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Industrial  Unity  Is 'Strength
^ol. m; NO. 46
■ ih*i
■rt*- c
The   Official   Orsan   of   District   Xo.   1,8,   E. M. W.of A.
Political   Unity   Is   Victory
Fernie, ; B. (J.i* July, 11,  liK>8
$1.00 a Year
fWe„ sell Furniture0 wholesale
and retail.   No  bjie   need worry
1 \ "■ ■ i    * i    * *   ■     .
about being suited, we have the
stock and do the trade on Cash
and Credit terms.
':: Complete   House   Furnishers
■   ■ y ' *        ** ■* v**■ *■' r "      .    :     , i.   . . *      !    -* '* ^
See pur Special Offer this week.   Page 8
,*:>0-tf ■'
P. S.
Conduc-lor Was the ;Man Behind the Gun-Hobber Dies
''~^'■Mil^^MoI:niasl   ."
As the 'Great Northern train n.ar-
ed-Naples about elevtn miles west oi
Bonner's Ferry arid ninety m.tes cust
o£ Spokane on Thursday, evening a
daring attempt,, at robbery was frustrated; The train' was' flagged arid
the conductor orderedt to hold up his
hands. How ..many robbers were engaged we are,not,informed at present writing, b'ut^we understand that I baggage and
the' conductor,,* got "the drop on     at J tliem    in turn
NO. 22 WW)
Near   Medicine   Hat-fight
J   People Killed and
:   Many Injure! ;
least one man and shot him with
sucj.\_ effect that he died on Friday
morning; Of course, tne'robbery was
averted. If,more conductors were'as
quick., and well'skilled in. the use of
The train-that left Fernie on Wednesday evening eastbound, No. 22,
was run into a short dtstunce from
the local yards at Medicine Hat by
engine No. 702 running light" from
Medicine Hat to Coleridge to • take
tha Si-Oaaue  tlytr to Moose Jaw.
The impact or t'.ie Ugh*,' engine was
so great that it,drove the engine of
the eastbound passsnger back to the
mail cuts and drove
on the fhst passenger
We cater direct for the
Working-man's Trade
That is whv our trade has increased so rapidly.   The
"     - >. *■
more *'business   we' do   the lower* our prices will get.
Spring i: Suits > ...
...?8  10   12 ' 15 ,
Stiff Hats'.	
 2,50   3   3.50
Working Shoes .".
...... ...2, to  4
 ..: ... 3 to 5
coach, overturning all In the ditch,
and killing S, two being passengers
by ' rianie of J. i;Shaw'and Duncan
MeEftchern. Four train hands --.ere
killed and seven or eight 'passengers
their ..revolvers, "we would have fewer j badly injured and removed to « the
holdups. There- have /been so many] hospital where every attention is be-
of . late-across'the; line'that it' is"'ing-given to their injuries,
about time there was'a turn to'the'
tide. .We always "regret to'hear " of
the.'death'of a fellow',mortal, but
this man brought his'end upon himself and . was . probably, saved from
murdering sonis oMiis fellow, creat1
ures: -      -    •
mVio n->i^pt! of th^iide*"1' nfn .'"mi's
Nicholson, enzineor;' Hivrd'-Gray,
fireman., conductor- Milptte; brake-
man Leonard • Black;. express racss-
on^'er .Vicars: 'bag<ra"emqn Arch.'Am-
bault,."and two pns.s"ir-;ers named
•\hove.        ' i'
. Our    House    Furnishing   Department   is   now
replete with all the staples and the newest novelies.*.
Lace Curtains
Portiere Curtains
Lace Bed  Setts
Bolster  Frames
Curtain  Rods
Window Shades
'   .      *>.     * ■        . '     -   .
Carpet Squares
and    Rugs
Floor Oilcloth
Hammocks, Tents, Linoleums, Etc., Etc.
,   O ' * - '    \ ' , *
on   second   floor
'   We make a specialty of working,
men's goods.- *"•..-.   ": , ■    ' *,-
*" 1 *■   *•*.     *   * < . '-   •** - -■" -     L "■ '"■ (1 * __ ..    ' r       . *■ >
You will say, Is it Possible?
That I can .buy {roodjVu.lt lands with .a good supply water within 30 miles of Fernie? on the installment plan.
$5.00 Down.   $5.00 per Month.   No Interest or Taxes
"For a five acre tract during* life of contract.   This offer will
not last lon*j. * -Wi'ito for circular of "Koo.ttenla Irrluatlon Tract"
D. W. HART, Afft. K. R. L. Co., Baynes, B. C.
THAT it is too bad that tho now
uniforms fop.,tho.band ^cro,not U«ro
lii'.time for tho celebrations' on Mon-
.-day „. .,,,,.,,. ....  , , ,„
to, tho
.jncrce, ' was a
•direction. •
*   *   * j
tho "key!,' from Dill Tuttlo
Spokane .Cihdmber of Com*
"plank"in the rigbjt
'■   .'     ,"-•     .-J..W''        \
e '• *    v...    ».'•■■*      |
THAT a coiipleof otorea refuflod to
■cloBO on Monday. It is a mean way
to act whon everyone else wan ou|,
nnd joining, in tho feattvittcs. ;
, •   • '•
THAT someone (a sympathiser
with poor "Dill" who we montlonqd
as tho agitator Innt week) who signs
himself W. D. Itoss stuck a letter
letter under our door. Tha Critic
hardly' knows what ho wishes to
liave dono with the letter. If he
wanted it published he might have
aaid so, .In that event the Critic
would like to hnve tho manuscript
-corrected as snmo of the words are
very hard to mako out. Of course
some of lt is fairly good but the
rest—oh my. Never mind W. D.
Critic is always open for such cmcr*
(tendon, nnd so is tho waste' paper
basket.  Dettor   set the next looked
...-„*.   1  .,C . .,« .,1 | •.■Mi* •■*■    14    V'^*J'',-'*        ¥%***'
w »•*-#     w-v#*--» w ■*/%#*. •■.«■••"<•,    **•     ■>■-•.... *■■-
■ •■•••.
THAT W. D. R. sug-jests that the
dritic no after some of the existing
evils ot the city. My dear friend
Critic has been doing that right
along, ns fast as ope evil •ii-pearii he
sets after it, nnd tries to put it
down. Some of the worst evils of
•the present day nre Ignoramuses.
Pass the crackers, please.
•   •  •
THAT Mlnfst.-»r Wti In iwt with    a
THAT ho hates • to have to got
aftor the post officii pooplo, but,it is
absolutely., necessary.. The mall
clerks.are,8upppBe|l; to keep the business' connected "with" tho mall, sorvtco
.absolutely,,'Vpflvato.. It.is not right
tor outsiders • such, na oxp'ross', mps*
eengcrs, telegraph ^operators','' customs' employees, or, bank clcrkr to go
into-, tho postofflce and help ' -tho
girls' with, tho .sorting. or • dtampi*ng
of mail. Tho clerks are paid for ttyit
work" and should attend to lt alono,
Thoy should not toll what they know
outside of tho postofllco. If tho
young men want tb'soe thorn thoy
should wait till after hours. If strict
privacy was kept thoro would bo Jess
mistakes than at present. !
■    '      ■■■■o .   '    '   ■
Play Baseball  and Break
[ven on Two Gaines.
The fats and leans played hall on
Saturday afternoon .Inst, It wns
ball too, Tho gftmo was vory exclt*
ing up to the lant innings whon tho
leans got a running streak Into their
hinae tor it***',1 uu-i .*.• uf a tu.om
tlie rfiwcntntlvrn °' ^f nvv*\r-
dupols were hot able to heat. Borne
real professional work was done by
both teams, An amusing part of the
game was the presence of the two
nmpirfs Mich armfirt with n Winthes't
ter. The following took part in tho
Leans— Joseph Potographer Spalding, John Handbrnsh Tiocke, Hard
Loan    Bdmondj, Jack  Bum   Hand jWrlptfeswort,*.
Jones, Harry Landman Wright, Al- j
hart LeMothe,    Canada Apple Mae-
new one.  He advises that    women  Kamara, August June Durnside,  Al-
■ .-   - \ ■ ,
athon .   EckerBley,- -John Rockefeller
Pollock,, William  Jennings Wrigles-
worth,   Henry. Jasper Johnson' (P;
M„) Robert Donald Dutbie, William;
Sixty Percent.' Mills,. William.Rastus
Ross, Jimmie Janitor .Johnson.- Al-
phonso Carlos Rizzutto."     '    .
Umpire — Cornolius      ■ Lockhorh
Whelan," Charles Weakarni Davoy.
Tho socond game between the Fats'
and'leanB was played on-Thursday
evening." This' came was' much better
than tho tint one, and somo real
scientific work was performed by
many of the players. Jimmy Johnstone was in the gamo all the way
through as was' also Al Rizzutto.
Pitcher Edmunds' has the professional twirl, evon iu the manner he
wrapped his , pitching arm up between inningH, A large crowd turned oiit and witnessed tho game. Tom
Whelan was tho 'slab artist for the
fatB, and. pitched a winning and
steady game,. The acoro was 11-8l in
favor of the fats.
A fast double was played by
Wriglosworth nt short stop to Pollock on third bnse, who threw tho
ball quickly nnd cut of! a run. Two
very amusing Incidents in connection
with tho gamo were noticed. Once
when Scott waa making homo from
third ond , Shanley (the elongated)
wns in his way, OI counto weight
counted and down wont poor Shan,
all smiloH. The other timo was
when I3ob Dutlile' wan making home
nnd Coultharcl tried to Btop him. Tho
result was tlmt Coulthnrd stood on
his car forn'necond or so.. The following wnB tlio lino up:
PatB-T. Whelan, p,; W. R. Iloss,
1 bnso; niackHtonp, 2nd bnse; J, R.
Pollock, 3rd liftse; Doc. WrlgloHWorth,
s, s,; Al, Rizzutto, c. f.; J. Johnson,
r. (.; Dob. Dnthie, 1. f.
Leans—A. A, Blmnloy, c; H, L.
Kdmunds, p.; II. L. Wright, lst bnBe;
J, Carmlchnol, 2nd ImBo; R. W.
Coulthnrd, 3rd hnso; A, C. Liphardt,
«.   *.;   A. Lo   Moths,   1. f.(*   J. P.
Spaulding, c, f.; A. J. Durnside, r. f,
Tho    third and deciding game bo*
tween the fat nnd the lean men will
ho played on Tuesday evening, Hth,
nt seven o'clock,  An admission fee
*,,,,.. i .   n...      ;   j ,    . Mi   i .      1 . .-      i
h4.        V..4..4J     4. * I      !,«.#*.>        ,..t.       4'4>       *.. 4.. 4,4,44
the •^rnpt>'«d', in nid nl 'the fxenevrx-
lent floelety,
The Pats nnd Leans are both com*
Ing out in costume on Tuesday evening, nnd a comical costume it will
he. The band will be engaged nnd a
parade i\rmt\fv(i ior at M5. The following will he the line up:        >
Pats—Whelnn,    p; Davey, c : Rons,
1st bane; Rlnckdtone, 2nd; Scott, 3rd:
s. a.;   "Pollock, c. f.:
Tho Joint Committee of tho Western Coal Operators Association ai.it
District No. 18, U.M.W. of A., met at
Calgary on July (J, 7 and 8.
OonBlernble business waB transacted; The matter of delivery of clay
for tamping of shots lu Coleman
mines was referred to a sab commlttoo and an Imlupondunt cluuruian,
Lewis Stockott for' Wostorn Co.il Op-
erators Association und * l'\ H, »hor-
mnn for U. M. W. of A. Th.) Joliu
chairman to be selected by nhorman
and Stockott. Tho Hading of tho
commltteo ho constituttnl will , lio
The joint committee adjourned to
moot at Dellevue on tho 29th nf .Lily
to go through tho mines, exmninu
the work und mako prlcts (o** same,
Tho members of thla commltteo
were L. -Htockctt, W, McN'uill, Chits.
Similiter for the Wfatirn Co 1 Opera-
ton* Association, Sherman, Urnham
and Galvin for   the U. M. W. nt A.
Calgary, July i)-,V. D, Kcrfoot,
who was injured yesterday afternoon'
by being urown from IiIh horse ai
the fall* during the live stock parade
died this mormni: about cloven
o'elock. MIh neclc wai/ broken by tho
full. Ho was toll! last night that
thoro was no hope for his recovery,
and ho took tho news very calmly.
Ills death this morning was a sur-
P*;|hi! to his physlclc.iis us they expected Ho wciuld linger for perhaps a
fortnight before pawning awny.
Mr. Kcrfoot' was one of th* old
time ranchura of UiIh portion of Al-
bertn. He came hrro twtnty-ftve
yenrs ago from tho miaUicm h tut oh.
He wns a thorom'.h Houthern gentleman and has been a ureiit (actor in
horse nil sin** nud In horse racing
ever since ho citmu hen*. His homo i
is neat Coo'iiniin mid iit one time he '
whs   one     of the twarra of the old
(.ochrane ntneb.
i I)pren:.od leaves a wife, lour sons
ia'nd four daughtors, Prir some years
! pa at. he hns   bcon n siiffcrtr    from
rheumatism which would have inco*
,.-4#.,• ^4, ,1 :>*,4. rt»»^»> mnn frr»Tti rliltnc
Iwt hn nttick tn bis hobby until his
death, „ t
At Fernie,
Monday, July 13th
Good  Progamme  of Sports
Baseball, Football, Tug-of-War
Horse and Pony Races
Speeches by Prominent
Orangemen and others
God  Save  the  Kins:
John It. Uuivin, vice preMutni oi
UietiUt 4V0. Ji, .'Uiinil in H'ii'4 njj
Thursday. Mr. Galvin reports Ihe
lignite field vory quiet at present, r«- i
peclally in thf    Rdmonton district, i   Ottawa, July 10-Tom Longboat is
The times wore bo hard there that  utill   finite   eligible (or the Olympic
i th* rmtirMi    xmre   Siimtni*  the ftr-wi i Mnmthon.   Brrordtni! to information
willo'wa instead of,-buying <'t»ul. jin    the     puKscBslon   ut the wntral
, . 0  J Olympic committee.   As fnr u»   the
"committee knows Longboat will run.
The objection of the Am-rUnni* nre
wenr clothing that will entirely ron-
real the curres of the form divine,
Here's one vote against him any*
hert Amateur flhanley,  John Anan
las CarmlchatL (
Pat Men—Thomas Hughle Whelan, j Cari-nlcha*!.
Jtflerecrn, Hawlty Scott, David 4Tohn-«Monte, r, f.
Urown, r. f.j nittutto, L f.   Spares,
.Tohnnon, tiiilhle, Moon.
Lcani—Wrlnht. p: Whelan. c: Shnn-
icr, let baw; CnuHharA. 2nd htxw;
vdnxtmiie.   Srd heee; Llphm-dt «. *■".
e. f.:  Jone*.
1. f.:   L* j nhore
flterk.       wpt
Moncton,   Ju'y   10-A yonng min
by the name of Osruon wn* drowned
In the rctitlcmllac river while In'h
ing Inst night, after an heroic rffort
j of his ctimpnnion to enve bim,    Th*
j latter went down., with Carson    hnt
! manared to Irre h»n<*fll nnA ttath»>\
tihaut'tfd wHle Car«on     wm*
away by the tid*.
not ronsld'rcd well founded.
H.viw'.i.v,   .T!1.K.   '3  T'.'.v. *Cft*.*,-re;!i-mfal
foul    ('ompony in tepnrted to have
-.uu-i;'*. w,'u !-:i*u' uf tual at Rlclfar
t>in,   ()!!<»   «'im': U loi feet and the
<•,»!,••"■ twelve l*«t ',n tl*ic*nn*i«.
I Vancouver, July 9*-»uncan Per-
j guson, who arrived from Kanalmo
! to Hossland recently, has been ar-
i -...*** r>i mi ont i*1 nrt of helnp impll-
jcated In the late robbery of dia-
imonds from Stone & Knight, Hogs-
j   A crown    set with diamonds waa
jfound In his possession hut he says
tbe   stnnfS nte laW Rnd wtte gtttsft
Mm by a  friend    some month* ago.
The diamonds are being examined by
an expert.
Siuii-urn "Tnlb, .Inly ? hr\ unknown man about forty-live yearn
old, apparently a Canadian, commit*
ted suicide last night by Jumping
Into the whirlpool rapids from the
lower mteel arrh brtdre. Nothing (•
known as to his identity.
Moose Jaw, July *J~At midnight
on the slith, a railway mall cleric
laid Information with the police that
he had been held up by two men, one
of whom poked a revolver in hi*
lam, while the other relieved him of
.ahoiit fourteen dollars, Owing to
1 darknet*.**. identification will he dubious
/ 4
E Pluribus Unum
The Spokane Chamber of Commerce f tbe opportunity to walk around our
came. They heard, they saw, and
they appreciated the endeavor of the
Fernie people to entertain them. We
feel proud, and justly proud of the
way in which our citizens turned out
and helped to make the' day as pleasant as possible' for our .friends and
cousins from the south.
The Spokane Chamber of Commerce
is represented by a body of men of
the highest business and commercial
. ability. They are men1 of worth,
both to their country and themselves; men who have made a name
for the fair city of Spokane and
district. They are also men who
know how to enjoy themselves, and
men who know how to appreciate the
*■ efforts for their enjoyment. It is to
. this fact as much as any other that
we owe the successful day that we
had on the 6th. A day that will
not soon be forgotten by any who
were fortunate enough to be able to
take part in it in any way.
At four o'clock the special train
carrying the"delegation, consisting of
about one hundred and thirty, arrived and the Fernie band'started
playing their national air "The Star
Spangled , Banner." From the.sta-
, tion they proceeded to the beautiful
lawns surrounding the Cqal Company
office, where a stand had been erected for the occasion and where the
members, as many as would, were escorted by Mayor, Tuttle. The mayor
in a . few choice, words then welcomed the visitors to our city.
Mr. .F. E. Goodall, the president of
, the    Spokane Chamber of Commerce
' replied in .a few feeling words of ap-°
. preciation, and Mayor Tuttle     then
presented     the, visitors' with. a large
 <~.*1JI A L-~-—l.\ 1 £—A.I 44.— 4
—gumcu- n.cjf7^uiB"B.ej— ui ~ uie-i.H,y—OI
Fernie. In presenting it Mayor-Tuttle said, that it would unlock everything in the city but the jail;     and
1 that the jail had a time lock which
was set so as not to unlock until
after tho time fixed for the departure of tho Chamber of Commerce, so
that the visitors wcre,,to tako entiro
possession of the city. The doors
had   been   taken   entirely   off     the
, saloons, the city in general was theirs
as tha omblems at the station and
tho opera house corner intimated,
'•Spokane tho city is yours today."
Mayor Tuttlo then outlined the programme for the aftornoon, and said
that through tho courtesy of Manager Hurd, of the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co., tho engine and cars of tho
Coal Creek train wore ready for the
viBitorB to ;, use for a trip to the
Tho ladles wero then informed that
owing to. lack of spaco in tho opera
houso, where the banquet was to bo
held, that arrangements had been
mado whereby tho ladicB of Pernio
would entertain the ladicB of Spokane at a dinner in tbo Napaneo and
Fernio hotels,
The ladies woro also informed that
Mrs, Hurd very kindly invitod them
all down to hor spacious grounda for
aftornoon tea at five o'clock and
they accordingly wonded their way
Photographer Spalding then took a
largo view of tho visitors, together
with some members of tho reception
committee of Pernio.
After this the visitors who wished
went to Coal Creek, whoro Mr. Black
the genial superintendent of the M,
F. & M, showed them all tho machinery connected with tbo mining of coal. A visit was also made
to the club to sample the polite beverages there obtainable before entraining for tho return to Pernio. The
visitors expressed surprise at tho
magnitude of tho machinery operated
hy the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
city and expressions of surprise    at
the stability of the buildings m the
course   of erection, as    well es:the
ones already built, were heard   ; en
all sides,
Promptly at ,7.30 as announced the
banquet committee in charge of Tom
Beck, had everything in readiness
and the guests of the evening were
ushered in. The* hall had been very
tastefully decorated for the occasion
and the tableB were filled to overflowing with good things to eat. Of
course the drinkables had not been
overlooked and -everything in the
line of liquors had been served, from
ten year old to soda water.
Miller's orchestra, composed of H.
Rochon, violinist; Jas. Pasta cornet-
ist; Paul Pasta, Clarionet, F. Wad-
dy, Cellist, and Pat Miller, director
and pianist, rendered some very nice
Mayor Tuttle then proposed the
first toast on the list "The.King."
Fred Dick then rendered a song,
"Son of the Desert" in a most commendable manner and was heartily
encored. The next toast was "Ted
Roosevelt," the president of the United States, which was heartily
drank. Mr. H. B. Fuller sang
"Mona"'!which was encored. "Our
visitors," was next proposed, and
Mr. F. E. Goodall, president of the
Spokane Chamber of Commerce, responded on behalf of that body.
Mr. Goodall said in the course of
his remarks that he was more than
pleased with the * reception. that they
had received at the hands of the
Fernie people. He, could not find
words that would convey the feeling
oLhimselL and, his* confreres v-ho
were taken by surprise at the magnificent reception that they had received. He very cordially and .leart-
ily extended an invitation for Fernie
citizens to come to Spokane end le-
ceive a return of the hospitality.*He
thought that these" meetings and
friendly feelings did more to cement
the better relations of the two countries than anything else could do. He
said that both commercially and as
a" united brotherhood the two nations should be cemohted together
closer and closer.
A trio was then rendered by F.
Dick, Robt. Webb and Pat- Miller.
They made tho hit of the evening
with tho singing of "Sunny Old Spokane" and were recalled again and
again. At this, juncture Mr, H, , L,
Edmunds, president of the aPernio
board of trade roso to proposo tho
toast to tho ProBs, coupling with
tho toast tho names of N. W. Durham ot the Spokesman Roview, and
Mark Drum of, tbo Frank Paper. Mr.
Durham mado a vory mastorly reply and touched on various phases of
history whon the two natlonB woro
practically at war or ill feeling with
each other, and showed the difference
at the prosont timo, He said ho
would hnto to think of anything that
would ever mair tho good feelings of
tho prosent time, or cause either of
tho two flags which woro boforo him
to unfurl on anything but pence. Mr.
