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The District Ledger 1908-04-11

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 ...     1 *\   . L
- ■ -, -".-*4-i5.? i *»>.*.,..*- * ?*- r
■*- ■> &*•*!£• "i--i*iT
f (  Ik, 3"" -*-*? *v «••»■      **■  * 5 *>F
^   .      ..    T  H
loditstriat1 Unity0
■■% -. '
The  Official   Organ  of
•■** -Al****- *-*-«-,
District \ No.
'     •   .-   '        ■   -I*,)'     -.4     i,   '      V
18,   U.-M.-W. of A.
jf  ^taWi  «   -H     S  '-vi*-*- Jfc".£ JfST"
4 £ * I v
Feenie, B. 0., ApiitoL n, 1908
.00 a, Y?ear
The 1;|lost Complete in East
Kootenay—Should Receive
^-Hearty Support v
: i
"J" til V-4*'-
Wh'en^the tyo*;newspapefs*; In1
;>town agree''upon''any subje'ct, the
'. public, may-rest ~ assured „they-.~--are
-right, and,follow their, advice.
:  Our^-repreaoiitativp  vi&tedf'Jger-
.nie's* new laundry*-the other day,
and   learned   what was of importance'- to"1* "*us'-that the |proprie|or
.gives■,'union'; wages?,       & S.%«!?,,</!
And-when* in towns where laun-
. dry^ workers # were,1-,organised '^al**
•wayi Ken^Jbyeaf union .labor, 'and
»:is*freyared^tof-recognise eFixLCtm
. should .any..be, .started Jiere.^^^.	
All the labor papers aie-ciying
a* "be
solutions by their votes;,here is a
'-, chance, right here .in Fernie ofsup-
.pprting.a supporter of union* la-
boL .by- giyAng-the Fernie Steam
LaundryUheitf ausfbm.   '/*        ' |
' WOs-now; hkvelpleasure In reproducing    .the    following from last
.week's,.Free Press: '. ,
4   '.'We/jwishT; t6* s'ayi a. iWo-words
.'with'regard . to the Fernie Steam
-. Laundry.   For years this city* has
. riound'-,, witli> the'entv}rg.--J3ej' corn-
•d^elalh43!ash;,ne^ceMa.rJ- tpxput|it
-plant~iii "operatitTi." . Mr. Casey
'came here and .looked -over, the
.ground.-! Hei'sawJhere^aSconimuni-.
'ty that could,' if .it'Vould, main-;
1 tain .*-^a: i steamv, laundry, j Besides
- sinking his own money,'in the' proposition,/;. he;interested..ldcal. cap-
■ .'plants in the .province, -j'    ," . ..-
, .Perfectly ^trained, help was, diffi-
• cult to   -obtain at -first. ' The' ma-
-chinery was new "and could oot Ye
expected   to give'perfect satisfac-
•+,««"tA-4.'*»*uu-,,5*-rt.v ■■-   A'-ij'-' li.-a-j.'.'
lot of work was offered at once.
Under the-circumstances'it is? not
strange that. the finished product
was not; during the-first couple of
weeks, of the highest standard.
The laundry, people admit this.
' Many t peoplV.experiujaritod -jw: ih
the linewiilaundry as "they. might
with a .new toy; They did not
like the first work and condsnined
the whole proposition.' They' had
no .sympathy., with , the management under the trying * conditions
of starting,. They ■- had no appreciation, of ..the .en-iexpriaa-lof the
prom•oters7n6r, of" wgafthe^fis'tita.*
tion mean'syto*-*ftavjtr>wn. Their
cry-against t&eyeftow^labbrer'was
tuned to.wffat^wtTs'u'pppsed'tobe
the popular; nqte. .Nowj they say;
"The Chinaman is good enourh
for me.'» «' "■" -" •* *  *•= .''s * :B"-4
'The laundry is doing better work
now andi.willicoxntinue to.* improve.,
It can improve with,the patronage
and     co-operation,    of th'osegwho
wan^-SitSF^te^boOfUfidaV in
their city.   It is-most unfair     for
anyone".it-o- 1'fknock'.' .before.H'ffl inl
stitution - has
when'it has hu
an experiment..xmd-eri adverse   con
ditions.. If the people really want   ■xn,.,,^e
*.' i
A *.-
Liberal Member for Kootenay
J Retiring—Change of Residence and Business Arr-r
angements the Cause ^
• Thei Baily News Nelson .received
from .Mr., JT: A. - Macdonald, M.P;.P..,
Rossland,the. following communis
cation; from, Mr.. W.; A. Galliher,; M.
