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"   Cjf \Ve wish  to,, inform,the general public we sell
Furniture   on   the   monthly   instalment plan   as
-well as a cash basis.   '.
Cf-.The   advantages,   'convenience   and   privacy   of
our. credit  system   is, worth   considering by every
one open  to purchase household   furnishings.
,'*-■*      >       ' . ■•,''-'.-' '-",'■'■      • ■ ■'
Cjf Our; quality, prices and, terms cannot be excelled.
*#--*M*-.>V'-    ;. '     V  '\   g \' ^
Western Town
See our, Spring Suite at $7.50, $10.00, $12.00 and $15
orkinj? ahirtff^at 75c,f 85c and ..$1.00
Working Shoes at $2.00. $2.75 and $3.(X) _
..S-JW&re, 11.00, $1.25, $L50 and;'§^jX). •-.'-'
•Heavy Wool Sox 15a, ^25o ai»A.85w,'.
;-.,.,.;. \<v    '    --    . '»   ■    ..     '•■*-'*, .r '-r*£*.■&..
At' ;i mass iiicctinfr of Colemun ni'mifis
held .on April 29, il was unanimously
decided to quit work. Tlie operuors
ofthe InteniHiional Coal t.nd Coke Co.
started contract miners on company
jvork with, the intention of getting a
reduction on the pillar work, which is
now'55 cents'per ton according to the
pld'.'agreement. The operators desire
|he- miners to work at' the company's
late of $3.00 per day, when the agreement calls for.55 cents per ton on the
•work in dispute.    =, '
11   ';     ;. ,1. ■ ,, ,      ,     -  -  s
T The Nelson News has changed hands.
F.vJ. Deane.has sold out all his interest,
iacludingc book debts and.good .will, to
•TOi-W.-G. McMorrls,* who for the past
year' has had charge of the business
office:'.' x'. '
•• ~~...    , *
We- wish the new proprietor all good
luck, and also bespeak th-a same for Mr.
Deanr} ItvhiB next.field,- whatever it
mayVbe'. ''* \rjl, '  -"' **■ '■>• '•■■-'-
...        ■■!*-.       *v» _      	
.V. .J'** "   ■ ■ 0 ■ ■
biliroinciiB    -
.% .y. ^JN THE MOVE
--: - .,*-->.'{-,.-r-j-',',,*;,'--; ■  * t,   *"
- President -F." Ha Sherman ..was' at
Boche Percee, Sask., this week, attending the tonclliation Board which was
aptwint-^to sat the mining rate and
Ton will say. Is it Possible?
That I can bay good fruit lands with a good supply water with*
in 30 ralleu of Fernie, on the installment plan ,,
         - ..  ,,   . ,     .. •   . ,
$5.00 Down.   $5.00 per Monih.   No Interest or Twei,
For a five aero tract during life of contraot.   This offer will
not last Ion"-,'. Wrl.e f.»r circular of "Koootenia Irrigation Tract"
D. W. HART. Atjrt. Ka XI. aL. Co.. Bay tuts, B. C.
> ' ,'\'.«r'-«
Two young men of the. town
who were consorting with women
of the rod light district-.were arrested' last week and Magistrate
Whimster fined thorn $85 and costs
each, One of the women was fined
$26 and .costs for being an inmate.
Slw> was ordered to leave town at
once, • which order was carried
out, Tho other woman Was to appear but did not do so, and a
warrant was issued for her arrest,
She was too sick to appear, but
will get the same as tho other
woman, This woman was since
Aned 930,00 and costs, Another
man was up on the charge of be*
ing a frequenter, but the ease wai
John 0 arm there was fi.sd *2C
and costs, with the option of 20
days for carrying'eaniaaWi' we*-,*
ons, and threatening, to shoot,
John deoided to' keep hi* change
and took the 20 day fare,,which
be is now,serving, The gun was
contiscated by tne court,
Ten of the women of the red
"light district were assessed 930.00
. and costs on Thursday afternoon,
which sum considerably, fattonod
the treasury.
lovers of the fast horses will
gather at Gradhrook in large numbers for the races on May 18 and
■ 10. Purses to the- amount of fSI,.
■100 have been hunq* up, and sonle
of the best horses in the west will
he there to compete for tKem.
There will'be reduced rates 6n the
W/Hff ,JHNB,
••   • !■, ).*\ .»'•*"'-" *!-' v.'-
■ Mephis, April 1J6'—Over IlvoliuudiiHl
peoplo hnvo been kllled.nnd moro limn
olevon.luiiid|ed',iiijjir^l4<ln the fle-rle* of
tornadoes; ^n v^ujaiRiih, MltmUwIp,,!,
TonnosMoe/'-'Alahaina,':«iul. Gaortrin,
wlilch bti|>an FrHlay, inornlny nml lire
still bolnn reported.   ' * '
Millions ol'dollars In property hnvo
homi destroyed |>v the .windstorms.
Nenrly every point whluli litis hem
visited by the storms roperis futnlltluH,
•  •  •
Nelson suffered a S87,000 00 fire loss
this wcolf, and, was also without electric
llifht aniVstreyt cars for.twn or throe
Frank Mines to Start-No Work
.     Since January
The 0, l\\l.l;.i{lpsed*,tho Winnipeg
hhops 'on, Sntttrdny Inst, with the Idea
of getting alionil of-the unions nnd fore.
■al.1llli-.-4 (*. nfiiku,   lll.'.c'.t   VtkJuM tliV»'.VC
10,000 men.     ' "'"" "     '
• • •
Twcnty.e'lflhl'*rnenmi'l doath by the
collision between tiio Anmrlcnn Mnor
St. Paul and tho fli'ltlsh cruiser Glndl-
hior on tiivi inui ui -.Vijf.iii «.» .S**...*i»>
Mr. J, Bichardson Boat has
been appointed to fill Mr. Mc*
Evoy's place on the Coal Go's
staff. Mr. Boaf has been connected with.the company for, many
years and bis friends are pleased
at his well earned promotion,
Frank April .30—Henry Gebo,
former manager of the C.A.C. Co.
coal mine and1 who' organised the
company at the opening, arrived
in Frank yesterday in company
with Governor Spriggs of Mon.
tana. It is announced1 that the
company will be reorganised' at
once by Mr. Gebo. Inspector
Heathcote, O. Chestnut, mine
foreman'and Mr. Gebo inspooted
the mine today and found1 it iu
good condition after having been
closed for the last three months,
It is said that mining will not
commence for at least six weeks
owing to repairs having to be
made on tho tipple and many
other things to bo done. Somo
forty men will start work at onco,
Mr, Moore, manager, will joe leaving; , also Mr, Pearson, mining
Under the capable management
of Mr. Samuel McVicar, who is
well known, and with the popular
Ohas, Chestnut an mine foreman,
the citieens and miners of Frank
should feel very much relieved,
and we are sure thai things will
run perfectly smooth.
The Canadian Collieries Co, of
Lille are preparing to commence
operations at Lille, several cars
having, been Bent from Frank and
now that the Bellevue mino be*
longing to the same company is
working full time andsinco the
arrival of Mr. H, Gebo the new
president of the C.A.C &. 0, Co, of
Frank,, it is stated he has a con*
tlftCt   »U1   kUa\   ul   iti.   wul.u.t.,1    Ul.'l
■pr-r    rlny.   Thln**B     nre     lookln**
brighter through the pass,
II, P. Pettipiece ban been elected
l») Ia!-. cJiiiic -j! IL* e.'r:'.'lat!cn,
editorial, news and correspondence
columns of "The Trades Unionist'*
published at Vancouver, D, C,
Harry Cowan, an old time printer
nnd newspaperman is secretary of
The Trades. and Labor Council
and J. H, McVety is president.
Mr. Pettipiece should fill the bill,
as be has been anxious and on*
thusiaattlc to obtaiu such a position.
conditions of work for Saskatchewan
|tobn Angus Bfiiedonald; District Sec-.
reWy-jTreasuriBa**, Was here on Thursday
between trains, and^a8going\to Col,e-
vim to look after.the affairs of that place.
; jOur" District officers^ are'having, a
•biasy time of It these dayej' and' ore
•forking; hard and untiringly'in ^ tta
•Wrests of the' District.       '■ ,-• ■{■ ~ '""
■^■'■•T*t:r""~T",'o"": ""   '""
<**» <'''*4       "ii'v*t''      **"' "        *•    •-J'1
'*   CU8*OMS RBTORj^S c
' The folbwin-zace the cufltorns returns
for toe month of ;Apri|,,.which "show"a
substantial'lncresse'over.former ydarSV
Free'"■'' ' biitlablij'' Duty cot,
'1906'. 11,755,00 ■ -$17,Q17.00.   14,876.87
i9p7; *.;. l.ajj.oo/v...24,779.00':-1 e,o87-.ao
1908    11,805.00   "64,548.00    17,627.98
Inland revenue is 12,845.82 for April
this year.'        ., , -   :,,*,'•    ,   -•
0'"' ■   '' 1 •
■ * '*'**, -■ ,
Sandon;.April 30,—The New Brewry
of this'clty, owne'd'by Twopjood & Bru>
der, was burned to the ground this
afternoon''.'The flro Htarted'at 8 p.m.
and It took only a short time for the
com plot 0 destruction of tho building.
Tho origin, of iho flro Ih not Ktntud,
Loas 815,000.   iiihuranre 80,000.
New   Goods Just   Arrived
Specially for Easter Business
For the Ladies
Gloves, .Collars}  Belts,. Eic.
Silk,   Lace and Muslin Shirt Waists
.,  Suits and Seperate Skirts
For ihe M^
. Ties, Collars, Socks, Etc.
c ' '     ■
Light Fancy Vests „„*
,'y CJueit Peabo4y Shirts, Stetson Hats„
Custom  Made Suits, ^up-to-date in
; i every particular.
-   -   -   '... ■' ' r;'.". -  '    .    i -. -  ■ ..      . ;     ,' ■* .  .
? r-; •-.„■ . igcits for '   •:..■.	
r-i *H
Fit Reform Clothifig
Slater lAvietus Shoes
The Trites-Wood
;'-? ♦;'      Linited.'-' .'.
-., 0 f. ■ j- ~ *-
-     .■- ■*•„<*■,•-.
[ . ,; t'.: -i-:. /
■ ■
■; mm
Is The Fernie Brick Co.~Will
be Best [quipped Yard in
British Columbia
On' Thursday evening* tho niom-
bors' of Totnio Male Voice Choir,
along! ■with', a few of their friends
wove, entertained by Mr», Terry at
hor,   home,.on   Follat Ave.    The
choir is   vbry    much indebted to
Mro, '■■ Terry for the in tor est     she
takes   In' tho    society,    Tho fow
hours-spent under her roof -wore
on the. auspicious occasion passed
away, very pleasantly indeed,    Mr,
George May, tho, chairman of tho
choir, presided during tho render*
ing of.tho Impromptu programme
which the conductor of the party,
Mr, John Shortman very readily
(jot   up.   The   items on tho pro*
gramme were, very creditably gono
through    by   tho   artists.      The
chairman    on behalf of the choir
moved a hearty vote of thnnks to
Mrs."   Terry ' for kindness, -which
was seconded by Mr. J. -J. Hughes
Mrs. Terry in response sale    Bhe
was very pleased to meet    them
all   aad    would* be glad to meet
them 4t*»];i  on hqu.v !uU:i'c<  occ.v
ulon.   This little speech cunod tho
party to rise and sing •Tor she is
a jolly good follow xnd so say all
of us."   A few games '.vera after*
wards played.   Thus le-rmluated a
very happy evuwug,     0*iu(j     io
pressure   on   space we must leave
over the program which -was   an
attractive one,
».,,,., ^ ...o— —
The Socialist party nave decided
to start open air meetings during
the summer months, the f.rat ol
which will be held at rcrner of
Wood St. and VJctorid Jxva thin
Saturday evening at 8 t'cJcck.
Bechtel's Ltd.,-of.,Waterloo, Ont.,
and is . most up-to-d'ate in every
respect. Th'e capacity of .the.brick
machine is " only limited by the
power used and will turn out 50,.
000 first class .bricks, per day. The
bricks, are taken tdirect from the
machine to .'the dryer, which
is '-* ' patented, and in 24 hours
95,000 bricks are ready for the
kilns,.the dryer having a holding
capacity of. 180,000. bricks.. When
completed tho yard' will be* ono of
tho most compact in the west,
everything being laid out in number one order.
-Tho management of the plant is
in charge of Mr. Freek, who came
from Calgary highly recommended,
having a wido oxporienco and reputed to be one of the, best brick,
makers thnt could be procured.
Some four car loads of machinery is alroady on tho grounds with
Por some few weoks past;, considerable talk has been going the
rounds   rolativo to tho brickyard
abouti to 'oo started at Fomio and ,    -      ,,..,-        , ,   - ,, . .
with a view to a'little information  ff?^i0A^L«%u°^.fi^*
for verification unrepresentative of
the Ledger strolled to the field of
oporation possibly a mile to the
south of our city. The visit was
not in vain, for there, in full ac*
tlvlty he found f-ome twenty odd
men busily engaged in making
way for what is to bo tbe scone of
oporation of tho Fernio Brick Co.'
All kinds of machinery relative to
brickmaking 1b on the ground and
from the enthusiasm displayed It
will be but a short time until the
real article will bo on exhibition
and ready for market, Messrs,
Todd ia)nd Wriglesworth, two of
the directors, were, on the ground
and lost no time in giving explan*
atlon of the system to be adopl|vl.
These two gentlemen along with
somo other well known and enter-
Srising citirens amongst whom is
tr. MuU, have for somo time been
doaliug with the feasibility of mak*
ing brick that would be marketable and find ready sale and this
pnrf* nf the venture has been buc*
cessful in so far as obtaining the
proper iuiul of *-(d)' it, m 1.0.1 md,
To better BaUnfy themuelves they
have hnd samples of clay tested at
Frank, Alta., Whitefish, Mont.,
and latterly at Waterloo, Ont. TJie
samples of brick from tbe clay
submitted bus
case    to be
idea of the outlay in tho business,
and the capitul involved. The Bito
is alongside tho G, X, railway on
the went side, close in and easy
nccenniblft for loading, brick on cars
ready for shipment. To a close observer it will readily bo Been that
the parties in charge aro keon bus-
ineSH men and have things arranged to have thin plant one of the
foremost, if not tho best in the
west, Brickmaking will be commenced along tbo parly part of
June and with the prospects of orders ahead the new firm will be
kept busy till away late in ths
fall. The market for this commodity is almost unlimited in the west
and we can see for this enterprise
a prosperous *,nd gl. rloua tx\\ \v>.
More anon.
I".-*... IV.t ?I;.'\rcd ■"V'ev.'.*'*
TLai uooi. Jiii ucul TtiWy Tuttle.
'once of Madpod, now mayor     of
Fernie, has lecelved notice to appear at a court, of revision on
Muy 4th noic^,,someone charging
that ho is not a British subject, It
prevbd in evtty jaue vt)d..^» i» c^,kt*-l !— '.„... ::^
ot the finest and we | right to the office of mayor, and
have no hesitancy in saying that j more than that he must Have
no finer brick can be produced In committed utr\x\ry on several oc-
British Columbia. They have an ,easlons in taking the oaths of of-
abundant supply of clay and with flee, Those who are quite familiar
the • machinery for the purpose of with Mr, Tuttle* know that that
brickniaWng we nee only a grand 'f*witl»miin would not wilfully com-
future for these enterprising gentle* mit perjury under any tonsidera*
miMi. tion,   and   the outteomo is waited
The yard outfit is supplied   by with Interest. ,
y DISTBICT. LEDGER,  .FE.RN.iE.   B.C.-, MAY 2, 1908.
The Country
: ° Mouses
',"     By TEMPI.E BAILEY.   "
Copyright, 1807, by N. E. Ualey.,
* ''  (From the Toronto Globe.)
Ottawa, April, 1908,—Mr. W. D.
Scott, Superintendent of Immigra-,
tion, discussed yesterday with the
Globe's "correspondent" the „ front
page article "'Time to Close the
Gates," which appeared in a recent
issue of the Globe. This contained
the suggestion that no corn-mis.
sions should be paid on immigrants booked from countries other than those of Northern Europe.
Mr. Scott, in explanation of the
government's policy with regard
to immigration, took occasion to
correct a, general misapprehension
of what is being done.
'/There seems to be a-misunderstanding on the part of The Globe
that the immigration policy of
Cana-da is the policy of the 'open
' door;"' he said. "There was a
time in the early stages of immigration effort when such was the
case, and at the time it was supported    almost   unanimously   "in
. parliament, ,   in     the   , press and
■• throughout the country. The attention of the people of the chief
emigrating countries was * - thus
drawn to Canada. But some years
- ago the government came to recognise that  with the  continuance
0 of agressive * immigration. effort
there must also be a measure'able'
' degree of restriction and exclusion.
This  idea     was embodied in the
--.terms of the immigration act"'  in
" 1906, and has since been developed and enforced" from, time ,to time
, by such regulations .under, the provisions , of that act as the circumstances seemed to require.
.."The impression th-at the' bonus
system is' responsible for the-con-.
gestion, of labor. and the presence
■J__oflundesirables!linjLsome_; centres' of:
sirable,* not any change in the;*
character of the immigration itself. It was because the conditions which were necessary for
their well being in Canada and
the United* States had ceased to exist that this class of immigrants
became, undesirable. And for this
change in the conditions the immigration! policy of,neither country was responsible.
population in eastern Canada*:
not warraated in'any^ degreed The
is' and has been for several* ytfESt
past,- an, outflow,,, of. .people * vtmA
Europe to both United States and
Canad^*Themoyement*to the Un-t
ited-St^tes.has^not.only*not been,
encouraged by. .ifiat 'country, but'
has been actively discouraged. But
notwithstanding , the requirement
of 1 an actual, cash^p.aymeivt to";en-*
tejr the United' States^ a strict
medical examination, and through,
out a decided policy of exclusion,-
it was found that probably forty-
'.•flv'e per, cent? of the million immigrants into the United States - in
1907 where of the, classes which in
Canada to-day are .deemed unde-
sirables.. It is clear, therefore,,
„ that as bonuses, were not used to,
draw them to 'theWnited Sta-JW
neither /were bonuses, needed to attract the same 'classes to Canada'.
The favorable conditions of the labor market in both countries up to
"So far as the payment of bonuses by the Canadian government
is concerned, these are used as a
means of encouraging only desirable immigrants, and in no sense
can it be construed that, they are,
as ^at- present adminictered, any
assistance - or inducement, to' the s
immigration of undesirables.
."Let me here, make it thoroughly understood that assisted immigration   is-in no, form a part'of;
the immigration policy of the Dominion government    At no     tii^e
since  the  government ,took  office
had money been spent directly   or
indirectly, *to assist immigrants to'
come to Canada, except, of course,
in'the case" of ^ the Doukhojoors'who
were^ regarded as avr^secuted-"peo-
ple and were the objects' of Caha-'
dian , sympathy.      Owing' to '„the
struggles     for liberty which were
then taking place in Russia, '. the
action of the "government was ; at
that time endorsed by;all parties.
The government's policy and   expenditure1 are simply directed'    to
attracting .desirable people.' Thousands of dollars are spent for publicity,-  but not a! cent for assistance.   The publicity, campaign Carried on in,European countries includes     the circulation of printed
matter setting forth Canadian con
Kelicia packed Into a little trunk, her
oiie White party dress, a. pretty 'gray
dinner gown, a half dozen shirt waists
ai.d an extra hat, and away she went
to town to visit her cousin, Mary
Hiiruea. ■ '
Mary's brother Roger met her at the
"Mary. Is planning no end of things
for you." he told Felicia when he had
settled her In the carriage. "She is *,*o-
lug to give a luncheon and a tea and a
theater party and a dance, and half
of her friends are enlisted to make you
have a good time. It will bo a lively
existence for you. little girl." .,
"Ob." Felicia leaned forward, "I shall
love" It!    "My greatest excitement for
a year lias been a church"'social or a/
sleigh ride, aud l.'am longing for society." , ; '
•'Mnry spells society with a blg'S,'"
.Roger told her. "She is a "slave, to It,
and she needs a rest She Is as thin as
a wafer and as pale as paper.-"
,"But think what a.lovely time she
has!" Felicia said, all pink and whito
with enthusiasm.' ."     ,   "   "   .'i
"Humph!"  Roger-saidr- "You don't
ditions ,V. advertising those 'conditions -in the newspapers,  the ,employment of salaried officers, , and
"chiefly in .the British.Isles of farm-5
er delegates from Canada, and' tble
payment of. bonuses,.,to~ „ booking:
agents on, th& sale^of .ocean pass-
'age - tickets * to   certain   specified-
classes of immegrants to Canada,'.'
