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The District Ledger 1908-05-23

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 Industrial   •SJaaity._[is ■'Strengptti
The   Official   Organ   of  District   No., 18,   U. M. W. of A.
Political   Unity  is   Victory
Vox,. Hi   NO. 39
Fernie, B. 0., May 23, 1908
jf 1.00 a Year
Order Goes Into Effect at Once
to Stop All Gatiling-Police
Commissioners so Decide
At a meeting,QM'iie'pollcc comuilsaion*
ers  - HeVd   last night the case,of Ch'ef
.Pennyculck " was  taken up charge'   by
..charge, and resulted tn'-sbmo heated ar.'
I'lfuments on both sides*?**.    "'   '
Looking at tho matter from, the standpoint of   tho public,, which is the only
way it can be looked at as the* mayor,
the commissioners and the'chief of police are public servants, placed-there to
look after the best interests of tho public
in general, the matter just resolves itself' into this:. The' commissioners, to do
Justice to the city of Pernio, cannot
leave the present chief in his position.
He admitted .enough of the charges to
lay htm open to dismissal; as a man to
dispense the law to tho law breakers of
all classes must bo more exemplary in
his character than Pennyculck'openly ad.'
mits he Is,,        .    - _ ,
The chief's excuses wore,all very lauiQ,
and while Mayor Tuttle may havo^tnlcon
a littlo too much upon his'Shoulders
without consulting the, commissioners,
he apologised to thorn" for *t;,'aiid us It
was dono in '.the-'Ibest' Interests of tho
city, and has ftfready been of material
good, tre cannot blame' the mayor one
whit. JVe -w!Il-'tfo"t-:>.'aWe,'tni*,*;ia»ny case*
tiiat ■WeTe Brought up, as wo only want
to  acquaint  the  public  with  what  will
Continued on page 4, column 4     ;
You will say. Is it Possible?
'.That I can buv .?ood fruit lands with a good supply water within 30 miles ot Fernie, on the installment plan.
$5.00 Down.   $5.00 per Month.   No Interest or Taxes
, For a five acre tract during life of contract!,' This offer will
not last Ion?. Write for circular of "Koo Jtenia Irrigation Tract"
On Instructions from District
Officere-Mislccl from Start- :
Should Not Have Struck
I>. W. HART, Afift. K. R. Led., Baynes, &'\C
For some timo there have been rumors
of impending trouble at Michel, though
.nothing definite could be gathered as to
ill9 cause of any trouble arising.. However, IE appears that for some time friction- occurred between" tho local union
committee, and the management. A
miner by name of Henry • Marchant came
to Michel and obtained employment from
tho pit boss of No. 8 mine, who gavo
him'a note for tools, checks, etc. Hac
presented himself at No. 8 mine and was
informed that he could not start because
there was a "caye" in the place, they intended to give him and that he had bet.
ter. i see the-superintendent. c' Merchant,;
however went ,to the No. 5,mine and
asked for,.a job, "and upon informing tho;
pltboss.of his.name -vas told Hat tlio
mino was already employing all the men
they required. Marchant then . reported
to tho union, committee what- had transpired; They interviewed the superintendent, who finally refused employment
,to , Marchant. At a special meeting, of
tho miners, last Sunday it was decided
to suspend work although some members
wanted    to submit*,   the matter to the
District  Officers  and  continue  work    as I
per} their agreement with tlio company.1
On    Sunday   night    Di'scri^t T-ri-tident
Shermaii ^arrived Jr. ■ Michel  from  Moris- |
sey',   for the purpose' ot adjusting    con- |
tract    rates  for  a new  mine.' President *
Sherman ,-,was     informed that a "voca- |
tiori"  had  been  ordeied  that night!   He i
interviewed     the local ofliccrs and com-. I
mittco and asked what  was ttie trouble
and why he was not .informo,!* before any
suspension took place.   Ho wns told that j
thoy Intendedlo.figlit it', out- themselves i
In  tlielr bw'n"'way.   I'res.  Sherman then' i
informed tho committee that they   were,!
wrong in  breaking  thoir'agreement-amf j
that  the. U.M.W.A...>c"M'i.ot  fustaln I
them ;-  such  actions,   On Monday summons were 'issued against Jas.  Douglas,
Chas.  Garnor and-Wm.      "ffliltehouse nt
tho   instance , of , the company     for     a
breach of the     Lomleux act in  inciting
men  to strike.   On Tuesday evening     a
meoting was held at Michel Hall. Pres.
Sherman and Sec-troas. Macdonald being
present.     The,,  district    officers   pointed
out to tho men where they wero wrong
and - urged  them  to  resume  work °  and
abide'by their  agreements.   It  was   decided by a small vote to await the action  of Fernie  mon  who   were  expected
to strik-a in sympathy and also tho result, of the committee's trip to Fernie,
.On  Friday anothor meeting, was   held
and, the men decided to return to work
and, place the matter in ' he Yexx-ls     of
tho'District Officers.'    '    -.   ■
.Tho-company from  the commencement
took a strong stand.   General -   manager
Hurd insisting that the men must     resume work before he would consider tho
grievances. -We  publish   the  circular " issued by   the local  officers and  the district union,, also-a letter received by the
district union from tne company.
The Slavonian miners are much incensed- at . the action of some English
speaking1 men' ih preventing International
organise!* ■ Alex." Susnar from l.oldiug ,- a
meeting at Michel to explain the situation to his'countrymen.
We cater direct for the
That is' whv our trade lias increased so rapidly.   The
"■ " '" - ,     >
more, business   we   do   the lower our prices will get.
Don't   fail   lo see  our'stock before buying elsewhere,
, -Spring"' Suits   ...
...?8   10   12   15
.Soft Hats .".	
 2 .2.50, 3   ..
 2.50   3* 3.50
Working Shoes ...
  ...2' to   4
  3 tn 5
We make a specialty- of working
men's goods.
IL*ockhart   *x   Gillespie
High Class Tailor-made Garments
From the best Canadian -;■;
- Manufacturers
President. District No 18, U.M.W. of A
Dear* Sir—On the evening of Friday,'
May 15th; 1908, James Douglas, president .of tho Michel local';' Chas. 'Garner,'
secretary    ■ of    the    same.  and_Wllllqm_
Whitchpuse,, member " of" tho' (■ rlovanco
Committee; Michel Local, waited - upon
Mr. Derbyshire, ' superintendent of - our-
Michel colliery, and requested ' that ' employment; bo given to Henry' Marchant..
Upon bolng ,,told by Mr. Darbyg'hlre
thai, ro employment _ would be given to
the said man, he was Informed by the
above gontlemcn that ho would b* given
until Saturday evening to employ Marchant, and,., ii tho same -was not dono,
.then* wouliL--"aa.no...wJor'c.-.«ii-,J.rc,ndaj'
morning, Mr. Garner further said that
tho mine would He idlo ' until Marchant"
got the job,
Without" - notice other than tho above
the mon rofralned from work this morning, and apparently are out on strike.
In  this  connection,   1  am  advisod  that
Continued on page B, Mil. ,8,
Men's   Suits   from   $10.00   to- $30.00
"Men's   Pants   from   $2.00.to. $5.00 •'
.Men's   Fancy,  Vests, irom   $1.50 10 $7.50
'J :■
Stetson Hats
The, best jn  the world -.-r 14 different blocks
Summer Underwear
English oBalbriggan, 50c and 75c , ^
English "Merino, :-$i:bo ..'and $1.io' .' ,
Natural   Wool, -$r.00   and $1.25..
Black Sateen Shirts
 Best val u&-i n-t-he-cou n tr-^for-S 1-, qq- an d $.1 a-25-
,   Agents for
Fit-Reform Clothing
Invictus Shoes
Trites-Wood Co.
Having added a few cars goods to our stock this
"week   direct   from   tlie   manufacturers   we
can   assure   the   Public   we   are  in  a
position    to   meet  their    requirements now   in any   class
of  Furniture
Lai-BC   assortment   in   Carpets
and   Z*Ineoleums
J* H. Reid Co*
Mouldings of all kinds stocked
for Picture Framing
Fernie.   B, C,
^* tveV" *s&
■up". ,.*.*****■* .*-
,«*•»** C*»* -.♦** -6.**
°"f% Payments ot ^
„    ****:
*-he *> W«
Sole  Accents  for
Kins of Sewing Machines, Whites
Mason fie Risen Pianos
Herring-Hall Safes
Findlay Bros.' Stoves
Keystone Wire Door Mats
4/ DISTRICT  LEDGER,   1''13HS1B^1*. .C. il'.VY i>3,"l.i08.
For the Killing of an Italian
at Michel Last Labor Day-
Counsel's Protest,
gracefully over. -the. keys. She shows
that she, too has had the best oMnas-
ters and has made use of them.   .
Hiss Adams' rendition on.the violoncello were a treat, and Mr. Dick on the
violin also showed that he was a past
master. The company , wero gOnerous in
enchores arid altogether have Jeff pleii-
sant  memories  behind  them.
•■ Messrs. Demon Bros: of '■ Lethbridge,
are erecting a tine two storey hotel * at'
Coal City. This hotel will be 28x80.
with basement 17x46x6. The lathing and
plastering is all finished and they are
busy with the' wainscotting. This hotel
will bo fitted up with all the modern
conveniences''and up to date bar. There
will be accommodation for  fifty  boarders.
... Messrs. Hughes, Shawcrpss,- and J.
Dunn, Jr., left '.ere Monday- for Lethbridge seeking work'- on the construction
The . preliminary   hearing   of- Pat   Jlul-
'   '     len,  who is charged with the1 murder ol
Orlungalo.nt Michel on Seuteni.
Arrety".'  - ■•'mnnenfe'd on Tuos-
hir' tJt; i007i was — '" "'"re  Jus-
\™***™****;- l&Jn intended to de^
",C,'0:C"£ind.^oner.  hut  withdrew     alter
fend  the  i«. _.■«.,. /.    Ml\ touching ap*
making > ,'ver,-Va!'("'on??, *.«<•-♦'• "\v* V,im
p^cal for a^rcinoud in Olu^.   ..  0	
time to look \\{i any, witnesses and other
evidence 'on  luhM ot  the  accused.   Mr.
Eck'st'em being denied this right he very
•strongly railed the judge and prosecution
''      ■■  by saying  "That by, going on with tho
■       , hearing  to-dny,  you  deprive  the accused
■* of a  proper  hearing,  and  forces  me   to
the conclusion that the intention was to
force  the hearing  and deprive  him  of a
proper     defence. , What does  tho  Crown
want?   his-blood?   This  is  the  sycologl-
"cal moment to defend the- man,  and    I
can not too   strongly   condone     the Offence of the crown in railroading thoac-
'    cused  to' the gallows.   There is nothing
•in  principle  that  justifies .the  situation,
"because tho assises, happen to be coming
•on    The accused      is entitled  t» rights,
■under    British     law, and it is tho first
time to my knowledge in the history of
British    jurisifrudenco    that  nn   accused
has been pliic.ed  in such a vos-ltlon."
Judge I-t-vine, however., would not
grant ti-* 'remand and Ml*. Bksteln said
that he -was forced' to withdraw from
tho defense of the prisoner, as he could
not concede in this ' opinion, and -would
not he party to such a proceeding. H-e
therefore notified, the-prosecution and tho
Judge that he' was trot acting any further -ior the accused.
The judge then road the charge to the
.prisoner and the case was proceeded'
with. The first witness examined was
' Koss D. McKinnon, a miner, who resides at Michel. His 'evidence went to
■show'that he, jj.amles Hatfield and Jack
Howell's  were  with,accused  the night of
.The citizens of Fernie were ir?.}'-0*-1 ^
a real treat this week, iii the.person u.
Mlss'.Ada t. A. Murcutt, (follow of tho
Uoyal .Scottish Gcographicu.' Society,)
)Yho-gave a series,of unique, interesting
and cutprtaining ledi'ires under tho auB-
-ices of tho.W.C.T.U.
-'-"lliM Murcutt is a lft'dy, of very High
educational qualification.., anil a platform orator ol no mean ability, and
_._ -..i. «^inuse and aiJi'.reelatlQa '-■' »
»on  nie uj.,.-
large' audience every time she appeared.
Great moral and spiritual :good should
result from her-visit, nnd wo havo no
hesitancy in predicting largo numbers of
converts from, the 'liquor, habit as a direct result of her visit.
On Wednesday  afternoon Miss Murcutt
ga\'o a lecture to Indies only, and as we
were  obliged of course to keep out,  wc
had to rely on the "secracy  of the gentler  sex"  to  get  our Information.',     We
gleaned,    however,    that     Miss Murcutt
dealt      very    largely,    and  we consider
wisely,    with    tho  question   of  mothers
watching  their  children,   and  we  understand    that    the    sentiments   expressed
woro    identical    with      our -editorial'on
"Our  Children"   which  we  printed   two
weeks ago.   Miss Murcutt explained very
forcibly to tKa mothers that it was duty
to impart the knowledge „to the     young
girls that     they should know,  atid not
leave it to  them'to" find  out in    ■other
ways.   , --   - .       '
Hiss    Murcutt      lectured  on Thursday
night nt Coal Crcjk and closed her series
here last night.               *' . ,
 o  -   \
A, select party assembled at tho resir
dehce of Mr, and Mrs.' Thoc. .Irvine on
Wednesday evening to celebrate the first
nnnIVfirSary of -their jvodding.The company woro nuit to Jiave ji SQClnh]*.' timo
'and* *,,nv KSmetl i$ Jin-vc (t, There Vat?
some'music provided by ?r: ^ Vv*™
nml they weiVj entertained in, another
ni.rjther way which was no doubt very
agreeably »'*?«'V»'J;' yU, ice cream and
cake.   ■ ',",",.'       ,       '.
Vancouver, May _ 20—Edith LaMoung.
who was married at New Westminster
last Friday to Nip Sue,, a wealthy'Chinese merchant, was yesterday, murderously assaulted here by Thomas Morey and
now lies in a. precarious condition in the
hospital.- It appears 'hat .he .woman
had been Jiv ing with Morey fi.: v<> tome
weeks anil - when he heard of tho marriage he Vent on a spree. Yesterday
morning the girl; and a companion returned to "the old quarters and Morey
provided breakfast for the trio.. Ho
then nsked the girl about tlie .marriage!
She replied that sfce intended to Jejad an
honest life. Immediately Morey whipped ou*t a revolver tiiMi fired four . sho4s
point blank, three taking effect When
tho constable rushpil in Morey £avo himself ujf ami i** 119W l'0*"*' ftW"**!*'*? Xhc re-
su't  of  the injuries  to" ,,la Si-V),
W, j; Wriglesworth, D. Di-S.
fimcs HOUR-1!- t fto 1- '•• m.  1 to S'p. m
«.3<i' t" b».m. *
Office in A .'S-.i. 'Jtt's tt.'.'-li,,
1       over Slum    Hhkh.-v.,
h. c
Insurance and Customs Broker
Crow's   Nest .■Triidiii'? ,Co.
L.   P.   'Eckstein
Bakbistkb-at-Law, Soi-iCiTou
!'Mr., Jas.    Allen,"-.a.' Derbyshire;  F.i.g-;
in anticipation'of tho cowlnj; of his prospective'bride, rented a.pViso here, had
it    renovntWl     and fur.ifa.ed and made
great preparations for the entertainment
of  his guests when lo'and behold tho bride
came not. 'lib' received * word     from ttatj
old country that the-party would nc-x'be
sailing.until tho'fifteenth'of May.,'H-b-jfe
deferred inaketh tho heart sick ' '
the   crime,-   and that'they went  towthe'
dance given" by ; the Italians.   On  reacfe-
dng  the hall they   were  told  that   they
•could  not  come  in  as  no   English speaking peoplo -were allowed.
Hi    Sampson  was here broight   n  'O
explain  and  identify  a map  oi tlie hall
where tho  crime  was committed.  A  lot
of time was taken up with tho explanation.   The    witness McKinnon  was then
recalled, and  stated  that as  they  (Mullen   and  his friends)  did  not go out of
tho    hall  when' nsked  to  by  tho Italian
doorkeeper, the  Italians started  pushing
them  out.   In  this  scuffle     Mullan   and
Angelo wero prominent nnd it was thon
that McKinnon heard n report of a gun,
and saw,tho  revolver in Mullen's hand,
Ho hold  It noar his hips.   Mullen     and
McKinnon thon ran down tho stops and
down    tho street to  the machine ehop,
whoro theyn parted.   On tho way to tho
machine shop witness askod Mullen if ho
had   shot the mnti and Mullon answered
him that he had shot him in tho 'broad
basket'     which  witness  undorstooil      to
moan    tho stomach.   Mullen  an id     thnt
"Wo must Ucop thiR qulot,  nnd that ho
would  havo to got out."   When tho altercation took  placo botwnon Mullen and
Angelo,   wltn-Hf*  hoard  Mullen  say "Lot
go ol mo or I will shoot you."     Tho
doconiaW!     ropliod:  "You  will  no ahoot
Frank Corpolongo was tho noxt wlt«
*no«s called and for tho most part corroborated McKlnnon's story, Ho nald
that Mullen's o.voh woro t-loodihot nnd
that ho looked mad whon ho wnntoil to
get into tho" diinco, WltriosH hoard tho
shot, nnd ran to Angelo, who mild that
Pat Mullon hail shot him, WltnosN lit
a match nnd examined Annolo and "aw
tho blood com>n({ out of Ills hmiy, Wit-
1101.8 mid othor friends took Angelo homo
nnd wont for tho ilor.tor.TTwo tlay« later  Angelo died,
Miss Nellie .Smith and Mr. John Hen
tj-    Keid,   wcrc~'united" in the bonds  of
holy    wedlock'at eight o'clock on Wednesday morning at his i/esldence,  oy  " "-4
ltev.   Father  Tavernier,   P.P.   Tho  eere-
of  - friends     as   the   young  ' couple  aro
both    very    popular  in   Fernie.   Walter
I-larwood  was  best  man and  Miss Noel
Legal leading bridesmaid.
,    A   sumptuous  dejeuner  was  served    at
tho Imperial hotel in-the very best style
of  that hospitable  hostelry and  a largo
iw/jpany sat down to broakfast".
The newly married «ouplo left for Ndl-
son on the morning train.
Mr. ..Held is d Canadian and a mombor
nr tho' Hmd"'l*'unitture"'Co;r Ltd,', "and
Miss" Smith Is a daughter of Erin who
has been vory .popular since coming to
Fernio, ,' , "
 : 0 _
Additional, Locals
Clot 0110 of Liphardt's' ihllar vatcler,
Korhon'B ico croam hns them nil let.t.
Furnish your homo at Ti'ltos-Wood Co,
and wear a smilo.
Whoro Is J, II. Hold's Furnituro Store?
71 iVlctoria Avenue Fornlo,,
A subscription Hat for funds to aid In
tho dofonco of Pat Mullon Is being circulated in  this city.
Miss MoCilllvrny, of tho Gull, hospital
Hlul)', Lothbridgo, is visiting Miss Ad-
cock of the Homo IloBpital.
Mrs, I'romlfoot loft on Wodnosday
ovonlng for Wlnnlpo**, to attend hor
BlHtor's wedding. Hho will bo gono a
conplo of months,
want ehoap candy don't   seo
Ono  of  the drawbacks  tn this At&trict
hitherto,has been a dearth -of Wftljer. The
water lias been hauled in. tanks from the
rivet- over a.rough and heavy road. Mr.
H.  J. Reynolds has iwovlded  Coal City
with 'a bountiful  supply  of  water.     At'
the  request of Messrs, Bullock ho witched  for  water    and in ono  spot ho . Said
that   water  would   be  obtained   at      tho
depth of six feet.   They commenced • digging    there and   had proceeded but four
feet,, when   they, -struck"' a fine rltow of
water.   They went through   a  strata    oof
gravel , and  then  got  into   quick  sand.
They dug another two feet and then had
to.crib it immediately as the water Ian
in  so "fast.   This is Indeed a great boon
to the district as it is fine, clear     and
wholesome    water and  also "-uft.; ■ This
well  is-     on   th'e, prairie..,   Another  well
has  also  been  sunk   on  the  property   of
the Scranton Coal Mines .Co.,' Ltd. They
havo got a good supply at thci'epth of
twenty-five feet. ' This well     was .a   also
witched for by W.  J. Reynolds,
.* ' ' :.' 1 • ^~■
Bad Case of. Piles Cured by lm-U.
Suff-er-h-s from -piles will U wteresU.'
ii* the following testimony  oi Mr.  Gar-
.fio.d  Logan,   140  "Wetland   Ave.,  St.   Catharines,   Ont.   lie  says:   "!*\-*r  years' I
was    a  great  sulterer" 'rom  j-rotrtding,
bleeding piles.'. They got so had that it
was' impossible ' for me" to walk or     sit
down' without a great deal of suffering.
The pain I endured was dreadful. 1 tried
everything  and  the  doctors  told, me   1
would have lo be operated upon before 1
could     he   -cured.   I-do  not   think  that
there was one remedy, I, did not try but
they  failed' to' cure  me.   One  day  I  received  a sample of  Zam-Huk  an-d  tried
that.   1 got somo i-elief and decided   to
give    it a good trial.   1 bought three of
the  boxes  and  before 1 had-finished  the
third  box I was completely cured.' ijam-
Buk salve has saved'me hundreds of dollars hecause I had   decided'- to   have  the
operation   if Zam-Buk  did   >iot  cure  me.
I have recommended .Zam-Buk-to anum-
ber     of     my     friends,'  and   .im   olways
praising  Zam-Buk." '   ■
, Zam-Buk succeeds because it goes _to.
the root -of tlie trouble. Healing, soothing and antiseptic; it is nature's. remedy for all skin diseases. All stores,and
druggists sell at *>0 cents, or from the
Zam-Buk.Co.,'Toronto.'       '' --
-* 1 & 8. Hendei-Miii block. Fern*.?. B. 1*
%Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders0
PIbtu, Specifications and.Eeti-
matca famished on  application.-.
