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The District Ledger 1908-05-30

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,'-'  >*
Industrial Unity  is  Stren-^tn
;, The   Official ..Orgrau  of, District  No.   18,   U. M. W. of A.
Political  Unity  is  Victory
Vol. IH No. 40
Fernie, B. 04 May 30, 1908
$1.00 a Yeab
J. H.  REID  CO.,   Limited
Fernie,   B. C.    T'
y hymtvte y*
Just. Arrived
Xstrge Assortment of Child's Rockers,
Go-Carts, and  Carriers    /
) ®g)(S)®(S)S4«4«®®®^^
\„   ,      .       ■  -";--    '•   ■■■■■•. ; ,';  '■■;
• That Is why, our trade lias increased so rapidly. The
more business we do the lower our prices will get.
Don't" fail   lo see  our stock before buying elsewhere.
; Spring' Suits   ...
,...?8   10. 12   15
Soft Hats ...-■-...
/..'":.. ...2   2.50   3 -
.Stiff Hats ......
,. ^..2.50,. 3   3.50  ^
Working Shoes .,
/:'.'. '...;!..2 .to. 4'  ;
Bress Shoes ... ...
... ...... ..'. 3 to-5
We make a specialty of working
men's goods. * •
.—tl~P/l\tt     Mint    **     -"I •**•■**.
You will say, Is it Possible?
That I can buy Rood fruit lands with a good supply wator within 30 miles of Fernio, on tho installment plan.
$5.00 Down.   $5.00 per Month.   No Interest or Taxes
For a flvo acre tract durln*? llfo.of contract.'  This offer will
not last lone*. Wrlto for clrculajrof ','Koootonia Irrigation Tract"
D. Wa  HART, Afft, IC. R. £*, Co., Baynes, Ba C.
A striko li reported nt tho TCIk huin-
. lii<r 11111. H appear* that tlio company
wnnlod Llio nion to work nt nljilit without K*'->hi(( moro tlmn ,«tral|jht timo.
This thoy refuned to do nti they did not
eonwlilcr It fair, Thn bow. Informed thoin
thnt iiiiIork thoy did an nvpiOHtcil thoy
could   Kill    thoir   Unit*., which thoy did
WH-0-0-0! WH-0-0-0!
Tha Owlu hold nn oxcurMon to I'lko
■on Monday, Thoro wnir n tortfc crowd In
nttoudniico hut nn tho weather wm
nunliiit plcnlclni* „tho day did not turn
l-l,t        44                 44-       ,   I           .    ., ... . I ,        ,     , ,,
■1 - "*       *    -J.-..*,       .-J       *.,.,
However, the crowd thnt wr,* th*,™
«eained to enjoy them»«lv#« In* *pit« ol
Old Sol, Wa hope that tho noxt tlnic
th* WMth-ar men ***« ht taught «>v»*- to
n» tn mak* up for hi* 'ailing* on Monday
A report gained circulation horo nnd
wns widely 'iprond thnt nulio Stove, ol
l-'rnnl;, hod boon nrroatod In connection
with the niurtlor of Wlllmott there, Homo
timo ago. Wo Nlltcd tho mnttor to tho
hot torn, liowovor, nnd find thnt tho ro-
port In rldlculounly fnlso no Htovo wah
In ''-i!|*.nry nt tho time tho murder wnH
com Itted. ThU now* will ho wolcomo
to * Htovo'ii many frlendu who novor
ox|mi . nny ronflnnntlon of tho wild
Vancouver, Mny 00—Tho reiulti of lha
recent rovlrdon of"*! ha provincial llitu In
Hie Vanronyer dlitrict hive Juit i^en
announced. Thoy uliow that from No*
vomlxr to Way thoro hi*« heen a not In*
«M(n.« of 2f,7a fiannft, making a total of
17,01ft on tho Hat.
A    illnlrlut hon nl -noolln-* tav dMi'k'l,
No. 18. U.M.W. of A, wn* In nonnlon nil
flit.,    wnM-      f**r,.,„l,lf,, „l V     I ,t       ii
. - t ...... .    „ ..
Inoa* wn* dono. Ono of tho ninln thlnf*
taken u|i vie* the Michel atrlko, Th*
fallowing wore protonti
V.  II,  Hh*rm«n, rrcal'lfr-t.
.1. 11.' (Inlvln, Vlra rrcalrtant.
■T.  A.  Macdonald, Secretary Tronauror
(   Thni.  niinf*.  anh   fllat    Vn   1    t-'ornlo
II. 0.
Prank Scott,* aub. dint. No. 8. I'rnnV.
I>. L, Miller, aub. dial. No, 3, Taber,
W.  II. T)unlnj., aub. diet, Xo *1, IlanV*
hoad, Alta.
Tho«.  P..  Jaum**. <lUt. os«o.Rl#r, VA-
monton, Alta.
Al*v    .a-i'mia*',   rnt/*rn,it(r,ns|   oCjjdnMrtr,
I'dniontrin,   Altn,
Cooler Heads Prevail and Men
Return to Work
Tho striko nt Michul hna one* more
boon culled olV, Tlio mon ns wo reported
ln.nt, wiol; .roturned to work, but nftor
liolillng n ninsa inoetliig on Bundny decided t'o ngnln go out, owing to twolvo
mon bolus dlBuhni-KC-d, Tho company
clulmod .tliut thuy wt'io ditiiniiihuil l.o-
t'liiino thoy woro olT for two dnya w|th*
out porinlHsilon, which In In nviiordnni'o
with nrtii'le ten,
A mftsiv meotlinr wiih called' of the
C'lndHtono local on Wcdnoaday nl«ht lu
tho opera Iiounu hero, where tho minor,*)
ncthiK on tho ndv|co of Proaldonl Shir-
limn, pnHNi'd n iiumilinoiiH nwol.Klon nd-
vImIhk tho Mlchol men to nunlnri.'nunio
work nnd jdnco tho nml.tur lu tha hnmla
of thn district nlllcora, nnd Hti\tlii({ thnt
If tlio .Michel men could not (jot Juattco
thoy would thon ho Kii'iporud \,y tint
tri'nmiry of tlm I-'ornlo momberK, 'J'lio
.Mlchol mon cnllod nnnther nOni*rni moot-
Imr nnd derided to nhldo by thn ndvlce
kImjii, nnd uttt-r kcIUiik n |iri)iiii>>u fiom
the olllciiili there thnt no ..inio ,ihpii
would bo dlaclinrifoil they ni/nlii wont to
Tln> DlHlrlct bunid which \u\h tiei-ii In
MiHdlnn hern nil week went to Intervlow
thn coiiipnny nn  HiIh iDJitiar  \r.*\, nlpht
54 PF.msn iv covno.
llnj«*oI«i. May 37-Tlv* ateamer Vl|l*l,
nni(jM tf«# tank by » torpedo boat on
■tl,» *Tf+r dongo. Hit *wId!M and fort*>
♦lafht Muck* want rlrr.*r*inff,
Tb* lotutt «i«-« of Canada 1* calculated
to b*> fiv» hnndwrl and thfrfcy-flv* million.
acre*.   That of nrltUh Columbia I. pU<*>
!*i1 at one hiin4r*1 eai alchty-two mil*
tMn  ni-wi
rmm (MRDKE
Ht, Potoraburj?, May Slfl—Tho Auatrlan
depulli'N Kruniarc/, lfolhar, Cllabovitaky
iiim'i WniMni, isin .itr-ne born tcitnorrtiw
for* weok'a atay, Their vlalt la of n
aorn|.omc|Al ehnrncter In connection with
tH.' pan-Hlavonle conwreaii next ynnr,
which will 1>e held at Moacow and for
which Prof, llor/onko, of Oileaaa, ha» do-
nntMl fifty thoutand dollara. It will be
i-nnd* thn nrrnufcin nf etfunatvn fiMffvfUn-
mlilUi will 1*4 part.fcli-.atad In by rntm*
h*ra of tho Duma, and other prominent
Iier*onni{ea    Inrludlnj* l'rof.  illlugofl.
Tha present plan* Inrlud* tha atactlon
of for^jtn "*»r're*v*tailve» <aeh from Ra*.
»la, Poland, Auitrl*, and th« nnlkana, to
meet At Prttgu* next A*iH-uiit to work
out In advene* a pTtVfaro. th* mac*' Im.
portant featqr* of which will emhraca a
,.l»l»   llk.»»,«r,..'oii«ri  m-Anciliittion.
frank Santoni and James Sar-
gent Injured in No. 2 Mine
^f Sargent May Die
A. very.-serlous.- accident ot-urred at
No'. 2 -mino at about ■ 6.45 or. Filc'ay
morning.. It appears that a -ournoy of
ceri ratv.wlld In ii. portion of thn mine
kAown an Ko'ck Tunnel, seriously injuring'two men, whose names are .Tim Sergeant, and' frank Satoni. They were
working on the, night shift and were on
the''roadway when the cars cftnio upon
them, .before they were aware of it. Santoni managed to scramble into a man-
jiplei , but received injury to h',s right
Ioofc"'"SeVg6ailt- wns not b?___ fortunate.
He fell with his nose on tin! vVniS'ii-Snu
the- cars ' went over, him'. Ho sustained
serious-.;, injury to"both legs nnd-head.
Upon pnqulry at' Drs. Bonnell and Cor-
s'aii's hospital it was found that Santoni had his right foot crushed badly,
but.that he will soon tc better. Sergeant's case is moro serious. The c'-oc- ■
toi*s fear that he will lose /oth legs.
Tie received a severe shock to his system, in addition to the injuries to his
head, and' slight hopes for his recovery
are.'-cntertained. '- . ...
Only Part of the Programme
Owing -; to tho unfortunate breakdown
in tho weather on Monday last; only
part of tho program- arranged by the
commlttea .of* tho • C.O.L.A'.Av- for ■', tho
Victoria ■ Day . celebration was brought
off. i Italn fell in the .early-hours of-the
morning', and'continued the whole day.
The* commUtco in charge woro placed In
a dilemma as to whother or not they
'fihc-ulrt • maWf a stiirt wlth"th"elr" prb'grjihY;'
On the arrival of the special train with
thn Fernie and lloaniei' football 'teams
It wns decided to go,on with the football event. . Coal Creek and Ilosmor
were drawn against each''other,-. Fornlo
BOttliitf n bye,   .*. v" •!
Tho gnmo ' botweon Hosmer and Coat
Crook wns of tho'closo, order, both - tho
team* playing hard, Tho midget left
wing of, tho Conl Creak toam showed to
nilvnntugo nnd caused considerable amusement hy his tr;cky piny Hosmer"
won this- game by twu'goals-to ono,
i\ .few ot tho Hold ovontswoio now
brought oh' nuinely'' '- .-"
Hundred ynrds, open ' •■•   ■ '.'
Hop, iUn|> nnd leap, - „
rutting tho,,shot, slxtcon pounds. ' '
lloyfi rac."-«lxtcpu and. under,
(llrl'H nice,, ffixtoon und unilor,
'J'lni, ruin continued to full heavily, ho
It wim decided to bring off the flnnl for
thn football nnd poslpouo tho other
iivonlK. J'*ariilo nnd IloHinor woro the fln-
ultt-t*. nud this proved nn uxcttlng name,
C.'oiislilornblo feeling won evinced by tho
crowd owing to tho fnct tnut suverul
foul L'reuk pln.vei'H tiii'iii'd out for Kor-
nle, who hnd rufunud to turn out fur
their own club. It If to bo hopod Hint
tln> notion of thlH contingent will bo
I'oiideiiiiiud by nil Iovitk of the nport. II
n few i-aay dollara Ik nil they cure fur.
then thu Hpoi'l. will bo tlm i>iii*m- for
their nbHoni'v, Thn gniiio wiih well con-
t(,'»tvd, Ijoth tcnniH gl\iii;^ n IMl» ilUpbiv
with lly^nuT InnliiK u flight nd*.niitni;L-
OM'r the other combliintlon. T|io flrn*.
fcnino Yinluil tn n ilrnw of ono goiifoiirli',
nth.'r two (•iiiiia-a, worn pbiieil t.ut both
oiided In u draw, the ti'nuiH nwri't'lng tu
dlvldo the rti-hl nnd kocond prl/cii between ilifin. Tho ollmr event** miiubpr*
InW IWt'i'i'n In nil hnvn bi'i-ii |ifi.t|iinu.il In*
di'linlli'ly. A hUii'i'NKful bull wiih IkiM in
lhi< int'iiing, nvnr hum hiimlied cnuple;*
beliitf ' pruent Put  Mlllur'a nrclii'ntrft
mipplleil   the  iiiUt.li*.
Michel, Mny i!i*.-li|.*,i<J Wnlkor, mi
KrinlMiiiiuii wiin nnvhtitil hern tudiiy fur
iwi uttoiuiitml ci'liiil.mi aaaault on a nln*
,M*nr old glrf, n dntiglHi,*r of ■'. II. <.'ri'-
(fory' eif thin pluro, , The girl and hur
brut her went tlslilii" tn MIpIh>i iVwil-
ni'iir  tlm   big  bridge   when   Unlker      np*
|,|>l,»-.lil.u'    li,l..|ll,     tw   gil\l*    1||«    tni>      KUIlie
iiii.ni',v to go to the Mon. .ili.i buy inn-
(ly and durltiK tin* bnv'u nlikcncu Im at*
tvni|ited hlN (lonilli.li rrlme, A p*n>n«rby
-iitrariffd by tho itUh of the rhlhl enme
lo ln-r r.'Mim. tVitlkrr '".fnn.l liut —n»
miii1ii|iii*i ii hiinrt t miti iiIIit in one of
thu bnurillug cnr» ()n the (*,!',It, whom
hi' hud' been i-inpln-ivd im « cook. A
Inrii-o crowd *|>*edlly «athi*rc-i| but by
111.* prompt work of tho pollie Urn prl-
aowr waa tilarci on tlm liM*nl train |u»t
then pat-aim* by and tnkin to Ternle lw>
for« nnv n't* of \ln)nnrt< roiiM '.iln*
pirn-**.. tV'alk*r 1« rer»orli*i| to hnvn" a wlfn
nml two children In lie old ri.ii.i1ry,
1f.-imba»aa, Itrltlab r.»*t Afrnm, May
27—Kamlna In I'aryn iirmlnri*, I'ganrl.i,
r«*ult»it In tnnru tlmn forty tho'innd
i'**IKa fro** .*!,> m, «-A-.r,*.v<t Ifcltwr*
Th» ao.ernment i* rarlnff tnt Cltv thou->
High Class Tailor-made Garments
From the best Canadian
Men's Suits   from   $10.00   to    $30.00      ,    -
Men's Pants   from. $2.00 to $5.00  *
Men's Fancy   Vests   from   $1.50 10 $7.50
• *...      -—^m^^^ —**, ^       '. .- ,w-    -v \- -n. L   ^ ___ ^
Stetson Hats
Tlie  best, in '"the world — 14 different blocks.
Summer Underwear
English  Balbriggan,   50c and ,75c
English'Merino,    $1:06. and ,$1.10
Natural. Wool,   -$i.oo   and $1.35
Black Sateen Shirts
Best value in the country for §1,00 and  $1.25
,J :,, ,.„., r   ,i~     ;   ■  '        ■  - -  . v--
Agents forc
Fit-Reform Clothing: Invictus Shoes
^rites-Wood Co.
A  few moie dny« nlmll come,
A fow morn nlylili Hhnll  wnne;       "
Then wo Hhnll hnvo. some new police,
To ,'c.len.iihu our moral btuln.
Then-oh my RiikoH compnro
Our old Unit) rowdy row;
And you will hw llio blguwi chungo,
And nt our fwt will bow,
■ —Wllh no utioloifleN,
t  »   *
THAT for over it week ho hua not
hemd an.vtlilng ulioiit.u dully pii'i'ir, Ior
rernle, ^yllnt Ih mmit'/ Mayba Oeorue
in hutchln1,' a now lilcn, ..
• »   ♦
,, THAT thn mull ivIioh'uI» niiKiy nboiil
whnt tha t.'rltit; MJ'N iibniit lilm mIioiiIiI
return thnnkH thrre tinn'ii n dny for
wluit the (,'rlt|c MhiWh nliniil I itu nrn|
kUppruhKL'tl. " "       •      •   '   "
• *    •
THAT for a natal old fnnhlonod timo
mi 11 hnlldny yen n'ni)t to ko to Mc-
clcod, th«y hold IiiiiiiIm thi'i-o Hirviv nt n
Iiim'. ihii-t imk llnrrett, hu'u a ling
littlo follow.
THAT home ineiiibum nf our stnlf
wore very \ Iwllmitly wnU-hftl by "hli
(.'li|iif(n'-»" In tlm |ui|n) tl-.at they iiilj'hl
fall Into bin I'liitrlicH, lint |ii>lia\V, i )>rhit-
i*iii never do w mm*.
»  »   •
THAT ho c-iiii inirruly ^ee ln>w tin..
rommli4i.liini.ru   <ni|lil|'OK»||,|y keeji   "jifiur
I'Olill " Hilt 1-llClT ll|l, tlllll". will |m-
It *
THAT l^t Wjih Hiiiiirlnnl to bi-nr thnt
|llllllii|i   W101   let nil!     ThtM will   t.'iul    tn
lnii.Mi>fl uui-ii iiiliiiiniiii ncm, inhticiiil   of
..'■'.•l..*.-,^,      ,1    ,,„H|  >,.,!    .-'.„(    |„<i|i.-a    ,||.|)
K<*t ttiriti or four yrnri-, but J.e r.u, um,.
mlt fnr greater frlmMi nnd u»i inT fn-».
Wher.. |« jukilcv? ttelwhid in the t.nl-
nnce nnd found «nnllii«.
• ♦   •
IMAl tin' uly In iilrniily nuiklnH ,i
ifrent Improvement on VIctoHn a»i*nu>*.
by nutting down U,e aahea, wblrh will
conklderahly ht-lp the trnttlc.
• t   *
THAT tha very (Mil* ihrimt ol th<*
l-Tra rrant re (lit laild-i' twtitlon l«
nmimlin, Tl" I'. I'. .■!*.'.,,r i-..n,* tKiiA
that IfOcauii'S he never rbanK'* bla wa>«
Unit ntb»r« flrit II.> mm Jltit 11.,.^
■Kill tell thnt Hill It nut ui, nnd Crltu
ndmfri* the ntainl t/ik*>ri by !>oth II*
IH'lifa ar-d (lie timvnr
• •   •
TIHT ths Tret Vftu »bi,uld liave (mt
l)n" Ti-k'ulur ""roifiiiiUf.UntJon ),aaij" tin
»»ii* nr'f.'ba nf FVnnrriilfk', ir —fi'tf.t hn%<*
looltd LctUr
Additional Locals
■Mlochon's ico cronni hna thoni nil l P(lt.
not one of LIphurdt'H ,ihilM*. vn'tclor,
.Ind;.;*,'    \vil-, ii    , llt t.,     |„    .-,,.;,,  jl8(/
If yon wnnt i'hwt|i candy don't ,*,eo
, Kurnlhii your homo at Trltes-Woad Co.
nud  went* n sinllo,
.Mlss'ltoblnson, kcIiooI teacher, Iwb an
attack of scnrlet fever.
Jim llurrow-H nnd McCunu who woro
to bn\>J fought horo art- hchodulvd to
fiKht nt L'nlKiiry Monday nlifht.
'Tho Motli'odlHt monthly ten "111 bo
Klvon nt tin' homo ol Mm', .lumen Hicloy
on 'riiii|.|(ib,y iifternooii f10111 three to
«lx |i,  III,
. tJojiilnic MloUIi, Juuiiiutiuiiiil org»ti.
"Imt of tlm II, M. W. <,/ A„ fron, Uolor-
ndo, arrlvi.-il Iwru on l'rld|iv >c|th Tetei'
Picture fr.imliiK In rl(-ht In our line,
Wn ibm'i do It for nnlhlnp, but think
the work nnd prlro will |ib',i*o you. Try
mi.   Trlfi*.V,'iiiid   Co.
Hnv. I W. Wllllniiniiin will pruACh |n
th- Ibiiuiiit clmrrji .Sunday -.vsnm^. Hub*
;'*'<, "N ihoio n Iuu' i'A th* iinlviTM
Unit linen  iint fail.'" •
At a n,avtl.)|4 i.f tl,n polio. lommiKHio,,.
em bi.!.| In thi- <lty otlln-r, ,„, T|iUr»d.iy
iiftiTiicnn a ■ liuitlon was |.ni,-.i'd
Hint C'lg.-f of I'ullic IVnnynilck bo
uf.kf.1 I.i f.-»lKii. 'lo,, I,,,,! t|,,, „„»!,.,, .,„„
to run for thlit.v <l.i>iv.
I'-emlcr Mrllrlda, tlm irn„ ,j \y.
Ilrowi-er. altnrnny (Oiierril, nnd II K.
Vnuim, iiilu|i.t|.r of ciliK'ntlOfi, wilt t,„ |n
our city tomorrow, Tlmy nrv nn ..li'lr
wny   frnin   Ib..   w..»l,
Moviit, Wr handln the bent thnt man*
^,» . all **«,. ti,.. liiiiioun SLkX iafy •%it*/'0l
I'.iin.-i-" V' i-r-i,' , ,, t,,,' , r Vi ',, ,1.,
('nnaibi by thn lnrt?e«( manufAriiirnri,
nnd fntinil In tho heat homr-* «t prlccil
lo »uit  ili*tli„n    Trltti..flood Co,
Sonm h-llurii, n phnto, |,nr,k book atub,
nf tlir Hunk uf roiiimcrra. a |>r>ci,*t
- <• «,,,. u.,v, -,).,i,» * i,t/,t,|,„-|«i|i ui .'nil.
;«<-r It. McKay huxt 1,-Mn Min.l by the
I roller,. If Mr, M<.Knv or anvnm. I, cw*
; Inir him will communicate with •(,,. r,o|.
|«r<% or mavor It would i(.1Ii.\p   ..uhty.
trniKr ■"•* own
r.4,,,,1,,.-, v,.' .'*, \ ,-.-.,'rj! f.„;'/ of
■tin. men Kiio.iad In the *).ipb-i,idin/j*
, utrike, wa* held to-day and r*»«u!t*»l In
't ih\ or ut s-.ru'.1lit|« Ut* l«»r«.» tifttri by
' tli* , *!r.[>lo,v«r». ConNhi^nlly work will
; be mum Ik I May !W. Tully a .I'inrfrr of
:» K.l'llwi ■Mtynwvti ere ln«•>".*>,, in liili
1 mnr^mavP     iV*   frnnhttt   ***»*,*-*»*•   tn   .furtt-
nry. DISTRICT  LEDGER.   FERNIE, J*.   C\  MAY  30;.   1908.
***£*& *
assize court;
In New Court iiousc-Criinina!
List Appalling—Miscarriage:
. of Justice Startling to ,
General Public .
The Assizes .opened on Tuesday morning1 in the-now court house hero. Seven!
criminal cases arc on tho docket as well
ns a number of civil cases.« -Tho in-
'•rensc ot crime in the district is alarm-,
ing and some of the cuses .that were
dismissed M>om' to show how lightly, it
is looked upon. It lsnu very tender subject to write on, but we feel strongly
that there is something amiss somewhoro
when such enseb as the l)unlo|i cuso •' is
dismissed. Tho judge of, courso bad to-
givo his decision Recording to law while
many s-com to think tint tho . accused
was not nt all  free from blame.