Durham ia a man of knowledgo and
It was n pleasure to listen to him,
Mr. Drum was then called on, and
said that he felt flattered, as ho was
hardly known to more than half a
dozen of those present. He made a
vory good speech, and nsked to be
excused while putting in a few words
of "shop." Ho wantod tho flpokano
people to go home with a proper understanding of the products of the
Crow's Nest Pass, nnd more than all
ho wanted a right conception of tho
position nt Frank. He said that he
knew various rumorn were afloat aB
tn the slide nt Prank, and ns to tho
possibility of another slide nt somo
hiuue utile, i.i.4 jjiuiii u-4.aU1.-1l uk-
. intt'iirt that t/io tiiuitfitau* Ha> i.wit
absolutely safe, Ho did not wnnt
wrung stories to hs told about the
number of peoplo who hnd been kill*
ed    .n    thnt   nwful slide.   Me t-.tr.ted
wan    slity-
be told that he is a really first-class
singer., He - excelled himself this
time, s- Mr. l E. F. Ambrey then proposed the-toast "The Ladies" , and
asked for the Rev. J. W. Hinley to
respond. Mr., Hinley is one of the
most entertaining' gentlemen that
we have had the pleasure of listening
to. He took the ladies' side very
nicely, commented on the decoration, the combination of colors, the
afternoon tea, the reason why tLey
were excluded for the first part of
the banquet, and told many amusing
anecdotes which kept his audience in
a continuous round of laughter. A
member of the Spokane Chamber of
Commerce, whose name we' could not
get, then rose and asked permission
to say a tew words. He repeated the
thanks and surprise that they h.'.i'dly
knew how to explain. He -.-aid that
it would afford them great r Up sure
to return, to Fernie. He stated that
of all the .magnificent receptions they
had received on the way through,
that Fernie had provided the best,
and, the heartiest. He once again
thanked them all and asked Dr. Bon-
nell, ex-mayor, to say a few words,
who stated that he was proud of British Columbia, which he claimed 'vas
the richest province in the Dominion.- He„ said that as a . former,
speaker (Mr. Drumm), had. said, he
would not give a bogus five cent
piece for the man who did not think
his own country was the most beautiful, and best in the world. Yet he
was proud of the visit of the ■ Spo-"
kane people. He hoped to see them
again.- ,'"■ -        ■ „ ,- '. •       . « ■
At this stage Mayor,Tuttle called
upon thV' Dok-kie band for-a song.
One of the members arose and said
that-   he    hardly thought;that that
•...    -:' ...        •; -. ■
C. Nesbitt; ; song, "The Deathless
Army" Geo:".F.,Stevenson; "Martha"
H.  Rochon,,.'violinist; Paul Pasta,
clarionet;  Jas. Pasta, cornetist,; F.
Waddy, Cellist,   Pat Miller, director.
"God Save The   King.".
Toast- List ,"
The King—Proposed by the chairman.
The President of the United States
—Proposed.by the chairman.
Our    Visitors—Proposed by W. R.
Ross, Esq., M.P.P.
The Press—Proposed by H. L. Ed-
Men should
_l- look for this,;
Tag   on
'{ Tobacco.   It
guaranteesthehigh quality of
Black Watch
The Big Black Plug*
munds, Esq.,
of trade,
The Ladies-
Amberyi Esq,
president Fernie board
-Proposed by E. Foster
.4v.4.. 14.U* to it-ling me ue.egtttiori
were lutl i,L tie hUtUm l,y the iiutut
and escorted up town. After a lapse
of a few minutes the fire bell rang
and tho exhibition run wns witnessed. And here it mlcbt he ■menMnn/-.',
that the flro brigade made the very \ that tho total
beat run that wo havo seen.  In ex*-eight;
actly one minute from tho first ring ! were killed. He once more thanked
of the bell the firemen had a iitrcnm j the tonst maker for colipllng his
of water playing on an imnglimry. name with the tonst to tha press,
tire nett the Vorthoxn   hotel.   This   Mi". ^. Sealtltt then umk .a ring en
some had said that hundred*
run was very favorably commMt'd
on by a number nf the visitor*, 'the
band then rendered some music to
while away the time till the }.ai-}.ict
was ready. The visitors aleo    took
titled "The Veteran Song" which
wait well received, and encored. Mr.
Geo. P. Htevenson then sang "The
Deathless Army." Anyone who hat
ever heard Mr. Stevenson need not
Executive—W. W, Tuttle.
Entertainment—Geo. F. Stevenson.
Finance—H. L. Edmonds.
Toasts—W. R. Ross.
Decorations—H. A. Wilkes.
Press—D. V. Mott.
Refreshments—Tom Beck".
Vy,:; J. vyrigleswprthV;;D, D/S.
*■ • '    ;,, isit'isr'PiST,,..    ■
*,   '..-'..     ,      ■■ •-, -,
Ofhck Hours:- '. ■■ 8 "Kito \i a. m, 1 to 8p.m
-6J0 tot* p,m.       ,,    , .    „   ,
Office in A ex. L ik's biooR    •
•  "      v over Slum'   Unkerv.' o
KE-RNIE,       ._     -  _,     ' _   . _       , B. C
My little boy, four years old,
had a severe attack of dysentery.
We had two physicians; both of
them gave him up. We then gave
him Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy which cured him and believed that saved
life.—William H., Stroling, Caijoon
Hill, Ala. There is no do-ibt but
this remedy saves the lives of
many children each year. Give it
with castor oil according to the
plain printed directions and
cure is certain. For sale by
Insurance and Customs Broker
Crow's -Nest   Trading*   Co.   Block,
Fernie, B.. C
1 *■ - n     '
L.   P.   Eckstein
o '
Barribtkr-at-Law, Solicitor
Roomy 1& 3. Henderson blook. Fernie. B.C.
fl. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders.
Pliuu, Specificatioiis and E»ti-
tnatM fnxniahed on  application. .
Ple»tT   ol  GOOD-DRY   LDM--
R. -V. KWtR. ■''.
.    Arrhitect     ami Snperiateadeat
Ofiee at laoi'Usta.
BAKER ST.     ,        FEKNIE, B. C.
meets in the Miners' Hall every ,
alternate Thursday at 8 p.m.  -*;
Mr. Shollicks was very angry.
Someone °had broken his favorite
Meerschaum and replaced it in «its
case.' He questioned his wife, and
the servants about it, but they alike
professed to be unaware that it bad
happened.    ■  ■/     ' ' ■
.  Presently his only son came in.
/"George,'.' said, his excited' "parent;
.''do you know. anything about this
broken' pipe?',' ■,"■■"
..."Father;", sobbed the lad, "I can-
was" "thT^lac^fOT^^Mg.^blitytha,^"
they were always equal to any. occa-,
sion. They sang four or five lines of
a song which made a hit. As some
of our readers may not be aware of
what the DOK-KIRS aro a few words
of explanation here may not be
amiss. The Dok-kies area band of
people who are previously Pythians.
Not all Pythians can belong to the
Dok-kie band, but certain ones can.
In Spokane they have some 980 Dok-
kies, They established a branch at
Cranbrook a short timo ago. They
had tons of paraphernalia with them
on this trip, which they used at
Calgary, where they established a
branch. They are more especially the
social sido of the Pythian order.
Thoy spend all their money for enjoyment. Aud thoy cortainly havo
the enjoyment, for a hotter and Jollier bunch you could not moot.
After tho singing of "God Save tho
King" and "Auld Lang Syne" tho
delegates woro escorted to tho station, whoro they woro heartily choer-
ed till tho train pulled out.
Pernio did woll, wo aro not asham-
of any part of the wholo program. It was all carried through
without a hitch. It was a day of
celebration from the smnll boy or
girl to the oldest. It was a day
that wljl not soon be forgotten.
Commercially for Fornio lt was ono
of the bout things that has occurred.
It has shown that Pernio has resource*, that thoso visitors never
dreamed of, Tlioy nood the products
of these things. Thoy will have
thorn. They havo now an interest In
them, and anything that an American haH an interest in will boom,
Spoknno' Chnmher of Commerce
special train mot nt 3.35 p. m. hy
CltlMn** of Fornio Reception Com*
Headed hy Fernie hand procc-uion
proceeded to Crow's Nest PasB
Coal Co. grounds, where speechoB of
wolrnmn wnvn mixrln
iiiJi'Cial     UtktH      Hu   tit tit   d, di-lAi*-.**
for a trip to tho Coal Creek mines.
Return from mines, when exhibition
run was made hy fire brigade.
Unnrjuet at 7,30 p. m,
11 l>, m. proceeded to train accompanied by the band.
musical Pt'ogfam
Ov.-rtMr-', "Han Toy", OrclK8',ra *,
none "flon of the De*ert," Fred
Dick; Htmii, "M-inn." H. ». Fuller:
"Wnng," orrhmtrn; trio, "flunny Old
Spokane, Mem.!**. Wthh, Dick nnd
.Miller; eong,    "The Veteran Son**;,"
Giving Trouble in Manitoba-
Fear Bloodshed in Case
of Making Arrests
Winnipeg, July 7—A despatch from
Antler, Man., where old Jas. Sharpe
and his band of fanatics from the
United States are in camp, says the
mounted police, are having a hard
time arresting the leader. The band
is well armed, and. will only allow
one policeman at a time inside their
camp. It is impossible to reason
with them, and they say they* will
not be taken alive. The women are
as.bad as the men, and.are full    of
fight. .'-.'■.    ". ■ ' y '
The question, to be solved is how
to arrest the leader without causing
bloodshed, as there are a number, of
women and children in the party.
Every effort is being made to have
them taken back from whence . they
came, North Dakota, but the leader
is obdurate, and insists that, he will
go to Yorkton to lead the Doukho-
bofs. *•;    .-'        '  -   ,'
The following letter was left for
the police yesterday; written by the
"Virgin ' Maty," dictated by "Jesus
Christ": -: " ■■■ .      /
"To save bloodshed, "use sound
judgment. If you are,determined to
take us dead or alive, ' I1 would
rather you would, shoot us from "ambush,, and not shoot'any bfo my followers, and then you .would ..not be
taking „any chances of getting shot.
J* Barber** l.d.s., d.d.s.,
'. „   DENTIST
I  T. W    Block,,  opposite the   Bank
Ottiue hour*—8 *.:m to 8 p.m.
not tell a lie^Forgive-mei,- father!,lb
was I-who did.it.   I,cannot tell    a
lie!"   '.'■""".-       ■■" -     ">.'•-
Mr. Shollicks patted., tne uoy's
head,.an intimation that the offence
was forgiven, and then rushed from
the house to melt into an agony of
tears.       ' .
But it was not the shattering of
his' Meerschaum that possessed him
now. He had quite forgotten it. A
worse thing had befallen him.
"Heaven    help    mc," he moaned.
"Ever since my son was horn it has
been my ambition, my dearest wish
to rear him for my own profession ;
and    now—and    now*—!   Oh, it is a
cruel blow I"
, • -.
For.Mr. Shollicks waB a lawyer. ■
Latoe & Fisher
Crow's . Nest     Trading   Co.    Block,
Fernie, ,B. C.
W, E. fckBS.KiC.    '       J. 8. T. Alxxakdbb
Ross & Alexander
FERNIE, B. C,        .    c, .
Office in L. T. A7, Block, Victoria Avenue.
L. SNOW, Pres.
E. DICKER, 8»o.
Builder and Contractor
Estimates cheerfully civen and work*
promptly executed to tho satisfaction of our customers.
Fire, Lile & <
dent Insurance
Townsite  Atrents.*
Fernie ai:d Hosmer
Fire'L,le4AMi Estate
Minard's Liniment' Co., Limited,
Gents.—I cured a valuable hunt-
ing dog of mange with Minard's
Liniment after several. veterinarles
had treated him without doing
him any permanent good. Yours
Prop,   of   Grand'   Central   Hotel,
Drummondvillo, Avkg, 3, '04.
"The Ghost of
By Mr«. C. N. Wllllnmnon.
A story of exciting incident*.
and thrilling situations,
The plot Is laid In an old
castle In Scotland which has
been turned into a resort for
tuuilUi, ttiid 'itti> ifd-ii luuile U.'f
headquarters of a notorious
•jrnnif known n« the "Under-
nroiind Syndlrate," who use
the many    old secret pnHeancH
frir      r\    npr*/wi    r.t   *Ytynt fiTtrmn    r\r..
BfiultB and rohberl'B.
The nuthnr has used her woll
known power to produce h
story of mont nbsorblnK Interest
and one which errnnot fall to
prove   n    drawlni* proposition
Watch for It in the
District Ledger
I will-never give up alive.„ If. I have
got to continue living among sinful
men, I had rather die. None can
say that Jesus is the Christ only by
the Holy Ghost. The Spirit'came to
Christ in the shape of a dove, and
it came to me in the shape of a lion.
Among the Gentiles, according to
the scriptures, I would be raised up
of your brethren. I do not want' to
kill. David' and Jesus Christ' are
one. When ,. the Doukhobors receive
me then God will prove me. Then
your eyes will come open."
Calgary, July 6—Tho airship at tho
exhibition was destroyed by fire on
Saturday. afternoon and is a total
loss, During a high wind storm the
tent was blown against tho >aloon*
like part of tho ship, and tho friction caused an explosion. There being1 eight thousand feet of gas, it
didn't tako long ' to complete tho
work of ' destruction. Tho loss is
throo thousand dollars; no insarauco.
Jack Dallls and his assistant,, Hcrt
Howells, wero badly scorched and
woro taken to tho hospital.
1 Thoro was a chaptor of accidents in
tho storm. Tho Rtago in ono of the
side shows was blown' down and
carried an electric polo with It.
,   "       ..,o ..."■ -..,..... .
Fathor took his coat od—said
I'll do that job today,
We need a chicken coop, you know
Our hens all get away.
Ho found the hammer and tho nails
And then he got tho Haw,
And went to work while all tlio tads
Lookod on In Hllent awe.
Somehow, the hoards seemed   rather
And fnto was most unkind,
While fathor puffed nnd puffed  nnd
iii* Uouw-,4 4-. si'iit iicjiiiiti,
At Inst ho got some short length**
ind while ho mopped hin faco
Ho studied out tho proper way
i   *Vo put tncwo tiriHTiiH in place,
TIo nailed a strip ncro*s a strip
Then he made a slight mlscue;
Tho   hammer    came   down   on his
il       thumb
And Kmithhcd it Muck nnd blue.
TIiim. ftiU.ci' uk-m! mi....1 lunKUtiK.' Mmt
Wan never used tiifore,
And mother took the babies Inside
And iioftly cloned the door.
Henderson Block   Fernie1
"_3 Plans' and Estimates furnished.
Jobbing.   Sash and Doors.
Builder's" Stairwork a Specialty
Successor to J W. H. Terry*
Employment: and*
Real Estate Office;
All  classes  of men *
Bushmen,   Lumbermen   &
Teamsters' -a
Satit-faction guaranteed. *
P. 0. Box 188 -■ * Union hhor
■ ■■ 4 ' 'J .
All work guaranteed
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B. C.
Fit for a King
The moate that you bay
Irom un aro (It for a klnir.
Wo soil no'hlnpr that is
not the best, that is why
we have no many ploised
customers Let us do-
morstuto thla fact by a
trial. Polite attention
and prompt sorvlco.
Calgary Cattle Co,
Excavations  taken . out,1 etc.
Reasonable   Rates*
Cox Street.
Phones 94 and  147. • P. O. Box 417-
Fresh   Milk
. Delivered to nil parts of the town
Gorrie Bros*-, propa*
Wlnntpff*   .Tilly ff—*.T   T'   Ornvnn, n*
well known  i»ra1n denier here,      nt-
temptfld    to corner nil tlio rol*ctod
ontfl in tho west.  Ho had about ono
j million    nnd   a    half bimholH,   Two
! local olovntor companies who had tp
imalto laruo dt'Vivtnrn yc8tornay„,imt
j their heads tojjothor and manufactured a largo quantity of rejected    hy
mlxins it  with othor Brains,  Thcno
natn woro delivered yesterday and an
a   result Graven has been unsuccessful in. his venture.  It Is given out
here thnt Clrtiven fi/iR Inst  one hundred and fifty thousand dollar**1.
'         o-     ■ " ■- -
Suhseribf for tha District tcdgir.
Anyone Mnrllnj tit
onfokir MijcfUln oyr
icntfra*. (MtM eatnerh
I-Vqnti i-ikfm ifiraueh
fttjuH netti*, without tlm
Tram Mark0
* .  DMIONt
iktteb and d»iorlptlnn res*
 Ion •mwjflittiitr eft
'/PIJOPK on 'Mem*
' -WtptMMIj
pdMm«l*Uluitr»Udwo»l,ly. Urseit nil*
\enr i«l»ntinoiounud. Verm* for
^ei*u,r^*t*iet*vp*\A, Bold by
State of Ohio, city of Toledo,
Lucas County,
Frank J, Chraoy makes oatli
that ho is senior partner of tho
firm of -F, J. Cheney <fe Co,, doing
business in tho city ot Tofedo, th*
•,e'.'lr\+** enA ."t*i>« nf*tr««,(«<»|l> end
that said Arm will pay th* sum of
one hundred dollars for each case-
of catarrh that cannot be cured by
the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.—>
"Prank J. Cheney,
Bworn   to   before   me and sub*
.,'1,4 ', ,      ,        ,,.- ,.,,..        II    ' -      fit*.
» V. 4440.4, .4.        ... J       -44 4 4E^.V44W^f     4>44,4J>     W>.444
day of December, A.D., 1880,
(Snal)' Notary IMbHc
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and acts directly on tbe
bloos nnd mucous surfaced of the
syatcm. Send for testimonials
free,-*"F. J, Cheney & Co,, Toledo,
Sold by t *..
Take Hall's Family Fills for constipation.
This corner^;
reserved for-:*
discussion of „,
Be sure" and'
sign   name
■ <f AH manuscript must be type-written
. and. signed  by , the   writer, ■ not 'for
;publication, bvil'as a matter of good'
laith,' ,A11 articles must°of.course be'
left to the editor's judgment^and  if
j riot published will be returned ^upoiv,
request.-1 Owing-."'td-space.-'we "must-
limirarticles according to requirement
,.- ence must be
sent to this
,; .office no later
• than noon on
i*. """"""^ T,    *
.■ ,In .most-European countries     tbe
people know who govern them.
'    -  '   * c '  '
The people of this country either
-don't know, or. will not believe when
•they are told.'..
Our rulers are much shrewder than
those abroad.,
The Czar and the Kaiser frankly
-declare that they run the whole}
show. In ...this country our rulers
. toll us that we rule. We proudly believe it and1 are content—and vote
•enthusiastically for the ruler.-- that
lies, most in this respect. ,
■Our rulers then sit down to their
•desks, set , the machinery at work,
and .. touch the. buttons that govern
•Back of every great.''statesman" is
•a low browed political'heeler-^a kind
-of political valet.* He docs the dirty
'-work.   When .'there' are. not. sufficient
. actual-..,-'..Votes if or, his candidate - he
adds the necessary fraudulent votes:
But he takes" care ' id 'see 'thatthe
..Vstatesman'J'has clean linen and .-,'a
•Vrespectable' appearance.  i >'
■;:\ Back of the heeler- are the corpora-
.,,'tions'.-/They provide the funds,;"
. V The "statesman" who has the best
heeler   and     the best 'chance to .win
\ gets the money.     ./. *._..'. . .■"
'.Whether , the "statesman-is a Republican or Democrat does not matter. The question is, whichis going
. to win? And the'political favorite is
backed good and strong, by the corporations..
Por    instance, \tlie '-. corporations
liked Judge Parker better than they,
.-., liked Roosevelt,; but' they knew that
Roosevelt was going to win, and so
•they gave ' millions tduthe political
heelers back of Mr. Roosevelt, while
•Judge Parker,'whom they liked, was,
sore pressed for funds. ,
-By backing the,winners the corporations always manago to own a good
majority"of our" "statesmen," both
Democrats and , Republicans. They
have n majority in every state nnd
municipal council in the country,
while in congress they have a 'majority and thon some.
Now thepe facts everybody knows,,
or should know. :,    '
We don't govern' ourselves,- and lot
, us honostly admit' it.   But if wo aro
, content to lot tho corporations govern, us through thoir private   owned
Democrats and Republicans then let
them appoint some porson as, boss. •'
Aa it is wo don't, .know.'exactly who
governs us,   Whon wo nro in trouble
: we   don't know whore to' go to got
out ' of   trouble,   Wo   .. don't   know
where to send    our petitions, or of
whom to ask favors.       '   ' ' ;
i It would greatly facilitate matters
If the corporations would soloet some
boss to whom wo would go with our
BriovancoB—who    would    hnvo    the
stories of knight-errantry, 'you* find
.that certain swords and armors vlsy
almost,as great a.role as the iuenin
the armors who wielded the    arords.'
The'power of the right lnstrimont
is tremendous. -
In the battles of our own day we
need instruments. A few stump orators seem to, think that shrieking
will avail.
Jefl Davis fumes and froths in the
United States senate. Robert La Fol-
lettegoes among-traitor senators as
Daniel went among the lions. He
thinks ho is-fighting when he et-
tempts to talk them into submission.'1
Samuel Gompers. goes before committees, visits politicians and btgs
and pleads and,threatens.
But despite anguished protests the
mighty. • Republican, and Democratic
machines*move*-on Uke-asteam harvester over a race of field    dee'. *  -.
Who-to-day., are ,the power'al,uien?
They.-, are-the ones who i.vn     preat
instruments     capable   of -xpressing'
their will.',.;, ■• , - .-■  J:''",""..' ■ '■..
Hearst'is "great" because'i.c owns,
one of the most powerful i-strumi-uts
in modern, warfare, a series cf. great,
newspapers. ,;'
Ryan and Belmont and a host ,of
thieving: politicians.are "great", because they own, among other things,
a very useful political machine. l To
a people proud of universal suffrage
they quietly declare, "We care' net
how many votes you cast so long;as
we count them." .
Morgan and Rockefeller are' more
powerful, than all, others because they,
own many great instruments. -They
_Qwn powerful ,  financial instruments,
porium the ex-preacher submitted
tlie following facts and figures:
- "There are six million women in
the" "United States who toil for a
"What do they do? ■ Crochet and
embroider and tat? No; they d'o
the dirtiest work in the^world.
■  "AH   the '-' skyscrapers'...'in '.   New.
York are cleaned by women,vwho
get down on'their knees.and scrup
the floors. . .,'.     ii>
. -'.   -.   - -*--- •   „ ,
"The necessities, *. of self support
among   . them-.'is' so pressing that
they have, invaded all but nine of
the'303 occupations ,listed' by the
census bureau:*''■' ■"    "';"    \   ..,- ;*
"They are moving .up-from servants to- scientists, from janitors
to journalists.        '■ '':"
' "There are 8,000 women "carpenters; 508 women machinists. , , .
."One. half .of the ..single'women
of the country, one half of the divorced women, and one^half of the
widows are supporting themselves.
***" i
"There are 75,000 women working in New York state and 400,-
000 working' in the'city of New
York. .
"One half the girls in New York
city work for their support.
"There are 30,000 women of 65
years and over in New York state
—what a procession these white-
haired grandmothers Would make!
—who toil" for a living.     ! , .<•
"And there are 40,000 unemployed women in New York city: -
"There   is   nothing more pitiful
than the unemployed woman. -'.'.Her
Path is along th'e abyss, that' every"
woman sees."
The above facts aiid figures did
not fall from the lips of a Socialist. '' They' were submitted by" a
man who was considered worthy
of an invitation to deliver an address ..before an. audience of the
most fashionable -ladies of the upper circles of society. The very
fact that the-. Woman's League
met.in the Waldorf-Astoria . stamps
the conference as a kid,glove affair'and puts the label of respectability upon' the members of the
{rentier sex who,listened to. Herbert N. Caisson.
The 6,000,000 of womeii who
work fo'r'a.Hvinsr in the United
States are wage slaves who obey
the orders of a boss, and. who', to
hold their jobs,'must perform "the
most menial service. ,\. \
rix.nia'the Responsibility Fop the Loss
of Harpers Ferry.
President"Lincoln's jokes, especially
when perpetrated in connection with
grove matters, usually had a purpose
in them. Atter Lee had, taken. Harpers Ferry the president, realizing how
great a calamity it- was to the northern arms, determined If possible" to fix
the responsibility for the loss of the
important position. "
Hnlleck was summoned, but did not"
know 'where the blame lay. "Very
well," said Lincoln; "I'll ask General
Schenck." The-latter could throw uo
light-uponi the question, further thau
to say that he was not to blanie. Mll-
roy was the next to be called to* the
presence of • the' commander ,in. chief,
and to enter, a plea of "not guilty."