BEB. ON HAND. '      -
R. i. KEfcR. "'       1
■■    Architect     and. Superintenden*',   I
'      ,   .Office at ReiidcRce,
meets in the Miners' Hall every
alternate Thursday at 8-'p.m.
SNOW, Pres.     .      •"'     K. DICKER, Seo.
j..d.<5.,' d;d.s-,
fT. V.4.J-. aV, - ,„' J).
T. W    Block,
Oitice hours-
Opposite   the
-8ft.m loSp.ia.
L.' ',
Builder and Contractor
li6tift.at.es cheerfully given i\n
pfottiptlv executed to,the safe
^tetioft of our custoW?r8.
ALE.*. I. FISHER, ,B. A.
Latce & Fisher
Crow's ■'■ Nest   "Tra'dinj' "Co.    Block,
Fernie, B. C;   ...
Towrisite   Aiients--
Fernie mtd Hosmer/.
W. R. it> B6. K.C.
J. S. T. Albsasdeb
Other wells will also 0 s-m'v >r and
prbve that there is good -A-atci" in .this
district.-   -:' .
Ross & Alexander
.OHlee in L. T. W. Blook, Victoria Avenue.
Fire, Lite &• Accident Insurance
was horo  poatponort   till
The  hcnrln(t
two o'clock,
At two o'clock the JuiIko wna rtaily to
proceed, hut tlm prltwnor wnH uinovoil
ilnwnktnirR tor oxitinlnntloii by tlio lawyer nntl Old not reniipniir till 11. On com-
monclim at three Hnlonnom tlloli wiih
cnlleil, who tr-Mlll'id thut lu> wuh nt tho
Itnllni. ilnnrn, nml daw throo men enter
thn linlli lie ill<l not knnw tliolr nntlnii*
nitty, lln tlmn diiw thn (iciitllo. Iln h«w
oiti" Df tlm n«rniiH<«rn wllh Homrvtlilnur In
hl« hnnd, nnd Hum lii'unl n Nlint. nnd hhw
tho mini run nwny,
n, (?nrii<'tt(i wn* tlmn cnlled nml ho
*irn"tlcnlly rt'hcM«e<l thn prevlmiN wit-*
hush'  tchiluiony,
Th" rnM' wn« IIipii iidjoiirnrMl till tsn
o'clock |ri tlio rnnrnlii|( to ijet Urn doc
tnr'n rciMirt,
On cnnllmiliw the <'nkn tha leHtlninny
ol tho doctor wnH liennl, At thn ronrlu*
n* tlm rnmlni* n«tdr<i«,
II   you
Cheap. Tho Furnituro don't look 11,
but the prlco doos, Triton-Wood Co,
Pianos nnd howIhu jiinchlnos,
Kohl's Furnituro Storo Ih tho placo to
buy llcilH, DroHRers, Hldohoiirdn, Chair*-),
nnd ovorythlim nnceBonry to furnlnh nny
lioiisn  roNpcctnhly  nnd clump,
DlnmondH inountod nnd loo»o. Wo nro
Millli'K on "a ton por cont hnulH nt Lip*
Mm. II, Potior, 1)1' l'ollott Avo, „wlll
rncolvo on Frliln*-11 nlUrnonn r,«xt, Mny
•jutb, Irom four to Mx,
Wo read now a days a great deal al out
epidemics, ~ viz, measles, sca'-'et fever,
etc. There is another fcjii'emic .;i this,
country, i. b., incubators. Almost every;
house and farm house havo bean infested-
with this. There should be a treat
many chickens raised-by this p.cross if
the possessors understand tho in imputation of them. ' ;
Mr. John Elder has already raised one
inuiiln-ii' uiilcitcun and 'linn tivu liuntlred
turkey eggs set. There should certainly
ho no shortago of fowl in this district
this  fall.'
Mofsrs, W. .liullock and II. bullock' aro
liaviiiK two hundred acros broKon on
their land, at Coal City, Tho recent
plentiful rains which wo havo had makos
the soil turn up very good. Thoy are
bronklni* about ten neros a day and will
havo It rendy for seeding with fall
A. mooting of tho Tabor homM of truilo,
togothor with tho conl operators' of
Tnber and district wiih hold on Friday
evening tho lfith Inst, In tho flro hall.
Tlio mooting wns prosldcd ovor by Mr.
DoiiglnH, tho chnlrman ol tho timird of
trado.Owing to tho abRonco of Mr Wnl*
Ince, I)r, I^nng acted as Koorotnry.
Mr. Douglas nald thoy hnd mot to dln-
cuau tho quostlon, moro t-bpcially tlio
state of tho coal trado with a viow to
golting a reduction of the tariff so that
wo should bo ablo to vompoto with tlie
ronimsylvanla conl floldH, lio snld thnt
tho coal mines of Alberta should bo ablo
to supply nil tho conl iit-odod by tho
peoplo ol such towns as Winnlpog nnd
Itraiulon nml II tho reduction wnw ado*
qua to tho conl mines could bo oporated
nt n prolH. Tlio cost ol a car ol conl
In (rolght to Winnipeg wns four and a
hull dullurs, II this could ho imluCi1*.! to
lliroa nnd a hnir tho conl could ho ship-
pod from this district and loavo a mnr-
Frank,. .._ Alta., May "17:—Ernest La-"
vnne, a young- Frenchman, was. Instantly' killed' in the Canadian Coal & ..Coke
Co.'s .mine yesterday .by falling off the
roof." . -1
—: o      ■ ••—- ■
TEltnillLY 11JJRNKD.
Henderson*. Block. Fernie.'
Successor to J  W. H. 'leiry
Employment and
, *,.        ' , I • K
Real Estate Office
Kingston, May 18—Edith Millnrd, six
years old, was dangerously burned whilo
iiinyiug around a bonfire near her home
to-day. Her body was terribly burned,
and-recovery  is doubtful,,
* Plans anil Estimates furnished.
Jobbing.   Sash nml Doors. ,
Builder's Stairwork a Specialty
Satisfaction f-nnrnnteed.
P. 0.°Box 183 Union' hbor
■All, classes  of. men.    *
Bushmen,   Lumbermen   &
■   Sewer.
Excavations taken . out, etc.
All work guaranteed
Reasonable   Rates
Cox Street
Phones 94 and  147.    T. 0. Box 417
Victoria Ave.
Fernie. B. C.
• i 1
Tlio llnnkliiwl Mines Co., Mil., nro
mm runnlnu Imlf time.
Mr, L. Hockott, K«ntr..l iimnnK«r of
tlm llnuklienil .Mli.<'» «'.. wn* lu town on
llllhlllOKH  thin  wook,
Mrs, T. llnotlnn Ritvo nn nt I101110 laHt
tvci'k wlilrli wiih viwll Attended by tlm
ytiiiii*- |inn|ili», nml tlm ovonlni* wuh well
H|Kiiit. 'I'tmrti Ih Krc-nt credit duo to
Mih llnntlnn In tlio wny which «ho on*
torlnlim tho younn pooplu ol thin town,
A   «ninn  nf  .ibhoIwU   wn* I'layml  Sun*
Tlm liiootlnK wiib thrown o(.na nml further illHRUHfllon took idocp. Ulihop Vim
nrinnii Hfild thnt It would re a. ,-,ood
liloa rnraujJ'*vuiitntlnn of tho conl <>nori.-
tnrn XnVVVi'" with ro|inm.mt,aL|>'fiH nf
tho lionnl of troiln to ho Hf.nt in Vinnl*
P«l* to nttimd thn rnllwny rnininltntloii.
Mr,' Duiii'iin i>nt hftturo tlio incotluH n
iiuinht'i* of pnlntH which wuro tloiluco*!
from whnt hud limn Muted nt it itiaIdiih
tiimitlii). hy Mr, Iliihtteiiil. Tluivo |.o|nt»"
wcni fully dln'UHi'Pil und In •he lotirfaof
tlm dUuiiKhlnit It wan HMtted Uutl nlmut
four ■Million ilolliirK wiih IiivuhIuiI In I'onl
|ii-o|iorty In Tiilwr and district, und thnt
Kiivcn nud u hnff million ion* of conl
were hIiI|i|>i'i| liint your Into I'nnitdii from
tho Unlti'd HtntnH, A romnilltaa wiih
nppolntcil conwUttiiK of tho conl opori\t-
orn and tin* oxofiitlvo of tho board of
truilo to foimiiiHtt. invir Kri<ivir.i.-«*a ami
^ic'-i-ul   It   In  Ihr-  fnnn  of  li   ^r-lltlon.
Mimic bath clinrinn—that fnct vteu do*
mnnfalrntftl on Thurmlsy nlitht, und dtv-
rnonulratfd vory forclhly. Tlm I^ulrw
Jlrehany Co, «av« a vory diilltflitfi.l con*
rort to on* of lh* lnr««it anil repronmiU
atlvo nudlenca w« hnva had th(» n]ee*
ruro of **wln(r- "T*1 pHrnonnlly rnnntlnn
any of th» company would hardly Im.
f*lr but tn our mlnil Mil* I.fiill*« lira*
bany U a r^lly hl«h eulturAil *.|n(i#r.
H»r volc« l» nwrot and bar at.niin'.latlor.
j*rf**tly rltwr, hi>r «(pn>**«lnn plrut.int.
and ihowa that the nee hail th* Nit of
rniitm, Tha planoforU ahllltlM cf MU«
V*Ct«n** ar* alto rrt»rv«!l«u», and it •«*.
IndNxl !nt«r««tln** to watch bar Rllillnu
day tnornliiK Inni delvfeaii tlia llniik*
JiMd'tMm and a H*r»h li"am, the latter
wlniilnut out hy 0 to 7.
A kiiiiio of foothnll wiib plnyod Hun-
rtny altnrnouii \a*x,, ho^kku >.;<* l',-*.'--
head rlovon and a Scrub Wain, the for-
incir wlnnlni* by five goal* to three,
Thoro wa* alBo a (tnuio of ni«by football played on Hundny o.enlni* laat
betwoen tho Hhamrorfca mid Tlditlea, It
waa a banl and fa*t nemo and the •pee*
tatora were ilrl<i{hUd, tt l« bvtleved tha*.
nuuby football ha» come to «Uy. II.
Morjjnn, fnptiitn of Mhamr/wli*,* 0.
Mthertm. captain t.f ThlUlKe,
There *HI »>e a ffre*t day In P-anlT on
May 35. ltoat racu in the mornlnt*.
tUMball, Canmore v«. Ilankhead; football. Kifhaw vi. Ilankhead; alto Indian
race* during the day.
Mr. Mnreh, Kr., Lninhtot, co>U 11 mo.
ntttnd'd the above m«Hip;, haitof; «M-
ilcn In on horaeback, Ho tied up h\»
hnrNo nt, n pout op|ioNlln tint depot and
, ,, s,,^A,l4.,t   tr.   thf.   'nnotti-f.    X'n,.!'   uliortt*' t
after tlm rain rniiiinonrfxt to deecenil
ami tha home thlnklnu "th.ra'a no place
llkn homo," took It ln*ti hi* head lo not
lliore, Tin Rot there. Mr. Mr.mli comln**
out from the meeting could not And his
home, and thought ho had better walk
home. He (tot there, wet and weary,
hut, w«< hopi*, a vx**r man,
KTotica Is hereby given tliat 30
days after dato I intend to apply
to tbo Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for a license
to prospect for coal and potroloum
on the following lands situate in
tho district of southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, block 4503.
Commencing at a post planted
at or noar & miles east of «6 mile
post of present C.P.R. survey adjoining blook 4503 on the west,
and being, tho S, W, corner post
of Frod E. Good'all's claim, thanco*
south 80 chains; thenco east
GO ohains; thence north 80 chains;
to point of commencement making
640 acros more or less,
Locatod this 3rd day of December, 1007.
Harry Couillard, Witness
W, E, Coates, Jr.   Agent
Fred E, Goodall, Locator.
Commencing at a post planted
at or near 5 miles east of 85 mile
post of present O.P.Il. survey adjoining block 4503 on the west,
and being the S, W. corner post
of Mrs. Mary E. Goodall claim;
thence north 80 chains; thonce
east 80 chains; thence south 80
chains; thenco west 80 chainB; to
u rci*flt cf •»A'wni"*Ti',e,nta»i+,. wfiklnf"
IG40 acres moro or less,
Located this 3rd day o( December, 1007.
Harry CouiUard.Witness
W. E, Coates, -Jr. Agent
Mrs, Mary E, Goodall, Locator,
Fresh   Milk
Delivered to nil parts of tho town
Gorrle Bros., props.
Michel Order of Owl* aro running their
Aral annual eieurolon to Klko on Won*
day next and have arranged a *rle*.''l<1
program of aporte fnr the *«y •-rwbtrh
Rood catih prlreii are put up, noubtljeM a
good crowd will nro from here.
Oommtmcin/j at a post pianied
at or near a point 1 mile east of
the 25 mile post of present C,F,
E. survey adjoining tfloelc 4503
on the west, and belnlng the S. E.
comer post of Leonard W, Baker
claim; thence north 80 chains;
thence vtett SO chains; thenee south
80 chains; thence east 80 chain*
to a point of commencement mak-
tnr* 040 acres more or leu.
Located this 13th day of No*
vember, 1007.
G. C. H.
W, E. Coates
Fit for a King
Tho montB thut, you buy
Irom uh nro fit I'or a klni*.
Wo Boll iio'liliur thnt Is
not tho beftt. tlint Is why
w« hnvo so many ploiiBort
customers Lot ub do-
moKBtato thin (net by n
win I. Polite nttontlon
and prompt service.
Calgary Cattle Co.
euloklf iiiref
niTentlnn «
lent free. tfliloH }H«»''!'i*JrJ!,J1*"-r'il?Rl«^'*/,*..
I'litente Yukon throuuh Mann ft Co, WCOWe
tptcial eotM, -wltboat oiinrgo, lo tbo
A harnltiomolr IHn«tt*tei1 tteeklf. JTjir-cpit *»n-
Si atloo ofju.7 telantlflo Joaroal., ,'i'emj.foj
KnadiC*W*r»Ve»r,^)»uioprep«lu. Baldly
■li nowwioaier*. ,,    .
MUNN & Gu,a,BraMMy' New lam
'"uliwt. Zl^fLi v t%, w»*J*ZiJZ ill.
"An honored citleen of this town
was suffering i from a severe attack
of dysentery. He told a friend if
he could obtain a bottle of Oban.-
berlain's Collo, Cholera and Biar.
rhoea Bemedy, he felt confident of
being cured, ha haviner used thia
remedy in the West, Ho wan told
that X kept it in ■tot-Jc and lost no
time in obtaining it, and waii W
Coleman, Witness promptly ^''"g;* *l1,wh
, irr. Agent a , dn||Ut  •   Wo  ott, Vt.
W# IS. uoaves. iir, *\g*a*>  » .*»•"■»■••,,'' ,"    laZ,.
Leonard W. Baker, Locator I sal* by all dniggiitB.
Some    people who take things
easy land in jail.
Mo man approves of a woman
who flirts with anotner xr.aji.
It is sometimes safer to back
down than to get your back up.
If,you see a man making love
to a woman in public it is a sign,
she isn't his wife.
And the wise theatrical manager
hitches his waggon to a star rather than to a fcirl in tbe *ehor,t**.
It has ibeen remarked that love
levels all things and the »u» wht>
has loved and lost known tbat it
levelled him.
f   * J
.. .■■■ii.-...--g-'--"-----"- *-■
i_________mmmimLewmm DISTRICT   LlvDGEH,   I'F.HNn-:,,.«. C. MAY 23,  1908.
For making
quickly and perfectly, delicious hot biscuits,
hot breads, cake and pastry, there is no substitute for
No Alum—No lime Phosphate
The poisonous nature of  alum
is so well known that the
sale oi condiments containing it is prohibited o by law.
sut aiostn
Nelson Will Have Buildings at
Calgary fair.
„Cal{MU'i', .May   IS—Lust   week 1'. Burns
-and John Dreive of Culgui-y received a
request- from the Kelson, 11.C.,' hoard of
tiade to select a Mte ut the. Dominion
fair (."rounds  for    the' proposed   building
.which  will  be- ercctwl  for, the  Kootcnay
dlsplay '   of  fruit,   minerals  aud  Umber.
Messrs.     Burns  and  Drewo, have visited'!
Victoria   Vui'iv. in .   . u i-cieil   a   site    ad-j
joining the main buildir.g, with a 15 foot
frontage  on  the  large  laiyn.   The 'building, that will be erected,for the Kooten-*
ay  display,  will  liavca  frontage of 3(3
feet and, a depth of twenty-four feet and
will bo so  located that-visitors .passing;
from the main building, to see the-other
-exhibits   may pass   directly   in   front*of,
the  Nelson  building.'.The display-of the
-Hfruits=?=minerals cts. frprA—the— Koc-tcr.	
.ay promises  to  be'one'of. the finest   of-
Qum or policy
Part of Nova Scotia Association
,; Favors Joining the Mine
Workers of America
the fair,and will be the largest and best
ever seen in this part of tho west.
One of.the most  interesting exhibits at
tho Dominion fair  will ho a number   of
■ animals  from  the  HanlV- National- Pork.
'Through tho co-operation''''of Howard
Douglau,. Dominion' park commissioner,
the fair managers have boon enabled to
secure this interesting exhibit, which,is
to  include buffalo,  moose, elk, ileer, bob'
-cats, • bear,", mountain lions,,  lynx, etc.
1 Special places, will bVnttTi up f< r t'r.f-c
, animals and they will without doubt'nt*
trnoL-'a"great, deal of a'ttention from iv
-fl great mnny of the visitors.- ■
-'Sydney, NjU., May 10—A very interesting and rather important &\i\\-t\_m\ is
on at. the present timo in coal , mining
circles in ^o\;a Scotia. The light is iTe-
tween those who believe chat tne union
of mine workers should he-'cuducltd es,
at present', and. those who are more radical in their ideas anil wish greater activity,.! The -: latter are endeavoring to
have the mines controlled in ' so, far as
the men'* are concerned by the' United
Mine Workers of America. Por some
time  past  all tho  unions  which includes
Resident of B.C. Deprived of a
Large Estate—Sweeping
New York, JIny 21—A special cablo
from -London to the New York Herald
says: '
"A decision was handed down in the
chancery court yesterday holding that a
divorce secured ih Dakota wus not valid* in  either' Canada or Scotland.
l.y it, Richard Sterling, a resident of
llrltish Columbia, is ile;.ii.ed of estates
in Scotland worth five hundred thousand dollars. Stirlin.n's mother was
ii..-11-rlur first to a Scotchman iin-i to
Smith, and the couple went out to Canada. .Smith subsequently' secured n divorce from „ his wlie at Fargo. N. D,
Mrs. Smith later married a man iiaum.1
Walter .Stirling in San 'Francisco, The
boy Richard is an offspring of this-Int.
ter marriage.,,'He would have succeeded
to the estates, of-tieorge Smith but for
the decision oi the court that "he is illi-
gitimhto, on the ground that George
Smith was not domiciled in Dakota," So
tho court holds that the divorce and the
subsequent, remarriage of Mrs. Smith are
both invalid."
*'     < ,.
fernie Resident's Commendable
...     Action.:
i Through tho anxiety of a hoy to bring
before his omployor-facts which wero
hupposod to pluco him In possession of
the iiuinuoi' iu which sovcral things havo
been missed from Swhlaby's drug store
lately, n man, whoso character Is well
known to he of tho best and whoso
friends were able to tumif.v to his previous Kood conduct wns plucoil In a vory
iiwI;wiuiI nnd unenviable position Uilw
The ciiho wo allude to wns tluU ol
Mr, Walter IMck, of Uonl Crook, who Is
well and very favorably Known both
here nnd nt Conl Crook, where ho has
woi'la'il hlcmllly for some yearn.
Mr, I.hi; wns clmrgod with having
|iiii'|iiiik-ii a iihhlng rod from Suililaby'u
morn lust- IMomlny night, mid when the
fnctn of the case were hroujrht to light
it wiin illseovaroil that another gonllo.
man lutd bought thu roil for six dollars.
The prlco of tho rod should havo hei-u
twenty dolliii'N hut hohio inlMtulio had
hi'i'ii miulo In marking thorn for tho fire
Milo nnd lnnlend of, twenty doll,, r« It
win, iiinrked nlno, which, with tho onv*
third tilt inndo It nix ilnlliirs. The Jiiven.
Iln ileti'i'tilvu of Mr. Kiiihliihy'H seeing n
limn going out of the hIoi'i* with thu
rod mmiudnl that, Ih'ciium' he wore n
red hweatcr (as did Mr. lUiln that ho
had Inmli'd a haul, nnd Infoi-inoi) Mr.
Hiiddnhy  thnt  iii>    how   Dick  going out
Wlth'tho  j|(uU.|lii*iitliJlii'd   I oil.
After the trial w«h out (wh|i,h by thu
way was n. very long drawn out nlTnlr>
Mr, Hilddaby who ni'tml nn behalf ofthe
l'lk Drug Cn,, heelug tlie mMiiko he jgi'il
„ Mr, IMcli'K pnrdiin and wnlhintly olTi""<I
In (iri'Hi'iil lilni wllh a rod I'lpmlly m
flood (in tint one Hint niiiM'il thn trouble.
x\*•    «tnni   Mr,   link   limy   turn*  hitter
liiil    " 111.   the   Hid    ,i, ,1   ! i    .it \,    li,   S, i,,J
thi> n«h In large <|iiniul4|i;''
practically-all-tTiose men-who are eiu-^
ployed in the province in Llio industry,
have been associated as the l'.W.A This'
organisation- has been conduct/Ml in'a
manner' satisfactory to ,the majority of
the men nnd to tho mino owners. No
vory unjust- demands, liave been nude
and although minor disagreements hn\o
occurred from time" to time,- the employers as a rule have met tho reasonable)
wishes of tho men.
