move,
ment of tho twentieth century in
Sunday school work. It is practically through his efforts that this do.
partment has become so prominent
during tho past few years, Thou.
Hands of men, through tho work of
the (lepaftm.'nt, have been gathered
into the Sunday schools.in all parts
of the North American continent. At
tlie recunt International convention,
held at Louisville, Ky., under Mr.
lYiircc'H leadership, 1,200 business
men b.'longing lo the adult classes
marched through the streets of that
city, nnd demonstrated to tho public
that the Sunday school i» no longer
to be regarded as simply for littlo
children, but that It is for mnn nUo,
and liieii of the hlgheht cnllbro, Th •
Sunday school workers of thn province should moke u special effort
to h.'iii* Mr. lYnrce,
This promises to be the greatest
religious gatherhif ever held ln the
province. Thn general theme is "The
twentieth century Sunday school or.
g/inised for effectual work." The dif.
fcrcnt phases of the organization and
V'.;.,  ... '..,    4.4. [(....41444, rfui.Jaj  hCiilMJi
v.-il, be 'li'.rit'V'itV   The Viwthy .whin.
IN THE MATTER, OF.' AN APPLICATION for the issue of a duplicate
of the Certificate of Title to part of
Lots 1, and 2, Block C, of Lot 5455,
Group One, District of Kootenay
(Maps 735 and 735 A).   -
it,is my intention to issue at the expiration of one month after the first
publication hereof a duplicato of the
Certificate of Title to the above mentioned land in the name of Edward
Owen, which Certificate is dated thc
30th of September 1007 and numbered
7590 A.
District Registrar,
Land Registry Olllce,
Nelson, B. C.
September 3rd, 1008,
Detroit, Mich., ct. f3,—By -winning
today's  game  from   Detroit,   Chicago
has now won three of„the four games
of the championship  series.    Should
victory, again' come  to  Chicago  th.
chapecs are     tomorrow'    that     th.
world's -championship will come with
it.    Today's  game  was  an  errorless
oiie and the Detroit enthusiasts ascribed   their , defeat   very   largely   to
the luck of the game, two of tlio Chicago runs which would have     been
enough to win coming in the third
inning on two bases "on balls, a-steal
of second and- two    hits.     Chicago
added another one for good measure
in the ninth when Evans, singled to
right, stol.' second  and came home
on Chic Chance's hit.    In only oiie
inning, .the     fourth,     did     Detroit
threaten with a man on first and second. Cobb forced O'Leary at 3rd and
Crowford was caught imping- off second.   In the last four innings Brown
was invincible and the Detroit side
was retired each tim? in one,    two,
.hree order.
/Thus Chicago"crept one gam?, closer" to the world's baseball championship.    Chicago   has   now   won   three
games of. the series as compared with
the one annexed, by* Detroit at Chicago yestirday.
; "Eddie" Summers, Detroit, and
"Minor" Brown, the'premier pitcher
of the Chicago team opposed each
other, and the latter had all the better of thi orgument, altough Summers pitched, excellent','ball in all but
one. inning.* In the third Summers
passed two men on balls some of
which seemed to the crowd to be like'
strikes. He was cutting the corners
in whirlwind fashion, and „ an inch
either way would liave changed tin
umpire's decision.,
"While the crowd today was, larger
than that which turned out to view
the opening struggle of tli:- series here
it was-not so large as had been ex-
Sudden drops of temperature are
impossible in the home heated by
hot water or steam. Stove fires
die out, hot air furnances heat
unevenly, and the hot air switches
to other parts of the house leaving the.remaining rooms cold
and drafty. But with the Oxford
heating systems operated by
Hot Water and Steam
in connection with Oxford Radiators an even, steady circulation
of healthful warmth is kept up   .,
throughout  the  house.     Each   '
radLitor is1 diffusing the  same
temperature of heat in sufficient
quantities for the sue ofthe room.
The illustration below shows an
Oxford ' Comfort   Hot    Water
Boiler.   Thc fire pots are accurately and scientiticgilly proportioned to the fire surfaces for
burning low grade fuel, and surprisingly economical results are
attained thereby.   The improved
pattern .rocking  and   dumping
grates, ease assured for cleaning
fire surfaces, large fire and flue
doors are some'of the commendable features.
Our booklets on  home healing will
interest you—tl.cyure free—write us.
The Gurney Standard
Metal Co., Limited
Selling Agent, Fernio
The Fernie football team are still
in the hopes of playing.off with Michel for the Crow's Nest Pass championship, and dates will likely be arranged in tlie now future. Michel,
we are told, are kicking on playing,
and claim that because they, are the
leaders by one point, are entitled to
tho medals0 and cup, while ono game
still remains to be played with Fernie
pecteel, in view of Detroit's victory in
yesterday's game. The turnstile registered 12,907 paid admissions and
the gross receipts were .'''10,231.
The ground immediately in front
of the grand stand was still muddy
from ^Saturday's rain, but the dia.
mond was in good condition.
TN THK MATTER OF AN APPLICATION for the Issue of a duplicate
of tho Certificate of Title to Lot 7,
Block 24, Town of Fernio, (Map 734),
It is.my intention to issue at the expiration ol one month after the first
publication hereof a duplicato of tho
Certificate of Title, to tho above mentioned Lot in the name of Alexander
MoLachlnn which Certificate is 'dated
tho 13th of July 1000 nud numbered
6802 A.
Dlstilot Registrar.
Land Registry Oflico,
Nchon, I). C	
September .'Ird, 1008,
Toronto, Oct. M.—Brooks ..Sanford
Ltd., hardware ni rchants, have a<*.
signed with liabilities of ?100,000 and
assets of a few thousand dollars
more,    .
Great Falls, Oct. 14.—P. S, Her.
vin, resident engineer of the Great
Northern nt Grand Forks, has been
transferred to Great FiiIIh, as rcsi.
dent engine r for the Butte-to.Havre
Mr. Hervin, ns resident engineer,
wil have charge of all the track from
Butte to Havre, Sweet Grays tu Great
Falls,.and the Ncihnrt, Stockett and
Sand Coul e bianehcH.
1 ENGINE GOVERNOR for 3 Ul in.
steam pipe.
. Laundry Machinery
I     WAHUISU    MtWUiStt,
Detroit, Oct, 14,—In tho fifth gnmo
of tlio world's championship series,
('hlcago won by 2 to 0, scoring: In
tho first and fifth, Chicago's haltory
was Overall and Kling* and Detroit's
Schmidt nnd Donovan.
Toronto, Oct,    13.—The     Imperial
Carpet Comany, Ltd., has   nssiKiu-d.
The liabilitii'S are placed at $580,00*1
and assets at $050,000.
Winnipeg, Oct. J.'l.-Sir Thomas
SliaugluicHsy, president, of the C.V,
It., arrived here from Mmitr.'iil to.
day and will spend a f w days in
tho eity before proceeding west on
a tour of inspect ion of the compnnyV
London; Oct. 13.—The Daily. Tele._
graph's Rome. correspondent says
that lie is able lo state on the high -st
authority that the wedding of the
Duke of Almizzi and Miss Elkins will
certainly occur very soon.
. ^1
i, Lyons
J. D. Quail,
Hhould be the rlj*ht arm of Hut churcl
in nil line* of ChrbUUn effort, hone* 1 PELTON WHEEL
thin convention will endeavor to show | ___
what the, twentieth century Sunday
,t    it    11  i   •    i   • • .
."   ' 'J.   I.*.    ...4    kt 4-44..41^    'leg.!1*...**
in miiiI winning, in character build,
ing, in moral reform, in r'aching tho
homes, in reaching tho neglected
mnsioex, and many other Jive quel.
Each school wn tend th«»   pnntnr
dinl superititcrnlent, and   one addl-
•2 niLr.r.iRD tarles,
IImiihI f».lc/*/«t'. for »tteh ftVy ol ih* SEWING MACHINT3
enrollnienl or fraction ihtttt'ol.    The   """  "  ~"
Provincial    Roar.1   hope*   that   all
«chooli will «end full delegation**.
I BARBER'S .SHELF, fancy, about
feet long.
Manager's Telling Teitl.
Mr. I). II, Gourlay, ndveiti.iing
mannger for the well known piano
linn of Gourlay, Winter and Lo'in.
ing, Toronto nnd Winnipeg, in amongst
the mnuiineiit men and women who
testify to Ziun-lliik's great ciiniiive
power.   He writes tn the lt'i.iji|-imy ns
"(leiitli iiii'ii,—1 have   pi hhui'ii   in
•dating Unit upon the recommendation
of n relative I i.iireliii'ieil n box   of
your leiueily (7,iiiii.Huk), and  by    n
few applienli'iiih entirely cuied a very
Ncv i spiuin nl the back,   While not
giv< li t« indiscriminate n.-ii. of, or be.
lie! in, -mt.-nt ni'diciiM-n, I can eon-
M'ii'iitiine-ly t.'coinmeiid Ziiiu.lluk.
"Pinecrely your*.
%Sign..l) 1), ll. Gourlay,"
Thnt ii just where Zam.Htik proven
its sup I'ioriiy!   It i-i tivaletl by mm
aud women who hav*. tried it, an al>
| toj-etli.T (lifftieit! f< t.idiii'iiy prepara.
Afi-yi-rs. ii«iii«.     ii'itt'iin,     h''-jiiu.i     nun-fit.,
,    I U.'iillelr.,     liUi'l'il'S    <•!     eoiivuleficellt
\,<-:h' •» -til!    fin,-    Y.ttn.Uxtk    ,t  good
wi.id; .ind b.tlM  still, they use    it.
jy.4iiii-I.uk   i*.  ii-  irniid    lor  iiiuMnilar
j miJIii «•«.  -j.iiiiii1-,    jJiwi',ifllj*ni , /ind
7' .ifiatic'i iih it  i«  for    skin  troitbb n.
j Hockey I'biyeis and athletes in pen.
! ■•nil tlnd il invaluable,     E..r   ernp.
tions, I'liotiili-., scalp horctt, itch, io
xi-iim. ulcer*,  Ixiil**,    abHC«'H*e,  binuti
l>'ii-"U, '".?-,    burn.',    ImiUt.*,    i.i.<i
abrawi'.nt, it U it n\ux dy cure. Taken
th. A..L. i...... .,ul i.f v..mu.U almost in. j
Ciibourg, Out., Oel. K',—1'ii.itiiwihti-r
Ralles of I-Viiell/i, was committed to
stand trial on a charge, of stealing
Conservative campaign lit'-rntur •
from the mailn, after the evidence
had been In-lit tl in the preliminary
iiit-uii'y before n iii.igiMrntf here to-
Real Estate
and General
WoudnUKk. Ont., Oct. W.—The Mm
V. li. C. A. LuiUIiitg wltt-ch «o*\ %'&,-
000 was formula*/ op«nd hut night
And *ll kinds
(From the LftthbrlrlR-* H*r-*.1d,*i
It. 1'. 1-Yli.'.--•<.« it, in Un! city to-
duy, hiki'ln^ juiu r.turtt'l from th*
(iimuul convention of tint Ti.uli'H nnd
I.ithur ('niigie.'.w held at IInllfax hist
.\ltcr lining noiiiii work for the In
tcrnutioiutl  Typographical   t'nioii  .it
Medicine ll.it   Mr.   IVttipi.-re will r<-.
turn to \m lioniu In V(ti.((iu\.*r. j
.Mr. I'etlipiei'o'n name has lnvn nutx-i
•r.'sfed ,is rt f.indlifrtfe fnr thf Mocfnl
1st 1'iiitv in this riding, nnd n niccl-'
/hit ml! V li'-M Uxi'i '".'-niiiK to <U' J
el.-, ihe I.iImi  'mity'fi iictlon hi the.