In,, connection with "the payment
pf-bonuses it should be distinctly
understood   that tbe ^qnly classes
which, the-department attempts to'
secure   for   Canada   or on which
bonus is paid are.those who come
to the country to engage' in farm
work.or railway'construction, and
female-domestic servants.   At   no,
time'for years past hafl-fthere'^been*
a * shortage j.of J positions for -.those
desiring farm, work, and the* scarcity of female'jdomestics' is so well
known that-1,need say nothing in
that ■connection. ' Not     only .docs,
tho department not encourage im-
    _  migrants of occupations other than
tho end of last summer, wore the I those already mentioned,    uut   in
real cause, and so long as .those  its printed literature it  actually!
know-when you are well .off, llttle/Fe-'"
•.licia.*'/ /.er'[/: £";',.;■■." -, ";.
■■ Biit Felicia-fell on Mary's^neck when
she reache'dlUMLgreat^stpne'irva»slon.^^
"1 can stay' two'week1!;'' -.rsoe^"sald>,!
•The school board gavemea yacatibn,.
and I am going to have the time of, ray
life." .''*, '•---'*..'.n..:■■-': -, *..■:.-.■'!. i
.  "Indeed you are.'.' Mary said,and'carried her away, to a delectable, bedroom,:
where rose leaves drifted across the
wall'paper.    "   -      ,' *'   >', ."'-"'i-,
-V "I'll*'get .Into my' kimono, and then-
we can talk,"'Felicia said Joyously as,
she "opened", tier little, black-*- bag;;-,:; Biit.
Mary shook her head dubiously,'-;,''-Tbe.
girls are coming tor-luncheon. In. just,
a half hour....There-are, ten' of theft,""
and tlie table ■ decorations' are^to bV
m pale pink',' 'because' that' Is 'yvpur favorite color.,",'1 . •;, ''^i^z'i&rvA,
"■ ''What shall I wear?" Felicia -'askefl??
"1 have a gray-gowu and,a, white one,"
'ind the-white one Is for evening." "*
'  "The'-gra'y "will1 be' all- right' with a>
ducky-little, knot of pink'carnations
nnd''lille's* ofthe valley;. .-The;;Qorlsts
favorable conditions oxisted no ob
jections wero raised in either country. It was a change in the
labor conditions which constituted'
a large part of immigration unde-
warns such to-remain away unless
they have assured positions or
sufficient money 'to maintain them*
selvos until such time aB work can
Continuod on page three.
•   *           . M.y
Wc have the following ma'tJl.inery for
' .sale on which wc will give a real bargain
One   Washington   Jiaiul   Press
' (bed 24j4x38)
One 7x11 O. S. Gordon Press
One W/i inch Yv'esiman & Baker
Cutler, Lever
One Babcock Drum Cylinder
Press, Rack and Screw Distribution, Tapeless Delivery, bed
One 3 H. P. Water Motor
This machinery will be sold separately or altogether.   It
is nil properly and securely boxed and ready lo ship.
Address The Manager
w-rddluipfliehi- that"wayTnw;-rancV
Uoger. can get-yon some.','  .-,,-.,-
, Uoger'got, the "flowers, put .the gray
.rowii   was not gorgeoris':,and 'beside
Mary's   shlinriierlug   chiffon -* creation
Felicia "felt ■depresslugly" "shabby".'" -
* Rut the luncheon was-exquisite, and
the-girls were fi:i.'»iiilly, and Felicia did
not biive much time to think of herself,
for there .was.,a ton, on'.luuneilfatcly
nf ter, .'and sho was carried off,by Mnry
ind Roger.- wdarlhi* a long and splen**
lid wrap'of "Mary's, for her own slm-
ple;taIlor-,made. Jacket,was .out'of;tho
(liiestioii."'     ' "     '•'•*■•       . .
,"Xo one will notice that It Is mine,'*-
Mary ussurod' her,* ';lu. the crush,'v"*so
L'C'llcin,  feeling , very  elegant.• swept,
through tho crowded rooms nnd tall-fed
■is fast ns Bhircoiild to dozens of peo--'
pie and came out breathless. ,      ' ,a .
,.."Wasn't it."nwfulV" Roger askediber.'
"1 shouldn't l)llvo', gono a step If It
badu't been for you."
"It wns delightful, Felicia-gurgled-
"the pretty wouieii. the lights, tho uiu-
sic, the lees-iiml-mi'rythlug." ,'
.'"Humphl",.Roger, grumbled, and Fe-'
lie-In 'made,*■■*.'.,littlo face !at" |hlm and
snhl, "You're nn uiiBoclablo'bear, Itog-
ier," a nd Roger salil, "Oh, It's (sucb a
waste of gooil'iniitei'lal'for youp to
siieiid your time with such peoplo
wheu you might he talking to mo,,.F6-
Felicia opened her eyes wldo at that,
••no .vou llko to tnlli. to. me, Rogor?"
Bin." (|iio8tloned. nnd Roger laughed anil
en Id. "YeB, hut you don't deserve-It."
And Felicia, fouling very much flat*
tori'd, leuued back In tbo currlngo aud
peeped nt Roger now nnd thou, while
Mnry mapped out,tho programme for
the uoxt day.
"We will go to tho hairdresser's early,    Uogor, don't yon  think  Follcln
will look denr with her hair marcoled?"
"I think Felicia looU dear with her
liulr liny way." , '
"O-o-o-h," murmured Felicia from
her corner.
Mary laughed and wont on.
'"Thoro nro the Deorlng luncheon nnd
throo teas and the art exhibit and the
Colliiirus' dinner nnd u box pnrty after, und then the fntlllon."
"Oh, stop!" Felicia |>lond«d, looking
nl her cousin w;lh startled eyes, "Do
you expect JliO ta d^MUat^ln.^
dny.'Mnryr -^Z.   .-JJ-4:-
"Sho iloes." Wmt iiHscrtod, survey*
ln« his country cousin with molr.ncl.olj'
c.i>h. ''and whore, oh. whoro ltu,nli
Unit programme will you hnvo a mln
ute to upoiiil with mi'?"
"I inn not worrying ubout that," Fo
lieiii told him, ("Impllng, "hut whnt
am I going to wear, Mary?   What nm
efS.t.n   »v    ......
"'I'tiora'a your white dross.'* Mary
.•nli! slowly.
••Hut I enn't wear that one iIivhs io
a iniitheon aftd three teas and a theater party und n dnnco. Whnt mo you
going to wenr. Mnry?"
,, ■   I t    -.     f   1 .!-«■.     «.,     tl      I,    tr\m
*•%    -jkr-VvC   Ws*-*-**   UkV*i»''»-*i-v*.i*    *«■"■   **•'■'*
tho luncheon and the ten and the view
Thoh I sbnll stanr white Inie to ihe
dinner nnd Ihe rest of tho ovmilug."
"When In all that rush will you find
timo to change?" was Roaor's ques
Mary leaned bsele In th" corner of
the carriage. 8he was very pule, and
tliore «•*»*« dark circles around hr-r
♦•Ob, I don't know} t don't know.'*
»b« Mid.   r8omctlffiMJ. feel as If 1
were on ii treadmill aud ,uo one-would
let me Stop."      " *   '     .-,   ' \,.. ',y,'
"Felicia'looked"at herewith startled
eyes. .-        - '- ■■   .r '    • 'V
. -'Why, I thought you liked, it," she
gasped. ' • •   '■•_---   ■' -
Mary 'straigbteiied up. at that '•
•'Oh. when I get into it," she said,
trying to speak" lightly. "it> not so bad.
biit I have felt the" strain this whiter
awfully." '■>.'"'.'       ;
. Between rushes that night Roger
caught.Felicia- for a moment alone in
the library. "Mary Is dreadfully blue,*.'
be told'her. "She broke, lier engagement, with Bob Carruth In the summer/and she,,hasn't seen him'since,
and she 'misses hliri." .  ",  "'
"What did she break It for?" Felicia
asked.' °'     ,      ,    "   .,    "'
"lie wanted her to go south .vith
Wm and settle lu a little town where
be could practice medicine, und she
wouldn't give up society, and now I
think she regrets It."
- "Oh." said little Felicia, "if I loved
a man I would go to the end of the
world with him!" c.
"Would you?" Roger asked.
"Well, I, am leaving for .lapau next
week." Ingratiatingly.
Felicia gazed at him with iutense Indignation for a moment; then she turned her back on him.   •'Silly!"*she said,
When Felicia wont to bed that night
she was so tired'that she could not
sleep. The next morning she was as
-pale as Mary, ; For a week the two
girls dragged their engagements, finishing <up on Saturday ulght with an-
■ others'cotillou./. ,'•-..;*=.,,'   .. • . •*-, ;■.;.
- "Felfcla wore her white dress... It
was mussed.' and she knew that she
was"'not looking "her .best, but she-was
sn tired that she; did,riot care. .Roger
had sent her a' bunch of"violets, and
her dance card was filled with names,
but.the fact gavo hef.no'satisfaction.
, 'The'fourth dance was Roger's, i ."
"Enjoying it?" he asked briefly  as
he swung her out into the floor.
"Oh, I am so tired'1 shall drop," she
snld." "Can't 1 go" home, Roger?"" -
--.-. She-looked so like a little weary child
fti'.at.Roger laughed.;. "■•:- "-,-". ''■ * ^ ■?   ,
,"Baby," he teased arid-then tenderly,,
"I'll hunt.Mary, up, and we will cut
■ithe feet of it.':."", >"", ^c * . --•...' '.:'
^'ln the carriage"'Mary-'collapsed. '' "1;
"didn't,dream I'was so tired," she sob-
jIkkI.-with, her head on Fellcla'3 shoul-
idor. 'aud, Roger,* surveying., the ,palr
ly.ith twinkling eyes'sald, "Let; me pre-
:scribp.','   \ *->>T,';' ''.* '['J' "*r
:- -"Well?", came back In'muffled'agreement. .. ir:yj}:-yy.., ^r
"You  pack ' your^trunlapMary," "'Be
■_n_liinneji.^_"and_go honie' with  Felic'lh.
W.J. Wriglesworth,;D,D;s,
■'.;'--,'■■   <".; pidiTTisa?4.•""',.''_ ,
Office Houks,-       8 -loto 12 a. m.- l'to 5 p. m
' ' " ,   ,"."     ,8.30 to K p.m.   ,.    '>,'»,''""■
' " ■  ';   Office in A-'ex, L ck's B1006, .
over Slmii'. Bakery.
'■•'.' '-',. "'  -, '■*','■■■■'
Insurance and, Customs .Broker
Crow's   Nest   Trading   Co.
^"    Fernie,  B. C.
Contractors and Builders.
; Plwu, Specifications and Esti-
;   mst«t Inrnished on application.
Plenty  «»f GOOD  DRY. LUM-
''•-..-R.-1. KBU."    -.
Architect - aad Siperlatendeat.
Office at Saaideac*;*  -
BAKER ST.     „...,    FERNIE, B.  C
L.   P.   Eckstein
"Barristkr-at-Law, Solicitor_
Koomrlits,Henderson'blook. Jfernie, B.C.
J. Barber^ l.d.s., d.d.s.,
T. W    Block,   opposite the  Bank
Ofliee hours—« ft.sa. to 8 p-m.
* •*■■»   ■i   -:. ~ *'
meets in the Miners'. Hall every
v alternate' Thursday at 8 p.m. c
L. SNOW, I'ras.    *       . ,   'E. DICKER, Seo:
F. C." LAWE        ' ALEX.; I. FISHEB, B. A.
Latoe & Fisher
u« ■    ' .-   .-'■    x'',-      .-
Builder and Contractor  .,
Estimates cheerfully {riven and worfe
promptly executed to the satis-    ,
faction of our customers. .:',
,,   Townsite
'Fernie and-
Nest   * Trading   Co:
Fernie, B. C..
Fire, Lite& Accident Insurance',;
W. R, HU. bs. K. C.'
Y : Ross:& Alexander: y $
,      -,   - *^ > ,*•• ^     *■ *n
FERNIE, B. C. ',
Office In L. T. W. Block, Victoria Avenue.
£\1-He'nd'erson.^io^ C
,,-' ** '   I:''-' . „v*t'' ."^->vt ''.■-:.,*''. -, ■  ~~f ** '"•' ■ -'
it's-lovely in the country now, aud I'll
come up and bring-fioD^tiarruth'wlth-
uio."   •  . ,.   ;v*;.-'.-...- - •
Mary sat up, with her face' ablaze.
"Bob Carruth?" ,    , -' .V
"Yes.   I had a letter from htm yesterday,   lie's coming up for a visit."
Faint pink tinged Mary's cheeks.'
"Do you think he will'wont'to-see
me. Roger?"M6he asked wistfully, aud
Roger'shld'gently.'"I know he will,
Mary.",   ,*   ,
So^Fcllclo-.: pocked 1 her ■ littlo trunk,
an-l'^Marj;' packed' a', larger one; and
away'they wont to the .country," where'
thejrees -were'crimson and gold nud
brown and where' ■ tlie" air wiis' like'
wine. ' And there'' Bob Carruth|V grid:
-Roger followed them.  , ..    . ..,.-.,',,.,. .
"So"sho Is rcnily going to mnrixhlm
aud livo' In ,ja, country, town,'!;Roger
commented,; nnd',he * and *. Felicia ■ followed Mary nnd her lover hlong/h
path that seemed to end In a golden
sunset..,', ;   ■   ■'...,    '*. ,  a "•..-''..-
"Yes."-Follcln sold.' ■     •  ' -       /:
"And yoii nre going to marry me and
come and live In*tho city," Roger ventured,'
"I hnveii't promised yot," snld little
Follcln. "I nm nl'nilil thnt somo day 1
should bo saying, 'Give 1110 again my
hollow tree, my crust of bread and liberty .'"
"You aren't nfrnld of anything of tho
kind,*; Roger told her. "You know we
would live bnppy over after."
"Oh, woll, If,you nre so Biire," said
Felicia as sho tucked a confiding hand
through his nrm nnd looked up at him
wltu hnppy eyes, "I guess I shall bnv©
to say yes, Roger."
"MARSHAbL :&rROSS.: ,.
■-'.' Plans and. Estimates furnished.    f
v. „•    i  i       --s
',: Jobhing... SaBh and;Poors..    \ •
-,*■...    ■>'■ ■•" 7 y*s? ;'-
Builder's Stairwork a Spedalty
Satiifaction guaranteed.
■■-TvrrV. AMBROSE.■
,        -     „ '  '        '    , . J*- -
■.   *>;■-,■    -   .1 ■>*>   ~.-   *    n    -
a. . uio- *'.  -.(;-■' <^r, %,- ^   .', ^
Successor to J" W. H.' Terry ,
'   l '     '"' ' ' *. S x
•Employment and
Real Estate Off ice
*   . -    ,. 1 ■.
't-A-ll -classes.. of ,.men
t ^**ft -"..^   ***--» L      -J
.%.. ■y-.i'^jt-A
BusfimcnV^Luf^bcr'mcn   &.
'a'r * fi'rt
P. 0. Box 183
Union labor'
■V',;-.4V—-•'--;-•(>■-•"■"-f    -■> .-'/--*■ ■•,-' ';        «
Excavation's. takeii>'.6utj -etcV
• Cox Street
Phones-94- and"* 147. /P. .0,,-Box 417'
--   • "*-,    „'..'*).     -,v,
All work guaranteed
Victoria Ave.
Ffirnic, B. C.
•30 YEARS'
Tho Bellblrd.
Tho most rcinnrknlilo thing In connection with tlie hellhlrd Is Its powo^
ful voice, It utters a clour motnlllc
noto Hint chii ho heard at n dlstanco ol
throo tnllos, Its nolso la llko that produced hy a lilncksinlth striking his an.
vil, Sometimes It repents Its notes In
quick succession, sometimes at fairly
loug Intervals, Thoro In no mistake
about tho.volco qf this bird; it la loud
and" piercing ana* would bo iwnrfl
nbovo tl,io din produced hy overy In-
mnto of tho r.00 nilslng Its volco pi
once.   •*■*--     '        -   ■'■•"*"
Rxccpt for n npneo of naked skin on
tho throat 11ml nrmind the oyes, which
during tho breeding senwm Is of greun
color, this bird In pure white. Th*?
contrast between the soxes In tho hell.
blrtlB l« extreme, for, whilo the male U
pure white, the femnle Is ln'ownlxli
green. Darwin refers to tho bellblrd
when ho points ont thnt "White Is n
verv rnre rolfir in terrestrial spoclos of
moderate «l*.e and Inoffensive1 bn-oiw.'
-I'uil Mull Uiuciw,
Trade Marks
Co*»vmanT8 Ac-
»—i\1 --.
icmt f roe.
Anyono MndlnB » aketqli tmidesorlptlori\vl»
Mtiotlu, without oWso, intfia
mtlior au
wwlai netUt, without ebme, In tlio
Scientific mtm,
Aiitnd'aO'iieiruiuimt'adwwii.ir. iMsoitoir*
Si it on ot*nr Hlutiso joD-tuL, .Termii for
Otnaiia,mkeyeet, ftmeie prop»ld. Bold by
ill now»a<i4lcr».
Fit for a King
Tho moats that yon bay
Irom ub aro lit for a klnjr.
Wo soli no'hinK that Is
not the best, thnt Is why
•wa havo so many plcisca
cufltomors. I-,et us de-
moriBtKto tills fact by a
trial. Pollto attention
aud prompt scrvico.
I Cfllaarti Cattle Co.
lo Consumptives
The underelinad having be** re
storsd to health hy simple   msani,.
•fier Buffering   for Mitral yiari
with a, mvbm long affeotlon.   ani
that drsftd dlat-aM CONSUMPTION,
U tnxtons to make known  to hit
fellow snffsrers the mtans of cere.
To   .hoes who   desire It, In*   wtH
chssrfnlly   aend (free of oharge) »
loopy of the pretorlptlon oMd, whlob
they wilt find a oura for OOlfSUMP-
|tion, abtoua, ciTAiinn, buok*
CIIITIQ aad oil throat  and   lung
IfALAJDIES, He hopefl til anffSMra-
wlll try thla Remedy, aa It la InvaJo*
able,   Those doalrlng the prtaorlp.
tion, wblob wiU   cost tha nothing,.
and may   prova  a ..leasing,   will
Oleosa attdrtsa
Brooklyn, N, Y.
In ■ Dsd Way.
Tliero la n rennsylvnnla divine who
Is not nvcwo to tollluB a (rood Btory
A   f.   It,   av,.*^   rxvtXfWinr.
Once In addresslm* a mlsiilon meet-
Ins In Philadelphia which was attend'
ed mainly by sailors tho good roan bad
sought to adapt his remarks to-hli
hearers by using nautical almlleaf/and
In so doing bo ventured somewhat beyond bta depth.
"And now what ahall wa do-wbit
aball wa dor
"No-thin' douY. cap'nr aang ont one
of tbe sailors. "Yo'ra la bad! Xa're
gola' la atmrafewnjoatr
"An honored citleen of tida town
waa Buffering from a severe «,ttaek
of   dyse»tery.  Ha told a friend If
ha could obtain a bottle of Cham'
berlaln'a Colic, Cholera and DIar.
rhoea Hem«dy, he felt confident of
being eurad, ha having uaed -tbia
remedy la the West.   He *»aa tola
that X kept It in atocfe and lost no
time fa obta-tnlnff «, ««d *«•»«*-/
promptly cured," Bays K, -J.Leiieb
I a   drogglat  of Woleott, Vt,  Tor
isala by aU oroggUU. [*> -
*'    '   DISTRICT  LEDGEE.. FERNEB.  B; C., MAY 2,. 1908-    - .. ,"
Makes the Biscuit
and Cake lighter.
finer flavored, more,.
nutritious «d wholesome!;
.'*!•.JE^*.- Ji
Made from pure  p
Grape Cream *of Tartar
No alum—No lime phosphate
"C '   ?\-*"r f   r. ■ ■ .-     >      * .< •.-*
■*-.*;,       Continued from page two
"be secured.jifIt will thus be seen
that  the ' unemployed-" Vast* winter"
. were not.'those on     whom bonus
had been paid, neither did thjey belong to the classes for which.the
Immigration- Department* caters.
