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Industrial  Unity,.is   Strength
--.-^--7 —y> .-*.
i?y>y:»ce2q o7 -i -.>■.»<
The   Official   Orsran   of  District   No.   18,   U. M. W. of A.
ri *3 ■*•■ * '
>r      8061  ^oMtal   ii^fe/ta  Victory
■•fa ~    ",_t .*&.',ft "—
Vol. Ill No. 48
Fernie,;B. C/, July 25,  1908
C{f We carry the largest and most modern .stock
and lead with prices and quality every time in,
all classes of Furniture. Fresh arrivals'. Carpets,
Linoleums, , Dressers, Dining Room Suites, Etc.
cy Our Ranges are the best Cookers and Bakers
on the market.   TERMS: , CASH or CREDIT..
J. H.  REIB CO., LTD,,, F!
Complete   House' ''Furnishers   .
. S. - See our Special Offer this. w»eSs.   Page 8
Young Man Drops Over Seventy
feet off New Tipple-Native
; vSauKSte Marie
€»et, our
prices   ,
th*e.tk we
get your
Suits ^ $6.00, ,$7.00, $8.00, and $9.00
Fine Shoes, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, $3.50
Fine i Shirts, 85c, 90c and . $1.00
Working'"Socks' 12 l-2c 2* pr. 25c
Uunderwear,from.50c to $3.50 a suit
~—:—. .   —:—   ^   •,—    •-•-   ,-    '  —!
< ICocklka^rt *Se - Gillespie
"'."'   " Workitigman's   Store'
Ori' jyednesdayVniorning a sad accident • occurred'Vat the new tipple which
is being built, at Hosmer in which a
young man - named Derry lost his
life. Derry had been working on the
tipple since its commencement and
was - <vvery popular among his companions. Derry- was working on a
scaffold about.. 75 feet" from the
ground and in some manner lost bis
footing and.fell across a large stick
of timber.* He was conscious when
picked up and apparently not,,very
badly hurt, but expired within Alteon minutes after being taken to the
office of Dr. ."Weldon. During the
afternoon the coroner held an inquest
after which the body was.taken to
Fernie - by his friends of the Ironworkers fraternity.
The1 local lodge;'of Odd Fellows to
which society the deceased had made
application the night previous to the
accident •' turned ■ out .to escort the
body to the train which had boon
ordered1 to run special through, \ the
kindness of Mr. Drinnan. The body
was embalmed'^ by Mr. Scott and
taken to SaulfSte.' Marie where the
deceased's parents reside. One sad
feature , of the accident is the fact
.that Mr. Derry's father is a cripple
rand his mother has, recently turned
blind and the deceased was their
only support.    \-\
You will say, Is it Possible?
''• ■ That I win buy good.fruit lands with ;i gord supply Svater with-
'■   in. 30 miles of-Ferine, on the installment plan
$5.00 Down.   $5.00 per Month.   No Interest or Taxes
For a. five acre tract during life of contract.   This offm* will
not last long. .'Write'for uirculiVrol "Koo-tenia Irrlgntion'-Truot'-!-
£». W, HART, Afift. K. R. L. Co., Baynes, B. C.
In response ,to the wishes of
the citizens of Fernie I hereby
declare'and set. aside Tuesday
the   4th ^day of August, as-a, '■
• civic holiday "and respectfully.:
' request   all   good "citizen's to'
Broke Away on Wednesday-One
Gets Cold feet and Returns
Others Not far Away
Five of the Italians who were on
trial in connection with the "Black
Hand" conspiracy broke jail on Wednesday morning at 6.30 a.m. They
escaped through the coal chute by
cutting the woodwork around the
bolts with a knife and loosening the
bolts enough to pull through.
'.Ve-can hardly understand why these
men should have had as much liberty as they-, have been shown, especially after the furious attack they
made on one of the witnesses in
court a few days previously. , There
must have,been some terrible laxity
on the part of the jailor and . police
to allow these blood-thirsty fiends
around without a chain'and ball. The
magistrate we think should have not
allowed one of their number out to
"solicit funds and evidence" in their
own behalf. However, the ,men -are
gone, and there is no use rating
about what should have been done,
but watch the future.
Almost immediately after the,men
escaped,,a large posse were scouring
the country and the. news was spread
in .every direction to try and stop
the fugitives. One man,,. Jasper
Jacino, returned and informed the
police that he was forced to go with
the other four. He did not know
anything ,of their intentions. The'
other four have not" been captured up
tb date of going to press, but a net
is being drawn around where they
are thought to be and it will only be
a' matter of time till thej\ are all
captured. ' Mayor Tuttle' went out
with the-posse and caught sight --of
• one of the fugitives at Morriscy, but
the man bolted across the bridge and
as there was a woman and two children as well as a man between the
mayor and -the fugitive the, mayor
dared not shoot. The Italian rushed
into the bushes,' and though a large
crowd scoured the bushes for hours,
no trace of the man could be found.
observe the same.
_ -yJ. w".
',. Mayor
THAT tho water cart should bo
-used oftoner. Tho streots aro very
dry and tho dust destroys a lot of
things In thc stores besides that It
is very disagrcoahlo,
*   »   ♦ "
, THAT tho paronts should tako a
Land In tho bringing up ol tho young
T)oy8 ot tho town. Tho boys nowa*
•days nro extremely selfish and dis*
agn.oi.blo. If you nsk a hoy tb do a,
"favor, run anorrand, or anything,
tho first thing ho will say is "How
much'll you give mo?" and unless
you offer htm a large payment ho will
-remark: * "OU, hell, you're too
stingy."    Now   this is an absolute
fact.  You go down to the baBoball
field, aBk a hoy to get a hall,', and
unless you pay him well he will either
.toot go, or else got the ball and keep
\t. It Is time thnt parents knew of
this hnd behaviour, "Your dear lit*
tie boy," you think, but come 'and
• find out. If a few good lessons were
given them It might Improve matters
n little. Dozens of good baseballs
Iiavo been stolon" by tho boys at the
■grounds through their greedy Belfluh*
nets. What sort of men will these
boys make?
• ■>••-■»#•-•   y-^ . •'.',"
'.THAT there seemed to be an  ab-
, wnce of "Wallies" up town on pay
•   •   t
THAT the sidewalk In front of the
new Ingram block needs a tittle attention at -present,
•*  •  •
THAT among the articles that
"Wall}*" it going to raffle ta a
"Home Guide" and a "Business
Ulttu'u Gutdu." Witudui' how about
tlie "Dattlnnky" Quids.
A New Scottish Bard to the
Front-Bobby Burns Left
Away in the Rear
Tho following boautiful pioco of
pootlc efluslon Is from tho eminent
pen of William McLnughlan, the
Scottish Bard of tho Crow's Nest
Pubs. Wo euccocdod In gotting u
compositor who wns willing to
undertake the sotting up of this
matter, Ho hao hnd considerable ex*
porienco In all languages, from Quit-
clan to Chinese and after a "considerable amount of study, ho was
able to make this otufl out. He set
lt up exactly ns it was written, and
wo will leave It in your handB, kind
reader, to unravel tbe mystery that
Wally is trying to get at, The 8——
stands for Sherman, and B—-—•tor
Biggs. The rest you will have to
guess at.
An Ignoramlous' replies to the
rtrrmil     M"«*(,p"(    nf hin tivlei.
A wise .young man and enndlte,
In" the centbelt Jungles reared;,
For a western paper did indite,
And by all was greatly feared.
By all was greatly (eared I say,
For much brawn brag bad he;
To see him swagger round by day,
You would think be feared should be.
And feared he was, I say again
By all people great—and small.
And   children    roused   his   mighty
,'AIf a mo'—did I say all?
Then sure I do the crcaturs wrong
For'an adage,,old and true,
Who pays the piper call the song
I'll here comment .to you,
The children as, (ere I did disgress)
I intended to relate;
He'scourged without a bit of rest •
With noncenco from his shallow pato.
To helpless girls was dire mishap,
If instantly upon his ring,
Thoy turned not 'on tho talking tap—■
Vapid     weekly mud twould bring.
And "down and outs" you bet   he'd
score; ' '..   „
Columns with his .potty spleen
Ho'd fill1, till'Pernio 'gan to snore,
And woke, hoping 'twas a dream,1',   ''
But.no such luck was destined us;
Critic plays his cards to well,
When S comes round thero is a
And B tho same old talo could
the Mayor explains
was hound to boost
Tho mnlltia ho
Editorially In
A union papcr'—why tho roost
Ol a crow from such vilo sin
Is socuro, and tho Bkunk will leavo
His nost and not dofllo it,
But tho Crows Nest minors I griovo
To say protested not'a bit'.
Porhaps like Eropb lion and
Myself, all othor scorns they fool,
But will roply upon demand:—
"Him? Why dam that ass's hool'.'
Fernio B O
13 7 1008
Edmonton Local No. 2540   U. M.
W. of A.
Edmonton, Alta,   July 21, 1908,
To Editor Fernie Ledger.,
Dear 8lr, and Brother,—It Is the
wish of the above local that I should
write to you and publish for allmin*
ers,to keep away from this northern
field ns 'thero are hundreds idle here;
also out of ten mines In operation,
there is only one which employs
union labor, namelv, VnrVAeie rhln*
All the others are bucking the union
and 1 think it is high time some*
thing was doing.
Hoping to Me the above in your
next Issue, I remain,   .
Yours truly
Ht li. CivOV»'iii( »»*,
••'-     '       O*"   "■	
Ritract from letter from D.    W.
Hart, Baynes, n. 0„ dated list July,
"I wrote to two parties this
a. m, answering their enquiries
wardlne land. bMng rmlt of
nnr "Ad" In the ,*T***dger."
To tho Editor of the Ledger:
Dear Sir--1 have been asked several times lately'what the council intend to do with the $10,(300, provided
lthe by-law carrie-j. The people have
a perfect right to an-expression from
someone in authority^.- therefore 1
ask to be allowed through, the columns -of your paper to make clear.
my own ideas as to how and where
the money will be spent.
First of all, I may say there has
been spent so far this year about
52,000, which will be deducted from
the amount to be raised, leaving
$8,000 yet to be spent 'on streets and
sidewalks, First, I should like to have
the grade on Cox street finished,
thereby making a ■ Rood road to the
Annex; .to have the stumps cleared
off as many of the streets in thc
Annex as possible, and to have thc
sidewalk from the corner of thc
school ground across the recreation
ground to the Annex so the people
can have a good dry walk to tho up
town district. -
I should strongly recommend work
being done on McPhcrson avenue,
both in clearing and.sidewalks.
Another bad feature at present Is
thc open ditch on McEvoy street,
which should have a box' drain put in
and then filled up level with thc
Still another very bad place, especially in winter, h thc hill at thc corner of W.R, Ross' Residence. Thc
road thould be widened there as
much as possible,
The utrcet from D.V, Molts corner
south of Park Terrace should have a
little attention.
Then again, out on Victoria Ave,
North, there arc numbers of streets
which have never been cleaned. Thc
people have neither roads or walks,
they also should be attended to.
Another poke of work that should
be done this year is the lowering
of the hill on Victoria Ave., near
thc stubles oi O.N. Ross.
Of course Mr, Editor there are
several .other   matters   of improve*
"•"".■"rifei  to *Mirm»*ri,,t to rnitnMn*^   iiy'^
you also understand, I am only one
•of ..sc ■tfo.u'J oi Woik't, unii therefor only speaking for myself in this
matter. Still I shall pledge to the
rate-payers of this city my undivided
attention in the matter of street improvements and my honest endevour
4    ,        .,   .   ,       ,»..  I      tl.   ........      ', , ,       ■
4.J      4WV.     4,4.^.4    *»..»     ,l.-*,.^f      4,»    -.^-444*4     .*% 4.
fair and impartial manner, to en-
devour by careful and judicious
handling of the city's money that the
very best remit, may be obtained.
Trusting that this will give the ratepayers a fair Idea of my views   In
this matter and hoping this     will
mttt with your Approval,
I am, Sir,
i*.-Mr* Cilfhrulh-,
W.W. Tuttle,
The mayor is "offering a personal-reward as stated below:.,      '■
I will give a personal reward of
•?50.00 for the capture of the ' four
Italians who escaped from Fernie
jail oii" the morning of July 22nd,
1908, or will give a'proportion of
this reward for any ;'of - them.
This reward holds good for 30 days
from this date.
Prank AlbernesBe—Short, hair 'is
closely cropped, clean' shaven, blue
double breasted suit, light brown
shoes', black felt hat telescope dent,
red silk handkerchief.
Stephen Bruno—Blue" suit, brown
shoes, no moustache, black hati
ahoiit 5 ft. 7i in., two moulds on
faco, stout build,
Ernest Santoro—Dark moustache,
light grey flannel trousors with nnmo
J. Aklo on, 1 rown coat, Oxford
shojs, black silk handkerchief around.
neck,, amort appearance, 5 ft. 8 in.,
black felt hat.
Nunziato Santoro—Dark, leafy
moustache, dark clothes, r> ft, 9 in.,
black folt hat.
Cannot Speak Good English.
Broko out at C.30 a.m., on 22nd
July, 1908. Woro waiting trial In
connection with "Black Hand Society."'
w. w. Tuttle,
Mayor, City ot I<Vnlo( 11. O.
Fornio, B. C, 24th July, 1908,
"fl«***> -      ■    i
The District Lodgor, Fornifi, B. 0.,
published by tho U.M.W. of A., has
.recontly been enlarged and 1b beginning to mnko a notso like a labor
paper. There is also a noticeable
Improvement, typographically ,—B,
O. Trades Unionist.
A man was hurt by a slide at Cor-
bin's mine near McOUlavcry on
Monday. His hip was badly dislocated,
On Thursday another man was
hurt by n fall ot rock in tbe tunnel.
His head was split open and he was
unconscious   for a long time.
Oladwin attended his wounds.
Hackensack, S. Y., July SS—An*
g*jit Hberhard has confeaaed that he
n.nrrlr»rt»t. hlti annt Mr** ntttltf
Kberhard. at Hackensack.Thls after-
noon he led the police to a place In
Little Fallft, where he had burled
undei a tree $250 In money which he
took from his aunt's body. The
money was found where It had
hiAtien. Kherharri in now In
Hackensack jail.
W llJuSlS
Every  Shirt   Waist in Stock at big reductions for one
week.   See prices below
Ladies'    White  Shirt  Waists   regular  price $1.00
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Ladies'   White  Shirt * Waists  regular price $3.00
Now   $2.25        * '
a •■ ■
. mw*ffSim^s^mW-^ss^MSiimaM
These goods are all   new  this  season^ and up-to-
,   " date  in  every particular   •■ {"•
Trites-Wood Go*.
Our stock has just arrived
including the most modern
and up-to-date goods. We
are now in position to
Handle  Funerals
in Eastern
Our equipment is second to
none in the Dominion. Day
and Night 'Phone  call 148
»'  -.   'n-,*-;        •>*       4*w* * ft* *t*i m >W 4 M
FERNIE     -:-     B.C.
/ wm
"What's doinsr, in the Pass,  Condensed items of interest?
Tlie primers were to pl.iy  the ofllce
. staff of the Coal company on  Saturday
afternoon but found that they were  up
airainsta nicked team including' maroon
■3      O « "■ O
men, a fireman frnm the M. F. &' ,M.,
and a coon. Now when a printer i^ets
up against a coon lie is all off. The
picked team won, but we have been requested by both teams not to mention
i, the score. Some ^ood plays were
made by both teams.
Fernie will play at Hosmer
afternoon. o
On Tuesday -ni^ht the Firemen
played the Printers. The ink .slinj-ers
have had some good, practices and
were in better shape than previously.
The firemen -jtarted in with a Mem-
winder slab artist, but he soon fadeJ j The matched horse race for two
away and 'they called on (Maroon) [hundred dollars aside last Monday
Jimmy McDougall v\ho was more  ac-1 n-ght between'A.  Rlzzutto's     "Bay
Fernie boys journeyed to Coleman
last Saturday and were able to hold
the coal diggers to a tie; 2 all. The-
Coleman team are playing good ball
at present, and will.be heard from
before the season is over.
Hosmer played at Bellevue" and won
out by a'score of 6-2,
Michel now leads the district, but
have yet to play Fernie on the
grounds here, and the locals think
they can do the trick. The.race now
is between Fernie and Michel.
curate0wilh* his curves and held the
typos down better, but tbe bad work
had been done and the Firemen were
unable to find the*pitcher of the prints.
Wallace pitched a steady -j-amc and
fanned   man   after  man.       The  final
Jim" and Gorrie Bros. "Blue Jay,"
drew a large crowd to Victoria Ave.,
who were well repaid. . Long before
the appointed time both sides, of the
street were lined and enthusiasm ran
high, in fact became so warm that
score uas 21-4-in favor   of   the   P^-per j two beligirents could not hold them-
fiends.    The following was the  lineup:   selves Md ^ tQ  .fc
.   Printers:   Wallace p; F.   Kirkpairick
c; E. Kirkpairick 1st b; Tutlhill 2nd b;
' Stanley s s;   Buckley   3rd ■ b;   Wood-
house, c I;.Garrett 1 f; Rochon'r f.
Firemen: Bruce, p and isl b; Mc-
Guire, c; McDougall, 1st b and p;
Doyle 2nd b; Sutler s s: Kenny 3rd b;
Fait-bairn c f^Clark 1 !'; Lowe rf.
One of the best games of the season was witnessed on Thursday night
•when the Leans (?) and thc Printers
met on the diamond. The grounds
were a little too wet, but all the
players   were   there   all     the time.
■ Some nice ball was played up to the
4th' innings when a couple_ of errors
- -were made by one of the1 Prints
■which,let in four runs. The Leans
put in some ringers which made     a
very strong combination for the
Prints to play against. .The score is
no criterion of the game, as it was
the best game we have ' seen this
season. The Leans won by a score
of 8-3. The following was the lineup:
,Chas. Davey umpired the game to
the entire satisfaction of both teams.
. Leans; La Mottle, p; McGulre, c ;
, "Wright, lb; Edmunds, 2b; Smith, s.
b.; Liphardt, 3b; Gates, c. f.; Pearson, 1. f.; MeFarlane, r. f. Printers:
Wallace, p.; F. Kirkpatrick, c; E.
Kirkpatrick, lb; Ttitthlll, 2b; Stan--,
ley, s.s.; Buckley, 3b; Woodhouse, c.
f.; Bishop* r.f.; Oarrett, Lf. *Bishop
had to, go after 2nd Innings and Rochon took his place. Tho leans havo
promired'a return match next -week,
•when tbo Prints will try to turn thc
The Fats of Fcmlo aro going to
Cranbrook on Tuesday on tho local
to play thc Fats of Cranbrook. The
Cranbrook Fats will then come horo
for a return match. It is likely a
good crowd of supporters will run
down and root Ior our team. Tho
lineup of our boys will be: T. H.
Whelan, p; J. II, Scott, c; W. B.
Ross, lb; II. L. DlnckBtono, 2l>; Dr,
WriRlcsworth, s.b.; Hnrvoy Brown,
3b; Wm. Moon, r.l.; J. H. McMullon,
c.f.; J. It. Pollock, 1, f.; H. J. .Tohn-
Bton, Bparo. "
The Oddfellows team hereby challenge tho KnlRhlR of Pythias to a
rjnme of baseball for a bale of hay
for thn goat.
Tho Printers would like a gamo
with the grocerH and also the hankers IcnmR.
 0"    ■
Tha damage
was slight hut fattened the local exchequer next morning.
The *cace was a hot one from, the
start resulting in a win for "Bay
Jim", by a length, but the losers
claim a bad start and another race
is talked of, doubling the purse to
five hundred dollars a side.
A pony race with four starters was
on „the program and in two heats
Walter Winnett carried off the honors
with Johnny.
' o	
, Montreal, July 21?—By a score of 6-5
the New Westminsters today won the
first game of ihe series for the Minlo
cup, ■ *        ■
Despite The defeat the ' Shamrock
supporters are not in the least downcast, figuring out that nest Tuesday,
when tbe Irishmen will once more have
Howard and Hoobin in the lineup that
New Westminster will be defeated. „
The curling club have decided to join
the Alberta Curlers' Association. The
following aro the officers: Hon Pres.,
W. R. Robs, M.P.P.; Prea., Robt.
Duthie; Vice Pres., C. E. Lyons; Sec.
Treas., W. J. Blundell; Executive
Committee, H. J. Johnston, A.** 0.
Liphardt, F. J. Watson, Rev. Grant,
Geo. Henderson.
They intend going into tho B; G.
Association later.   This winter   will
see Homo flrat class curling,
• 0—'■	
Bob fitzsimmons Swings to the
law and it's Dreamland
Spoknno, July 17—Somewhere in
ono of Spoknno'H rooming houses lies
a foul moutliod loafor, nursing a buttered jaw and a bruised head still
wondering whnt struck him whon ho
spoko an Insulting word to Mrs. Robert FitzBlmmons, formorly a Minneapolis girl and wlfo of champion Boh
while tho pnlr woro on routo to Pnn-
taect. thoatro last night for their
dully performance. Whilo croHBlng
Main Avcnuo a burly tlmbor*cru1sor
stopped up to tho littlo woman who
wiih hanging on the arm of her Iiub-
hnnd, and uttered hin foul woidM.
Thc roustabout did not w:o tho
words "World's Champion" on Bob's
Thi'v fame with tl;i*»f» niul rihltons (*nv, j watch-charm nnd n street car gong
And li.iil big ndd-* they'd win 1 |,t. day; ; Hounded nhoiit that time and some*
Hut MhIh'I boys plavfd wvl und true,   '.,,      , ,,' ,      „ .,     .        . ;,
AncIlearnedfoMlCre^athingn,r iwo. ! U,lntC ,o11 hoftV,ly °" tho j,iw of i,,B
, intruder.  Mr. nnd Mrn. KitaBimmons
AndY!!iW»'),,l\"'!h,,^l*1 ''■•>*>■" Ka>"'! Hit tho sccno hurriedly before    tho
Anil liuu nit* nJtlK ilicv d win tin* tlnv*  1   '•* ■
.Sow liu:)' ii'ivi? !,•■■ riu'd  lo ciuuil  tilt*, ■*-»•"****-• ■*•»-****.*»*-•■* il**** t-uu x.u,uu\>wu turn
<<.•>', -'U'J   4.'.   i*cll,i..   !ni   44   intti'   lilLUUr'.ul,
% nniu' t<> fni* ih,. K.,n)V iln-y |()%i,       : Hob mnkcn H/jht of the ntlalr and In-
•n     . •  •  1 HlHtn   that liit only "Iniiprd tbe fel*
Tlio *mJ 10 wim lu bivak .he hut*, , ,ow.. to „,,„„ ,.,m *,,„ plnrp>
Ailu wire dffealcd every time; 1
"**   '. •    . i ,—: 0—'
Expected in the Fall-Parliament
Closes With long Session ,
Ottawa, July 20—With prorogation
at noon today of.the 236 day's session .of parliament, .there is. little
j doubt out that the tenth parliament
of, Canada has concluded its labors.
The . expectation of a general election coming in the fall is general on
both sides of the bouse of commons,
although the government supporters
have separated' without anything
more from headquarters;than an- injunction to get ready.     -   ■
.Sir Wilfrid Laurier and his minis-'
ters will leave tonight for Quebec to
take part in the tercentenary celebrations, but will return to the capital
at the end of the month for a series
of cabinet meetings lasting about
a fortnight.
The premier is much fatigued after
the long session,, and will probably
spend his '' vacation'at his former
home, Arthabaskaville, of which he
has seen little or nothing since- the
house opened..
Among the bills assented to today
were those to amend the Chinese immigration act regaraing the admission of ..Chinese students; to provide
for a court of appeal in British Columbia; to continue the government
bounty on pig lead; "to; incorporate
the, Shuswap & Thompson Rivers
Boom Co., and to "prohibit the importation, manufacture, and sale, of
opium for other than medicinal purposes.