Hooker, was next given a hearing, and
"Fighting Joe" made a very emphatic
disclaimer of all responsibility.
Then the president assembled the
four generals in his room and said,to
them: "Gentlemen, Harpers Ferry was
surrendered and none of you, itseems,
is responsible. I am very anxious to
discover the man who is." After striding across the room several times the
president suddenly,threw up his bowed head and exclaimed: "I have lt! 1
know who is responsible'" ,    '" ,   '
"Who, Mr. President; who Is it?"
asked tbe distinguished quartet as they
looked anxious, if not troubled.
"Gentlemen,",, said1 the president,
with a meaning twinkle,in his eye,
"General Lee is the man."
There was a lack of-; mirth , in the
laugh created, and the four generals
took their departure with a determlna-
'tion that they would not again, be
placed under suspicion. ."''.'.,
Club  Cigar
— Store —
the only   reliable place, in
* town when you require anything in Tobaccos, Cigars,
or Cigarettes.
,,W. A.. INGRAM,.Prop:
You want comfort and satisaction
of clean smooth shaves, every
ThbCarbo Magnetic is tho only
GUARANTEED to give this. ' <£•*>
The secret Electric Tempering
positively merges every particle of carbon  (the  life of
[steel) in*>o the metal—giving
diamond-like hardness
throughout the blade—something absolutely   impossible
with fire tempered steel used
| in making all other razors.
But test this razor  in your !
| own home—or have your barber
I use It on you. . Secure one 30
J. D. QUAIL,.Agent, Fernie.
Fort Steele ,
Fernie;  B. 0.
Brewers of Extra  Fine  Lager'
and    Aerated   Waters,,'
Bottled . Goods    a     Specialty.,
I     Hotel     1
{  The best dollar a liny houso in tlie city  t.
... *♦*
»*» Liquors iwl Cigars of the best <,unl(ity *J*
•*• '.      Well stocked bur    - '    X
v V
A Dining room in chartje^of P. I*. Stiller »J«
•J" ■ Only whito-help omrlo'ycd "•*
'4    ROSS BROS. >ROPS.    ♦
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots aid Shoes
■" ,     ...
. GenL's Furnishings ,; -
'• -v *'.-   I '" -•■'      '      "   '■ *~-    •'■•     ■ -'•'
u       Fort-jj Years
Jena'for Qtdlogue
102 & 104,   -
powerful transportation instruments,-
They own newspapers and courts and
senates and legislatures.
, Their newspapers are instruments
to control"the minds of men. Their
trust companies, insurance companies
and banks are instruments to control
the money of men.
«Their. natural resources, tbeir
means of transportation and, all
their great mechanical instruments
aro. tools for controlling the material destiny of men, -
Their Republican, and Democratic
parties arc Instruments for controlling the government of men. Read
tho Persian story of Rustum, or the
French story of Roland, or tho Grcok,
story of ' Acliillos with his armor
made by Vulcan. Alono, and single
handed, Ros'sesfling linoquallod instruments of war ono of thoso horoos
went among the enemy as a reaper
goos into a field of grain;
Oiir modorn giants possess ri.cdurn
instruments for conquering und subduing. ',;,
Tho pooplo aro powerlcsB because
thoy do not own or control a single
groat Instrument to. exprosu thoir
will,   It iB.grim irony that. in  this
powor^to, hoar, and act upon-somo of day and ago tlio pooplo are usually
our comphiintB.                              ■ roprosontod  by   a pugnacious prrsl*
;    If we woro in Ilusain wo, could pot*!- dont with a big spiked club—an  in-
.j-'.P.n tl-^ Cz&r;, if, in Germany,. ..the strumcnt.of fiomc value ten thousand
Kniflor.  " '"                years or ho ago.
But horo—whom shall we petition? Muny of uh aro Htill in nio wnu-
; Our 'political ; liejplera,. our:, "otates* koy Htago-BhrloltinB, yolllng, fuming
. mon.^oi*. du*( corporationp...   '">, or   fretting,   or occasionally gong
";':"" 'i.: i>f'   *'' 0 ' *"'•'" '" "' forth with a ridiculously itnti'^w.tod
Wo nnd tho workers of othor roun-;
""""■"""■ •'i   ;* trios owning n proHB and publinMng
Man in a tool using animal. That huntlrodB of dally pnporn. Wo (Ind
is tho dlfforonco botwoon him and a thorn oHtabllHhing thoir own barks,
,,r,lto* ;-.., im-toml   of giving  thoir money into
Animals nt war Hcrcam nnd howl tlio handH of Morgan or a Rockofol-
nnd light with tooth nnd nail, At, lor. Wo.liml thorn fiHtablishlng groat
flrst man usod stonoB and clubs; p^v co-oporntivo stores, and building
be uboh poworfnl mcclmnicnl inetru- towns of thoir own. We And thorn
montH to dost roy those who oppose owning, controlling , and financing
him. Tho old club with 'spikes has their own political partloH for tho
given   way   to   instruments of var purpono of oxpronoing thoir collective
lliitl t'ull   llllOVV   hliOl  il lid  (jliou  .ii, HU    twll.    'i'l.c;   ulv t\u\ii\)   \\i/liil\\£  filial.
tiiiciuy mike uwny,                                Innlruuwul^ lor Ihdv own une—.xre-
The    mastorH   of . men havo boon  Voting tlio way for tlio real huttlo of
those ponuosHOil of tlio moat powerful •J'mocracy,
tools. .  *	
t-. ., .  ii ,  f, ..,,,.„ .,    ,i.      .., WOnKINO   WOMWN
4*.*'4     4.4.*   ^^4444444444*4 . — ..     *—)i,— l        V.~'J.
see the boyish dolight ol Thor whon . ——
the dwarfs make him a prosont of! A conferenco of the Woman's
bis powerful little hammer. As soon i L«-*ff«» o» New York stnte was re*
as he gets it In his hands be begins emilV hdd ttt th9 Waldorf-Astoria
to smnsh of his sight, for with tbat 1 and Horbart Nt CaMqn' who V,M
be can dostroy anything at ono Mow. ■ °nM a mMnt"r of ih* BMp"1' aH
Ilead of Siegfried who vreideii Yin
Cruel necessity has forced" woman out,of her strtiere and -made
her seize the implements of the
machinist and ' cartienter to compete with the strong, lusty, vigorous man in the struggle to, earn
the means of life.
The saddest pictures presented
by Casson are the 30,000,a-jed-
women who'have passed,, the three
score mile post and who must
wear .the chains of wage,slavery
in order' to live, and the 40,000
unemployed of New York city,
many of whom, through the pangs
of hunger, must sell their honor to
sustain life.       ■■■
If a movement was launched in
Now York to bvin-r together in a
procession ■ .these 30,000 silvery
haired women, whose footsteps are
bordering on tho threshold of eternity, every capitalist journal
would revolt and tho man or men
who would attempt to parade 30,-
000 gray'haired victims to demonstrate the infamy and brutality of
tho present industrial system
would be castigated in ln*ng,uago
that would seethe with denunciation,     .':'•,'■;     ,    j!/'//,
This conference that was held in
tho Waldorf-Astoria and address-
ed by Casson took no stops, to relieve the condition presented by
tlie spealcer, "
Tho million of money reprosont-
od by tho women who could afford, to moot at.America's patrician hotol,camo from the sweat
and wretchednoss of tho class who,
aro impoverished in old ajge and
from the olass who ovon in youth
and strength, is foi'cod through
idleness and want, to bartar honor for broad,'
Tho beneflciarios of this heartless
and murderous systom will make
no effort to bi'oak tho chains of a
slavery that tears a woman from
home and putR her at the carpenter's and machinist's bench, The
indolent who feed upon profit will
not Iterate the. 30,000 grandmothers of New York, nor will
they snatch the 40,000 unemployed women from "the abyss    that
r»V(ir«r vmnifttt nnnn "
TV,*-***** ■Hr.Hr.Hf-T* nuhmittrd •by
Casson should stir the blood of
laboring humanity, and men
with souls and KeartH should
swear in the name of everything
tuiii. ia 140I.V «md b&cfed x.i.a.1 w
system that shackles motherhood
to the bench of ill paid toil and
forces maidenhood to sell virtue
for life, should be swept from tho
face of the earth.
Tasks Often Performed While , the
Worker Slumbers. .•.'" .
A psychologist, was , discussing 'the
miracles of sleep. .    / ,
"One can become so accustomed," he
said, "to a monotonous task that one
can fall asleep aud still keep on working. Thus In India;-there are punka
coolies, men who turu.a fan all night
long- In the hot weather while their
English masters rest, nnd it is riot uncommon for a punka cooly to acquire
the knack of sleeping (it his task. On
and on he sleeps through the hot, perfumed hours of the Indian night, but
his Thand mechanically and steadily
turns the punka pulley.
"Men have .composed great literary
works in their sleep. Coleridge's 'Ku-
bla Khan' is the.most famous example
of this; but, then. Coleridge was^ a
morphlnomaniac. and his sleep, was
scarcely, natural. But R._ L; Stevenson,
Corelll and Longfellow liave also done
good work, while sleeping.     , <" "
'■ "Divers sometimes fall asleep deep
down .in the sea, but some unknown
part of their braiu beeps watch, and
at, the proper moment.,though asleep',
they give the order, to be hauled up.*
This is a good deal like the miracle
that happens to all of us—the miracle
whereby if we tell..ourselves on retiring that we must, wake' at' 7 we invariably, do wake at that hour—bow
or why it Is Impossible to say. Some
part of. us wntches. works, keeps
awake all night, so that at 7,it may
call  us."
Consult this Bank with regard to Joint Accounts as applied to tlie
, regulation of finances between Man and W'ilo', Parent and Child and
two or more Partners in Business. * A Joint Account may be opened
with this Bank in the name of two or more persons and in the event,
of demise the amount on deposit becomes the property of tlie surviving
participant without-the expense involved by reference to any process
of law.'        ',,     '-" ' .• ,     ..- .
Head Office    TORONTO    8 Kittg St. W.
Fernie   Branch
W. C. B.   MANSON        Manager
WINE   CO^ Ltd.
.Wholesale Dealers and Direct '
Importers of"'   '' "
,   LONDON DRY  , j-
OLD TOM '" , ;
Sole .Agents in "East Kootenay for
,   "-VATER      -..  '■
I The 1
I Fernie Lumber I
% ... ,$
♦        Co.,  Ltd.
§ AlEX. McDOUGAU. Pres; & Gen; Mgr..j
Penny For a Priceless Book.
A workliigninn once purchased for a
penny nn nKed looking volume bearing
date of 15-10. The unit) tried to read
It, but throw up the ul tempt apparently In disgust, nnd I lie,volume, was relegated lo the cupboard. A,friend of his
liapponed to seo"tlio book nnd took lt
Large Profits of Manufacturers
in Vancouver
■ Ottawa, July 6—Hon, Rodolph Lemieux laid on the table of tlie house
the report made by Mackenzie King
in respect' to the recent settlement
of claims mado by the' Chinoso 1 for
damages incurred during the Japanese raids in Vaucouvor in Scptctr.hi'r.
Tlie important feature of tho report is tho concluding paragraphs
which deal with thtf revelations made
, Active * interest in tho printing
course which is now being taught under the supervision of the International1 Typographical union is being
shown in this city, and. already over
a dozen members of the* local union
have subscribed for the course of lessons. A number of apprentices are
also expected to tako up the work',
so tho Spokane roster on the books
of tho international will bo quite
large considering the small member
MinnfacturerBofand    ' y\
Tlc'alers in
Rou-jh & Dressed> Lumber
, Dimension & Bridge Timber
Piling, Moulding, Laths,
Shingle/ and Ties.
I Telephone Poles a Specialty!
Y , ■ .
yjAW Orders Promptly Attended
to. •
Tel. 3
Fernie, B. C.
FERNIE, 2314—Pres., J. T. Puek*
ey; Fin. Sec, Thos. Biggs.
to   the   British   museum   authorities, I -iurlr,g tno onquiry as to tho develop
who promptly tnmle nn offer of £00,
the highest sum tlio librarian is allowed to expend without n. special voto of
tho trustees, find the man kuown
what lie was about ho would havo
stood.out. for more, as the authorities
would hnvo pnld almost any price rather than nllow tho volume to slip
through thoir lingers, It was, in fact,
the first book printed by Guteuborff
and wnB therefore almost priceless,—
London Tlt-Rlts.
Improved on Solomon.
Iu u certain Sunday school a littlo
girl toldjho Rtor.v of Solomon nnd tho
disputing mothon- In thin wlso.: "Solomon wns n very wine mnn. Ono dny
two woman wont to him, quarrollnu
about n bnby, Ono womnn said, 'This
Is my' child,' nnd tho othor woman
Biild. 'No, 'tnln't: It's mino.' But Solomon spoko up nnd snld! 'No, no, la*
dios; don't quiirrcl, Olvo mo my
sword, nnd I'll ninke twins pf lilm, bo
you enn holh hnve ono,",'
HOSMER,      2494—Pres;  '  G. '  C.
Cole; Sec. Wm, N. Reid.    '
MICHEL, 2334—Pr«i., '.Tai. -Oougi.
las, Sec, Charles Garner,
of the union hero as compared i COLEMAN,    2633-Pres.,     Htarj
with othor cities., -     -| ."Smltt. Seo ■ w™ -CrtalMK...
'  In Seattle the Typographical «nio,i ! F|AcNKG^^8;5qrr*sd AllottJ
has   appointed   a commltteo to look
after the work and to enroll as many
At a Dlmdvantngo.
nncon-Would you cult lilm n good
ISffbort—No, I would not.
"How,many timet) havo you hoard
him talk?"
"Only onco,"
"And whon wiih that?"
"Whon ho wns trylnu to open a car
Had a Woman to Blima.
"1 linvf hnd diviulfiil luck. Thla
morntiiK I dropped my Mpontncloi, and
my wlfo Hloppod on them,"
"Thitl'H whnt 1 cull wmil luck. If I
hnd dropped inlin\ t hIioiiIiI linvo stop*
ped on them niyxi'lf,"
marvo'loUH sword which cnablod Iiim
to destroy drftgonii, wild hi»rtHtg    of
the woods, men, glnntii nnd QodH,
In all tho mythologlcn nnd nil tlio
dresaod tha conferenco on tha following subject: "The Woman out
of it Job."
During th* lengthy addreta of
Caaaon to tho ladies assembled at
America'o high    priced  hash em*
Tht Poet Antwertd.
"Dn you know thin I wnH born on
tho Ktituo day IJiiicrsoti dlodV
"Hnth uvmitH ln*lii« n (.niul misfortune to llti'i'iitiiri'."
He liurtH the uond who Hpnrt*-* tlio
r. v. ti. opKnATon. '
DnnfT, July   9-0. W. Moir, 0. P. |
n., operator at Medicine Hat,    waa
drowned to-day while Rwimmin-j-, being attacked hy heart failure.
A Qrtat Chano*.
Old Nur«o (to .vnung Indy who In going to New /.citliimb-So you're going
nwny to ouo of tho countries, Mla-t
Sfary, whoro thoy liftvo day wlion wo
Ituvu u(i;hl und uUht when wc bare
Ml** Mnry—V<'H. mirao.
Old Kurso-Kh. It will tnk« y* tuoma
(line to get nccuxtomod to the change!
-.London runch'H Almauac.
ment of tho opium : r *ilic on the
coast. As .Uustra-Ang the profltB of
tho business, reference was mado to
tho fact that a claim was mado for
$600 by each of tho two opium manufacturers on account of loss of business for six days. Mr. King says
that both the manufacturers stated
thoy sold to whito pooplo as woll ns
to Ohinoso and othor orientals. Tho
gross receipts of. one manufacturer
during 1907 woro ono liundrod and
twenty thousand dollars, Mr. King
recommends that operations to stop
tho opium industry should rocelvo
tho immodiato attontlon ol parliament nnd the legislatures of tho Dominion, and that tho manufacture of
opium in .Canada, except for modi-
cinal purposes, should ho stopped,
Tlio prosont would ho an opportune
timo, ho thinks, for Canada to co<
oporato with Groat Hrltnln and
Oliina in Unitod effort to froo Oan*
oda from tho opium evil, Buoh oflort
ho declares, would moot with tho
approval of tho majority of tlio Oliln-
oho on tho const,
It Is understood that lobulation
on tho lino of Mr. King's HtigROHtlon
will ho Introduced in parliament this
rturlni' tho week rnrtnln nirmborn
nf t.hn flock had boon paying over
much nttontlon to nampling tho
local whiukoy, and tho minister took
advantage of hin ponltion in the pill*
pit to admlniHtcr g«ntle reproof,
"An' 1 It-." Ite, v»>.v., aii' tt..., i*c'.*c v.4
tho way till perdition!" he cried. At
that moment ' a fly nettled on the
hlhlo before him. He raised hin flst,
"Ye're gaeln' tne hell!" he Bhoutcd.
An* ye'H all get thore just sae mre
as—un sure an I ding the lifo oot o'
this flee!" His Ant craahe.1 down as
he nltered the words; then he looked
to me the result of hia handiwork.
"MUsed!" he ejaculated. "Ah! weel
maybe there's a chance for nome o'
y* yet!"
mombors of tho union as possible.
Reports from-this coast cities state
that this commltteo, of which H, A.
Anger is chairman, is meeting with
succoss, over forty,. mcmhorB ■ boing
eiirollod to date.
Tho idea of tho courso of instruction is not soloiy or primarily to
mnko artistic printers or, to put particular stress on that part of tho
printing business. Tho main object
is to help journeymen and,nppron-
tlccn to do all classes of work in. a
bottor way, to improve methods to
impart now idoiis, and to point out
placos for lmprovcmeht—Spokano
Sec., George Nichols,
LILLE,    1233-Pres.,
, Sec, A. W. May.
T.   Evana;
BELLEVUE, 431-Pres., P. Lewia;
Sec, Fred Chappell,
HILLCREST,  1058—Pron.', Robert
Livott;    Vice-Pres.,   J.  Lagace;
. Sec, Harry T. Cooper
LUNDBRECIC, 2275—Pre*.     Hart*
chol Kayo; Sec, Geo Thoa. Wright.
WOODPECKER, 2209-Pres., W.
R, Hughes; Sec, John Pleteher.
MORRINVILLE, 2378-Pre«.. 0.
H. Richardson; See., J, Matheson,
Sec, T. Entwietle.
CANMORE,   1387-Praa,     A.
Thomaa; Sec James Olyuer.
Pisher; Sec,
F, Dyaon.
T.   Boyle;
TABER,     102—Pres.,
Sec, Win, Murdoch.  ,
uETHimiDQE,    574—Pres, B,  O.
Hamilton;    Soo,,  Charles    Pea*
Ho only is going to heaven who is
bringing heaven* hero.
Ho who in nfraid of any truth Is a
friend of oirors and a lie.
Homo think to kill nil tho wild
oats of tho weok hy a frozen faco on
A good many people havo given
up praying hccnuno it conts bo iri.cli
Many n vice Is a virtue which has
punned from being n norv.'int to become a master.
Many a cltUen of heaven ih getting (See. Thomaa Calvert.
it'ii'iy lot  Ui« u-ui, iiiuio uy ■"i'Umh /kml)i~UttlUi*,   fcuiu—ktte,,   J,   "S*
hie Uica ha*. E{l:.»Dndnoa; Vice Vrtxe..,   ]t«V*rt
!   Brown;   Pin. See., Thoa. Bun« *,
It is   Holdom ncccsHnry to reprove ,   neoordlng See., J. MeDavitt.
tho Holf-nrnde man for lack ,1 uur* |   prflW|lllB Rnd ...eretarle* wh.n
ence to IiIh Maker, I nKmt. do not apptar on tUi Mat
"     *j » I     I *. ',    .     I 4    ....    ,   ,.
4V   4    14     *t^'**l *     4-»*444^     4,^     ^>vW    My.    W 4.
tactics, hut lt takes the tactics    ol i
TAUKR, 135W—Pres., Alt, Rob*
erts; Sec, Robert Doodson.
CITY MINES, 0240, Edmontoa-
Pres,,, T. James;,
STRATHCONA, 8JM8~Prei., Johm
Saint; Sao., Jat, Poole.
Strathcona—Pro*,, Jas. Chart*
er; Bee, Neil Me Conniek.
BUBH MINES, 2055, Edmonton—
Pres., Chat. I, Bryce; See,,
MERRITT—Pres.     Frank     Stisl,
nre reexxented tn forward tham ta
1 this ofhee for Jniertlon.
getting up to win a battle,
Vou aro    not   likely     to
Continued Inquiries reach aa (at
ths foregoing information.
strength left for lighting utn when
you arc busy flghtlng shndowH. !   Any man who ever has done any-
it in better to see nome ol the '*th,n* r°r tUc worM l,fcl ^'<n C(ilM
paint In nth«r« than to talk all the 'ft fo°l morfi ■*•«"«» *-•""• b« wou!4
time about the sinner in yonmell.     :*":t1 t0 (<){in^
The merchant who take* his stock ' The church must etpect iom«th|og
of gooda to ehureh with him dors \e]ee hteidet confetti wh*n «he lays
not get much good out of the aer-1 aside her hymn hooka and goes out
mon.     ,  . i Running after *in. m
--•. - .
*. ■> 5,'
\-Z-.    _.     ^4-,     UU444     -LJ4,     i.ui,S,   "^
$ 1 a Year in Advance
Issued .every  Saturday from  the office of
Publication; Pellatt Ave., Fernie, B.^C.
Changes of advertisements must be in as
follows:—Pages 2,3,6, and 7, Weduesday at 10
a m. Pages 1^,4 and 8, Friday at 10 a. m. ,
..Legal advertising' 12 cents per nonpariel
line first insertion, 8 cents per line eaoh subsequent insertion. *
Bates for contract advertising on applica *
tion at office of publication, Fellat Ave. ;
Address all communications to the Man-
-*geri District Ledger. -...-■,-      -  -
W. S.   STAHLEY.Mgr.  ,
SATURDAY," JULY 11, 1908.
severance will eventually bring all
those outside of our ranks ipto the
fold nf the parent body. And it is
events like these that buoys up our
courage and fills us with hope ior the
future. ■ "•■     \ .:'„"*   ■."■•;    r:    /.;'
To Brother Patterson,. International
Board member for District 18 assisted
by the International officers; belongs
the credit for the consummation of this
good work. Brother'Patterson has
labored hard andlpng and has .at Jast.
seen the full fruition of his hopes. To
the new district we extend the hearty
greetings of all loyal members of this
great,organization, and may it be like
the rest: "One and indissoluble."—
Mine Workers' Journal., , .
Kier Hardie is about the last public man in the world that royal garden parties would appeal tb. Even
as the recognised head and leader of
the Socialist and Labor parliamentary forces he would not be inclined
to worry about any loss of gloss on
the patent leather toes of his boots.
But the omission of'his name from
the list of guests at the last little
' function is of more moment than ordinarily • surrounds a tea-fight.'In the
omission the British politician at
once sees that, King Edward has
We imagine that most British peo-
. pie were glad that in the Imperial
parliament an earnest protest • was
made "against the carrying out of the
late official state meeting of the British and.Russian sovereigns. In another,, column we print the London
labor"Leaders' report of "the speech
of Mr.' Hardie on that question.
