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t* '.. m.i3,r^
Industrsal - Unity   is  Strength
The   Official   Orgran   of  District vNo.   18,   U. M. W. of A.
•*'       -^l. ■>"* --    jF>^?^^*e-*'*C**,**»«-^-J^ tl
- /  ■'
Politica.1  Unity  is Victory
Vol. Ill No. 37
Fernie, B. C, May 9, 1908
$1.00 a Year
■jy We wish to inform ' the general public-we sell.
Furniture on the" monthly^ instalment plan ras
well as a cash basis. . .;•:, * ^.v- -
"■ <§ The advantages;* - convenience and * privacy of
our credit system; is worth considering by every,
one open  to  purchase  household   furnishings.' ""
<§ Our quality, prices and" terms cannot,be"excelled.
The J. H. RED) COMPANY, Limited
Fernie,   B.C.
> ®<5X!>®®®*iX^^
Eastern Prices
in a
Western Town
■ See our Spring Suita'at $7.50,'$10.00, $12.00 and $15
Working Shirts at 75c, 85c and SI.00     ■
Working Shoes'at $2.00..-$2.75' and $3.00
Sweaters §1.00, $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00
,-s-Heavy Wool Sox 15c, 20c, 25c and-36o-; ■-• ■"
fernie Hole! Block the Scene of
Conflagration—Fernie Drug
\ Store's Heavy Loss.
, A -fere which but for the extremely prompt response of the brigade;
and'rafter their arrival a valiant'
and.-,well: directed' flgjiit with the
flames, would have resulted in the
entire demolition .of the hotel Fernie', one ' of;our. best buildings,
started , at, about 2.45 a.m. on
Thursday morning. How the fire
originated is a mystery and ,one
which the' fire ,chief is investigating very" rigidly, as* there were
rumors afloat of incendiarism. The
fire started at the rear of the-Fernie and instantaneously^seemed to
run .right up the walls at three
corners  of the new addition.
' The alarm was given hurriedly
and all the guests Quickly aroused
by the management who did all
that. was necessary to get their
guests dressed and ready to move
out in case it was not got under
control. The stairs and hallways
were sooned lined with people hurrying out from the smoke.
-Two minutes from receiving the
] alarm' the firemen were ' on the
spot and .had two' well' directed
streams playing on the fire, which
soon-' put it .under control.
, Tha-loss to' the hotel' Fernie will
be about $400 which is-.covered by
insurance. The Fernie. Drug store
were the heaviest losers as most
of their large stock 0was damaged'
'by smoke • and water. They esti-
partly covered by insurance. "
S.'-F. Wallace sent the fire brigade' a check for ?25 in recognition of the valuable ■ and well directed' ' efforts ' in so miraculously,
saving the hotel, from tot&l destruction. ' -   ■*' c'
You will say, Is it Possible?
That I can buy good fruit landa with a good supply water within 30 miles oi Fernie, on tho installment plan.
$5.00 Down.   $5.00 per Month,   No Interest or Taxes
For a live acre tract during life of contract.   This offer will
not last long. Writo for circular of' 'Koootoniu Irrigation Tract"
D. W,  HART, Aert. IC. R. X., Co,, Baynes, B. C.
THAT the fire brigade deserve
very great credit for the prompt
response to the Fernie hotel Are.
It is vory Beldam that you boo bo
.quick a turn out anywhere.
• •   *
THAT the traveller who was
coming down the Pernio hotel
stairs on the morning of tbe flro
with a huge trunk which complete*
ly blocked the stairs for others,
was a very amusing spectacle, al*
though if the Are had not been
.under oontrol he would have hin*
dered others from getting out.
* •   »
THAT it was amusing to see
chief' Fennyouick at the oranges,
.after the trial of the youngsters,
Bob Moorre should register a
kick, But Bob is a, good fellow,
you can teil that by his smile,
* a    »
THAT the article on, "Our Children" should be read and reread
and acted on promptly.
* •   *
. THAT Hughes & O'Brien of
Coal Oieek, the most adept money
and subscription solicitors that
ever graced the form of men,
should be* hired to help th* Salva*
• tion Army lassies. The self denial
fund would swell up quick then.
• t   ♦
-'THAT you should look up your
subscription and if it has run out
you run in and we will be very
pleased' to renew your acquaintance or sub.
• •  •
THAT we have never had the
chance to test the capacity of our
vault yet.   Just you help ut.
over the plains of space in search
for tho three raps which has apparently lead critic's reason astray. But I hope the mighty spirits with their three raps will keep
at a respectable distance until tho
return of Critic's reason.
Yours etc.,   "
THAT the two young ladies who
are aspiring to attain the free
trip to Mexico, given by the "Sun*
set" of Vancouver are certainly
hustling, The winsomo way thoy
have of.soliciting is simply irresiB*
* *   *
THAT the play "The Sq-uaw
Man" that is advertised for here
soon is reportod as only a third
rate production. A play liko the
original' "Squaw Man" „ could
not appear here anyway. Tin-
opera house is absolutely inade*
Juate to accommodate, the pro*
♦ *   »
THAT the Free Press will have
Pat Mullen hung before he commits tho orime. But of course it
is only a typographical, and the
"devil** will get blamed,
••   •   *
THAT the writer under the head
ft «r**r-.v«V.',~V.t has lib zy:i:\ti*\\t.\i.>
Hn his "wand'erinp-t-. ovur the plnirif,
of space," He is thinking of consulting* the mighty unseen, but
mightily felt spirits of the long
ago, and finding out how many
raps it will take to explain the
above mention-..*.   IMtor.
• *   •
THAT our large posters were
much admired. Oeorga Meikle had
quite a .time trying to prove that
we did not run them four on. Poor
Tht K-ltti.' doe* not hold hlmielf Nopnn*
«lbU for nplnlnnt •(priii««l by eorratpon.
■Jetnti (n *lh|.t»coIo*nrj#,
May 5,  1009,
To the Editor of the Penile ledger,—Critic has left me wandering
Labor Conditions Picking Up in
The Boundary Country
Greenwood, May 7--The British
Columbia Copper Co, started op*
orations on Wednosday last,
There will be work for 500 men
at the mines and SOO at the smelter,
Buling wages extending fromi?lH
to $4, will be paid. The class of
men wanted are miners, muckers,
carpenters, smeltermen and labor*
The minoB will operate 'as soon
ao a sufficient operating force can
be gathered, tho smelter whon tho
ore bins are full,
This moans tho end of a long
tie up of tho big mines in southern
British Columbia, which has last*
ed since November 12 last.
At a meeting' of the Ladies Benevolent Society held at Mrs.
Wilkes last Saturday, a resolution
was palpsed thanking , (the Fernio
Amateur Dheatrical Society for a
donation of $135.25 tho proceeds
from the play "Our Boys," which
was put on some time ago.     i
The ladies also wish to thank
all who assisted and attended the
ball they held' a short time ago.
The proceedss of the ball amounted to $266,30, and the expenditure mas $73.50, "leaving* a bjol-
ance of $192.80. This society has
done, and is doing good work and
deserves to be helped in any way
possible, <,
The Fernie Tort Steele Brewing
company has awarded the contract
to build a new $200,000 modern
brewing plant for the concern to
Mr. Stanley, of Spokane.
T)-Ani"><>     CM      TW*«   «    TV-,!.*,    ~*i  .
bers boarded the Denver and Wo
Grande train No, 4 at Castle Bock
early today, shot and killed ex*
press messenger Charles H. Wright
aged 00, employed by the Globe
Express company.
Prom tho deed mennentter the
robbers took the keys to" a small
safe in the baggage car, which
they opened and took the con*
tents, all worth less than $100.
A big safe on the'ear contained
a lot of money, the combination
of which is known only to clerks
of the company at the principal
stations along the route, was
tamper**-, with, but tho robber**
were unable to enter it.
The robbery was discovered by
Wm, By sop, chief night clerk of
the Globe company's office at the
Denver union depot, who went to
the ear to get express matter.
Ottawa, May 7—An arrangement
has been made by the British and
Canadian governments for the exclusion of Hindu immigrants from
Ladies' Tweed
.Dress Skirts
16 Skirts,' regular price $3.75
"8 Sktrts, regular price $5,00
3 Skirts, regular price $5.00
1   o*-** *
4 Skirts, regular price  $6.50
1 Skirt,   regular price  $7.00
Now $3.50
Now $2.50
,  Now $4.00
Now $5.00
• These goods are now. on display
in our window. See„ them and
you   will   appreciate the  values.
In   Ladies'   Shirt Waists,  Muslin  Underwear,
and  Children's  Dresses    * „
Trites-Wood Co.
Additional Locals
Mr, I, W. Moore was in town on
■R, Moore and wifo visited Michel
this week.
Mrs, Lashley Hall is reported
much better in health,
The Are laddies and our esteemed mayor have had quite a lively
time breaking in thoir new team
of horses.
The Methodist Ladies Aid have
had a very successful year having
increased the church .treasuiy by
vome $700 dollars.
Mr. Gordon, wife;* and child ar-
tirvJ in Tumie 'fue.v.iay. He vox*
formerly in the jewellry /business
here, and will open somewhere in
the Pass,
E, Hall, jeweller of O. C.
Wrlpht'a, is vinitin-f at B*iok*.n«
and Washington points this week.
"W. II. Xnman, M.O., consulting
eye specialist, of Winnipeg and
Vancouver will be > in Fernie Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May
8t D, and 10. Twenty-nine years
experience In Winnipeg and correcting over 50,000 cases of defective eyesight insures the most
accurate results. If you have
troifble wtt,*i the byes or nentf'
gla'snes accurately fitted at reasonable prices consult him early.
Appointments made by letter or
telephone at BleasdeU's drug
A Large List of Names Added
to Voters' List
The revision court was held on
Monday at the court house at 10
o'clock, Magistrate Whimster pro-
siding. There were 700 names to
be added to tho list.
There were 175 persons objected
to, 85 taken off and 87 put back,
Mr. L. P. Eckstein acted as solicitor for the Socialist party who
were the principal objectors, He
said that his clients had no wish
to strike any person off the lists
who were ontitlod to voto but
simply to purge tho lists.
Mr. W. K. lloss, M.P.P., Fernio
riding, said he was as much inter,
estod as anyone in getting a clean
list, The second person to whom
objection was made was Thomas
Allan who Mr. Ross said worked
at the Fort Steele brewory, and
who voted Socialist. He would
not mind if Allan was struck off,
A large number of persons to
whom objection had been taken
wore persons 11011 resident in the
riding but wore living at Vancouver, Victoria and such places, Mr,
"Eckstein said he could not see
how a man who had left the district and who took no interest or
part in the affairs of the town
could como here and voto. Mr.
Boss said that the act stated that
where a person had not moved out
of the province he was entitled to
veitu TTc r*»f»v**i»r1 to -.iir »C,nie.
man friends," who came up and
voted ■Socialist. flU. i.'ck»tein said
he was not so sure of that, as he
had affidavits in his office that
large sums of money had been
paid the ''Coleman friends," Mr,
"Ross wanted to know who had
paid them, but Mr, Kckstein said
thai, he did not want to go into
that question as the election was
over. Boss also wanted to know
why the Socialists did not object
to Mr. F, H. Sherman being retained on the list as they knew be
was   non-r«oid«nt in the district.
After the list furnished by the
SopUltsts had b«*en disposed of
the objection to Mr, W. W. Tuttle
was dealt with. Mr. Tuttle pro*
dueed a naturalieatlon paper dated at Maeleod, Southern, Alta,
tftth June, 180fl. This closed the
buttntts. The sitting occupied one
John Cattell Falls Under Engine
and is Cut to Pieces.
Whilst takings cars of pipes and
ties to No. 5 mine from the tipple
a young man namod John Cattell
through some cause fell under tho
engine which with the trip of cars
passed' over his body, frightfully
mangling it.
Tho deceased was a member of
the local lire brigade and about
24 years of age, leaving a brother
who resides in Fernio and a
mother in the old country.
Deceased wnu also a member of
the local Miners Union and the
Soclalidt pnrty.
Tho engine driver did not know
that he was on the engino or that
ho had fallen under until signalled
to stop.
Tho funeral wnu held at 2.30 on
Friday afternoon. It was under
the auspices of the Miners Union,
Gladstone Local, and was a large
cortege. The Socialist, party ren*
dorod two of their songs "Out of
tho Dark," and "All for the
Cause." Tho Fernie Male Voice
tinrtv rendered "Ia*nil Klndlv
light," T. Biggs, secretary of the
m.ion, coiuiueto.. tin) mm. vice, and
J. Harrington gave a short address, The members of the Ave
brigade attended as did also the
members of the carpenters union.
The funeral procesvion was head*
fed ioy tbe ttalvation A nny bend.
Tho pall bearers were John
Wilde, Pete Atkinson, Wm. Dickenson, Alex. McLaughlin, Thos.
Bullen, and W, McLaughlin.
Wreath* were sent from the following: Two from the fire brigade,
one from C. Waggett, the Socialist party, Mrs, Wm. Symonds.,
At the inquest held on Thursday
the verdict arrived at was that
deceased came to his death aee!*
dentally, while riding on the trip.
The following were th* jury: C,
Waggett, J. Lowe, A. H, Cree, W,
J. Morrison, Walter Harwood. DISTBIfT LEDGEE,  •FERHlE.   B.  C, MAY 9.-.1908.
Strathcona Coal Company Sued
by-ffi^Ioym for Breach
of Contract
, One of the first cases to be tried
in the Alberta courts involving* tho
Industrial Disputes Act, known as
the Lemieux act,, came up for
hearing in the district court yesterday before his honor Judge H.
C, Taylor. This watt the case, of
21 miners against the Strathcona
Coal Company for a breach of. a
contract made, under the. Lemieux
act.* The-company entered into a
new contract for a smaller' wage
■with -three of the miners without
complying with .the provisions of
the act. The judge held that .the
three men who signed this new
contract: must abide by it, but the
agreement was not binding on the
other; miners. The United ' Mine
Workers of America have taken up
the question and will appeal from
the decision of the judge with respect to the three men. It is understood that they will also enter
an action in" the supreme court
against the Strathcona Coal Company for $20,000 damages for violation of the ,' Lemieux act and
breach of contract."'' H. A. Mackie
appeared for plaintiffs and J. R.
Lavell, of Strathcona, for the.defendant company.   .