SO STOVES. Mainly, nud kill* all dUoiwe tvtm*.!'""'•""' M" '  ,m"
s of fomitaw at bar-"thu*. |.rv.-nting   foiling   mid    in. ,,|"'7''t rmi^' t
;aT.,rtmtion.     All ilruggUU and Mont.     Ih™' "ll"'"1"* ,0
Call and let us
show you our list
of cheap residential lots.  We have
Lots For Sale
Ix- ii feelini"-* nm-
Uell at 50c. a W. or po*t fire fr-iti "n"   th"   "■'*»*v"*h|l*   ,h»l iMr «" |
ib,. znm-uuk Co., Tu»Bto. tor i.nc, ^'z^':^,^yl'T^ ,(,r "'"sin evervpart of the
ft.  ELLIOTT.  Kula, D.  C.
;iiL..-t'*f"i toirt.
Ur\i\ box.
fl ud le. atiii't-t f.,r
•••Mf  pr>< in.'f'i* cimpafipi
However, tlm rfccUion will be made
(THE  DISTR'.ICT   LEDGER,. FERNIE,   B.   C,., SATURDAY",    OCTOBER    17,-; 1908.
*- '    Dealers hi   -
Wagons,- Sleighs and Dump Carts,
- fcjp.ing Rigs and Harness
O.  N.  Ross,  Mansgar.
■   ROSS BROS, Props.
Doing' business in the
same old place.
SEALED TENDERS addressed-to
the undersigned anil endorsed "Tenders for Dredging Coal*Harbor," will
b.' r^c.ived until Friday, 30th October,
1908, at 4.30 p.am., for dredging required at Coal "Harbour, Vancouver,
Province of ^/British Columbia:
Tenders will not be considered unless made on the .form supplied, and
.signed willi the. actual signatures of
Specification and form of tender, can
be obtained' oh application to G. A.
liefer, Esq.v resident engineer,. New
^Westminster, and at tbo D.partment
of Public .Works, Ottawa. Tenders
must include the towing of the plant
lo and from the works. Only dredges
can be employed which are registered in Canada aj th • time of tlie filing
of tendej-s. 'Contractors, must be
ready to begin* work within twenty
days after the date they have been
notified of the acceptance of th.'ir
An accepted cheque on a.chartered
bank, payable to the order of the
Honourable the Minist.r of Public
Works, for ono thousand dollars ($],-
000.00), must be deposited as -securi.
All    kinds    of   rough   und    dressed
Victoria Avenue,      .      North Fernie
Builders  and  Contractors
a    ■> "
Estimates  Furnished   ■
Fernie "
The only spot in town for choice pipes
and tobacco,
W.. A.  INGRAM        .      .      Fernie
iy.   The''cheque will 1)2 returned   in
case of non-acceptance of tender;
Th- Department.dq-es not bind itself to accept the lowest or anv tender.        ' '   '   ,       ■     ,'    •
By order,
•■■'   NAP. TESSIER,
Secretary. -"
Department of Public Works,
Ott-twa, October 7, 1003.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if they insert it without authority from the .Department.
B.  C.
Selling  dates  Sept.   19th  to  24th
Final return Limit Sept. 30th
S:lling dates Sept. 21st to 25th
Final return Limit Sept. 28th •
or  VANCOUVER .   ,
Wholesale Liquor Dealers
A  full  fitock  in a lfi\v days.
Selling dates Sept. 26th to Oct 2nd
Final   return   Limit Oct.  7th
Corresponding rates from other
points. Apply to* local ticket agents
for berth reservations, etc.
•J. E. PROCTOR   ;
D.  P. A„ Calgary, Alta,
In West Fernio
G Lots C5 ft. x 132 ft, in 'good loca.
tion. Safe distance from saw mills
Easy terms.
Further particulars by applying to
L, T. Smith, Fernio, or
Shorwood Herchmer
Fornio,  B. C.
Two of above lots havo been flold
since (Ire,
Notice is hereby given that application will be mack to the Parliament
of Canada at the next session thereof
for an Act to. incorporate a Company
under the name of>-"The Canadian
Western Railway Company," with
power to construct, equip, maintain,
and operate a line, or lines of railway of standard • or other gauge by
means of steam, electricity, or any
other kind of locomotive power;
(1) From a point, on the international boundary line,', in the Province
of Alberta, between the east side of
range twenty-three (23), and the w.st
side of range twenty-eight (28), wCst
of the fourth principal meridian,. to
a point on the Crow's Nest Pass line
of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company betwe.n Cowley and Pincher
Creek; thence north-westerly . follow,
i.ig the valley of the north fork of
tlie Old Alan river to a point in the
Livingstone range of mountains at or
near section" thirty-thr.c (3.'*), in
t iwnsbip ten (10), range three (3),
west .of .the„.fifth principal meridian;
thence through the. pass in' the Livingstone Mountains to the last-named point, and northerly, up the vail y
of the' Livingstone. Rivor to a point
on High River, at or near township
seventeen (17), in ranges four (4) and
five (5), west of the fifth .principal
meridian; theno north-easterly by
the most practicable , route to tlie
City of Calgary; •
(2), From a' point on the middle
branch at or .near its junction with
tlie Livingstone River; thence to a
point in the Rocky-Mountains west
of Gould's Dome; thenc*. through a
p.iss in the Rocky Mountains to the
valley of the EJk River by tlie .most
practicable "route; thence southerly
down the valley of the Elk River to
a junction w'ith the .Canadian'Pacific
Railway and ,the Great" Northern
Railway, in the Elk River Valley at
or near the village of Michel.
And to construct, equip, maintain,
and operate branch lines, and with
duch powers, rights and privileges as
are incidental. or necessary theretp,
and to construct, equip, maintain and
operate telegraph and teh phone lines
and' its branches, and to transmit
messages for commercial ' purposes
and to charge tolls therefor, and to
generate electricity for the supply of
light, heat and power, and lo acquire
and develop water powers for. ,that
purpose; and to lease, sell and distribute and otherwise dispose of the
same, and to - levy and collect tolls
from all persons using and all freight
passing over said railway and
branches, and to connect with and
mak.; traffic or other arrangements
•-.yjth railway or other companies,- in.
eluding any line of railway in the
State of Montana, one of the United
States of America, and to purchase,
take, over, lease, or otherwise* ae.
quire the property, rights and franchise of any other, companies, and to
lease or sell to any other company
thn property, rights and franchise of
the company,
That such railway may bo. declared
to be for tlie general advantage of
ofthe City of Winnipeg, in Manitoba,
Solicitors  for  Applicants. ,
Dated ot Winnipeg,this Olli day of
October, A.I). 1008.
es, and full particulars, - ih writing,
of their- claims,- and statements of
their accounts, arid the nature of thc
securities, if any,.held by them. * -
And take notice that, after the 1st
day of December, 1903, the .said administrator will-proceed to distribute
the assets of the said deceased among
the persons entitled thereto, having
regard only to the claims of which
lie shall then have had notice, and
that the said administrator will not
be liable for the said assets, or any
'part thereof, to any p:-rson of whose
'claim he shall not then have received notice.. ■ . •
, .Dated at Fernie, B.C., this' 9th
day of October,  A.D.  1908."'
,   .. L.'P. ECKSTEIN,'
, Solicitor for the .said- Administrator.
J.. H. H-a'wthornwaite, Socialist
member from Nanaimo, has written
the following letter to a comrade in
Nelson, -The letter is self explaiia.
tory.   ' '       .
Nanaimo, 1LC„ Sept. 24, 1908.
Fred Ogle, Secretary  1. W.  W., N.l.
son,  B.C.:,   "
D. ar Comrade,—Yours of the 18th
inst. duly to hand. I am glad to
hear from you and also to learn that
you are still in the ranks fighting for
the only cause on earth worth trou.
.ing about. With, regard to tlie rumor, circulated by Smith Curtis that
he ■ was the real author or instigator
of the bills I introduced into the local
House, let me say the matter is hardly worth' discussing, more particularly when we know that the' vast majority of my important bills, such as
the 8-hour day, in ill coal mines, the
8-hour day in smelters, the Settler's
Rights Act, the Ambulance Act, the
Manufacture..and'Sale of Explosives
Act, etc., .were introduced and carried
through the, House-long-after he was
out of it. The principal piece of leg.
islation-obtained while Smith Curtis
was'in tlie House was-the Workman's
Compensation Act, and-1 drafted tin's,
in Nanaimo some three months before the session opened.   '
Neither Smith Curtis nor "any
other petty lawyer saw it until after
it was introduced. But'what'Curtis
did was this: He introduced an
amendment to it in favor of the.claos
he repres nts, ,- the middlemen and
the little capitalists, but this was defeated. It is a. marvel that this most
generous duck should in .all the years
he was in the House succeed only in
getting through one p tty amendment
and wear out his aching soul to 'help
me, the man he is" now trying to traduce.' In-my-opinion lie is simply in
th'e fight to.defeat.Hill Davidson at
smelling bunch of Chink- importers,
the. Laurier administration. .Bill Davidson is worth ten of him.    I    will
equal share of the expense and a
committee of. two from each party to
meet and arrange details. . I,,would
respectfully suggest that the date.cf
the d bate be immediately- before
polling, or at the most- convenient
date to suit you. .
Yours in the struggle,
Frank Sherman  Says the Grits    and
Tories   are   Both   Hot   in   the
Pursuit  of Graft.
Th! Socialist party had'a grand
rally last night in the Labor,'Hall,
Barer Block. The hall, was well filled, and without the embellishment of
bands of music-the meeting was. a
.great success. „ Comrade J. Harrison
occupied 'the chair, and introduced
the Socialist candidate of th? Calgary
riding.      * ■        .
Frank H. Sherman than took the
platform, and after much applause
said: "Being the Sabbath evening it
might be advisable to explain the
position of Socialism .to Christianity."
He pointed out that Christ was a
working man, as also were His disciples, and in His day He preached
against the existing order of society;
and rthe gentlemen interpreters "of
religion of.that day persecuted Him
and finally crucified Him for His outspoken opinions. The speak-r. pointed1 but the, great difficulty of leading
a Christian life under, the present
'competitive conditions. Socialism is
not opposed to religion,'that, being a
matter for the individual to d.cid'for
fiimself. Some of' the most eminent
men-of the Christian churches were
now declared for Socialism.- Under
tlie Socialist commonwealth far greater opportuniti s would bo. given to
the human being to worship as they
'chose.   .-,...   ^ '■„'-'■'"
At Saturday night's meeting Mr.' 'A*.