Tt has long been a proven fact that-
judicious advertising will get a man
business, save him money,' make a
fine home possible, help, him to.,dispose of everything from farms to
rummage; invest his money for him;'
get him a wife and find long lost
kin,-, and do so many other wonders
that no one will be surprised to
learn that it has, gotten a man'out
of^a1 * -
VKimiiATtos imiin axe.
"John Silber, of Newkirk, Okia.,
was sent to jail "charged with tampering with a switch. While there he'
read in a, newspaper of an offer of
three dollars for the most original
want ad. Silber inserted the following: '<,    ,
"WANTED-Young man in jail
wants out; suggestions solicited that
might result in immediate release ;
wants poet's address, who wrote
"Stone, Walls Do Not a Prison
make, Nor Iron Bars a.-.Cage." Address, John L.. Silber, Kay county
jail, Newkirk, Oklahoma."
Ho got tho three dollars, a lot of
sympathy, flowers and pie, and so
much attention and interest In his
case that lt resulted in nn investigation proving his innocence, nnd he
was released from jail,
Tho moral of this is advortlsol And
don't wait till you nro put in jail to
Operator Worked Long Hours
for a Week
Modlcino Hot, July 2-1—Tho ad-
journod Inquest into the doath ol
John NIcoIboii, ono of tho soven men
killed in tho O.P.R. wreck on July 9,
was hold last evening. Chief Dispatcher Mansfield, recalled, said that
Operator Rltchlo, who had issued thn
denranco which mado no mention of
train 17, had been working twolvo
hours a day Blnco the previous Sunday. Twenty-four hours hnd boon
provlouflly divided botwoon throo on*
orators, but ono of thorn had boon
drowned nnd it was Impossible tn
got anothor in tho country. There
wore now, howovor, three
Aftor being out three quarters of
Un   hour tho jury returned a verdict
saying the cauue of the collision was
tho failure of Operator WMilr.     tn
note in his cl«nranee pnpr-r to enpilnn !
No, 702   thnt train 17 had not ar* I
vlvcil nnd iiIho that Knglnoer Nlchol* I
Hon failed to rhpek the train rep-lntor ■
and ascertain fnr htmt*t*ir whether tho j
. i.4„»l.4...u,s4-,   .4,^   WiTHitl,
"We And aIro," said the foreman,
"thnt   Operator Ritchie   hnd    been
At Nelson on Juesday-Rpssland
Man Choice of Delegates—
A Large Attendance   •
At     the    Conservative convention
held at Nelson on Tuesday last -A.
4.- -.
S. Goodeve, of Rossland, was elected
as the choice of.the Conservatives of
Kootenay to be their representative"
at the nest election,
■W. R. Ross, M.P.P. declared'amid
enthusiastic applause ' that he had
himself .voted for Mr. Goodeve. He
moved that the unanimous nomination of the convention be tendered-to
Itfr. Goodeve. This was carried by
acclamation and followed at once, at
the call of the chair by "three cheers
for Billy Ross." *,   .
After several" motions were <adopted
the organisation of the district association was' taken up and resulted as
■   Hon.   Presidents,   R.   L.   Borden,
Hon. R.^McBride.   "' * '    ■
President, R. S. Lennie.
Vice   presidents,   .N:     p. McKay,
Thomas Taylor, J. H. Schofield, W.
R. Ross and W. Hunter. -,
•   Secretary,  Capt. D. C. McMorri's. -
Treasurer, Lome A. Campbell.
, Executive.,- committee, P.' 'R. McDonald, JRossland; Dr. Bonnell, Fernie; F. Elliott, Kaslo; H. G.' Parson,
Columbia; T.0 CoRan, Cranbrook; W.'
A. McDonald, Nelson; T. McNeish,
Slocan;- H. Anderson," Ymir; W. W.
Foster, Revelstoke.
On motion of the Fernie delegation
a vote of thanks was tendered chairman R. S, Lennie, followed by three
cheers,    •     •    '       ,-\
, After further cheers for! the candidate the convention adjourned. .' 'v .
'     ■        WIRE   WOUNDS.
My mare, a1 very valuable one, was
badly bruised in "a wire fence. Some'
of the wounds would'not heal al-_
though I tried many different medicines.   Dr. " Bell advised me. to use
_TVTinQ4-i1*c.J T,*n4n4A4l4\==^4:lil.l4-4.J_^«4. A-.AJ4-
*.— 4,4a w.* vl   u—-^Jb4&4l4..iil,44 47^^ 441X14 LCU -—O. U"^ UI D ly
then stronger as the sores began' to
look-better, until after three weeks,
the sores have'healed, and best of
all the hair is* growing well, and is
not white, as is^most always the
case-in horse wounds.
Weymouth. ' F. M. DOUCET.
Denver, Col., July 23—Thomas L.
Lewis, national president of the United Mine Workers of America, today
practically served notice on Samuel
Gompers, President of the American
Federation of Labor,' to keep bands
off the mlue workers in a political
way; If GomperR contemplated a circular letter campaign in behalf of
Bryan or attempts to Include tho
hundreds of thousands. of coal diggers who now look to President
Lewis for advice, it is certain that
Gompers will hear from Lewis in
terms unmistakable.
A Woman's Back
ffftn many nchas and pains causod by
woaknoBsot* nnd failing, or othor dlsplnco-
mont, of tho polvlc organs, Other symptoms of fomalo \voakno88 aro frequent
hoadacho, dlzzlmws, imaginary Bpocks or
dark spots flouting boforo.tho oyes, gnaw*
'ng sensation In stomaoli, dragging or
hearing down In lowor abdominal or polvlo
region, dlmiBrooablo drains from polvlo
nrgann, faint, tipollM wlthgonoral weaknoas.
If any conBldorahlo number of tho ubovo
symptoms are present thero is no remedy
thru wiHj*ivo quicker rollof or a moro \yst-
mnaontflM-a than Dr. Pierco's Favorite
Prc\*w^>«hiii***4»jt has a record of over forty
years of curbJa It In tho. most not*
Invigorating tnu|c iTm,
They wri'slli'J li'ird. Inn 'iuju. in* vain, !
..14.   t'Mll 1f( iln lillU'll  "1,11 K   rl|{:illi.
Still, i.ymp;»il*,y i, |irn,id -md dwp,
And friend-, and f*m ntiku mutt uvep'    ,Jrnvc    j,,,   22__^he We>Urn Ffld
V rcmnan, nf   WT''    ' T belWe*    ' *"*"<*" «' Wn«w today officially re
A rcmn.rn.nf a former pr.de. , p,|(UfttC(,  ^ In,,UHtr|fJ  Worke/B  of
.Still,."honor to whom honor'** due," I *•**-   World   by adopting an amend-
Tho M'kIk'I boy played well J»nd true;  n*'nt to its constitution striking out
Hy fiv*» to mine tht>y won the j»nnit«, • the words "mlnlnp department of the   .     th      ..  , ,,
.May lu-imu K|.,ry i*r«wn their n;inu>. \ in.luHtrinl     Workers   ol the World"      * '" r"iftr*1"c«J-
<? .*• 1 .    ,*,,.. ! wherever they appenr And, iDMrtlng In
.Score:   Michel 5. Uv,l Crrek .». \ltn thereof, "Wwrtern Federation  of
A Mitliel Hoy I Mlncrn."
eratlon of Miners today offlelally re-   workInK 'our hours overtime    each
dny during four days previous to thc
accident nnd that he hnd been 'fin
duty twelve hours pmlouii to Issu-
who   -skipped acrosa the
has   not Wn heard    of
vinodTnowntomoillcalgcfotjcn. Itlsmadn
of tlio glyceric oiarucOT or nutlvo modlcl*
nal rooui found In our forests and con*
tains not a drop of alcohol or harmful, or
hablt-formlngdriigfl. Its Ingredients an
all prlnl'id on tho bottlo-wrupper and at*
(ahUkI undor oath as correct,
Evory Ingrrdlr-nt ontorlng Into "Pa-
tortto I'niBcr'ptlon" has tho written on-
dorHomnnt of tha most ominant mod leal
writers of nil tho Rovernl schools of prao-
lico— inuru valuuhlo than any amount of
non-prufcsslonal tehtlmonluln-thouRh tho
!atu*r aro not lucking, having boon eon-
rrlbuud voluntarily by grateful patlonU
In numborn to^oxened tho ondorKomontt
Riven Ui uuy othor morlicino oxtunt for
thn euro of woman's Ilia,
Vou cannot afford to accept any mndlclno
of unknown r/imiMtlnn'Si n siib«flt,ut/i
for this well proven romody ov kno^vk
MiMi'diiiM; ni.i ILiutili ihe diukf uuy
mtiiie a littlo mom profit thoroby. IVour
Intorcst In rrgnlnlng health Is paramount
Ui an)- MilCsh inii n*t of hi* and It is an
Insult to your Inutlllgcnco forhlih to try
to palm off upnu you a Hulmtltuto,   Yon
ttrifi." "'tint  i./.'t   .I-....!  », „,1  (J  (d Thjn > 14««t_
nisss to supply tlm artlclo callod iir.
Tir, l'lorco's' I'lriuant I'ellou aro the
original "Littlo Liver rills* flrst put up
by old Dr. IMorco over forty yoars ago,
much ImltaUxl-but never oquafod. Littlo
sugar-ooated Br*nulo»)-o*iiy (0 talta **
Story'of 'the; Fortsas Catalogue
...'.. -   , and its Author. '.     '■
This Ingenious Publication Completely
Fooled  the Savants  and  Bibliophiles
. of Europe and Was theLiterary Sensation of Its Day.
VVhen. I1.   T.   Biuhuui   cyiiically   re-
' marked    that   the . American v people
gloved  to  be fooled   be might jiist as
•wcll.'hiive left.out  the adjective, foe
that" AnuM'iraus are much more gulll-
ble tlmn   uatives of  other  lands' eiiu
"very readily be called into question by
anybody at al! familiar with the hts-s
tory of Imaxdom     1 suppose that for
-pure effrontery aiid .ingenious .brazen-
ncss the  Kortsas (.'atiiloguo stands In
.the front rani; of dVi-e'itiou.    Vet this
paiuphlot   was   foiste.l "not   upon   the
Anu>ricaii pul.lic. hut upon'the savants
and .liiiiliopbiles of ICurope-nieii skilled in the art of hooks and in thi> detection of for-*,'!*}'    So cleverly was, this
fraud i-om-eived and executed  that It
di'xi'rvi's to stand iu the front rank of
any 'VoiisUloration.   however   brief,  of
clever deceptions
, The'I'onsas I'ajaloKiie was published iu lS4():-a siiiall book-purporting to
lie the catalogue of the private library
of a certain Count ,1 N. A.'cle'Koi'tsas
vof .Hs'm-iie. in iSelgitim. Althougli the
hook 'consisted of but fourteen. pn'gos
and listed only lifty-iwo tittes. It
Ktirreil up a veritable teapot tempest
aiming the .'wise heads. The reason
was not fnr to seel-:—not one of the
books mentioned in tlie catalogue was
to "lie found in any other library or
publisher's list!-. They were all absolutely "sole"1 surviving" copies of Intensely ..interesting works. Iu tlie
words of. the. catalogue ' itself, "the
count ^pitilessly expelled from his"
shelves hooks for which he had paid
their weight In gold—as soon as^lie
learned that a work "up to that time
unknown had been mentioned in any
catalogue",, Each new, research of
learned investigators into the book
lore of jintiipiity. it,was claimed, "had.
.thinned still further the already decimated ranks of the count's sacred
battalion". Weary of his tremendous
aud self, imposed task of collecting
on!,v..uui<pie specimens, the count was
stated'to have died on Sept.' 1, 1830,
and, Ills library was u'ow offered "for
saje '„-Appai*entl,Vj,tlie fraudulent char-
ncter 'of such, master foolery was quite
patent. Vet the' high brows "bit";eri-
thusiastical'.v. and there ^resulted one
ot 1 lie mostl'iiniiisin*^ incidents of the
decade ' •
1 For instantly the learned bopkiovers
were up in anus, each trying to outdo
his  rival  aud  secure  for  himself the
ino-M precious of-The treasures atthe
.-■ale which was advertised. Orders
poured In from all over Europe on the
behalf of scholarly societies, libraries."
roval families- and literary .epicures.
One liookseller came all tlie way from
Amsterdam inst to see No, 75. the'
"Corpus .lulls Chills." ,,'l'he Princess
ile iiigiie "for the honor of her family" ordered No. 4N at any price to suppress It on account of certain discreditable family episodes it was supposed
to contain. Many other prominent persons and institutions clamored for a
chance nt the collection. "Men re
meiiiliered having seen books thnt nev
er existed." says William Sbupurd
"The foreman In Casteinan's printing
olllce at Tourney had distinct recollec-
flo-is of a bogus volu.ine credited to his
I'nfortiinately the advertised sale
never came oil. On the 0th of August, the day before It was to bnve begun, the Hi'iiss-els papers announced
that the town iif Hlnche had determined to keep the collection Intact by pur-
eliiiKliitf It w,Ith public funds. The
amusing part of this statement was
thnt Hltiehe was n most Inslgnlilennt
village, unite utmlile to purehnse much
ol' iinytlilui;, let alone a universally de
sired library, SHU. even thnt state
incut wns believed.
The truth eventually transpired thnt
tlie Count de Kortsas. his miraculous
lll'i'iii'y and the catalogue were ull the
cieailons of an Ingenious fellow named
11r*iii« Chalons, living In Melglitm IIIr
."iitnlogue begot a rather e.Menslve III-
ei'iitiire of Its own, which has since
l>'<»u cnllecicil and published under the
1 h'c "I)ncii;ui>nts cr I'artlciilarltea His.
inrlijiiPN stir le Comle de rortsnH." A
i"ipv of the original catalogue now
i1"-"-* In the Congressional library at
A Surprlr.5 For Qt. K'ldo.
The luliabl'iint-. of the loin ly Isle of
S't KII1I11 were iiHiimlslied one wlntoi'
"•mi' years ago at the appearance of a
•.'real blond red, conical oli'ect floating
on the wild Atlantic billows to the
westward nl' Ihe Isle. With milch dllll*
••iilty tlie derelict ivus brought to shore,
:'.ui| as tlie St Kllilniiii had tiever bo*
ine seen such a i-ticcr loolilug thing
niul could innlie 110 gtiess as to Its pur-
po^e or place In Hie scale of fronted
things they liiilnkeil In wild visions
of Its valuable nature, Mut when tho
raelnr enme nerosH 011 li Ih yearly visit
rioiii the ^iielghlioi'lng but distant Inland or Circa I lli'ltnlii he Uleiitlflod It
ns 11 great Iron luioy which, It siiIiho-
ipti'iitly flppoarwl,  had   hrnknti  nwny
fl.,.,..      (Li      1.            .,1.1.1,41     <«       *•',    , *"        .1 I     .' .t ■
■    ' '  ' !        * '    '•■••      444..44VI
and drift od In the trulf utronw neroM
tlie Atltintle It luul taken two years
in tlie passage.
W.: j.  ^gli»worthi; D. ». S.
,- 7b•ENTIS*r,".
Office hours: 8.30 tb 12 a.m., i ,toa,5
■:.(   ..P.m., 6.30 to 8. p.nw^   f. tf
Office ^in Alex. Beck's block.
,        '   - over Slioin's bakery.
FERNIE ., ^. c.
Insurance ^and Customs
1 '' Broker ■■
Crow's  Nest  Trading  Co.""%   Block,
Fernie, B. C.      ' .      n
Barrister-at-iaw, Solicitor
Rooms I Srs. Konder»of\ Block, Ftrnia, 13 ,C.
J. BARBER, L.D.S.,!D.D.S.,
Dentist    ."  ,
L. T. W. block,    opposite the;,Bank.
Office hours 8 a.m.* to 8 p.m.
Y. C. J4AWK ,        AlKX. l.VlRUKIl, n A,
Crow's    Nest    Trading   Co.    Block,
' Fernie, B. C.
w. Jt. Koss, IC. c..   '     j. s.t. Ai.Kx*Xsi)Kii'
Fernie, B. O. ;'
Oftice in L. T. \V. Block, Victoiia Avemie "
;    Henderson Block, Fernie.
Plans and Estimates furnished. .
Jobbing.   Sash and Doors.      ->
Builder's Stairwork a Specialty
Satisfaction guaranteed.   ' '
'" ^   .   ■ - -  ,- '
P. O. Box 133. ' Union Labor.1
,ri i 1 1 1 !:• . i i-' i'.' 'io "'B-
,** ' . -•
All -work eruaranteed
Victoria Ave.        Fertile, B. c.
Hotel     J
«? — X
A       ■ j,
Y Tho host dollar a dny honiio in tlio clt v X
A Llquorn nnd Clifiirs of tholievtquAllity y
X Well (docked bar ¥
A Dlnliifrrooin in elmrgo of P. P, Miller A
¥ Only whito liolp omployed Y
♦(•    ROSS BROS. PROPS.    ?
v *;•
Port Steele
Fornio,  H. O.
Brewers of Uxtnt  Fine Litger
and   Aerated   Waters,
Hottled   GoodH    11    Specialty.
OichhIoiih do not innki» a man olthor
■ti'iiuc or wi'itfe. but tht'.v show  vvhal
VjC k«,—1«.liiUl4H» U  i*.t?iil)ii*,,
Men     who    nnnert thnt rdrtnin of '
their   fellow* arc not fit to govern
tht»mwWe« usually want the Job for
their own profit.
WnBhlnRton," July" 22-PreB(dent
aompers, flecretnrr Morrison nnd
John Mitchell, of tbe executive council of the American Federation of
Labor, were today cited to answer
on September 8 next to a chnrj-e of
contempt In violating a court Injunction forbidding them from continuing
a boycott agaibit the Duck Store A
Range Company.
Vou want comfort and aatluactlon
of clean smooth shavos every
Tbe Carbo Mosfnetlc ia tlio only
aUARANTBeD to give thla.
The eecret Electric 1 cmperlnj*
positively merges evory par*
tide of carbon (tbo life of
iteel) In'o tho tnetal»glvlng
dlamond'Hko linrdite*>a
throughout tho blade"-ionie-
Utiug ebuoiititsty unpoeaible
with flro tfmpcrpd cttirl m?&
In making all other razors.
But test this razor in your
own Home—or havo your barber
uso It on you.   Secure ono JO
J. D. QUAIL, Agent, ratals.
 , ' T—
ttpiKti Him,
(IIh Wlfc-Aii' .vou jiiilii)' tu axl. Unit
-.oiiiii; .li'iiMu?' ami hl.< tlaiui'i1 m ma
Iioiik- 1 m'•',■.• V
lltixliiiml-.Not iiiiuh.
•'Vou dfiilihf lilm. duti't your
••Yon. tmt uot «»ii*iiiKlt for that "-Mf*
M; KERR &C0-
'/    '    .*•''' *»". •   * - -
Contractors and Builders
Plans,' Specifications ans'Esti-
1   mates .furnished. oii application'. _ '
'.,      Plenty, of' GOOD DRY LUMBER;
..    ON HAND. ' •
R. A; KERR. ,-'■
'~ Architect and • Superintendent.  *>
Office nt Residence.'
BAKER ST.    . °     FERNIE,   B. C.
Amalgamated   Society.
■-    - of ' .-
Carpenters aind Jottaers-
. meets' in the Miners' Hall every •
alternate   Thursday at 8 p. m. -
L. Ws'OW, Pros.
E. DTCKER, Sec.'-
ViT.   A.   CONNEtt
Bisilder and Contractor
Estimates cheerfully given and .work
promptly    executed to thc satis-'
faction of our customers.   .    .
„ Townsite Agents . ■
- Fernie and Hosmer*
Firo, Life & Accident Insurance
'  Successor to J. .W. H.-Terry. •
Employment    and    Real
/. Estate Office
0 k>   ' t _   *
1. '** v
All classes of men •
Bushmen0.     Lumbermen
./.Teamsters ,
Sewer Contractor
- •,      .>    "    •'"*-'.
Excavations taken out, , etc...! ,, ■
Reasonable   Rates.
Cox Street "
Phones 94 and 147. "* P.- 0. Box "417.
Fernie Dairy
Delivered to all parts of th6' town.
Gorrie Bros*
Fit for a King
Tho meats that you huy from
uh nro (It for a kinj*. Wo soil
nothing thnt la not the heat,
thnt is why we have no many
pleased customers. Lot u« do*
monstrnto this fact by a trial
Pollto attention aud prompt
Calgary. Cattle
Store —
Ihe only rcllnhlc plncc In
fim-n when yn;i rc-cjufro nny-
Ihinj,' in Tohncv'Ot, CiRum,
or Ci'fHrcifi"..
W. A. INGRAM, lVop.
\. '-.."A  -
tl    '
*V*<%%*%^%*4f»*%4k-%**^'%^%%'-*-'%^ *V*^%^%%^4*%%^%
Cf All manuscript must be type-written
arid signed by the writer, not for'
publication, but as a matter of good '
faith. "'All" articles' must of course be
left to the editor's judgment and if
not'published will be returned • upon-
request." Owing, to space we must
limit articles according to requirement
ence must be
sent to this
office no later
., than noon on
- Wednesday
List-to the story that I'told on that eventful night,, "'■._"" ,:
"When I was ushered horn this land of sin and sorrow's plight,   \   ■
Ttiose happy ones failed not to see and read my inmost heart, -
Sc full' of sadness .did it seem that"'1 from them, must part. .' -,
<i .■'.-' * ..
They   begged . to   know "how fared this earth with beauties.rare adorned
.If men had from the book of truth" its    truest meaning learned"?
Alas! alas!   what could I say? (with shame I; crimson grew)—
How could I   speak in lofty terms'and tb myself be true?
.1 told  of, conflicts,fierce and long,"how hatred held us bound,
How' wealthy   magnates'held the   sway on every inch of ground,
And,that the toilers downtrod were,—as worms that crawleth low,
How   might ■ was •- right- and ■ envy; dealt its envious, murderous blow.
How that in luxury arid ease corrupt the wealthy grew
Their..sense of power and luere's'lust their love of right - o'erthrew, - ■   "•
How vengeirice oft her sword   did draw to lay the tyrant low,
"^But darker,  darker,  were the days'and awful was the throe. V   ,
-How, at .their'   will the Nations war and bloody scenes ensue' .
And. brothers, on the" battlefield, in each' their swords pierce through/
■ And toilers use theargument— 'More] room, in this, wide world,;.,   ■■   ;  ,-
If thousands more would fall thereby and from- the-ranks fie hurled."
■ v. - .-* •     ~.,,"/  :.:.,.       *•.. .'
J told them7   of the heinous crimes which fill me with' dismay,
How man despairing—hopes all fled—walks, iri the harlot's way;
How oaths and curses rend the air as from the mouth of hell,
•And tottering   step and maddened .brain-the ranks corrupt doth swell.
How at the open saloon bar—my fellow workmen dear
Doth    waste , his substance and his worth without a failing tear,        '
And curses then hiB lot in life, down,, down, they still-must go <* '
Their wretched homes and children's wails.yet adding to earth's woe.'
'•- .i . 1 "    ' '"     ,   l  "
They asked "Were there not some to lead and guide bur feet aright
Through all the quicksands,and the mire on such a darksome night?",,
"With    'downcast-head I may reply—"that selfishness did reign' ,
, .In   temples raised to worship" God arid thus 'twas all in vain.""
.<• ■        ■*■■ '.        ":    '   ■' ** ■ * -. °     ■       '
But is love" dead upon the earth?—"A.fervent "No" I gave,
JWe have-with us. the faithful few,-the noble and, the brave,   .
"Whoi, (not. in' temples     made. i with hands' but in their, open breast)—0 ■
Have   , love   received' to help, them bear the cares of tbe opprest." ',-
Under the auspices of the Belfast
branches of the Independent Labor
party, .-Rev,' R. .T. .Campbell", of New
theology-fame, delivered an address
in the ".Ulster hall on. "Labor 4 and
Socialism.1''" Mr^-.T.'' Henderson presided, and the hall*was crowded,*: the
lecturer receiving an s enthusiastic
welcome.   '  .
