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 NO. 9 Mine Idle Two Months is
to be Opened at Once
At a meeting' of' Gladstone'local
■No. 2314 last- Thursday - evening it
was decided, - to. accept the company's term "on yardage and digging -which will be: yardage, -.-?1.50
and digging 62J- cents. This will
likely result'• in- an" early opening
of No.,9, and considerably allev- ]
iate.the situation here.- No. 9 has I
beenclosed about-two months. •"!
At the . assizes which open here
on the 26th inst'. before the Hon.
M. Justice' Irving the following
criminal cases will be tried:—°
* Eex.' v..Scerf: rape, defended by
L. P. Eckstein and S.* Herchmer.
• Rex. v. Dunlop, seduction. Mr.
A.'I. Fisher "will defend."'
Bex. v. ■- Pattersan, defended by
L. I|. Eckstein;    \ '
. The crown will be represented by
Mr. J. A. Harvey,, K.O., of Cranbrook. -.    ---':"■■'' '.'''":.:.:  ..
Vat lick, Mullen* was .brought before J.
H. ' McJIulIen, S.M., .on- Wednesday,,
charged with murder of "an-Italian at'
llibhol last year.(. A 'remand was taken
until ^Monday., Mr., L.-..P.,tEckstein, "is
acting for . the accused.-      *.
Tp« will say, Is it Possible?
That I can bnv good fruit, lands; with a good supply water with--
in 30 ii.iVs 'TFfTn.p, b'n"tiie installment.plan,- .' *" '.   ,,''
$5.00 Down. ,;$5,00 per Month.; No Interest or Taxes
For a fiv.-- aero rr.tct ..iurins*'.Iif.» of contract.."   This,offer will' %'{
not last loniT.'"Write f-ircirculiirof "Koo-tenia Irrigation Tract"-. *.V
D. W. HART, Agrt. K. R. i;. Co., Baynes,B.C
Of Short,DuraHoh-:-Meri Back
^ to Work and Peace Rules
- At Sitkum or what is more commonly
known as the "Ilock Cut," tho C. N. P,
Coal, Co., • has been developing a new-
mine which is known ns a pitching seam
On Monday: last a committee, of Fernie
Miners Union ■ met the management - and
presented, theni with a list of prices for
contract work. On Tuesday the management,. presented a counter proposition;-
•ond on Wednesday the men, .quit, work
without waiting for anyTfurther negotiations to take place. The miners union af
a meeting on Thursday ...decided to instruct the men to immediately resume
work and observe the contract witli tho
company. It is much to 'bo deplored
.that sensible men will continue to listen
to those who are always ready to mako
trouble and who have their grips pacWed
ready, to leave camp at tho first , outbreak.
•' Workmen should Insist upon their - contracts being kept to "the letter by themselves nnd also insist that their employers do likewise, and remember that "two
wrongs do not make a right,",,  •
' The regular monthly Knox church tool
will-.be held.Tuesday the 19th.' at" the
homo of Mrs. Mutz from 3 to 6 p.m.'   ...'
® ^®mr®S®S,®S*^IISlfSSimft^
if     ■'
!Wc ^terli&ect for tlie
.'-' i* j i ■: J; -
That  is .-why-our trade-.lias increased so rapidly.' The
inore :j?usinessj>;,^c - do  t,h(? lower ovf. priceS-'Avill get.-/.
Don't  fail, doi aoe  our slock before, buying elsewhere;
,,'*'f<^u.Kr'',.-V***-*;\^'-J "■';'-•■-.-:.'■   ' ;,.',.■.    ■•■•■-.r-w,,.;:./., •■-■;,.">V-w.
'Y. Spring   Suits    '.$8  '10 " 12"-15?
'_-^  ■  ^. ' '     ■
'Stiff Hats1.-.-.*'...
.2.50   3 r. 3.50
'-' Working Shoes !.. ... ... ;.;2 ; to" '4 '
Dress Shoes
.;.!.'.... 3 toV
^We.makpWspecialty of, wbrkiiig {
"'""men'r-'goo'is'....'- —-;—r"7~:'T.''T;*''' " --
v...' •^-v'^.- ''■'',-■    ■ ■■■ "■•'"'*'■'■;■','•'-'
'''     '■• <     '■ ■   ' ;■■   ■  .■-."''--■■,•"  ' ,;-   ■      v,*.   ,   :\j #-  -,    ;      ■ •    •
Lockha.rt   &   Gillespie
p •>, ■>,
> ®®®ex^®®^^
.A Tegular meeting of Xha , city council-
was, held Thursday evening, his worship
the. mayor iu the" chair, rrcseat. Aid.
Hroley,«Johnson, and Quail.
., The ordinary routine business was
transacted ami amongst the quantity of
business- Mr. 11. Tucker was appointed
city teamster at a salary of §75.00 per
month. Applications lor sidewalk construction .were referred, to tho Works
and' property committee-. Council will
nsic the .C'.N.'l.'.C.e. lor a light at corner "of Waluislcy and Maker streets. Mr.
Potter's' salary has been raised to $175
per monlli: Council will call for tenders
lor fifty thousand' feet of lumber' for the
sidewalks. The measure'for compulsory
.weighing of conl-and wood received tho
third reading. Campbell and Gray's tender -for -.the erection of hose tower at-
three hundred, nnd ten dollars was accepted. Cody's tender for placing tt cul-
\crt on'Cox* street'was accepted. By-law
Ko. 5-t re inspection of electric wiring,
was passed; The police were ordered to
enforce"-bill posting by-law. A court of
revision will be held June 22 at eight
p.m.    ■',,... .,   ,
Victoria day, Monday tin ' 25th ■ of
May, will be celebrated at Coal' Creek
in royal fashion and we trust as - the
Irishman said the. "elihients will be'pro-
portiouB," and that we'ivill have royal
weather*as the'committee.of Coal Creek
Athletic and Literary Association have
been most active.n#d left no stone unturned to provide entertainment and a
first1 rate program.for the day.,A glance
at tho . large posters,.will verify this.
There will be nearly §400 distributed in
prizes.   „     ' ■ ■ *■.'. ...,,'- .' .
■'-■;'.., •■/A' ''BOUQUET
The'District,Ledger,  •     ."   .    ,'
.  Fernie,- B; C,, "'
Ge-atlemen^Enclosed please . find
■?1.Q0 for' which'kindly. enter-, our"
-STqbscriptiQn_inr_ nn A_yan y_ fg—-rr o\ir-
paper.'-^.:,;"     ^     ""        "" J~
, We'find-many items of interest
in yotir "paper-especially from outside towns which give us iriforma-
tion:as toawhat;is.going on.'-*-
, Trusting, this \vill^have your best
attention, • and thanking • you .* in
anticipation, - we remain,
' Yours.truly,   .
- The Gu-mey. Standard Metal Co.^
Limited, per -A.'- E; Lewis.
Calgary.-KiyVll, 1908; --: —--•---■
_;   -■• y,.' "**-•—'-?'•'■-..
-' THE LORD'S DAY IN'BrO,     ■'■■
It- was demonstrated at tha meeting
of tho Prosbyt'er'inn synod at Vancouver;
that tho net governing the'ktbping of
tho-Sabbath or Lord's Day- was ' as
much for Hrltish Columbia aa any other
provlnco and it romains with.the1 attorney-general for II, O. to enforce the act,
High    Class    Furniture
Low   Prices
Trites -Wqfod  Co.
"Worth  investigating:  Early
English Sideboa.rds at      -
'-";   $25.00
Trite-s-Wdod  Co."
See   us   for   Furniture
Quaity and prices
."*' - .i  * *       ■?■ *.'
r unexcelled
Tritcs-Wood Co.
-Limited        '
Having: added four cars goods to our stock this
week   direct   from   the   manufacturers   we
can   assure   the   Public   we   are  in a
position   to   meet  their   requirements now   in any   class
of. Furniture
Large   assortment   in   Carpets
and   Lincoleums
J# H* Rcid Cot
a csr^ic-a)   B* C«
^Jfctc »*oclc .form** nm**»
Moulds of all kinds stocked for
Picture Framlne
*% Pay
rncnts **
«»«522; *««
Sole Agents  for
Klne of Scwinc Machines, Whites
Mason 8c RiscH Pianos
Hcrrltic-Hall Safes     i
Findlay Bros.' Stoves
Keystone Wire Door Mats
aaa| DiSTKi'JT. J-EDU£E,   FEii.i-.Ii'..   3. C, MAY Id, 15-U8.
Presbyterian Synod Session at
The Presbyterian synod of British Columbia "continued its business in St. John's church, Vancouver, on .Friday afternoon and
agreed to the proposals of its
committee regarding the liquor
traffic, aiming at taking progressive steps in the direction of total
prohibition, approving of the prin
ciple of local option and at the
same time of the principle of public ownership of liquor licenses in
cities and towns. Approval was
also given to the.amending ofthe
criminal code for the prevention
of betting and gambling.
A strong resolution was adopted
calling on,the Dominion, provincial and.' municipal authorities to
put a stop to the hurtful and woe
producing opium tra.'fic in Canada
It was resolved'to'call the attention-of the attorney general to the
toleration in some quarters of the
crime of prostitution and ask him
to urge upon the proper authorities the duty of enforcing the, law
against the keepers, inmates and
frequenters of houses of ill fame.
An animated , discussion regarding certain allegations of mal-ad-
ministration of the- law on the
part of .local authorities ensued.
The matter was finally dismissed
without a resolution in view of
"the' vagueness, of the allegations
•Rev. Dr." Campbell, Victoria,
presented a report on foreign-missions ' which indicated the probability of a further increase of oriental immigration" and pointed
out the importance of something
being done to bring christian influences to bear upon these immigrants.'
Rev. I. K. Wright said^that over
4000, East Indians had ccme in,
and probably more than 3000 re-
Jjmained. in the province.' T) ey almost entirely were ~speaking~Juji-'
jabi, which he had studied so as
Rev. G. A. Wilson said that in
travelling as home mission superintendent throughout the province
he had been impressed by growth
of opinion in favor of the act. He
had called.. - the" attention of the
attorney general to cases of men
who had been "dismissed for refusing to work on Sunday.
Rev. A. JY McGillivray, Vancouver} said the government seemed'
to think that they, were] in line
with public opinion. It was for
the christian people of the country to show that they were not.
At the evening session' Rev. Drr
MacKay gave an account of his
recent visit to the mission fields
of China. Morrison, whose centenary had been, celebrated last
year, had calculated that in 100
years from his arrival there mighty
possibly be a thousand converts"
in China. Instead of, that there,
are now 180,000 christian communicants and from 600,000 to
700,000 professed christians. There
was also now an unexampled willingness to give heed to the christian teachings. A description was
given of the centenary missionary
conference at Shanghai, which in
a very practical spirit -had .resolved that there should be no waste
of men or money, Co-operation
had been arranged for and the ultimate end was- organic union of
the Chinese churches.
The moderator, Rev.  J. ,M. McMillan,    Nanaimo,     reported '   on'
church life5and work. ..The returns
from   Kootenay   presbytery   were,,
remarkably   complete.     All   ' over
the province ° a large number     of
Presbyterians from the old coun-.
try, appeared to  neglect religious
ordinances    in\  this^   country.  A*
census   taken    at Victoria showed
25 percent, of the population not
attending a, place of worship.-The
pastors and- sessions ought to en-,
quire and make records of the people of whom they had charge. As
a rule the children of the Presbyterian    families, attended Sunday
School.   Many   suggestions. ' were
made   for improving i the services,
such as bright music,  short    services, etc. ,But powerful preaching
wotfld be the most. effective.    The
bridge cra7.e seemed to be leading
to a sordid gambling even among
the ladies of social standing.  All
ranks and classes needed- to be led.
to higher views of the meaning of
and, -jfse of money.   The late Lord
Overton was a shining example of
the highest ideal and practice - in
regard to this. - There was a com-
J-jnuous effort being made by the
means of police administration"!.!"
well as preaching to.elevate,  the
standard of conduct.     There was
urgently needed not the abolition
of ' the ■ party   system in politics
but the giving of a higher tone to
its workings.   If "preachers touched upon matters lying within the
range    of    party . politics,, results
would' depend, on the~spirit aad
wisdom in dealine.wlt'h these. The
program of, the church's work wao
becoming, more complex-, and- diffi-
<mii,   but nothing   can    supplant
the preaching of,the gospel of re
conciliation through-Jesus Christ,
as a power making for righteousness.
Rev. Dr. Campbell, of Victoris,
said that church life and work
had never been so vigorous in the
province as at present.lt was
agreed that special attention be
given to the non-church going
and th'at people should'be urged
to faithfullness in the duties of
business and , citizenship j—Nelson
%*??*<. ' ,   ..,.■■   ' "
'*- *,	
Spry. Miss McCluag still is a
young woman. .She has; played
before many discriminating audiences with tremendous success and
also has played before many celebrated musicians, who one and
all, predicted for her a brilliant
future. j" •
This clever company will-be seen
iii this city ia a popular ballad
and operatic concert program.
There was a serious derailment
near the- tower station here on
Tuesday morning about 5;30 a.m.
C. P. engine 1364*? through some
cause, left the track, and it was
nearly six hours before she - was
back again. There was a severe
block of traffic here; passenger
train "No. 5 being one and a half
hours late through this, and the,
local being three hours late, ' as
well as several freight trains. The
track was torn for some way and
the switch irons badly bent and
broken.'. She was taken under her
own .steam to'Cranbrook "for repairs. '    •
 o —
Washington, May 13—The house
to-day, accepted the senate amendments to,the bill prohibiting race
track gambling in> the district of
Columbia, and- tluis fully passed i
it. '■', ...-.„     ~-        .-
Edmonton, May 14—One, of the
most disastrous push fires in* the
history' of the country' swept ■ the
district 70 miles' -west ,of Edmonton on Thursday of last week, and
leaving in its wake nothing , but
blackened tree trunks,' devastated
homesteads and1 the- ruins-of a
rich, thickly wooded country.- Miles and miles of country have been*
swept bare pi verdure by this fire
and the'loss in property - will be
,',-       /iS'lfl'-J'tfTXST . ' ■" _"'■*. ._
OFFifK HouRfi-    *„* strto'iaja'^m.', lio STp^in'
l"    -'      -I,     \   K)3t, tuH u.m.   ■'    ,    ',""'-
,    Office in A. ax. I "•h's Bioi'.ft
. over Slim;*   tSakE'v;..
A new
WatCh^^ Pleasure.
The big
p 1 u g .
"I want some collars for , my
husband," said-' a' lady' in a department store, /'but I am afraid-
I have forgotten the size."  ,-:
"Thirteen and^a half, ma'am?"
suggested the clerk.' - i
' '"That's; it. How,-on"e'ar.th v did
you-know?"       ' ■:'
"Gentlemen who let their" wives
buy their collars for' them are almost always at out that size ma'am," exclaimed the observant
clerk.,        ■"   ■-' '   •   ■   . r ,
1 -    -     .1 <L"
Insurance and Customs Broker
Crow's  Nest vTradinp:   Co.   Block,
■-■ .-■    , Fernie, B.1 C, * ,-,
L.   P. * Eckstein
Barhimkk-at-Law, Solh'.jtok
Rooms 1 & 3, Hfcuderbcra block. Pe*ni«.,B-1'.
elm B&rber-* j-.d.s., d.d.s,,
lsT. W . Block,   opposite the .Hank
'. Office hours—8 a.m to 8 p.m.
Pil ;Ker* & Co.
Contractors and Builders
PI•*•*-.», Specifications and E»tt-
matcs . lurniibed . oi  application.,
r    .•■
,-'■■.,' R.  \. KEfcR,'
- Arrfeitect      aad Superintendent
Offic* tat Rulrktacc
meets in the Miners' Hall every
;        alternate Thursday at 8 p.m.
h. SNOW', Pre-*. v  ,      E."PICKER, Seo-
We have received '■ the ' Quebec
number of "Onward," an illustrated weekly published b-y William^ Biggs, ..of Toronto, containing five articles on Founding, five1
Sieges and- Conquest, of. Quebec,
with twenty-four engravings. It
gives1, popular account of a subject.,, of,. interest to all. Canadians.
Send for free sample.    .., .
to help them a Uttle.He thought
it a reproach to a large, wealthy
and missionary ■ society like theirs
that they had no missionary, for
these people. Many of them were
splendid people and desired to .understand Christianity. They were
Sikhs, not. idolators. Tiiey worshipped the great spirit through a
-uuott and.we also worshipped the
Heavenly father- and possessed a
Sacrod ■bonk:- It.: vrnulti-^hAr .worth
while for the church to realise her
position. Indian in all its extent
was at present watching- what we
were doing with these immig-ramts.
He proposed that the foreign missionary committee be asked- to
send a' missionary to look after
the spiritual interests of these immigrants. This was agreed to,
under protest from Rev. J, S.