This-debate or rather the fact that
-the labor   party   forced the debate,
.".has done much to strengthen the international character, of .the,British
movement.   Even before the King had
scratched the name from1 the garden
.party.card a large gathering of representative men in Russia, comprising also   members of the late duma
who so far escaped banishment, formally expressed their delight at this
recognition and interest or the Bri-
> tish members. , o t
It will be noted that in the debate
in the house of commons Mr. Hardie
had- to . withdraw'   the word "atro-
'cious" in referring to the, treatment-
• of -the elected representatives of the
Russian    people. ' .The     only reason
that he did not maintain his defy to
the     chair onathis point was     that
under the new rules of the house the
session is adjourned when a''member
has     'to be suspended,  and in that
TrevenL1    a~questioii—would^have- been"
escaped.', As it   was forty-five mem-
^',bers voted .with-the Labor party.
,It is quite evident that in the case
of a friendly power it is not.   good
"  form to call a spade a spade, but it
is   very   satisfying    to us to,   know
that if there were a few good strong
Labor parties in the parliaments   of
the world that the autocrat of Russia  would  mighty  soon  be  satisfied
to let his people do a little governing without being either murdered or
The lack of housewives and domestic servants ■ is disrupting society and
home life. We have no sympathy with
women who work in stores or other
industrial institutions for starvation
wages' when there are thousands of
homes in which they can get respectable employment better fitting themselves for married life. 'Women competing with men simply lower the
wage scale, cause a lack of support
by men , and a tendency toward
The announcement"'of the1 death:of
Kenipton McKim in Winnipeg early
this week came as a shock to his
many friends throughout ,the;iwest,
especially amongst" the Typographi-.
cal men. He was for years closely
identified with the Winnipeg union,
serving as president for' three or lour
terms as well as being interested in
all labor movements in general. Two
years ago he contested Winnipeg as
a labor candidate unsuccessfully. Less
than a year ago he lost his beloyed
wife through death, and this so
prayed upon him, that it1 is, generally believed was the direct cause' of
his death. The' end came at St;
Boniface hospital as a result of-- a
stroke of paralysis.
"- ...     -.,- ,,o  -
f. ii Sherman Makes Good
Tho theatre is now hold under suspicion by many English speaking
people,' This is because thoy judgo
tho stage by tho ovil influences which,
surrounds it. But lot mo tell you lt
is wrong to judgo nny institution in
that manner. If wo woro to:judgo
ovary institution by tho evil mon
and women who go into or out of it
none would faro so badly as tho
christian church,   >,
The theatre ia tho playground of
the Amoricnn pooplo and its greatest
educational factor, Moro pooplo at*
tend tho theatre 'overy' night of tho
year than all tho' congregations of
all tho churches total up on Sunday,
And the thoatro works oix1 days    if.
The Socialist parly held a special
meeting last night in'•the Labor -hall.
Quite a number of people were present
and quite a few ladies.
' Comrade Harrison, occupied the
chair and said: That to,his mind hospital Sunday was brought about by
the evils of capitalism. Under a
proper system there would be no necessity for charity. If the workers were
not exploited I hey would have money
enough to pay for,their own hospital.
Under capitalism the worker is compelled to accept miserable charity.
Comrade F. H. Sherman, of Taber,
district president of the Miners'. Union
of America, was then introduced nnd in
the course of his speech dealt.whh the
evolution of industry. He spoke of
the evolution of agricultural imple*
ments, the sickle, the scythe, etc.,
which hnd been superceded by the up-
to-date machinery of tdilhy. He Also
spoke ofthe evolution which hnd taken
place'in the mining industry; also' the
evolution of the railroad.
The spenker welcomed tho ndvent of
machinery.   He hoped moro machln-
| cry would be Invented to  tako off the
Photo by Courtn0y
Some off the boys in No, 5 Mine, Coal Creek
ono. How vain it is to iiach mora*}* i
ity on one day of tho week and leave;
tho amuflemoi)t.,of tha people to th|e
powera of holl on tho other nix I     j '
Tho theatre,* Iff what ■Ifitf* now bureaus*, tho managon* who fool the
pulse of the people through tho box
.office,, believe thoy are giving, what
tho peoplo want. But if tho people
who now condemn tho theatre would
go to it and demand tho host thoy
would got it,
Actors do not,want to put on son*
•sual'plays' and melodrama and 'cheap
musical farces.' But thoy got no encouragement to'put on moral plays.
Iblnme the clergy' for much of this,
They imagine they should not go to
theatreni ,Tliey ,elio'il*! Hit,in tho
first row. They should bo whoro
thoir parishioners are. If the thoatro
In not fit for mo to attend, my hoys
and girls should not he there. Tho
shepherd should he with his flock.
Thero is no doubt in my mind that
no public Institution needs religious
bo    much    i.s
If tlit1 rellislouii iHMijlt v, ou.il go to
the theatres nnd demand (f*ood plays
instead of, sneaking in behind the
pillars to look at trash, tho mnnnfr-
ers would soon' change their hills,
Thr-n  the tTnnntrp «./m,i,i  Xi***™*     ...
power for good instead of for cvll.-
woek, whl*-'the pulpit vrorka °n *»f;fhard work tlmt had to. he, performed
today, Under Socialism
would receive the full frujts of iliel)*}
toll. Machinery would help them to
lessen the hours of work, when the c\-
oment of profit hnd been ollminntcd,
Tho lute financial panic, which 1b,
however, still present, was nothing but
a stagnation of Industry. Political life
loday was rotteni the parliaments Interested themselves In petty squabbles,
nnd the only difference between a Liberal and n Tory government wns tho
fight for the splitting up of the spoils.
Socialism was u political and Indus*
trlul orgnnlxHtlnn; not n religious body,
■although a study of Socialism would
leave a man in a much moro enlightened position—In fact a ivnge-carncr
with knowledge was a dangerous man.
True patriotism wouldfirc-men wiih
the spirit of love for his fullowmnn and
a man to be a good man should leave
doos tho | this world a better world than when ho
camo unto U.«-Alberinn,
i   i    —.■■p. i       ■—. ,.
Coal Cr-£eic at Hosmer
,   0!1,?nUird,'ly lust Conl Creek  Football team  visited Hosmer,  playing a
league game, winning by the decisive
score of 3-0. The victory on the part
of the visitors *vHS neccsSnry t0 |,e'•„
the runnipg for'the championship and
with that epd fn view were out 'to win
at alli hazards-. The play throughout
was of thC'8trerfU6.-,g kind and both'
teams wcre;p6^0*WlhIii,rt-d,,iioine gooil
playing was iiidulKed*-ln by both "sides.'
Coal Creek .boys |,,.CHI,,C agresiiive from
thekic^ off .Hhowinj- great ""linprove*
rnent on foriiVer matchcs, and it was
easily scan tlrtsy nn^\^ hrj,.er lcnm ^n
thla occasion', . ,.gwccnoy nnd . joUon'
were prominent in scoring, the former
once and the |atlcr on lwo 0(.caB|onf,
finding, tho not, resulting as already
mentioned 3^0 ,„ fftVor pf Cmtl
Creek. Ref..roc Ncu!i .of,, Co*eman
hnndlcd tl*e'g,,mo t0 th0,HHt*Hf.,c,|0(, of
all and was „nxlous to seo a clean
match.   The ,*,|,,v WUH wann 1U t(mCH
and mifflu-he termed as rough, hul
taken all In all was a fair exhibition
excelling in combination, A good
crowd was In attendance lo witness the
sport and |*0l,j fee|in>. prcvn||0U(
Conl Creek l|no up WJ(H (l|j * fMom\
Unrmck,   L,   Hunt|  j,    Dodd|    A>
Thomas, A. MePcgiiii, (dipt.,) A.
Adatnson, ty, 0k% 0i Jo1no|,(
Sweeney, l». J0|,onj nni| W. Love,
Providing they win tonight's match,
the FenuV.Jioys are sanguine "of success in luiiiiing the cup emblematic of
the Crow's Nest   Pass  and , we   trust
their desires will be gratified.
Rellcvii* at Coal   Crcclc
Today Bellevue Football team visits
Coal Crock1 hopijig .for victory and'a
chance at the championship uf tha district. Wl^le at the bottom of the rnco
tlie boys from down the line arc com*
ing with an eye to victory, and will
doubtless give the Coal Crcekitcs,a run
'for the honors.' -.The visitors; arc considerably1 strengthened nnd may lie
looked upon as .fonpidnble-opponents,
notwithstanding,, th? |mprov;emqnt: of
the boys '.'up, t,hc..hill.",,,;-.The,.,game
will draw a good crowd,.and here's
that the bost team; wins,
Before ending we. Hnvo a word to
say to the Fernio;b'»jiys. Tlicy are now
practically a tic for the championship
with Michel and by winning todav will
put them In nn enviable position so we
nsk all to turn out and cheer the boys
to victory, The admission is onlv 35c
and will break no one,
A meeting of the Icnguc executive
will be held today at the Waldorf hotel
relative to the draw for the Mulz cup,
Flayed won lost draw p.t
*e -'nwmm mmt*i,-*te'f\m
On Thursday, June 35, the miners of
NovaSa-liit, tun tlioUwiiud nirong, Milf-il
lo become members of the United Mine
Workers of America. And we hasten
to extend a hearty greeting to our new
members.    Time, patience and ncr
*   -.*».   J** ;.J t      •*--   -* ' ^ - *•      **'    ■
Inn, caused, it ia supposed, hy a hot
box, did damaKe to the extent of
one million dollar,,, to a throo storey
building west of Bay street owned
by Jones &■ Roberts, manufacturers
of show cases and barbers' supplies,
and occupied l»y sixteen other concerns. The fire started in the part
uf the liulMlni: occupied hy Smith &
Ucutremont, comb manufacturers,
Over a hundred employees are
thrown out of work, The loss of
property Is well covered by insurance.
Coleman  at  Fernie
This cvoninR.-m 7 p..'m. sharp the
Colemnn Poo-**--.-* ,e,im wm ,ry con.
elusions with u,-,. Komi,, hoyi, .,,(,1 thc
ussun-d. To |lc in ,jie rut,n|nflr ti,e vi*,*
itorsr,roMrni„|nKev,,IT c|Torl ,i,r„ll(.|,
faithful prnri|s,4 (n wrestle victory from
the loenlri, und Fernie will hnvo 10 look
to her laurel* ,0 m„|ntnln |,cr prt.Sl.n,
position. T|K. |0C,,, boyM nro p,HV,nK • n
clmmpionslilp fonn „I)(j wh||q cxpect.
ing u wm, ,iro „,WnB no c|lHnce8 „,,.|
nroprcpnreilio-joordlo. With due
respect 10 Colemnn nnd their mnhiiiun
we hope 10 sec a good exhibition and
thc   advantujjc   \n    ?eTn]e_   f,,vor;
.Pernio ,., ...
Hosmer ,.. ,
Coleman , ,
Coal Creek
Bellevue ,.,
. .3
The council hold, their annual meet*
ins at the City l}jr.ll Thursday evening at eii?ht p.,";m.. His worship,
Mayor Tuttle, in tho chair; present,
Aid, Hammond, Watson, Vance, Uro*
ley, Johnson.
Anv.nKht otlii.r huhlne-A,* it was resolved that It -was impossible to
.nuk': a Kraut, thin year lu thu G.il-
vatlon Army.
Wine Kee vmn refused permission to
make as large an extension at he
asked for, to premises,
Tho mayor was appointed a com
mittee to confer with Mr. McDougall
ro Fairy Creek water supply,
It was resolved to striko the same
rate as last year, namely, 22} por
cent, allowing ' tho usual rebate of
ono sixth If paid before tho first of
Bylaw no, 56, which is-to ompowor
tho council to borrow ton thousand
dollars for tho purpose of repairing
tho streets, was glvon its third reading.
'Toronto, July O—Tho sharbholdora
of the brown I.ifft Ihsutanco Co. hnve
ratified tho reorganisation authorised sby act of parliament as against
amalgamation" with tho'Royal Victoria Llto of Montreal.* ■ ' " • '
'"cv. —!—,—0.; 1—- ■
Moose Jaw, July 9-~In a At of
temporary insanity yesterday afternoon May Qalbralth, a waitress in
tho Commercial hotol, took the life
of hor new horn child with 'a small
pair of omhroldory scissors. The
young woman Ir a daughter of Andrew Qalbralth, a farmer of thli district, and formorly of Boaforth, Miss
Qalbralth Is now in tho hospital and
has been formally placed under arrest,
Zam-Buk Brought Rollof
At this uuic 01 1110 year ciiuuieii
arc llaWr to nil \clr.il-* uf .tcrliirinj*,'
ranhen and eruptions, und the advice
of Mrs. Tlowo of Oxford Bt., tondon,
Ont., is timely. Hhe says: "A horrid
rash broke out on my little boy'a
body. The child miffpred nrutMv with
the biirnin/r and itching and grew
very restless. A friend advised me to
try Zam-Tluk, l did so and was stir*
prised to see how quickly it cleared
away the rash, Tho Very flrst ap-
nlicatlon seemed tn cool and ease the
burnlnjr and Itrhlnsr. makinc tha
child rest easier. Tn several days he
was completely enrr-rt, not n marV
remsininc on ihe skin to show where
the trouble had heen. Zam-Tluk la
the bf-st hrsling halm yet used."
All drug-tist* nnd stores, flftv e*nt«
a box or Zam-Iluk Co., Toronto, for
Manitoba, Ontario and Maritime provinces combined.   ■ -■  "        \f
British' Columbia is not3 a sea of
mountains, but a' world of valleys.—
Byron E. Walker.
"British Columbia has produced over.
■100-millions in gold since first found in
1856; gold yield; 1907, 6 millions.
British Columbia's fishery yield,1906,
$7,003,347; total fishery yield, 1870-
1906, 105 millions.
There are 77 salmon canneries.
Capital invested in fisheries ^and
scaling, $4,591,560. ,   ,
15,535 were employed, 1906, in fishing and seal hunting.
Seal   catch,   1906,   10,368;    value,
British Columbia's sea fisheries
among most prolific in the world, with
sheltered spawning and feeding
grounds of 10,000 square miles.      "
All thc great salmon rivers on the
Pacific slope have their rise in British
Biitish Columbia has 628 mining
companies.> ,".;'*"-
British Columbia's mining products,
1906, 34*4 millions.
• Mining population • of British Col*
unVtitiiris'thfte'^ fourths of miners of all
S. F. Wallace Prop, v-
■'   *>
Fernie, B. C.
•!♦ Bar supplied with choicest of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Dining Room in connection
♦?♦, - Proprietor
Briti'sl^Columhla's total products
mines, fariiis forests and fisheries, yea
ending June, io'oG, 50 millions.
British  'foWnMaY**total products
since 1864, 500 millions.
British Columbia's trado is largest In
the world per head of population.
Total trado 1904, 28 millions; 1905,
39 millions* 1906, 30 millions.
Of 1,373 failures In Canada In 1906,
only 76 In B, C.
Fernie's most
Every attention to tho
travelling publio
RoomB reserved by wlrej
T. H. Whelan
.,   Mai*ager
Oojir,,—Oor.1 tnlnln** rlshti msy bt ImmmI for
a nerloA at twnnty.ono veer* el en »nmi»l
rtntal of *1 jv»r acre. Not more tli*.n K.MKi
eon* thsll he Ituvmil to one ludlvlrtusl or
•.nmpiiny A royalty st tho rnte nf five oant»
p*r ton •hrul he collicud on tb* n.«**cb»t.t»bl*
eosl mined,
HOAhU.,—X ImtlUin *llOlltt*lt ,**t* III ***• Ut
o\*r, hsvlriirdl'.cnvitriiiVmlriirfttlnplspii.msv
timet* e uleim i'»Va,' a l*\U (**t.
The to* tor reoonllns e el«in t* IS,
At l«»»t H*V,mtt«IW»»p4rv^t>l*.n (b*«l*.lm
iki'li yur nr p%h\ tn th* mlnlns reo/mUr In
llau tlinronf, Whan IIUii lis* De*n'tt(i)«nilo'l or
putd,th*lonMormny, uponImvlns* «ur"«v
mod*, nnd nnon -.omplyln*' wllh other re-
•4444IV444«.I4'1*| V.4.*-«4*>W. ">».* .'(.UJt 4VI t. I*,I  fctlC,
Thn patent provMci tor th« paymtnt of *
royalty oft) nir ttni en the Mitt.
Pcackr mining nUlmt samratly nn IA1 fett
«qnsr«; entry f«nt*r«n»w»hUy«»rly,
cliUIn two leti*.*. to
An »i)pllo»nt msy ttiL... ..._ 	
ilr»it»« fur boM ofllvr* mlliwtioli fnr e t«im of
twenty «•••*, nnswAhls «t th* dleentlon of
th* UlnHler of th* Interlnr
Th* I*i»m ih*lliitv**dr*<i«*in operation
within on* **aion from th* rial* ot th* tea it
tor f*nh ttt-e mf/n*., Jt^nfnl fl^nnr annum for
•ath mile of Hv*t Ua»*(t, Royalty at tha
rat* of H per «ent collected att th* output af.
•Oepnfy Mfnlttar or (hit Interior
N. B.—Unaothorlted pal>Heatton ef thta ad-
ve-tlaement will not he paid for.
Atur l«T4<n
t   Up-to-dnte
Bui* Un«xo«ll«d
All White Help
Cnl I In nnd
Seo us onoe
0. W. DAVE.Y A 00.
P, V.  WIICLAN, Mgr.
Read The Ledger
i\ J f
Official ''Organ  of District  No...18,   U. M. W.  ol A:
FERNIE, B.C., JULY 11TH5 1908
'■Mr'-ikarry Adolph ■who haS
visiting . hi^, parents tor »•
week Returned to: his home m Bran .
don "ftieBday. ., "*■''."."'
Misl. Corner, Principal of .^e High
School'at Spokane, arrived at Bay
ne8 Wednesday.   She came- to select
a Kootonia tract for the erection of
a sunnier cottage.    ,
The?. Kootonia clubhouse opened
with >a ball last Friday night, which
was a grand success and. is written,
up more fully in another column.     .
,judge"   Smith of Moscow left" 1.or
^his home last Monday after a short
visit at Kootonia.   He was delighted
" with the resort and expressed his re-
• grets    at     not -' being able, to stay
,   longer. . .
Mr. Bailey of Fernie visited ''Kootonia" this week and purchased lots
for himself and three friends.
Rev R S. Wilkinson of- Fernie was
. here: on Wednesday looking up     the
,   beauties of-Baynes lake and expressed himself     as     very pleased with
thei'place and prospects.  -      — •  _ -
"Mr. Harry Lamb is very busy sinking"'a   well near, to the site of his
future house,
! The Kootonia club houso was formally'opened with a dance, July third.
Fir boughs added to the rustic
beauty of,the rooms and a*profusion,
of flags, both Canadian^ union
were' used in the* decorations..   The
* rooms and porches were lighted with
innumerable Japanese* lanterns.
A     delightful   program   of   vocal-
music, including solos by Mrs„;Mul-.
Sr of Chicago,, and duetts by Mrs.
Griffith and. Mr.  Adolph,  of Baynes
Lake interspersed the excellent da,nce
music furnished by Mr. Bates, violinist, of Fernie, ,wlth Mr.; Feldman, .of
Spokane, at the piano.
'*"   Substantial refreshments-were serv-
• ed to the   "one   hundred,    assembled
guests,  at   midnight,  by the  genial
',    host and hostess,' Mr. and .Mrs. John
D. 'Aye.-  '      .*■•-"'■ ; -'-■'■■■■"
It. was a good game. The two
teams gave a - good exhibition. The
Edmonton' team • was • too good for
the Bankhead boys.    *   *
The final score was two goals to
dhe" in■ favor"of. ihe., Edmonton .team.
Edmonton-met the Calgary* Caledonians the following1 day in.the finals
The Bank of Montreal is haying a
large concrete, basement put in .their
new building.      ;.   -.   •-.-, V
:There will be .trustees.elected, for"
the Hosmer school district.. Don't
forget the date'.-j-'..\';^ -•-,;•.,.■, '■'    v
•,'We have now, two,.banks in^Hosmer,
for the Alberta .league and were de-: There is no further.use for a special
feated by one goal to nil, leaving the
Calgary team the champions of the
Alberta. league..
..-.The National'Park* league, which
consists of only the teams that aie
in the park, the first match of this
league was-played-on Saturday between . the Exshaw. and Banff teams
at Exshaw. Banff won out by three
goals to one.
Miss. Hannah   Lock, late of _a*ik-
head is-now residing in Calgary.
. Mr. Jas. Hargravea. is' on a ,t trip
up north.   He will be back in a\,out
two weeks. #
° " 'i ' *■
Bankhead vs. Canmore played ofi
their second game in the league last'
week. Canmore hnd an easy victory,
winning out by fifteen to five. -
..Mr. Harold Nelson and Co. performed ' in Band on Monday night,
June 29th', that lovely drama entitled
"Prisoner of Zenda." Mr. Harold
Nelson is a fine actor himself,and ah
ways has ft good company. This is
his flrst appearance before the Banfl
and Bankhead public. It is rumored
that Mr. Harold Nelson &;,Co. will
be in Banff -for six weeks. We hope,
this is true. ' ;.'. '-■■
sc,The *,opera house on which1 Mr..
Harold Nelson' & Co.' performed •■ on
Monday night'"ifs" hardly completed,-
but rather than miss such a treat of.
getting,. , Mr.'. Harold Nelson they,
rushed ■the work-and got\the housej
finished in a way. Dr. ' Brett, the,
sanitorium, is the owner of this op:[
era house and I am sure he-will do,
his- beBt to- get some good shows
during the summer mon ths. ,
train to convey Hosmer ".specie/   to
Fernie.     >     !      '■'.-'..,:' J,
':' •*.*'     ~ '    '■'.'-,     '/-L.
The baseball team, under the man-,
agemenf of. the able' Ber'tvSwanson
is doing things in the way of- prac:
tice.   We noticed some  fancy .whirls
by Stockett, jr. • ■ -       .   	
Hosmer lacrosse team has' been
considerably strengthened and will
be in good" .trim for the game with
Fernie on Wednesday next. >,„
.Contractor- Salsbury is busy excavating under the Cole block. * He will
make • a cellar under the whole of
the building.
T. Bruchitt ia the leading Ananias
of. the lacrosse team.      ■    *-   ■        •
Mr. Cole says the Cole block is to
have a coat of paint; Hurry up Cole.
Harry.Bennett, of Bennett Bros., is
away east on a business trip.
,' Mr. Hall, of the firm "of Hall and
Gordon, jewellers, is making a flying
trip to Spokane on business,
Frank Jennar, who Is working at
tho.tipple,-had a narrow escape from-
the "cemetery the other day. A piece"
of angle iron fell from a platform,
grazed Frank's skull, sliced part * of,
his cheek ofi, broke the cheek bone
in two places. He was attended by'
Dr. Weldon, and is now in the'hbs
pital in Fernie.,
The football boys are sore,at their,
treatment by the league association,
which is comprised of one Representative of each club, the secretary of
which resides,in Coleman.. A meeting
was called and held'in .Fernie and
each club was notified of the fact, to
deal with the game between Coleman
and, Hosmer?.which was stopped   six
Hosmer are a valiant lot
• There is not the slightest doubt
But Coal Creek" boys defeated them
By three goals to nought. "-■ ,'
The general .of the Hosmer team
Yelled in wild dismay:;
If you men. of. Hosmer.don't- play up
You" will never win.the day.