The Assizes were opened by rudgc Irving, of Victorin, and in bis opening remarks to the "■ grand
jury, dwelt upon their duties as
jurymenj He also spoke of the great
progress Fernie had made a. a city. He.
complimented them on the fine court
house they had. lio said it behooved
them to see to the sanitary conditions
of    the    jail   ns  it  wns  bad   enough   for
- prisoners to  be  in  jail  without riing in
somo  reeKiiig- |nuui.  „J.ne jails, had   seen
gonfi through in- Vancouver and were
found to be in a very insanitary condition. He also gave great creditcto Fernie for,, the very smarts fire brigade they
possessed. Ho was at the 'c-rnie hotel
when tho fire hnppcncd nt Suddaby's
drug store, and spoke in ..very eulogistic
terms of the promptness with which
they turned out on'thit occasion and
for the smart work they did.
Kex v. .Sheriff—This was ah appeal by
J*\  SherifT from  a former     verdict     of
Judge -j,Morrison  at Fernie in  October
last,   by   whom   prisoner   was   sentenced
to life imprisonment for committing rape
at  Elko  Inst  fall.   Defendant's  solicitors
„tL. P. Eckstein' and  II. W.  Herchmer appealed  on  the grounds- that  tho  judge's
instructions to  the jury wore not explicit.   Tho    appeal    stood    and    the case
came up for hearing on Tuesday.     Tho
grand,   jury  after   hearing   the   evidence
: found   the    prisoner  guilty  of    'Indecent
—a~s"sa"uit7'-'~an"d—sentence- wa"s~deie"rreu;——
On Wednesday tho case of John 11c-
CafTray. miner of Coal Creek, was gone
into. It appears that -prisoner secured
possession of an express order payable
to W. L. Whitney. Mr, Jenn cashed it
, at' the express office but oine timeaflor
was asked to refund tho amount to the
Express Co., as it was found to be a
forged name, the real W. L. 'Whitney resided near Cranbrook, and had novel*
seen the order. Accused conducted his
own defonso and put in a ploa ol not
guilty, and pleaded that ho was In For-
nio ' Jail when ho was supposed to be
cashing ,tlio order, On turning up tho
prison register it ,wnu found that ho was
not arrested until tho Sunday afternoon
ho had rushed the order, Ho thon pleaded that ho was addicted to. fits resulting
from' heavy drinking and wns not .responsible for his actions in t.noso fits,
Ilo was found guilty and sontohco defor-
Crown v, S, Jones—Prisoner Is nccus-
od of robbing'with violenco t no'sum of
SOI 15 from tho porson ofFrankfo Smith,
a colored lady from tho 'doml uiomlo district, on tho 21st of tyay liiBt,-Hvldonce
wns. given by Miss Smith thnt demos
had boon Inylng somo enrpots down for
hor last week, and on Wednesday o\oiling ho did not put In nn nppo.ironco
stating that bo wnn going to 'no fight,
On the Thursday morning whon Jones,
who Ih commonly culled "Uluo" put In
nn nppcarnnco sho told him sho did not
roqulio him any more. Ho nuked to bo
paid and she gavo tho sum of ton <lol-
Inrs, They hnd somo dlBcuiiHlon over tho
carpets nnd oho wont out to tho front
porch, TrlHonor followod hor thoro nnd
brandished ft pocket knlfo; ho cniighl hold
of hor by tho hnir nnd draggod I or Into
hor room. Ilo then caught hold of hor
by tho left lire-nut, htili briiii'dlshlng tha
knlfo and demanded moro money.■ Sho
Kavo him n box with hotvveon ono hundred and forty nnd ono hundred nnd fifty ilolliirn, Iln Hnld thnt wns not enough
and domandod flvo hundred dollnrn out
of hor stocking, Hho then gavo thin to
lilm.' Anothor girl was In the i.ouno and
honnl Joiiok duuinud tlm money. Hho
fjavn corrnhorntlva evidence. Jones, who
wan' n porter nt I'iviI Vuih'o'k Nliop niiIi!
thnt It wns a voluntary gift nf tho
part of Vmnklo, lie wnn n lover of horn
nnd sho gnvo It to him to pny bin
dobts. The phono was In the holme but
no one mndo any altuiupt to ui.o li or
go to rail nny of thn othor neighbours,
Wln-n nrrentoil nn hnd n roimlilnrnblii sum
of moiiny on him. The Jury nftor flvo or
>>'.x hours dcllbomtloN iiiuld not iinrnv,
The (afiindlno! wns elovon to one. ]||s
lordship dlHiiilhsod them. A nnw jury
Was formed 0n Thursday nnd,ilia case
ro-trlnl. Ills lordNhlii in mimmlng up
said It wns a clenr case for conviction,
but, I lin jury illmigiwd with his lordship
and returuM ft vnrdict of "pot KiiUtv.**
•"I-     H „..    II',     ,  ,.  'I        ,»    ,*,
»   - 4.        J   ' .■   - -.4.,        »,,(,,
Wnntftd thn money rnt-irnr.il tn t.hn wo-
mnn, hut his lordB|i|p snld It wns to bn
returned to "Hluo,"
Crown v. I'uwrrs-This i* n cose where
tho de/miilnnt, Klclmliis Tower, In charged    with    crimmlUIn*** pftrjiiry nt  Ornn*
Commissioner of I^inds and WorkB over
•01110 timber land*. It Is alleged that
Tower ndvnrtlsed that lm had loralftd
some lands hut did not stake It until
some timo later. Tower says he staked
the land on Hit DSth day of .-'epdiinher
last, hut a Mr, Watt swears thnt It
could not hnvo been stnk«d until nl out
the lflth or Hth nf October nml brings
mi-cit nvldc.tctt In support of Ids ilulm.
Watt hud none over the ground unernl
times the Utter *iart of September and
October but' bad ■ failed to see Power's
stakes. On the 15th of. October he went
over .the-.ground again a*nd saw'a''stake
bearing th'e" date 25th ol.September. By'
the- .cut of the'-'tree it-could'not have
been -there more than, a day.. The. case
wns- in' progress' Thursday evening and'
all day Friday.
. Crown v. Hupcirt Dunlop—This is a
caso where Dunlop is,charged with seducing a. girl undir'. the age of sixteen.
The case is still fresh iu the :uinds of
most people and it is not, worth while
going over tho evidence again. It appears that the girl's- mother was--.working
at the steam laundry wheu* the alleged
seduction took - place. Dunlop .' nd the
girl were stopping at Hobichaud's
boarding house 'at the time..'The girl's
evidence was given in closed iourt on
Wednesday-evening, and her mother gave
evidence on Thursday morning. - Dunlop
was-not called to the stand cither for
th>J prosecution or tho ile'cnce. His
lordship in summing up said l,«ro was
nothing to corroborate.tho girl's evidence
und they could not take tho idenco of
nny porson under the ago of sixtoon
yours without corroboration, and advised the jury to return a verdict of "not
guilty," which *itbo jury did without retiring from their scats.Dunlop wus thereupon discharged. ' .,     ,
Crown v. Drs, ■ Uonnell and' Corsan—
This is a ense where the defendants
went hnil for Andrew Patterson, minor,
who was indicted for rioting at Coal
Creek during the strike of 1903, Ho was
bailed that year but skipped bail. He
was captured this year and again admitted to bail, but has skipped the sec-,
ond timo. , His lordship said it was
foolish to admit Patterson to bail after
once' skipping. They should know , that
a person who skipped once would do so
again tf he shad a chance'. A- bench, warrant was issued^for his arrest anywnere
in Canada. ,
Crown v, Arthur Ol'iv,\,«-jT„. a..uoo(i ia
onargi-u >»»t.[i stealing a telegram but
did not put in an appearance.' Bench
warrant  issued  for his  arrest,
Is Again ;Denied~]udge Says he
is Still Insane-May Possibly
Change Residence
is.'no danger- of iv ^recurrence ol attacks,.
of ■ delusions, or whatever it may be. - *■
*. ,.'The.,writ"isf dismissed.VThe order re-]
manding'- the :said -Harry K;"Thaw - can'-
be -settled bn tbe notice'pursuant-to sti-'
pulation. , .' ... '-'"i".-",- - -
-" O —   --'
The Oh Drug S Book Store Co.
Badly Scorched
The Elk Drug and Book Store Company's temporary quarters at the' corner of Victoria and Wood .streets owas
burned on Monday evening. The estimated gross loss is thirty-two thousand
jlo.IlarsJ_w.ithiinsuranco_of_ono thousand.
The fire was caused by.„ the careless
handling of fireworks by a boy customer
who re-entered the store with a rocket
that "ho had lit, but had not discharged.
Tho boy thought it was' no good and
carried ■ it ,back to the store, Tho fuse
was a.-, very slow one and tho rocket discharged in' tho store and fired the othor
stock of firecrackers. Tho - blazo was
short, sharp and decisive, but so also
was tho work.-of our'fire' brigade, who
in the words of Caesar, camo, sano and
conquered' in 'short 'order. 'There " were
three people slightly hurt at this flro,
This accident should make everyone
moro careful in tho handling and discharge of fireworks.
Question 1—If thoro is a law In England . a law that can turn 1-toinan Catholics out of that country?
Answer—No. There formerly was a
Tost Act, which wns ropoalod in Georgo
lV's reign, An act providing for all
persona holding public olllco' taking an
oath of alleglnui'o to tho crown was
passpd in William lV's rolgn.
Question 2—Who is tho acknowledged
head of tho church of England?
Answer—Tlio Church of England in
Canada la governed by nn upper and
lower houso of representatives consisting
of tho '.(shops; tho lowor houso tho Olor-
gy and Lnyiiion roprosontntlvoa, tho
Archbishops of Toronto and Uuports
Land bolng conslderoil tho spiritual
In I'.nglnnd tho Church of England Is
governed by two houses of convocation;
tho upii'i'r houso consisting of Bishops ;
tho lowor houso of tho Clurgy. Tho
Archbishop of Canterbury Is vonsldorod
tho spiritual hnnd of the English Church
In England and tho King tho tomporal
A mooting of, tho city council was hold
Thursday ovoulni*;. Amongst tho routlna
busliiass of passing accounts, otc„ It wns
ui'i'iingod to glvo tho Hindoos aufnclont
work to provldn them with funds to
leave town. Thoy granted throo hundred
dollnrs tn the city hnnd. Tho Elk I.um-
Imt Co. have soi'i'ieil thr contract to
supply lumber for sldownlks, etc, Mr,
1'iirnln's portrait Is lo bo purchnsod from
Mr. Hpnldlng,
Mr Mouth,"r.i*.rr».tnry nf thn prnvlnrlnl
Chlldrnn'H Aid Horloty gnvo a vary In-
tnroHtlmt address In tho Presbyterian
'hurrh on Wednesday nlfjht Ic. a fair
M/.i'd congregation 011 tho alms and work
nf tho nocloty,  In tbo coursa of his ro-
..    ,«!■„   V      On,,! I.    no 1,1    tl'll    4M,f    „f   ,,1,4,,,|
forty children taken Into the homo from
(ho ii|i|>er country *evente#n hnd boon
mipplloil by Vornlo, Ilo then gnva an In*
toroutlng account of tha condition ofthe
rhlldren from bars which Is most excellent anil satisfactory. Ha described tho
Ufa ns homo life and not prison Ufa a*
Moine had erroneously suspected and snld
that every sweet and wholemmo Influanr-*
Wan thrown around the children. Then
Mr. South pleaded for mon tntcrnst and
support for the Home,
0 ■
PougVikeepsfe, May 29—Harry K. Thaw
has-'accepted, apparently with resi:nation, "the decision of Supreme Codit Justice, jMorchau.-.i'i-, iiw.ji.i- i-" still insane,
and that the interests of tbe public will
bo best served by denying him liberty.
Pending tbe signing of the papers of
recommitment, which probably will not
be done before a week from noxt Saturday Thaw will' occupy •jr.harlff Chuudler'a
suite in tho county building" -Meanwhile
an elTort will bo made by Thaw's attorneys to induce District AttOmey .1 cranio to sonsent to tho committment of
the prisoner to one of the state jdsplt-
nls other than, Mattoawan. D      '
It Is said that in event of Sir. Jerome
giving his- consent to such-a change, no
appeal* will be taken, from "Justice Mor-
scbauser's decision. ■    -'0
Even If an appeal were taken it could
not bo.orguod- before fall'.' After his attorney had shown him a copy of Judge
Morschauscr's decision, Thaw gave the
reporters an interview "and talked volubly about bis case, and on everything except his wife, and when her sult~for div-
oce was mcniiouea ho stood up ond intimated that the interview was at an
end. Ills chief, theme wns tho newspaper'
reports of the evidence on this' trial.,'
Much testimony favorable to him, he
asserted,,was notfpublished, prol-obly localise, it,did not appear to tbe reporters
interesting, while undo prominence was
given Mr.' Jerome's cross examination of
Thaw experts because Jerome knew how
to make it interesting. "   ,
, Justice Morschauser's decision is in
part ns. follows: , j . --'
"Upon application duly made, a writ
of habeas corpus was" allowod by which
llany Kv Thaw, was directed to .lie produced in court. In'the petition it is al-
ledged that said ..Thaw is illegally 'imprisoned and restrained of his liberty by
Ames 'IV Baker, acting superintendent of
tbo Mattoawan- stabo hospital, a state
institution   for-the  insane.,
Thaw's detention is'attacked upon the
ground:        , , ""'     *
First—That he is now sane.
sions of which he was committlcd and
detained is unconstitutional" and; the
court was without jurisdiction to- issue
tho'order of committment and such order
was ,null and'void.      •-   '-,
The return to th* writ alleges that
the said Thaw -is now Insane and that
the statute providing for confinement of
said Thaw ' is constitutional and valid
and that tho court had' Jurisdiction to
make  tho  order of committment,'    The'
return   Irs   l* uYwinea   liy * tn« • ■ alatui*.    ---1'-
The events leading up to the committment of Thaw, are,  in brief;
On Juno 25, 1900, Thaw shot and
killed ono Stanford White. lie was indicted for-this act in the county of Now
York and tho indictment charged lilm
with murder In tho first degree. On January 23,, 1007, ho was brought to trial
on this indictment and during proceedings of this trial, on application of tho
district attorney under section 0.18 of
tho code of criminal procedure, a commission wns appointed to aftcortaln whether at tlio time of tho trial .-Id Thaw
was In a'stato of Idiocy, or InsniYjty, so
ns to bo Incapabio of rightly understanding his own condition, tho nature of
tho charge against him nnd of conducting his dofonco In ix rational mnnnor,
"Tho commissioners afterwards returned .to tho court that It was their opinion
that at tho timo of thoir oxamlnntlon
said Thaw wnB sano and wns capable of
undorstnndlng his own condition nnd tho
nnturo of tho chargo against him and
conducting his defence In a rational
manner, This conclusion was reported
In accordance with tho purpose of thu
statute, Tho trial procoedod and resulted In tho dlsngrooinont of tho Jury. On
tho sixth of January, 1008, snld Thaw-
was iignln tried on thn sub) Indictment
nud nci|ii|ttcd 011 thn ground nf insanity,
"Thereupon tho learned Justice presiding nt tho trial, made nn ardor, reciting
tho verdict nnd thnt tho court thought
thnt tho discharge of snld Thaw nt thnt
timo to bo dnngorous to public safoty
and directing that said Thaw bo iletnliiod
In snfe custody and bo sont to thn Mot-
toavvnn stnt*. hospltnl, thoro to bo kept
until dlsi'hnrgoil by duo process of luw.
Thnw, ut tha timo of his trial for
homicide ns a dofonco, plondad Insanity
nnd proKOntr-d proof to show his Insanity
at. thn tlmn of tbo killing of White, and,
by the proof offered on his bi'hnlf, tho
Jury was convinced that hn was Insane
and nrmilttPd lilm upon that ground.
I nm satisfied from tho ovldnnre adduced before 1110 that Iho montnlly condition nf Hurry K. Thaw hus not clinng*
, nnd 1 find that ho Is now Insane, and
It Is so manifest as to mnko It unsnfn
for him to be at lnrge,
I hnllovi*. no Injustice has been done In'
Thnw or will bn,dono to him by doprlv-
Ing him of his liberty iinl.ll such Uni'ln-
ho rnn be discharged by tho method pre-
■ -i-*l ',!  ! v   l..v-.
Bntirlnp- In mind thnt thn unttM pimtnti-
ment for tho art which toil up to the detention of Thaw Is dentli, or n lomr
l«*rm of -imprlRAnm»nl, and that niM
Tlinw esrnpnd the rnn'Mqupnrc* of Ids nit
solely by rensnn of his oxlstlng mentnl
Pfimlitlnvi    T  ,|n   „nf   ilnr,,,,   II   „„n. ,-.  j,  .1
low his freedom, as lie Is suffering
from somo form of Infinity with thn
pnss|h|o recurrence of nn attack similar
to that which thn jury believed he was
sulTitrlng under when he killed Htnnfnrl
Tn view nf the existing mrntnl eondl-
Hon ot tbo prisoner, the salety of ih*.
nubile Is better Insured hy his remaining
In cusloily and under ol^ervuiicu until hu
has nv-overe-il, or until such time «s It
shall be    reasonably wrteln thst there
Tho Odd Fellows hold their semi annual election on Wednesday -'ght und the
following otllcers were elected: «      '
"N.-'C—Fred  Vance.' ■•     '•
V. G.—l)r, Wriglesw'brth.-
Kevi-Ses.—Harry Brown.
Fiu'.-Sec.—D,  Devine.     ' ' ,
Trens.—It.  Dudley,
, li. Dudley and F,  Bell were appointed
delegates to the grand lodge which meets
in    New    Westminster in   the month of
June,' "
W.^J;- Wri^iesworth, D. D.S.
■■'■); :°-">\ . .'•D3*J3SrTISTy-'*   ''*-: ' '
.?;*        ' .. o ,"'.,-.•    •      ,-.*
• IfyioRiHtniKSt-    .   r' Vm la a. uv.,1 to Si p. ni
■     - .■*;- ikB1. inb i>,ui,        .;      .     .-:_'
- :oih<'ein A"tix. L "lk's'MuM-i.'''-:*      '■■>.
nvmisjiin' - Hiikerv.
h; c
coal miners' mmm
' The B.C. Onzotte says: That examinations will bo held for first, becoud and
third class certificates of competency
under tlfc provisioos of the "Coal Minos
Regulation Act,"' nt 'Nanaimo, Fernio
and Cumberland, on Juno 10, 170and 18.'
l'JOS,'' and for the se.ion'd and third class
.certificates of C9inpotoncy_ ut Coullee, on
June 10 and 17, .'1008, commencing at
nine o'clock in the' forenoon.
• Tho subjects will be as follows:
First Cla^s Candidates— ' '
Mining  act  and  special  rules.
Mine gases,
Ventilation - .
General   work.
Mine machinery.
Second Class. Candidates—
Mining act and special rules. <    ,  •■
Mine gases.
Ventilation s -   ■'
General   work.'
Third .Class   Candidates—
.Mining  act  and  special-rules.
Mino gases and general work.
Application- must ho made to tho undersigned not later than Juiio 5, 190S„
accompanied by the statutory fee as follows: .. •      .
By an applicant for First Class Examination,  ten dollars.'' •
By an applicant for 'Second "Cliss Examination,  ten dollars. -    -
,By. an applicant for Third Class ' fot-
amination,  five dollars. -i-
The applications nmust be accompanied
by testimonials ancl evidence i-tating
that:     -    . '
(a) If a candidate for First Class that
ho is a British subject and that he has
at loast five ycurs'_ experience in or about
•is at least twenty-five years of age.
-„(b) If a candidate for Second Class'
tkat he has had at least five ; «nrs' experience in or .about the practical working of a coal mine.    "'■■■>
(c) If a _,candidate for' Third Class,
'that he has had at least three years'
experience in or about the practical
working of a coal mine.
(d) A candidate for"a certificnto of
Competency, as_mnnnitpr..Qvo».maL»,.oi»ift.
boss, flroboss, or shotlighter, hhnll produce a certificate from a duly qualified
medical practitioner showing thnt ho has
taken a course In .ambulanco work fitting
him, the snld candidate, to give aid to
persons injured ' In coal mining operations.
IIy  order of the board."
 —    ■ ,o
g?/3. A..KASTMER
Insurance ;and Customs Broker
Crow's. Nest   Trading'   Co..-Block,
Fernie, B. C. ■.
. L.   P.   Eckstein
bARl(l»TKK'AT-l4A)W,   "-•OblOlTOH
Koomi. 11*-.*i), llpiid«rM>ii b:n-k, Pen.ie. B-C.
extractors and Builders
-    c;?    "•*:-:■ ii%. i  - >i~;I«..-s-. = »-.'''-'."  "
.,. Plena, Specifications and Estt-
-   - - mate* furnished - on application.
Plenty   ol   GOOD   DRY   I.UM
BERON'HAND.     '.       '
.   ••Vrchitect. -;,  and .SnperititenaVni*.    '
Office *t" Residence
•J. Barber-; l.o.s., d.d.s.,
I   T. \V    Block,   opposite  the   Banls
Office hours—8 n.m to"Xp.m.
Take away tho trade union' and you
tako away tho only .hope tho avoiago
worklngman has or bettering his condition. A wage .worker Is not llko a stock
Juggling financier; lib' has no .iopos of
■sudden wealth. Every dol'or in his pay
onvelopo must bo earned, and often it Ir
double earned, by hard work,. Ho Is not
generally speaking, llko,a b'nnk clerk ho
Iioh little hopo of being picked out, and
promoted, lllschnnco of bolng superintendent at a salary of flvo thousand a
year Ih about as prolwiblo ar- his chnnco
of, bolng Hont to tho United -itatos sen-
nto. Ho him nothing to sell ,it his labor,, and no moans of getting a higher
prlco for It tlmn through his union,
"Biggestand Best"
Chewing Tobacco
Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date I intone! to apply
to the lion. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and1 Works for a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum
•*t*n   tYii,   fnllnwlrifv*   InTirln   a'tunf*.   In
tho district ot ^southeast 'Kootenay, British Columbia, block; 45ti3,
Commencing at a post planted
at or near & miles east ot 25 mile
post of present C.P.R, survoy adjoining bloelc 4503  on  the west,
, .i i   I..J,   .     M. »   \r     t,r     .    ,.   .. .-t
W.M.\44       WW.W^,,      WM.W       44k. V..       %. O » M^ *        ^4W^V
of Fred E, Oood'all's claim, tbenoei
south 80 chains; thenco east
80 chains; thonce north 80 chains;
to point of commencement making
010 acros more or less,
Located this 3rd day of Decern*
ber, 1607.
Harry Couillard, Witness
W. E.tf'Coates, Jr,   Agent
Fred E. Goodall, Locator.