■•' /-V'The^business "of>af boofcingrag-
.'ency'in'Europe is'carried on as a
separate  private  enterprise.      The
■agent  works .under license^ from,
hSs  government.  -He"secures    the
agency   for   as    many systems oi
transportation j ■■■.as-.c.he* can, i, receiving from the lines. over which
ix.e sells a small commission on each
•ticket' 'sold?    He:prbVabiy holds'
• ^Vncies^ for"transportation" to all
$arts '"bf^the'.w'orld'.' 'The'greater
the ; commission  received ion \;the
\ ticket.'sold' the greater/his (ea"ger-
" ness to  sell such tickets.   On - -a
picket to .;Australia he' would ,get
" a higher- commission than on- one
to Canada,,arid consequently^if,he
.could-use any'influence in favor of,
Australia it would'naturally   'be
.'  * ,,'   ■ ■ .c.    - ,-„  ' -    -     ■ ■ ,
■used.- ■ „ ■
-. '"But to.look-at.it in ihe more
.intimate "relation  of . the,.    "United^
demands**'for "unskilled, lab or      in.j
Canada.   A large number  of peo-
:ple    were \thriiugh .the, efforts ,of
.those institutions assisted to come
;fto.Canada.   They ilidnot come as
oM,.the result o£,any effort on the part
,of -the   • Canadian     Immigration
Department   and     unless   strictly,
farmers,,    farm  laborers,   railway
construction '--men ,;or -.- domestic sex-'
.vants no bonus ,was paid.'   As.    a
matter of fact bonuses were    only
paid: on-a;: very  small  percentage
of the tickets of persons who, came
under such auspices.   Even before
the change, in;,the labor conditions
last;' .fall, these    immigrants ..were
carefully checked at  the port    of.
landing.   Those evidently ineligi.ls
were, excluded.   -tOthers "who  were
passed at the port and were afterwards found j to, be, subject to def
ponation       was   deported;' " The
change0   in     the    labor.      conditions1 altered the: whole aspect    of
things.   Many who'had come out
in the.latter summer-months," and
secured,   employment  immediately
on arrival    were    thrown  out  of
work by the closing of the factories in' which they, wer-e employed.
"A.-"-    „<'.'•.     '. < ■    '.-'■*'   .j. . ji.,
time, and give no warrant for'the"
suggested that it is the policy of
'the open door.' - ,"
/''Regarding immigration from
the continent of Europe, the agreement with The North Atlantic
Trading Company expired on;No-'
vember   30,     1906.     Under .that
agreement • Bonuses" were payable
,.-,-a ■' ■     .   , -, ,
on immigrants from, certain coun?
tries only,,namely,>.Norway, Sweden, Denmark,''Holland, Finia-ai;
Russia, ' Germahy-f, /Switzerland,?
and Austria-Hungary.-,-. During - the
years 1900-02 and'the first.half of
1903 bonuses s> 'were -paid 5 tV.The'
North Atlantic .Trading Company
on immigrants from Northern, Italy of the agricultural class, pay-
mentr being actually made  ™.'2,,imi      aak. Oct.^lst.
r.««.    l.^nvarc     .nil     rT4.rn1.faf.if.   ca>r. I_t-., ° . ., ',
Canada during the past winter.
The fact that there" was so little
disturbance "of -labor"/conditions
shows the stupendous absorbing
power of Canada, that the need
for,.this immense number of immigrants .. existed, -that, without - an
accession to her population her
progress must have been* seriously
affected, and .that, if her, progress
is*; to be maintained immigration
effort must be,continued."       „,
'•"";,*■;      .—1- o ——
. *■* .
l: '" ■ *    ' '       .
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.,,,
->*I was very sick-.with .Quinsy'and
thought I would strangle.   I used
MINARD'S LINIMENT and it cured me at once. •»••..•*.,:■      t
.. "I am never without' it now. ,
V Yours gratefully, '■
~~    CD. PRINCE.
Some' were of an improvident dis
position, and in any case none of
tti-em had the chance^ of-putting
money by. So. they were face to
face with a Canadian winter,. and
without' - ^"ahyxi'-^-ovision,!,: for it.
Hardship* followed, and they became - objects for the charitable
consideration of;the people;in the
centres* of population . in ' which
they were located.- r
These' circumstances' have been
made the ground for a general .attack.upon,the government's
immigxation.r„policy,J the^goyern-
ment..and,4their .policyAbeing .held
responsible for that for which they
were' not in; ahy./way.'respohaible,
and against/which they had used
every..- reasonable",' precaution";.« by
announcements in their literature
'and, through the. medium . of their
agents. ^v.The, break ^ in theL labor
market-was not/contemplated by
[either the emigration societies or
the steamship "companies, and ' it
was found* that,, not withstanding,
theohanged conditions in Canada,
inatur'ally" a larger movement     to
.'the" United- States than ;to■ Canada; therefore it'fs easier to. sell "a
ticket to the for.-nor country,    the
:. commission.-'.from   the steamship
. companies-tem^ the same,-•?l-'i5.
But if the agent receives in addition to his steamship commission,
■ a bonus of ?5 per ticket irom the
Canadian    government,      he   will
naturally'exert all the .'influence he
can  to induce the immigrant    to
come to Canada.   Some years ago
the Canadian bonus was IJ1.75 per
head; and1 although; there' was the
nominal   condition  that  the  tiri
.grant  should    pass a inedical ex-
animation, and that he was    one
■who was likely to become a settler
on the land, the bonus was    paid
Without much consideration as to
the charactor or tho calling of the
"In    April,   1908,    in on'-ev to
, meet the demands for labor In all
parts of Canada it was decided to
.stimulate a movement of farm la*
. borers, railway construction men,
and domestic servants.'    A bonus
of $5 was offered -British l ookiug
agents on those classes only, and
shortly after the provisions ol the
.immigration law regarding the ex-
•clusion and deportation ot' undesirables were passed and put into
.operation,   There  are' i*o:ne 2,000
.booking   agents    in tho     British
Isles, and the)change in the bonus,
;system,  accompanied hy a goner-
ally     more   aggressive   publicity
campaign,    has    produced the results desired.   Not only have moro
people como ,in the last two years,
but there has been a larger proportion of the farming.   To Buch a
•degree has this been the ease that
It has ibeon commented on in   the
British   parliament as being, eon*
trary to the true interests of   the
mother land, .thoro being in an is*
■ue of one newspaper in the south*
■west of England over a column of
want ads for farm laborers.     So
that,   not   only has the immigration policy, including tlio    bonus
system, been successful in attract*
ing a much larger number of the
class desired, but it has been sue
cessful in i the face of an increasing
need   of the same dais in Great
Britain itself.
''Independent    of   this    general
'    stream   of immigration   resulting
fv.,„       t-i. 4,     n»1l»,.      ...A       .-It....        .»     «1     .
.4   v* ...-.        1^,44,-j 4A.4,  4,      ^4.4^.^.4.      Ij «       M ,..<»
government there was another par*
nllel influx created by the great
English charitable association;,
who, being aware of tbe demand
for labor in Canada, which until
last fall had been growing*, from
month to month, taw tha oppor*
t.inWy of henarltting ths unrmploy-
ed who were their care, and at the
-name time of helping* to meet thb
"taere-was Va,continuation of  the"
flow    of; immigration   during   the
farm  laborers   and , domestic ser
vants.   Prom November 30,-I£06,.
there was no bonus on continental
immigrants, but in Aprd, 1S07, a
regulation   was, made to provide
for the   payment ol $2.50 on the
same  classes upon which bonuses
were payable, on the British Isles."
In-January last this amount was
increased,    to  $5. 'The..regulation
also, contained" the; provision that
bonus'was    only   to  *be paid on
tickets-   sold   to   citizens of   the
country, ' in ' which-, the*. -.'cooking
agent operated, and further, that
the agent himself jmust: have been
selected" by the assistant; superintendent of "immigration in London.-
The purpose\of this'was to guard,\
as   far as' possible, against complications   with1 -„the  .governments"
of- the    several,, countries'  which
were opposed to emigration.     By.
paying only on tickets sold by selected   booking agents, .the Canadian government are secured as tp^
the character and responsibility of
the persons selling passages,  and
offence to-,the governments of the
countries    from- which the people
emigrate is expected to be avoided.
"Booking-agentsthave-been selected in. only, the following countries:.'. Norway, Denmark,' Holland,
Belgium,. France; ^ aind Finland.«It
will.be observed that these do not
include . Austria-Hungary  or  Rus-
sia-.proper-,-to'the citizens of which
the" writer in the'Globe "desires to
Club   Cigar
— Store —
"the only   reliable place in
.town when you require anything in^Tob-tccos, Cigars,
or Cigarettes.     (l
, ,.W. .A.   INGRAM,  Prop.
Phillip Carosella
j** i-
cririojsr   LABEL*
Crow's    Nest   Special
. ANl»
Miner's FavoHite Cigars
How is this, from* the Alberta,
Star, of Cardstoh: /If this issue'
appears "measly" kindly keep "in
mind the fact that our/chief com-1
positor, is quarantined ' for the
same thing.'-    -  '"'
i.-"   •*--.
„..**<,'" -^-^
Yotl want comfort and satlsactioal
of -' dean'' smooth  shaves   every [
morning.   *, -.<■_'--;" - -- * I
- The Carbo Magnetic b the onta-
GUARANTEED to give this.
The secret Electric Temporinj;
positively "merges every' par-
tklo"of -carbon-{the'life of
steol) Into the -netal—givlng
diamond -llkehardnesa
throughout tho Wade--some-
thleg absolutely^, bnpossiblo
with fire tempered ateei used '
in rnaking all other-razor*.
But' test this razor  In yoar!
own home—or have your barber;
use it on you.    Secure ono 30
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gent's furnishings
Fernie,  B. 0.
Brewers of Extra
and; Aerated
Bottled    Goods.
Fine "Lager   *,
Waters, y
l     Specialty.
fall and winter months. The     department therefore felt that it was
necessary to take a strong stand
aind under the- provisions of    the
immigration act a regulation tak-
inglleifect January 8, 1908,     was
passed, requiring eveiy immigrant
to have $50 in his possession, unless he.was coming to stated employment, or going to friends who
were able  to, care    f'or him.     The
transportation companies, and no
doubt, the charitablo associations,
felt this*a"great hardship, but   in
view of the altered conditions    of
the' country,' the department considered that it was absolutely necessary   to take such action,  fie
result of    which has been to decrease    the    ocean port immigration during tho winter months of
January and February from 10,-
223 last year to 6,501 this year.
Mr,     Bruce Walker, who as assistant superintendent of immigration in London up to the end    of
last year had had the opportunity
ot studying conditions in    Great
Britain and especially the operations    of the    choritablo nSsocia**
tions,- mado a report,, upon   which
the government   felt it necessary—
in the, further carrying out of the
restrictive    side     of   their     policy—to pass a regulation provid*
ing for the prohibition from land-
ng of immigrants coming on assisted passages unless they •   wore
flrst approved by the government
agent in Groat Britain.   The regulation   providing, that the imml*
grant   must have $50 on arrival
romaincd   in force until February
15, when the amount was reduced
to 985  It was intended that this
regulation should expire on April
1, but it has since been deemed ad*
visable, under existing conditions,
to   continue    it in operation, so
that   it   still stands as a requirement until   the end of the year,
the department believing that, in
the circumstances, it is not in the
interests of anyone that any person should land in Onnada who in
dependent upon his labor for   his
.-.uf/fual unltafa lie ciliicl iian WOlk
in *.-.£"ut, hiUt friend.*. uj-'Ctt h*lV,*:.j
ho can depend, or has money in
Ms pocket with which he can tup-
port himself for a reasonable time.
The bpoiting ngont still has tho
uoa'aik to induce mm to mnuence
the particular class of workers
Canada wants, but there is no in*
du-eement for him to prefer Canada to the United States in respect
of tbe other classes. These pro*
vision*, together with the exclusion
of assisted immigrants unless approved by our agent** in England,
fairly illustrate the government's
immigration policy at the present
have , the,.gates" shut. No bonuses
have been payable or have been
paid by, the department on citizens' coming from those countries
since November, 1906.
.'^Ther*; have been.difficulties'  in
carrying out the policy" of deporting  undesirables.   It    - was  found
that iu the case-o£-an.undesirable
coming from a country other than
that of-his citizenship the country
from which he came could not' be
required to receive,him, and    the
transportation     company    which
brought him could not be compelled to take him back to the country of hie citizenship.   So a regu-
lation was passed on January   8,
1908, to provide for. the exclusion
of    undesirables.- arriving     under
such   circumstances.    This.regulation    was found to be chiefly applicable on the Pacific coast , to
Japanese arriving from the Sand-
wich'Islands and Hindoos arriving
from Hong, Kong, but it; is alsj
applicable oft    the east coast to
people    from southeastern Europe
or western Asia, who in nidny cases   werei or   became    undesirable.
This  regulation", was set aside by
the court in Vancouver a'few days
ago as not being in proper form,
(but it was immediately re-enacted
in an .amended form, but to the
same offoct, and is now,in force.
"While the policy of the government is strongly aggressive as
over in tho direction of securiug
tho settlement of tho land by
desirable people it is at the same
time just as strongly restrictive
anil exclusive in regard to undo*
sirabHes,1 to those who are not liko
ly to become good and permanent
citizens of die country, or to
those for whom conditions as they
are to-day do not offer such fair
and roasonable opportunities (or
their well beingi as thpy should*
have. Tho policy ot exclusion and
restriction is the counterpart of
our policy ef aggressive attrae*
tion. With tho territory and resources Cunada possesses it must
be admitted that her pressing need
is more people to occupy the one
nrtil Hiavclop trm otr»«»rr but wliOia
that is so, she needs only the people that are suited to meet her
requirements. Others, who aro unsuitable, are liable to become a
burden upon development and not
in  'i'fl to it.
WINE   CO.  Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct
Importera of,
SCOTCH AND    ,      ,
,  '.POMMEBY   ' '  "i'
BTJHMEISTEH     .... '
•.Sole Agents.in.East Kootenay for
e:=-   of- /.'"!.-i^AT-?.B-' .-..-.'--
"**.*- The best dollar n day house in the city
♦♦• Liquors and Cigars of the best qualtity a.«
Well stocked bar *t*
X Dining room in charge of P. P. Miller .$»
V Only white help employed •J*
♦!♦    * v
"   T"He.
Fernie Lurfi&er;
Co., Ltd.
<*.. *'''.* • .""* a-,'*'"*      _' ^ _«.
There is Only a
oLa_per_cerii._difference be-
tween the • highest rate of
interest paid by an institution borrowing from the
public and the rate a chartered bank pays its depositors. But for this small difference in" rate the depositor gets the protection of the
Canadian Banking Laws and at the same time the money
is,placed where it is readily available on demand, either
the whole or any part'ofjt, any time it may be asked for.
Ms ii ufacturers'of arid,
Dealers in
'♦ Rouen & Dressed Lumber *
V .' .  :    ;a>
Dimension & Bridge Timber,***
Piling,..Moulding, Laths, £
Y "   Shingles' and(l Tfes^Y
^Telephone Poles a Specialty \l
Y All Orders .Promptly Attended •!}
a*. tO
W. C. B., MANSOiW, Msir.j Fernie, B.  C.
Y Tel. 3
*» •
Pern I e, B. C.
We will receive subscriptions
to The District Ledger at
the rate of
One Dollar a Year
Wc want to double our list
of subscribers. Seize the opportunity1 -nnd ffct the paper
with all the news
Send your name into the
Manager   of   The   Ledger.
"When it is considered that tho
immigration of lest year amounted to 877,376, an Increase of 62,*
000 over the previous year and ol
860,541 over 1806, and when the
sudden change in labor condition*)
last fall is remembered! it is not a
matter (or wonder that there was i
some congestion of labor in the I
centres    of  population in eastern i
Ail UO.iv UOhC b)
Competent   Workmen
upon the most
Modern  Machinery
in ihe most
Improved   Methods
.FERNIE, 2314—Pres., -J. T. Puck*
ey; Fin. Sec, Thos. Biggs.
HOSMEE,      2494—Pres.      G.     C.
Cole; Sec. Wm. N. Reid.
MICHEL, 2331—Pres., .Tas. Douglas, Sec, Charles Gamer.
COLEMAN,    2633—Pres.,     Henry
Smith   Sec, Wru   Giahair.,*
FRANK, 1263-Pres.. "     ...   <
Sec, George V"      , -cred Allott;
.—,   1233—Pres.,    T.   Evans;
Sec, A. W. May.
BELLEVUE, 431—Pres., F. Lewis;  ,
Sec, Fred ChappeU.
HILLCREST, 1058-Fres., Robert
Livett; Vice-Prea., J. Lagacs;
Sec, Harry T. Cooper
LTJNDBRECK, 2275-Pres.    Hsrs-
chel Kaye; Sec, Geo Thos, Wright.
WOODPECKER, 2200-Pres., W.
R, Hughes; Sec, John Fletcher.,
MORRINVILLE, 2378—Pres., C.
H. Richardson; Sec, J. Matheson.
Sec, T. Entwiltle.
CANMORE,   1387-Pres.     A.     J.
Thomas; Sec James Clynor.
BANKHEAD, 2'J-Pres., Wm.
Fisher; Sec, F, Dyson.
TABER, 102—Frps., T. Boyle;
Sec, Wm. Murdoch:,
LETHBRIDGE, 674-Pros. B. 0.
Hamilton; Sec, Charles Pea*
TABER, laSU-iT-i*.., Alt. Roberts; Sec, Robert Doodson.
' CITY MINES, 22-10, Edmonton-
Pres., T. James;,
STRATHCONA, 2218-Pres,, John
Saint; Sec, Jao, Poole.
Yv.ii.Ii.*-, o±i*i* ttt.m.**4U*i, m.iit.a,
StTstheona— Pros,, .Tns. Ch*rl-
er;Sec, Neil Me Cormlek,
BUSH MINES, 2051., Edmonton—
Pres., Chan. I,. Bryce; Sec,
»t».«.iiiili"fc—iit*.      r *4A.uV.      ^ji-c-i.,
Bee, Thomas Calvert.
EDMONTON, 2540-Pr«s., J. W.
Edmondson; Vice Pres., Robert
Brown; Fin. Sec, Thos. Birch ;
Recording Sec, J. MoDavltt.
Presidents and eecretarlee whole
names do not appear on this list
ere rerjuested to forward them to
; this ofl.ee for insertion.
Continued inquiries reach us fer
1 the foregoing information. DISTRICT-.LEDGER,, FERNIE.'  B.. C.,,MAY-,2, 1908-
3!fe M^itid €t^cv
$1 a Year in Advance
■Issued   every  Saturday from the office of
■     Publication, Pellatt Aye., Fernie, B. C,
Time for a Change
Changes of advertisements must Je -.n as
followsT-Pages 8, 3,6,and 7. Wednesday at 10
'a  m. ,Pages 1,4, *> and8,Friday at 10a. m.
Legal advertising'-12 cents per nonpariel
line first insertion, 8 cents per line eaon subsequent insertion. - s
Bates for contract advertisins on applioa
tion at offioe pf publication, Pelmt Ave. -
Address all communications to'the Manager, District Ledger.
W. S.   STANLEY, Mar**.
We - have -heard.several' citizens
complaining-*of .the action of the
city council in hiring Hindus for
road  construction  when  so  many,
white men are out of employment.
