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Industrial.Unity is Strength
Political Unity is Victory
FERNIE,   B.    C,    SATURDAY,   AUGUST    15,    1908,
. Hi Reid Go
and Complete Household Furnishers
J: H. REED Co., Ltd
-Agents for
*"       . , *"* -f . i " .-.  M    ■
The Standard Safe of the World
Victoria Ave
Feriiie, B. G.
e e e
men's Store ...
We still cater to the. Workingmen's
Trade.        .* :        Come along!
W. F. Muirhead & Co.
You will say, Is it Possible ?
Tliut I cdii buy uoort fruit lumlu with ii good supply
wator within HO miloa ol' Fornio, on infltolmonl plnn
$5.00 Down,. $5,00 par month,     ;     No Interest or Taxes
For n fi-ncro tract durin-j* tho lifo of contract. Thin
oflVr will noi 1-iat, 1o»k. Write for circular of "Kootenai IrriKfttion Tract."
D. W. HART, Baynes, B.C.
I   ATTI.l?
All kinds of
Roast Meats
Watch for Saturday specials
Merchant Tailor
Blairmore. Alta.
Funeral Director and
Kneh passenger train stopping at
Pernio lias its qiwtii of relic'liiuitci1**,
und tlio tniin is Jinnlly at n standstill
before a (loz(>n or inoiv nro out pick,
ing up anything tlicy can and carry,
inf.* it away to linvo something to re.
mind them nnd others of thi' grout
Pernio'tree of IIH.8.
During the progress of our la'.'
lire  ninny   incidents  wen.'  wilnc-sod
tllflr   Wll'e   111   tllellHelvOH' IllOSt   UllHlrt.
ing nnd t'uiiHed ninny a broad if vi'iy
grim smile, Tli.1 nxeitonicnt wns of
tlio frenzied kind. There you would
we a iiiiui or woman currying a bun.
die nf clothing lo wifely, so to wponlt,
wiih one end or posnlbly half of it,
all iihlnzei othrri at n water tap (ill.
in1.' .i pail, lull of holei*, and in sonic
few i'iiii'h containing no hotloin, nnd
in n.milier 'ease n man or woman run.
nine nut of a ImruinK house willi
nil old kitchen eh air in one hand,
whil • trunk n,* box containing val.
unities   was  left   behind,  IInd  in  wiiue
'u.se.i Imp' siuuh of in -y lying on
Ihe table. Another |i|iKi* cileil is that,
of an employe., at a local hotel ■;'ing
up to his riiiiiii and pacl-lu*.' his mill
rum- and prip, hroui/lit ihcin down
stair-., walked ou* and lc|t tho:n on
the sidewalk.
The lives of Hevern) woim-n and
oliihlr-ii.wiiv Miivcd by ha\iii|,' thnn
yet Into (!,,. rem-.-voir and the in, u
slaying to tlnow water ou thnn,
The Inly nf ]<), V. f.ane wiih found
nil WedUe.-dil.V lll'illling in Went I'Vr.
nl1 in nn old well, where the unfor.
tuniite iiiiui had [(one in the hope of
V   ("•'.-.iivitlt'iu   f-ir   the   f.«fjM.-e   «l
11011111111(1111.: a eandld.it.   to ivpr, sen I
tlio HuelulM   1'iirly  in  the    Maelei.d
lii'tir-it-n,   it,,,-, in nl  ill   v.eil  \ lie oil  tlle
UMli inti, All ih,. |(k.„| t.r.nu-ln*, of
iho Socialist Party and (ho differ, ut
liitmr union we.v stron-j-ly npro'Jint.
The choice of the convent.mi fell
In Afr   Flurry HiiiiUi  nf t",,I nun.
Mr. .Smith U IVenldent of i"..|c.
■i-inr-i J'mmI r'.M.W. :t \. Mhl tihliuittili
ju yuuHfs limit in* im mi 'old timer"
■iliiiitf the "Crow."
A Mmiic oiimpftijffi (Yiinrniitoc wan
fortnitl and i, \nTf,. number ,,f speak.
»-»<■■ *«i!! 1** Unufhl into th,- MiK-l-mi
dfrW'HI  1M1-I lilt Illk'tcsttuu tlulvl  A ill
••Hullo.   Tho min*.>.work"r'*    will
plump fur Mr. ftinith.
Message From Mayor
Tuttle to the People
of Canada
Think They ^are Not
Being Treated
.V despatch' to tho Winnipeg Telegram from Fernie,. tiiays,: A caretul
unulysis of thc situation in regard
to relief in Fornie shows that the
conditions continue to wurrunt the
urgent need of further Uuunfiul ' as-
sisianee from outsiUe. The monev
which lias been generously contributed has been given to relieve the press
ing necessities of the" moment, but
the future gives cause, for deep concern. In three months winter will
bo here and by that time it will be
necessary to° havo homes of some
kind for the whole population. Horo
than 90 per cent, of the people hero
lost everything they possessed in thc W£lS aPP°inted to mcjl U"J ,r-licf
recent conflagration, and while many comnliU(i0 U\[s mornI"8 wiUl «*»•■* r'
of them will have insurance to enable
them to rebuild, there- are over 200
miners iu addition to mill hands and
other members of tho population who
mediately, available,  with  which    to
make a. beginning on a'new home.
it will be' necessary - to make some
provision., for these at once. They
must be assisted to buy clothing,
bedding, kitchen utensils, and what
is most important, toIbuild a shack
or kitchen in- which to live during
the cold winter:- Tents and even out
door spaces may answer for summer
"A despatch to the- Winnipeg Telegram from Fernie says: A largely ..
tended meeting of workingmen wns
held on the recreation grounds last
night to discuss ,thc present condi
tions of the relief work. W. II. L,v-
nns, who was called i,.-i thu c'.-ur,'
said: "ln times of troubles ony must
look' after one's own interests. .Mr.
Sherman and a few others will tiruk
and we will then ask you to form a
committee that will see that things
arc worked more fairly. '
Mr.  Sherman then said: "\W>. had a
meeting yesterday, and a       iiiiutt^e
•ecent conflagration, and while many
if ,.i.,.m 44r.ii k.,,,4. .'...- ,      suit of nothing being    done.      With
this I find no fault,  luit the tine is
past in this western country fov the
working'men to he overloo'-en'.
u„,,„ „i,0„i„,„i,    -                   ■ .           "Both poor and rich have lii-en voi,y
na\e ubsolutoly  no  means,   im-         ,   ,   ;  .      ,           ,.      ,, .»
i..ini,y „ -i , .        •.','    , ■ ,   ■ good, but in,the meeting-this morn
lately, nvailultin.  with  u.hn    t<> "                                        "
„,,,„(.„.    , ,.,       , ... loweu  \.o  no  in   uuiiks  or  iu  umsu   iu
mouths,, but when the Wet and cold* ,   ., •       ,,    ,    •        , *,, ,
, .  . ... - build up the houses of those who can
Winter   (*mn(«i   l.h«4v   1,1114:1    lio,-4,   ,.«,,(■.. '
winter comes they must have roofs
over their heads., The needy ones
comprise a big proportion of the
homeless people and there will be a
widespread 'suffering, ^specially among the women and children, if measures arc' - not - promptly taken to
house them. There is'no question of
the money being needed, and at once
It is only q question.of how.quickly
rc.can.be provided by' kind.hearted
people throughout the Dominion. '
The policy of the city-oout.«ii a„d-
of the committees working in conjunc"
tion with that body is'well-defined,
nnd'thero is every nssuV'ance that "the
contributions will be- xiati to tho lics't
advantage.0 The fact that Tio one
hus suffered acutely during the past
week lias been duo. to tho careful
manner in which tho relief hus beoir
distributed, and this method will bo
pursued up to the end of tho chapter, Mayor Tuttle has issued an urgent appeal to tlio people of t'anuda
for -further financial assistance,, and"
if is hoped thoro will bo a liberal ro-
sponso. The city is also'asking. Iho
government of Jh-ltish'. Columbia for
ft cash grant to bo devoted to.tho
assistance of working peoplo' who.
huvejost thoir homes and who must
provide at least n,portion of anothor
habitation before winter comes.
Tho measure of tho nsslslanco to
Ito given by tho Dominion govornment has not yet boon discussed, but
it is hollovod that it will bo goner-
mm, J.t is not likely to hn too largo
nor can it come too soon.