P^,,,. which he had requested Mr.
been given.,. a, trial J Macdonald, as leadVr'of "the .Liber-
^S,^0^ .^^^n'B:c.;l6-h^e;^lish^
ih these'columns:
, 'Ol
To my friends and-supporters in
a steam "lauhdry"'they might;   ,in
all'*-fairness*, .try. to .■.eeithoJK'tua'*'*
tion .from' the viewpoint' of' those  Bi'i-yst^HJ-iii, <-<    ,?*, . _?—-e.-w; .^ jr.,,.    , < vi „„i.„ , ,„ir,  _.„j-.„  c_j
who.  have,Put-..-their*m0ney     and" ■■■Owing,to.business arrkngemen-ts   J™-fcE■^^vJlpd';™..M»
u.f.9,^Bw.wiiMmoji^     ua  ,.';,( -r"-6-!:,- **-* '•-'•-.':•■ .-•-*' .- ',.!'- '.■''...   ter*?*; -*Will,-,.the miners, ,.be'as for-
'"" **-»<*4»*»*~—— which, will necessitate my leaving - -
Kootenay it wilivbe,impossible,for
me'to' again contest thaf riding in
their• tlnie'-info* tlie "enterpwrise
' -J'1?6 P.f-PPl8, ?f fFt'rn%r.ono*I^B£9W
undertook to finance'a steam'lauh-
dry. For some reason"-*-the -proposition,- fell through. -The public
have-»the,« H'daundry 'now*** ahd'»?are
asked---only- - for—their-^patrohage
u^ntmwm-ttfwm of
commencement. Is this too much
to expect ?"  ——-       ,   -■ v , ,i
r j   '   i    ,i»'i"4i;5.?'J!ti ft    fe'
federal election?,^   \
yishLto take this"
...Whimster-.'&~C o' s..--.store v.was - entered .through-a rear window     on
revolvers* and, 'cartridges'1 Stolen.
There0 were several other things
s-dcbT as. jscissbrs and.'hair.I^lipp'e'rsi
razors.i&c. .^taken.^Jtilo oks^as,if,
the; <4rp.bbers, .t (,*Avere,',j.'getting, up a
stock iii'trade 'with'which'to'come
before the public as "hold-up" artists ■■' -'aiid 'also-'-to  -ibe'.'able to
 4     change.'their    appearance      from
•tioV-on'thtf'startV^ |'ti*»*9-*ito.^ime:^*ov/„jt^'jj' .i:.-!<3\i:[l)}jL
3*ttift*iXfii'rT -". I'"""'1''',''     """        ~ 'i?^'"
Thirty-five thousand coal miners
in Missouri, Kansas,' Arkansas,
Oklahoma and Texas were forced
into -a« strike this week, according
to •: Charles S. Keith, of Kansas
City,. a„ member-. of the operators'
association and, leading, capitalist
of Kansas City. He boasted of
the: enormous supplies, piled up—-
enough'.to, last, four months at the
present^rate of. ..consumption., A
significant feature of the situation
was |.tHat, the various.mine,owiicrs
ha've'liteen quietly taking tne'mules
put/'of., the' shafts'and 'offering
th'ehrJ.Jor,' *sale. Some have explained;;'. tli'at.;'-this was\td"' make
way for .electric motive-power";' but
as5 no^Siove. has'been' inade to''ih-
stall such'a system it1 is .evident
that'^the^'owners1 expect^a*- long period of-t"i<inaction>-and.-preferinot: to
bet. obliged to ifeed*-the live" stock
duringsthat >time.-; Ih .fact,' if -they
were j obliged to maintain both.'the
mules, ^and; men .ithcre^would »- be
little..vlikelihood 0|f'..'a'->lookout.'{.Th'e
V- ■»<<, ;i-,i-.
.i in;
v'i ...iiti-tr;-
*4f|toanking myjimany friends and- .iTI; ,p w --
Wi^ll'J -.. -. »*. . . „ ,_ , -1 The C.N.P
supporters throughout all Kootenay for the loyal-friendship and
cordial support they.have always
accorded'me during the^period"' I
have,.had the honor of beinaf their
representative,'*, (something I, sh'tvll
appreciate all my life.) °     -:•.     "
. (Wishing-.-,you.,,success,   and -be-
*   \-y° 1 '■■ v- v-"'c ■■-■■■'-> i,
speaking,^for= my.  successor.   . the
same- ■< support. . and- consideration
you;have given.me-.in the'past-' in
theobuiiding. -.uj), of <a .greater'.Can-
*^h-Wi**'-*W''ii.,>.!; v   ■•      '''■■■■
-."0 ''I^remain, yours" faithfully",""
*." '.'^l.'^t'.V-.;  W.c A."GALLIHER!'