Commencing at a post planted
LawQ & Fisher
Crow's   Nest    Trading   Co.    Block,
Fernie,  B. C.
mceis in ihe Miners' Kail every
allcrnatc Thursday at 8 p.m." '
•>•• ^XOW. Pre*. E. lUCKEU, Sec
W. A. C0N1MBLL   .,
Builder arid Contracts;
Kstinifttos eheoj-fullv given and work:
promptly executed to ch« satis-,
"faction of pur customers.
W, R. iUBS. K.C.
J. S. T. Alesanpcb
Ross & Alexander
Oflioe In L. T. .V. Block, Viciorls ivamie.
Henderson Block   Fernie,
1 'i f. -
J* ' '   . ' ...'     *
Plans and Estimates- furnished.
Jobbing.   Sash and Dnors*. •*
Builder's Stairwork a Specialty
Saiiefaction gufirnnteed..
P. 6.' Box 183 Union labor
All work guaranteed
Victoria Ave. Fernie, B. C.
Fit for a King
Tho munis Unit you buy,
Irom us nro (It for n klwr.
Wo soil no'liing thnt in
not tho HoBt, that is why
wn hnvo so ninny plonsed
curitoniers Let us do-
monstnio this (net by a
trinl. Pol I to nttontlon
nnd prompt sorvlco.
(Calgary Cattle Co.
At or near 5 miles east ot 25 mile
fiOBt of pitnont C.P.R. survey ad*
oininu bloolr 4503 on tho wost,
nnd being the Q, W, corner post
e* Wm Mnrv T, Rnorln,! olnlrn;
thence north 80 ohainn; thonce
east 80 chains; thence south 80
chain".* thence west 80 chains; to
a point of commencement, maklnf-
040 acres more or lest,
Located this 3rd day of Secern*
ber, 1007.
Harry Couillard.Witness
W, E, Coates, Jr. Agent
Mrs. Mary E. Goodall, Locator.
Commencing at a post planted
CRtB   &    MOFFAT
■o I Townsite - Asentsr
F'emie ar.d Hosmer
Fire, Lile & Ac«i    p    j.  - - j
dent Insurance   '■ C,S LS tw
, Successor to J  W. H. lerrv
o **■'
Employment and
Real Estate Office
All  classes ,of. men
Bushmen,   Lumbermen   &
Excavations   taken   out,  etc.
Reasonable   Rates
I ! '' ^
Cox Street.
Phones 94 and  147.    P. O. Box 417
Fresh   Milk
, Delivered to nil parts of Iho town
Gorrle Bros.,  props.
Tradk Mark*
_    Dreiar.a
CopYRiat-Ys 4c
Tim txotttt, wli hout ehtmo, in tbe
scicniiiic mmn.
c»j|»ilon of liny lolontltl-lounnl. ^onnJ for
V&KI& Ottte, he f Bt, WwhlutoiZ iVtl
&i -j.' ticm a paint 1 tulle ««»{, oi
the 25 mile post of present C.P.
a. sun-toy adjoining bttoek 4503
on tho west, and betaing th« S, £, .
comer post of Leonard W. Baker
claim; thence north 80 chains ;
xhtme iwesx bO tha.ni.-, latnce f»c-*uta
80 chains; thence east 80 chains
to a point of commencement mak*
ing 040 acres more or less,
Located  thin    13th day of No*
•/ember, 1007.
O. 0. H, Coleman, Witness
W. E. Coates, Jr. Agent
Leonard W. Baker* Locator
■ M
-■ •<
i' '1
»   A
Subscribe for the District Ledger.
■\^\ wewsm
DISTRICT   LF.DGER,  FEHNIK, - *«.\ C.  MA.    30y  1908.;.
, » -«» . ■
The iuter-provlncial convention of S?o-
, clalbt organisations ol II.  C. and. A.lher->
la  vvus hold iu Iho Minors* Hall, Formo,
H.  C,  commencing "ut eleven a.  in.    .n
Satilrday,   May    "23rd,   A   largo  number
ol delegates wero present from both!pro-
*vln«C8.   Tho   proceedings  at   the  opening
J were, mainly roncorned with the nppolnt-
-in'ont   of  conunltteos  on  credentials  and
Ih'occriuie,     'and    receiving-assessinents ;
opening speeches,., etc.   After rocess for
lunch'the1 convention reconvened at  two
p. !u.,vwhen moro delegates''arrived   rho
presented   their    credentials     and    wero
seated.   Dominion secretary's report was
received and referred to committees along
' with   those     of    Finnish, - Slavonic and
, English organisers, Tho proposal that
the party obtain possession of the West-.,
-- ern Clarion was warmly adopted anl u
committee niminated to submit' proposals
to tho'managing, of the paper.' It was
decided to send K. T. Kingsley, editor
of, the Western' Clarion to Calgary oh
May 27th, und to Winnipeg May 29th,,
thereafter he will be atv. the disposal of
the Ontario. Western Executive ''Committee during the political campaign now
iii progress there, then going to Quebec,'
and on his return trip io speak' nt every
,   possible    point.   -The      best   method  of'
., spending the party's funds caused a good
deal' of discussion, also that of raising
same, but methods satisfactory to all
present wero recommended and adopted,'
to be ratified • by a . referendum vote. ,. A
notable feature arrived at was the deci-'
sion to hit-bnck at those employers who
make  it al' point ;to discriminate agaiust
' Socialists. As the. party has a '• strong
representation and is sure to become still
stronger, they will undoubtedly be fully
Competent to make it interesting . for
those gentlemen. The reports of tho organisers both .English and foreign speaking were without exception refreshing
and encouraging," showiing^'that i il over
the Canadian .West the message of-Socialism is receiving eager attention from
wage earners and larmiers, resulting in
rapid     spreading t of   Socialist   organisa-
Another'feature of..the proceedings was
the. action taken by "the convention in
referring hack to tho committee dealing
with same a resolution with reference to
tho proposed amendment' to the Dominion Election ' Act. The, resolution cited
tho clauses objected to .-..id <all°j in the
wage earners in case It became low to'
resist its enforcement, and refuse .to
allow tho votes to be counted, if any of
thorn wero deprived of their votes, until
tltelr right to voto iwns rccognisiv'.. -It
provoked , considerable, discussion "and
was finally referred bnck to the com-
mUteo to bo redrafted to express moro
odocttvely nnd emphatically the sentiment of Jthe party. The convontlon ad-'
journed at ten p. m. till nine i„ m. on
Sunday, .
Tho session on .Sunday considered tho
question of propaganda ,ln Mbortn, Al-
' hfirUx comrades " wero advised to form
their headquarters nt Cnlgary for tho
present, nnd tho method employed by
tho purty. in It. C. of olecting tlielr pro
vincial executive committee recommended
as the most oxpedious, efficient und economical manner of handling party business, . Tlie convention adjourned at
12.HO p. in, till 7 p. in. in order to attend a'' mass meeting, iu tho-opera houso
to be addressed bli K. T. Kingsley and
others. " ,
New delegates arrived from Alberta
during tho evening session nnd were
seated. Uecommendations of the committee on the Western Clarion "as to tho
method by which tho circulation "could
be Increased were discussed aud wltli a
very  few  alterations  passed,
A motion to'the elTect that the party
lake up the work of educating the children along Socialist lines was'turned
down''' the convention being of tho opinion thnt every Socialist who had children was not worth his salt if he did
not attend to'it himself. The committee
on resolutions recommended the following resolution dealing with tho proposed
amendment to the.Dominion. Election
Act, which met with approval. ','Where-,
as the government of Manitoba has already disfranchised large number of electors in order to still further fortify itself in power, and whereas it is' a matter of current report that the above government proposes to amend tho Election
Act as to place still further obstruction
in the way of a full and a,free exercise
of the, franchise by the Canadian electorate in order to retain its hold on tho
reins of power, therefore, be it resolved,
'That we the' Socialist party of Canada
in convention., assembled urge . upon - the
working class of Canada to use force at
its command, to frustrate all,-attempts
tb further restrict tho .franchise and if it
becomes nei-KJsary to resort to extreme
measures to affect its purpose."
The locals of Oraml Forks. Fernie and
Nelson will ■' have the duty 0f routing
speakers' through their respective districts
ers, relieving the executive committee on
the coast of-their duty.
The. Finnish Socialist'paper 'Tyokausa'
and the Ukrainian Socialist paper 'The
guns of 'the Socialist party of Canada
in their respective languages. The convention then adjourned until n'ne a. m.
on , Monday morning.  '
On Monday It was -decided that the
locals in the boundary country coi''i*-.unl-
catc with each other for the iiirposo of
electing a candidate to contost tho Yale-
Cariboo constituency. In this connection
tho Dominion secretary -eported that
tho party was running eighteen candidates in tho Ontario provincial elections
lind for the' Dominion "oloel'ions flvo out
of seven seats in II. C. would ho contested; three In. Montreal and, a largo
number throughout tho Dominion.- With
tho adoption of tho financial report of
tho convention the session was brought
to an .end with the singing of tho *Mnr-
sollnls'.and 'Tollers'  Arlso,'
Tt is -worthy of noto that throughout
tho convention tho feeling of unity of
aim and purpose In 'the party was, so
solid that on tho fow occasions' whon n
voto was taken proxies,,were novor called
for. •" " '     " . ■
At i.HO Sunday afternoon ft propogan*
<la" mooting was held In tho opera house
under tho proM-loncy of Mr. .1, Harrington. The chairman In Ill's opening remark*, doalt brlo'ly upon tho advantages
.of Hncinlisn., and,In a fow nlionon remarks introduced tlio speakers. Tho flrst
spoiikor was Mr, Dicaver of Calgary who
said ho was a Soclnllnt whon thoy vrere
glad to havo half a doron persona on
tho platform, and ho had ipokon nt
mooting!) whon lio would bo glad to hnvo
tun or twelvo porionti an an audlanco,
Hut HoclulUm had Increnied won'lor(ully
Nine*, thon, A largo numbor ol peoplo
looked upon llio 8or|ii||«i n« an ordinary
politician; II thoy woro ho would toll..
them that tl*<y woro Intolllgont. Ilo did
not ronlly lu'llnvo that tho working peo*
plo woro Intolllnont, Vou hnvo I*conl a
grrtat itoiil of HoclflllMiu. Now ' I know
that a groat many workln.rine.n% Imnglno
Hint tlioy nro dome-thing clue he*lde« Ho-
clalimi, Homo think that thoy nro Con*
wrvrttlvo or Liberal. Thoy nro not,
Whon I como to quo-it Ion thnw n littlo
about, .tho fniiitiii. , •■"!■ i*o not know
anything about tho Liberal or Conferva*
live partlON, No wnrklncrmnn tt.n ho n
Liberal or Conservative jolltlclnn, In
>••'.'-." L> ,',<.' •».!, ii ti.au -o.pi/in* n.uiiiiy
enough to he « notable '.'uturo In noclo*
■ty, but lw (louhtnl If thorn were many
worklnir ponplo In thl» town who had enough, You havo boon told that It Im
enl>ltill that eiiiplayoi- you nnd that If It
•tttrr tiOT, Inr Ciipjiiil you would not work
Th|» In nonsensical; It I* labor alono
thnt produro* nil w*nlt'i. It |« lill-noi*
that art*- the Hiin'ii tlmi-v.
Tlio next eponkor wns Mr. Cartwrlght
of Mnnnlmo. "It lino boon Untod," he
oald, that tho working class are not In-
toIMrrnnf. The worllnn* fhx't nre InfoMI-
Htni. They produce all tho tMnffi that
are In n* on this earth: but thoy nre
not IntolllRonl In poll thai inUrf-ntfl. Jfn
had hwn altondlnir ltxtnro>» whom norno-
xn* Intd Li-oil iHlinp tho ft-op.-* wl-.ero
thoy had boon to and what thoy had
won. Ho could sro u loni* tlmo In that
"train but I do not ioo what bonofit ynu
,   Makes the Biscuit'
i and Cake lighter,
j finer flavored, more ,
K2I nutritious **wholesome
.•♦sa •»     - -" ■    •-   - - - „
Made from pure
Grape Cream tbf Tartar
No alum—No lime phosphate ,
will dorlvo from It, Tho working clnns
were blaves just thu sumo as.In tlio old
d»y« when eliattu! slavery ,wao in \oguo.
A Jiiun today barely not enough for mil-
flciont. food, sholtor nnd clothing; but, in
tho chattoi iilavory dhys It wan to thu
tnnHlor'H Intorost to soo Hint M» Rlavo
was woll fed and hounoil to got' tlio bunt
possible amount of work out of him, If
thoro xxixh anything on earth that ho
hated It wan looking (or n mnfctor nild
work. If ono thing moro than tho othor
It woh looking for n mantor. It Is not
work that wo want but to Ilvo and on-
Joy llio, Ilo would not euro if n.on woro
hhot whon npplylng (nr work, Ha stated that It took a man to bo a blackleg, Ho . pointed out Unit If 'horo wan
a Ntrlko It. wni moro than likely nomeono'
Imd boon nut of work for throo or four
months nnd hnd a wile ami" children
starving, and ho wanted to know If any.
oiui could liliuno that rnnn for working
to got them somo food, He did not
wnnt thiun to think that lio whk running
down trado union*, on the contrary ho
wn* a firm bollnvi-r In Initio unionism,
Ho nl«o itntod that thoro wnt not    a
m\nn   nn   Voncniu-or  Tuliitvl   ♦•",«.♦   \,n    l..r,..i
not boon flrod from for proat'hlnpt Social-
mm to In* lelfow workmon,
Tlio t'lialrinnn then railed for H, T.
Klmtslov, odltor of the Wo-torn damn,
to ndilre** tlio mooting. H» »t*tod that
workmon woro tho salt of tho enrtli: life
would bo n hlank without It, ITn l« tho
wlnpHt ol all anlinnl kind, If a nioun*
tnln »tand* In hi* wny ho can remove It
n* II ho wore n magician, If a foro»t bo
In hi* path ho can cut It down, nnd If a
dt>«ort, ho can turn It Into « fortll* fold,
Tor over *lx tho'.*and your* lie ha* boon
tyrannised ovor by nifl«t»r*. **■ et. ««k
what '•ftpltftt Is for. Ir f•• tor ono opo'l-
fic purpose and that la tn squoo-zo profit
nut nf tbo wnrklni* rln*« If In o »tniro
whore IdlrnoM rnn p<t nr.molhlnfr nut of
othor* for nothlnrf. Tt I* tloar-ly a pro*
oo«« of on«1n\|n<* pion ond turntnjj their
«wont Into profit. Clv|l|*at|nn do** not
(•poll anythlnff e\-e tint »t«vory. Clvlll-
.\ttfin ir*,* hnrr, hy Mmvry ftrid will M-
whys be ■' so" In those days tho only
freedom a working man or "slavo" had
was his freedom for profit. Ho stated Un
wns down in Seattle a while ago, where
he saw a number of people standing' in
the street. He went clown to see what
it' was, when he discovered that it was
a' bunch, of workmen or slaves standing
around a'bill board, just like cattle,, to
see bow much their, particular ■ labor
was worth, to their masters'. The death -
of'capital would hot mean, the closing
down of the mines, the railways'' and
workshops but would "mean that they
would not be run for profit, but 'in. the
interests of = labor; it would only mean
a transfer of " property. The * Unite.!
States Steel Corporation had a capital
of Sl,a6o,000,000. ' He wo'.ihl bet
that .that was moro than all we follows
had put together. Its annual. rate of
profit had ~ not been less than ton per
cent. If that is, so then it in certainly
worth ten times the■%amount. They
owned' lnrge steel mills, railways, smelters,, mines and all apparatus that , f n-
earthand turn it into the finished pro-
ubled them to take tho ore out of'tho
duct. Could ' it bo possible that- thai
was worth one billion three ^hundred
million dollars? Let- the whistles blow
in the morning al the mines, mills etc.,
and about one ■ hundred and sixty thousand slaves will make, their appearance,
and will lay. their hands upon the "tools'
This took place shift after shift, and' at
tho~ end cf the week the slave would
come up-to the oflice to get ,his oata -
nine dollars, eight dollars, .*-even~dollars
as the cose may be. It vw.as equivalent
to  what  the chattel  slavery  was.  After
hn^rtai'ati.n.l—ln!*, _„,.l l'_ :. ... 4 j 4.1 , ,4.4.1	
..e   i,. „w. . w\i—4,,.-,-, i4n—11,— v* cil I,— LU- ",IH?-Iin.ie—
'tin horns.' Now- if no workmen would'
be induced to work for the company tomorrow morning,, would "it bo. worth one
billion, three hundred million dollars.
No, it would not (be worth'ten-cents. It
is the labor 'that the C.N.P.C, Co gets
ont of the hides and carcasses of its
slaves that makes it *a capitalist property. It has been issued and protected by
a capitalist govornment. When you take
up a paper and read of tho splendid
snowing—or"tlio v;.ivrrTo-,-oo-B.iiu-luvi'-n**■
Its returns and dividends you aro reading of how' capitalists havo run profll
out of your hides.
The power of production was so groat
unilor the capitalist systom, that it
could not bo used up. If capital would,
allow the slaves to produce just what
tho capitalists required for their, own
uso,, and allowod thorn to labor for their-
own use thoy might live a .'ittlo lengor.
Tho power created by capital Is actually
strangling itself. If you took a bunch
of capitalists and placed thon. on ono
side, thoy. would seem n very small
handful to the vast crowd o.f wo^o ijlnvo
onrnors. In tiiw capital will bo oxtlnct
like tho gront m'nHtodons thnt used to
realm, over this earth. Tho hliives of today aro.kopt under subjection by a
'mere handful of capitalists who have all
tho machinery of govornment In thoir
hand,*; the army,, thq navy and police
TliHj-icapitallst duns had no ucod to don
a iiollcomnn's or soldier's uniform. Thoy
could got plonty from tlio ranks o( wage
Rlnvos by giving thorn n littlo moro foo.l
and clothing, If tho slaves woro a littlo
noisy thoy woro given tho .Tlvllego of
a vote, Thoy nro thon told to put their
votes In thu box, nnd wo 'I'npltallstH)
will do tho rout. The noxt day whon
thoy go bnck to work, it,I* moit'1 likely
thoy will hoo n notice tucked ii|», "wages
rotlucod ton por tent, on account ol Black
trade," but this Ih most probably tn
recoup tlio mauler It Ih olocllon oxp) mkoh.
Hu conllm-od, you can tell n workman
anywhere, When ho bocomen about twou*
ty-flve or thirty yenr* ol ngo you will
hoo, him with n hump on hi* back, bow-
logged and n lean look, iln thon dwelt
upon tha furinliiir dan*, He htuted ho
wiih glnd to hcu thoy .wore iToroinlng hot-
tor politician*, A fanner under prononl,
condition* wn* no hotter off than a
Nlnvo. Ho I* a hIuvo to thu cnpitallHt*
who own ,th« oloviitorH, railways and
ayorytliliig that stood IicUvimiii him and
tho conmimorH, Tho fnrinc-r nnd wng«>
(•Inyo* nro waking up nml all thin would
come to nn end some ilny nnd Hint In
tho near (uturo,
Tho     collortlnn  wn* tnkon -tlillo Mr,
KlnifNloy spoko, und r.'nllNol n cond *uin,
Tlio iiicullng rlriNoil with n »(ing,
Wo mny foil n thniimnd tluicn, hut
n«i long it* wo 11 ru aNhniiinl nl our full*
inn, a* loiiir a* wo do not htilploK-tly nc
quiche, ii* lung u» wo do not try to com-
inn i,ui^:u- im jt i,,r „ i-.m-.'uj j,^,.rtl,v
of our ntbor vlrtuofl,  we nro In tbo p||.
grlm'H road,—Arthur Chr|«tnph*r llci.son,
— Store
.tlie only   rtlinlils  phice in'
..town when you require any-
Hhintf in Tobaccos,- Cigars,
'or Cigarettes^ '■  ; "••
'\\y. .\.   INGRAMJ  Prop.
: m mmyii) mww.
'- You want comfort end satlsactlon
of cloan > smooth shaves every
The Carbo Magnetic is the on!y
OUARANTEED to give this.
Thesecrct Electric Temps ring
positively merges every particle of carbon , (the life of
steel) into tho nietai—givlng
diamond-like tiardueas
throughout tlio b'adc—soino-
thing abscluteiy itnoosaibie
with fire tempered steel used
in making all other razors.
Bui test this razor  in yoar
own home—or have your barber
use it oh you.    Secure one 30
crosrioiT   LABEL
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Feiui'e,   K.  C.
Brewers  of Extra   Fine  Lager
and,-Aerated    Waters.
Bottlril    Goods ., »     Socclalty.
The best dollar n dny house in the city
Liquors nnd CiRiirs of the best qualtity
•   Well stocked bar
J. D. QTJAIL, Agent, Fernie.
A Dining roomiin chnri;o o( P.' P. Miller A
* *
Y ■ Only white help employed *♦•
♦    ROSS BROS. ;       PROPS.   ,«!•
\.A .. *♦•
The   Home  Bank of Canada
™,Notice is hereby given that a Dividend "at: the
rate of Six per cent, per annum "upon .the .paid up
Capital Stock- of the Home Bank.has Been declared for,
ihe1 Three Months ending-the' 31st of May, 1908, and
the same will be payable at the Head Office .and Branches
ofthe Bank on.,and, after- Monday the First day of June
next. ,      „
The  transfer books will be* closed from the 17th to
the 31st of May, both, days inclusive.
'   By the Order .'of, the Board.       > ,
".";"'" James Mason, GenerarMahagefT
Toronto, April ,15th,   1908. ■"".',
Notice is hetebv given that. 30
days'after" date 1 intend tb apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for ,a,license to prospect for coal, and
petroleum on the following described lands situated in the Flathead Block 4593, district of south
east Kootenay, province iof British Columbia.,,
1 Commencing at a post situated at the north east corner of
lot 1908, »g*ro*up 1,   . '
thence east 80.chaws,
n   thence north 80 chains, .
thence west 80 chains,"
thence south 80 chains,
to '' the    place of commencement,
containing 640 acres more or less,
Dated this 15th day of April, 1908
Gus Bocken, Locator.
D. A. Cate, Witness
E, McGregor, Agont.
2 Commencing at a post situated at or near the south east corner of lot 1908, group 1,
thence oast 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains,
to   the    place ,pf commencement,
containing 040 acres more or less.
Dated this 15th day of April, 1008
D. A. Cate, Locator.
D. A. Cate,    Agent.
Tt. McGregor, Witness
3 Commencing at a post situated ono mile eaBt of the south eaflt
corner of lot 1908, group 1 and
at the south oast cornor of D. A.
Cate's claim,
thence east 80 ohains,
thence north 80 chains,   <
thonce west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains,
to   the    placo of commencement,
containing 640 acres moro or loss.
Dated this 15th day of*April, 1008
Agnesn Anderson, Locator
D, A, Cato,   Agent.
11. McGregor, Witness
4 Commencing at a post ■Itunt*
ed at the south east comer of lot
8303, group 1,
thence south 80 chains,
thonco west SO chains,
thence north 80 chains;1
thenco oast 80 chains, )\
tn    the    place of commencement,
containing 040 acres more or less.