,-'-*■ -r".rt'
..-The chairman, iu_.Jbj-iefly Introducing, the lecturer, said Socialism, had
entered on a pha'sV iri Belfast very
different from that which it had ' to
face some- years ago." A Socialist
could now go out into i.the street arid
deliver his, message,',, arid' in spite of
the efforts of opponents from the manager of the tramways down or up
to blinded working men.Tit was making progress, and would make great
progress in the future. (Applause.)
Rev. R. «T. Campbell, who was cordially received, said "it might be perhaps that-the cordiality'of his'■welcome was in part due to the fact
that he was an* Ulster-man himself—
(applause)Tthough absolutely owing
to circumstances' over which he had
no control born in London. (Laughter.) Ho had been asked to come to
Belfast by a great many people" from
.time .to time, and. he never -quite
knew who was who; but when he
was  approached  by the"London  re-
his,, hair    grew   gray—(laughter)'—if
they were to go,to uay other country and parade on the twelfth     of
July,   would     find   that no person
heeded   them, strong their language
about'the, PoDe might be. (Laughter)
The, people - would    not understand
them.   Therparty 'thev belonged ,, to
was local and limited; it was not international;-it did not matter to the
rest of .theTworld,-; .Only to Socialism
had it been, left' to say "We    stand
not for ourselves, alone, but for man;
kind."  (Applause.) They wbuld'.have
observed the protest .in the house of
commons against the visit of     His
.Majesty the King to the C*zar of Russia.   Whether that protest politically, was wise, or-whether it was not,
it   sprang    from the consciousnesss
that the cause of the unprivileged in
in this, country was the cause of the
unprivileged   in ._ that country. (Applause)   There was no ignoring that
movement.   It had\to, be taken into
consideration   hy .   diplomatis    and
statesmen   of   all kinds and all nations.- It was a moral movement; it
was not merely an   economic movement, , and that was why it was being preached     to-day   with all the
forced   fervor.,    of a  religion.   * He
thought    that there were not a few
men in that hall who would say" that
it ought to be, because at bottom it
was    what     the    Christian religion
really - was aiming at—the,.objective
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^ Ferxiie   Branch
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Gent's Furnishings
the programme of trades unionism estly he could not prove it. It
would be enlarged as it.had been en- * might be the same for anytmng he
larged in the past, for in fighting a knew even iu Belfast, "If it was not
cause like that Trades Unionism and ; it was not' the fault of those who
Socialism need not be in separate! employed women there at starvation
camps. They were marching shoulder to shoulder side' by side. '   (Ap-
Then wherefore, wherefore, dost thou mourn as man without a hope?—
".'Lift.,   up. your   head, my brother—cheer!—with love sin can't slope!"
t'Nay'' nay," I cried—"Ye have well said—but' oh!—the taunts and jeers
preventative of the' ' society under
whose auspices he would speak^the
following nights on the subject of
Socialism, he consented, adding; the
request, that if possible that society
should co-operate with-the. local I.
L.P. (Applause.) Well," he,r did not
know /why that had not been'done:
Perhaps it did not matter, much but
when he found but that the I.L.P.
wanted an address all to itself., he
thought it" ,better to fall into line.
(Applause.) He did not select thc
subject on which he had'been an^
noiinced to speak that night. As a
rule he found it better in addressing
audiences of labor men throughout
England to confine himself to one or
at the most two practical aspects of
the sreat laboi\question, but as they
had announced, him, to speak on
Labor and Socialism he, would do his
best to deal with the general questions first and the.practical aspect
of it,' afterwards, for there was a
sense in which'the.relatiori nilanMa]-.
of Christianity was the' creation -   of
"Our leaders "brave bear every day"—these are what bring my tears.
r, i,    .-- - , - *
For. jealousy.has played its part, on on all suspicions lie *'
"Who seeks'-.-'to-lift his .brother man from depths of misery; V =
With graft and' selfish aims'they're charged—till, in an early grave
'They pass away with broken hearts,—the bravest of-the brave. ■'■ •  '
Such is     the day upon'the earth;—how long.'oh say—how long.
Have we to wait, before we are   as blest, as'your'blest" throng?   ■ *. • •-.*
And by what'means can we build up "a happy, happy earth,
.'Where man shall own his brother's right and' crown his native worth?
They smiled a smile, a.lovlng smile, a .smile so full of peace,
"Love one another"—one hath said—"and you shall find release '-.•";.'.
From all the., chains that bind you fast, which naught can e'er remove,
But'purity in word, and deed,     the reigiiing power,of "Love,"    ';""•
''-»'■"■ :- ,    ,   '.       ,    "T'-R, DAMBOROUGH,
'   July  18, 1908.   ,. Coal Crcok,
The Ukrainian people of ' Fernie
held their mass meotlng on tho tenth
of July in thc open air on Victoria
Ave. at Fornio.
Com. J. Harrington In his short
address' explained, to tho audiunco
tho capitalism and labor in which ho
said that tho Socialism is thc International movement of tho working
class and thon ho introduced tho
Ukrainian speakers in porson T,
Tomashavslcy, J, D. Kwiwstz and T.
D. Fcrley, Ukrainian, ProfoRsor of
tho English-Ukrainian college in
capitalists nnd thoy think that if
thoy will attend tho Socialist, meetings; tho capitalist wouldn't employ
them, and some of them think that
if there woro ,not capitalists that
tho workers could not'oxlst.        '
But let mo toll you, said tho
upehkor, that,wo,, tho workingmen,
could exist without them, but they
couldn't without tho laborers at all.
Tho capitalist class didn't produce
anything of tho wealth, only tho work
ers produce nil wealth and thoy aro
entitled to onjoy tho fruits of their
Tho workors should educate thom-
solvos moro and aa soon as we be in-
Bpeakor, T. Tomnshuvsky, tolligontly educated thon It will ho
Ukrainian organiser for tho Socialist oftSy for u„ to flml out whew w aro
party of Canada delivered a short at| nml wo w„. ,JC ftb,0 tf)
speech, Why tho Worlcem Rhotild Or* 0„r pro,iuctBi
gnnlse? nnd pointed out that If tho :
working clans was orgnnlsod ns woll Um,er Bocl(lU™ thoro would not ho
ns tho capitalist class Ih orgnnlsod in tWo claBS0B* Ono who didn't produce
tho trusts, that there would ho ftnyth,"R t0 onJ°Jr nU f°0lIfl "m' tll<5
no   misery, of   tho workers       nnd   othov wIl° mftt,-,« <*'l necessities   in'
tlio    eoclety   wealth is lived undor
incnBiirnhle ■•circumstances and undor
tho   present   financial     crisis they i
fltarvo     to  , death   In     tho    vory
,     ,.   „.  ^ tlmo whon ftlt tl10 warehouses, wholo*
glon   qaeat on and «al,l "that many  8nlcg „„,, Bt()m ftro
Kood    wortlngmnn   aro ,.p agalnBt t0 tho bftnk8 w|th ftll noce8flltlC8 of
the   8oclallt)m   for tlio only roanon j|f0i
that   HocIaliotB will destroy the religion and   churches."  That Is not Cot"m'ml0 T.' D. Forloy was horo on
truth, snld the sponker; wo, the So* hin pr,Vftt(l b»"'ncM and has visited
short of work at* at prodont, liocause
no capitallHt would ho able to exploit and rob bin labor.
J. D. Krnwcts*. spoke on tho rnll-
ism to labor was one of great practical   importance   at the! present day.
All labor . representatives,and labor
workers .  in the cause of- economic
freedom ,,were-   not' Socialists;   but
there    was a practical alliance be-
.tween     the labor party in England,-
and he supposed it was' the same  in
Ireland. ' He, thought perhaps,    that
relation'needed explaining to, an ordinary'audience.   It  was his exper-
perignce in England that even, working* men did not understand     what
was meant   when they spoke about
tho    Labor   party in  the  house of
commons.   Some ' thought thoy worn
spoaking   necessarily   of a party ot
Soclnlists-ho    (the speaker)'wished
thoy,    wore-fapplausO-an'd    others
thought that Socialism had nothing
to do with tho matter at all,   that
labor   represented tho class interest
of   the   worlrers-that   and nothing
olso.  Ho hoped to show'them that
night thnt In conformity with     tho
Practical genius of tho British pooplo
thoy had managed to striko out    a
useful   working   allianco       between
thorough going roprosontatlvos     of
labor who woro not necessarily Socialists who wore ablo to march sldo
hy side with them towards a more
distant goal.   (Applause.)    At    tho
outset   ho    wishod   to   state   that
neither   Socialism   as    an economic
ideal nnr the labor party ns a wholo
wore to ho identified with any brand
or religious thought or any kind   of
theology-old or now,   Ho said that
because It wns posolblo that his reputation hnd travollod as far as Belfast,   As Paul said to tho mon    of
AthonB ho might sny to tho mon of
Belfast in tho words of tho revised
vorslon-"In all things yo aro   very
religious," (LnuRhtor.)   Ho daro not
put in tho other    wny, (Laughter.)
Ho had    not como to put In a plea
for any kind of theology, either his
own or anybody else's.  Ho was glad
to ho side hy side on tho socialist
platform with mon of all denominations and    with nono.  On tho othor
side of the water nobody had dono
more for snclnlNir. thnn n wt'c*:. cj
ctalists haven't Rot'anything to  do   tliw *JK,a,niar'»    hero for two days. | the high church rir-r-Vy, nnd in    the
with the rellulon, hut when some of bui t'le *J**rtt»»ttn Wocmllsta who nre
rellBlotis londors stacked tho Social- orBftnlfl0<J horo ln tl)o local of tho 8.
Um, then wc criticise the priest hut T' ot CttnBdft ,nvit? h,m to CftU tho
not religion at all. imaB8 moot,n«f specially for tho pur*
1 THiRr- to n/llivf.nr, tx.
house of nommotiB they had In tho
Labor party Pete Curran. who was a
Catholic, nnd local preachers of tho
Methodist    denomination   llko   Mr,
the kingdom, of, .God upon earth as it
was in heaven, and if that was not
also     the objective   of Socialism he
did not understand the meaning     of
the:. word. ' (Applause.)  What     was
Socialism,  and "where did it.    come
from?:* It was hard to give a.definition that would satisfy' everyone, but'
then he could not get a definition af
Christianity   that . would      satisfy
everyone.     (Laughter.)  The     definition   depended     altogether   on   the
point of view.   It might be defined
from the    material point of view iii
an economic formula, and also from
the ideal point of> .view. Socialism,
like   all    great movements,  started
from an oral principle, "All for each
and  each for all.".   Modern  Socialism'began, in a revolt, and though-it
could be proved that it! existed in the
world for five thousand'years,.it was
for'   practical   purposes   only a" few
generations old.   The theory of'Karl
P.   They aid not believe in the class
war.   They stood not for the interest'
but for.the,emancipation of a class.
They did not believe' in a revolution
that wrould'secure "aH'they were advocating  perfectly    complete within
twenty-four hours.. They.were    now
breeding a race of labor statesmen,
who were getting what they aimed at
point'by point. ' Instead of trying to
gain     their end by revolution they
were trying to gain it by constitutional agitation.   He could not, refer
to that without alluding to the debt
tho Labor party owed to trades unionism. ...That    was not to' say that
trades unionism was socialistic, but,
ns far as it went, it had aided Socialistic   policy,    Aftor a   sketch of
tlio effects of tho industrial'system,,
which by the cancentratlon of capital
in a few hands forbad tho workman
to cross tho gulf tlie spoaker    said
trades unionism had had to fight its
way agalnBt persecution and opposition and in the teeth'of tho dominant   school
whoso motto was "Each man or him.
solf,    nnd    tho devil tako tho hindmost."   They had not won tho wholo
battle yot.   Trades unions had dono
great things for the aristocracy    of
labor, hut thoro wero sections of tho
population for which It had dono little or     nothing.  Ho hnd  obtained
somo    figures   in   regard to Belfast
which seemed to show that and    if
thoro   wnH    a ,,row    about thorn ho
would    not ho thoro whon lt hroko
out.   (Laughter.)  As thoy all know
from Rowntrco's great hook "Poverty," tho minimum wepkly wago    on
which a family could ho brought up
with health nnd ctllcicncy wns 2ts. Od
Tho cost of living In Uelfnst wns not
less thnn York.   Well, ho found that
tho average wages of corporation In-
horcrs ln this city woro from 19s.
Cd. to 21u. a week.  Wngcs for out*
sidn laborers woro from 14b. to 17s.
A week nnd he was Informed    thero
worn    thousands ol mon working In
the city for llis. per week. Dr. Kln*?-
Kerr,   the   chairman    of the health
CC.*,.***'.,*.-...,       ^.,,,,,*vU t4-444r        IliC    OllfCl.
rtny, thnt Ihr coA i.l ^•'•••'•'•l*<i' <,'•<-'•
ccrles for contact canes at tbe (sola*
tion honpltnl wns Ik, per day, or 7s,
a week, per head. If an average
family numbered    flvo 7s.   per week
plause:)   He   was   therefore    one of
'. ....
those who thought that the alliance
of organised labor, independent *" of
economic theories, with the Socialism of the present' day in returning
representatives to parliament was a
good practical- working arrangement.
He said that, while at the same time
hoping to "live to'see, the day that
Socialism would'be a force so formidable ih the community that they
would be the'party of progress called by that name and all other parties would have to muddle together
for protection against them. (Applause:) He now came to the second
part of his speech. He wished to say
a word upon two practical aspects of
the Labor party's programme. ■ The
people of Belfast were a canny race,
and, - might want to know, exactly
what they proposed to do next. Well
he could not go through the whole
programme but,he could tell them a
little of. what they were thinking
about in reference to the -land question in particular as it related, to
housing. The land'question was ct
the bottom of most of. their social
ills.in that, city or any other city.
(Applause)'.Prominent statesmen has
i;oidTtnem^aTfd"TniTtemp"e"rarice ■*Tfk~
ers too that if they would only grapple effectively with- the'drink-'ru<Jic
they would have solved the problem
of poverty., Oh no no. It was nou
the public house landlord they needed to deal with so much as with the
landlords. (Applause.) The question
might not affect them the same way
as- it did in London, but they had
got rid of the jerry-built .houses in
Belfast? Were they quite sure that
there sanitation was ideal, especially
In the .schools to which they sent
their children. (Applause.) A phase
of landlordism came in there, that
they would havo to tackle, liettcr than'
they were doing, An lnfluenco that
was keeping back tho solution of tho
education question in England was
the influence of tho cleric In tho
■ Bolfnst had boen growing. Had
not the time como when tho citizens
of a great city would see the landlordism should not do ns it pleased
with population in congested centres?
wages.   He was told—they could contradict    him   if it was not true—(.4.
voice—"Call •.  out    their   names")—
that    they averaged from one penny
to twopence an hour—sweating. Twopence  an hour was considered good
pay, and the rate frequently fell   below- a penny an hour for making the
cheaper,   class of  goods.   There was
an-instance which could be verified,
and more cases would be brought before the public before long where    a
woman made shirts at twopence - per
garment,, providing; her' own thread.
A    stranger'' was „ telling them facts,
that were' at their own door.     Let
these conditions which prevailed    in
the citizens of Belfast see to it that
these conditions which prevailed    in
every industrial, centre, not only    in
Ireland,   biit in   England and Scotland,  were done away with forever.
(Applause).     They had to do r ore
than talk chivalrously about f-ven,
and recognise that they perform functions ' for state as   important    and
more sacred than men.   Tho7 should
give, to'women the economic- free Com
they'demanded for themselves, &■.*■ 1 tso
prepare the way for a new.humanity,    strong of   limb, clear of head,
and great of soul. (Applause.)
The   ' meeting' concluded^-_with-_the,
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FERNIE, 2314—Pres., J. T. Puck-
ey; Pin. Sec, Thos.
Pocatcllo,    Idaho, July -   21—Evan
..,..,-. i i Davies, aged C5, a voteran employee
of political philosophy,  Therefore tlio labor party proposed Lf tho 0roROn sllort Ijlno ShopB  |n
WnH    "Rnf-I-,    mnn    nl'   lilm.       4.4*    Im,        nt-~nn..       \,n~An        ..nnn     4I14.    .,«_  . . '-.      .
*'• u. Forty in his address
said thnt he wan surprised that the
worklnt-men nroiafrnld to attend the
public meetlntM. In Manitoba whore
I come from whon we call any meat*
Intrs we hare j»ot hundredn nnd hnn-
dredq of people who attend the meet-
Inir fhet we ran hardly place thum in
the balls.
The :roirJ(e*f« of Fernie under the
present    system    nre    afraid      of
teriat In Fernie.
He is a professor, in chargo of the
Uktainlan college in Brandon, Man.,
and has made very good success
among- tho Ukrainian students.
The Ukrainians in Fernio.andl other
placuK itte maklm* n Rood progress In
the movement.
Orj-anlser of the H.P. of 0,
iiehi.ferbon, anii men ol an actions
of reunions thought. There waB a
movement rising spontaneously In
every country in tho civilised world,
nnd It hnd developed Into what one
might call an ''International eon-
science*' though it had scarcely at*
tnln#»d to nelf rer.lI'Mtlon.-and tliut
movement waa socialism. The Bel-
fast Orancemen-bfs heart titillated
a little at the word because he one*
wore an orange ribbon himself before
would mean 35s. for provisions alone
out of 15s, Cd. or 25n. n week. There
was still something for the combination of labor to accomplish in Belfast. Was it true tbat In Belfast
thr*vt thoiiinnd mnn had h-wn paM
ofi during the past week ln thn ship-
yaiiU? Tuulf. uuiouiHrn had not
done everything that needed to be
done in grappling with the power of
private property in such a respect
as that.  The time wai coming when
to lay   strong  hands   upon the un
earned increment. (Applause.)   Thoy
did not proposo to lay bands upon a
privately owned land until,thoy woro
ready tb administer it, and the host
and  most practical way of getting
their    own    was to make sure that
speculation In land and Jerryhulldlng
which wns only another phnso of lt,
should    bo   put nn   ond to.    Thoy
claimed tho rlRlit of tho public authority to take ovor all land at agricultural valuo, nnd only to tho community which ' created it should tho
Increment go. (Applause.) With reference to tho question of female labor,
he    would   point out to thorn thnt,
whilo organised male labor had won
a great part of its lmtUu, that  was
far from being tho case with women
workors broadly Hpenklng,  Thoy told
him that in Belfast tho question  of
female suffrage had not excited   any
general attention, or whoro it had it
wits    received   with    derision, They
could laugh nt him if tlmy wanted,
hut ho saw tho economic dependence
oi tooiuu.) upon mini was unjust, iflfl
lilllC    X%An   COIlWlIri    .thclt    ■Sod'tlit-.tti
were going to Insist upon women's
citizenship and the endowment    of
motherhood. Thoy might have to in-
terfi*re n pond dcnl with the lawn relating to marriage and divorce, not
hecntiso they wanted to break up the
home, but because they wanted    to
save it. (Applause,) In some    Brent
London   houses   tho  wngen paid to
women w^rc so   low that they    had
to eke them out by shameful means.
And not only wns that known to the
people, who profited by their labor,
but they were engaged on that understanding,   (Hhame.)   He    spoke   of
whnt he knew, but be told them boil
this city, was shot nnd killed whilo
nt work this morning by John En
nls, a follow workman who
was immediately arrested,
declnrcd that Davies had ruined his
seventeen year old daughter. Dnvlos
loaves n widow and family of grown
children' on a rnncli near Shoshone.
Tlio mon had boon cIobo friends for
years. Ennln will plead tho "Unwritten law."
OF 110 A III),
Winnlpog, July 21—(Irnnt Hull, sup-
orlntendent of motive power, states
that tho C.T'.li, will neenpt tho findings of Iho conciliation hoard iih public opinion is strongly in favor of tlio
recommendations of hikIi hoard being accepted by both Hides, They
will como into effect August 1st nnd
lust to April I, next year. Kummer*
villa, tho men's arbitrator, and Mc-
Vety have gone to consult tho hcml
f'f     IwC     .....i...'..',./..,     u.,'i  1„     414     C.lit.'.f.U,
They m.idi1 nc> 'ilalwuiwi.
 0 ..——
HOSMER,     2494—Pres.
Cole; Sec. Wm. N. Reld.
MICHEL, 2231—FrM.. 'at. Dougw
las, Sec, Charles Garner.
COLEMAN, 2633—Pres., " Henry
Smith, Sec , Wm   Gtakam,
FRANK, 1263—Pres., Fred.Allott;
Sec, George Nichols.
LILLE,    1233—Pres.,    T.   Evans;
'   Sec, A, W. May.
BELLEVUE, 431-Pres., F. Lewis;
Sec, Fred Chappell.   .
HILLCREST,, 1058—Pros., Robert
Livett; Vice-Fres., J. Lagaca;
Sec, Harry T. Cooper
LUNDBRECK, 2275—Proa.     Hsrs*
chel Kayo; Sec, Geo Thos. Wright,'
WOODPECKER, 2200-Pros., W,
R, Hughes; Sec, John Fletebtr.
MOIUNVILI.E, No. 2378-Pres., Jas.
Sutherland; Fin. Secy,, , G. H.
Sec, T, Entwlstle.
CANMORE,   1387-Prei.     A.     J..
Thomas; Sec James Clyner.
BANKHEAD, 29-Pres., Wm.
Fisher; Sec, F. Dy3on.
TABER, 102—Prps., T, BoyU;
Sec, Wm, Murdock.
i.ETHBRIDGE, 574-Pres, B. O.
Hamilton; Soc, Charier, Pea-
TAUKIl, 13&W—Pros., Alf. Roberts; Sec, Robort Doodsom
CITY MINES, S240, Edmonton—
Pres., T. James;.
STRATHCONA, 2248-Pres., Job*
.Saint; Soc, Jas, Poole.
Strathcona—Pros., Jas. Charier; See,, Neil Me Cormiek.
BUSH MINES, 2055, Edmonton—
Pres., Chas. L. Bryce; See.,
MERRITT-Pres.     Frank     Steel,
Soo, > Thomas Calvert,
j!;u.Mu»NiO.N, -oixt—l'rve„ A. ft. -Jul*
luu, Vice Vu-ih,   J. IV. Dw.xn*.n; Fee
Her., J. J. McDnvitt; Fin. Sec, II.
1    Crowe.
Aic M^ii«it:Jl to" is1r.v3.ri ths~- ia
this onto* for iniertUn.
Continued Inquiriea reaek u« (at
tbe foregoing lnformatlen.
«      xi**x   v. ", ,a      Presidents and sacretarUj wktm
My    little boy, four yearn old,! nrtmB8 ao not apptar on thla Utrt
had a severe attack of riysPT-.tr.ry. " "
We had    two physiciaxis; both of
them nave him up.   We then rave
him Chamberlain's f'olle, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy which our*
ed   him   and  believtd that saved
life.-*William It. Strollnq, Carbon
Hill, Ala.   There is no doubt but
this     remedy    c&vea  the lives  of
many children each year.   Give lt
with «*r<stnr nil nr-ordln'* to     the
plain    printed directions «nd     a
cure Is certain.   For sale by     al)
1 St, Louis, July 22—Four men and
s a boy were hurt, probably fatally, In
ja Are this morning In a South See*
; ond street hoarding house. Two of
j the Injured jumped from the second
storey windows being trapped tn their
1 rooms hy flames. .. msraioT mmm, mam, s. o, joly u, »«,
ije JWsbrtet Sebm
'"■'5'i«&.*tstt'»iTrw,i..t,5. *'
I rn, Ptfiiwii»,i'*m*J*,rMi'*A*r*il1*» ■«,
It'-T-flrgt Sm^En. t o«uta im lib* vfiS tut**-
AdJrwu «ll f>imniiinlr*iroiw In «h» Bun-1
M«r, InatiKt Ivtiipt, ]
W. ».  aTAHI-*eV, Plficr.
UtOKQ* INDIVIDUAL OOURAOIjpany for breach ot contract with the
result tbat the ea» was dl-naUnA*
*Uok about you with eandld
and you will And tbat the malady ot
tho wv u taot ot individual courage,
inAMdual integrity, ana of
fought and ettlon,  What is
law ol 1th tn Canada now! Is
tbat every man should torn bit own
moral  judgments    and speak them
tenrleiity,    that   every man should
to govern    Ws own lite and
*T-.:rr-r-— —~-.^^-*—.^~~*~~.-*r- rtllltIt lt w,(h htB 0Vfn independent
SATURDRY, JULY M, IfW, m««U Judgmenta*
Had tin eoal company brought suit
for damages againit th*, United Mini
Worker* tt IS nrobftbl, tbat this
eome judge would have as interpret'
nd the law that a Judgment could
have been found tor the "intertets,"
—Miner-- Magaalne-
many people have tho notion
that they could become rich it thoy
would consent to he dishonest, The
raverw la the ease1 the bonwt way
ta the only euro way to make money.