Henderson, who felt persuaded
that the East Indians would not
remain in this country and that
toiy'missionary work w0uld scarcely, take bold.  "
Rev. D. McKay pbirttod out how
little could be' done by one missionary. It would be better if
tho christian people of B.C. realised their own responsibility for
treating the Hindus, Music lovers of Fernie should bo
The Synod reaffirmed its atti- delighted at' tho coming of the
tude in reference to the value of Louise Brehany Company, which
Sabbath and of the Lord's day appears at tho opera house on
act.. Rev. W, M. Rochester Baid Thursday -night. Very seldom, in-
that in spito of the opinion of deed, aro four such high class and
eminent men in parliament the world famous artisto, seen on one
clause of tho Lord's day act program. Mr. H. B. Thearlo, tho
granting diBcrotion to the attorn* well known Now York a»>d Chlca*
ey general in regard to proBccu*- go manager, has surrounded his
tions, was not favored by the al- prima dona, Louise Brehany, with
Hanco. Exporienco of the working the strongest "stars'* in the mus.
of the act Hhowed that more than "al world, in thoir rospoctive lines
80,000 men in Canada woro now Louise Brehany is recognised ar>
enjoying tho day of rest who had the greatest soprano of modorn
previously been deprived of it, He timet-.. Not, sinco the days of Ma
exprossod strong disapproval of damo Araifari, two hundred yoars
tho Sunday newspapers imported' &E°t has thoro been a, soprano
into Canada. American publish- with tho range possessed by Miss
ers admitted that thoir sales in Brehany. Endowed by nature
Canada had fallen off 100,000 cop* with ono of tho most wonderful
ies, A sovoro check had boon put vocal organs ovor given a human
upon Sunday excursions and Sun- l-10'--?.*. iho has by constant study,
day concorlH, Hotels are prohib* brought it to marvollous porfec*
ited from soiling tobacco and pa- ^laix. Tho ranfro of her voice ia
pen* on Sunday. . Throo convic* •*l,°»n ('< ii tho bass to O in tho
tions had boon recorded In Mani- Alt- above high C. Ono can real*
toba for Sunday threshing, but •«" the extont of this when it is
the allianco had roc-nested that no stated that it is the comblno:!
tine attend thoso convictions. It range of Patti and Calvo,
was enough for thorn to vindicate Supporting Miss Brehany are a
the law. Every province in Cana- *rio of splendid artists, Mr. Max-
da exi-opt 13, C. had accoptod ro* Millian Dick, tho* violinist, is ro*
ftponstt.ilJty'in connection with tho 'Cognised in thn musical world of
net, As yet thr* nttorney gennrnl Amorica and Europe, as one of
of the province hnd not dono so tho boRt violinists, Ho was form*
All tho other attorney generals of n' concert master of tho faiiious
the provinros accoptod tho intor- rJamrosch Syphony Orchestra and
pretation 01 tlie law r'iantiiii> un,. , ....'--';„ ..'/.■.r'.*"1-.'-'.-. -1--- i>i«<-'-r*i
■-■..■t.w.., j'J.i .*.-- l\i* Alll-int-.- ■rtrv. ' nrp-nWlsntions nf Ami-ricn nnd "flu-
pretod it,   Thr- Mnunn hnd Ynn\ in- \rope
nerted in tho act in deferonco of I Miss Edith Adam*-., tho violoccl*
opinions oxprnNM-cl from southern (list. ls recognised txi thr. greatest
British Columbia. N'o publio jv.f t*'' of lady 'cellists. Shf., wrm, in Br-r-
ideation hnd benn offorod lor thf ' Hi*>i <h» pupil of Robert Hnusman
nirjlum-i ,.n.,\ui.l-ii \,'j \i ,-.'.'..)....., ' "' *hn Vnyn] TTir-'h Rdinnl! niir,
genornl of thi-* pro,"ln«c; i,* n tni.t-! latW was tlio protcfro of tho prcat
tor of fact the net stands foir H.C, j virtuoso, Hcrr Heinrich Kiefef, of
the finnu* nf (or all Cnnnrla- But I Munich. During this time, this
no proi-ronn had Vctm m'»f".o to- ! "tlueky Americnn" ffirl won for h»-r.
wards the Miforcoinont nt tho act',' i self tho (.*i°t)netion of being tho
exennt in so far a*-, the r*rowth of 11-'ft,'t J»'H»J1 o( thn gventost 'fflllst
piiiilit-  o-.inlnn   is concr-med.   Poo* I of his dixy,
pie xune roalisinrj that they need- j Another notable urtiht o{ Mv.
ed thin lnv* nnd they must not let | Thoarlo's talented company. Ib
p/> until it hnd been vin^ic-ntefl, ,T,Tit.s Alko McClvn". th" ptnni-t,
After nil, lef-nl protection of tho ! Miss MfiClnnr* rcciverl her early
day ef rest '•/ft'** «■ Recondnry mat- |musical iducntion from the distin*
ter and if the ««ivant(i'*es of such i oMi*hw. "Danish -pi«nifit, August
a day for rest nnd culture were : Hvll*"**tM. Lnter she wns the
not appreciated the dny would be "star" punil of the eminent Chtca*
Bftfegiiarded. , (-0   pianist  nnd   teanher,    Walter
1, Montreal; May 14—-Lieut-Governor Dunsmuir. of British .jolumbia
has been elected a director of the
Canadian Pacific railway.
o /  ■■
Rheumatism, causes.mote pain
and suffering than any other disease, ior tne reason-that it 'is the
most common of all ills, and it is
certainly gratifying to' sufferers to
kno.w that .Chamberlain's , . Pain
Balm, will .afford relief, and make
rest and' sleep .possiblr. In. many
cases,the relief'from pain, .whjich is!
at first , temporary,. has become
permanent, while in old people
subject to-chronic rheumatism, often brought on by dampness v ^,or,
changes" In'-'the. weather j a pernian»
ent jure cannot be expected: the
relief trom- pain which this liniment affords is alone worth, many
times its cost. 25 and 50 cent
sizes for sale by all dtuggistB.1
Notice is hereby given, that- 30
days after date -I intend ,to apply
to the Hon. Chief. Commissioner
of Lands and' Works for' a license
to prospect for coal" and petroleum
on the 'following lands situate in
the district of southeast JKooten-
ay," British Columbia, block 4593.'
Commencing at - a. post planted
at or near 5 mites east of 25 mile
post of present C.P.R. survey ad-'
joining block , 4593 ? on the west,
and being,* the N. V.W. .corner, post
of Fred,E. Good'all's claim, thence-
south, ,80 chains; thence east
80, chains; thence north 80 chains;
to point of commencement making
640 acres more or less. "    .'-,-•'
Located-this 3rd day of December, 1907.
Harry Couillard, Witness
W. E. Coates, Jr.'- Agent
Fred E.1 Goodall; Locator.
Commencing at a post planted
at or near 5 mile's east of-25 mile
post of present" CiP.R. survey ad-
jf.-!Ti-i-ng_*hlnck-.'-4593 .on.the .westV
and being the S. W. corner post"
of Mrs.: Mary E.; Go.odall.claim;
thence north 80 chains; thence
east 80-chains;-thence-6outh.. .80
chains; thence west" 80 chains; to
a point ..of commencement, making
640, acres more or less;  ' ' <i
Located~this 3rd day of December, 1907.\.:u/\   ,   .".,   , ',;,
•-'• Harry CouiliardjWiiness
W. E. CoateB, Jr. Agent
Mrs. Mary E.- Goodall, Locator.
, Latce & Fisher
Crow's   Nest   vVTrading   Co.    Block,
Fernie,  B. C.
w.;a: connell
.  Builder and Controctoc
Eetimates cheerfully given and work
,   promptly executed to the satis-
faction of our cuBtomere.
,   Townsite
Fernie at.d
\V. R. Hi E8. K. c.
J. S. T.Alesandkh
Ross & Alexander
Office In-L. T. "W. Block, Victoria Avenue.
Henderson Block .Fernie
Fire, Li.e'&;'Acci.
dent Insurance
Commencing at a post planted
at or near a point 1 mile east of
the 85 mile post of present CF.
B. su|rvfe<y adjoining bjloek 4593
on the west, and beining the S. E.
comer post of Leonard W. Baker
claim; thence north 80 chains;
thence west 80 chains; thence south
80 chains; thence east 80 chains
to a point of commencement making ,640-acres more or less.- -   -
Located   this    13th day of November, 1907.,
G.  C. H.  Coleman, Witness
W. E, Coates, Jr. Agent
Leonard W. Baker, Looator
■t I * -a
Calgary, Alta.
June 29 to July 9,108
$25,000   In   Prizes
$13,000 In Purses
$60,000   expended in  new buildings
and improvements
Strobcl's Air Ship.
Trained    Animal
High   Class
The Novellos Great
Show   and   oilier
Attractions ,,
91st Highlanders Band.       Iowa State  Baiul
Rough Riding by Real Cow   Hoys
Indian, Squaw  and Travels  Races
Keihuvri t'lir*-*** fmm all pointu iu Ciuinda.    Vour upportuiiliv
to sue the  lat>t urcm wost
VVrili- far itesrrlptK'i^i-'iintphlet to
If. I...  Richardson,
Ma nit i* it
„ Plans and Estimates furnished.
Jobbing.   Sash and Doors.     -
' 0
Builder's Stairwork a Specialty
Satitfnction guaranteed.
M.J ,
P.' OT Box 188 ,   ' "Union labo;
SuccesEOr to J W. H. 1 eri-y  '
Employment; and
Real Estate Off ice
... ,",„All classes "o'fTfien
Bushmen,   Lumbermen  &
All work guaranteed
Victoria Ave. Fernie, B. C.
Fit for a King
Tltu incuts tlmt, you buy
Irom uhiu'q lit for n klnu*.
Wo fip.ll tioMiliuT thnt la
not ttio bent, tliftt Ih why
woJmvo&o many (jIodsciI
customers Lot us dc-
tuojiBtiuo thin fact by it
ti'iit I, Pol I to into n't Ion
ittul prompt boi'vIcq.
1 ,1
Calgary Cattle Co.
Excavations, taken out,, etc.
Reasonable   Rates
Phones 94 and  147,-   P. 0. Box 417
h   Milk
Delivered to all partB of the town*
Gorrle Bros., propa..
_     DCOIONB.
Oot»vniQHro &o>.
••■■■ft-t.ii fiod**.   „,	
ScientiSic Huteiim
A hnnd-nmoly UliiitMlort wonnly,
r,u|iUlon otuny aolenllilo ic
nil mu'.iliinliir*,
._ -        . —-., - xt. ■ "Cur,",i^t't. *.ii*
euliUlpi. ot uny Ml-anitflo ioutiml.   'i'ctr.H ror
t'^i.iviii. f{ 1,75 iv yaw, c-ftitnuo vroimlil.  »JoM liy
"An honored citizen of this town
watt BUtToring from a sovoro altaclc
of   dysentery.   He told a friend if
ho could obtain a bottio of Gham-
iborlain's Colic. Cholera and Dlar.
1 xhoea, Tlemcdy, ho felt confident of
{being cured, ho having uBed   this
ri»mftdy in the Wost.   Sflo wns told
I that I kept it in stoc!k and loift no
I timo in obtaininp; it, and was very
j promptly cured," says M. J, Leach
ja   druggiBt   of Woleott, Vt,   Tor
I sale hy all druggists,
A uouuy cur xiad coiuded imiU
a milk cart and sent con after can
of milk Hplashinjj. into tho stroet.
Soon ft crowd gathered, A man,
coming up, had to fitand on tip-
too and keep dodging his head
about to hoa past a Btout lady in
front of him. "Goodness," ho
oxclaimed, "what on awful waibtl''
The stout lady turned and glared' at him. , "Mind your own
business!" she snapped.
■*** fl
iuy-M-^MHittni DISTRICT LEDGER,   FERNIE.  B." C, MAY 16, 1908.
1 Shields the Food from Alum ]
In the nature of things it is gratifying   .to-   achieve ones purpose,
- and the frank and open manner' of
the labor unions, and Socialist locals  in responding  to   an  invita-
-tion issued by the Socialist party
• of Fernie to meet them in cbnven-
*     •*■ rt
-tion was all that could be desired
i-and must have elated the comrades at Fernie when they knew "the
result of their deliberations.  „ The
-Socialist local at.Fernie must also be credited with having a certain amount of political sagacity
And. with being as wide aw&lte as
the politicians of, the other part-
',ies. There liave been, times when
the Socialist party have teen be-
■■ hind, through not knowing the
methods and'' tactics adopted. * by.
*■_" the oth'er political parties in order, to win seats, but that day
has gone by. No party realises
more'than the Socialists how essential it is> to be'always prepiared
• for'an'emergency \wherie-vier if may
- arise;. Another notable feature is
' the growing unity and > solidarity
. of the.various labor organisations
. with regard to politics. Not many
, years ago some of us can remem-
' ber ,if politics were mentioned
' amongst the "unions, you would at
'"•oncetsee.,a dark shadow come'over
the faces of those ;  present    '<and
- -whoever it'might be who mention-
'*  ed  ^politics    would be sure, to" be
ostracised:"Now the  unions     are
L-jeager :ahd    anxious -■ to'  hearjjthe.
High Priestess of Death Escaped
1 Before fire-More Bodies:
man with the message who' 'will
point out to them how they   may
-iree-themselves from wage slavery.
They are beginning to realise that
political   action- instead of being
a menace to trade unionism, is as
a' matter,, of fact its most reliable
support"    and     these conclusions
have been1 verified by the two recent conventions which have 'been
held at Nelson and Fernie; the one
held at riFernie  on, Sunday,    May
10th   was an", unqualified success,
and was the result of a probable
bye election in this riding, caused
•through Mr. W. R. Ross, the pre-
■aen.t member,^ being likely to get
a.   place  in  the cabinet,  knowing
■that if such were the case the election would be here and over in
a few days.   The Socialist   party
of Fernie got together aad issued
invitations to all labor organisations to meet them in convention
so that a candidate could be chosen     and   a plan of campaign arranged;     the   invitation was responded to by all the miners unions of Fernie and Michel; also by
the carpenters, bricklayers, stonemasons 'and  others'.   James Lan-
•caster   of     Fernie was appointed
chairman and    J, Shooter, secretary of the convention.   After tho
-chairman had explained the object
of their mooting together* and submitted an agenda,    Mr. W. Sym-
onds welcomed the delegates    on
behalf of the Socialist party in a
few choice words.   Several     othor
■delegates also spoke and express*
od   themselvos   as   being ploased
that the time had come when they
could meet on one common plat*
-form and adopt that platform as
an oxpression of their needs   and
requirements,  and that was     no
•othor than tho many owning tho
tools of production and distribution which'the many noodod     in
order to provide thorn with food,
clothing,    and   Hholtor.   Tho next
point of discussions was tho sol*
-octing of a candidate who would
work for thoso ends and the   convention unanimously decided     to
approach   Mr,    W,    Davidson,  of
Sandon, to soc if ho would contest
the constituency on tho Socialist
platform.   Failing Mr,  Davidson,
tho convention was unanimous in
their selection   of Mr. John Harrington   of   Fornio,    who   is woll
known for his platform abilities,
and ono who would make a good
Htandard   benror   for tho wbrkors
of   this riding.    A central oxeou-
, tivo   committee of 22 was chosen
with   headquarters     at Fomie to
avrango    for spoakors and dintri*
l'.uto literature and do propaganda work,   It wns also docided   If
Hi,   Eu. 4ill.--Oii   ut-vCjJvb   U.u   no.uu.-
ntion, tn nsk him tn Rtny n few
days when ho attends tho inter*
provincial convention which is to
be held here on the 81th of this
month, Thoro is ono thing to b«
Raid; each dologate wont back    to
'     fit Ml'      „,,.,».U..>       1 4,4, 1-1     Ik.    -     I
...... -V,^.  -..",.        ..,.> •.,.<,,      ,«.«.  teW*> ... >^»%,S..
moro than over; to spread tho gos*
pol of Socialism, and tho SoclaHst
party ought to fool glad with a
knowledge of tho fact that it will
be'the moans of getting much pro*
ragnnda work dono. Well dono,
Fernie, Say I.
Chicago, May 8—A despatch to,
the Inter-Ocean, from Laporte,
Hnd., say a: Mrs. Bella Guiness, the
high priestess of murder, who, at°
the backdoor of her-farmhouse,
kept a private graveyard, from
w&ich • ten- .bodies have been unearthed, is alive. This was established beyond,, a reasonable doubt
yesterday. Careful measurements
were taken of the headless trunk
of* the woman - found'in the ruins
of the burned home, which it was
thought was :the • body of Mrs.
.G-uiness. These resulted in the astounding revelation that the dead
woman was not more than " hall'
the, size or^weight of the siren
who is supposed to have lured a
score of men to their death.
In addition,' to the convicting
testimony of the tape, half a dozen of the intimate friends of Mrs.
Guiness asserted with the positive-
ness of absol-Jte conviction that
the dead body was not,that . of
the mistress of the castle at Laporte.
Laporte, ° Ind., May 8The tenth
body was turned up by the digger
at the Guiness farm shortly before
nine o'clock .this morning.
Calling to'their - aid skilled detectives . the authorities of Laporte county redoubled their efforts in the task of unravelling a
tangled skein of murder and arson
in the-Guiness case. With the
worldwide publication given to La
porte- during the last few days
queries as to the whereabouts 'of
men who are said- to,, have started
for the town from different points
of the country have begun to pour
in. but Sheriff Smutzer. declines to
diclose their names. *
, Two rumors are current:, one is
,that "a man from- Providence, R.
I., was among the dead. Another
man living in Ohio is said to.have
few days later,she explained- the
possession; „ of •• his .horse and carriage after he had .disappeared, by
the statement that she had traded
with' him. At the same time suspicion has'been aroused as to the
fate of several hired men, former-.-
ly employed, by Mrs. G-uiness, All
these have been given expression
to by the several neighbors, who
assert their believe . that more of
them met death at her hands.    ,
About seven'years ago" it is said
that Olaf Iiimbo was in her ser-
vice,and upon looking for another
*■***-    take'his place she  was asked
A married woman who says she
v/inhen she wan single again is
tho first to look for No. 2 ns soon
as sho 'becomes a widow.
where he was, but she replied that
he had gone to Norway to witness
the coronation.
Amel Green, who is said to hav*
told that he freq-uiently was arous.
od by-Mrs. Guiness at night with
an exclamation that guests had
arrived and that ho would have
to sleep iri'the barn, is supposed
to be somewhere in tho west, but*
his former acquaintances have be-
gun to doubt his fate.
A, soaking rain which fell continually -for 34 'hours' prevented
further excavations of the premises yesterday and Sheriff Smutzer
devoted tho day to gathering possible evidence that may be used in
the trial of T. Ray Lamphero, on
tho charge of having caused the
deaths of Mrs, Guiness and her
three children. Volunteer information has boon poured in since the
case acquired such notoriety. One
of those communications received
to-day was a letter purporting to
como from .Vera Shoren, of Indianapolis, It was addrossod to
A. S, K, Holgoin and also to tho
ohief of police. The writer said
sho had positivo evidence that Mrs
Guiness was still alive, and urged
that abstention bo given tho communication. Tho explanation of
,tho missive was revealed whon a
detective asked Holgoin to oinploy
his men in unravelling tho mystery rovoalod by Mrs. Shoron.
Coroner Mack has doniod that
he had como to tho conclusion
that tho SorenBon girls and Phil,
lip Guiness had boon killed boforo
thoir bodies woro proclpitatod' into
tho basomont of thoir mothor'H
burning homo on April 28,
What tho authorities havo declared' was an attempt to disturb
tho nine bodios dug up on tho
Guineas farm so that identification of tho remains would be impossible was mado yesterday, Two
men, whoso identity iu not .Known,
broke into tho carriage house of
the farm whore tho bodios woro
•"ilncer*! hnr when, rlv'-)**.-.*. !Y"*t\*' \:"
n watchman boforo thoy could, do
any harm. Ihe authorities nro
soarchJng for tho mon. The day
watchman at the farm of Daniel
M. Heston said that tho mon said
thoy woro doctors and had at*
tempted to lustifv their rxretenre
in the place on professional
grounds, He ordered them from
tho promises but thoy refused to
go* until they loamed that Jos;
Maxmon, Mrs, Guh»oss man of all
work had boon sent to summon
tho sheriff. The mon gained an entrance to the carriage houoc by
placing a ladder on the side of
the lmilrHiirj and forcing opi»n r\
Mat ttnd Oscar Budsburg, of tola, , Wis,, sons of Ole Budsburg,
whoso   disappearance    from     the
Guiness farm is*one-of the mysteries    ot the   -case, arrived here
yestarday.     They brought     along
with, them photographs of     their
father   and information of movement before    his "departure    from
Iola.    "My father said,before    he
left Iola that he was coming-   to'
Laporte    to    work a .farm„ Mat
Budsherg said in broken English.
"He  "brought with him.all     the
letters which he had received from
Mrs.-  Guiness    and   alse ?S00 in
money.   After his arrival here he
raised"     SI,000 .by      selling    ,   a
mortgage note through the Far'm-
ers State Bank of Iola.   We have
had no word ,from, him and have
been working the * farm ever since
he left in March, 1907.   We had a
letter from Mrs.   Guiness      which
was addressed to my father,- and
read as if he had left Laporte for
Iola.., I    believe   this    letter  was
written for ths purpose of throwing investigation off the track.  I
am   sure that     my father's body
was   one' ■  of those, dugup on the'
farm.     There   is no   trace ■ of the
$1,800 he had in his possession in
April of last year.   I believe that
woman killed my father and took
his money."
. Roy Ivamphere, under arrest in
connection with the crime has declared that Mrs. Guiness had urged him to insure his life in her favor, asserting that she, had offered to pay the premiums on such
a-policy provided he agreed to
marry her. He said that he ..-.believed that his refusal to fall in
with her plans had caused the enmity which the latter manifested
toward him resulting in his arrest
on "three occasions and'his trial
before a lunacy, commission , on a
fourth. Lamphere's statement of
a --closed room ■ in the, G-uiness
home to which he asserts, he was
always denied admission' ia partially corroborated by -the evi-
of Joseph Maxmon, who was ' a
workman on the farm. when the
house caught fire on April 28th.