DaUsI Ihi* lDlh Jaj* ol Aj-fil, 3PD3
II. McGregor, Locator,
fi, A. Cate,   Agent,
A, McGregor, Witno-is
Phillipi Carosella
Dry Goods, Groceries. Boots and Shoes
! ', Gent's furnishings'   " '""
WINE   CO.   Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers-and Direct
. Importers of  ■
Solo Agents in East Kootenay for '
••'A TER 0
X "*
X   °- The   "■'
I Fernie Lumber
p    *-     .COajltd. -
;I; ALEX. McDdUGALL, Pres. I Gen. Mgr. %
Manufacturers of and
'.   Healers in
Rough &Dresaed Lumber -
^^_I lin\ArtQ-iAtri- St T)nif-1 »a*._/P{«m 1
Piling,  Moulding
: - ■'•'•; Shingles :-and Ties. ■*-*
—1'lUi VGI~*p^
, Latlii, $
5 Commencing at a post situate*
ed one mile east of the south east
r.ortnor.. nf .In.t R3B.1,.. „ . ._
thence south 80 chains,'
thence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains,
to    the    place of commencement,
Being bounded on east by license
claim of    John Anderson, on the
north by Eliza Good's claim,   on
West by H, Hughe's claim, on the
south by Neil McQUarrie claim,
containing 640 acres more or less.
Dated this 16th day of April, 1908
B. K. Bullock, Locator.
D. A, Cate,    Agent,
R. McGregor, Witness
6 Commencing at a post situated ono mile south of the southoast
cornor of lot 8363 and at the
south east corner of R. McGregor
claim, It being- bounded on tho
east by Katherfne Good's claim;
thenco south 80 chains,
thonce west 80 chains,
thenco north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains,
to    the    placo of commencement,
containing 64.0 acres moro or loss.
Dated this 16th day of April, 1008
J. Cramp, Locator,
D. A, Cato,,  Agent,
R, McGregor, Witness
7 Commencing'at a post situated two milos nouth of the south
east corner of lot 8363 and at the
south east corner of J. Cramp's
claim,       •        ■ 1       <
thence south 80 chainB,
thonce west 80 ohains,
thonce north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains; *
to    the    place of commencement,
containing 640 acres more or loss,
Dated this 16th day of April, 1008
, D. F, Hughes, Locator.
D. A, Cato,    Agent,
R, McGregor, Witness
8 Commencing at a post situat*
(d two miles south and one mile
east of the south east corner of
the ICathorlne Good claim,
thonce south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains,
thonce north 80 chains,    .
thence west 80 chain*,
to   the    place of commencement,
containing 640 acres more or leu.
Dated this 16th day of April, 1008
Geo. Hal ford, Locator,
* **, <**>       44. ***,  I
m*.   444»v w* l£, w. ,     «.av..i^.V
TV  A. R*l»,  Af-ant
Telephone Poles a Specialty?
All Orders Promptly Attended
¥ Tel. 3 fernie, B. C. •*
...-.- -    .....    . ■      J,
Minard's Liniment Cure* Colds, etc
"An honored cititen of this town
wa* suffering from a severe attack
of dysentery, He told afriond if
ho could obtain a bottle of Cham*
b-irlaln's Colic, Cholera and Diar.
rho«a Bemedy, ho felt confident of
beinp cured, he h-wlni*. need thin
remedy in the West, He «ai told
that X kept it in stock and lost no
ttm<i in obtaining it, and was very
promptly cured,'' says K. J. Leach
a druggist of■ Wolcott, Vt. "For
■ate by all druggists.
Mlta Mary LrNiqot, 313 Sudadnr. St, Hochel-.gr>*, Moo*
trial writes l-"I luir«f«andZam*Uukan«xc«llentremid'jrfor
tkia tnptioai. Up to this Spring I wis bothirtd foralmoet
M« l**t* raltb « ml nth, mull -limpUi »n*l Mitti fin my he* taU an
the i«»le thro* the hair. Nothing I xiuxi would elm thli nth from ih«
iVIn until I hnj*n Ming Z-am-lltilr. Thlt nlve hu rtT'ctuill-/ -.ml I
Wlittt Mrmintntlj- tikyi off lhc»« owlghtl/ plw|>lH ind torn from
both K»lp tod ht*, I itAll rttoaiwind aUm-Iluk to til my fiieivdi."
**a»kU»hlaMt*4«*al, Il b Modlor ibwiMiUn i.W}—-***^ •
-«<4t«v*Ji-tM^lrk>laM.rw-4UMtoI»-B«b   mw **■'■ *^
AH tun* Md tlrtc|iM*i V*. et Urn-M Co.,
FERNIE, 2314—Pros., J. T. Puck*
ey; Pin. Sec, Thos. Biggs.
HOSMER, .   2494—Pres.     O.     C.
Cole;" Sec, Wm, N. Reld.
MICHEL, 2334—Proa., .Tal. Doug.
. las, Sec, Charles Garner,
COLEMAN,-   2633—Pres.,     Honry
Smith, Seo , Wm   Graham. .
FRANK, 1263—Pres., Tred Allott;
Sec, George Nichols.
LILLE,    1233—Pros.,    T.   Evans;
'   Sec, A. W. May.
BBLLEVUE, 431-Pres., IT. Lewis;
Sec, Fred Chappell.
HILLCREST, 1058-Pres,, Robert
Livett; Vice-Pres., J. Lagace;
Bee, Harry T, Cooper
LUNDBRECK, 227B-Prei. Hers-
ehol Kayo; Seo., Geo Thos. Wright.
WOODPECKER, 2209-Pros., W.
R. Hughes; Seo., John Fletcher.
MORRINVjILLE,  2378-Pres.,    0,
H,'Richardson; Seo., J, Matke-
' son.
Sec, T. Entwistle.
CANMORE, 1387-Prss. X. J.
Thomas;. See. James Clyner.
DANKHEAD, 20-Pr«s., Wm.
Fisher; Sec, F,: Dyson.
TADES: 102-Pres., T. B'oyl-j;
Sec, wm, Murdoek,
LETHBntDGK, 574-Pre», B. O.
Hamiltoh; Seo., Charles' Pea*
TAUKR, la&U-l'res., Alt. Roberts; Sec, Robert Doodson.
CITY MINES, 2240, EdmoutoB-
Pres,, T. Jarne,.;.
STRATHCONA, 2248-I'rei., Joh»
S&ii.l, Sec, 3&*, Toah.
Strathcona—Pre*., Jas. Cherl*
er; Sec, Neil Mo Cormiek.
BTJBH MINES, UCott, Edmonton—
Pres., Ctxtx.. L. Uryce; Hec,
MERRITT-Proi. Frank Steel,
Sec Thomas Calvort.
EDMONTON. 2540-Pres,, J. W.
Edmondson; Vie* Pres., Hofcort
Brown-, Tin. Oec, Thos. Blich ;
Reoxirdlng Sec, J. McD*vitt.,
Presidents and secretaries what*
names do not appear oa this lift
ere requested to forward thorn ta
this o<n«« for Insertion.
Continued inqulrlea raack ua far
tho loregoinj* iafoi-uatloa.
emLm -V'
MSTRICT LEDGER, ,I'4=;RNIE,-.B.:!C.»;MAY;"3C\, 1908.     ^
Sbc District £cb%cv
- : $1 a.Year In Advance .
Issued -every  Saturday from the office' ol
,   Publication, Pellatt Ave., Fernie, B. C.
■Changes of advertisementsmust he in a>
follows:-Pages *, 3,6, and 7, Wednesday at in
a in.  P«ge8l,4!sand8IFridayatlOa.jn.
Legal advertlslua 18 centB^r'-^jampariel
line flrst insertion, 8 cents perlme ettBlrtubse-
qoent insertion.
Bates for contract advertising on application at office of publication, Pellat Ave.
Address all communications to,tha Man*
eager, District Ledger.,
W. S.   STANLEY, Mgr,
SATURDAY,  MAY  30,  1908.
-■f i
0The JliUs of the Gods grind slowly;
liut they grind exceedingly jure.
The, above Is very much in some peo-
peoplo minds just ot present. Tho realisation of the iatter words will surely fall
as a thunderbolt to-some of tho present
residents of our city.
The moral wave is slowly but - suroly
sweeping over us, and wo must not rush
to get out ol its way, but rather rush
to meet it, and swell its onslaught. Why
should gambling and other unlawful
things go on ■ in our midst? Simply because'we, as people-allow .thorn. Il wo
arise in a body and declare to our' authorities that we will have' nono of it
they cannot, help stamping these things
out. Any scnsiblo, right thinking man
will admit that a crusado against these
things is proper, and while somo, "for
business reasons'' feel .shy .about being
acknowledged  on  the Sfido of  tlio-   "right
, aguinst wrong,, still they ..will tell you
that thoy "believe you aro quite right."
Wo have ticcn credited'with being   -too
.sovei-o      oil    this  subject ond  by others
■ with not being severe enough. We ane
determined however,' to'keep e/cr and
anon at the good work',-, as .we carrdnilly
see ' the 'need of a change.    .•        <. , -
Some ask us why; becauso' the workers
whoin we . represent; as well as the citizens of Fernie and district are being
victimised day iu and day out by sharpers ,• apd , if. these open .gambling dens
were not allowed there would-bo less of
other crimes. - One leads to another and
as the evils are not necessary it is high
time we fell back on the lawsj that forbid      them     and force them out of our
■• sphere.   "      ,
Ono    ' thing
_]- ..... n.LI.1 ..
-jm, -;—wluv.i— .
holes,  can be
that wo need ;is a "Law
League."    We     have   the
,U:i._.u,,njntn« w.'n -.., _1 * — — _
i iilic~wilvaiiiiug-n4au*r -ivup-
utilised  to  stamp  out  the
many evils existing ,in our midst, We
have polios and police commissioners
who should carry out these laws. What
wo want now is a live" "Law Enforcement League." - The~othcrs"rwi!l then
have moro help to do their duty. »
 o —
A recreation ground whoro tho mass ol
tho people could go evory ovening, instead of standing on tho strcot corners,
congrogatlng in t.lib • hotels, and wander-
tug-, elsewhere .in tho search of "something to'do," would bo ono of tho most
active forcers to reduce the existing moral, phase, The throng, over rostlcss, over
6eoklng for amusements of some kind,
and eager to go a'nywhoro that thoir
thirst for change and rocroation Can bo
satisfied, are left to the evil habit . 61
"hanging around."
If there was • only "somo pla.-o to go,
nine out ol ton would be tnaro, Thoy,
would lnduUj*o in good lifialthj; Karoej^un-*.
til dUBk, and by that time thoy would
he prepared to go to bod. At,-prooont
th'e groat cry la, "Whoro can we go?"
This Is a' pliaso- of tho moral -wavo
that should bo taken up at onco by tho
•Authorities, by tho cUizons and .by tho
government as woll. Wo should be ablo
to \ havo ono ol the bost rocroation
grounds In tho Pasp, and it Is a standing disgrace to Fernio that thoro Is nt
prosont nono nt all.'
You'll  see  me out at everything;
I've lots of coin to spend;    ,    o
And my name' is in the papers
For 1 am "Labor's friend." ■ - ' ,
Uird and boast and fish arid roptllo as
woll as .man, nood some uxod and nhol-
terod placo In which' to rniso tho young,
Th'e primal • necessity ol raco ovolution
has Btruck, tho,Idea of homo doop Into
tho mind of tho rnco.
Bo it Is that, whon. capitalism ralsos
the cry "Tlie Socialist* propose to destroy tho home," It toucho*-* chords that
run bnck nnd through nil ol human hlii*
tory and through all of life,
CapitallimA howovar, Is only tho pick*,
pocket crying, "Stop thief," to dlvort
attention from Iln own criminal notion,
H It* cnpltnllNiii thnt Is today dotitroy*
Ing tho homo,
To iho pro lit soaking, ruling class of
toilay tlio proportyloss wngo workors
aro but no ninny productive units, llko
tin) ii-liui'ln, cogs, bolts and pulleys nf
thu iiinnhlnn, tn ha niovod hither nnd
thither, nnd uhmI where profit will lw
Ihiniliodx of " thoiiNnnils nf mon nro
lorn finin thoir fai'ill'laM to work In big
gnngH In iiiliinH, rnllrnndN, ,'nrvoNt flnlilN
nnd luiiilicr camj>m. Thoy must Ir-nvo liu-
Mm! whnln dtlc-vi nf''wnninn nnd child*
ron,   Hitch nn unnntnml <:ninllt|i>ii Ik nb*
f>0>Uli-.|.V        liuptiMiitilu      mi. Il     illltJllrf   lliu
loivcf   ,'uiIihiiIk  or  (.nvnges.
Tlio Idcii of homo implicit porinnnr-nci'.
It I* thn "old homo" of which wn ,'<*,
told In nniip; nm) story,
Ah'iiit (,|xiy per rent, if Iho populft-
tion nf tin. irruit i-llicp. nf Atiici'lm
clinnitu their plncos of rMldmrn nvnry
yi-nr. Thoy move from flnt to lint, from
totipmniit tn innpiiifnt, nl^paper titles In
wealth nro moved from pluron hol<' In
the  ilcukn  of  their rnpltr,llNt owners,
A inlithty nrrny Jw» lieon over tnovlnR
n,*i.,i=- MiN r'nin'r*" from fl*' tn xrf-it.
xeeliln** nceetss to "I" iem\ whlrli no
nmn rreated nml wlilrh ••'muld tie the
ronmon herltiic*1 of nil,
Anothor multitude move,» rneli your
from the fnrm to the rHy.   For nil     of
resting plade is lost. .
'■ Tlie workers are crowded together in
holes in great brick . and .wood cliffs
along ,the canyon-like streets of our large
cities. Hero they must live,' eat, sleep,
bo born, and die, sometimes in tho confines of a single room. -'
, In a report'on "Tenement'Conditions
In Chicago," by tho City Homes Association, tho statement is I'ade that "It
js a fact that tho ..lass o' people in ten-
oineuts nave not"wnat'pcjopie'copVMoityy
call a homo. It is a placo of shelter, for
Iho ' deeping hours of tho night and. In
hot weather Is often abandoned' ovon for
that purpose." ,
. Clerks, "office employees, public teachers, tho hired girl of the city and tho
hired man of tho farm, arc all forbidden
to * oven 'daro think of marrlago and a
' Hut trho ■ blackest and most ghastly of
all travesties of homo In prosont society
Is ' fumlshod by tho over-growing army
of mlsorablo, holpleBS girls, who wo/Ik
tho streets of our great cities to ply,
bonoath,.tho' ...anli of (-starvation, thoir
horrible trado In thoir own bodies, "
Nor must wo forgot that mighty army
of outcasts**, registered upon tho books of
police stations, charity organisations,
wood yards and munlfapai workhouses
as "homolcBs mon."
Capitalism, has .'olroady woll nigh abolished tho homo. .
Pormanenco, " ownership, family relation*,, already nre'going or gone for
groat soctlons of tho population.
From, sweatshop, mill, mino and factory, ' arises atiow tho o,Ul cry ot tho
Oarpontor of Nazareth, "Tho foxos hnvo
holos and tho birds of tho air havo nests
but tho son of man hath not whoro to
lay his hoiwl."
.Such homos nf* thoso, Soclnllsm would
destroy i
Social ism would return tho fathor.and
mothor to tho family ctrcln. permit tho
selection nnd maintenance of a porman-
ont plnco of rosldonco, shut tho' woman
and child from tho factory, and tlie factory from the homo,
It would do nwny with tlio army of
tha undorpnld, H would abolish at onco
tho proHtituto, tha tramp ami the para*
to those who produced it.,' • '.-.-■
It would thus restore to all that humanity has, learned to "love iii the name
of "home." ,
_ o; "
■tivc._and_wiU_pxobahly  make a tour  in
Ignorance is tho enemy of patriotism.
, True patriotism remembers " that
"Righteousness oxalteth n nation; 'but
sin is a reproach to. any people." ' y
~ lira very "helpB inaKo a nation" safe*' -"A
nation of cowards cannot bo a strong
nation. Men and women who daro fling
themselves against great ■ odds for the
sake of thoir convictions; who do ■ not
shrink from crying out'ugainst any ovil
that may menace tho purity of tho gov-
ernmont; who will, If nood bo, sever all
political social and financial tics for'lovo
of country—thoso.are the horoos to who
a nation resorts In hor hour of need.
Wo should sorvo our nation for. tho
kingdom's sake, and Borvotho k'inprtom
for tho nation's sake,
True mon aro a natlon'B bost iofence,
The true patriots aro not tho politicians who talk loudly about tho flag
and thon rob tho coffers of tho nation,
Thoso citl/.ons aro tho real-patriots who
qulotly and faithfully do thoir duty,, by
tho state and their follow men, holding
In revoronco tho JaWB and Institutions of
the land. '
Tho extent of our dominions Is an In*
dlcatlon of tho nood of broad mlndtod
Thoy aro most worthy of our country's
past who aro living to, mako It's futuro
bottor, '"
Patriotism mnkOR statesmen; ptvrtlsan*
ship, polltlclnnH, '■■ • '
Tha last communication from W, II.
Trottor,,. trades congrosB commissioner,
states. that ho Is returning to Canada
on Mny 23. .Ilo is woll satisfied with
tha rosults of his lecturing campaign
nnd axproHsos tho opinion thnt tho noxt
campaign must ho a prosn campaign, On
arriving nt Montreal ho will attend a
conforonco of tho Trades Congress oxecu*
••••j*-****-*** **»*>-»***>-*5* *J**^"J>*->"i,>«J*-,l.*>*"r» ♦"J**"'^'-'"^ *''i'*-*>5,^"I-*^*',**,i**5,t ■
- ;♦♦■
tho Maritime provinces in the interest of
the congress.
The  following  clipping  from "the  Irish
News is clored.
We have received*from Mr, W. It. Trotter, delegate of tho Canadian Trades
Congress, who was . round here rccontly
saying straight things to Belfast men,
copies of letters from Mr. A. Chamberlain,, president ,of, the British Welcome
Loaguo of Toronto, iii which it is mado
nlal»<.« *,..»...■ 4»~o- U...U -pminoa-oners- as
littlo chance of employment for Immigrants as Devil's .Island' would" for voluntary  visitors.
" "Labor conditions in Toronto at the
presont timo'are worse than I have ever
seen thorn during my twonty-two years
rosldonco In the city. Thousands ot good
mon arc out of employment, A groat
majority' of theso new-comers to our
City, I really, don't know what will hap-
pon tf something moro Is not dono to
provide work for thoso people. Toll tho
workers of tho old land to go flow about
coming to Canada until thoso already
hero can be found something to do. Tell
thorn from mo not to listen to agents or
ov<en tho Salvation Army for thoy would
not bo In tho shipping business If It was
hot for tho dollars," , , „
That Is only ono of Mr, Oharatafcrliln'o
many   vohomont     exhortations to work*
mon In those countrios to stop at home.
His reprehension of tha Salvation Army
methods is strong, but in view of tho
facts it could not bo put two vigorous-
Iy,   An organisation that at ono end and
tho same time advortlfiod in Nowcastle-
on*Tyno for six or sovon hundred pass-
ongors for nn emigrant ship bound   for
Canada and in Toronto for financial, holp
to rotlovo tho starving British emigrants
thoro, whom, presumably, It has placod
In     thoir   prosont doplorahlo condition-
has   somothing     wrong with lt« polloy
somewhere.i,Tho     most chnrltahln-vlow,
wo, at any rate, can tako of Its mothode.
Is that tho    Army wants tho Novocas*
trlans to   give themselves uo to "Self
denial" oven In thoir own despite,  Tho
example sot by thin fronnlod endeavor to •
take workmen awny from whoro they are
not wanted and cannot live must te pro*
tented against, ovon though It Is In tho
name    of   rolln'on and social riform.—
Winnipeg Volco,
• Everything.
,\,' Up-to-date
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Seo us onoe
C. W. DAVEY &C0.
P.  V.   WHELAN. Mgra
Fernie,  B. C.
►J* Bar supplied, with choicest of
X . Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Y.    Dining Rocm in connection
Proprietor"'. / ,
The Hotel of Ternle
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and TonrUt Trado
Cntslno Unexcelled
Fernie's most,
Every attention to the
travelling publio
Rooms reserved by wire
T. H. Whelan
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A Cough
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couRhs, hard courchs, desperate coughs. If your doctor
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It. If not, don't take It. Never
, ..   _-.   ,,-♦,*•*,**.'   »r>   11 * r.   <xr\*t\/*i%
f,v Cw•*•*••> •*• j   w &*•••.*' -»■**.* fc**"-*
Oi)Ar.,-Ooftl mlnlnti yiatitB tiityht toanod for
porlod of twontyono vttxn »t en ann««l
intnt of »1 por eetq. Not mnre.Uinn J»a«VK)
We* publiali uur_t'liruiulu
,.    Wa binlili alcsUOl
/    fnimouf maillamn
The done nf Aver'i Pills li amill, only
one at bedtime: As a rule, Imtive dote*
ire better ihsn cmhirtlcdoiei. For con*
utipuCon, bllluusnesu, ilyipep<U, tick*
beadichex, they cinnot be exceUe-t.
Aik your doctor about thla.
Somo fow months njro wo purchased Sun»hlno Ilnnch, n fnrm nj
IHO nerfln
City of :
nnlo on nnsy mriniii   nm inciuinii m mm uirm m i;*i;i-ii-.-.^i .«;j -...—   ^
to tho 0 P. It Station ot Grnnlto, tlioro Ifl n fl-nm aehnnl In Hip Im-  $&
rnodlnto vicinity, nnd thn Ooviirnronnt wii-zon rrnd from >eli»on runs
throuirh tho property.   On nccourit of Itn i-locc proxlm ty to n thrlvlnn
city, llio vnluo of nnch block mint wcownrliy rnpldly liicirnHf, •
This Ih n Bplmulld locntloj. fnr n fruit nnd vuiiDiniile mnn or «
a, cliia<iiMY.iu!i.,  Tlw!i« if rtluviv-s n» o.U'flli'iii tnnrki'l for nrvthli^'
V? nlnnir thonn linns In NoIkoii, nwi nt tltnffl v«ry lilprli pvloos mny be nb.
* 4 tnlnod. The Innd In not hurd to clnnrj a irood wnrknr emild ,«lnnr off
J1 nnd hnvo a crop tlm flrat nom-on. A mnjor portion of Iho ground Ih
$ •? clonrlv npon, y«ry Utile slnndlnir irrrcn limber. There In n lino fttronm
it of wntor ninnlnir thronjth thlfl anhdlvlalon. Tho Iota aro nltitntt'd
•*!> v'.';!;!;: ,-t ."inrjfr el i r;-.Jl«. nt ||ip TContnnny Hlvi-r, whern tlio vnrv
W flnoHt'ltiilnVow Tront flulilnjr Ih to bo had.
•*&•''■-/ We ffiinrnntee tho qunllty of thoao Woi'ke. mid nro pimped nt all
o tlniOH to crlvo Intuiidlnff purchnnoMtho honoflt of n thoronirh liipppn-
■> *? tion. Wo conrdder thnt wo nro offortnir a pnrllculnrly chnlc-n nrtlelo.