Masters presided, and "_Miv John--. M.
Harrison gave a preliminary -address.
Mi*.' Sherman "said" that it was '$>'-
-propr-iatef-thttU. lie-should—appear-— on
elialf of the poor and the1 afflict d
ibc-cause he was the son'of apoormnn.
■ Mr. -"Sherman' said  that the "press
'1 ', . - i
******* ****.*:*****,**.**.* **,* ***
* .
• *!
.     ■       - #'
**************** *■*.* *,* ******
y Gee Whiz I
"What's the matter with this Town?
Can't bum us out of Business
J. D. QUAIL,     i   Hardware and
* Furnisher:::
♦ ■
♦ ♦.-
♦ .
We are Burned out
1    .  ft      ■ , . • o
We are not -done out
Come right; along
We can serve you:
Whiraster & GoV
l>. up if f can make it, but if T do  wn» controlled by tlie opponents   -of
It is safe hotting that Curtis will do
as he did when I landed jn Rossland
—have business elsewhere.. Yuu'rs in
tlie sera]), J. H. HAWTHORN-
WAITE.—Moyie Leader.
McCarthy and stewart
given a challenge!
,•* "
Frank Sherman Would Like to M:et
Them in the Biggest. Building
in CityJ
Frank Sherman, tlie Socialist candidate, hns issued the following challenge :
■    (    Calgary, Alta., Oct. 11, 1908,
Messrs.  McCarthy  and  Stewart —
Gentlemen,—Believing as    I do that
the electors .of Calgary riding'should
havo an opportunity of judging the
respective merits of the three candi.
dates   for their suffrages, I therefore
challenge youto a publio debut' upon
"The ('oiiHi'i'votivo and  Libernl  I'oli-
oil's"   versus    "Socialism,"    in   the
largest building it in possible to get
in this city.   Each party to hear   on
Socialism,-and the, Socialist party was
ridiculed by .the press. If the workingmen wer • entitled to the'ballot
then they were entitled to bo represented, by workingmen in Parliament.
There was no guiding principle or
vital cause at stake in the present
campaign between tlie Liberals , and
the Conservatives. Tlie campaign
should bring the. blush ,"f shame to
the cheek of every honest Canadian.
Tory financiers grab the hinds of tho
peoplo and Grits do the same, One
of,the two parlies must steal the pro.
porty of the people, for both'wished
to profit, from the fruit-s of other
men's labor, He stated that he had
not been in- town three hours boforo
he-had been npproi.chc.dhy tho Liberal executive, asking him not lo run.
♦'- '-•■".'.:.'■
.♦   ..
♦   -■■:■'
t. •:'.-■ ■ • •■; ..* ■•
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 9999999*>*y9*>e>9999999999'
London, Out., Oct. 6,—The grand
jury has* returned a true bill against
Private Moyer, charged with shoot-
iag Color-S rgt, Lloyd at Wolsolcy
Barracks here in April,
A.' McDougall, Mgr.
Will  be cutting in a
couple of weeKs
Savo ui your orclcm
,.    ..    For Your Supply of ..    ..  ■
Hoimir, D, 0,
Ftrnlo, B.C.
__*__    ____i *™   *****   »"■*»     ■**■*•**   ******> *»' *■**
i^  II  "
All kinds of
Roast Meats
In the matter of the estate of Steve
Sitehnraig, lute of Fernie, 1LC„ de.
Notice is lien by given thai all per.
sous having any elainiH or demands
against tlie late Steve Suchouftk, who
died on  or about the 10th day   of
Juno,  IDOft, at  Coal Creek,  II.C,    in
the  Province    of  British    Columbia,
are required to send by post, prcpnid,
or to deliver to the undoi'Hignod, solicitor herein fov Simon llogaey, iho
aiiminlstraloi1,' their  itaiiicH  and  ml.
(hemes, and full piirtieuliirs, in writ,
i'lg, nf their.claims, and statenientH
.if their iii-count-*, and the nature of
the Hecuritli'H, if any', held by them.
And take notice that, after the 1st
I day of December, I WIS, thn said nd-
t miiiiriiratnr will proceed to dUtribnle
i the itHxcts of the Hiiid deCeiiHed among
the piTMiiis entitled thereto,   having
retard only to the elainiH of whicli
he shall then have had notice,   and
tl wo 1  tiie said administrator will not
be liable (or thn said' «hhi'Ih, or any
ji'ii't   tli. -.i-'.f, t"  n'l"  ji.'V'f'U  ' f  \"!;<. .
claim he ihnll not then hnve received
Dated at Fernie, ll.C, this 0th day
of Ontnljcr. A.I).  1110ft.
SuHeii.ii. f.... «*w. ...,;,* ,\'•»;'•:'•',*••.''.:•.
Fernie Livery Pray and Transfer Co;
Ice For Sale
Keep Cool
The Original and the Standard
Vou don't get an experiment—or tm untried material—or merely
verbal promhei—when you buy RUBKItOH), All the
experiment!, and tern were made 16 yean ago. Vou get
perfection in roofing in RUBKBOII).
16 year".' service on roofi nil over the world prove! that
RUHliROID rcjitits' all weather coiiditioni—is unuil'cctcd hy
heat or cold—and h absolutely firc-rc»i»tinp* and waterproof,
Vou can roof the* house and barn yourself with RUBKROID,
tlum laving expensive roofers' work. Write for samples nnd price*,
Sold by V/estcrr* Canada Wholesale
Co. Ltd.
Canadian Fairbanks  Co.
Gnaoliiiu KuKiut-B   . Circular H&vh      Frames
Drug Hiiw Maohinos
Stationary unci Portublo
Sawing Outfits
Temporary Local Office at I'. Tasclierau's, Victoria Avenue, E.
E. S. ORMSBY, Agent.
j Watch for Saturday apecitli
lu the mutter nf thn ontati' of -John
(-Kiipik, Into i.f Hosmer, H.C, dcooiiH.
Ml.      '
iVntici' in In-reliy plvi'ti flint nil p»T.
ntme luiviii-.' nny clninin or dcmiHidH
iif.'iiiii-'l lh.- lit.- John Ciupil., vlio
died "ii cr -ib'tui the 1st dny nf Au-
mint. IWr-i. at HoMiiiir, H.C., In tho
I'roviiiri; of Hi it Mi Columhiii, nre n:
nuircd to hind hy post, pre-mid, or to
dollwr iu tin- ii»d.f,iij*iif.i, Aolicltr.r
herein tur Mielw] ("-upll;, the nd.
inliiUlrfttor, their urui.c.-t nnd oddre»»
I         ___■ ^_
>-" '■        fm*j*H-mmaata\i t.i L.*.emvev Y..\**m*x-aaaa\
Table Board $6.00,   All old prices now charged,
Excellent Cuisine.
***"**   - **"* **"»"»'**■ "l'"1*-1 '"■■■   a'lL.IJJMWM
J. L. GATES, prop.
Here We Are Again
With a Compluta Assortment of g:oodu in tlio follow*
,   I.
W. R. McDougall
•wt- "£**» "NJ
v .".,-*,..-. •.*;-, '-,.'". „--;i-v, .*-,'■;-%.- '--''= ;*•:yy---'!-'-i:y-'-'.yij-, y^s-*'':-!.?'y,~--.-«y*Yi--'z%-:'i!'*/.-:', ^ •■.v- "-*-"
'  ^4T-*' •. ,;.-4^i4»'4J4r4.^5S*.1-j
■« -     <'.
THE    DISTRICT   LEPQER,.-FEBMIE,   B.   C,   SATURDAY,   OCTOBER. ,17,    1908.
Reported That Secret
Agreement Has
.-•■o-v    '
Been Made
Belgrade, Servia, Oct. 15.—A
rnewspaper.' here publishes, what pur-;
-porta to Ifo the text of a secret t-reaty
-^between Bulgaria aiid Austria. There
.-ire three clauses'in thia treaty. In
-* the firsts Austria authorizes     Prince
Ferdinand  to  declare  the  independence  of Bulgaria and promises  to
. . maintain  the Cobourg    dynasty    in
Bulgaria., The second provides that
v;if complications  ansc  through    the
-.announcement"of the annexation  of
.Bosnia andHerzegovnia, Prince Fer-
■•-dinand will take the part of Austria.
' The third1 Bets forth thkt the Austrian
-and Bulgarian Governments " will
-.work in common accord in the af-
..iairs of the Balkan peninsula..
Although the papers contain near.
/.\y every day accounts of some store
;-or other being, victimized - by smooth
-.(characters;,'' merchants siill continue
'to allow 'themselves to be humbugged and robbed. .In-the course of a
~ -few days last week a man and woman
..succeeded hi, victimizing storekeep-
-exs °in Winnipeg to, the extent of "a
Notwithstanding the inclement state
of the weather,. a large number. - of
people  turned "out to hear Mr.   W.
Davidson, tlie Socialist candidate for
this" riding, who delivered an address
at the Miners'- Hall on Tuesday even,
ing.'--,, Comrade^ Jas., Lancaster was
voted to the chair, arid in a few well
chosen-remarks introduced the speaker.   He also spoke a few words in regard to the object of the party.   Mr.
Davidson,. pis' rising to speak,    met
with a good1 reception.;  He afid   he
would not take up much of their time,
telling, them that he was "a self.or.
.daihed Moses come to lead the people
aright."   Every man could not be a
^candidate  for parliamentary  honors,
but if every workman did his duty
in the. interests "of his fellow.work-
men, he was.of as4*aiuch importance
as  the candidate. -This is  not    'the
first time that the - workingmen ' of
this riding have made an effort   to
get represented" at Ottawa." In   1*LKK>
they ran Mr. Crispoley .on what was
known as the "working ticket," iind
they put"up a good fight, but not
qi»>. gqo.d. enough.   That "labor ticket," lie' continued, stood for capital,
ism,- which "did not change the power
of a-small portion of the people ex.
plotting the labor of another,portion
of  the    people.     Consequently,    as
time went on, by lSjM, when the next
D,pinipion "election came around, they
decided to adopt Socialism, and Com.