Thoy are willing to continue this policy. Tho P.W.A. executive composed
chiefly of the older men. The younger
element have now an impression that
tho success which has attended the efforts of the, IUY.A. in tho past has
been won by reason of weakness on the
part of the-mine owners and they bollovo
that a more energetic policy under which
greater concessions would ho. demanded
would meet with' equal success,"-end at-
cur? to'them better 'terms than -thoy
now enjoy. With this belief they hnvo
succeeded in Interesting'the United Mino
Workers of America, which lattor organ,
isatlon is assisting tho malcontents m
their endeavor to transform tlio F,W,A,
Into,n branch of the U.M.A,
The Intention.of courso Is that tho
whole lWV.'A. ho tnken'ovcr ns n villi,
This, however, Is bitterly opposed, It
would appear, by a majority of tho No.
vn Scotia miners, but who nre not powerful enough to prevent certain lodges
from desertion tho old 'ntwoi.in'l-m. Ono
or two In Cnpe llivton and ho.uH lu
tho mainland have already signified tho
Intention of afllllntlng with tho U.M.W.
and tho executive nf the I'.W.A, having
been npiirlfeil nf this action has rovoked
the chnrtei1 of these lodges. Tho present
Indications are that for some timo a'„
least there will ho two distinct nulling
labor organisations  lu  Nova ■•Sra:!*,.
Grand Forks, May 18—The f-till further tightening of the "lid" in Grand
Forks has been accomplished- the last
few days by the police commissioners
who have put all slot machines out of
business. It is today stated that the
city council are considering the advisability of hereafter enforcing the bylaw regarding the riding" of bicycles on the
sidewalks of Grand Forks. On the municipal statute books there ins leen nn
ordinance of this kind for years but it
has,been practically a dead letter and
in consequence bicycles have had a free
right of way on all. the sidewalks of the
Gateway City,, but during the past week
a couple of bad ■ accidents have occurred
one-in particular being when tho young
son of a business man was knocked down
by a wheel and narrowly, escaped being
badly injured,, The general opinion here
now is that this privilege, of riding on
sidewalks-, is- being greatly abused" and
that the time has arrived to call a halt
in this matter,! ■. .
Fredericton. May 10—A bill to enlarge
the scope of the .Workmen's Compensation Act was introduced -in the legislature to-day. The maximum liability by
it "is increased from fifteen, hundred to
two thousand dollars.    -
There will bestrong opposition made to
the measure by manufacturers.-
"It is very good o£ you sir, to
give me your seat."
"Not,, at all mum,-" said Pat.-
"It's a* dooty we owe the sex.
Some folks only, do '• so when a
woman is young' and pretty, but
I says the sex, and not the individual."
o-  O ■ ,
Pa gets union wages, '
. For he's a labor skate;
No ten hour day for him—
'   The union says "Work eight."
Ma,is-interested        •-   •
So is Sister Ann. ,, ,
The., label-goods that they buy
Help the 'old man.
It is-common knowledge that' thousands of men, women and children aro
starving to death under tho "finest system on earth," but ho relief expeditions
are being sent to them. If they were on
somo dilstnnt island on tho Pacific, or
lost on some arctic point, a relief expedition would" be 6'rgahise"d~'wltliout-regard to expense and tho press and tho
world .would applaud the rescue. Hut
these men, women and children, are in
the heart of civilisation, so-called and
surrounded by" tho wealth which ' 'they
created. Not only ,is there no relief for
them, but there are riot guns, clubB and
threats, and the refusal of permission to
peaceably asscmblo to consider ways and
means for their own- relief Is this, civilisation or savagery?—Union Labor Journal.
uniform keenness
no honukhio grinding.
You want comfort and satlsactlon
of, clean smooth shaves every
The Carbo Magnetic Is the only
razor   UNCONDITIONALLY i-r.,,
GUARANTEED to give this.'   *JJ
Thesecret Electric Tempering 'J®.!
positively merges every particle of carbon   (tho   life of
steel) in*o the metal—giving*
diamond-like hardness
throughout the blade—some-,
thing absolutely   impossible
with fire tempered steel used
In making all other, razors.
But test, this razor   in-your
own home--or have your barber
use it on you.    Secure ono 30
(^■sxstex^e.®'®^^ !
| Club   Cigar
— Store-1-
'tlie only   reliable place in
• town when you require anything in'.Tobaccos, Cigars,
or Cigarettes, '
,   W.'.A.   INGRAM,  Prop.
Phillip. Carosella
TJlrTlOasr    LAB33L
Crow's    Nest   Special
Miner's Favorite Cigars
Port Steele
Brewery Co.,Ltd
Fernie,   ». 0.
Brewers of Extra   Fine  Lager
and   Aer.ued   Waters.
Bottled    Goods    a     Specialty.
Hotel     I
QUAIL, Agent, Pernie.
The best dolliir u day lious.e in the city
a**, Liquors and Cigars of the best qualtity **,.
♦ '•,Vell''!»tocked bar ■ ';*
•J* u V
.♦. Dining room in charge of P. P. Millor .J.
•I* Only white help emrloyed           V'
♦*• V
•> ROSS BROS.        . PROPS.     *
* *
__ (> '
Mnclood, May 10—I'lrc (lvt-troyed Klr-
1),v'b bakery yesterday inn'rnln^, doing
(lamnj-'o to tit? extent of about 82,000,
A  U'.l'HU IN MAN1T011A.
AiiHtln, Jinn., May IT—A Chinaman
HippoKod to bo nlllli'tetl with lopvoRy linn
escBptMl from quarantine, nnd to tho
present  \u\# nvolilod  nrrosl,
Mlihtrd'H LliiliiiKin Co., Umili'tl,
Yitriixiutli, N
fi.   .   ,\     .      .. ,  _ T . , . 4,
Lecliii'v, ono nf tll.t iiu'i*. icmploytd by
tno, working In th» IuiuIhm* troo-Jn, liftd a
ilvo fall on I1I111, criifhliiK lilm fuarfully.
Hr« wn», when found, vhxra\ on n flml
find tflUoii liomc, vliero ernvn fear* woro
I'hU'itiiliU'd for liU roeova-ry. IiU hip* bo-
Inu Imdly brnlhcd, nnd bli body lurncil
blink from Iiih rlh« to Ills foot We n'oil
MIVAHD'S L1.VTMBKT on lilm froely
(u duadiiu t\w |,uli, uud v,itii tl,« ui.e of
thme liottlca ho wn* coiuplolely etirod
nml nlilo to Mum to work.
J.l«ln no»il. l.'TnUt Cn . Qua,
Crnnlirook, Mny Ifl—Tho flncst wcullier
nnd a cnpnclty erowri anil uwimri. trying
tliolr hnrdiiRl lo win, vonibiiiuil to nmlio
n (rnviitor* mici'i'HH nf tlii< opi-nlni; mootliiK
of the M'osti'ru Turf Ah-iocUtlon l»'ro
tmliiy lliiin iivi-.ii thn iirnniiiliM'H a>xpi*ct-
Lil,   The town U pucki'd  to r.vurflowlni'.
In Iln* llilnl rnti', ' of mU fiirlniiKH,
lli'iid lifini-n, with n rldnr up who I'an
roriiilnly drlw a Imrmi to'n imniHliini'
llnlsli. wai bi'ati'n by d nivk by Colon*''
liuil,.- i.u.
. I*«*!   Mcl\iiiii';,\1  a   purer,  \nni  tliu tl.ra-o
lu'iith of tho a.17 In one, two, line.'.
Mnodfi' and I'Vlahco provvil what inn
lio ilium wiib *lhi< Htnrtlnt? until |n tlio
IiuiuIh of oxporlH, nn (hoy ^nxo ll|/hliiliif<
."UliH  of   tll«  Klun-t dlHtftiiC.' u-airfitli.
Por tho ono milo i>ur*,o nr four hmidrml
noilni't,      lint nnliT  wain:   Havo  Wobbor,
.'. j'„••..•;,', .',,*,. ,•-,',..,,
(in ll.i< llin-0 '(uurti-r mllti dusli tlio
oidor wan: L'olnni-l Itroniion. l.n Tftrnn.
In. Tlio "Mlimoiirlnit. Tho third In thl«
ovont In prohnldy tho bent liorno of llio
moi tinp,
In tlio /ivivo'iflitliN of n 'iiIIk diiMi tlio
pout wan pnMOd.thl*. way: Horn Mrfllh*
hon, llnn Klloo, Otto Prliife.
An oxtrn ono milo roiultfrf 'Vii follow*:
Lticroro, I'ury, im*.
In tlm local rnc* Hyi\ Smnll gnvo nn
exhibition of r/ic*.< rlilln*/ tliAt llftod tho
rrowi) to tho top notch of onlliuulaiim,
roiuinff honu» hy i\ b«r» lonflth from nn
Imliua In n ilrivini*/ 111111-11 In whirh two
wont dijwn n» thry r*,m& Info thu
ktrnlt'ln Ono nf Hi* rliUrn It now In
th* lioaplt.it horo, but will bo nbl* to
rbfo nirriln In a f<**»*' il,iy«.
."Kliintlinn," nsUod. tho to.tchot' of a
boy ut f-ichoo) "If your father borrowed
from you ono hundred dollars and should
UK'i'i' to pay you ui Iln.' rutc of ten ilol-
Inru pi'i' wook, how much would ho owo
you at tlio ond ot nuvpii wooks?"
"Ono hundred tlolli.ru," said tho boy,
"I'm afraid you don't know your ar.
Ithiuoth*," nald tho toaclior.
"Woll," said tho boy, "I may ' not
know my nrllhinoUc, but 1 know my fa-
thor,"    ,
The   Home  Bank of'Ganada
       nivipFNin   No   <;iy  -_
Notice is. hereby given that a Dividend at the
rate ot Six per.cent, per annum upon the paid up
Capital Stock of the Home Bank' has,been declared for
the Three Months ending the,31st of May, 1908, and
the same will be payable at the Head Office and Branches
of the Bank on and after Monday the First da) of June
next, ' "
The transfer-books \viil~be~'Close*.V'from the 17th to
the 31st'of'May, both days-inclusive.
By the Order of the Board. n
James Mason, General Manager.
..Toronto, April 15th,   1908.
W.   C.   13.   MANSOM,   MANAGER,   FERNIE,   B. C.
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gent's Furnishings   .
WINE   CO.   Ltd.
Wholesale Duuli-rs and Direct
I'liporiei'b of
,    OLD-TOM
,  AND HOLLAND .GIN.    . ".!
Sole* /Agents in East Kootenay,tor .
'^ATEK   '.
t The
♦ "
Fernie Lumber I
Go., Ltd.
t ALEX. McDOUGALL, Pres." & Gen. Mgr. y
Dealers in
♦ Routrh & Dressed Lumber,
Aft- ,■ - Q
Dimension'& Bridge Timber'»s
j   '    <■'__  __-'  j L__      *}»'
Shiiiffles' and  Ties. ♦
,-    , y
I Telephone Poles a Specialty 1
y All Orders Promptly Attended •>
♦ '    to X
Y Tel. 3
t  " '
Pernlc; B. C.
FERNIE, 2314—Pres., J; T. Puck*
ty; Fin. Sec.1, Thos. Biggs.
'   , ■'
Notice is heteby given that 30
days after date- I intend to apply to the Hon, Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a license, to prospect for coal and
potrolouni on the following described lands situated in tho Flathead Jllock 4593, district,, of south
east Kootenay, province .of British Columbia.
1 Commencing at a post situated at ,tho north oast cornor of
lot 1008, 'avoupl,
thence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains,
to    tho    place of commencement,
containing 0-10 acres more or loss.
Dated this 15th, day of April, 1808
Gus Beckon, Locator,
D, A, Cato, Witness
R. McGregor, Agent.
HOSMER,     2494-Pres.
Cole; Sec. Wm.'N. Reid.
G.    ,C.
8 Commencing at a post situated nt or noar the south oast cor*
nor of lot 1008, group I,
thenco east 80 chains,
thenco north 80 chains,
thonco west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains,
to    the    placo of commencement,
"Kvui-ytiiii**.,' wn** lli»>," Niild ilio (iinn. j containing 040 acroc move or loss,
ur wlii'ii In1 «ot Imciv homo f:on> hli flr.i \ Dated this 15th day of April, 1908
vIMt to thu rlij— "I'wsilliiitK wn*. 1'nocx. i Ti, A, Cato, Locator.
ri'iit   tlio liulit.  Tlic.v Ki'i't Urn liu-iit Iii ! D. A, Onto,    Af-ont.
my riioni iniinlnix nil nl^lii Iihik, Hunie- j It, McGregor, Witness
tliin-*    I   rm't      irtlo,  mil  1  «*....1.ln*t I     3 Commonc-ng ftt ft poBt Bjt„al.
hli'i'i. r... ncroiint  of II- , ed on„ lnl*0 cttMl Qi thfJ „outu cf4J,t
'Why ili.ln'i .vim iilo«' It  (.ui*1*' niikoil |C0,„c,. 0f,lot  1008,  group 1    and
j nt tho souU'a cabt corner of D. A.
li  diii**   iinw   niiihi iv    ,'i'iw | Catp'n claim,
thenco cast 80 chain*, ,
I +1iotm»i» nnrtli  RO i»1*i11 *ni
I thonco west 80 chains,
I tiitncu south 00 cumnti,
"In Fobruary our duuc-,l.ter had , to tho j.laco of coinmenceinM.t,
the whooping couph, Mr. Lnno of I enntainlng 040 neres moro or loss.
Knrtland, rocommendod Chamber. Dntod this 15th day of April, 1008
Iain's Cough Romedy and said it Agnoss Anderson, Locator
f-avo his customers the best of «at« > D. A, Cate,    Arrant,
jKiacuon.   Wo Jound n as ho said, R, McGregor, Wit'nus
MICHEL, 2331—Pros., >7ai. Doug,
las, Sec, Charles Garuor.
COLEMAN,    2633-Pres.,     Hinry*
Smith   Sec , Wnj    Gialtdir,,
FRANK, 1263-Pres., Fred AUott;
Sec, George Nichols'.
; 5 Commencing at a post situate-
ed ono mile east of the south oast
comer of lot'8363,
thenco south 80 chains,
thence oast 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains,
thonce west 80 chains,
to    tho    placo of commencement,
Being bounded on east by license
claim of    John Anderson, on tho
north.by Eliza Good's claim,   on
West by H. Hughe's claim, on the
south by Noil McQuarrie claim,
containing 640 acres moro or loss.
Dated this 16th day of April, 1008
B, K, Bullock, Locator.
D, A, Cato,    Agent,
R. McGregor, Witness   LUNDBRECK, 2275-PreB.
LILLE,    1233-Pres.,
Soc, A. W. May.
T.   Evans;
BELLEVTJE, 431-Pres., F. Lewis:
Sec, Fred Chappell.
IIILLCREST, 1058-Pros., Robert
Livott; Vice-Prns., J, Lugact;
Sec, Harry T. Coopor
11.  Richardson| Sec, J, Matin-
IiIm   will',
hlrtltio tlilnw wnH limlilo n  liiilt|e!"i
and can recommend it to anyone
having childron troubled with the
whooping cough," says Mrs. A
Gobs, of Durand, Mich. For sale
by all druggists,
'0      -.
Tho smallest man is the ttingy
4 Commencing at a post situated at the south east cornor of lot
8303, group 1,
thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains,
thenrt* north 80 phnins,
thonce east 80 chains,
to    the    place of commencement*
•/..  !,,.,.    t-.   •._ .1   .-   i  i  ' containing 040 acres more or less.
Its better    to  forget nn  injury   Dftt«l this 16th day of April, 1008
than to forgive it
Remember that an act of char
ity works both ways.
R. McGregor, Locator.
D. A. Cats,    Agent.
R, McGregor, Witnen
, chol Kaye; Soc,, Goo Thos. Wright,
0 Commencing at a post situat-.j
od ono mile south of tho south-oast | WOODPECKER,   2200-Pres.,     W.
corner   of   lot     8303 and ut the .    -R- Hughes; Sec, John Fletcher,
south oast corner of R. McGregor   Monni»rviL-LF    o17fl_p,.n„
claim.   It   bdng bounded  on  the ' «?_««•:• VILL*-,   *3-a--rios.,
oast by Kathorino Good's claim,
thenco uouth 80 chains,
thenco wost 80 chains, j DIAMOND CITY—Prea.,
thenco north 80 chains, !    Sec, T, Entwiitlc,
thence east 80 chains, i
to    tho    placo of commencement, ; CANMORE,   1387—Pres.     A.     J.
containing 0-10 acres more or loss J Thomas;, Sec. Jumos Clynor.
Dated this 10th day of April, 1008    nAMKHF.AD,        SO-Prer...     Wm.
J.  Cranip, Locator, ,    pj^erj Roc, T. Dynon.
D, A, Cnte,    Agent, i
R, McGregor, Wltnens   TABER,      lOa-Pivs,,    T.    Boyle;
'    Sec, Wm, Murdock.
7 Coimiii'ii'-'ing at a pout Kituat*
od two miles houUi of tho     south ! uKTHUJMDai-:,    574-Pres,  B.   G.
east corner of lot. H303 and at tho '    Hamilton;    Hoc,   Charles    Pea*
south east    corner of J. ('ramp's I    cock,
thence -south 80 chains,
thence wont 80 chains,
thencp north 80 chnins,
thonce uixht 80 chains,
to    tho    place of commencement,
containinir 0*10 ixcves more or loss, i STRATHCONA., 2218-r-Pres., John
l*ated tu»s lot*, ciay oi April, Ivxjh •    -"•••a***. *-»•■■ r •"*■»• *>-*"•• (
i\ r. Hy-''' z-^]"r- .wiuik   biAu    huiiua, i-oiij,
D. A. Cnte,    ABent. ;    BtrftUjconn-rr.-e.,    Jus.    Cbcrl*
R. McGregor, Witness      er. Se0<( No[1 Mc Cormick.
fi Commencing at a post nittiat* J qubm MINES, 20S5, Edmonton—
od two miles south and ono milo ■    prcB u   chaB.    L.    Brycej   See,,
t\.in*        ft    ,X.F.    r'4,n.1,        P414,*,     t.r.*nfl*.    i\l   I        -.*     .       .
the Katherimi Good claim, '
thonce south RO chains, I MERRITT—Pres,     Frank     Steel,
thenco rant 80 chains, j Bee. Thomas Calvert.
thence north 80 chain*, i __._-.,_„«    -..n   -*   .      t    to
thence west 80 chains, : EDMONTON,   2"0-Pre«.,   J.   W.
to   tho    place of commencement, ]   Mmondeon; Vice Pre«.,   Robert
containing 040 acres more or leu.      5rown,v rig',S'CT' S$*' J "* ;
Dated this 16th day oi April, 190S      R«or.*Hne Se«., .T. MeDaWtt.
0«««,HaWoril, I-orator. .   Prt.jcianH and secretaries whose
R. McGregor, Witnes.1 , nftmM do not m,tM oa tuu  lilt
D. A. Cate. Agent , ^j., rtqUeited to forward them to
■ ' this omoe for insertion.
TAHhlt,   lUi'J-l'ros.,    Alt.    Rob*
etts; Sec, Robert Doodson.
CITV  MINER.  S2-10,  Edmonton-
Pro»,, T. Jiiuieo;.
«**-*■ L""""°l c»"* C°"I«' •" i *ffi$&$E^ "'" DISTH1CT   LEDGEli,   I'KKSJE, B. C. MAY 23,
$1 a Year in Advance
Issued ' every   Saturday from  the "office of
Publication, Pellatt Ave., Fernie, B. C.
Changes of advertisements must be in h»
■ follows: -Pases J!, 8,6, ana 7, Wennesdny, at ui
a m.  Puges 1,4,5amis,Friday at 10a.m.
Legal advertising 12 cents per nonimriel
Hue tirst insertion,? cents per line each subsequent insertion.
' Hates for contract advertisiag on applica
tion at oltice of publication, 1'ellnt Ave.
Address all communications to tho Manager, iiistrict Lodger.
i W. S.   STANLEY, Mgr.
SATURDAY, MAY  23, 1908
Wc perfectly agree with tbo follow lug
which appeared editorially in tlio UniUil
Mine Workers Journal, lu view of tlio
attitude that several-of tho thin skinned
and thick l.ciuletl individuals who try
to mako a showing of what they think
they know and who go so far as to forget that there are other and wiser men
in the world than thoy, it conies at an
opportune moment:
The personal character, integrity and
In somo cases the honesty of the olllceis
in several districts 'have herix assailod
by unreasoning and unthinking members.
Their motives have been impugned, their
character and standing''assailed upon.'a
question or. questions in which, there Is
no room, none whatever, for "charging
bad faith on the part of any official. .
,, Tho official of any district is, supposed
to have, and generally does hai'e.-.a
more accurate knowledge of tho subject
in dispute, of the surroundings that
largely govern, lie may, and iiKijuenUy
does, have a knowledge that is not (or
tho public, just the same as tbo president ot any other 'large corporation
knowledge, that it is best for the corporation's interest, that he(»2ep that
knowledge within his own bosom and
not blazon it out to the world.