>5 $ You aro not tnUlncr any chnnt-n in t-peiirhitt lhl« land nt om* prlcf. Wn
( * nro aolllnjr thoso W-ncro blocks at tSO.OO ptVrsnuro, nnd can nvrnuirntbo
* *♦ terms In vory easy jinymontfl to suit pnrchnanrH.
H     Fruit Lands nnd Ron! VM«te, Box HI, Ncl.'on, B. C.
ir-jJI»RMi1'toVne'imllvli'luftl or
*■    --•—to of live oentu
rentnl at i
SSmpiinv1 A'Joynrtyut tlio rateof live oent
por ton iliivll booolleoted on tlio momlu.i.ti.bl
QuAin'r.-A perioii olaliloen,,eur« nf eue or
ovor, JiiivIiii'tlUoovoroirmlneri.l In plnco, mny
looato ix olftlrn l.Siio s 1.A0O feet.
Tho foe for reconllna n olnlm u iti.
At leiut JJWimniitlio nxponileil on the olnlm
enrlivonror pnl<l to tlio mlnlim rooonlnr In
lion Uinronf, When KWnliiu imon oxpenrle-l or
pnld, the locator may, "I'Oii hftylna ti1tn»",,*.V
iniido, nnd upniinomnlylint .with othur re-
onlromuntHi Dnrnlumo llio Inml (it (?l por ncre,
The pntent nrnviilei for the payment nf a
wM.nltv nt »■, pnr ocnti nn tlio »ttln«.
Pr.anKn minim* nlelmH BHiiarnlly nro 101 foot.
MlHiUii, tuttif Un *i r«M't,*'^t>i't»triy, .
iu,lll'.     Iillll      j'.ll'lll    tVll   llUlMn
'   ,'fU'ii mlli.aHHL'li lnr II tfym
ll.cr^i nil nf
Woll fiirhlflhdd roomfl
Tablo supplied with tho bost '
Bar Btooked with boat of Wines,
Liquors nnd Cigars
' SO days after data I intend to
apply to the aup*rintend«nt of
provlnolal police for a renewal ot
whqleaalo liquor license at Hoamer,
Dated this Snd day ot May,
XI %* AM.%*MU
AH   ulil'lloiil''.   I     .--    ,  ,       .......
Ii.iilui'fiif mild.nclive.pilliHtuicli Ij'.rii fvm nr
.vi-iity j (■■a*", f
thn MliiMrtroT
KWiil.li. rt'  tli"
Tlm lu..iT «linli liiiviii.ilfiidnMliMiiiiiriiiniii
>M*liin mi* «t'HB(iii<J'.jiii tlii'it'iti' ;.i 111.' .y-\»K
itt«h",\niil.\'riVvir'i»'i»«'J. ' H;...-'HfvHt niu
iiitfi nf t,'. poroeiit oolleaind nn tlicourpnt. af.
"   W. W.Cdiiv,
Iiepnty MlnU'rrof tho Intorlur.
N II —Unanthnrlfi'd pnMlontlnn of title ml*
vortLeinont will «»t 1"> i,R,,t for
1 Ann l-OT-llm
Wpply to the superintendent
provincial police for a renewal oi
wholesale liquor .li'ensq t*t U» finer.
30 days after date I i at dad
Tin tod
thie 2!S1h  dnv  of
Mrn H. It
VIip flrht nnd
Kdmnnili  will :«olve  on
third  Wodnt-kdaya ol  eocli
Tlie Hosmer Opera Co,, cf Hob*
mer, U. 0., are open for bids on
lutings, chairs, tables -iansri, rte,
Tor particulars apply to
Box 27fi.
K .♦!
...«, **•"■"? .*(   .
.. il..  ... ,,«•***,, '*-•"         v-                .                  ,
-  .      ~i1 i •**         tt**
"*''** y"^   i
...?-*    k. -
' >'
T.                            *"*
Official' Organ  of District  NO.   18,  U.-M.-W.-of. A.,. ' .   .                       .......
'i-i *,.                                               c          j
-• ' .
_D       4        4             ..                                V;'
—"T" -7***?"--**
- fe? -•-."■ ■
Fernie,  B. C,  May 30th,  1908 r
- *\                   ■  '                              ."              ' "       "
Wholesale •& Reta.il
*i ■••.
Manufacturer  of
Dr.' Gladwin  went down to  Waldo  on'
■ Tuesday to reliove Dr.< Saunders who
had a call to court.       =• ''  .
, Mr. Martin Tormey • arrlvod at Baynes
last' week from0 Wisconsin' and expresses
■his highest appreciation of our soil and
climate. Mr. Tormey is a man ' of' 82
years' of age and has farmed the greater
part of his life, which makes.his"op'nion
■ of some value. He has disposed- of his
farm in' Wisconsin" and expects to spend
the rest of his days on the Kootonla
tracks. '  °   '«."..''   • .*•-> ,    „" .\
Mr. P. Backs is the possessor of a fine
rtew democrat wagon. ." "' ;. a','
visitors then left very well, satisfied with
the courteous manner in which they had
been treated by,' the proprietor, Mr.- A.
Good, and expressing themselves as having a thoroughly good day's enjoyment.
Mr." Fred Wright,'! who.- is employed by
the Kootenay      Hiver Land  Co  is very
sick and Mr. Aye had a doctor called on.
. Thursday.  ...   ■   ."  ',„_. .J."
A.    party of young people, came down
_ from  Fernie' .tp  camp  ovor  Sunday.—we
found them very congenial and would bo
glad' to havo' them come again. '    '   '
An employee of the Adol'ph. "Lumber
Co had a finger,taken,bft Monday whilo
at" work in tho mill. *
f —
Owing to the" inclemency of the weather   tol Ca-rs of coal
-The    Lambton  coal  mine  is  busy' at
present,Mr. Marsh having got orders^ for
On Friday last tho Ladies Aid of tho
Methodist church  hold,a vory successful
bazaar    in   the Michol Hall.   The room
was tastofully decorated with a number
of overgrcon-trees and the walla'  "well
adorned with many useful and fancy articles.    Besldos ,tho two  goneral  stalls
thoro was an ico croarn stall which did a
roraunoratlvo trado, a fancy artlclo and
toy stall-ami ■'a* refreshment stall,-In "ad-
ditlon to this was a room tfet apart as
a   "curiosity ^B]iopI"'.tfhlle'a Ss&oycA
and a brass tub woro operated    by tho
children,   In  tho ovonlug -,' thoro     wero
songs, recitations.nnd a violin drill and
a number of Intorostlng. tablftaux,. ..Tho,
not procoods amounted to something ovor
ono    hundred  and twenty dollars  aftor
all expenses are pnld,' This ;has put tho
church finances ,on a Very ...healthy baBls
and   It Is"   Jolt that continued support
will    keep   tho funds sound,   Wo understand thnt tho annual conforonco rhlcli
has Just boon holdln Vnncouvor nns np*
polntod tho IVov. 8, Cook' for* Allclitl 101
tho   coming   yoar   nnd   that 1.1s   dutlos
commonco.on ,Mny 81,,... ... ,■,,».. ,, ,-■ ,,
'.    ■■     -o   .■■' * „
On Monday, May 25th,' "Empire day.
tlio fraternal order of' ISaglns, Coleman
Aorlo No, 11*10, hold thoir annual jtlonlo
at thn Bummlt hotol, Crow's Nest, I),
0,; Unfortunately tho woathor did not
turn out vory favorahlo hut tho Colo*
man ISa-flai) aro nuido up of n, clues that
onco thoy havo decided to do anything
thoy nro going lo soo It through, and it
it 'Is «olng to Uko more than rain to
ntop thuin, UoiiHOquontly whon tho local
• wvit bound Irnlu pulled In thoro wne" a
lilg crowd of 1'laglOH -with, their wIvoh,
chlldrun and lndy (i'IoihIh, houded hy the
Uoloirinn limns hnnd, wnltlng nt' tho depot ready to lionrd her (or tho "Crow,"
which wns renchod slinrtly nftor noon,
lly thU timo It Imd ckiino-I raining, and
tho vtslloi'H stni'teil In to onjoy tlioni-
hoIvoh. Of cnuriio tho wild nnlmnlH, of
which Mr, (land hits n Aim noIi-iiUoi.,
eniiio In for a Wit Nl.ni'o of attention,
Lunch wns xorvnl at l,!IO, during which
thn wenthor broke down ni*nln,  TIiovIn-
lUll'H   tlU'M   IKlJUUI'lli'll   lit   Hilt   I 'K,   kpllCIUUi.
iM.irijiicp whirl) "Mr flt-ind bud Mnrtl.v
plnroil nl tliolr dlspoRnl whom dnnclng,
singing and gninos woro Induliiod In.
SniiH-i wore cmitiihutctl by Mutirirn. Chnl-
ii'iui*-', Ktilly, Sngloii, UmuiiiiH; nlno Kill*
(ictloim liy  the hnnd which wore     vory
1,4,....^,..,.^ i,..,l.4..,l\4.       fa.,..*      i»|<l.»»>'>>* «,V44>.4^4>.   ,
both for the uioinhem and thoir lender,
Mr, Luther Nlnhtlngnlo, ns 'h*y hnvo
lii-oii nrgnnlnfld only a vnry short tlmn,
Hplondltl mnslfj wns siipidiivl fur tho
dnnclng by Mr, Ulclinrrtunii, plnno, W,
Kolly, ronrertlnn, II. Ilondcrsnn, violin.
Tlm Oordnn, wJm In nnti'il lor bin nbll*
lt|e« ns flfior itiniin*;*;f»r-, very iredlttvbly
fillnd thnt iu.Hlt.lnn, Lunch wns nd'ftln
nm Mid nl kU ii'cluiSv, .ifli'.t which dancing wns ngiiln linliili-'iiil In till tho tlnio
rniiin nronnd tn mnVf fnr the'trnln, Thn
a splendid program, of sports for which
valuable, prizes had been bought had to
be' postponed. If .the weather ,h'ad. beijn
favorable-this would undoubtedly ' Wv<e
been one of.the best picnics ever held in
the Crow's. Nest Pass. Much credit is
duo* to the connnittee'.for the udmirabio
,way in,which' they ca'rr led.-eut ail tlio
arrangements.•>. The .'following'' gentlemen
composed the committee, Messrs. I>at-
terson, Morrisson, Hardy, Ingram, Dub-
bison,, Smith,- Stephenson,'Haines, Jones
committee wish',to take this chance, of
tendering -. .tlir-i--' th n" s . t,o Mrs. Patterson ■ and- Miss 'Henderson for their
valuable assistance; alPo the gentloirien
and ladies who contributed, cake and
other eatables.
John Kivinoino, who'is travelling in
Alberta in the interests of.-tho Socialist
party of Canada, was listened to' with
much, interes't, by several of the comrades', who jWish him success in his
tour.   ■-     ••*•. ■.»;. .■■■■.'."_ -i, .. 4.^.      ■
1 The 1,0.F. gavo nn, at home TuesUy
night which was attended by about ono
hundred and fifty Oddfellows, their wives
and friends, . Songs, recitations, piano
and violin solos wero rendered. Speeches
woro mado by Messrs. Tortor, Stafford,
Disney, .Mclnty.ro and - Morrison. ;.„Thoso,
woro followed, by a fine "supper, ' aftor
which tho hall was cleared for dancing,
which was indulged In till, about" three
o'clock tho next morning.
The Scranton Coal" Mines • Co. have
erected a tipple and have had all the
buildings painted, which certainly adds
to ' the appearance of their  property.
On Thursday afternoon last ..Mr. and
Mrs' Robt. Evans, late of Frank, were
presented^ with a son and' heir. This is
quite a notable event there having been
such an exodus from here. -The advent
of another arrival in the shape of a future coal ■ digger is very auspicious.
songs which ho gave in his .own inimitable style brought down tho miuse. The
humorous recitation by Mrs. orter' was
much appreciated by all.
' • Refreshments were, served - in the, shupo
of. sandwiches, cako-* and iCiiionaile. The
bachelors of Minot seemed to "appreciate
this item judging hy the smiles on their
The-evening-finished up with a danca,
and> the social, which had been-a groat
success,' j which wc hope will be held
weekly, came to a satisfactory closo at
12.30, a. m.
the . shape of a. fine and commodious
schoolhquse. Tlie trustees h_ave engaged
the services of a teacher from tha ei 8t
and-, he is now busy teaching tho budding minds to shoot. There are M out
sixty pupils enrolled at present. He certainly will have his hands- .oil.
Mr. John Elder lins just received from
Cnlgary    a •  Cockshutt engine  gangplow.
and  a    Hart-I'orr  Co.   rasoiiiw  plowing
engine.   This ^outfit is one of the hest in
.^...district,. and.Jias cost him four thou-,I    -     ot even caiibro"aa her displacement
Hand dollars,' He-will do"lii«-oWn plow-   °vln lirl.,Iia^,.i ■-- --     ....  '..   ..
ihg first and will also do custom work
'Wc wish him luck in his new venture.
Washington; May 28—Tuesday next at
Cambden, N.J., there will be launched
tho battleship Michigan, the first American, all. big gun shi^. The Michigan is a
sister ship of the South Carolina, which
however, has not yet been launched, and
represents ^tho first-attempt by, tho United States government of tho construction of a vessel, the principal object of
which is tho carrying of ns many heavy
<$>'      ••   " ■ .
|     Customs House Broker     <$>
Fire Insurance    o   f
-'-    Agent "*'■■ n     |
P. 0. Block     Phone 143
Tho " displacement of tho Michigan  is
sixteen' thousand tons againBt nominally
,.. Ti,,.-^... .        ,,
>-,-.,».-.       *""****™™"*
i A case that has arousod considerable
Interest, amongst tho minors of this dls-
Coko Co;, for five thousand dollars dam*
trlet, Tinsloy vs," Canada Wost Coal &
ages lias boon docldod In favor of Tins-
ioy by a verdict for 13152,80,, Ncodlcss
to say the' minor's of this noc-tfon' aro
ploasod with tho decision of tho court.'-
Messrs,, II,, Q. Hamilton and Stovons
havo opened, a new barber shop in town,
Mr,, ilauilit'on is dunloii man o'f' long
standing, having hold tho positions of
uoerotary, treasurer and "'provident of
local No. C7-1 U.M.W.of A, and we expect to see him at tlio head of the barbers union .In this town before many
weeks havo passed
Mr, IlnmlHon has tho bost wlehes of
tho mombora of local 1-74 in hie- now
V«nturv. ■ .,-... :t ■ ',       '„ ■ .„-i    ..
A inqotln*' of Lothbiiilgo local S, P,
'of U, wns held on tho lilst, at the"r'ot*l.
dence of Mr, S.'Snrson.-llu.ltiooH, eleo*
tlnn of olllcors nnd. roorgnnlnaUon.
The (juris * and * "'nome' ofthe othor
o<|Ulpinnnt ol tho Voluntoor 1'Mcld 1)littery havo arrived nnd nro now In the
N.W.M.P, barracks, Tlwre are two 13
pound brench loaders, mnrk I guns and
two ammunition wnggonu, The guns aro
oxnclly the kaiiio ns unimI hy the thirteenth battury of Wiinlpoi*; mid tho filth
nf Toronto.
Lnnl Momlny halng Victoria day nil
the start's In town wore <*Ioh.nI, An olivli-
oi'ato prngrnm of sportN hnd bnnn drawn
up by thn locul lodge ol tho S.O.K, hut
owing to the liinloniiiiit weather sport*
hnd to ho postponed,
Tlm only (ivoiils thnt wuro pullcil oil
wero n loiigun foot 1mlI inn ti'h hatwnon
tho Kntigt'i'M nnd .Mnclnod, which ronnltod.
I,,   ,    "*!:;   ?;-r   11'1'   1-rtii'f.   4 fn 1-,-,   li"    ^   npr\,'n
of hU to thi'on, nud n Inr.rnsuo mntoh
Imtwuuii u local t nm 11 and it ten in ol
(Ji'ohn(i„VmiiIio liulhiiiN, which nmultpd in
>x tlrnw *ix goi.ln all. At tlm cflnrliision
of tlm gnnio cnnsldnrnblo paint hitvlnf*
hen'ri „ wnslied olT tha wild Iiidliins, tho
mici'tnlord wnro trout ml tn n vtnw nf thn
Jiomrly foes nf n iiiiinhnr of young iocnl
players who had hoen flxod up fnr thn
Tho Iocnl rnco nu-ol which will take
pluco mi the third nml fourth nf .Tuna
promlsi's to he thu greatest liml has
ovor boon held bore, tin* committee hav-
lni; linen Innlruilo,! to find ncioiiiiuodn-
tion for lflO hnrsos, Tho rooms In nil
uf the hoto'.i linv ho^n bnnlo.l and *hn
proprietors /iro ncquiilng roouiN In private homo*, for thn dny* ol the recti,
Judgment has been given   n favor   of , ,        ., .   .   .      ,  .,     . ... .
,,„    ?. .,„ .    t. ....    , _,      soventeen  thousand  tons  of  tho  British
tho plaintiff in tho case Tinsloy vs Tho i _      ,        ,. ,, .    .   ,,
Canada West Coal Co.   Damages award-    D"a(no,u«ht .e'a";'.,    J"   x     I flb      7 ■
ed  $3152.80.   The  plaintiff  ..Limed   flvo     'HI Include eight twelve-inch     rifles      n-
four torrots, and two submergod torpedo
tubes, It is claimod sho will bin ablo to
fire as many guns broadside as can bo
fired from tho £vo torrots of tho British
Droadriought. Tho Michigan is to havo
also a secondary battery of twonty*two
threo-inoh rapid flro, two throo' pounders
semi-automatic, and „ minor calibre guns
dosllnetl mainly for dofonso against torpedo '• attacks, The Michigan Is being
constructed by tho New York shipbuilding 06., and hor contract price Is throe
million, flvo hundred and olghty-Avo
thousand dollars, She Is about fHty-ilx
per cent, completed, Miss Carol B. Now*
borry,- tho daughtor of Asslstnnt Secretary Nowborry, has been, named as sponsor for tho ship at her launching, The
vessel .will have accommodation for fifty
ono oflicers and n'no hundred and
olghtc6n men. *
thousand dollars. Tho plaintiff hnlls
from tho old country and hnd enly been
hero a fow wcoks, whon a car < f rock
ran away and hurt him vory severely,'
principally Internal injuries, Ho has a
Wife and soven children on his support.
Mr. John Dunn returned from Kimball
on Saturday, bringing back with him'
somo of tho horsos which had boon lost
since last fall,
Thoro not being eo much, work In tho
inlnofi pooplo horo have occupied thei*
timo vory profitably in getting In gar*
dons, and very successful their oflorts
sooin to he, Wo havo had, somo dtlight-
ful showers followed by glorious sun*
shlno and everything looks lovely,
A ward o/ tho Latter Day Saints has
been founded here, Mr, Wm, Johnson
has boon appointed bishop.
A vory buccosbIu! social was held In
llio sehoolhouso on Friday avenlng to
colobrnta this event arid to bring tho residents In tho district in closer union,
lllshop Johnson was in the < hair, Tho,
mooting     openod   with tho woll known
hymn "Love At Homo," which waii sung
very oarnostly by all the audience,     A
prayer was thon olTorod up by.brothor
Aridorso-n nnd tho chairman then made a
fow    remarks,   Ilo    snld  thnt ho truly
welcomed nil Uioxo pruNOnt nnd that it
bolng a   busy timo on tho farms with
most of them, that accounted for   tha
lata start,   Hu liopi'd  Unit thoy    would
ho    moro   prompt   In tho future),   Thnt
was ono of tho prlnclpnl notes of llfo, a
key to succt'NH, proinptnosx,   Whothor   It
wns mooting socially or Individually   In
huslnoNN IriuiHiictinnH.   Wn hnvo hitherto
been NCiitlured ovor thesn philnn but now
I  hopo that wo nro mora nt home   nnd
that     wn   can meet of tenor.   1'eople h<-
rotnn riH-caurnitail moro onslly by i.tnylng
nt'-linmo ho wn ought to mix mora In a
Mouiiil  wny,   If \vu nre iniiiod  »» nliu)l
ho   nbh)    to build up a nnu inimminlty
horn, nl| thn nci.'i'ssiiry t«,liint l.rlng hor*j,
It only wnntoil dovi'lnplnu.   We    Ikivq
flvury     facility   for iiiiildlng up u city
horo mid wo trust thnt if wu Niipporteil
mtch nllii'i' IhU nliji'i'l would lio obtain.
oi\    Un Hiild In ciiiioliiHlon hu liopi-.il thnt
,        >i
Thr.  prwrrnin  wiih  nn fnllnwn:
Hunt—"What tho old mi- snld," Mr.
nnd .Mis,  N, Auilorsiin.
Hong—"Tlio noiig thnt r.Mch^i my
hi'nrt,"  .Mr,  John  llnwdls.
Hoeltntlon—"flh,   mamivw,   wnnn't    1
•K'nrfd "  Mr«    I'nrtcr
Sniig—*,Tlifi  old   nihtlc   hrMgo   hy   tlm
mill," Thos. Irvine,
Stump HiMicch—"Old Mother nuhbnrd"
John  Klotchor.
Hon-f—"Tcnro bn still," Mrs. lllshop,
Song—A Holdlors fitrnwoll.' J, llcwell,
Itoeltntlon—"Clmrgo  of  the  ll«ht  hrl-
iinilf." J.  Hnwi-ll. '!
Thin program wuh thnroiiuhly enjoyed
hy n iiio-al tMithtnlnitlf. auillfni-n; Ifr,' ,T,
Howell   In    pnrtlculnr dciervlng  *p«|ril
mnnllnn ns he 'p-nt* In fine vnlre nnd tho
Tho Sdltor does not hold himself r«»pon.
nlblo,fer opinions oxpreuod hy aorrespon.
dents in theae eolumim, ,  .
To tho editor District Lodger,—
Denr .Sir—I wish to openly deny tho
slatomoiit mado by Josslo Dreaetto that
1 had any wrongful Intontlone egfalnet
hor, or that I mado any advance* to
bar, This I can prove absolutely, 1 ho
Htatoment wns nmdo by hor to try.nnd
rodtico tho charge ngnlnst Dunlop,
Yours truly,
Go to
The Rinman Kaminski Co.
Groceries* Dry Goods
Boots and Shoes
\m*mt»im*Lemt*m*m •»|**at»-«tt*e*ejit*w*t,fe^*^
HOSMER,     B.   C.
House Flants
\¥*—¥tmmevm~mm'..«. . ,     i" " i '
Cholco Klow.r Plnnls cnnplst*
in**? of Hoponjiis, Oeninlcirm
nnd Kiichsl/if*, Rrc
1 Imported in P«t«
E. STANLEY        .iri Oeinmul
McE wing's
Table Queen Machine-made
Is the kind you can enjoy three
times "a day and seven duys in tlie
week.    Don't   deny  it   to   the
children   between   meals,   they,
are growing.      -. " ,
Our  cakes  and   pastry  arc of
the finest quality.
Ice Cream* Trull*, Etc.