The boys from the. Creek- commenced
• to play ,.:* .*
. In the. good old fashioned style,
And they left   the poor old Hosmer
men'-, , ,     .
, A very long way behind.
The. Rev.. W. Boulton will occupy
the Methodist pulpit on Sunday. The
evening subject is "The New. Song."
Everybody welcome. \ .,'
 0—; : .
1 - » t '
The-city band of Lejhbridge- succeeded in taking second place in the
band contest and.are to' be congratulated on tlieir performance.   ,-, _■     ,   '
Last Friday evening' 'Mr. W. C.
Simmonds, M.P.P., presented' the new
instruments to the bandsmen . of the
Salvation '' Army. '^Before formally
handing, over the instruments the
.worthy gentlemna congratulated 'the
officers of the Army on the 'strength of
life corps in this city, and also alluded
in glowing terms,,to the good, that the
Army had done in all corners of the.
world. He did nol.dwell.JqiJ the'colonization protects of the Army.
Cjf We beg to inform you that we have
opened a Wholesale Fruit and Produce
Warehouse at Fernie, from which point
we are prepared to cater to' yo'iir wants
and will give immediate , attention to all
orders either by  mail or wire.
Cjf Thanking you for your' liberal patronage in   the past,   we are at your service.
,, ' tl . * l_ 4
''"There is a little improvement     in
the working conditions in tbe camp
The   mines     worked-five days last
"week: and there is hopes'of -it contin-
\\tiz tr, he no. in. the, future.   '    . „
•   A° very - serious accident happened
' on'■ Friday"laBt-at Bankhead. depot.
A man by the name of Thomars Taylor     from   Bankhead,   who  -was returning home from the Calgary exhibition,     on' '■ the westbound express.
This'was a through train to Banff,
and ..Taylor    wanted    to get off at
Bankhead, so he tried to jump off as
the train was going through the de-
■ pot.   The train was travelling at the
rate ,of about twenty mile an hour.
5,By jumping off Taylor lost his balance and fell under tho train    which
ran over ono of his logs.   Ho also received   other injuries.   Taylor     was
moved   to   the   Banff hospital     as
quickly as possible.  Dr. Taylor,   of
Bankhead, performed the operation.
Ono of tbe Injured man's legs    was
taken of! above    tho'  kneo.  Taylor
was doing as'well as could bo    expected after tho, oporation, hut    on
Sunday   morning he took a change
.for tho worse, and died about    six
, o'clock.... that    ovoning. .Mi*,,   Taylor
loaves    a    wife and family vof' four
young     girls.  The   public of Bank-
head fools for, Mrs. Taylor In her bereavement,
Thore woro Bomo groat doings   be-
'tween tho Italians and Slaver*    on
July first' at Bankhoad,   „
' A Slav from Bankhoad used one of
the stage drivers from Banff    vory
badly*, flrst of all.  Tho Slav.struok
'thp drivcr'on tho back of "the* head
with a rook.  The driver then    got
down off tho riu'Hnd, followed    the
' Slav to his house,   Just as he1 was
about to enter Ih'tT house #   ho   got
'struck squaro in tlio fh'tfo'-wl'th a "flat
iron. This-put; *' *tho'-~dWot* 'Wflbon*
sclous,    Two   littlo ■ boys • by   the
names of Fisher and lilndley rendered
1 flrst aid to the i driver and brought
him round.  Dr.    Tnylpr, nnd   '.also
,tho,police cam* on Hie pcene a short
while afterwards,  The doctor    had
the driver moved to a certain house
■ In ;town In which ho is doing wrtl,
hut.'wlll bo, slckfor some tlm*. Tho
nrdir.* arrested two fllavs, Tt Is
believed thnt one Rlav will ro dnv/n
for somo time,
Mr, and Mrs, Dnnsmore aro giving
up tho hoarding house to take    up
the .Palmetto restaurant In Calgary,
which   is one of the btggest restaur*
ants   In  Cnlgary.    The   Dunsmoren
< have been running the No. 1 board-
in** house for the last four years. The
public of Dankbend wished Mr.    and
Mrs,  Dnnsmore    all success In their
new bnslnesn.
Mr. .T,"',*n«eHnn' hen \*tt'tnr Mlr.hel
whera he intends to stay. Mr, Has*
tlan has a Ron at Michel with whom
he will stay. j
■ An operator from Medicine Hat
met his death on flunday at the sulphur springs, HflnfJ. U ia thought bo
died of heart failure.
Mies Cameron and Miss Moore, the
two school tearhern of the "flonkhead
school have gone cast for their holi*
Mian Wchoter U\ hornt* on her Loll-
days. She will be going hack to cd*
lege about the beginning of -September.
tlankhead vs. Edmonton played at
Calgary on the evening of June W."
,The' Merritt local .2627 U.M.W. oj
A held their semi annual election of
officers on Sunday last. The.fbllow*.
ing were elected'to office. , -I,
'. President—Frank Steel.      ■   "        ;
-  Vice president—Watkin ".Viinams..
Fin. Secretary—Thos. Calvert.
' Rec, Secretary—Wm. Bverley.  '   ".
, ri!_„,! „„„„,. •Kl^Xr.nn    W«lgll
T lJ.CttDU4C4_ J..V...V..—*. ■ ; -,.^-
Warden—Jas. Bgan: __'    .      ,-
Do You Owe for
~ Your Paper
Conductor—Frank Lester.-'   -
Trustees—Frank .."Steel,    Jas
,1am', Nelson Walsh,'
"Auditing Com—D. Thompson,
Walsh,.W. Bverley.
Mrs. B. P. Little returned on Monday from Vancouver, and was accompanied by her, son from Spokane.
Mr. Little returned on Wednesday's
train. «
B. Bewley, who,has been connected
with the Diamond Vale Co, for somo
time, with Mrs. Bewley, took charge
of tbe Coutles hotel at Coutlea on
Tuesday, Mr. Bewley is an experienced -man and the guests at this
well known ' hostelry will receive
overy attention.
. Mr, Rick Fl*azer, editor and proprietor of tho Nicola Herald is erecting now offices and a private rosldonco for himself. Things aro coming. Rick's, way,
The Middlesbro Coal.and Ooko Co.
mines nro closed down, all the mon
having quit work through a reduction of contract pricos. Middlesbro is
unfair to organised labor.. Union
men and others kcop away until
everything .is sottlod,
Quito a number of farmers in this
district havo Btarted cutting hay;
Crops are good arid tho weather Js
ideal, '{;
Ji A; Menaies of the Nicola .portable sawmill is construing.a Ja^p
building on Granite avenue, in(,;whlqh
ho ...wJU,.Install .hlH.planer, and "will
supply dressed lumber to the, ^ubilc,
, i, ■ '.   ■■      ■ it. ii; ",v ; *i ••;,'  > ■ .,• ■
i   . '0-' ,
Look ,;it the date on address
of your paper.-   If it has expired.
send us a renewal at once and
get the' benefit,of the reduced
• rate. "        .
The Rangers have   returned   from
their trip," although thev failed   to annex tbe football shield, they are to be
congratulated  on  the splendid   stand
they  made against. the . Caledonians,
the   football   champions   of   Canada, j
Tbe game was exciting and of an even j
nature till the call of time,   no" score
having been'made by either team, and
an extra .ten minutes each way  bad  to
be' played.      The   Rangers had been
travelling all night and were not in the
best of form' for, playing'extra   time.
The Callies on the othepiand  were at
home, and  were .comparatively  fresh,
and   were   thus   enabled   to wear the
rangers down'and . win", by  a' score of
P. 0. Box *77 / fernie, B. C.
From   Fernie  to ..
•Wlnnipesr,   Duluth, ' Fort
WiUiatn, and St. Pa-ul
Vi ' '
Chicago ..4......      72 60 °
New York     108 50
Montreal    105 00.
St. John, N.B    120 00
St. Louis       67 50
Toronto"      94 40
Ottawa  ...   105 00
Halifax ,131-20
»Sydney, C. B...:,..'. ..^136 90'
Tickets on sale May 4 and
18; June 5, 6, 19 and 20 j
July 6, 7, 22 and 23, August 6, 7, 21 and 22, 1908.
. First class round trip, ninety day limit.
Routes—Tickets   are    good
via any recogmised routes In
one or both directions.    „To
destinations east ot Chicafo
; aro good via tho Great LaKe-s
For Bates, Resorvations p.nd any in-
forroRtiondesiredoftll on or wnto   ;
j! MOE, G.E MoVHERSON,-   -
D.P. A. G,i?'A--     '
Nelson Winnipeg
Tho camp th'rco quarantine will' bo
raised on Monday next., •
The boys of Hosmer are Just-long*
ing for thoso sulphnr springs,
Donald Cameron and Cory Woth«-
by havo Just returned from Peru,
whore thoy have boon located for the
last ' three months. Mr. Wethorby
was snperlntenent ol^a coal mine
down In .'that part, but evidently
there was too much (*reasor blood
down there, for rebellions and rumors of rebellions br6u(?ht them back
to tbo north again. Uoth of those
gentlemen worked at Coal Creek for
qulto a whilo.
Cory Wetherby and Donald Cameron no to open up a tunnel for tbo
Tinrns Patterson Co. in the Flat-
bead. Thoy Ret, off .the railroad at
Crow's iVeiit tti**i.*«» hi Ueuiy milen
to the prospect.
Teicy Dean of FVrnl* was in Hos-
mor AVcdncadny.
D. V. Mott, of Fernio, wns in Hosmer on VrertnpB^ay.
The government men at work In
Hosmer have finished the bridge on
Front street nnd will commence to
grade the street leading to the fl.
M, station.
Thoy have n\*n filled in the frog
pond in front of the Iloyal.
Tltiil't, was ft good gnme of hanehaW
on the fifth between Colemnn and
Ho«in«r on the Hosmer grounds. The
gam* finished eighteen to slitetn in
favor of Colttnaa.
minutes before time owing to the referee from Michel scrapping with the
Hosmer goalkeeper. The Hosmer
secretary failed to receive any notice
of said meeting, so business was disposed of, by other representatives,
with tho result that three of Hos-
mor's best men were suspended namely, Hallan, T. Stewart and W. Thomson, until tho sixth of July, thus
weakening, tho team against Coal
Who said that Hector McDonald
was dead. .It's a foul lio. Paddy
Hughes saw him on the field, so quit
betting on Coal Creek. Paddy Bhould
restrain his enthusiasm whon at Hosmer and. look at the players before
the, bets. , ,
Mrs, Mlllor was in Fornio on Tuesday.'
Tho draw for the Mutz cup will
tako placo in tbe Waldorf hotel, Fornio, on Saturday, ,■
Tho*much'.talked 'of game of football botwoon Hosmer and Coal Crook
took; place on„the..Ho9*^or ground ou
Saturday!', -,Therov ■ Vj/is, a, ..large at*
toadanco. ,iTho\^inoi..'up, was as fol*.
lows;.,,;   ..   .,-..,,".,''• ',,    ;••    -„: -,,(   ;,-,
HosmerrrOoal, .Oakos;--.baeko,' .Mc,-
Farlane, McFegan; half ibackp) Wat*;
son,    Taylor,    McLeod; .  forwards,'
Watchoin, ,ny4or,.McQ\?oen, Hartnrol,'
McDonald;/:  ,■*,■.    * i;
Coal Crook—Coal, Horrocks, backs,
Dodds, Hunt; half backs, McFegan,
McKto, Lovo; forwards, Johnson,
Sweeney, Johnson, Dick,
,, Tho gnmn was of the class usually
played, plenty of give and take. Hosmer did all of the take part, tbo
gamo ending three to nil in favor of
Coal Creek,
. A*'-- mooting of the, board of trade
was held by that august body In the
Oddfellows Hall on Monday July the
It was decided to approach the
government regarding „th« grading of
the district leading to the 0. N.
station; also to purchase hose and
reel. A. Fortier, John Dneuio and
Bam flnell swelled the ranks.' il
Mr K T. Melt*, nn nM Knweastle
man, is forming a second football
team, The No, It) will now have to
look to their laurels.
2—0.   , - "''      .     ,
Considerable discussion arose at the
List meeting of the city   council co'n-
ceriiing'lhe' contracts "that,,have .been
let for civic improvements.    It appears
that the mayor instructed the city engineer and secretary \oiee that a fair
wags clause was inserted in  the specifications, but for some' reason or reasons unknown these gentlemen failed to
carry out the mayor's orders hence the
discussion.    The aldermen   assembled
instructed the^mayor to refuse to sign
up.the contracts unless the .contractors,
agreed to accept the fair wage clause.
This action on the partof the council,
is tho outcome of continued agitation
oh the part of tbe Trades and  Labor
council of Lethbridge, '    ,
Save ybw dollars by dealing with, us
Specials °
Men's BaltariS ffati Underwear-
;■*.* $1.00 per suit or 50c per garment
Men's Black Sateen SHirts        - - -     60c
Men's Tweed Pants       -      b;    - - " \ $1,25
_a-oz._Qv.er.aMs ■    -       " Zi :	
•  -     " ■ '    ~       ^ " _ ■ m 44 25C
Men's Braces - -,    *      - •   .
Gent's Fttrnishings, Boots and Shoes
„   Dry   Goods,   Etc.
146 Victoria Ave.' -   ■   '
Go to
The Rinman Kaminski Co.
Groceries, Dry Goods
Boots and Shoes  ..
West of Queen's Hotel
HOSMER,     B.   C
There has been some noteworthy incidents during mv absence  from town
but are too ancient now for publication.
The only noteworthy incident is in the
railroad silualibn which I menlioned in
a previous note.   Tbe Kaslo & Slocan
railway, apparently determined to carry
olil their threat of cutting out Snndon,
and enabling ihemlo do so are build*
Ing 'a'Y'nt  McGUlgnh, some seven
mllelt distant.'  Till* Will enable: thorn
to tur'n'-Jvhcrcas heretofore'lhojr".hud
fb'como'to Snndon'' Wdc- «6.    An in*
illgnalion.'meeting has been held, bfa'lh
in Kaslo nnd Sandon to protest rignlnst
this most high-handed proceedings and
probably tho intervention of the McBride government may he sought this
proceeding ofthe K.-&.S. railway after
gelling several thoumind acres of public land well timbered as n grant to
build and operate the tame to Snndon
and now when they hnve disposed of
most ofthe timber, aud the road Is not
whatlhcyanticipated, a big dividend
payer, the Slocan public must suffer a*
a result.    This ought to strengthen
thc Socialist cause tonne In the coming
elections,   Surely its time this land*
granting to corporations was abolished."
The government   that   favors   thexc
Dray& Transfer Co.
All  kinds   of.,
teaming and
Transfer Work
Clapp & Letcher, Props.,*,'■
. Off. Tel.6'iRcs&nlJe Tel. 149
,    ... ~*p;0;>H0^-j6
Customs House Broker
Fire i-suruce
W. S. KEAYl Buy Ymir Furniture
.< >
,1 ■j'i
^.Q, Block    Wioife 143
!8eodt* Trio*,   Mnd |
Uataloifue Fren  Larj(08t Nuriu- S
rini on tho Paelllo Slopo       ®
M.J.MKNIIV    VmiMwr. t.O. |
9U1H WtiitTnln.tsr Ko*(l tj)
from us.  If you
arc leaving town , -..■
we will  ' , "
-   Buy it Bac-k   '.
Cheapest house in town
H. M:"«IIIIY, Proprietor
Next to Imixrikl Hotel  IW lieUt *Vv«
Table Queen Machine-made
Is the kind-you can enjoy three
times a day,and seven days in the
week. Don't deny It to the
children between meals, they
are growing.
, ■ Our.. cakes and pastry, are of
the iinjeat.quality., w,
Ice Crcnmt rruita* Etc.
••- i»- -■- "...       rionver July 9—'Two sessions of tbo
measures should he relented to the! d "JJJ^ convention, the first at
scrap pile.    No   other    noteworthy J e,even 0,cloclt toaft-, and the ■mob-}|
chuntreii, a lew niwii   |>i«|>vi»i.» ii.».»;,Bt Ktven tonmat,, a»»« u4l1_4.444.44 .it.
Miss K. Almond has started a elans
to teach spelling* and Rrammar.
The new addition to Trites-Wood
■tore is Just about completed.
flhorUKC of lumber deinyed work
on the Kootenay hotel this week for
a few daye.
mimed i>f-A.i<uiu.i».
wusi.   -I   Ihv   rt.nvrntion vie\\
a,    b#_ w I i
!__••>> .      V     4..-    I
to com'pl«Uon.
: At the eveninK session Dunn, ol
i Omaha, placed W. J. Uryan In nom-
! lnatlon at 8.40 p.m.
  Tim    or.mml'.lf'ii on rfsolntion* fin*
" lulled its work on the platform   and
On July fourth at 8an Francisco  adjourned    at 11.20.  The last plank
Uattlinc Nelson defeated Joe Oans in  to be adopted wan that on tho trust
the seventeenth round.  Oana showed  question
up    his   old time form until    tho
seventh round, but from then till the
*nd wa* a b<ftt«n man. .NVIion I.**
the only follower of the ring who
renalucd his titl* niter h/ivlnt? Imt
t*. F*«uson who was killed in lit. He lost to Cans in GoldfltMi.
H I five mine w« tllJt to Fernie on | Nev.. in 8ept*ml„r 190C lo tbe forty*
Monday for ibterment. «"<•<• «>und*
MUtrcN*. "Jane, I saw the milkman kUs you this morning. In the
future I will take the milk in,"
.Tune: "Twouldn't be no ate mum.
He's promised never to kits anybody
but rot."
Yii'alert,  In   Wnj-ons,   Sli»l|«hs,
and Dump C'trt*.
All kind1* of Spring it\ic* and
Office      Waldorf Block
Pimm' -U       H«**" ''lionc 76
Now It the time to subscribe   for
tbe Dintriet l-edffr.
IMione 138      Res. 91 Pellat Ave
and Embalmer
of the city
i ■
(Clmiii'i* Mcmlirr nl' Manitoba nml
(i. I*    I   >•,,!/„..' tl Vmtvttnxnr*,'
. 4.
,\ks>v> i.llil'll)
Satiifaction Wairanted
Picture   Framing and  Furniture
Repairing in connection
Office &   Parlors
2lfl WU'ri* Ave. -■™ —>-*— ■ -
The _i__ertcii agency, are ma^-J-ride in 1903 .and 19p4, could al-
ing-^strenuous'.efforts to remain,on v.-ays! be fo^nd at the Western
th'e'pky Voli.'as ths paid* hireling of ; Federation headquarters here ' in
Mine'^Owher _.'Association. -.''Were"; Denver, and who became' acting
it not for .-the, funds that are (secretary and treasurer^alter Hay-
filched froni the'pockets of gullible
employers3 who "believe in the potency, of detective agencies to destroy organised'labor, the rletecj- J meinber of this organisation,' and
tive agencies "".of this ' country I so far as Mo'ter.' is concerned ;" he
would be on, the verge'1 of ban's-j only, acts as president"'at'times
ruptcy,' as the'revenues that are pwhen such ' letters ■ have got to be
derived . from legitimate, criminal
business, would scarcely meet, the
wood's arrest,'has been/de-posed'j
and from-what we can learn Pet-
i-tibone is   no  longer an honorary
expense of office rent and lights.
But as long as the Binkerton
agency can delude mine operators
with   misrepresentation    and   pre
written as I herewith attach.
In Moyer's admission that thsy
got' to defend' Adams he virtually
admits that what Adams confessed ' to, which was on the same
lines as Orchard's confession, was
dictions,      just' so long    will tne j true,  and in order to' save     their
Sleuth fraternity revel in the bliss   lives ' Adams    must be  defended :
of capturing the "long green."
Tne Pinkerton agency, oi Denver, in order that it might immess
upon its clients that it was struggling nobly to earn the ..money
and retain its place upon the pay
roll, sent out the following letter
to the mine operators which 'is
self explanatory;
Pi__erton's  ■ National     Detective
Founded by Allan Pinkerton 1850.
, Win. A.' Pinkerton, Chicago, Allan   Pinkerton,- New York, principals.
: Geo. D. Bangs, general manager,
.New York, N.Y.' ^
John Cornish, manager eastern
division, New York; Edw. S. Gay-
lor, manager middle division, Chicago; Jas. McParland, manager
western division, Denver; John C.
.Fraser, manager Pacific-division,
San. Francisco.     - .0
Offices: New York, Boston, Montreal, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburg, Cleveland, Chicago,, ' Cincinnati, St. Paul, ,St.
Louis, Denver, Kansas City, Omaha, Spokane, San Francisco, Los
Angeles,    Seattle,   Portland,    Ore-
Bo11- 7" "
Attorneys:    Cravath,  Henderson
' & DeGersdorf, New York.
H. F. Cary, superintendent, ,-Opera
that is to say, the lives * of Petti-
bone, Haywood, • _imsel£ and
others. .. The Western Federation of
Miners, founded as it is were on
force and false representations,
now has lost its power, as Moyer
practically admits, and cannot exist but a very short time..
This letter. with a similar one
sent to the president of the Fairbanks ,Alaska local, is the first
that- any of the executive board or
headquarters officials of the Western Federation of Miners has ever
admitted to their, branch unions
that, they have been beaten;- and,
cannot render a branch union assistance.
It is" needless to remind you that
all * this has been brought about
by the expose of the workings of
the inner circle during the trials of
Haywood and Pettibohe at' Boise,
Yours truly,   '      „   ,
Pin'kerton's       National   vDetective
Agency.  *''■ J.McP.N.
The very fact that' the' Western
Federation of Miners' is publishing
the above letter, sent out,-by Jas.
McParland, should convince the
mine , operators, the clients of - the
Pinkerton Agency that tlie federation has a few sleuths who are
able tb uncover Orchard's ..pal., in
his degenerate work, <.   -
When    the Mine  operators have
lea_ned_that ±_e-,Westefn__Federa--
tion of Miners is still carrying on
the strike at Fairbanks and Douglas Island, Alaska, and that the
federation has sent thousands of
dollars to aid the strikers in their
battle for- an eight hour day and
living conditions, and when the
mine operators learn that the federation has levied an assessment
recently to continue the battle in
Alaska until a victory is won. and
justice-prevails, the,clients of the
Pinkerton Agency will scarcely ac
cept the statement,of the ex-Mol-
Was   Plucky,   but   Paid   For
Temerity With His,Life."» -   _
Hissing like'.'a sulleu Keyset*, the .great
pinna   mother crouches  with-, Hauling
eyes.   Itkltre,oftier tawny hack. .'lirusb-
ed up 111 rajje. tail -u-swltcli., steel slu-
,i">ys 'rigid, beneath softsliln, she'glared
at ber four cubs lu  the cage'corner.'!
A fluffy ball of spotted fur sprawled
oa  unsteady   les_  across toward  her."
Out shot a inifility fore paw. the Iwiby.
-was hurled- suddenly back anions 'his.
k-owerliis. brothers and sisters,'
:,   "Nasty 'temper.'"  1  remarked to tlio
keeper,' "Has sheMieenMong like that V'.-
"Started this fnreuoou."   lie shook his
Head in anxiety     "I dou't like it.    I'll-
.have to .separate, theiii', I fear."