Maxmon, asserts that he had never been allowed, access to the second story of the farm house, were
the closed room was located. '
- A;.,.K. Helgein-^of Mansfield, S.
D., was again in conference i with,
Dr.. C S;;, Mack, .cordner._.of, ...the!'
county to-day. The steps by
by which.his brother Andrew, be-
bec'ame infatuated '■ with the woman, were canvassed once more,
but only partial progress niade
towards clearing the;mystery. Hel-
gein told . again* of-the-secrecy
which the brother had shrouded
his movements ,_beforg_ his depart-
was evolved to show that adver-
•tisements for a matrimonial agency had been printed in Scandinavian-papers in the northwest,,Hel-
gein -asserting that a- single sheet'
printed in Norwegian and full of
such notices.had been circulated
among his acquaintances.
The circumstances lead the, investigators "here to. believe that
Mrs.-Guihess established'commun-.
icatioh with her victims through'
throvpyh this agency, ,
i;, Waupaca, Wis., May .8—The letter which Carl Petersen, of Waupaca, received from Mrs. Belle
Guiness has been translated from
Norwegian into English. It reads
"Karl Petersen,' Waupaca, Wis.—
Dear Sir: As some time ago I received from you a letter in answer
to my advertisement in the Scandinavia, I will with pleasure ans-
wer the same.;. The reason I waited for. some time is that there has
been other answers to the adv. As
many as 50 has been received and
it - has been impossible to answer
London, May 14.—A telegram received here from Sydney says that
Tommy Burns, the heavyweight
champion, has accepted ah offer
of $15,000 to visit Sydney, and~
that it is expected he will take
part in three fights while the United States battleships are at Sydney next, August. Buras' representative in London says that the
champion has not accepted the
offer toerto visit Sydney. He offered to go if he was given S15,-
000 for one fight, but the Sydney
club demanded- three contests for
this amount, which Burns declined. Burns is now in Ireland trying to arrange a fight with Bill
ti *
- I   cured    a horse   of tbe mange
Dalhousie. "   ' .,
I cured a horse badly torn by a
pitch fork,  with MINARD'S  LINIMENT.    " '
St. Peter's,  C.B-.       ED. LINLIFF.
I cured a horse of a bad swelling with MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Bathurst,. N.B.
Club   Cigar
the only   reliable place in
town when you require -myth.n-j" in Tobaccos, Cigars,
or Cigiiivlies.
\V. W INGRAM,  Prop.
Phillip Carosella
You want comfort and aatisaction I
of clean smooth shaves every!
morning. -    . , I
' The Carbo Magnetic Is the only!
QUARANTBED to give this. ,
The secret Electric Tempering
positively merges every par*
tide, of carbon  (the  life of
steel) into the metal—giving
diamond-like hardness
throughout the Made—something absolutely   Impossible
with fire tempered steel used
in making all other razors.
> But test- this, razor  in your
own home—or have your barber j
use It on you.    Secure one 30,
J. D. QUAIL, Agent, Fernie.
•crisrioisr .label
Crow's    Nest r Special
Miner's Favorite Cigars
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gent's furnishings '
Port. Steele
Brewery Co,, Ltd
Ferine,   ii. 0.
Brewers of Extra  Fine Lager
;   and .'-Aerated   Waters.
Bottled    Goods    n ■   Specialty.
.*, r, .1 .*.
• The best dollar a day house in the city'' Z_
%* •<►*
*** Liquors and Cigars of the bc-st qualtity «J*
•J- Well stooked bar *j*
.J. Dining room in elitu^e of P. I'. Sillier .*.
♦♦♦ Only white help employed V
♦     ROSS BROS. PROPS.    ♦">
.•;•>    .-■ . "--.    *-;*»
> The   Home  Bank of Canada
},._ "Notice, is; hereby, given that a Dividend at the
rate ot.-Six^per cent.; per annum upon the, paid up
Capital Stock of the Home Bank has been declared for
the Three Months'ending the -31st of May, 1908, and
the same will be payable at the Head Office and Branches
ofthe Bank on and after Monday the First day of June
--The-transfer  booka>r-will-be closed from the 17th to
tlie-31st of May, both-days'inclusive'.
By the Order of the Board.
James Mason, General Manager.
Toronto,; April 15th,  1908. ';, . ■
WINE   GO.   Ltd.
Wholesale I-Jealers and Direct
Importers of
-   . POMMEEY^    , ,     ;      *     '
■ Sole. A gents in East Kootenay for
.,-'.. '   '   '     'iVATER-     " ''
The   3
JU".    Co., Ltd.,   ,
Z ALEX.:McDOUGAlir Pres.;S6«a;Mgr. -|
8f* nutscturers of and
dealers in
* - - ...
v Roue:h & Dressed Lumber
♦ ,'--•-
y    Dimension & Bridge Timber
Shingles3 and Ties.
I Telephone Poles a Specialty
y All Orders Promptly" Attended
%     '', ." > ■■   to"t ..
•>: — ' '- u *m	
all.0 I.have picked,out the most
respectable, and I have decided
that yours is Buch, First, I will
tell you that I am a Norwegian,
and have been in this country for
20 years. I live in Indiana, about
59 miles from Chicago, and 1 mile
north of Laporte. I am this sole
owner of a nice home and pretty
"There are 75 acres of land and
also all kinds of crops, improved
land and apples; plujns and cur*
raaits, Am on a boulevard road,
and havo a twelve room house,
practically new, a wind mill and
all modern improvements, situated in a boavftiful suburb of Chicago, worth about 1?15,00, All of
this is pretty nearly paid for. It
is in my own namo. I am alone
with throo small childron from 5
to 11 years, Tho smallest is a
littlo boy. The two largest nre
girls, all frisky and woll. I lost
my husband bv •"('■•irtont 5 years
ago, and.nines thon have tried, to
got along,an woll as I could wllh
what help I could hire,
'•I am getting tired of this and
X havo found that it is not woll
to tniBt others with so much,
"It is too much for mo to look
after things and things aro not a«
I want thorn anyway. My idon of
thjom is to take a partner whom
I can trust tight as wo have no
ncrjUmintoncf'S ourselves I have clodded that pvory applicant I have
considonvl favorably must take a
satisfactory dopoKit of cash or &•»•
oiiHtv. V think thnt it tho he^t
way for partners to koep away I
nuu'li-j-j ...<o Aiii a.way.» looking
for fiiich opportunities,'as I have
hnd experience with them I can
provo. i
"Now, if you think you are ablo
in flomn wnv to r,,,t ,1,1 SlO.Of.ft
cash we can talk matters over personally. If you cannot is it worth
whilo to consider I would not care
for you as a hired man as I am
tired of that nnd ner-d a little rest
in my home nnd near my children.
"I will dope for this time. With
family regard**.
Laporte, Ind.
Notice is heteby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and, Works'for a license < to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described lands situated in the Flathead Mock 4503, district of south
east Kootenay, provinco lot British Columbia.
1 Commencing at a poBt situated at, the north east comer of
lot 1908. 'afroup 1, /
thence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains,
thonce west 80 chains,
thonce south 80 chains,
to   tho    placo of commencement,
containing 640 acres more or loss.
Dated this 15th day of April, 1908
Gus Beckon, Locator.
D. A, Catc, Witness
R, McGregor, Agent.
S Commencing at a post sltuat-
od at or near the south oast cornor of lot 1908, group 1,
tlienco oast 80 chains,
thonce north 80 chainB,
thonco west 80 chains,
thonco south 80 chains,
to   tho    placo of commencement,
containing 040 acres more or less.
Dated this 15th tiny of April, 1908
D. A, Onto, Locator.
■• D, A, Cato,    Agent,
n, McGregor, Witness
3 Commencing at a post sittiat-
od ono mile oast of the south enst
corner of lot 1008, group 1 and
nt tho south enst cornor of D, A.
Cato'H claim,
thonco oast 80 chains,.
thonce north 80 chnins,
tnenco west tiU chains,
UalVll'a* .VOUll.  30  I'h'lill.t,,
tho    place of conimoncemt'.'it,
Y Tel. 3
♦♦a ...
♦>.      -     --4--.,
rernle. B.C.
I Subscribe for the District Ledger.
containing 040 acres moro or loss.
Datod this 16t,h day of April, 1908
Agnoss Anderson, Locator
D, A, Cato,   Agent.
j.1.,   lUtCliij-JOl, VYiUittoo
4 Commencing nt a post situnt*
cd at the south east corner of lot
8303, group 1,
thence south 80 chainB,
thonce west RO chains,
thence north 80 chains,
thtnee cunt 80 chains,
to    tho    place of commencement,
containing fl'ft nrroq morn or ieiin.
Dated this 10th dny of April, 1908
IX, McGregor, Locator.
D, A. Cftte,   Agent.
H, McGregor, Witness
5 Commencing at a post situate-
ed one mile east of the south east
comer of-lot 8363,
thonce south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains,'
thence north 80 chains,
thenco wost 80 chains,
to,   the    place of commenccme<nt,
Being bounded on east by license
claim of    John Anderson, on the
north by Eliza Good's claim,   on
West by H. Hughe's claim, -on the
south by Neil McQbarrie claim,
containing 040 acres moro or loss,
Dated this 10th day of April, 1908
B. K, Bullock, Locator.
D, A, Catc,   Agent,
R. McGregor, Witness
6 Commencing at a post situated one milo south of tho southeast
corner of lot 8303 and at the
south east cornor of R, McGregor
claim. It being bounded on the
oast by Kathorlno Good's claim,
thonco south 80 chains,
thonce wost 80 chains,
thonce north 80 chains,
* thenco oast 80'chains,
to , the    placo of commencement,
containing 0*10 acres moro or less,
Dntod this lflth day of April, 1008
J,  Cramp, Locator.
D, A. Calo,    Agent.
11. McOrogor, Witness
7 Commencing at a post situated two miles Mouth of tho south
oast comer of lot 8303 and at tho
south oast cornor of J, Cramp's
thence south 80 chains,
thonce wofit 80 chainB,
thonce north 80 chains,
thonco enst 80 chain*-;,
to    the    place of commencement,
containing 040 acres moro or loss,
uulcU Hi in iOln u'ty o. rtj'lj*., ivxJo
Tt   T   ni'.j;,.-.r;-,, Lorn-tor
D. A.Cnto,    Ap-iM-it,
■R, McGregor, Witness
8 Commencing nt a post situated two miles south and one mile
o*)"t     of thr. TinM-,    Pint  crirriftr   nf
tho Kathoriuc Good claim,
thence south 80 chnlns,
thence enst 80 chnins,
thonco north 80 chnins,
thener west 80 chnins,
to    tho    placo of coinmencrmpnt,
containing 040 acres more or loss.
Dated this Kith dny of April, lfiOft
Geo. Hnlford, Locator
FERNIE, 2314—Pres., J. T. Fuck*
' ey; Fin; Sec, Thos. Biggs.
HOSMER,     2494—Pres.     G.     C.
Cole; Sec. Wm. N. Reid.
MICHEL, 2331—Pru,, -Tan. Douglas, Sec, Charles Garner,
COLEMAN,    2033-
Smlth   Sec , Wn>
•Pres,,     Henry
FRANK, 1263-Pros., Fred Allott;
Sec, George Nichols.
LILLE,    1233-Fres.,    X.   Evani;
Sec, A. W. May.
BELLEVUE, *131-Pres., F. Lewis;
Sec, Fred Chappell.
H7XLCREST, 1058-Pres., Robert
Livett; Vice-Prea., J. Lagace;
Sec, Harry T, Cooper
LUNDBRECK, 2275-Pres.     Hen*
chel Kayo; Sec, Geo Thoa. Wright,
WOODPECKER, 2209-Pres., W.
R. Hughes; Sec, John Fletcher.
MORRINVILLE, 2378-Pres., 0.
H. Richardson; Sec, J. Matke*
Sec, T. Entwistle.
CANMORE,   1387-Pres.     A,
Thomas; Sec James Clyner,
Fisher; Sec,
F, Dyson.
TABER, 102-Pros., T. Boylt;
Sec, Wm. Murdock,
..ETHBRIDGE, 574—Pres. B, G,
Hamilton!    Sec,   Charles    Pea*
TAUfc.lt, 13&U— Vree., Alt. Rob*
erts; Hoc, Robert Doodson.
CITY MINES, 2240, Edmonton—
Prog,, T. Jnuies;,
STRATHCONA, 2248-Pres., John
Sn'nt'  Rfc.  Jen. Vonle.
WHITE r.TATl WTWr.r., -JfllR,
Htrnthcona—Pren., Jan. Cherl*
er; Sec, Neil Mc Cormiek.
HUSH MINES, 2GB5, Edmonton—
Pres,,    Chas.    L.    Bryce;   Sec,
MERRITT—Pres,     Frank     Steel,
Ree. Thomas Calvert.
EDMONTON, fi540-Pr<-«., J. W.
Edmondson; Vice Pres., Robert
Brown; Fin. Sec, Thos. Birch ;
Recording Sec, J, McDavltt.
... „ .,     Presidents and secretaries whose
R, McCr*-*-*-*-*!*, Wltutv,*. ; names do not app»nr nn thl* Hit
D, A. Catc, Agent I are requested to forward them to
l_L _u j this omee for insertion.
Continued inquiries resell us fer
the feregoing Information.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, ete DISTRICT  LEDGER,   FERNIE.^B./C, MAYjlG, 1908.
$1 a Year in Advance
every  Saturday, froin the office of
Chances of advertist-m.ji.ts munt be in as
follows?-Pages 2,3,0, and 7. Wednesday at 10
am    Pages 1,4, h and 8, Friday at 10 *, m.   .
Legal advertising 12 cents .per noupanel
line ilrst insertion, b cents per hue each Bubae-
qieut insertion.
Bates for contract, advertising on apphoa
tion at office Of publication, Pellat Avu,
Address all communications to the Manager, District Ledger.
W. S.   STANLEY, Mgr.
'   It   is little-more than a month
since the capitalist press tried   to
fasten    the   charge oi treason to
the  working   class  upon W.      D.
Haywood.   Paper  after  paper  reported   that   he'   was fostering a
new labor    party and had repudiated Socialism; and' that he was
to  (be the head o£ the new party.
Strange enough with a 'shameless-
ness   that is   positively amazing,
they    now announce ■ that he has
been fired from office for preaching
Socialism.   Simons  exposed    this
canard editorially in, the' Chicago
Sooialist, but we now have an official statement from the executive
board confirming the Socialist. J.
C. Lowney, member of the W. x.
of    M.,.   executive board publicly,
states the reasons'for Haywood s
.withdrawal ■ from., .his    lecturing,
tour." * .. . './.
The object    of Haywood's visit
to the east -was to solicit finds
'■ for the defence of Steve Adams
' and other members of tbe'Western
■'' Federation who are--awaiting trial'
in Coleradb and Idaho, and    also
to thank the workers of th© east
-■ for their financial:'and moral'supr
'   port during the ■ attempted murder
of*   Moyer,'- Pettibone ; and'Hay-
-   WOOd.  ,      .V,',-.'.-'.'-.    ----    -•        o--.    .   T.R."'     ,
'Lowney says;' "'Owing'to'the depressed industrial "conditions all
' over .the east, we deemed it advis-
' able to recall W. D. Haywood
from the field at present. The executive board* has not withdrawn
Haywood on account of his polit-
■ ical opinions and does not, pretend
,' to  exercise'a censorship  over-the
■■ political     convictions and expres-
 SlOnS Ol- IWiy-""V. 1-"" a^wU. «#-»..—-
■' Consideringsthis statement and
the-fact that almost all the exec-
. utive board are paid up members
, in the Socialist party, and,also
the * utterance of Wl D; Haywood
in a, public meeting to almost, a
thousand United Mme Workers,together with several thousand
other people at Indianapolis.when
speaking of the affiliation of that
body with his    organisation: "We
- are willing to meet you in most
thines." he said, "but two dear
to our heart we cannot "surrender.
"'They  are the right to 'autonomy
- and the privilege of preaching and
propagating, Socialism." It would
be interesting to know-how * the
conclusion was arrived- rat that"
Haywood was fired for preaching
Socialism. The words of Christ
are as true, to-day as they were
two thousand years ago,* "Beware when men speak good of ye"
That is the touchstone wherewith
the working, class can distinguish
■ tho truo from ' the "false. If the
corporation press speak evil of
any leader of the labor movement
give him your absolute trust. If
it Bpeaks good of him, fear him,
investigate his every action and
you will find him not unfroquont-
ly unworthy of your trust,
'      '0-
Under tho hend of communications wo
print a letter from a citizen ccvll'iip- attention to tho tn.'iitinont uiijjrotocloil fo-
rnaluH hoiiioUiiii'h rucolvo. Wo HUggOBt
that OiIh innttor ho taken un by tho
LadloH Monovalent Modaly, nnd that thoy
Appoint a coin in Itltto to. look iittor tho
sultnlilo i*eC(<]ition niul liounliig of youiiK
BlrlH nnil olliors who havo not frlonds to
rucolvo lliem upon arrival,
In WlnnlpoK ttilH iiiiittor Ih loolcwl nftor
hy it coinmllUo o( Indies who appoint
and pay a matron to meet) thn trains
nnd take sui'li yoiin-,', women In chnrgfl
upon their firm, arrival,
  Qui/ I .
Chl-f J'oiinyci'lcli has boon ohUoi! by tho
mayor to i'ohIkii, 1*Vji* aumo Inmuui ren*
koii In* rufiiROH tn ilo nn, nnd IntcndR tn
flj*lit tlm matter out with Iho comiiiIk*
Wn in'.* In ix poMlMon to know thnt tho
ninyor Iiiih uood roiiiioiiH for nxkliiK tlio
chlr-f to rcNlun, n* ho nlnnlntoly icfimwl
on moro tlmn ono i.i.cai'ioii tn do hU duly,
ami l» not at all tlio xort ol man
that   clio'il,. Im In tho poult ion of cliluf
Of  nnllfn.
Oiin limtnnco wliiir-* tiin ninyor cnnglit
a child In tho nr* ol R-'ttlnj* boor from a
hotel, nml handed, tlie <'n«fl rluht over to
thn r-hli'f to ili'iil wllh, tlm chief walked
Into flic hnliil with thu liny and w'oMoil
tho liolcliiKin for itlvltiK boor tn elilldren,
Im.tonil of prcwoentlnir tho olTender ah th<j
Inw drmnndai. Thla nlono ulirmhl he on-
oUkIi groimdn for illantUant ami xve uphold
.•,.',.> ur riitCiiiH i(>;C|4v,on, mull 1\d\iu ti'u*.
coiiuiiIkHlfiiKiN trill do Hull* duty, Tlio
onlyiway to k^ii tli* city within hound*
» In to havo Authorities thnt ere tree to
do their duty nnd not tool* of anyone,
Tin n«w|y appnlntml men. Mr. nook,
r.iiiiKiit inn niiiiki 'hiii•'liiuin nml hitd him
finnd •".!"•, nftor iho chtif's "never*)
acnMIn-**."  Th* morn)  upenli* far Itnclf.