Tho real ihingm- in tho present nit-
nation Hon in tho sanitary conditions
Thoro'has I icon uo rain In Fornio
since tho llro and a largo part, living
in touts und other temporary ucconi-
moiluLions is bound to cranio a slate
<>f nfTuIrs Inimical lo tho health of
the community. F.vory effort Is hu-
ing iiuido to nihiliiil/o (ho danger,
hut even the hIiviiuoiih acthily ui
tho sppchil committee of cltl/.ons appointed for the purpowe ran only do-
Iny tlio out break of a terrible epidemic," unless means are provided for
the IiiHliillulhiii of a better N.vMe.iu,
Tlm sowers of the ciiy m'o now nf
littlo use and while thn wiilerworkt,
huv.n not. milTcred ll is ahui.Ht iinp()S-
Klbln to maintain n wit Indict ory mxn-
Hallon under (he present eondil Ioiih,
A supply in* money in put the citv
*mt oi' I he leaih of an ephl.-mie
would ho (he greatest Investment
which  a    philanthropic   nubile  muhl
, I'nilil.i, II. t!.( Aug. il,-**',, thu people, of f'liiiuclit: "(in behalf, of tho el-
M/i'iiH of tho city ul Fernie, which
wim nlniost tiilully destroyed |,y iiro
llllll   Wliill   il|i-(.     I   venture   In   tii..t-r.     ■,
further ii-ipuiil for lliinuelnt n«MNt-
iincii, 'J'ho geuiii'ous rusponso to our
llrst call for aid has umibled tho
tnuiH-jl and I'liiiiiuilUrN to mako nitt-
isfuctory provlHion for (ho most urgent needs, The evtent ,,f ,ti, i,,,„..
tviiJeli has liecii caused it, only now
being rovonleil howe\cr ami tlio threat
work of rullcf ||oy nle'iid (if.un, fh«
Nui'fllli'VM n( railway companieH nnd
(ho hurolnnt hhown by (heir nniploy
wm ut tlio time of tlm lirt] worn ro-
i-|pnii«iiilii n,r the .nn\ ing ,,f liuniliiNlit
of llvi'M nml Hi., fart thnt. nm t|i,,,,
hiiiiiI  peupli
ing there was not the proper feeling
shown. Among the, working men of
today thero are capable ones io run
the offices of this country, and it
docs not require great brains to hv-
cuiuulate wealth in this country. All
wo want is square dealing, mid we
will get it if we stick together. The
fund sent for relief should not be al
owed to lie in banks or to used to
afford* to build up their own. Over
$10,000. per month goes in taxes,
which amounts°to $120,000 ,n taxes
if wc get §10,000-offered,^ throw it.
in their faces. We want *?3O,000.
Working men should hnve as niii'i to
say on thc committees ns the business men. ^We want the following
number,, of mon    to, "represent us \,\\
.iViq various committecsu=TranspQrJ_iL^ =
tion,-three, telegrams and supply being nearly completed, wo need not
worry'about; on means we want 'wo;
bread, two; information, two; hianc-
os being the most important, ..i-
want three.
"This 'mornifig- wc woro asked io~
meet the general committee and er-
range about supplies. Wo ran after
them all afternoon and will not do
so again. -Ku tioo.i...,, jj0 SCarod ot
anyone in .Fernie, What we want
you to do is to elect.a cominiltco of
twenty-four, out of which tho subcommittees' i\rij to bo formed as I
hnvo slated before, Members of the
committee to bo paid for time occupied by t-mno,',' It Is Impossible ,to
snthify tins..crowd, but, wo will do
tho best wo can. Tho Working man
should liavo n voice in the spending
of tho monoy sent, which should ho
spent iu replacing llio' homos lost so
wo should get ns much as wo can.
A homo is a homo, uo mailer how
humblo, nnd there Is no reason-why
(his money should not bo spoilt in
this wny.
JhisiiU'SH folks look with contempt,
upon tho wurkingmau. It is not the
mon of business that havo mado the
coimtr,\. Xo omployer pays wages,
thu man worki. and allows part of
his earnings to ho tal-.cn away from
hlni. I have dined wllh the Inn,
but much prefer tho dinner in the
workingnian's shack, (lot your own
riHlits. Why, I would Jump on any
policeman I saw diking a working
man away, I heard tho earpenten,'
union had taken ail\autiige of the sit
nation to drlviylown the earnings of
Iho coutractorN, This, I do mil
think, is just; iufiloitd, the trades
people should reiluce their prices live
nnd Iwenly per cent, Wo men ni
I'Vriile, do nut want columns of tbe
papers Idled with columns of our
waul:i. .Members of tlm present coin
mil tee have got Iheir naiuea In (he
papers, and since iuivn done nothing.
.Money has been sent to |m spent, for
iiiiiI nn us, and If we gain our point
it will ho an example for our brolli-
ers in nil'ec parts of the country.
Ltd me ii'ipoul li) the uni'l-crs uf this
lllhlricl    to   gel    together   niul   di'lUCUtl
their rigid*-.."
A  I'liinmiiiee    ut    lueiity-fiuir  wns
We stay with
We R. McDougall
Dealer in Boots &
Shoes : : : Trunks*
Valises* Suit-cases
Single and Double Harness
Heme Bar)k of Canada
of youn svuvlus
CASH   A ,/V 7»   VA VEHS
■***^-***-*  ^r+^-Jt^ J
it ***** *-r- *   4
W.C.B.Manson, Mgr., Fernie
ways, Sanitary conditions niust ho
restored, shelter iiuiHt lio provided
against tho coming of Inclement wou-
tticr     melitre!   <.iiMiti,-u   tnliM    l„.   i.tif.
cluiseil, nml nxi'iy precaution must
bo ttilicti to ptv\cut mi otiU-nllik of
disease which Is at this (hut) of very
greatest inenani. Out of HOli dwellings only *».4 remain, which means
that iiluinl 1,10,people out. of a pop.
Hint inn   nf  about   O.UI'(}  hlHu  shelter
-...  v...„.    <,v,,r  llu'lr Ih'iuIh    whilo dm 1»n1 mee
j   ,..„,..,■    hitvt'   4li1c»t    |^^fl Lfpt   ftre hitiii.-!.*»-t, without furnHure, witli'
jfri'iu Ntiirviiliitn rnn Itn nttrllinUil to'((,<"  <*l«'(hl»ig,  wltliont hoiixehold  ut
jtlm  bounty     nj     fii.-jjilf,    «,4t «,|,Jy |i» VfiMK   V.Jib.iUt     food,     without  snip   j
.this country but  In    Hpo|*;an«    »tlut ' Vh'-n ur nwiutww nf any kind.      A
.other poitlons of the IJiiUmI Ht.it.-) ' re,tli/«aiim of th« «rtii»l Nituatlnn n
t Further mipplhn will 1m> roipiliw) 1k»- **<■* t-'onshhT nlono nocowuiry to gl-.-J
(»om Inn?, nml m tho inoitntlmo the  »h«' iuit«M" worM a truo UUm of tl..-'
, money Is nmied   to   fnmlMi prodf*-   r>ri*r*4ing ■ictl f,,-* finnnrlnl aid, '.Mlgi. '
I tion to    thu    populrttlon In vnriou* «*«l) W. W. Tuttle, Mayor, '    !
0. B I..YON
Chartered Accountant,
and Insurance.
C.i'r. .ry, Alta,
i'«. |Mlf<i
t.t i....- iit.y
■■■ ■ ii-lt'lrtlt'*
lilllk.U'T   t-i
F. G. OAI1UUTT, Pi*inclp»lr
Hoimir, B. C.
I!'..tr«l mid fiw.ui ■J'.'i'i im p. r irxmtlt
Mrt. Oetlemmt, Prop.
AM. WJI1TK HKU' THE    DISTRICT   LEDGER,   FERNIE,   B.   C,   SATURDAY,   AUGU8T   16,   1908.
•»♦♦♦♦■»♦♦«-»♦»♦'•>*->•»♦'» *»•»♦•> ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦♦♦•»♦♦♦♦♦♦•»
■ ♦
\ ♦
Bank o
Arc prepared to do business with you
The Editor does noi hold himself
responsible for opinions expressed by
correspondents in these columns.
We're here because we're here.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•><>♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^.{.♦*->^<>i4^-*4j,^#>4>
t J
Well, rather!
Better than ever, too.
I ■■ ■ ♦
1 ♦
I x
i    .- x
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*>♦♦♦«•}:♦♦•*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦
Merritt, B. C, July 31, 1908
liditor District 'Ledger:
Bear Sir,—1 read in your valuable
paper July 2oth's issue whoro tho W.
l*\ -M. now in Convention at Denver,
Colo., wero discussing closer allilia-
tion .with the U. M.   ,V. of A.
1 think that if it could be done it
would bo ono of tho grandest things
for tho" workors ' throughout this
great Western country. 1 would like
to see District and International oflicers do their utmost for that purpose for with tlie quartz miners and
coal miners bound closer together
they could present a powerful position.
It behooves the workers in this
^ ! liOth century to get closer together
4 j instead of iigAtiiig euch other for
♦ 1 remember the capitalists do not
- ijunrrel amongst -themselves. Their
main point is how to skin the worker and 1 must say Air, Jidi'tor thoy
aro pretty successful.
Now us,an old Federation member,
tiiis closer tUHliution is going to bo
uo snap to bring about and tlioso
who handle .tho job successfully deserve great credit. As thero arc a
great many members of the \V. F. M.
who think the U. M, W. of A. aro bo-
hind the times and in some respects
probably . they ' wore' right, but tho
\j. M. W. of A. have changed their
luetics considerable these last ' few
years, more especially in B. 0. As
lighters the" W. F. M. need no recommendation but in lighting thoy have,
mme at it a littlo blindly. • I think
so which 1 will try to show later. 1
see in the'discussion at tho, convention tho delegates object to tho
cheek-off and contract system. Now
this is one of the reasons an active
member of the Federation gave mo
about two years age why he objected, to the check-oil'. Because the mas
tor knew just how much funds were
paid into the union and therefore
knew your exact strength, but is it
not better to have a fow thousands
at the. back of you and tho capital-
know it, than have none and lie (the
capitalist.) not know.it and I doubt
whether he would not know it as the
man with the big Diamond has a way
of. knowing* everything he'wants to.