According to the evidence given
at the trial the Strathcona Coal
Co." entered' into ,an agreement to
pay the miners'33 1-3 per car for
all coal mined. This agr-eeinent
was entered into' under the terms
, of the .Lemieux act respecting the
agreements of employers ' with
workmen and was signed by the
ficers of the miners' local union
and was assented to by District 18
of   the   United  Mine  Workers   >  of
" America. After working for some
time on1 this agreement the company, under threats of closing the
mine persuaded three of the'miners, . Hammond,      Kingsley,    "and
' Smith to sign a new agreement
whereby they were' to wovk for 528
cents a car. ,The 30 days' notice
of a change of agreement provided
■ for by the Lemieux, act was not
complied with nor was the agreement signed by the authorised officers of the Miners' union.. The'
United  Mine Workers   of  America
• protested and asked that a concil-
, iation board be appointed to ad-
, just the matter. Tho company refused, so rather than striko the
miners brought action-against the
company through the court, tho
miners claiming the " balanco of
.wages duo them to make up ttie
difference between tho old and new
rate of wages,
Tho defendant company claimed
that tho agreement entered into
by Hammond, Kingsley and1 Smith
was for all the minors and that
the men should abido by it. They
accordingly paid into court a sum
equal    to tho. amount oarnod by
, the men up to 88c per car,
; After ..hearing the 'evidence Judge
Taylor 'held that the new. agreement^ made,by Hammond, Kings-
ley and Smith,* was binding on
themselves, and" that they should
receive only. 28c per car. He decided, however, that this new
agreement was not binding on the
rest, of ..the miners. There ..was no
doubt that the committee had ex-
lceeded their authority in^maHrig
the agreement for 28c, so he gave
judgment for the remainder of the
plaintiffs for 33 l-3c per, car.
H. MacKie, counsel for the
plaintiffs, announced that they
would appeal against the judgment of the court in the case of
Hammond, Kingsley and Smith,
on the ground that the new agreement was not any more binding
on them than on the other miners
as they were still members of the
union and .had .no. power as such,
to make a new agreement for
It is understood that District 18
of ' the United Mine Workers of
America will enter, an action in
the supreme court against the
Strathcona Coal * Company ; for
violation of the Lemieux act and
breach     of     contract.—Edmonton
— 1—o—'■ .
INSURED FOR $250,000
. Winnipeg, Man., - May o7—Ihe
largest life insurance policy ever
written in Canada was recently
taken out by A. C. "Flumerfelt, of
Victoria, for a'quarter of a million dollars in the,, Great West
Company.    \
Every family should have a c\ix-
few which should positively ^ilag
to-night and every nignt, if needed.
These curfews are inexpensive and
can be home made. Take a piece
of siding two .feet long and -whittle one end down_to_a handle, and
then bend him over a .barrel. Now
take the , piece of siding in the
hand and use it for a clapper. Put
it on hot. Divide the strokes even
and.se© that none miss. Good for
a" boyVor/girl; up to the" age;Of six-
teen;, * and ';, applications. are warranted to cure the most pronounced cases of street loafing that exist. : The ; music the curfew makes
is finer than singing."Where is my
Wandering Boy. Tonight."
A new passenger' train between
this city and Cranbrook will be
put on;on the 14th-of next month
when the summer time table comes
into force.
Hitherto a mixed train has been
run between Medicine . Hat and
This will be superseded and the*
new train will leave Medicine, Hat
shortly after noon. It will be so
arranged that connection' can be
made with the, mid-day transcontinental, reservations' for berths
for which will be made here.—
Medicine Hat Times.
W;:J.'.WriRlesworth, D.D.S.
Office Hours:-       ? Suto 12 a. m. l to 5 p. m
6.S0 to 8 p.m.
- Office in A ex. t "ik'B biouB      ..    .
over Slum*  Bakery. '
KKROTE,        -        -        -     - B. C
Insurance "arid Customs Broker
Crow's  Ne6t   Trading   Co.
Fernie, B, C.
Kingston, May 7—A prominent
Kingston surgeon is suffering from
a broken rib, as tbe result of a
friendly boxing contest he " had
with his fifteen year * old son on
Tuesday. The doctor is a Y.M.C.A
enthusiast and sent his son to the
gymnasium to learn the art of
self defence. He decided to find
out how1'the lad was getting on,
and - summoned the boy to the
shed,' where he ordered1 him to'put
on the gloves.. In a very short
time the fond father found, that'
his offspring was an adept, and a
little while later he received a
blow that cracked a ,rib. .The du-
he had done, but" the father was
so pleased over being, disabled
that he may buy the lad an automobile.- * ' , ' '    ,v,
At the express office one day
last week there were at'least one
dozen packages from eastern' department ' houses ' addressed to
prominent people in town; millinery goods, dry goods, clothing,
etc. Some of these orders '' -would
cost $50 or S75j few of thenviess
than $10. This was a shipmeat of
one, day only. One of tho people
to whom . a parcel was addressed
was heard complaining the other
day that business -was dull and
money scarce.^ Strange, Isn't it?
, Healed by,Zam-Buk.
The little girl of Mrs. Lewis
Best of Catlisle P.O.,,recently fell
against the stove and burned her
forehead very badly. Mrs. Best
says: "The burn was about the
Jbize of a fifty cent piece and was
"near the bone. -It made my little
girl's eye swell till it almostshut,
and then she'got cold in it. It
began to run matter very badly,
and I could not stop It,"although,
I' bathed it good every night and'
morning. At last I sent for some
Zam-Buk which soon stopped the
matteration and 'very quickly it,,
healed the wound, I have never
seen a burn heal so quickly, and I
am sure Zam-Buk has no equal
for curing cuts, or burns, and I
hhall always keep a box on hand
in caso of emergency."
Every home needs Zam-Buk! All
diseases of the skin quickly yield
to it. It is also an excellent remedy for piles, blind or bleeding,
rheumatism, eto. All druggists
and stores 50 cents a box, or post
paid from the Zam-Buk Co,, Toronto.
that the eastern department stores
will send back any of 'the; thousands they get just to help but
our circulating, medium here, We
might write them however, and-
see what vhey would do to help
business affairs here. Nothing like
trying.—Maeleod' Chronicle.
Some citizens A Fernie should
watch this, How can we expect
our'town to grow if you' deal
outside. ,, Buy only , at hoir.j and
boost your own town,
. Notice is hereby, given that • 30
days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Land! and Works for a-Hc-snse
to prospect for. coal and petroleum
on the following lands situate in
the district of southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, block 4593,
Commencing at a" post planted
at or near 5 miles east of 25 mile
post of present C.P.E. survey, adjoining block 4593 on the west,
and being, the N. W. .corner .post
of Fred E. Goodall's claim, thence-;
south ' 80 chains;' thence east
80 chains; thence north 80 chains;
to point of commencement making
640 acres more or less.
• Located this 3rd day of December, 1907. „.'
Harry Couillard, Witness
W. E. Coates, Jr.'   Agent
Fred E.  Goodall, Locator.
• Commencing at a post planted
at or near 5 miles east of 25 mile
post of,present C.P.R. survey adjoining block 4593 on the west,
and being the' S. W. corner post
of „Mrs. Mary E. Goodall claim;
thence , north 80 ■ chains; , thence
east SO ■ chains; thence south 80
chains; thence west 80 chains; .to
a point of commencement, making
6-10-acres more or less.
Located this 3rd day of December,  1907. o-   /     ■
Harry Couillard,Witness
*■ ,    . '      ,,W.'E. Coates, Jr. Agent
Mrs. Mary E; Goodall, Locator,
Commencing  at  a post  planted
at or near a point', 1 mile east' of
the  25 mile  post  of present  C.P.
E,.    sulrviey    adjoining-b]lock 4593
on the'.west, and tfeining the S. 'E.'
corner post of" Leonard"W~BaEeF
claim;    thence    north, ,80  chains ;
thence-west 80 chains; thence south
80    chains; thence east 80 chains
too a point of commencement making 640 acres more or less.
- Located   this   * 13th day of November,   1907. .
G.   C.  H.   Coleman, Witness
W. E, Coates," Jr. Agent
Leonard W, Baker,. Locator
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Buildeis
Plus, JSpcclficatioiis aad, Eetl-
mataa fmrniilied on application.
a. KBUt.
fbrnib; B. C
L.  P.   Eckstein
Barbibtks-at-Law, Solicitor
Rooms 1 flr. S, Henderson blook. Fernie.' BO.
,Barber*- l.d.s., d.d.s.,
T. W    Block,. opposite the  Bank
.*> Office hours--8 a.m to 8 p.m.
metis In the Miner*.' Hall every
alternate Thursday at 8 p.m.
L. SNOW, Pre*.. E. DICKEB, Sao.
Builder and Contractor
Estimates cheerfully given and work
promptly executed to the ratls-
,. faction of onr coetomera.
Latoe & Fisher
**■ .:
Crow's    Nest     Trading   Co.    Block,
Fernie,  By C.
w, R. iubb.K.C.
Wc have the following machinery for
sale on which wc will tfivc a real bargain
One   Washington    Hand   Press
■fhpcl  24 V< x 38)
One 7 x ,11  O. S. Cordon Pros'.
One 22yi inch Wcstman & Baker
Cutter, Lever
One Babcock Drum Cylinder
Press, Rack and Screw Distribution, Tapcless Delivery, bed
One 3 H. P. Water Motor
This mncliinery will be sold separately or altogether,
\i all properly and secure!}' boKO-i nnd i
renAy to ship.
Address The Manager
Montreal, May 6—Albert . St,
Martin,,. Socialist, has been, nominated . to oppose premier Gouin
in St. James division for tho com-
ing provincial.- elections, .Harry
Hirsckman, another Socialist,
will run in St. Louis division.
Ross & Alexander
. Townsite
Fernie tied
Fire, Lite & Accident Insurance ■
Office In L.-T. -V. Block, Victoria Avenue.
Henderson Blcc-k   Fernie
Calgary, Alta.
June 29 to July 9, 'OS
$60,000  expended in new buildings
mid improvements
Strobel's Air Ship.   The Novellos Grc.it
Tr-Mnod    Animnl    Show    nnd   other
High  CJnss  Attractions
91st Highlanders Bnntl.       Iow.i State Band
Rough Riding by Real Cow Boys
Indhn, S(|in*.v  nnd  Trnvni**;   Racps
Reduced fares from nil points in Cnnadu.   Your opportunity
toiee the Inst great west
Write for descriptive pamphlet to
E. L.   Richardson,
/ Marshall; & ross
,.-•'■ '  *A
Plans nnd Estimates furnished.
Jobbing.   Sash and Dnorn.
Builder's Stairwork a Specialty
'       Satietactlbn guaranteed.
Successor to J -Wi H. "Jerry1
Employment and
Real Estate Office
P. 0. Box 133
Union lahoi
%J •
All  classes  of men
Bushmen,   Lumbermen   &
.   Sewer  0
'   Cl
Excavations taken  out, etc.
All work guaranteed
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B. C.
±A ... -,   *.'
Fit for a King
Tho moats thnt you bay
from as nro fit for a kin jr.
Wo soli noMilnpr that is
not tho best, thnt is why
wo have so many pleased
customers, Lot us dc-
monstnto this (act by a
trial, Poll to attention
nnd prompt Borvico,
Calgary Cattle Co,
Reasonable   Rates
Phones 94 and, 147, , P. O. Box 417
60   YEARS'*
Trade Marks
^    DeatoNo
Cot-vniaHTS Ac-
1 Anrnno sondtng a iltotdi nnd deiorltitlnn ns?
quickly atccruln cur opinion froowliotlior an
llonijitrlotly ronfldoutiaL DAI.DBDQK on Pntentt.
1'atanu tAkon tbronnh Miiim ivo.nwlve
W'taltu-tiCv, without clinrno, intuo
Scittiiific Hmerican.
Ahnndnomuir Uluitrttod wtickly. Lnmaib oil**
Miiatlon ot onr i«lontit)o ■joarnal.. Torrai for
Ctnnda, vim * "OM, dmujo prepaid. Bold bjr
ill nowidualoni.      «—•■••-
BoeTk F BU WahliwfoiKaC.
"An honored eiticen of %h\e town
was Buffering from a nevere attack
of dysentery. Be told a friend if
bo could obtain a bottle of Oham-
berlain'u Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, ho felt eonildent of
htalng *niira»-l, he having' ueed this
remedy in the Wert. He was told
that X kept it in stoc&t and loit no
time in obtaining it, and wai very
promptly cured,'" iay« M. J. Xeaeh
a druggist of Woleott, Vt, For
sale "by all dnigplitt.
lo Consumptivos
Tho uDdeMlaoed having boon re*
rioted to health by ilmple meant,
after nuffarlng ;for Beteral year*
with a «erere lung nffeotlon, anl
that dread dHaaae C0N8UUPTI0N,
la anxloM to make.known to hli
fellow aufferiri the meant of oore.
To, thoee who deilre It, t* will
oheertolly tend (fret of charge) a
oopy ot tht proscription u-wd, whlob
tbey will find a oore for COH8UUP-
tion, ABftmtk, ciTinnn, BRON*
OHITIB and all throat and lung
UAT4IDISS. Ho hopoa all tafferert
will trythie Remedy, an It la Invalu*
able. Thoae desiring the prttorlp-
tion, whlob will ooet tbe nothing,
aud may prune a hlm*lug, wJU
please addren
DrooWyn/N, Y,
Halifax, Mny 4—A conference
took place to-day between the
?,ort Wood Coal Mine management
and tbe men- with the result that
a temporary settlement wai reached. Both parties to the dispute
Agreed to refer their difference! to
a board , of conciliation, and the
men will return to work to-morrow.
*$**&)*«** t,itftM^M.ti^m*1itMLr «»-N>it(->.
ittJrY**** .-^--Aw*.^-^* DISTRICT  LEDGER,   FERNIE. B.  C., MAY 9, 190S.
I   •
B1 ;■'
Its active principle, cream of tartar, a pure, healtta-glvlng ° fruit,
acid, is derived solely from grapes
Poisonous Ingredients are found In the
low-priced baking powders. Their
active principle Is a mineral acid derived from sulphuric acid, oil ol vitriol
•-V.V- ,- ■■■■■■:     '':[
Siys Japan Means to Have War
• With U.S.-?Jlppe:als-for:
Larger Navy/      ,
Study Ibe label and buy,
only baklufj powder made
from cream ol tartar
Attendance  for  the   month      of
April. .'-.., ..
Number, of pupils enrolled...'..:...383
Boys ..:.....'. .'...-.-..'.. .'.:..-.i... ..;L..:195
Girls    188
Average actual attendance.343.5t35
Percentage attendance  89.71
Pupils .with,perfect attendance.. 142
,.,.,.The„banner awarded-by the principal,.fbiv.the -best...attendance' ', in
the intermediate and senior grade
divisions has been won - by''; division
3, Miss* Pe/rkin's division. '
■'''•. i
-Division 1— ' '<■ ~ .<.
,  Percentage' attendance 95.02. "',' '
.Pupils   with  perfect   attendance:
"Willie Bird, Peter Carosella, Clayton    Dubois,   . Rheta - ■ Hamilton,
-Sarah  Lancaster,   Gladys  McFarquhar,      Helen'   Muirhead,  Arthur
Muirhead,    Margaret     Robertson,
Elsie .-"W.oodhouse.—Rank; .,-Senior
class*, Helen Muirhead Junior class
JElsieJiVo_odho.use._, '- ■■' ■■■
Sangala, Louis Sangala, Gladys
Betty Mader, Sarah Rhodes, Steve
Maclnnis, -, Willie MacFarquhar,
Shuter, Alice Stone, Peter Xaba-'
hac, Wilbert Vance, Harvey- Wallace, Edna Wallace, Mary Wetan-
ovec., ' ..; •'--,-'
' Division 7, Miss G. MacKenzie.