The officers of the mine workeis nre
Eupposed to be' equally discreet. If they
are In possession of any knowledge ', of
this character, they conceal it and nre
frequently severely criticised for their action, whilo in reality.they are performing the best kind of service they can for
the members. Nay, they arc often abused "and slandered and life is' made a misery to them by the'-very ...men for whom
they are devoting the best energies of
thoir lifo' to help succor and protect,
.Criticism._lustl.v_and  friendly,, is    al-
ways to bk; expected. .In fact most of
- the oflicers court such criticism, because
' it is only Tjy this means that mistakes
can bo Corrected and avoided in future,
but "when that criticism reaches the
point that it is boyondi reason, It censos
to be criticism and very often becomes
slander. ,\Ve. know that soveral of the
district'officers havo been" made the" object- of- slanderous remarks; that they
■ have been charged with working for tho
opposlteiparty.^whlle pretending to. work
for" tho inlncr and all such nonsonsQ ft",
tfafei, wliich to a'thinking- m'u'n /■* -like tho"
noise emanating from a donkey, and no
attention'is paid to it'. But 'many ol the
officers are,' like others, men of high and
strong-' temperament, of a sensitive na-
. turo, and these' unkind words cut deeper'
than if thoy had boon pierced by a'
knife. The result; is discouragement,
doubt-and - fear, where, thoro should ho
courugo, hope and kindness, to bo followed very often into tho quiet Ufo of
the official, and an earnest, capable, determined friend is lost from the movement for all timo.
Tho miners by their votos lmvc ototoii
thoir officials, Thoro is not one of thorn
to our knowledge that doos not ilcriorvo
all the praise and credit.that can ho
given thorn for conducting the office in
a biiHtnoNS manner, und such unjust, un-
wis**, carping, sneorliig criticism is an
Insult, Injustlco and an Injury not only
to thorn, but to the organisation.
If ovor thoro was a time when tho united support should havo been given to
tho district and Tntornntlonnl olIiCoi'H it
has boon slnco .April, 1. Thnt thoy ha\o
succeeded in gottlng mntters In such" a
sJmpo «« it Is nlrenily n trlhiilo to
tlie skill, niiergy and fnlthfulnosH of
overy ono of thorn; that thoy should'ho
mado tho subject of attack In the hnmii
of their friends is highly ulliicroilltnlilo to
the pnrtloH who ninka (ho attack nnd
can result In no kooiI to tho immho, I'Kiy
lixlr should ho tho motto nf overy mm-
her of the organisation.
Tlio WliiiilpoK L'oi.iinerclnl In lust
xvuvk'i. hhitr- linn tlm following lo nny
tthiiut tln> "Chnmcii In llrlti'h ('nlum*
"Wliiui thn ifovunuiioiit iH inmy
i-iiiii|nili{iilng for .-.■•Uk'i'H Im* tho west
Hrltlhh Cnhimliln nhnii|i| not l,« for.
gut ten. Allhiiu,;h the «r.)ln grnwlnif
»|i|>»riiiiiltlt'M nro t'hlully In tin* pi'ol'ilo
provlm-i-H, lirlllNh (Jnlumhln linn Olim,-
nm fur Ni'vornl liulUhtrlfH, It |h very
iixnim.fut In iiitiii'iiil, tliulor, fi'hir-
lon, Irult •.-.rowlm?. oti*. Tluro l« a
i!i«*rtt cry tlmi-i* fur |nhi)i'vrn of llio
flnfH wo IniM' In (.'mitiiil (.'nnndn.
'I'Ih'.v do not «iwi to wnnt tlw l.'liln*
nmiti., -lap or Hindoo, niul tlo IicbI,
wny  to  keep  tliotn   out In to wcuro
• IIUUKtl tWill,' l.il.ul. ,iur,( iih l0li|( i.n
Ihrri. nil' iii.niliii;- It-ft (nr tl». nr(i",it-
nln limy will romp t,o fill ihi'in,
This In n monil time to get lnliOror*
In   lViNtil'H.'tr,   /or  f/iAtiiiiri*,  to |<u tn,
lliitlhii      Coliiinlilii,   Thiii'o iiio tlmn-
wiiiil"  rninliiK in   horo frriin  the itiM
>M hli.'. They will r?o to tli* firi-t
■art of th* Country Hint will ofW
them ImliirciiiPntB, .nntlMi Columbia
(ifforilf work both minitiior ntiil winter In a wny that tlin priilr|i*» iJo
not, I.uinlwtlriB |» rnrrlM nn In tl a
wlnt»r, nml mlntnp ,-oe* nn e«.l(n*|v»
ly nil the lliuc. nn'. there It |« not
n ee*e of tvnrMinr on fnrm* nil iiim*
mer nml i'oiiih «-'n»rv,-(„.irp wlu-n win! air
»**t« fir,
Ttrltlah CotumMa ten not ttitr-
|fn**> it'.eexrre trlntrr, unit xai-itig ev-
I'rjthlflt?   lut"  eon-Uter.\tlen^   It |«  a
wonder that there should bo any
scarcity of white labor thore. It is
a land iull of opportunities, and undoubtedly has a vast natural wealth (,
not yelTTleveloped: Ii_there~are"ariy—
surplus laborers in Manitoba, tho
government should advise thorn of
the chances offering in British Columbia." '   -
It is much to bo regretted that a publication of the style ,of the Commercial-
.would   print   such   falso   and   misleading
reports      of    the    conditions  '.n   Bnc'.sH
Columbia-, '    •' • .-■' !',' '•
" Anyone  who  knows  tho situ-ttUn    ii.
IJritish   Coluinbia   and . partloularly    In;
tho  Pauo  aro  vroXX anaro 'ot. 1Kb  tm*tt iliait.
thoro are now more tha*^ enough men 6t[
almost every calling .1(11*),- and waiting
till the mines, lumber mills' and various
other Industries reopen. Tho closing of
many of tho Industries through B, C,
was brought about by the very stringent
times through .Which wo have but recently passod, and from which wo aro
Just commencing to 'omorge.
To say' that tho publication of such
false reports in a journal llko tho Com-'
mercial, which Is looked upon ao a lea-
dor of opinion as regards to tho commercial situation throughout tho country, Is doubly misleading, 1b putting tlie
mattor very mildly, and wo must say
that tho commercial should bo moro correct in thoir futuro roports, if they wish
to hold their usually good reputation
for giving tho facts of the commercial
Tho harm that such an article doos 1b
twofold, First of all Us floods places
with men looking for work whoi'o thoro
aro already moro than «uMelont to fill
all tho vacnnclos, Secondly, and indeed
of really more consequence to the work
Hcckor, it loads a man to spond his already moagro uavlngs to reach a placo
whoro he thinks ho will bottor his condition, only to bring him face to faco-
with tlio fact that wo mmition above,
nnd as woll nn overcrowding the labor
mnrkot it fills up tho towns und cltjos
with men who nm out of money mrl out.
of  work,
■   *     -0
If ovury opoi'iitoi* und mine wori.or
would do his bout to uiidorNtniid tlio
work of an operator's commissioner
wage contraetN under which tloy work,
would ho pluimniit.
flrimtiir ri*|*rl for cinch other's rlghtx.
by the p«rlli.*K to « wiige contract, will
I'lamlimti' citiiMi for friction which usually ends In a suspension of work.
THAT the management of tho Opera
Houso should really wake. up. , They arc
doing themselves more harm and keeping
inore people away from the'shows than
thoy seem to realise. If they would try
and koep the .rowdies, and also the boys,
who congregate at tho rear of the* hall,
in some sort, of order, so that tlio' patrons could hear part of the plays" at
least, thoy would find that about'three
times tho number of people would' attend. Tho noiso . that ,was ■madb''^ last
Saturday night ' was ' disgrateiul^ The'
rowdies should he kicked out if; they
cannot behave themselves, .'
* *   •
THAT tho editor of the U. 0, Trades
Unionist (in revolt) seems to be «■ little
soro that ho was not given tho job cf
running the District Ledger, with a high
salary and a free' hand, as he so anxiously sought' to do. All'o samo'o
Goorglo MolMo." '
• ♦   •
THAT ,, ho understands froip.,rollablo
sources that our worthy "chief" wjis doing somo very loud talking about tho
way ho was going to handle tho Lodger
Critic, Well; tho Critic is still here and
would bog to romlnd his "chiefnoss"
thnt duty has to ho dono, and will bo
dono hy tho Critic, Irrespective ol threats
otc, The, Critic is Irish, and therefore
not easily bluffed,
* «   •
THAT tho "person" who Biiggestoil
that tho salarlos of tho District Oflicers
Mio»Id ho cut In two, should just romom-
hor tho very Interesting fact that if such
wns tho cause it would net as a detor-
ront to such people as tlio suggcetor living anxious to Jill the position of any of
tho District Ofllconi.
• ♦   »
THAT now tho "Dally KntorlooiiiifiH"
Iiiih houn nnd gone and went und did It*,.
/o.Yi'iJsi! inn, my tongue slipped,) ho Sno\a
moro Keem-o, as no doubt our worthy
cotein the Krco Pross docs. Wo nllwero
oxpoutlrig to have' to move out of town,
hut now thnt quiet Is oiirc moro restored Critic Ih plnntlnu tha rent nf his cub-
.•   *   *
THAT ho tiiiii'h appri'c hitei) pcor
Odi'ko'h pnrtliiK i-hot, oven If It was
IriillNpoMed a woo hit.   flood boy,
THAT you blamo your doctor lor'your"
bodily ills, lawyer for your losses, cook
for your stomach, children for your bad
temper, wife for nil else that goes
wrong, and thon if you run out, of ad-
lisai'ies, sum it all up aud jump onto"
your newspaper as it is generally responsible for all wrongs in sight, and a
thousand imaginaries. of a pessimistic
individual. An editor can stand more
than all tho rest of tho human family,
and then come up smiling for more
world's to conquer. He la generally
right and you like him just the same.
Continued ' from page l.
bo of interest, and naming the charges
would do no good to anyone, Tho com-
mlssionors, however, in fairness to chiel
Pennyculck, granted his, caso a roniand
till Monday night.
Hefore going Mayor Tuttle moved a
resolution that "All gambling no stopped by the police in tho city of Fern.e. '
Commissioner Broley seconded tho mo*
tion, and on being put It cn.rrU.--d without a dissenting voice. This edict is to
go into effect at once,
Wo consider this one of tho finest and
moat progressive steps that has over
boon takon, and think that tho citizens
of Pernio in general will ho much pleased to hear it.
Gambling in this town has been too
open, too rank, aiid tho worklngman's
faultily have suffered from it i\h from
tho excessive drinking to nn axtent that
Is appalling. So that In doing awny
with tho gambling It Is ono forwnrd
stop to tho workers nnd their families.
A Strong Tonic        Without Alcohol
jjA QiJiiy i>U<iiici-
A Wood Purifier     Without Alcohol
Most women would rather he
educated than envied.
The nearer somo neighbors aro
tho dearer they are not.
Tho prosperity of a fool may
ho either a reward or a penalty,
A girl's faco Js her fortune if
sho Is ablo to land a millionaire.
It Is a good deal easier to got
onyaRed than it is to get discn-
Rnged,—-Chicago News.
Hot 8 I
Ban* Unexcelled
All White Help
Call In and
See its onoe
0. W. DAVEY & CO.
P.  V.   WHELAN.  Mgr.
Iking's hotel!
Fernio,  B. C. ■ ■"'
Bar supplied  with choicest of .•*
Wines, Liquors and Cigars    V
*-      Y
Dining Eocm in connection   VY
I     Motel     I
A**- V> *"> »*•>».•* AU *.*> a.y **> «fa ♦.»> V> A* *» Al/ *!/ \ti Att »!/ *J/ *{/ Af/ Al/ A»» Al/ Al/ < **>
a>*«iva«»'fl*a.a.va»a..a>-a«.a> a>«t-ii*"a<.a-t- *• a « K*.* ar * * **,* .■ *• •- *-• - a*.*   *-t   a.,  *.,.*»,. m.t .*.,**..• * .m. rm
*la al*
il*, Some fi'v
fi;   H'O n.-ri'H i>i
*,}? City of Knl,
A Great Altcntire   "TithoatAkohal
A Doctor's Medicine Without Alcohol
Ayer's S«rt«ptrjll>   -yniiotitAlcoliol
We publltbjiur rarwulu
_    *W« banlih •lflntiol
J_ tnm wfriumi
We" »f t* r** *•
I Afer'f Filli are liver pills.  Tbcjr act
! dlrrcily nn the liver, mike mom bile*
Itecreted. ThU It vrhy they are to valo-
ablo In constipation, billonaneM. iyt*
pepsls, »kk-beidiehe. Atkyottr-ioeior
if he knows a better larati-re pill.
| '■     *aTU»*«ytUX.O.aVrwO^*Uw*»U.l
fi'w iiKiiitlija H'j'i. *.'u ptivcli/iKi'd Sit''*>li!*-i' ll'tin'li, M fii'm of
I t'Xlin ehnlrn hind, Hiniiit«'f*i nl), ut *i)j,i ni'li*** w«*n utthi'
tfiin, in ii well Mitt It'll portion nf tint illntrlit, Wn linvn
Ht ri.tt'ilivli.Hl iIi'im fHi'in Into ly.itrvu liln(;k«, mul wn nn* offorlnu ti cm for
fit Biilit oii 1-nt.v ti'i'iiiH, Tlin liu'ii'lon of lhit. fnrm Ik i-xccIIimiI i It In flout
"mU to.lliH C V It Sifliidi. nl flrimllt', I hern Ih n jrontl M-linol In llinlin-
Ajj mt'.Iinin vlrlnity, nml llio(invMinini)t)t wn/ron rend from Nelnnn ruiita
''" l*i- r* "•.^rl1. !'■■■; v'*j "<■*" •'V nopMif-t nf Up I'lntn nrntliiiliv to n thriving
•S|$ flty, thn vnlim 'of eneh hlncli immt nciratfi-Arlly rnidilly juciow***?.
Thlw W u H|i\miilKl Incittimi ior a Iruit it mi vtviii'iii' x'Atm nt ,<»
chlfbitn raDi'lt. Thcro ii rthvaya nu I'Xtolltiut innil,{'l for (invlhliif*
eUmr the** lliutf In Ncl>on. urni nt times vnry liljih prlctm in«y ito r>b.
tnlnpil. Tho IriiiI l« rut hard to clear; n irood workor could dear off
Add Imvo n crop thn lint sMtron, A msjnr portion of tint uround In
flfftrlv or.«n, voty llttlf *tnndliij" jrreoii tlinher. ^TIiorolRitflnuMrenm
Ol   W'lU«f   IIIUTIlM^ ttillitlU'ri ttllh Vi»;i».Vi,»'if.i\,.v,.      Tik>c l»it A»W iliuV..','.'.'
wifliln a qnartor of » mile of tl,o Kfiolonny Jtlv-jr, where tho vary
finest JUInbov Trout flshlosr I" to bn IiaiI.
We trimrflntcc tlm qiuillty ol tliomth|oi*l<H, nml aro plonsed nt nil
thiU'H to ttlvo Inti-nilln-r purclinser* tho benefit of A thorouj*h Inspection. Wt« connlder thnt ,ve «ro offerlmr a partlcnlflrly cliMc**** Aillrlo.
You nre not laklnsr any clmncn In ffrtirlin* (his IaiiiI At onr price. Wo
are setllnfl- thftue 10-aefo blocks At tf-XUiO per Acre, Anil CAn arraiiRO thfl
j|j, term* In very cniy jmymnnts lo suit i>uri-ViR».i->f ■*. j*
tl TOYE   *   COMPANY %
]\\     Fruit l.nnd* and Real Estate, Box 51, Nefeon, B. C.     Jj/
%   The Hotel of r-ernle
♦|t    Tho centre of Commercial    •,♦
X and Tourlut Trndo %
X        Cuisine ' Unexcelled        •>
♦  Y
V  Y
♦ S. P. -Wallace        Prop. •>
•l> •*:•
,VM^»|J45»~T *-**|(,|
iilSiita HKOUtiATlONH.
(Jiiai..—Conl inliiliitf il«litn'nmy In Imuml for
ii fiorloil of twftnt.v-oin) ,v««rm hi hii tinnnnl
rinitrtl of nl jit<r ncni, Not, nioro.thiiii t,Mt
iifirim hIiiiII Iju lunaml to, ono lintlvliliml or
i;i)miiHii.V A rovnlty nt tho m ,<> of flvo an}*;
lier ton hIii.II Im oollecttil m, tliemureliKUIKMa
OOlil llllllllll,
tiV.XKff.,~A iwcr-oii r(*lilc«n , (ur» nf hita nr
ovor, ImvlnirilUnovuroil ntinanvl In f>lttco,ir»ivy
loi'iitu ii uliiitii l.iviu x 1 ,''>! feet.
Tlin fuo for r«onrilIni* iv cliilm l» (A,
At Iciut, •vKomititt lie I'Xpnmtait on tliaolr.lm
diu-li ycinr or jmM to tlio inlnlnii locoi'ilur tu
lieu tin rtinf. When \!*u luu I'liun «X|iuiiil(ii| ar
imlil, tlin lonntor mny. Upon luivlnu h anr'-uy
mn.lti, r.n'l ujion rcmulylnn wltli otlmr rw
qulromcntu, uiirrlm»e tin luml at tl por iter*.
[ illtf      |*4tVll4    |4i.;*'4,lj.     .V.      .444,      .44.^  ...I... »     '.
i royalty nf tli! tier cunt on tli** tklsa,
Pr.ACKnmlntnirolHlrni esn»rr>lly ete loittit
Kjiwroi oiitry fou t& rtntntHblo ywrly,
An »m>!.<*»'!» mny r.ltiHx two I«»«m tn
itr«ilS«furRtililnrtlv«mil*«eiibli<iirai inini of
awmity yonra, runownlil* nt, thu tlltcrutlon of
tlio Mmutur of the Interior
'I'Un  .'.in'..   ,?."'.'V »v»-i ,>-•',*/"> I"  nni-riitlriTi
wflliin one aefl.on/n>n, tlin (Into of tlm Iiiiikh
for mcIi IIv» mils*. lUntitl «in n«r unrmm for
*nch mil* ft riv*r U»w>-l. Jtoymy »t tHi
rut*, nf », p«rc»nt colUcttnl on tha output af>
tor U MC'cli >il(W.
W. W.Cwiv,
t")«puty MlnUter of the Interior,
N. n.*-Unautlioriic«l tmhlluntlon or thU »J.
vortlwmont will not ho i**M for,
.til* l.'iT-dlTl
Fernie's uoBt   popular
.    Hotel
Every attention to tbe
travelling public
Rooms reserved by wire
T. H. Whelan
WuH furniiihed rooms
Tiiblo Huppllcd with tho best
Unr stockotl with bunt of Wines,
Lir-uorri nud Clgnrfi
30 days after date I intend to
apply to the &uperlntt&d«nt of
provincial police for a renewal of
wboleaalo liquor liconae at Hotm-.tr,
Dated this (2nd day of May.
30 days after dat* X iat-aid to
apply to the superintendent of
provincial police for a ienawal of
r."J.«if.?i*j !?Mi?r •'.••I*., -,,♦ "MuMiiiir,
Dated this* 25; It day of     April
1008. 4t
wjy.Mi.al> .*.*-**- *. . **"-*-*—*^n *-*,  ***,  ** -"   ** *-*"*4
If you would Iteep on tbe eafe
tide beware of people who try to
g«t on tbe good tide of you.
ThA Ho»mer Onera Co., cf Ho<*
mer, B. C, are open for bldj on
fittinffi, chairs, table*' >ian*jti, etc.
For particular* apply to
Box 27B
■i ti
'   A
•H-ty *««ea>,itMMia<t<4.» Official  Organ'of District  NO.   18,  U. M. W.  of  A.
FERNIE,   B. C.,   MAY 23RD,   1908
r\   ->
The assessment for,, the city hus- been"
totalled up and"shows that'the rateable
property    has becji- assessed at "53.05S,-
278.        ' ' V- '  '•■'.'''"   1- - •"";    .
Tho city has installed an up to'ilato
system of Are alarm. The red bcxes
were . the cause of a poor misguided
Chink being flned ten dollars and co>,ts,
He wanted to post a .etter," broke the
glass, anight in, tho act, result ten tlol--
lars line. ,,
The Lethbridge Trades and Labour
Council -have drawn up a good resolu-
. tion for presentation to tho' provincial
legislature, viz., free school hooks to all
scholars In Alberta, and also to enforce
ull children between the ages of, flvo and
fourteen. It is hoped that tlte central
labour' bodies of other1 cities in Alberta
the compulsory attendance at school of.
will endorse this action and forward tho
same to the provincial house.
- On Friday last Kov. Mr. Jlorow delivered a lecture on Ireland to a well tilled
house in Knox church. Mr. Jlorow is'a
son of Ireland, so that the lecture was
livened up with Irish anecdotes'delivered
in Irish style. The ■ speaker' compared
the north with the, south and pointed
out that the north was the most pros*
'perousas' It was peopled with a more independent .class. IIe„also pointed out
that the' south was oppressed hy tho
churches that dominate that section by
tho demands. they made on the pocsets
of the people, „ ' '    '
On May sixteen there were sauin'.os of
wheat and rye on exhibition that showed the remarkable growth ,of crops ' In
Southern -Alberta. The wheat measured
twenty-two inches and the rye twenty-
eight inches in height.
These samples were taken from the experimental farm and were not special
samples either, and there aro thousan Is
of acres with just as1 good a.growth in
tho surrounding district,     ". "
- A    new   Methodist  church  was  opci'eil
, in the north ward oi the city on Sunday
last,  known as Westminster church. The
building   was   dedicated   to   the   worship
of   God and handed over to tho church
' by the trustees. Added interest was giv-
■ en by tho presence of Rev,,  J.  Allen,, D.
,.D.,     of    Toronto,   general--secretary   of
home missions, who preached tlie sermon
Dr. Saunders is now located' in Waldo
and .was called for little Bernard" Oyo
last Thursday.
■ The. Adolph mill, is now running with
a full force.