The city fathers, are not entirely
to blame, however.  .When the-ancient waggoner's cart got stuck in
the mud and he"knelt d^own"*, and
-   prayed Hercules to .assist him Hercules told him to put his shoulder
to  the wheel  and make an effort
himself.'   Some    short   time since
we advised the unemployed to petition, the government and endeavor to - force'-them if possible into
opening • public works.   So far no
.s.uch'..st«ps, have been, taken.  .The
. .jKtX-^md'u elbment were' starving. The
">'~-%city decided to help them.   If the
iParity feeds' them it might as well
liave something in return, so they
were .put. to - work. ,
But what* about the - white un-
- employed? What about those men
who have been in the, country and
- this city for several years, who are
now spending several hours a day
travelling^ b.ackward and forward
to Coal'Creek";'and all oyer the
lumber,,.camps. seeking an opportunity to earn a living? Are the
city fathers interested in them? No
not they. But if, the , unemployed
would put their shoulder to the
wheel they . would soon make
themselves' of interest to the city
fathers. '       .'
., The  local  miners union has  assessed'its    membership five      per
cent to help" keep the unemployed.
' ,   ' A large number of their r*.:ua\ers
_!: Vit.v-4 nl«n_T»r/-,T,pr'*n7,_TfiX<"*. tn_T3nv_
. to the city. They are -therefore
not only helping to "•* keep their
own. craft-brethren but are forced!
to  , keep   an "undesirable element
1 imported here for the express purpose of breaking down the present
decent standard of living, And
■ , theso corporation mouthpieces—**
hireling newspapers*— will rave
'' about Trades Unions being like
little boys on a berry patch, and
some of the public, who believe
they get, the truth from such sources, echo the cry. Verily a mighty
thorny berry patch' Fernie is at
this present writing,  and few and
" insipid aro the berries to be gathered thereon.
One   of the   most potent argu-
••     ments' against „the Right to Work
bill recently defeated in the Imperial House was that It would    be
' establishing a dangerous'precedent
The city . council has established
this1 dangerous precedent. Let tho
unemployed take advantago of it.
vjf they can find Hindus work they
e •*  and should bo forced to find
European -work
■i -.- <•?,'••
. Three quarters of\ an .acrJe undeir
cultivation hV West Fernie. there
is a Plastered House and other
buildings on the Premisesi
Will be sold cheap and on easy
.,-j* .--.*■»■ it'
Real. Estate* and Insurance. Broker
It is time he had a full dinnerpail.   How soon will he?   ''God knows.";
An interesting little event-took
place    April   27th   in one  rf the
rooms    of    the Crow's   Te*3t Pass
Coal," Co.,  Ltd."  office,  when      the
■pl-gff_iinder_the_chairmanship   ■  of
Mr.   Hurd,   general    manager,   assembled  to bid good• lye,to  Mr.
McEvoy,   who  leaves  its  employment to  join a new enterprise in
the Calgary district of which-, the
Ledger gave particulars last week.
On    the  invitation- of   the  chairman, Mr. Roaf. who  suoce-jds Mr,
McEvoy  as  chief  engineer   of  the
M. F. & M. Ry. made the  presenta-'
tions,  which consisted  oi  a handsomely fitted suit case along with
choice pieces of  jewellry for Mrs.
McEvoy and their little daughter,
Dorothy.   In presenting the    gifts,
Mr.    Roaf    in a   few well chosen
words referred to the long connection of Mr. McEvoy with the company and the high respect and'esteem in which he had always been
held  by   those,   associated      with'
him.   Mr. McEvoy suitably replied
and assured those present that he
would always look back with pleasant memories  of the  days • spent
in Fernie.
— ' o
, Are you-"interested in music? If
so, do you know of the '^existence
of a male f oice party here? There
is, and a good one at that. Their
practices ■   are",.held, in the school
'UUUOO     ^4*i**.444l j^-*0*».-.V.-»^44—£-,—-"JF — *~ -/"
on Sunday afternoons at 3;30 p.
m.' and on Tuesday evenings •-. at
7.30 p.m. We would' give an invitation to those who,are musically inclined especially a ievr - good
first tenors. There are upwards of
46 members and would like to
have more.. . *    • -
The following, are the officers:
President—Mayor Tuttle.      *   ■
Vice Presidents—A. - Buck, Dr.
2nd Vice President—W. R. Ross,
Hon. Members—Ministors of each
church in the city and L. P. Eckstein, Mr. Barton, T. W. H. Terry, Sr., W. S. Stanley.
Conductor—John Shortman.
Asst. Conductor T. Biggs.
Accompanist—J.■* Cartilage.
Asst. Accompanist—A. Word.   ,
Chairman  sf Committee—George
. o ■■
An exciting incident was witnessed at the.C.P.R. station on Saturday evening, the 25th ult. When
No. 6 was leaving the station, a
man tried to jump on the rear
portion, when the train was mov-
_i_~_4.*^»_rjw*ffV^f*a.<5*k^meed. He_
missed his footing but luckily for
the man he managed to "•'.r.tch hold
of the rail at the rear, out his
feet were in danger o£ being drag-,
ged under the train. T. S.-Oakley,
chief clerk of the freight shed, seeing the man's imminent danger,
succeeded ih getting udd of the
man, but he could not let go. He
managed, howover, to get his feet
on tlie " platform, but' tho tram
had to be stopped. His name is
unknown, but he is apparently an
Englishman who was trying to
,to get a free ride.
The local Odd Fellows celebrated
uropen...  tho 89th anniversary of the found-
The Asiatic i.;ft».'»ca forsooth. Tho ing     of their order by attending
Asiatic calamity woiuC1 «? «* •■•«■« i divine service_in the^opera^hall
appropriate term,
_  „  opera
, last Sunday; Mount Fernie Lodgo
' tfo, £7 and Esther Rebekah Lodgo
No. 20 marched to the opera house
preceded by tho Salvation Army
band. Tho Baptist minister, tfce
Rov. I. W. Williamson preached u
very suitable and acceptable , sermon. Tho turnout was an imposing spoctaclo upon our streets and
reflected credit on both lodges.
The singing was a feature of the
service, tho rendering of solos being woll dono, also the singing by
the Malo Quartette. After the Ber-
vico they marched to the Coal Co'fl
grounds where a group photo was
taken by that successful photo*
grapher, Mr. Simmonds. We will
reproduce a scene of tho march
next issuo.
J,    Moe   and    'wife, of Nelson,
Capital advances money to labor. -So tho university economists
say. It might be pertinent to
ask whore does capital come from.
In an otherwise world of causo
and effect it cannot stand out
alone tbe one effect without a
We do not choose to go into all
the intricacies of this problem
hero but shall call attention to
tbe admission of Thomas E. Ryan
before a special jury in Now York
city investigating the Metropolitan traction deals. "We understand then," asked a juror "that
the roads only cost about Ave per
cent, of the capital issued.    Thoy     -•   .-—-   -*--     -—-. —wr„-:mA-
were" built with bonds."     *WV; passed,   through   rernie Thursday
were   built   wU* bonds," replied I morning on No. 5.
/tyan.   7'no fjni0n pacific IUIlroud
' was built with bonds and f»ot    a I
land   grant   worth   .,.250,000,000
from tlie government besides.''
,vAnd the Atchison th-e  same,"
questioned another Juror.   "Ateh.
ison th* same," said Ryan, .
When the Standard Oil took Ovor
the Union Pacific through -Hani* i
man, their agent, about ten years i
apo thi-y lined little of their own i
money in the transaction.     After i
acquiring   the    »tock   they l»suod
bonds wnlch they deposited In the .
w*hi-Tr.',l*V. *n T>r\*» tnr *"t.r. M**,fV<- '■
Th***.p bondu wr-rr, then sold to the
Investing public and the capital*
ists had their railroad, >>Mt what
did they pay for it. To all Intents
nnd purposes practically nothing.
f ■*■■"*■ f a< •.-f.tirtt -i,i>,Ur11|4rt
run. Nor is the evidence* ol Hy*
ana Isolated and singular. We ftre
continually hearing similar expres*
alow* from all classr*** of i.i*n. Kx*
president .Tohn Mitt-hell oppoied a
motion at the mine workers con*
ventlon calling all -rr-irlors to
withdraw their n.on«y tr.*.*-.
Mr. mid Mrs.' R. W'Wood ciitertnlnfid
a iHiiiilmr of their friends with a most
enjoyable bridge party Thursday nigh'.
Il It WllHon, of the Btuik of Coin*
inoiTO Htuff, hus boon removed to tho
Pontlcton branch. He will Im much
misused in amateur sporth hero, licing
ouo o( the best nil-round athlotos In
Rev..'Mr, Williamson "went to
Spokane Wednesday, accompanying Mr, Murdock,McLean, who hae
just left tbe hospital after a severe attack of typhoid fever and
Mr. and MM. Cook' left Wedne**
day on the eastbound train for
Bow Island, were they will spend
some time. He wao lately in Mr,
Bloasdale's drug store.
Mr. C. W. Shoppard, employeo
of Messrs. Whimster & Co., hardware merchants, is leaving next
week and going to Hosmer to take
charge of the Ijinsmitbing, plumb*
ing and heating department tor
Messrs. Bennett brothers of that
town. HiB many fxionds wish him
a successful future.
IN THE MATTER OF tue estate
of     Damiani Assunta Passerini,
late of .Fernie1,' B. C, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all
creditors and others having
claims against tho estate of the
said Damiani Assunta Passerini
deceased, who died on or about
xho 10th day of March, 1008, are
required on or before the 9th day
of May, 1008, to send by post
prepaid * or deliver to Mr. L. P.
Eckstein, of Pernio, B. C, solicitor for the administrator, their
christian and surnames, addresses
and descriptions, the full particu*
larsof thoir claims, the statement
of their accounts and tho nature
of thoir securities, if any, held by
And further take notice that
after suh last mentioned date the
said administrator will proceed to
distribute the aesets of the deceased among the parties entitled
thereto, having regard only to tho
claims of which he shall then have
had notice, and that the said administrator will not bo liable for
the said assets or any part thereof
to any person or persons ot *wh0B«
claims notice shall not have been
received  by him at the time    ot
such distribution.
Dated   this   Snd    day ot April.
Solicitor for the Administrator,
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Call in and
See us once
Fernie, B. C. ■    ♦>
Y Bar supplied with choicest of *£' .
X Wines, Liqaors and Cigars -"X..''
*:*.   Dining Room in.conaection    •♦•*
v. •■>-
♦ " Proprietor     -- a>>.
♦ _     _',_'  ._ j ■_ z _'  _   "    .»■>;_
P.   V.  WHELAN,  Mgr.
I      Hotel      I
&   The Hotel of Fcrnlc   .♦.
.}. X
!{.    Tho centre ol Commercial    J
% and Tourist Trade .J
X        CulBlno  Unexcelled        %
Fernie's , most   popular
i,    Hotel
Every attention,to tho
travelling publio
Rooms reserved by wire
T. HR Whelan
f S. r. Wallace       Prop. -J
not needed
Ayer's Sarsaparllla Is not
strons drink,  As now made,
>a.a.-.-4 i«i ««♦ « -Ifpn nf •I**-oho!I
In It. It .sfltton-tt.cohoHctonic
and alterative.  ABk your ownl j ±
doctor about your taking thlsf I x
medicine for thin, impure
blood,  Foljow his advice
every time.   He i.tio^v».
Rnnif fmv niontlin nt'O we miiTlmsed SmiMiliir^lUiu'li, a fiirm of
1(10 S'h flt oSrn Hmlcii Ian. . sluml*... abmit 2« ml ej wwit o tl.o
SSv"( Nilioii, ii a wi'll ftottli-il imrtlmi ol the illNtrl., ■ Wo hnvo
m Bllv1.1.3 l.l" « m Into 10-Bcro Woeke. mnl wo nre nffi-rtiig t. «m for
■So or nn •' tor" ■». The Im-iKlm. at thU (arm Ih i-xi'vlleutl It »clone
to the O V 1 Stntlon in Grnnltc. thorn In n ironil M-hwil In tho Im.
nriiiJt»'vlclnltv?.ml U.<: OnvnmJiwiit wniron itmiI from N*l*on vuiih
Ire u i tin propmtv. 6.. orconnt of lti cln.o proxlii. «y to ft thrlvlim
iiiruiiMii »"«,i *"i *,* •   ,   ,,    ,   ,„„„, „4,f,4.Bi,nvliv rn?t*f.tv nicroniii'.
TJ*.« I■; n ••.I'V*,....'! Im-iMlnn lot fl tnilt nml vefPtnhln fftrm or ,a
• . '    m.       i-   ..i.......  ...   ..-../.Il,,,it  innrlixi   lur Alivlfil
HYNCililfl  0V CANADIAN   N0nTH*WK»l
0(Ui.,-Oor.l wiliilnir »l«lit. m»»4b«'••"•'J'"•[
MM.rlo(l of twontyono vaiir* nt ixn Minimi
■J3?t!on fh».l lii wlleoml <m tlio mewhenubto
conl mlmuli
Oi'Amt.-A fawin olulileim ,jpurl of ego or
lucHt* ix cl»*rm JA*i *• ••'1", >**1'
The foe for rtoor-lin« » «hx\m u ti.
At l«ii«t*inoinu«tl»i>«*'r*«ni.eiton llnnlMm
*H<*»m" or Viil'l to tl.o mlnlnii roconWir In
fill. iliVruhf   Wl «n <fri*> in* '"•«'*. •"d""'"''*'ot
■? t »i. w»tormiv. «i>on haying iitmr,-ay
.inlromeiit*. imreliiiM the Ian Ul 11 i>«r r»cw.
I,, Om ^Miwwnrit of »
Well furnished rooms
<   Tablo Biippllod with the bost
Bnr stocked with boat of Winos,
Liquors r>nd Cigars
W» pomitb our_fon»«lt» ,
_    W» buUk iliohel
V___ tteu evmUUmtlM*
VT* vtv* y«o to
the! A»k your doctor. "Vine l« the tint |re*»
%Mk   be««n.   he   nld It would 1 ^J&S^M^'^ldS^&te
.UKg« UulwUy.   Whew Jora e.p*! ^.-.r^UfthlM
from the dlffmnce hitwia -Mit l „..' fWMBiU«,itfe*B?"
the laborer proili.r«t fnd "rLut he ■ f    „„trlTtf ,>, JT— «*»..i-m^ui.
reeelvee In w*g«. |
n 'jnriiiii'i vi'ivMi'u i.i,  " in..-  ^   ■ j^
Plilelinn rnm-li.   Tht-rw I- n\mi* n\\ excellmit mnrkfi lor niiyKitiitf ^>
nlohtr Iicko IIiuih in NrUon, nml nt tlme-i vory IiIkIi iirli-oN um ..o.olj- V
iul imvoVcrop the (Ir-t «<*imnn.   A miijnr portion of tlm moui.il «« &
ii-, vni.nn very little nt-indlnff trrcoii t mm-r. Tli-tre !• m llnu MrfAin W
nr'^tor'  "mnWlnroneh t Tl.o loti.urn iltiintfd %
within ft onurii'r ol « milii ot «.« Kw*.*.i*> *■.**•«<, *.« u.v. ,v.) ^
Uncut Unlnliow Trout ll-hlnir Ih to ^)« hwl.., ,.,.,,
Aift W* ffiwrnnttio the mtnllty of theio hlocH*, nml ere pledged nt »ll
?tt timoV to Siva Intanillni purehft»or« tho henefl of « horoiiah limpec
i S    nn    We eoni ir that #e t»ro offerlnir n piutlculi-Tlv choice nrtlelf.
* 4 You Mono? UkinjJ »ny cl./inco In iiwurlnR thU land ft our price. Wo _
J i .re ■eKth2»e 10-acro hleck. at IM.00 per aero, and can arrauf-e the * *
* TOYE   &   COMPANY 4
*&     Fruit Und* and keal liatate. Box 51, toton, D. C. ^
I voVftUyotVliier cent on the .»I«»
30 days after date I intend to
apply to the uuperintendent of
provincial police for ft renewal of
wholesale liquor license at Hosmer.
Dated   this   2nd day of     May,
r   .   -, ***** •*, #-+ m*m
|>i,ice* mlnlns oI*»'i.i» mtuettxlly m* •■'' •*'*1*•
iiiwul*«•• W tei ti runewuLU y««rly,
in »Mitle»nt nxev e1»t«ln two Im**» *■<}
-. . I..-,.,, ^I*,*it<h«<n>nitreit*>*-tn o**r**tUi. |
r**i>etr UtnUt«ror tilt Interior,
Try- a Ledger Ad
30 days after date I into ad
apply to tbe supsHntendent
provincial police for a renewal of
wholesale liquor il.'en«e tt BMiliar.-
-> t.x a-vtn *""<t"h rlnv of ATlTll
afJQU **
philip carosella.
The Hosmer Opera Co., cf Hos-
m»r, B. C, are open for bids on
Attlnas. ehalrs, tables '.tanas, ate.
Tor particulars apply to
Box 278 Official  Organ  of District NO.   18,  U. M. W*  of A.
S^NIE~^TC.,   MAY 2nd,   1908^
" THAT he does not*i8e«;,the\.drift.
of ths Tree Press editorial' slrit^piv"
the -unemployed. . Aro-the police" to
arrest a- man because he -*s unfor-
> tuatvte enough to be out of work.
That -might be the Free Press edi-
tor's idea. ButrhV.is^entitle&t.tQ
just one more idea yet* ■-.♦—•
,-i ■*•;.-'. '--*.---■.-'      ■■•--*-.   'iu- v.    ■    --
Miss Jennie Adolph'came'in. on ^Sat
urday ifrom. Brandon; "r
been spehding'thei.winl
wtiiere-she has
inter.-;? '.-T-. ' ,V
c*h#» r*****V*.'V '-*
.THAT he would like' to see ;*a
subscription,, started;for '.the-".erec*-
"tion of a good band stand for our
band. ,"-■ .'    .-  - •
• * •   •        '.■;-*.,,..
THAT as "the summer is now on
us, it is time we had some ;place
f6r our band to,, play. :It 'is"- the"
best band in the. Pass and he
would like to see it helped out.,-,.
THAT the curfew law is a "very
■wise thing to have enforced in our
town.   The younger generation are
better,,' indoors ' at -' a"* respectable-
time.  ...
'*'■*•'     * • *
. THAT. the new members of the
police' force are doing their duty
■under-the direction of. the'mayor,
in a Very^corAmendab^^ay.jThis,
is such a sudden J*hange.]ttat he
.thinks to celebrate the event he
will buy a.new summer hat.« The
mayor- informed, him. that-; he* is*
"not going to have ^any men;^on the
force-in future that will' not db
v tueirduty. The old system JB'go-
- ing tp'- be entirely wiped >.6ut.Uji..
THAT while not .wishing-.to^ake
I-1 any credit to, himself;" he sees that"
a great number ofsthe "evils"""he
has been remarking about  ' from
time     to   time .are being, looked
•■ofter%   This fact shows^.thftt j/*hg j
'•""critics'' ha*e not b-s^n- altogether 1
bare of fruit.   '% .the roasts that.
some people try to.hand! him' "he"
'must have touched a„tendef spot
.somewhere.       That     is    precisely
'what'he is trying to do.:*.-"   '\j-
—■ -°-—,. .... -■ ■•
been with the Great Northern at Baynes
the past year as section foreman.,
.iTIie, :Ko6tenaj''.R|vey^ria"Co.' disposed of six tract's of* tlieif "land'" "test
week to parties from-Washington and
We are having ideal' weather here
now. The wild flowers are irr ..loom,
the birds are singing: sweetly and
everything betokens that spring is here
in all its glory.
"' The 'shipmentVof .umber*for'Baynes
are much heavier now thairat any lime
during the past six months.    ,,'.,-•-.
• Mr. P." McConnel's.-family, of the
Island Hotel, will leave for Vancouver
this week, where they will make their
future "home.-* Mr. .McConnel will remain •■ at the hotel as central for the
Cranbrook Telephone Company. •'  ■'
. Dr.. Gladuin. left for.JVaaiceuver
this .week.'" ."""'" -'"-
Mr. Curry, of Spokane, was a
business.caller-on D. W. Hart last
Veek. ;■:_■*■•; \':-; XY?'"7 TT-
The kootenay Biver LaadT'Cb.'-'iB
building " a large log club house
for-V-the,' entertainment' of sustuner
visitors'^ahd those,vrEo are^-iat-ir-
est'ed'in looking over the law.   ;
,. Little . Miss. Marguerite Griffith
entertained a party of' her young
friend's on Friday afternoon in
honor; of. her-fourth birthday. All
had amost enjoyable, time, and
Mar^rito^-fcas' won the reputa-
tion-of"beingva' fine-hostess. * - r—
.....   9*
*■' Trie match between Banff and. Bank
head, which should have been;played
on Saturday, did not'come off owing to"
.      --.--• ,..,   „ ,.   ,a fall of snow on Friday night.,: The
Mr, Ranee and family left for Kalis-  „ame w;n be played in the near future.
pel, Montana, on Wednesday.    He has8 . ..,.■*.,,".•..