Percentage ,-attendnce 88.09. •
Pupils ,with perfect attendance :
Hubert Broley, Bertie Brouillette,'
Felicia Carosella. Aubrey , Clapp,;
Gladys^ Jennings, *. Eva 'Ingram,
George Lamer, Andrew Mader,
Herman -Mayers, Antonio -.Mont-
petit.'V Alfred ^Munkwitz," ^ Arthur
Riches-, Ethel Rhodes, CliffordRobertson, Cecilia: .Shulaika, George
Wilkinson, Elsie" Wilson, John Mclnnis, Angus . -McLeod.—1st "rank,
class A, senior," Clifford Robertson,
junior, Ralph Smith;; class B, Arthur. Riches.
Promotions s From I Reader to  II*
-,-.        .'.Reader.... \ ;,.   ,
.. Division - 4, Teacher, Miss . M.
M.  MacKenzie.
Seattle, May 7—"Don't discount
the   yellow'   manv    He can shoot
just ' as - fast and straight as the
white   man and he likes it.      He
j wants conflict—war—fighting. War
lis a relief to him.   It is the means
* of expressing the  inherent medieval spirit in him—the, barbarism.
! I   hope  that   our  mission  in  the
; Eastern Hemisphere will be peace,
lout, there?is but one way this,can
ibe,, accomplished,,, and that is  to
give us the power that lies in a
gre^it  naVy,, with  the  best  guns
and the best fighters on earth to.
man -theni."   .
Capt. Richmond Pearson Hobson
in "a wholly informal speech delivered at a luncheon in his honor at
the Rainier club, gave expression
to a more intimate knowledge of
the fighting. Asiatic than at. any!'
other time during, his ata/ Here
The" sentence ' quoted in- the' foregoing ' came in the middle * of his
talk when the' fighting blood', of'
the hero of Santiago was warmed
as he worked his way along his
topic, until his face" was flushed,
his teeth set in a bulldog like grip
and his fist clenched tight as he
spoke his convictions. .,
;-'.'.Calcutta, May 7—The police are
investigating the native plot revealed here to murder Europeans
by means of bombs and the more
they go into the matter-the more
serious and widespread does it appear. .
Documents 'seized at the house
where ^the bombs and explosives
were being , manufactured reveal
that it was part of the plot to
kill Lord Kitchener, commander-
in-chief of the British forces in
India, and other high officials.
The authorities believe that they
are facing an' attempt - at revolution. •   '
—     -   o    ■ '
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dears Sirs—Your MINARD'S
LINIMENT is our remedy for sore
throat, colds and all ordinary ailments.
It never fails to relieve and cure
promptly.   . ,
Port Mulgrave.
., Division 2, Miss Moody..
1    Percentage' attendance 81.05.
Pupils with perfect attendance:
•Cecil, Anthony,, Evelyn Biggs,
Theresa Carosella, Andrew Marshall, Lydia Munkwitz; Gladys
Robertson, Arthur Stone, Edith
Tutt'y—First rank, John-Yokes.
Division 3, Miss Perkins,
Percentage attendance  94.15.    ,
Pupils with perfect    attendance:
Violet Barwell, Sarah Benson, An-
. nie Bullock,' Elon Bebb, Russell
Colton, Tony Carosella, Sa.dio
Clapp, Albert Dicken, James East-
on, Jamos Graves, Dominie Guzzi,
' Fred Handley, Walter Hughes, Edward Jackson, Herbert Letcher,
Frank Letcher, May McGrew, Murray McLeod, Allen McLeod, Norman McBean, ■ Annie McDonald,
Harold McFarquhar, Violet Marshall," James Patterson, John Poulard, Mavgaret Sherwood, Ernest
Stone, James White,—First, rank,
Samuel Halton.*
. Division 4, Miss M. MacKenzie,
Percentage attendance 89.00,
Pupils with perfoct attendance:
Willio Benson, Edith Biggs, Hazel
Burkitt, Clara Cody, Millie Condio,
Dorothy Dicken, Russell Dudley,
Bay Gould, Tom Graves, Mary
HolHiishenfl, Phyllis Hughes, Eva-
line Jarvis, Albort McBean, Postel
Mayers, Susie Miscisco, Doris
Smith, Roy Smith, Mary Sojko,
Alice Wilde,, Nellio„Dillington.-
First rank, Evaliuo Jarvis,
Division 5, Miss Lawson,
Percentage attendance) 00.01,
Pupils with perl'oct   attendance:
Lii-zio   Andorson, Hilda Atkinson,
Ivy Bullock, Mavjorlo Carmichaol,
Angolo   CaroBflla,   Phyllis Chambers,   Mary Clownrs, Taul Courtney, Hayidon Evans, Ivy Gaythori)
May Goddos, Edna,  Gaska,  Olive
Goolo, Elsio Jarvin,, Mary Laflcol*
Ies, Joan     Linn, Mildred McBean,
, Annie Mclnnis, Agnes McLachlan,
Mag-glo    McLachlan,    Walter  Mc,
i  Mannus,  Annabollo; Mills,     Roslo
1 j| Mongotco, Fred Moresk, Ada Minton,   Mary    Rmir-heaiilH,     Genr-m
Club  Cigar
— Store —
the only   reliable  place in
town when you require anything in Tobaccos, Cigars,
or Cigarettes.    v
W. A.  INGRAM,  Prop.
You want comfort and sati&actlon
of clean smooth . shaves every
morning. ,
The Carbo Magnetic (s the only
GUARANTEED to give this.
Thesecret Electric Tempering
positively merges every particle' of carbon (tlie life of
steel)'into the metal—giving
diamond-like hardness
throughout the blade—something absolutely   impossible
Exceptionally^ good" results were'
obtained by this class in their
examination which, were held last
week. Thirty-five of ;■ the pupils
average 70 per cent, or over on all
their papers, and Eyaline Jarvis
and Edith . Biggs-rrthe first two
pupils—each obtained over 90 per
cent; fifty-two pupils were promoted.        .    "'   ■ v
'   Evaline   Jarvis',1     Edith   Biggs,
Willie Barr,  Hazel Burkitt,  Mary
Minton,  Freda Yokes,  Annie. Wil'-'
liamsj'. Bertha, Whalley^and    May
Newiii'k,     equal,  Duocan  Crave*,
Postel Mayers, Arthur Woodhouse,
Bay Gould, Tom Graves ani Edgar     Harper,' equal,   Alice Kerr,,
Dorothy.Dicken, Kate Ewings and
Edith   Horn     were .equal,   Nellie
Dinnington,  Phyllis Hughes, Billy
Corson, Gussie Ambrose,' Christine
Marshall,    Alico   Wilde   and Ray
Smith  were   equal, ' Doris 'Smith;
Willio     Clawers, Joe Smolavchick
and Michael Valptola were equal,
Susie   Miscisco,   Albert     McBean,.
Mary Sojko, Jennie Guidosh, Ethel Lanfeivr, Robert Minton,    Clara
Cody, Victoria Kofowry^ Max Mc
Dougall,   Ernest Dickinson,  Mary.
Havy   Hollinshead,  Millie  Condle,
Annie   Barratt,   Russell    Dudley,
Joseph McDougall,   Frances  Carlson,     Rosie  Carosella and Annie
Woarmoiith, equal, Goorgo Letehor,
Willie    Benson,   Herbert   Rhodos,
Bernard Hickman,
Nelson,-B;  C, April, 30—At"    a
meeting    of the British oColumbia
lumbermen,,  both from the coast,
and  the  mountains,  held' here ■ it
was decided to .adhere to ,the, lumber and shingle .price lists now' in
force -and delay the usuali spring
raise' in the -schedule until later in
crop   in-the   northwest provinces
will be more assured.   It was after
considerable argument that;   this
course, was     decided'  upon, as a
niimber of-holders of extensive limits    laid     great   stress   upon the
marked increase  in the  lvalue    of
British-  Columbia  stumpago.'during .,the„past-yoar,. due. to the'British Columbia government's action
in withdrawing staking privileges
last     December;    to the^ increased
cost of present logging, the lumber
so convenient to the water    being
logged so extensively last season,
and also the government's action
iri  withdrawing  hand  logging  licenses..'    Should  the  G.T.P.     contractors continue   to hire men in
such great numbers as thoy    are
now'doing,'wages.are more apt to
increase  than   otherwise.   In  view
of these facts, these license holders
considered that as a due protection to  thoir interests the-prices
should     be made  stiffer  and  tho
sooner    the  better.     However  in
view of tho present slackness in all
kinds of business "the raise     has
been temporarily postponed,
Crow's    Nest   Special
Miner's Favorite Cigars
Fort Steele.   "
Brewery Go., Ltd
",   Fernie,  B. 0.
Brewers of Extra  Fine  Lager
and   Aerated   Waters.
Bottled    Goods , a     Specialty.
with fire tempered steelused
in making alt other razors.
But test this razor  in your
own home—or have your barber
use it on you.'   Secure one- 30
f J-.-D. QUAIL;* Agent, Fernie.
I Tlia best dollar a dav house in the city .J.
V l
•J* Liquors and Cigars of the best qualtity a**
Well stocked bar
J>* Dining room in charge of P. P. Miller .*a
V Only white help employed V
♦>-   ROSS BROS. PROPS.    ♦
*.*■ "'..'.'' "."' v*
The   Home :Bank of Canada
,    Notice, is hereby given that a Dividend at the
:rate''pfe.'S'ix'jieri,'cent", per""annum, upon! the paid lip's
:the; T,hreecMonths', ending th^ 31st of May, 1^08, and
the same wilUbe payable at the Head Office and. Branches
of the. Bank on and after Monday the First day of June
riext,    „ .' . *;;""' .'".""
"The transfer books will be closed,froni the 17th to
the 31st of May, both days inclusive.
•    By the" Order of.the._Bbard.-	
James Mason, General Manager.
Toronto, April 15th,1 1908.
'" V. C.  B.   MANSON,   MANAGER,  FERNIE,   B. C.
5,000 FACTS
The 1008 edition Is' out of that
most useful and valuable booklet,
"5,000 facts about Canada," compiled by Prank Yolgh of Toronto,
who is wldoly known throughout
tho Dominion as an authority on
things Canadian. Noarly 85,000
coplos woro sold of tho 1007 edition, tho demand coming from
every part of the continent and
tho British Empire. Tho idoa
worked out, that of a     concroto
T.     I"'' *^ '. '14,444   f,.4 .... T, ,     . .* I
_     .    „        . _ ■, , '*•'"'-      *"      **     ■J^.»-'-4.'-t4,      -rf     U4i     CXk,(,.4H..»L
Softer, Joo Tabihak.-Hank, ola-Mi-,^ ^„ An{n h^s nrransrl «„.
Paris, Blay 6—Mile. Leanno La*
le'o, .ndepondesit Socialist candidate for member of ,tho municipal
council, scored a tJJ'cat victory at
least as far as balloting is , con-
corned. Voting toolt place yesterday and. when the" ballots
wciro 'couJited it was found 090
had boon cast for Mlln: Lalto,
whilo her opponent, Paul Eyyudbr,
rocoiyod 350. A lega.1 opinion,
howevor, is that thu law' vyill
not permit Milo, Laloo to take
lior soat. Sho intonds ii ,nio is
unseated to appeal to tho ourts
if necessary, and take the question to tho council i.f s'.at".
Tho Radical and P.adli'nl Socialist parties wero huayy giiiners
throughout, "Franco Ir. tho muni*
cijiiil nlcetions. Tho gains woro
mado at tho oxponno of tho extreme Socialists and .Reactionary
Nationalists. Tho lattrr party
alone lost 45,000.
Wc will receive subscriptions
to   The
the rate
Ledger at
One Mia? a Yea?
Wc want lo double our list
of subscribers. Seize the opportunity and get the paper
with all the news
Send your name into the
Manager   of   The   Ledger.
A, Lirtzio McDougall, class B, Ada
Minton,. '
Division 0, Miss Uobinson.
■Pfirrentnijo   r,tt.Pnr.ntirp  RR.7A
Pupils with perfect attendance:
Eva Harwell, Floronco Bird, Mor*
vin Buckley, TCthol Dewsbury,
Thomas Dowsbury, Tudor Evans,
OHvo Oaythorpo, Irono Gaythorp*,
' Miko Hoven, iTnmM Halton, Win*
nie Hollinshead, Clifford Gould,
"nclla Lynn, Annie Lynn, llebecca
dor such solf-indexing lltlos as
aroa, agriculture, banking,' eom-
morce,, flnnneen, mining, railways,
wheat fleldH, etc,   The wealth    of
lUutci'.ti,.  vsJi»l,i»,Uiv;a   iu  biliail  bpU,Ci>
is a revelation to oven a well Informed Canadian of tho standing
and rosourcsB of tli* country. The
book is published at C5 cents a
copy by Tho Canadian Facts Publishing Co., 007 Rpndina AvenUfl,
Toronto, Canada, or may be had
from newsdealers,
Jlht-umatism ^ causes moro pain
ana buu'cnitg lluu.i. uitj oll*vi uii,-
on!,(',, ior th*- ronion t.nnt. it. in fnc
most common of all ills, and it is
certainly gratifying to sulTsrers to
know that Chamberlain's Pain
Balm will afford relief, and mako
rest and' sloop possihlr,   In   many
-1 »">. a- -1 <-•     *\\* f\     vntifit    *?.**>,«»     >->r> '••        .f-1.1? -.1,     iF
.arf,.'-.    a        ,.«^      •>        "»^ ••■•■«.»      I"*ttl|       *'   t>a^. -■•.»     »M
at first   temporary,    has become
permanent,   while  in old!|    people
subject to chronic rheumatism, of-
ten brought on by dampness „ or
changes in tho weather, a porman*
ent euro cannot be expected;    the
relief    irom pain which this lini* !
ment affords is nlono worth many'
times its cost.   25 and 50     e*mt !
*iizc3 for sale by all di'u^guU,      i
All work done by
€lt.mf%v.t€»ttt   IxynfUmen
upon ilic most
Modern  Machinery
in the most
Improved   Kct!ioiJ!s
Phillip Carosella
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gent's Furnishings
WINE   CO.  Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct
Importers of
.LONDON DRY      ^
Solo,-Agents in East Kootenay for
TATER     '
♦ ■- - ■"
Y '    ■     T*-   - <
f ■ Tne
I Fernie Lumber |
♦ Co., Ltd.:     ~sx*
;|; ALEX. McDOUGALl, Prcs. & Gen. Mgr. ;l:
Minafacturers of and
Dealers in
♦ Roauh & Dressed Lumber
X ' Dimension & Bridge Timber -J
Piling', Moulding, Laths,
y All Orders Promptly Attended
% 'to   •','    '"
V Tel. 3 rernle, B. C.
FERNIE, 2314—Pres., J. T. Puck-
ey; Fin,,. Sec., Thos. Biggs.