 —  "'0 ■■
Wo reflret thot»*ver*l Rood now* lt«*ne
had to he crowd*! out of thli Unue, "lr-
uMee whnt a aloppy rompAattnr pltwl"—
K. I*. A* It in w« hint to roil wen purl ot
th<* matter to e »ineller *■»»•* el lyr* In
ur.fi'r 'o have U uppwr, How i:\it, he
ftlnnlntt wllh llio "r*t of .Ti'iio ho trill
en\*ru* our pnpaT t» »»v*»n tolunini *rlv-
Uilx v* wntl'Vr.tMB mare *;*<:* mMrh
will he nvAlUhlit lor n*wt item* end »d-
Three quarters of an acre under
cultivation in West Fernie. There
is a Plastered House and other
buildings on the Premises. ,
Will be sold cheap and on easy
payments. *
Real Estate and Insurance Broker
'We must .beware, of falling; into-this "same state
Owen Sound, kay, 13—In a bat-
handlers and special constables
from Toronto this mornings two
strikers were shot but not serious-
ly rwounded, and two constables
clubbed, one of the latter, Sarii
Wright, having his' skull fractured
and may die.
After the shooting Mayor Kennedy read the riot act and both
parties were invited into his office
to  arbitrate thftir differnnces.     -
C. P. K." representatives suggeot-
cA Oxab Llio men g*d to'worlc and
leave that matter to be settled under terms of the Lemieux act or
to accept fifteen cents per hour for
day, and sixteen cents per hour-
for.night work for the season ibut
the'men refused. A. call has been
sent to Toronto for assistance and
a hundred' reg-ularsfare expected to
arrive this afternoon unless a com
promiso is reached.
' Owen Sound, May 1<—Tho men
later reconsidered their decision
and accepted the offer of the 0.
P. ,R.
■■- -o   ■
Citizens of Fernie will' havo tho plca-
Hurln ot receiving and hearing ono of tho
moBt largoly travelled women of tho
world, Hiss Ada h. Murcult of London,
who will arrive next wook and will do-
llvor a borlos of popular lectures In tho
opora houso commencing on .Sunday ovon-
in**, May 17th nnd continuing for Ilvo
nlghlH, Ah a platform spoakor, MIsh
Murcutt hus fow oquals, and In this province whoro uho has hoon <ngagoil sIiim
Tobruary, hn» continued tho record which
sho Iiiih mado thu world ovor of Qlllug
tlio largest halls and opera houses nightly, With her popular locturas which aio
ontlri'ly ort the "honton tracks" In many
of tho plncos whuro Mtfn, Murcutt han
hoon, so dolighlod hnvo tho cltlvens hi>n
that the freedom of llio cities Inuu huun
contorrod upon her.
Tho High Hchool Hoard mot Thursday
iiftnriiooii. Thoy consider tho action of
tho authni'ltlon lu giving our ncliool n
Niiinllor grnnt for tonchors hiilnrloH In ii
holdup, It means a loss of D'Uft tn tha
city and tho hoard nro protastlng
iigaliiMt It,
,,An agreement has been arrived
Collieries Co., operating the niines
at Taylorton, and District'' No". 18,
United Mine Workers, covering one
year. A schedule of wages, for all
the miscellaneous workers at the
mines is' given, contract, miners
rates to remain the same as at
present. This is the outcome" of
th'e" investigation under the Lemieux act at which Judge Myers
was chairman, ' Frank Sherman,
representing t"ae'mlnerB, an-d J. B.
Orow'o tho oompany. The-'--'company agrees to give the" miners
full recognition and agrees to the
check off system.
The other, investigation under
th'e act, before Judge Dawson,
touching the miners and the Manitoba and Saskatchewan Coal Co
is still undecided. The "company
makes - strenuous objection to recognising' the miners or dealing
with theni in any, way. The investigation has been adjourned
for a time.—Winnipeg Voice.
Tho recent decision of tho investigation
Hoard appointed to Investigate the dls*
puto at Taylortown, .Sask, was vory
satisfactory' to tho men. Tho day wago
mon rooolvlrig advances of from 10 to
Hi. contfl por shift aiul tho hourB bolng
reduced from ton to eight. An' oqually
satisfactory settlement Is expected ho-,
twoon tlio othor companies and thoir om*
ployees,    ,
Vice President Clalyln has loft Saskat*
chownn and Is now ongagod In organising tho Mltford mines, Cochrane, Altn,
Katlonnl organiser, Alex, Susnar has
dono excellent work among thn foreign
uponl-liiK miners in Saskatchewan, who
nro lnr«(-ly in tho majority,
JIIhs' Murcutt'a flrst lecture will ho nt
8,,'10 |i,m, Sunday avenlng In tho opera
hall,   Subjects "Nntlonnl  Righteousness"
Tho Greenwood Lodgo says, Vreil Mlork
at, one Kino ninyor of Vernlo, has opened a tin shop In Prince Uuport nnd Is
running for tho mayoralty there,
Mrn, Mcl'voy ,nnd Miss Dorothy Mc*
I'lvoy left hy tho oiuthound fJ.r.H. ox-
liroHS lor HanlT, where thoy will romnin
for n Hhort timo with Mr. Mrl.voy before lonvlng for Ottawa for the summer
The Editor does not hold himself respon-
ileuts in these columns. '.
.Editor District Ledger:—Can you
not say something for the amelioration of-, the condition of the
young women and ■ servants who
arrive in Fernie withou/t! anyone
to advise them". It is a- street
topic that there are' certaiia young
men who lie in wait for all such
women. These fellows are professionals at tne • work. Wo blame
the frailty of the weaker sex but-
little do we'consider the tacticB*
resorted to by the; human hyenas.
Those kind of men—save the term
...should be spurned by every decent woman as if it were her,disgrace to „be seen acknowledging
the gang of vultures;   ,'•
, !■ O*    "
An Odd. Follows lodgo was Installed at
Mlchol, last Monday evening with a mom-
borship of somo flfty-flvo. About ono
hundred brothron attendod, -The Installing otncbrs wero* Thos, Embloton, O.M.t
of Uossland; 11. Dudley, P.U., of Fornlo;
T. Ileck, P.O., of Fornloj W. T. Tuttlo,
P.O., mayor of Fornlo; llro. Mlllor, P.
O,, ol Plnchor Crook; M. T, Hillings, P,
O, of Cranbrook; Bro. Manning, P. O.,
of Cranbrook; W. J, niundall and many
other FcrnloltcB woro amongst tho attending brothron. A good suppor was
servod after tho lhstallmont of ofllcers,
!KING'S hotel!
Where is
Your Hair?
In your comb?  Why so?  Is
not the head a much better place
Tho entertainment given In the
Methodist church Tuosday evening was
somewhat niongrely attondod, doubtless
owing to tho Indomoncy of the weather,
Tho program commoncod with a recitation on temperance, Anothor recitation,
"Mother's '•.rrond Girl," which pr.ovokod
much laughter, The cantata, „ "Th'.*
Whito tlarlnml," was noxt given by tho
Hunday Hchool children, Tho way In
which this wns rendered 'reflected groat
credit on tho Indies who hnd trnlnod tho
children. Tho scenery wns good, nnd
added to tho effect of tho cantata. The
lust item nn thn program wns a song
by MIhs ll, Pearson,
"   ■-     '—o
W.  H, Rinlth, superintendent KntlUpt-l
division (I.N.H. wns In Fernio Thursday.
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Gall In and
See us once
G. W. DAVEY &G0.
P.   V.   WHELAN,  Mgr.
Fernie,  B. C.
Bur supplied with choicest of ♦?»
Wines, Liquors and Cigars ' X
Dining Rocru in connection    X
=^—.—, Proprietor-1 "**?■
•♦ - -a*
|      Hotel     t
Fcrnio's mest
Every attention to the
travelling publio .
Rooms reserved by wlro
T. HB Whelan
Mnnaooi' -        "
The Hotel of Pcrnle
•!* S. r. Wallace
The contro of Coronierclal
and Tourist Trade
Culslno   Unexcelled
H o t e
Propa *fr
tl*. *J -t
Homo fow montln bro wo nurchnt*Pt. Bunthlno Rnnch, a farm of
MO Heron of oxtra choice lntict, situated rtout «M mllej w«{t ol tlie
Oltv of Nfllnon, In a woll nettltMl portion of tho district. JVoliavo
niil-Tillvlfl-nfl thin farm into 10-acio block**, ami we nre offering ti cm for
nnlo on oaay torn.8. Tho locarion of thin farm In excellent! It j clo(*o «ii
to tho 0. I*. II Station ot Granite, thevo Ih a«no(l Rclionl In tho Im-  V?
..Wm...,b.u «».h..w.  i W 'nocllnto vicinity, .«d tlmaoyornment w«|ion r^        N^^,^'   w
for It?  KeltcrkeepwhltlB leftl j $ [^l^^irrtV«ch WocTmn.Vnoceimily rapidly increaie.
Where it bclonR8( Ayer'8 Hgl'r     $ a     ' Thin In a aplnndld location for i
tfl.^^       ^.4. — .    !..._ .auiajI    f««iuiala. *#   V        ^l.fa.1.*.    -iamaI. •T'-liAMA      l«     *llUAUi     ■
0nAii.-Oonl inliiliiH rlirlitN mny lio lonHod for
n iwrlwl of twonty-ono yeiiw at nn nmnml
rantnl of « l"-r ™™i *"ot mora tl an Um
eont •! nil lio luitainl to ono liullvldnnl or
comptany. A. »y*»y «t U.» r«tfi of flv» c*nt«
vet ton mIimII be oollwt«-4 on llio nwroli«ni»W«
conl mlnoil,
nv«r, liftvln«'ll'*eov«ro'ln.ln»rfttin pl»ce,mny
IookIb i*. olnlm ».*» x l,5oo feet,
Th« fee forrtoonllng n olnlm u ti,
Atlocatiinnmnitlie»j*p«ml»il on hi>™w.u
iHrhyMror i>kIi\ to tho tnlnir.K noorilnr In
Woll furninhotl roomu
Table auppllod with tho best
Bar stocked with best of \Vlnos,
Liquora niul Cl(,'nr«
At l»«»tiinnmnitlie »j*p«ml»il on tha clulm
nHchyaaror paid to tho tnlnir.K noorilnr In
llau tlianipf, Whan tJHW hiu iwaii oxponao'l or
unlit, lha loflRtor mny. .nnon hnylnar e,vuvey
Vigor, ncv Improved formula,
quickly stops h\Unu hair.
There is not« particle of doubt
.ibour I.». We eprnV vrry po?l-
tively about this, for we know.
Pea not change the telar ef Ihe heir.
y#m«u «*»•> —»t> kattit
•    tk«w i« t* rent
'*—       ******
Indeed, the one pen leidlnc feitnre of
Otrr new Heir Vigor may w*»irb« eeitt to
ht this—ft Hod* fillinf hair. Then It
teee one etep farther—it tide nttore li
rettoHat the htlr end oealp to a beilihjr
MBdlrion. Aik fer "tbe nevr Had."
sv. 'inie le a Rplnndld location for a fruit and vegetable far-no or *. w
5 J chlckon ranch., Tharo ia alwayi an excellent market for an*thine* J*
?K elonff the** Unco In NeWon, and at tlmee very htjjh prlcei may bo ob* *
* 4 tftlnod. Tho lund li not herd to clrar; a ttooil workor could clear off -M4*
IR nnd have a crop thn flret eoaeon. A major portion of tho ffround U
rlcurlv onf.n. verv Httl« rtundlni? «tetit\ tlmb«r. There U a line atream
oi water rmminir tbroiiffb ibii entirtivimoii. 'Jtio-iiae aio tunat*.*
wlthlo a quarter of a mile of the Kootenay River, where tho very
flnoBt Rainbow Trout fishing is to bo had.
We jfuaranteo the quality of these blocks, and are pleased at all
tlmee to give lntt.nilln/f purchaser tho benefit of a thorough Inspection. We consider that wo ore offerlnor a particularly choice artlc e.
You aro not taklnar any chance In eecurlnfl* ihle land at our prleo. Wo
sre *rillln<r thou* I0-ecr« blocke et tftdOO pot aero, and can arrange tho
*Y terms In vory easy payments to suit purchasers.
\f    Fruit Und* and Real EiUte, Box 81, NeUon, B. C.
qnlromanti, punlmu tha Un-l at tl par »er«.
itt» UaUlli lilv,,M* tut ai*i4 .**>>***"• "• "
•wvalty of i' p-sr e*nt on the aalai.
PtAOta mlnln» clalmi eanarally are 161 feat
•qiuira; antry t«» kb wnawabla yeuly,
An •»efjll**n» »»r el.UIn two U»u» t*
drariKaforeoldofllvamlleaaaohforft urm of
twenty ye»vrii raoawalila fct thn ulurotlon of
tha MfnUUr of tha Intarlor
mithln"one^eeit"»on irixra the ieie ot lJ»» Jaaaa
for eaoh ftva mllat' IlanUl aW Per annnro for
a»c»»mllao» rirarlaa-wl. lUj/alty at th.
rata et tl par eant eolltctad on tha
put af-
30 daya after date X Intend to
apply to tbe superintendent ol
provincial police for a renewal of
wholesale liquor license at Hosmer.
Dated this Snd day of May,
30 day* after date X latead to
apply to tho superintendent of
provincial police for a, xen**wal ol"
Hli.wL«4av>«J UuU4»t  .i*'*.-*-* *.'. L'J>'i**4-"'a
Dated thla SStIL day of April
1*308* <■*
W.W.Oist, .      ,
Deputy MinUtar or tha Interior.
N. n.-VnauthorUad pablUatlon of thU ad*
VertiMment will not he P*U for.
Au«i tflT-Hm
Ka^KK-^Hie-^ ^C )iC ^C0|C J» ^C IK^C-^H»^$S^^
Tlw Tuulca will hoM «t I"**"!* *« ■W"'*
Victoria day.
A. ranjuhirfon vlilted Cranbrook on
Tlie XXoetner Opera Co., cf Hoi-
mar, B. 0., aro open for bide   on
rtttfn-ja, chalra. taMee   •lanoe, etc.
Tor partlemlare apply *•
Bos 018
*m Official  Organ  of District  NO.  18,  U. M. W.  of A.
t     I
Fernie,* B. Ci,  May 16th,  1908
'Mr. C. M. O'Brien, organiser in
Alberta for the S. P.;of,Canada-
visited , Taber last Sunday. and
gave a lecture in . the union, hall
on Sunday night. President Hopkin Evans of the local union was
in the chair. After a. few rej'harks
from- the chairman" Mr. O'Brien'
was called on to address the audience. The speaker held the gathering spellbound for nearly two
hours. ■ There was a crowd outside tbo door. They would not
come jn but'couiu not get away.
Mr. O'Brien left for~thV wvS*£* on
the night tr^in,,, ■ President Sher-
iS,ft5. 0i the' "Mine Workers .was ' at
the meeting. He also left for the
Th'e Canada-West Coal-'-Co.*. is
making preparations to bore for
another seam' of coal. Mr, Stone,
from B.C., is likely the man to do
the 'work.1 -v -
The   report     is around that the
Reliance Mine will start again in
■ 10 or, 15 days. -s,.--.-". .l.    '*■.■ a . „
The new mine south of the town
is down 70 feet.   They are now going, through • sand stone.
• James Wilson an old timer in B.
C.     is   leaving   this week for his
'homestead' at Burdettand-jVSirn-
monds    has left for Pennsylvania
after     15   years* "in"-"this "western
country.   He longs to see the old
home again,       ■.*■-.,.•..",' U/»   .'-.-,.
'   C Mosey was-   summoned   =for
shooting at'a.boy. at;. the north oi
the town.   The case could not be
'proven so it was dismissed.
■s#i!        ,^_- -a-"LV •■■■.■■      '.'■■
Z,-ETKBREiOC3Ii:    ■
' W. D. L. Hardie, •sup/di:mtenden-£:
of the colliery depa^r'cment of the
A. R/Sfc-I. Co has gone east—on
aa extended trip,, Mr. Hardy will
visit the mines in :Nova" Scotia
where new steel - tipples have>been
erected recently, to,get any information that .may ..benefit the com-
[ pany in' the. erection .of their tip-
• pie at the new No. 5 shaft. « -
Jnb. C. Livingstone has been"appointed: acting superinterident'dur-
"l"n "the April issue'of the "Welsh'
Children's.^Budiget," published'" by-
Hughes & Sonl^r6x£am) . North
\ValeSj_ -wa Ji0tiee a musical ton\-
■positionei Mr. William B/Huglas
of-WoOidtpecker, near Taber? Alber,
™-ing— Mrr—Hardies-absence..^.
-The*-advance gang.consisting..of
'  22 men, employees of, the Canad-
. ian     Bridge    Co., of   Walkerville,
*' have "arrived'and commenced work
preparing for the unloading ofthe
steel for the new bridge.     Steel is
expected  ,to   arrive' in   about    a
week, and with, it the balance   of
the bridge gang.
Mr. A. Keyes, an old timer    in
Lethbridge, died of pneumonia on
Friday last after an illness of but
a few days. "The body-waff eu-bal-
- med and shipped to Ontario    for
burial.   Deceased was a prominent
K. of P. and the local lodge     of
"that     body followed,, the remains
from the church to the depot.    ,,
The Rangers football team visited Maeleod on Arbor day    and
defeated' that team to the tune of
"4 to 3.';   "'■■'  '"   ---■•-	
The" first sod for the new Pres-
terian church was turned on Monday morning, -tho building when
completed will cost $31,000.: W;
Oliver, a,local man has the contract.
, .Three cars containing 70 Japs
andy their 'baggage went through'
to Raymond on Monday to work
for the Knight Sugar Co.
Wm, Oliver and R," Nimmonds,
license cammissionovs, wont to
Maeleod to attend tho meeting of
the board of commissioners when
tho licenses will be granted or refused the different applicants,
Tho   eolto   ovens    are allboin_
heatod up and every possible effor
is being uBed to turn out coke   as
oarly as possible   Forty now bv*
enB will be orocted right away. Xt
is tho intention of tho International Coal and Colco Co to build 300
more,   The strike which was     of
Bhort duration, ponding tho decision of the joint board of operators and employes representatives
was called off,
A mass meeting of tho peoplo of
Coleman was hold on Monday
night to solect, a committee which
will elect other working committees to get everything in order so
aa to make the fli'Bt of July a
succosB nnd a day of pleasuro to
the people of the pass.
These last few rainy days have
ut the contractor who is build*
a the hall a little back but he
will ubo overy endoavor to have it
completed on time so as to have
it opened on the 1st of July. It is
the   intention   of the minors    to
v*"*-** **   '*,'#»«* aa  Cw;#CiV^  ££;]   ^.lli.
TVir ro-oprrnilvp ■mr.vft-m'fiT.-lr. in
proving a success and the directors are'very well satisfied with results, The people of Coleman are
.waking up. to the benefits to be
derived from co-operation.
H. tt-rrut-n. piesideiit oi Ooltman
local 2033 is appointed to act as
•delegate to the Socialist convention to be held in Fernie on the
SSi'd of this month.
- The Eagle** of Coleman havo ar*
ranged to bold «, .picnic at the
Crow'o Went lo>e on the 25th.
Invitations are being sent along
th«» JIn#a to -d I'ter mi t locals ns far
as Ltthbridge, The Coleman brass
band will be in attendance. Tha
Eaglet   are noted for having     a
good time and they are determined that Empire day shall.'be .one
of the best. -.Mr.. Andy Good.is
fixing up the • dajnce'.-haJl an<*- be*
ing noted for a. good - caterer to
-the public nothing .will be lacking.