J.. A. Torney and wife arrived here
Wednesday for a week's visit. Mr. Tor-
mey Is superintendent of Spokane schools
and secretary of the Kooteiiay River
Sand Co.
Mr, Torney is enthusiastic over,-. tho
scenery and climate and will bring his
family up for the summer.
Mr, nnd Mrs. W. K. Grlfilth went to
Cranbrook Monday  to attend ''the races.
Mr, Chas. McNab, manager of linker
Lumber Co., left for Cranbrook on a
business' trip  Monday, :
' The new settlers on Koolcnla tracts
ore 'very much elated over the poultry
entcrprilo and the current question now
is—How many chickens havo you?
A-ddLntioaial 2L.-oca.ls
]UI      UIC~"ui.i.uniOIjj=AP
was made, and over six.hundred dollars
was realised to apply on the indebtedness of ono thousand dollars.
Thero , were- three applisatl ,ns- for the
position pi chief of police laid before the
council on. Monday- night for their consideration;'   one   from ,T. B,  Rose, tho
senior member of the force',- and S. Sil-
llker, a former constable, and from con--
st Able  Gllluspic. ,TJio last, named     was
appointed .«« tho City fathers ionsldered
hia expei-tci-jte on Jho N.HvjIM.P'f'win *'n-\
able him to AH the position to great'jri
advantage-to the-city  ..    -.
A football match'that created unusitil
excitement was played on city square'
on Wednesday evening,
Tho match was an international ono,
Kngland vs. Scotland, and was for a
silver cup presented by, tho Calgary
Browing and, Malting Oo,
Tho Scotchmen, being tho heavier
team, wero confident of annexing tno
trophy, but alas, thoy. wero no match
for tho combination of their lighter op-!
ponente who whipped thorn easily, Tho,
game was free from any dirty • ,jrk although two men wore badly hurt about
tho head and had to b*> taken to the
doctor's for ropatrs. Benny of tho Scots
and Pllnier of Rnglniul, wero tlio unlucky ones. Tho game wns finished with
ton men aside and resulted In a win for
Emilaml, Score four to ono. TIiq Soots
only goal was scored off a penalty Kick
Mi*. A. Crooksoi) who has been on a
visit to Scotland for a "fow months, arrived In Coleman on tho soventfoth.
A largo number oi men nm working on
the streets hero grading and getting
thi'in In good order for tho first of .Inly
Mr, 0, At, D'lirlon, organlt-or for tho
N, T\ of Unnadn, visited | Coleman on
•Sunilny night hint. Tlio meeting w«»
frilrly woll attended, hut not so woll oh
I'xpectoil, hi'Mng that Colonial, is coin-
|in«od wholly,,nf working mon, Tho Inc.
tun' wnii llNttiiinil to with evident Inter-
I'Ht, mill ninny went away with a better
iiiuliii'Htaiiiling of Sni'liillhin nml tl deupor
liiir-rpNl In the Kiiclnlim iiio\omi<nt than
limy iiver liml liuforn, ,,
Work an tho unw cold* ovens has com-
mi'iiri'il nml Mr. Marslmi I.nlril, tlm rol.*j
oven linns experts to hnvo Ills men pull*
inil i-tikn from tht'tii tiif-l-'o nf 'J month*.
Tin1 I'litnpniiy Inti'iiil* puttiAK tn two
morn now linllurs anil u new nlr rom*
Tin* hill' nl, llli' ''nli'iiiiin hotel > clou-
i>il.   Mr, Mm ton falling to nmkn hi* np.
be.forn tlio pnt.*,itil«Mmii>i-ii n't  VmnV
Mince |«M repert very little of tmport-
rtiirc hn* linppoiir-'l In Ililn burj* tlm wot-a
ui*|tewnrtliy Inrldent xvn* a flro in tint
dwelling hotidfl nf (leorge Walte, which
wn* partially ilfa.rr.yctl with content*.
Thlngm nre not very hr(>k In th« mining huilitt'i.s ro Mr, Tho spring Is
rather backward thin i »'*>r. "l hax imh a
cnntiniifil repelItton of rain ami m>(.*.v,
Mr. Wllllfim TVi\hlhon Is out, In Alri*-
kf*., in M*. «f"V'.al eapsctty, InWMlgstln*.
strike mailers on T'oukIm Tslamt and
all patients refMirteil        »»e   rf <■ t Ulrtnt
Tho  Rov.  Mr.  Fakely,   oi' Coal. Creek,
will  take the  services  in  the  Methodist
church" next Sunday.
,Rev.   Williamson, will   preach  on  Sunday  evening   in   tlio  Baptist  church    on.,
"Hoes   the  moral  condition  of  the  city
give cuuso for'alarm." ■
Mr. Digby has .commenced the 'first of«
two cottages in his'lot, corner oi Pellut
and Thompson  streets.   Messrs. Kennedy
Bros,  have the contract for stone work
and plastering,
Fernie was well represented at Cranbrook races. Amongst others (no following attended, M. A. Kastner, A, Trites,
Ur. Uonnell, A, Brady, Pat Miller, Fred
Dick,  A. Shanloy. .   ■
Where can I buy furniture at leason-
ablo prices, At Reid's store, their prices
are marked- in plain figures ei'.l, every-,
body gets samo value.. See' their windows,  and, step inside!
Jvohn R. Galvin, District Vice President,, was at Mitfordin Cochrane, Alta,
this week, and succeeded in organising a
new local of the'U.M.W. *of A. "About
thirty members joined the local.
Bid you here the latest?   Reid's Furniture store.received a. car load of Ranges,
Stoves and Heaters; also another    two
sell for cash, or monthly payments.
--Alex. SusnatV, International - organiser
of, the U.il.W. ■ of A., is in town. He
will address meetings of the Slavonians
in the different towns along the Crow's
Nest Pass iri'the interest-of tho'organisation. - -. '
Tho fact that the coal' company, are
moving cottagles ■ from, Sitkum, tho
"Rock Cut,',' to Pernio to accommodate
thoir employees tjpeaks for:itself regarding FerntA'tr real estate. Residential property never was'Vo'scarce"'and building
lots are at a premium.
Mayor Tuttle was very, much pleased
to receivo' a Very" largely signed petition
from tho Fornle ladlps, to .tho number of
about 140, requesting • him' not to allow
tho fight that - was. advertised for Wednesday, .n.lght to, takq,.placo,. The ladles
havo the 'satisfaction of'' kridWljig ' that
thoir petition was not In 'vain',
Yosterday being tho anniversary; of tho
explosion which occurred six years ago,
wheroby , ono . hundred and thirty nine
mlnci'H mot tliolr (loath, tho mlnos wore
dosed nil day, and*., a largo 'procession
headed by tho Fornlo band paraded In
honor of tho. dead-hcroco of tlio .mines.
"Kid" Sca'or, who was to havo fought
Lombard In Cnlgary noxt Tuesday has
worked tho douhlo ci'osh In no uncertain
manner according to the Cnlgary Herald, lio must havo got cold foot as ho
hit for tlio south during tho night and
Is now in Spokano preparing for a fight
with Nolecm.'
In tho popularity contest Instltutod by
tho Tforald, Calgary, wo notico tho
nanio of MIhhoh (I, Oinlley, A. Skllllng
and I'.ttlo .Clrkpatrlck from Pernio In
IHstrlct No, -I. The contost has only
begun ami tho interest will iivicubo as
It goes on. All should hooRt for tho
tVrnltf (jliis.
Tho first Intor-proWiu'lal convention In
the causo of f-toelnlism will opon in Vol'-
nie today, tho 2'lrd Inst., In tho Mlnom
Hull. Delegates will hq present' from a
illhtniii-o mid the comrades nro looking
forward tn a rod lettur day In the history of Socialism In these parts. A full ro
port of tho proceedings will appear next
Thn Apron sain mid .'om'oi'l, o' the
l.aillim A nt of thu llaptlst '.liurtli held
l'*rlilay of Iiim week wns ono of ih» most
hiirct'M'ful   of  Hin  tailU's  A hi   iilfol'ts  for
HOIIIll   tlllll*.    Till'   llllllrh   il "u    11)   III     t'rll*
gi'iitulated upon  their hiicciihi In  having
Kilili-it   vonin   sKtV   ilolliil'l   to   thull'   filml,
I Thi>   pi'iigrnm    was  ••njoyalila,   and  tho
' inl-o ami  coffee  was nli.iiit   n"  f/rnnd "  as
"HliiiiiU'ir*' Special,''
Noxt    Monday   will hu   Coal Cr-jok's
gain day and  tln*y are nrrnnglng (or n
u-iiiii] llniii,  im thi'li* piihtni'H nnmnini'd,  A
special    train   will,  leavo l'ernln In tho
.   ,..,! .„       '.'.''        ' '•-. ' '' ""
i will tm .riven «t, which Vat. Miller's or-
j rlinhtrn     will    supply   the mnttlc.    Tho
j event   throuultnut   In  utulor tha  auhplce*
ot U* 0,C.I„,\,X   AT,,i will no ,1'irtbt l.«
woll  patronUeil,      Tha  Fernie     Italian
hand wilt he In Attendant**-, all day.
»e Wmri.-.i-.vfM,  »i jiiimt...■;,,.   .<• s,.i >.< .'•
tn i-ecuiv n piece of land In the north
part of the rlty with n *>lew of having
a race track and recreation ground. This
Is a move In the right dlrtV-tlnn nnd so
Hhouhl receive the sup|>oil of eyt.ry en-
terprl*ln(r rltlren. Tho eround that has
done *erv!c« In the pafct ,*or all athletic
e\«lits U no lontcr nvallahlu lor ihat
fiurpo^e and It Is now up to Fernie
do uoiiiethlng tn *emre |>rii|*j>ir t-rnwul*
ftf sit siifnmer R»m#«. We -.-Ish iriKjnr.^
tie* |ntfT*«ted all «ufce*«
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Mr. Marchant is not an employee of this
company, and that he has not walked
for this company for a period of five
years; that tlie sole reason for refusing
to employ him is, that in the.opinion of
Mr. Darbyshire, he is not a competent
1 beg to call your attention to - the
terms of' the agreement under which our
mines are how working, and mado between this company and^ other members
of the- Western Coal Operator's Association, and our employees, represented hy
the United Mine Workers of America,
District No. S, made May i, 1007, and
tho preceding agreement, made, bHwecn
the'Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., Ltd.,
and its employees, represented by Bis-
District No. 18, made May 4(, 1907, and
America, made May 23rd, 1905, and represent that the action taken by the
men at Michel is entirely contrary to
the said agreement,, and ask that you
take the steps *' necessai\y' to t nforce the
carrying out of tho agreen^'nts in "question on the part of the employees of
this  company,   whom' you  represents-
1 assure- you that the agro>>-
iiients in question were mado in" good
faith by this company, and that, expecting on our part, to carry them out
in absolute good faith, wc must' look to-
tho United Mino Workers of America,
Bistrict. 18, as the sole representative of
our employees and the people -vith whom
tho agreements,      under   which     we
aro working were made to do the
We are at all times ready  to consider
as provided in the agreements ine<itioned
any 'grievances of any of our employees.
Yours truly,
Tho    Crow's  Nest  Pass     Coal      Co.,
Ltd,  J.  B.  Hurd, General Manager.
May 18, 1903.        ' „
. To the'members of Michel Local Union
U.M.W.  ot\A„  Greeting:
A circular having been issued -, by
Jas. Douglas and Chas.. Jarner, I'u&i-
dent and Secretary- of Mh'hei local,
setting,,forth their position, we deem
it advisable to' state the' position of tho
Bistrict Union upon the dispute at' Michel. ,
Tho ■action of the men. at'Mlchol in
suspending work .without first giving tho
District olhcers an opportunity of endeavoring to settle the matter as provided by tho .International Constitution
of the U. M. W. of A. Is a,wilful violation of the Constitution, also' a breach
of their agrcoment , with the Crow's
Nest l'ttss' Coal Company.
On behalf of tho United Mine Woiker.s
of-America wo request the men to resume "work aiid observe their, controls.
Wo request that the matter, in- dispute
bo handed tho-Bistrict Olncers for settlement'.' We have always been ready to
take up any' mutters in dispute at Mlchol when properly placed in our hands;
nnd aiv so today. Wo have been denied
thnt opportunity on this occasion at
Michel. '    '
Wo again call upon" all loyal'members
of our'-organisation at Michel to resume
work',nnd place their disputes in our
hands';'   '     ' '.=_--_,.,
Yours fraternally,
','' F.'H.  Sherman,  I'ivs'ltlent
■T.  A.- Mcn'onald',"'.".i-c^ireas,
May "20th. 1908.' '   '
The Crows Nest Pass Coal Co issued notices requesting the miners at Michel to
resume work at once, stating' that they
are now, as before, and as they will lo
hereafter, - willing" to settle' any trouble
in the same liberal manner as heretofore. What ^stupendous magnanimity !
The Coal Company have never lived up
to the spirit of the agreement, never
mind giving it a liberal interpretation.
max of a pun-pricked policy; pursued by
the Coal Company's oflicials. Human
tolerance has a breaking point. The
Company's officials have, during tho financial crisis, humiliated' and degraded
the miners almost beyond endurance.
They have cheated and told lies in the
transaction of business between themselves and the*, Local -Grievance committee'.of tho U.-M.W; of A. Just now they
have deliberately insulted tho organisation ;iif .which then-acniDtaong -»y- tm act
of discrimination of tho vilest and most
flagrant kind.
A union man in good standing received
a job from tho pit boBB at No, 8 mine
on Friday, 1st of,    May, and told     to
start work  on Monday,  the 4th.   When
ho proceeded  to his work,  provided   In
the meantime with all tho tools necessary for working for the company,   ho
was informed by tho pit boss ' that tho
pldco they had intended to give him had'
caved In, a statement wlilch subsequently proved  to bo an infamous' 'He.     Ho
asked if thoro was anything elsa for him
to do, and was told to sea tho superintendent,   lie tried to seo tho .wperlnton-
dont,   hut    failed, hut went to soo tho
jilt boss of tho mines on the r,ther sldo
of tho Crook, who' asked him his name,
which of courso disqualified him,
Tlio company havo never assigned any
reason why ho should not ,work and as
tho union contend, that as ho was given
working cheques, lamps, tools, etc, that
ho    was an employee,  and would havo
boon ontltlod to componsntlon if ho had
Ivlol any accident on his way to tho pit
boss'  olllco,   Tho   Coal   Company  c'nlni,
that tho Union aro trying to forro thein
to omploy inun "whom   tho     union   tlo-
Hli'o," nothing could ho furthur from tho
truth,   Thoro aro m't'n already' in .Michel,
whom  tho company havo clonrly discriminated agaliiHt, and who woro In .Mlchol    boforo   the  man   in   question,  hut
undor clause seven of our agriiomniit tlio
Union   rei.*ognl"(*il  lis  Inability  to  imMtit
thorn othor than hy monies,   H iHffon-
orally known that the llniinral  Miiporln-
ti'iiduiii liml tlii'i'iiti'iicil this man    soinn
Ilvo yearn ago ovor n  family fnod, nnd
now hi' Iiiih avowed his personal matters
to cinilllrt with  his (iioi'ch-lniml  ilullos,
Tho principle Involved In this matter Is
a hprlniii. om< for thn Union, II tlm company can liiM'i'i'hNdilly nstnlillhh |l.  It ran
lie iiuulii to envoi* utmost, any liuhl, and
thn  Michel   iiilui'iH  will   light  duhjii/riiti'ly
to    renin!   iMh   hitriihinu   nf  the   right*.
Wo   are    told  that under thn i.'himdliin
l.nhnr     I.nw,   thnt. wo   nro llnlile,     Wo
I'liiilu   that,   it,  iIiiiin  nut  i r,it uur iiim',
nml If II  did, w« will break any law In
the  Ciuistlttlllim,   H-.H   •■iin-nii'MCS     upon
our   llherlli's.    What    law    hIhiII   stato.
what, linn ot (li'iiuwriuloii linn linen fixed
to  ilnllno  where  llherty "lids nml  whern
slavery hIiii'H''   If m mini hi in lu> railed
upon to give his nai|io, why not mil up*
u.. ...... .4/ '.. : '. „      ".■*   •     .'„,.!
enmlnet from the minister, v 1th n iriinr.
nntee of hl« being niis>k and humble,
Tlin    Coal Company would transplant
Itu*"!.!!! mahu'ln in Mlthcl; U,v,y nil) 1,6
tiiiccvhsfui when tlm men am starved out,
tf  this  condition  prevails   much  longer,
• -    • •'■"    ."..,..,.-.   ',-,*' *   '',,'
Creek anil Fornlo to take action In »ym.
I>«thy with u*. The principle invohed
covers them equnlly a* t inch m ,xw. Wo
liellove. however, that •vhen Hrneral
Manager ITiird fit mnda rogni»nnt of tho
true ttate of «rtalr« this '.mtter will he
settled sntlafnctorlly tn l.oth |mill's.
.»AMi:.S UOUOI.AH,  I'if.-,|i)ent.
CI1.VH.   0.\UVF,n,   Huxrvitty.
Mlthi-1 Loral Vnlnn Vo.  i2M.
n*icil at MU-hfl, Mny 19th   \\»M,
'- You ' have been interested
ia fruit lands.   You have al-
. so  thou-ght     of  how nice  it
"•wouWrbiert o""get-a^ten— acr o—»»
block,  plant it  out to fruit
and have it come into bear- '
ing profite/'jly a few     years  ,
-   But   you     have hesitated.
The price of land in instances     frightened   you.     Then „
you have seen some ipaternal ..
.corporation try to sell    you
$50 an acre land for .$100 aa
acre; $10 down and $10     a
montn"and" still "you-1' have ••
Hesitated.   ''You have it all
to pay anyway," you said,
and you were right. ,
You wanted good land at
the lowest possible prices. A
snap in short. . That's it. Io
it not? Perhaps then what
we-have to olfer may be the
very thing yoii are looking
for. Let ub tell you about
fifty-Nine and one
half acres
On. the west shore of Arrow
Lako, opposite Nakusp, three
quarters of a mile lake frontage, deep, rich soil, level and
no waste land, You are not
buying; a rock pile if you do-
cide to buy this land. Tho
climate is excellent; no late
and early frost.
NAKUSP is a growing
town with dally mail, train
and steamboat service. Mo
isolation horo; you' aro right
at tho front. Tho prico is
.only $1800, or a trifle over
$30 an acre. Land all round
i,s soiling at $100 an acre.
Must be sold at once explains the low price asked.
If yotiA.considor it too much
to handle yourself, why not
interest five others. You
could subdivide it in Hix
blocks, each ono just a fraction less than ton acres in
oxtont. Each block would
hnvo lake frontage and cost
only $300, Thin lund will
troblo its valuo within tho
year. It in a rare opportunity to get a good block of
land at a low price.
All wo ank is "INVTHSTI*
Wo have no hesitation in
saying it is the best buying
in Kootenay to-day.
Tho terms can be arranged
to nttit ptirchnuor,
For   full information write
-& SON
box I til
He lio ii, B. C.
P, S.-If told within a
month surveyor! charges for
subdividing will be allowed.
Cut this ad. out it will not
appear again.
Edmonton, May 19—John It.- Galvin of
Fernie, 11.C, vice-president of District
eighteen of the United Mine workers of
America, is here in connection with the
action for twenty thousand dollars damages, which has been instituted by district eighteen of the United Mine Workers' of America against the Strathcona
Coal Co., for'! breach of contract with
the miners in reducing tho rate of'wnges'
from 33 cents per. car to 28 cbnts per
car, Mr. Galvin Is a Socialist. He
says tho Socialists will elect three mem-
hers at the next Federal elections, one
in tho Maritime provinces, one in Winnipeg and ■ one In Nnnnimo, n.C. He
snys the Socialists will make a three-
cornered fight in the federal elections iii
Medicine Hat nnd Lethbridge.
Tlie  oxecutlvo   ollkers   of  the   western
Federation  of  Miners, announce  officially
that Wm.   D. , Haywood   is no "  longer
connected with^that organisation.^ Dooi*:*?
"Nuf sed."—The Trades Unionist."     £■','.
In the absence of Kev. Lashley Hall
at tho-'Methodist Conference Mr. J. Mc-
Keo of the Reid Furnituro Co. took
both services last Sunday.
 o—'■     ■
Port   Arthur,   May   21—The  Socialists .
announced today that Oeorgo T. English
of the Typographical  Union, and one ot
their  members,  will  be a candidate' for
Port Arthur in' the provincial  el«ctions.*
Hatching Season
White  Wysindottcs  '
„Ref*al Strain
$2.50   per   13
E. Stanley    35 Gemmel Si,
Subscribe for the District Ledger.
House Plants
Choice Flower Plants consist*
, ing of Begonias. Geraniums  *
and Fuchsias, Etc
Imported  in Pots
E. STANLEY 35 Gemmel
'    Go to-
The Rinman Kaminski Co.
Groceries, Dry Goods
Boots asid Shoes
West of Queen's Hotel -
HOSMER,     B.    C.
. S- KEAY |
Customs House Broker     |
Fire Insurance |
Agent..'   .       |
rrorBiocirTPKofle 143=|
Table .Queen Machine-made
Is the kind you can enjoy three
times a day and seven days in the
week. Don't deny it to the
children between meals, they
are growing.
Our cakes and pastry arc of
the finest quality.
Ice Cream, r-rults*. Etc.
Electoral District
A convontlon of tlin Llburnlw of
Kootenay will bo hold nt Nelnon,
Thursday, June 4
For tho purpnHO of no|octinn' ii
cnndldato In coiitnNt tlin t'ldin** In
tlio noxt Dominion KW.ctlnu In
llio Intercut) of tho I.ibnrnl pnrty.