-«' (ji-ora-:
'   i>i**f.;.i?,
Ottawa,. April 3,' 1908!
Coar;C6.3 have'deeid-*
ed*tb'*pay -ttieir;.iTieh; oh* Thursday"
the" 16th', "'a.? f:Friday-'isJ-'a 'holiday f
being ,'Goo.d..Friday.'»*'TKis-move,'oh
the part-6'r;'-th'e''Co::'will'b'e!!'much
appreciated;?"'- ■ "* ;--* 'Vkt-j !r ,-4 -.-j
■ ru'.-jM -.-'%■ .:--'■:'.: ■'-  .-•■-:«j.' ..--,--- ■:,
^-..SV;-,^'.'-*,**''::;. >!•,>."■»•■■•*....■,.}- ;.,;.:*,>  -,;;^*-
V :rf:''-=i'"*   * -. - ■   ••"r-'-'1' ■".-;." -".■■": •- * - *f'
*****      ", - *       *-'*■-. "* -
.' : .'!-; ;.*5«U -*-**-i
?. j,,
Eastern Prices
",,k,a. "'•'..
Western Town
rSee our Spring Suits nt $7 50, $10.00, $12.00 and $15
.•: l\Y6rklni?f Shirts at 756; 85c and S1.00
Workin-ar Shoes at $2.00, S2.75 and $3.00   •
Sweaters S-1.00, $1.28,-.$1.'50 and $2.00      • . ',    '
.. .Heavy Wool Sox!l5o, 20c 25c and 35c
-{that otherwise 'would^ have'
£; been devoted to-our news'''.,
£» *, columns and; therefore pray.   X
•Jv .the indulgence of our readers v *
£   this issue,"hoping,;to, more " "
A1,; than compensate them in the
„•!.;."nextirid succeeding:issues.
,a   i"*■-   ^ >•   - •. '--", ■ ■ --.'-,' - *.
,'i  i
g-,*j, *-*•'■•
1  *,".s*t--'*5
V"    *5
/•ad P
&'      *li*i »
, ti*!.*)   . Wtiit, .
-' ^---4i,.;*N'.-
-btock-is- now- complete- with -the -la test-novel-"^
ties and choicest' goods the manufacturers
■ v.* c
>-■: ft
j..VI' %
>4? * *4,«i
,'4, '*   *:* ?*
, ■*-,{,*■
;•',    •    .''.i     ,-|.'*,r:r.-- '!■   ■;    '   7--'*  . ■      I .    , „."      .. ;'.      •
.: , I      * -  '   :        •';-'• ••'■-.
Nbw Gdllafs
New Gloves
■*> ■  «
in Prices until May 18th/08
at Spalding's Photograpic
of $1.00 on all styles of Photographs
excepting the Mirror, style, -.sith
which I will give one half dozen full
"        '"  w*»-**a*ii im ii —.m.^wihh.m.—„|    , »*mmmm*wmmm^iHi*mm
cabinet siy.c photos instead of the
half, cabinet si/o f°»1l $3^5. ;:iSee
show ense-on Mnin St. for styles.
 **' "i'. ,       i' '     'i . * r
All  work'-guarnnteccl "to give"
satisfaction.        ■ •*   < ■••■, -..'i ■■.:
S.J   i|*|
Opposite Methodist Church
The Ladies Benevolent Society
of Pernio will hold tJieir ■ annual
hall in tho opera house here on
Tuosday evening, April Slut. This
danco is -jonerally lai^-oly and in-
fluenWally attondod and so a la**g«,
numbor of tickets have alroady
boon sold, Wo expect this year's
ball will bo moro BuccoHsfui than
even previous ones,
Tho sooiqty has rolieved a great
doal of distross tho pout winter aad
deserves to bo well supported.
The strike at the Wilkeson coal
mines, near Tacoma, Wash,, still
continues. The company has imported 100 strike breakers, who
are being horded, in a stockade and
guarded by twenty Pinker ion deputies. The , scabs are itnsk.'.led,
however, and are unable to mine
sufficient coal to pay their, board.
Despite reports to the contrary,
the camp is as quiet as a grave
■ o
Spring Millinery
Our Sprihgj Millinery is-now   on display and   we
would be pleased to have, you call and
inspect it whether you buy or not
The   Trites=Wood   Co.,
Several' hundred union minors
from the struck districts of Indiana crossed over into Hopkins
county, Kentucky, last week and
in two days organised all of tho
coal miners of that district, At
the largest mine in tho county a
number of men are at work building a stockado around the mino.