.that- will g^ve the Eagl-ss and •**■*•■*«'
their friends.a pleasant day,
The footoall team are practising
and are "going to make a hot time
for other,teams in th* Pass this
season. , They Yhave an invitation
to Nelson., on the ,25th and will
'call at -Hosmer on the 23rd to assist in opening the new ground at
that place.
-, ,'-.'..,  t,
W. B. Cushing, minister of public works, was in town the. latter
part of last week looking over
the .roads between Frank'and Coleman,, and it is to be hoped that
t'ae government will use a little
money on-these roads. ,. The pre-
sentv condition .of tho-road between Frank ■ and Coleman • necessitates about two years practice
driving: in a circus before a man
or woman can drive over it'-'< iri
security. The people, in this part
of .the country are determined
that it,'will-, take-more than election promises to win their votes
at the next "election. -   -
proceeded     about five miles when
we got on a high knoll and then
saw-    the   fire to .our right.   We
drove  up,   dismounted,  seized  the
fighting   ■ apparatus   amd had   the
pleasure of- seeing one man extinguish the flames in less than five
Minutes.   The    noble limb of the'
law     remarked "don't put it all
-it.   I want to warm my hands."
xr''    ■H-RSJ.oiuvted, filled his pipe and
proceeJ«*4 to. warm'his digits. The
fervour o f the men had abated.by
this time; We tk*11 to<* the. tr*U
for home, wh,^,we arnYed in "«
small hours „iV-**•* »»»»*. *r°ld>
hungry and. . wea.^J™* a*'aitanS
another call "To Ar.    5'
...Canada., The'words of the
'^oen-i were composed by David
Thomas oi Bettys-y-Coed," North
Wales, j.; Mr. William Hughs is,
also a native of the same village!
The words and music are thoroughly "typical of our nation/* We
tender th-e,,bard,and musician our
hearty - thanks for this sweet effort.  ■ ' _ '■''.,      V    ''    "
KrC W. R. Hughes has' tbeen - a
resident of Woodpecker for. some
time. He is a fine; organist and
this winter-.he. has- met with great
success as a' teacher on the crgan.
We see' in a recent issue of the
Y. Drych that Enbck Thomas; late
of. Woodpecker} "Alta," left Denver;
Wales..       „   ,.,.j .  ,   ,       "/  J '
..Mr! John Marsh, Jr.-, is busy
now oh . his homestead at Purple
Springs. -•-■"•• • -;- '    ■-,
Mr. Anthony Marsh, late with'
the-Reliance .Coal Co.; is dpwja at.
Purple, Springs putting in', his
homestead duties.'
The Scranton Coal Mines Co.,
Ltd, with headquarters at Spokane,, are., opening up in this district ..with ,a new^m^jhe^ ^They have
purchased 420"acres of*, coal land-
from M. W. Bullock and have com
menccd to drive* a tunnel. .The
tunnel is taken. 12 feet wide ;and
7 feet high; double entry each' 7
feet by 6 feet, Thoy have found a
seani of coal 42 inches high. They
have erected a blacksmith,shop,
office, toolhouse and powder magazine, "'Mr.' Jas." Devlin' has the
contract for tho tunnelling. Th'ore
are six men employed at tho work
at present. This is an influential
company under . the directorship
of Mr, H. J, Reynolds, mining engineer of Spokane. " ,
' Thore havo been somo flno showers -of-rain in this district,- which
will prove a Clod send to the
farming community. The farmers
are going on apace with tho seeding. About 75 por cent, of , tho
spring wheat has already been
Mr, John Marsh, Sr,, is sinking
a shaft for coal on the school sec.
tion half a milo south of Wood*
peckor, Mr, David Dunn has tho
contract for sinking. The shaft is
taken 4x4 feet,
Wo sincerely hopo that his of*
forts "will bo successful.
Prairie fires havo been vory num.
erous in this locality of late, Just
as wo woro about to partake of
supper tho othor evening wo wero
visited loy Corporal Barshel, R,
N.W.M.P., who informed us that
wo rfhould have to go out to fight
a fire, which ho said was five miles
south of hero. We askod him if
wo should bo ablo to get suppor,
Ho smilingly consentod and said
that ho would take some himself,
After washing tho dust of travol
off ho had his supper and thon
proceeded to round up the boys,
Ho oommandeorod a wagon and a
team from Messrs. Fullor Bros,
and then ho halloed "all aboard,"
We piled into tho wagon to the
tune of seventeen men, together
with the usual apparatus for ex*
tinguishing prairie fires, This was
a pretty tight squeeze. The ro*
preuontative of tho law following
in the roar, looking out for de*
serterB no doubt, accompanied by
Mr. .Tnhn TTnwell«. enei operntor
of the Hopeful mine, who looked
pretty bmall on iii* duuiuutive
pony by tho side ol tho nobfe
charger of the stalwart corporal.
The pace at the start was thrill*
ing for about 1-fr miles, Then our
worthv teamster turned round and
remarked that it was a pretty
heavy load. The horses evidently
thought the same for their gate
perceptibly slackened until they
came down to a walk. It was
dark and some of us thought o!
•lipping out of the way but the
corporal had his weather ey* open
We had half of us to get out and
walk some distance. We kept
straining our eyes for a sight of
the Are but al! we eould see was a
faint reflection in the sky.We had
The' Bankhead Mines,. Ltd.,  ar*/
still working half, time ■ and    are
likely to work half .time for qjuite
a while.. '  , .
, Mr. Douglas, undermanager at
Williams.,. Bros., stores has,, left
town. Mr. Douglas was,well liked
by the people of Bankhead, being
a good business man and jovial
kind of a fellow. He could adapt
himself to any kind.- of society.
The people of Bankhead wish,Mr...
Douglas all kinds oi success.,"" "   .
Thei'6 was a surprise rparty. given
•at. the homo of Mrs. McKay; on'
the evening Of May 9- It was , a"
select party and. a very enjoyable
evening was spent„in playing several games. Miss Annie Clark entertained the . party for a, short
time with her'lovely'voice, „ Mr1;
Peter William, R.A.M., was the accompanist for the evtening. Mr. J,
b'Neil, the Banff," humorist v-
thle star of the feVeiiinff. - " "        "a
The Bankhead Cricket Club had'
a game with Banff on the latter's
grounds on Saturday, May.9." The'
match; was played under favorable
conditions. The Bankhead team
left home .one man short but picked up- Dr. Henry Brett in Banff,
which made the eleven. Banff was
the. first> team to bat • aiid it was
not until they had made, a score
of 71 did the last man's,' wicket
fall. ;.Bankihead were .the next to
bat. ■ They • started1 their innings
with a feeling, about them that
there was little show to win but
Banff .bowlers to "a finish .and' the
Bankihead boys had reached "114
when the last., wicket fell, beating
the' Banff team on the first innings
by 43 runs. ^ In the second innings
Banff made a score.of 52 leaving
Bankhead . just 9 behind' to start
their second innings. Bankhead
won out by 10 runs and eight*
wickets to go, or eight wickets to
fall' ..Top senror-for-Bankhead C.
Hall; top scorer,for Banff H. Sim--
monds. A return match will be
played on May 16th, on the Bank-
head grounds,
A football match was played on
Sunday, May 10th, between the
Bankhead eleven and a scrub
team. ■ The scrubs put up a good
game and when time was declared
the score was five goals each. The
two teams then-decided to play
a qv|o,rter of an hour oaolh way.
Final score,   Bankhead 3, Scrubs
Mr, Hector McDonald and also
a friend of hds left for the oast.
Mr. McDonald will not return „ to
the wost for some time,
A party of Bankhoad ■boys took
a trip to Banff on Wednesday, the
6th of May and whilo they were
taking in the sulphur bath something extraordinary took place,
Thoro was a Chinam'an in tho pool
at tho same time, and' Leo King
got fooling round and presently
got ovor his depth and had it not
have (been for a most courageous
attempt of ono of the Bankhead-
boys Mr, John would havo gone
under, In my opinion thoro should
bo somothing diono for this horo.
I.O.O.F. Bankhead X|odge No.
15 hold their regular mooting on
May 8th, There were a number of
brothers up from tho Canmore
lodge for tho purpose of seeing
Eantebead put on tho dogroe work,
Thore woro refreshments served in
tho evening. On tho wholo it was
a vory enjoyable evening.
A tourist, fishing on Devil Lake
about itwo and a half milo east of
Bankhead, caught a laleo trout
weighing 2B pounds. Tho hoaviost
fish evor eaught in this samo lako
is 30 pounds, Thore will bo an
extra launch on this lake this
summer, Tho now launch will bo
o gasolino launch.
—,„ . ...„ p.-	
J. B.Wude will  shortly build  a new
addition to his present house,
.-  Mr.    G.    High,'has  the. carpenters  at
work putting up'a two storey building.
Frank' Steel purchased a' lot this week
from G. H. Armstrong,' agent, and intends <to erect a fine house on it in the
near (uiure. Frank is" about to enter th«
ranks  of matrimony. -
The, few hours rain"' that fell' during
thi? week, was welcomed ,vcry much by
the "farmers.   '        ,'.-.,'
A   boxing contest of 15 rounds
for $100 a side and the g,ate     receipts has been arranged between
Harry   Baker and Walter Oldham
at the Coal Creek-Athletic Club on
Saturday, May 16th.   Baker, who
. has been:at-Butte,„Mont,, and'has
shad a   few boxing contests- there,
;.'s  ..training   hard at the athletic
".   -b gymnasium  and is confident
?,u , 'he can    turn "tables on    the
rn.at     \ man this time.      Oldham,
colore*-   ->lso train*ng h&vd at Fer-
W^°:J? > "'onfident that he is still
nie, _ is «-'.Baker. A good con-
superior to.    - fc,e seen £ both
tel*y3?f*toy:ot victory. . Two
e-Cfete confident        -^     ^      ^^
fast  preliminary ,-^        eonimenc_
arranged to  take L   ..,,
ing, at S.30 p." m. -
-  *m***vVV&&**.
it • -   : . -
•*      '     'i ,*■. ...*-- »i   '
H. H. Ogden, insurance agent was in
town this week' doing business.
Cesere Telch was again brought ^before
the.magistrate Tuesday afternoon for an
aggravated assault on John Protisso and
duly committed for trial.*'
Rochon's Candy , Kitchen for
afternoon teas, dinners and,suppers. A , quart of Sochon's ice
cream is the .best for dessert.     '*■
Cesere Telch was' tried before Magistrate , Whimstcr on Monday for an assault,
on, Virginia Gandol', on Sunday, and fined ten dollars and costs of;, 21'days Imprisonment. ,.
The Rev. I. \V. Williamson will preach
in the Uaptlst church here next Sunday
morning and evening. In the evening ho
will preach on tho subject "Jesus Christ
nnd the Proletariat.'''
Hatching Season
White   Wyandoites
Regal  Strain,-,
S2.50  per   13
.E,'Stanley    35 Gemote.! St.
Wilkesbarre.Pa.', May 15—Seven mine
workers wero instantly killed and more
than a dozen injured this' morning In an
explosion in the Mount Lookout Collierj
of the .Empire Coal & Iron Co. ■ near
here." J'he explosion occurred six hundred feet underground and eighteen hut -
tired feet from the shaft up which''the-
miners make their exit. A miner lcft°a
small gas feeder burning in the extreme
end of a gangway all of last night, and
it set Are to the timbers and the coal.
Karly to-tlay when the flro was discovered, tho mine bosses and lhr*c men were ■
driven back by gas. Shortly afterwards
a slight explosion occurred, burning the
four men slightly. They later cnino out
of the niinq anil another, gang were sent
down to fight tho fire.  "
Messrs. McCutcheon, real estate agents
of, Calgary, wero in Fernie this week on
House*. Plants
.'Go to '
fk Rininaii - Kaminski. Co."
'   -For-
Groceries, Dry Goods
Boots and Shoes.
,*i... svy. :„->>*-
A parly of C I'.H- vii|jIiii<ori< arrived
hore IIiIh wool. In Hinrgf, of II, II, Kar-
I'y, M.I', It Im lliiift' Intontloii to Nurvoy
*i|' tlio Oolil Wnli'i* rivor to tm89rUln
which U thu lictter route for tho rullwny
In im. TIiov linvn nlrctulv roiniiionceiJ to
work and will continue up tho river un*
Hi A»|ii'ii 'iiuiv ia ;<..<>..',<.J,
T/io irovvriiiiiMit ronil yarn under *up-
orintemlcDl Huthorlnnd nre making great
proure-M with iho rorul briiltfo acrom \he
Coiil Wntiir river connectln« Mlddloitbro
with Merritt.
Alli'iul A. A.Vii, holK-itor lor tint ll, C.
Amnl«anintoi) Con I Co., of Portland,
Ore,, ami J, *\V. Flannlgan, of Chlcnuo,
the IWW .U{.erlnt*mlent, arrived In Merritt title week |n connection with tho
eomimny'e bunm*.!. Ur. l**lnnnlKnn hM
roplarwl Itolit. Voun«- a* miperlntendnnt,
(•'afclng rlmrirt* tlm flr*t ot the month,
Mr. O, HIKh of tlu. Merritt hol«l ha*
had the imlntera at work which han mado
a great Improvewertt. ,„
H. Howrfi hai movnl Into hl» fine new
r*eldence on N'lrola avenlio,.
You have been, interested
in_fruit lands.,, You have,.al-
■ sb^'tEo ugift~o f ~'Sow~nice~""""i iT
would be, to get a ten acre
block, plant it out to fruit
and have it come into bearing profitably a few years
' But you have" hesitated.
-The price of land, in instances frightened , you. ' Then
you have seen some paternal
corporation try to sell you
'(P5p..an..acre..land for.§100 an
, acre;.- ?10 down and $10" - a
month " and' still you have
hesitated. f;You have it all
to pay anyway,"-you said,
and you were right.
You wanted good land at
the lowest possible prices. A
snap in short. That's it. Is
it not? Perhaps then what
we have to offer may be'the
very thing, you are looking .
for. Let us tell you about
it, ■'
Fifty-Nine and one
half acres
On the west shore of Arrow
Lake, opposite x.akusp, thro*
quarters of a mile lako front*
age, deep rich soil, level' and
no waste land. You are not
buying a rock pile if you de*
io buy this laa
cide to buy this land. Tho
climate is excellent; no late
t»d early frost.
NAKUSP is a growing
town with daily mail, train
and stoamboat service. No
isolation horo; you are right
at the front. The price is
only $1800, or a triilo ovor
$30 an acre, Land all round
is soiling at $100 an acre,
Must bo sold at once, ox*
plains tho low price asked,
If you consider it too much
to handle yourself, why not
intorost flvo others. You
could subdivide it in six
blocks, each ono just a fraction Iobr than ton acres in
oxtont, Each block would
have lako frontage and cost
only $100, This land will
year, It is a rare opixortuni*
treble in value within tho
ty to get a good block of
land at a low price,
All we ask is "INVESTIGATE."
We have no hesitation in
saying it is the best buying
in Kootenay to-day,
The terms can be arranged
to suit j"tt"*e*K«"»r,
i'or A... infoa-'.aUou xviiio
Bok 762       Nelson, B. C.
P. S.-If aold within a
month eurveyori charges for
subdividing will he allowed,
Cut thla ad, out it will not
»PP»ar again,
iUhoice Flower  Plants con&u.
imj of Begonias. Geraniums
'   and Fuchsias, Etc
| . Imported  in Pots
|   E. STANLEY 35 Genimel
y i
West off Qua*-
,.r«it*s IJotel,
HOSMER,     B.   C.
Customs House Broker
Fire Insurance
fP.O. Block,   Phone 1«  f
I    .     ■ FERNIE ■     ,   I
Table Queen Machine-made
Is the kind you can enjoy three
limes a day and seven days in the
week,' Don't deny it lo the
children between, meals, they
are growing.
Our  cakes  and   pastry  are of,
the finest quality,
Ice Cream, fruits, Etc.
.   J. R.   McEWING
Electoral District
WWHB8?«*-}!H*^JB*-aW***>****aa**-» .J.   I
A convontlon o( thu LibornlH of
Kootoimy will bo hold at Nolflon,
B.C., on
Thursday, June 4
For tlm pm'i.QHo of Rnloctlng n
cnmlldntu to conl oh t tlio rldliuf In
the next Dominion I-'h-c'tlon In
tlm inturohtfl nf thu LUtont) party,
Tho coiivniitlon will oikiii nt
2 p, tn. nnd all lllmrnlHiu'olnvltcil
to Mltiind, hut only iiccrrdltcd
OoIukiUim will bo nllowod to voto,
Tho ImhIh of reprciBoiitiUlon will
ho ono (liiloitato for ovury K) votun
or fraction thon-of, polled nt tlio
liiHt doiuinlnn oloclioii. Proporly
ii(T,i'ii<)itud proxioH will ho rccoy;-
Nelson Liberal Association
P. J. I)BAN, Proa.
', EAST- :,.-■'■
From   Fernie  to  :
Winnipce:,  -Duluth,   Fort
WlUiam, St. Paul, and
Sioux  City
Chicago       72 50
New York......    108 50
Montreal    108 50
St. John, N.B.,     127 50
St. Louis ...;.. ..:       67 50
Toronto  .....'.       94 40
Ottawa    108 50
Halifax ...     135.50
' Sydney,  C. B.,       141.90
Tickets on sale May'4 and
18;. June 5, 6, 19 and 20;
July 6, 7, 22 and 23, August 6, 7, 21 and 22, 1908.
First class round trip, ninety day limit.
Routes—Tickets are good
via any recoguiised routes la
one or both directions. To
destinations east of Chicago
aro good via the Great Lakes
Kcii* Ruin*, ll'iiorvatlnnH utn' nny in*
, loniiutloii ilo»(rcnl call on or writo
,f. MOB. G.E Moi'IIKtlS,..V,
l»- I' A. „ C». I', A,
Ni-Uim ' WlrndpoK
for tho farm, {f-irden, lawn or
ltoliablo,   iipprovcd   vnrietlos
nt reasonable prices
No windy agents to annoy you
Huy direct and got trcoa and
floods Unit GROW
,Boo Stippllis, Spray.I'mnps,
Spraying material and
Cut Flowers
Catnlogtio I'Yeo
WliJ'I'.L.IH JIIJi'lllH- II IJltti!l.'lliHJia||iUJimi*a
M. J. Henry
Orocnhowito — 8010 WcHtmlnator
I tend, Vniicouiior, l\. C.
Hammond & Mcintosh.
Electrical   Contracting
of    Every    Description
B02C 348
Fermie. B. C >
.. iy STRICT LEDGEE,  FEJEflTIE.V B. C.y MAY' 16,, 1908.
''The Editor'iloe.i not liuM himself re»i> iii-
sible for opiuiuns cxt'ieiai'd by corresyon-
denta in thuae cu minus.