Then again thc check-off saves the
price of  a high priced secretary ex-
««««#*«©»«©»®©®€'©®®«*s« o****&e«^#*»«©^©®*©©*a»«
i Canadian Bank of Commerc
■^••©•■•^^••••••©••je^tfof ♦•♦©♦•♦•♦•♦©♦»♦•♦•♦•♦»
seat, while' only a few weeks back,
Koine of tlic-m were only working half
time and some not that. Is there a
■greater demand for " coai now than
there was" a month'• or so ago. Personally I don't think there is. ' To
me there seems to be some other
purpose for increasing the output at these different mines
in District 18. All the miners in District 18 aro well aware of
the fact that our present agreements
will terminate in March, 15)09. Thero
fore it behooves every man in this
District to tako particular notice of
what is going on in tho district so
that he may get in touch with the
different conditions existing throughout tho district. If you will just refer back to tho striko twelve iiiontlis
ago last May .you , wi'l lememoor tho
conditions of the coal markets. Industries of all kinds were at a. stnno.
still for the want of coal, in fact
people were actually starving for -the
want of coal. Even our railways
word practically at a standstill. The
only things that were shipped"
through the , country at that timo
were- tilings of a perishable nature.
It is my contention that tlie operators of this district don't intend for
these "cricos to exist again. The idea
of increasing the output is a scheme
of thc operators to fill the markets
and havo a big surplus of con! on
hand, lor ihe termination of oi' present agreements, which will terminate on the 31st day of March, tOOS,
so that in caso of a light at tho termination of 'our present agreements
they will bo in a better position f.:Xt
March than they were sixteen months
ago.' .It's up to the men of District
18 to try and stop this surplus of
coal, to try and prevent thc market
being hooded with coal, because if
tho markets are in a flooded condi-'
tion at the termination of the pro-
sent- agreements we arc .J in bio to go
up against something we least expect. In other countries they have
to adopt ways and means by which
lo stop this over production, ■ Therefore I don't seo why we can't do the
same. Therefore 1 hope and trust
that the oflicers and members of District 18 U. M. W. of a! will uso all
possible moans to prevent the overproduction of coal during the' next
eight months.. "  *
I remain,
' Fraternally yours,
■   <' a    II. Morgan.
Local  20,  rkinkhead. .
(Received Too Late for Last Issue.)
, B. S... Littlo arrived on Monday's
train from a business trip to ,the
Mr. It. A. Smith of the Diamond
Vale Farm, left on a pleasure trifJ
to New  Brunswick.
Mr. M. Cruikshanks, foreman of the
Diamond Vale saw mill has gone up
to the logging camp to''take charge
during the. absence of J. Branch who
.accompanied Mr. Smith on his . trip
to Xew Brunswick'.
The Gordies employed on the South
Nicola Coal property report good'
.loo Graham and T. Covert have
started to sink again. • They expect
their property to be one of the richest in tho valley.
Messrs. Jusnac and James, organizers of the U. M. W. of A., paid a
visit, hero two weeks ago and reported themselves pleased with tlie work
done and complimented- the oflicers
on the business like manner thoy conducted  their  meetings.
Tho Diamond Vale an*' ivi,i"\lly
putting men to work on the Garcia
properly. They intend to drivo a
tunnel. Thoro is a surplus of labor
hero at present.
K. Hnwlinson, lire boss nt tho Diamond Vale, returned on Wednesday's
train from the Coast accompanied by
his son,
J. Kgan has gone to work on thc
South Nicola coal property.
Dell King reports himself as woll.
pleased with thc crop.
Mr. and Mrs. Nash have opened a
confectionery and ice cream parlor.
John Cowley, who was scalded by
the bursting of a steam pipe on the
diamond drill operating for the B.C.
Amalgamated Coal Co. is recovering
ns well ns can be expected.
T. J. Smith, president of0the Diamond Vale Co. made a business trip
up hern on Wednesday.
Elk Drug S Book Store
Watch (his space for next week
cept-in very large locals. In a local
liko Merritt     the     Secretary • would
have to do the work for thc benefit
of  tiie ' cause.,   Now  the  Federation
have   no   check-oIT.     Thoy  support   a
secretary at l?.*t,30 a day,  7 days  a
week,  or    something    like SI,500  a
year.    Quito an  item when reckoned
up   and  thon  again  they   loso  hundreds of dollars a  yoar through men
quilling and  forgetting to pay their
duos,  whnronu if Uiey'lmd  the checkoff   they   would   loso   nothing.     And
the qiiosiion  of  defence  fund  to  the
District'the \\\ F. M. would bo wiso
to copy in the Federation. The  locals
mil of thoir dollar pay headquarters
'--•*. I <m   cent,  and  to  tho  District   l .'■•
per-conl.    Total  .'17  per cent.   Leaving Oil por cent,  to do with as oach
local thinks fit and 1  must .sny the
monoy  is not always spent to    thu
bost advantage as I  know from   ox-
perionco  for thoy  aro generous, good
natural  fellows and  will  vote  thoir
money awny liko water running down
the crook and allow themselves to bo
led by si'iillniPiil,    Whereas iho bulk
of thu Ij. M. W. of A. is in the hands
of tho District officers, men who aro
schooled   lu economy    und  who  will
I   think  long and wisely before ntilhiy-
*   ing nii.\  of Iho funds.    Now th,. «ju,.M-
lion   of   conlrnclH much run bo said
for nnd ngniiiHl   thorn, or to uso Iho
Murils'iif John Mil ('hull, nnnmly, tho
iiiiui never get. nil  limy wtintod in u
ciiiitrncf, nor moro did Un, mine owner and (his, Mr. Kdltnr, Is whoro tho
..'   !•'.  M. have fought blindly as Socialists,    w,i  |inoW   (|u,y  „,.,,  iwolu-
tlonnry but   Ik It  good  policy to nit
off tho hnnd  Hint feeds you,  Imu'iiiihh
wo do not yot own onr Jobs ns workers.   Wn hiivi. lo dud ii muster therefor,    Tlicrofnrn wo nro more or loss
nt the ilh'ttilion of him who owns tho
big unto,
Now Iho w, V. M, sny if wo mnko
a mnlriiel of sny two yours nt such
nud hiich a wage how do wo know
what the est of living will ho nt
that. I lino,    Which In quite true   and
Pittsburg   Company   of' Minneapolis
Will ,Be   Wound   Up   .
M'inheapdli.s, .-tug. 10.—Tho capitalization of the I'illsburg-Wnshburn Co.
for which a receiver was appointed-
today, is sr^OOO.OOO, divided equally
botweoii the preferred and common
stock, It also has outstanding §•!,-
-11)0,000 in bonds, The last slatc-
moi.i - of -tins company, issued -tour
months ago, showed net earnings of
§012,000. Against this was bonded
interest charges of §250,000, a dividend on preferred stock, of )?177,000
and other charges of $200,000, ]eav
ing a balance of only §15,000. The
company was founded by C. A.J'llls-
bury, who wns later joined by Senator Washburn. The slock is now
owned hy lOhgllsh capitalists, hut
tlio mills aro operated by Americans.
TJio'mUlH havo a capacity for ,.',0,000
barrels por day.
Tho Pillsbury-Wiishburn Flour Mills
company, lias opumtud since its or-
• Iglu in its prosont form In 1SH5), as
Mm J'illsbury "A" "11," and "V"
mills and olovntors, Palisade and Anchor mills nnd olovntors nud tho Lincoln mill nt Ankoa, Its product Is
distributed through tho world by
ini'iins of 5,ooo agencies, The e'on'i-
Tiiny Is practically owner of tho
Mori; of tlio .Minneapolis Mill com-
puny and the Ht, Anthony water
power company of Minnesota, with
wnter rights, wlillo the Minneapolis
Mill Coinpiiny of Now .lei-Hoy, practically own-, the capital stock of tho
PIllKhur.v-Wiishhurn I*'lour Mills coin-
Piiny nud of Iho Minnoiipolls it Northern elevator company, controlling
I DO olovntors.
Tho Indebtedness of the defendant
compniiy Is sol at mora than Sfi.OOn,
000. Tho vnluo of the company's
property om-c-oiIh lei|,*i1000,(MI0, *|,*|„,
totnl secured indobtodnoHH covered by
debenture bonds Ih $I,M0i),00ij, or a
totnl iiidohifiinoHH of iJD.nno.nno. The
liquidated nssets are ostlinnti'd at
4**»,."iOO,fHii) lo pay J5*.1,tM»0,0(K> „f uu\
seruivd tinhis. Tho company has
SMI 10,01 io nl it-4 proilucf. stored In !>,*.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. -,\\\ bster ,nro. rejoicing over the birth of a" young
Mr. J. A-. Torney, secretary of the
Kootenay .River ' Land Co., left for
Spokane Wednesday evening for a
short business trip.
■ Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Stanley are
guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Hart,
their daughter-in-law. " Mrs.' W. ,S.
<lny nf Baylies, but left Monday on
a visit to hor' mother, Mrs, Cougiii of
Moose Jaw, Sask.
Mr. John D. Aye has been ill for
sevtrnl days It is hoped that it will
be nothing' serious and 'that lie. will
soon be. around again.
M.'s. Emma Bates, of Spokano, is
a guest nt the Club' House this week.
She expresses herself ns well pleas,
ed with the Kootonia tracts and has
purchased one
Mr. nnd' Mi-.. Rliinde-.l, Mr. aiid
Mrs. Wtiylett, Mr. Uouglns. of "the
'Hunk of H.iniilton nnd others of
tin'.- Fornio refugees nro staving at
Mr.  Ad.-.lph's.
