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The District Ledger 1908-08-08

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 .fl ■-'
//■ \
,v. y i.   —  4-.-
ft . \
Industrial Unity is Strength
HG 12 1908
Political UmtYlis^ictory
FERNIE,    B.    C,    SATURDAY,    AUGUST    8,    1908.
i ■
Latest Local Notes of General Interest—Brief
Summary of Fernie Happenings.
THe J. H. Reid Co
Victoria Ave
Fernie, B. C.
• • •
Workingfnen's Store
i.        /     ®*       ",...1,'''   ■'
We still cater to the Workingmen's
Trade.  Come along !
Shoes!   Shoes!    Shoes!
Out of business Saturday
Opened up business Monday
•■ -*1    • .
First in Fernie
W. F. Muirhead & Co,
Friederischnven, Aug. 0,—-The news
thnt Count Ziipliolin's nif ship hnd
exploded nt Kcliti'i'dinoiij and wiia a
tolnl wreck cm shed like a-thunder,
bolt over th'e festive preparations for
a reception to tho fninous. aeronaut
nt FriodiiTischaven. ThmiHiuids ot
people had como-from nil parts of
(iormnny to witness the return of. tho
Count from his, remnrkiiblo voyngo
iu tho airship. ,.
Tlio next niesRiiKo received tvom tlio
sconn of tlm di-HiiRter Hiiid thnt n
thuudiM1 storm hnd upset n qiuintity
of bonzlrto which hnd If-nitcd and
caused a Brent explosion and thnt
tlio hnlloon was destroyed.
Tlie Fernie Brick Co, are waiting
for n bridge across thc. Elk to deliver
brick us soon-as the bridge is ready.
Contributions'aro coining in from
all quarters, ,.but an immense amount
of monoy is .necessary to food, und
shelter the crowd.
Locals of tho U. M. W. of A. are
requested to forward whatever limy
can spare, as there is a large amount
of monoy  yet  wanted,
Businesses are opening up every
hour. Barbers, boot and shoe dealers, cigar store, grocery stores, and
in fact all aro rushing to open for
Absolute order prevails and,no disturbances ol any kind liave occurred.
Not evon a case of pilfering lias been
noticed. Tlio police and committees
are all very active.
Tho committee for thc U. M. W.
of A. '.have a clockwork ' systom of
looking after thoir peoplo. Every one
is.on a register, and.upon presenting
an order gets supplies.
Up to the hour of writing several
members of the U. M. W. of A. have
been burned,' the bodies having been
found. ■ It is expected that many
more will be found ere long.
, The United Mine Workers'have the
following  unniber  of their men  and
families to look after, who were burned out: men, 492, women 271," chil.
(Iron 709; milking a total of 1,472. ,
-Tlie. account that was very exten.
sively, published that the lire was a
result of a Black Hand sympathizer
is absolutely false and dastardly. The
Black Hand prisoners did harder
work tu save the women and children
than most other citizens, and deserve
credit for what tliey did. The. firo.
had been smouldering for weeks and
was only waiting a strong wind.
The following is tho. oflicial list to
date of the victims who were burned,
or supposed to be, as nothing has
been seen or hoard of sonic of them.
Fomie: Ellis Vernon Lane, suppos.
ed to be dead.
Frank Shaw and Alec. Border, loft
Camp No. 4,.making road to Camp
No.  7,  and  not  seen since.
Body of girl at Waldorf Hotel, old
town, aged about sixteen.  •
Magie Ford,' ' Willie. Ford, Tiieo
Ford,-Walter Ford, of West Fernie.  "
Mrs. Clara Barton, mother of Mrs.
Turner, Fernie Annex.'
Mrs.   Turner,   Fernie  Annex.
Lena Bell, a woman  from  tlie re.
stricted district.   „
We are not
Fernie, Aug. 6.—Rough estimates of
tlio losses sustained in the fire are
being made,, tlie insurance underwriters not having, made any official
statements.   As nearly as can lie as-
j&j&ji&nimeiiiijmi^^ umK£*a-e\U*0nfie.
We are still selling
D. W. HART, Baynes, B.C.
Winnipeg, Man,, Aug, 4,—Tlm wlient
iiinrkot wns quiid, today with very
little demand for cash, On the Anier.
loan markets Ihe 'opening wns weak
with ii slight upwnrd trend but fell
away wevernl points towards Ihe ulusc
Closing Cash  Prlcos
No. I IT in!    	
certained thc losses atro:—   !*
Elk Lumber Co., mills, 24,- .
,000,000 feet lumber, limiis" .
and camp, about \-.?750,000
Cedar Valley  Lumber  Mills    175,000
Fomie  Lumber  Co.    (Mac.
dougall's mills' ' '" '" 150,000
Canadian Pacific Railway 500,000
Great Northern Railway G00.000
Crow's 'Scat Pass Ponl  Co.     150,000
Fort  Steele, Brewery   . 150,000
A. Macdonald  Co. 45,000
Trites-Wood   Co. -      200,000
Fernio Drug Co. 20,000
l\ Burns & Co. .15,000
Minors'  Hull,     under     con.
Font Oifieo, just completed
Court House ,
Besides     five     churches,'
school   (newly   erected),   two
tals,. jail, - twelve hotels,  from
to  $50,000  each.
Three banks, Commerce, Hamilton
nnfl   Wnirip    ■	
Opera Houso
T,  W.  Quail
Ti,  Riiwai'd'
Fore-Blur's   Mill,
Black's mill'
Two wholesale,liquor stores.
. ■ Three' printing   offices.r .
Between seven and eight hundred
residences  of  various values.
Tlie total will probably roach between' .R500,000 find $5,000,000.
Tli'ii"statement. of • ii.a.iram-..- 1 varied has not been issued officially and
the amount of the smaller policies
will   probably   not   be. reported.
The Kiu Lumber Co. canned. $300,.
000; lTuil just taken off "$100,UUU.
Crow's Nest Coal"Co., $100,000,
Fernie J.umber Co., about       100,000
A. Macdonald Co. ■■     33,000
Trites.Woods Co., estimated     150,000
Cedar Valley Co,, well  covered,
Until safes are opened and papers
wciuuined the amounts of insurance
carried will be unknown, The great
majority ol the residences wore uninsured and ilits total amount will not
likely exceed a million or a million
nnd n quarter dollars,
O. fl LYON
Chartered Accountant
and Insurance.
iwMWMMwaMAM eem0*0i0»mm0»*e0mM*em0***e****»i*m*0*etemev
Nn.   I   Kor 11 nili
No, 2 Noi'lln I'll
Nn, ,'l Northern
No,   I     	
No, n    	
No, 11    	
Feed   I      	
Feed a 	
Nn. a wiiitii ...
Nn. :» Whito   ...
Ui-J-id -.1     	
N'o, li   	
No. 4    	
No. I N. W.   ...
\* t    M    .
.i    ,    t    ,,**•.,*,       * , ,
TH c'-d      . ..
,     105
,     101
.      101
,,00 1.2
.'      110
, -Id 1.2
, .'III 1.2
..    nil
, -im i.a
.121 1.2
S afrur day
Specials! I
Hot Bricks
ItuHulur price f! fur 25,p.
•Special 5 for 25c.
Pure Gold Butter
Itugulnr 3 yds. 2«c.
HiKjoin. I» yiin. 2f.c.
(hiiiisbnro, SiimIc, ,\\\it. fl,~-Fire
broke nut e-irly thl-) nionihte in Tm:
lie's Keiii'al store and sjireud lo (ilns.
kit's hiori', rnrriiiKc shop and dwil.
Mill' which wi-ni cninpli-li-ly destroy.
i.d. The loss is about thirty thousand
dollars.   Iiirtiir.inee sinall,
('nrdhiiil Oihhonn, of 1li\*ttfiiior«*. in
quito pcrlounly HI with intent Itml
trouble ut Italtltnoi'O.
It is ullhially iiiiiiniiiii'i'd thul   (Im i
control of    tho    Toronto NVwh hus
ptitwri 'frntn thi? hand* of .1. Vv*. Flu-
volht lo 11 company, ut   wlilrh    llu»
editor, .1, H. WilllMuii, Ih pivMldeut.
Mifiitivnl will voln $.•*■,'"»> to
Kcrrilu mi.TorerH.
(From tlio Lethbridge Herald.