Mr. Williamson, .'Shall I sue for
mercy?" "No.! be a man." But
what ' -'does Moore tell us in his
life ot,-Byron. He muttered continually tor some , time the day'
before he died. Among - other
things he-said "my hour has come
1 do ■ not= care for death—but why
did I, not go home. .There are
'things that make the world dear
To Editor of District' Ledger—
On Sunday night last the reverend
I.,. fW. "Williamson took for. the
subject of his sermon "The" Last. , _
Words of Great Sceptics." Beiore i to me." Speaking of Greece he
into the usual and" many jsaid "I have given her my means,
slanders   about Vol-"Imy  time,  my  health;   and now  I
times  refuted
taire and Paine, I should like to
call the attention of-thbse who
suppose that infidels deathbeds
are scenes of horror and remorse
to the words of some very eminent men on this subject'. Carlyle,
who could .be intensely /bigoted
when he chpse, as witness his
treatment of Dinis, Diderot, and
Lord Byron although his, splendid
tribute , to the latter - on hearing
of his .death somewhat compensated   for   his    previous   harshness, j
give my life;" what could I do
more?" The night before he died
he said "now I shall sleep," which
.vere the last words he uttered.
He died of fever, fighting" for
Greece at Missoloughi, when but
thirty six years old. He had
many faults but the .words' of
Carlyle are true, I'Oh, God, that
so many souls of mud and clay
should fill up their existence to
the utmost bound and this     the
'noblest' spirit in Europe ■'- dink
Carlyle. in his" essay, on Voltaire';ere half, his course'is run."
says: "Surely the parting agonies j Concerning Paine it would seem
of a fellow mortal, when the spir- j unnecessary to discuss the man-
it of '• our brother rapt, in the j ner of his death. Remsburg has
whirlwinds and thick ghastly va- I exposed in his "Six Historic Am-
pors     of    death,  clutches  blindly | ericans"  all those slanders    "and
for    help,   and  no   help  is  there,
..are not scenes which a wise faith
would seek to exult, when it can
'   no longer hope to  alloviate. For
thd   rest,      to-  touCh   fartiher   on
those.'   their    idle  tales, of dying
horrors,  remorse and the like, to
write of such,* to believe, them,  or
disbelieve    them,   or  in  any  wise
discuss them, were but a continu-
: ation of the same ineptitude.   He,
t^p who,  after the unpertur*oable exit of many Cartouches and Shur-
tells     in every, age of the world,
' r can continue to  regard the manner of rman's death asn the test,
of his religious  orthodoxy   " may
boast himself jnpregnable to mere-
*    ly   terrestrial' logic.   ,1  shlall,   believing that  Mr.   Williamson and
those who heard him, by my remarks,'knowing "most of them to-
be     men   abreast     of their times,
discuss-the subject, even, as Foote
says  "at the risk  of being    held
., guilty 'of ineptitude.','
.  Professor , Tyndall said of atheists, "I have known some of tB*e
most     pronounced   among, them,
not   only  in   life  but   in  death-—
seen! them approaching with • open
eyes the inexorable goal with no
dread of the hangmans whip, .with
no hope of a • heavenly crown < and
still  as      mindful   of  their  duties
,.  and as faithful in their discharge
of them as if -their eternal future
depended     on , their  latest  deeds.
_    .Lord Byron said, '■'Men have died
"caimry7.'bTifbTe~tTi*'r~cliristias    afte"
and   since  without   christia'fit'.ty,*"
and they have;   old Socrates,   for
instance, -discoursing with his dis-
. ciples -while his  extremities   were
stiffening     in   death \;, starting up
, ,to remind' Critb that1'"acock must
•■jbe sacrificed' to 'Aselepius because
,"of; his  recovery'from  the  illness
'-fit' life ' to 'the    health of. death.
,,Superb    old'   infidel,    his .   death
j scene was sublime;  dying, by the
r'Hand. of  cowardly priests  as -did
'«Bruno   Cervetius ■ find'-a-boat ■ -  of
■others,  in' open rebellion  against
■'the  superstitious non3ence-of his
age,  without' fear and asking, no
favor.       '        ',.','
' . Mr. Williamson by. a quotation.
frolm' Shakespeare  arifl   one  from
,,, Byron     made, death out to be a
terrible -thing;'-I' takd- one from
'each poet out'-'of niany that are
"running in my mind: The Duke to
Claudio 'in: Measure  for Measure,
^Thy'" best   "of life is sleep that
thou    oft "provokest,  yet  grossly
fearest    thy     death   which is no *
no   moro."   Childe  Harold's  Pilgrimage;
"Peace waits us on the shores of
There no forced banquet claims
the fated guest
But  silence  spreads  the  couch  of
everwelcomo rest,"
Dr. Osier in his book Counsels
and Ideals says: "I have careful
records oi five hundred deathbeds,
studied particularly with reference
to the mode of death and tho
sensations of dying, Ninety suffered bodily pain, eleven showod
mental apprehension, two positive
torror, ono expressed spiritual exaltation, ono bitter romorso, The
great majority gave no sig,n one
way or another, To those who
are interested in this subject I,
commend Bacon's two essays on
death, I quoto ono short passage;
"Rovcnge triumphs over death;
love slight*- it; honor aspireth to
it; grief flieth to it; fear preoeeu*
pateth (anticipates) it; May Eon-
oca adds nteeness (fastidiousness*)
and rtatioty."
But enough of thin, Bacon is
right, "Men fear rtr-ath ns children
fear to go in tho davk, and,as
that natural fear i» inmea^nd in
children with talos, bo is tho
And no,, to Mr, Williamson and
his Kcrmon lit* .spoke of Ilobbcs
and hifi "leap into  thi< dark and
■ nothing to cling, to." Surely that
above all was uot a "sceno which
a wif'o faith vrouJd nco.t to exalt."
An uld /niul ninety  ono vravs   of
,   rxiri,-,  n  <v>.ven months child,  born
refuted . them by unimpeachable
authority. Ch'ee*thiam, who libelled Paine while he lived, and apologised for it, and "whose, biography of the great sceptic was
one of continuous libel"-as Foote
says, admitted a-nat "he" died as
he ! lived, an enemy „ of
the christian „ religion. Furthermore, his "age of reason,'.' the
first part of which was written to,
demonstrate the existence of God
and to check the spread of atheism in; France as all who shave
read the first page know, and
and published as religious tracts
from, which extra'elts were taken
and the second part of which was
written, under* expectation "of
death' tc which he had been sentenced by Eobespfierre \anfl his
blood thirsty' mob f-Jor opip.osing
the guillotining of Louis XfVl.
One more witness, Nat Whitman,
who,, from conversations with Col.
Fellows, an intimate friend * of
Paine, formed the conclusion that
Paine "died calmly and philosophically as became  him." , '
Voltaire was supposed to die a
raving ''.madman. Let" us take
Carlyle's essay on Voltaire again.
According to Naguierre-'"he*' expired about a-.quarter past eleven
at night, with the most perfect
'traii/qui&ity. >•• Ten • minutes fcef.'ore
he took his last breath he took
the, harid1 ,.o'f '.Morawd, his valat
de - chambre, who was watohiiig
my dear; Morand, I'am gone.'-
These'were the"last words uttered
by M. de. Voltaire.  ■
The - peculiar thing about " all
'these men Mr. Editor, is'* "that
no^ne of; them went a step, further"
in denying Christianity than a
score of christian preachers , are
now doing. Mr,. Williamson called Voltaire an atheist but he was
So also wero SJyron add Paine,
not an atheist. He was. a Diest.
Therefore if they die„in terror' it
districts from the' efficacy of th'e
belief in God to ensure a peaceful
death..    '
Now, sir let. me give the last
words of two atheists, not spoken
in' the privacy of a death chamber
by loitering old men, from whence
all these • calumnies spring, but by
young and vigorous minds in the
garish 'day before * a ■ multitude of
people. Anacharsis' Clboty's last
words, spoken on the guillotine
were: "Nature is a good mother
who loves to see her children appear and reappear in different
forms. - AU she includes is eternal
unperishableness like , herself. Let
me be buried under the green
sword that I.may be reborn in
vegetation.   Now let me sleep."
Danton's * last words, also on
tho guillotine wore: "Oh, my wife,
my well. beloved, I shall nevor
see thee more," then pulling
himself together with "como Dan-
ton, no weakness," he raised his
magnificent voice and shouted,
"You will show my head to the
crowd, it is worth looking on. You
don't see the like theso days " A
moment later the head of the titan of the revolution was in tho
Trusting that you will place
this beforo your roadora, I shall
now compliment Mr. Williamson
on the faiy attitudo ho prosorvod
in spito of his one sided reading
Quebec,-May" 11—In'the presence*
of, the small arms commission'appointed by the dominion government a test was "made yesterday
afternoon between the Ross rifte
and' the Lee-Enfield, the former
winning, on all points.
The Eoss rifle was taken from-
racks at the factory"while the last,
pattern '• of the Lee-Enfield was
brought here from Halifax.
The first test, known as stripping, took place in the Eoss factory when three tools were used-
on the Eoss,rifle and five on the
Lee-Enfield. The former rifle was
talken to pieces in,a minute and
ten' seconds and the,Lee-Enfield in
30 seconds more. , ,
The Eoss vigLe was then put together in 1 minute and 32 seconds
and the Lee-Enfield in 1 minute
and 50 seconds.  -
The firing test took place in the
Cove fields and resulted as follows
100 feet, 50 round, standing position, single firing, Eoss ,2 minutes
and 45 seconds; Lee-Enfield'3'minutes and 22 seconds. Eoss .. made
49 Hits, 72 bullseyes, and' Lee-Enfield 46 hits and 11 bullseyes. Private Mason used the latter rifle,
firing-48 rounds in a kneeling, position. . The next match was from
any position, 50 rounds. Eesult :
Eoss rifle 43 hits, 23 bulls;.. Lee-
Enfield "49 hits and'24 bulls.". .
Match magazine firing: Eoss
rifle 1 minute, 49 seconds, 150 hits,
all bulls; Lee-Enfield, 1 minute 45
seconds^ 46 hits,  17 bulls.
A press interview of .the 10th
inst. at Vancouver says:        -   =.  .
The Canadian Pacific Railway
Company will soon be an extensive v producer of coal and coke.
On January lst next its agreem»nt
with the Crow's Nest Pass Coal
Company prohibiting-it -from engaging in coal mining in' the
Crow's Nest Pass district. will
have expired. The transportation
company is,now engaged in opening" up' a coal mine'at, Hosmer,
where the erection of many of the
buildings to be ,used in-connection
with the ■ ■ industry has already
been, completed. About $1,500,-
000 will. be. expended in-, plant and
equipment.-    . -- -v
opment was given* W. H. Aldridge,
managing director of the Canadian Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Company who is acting
as chief consulting engineer ,on behalf of the railway company,
..-At Hosmer. the C.P.R. own an
area of;4,000 acre's of coal lands
which are being opened .iip by a1
force of five hundred men," said
he,. i'Good.procress is.being.now
made, Many of* the buildings, are
completed and the town1 has attained . quite a respectable size.
Plant and equipment will cost $1,-
500,000.. A system of compressed
air haulage "will be installed in
the mine, which is being .developed by two. crosscxit tunnels, each
2,800 feet long, Ihaae workings
will intersect twenty.coal seems
embraced in the series. Six or
eight of these are first class workable seams. Shipments of coal to
be commenced next January and
will be gradually increased until
an output of 3,000 tons a' (lay is
maintained, The company this
summer will complete the erection
•»f two hundred and forty coke
ovens with a daily capacity of
three hundred and, sixty tons of
.'.'The railway company in view
of this undertaking is introducing'
a *now type of steel coke car witn
a capacity, of forty tons as compared with the old wooden box
cars .that only hold twenty-two
tons. The use of the more" modern
car will' offoct a' large saving in
the costs of handling tho big tonnage of coke which is shipped to
the smelters at Trail and the
boundary districts. The C. I-. E.
also owns forty square miles of
coal lands on the Elk river, forty
miles north of Michel, in the
Crow's Nest Pass district. The
development of those locations no
doubt will follow in timo, but the
on  this controversial subiect and . fluesti°n has not yet been serious
'■■-"'    **   -'--- '".lec* ana ., -m«~« "-b. 0. Mlnlnjr Ex-
••lose,   I remain
Yours truly,
roi-w HAniitsraToar.
— o-.	
The flrnt requisite ot' good per-
nianent business conditions is
good morals—not onr. kind of mor
ly considered.'
Thoso Ve the strenuous days for
newspaper   mon     in Alfcorta and
•■tan)v*at'.hewan>    "Up   in    Lacombi
an    alderman  lambast.d   Editor
like Phillip Acquitted 8? the
Murder Charge.
-Maeleod, . Alta., ' May 9—After
hearing all the evidence in the
Phillip murder trial • The jury this
evening returned a" verdict of not
guilty, acquitting the1 prisoner,
Mike Phillip, of the charge of, killing Monti Lewis.  ■> ;'
When the court .resumed this1
morning Orecsuk, father-in-law of
Maxim Phillip, gave testimony.
Ke said h'e was a farmer and' lived SO miles northeast of Edmonton. ' The , prisoner had married
his daughter two years ago. The
prisoner lived with him some time
and then went to Edmonton; the
wife remained behind. He saw the
prisoner next on December 19, the
prisoner stating he had walked1
back, his job having been taken
when he went' to cut logs on his
Wm. Eeilly, a C.P.E. employee
testified- to having seen the prisoner at Airdrie. He was crying,
saying he had been robbed of $175
while in Calgary". Timekeeper
Moody, of the Frank mine ^said,
Maxim-' had not been dismissed
but ceased to work.
Mr.-Lang, a merchant of Frank
testified to the *. prisoner ' entering
his store on November 19. He purchased some smoking, supplies but
did not pay for the goods. He
was wearing a Persian lamb cap.
Alex. Goyette, a furniture dealer,,
testified that he knew Monti Lewis. She had purchased furniture 2'
weeks prior to the murder. She
had paid $25; credit being given
on the. balance owing. With the
evidence" of P. Bakos, which did
not amount to much, the prosecution ' closed.
.' Early, in' the afternoon the prosecutor for the0 crown addressed'1
the jury,' dealing. with the facts
connecting Maxim Phillip with the
crime, endeavoring to show that-
every link in the chain,of. circumstantial evidence, pointing to him"
as, the ^murderer of the, woman-.
Monti Lewis was' complete. ■ He
was followed by. Colim McLeod;
for the defence who,considered the-
evidence .adduced insufficient to
convict Phillip of the' crime charg-;
haps 20 in all, had visited the
house that day!'. He referred ' to!
the men met bri the "public high-5
way by Constable Martin after he.
he knew a murder had'been/com-'
mitted and asked why no effort,
had been made to arrest them and''
make them reveal where they had
been during the evening. He
thought, these men might possibly
have thrown'light on the subject,
but Maxim Phillip had been selected as the possible offender because
he happened to be a foreigner,"
Chief Justice Sifton addressed;
the jury, referring to a number of
the principal points brought out
in the evidence and instructed the;
jury as to their duty under certain circumstances. The jury filed
out at 4.30 and at 7.45 returned
and announced a verdict acquitting the prisoner.
 : o
Is there a coat of arms for a
scab? 1- know of no such thing.
Can your make a coat of arms tor
a scab?
A.   Yea.
. He said, the coat of arms is   a
flea-, a -fly, a magpie and ham.
'A flea will crawl on friend or
foe—so will a scab,
A fly will bite a friend or foo—
so will a scab.
A magpie will talk behind his
best friend's bade—bo will a scab.
A ham is never cured till hung—
so with a 8*-ab>
B. E. WALKER, President
ALEX.-L.41RD, General Manager
A. E. IRELAND, Superintendent of
Branches   ' ■
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - '-" . 5,000,000
Total Assets, -,113,000,000
Branches turoughout Canada, and in tbe United States and England
) Deposits of $.1 and.upwards received, and interest allowed at
current rates. The depositor is subject to no delay whatever t*
the withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the deposit.
Fi'rnie  Brunch
H.   L.   Edmonds,   Mnnaser
Have You Connected
with, the Sewer?
s*t^%&e;6^r£r"; s»-w& r^siu'ssK
railroad    which  brings  tho
dn-tn  of iho  fftmm  and  factorleo
from distant, point*
„  ,4^   hi.,.
„•" - *     44 .1^..:    ».».•.. t
was at hand, lie bore the cuvae
ot that xltxyn' torror throughout
his lonq Ufi». JTnrfiFfejl Y,y n'rlts'.n
fccuh-lity  of opport'unity     and age which raven very much     of
If-Mr   4i    ne   nnrrirnn ,,*'   r-c   ' V.„    {,„r    ,?.   r        T.    r   ..  rt     ]-   t ' , 1, ..   .
J'ffhway as on tho .other.   No nn- $',""&. c" Wi\\a[xr\xhyV^TrnZht
t*10 bridge  Editor Manwaring of tho
rpr-o* |*cwb,    douB   not    openly charge
rait but in r nice way insinuatoH
that tho i alderman roedvis patron
— .1.1   ,.*v.y ...       VI>I'U(  tUUlLV m-,#l        ~        1. 1-1 ... -
I hiirh'
!«iu.onii.>l« conditions or restraints r.-Jtirm ayjainst Editor J. A. Aikin
must he placed upon cilhor. of the Phoenix, for libel, while ,up
nr^ combination** which **| de-vr old Calgary, that hothed
., « . .  fir
•superstitious puo-;lo, sle&p.*n.r* with ,,s •'"»■'<' hnwuful. over       their sworn    circulations,
a lipht in his mom, afraid of the [ To adjust our lawn to preserve Truly, the life of an editor is not
ntxrr., n natural fnar owing to thu I corporate industrial and individu- ftu "nviable one.—Maeleod Chron*
.•dr.ru.-psti.nrr.*,  of his hirth, para*   al ria*Ut, and hy all means indl-  iple'
!■?.    I"*-? nimoBt^pf-crhlflss, cvrn  v'dunl*rights, and to curb wrong;,'  *> :	
whether corporate or indlvid^t,
is of the highest concern not onlv
to commerce, but to the stability
of the commonwealth.
threatened by the laws .fust Intro* ! promote  trade  and  combinations  of political    intrigues, bum V.a-e
ducod bv pnrUnm*!nt arainst ath- »vv "c«  restrain     trado,   To  check ball   and    fake  \nl?e   ft-hta,   th
"'   "*"''  •"'"■•■*",   .-».-4 »4.i •*.,,„    '-.-.th   I*   h-iriYifnV   tn   r^r.-.,,*-   i,,«,   Wprn'rl   end   Alhertnti   vnrro     we
it ho did utter tho--;? words, for
which I must have better authority thnn hud beret nf ore V eo>n advanced,    before   T   bMievn   it—no
m'.'it c:u. !,c lef.ci'tal ujioii Ihn
credit oi the peiioi. who would
use them as a menus of nrovin-f
It's easy for a man to do rir-ht
whfin  }-!'• i-*iVt  do  nnyfM'ijy e]ie.
his contention    thnt lord Bvron 'spectacles   and   have
was supposM to «<*iy .ir-ordinrj' to  your own faults.
Why not borrow your neighbor's
a  look at
let a prafter pet 'm-Vr a cloud
»vnd ht* \\i\\ uti-al Us t-ilver lining.
A wise man never tries to .pleasr*
himsrlf an& a woman at the t&ine
Of, Interact To Women.