Miss" Lilly Gniy of Conl Crook,
("inn- down hero with Mrs, W. S,
SiMiilcy nnd is lvniiiining with Mrs.
Unit lo; n short thnn.
We hereby give you notice and require you to make payment of the
sum of $1,080.00 with interest thereon
at the rate of 10 per cent, per an.
num ■from the lst day of June 1906
until payment, being two instalments
of principal of $540.00 due on-the 1st
day oi Decembar in* each of the
years of 1906 and 1907, by virtue of
an agreerh&nt dated the 1st-day of
June 1906 and made between yourself, W* H. Collins of the one part
and John Mott of Elko of the other
part, by which you' agreed to purchase portions of lot 321, group 1,
Kootenay tor" the>sum of $3,000.00.
AND wc further give you notice,1
that if you fail to carry . out the
aaid ■ contract by making said pay.
ment within one month from this
'date the said agreement will bs cancelled and all payments hitherto
made shall be forfeited to the under,
mentioned vendors as provided--by
the said agreement.
Dated at Elko, 1$. C, this 16th day
of July, 1908.
Solicitors for John Mott, the Ven.
Wiliam Henry Collins,
of Elko, B. C, Farmer.   .
Who said Fire ?
We did.   We are firing away at
the old business.
F.  Law
LAW   &
F-'emie,    B. C.
A. F. Fisher
Fernie,   ,B. C.
Pionjcr   Builder   and   Contractor   of
Ferniei —
M. A.   KERR & CO.
Builders and Contractors.
■Estimates   Furnished -
Builders   and   Contractors
Fernie -  B. C.
FERNIE     ,
C. W. Davey & Co., Props.
We may be"a little up-set
but just smile.
Hotel Fernie
Peruie's leading commercial
house. :: A little bent but
still in tlie ring.
S. F.Wallace, Prop.
Kino Hotel
We will do the best we can for ycu
T i in ii ifi'o.il, iirnniui'iil nirniiiMt the con
i jlract svhli'in. bill thou on tin1 other
j* j tlm companies cIiimi down thoir works j stuten niiti.iiln of AUiuiimiitii
S. j '"i- ii low inoutlu. .mil Hlarl up iiKiilnj  ——
*Y ! ut    il   Kivillly   reduced   wiitfe,   no     nil
J i your  liKhtiiiM- luis | n   in  vain,   Uu-
•j. jih-r n  sjMrm of i-niilr.iri   |hey (l,ulil
*T  ' l.nl   i-i.iliii',.   flu.  ii-iiki,       <J,i  ,, , ,|,
[ *L i U'.   *■*.   M., iillhiiiifli  .'tritnir (mUtti-ul-
» j | ly, have lioen frirfiu-r mat turn Siwlnl-
' !|Il''-lio nior.t. by Industrial  Ilum pullti-
• V '' '•' ■"''""'''•
r,*W-M'M^**-M»M*'W i     s., I think tin. rank nud llio of iho
. *>\      t'     M     li.Mn   I.,,thin,,'   I,,'f,,.,,.   I,,   ,1,..
mill I,ul h) stem. H'h ,,„■*. |„,,.f(,4,i W|,
Ui'W. l,ut |,.'.'h K,.t '|„, |„,M, „■„ ,.„,,
under this pn-nenl syhlcin .ind keep
h.iiiiniiiiitK at   Ihe ballot box  till  we
•"tn. Kim., An*,'. 7.—Tlio iioiitiii.
at ion of \V,  If,  HtuhliM for t'ov. nmr
and J.  I,,  llritdow fur United Htiitcn| Ciiptiiin  Diiiicui
Kefoury Bros.
Will Uj iloiht$ biiHincHH in a fow ,lny».
\Vut«'h for our siMia.-.
^.! rlmnifc |t
''"'if ynu,   Mr.  Kditor,  In n«l>
>' iu your paper, 1 ri*-
.'.mi., fur ttie wnrker,
T'Vuiik St««'l.
•■ii.ii.ir on tiie Hi'jnihlu'iiu tieki t nl
I In- piiuiiiii.M held TiifMiluy in n en*.
*niii*.y. I'jin-tic.illy coinplrte npoith
fnmi t;u ..ut of I0fi cniiiitii-ri (.'ivo
Sliibli-. a l...u| of l.'l.'Jii'J. .S.'imtor
I.*'iiiL*'-* ''miipjiif'ii inntwut-r couccdrN
his di-fi'iit.
Tlif i-lrcti.ii, of HriHtow wns dflln.
ib'ly ili-ti'-iiiiiiiil yi'sturdiiy. Of tlm
!(»;'» hf,'ishitiv.> (liHtrit'ln in tlin Ht'it*-,
llriitnw Im. carrhd nt Irani I'lghty.
nil..-, 'j'!,. i, .ui- h.-\.*n ilii-liiil.i yi l to
I In' liiiml from, ('nnipli'ti- rctiiniH by
i I'-miitii'i >.. inr ri'd-ivcil j-ivr Driitow
j li h'lld nf 0,i4|J  voti'H.
The Ilniildu'iid mines n:*o running
full swiii*,', Thciv liiivi- hi*11)) ipil'tu n
mniibor of iin-ii .stinicd during thn hist
wool, or so nt tlu'isn mini's, Thc all
nround working (iniiditions aro 'n
fnirly nood .shiipi' in this onnip nnd
no iloubl will coiuiinic to vnmnin ns
lUich for (|uili> a wliilo.
Mr. Ilnrold Nelson und" ponipn.iy
has left llniiff. Hn intends to vi-ut
tlm Crow's Niist Puss in tm- nnnr fu.
luro. Mr, Ilnrold NHson will cer.
tuiiily (,'ct n prood ri'Piiptlon the next
time lu1 pi.lues  iIijh  wny.
Mr, Alf. Hopkins wim in town this'
wci'k viHitiiiK frinuls,
Mr. C. Hiirlio*.' oiinir' into town this
wi'i'l*.  nftcr speiidinj.' n yenr on  bis
f01*11 IT We lire pleased to lmve Ml*.
Unrhcr buck ninniiK uh tiKnln, Hu
took a very nptive pnrt in this Iocnl
of the [J. M, W. of A, ilurliiR liis lust
stay in  lliitikliend,
Mr. nml Mrs. C-nwon, \>nw n Honial
at. Iheir home on finturdny nlf-lit,
Auk 1st. Thn evening wns mi en.
joynble one. There with Hcvorul
«i.ii(/h pivpn by tlin members nf the
party also the Iiiiisk hnnd (pinrtctlp
was in ntti'iidimee. Mv, Tom Hurt.,
1**11 is a second Dan J.eiio,
Tlle   WlestlillK    lulltl'll    whieh   tilllllU
off iii the Coinpiiny Hull on ThurH.
day   niuhl,  July  :m,  between ..Greek
(ieori'e   the    Alli.-lln    Phninnlnn    vs.
f'. Hohh one of the
Pioneer Baker of Fernie
Wn still have some hot stuff.
Waiting   for
J,   Gates,   Proprietor
Fornio,  B, C.
W.R.Robs,   K.C d.S.T Alexander
Bnrrlstors and Solicitors
Fornio,   B   C. Carvtida
Fernie'a pioneer Funenil Director
and Undertaker
Pictures pramed
4 4 -
'tl   44.ll.-.
TO BE  P.  M.
. 11.---r,.Miua-.lt1:
'•».     1-4     t.W.uWl      Ul     ll      V*4.4>   ,
t \".ittiiJnn-.r lui • appffi-d lor 'nil will
Imt dm.*, it |,,,y al „-,! (|„„,»,    ivr-i'"' Kran,"",l "iip'ritniiiitinn.   -.ii* iiIoch
Hi Ink  it  d.i-N.    H*liy!wi*1  '"'  ,ill,',•  ''>'  '*"' I0')>"il*tli><*»t of
i <>i«r r>»mjf-4 in I>i*»
Hiiiutlly   1
Ih it H...«
ll, (i. Mai'pltiM.iii, the rrtiririf* niein.
+ **) + + + + * + * + + *)****)* + + ****+** *ltrirl l« B(.. u..ikii.K full tliiw nf pr«-j,,ir ,,f  I'nili.mtrnt   for that  cit<
t-'l-entesl lllruiflld iithletes, It WIIH ll
pnor exhibition   The iiiiiIpIi whs nup.
pOM'il  lo have  lie. II  till'  bert.t tlll'lii'  in
live fulls, but Un-outtli nn nccldent
the uiuteli was ciinclndt'd after the
sei-oiul j-ouncj Hi,*.n (rot tlio first, full,
nnd (ieorpi' the (Ireek put Rush down
In less tlmn one minute In tlm mo.
ond round, In tlie third round tin.'
(ini'k threw Itons off the runt, Hoss
liffhti'tl  on   hi-4   fiipf  nud  b.-oki-  his
lm.li'   by   Ml  (I'lillJ!. Ttli'letore       tlle
niutpli was pulled off. There
two binnt m Imxinp (/iven i*y
talent nml one uf wrestling.
Custom*   Broker
B. 0.
Fernio, B. O.
I'bAi.i'.    lOi'U   oiti'iiH   \Uili    Ij-i
H. W. Terry, Prop.
Will bo doinu; lnisiuet-B
in n few days,
W. Stan. Terry
Painter and Decorator
Give uh ii diiutci' on your work,
TitTon!",  A"*-'.   II—Oeo.     Stov.nn.