Fernie,   Aup.   5.—Tlio    Fornio    of
Inst Saturday nnd Sunday is boinf,'
rapidly transformed into thc Ferule
of yearn flfio when it wiib a frinne
shack town. Merchants ani oreotlni*
Iriinio Kte'.'elioiiKes and peoplo are
piittln*,' up Khncks to take tho plnco
of the touts or tu allow them to vacate the. c.ilut nvi-ns of the Ci'ow'h
NeHt  I'iihh ('iinipnii.v'rt ollice,
From tlie very llr.^1 tho ulllicled oily
wan Well orKUlli/ed. Ah noon im Hie
Ihuneii hud spi nt theniKelviH ill the
city nud wore iimIumk fiullier up the
1'iiKH, Mayor Tutile cnllrd u ineol.
ill*.* of the eiiuneil imd eitl/eiiH nnd ll
complete uritiiiii/iitioii wim effeetnl.
fiiiiiiiiiilee- lo iiike I'luiri/o of irann.
poi'liition, tel.-n,'iiiiin,        HiipplleH,
tt'ltln mid hit ad, v. ie iiiiiniil iiiid till
(■ut into lim* hiliiiel the Mnyui'M nn.
til'illK mill i'111'H.'itie lellile^lllp, No
nleep WIIH there (oi (hone men all Hut.
iinlny nlulit and mily n few nhorl
liourn of respite ejve relief to Hnd
liotlies mid weary iiiiuils on iriiiuil.iy
On Monday mornini' when the lier.
nhl fuirehpiiiideiii Kiiveil on Ihe
moi'iii* evcryiliiio.' wnn In line ruiiiiiii*.'
unler ('r.mlirniil: hnd sent n ear
I'Otltllillilllf   ll   UUUlli'T   lit   ntnVl'n   With
plpi-i and uln-iil- uh well an provin.
liilM.      Tlie    Weht.jll    Cuilllllll   Wliull'.
Hide t'(iiiipiiny'n w.irilioiiHe liml Ineii
ilinwn on and V. Ilunm fc Co, In
fiilftlliiii-nt of their telegram xnyluu
l hey would Mipply nH The niiiit need.
ed  liml  nlniidy n  mipply on  hnnd,
We stay with
Our Town
crackers nnd cheese, A Inp nenrhy
sun]ilied nil the water Ior driiikiiiK,
the lire not having affected the water
Kijpply beyond its hein-j! pumped out
hy tho live en-jriiie, Kvery mnn was
s rved nnd none complained,
DinlliR the day Home dof.-ni<led
K]ieeinii*ns of humanity oame from
Kiirroiiniliiif,' towns to take advantii'.'e
id their nllllfleil hrothers' ner-i^o'ly.
In (,'i't Hiiini- free food mnl clolliin*.'.
At freipii'iil inteivalH, I IiIh whine
could lie lienril: "Ih'i'ad, nioi'c bnml,
mi' fiiinlly, liiiiiKry," or "Me waul
hiniiket.j, family me, tlin*;., four
lillllllli'lK." It WIIH liol. lii||(,', how.
ever, hefme the authoritioH yol wi.si'.
The I'li'tli' eye of I'lenldelit ,Sh^*iiiiiii
who liiinw,-i Avery iiiiiier in tin- I'nss
or the ehief uf police would ,-|iol
them and they weiv told in no very
liolite ti'i'ini In (.'el to "a place hotter
tliiiu even Fernie had hceii" mil of
lliirc. Two earloiulrt weie roimdid
up hy Ihe police nnd driven out, .Mix.
oral)!'' it-ntuivH, lower ilum the binl;i
of fMirioii, wolves wlinse fT'iriiiv'TuiiK
niiiwii nie *nt.ihllei| only with the
life hlooil of their felolws, they were
tortllllllte that tlle people of, l-Vrnle
tliiiiii'ht more nf their eitv's fair niiine
ilum ol hniiiliiu.' mil the justice they
flohervnl   lit  the  end   ol   u   rope,
At   the   reipli ft   of  the  ellii.f  of   pit.
lire   llle   I.IiI\..I> ".   IlilVe   inMled   01 deli.
Unit no tickets lie issued
■wept in |i:iiti s fivitiir siiiinfiK'tnrv
rxplaiiiiljoii of llirir huiiiiess there,
(Janpi of pidiee and special pnlie,-
ineit ev.'iy train mid ivi-ry stniiip'i
ill   lilti'illjitillt'.   to   l/et   off   is   kept   on
until 1 xphiins his purpose in com.
Int.'. Tin* iiuthorltiis will can* fm
•dii-ir 'mhi Inn they Miiil nut nhui-e
the  t-'iin-ru-tity   of  their   sister  cities
W. JR. McDougall
Dealer in Boots &
Shoes :.: : Trunks*
Valtses, Suit-cases
Single and Double Harness
Heme Bank of Canada
%r **—*-**^**vr .-%*.>• ^^44* mt
OF VOU'R S V 'H V L U *$'
CASH   A M 7)   VA TEltS
* r »*v* **■•• * *
W.C.B.Manson, Mgr., Fernie
VuuW*   h.id   he.n   phom'n   niul   wer. I '»y Jeedmi-' »ii tin- piiMsitic hum
busy ai work.   Lonir tubles hnd Ixen
built   ,'iud   ii\u>t'\   ."ails   put   up.     \\y
i -i-veu   n'l-l'ek   hri-akfimt   wns tfidy
mid i'ii.!<-'  "h- .liHc'.io'i i,( ihi oh'.,-!
ut police liiitiiltxU nf llo||li*le.-4,4, hull.
' yry ui"ri hud up ntut Took tin ir
tin   cmitiiry.
And tin- oulsiili- citieji wire j.'<.'.d
On Mitiinlay nipht Mayor Tuttl*' »>l.
• •.'iiiphnl his appeal f'tr n*li,-f mnl u
:i few lean's mli [ was tm the ."..iv
'r-ni Hpol-'iri", Ni'Nf.n, Midicine II.'
ei|   il» iliini'x   ll»   Wide  ll:>   It-   lieiM'l.     ft > utmost    t.lld   lie -.-•    and   i|i i<peut    i,yni_
tool; In iwo lluiii'iiiiiil of the home, i pithy. Nm <*. i- tin- tetidernens and
lehh |ii.op|c mill j.ent two cm-loaiis nf, sympathy hmieii, fur with the words
provi-lou*. and clothiin.' iur Hume re.j.uid  ilioui'di- cnin.. <f>•*•«}^ of i-huiity
■iiiiinliii-       \-   'hi-   iii mill    of   |.',Tnti>     til   l.nit.iii-   1 i     ii   ,■ .,  ,i
-peiili of iln-. lAoiiliiii* kimlneoH and 11-.4. o|   iiiiiii,|,nility  hi   ili-tmici,  tle-y
•yill|lillll}, t«ai Colli.• iti the »>'e:-( ate piUlilll-' ill tin- oil Mild tlel Wild1 lu
Hid   I'liul.e   the    Vnice   of   ill.'   !.lol|ti4.t j hi nl   Up tin-  U..||l).|e.I  ,.||y,  siir partlll*,'
of thnn. I!> Moiul.iy nit-iii th r* was j with tlnii •.-min'Mil- t-> nve n» him
i siillleieiii .lock of food on ham) tujwhn Im- not, uinl piyinjr the ptin*
fi-i'il Ihe eity for si-vi nil day-, until j of it* miri-iii-.- with many a pr.nuivt
Uiey moiim l,e ulile In lM.th.it ll lieu, i- i<.|iii|.-.| tiny will
in tlii'ir ".'.n t-i'sU and ih- puplfpay it. 'I h.. )„ ,-,|,- .,| J\ rim- f-il
Willi lli"le ' '■■!' •"• aid'' '•• boy iill'IM .ply vi.it. fill
tliuni!   will-,  i'    motit-y^   will    \m   flip.,  	
plii-il'b) 1;.
ill*.' i|iirial"i   '    1"  cnti.t   tn  c";i-t t     l'l»* iTitil*,!..    Millinc    ('«..     nff.-r lu
colli ill.Ule     it     i.iilimil     ,,(    lluiir  nl
the ' pbilcs  in  turn,'melt cnritnlnlrip IwuM'nlpiirj" and intervtninp points.  'He
■ vlici-s of Uvail, u piccii of iii«»t, voitic i ut-iglil^riiiK city ol Crunbn^tk upn.
Finn*1 ii.
\'trite chil-i
»tl ron-in
In cvrry pt.
her lllillit.   i-
:.l-  to f;i n> ri.llfk  h, ,
111    I'O.'l-t     III    C'l/l-t
iillliction  i»  th-  In
iiiailn  and tin- p.-i.i*•."•*" »•' 'l»' .'-riii,.. hniTcrvri.