Tho convontlon will open at
2 p. in. und nil llhoritlN arc Invited
to utK'inl, hut only itmi-ditt'd
doW'uiitoH will ho nllowud to voto,
Tho IihhIh of reproflentfttloii will
ho ouo ilolognto for overy W) voter*
or traction thereof, polled nt llio
liiht dominion uluctlon. Properly
accredited proxh'H will ho roc«u-
Nelson Liberal Association
V. J. DKAN, Pirn
i). pkoudfoot, Hoc-
.   From   Fernie   to
•Wlllia.m. St. Paul and
Sioux  City
Chicago       12 50
New. York    108 50
Montreal    108 50
St. John, N.B.,  ;   127 50
St. Louis      67 50
Toronto      94 40
Ottawa    108 50
Halifax     135 50
Sydney, 0. B.,     141 SO
Tickets on sale lttay 4 and
18; June 5, 6, 19 and 20 *,
July 6, 7, 22 and 23, August 6, 7, 21 and' 22, 1908.
First clans round trip, nine*.,
ty day limit.
Routes—Ticketo ar* food
■via any recognised routes la
one or both directions. To
destinations east of Chicago
are good via the Great Lakes
Fi'i- ltiiid., llo-«*i*iiti'in« n.n'1 nny In*
r.ir'niilliiii ili'-ir« 11 'ill "'i if write
J. MOP*. OK  MiPIIKU '■*•'»■.
II, I' A. U. I'. A.
XmImhi   . \VlneIpO(*
(or tho farm, garden, lawn or
Uollublo,   approved   varieties
ut reasonable prices
No windy agents to annoy you
lkiy direct and (,'ot trees and
seeds thnt GROW
Hoo Sapi-lUs, Spray.Pumps,
Hpraylnu material and
Cut Flowers
Catiilojfuo Free
■a, ui!>" i'■ I'lLiumi"!'-1"?1
J. Henry
(h'ooiihoiiHo — lto|0 WoHtmliiHtor
Ituiid, Vnnunuie.r, 1J. C.
<«*■• »♦*»*      •»W*'»»**«»
Hammond &. Mcintosh
electrical   Contracting
of    Every    Description
Box 348
Fertile, B. C. ■DISTRICT   £EDGEI{,   FERN-US,'
», C.-SIAY TJl,  1908.
fining Institute in
-Visitors Coining
West.     :
Rossland,. Jlay 1(5—The general meeting
o[ the, western branch of the Canadian
mining institute was held in this city on
Thursday last. This branch it will be
remembered, was organised in-NWson on
.lamiarj 15 of the Jurrcnt year, nt
which time if was decided, that theroaf-
ter general meetings should be hold three
times a year at intervals of '1'months
'in accordance with which decision Hi**
meeting at Rossland, has jusl been held.
A, B. W. Hughes, general suy-crintend-.
ent of the Cirnnby Mining; Smelting and
Power Co., Ltd., was in tho chair, and
E. Jacobs of Victoria, editor of the 1-ri-
Ush Columbia Jliiiing liocord, -. carried
out 'his, duties as secretary. The total
attendance numbered thirty-six, including
six non members of the institute. The
members were from Montreal, Two; Fernio, one; Nelson, two; ('rand Forks Ihe;
Phoenix, one; Victoria, one; Vancouver,
one; Trail, two; Northport, Wash., one,
and Rossland, fourteen. Among . those
present were Dr. .T. 1-onsall Porter, professor' of mining, at'McGill university,
Montreal, who recently arrived , in the
Kootenay with a party of thirty-two of
the mining school students In Uie en pa-,
city of'instructor in. geology. TWi non-
members included J. A. Mcdonalr, M.
P.P.,- J. S. C. Fraser, manager of die
local branch of the bank of Montreal,
ond A. B. Mackenzie, secretary,, r, iii.
nsociated boards of trade of southeastern  llritish Columbia.
,In opening the meeting which was
held in the court house, courteously placed at the disposal of brunch for the
purposi*, the chairman,. expressed his
pleasure at , the gratifying attendance,
■ though considering the great importance
of mining and smelting interests they
represented, it mighi be expected- that
many more-would-be present. However,
a society, like their mining „ institute
should not be judged by the oUcndencc
at its meetings; its influence must be
measured-by the wide publicity given to
the matters discussed, and the papers
tubinitted,; for information and discussion. In order to'extend the influence oi
their branch of the, institute periodical
meetings" nro held at' different' places
from  time to time.' tlms"glvlng resident
members of those places opportunity to
attend and take part in.the proceedings.
In. this wny an increased liold is, obtained on the ninny Interested in the
mining and smelting Industries.
- The secretary read an account of the
proceedings -nt the Nelson meeting last
January, and-this was taken ok the
minutes of last meeting, and on rcsolu-
Hion was so-adopted.
.The chairman then asked J. A, Macdonald,'- chairman of the Rossland district in tho provincial logisluturo,' who
was present' by invitation, to address
the  meeting,
Mr: Macdonald said that citizens of
Iiosslnnd had ■ been honored hy 'having;
tlw second meeting of tho western li ranch
of the Canadian Mining' Institute, convened lu their city. .Of course they had
always flattered thviusolves that Uo'w'liind
• was the banner gold-copper efimp of
' Ilritlsh Columbia,' (Somo of thorn might'
not ugreo with Hint description, Por-
haps, for limUnco, the president of that
mooting might say that thoro were somo
copper mines in the boundary district,
mid he, tlio speaker, was quite prepared
lo admit that' thero wore. Hut he still
nmintaliiod that IU-hmIiiiiiI wns tho banner enmp ItoKhlnml wuh glad to Imvo
mining I'nglnPoi'H mid others i*oi noetud
with milling visit tho camp for tho ri-Bl.
(lentH Imd nothing to be tiHluiiiod of in
tho minog ol Iiosslnnd, which Imd boon
I'l'tnlillshoil inlnos fnr i>ni'i i.-tii In | 0i|
faith that their iiiint-rii)'-• rt*souriCH would
prove to Im pi-i'iiimii'ia nnd vnlunl.lu. Ah
lio wiih liifoi'inlil thnt tlnTi. would ho
spcecliiiK made at u hiiioUi* Hi ho hold
Unit night |k. .would nut further tuku u|i
tin- time of the mei-ilng, |h> thnnkod
them for thu honor done lilm In Inviting
Idm to he pa-Hont nml adiliesi, tlm moot.
Ing lie knew the work thr l.iMuch wns
doing wns entirely one of uii-.c!|i.-ihiie*.K—
•a gl'i-  i't:,i"i-  tl.v ].M,fi\i 0|  ti,,,  „,v|.0r.
I'Mlfl'  I'llCl)   11,111   ohtllllll'll   in   his   own   par-
tlriil.u* i-pln'ri'. In mining thorn wn'n no
►..•Wish roiii|(i*Htlon, i'ihIi mlnp ownor being glad lo m..i* hit neighbor prnHper niul
mino hiiiTivil ut the cxpeiiKu of othors,
Th;-. i-pli-jl Imd lici-ii rui-ria.il Into thu
work of tin. ('iiniidlni, Sllnlnn limtltitte,
(Hid w,im being iim.«| f,)P th-, imrpoho nf
ihMM'iiilinulii,- tin- |%notv|,.ilHji iniliiidiml
iiiimiiIm'In hml (,-nliii'il, ttiii*- I'Vi'ini.ijf.viMg
Hu* iiii>'|.|i|>1iiii-i.k uf ||,,.||- uii>i |\
<\. .1. Mi'Mlllnii, in.iiiiigii i< djim-iiji- n(
Hi" l.« Itnl Mining ('om|i.iii> v,,in ii.-x*,
i-nlli-d iipnii H* i.vi.ii".*. il |,!.'„i) nt |h
M'i'liiif iiniiiilii'i'N nf tl„, I'liiiHiilim v;, in,.
Iti-otiliKn inivlli'i.. In I'..-.-.!,!,...*. n,id |ii.|.-.,|
'■''- I !'■ 'i-ii.i,: . -..u.i.,1 bi, ,.,„,„' ptohl-
Jllill-   ti'   ,ll,    In'.llli      [nil     I i, .(j.,.
vi'iliiii.   uouhi  l,c  gum  ii|i|.<niiiiiii,v    tn
Ull    Hillilj|.-1,    I I.i-.     |iM„|i|      11 (• ••>.     nf      .(III.
'limp Ti,ii4|. in i.|iuij;i. iii tin. ma,,,.
l»iil nut lost liitlh in tl.,.,„...•; |,„v i,,.
Ii.-Mi| Hii'i'i. /(Ill ri'1'nilii.-il I il...,. ' |„,iIm'-
i'f      i/cn.il   un*,   unit   nltliuugl,   ttici,.   ttl-ri.
ilmiliH-.^i. hi. in i't, nai.a* 11'■ oit-i'ri. Im 1 in
I i.i*   puM.
lh.. clinlri'.nii Hm'ii iinitiMjni'Cii tint 1111
>-'* ■■•:,.., x .,•'. **.,.,,, -,.,•(• , ,j ;,„;,, Vp
ai-i M-t,.|r „' |l,. J .- lUul,,; Mui.lif,,!, t lt.fi
Ki'Mr.il    l,i*H'«.ti    nnd    f.iii'l.tM   lliHl|li|linliM
ii.i'tiilluicv li.nl h'.'-i, Im 111.1 io (ofn thr
I'nniiilUu Mp.lriL' Iii-lidH,- 1.1 an near.
•tin, thrniluh tin' minim; -iitl,,-,., „f t|„,
Ibimliilou lint Si-|.ti<iiitia'r nml Hmt It
«!.'■ pniponil lo lii-li t|,.. it,icf mlnliiH
rumps nf Ilrjti-l. Coluiiilih, '|-'„> mii-iii-
ln>r* of Hie  n-i'ntc-rn hrni.th «*nii:il \.e ex-
|.***i tt-l.    In    i»i,|li.    in    i-nli-l liiiplt,^   ft,,.   ^ ,1,.
Iturc, ami  he ,i*\«'il  th,,t   fi«    many   ax
iu ih!.' wi)*i!,: p,[., in ti.. 1 i.i in..'t,ii
w iii'ti I In- (inly khouid inii.t- u..| and
firr>-.f,l |o Vli'nriA, *rl,i>ii> n furjhnl
*i,i*"1iii,' «,f l!>. ji.-liiu'.. *H(4]jj,l (,-. 1 ,.\r\
lb* l,niV'«lfi(irl  II'- I-ro'iiihi! ivi-..ri"* *>it
had already be/m informed that it would
be asked to make an appropriation towards the cost of entertaining the visitors. He haped Mr. Macdonald would,
endeavor to help them to secure --cue
such - assistance  from   the  government.."'
Mr. Macdonald enquired whether" tho
Canadian Mining Institute received h
grant from the provincial''governmoat.
He thougiit that if ° application for it
were made, the legislature would, support a grant to assist in carrying out
the useful work of the institute.   '•'       °
The secretary said that so far as,he
knew no financial assistance had yet
been given-the institute by the government of British Columbia. The-statement
of the treasurer of the institute, presented at the annual meeting; in Ottawa
iu March, shows that the1 Dominion government gives an annual- grant of three
thousand dollars and the Ontario government one of fifteen hundred dollars
and he understood that the Dominion
government had been.asked o' increase
Us yearly grant to live thousand dollars. As a matter of, fact there had
been no official recognition by the government of 15.C. of the existence of the
institute. The Houil ion government and
the provinces of QueU*c nnol Ontario had
all been oilicially repi'f'-'ented at the annual meeting of the institution and hud
supplied - information relative to their,
mineral-production, but 11.C. had had
only tlie benefit of the attendance at'the
annual meeting of two or three members
from tho province, and only such Infor-
hiation concerning mineral production as
lie, the speaker, had supp.led for submission to the meetings of 1907 * and
1908' respectively,
■ Mr., McMillan suggested that the institute should apply to the provincial
government for a grant, which should
not to be lets than the amount' received
from   Ontario.    .
Mr. Macdonald did not anticipate that
the government would have any dlhicul-
ty in obtaining n grant' from the provincial government if {ho propel' information concerning, the work and position
of the institute were supplied. The province had been fairly liberal in giving,
aid to-the agricultural and fruit growing
industries so he thought the mining industry 'would be similarly assisted if
the   necessary   representations were made.
The secretary "mentioned that tho total
value of the mineral production of the"
province in 1907 wns twenty-six million
dollars, which was as large or larger
than that ot the-combined value "of,,two
or three of the chief industries of B.C.''
it was true the province had the' benefit
of the work of the provincial miiicinlo-
;gist, and the provincial issayer,' but in
his opinion, the , mining Industry did
not' receive from the provincial- gover'n-
ment adequate aid  or  recognltjoiL,
old Oxford settler to a water-jackeueJ
'receiver'" ami that- during the-.two' years
it has been in use ihe matte comi-nrt-
mer.t,- has only, frozen up three or ..four
limes' and ' then on account of the high
zinc contents of" the matter. The settler
has more than paid ior itself by reason
of .the s-lag -made leing cleaner. Among
other advantages which this arr;n'.em;nt
of the settler affords are thefclln»ing :
The near and tc.ir, of the matte put-i is
reduced ■ by the stream of matte ' not
striking the side'of the pot ns it does
in Hie ordinary t-appiiVg methods; tapping c'ay is sa-'ed; tlw danger oi nun
being burned when tapping, tlas is obviated; t'-e per'ires of a, tapper ore dispensed with and a consequent economy
Is., affected in not,having, to''pay this
extra man,'s wages. '     ,
The notes were discussed hy.Tlomos
Kiddie, who wns familiar with the crndi
lions under 'which Mr. Watson had worked, I-'. W,' Guernsey and A.' 11, W. Hod-
K*>s-     '        „   ,  ''
11.     It-..  .ClaucUt. contributed   a   "i'*J^
it-was gratifying to find the Dominion
department of mines doing so much work
in the west and he had received assurances from the minister of mines and' tho
directors of the geological survey and
mine branches respectively, 'that - their
work in the west will bo continued at
lenst as large a scale as-.during the past-
few years.  '  '     ,   '  T      ". .'.'.:
1 The secretary hero, mentioned, us good'
news,- to thoso interested in the zinc
mining   imlmitry,   U-,c\t  the   appeal   to   tlio
United tit 11 teg courts against the decision of the general- board 'of appraisers'
in favor of admitting zinc ores Into tho
United States Duty Free, had not been
successful, the court ruling that no'duty
Is legally chargonhle on them, oxcept as
to their load contents.
Tho chairman expressed hid ; leisure
that tho question of applying to the pro-,
vinclal government,for aid to. the institution had been brought up i;m! that
.Mr. Mncdonald Imd boon present and
heard tho views oxpressod In h|s connection, Ilonring in mind tho rotative importance of tho' sovoral Industries and
tho 'value of thoir product*-!..lio tltught
the mining industry should receive fiom
tho government twico tho amount of «s.
HlKlnnco given t0 any 0110 of tho others.
An. adjournment to the afternoon w«k
here made,
The business was rthiimed ut half
pnM, two nnd the following VKolutioiiB
were iiiitiiiiiiioiiNly mloplod after u brief
debate. *
' l'ropoHi-il by I', S. Coulilry, Hocoiided
by Thoumn Klddh-, ."that lu irder to
ninki' the council 0I this branch 11.ore
fully represontutlii* the number of oiict-
i'd iiii'iuhiTH thereof ho Increased from
bin.' to twclvi', lu addition to Iho prcM-
dent nud  seriotiiry." -,
I'liipohi'd by II II. NU'Wnrt,, hocomle-d
by 1' V,\ (Jii.-i'r,,;,, *M|,(,t Miwl',,, H.
W, Coultlinvd. I'Vn'ili', dolm I-. li'tallack
or Knslo, nud Itohurt llumiltim, Vancouver, ln> nud hereby elected miiiidii'l'N
of the council."
Sy U.S., Senator A.  S.',; Clay,    of
■    .Georgia.	
I have never been one to antagonise between, labor 'and- capital.
Tlacli should be protected. No
thoughtful niun" will" contend that
labor organisations should be
absolutely destroyed. Sometimes
their demands may be 'unreasonable, but if, the working people of
the country cannot have' organisations' to protect, themselves from,
organisations of capital that may
.ittemp'-t- to . put, '.uT.'jUSti b*uT*dema
J upon them they would be power-,
; less to res;st any oppression.
1   - *. -*"
1    Labor     organisations -.have  ac-
; complished a^great  deal  of good,
notes on  the  Elmore Vacuum 1 W.» of (They   h.rve   brought   together   the
j workingmen and their families in
j cordial  and friendly  relation  and
I have enabled  them  to  secure bet-,
ter wages to buy. homes and educate their children. -   -'
These ,. people 'are ' in many in- -
stances our very best land, most
valuable citizens, and we should
give them every ppssible encouragement. This statement does
not refer to'the agitator but "' to
the honest and industrious toilers
who seek, to better .their condi-'
tions.'       -,/', :
Take John Mitchell' for example"1
He Ijas shown himself to be a
careful, thoughtful"and just man.,
Both employers and employees
have rights and each should con-'
rider the welfare pi the other. Destroy labor conditions entirely
and a most. deplorable condition
would confront us.  -
- EST-UJUSUED 1807 ,
B. E. W-41KER, President
ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
Branches      . *■■ . .>'''
Rest,   - ■- .- s  5,000,000-
Total Assets, -  113,000.000
Brandies throug&out Canada, and in the United States and England
Deposits of $1 and upwards received, and interest allowed st
current rates. The. depositor is subject to no delay •whatever.fc»
the withdrawal of the'whole or aiiy portion of the deposit.      ,,
Fernio  Brunch
H.   L.   Edmonds,   Mitimger
Oie UoncGiuruliOn." 'ihu-il'scu^siiu.x thai
followed wns - [.articiiiuU'tl in by , Ur.
Porter, S. 'S, l-'owlur, F. \V. lluei-nsay,
A. li. \V. Hodges, Thos.-Kiddie .in J ...
Al. Turnbull. Samples of several cunccn-
tration products  were passed around lor
(J, M. Campbell's paper on "tlranby
Minini; Methods," was a clear and comprehensive description of tho niothodi
followed 7by the. C.ranby company at its
big copper mines at Phoenix. It showed
how mining is carried on at those mines
which in u few years ha-ve produced over
live million tons, of ore. At one place
in"the mine the ledge measured horizontally and not directly across the dip,
was 700 feet in width. Mr. Cuupbell
told how the largo 'deposits were opened, the method ol stoping, aaul'ige ard
oi tl.V. many labor saving devices used
in the mine. Owing to the low grade of
the ore and the large quantity necessary
to be handled every, possible economical
corner had to tu cut in order lo leduce
expenses. Brawings and large, photographs illustrated , the text-of the paper,
which ,was generally Commended as being
a • distinctly creditable production. . As
the timo was short discu.-s'ioii was brief.
.The chairman here announced tint he
hud' been requested by* Kredderic Keffer,
engineer in charge of the mines of the
H.C. Copper Company, .in the boundary,'
and who was last year's president ofthe
institute, to present to'I-'rnnk'E. Lathe
tho president's gold medal for the best
paper submitted by a .student, member
last year. Mr. Lathe who is now with
the Granby ■ Company, was then at Mc-
llill .university. ' The following is an extract from the report of the judges: "The
undersigned, appointed by you to be the
judges, of  the  students papers  submitted
♦ ,       ■      -■ _       •*)
-   - — .,.,.. ...,.■„—,,..,.-., ..,,,.. m^.--..™ ...,,.. „,..,. , ^
Tb_^l«rriatesr^iinrmn7'nceTIng of the ii?"
stituto would respectfully "report as fol-
loiy's: The first place shoulil. be accorded
to , the pjiperon "Unsic Open-'] learth
Steel Manufacture as Carried out by the
Dominion. Iron nnd" Ku'el (,'ompaiiy at
.Sydney,'CIV' by Frank Ml Lathe. - This
is an excellent monograph, carefully
written, with full "attention to details,
and especially to the costs and expenses
of- manufacture;'n point'in which many
technical papers are deficient It shows
also "a, fair sense of" proportion; Hint "is
of the relative' importance of "the vnrlouB
parts.* This piipcr -unquestionably takes
the ' first 'place. „ It is to be rogrotted
thnt It: cannot bo published In full, ns
some of the derails of the cost, etc',,
were given to the. writer on condition
that thoy.should not he made gewnill'y
Mi'.'Lntlu' was heartily applauded as
hu .went, forward to receive the medal
in addition to which lle'lind already ro-
celvoii from the Institute a cash prize of
twenty-flve dollai'B,.
Tho Hecrctnry then ro.ul some notes lie
hnd made- on "Oro [{ousting Api'llonr-CB
nt the Tyco Copper Co'mpnny'H SnioHcr,"
he mnile when visiting thon« works -a
fortnight -ago, In piirtlt'tilnr ho (Ics.-rlb-
ed'A trolley designed by W, .), 'AVatHon
nml found to woik offeuthely In connoc*
Hon with liolHtlMg 0,-<. rrnm vpsm-Is into
the btini.cis' on the wlu.rf, Jlliislratli-o
pluiiogi'npliK' were shown.
«)n tho -reqiiest of Hie chairman, Dr.
Porter briefly outlined tho work in pro-
gross In McCilll liiliorntoile. to test the
coals of Citimdii, These tests are belli;*
Hindu under the niiHpkvs of the Domln-
I I'm governinent.
I On motion of S, S, l'owler, seconded
j by M, V.. I'utcell, the presldeiit nnd hoi*.
| ri'tary were npjioliitfil to urKo on the
i I'oiiiliilon ili'pnrtniL'iit of mines thn dislr.
j nlililly of'eompietiiig „K soon nn poMihlQ
, U,    \\,    illlJLlv'l.   lull    ll.|lll||    (H,   |,jv   Htruc
! tiiinl Hiirvey of llos'ijiiiii) crimp, „.|t|| t|,o
! inapH, the iion<Mt|ty of having these
I mnile
To apologise.