No man aver made dltthoncsty or injustice of any kind pay. This !■ as
certain aa death.  No man ean net
It has always bean the eiccptlonal
I individual here and thin who assert'
ed V   own ritthts »t conscience and
_* took eommani) nt hli own conduct.
Does d-winda today »how a larite or | around tt.  V-aur sins win find
a    mo-mil    proportion ol mioh men*** f out,  Tho  butter you   nre tbo mnn
——— That l* our ultimate tent ot vitality | prtuipBrniia you will be.  All tho Phil-
Io ihe debate upon ti« co-operative     Tht, tandencica ot our rnlnd-4,    the j cwopheiw teach this great leaaoQ, but
tooletlea art lo the Canadian fMiate., teuiknett* ot our out, have afleetet) 'many peoplo atlll have a notion that
Swmtoi- c»» In opposing the Mil, *i  sll|.,, ow otoBdnrrt-i and our condu« j there In aomethlng pleasant and pre
wponed to ha»e -tald. "Tbat he o»- ffe   ^^  g^a    very "practical." ' tltablo about Bin. Tills l-otaon ihouU
jHWri (h, p**tia« ot weti a measure * Qm present oyntet-m. will not lait, I*
tucnuM the Pouter dnatea were not tot    }hKtiBKt   Th(h   tendency to ho
capable ol Brum**!* protecting thctr I ><pt«->uaai" will not eonquer the tenon, iotwwt"," rt-jiej, to be moral. The gnat awnt
la tbe MtabUehment and wonting -.iitng we ban Just had to the moral
ot    co ■op-ami-** •wieuee. fraternal aspects ot to raueb of modem bant
heaiSt    BodettM and u*d» union*,' a*-» j.    only the beginning ot    a
tha potMtjr cliinH have ibown    rt-' change.   The    moralist will dictate
markab-te    eueutlva    abilities, and, both to the lawyer and to the man
buatneaa Integrity, and that they are j ot busmen,
nulte capable ol protecting thnir own : n
louniu In aat»n ot thU Wod, tho ]       THK   r-JTUM SKOUDB       j
rteordi ot thiat movamcaw nil otor \                      ——•
the eiT«ti*d world tpwi lor thtm- ■   la speaking to the Benaral eonUr A.*.**,***..« *..« .« .».
ba tauxht In the public sehcrals, and
whtrevrr yomit people conRitgate,
A number ol women In St. Louis
have orianised an Antl-gUk Petti*
coat Movement, elalmtne that every
who Falls can time her down-
tall to a allk petUcoat. Rltht or
wrong in thla contention every man:
ahould slvo bin support to aueh a '■
movsmeat. A allk pettl-wut eotti;
about |T and laata about
months. U a man has a wife
Tha HoMl of Parma
petticoats, ht can't hit hia
Irom the (tMndeton* long enough to
blow hie nose. Thtreton, encourage
war on attk petticoats, but do It tor
tho soke ot the poor fathers and hus*
B tha hononbla atnator mtaot j chu«h, President noos-mlt etldt
that in poUtteml Batt-rta. the poinr tba average man Is hrBve and hard
elaMH b«d shown Ujemaaina .Map- ] worktn*t nnd clean living. It the av»r-
ablo of protecttag their own interwu j *«*• ■*<"»***• has the qunlitlee whleh
■wt could ban af*-**. with him, «a a i a**11* * ••w* *"a *B|1 K0*1^ mother,
iUtwncat ol that Und would have \ and eaeb has aeU reapeet, and tf each
MM puteetly tivo. » th» power I realist* that the greaUet thing tn
{Jww* hod pwtmtd their ot« In-! hXe la the ehanee to do tervlco-why.
ttrtata e*natm Coa and hts eotarie thitn th* tulure ot the nattoa Is Beet political BWltew wwiM not hav* j ««•*• "<• caanirt stand np tor what
b»*A bUo to have f*rabt.i**d 110,000 > '*> •'■o*' ln c^anhond and •'^raiutbood
acm ol tbe flne-.t coal landn in the t without eonilrmnina what lo ■**■*.(,, We
WorH, They woulU not Ivave 1h«j j munt condemn Ihe mnn who I* etthsr
»M« to toro irot tb* (-ov«n<mcnt to i brutal or vicious,
bu!14 the Grand Trunk PnciBc with ' nrdtp. the mon who (nils to do ht*
the people'*; mootp and thco hand u:. duty bv th* public, who Is a bad
owr to Kcnotor Cox a«d bla triead*. \ opilthTMir, nn Idler, in-et-tn-aaeratp and j ™n***n,Pt°y
II th* poMtr cUsa had protect*! \ lw,B'ih '"'sband., a n-irtectfal father."
tbrf-    own -iniMtst* we should not j "*" "",1-1,0"* -.—■——
■ee snob a coUrctlon ol bald heated \ THE WARNING   BILL
poUHceJ     hacks and tat bellied old! 	
lorfissitUtigtnth** Canadian seoitc \   AWfcy Amm (n ^ raf;|M „„„, 0l maitinn was proHipUy wi by the
The Havings )<anki ot Qermany
bava nhout nlneiMn million dcposl-
tors wttb ■avtnBB amounUnt to
•B.lia.OM.OOO, ThMH .diposlta a»
praetleally all *<uaranteed by the various niunictpnllttpi bolitnd the sanr-
wmh and cow- *utM' th« deposits aw put ub thr.
  hasta, eo lor ns securities  an
a municipal bond,
toilmr. nt these 0#t>
baoTw id snld tc b« axtremcly
nn, Robr-rt J. Thompson, United
States consul ut Hanov«r, wrttiBC
on the subject, anys he knows ot but
one instance, and In that caso tlie de-
The Artistic Millinery Emporium
Victoria Ave., Fernie, B. C,
•tf To make room for the Fall and Winter season's
display, the Lndies of Fcmie and district again have
the opportunity to purchase at prices one half their
values from fresh and up-to-date stock.
*tjf This opportunity offers only once ti year.
This sale at give-away prices has commenced
and will last until Saturday, August 8th, 1908.
S-a-adt, Tps-»k   nnd
\ Bulbs toi'. all plnntliiD l
I UatalnHun Krm  Urj-BBt Nunti> f
rlui nn Uiu 1'huiIIu Bl»)itt
W.   Stan.   Terry
Practical Painter and
Paper Hanger
ml  SftU-ifuM.tH*.
Ht»tni„l A1
Jas. Cartridge
Orgitiist of the Methodist Church
is taking pupils for Orgia
tiyftj to pot a Mrak i& tho •rheeis j
n great st-eanier, the poadcroua driv   raimieijHUity.
\ | las -fbeal turns rouna ana round, the i
Dtnver, Col., JulT 13—Tba quMtlort
ot ProKress ol tba Cuiadiaa *pM)>l«.
-» »«* t4.4»»to..»•««i»to,i™,^"^"-ll,;--™--~,-^-^;- "£
«. a*um »».», im -  *mi*^, „ ft, „mJ „ . .,„„,.
«4«tw to protaet our tntttwta In i. „     **___.    .   „--« .« m. i  .
__-*.. j._^, 4. n.   ...T.t.   4..     ' hoat •johim tn a aunfl,  Tho alvnal
peww tlwd ia tha caftadttLr. lwm .
otMmsMa.  Aadnhta wa do th*t »m»   »«"«   *•    ^f !LS
a ahart tlmt. ,B,.llw«t« «um M VteWatto,
Conttnueil trout Pa-ga B.
Mrs. DMlNUres. of Fernie, has
Opened a largo and convenient board*
injt hoUBD on Main atreet. Mra. Dea*
Inures ia well known iu Fernie and
trill be pleased tn sea her Iriendi
(rora that place when m Hosmer.
The baaasnll match between Fernie
and Hoimtr on Sunday proved to
tie an exalting game. 01 oourn thc
' tha United Mine *fforkera of America
1 waa brought offlstallr betore the eon.
• Twtloa ot the WMtart. Federation 0l j \^. X^&Hl* Ao^'aai m
• Hmira    to-day.     The     dluuialon an niharaid to atata tbi ruult, not
bmuitht out the taot that many    of wantbi*- to hurt tbatr- foeltnii. There
 .« -  .   Conaetetioc  wlthtB ui W Iftl thnt' fti msmhaw hit a union with tha *" A |00d ntt6n(ta"ef «"J *h*» «**■
We-ra^U* hop. that th, ^n** ™>  »«.«««*    ? 1 ?-T*ST'?^^ 1T^ «St ""    "   *"**"**
«w aem male to hrta. .bout    u ; *""A rf *«»«*<* ,w" *** **? l ^§ *H,*ra. r^B»M" *6B l« "**     Bom, 0t the Weat lmt« 8ltl, irtll
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The   rasults   ot the examlnatlone
under the Coal Minee RtEUlation Aot
wnieh  were held ott June 16,17 ond ]Apply bDX
18, In Kanalmo, Oamberland, Nicola [
and ITei-nle are aa foUowet
The board ot Bapervliin-* examln-
era at Fernie wai oompo«d ot R. Q.
Drlnnan, 0. Blmiater and Inapeetor
Morgan. Tho papen wen M«d by F,
H. BhephtM and C. Graham.
Biuemtul undidatei In Kootenay
Terms Arranged
or G3   Jattray St.,
amalsamation hetwtea th*   Catted
Ulae    Wortrtr* ot Am*Hw and tha:"*w,' ''""    '" **'«aiM'M   JutlBB fcl*    The Bsht agalnat an imitation ol^ind his friend lago nr, leaving here
Wertwa Federation ot Minora wm b, lnMfl *«*«**'«'*« Boa rrwd to deaNo any eon waa led W Qwrga Hatohto*, B»-urda?.
WMWiluli   We    need tb, tnergitlo
and atm-Mln wtiUtaeni la our
Mr* tn (Wt Inner ■*,ni«.    and aon, tut he wm badly detected ind j   On Tuesday Qldlioila men it eolce
nr*.  P»i»r. nr,  the prealdent inatrueted to appoint a ov,,n■   Mm« out 'Af   tam   wawa.
^■4«r'Ti^to~^^.Mi_te-ti- «,,2i^*.0,sS:J?'ivlTiJS" ,i^^^??'llS?.'^™iSl^'^^ ?HSuS£.*'i* JSS
one miner.' organteation on laia Am-
ertraa KtBUaMt,
t*rte««iely   aaalntt   hi* t.r,*M,  nieana wherety a working agreement mM0BS iuiB! u„ unUl today, Thura-
•eaw    been    to the m*.ntt*.f la hia, ean he obtained. I day, there la no ehanRe In thn altua*
h(*p»l, and wruwrwl Wmiwlt hy hie1 ■■ ■ ■ , 0   ,.,..,, ^ tion,     it   la   hoped before Frli'ay
Th* tnal trailt ia iloaty tut *at*\t
rKonrlD-t trt-nx lh* l»u depnaeton.
hf-ant *«■' IW"a(*lWt ■^pentani**
■ i  --      r. ("-rtT*  m«if    e» •*.*.
Cwwumeri rf dom-**Uc raal *0ulii be  'W?B» *"** *** "^ ot ,,te   Sut' »
wiie  «   tb*T b*iao to ordw thdril** ,ll,t,,P tn thB *0,(''' nt 0,,,5 ,a <MW     NV»p..,i.
wtottr «nppli*«, m Uwrc i» utUe  «:•>**»    hwHp   nnd ohev Wa hehwle, }.»!«     Mm
•toy    4*>siestii:   *™«l ia    stock any-   ***     **'' ns^     °'11' *&T     eately Rot^tU'lt i-u
thronsh th*m a'l, and reach at lost, wink tin*--.lii1
—— ^ thr havo nt onr deilres. C li. IVmlik
— . ■..-i-,o. "-. ., iICnv\   r,ig
WEIGHT RATES ON GOAL     ' Thu rrvMik'-.i
—*****■ mid tlid iivit ijjni ifiliif
We would 1*1* tu calt tbe attention
«t tha *atboritte*4, to Uw reel, that io
•plte o( \b* drrrlsi'tio made to itop
all •nmbting in the citj, •■» sum*
hu bwa wsnint ever elfl****,
Mr'tai -Winn-*
board,  nm  ttowii  m-id*   Mr.   and Mrs, Wight ot Medicine
..ur M4.11.1ut1, milled hy  Hat,   were vtettln-*    Mr.    and Mrs,
en, nf Kto'-'H, Hnli'p In AllotI'h Mondnv ond Tuesday.
M    ..t3   tlih  'intintlni*-   . J! A- T°r.m*?? ??d tftm.U? Of.K»**»-
1. «i„ t.i   ,   ..   ■-001***' entl w- M' -Pwet ot Cranhrook
-UMpIn hU "««    tMk nn Mtamohflt trlp tn Eik0 OB
ilii- mMilciii until' Monday.
tliere li traiuideralile truth In    tho  lis ..row ol Jn)'\lit. nod Wax nn-t;-) nt 1    mMi j, d. Aye and Mn, John Iv.
lUtMueat whleh F. H. Bhermnn hae «'*t hriutt t.ilvm.iJ.     lliu  M.i}tli<»or «rfon were caller-, at Waldo Tueaday
now wiinit co. Wt mnt*fl' lbat *:llBrB tB '*"** to *»    * lu•,', '"'   IVlJtt■'I,'',  t-1"  *u*.ittit»*'tl »« afternoon.
.... u..t «taad"htr ti>r» rt-ruu.   w.'«"*l 'nn'.n'' next winter, If the  coal <"l«* tIant«K*.   Ttw citptnln   of ilw     C.    J. ortand, ol Moicow, Idaho,
trtaiwi ,*» ware aad had the »Ue-                       «_,-- 1-*- ,1,. m„. -avm r&n-vd hx iu m-«  ..t ilw M„y.|l«i4 laiit wet's nnd Blum Brot.,    ot
«-ihu> -4tkoo*inr that thef wen. t,,;°* f«pto •« «omi*at lot« the eoun fll%ML1Jf ^j „neV „ i,rtrj -'pukbIl- «*iv!U«    eld  National    Bnnk, Bpokann,
be *b>t>P*d. Th-a* lataea bring    a ■try* ■"** ™r' ls '"■ e0ftl UlBn """^ put afewr-J tin- -..nin,                            bought tour,  D, W, Hart etatee that
lot ot wwihli-u lio horn, and «m*='*m «t^lt«l" »«»-«»• «o.  It    th» tjib ,|wrp „,,„ „, ,|l0   M„vnrtwM there hau been a number ot lot, eold
•n M.Hiu.i th. «t» f-hick •» w,4-'( «*«i»»I   eommlBdon, that we  hear uaehwl iIhuukIi the «.-jdw« hulk of to.Pwplo in Ferata ltd tie thlnka all
hat*  aad ih. *£» ,T«« wTA'**» «* "»>". «" *• *•• «» »*• »»»-h-***,*^•**• «IW .Mi ***u».^ »W<Wf their tnet, ia theneir
, ;M aoia m w™l»». loawan of Am- tUrred tut l.aii|* l-Ouml S.iunJ taunt*. Tuesday after n short nulnna trip to
^ erican   eoal betpg hrought Into the Nt-"* Hm-en *ii.tl .Svu l^udon. Baynei,
If eoaA fti-»latiQB« mijld b« ruin*d »>a-*try. th«T would be dolntt a aer-
bj lura aad loalcta. there would *•»«** tl» «"• country worth hundred,
bo tood reputnUona. Honest people ot «wuaan<U of dolUta. Taber board
eaanot be Injured by the wretched ol ***** •*** **•" """f ** *h* »"-**-
people who flnd wnuscment In ROttir t*r* faut ll"-r hltve n(lt b*Bn *ola!t
•Sv-sry  nan   and woman wtuing to *&**    tht *omfflt**«ioi> hesi enough.
Our reporter waa »que«ted to pay
... , _ viiit to the n,w inorgu, ot j, H>i „
*m*. 44 4i«i   »juw u iu. 4na' °*t »"" ""«> ™*'. «»a ra mn I nua , c<1. H, „ juittt44  «itn I jiSi'RSte'
tbfJ »rt ol tblag *J44 bwome v, dl.   *la ln tte lonB rUB.-'*"!.1!.**    Cltf | th, Pl4«, but Hot 44 much 40 that j .'•**" In U,*..oitt
OTOlHbl. <l.4t l«.l Mojl, m „  "4*4. i S.*"""4.10 »»«» »"W» >« 4»»».
4tt«t>o4 to «   Tbi™ 44.^..,. •  i1""'   thmum «"■ k". »»« *
» to  It    TbmTOfwpl.       NOSTAND1NOINOOUBT       »»•»<*'    «4« nud 1,444 owtjUlB,
•bo .re .tmn ranglnt down Mn       ",a »T«i4nii4<4 ■» uuuht     j mamlf    [or a K<(Ml( m4'|n ij
nport. tb4t b444 bKB put lb clwu- M _ i U14 UttRt Blld mout bPPMVSd Bttth-
BUm »n«nilM t»» Tb,™ I. no T"* ,ud'*"»lh« *«*»* Court ol i no,. Tbtr bin a al«4 eliapd, .
4 cot, .e if tbo store Altwrta. 04b4ll4. b44 tbuttod .loytn 4 , 4tot4room lor ootlln,, * lbribnibttue
 4.... useltfon    wM.h   1.4VU   th. lKiti4o !ana a An, GmbulmlruT Moau 0&4 at
ml hulil himaelt Haptd.
Mpltwt.1 uy CoricttHlii.
- ,™I^'"'u,!^*n?1"'?1.or»«_! ffi^^^^H.Irtla^^ tmproved method, iriiateal
aod tst p»Ple wno (»»e ft eumney ffiMl r~^tthw™^^^«,Bl    ^*«^"de"^iee"*hieSu ~a
will bwaaii ttiutid u lhn m wurt.^ Tha **ft*m Jodge    hold , &tvo   p,^   0(    meoBttBjim#  iftgy
that aa the United Mine Workera wai
not ao Incorporated body, that the
Dr- Kelt*i  tate ot Ooal Cw-k wi-J or<ant«attoo  could neither aue or he
now-   of     Baderby, In m-tl-ufUUhtnit  suf4
Pltfnttt in a»p •tbootittg, HavWR won     _' „ , „ „   ,
tha fold button three week, in ne* t   Th* fhi»3 Hwe WorV-jta mougnt a
er^ston < tuit for damagw a*;*.te»t a eoal com-
have a hulldlng at tbe rear ot th,
moreu* -alien a really fun team
and dead wnson are atored. Alto,
Ketber, thg layout la thoroughly up-
to-date In every particular. People
will ho just dylnr to have a ride ln
taelr-n*w rubber tired beanie.
T.I His Sulfur ofTho Lrtljier
Slri— Uiiilur thu ItendtnK "Com.
muntciuieiw" -..iu pitbllalteu a loiter
Wfttlim by me In vour Isit ueelt'atKi.ue.
1 wWt io mme ihat I wttttdraw Uic
tdaiementi. mndu In the until leucr.
Rtllnfit Ba»k , July SO—The ftrat
legiBlallve on-umhly ot the province
ot Baekatehewnn waa dlnolvnd today
and the writ* tm-ued tor a new election, Kotuinatlon hat been fixed for
Friday. Aug. T. ond polling ow **«*
later, on Au-f. u
Pint elan' WUUam Lanoaiter, Sarnie. Bdw&ru Bridge, OaMianado,
Beoond elaut Jt Ourohtll, Fernie; J.
Vrnnefi, V. T. JtjiiH, <I. Morrli, W.
Sohiuon, II. Mlddliton, j, 8, tte-
Phereon, Michel' j. anrdner. W. Wilton, Goal Creek; T. Tongo, Hlllenati
T. Wllion, Carbonado,
Thii-d Dlaiu: T, Mooreland, J. Bag*
gaily, B. Rutledge, W. QUftord, B.
QhMthnm, Fernie, P. Brlaeoe, 2.
Halenll, J, Mneon. J. Me*oeod, J.
Wortliington, T, Mather, W. Almond,
D. Brim*, H. Wlnatanley, V. Prod-
sham, J. H, Browurlgg. Q. Bankln.
Mleheii T. H. Mnnwn, U. ecott.*B,
Blewltt, T Itcilly, 0. McKay, Goal
nrooki w. Commons, J. MoKelvio,
State ot Ohio, city of Toledo,
liuoaa County
Franlc J. Qhenty makea oath t at
he la a senior partner ot tbe Arm ut
P. J. Cheney a Co., doing hutinwi
In tbe eity ot Toledo, tit, r-ouuey tnd
state atoreaatd, a&d thnt aatd Arm
will pay th, aunt ot on, huuflnd dot*
lira tor each fane of catarrh thkt
ennnot be eund by tlie us, ot Hull'a
Catarrh Cur*.—Fran*** 3. Cheney.
Sworn to btfiir, me nnd ■ubamhod
tn my proiinco thti (th day of Be*
etmlxr, A, B., Itlfi.
A, W. QLBA80K,
(Deal.) Hotary Public
Hair-* Catarrh Cure la taken in*
uranlly, and acta dlratty on the
blood and musouus BUrlace, ot tho
eyntem. Bend tor tutlmontaU tm,
~; J. Oheney S* Co., Toledo, o.
sold by all druggists,
Trte Hwt'i Family pills tor o-a-
Shareholders Notice
Take notice that the lint inMUng
.t tht *ahAr«holdtn ot tin, 0»w'i
Neat ft Northim Hallway Company
win he held at tb, btad o«*m ot th*
company in Otaw'a Ktit. B.O.. pa
Tueidny. t&i aleyentb. day ot Au&uitt
A. D,. "istlS, at the hour of ten tn th,
tonnoon. toe the purpose ot tdgeUss
dtneton, conalderlii-t tbe tuua ol
bond, tot Bonitmetton purpoeta and
tuch other neeenary bustnou aa may
some before ft* Tuectlnt. Sated,
.Tilly art, A. B., 1W8, ijy order ot
the provfefoaal directors.
Lumber Dealer
Rsiall DuHkr tit
KuukIi -I'll! DruBnud L,un,lier
Moultllnn*., SlilnKlk*B, Liuli
Smli und Umifs
Blairmore, AHi.
Funeril Director ud
: Vli'lonu Sin.'!.!
RoslJumi' I'hunu iS
Tlio venire nt Commtircftl
nm. TmiPlM Tradis
Ouliine  tuftsu&ilea
■ S. r. W-allatcv       Pfop.;
Foriite, B. Q,
i B'l*? ilipplli'd with Oholopit ol."
1    \Vtm«, tttqnm-s nnd Qigan
^h\vg \fota In CMi.>**?ctlon
^HK PODBlEliANrTK     ±
Pernie'*1 inui  popular
Every attention to the
travelling puhllo
Rooms rusepv-td by wire
mmueemm mmmnmnm—e—ewfOBK
T. H. Whelan
Bar Un«xa«llid
Ml White Halp
Call In anil    '
••a a* mn*
o. w. davev a eo.
», v. wmua, ««..
Wo liereby gtvg you notice and re*
quire you to mak, payment of tha
aum of 11010,00 with l&tetMt thmoa
at tb« rat, of w per cent, per an*
mini from the 1st day of Juue Wt
until payment, bolog two instalment,
of principal ot tB40.00 due on th, lit
day ot D-nimbir in Mlh ot the
ytura nf IBQb and UOT, hy virtu, of
an agk-teme-Ai dated th* lit dny of
June uot and mad, between yout-
atlt, W. H uollins ot the one ptri
and John Uott ot ffltko of the other
part, by whleh you agrted to pur-
ttbua portions ot lot Ml, group 1.