Me fi.im\ p»nMr.-n._    ■■ ■„.  .\in--i »*-.»•.   N..ti.a.«l  IM Cru^
aii-l tn inniiy Mali.. \ hlis uMru M.n.io tll iV„Msl ,■,„
.j.'  -iMik. a with lb.- .unvri-r*..
l'«-|-»n .THE    DISTRICT   LEDGER,   FERNIE,   B.   C,   SATURDAY,    AUGUST. 8,    1908.
Bank of fiamilion
Are prepared to do business with you
We're here because we're here.
♦ -
♦ .
x - i
Are we
Well; rather!
Better than ever, too.
■ ■ ■ ' 4 t
- ♦
.       ■ ♦
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦
Deposit your Papers
: Canadian Bank of Commerce
«A««A««tAv^-^MkA^v.^.«r f^r^frv-^M1-^ • r 2 *»}44' t'**'fr''*>ft ** S^*^*"^* * t ^ ''It** S4*^ t4 *S*^S%*S'*rt'**' t^ * t"* ^ (4 r S'**'!'4 e t'**bt^* ** S**"* t^* ^1***^ t ^r l4 ^S4 ^ft4* 2** tf*r t^* "'A^
Elk Drug fi Book Store
■Michel,' B. C, August 1.—The worst forest lire in the
history of this town is raging on the hills south anil north
oi' it, fanned by a terrific wind.
The fire was carried for miles at a time.
'  No damage has yet been done to buildings. °This fact
is due entirely to tlie northwest wind.
People are moving out .toMichel prairie or any placo
that might possibly afford a place of safety.
. The worst danger now is the. fire raging near Spar-
wood and following the mountains along the C. P. It.
No communication from Hosmer or Fernie.
At Hosmer the G. N. Ity. depot was burned this afternoon and tlie town is reported doomed.
If the fire spreads east from the Elk Eivor along the
0. P. li. nothing can save this town.
Pete Campbell just here from Sparwood with three
men badly burned trying to savo ihe Sparwood Lumber
Company's mills half way between hero and Fernie, The
injured men wore at once taken to the hospital. Two
arc in a„precarious condition.
Mr. Forester, manager of ihe mill with his wife and
about, thirty men were last seen trying to save the mill.
Those men state that the whole country is a seething hell
of fire everywhere which spreads so rapidly as to make it
impossible to escape.
Four Men Dead
The body of Pete Miller, generally known as Scotty
Miller was found lying on tlio 0. P. R. tracks. Ho evidently received wounds trying to fiee from the holocaust'
covering hundreds of square miles.
Tlie bodies of four men were brought in by the Great.
Northern Yard Engine These men lost their lives trying1
to save the large Great Northern bridge over the Elk
river fifteen miles from here, which is totally destroyed
Hosmer and Fernie are reported to have burned,to the-
ground entirely. „ ,
From Michel.west to Fernie everything is destroyed.
It is feared that the loss of life will be the greatest
since'the San Francisco disaster. .
Tlie situation here is unchanged.
The hills surrounding the town are a seething furnace.
A C. P. lt. engine is here ready to fluke the people to
Crow's Nest if it comes to the worst.
Tlie situation is almost beyond description, only an
eve-witness can picture the horrors of a town of over three
thousand souls hemmed in on all sides'by walls of fire.
It will take days to fully ascertain the extent of the loss
of lives and property.
—■" Fer.nie—Wiped-Out —	
\V. Carswell, assistant superintendent of the Great
Northern just arrived 'here from Fernie after.an exciting
trip, several miles of the distance being made on foot,
through the burning district. The rest of the way was
made on a handcar.
,       Mr. Carswell, left Fernie at 7.30 last night.   The en-,
• tire town has been liurneil to the ground, including tlie entire business  section,, excepting the fireproof warehouse
of the Western Canada.Wholonnlu anil the coal company's
square",' "
The  Great  Northern   depot  and   all  the  company's,
buildings were lost.
Eighteen hundred people were taken out on G.  N.
tars to a large clear place three miles from Feriiie.  '
No defalks are obtainable as to fatalities, it being impossible lo get io tho, business section.
Watch (his space for next week
**^ + *-* + + + + 4( + 4(4(+ + ^ + *14r*;t*i>it* + *
Kefoury Bros.
Will Im* (loin-j; huaiiicHH in a few iluya,
VTutel. for uur tutua-.
*♦#**********#**#*******•* + *-*
^Hosmer 8tlll Intact
Hosmer was •still intact when liu passed hut tho fire
has crossi'd the river and there was no hope of wiving the
Two Elkllivev bridges fotally destroyed.
Jules Gabrian, timber boss at Campbell's Siding three
miles from Sparwood reports that Mr. and Mrs. Foreste1
anil twenly men arrived at his place at midnight, having
escaped from tho fire by escaping lo the burned ground.
Three men were killed and many more not -icoountert
Many of tlie destitute peoplo of Ferine will bo brought
hero to bo caved for-unless this u.vni will also meet the
fate of Fernio.
Special (dl'orts are being inmlo by tlio Trites Wood
Co. In hurry provisions here as f-i*>! us possibl"* Strenuous elVorls will be required lo care lu the liomelesfi nnd
.     . . Bush Fires to Blatno    . .   .
Hush fires are u'Hpuimililw I'or the I'Vi'iiio iuul Homiier
IiiiIooiiuhIh. Fires have been raging in Iho mountiiiiiH
about I'Wniti moHt of Ihe minimer iuul Saturday'H wind- „
storm in nil likelihood carried the flumes from the mountains to the towns in fhe valley. Once Ihe fnuno buildings
in I'Wnic and Hosmer were ignited all (lie fire brigudet-j
along Ihe line could not have pre ven led tlio progrcHH of
the (lame,-, un Ihe wind uiunI have been blowing » hurri-
cniic through the moiinlniii pusses, Ah all travellers know
ihe towns in the Crow's Nest I'-inn nre situated lu a narrow valley, Kurroumlcri by jorent covered mountains. Our
dcHpiiich from Michel mdicnlcH Hint, town is completely
.•uiiTouiiileil by Humes liul that the town Iiiih not yet nutY.ii*.
eil any tinning,'.
Two Hundred Lives Lost
At eighi thirty o'clock last night ihe HornW Iuul u
titlk wiih Coleman on the telephone.   Ai that town vhrioiis
11  ,.iiM"i   'rtViV    XXI   \ XXX 4,1,,4,,l,,,   \,;,\;   irt'il,',;    X\\,li   {w.   ilHlimiV k   4,.»
lives lost wiih two hundred Two tlioiiKiiiid of Iho inhabitants of Fernio hail been moved to Cinubrook. Coleimui
nlni s;iid that Hosmer and .Michel, while totally surround-
'••I l>y biihh (ires, were still standing,, though in danger of
ilesliiiifiVin r'f the wind flmtige,!.
Tiuin .Vo. *12 ilue here IiimI night wax held nt Fernie
nml n-iil tu carry tlie hoMelem*. people of that, city west
to daiihrook.
Ti.iiim No*. T ami 21 ivi-ru held at Frank liml night.
Corpses Along Track
lliiald reporter.-, interviewed the train otticmla nnd
liMiiH-d muiif additional fact***.   The fire it uppoun* sturted
foul luil.-s tvi<>t nf Fernio nml inniilr nt un hour F«rni»
was ablaze. It is estimated that the loss of life in. the
woods and,Fernie will reach,two hundred. A number of1
corpses are to-be seen along the track between Fernie and
Hosmer. Fernie is totally destroyed and it is a mystery
how most of the people escaped. People escaped with'
their clothes only and little barefooted children were running about trying to get out of reach of the flying* embers.
Aid from Outside Points
The C. P. It. is doing all in its power to rescue those
' iu danger. -      ,
Maeleod and Calgary have sent cars of provisions.
A crowd of people forced a yard conductor to take ten
box cars filled with people to Hosmer.        ■
Cranbrook sent ten cars of provisions.
The C. P. R. reports that Michel is asking for relief.
The town is in danger of destruction.
Heartrending Scenes
Mr. Norton, of Spokane, who came through Fernie today, told the Herald that the scenes iii that city were most
heart-rending. He stvys that twenty or thirty buildings
are all that are left in the entire city. ' Everything was->
ablaze in half an hour and practically all the city was
wiped out in two hours.
Twenty or thirty Hindoos working in a saw mill were
seen lying dead near the ruins of the mill.