To bogin over. '
To  be  unselfish.
To take advice.
To  admit  error.
To  be  charitable.
To., keep" on trying. -
To  be  considerate.
To avoid mistakes. «
To  endure success.
To be a clean man.
Tvwo Ca-sfs of Sewer Soil Pipe SL-tiici
Plumbing Supplies
Ples.se call s-tad.
get prices,
To obey conscience.
To keep out of rut. ''
To  profit by mistakes. 0
To ■ think ond then act.        .    -i
To  forgive and forget.
To  make the best of little.    : ._
To"subdue an unruly temper.'
.To despise underhandness. •
To maintain a high standard.
To shoulder -a deserved blame. .
.To, recognise  tho ..silver lining, -
To • nccrpt jiist  rebuke 'gracefully, :
To smile in tho face of advcrBlty,.
To value character above  reputation.
.To discriminate between sham and real,
Hut it always pays,— Ex,
—-— o
A bureau of information for bicyclists
has boon calabl^-ihotl In Toronto undor
the auspicos of tho Associated lllcycllsts
Intorests. The purjioae of.tlio bureau Is
to ulTord 'ioe* Infornuition to all inquirers regarding roads rind routes in nil tho
dllTeient parts of Canada, niul to afford
publicity for track nnd road racing
events so Hint .qualified contestants of
ull parts mny hnvu.au opportunity to
enter, Lists of nil those ijvenU, nnd tho
prizes when available, will bo supplied
oil application. l)ut llio information
bureau will not deal with tlio question
of lmndinips or the pant record of riders. All enquiries, nn woll as communications roitardlng bicycling and bicyclo
races should bo addressed to Tlie Anno-
I'liitud II Icy do Interests, Hoont ill), .Saturday Night Iltiildlng, Toronto.
nvnllnbld being pressing.
Votes of thanks to the local i-omniltteo
The Kitfi'iiinry reported that  "tho cuiin-   for lis s.-rvlcs In providing for t|lt,   0I1.
Cil ri'.'oiiiiiii'ii-lii that  n iiiuiiiiitti.i. |l(, np. , ti'italiimi'iii   ot  tho vlMtoi'N;  to the   ills.
pnliili'il    to  ri'ijucst   tlie    pro*,Inrlnl  gov-j'i'i't   pi.'-H    for  tho  publicity  vhoi  tho
..illini'ill   tn   milk.'   ,111   ii.ipn.pi'mtloii   to- j" Ming, mill tn Incnl nllleinli for the un..
winds the i'X|ciihu of >ult|i! ly intuitnln- ; "f the eourt   room  ,Vprn pniiVil and   tlii'
lug   the    lli-llmli   mid   fun-Inn   li'nd   utln-r | imvllng mlloiiriu'il.
\lHltnrs    who   will   nn).t   Doniiiilier  -.islt       A  iihim  ciijo.vnl.li. Kumker Wax tenilrrinl
nh gin-in., nr tin. I'liiiiiillnn  Mining,,'Hu* vi-itniK nt  tl'i. Itiis-,|iim| diili   with
Slll'll    llllllllllltlVn    to    L'lll|N[.|l    |,f
A      )l.   \t'    Model's    W.   II    Aid-
'   Ml'C-r.
ii.'lgn  nud   N    ,S    l.'owl'l*,   Mill
' ndil  ttt- Hirir.iitiuiln'r,"
It.    ,1.   IKaiix.i11   I'mii-r,. who is son or
: u'l-prrM'Iriit    nf   the   Ciltuill.tli      .Mii.|nH'
» liiillluti', at  tl |iii-Kl nf the rhalnnaii
I jitii* miiiim ii.fiiniiiitlnii iih to who wrre
' tl.i'wi liuHi'd liUiKtu, Tl.r, liifliiiin u
| iinililii'i* nf I'lni- i'iil iiuhiiI.i'I'. tif llrltlgli
j niul   fnl*i'l|fn   Nin*li.|.le.  nnd   I ha*   Nclii'm,.  rn'
;   till"    pr«|'(l*.l*ll    ll*.l"r>.|lll|.
Hit      Il,l4t|l«l4      i\i       .1,       .,|l   ,111,1,11.
>■•    v.   r   Viihi i   t'.- 1...,,
' uf IU-  rniiiw'i!   wis  nilnptcil,
i     l'rti|MiMi>il    by    S.   .!.  Knylcr,  Kixondeil
i by    .1.   Went,  t'ollin,   "thnt  a  rtniiinlttee
; nl  IHi* be uppoliiti'd lay th> jprcflilent to
!  I.lllkl-    »,'i|(«t".tlllll*     1,1    (l||l    Clllllll il    tlf    tl,«
|1|"||1UM'    III    I III,hi-, 1 Hill     C (I Tl    1 III'    IllUIII't-
;-nwi r tn ' ' mii.'il tl
■I    H   ('. Fri,.,.|' |„ tin* il.llli',   Thoiluilr-
iiimi nnd .1     A    Miii'dniinlil,  M p p., wo|.
*. it.fl (n-a- nnd ,\, |i, w,   Hoiif-on
ii'»iniiiii(.il nn i.,-ii.tii „f tin- Mmsm,    'pi,,,
>-,..,. i,,,i,;,, i,,   t\    j    lii-Mii|„nl
I'firii'i-   ,\    s,  liiti.ili-*..., p, ;.   t;0,,i.
I"',..   S.   ,s.   1-.'|.'„»|,.r   M.   l'„   I'lii'ioll,
■JUh   K'lili'l.. r, (ji„.r„M'v mil „tlf.r*
Tl.l **■•#»*-»- -vi-i.' iiii-.ti.pi.|'«.i:i| wiih ku,-,u
niul pililin i-.'Ii'iI|ii|,h hy >i|.»hrs. .1. \\:
•"■■'IlK.    .X.    M     Kl.ilw.    ,\     Jllaliop,    K     ,1,|,.
nil*,  ('    Mltt-lii-ll,   A,   rmti'i niul  Hlher*.
Hardware    -and   Furniture
♦ ——-  ,, -,,    —    ♦„
♦*»»»»»-»»-»«»*»*»*»»<^**>*«>»**»»«» ►*>♦<>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'♦♦♦♦♦*>*>•>•»>#
*-t-i otlli.-*i
, 1,1,1
,'a-|-th-(.«.    ri'Kticrttfilllv   iti-illt'|.|    Hin   un mi.
I ^liHirifitiiiit-r'H Iln,. orhiftt-,,  hiippllod ,.x.
• '"lU-iit    tmi-ii*   nil   diioiii.'h t|„. .iM-inim*
*..'t''ltl"' «,t"'V ffk'n-l ti, i v,''", ;|,. i-,
diclr iitri, w.ii' to the . it,-.ti ,*,,ii„ ,,{ ^,f
'lit. \i.|t„rti.
'Ill-   |,f.*rt    it ii.   vM<I   a-nr-nl    t,i>   tt ,.   itntt.
|,.,y    it.    w^tom  f.n.d.  of tl.. nrlt(.h   I'^Im   s^'UVKIr'""  U"  ^ .""''
«.i.I  for.-i«„   M.ilo,-- n«t   Sopt.tt.ber.••- i ,'    ' ''. [*** »" '     *n!r"  S,Br  «****.
' " ! uiuli.r Hit* ftK'ort of tin1 iiintmi'fri*, miprr.
listcnih'ntu  nli'l  tihift  liofWh.    tli.M   „|  (|)t.
\I.-lt«.rx li-'i for lion,t> nn tl,.. oteniiiij
Tlif rftiuinlttf. on *>ntt>rt»|iimi*nt ofthe
■.■i'.i-.t;  i   t1...n,** t<•.>.«.Mt.I t,l  A. ti, l»f.
•iln.   .!.   S.    t*. Fr»»**r. II. If. St*»ir*«rt,
TMi 1>    »■    J?    ''rtiiMr •'   t*;ra!'nn
('iii-,I..i|  uiiiti'linniiitly,
i    Tli«>   trailing  nnd   il|«(iit,ti|oti   of   papern '
j wah thon proieeiletl with. '.
j    II, .Iniobit road tome nr|i*f noti** on a !
,     M.itll-   S, |.\t„tt,,i.    I'l-Vil.c..!1.!,,"    i„    use  ,
j nt    the   'tyre Cop|>#r    Co'* ikf a-'ter nt j
I f.ft.p .n.ltt,.    \'ii„<-„.     I  *    , I     1/,.   «*|,| '
, Hmt   ,1.       .1.     V.'ntniti.     • itiitt/i-r   ut  tin-j fruit ■.-l.'.ii.l,   titul   11,   1*.   Ti|rl,liit.on    TJiey
• «mi"ltfr, flail ififormi>«1 Mm th.tt *o fnrm * nre worthy of !>*«l«<* lor th* *:iten*tn\
*|.   l.ti<tr   Iir,   Vtr.   Wa-t-t.!,,   irjin  1*„.   t,tV. , •,.&i,t,tr  !•   -"JiVb  d'i**J- I'MftiTit.d.l il* Aw
ti, ti*,. thin particular ftil.nit«*.lon of tli* [ liei ««nltji.i-ij ia tl»-m.—NVl-iv,  N'*«*.
fl. Most Valuablo Afjcnt.
T!)(t(*lycerlnoi'mployud hi Dr, I'lorco'd
ronrllflnos uri'iitl*,* f'ltliniK'uti tho mcdlulnal
Ijroi'Htloii wlimh It. fxintcw from imiivo
mmllutnnl root.i ntitl holdn In KoluMon
much hntter tlmn uleohol woiiltl. It iiu-o
t.ioHsi'!.sos nifidlelniil jtropiirtios of Ur own,
bnliiiJ* a valiinblo tlcmiik'ont, imtrJtlvo,
nnttt-nptlo tmd ,niitiffniimit» It ihIcIh-
Breath* to tlin flllciioy of tho JDnol: Cltcrry-
unrk, Jiloodit-ot, i.olflon Soul root,, .Siono
root nml Quwmi'h root, contiilnisl In
"Goldt'ii M«]|(Mil niivovt'ry'In sulxlulng
(.•hroiilc, or llnscrlnt; cotn-hs, brtmuhlal,
lliroit t tuxl \xn\n ii iTci'tloiw, for nil of whlrh
tlnvi-nt'i'iit* riiv ii-roimnontlt'd bj Htnnti*
urd un il leu I iinllioilili'H,
In nil i:n cm wht-rtt thoro Ih a whsiIhk
nwity »il llt*yli, lost of nppbilto. wIMi wwilc
stoiniy*]i, ui In thu tiU'ly uluficc of con*
luntiRl/m, thcro ban bo no doubt that gly-
i'*rlii.»/ai.'H ti\ a v.ilniihlc iintrlllvo imd
nlW llio ti/tliloti Si<.il root, htoiift root,
Cjiici-ti'*. rolit find I'l'tel: Chcrrybftrlc In
.iroiDi'ihii.'/ilp'C'.Ulun itr.d InilMlnn up tho
ih'ili uiWl!.fi'L-tiMtli, canlrolllnu tlm confjli
tii'l brlnfn'r nli.mt u ltcnldiy rondltlnn
of tho ivMlc •/.viHi'iii. ti' courso. It mtmt
uot bo c»'|J. ctt'd to work i.tlr-iclcn, u will
■tsot i:iirut|.jniuiniiitlon except In llsoni'llni'
•noRfs. iL.^rjir.JiJMUSii^a'flbai:
pnti' nitni/'ifrrViii'iMiii' ■J%t(f|i»,.l'iynt',*lf,i[
;•'■■• j.iLiX^U-lu'itiuiajiuu-ui.y^;. uia
' '  .S' ji'.' ' "'' 'J     xn tlt'tite eri'ttm*!
It* iMrduoeiK-oiTvu." frit> In llioliniicf Inff
hjiuu-uiict-iuuh).,(jr itio.xiofloni'KUtidliiii,
nven ulii'it iit-'coniiittnleil hy hlea-dlnit from
luiivit, Unit It 1-iifa [Mtrfoniibd It* niobt
J'rof. l'lnlny Killnawood, M, T).,of "fletv*
iif-tT  Med. <*«l!etw. t'lilrntrn. vitvi nf t*ltr-
"In doiwaittala It M*rvM tn oscclltnt imtmovi,
UoMlnc • lt*«<d (itmuMty of tlw tvnitUlo of
bvdioaTeit In Miliittun, It I* one of thu tn-nt
tr.amifui.'iiiiiil ttri id tic m of tliivprt*n-nt time In
Itit net Ion tuion I'lifet-bleo, dlVirdiTtd ttom*
•t'liit.ftl-ii-rlally If tlirre i* tilctrntioft orc»*
tarrhsl irrtttrlit*/rturrht.1 infltmm-ttloa of
(.tomti-lt). It U rijjHwt ffh-lent iircptrttlon.
UlyriTln*) wilt KTioro m»ny cue* of prrotii
'Jhi'iirthiirulitnil i>i-i.'i:hiiIvo triir.rli? futonitti'h)
•tloliien Mixllral I)l-M»t-t>nr"'rnrkhc>« ind
ptirlt.'f'i the 1iii-nt\ rurlntr )>lotrb*.«, iilmtitt**.
eruptions, wrolulou* twi.'Ulwr* tntt old uirut.
or ulrt'tit. -
1 f*»td to Dr. It V, M*>nra\ of lrtufft,1o. K. Y*
tor fecr* tor lift telllnc ill »*«»ut xht n.tl*-»
tc*Aieine\ ivvt* enmyi-xiiir ihu wundtifiu
aTUMllcUlC.  Tluru U no tlo-lu-il to It.
The Dominion Meat Co.
Fresh   and   Salt, Meats of all   kinds . in stock
Poultry,'l;ish and  Oysters in,season
Dairy Butter.and Ranch Eggs
Phone 4
Victoria Ave
Wholesale & Retail
Always a choice supply of Beef,  Pork, Veal,
Mutton,  and .Lamb on hand.    Hams,
Bacon, Lard, Butter and Hggs.
Our Specialties
Fresh,   Smoked   and   Salted   Fish,  always a
good  assortment.   Try our Mince
Meal, Saurkraul find Oysters.
1 tt
?iv J Whv pot Vnvp vnnr nlnmhitiir
done now Gcforc the big rush. Wc
have the largest staff of experienced
plumbers, steam fitters and tinsmiths
in the city.    Prompt and efficient,
A. T. Hamilton- Proprietor
Telephone  I Next King Edward Hotel
' '(I
* \
f r
V    .1
•1 I
t 1
• .•a
'-*    '■    **tv JT.WrS*9 «£'<tBV*V>>« ^AXllTifS " ^t^iliSAi)M MSTHICT   LEDGER,   FKRNIK.   H.  C. MAY 23,   1908:
.. The, people in general seem    to ,
have a very meagre idea by what
is meant-by the "term "Dominion
Exhibition,"  and a word or ;two
in  explanation may not be      out
of  place.   The   Dominion' government , has for the past five years
made,   an     annual grant of fifty
thousand* dollars to be used     for'
the purpose  of holding  a  Dominion exhibition in some, one of the
provinces.   These exhibitions have
been,held in.Toronto,   Ont.;  Win-
n*P*fe> *'  Man.;   New  Westminster,,
■S, '?.."'Halifax'/ N.  S.,. and  Sher-
^oS'ef *«,; *■«$ °ne of the *•*-.
eficial result* .feas that each oi
these provinces -reCfived a considerable' amount, of valua,^ advertising. , N-
In, the fall  of 19015,  those hav-;
■    -<• "the" Calgary, exhibi*.
Ing charge y*. .      ^     °    ».-...      —■*
tion,  decided     lo  mate. aWangP;*
merits, with  the  view,  to  holding
the  Dominion   exhibition  in   tliat
city, and made application to the
Dominion   government     for    • the
"grant" for 1907.^ Meantime the energies  oi the board were
towards  getting the grounds  and
buildings   , in readiness.   When  it
was    learned  that  the Dominion
exhibition was to be held in Sher-
brooke, Que., in 1907, the government - was     urged  to    make the
grant for the province of Alberta
for 1908, and late in October last
. the president and manager of the
Calgary exhibition went to Otta-
:, wa and  succeeded in; securing the
;.grant, 'and since that time letters
of approval of the move have been
received, from air parts of the Do-,
.minion,   and-especially from,   the
- west,  and  from, every1 place have j
come    assurances   of   hearty   sUJ-- j
port and hearty co-operation • that
. are very gratifying ■ and encourag-
of the" Masonic order will
hold a fair, • in "which every member of the craft- on the continent
Js interested.
■ The American ,. Association • of
Calgary -; have .arranged a great
display on Independence Day, one
of the features of which will', be
the visit of a larga excursion party .from Spokane,' Washington,
under the auspices of. the Chamber, of'Commerce "of that city.- "
The. 91st' Highlanders ..band ■■ of
Hamilton has ' been engaged .' for
the fair, and the lads in. kilts are
sure to'be a great attraction especially to the people of Western
(.'an-aida. „-,The Iowa state . bajad
will"1 assist in furnishing music
during  the  exhibition.
The attractions will be ec*ual to
anything ever seen in Canada) and
there will be many typical western features not seen at other ex-'
Mbitions, such as rough riding, by j <g)
real cowb'oys, IndiaH -Jt-ad' Squaw, J @
The Tim
races by Indians from the reserve.
That a large crowd  will be    in
attendance at the exhibition goes
without   siaJyimg..'  Alberta  is      in
I,-any  ways  the  most  interesting
p^rVvi&c@ iu the, Canadian w^—
eratioh. The Dominion exhibition
offers an opportunity to. see it-foe-
fore the picturesque and fascinat-
,' ing western life • of which it . has
-,."'-■" . d.|for    many,   years been  peculiarly
the scene'and epitome, is forced to
make   its' last, stand  in,, the  foot
hills by the .energetic wheat farmer.   The exhibition,, too,' offers an
opportunity  to,,the Eastern  Canadian to become acquainted with
the west.   It is a common saying
in   the   west,   that the east  does
not  know  it.'   There, is. -no * likelihood- of any great misunderstanding of' each other on the part  of
Western. Canada and Eastern Canada in this day,, of telegraph,",' the
telephone and the, transcontinental
train, but there is no denying the
fact    that    a   surprising    lack of
knowledge  of    the. west  exists  in
eastern' Canada.   The problem has
been how to see the west. cheaply
l»nd^qujgkly_.*_ The" exhibition  pro-
^Scrcten Doors, Ice Cream Freezers,
Boys' sxnd. Girls' Wagons,. ■
Gardein Hose   and, 3*1 siting:' Tac.k:Se
And as' usual we are right on deck with tho
.complete -and   varied   assortment   of   tries-..-
carried in the c iy.    Our policy is!fairness to
one  aiK.   our "congenial   clerks  only   live   ;or
pleasure "of showing an
ot Qtir various
Call and see us when
Headquarters   for    Hardware  /in,   East   Kootenay
By ' Robert Hunter, in the' Chicago
Dally. Socialist, May lOth.
One night in the English parliament I
witnessed what seemed.to me the birth
of a new order. ..
"  I saw a Socialist .miner rise from his
seat '. to    address  the  house.   lie      was
speaking' on a bill to compensate work-,
men injured in the mines. *       "'
Broad shouldered and powerful, with a
voice that rang through the house; he
told the"story of the mines. He told .of
the dark life there, the long day-underground, the dangers of tho work; of tho
children that went from school" into the
black night of life's labor	
It was a talc of courage.
And he spoke oi the "mother*, -wives
and sisters that each' morning , bid the
dear ones good bye not knowing,if they
ing to-th-e-omcers. •"., '";vides. the  solutioa  for, while" one
The Dominion - grant must be cannot see the whole province of
used for specific", purposes which j Alberta in the. time limit of, -his
'are: Special and extraordinary 'ra;-iiWay ticket, he can see, much
prizes;' securing and maintaining ' anci the district exhibits at the
educational1 exhibits./ equalising exhibition will give him'an idea
freight rates for exhibits from the f0f the - productiveness aiid versa-
various ' parts of the Dominion, tility of the province iri a satis-
and advertising outside . of the factory, and very probably, sur-
■proyince.    y    '•-■'• " ' prising.'way.
, The greater cost of management i -o	
., and  the necessary  outlay  for in- j nEL1, youitSKLVES.
creased accommodation render the j 	
raising  of additional funds'a ne-j   There'\g   ' one word that labor
cossity and the provincial govern- ., ^^
ment of Alberta and Calgary city ,
council  were  approached,   and  it |   "Trusts   yourselves     and   your-
, is pleasant1 to  record that they ',selves alone."
responded promptly, the province   • There are doubtless "Republicans
making a grant of, $25,000     and  here and    Democrats there     who
the city $35,000. would like to befriend labor; but
The dates selected for the exhi-  h°w °an any man expect to have
bition    are    from  Juno  29th to   o^6™ befriend him when he does
Juiy     9th.   Low   ppssenger'rates not befriend himself?
havo  been    arranged     from     all .   There     was a timo when labor
parts     of the country, especially  was     ignorant, Btupid, fitted but
from eastern Cunada, where home-  for little less tlmn slavery,
seekers  excursions have  been ar-      Today    labor can stand on its
ranged1 at     a rate  of $40.50 for  0wn feet; can express its own will;
tho   return     trip, good for two cm fight its own battles,
months; thus enabling visitors to     And tho soonor it stops seeking
see other points in the protince
before or after the exhibition. The
alacrity with which tho peoplo of
Alborta have grasped the advantages of the exhibition, is illustrated by the fact that all tho
space devoted to district exhibits
for some Mo bos to load it out of
tho wilderness tlio better for labor.
In the past it has been looking
for friends. It has been begging
for sweet words, flattering phrases
and lobing acts,
It has not demanded its rights.