J. vV.Baker was put up, and he also
made a good fight, but this time they
hoped to put up a winning fight.   It
was time that tho people owned the
means of the production of the ] people.   While,tho present system lflst-s
the.duty, of any .one elected to office
would be to represent tiie best inter,
ests -6f- the'   working  class.     There
wore only two classes, he stated, viz. :
oiie who. owned nearly everything and
did little  or  lib work, and,  on  the
other liand, those -who did all'  the
•couple oi thousand dollars
[?-     - • ■'&£ Hie benefit of, our" readers ' in mt™ ".ancV l*™»e ..-™10. a.iu. «» '  »lf
}l :-.other (Sties■*-$. towns," where'tliese work and owned Poetically nothing
\   ';■-thieves'may strike next, wo*' might Wl' workingmen are not so greedy'a.s
i\-  --'Briefly  explain  how  the game    was W!; are P'llll,ed-   " "true that Aye
"worked.- A man giving the name of WiUlt t0 dlvid.e UP> but what wc wa.nt
..thing happened'back East. - In .j the"
Liberal party you have" the last 'dying
yell of that middle class' .that is b's:'
ing '■ pressed and f orced" out - by "the
corporation class represented by the
Conservatives. They! had been as
miserable skinners ' to the working
class as the bigger fry in this, country. Mr. Curtis said there- is honest
and dishonest capital, but where
that capital is for .taking the profits
out of the laboring "class, and giving
it to the. individual, it'"was all- dishonest. The Liberal party: were sini--
ply tryng to humbug and fool the
workmen as before by their promises,
Which were never fulfilled. He could
point out to them that it was- necessary to "obtain and become owners of
the- means of life, and it was absolutely necessary to get possession of
the-rein pi, government. ' He. also,
dealt.upon the Lemieux Act and other
actions of the ' Liberal party, . who
tried to style themselv.es as the, chani-0
pions of the;working class. It was
'up to the workingmen to see that their
votes went for the public ownership
of the products of labor, and the
machinery of such, and not to set
their seal on the old regime by voting them in. In conclusion, he stat.
ed that the only course open to the
working man was to vote for Socialism.   ''-'„.'
On the, meeting being thrown open
for any other side to air their 'views
Mr. Fisher came to' the front and
mad1;. a speech upon the Lemieux
Act., He stated that the Liberal party
were, not given a chance!" if 'they
would show them,what'ftliey'wanted
they, would see that ,the Act . was
amended. He was interrupted with
the exclamation that they did riot
want the Act at all. He also dealt
upon, Mr. Davidson's career when in
Ottawa before, to which "Mr: David,
son gave satisfactory replies, but
space does not permit us to report
the speeches' ta we would wish..Three
cheers for the candidate dosed the
day night, Oct. 30th. There will be
a prize given for' the best' dressed
lady and gentleman; also a prize for
the best comic.
Mr. Billy Ross,is back in town. He
is one of cthe'' boys who got let out a,t
the'C.P.R. shops, Calgary.      ;, ■*
.The Bankhead Gwent Glee Singers
did not practice last ,week owing to
the political meeting being on the
same night. '„ - ■ '*
Toronto, Ont., Oct; 15.—The Tern
iskaming & Northern Ontario railway commission report that they con
tinuo to have difficulty ■ in getting
men for construction purposes. Recently . they made an effort to got a
hundred men in Toronto, offering
Jf 1.75 and railroad faro both ways to
camps, but succeeded' in getting only
forty men. • This is considered remarkable In, view of complaints from
unskilled laborers that they aro un
ablo to obtain work,      -    '
Kingston, Ont., „Oct. 15.—Henry
O'Hara, 74 years old, while picking
apples from a tree ■ in the custom
house yard last night, fell to the
ground, sustaining^n juries which caus
ed his death during the night.
. Dr, IV. G. Tvncr, of Picton, was
killed near that town last night by
his automobile falling upon him as
a' result of running into a swamp. Ho
was 32,years old and graduate of
Queen's University.
i    "3. Marks ■ entered a 'leading jewelry
\  .,-8tare- and  asked  for the proprietor.
1 .'He explained, 'that he had a plan of
.. ;;.handl|n.*?    a. little'   credit    business
■j     .which wiis  absolutely, safe,  and,   in
•■-.-which the. jeweler ran* positively,   no
risk.''-He-was tov bring customers to
J the. shop, and if the goods were pur.
i -chased 'oinlj.-|. a part was paid in cash.
v'iHe -would pay the . balance, himself,
'v.-and'-truat to get the, money from the
--customer on the instalment plan. -.'»
'. ■ It .looked reasonable.    . Careful en-
./i-quiries"' were' made; and  Mr.",Marks
to divide is-the opportunity to work,
give every ninp an equal chance to
work. There *iy*Jjs' always a struggle
between' these," two parties, ,as evidenced by" strikes', lockouts, etc.,' and
as this class struggle went on it- divided them - socially and politically.
If it was a' question of good or bad
.men you have to decide candidates
as a rule, so far as they are,represented /are generally a good average
grab'sample of the people, and" it
would- not be of- much importance
which  candidate  they" selected,    if
nnd  also the ladies    of Waldo' and
iltft^"^''^-*---"*^-"-- Whet jh' ti,0,K.;*iiig,; who, served_sucliJdelicious_i-i^
• Mrsi W. S. "Stanley, of Pernio.;' is
spending a few days at Kootonia, • the
guest 'of E. H. H.. Stanley.'.
A very • pleasant entertainment'was
given at Waldo last Thursday night
for the benefit of tlie church. The
people of Baynes,. Waldo and Kraig
'united, and rendered a very interesting program. Much credit is due
Rev. Hohbins -for his    management,
Action  Taken   Against    Independent
Foresters in New York State
Rochester, Oct. 14.—By reason of
certain .actions lidving been brought
in, thc Supreme court of this state
by members of the order who were
affected' by the recent increase iri
the rates of assessment,, certain
charges were made that the funds of
the Independent Order of Foresters
had not "been, properly, invested by
the1 executive oflicers. Thc superintendent of insurance of. the State of
New York, on account. thereof, aus.
pended the renewal of the license
of the o order in this t8tatc until a
full and complete examination could
be made by that department of the
affairs of the order. •
Berlin, Oct. 14.—Emperor Williajn
has. invented a'new hub ,and brake
for railroad trains and automobiles,
which is described as» offering the
greatest possible guaranteee, against
accident arising from the failure of
existing brakes to operate when called upon.
Sensational Discovery Is Made At  Buffalo
— Men Were Operating In Canada
Recall Absent
Members of Navy
Buffalo, N. y., Oct. 1-1,—One, of tho
most complotc -counterfeiting plants
ever discovered in this country, was
unearthed toddy by United States
and Canadian secret service officers
on a small farm a few miles out of
Gowandft, Cattaragus county. It was
operated by Thomas Washington Cro-
zler and his son, * who wero arrested
the other day at Oakvillo, Ont. Other
arrests will' follow and the secret ser-
yica men hopo    to    clean up' a bad
Tho farm is in a most secluded locality whore operations could bo carried on without a^tractinfl* attention.
Tho capture included 150 Farmers
Bank of Canada lO-d'ollar notes as
also $5 notes, also $10 Standard
Bank of Canada and 138 U. S. $5
silver certificates with $5 plates, one
sot of Imperial Bank of Canada $10
LOndon, Oct. IS.*—-Alt? tho men of
thc home fleet absent from their ships
on liberty have been suddenly recalled. Inasmuch as the-reason for this
has not'.'been , ascertained the ordor
has caused considerable excitement.
plates, ono set of,Crown Bank ot
Canada $5 plates, one set of Quebec
Bank of Canada' $10 plates, one set
of Standard Bank' of Canada $10
notes, one set of Farmers Bank flO
note-j and set of the same $5 riot-es.
Tho .oflicers also found buried under
- ...
an old barn cri, the premises a front
plate "of the United Empire Bank of
Canada *^5 note arid parts of finished
According to the oflicers the efder
Crozier bought tho Cataragus form
last summer," and white on his. way
from Canuda always stopped off i»
Buffalo to drop a little of th«
"Queer." Several merchants wero
stung last summer and vigilant watch
was kept up. The counterfeiters,
would pass United States money ia
Canada and Canadian money on the
American side. *
f'    "iation;"--neither could lie-be tripped
-•-up.""' He had an> acc'ouiit-.of about $1,-
; *MQ iri ii local - bank, and said that he
liad.'livcd in the city for two.years,
-and that he had1 carried on this .sort
-'of   commission'    business     for    six
"..months.   He was milking a good liv
:ing out of it, and, .if he prospered,
-jnteudecl opening up .a jewelry store
nof His own.   Then the real perform.'
.-anco began.'
■   Mr. -Murks brought iu.several cus-
-.tomers, who purchased small bills of
...goods, and his1 cheques were honored
■ml tho ,bank .without question.'     Ho
-, was' 'very   niuoh   in    cvideiuv,   and
' -.made'ii'good,follow of himself, occn.
.-.sionnlly" paying, cash  for any .small
' articles   he   wanted,      At    different
|       •.times suggestions of u good customer
•-       were dropped,- and finally, on Thurs-
-day of lust week, Iho cnstonieiy tin
■■•attniclivi'   woman,    appeared.      Sho
wanted diamond ci\r rings, and    tho
.,-crodit, Hytiiem. ol iMr.' Murks appealed
.'■■to her,   Sho .looked  over thc stock,
; und then went nwny to consult her
'.'huRband. ■    Friday   she   was'    back
,; again, hut wns' not pleased with the
--.lotting nf the pair of onr rings she
preferred,      Then   on   Saturday  she
-onmti again, and, after  eoimidcnilile
hesitation, -enrriod away with.her ii
'ring'and ir pair of car ringn valued
,nt about $275,   Mr. Marks gave liis
•chnqiie in  piiymcnt,  und  ull  looked
/woll.   Monday tho hunk returned the
•chequo down, und Mr, Minks    hud
left town.
A diwni. nr morn fell into u Himi:
.lur Niiuro, und S, Murks, polished
-crook, cto„ iH "owre the boi'dor and
jiwii" with free goods to tho value of
.-About two thousand dullnrH.—Cum.
Lit I'minc, Quo., Out. III.—Slit thou,
•aand people .turned out to lieur Sh*
Wilfrid Luurler hem today, Tho pre-
inter wus nepnnipiinied hy TTan. Mr.
.liroileiir und other.!.
KVKWV iiHHlpiiineiit, of the right nf
-.ti Smith Alrioiin Volunteer entitled to
ti land grunt iiuihI.' lie hy way of  np-
'polntinont. nf u HiiliHtltuti*, and iiuihI.
l„. ;., ii.,. f,,,.,,, ,,,..,vi j  j j^. .1.     \ .;.
Hpooiul iitteidion is called to Huh-
.-suction 3 of Section.C of tho Voliin.
teer Jlonnty Aot, I00H, which provides
thai, no iisHigniiient of tho right of u
volunteer hj; tho iippolntiiimit of it
Biibitliluto Khull ho ucceptod or receipt.
niziul by the Departiuniil ot thu In.
terlor Vhleh is not exeeuted nnd
duled nftcr the. (Into of the warrant
for tho liind grant issued by Iho Minister ol Militia /nn] Do/tuieo in favor
-ot the volunteer.
CnmmUalnnor of Dominion
Luudii, Ottawu.
•28th flnptemljer, 1008, 8-3
real issue in this campaign but' to
exploit the labors of the people. There
is nothing, lie continued, in   .the nature of a, public" question before" the.
peoplo   that   the   ok!    parties'1   could
bring..     Between   tho" working  class
and the capitalist, class was the real,
issue.   Shall a  man  live or b\> exploited by a small portion of society?;
All the pqrtie--. had was to .churgcone
another with graft,   He had "read,Uio.
speeches of Sir Wilfrid  Laurier, R.