Horses, with hair all burned olY, were flying dead in
water. ' ' ,      •
Many families are separated. -
\ - -
People in Coke Ovens
The new coke ovens at Hosmer are being filled with
people from that town and Fernie.
The fire is raging as far as the eye can reach.
In Fernie groups of people!' are to be seen huddled together. Some have 'their clothing burned, hair and eyelashes scorched. , -
A new track had to' be, laid at Fernie to get the
Flyer through. .   •
150 box cars were burned at Fernie.
Cranbrook in Danger
Cranbrook was threatened with destruction for two
days. All that sin;ed that town was the fact that the wind
changed.   '.,■'.■ '        -„>v";-
Mr. Norton says that he saw one man with $3 in his
hand, all he had left in the world, who was worth $5,000
'-' a few hours before. ;-    ■
The people at Michel are frantic and are1 fighting
hariLto save thut-=townv
Terrible Wind
The fire travelled at the rate of twelve miles an hour.
A terrific wind was blowiug.*- One block was turned broad-.
_ side by the wind. . , _:      --   ■ ""
The first building destroyed at Fernie was the
brewery, • '/"''•■ , ' .  •
l\      Dead on the Track
Two men were found dead at Olsen said Mr, Link-
later. They were lying on the track and apparently had
been surrounded by the firo andthen suffocated. Twenty-
four men. and two women, is it stated, were in a lumber
camp outside of Fernie and have not been.heard from and
the gravest fears are felt for their safety.
At least'two hundred lumber men have met death
throughout the district, it is thought. It is estimated that
between ten and fifteen people, belonging to Fernie, have
lost their lives, mostly children, who have succumbed to
the effects of the tern bio, fire. The .country is devestated
wherever the fire visited.,, Ono thousand people of Fornio
spent thc night on a switch baok. In Fernio thoro is*!
nothing left but a cluster of houses, the lumber company's
office and u general store. Tho Iiousch which escaped, belonged to the Lumber Co., and woro saved becauso of tho
city park which wns between them and tho firo.
. ■ '        ■ icp
A Hurrloano Blowing
A hurricane was blowing and it looked as if w-tlmi-4*;   '
could save the towns in llio truck of tho flro.   Tho coke
ovens which have lately been built* at 11'onmor and which
have not yet been used, were utilized for tho protection of
hundreds of the destitute.
Mr. Li n kin lor further stated that nothing could nivo
Hosmer aud Michel according to prosont indications, Of
the railways the Great Northern is tho grentest loner, having lost numerous largo bridges nud much rolling stock.
All the railway miming through that part of tho conntry
lost heavily in curs and utilities of tho road. The 0. P. R.
will have little difliisully in repairing thoir iluniugeB anil
will not likely be inconvenienced to any great cxtont in regard to tlu'-ir service. Thu C. P. R. Calgary Hleoper wiih
Nolson Clvos Aid
Nelson, 11, ('!., (Supplementary Despatch Hont. out i.i.
midnight, Saturday night).—Tlm dreadful di'mister in tho
(Vow'h XoHt Pass has provel <o be even worse than ut in*-.'
reported. Not merely has Iho flro fiend obliterate,! Fornio
but Coal Creek as well, it isjourod, and other Piimi towns
have gone out of existence, swept dean by the devouring
element, Over six thoumiinl peoplo are homeless und llio
fa tali I ies are growing hourly.
In one ease alolie five, I'tiniilicH ut Ferule were hemmed
in and everv wml perished. /
))ll.s)i   lUvti   .t1'*.1   tV*iiUU.i',)i)<!   J'iW'   15'i.1   \v))l/)l>  )llli.i),]l>  ui-
IMuyor Tunic of Fernio, ut .$ o'clock this morning
sent Mayor Taylor, of Nelson tho following hppeu'l:   "Our
, *',• , - i*.  i,- i ....   ,i , ..i     u:,.  m ,,i .,..,„ v, i„„„     t
1.4.1.^       U   44>.b4..   4<J       Vll.,4 441, '.4,     U *... I, • 4 I 4 ,V      I. 4»w ,*..   ,* 44- .      44.*.,      4 4   4 ,4,--  ... . . .1 . 4.
appeal to you for roliof.—W. W. Tuttlo, Muyor."
The following reply was «ent; "W. W. Tuttlo, niu>
yor, Fernie—Carload Hupplies leaving Hum morning. Nelson sincerely sympathize** iuul will do ull poHHiblo to assist. Am coining with supplier.—»S, 0. McMorris, ucting
.      4  THE  NEWS IN  LETHBRIDGE      .
Nothing i-Uv wiiN talked of on ihe .*tm-U yrftlenllay
but tho terrible ciitimtrophe ut Fernie. Very little intor-
■nation was obUiiii.tble but the fart that the; dty of'F-erni-e
nml |M.»itib.y Uie low., of Iloniiuov Iutl huuu completely
wiped off thn map wim known and naturally tiuch a devon-
luting ilinaaler occupied the mini! of every person.
Who said Fire ?
Wedid.   We are firing away at
the ohf business.
Royal Hotel
C. W. Daycy & Co., Props.
We may be a little up-set
but just smile.
Hotel Fernie
Fernie'8 leading commercial
house. :: A little bent but
still in the ring.
S. F.Wallace, Prop.
We will do tlie best we can for you
Fcrnie's pioneer Funeral Director
and Undertaker
pictures Framed
D. Ci
H. W. Terry, Prop.
Will bo (loinc; business
in n fow days,
W. Stan. Terry ,
Painter and Decorator
fllvo us a clinncu on your work.
Maeleod, Alta.
J. E. ROGERS, Prop.
Frepin and seo mo,
—.IIIIMI    II     I     IU ■■■...■■■MlUfll I II..    ,    III   III     t.    j
Fernie,   D. ,0.
F*rn.»,   B. C. tvs*st^iaim*!emii<>/jHt&te-^^^
THE   DISTRICT   LEDGER, :FERNlE,   B.   C,   SATURDAY,- AUGUST   8,    1908.
Impossible To Secure Names of Victims — Thrilling Tales of the Fire
Told By Eye-Witnesses - Every Saw Mill But  One  From Michel
**      ■ -■ . i •-    - •  *, '
West Was  Destroyed — Very  Few  Buildings Are Left in Fernie
. Mchel, Ii. C„ Aug. 3.—The Alex
Black sawmill and the Hosm.iT Lbr.
Co. mills are a total loss. All the
mills are burned in this district ex.
cr*pt the Wood MeNabb'mill west of
Fernie, which is in danger. The sit.
uation at Hosm*ris unchanged. Fire
just started in tlat near the business
block of the new town of Michel.
Wind from west may save the town.
Situation critical.
Michel, li. C., Aug. 3.—Loss of life
■at Fernie is unknown. Hut ut least
18 are known. Wntorford and two
children found dead. Two women of
the Red Light burned. Mrs. Turner,
bedridden woman. burned after being carried out. Six men ■ of Klk
-River Lumber Co., 4 missing. Many
oth.'rs unknown found dead and
many others missing. Creek minors
•organized searching parties and are
scouring the" country. Death roll is
likely to increase.
(From  Monday's Despatches.)
between Fernie and Michel and traffic will be hung up for a' time.
Another Story of Disaster
Cranbrook, li.- C, Aug. 2.—Fernie
lies in ruins, five thousand people ar.i
homeless and all that remains of a
prosperous and progressive city are
thirty houses in the south end and*
the coal company's office in the centre of the town. "Tlie citizens, are
scattered far nndwidi hundreds flee.-*
ing to' Cranbrook, and many to Hosmer and it will be some time before
Cranbrook, li. C, Aug. 3—Having
seen the results of the calamity at
Fernie, I must say that it is more
entirely extensive than any report
gave reason to-believe.. Thc 'damag.*
cannot fall short of five million dollars, the'greater losses falling upon
tlie C, P. R., which lost tlie com
tipple, coal bunkers, d»p'H, freight
shed, water tower and over one hundred cars. Tlie Trites Wood LY .
lost its magnificent, 'store an.t st ck
and the lumber companies lost mills,
limits and stock being wipei,, out.
Fully twenty-five million feet of inan.
" ufatured lumb:-r is. gone.
Tlie extent'of tlie disaster can be
measured-better by tlie recital of the
few buildings left standing than by u
detailed list of the widespread destruction. There" remain out of what
was Fernie, that housed a population
_nf-_;ilin|if m'vi4ii__tlifiiisiiiirl souls,—tell.
or twelve small cottages and five or
six residences all situated near the
park. For the rest,' not a store, bunk,
hotel or business concern of any sort
or d scriplion is left standing ex.
cept the offices of the Coal Company.