*    *    .....*_       -.    . r. The challenge which was given out
in this paper a week ago by the Larilw
has been taken up by the Scots, and
the'match will be played in.; the-near
future to f i.ooo. No date is fixed yet.
, The Bankhead mines are still'running
half time.   ., , ■ ■ V.
Thel.O.O.F. held their. 98U). anniversary on Sunday, April 26th. , Mr.
Hagyeth, of Banff, addressed the meeting.    There was a good number out.-
" Mr. Gaiiowav has left for the Coast.
Mr. Galloway will'be missed by the
Bankhead brass band. He was one of
their best ,players. A few of Mr.
Galloway's friends spent the whole day
showing him different points of interest
around the district.
Mr. Robert Muir has left for Scotland,
but is expected to return.
Mr. Pvatt, the barber, has gone'on a
trip to one of the Southern States to
visit his family. • He will be back by
the'20th of May to wait upon boys.
"So/ 3 shaft, of the ''Ai K. & I.
TCo   -
sent."   Three days is all that' has
. been done during, the last .^wo
■weeks, and there is not much sign
of improvement for some time to
come.     Quite a   number of ■ the
' younger -'members of local union
No. 574 TJ.M.W.,of A. have quit,
the mine and started work   with
" the different grading outfits that
are at work on the new cutoff between  Lethlbri-d'ge. and  Ma'cleo'd."
Local Union No. 574 will hold
their, second * smoking concert ,of
the season in the Labour Temple
- on' Saturday, the 2nd of May, to
commence at 8 p.m., open to union men only.
Thursday, the 23rd of April be-,
ing St:1 George's Day, a smoking
concert was held iri Oliver's hall,
under tho auspices, of the Sons of
England Benefit Society o,nd was I
a rousing success. C. F. IP. Cony-
, beare, K.C., D.C.S., occupied the
chair and during the evening delivered a very stirring "address '• on
,' "Englishmen and their National
Mr.  B,.  Livlngstono "of tho colliery department of tho A., K, & I.'
Co. has beon appointed mino   in-
.   spoctor of Lethbridge and district
and will shortly take over his now
. duties.     Mr,    Livingstone   is     a
young man of undoubted ability,
who has worked himself.up from
the ranks, and in his new position
ho will carry tho best,wishes    of
thoso whoso lot it has boon    to
work with him in tho past.
There has been considbrablo rain
fall during the week which Is fully
appreciated by the farmers of this
Everything points to a good
crop for tho year 1008,"as thoro is
not ono report of wintor killed
wheat from the surrounding, dis*
■ The attendance report of the
principal of the Central school ior
-the month of April showed that
there wore 508 pupils enrolled, as
against 446 for the same month
last year, the average attendance
being 40d and 360 respectively, an
average of 83 por cent* In each
A considerable number of dwell*
ling houses are being erected at
the present time, but work in the
building line is not bright enough
yet to warrant mechanic* coming
here as there is abundanco of mon
who follow the various building
'■0 **—
tr>r%t\T.  r^WTW
V)n Friday, April 24th, 36 cars, all
loaded to their full capacity with building -material, for the^.Hosmer mir.es,
were sidetracked at Hosmer,. and.dur-;
ing the, month of April the freight
receipts for the place willexceed $30,000.
The' contract for the building of 22"
more dwelling houses here has been
•t.!!riitPfl_'tr>_Mr._SparTord, of Calgary.
Steps * will' be'taken' at" once,, "and the
completion of these house**, at an early
date is.desirfed by a number of men
who have'their families here and expect
to occupy the houses when they, are
- The secretary of the 'Hosmer School
Board has received ii communication
from H. C. Young, Minister of Education, instiucling >l*e 13oard 10 proceed
at,once to have'a two roomed school
erected, to he completed by the beginning of the next term. The school
attendance is increasing daily. The
present number of pupils registered at
the school is 48, and /.he present
ai'com.no-Jiilion.is insufficient for more
than two-thirds ofthe school population
;' A meeting of delegates was held' at
Calgary on April 1st to form a" cricket
league; The following delegates were
present: Hillhurst, Mr. Maurice Carr;
St.' John's, Mr. Stagg; Sheep Creek,
Mr. Josephs; Calgary, Mr. Bryant.
Mr.-Carr presided.'
■• Moved by Mr. Josephs that the entrance fee to the league be $5, and if
greater expenses are incurred that each
<?l«b sha!! pay" an equal share towards
, Moved by Mr. Bryant that Hillhurst,
St.'John's, Sheep Creek, Banff,' and
Bankhead as one team",.and Calgary
constitute District No. .1 ofthe Southern
Alberta Cricket-League."
Moved bv Mr. Josephs that any cricket
clubs that form a district south.ofHigh
River constitute District No. ,2.
Moved by Mr." Josephs thai no member shall play for, more than one club in
the league, and shall stay with the tirst
ha plays for this .season,, "   ,., '   " ^_
^veTbY^l7Tjose"phslhat no ganTe
Fred Smith who.runs the box .car
loader,\was injured on "the 25th, and
had tci-'be carried to.the hospital.* He
was not hbrt as bad as was at first sup-'
posed.'and commenced to work again
on thefi.8th.
"■^ThViJawn Tennis Club are hard at
work:'preparing their ground for the
coming-season. ■ It will-be ready, for
business in a.few days. .,, :
Mr. Oliphant, who has recently returned from England,, was unfortunate
enough to have a horse killed on the
track a few days ago.
Mr.'Adam Paterson, formerly of the
Pacific Hctel, lias taken over the dining
room'ofthe, Union Hotel.
Mr. j. Oliphant, an old timer in
Coleman/has returned from his trip to
England with his newly made wite.
The boys of Coleman wish him much
•- The International Coal & Coke Co.
are laving off men every day. Their
output", has, averaged over 2,000 tons
per day," which has got to be curtailed
to 1,4'0'b, ,.; ".- .- „.-,-' . ; ','"'■
The Footba.i Team are'practising
and getting in form, to carry off the
honors of the Pass this season.
A meeting of several of the townspeople was held on Mondav night,to
consider.-tlie raising of funds for a
bowling green. A committee;,-was
selected-to canvass'the town and report
on Thursday night." •" : *'....-,.>•, i"
The Odd Fellows'of Coleman marched to church last Sunday, when about
ninety touk part in the parade. The
Rey. Mr!..W*;bb Sa.y« a yery.eloquent
Sefmoivon the power of thought, which
was greatly appreciated by the Odd
Fellows assembled in church. -
The Diamond Vale Coal Co. are
making regular shipments of coal. The
large hoist installed is.working satisfac-u
torily and has a'capacity of five tons:
The large.trestle.iuid tipple.'are nearly
completed; and have all the most modern' improvements: -. The company are
also sinking down to the next seam of
coal and doing:considerable development work at .Ihe.nrst seam. They are
also busy seeding-their.farm, putting in
all kinds of roots arid "vegetables for the
boarding-house and local,markets.
, .    -, •.   .-, ■ ,,i .  .-...
Mr. G." B."'Armstrong' is' building a
large " warehouse to ^his. store, space
Rick Frazeiv of;the Nicola'-Herald,
has moved his press Here -withadditional
new-machinery. Rick is going around
all smiles.'- He belongs to the same
school as Jim Crier and Lowery. ofthe
Greenwood Ledge/and is also'a personal
friend of 'Peck McSwain.", He left on
Tuesday's; trainv sis-, delegate -to. the
Conservative, Con ven tion hgld • at Ver-
non."    ,'-'.   ;-     -,'.,,'.
The.Diamond Vale boys played.Mid-
dl sborough a game of football on
Saturday,. April 18th. Result—Mid:
dlesborouglV, 3 ; Diamond.Vale, 1.     -
-' The Church of England held a very
successful bazaar here, last; Monday,
with all the usual" good things on the
stalls, baby show and , Limerick, competition. Over $200 was cleared, which
shows great credit'for the ladies.
There was great"excitement and xfun
here last Tuesday; at trie election of
of school trustees! The union boys
we're determined to elect two of their
members, which they did with"large
majorities.;' The candidates and number of votes recorded were as follows:
Go to
The Rinman Kaminski Co.
—For— J
•Groceries, Dry Goods
Boots and Shoes
■West of Queen's Hotel
»  EAST- ;
 -J--V-    V
-Winnlipear.   DMl-Jitta,
■Wllliain, -St. Pawl ana
,    Slot-tic  City..
iji  ■
.... 7-2 50
.... 108 50
... 108 50
.... 127 50
.... 67 50
.... 9*4 '40
.... 108' 50
Halifax ... -  135 50
Chicago .'••	
> New York ......
St.'.John, N.B
St. Louis ......
Sydney; C. B.
141 90
be won by default
-Moved by Mr. Bryant that the standing of clubs in the.league be decided
by points.       -   *■    ',
'Moved by Mr. Stagg that each '.win
counts five points, , and a draw two
points each in league'matches.
Moved bv Mr. Bryant that all dubs
in District'N0.-1 "pla'v home and home
matches,,, and should another district
be formed then the teams play off for
the winners of said District, then the
winners of District No. 1* and the winners of No. 2 or any other District play
olTfor championship of Southern Albtrta
and champions then have the right to
The Coleman Local S. P. of, C. held
their regular meeting on Sunday night.
Speeches were made by several members. -New members are being enrolled
steadily and the members are confident
of doing much good along these hnes.-
If some of those who are going around
speaking on Socialism, would call at
Coleman, their efforts and .help would
he appreciated. _  ,;
Last week, while Mr. Ed. Tompkins
ivas bringing'a cow down from Mr,
Good's"ratich.lt became obstinate,., anc
.... 4
• 3
challenge Calgary cricket'club for the
F - MacFarlane, representative of the I Van Wart challenge cup. • -
Kelly & Silksionc Tailoring Co.,  ofj    Moved by Mr. Bryant that a copy of
Toronto, was in the city on April 29H1
and registered nt the Pacific Hotel.
Mr. Wm. Taylor has lately been left
in charge of a large force of men working nights for the construction of, the
tipple und at the present time both, day
and night forces are at this work.
Mr, S. Slir.n, manager of the board*
ing house for the Hosmer mines, has
recently lei the contract to Conlrnctors
Digbv and Walde, of this place, for a
three'storey building. The contractors
have already begun their work of, excavation. The size of the building is
to be 30 feet by 60 feet, nnd to he use.l
as a bakery when completed. (i
The Queen's Hotel is completely fill
the scores "of each match bc.scnt to
every club, each score book to he
signed by scorers. J
Moved by Mr. Josephs that in the
event of n club failing to bring their
own scorer or umpire the league shall
he empowered to appoint official scorer
or umpire, and said official's expenses
to be paid by that club and no' less
than three ,days' notice be given hy
that club.
Moved by Mr. Bryant that the longue
appoint official scorers and umpires for
the finals of the league and the challenge match expense.*, of officials to he
paid by the league."
Moved by Mr, Stagg, seconded by
Mr. Bryant, that Mr, Cnrr he president
.* *   ■ ¥ 1 — ._      ..... ,.     4-.1 AS** r\A
cd, and Mr. Gourley, the manager, \, ^ .'    U(J   j^, jepi1Son was elected
expects to have an addition put to it in gec,ret(,ry 0f t*,e league,
the near future.   , ^   S{ttSi,t  Mr. Josephs and Mr,
E. R. MncFiirlanc left here on, Sun* rjrv-nnl wero appointed^ executive coin-
dav morning for CninbrooU, where •■»*» | tnlttcc ofthe league.
has been vitiitiiiK relatives, returning to) 	
the city on Tuehday. Mr. MncFarlaiie
gpvuUs hlKhly in favor of Cranbrook,
and Buys the city Is lively In every res*
pect. The worlt of seeding Is going on
very rapidly, Ihe lumber iiiIIIh nro pre*
purine to resume their operation**, and
men no longer wiillc" iho MreciH vainly
looltiiiK for worlc. The prospects for a
hu«y Hummer nil through (IiIh iHmricl
are good at the presi'iil time.
Tbo following are the oflleero of
the Hoemer football club:
Hon. Pros,—Robt. Drinnln.
Pres-W, Held.
Hon. Vice Pres-P. D. Thompapn,
Jl, L. Thome, H. B. Puller, l». Mil*
Vicce Pree—H. McDonald.
Man.  Oom-P. Reid, P. Stuart,
Mny ai—Hillhurst v. Sheep Creole
35—Calgary v. Si. John's,
xo—Hillhurst v..Calgury,
Juno* fi—Si, John's v. Sheep Creel*.
IV-Sheep Creek v, Hillhurst.
jo—St. JoIhi'h v. Calgary.
"37--Calgary v. Shcop Creek.
27—St. John's v, Hillhurst.
July 11—Ciilfjarv v. Hillhurst.
n—Sheep Creek v. St, John's.
18—Sheep Creek v. Calgary.
i«—Hillliursl v. Si. JohnN.
The home li'iun Is mentioned lirM In
ouch liisitiiice.
' "0— '
There are , indications that
wTO-tv. ***&*, A. ^if;b»/5£,felU arS*
At the concert held at Coal
Creek on Friday la»t tha follow*
ing artlBtB took parti K. H.
Nesbitt, T. BiM», R. Sampion.
Geo. Dlnj-edale, Joe Simpnon, the
Ptickey Bros., Miss Ci«.y McCouit,
Maggie Smith, Edith lltfg**, Joan
O'Brien, Adelaide .Tones, Bid
Earp also rave a eon-j, and eloc
dance which were very good. Pat
Miller wm the aceompanlit.
Geo. O'Brien was chairman and
fltlfd the position In his
■usual capable manner. Tlifs was
«-.ni» of thn best concerts tver hsid
at Coal Creek.
dron, W. Kay. ,     , *•»»■'^"  "^"^ tho near future and
Vlc» CnPt-W. McFegan. ■*0T.e™.™ " k* nrn-inrivl fnr «vmit>
Capt-H, Allen. (;*fBl^le; „, convention is to be call-
•del Com—1'. Oaker, A, HaiiwiJ., ,ed ftt t*n0 Miner* liall, Feiuie, o»
D, Bothwiek. , Sunday, May 10th,  1008, at    2
See—A. J. Pratt. 'o'clock in tbe afternoon for    the
tlltM* >>*H*U   *l])    >4i,l,(4.U»(.U|*,       .—.... -»  j,__   .._    j.1..    ».„o4,iV„»i-,n       nl
very suitable location, which will
held up a portion of Slav town". The
Slav boys turned out armed to the teeth
with sticks and rocks. After much
trouble they-won the,day, but not the
ne-u. The following day they were
arrested and fined $8 for cruelty to the
animal.        a ,
There is a co-operative store also in
town ' run  by  the miners.    This store
paid a diviJendof -25- per -cehtr to »U
the share- holders after running  rive
months.   All the people who trade at
the store are very well pleased with the
efficient manner in which it has been
run and are showing their appreciation
of the lad by pointing out lo other men.
who do not belong to it the benefits
received from co-operation.   The committee who are directing the affairs' are
an energetic crowd of miners and are
endeavoring   to   make  it during  the
coming year more successful than ever.
It is the intention of this society lo
establish branches in the near future in
some of the nearest to\yns, and after
working these up to still branch further
until they have branches in most of the
mining camps of Alberta and British
The contract for the Coleman Miners'
Hall and Opera House is let to Mr.
Disney,   builder  and   contractor,   of
Colemnn,    Mr. Disney is now on the
ground and making preparations for
an early start.   The contract for-the
heating apparatus has been let to Mr,
J,  Hill,   also of Coleman,  who  will
install Btcnrn hent throughout the hnll,
offices and basement.   The hall will ho
built on the main street and will ho
quite 1111 addition to the town.   It will
have 11 seating capacity for about 700
people, the body ofthe hall to hold soo
and » gallery lo hold aoo,    The stage
will be an important feature.    One of
the drawbneks in most of the ,halls
through the Pass is the smnll Mages,
and the Coleman people felt that If
there wns nn opportunity to get good
cumpnnieg by, having a largo singe they
would have them.   The stiitfe will he
3t feet by 42 fuel, nnd we think this
will cnahlo most ofthe shows travelling
along the Pass to show olTtondviinlnge.
This hall will belong exclusively to ihe
miners, who feel that thev, are just .is
ciipahlv nf running things in i< liu-dup-***-
111(0 innnner ns any of the   peoplo tlicy
formerly allowed to do business for Ilium
who used 10 pocket the money as well
as the honor.   The miners licrt* huve
their own ho**pltul board,  who see to
tho running of it, nnd It is hi-ing worked
ut less expense lo the men limn the
miners In other camps pay for treat*
menl in ii private hospital,  and after
ill,, (lmfo |i>  'ht* q'ltk'l'-irtinn nf hoi ill*
able to say it In the miners' honpit-.il.
McDonald, carpenter..
Mclntyre, hotel keeper
Wade, union man....
Cleasby, magistrate.....
Voght, farmer...... .......
Brooks, union man.......
Armstrong, store keeper
Jackson-.". •""•	
Eastwood; butcher.
•* The two union men* are Socialists,
and at the Dominion election they sav
they will go more solid.
„ U.  S. Thomas has moved-into his
-U.IV-llw,.-,.'' *iy ■	
Tickets on oal« May, 4 hnd
18; June 5, 6, 19 and 20 ;
July 6, 7, 22 and 23, Aug-
ust 6, 7, 21 and'22, 1908. ,
First class round trip, riine-
. ty day limit.
Bouites—Tickets   are    good ]
via any recognised routes in ,
one or both directions.     To
destinations east of Chicago
are good via the Great Lake3
For Rates, Ecservations and any in-"
formation desired call on or write.
J. JiOE, *
D. P. A
The Diamond Vale, football club
elected the'following new officers last
Monday. Hon. President, T. J. Smith,
managing director Diamond Vale Coal
Co- j hon. vice-president, Dr. Tutill;
vice-president, B. P. Little, M.E.C.E.
Diamond Vale Coal Co. ; captain,. Ii.
Towe;, secretary, F. Beban; treasurer,
D. Nck.rew. ; .
The dilTerent committees dealing
with the arrangements for the celebration to be held on May 25th are ^paring
no efforts to make it a success.# The
•financr* committee report $1,000 in the
treasury. -* ,    ,
A lawn tennis court club was. formed
here last week, the'admission to which, J
is $5.00;  ladies free.    President, Ben
Browitt;  vice-president,   H.   Lawes;
Secretary, P. Haro'n.
J. Gralianie is meeting with succe-s
in his prospect for the B. C. Amalgamated Co. The diamond drill is working satisfactorily for this company,
having got down to bed rock.
Howell John has got his new house
about completed, 0
Mrs'. J.' Addic arrived from England
on Wednesday's irnin. Mr. Addle met
her at Spcnce's Bridge,
Fred Paige has moved his blacksmith
shop from Lower Nicola-
for the iarm, p;>u'den, lawn or
HeliaW'e,' approved   varieties
ut reasonable prices
' No windy agents to annoy you
d'-cct and p*et trees and
,    s,ii'<l- 1 h.-.t GRO"T
Be.. sii|,|*ii *•-, K|i,£,> Pumps,
Hi-ravini,* unit' rial m-d \
('ill .''ll)V.l..*H
Cnt.11 loj.ue ]'>*-'
A man named Mike Maraljo
was fatKlly irijiired at Canmore
on Sunday by a cavo in.