3*0 such women as aro not seriously out
heiilthVbut w ho lmvo exacting duties
porforrn. elihor In llio way ot house*
Id carcs\or In soclul duties nnd func*
jj-vUilolXscrloiisly tax thoir strcnBtli,
is *^rS?% VurMnij moihors, Dr. Plerco'd
Pavorlto PiVi-Vrlptlon has proved a mont,
valu'ibli' sur/iArtlng tonic and Invleorat*
Irnj norvlno. ljy lts_tlrr.p|y we, much
•.erloiiH elcl< nr.■»■*■ _m.J.,gP»''ny"ITI'•' Y?^
VsElsi Vw 0Pnr!tV"l? tal'ln ui'd tlio
vnijiiM^i^iluIjiuiS .jr-uijFJHi^ufix&ixtdfuum
toM«oi.il tlnm. 'tlio'l'iivorlto Prcscrlp-
iTgu^ainrromi it {-rent loon to expectant
tnuthen liy prnpnrlnj* tint systom foi' llio
cnrolnKof Ivnliy, thcroliy n'tidorluu clilhl*
birth Knfn, cusy, mid iilntoHt p;iln!i*H*(,
Hear In ralr.d, nU-txfo that Dr. I'lrrcn'*
Pnvorltn Vrcscrliillnn In imt a Becrot or
piitmil medicino, ncftlnst which tho moit,
liiU'llljfout |)wj)lo nro qMlta nnturally
avorw, iHvauM or thn liiiciTtnlnty ii* to
but Ih n mkiuci.vk ov known comcohi*
»ion, a full lint of all U< liiBrcdlciiM h«*ltifi
Tirtnt-H} \tx ulntn Kndli*h. on fivory Iwtila*
wrunpor. An (ixnmlniitlnn of thl» itniof
!>,,iUll'.i.':'' i».'JJ d: a-JU'c tl.i* fnrt thnt His
miiwilcolmlln In tt-r, com|»osltlnn, clinmle*
ally pure, trlpli-wllnwl iilycorlno iiiklnii
th? rlnc" of Urn commonly iist.1 iilcohoi.
In It* nml(o*np. In this cnunrctloii It
may not ho out, of placo to Rlato that thu
'*Favorite. Vwcrlptlon1' fit Dr. l'lnrco Is
,',' .i',.')- :.-;• •." •'"" "Vf ',n '''r t'"1 cure nf
wciinanV"i>i.ciillar" «"i-ii)i*no.isns arid nil*
menu, and sold throush drurol-jt*, al!
the liiKri'dlnnts of which havo the unanimous C'lulorbomi'iit of all tho lonilliK*
tnnllnil writers and tenchen of nil tho
sovcral srhcxji* of practlci», and that top
ns remedies ror tlio nllments for which
" Pavorlto T'roscfliHlon** Is rt'coinnior)df*d,
A littlo lu-mltof Ihrsnendort-pmonto will
ho hum to tiny nddro..-', iKiht-putrt, nnd
tibsolutely frtt If yon wu«l raimo hy
rivif*-! rpirl. or lii*M/>r, of l>r. It. V. I'ltrco,
Dr. 1'lorco's IMmsant TfllleU enw con*
stlpntton, Coiuaijiritlorj U the catiso of
tcosfiy dlw-ast'**, turn tho c«ufO ano yon
cure t'w dUctfwe.  Ea*y to tnko «»candy,
TwoCars of Sewer -Soil Pipe and
Plutnbitis Supplies
Please, call and
i i
J.   D.   QUAIL
Hardware   . and   Furniture.
"The Dominion Me t Co.
Fresh   and   Salt Meats of all   kinds   in stock
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in season
. Dairy Butter and Ranch Eggs
Phone 4
Victoria Ave
1     M
i!'   , rci
u-a,4 u;, -.. . ;
.  -4   •-., .1 ,-j
11-, r*v
';*. -At
UP  •■:'.-.:
it        \   *
'•i . .-
' •',-
,.     ,
Wholesale & Retail
Always a choice supply of Beef, Pork, Veal,
Mutton, and Lamb on hand.   Hams,
Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.
Our Specialties
Fresh,   Smoked   and   Salted  Fish, always a
good assortment.   Try our Mince
Meal, Saurkraut and Oysters.
4^, --ii ii :j i; *" *** ,,.M.*<).M.*A».>i.>f.M.,<i->u.V'4-ii'-i»»-M*-'M -,vsir«,v*.V
T-g-t'tol^^ tV & VCS &
Sny ! Whv not have your plumbing
done now before the big rush. Wc
have the largest staff of experienced
plumbers, steam fitters and tinsmiths
in the city.   Prompt and efficient.
A, T. Hamilton, Proprietor
Telephone 1 Next King Edward Hotel
.    —.   ... .....*.........*.   *. I..I-.  ....   ||||tf( nto'ifrMl'-Mll'V'"-'-!
^A'**r^<*mmmm~~. -OB
Want Haywood as Candidate
for Presidency. J
Chicago, May 9—"Bill Haywood
for president!"
This is the battlecry of the Socialists   who are gathered to-day
for the national convention *of the
party, which will begin to-morrow
While a few of the more conservative members of the party are opposed to the Haywood boom, the
rank and file is for him.     Eugene
V. Debs, the Indiana man who in
past campaigns has lead^the Socialists to defeat, is among' Haywood's    most   devoted adherents,
and was the first to suggest   His
nomination,     At that time Haywood was still languishing ■ in' the
Boise jail, charged with being the
leader of the "inner circle'.' of the
Western Federation oi Miners and
.with having hired Harry Orchard
to   slay  ex-Governor  Steunenberg
, and a score of others. ' Since,  his'
'acquittal Haywood has been touring the country in the furtherance
1 of his presidential boom.   .For    a.
.time he was paid, by the Western
Federation of Miners as its trav-
elling representative, but he    was
recently ' dropped from the     rolls
and    no longer,   has any    official
connection with, the union.
For the first time since: the So- I
cialist- party became a factor     in
American politics,' every state and
territory   of the Union will have
delegates    in to-morrow's convention.     These delegates will repre-
-- sent only the holders of the little
red cards and of' the - party "■  who
are paid up and in good Bt-aJndihig.'
*  As the most revolutionary,; of American parties and, one which p,ur-
dustrial - order, "the -vorganisation
'   has , no - source^-, of;,'income: other
than from the workingxnen'    who
mainly comprise the membership,
. and each of these is "required " to
pay a small sum monthly as dues
While    the party received 406,230
votes in the last election,"    when.
Eugene V. Debs was the presidential   candidate,-: tlie_dues paying
membership is only about 40,000.
Only these will have any, voice in
to-morrow's convention..
'Party leaders declare that they
expect the Socialist vote this fall
to.be double that in 1904, and in
case   the old parties should nominate conservative candidates,    a
Socialist , victory  is among     the
possibilities,    Not   many   of   the
delegates, however, Beriously consider the election of Haywood but
they assert that he will receive tho
support   of many thousands     of
non Socialists who will take that
method   of   showing   their disapproval   of , president. Roosevelt's
characterisation of the labor leader as on "undesirable citizen."
Bonnyeastlo  Dale,   whoso .Illustrated   nature   studies in "West*
ward Hoi" have attracted oonsid*
orablo attention, has in the May
Ibbuo a timely article on the American' navy, being the result    oil
his recent visit to the Bremerton
navy yard where he secured several fine pictures of the battleships
for tho magazine.   In fiction tho
contents   for   the month include
"The  Widow of Baalbek," by A.
S, St. John, Mildimay; "Joe and
Aileen," by Arthur Davios;    "The
Second Claim," by Billeo Glynn ;
"Tho Trials of Three," by O.    A.
■Russoll; "The Brain Storm,"   by
L. McLeod Gould; "A Horo of tho
Plains," by Charles Doran,     and
the concluding   chapters    of CliVe
■philUpH    Wolloy's powerful serial,
"Sltafemut.   Tho editor this month
has. taken Winston   Churchill   for
his H.ietch in his interesting     do*
partinent, "M«r. I have Met," Mr.
Howlnnd Hondley tells tho story
ot Vancouver s »ew piaygi
Under the conditions which have
existed    since the period of prosperity  set  in,  in 1896,   it is  but
natural that. there  should be  an
advance in the price of coal.     In
regard, to'anthracite it must    be
remembered that with the advances in sympathy with the general
tendency     towards higher   prices,
there is the additional fact     that
the bonanza beds have been practically exhausted, and the mining,
of the deeper and thinner beds increases ■ the cost which must    bG'
made „up, as. I have stated, by the
higher prices.    In.the bituminous'
districts there have been advancing rates of wages, due largely to
the scarcity o? laborers in the.coal
mining regions,   As far as I have
observed, , a   large     part of this
scarcity of labor has been due   to
.the irregular and v facer tain  character of    the work and the small
number of days that the" mm were
able to work dutring a week,     for
which   condition • the*    scarcity of
tne car supply is responsible.     It
is unnecessary to state that    coal
mining is an-exacting form of labor, and though the rates of wages during the last few years    have
been -   higher   than formerly, the
fact is   that in many cases     the
men have not been able to    work
more     than   3 or 4 days     in the
weelk, and the amount of     money
earned has not been such as     to
make coal mining, an, inviting field
of employment, particularly when
there has been'such an active demand and steady employment "for,
labor in other fields of work. During the last three years the o.ver-
age time made in the bituminous
coal   mines of the United  States
has been a.3 .follows :.
In 1904, 202 days; in 1905, 211
days; in 1906, 213 days;" whereas
in the 5 years prior to 1904 the
averag*   working days were.    as
foilowsr r " ;—~	
, In,1899, 234.days; in 1900^ 234
days; in 1901, 225 days; 1902,'
230; 1903, 225; and, in .the years
preceding the period of depression,-
which included from 1893 to 1906
inclusive the average days worked
were: ,,
In 1890,. 222 days; in 1891, 223
days; and 1892, 219 days.,-, These
figures relate to - th«- d-ayo- during'
which the , mines were .operated.
The time actually, made by the
men has in many instances been
much less than this.
During the period of Industrial
depression from .1893 to 1897, the
average timo made by the bituminous mino workers ranged from
171   to 196 days and it'appears
from this that during the last 3
years the average time mado   by
the coal mine workers has      been
about   midway   between   the extremely high and extremely   ,,low
records,   It is interesting to note,
however, that in the average tonnage made by each man for each
day worked, 1904, 1905, and 1906
wero in turn rocord breaking years
tho   averago production per .day
per man being, respectively, 1904,
3.15 tons; in 1905, 3.24 tons, and
in 1906,   3,36 tons,   The highest
record   mado    previous to these
years was in 1908, when tho average daily tonnage por man was
3,09 tons, Fart of this increased'
efficiency in    productive capacity
has been due to tho increased uso
of machines for undercutting coal,
part of it also has been probably
due to tho desire of the men    to
make a greater tonnage por day.
when   tho  number of dayB they
were   permitted to work was reduced,
Tho advancing   tendency in tho
price of coal during tho last   fow
yoars   has   been   duo  to  several
cannon,   Ono, of combo, is tho increased price of labor, but addod
to this has been tho dovolopment
of now mining districts which have
rendered   necessary the spreading
out, even more thinly,  of the nl-
rondy thin enr supply, which/   has
necessitated   a reduction in     the
The Time is
- ■;.■-.   i-OR
Screen. Doors, Ice Cream Freezers,
" .Boys' aad Girls* Wagons,
Garden Hose  and  Fishing  Tacfcle
Ani!  »is usual
complete >ml
we nre
on deck wm!i the
assortment   ol"   these
carried in the c ty,
one   hiui   our
pleasure of showing ai
of ' -:-',,:- -■ '
Our po
our. various in es.
Call and''.«ee us when in
Headquarters  for   Hardware
clerks "only   live
nd demonstrating
The B.C. Mining Exch!ange says
"In another column we reproduce
the remarks of the Nelson News
in regard to the gross falsehoods-
circulated in Eastern Canada by
an alleged minister, of the gospel
in respect to* the Kootenay miners.
The B. C. Mining. Exchange, cordially -■ endorses the'remarks of its
Nelson contemporary. The aver-
aee Kootenay miner is not a saint
o       . - -jii.\_; 4.1... 4.    \,g%
'■"'"But he gives no 'thought to
the tyranny therev-would be without the labor union, the tyranny
of capital. .That tyranny '.would
make .-him work as some other
man decreed he should, for wages
that he was unwilling to accept,
but had to, take "or starve, and so
-many hours that his health might
be ruined, his life shortened and
he be deprived of all opportunity
for the enjoyment of even the'
small reward of his toil. 4
"It is -'to.'.prevent this tyrajnny
of'"'cap;1alists that labor .unions
are forced to. make rules and laws
that may seem to "be burdensome
to    some    workingimen and which
„6« ,—.,   undoubtedly' do' restrain personal
—and a very good thing that He )liberty to'' some extent."
is not; a saint is as.big a nuisance ( t<Bnt i{ restraint" ofthe' liberty
as a "walking' delegate—but lathe.-. tbe individuai is-tyranny, then
point of morals,.,conduct ., and .-^ law£f are-tyrannical:- In fact,
manliness' the man; with' the- pick the .j^rc^st declares"' that they
in the Kootenay, or anywhere else l&rCi, &nd     can, give-just as good
C.  E.   LYONS
Auditor, Accountant, General Ajjent
Life, Accident and Employer's Liability insurance
Books opened,   closed,. audited, and accounts  kept in the
most up-to-date manner.
Office,  Burns'  Block.
Fernie, B. 0.
British Coliur'bia, compares
hired man of the . Ontario farms
or the. sort of working .population
they   raise   down    Toronto  and
and' - convincing ■ testimony to
talks about the'tyranny of labor
unions give to prove the unions'
despotic  oppression  of the work-
Hamilton way.   The police record I ingmftn
proves, .this,, and, have done so for-I    .,-j.ne    labor "union  question  is
a. generation.   Thesei Ontario, -false I Aether'    rwoafkingmen.   th^on^h-
prophets''should he kept at home |their  own organisations shall'rein the miserable hotbeds of    vic***;' strict their ownupersonal liberties
and   crime   "where    they,,,belong. , or whether they will": without or-
Some     government action should j g-anisation;, subje'et  themselves  to
be    taken to punish,these highly i^y restrictions of those liberties
"paid     wandering liar's," who" coma:U*aat cayitaliota-mny desire-to im--'
out    here.in a Pullman, live rent.''! pose- Up0n them,
and board free for a week* or two (    ..AnrJ the rjght, answer to  that
on'some credulous, member, of their, question'is" that the man who gov-
ilock, and then go back east   and   erns -himself is' free, while he who
print libels about the workingmen  is g0Verned by another is' a Slav)!.
or a province,which "is too indus-      .'How much would labor get if
trious, big and rich for their lazy
and narrow little fouls to understand. Here is a good suggestion
for a cure of this growing evil :
We tax the pedlars and commercial travellers, so why not tajc the
strolling' evangelist.
0* " ,-
Frequently we see .newspaper articles with the heading, "Ministers
against Prohibition."   This    may
sound well, but wo all know it is
not true.   Wo know that ministers
from the very nature of their oc-
cuoation are, or should be, in favor of temperance, and, in the last
analysis, total abstinence and pro
hibltion. Then again wo see news-
paper    articles with the beading,
"Working Men Against Socialism"
This may also sound well, but we
all«know it isn't true.   We   know
that the workdnj-men from the nature of their occupation and environment are, or should be, Socialists.   So when we see the state
ment   that ministers are against
prohibition, we know that it will
not analyze; and when we see the
statement that laboring men are
opposed to Socialism, wo     know
that it also will fall to tho ground
upon closo analyBis.—Tho    Miners
each individual ,workingman was
left to deal for himself with organised capital, which was in possession of, the. goods of which the
individual wanted a share?
/'Each man would then be free
from .the tyranny of labor unions.
He could demand as large or accept as small a share of the products of his labor as he pleased.
He would be a free man,
"But ho would be dealing with
a man, or a combination of men,
likewise free, in possession' of both
his share and theirs and with flnal
authority to hiake the division,
"Unless he had back of him a power at least equal to that of the
man or men who held the products
he would have littlo hope of getting anything nearly equal to tho
share he was Justly entitled   to.
"To get tho power he needs he
and    his   comrades in  toil must
give up to their labor unions the
right to independence of action in
tho sale of thoir labor.   As individuals they must sacrifice     this
for the    material welfare of all,
nnd it is this sacrifice that is demanded of them that is denounced
by the anti-unionists as 'tyranny.'
"It is-the kind of, tyranny upon
which   are   founded nil free governments of the world.   It is     a
tyranny that must ovor prevail if
thn whole socinl fabric of civilised
Saw  your
By Power and
save money
Cost of, operating
vary trifling
Circular Saw Pramcs ULStatlonary and Portable,
Drug Saw Machines Sawing Outfits
Canadian Fairbanks Go., Ltd.,
Vancouver,   B. C.
Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary. I$,
,, i .•,.-
I hi.' Nt.'ili .An**, vrhNp "H'ifnlrVn tit.
Hull denln in nn intoronting manner with Portland's Rose Carnival
both article*-! being well illustrated,.   Tho publishers announce that
tho Juno i3SM0 will be a "Horn*.*
, ,,-     ,     ».
■ 'O '
.'...'.'J'- ,
vi a
*»    flit*
Wat       et,»'**m
+ r.1 nt nutj-iut
inci oaf-ied, and it in a sell evident
proposition that with decreased
tonnage the expense of production
increases,—From articlo by E, W.
j.'ai*Aei in Jturui.s ami »•«.»*>-• >»••» •>••
Tho Pittflburjfh Leader has tho
following to nay in regard to union knockers:
"Dommclatloii of the 'tyranny
of labor unionR Is common, It is
a favorite thomo of those who
who hnvo thoir own piivate reasons for cowlcnining unionism
iimong workmen.
"Thpy invariably pre&.nt one
•alrle *»f thn cnao only and offai* ono
sided testimony to huppu*. -«*«
t2.*l     .-•'■y J'l.'il*"'  tv-niT.-*-:
government is not to fall to pice-
efl. Tho individual nuiflt wurron-
dor rnrt of his personal liberties
for the c "amnion good, nnd it is
only whon Jio sninRhly rWHneH to
do so willingly that this is tyranny to him."
o ■■■
By locnl applicaiionsi. us thoy
cannot reach tho diseased portion
ot the ear, Thero is only one way
to cure deninertH and that is by
constitutional nmioi.ies, DoainoHH
is cauue-d' by, an .nUttmitd condition
of the mucous lining oi thn Eusta*
ciiKui tufju, , wncn tniu t,ui,o is m-
•,:t...v    •."*'     "-/  '"''"'   "-     ■-■•iiii-fl you h:tvt- u nm.} V.n^ r.cund
tho unioi.fi. That is deemed miffl* nnd imperfect honrin^, nnd when
cidnt by them, and it is some- jjt is entirely closed deafness is tho
times accepted as hufflcfent by per-jieMilt, nnd unl<.'<t> the indamiua*
sons who do not take tho tiouhlo jtion can    bu talton out and this
BverythinR in tlie trnde now in stock.
Examine before purchasing. Also
Lacrosse, Baseball nml other Sporting  Goods.
"In Tebruary our daughter had
the whooping cou^h. Mr, Lane ot
Hartland, recommended Chamber*
Jnin'n Couph Jtemedy and said it
■gave his customers the bent of cat*
Ufaction, We found it a« he «aid.
nnd can recommend it to unyont.
having children troubled with tho j lowed
whoopin**    cough," aayfi Mr«.    A *"
Ooss, of Dttrand, Mich.   For sale
by all drugginta.
Frank    Shcrriff,   the man who
j was oonvii'Ur.:, nt FeiniH last fall
on a charge of rape, and sentenc-
;ud to Iif«! u.ipi'i-'Jii'r.cr.t wftn    nl-
a   new    trial by the full
court at the coant l»«t Wwine«day
and will have another trial     on
May 20th.