Kootenay tor the aum ot (itoO.oo.
ANB vt turtUtr give you notice,
that It you tall to carry out the
aatd eontmet hy making eaid payment within one month from title
ante th* nhtd agreement wilt ba can-
eelled and aU payments hitherto
madn shall be forfeited to tbe uttder-
mentton-td vendors aa provided by
tha said agresment.
Doted at Rika, b. C„ thle 10th
day ot July, mi.
On*. -Co«l nttniiw rta-lir* tuai t<e iMuid tor
r. Bfrfiil nf tuo,ny.aua tan *t »u hMiuhI
•"in «h»U le We-l to,«ne iuatniinal or
iiaal lulnttl
W\trt* -A wmn-^h^in. c*t» nf nn or
rnoHUnBinimiAuxIjiulmt, "*
Th* foi lot rtmrditur ft flnttt ti - IV,
Al ItUfttiimntwtbaeXMi'UMna Hj»i*tl.iuj-
Kvliswiw Mthl ti> ttj* tniuinit monlN' In.
man*, txxi *xy>ixtm$Ap*. .'"Uh olh-r if
Dtuuif uin-jiiruViSelii
■   ' -' ,nof ti
Solicitor* tor -John Wott, tho Vendor.
William Henry rolltni.
of Slko, B. C, Former,
A      ■
it- 1.
lf    1
Official'1 Organ   of. Districts Xo.   18,   U. M. W.  of \A.
Fernie,   l>. ty,.. .J.ujj.y  25th,   1908
4-T ^
A Socialist meeting was held at'Coal
Creekon Friday week:'Mr. Smilli.who
ably presided, deplored over the small
company present and the craving.of ihe
crowds for something sensational,
rather than intellectual,' but expressed
the hope' that Socialism -would soon
make itself manifest in our midst. Mr..
Gray gave a forceful address on "Why
1 became a Socialist" pointing out the
disadvantages of a working man giving
his'childreri the education and facilities
for advancement in the social scale
ofthe present day conditions. Although he may not be able to boast of
thrilling oratory, yet he told his story
as a man who feels-the force of his
message. Mr., Harrington of Fernie
was then called upon to give his inler-
. esling and instructive lecture on "The
History,of Socialism".' At the outset
of his address he deplored not the
meagre attendance as all great social
and political achievements had small
beginnings. Then launching into his
subject he told of,thegreat-communes
and their leaders, how men had schemed and struggled' to form an .ideal
society but all in vain, and through all
"the.various stages of Socialism until he
came to their standing ih the nations ol
the world today, and urged upon the
working classes lo stand shoulder to
slfiiulder against oppression until the
reins of government should be theirs,
giving equal opportunities to all and
privileges lo none. Questions then
were asked for, but none being forthcoming the meeting was adjourned
until Sunday night, July 26th,  when'
•'..,..'"      •*,'... .*■*   £
Do You Owe for |
'.-........ -, ■     -..,?
Yoitr Paper     |
•'■ .■ •- ■ ♦
••"■"'v'   -■ .--■'.  ■♦
Look' ."at the "date on address
■ of your, paper.,   li" it has expired
send*us a renewal at once and
^et  the benefit of'the reduced'
- rate.- ■»     '    '     • , '' •*" -■  -
Let they who would your minds decay
From love of knowledge go their way-.
•Acquiring.wisdom bringelh joy
Which ripens fasiwith every dav.
On Saturday night last Dougall
Mitchell had his back rather severely
crushed between two . cars., He is
keeping as favorably'as can be expected.
Charles Sanders had his back crushed
by a boom in .No. 2 mine on Tuesday,
night. ' '      ' a .   • -
-*    0 - .,,
James Mayver. a car repairer, had
his leb' very badly broken on Tuesday
night on the tipple, by being crushed
between cars and was removed as quickly as possible to the hospital -.it Fernie.
On Wednesday morning David Evans
had his fool almost torn off in No. 5
mine when in tlie act of lowering doivi.
a car by the use of a wire rope and his
foot getting entangled therein. H.',
now lies in the hospital at Fernie in .
very critical condition and it  is  fearec';
amputation will he necessary; •
. 1 . * 1
n ,, ,
Cbeckweighman Evans thinks Coal
Creek a paradise compared to Fernie
on a windy day, as on   Wednesday  he
interest is being awakened and,.that
the coming Dominion election will be
keenly fought.,
' ■.-*,.cljildreiis'concert was held 511 the
Methodist church on Wednesday evening. The proceeds lo provide a ■' fund
forgiving the Sunday School children
an outing to Elko. The concert was a
decided success. .--..■
• Blueherrying is the order of the day
just now, .. 'I here is an. abundant crop
the hillsides.
—: o	
The'Ilankhead Mines, Ltd.*,   wprkc.1
full time last week.  '"''..
Mr. John Walters of Edmonton is i*
town visiting his brother. Mr. Wallers reports,that tilings are, verv slack
in the mining districts of Edmonton.
Banff vs. B.mkhea.I. The two teams
met on (he Banff grounds July   17  before   a   larije   number   of spectators.
Biinkhead failed to gel their lull   team
' *. **V* l ' «-
as some of the.boys couldn't gel off and
The . lacrosse v% team are engaging
Mr. Waters, of South Africa. There
will be a grand ball at the conclusion
of the lecture. . '    ;
The Bank    of Montreal is moving
Fletcher's to the vacant store in the >
Royal block. ' ' ".'        '      ' '-*- ;
The train on Monday did not look
like a pay . day , train and loose
change, was good aiid plenty. -
C.P.R. construction is in full swing
and the season-will be. known as the
banner season in Hosmer. ;
The game of football between Hosmer and Belleview on' July I81I1 was
a mere farcical walk over for the
Hosmer boys. Hosmer lineup: Goal, j
Thompson; backs, Allen, McFegan ;
hall backs, Watson, McQueeu, Mc-
Farlane;, forwards, Hartwell, Chambers, Davis, Sewart and Watchem.
Hosmer lost the toss and Bellevue
had wind and' sand against them.
However, in thc first fifteen minutes
Davis humped a couple in. Bellevue
played up and equalised, Vnrley being the lucky hog. After this Davis,
who ip long of head,and swift of
of limb, took the matter in hind and
with  a desisive: touch .showed    , the
«t* *•■,*» **i> ****> *i* *•»•» *r* •"j** *e* *•*•* *.'* ••»•• *•,-* *-4\ *r* ♦•Ivv.v «-y» /jv *-4-4 vi* •*.** •/,
To Merchants of
Cjf We beg, to inform you that we have
opened a Wholesale Fruit and Produce
Warehouse at Fernie, from which point
we are prepared, to cater to your, wants
and will give immediate attention to all
orders either  by  mail  or  wire.*
Cjf Thanking you for your liberal patronage  in   the past,   we are at your service.
P. 0. Bos *77
Fernie, B.C.
i.  1
'4** »Y» *"1V •*.*» *-.*» *•.*» **iV •'iV ^i*» *",\ *l\ ♦'i* *,\ *"l\ «',*4 «-lV «'.,'♦ ^i*» If* 4t\ ¥ti* **i*
1      ■*.****
- *•*♦
-   *.»A
4 44
.was almost'blindeJ with
from the Creek train.
dust  coming
the local organizer, W. Evans, is sure
to'aqninge for. another good platform-
Why cannot the local branch. arrange
iheir meetings at a different hour than
the churches ? Probably many church
members are longing for enlightenment
011 this great question of socialism.
Gay were the young men and maidens
fair who boarded the special train for
Michel to witness the football match
between the Creek team and Michel
last Saturday with the expectancy of
seeing the local boys, especially the
"wee ones," find thc nel as easy and as
often as they did against Bellevue, but
memorial curds would have been very
appropriate on ' their1, return with the
score of 5 to o against them. However,
it was a pleasunt outing, many availing
themselvas of the change. We can
only hope theC. N. I1. Coal Co, will
place such facilities'^for seeing our
neighbors a little oftener before us. By
the way, wouldn't it have been line
sport to have seen JucK'ie sprinting for
train at the G. N. R. depot after alighting, not for 11 dish of Yorkshire pudding
such as his mother made, but probably
forlhut which she detested?
Rev. W. Boulton apparently means
to make mailers hum in his church
here. His preaching so fur has been
quilt; up-to-date and earnest, but he is
a young man full of ambition yet possessing an agreeable disposition, who
studies whal he preaches and means
what hu says. Lust Sunday we had
Unite an innovation in the form of a
Sunday School anniversary, nt which
ihe children rcciled portions ofKcriplure
nnd pool 17 and uang special hymns and
noIom, Mr. Houlion gave it short nd
divh). 10 the tciiclicrt. ut the morning
service and lo the parcnis in thu evening, and uh evidence of the heuiililiil
spirit of brotherhood oxlsling between
the churches Rov Mr. SicenHon occupied
the platform in the aftoriioon.nnd gave
us a hplcndid addrew on "I'lowerw,
Iheir colon, und Iraltw." Mrs. Houlion
and Mr, llainborougli ably prenldod ol
the organ,   A strenuous elTort in being
I • ,1 I   *l   I f 1 .
.H.tUC     IO    f^ltt,     il"-.     V|4ll.«i4.fl     .4   }.**.    4,t.J4
Jk Y.)Ui> im Civic P;lj*, .\u^'n-t ^lh,
joining willi' flic Stindiiy Schools ,0/
Fvrnlc. May' Jhc b,iirlt.s and all hiivta
good lime,
flnl <j'm« rui Pn-il CVcM' not be virstlv
* * *
Improved morally to whal it in?. When
will men cento to use foul language in
the prenenco of Innocent children ? C.
C. miNwer.
Congratulation)* to the Coal Creek
hoy*i who have no ■niceusi.fully gone
through Ihe recent mining exnmlnn*
lion*. Hoys, atlrnJ to your bookr.
Knowledge iu power nnd only hy know*
ledge can wo hope to hold our own.
raging headaches, sore ribs,'disfigured
faces, empty purses and. firm resolves
on Tuesday morning never to touch
the intoxicating.cup again. .Will these
resolves be kept ? But even a greater
question~"When will the working
men ofthe C.N.P. realize that theopon
saloon and brothel are far greater
enemies to their welfare than even capitalism? Such places not even robs
them of their hard earned wages for
which thev stand with their lives in
jeopardy, but also robs them of their
greatest assets, character and manhood.'. Men! be wise. s  ,.
Mr. Win. McFegan of Hosmer, was
visiting his many friends at Coal Creek
last week., Perhaps he has a powerful magnet lo draw him into our
midst.. •      '    ,
The boys were entertained by their
new boarding boss, Mr. Hudson, on
Tuesday night as per custom. 13ul
some "old customs" would bo better
dispensed with,
Rev. Isaac. Stecnson, D, A., will
conclude his scries of addresses on
"God" next Sunday evening al 7 30 by
an address' on "The .Mystery of the
Cross." . 11 is.n pily so few have list*
cned lo these eloquent hnd scholary
M*. Wilkes of Fernie will occupy
the pulpit in iheMeihiulist church on
Sunday evening at 7:30,
The football cnlhusiasls on the hill
are in deep mourning uh ii result of the
decisive defeat inflicled by Michel last
Saturday. They did not enpect 10 uin
but 11 score of 5 lo 0 was a rcKtilt they
could not have foreseen, The team 11*:
a whole, did well during llio first half
niul held Mlcli-jl lo im goal lead, Hut
a ivaciion !-iM in during Ihe second
half nnd Ihe Invincible forwards of
Michel went through our defence like
water through 11 sieve.1 The goal*
tender being the only man to put up an
elfecllve opposition, but even Hur-
rocUs could not prevent the homesttr
putting on 4 goals this half, The final
result being 5 goals lo 0. This is it
record defeat for tho erstwhile
4.,,,■;;•,;':."•■.' :ind \\:x" d'unf-ru'i'. the en
llniMii'.-.m of thri^o niimernm -uiriportcr'i
who patronized the special train.
The defeat iv»« largely due 10 the sx*
cellcnt play of ihe whole .Michel team,
which I believe is the finest in the Pas
al the present lime.
A meeting was held in tlie Club Hall
on Sunday evening Inst with the object
of oiganizing a branch of the Conner*
vative  p?rt>*.     The  attendance   was
rv-or fimJ cniislilernWe difticulrv wni experienced filling the oflices and in iip-
lYt.ii.litig a v.ta king uniuuittcc.
The iutiviit of die various political
prtilitt* at the present time denotes th.il
.-was an casy-victorv- for Banff owing to
Bankhead having micIi n poor team.
JBiuj tT_w oiuiiii_LJi\Lii:si:6 re_of_i o_i ait^——.
Bellevue boys how to play ball. The
Hosmer poet at this time was heard
to exclaim:  "What abpotyer fit ba
Mr. Wm. Wilson .of Bankhead and
Tom Fiupa'rii.k !of Banff has returned
to town after spending a week nl
Devils Lake. 'They* • brought home
quite'a lof of fineifish willi' them." Mr.
Wilson is an expert ;fisherman and has
lols of fish slories to tell.    ,
As president of the Bankhead Cricket
Club I lake much pleasure in thanking
the public of Bankhead and Banff, for
their kind assistance and patnnage in
helping to make the dance on Friday
night <i success, and that we are' more
than thankful to the ladies for .the liberal[manner in which they gave the refreshments towards the dance,
Mr. F. H. Sherman, president ofthe
U.M.W. of A.,   came   into   town   0V1
noo.*.'       ■
,   The game ended with,a score of 6
to 2 in favor ,of Hosmer.   :
Davis has proved a great catch for
the Hosmer team. ' lh ffact we heard
one pretty girl remark*; he' was    the
finest player in the pass. ->   ,,
Mr. and Mrs. Powell were in Fernie on' Saturday.
Hosmer is'thought to-be a sort of
Gretna by some Fernie "young people.
A young couple came tip from Fernie
to see our preacher about the double
harness act, and found he. could not
do it. Then they hiked off to the
judge but he was obdurate also.
They are taking up,a collection for
(Geo. Mutter. .He hns beon-off work
Ave months with a diseased bone in
tho arm and is still unable to follow
his employment.
We notice that Mr. John Wyllo of
Save   Your-
-Bsitrs'siitks ist.
-Ladies' Shirt Waists and
Skirt   Wa.ist  Suits
S-pecia.1 Prices in Silk
^with us^
,  •     . ■ -«■»«,,  • „„.*-        Wn •_.*-,-,    -   .
<9htLfl.  ww i^LlSCS
Gent's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes
Dry  Goods,   Etc.
146 Victoria Ave.'  ■-•■■'■■ 77 Baker Ave.
Hammond & Mcintosh.
? ;*r
Electrical   Contra-cting;
of    Every    Description
Fernie, B. C.
Box 348
The Assembly at a Dance tat Ztayticn Lev lice. B, C.
.Sunday, July 17, Me will addrcNS 11
spei-lal nnvilni; on Monday nlpjil.
This vlnit of Mr. Sherman ban been
lonu looked for, and now that we have
him hero we will rcrtiilnly hold him ns
loiitf an we can, Muyht1 he w|l| never
«et oul alive, thnt In if everybody gem
•1 p.iKe at null (ii.ii 41..111111 m, htii ii
Vjiiv^i .iittu (•'r.uik will iiuid fiir, own.
Thv Rw.   Mr.   Uuinhll,   M.-lho-JUt
, ntiiiisiur 1 h.11  or^ani/ed   it   choir  in
I n.|,i1.li|>-il1 T'l|i .-lioil"    >1,.l   fn»  tll|.  I'ftl
time on Sunday evon in 14, They wiil
prsicti'e K^ain on Monday evening* at
(he home of Mm. Ivh Brown. Theiv
U all pn«*ihiliiy ol Ihe c'toir beinii «
huccfi* provi.lini; the meiiitHTd alteii-.!
pr.(iti*i* 11 i*. Ui Ik* liofud 11 ■ t- iLuii
will May together and no .louhl it will
he tin.' mt>.tn*t of *»«'Hiii|* many 1..
chimb who otherwise would not ilnt-
t*. nd,
Jloanior rankH ainoni* tho flrst cIuhh
coitiflcnto men nt tlio I ant oxnm with
u creditable perccnt'ij.'<? on all paper..,
Mr, Wyllo Is a natlvt- of 'Kilwinning,
Ayrshlro, and Iiiih Iiucii In this country for tlio ItiHt threu yean*.
Mm,   Wyllo    leaven  for   Scotland
whom sho sponds n few mnnt.hR,
Thoro In Homo mention of a quni)**
nue ci ut) i.eniK luinifu iuiioiik    our
yuWii  l'ei.lfh:   'The J."i-J- ihi.uhl  not
he     hlfihly vtnxvA for a start.  Thc
, The pay roll (it H" mer this month
The Alberta
Boarding  House
Board and Room $26
per month
Mrs. Desleaures, Prop
No ChincBo Kmployod.
Tho Btoolworkcr danco thnt wnB to
ho held in tho oporn Iioubo io Indefinitely poHtponod on nccoiint. of the
JtiloH Hurolfl did not ko to Kol«on
on tlio 22nd jib Oonmorvntlvo dole*
gntc'from Hoemer hU crcdontlnln not
The Imperial Punk of Canada did
not Htny with ub lonir. Thny will
wall; until wo «row u little more.
;   On Friday nljjbt tho ll7th, the Hob-
I nxnv   Onnrn    dix.     cnvi- t.lmlr crnnd
I opfnlnR hall in tho now opera Iioubo.
I Thoro wiib a lariio tttteii-JaiKe, uhvuL,
'eighty couplo helm; on the. floor.
Clarcnci,    Wufchlnslun   from Cran-
•>  EAST;
From   Fernie   tb
Winnipeg:,   Duluth,    Fort
IVilliarrt, and St. Paul
Chicago ...
72 50
New York
■••••• •....,,.
.   108 50
.   105 00
St. John,
.   120 00
St. Louis
67 50
Toronto  ..
• i** •••  <•■•(
94 40
•*      *■•       •*•       a
.   105 00
„••      ,,,      -(|      %
..   131 20
Sydney, C
B... ... .
.   136 90
'Tickets on sale Stay 4 and
18; June 5, 6, 19 and 20 ;
July 6, 7, 22 and 23, August 6, 7, 21 and1 22,, 1908.
First class round trip, ninety day limit.
, Soutes—Tickets, ar* food
via any recognised routes In
one or both directions. To
destinations east of Chicago
are good via the Great Lakes
For Rates. K,*,servations nnd «tiy in-
form-Uion desired call on or write
J. MOE.    .     G.K  Mcl'HERS'iN."
D. P A. G.P. A
Nelson Winnipeg
Go to
The Rinman Kaminski Co,
-For-   '
Groceries, Ory Goods
Boots -and Shoes
-West of Queen's Hotel     -
HOSMER,     B.    C.
.*4*X =—m '=—.**?=■*-: =-*= *.*.        '    &■
| Dray & Transfer Co.
All kinds  of
.   i.i    ii ,
|  Draying,.
Teaming and
Transfer Work
J Clapp & Letcher, Props.
OfT. Tel. 6 Residence Tel. 149
I'. 0.  Box 326
Cheapest House in Town
Conk  SmvpH   from 8.1.00 tt|i
lW'iU coiuplutu from $7.00 up
Sinjilc Cots from Wl.00 up
UroHKerfi from 90 00 tip
CotiuniiH from ijB.fiU up
, DrOHM'.rH, CommoiliiH, Hocluii'H,
Kiti'niiii cliiiirH, ('line, nillos,
Hnnd I'hIiiIimI Cliimi Wim\Grips
Complete House furnishers
II. M. TERRY. Proprietor
Next to Imiinrl'il Ifoicl  l!/n llitkur Axe
IVlcE wing's
Tabic Queen .Machinc-mnde
Is the kind you can enjoy three
times a day and seven days in the
week. Don't deny it to the
children between mealn, they
aro growing.
Our cakes and pastry nre of
the finest quality.
Ice Cream, Vruitn, etc.
Ih fifty tliouiMiul dnllurH, Thin  iilioiild brook Wft8 tho pianint, who with tlio
Ktvo llonmer a HtnntliriK ln tlie 1'iiHH. !Uftl|An     orctientra    furniabed    tlio
.7nek Merry wns l<i'l(*il on thc now ! mimic. MnuwrH. Voitwr, l**t». t*ua Kitx,
Htccl tlppln on Wcdni'Hdfty, 22ml. Thu
haiI nccUlent    occurred    nbout    ten
o'clock, the ilpccat-od fulling somo CO
fe«t.  There did not wem to ho nny
outward     idprm cf injury nn Derry
rcfviod h|.ii-.«*![ up, lmt h.', died twen-
ty-AVf nilnut«,B nftcr,   P*rry wan    n
pknirtn*  yri'in;' f/.H'.-r nnd liln 'loat''
Is  deeply    nvr«ttc.l    liy hl« fellow j mi's Mr«, fiourlny can ulvc point***..
workmen.   Opr*rnt<onfi on the tipple   to In thn nrt of daneinn*.
r'n.f*d UiT th* dpy„ Continued on nago i.
dron wero tho commltteo „l mnnftue-
ment nnd everything wns carefully
done that would insure huccchk,
At the Interval Mm. Wnllnre, who
in a i! If ted muAlcinn Rung and played
for a de!if*htr-d audience.
1 Cartage
Talking about    tho dance and the
pcoplr*,   xxhnt   <t iot     of the youn,*
Di'ali'is  in
Wagons,   Sleigh*,
Dump t'arii
All kimlx «
•<f  Spring Kig>i ami
Waldorf Block
rii.ii>.- tt
iu.-*. riwiu! #6
N'ow is tbe time to •ul.icrlbe
tbe DUtrlct Ledger.
Phone 1.1K      iix'i. i)j IVIhit Ave
*0<4*4**. /ViS**
*    ll/44V,V,l
and Em balm er
of the city
*i*4-.ll»4|4\ 1      .441 ,111-4 t   4-1     .*l4.44n ,44.4.^     |4*,>4|
AIIhtIh Untk-rtAkcrVtV Kmbrlner*'
Satiifuction Warranted
Picture   Framing and   Purniture
Repairing ia connection
Office  &   Parlors
iu1! Vii*t,irtn Aic- DISTRICT.LEDGER,   FERNIE,  B. C. JULY 25, 1908.
mm mmmu mm
„:...:.Over 300 War Vessels—Five Thousand Men in, $
as Many Minutes—Greatest Naval Display : ©
-London,.. "July   20-^Never   has  the
*'      v .   .* , .       . .        ,
-world •-' before . witnessed such a supreme display of naval strength, as
that which began at dawn 'on.Tues-
-day morning when at a given signal
v Britain commenced to mobolise 80
per cent, of her fighting ships on a
war footing to concentrate ''in the
.North "sea for an important series of
0   manoeuvres. «• ■   ' ^
The total number of men-ot-war of
.all classes engaged in the North sea
•operations will be no fewer than 311.
*Of these twenty-nine are battleships,
twenty-four armored cruisers, tbirty-
six protected cruisers, forty torpedo
■ boats,    thirty    submarines,  and the
rest made up of mine layers, torpedo •
gunboats, und attendant vessels.       , j
Ten oiuccr.-. command this magnifi- j
■ cent   array—namely, Admiral    Lord]
Charlesi   Beresford, in the King Ed-!
ward VII;   Vice Admirals  Sir F.  C. ;
"Bridgeman,   and     Sir     A. Berkeley ",
Milne,     in the Dreadnc.usr.ht aud Hi-'j
bernia     respectively.; Rear Admirals ;
A. J. Foley, Fton. S. C. J. Colville. !
A. M. Farquhar,  J. Davison, C. H. *
Adair and G. A. Callaghan in     the \
London,  .Bulwark,  Prince  of  Wales, i
Leviathan, Drake and Shannon; and |
Commodore     Lewis     Baylcy in the
The,  home "fleet's   three divisions
from Sheerness, Devonpost and Portsmouth were ordered to muster in the
Downs off Deal,' the anchorage taken
•up extending over three miles    from
•off Walmcr castle to Sandown castle.