I. J. Henry
Grcenliotiso - 0010 Westminster
Road, Vnncouucr, B- U
Bring us your Jobs
Sewer    Contracting
Foundation Work
Excavating of every description
Gardening and Window Cleaninff
All worltc flfuarnnteed Phone 151
-Davis, Taylor, Stephens -Su Thompson
P. O.  Box 402,   Fernie
be 'directly oppoelte the Queen';
Hotel. The work of clearing and
properly preparing the eroundii
will be taken in band at the very
earlieit date, and aot a etone will
be lift unturned in the maktojr of
tlide club a credit not only to
Hott-mer but to the whole of the
Houth En»t Kootenay.
aceordinrf; to the constitution ot
the Socialist party of Canada. All
unions of orn-anlsed lfthor In this
district are invited to send dele*
rates who must have credentials
sirrned by the president and secretary of their respective unions.
.Fraternally yours,
S. P. of C, T.or/il 17.
Hoadouartora of A.  Guthrie -fc
."V.   ..   .,      ,   ill   1. .    ..1......1    ...»
IfO-t   fat.   ftCkkka**,    «**•   "-*    •*» '    ■*    "-•
lat«r than June lst. All bills,
statements ol aceoutnt. or claims
of whatever sort or nature, should
be turned in before May '.5tU and
■will be promptly paid, Bill* tn
eeived after that tUte ar« ilablo to
delay in payment."
Yours trily,
Hammond dfe Mclntosn
Blectrical   Contractittfi: DISTRICT  LEDGEE,  FEBNTE., B.C., MAY 2, 1908.
tt IN
On lay 23-rd-firsl Inter-Pro-
i vincial Convention Called ;
i,       in Canada
come to-voice the sentiments ,of
comrades enrolled under the * red
flag syrribolisihg a common brother
hood, They are numerous tod'ay !,
tomorrow they'-will be-si-multitude
working out their destiny as a
class.- '"'.","' ,y
"Their blood red   'banner streams
■*. *■*- ' afar,"' -   ■■ *•", «'    '- - r-•"••-. ':    '-
Who' follows in their train!"'
' The fair city-of Fernie has been
,the choice of the Socialists in Alberta and British Columbia'   and
■ the ' first inter-provincial convention of the Socialist party of Can-
"ada will be held on May 23rd.
The honor conferred on this city
is not wholly undeserved; and it
reflects the high .opinion of the
great young political movement in
„the .two sister provinces, of the
' untiring work of<the Fernie Socialists, who have never, faltered when
carrying the banner of revolt
against the blood1 reeking econom-
■ ic sysytem- called Capitalism.
..' The growth of Socialism in Can-
' ada. has been phenomenal..    Canada  of all countries; -trie country
; extolled to the heavens as the pan-
, acea for the poverty.and over pop-
'" ulation'of , the.,older, lands. To, the
j uninitiated,-----the- -growth..: oL the
. Canadian  ■'Socialist i   -movement
seems,-peculiar j' for "on the surface
of -things -Canada should -be least
; affected,  but. the . stubborn ,<• Ifact
remains, Socialism has taken root
on" Canadian soil and:-will spread
- until,Capitalism, is choked.out of
- existence.-i Socialism is the antitheses- of I Capitalism!_,.'• One or the
other must die., Capitalism is old
and--'decrepit;, .it  is   time  to   ring
doym the'eurtain.
;     ,-,,,;       . r--:f .--:      ,-   . r  -,,     ,  ,■   -
The movement in - Canada    , has
, been- tried in the 'fires if adversity
,   and has proved its-fitness to sur-
.   vive,   and   one,  looking'backward
to    the" early     trials,   of       that
.   little     band  •   cf workin'gipien
on; the Pacific coast -who first in-
augurated~the organisation^ won-
ders how they ever ' accomplished
what has been done.' ,
In British ColumHi the progress,
has been most marked and all owing to the fact that Capitalism
was more intensified than in * the
other provinces; the issue was
clean cut, the Capitalist and the
Laborer, with a never ending conflict of interests between , them.
With the development of the Koot-
enays and the building of the.
Crows Nest Pass railway (which
was built- by the workers in return for "overalls and tobacco,")
the Socialist movement spread,
finding adherents in" every camp
from Revelstoke to Crows Nest,
and Fernie especially, incl-.Uing
Coal Creek and Michel, became
strongholds of Socialism,   ."
It is in the order of fitness that
this oity should havo been chosen
for tills convention for in the last
analysis the "new idea" which is
spreading so rapidly over Alberta,
the germ of "divine discontent,"
travelled from Fernie, securely
packed fn a commodity called "labor power/' tho peddlers of which
descended from tho mountains to
the' plains, teaching their associates the mystery of "surplus val-*
ue;" and "the people heard them
And now the untiring efforts of
thoso* men, many of whom have
fallon by the wayside, somo lio
in unmarked graves, others scat*
tcred to tho four winds of heaven,
has bornp fruit, and In tho fullness
of time when the present order of
things will have succumbed to tho
"eternal chango," history will ro-
oord that in the city of Fernio,
British Columbia, on May 23rd,
1008, a number of working mon
assembled to discuss tho ways and
moans of making thin 'vale of
tears', a land of promises"—fulfilled.
We hope to see those stalwarts,
Comrades Hawthornthwaite, Wil*
liamfl and Mclnnes, whoRo uncompromising stand for labor has been
noted and remembered by tho
workors of all Canada; that n
giviii   welcome  biiout   will      greet
lllC'.ii,   \\u fee.-*  ixhbXtltS.\ ill aUlylivtOU,
wo expect to nee that "cheery old
grouser," Comrade E. T. Klngsley,
editor of tho Western Clarion, and
the father of tho Canadian Socialist movement.
From Alberta will come new
blood; but equally as staunch as
"the old guard," artisani, farmers, minors and the lowly "common laborer;" mayhap rou-fh un*
PMT fflt FlfSTip;
j "An ounce of prevention is worth a
pound ot cure." , The protection of a
foivst from lire is one of the best pos-
sibli illustrations of the old-saying*;
for often a few tninttte8.8pent.in (hor*.
ou-^hly extinguishing a campfire.qr
a,quarter of an hour passed in patting1
ont an incipient blaze may mean, and
often has meant, the saving ot many
thousands of,dollars' worth o? timber.
Thi-s is the main idea, of .'the patrol
sv&tem carried on in the Ontario and
Quebec-forests for years past; .what
is aimed -at Is to discover the fire-in
its early stages and put it out then,
bdbre it has a chance to reach large
proportions.  ■ » ,'       , " V
-. Small.forest fires do a.tremendous
amount of damage which,is not real;
jzed.. Such fireB,. burning in the dead
leaves and other litter ot the forest
(.'•surface" fires) or consuming the soil
itself ("ground''.fires) wound the roots
and bases of! the trees and .'these
wounds,.give an entrance, to fungi
and insects., . ■     . ■ -:« • „,' % ,'-,,
In places, in the Biding'Mountain
forest reserve, in Manitoba,' it is found
that, among the.poplar trees'," ^hree
out of every four are affected With
rot;.in,;the •"butt" log—i.e., the log
nearest the stump—a condition which
is due to the fact just mentioned, as
the reserve; has been repeatedly
burned oyer ih years past.  •
Most to be feared, of,course, are the
fires which consume the entire forest,
the '.'crown" fires." Evidence of many
of these can be seen in mile after mile
ot the wooded districts of Canadar
where charred black trunks are. all
green torestTXccasibnally even more
suriuus disasters occur, as in the well-
known MirauiicLi, N.B., fire ot Octo
bur 182b, where, 160 lives were lost
and a quarter of a million pounds
sterling were lost in property consumed.
thirty Peppie jfifajn Snow-
slide in Quebec Village -
, .Buckingham,   ,Que.,\,April
terrihle disaster occurred earlv
For Many Ycare Secretary of
Western federation Miners-
*   Result of old Feud
"In February our daugjhter had
the whooping cough. Mr. Lane of
Hartland, recommended Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and said it
gave his customers the best of satisfaction. We found,it as lie said,
and can recommend, it to anyone
having children troubled with the
whooping cough," says Mrs. A
Goss, of Durand, Mich, For sale
by all druggists.
The New York Tribune Bays :
"Most Amoricans who read about
tho groat mountain of anthracite
coal revealed by a landslido near
Albert Canyon, in the, Canadian
Northwest, were doubtless surprised at this -report,- and many may
question, its accuracy. There is
goodroason, howevor, .to accept it
at face valuo. Geological surveys
conductod by the Canadian government and various private par-
tios have disclosed the fact that on
tho eastern slope,ol the Canadian
rockios in British ' Columbia,
there exists an undeveloped coal
ftold probably much larger than
tho entire state of Pennsylvania. If
only a fraction of, the deposits
provo to bo high grade and accessible, the vast northwestern districts of both Cunada and the United Statos would be greatly benefited, In coiitpination with the enormous water power of mountain
streams out there, the coal supply
may( at some not distant day,
fill.those grain, cattle and timber
lands with (lour mills, packing
houscB, canning factories and lumber mills.
we books ranli SCHOOLS
Va-nrouvcr. fl.  C,   April 30—All
yesterday morning at'Notre-Dame De La
Sallette, a little hamlet about eighteen
miles northeast from' Buckingham, by
which over thirty people lost their fives.
The hamlet is situated on Liovre, at
the foot of a hill, and about 5 o'clock
in the morning, when most of the
"villagers were in their beds, a tremendous landslide occurred., , An enormous
mass of earth and snow rushed down
the mountain side and engulfed several
houses with all their occupants. Owing
to the remote location,of the hamlet
and the fact that'll has neither railway,
telegraph nor telephonecomrnunication,-
details of the catastrophe are very hard
to get. Requests have, been sent tQ
Buckingham for .twenty-five coffins,
and these have already been sent.    „;•
• The news of the terrible disaster was
brought to Buckingham by Mr. Bras-
seau, hotel keeper of Poupore, a nearby
village.., He states that a considerable
portion of the mountain, -which ,is.on
the opposite side of the Lievre river to
Notre Dame De La Sallette, suddenly
became detached and was hurled down
the steep side, crossing 'the,"river- and
completely burying several houses ih
the village with all.their occupants..
Immediately upon receipt ofthe news
at Buckingham all the doctors in the
place" with a large force of men responded to the call for aid, and drove to Notre
Dame De La Sallette,'while a procession of wagons look twenty-five coffins
to the scene. ' ■*■•"'
o ■  1 ■ '    t.
* It is now known that seven houses
were overwhelmed and all their ^occupants killed. The face of the hill for a
_hei/?hLof_sixLv__feetlft'll''over_to ii-lentrth.
of about half a mile along the Lievre
river, precipitating the mass into Ihe
river-and'for about S°° yards on the
oilier side of it, smothering everything
in its way under yards of earth, several
families having been completely wiped
out. , The known dead are, as far as
can be learned : '   •
'Adelard Murray, n't-'cd 37.
Mrs. Joseph Murray and following
children—Ht"*rmidas'Murrnv, aged 12;
Wilfred Murray, aged 11; Florence
Murray, aged 8 ; Ina Murray, aged 6 ;
and Adelard Murray, aged 5.
1 it %        1
Mrs. August Lariviere, aged 32, and
her four children,
Mrs. Napoleun Charron and the following three children—Aniandn, aged
3 ; Adelard, aged 2 ; and Joseph William, aged 6 months.
Cleophas Deslauriers, aged 33, and
the following children—■Ditmien, nged
11 ; Wilfrid, aged 8; Albert, aged 7;
Lucien, aged 3; Alhertine, aged 18
months ; nnd Florctth, aged 6 months.
George Morriselte, aged 9.
Mrs. Emmn Lapointe, aged 79, and
her live grandchildren as follows—
Daniel, nged 19; Edward, aged 14;
Arthur, nged 12; Angus, nged 8; nnd
Henry, nged 6.
Mis. Paul Dcsjardins and her stepson
Floriiuind, aged 12, nnd her son Elins,
u^ed 12.
Occasionally ono meets tho type
of individual who is continuously
putting off until to-morrow the
things he should have done today,
His motto is ''wait-." Some of
these chaps always feel inclined to
put off things until the last moment. Just why they do this it)
hard to fathom, Undoubtedly
they are afflicted with a chronic
type of laelntse, or perhaps it is a
feeling of Indifference—-a disregard
as to whether a thing is to be
done promptly.
A business man does not keep
such a person in his employ very
long. It does not pay. There are
hundreds ot bright, energetic per*
sons who are continually. watch nt*
■Tor an C'l'juirtunity to dciJiouCtTi-.tp
B. E, WALKER,>president^
ALEX. LAIRD, Gejiwal Manager   .
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
-'! -- Branches     - J--.. . -"     **,.''!
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest£ 4ur;^"^:?5?000,(mo?
Total Assets,,-. 113,000,000
Branches tirooghoiit .Canada,. and In; the"United .States, and England
,Denveri April_3Q-Av"illiam . D";
Haywood,-for ' many years secretary-treasurer of the'Western Federation of Miners," has been ousted
from- the*-executive board ,of tbe
organisation" by tbe members of
tb)at body. The" announcement of
this action appeared in a state-
merit published in the official organ of the federation, the Miners'
Magazine, today. Tnis statement
said: , , ,
. "To -whom, it may,concern* This
is to*r inform you _ that", the executive board' of the" Western Federation of Miners has-decided to terminate the services of .William . D.
Haywood' as representative, of the
,Western . Federation, in the field,'
the same to take effect on the 8th
day of April, 190S. .,. . / .,
■ \ ■•» C. ■£. MAHQNEY,
 ~'Vice Presidient..".
This means that Haywood-is.no
lo'hg-er in the.employ of'the'federation, ..©ven. as organiser,'which
position' he has held since December, when-Ernst Mills was: named ,,i,
to"* ■ supersede him ,as secretary- !♦
treasurer. ^ The only, connection x^
Haywood now'has is as a member -"•
pf the Silver". City, Idaho Lodge,
which is affiliated* with' the parent
body.' ' ' " -"' '"■"W'-***
._ Shortly after Haywood's acquittal in Boise, Idaho j of the'-charge
of>• complicity in 'the murder - of
former Governor Steunenberg, ' he
was shorn" of power as a member,
of. the executive board of-the federation. ' "For' some* time' he'-has
been'in the-east lecturing on;* Socialism - and soliciting membership
for'the federation. He was paid
for his work as solicitor, but was
not supposed .to spread the Socialistic propaganda. ,'It is apparent
Deposits,of $1 and upwards^received, and Interest allowed aft
current rates. The depositor, is; subject, to no delay, whatever lit
tbe withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the depoeita /■
Fernie. Branch,
H.   L.   Edmonds,   Manager
^•»»»»*»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» .
Have You Coxinected
%' I •   v *vi: ,-„■....,
c- i
■  —'-"-,- ;" j \i._n ..-lif-ir   ••■.iiiC'
' 3^,wo^Ca'rs.Qf Sew.
ay f-,i ,  nj*}.- -.'   atU *u- -*:'"--1 ,'"-XJ"
ao b*£f'ctT
Plumbing: Supplies
■-4     oi.ravits\-V''J'
set' prices,
ea.ll  <■ and.
14-. .ii
' vr*   ,iii;*i'J,!t *j--,i, ';
;.;„n*!',ti ■ v-T-    <•;   '$?&'£  '   .,.
and   Furniture
♦»»»»•*»♦♦♦♦«>♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦>♦-» ■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«»»»»*»»»»'l»i*»«»
arrangements have been made by!their abll'lty to maUe good.     Tlie
the provincial government for the!men who are puttlnc cf-until to-
^ia*.».iu,.*,i-„ ■,» #M« u«-i,« .«ri morrow the duty they nbould have
d Htrlbution of free books and wip*  doM to.day ate\^y thoHO wJi0
pllen   amonfj different  BchoolH in|nittt»0 possible for these intolllt?ent
ialiliaa  Co'niA1.>lj.a. ! ;/OiAUfe'»i.*vlli   i^>   •i-iv   *.kj.'t   oi>j>ol*.*>i.t.-
Hon, Dr. Young, minister   of'ity\
education,   stoted yesterday that |   The man who expects promotion
orders had.b.en placed with Oaffe \^J^£g*? {£^2
and Co., Toronto, and -Moranjr A |all Wl 11(o<   uut lf he does not de-
Co,, of the same city for the etan- -velop a c-apnclty for leidership, it
rlnrrl readers and arithmetics.     It 'is HWely that he will remain there,
lettered men, ad were a few htstor-: was the intention to supply    all |To Bet out oI tho rut one    must
alike, filled with a faith that will j in   the    reading,   arithmetic and ■ r#ftCh* th>   goal  th«n    he who is
remove mountains.   These men will I writing. levad'ng rssponslblllty ^E-xeharg*.
capacity has not met with the" approval of the executive board.
"       O;	
- When baby is teething the whole
household * is upset. Ihe tender
little gums are inflamed and swollen. The poor little child' suites
and -often crys day and night,
wearing the mother out and keeping the rest of the " family on
edge. In the homes were Baby's
Own Tablets are used there is no
such worry. The Tablets allay inflammation, sooth the irritation,
and 'oring the teeth through painlessly. Mrs. Si Williams, St. Joseph, Ont., says: "My. first baby
suffered terribly when cutting her
teeth and the doctor could" do nothing for her. I got a box of
Baby's Own" Tablets and they did
her eo much good that I cannot
say enough in their favor. You
may be sure that I always keep
tho tablets in the house now,"
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail at 25 cents per, box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brock-
ville, Ont,
■■.'■■   0—*-—-■——-
St. John, April 30—The longshoremen have decided to accept
30 cents per hour for the summer
season. Last summer it was 40
'     -     o
Tho Modesty of Women
Naturally makes them shrink .from the
imlollcato questions, thn obiioxli.ui* ox*
nmlnatlons, Mid unpln-mant local treat*
roonts, which womn pliyHlclniw cnnslder
essential In tlio troutmmit of tlisr-nuos of
women. Yot, if liolp can he hud, It Is
better to. submit to thl9 nrdoul than lot
tho dlsoiiHii grow anil sproutf. Thn trouble
1b that bo often the womftn undor-zoos all
the annovanco and shame for nothing.
Tliomnu*iNif women who havo been
cured Oy. Dr.T-Vnrce's Favorite Prescription wrlay. In^bpn-clatlon of tho euro
which dlo-JHWrj^Hh tho examinations
and local treatmfint-l'MTIii'rn Is rm nt)ir'|*
•n^lliilno, Hft-fiurf?MfiniL,«n,fn„fnc. ilnlli-iun
■Lowon-iii} "lavorlio rrescrlutlon." It
cures uebilliiiUiig Urulus, Irrugularlty nnd
fumalo woakuftHH. It always hi'liw. It
almoit-'always cures. It Is strictly nin*
alcolxlllc, non • socrot, all Its Insredlnnts
bolni* prlnUnl on Its bottio-wrnpiwi con-
tains no deleterious or habit-forming
drill*!*, and every natlvo meillelntil root
entering Into Its composition has thn full
endorsement of tboso most nmlncnt In the
Inveral Hchooln or medlrnl practice. Homo
•f tlmsn nnmeroiiM nnd strnngest of pro*
fesslonal endorsomonts of Its ingN-dlnntM,
will bo found In a pamphlet wrapped
, around tlin bottio, also In a booklet mailed
{ill. wn ittjUKti, {11 In, iia. V. i IcrtaJ, uj
tiiffftlri, K. Y. ThMW prrtfeoslnnnl nn-
dorsemontii should have fnr moro weight
than any amount of tho ordinary lay, or
The most Intnlllgnnt women nnw-n-days
lii*U( on knowing what they take ns med*
Iclne ImU'iid of opanlng their inmiths like
b lot. 01 iimnrf iiitiit nuil guiping Ociwn
whatever Is otterxni them, "Favorite I-tc-
icrlptlon'* Is of known coMrosmo.f. It
makes wenk women strong nud sick
women well,
Pr. I'lorco's Medical Adviser Is tent fife
The -Dominion Meat Go.
Limited * ;
' 3:SJ-     - ..
Fresh   and   Salt  Meats of all   kinds   in stock
Poultry,  Fish and . Oysters ir.j season
Dairy Butter and,Ranch Eggs
Phone 4
Victoria Ave
li .'.   'i"!.
Wholesale & Retail
Always, a choice supply of Beef, Pork, Veal,
Mutton,  and  Lamb on  hand.    Hams,
Bacon, Lard, Butter and liyg"«.