,'H'ed fl yt-nrt, fell while wnlkinff on
tin* bridge railing uvr tlm Don River
und wus drowned, WiUln'm Ilerron,
while holidnyitit* ut Hicliinoml Hill.
■A'ti4 dr'.wnnl iu ii p*niil,
Some one io loue and
cheer you sometimes
when things go wrong.
That's all
We're still here
That's all
mmmmetmemmm'     nfmemmtmmm |l«Ml ** m%*m
utrui MMM\,
Maeleod, Alta.
J. £. ROGERS. Prop.
■ Drop in and noo mo.
Fornio,   B. 0.
sk>:rman herchmer
barrister, s0li0it0r
Forn)t,   B. C. ■SS^a^kSfttuaaBm
Whelan -Bros.
The old reliable firm will
be glad to see you
Tom Whelan* Mgr.
ROSS BROS,, Props.
Doing business in the
same old place.
All    kinds    of   rough    nnd    dressed
Victoria Avenue,
North Fernie
L.O. Kummer
Builders  anch Contractors
Estimates  Furnished
The only spot in town for choice, pipes
and tobacco,
Wholesnlo Gquor Dealers
A  full  stock  in  11  few  day*1.
Bell Hardy   Makes a
The official' statement was issued' at
Montreal on behalf of the men by
Mr. Bell Hardy, gen.ral chairman of
th'e Federated Trades of the Median,
ical and Car Department of the C.
P., R. system, and is as follows.
Organised labor has to answer for
many things, and thi action" of the
employees on the Canadian Pacific
Railway in leaving 'their work today
will be condemned by some having
little knowledge ,of the cause, and
caring 1 >bs, and in some instances by
those out' of sympathy with the movement as instanced in thc local morn,
ing English ..sp aking paper. Think,
ing people, however, are fast getting
to understand that b'fore there can
be ,a strike of such, magnitude, there
must be a cause for' dispute, and
while the hi.story of this one lias been
very fully reported in western papers
little has been published of an enlightening nature in this city by those
in a position to influence public opinion. The dispute arose through the
company's abrogating , schedule
agreements on the western lines, and
posting certain .rules in the. shops.
The purpose of this act was recog.
nzed by the m ,n as an effort to reduce
wages, and eventually destroy the or.
ganizations". The men had I been
working hYilf time all winter on western linjs, while on the eastern lines,
where no attack had been made, full
lime had been the rule. This discrim.
ination was believed by the men to
liave for its object the destruction of
organized labor in the west, while the
eastern men lay in fancied security.
.Subsequent events have proven this
belief w.ll founded.
The men east .and .west belonging
to one, - and the same organiziition
determined to resist the attack, but
before anything could be done after
the refusal of the company to with,
draw the posted notices, application
had to be made under the law for an
investigation into the dispute by a
board appointed by. the .government,
es "on western lines. The secondary
cause of the'strike was the d.termiri-
ed oppositin of the company to the
inquiry -and the hindrances thrown
in the way of proper, investigation'.
The immediate cause of th-> strike
was the arbitrary action' of the company in posting notices in the shops
in lieu of a mutually compiled schedule agreement.
(Signed)      - BELL-.HARDY.
Ottawa, Aug. 10—The labor d--part:
mentct.iis morning pointed out that
talk of sympathetic strikes by other
railway men's unions to aid the strik.
ing C. P. R. mechanics as has been
suggested would be a violation of the
L mieiix act which says that no strike
can occur in connection with any
public utility, prior to investigation
by the board of conciliation'nnd investigation. This would debar any
union of C P. R. employees' from go.
ing on 'strike now without becoming
liable to severe penalties provid d in
the Lemieux act.
Telegraphers some months ago applied for a board of conciliation to investigate th? alleged wrongful dismissal of an operator at Megantic,
Que. The board has, not yet report,
ed its finding but ii is understood it
will be in favor,, of the men and the
company will hz prevail.d upon to
accept the award. Tlie department
also announced that it is taking no
part in the settlement, of,the strike
at present.
A,  McDougall,  Mgr.
Will be cutting in a
couple of weeks
Savo un your orders
, Maeleod, Aug. 12.—TIW* farm reiti.
diwe ot Mr. S. A. Spencer, five mil.
es «.otithen*t of town wail totally de.
Htri.yed by lire on TliiiMdny evening
laMt tit ulwut ten o'clock, by the ex.
plotting ol « lamp- Total amount ol
dnnmpfe Blmnt M.WW.OO, pnrtly eov.
m-d by iniuriincp.
In answer to the criticism, "Why did
the men apply for; a board and then
refuse its finding?' I say, the only
defence organized labor has is the
power to strike, and the law having
deprived us "of that power, we were
compelled to make aplieation for a
board, which was done in April, 1908.
■ The application made by the men
was for a board to investigate and
d.al with questions arising, on both
western and .eastern lines, stating to
the department it wns impossible to
conciliate oiie.hnlf of. the organization while the other half wns,on strike
or disputing with th? company. While
tin. men wore compelled to aHk for n
board, willing or not willing, they
wore also prepared to give tho 'act'
a fair trurl, but on th'e otcr hand the
company oppos d tho application,
and from start lo finish placed ob.
stool es in the way of n proper inquiry.
If this policy of the coinpnjiy1''wii8 for
Ihe purpose of discrediting the "act"
•ind overawing or intimidating the
membero of tlin hoard, it was success,
fill in ii nioiiHiir1, ns u close perusal
of tlie award will disclose. The mil.
jirity finding1* signed by tlu; oh air.
iiiiui of tho.board nud the eoinpnny's
ivprtiHcntfltivc, deal lightly with thu
questions consider'd vital by tlm
men, nnd tn some instance-1 tho con.
nl unions are inconsistent. There is
evidence of snap judgments, lock of
understanding or intollig nt consideration of whnt thiiii* finding meant,
little, attention to detail, the -wholo li?.
ing a weak attempt at compromise.
The minority report subniittd by tho
men's representative shows up many
of tlio inconsistencies, and when both
appeared littlo doubt was entertain.*d
by either thu company or tho com.
mlttee looking nftor the men's in.
tfiri'HtR, on how tlv mon would volo.
Mon Sent An Ultimatum
Coiisequontly, when informed that
the company proposed again pouting
notliVH In thn shop-*, and whilo thu
voto wiih still iii progroRH, tip coin,
puny wiih informed that any attempt
nt enforcing thn objectionable, fealur.
es of tlin award, or putting tliem into
effect befo.v th >. cnjiipiny and rop.
reNi'iitntiveH of tlio men had made
mi effort lo adjust the details of the
proprHi!d agio nt1 nt, Would ilead to
I'oinplipiiiinn, However, the enmpuiiy
pruui'i'di'd ugiiiiml the Hpint of the.
award they claim lo hnvo hit*'-pted,
.mil ng.-iiiist Uio Mt r of the award
which calls for the incorporating of
the award into u eonnolldalod agree,
jiiejit j/iiituiilly signed in oonlcrunao
at Winnipeg nnd Montreal. Tha men
or.- out en principle and In dofenco ol
their organization**, tho strike being
forced upon them, and only delayed
through the application of tlio Con.
lilialini. Act, Tlu: company ban pt:r.
tdnti'iitly refused lo rocognl*. thore
iii uliy grit-V'tiit'i! Ix'tv-ren the fiouu
pnny ond mttn working e.atii of Tort
Wiliam, while tho men hnve aa p-r.
..intently claimed they have, and am
determined to Rtny on strike until
Tlm piimuiy t-uui of thu tlrlhu
war tho Action of the company nb.
rafftiling nehi'dulfn am) reducing war.
Fernie, B." C, Aug. 11.—Work is
steadily going on all over the city
and new buildings are springing up
everywhere, some * temporary and
others . permanent. The King Edward hotel opened today with a restaurant ' and bar combined. Only
soft drinks can be had in' any ho',
•vl £.s licenses have all been can.
celled. This is the first hotel to
open since'the fire. The large' bridge
of the G. N. Ry. which spanned the
Elk River and whicli was destroyed
by the fire will be completed, toinor.
row sujeiently to allow trains to pass
over-it Tlie"*T"nTivif~bt.eii using-the"
C P. R. line between Fernie and Mor.
rissey since the fire for the handling
of their, business.
The weather today has turned a
little cooler and a thund.r shower is
passing over whicli will help to cool
the air and lay the heavy dust. This
is the first rain for nearly two weeks.
\    '
Vancouver, J,, C'., Aug.' 11.—About
0 o'clock this morning the flooring
und exturior construction, extending
over a space of twonty-flvo foot
Hipiure, in tho rear of tho hotel
block now in courso*. of erection ivt
tho south west corner of Vendor St,
east and tho lniie west of Wost minster Ave. collapsed and six bricklayers- nnd assistants wero burled lii the
ruins, Tliolr follow workmen immediately I'liniii to their rescue and l«j u
short tlino extricated the Injured
men, nil/ of whom woro tiikon to tho
f-enoral hospital. Tho list of injured
und the exlenl of their injuries nro:
It, .trcMIIInn,' foreman of J-.rlckla.vorH,
n married muii, compound fracture of
right leg; II, Duncan, both logs broken; V, Wnddlco, H, Lynch and T. 1,.