One hundred ships should have    anchored on Tuesday night, but sudden
fog materially interfered with the ar-
. rangements, and it was impossible to
---ascertain"the exact number that had
-,,got into     position.   The,.oattleships
-and   cruisers will remain     in    . the
Downs  until   Saturday,   when     they
will be joined,, by the Atlantic   fleet,
, and then proceed to the North Sea,
where the channel fleet" now in Nor-
.wegian waters, will meet them.
■■'At Davenport and Portsmouth * on
Tuesday, „ despite the fog, mobolisa-
tion work was carried but with   the
night," the-1 tradesmen of that town
who have contracted to victual them
Were', owing to the fog, much exercised as'to how they were to get the
provision's off to the ships. ■ *   "
All the' bakers in the town were
busily engaged on Monday uuder sub-
coutnicts preparing .bread,-"to the
fleet to the extent of one.hundred
thousand' pounds. Butchers on similar condition's were busy dealing with
trainloads of beef and mutton .which
arrived from the London markets,
while at Dover a contractor was, at
his wits' end to get-off about 100
tons of potatoes and a large quantity of other vegetables for the use of
the various crews.
Respecting the free Admission
of -Atimals for Improvement
;;;pffStock   yy;
On July 1st there came into efiect-
new regulations regarding the custom entry of animals imported into
Canada for the. improvement of stock.
Heretofore alf "certificates of registration which were apparently genuine were accepted by custom officers
for,.the purpose of free entry. Under
the new regulations either a Canadian certificate of registration pr an.
important certificate as the case may.
be must be presented.
Canadian certificates - of registration must be presented at the port
of entry for the following classes
and breeds:— • .
Shorthorn,     Ayrshire,     Hereford,
French    Canadian,. Galloway, Aberdeen-Angus, \' Red     Polled,    Jersey,
Guernsey and Whirseln.
A new
The tig
b lac k
No Man Knows When the Moment of
1 .Unconsciousness Comes.
, There is a remarkable fact connected
with sleep which must-not. be. over-;
lpoked.   The", sleep of si human being,
if 'we are not too busy to attend to the
matter/always evokes a certain feeling
of awe. -Go into a room where a person is sleepingTnhd it Is difficult to
•resist the sense that one is in the presence of the central mystery of exist-.
2270    -.v*■:■--      •.  *    ,'   •'*-■",      -_;ence.   People wlio remember how con-
stantly they see old Jones asleep in
,; the club library will smile at this,obut
— —       ,   ■ :—-• ] look quietly  and  alone even  at old
]■:   ,.* ..■■■  :"   - - ,v i "moving" because it looks'like death.
The person'wh'o Is'breathing so loudly
as to take nwuy'ull thought of death
causes the sense of awe quite as easily
as the silent sleeper who hardly, seems
to breathe.     '■
We see death seldom,' but were it
moro familiar we doubt if a corpse
would Inspire so much awe as the un-
-Nurveying; Protecting mi
«   Planting Forests
"rapidity ana precision of^a fine piece
of machinery. . , '
when the' fire is too large for them
i to handle,alone.   They also post fire
•At Davenport at seven o'clock ln>tices and ln&ruct thesettlers ,M
the;morning   three-thousand, sailors , to (,thc dknger    from ■ the care
and five, hundred marines paraded at< ary in guarding fireSf &M ^
their, respective  barracks,   embarked ! ilar points, and endeavor ,to secure
in   tugs and, were conveyed to their, their*   a-8Blstance  Md   co.opwatloIIp
.respective ships.   Within an hour and  This lasi'is npt the .^        •
_ a half of the order to mobolise every ■ part ot their duH*      Qn
n«l'.^:„     r «   in ' i   •   !    01-vdesd&le>.    Hackney,  Shire, Per-
uoniinion Government Work,micron, ^0^1^.^, Belgian and
p •.       rw    .    .. ' .      I French Canadian.
PONIES.    .     '"
Shetland, Welsh), New Forest, Polo
and Riding, Esmoor, Coniiemara' and
Hackney.   ..,, ,
Yorkshire,   'Berkshire,   Tamworth,
Chester' White, Poland . China, Duroc
Jersey, Essex' and Victoria.
, '   SHEEP.
Shropshire, Blncoln,  Oxford Down,
Dorset, Southdown, Hampshire    and
Leicester. - '' -
The Canadian records for all above
mentioned breeds with the exception
of that for Holstein cattle are conducted under the Canadian'National
Records, Ottawa. .The Holstein record is located at St. George, Ont.
In making application for the registration of, an imported animal the
foreign certificate of registration in
addition tb; tlie usual application
must be forwarded. -   '
There are from time to time animals imported into Canada of breeds
for which there are no Canadian records. _but_whicli_Rrp.jrrecorded in-
of   records of one of the fol-
recognised, foreign associa-
i   .The forestry branch of the depart
j ment of the interior deals only with
j forestry worlc on lands. belonging to
I the Dominion government, and hence
its     work is' confined to Manitoba,'
Saskatchewan,     Alberta     and,   the
"railway belt" in British Columbia.
This branch is at present worumg
cbicfly   'on three lines, viz:   '})   the
protection of existing forests     from
fire; (2) the survey of the forest reserves,   including  the  estimation    of
the timber, on these <reserves, both as
regards the timber actually standing
jon     the   reserves    and  ,the   future
j growth;' (3) the free distribution, of
seedling trees and cuttings to farmers in the prairie provinces.
The system of fire protection on
Dominion lands is similar to that in
use in the. provinces of Ontario and
Quebec, in that,rangers are .employed to patrol ^the forests* put out in-
Rojesvensky Dies From Injuries
Received in Naval Battle,
Bade'nichim,' ' Germany, July" 22—'
Vice Admiral Rojestveiiski, who com-'   conscious and sleeping' figure—a snill-
manded     the ill fated. Russian fleet, * ing,'irresponsible doll,.flesh' and blood.
which was annihilated by the Japan-   ,but »n(lo'1,t*J wholu In a second may
,,   • , T •• be called n proud, active, .controlling
•ToL011,.th,C,8ea. , °f Japan ln' May' consciousness which will ride bis bodi-
1905, died here last night from heart iy aud his mental horse with''a baud
trouble.- ~ of Iron, which will force, that body to
It is believed that the heart affee- endure toll nnd misery and will"make
tion ' resulted from injuries received that mind, now wniid'erlng lu paths of
by .the admiral in^the battle of the   fantastic* folly, grapple, with some great
problem or'throw all Its force into tho
ruling, the saving or the destruction
of mauklud. The corpse is only so
much jjoue, muscle und tissue; the
sleeping body Is the house which a
quick and eager "master'has only left
for an hour or so.
Let any one who thinks sleep is not
a mystery .try to observe In himself
the process by which sleep comes and
to notice how and" when and under
,what conditions he loses consciousness.
He will, of course, utterly fail to put
his finger.on the moment of sleep com-.
B. E.:WALKER, President " "-" -
ALEX. L4-UKD,; .General Manager,   ,|.
Paid-up Capital; $10,000,000
Reserve Fund; -   5,000,000
Branches throughout Canada,'-and in tlie United States and;Eng!and'
-. ;■ -f.
Deposits of $1 and upwards are received and interest allowed at current   ■'
rates".- ^Accounts may be opened in the;'names of two ..or": more
.' ;;.-.\.  persons; withdravvals to be made by any one-of the      ' ■ • ..   .
'••■■'■. • -,-,'- number or by the .survivor." .  .    ....,-,-       lit      c ,,
man was in his place on board ship.-: un(!ei.    license
In all four battleships, ten cruisers, j ranging is
withn   a dozen destroyers and three; aIui nai*
large new torpedo boats had     their
nucleous   crews brought up to
es.   On timber land
one half^ the cost of
paid by thc government
by the lessee;1 on lands not
under license the government     pays
war j the whole expense.
strength.   At S    o'clock on Tuesday     Tk   .     . ..    ,
The Dominion forest reserves were
set    aside   by act of parliament in
1006 and cover an aggregate area of
5,*100 square miles in Manitoba. .Sas-
. i.     , katchewan, Alberta and British Cnl.
two   scouts, four torpedo gunboats,' limhl.    T1   ',„_, °'
,   , '    limom,     1110   forest   SUI'VeV  wnrlf       nti
one     mining    ship,  twenty-four  de-  thesc ,.     „mv  .    .,    ^ ' ,°rk     °n
„4. , . , uiesic  is p now  in  its fourth season
atroyers, and eight torpedo boats-1 hav,nf,   ,H,en "enS0n
ni^ght  the  entire division  sailed  i'or |
the Downs. ,
At  Portsmouth   flfthy-nino ships-
three   battleships, sixteen)    cruisers,
were put on a war footing, Nearly
live thousand mon with thoir kits,
marched from tho naval and marine
-depots within live minutes of receiving order.'i, nud went on board the
ships wlthom the least confusion, a
piece of worlc which Is justly claimed
as a triumph of orgnnlnntlon.
begun in 1903.   Such
surveys of the Turtle mountain    in
Mnnitnhn   „*,., a, 4 (German   coach);   Verbnnd dcr Pfer-
Manltobn, and Moose mountain, Ran.  aozuchtor     ,n    den
sea of Japan.
Sinov Potrovitch Rojestvenski was
about sixty years old and for many
years bore the reputation of being
one of tho most cool, headed and
scientific naval ' officers in the' RusT
sian service. He distinguished..; himself ., at the Russo-Turkish war in
1877, and rose rapidly in the naval'
serviee.       ,. ■ v ■'
During tlie, late war between Russia and Japan, the latter country
ted on the ground that he was not
having, scored great advantage .on',-ing, but iii striving'to get as close as
land Admiral Rojestvenski was   or-y.he can to the phenomena of p'eep ha"
dered early in August 1901, to have J will realize how' great is the iuystery
his squadron in readiness to, proceed   viich lie is trying to fathom,
from the Baltic arourid",to.. Vladivostok.   This proved to be one of the
most remarkable .voyages ever made,
and resulted in the annihilation ■■■ of
the Russian Baltic fleej-.,, in the famous battle of, the Sea of Japan. :  A
naval court of enquiry later presented
Plenty of Variety, but Too Much Salt
For American Palates. "
!'I am afraid you won't like it." said
the young Japanese baron." "You ln-
an -indictment against Admiral [ slsted,*though, on a real Japanese dln-
Rojestvenski for surrendering to the ) ner.- So wbat-Vvas I to do?" .
enemy, but the admiral was "acquit-j -They c seated themselves.; the .three
in his full senses. He was found un-: girls and he. upon the green silk cush-
conscious from,his severe injuries by ! Ions placed on a parquetry floor about
the Japanese.'and therefore was not   a,little table a foot high.   A Japanese
servant "entered with' the tea, and. the
Japanese dinner begun."
For first course there ..were isweet bls-
cuit'and tea—dellc;ite tea of the AprU
harvest,   "first   chop"   tea.; formerly
served with cherry' spoons arid a poem*
for each guest. -° ■ *
Next came ushlo, a salty soup, with
which.the national.,wine, called'sake,
Pernio  Branch
'  .IT.   L.   Edmonds,   Manager
Have-You Connected
" *   . -    «   .
with the Sewer?
*?.        r,                             '                                                                         ,     ^
•    *
1                                            '                               4,\                                C
Two Cars of Sew- ,
er   Soil   Pipe   and.
Plumbing Supplies
1  -,   . ■'•
Please    call    and
get -prices       \          '
''-''■:■   ,
J.   P.   QUAIL
,    ,    Hardware    and   Furnitu
'--..-        ' '"     ,  0      '   - .■ ■■■'-.■ •   :,..'. .,,
■ <►
accountable     for what happened at
the time of,the surrender.
'■ 3 *"-
 ■ O    " v
The  Veracious  Na>-rativt.   01   its
.ing, Baking and Sals,
" "How dUTMiuppHir tu iit'i-imie a In1
tei^lerk"?''h'epiIeTl"nYt' iiiun liVlifiirrflir
desk.' "Well. It' wsis tills wny: I nsci!
to   be  11 . ssillor..,,'. Tliut   w:is   wheiv- •'
lei.rned about whnliv..   .in f:u-i. 1  wm
second mute of the first Iron ship tlin
ever  roundi'd   tlu>  norn.. hound   frou
Boston to'Sau  KhiiU'Isi-o. Knuleil  wit!"
Hour, yeast und suit to.furnish j-rnli i>"
the Cnlifornlii  miners soon, nftor tin'
civil war.
Qi j    *;\Ve got .around the Horn nil rlgli..
when we, run Into.about the worst In-
Suffolk   Horse  Society    of   Great
Britain;     Cleveland Bay'Horse' Society of Great Britain and Ireland ;
Yorkshire   Coach horse Society
Great'Britain and, Ireland; American | of ,mithol. ,,,,... ,,„,,„,,,, „„ . t|u> ,,,, .
Morgan Register Association; Arneri-j eillc. -Iron ships were un experlnieiii
can "Saddle Horse Breeders' Associa- then,-and we i-oon round iiiirselves In
tion; American" Trotting Horse Re- fr.oul'10* T1,<' flV!i|* 'w""'1' ,lllll!s ^l"'111^
gist 1 Association, Commission des|the „|U.R0 To „;.„.„ ,„„„,-, -,()1,s(1
Agrlcultcurs do France (Frenchj the (lour Imrrel*- iiiid'.lioses of yoasi,
Draft);  Commission  des  Stud  Book ' [>i"»Vc* i«io»*o. mitl w|t!i tho i-otHu^ of llii*
des Chevaux de Dellisag (French
r.oach); ' Lahdwirthscheftlic'hon Haup-
teverein fur ostrricsland (German
coach); Znchtyurband"des Sudllchen
Zuchtejebletes (German Coach); Verbnnd dor Zuehtcr des Oldesberger
elegnnten   Schweren    Kutschpferdes,
Highland Cattle .Society of Scotland; Kerry nnd Dexter Herd Book,
Dublin, Ireland; Sussox Hord Book
Society, Gront Britain ; Polled Durham BrccderB' Association, United
State.1*;   Nntioiml   Polled    Hereford
ni4,,,„„  , >   -     -■—    Holstelninchnn
..aUhewnn   reserves have been com-  Mcrrhom (Oldenberg)
t pletcd.   That of the Riding mountain !
j (Men.)     reserve ia now In its third'
season, but as the reserve covers  nn
jaren of over 1,500 squaro miles   the
1 work is one of considerable magnl-
At Sheerness similarly s.nart work  tulle.   Another party is at work this
wns done.     All     the nucleus ctowh j season In "The Pinou" reserve,     In
of tho vessels were brought up to full; the neighborhood   0f Prince Albert
stronBtli enrly m tho dny aiid beroro' .Sr.sk.
noon the majority of the vessels con,1   Tllt. hchme f)f freo rttatI1I„lMnil   n.
W.UHK  principally  of  torpedo  boat  trees   to , farmer*,  operuted  by  th
dostroyet-H, wete ready to «(lll. Kore8trjr „..„.,,,,  ,„  [„„  ^ ^
An improsslve fnct In connection ')ftrt °' H» work. Hinco its' inception
with moblllmitinn in such strength is ' '•■ 1!lt)l thero had been dlstribiited a
tlifit ut nil the naval tnt.tbllHhineiitH, • t,,tnl °l eleven million treys-more
whnt is known uh u wur fomplcmont t'mn enough to plant 11 double row
has born left nftcr Mln,*- up ull thn ' of lrc(*s. 'our feet apart each way,
thrco liundrml nud more -dilpH which"'"-long ench side of the C.p.H. track
me tn take purt in tin- miinoriuvrcn from ^'"'t William, Ont., to V.n:c.J.n ■tllln; Wi-nidnydnli' I.oiiic Wool Sheep
in the North Sen. The inoliilimitlon Vl*r' n-c- ''''>o nvernK0 hmii i,i:t eucli ! IJ,wlo>,H' AsHoelntion, Great nrltnin;
hua, tin ratm,,, |,.fi u conHidurnblp re* ■Ii»,|il".' '"r the past live yeais- u tv.o Wnti]i 1|,llCM ^iccP Hn-i'derH* Ausocln*
Hldiium in confirmation of the recent  ,nl1"0"' Tl"1 trees are ru!-.i.d ut   tlio   tlon' rirci,t ••r^"l'11
Assoclntlon, United States.
Blnek Pig Society,     Gient
Sudolk  fsheep Society,  GVent Drl* i
tnln;Kcnt and Itomncy Mursh Kheop
nwodorH' AnHOPlntlon, Grent Urltnin; ■
('hiiviot    Hlicep   .Society,  Urcnt Brl-'
ship we soon liuil It nil. mixed up t»
gether. - Iu other.-wm.-.Im, tlio whole
ship below dec!<s''wiis Cull of dough
that the rolling ol' the ship kneaded
Just ns ii reguhir breiidinul-liifj niiiehlne
does out lu ihe kitchen here, And It
hegiui tn rb'e
"We fiiKicned down the, hiitches ii;
llrst. but snon luul to tulic iheni ml on
Hit* lower ili'cksi or the expniulliig dough
would burst the ship Anil we put mi
nil' K-timni fnr Sun I'mnelsco We
crossed the emi-itur like 11 nice hmrp
und there we ui.-itli* _mir secoiid grent
nilstnke. .The sl.'nlu mi the eni'liiei'
nuised them to hreiil. down, so we hud
to Jji) tit hull' sj.ecil. mill We were ill n
Htnii'lstMI I'm' two wholo diiyH rlglii
there under 11 iniriihiuHUii The storm
we hnd run mil of, nud the wonlliw
wns rleiir nml inn    Whew! ■
"Then wi» i:i!| ruder Cull steiiin nwnlu
"lid I'lou'ed nmi!> tn the (iii.'den (inte
ivi'.il 11 deck h.inil x'lttliiit 'iu the sulci
"I! !""■ I'lll'    V.'c     i"H  ,'.    (lid    h>t(.        T|;,.
tl'i'plc hi ui imd Mr. ■-(■ I t!i;t| Hlilplmiil ir
1,m till   liitu mic  Ihici-  Imit of   lireiul
ilnu  t.i tret H nm ui' the -lilp wiw 11 :
'lUeill.ill j
"The invuc!*1!.  \: Im  were tlie i'il|ililili '
",l,'l  itiie  nl   mil   iiiisxeliMerK,  snld   tin- j
• hip |i>,*t '\t -lie iirrlved t'nr miljhnli
'vh.it ilie,\ h.nl 1 •:. 1:1 Cut her new In Itn'-
mi I'Ut the Lev iiv.Ti'i- Wiix ll uenlllf.
!'•' pin Cie bn;": ,* iniin'i"* t'» curl, with
,; t  Ui :>v.\ -\\ ,• i.|.- .'iiMllltf mil I lie l>! 1.
1 'd •■■ 11 11 ill iln- i'.i'enl' .*?! 11 ihnvi'llui
''   •.'.'ll- I'ie  1 lie  I   Lieilll  Mill III' IIliv  mie
The third course was a little raw fish;'
very salty and steeped in a sour and
appetizing sauce. Tho guests, contrary to their expectation, found the
raw fish no more difficult to eiit than
raw oysters. With tills course went a1
salad of white chrysanthemums.
The elaborate fourth course, consisted of boiled chestnuts nnd 11 pnste of
sharks' fins, quail rousted and hashed
owith preserved .cherries, nnd crawfish,
with pggs. These viands were nil arranged decorativply on ono large dish.
The fifth'course, nlso on one dish,
wns, boiled bamboo shoots with soy,
snlted mushrooms nnd a.cold- boljed
snlmon nnd cold boiled* "perch, 'with
pickled shoots of the ginger plnnt.
Noxt'cnine n soup of sen weed, bitter, snlty. decidedly good;,next nn assortment of nuts boiled In soy, next
snlt relishes; next delicious boiled
rice, the grnlns ns lurge ns cherries,
nnd, to conclude, ten ngiiln.
The young girls ns they roso from
their low cushions nnd limped about
in the effort to got'tho stiffness out of
their legs snld, thnt the Jnpnncso dinner hnd boon vory good, rcnlly much
better thnn thoy hnd counted on, biit
porhnpa n little too snlty for oecldontnl
A 8hovver Woddlnjj.
"And you nny when tho botrosa bo-
enmo the wife of the, foreign noble-
mnn It wnti 11 shower wadding?"
"I should suy eo.   The biido woro a
•showor bour-uot,"
"And then thoro wns n showor of
j    "My!"
j    "Followed by n showor of eongi'ntii*
1 IntlmiH nud old shoe!*."
I    "Well,  woll!    And how did  It ond
j up?"
)    "Vory oiuIjiiituhkIiik nil round.   Tho
, nobleman's erodltorri on mo nround and
proHontod n Hhowcr of IiIIIh."
4 BURNS & CO.,
UMITM       *
Wholesale & Retail
Always a choice supply of Beef, Pork, Veal,
■ Mutton,  and . Lamb oii; hand. -Harris/
Bacon, Lard, Butter and Egg*s.    ..   ; .
Our Specialties
Fresh,   .Smoked   and   Salted   Fish,   always a
good assortment.    Try our.Mince
.   Meat, Saurkraut niul Oysters.     ,.
All the leading lines of
high class Chocolates
and   Confectionery
FERlHlIS*.   B«  C*
■ *i
'i  [
I'   I" V,
i\ I'
At Good m th» Zoo,
"Will you (.'nun' wllh nn- to tho two
thlN iirti'niooiiV" >■'
".Vo. tliiinl. yntii I wotild raittur Hloy
nt homo.    My (•blent ilinmlM-ir Juinpti
ndmlrnlty Htutnncnt that tho reini-
Iftr perionniil nf the diet |h ndi-ijimtf.
for (.hi, mimiuiitf of the inltlnl wnr
fleet, without I'allinu up a idncle rt-
Quite npurt f-.un thf n.i.-hty North
fioii nHNiimblflk-o Ilritflln Iiiih four
battlchhlpH «<f the Atlnntlf* Meet, ihe
crulnor-biitilMiipi Indf-rnltabln nnd
Minotnur, nnd two protected crulHcm
•which tiuvf ticfn nttnrht-d for the
1'rlnee of Wuh'i vl«dt tn fanndn; tbp
4.4.-    I 	
  •     ■ ■*•*.   ..it., t n-,11 n||    liH-l,
comprlhirii{ t»« bnttlchl:ii.« nnd tevtn-
tnen other vum-jln; the i-hipR ' whidf
cnn»tltutt<    th« ffiKtrrn fleet (China!
nurHf-ry   nt    Imlim IUm«,
ED HIM 9100,00.
*i. Ibxj-mi I had a very seveio at*
tack ot diarrhoea," nay« R.     S,
r Tartar   of Cat Island, La.   "for
(.uvoral week* I waa unable* to do
•jtiyihint*.   On MnrMi 1R. 1M7      T
Ilrltluli Gont. Boch-ty.