HOSMER,      2494—Pres.      G.     C.
Cole;. Sec. Wm. N. Reid.
MICHEL, 2331—Pres!, .Tai.. Doug,
las, Sec, Charles Garner,
COLEMAN,    2633—Pros.,     Henry   .
Smith   Sec , V5ru   Giriluii;,
FRANK, 1263—Pres., Fred Allott;
Sec,-, George Nichols.
LILLE, 1233-Pres., T. Evans:
Sec, A. W. May.   *
BELLEVUE, -131-Prea., F. Lewis;
Sec, Fred Chappoll.
HILLCREST, 1058-Pros., Robert
Livett; Vice-Pros., J, Lagace;
Sec, Harry T. Cooper
LUNDBnECK, 2275-Pres.     Hers-
chel Kayo; Sec, Geo ThoB. Wright,
i WOODPECKER, '2200-Prcs., W.
I    R. Hughes; Sec, John Fletohor.
| MORRINVILLE, 2378-Pros., C,
I H, -Richardson; rSeo., J, lVIatke*
I    son.
| DIAWOl-l'D CITY—Pros.,
Soc, T. Entwiitlo.
CANMORE,   1387-Pres,     A.     J.
Thomas; Sec, James Clynor,
BANKHEAD, 2'J-Pres., Wm,
Flaher; Sec, F. Dyson.
TABER, lOa-Pros., T. Boylt;
Sec, Wm. Murdoclt,
LKTHUniDCr., liV-l-Pros. B. O,
Hamilton; Sec, Chnrlce Peacock. , [
TABfcJU, lUfi'J-l'ros,, Alt. Hob*
•rts; Sec, Robert Doodson.
CITY MINES, 2210, Edmonton-
Pren,, T. Janiea;.
STRATHCONA, C2*i8-Pres., John
, Saint; Sec, Jas. Paolo.
Strathcona—Proa,, Jai, Chcrl*
^r: Her., Nfill Mn Cormiek.
"nVPTT Mf'M'P'.H, 9RM, r.rt-m-iTit.-cn—
Pres,, Clias. L. Bryce; Sec,
MERRITT—Pres.     Frank     Steel,
See. Thomas Calvert.
UbMON'lU)*., aii40—ifrwfc., *-4. ■*.
Edmondson; Vice Pros., Robert
Brown; Fin. See., Tbo». Birch ;
Recording Sec, J. McDnvitt.
Presidents and secretaries whose
names do not appear on this list
are requested to forward them to
this ofHcc for insertion.
Coritimi**d fn^tiir(i>8 r*at*h in for
> the ferrgoing information.
U/ DISTRICT LEDGER,   FERNIE.  B.-'.C, MAY 9,  1908.
$1 a Year in Advance -
Issued   every  Saturday from the office of
Publication, Pellatt A-ve., Ferme, B. C.
Change's of advertisements must be in as
follow*?-Pages 2,3, 6, and 7. Wednesday «t 10
a m.  Pages 1,-1,5and8,Friday at 10a.m.
Legal advertising 12 cents per nonpariel
line first insertion, 8 cents per line each subse-
quenfinsertion. -
Bates for contract advertising on applioa
tion at office of publication, PeUut Ave,
"   >■ Address all communication^. t» the Mnn-
„ ager, District Ledger.
W.-'S.   STANLEY, Mgs*
SATURDAY,  MAY 9TH,. 1908.
During last March when the industrial      disputes    investigation
act was rushed through the Dominion house it appeared to us
that its principal purpose was to
head off the then impending coal
\strike in the Pass.
We are all cognizant of the methods resorted to at Calgary during the joint convention to block
proceedings   until   the    act    was
PaSSed' . -    1 4.        4,1.        .,
Some" of us were afraid at that
time that the act boded no good
for the worker. Our fears now
seem to be justified. One - trade
union official has been convicted
under -.this act; James McGuire,
president, of Cobalt miners union
for inciting men to strike, the
part invoked being section 60, the
penalty imposed half the maxi-
rnum,' $500 or six momths hard
labor. The case was appealed. It
was sustained in a modified forro.o
We have yet to hear of ah employer 'being convicted under the
act. Yet it seems to us that several have been goiilty of its infringement.
When, during., the flurry in metals, the smelters closed down and
refused to reopen unless the'men
accepted a reduction, they were
guilty of a graver offence, under
this act than McGuire was. Then
we had the idiotic order. of ,-, the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., management that a miner must wait
, until he received permission before
he could put up;timber, not only
" a violation of this act, but a vio-L
lation of common sense and practical mining and the Provincial
mining act. -
Maixh  on, ttarthon. all hearts   re-solved on Vic- - - to-if, or death'.
United  at  the  Polls we * must 'stand next  Polling Day /
Co. attempted to introduce some,
of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co's^
duplicity contrary to th© provi-,
sions of. the ,act, but tbe,prompt
action of the miners, put a stop
to such proceedings.
■And what about No.' 9 mine at
Coal Creek?
- Let us take a look at the act,
sec. 56: It shall be unlawful for
any employer to declare. or cause
a lockout or for any. employe to
go on strike on account of any
dispute prior to or during a re*
ference of, such to a board of con-
dilation, -and investigation, under
the provisions of this act, sec. 57
—omplojyers and employees shall
give at least thirty days notice of
an intended change affecting conditions of employment with respect to wages and hours;' sec. 58,
any employer declaring or causing a lockout contrary to the provisions of this act shall be liable
to a fine of not less than oho
hundred dbllars nor moire \htxn
one thousand dollars, for , each
day or part of a day that such
lockout exists,
Now let us see what a lockout
means under this act. Sec. 2, article 5: Lockout (without limiting
the nature of its meaning) means
a closing of a place of employment or a suspension of work, or
a refusal by an employer to continue to employ any numbor of
his employees in consequence of a
dispute, done with a view to compelling his employees, or to aid
anothor employer in compelling
his employees to accept terms of
Agreement, So Bays tho law, How
stands the , Coal Co, in regard
Tho management decidod to
change tho system of working in
No. 0 mine, employing the pillar
nnd stall in lieu of the long wall
system heretofore employed. The
men Jn narrow work places were
paid a day! wage of throe ■djoVUri-),
and coercive intimidating methodB
usod to force the men to turn out
a large tonnage,
This cowardly line of action not
having its desired result, the mine
was closed down ostensibly because    it could not be made to
The management however, eon*
tinued negotiation! at to fixing a
price. The men made an offer to
ret the coal for 75e per ton and
p2.B0 a yard cutting price on narrow work. The company replied
that 00c and 91.60 was all they
would pay. It ii therefore obvious
that the management are desirous
to operate No, 0 mine elie    why
rVi**.*iir'    ♦*-,».»•    4.0**.    *.    ***J*f. ft *.*
they them violating the see. Bfl
which expressly forbids a lockout?
Are No. 0 men locked out accord*
Ing to the  meanine of this act?
In our humble opinion a definite
statement to that effect could
•not wirIw it  nm* Ti1n<*ii»r.
Apart from the above proceeding
officials of the company hav* told
men asking for employment that
No. 0. mine is ready to be opened whenever they «ay the word.
And saying the word means ac*
opting 60e per ton and no dead
work In rooms, & price not suflfi*
cient to maintain a worker in it*
cent comfort in this' country. It
appears to us that indirectly, and
perhaps it could be proved directly
too, although according , to the
act it is not essential,_the coal
employment "with a view to compelling 4.their- employees to - accept
terms of employment." What are
we going to do about it?
The cases of youthful depravity
which . were ^.bcou-jlat ..out at. the
trial of a. number of small boys
for stealing from the basement of
the Waldorf hotel, shows to what
an extent the youthful offenders
have gone.
Magistrate Whimster very wisely
let the, self admitted young, criminals go on suspended sentence,
after giving them a real -, good
straight talking to. We think,
however, if he had also ordered
their parents to give them a right
good, old fashioned hiding it
would have had a little more lasting effect on the memories of the
boys, We were glad' to see the
boys released on suspended sentence, not because they did not
deserve punishment, but because
we think that it'is not to the best
interests of a boy's future to start
him off with a reformatory train*
ing, where ho is bound to meet
with boys who are worso than him-
solf and will naturally follow
that style quicker than any other.
As regards to who is responsible
for the disgraceful condition of
the youngsters we certainly affirm
that tho parents aro. We consider
that the trouble lies more with
tho fathom than anyone else. If
there, is a selfish creature on earth
it is a man. Most men seem to
consider their duty is done when
thoy have provided tho money necessary for the keen of his family-
they consider their home practically in the light of a boarding
house, and confine themselves to
a nowspapor as soon as supper iv
over.   Their child comes in to tell
him-- of -their childish • joys or sorrows and instead of laying,down
their paper and paying attention
to the child,"the father will hurry,
the children off out of his way.
keenest of critics .and feel hurt at
the non-attention!of their father
atnd '.watn^'ir somewhere- else for
sympathy.     - ■  -.,
If on the other hand the fathers
would make their children more
their companions, and show some
interest in the plays and help to
supply them with games and amusements inside their ov/n , homes
and yards, less children would'.-be
up for .petty crimes, and later on
less older criminals would appear
in the prisons.
It is maybe hard to admit, but
in nine cases out of ten it is the
iather who* is the criminal, for he
neglects his offspring. When the
boy is arrested* and placed in the
dock for some petty offenco, who
do you find there to plead for
him? In nine cases out of ten it
is the mother who appears, and
tearfully pleads for her wayward
boy- The father is seldom willing
to go, and does not like to lay off
and lose Lis pay.
The children should not be air
lowed out on tho streets to play
at all. If they wish companions
thoy should be encouraged to
bring their companions to their
house or inside,their own premises
and visa versa.
The children of to-day that wo
meet on tho streets right here in
Fernie, as well as other places,
aro cheoky and boisterous In the
extreme, and in some cases that
we can relate, when complaints
havo been mado to the parents,
thoy said: "Oh, my.boy would not
do that, he is brought up properly," And we venture to say that
they did not know where the child
was for one hour during the day.
This is a very serious question
and means more than some people
imagine to the future generation,
as anyone'who thinks on the mat*
ter can see the deteriorating influences of children running wildly
on the streets.
Ottawa, May   7—The ,   Camadian
Bisley team for 1908 will consist
of ■ 12   representatives    from' Oii-
from British Columbia and Alberta
and one from Nova Scotia.   It is
announced that Lieut. Col. Labell,
of    Montreal,    will   command the,
team.    The two British Columbia,
men are staff sergeant F. A. Richardson, of the 5th> regiment, tyon-
couber;, . and : Capt. W. Hart   Mc-
Harg,  of the 6th D.C.O.R.,   Vancouver;
'■■ o--
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If you think you need a tonic,
isk your doctor. If you think
you need somethlns for your
blood, ask your doctor. If you
think you would like to try
Aver's non-alcoholic Sirups*
trills, ask your doctor. Consult him often. Keep in dote
touch with him.
IN THE MATTER OF the estate
of Damiani Assunta Passerini.
late of Fernie, B, Ci deceased.
• Notice is hereby given that all
croditors and others having
claims against the estate of the
said Damiani Assunta Passerini
deceased, who died on or about
\ho 10th day of March, 1908, are
required on or before the 9th day
of May, 1908, to send by post
prepaid or deliver to Mr. L. P.
Eckstein, of Fernie, B. C., solicitor for the administrator, their
christian and surnames, addresses
and descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, the statement
of thoir accounts and the nature
of thoir securities, if any, held by
And further take notice that
after suh last mentioned date the
said administrator will proceed to
diBtributo the assets of the deceased among the parties entitled
thereto, having regard only to the
claims of which ho shall then havo
had notice, and that the said ad*
mlnistrator will not bo liable for
the said assets or any part thereof
to any person or persons of whose
claims notice shall not have been
received by him at tho time ot
such distribution.
Dated thiB Snd'' day of April,
Solicitor tor the Administrator.
: Up-to-date
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Call In and
Seo us once
G. W. DAVEY &C0.
P.  V.   WHELAN, Mgr.
IKING'S hotelI
Fernie, B. C.
»*.♦ Bar supplied with choicest of .♦.
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
^Dining Eocm in connection.
•.    . »t     Proprietor • „   .
Hotel     I
f ■
Fernie's most   popular
Every attention to tbe
travelling publio
Rooms reserved by wire
T. H. Whelan
, Manager
The Hotel of Ternle
Tho centre of Commercial
and Tourist Trade
Cuisine  Unexcelled
9. r. Wallace       Prop. £
W« p»HUh MF fiwilu
m     We eeaUfc tlMtltl
—H -» ira ,-i *■*■ •*M»a*ali«iBii
5 t
Some fow months nco wo nnrchnsml Hnnshlnn Hunch, a fnrm of
100 teres of extra choice land, situated t\bcmt 2J*j miles west of tlio
City nf Notion, In a woll a-quIocI portion of tho illitrlct.   Wo hnvo
subdivided this fnrm Into 10-acro block*-, and we are offering from for
sale on finny terms.  Thu location of this farm Ih excellent: It li clone
to tho 0. r. It Station it Granite, thero In a good school In tho Im.
mediate vicinity, and tho Government wagon road from Nelson rum
throuph tho property.   On arcount of its clofo proximity to a thriving
city, the vaIiio of end) block mint necessarily rapidly Incremu,
This Is n splendid location for a fruit nnd vegetable fai*m or a
,i> clilckon ranch,   Thoro Is nhvnvi nn ur.collont mnrkot for nnfthlnff  «,-*
? tf nlonjr then* linos In Nelnon, nnd nt tlmci vory Wffh prlcos may .bo ob* V tf
5W  tfl'nprl    Thn \em\ *» nnt iieni trx Meer> e f*n*t»1 wnrtror crtiilrl clunr off   «4
Ask your doctor to name tome of tbe
remits of constipation. Hit loR| Hit vlll
becin with ilck-neadacba. blllouineti,
dviBcpiIa, tbln blood, bad akin. .Tbin
•ik him If he would recommind year
nnd tmve n crop tlio flnt teni-oii. A mnjor portion of tho (-round U
cUnrly opti.., very UUit •Undditf iftetn (fiuOf.r. Thttt Itnlluoeitwitu
ol water running through this Mibtllvif-lon. Tho lot* nro situated
within a qnnrtor of n milo of the Kootenay River, where tho very
finest Rainbow Trout finlilnn* ii to be had.
We guarnntoo the quality of thoio blocks, nnd aro pleated at all
tlmen to (five Intending purchasci-a tho benefit of a thorough inipac*
Viuu, Wts tuiiAiUt* -viihi nt> arti Oi'it-vnuit e* ii*n.v.«.*i.j tituiv.** v\iiiv..-i.
You nre not taking any chance in iccurlnfj thin land at our price. Wo
are lelllnjr these 10-acre blocks at 180.00 por aero, and can arrange tho
terms In vory eaiy payments to suit purchasers.