1..   Hoi'den,  even    to  Goodeve    and
Smith  Curtis, and  it was full of it.
He thought il wns only u shuni issue
to divide the  jyorking  class lit    the
polls. , Tie. did  not  come    there    to
throw nu'id ut the two cundidiites Mr.
Goodeve or Mr.'Curtis.   Mr. Taft und
Mr Uryiui hud to go to work und join
a union of tlie working class before
Ihey started out on  their cnnipqign,
und ,U wns not certnin whether thoy
had  paid their union dues yot* but
l\Jr,  Goodeve  Inid , gone  one. further
than that,    He took  n  trade union
label  around  in the slupe of  IV K.
Mnodoiiiild, of Rossland. und in Mr,
Curtis,  if they  h lievcd  him,    they
hud the hestoadvopiitc for the, workingnien in British Columbia, and onel
could not understand why the work.'
inginen were so ungrateful.   In Smith
Ciirtis they had one of (lie most bit.
lei* enemies to the working dims, The
Lllioi'iili* will throw mud ut the Con-
sei'vutives,' und  will  go buck 'twenty
years to show, how corrupt mid full
of pruft they un*, and the ConHorvn.
tivi'H   will   mnkn    duirges    of  grnft
ugninst the Lihornls, und. will not go
very far haol. to prove it, und  will
iiinkc, you believe tliut the Lihornls
are us hud, if not worse, tliut the. Con-
HcrviitivcH,   Tlie   whole  .system    was
Imill upou the cxploitiilioii of labor,
Tlioi'e iviiti' tlm old cry witli lioth sides
in  this  in'oviiice of "belter tcriiw*."
They woro /ill in f/ivoi' of belter terms,
belter terms for the working iiiiui, but
lie would  like to fish them if   they
hnd lurgj'i1 grimtn from the Treiisury
ut Ottawa wliother it niticlo nny   in.
(M'.'uki- in their wage,-.,  lie witrf pre.
pmvd to wny that it did not.   Then
there wiih another .-.hum   issue Hint
enmn up helwe(«n I how two old pnr-
lii"*, nnd Hint was (IiIh deferred eice.
tioii. 'He  n'fitlned  u   few  weeks  ngo,
iieeordliiff to n prim dchpujcli, Unit
tl'.... i j   M.-iiixli:  I.,t.> mil   lliKHIKII tint
jin.vliice eanvii sing for hi-, uiuly,
und whilo speaking In u party of
workingmen at HoshIiiiuI, stated that
there wiih very littlo difference ,, between the Minimi nnd ConBorvntlve
|...... .   'I..,'.   .44  v..-   ...mu..r  u.  i,xXmt,
Tlio iittitndo of both jmrticK toward
l«l»»r is tlwit tlio working oIuhs is
lleuced from thoir duoii. Lnbnr Iiiih
iilwiiyH been it-s own friend; but there
have,«boon possibly some except ions,
hut vory few, It falls to labor then
in work out itn own oinnncipntion.
Tin- T.lhoralo will tell ynu of Ihe (-/rent
proMperity thnt the country hud un.
dnrgono during tlio pntd few years,
Jjut what do wo And in llrflish Col.
umbia, whoro wo pride, ournolves on
onr ttraapcrity. Only Itist winter ire
hnd to opon nonp hnnnen nnd hrend
iiutllutlond in .Vancouver, both oft-
springa of oapKallsm, 'and the name
Miss Uiggs, of Fernie, is spending
» week at Mrs. D. w! Hart's.
Mr. W. H. Griffith left for Mani-
t'ohu Inst Monday for a visit, at his
old home.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D„ Iverson went
to Cranbrook Tuesday for a short
visit. • -      , ' "
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ross were call,
ers on Mr. and ' Mrs. Stanley on
Suiidiiy. •   '
Mr. and Mrs. 1). \V. Hart were
dinner guests at Mr, K. A. Bngluun's
Mr'.' J.'.D, Aye returned from.Spo.
iume Monday, morning, ncconipanied
by .Mr. Thou.us, from Ihireka, Mon-
h'tithur McOitlloch, of Fernie, camo
down to Uiiyiii's Monday night, and
celebrated  mass- Tuesdny morning.
A carload of horses passed through
IliiyiW Tuesday en route to Ho-m's
■Mr. H. A, Jnglmm's father nnd
brother arrived nt ilnyne.s last Snt-
.urduy for u month's visit with him,
With the Petty Scarid_a,l Cry. of the
.   "Conservative  Leaders
Ormcstown! Que., Oct.—Today Sir
Wilfrid Laurier took up' tlie Conservative scandal moriging campaign.
"It is with sliairie and disgust," he
said, "that 1 find the issues"we are to
fight upon is this ■ petty scandal cry
of the  Conservative' leaders.    I dis-
jlain to discuss these issues, «—My-
soul is turned toward greater events
and questions and it is tlie future of
the country I lay before you.' For
myself I say that I have never used
my office-for personal profit."
A political mooting was held in
Ilnnkheiid on Monday night,' Oct, flrd,
■ui the Company Hull. Dr. Taylor
presided, Dr, Hrott, ol Unnff, und
Mr. 'McCarthy, M,l'„ were the speak.
Temperance  in   Nova Scotia
'  ' ..   (Ily Rev. H. R. Grant.)
Attending the public schools in the
province today, are the men and women of the future., lt was with this
thought in mind that the I'ictou
County Temperance. Association, in
1005,' undertook to curry on a campaign of pledge-signing in tlio -schools
of thjs country. Tlio work has been,
up to the present u success and \vj
uve now able to report, that, with
comparatively few exceptions, the
boys und girls of' the. country nre
pledged total abstainers.
In 100(1 about six tliousiuul signed
tho plodg.1, and (hiring th.3 year.just
closed,wc obtained nearly one thou-
Hand ndditkinal pledges.
This work of school visitation is
very gratifying, owing to the inter,
est manifested by scholars and tench,
ers,* nnd wc lire under givnt obligation to both, for the ussistniioe given
in our worlc, Tho scholars not only
tako to thoir homes* tlie literaturo, we
bring to the school, but under the dl.
rection of tlio touchers thoy carry lit.
ei'iitiu'ii Into thn homo*-' from which
there nre not pupils uttouding school.
In thU wny we endouvor to    renoh
(Toronto   Saturday  Night.)
The iato Chief Justice-Armour, before thc days'Of his elovatibn to the
bench, was a. great lover of trees,
and bn his summer place at Cobourg
ho cultivated many, specimens. He
was especially fond of a uoble row of
chestnut trees that grew in beauty
and vigor in a lino a few feet from
the fence that separated his property
from that adjoining. The owiwr of
this estate. seemingly was not fond of
lingering 'ncath the shade of trees.
He was apparently a man who could
he have seen Coubert communing
with his beloved trees, would have
called tho painter mad.-
This neighbor was a nian also intent on securing - the full measure" of
his legal rights, and oho day when
iff. Armour .went out to view his
trees he found0the neighbor,had,,cut
off each branch-of the chestnuts that
,oyerhung/,his property-,,„,ieaving—oil
ugly jagged "lino   parallel   with the
separating fence,. '
Thc Chief • Justice revealed nothing
of his chagrin or^annoyance to the
depredator, did not upbraid him, nor
employ his knowledge of law to
mako him pay for his work, so that
the neighbor began to think ho had
done exactly right, and that tlio legal mind next door fully acquiosed
with his own view as to how a man
might act in preserving his rights
nnd privileges.
,' Some weeks after tho neighbor went
to town nnd tjiirchnscd'a now buggy,
and one day after having been out iu
thc trap, ho loft it reposing in his
own lane. Leaving his houso for.a
visit to tho trees, tlio Chief Justlco
smr something that .startlod him, to
wit,, tliut tlio shafts of the. buggy ox-
tended several feet through tho funco,
into his own grounds, ll was but
tho work of a few seconds for Mr.
Armour to .sucuro a sharp kuw, and
after a very caroful measurement, to
nmrk the esnet line nn the shafts beyond which they protruded into his
grounds, Then tho saw got busy,
nnd soon llio two Kluift ends woro
sliced oil* and lay prone, on tho ground
which was a very nont legal revenge,
—one that should have appealed, with
striking force to tho sonso of Justice
4\lr. Neighbor undoubtedly |iOHH(issod~
Serious Complications Arise - -An Engagement Between Troops In Korea
Souel, Corea. Oct. 15.—Serious
complications affecting' thc peace of
China and Japan aro threatened
as tbo result of an engagement between Chinese and Japanese troops
in Kantao, northern Korea in which
several  wero killed or wounded.
Tho refusal of thc Chinese war office to permit tho pursuit of a dotach
ment of' soldiers who aro said to
have been tho aggressors, may result
in thc crossing of the frontier by Japanese troops. Chinese soldiers are
reported to have opened hostilities by
firing' upon a police station occupied
by .Japanese troops who were seat to
Kantao as a guard for tho Korean
residents there." Thc fighting lasted
several hours and'while tho exact
number of, casualties is not obtainable, there was a number killed and
wounded. ,   x
The commander of tho Japanes*
garrison immediately called on China
for permission to cross tho frontier
into Chinese territory and pursue th*
assailants, who appear to have bees
worsted in tho engagement. The request was refusedi by the war offietj.
Tho Japanese foreign oflico mado representations to the government at
Pekin and thc situation .is beglnninj-;
toL assume serious aspects. It is.intimated that .unless China takes
prompt action, satisfactory to the
Japanese government, the latten may
take the initiative-and cross tho frontier .in order to afford protection- to'
the Koreans.
Freeman, White was drowned at
Hopewell Hill. N. B.
The Regina Lacrosse club has sent
in a challenge for the Minto Cup. -
„ Vancouver, B. C, Oct. '14.—James
Milne, formerly general superintendent of the H. C. Electric railway was
sentenced to two yours iu the penitentiary this morning on the charge
of securing money from the company
by means of orders passed b'y him
in his official capacity
'London, Oct. Ifl.—lJrinci|i«l Wyatte
of St, Georges school discovered ys-
terdliy that a number of hi,-: pupils
hud been eating eardito from curt-
ridges, One hoy ate so much of it
that  he  fainted.
When questioned tlm pupils said
they hud rend about the iillngcd iuul*.
derer, Private Moir eiiting tin* stuff
and were sampling it to ob»ervi. the
Socialists Have Decided To
Withdraw Their Can-
A Writ Against
A British ML P.
(From the Lethbridge Herald.)