. l      1     j-   »,*■       * i, 1
Our Specialties
Fresh,  Smoked  and   Salted  Fish, always a
good assortment. , Try our Mince
Meat, Saurkraut and Oysters.
•if. f.
on receipt of stamp* to pay exnenttn of
mailing only. 8ond to Dr. U, V, Plerco,
IIulTalo. N. Y., 31 ontveent stnmps for pn
p.>r-riivi;r.*<., or w siamjm lor oiotli-Uiiiiiil.
If sick consult tho Doctor, free of charge
rip let.*-'". All snrh rnmmiinlrutlons nre
beld sacredly rnntUienllal.
Dr. 1'leree/s Pleasant Felleta Invigorate
"nd reguUte stoma«h, liver and bowel*.
The following testimonial proves once again the superiority of I
'•Nature's Healing Balm," Zam-Buk, Mrs, L. Spalding of 50] Krle
St., Stratford, Ont., isyit "Some time back I met with a •K-cvlltr
aecldent while descending the italri with a child
in my aim*. 1 tuppco, umng ..a.iiy wa my *<U
nrm nnrt r.l*bf>w, tfrrivln*; *. flf«n vnwieW. My »tm
was Inflamed, swollen and very painful. I tried
different preparation!, but the wound kept dli-
ctittalefttA tttwA to hteh About this tlmt my
brother tuggeited uiing-Zsm'DuV. I acted upon
his advice, Zsm-Duk thoroughly cleaned the
wound, itopped «ll discharging and toothed the
tiain mo tn lour weens Vbe -woumi ****<.• tubtv*)
icaltd.  I hate had perfect ste of both elbow and
arm ever since and owe this -rood lock to the
wonderful heating* balm Ism-lluk and would
adriMothera to use nothing elM." Zam*Dok cures
mm, tati-M, b«r»t, taMM. fMitrlsg vtmmit m4
tU AUx dUMw«**«f ill dmillati urd *t*tj*-fC
Uxorfmtf\A frMthaZMi'Bik Ce,, Tarawa,
- iid
-H,«*««VJ, DISTRICT LEDGER,  FERNIE.  B. C, MAY'3, 1908.
"' <:l
Annual Report Shows. Aggrc-
, gate Dividends of five and
a Ha!f Per Cent:
By Robert Hunter      '
Probably a million union . men
throughout. the country are .unemployed.. Millions of non-union men
are also' unemployed.'.   - >»
The other day in New Jersey the
«   / -f •     ■ > . *   ...  Standard    Oil.Company"    wanted
".' « The annual report of the Inter  workjnen.   Two. gangs' of ,   Poles
natidtional Coal & Coke Co.; Ltd;,^ Italians,came to take the jobs
„ operating   "collieries    -at Coleman,. A j*Dattle'ensued and these starv-
" Alta",, has, just been issued     and j ing men st0ned each other, would
makes highly satisfactory "reading' have   kmed     each  other—for the
The Time is at Hand
Screen boors, Ice Cream Freezers,
Boys' and Girls' Wagons,
Garden Hose  and  Fisning Tackle
3 -
for the shareholders.. It,*is signed
'by'A. C. Flumerfelt, the'president,
and runs as follows:
"The net profits.for'the year-af
sake of a job.
A few     days ago in New York,
James, Farley, the strike breaker,
! advertised for     scabs.   Thousands
ter paying all  operating effpenses j answered   the advertisement."   Beat head office a»d .mine, amount,to f?l.e three offices they fought each
other for admission.     The    police
$•251,049.21     (being 8.9 per cent,
on the outstanding capital) which
sum  > has . been derived from the
■ various  departments • of  the  com-
-pany's business, together with the
sale.of coal-and .coke,.receipts on
account of lots sold from the company's .towhsite and returns from
water, and  electric' light   supplied'
by the company to .the.people of
Coleman.,-\.,.;^.,  ■'""."*.:. ,',
'" On-the'1st of February, 1907, a
..dividend of 1 per cent on the capital   stock", of "-.the-, company .was-
paid; a similar one .on the lst    of
■ May,'which  was;increased' by  1-|.
per cent, on the lst of August and
" 2-per:- cent, -on'the. 1st' of.. Noy.em-*
-ber,"   making   in\ alV'S* per'cent,
;   aggregating -?i~54,0q0, and as you
"will see by'referene'e onftfo.'.op-p'O-
'site   page,   the'" handsome sum of
; ; der^r-wie--**^
0 -which' '61,998 tons* weiv sehf to the '
company's    ovens    and'j produced
.: 39rl51; 'tons'- of -coke,.-jail' of»,which
fou)nd  a ready sale,  the Vala-uce
' '* being'marketed'as coal.' J.'-~v'■>>",..••,'''_■
■*,- -The"'total' amount\6f.,the*' .pay
:     roll for 1907 -was- $437,723.19; av-;
And'as usual we are right on deck with the most
complete and; varied assortment of these lines
carried in the city. Our policy is fairness to every
one "and our congenial clerks only, live for the
pleasure of showing .and demonstrating the merits
of our various lines. ...
Call and see us when in need."
1,-; was < carried to tsurpj-us
'..-.;.,.j_--y.it.-*;. i;;),        ,->..      '-f^i**.
or the ..year. * ■. ■„ ..:*:-.. /■,■%:. *,-
tried   to    maintain' order/ but  it i
was impossible.    Tn    despair and
rage, the unfortunate men turned
upon thie police.        ,,    "•
Let us look at the'other side.
There is a strike on the street
railway'line . of ' Chester, Pa. The
mounted police are in charge.: A
crowd, of strike breakers from New
York tried' to start; a car. .They
barely" escaped with their lives/-In
the , evening thousands of enraged
men   '. and ■• women ., charged    the.
'mounted -police. *	
" Others  of    the -- New York men
'are.* £oing*. to take the "place1 ." of
strikers  at Pensacola,- Florida.  A
| regiment" of infantry and two gat-
ling.' guns -are• there*, to .intimidate
'■6he,j strikers,--and-to'protect- - the
^x^^reykets:---'.     "     '.
>,-^et^ny!man. calmly ask himself
is,,this^,ciyilipation,,or, is, it ,say'ag-
Whimster   &   Co.
Headquarters   for   Hardware,, in "East   Kootenay
t";*   ' "'"     Say!  Why not have your plumbing*;.
^, ; v" done now before .the big rush.     -We  ••'■-;.
\W :"": • have the largest staff.of experienced , -
j W } T',"'".'. plumbers, steam fitters and tinsmiths - ,*-
\$f   <,-,.; •.;in.,the city.   '.Prompt and efficient.     ...'■.
1.57     __: SEWER  CONNECTIONS   Al  SPECIALTY^-1-- —■
Auditor, Accountant, General Aprent
Life, Accident and Employer's Liability insurance
465; days' worked 236; the average
-to'nage' being 1575.  'During' ;the
,'vear,V"there«*were,,e some., additions,
-made j- to , the -plant ,.1(expendit!ui(e|.
under this headd being $45,943.57)
whichl included   coke, ovens, 'additions to'haulage plant; a Bradford
' breaket,! snpwsheds^ and?; a thpri
ii      oughly- weU'requip^e'd wash    house'
I     for.the;,men,  all'of which,were
:-«:     deemed necessary'in,the company's
'''"■ \rje'at'intereats :andraPproyecV,by, tbe
board."- ,"     ■
*,4„.*4-'.„.^h4*,.«>«'   '-*i»»i«i^
;* We have ' |utlawed; bull -fighting"
and cock7fighting. We.are too huT
mfarfe.rto';see animais .-tortured. But
what about our human, brothers? *
1 -X5 few.'"tnod%and^nemployed' are
taken*'ffom-aTe.^York to fight' a'
few' thousan&jgther men inPennsy-
each;otfier;,they 'face gatling guns;
fe'giments.of-soldiers and mounted
xossacks wstrike w terror- v.to.-*-. their.
*.   flmi. ■-    \F^l* 4rt*» .N(*.a,r,i    --'i  ■■*•>   .    'I   *i*     '.i*;'y*   ^.,a   j t,
*ll6£L*CtaS« 'VX|I*'-«J V*.**nfl** !«-•■••---   ',*- ■**-"*****•.*• *  -■>■■«»"* ,'.*->  *-"''.- t   ,;*
A Democratic mayor in Pensacola . and * a- Republican . may-pr"- •', in
Chester   Zofiei? theiv fellow; tov ns***
•»'       Z,   **        'x       *\ f-**     *'»        w **-■ "    ■  f   •
nien} :"who, -hiy't   helped   to elect
A, f. Hamilton, Proprietor
Telephone  1 |. J   ,:.. Next'King Edward Hotel     ^
Books opened, • closed,   audited, and accounts  kept in.the,
-■-        .   ...,,:   most up-to-date manner.
Office. -Biiriif*/_Block.'
Rhe&kt^nv; *-.caye*}fi ■W-oxp^
and suffering, than any other
eaee, for the. re**Bon,itii'aft, .it .la the
nioBt common-of-airills, and it is
certainly gratifying tS "sufferers-to
lm'ow i that Chamberlain's   ;. Pain
Balm will afford' relief>•• and make
rest and sleep possiblr.' In. many
, cases, the'relief.Jrpnv pain,- wh)lch;iB
,   at flrst   tempo-raryiV h'as become
permanent,   -while *ln old     people
•subject to chronic rheumatism, often brought on by dampness     or
changes* in tlie weather, a permanent cure cannot be expeoted; . the
relief     trbmpaln which-this liniment affords is alone worth many
times its cost.   25 and ,50     cent
sizes for, sale by all dwgglflts.
 ——o- •
A popular contributor to a certain wookly paper recently died,
and a visitor to the office the day
after tho funeral'found the editor
and his staff talking about their
loss disconsolately,
"It hoje been a sad loss, friends"
the visitor said.   "A sad loeo indeed,"    He   sighed   and    looked
about   the room.     ''And   I   am
'    pleased to see," ho went en "that
"    you commemorate the melancholy
event by banging up crape.'
The editor frowned.
"Crape?"   be   said.    "Where do
you see any crape."
"Over there," said the visitor,
"Crape ba Wowed,' soil the ed*
itor hotly. "That isnt craj?e. It's
the stnee towel."'     ;
The annual race meet of the
Western Canada Turf Association
will be held at Blairmore, Alber*
<.„ „,, iur-,*T 91 en*. 9.9.. IflnR. &BO0O
in'prUes.'lt is under the manage- |
ment ot the tfaias iurf Atwociatiou.
The following is the programme:
1 mile, 8.10 pace and 2.84 trot,
purse, 9200; { mile heats, open,
pur«r» Vti)x*J; i *••**»* •i*.**1**, •i|r,*'**i
purse, »175; i mile pony heats,
14J and under, purse 9125; 1 mile
dash, open, purse |200; \ mile
•quaw race, purse ?25.
1   mile pace and trot, free for
all, purse, 4300; i mile heat* open,
purse »200;j 1 mile novelty, open,
thW,.7ge.tUng¥.guns and; cbssackS
■  Hungry   women     and'    children
stand behjnd.Jthe^ scabsj ^hungry
wbitiien:,'and: cWldren Vt and'-'behind'
.thelunvtin-Cmen,!.^,..,*. , ,6,    .      „;,Al
' The',";s<l4bs'.: and, ,the ;* unionists
ought to be f brothers,    biit''    are'
.tearing, each ".o.ther to pieces; with
side.;of the scabs. . ■ ,'. ; . ■ T"'
"'"Cock1 flgHting*and "bull -baiting
are pastimes compared to this human-warfare. ,-.■.,-
Arfd \ tbb'most monstrous thing
of all is that working men     are
themselves responsible.	
- Thoy 'have brains and votes... * -.
■'■ -o ■
I  never met that
I'm. sorry
new blood'and  strengthens
weals br.'.worn-out nerves. ■'      ,  . .„.,
- 'Mrs: David' J.: Ta'pleyj- Frederic-
ton',   >;B:,;;was cured/by Dr.-. Williams' *Pihk '-Pills''after'suffering.
.-*- - j_-_« ^TTnii a -^.v> ven VArt wn^which _re_-_
sultedrin'partial, paralysis of the
face.'iShe"'says:;"The trouble came,
on qujite' gradually,  and  at ;   the
outset I'did not pay^'much atten-•
tion-to it. Then it .grew,more serious, ' and   there   was , a' general
breakdown    of   the nerves, which,
was folio wed, by partial paralysis
of the 'face-5' one side, being /completely drawn:out* of shape,  il was
.under a doctor's.xare ,*or a couple
of' months/   'and    one treatment
after    another was1 tried without
benefit.. ,By .this time I was    con-'
fined to'bed,;"'and the doctor told
me he could-not -cure me.   Almost
"in"despair"! .wasrpei*suaded to try
Dr. Williams' ?ink Tills.   The im-
' provement was slow'but the build-
ine* up of a run down system naturally is'slow. 'Slowly but.surely
,this':.medicine-dld its work,     and
after a' t'lmVl-I-was able again... to
come downstairs..  From that    on
the improvement was -jiuch more
rapid and now I am as well as I
ever was in my life.   My     friends
look upon my cure as ahno" miraculous.   Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
did for me what the best medical
treatment; failed to do-they gave
me back good health.
It is the   blood building, nerve
restoring ,, power in Dr. VTilliams
Pink   Pills    that enable them to
cure     such   troubles as anaemia,
rhoumatism.'the after, effects of la
a point of commencement,* making1
640 acres more or less. . " ; .
- Located this 26th day of March,-
1908. -■-... • . • .. " ' '
■ ' , Awrey Rice, Agent.
R.ub.en_St_eves, Locator;
Feriiie,"' B." 0.
No.  52
,man Biggs',"" "remarked the Strang* | grippe, indigestion.neura.lg^ St.
'er within the gates'.  '"He was    at™8'
man" without a fault, pure in all
his thoughts, beloved and respected by all men and "
"Say," interrupted the astonished native, "where did you get
you information?"
"From his tombstone," oxplain*
od the Btranger, as ho winkod the
other eye.
V1-.UB dance, partial paralysis and,
tho secret ailments ot girlhood and ^
womanhood. Sold by all medicine
dealers or" by mall at 50c a box
or six boxes for 82.50 from tho
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brocfc-
ville, Ont.
■HI UIIILIIE  1 1        ■**
TAKE NOTICE that I, John
Mott of Elko, B.C., intend to apply to the superintendent of provincial police for a transfer of my
hotel license for the Boffman houie
at Elko, B.C., to William Stanley
McEwen of Elko aforesaid.
Dated this 4th day of April, A.
D., 100B. „—„ „*-,-,
Take Dr. Williams Pink Pills When the first
Symplnms are Noliced and Save Yourself Much Suffering
Are you troubled with pallor or
loss of spirits, waves cf heat paec-
ing over the body, shortness of
breath after slight oxertion, a peculiar shipping of tho heart beat,
that   30 days alter date, I intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Com
missioner of land* and works for,
a license to prospect for eoal a»d
Petroleum on the following lands
situate In the district of «o«theast
Kootenay, British Columbia, to
blook -1503.
Nat"; Babcock","" Witness.
3. ,Commencing, at a post planted at or Jiear- 21st mile post of
present C.P.R. osurveyed lino , and
being, the,northwest corner post of
Frank Lewis claim, thence east 80
chains; thence- south.80 chains-;
thence ' west 80 , chains; thence
north 80 , chains;, to a point of
commencement,. malting 640. acre's
more or less.' .      •.,
>!   Located, this, lStn day ot ■March,
1908.'    . "■■.'.''
Awrey Rice,   Agent.
. ',. '  Frank Lewis, Locator.
Nat Babcock,' Witness. _
' 4.   Commencing at a i-bst plant-,
ed   at or near W. Darby's northwest, corner post; and being  . the
southwest, corner  post   of    Andy
Goods' claim,   thence   north     80
chains;   thence ,, east '80 chains ;
thence    south    80 chains;  thence
west 80 chains; to a point 'A commencement,    making    640    -..cm
more or less.
Dated this 27th   day,of Maicb,
1908. .".'.--■■■    '
•   Awrey Bice, Agent
Andy.Gooi, L-icotor,
Nat Babcock, Witness.
5. Commencing ot a post planted at or near the nocri.v'm corner
of Frank Lewis' claim und tting
the southwest comer post'oi Peter
Bakos claim thence north 80
chains' thence east 80 chains;
thence south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains; to a point of commencement," making 640 acres
more or less,       < ....
Located this 16th day ot March,
i 1008. •
Awrey R-ioe, Agent.
Potor Bakos, Locator.
Nat Babcock, Witness.
0. Commencing at a post plant-
ed at or near the northeast corner
post of Miss Dolly Moore's claim
and being the northwest corner
post of A. A. -Sparks' claim thence
south 80 chains; thence east 80
chains; thence north 80 chains;
thence west 80 chains; to a point
of commencement, making 64*»
acres more or less.
Located this 81 at day of March,
Awrey Rice, Agent.
A. A, Sparks, Locator.
Nat Babcock, Witness.
7. Commencing at apost planted at or near A. A. Sparks north
west corner post ana being thn
southeast corner p..»t of Jo»
Juan's   elafm    thence    no.th   80
FernJc's Most Home-Like House
King Edward Hotel
J. L.  Gates, Proprietor
A Saw  your  Cordwood *
By Power and
save money
Cost of operating,
very trifling
• Circular Saw Frames
Drug Sow Machines
Stationary and Portable'
Sawing OutfltB
Canadian Fairbanks Go., Ltd.,
Vancouver,   B. C.
Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg;, Caljtary.
fk ' : '  *
1. Commencln-r at a Po« P-<»«-
euuar siupping o» •■"«' ""•**■*• »•—*» . t _ „tar one mUe east of 8Btn
poor digestion, cold handsi or feet■.   w w " »t* f pre„nt C.P.B. sur-
* .. ,   r.»Tin„ r» wM-.-ht en*, fnilnwuf I muB    -**0"'     , *J   .      i**,r ~ .-■.■-•.a.*
•d'o ;it malce the inl.talc of think* | !^r"^ ffitf AT MoorV.
aso   uiich "I. Durao  ■/COO; j iriil*     ...	
dash. ©pen. pu«« ?1B0; 1|   mUe fynly medicine   that   ten
dSb, oJS, porsi 1800}'i milt In- |p«.mptly   and fir.Htv.ly
»i^„.   -._ a*.*,     •ah***'**  tf'9'X -^VaBsI    Ai    1
tne that .nese are niueases th«m
•elves and being satisfied v Jtb relief for the time being.
This is the way that the -serves
Kive warning that they .are sreak-
■frr*.** Hown., it menns tbiat vlif
blood' has become imfnire and thm
and cannot carry enough nourish*
ment to the nervei to keep them
healthy and able to do-their work.
There is only on* way to pre*
vent the final breakdown of the
nerves end the more ««»■>«• ™*
e*M* *hich follow. The Wood
must be made rieh, red and pure,
an* TV, ■wniinms' Pink fills is th«
- - do thi*»
diaa raeo, purse t*J5.
'dose of the medlelne helps   mako
clrnrr poBt- ol Misn Dolly
claim, thence south BO chains}
thence west 30 shains; thence aorth
30 .bam*; .hence tatt 90 jhalns;
to a Point of commenBiment, u,»k-
inn eW acres more or less.
•7,..i,..i *v»n *■•»♦■ r1»i*» of MuTcri.
.44 VV4J. •*<»"■       .       .  4 . „
Awrey Rice,   Agent.
Miss Solly Moore, Locator
Nathaniel Babcock, Witness.
2. Commencing at a jioit runted at or near one milt east of
31st mile post of present nurveyed
line ot C.P.a.i aad being the south
•ast corner post of EubtB Bttvts'
claim thtn«* w^t W ch*Ias vwvt
north 80 chains*, thtnet east 80
ebaint; thenet south 80 chains; to
chains; thence wo*t U) chitus;
thence south 80 chains: thenes oast
80 chains; to a point of commencement, making 040 acres
more or less. ,
r.nented thin Qlnt dftV of March,
1008' -n* K X.
Awtcr »»«-, At«at.
Joe Jean, Locator.
Nat Ilrubeock, Witness.
8. Commencing at a post planl>
«d at or near V. Jawlns, toutbeaiit
rf.rner finst nnd 4 miles east- of 30
mile post of present C.P.B. survey.