Socloto Ccutriilc d'Aarlcnlture   dt<iii
Mfll'V    "ttli.lft1*   rnrl»i.«   W-IpH"! '
Annum Hii' w.iti'im nwui'il b>  ?..tti*> i
■••lli.irt   X\[\n ;i in, ,u  Nil   JM'I   W.llfll   111 H j
iii.-c ol f:,v-.(ni    iiitli,.iii,v tin- iimsi h> ■
luirkiibU* »tiii> in i....r «.')!Iti«,ilitn i":s,J l!»«
'Jad 1-,     similar attack, and took -.   .„
Chambfjrlain'a Colic, Cholera and .    " return to lI" '""porter the for-
Dlarrhooa   Remedy,     which gave  elRn <:ftrtll,cntn to which will ho at*
u-0    1-Jompt   relief.   I coailder it : tftC,,°'' ,in '"'Port certlficnfe     which
IiMt Iiidim, tho f*aT»«. ,m\ Auntral*   >1»4 in the world; ftnd had I used   w,n he nuthorlty to the custom offl-
■»■  *br> ben medicine* of     its  «r to admit the nnlmul duty tree, A
■t  m  lnoa bdifve it would hav* : nominal chnrfte will he made by the
savr**! me a hundred dollar doctor' N'ntionnl Record for thlt snrx-lee
tiill."   .Sold »*y ftll dnijxffiets.
inn iiquiulrons, connlKtinj» of about
titty M-nh^iii, nnd f-rvfr.'il vtm-rlN net-
Inu nn t-Tidcr-, to nnvnl '-Btabllsb*
When the pjudu r.f the Homo fleet
began   to nrrirc   «»ft Dtat Tueuday
|d'uiix Hcvi'dh, France; Smd Ilooku bl\
i JiickB nud Jennotu of Hpnln. I
i   To Hccure trei» runtom entry tor tin '
nnlmnl no recorded it Is nccpR3nry to j
! forward   to the Canadian National j
j Records, 'Ottawa, thc foreign ccrtlfl-1 ':;'" "'h.l'h  "'••'• ii'i|ui'iM!ii'd tn Mnr;
jcftte of rcjjlHtrution.   Tho accountant I !..,1i!!rn!l,,„!",'!f TJl' '<! ^,T,r„, ,'!• «!ir..!!'
u.  u.t, Minnumri    SntUmal Records   , f"„„.' 'i[,','„ "w^\ ,•'.',„ ^ii uf rt.'-ai'u
tin' wyl.'if mi.l 1'.. |iiiiiik:i*.H'| At th
'■■u-rt'ii' tin- »l;u;i <v.ii4 Tlnif. mill nt tin
ti'I* of tin- I11--I1I <\-i'"i' till' Uitnli'ti "
K«Jfii .:in| tin' in:i-|!lxliii. The U'lit*;.
wm<* Aficintl 1 y it-1 ••r*-IiitJ[ tin' nl.ull In
• |.N« wilt :i ri'i<!.' "iifiiMnn nf Ibi' lj«»f■
(   f.lJJlilV HUMMIIili!..) \,y iill.'-fbi.   Ulllll* lh-
I *-lii'|-lifri!*j ittnl tliflr tlmkn wt-n* wo;
-.     .   t. \ *-!iilii!"j 1:1c UMiviu>ritr|irlMt   The w<Jtrl*»
sJmh ...iv     ""0"»fttl°n i* desired j Mrm.*.l tti,* bmli., .,,,,*',. rdf dhii i>hn.
'«tich will be gu-tplied on applications «■«-• ihi-i«l.-v
"I v.„    ,1 „ mi. »«H.H-..I..I i.i.itf i |iJ((, « W|M «ou'* "'.v »-«»iWHt Hlirioki i
„ ,] v t,,.., , ..,,,  ,v,„„ „ ,';,,„,|, „.,,.... : MKo n imrrot. uiy hoii hi uh Hiirly mh a
v*'n Iii liuil ' ri-.iil 1 |iwt iintiiriilly wt»n. i
i:i*ii iht* ii'i liH'j i'ii4i||ni>M tiivuflt, mil'   .
•ill!'-   ll.'..     I    I.. ..,:u..   ilXMMdiltcil   Willi !   ^.r°HA..4'':VH    '    nm    °%m^    M1<0    "n
■'if li/cl l.:i- |:>i"i     I'miit:   Show till*
.•■.'iirh'iiiiiii tn thf 1 .iiit."
buur, my wlfi> kiiiii)'* I Hie u don*, und
my inothcr-ln-lnw, who N n vniitnblo
omiijf outntiK. So. you Hue,"I hnvo no
iit'tnl to (to to the koo to Hfo olritneo
The Time is at Hand
Tlie   Season  is    Here
Screen Doors, Ice Cream Freezers,
Boys* and Girls' Wagons,
Garden Hose and Visiting: Tackle
And ns usual wc arc right on deck with the most
complete and varied assortment of these lines
carried in the city,   Our policy is fairness to every
A Dlfftrenee,
-iouiik AHpfrmit—Kir, tuny I count on ■
yt-uj1 tnnnwl.Wi wc';   Vrui.il*j*il Utkcit
—Tlu't dci»L'iid8. yoiiiij* man.   .Vro you
got     to run for olllco or do you want I
to tiinrry my dmiKhtor?- H ;
our congenial clerks only live  for  the
if -situ.*.,111' ««*iu  dcillOllaliitliiik'   tile  inciita
one and
p'tcusuic ui  ■shu.'.iiig
uf our vatioui line*.
Call and see us when in need.
Hi»  cnnmierH   twice   who
hlmaclf In rictory.—8yruB.
Chicago, July 22-Uy unanlmom
opinion of the TJnlteil Rtate.s circuit
court of appeals for the seventh district, the fnmntii rnne nt the (jftvern*
ment against the Standard Oil company of Indiana, In which the latter
Whimster 8t   Co.
Headquarters  for   Hardware in   East   Kootenay
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s >
Increase Freight-Rates Cnly
'/, Solution of fmanciai^Pro-
bicm Says liin Hill
-'' New .York,«'July: 22—James J. Hill,
-'cliairmaa' of the Great Northern railway, is of .the opinion ■* thaf-'the only
solution of ithe. financial prohle'm that
■ confronts the'railroads.is"*an increase
iin freight rates. "Mr. Iiill is strong-
, 'ly opposed to a cut in wages as'   a*
' .means of increasing the' net earnings
'-' of railways.. He ' has just returned'
from a fishing trip in Canada and
made tho following statement today.
"What is the 'alternative hut to
'raise rrtea?" The credit ot *•*<-'" ral1'
roads'has .been seriously impaired.
The way to enhance credit is to in-
' crease rates,   The manufacturers who
'• decry any advance in rates fail, to
appreciate that without an improved
credit, the railways' will be unable-to.
"'- expend the hundreds of millions
which hitherto have made prosperity
possible   to themselves and employ-
' ees. Wages- should not be cut. Efficient labor is essential to ^successful
,  operation.''      .  ■   '' ;,.,'•    *•
-Railroad    employees have peculiar
■ responsibilities; theyi have to meet-a
hard test.   They should-get' fair re-
' compense."
At Vernon jn- Kipst-AttradiYe
v; Program Arranged    im
' For some.time past, the executive
board "of the Western Canada Irrigation .^Convention;" has been, holding
regular - weekly,5" meetings* in Vernon
to make- * preliminary arrangements"
'for''the Irrigation convention to,, he
held in that" city during.the" Veek;he-
_ginning August 10th'and'the success^
of* that,,,  important gathering-now
.seems assured.'  '.V" .',
•* Among the "interesting papers that
will be read are: One on.!'The law
relating, to the use of water for Irrigation," by J. S. Donnis;'1 assistant
to second vice president Whyte of the*
C.P.R.^' one on the "Grey Canal Irrigation system," by, A.F. Ashcroft
of .Coldstream; one on "Irrigation in
its relation to Forestry," by senator
W. 0. Edwards, etc., etc.
,' A most attractive feature will be
the three days, excursion to points on
Okanagan Lake, planned so aa to
give the visitors an opportunity to
observe all the irrigation systems at
present in oporation in the valley,
Leaving, Okanagnn Landing early in
the morning of Thursday tho 13th
inst., the'flrst stop will bo mado at
Kelowna, whore arrangements    have
.been mado to drivo the dologatoe
ovor the systems of tho Kelowna
Land and Orchard Company, and of
the Central Okanogan Land Orchard
Company, Next morning nn early
start is mado and stops arc mado at
Poochlnnd, Sum-norland and Nnra-
niatn, at' all of which tho visitors
are .insured n most cordial and en*
thuslrustic reception. After spending
the night at Pentlcton, early on Saturday morning, tho'return nortli it
bogun, tho trip winding up with a
visit to Oknnngnn Uontro, where ono
of the most Interesting Bystoms in
the valley will bo observed, tho Syphon principal boim,' employed to
carry tho water over a height of
Apart from tho moro solid benefits
dorivod from tho huslnoiis side of tho
convontlon thlH excursion to tho
most important points In tho famous
OkannK/in Vnlloy can not hut bo as
enjoyable ah it In certain to ho profitable and will, doubtloHH, attract
a larRO number of dcloi-ntcR to the
gathering, ,
I., IZ.'Z iiivm was a j*.eat dea»
of dlnnWa, ilynaUmy aJiJ cholera infantum. It wns at this time
that Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy was flrst
brought into use. It proved more
sueeeenful thnn nnv nthor TKitifdw
or treatment, and has for thirty*
Ave years maintained that record.
From a Bmall beginning Its tale
and uso hat extended to ewry
part of the United States ind
many foreign countries. Nino
dm-fcists out of ten will recommend ft when their opinion is mIc
ytnxigh they have other mtdi-
elne* that pay thenx ft -jniAter profit. It ran always he depended
unon, even fn the most severe wid
-ft,**,.**»*,* ta«*i. For sale by all
Ghost  of  Loehrain
'..-. //'
>,      .' :■: ;By: Mrs.. C.KV Williamson
; •;   . \i Author of "The Princess Passes," "The: :   ;
Lightning Conductor," Etc., Etc.
#.'   Copyright 1S06 by Mrs C.X. Williumson    ;, '" _     '    "*.       "    '    .- i
mt; myssn a oi« present, -ion-xnow
the Rudepolskio diamond? Well, I've
rot" it—(rot. it on-me at this moment;
li vou"—'■■'    ■
\ "Oh, Mr. Kenrith", "you- foi-pet, wall;-,
'mve'ears, oven walls .of railway onr-'
rinses!" ■ cried Lady Lambart. - ""Yo-/
oughtn't to .speak out such ..-state se\
;rets) except .v.j'ii' you are', qu:*.o,
'quite alone,'with your most'.tiTs-tjf'
friends, und even then in n whispar."
Kenrith liiuifhcd.- "I rather thin':
['in able to. look after my property,
'■'lis isn't the'first jewel I've carried,
-bout, and oven now "it isn't the only
•-pe'l—" " .     ,
' "You   really   mustn't,"   she   bro'-c
n.   "Yon  must -.send your vnlvtiib!'-';,
'o be locked anfely» up in a bank di--
.-sctly we arrive" n{ our journey's end
or J shall not hnve an.easy moment-
'jv night or by day." -.
"You nre'ver:' kind, to take, nn,
•nterosl." siiicl tho millionaire."      . .
■ElspsU.'s ears Un-rlod. "She stii'l
b'jfoie T was of no move consequence
'/.\n\\ a servant, - and now slie tn':os
ho for a pov—or a Ui'ief." tlio pirl
thought. , "1 hope I. don't, look like',
•".ther; but thar*; T suppose, it in iiii-
pri'.denl of \v;n to talk' like that."'"
She. remembered .tiiat.nirionjr, other
things-she hnd'.ivod of John Konrith.
■vas~tho „iact that be collected rare
Jewels, his, on? piece of self-indul-
•rence.''*'Now- --he had no longer-n
-.'.ov.bt of the identity bf.,ihis,'Mr. Ken-
ith.    " .;-'"...-'
"By tho way. yo-j'll find ainMhft.-
""riend., at Locliiiiin." remarked the
•"lancapliire jnai!,. .changing the subject. "Captain .Oxford,, whom I'linp-
osned to 'rur ,ic;oss a day or two"
'ipo, Mold ' nie be was starting lnct
night and msant to-spend a fortnight
or" longer,"nt th'T. hotel. That o!dJ
wound in bis arm is .troubling him.J
it seems, and he thought the Hydro—"'
. "How very vexatious!" exclaimed
Lady Lambart.     -,
• Her tone • was so tremulous -with
surprise, and annoyance that Elspeth
glanced up in swite of herself. "
<-Lady, Hilary's lovely face,was scarlet, and, \thourii her big A'iolet eyes
were giving at tlie flying landscape.-
Ellspeth: wns r,to,- feminine not to be
sure the girl'felt, the', angry, .suspi-
.cious' flash, her mother'sveyes ;darted
at' her. .The atmosphere of the car-"
"riiige had"-suddenly "become mysteriously electric.'" -• "\ >-"' .-'
-."I vthought he _was>. ii'friend of
yours," said Kenrith, innocently. . .
undesirahle' Joiing man," ' returned
Lady Lambart. "I hope; dear Mr.
1 Kenrith,'' if he' tries to force himself
upon us at Loehrain, as he is almost
sure to, that you will help me to—
er—keep him in his place.!', ■ ■
. "What is his place?" Kenrith• asked bluntly. "He's an officer and a
gentleman, and'a very good fcHow.as
well, as a brave one. That's my opinion of him.' ....
"Well enough,''from'ft man's point
of1 view,", said Lady Lambart, more
cently. "But I'm a woman, and Hilary' is a'\youns* girl, with no one to
watch over us. We must be careful.
Captain Oxford is dreadfully push-,
iric, nnd of course ho is nobody."
°'So am I nobody." >
. "How liko you to say that! But
vou had a name, even before you
made it, whereas Oxford isn't his
name, you know,, or Lnurenco either.
Really,' old Miss Laurence, who
iidopted him when lie was a wretched littlo foundling in Borne forei-in
place or other where she wan visiting, ijavo him hiB surname because
she lived in 0.xford. And ho hasn't
a penny exeopt tho few wretched hundred a year she loft him, I wondor
how ho niaimiros to scrape along in
the army "
'It's much to his credit that lio'u
got on so finely," said Kenrith.    ,
"In "hiit profoHiuon, yes; but of
oourso ho could nevor dream of nmr*
tying, nt all events, any girl in tlio
..tntion to which he Bcoma to aspire,"
replied Lady Lnmbart,
KUpoth beenn to feel ns if sho hnd
got. Into n story book fnr moro intor*
i-Hting thnn the one she wan trying
to read, "Whnt will thoy do whon
they boo mo'nt Locliiiiin'c sho won-
dored. But.Hho «oon decided thnt tin
CountosH of Lnmbart" wiw not n wn.
mm to caro much for tho opinion
ir thought** of n humble typist, eviMi
\l itha reujemborod that hIio hnd Boon'
•lie fncu bafore.
Tho journey did not ficen'i Ion; to
ho L'ii'L 'or 'io' l'»''li» teemed with
nil worts of interesting fnncloH, from
tho beginning to tho ond, The Htii*
Hon nt wliieh piiHRcngoi'H descended
or Locihruiii Ciihtlu Hydropathic Hotel wiih Unit of a unuill town, popular
nmong touriiitrt, and ho thoro wiib no
ronson why It Hhould occur to hor
follow traveler1*, that hor do«tinntion
wiii tho fiiime iih thoirK, Lochrnln
wn* live or kJx mlloH dhttiint, and'
J'.lHpeth Haw Iiim* three latu compiin*
ion*) go away in a very nmnrt motor
car, ho exai'tly like nevornl othors at
thc *tfit|on that nho f/uein-ed that tli«y
wero «ont by tho ninnn*/omont of the
hotel. Thoro were evidently a nump
hor of othor (riiontH for tho now and
fnnhloiinhlo Hydro, nnd eirjht or ten
of thflir rniiidR find vnh'tt d^pfirtr-d In
a bunoli in a ir*; iirl'ir omiiibiiH.
Evcrytlilng wn-- w> qnlcM) donetlmt
ElHpsili hadn'oi; tlihe't'o wonder whnt
WHn   l\t Oji'mli.'  in   111!I,   0.-.II.4.'  ll   \iiU4i
*'^t4fl VO"l •,*"'"-- "/lf.O-4 4,„,frt,,^f*      'j|Jj
tdcretnvy for T/f,<<!irnin Hydro*'"
"Voh," naitl I'llspeth, turning qulok*
ly, to hco, not a Korvaut, but n pnlo*
facftd. blftfik-f-vfil voims mnn. verv
well di'fHffd in dun. blue M*iry(>.
"I am Mr. Ciriint, Mr. .Metiownn't
OHHiHtnnt," ho nnmmnr-c'd, with hit' lint
off. "Mr. Mouownu winhed me to
moot and drive jou hack, *o that on
tho wny I mignt piepiuu you (or
somo of your duticH, and nave timo,"
"It will bo very kind of vou," unid
tho girl.
"I ahull be glnd to help you in any
way I uau," hu miMVrtiit-d, nnd hmklug
up, J'ltip<t(h tinugiit a iluoh in the
dark, deepsot eye* which cont/ndlctcd
*h* v/hite coiduee* ot (he fttoe.
:,-''.I wonder whethur-I'ui ^onv/. t.:.
.ike .Mr. Grant or not!',' she thov?"..',
;'he,look" in his ey/;s told'lieV that y.v:
.sale man M-as uol cnawivo of t'w iric;
"hat she was a pretty girl:"-
The. drivo to LDclirniri'wnR" a wfl-V;
and beautiful one, bvt Miss Smith's
eulogiums had not half, prepared her
for the ma**niiiceiieo.of the "place it-
self. *   ' . ,
- ."Why/ it's, like n srreat castle," and
'ias -the air of bsing lnindreds evd
'imidreds of years old!" bhe'exclaim*,
■■d in intense a'imiiation,'when the
•'dogcart Mr, Grant-.drove'had passed
through a park.- and- broujlit thorn
Into sight of a hrje. «ray stone pile
on a sli-jht ffiiassy elevation. But
-jveri before iicv.. corrpanlou replied-,
,he reinen>bercd bow Mr., Kenrith had
-inoken of "turniii" the old castle into
•i* hotel." , "        '.
"How delightfi'1," the girl went on.
"This-is even batter than I expected.
rl's  always been  mv  dream to live
IHere ite ure.ut Ui- ilour, ' said Mi fit ant.
in a place like this.   I do; hope it's
■' Mr.' Grant smiled rather- grimly. "
'"., "There are mo.e gruesome ' stories
told about Locnrain as it-used to be
• in the past than about almost aiiy of
tne feudal l'iduses, which is saying a
good deal, especially, in Scotland.
Aren't you afraid of ghosts?"
" "Npt in the. least!o.l don't believe
in them, though 1 love ghost stories
dearly,." she said. >
' ""Very^ well, then. ' I'll tell you
what I wouldn't have told you otherwise. It will no doubt please you to
hear that your room is in the, 'haunted tower,' ns it used to be called.
The Hydro is crammed for the sen-
son, and if you hadn't been put there,
you would hnve had to' be tucked
nway in ,an nttic. You'll find the
room- a nice one, so nice that Mr.
McGownn would have had to keep it
for guests, if it .hadn't, been for the'
ugly old stories- which, if any- ono
got to,know—as they most certainly
would ono way or another—would
have led to rows with the manage-
ment, So you nee, an ill wind has
blown you somo good—especially as
you're fond of ghost stories,"
"Whnt are' the stories about my
tower?" asked Klspetli,
"Here wo aro at the door," snid
Mr. Grnnt; and sho could not ruorh
from his tone if tho evasion of hor
question wns deliberate or not.
A queer Jittlo thrill crept throuph
hor voinn, such ns she had,never felt
bfiforo, Something noemed to whisper in her our thnt experiences—who-
thor ghostly or not—.would como to
hor at Loehrain, strange enough to
try tho brnvost spirit. And yot it
was a fashionnhlo Hydro, full of gay,
plousurO'Beol'ing pooplo, and sho wiih
only an insi*,»ni(leant little typist,
oomo hero to worlc for hor living in a
prosiae wny. nt two guinnnn a woolc,
'tciiRon Hiiid tliut imagination wii/.
flying away with her rwid f-cii'-o; and
yot tlio thrill nnd tho presentiment
. Elspetli Im'! only just time to.be
inipruKHod with the miKriilficoiico oi
tho gront Btoiia-pillni'pd hull, with ItH
vaut flruplupo, itii tiipiiHtiiei. and its
iiiic'ont n nn or, when hIiu waft hid
down a ci-mitieling corridor into a
.'iiniill room, wliuro who found liontulf
in .Mr, MeOownn'H inofiuiico,
lie was ii ohivor-looking, middhi-
iced 111:111, .'vi'lrntly n i.-untltMiiim,
\\t\\ u wonii'd, ovoi'-worlmd nir, and
inch kind oyi'H that Mli-piiih did not
,-(•,.;*lor- Hie iiiillimiiiiiu hnd \\,\t>A ami
',l;.!n.'d to hiitp him in hi* nmbltioui.
"ilut you nro n moro child," wok
!iii tfir>-t i'.\p!iuniitioii nn Hieing the
mw' htc»io|!iiv|i!H.'i'. Still hu did not
•1,'iMii wholly disappointed I" hor nji*
riutirniicn, KlHp-.th could mi holp
ihlnlflt'i-*! nnd «hon. to iniiw what
.Ma could do, •iho had taken down n
,4.11    .l.'.J'-J',       ,"..'.   .lV-J     .■.t.',.'.'livv»,      lll'l'l-
mt nn iMt'vit"' didny oi* heidtiitlon,
ho oxpi'o-iKi.d himself i-iitlhlled.
"You-will do vary ,. well, .Mihm
Duan," ho mild ptenniiiitly, "To-morrow mornim,* your work will begin,
•n ,i  .      •      • .   i     .... ■!* i   ..
to yov.r-elf; but komu time thin ovoning, when you nro rci-tod nftllir your
journey. I Hhould llko you *u come
here nwnhi, to learn what your work
ii to be."
"I rim not tired,'* Raid KlBpt-th light*
., **t ri,rv-.u »r tiled to hr'iif everything now. Wens you prefer"——
"Thnt will he Iwtter, if you mt
.■i|iiiil lo it, Will, (mhii il in tlm morning till IO.4K1 I hhnll be obliged if yoa
.rill be at my di»ponal hero, to an*
*w*r letter/), r« Mr, Grant is tngaged
then, ana can-only help me in-.'.r.i
evening. From'lfl.3G'.uniii 12.30 I huv«.
promised your seivices to Mr. Ken''
rith, who'has arrived to-day; th.ii.is,
I wired him I: would have an eiTicienr.
stenographer to ' work with \„ him,
which was the principal reason why
I wanted you'in such a hurry."
"I '.beg-'your?pardon, may l comei
in?" 3sked-a.voic3 at the door, which
was, slightly "ainr,. It was a man's
voice,, and^ spo'.co . with a niarked
'American,accent. ,- .'■
"Co.Tie ih,-Mr.."rpwbridge," replied
the manager'politcly, and a person of
Ettrikiug..appcnvance'.entered; a man
of thirty-two. or-three, perhaps, tall, *
cle.*\n-shaven;, .with" thick, fair hair
parted in the middle/dark brows, and
black-lashed,-.narrow, yet .bold, gray
eyes. He was handsome, exceedingly
.well dressed,.-with-an ■■ ir of wealth-
and prosperity which'1.' . almost aggressive. His glance,il,.,-it* for a few
seconds with flattering admiration
upon shabby" little -Elspeth; yet tho
girl was .ungrateful enough not to
like the newcomer,'
"So sorry ' to - interrupt, but .I'm
badly in'need of your help; Mr. Mc-
Gowan," gaid he, laughing in a
friendly way. "I'm a busy man, and
can't let everything slide, even up
here, while I'm taking a vacation.
My correspondence has run miles
ahead of ms. Can you recommend'
anybody in the. neighborhood who*
can write pretty" woll from dictation?"
"This young lady ' will be able to
help you, I think. She has just come-
to act as my secretary, but I can
spare her, for some hours a day to
guest? of the. hotel who want her' services.""   '
"What an odd coincidence, and a
lucky one for mo. Introduce me,
plcns-e," said Mr. Trowbridge; and the
stenographer i-hould have been more
.than ever fluttered thus to be intentionally (no doubt that it was inten-
'lionally) raised to a footing of social
iqunlity by a younp.-and handsome
nan,' evidently a person of import*
ince in the' world,   ~ ~ -      ■
Mr. McGowan obeyed, and, Mr.
Trowbridge made,himself agreeable
So Miss Dean, looking-at Jier with an
expression which seemed to say,
"What a surprising thing to find'such
a pretty girl in your position. I admire, you immensely, and want you to
lik6""me.f'      ■ ■• ...
Still1, Elspeth (lid" not like him.
"There's something that doesn't ring
true," she said-'to herself.-And she
did not believe that it .va's a coincidence that Mr. Trowbridge had happened to ask for a secretary, at the
• very moment when she had arrived.