Coai<,-Oor1 mlnliK" rlBlitu oxer be laaitil for
a period of twenty.one veari at r.ri annual
rental of *1 m nore. Sot more than »,M0
aoiei shall be .«mu<I to one Individual or
company" A royalty at the rats of flyo cenu
Mr toilI .hull »>• ooileotsd on tlio mcrohanublt
coal mlntd,
Qu*iits,-A psrion •lahtMii;fft* of ■»»• pr
ow,liavi.itt'UMov«r«irmlne*al In placo, may
locate a claim l,Suo i I.MQ foot,
Tbo foe for reoontlna a elalm u (6,
At loMttlM itnulbo otpondod on the claim
aachvoaror pa d to tho minim rooordor In
IIm"thereof, Tvhon Woolm Boon oiponrfwl or
paid, the locator m»y, «Pon Uvieg a swrw
mado, nnd upon complylna with other ro*
quiromtnti, purehaoe the land at 11 por acre.
Tho paUnt provldto for tbo paymont «f a
royalty of *\ por oont on tbo .aloi.
Puc«amliiln« nlalmi sonorallyaMi lfl'l feat
to.uaro| entry fos 15 renewable yoarly,
K.   i.^.\l.;..-.'.   Tr.^*7   r**. -tn*Tr*   tfh [***** tf
Fruit Lands and Real Estate, Box 51, Nelson* B. C.
Woll furnishod rooms
Tnblo supplied with tho best
Bar stocked with best of Wines,
Liquors nnd Ciprs
30 days after date X intend to*
apply to the superintendent of
provincial polios for a renewal ol
wholesale liquor license at Hosmer,
Sated this Snd day o! Kay,
o,f\ r1-**vr« affair data T Intend,
drodVttt'toidof^ to the superintiftdemt
♦ w'|*Jj'jwn£Mii;-**.M»»P*" rtl^rMlM. of     «£ ' -im. nnu&'{tte m. lent.*
♦ Mtv-jiVJ'M.rwH.m'V'iii'iiin.
tho Mlnlotor of tho Interior
Tho loiMo obillhaveadrodaoln oparatlon
■with.!. «mh««« fi«m tbo.data of tbe leaie
for ueb five mllei
eaoh milo of rlv
vir.Uiiaij,   It
rate'of »l Vtr cent oolloctod on tbo
Rental SKI »r annum (or
ii.   Royalty at tin
yalty at the
o output af*
Deputy UlnUter of tho Inferior.
N. B.-Unauthor.M*! »uUJ«atlcn of tble ad*
•VertlMmoBt will not be paid for,
Ana l-oT-Sm
Try a Ledger Ad
provincial police for a i«u««r«i ot
wholesale liquor iK'enst at Uonuer,
Bated this 8StU day of    April
1608. *H.
The Hosmer Opera Co., of Hos*
mer, B. 0., are open for bids on
flttlngi. chairs, tables oianae, etc.
Por particulars apply to
Box S78-'
i "T
V»Vanft-iitW^ttftfMfllhw ^ItfU^iwy'^, uljttimm -Vllfe. <*.-i& tp.^J  1 LWf^li
'■•'£■**$' J-ttyf**&vSlifi!*'f!i<l-3>*»
wmtVL-v *■  f^^mmmet -ai«*a x*"'i"mimi.*iwaliinwtmtatmvmmei********1*
siaarT'rT'isaMBii is;
'   <b-
Official  Onran  of District  KO.   18,   U. M. W.  of  A.
f s
Fernie,  B. C.,  May 9th,   ioos
A   FEW   OF   OUR   MEN
> jsSJSs**-
'<.'■■■ ,'.y..f ■'#!■ ■ t>v.
■■     ■.:&& -Msi-.-
'.m-^/fs ■■'■■£?;
, *&■*       ,    v ■ L / . ■      v'y..      \y   ■:..'»
'"."■        tXSfc   - ' ' W>-«     *■       ■ ■■j?»K    #'    •*?■■'■ '      •*,
•'i 'fciaL* «EH**": -.M' W*"*"" '
.-.'..A. ■■ .     .44«f f   *■■«'.>•* SV **•'    ■■■■■&/*■'/   bSSS   ' ^   :•&;*-■'■■■.•*,.■
*?■ #-y ".'•*>.
jriss '        fj&th;
*■-    "|s*- ■" ti'    ■ t^ /   ^    . ■ ■ ;■      ;^..
■ ■ y     .' v   . -x.:' y -.*■'■ ■ ';•.■'. '':
v   ;-  .-i.., ■*,*■-.. ■. .   . . fc,,* i »■  . ■ x - ■„■. ¥.5-. ,A,   ■    ■■-,*•
*3.' '        ,'       4,5-     Va
* ^■■- -  ZS$ -
,-a^J.-       |%
-..:**:-'     ■   j'Ss-*iW- ■        "■-''V*
S< . ■,  ."■-&
^'*■■■ t   y *'■';&■>■/&', 1 ■ *i'^Y&-t
■mym, .**; mv.« :«$ _^ h ^    » ^ ^£       ,;
J'hot'o by Spalding,-* Fernie
Members of Michel Local No. 2334, U.M.W. of A,
rrsi** •        - - ■ -,
Michel,. Miy 7--Henrjr Norman-
deau, an aged trapper who has
been living near, ihe old Loop
hotel .here, now closed, v,-as .found
dead near a'°i-ocl o£ water . near
Michel creek,„about a mile and a
half below McG-iliivery.. 'ihe
was lying face downwards, iii the
water," and alongside was a lashing rod and tacrcle. The provincial' police and coroner A. J.' Murray investigated the matter and
'.'decided that the deceased came to
his death by accidental drowning.
..The body .was brought..here . and
. buried in the Michel cehietery. The
deceased who,.was a Trench Canadian had lived here for years'." ""
derstood that Mr. Parry has pur-,
chased some fruit lands in B. . C.
Middlesbro   at  Diamond  Vale   on
Saturday," April ,25, and beat .by
and intends'going PA to the land,   1  "JCftl to_ 0i
to clear and cultivate it. —■'_, j The Diamond Vale.team also
, A smoker was held in the Labor played the -Coal Gully NVver-
temple  on' Monday, evening  last, 'sweats on Thursday, April 30 and!
suffered defeat by two goals      to
one. ,
D. Hebrews and K. Charter for
the Diamond Vale team deserve
great praise for the way in which
they played. Nebrews scored the
goal for. the Vale.'
 L:0 ;	
May 4, under the auspices of, the
Liberal Association, W. A. Buchanan, president-of the-association
Q^'.jin ihe chair. ' Effective addresses
'on the policy of the,, government
were, delivered by Senator De Ve-
ber and W. C-. Simmons, our' worthy representative . at" Edmonton,
who-,also severely criticised the action of the' Conservative members
at. Ottawa, -iiv obstructing., the
measures ol the government -and
formulating' charges, -which • they
were'unable to prove..       -    ,
In .reporting .the church parade
of our local G'd/d Fellows last
week, Mr. Simmonds, photogra-,
pher was-credited with taking the'
"group' photo'.' in ._front .oi^.the
Coal'Company's office's,' whereas
>Ir,i Courtney, photographer, took
the group. Mr, JSimmonds took a
picture of the street parade-whence
the mistake.
Mr. Barns,, city policeman, has*
resigned ," and -left for' his" homestead.'" , -'   " '
Mr. J, Eastman is now city, policeman. There, were' several applicants for the position.
Messrs.'. "Untrod'   and   Duggans
spent several- days last week looking- '  ov,er,   coal property  at Mc-
I Grath in the interests 'of '■ the new
1 coal Co. of that city.
Things are very quiet at Tajber
just now. Since January about
500 workers have left Taber. The
  Bullock    mine have  only worked
_,',',_., , 1 three and a half days in 5 weeks.
.IH*00*1  Crw- Lxt.erary.   'ft?d,The Taber mine has done one day
-Athletic  Association  is  going to   in three weeks.
hold a monster sporting, day on
Monday, May 25th. $400 will be
distributed in prizes and sports of
all kinds, including foot races, !
jumping, quoit pitching, football,
pole vaulting, boys and girls
races,, potato and obstacle races,
, etc,
Mr. Geo. O'Brien and Mr. Hughes
inform us that this v/ill be the
event of tho contury . They also
guarantee mountain climbing.
Spocial trains will bo run from '
hero. Watch for posters for fur-
ther particulars.
Pat Mullen, who was wantod by
tho authorities for a murdor committed last September at Michel,
was captured at Great Falls,
Mont., on Monday.
Messrs. Miller and .Gilbert pull
out on Tiiesday for' their homesteads; also Joo and Walter Sheldon.
Mr, Doodson, secretary of Local
Union No • 1959, will leave on
Tuesday next  for Winnipeg.
—,   .    o— . . ■
Hatching Season
White   Wyandoltes
Regal  Striiiti
$2.50   per   13
E. Stanley    35GemmelSt.
House Plants
Choice Flower Plants consisting of Begonias, Geraniums
and Fuchsias, Etc
Imported  in Pots
B. STANLEY.    ;  SlVGemmel
Go to
The Rinman Haminski Co.
^     ' —For—    ■      "'   -
Groceries, Dry Goods
Boots and Shoes
West of Qucci^s Hotel
HOSMER,     B.    C.
'■■Mrs. S'ser-iian nnd fiiuiily moved/out
on .MonJ.iv from Woodpecker to their
homestead four miles soiuli ofthe trade;
Mr. James Bl-,iir left here on Friday
iiitilit last en.'route for-Michel. ?>.C.   '"
"Messrs. - S.')nun;I Maso-v- and John
Jenkins left here for Rossland, b.C.
*> v
M'r.'ThomasIrvine has just'relumed
from ■Lethbridge, where • he went 'on
urgent business.     " >
Mr. William Lowe and family mov-.'d
out to their homestead at Purple Springs
on Friday/ where he intends to pursue
poultry farming..    ...
Mr: John Dunn is up at Kimball,
Alta., where he is roundinj-; up some
stocl-: which has been lost for some
The mines in this district are very
quiet at the present time owing to lack
of orders,
A shocking tragedy occurred on
'Friday lust when Mclo Lezely, a
Servian, murdered Mrs. Baceda, a
lady of tho uamo nationality and
thon committed suicide, in broad
daylight, on tho road botwoon
Stafford anB Lethbridge, within
sight of at least half a doteon men
who were toe slow in getting to
the scene to prevent tho terrible
The body of Mrs, Baceda
buri'li1 in tho Cathiolic tfometory
on Saturday with full rites of tho
cWurch, Local Union 574, U.M.
W, of A, followed the hearse to
tbe grave. The murderer was bur*
ied the same day in unhallowed
ground, being denied tho rites of
the Catholic church,
Tho city council has decided to
purchase a plot of land to be used
as a cemetery. The land can be
•IrHf*«t*>*l nnd it Is the IntMit.-vn
of the council to turn the. water
on and make a beautiful place
The laying of the corner stone
of the new public schools will pi o*
bahly hi* done under the ritis nnd
cere|ivo.niei of >the Mai'o^ic order.
It 'r imrtr-rntonr. thnt the rrnnrt
lodge of Alberta will conduct the
exereises, Tho estimated* coit of
the schools when completed is
Chief Parry, of the city police
force, hav sent in bia resignation
to the council, No reasons for
the step wan given, but it Si un*
A writ has been issued against the
Reliance Coal'Mining Co,, of Taber,
by 32 employees under the provision of
the .Mechanics Lien Act claiming wages
to the. 'imount of $1,637,30, In the
event of their recovering'judgment and
the money not being paid they ask the
usual remedy—that the interests of the
company in the land comprising the
mining property, • toj>ether with all
buildings, machinery, plant, etc., be
„,,,_,       ,   ,,     , sold to satisfy their claims,
N. w, Fosslor, oettor known as ,„, _ ' „, ,
Shorty, and Jamos Mallam re- • »,** ooura of 1 rade of Taber held a
turned from tho coast on to-days meeting on Friday night in the Fire
train, greatly improved in health, "'Hall. The president and vice-president
Shorty although an old timer 1'i'cmtf l*wa>' ^om ••c*'"'-*i lh« chair was
in this district, it was his first taken by Mr. Glelsher. Mr. Simons,
visit to Vancouver. It was re* government contractor, gave some in-
ported that tho first few days he formation re the new bridge which is
was in town ho saw a motor car about to be built across the river west
ap'proaohing he sought cover be- of Taber. This bridge is to be about
hind a telegraph polo for safety.   850 lect long and will cost approximately
Mr. T, J, Smith, president of
Diamond Vale Coal Co., was visit-
ing horo this week. When seen he
reported himself pleased with tho
progress being made, and intends
to push development as fast aB
The Diamond Vale have purchased a new team and waggon for
their storo. Thoy have also start-
od to drive 1,000,000 feet of log/g
down tho Coldwater river to their
sawmill, which they intend to
take" out as soon aB possible for
mine Umber and lumber for    the
icottagoii thoy aro about to erect
was : for the married miners, There    is
also a large demand for building
operations in Merritt.
Mn O, Mclntyre of tho Cold-
water hotel is building a verandah
'round' the same,
Dr,   Lutill ,1s building a large
$100, There are about 15' men startctl
on this work already building bunk
house nnd boarding house, There was
also some discussion re the telephone
service. It wan desirable to have a
telephone service instituted between
Taber nnd Lethbridge, Some discus*
sion took place re the coal crisis in this
district, There being no coal oporatoru
present, it was decided to hold 11 special
meeting on the 15th inst, nnd to invite
tho coal operators to attend t»o tlmt this
matter could be thoroughly discussed,
A public meeting was held in Michel
on Sunday last lo consider tho advisability of opening a co.uperatlvo store,
nnd about one hundred persons attended,
...        . ...«.- --.-«•-   to voice their scnlimcnis In the mntter.
mosquito net around his hoipitai After a lengthy divcuwlon it wns unanl*
»i«5 .Li•\PftUcntB mfty reclla«  mously decided to htart up at onco nnd
IS   t?*?ii 1     x. ,a, . <    form ,l society to carry Into clTect tlio
m..«.i- it!?   ij°Idlnl   ,w*?«kl-y.  object.   A committee was appointed to
classes in first aid to the injurod interview each householder nnd nsccr*
when the W* .«E S™"?™"™*   iwivJ Jo Um->.... iu.-.. un unl-rluul.t;.
when the board situ here in June,   ftp l0 dMc „,c nppl,cnl|on for 8,,nr^
Highland and High are building ; have nlrentiysurpossed the nnllclrmtions
a shoe store for Dan Fraier. • 0f tho promoters, nnd nccording to tho
A, Kullen ia building a veran* I outlook there is sure to be n largo store
dab. and cellar to his cottaffe.      iopcnedupln the near future.    It has
W, Brolin has purohased an acre been n long-felt wnnt in Michel, and
lot from O, B. Armstrong, agent,
nnd is going to build himself a
Charles Brooks has moved into
hit new residence.