Tlie Great Northern depot and water
tank and the big concrete warehous i
of tlie Trites Wood company • i-till
Need for Help Urgent
Fernie is wiped off tlu map and is
"not   ns  it. remains of sufficient im.
portvnee  to justify the maintenance
of jl. flag station, lt is a disaster un
nie* and McDougall's mills. Within
fifteen minutes the entire town was a
seething mass of flames. Many willing" hands responded to the'call for
help from the west and were driven
back by
The Tornado of Hell .
unable to render assistance to the
struggling mothers and babes in a
flight for their lives, only to be called
to their own homes and another part
of the city to save iheir own loved
ones from the. fiery fiend of destruc.
the scattered members of famili-s can Uon- rushing to tin. only places of
locate each other. The fire started possible safety,
from bush fires in West F.-rnic and At the c- p- K-.and Great Northern
spread so rapidly to the town that depots, many heroic deeds were done
there was no time to save anything to save the multitude of fleeing hu-
and everyone sought safety in flight, nianity, passengers,. baggage ■ and
The- biv.wery was the first place to llviGhi Clirs wor6 nished to,available
fall a victim' to the flames and the I>law>s- M«»- women and children
hurricane that was blowing carried bad to be packed in the cars within
the sparke to the old town nnd in a   Vm sP'lC£) of a fliW seconds.       Two
few minutes nothing was left of that
section. In tlu .meantime the Cedar
Valley and Klk River Lumber mills
and   the   whole  of  West   Fernie  ex-
thousand or more were taken, to
Cranbrook by the C. P. R. and nearly that many were taken below Fernie  to  a  tract  of  land   burned  over
cept the brick works weiv, a seething >'• former I'l''""* 'md the clearing af.
mass of flames, and residents were f,mk,<1 il temporary'place of safety,
fleeing   for *their   lives.  , It   is   im. I Cranbrook's Big Heart
possible lo say at th,*- present' time' T,]e city of Cranbrook opened her
whether'any lives were lost in.thai, «■'»'« to the fleeing sufferers and be
section as the .bridges are consumed foro midnight mach up a trainload
and there is nb-communication. Tin' of provisions to send to those    who
lire'fiend jumped the river near the
bridges and in a few seconds the
town was abhus *. Dozens of houses
and stores were burning at the same
time and street after street was licked
up by the blaz.*.. On liak.r avenue
and the park a determined effort was
made to stay the conflagration and to
the heroic work of the residents and
were unable to get far away from the
destroyed town.
; Loss of  Life
It is  feared  that many lives .were
lost, especially iu the west end where
, the  Humes  spread  so  rapidly  as to
, make it, almost impossible for a man
, to outrun the creeping, ■ roaring fur.
,,    ., ..    , .. .     , , mice, with much less chance remain-
tlu lii-cinen the.fjw reimhning houses   •„,. f ■    ,, ,   •, .,,
fa ing for the women and children. .
It is impossible to make any jiccur.
owe their preservation. About three
hundred ..men, women and children,
fled to the Coal Company's offices.
The fact* of this building being .jso.
luted and surrounded 0by spacious
lawns, suggesting to the panic slrick.
Im .people-iliTTlie only plac*e~~in town"
that /.iffer.-d thu . slightest hope of
refuge. Willing volunteers ascended
to tlie roof, and fought the fire like
heroes for hours amid the scorching
heat and suffocating smoke. The writer pressure remained good and several line's of hos3 pound tons of wa.
ter on the structure. The largo new
court houso, and the new postoflice
and customs buildings w>re directly
.opposite ond it was while th..*se were
.burning that the greatest danger ex.
isted. Again and again swirling
masses of sparks  found  entrance to
the attic and  a  bucket brigade did
parallelled in the hit trior of British' yoeman work  in  quenching the. fire.
ate statement, of the number of lives
lost, but when the ruins have cooled
down and search for tho unfortunate
ones begin.the number may ba a hun-
as often they were put out by watch
ful men.   Fires are raging on all sides
of the town.
At present the most. danger is in
the new town; fires spreading from
Sparwood are close to the town. Hopes are faint for the safety of the
place for should it jump across the
river it will be impossible to save the
town. Not alone the new town but
the coal company's buildings and the
old town will be doomed. Genera]
Superintendent, Brownlee of the C.
P. R. at Calgary arrived here at 21
o'clock with ' large repair gangs , go
ing west at once to clear the track
for the trains. Two hours later the
eastbound .'Soo.Spokanr- Flyer, arriv
ed here over twelve hours late witli
many of the homeless of, Fernie on
board seeking shelter with friends
in other - cities. - A m ;ssage was re
ceived here today to all C. P. R.
men to sacrifie everything else in aid
of the strick.m. thousands, from, the
general manager of the C. P. R.
The mayor of Medicine Hat wired
this morning that a carload of flour
would be dispatched at once for.the
rlief of the suffering,
Michel  Safe Now
Later: Michel is quiet. There is
no wind, the fires surrounding the
old town have burned out and could
bo started again by „a heavy wind
only. A ■ fierce fire is still raging
near, Sparwood and four miles from
here. At intervals the flames leaped
up hundreds of f^et." This is owing
to the cedar. The fire is not making
much progress. People have been
leaving air day. The majority by
t.*ams. Many have gone to Michel
prairie.  .   ___,.
People  Leave  Michel
A relief train was made up tonight
consisting of fifteen box cars and
loaded mostly with women and child,
r.'n and was taken to Coleman, Frank
or Blairmore, or any place where a
sufficient food supply can' be obtain
ed for the crowd. Only a small num.
ber of men are left liri to guard
the place. Michel is practically safe
unless  a heavy  wind starts.
Fiiv, has again broken out n..-ar Hos.
m-.-r but no ilium diate danger is
Calgary Gives Aid
Calgary, Aug. 2.—At a , special
meeting of the city council held here
this afternoon it was decidid to d:s
patch provisions to Forme sufferers
at once. Aldermen were busy dur,
ing the afternoon and had a train
load of goods ready'which left by a
special train. The goods included
fifteo.il tons of flour, half a ton of
oat meal and corn meal, a ton of
potatoes,   5,000   pounds   of   shoulder,
Exaggerated Statements.
Baggageman Macdonald, who came
in on the delayed No. 8 this morning gives "a" very rational statement
of the effects of tho lire. It is true
he siiys that the scene is a most appalling one and that Fernie is a hd'ap
of ashes, but many things have been
exaggerated. The line of talk that
the train porters were handing out
to the peoplo on the platform yesterday was stretched to the limit.
The colored gentlemen talked of dead
people being strewn all along the
railway tracks and pictured harrowing scenes of distress and mutilated
bodies, all of which was true only
in a small degree.
There were between one hundred
and two hundred people in Fernie
at nine o'clock last night. The town
was a smouldering mass of ruins.
The three, large lumber mills around
the town were burned. The cars of
coal along the. Great Northern were
burning. -
He reached Hosmer at .10 o'clock,
a few buildings were burned. A ton
of dynamite had exploded leaving
not a half dozen whole windows in
the town. Four tons of dynamite
were dumped into' the river at Michel. At elevtn o'clock the mountain
sides were all aflarhe. Tlie citizens
then hoped to save-their town if the
wind did not rise.   Tlie mill at Spar.
„,.,,.      ,, ., .    ..      ...   wood was wiped out.
Mr. Macdonald says it is true that ' *
. „  __ „_,.._._    _* _t...,.,___ '    One of the Mk River Lumber Co, s
employees   at   Fernie  stayed   in the
mothers are taking care of children
who do not belong to them and cannot get any trace of their own ones.
He says unless it rains or the wind
changes, from the course it has been
taking for thc last two days, nothing can save Michel and Hosmer.
Spokane  Sent  Fhlief
Spokano was quick in sending relief. A number of tents were des-! ^r- Agnew was unable to tell of
patched over the C.P.R., also a'car- conditions east of Michel as he went
load of-provisions. It is stated that "-'' bed. Very few people of the
Spokane was one of tho first to send doomed or endangered towns boarded
aid. '
river for on hour and a half with
a pail over his head. Large numbers
found shelter in the ri\\jr. One horse
was seen grazing iii an untouched
spot. His niune and,tail were burned
Another horse was blind—had his
oyes burned in the fire..
Fire  in   Washington
A rumor is current that a forest
firo of great magnitude is raging in
the state of Washington.