At tho meeting of local Socialists
yesterday aftornoon, it wns decided
not to contest tho .Medicino Hut riding far the House of Commons but.
to reservo all their resources for tho
provincial elections,
This means that It. 1'. Pattipicco
will not he a candidate. That gcnllo
man left for .Medicino Hat last night
nnd tmm there he will proceed" to
iiim of the evening. The usual re.i „Vll,.v •,,,,„„ •„ t|„. (,miuU.,
murks v.,-1'.. mnde hy tlio rlniirtnnii,! ■„'connection with our'visilution of
nftcr wlikli lu- introduced Dr. Hrctt* tiw, schools w. distributed fnmilv
nn thc first wpeuki;;*.     Dr. Hn-tt.   in | p*,,.*,,,. pnr,|H ft,,,|  ■„,■,■ ]m\)\\c meet'.
his opening remnrks, mnde reference
to u resolution which hud been puns,
edby Ilnnkheiid local No, 2!) about
IH months ngo, in which the men of
Ilnnkheiid hud1 promised Mr, Mcdir*
thy their support in this coming eice-
lion, r should like to inform Dr.
Brett that tliinps ui'u somewhat oliiiug.
nil since then. Wc hnd im Idea lit
Unit time that there would hi* a So.
eiulist candidate in thn running. Jlml
ing'iu many parts of tlie coiuity and
nht'iin.'d hundreds of siRiindircfl by
ndultH to tho totnl iilwtineilci' plcilpo.
Our minister*,, Cutholie nnd Proton-
hint, urn iiwum of the nivnys of
drink, and hence their mtoreKt in
leiiipeiuce, reform, They realize. Hint
il is more than u Hoeiul or economic
problem, Unit it. is u 'iiiestion of
morals—-l (|ucs'Vion  nf  sulviitiou,
Th to were over forty persons en.
WOMAN Citl4-> VtnuiOi
Hiiuiillnn, Ont,, Oct. I.'l.—Thu jury
in ciise. of Mrs, Hell, suiiij* the street
railway  for  duniiiKe-,    returned     nn
iiWii/.I of SHOO for injuries,
It not been for thi.-i tllele i.i no (|UC. i K,|(((.,| |„ ,|1(, 0)ll,„ viol,,!),,,, 0f u,,, ],,w
tion who would hnve (ml the votes o|| ,„„,. V,,(1|.H  „,,„_    Tl)(i(iy ,)„,,.,.  (s  „„
the iiiemhci's of T.oenl No, »IJ.     Mr.lji,^,.,,,,-; violation of He- l»w.
Mernrthy delivered  n s|)eceh which j    Jt ■„ ,„)t „,|ly  u.,Jlk ,,„. (|„;  ,J(iys
nml tlic,youni? men who have not yet
litrollle enslaved, nud Im (Irillklllji
ini'ii   who  Hlionlfl   Iim  di'liv-rcd     mm/I
London, Ont., Oct, In.—Dr, Molliio
w.o- thiYiwit from Jii-. luiirpy yenterdiiy
in n runaway nud wn* prohubly fut-
uiiy I ii hi red,
Toronto, Oct. I.'l. -Th.' At-M/.e jury
nWiii'deil ji.'IIMi diiinii'jes lo TIioIimm-Mc.
Iv-.wn,   »'h '•"   I'.ui'   y.'.'ir   <>!'l   child
w,u 1:111-d hy .i ii.ill.A- fur.   H- -med J „,,„,,,  ,„, (,,.V()((,t,
London, Oct. 15,—The r.eeiit ilcin-
(iii-striilions hy tim iiiieiiiployed in
firenl llritniii brought iibout oil" result today rathi'i* out of ihe onlinniy.
Tin's wns tlm issuin*.' of n writ ik*.'iiiu<>l
Willinm .Innics Thorne, .Social Demo-
(•milo member of I'uiliniiiciit from
tlie southern division ,of Wmthuni,
for inciliii/,' to (i lin'/ieh of (iciic' by
milking n .speech in whicli he ndviied
the iiiiemployed in "ni-«h" ihe Iwk-
er shops rather Hum ,-liuve, A body
of the iiiii'inpliiy.d is iiniicliuu: tod'iy
fioin Nottiiii/hiim to London. S.'iion,-
rioi-i were aviiided in Shellield y.-i-
tcrduy only when the mnyor nn.
iioiiiierd   tliul   iln'  Mini    ui    •f.Miii.iniii
Ottawa, Oct. M.—Thc insinuation
of rural delivery in the western
provinces is keeping puce with tho
rapid orM,inir.ntion of Onturi/i and
oilier ciihtern provinces, In Manitoba, mail will, iu future days be delivered to fiirmers iiIoiik Hovernl mnil
routes. In Siiskiitchcwun the post
olllce depurtineiit for the proyince
i.i or-.'imi/.iiif- ionte.1 hum .Moime Jaw
i-iiit, lu Kepliin ii city delivery will
be i.sltibli.x-h.'d (i" wwi ui the popu.
Illtioil   reaches   12,0U0.
showed his cupiibilllicH as u pollti
eiuii. lie Is not nn rinilor, by nny
uieiiu.s, but Im is a plain and effective:
for ."fri.iniii,
I.. i.-ii. i  v.101
Ottawa, (let, ll,—Jf the Libeiiils are
.Mice .ssful nt the poll', on October
'Jii, |f 1,4 not likely the m-xt ecsi-lon
*.! pjirliiiinciit will meet before tlm
lii-t week  in Jiiiuiniy, uxxinp to the
filet    llllll    it    Wi'ltld   b-   illlpOKnlhle   t<)
-\mi' iii ii.-w   niriiibci1-. ii'itil lute in
N'.'V mhei   .'.nil  tic  fuel   Hint   minis.
'el-*   Would    b"   lllllillle   tu   |i|'eplire   Ch-
i 11111.1i>..I un.i i.tli.r ii<ei-hiti'iii.
I'l <-.-.ti-.ii, o.',, hi,   t,nnii'llu.> llriinh. I
11 nl found miirdi'i'i'd  in Ohic/n'ii ves-'
upeiiKci,     .\lr.  .\l(;CuiUiy    (,'iivc *«»!•( w,uit to he dcliv-rcd from tlm bond. 11 -rduy wmlii-.i in 11 furiiilui-c fnctory j
llt't/.ill(.   nil   ulltliiiu   u£  iltn   lt.ll>1.   .".Ill-1 !,(.•(..    „],    ,|,!H,|(;    |,llt     li'l*    WIVi'K    lllld | IHT('   Ulllll   IllM,   |lll>'.     111!   Cllllie   Ilolll
milffi'iiip   beciniHci Knirliiud nnd  Iuul  no iclutivcs here,
iddititcd  loi --■ - —■■—..
ing the four yeuits he has been M.P. | in(,tii,.|-,s who "an
His speech wn« very ^iillfrblonfnr? «•> j hti»lmii<lf.  mill  .vm-,  in
tlio uudicnci', and thuy were bronchi. t|,jH MWj„i habit.   And 11 is work for
morn in touch with the nffnlrs of thc|„ !,,.((,,,■ citizctisliiii.
i-ouiuiy, Jiii-i.imiiy » wnoie cjici-cii
went to hIiow tliut there is prcat need
of a chnnue, Nomcthinp tliut is emi
tirely new, nnd 1 think he would do
well in Rive, up this old Conservative
idea, nnd become n loader nf the
party xvhinh will h* lh" \virty nl /lie
world in time, to como,
The Uoijkhcu'l Min".), Ltd., only
worked /our days last week owing to
a tdiortaRo of cars.
Mi1. JfJHs HnrgrnvcH*, of Wnnkhend,
wan married tu Mifu* Hnnnnh Lock,
of Ilariff, lost wet-'k, Tlio wcddirik'
wns a v<*ry qufpt one.
A live council in \vmp.ithy with
temjieranco work litis,' the power to
mnko illepnl Helliup ahnest im un.
prolltubhi iih horHc-stculiiii.'. Let mvii
he elected who will do their duty,
I.«'t tm "Keep Sweet! Keep Cool!
K. ip At lt,"—White. H1I.I.1.11 Tilling.-!.
IHhIm'c, Arizona, Oct. lb—Fire to.
night destroyed property valued nt
hnlf n million dollars. Dynamite wan
Used  to  (;lieck  tho  profinM  of  tho
flaiucii.    SlvucuI  piuuiii  Vtuiu  in.
The Jnoiiffurnl dance given by thafjurftl by tho cxplonion al dynamite
Bunkhciul llnnd will bo held on Frl.'but nono wero fatally hurt.
ttMi"l>. .',   I K'l,    M - .1.    )'..      V Ilill til'll-
iii-iiii, Lib'in), wus fleeted by iicclum.
iitiiiu 1'iiluy for tlm l.i'(.'islaturo for
th uuty of Luke' St, John, 'Th-
VllCilliey W.l*-. i'UUsnl by thu dentil of
the lute meinli.T.
1IMii,mi, O.-l. hi.--'lie tii.venillient
hu* nee pted the award of tlio con.
.•ili.iti'.ii nn.I iiivi.stlpdtloii Imurd in
connection with thc iucreiiMc of wii(ti>M
for tlm Intercolonial niilwny freight
chtk-1.   »
Hochoii hn* no equal, and Rocbon'i
c/uidi'-s aro thu boot,
■•U    4*,
,'e ' ,# .-i.
Ay A
' .4 '.f.l-'.C '        4 *
'■VkWtfOihT^.' .'
"^-.-*.**/,*"/<;*•   •>
-"'n- ->"• 1 ryifi •vr,f''r • -i
•'»*>&$■'* ■'■'■■'
1 •■ 'lYA'.')''''-'-*' ""- '
iV, wreiw?..,'-,', 4.     1
■. .'^4'. ** 'tt:   ;
1     f <*> -
--1 ^ r
<c*-m «■«
v '      )i ft ,■**.'« *•*    il',*i>' i   ,   .* J   »   t*J ,   ,-
'. V K>hn$$$&&'y■-
**,      ** •     ...>■#---Y--" y. -,- -(||■ -f*i*t)Mgtk,*_*_*' ||||t   , -__^
4*4 -j       It.','   ■'   I IB
«*.-*. -.H-^H'-*-
1     ■       ■*>.■* ff"v*fT al"TM    Vr *■ W&aY* • V-' V-^^^WfSf-W** *i#S'»
■ '• ■..,,,,;   . •:-'.•;•> •.:-»•* ^^iW^M^mMS-
• • ?•■ 1 *., *-.' ••    -u -'■'■v.^.-*-\i-nu»*j*x\*ys«s^fe!J^^
-    ..!■*,    .-4 •    ..      "-   *■■•   'W-^t-.    *-,-'A)^'i^*|*^^^#7*J>^,.>^%^
**     i* »-►'),.       V       j1'. *    ■*»*.     ■''*.+  " »-    -'   -    *-      -     -    '        * -* •*■**•"■  '
THE  DISTRICT   LEDGER,   FERNIE,   B.   C.,   SATURDAY,    OCTOBER    17, . 1908.
The District Ledger
4 $1 a-Year in Advance.
, r Address all Communications to the
"Manager" ' District Ledger, Fernie,
B. C. -      '   ...
Rates   for   advertising  on   application.   ,• ;
Kootenay—W. Davidson.
Vancouver—Kingsley. -  •
Yale Cariboo—Chas. Bunting." '
-Calgary—F. y. Shc-rman.