'-,  The   iii'iWriirril"-;' mother   commenced
-pacin;*  her' prison, spurring  viciously
:.t   her  offspring,' iir passing      riire'e
.'Middled together in a pitiful heup'.,imf
r.ip stood up and'defied her.    A-jungle
terror' In miniature.' nis tiny rage was
..magnificent- .Tensely alert before'his
trembling mates, lie shifted warily to
meet   each    blow,   dodging    spitting,
striking out nn awkward paw at  tlio
-Teat thrusts '
"Tliey don't turn on their cubs.often.
Only knew it once before, Yon notico,
nein herr. lier claws are not out when
.-■lie strikes. That •••ay come; then we
will lose some promising babies here."
The young I'ennnn,keeper was greatly distressed I returned In the morning to see how the affair had progressed.- Entering the ■•'rntikfurt Thlerjjar*
ten, 1 found the lion house. My friend
stood In the empty corridor looking
Into the' cage. Sleek forms shifted
restlessly on every side: n pale light
<-aine from above; the place was.close
with a heavy odor . -
lie greeted me mournfully.*.'"The
little beggar was too spirited. -Shtf
got hiiii last nlgbt. Just "a second In
lier Jaws, and the taxidermist w,on't
attempt to." stuff the skin." The re*,
maiulng cutis, peered wonderlngly at
us from an adjoining cage; tlie murderess paced, iu silence, but, her eyes
were alive with :'a strange fascinating
light. ' Tbe tragedy had stirred the
rows of Imprisoned beasts. An uncanny howl in a chilling key came from
the leopards; the liou's deep throated'guttural sent unwelcome quivers
through one's nerves.
.I .left the ' building, relieved to feel
'he breeze and see the sunlight. Poor
little chap of a puma, he, surely bad
tremendous pluck!  •
Notes,, That Were Issued by the
Mormons In Early Days.^ ;,-.'.
Denver, -Uy 4, if OS.
Dear Sir—As I pres une jc-. are
aware, that after the defeat of the
strike inaugurated, by the Western-
Federation of. "Miners and Industrial Workers of the World at
Goldfield, Nevada, the same gang
inaugurated a strike at Fairbanks
in Alaska,, and subsequently at
Douglas Island, on thc Alaska-
Treadwell Gold Mining & Milling
It appears that. thc officials    of
the local unions 'at'Fairbanks and
Juneau have been appealing     for
aid     to    the   Westera Federation
headquarters here in Denver,  and
I herewith attach a copy of a letter   recently    written   by Charles
■ Moyer     to   the   president  of the
Western Federation of Miners     at
Juneau, Alaska, which explain*, itself.   In this letter you will   note
that Moyer claims there is about
',70   per cent, of their membership
idle   at   the,   present' time.    The
'statement of Moyer is htisleading,
*s   there is    possibly 85 por cent.
•f   their   mombership idle at the
presont timo.   When wo effected the
arrest of   Moyer, Haywood     and
.Pettibone     in', February,      li 00,
;through the confoBsion we obtained from Orchard, with tho excop-
;tion of the* Cripple Creok diotrict,
■ the   Wostern Federation of i-Iinom
ruled     supremo   in   evrry  uininp
camp in the wontorn states.   It Ih
.true to a great pxtent that   tnoy
had lost their power in Tellurido
and   Loadvillo,    but   still existod
more or less at these two points,
•with a large amount of funds     in
, thoir troasury proper and  omerg*
: eacy    fund,.the latter fund being,
as   explained  by   Harry Orchard
. and Stove   Adams,   « reserve for
the- purpose of paying the     men
whom the innur circle detailed   to
murder such art bad incurred On-ii
*Ji."ipI».a8ure, or to  deetroy      their
property, and in addition »o that
thoy hnd as an ally the notorious
Workers of the World,  or   rather
Won Workern of tho World, wlif-h
had    hnflfl1   oruiinlHe'l    by     M'.yi-r.
Haywood and other members     of
Ui« mum viu.v.    _o-4(iy wit- jiiu  i,-
l-tilti   Wuilicli   JJ   &«' Wwt,44*  .t.-J.',   .4.*. . — U	
it were, ft thing ol the paH,     mid J ■"'•"AMnERLAnrs COLIC,   CHOL.
Moore*' Island, the Happiest and Fair*
• est Spot on Earth.
. Hugo Partoii, writing in the Outing:
Magazine,'''say** that the happiest and
most beautiful spot on earth today ia
the Island of Moorea. one of the Society
Islands, in. the'south seas. As a contrast to, strenuous American methods'
this description sounds alluring:
"Whenever you are thirsty a word
"vv-llf seud a lithe brown body, scram*
bllng up a tall palm tree trunk,, and in
two minutes .a green coeoanut is ready
for yon to quaff—the nectar of the Polynesian gods. It Is worth the trip down
here to cat the native •vittnls.' for you
t!ot, at every meal things you, never,
lasted "before, and ench seems better
than Its predecessor; to see your dinner ' of fresh vynter shrimps, sharks'
fins .and roasted mi urchins. The bananas you eat—there are eleven varieties-linked, raw. fried, dried—grow a
few rods back in Hie valley; ditto the
breadfruit, the pineapples nnd about
everything else on the board! ' It's nice
to have your morning coffee grown in
lie.Maguire, that tho1 Western Fed-1 the bad. yard. (iimvns grow In .such
©ration of Miners is ."dissolving I profusion (hey are used as pig foodi
like snow before a summer sun."   1 Srat"l ««-oaii1u Ih fed to hens, while
' sensitive plant Is considered excellent
An Issue of Scrip In Denver Which Wae
Unique In the Financial History of
America—-Some of It Redeemed In
Gold When Gold Was Above Par.
The uei.d 'of, a' circulating., medium
brouaht Into cxiiteiu-e a curious cur-
rei'n-y iiinonji^tho Mormons of Utah- in
thc early -lavs,, They had a fairly abundant supply (of j*,'>i'l dust, but no form
of money. Whi'iriaxes were, collected,
for ii!siaii('-i'| ihej, won? paid in jiold
dust. The ViI.n collector was often iih-
ahle to give 'rat'tiou'il'(■hungo and had
to issue due .bills lor small amounts.'
Finally so great became the need for
a i-ouveiileiit circulating medium tbat
tin* suggestion was made by some of
the leaders tliut the circulation of the
Kii-tlnmV notes |je authorized, the community lo stand sponsor for them, And
this was adopted. 6
, The I>ii*ilnnd notes were the product
of a haul, of thc. .vild<v.t species which
was iu operation in 1S.57 at Kirtland.
0., where°iindi'i- the leadership of Joseph Smith the Mormons bad a-settlement. , The institution was known as
iln> Klrtlaud Safety Society bank and
issued notes iu, tlie denominations of
SI. .**«. ■#*"> nud .,
, Knlly. $r>(t.0LKi worth of these notes
were said.to have been Issued. Then
the I nt n U failed, not having at the
time of suspension more than $5,000
with which, to redeem' Its issue. Tbe
result was that the notes became absolutely" worthless. Many of the'Mor-'
nions kept their.notes,;regarding theth
as curiosities,; while others retained
"possession of ,them, lu the. faith that
the prediction of Smith would one day.
'he realized, he being,, reputed to. have
.Raid that the notes one day would "be
as good as gold. . - '.--•.
, The action of thc Mormon leaders in
Utah in 184!) niade ' this prediction
come true, for the Kirtland'notes at
oiice went Into general circulation aud
were placed'on a pur with gold. Each
aud evury oiie of them was redeemed
at the Mormon heudiiuarters In "gold
dust, of which there seemed to be a
greater supply than of representations
-of money, ,' •>    '
There were two Issues of'piipe** money or script In lieuver. which weic,re-
' deemed in gold.'Some of them were redeemed at a time when gold was at a
premium and so deserve to he ranked
among the curious currency representations of which this country" has seen
many examples..       -
lu September, l.StJl. the tlrm of O. A.
Co,ok„& Co, of Denver Issued notes of
tbe-denominations of   10, 25 aud 50
A Dealor Tells Why ihe Maid Breaks
.---.Them So Often.'-
"Our maid certainly worked .destruc-;.
tion ou those sherry glasses, those delicate little glasses." said the customer
t_' the dealer. ""There were sis. and
she broke three inside of three
months,"-'' |'
**Oh. you got off easy, judging from
the stories that come to us.", replied
the store man. ....-'
■   "Weil,'11  see how It ""is."'responded _
the. customer.   "I' tried, wiping a  few
of these glasses myself the other.night,
nnrl the nrstlliing I'-k'newJ-.wiped the
nide, right, out of one. ■ As the maids-
pay,"'Why., .-they   break • right  In .the .
towel!'""'  .' -      e.. ".     --
"Now, If you would wait until they
were nearly;dry." remarked'the dealer,
"you'd never'break'any lit-all. Tako
tills Vordial glass with the very 'thin
stem. You-naturally'seize it by the
foot and turn it .*hile you wipe the
bowl with the other., hand. While the
glass Is wet ..the Jlsh towel, gripped
between two lingers,' holds the bowl
like a .vise, and you just, naturally,
twist the stem in. two! But If you let
the glass get nearly dry the towel
slips, and the danger is over."
"Doesn't tbat make streaked glasses?" .        '
"No, not If the water and towels are
clean. Of course you' ought to, have
towels that you use only for glassware. Towels tha have been used on
dishes are' likely to have grease ou'
them, and grease is the great '•enemy
of brilliancy In'glassware."
"Then can soap be used In the wa-
"ph. yes. We use pure while soap
wirii ours.' .The main point is to have
the water hot enough. That helps with
the drying, too. because .wheu.-you' take
a glass out of very, hot water* and set
It aside to drain it will dry itself-before you can lake a towel to it. <Tis-
sue paper Is good as a polisher because
usually It has never touched grease.,
Alcohol has a reputation as a polisher,
but its function is rather to,c!e;r' Cut
up potatoes are good to" shine up the
lusldes of pitchers nnd°carafes."'
l."'      '   ,'    ' •*.-■■.■-
t I"        '
B. E. .WALKER, President
ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager
Paid-up Capital, SI 0,000,000
Reserve -Fund,,-   5,000,000
: Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England.
Deposits of $1 and. upwards are received arid interest allowed at current
rates.,   Accounts may be,opened.in the names of two or more *   ...
; ,'•'    persons, withdrawals to be made by any one of the  •'"
''"    - number or bv the survivor.       "" '■   114
Fernie   Uraneh
H.   L.' Edmonds,   Manager
How did Jim McParland secure
a copy of the Moyer letter ' which
ho attached to the circular letter
sont to the mine operators?
Did ho bribe a stenogiraplier in
the ofllce^. of the Western Federation of Miners? ■, "/..,•,
Has the Pinkerton Agency fallen
to the ■infamous depths of purchasing a woman, or has the
PiiUkerton Agency, through a
bribe, prostituted n\\ employee of
tlie postofflce department?   ■
An agency that conspires to
murder will not ' stop at any
.—o-*. .  . .
New York,' July 7-frcderlcl. W,
ThompHoh'H oli-lity-foiir foot nchooner
yacht Tlio Hlinmrock won thn Upton
cup offered for tlio throo hundred and
twenty-llvo milo race from Now York,
to (Jape Mny and retiirn and: Capt. I
CIuih. Bnrr, lier skipper Iuih hdded
anothor victory to lilt, strlnc. Tho
Hlinmrock beat her nourcst competitor the MlmoHii III., hy more than
two hours, eliipHod timo, mid soverni
of tlio smaller hnntu by nearly, twenty lin-irs.
 o -
rrrci) ht.\tes.
Ottnwn, .Tuly «—I'lio Grand Trunk
f-ncltlc lifts 'iiflkftii KOvcrnmi>nt permls-1
don fo import fifteen hundred   men j
for rniiiitriiPtlnn  work wbhI of Win- '
itlpPB    from   tho United atatrg, if j
H>   „.- 4  4      1" .1 '
 "■•»44..4444»H*     4ll        •..«4UUUII, j
foddor for cnttlfi.   '   ■
■'For pci'iVrilnii of Hid liuinun body
the Ttililtiiin Is mii'xccllcd, If, Indeed,
ho Is iinywhoiv cf|iniliHl,," Thoy are a
lui'!»c nice' both men nnd women being
notloculily tailor, and. moro fully do-
vclopcil tlmn Annlo-Suxoiin . I doubt If
nny Society Isluiiilcr ever wont l'i-*m'Kli
ti wholo day in his lifo without linvlii**
n wventli of (Iowpi'h on liiw head or u
liloHHoiu bphliul hl« phi*. The love of
(lowers Is liiniile with iiiiui, woman rind
child. They can't push through a.pntcb
of wih-iIu without enionrliiH with n ftar*
lund. Kvery Kuy mood culls for flow*
ers on their huts, In their Imlr, behind
•heir I'lirs, niul their llfoh,l» an almost
Miibi'okeu - Rei|iieiic<> of nny moods.
Scnrcoly n mitlve on till1 Island of
Moorea ciiu speak u sontctico of Iflnff*
iImIi, but I'vpry one yon meet jtroots you
.vlth n eoiirtcoiiH' smllo und tho wol-
■iiinlng word 'ln-oru-nn' (Yornnnl."
the West*rn Federntion o** >' ifui.fr,
following the footsteps of t_o I.
W. W., are dissolving lllto ircwl e-
tore a fcuuuiH11' «ii.ri.
ttaywood has not only \yetn do-
ERA  AND    DUnnilOEA ItE-
ED IIIM 9100.00.
"In 1002 I had a very severe at-
tncti ot diarrhoea," »ay» R.     S,
powd as secretary und trenurcr of i Fftrrar of Cttt Xl(|And/La,
thin organisation, which he has I -several weeks I wnii unable to do
assisted in founding, but is no ; anything. On March 18, 1007, I |
longer in any way connected with j *£d ft similar attack, and took ;
tb. Western FM,r.tion oi Miners tf^1*^ C*^t ^
•_e«pt that possibly he still re. i ,. -,„„,,,*. „•,,;■ T f^.iAnr it
tains his *n*n.fc*rf.hi*» **r.rd in the ' ■\r.\ !n the wonld/and bad I uspd '
toeal union of Silver City, Idaho. | " «' *'"• he*t medicines of its
, »,. .      .    .      „.    ; '*   '**   'l10*. b'lieve it would have
Jamet Kirwan, -who during tht |. Wl| mr ft hundred dollar doctor
■trikt at Cripple Creek and Tellu- iy.11,"1   Sold *«y nil drug-*l«ts.
Poetry  Defined,
«it»oi*i.»i' I' 'Morris' ilii' niitnor of
•Wnoilniiiii, Splint Tim - Trw," was a
Ki>liit|'ill of the New Viirl. ilillltltl .111(1 11
fnvorlie with all who knew him Mrs,
Slieiwiiiiil In Iiim reiiiliilseeneoH tolls
linw iiiiiitliei* \nw\ iiHsoeliiteil the (jonor.
ill wllhii ilellullliiii of poetry,
Once I'MU-iircene llalleeli, the uiithor
nf "Miii'ro Ho'/.znrls," cnlle^upon lior in
New Yuil< in his old n«e, und she uslicd
lilm to define I'or her what wns poetry
■iihI what wns promt
lie leplled: 'Wlicn (ipiiernl Mortis
i'oiiiiiiiiiiiIm his brlxndo nnd says, 'HoN
dlerM, iIi'imv .vonr swords!' he tc'l's
liroso, When he says 'Holdlom, draw
tour willing swords!' ho talks poetry."
A OarQRln.
"Whnt:"   fxclnliiu'il   the   luisbaml.
'Vim drew your hhvIiiuh from tlio lunik,
A'l-nt to a broker'** office und bouixlit 'A.,
i*      , ,.    .   i    , , i  . , ,.. ti \ . , \ . .,
'4      ,*...,     ,..>4.'-.k    »-4     4*4     -     .»     '    -      •'
.Ivi.pplnr* like u roeliV"
"Hut. my denr." nr«ued rlu» wiro. "it
.-as such u Immain Why, iIiii-Iur the
-.iurt time I was In tlie office I saw tlie
lain mark It down to II froio 15!"-
■iii-imws .Mujiuzlne
Xi'Xl Ik e,\ep|leiip«i Is tlie nppwicla*
Ion tif It -Tli'iclii-riiy.
■•V.i-.w the sttn'> ui the slinky build
.■-I '.''*■'
•■Vo|i,'    What It ity
"Uh, there's no foundntlon to It"
TelYfsniud'ST Tlils~finn 7,ondircfe_~_
laiw general.lU-rcluindlse busliiess. Iu
the course of which they handled great
(jiiiiiitltlert of gold dust, the latter at
"the -lime being" the only circulating
medium lu Colorado or 'Kansas territory, as It was then called. '
Later the (inn dropped the nicrchaii
(Use business and .look up bunking
i J rent, need was , felt for fractional
'currency which would he worth us-
much as golil anil al the same time
Mive the inconvenience of handling the
gold diist: - To* supply the prevailing
need, "Cook & Co Issued these notes,
which were all tlnely engraved on
,.|eel anil bore the promise of the firm
*.o be redeemed In .gold dust.
The iioii'S'VK'iv snapped up by every-
hoily. Imt more purtleiilurly the merchants, and It wii-i not long before
Cool, & Co.'s uoles wore lu general circulation' In 1 louver nnd the contiguous
mountain regions They were promptly redeemed whenever presented and.
being redeemable in gold dusl. wore
preferred to the regular United States
currency, They, were the smallest gold
notes ever Issued,
Some time after the' blinking house
caught lire and wns entirely consumed
At great risk the senior member of the
firm entered Ihe burning building ami
rescued the stock of gold dust, which
amounted to something like $S't,U0O.
Tbe following day the holders of the
notes, feiirlng n -possible loss on account of the llre.iiHl.eil for the redumption of their mites, which wns gran tod
In every Instance Hut this (-.coming
want of conlldence so provoked Mr
Cook that nftcr the lust note had boon
redeemed nml canceled he detormlnod
never to Issue another, and thus ended
un Issue unlipic lu America's financial
history, It Is not probable thnt n
specimen of this Interesting scries of
notOH Is In existence today,
Interview   Between  the  Boss  and  tho
•'       Man. He Firedi
Neither of the partners had arrived,
and the clerks that morning'were Indulging In their usual bout .of gossip.
"Did I tell you, chaps, tbat I waa
leaving?','. drawled the languid swell
of the staCf, whose incompetence was
as palpable as the splendor of his attire.' -',',. . .
„ "Heard you'd got the sack,". replied
the spectacled cashier gruffly.
' "I answered ail advertisement yesterday for what looks like-a first class
,job," resumed the overdressed one, Ignoring tlio remark'. "I've pitched rather a "strong yarn, but you've got*to do
Have You Connected
♦ '
witH tlie Sewer?
. *
***.*■                                              4                                     ■
Two Cars of Sew
;  '                        t          ,'.')
er   Soil   Pipe   and
o    ',   .
.-  '  ■
Plumbing*; Supplies
i               vr
tt'                                   ,             4      '
Plea.se    call    and
•                                     ■      *
get, prices;
''11                    "          ,'';.*..
" \""rtr *•
♦ -
. ♦»♦»#»»♦»♦♦♦»»♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦»•♦♦♦♦♦••.•»•»»*»*»♦»»♦»♦«»♦
J.   P.   QUAIL    3
Hardware    and    Furniture
"thatTf~yoii wanTto keep~up winrt_er"
times.'-' '..■'■
...lust then the senior partner entered,
and allVrolo Intoutly., '',,," ;
.Within (lve-'minntes the1."old man,"1
who had beeu opening letters, called,
the last speaker Into his room, aiid the
following dialogue became plainly au-.
dlhle to those, outside: , ',       '
"Have you been In our.service seven
yours?"  *'
"No., sir; only (ii'teeu mouths."
"And Is your salary tl-1 10s. a week?"
"l'h.' no. sir; MO shillings."
"And are yon In entire charge of tho
counting house?" , ■ _
Np' reply,    ,
"And are ynu leaving us because of
a dllTeroiiee with the firm .regarding
tlie management, of v our colonial
Dead silence and a short pause.
" Then the old man:
"You should be more careful In your
statenieuts. sir. This Is a small world;
The advertisement you answered wns
■for the situation you are leaving on
Saturday. That will do."-London Tit-
lllta.'   ,.    -      ■ ,,.-.,
.. BURNS & CO,
;_// /.>' , limited ;'" :"■■•'
Pickle Fortune,
Tho reverses of fortune nro woll II•
lust ruled among Ihe dcsccmliiiirs of
Untold rreneh nobility
Aceoi'illiig tn M, l.escure, 11 grandson
of Unit same Miiniuls d'Hiiiiteroclie
who chivalrously reipiesteil Hie Hug-
lb li troops nt llio buttle of Koiitonoy to
"lire Hint" ended his days ns 11 coin
mon policeman.
One of the noble family nf lliibou do
In ItonrdalHlere Is now 11 washerwoman.
Kcprcseiiiuilvos uf ether noble families cMUiitly ("unions In their time nro
or were, according to the same 11 n I lior
Ity. occupying the humble plan's or
giimekeeper,   curppnter's    iipiireiitlce,
,*  tl.lll'     f/..1.1,41,     4,(1'    4.,.,«J,      .,11.44.    .*.     ..,*-
fV'tliel, InMl'ee'iPV. eonduetov ixf HU OIU-
nlbiis,  bo\  o|n>uer ut a  then tor.  gas
iiiiui, bathing mil it. milker of uuuiFe
(raps, dim air., Niiger ul Ihe «>-»<-ra an 1
woodtniiii, wlille line who, is a uceu'
grniiil-c.iiislu <-r the llln: irheis Card
Hill lie I'.e,'. .1,11,e«  1.1  .n.-> .'..'>i p-.-n*',
the lowly itlti.e-* ut g'.M"«'.P.?*ei   111:
vlllnge Ibhli"     I.11111I1111 Tll-lfi'
It WM There.
Coiiipowr-ind you hear ilie torine:il
mid despilr hi my lone poem. "Tun-
tn'w." t'i.-if I Ju--f pbijivl ynn* Ms-
teuer-,\ci, but I noticed them un the
ftti'tM lit the ■iiidfefiiH*.
Americanism In 'England.
The following speech Is put Into tho
mouth of an Ainerlc.'in heiress In nn
''.ngllsh story .call od "A Subaltern of
"I've a hunch that this Is the big
gest (rump- of spoof I've officiated iu
yet. Mr, I lorries. You have a nerve
mid no mistake." Then nH Ilorrles
withdrew she caught sight of'Fox's
smiling face, The Hud turned on lilm
hotly "Vou wore In this too, I like
your neck. You'll hnvo to pitch n tale
tn pop. lie's drawn on 11 man for loss
out west. Come, Margl. let's get:
we're the lobsters Mils hike. Captain,
will you (dense escort us to-.opr car-
rlngo?"   , 	
He Aimed Higher.
Ilo kissed lit-1* liiiuil.
She withdrew It hnstlly and giist-ml
reproachfully at lilm,
"1 didn't think It of yon." she said,
almost tearfully, "l hiid„nl\vnyB con*
sldcrod you 11 young man with Ideals
"I-l nhi sorry ir I hnvo olYondod,"
he stammered,   "I"-
"\Vell." she sulil bitterly. "I cortaln-
iy oxpoeled ynu to aim higher,"
Bo lie took heart nud mado now resolutions nnd things.
Always a choice supply of .Beef, Pork, Veal,
Mutton,   and   Lamb on' hand.    Hams
Bacon, ■ Lard, Butter and Eggs.
■ 1 .
0u_ Specialties
Fresh,   Smoked   and :Salted  Fish,   always a„
.good■'."assortment'.  -Try our Mince. .,
Meal:, 'Saurkraut and Oysters.