From   Fernie  to *
•Winnipcer,   Dulutli,    fort
_JW:tUtai«Ta,iS_t._Pa,ttl antl    "
\ Sioux   City
Chicago   72 50
Sovr York  108 50
Montreal    :.  108 50'
St. John, N.B.,   127 50
St. Louis   67 50
Toronto      94 40
Ottawa   108 50
Halifax  135 50
Sydney, C. B.; ... ..." 141 SO'
Tickets on sole May 4 and
18; June 5, 6, 10 and 20;
July 6, 7, 22 and 23, August 6, 7, 21 and1 22, 1908.
First class round trip, nine*
ty day limit.
EouteB—Tickets   are    food
via any recognised routes In
one or both directions.     To
destinations east of Chioago
,-, are good via the Great Lake*
Kor Rate-, Rfisorvetlons nnd nny In*
fonirttliin ilcslrfl'l civil on o* write
,J. MOB,   ■      O.K Mii'*HKIl!» N,
It. I' A. 0, P, A,
Unison Winnipeg
Electoral District
A convontlon of tho Llboralu of
Kootenay will behold at Nelson,
B.C., on
Thursday) June 4
For tho purpoHO ot solectlnp-' a
candtdato lo contest the rldltijf In  ,
tho noxt Dominion Election In
tho Interests of tho Liberal party.
Tho convention will open nt
2 p, m, nnd ail liberals are Invited
to attend, but only accredited
delegate-* will bo allowed to voto,
Tho bfifilB of representation will
be ono doloanto for overy 60 votes
or fraction llinroof, polled nt thn
lnnt dominion election. Properly*
accredited proxies will bo rocOK-
n I/.od.
Nelion Liberal Auocliifon
F. J. DEAN, Pres.
D, PH0UDF00T, See.
Subscribo for the District Ledger,
for the (arm, garden, lawn or
ltcllablc,   approved   varieties
at reasonable prices
No windy agent** to annoy yoa
Bay diroct and get trees and
seeds that GROW
BooSupplliB, Sprfty.Pampe,
Spraying material and
Cut Flowors
Catalogue Free
. J. Henry
OroouhouHe — 8010 WoHtminHter
Ho Ad, Vnncouaor, 13. C.
Hammond & Mcintosh
Electrical   Contracting
of    Every    Description
Box 348
Ferttie, B. O
4.    >f-'*'
•in. %
Fate of Three Nclsonites While
• Crossing Kootenay River
Every year the  Kootyiiny river cluims,
its  toll of human  life.
Ou Sunday at noon thru.* more victims
wore added to the list of .hose who
found death in tho ri\er. John Miles,
known the protlnce over as "Paddy,"
Jack Sharpies and John Richmond.
An eye witness of the accident,' on/-* of
the omployees of the city power plant,
gives the fallowing account:
"We were Just sitting down to dinner
when some ono called out 'there comes
the-boat across' and looking, out I saw
thc-Totr l>oat used ns a ferry at Miles'
crossing,1 coming over. Paddy Miles was
rowing. Jack Sharpies was eitting in the
Stern and, a. young Englishman^ named
John Richmond was sitting In tho bow.
I noticed that tho boat was further
down stream than she should be for the
position where I saw her, but I did not
think much' about that' at the moment.
From where wo wero sitting I could see
■well up stream, but 'did not watch' the
boat after erst glancing, at it. We went
on witli our meal'and in a few moments
/'the cook came rushing in from the' kitchen screaming out 'They're going over
the falls' and we all rushed outside.
"By this time the row'Lost .with the
three men and two dogs on .board had
got into swift-water. Paddy was struggling, with all his might with the. Oars
in a vain attempt, to get. to shore, and
the frail craft was being swept steadily
■down stream, going more swiftAy every
second towards the edge of tho first
fall "As the rowboat came down In the
- rushing' waters just above the intake for
the city plant, Sharpies, seemed unable
to control himself longer and he made a
leap over the boat's side in a last frantic effort to swim to the shore so temptingly cloni ,at hand. .Sharpie's leap upset the boat °and all three men were
seen .struggling in the '' water. Paddy
Miles managed cto ' drag himself up on
the'bottom of the upturned boat" and all
three men were eUc-n struggling in the
water. Paddy Miles managed to drag
himself up on  the 'upturned  boat -    and
round 'athlete] having played football for
,the local. team in several matches, . He
was at, one time an instructor in the
Coldstream Guards and served in the1
recent South African "war. He was about
thirty-five years of age and.un.tiarncd.  '
.John Richmond.was a yoann' 1'nglish-
TVSan', twenty-two years-of a.!fc* ond w.
married. He only'came to Kootenay recently but.has'.relatives in the old .country.    ' ' .. " ' '
A   further  search  will be made to-day k
i'or  the three bodies.—Nelson-News''.
Loading Holes at The Centre
Star Mine-An Old Timer
Iiosslnnd, May 28-Jlaurico Powers was
instantly killed yesterday afternoon at
half past two while loading somo holes
in a slope on tho eleventh level of the
Centre Star mine with a new powder
willed Mitchellite,
John T. Jones, timberman, was handing Powers the powder whilo he loaded
the holes] three of which had be*n leaded and tho fourth was being loaded as
the explosion occurred. Powers head
was partially blown offhand his. body filled with small pieces of rock and a large
gash on tho neck cut tho jugular vein.
Jones wns thrown several feet and landed on.the floor below the stop© on which
the explosion occurred but was not seriously hurt. >-.
Tlie powder had been experimented
with for about, two weeks by tho mine
management and stood many tests. It
had been ground so fino that, it would
pass through a forty-mesh scr.ijn -nnd
had been thrown' against the iron radiator without exploding. >
A coroner's jury to-day found that the
cause of the explosion was the friction
of jngged ' rocks in tho hole which had
been fired by- the shift which woiked on
Saturday . night. . "   ,   ,'
Powers wns an old miner <-.nd hnd been
shiit boss and-foreman In Kosslxnd for
about ten years. He was one of the
"'most expert' and careful miners in the
camp, very popular and had many good
friends. He was a natTve of Ireland and
aged 48. He, leaves a widow and daugh-
ter of ten years tq. mourn his'loss.    ,
Duty of Christian Nations to
. Semicivilized Peoples
Uy' Jasj Drvce, llritish "AiV.bassaiiir.    ■
.\,'v. ,., ' ..-■■!■    .    .-. 1'
The 'work\oi bearing  the  white *'i- tt.'s
burden has too  often - takenf.the.; form of
It-would raise tb.s standard     of
living,;-.,on-  which^-prosperity -depends. '     ■ I 7.   • ..;    ,
.-It would help - the) taxpayer h&
putting the tramp, to work.  •       '
" It would.-promote.1.an• independent n spirit 'which is lacking in' 'the
overworked people..   _ .. ,
, It would build up trades unions,
and, concentrated, effort Js, the law
of success in the militant world of
industry.v.,-"--. ..-   '' " . , ■-
It would give men a chance ' to
get  acquainted with, tneir families
It would promote .temperance""by
removing the desire for'stimulants
filling  the. white, man's   pocket.'  ]'»     It owhich   comes   from   long  hours   of
labor. . ,	
It-"•would'make better citizens - by
giving- the citizens more time. to
understand their duties.—Grab's
Harbor Post.    ..■'.'"
there he lay at '■ full length. Richmond
caught. hold . of the painter and was
hanging .on to it for dear lite, "whilo
Sharpies abandoning the boat alf.ogeth-
er wns making a last mighty'effort'to
reach . the' rocks.' As tho group, swept
past tho intake Sharpies had reached
within',a'' couple of feot, as far as he
could see, of the'sharp point of th'e" ond
of tho forobay Juts out, Ho mado one
desperate' offort to clutch tho rocks and
then seemed to gU-o up in despair, as
he was hurried with the rvst down, tho
stream nearer the inevitable plunge over
tho first falls." '
All this took only a fow mo nu'.s lo
happen and thero wns nothing wo could
do to help the unfortunate n.oti. In ntx-
other second the boat seomod to pause
ns it roachod tlio crest ol the falls end
then It' pitched ovor and dUapp )<u-»d
with.l'uddy still clingllng to tho ui turn*
cd boat, Richmond being drixfvn along
clutching tho painter nnd Sharp* m now
almost alongside).
Wo all rushed down holow tho falls but
never saw a trnro of tlio men ngnin. Tho
boat or what wns left of It wo found In
tho odily. below tho fulls lator in the
HcarchliiR parties wore up nnd down
tho river nil dny .Sunday and all of yos-
tunlay nflornoon. but when ilarknoss foil
lust night no trace of tlio mm or of tho
two dogs that were with tho party had
boon found. -
Whilo not nt its "oxtrotno height yot
tho river in running strongly at Iho pre*
sont timo nnd It in mipposert that Paddy
MIIoh, grown i'iiivIush from long familiarity with tha croHNlni/, allowed tho
bont to got drawn Into Hit* .'npldi*, al-
>iiont without noticing It anil only found
out tlio danger when It was too lb to.
The nowri of tlio dlmiHlor craaiod a
profound IniproHWlon' In thin city wlion
it bocaino known, Many Ntorkw wvro
doming nbmit nnd tho number df.'Wi.ed,
according to rumor' was two to Un1 per-
Tlio lalo .John Mllon wnH |;nown all
ovor llio province. In IiIh wny l,o wm u
diameter and hU 11 In lutd licon unit ti li
of advanture nml excltoment. f'np'nl.
Pntoinon, ol Tnlrvlow, firm met 'Paddy'
wln-n tlin Inttnr halli'd Willi lilm on tlio
iitoamer Alexander al tlm coant In tlio
fall of 1H7H. Tlm next year Mile** wan n
clly policemen In Victoria, I.ator ho
turned up ax tlio locator of what li ro1"
called llnlryon and Inter Ht lit ha i«d a
brickyard nt JlevrlMol..'.
In tho Kootnnnyn Paddy wm among
tha flmt In arriso al Alimwortli, whon
Nelion had net yot no •kUK.-.C'*. Iln In*
(atcil thn Pamdli-a urnup to tlio wimt
of tlm city and linn worked tliiim oft and
on extr eUxte. He wnH tlm firnt pravln*
rial rmiNtikt-lii rii'.itlnrly nt ilioncil In th|H
city mid wlii'u In iliiiiijc o< tlu> until n
man by the nitin* ot Woo>U, ^vailing;
trial nn a clmi-«i> nf inurilnrliiu ni othor
limn niK!i N.iinoi **<»*• t or ti<ii«i«, iiihu-
,..,.,. I ',, !■.it.ii i* Vn. MUi' In M(.i,;i
down nnd l»<ik lit tin' kltrlinn f.'n".'n
which lii* WikiiI", wn« nttoiiilliiu, and
llifti •**.rl-.'>>u Miifs, i4iii|ipli',l Willi Mm
nnd thrum Iiim into «ni' ol ihn (i.llx,
lucked lilm In nml  iiiiiiIi' oil.   N-TooiIh wjih
t-mliln | 41 ,,, ,,,     >* ,|, '. ..', "V,    wit        ....   V",
Wry »nnn.V •vor'm -ire tol! «-l I'ftdily,
but nil old (Inirm unite lu mylnjf Hint
lin wn» it brtiw, r*«nllt<>. man. iil,»ftlllti'-
)y ilinolit i»f ff.ir nml whon mi "io police
fnrri' ii iimM eKfllwit f.,th'i*r, Ttio ilo*
r*.<t!>,*>it 1fBVr« e "nn unit i,nrr »l «'».ii(rh*
fer nil It I* mill It vrnn 'v« 'nf rut ion
to uo t'.i*t llil» »'iii.ii.i-r 41.1I »l«,i tl!*ru.
1*i r a.ntip vnf* t'n 'rt*.' 'ii* I1*' InrHt'tt
nfi^i- j, rnnrv, |.| Viti ivr tt'i> «»* V |.(,**r
l.tn.r nn«l -'MlI**' IV- *'■•" fi'i'i -"Ml'*"*'
<',,,».!»(." nr* »i«,**tll 'nt"* i Ixr*' n* t»i<i
cltv Itaflf. Tlio it<"-f..-n*»1 W(,» »'M (<i, t«
t,\\*x4,%f >■•)»•*■ t-'t* ftu'i'
.l»<-n Shnrr.il« wa* n iw»w*rl-illy Imllt
tniin,  atuhiUnc ***  *?•*♦»  »'d «  ****>***<• <-l'*
any wonder rthat the behavior ol1 men
who: are,nominally christians, (.lu'istluns
in profession" if-' not''in- brnbtlcd,' • has
checked thu spread of Christianity? The
missionary comes preaching a- gospel _f,
justice and love and peace. Hut when
the, natives sec how men behave who
profess tlie-religion which tho missionary preaches the preachings lose their
value. An African chief -Js said to have
described,,tho process of the contact of
civilised men with these people in these
words, "First ' missionary, then trader,
then army." It is not too' much to say
that the lives tof men nominally christians havo been Mho greatest ot all hindrances to the spread of the, gospel,
- Whnt. then, is our duty as citizens ' of
christian nations who desire to.see, tho,
light of  the gospel  illumine  tho world?
The force of public opinion ought to
support governments in keeping a strict
watch upon all those who try to,exploit
tho native, cither by getting hold of his
laud or by trading with him. It ought
to insist on the absolute prohibition of
tho sale of drink  to natives.
It ought to secure full justice for the
native when ho brings complaints out
against those who try to injure him by
force or fraud. It ought to punish sev-
eioly those who abuse the' power of a
superior race, and above all,, thos« who
demoralise it by tho sale of liquor or
who, ns sometimes happens," behave ill"
to native women. It ought to be"our *lm
lo compel those who go forth from, among
us into non-chrlslian races to set a.'bettor example of conduct worthy 'of civilised men than many have done. This
time, in which we live' Is a critical time,
not only critical for ourselves, but .critical for tho relations of the advanced to
the semicivilised peoples.—The Industrial-
Index. - ■    ->■■ ,„'---
 : o i——
Winnipeg, May 27—Clodius Juffet, editor of a- St. Boniface paper was arrested on Saturday charged with perjury.
This is the climax of rather a pocullar
case. Last month'as'a defence against
a suit for the collection of a debt, Juffet sworo he would not be of legal ago
until July noxt. Ills contention was
sustained. Last week Juffot made1 application to the registration "clork" of St,
'Ilonlfnco to register him as a legal
voter. The officer know of tho clrcum-
stanco* but ns the applicant took tho
proper oath ho did not feel disposed to
rofuso him registration. The clrcumstan-
cos, however., resulted in an Investigation
nnd tho contradictory oaths woro ro-
vealed. Juffot's arrost,followed, Ho was
reilicasod on bonds pending trial,
Victoria, Mny 28—OftlcorH of tho Km*
press of , Japan which arrived tonight
from HonR Kong, fltnto that It Is ox-
piloted troublo will nrjso between, Japan
nnd China, posRlbly war, on account of
tho action of 'tlio- Ohinaso regarding1 tho
boycott'against Japan, nrlstng out of
tlio Tatsu Main Incident.:
The Chinese at Cmhton are attacking
Jnpano°o RUhJoi'ts nml shortly boforo tho
KtnproHfl Bulled two wore mobbed and
tliolr dothlng torn from thoir hnckH,
.Rheumatism causes' more" pain
and 'suffering-than any other dis-'
ease,-:*or the. reason' that 'it is the
most common of all ills; and it is
certainly "gratifying to sufferers to
know • :that Chamberlain's Pain
Balm will afford relief, .and 'make
rest and'sleep possiblr. In' many
cases',the relief from pain, which is
at first temporary, has become
permanent, while in old ' people
subject to cnronlc" rheumatism, often brought on by dampness or
changes in the weather, a perman*
ent cure cannot be expected; the
relief •   irom: pain which this lini*
The exhibition which will be hold .. on
September 23, 21 and 25 nt Alexandra
Park, Kamloops, will, if the intentions
of ,thc managing board' are carried out
successfully, far surpass that' of any previous year in "the life of the association.
Mayor ltobinson, who is president for
the year has always been, an enthusiastic
worker for-,the association-' and during
his tenure of oillce ns' secretary-manager
were hqld the best shows heretofore.
\Vith„ the experience he gained during
those two years'and with un energetic
board at, his back, Mr. tobiu>on will
be able, to materially assist the work of
tko ''secretary-manager. It is t lie inton-,
tion of the board to make i he exhibition of produce and fruit thoroughly representative of the district nnd indicative
of its potentialities. The live j-tock men
will be encouraged to prepare good exhibits for,the fair and tho prize list will
be revised with this object in " lew. The
matter, of attractions will bo looked
after by. an • energetic committee, who'
will sec to it, that this, branch of tho
exhibition will. be such as will bring,
people- from outside' points. The racing'
committee will be appointed with a view
to securing men.who will have tho best
Interests of the . "sport of kings" at
heart and n ^.program will be "arranged
which will attract, an unusually large
number of the best' horses    in tho west.
_T rtvnrti r\, fl,a_rnplnrr .rn .....    .n^-.n.!       ..g	
-~..w.l. «—«.—v..&-.uv...B-^c,»...w-v..,,— I,... «-   -
surod that the two daj*s*'*meet will" furnish the best «f sport for both participants and spectators. Tho trnjk, alieody
ono of," the best appointed ,- rli\ tho
west, will bo considerably improved and
fast- going will bo assured. Altogether
Kamloops and the district will have reason to .congratulate thomselves when tho
exhibition of 1908 Is closed.
B. E. WALKER, President
ALEX. LMKD, General Manager
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
Paid-up Capital; $10,000,000
Rest, - - -;*.**- 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and iri the United States.and Enjland.
■....'„' . ....    • :- -; "s—   ' ; ■* , .
V- ,- - -    . :-i: ■      , '    . ■ • ;-
Deposits of St nnd upwards received, and interest allowed st
current rates. The depositor is subject to no delay whatever la
the' withdrawal o£ the 'whole or any portion of the deposit*   „
Fernio   Hninoh
H.   L.   Edmonds,   Mannjror
I II  lllHM    IIIIIIII  IHI*4*aTaaHHH»llaTai
with, the 'Sewer?
Two Cars of Sew-
'   l!
e£* Soil Pipe and
Plti-mtsiaigr Supplies
Please call and
get prices
<. -,       '■ ' . .J;.   :.o,    u:    I-..    It,
♦ "
♦ '
X  __.
'J., H.\ QUAIL i .*.
Hardware r;ahd    Furniture
i   sf*  ■■)■   ■ I'
By l;ocal applications, as they
cannot reach the diseased portion
of .the ear. There is only one way
to cure deafness and that is by
i constitutional  remedies.    Deafness
Ses fts? TlnTlf "cS is C-S«* * an.inflamed condition
sizes for sale by all druggists.
Union men agitate for the eight
hour day—
Because of the' present long.hour
Bad Symptorao.
Tho womnn Wlio liarporJoOlcM bond*
achoa, fcnclc-icli'n/'i-ofla -ImiiKlriitry durk
tipnts orspockH Uoatln** or iIiuh'Iik* boforn
iicr oynu, baiujnawlnu; distress, or heavy
full feeling Mi/tomiich. faint 8;>i*!!s, drag*
gln*}*dow|vAja'Ilh|* la lower aWomlnnl or
polvlc rcjvfoiia easily st'irtlcd or excited,
IrrrguVfor nntrifol iierlods, with or with*
.... r— - ^rii, is iiitrcrlnf* from
*cntlon. * Not all of noovo
likely to bo prtwont in any
-|0*    ;       '     . ■   .
or badly treated ana fiuch
.. run,,Into tnnlu<.1lo» which do*
•jurscon'ti knlfo If,thoy, do cot
„. Unlly, ...... >
out  ii,
>cry icm  	
       Iicloncn for tbo enro of
womnn'H.poculli'r. nllmmiti* cntrr hi to IU
rom'iviltlon.' No alcohul,' Imrmful, or
liiuilt-formlrtd lirnif I,* to ho found In tho
list of Its Irnircdlontt* printed on ouch
bottln-wrnpixT nnd ntt'^u**! under onth,
In uny c.iiiJUIoiv of tho tamxxio Mydtctrt..
Dr. l'lerro'i Farnrltn !>ratvrl|itinn can do
nt-l" t.titiA    »|f,i'nr l,or»vv      *)t«'I'linlA r*ett,i.\
UtbitronRthcn. Iiivlnorato and rccrtilnto
;.'.*.■ ii ,',./.V* tisuJii.' ij'-t-vj. ii.'.'!1 j'ij.M'i'J'jJJj'
tlm jmlvli*. onjiind, Vfhen tlifKn tiro do*
riiiiRfd l*i fun«atloivor *a<T.«.t<Hl hy dlhctu-n,
the ii*Atn«t*li »tvl olhor nr*e«M of dtprsUon
brpomo •rmpnthntftfslljr dornntjed, thn
w-rven tvrn wi*iil;cti<*<l, and u Iimiij lUt ot
tad, nnijloiuinnt Kytniittimn follow.   Too
....   •,   ._-..-»   .-,  I   Vn   „Y.-'.'»/"*   t't   t'-l«  *'J.''|-
vtrlt') i'awcrlptlon," "JtivlJI not ixirform
Miracle-*-*.* will not euro ttimrint—no mod*
K-Inn will. Itirilt ofU'U I'M't'oiC Ihnm, If
tiil<iMi In tlmu, nnd tlum tho .o-yiruUnir
mhln nml tha ficrismu't' litilit. mny w
Wiinifn utttTfrlnrt from dtM-nM*** of lontr
Mnnmnti, nr« ltiNli«<l to conftilt l)*xtor
I'mrcet»>*letter.h'O'. Allt*'irr'-:iMni«*npo
W )t»*ld tn* htrifiv rrivrii' '..\\<; ,-,,-,.*rii'ity
CMnltdontltil. /.dtlif-..i It. It. v. I'ltirco,
7liift.'.).i. X. Y,
, Ij^VI.-tw'aVmIIi'sI /.•ivl-nTti'TOpBcrw)
in »?nt frtt mi r..*.*i|'t ■■■' 31 o\M<eni
vsm\A for **!-.'jvr*trtVa:i*'.l,i.i ;., wmmpi
iuck.Ui-U-iU'J i-v^y.  Aadxti** &» cbovft.
of the mucous lining of the Eustachian tube, ' When this tube is,in-
named you have a rumbling Bound
and imperfect hearing, and when
it is entirely closed deafness is the
result, and unless the inflammation can be taken out and this
tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed
forever; nine cases out of ten are
caused' by catarrh,* which is nothing'   but-an inflamed condition
day many    aro   unemployed, and | of the mucous surfaces.
the man  on the .stroot Axes . the      We will give one hundred dollars
wages paid to tho man at work.     'f« &n? c,f°,of deaf»'f cause.d J*
°     l : catarrh that  cannot be cured by
Labor saving machinery has in-  Hall's catarrh cure.   Send for cir-
creased th* producing capacity of 'culars free.   F, J. CHENEY] & CO,
Toledo,  Ohio.
Sold by druggists ot 75 cents.
Take     Hall's   Family Plllfl  for
constipation.      .      ,     „
workmen, who.in .histice should be
afforded leisured
It would give greater opportunity for social and educational development.
Subscribe for tb« Diitriet Ledger.
-.'•J.-u   '.;r::„
The Dominion Meat Co.
.    I •.. 1.      .4       'I.