It was, also a story of death rates
crippled'-workmen, and explosions
burled alive scores of his fellow men. v'
■ H was extraordinary to hear the passionate power of the man. He took; you
with him into the mines. He spoke of
what iho himself had suffered.
It was a new experience for tho house.
They had hoard philanthropic dukes and
younuer sons oi gentlemen spoak these
'things,' but th'oy""litUl" never" Jicur.*,- anything that stirred them as this voice of
tho minor',
When ho sat down,'tho owner of tho
mino, who was also • a momfcer of parliament, arose and snld ho would answer
"tho honorable gen tic-man" on the following, day,
This I say was tho birth of a new
order, It Bigniflod tho entrance to power of labor, It meant that tho volco of
humanity-toiling. suffering, producing
humanity—was being heard faco to faco
with tho volco of property.
Labor and capital wero debating boforo tho country tho question of their
rights, •'
Tho capitalist talked ot dollarej tho
workman talkod of human llvoa.
We havo not como to that yot in America. Wo haw mon In our Congrcw
who tnlk of dollars; nono who. tallc of
Hut It Is oasy to chnngo all tills,
friends and comrades.
Tho Socialist party, now ' ansomliUng
In Oils city, la going to change It.
- The budget of Premier Asquith
produced May 7th, contains one
of the most gratifying sops that
has ever been thrown to the British voters, old age pensions. There
is not the:slightest dewbt that the
steady loss of governmental seats
at bye elections is responsible for
this concession.
- The budget provided' .§1.25 tor
all persons over seventy, who are
not criminals, lunatics or.-paupers."
Married couples receive'$1.80; between them. .Anyone having the
enormous salary of $2.50 per week
cannot enjoy the benefits of    this
C.   E*  LYONS
Auditor, Accountant, General Afjent
Life, Accident »nd Employer's Liability Insurance
Books opened,   closed,   audited,  arid accounts  kept in tbe
most up-to-date manner.
Office, "Burns'   Block.
Fernie, B. 0.
±'%r»>%sin^'tv**\<%*K'*v%>%^'**> -%^^*v%**v%%^%
%     Phone   No.  M     ''    . House  No.   174    ®
Many a man's popularity is drue
to the fact that.ho adheres to the
truth only when necessary.
*-o* —
has been    taken   up, there being
nearly 60 to be made* the largest  " »>" b-W* 'or it8 riKht8! ** hflS
collection over got together.  The  pleaded for its rights.
provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia have
also been allotted1 space for ox*
Arrangements on a large scale
have been made for the accommodation of visitors, all tho comma*
dious city schools and tho Normal
college have been secured, and
will bo turjied into temporary apartment  llOUHOH.
The exhibition will be officially
opened by Hon. Sydney Fisher,
Minister of Agriculture in the Do*
minion cabinet, nnd it in expected
that several other cabinet minis*
tern will be present, ns well as the
-'ti .        ,  ,
Mu.ijiM.   uvii,ltu.a   «Uaw       *..4Uii4-
trrs   4.f  ihe  xi-wiem jLiroidoirw.
During* the exhibition the mem*
The timo arrives for it to realise
that it must build up,an organis*
ation of its own; that it must
lcavo tho factories to go to its
! own ward meetings and to oxpross
i its own will.
It must lofti'n to flght, to bo
brave, to bo self reliant, and to
be determined.
It must be suspicious of Its
friends and conlldont of Itoolf.
It must ceaso to bog and become
proud of its own powor.
It must learn that every man
who labors in a friend, nnd that
every man who exploits is an enemy, no matter with what sweet
word* ho speaks or how friendly
and loving he may appear.
1< labor cannot help itself (lieu
Ood help labor.—Bobert Hunter.
By 1-ocal applications, as they
cannot reach tho diseased portion
of the oar. Thoro is only ono way
to euro deafness and that is by
constitutional remedies., Deafness
is caused' by un inilamed condition
of tlie mueouB lining of the Eustachian tube. When this tube Is inflamed you have a rumbling sound
and imperfect hearing, and when
it is entirely closed deafness is tho
result, and unless the inflammation can bo taken out and thin
tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will bo destroyed
forever; nine rases out of ten are
caused by catarrh, which is nothing but an Inflamed condition
of tho mucous surfaces,
•Wo will give ono hundred dollars
for any case of dentneutt caused by
catarrh thnt cannot bo cured by
Hall's catarrh, cure. Send for cir*
nil tarn free. F. J. CHENEY; A CO.
Toledo, Ohio.
S-jlJ hy druKiilaia n\ *7S rrijtt,.
Take Hall's Family Pills for
pension.   Not more than §30,000,-
000  can be disbursed in any  one
-o °-
year. „       *.
This is something to rejoice over
more than coronation days,.Dominion , days, royal birthdays or
any other day that patriots are
wont to celebrate and keep holy.
A giant stride in the right direction, alt'nougn we view -with- a'-"-,
picion the exception of paupers
and criminals, for we remember
many an aged medicant who* had
served'his countv-. o..many battlefields who has been imprisoned)
for begging when he was past the
age limit of this pension and was
no longer able to work.
With " five shillings a week coming in the aged will no longer be
tlie cause of strife in so many
of the workers homes.' They will
be ensured of a comfortable ohair
by the fireside of their sons or
son-in-law's home and no dngry
look will be cast1 in their direction
when work is slack and money is
But why   seventy years?    Why
not sixty? which is nono too old
either,   A convenient way to raiso
tho funds to provido for the    extra ponsionora caused by tho lowering of tho ago limit would be to
"commandeer" tho salaries of the
archbishops, bishops and doans of
tho church of   England, sixty-two
of whom receive almost a million
dollars yearly and tho canons 12*4
of whom draw considerably ovor
a tjuartor of a million.    We could
suggest   cfuito   a   fow moro idoas
along somewhat similar lines that
wotdd   help to   swell the pension
fund' materially and at the samo
timo mitigate, a considerable danger which continually menaces legislature favorablo to tho working
class. Wo mean the attitude of tho
Lords'    spiritual   and     temporal
to such measures in tho house of
lord's.   We have thrown this littlo
hint upon tho ocoan of ink with
the faith    of one who cast     his
bread u^'on the waters hoping to
seo its fruits after many days. We
nre nevertheless thankful for small
Fernle's Most Moine-LIke Mouse
King Edward Hotel
J. L.  Gates,  Proprietor
Centrally   Located
Saw  your   Cord wood
By Power and
save money
Cost of operating;;
very trifling
Circular Sow Prames JgStationary and Portable^
Drug Saw Machines Sawing Outfits
Canadian Fairbanks Co., Ltd.,
Vancouver,   B. C.
Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary.
Ur. William C. E&tmdt, Pater Stmt, Torooto (lata atairard Blha' CJab), tntteioei e eertre
at m the raliile turn oliheieh hist. Blood poiiealur tmwf4 aad tha finjr-w eauad him aicratlutkifl-
aiesy. Ha aiyat "My huivreeto a-MlIti and pal-ifo] that 1 had to cany IE la a allar for aama ■oaths.
f>W * a> 4.1      *             -4)7. III *.-..--.!-    ttm -m**.-.   t.*m   A,m.**Mm-.%   M-L«lfa1 TLat   MAM ■•!    e»M    M*   habllafttt .    • B\A   AMM   A**M
Twu eadir the eatt ot a well-Vaown dedor io lotonto for eeetni weeki. The wouad iol ne batitr. and one d.y
he Mid mr Inter would hi»« to be Ukan off, The ptln from the wouad wm terrible and wai tiUadln-* right up
(ha tin.    I ccMtihtd taotbtr audio., met end w»i treated by him for aosa wmIii iMiftr.    He lh«n lonuttd
At thli Wife a Mtni eitlui me lo try tome Zai-vflul*- which I
It tut
CUT THIS. OUT mJs.ii «iU
ItM-Btla Co.,
-ronwifi*., wilt. •«.
• ua*J« b*»
ruiE.      Utta
that the tSaftr ba optatd aed tha boaa emfoi. . -*. ... ..-      . L,   .
did.   It*tWthawMBdBBdBM>lladIaBi.BukaadlrK|ed.   M«»t Mornlaf tbt wevad Uf*iB to bind
fatiJlhj lit a w I eootlDuid with the Ir-MtitMnt, and to a w««k. r
Data I wli thla lo dkward tha btadaf*.   A Utile mote
IMuuvif mcc uxdZew Cuk und tb* wound ¥texp*t*\f.
'the most common cause or
Rheumatism causes more pain
and Buffering than any other disease, lor the reason that It ia the
moat common of all Ilia, and it ia
rf-rtntnlir **rnt.H*/inr* t.n sufferiar** t,o
know that Chamberlain'! Pain
Balm will afford relief, and make
rest and aleap posiiblr. In many
eaiai tho relief from pain, wbSoh ia
at flrat temporary, haa become
permanent, while in old people
aubject to chronic rheumatism, of*
ten brought on by dampntes or
ehanjea In tha weather, a par-man*
ent eure rannpt he »irpi»eti»*!; th#
■rtUaf '' irom pain mhieb tWa llnl-
' ment affords ia alona worth many
f,imtB Ut eoat. 85 aad BO cent
altca for tale by all dniggiata.
r lojnLijnur
Everything in the trade now in stock.
Examine before purchasing. Also
Lacrosse, Baseball and other Sporting  Goods.
Phone No*   12
All the leading lines of
higli   class   Chocolates
and  Confectionery
i' ** DISTRICT 'LEDGER.. FERNIE,  B. C. MAY 23,  190S.-
News of'the City
Lost—Hunch of keys on ring. Return
to Ledger, office- ,"' itf
Private Boarders, house ITo. 133
opposite C. P. a. Mrs. Condie.
Plain sewing done. . .    ,-
-.   General     Servant—Good general
'servant wanted.    Good wages. Apply to Mrs. A. H. Cree, Howland
Ave.    i
Family dwelling 'house for sala,
8 rooms. Good well of water, nice j
garden.     Will be sold     cheap   on'
hmdefi's Saturday
,. uKaui Lai's Tea, regular price
' Saturday special,-	
Kud Cross Pickles, regular price 30c.
-.Saturday  special ......:-
W.  J.   BLUftBELL    " Prompt Delivery
Pay Cash
easy  terms.   Apply Manager, Dis- ].|^^><3>4^^
trict Ledger.
For Sale—1 Frame House, *4
rooms with furniture and Singer
Sewing Machine; „ also 28 young
chickens. Situate opposite Queens
Hotel, No. 143. The owner, offers
the above very cheap aad eaay
terms can be arranged.*-—Fran's
Passerni, ,owner."
Cabbage,    Cauliflower,    Tomato     and
Cucumber    plants;    also   Rhubarb  roots,
for sale.   Apply
West   Fernie.
Information is wanted as to the
whereabouts of J. P. Began. Will
he or anyone knowing where    he
is please communicate with L. P."
Eckstein, Fernie, B. C.
.q-Selling as we do for . strictly cash enables us. to place within, your,
reliable merchandise at the lowest .possible cost. to. you. In trading here you pay
only for what you receive, and-not your proportion of the usual credit expenses and losses.. True economy should' prompt you to trade here, where your
dollars, have  the. biggest  purchasing  power.  ......
The Big Fire
in Ml swing
II you want ice cream see Rochon.
Flags and fireworks at Sudda'iy's new
Rqchou's c.and,C;? are' maCn nf I'*-*-* nia-
N. F. Weedman'ol Nelson was in town
this' week.
Come in and see Llphardt's §2.50 Gun
Metal watch.
T.   G.  Gates,  of  Cnlgary   .vaa  ir   town
cltv -Wednesday.
' Harry  Morton ci Coleman was in  the
town Thursday.
D   Bert White of Coleman was in the'city
. over Sunday last. *
Mrs. Cambrey and child leave for the
old country tonight.     -   ,
Dr,  and Mrs.  53orlcy' were, in'the city
from Michel Tuesday.
», '   Andy'Good   of ,Crow's   Nest/,,   gave' us
■' a friendly call Thursday. • ''    ,
Mrs. Shooter and two'children leave
today for the old country.
K. W. Drew, general freight "agent, of
Nelson,  Was in the city this week.
Have you  seen 'that  steel folding   go-
cart?   Cheap  too.   Trites-Wood   Co.
Fred. Kirkpatrlck   was   aniongst   those
tv'*o tool- i" the r"c?s "t Crunbrcolr -,	
If you want chocolates see^'Rochon.
Hilly   Stewart,   „ of the King Edward,
went up  to  Cranbrook  Friday .morning.
J. L. Gates, of the King Kdward, attended the races in Cranbrook this week.
' Mr,   Verloy "of  the  Dank  of  Hamilton
, staff, left on Monday evening fjfor Winnipeg.
Hector McMillan cf Calgary has been
in the city during the past week on
■ A. sad accident,  all chopped to  pieties.
- Furniture "prices.   Trites-Wood   Co,   Cash
or credit.
..Il,    .1.    and    Fred    Johnston  left  on
Thursday for Seattlo to  witness arrival
■ of tlio fleet.
Jlov,      Sir,  Grunt's son is down  with
, Scarlet'' fever  hut  Is  reported   lo ho doing very woll. ,   .     "   „ • ■
A-now local of tlio U.M.W. of A. will
bo organised shortly at Maple Lonf
mine, Ilellovuo,
Messrs. Geo, HndclilTe, (loddpn,- and
Mr. nnd .Mrs, J. Mlnstdl leave for the old
country  tonight,
Mrs, A, 11. Triton and Mrs, U, W.
Wood Went to Spoknno Thursday morning on the fiyor,
Mrs. JoIiiimm of Conl Crook leaves this
evening for Manchester, Kngland, on a
three months visit,
Mr, Thos, Wholan arrived homo from,
Wnllaco, Idaho, on WwumiH I,iy iv.ornlng,
looking halo nnd hearty,'
Misses ,Icnn Klrnchan and Annlo
Ilrown left this morning on tho flyer for
for a holiday to Spokane,
Mr, I'oynolds of Crnnbrook war. in
tho city  Thurmlny. Ho    wcf* at  ono
timo yanlmnstor nt thin point,
Six members of our Slavonic community loft thin wook for tlio old country to
cnteh thn KinpioHi. of Ireland stoninahlp,
"Paildy" lIURhcH Is mooting with grent
uncross with lils list for thu Fernio Foot,
hall Club,   Sure more luck to vou rati*
■ dy. .--...
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nnv rlny but '•■lUinliiv, ®
Mrs, Thoa. Ulegs ami'' lior <la.1g.1tor
Nvoiyn loavo thin ovoiiing" for a throo
inoiithB visit to thoir homo In Newport,
A, Price-,' (rcnortil suporlnU'nilont, of
Cnlgary ami J, Hrownlco of tho C.l'.n.
paHHod through Fernio on Thursday on
a special"train,
JIoshi's, Win.' HlggR, Thomas llryant
ami II, llryant leave for Troilogar, In
WnliiR, toilay, whoro thoy will roinaln
for hoiiio timo.
Mr. L/OwIh rromllocl. ami family will
lonve op TuoHdny noxt via O.N.H, for
Durham. T'lnglnml, whoro thoy Ititoiul ro-
uliling In futuro,
Quito n nunihor of sports woro In tlio
town WoilnoHilay to too tho boxing con-
tout announced for that ovonlng but
worn  (|lnappnlnto(l,
Tlcture framliiR Is right In our lino,
Wo don't do It for nothing, but think
tha work nml prlco will plcuso you, Try
iim.   TilluH-Wooil Co,
Mm. W, 8, Hlnnlny loft with Ilia'two
children IrtMt night' 011 a vln|t to hoc
clHtor at lnnlNfall. Mrs, .Stnnloy will ho
away a rouplo of niontliR, , '
II you wnnt anything spe-clal, In tlio
ji'WMry lino for a prMontallnn «oo Lip*
liiinll ns ho nmiinls (liainomls and pro*
rloiiH .loiii!) In his workHliop,
J. 1', llouliilinn, tho popular ni/ent of
tlio Singer Sowing Machine Co,, in Pernio, ,1s busy thoso days working- overtime booking orders,   he says,
The Ct'.K, nro issuing tickets at ono
nnd (i third fnro from'tho !J2nil to 28th,
Incliwlve, to glvo tho public a elmiico lo
visit outsldo points on Victoria day,
Tho Owls ami Klks nro running a sp'o-
cinl oxcui'sion to l*'lko on Monday tho
Until lust,, leaving Pornlo at 0 ii.m, ro*
turning from l-!ll;o at 10 o'clock, Paros
for round trip, adults, 85c,, children
Htovus, Wo handlo tho best that mon*
cy can buy the famous McClnry Ktcol
Uniigos, Kvoryono a baker, Mntlo In
Canada by tho largest inanufncturors,
nml (mind In tha host homos nt prices
t'6'sult tho times,   Triton-Wood Oo,
sand win, lose or draw, Burns' accept.
anco was as follows: "1 will arcopt thir-
ty-flvo thousand- for !obor doy, you
know my terms. Knell' will post tlio forfeiture and sign for uie.''
■ Hums is surprised nf tho strictures In
jMnoiicai. imperii 'because ho did i.ot ro-
jily oiirlioi* tu U,.- c -ni.vs ho had
never" hoard of II till ho received' JTur*
loy's lutter' yesterday. Mam Fit/patrlck
mnnngor of Johnson, said todny that
Johnson Imd not'hoard anything direct
from llurloy, but lis soon ns ho doos ho
is readv to consider the offer.
<$><Jx$x$>-*M>$ <H>$ ^^<^M>M-^<^
Depot  Restaurant
UOOEIIS, Proprietor
Open Night and Day
Whon in Mnfllcod stop at tho
Dopot llestnurunt
**tw *iȣi>
■W5**    A
Jul     '•tjaP'   tBilba
CA    tCI?   iK*m
Lowest Prices in the City
Shoes,   Hai'-tiess,   Sa-ddlery,
Tfuutks  and Suit Cases
also Shoe Polish
to the: public
In buhnlf of tho Hliivonlans of Alberta, nud ospeclally of those who reside at
l-'i'itnk, wo ilesiro liuroby tn express our
iippioclatlnu of Drltlsh justlro, ns maul*
fPMicil' In the' nti'iit trial of Mnxlin I'y*
lypu/uk, alius Mike riillllps, churguil
with inui'diir,
Al no liiuu Imvu wo in or wnvoivd In
(H)l' confidence in thu iiilmiuint.riitlou of
Cuiindliin laws. To ninny It Is a. hollo!
thnt our rni'i', nml other fornlgii riicos
urn without n m'iihu in- i'1'gni'il for thu
laws of  our  udnptoil  country.   If thero
1      , ...,    III.,.,      .      il _       11 v.-'./t*.
tends tn create n profniuul ronp«ct. fnr
llritish laws, It U thu fact that thoy
are fonrlossly mlinlnlstoroil vlthont ro*
port   to   natlonnlltv.
Wo woll know thnt nn expression of
this kind is not ox poet ed, but nt     the
■miii'.  lime    Wi«  tnko  iitenkiim  l„ 1l,im   nl-
biding to n iiiattnr wlilcli ronceins us
very   much, {|
Signed mi bohnlf of tho .siavonl.in.1,
Blairmore, Alta.
Funeral Director and
Oflice Victoria Street
Phone 63      Residence Phone 38
W. D. Simmonds hits opened %
a PhotOKrnpic Studio and  is 9
prepared to do first class work , ^
         ",  <$>
Studio on Gemmel Street
-   Near the Onera House
Builder & Conti»aotor
ICerimntea Furulalied nnd
Satisfaction  Quumntccd
Foi-nle nnd liosmop
Enlarge Youf
Have you ■ ^ot your photo cn-
largeil yet? If not Courtney
will enlarge it in Sepia, Oil,
Water Color,  or Crayon,     All
'classes of Photographic work
done,       Developing',     Printing
• nnd Mounting done nt reasonable
A. W. Courtney
Box 424
The Garbutt Business College
of Calgary, lias modern coun.en In Telo
gritphy, Shorthand nnd nuHineos | om-
ploys «xpert toafihurs; propnren young
iifnplo for Indepondonco nnd kucccbb
Write for proBj.ci*-tUB "L.'1- Kntor ouy
time. F. O. f-lnrhutt, Prlncljinl.
Subscribe for
tbe District, Ledger,
Ledger for News
W. R. McPOUGAH'««*■*•»•* fa*-
London, Mny ai—Toimny lturn», the
ln-,\v>*A(iii'lit ihiuii|.luU |iii)(liUt, tuilny
hi*nt 11 , Cftlil»nrain to Jack llurloy, at
Uhlcnuo, nrrnptlnir nn otTnr 1o flaht JncU
.Tohimnn, tlie colnr.il lii-nNy.velulit un !*•
bor ilay, for a pun* of thlrty-flv* tben*
Kiiiiil  ilolluin,  llitriiM  to Litt  thirty thoa*
x ~     "■   ,   t
I Dray & Transfer
A wniim.innini 1   jii"iiwi>****<*»«JM*wHf>
a All   Uind«   nf
I Draying,
Z        Teaming and
I Transfer Work
y a^ji|iiia;iii'i»i'W"i"riy'iiaia;iliaijrii>>a7>iES'fftt
t-tt tlie
Fernie    Steam    Laundry
All Idnds of Steam and Utry ClcanlnQr*
Dyclnir, Scourincfi and Prcsslnfir done
,    by tlie moat Improved metltioda.
r. 0. Box 391
Gent's Fine .Linen
a. Specialty
Phone Mo.
A Trial Will
Convince Von
■*■ ■
■ u
s ",1
• 4
■t ~
"■ 'it
* 1.
*   'i
< - ■-«
'  111
4 .     .... - „ *--*. Mmmm*-*--**.**,*-.-.-,.-. :.,-       - ■  .~l***      : M-.,:.   fe ;-t^.l..^-l^fJ^Jta^^-taiJl.iMM.^^


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