The Diamond Vale football team
played    the   return   match   with
the people seem to realize thnt the time
hns arrived when they should nwnlten
to their own Interest**. The town has
seen too much of n one store business
not to appreciate tho scheme of a cooperative system when worked In n
thorough and honcbt manner,
To The District Ledger, as per request. 1 will give you the latest from
We  have  hail a bad spring in the
snowslide and landslide business.    We
w<re cut off from communication with
the outer world.ior si-wral davs except
■ bv hiiiidi'i.r    .'1 lie C.P.R. has resumed
! its old -;, heJule .*f throe Jnys per week,
i.'inJ    ' til's ,\riiin*j; we  haw been in-
I 'ormeJ,   n.'t niilhoritaiiyely.   however",
jlhut the Is  &■ !>.-railway is jroing  to
\ cut u» out .tiiogeilkr.     Tiiey have had
' some vi-ry h.;J s!id*.-*> this spring which
toolc^oui  several bridges,  and, as   the
road  has not been^on a paying basis
hence the above menijoiied.
, Our town is in loinl.-darlcness except
by candle and lamp iight,°hecause of a
of the electric power house, but'it will
only be of short duration.
We also had a visit of the tire fiend
which destroyed one of our leading
industries, the famous New York Brewery, owned by Two'good & Bruder.
■ We also had a visit of la grippe, and
our niost.prominent citizens are the
victims, W. M. Bennett, of the Reco
Hotel*, is the worst sufferer.-..-. He bias
been laid up for a" week., A", Schillard
also had a day or two on the shelf, and
several others less severe. '
Yours, I.A.
 0 '■'
The cricket match which was postponed between Banff and Bankhead a
week ago owing to the weather was
played on May 2nd on the Bankhead
Grounds, The game commenced at 3
o'clock, Bankhead being the first to
bat. The last wicket fell for 35. Banff
went on batting next, and it was not
until they had reached u score of 59
that the last man's wicket fell, In the
second innings Bankhead made a better
show by scoring 58 runs, malting a
total score of 93 for the two innings,
Banff were not able to have their second
innings at the bat owing ton heavy fall
of lain, According to the laws of
cricket, when a game is not played out,
it is decided on the first innings. Therefore Banff won hy 2.\ runs,
After the match the two teams sat
down to a'good spread at Mr. Higgins
house, which hnd been provided by the
home team, There was a meeting held
afterwards bv both teams ,(o consider
the advisability of joining tho Alberta
Cricket League. President Morgan,
of the Bankhead team, was tho chair*
man, Moved by II. Lang, seconded
by Simmonds, that thu two teams
become one and that It be called the
National Park Club, Moved by Baker,
of Banff, seconded hy Hall, thnt an
executive committee to fix dates with
other teams In the league bo elected ;
also that tills committee act as selection
committee; ho committee to be com*
prised of president, secretary, two rep*
resentatives from Banff and two from
Bankhead, Executive committee: President, C. Hall j secretary, J. Higgins;
Banff representatives, II, Simmonds
and Baiter 1 Bankhead representatives,
H, Morgan and H. Lang,
A great mutch was played on Mny
3rd on tho Biinkhead Football Ground
between the Lnnks and the Scots. The
weather wjih not vcrv favorable, but
there wa** >t git<n ciowd out iu hkc the
game. The two tt'ams were c-venl;;'
matched, nnd at half-tlmo the score
wns 1--1,
The Lnnks, In tho second half, wore
the first to score, It was n treat to see
the wav thev u«d the clogs. At the
latter port of tho grimo the Scots played
in fine style, scoring 11 goal in the Inst
few minutes, thus making It n draw.
They then decided to plf.y n qunrtcr of
nn hour moro each way, hut nothing
was added to the score. Therefore tho
game wns called off for the boys to
nttend church,   Hurrah for Scotland I
%    Customs House Broker
Ay -^
Fire Insurance
P. 0. Block    Phone H3
Table Queen Machine-made
* Is tbe kind you can enjoy three1
times a day and seven days in the
week; Don't ;deny -it to the
children between meals,. they
are growing..
Our   cakes   and' pastry   are- of
_-the . finest quality. „   ' '   . "
Ice Cream, Fruits, Etc.
Electoral District
A convention of the Liberals of.
Kootenay will be held at Nelson,
B.C., on
Thursday, June 4
For tho purposo of selecting a
candidate to contost the riding In
the next Dominion Election in
the interests of tho Liberal party.
Tbo convention will open nt
2 p. m, nnd nil,liberals nre invited
to attend, but only accredited
delegates will ho allowed to vote.
Tho basis of representation will
bo one dolegrtto for every 50 votes
or fraction thereof, polled nt the
Inst dominion election. Properly
accredited proxtoB will ho recognized.
Nelson Liberal Association
F. J, DEAN, Pres.
D. PH0UDF00T, Soc.
„     $60,0©   '
From   F^ernie  to
Winnipesr,   Duluth,    Fort
William, St. Pawl nnd '
Sioux  City
o ■ .
Chicago      72 50
New York ;    108 50
Montreal    108 50
St. John, N.B., ......   127 50
St. Louis       67 50
Toronto       94 40
Ottawa       108*50
Halifax    135 50
Sydney, C. B.,     141 90
Tickets on sale May 4. and -
18; June 5, 6, 19 and 20 ;
July 6, 7, 22 and 23, Aug-
ust 6, 7, 21 and1 22, 1908.
First class round trip, nine*
ty day limit.
*   .Routes—Tickets   are    good
- .via any recognised routes in
,; one or both directions.      To
destinations' east of Chicago
are good via the Great Lakes.
For Rates, Reservations and'nny in-
. .formation desired call on or write
j. moe,      g.e Mcpherson, -'
-   ■■ D.P.A.;.        , G.P.A..
,'■ Nelson Winnipeg,
for the farm, garden, lawn or
.Reliable,   approved   varieties
at reasonable prices
No windy agents to annoy you
Bay direct and get trees and
seeds that GROW
BeeSopplUs; Spray.Pumps,
Spraying material and
Cut Flowers
Catalogue Free
IH. J» Henry
Greonliouflo — 8010 Westminster
Ivond, Vancouuer, B. C.
Bring us your Jobs
ii iri'n i ii nu'itfiumii, iii-
Sewer    Contracting   ||-
Foundation Work      |
Excavating of every description
Gardenlntar and Window Cleaning
All -work guaranteed Phone 1S1
KHI I'   '«a  ll*-»***«***a^»*****»||  Ill   111        "Ill U
Davis, Taylor, Stephens As Thompson
P. Oa  Box 492.  Fernie
■uaaj        _ ^     _**aj|
JChe TMTit^T*m■#•*<(****».•b'I*
 — For	
Electrical   Contracting
Box 348
Fernie, B. C. DISTRICT  LEDGER,  FERNIE.   B.  C, MAY ,9.  1908.
Showing*; front of Hall when completed
We print here two cuts. reproduced from the plans.' j
The ' hall will be an' up-to-date
building in every; particular,"and
add greatly to the appearance of
our city."   '    • '  '■*-"
It is being built by the Glad-
Btone Local No. 2314, U.M.W. of
A.- and is a tribute to their members. Besides the hall 'for the
miners,' and the reading.rooms,
billiard hall and .two stores, the
opera house with a seating cap-T
acity of 800 will be a great boon
The  size   of  the, building _ in  all | opera house will be lighted by a
will   ^be   60x114 feet,  two stories,
containing two ■ stores 31x45,' with
to the citizens - of Fernie.
The, building is being built    of
brick, with a concrete foundation,
,, and built by day labor, union help
i\ and* under the careful supervision
of Mr. T. Chippendale,     who     is*
looking  after the  entire  job     in
,  conjunction    with     the   "building
■ committee, ■ of which T.   Biggs  is
the secretary. •'
The building will cost $35,000,
,. and will be finished in the latest
* and most up-to-date style.     Each
floor will have all sanitary     arrangements. '!
large s cellars. "A , crush, lobby entrance, to the theatre will be 16
feet wide, and run right to the
theatre door, with, the box office
on one side.- The- theatre will, be
at the rear ' of" the stores on "the
ground floor and will be 58x59
feet, .with a seating" capacity in
thie orchestra pit or, main hall of
592, and a gallery to hold 228.
There will be two large boxes at
either sideJ on level," with gallery."
the ladies and g.ents ' dressing,
rooms, with storage rooms "for
trunks will be under the stage in
basement. - ■
-.' The stage proscenium will be
17-feet high and"25-feet- wide and
the stage proper. 25x50. Height
of stage  in rear for'' scenery    35
feet.-' " Li-'
,Under the 'opera,rhouse will be a
large billiard room.     "
Two' light wells "will" be on each
side at the division between the
stores and opera house and    ' the
huge dome in the centre.  -
Tfhe exits -have been carefully
thought out and consist of the
main crush lobby leading directly onto the Street, two leading
from the-gallery to the lane at
the rear, and a large door in the
middle  of the  stage,
'. A" smaller hall for-the miners
and other unions,' etc./size 21x42
will be over the store on the left
side.. This u hall will have an ante
room 10x14 and a reception room
To all wage earners:^
The capitalist press and steamship companies, in order to further exploit the, ' working class,
will spread,* and are now spreading
false reports as to the conditions
at present existing - in' this county-' " "--..■/  ■   '  " ~,
- They desire to ,rl6od Seward peninsula" with unemployed „ working
"men in order that} they^ may reduce wages, winter and summer,
below outside prices, and are endeavoring to show that work will
be plentiful and wages high this
coming season. Employment
sharks in the States are likewise
circulating such reports.
As a matter of fact prospects
were never worse and conditions
here are an. exact counterpart of
those outside. But little money
has been in circulation since last
December; the banks have issued
clearing house script which is used
instead, of United States currency;
no important discoveries , have,
been made this winter, while some
of the largest mines' employing the
greatest number of men have been
worked out.- Miners and prospect-,
ors returning daily from .other
diggings report nothing doing and
thus, swelling1 tlie army of unemployed, , which consists of at least
seventy-five per cent, of the laboring population.'     "      ■,*--*--
The Western Federation of Miners by thoroughly organising the
camp and strictly enforcing the
closed shop, have been thus far
partially able,lto "maintain the
winter scale of wages.
The employers and • transportation companies, knowing these
facts, are trying to allure workers
here, as Has been stated, to so reduce -wages as to compel them to
work for what in reality amounts
to their board. To prevent such a
calamity to the working class the'
Western Federation of Miners
warns all working - men „to keep
away from this country during
the,coming summer.
- North,  east',  south and west of
B. B. WALKER, President
ALEX. LAIRS, General Manager
A." H.~ IRElA4TO,'"Superintendent of
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - -'• 5.000,000
Total Assets, -  113,6W,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States; and England
Deposits of $1 and upwards' received,'and interest allowe^ at
current, rates. The depositoris subject to no delay what«V*nf tm
the -withdrawal of. tlie whole or any portion ol the deposit.
Fernie - Branch
H.   L.   Edmonds,   Manager
lOxlO. Over i, the , -store ojn the
right will be a large reading room
21x42. ■ ■>        '
i ^
The painting, decorating, plastering, plumbing, tinsmithing and
upholstering v/ill be done by contract,'1' tenders for which will be
called later. The plans were prepared by Messrs, Campbell and
McLaren of Vancouver, who won
the ?100 prize.
The, miners expect to have the
hall completed and ready for
opening not later than November
the first,    *'
*,I1'4*JA«J"»U?u«.''»r4.l. ).**.
aaMi.-lb-Sw MHW+tfyt,,**,,'
t t  i • i jV;
lULJfi nitJ!«l [tfl K<
I  " ^ . j.       :',...::.; ..-fr      *• -   ——	
*""■■■!     'J  V/.T1- 1
* - bT-^ •*■*•_,
tim:uwtmrm  '
the peninsula most unfavorable reports as to the alarming conditions from a miner's standpoint
are constantly arriving. In fact,
every working man who arrives
here is one more out of work and
he himself is his passage money
out of pocket.
And oneo hore, how are you going to get out? Hundreds * here
are daily asking themselves the
same question.
Take heed, therefore, of this
warning, fellow,workers; and stay
away from the Soward peninsula
during 1908, If,,you have contemplated coming hore, change your
mind and stay where you are.
Published by authority of Local
240  of the Western Federation of
' 0	
St. Petersburgh, May 6—A ferryboat carrying 150 peasants returning 'from church capsized in
thn river Dneipor at Bikholr. Ono
hundred and twenty woro drowned,
Showing the Opera House and Stagv.    The  seating capacity has been altered to<
800 and  the sta^e enlarged  from- original  plans.
emetmnemmt •**»*■«>*
Fri'deriefcon,  N.   B„   May   B—W.
Mr,   Flowolllngj  httt  today  asked   "»».-ont for over thirty years and
t |a> k V ++<*/»*"
P.   *P"i*",vMHr.f'
the auditor, Mr. JJuiilop, to post
pono it ior a clay because of the
tibuonco of tho chiof game com*
H. rifwolUnu, deputy surveyor 'mlssioner of the city. The suioldo
•jonornl of Now "'Briih'iwlck, com- | left n letter' to "Premier Haven,
luiviuu iiiViCidi; uy biaciuuiij; i.iiii* , \,n)i.u v.'as itttnafia to Uiiii jjtniic-
boH in tho in oil th and breast, in ' man In the logifilatuvo tonight,
tho basoment of tho clepuitmcntal ! Ho ■• oponod It immediately nnrl
building this afternoon. No causo ''hastily loft tho house rmd confer-
is known for tho act ns Mr. Flow* it<A with tho governor Tweodio
elling was apparently a man of r.ncl tho cabinet. None of tho
qulot habits. The new r.v.cUt of ^untlci-.-.'.'i. would reveal the con-
tho provincial nceounts was to'tents of the ' letter. Flewelllng
liuv*» Imsn I)•• gun to-iuouow    and   hnd been an employee of the gov- SubHcribt* tor the District Ledger.
■   Tho Badjjo of Honesty
Ja on nvury wriu>i.i*r of Diwlnr ricrco's
Goltli'ii M'.'d!*;iil-l'lm>vi'i*y Ij'n'nii'.n u full
lint of 1,1m liii-1'Oi.ln.Miin i*om|nj*-iiig It Is
prliitcd thoro In nluln Ku«l!Mi. i-'orty
ynai-H of oxperlnncn lnw proyim Its Hiiporlur
wurtli ns ti IiIijmI inirlllfi'iunl liivli-onil*
ln^ tonic for tlio uurt'of liUimutilnr.Minli'i'ii
niul iiII liver Ills. U ImlMs ii|> iho run*
down sv'strm ns no other tonic ciin In
wlik'lt u'lr.itli(i| Isiii'nd, .'riinuctlvn medio*
liuil prltn'liilPK of nutlvo roota hh*:1i na
CioMmi Sciul und Qur-fin'a root, Ntonn nnd
Miuidi'uko root, Dlwdroot ftnd lllni-lc
Chiirrjl.'iirlc nro nx I routed nnd (iroforvwl
by ilin nun of eliomlenlly pure, trlplo-
rc'.ii.i'il slyci'i'lno. Sond to Dr. It. V. fierce
M niilTnlo, N. Y„ for Jrco Ivnolclot viileh
riuciti-H csivneta fnmi W(dl-i'(H'o*-nli'od mod*
iciil iiiuliorltliis Hin.-h u» Drs. Uartlmlow,
KlnB, SviiKldoi'1, Coo, lillliiuwood and a
hum of otlie;*/, Bliowinff that thoso room
cun l><* -iQi-r-ndcd upon for tliolr cnrntlvo
action ILnll weak ntntuaof, tho Btomneli,
oceompfiilwl >y Indldoitlon or dyspepsia
us well f) liyuil blllmu or liver (.omplalnu
tnd In/ll/ivnstliiB dlsonsos" whoro thoro
Is Iom-wiIpsIi nnd (irndmil running down
tt tliprHireiiisth nnd uyutora.