She.had ah idea that,he had come to
Mr. McGowan's door with some.other
object, that he had.overheard a'word
or two of the conversation, and had
taken his cue from"it. Still, even if
she were, right in' <he surmise she
had to remind herself there was no
great harm in what Mr. Trowbridge
had done'..J-Probably the man1  must
-'want help with his, correspondence,
for she was-uot such a radiant beauty
, that lie should invent a need solely
'as an excuse for,enjoying her society
for an hour each day. Such things
might happen' in novelettes! but not
in  real-life; and in  any    case  ,-Mr.
.-Trowbridge - could  hardly   have  seen
her face, through0the crack of.the door-
before putting  his  question  to   Mr.
McGowan. --•  « <■
— 4ii~Jivr;~lillLluico—4U— 4^ «a^racm..iC4i— t'lion-
'Miss Dean should work for the newcomer for an hour.a day. She was~to
go to his private sitting-room from
six o'clock till seven each ' evening.
"That "time's to be mine from now,"
he said. ''If some'days I shouldn't
need you, why"if,you don't-mind I'll
lend i.you to a friend;, lots of people,
ladies especially, would be only too
thankful to get a few notes written
for them while they, are resting on
their sofas between tea and dinner;
b-t r.-'Wt-b-1-■•■.-, I shall be able to
spare you often." "
I.I.*. Trowbridge was to pay the
management seven shillings and -sixpence an hour for the privilege of
Miss Dean's assistance, and Elspeth
began to see that it was not entirely
from motives of philanthropy that
, the guests of Loehrain Castle Hydro
were to be supplied with the services
of a stenographer. The appointments
already mado for her, would put-
Hpyontoen shillings and sixpence
daily,- except on Sundays, into the
pockete of ' the management, and
doubtless it would eventually work
out to moro. In this way, Mr. McGowan would get all tho help ho had
from hor for nothing, whilo tho hotel
mado monoy out of tho arrangement
besides. But this did not matter to
the girl, Sho was moro than satisfied
with, hor two guineas a week, her
beautiful surroundings, and the prospect of an interesting and exciting
life.     ■ ,
"Mr, Trowbridgo is ah American
millionaire," explained tho manager,
whon lio and Elspeth wore alono to-
gotlior again. "Ho'h only boon hero a
fow days, but ho has already mado
himself vory popular—a man with a
• magnotio way, Just goon about and
talks to pooplo j when they've known
him ten' mtnutoM they fool ns if it
might havo boon ten yours. All tho
ladioH llko him, ertpi-niiilly a certain
oountoss; nnd if, as ho Hays, ho londs
you to some of IiIh friends, at his expense, you'll probably got a good doal
of amuHomont out of your job, You
will know moro tium anyone else In
tho hotol about Mr. Trowbridge's
fiirtatioms and I iiro]>hesy that hour
botwoon tea and dinner won't bo dull,
.Mr, Kenrith Is uluo it millionaire, ai
you know, I Buppo.iu; but ho is a'
vory difforent sort of man. Ho doesn't
go in for nomifiiriu, and your work
with him will bu woik,"
"Yon room to hnve plenty of millionaires," Hiiid KLipi'th.
Mr. MoUqwuii miiili-'l. "We lire fashionable und Hucctvi-ful," said he
contentedly. "1 Ivivo lomotl'ii.**.
thought, Hiiicu out tun-ion began, what
n rich haul jewel tli-ji-v*»» could ni'i'*-.
if—" ho cheched hlm-elf and frowr-
od, as if annoyed at Inn own parnil-
oiisnosH with a rlil v|m> wan, nftor nil,
a fltrangor, "ll'.*.t," he added moro
slowly, "we're v.jll prepared 'or suc'i
emergencies, and tlicrt- isn't a profa •
4-iiuJtiu   ill   CiiwMl,   U......H     oi     i.iuyj,.
pWer ortont'h 1o '"*' nwn--' with •
much ns « "lint-pin Ironi this hoi-f.-
Am^b^the-by, tplkin^of rioil peop'.-
you will givo your (line Irom two ti
thru., to I.Hiiv Arilc-liil — the iK-orfif*
witu Iiiik11'1**. Dint tlio x n '■ooluHh, yon
know. From thieu to loiir-tblity ui
will keep open for exttus and vinui
guuoy work, Thou you will liuv..* in.
hour lo youieolf, for tun iid.I a wain
and yam evenings v-tll bu your own
Now | need not nee you again until
nine to-morrow morning. Your tug
gugu will tn* m youi room, nnd tin
houMokeetver Hhnll show you tho way
Yuu'll liu it, I thin!.; and I fmicj
you will pu-fer having your menh
"OJi. yt*. thank you," KlspetJ
cried quickly, with visions of nict
books t" ""Hi while she at* nenr some
window   that- gave  on    a    beautiful
view.        o ,-,   -
"Everything is settled, then." said
Mi. Mciowan,-with tlie relieved sigh
oi a vei'V busy' man, "except' that 1
may add', youi" Mimry will h?. paid in;
ilie ci.d'oi each vvr-yi,.." ,,
,. As he siw-.e he touched an electric
b-il ueai-.iiis desk, and the youth in
hmnri livery who ulmo.^t immediately
aisj.vai-ed >-\as. ren' off post haste i<'
cm! ihe houHekeepei. ■■-•'
. "1 do hope shi* i:- a kind creature.''
l-Msped thought., 'foi I suppose - I
shall ba'a good deal :it lier mercy."
out tin- first-g'mip-ae ui plump Mrs.
Vv'ardon, "with hei pini; chocks, -bei
white hair undei a iaee cap, and hci'
,rustling black silK iroca-rioioall the
wo.-:d !ike a , ho.!r.ekcep?i in ronu-
preat nobleman's hous-e- was roas-
■ouring. She smiled on,tile newcomci,
and volunteered, .'i? tiiet g.ieots of the
K yd ro would ^be dressing ior dinuo
to show Mis.* Dann so-::etliiiif', of the
house, on° their way to • the tower-
room'. V
Ito seemed to IClfipeth that she had
strayed * into a wonderful story book.
She had nevei .-ten anything like
Loehrain Castle,, and eouid hardly
realize that it was a-hotel. There wero
drawing rooms, and reading-rooms,-
and writing-roomn. and conservatories to see. and stones to hear of what,
i each had b„ien in tlie past; for-Mrs1.
Warden had known the place when it
had belonged to Lord Loehrain. "Pooi
old man, he's dead now; died of grief
over the ruin "' the family fortune,"
sighed thc housekeeper, "as ii his,
own private sorrows.'were not enough*'
He went before there was any idea of
turning the Car-nit into a "hotel, oi
that would have killed him, for sure,
such, such a proud man he was,
thinking all tbe world of his" family
history, aiid the part his people and
theii house bad played in' the past,
Loehrain was 'a gieat mime in old
day's, miss; and tlie Marquises of
Loehrain were among the highest in
Scotland. But for' the last hundred
years oi- more theii fortunes • hav.;
been" going down. Superstitious folk
said it was jbscaiise an old famil;,
prophecy wiis being fulfilled; but
that's a long story;"never mind , it
now. Tlie poor old Marquis died, and
the new one is.'a distant cousin, quite
a common man on -one side, ■ who
would,never have inherited if- it
hadn't'been for .an awful thing that1
happened in the uld lord's immediate'
family? a good umnjv ycarsi'ago. *
. "It was this new man sold the
castle to Mr. McGowan, or rather to
some rich gentlemen Mr. McGowan
influenced to "buy it for a hot*'., and
to make' ,him -manager. Young Lord
Loehrain—though, not so very young
(except as computed with the old
lord), was glad to get rid of the place
it was in such awful repair, and he'd
■ nothing' to keep it up with, so he sold'
4it for a song, and all the' old famih
portraits, sand tapestry, and armor.
It did seem*-a cruel shame.' Luckily
for him, though, they didn't .want tin-
whole .estate; only just" tlie park, a,-
pleasure grounds for the hotel guests
and Lord Lochiain was obliged to
keep the rest. But.- would you believe
it, coal.has been.found now on a dis"
tant part ot the land, and he'll have
a great fortune,' after all?"
"Too late to get back the Castle,", i <g
said", Elspeth, i^c.rested.=-.--.    ,    ,       i ®
'   C.   E.   LYONS
Auditor, AecoHtit.iiit, Gencrnl  A^ont
Life, Accident and Employer's Liability Insurance
Books  cpsned," closed,   audited, and accounts .kept in the
4 ' most up-to-date manner.
Office,   Burns*  Block.
Fernie,  B. 0.
i '*M^*XWl^'W>^*^-%,-%l^.-*y*m.'*>, 'V%^44^'V%^%^%r^%^%*V%^ki
& '
, ®    Phone   No.  52 House  No.   174    eg
* /--.
,.  o Fernie's Most Home-Like House
King Edward Hotel
There's another splendid ■ estate in
Surreyi=*not-~Bo old as this, yet ,ven
fine, and a house in London, both ,o
which have been let foi many years,
but he'll have them, again now.'
Great luck, isn't it;- miss? And Mic
man. doesn't deserve „it, I'm afraid
Nobody likes bun. You'llo see foi,
yourself, perhaps, as Mr. McGownn
tells me his lordship is" running up
here from London, tb look after hif-
int'erests,.' and will stop in the* hotel,
like an ordinary guest. He inherit?
from the distaff side, and the relationship is quite distant, ns I said.. Hit-
mother was n Miss Dean, who married beneath her, and she was a
third cousin of his old lordship"—
"A Miss Dean?"
' "Yes "Why, to be sure, thnt's
your name isn't it? F forgot for a moment, Are your peoplo Scotch, miss?"
"My father wns Scotch. His people
lived in Perthshire."
"Why then, thoy must be the same
Doan, I should think. Only fancy,
miss, you're being one of the family.
I might say, and coming tof, the old
ancestral house an—as"—
"As a typewriter!" Ioughcd Id-
spoth. "I shall begin by feeling quite
at homo now." She spoko lightly, but
in reality sho was deeply interested
and oven excited. Her father hnd
.•icarcoly ovor spoknn of tlio rointioiih
who had turned their bnckB upon him
in his marriage, but tho girl know
they hnd nriBtocrntic blood in their
veins, nnd sho made up.her mind that
now pho would try nml trnco the connection, if any, between hor Deans,
and the Demit*, who wero connected
with Loch ruin.
"I won't mention it to Mr. McGownn." Hho said tn liornoll; "it would
seem hoitHtfiil and silly, but I shnli
unjoy feeling like a kind of dtiughtoi
of the Imusii, mid I hope Lord Loch
uiln will come, I should liko to,nr*c
whnt he \n liku, in oiiho hu Hhould
turn out to be n «ort of forty*Hocoinl
coiihIii, although ho will never know,"
Wliun nt hint Mrs, Warden had lud
Hk- girl up the niiiding -Hone Htnlr-
wny of the "haunted tower," to Iln*
i'oorii which wns to be hur own, I'.l.
•pi'lh thnnki'd the ghoHlH   to    wlmu.
-ho owed hiicIi delightful quiirlort'. I'
t hnd not lii'i'fi for thoin, muoly ihi-
iiin-l hnvo liMin ono of tlio moHt ill-
-iriihh' rnoniH In    the    wholu    prc'i'
I.hum1. hIii! tlimight; and If islur imuM
'voiild hnve pnrKiiiidiid  Mm, Wind1!
i   *(>il Iho Htory of tho lower.  I'll*
."  Mr, Giniit Iwirl domi, the  Iio.'m
■Mopoi i*row Hiiddonly roneivcd win*
thu Biihioot'of Hip huuiit*]*fl lowm* m1
iuiuitloiied. Klflpotli did not wl«h to In-
_iril, but nho wiih bocoming very cun-
To be Continued,
J. L.  Gates,, Proprietor
« Centrally   Located'
Fernie,   B. C.
Saw  your   tordwood :
By Power and
| save money
Cost of operatlns]
very trifling"
# Circular Saw Frames     Stationary and Portable jr
v Drug Saw Machines Sawlnff Outfits v'
Canadian Fairbanks Co., Ltd.,
Vancouver,   B. C,
Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Caigary. "
Everything: in thc trade now in stock.
Examine before purchasing, Also
Lacros.sc, Baseball and other Sporting, Goods.
Phone No.  12
<•■ i
—if -
London, July ao—Sir K<1, Htrachnjr,
mombor of pnrllamont (or tho soutli (
dlvhiion of Somoruot, roprosontrttlve t
of tho hoftfd of ncrlculturo    ln    the '
i        - ■     ,1. .i . 1 n    1
4.VJ4..V4,    \f* ^14,VM44..'^.«m,     V.4***. M 4.4.     4,44V     *.\l)fy&    ,
of thano   who    have ndvocrttcd tho j
rahilnpt of the emtmrf-o on Oannddm '
cuttle hy BtRtlnu definitely In     the j
Iioubo   of commong   this   afternoon
that tho Rovemment had no proaont
intention of (iropoiiing legislation rc-
movlnR the prohibition tit such Im-'
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J** ■ •^•rsm' *59f«- wf
DISTBICT LEDGER,   -PiBBSTB, B. C   JHt,-S" as, 1908.
News of tlie City
•Hhar* and. large lot tor sale cneap,
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SEsp Andrews and Bn.4n"tt were at
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Complete House Furaisaers
Oar local K. of P lodge were down
to Michel Wednesday evening and In
stalled a new lodge there
W R Boss, Or BonneB and Jos
Broley attended the conBerratiTe
convention at Kelson this weriC
Tlie Ber J T Mauthorit, of Coleman, is taking the pulpit of Knox
-■liarcb liannf*; •(Jr   Grant's absence
Liphardt has an expansion bracelet
he sells for fa OD
George Doyle uf the P Burns Co.,
has left tor Pincher, to assist in
their branch tnere for a few weeKs.
"The Rev Grant aad family are reported as -r-isrong at the borne o*
Iir  Hafcolnson in Frank, ibis west
Ton don't need much money to
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3Ir Campbell' who seas engaged
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BIr A Wykes is leav.ng for the ol'
country He -"rill go bv way of the
States and tafee in the larger citUs
on his way
Mrs O JJ Ro«s returned on Tnes
day Morning from Winnipee where
she has been "-isitini* -hnd taxing in
the exhibition
Ensign Pickle and Cap Cook, of
the Salvation Army have been transferred to Rossland and left fot that
place last Thnr^day
R. A McMordie well known in
Fernie is viatini* friends
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-hi-ir son   ind  danzhte--   S    E   9nd
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The     monthiv   tea of the Ladies*
! Aid of Knox c*ijrch was held at Mrs '
[Ke.th    ■fffcimst'-r's    last  Wednesday
j ITiere   were a good many there and
1    Sirs     W      F   Stanley and children
I armed      from  near Inmsfail     tins'
morning, where she has been  spend
mg  the last  two months with    her
Con "ffhelan played ball with Fin
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Hf Y S Stf-pherl and *nife real
estate agent ft CalgLXy wpre m
town this week
Wfiets tlie nse** Toj can't make
canity    Kocbon is the Candy King.
B. Heading and Sirs Heading left
on Wednesday morning on a. liouday
trip to the coast
Bill Connell was the successfnl
taiderer for the alterations at the
Coat Creek Club House
Swell ytmr bank account Ottaers
atre -toing it They buy their ftn-ni-
txof and stoves at Tntes Wooil Co
Artlrar WilHaniEon. of Messrs
•Trr±**8, Wood & Co left on Wednesday iiwi^tag'H flyer for Toronto on
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th= \7aldcr£ blocft and are oat 'or on Tuesday from New Glasgow, N S , , rag lo \Ie-,-r^ Cl.-f>n S. Let livr w i-
'tl*e "ine uess They are both etcert bas entered the law office of Mr L. Ienijtt;ed n muviHij fu mi in re nlnk the
[wnrkinpn ?  Eckstein wit* whom be wfli prac  ] teaii ^i-t^dv  loaded  took  frit."   dnd
I    Er-watd     Co-tello and Ben Harrey   tfce nis profession    Mr, Patterson is > made _        nlJ j    ,  .   m„ l|H^,      T||
iwere s^ntencpd on Wedn^day m Per    -™ honor gradnate of Dalhoaae nni
Imp     to sii months in prison for ob    versity
' tain ne goods at tbe store o* Trites-1    On    Sunday   night m the Baptist
1 Wr>od i~o , in Coal CtpbIc under false  church Pastor Williamson will preach
! prptencs . the third sennoa in the series "For
f    We re-ret to annotaice the death of  borne    an.i   conncry"      The   special
1 the infant d mefafr of Mr   and Sirs   toP"* &"" Sunday night wDl be "The
! Williams    Jaflrav  St, yesterday   at   rizbt   tmd     of   yonng men for this
noon    The nffieral x-9 bem5 condnct   ccrantry"   Everybody wecome  Tonng
ed this mormne- and is m charge   of, ^en especially ranted
j tbe Reid Cti    Ltd x    Tenders wantea—Tenders  will      be
Just  opened  recel*'Ed *? undersigned np till noon
July   29th for the erection and com
pletion of e temporary school bnlld
Cheaper    than,
another sb.j>nient of steel folding
carte      Witt noods     Tbe most ccui , .      _ „, .
SStt»s m tbT™**   aB.!*'"-   P1.4...4 n«ai™
that sells    D- n't wait       Get yonrs
at Triies Wood Co
%      High Class
I M ercfeant Tailor |
iax jauiti; Geo
carri.ige and in
1 allev  tlie o'her
tions may be seen at T   Beet's store
or at Robert Kerr>    G  H  Bonlton,
Secretary Fernie School Board
The Hosmer Times win makes its (    ThB ^^ ^^^ pncea watcn     „_
how today    IJ is printed by the Free  ^ ^^ at ^pharft-s   His guar
PreS3 people here but is nnder     thet 3,,^,, ttt jie back of them
able manaserrent and ftUtoi-sbip     of Marcbant, mspertor of ens
Bert Whunster    We wish  the     new,
paper nvery *mccess 1
After many petitions by tbe com-!
men-nil travellers' association     and
many    others the Dominion go-, em
ment    annocrtced tnat Thanksgiving
day "HI this year be on a Monday
The date is not yet fixed
him out .itid badl} tl.inmjing the n^;
For a noiiieiit tlie eye wiiiiesses were
horror str.Lken, feeling positive llial ]
tliE *iiitin(; driver had been badtj hurl I
ifn->" kiileJ Fortunately, ho*veirer,
Iheir fears uere short-lived for in a
moinemor tAojoung Clapp vias up1
and not o il* held onto  bis  onn  team]
.nrsled the advance of the  runa-j
Bei4> id a good sure che joung
is^l right.-       - 1
Studio Now
For trend  Ph4-tct= go  to
the Ad> ance Studio
122 Victoria Ate.
Near    Steam     Laundr;
A. W. Courtney
The Gartutt Business
satisfactory condition observing
that Feroie, which Is only a sub port
does a far greater business than
Nelson which is a chief port and also
expressed the hope tbat Fernie would
noon receive tbe promotion which it
Watch   Bocbone' little store grow
Into the finest confectionary store in
. i™,™,m,.t.i.       Mr   J   A   Tormey, late school sap
■•J£Zl?':*%*?^™™Z7£Wt*-iex * BW44w. -,«. .,„
plnvu ex-*****, tcuchri*. prarwrei vinna- given np tbat work to devote him-
pwiplp fnr tndeprn-li-wp and *-nc<**>*» self to the settlement of ft large
Wnte for pinmi^ntf "I~" E*'"*r ,*">,v tract of land at Baynes, B C , c«U-
tir-n- F-G  ■"Tarbntt.Pr.ndp.ti | — t^otcm.*." was ln town Tbnre-
day and paid tbe Ledger a. vleft. He
will exhibit views oi KootonU
show spechnens
The    Shoe    Sa.le
still continues
$5.00  Shoes
Selling    for
W. R. McDOVGiULL •*«»•«■*-<■-"-
An evening of pleasure, and profit
awaits yon at tbe Hetbodlst chnrcb,
on Thorsaay, July 30, when tbe Fernie    Social and Moral Reform Club
[ meets for a season of "Royal Fellowship and Socfahafty." Several spenk-
t ers W0I have a tnesssge for'yon, but
joost of the evening will be spent in
ne a good tfioe for which special
ari»ni>ement*are beingmadg, Cq^
sure—and if married, "brinpj TSwr
bsiwl or wife T.iehfc refreShrJents
w-31 be-served free, ^prs-larmtietc	
On  Thursd ii
Depot   Restatirant
Open Night and Day
tids given in the opera hou;
bacitll Afrii..i 'Savage andd Cii-ihzed,"
hv Mr Tlieodore Roberts who -spent
four ve-iib .miung the Zutti people as a
:diial miSBion^ry The views cir-
ned bv Mr Waters are excellent and
'•.cnplion of llie special chdmcter
ofthe people was very interest
The audience w<i-> large and
ri-prLsenLiiiue and all uere ven fell
pleased with the entertainment pio
ided bj Mr Waters. Oner-'iha -*si
pans of the lecture was it description of
the South African war and splendid
vieis to 11 lust rate some of the most f
citing feature:, of the great battle
Bnl-iir wiiged against the Boers.
M- Wafers will give lbe same lecture
at Coal Creek on Friday nig hi and a ill
it Mi hel on Saturday anil Hosmer
R. J McDonald, a carpenter, was
struck by Tuesday morning's, flyer
between the new and old town of
Michel, and when he was tbun-I it
was seen bis akull waa badly frac-
tnred He was taken to the hospital
where he died from bis injuries on
Wednesday morning He was originally from Sherwood, Quebec, where
bis parents reside.
Vancouver, Jnlv 21—Aithnr H.
"in*- nnd wife Lillian -mere arrested this mornine at Portland, Ore,
charged    with stealing one thousand
Jacob     Plaihraann,  Cranbrook,   HL
On Tuesday 4ugv 4 everybody will
have an opportunity of joining the
great Union Sunday School picnii
Elko The mayor has declared a 1
holiday on that day to *j*ive everyo
change 10 j*(i.   4--
A special Irjilri has been-arranged
for with the Great Northern railway
and popular prices have been set.
Adults 75c and cbildrtnJ45cfor (he re-
turn trip Our  well  known eatrer,
Mr.   Morrisson,    will   have    a    welt
stocked booth  on  the grounds,
rangements are bein*; made to hat
good baseball malch.
The picnic will be a basket picnic
and no free refreshments will he pro
vided Titfcets-are on sale at Mulr-
head's ithoe Sit*re, McEwfng's Bakery
and Momson's coafei-tionery.
Longboat quit at the end of 20
miles in the Marathon road race today Dorando, Itanao, was first but had
to be helped in tbe last ZOO jardi
and was disqualified Hayes, Irish-
American won in 2 hrs 54 mms and
3+ seconds C. Keffron, South
Africa, was- second, and Foixthaw,
American, was third
Wantri—Salesmen to introdnce onr
New Survey of Canada, and the
World. These surveys are a splendid
compilation of facts, figures and
drawings and of wonderful value
-JansGa s Imperial domain is txfejff*
fn detaflj iritt-.latest tag" **-=—
-western portfon. All railroads are
ary lines, etc Tn the world portion
special attention ht given to the
British powessions. -every conntry
in the world is located and indexed,
area, population and many other features too numerous to mention. A
splendid opportunity for energetic
men. Band,, McKally & Co,
Chicago, HI.
The .fernie Livery, Dray   &
Transfer Co.
Contracts Taken
Indmlmj*; Slump  Puffing, Land  L tannic and I'loughing     Li*l us
Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts
Kummer Bros.
Banders and Cofltradon ',
Eetimates Farnistaed  and
SatisfactiOD  Gniranteed
, ^_T Fibre Plaster kept in slocd
P. O.  Bor 237 5
Femla and ftosmei* *
Ledger foi? Mews
Causes of   Scarlet   Fever 1
"*<f Inhere is no wonder when you send
your laundry work to the dens of thi* unsanitary Chinks to .be laundried causing the
ipreading^f the djreadfu§ disease
*J Why nojApatronize tbe^T^ji Lasnd'
where all gi^s aSanti-s^^^MdilBii3f«tt
receiving them back mce, ir^h and swee
"'If^iiRfli-'r'L^mkr^nel'riTffyou by eaUTng up
135     Our plant is always open for Inspection
& "        ~        -


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