All the leading: lines of
High^ class; Chocolates.
and  Confcctionery
>.*'■ ;
.Ci      1  -
•FEfl^iff I1S« < -Be  . Ce
, -Jt8»'..l_jl- 1-
il."      . '
■  '. * • ..<.
The Time is at Hand
The   Season   is    Here
A French Bull.
On kcoIiik the Kallnntry of the Moow
the commniiilnnt could not liolp olflp-
plnu bis hands und exclalmlnff, "Hrn*
»','" f*4« hn ,nt»n»ii>(i(l with ht« on■fl»»•, tn
nun hnnd nnd his revolver in tho other.
-Cur. I'nrU Matin.
General Smethup.
Mrs, neiiliiiiu-rIt seems ns If every-
tlilnjr wns bvoken  when  we moved.
,        FOR
* t
Screen Doors-, Ice Cream Freezers,
Boys* and Girls' WaaronSf
•',•'/ 1,
Garden Hose and Flshlno: Tackle
And as usual wc arc rifTflu on deck with the most
complete and varied assortment of these lines'
carried in the city, Our policy is fairness to every
one nnd onr cnnpwninl clerks only live for Mi<»
pleasure of showing* and demonstrating*1 the merits
of our various lines.
Call and see us when in need.
the   inovliii;   Ino't*   1111'.
- Sew  V',1!.
Thoro nro no irrc--itcr wretchoe In the
world thtan ib«dj of tttote wboto people io general ttka to b« bappy^-Sta*
Wlieti a man cun tell tlin pilnclploe
f from hli pro;udtcc» lio U* tolorably «l*
i iicnteil.
De-olno the Water.
Con»tablo-Come nlonsr.   Yon'vtt go\
tolinven bnth. Trnmp-Alwirf' Whnt,
xvlv irnter? rnn-nudle'- Ven. of ciutrwo,
Trniup- (.'milfln't you uianaue It wlv
frti'i o' fliiiii) vnciiMiit '•l,"ifii>C4iV—/.(indiifi
Whintster   &.   Co.
r$   Headquarters   for   Hardware   in   East   Kootenay
I &_*^S,<!j®3D<_*^
it I* lite C4>tmiiiiii woti'lrr nt ell fl"*,
linu' nutonu; hu many irltllnit 1.' fni*t>'
•here nlntrM 1st nn'ii" itM*'«»    I! iu>
Subscribe for l"he Ledger DISTRICT LEDGER.,   FERNIE, B. 0., .TDLY 11, 1908.
iikciy to go Out of Business-
'•    Police Hot on trail
New York, July 8-Within tbe next
,-twerity-four hours the police expect
to strike the most decisive^ blow ever
aimed at the black hand and    bomb
.' throwers in this city.   They say that
one.of the leaders and' several of the
-lieutenants    and agents are already
.'in the toils, they having Wen arrest-
j ed late Monday night.      <  ,
Lieut. Petrosenaand his men    say.
that several saloon keepers, all  '' ex-
convicts,     whose places of business
: are. on the east.side, are identified
""witti the Black Hand gang and that
they lay out the work that Is to be
dono by agents-work in which   the
■ -throwing of bombs and kidnappla*.; of
children form a conspicuous vait.
The police admit, however, mat it
'is difficult to prove anything against
' these men.-
Over four Hundred Buildings
Are in Ruins
From the Heat in New York-
Hottest Period in Years
New York, July -.--New Yorkers,
-who for nearly two weeks have bee-
sweltering in one of the most protracted, hot weather periods in many
years j were" warned by the weather
bureau that the end "is not'yet     in
.sight. "Fair and'' continued warm,"
was the message sent out to the suffering millions' while the *sun kept
the-mercury constantly moving' up-
' - ward.
By nine o'clock,to-clay the govern-
.- ment, thermometer marked eighty decrees; at-ten  o'clock the tempera7
•   ture had gone to, eighty .our and  at
.-eleven o'clock, to eighty-six degrees.
__En_tWmeantime   the, humidity had
Port Au Prince, July 6—The disastrous fires which started in the vicinity of the palace and senate buildings here yesterday and was believed
to have been controlled after four
hundred buildings were burned, broke
out , again during the night and
caused further extensive damage:.
The" renewal of the conflagration
was caused by an explosion, which
shook the whole" town, damaged
many buildings and scattered blazing
embers over a wide area. The roof
of, tne National bank was thrown
down by the violence of the conciis-.
sion when the explosion occurred.
ii '
Thc. second fire was supposed to
have been checked at midnight, but
tho, (lames got'a third start this
morning, and before they could bo
subdued forty more buildings had
been destroyed. The city was almost
in a state of panic; The flames' surged aiong with what appeared to be
an irresistable sweep and the terrific
explosion, which occurred at intervals, added to the frenzy of the population. It was,not until the intensity of the fire had diminished that
the regular order was restored. The
chamber of deputies and the large
establishment of the congregation of
St; Louis were menaced lor a time
by the flames, but they were saved
without' damage.
Punishment For Murder That Wai
More Cruel;Than Death.'
In 1801 a.man died In the CatsUills
who had teen condemned by one of
the " strangest sentences , on*, record.
Ralph Sutherland was born in uui-ind
lived in ii stone, house near Leeds He
was a man of violent temper uiui morose disposition, shunned by his neighbors and generally disliked. Not lit*- -
iug able to get an American servant,
he.'Imiwrted a Scotchwoman, and. according to the usages of the times, virtually held her in bondage until h*»r
passage money had been refunded.
Unable to endure any longer tlie
ragtag temper of her, master, the girl
ran away. . immediately upon discovering lier absence the-man set off in
jjii augry chase upou his horse -ami
.soon overtook lior.i The poor woman
.never reached the house alive, and
Sutherland was indicted .ind arrestwl
ou the charge of murder.
At the trial he tried tQ prove that
his horse hud taken, fright, run away,
pitched him .out of the. saddle ami
dashed the girl to death upon the
rocks, but the jury, did not accept tin
It is "not. a. favorable omen to
see a man smoking a cob pipe
while his wife milks the cow.', •,.
If you have a bitter pill to take
gulp it down.; don't chew it. So
many people,chew: their pills, and
oh how bitter.
, It has -, been* said that to have,
the,children in your power would
be to control the destiny of the
world, but* give us-the mothers
and' let them realise their power,
and we will have the children.
. ■ Every   -honest   -prayer    that is
breathed,  every" cross that" is carried, every trial that is well endur-
ilefense. and Sutherland' was sentenced j ed, every good work„to our fellow
fallen gradually' until at eleven
. o'clock it registered sixty-two degrees. Thousands last night, slept
on fire escapes or in the parks. The
'effect of the excessive heat ,. became
apparent early in the day, when reports .of deaths, prostrations and
sudden insanity began* to pour into
police headquarters.
Several deaths and" thirteen prostrations by the intense heat were
reported in Brooklyn and Manhattan
up to one p. m. Two Brooklyn men
who are believed to have been crazed
by the excessive heat were taken to
the King's county hospital early today, after thoy had attempted to
kill thoir wives with carving knives,
Wake,   comrades,   wake-   irom your
■ ."•-' long sleep,    .'.,'-•
Apathy-to your .weal is deep;
Awake, and gird your armor on,
The beams of light upon us dawn.    '.
'' Onward,"" forward' '—your watchword
"still -
Now0 enervates the faintest .will
To' do and;'dare for truth   -.id light
Against'-"' the    . power's     oppressive
- might.	
to die upon the scaffold.
Then came the plea of the insufficiency ■ of circumstantial evidence anil
the efforts of Influential relatives,
These so worked upon the court that
the Judge' delayed the sentence of
death until the prisoner should )»•'
ninety-nine yenrs old. '
It was ordered that the culprit
s-bonld be released on his own recoj:
iilx.iinee and that, pending the final ex*
.edition of his seutence. he-should" keep
iLiiuugmiin's noose about his neck and
kliow, himself., before the,"judges of
•..al.skin once a -year to prove that lie
-.ore 1iTs*T)uiige of Infamy nnd kept
'■■VVrl.ue. iu-ink,-:- It*\yn_ if more,
r.-tiel decision than the sentence of'lm
mediate death would1 have beeri^ ;buk
il was uo doubt, In harmony,-with.the
-plrit of the'times.  , ■>
Thus Ralph Sutherland lived. Heal
'-ays lived alone He seldom spoke
:ils rough.. Imperious manner had^,
ij'nne. Years followed years. At each
f-essiou of tlie court the broken man
-.•tune.before* tbe bar of justice and si
lently showed the noose that circled
'lis neck.,' ,    ,   " ,
At last,bis ninety-ninth year came,
the time when tlie court had ordered
lint cthe utmost penalty of the law
•liould lie executed. For the last time'
;he 'man tottered "before the Judge's-
liencli. ..but new judges had arisen in
:lie land, new laws had been made.'old
i-i-inies Imd been forgotten or forgiven,
aml'there was none who would accuse;
lilm or execute sentence. Indeed, tin*
awful restriction that had bound ,bi!-
!ife so.{ultimately to the expiation of
.'lis crime'wns now legally removed.
- 1-iit the spirit of self punishment
i-imfniued. imd when Sutherland, after
!,.e>had'passed his hundredth year, was
■.'.'■•■covered dead, alone In his house.' his
throat--was  found  to tie encircled  liy
men lovingly done, every little
task that is conscientiously performed, for Christ's glory, helps
to make christian character beautiful,* and to load its bovghs with
"Apples of gold" for God's "baskets of silver."
Stand   ' firm, uphold you 'comrade's
.- arm,   .. -•'    ... .    -
Nor fear the oppressors dread alarm;
Be true as steel and seek to bind
The brotherhood of humankind.
march on, as hand in
in heart through every
' Now York, ..July 6—Abe Attel, tho
lightweight puglliRt, today issued ft
challongo to Battling Nelson, who
kiockcd out Joo Qans in San Francisco laBt Saturday, to light 'or thc
lightweight championship of tho
world, Attel said ho had already do-
posited twonty-flvo hundred dollars
, with a New York sporting man to
bind tho proBpoctlvo match, Tho
only conditions laid down by.Attel
arc that tho, mon shall weigh in at
ono hundrod and thirty threo pounds
at tho ringside nnd that thero bo a
Hide hot of five thousand dollars, He
suggests that in tho ovont of tho
challongo bolnt* accoptod, the light
take placo before tho James Ooflroth
club, flan Francisco. He will le
willing, however, he. says, to fight boforo any other club which may oftor
hotter Inducements than tho Ooflroth.
March     on,
And    heart
Until the sceptic ye shall, weild—
The   toilers     right—the    bounteous
■   . .  yield.
Trust   each,     love all,, be pure    in
Seek    truth,.fear naught, truth will
impart, ,       .  "
Its Joys and amply will.repay,.
Not    now,   perhaps,   somo brighter
day. i.
Posterity shall wrlto your name
Upon the Immortal scroll of fame;
•Tls.now tho fight and then tho rest,
By future agos—honored, blest.
Coal Creek, B, C.
July 7, 1908.
Parents keep your boys off     the
streets, especially after dark. You
know, not what annoyance,-   these
little     fellows   are,   besides  ,they
le&rii all kinds of meanness, picking up aU the slang phrases uttered by older toys tfKo'nave foxtgot-
ten the prayers taught them     at
their mother's knOe' when they, too,
were innocent little tots like your
own boys now.   If you have nice,
beautiful yards,, allow-your, boys-
to play .. in them, never iscoldins*
them for their merry.laughter, for
'tis far better to be annoyed     at
home • than   to   have them, mixed
up in an ugly affair on the street
of which you know nothing until
it   has    grown col- on everyone's
tongue.   If you value your educa-
tion'as you should, you will keep
your   boys" off     the' streets) where
no     evil association will  corrupt
their morals.
" "There, is no good -reason why a
man should needlessly put his own
wife to,the trouble of wiping    up
] the tracks, when he takes ^ great
pains to clean his feet before cross-
ing his neighbor's' threshhold; nei-
i ther is it consistent-that wewo-
I men -should- be too .'severe on our
(lie rope which had lieen placed there,rown'husband' and son for a- little
if I Only Had Capital
'   The  above  words  were  recently
uttered in" our .hearing by a worthy boy and undoubtedly they are
often reiterated by" many who are
out of employment, • or have little
or nothing to do.   To all such we
say, you have home capital,   you
"have hands, feet, bone muscle and
health, and are not these capital?
What more capital has God given
anybody? "But if I only,had      a
few    thousand   in   cash capital,"
says    the young  man.   But  these
are better, than "cash capital, , for
no  one can take i;liem from you,
and with these you,can earn'cash.
Our men of wealth and influence
did not start with any cash capital.     They   went   to    work with
their "plow, the hoe, the jack plane
or axe,  and in time, their capital
brought them a rich harvest.-Ah!
but"   there's    the   rub; you don't
want to . work.   You want money
on    credit     so  you can  play  the
gentleman,    speculate      and. - end
your career by playing vagabond.
You    want    to marry  a' rich girl
who will support you, while you
wear    fine,   clothes, smoke cigars,
and be a gentleman of leisure.
Shame on you, young man!    Go
to work with the capital that you
have and,you will soon make'interest enough upon it to give you
as much money as you need.    ,If
you   cannot    make' money   upon
what capital you have, you could
ppt if you ha4 ft "larger -Amount in
cash.,.   If you waste.,your present
capital, you-would waste money if
you   "had   it..      So don't     stand
around, a helpless fellow, waiting
for something to turn "up, 'but go
to work. ' Take the first work you
can get to do, and do it well." Always do your.best, and    if.    you
manage your capital that, God has
given - you   well,   you    will soon,
have plenty more to manage.   ■•
•%%4^^^^"%^^^^^-%4-%^%^^^-V^4^^%^'%^%«V%4%,V    I
Auditor, Accountant, General  Agent
Life, Accident and Employer's Liability insurance
flireo-quurters of a century be
A Vacation.
A certain, scientist'lu the service of
Uncle Sinn at Washington Is snld to
l:e a hard taskmaster to both his ofli
rlnl and his domestic servants. ■
Belli*,' detailed once to ticcompuny a
scientific- expedition ou un extended
cruise, the scientist Is said to have unbent a trifle In, cominunlciitlng the
news to bis pcrsonnl attendant.
.""Henry." said lie. "how would you
like to go with me nround the worldV"
"Do we go from east to west, sir?"
asked the man.
"And we lose n day golug that way.
do we not. sir?"
•'We do."   ;
"Then, sir. 1 should like very much
to uo,  It would give mo a day off."
carelessness, when' we -assure, our
callers,, with , the most gracious
smiles, "that .it isn't ,'of the
slightest consequence."'
Courtesy at [Home
n Toronto, July 8—Shareholders ol
tho Crown Life Insurance Company
have ratified tho reorganisation authorised by act of parliament as
against amalgamation with tho
Royal Victoria Lifo, Montreal.
— o
Bo fob . i>.u Your Houth
Like a young; bird and (juip down what*
vorfood or medicine may bo olforod yon V
Or, do ycu wuiu to know sonrthlng; of the
composition and diameter of that which
you tako into your stomach whether a*
food or medicino y
Most IntolllKcut und winalblo pooplo
now-ii-dr.ys Insist on knowing what thoy
r-mploy * 'bother ivs food or as medicine.
Dr. I'ioroo bollovcs thoy havo a perfect
rl.ht toIntUi u*>on audi knowlodpto, So ha
ptibllihei,***'*aa<Jea*it and oh each bottle*
wruimor, whntjn>*1n«(U£inc* are mado of
an*N^e«Jiwffi3i?iHMUb TIlU.lHl Ml
he can \vfrUJflTonl todo bocjUUfijEuilQEa
ilio ingredient!* Cylilch lila •ncdlclnei
arc mado are Html leg nnd understood tiny
One Gift She Mined.
Slx-yeni'-iiiil Hurry wanted to buy
Ills sister n little birthday present. IIIh
heart throbbed wltli Joy at tbe thought,
though lie hud In his pocket only 10
rents, Nevertheless a week nlieiid of
time he went uround tho shops mid
ciime buck with u very Hiitlslicd look
Ills mother nsked lilm what lie hnd
"I got her n cream puff," he said,
, "Well, you know. Harry." wild bis
mother, "thnt won't keep fresh for a
week."      *'      "'.,-*'
"That's what I thought after I
bought It, mother," replied Harry
calmly,  "und  bo   I   ate  It'
~tWWrflir*rr siinerlor curative virtue*
"HH^gMMfM* if***aee*evm-%mme-^g^--meM*m-*-***mm-*em*m»-*--Mm
jor llio cumi of woman'! peculiar weak*
fiesnis, IrroRitlarltlna and derangnmenti,
(flvlng rise to frequent hoadachoi, back*
acho, druffitlni'-dnwn pain or dlitreu In
'.owor abdominal or pelvic ronton, aocom*
panlnd, ofUlmen, with  a dcbllltutlnu,
London, July 7—The houso of com-
mont. lnnt nlfjlit passed the second
reading of tho bill under which flvo
yuan* h-Mice nil minors in the United j Mlvle, catarrhal drain und kindred aymp*
irir.w,in», win wnrk nnlv flioht hours i *nmB of woaknroN. Dr. IMorco's Favorite
Kingdom will work only oignt nours   PrMerlpllon •„ a 1(U)Ht omc\mt remedy,
daily,; The house also concluded the   It It equally clToi'tlvo In curing painful
' I ported*  In   r/lvlni'  •trnncth   in  miwtlni"
committee ut«t*e ui tlie o.d hkv pw*- * mother* and In preparing: tho aystcm of
iiloiiH hill which huu beta mtifllflpfl by ibfiPApecMnil ninibpr fnr i.nhv'H romlnjf,
■Mm nflnnHnn of n nll(lln_ iicnle. tlio '• tlm* rnndnrlns childbirth unfo and com*
tno adoption ot » Biwini, Bcnie. w« pamnv-jiy palnlmw. Tlio"Favorlt*I»ro.
penslona vnrylnu with tho amount of! «,.riptlnnMia nmutnotrnt.utromrthpnln*!
the recipient's prrsonnl income. t tonlo to tho Reneral aystem nnd to tha
i (irgni)u dlnlinctly femlnlno In partlculur.
 o—  | H In aluo a snotlilng and invigorating
nnpi'ltm  <,rtf1  ciirro   ■nn'ri'rtli*   "iTnuiiOtlfin
How Fiat He Could Qo.
A breeder nml trninor of rneo hornet*
who la known nliuost at well In Bug
In ml nH  he  Ih  here  recently sold », , ,     ,.
horso to nn Kngllshmnn. Tho English,  convenience   of   othsrs,
iiiiui before pnylng for Iho horse ipilb | Know when to talk and when
bled a  bit about Iho price nnd then j be silent
"You know, I'd llko to see the horse
Hint Just to see how fust,lie cnti go"
"Never inlnil it bout flint." snld tlie
Good   breeding,   like       charity,
should begin at home.   The     day
is past when children used to rite
when   their   parents entered     the
room where they were and stand
until they had received.permission
to    sit.   But the mistake is now
made   usually in the other direction in allowing to small boys and
girls too much license to disturb
the peace of   the   household.     Wo
think the best way to train children in   courtesy.would be to observe   toward   them a scrupulous
politeness.   We would go so far as
to say that we should make it as
much a point to lieten to children
without interrupting them and to
answer   them   sincerely    and ■ respectfully as   if they wero grown
up,   And    indeed   many, of their
wiso, quaint sayings are tar better worth listening to than     the
stereotyped commonplaces of    the
morning callers.   Of course, to allow interrupted chatter would bo
to    surrender   tho   repose of the
household, but it is very easy, if
children    are   themselves   scrupulously respected1, to teach them   in
turn scrupulously to respect     the
,   and    to
Is Life Worth living
When  you   hear    this   question
asked by a man or woman,   with
lips  curved   downward  .and  voice
attuned to     discontent,  you, may
set that person down as extremely  selfish.    He  or  she  asks practically,  "Is life worth living    for
me?"     Worth living?  Of course it
is, so'long as. there-is" one - single-
other soul in the'world.   If   - the
querist   were; the last of his race,
_*-•; .>-_•;n A__' _+*ne_n -nswar might, well'
be  "No;"    but while there is an-,
other human,being for whom  we
can do a favor, or whose" interests
we     may -advance, life is indeed
"worth living.'!,,
Friend, when you find yourself
distressed and inclined to think
that . life holds1 nothing for you,
look   around     you, (not very far
Books opened,  closed,   audited, and accounts
'    most up-to-date manner.
Of flee.  Burns'  Block.'
Phone   No.  52 House  No.   174
„  Pernle's Most Home-Like =.House
King Edward Hotel
.   J.  L.  Gates,   Proprietor0
Centrally. Located
If a child is brought up, in the
constant exercise of courtesy to*
ward   brothers     and   sisters and
triilner, "lie can't no nny fuslor H>nii i piaymtttos    M   Wfin   M   towards
I    ......    (oil    If   •' I   * * ' . ...
I ciin tell It.
Pamlly Beerct.
"TIhiI'm   piipii's   plcturi'."   expliillied
die llllle ulrl in Ihe culler wlin wns
lihiMiu ut ii fruined phol,oi{rii|ili on tlit*
I !,:nn, ■•Ytjii wouldn't know II. unless
mill ,miii 'c'iiiisv It's sot n smile on the
flli-M "
parents and uncles and aunts, it
will havo little loft to learn as it
grows older.
The heet brought up family we
ever knew were educated on the
principle of always commending
them when it wan possible to    do
[ so, and letting nlleneo he th*
I reproof of any wrong doing which
| waB not really serious. Wa have
I neara tne cnuaien ot  ime noub«-
. ho*J, H'-4*a tluii .'..jU.<v;' ln\„ ln-ilcd
Winnipeg, July fl—Kcmplon McKim
former president and secretary treasurer of the Winnipeg Typographical
Union, died unexpectedly nt the St.
flonlfnco hoRpitnl last nifibt from
paralysis. He was president of the
Wlnnipo** trades and labor Auncll in
1907, was labor candidate In Wii.nl-
liCrroiiM nroNtnitlon, neuralgia. hysUrlii,
ipasnu, I'llinrcii or Ht V!lui>'« dance, and
ether uNlroHSliit* nervous i«ympioms tit-
teiidiintiiism functional nnd ortinnlc din*
uusex of tlm dUtluctly frmlnliie orgtlns,
A lio**', of medlciil nutlinrltlcs of all thn
wevi'ml ccliooln nf prsntlcn, recommend
p.icli of thn •"oversl lnt*rrdlentj of which
-F-ivnrlU" ft*Mfrlptlon " Is mado for the
I'liH'of ibodiHHMnenlorwhleh ttlnclnlnnxl
«.. i... 4....   »«.i ,.-nJ ,i.f..4_t   ti   i I" Im ft mro.   You mny read what tliey
pes. last year, and wa< defeated. Me j gfl,, flrr ,,,,,,,'vrlf hy -Wlni* a r*-n»tftlcar9
wu« well known In labor clrclen   all < Nw-uct't for a free .■o-.klol of extract*
Quite Familiar.