Tho'iQoldpp Mwljenl HI****overy_l*'wnkM
flMi, minrTikii.ar'iiTi'1 jm7~IuvIaorivloftri|Tiiii
■■MTjTir'MwTnW- '!■».wlinlmityiitcin,
Tliiis iifl skin affections, blotches, plmpTo*
n,.,\ f vnvtln'i" pn *"'ell no et»rnfnl(W'* OW'PI
,«•    ■■-,-..       * 4.:,    -».-.,      ♦
vtdtli tfee Sewer?
Two Cars of Sew-
er   Soil   Pipe   and
Plunibins Supplies'
Plea.se    ca.ll    and
get prices
J.   D.
and   Furniture
The Dominion Meat Co.
Fresh   and   Salt  Meats of all - kinds   in  slock
Poultry, Fish and  Oysters in season
Dairy Butter and Ranch Eggs ,
Phone 4
Victoria Ave
Always a choice supply of Beef, Pork, Veal,
Million,  and  Lamb on  hand.    Mams,
Bacon, Lard, Butler and ICg^s,
Our Specialties
Fresh,   Smoked   and   Salted  Fish,  always a
good assortment.   Try our Mince
Meat, Sanrkrant and Oysters.
Mmi> Vr-?-"', W'.x' *'-- 7T.*■.:*:•" T!:£*n'
was taken to PougU.coeii'-.'la from
tho -iHylun, this niornln.j by Dr.
Bnkor nnd ftn uttonrlnnt, A post*
Ijoneinont of ono v/r-oli v/ill jirob-
ftbly b» iinkfrt for on tho Habeas
--orpin*, writ,
 o    ■—
m iiicr a i UTir aoow flm/irr
iinii« nml old opon rnnnlnil Kiros or uloon I rfjT    J ° U *      ' *    *- » ■   I «-1-     UVWU     'tWH-Ju
nro cnvtai ut|U fiouiui,  in (ix;.Ui'tii'; --JtJ   )k:    _     ,    |(
running somi, or nlcors, It Is well to In
sum their hnalliiB to apply to thorn Dr,
I'lnrco'b All-llcilliiit Hulvo. If yourdniii*
(flut don't liuppen to lmvo thlrt Stilvo In
stoi'lt, Bond fifty-four cents  In postnoo
.       ,     ii.ii   tl   TH,-.,..      T .   ,_. . 11 1..- JJ ,(..*
an.iut>iirHleiiVlnstliiit\*iluirnlo/N. V., n,i»iri
a town** wi ol tho "All-Hpallim Salvo"
will roach you by roturn post.   .
Vmi can't aiTnid to neeppt a sppn-t ntw*
trum nt* iiHiibHtltntn for thin non-nlcnliollc.
mnllclno or known compohition, not
cvm,   thoiii*h   tha urfloiit donlor may
iprn..v rnnUo n littlo lilmjor nrollt.    ,
T)i*, Plcrrn's l'lp/innnt i'mMtx rptrnliifft
and Invltronito Htoiimch, llvor und bowels.
Bimnr-coatod, tiny utdiiulos, oosy to Uko
Say ! Why not have your plumbing
done now before the big rush. We
have the largest staff of experienced
plumbers, steam litters ant) tinsmiths
in the city,    Prompt andii efficient.
A» Tr. Hamilton, Proprietor
Telephone  I Next Ktng Edward Hotel
"" ft!
t   ,M
■ v
* I
*- 'L
-, m
"•it* v-"i^-?.
'-J^t'Jff^^gH^ ■> jf^H-l} tj-p-j-jt^'^-aatf-'aWB'^H'll^^ -* W •ajI'ia-alaila-aTa^llHBtaTI DISTRICT LEDGER,  TERNIE.   B.  C, MAY 9, 1908.
Lethbridge Man Murders Woman
and Commits Suicide.
Nelson's Evening Paper, Goes
out of Business.
Lethbridge, Altai, May 5—A horrible crime "was committed here at
11.30   ..Saturday    morning    when
Melia   Zagaly,  a   Servian miner,
shot Mrs. Mike Barcedi, an Italian
-woman, on thero'ad between    the
town and the mine.   He shot   her
three   times   ,and   then   cut    her
throat, severing the,,jugular 'vein.
He then shot himself three times.
■The man used to board with the
woman and had given her money
to keep for him.   She refused     to
give it back when he asked for it
on the road.   The woman's    nine
year old boy was with her     and
had the money.   The woman    had
eight,   children   and her husband
works in the mine and is; very respectable.     The   murderer     came
here a few months ago and     was
engineern on the screen engine.
, Vancouver, May 7—M.. J.* Scan-
, Ion, the largest individual lumber
, operator in the United States next
to Weyerhauser is here closing;   a
deal  for the purchase of forty-seven limits  in the Harrison      Lake
district, sixty miles from Vancouver.     He is     paying five hundred
and  twenty-five  thousand' dollars
for the timber.   He announced today that .next year he would" con-
' struct' two mills,  one at Harrison
and one at Vancouver, to  jointly
cut three hundred and fifty-thousand" feet, of lumber per day,     and
^'   to cost three-quarters;of a'million
dollars for ihe     plants. 'Scanlon
'.    already owns one hundred miles of
■' limits in- the same district. ;,   :
■'—: o—■	
In its issue' on Saturday , the
Daily Canadian, one of: the evening papers pjublitiried in Nelson,
announces that-it retires from
the journalistic field. Editorially
the Daily" Canadian says:
"With this issue the Daily Can-
aldia^t cdases .publication as a
newspaper. A small, issue will
be printed next week for. outside
circulation to fulfil certain legal
contracts, but as a newspaper
to-day's is the last issue.     .
The Daily Canadian has now
for nearly two years, served,the
people of Nelson.and vicinity as
a medium of news and fair comment. It was established in^ protest against what seemed to its
founders unfair _ and misleading
reports of political events. As
the danger of such reports is unlikely to.'recur the necessity for
the publication of this'paper no
longer  exists.
The, Daily Canadian has aimed
constantly, to furnish its readers
early, accurate and fair; reports
of all public events, chiefly those
of , special interest in this city
and province., It is gratifying to'
recall'.many unsolicited testimonials as to the lucidity and absolute fairness „ of . The' Canadian's
reports'. ',    .,
In  politics,    imperial,  Dominion
arid     British'   Columbian,,   it has
been a consistent and loyal advocate'  of   the -cause  of  Conservatism. - It  stood  always  for maio-
.taining     and     strengthening   the
imperial connection and.for spontaneous -   performance by  Canada
of-    all.the duties and the fulfill-"
ment   -of"   all  the responsibilities
incidental  to" that  connection.   It
has '   advocated  the_ development
,0'f_r.anada_ QTu>he_linesJJ.aid_d_Qwn!
by, Sir John A. Macdonald and it
has ' from .the' first appeal of R
©      ''■ 4 "" ' ' ' ' '    **
I The Time is at Hand
Tlie   Season
. ■-.   FOR
Screen Doors, Ice Cream Freezers,
Boys* and Girls* Wagons,
Garden Hose and Fisfaine Tackle
And as usualwe are right on deck with the most
complete - and * varied assortment of these lines
carried in the city. Our policy is fairness to every
one and' our congenial clerks only live for the
pleasure of showing and "demonstrating the merits
of our various lines.
Call and see-us when in need.
Every "Treasurer; of Church, Didge
or Association F^^^iM at §ndt
open a "SAVINOS ACCOUNT for these
trust Funds.
We specially invftethis cJass^of
Accounts and pay highest cuirent
interest. •■*-'■
Total Assets, Thirty-three Million
"9 I
&   Co.
Headquarters   for   Hardware   in   East   Kootenay
M    '      ''' ■'■'",   :. ■"•."' ' • '' ®
J.   R.   LAWR>Y,   AGENT
Fernie Branch
Washington, D. C, May 7-A->
cording • to the"' view of the department of 3^tice and'administration" officials generally, .the
most" important .legal case in the
recent history , of the .government
is that which" was presented -to
[the' United States .Circuit Court
of Appeals' by„Edwin W. Sims,
district, attorney of Chicago,, The
case started on Thursday, and
the    decision    as  to   whether   the
§"29.000,000     fine   "imposed     "by;
Judge Landis upotf-the^ Standard
New Westminster, May 7—W. ?.
Archibald, Dominion prison parole officer; is-in the city on his
annual trip of inspection to the
(British- Columbia penitentiary,
where he is taking up any differences between the prisoners and
those in charge, arid is also . considering any ^applications that
may be made by those incarcerated for release on parole.,
The particulars of .'each case, together with recommendations will
be laid before the minister of, jus-
' tice at ' Ottawa to be dealt with.,
Mr. Archibald says that the parole system* has met with great success in Canada, and that it is seldom • that a man who has been
paroled does not' live a sober,
steady and industrious life
the time he is liberated. .
■ -o	
By local  applications,' as they
cannot roach tho diseased portion
of the ear.   There is only one way.
to cure deafness and that is   by
constitutional "remedies.    Deafness
is caused' by an inflamed condition
of the mucous lining of tho Eustachian tube,   When this tube if* inflamed you have a rumbling oound
and imperfeot hearing,  and when
it is entirely closed deafness is tho
result,  and   unless the inflammation can   be taken out and thla
tube restored to its normal condition,   hearing    will bo destroyed
forever; nine eases out of ten are
caused by catarrh, which is nothing    but an inflamed,condition
of the mucous surfaces,
3orden,'supported his demand for
the cleansing of the civil service
and the immediate ■ abolition*., of
the spoils system and,the conservation of all the national wealth
for all the people of the nation.
In British ' Columbia politics
The Canadian has supported the
administration of the' Hon.- Richard McBride and his colleagues,
believing that the maintenance of
his government ■■ was essential to
the , stability, efficiency, and' pro-
o-ressiveness of the administra-
tion of the'province.
In regard to the, local affairs of
the city of Nelson The Canadian
has be'en on the side of progress.
Its    watchword   for the city has
always been  "Forward,"  and for
tho    attainment    of  that  it  has
urged1, and done its most to promote harmonious co-operation of
all citizens for the public welfare.
In   spite    of    some unfavorable
circumstances,  the  degree  of  support accorded has been moBt gratifying  and  sincere  thanks     are
here extended to those who have
given the paper their steady, •j*-***1'*
erous and loyal support,
With the purpose for which it
wus founded now accomplished
The Daily Canadian takes leave
of its readers, wishing them and
the city of Nelson continued pros*
Oil Company was justified will -be
awaited with intense interest by
members of congress and by the
president and officers'of the department of justice.
,If the big "fine is sustained -it'
■wiU - roeem • a-boAy--blow for- the
oil monopoly, as it will pipe out
the. profits of one branch of the
bi-, concerns for two or , three
years' at least. - There is a great
principle at-stake, aside from the
enormous fine', and the government is anxious to uphold its
position'that every "shipment    of
filed which  caused     the    government a' good deal  of concern.
John P. Miller, attorney for* the
oil trust, urged ,that the effect of
the Hepburn law of June' 29,
1906, was to extinguish all-penalties for offenses committed under the Elkins law, which it was
supposed to repeal. The. offenses
had been committed and indictments found under the Elkins law
so that if this' contention of "the
Standard • Oil- people had ' been
sustained'it would have put an
end to  the, prosecution at once.
Judge Landis  overruled  the  demurrer  in   an   elaborate • opinion,
but- as     he     was only a, district
judge no  one knew how the mat-
ter'VwWd' be; viewed by  the'up-
 -■   - ~,i v.f c .Tn Pp.hr.un nv__las_t..
however, 'iri the case involving
the Great Northern Railroad, the
United States held" that the Hepburn aot. did not repeal the Elkins law in the- way claimed for
it-by Mr. Miller and other counsel for the Standard  Oil Co,   » •
*     Auditor, Accountant, General Agent
Life, Accident and Employer's Liability Insurance
Books ■ opened,   closed,   audited,  and accounts  kept in the,
°     most up-to-date manner.
4 S=j —
Office,   Hums'  Block.
.Fcrtiie, B. O.
The opinion of Judge Landis
was therefore sustained ' and;'that
particular question is not* now
before the court of appeals and
v/ill be presented to it only incidentally. '■       ..
The indictment which was      returned  Aug.   22,   1906,   contained
11,903   counts.  .At  the   trial-' the
Fernie'sMost Home-Like House
gCiiig 'Edward 1
j. L.  Gates,  Proprietor
gooas ii.vo.vu5         L„„,0 „t"tVipsn Recounts because of
"In February our daughter   bad
i -M-.1. mtieeiun suriacos. , tho whooping cough.   Mr. Lane of
w"wUgive onJ hundred dollar, Wland! r&ommWed Chamber,
for any ease of deafncsB caused by Iain's Cough Remedy and said it
catarrh that cannot be cured by ' gave his customers jhe bento I a*
Hall's catarrh euro. Send for cir* l it-faction. We found it at **• "aid-
uulars free. P. J. CHENEY; ti'CO, and can recommend it to anyone
Toledo   Ohio. having children troubled with the
Sold by druggists nt 78 cents.       whooping;    cough,'' Bays Mrs,    A
Take    Hairs   Family Pills for 'Gobi, of Durand, Mich.   For sale
conDtipatlon. -by all druggists.
fM«kfibi.Mdf     CaMBht on the ntxrcH
The I. 0. 0. F.  Parade on Sunday, April 26th
ar-a-te offence whether made under
a  general contract  or not     and
whatever be the timo of payment.
Fortunately for the government
the supreme court has 'this winter
decided several  cases .which have
i a direct bearing on the main con*
tention  of the- Standard Oil  Co.
in the Chicago suit, which resulted in tbe imposition of the sensational, fine.   The government   has
bcien su-stained  invariably     -and
somo     of •' the    most   important
points   made by John *?■  Miller
nnd other attorneys of the Stan*
dard Oil Co, during the trial of
the Chicago case has now    been
specific-ally overruled by fro bu*
preme court.