Wood hi'iilmw; ■ \V. .1, Thompson, fa-
ther-in-lnw of Mr, McMillan, Internal
Tho building is Intondod to bo a
four .storey struct,uri>, costing J?20,-
000, Mr. W. McMullon having tho
vontrncl for thn work.
Premier Rutherford Denies
Statement About Scab
Calgary, Aug. 12.—Hon. A. C. Ru.
therford, premier of Alberta, passed
through the city yesterday aft?i*ii'-.m
on his way to Edmonton. He will remain in the capital for a fe.v days,
returning towards the end of the
week to Banff, where he is making
his summer home.
The premier informed the Alber'.im
that these were the dog days in p: i.
vineii'il politics. There was no sign
of air elect ion for the province, and
as he stated in the east, there is n,
probability of an election until r,n.
other session passes by.
The premier is takiing no part of
course, in the provincial election in
Saskatchewan. He corroborated the
statement of the premier of Saskaton.
ewan, that-the American Book company is not printing .the school book,
for the two western provinces; also
that the11 work is not being done by
•scab labor, as has been, charged both
in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
"The premier referred to the fiio
scare in Banff, but ventured the ' ( h.
ion that notwithstanding'the ali'-in,
conditions had improved, and 'ie bt-
lievcd,'that there was no dangor of
Banff going.
Medicine Hat, Aug. 12.—The Times
says: The electric storm on Friday
night' was attended with one fatality. .Although it was not serious'in
thc city, th'e district was subjected
_to severe thunder and lightning
At Seven Persons the storm was of
special severity.. Dan Boucher and
his brotlier-iii-lyw, Mr.-Bell-ltlchard
were returning from tlio, harvest'field
with their horses. Tho latter was
riding a fow yards in front when" u
terrific thunder clap came, Looking
around ho saw.something wns wrong
und rushing his horses into a nearby
burn ho ran bnoli. Alp. ItouohAr was
found lying dead with his horse also
killed. Clothing and quilts woro on
fire,, but woro soon extinguished. Assistance was got' from tho village
and tlio body was taken thoro from
whoro ^ it was shipped to Medicine
Hat Saturday morning. Tt will bo
shipped to Mr. Dotieher's old homo
in Wisconsin. .
IMichel, Tl. ("*., Aug. IL,—A heavy
ruin began to fall early this morning ('.Voetiiully putting out tho llros
that woro still burning iu this district, Now thoro Is nhsohitoly no
more dangor of Mlchul being sot a flro
l.y tho forest (Ires since all the moiin
lain Nldes hnvo been oloarod of timber by tho rooont llros, A conflagration horn now would hnvo to originate by local ciiusch,
Respecting   the   Free   Admission   of
Animals for the Improvement
of, Stock
Halifax, N. fi„ Aug. 10,~Mr. A.
Moolon nominated by Dallim-Hlo tJni.
verslty uh Rhodes scholar In 1 ((00
Iiiih taken in his Herond year lit«
II. A. degrn> witli flrHt oIiihh honor*
in jurisprudents', on ■ of the best honor
enurses In Oxford University, Moo.
Ion is a student nl New College and
in tlie Vlr.-st iiiiui from that c .liege
to win thin distinction in reo nt
years. Only fi.ur out of one hundred
oompititors xemned honors and Mr.
•Moduli led the liht, Hn is u native
of Truro
Toionln, Ail*.'. 11.- Jab,/, M. Tear,
nun, ex.pnMitiiiHter of Weston yest r.
day pleaded guilty to having clefrand-
eil C. I1'. Hunting out of $2I(* hy
melius of bogus poMtoflloo money or.
M ru, Ho was remanded f.ir sen.
tinee until September 7ih.
Calgary, Aug, 11.—Tlie New West.
iiiliiM.-i Lu'I'lh*,. t.-iiin, holder 1.1 tin*
Minto Cup nml champion* of the
world, defeated iho Oalpury l/icrosse
team, champions of Alberta, lu a find
game of lacrosse, here last night by
a nfiiut ul fli'V-ii goals to two, It
•va* u v.-iy tcood amUi-it and .u.likv.
i*onie exhibition games wild played
ivil)i rm iniieh vl'ijpir ns a league game.
Rev.  Father    Lacombfc.   Invc-itlgates
Conditions nnd  Makes a
(Calgary Alborlun.)
Hi'V. Failie,:* bucoiube, tho plon or
Catholic missionary in Western Can.
iida, returned to tho oity yesterday
utter upending ii few days in Kernic
and nth r llie.slrloken poinlH in
Hotilheril  ll, <!.
Sp.'iildng of eoinlilioiis in IVrnI •, he
staled tin; uliiireh liml heavily, i.nly
the priest'm 1ihii-.ii nml eoiitenU be.
ing saved from the coiiflngnition, the
ciiiucii,  v HtiueiiiM, uio., and    other
.xt'bniii-Jlli*,',-.    in IIik     I'nlllp.i tefy     tie.
Ntioyt'd.   Al the present time upwind*
of   ,'«   people   :ir.-   being   hin K<ttil   in
tli • rectory, and any contribution.) in.
tend d for the slriokeit members of
men eiuiien in I'einie i/nglit be ten.
tiered tho parish priest her1, win will
Ken such donalinns reach thei; prop r
ft U undi'Mtnod that It is the in.
tentiou of tho Catholic* of Fnrni •■ to
r-i.mni.-ii*'" rebuilding ut one-, p.,*.
slbly on a much Inrger scale tlian the
f'jtiiit-t- Atruciuu;.
On July 1st there "came into effect
new regulations regarding the customs entry of animals imported into
Canada for the improvement of stock.
Heretofore all certificates of registration which were apparently gen.
uine were accepted by custom oflicers
for the purpose of free entry. Under
the new regulations either a Canad.
ion certificate of registration or an
import certificate as the case may be
must be presented.
Canadian certificates of registra.
tion must be presented at the Port of
Entry for the following classes and
. CATTLE — Shorthorn, Ayrshire,
Hereford, French Canadian, Galloway, Aberdeen-Angus, Red Polled,
Jersey, Guernsey and Holstein!
HORSES — Clydesdale, Hackney,
Shire, Percheron, Thoroughbred, Bel.
giaiijmd French Canadian.
PONIES-Shetland,, Welsh, New
Forest, Polo and Riding, Exmoor,
Connemara and.Hackney.
SWINE - Yorkshire, Berkshire,
Tamworth, Chester.White, ' Poland
China, Duroc.Jersey, Essex and Victoria.
SHEEP—Shropshire, Lincoln, Ox.
ford Down, Dorset, Southdown,
Hampshire and Leicester.
The Canadian Records for all above
mentioned breeds with the exception
of that for Holstein cattle are con.
ducted under the Canadian National
Records, Ottawa. The Holstein Rec.
ord. is located , at St. George;' Out.
In making1 application *for the registration of an imported animal the
foreign, certificate of registration ' of
an imported animal in addition to
the usual application' must be for.
warded. '    ■
There are from time to time animals imported into Canada of breeds
for which there are no Canadian records but which are recorded in Books
of,Record of one-of the following recognized foreign associations,—
'HORSES—Suffolk Horse Society,
(Great Britain); Cleveland ■ Bay
Horse Society of Great Britain and
Ireland; Yorkshire Coach Horse Society of Great Britain and Ireland;
American Morgan Register Association; American Saddle Horse Breeders' Association; American ■» Trotting
Horse Register., Association; Commission des Agriculteurs de France
(French Draft); Commission des Stud
Book' dc-s    Choynuv de Dem'i.Sang
(French" Coach); Landwirthschaftli.
chenHauptverein fur Ostfricsland
(German Coach); Zuchtverband des
Sudlichen Zuchtgebietses (German
Coach);' Verband dur' Zuchter des
Oldrshurger elepantcn Schweren
Kutschferdcs (German Coach); Ver.
band d.-r I'ferdeZuchtor in den Hoi.
steininehen Mcrschom (Oldenburg).
. CATTLE—Highland Cattle Society
Of Scotland; Kori.v and T)(.y.t,.r Herd
Hook (Dublin, r.relnnd); Sussex
Herd Book Society (Great Britain);
Poled Durham Breeders' Association
(United .States); National Poll id
Hereford Breeders' Association (Unir.
ed States),
SWINE-l-nrgi' Mack Pig Society,
(Great Britain).
SHEEP--.Snfft.lk ..Slump Society,
(Great. Britain); Kent and Ronmey
Marsh Sheep Breeders' Association
(Great Britain); Wensleydale Long,
wool Sheep Breeders 'Association,
(Gr.iit Britain) j Black Face Sheep
Bivdnrs' Association  (Great Britain).
GOATS-British  (lout Society.
ASSES-Soeiete Central.' d'Agricul.
ture des Deux Sevres (France); Stud
Books of Jacks and ,'lnnintH of Spain,
To .-ii'i'iir.. f.',.|; ciistoin entry for an
aniiniil so r.eorded it is necessary lo
forward In the Canadian Natioiml
KonordH, Ottnwn, thn' foreign eeiti.
liciite of regislralion. Tliii1 Aco'.imt.
nut. of the Caiiudian National Rec.
ords will relurii to the importer the
foreign certificate to which will ho
attached mi import ciirtifleato which
will be authority to the customs olll.
floi* to admit the animal duty free, A
nominal charge will be made by the
Nailnnal Record  for. this service.
********-4; +  +  + +^ + + + + Jf4++ + :4[ + + + *:
Gee Whiz !