>;. t.li.t.-.--;-
:<••  r.ii ::■)   "..\'i:.l r.  l-r.:\
Fresh  and   Salt ..Meats of all ..kinds   in stock
Poultry, Fish and  Oysters in season
Dairy Butter and,Ranch Eggs ..
Phone 4
'",", Victoria Ave
III   vl       Il)tl'l1  o  ..iv..-   (! 'I   ;-:*.-.-i.!   ',  I-,;
•i .   '   Vi
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■ iii*riaiiat<i.ai|iaj|**)*.**?***»**j**awaa-»*-)*a
„' tl
Tl»l» nmrhiiutv will hi* sold H-pur'Ucly or tillt'j.'ctJHT,
is till properly and smiri-t} hoxed nnd rc»dy to **liip.
AJJri'*.-. Tlm Mnn.'i|**ir
t. BORHS & CO.,
' (I       'I     ,.v. ,,,!!., ' • ■ 'I '■       ''    ' »'■    '
. '•'.„!■,-,    1    -.
Wholesale & Retail
Always a choice supply of. Beef, Porki Veal,
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,   Meal, Snurkrautniid Oysters.
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done now before the big rush. Wc
have the largest staff of experienced
plumbers, steam fitters and tinsmiths
m the city.   Prompt and efficient.
ity.    Prompt
A, T. Hamilton, Proprietor
Telephone  I Nwt King Edward Hottl     i&
' i'l
*   Fl
«   i mSTRICT   LEDGER,   FERNIE. B.   C.  MAY  30.  1908.
Mathematics; oftt^lfurnjng ql
?■'   .  .'. Heads;or-Tailft; ■*''
]_■■:■'"   --' -:'tf*^ •f,-..,v;   ■■-;•••
.If He&ds Turn :Tftn-Ti.rne8 In Sequence,
.   Theory. Sn>» tho Odds Ar* Against
•^  :■ Another Heed, Yet Chance'Says'th;
.',  Odds' on the Next Toss Are Evan.,.
/   ]/m\   .      "    .'"     - ^.'",'",-I-^*-*"«.44^-=:w^liv-,rt-^« „-    I
•:['-j^tnuious mutlieuiutlelun. Professor
■\ JKnrl^Poai'soi-i,' once Kpeut tlio greato*.
.-/- p.'irf.or his vocation deliberately to:;::
'■■*.". JnijuBbllllii!,'aiKl uiiiklnK itareful'iioit'*--
- "* of'-bowi It.'.tiiW. : Ilo I'lran the sliilllu.."
.-';-.; 2." 000 Unit's.- nuil-H •.■'.I'll of lils,'\vot*l;
■ ":'■, lug  •seiwruti'iy." "n'i"' "F"SeTl!iy •?,.£.
'"■  ■t'ilis!2.-iUy..',lb'? fpsU'd the uruwlug •*•'
O.uOO tickets fiViTii aTmg.   ,. .;",...■,-•.-.■•-
1   It may. Pcom slraus* that it leunie-i
profi'SKor t'louid put himself tu sucli
' an aiuij.uit of trouble to demonstrate,
i wliat .every schoolboy who 'Tail evi-i
■ tossed a <*oiu already knew. ,,Yet. ns •:
-l j nutttur -of  fact,  few'really Ido, f-rasj,
, . -the laws wlileii0j* ivern sucli an'appav'
-   cut ly   stfaii'Lifm-viird   matter'ns   tl:
tossing of ji^'olti.*-  in the, words of th-
ni:lthim'tk*l;',n. the theory of "runs"-
.   'that  Is.  Iliads  turning up  repeated !>
or tails ti.'-ilng up repeatedly—Is pn*"
cisely as follows:
■,   The chance of a head Is one-half: o
two beads followl-ig. Is one-half ni'i.lf"
piled l>y.one-balf,-that Is. one-(|uartei-,
of tbive" heads In-succession, one-bal*
multiplied .by   out-half  multiplied ,b
oiii'-linll'-that    Is.   one-elglith.     Nov,
wliiit do you suppose Is the chance o'
u=ii.in of eleven beads?   It Is cafe t •
•say1 'yhaf not  many.' persons, howevi"
aretislo'.ned to to?siug coins, have'rei!
■  FoneJ this out.    The fact"Is that on
.'"run" of eleven heads is nn the ave:-
.nge'oaly to be- expected In 2.0-.S set*
;0 -of coin 'osslnij!   ' ■':.--..j.-',.-.„.-v. -.„.-,_'.
. . '■' Although tlio man In the street mi.*,
not have reckoned this, he Is ahva."'
-'   quite, positive that If. say;..a coin h!'.
'fallen  ten 'times  bead .upward he.;
:   'safe to start backing tails.   He •■pit".
,   (tils   money   ou   tails   turning   up   lie
-,■  cause, he says. It stands to sense th-:
"-' 'the run of beads can't continue.   IV.:'
does itV .At the eleventh toss the hea '.
of the coin' Is just as big., as it eve*
.was.   Whati mysterious influence c;r
'•ih  o. past event, the tossing of ten headr
,    .have "on a future one which has y
, link   with  them—unmet*/.- the  toss!:.
---' .each toss-Is uneveiit-liy itself, as-P,;
- Hirani'Mavim said of a game at.ro".
.-■    p leite"at Monte Carlo:
"It Is a pure, unadulterated quest!.*
'of cliii'nce. and It Is not influenct-d i
■* "the least by anything which has eve
„    ■ taken  place before or that ovei   wi
take place In tbe future,"  ' '
A nasty piece of plain speakln** tb:
for   the   cranks   who   had' publish,*
, „   schemes for, "breaking the h.inl." a:i:
*  whose plans depended entirely on fa-
B    • tlieory that Ifrone ga'aie'ended In  ■
win for •■red'.' the chances against i
ending "red"' ii second time wore less
a third time less still, and so on.
This" of course would  be a  soum:
'enough argument  provided that ,v>
.regard some dozens of games of ro"
,,   lette or lot-sea of a coin all as one co:*,
itluuous event.  It Is quite B.ifo, for 1'..
istnnce, to offer !ieforehand ,b!g_ od !••
tigaliist a coin turning tip heads fe:*
„ _- jtli.1103  runiilng,' Kwt In  pruclleo t'i
■     'ptihTle iipii«' loafer does. not. do tli!..
Wlwt he dons Is to bet oil ouch sop;;
rnte toea by Itself, thus defeating hi;
T>wn alms,   Tlie odds against n coir,
turning up heads eleven times, aro ii"
'Iiiih beert shown, something like 2,<)0
to I.   Hut suppose- you only start be:
ting at the tenth toss,   What nro tli;-
odds against the eleventh toss again
being it hendV
Tho odds, so rar from being 2.000 to
,1, are actually 1 to 1! To use tin
lilslilnni. the odds are evivn—tliht Is
to say, If you split tip tb<> eleven tosses
Into.eleven Hepurate events to bo be:
on sepnratoly your bets uhould be
"even money" all the time, liowover
often liemls turn up running, Rut If
yon view the eleven lospciiaHonc combined event and you offer n preliminary het iigalnst tho wholo cloven re-.
•Jtilts being heads you will hnvo to
give gigantic odds,
All tl'.lHi goes to prove (lie nlmolnte
uitcortnlnty of gmibllng, , The great
- est iiintlminiitlclaim of the day rutium
be certain how, it coin will full, so tie:'
•the man of uiei'o.y, iiverage nbllltle
who stiikrH anything' I'.iipnrtiliit on tin
'toHH of a coin l» nili'iVlug thnt part *■'
bis foi'tune to pm'.s enlli'uly outsldo hi*
C.ullt Afrioa't Loouiti.
Millions iitnl millions of locusts hc'
'tie, nnd tnllllom* nml iiiIIIIoiih contln c
flying to ttcttle further on, They hit- •
been vettllng In myriads for a liunilri' I
in I Urn and more, and yet enough n .
left flying to hlile the sun. On tl >
ground nuthlim can be hiioii but I *
tiistH. Ho thickly do thoy puck th:,
lull a Hqmire Inch of eartli nr grass I
MkIIiIo.  Ah .vou walk through tboin ■■:
lliUUi>\ «UII,V lh it'll to. n (v\\ ^»•.'J.l.:
In your track wl.eve they have flow
cut of your way anil ns they rise I
thousiitiils before your feet the no'"
'•of their wings Is ike mi electric po\.c
tMtion.—(Irand Mugir/lne.
HuXlin*.* \\ t»ir,(i,y,
Tlie flooillng of u YorkHblra tnlno bad
o tniglc result, and n minor wai <le
•juiti'il lo lirenk the nown to-n poor tv.i
tint ii wboue IniHliand liml Ikwd drown
"I******** Widow .I'»iu»h live boref"
"N >." vuxe the Ia !l;tun.t Indy'a reply
"\ m'fe a   ittu!"  Iip mIi).—taomlon
er ••/   your  r«nolutlon btfAiv*
'l-:   '    fV.Vi„
„ ) o
** ■■     '.    * -"I.*  ;1'      vl -     '?*>*?•?.■      ■ '
From Common Day Laborer tb
Prime Minister-Such is the
fortune of Tom Price
London, May ©25—"Plain Tom ■ iloe" is
the man of tho hour in England. This'
may seem "a somewhat disrespectful way
to designate .the premier ■ of an important, colony', but it is tho way in which
JIWH T!,9'"B* Price, Premier ot South
AuBtralln. pretV-rs lo 1?*? <lcs-'rib*?d, "Tour
Price 1 was whcn'l Was a'boy at Our
penny ttiho'ol in, Liverpool," he, rays,
"TOVn l'i'ice 1 was when 1 was superintendent ot out* Sunday, School, aniTplain
Tom Price 1 am to-day when I am premier of feouth  Australia." '
jMi-^ Price is' visiting England to represent his country at thu great" Franco-
British exhibition which Is being held'
this summer and incidentally to -look
after tho relloating of a South Austral-,
ian government loan of ..twenty million
dollars which falls due at the end' of
this year. London society, always,, anxious for a new sensation, has seized on
the working-man prime minister and • he
is the lion of tho" season. Dinners' and
receptions follow cadi other- So rapidly
that he .declares hi? has hardly time * to
think, but throughout it all he remains
•'Plain , To:n Price,," the, shrewd, hurd
headed Welsh working-man who has put
Socialism to-a practical lest in tlw? colonies whose destinies he guides.,
"Plain Tom Price" is a flender man
of -w fifty '= six, with' white hair, shrewd
grey eyes, aiid a trick of looking right,
al1, '■ or rather' through one as he talks.'
You ' feel 'su,re that-'there is very little
use trying to deceive him, for his-eyes
seem ■ to • bore right'in,,and "convey your
thoughts'.to bis mind. This feeling, .is
strengthened by tlie startling way which
his answers and questions anticipate your.-
unspoken thoughts,,Perhaps this is one of
the'socrots of his success. ^ He, himself,
insists that the only secrets which have
aided him to his present position are
work and grita s
"The apostle of work' and grit," -Ho
calv\s himself, and he admits that ho. has
been a' little of a suri)rise=tol some^^^oT
the British Socialistc who_ spend more
time about the wrongs of Jthe • •• working
Ti3ai"r"than™in'*"a33isting- him-toHjetler-'his'
condition. '- lie" has*' nothing but contempt, ,too, for the workingman who
talks more; than he works. ■•
A few days'after' his arrival he was
taken by John BuniB, the president of
the local government board, utnrai.'U nn
ex-labor leader,<to'sce how >me of'tho
unemployed were made useful m T'-unki-
pal1 improvements, Ur. Price watched
the men at: work for a while
and thon he turned'to Mr. Hums in disgust.' "It's all ,viTy well, John," . he
sata ,',*'to., flnil work for. these ' follows,
but why don't you' mako,them, earn their
pay? If 1 had them in South' Australia
1 would hustle them up a bit."
Tom Prlco was born.,in North Wales,
but soon nftor hli, birth his father moved to. Liverpool whoro ho was brought
up. Tho foundation of his education
Was laid in a penny ci woek board school
but whon ho was nlno yenrs old tho
family necessities compelled, him to bo-
como a .biVad winner and he wont to
work. Whatovor ho learned aftor that
ho was in tho school of life, and from
reading nt homo after his day's work,
Ito hoenmo a stononniRon and a good
ono, nud whon ho was twonty»nluo years
old ho found hlmnolf a Jobbing omployer
in a smnll way, with a wife nnd baby.
Ili« health broko down, howovor, and
tho doctors told him thnt if lio romalnoil
In tho English cllmato Hint, it would kill
him, ho with tlio remainder of his Having*, ho decided to emigrate,
Ilo reached South Australia In thV'
midillo of a period of depression but
wltli characteristic encrfjy ho wont to
work to bcoU oinployniont, Work was
scarce howovor, nnd ho Dually uoked an
omployer to allow hlin to work a wook
on triad. The trial was ho niocoHuful
that ha romalnod with his employer for
olc'it yoarn. it |h an Intorcntliif* incident
In his career that iho flrst building ha
wns employed on in South AuuUnlla
was tlio parliament houso at Adelaldo,
whoro ho now rokldOB ns promlor,
Ho ontoi'Qil tho iciKiHlaluro in 18-lil as
a labor moiubor and noon hocamo lender
of tha Inl-or party, Tho party (*iv'w mid
ho retained Die leadership, llnully to-
coming promlor of a (•ovorninunt formod
hy a Lnbor anil Liberal coalition, about
tlireo yenrs nuo,
iSlnco then tho |irop-riHH of Mouth Aim-.
trnlia Imn beon n Htonily ono toward
nml tnclnl iloinoerncy, mill In this Jlrlt-
In|| colony thu world cim hi>o nn oxnmpln
of Soclnllsm KiirciiNNfiilly ut work, l.ol
tl not Im IninKlneil, howovor, that thoro
Iiiih Ikioii nny rmllail conflHciitton. Tlin
■trliirlplo ndoplod liy Mr. l'rlco hi Ihat
all iniiillo nctlvlili'H Nliniibl Im i*ontrolli<il
by the slnla, ami Dint when tlio stnto
lia« allowed tliom tu \ii\-h Into private
haiids hi thn past they nIioiiIi) ho ncipilr-
ed al oiit'e,
"Wn hAllnvo In Htlrltbii* to rontrft:ln,"
lie told mo, "anil whoro our fnthorn hail
nllowml tlietin nrHvltlim to fnll tntn pi*l-
Vato Imniln wo mndn nn ofTer to tlio
toiupuiiiL-ii coniiofiiii|> iliuin. tf thoy ac*
ccptvil tlio llii'lr well ami goO'l, but It
they did not we nuked them to ntmn
their price, If thnt. neoined to us too
law wn oRreed with tlimn on tlia np-
nolntment of nn nrhltrntor nnd than we
jriivc, thorn ten ikt cent, ovor the nrbl*
trators' nwnril to compen-nto them for
thn illstiirhnne**." '
All the rnllwnys in Houth Auntrnlln
nre owned by tlio ntnta nnd iho.u nwom
of tho country's moat vnlunbla niseta,
That their mfin«H*nieiit In txrallent Is
fhow» hy Mm tnrt thnt nlfhnnirli hltjth
*eam nra pnlil, thn rntlroml anrntd a
profit of iilx per cent. ln»t year. Tho
obj-vt of tha government, howmr, la
not to earn n profit but to rIv« tha
f^opla of tha country tha towaat rates
pnsalhle on freight while payln-f tha rail*
®-..     • , .'"■"■-.',        "   ".-    . ' 'to
®.'-; -'.'"-       ' ■ - '- .   ■ •"> ' ,-,    . .     -.' .
I The' .Time ' is .at Hand -1
The ;Season- is -\»Here
i   .     ■ *•'     •     * * - .,* *
'•■'-•  '''; '- ■;■-..    'FOR'"   - ■'■  " ";':-'"v   ■■'■-,
Screen Doors, Ice Cream Freezers,
Boys* s^nd. Girls' Wagons,
*  Garden Hose and  Fishing: Tackle
'And as usual we are right on deck.with the mo£,t
complete and varied assortment of. these lines
carried in the,city. Our policy is fairness to every
one and our, congenial clerks only live for the
"pleasure of showing and demonstrating the merits
pf pur various lines,    ■'•„.•■''"
• Call and see us when in need.
t%   Headquarters   for   Hardware   in   East   Kootenay
I       -'-,        '   .;       "-,-"•        '      '■      ''.' ,     '
.i;.    ■l.;X:L.i'i   b:.,OiS
4,   -(J.   .t----gKlV.' ;,r;i,7'
No   formality  or
delay in opening
r*J*V*"*-*f." i***-—'1*1** a, .-~t.,^,,   ,.
, Large or small sums may
be deposited or withdrawn
as desired.
J.  R. LAWRY, Agent
Fernie :-J;n;'i
•>V-*a.^^^-^4*4V%*li4%a^aVV<Ov'*»iV •«t'^'*^^r-i-v.*V,V ^''•^♦'**%'*'VV%^1lk%'
way'workers the highest possible wages.
Accordingly, the freight rates will be reduced next year.    J
■'Our object," i-aid 3Ir. Price, "is to
help our farmers and ma.i i'a;iuri*rs ai.d
to work the railways to the !<h;t advantage for l>very one while secu.'ing a uiax-
iniuin to comfort the workers. *' 1 e Diin-
imum wage paid for t:ie ij.ir.inionost labor is $1.75 a day and .-om unit the
wages." rise ' to the highest l j..i'ie ' paid
anywhere ■ for equal work. i7e '. el'cve
that this is the lowest "sum that a man'"
caii live on and enjoy a fair amount of
comfort. The 'rfay in which we help our.
farmers and manufacturers!is illustrated,
by what we'did last-year. .Wool is j'ne
of our, cheap articles of production and
Inst year the price of wool was down in
the market thirty', per ceiit. .We 'we're
able' to give our 'farmers a reduction in
freight 'rates which enabled them , to-
earn about as much as evsr, from their
wool  crop. ,
. "It is often contended' by tl;p pldfash-'
ioned school at ]iolitical ecotic'ini.-4's that
ficient •■ service.. This is:,a fallacy:' Our
men realise that their -promotion . and
their tenure of offlce-depend on the way
they do their work and they give us. as
good or better work than thoy jjive private companies or employers, The influence on politics" of the • vote of the"
railway workl'i-s is also greatly exngger*.
ated. There are two thousand im!!«> oi
railway and the men.are scattered- all
along it. The only place whew tliolr
voto.U-a mattoc. of ..any- account is at
Islington, whore'the railway workshops
are, The vuliio of our rallwx. now is
ovor. sixty-live million dollars,
"Wo had givon away tho strcot car
system of Adelaido, but after a struggle
wo got. it back at a fair valuation and
now it is run by, tho municipality, Tho
government ' own all. the waterworks
which aro worth moro tlian twenty million dollars,
Wo also control tha education which is
freo and soculaiv and wo own all our
harbors and Jotties,
,"Wo go ovon Jarthoi* than <n\t. Wo do
not tio oursolves ,to doing only certain
tilings but wo prlifk! oiii-eolvos on Cnding
out whnt the country needs at tlio 'moment ami doing it, For Instanco wo ro-
allso that tho backbono of any country
must bo In im farmers. Wo cannot live
In Houth Auulralia by cutting oach
other's . hnir and taking in oach others
washing. Wo must hnvo tho farmer nnd
jnust do all i in our powo* to on", lu'itg*,
and help litin, Soma timo ago 1 rocoivod
complaints that tho dn'lry farmers woro
not bolng trusted fairly by tho groat
buttor croaniory companion, I Btai'tod a
state butter factory at onco nnd nny
fanner who is <IlBnatlHflod with hla treat*
mont at llio creninorycan Hand his nop-
united cream to tho Htnto factory wliaro
hu Is siii'o of receiving a I'liinro donl,
Tlmn, if lio 111(08, ho can go to hla
cronmory nml dcninnd nqual trcatninnt.
If ho clooa' not gat It lio can cnntlniio lo
two iho mato tnctory, Wo (-rectod a
govoriiineiit produce dopot at n coht of
olglit hundred thoutmnd dollnrN, nnd tho
govorniiioiit butter In emit out .Irani
"A couple of yonr« nuo wo Imd nn
overproduction of IiuiiIih nml ns slionp.
rnl«lii(i In our princliml' IndiiHtry.niid nn
thoro won no poNNlhlllty nf our po|iulu*
lion keeping pneo'wltli tlio proiluctlon, I
■■roctr-il a rrvoxhiff plant al Adcliililo niul
llioro wo kill nnd free/n ihn fnrniorn'
InnihH niul export thorn, Whon UiIh hngnu
thn prlrn of IniiitiH In South AtiHtrnllii
wan about ono dollar encli, ,'oilny II l«
four ilollnm Aiid n nuartor, l.n*»t "yt'ar
nlnnn wo hnmlloil Hi roe liunilrcd ilminiiind
"Wlro |iotttiig In ii noronKlty for our
fnniiorH nml T found out thnt thny worn
holnp; rohbod hy forol(*n iiinnufnetur*'r«
and Importer*., I linporlnl ihri'o ulilii.
loniln ol wlr« nottlng nnd sold It to our
liooidn nt co»t. nnd nllow<"il thorn to
| Rprf-nil th* pnynieut ovor twenty-four
,n-,i.'v hi all I J).i;'i.rtwj l.o.nnn ,„}} .
nl wlm »ii*ttliiR, worth nhont ono million
elKht hiimlied nml fifty thounanil (lollnrn.
"Wo nro prntoctlonliU In South Au»*
trnlln hut our protection In ol tlm.kind
Hint lionrlim tho wmkliin ninn ne veil im
Urn  llillliulnililti (.    It liimn \|,«   ii.tlll    1,1
n Rovorniiioiit lionnr. which In only paid
to tlm homo irinniifnrturpr whon ha hnn
provod thnt he hn* pnld fulr wnRM In
iniikfnir tho nrtlrlo on which hr* clnlinn
tlm iionuu, Wn know thn ronult of urnnt*
Inir protprtlnn to the m.*nufftctiir«r nml
Irnvlnir th<> ouKintlon of wituM to ••#m,r-
oalty nml we (IntermlnKl tlwt we wouiil
put nn end to thnt nyeijem. Trt* work*
men nnd employer »hnre eo,ui)llv In the
benefit of our protection,
"We think we huff eolve.1 the iirobVm
of eettlln-{ trmle rlleputee.   We do     not
believe in the kind of compulsory arbitration that' has been adopted by somo
ofthe Australian states. We. do not like
the1 lawyer and tho judge to interfere in
matters that ought to be talked out and
settled between masters aiid men.. Our
plan, is to have the masters and men in
every, trade organised, and in each trade
there is a, permanent arbitration board
consis-ting of five elected representatives
of the men and five of the masters, with
a chairman appointed by the government.
All.- disputes ' were brought before this
board, which is compelled to take; into
account'the cost of living, the labor supply and other - factors in fixing a minimum wage, while on the other hand it
must allow the master a fair interest on
his capital and a fair wage for his work
of., superintendence.' The. minimum wage
in all'trades is fixed, at SI.75 a'day. Ii,
cither one party or-the .other refuses to
agree to the arbitrator's award then the
court steps iii and comes down on the
funds of the offending' organisation.'