(From the Lethbridge Herald.)
the train
Regina Assists
Regiim, Sask., August 3.—Appeals
for assistance for Fernie sufferers
reached the mayor at. 11 a.m. this
morning and at -J p.m. this afternoon
the city clerk wired the, mayor of
that city, authority to draw on Regina   city   for   five   hundred   dollars
Miss II. Beninger came iu from ' and expressed the most sincere^syni-
Fcrnie, on the Flyer last night. Miss ' pntliy and hope that the suffering
Uonninger "lived at tho Dallas Hotel j would be somewhat alleviated by the
a year ago and until Saturday was sum which was most cheerfully giv.
employed at the Fernie House,  Seen",011- ,  -
by tho Herald this morning Miss Ben | °      —
niger made it plain that she' had not
been leading the simplo life during
thc last two days. She has had an
experience that she will not soon forget.    Tlie horrors caused by the lire
(From  the Lethbridge Herald.)   -
John   Arnold,   of   the'   Lethbridge
power   hous.',   who,   accompanied  by
fiend paint pictures that remain vivkT Wm   Dav ,S) (f Uvvrptml, Eng„ was
returning from a trip up the Koote.
for a. life timo.
Miss Benniger was very conserva- j ,,.,y ]Al\{i,At arrived at .Fernie nt 4
tivc in her statements and when ask- • „.,„, Saturday, but' of course/ could
ed would not venture an answer   to , come no farther, and in the evening
their train backed lo Cranbrook, arriving there at 4 a.m. ■ yesterday.
During Mr.  Arnold's stay  in  Fernie
Columbia find one. that calls for
prompt, action on the part of tho pub.
lie, Sonic three thousand people,
mostly women and children, hav. to
he housed and cured for until thoy
shall have time to look about them,
These nro being sp.-d by thousands
to Cranbrook where all private Iiouk.
OS are being used as temporary quarters for tli.-- homeless imd in many
eases, nuked refugees. The relief
committee organi/.ed by Mayor Fink
has' got nway two trains tilled with
provisions of every kind, blankets,
(lour and all the staple requirements,
There are many mouths to feed anil
nvi'ry one lion, is tubing a practical
hand at trying to alleviate the suf.
feriiigs of thoflo who hnve come to us
in Hi iir iiim necessity.
Sixty Lost In Ont Camp
In tlm fum of such a crushing on.
Inmlty one feels morn inclined for'
iit'tioii tlmn for words, But it must
Im recorded thnt iiei'oi'iling to reports
slxty-on > ini'ii (ind two women hnvo
been binned tn deiitli"al. tin* number
4 I'limp of the Klk River I.uinb r Co,
Four m 'ii were found binned to n
whip on tli' ('. V. ll, trucks near Huh.
uier, The number nf ileatliM mil1,
mined will nm to about u lumdnil,
but (Ills mny be the suggestion of I he
Honmor nnd Michel
HoMiner liml tlin new C, I', It, Up.
pie destroyed nud pint of tlie town
«wept out. The business portion is
repotted to have cHcuped, No hope
Ih eiilertnlu.d for tint eciitipu of Ml.
eliel, (.Inn mini who oiline down from
there tliU morning says it muni go,
The lire orii/iniiled in n bush lire
Unit him been huniing for (lie lust
month iu the limits of tin (,'ediir
Valley Lumber Company to (lie went
of the rity.
How the Fire Started
T!1-   ■■•;■•! ■■•„•■• ,.'    .;;!}■ ,'.•. .'!:    ::.,:::.
ing with tli' force of a cyclone ami
revived tlio flro that wim suppimed
to liiivn bivn quenched, By about
11 in the forenoon tt liml spread till
th • gout ranch wiih reached nnd from
there to tin* old town. Then the
brewery |M alifclil and iiiHltle half
an hour tlm entire IniHlrieim' Hcetlnn
wufl tu flnm ■» owing to tlie lilgli wind
scattering the burning nliim/les iu nil
illlt-ctioliH mid for Io'ik tlintmioeri,
When nt Un woi.tl the Ore wiih talc,
ini/ «prin-/>i ut over a hundred y«r>U
in Ifiipili urn! H.-lzinir in nil dine,
tion.i.   The bridges are burned out
Store after store and hotel aft,<r ho.
tel caught despite. the effor.tH of the
fire fighters and th.-y fell ouo by one,
until not a building1 of nny descrip.
lion or kind remains standing north
of Wnlniesley St,, save the residences
of \V, R.Ross, M. V. P./,]), V. Mott,
tlu Cuthvilic priest, the Coal Com.
puny oflloe tho residence of J E. Tel.
fer and the Western Canada whole,
tiiile company, Th.1 scene ut night wns
awe, inspiring, tho lumber piles in
WeHt Fernie blazing fiercely, the
luountiiins on ewry Bide a muss of
lliiines and the town itself lighted up
by the smouldering ruins, Hundred**
ur.'. Bleeping in the open,without, blan.
kets or covering of any sort, Relief
eoimnittecort hnvo been nrg-infoi'd und
food is being supplied to nil. Special
constiiblos hnve bo'ii sworn in and
the town, or what is left of it, is
Fi'hnk, Alta,, Aug, ',i.—\ special
with seven hundred people just arrived at ') o'clock from Mieliel, Wires
nre down to Fernie.
Mneleod Station, AltiV, AiiriihI. .'I.--
Andrew Noilly's wife and children
nre mifi! iitit 1 are coming down tonight,.
A lire started al Frank today hut
wiih Htnpped,   No wind blowing.
Fires nf (.'i.li'itiiin are reported. He
lief trains have Minted from Mneleod
nml Ciilj/iuy.
Mlehel, It, (.., Aug, U.-Mnre detail'-
of the iicwii rej-nrdiiig tho terrible
disiihlei1 (it  I'Vniio nre  being nreiv
II,.     I .    c,   !ii,        r,   .     il       .i.i  i
.    ,,       1,      4. l-j ...r.,..\. 41        ,1,       !,. ..,-,,.
en city, The report fvum tliere In "I
night, Is oori'ohoriiti d a IboiiHimilfold.
Ton cottiigoH of tbe Crow's Niul 1'iimh
CmiI Company mid olll-v* mid the
big   new   wiuehoiine   of  the   Western
<-<   ..   .1       1.-I...1    ...J       .-■■       ; ...,■;   ',•;■,•
 *■        r • • , •■!     '■;
are nil that remains of tlie prosper
nun town of Fi-riili'.
Funned by a wind like u cyclone
the tiro sw.pt, down the canyon to.
wards tlm river. After n-ncliliiK the
river it spread like llnsli lightning to
the yard and mill of the Klk River
lumber f'oiupiifiy rnveli.'iinj.' the entire town in a ulii'i-t of (liuiifH, with.
In a few minutes spreading Herons tlm
river (o the pink ami the beautiful
ri'tddriitlul 'portion  of the  town,
Hloekti at a lime (he (linnet* lc'ip-d
toward* th.1 biiiin -im nertlon Hnd emi-
tlmilni* destruction toward* VmI F* i-
loss of many fathers, mothers^ wives
and babies.
Can't Get Names
It is impossible to even make the
faintest attempt to find the names of
the victims at the present time, • and
it will perhaps be days before even
a partial list may bo obtainable.
An Awful Wind
An idea of tho force of the wind
may be gained form an incident that
occurred during the firo1 when it
picked u]i a two story frame building
seventy feet long taking it across
several lots and dropping it in the
middle of the main street.
Many incidents of during and heart
vending scenes of despair were wit.
liessed .during the rush to the curs
to relief and safety.
The town of Hosnur was apparently
doomed, but owing to the gallant
light of, the citizens nnd tho shifting
of the wind ut the moment when the
Humes were reaching for the nearest
buildings', the inniii part of Iho town
was saved,
Hosmer 8afo
Shortly after, the heavy timlm-
ubove the Hosmir nij'nessouught (Ire
soon spreading to ninny of the com.
pnny's buildings. One man loHt his
life here whose name could not be
liel'oro any efforts could bo miide
to hiivii the powder magazine it was
ilso iu llameH, blowing up with a
teiTidc • xploslou, No one w.ts injur,
ed. Agnin Iho town was Uirontoned
by destruction only for the prompt
not inn of the ollleials of the cnmpnuy
who ordered many buildings blown
up to save the large luiieliine shop
and  powder houses  nud    iu    couse.
qlleliee,  the  loWII.