,to look upon tbo other cidu.
-      i'i.       -ft        IJl-J', iWU.J -**   -**^       -.4-. W»   • '4    4...
insmen who have no flympathy
with unionifim or who object to
certain of its rules that directly
apply to thomfiolves have felt
that tho union*? are tyrannical.
They may havo hindered someone
from workin-f a.i he pleased     for
wages  he  vim  willirifr to  actopt jHnU'ii catarrh cure,   yend fo.r ctr-
or an many hour* ns he chose to Ifularts free.   V, J. CHENEY; & CO,
[work.   He     regarded  that at* t.'j- >i'j'nledo,   Ohio,
tanny. ,.,        i   Sold by druggists nt 15 cents.
j  o        '■ j   Tn*;.-,   ' irBiv«   Family Pilln for
j constipation.
tube restored to its normal condl*  r
..Xttt,       l,Kix**'.*g, ti...    i4-C     v.v->,-«y A ■. '^   ,
forever; nine rases out of ten ^aro
caused by catarrh, which is ho*
thing hut an inl.amed condition
of the mucous eurfneos.
W« will give on-" hundred dollars
(or any ca*e of deafness caused by
catarrh  that icannot be cured  by
All the leading lines of
High class Chocolates
and  Confectionery;
Subscribe for the District Ledger. j<
ii DISTRICT LEDGER, FERNIE.      B. C, MAY 16, 1908.
Ne^sof the City
Private Boarders, house'; No.'133
opposite C. P.'R. "■'-.Mrs'..'-' 'Condie.
Plain sewing done.
General .ServantVG.ood general
servant wanted. Good* wages.. Apply to Mrs.- A. H. Cree, Howland
Ave.' ' '
xamily dwelling. house for sale,
8 rooiiis. Good well of water, nice
garden. Will be sold cheap on
easy t'ei-ms. , Apply Manager, District Ledger.  '
For Sale—-1 Frame House, 4
rooms, with 'furniture and Singer
Sewing Machine; also 28 young
chickens. Situate opposite Queens
Hotel. No. 143., Tho owner offers
the above very cheap and easy
.terms, can he ' arranged.—Fran*
Passerni, owner.    „       .
Chef—1*'Irst cliiss all round cook wants
position,   Apply Ledger ofllco.        *-,
Cabbage, Caullllowor, Tomato anil
Cucuu.ber plants; also fl.uibi.rb roots,
for  sale.   Apply
i      -. '      ' West   Fernie.
Information is,wanted as to the
whereabouts of J. P. Regan. WiU
-he  or  anyone knowing where . he
is please communicate with L. P.
Eckstein, Fernie, BVC.
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Rochon's has come here to stay.
11.  w.   Co'ilthard   visited  Nelson  Tuesday.'- , •   ". •    ---
N.  E.  Sucldaby  &  Co.,' are holding a
flro' sale   - ■ ,   "'
Jas.     ISroley, .was, *tit!,   Cranbrook   on
Thursday. • . /
Rochon's   jline   ice   creaan.   Best
in America
H.   E. Ucattie of  Cranbrook,   was     in
town Tuesday.    , „ ' j
- Rochon's are candy makers;-and. ;
nothing else. ' |
Fred   Klnert;   roadmaster .C.P.R.,   was
•in -.town Wednesday.
Rl.o*c|ion's    chocolates   -are    the
only  chocolates..
Leslie Jlills; arrived.In. town this week
from  Hhyolite,'Ncv.
Mrs. ..W.  Keay   returned   to   Fernie this
week' from' Edmonton.
'J**. -II:' McMullcn'. visited  (.'ranbroo'.c officially  on  Wednesday.
"Kid"  Scales    is  in the city  after an
,-.--*,       .     .
absence "of-"several years.-. •   •,,
Frank Haines,  a Cranbrook Typo, paid
us "a friendly visit this week.
Pollock   and - .Step,  Alexander
Suddc&hy's $25,000 Stock; ssmsi
■"be sold : without delay
- Sale  begins ,^.-,T-^..^TOaoo
Monday,     Igtfe   May
the fernie .drug store
:     '    ,r     -iuver, Tuesday.'
■went  to  Vam-v. ■- --   •  tt
r   „    „ "'"   „     '-.lie,   C.  I2nir.,U.
O.  S.  Brown, of Spoiw*., ..   D
N.R., was in town Thursday, '  '. '"   ■
The Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co's pny
roll' for to-.da.y-'will by,.$145,880.. ,. „...,
§   Pit -watches, -'90Scents each*' -ior
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G. IT. McCred'of tlie Calgary Cattle
Co.' has been  transferred  to Calgary,
We don't sell apples or oranges,
but only candy and-ice, cream.
Mr, J. A.' McTlonaldV Soc.'-treas. District No. 18, U.M.W. of A, was in town
this  wV?ek. '
, Uert Callaghan,'lately In "the employ
of the Trites Wood Co,, left for Cnlgary
this week.
Mrs. Iluby returned from Vancouver
on Sunday last, aftor an oxtonded "visit
to the const. '
A. C. Liphardt is having a' pay
day watch sale Saturday, Monday
and Tuesday.       ,      ' •-
C'.r.Il.   superintendent   Hrownleo's   prl-
vntocarwaH  on  the ensthoimd  local   on
./I'lJORdny-niornlnfr,    ' "  .,
For bargains in watches see A,
C. Liphardt's prices for Saturday,
Monday and Tuesday,
A, ,T, jMcCnol, of Michel, vlnltad "our
town TiiPHdny. Ut> expects to open hln
now hntol about tlie 20th Inst. ....
Tho Socialists will hold n 'propnganda
mooting In the holl here on May 2-t,
J.onillnK (Ir-le-jntPii  will nil owl,
H, Urn hum loft Wednosdny for , IiIb
homo nt nnlllnirlirtm, WnRli..nnd will visit Ii'Ik knii nt Cmnbrook, on route,   '
Mr. A. ,V. Cmii'lnay will nhortly open
n Htinllo in Itlzzlui'M hiilldliij*;, tlio.Roiitli
M'li>  nf thn   Pernio Mtenm   I.nundry,
Mr, II. I„ Mnrlott, latu of Cnlgary.
lias orrlvod In town to take n pnnltlnn
wllh  Mm Kile  1.1'iib nnd  Hook Htorn,
Prp-ddenl V. N, Hherninn xvhh In town
thN week, Hi. wi,h mllpil away to
lilnlrniorn nnd rpluriiPil tlio next ilny,
THAT he has had so'.many threats
lately that he has gone into active trailing. Vou can see* him any morning .at
the. woodpile.    •.-.,,    . ■   ■ '
THAT Chief Pennycuick should remember the story about the boy in tho glass
house." Parks is gone and there Is no use
In the I chief trying to hang on: .Good bye,
I'emi.   ■-   ,   ,    -      ',••■   ,   - •    t   •    » -v"   -
♦., *    *
' "THAT 'in answer-.'to.' the ICranbrook-
Prospector's hit at the. Oame Protective
Society. Cranbrook' need' not be'sore be-'
-L-ause_they_Li\r_e not in our class.        ,
San Francisco, May "14.—In the fight
between Gans and .Uiiholz to-night , the
former, was declared-the winner" in the
eleventh' round. •
THAT  the i-'.nterfainer is now     going
'o come out next Monday sure. ,',
Next/Wednesday night at ,the skating
rink Jim Durrows and Tom, McCune of
Vietroit will- box for a decision the purse
being S-100 and a side bet,"
Ar^proimroil virnlor tn'ndlpB1
tnirfii ns wkII mk iri'iitloninnV.
Lii'llen" liiili'/Miilfacoiitn'/itcil
nny clny but Sntunlny,
*   *
■A'.-s-r it
THAT he" Is «.U.l ddlng .business in
s()lievo{'the thrdftteilei «innlhila^ion by
the' Enterlnlrie'r nhd;.*o,Miei*9.   \ -'•' •'••* •■
- TirAT wu liave sSiiie extra, copiee of
lust WWk's Issue left." Anyone "desiring
some can'Obtain them  at tlio omcc. ..
+    * , *
'THAT the •'Stock Co.':that Was hore
to pivsent "The Squaw Man," was just
what he'stated in'laat.'weok's issue. Tho
man who-made the.speech tho ilrst night
said they wero the only company putting
tho play on, and Unit this -was the first
time (n Canada at popular prlcei' WeU-
tlio play was putonut .Cnlgary a short
time ago, at" popular prices! nnd was
very unpopular.
THAT It Is very, amusing to soo   the
way somo conscious stricken follow  will
try to obllterdto tho oyes of 'the Critic
by   a    gontlo    Invitation    to '"havo     a
djjnr."   Oh   whnt'H tho upo?
*   »    *
THAT he Is going lo offer a rowan!
for tlio "sloppy compositor'.' .the Kreo
l'njss niontloned,
LANnSLlM',. .
•A meeting of those interested in
the Fernie -Football^Club was held
in,Mr. Barrfs Billiard room, on
Monday, night, May. 4,, and ,, the
following office bearers were elect-
led:   '" ,  " '   '' a    . ,    ■--.
I., Hon; Pres—J. D. Hurd.
*,.'   ■-" Vice Pres.-— 0. Simister.   .,
Hon.  ... r-.'wenore     .
Pres—E.H. *_■-     "-■'*,',,, v ■  ■
Vice Pres--P. Hughes  .      ■"*.'' .
Sec-treas.—Jfas.  McCulloh. „   .
Co.mmittee^J. Neil, J. Marr, H.
Bfttr, J.. Barr, J. Stewart, Sr'., J.
Stewart, Jr., J. Chesney, J,. Mc-
Nicholas, T, Anderson, W. Evans.
Th'ere is ,iio reason why Fernie,
the premier city-of the Crow line,
should'not have the premier football; club, and'it is up to the'sport
lovintr ,; community *of Fernie to'
give the cluf-j the necessary support
without which no organisation
can prosper,   ,, '       ,
A game, was pl?vod in Coal
Creek on Saturday, which resulted in a draw of S-2.
A landslide occurred on tho O.N! bo-
Iweon horo and Morrlssoy at about n
illslnni'o of four inllcs wont on T'rldny
iiiornliiif. The Hlldo Ih about ono lniinlred
fi*('t long ami Is delaying, tralllc but It la
not oxpoctiid to bo for long. Tho railway
ppoplu soon had n Hloaiu shovol and moil
on tho spot and thoy nro 'linking good
progroHH with the clearing,
Pat Million clinrgr-'l with tho murdor of
nn Italian at Mlt'liol hint, labor day won
liniught to I'ltriilo WeilncHilny iiiornlng,
hy foiiMtnbio I.nri'h, from (livnt rallH,
Mniit., -ithoro lii« hnd 1)1)0)1 working for
tuiiiin timo, Itcpnrt, nnyn that Mullon dlil
not iliiny (Im fluti'gi' when iii'I'chIpiI, nnd
ph'ii'li'd to I"1 h't go xaylng II wax only
n "Oagii" nny way, Ho hIiiiwpiI light nt
fir*.I, hul u'iim piiHlly hiimlli'il. lie will
ll'd'ly ho liriiiight liiifoi'n the Hiipri'iuo
I'nurl which iiippIn hern thn littler purl
of llio month,
People have timo to listen to
ntoi'ios of hucc0bb, but they hnvo
failures of their own.
Ft?*     Ml      TWI •'•■•i   *f"*»X   •*at*"*a.
*■*. .vw akm, jd.     jc %jr jck
<*m    m    »*r« w
%*.  Jttt  t&  JaTJL
Lowest Prices In th© City
Siloes^   Harness,   Saddlery t
Trunks  and Suit Cases
also Shoe Polish
W. R, McDOUGALL arwaansi:
holds it-; sh:i|iL>. :md \ve.*ir? 'o l\x? utmost on mvouul of'i he qun,li;y ofthe
iiiareriul an J jjood   ivorUniiiniliip  put  iula il.    The  littin^  sysiein  of-
Crimphtfll'.i hiis beeii ^ni-Jt-.! to suit nl! men so no matter  how  difticuli
you mny considL'i- youriolf lo iii,'we guarantee perfect sutisfiiction from
our lai-fje and varied slock. ...
ikon's Suits $6.50 to $25.00
"      Pants i$1.Sp to   $7.00
Suit Special for Saturday & Monday Next
",  /Three button  Sack,   Dark   Check Worsted Suit,   regular $16.75
Special   $13.00
Three Button Sack, Liglit Grey Check Worsted Suit, regular $21
Special $16.75
English.and "American.Soft and Stiff Felt Hals in ihe newest  shapes
95c   to  $4.00
flir A ¥ ll^W   f1© I^^ITD TITC • Tru>iteconomy should-be.the inducement for. buying your table
-^,^—,—m—f-.WP).. supplies here.    The highest.quality .goods'at smarter, prices
' ■"- -     ,        'than elsewhere,   tbgetiier with.an unsurpassed store service
makes trading here a source of satisfaction and saving to vou;        -*■ '       - ' *     '
"A lewTeverv day prices that mean an every day saving
Purchas*? all yc-ur supplies here and save':n.bhey..   .
■ Sunlight Soap, -3 cartons..
"Lifebuoy Soap, 5 cartons...
. 1  lb. Packets  Pearline......
',■*/. ■.
Hope    is   tho  mother  of  disappointment.
Architects und draughtsmen are
invited to submit si'.ctch plans and
estimates of cost for addition to
tho Fernie Public School building.
Plans must show four class rooms
with proper means of ingress and
egress, and schome" of heating* ventilation and lighting, Basoment
undor whole of addition, contain*
ing he-ating system, lavatories,
etc, Estimates not to include the
cost of heating syotem, plumbing
or excavating.
Preference will bo given to plans
'howing an addition, which, while
making a harmonious unit in connection with tho present building
is capable of extension to mako at
least a twelvo room school apart
from tho existing structure. Firo
proof matorialo to bo UBod as far
an possible
SatiBfaotovy plans will Vo -ontd
for or architect given f.iiprrvfiiory
functions during construction, All
plwis submitted at owner's risk.
Tho school board dooH not bind
itself to purchiHO or use nny rland
that may bo submKtnd, Piano and
ostlmatoH to bo in tho haw\n ot
the secrr-tary not, latov than May
IS, mrm. rurthcr infcnrintion
mnv bo obtnlncd from the under,
a. n. DOirtTow,
St*.  Porn<o VxxhVe Seho*'l IJo*<rd,
IS THE MAfcTEB OF th*) e*Ute
of "Edwurrl Ven ■Ri.trtnn l^to
of Fernio, B.. 0., doeeasod:
Notice is hereby given that all
creditors and others having claime
against the e*tat» of the laiti
Edward Van lluyten, deceased,
who died on or about tho Oth
dnv of Fehrunrt*. 100R. r,rr. r*.
rjuired on or before tho C3rd day
of May, ]008, to vend by poet,
prepaid or ;id*Hver to Mr. Eclt.
ttein, of Fernie, B. C, nolicitor
for the adminlitrator, their
Christian and surnames, addreitea
and descriptions, the full par-
tUulara of their claims, the statement of their Account! and the
naturn nt their aei*nritfM. if any.
held by them.
And further take notice that
after tuch last mentioned d*to
the tatd administrator -will pro*
eeexi to distribute the assets of
the defeated  nmong parties   en-
St.»Charle.a Family Cream, 9 ,tins.. -.'..»..•,.$• .00
New Creamery Butter per lb ....3SC
""Ut.e Star Bilking Powder, per tin    ...,.,.. 15c
»•-    X-Us;   PoWtl-frj   pt?i"   .»»•'• !!!,'•!  * * *r • t T 1 t t   V5C
Qroctry  Specialsf for
. Magic .,Bai».
C. & IB! Jams, 1 In
Climax Jams 5 lh. 'rins..
.Quuker Preserved I'Vuits, 2 lh.  tins
CI > c-o               —    . —"WW"**'!* j—      . u
U ItUiJ*. mmii :..,;:: .,,'-. igC
I*7JC & 22jc
^ Ml • t       - - 'f - ~'>    t.    ' "      ,"t        ,
■I ID Tlrts Lowney's Cocoa,  reg.  30c. ,  Special >261;
'3 lb. pkts;W«ishing Powder, reg. 25c, Special 2 for 35c
i lb. pkis. Fancy Cleaned Currants..'..,., loecach-
Lemoueriir Lemons, per doz , i-zjc
titled thereto, having regard only
to the claims of. which he , shall
then have notice, and that the
said administrator will not be
liable for tho said ~ assets or any
part thereof to any person or
persons of whose claims notice
shall not havo been received by
him at the time of such distribution. ■ ' , . ,
Datod this 23rd day of March,
11308. '    ■■-
Solicitor   for   the Administrator.
" W;:BvSIMM0ND^7'i
Photographer    ]
Depot   Restaurant
J K.  HOftKH**., rrniirlPtnr
■***4*-«*aMMMaaaa»a»»a»aai       , . . j.    i-jj-fafaa-awaig
Open Right and Bay
WIium lu Miuil'nit nt nil fit tlm
nupi)i Uosf 11 oruut
Rlalnnorc, Alia.
Funeral Director and
Olllru \'lrloria Street
t    Pimm" b\      Kuxiilciuv Phone jS
*•>    •**»•*», 0+ m.mw0*\ n» ffvenv^tttv
%  UlMViW hi\ILIS.l
I Dray & Transfer
A).  M\ntU  o\
I Draying,
4        Teaming and
Transfer Work
T. H BROOKS      Prop.
P. O. Hox jc,i    Tel. 6
W. D. Simnmnds hus «puiiud    •*>
a Photounipic Siu.iio mul  is    ®
prepiired lo do first cIi.ks work    ^
'""       ~ .7    <fe
Studio on Gemmel Street  |
Ne.ir ihe Ooera Hou>e §
* IBullJor & Conti'aotor -f
Koiimnti'B Kuriils'ii'il  »n*i
StMsfitcflon   Owiritnt'I'd
4> Popnlo nnd Hosmon 4
«.• ■-•>
Subscribe (or  the District Ledger.
Enlarge Your
.? H 0 T 0
Iluve'you'rfot )0<)r P,')l,t0 **>
Inrued ■ yet? If nn,' ^urinev
will enlarge it in Sep!111; ■**•**".
Water Color, or Cravon, A|l
classes of Photographic wo^5'
done. Developing, Printing
ami Mi'iiniing done at reasonable
prices. .
A, W. Courtney
Oox 424
The Garbutt Business College
of Cnlgavy, Iiiih modurn coiukoh In ToI«-
(frnphy, Hhort^innd nml HuhIupbi) i hid.
plnj'H nxppi't ti'ncliiTH t propKi'o* yoiinji*
imntilo for liitlt-piiiitluncii nml HiieecKR
Wrlto for prnHpccttiH "L," Kntnr nnv
liint'. F, 0. Mnrlmtt, Principal,
Lodger for News
*^******|        ^pvmxbw ^e*mwg Px*e^   "**■    §k_      *»*»*.******' w^^   ^^e^^Le^Lee     *ffafBaT******%        pm
at the
Fernie    Steam    Laundry
All lctnds of Steam and Dry Cleanlne*-.
DyeltifiTt Scouring, and Preasltifl- done
by the most Improved methods.
Gctit's Fine Linen
a Specialty
A Trial Will
Convince Vou
Phone No*   135
L 1
"   ll


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