What's the matter with this Town ?
Can't burn us out of Business
J. D.  QUAIL,        Hardware and
^ Furnisher : : :
t*****^*****^^ **-+**********
♦♦♦•^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•> ■*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦♦♦♦♦•»♦♦♦
• |-
"We are Burned out
We are not done out
Come right along
We can serve you
♦ -
♦ '
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Whimster & Co.
Hpokiin.1, Wash,, Auir. I'J.—Aiitnlun
KusKs, chef in thn l-Vriiln hotel,
whleh was dehli'n.ved hy lini at Ferule, II. C, Aii(,», I, and f'hira Kres-
uier, fnriuerl.v of f',il(.',nr,v, Mia.,
wlinsn life lie saved, were lliurrleil in
Spokane th«' i.vi'iilin.11 ut \\w  rt  Tdev
I will r.'tui'n In l-'ernli', "where the
Ki'iiotu will mid;.' nn elVi.rt 'tn regain
I his fortune which wns swept away,
when the Cauudlan imvn underwent
Jt's baplihiii of lire.
Fernie Livery Dray and Transfer Co.
Ice For Sale
Keep Cool
Canadian  Fairbanks   Co.
(inni'lino Hhkuios      Ciroulnr S/iwh       FraincH
Drug Saw Muoliiiu'H
Stiitioimry nnd I'orluliln
Sawing Outfits
VANC(.)HV|:JU       winntimw       hai,<iahy
Vietorl/i, II. ('., Aup, ll.-Thr.e In.
riiftti'H of the Viciorin police utatlon
HllitupteiJ flijlcidi' yrnlirdny and
their nffnrt.' iu two cu.a wtu* de.Ut.
mined mid only foileil by the watch.
fulni'-iM of other inimiteh ol the pi'll*.
Ottaw Am.'. 11.—Tli r- wiih a 1.. e
sittiii(!- I the cabinet tl is nfteniutiii
rwhieh reunited in tlm cleauin*: up of
the Ininieiii.' rimoiifit of roiifln.. mi'.
b r  which  had  aecinnulntid  ou  th»|
'.•lb!1-   "1  tie    privy   council   dmiun,
the   bl|).y   Weekn  lit   tilt!   clone  of  liiht,
<-ix>.i(in, when the inini-ttern hnd t<»'
Vive all of thfir limn to llm nittinpij
«.( the Houv, There may he. another]
l.iirf ».i11irif* of IJu* ifovennii'ui ti.'
murr'ur nnd the minuiteru v."Lit t!.. n\
U'.tx-t' the capital lo vutt the v.i'iintmj
pN.vintv». |
The Fernie Steam Laundry
We will be washing your
The District Ledger
$1 a Year in Advance.
Address all Communications to the
"Manager" District Ledger, Fernie,
B. C.
Rates for advertising on applica.
Hot Bricks
Regular price 3 for 25c.
Special 5 for 25c.
Pure Gold Butter
Regular 3 yds. 2oc.
Special 6 yds. 25c.
The T. Eaton Co. of .\ innipeg havo
just shipped iu a load of their catalogues to be 'distributed to ihe citizens of l-'eruie.
This firm are always ou the alei t
for,, occasions like the present one to
Hood the pluco with their wares.
They ilo not give any big bargains
lo the people who have been, uiuued
He want right here to warn our
people to deal,, at homo and
deul al home atone. These
uut ol town merchants and du-
puriiuent houses should not uu patronized ut all, 'ihe Ledger has all
along 'been advocating ior the citizens tojdeul strictly at home, ilust
at the present lime there is more
reason than ever to deal with your
home merchants. They neeo your
support in ovory way, mi that lliey
can get their business once more in
Thero may be some things that our
mcrchunis have not got in stock,
but they can get them al any lime,
and get them just as cheap as'ypu
could purchase them at Katun's or
any other place.'
This is no time to turn up your
nose ut what your merchant offers,
make the best oi it, and remember
that before thc lire your merchant
carried you from month to month,-
and. whenever you were short of mon
ey irom any cause he would see you
through. Do not turn him down
now by sending all thc ready money
you,can scrape up out of town, to a
linn like the above mentioned, or
any other such.
Deal at home. Help to rebuild
your own city. Help to make it
more substantial thnn ever it was
before. .Make u resolution not to
deal at Eaton's or tiny other out of
town place.    Boost for Fernie.
Don't go elsewhere to be
cheated, come tight here,
An Old Face in the
Right Place
A,   W. -Bleasdell, Druggist
' While wo are writing a few  timely
words   to   our   citizens   on   the   question l.f—ill*.. linf_ftl_hn.ni. \ytj ii..^,1^=1.4^
also   address  a'   few   words   of  good
advice to our merchants.
l.emombcr that you need the united 'support of the clti/ens. ltemem-
ber that if you go to increase the
price of everything that you handle
.rom what you charged before the
lire you, will kill tho goose that laid
the golden egg. Vou must stick
strictly to your original prices, the
citizens will not stand for- any increase. J1' you could soil nt 11 certain price before the firo, you can
do so now, and-it' you wish to keep
tiie trade at homo you will do so. If
you increase the price on (ho goods
that you handle you cannot blame
the people for sending a wny to departmental stores in the east for
what they require,
Two or three instances have been
brought to our attention regarding
un increased charge made on some
goods by the, murchiiiils who were
Ihe first lo open up, This ,is a very
poor .system. This is tho vnry Wit'y
to drive (lie trade nwny from your
city, anil you have only your own
greedy, avaricious self to blinne when
lh" citizens send away to outside
places In order lo gel their supplies
at a proper and legitimate figure,
lfeniember we want only whal i,s
fair from elll/en In merchant, Neither will stand for greediness, full
together and Kendo will arise strong
er thnn over.
Mrs. Todd figurns her loss at §28,.
000.00 with insurance at $11,400.00'
They are going to build a bigger and
better block on tlie same site. Bricks
from tlie [•Vrnie Uriel-: Yard will be
Gladstone local Miners' Union have
decided io proceed at once, with ihe
completion  of their  Union  Hall.
Mrs. Wiib Scott has gone east on
a visit to •".'elntives at Guelph, Ont. ,
Mrs. Fred Vance and son Bertie,'
left for the east this week.
Dave Elmer, one. of the-relief coin,
miitee at Cranbrook, was in the city
during the week.
Some very amusing and interesting
tilings were heard during and after
the  fire. ■ One  thing  that  struck us
The S. A. are doing, business in
Ferine in the same old way. They
we.-e burnt out of home and shelter
like tlie other places of worship. We
heard one business man say' if he
ever took on religion it would be with
tho "Army" as the barracks was on
fire si dozen times and us many limes
put out before-it finally was gather,
ed  up by  the flames
The large G.N. bridge spanning the
Klk ltivor has been' replaced with
new trestle work allowing the first
train to go out over'their lines, the
Great Northern., Wednesday morning,
This  is  certainly  fast work. ,. ,.
The business men of this city are
complaining over the way the* C. "P.
R. are getting the .freight .through.
Cars' that  were  to' hnye" been ' here
still doing business
r'ernie is Inking on a new lease of
life. Iliiiniueis and saws are busy
froiii Minri.-..' to sun down and biiii.
(ess places are looming up nil over
the   oily.     The   traveller  or   niglil.seer
who emu".-, I., l-'eniii' a month or two
weeks hence will not iveojiiiiy,.. the
I'Vrilie of a week neo. T.'lie. I lie pres.
cut sti'iieturet. nr-' only I em porn ry,
but ill ten mnulhi-. t illli- ihey nr,. p.
rive way to pcnuaiieiit lioiue,. of
biielc, clone or eeinenl, nud then \v>
will hnve ii •.•rente,'  l-'.-inil- than bus
bull,     'I lie   thlee   li.ral   haul's   nie   al.
leiidy ilninf.' Iiii-diie-* ns well a- oilier
ineie.niiil,. intiibliKlinun's. All of (be
i li'Vell    bnli'U   destroyed    iil'e   world II''
at new ,,tnictui'e.'< and in ii„h||oiI time
will be In a ]io-iti.ni in hiimll.. the
ti'iivelliiij.- public, Indeed ihe Kin*1
l.ilwnnl.   .Nnillieiu,   .Nap.men   ullil   the
U"     ."'    ...l.iHI.i    npl-IKtl,       III   lilvl,
al pii-neut \w .Jo nm know of any
hu-ini.-i-iiuiu or tirm who w.i- bun,.-
nl out uho doe, u<,t Intend t» Mny
in tin- town and start up -if/nlu. Our
people    IM,e    lne    iUeijjy,    pllll'K    till.)
eoiiiiii|»e, 'iimidit  all  thi'tie try in*.' eir.
eiiiustnneis to admit of theiu htiindin*.'
up and sliekjue. by the mont pro-ip.-r.
oils  city  th.it   llrtli-h  Coliiiubia eve
pOsfieK.sed.  Tlle  future of  Fernie is M
enr.-  nnd   in  h1-■   tli .n   11 v.    y.'.r-   v;
will hav.- a po|iiilaiion of Kl/Wlfi
ll t'.i'l   ami   \,\fj' I   lYini  "   i .  !l,.
If .'III.
man, who was passing our scribe the
other day. She was lamenting hor
loss and ended her tirade by sny ing:
"Oh this is Canada for you., Serves
us right for coming to this country.''