The result is that on appeal to
the circuit court of appealB next
week the principal point at issuo
will bo not so much tbe conBtltu*
tionallty of the ElklnB law or the
question whether it was repealed
in whole or part by the Hepburn
law.   The real issue will be, first,
as to whether there was a separ-
ate offense every timo a shipment
was made, and secondly, whether
the fine of f?20,000,000 was excen*
sive and an abuse ot discretion bo
that it became cruel and unusual
punishment, which is prohibited
by the constitution of the United
District Attorney -Sims' brie! in
behalf of the government, which
covers    400   printed pages     bas
I 1     '   I      41.,.     ,'!. 1-.4-4-
JXihl   De*Jl   J(,i.w.<.»»   ».»   ."<■   >.-.,(--*-
'itunt    .'J .!»r'Ut,t•     *™* w* lfl **"*
studied with a great deal of in*
terest not only hry the  adminis*
tratlon    official* hxxt by lawyers
generally.   No such fine was ever
totioit*    unpojatd   ftw;f,«l**-»'*«    «»•*-*
there   is     much   curiosity as to
whether   Judge   Landis   will    be
sustained in the view he took ol
the    different offenses committed
by    the   Standard Oil Company
and     the r,tc«88lty of tlxln% the
maximum fine on each count of
tbe indictment,
In the trial of the Standard Oil
ease In Chicago an ingenious general and special dinmrtir     was
Centrally   Located
some of these accounts because of
material variance between the indictment and proof- There were
left 1,462, counts, and Judge Landis after careful consideration inflicted' the maximum fine of §20,-
000 on each count.
The Standard Oil people take
the. ground that the facts shown
at the trial do not constitute ,1,-
462 distinct offenses, but, on tho
contrary, that all of tho transac
tions between the Standard Oil
Company and the Chicago and
Alton railroad are not a seriea
of Boparato offenBes, but are related parts of a continuous courso
of conduct, bo that they amount
to only one continuous offence,
involving a single fine,
It is easy to see that if this contention is adopted by tho court
it will be impossible to roach a
great company like the Standard
Oil concern. Twenty thousand
dollars to a trust ol that character would mean but little moro
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save money
Cost of operating1,
very trifling
• Circular Saw frames a.Stationary ond Portable,
Drug Saw Machines Sawing Outfits
Canadian Fairbanks Go.* Ltd.*
Vancouver,   B. C.
Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calg-ary.
-  : 1*
than the usual "?5 and costs,"
to a common.drunkard in an average police court,
Tho whole purpose of proceod*
ings at Chicago in the first placo,
and at other places where similar
prosecutions aro still being conducted, was to pile up fines to
such, an extent that it would par*
alyie the financial standing even
of sueh a powerful octupus as tho
Standard Oil Co.
The position taken by the government   is     tnat »   li.e  vlt,*   vi
the .-j'tauJAiU Oil CtMi'uay r-uoultl
be maintained it would mako ol
the    Elkins   aft   b'U little more
than   a license law.,, The logical
outcome ol this L» stated by district atte-rn-v  Sunn,  wo-uid  ,  i*
that there could be but one punishment lor all separate acts of
shipping property at a forbidden
rate and that congress intend*.d
the same punishment to be invoked upon a small ihlppte who vio-
llated the law in a single instance
as     upon   a great     corporation
which violated it in thousands of
shipments day after day and year
tdter year.
Everything in the trade now in stock.
Examine before purchasing. Also
Lacrosse, Baseball and other Sporting Goods.
Phone Ho.  12
All the leading lines of
high class Chocolates
•a-aUfl Confectionery
News of the City
Miss N. Sullivan, nurse, HcFher-
son Ave., and Thompson St.       tf
General.- Servant—Good, general
servant wanted. " Goo'd wages.'Ap-'
ply" to . Mrs. A. H. Cree, Howland*
Ave".. -•'..- •'
Family, .dwelling, house, for ..'sale,
8 rooms."-Good" well of water Janice
garden. Will be sold cheap on
easy terms. Apply Manager, District''Ledger;   . ■ ■    . ;*, ;
For-/Sale-7-1 „Frame 'House, 4
rooms with" furniture and Singer
Sewing Machine; - also 28 young
chickens. Situate opposite Queens
Hotel, No. 143. The owner offers
thei. above ,very . cheap and easy
terms can be,»arranged.—Frank
Fasserni, owner.
Girl, vvantud to help with light -house
work.:: :Apj»ly Ledger oflice.      "       2t
Cliiciiens for sale—3u * chickens,
youpg/ Applv.to C. Carter,,, box ,44u,
Ferpre?       . "' " • "-» • •  -' >2t
Rhubarb roots for utile now.
Cabbage and Cauliflower plants
ready) 15th of May. 3elding out
flower plants by 1st of -Tune. John
McLachlan, West Ternie' Greenhouses.
For   Sale—1 four roomed house j
with'pantry,  also  furniture,      for
$300.    Apply   to    - ia.'...  xester,
Fernie, or Distract Ledger Office. 2t
_: -o: .     ,.
Rochon's has come here to stay.
• F.. J. Watson visited Elko :Wed-
nesday. ,-.
E." Tenner of the.G.N.R. 'was. in,
town Friday. "
Roclion's jline ice creapi. Best
in-' America.- ., i
Wm. Craig of Cranbrook was in
Fernie   Thursday.
Mr. John Hunter leaves - for
Scotland   to-day.
J. Young of Lethbridge was in
, Fernie Wednesday.
Captain Johnston of -the, Salvation Army visited" Fernie this
week. ,;       •    ;,        *°i.
J.   McMillan, ^ superintendtent   of
- C.P.R.   telegraph, was in  our, city
this week.
Mrs.   George .Gorden  will  leave
' for Berlin,   Ont.,   to-day,   to  visit
-her relatives.
If you want a ring made we can
. make you any design,,in our shop.-
,, A. C. Liphardt. .    ,
H. L. Edmonds of the Bank of
"Commerce, and Mrs. Bimonis visited Elko  this  week. ,'    '-'      . T
' . 4.nT^ .imIh „ v,^  4. 4. .. rt "»•"_^*V4 «. lrywn^. .n ,3	
nothing else.
Percy Bent of Cranbrook came
here on Wednesday to work on
o the new post office,building.
H., G. Lockhart, of Lockhart
and Gillespie, returned from a visit to  Calgary on Wednesday.
Fernie Eagles will send a repre-s
sentative to the grand1 Aerie which
meets in Seattle next August.
Wm. Lacy, constable; went to
New Westminster asylum escorting another inmate this week.
All manufacturing, engraving- and repairing dono prompty and satisfactory
at A. 0. Lipliardt's.
John Kitchener whose knee,was
hurt on Wednesday last, is reported doing well at the hospital.
An impromptu dance was held
at the Waldorf Thursday evening,
and a good timo was had by all
present. a
There has been quite an extensive fire burning in the woods to
the northeast of the town for, several days.
Dave Eckersley, the popular dispenser of good things at the Nap-
anee was visiting at Cranbrook
this week.,
A girand masq/uera'de Hall will
be given under the auspices of-lthe
Michel Football Club at Michel on
Friday, May 22nd inst.
George Bralloy, who has been
working at W. A. Ingram's barber
shop is going to Hosmer to open
up a business for himself.
The Michel Owls will , visit
Elko on tho 25th inst. Thoy will
probably be reinforced by Hosmer, Fomie and Coal Creek „on
Miss Ada L. A. Muroutt, travol*
lcr, writer, lecturor, will deliver a
series of lectures in tho opera
house commencing Tuesday tho
10th inst. '    ,
-^^^^x^x^^ QWHt^rAyAyQA^ApAyAy^-^^
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any day but Rnturdny.
W. R. Smith of tlie G.N.R.."was
in Fernie Monday. ■       -15
Ejot'lion's chocolates >are the
only chocolates. „
Mrs. and Miss■ McNeish, went  to
Jaffrey Wednesday,
v   T. >H. Hale went, to Calgary on
business'-'"on Tuesday. last.   ,
F. R. Morris, chief' of police of>
Craiibrobk was-in town this week.
We don't sell, apples or oranges,
but only candy and ice cream.
R. W. Drew, general freight agent
of Nelson,was in Fernie this week.
R.' M.   Wood,  real   estate agent
oi ~Hosmer~,^isi"ted our cTty~Thurs-r
day.     A "_   . ''  ,
L.,-, E. Herchmer, pro. constable
of Marysville is visiting. here this
Mrs. Brown, organiser of the
Pythian Sisters, worked1 up a local lodge of that order this week.
Rev. Mr. Hall v/ill leave Monday
to attend the Methodist convention which meets at Victoria next
Ban Moioney, who nasi been
working on the G.N.R. <• )r.:»+.ruc-
tion left for Havre, Mont., this
Rochon's* Candy Kitchen for
afternoon teas, dinners and sup-
pors. A quart of Rochon's. ico
cream is the rbest for dessert.
H. C. Kennedy, assistant general manager of the G.N.R. was in
Fernio on Sunday, decjompa-aiad'
by -J. R, Davis, assistant engineer.
A box car on Wednesday's east
bound local jumpod the track 3
miles east of Michel, causing much
inconvenience and delaying traffic
till after five o'clock,
A lawn tennis club has been
organised by tho members of tho
snow shoe club. They havo secured tho tonnis court formerly used
by tho staff of the Coal Co.
The city flag was flying at half
mast for the last fow days as a
tribute to the; memory of the
late John Cattoll "who was an active member of the Are brigade.
Mr. W. W. Tuttlo, A. J, Fisher,
J. R. McEwing, A. J. Mott, F.
J. Watson and Mr. Fletcher wero
nominated as delegates to attend
tho Liberal convention mooting at
Nelson June 4th,
1 Mr. David Hoboon, Jr., lato of
Oannock, now residing at Seattle, Washington, TJ.S.A., ro^uosts
us to publish that ho has passed
an examination entitling him to
bo a member of the Master Horse-
shoors nnd Blacksmith*) Asriocia*"
tion, Mr. Hojbson was a former
resident of Fernio.
Thoro havo boon several burglar*
los reported this week, A Great
Northern car containing engineering supplies was broken into
TuoBday ovonlng and drawing, instruments etc, stolon, The Victor-
In hotel was entered through the
upper sash of tho ofllco window
and flonio tobacco stolen> Mr.
Courtney reports an attempt to
enter his houso Monday night
About IS o'clock.
A cantata entitled "The White
.Garland," will be'given at' the
Methodist church on Tuesday, evening by- the- Sunday School children. ~ • .
, Joe Owen, who suffered the loss"
of 'his house in the Fernie Atnnex-
a short time ago, left- on Thursday for England, going round by
the States.  ; "
A temporary- building .is. being
erected at the' corner of Victoria"
Avenue for' Mr. Suddaby pending
adjustment of his""'claims "by'«in:
surance-companies.' ."  .. .   i--  '4
-JT-V,q_"O 4.*. TUT TT_.1i _. _' i '_/-''.-^_.
vited to remain another'year in
pastoral charge in the city by the
unanimous vote of the church. He
has been granted' a leave of absence to get a much required' rest.
Mr. Barber,- expert machinist,
representing the Mergehthaler Co.,
Ltd., of Montreal, who supply the
Monoline . typesetting machine has
been in Fernie this week;, adjusting tho Monoline used in this office.
The "result of tho visit of the representative of the Vancouver Fire
Insurance Underwriters to our
city, and seeing the effectiveness
of our fire brigade and water supply has been to considerably reduce
the rato on fire insurance. •-,
Rev. Lashley Hall returned oh.
Thursday from Cranbrook where
he had been attending the district
meeting of the Methodist church of
the E. Kootenay district. Sunday
night will "be his last service in
Fernio for the time being.
Lowest Prices In the City
Shoes,   Harness,   Saddlery,
Trunks and Suit Cases
also Shoe Polish
W. R. McDOUGALL mmituhi,
Architects and draughtsmen are
invitod to submit sketch plans and
estimates of cost for addition to
the Fomie Public School building.
Flans must show four class rooms
with proper moans of ingress and
ogross, and scheme of heating ventilation ano*. lighting. Basement
under whole of addition, containing heating systom, lajvatorios,
otc. Estimates not to include tho
cost of heating, system, plumbing
or oxcavating,
Froforenco will be given to plans
showing an addition, which, whilo
making a harmonious unit in connection with tho present building
is cnpablo of extension to make at
least a twelve room school apart
from tho existing structure. Flro
proof materials to bo used as far
as possible.
Satisfactory plans will "ro paid
for or architect given »,uporvinory
functions during construction. All
plans submitted at'owner's risk.
The Bchool board .does not bind
ItBolf to purchase or use any plans
that may bo submitted. Plana and
estimates to be in tho hands of
tho secretary not later limn May
12, 100H. Further inltrmntlbn
may lie obtained from the undersigned,
See. Fomie Public School Board.
IN THE MATTER OF ths estate
rtf ViAvrnrd Ven "flunfoii Info
of Fernie, B. C,| dscoaied:
Notice is hereby givnn that all
creditors and othort having claims
against , tho «ttat« ot the ttiii
Edward " Van Buyten, deceased,
who died on or about tho 0th
Any ni Vehrxxnry, 1flOB. nre re-
quired on or before the 23rd day
of May, 1908, to send by post,
prepaid or deliver to Mr. Eek*
stain, ot Fomie, B. C, solicitor
for the administrator, their
Christian and surnames, addressee
•nd descriptions, the full par*
tlculars ot their claims, tho state*
ment of their accounts and the
nfttiir* of thtMr *««nrltien, if aay
held by them,
And further take notice that
after sueh last mentioned -date
the said administrator will pro*
teed to distribute the assets of
the d*e»at»d armoue; partial   en-
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titled thereto, having regard only
to tbe claims of which he shall
then have notice, and that the
said administrator -will not be
liable for the said assets or any
part thereof to any person br
persons, of whose claims notice
shall riot, have been received by
him at the time of such distribution.
Dated this 23rd day of March,
Solicitor   for   the Administrator.
Depot   Restaurant
J, B. HOOKI**.**, Proprietor
Open Night and Day
Whim In M,\i*l>oil -.tnpnt tho
Dflpnt Itoritu'irun*
Blairmore. Alta.
Funeral Director and
Office Victoria Street
Phone 63      Residence Plumi* 28
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a Photo'f'rupic Studio and .is H*-**
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Box 424
The Garbutt Business College
of Cnljffti-y, lint* mii'l.'-n cniiiKt-R In Tola-
urni'liy. .Shm'thui'd ami IlihlnonH t urn-
ploys i«xpart tt'iiclifi'. ( prop'iu1* youn*j
imniilu for liiddpoiiiluncu hmI Hiiceeiis
Wriiofor pi'OHpectUH "L." Kntur inv
tlnii>, V. G. narlxitt, Principal,
Ledger for News
m,v\fe0ivpr*% f v-ffrfit-in-fr   *
Dray & Transfer f
A.i kinds  oi ii
Teaming and
Transfer Work
T.M. BROOKS       Prop-
P. 0. Box a<) 1    Tef. 6
a.t the
Fernie    Steam.    Laundry
All kinds of Steam and Dry Clcanlnv.
Dyelngr, Scouvlnff, and Presalnar done
by the moat Improved methods.
*■> -i
Gent's Fine Xoinen
a Specialty
A Trial Will
Convince You
Phone Ho.   135


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