Bodliifi on Truck
Four bodies were picked up ihiH
iiioniiiig along the railway I nick be.
tweeii lliiHiniT und Fernie, III Ulfiit.
iuMiinceH burned to u crisp, These
bodies h.ive  b en  IdciiHIIcd.
The (i. X. depot, wns bullied to
getlier with two of the large. tniHN
bridl! •■ iii'Iosh the Kile. Thin coin,
puny iils'i liml every bulbing In Fernie together witli over two hundred
fivlglll    CIII'H.
C. P. R. Dopot at Fomie Gone
I lie   lllle  IU".-.   Hipitl   ol   (lie  I,'.   I',  li. I
in  Y"i,i),   ).■»))! li.il yt.i,   ul a fiiiili
expeiim- was  burned  to  Die ground, i
NothiiiC i-i l.ft of any of the C. 1>.
R,  hiil'diiif,'*  nnd  one hundred  curs
were burned In the ynrdH Including
Vim   Tli i'|«'lin.
Body at Sparwood
Another charred liuly was found
today near the Hpurwood lumber
mills. A gang of men were sent
down from here thU afternoon on a
hum! ear to hiing it here nnd seureh
the ruin*' for other victims tbnt are
xiippiist.il to he iii the ruins.
Michel in Danger
No ihiiiuige has yet been done to
property in Michel, but the tiltua.
(Inn i* Iwe- uiing mnw crillv'il «-v«,ry
llnon. lit. Nlllllln'rf.-M1* fire-i were
utiirtiil o»» iToiiHirf iu tlu: •■.•tit end ulid
"bacon, 100 tents, cooking utensils, 25
camp stovos. Tomorrow they will send
by,express 1,000 loaves,or mvail. '"
Supply of Coke
Nelson, B. C, Aug. 2.—It ia im.
posible to get any details as to the
actual scope of the-firo in Crow's
Nest Pass b.-yond the fact that ■ at
least four towns are totally destroyed.
Boundary Mine and. Smelter mating.
anything sho did not personally witness. The following is her story in
brief. •, ■
The .fire started at ,'the Brewery,
west of Fernie, about 2.30 on Saturday afternoon. The people of Fernie did not suspect' danger until the
fire was upon them. Tlie fire reached the city about 3.30 und Vame so
suddenly that none had time to plan
or think. Tho Fernio house caught
firo  first. and  soon  the  wholo  town
and parents running frantically    to
and fro for children who had become
separated.   In many cases the worst
was feared, as no tidngs of separated .
ones could be had.
A  Sad  Spectacle .-
was the removal of the patients 'from
the hosptal at Fernie of a .number
who were so seriously injured at the
cave-in at the mines on the day previous. One removal was accompanied
with no serious results, and the patients were safely conveyed to Cranbrook.
When traffic was resumed on the
£ P. R. late Sunday Mr, - Arnold
with other passengers proceeded, on
the eastbound pasenger train passing
through Fernie about 18 o'clock. The
town presented a sad spectacle, prac.
tioally nothing but the charred re.
mains left of what was once a thriving  and   hustling   mining   town.
While en' route east from Cranbrook
two more specials were passed, hav.
ing on board the remnants of the
people who had not been previously
removed, their numbers being distributed among the various Pass
(owns, .Moyie accommodating 2!)0.
When passing through Michel MK
Arnold states (hat the women and
children were all being entrained
there, as the place was then con.
sidered untenable.
Anxious About Friends
Enquiries have been mado at tlie
ilerald regurding.thc list of names of
those who 'wero victims of the sad
catastrophe. Miss Kathleen Fan-ell
is anxious for two school friends
who lived in Fornio, a son and daugli
ter of W. .J. Buynlon, a wealthy
lumber dealer of Fernie.
Irene .Jlanraluin, twelve years of
age, daughter of Mrs. T. W. Hanra-
ban, had just been a week lu Fornie
on Saturday and was visiting* her
uncle, If. J. Cunningham'. Nbt.ung
about the girl and her undo and family's safety has been ascertained.
.Mr. and Mrs. Hiinrahan are in.a nervous state over their daughter's welfare and the fate of their other relations. Mr. Jlunrnhun will go wdst.
tonight in search of his little, girl.
was ablaze.
In State of Confusion
Confusion reigned. There was no
time for systematic action. All rushed foi-. tho dopot. A yard engine and
eighteen box cars were hastily soe*4r-
ed and there was a scramble for a
placo on tho train,
Tho,uproar and cliaos can only be
ers   are  greatly   concerned  ov.ir   the  '"/agined.    Children becamo separat-
,..,.,    „,..   ,..!- ,.,._     „_,_._..,..,_._., I cd from tlioir ■,m.-o..t«-1 himi.nmls from
wives, brothers from sisters, There
was a cry raised to givo women and
children first placo In tho cars. The
men acted tho part of true Canadians.
.    Lost  in  the Smoke
fuel supply but' the Consolidated
company at Trail report that they
have a good supply of coke on hand
so do not anticipate any vjry serious
results from the loss of supply from
the Crow's Nest Pass.'
he witnessed many scenes, too horrible to depict, hair-breadth escup s
taking place all round him, of falling
buildings and flying embers, while
bare-footed children endeavoring to
piek their 'way through ,the burning
debris, made the.blood fairly curdle
in his veins.
acted on board the specials returning
to Cranbrook, children crying for
their parents who were not on board
F. Law A.  F.  Fisher
o Fernie,' B. C.
Fernie,    B. C.
* * * -4c *> * * * •**( * * * ** * r+ jjt ^^ * * * * t *+ -t *
(From Monday's Degpntchos.)
So ipiick and without warning did
the lire hurst upon many uf tlio pooplo of Fernio tliut in tliolr hurry to
escape thoy lost all possessions, Travellers lost thoir chattels and other
transients nearly nil thoir belongings,
In the wild rush for a place of Hiife-
ty a dilemma reigned, Ono commercial traveller lost his vnllso containing railway ticket and two htmd.
red dollars, An KiigllHliinnu with
Ills family wan left destitute, liavinn
InHt over (wo hundred dollars unit
provisions for a journey acroim In
the Old Country.
It is mild Hint riiinihiii's of peoplo
took I'elllgn hi eelliH'H III llltlll1 UO-
liii'liim—houghl. refuge In this way
nml polished.
An AiYiiisIni-* Incident  >
A rather rmnlral incident, orcurred
when thu lire broKe out,    It is inn
iihIiim* beciiUHii of Us iihHiirdlt.y, Tlii'iiu
Italians were seen hurrying down u
M.ivl.,   one   liilljii'K   «i-   li'uUH'l'      Own
I1.4U .M.n'i; ,(,.,i-i'ji j- wiyiiitf 4, *-..'<•■)'•
j lug I'lutlr, mid  Ihe third lendliiK    11
I gout.       Th.'     Italian       with     thu
gout could not    Im purled from his
('oiiipuulim and retnlned Its company,
lilt')     llltlll   *|li.\.   \«|«    •<-*   4.»H1   *..l|l.«   U't'VllSi
Staid with Cow*
A story is told or n Hlxtcon year
old girl's fidelity, Hho wan herding
rows outside tlin <i(y of Fornio iuul
refused in leave the diipib hnasts
which hnd grown to know lior, nnd
fllie liml u fund ttttoellnn fur them
To luuvo tlicit! to their futo was
ton much, sin* preferred to try und
savo iheir lives if pnMillilo nr perinh
in tho attempt. This trim heart ro-
innlmil tilUi lit-r luvtil Ju-nl until iOh*
xx'nt furrlhly (•nmpefffvf to Wvn tli'int
through tho t'ttunn.ot (rlmuls,
During the loading of tho cars nothing could , bo seen for tho denso
smoke, People wero confused and
lost in tho smoke, Tho train pulled
out for IIoHinei* amidst tho cries of
women and children with about 050
on board, This train passed over
tho Crow's Nest lino. About .1,500
pooplo were taken over tho Great
Northern to llosmer, 1 The sick iu
the hospital at Forniu were conveyed
to the Canadian Western Warehouse
and woro saved. Largo numbers could
bo seen running to the rivor for safety. The firo seonied to approach llio
town from all sides, A ferrlflo wind
was blowing,
Tlio train reached Forniu at six
o'clock, It returned toward Fernio
anil four miles out was again filled
hy tho crowd who had left tho burning town, The train was uiuiltle to
ruturn for anothor loud hut later
Was used to convey the Ferule people
Frantic nt Hoamor
At llosiner the people wero frantic.
Hopnrls were current that tlm culverts east of tlm town were burned.