L'oor creature, have they no tires in
England? , '
J Jut that" is capped by an act performed by Provincial .Police Sampson. Jle got what he thought to bo
four boilies and with a. very ouilior.
alive and mysterious manner instruc-
cd the city police to guard them
woll till the doctor came, Thc doctor came and look a. look at\ the
remains whicn turned out to, bo one
niiiflf, two chickens, and' one dog.
Theso wero discovered in the', old
Another thing that showed a slight
degree of ignorance was whon somo
peoplo went up to get supplies, One
man was up for his list of things
and when asked whether he would
havo ton or coffee, said, "Oh pshaw,
can't I  get cocoa?"
Another individual who .was given
un order for clothing, said "I do not
want that stuff, il Is second hnnd,
f havo been used to wearing new
An Incident, is told about thu cnl-
niulty which befell Fernio Unit it i.i
n result of a dire threat and prayers
for vengeance, or In other word'n a
curse that was issued on tho town
years ago by an Indian innidou who
was seeking'to ho given the position
of flelly thnt was, due her ns wife of
tho man after whom our fair city
was named.
Th.( story (hat Is going the. round
iiinoiiK old timers hern goes on to
*-ny: The man mentioned nbovn met
an Indian niiilden who had hoiiki
black ornaments. The mnn wauled
tu (Ind out/ where she had nb'nliied
Iho material for these uriunuenls,
'Ihe luiiiilnu refused in divulge her
secret, iiulens he promised to marry
lier, Hn went wllh her for y«i»i's,
and I hey lived as man and wife, und
nl'ler n few years she showed Kin
where she had .iililnliieil th,. mnterlal.
This was at Coal C'recl,. Tint h.uii
iliHi'iivereil the great coal kduiiih I hern
.mil in a few years more hurt Interested outsiders iu the ,vnM wi-ullh,
nud gul. enough money out  oi  it   to
,'i.llvi.   I.     Vt,.(i.|.|i He   Iiiiui   .-,.«♦   V.I"
faithful ciMupnnlnn hnrk to h'-r pen-
pie at the reserve near Furl Steele.
She begged to bo given I lie place
thai, she deserved as lawful wife of
Ihe iiiiui whom she had helped    aud
I .-I in I-   In   tlirmieb   ..ih i>i-jIIy    1.>iT      1...
wn.1-. rub now nail refused her this
lawful position, She 'hereupon cursed the town id Ferule, ami thu
hlory goes on that that, nwful curso
j has stuck to the town ..over slue..,'
"jniiil will continue to do no until this
Indian  maiden     is  given  her  lawful
last Monday arc still lied up .some,
where along the line. The inconvenience caused is to bo regretted
and we'hope, (o hear.of a big im.
provcineiit within-a, very short time.
Owing to this condition 'Fernic's po.
sition is a serious one nnd may be
the cause of n whole lot of harm that
can never be remedied,
Tlie Hosmer, Times has changed
hands, the now prnrii'iotor being J. L.
Lester, who conducted a job oflice
in Fernio up to the time of the fire.
Tin* I'alace Cigar store is the latest
business venture by Mr, Grisby, bro.
Uier of our townsman, J. T. Grisby.
A billiard and pool room will bo run
in connection,
Mr. and Mrs, Wyiitt are in tho city
{.'"in Spokane,. Mr, „\Vy«tt is arranging to build a largo brick block
next to the Bank of Commerce, The
block will be fire proof and intended
for mercuniilo purposes,
The Fornie-Ft, Steele Browing Co.
are going right ahead with their new
?200,000.00 brewery, Mr. Stunloy, the
architect is on tho ground nnd work
will  proceed  as rapidly as possible.
I'hilp Carosella is clearing away'the
debris of his old building nnd is go.
ing to erect n flro' proof block nt
Tlm Hotel Fernie is rapidly making final iirriingonieiitH for the building of a three storey' brink hotel.
When completed the proprietor, S.F.
Wallace will have one of the fluent,
house.-, in the. went,
TvlteH.Wood'.s temporary building
in rapidly nearly completion ou the
corner lot next to the Itoyal hotel.
The (Vow's Nest Trading Co. ex.
peel, lo bedolng luiHiiiPH-H today right
iilongside their old H|t(t|
Mii. I'. Hughes nml two olillilivn
hnvo today for ln-f old home in Sent,
hind on a visit In ]ii,i* puronts,
Football in tim (■mw'H jj,,h1 i,,,.,^,,,
is all off for the h.iliince of the sea.
hoii, Fernio niul ft-*..*,,.- WUIV t]*■«]
for first place,
Win. iw»7t\ wife and  child i,„v,.
Molle   to   their   old   home   in   l.lifjbilld
"ii ii visit to relatives,
"Mill" Chaliners, well known in
'■'"■■''I" 'I'"' """1 Creek, li.-iHm.nl
through Ferule Tuesdiiy evening with
on  lin.il.     * n.y  will iisulii in Cole.
ID1: U
You may be only dreaming!
We're here to help and cheer jou ,
So Come Along!
P_ Rupns 1& Rn_ Meat Merchants
Dealers in all kinds-of
Fresh and Salt Meats
Fish and Poultry in Season
Victoria Ave.
ey*etLte*eaee-emeet*i^^ '^■'•CTjnM'ya*^^
Will fix your Jewelry and Watches
as good  as before   the Fire! * .
——  *■ "i^ —^^ma!uA tm-tMlmannmt-M^^t-mm     ^   ^
" V
' I pbuv uti the wife of thin innn.
••■'-I    I'l-i-iin. »-.■;.,*,].< are ,etiirnin*/ in tin
e  »: -.ipie   are
I eiiy us |a*«t a> arraiufeiiient'' ean  be
i Iliad.• t>, n ci ive tliein. A npicid e.uiii'
Jin   I.i-'   iiuhl   from   ('riiiibronk   witii
jnvi'i   .'il,)   p 'i,(!|.i>m.    Tt   in   eMiinul -d
AnotiiiT body »ui found in a w,-ll| that    h:" i.ie about 6,000 pmple u«
nt \V*M  t-'i-niie.    It wn-. liml i.i li.V.i l-.-riif vein now,
I.«ne.  ft   paiht'T.    The   fniier.il  look!    l-'i-hd,   llrei.k*   bft    for    I'.iudaiid
jilui'i' on 'I'liur-ilny.
•.,'■ Ine-day evi-iilnn on a vNit.
,   limiiriiiicn inljiiHlrrH lire ill the pity,
lill-.J*   -ettlinf;
up    ehiliiis,      .Aiiioiifjht
foieiuiihl   of   tllCHll   wiih   Tlle    I'll.
't'onsl   liiHiiiinici'  Co.,  of  Van.
emivi-l,   WllLff   IJIHllflfflT   li.   H,   Ull|{e,
was iii the city an Tuembiy nftor
the lh,. wriiinir up rln-fjin-H for the
full inimuui .,f th.. olfiliiiH iiffnliiHl IiIh
emnpiiiiy.    Am.tIht llnn  wiih. the Ht.
,,(,",   I'imiiimi   (•„„ ri.prem.nt,.,!   j„
I*''"il- k'  M. A, KiiMiier,.
A new fuii'iitnr,. Htnre Ik reported
to bu 1'u i,i,-', i„t,,„| (.f)m„1(.1Ti„| „,|.
The Klk l.umh r ('„. U prepaniu! lo
Httirt up aeah, „ll(| |||v |)1|My M mi],.Th
rniikliiff prepiinitim,,
Mr.  nod  Mi...  ||.,|,|o|,f,tid  arrived
iu tint ui*, W,iini.,(||iy morning from
tllfl t'nut wheie tln.y ||fl,J j„rtt gnno
on a lii'liday trip.
OwiiiR to ihn recent iidviincu in
priei* made by the innmifuctui'i-TH it
is found nliHoluti'ly neoehmiry in or.
dor to make nny ordinary profit on
Mundoiuild'H lobnoco, both ohewiiifj;
and wiiiokiiip-, to inalce the retail jirleo
ir»e per phiK or two for 20o, TIichu
prifiim will ini into uffnet mi AiiKtint,
Hi net mmm Iiiih it Unit tlm Crow's
IS'e.-U Con] Co, havo bi-'Ml njipronclied
with a view of bnildliiR Iiouhch or
(Mittiifri-H for nil their employee**, de.
Kli'lng same. If tin; coinpiiny will
do tniH the (pu'Hlinn of IuiiihIiik Fer.
uii''.* hundreds of liomelesH iniimi'H
.iiii   be  nui\cii,     \\u  only   Impn   liial
Ihe   ji )>,i)l   J-,   iHiUi'i)}    \mi;
Anyone not Tcceivinif
liieir      )iiijn:l       Jiir.ltnf-
send in miino nml ad.
dreHH" to MnniiKor.
Hume of our lUl wah
dentroyid by the fire,
..    ..    For Your Supply of  ..    ..
Motmtr, B. 0.
DenlerH lu
Wiiboiih, SleifiliH nnd  Hump Oiirtu,
Sp'.'liiK HItjH and lliirnetiy
O. N, Rots, Mannser,
Tinsmith and Plumber
We can furnish you with estimates in
anything in our line.
Where Did You Get that Hat ?
•i"*' tr*-*'***^****.
Picked it up in the rush, did you ?
Well, get a new ono at
Opon in fmim, old fltmul
Hammond & Mcintosh
A full stock of fixtures in ■ day or so


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