Medicine  Hat—R,  P.  Pettipiece.
Maeleod—John   Harrington..
Red  Deer—P. Oleson.
A vote cast _ for any of the gentlemen named below will mean a vote in
favor of th.- workers, and a vote less
for the political graft that.exists in
both the old panics. Do not consider
any personality, vote for tho cause if
not the man. -.--.,
In liiitish Columbia there are: Koo.
1enav\ \Y. Davidi-on; Vancouver,
Kinjisluy; , Xaii'iimo. .'Hawthorn,
thwuite; Yale' Cariboo, Chas. Bunting, prcsid* nt of Dis-trict No. C Western ■ Federation of Miners. In Alber.
ta: C.ilg'iry, J'rcsident F. H. Sherman;
•Medicine Hat, R. V. Pettipiece; .Maeleod, John Harrington; Rod Deer,
P. Oleson,  a Sociiiliift  farmir.
Remember that both the old par.
ties ruprescnt graft, stealing, deceit,
and oppression for the .toilers. A
vote for any of the above list is a
boost in  the right, 'direction.
The   Cash  Grocer .
Full line of.staple and Funcy Groceries in stock     v*
PURE. GOOD CREAMERY BUTTER0neo£ onr specials,
Agents for McEwing's Bit-ad '
capitalists. That is the "friend - of
labor" that asks for the workingman's
In the excitement of elections we
must not forget our' "civic", affairs.
At the present time there are, to use
a slang expression, "a bunch of boo.
Nile sharks" at Cranbrook, who are
leaving no stone, unturned to get possession of our, telephone system"1. '   It
,-wa.s bad enough when the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal Coinpiiny had the bulge on
the town, but it would be far worse
under the    administration    of these
-.soulless sharks from our neighboring
We have a few men in our town,
and some even in our Council, who
would- sell their soul for ii mess of
pottage, or in this case-for dollars
and a few wine suppers. - Some of
them are working hard to RUSH,the
■sale of the telephone system through
during the present- trying and' ■ busy
Some hold-ups occurred here this
-week. We could not get particulars
np to time of writing. There, are at
present a bad gang in town, and it
,is up to our police to get busy and
rid tlu- community of undesirable
characters. .-'The police seem'' to bi) a
little careless just at present, and
we want to jog them up a bit. Not
only thc hold-up artists, but the old
gang of card sharks that we so ma.
terially assisted out of town previous
tn tlv fire, are goiiig to receive attention from these columns from lime
'.o.tinn'. They might as w.-ll skidoo,
and save the police the trouble of
telling them. Another little matter
is the "women1 of the restricted district." One of them in particular
•..i'cms -to be allowed in town ut all
hours. She has been -seen in a West
Victoria Ave. cigar' store after ' five
shaking dice with the gentleman? behind the counter.   This should not.be.
• The Calgary News bus taken' the
Calgary Eye-Opener 'in hand, ' and
seems to be handing out about tbe
j proper decoction to that filthy, good-
I lur.nothing rag. It .is a pity that it
was allowed to exist so long.. The
pnstmastcr is greatly .to'be blamed.
Hut'Hhen, you remember the old saying. "The King can do no wrong.'
The Eye-Opener has been degenerating every issue, until it is now at the
lowest depths of immorality. More
power to the Calgary . News in its
campaign against this "dirty rag"
iind its editor. "   . ■
wi oar
times. These men are small of stature, small of brains, and greedy for
gain. We could mention two or three
of their names if we wished. We may
ye.*., have to do so in order to expose
their measly game, A few months
back one of these men had a "big
pile" to do in the hiring of our late
Chief 1-Vnnycuick, and wen so far
as   to personally  hire  him  in  order
. that he would control tho man, body
and soul. Poor Penn. is dead, and
worse men live, but straws show
which direction thc wind blows, and
this man iu particular is seldom found
on the bide of right, cither one way
or another: Citizens beware. Do not
vote away your chance to possess the
telephone system, Let these beggarly
.scamps go elsewhere -to work their
Kraft. Own the town yourself, and do
not let any of the "cheap truck" that
-rovel in wine suppers influence your
vote. Our city needH many changes
and many improvements from the
present state. One of the first things
it needs is good honest eitissens.
If you fuvor stealing, boodle, graft,
and hard limes vote cither Liberal or
•Conscivative. If not, vote for tlio
laboring men, who will do away with
them! evils us much iw possible,
Vote for this laboring mnn, not for
tho old party leaders, who tell how
much they will do, and after they
are elected forget you arc alive.
Item) the Iliiwthorrithwiiite letter in
imothor column. Then decide to vote
Urn Socialist ticket, the labor ihiid'h
Head the circular on another pnge
allowing the falsehood of R. H. Clood.
fvti'n Ntiitement that, he wns not re-
HpoiiHiblc for the appointment of up,..
oial conn1'ih|en" during the TtoKxliind
utriki- in 11100, It shown that he in uo
friend of the laboring men.
Ueihl Shcnn/iii'-.   ehallenp1*.   to h\*
Ci. G. Meihle comes out with the
announcement that "he is going to
hire a printer." Never thought
George would own up. Of course, it
is about time.
The first issue of the People's Press
came to" hand -last week. It is a
clean,. bright paper, containing eight
pages of five columns. It is an inde.
pendent paper politically, claiming as
its aim the betterment of the working
class.We wish the People's Press success in its venture.
What is being done' to remove' the
women of the red light district from
the Annex? The vultures who sold
these degenerates ', the land ' should
feel mightily ashamed of themselves.
They must be moved from-there.
know - that, Kochan's  can  be    found
nearly everywhere.   ,   .  „ ' ..   •
People who. care know that Ro-'
cannot be b:aten anywhere.
But people who don't care are .also
found in Rochon's if there..
So c.mo along and try Rochon's
right there.
.•H-H»M~1 rM"l'*l»'ri*i***H
u .. ' %■ ' '»    *t • - n .-,
•*-   , 4 -     ' ^ Q    -" t ,\   '  ■
"' , ■-'" - '*_:  ■  -   -   .,'■- -': -' u
The low price Cash Store
The-Napanee. hotel is prepared to
handle travellers and other guests, -L0
' Have you seen Happy ' Hooligan ?
If not, ask "Sammy" Walters.
Mrs. W. S.. Stanley and children
are visiting among the peaches at
Baynes this week.
Chas. Davey, of the Royal, had his
barroom swinging doors on before our
paper appeared last week. That's going some for the "Subscriber.""
Fred Vance is now in good ■shape
for business in the basement of tlio
Royal - hotel.
Just-received—2,000 novels; popu.
lar.. prices,   at" Suddaby's.  - 8.2
Mr. Arthur Kennedy, from Brant,
ford, an-expert machinist-operator',
arrived on Saturday to,take charge of
our new American , linotype.' The
linotype arrived on Sunday, and is
being erected by Mr. Kennedy now,
The School Board are.calling :for
tenders for the new school house,
which is to be of cement' and brick,'
They should have started on a'new
and better station ere this. The
present "way station" is a disgrace,
The passengers have to stand out in
the rain while waiting for trains.
Word was received- from Bob Moore
to this, effect that he had arrived safe-
enw -flatjk ©f Canada
of  youit sunr.L us
W.C.B."Mafis6n,-Mgr,, Fernie/ h
.The District, - Ledger. (Fernie) demanded that the red-light'district be
wiped out—-mid it was. ■ Also the.
Lidger, Capitalism will restore the
former; labor the 'latter,—The Peo.
pie's Press.
An omrgetic newspaper man who
Iiiih a fever for making money on the
side, is in the habit of wiring sev.
oral papers across tho line when
anything of importance happens, to
see if they will not take "a story."
In this way he earns sovernl dollars
toward helping to keep the wolf from
the door.. Recently;1 he picked up a
week.old daily from a neighboring
city, and, seeing a paragraph which
he thought would be of interest to
the people, ho sent u query asking
how much they would take,
Now, it ho hnppcntd that he urged
them to hustle the answer. The item
was very old, and tho news editor of
the western daily, knowing this, sent
the fallowing U'hpnnh"; "Have you
anything new on tho fall of Jerusalem that you could semi us itmtend*'
If so. nihh three hundred words."
Electors Disfranchised  by
the B. C. Conservative
Nelr.(UI,    Oct,     14.—ClllllplllilitN
4..,..   .......      i .v-ir-dll,    wi:i.,     It,—
iwo opponent',  for an  nncn mentimr  -.  . ,     ,  . . ,,
.     ..    '     ,,        .'.        ■■■m nn i imp  •.,„(,,,,   r(,c,,jV(.d  h,,ro dally  from
lo (llmlUHh the po U|en 1 fltimt oil,    Do1       .        #   .i       t"    i .1.
Hi., ..ii,,...,  ..     ,i .     4.     ipiirtt*  of  the  Kootenay  eoii-.titucncy
nm other,.,  line     «He  meiiiiH? ■   N'n •'   . •■ .      i . .   ., •    ,
... nun.      iv. ,  ()- j],,, ,|,u„ni»r j|, which the provmci
Ihey   dodge   one!,,,  .,„,..,,..  ..„,„ ,,||Vll ,„,„„ ,„,„.,,„.,„,
they   me  hiieuks,
"iK'ther, they dodge the public, they
dodge everything but graft,   "
Oniideve. in h\« biter Mild Hint
'the biinkeiH nml other independent
perHoim consulted, concurred in thin
view." What about the poor mliii>rn?
Wero they eoiiHiilted in thn mutter?
Smith furti* jH running .| around
"trying" to explain xi.mcthlng about
Hin deferred election**. It would be n
hiinlneHH if Home onn would crime to
IiIh aid and lend him back to the fob!
Again, He in llablp to get hunt among
the mountains of lamo excum* ]\r
Im* on hand.
In H«wthi.rnthwiifti''n letter he *ny»
that Smith f'urll* hud no hand in
many of tli*> b-wflcial bill* which he,
Offtwllifirnlliwnib-'i introduced into
thc HoitKd*. Of tourec Smith Cur«i»
navt tho good of them aft'rwnnU,and
trffd tn nrneful one to «,uit tlm um-il!
ed by th" Moliridc goveriiineiit olll.
chilli. The hint complaint to be re
ceivi'ii oonicriji from Kevdntoke, wlu-ru
it   la    Ili.l'U'.'lf   lll'tt   (he    lllUllf-4   u[   '^,iU
voters  have  bton  omitted  from  the
list.    From the nature of tin- <--!ii.
plainth   received   lu   Nclnon   by   the
Liberal   campaign   eouimll'lfr',  it   i.>
I iitivimiM   mat   the   Ctumerviilivc   ..ni-j
des have In en found guilty of grosHJ
malpractice   in   preparing   the   lints.'
It l« probably too late now to take
any nteps that will he effective in re-
covering,ith(! franchlne of thc iMH.ple
wh'-. have thu.«. boen etruck off th'
lint, ai according to the provincial
law ull pioUkU illU»I be filed -MlUiit
live days of thc court    of j, revision
which   w/m  held   th«-   fimt  w>fk   of
May Intit...,
ly at Dublin,'and was still "drawing
big cvowds."