•d lint, and being the ■outhWMfc
eornsr post of Harvey KuphV'•
claim, thtnee north 80 chains}
thsnee east 80 chains; thtnet south
80 chains; thenet west 80 chains;
to a point of commtncimtnt.
Lo«at«d thU -Mth day of Jfareh,
Awrey Kite, Af-t-nt.
Barrey Mttrphty. -Locator,
Nat Babcock, Witness.
Suited   to  our  Climate   from their birth.
lJropro£.ited   in the Northwest.     The seeds
thnt nature meant for this  climate.
Phone No.  12
■»      '     laTtTMktatTl	
All the leading lines of
high class Chocolates
and  Confectionery
News of t-fee 'City.
.Family*dwelling bouse for sale,
8 rooms. Good well oi water,: nice j
garden. Will be sold cheap on-
easy terms. , Apply Manager, District Ledger; . '' ■ ' „"'' .
Score  cards  for. bridge  parties,
for sale.at this  office.
Lost—A , Cocker Spaniel pup.
Finder suitably rewarded on, notifying phone No. 119, or Ledger office;   , ..-'.' - -    ,
Board and room "wanted—By %
respectable worAnitn. Terms must
be moderate. 'Apply No. J45. Ledger omce.' 	
For Saile—-1 Frame House, ■ 4
rooms  ,wn;ii 'furniture and Singer
* Sewing Machine; also 28 young
chickens. Situate opposite -queens
Hotel, No.-. 1*43. Tne owner otters
the above very cheap and easy
terms can be arranged.—Frann.
Fassemi, owner.   ■; ,
Ol'l ».t..luVl tu IH-l|i Willi ll„lil l.ull.ie
WorK.    xil|ji>Ij /uousci- uuikc, ■ .  -l
(JulcUb.io lor aHic—3u cliUkei.t:,
young.   Appl> lo U. "viniei1,   -jo-*--  Mu,
• I'eniie. - -•
Eggs ior tiaidiiug, \Vluie -.-*oaiK.oui.,
"Hegai1 suain,'' *ta.oo''i'jr 18—oiawOi
85 Ueunuel M.    -  ■ '",        '
'Furuibiied ituoui. Hu Ueiiiinel Si. .
Rhubarb roots for tale how.
Cabbage and Cauliflower plants,
ready 15th. of May. Balding out
flower plants by lst of *Tune. John
' McLachlan, \vest Ternie Greenhouses.
Choice Flowering Plants ih Pots
for sale-^-35 Gemmel St.
For   Sale—l four roomed house
with .pantry, also furniture,     for
, , JJ300.   Apply   io    • --      .  tester,
Fernie, or District Ledger Office. 2t
■ All maiiuliauturiiig, ei.gra.ing- anU rt-
pairing uouo prouipiy auU satwuiciuiy
at A. C Li, hardt'a. "
Ice cream sodas, all flavors, at
Rochon's.      ,
D.   Bell of    Cranbrook
town Thursday.
a        • " ' , ".'"■        " .* ■   - -■      . f
Blc^dell's^V^at^A-ay. Specials/I
Choice Yellow P.nvi-r'Ouii-ns,. i«l' .-ilbs! *25e
'." Spechil for S-umdav,'4 lbs. tor......... :....
Nic<j Fresh I'ninV.sr, i*-*s*. 2 10s "lor :25c
"'.   Si.tciftl for S-hunlay, 3_lbs'fbi'i.-|..,.'........f.J.*;
■25C I
w. J.  CL'J^DELL
Prompt Delivery
|>    Pay Cash   ,'.
%$$<&$&Ay$&AyAy&§&y 3^-$*^$^>^^<S>*^><^
>.' "-I
JM.T* W'orkisigtni'aLs'ai,-self ihrerest should be,the renson for you   trading,
here, where your dollars have.the biggest [ urchabing power.'   We buy direct irorn the
manufacturers  to the best advantage for cash, and as;we sell for stricily  cash, thus
avoiding credit expenses'iind Josses, we, are enabled to place within „you<\.reach reliable
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f ^«^:M^ j [I merchandise at the'lowest possible cost to you.
The Best, Conqtanion iL^s ■■
The New 4 A Folding Kodak1.
•  We. have all  si?4es of liastman Kodaks'
,    '   "   No    alvance    on      cat.ilo'o-ue     pric*.*-". -
For   Brownie   users we  have  the  new
Brownie Developing Box, a great time^
Our stock ot Films and Paper'
is  now complete
TakeaKodak with, you
Campbell's Clothing
In exclusive oputterns find designs. ."'Eviry si.it in onr
sor'.'s: at d summ-M- s*nok has been/chosen by'us because of
some special merit of pat turn or design-vvhich it' possesses.-
We take a special iiiicr< st in e'vei*>'-{jarment we.handle, it
embodies oar ideas of correct things in clothing.
Men's Suits $6.75 to $25.
was m
Crushed Fruit dishes at Eochon s
Follyshine, David "Hiram, Sundaes^
Maple Fudge, Chocolate Sundae.
, Mr. Ingram of the Club Cigar
.Hugh McHughes'housekeeper has stor0 h^n moved into, his new
left for the coast.       ,o J premises on the west side of'Vic*
F, ,B. Debois went to Taber- on'^oria Ave., next the .Royal hotel;'.
Wednesday evening's flyer.
Ice cream in quarts, pints    and
bricks at Bochon's.
.'-Mrs.  C, W. Davey   -fc for Spokane   Wednesday     evening on the
flyer.-   v- - -
If you want a ring,made we can
make you any design in our shop,.
A. C laphardt.
0VKt', A; Macdonald, of Wiijalpeg,
this week.
• Sam ■ Graham of Bellingham,
Wash., is in.town on a short, visit
to iriends. .
:''The-most complete stock, o£ ice
cream and- soft drinks in B.C. at
Dan Alton, of Edmonton,, well
known- along the Crow, was .in
town Wednesday.
' George Stevenson, of the' Western
Canada Wholesale .Co1.1--went,, to'
Calgary Wednesday.
'The' assessment roll shows,- an
mcrease of 152,425.00 over -la***t
year. . This is very good.
•'■"Vanilla, Maple Walnut, Strawberry, Lemon,.- Chocolate, Orange
ice creams at Rochon's.
Mrs, E. C. Oben v .nt to Spokane
Thursday - morning' to -visit 'her
mother who is ill there. .<
A;-' W. Wright of the Ledger.staff
was in Cranbrook on Sunday   on
Typographical TTnion business
The Ladies Aid Tea of the Methodist church will be held at the
home of Mrs. A. W. Wood! on
Tuesday from 3.30 p.m. to 6 p.m.
■•Xhe'-Rev. '*.' W. Williamson; will
■preach in the. Baptist church.Sunday, .evening, at 7.30 p.m.\ Subject:, 'ATho. ,last_ words of great
skeptics.'"  • •' ■ ■'    ' y'-'
''Wednesday;  the'29tK',  was;   the
R^ijrotaiLx^i_gf^h»jhis - nre -here,
Mrs. J. Barber was elected president of the Ladies Aid of Christ
church; Mrs. R. Heading, vice
president; Mrs. Fred JnhnJon, secretary. They have to. report a
very successful year.   , ,
' A nominating convention- of the
East Kootenay Liberal party has
been called-to meet at. Nelson on
June 4... Fernie-is entitled to send
6 representatives,»Fort Steele 2,
and-one each to Fort i. Steel .Junction, Jaffrey,; - Elko'^'Morrisey
mines, -, - - Carbonado,', ■--Morrissey,
Co.al Creek, Sparrow, Michel, The
Loop and Crows Nest. fWehave
not space to give a full list of representation further this.rweek.'.
We aie sole agents for'Carharatt "& King ofthe -Road
Overalls, both anion;.made,,and', acknowledged the best
in - their class. '. ■.,   •-.-,*.
9 oz; Kinr; ot the Road, per pair......... 90o
Carharatt special for railroad men and engineers, pair$l 40
&  R.  Collars, Newest Styles and Shapes
.....$:.'?*$. ../..........10c
W. G.
1 ply  Linen:	
4 ply    do    3 for..
Special for Saturday
Fancy Chuck Linen.Shin, combination
collar,  warr-'Rted.t.-ist.colois, leg. $1,75
; Special $1.25
" Grey and White S',iijie 'Flannel Shirt";
warranted .all wnn|. finished nnd buttons"
hand sewn, reij $1 7n ■
Special $1.25     •
Dinna   forget, that, **e
special - low prices on* all
are   making
Tranks, Travelling Bags, and
Suit Cas£fr, Etc.
T-ruly the town'-has 'grown .-I*
looking and well dressed"   , 8ince
then. ...
GepV1 i- Cody ^mbvftd'; •the. " Fernie
Cart'agjf-j * Co's. old-barn '< from. -' the
old site- opposite* the side of post
office to its now.location on Victoria Ave. -.;-*, .
We notice a number of the boys
out with their/lacrosse sticks, and
think' the -tim» opportune, for organisation . and-.1.arrange •> fot - a
game for Victoria Bay with some
oi-.-the-neighboring towns.
."■We' received some complaints from
Union.mehthls.week'ln regard to,the
hiring of Hindoo men on the city dump
Qn'enqulry from.Mayor Tuttle we were
informed, of the followiiig reason' for
the hiring of tho Hindoos i Tho Hindoos
McEvoy,* late ot. the. Coal I came to the Mayor and asked for work
We are headquarters for good Values in Men's Working
Gloves I■   «    j-    i, ■    '
6   '       --■      ■ ■ > ,     *     ■ •
H. B. K. Moleskin, per pair.......... ...65c
„ „   Cordovan.Hoi-ueUide,.....;..$100.-$L25ai.dfl50.
'   „ -'Brown THh'-Horeehide....:......-.' ....$1.75'
,,,     Picary HogSkin:  ?lL-?5
Mdleskin Gauntlet* ' «5c
Horsehide  Gauntlet. $1 50
Reindeer Gauntlet... ..' •••-. * ..fl.95
We have; a :tnbst,,*ip-to-date stock of
Spring Shirts, newest designs and colorings' and guaranteed fast colors  '■     *v
0 ' '      '
u *-"" S ' '   , * ■>
W. & & R. Crescent
$1.0(>i   i;$1.25,    $1.50
\HOW;S  THIS.C   . -
We offer one hundred dolUars reward "for any one case of catarrh
that:' cannot be cured by'--Kail's
Catarrh;'-^Cure.' F. J. -lChtoey" &
Co., Toledo; O. ■  ™*  '
' We, the undersigned, hyifi known
F.^J., Cheney for the* last'iSl years
and.beliebe. him perfectjyi Ih-onor-'..
able in' all business transactions
and. financially able to carry .out
any obligations made by-h'ls firm.
Walding,* Kinnan and ?"Marvin;
wholesale druggists,  Toledo,  0.
kail's' Catarrh Cur'e; is' ;tak**n ir. •
.temally, acting directly ui*on the
blood and-mucous surfaces of tho
system, - Testimonials"-sent free.
Price 75c. per bottle. .Sold, by all
druggists;'' .....*■..
Take Hall's Pills 'f6fr 'coiistipaT
tion.. ,   ; .,?:'.. -   ■    •
Go's staff left via Banff Thursday
. ton |oin the German Development
lOeVf.£#&!&38fcteK,\}::;; ■■>*.;
"r.W'ifll »*Kelltftr;o»« o* tho old
time .Fernie boys is back again
after spending the winter at his
home in Button, Ont.
The local Odd Fellows hold an
At Homo in their hall, Thursday
evening. We understand it was
well attended and a success,
^he Bachelors of J*"erhie gave an
At Homo and Ball at tork's opera house last night, t was ono
of tho most brilliant and successful social overits of the Vkr.Fon.
/ "Constables Sampson and Olark
went to New Westminster' with
Mr. Crosby atid'a man'from Elko,
Wednesday morning for the asylum at New WestmiuBtor,
A re propiirc'l ••) I'Bti" 'n '*t\\»i>'
trn'iln nn well n* iriMiilPipnuV.
l.aillos' hull' «*'<• fnt'i*1''remi-il
nny Any hut Sntunlny.
as theyvrere unable to obtain any. "The
Maytjr sent them,.to all.tbe places,he
thoilglit it was llkeV"thd^-wquld*:got)'*v
Job, but thoy could not obtain work.*
They cjime. back practically starving,
and bogged for.Bomb'hlng to do that
they could obtain a few' meals. .Tho
Mayor could not see them starve, nnd
gavo'thom an order for .food, for which
thoy wore to work whon called upon',
Tho dVP»P.),Jl|lt0 a0 attended to, bo1 tho
Hindoos.wem.given,two,,aiid P ,in"
days' -Work W h'ofp'tiiom'obt'alhn liylnir-
■TIiIb sliould rellovo tho Idea thot
thoro was any Intention to hire thci'n in
profcrqneo to wlu'o union rato payors
of our city who "are Idlo'at prdsont, nml
thn Mayor states that ho had no Intention to do so, but ho will not seo any
mnn starve If In his power to prevent,
Whilo wo understand that tho Mayor
was placed In an awkward position,, wo
trust that somo other moans will he
available at futuro li>ni*n. so that lour
union men who aro lu'lplng to supprirt
the cltv In i*my way, nnd a lot of thein
who aro tax I'liywri., will pi't.nny worlt
that Iiiih to Iim uinlurtaki-n by the city.
Tho kirk wns not rnlmd bncaiiHO tho
mon were Hlndo-w. Mil boi-an... thoro
arc tn iiihiiv nib' •«!•• I'nynr-* In thu city
at tho piOHont tin*'1 win* iii.' inoniboiH
oi iiiiloim,
, v><,
It is acknowledged that quality. U supreme' ip our
grocery department, we stocking' onlv the. best-
brands' procurable-. Notwithstanding the-general
8uperlorty of orir table supplies our;prlc«s in almost
every instance_are lowe^than clwwhere.   ,'    "   v,
" SATURDAY „ SCKCIAJLS,^ v.*i--;...:
■i-Faney—Cal if ornia lErnnei|_5J ba ±
G&B 1 lb. Glass Marmalade, special.,r
-2 lb. tins Table. Syrup, special
Efery Day Prices That Mean a thii&g to Tot
Magic Baking Powder per tin. ;. 15c
White Star    .-,«■], ,.„:.. ;•-•.  v , ;.. 15c
New'Creamery Batter per lb..:  ..i.35c,
St: Charles Faimljr Cream, 9 tins $1.00
C.&B-Quart Vinegar   ...f....'...25c
C. &-Bi Imperial :PintViriegarvr.................:.20c
;SunUght„Soap, 5, ■cartons.;;^..-.,.....,;....., ......25c
Lifebuoy Soap;. 5 cartons.'....:. 25o
C.^B'TGIaea /ama .-.^•.*•:.'?:.:.V. '.r.:'.:^i~
. .Architects and draughtsmen are
-invited'to. submit.sketch plans and
estimates., of cost for addition'to
th6 Fernie Public School:building.
Plans must show four class rooms
with .proper means of ingress and
egress, and scheme of boating ventilation and lighting. Basement
.under whole of addition,.-, containing ■ heating system', la/^atories,
etc.. Estimates not to includo the
cost of heating, systom,..plumbiug
or excavating, " „
Preference • will bp',give^:',to plans,
showfbg an addition, which, while
making a.harmonious unit in connection with''tho prosont building
is capable of cxtonBion, to mako,at
least a twolvo room school apart
from tho oxistlng structure. Firo
proof matprinls to bo ui-od as-far
as possible. """      , ,
Satisfactory plans will Ye paid
for or architect glvon, lAiporvlBory
functions during constriiotion. -All
plans, nubmittod at owner's risk,
The school board does not bind
Itself to purchase or use nny plans
that may bo submitted, Plans ard
estimates to bo in the hands of
the secretary not later than May
IS, 1008. Further information
may bo obtained' from the under*
Soc. Fernie Public School Board,
titled thereto, having ..regard only. ,<| *
$6 the claims, of which he   shall   X
thenr.have notice, 'and'that"   the
skid'    administrator will-not be
liable for the-said .aap-itp(or,(any,,
part, thereof  to any person     or
persoris   of   whose claims notice
shall not have been received ; by
him-.at the time of such,distribution;"*"'   '  -. .*-.'■•.,   "-''.  \;  ■ ,   ."-'V*-?
' Dated this' 83rd day of' March,
•;   "     l.' p.' ■tos'JE'iK.V' ■'';;'
Solicitor   for   the Administtator;*,
•" ""      ' ' *•■<('-'.      '   i'^.l',-.'.   OlUMrl'/'l    ,
Depot  Restaurant
J, 15, nOGKItf**,, Proprletoii-.,
Open Nij;ht and Day
Wliun in Maolooil htop at' tlio
, -    - Dopot Ko»tiiurarit.
.- W. H. Sifnitionds has opened
;.a,Pliptograpic.-5tudio and is'
/• rprepared,to,do first class work
Stodlo on Gemmel Street
Near the Ooera House
iC'.T'. ' ■" •^•■**.***^i«ii*j.. - ijAa
I —. ■ *' »-,-*-.V^»-i n%rZ?*
1) ;■:■ Vj-,1. ■' *'.'■*->*•'.') li^tSL,
■Va'-.'  Ji  ****"•"*■.*•*■■■ .-j^IWV:
——5*4 J
Suit Cases
we have them
At the home
Fine1  Footwear
Blairmore. Alta.
Funeral Director and''
l'1!,       ■   ' -
Embalmer •'■'■•*.••
•,,- ."'''
OlYice Victoria StttcY
Phone 6-*     Rosldonco Phono aB
*' .*■•■       .» i
a,' Builder & Contractor
JiO .
Enlarge Your
;Havc 'you got yonr photo enlarged yet? ■ If not- * Courtney
will, enlarge it in Sepia, Oil,.
Water. Color, or.Crayon, All
classesvof' Photop-raphic   work
.done...   Developinff,   ' Printlnf*
and MtHintinc* done nt reasonable .
-a&V'-t'r •-•-.    -,
nrlcoW *
A* W. Courtney
, aO*
Estimates Furnished nnd
Satisfaction Gnurnntqcd
W«   R»    MCDOUGALL   20? Victoria Ave,
.IS THE MATTEP. OP the estate
of Edward Van Buyten,   lato
1,1   of Fernie, B, 0,, dncttasedi
< Notice is hereby, given that   all
("••■Utrtri "in** n'-'h/irai Viftartfir* i>>'1*Ht»i«
against tho estate of the said
Edward Van Buy tun, dccoataii,
who died on or about the Oth
day of February, 1008, are r«<>
rjuired on or before the 23rd day
of.May, 1008, to sond by post,
prepaid or doliver to Mr, Eckstein, of Pernio, B, C,, solicitor
for the administrator,, their
Christian and surnames, addresses
and descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, the statement of thoir accounts and the
nature of their securities, if any,
held by them,
And further take notice that
niter «.n**h Inst mcntlnned date
the said administrator will proceed, to distribute the assets ot
the deceased among- parties   en-
Fernie and Hosmor
llPilj ■■ I, IM'WW IU   lllll«B>l****«*******^^
Subscribe for  tlio District Ledger,
t  '■"'- y-um. ;iSJ,'8!B***a
The Garbutt Business College
of Calgary, Iihh mn(\orn courses (n Tolu-
ixrftpliy, Shorthand nnd BiihIiicbb ; om-
plnvH*nx|>ei't teachers; prepares youno;
iieoplu for iinlepomlonoo and success
Wrlw for prospectus "L," Kntor any
time. F. CI. Garbutt, Principal.
Ledger for News
Jmeentr   9*   T¥9n*1*¥   *
alaf •> **Jf      *a*w      m • <•••»♦»;»>,•*, ft *» ,^
. *.        •   ■•
All kinds  of,
Teaming and
Transfer Work'
a.t the
Fertile    Steam    Laundry
All Iclndo of Steam and Dry1 Cleaning-;.
TT*vc!n-T. Scout*innf, nnd l?r>essinnr done
by the most Improved methods.
Gent's Fine I-lncn
a. Specialty
A Trial Will
Convince You
.'     Phone   No.   13S
.4.,^   „    -     %
* ii a*   *M».«.fc "***-J-t2Usa¥,^-(


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