About THO |ieoplii punned thu night lu
the new coke ovens. A hunt 1,51)11
went ou Urn river hunk, One iiiiui
was killed by a ' i|iiautl(y of dynamite ev|dodlng. of the sixty men
at the lumber cnmpH iieui* 1 (owner,
only four cninn oui, Thn rest nie
thought to have perished. Haliirdiiy
nlglit wiih 11 regular puiKatnry for
tho people ut llnsiii.'r. Tlm (Iyer
reached IIoHinei' itt. leu o'clock. The
cnnduclnr asked all who wanted to
go eiihl.  to    get,    aliiiard.     A   work
I I'll III littrt trinie mil niul fnilllil I lie
niilil Intact, When tlm liver left lltiM-
uier there was aiiollier rush for the
t'oku (Aims, At Michel there was
grout im.ueiy and the people were endeavoring tu suvo Dm town.
Vlss HiMitiliii'er wim I lie nulv jier-
siiii to coiiie (o tlm city lust night.
Hlx others went further east. Mlns
HcimlgiT Is now staying with Mrs.
KcUloim at tlm Dallas,
Gee Whiz !
What's the matter with this Town ?
Can't burn us out of Business
j. D. QUAIL,
Hardware and
Furnisher: : :
-4c*4c'4*:'4c*4e'4(-4c'4c:4c*4c*4c'4c*4*: ^ + ^-¥'¥^-'¥'¥'¥)¥>¥'¥'*l'¥)¥
We are Burned out
We are not done out
J.   M-   .U'lleW of KcInOII,   IJ,  (\  (Mill"
(liroiigli on NVi. iS-tho rrf*i'l'ir cji-t _
Imuiill hmt night. This iiioriilm,' be
told the Hi raid about condition",
uloiiir the burned urea when In- pa—.
id throuph.
Hiii train titii.veil nt wlist htm F»-niie
for liulf un hour.
Come right along
Wc can serve you
Whimster & Co.
1 THE   DIITKIOT   J.KDQ1B,   FBRNII,   8.  ,0„   SATURDAY,   AUQU6T   8,   IMS.
The District Ledger
$1 a Year in Advance.
Address all Communications to the
"Manager"   District   Ledger,   Fernie,
B.  C.
Rates   for  advertising  on   applica.
tion. "
We need not' apologize for the re.
. duced size of our paper this week.
It was hardly expected to appear,
but realizing the fact that the subscribers would be anxiously awaiting
their Ledger, we were able through
the courtesy of the Lethbridge Herald
to issue from that office, until our new-
plant arrives. Dad Simpson courteously offered us the use of his
plant, but we were under the iuipres.
sion that the Free Press was to be
printed there so we made arrangements as above, and trust that our
efforts will be appreciated.
Bhmdell's Specials !
Ever> day is Bargain Day with yis.
Still in Business.
W. J. Blundell
Fernie is arising out of her grave
once more. This is the fourth very
disastrous fire that has occurred, but
she is going ahead already, and will
be the City of the Fuss again as she
was in the past.
No words can depict the awful calamity that has befallen our beautiful city, just0 at the height of her
summer adornment. But the citizens
one and all are getting .right down to
work to rebuild in some way.
The council has given licenses for
the building-of temporary buildings,
for^a period of l«fi months so that all
will have an opportunity to get their
affairs settled.
We wish to ., thank the various
towns, and especially Cranbrook for
the loyal and generous way in which
they have all responded to the neds
of our people. . It will; require thousands of dollars yet to put some of
the unfortunate ones ,011 their foot,
and with'a shelter for their familios.-
The Leclger will •> bo'pleased to receive any subscriptions towards this
fund, which will be handed to the
proper ' channels for disbursement,
all of. which will be, acknowledged in
. the paper.
Proper     .responsible      committees
should ' be.   appointed   to   look   after
this   relief  work,   who   will   exercise
"care that, only  those who have lost
Don't go elsewhere to be
cheated, come fight here.
TOM       BECK
are'on the lookout for help who have
lost nothing, and are mean and contemptible enough to take some other
person's share.
An Old Face in the
Right Place
A.   W. Bleasdell, Druggist
We are pretty
bent but
still doing
•ii •• 1
. 1
Fernie, B. C, Aug. -ti.-A large
search party of F.Ik, Lumber Go. employees was formed yesterday with
Constable' Chas. Bulger in charge to
search the woods for" thu liiissingmen.
Frank Shaw and Alex Uorben could
not be. found.
These men were working a mile
from the river and it is supposed
that they must have been burned
while making an attempt to roach
A great deal of looting is being
done.    Yesterday  a  Jap  was  found
helping himself to other people's
belongings and was arrested, An impromptu trial was at once held and
the magistrates sentence was six
months with hard lubiy. The verdict
was read with cheers from the crowds
assembled and within llfteen minutes
the unfortunate man was on his way
to the Nelson gaol,
The Trites-Wood Company with
(ihii-rnctoriHtio energy,-were the lir.st
ineroliu'iitH open for business iii'ter
ttie  awful  conflagration.
We' hereby give you notice and require, yoii to make'payment of-the
sum of $1,080.00 with interest thereon
at the rate of 10 per .cent, per nn.<
mini {rom the 1st day" of June 1900'
until'payment, being two instalments
of principal of ,f,r-.40.00 due on tlie 1st
day ol December.1 in eaoh of the
years of 100G and 1907, by virtue, of
an ngreeuieiit dated tlie 1st dny of
June I DOG1 und made between your,
self, W. ll. Collins of the one part
and John Molt of Flko of the other
part, by which you agreed to pur.
chase portions of lot ,'121, group I,
Koote.1111y.for the sum of .113,000.00.
AND wo further give you notice,
thill if you fail to curry out the
said contract by milking said payment within one month from this
date the said agreement will be cancelled and nil payments hitherto
made shall be forfeited to Ihe under,
mentioned vendors ns provided by
the. said agreement,
Dnted at Klko, I!. C, this Kith day
of July,  I IIIM.
Solicitors  for John   Mott, tlm Veil,
Wilinm Henry Collins,
of Klko, It, C„ Funnel*.
cheer    you   sometimes
■when things go "wrong.
We're still here
... That's all
Whelan Bros,
Pion-eer   Bulldor   and   Contractor   of
M. A.  KERR & CO,
Builders nnd Contrnctfti's
11  EstlmntuB  Furnished
E.A.Kurnnw L.O,Kurnmur
Builders nnd Contractors'
Ettlmntcit  Furniihod
All    I'iiuN   of    rough    and    droKiorl
Victoria Avonun,      •      North Fornio
Plonpor Bnkor of  Fornio
77k? old reliable firm will
be glad to see you
Tom Whelan* Mgr,
ROSS BROS., Props.
Crows Nest Trading Co.
Doing business in the
same old place,
Tin- onlv n\m\ iii town for choice pipes
and tobtieeoi.
W. A.  INGRAM        .       -      Fernio
Wliolosnlii  Liquor Donlort
A   full  h(nek   iu  n   few  day--..
We   •■till   h-H'e   ■"•Mill'   hot   "(tiff
Wulting   for   Ice.
J,   On(o$,   Proprintor       «       Fci.*ni«
J, BARBER, D. D. 8.
Fornio,  B. C,
Gunnrnl    Morchant    nnd    Wlio!.*s.iln j w,R.Ross,   K.C d.S.T Alexander
'    Liquors j ROSS & ALEXANDER
Fori-iio, B. C,! Bnrrlttert nnd Solicitors
Fernio,  B  0. Cnnnrln
Bulldiirs   and   Contractors
KSTrMATEfl    FtJNNIfWril)
FtrnU B. C.
Customs  Broker
B. 0.
Fornio, B, C,
LAC Mil    ALU    I'OUTHlt
AI.KATKI)   . WATKltfi
IM.Af'r.   YWTU  OHDI.ll   WITH   US
A,  Mcbougnll,  Mfl-r,
Will   be   ntiiinji   j,)   twenty   thy*..
Pivt- uH y,,ur nrdern
Blow the smoke a way
You may be only dreaming! .
We're here to help and cheer jou
So Come Along!
P J^Urne » Rn_ Meat Merchants
Hammond & Mcintosh
A full stock of fixtures In a day or so
Dominion Meat Co.
Dealers in ail kinds of
Fresh and Salt Meats
Fish and Poultry in Season
Victoria Ave.
A=2 Hamilton
Tinsmith and Plumber
We can furnish you with estimates in
anything in our line.


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