".Tlminle." sulil the merclnint Kolomn-
ly nt Ihe eleventh hour, "we hnve Tor
UUltUII tU «CC H (li'nil nllppiy II. )>(illll|lK "
And Hie ollliv bit*,' In III* exclieineril j to say any word of commendation J
n-Mpoiultxl wllh •'tidiHlii.-ss  sb*. so «*''  alter''some social o^aaion, nak a* '
!,n^^l^T.!,.,ni,,l!,,,,,|■S.,m!,,,,m,,,r UnxJouBly as possible, "what was j
l.«,|«IMI..»r-l«.,lni._Ml.llllN JU(   mtt)yma? I_   ]{now    80m6th.n(?j
Nawton'a Fearful Crime. .' w«* wrong.   Bidn't we treat   ths
.U the end of n meill ut Ifnydon's   other children well, or were     we
houso Konts proposed n tonBt In these ! too    noisy?"   In   that   house re*:
terms: •'Dishonor to the memory of; proof    Wft„   nover   bestowed   un-'
Xowton," ! soucht—only   commendation,     of
Tlio ffttOBts stared nt hltu liMiuestlon ,       '» "   ""/ *
InJ aiirprlso. nud  Wonlsworth nsked ! whatever it was possible to com-
away,) and do the very first favor
for another that comes to your
hand. It may be a very small
one, but do it; and keep bn, day
by day, hour by hour and minute
by minute, working, for others, for
truly this alone makes life worth
—. -o ' ••
In :1872 there was a great deal
of diarrhoea, dysentery and cholera infantum. It was at this time
that Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy was first
brought into use. It proved more
successful than any other remedy
or treatment, and has for thirty-
five years maintained that record.
From a small beginning 'its sale
arid use has extended to every
part of1 the United States and
many' foreign countries. Nine
druggists out of ton will reeom*
mend it when their oninion is ask-
"hough they have other medicines that pay them a greater pro-
fit, It can always be depended
-mon, oven in the most severe and
rlflw-erouB cases. For sale by all
 o *———
Tho Lodgo laBt wcok had a serious
loss. Thoro strayed from this ottlco
one dog, principally wblto, with occasional yollbw spots. Is Bald to be
part fox terrier—the balance wo
know is dog-with all a dog's lovo
and antipathies, the latter largely
predominating. Is extremely lond of
children, fighting, Chinks and wto.
Has boon known to stay up nights
for a week to ho present at tho obuc-
qtiles of a (ellno vocalist. Answom
to the name of Tote, Peter, or any
j oprohrious epithet, Will fasten on u
| pair of overalls, wherever found,
whether thore Is a man inside ot
thorn or not. Was given to us by an
alleged friend, of whose sincerity we
havo slnco had very grave doubts.
The finder will please keep Peter nt
his own oxpenoc till called (or. Our
hlesRing rocs   with tho dog.—Green-
wnnil  t,ot]i*n '•
Saw  your
By Power and
save money
Cost of operating;!!
very trifling
' Circular* Saw Prames
Draff Saw Machines
Stationary and Portable < *
Sawlns Outfits
Canadian Fairbanks Co., Ltd.,
,   Vancouver,   B. C.
Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary.
Everything in the trade now in stock.
Examine before purchasing. Also
Lacrosse, Baseball nnd other Sporting Goods.
Phone No*  12
Shareholders Notice 1 JUST A LITTLE GOOD ADVICE
over Cnnndn,
years of age.
year ago.
He wns    thirty-five
HU     wife died one
from tho lendins nuthoritliM, to Dr. R. V.
Plercn. invalid*' llnt*ri and Snralfsl In*
lUliiU', HnR-ili.. N. V,f axiti It will come to
""♦it ty return pent
nnxioutsly as possible, "what was
Tulie notice thnt' tho first mootlm?
Ill       Will     hln.H.iiOiiiiiji   xn   \'w MUn n
Kent & Northern Hallway Company
, will be hold nt the head olllco of tho
, company In Crow's Most, IM'.,    on
Tuesday, thc eleventh clny of Aucust,
, A. n., 1008. at tho hour of ten In tho I
forenoon, for the purpose of electing* \
, directorn, conslrterlni.*, tbe tumie     ol
"It Is." ansivwd K«-ats. "Iiecnuse h«» i    „,,.,..,        » *a    »   .bonds for construction purposes and I
di-Ktrmrd tbe poetry of \\w rnlnbow bj      H« th!r*" "In flJ'"m" wo,',r1     ^ ,Hurh ntlier neci-HHivry l.iiHiness ns may ,
roducliiH It to n prism."  And the art- . i* good for these grown up cbil* ,^omf   \)(.fort    int   mCetinBl    DAted. j
IstN nil dranlt. with «w* ronnent. con   dren, the busbandi and wives, as   ,-,,]y 3r,I, A. D.. 1W8, by order    of
fiifclon to tin* sflvnnt, ' for those ntlll In the mirsery. • th** provisional directors. '
nil11 n|»i*i,lif;*4i*«i*»**iw»'iii''iLL|iiiji*-«'-*-*»»a*»»a
for un cxplnniitiiiii
t mend, wns -jtatuitous,
Sny ! Wliv not hnt*o your p!t!mWnfY
done now before thc big rush. We
have thc largest staff of experienced
plumbers, steam fitters and tinsmiths
in the city.    Prompt and efficient.
A, T. Hamilton, Proprietor
Telephone  1 Ne«t King l-dward Motel
.News of the ^ity
Shack and large lot* for sal,e c-neap
in West Fernie. Furniture fcyr     g^",
also. "Apply Ledger-office. : i'lt
Family-dwelling   house f^j. sale
8 rooms. Good well of wa-ijer   nic£
garden..     Will be .sold    ch^  '    Qn
easy terms.  'Apply Manage ~, Dis,
trict Ledger. ^   '   >    \
" Wanted—A . good    live s\{yscrip.
tion 'canvasser,'"Very liber^ *com>
mission   paid.    Anyone   v^    .)is-
willing. can, make  a good  sajary
■Apply- manager District ^dger.
>■ . s2t
, Good Steel Fishing.Rod l>or gale
Apply Ledger Office.      ,"    --*-.       , tJ.
,--    —o -  --'''■
JRochon's candies"' are all/g0od
, Mr. and MrsT.W.  J.^Blund^ ,leaye
this' evening for Winnipeg, J]t;an
Bert Whimster'arrivea in' ^ae\ a'.^j
ship"from Calgary on Thursqay
.For a free and easy siu.^   t
an Extra or Crow's Nest §peciai;
-   Pat Miller will give anoth^ o{ his'
popular dances next Wednesday eVen.
ing. ■ "    ,-..
Liphardt     has-a stock of diamond
rings   running in   price frot^ *10 .
?350..      J1. '   <•£■■, '
Mr.cO. L. Boynton "and MaUghter
left last Saturday evening Ior Win_
nipeg. ,, ° ,i
Complete House Fur*-.}^.^
Do you dance? Docs a duck swim?
Pat Miller will attend -to you on
Wednesday evening."
Mrs. A^ Burridge leaves in a few-
days for a visit1 to" her home at
Sand Point, Ontario.
Mr. Laidlaw is starting in a,commission business at 58, Victoria St.,
opposite the' Central,hotel. ' ' -
, Mr. Robichaud-'a.nd.wife, proprietor
of the Victoria1 hotel, leave next
Monday for a trip"to' Quebec-   ',"'
The lumberjack drowned in the Elk
last week near Hosmer was found in
the river near here on Tuesday., ■>; •
' Miss -. Moody -' left on - Wednesday
morning on :th'e flyer for her home
in Halifax to spend her vacation;-; ,
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stove to     cook on during the .'■ hot
weather;'also a refrigerator.   Trites
Wood.   * ,, ^
Rev. I. W.„Williamson went by request to Spokane on Tuesday' to
bring back Mrs. King to her friends
at Fernie.
Colonel R, Dorn and A. Ferris, of
the Crow's Nest Fuel Co., of Spo-*'
kano, were . in town this week on,
Rochon's ice creaiii, best in' the
If you want a special mounting for
your diamonds A. O;, Liphardt can
do it for you ■ the same day as you
order it. ■ ■ , ■    ,' .  * •      , ':
Pay what you will and go where
you like,' you cannot iget a better,
purer, or more delicious tea than
"Salada." '-'  ,
Mr: A. W-. Bleasdell, druggist, left
for Montreal this week • to unflergo
treatment there, as he has not been
well for some time.
Who said ghosts. Read.our serial when it starts.
The body of one of the children
drowned at Michel a week or two
since, was found on Monday near the
Fernie Lumber Co.'s mill.
A large quantity of strawberries
are being shipped along the C.P.R.
east these days, in ventillated cars
from Creston and the Kootenay district.
Mrs. Douglas Corsan and children
accompanied by Miss Kidd left « for
Vancouver by ' the . flyer .this week
where' they will spend the next couple
of month's.'' *
.   Mrs. Neil and" Miss Helen Neff, *   of
* ittundellY Saturday Specials
Cabbage,  regular price 5c per lb.    *
.".   Special tor Saturday, 7 lbs.' ;••••;•■•
Gold Dust,  regular 10c'   .,
Special tor Saturday,,.4 packages	
Pay Cash
W.   J.   BLUNDELL        Prompt Delivery
&§>®®4>*><$f&&AyAyi§AyAy ^AyAyAyAy^AyAyAyAyAyAyAy^OyAyA^
They're Here, Now
And shrewd--and careful housewives are preparing to do battle.,
with these 'dangerous pests.    There lias been so
much  written  of, late of the *
,,    ""      •-      . ■•' '   i
Domestic   Fly
as an agent in spreading Typhoid Fever ana other diseases that
people realize tbe necessity of quickly destroying
,   |, any that find an entrance        ,,   .
■TIP You'receive; hei;e-'bigger and-better, value because we buy and sell for-cash only,
.^|[- and so have'none., "of theusual creditiexpenses/and^losses. to add to -the;selling
price of our goods.'     In   addition to'our, low prices we give with each fifty'cent
purchase a coupon equal to a further five*per cent, discount redeemable, inxrock-
ery, glassware,- etc.
„, Summer goods must;go regardless of cost, it being our policy to carry no goods over
from one season to another-it it can be avoided. „ *. y<-   '■ ■>.
We have the best destroyers itt lite market
Specially.Fine Insect Powder; ioo per cent, pure
Wilson's Ply Pads, lOc per package
Tanglefoot,   3   double   sheets    lOc
Men's Straw and Linen Hats
,-;'-■, 3oper cent, discount.to clear
Campbell & Faultless Clothing
Special'reductious on complete range of
new season's summer stock.     Exclusive
patterns,   together  with   perfect fitting,
will make your task of-, selection an easy
one.       ' .
Men's Suits $4.95 to $25.
Boy's Knickers
The kind that will wear well and look
well,,made with double seats and.knees,
and warranted all wool.,.: .,, *
85c to $1.35
Special Clearing Sale of Men's Negligee
Shirts.    Hagen make.
Regular   $i.oo    Special
*   i-5°,
2.00  ..
se\ r
The Elk Drug- & Book Stores
Limited ."
eto say like some of our friends that we are doing,the, biggest gro-
: iri the Crows Nest Pass, (incidentally including.the-.wh'qle  of Can-
Onfario,  arrived in town
1 visil
II. H. Depew, of Vic-
The   Dominion   Neat  Co.
Saturday Specials
Choice   Dairy  Butter J per lb.      '        ',-   25c
, '.Strictly New Laid Eggs, per dozen . 30c ,
Beef,   Mutton,   Pork   and   Veal  at  the  lowest
. „ * possible   prices.       ,,   '
Chickens killed. to order
,' - The local team e.xpcct.to visit Hos-
. mer some day next week l^r a ntnv^
game.   ' , , •
Mrs.   0.   M.'Ross.asd  I\liss   JoUii-
boii left on  Thuesday 'cvt-.ni .   ,
Winnipeg.      ','""'
Watch for the serial s^nrv ("v-v.
Ghost of Lochrain."   It,wiflst™e
soon now. ,
Liphardt 'sells a first cli\8s , watci,
for ten,'dollars and   Ms, guarantee
■r.goes'.'Vith it.V;.;      „-• '  .-'■'• ,'\-v-*v.... r*. "'.*
don't you
Tlie, spot Where money *ftlks ls u
stairs in our furniture de,*,artment J_
.Trites Wood Co.
Mrs. A. B. .Triton loft''
, . .. 4 Qn Tuesday
morning for a visit to Moncton,
New Brunswick,,
It pays,   when    furnishing ft ])ome
no matter how largo,or s^all  to    ;
Trites Wood first.
Get   a     quart   ot Boo]xoa,   {
cream for dessort,
MoHt„of tbo F«nle,pe9»,e. y\m
tho   fair,at Onleary havtj rotUrhocl
There* wore over nlnoty, tl*.ketS - bw'
at this point.
Tho miner who was kiuCtllftflt
nt Michel wns brought to i(*-,rn,n ,
interment Monday last, W-~      «? l°,l',
.Hiving charge. cott
High Class
Merchant T^nor
this  ,wcek on a visit to Mrs. Neff's
daughter, Mrs
toria. Ave.
Mr. J. Scott is opening up a barber shop at thc King's hotel, the
place recently vacated by the lady
barbers. " Jep" , graduated ' many'
years ago and can .be i relied upon to
give the best of service.   Next.
Patronise home industry, smoke
Extra and Crow's Nest Special.,
The Ladles 'Aid of the Methodist
church will hold an ice cream social
at the homo of Mrs, Gusty, Victoria
avenue, next Wednesday afternoon
and evening, July 15th, It is to bo
hoped ovorybody in Fernie will have
a craving for ice cream on. this occasion.
■ Two \ of our popular young people
colebrated Dominion day.in a vory
wise, and it might bo said an appropriate manner, by tying tho golden
knoe at Cranbrook; nnmoly, Mr. Geo,
Dingwall and Miss Annio Patterson.
Tho event was celebrated on Wednesday evening by' a supper at Mm.
Terry's boarding houso, nt which,
amongst other presents, a silvor tea
Hot was presented tho bride by her
Mr, R. W, Coulthnrd, sales agent
of the Crow's Nost PnBH Coal Co. for
some years, was presented with n
handsome travelling suit case v nnd
toilet nrtlclos, and Mrs, Coulthnrd
with a pretty pearl und diamond
sunburst, nnd tliolr littlo daughter
a beautiful gold bracelet, In tho gen-
erixl manager's ofllce Inst Wednesday,
Mr, Coulthnrd was thn roclplont of
Bomovory complimentary remarks on
tho sorvIcoH ho had rendered tho
company and on IiIh cottrteiiy nnd
gonial disposition.
Phone 4 - - Victoria Ave.
The Garbutt Business College
nf Cnlirnry, linn mndi'rn cnurHns In Tf.lci.
urrii'iliy, Slinriliiiiiri ami llunliicflni imii-
plnyN cxtiiM't ti'iiclivrn 1 prosi'iri'*' ytnnir
iiMonlii fur liiiliipntiiliiiicii nml hi'icijphi
Wrltn fnr prnnnortun "I.." Kntnr miv
time V. ii. 'inrbutt, Principal.
■Rochon makes his own candies.
He Willi What? Give a dance, on
Wednesday!   Who? Why Pat Miller!
The body'of a man was found on
a sand bank in tho Elk on Tuesday.
It turned out. to bo tho'body of the
unfortunate logger who was drowned
at the Elk Lumber Co.'s camp near
Hosmer last Thursday week. It was
a difficult matter to recover tins body
owing to tho swift current but it
was successfully accomplished and'
tho .body brought into town lor interment.
When No, 8, the eastbound Soo-
Spokano flyer pullod into Fernio on
Wednesday morning, it was found a
young lady onroute from Spoknno to
St, Paul, had becomo quite ill, n Tho
train was hold here some forty-five
minutes whilo Dr, Higgins wan mim-
moncd, Luckily there was a trained
nurse in tho train, who cared for
hor, and the doctor allowed, hor to
proceed upon hor Journey nftcr administering rcBtoratlvcB. It wan n
case of hoart weakness.
No cooler place in Fornio on a
hot evening than our church, and
wo try to make "Tho Fomie Social
and Moral ileform Club" mootlngs
ai» broessy as is conslBtcnt wltli tho
work to ho dono. Wo Imaglno that
those who do not avail themselves
of tho refreshing, stlmulatlni* bono-
HtH of this "cool spot" on overy alternate Tliui-Hday night are tho ones
who suffer moat from tho boat, "Tho
Fornio fioclnl and Moral Ileform
Club" moetlngn thin summer will bo
oHpoclnlly clioery, helpful and hopeful
and a good program 1b being,prepared for our noxt mooting, Tlmrmlny,
.Tuly lnth, In MnthodlHt church nt
right o'clock, A honrty invitation Ih
extended to all,
rfTp We are unable
^jj   eery business
ada and the Western*'States;) because we don't know.     We. no* know   however,
that we offer at all .times the biggest and best values, and   that  such  values  are  not
equalled in our city, or,district. , Investigate and compare the quality and prices of our
table supplies, and you will, find that we offer a higher quality of goods at lower prices
than all competitors.     '    -    :        ;.,'    ,   . , 5. / ..";     ' ;    ''   t; •-':'-.*.-:;"';  ';;?,.-..-■ *■"■'.
EvcryDay   Prices  that mean
I *• - U " « ** ' - "
Guaranteed FreshJEggs. . ,, .25
Choicest Alberta Creamery Butter .25
Crosse and Blackwell Vinegar qts.V,' .25
an   Evcry-iDay   Saving  to   you..
Crosse & Blackwell lib. glass jams;
Goodwillies Preserved Fruits
Cleavers .   Transparent     Soap.      Manufactured  in London,   En*.     A   very  low-
price   to    introduce   this  soap  to you.'
3 Cakes for 25c.
Deckajulie Ceylon Tea.    Regfular 60c  lb.
Special   45c   per lb.
Fruit Syrups io make a cooling drink for
the hot weather.
Quarts   Special   35c
Pints     Special   20c
Force     Breakfast     Food,    Regular    15c.
Special 3 pkfs. for 25c.
Remember we are headquarters for table and preserving fruits, and that our prices are the lowest.
Strawberries, Raspberries, Cherries, Lombard and Peach Plums, Apricots, Black,and Red
_.-■'.- ■    ,     - Currants. Peaches, Gooseberries.  . «- '   '
^_ O^f^
still continues
General Merchant and
Commission Agent
Cjf A large variety of
Household and other
useful articles.
Cjf Bargain sales every.
Saturday night.
_%2?A Parlies having goods for
sale enn pliice them here on
56' Victoria Ave. Feniic
Next to Opera House
W.   Stan.   Terry
Practical Painter and
Paper Hanger
lO-uiiiiHtOH  lurniBiuid and Bullt-fiu-tinn
ItoHiduiu'u nnd Hhnp 14 llowlnnii Avi>,
i'. 0 Box U12       Fornio
Studio Now
For good Photos go to
the Advance Studio
'    122 Victoria Aye.
Near    Steam    Laundry
A. W. Courtney
Fernie,   B. C.
$5.00 Shoes a_<» ,
for -JPO*1
w. r. McDougall ^j^j.^
A quiot event t.runnplro<l at Kalin-
pol, Mont,, recontly, when Mm. !).,
V. Anthony, o( Fnrnlo, wnH united In
mnrrlwro with Mr, IJ, Hundloy, of
Whltol.flh, Mont. Thq, contracting
nnrtlns wr-rn iinnt.t.r*ndi>i1, nnd nnlv ft
Holcct few wero coRtilnitnt of tho affair, caiiHiuK a liappy npulo of »ur-
pride to tliolr many frlcndu on hear-
Inf* thf good new*. Mr. Hundley i« n
valued employee of the 0. N, railway
HyHtpiii,    imlnp; a conductor ninnlni*
4    1 ,11-     ,  ,, 1   n , . t,  ,l
4,^,...,,.,...    v.,4ft   l..,\,*     (i,44U    44.tJ.4U.il.,
The happy couple hnve liken up
their residence in TompBnn Ht.
Blairmore, Alta.
Funeral Director and
OlVice Vicloria Street
Phone 63     Residence Phono 28
The local orangcmcn ate making
active preparations to celebrate tho
twelfth of July on Monday tho thlr-
tbonth, Thoro will ho a rccoption of
vlHltlni? brothron in tho forenoon; n
parade nml a good program of unmoH
and HportM in the afternoon, anil
Home nood HponkerH are invitod to
attend. The sports will ho held and
Bpeochcn civen on tho recreation
ground. Tho refreshment!* nro under
the direction of tho Ladies Aid ol!
tho iMcthodlpt church, which nw,uren
that    pnrt'of the celebration being
IIC4I      444.4/4.CU     4*44,4.4. I
All Rcarlct companions nre invited
to attend tho opening of a new chap- j •■}•
tor in Fernio on Tuesday noxt, July ! |t*
Hth, nt pljrlit p. m. \ .j.
 0 _ j \i
Depot  Restaurant
J,E, 1100KIW, Preprint or
Open Night and Day
VVIiim In Ur.n|«oil .toput tlio
Duiiot l(o*tiuiriiiit
Maeleod       - -       Alta.
A. Rizzi'to
J.   CllAWFOIll)
**' j*t
The Fernie Livery, Dray  8c
Transfer Co.
Now is thu time to make ni-run-j'ements for your Mimmcr ice," See us
Contracts Taken
Includinir Stump  Pii'lintf, i-ui'ul C uarint* ami Pioiiffhintf.' Lot us
fiffure on your next job    ' , : '■
Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts
HONKS 7 & 6-1
1!, A. I.UMMI.K
I.. 0.  KKMMI'.ll
Kummer Bros.
t Builders and Contractors
Estimates Furnished nnd
Satisfaction Gmmmtccd
tZmF Fibre Plnsler l.cpt lu Htock %
,    P. 0. llox 337
FcrnSe and Hoimer
Han rrui!c|.,i;o, July .1 A mwice
to tiio MorchnntH' Eichanite from
Harbor thin forenoon say* that the
steamship Ohio, which has been ice
hound, arrived there safely today.
f i
***        tmue* WHIMIIIWMHIWIM MM       te%
VV. I), Siniinonda hus opened
a PhotoKrnpic Studio and Is
prcpnri'd to do llrst cIiikk worlc
Studio on Gemmel Street
.Near thu Oncrn House
Ledger for News
Causes of   Scarlet  Fever
Lumber Dealer
The Printer* her«hy challenge nny
team (except the Fernie team) to a
friendly or othcrwl-'o, game of Imsic
hall on any day except Sunday. Ride
hct.i nllo'-rc'l. Stafcefl not over flODO,
which H Garrett will gladly hold. Car-1
pentern, police, firemen, barherr. and ■
fat men pirate take notice. Addrt-isj
W. 8. Stanley.
Retail Dumlvr in «?
Kout{li and  DreitsuJ Lumber   y
IMouldiims SIiiiiKlcs, Lnth      4
Sasli und  Doom A
OfTleet Vletorltt Ave.     X
Y North of W«.t«*n &tnm1i. WlioU*-.l« •>
cy There in no wonder when you ssnd
your laundry, work to thedeni of thn uninni*
tnrv Cliinkr. to he laundricd causing tho
aprcadinK of ihe dreadful dlsoiue.
Sub«crib« for tht District Ledge*:.
jt*  •tn        .   .    ,   ,        >        .1  .    **, .. ..   f .   ... t..,.
*W4 44.44        44W     l„,4,4,4,ti,W        !,.,-•        *J , -.44. I >        4*,...».*»  J,
where all ^ooiit nre nnti^pticnnd dininftcted
receiving1 tliem back nit'e, fresh and *w-«t.
Cf Gel the CliinU nmcll off yoirj, by cnllinji up
ij(5.   Our plant In niwayx open for innpoction


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