President Sherman arrived homo
from the Halifax Convention Inst
week, and left for Calgary to take
his place, in thq political campaign,
Frank looks like a winner.
It is time that sorfie sidewalk*1 at
least were laid. Has our Council gone
Jopoy ?    '
Geo. Pedlar was out among the pie.
viously unexplored mountains Inst
week, He won't tell whal he found
up there. .
The Napanee hotel-,gives the best
of meals at,all times, -1-0
Usually the tin horn gambler is a
man with tho' desire to hold up it
stage or train, but lacking in' the nerve
neoessary to hold a gun. Is this thu
class we harbor ?
Kodaks, films and supplies, at Slid'
daby's. 8.2
Homember that we are now prepared to do> job printing at the shortest
notice. Wit hope to be able to print
our paper here next week, but wo
won't be liko J, R. Wallnce and nny
we will unlesH we see a reasonable
certainty of doing so.
At a meeting of thc Fernie Rcliof
Committee a renolutioii .wi.-. pussi-il
thnl no further free transportation be
.Mayor Tuttle nnd Mrs. Tuttle nro
buck in town after n couple of weekH1
visit with Spokuiiu friends,
Terry Hugheft Mt for his home in
Springfield, 111., after spending the
summer here,   ,
Mix. ]•). H, Stanley, of liny net-, win
visiting in the city hist week.
Miss Amy lliggs visited with Minn
Lillhn Gray at Jliiyncs this week,
A. U. Kennedy, miichinist.operator,
from llriuitford, Out., ha» arrived In
the city, and has joined the staff nf
the Ledger.
"Kid" Knight, of Spokane, is the
mini behind at the Imperial hotel,
Kd AfcAdnms arrived in .the oily
Iiom .Scotland on Sunday, .ind   is u
,. .      I  '   I    I*.     t' I       TT        X 1,1 V
#> .< . 4      •   ,,   ,   .)       »4uJ,(4.  A     ...     ,.t\. 44...^
W. Scott, who has been in the end
on businesn for several week*, linn
reached home.
The cuisine at the Nnpanoo in un.
We make all qnndies known in the
world. If we have not got them we
will make them •. for you.—Rochon.'
. A Slavonian miner by the name
of Mike H'alke, and about forty years
of; age,, was killed at Michel last
w-.ek as the'result of a heavy timber
falling from the tipple on which lie
was .workinc.
■i *■ .
Mrs. Fred Cox received ' word on
Tuesday that her mother, Mrs. D.
Blue, of" Sudbury, Ont.; had died
that day. Mrs. Blue was 61 years of
age, and leaves a-husband and fami.
ly of ten children.—Hosmer Times
We 'notice by the Hosmer Times
that Benson and Houton, of Calgary,
have secured the contract for., the
building of the new hospital, and is
to- be completed in fourteen weeks.'
-The Hosmer Brotherhood of Carpenters "and Joiners gave a very successful masquerade ball jn that town
last week. We. are told "that Charlie
Shepherd captured the prize for best,
comic gentleman.        ' -
■ J. B. .Turney, purchasing agent for
the "Crow's Nest- Pass' Coal Co., has
and Pittsburg.   '    i  '
.Work on the new King Edward'
hotel is.going, ahead satisfactorily,
and-when completed will" be an imposing looking structure.
Mr. and Mrs.-Archy Matheson, of
Hosmer, visited the latter's parents
in the eity last Sunday. "
From the Hosmer Times wc notice
Harold Nelson played at that   burg
last" night, presenting the "Holy
City." Several from Fernie were
Why do you even think of buying
old candy when fresh candies are
made in Fernie,every day—Rochon.
Wm.  McGlbbon, Well  Known in thi
City, Takes  His  Life—Almost
Severs  Head from Body.
On Sunday night tho worst ease of
suicide on record in the history of
Nelson took place about one mile east
of the C.P.R. shipyards, Tt was a
most distressing .instance, of ono more
unfortunate fighting hislaHt fight on
. „_4».         i    4   ii                    .....          xlu  I'leNuuu'ii  ii  iiornuiu hikiit,.  rus
earth against the curse of drink, far <., „, . ,   ,, ,
Blairmore, Alta.
Funeral Director and
, Undertaker .
Hosmer, B. C.
Board and room $26.00 per month
Mrs. Desleaures, Prop.c
A complete line of samples of
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices."
went east past Fairview as far as J,
T. Benlby'B ranch. Here he. acted in
a very strange manner, but finally
left on the way back to town. The
next that was seen of him was about
a quarter to tva o'clock, when he
knocked at the door of Mr, HHhi.
gnrd's house, neir the railway track,
about a in ileeast of tho shipyards,
and asked for a drink of water.
Ho presented a horriblo flight. His
■j 4 -- ■- <■ <i        '■
Don't go elsewhere to be
'."„''"'■ ■ ■    -    . -*>   *>
a box uf our fi*e»h tbondaiv*.
fn-flh  right   In    Frmle  .very
in the land, 1.0
Frank Wakral, a resident of Went
l-Vrniw, died on Sundny from typhoid
f ver. the funernl  Inking plnco   on
Tuewlny  to   Fernio  cemclcry.     W.
Scott had charfffl ol thi» funeral nr-
.In*, arrived, "J.lW. llm. Knglhh
', whit" lead urn] oil; thc purrfct mnile
1 Dinct from Old Country.    Covert k
Hnidr..y, tha Decorators.
|   <'«v»'rt nnd Rnldwy for wnH puper
:'in.l t.utUp* in thf UlttA abide*.
I   Fr. *h from tlio   maVcr—Xmovriffs
HirnMlnt'-s.  nt Suddnby'd. t-9
away from friends or home, and ab
solutely severed from nil tics ond in.
flucnces such   as    would
rescue n doBporate human being from
a suicide'H grave,
William McGibbon, a Scotchman,
who had only been hero u few weeks,
ended his life at the lime nnd place
mentioned with n razor and pocket
knife, mid hiH body now lies in thn
undertaking parlors of the. Standard
Furniture Co.
It appears thnt McGlbbon enme to
NuIhoii early lust August, shortly
after the Fornio lire, nnd secured n
position as clerk to K, K, AuHtln,
district iiiindor mechnnie of the C,
V, R. His home was iu Htninncr,
Scotland, nnd he had been in Can.
ndii .(nine four or live years. According to letters found among his ef.
feels he hnd been nt various times In
thc employ of Loughecd, lleniiett fc
Co., ban Intern, Cnlgiiry; the C.lMt.
iiniMer mechanic nt Cnlgnry, nnd I,.
1'. I'.ckstein, bnrrister, Fernie, Homo
ten days ngo ho severed his connection with the CIMt. in this city,   Ah
n    Willi','    nf    ttot      h'u      (Ti*e»>.44r'fni<r>
habits •ipinn to have heen iho hnn<»
of his existence. According to hl«
emph.yein nnd tlionc who hnd como
in contact with him, tlm deceased wnH
n  mnn of good education nnd ad.
ilrcv- n» well  ui nn i.vr.nrb'ripiiit otr.vi.
ograplur and offlco man. In manlier li. wns quiet and unobtrusive,
cxcepi when li« nllowed his craving
for drink to git tho better of him,
F.vcr Kince he reached this city ho
api'Miirii to have been possesjiH with
thc Imllucinfttioii thut some evil fiend
w»« tmrt-uff.fr him. At flrwt St wns
the lilftfk Hnnd Society, Then it
xttai nn iMftMin, On 8unday he
clajini,] tlmt ii mounuin lion wm
follow inu him up,
H«- left thf Silvi-r Klnjr hotel, wh^rc
In- hnd \wen utopplnfr. late in the
evening. Uikinfr his ihovlng outfit and
othfr toilet   «rti«*-len  with  him,  nnd
An Old Face in the
Right Place
A. ,W. Bleasdell, Druggist    -
Open for business in a few days
I bog to announce tp my many
customers •tluH'Iwyill be open
for business at the old stand
in a
Watchmaker and Jeweller.   ' .
Meat Co.
,    Dealers in all kinds of >
', " -   -.   - y    'i      i "
Fresh and Salt Meats
Fish and Poultry in Season
Victoria Ave.
Am Hamilton
Tinsmith and Plumber
We can furnish you with estimates in
anything in our line.
>  -
blood was streaming from the gnping
wound, Thc bI/irs of water wab given
°*y'™™y him. and ho staggered-back into the
darkness of thc road,"
Mrn, Hnbigiird, terrified, rushed to
the nearest telephone and notified tlu*
provincial police nnd Dr, Rose, who
niHhed to tlio spot iir faBt as possible.
Half way between the" shipyard*'
nnd Mr. Hubigard' bonne the body of
tho imfoitunutii mnn wim found cold
in death, In his right hand a Bharp
chmp knifn wiih held ho tightly thnt
it waa difficult to loosen his hold
upon It, Tho detail* of the hcphi*
woro horrible beyond doHcriptlon, Suffice it to say thnt poor McGib.ion
hnd phIim) h\* throat in a dreadful
manner, both jugular veins being
pierced, nud the neck being woll nigh
Hevered from the body, Whon found
he w.is (*uiU* (lend, rigor mortis hav.
ing nlruuly set in,
The dcceiiKed wiih upwnrds of SO
yearn nf age, and some ft feet 8 InchcM
tnll, wiih u dark mountnclie and nqiil.
line  fenliircH  of an  intelligent ciut.
The above, taken from tlio NoIkoii
•Vdii^ 4\.wb, wk* rend wan n.-gr*-t
hy Ihe rii'J;.'■/,, many lrltn.h. Mc-
Glbbeii will be remembered in thix
city ii- Inivlnp iuen in thc employ of
It. V, I'ck.stiln, nnd wan considered
competent and Intelligent above thn
•A^i.tt^v,       ii.-   fcuiuili-i'i   MlliOUgiil   liln
friends many of our lending cititenn,
nnd iillliouph addicted to tlm liquor
hnbit, It wn* never thought ho would
reunrt to the rai-li act that hn» rndr-i]
no awfully. From report* to hand it
would <eem n*. If his mind had he.
come imbnlnnced, nnd in a moment
of d.-prm-b-ncy i-ndnl Ms earthly
You may be onl' amfng!
We're here to help and cheer you
So Come Along!
>* m        Pl«l M km w*k> t-Mb,     Vmi     n m nm
f. Qlii'iiS 2f lili.
Ur\*\*y UnnUnn*}n
IllUUt IllbbllUlittl
London, Ont., Oct. d.—Thij grand
jury lisn returned a Una bill *irainU
Privnta Moy*>r. clwrired with nhoot-
Injj; Color-S'tet. Lloyd ot Wolwlfy
Hnrrnck'* here in April.
Ii \»t time to paint. Don't wait nntii too itte before protectinf yow konte
| rVon tie fatifei of mow ind ice. Do it now. Only doieest nitirialt ued '
(i ' *


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