■ "Then we give an old age pension to
everyone over sixty-five years oid.qnd I
can tell,you they live a long,time in
South Australia:",. ..      D
"Plain Tom Price'" explained all those
astonishing advances toward Socialism
as if thoy i were tho-:most matter ,of fact
things in the world and in fact th!ey are
to him. His .conception of the function
of government is -that it exists primarily for the purposo of promoting the happiness and comfort of.Its citizens, and to
him the id*a of n government not doing
anything which scorned necessary to this
end bocausoof-somu doctrinaire principals unconceivable.       „
The transparent honesty of tho man,
combined with his shrewd, common aehso
and business ability seasoned 'with a dash
of tho Celtic lire which ho inherits from
his Welsh ancestors, makes him"a striking character. No ono can talk to Sir,
1'rjco for half an hour without nal'SIng
that he is,one of tho,world's a rent, men.
^'Wo nro not afrnld of tho word Socialism,," ho said. You can cnll it ■ nything
you please. Wo nro not concerned about
labels and., titter. Somo .of our enemies
in'South Australia trlod to injure un by
calling us Socialists, but It did not go
down with our peoplo, Wo are dimply
democrats nnd' wo nro trying • o apply
tho principles of domocracy ns wo understand thorn. Tf thnt Ih SoclnllBm woll
nnd good. I am uuro no ono in South
Australia cares a hang whether It Is or
not, J call it tho true function of tho
govornment to do all for tlio people that
thoy ennnot do ns woll for themselves,
and to protect thorn against ohbory nnd
oxploltatlon In any form,
"Tho propio who prodlctod thnt our
country would ho bankrupt in a year
hnvo hcon disappointed, Wn owe ono
liumlrod nnd fifty million doHam but
wo have nssotn to show for it, Nionrly
n third of that in Invented .n cur rnli*
wnyn and the peoplo hnvo over iwmty
flvo million dollarn In tho mivingi Imnkn
or nn averngo of ono hundred and Fovon*
ty-flvo rlollnrn a howl. Lnnt year our
rovonuo wnn over flfleon million dollnrs
nml our expenditure wnn only "ourleon
•"Another llilni*; T wnnt, to nny In thnt
although wo nre whnt peoplo ciill Social-
Inln wo are nlno linperlnllntn. I, do not
ninnn to nny thnt wn nro Jlngoon for we
hnvo tin- grentent contempt, for Jingoism,
hut wo nro proud tn lie n purl of thn
Rrenteet empire In thn world, nnd wn
menn to reninln no, ,Wo recognUn iMio
hlrong tlflii of nentlninut. which hind un
to the mother country, Sfntlmenl In
thn Rrentont. form In tho world. ,11 In
fnr more powerful tlmn nmnoy and wo
hope Hint, it will prove n hnnd with the
umpire thnt will prow 1'idlnnoHilile,"
'C.'/E.'. LYONS
Auditor, Accomitunt, General Afr«nt
Life, Accident and Employer's Liability insurance
Books  opened,   closed,   audited,  and  accounts  kept in the
most up-to-date manner. .,' *     .   .
Office,   Burns'  Block.
Fernie,  B. C.
IVI>%V%%^<%%Vt.t'V%n'» '%'V^^'V%44aV*aVV%<
i    Phone   No.  52   , House  No.   174 .
Fernle's Most Home-Like House
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Saw  your  Corchyood
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save money
Cost of operating',
very trifling
Circular Saw Frames [f£Stationary and Portable \
Drug Saw Machines Sawing Outfits
WRITE   US   FOIl   CATALOG        n ;
Canadian Fairbanks Co., Ltd.,
Vancouver,   B. C.
Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary.
"In February our, dauff^ter had
tbe whooping cough, Mr. Lane of
Hartland, recommondod Chamber*
aiti-ai. Cough iiem*.-uy aud muu it
'••ivc *nln riiflton.M'n ine hetxt ot r^t-
infraction. Wn found it an he Raid,
and can recommend, it to anyone
having children troubled with the
wboopinr cough," Bays Mm, A
Go*"**!,  of fiurand, Mich.   Tor dale
1... .ti .1..,,. „i,t
J     «...     s..-^^
Everything in the trade now in stock..
Examine before purchasing. Also
Lacrosse, Baseball and other Sporting  Goods.
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******   a**-"* •*•■»  *t»"» Wjl*. "f   *"»
em»  *a»W***W      * • W#        * em*1
wr-**.    * **
IMhhrhhe, AJta, ir«y 20—In the Ba*
preme court today, Mr. Juillee Seott
[irculititiK, tho jury nwririUil ,Iot. Tlml»y
or Teher, t*),l*.9.t*0 (l«mi'(ei egalnetth*
■..'nuitUu. Wi'kt '-'•J.il Cuuipany. ot Tt.*j«r,
for liiJurJ*! rtfi'lvcd In an «cc4dent in the
mine on AuguH twilvi. rUlntllt HA a
hroken kg,
All the leading lines of
High class Chocolates
and   Confectionery
mtm P^'javaww-^'tf-jc-ss'-**^
'   '(>    >.
"DISTRICT. LEDGER.. FERNIE, B.  C. ;ilAY ?80» 1908.
i* -
•At       I /•* ft
News of the City
Loat—Bunch'of keys£on fiiig.; Re|urri;
to Ledger office-        ■''' »■      »-■■ -,:- ^S.ltf
Private Boarders, house No. 133
,opposite O.^P. K. ^s. ^Condie.
Plain sewing donej '";""-'..^r*"..*.'.* -
- General" Se'rvanl-^-GI-oba-general'
servant wanted. Good wages. Apply to Mrs..A. H. Cree; Howland
' Ave.     .-'.,'"'
Family dwelling   house for sale,
'8 rooms. Good well of water, .nice
garden. ■ Will be sol* - •toap-
easy terms.   Apply Manager,
trict Ledger. /'
For Sale—1 - Frame -House, 4
rooms with furniture and Singer
Sewing" Maohine; also 28,young
chickens. Situate opposite Queens
Hotel, No. 143. The owner offers
the above very cheap and eaty
terms can bo arranged.—Frahit
Passemi, owner.
Cabbage, Cauliflower, Tomato and
Cucumber plants; also Rhubarb roots,
for sale,   Apply
.     J. McLACHLAN,-
., „  ■ West   Fernie.
Information is wanted as to the
whereabouts o£ J. P. Began. Will
he, or anyone knowing where he
is please communicate with L.'.P.
Eckstein, Fernie, tB. C.
Bright Unlit Stove Polish,"regular price 10c
- ■-^-■Saturday., special, 4 for
Ginger Snaps, regular price 2 lbs lor 25c
i  -Saturday special 3 lbs for
.- Pay Oach -
W. J.   BLUfiDELL        Prompt Delivery
the Big Fire Sale
iii full swing
If you want ice cream see Rochon, -
President   Sherman  has   been   in   town
all  week.    ',',*. ,
Flags ami fireworks at Suddaby's-new;
store.    ■ .   ■
A.-H. McNeil, attorney io*r the G. N.,
is in .town. ■*
Rochon's candies, are made oi* pu\. material.   -
G.   Ii.  McDonald,   of   Calgary,   vas  in
the city on Tuesday.  ,
~Dr.   Higgins  returned  Wednesday, after
. several  months., absence.
J. A. JlcKany, of Chicago, is registered nt the King Edward. >   ,*,
C.  B. liftker,' of Coleman,  has been in
, the  city, since Tuesday.    *
"E.   II. Peterson ■ and  wife of  Spokane,
were in town on Monday.
J.  F., Bradford,- of  Medicine  Hat,  arrived . in  Fernie' Monday   last.        " '      -
T.   C.  Phillips,   travelling  auditor  toof
C.P.R.- was in, Fernie this week.
- - Tho 'schools were closed .down en   account of .some cases of scarlet fever.
A    visit" • to    Rciils   Furniture   Store
creates the smile that never rubs oft..
J.  Stephenson left on Thursday  even-
Entire Stock must gc.   Great Sacrifices in all lines.
. * The following, figures will "give; one an idea
of the
CT VVe guarante ^ that we can save you, money. For equal quality merchandise our
prices cannot be equalled elsewhere. You will save money by allowing us to cater,to,
your-*wants," and'receive,in addition a satisfactory, and efficient store service.        \
Ing- on'TO-flyM~f6T^tnp-rtd"_Giusgowr-
J. , M. Macdonald, real estate agent,
made a trip    to • High river, this week.
The new hose' tower is finished and
will greatly add to tho ofliciency oi tho
A. sad accident, all chopped to pieoes,
Furniture "prices. Trites-Wood Co. Cash
or credit, ■'
Pictures—Sure1'we sell thorn and frame
thorn also to perfection nt Reid's Furniture Store.
Mr.'and Mrs, .1. II. Hold have'returned iM taken up their residence onMc-
Fherson   Avenue.
. Tho Children's' Homo in Vancouver is
represented here by the Ladies .tfenovo-
lent Association,
..The   C.P.Il,   aro   making  oxtenslvo   re-
■ pairs to tliolr scale nt the station which
.thoy., use for weighing cars, •
Mr. Sturdy, of tho firm of Sturdy &
Holding, contractor^, and builders, now
at Michel, was in tow|i on Friday,
Two double doors  nro  bolng  put     at
, tlio side of the Stork Opera,,Houso,   to
provide extra uxlts In caso of  flro,
Onr adjustable nnd collnpnlblo go cartp,
charm both mothors and children" nllko,
Tho hcfct vnluo and up to date stock at
Reid's Fitrn 11.ure .Store,
The Iocnl Oritur I.odno nro iiiTimgliig
to hold their twelfth of .lu'y celebration hero, Tli'ey will probnbly bo joiiiod
by  Criinbi'ook und  othor IoiIrqs,
Mohhi-n. Fj. I'nrks gnd Jainos Kalconor
loavo In a low dnys on a trip to tlio
old country. Thoy will on the F-mpreas
of Britain nn the 12lh of June. '
Titos, Clilppendnlp, tlio hustling secretary for tho minors building uoii $, trip
to Letlihrldgo on Snt'inley ov.'.iiiih r,n
biisln'.'e*i rctuniliig Tuoh.lny iiiornln(f,
Our iu-oiUs will not ailiult cutthiff our
price,-, In two for any cukIoiiiOi', ovuryono
Hcciu-i'H i'i|iiii) value, ,lus| ioimo nnd coin-
piirn prlcoH nnd wn will moot nil lefjltl-
•unto |iiiit1iiihi'i*h ns to tprniH of'pny*
ini'iit,—,1,  II,  lU'ld Co.,  Limited,
i.Ativ ■uiinritK
Ari»|iro|.iueil in ■••nt«»r in 'ii'ltPN1
timlr* nri wfll ii*- •^ct.tlrmpn1'*'.
L*i(,li>«' Iwiirniid r.n.>*L*i« irtsitt'-i!
0    iiiiv tiny hut .'-.hiiikIim',
Fine Toilet Soaps
Books'(thoustinds lo choose from).
Fancy China      ' ,
Fishing Rods
Wriliny Pads
■ Papeteries and Note Paper
Mandolins ' t- t
■Guitars-   -r   -
Vases   ..
Pictures (art gems)  '' *
Fancy Goods'   '   ',' \,    '  ■■"
_Wr»..lr Iln ^l-"... . .-	
— IT \4» ,^ L^,,.J»V1.7 '	
Toothbrushes, rc^ulnr pike, 40c & 50c. Sale Trice,
Hairbrushes,  regular price, $2.25. Sale price,
Shaving  Brushes", regular price, $1.25 Sale price.
Clothes Brushes, regular price, 81.25 Sale prLv,
■ • '■ l .'*• ■
- Come, early and take advaniagu of these bj.r<:
- ■ - ' -    -They'can't' last long
If you wnnt chocolntCB seo Rochon,
llr, Mcintosh, electrician, wont to
Cnlgary Wodnosday,
Como In and seo Llpliurdt's 82.(50 Gun
Metal watch.
The .MIshoh Annlo llrown and Jennet
Strachan returned on Monday's flyor
from .Spokane, whoro thoy Hjiant their
holiday.   t
Wo nne Informed that thoro are somo
twenty cases of scarlet fovor 'niiioiigHt
thu L'lilldi'oii at prosont,
C'liuap. Tlio Furnituro don't look It,
(ml tho price doos, Ti'ltos-Wooil Co.
Pianos and sowing machines.
Mlili-hoardi, IiiiiMh, china clofrnts, book
ciihOK, parlor nnd dining room mi It oh to
suit all tnHtoH nl Itold'H Furnituro Store.
Tho iiiiPHl tea grown In the world li
tlio Ntniidnril of ipi'illty uvod In pnrpnr-
iiif* "Nnlailii" Ten, Hold only In nonloil
lend pnckutH,.
Ituv, r. W. Wllllam-oii'i. littlo daughter
In laid up wllh un attack of ecavrlot
fnvor. Tlio lioimo Ih )|iinri\ntiiii'il and tlm
idVdi'Oiiil guiithuiiiiii In boni'dtii** oInu-
F.veryoiiii U nwnri* our stock of window >«Ii,iiIm», rtirtftin*, lilAiikcto, slieoti,
plllmvir iniitt trnxNOn, uprlngi, mid bfdN
lAiinol lio exrullivl In vnluo iinywhcro.—
.T, Jf. Ri'lil f.'o/s Mnre.
jtfetter See our Hew JLine of
for  men  at $4*50  a pair
They are equal to the best $5.00 shoes
*lryerimm:._^&xr.Jff., •ic^kxmiiiHiiiiiiiiiwiaHBn'M^
Gents'   Furnishings
""a ^1
\V G & R i ply Linen Collars	
y   10c e&cii'' ■   '   <
5W G &, R „4 ply Linen Collars   ■
•3,for 50c' "
King of the Road 9 oz,  Pant Overalls
Union made! .     ,
80c  per pair -
WG & R fTasyen & Crescent Fine Shirts
$1.00   to   $2.25.    o
Our values and range in Men's Working
Gloves'is unsurpassed
' \Z)ic to  $1.95   ■      '"',   '"
Special. Sock   OfTering for Saturday
Grey .Wool   Heavy Working :.Sock,  a
sure bargain
y-       ,    8   pairs  for  $1.00
To make room we are offering special
values in     *■.'■'■.
Trunks, Travelling- .Bags,,Suit Cases, etc.
M'criV three; hulj on,, groy mixlure I wee J suit, dressy
pattern and special' v-tluejil'
, Meii'si three Initton sack suit, .grey stripe.pattern,.good
wearing and goo,d tiiting,"speoiul value at
•°      ;.   $7.25 .
• Men's three button sack, dark check worsted suit, good'
pattern;■ well tailored, and al the price special value
Men's blue and black.English sfrge suils, good wear-,
inij- material and superior quality trimmings •>•
-*'.$l6.00 •
Our values in men's''working shirts defy competition.
For. quality our prices are the lowest aiid money savers
for' you ^"-' ' .    1
O ■ '
Men's straw hals'in pkiii*Tand fancy-straws,-newest'
styles and, shapes ,. ■        -.,
15c to $2.00 '. .
■■ ■•...",. 1    ■ ■      . .""'.   .*■•<•**■■'        ;\   '     ■       ■>" -.    . •   ■
fTT;. Why, not have tlie best when we can supply yotfwi
;7"   grade table supplies at prices that,mean a saving t
th the freshest .and highest!
to ybu ?   ! ■.        •". yyyY
We., are headquarters for packet teas, spare in a position to,please you ih both variety and price.   .-     ■
Maple Leaf Tea, per lb.. .....,...,..,..,; 30c
Bee Brand Tea, per lb....;.:*.....;...■..... ..i...:,.'.. .40c'
Monsoon Tea, per lb .* ;..50c and 40c
Blue Ribbon Tea, per lb 40c
Red Rose Tea,-per lb '.'. ...50c and 40c
Lipton's-Teas, per'lb ;.;...;... ; 45c and 40c
Ridgway'StOld Cbuntry -Tea, per lh,   ,.".'.."-...,.,". 1. ,56c
Ridgway's' 5 O'clock Tea, peril).  '..: .'....- 60c,
Deckajulie Tea, per lb .60c
Force,  Malta Vita/'Toasled Corn Flakes  Breakfast
Foods     . ''" ,  - ">•"''' o
* lOc per packet .'*-■•■
• Laundry Soap, regular price 6 bars for' 25c, special
8 bars for 25c
1  lh packets  Fancy Seeded   Raisins,   special   price
''■ 10c each'1
Depot   Restaurant
J.E. ROOKn-i, Pioiult-tor" ,'   '
Open Night and Day
U'liun lu Mimlroil r.tu|i at tliu
JVllllt   UvxtUIII'llllt
O. L. no.vnton i-i'turiiwl from n trip'to
Ht, I'nul's UiIh wcok.
10, I'onnor, of.tho (t, N, nt Knllipol |»
In our city thin wcok.
Hoi', Mr. Clrniit'i. littlo boy In reported to lio gottlnf» iilong Mlrly woll,
Iliivo you hcoii tlmt KUul fokllng go.
cnrtV   CIioiiji  too.   Trlteu-Wooil   Co.
UlanioiulH inountoil iiu'il Iouho, W'o ai'o
hOl)ln/x on a'ten  por cent IjuhIh at Lip.
Tin, llcv, Win. tililillnt,'*,, of AliUiol,
will tiiko both sorvlun* nuxt Sfunday. at
tlio JMi'KiodlHt church,
Hov, II. H, (Irnnt Iphvih, Moiulny ovon*
niK for Wlnnl'iog to attrml tln'o im'Ot|n(jn
of tlio Vi'OHhytorluii Hynotl. lio will be
iihhoia iibout iliri'u wvuktt.
Mr. nnd Mi'K, V, ,1, WiitHon nrrtwil
lioinu on Hiiudiiy ovonliitf ovor tlin C.P,
II, nftor 11 plonK.int onjoiirn with 'fploruli
nnd I'l'liitlVBii on tlio convt,
If you want uiiytlilnif apovlnl In thu
Jiiwiilry lino for 11 pi'tnontntlon »oo Lip*
luirilt im he ninuntH illninnmlN nml pro*
cIoiin ktonvN hi lib, vrnrlmliop,
Mrs, It. 0. Nolln nnd lior dnu^Uior
luivn iirriveil' frmti l'iilnt 1<'i1iiiuiiiIi, Cnpo
llroton, on a vli.1t tn hnr inotlior Mrn.
A, 11,  l'*orf(U»ion of thin city.
Tutor PdttairHoii, bonnl iiiomhcr, Into of
I'oi'iilo, now of Wontilllo, N,H„ nrrlioil
In oui' city on I'ridu.v'H ,(i,N, .li'iiln. Mr,
IVitti'i'Hon him beoii niNirly all ovor tlm
Htatcn Mln-re IphvIhk lioin,       ;    '
'I'l,   , „     I,    ,-(,    ,l,,,,,.f,.    jf        ,..      .1     'l,.     ;..','
'■orfnrmlni* tlio lmli<>r(i nml cnnkdm ilu-
tlvh without n hluii. \\v n>H them un*
(Iit |(unritntt*o nml ulvu nu'iyono |ioriia>;)al
nttentlon nt \\oUV* Kiirnitur* HKor*.
Mr. Clnpp, of Mcrnir*. Clapp & Lr|t-
clmr   riirt    with n    itnnty nccl<li,nt thin
If'l.nt,-        tf»      Tl""!    ll-r„,i-.,     ,*-...    .     ..I.       ...    I
hail bin right, kimo cut ojit'n. The wound
wns ntti'iiiloil to nt onco nnd ha In doing
Mcnnr.*!, Clnpp ti Lotchor, two cf tho
old timo rc-Kldi'iili) nf I'ornlo Imve lakou
ovor tho Hrookti Triin«fi>r tiunlnnss nnd
eettr lor nnythlnir in thnt lino, Su
tliolr cluniKO of ml on riKf ''Ijiht, cftlumn
four, '   * ■
,' The    - following IMt for  KnelJrtrf over
tha  . 0. N
uriit-fftmlly,  H,   lllshnn. nnd inmlly, W
Tn.vlor, 1», Wllllnmii, K. K. nii-liar* nnd
Mm. W, W. WrlKht, alt well known   In
Blairmore. Alta.
Funeral Director and
Onico Victoria Street
Plioiit 63      Residence Phone 28
J-j-l I II — '-l !■-II- J  -l.-.L.lia»***a**aM****--f*a
I The Elk Valley Livery
I Dray & Transfer Co.
A   >■■ ' 1 1' ■ in— n p 111    11. j 1
1 All kinds''.^
I Braying,
Taming and
Transfer Work
i    Photographer
W. D. Simmonds has opened
, ( a Phototfrnpie Studio and , is , ,
' 'prepared to do first class work    £-,
. ..:.■.; •.   ,' • '<^
Studio on Gemmel Street
Near the Ooera House
9   I n^r^^l*lf•   \-et\t\o
y   l irmn   v   .nfrhnr
11. 0. KUMMER
Builder & Gontr-aotoi*
Earlmiitea Furnished  nnd
Satisfaction  Guu ran teed
Z Fei*nle and Hosmor
Enlargc Your
•*'■* r.
Have you *j;ot, yonr photo en*
'llirned yet? If. not C6urlney
' will enlnrHe ■ it in Sepin, Oil,
Water Color, or Cravon. All
cliisses of Photographic work'
done, Devejopinj*, ' Printing i
and Mi>iiniing done at reasonable
prices. '        " -
A, W. Courtney
Box 424
the Garbutt Business College
nf Cnl-srnry, ImH jnotlurn cniirH«« In Tol«*
prmphy, tihortlinuri nnd UiihIih'RH* em>"
plnyit flxport tonchiTH 1 pt'opnnm yotinuf
iiennlo for indiipotulonce nnd NiicCeKH
wi'lto for pi'oonoctUB "L." Eiitiir nny
timo. V, 0, Onrbuttf Priuotpnl.
Snbierlb* for' tho Diritrict Lad*»«r.
Ledger for .News-
Take notice that the pnrtnerehlp.heretofore exUtlnu tie'tw'coii tho underilirned
under tho'linn" nemo ofAlctCweii it Shea
an'hotel liovperi of I.I-.0, 11, 6,, propria,
tore ot thi> .Hoffinnn houie, li hereby
-llseolvril;   '    -■••"••♦-!
■The   biMlnM*   will, tie   rerrlctj en  hy
]TIIII«in H,  SfcEwen who will' pay   »ll
liabllitk'* (inrt rolliwt'nil nrVountu,
Untrd ht  Hiiro, II, C, thl* *37th  d«y
on Tui'edny: Mr. Proudloek   of Wny, 1009,   ■ "   ' -:
-    —'■ .*.-- WM.'fl.lfCr.WBN,"    *
' m, v.: hiiha;**
"W. F. OUnD.M-.Wltn«»i.
... .     -•        4t«
"■'' 'at the •'
'        ■ fl" . I ' - ' ' '
Fernie    Steam    Laundry
All IdntSs of Steam and Dry Cleanlnor.
. Dyelner, Scouvlnnr, and Prcsslnflr acme
.   tty the most improved methods*
Gentvs Fine -Cincn
a Specialty     ****
• ,*• -i>-
A Trial Will
Convince You:
"135  ' ■ •" :


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