Other mino ownors in different
parts of the county are preparing
for trouble,
The regular meeting of the Fernie council was held last Thurs*
day evening. Thoso present were:
Mayor Tuttle, Aldermen F. Vanco,
F. Watson, J. BroleyJ J. D, Quail,
G. F. Johnson,
'■After tho adoption of the minutes of the last meeting a building permit was granted to M, A,
Berigan. Tho report of the Aro
chief for March was adopted on
motion of Aid. Quail, seconded by
Aid. Broloy. Moved by Aid, Bro-
loy, secondod by * Aid, Johnson
that another team of horses be
purchased. Movod by Aid. Broloy,
seconded by Aid, Vance that tenders for sidewalks construction be
callod for, city to (utnish lumber
according  to plans and speciflca
photo , be purchased from'
Spalding at $10.00, framed
hung up in the city office.
Moved by, Aid. Broley, seconded
by Aid, Vance that tho assessor
be instructed to return' assessment
roll completed to the council on
Thursday, April the 23rd,
Alderman Watson gave notice
that ho would Introduce a by-law
to amend tho flro limits by-law
amendment by-law No.,4*4.
The meeting then adjourned,
Spring having arrived our local
Bportsmon ought to got around
and have all their arrangements
mado preparatory to putting in a
good season's amusement in. bale*
ban,  football. :aerofisc; &e>'( •**.>.•
Tho current issue of tho 0ana«
dlnn magaeino is ono of their best
productions, boing replete with
spring stories and suggestions,
nnd also containing their usual
continued sorlos, This inogaBtne
Is rapidly gaining flrst place
among tho Canadian magaBines.
tions pre'parcd'hv Bonrd nf* Works. \X>oeo\    sprinters should' get 'their
mr       -y\ .,",        v   i ,..     I    d™6*  t'0ady   f0r   th*   *,lr'*
Moved .by Aid. Johnson that
tonders bo called for tho erection
of a building for storing wagigons,
and for orootion of tower as per
plans to be prepared by city on*
gineor, also for culvort in Cox St,
crossing to ball ground. Tenders
to bo in by 2Snd inst,
Moved by Aid, Broley, seconded
Aid!'   Vance that Mt, Ferule's
Tho isfliio of the Westward Hoi
for AjiHl shows a groat improvement over tho previous issues.
This Is a magazine that should be
read and patronised ,by all west,,
orners, It deals with western life
and In doing so amply depicts all
of tlio charactnriHtiCH peculiar to
tho poople of tho west,
« ■ ii'
Now Being Shown at The Todd Millinery Parlor
Millinery for Spring now demands attentionjor tho styles are decidedly different and, prettier than  ever
l.hc' Todd', showing is an attractive one to style and comelmess.    We
see thei Hats wo; are  now showing in  Paris,. London and New York stvles.
invite yon to call and
».*»-*.*-*.»'».-*-*-*-**^ MSTBICT LEDGEB,   FEBNIE.   B. C, APBIt 11th, 1908.
for pore Joo4
ante-dating all state
" national food tews
y^'Jg   B'.'jbj
/A   Wk   1   ti
No Alam—No Phosphates
Be <» yosr tfward. Alaw Pow-
eten nay fee imcnm ty tkcfcr
■rtc«—to or He. a Ilk*  .
- -.v. .-,>'og> one ecnfMi -
*3   0   1   as
.  m . m ■
1 S
(apMiit Press Basy at Wort
As an illustration we quote the following, viz.:
"While everybody in Cape Breton is
congratulHting themselves on the happy
ending of the dispute between the
Dominion Coal Company and* its employees it may ba pointed out that
subtle influences have lately been at
work which if unchecked may lay the
foundation for much future trouble.
VVe refer to the movement to induct
Nova Scolian and Cape Breton miner*
Jo' throw aside their existing otganiza-
tion and adopt that of the'United^Mine
Workers of America. This movement
has already made considerable progress,
the foreign organization having had a
man in the province-for some time
carrying on an active campaign with
the members of the P. W. A. In fact
the movement has met with considerable success," a. number of the lodges
including "\ Pioneer" and Mechanics'
lodges al Springhiil and -Olive Lodge
at No. 3. having already voted to efface
themselves and go over to the American
order. The arguments advanced in
favor of this course are specious but we
do not believe they are sufficiently convincing lo induce any very large number of the lodges lo decide in favor of
throwing in their lot with the foreign
order. In fact we are inclined to think
that lodges which have so decided have
done so more as a matter of pique und
disappointment than from the exercise
of the better judgment, Tho Springhiil
lodges are in a measure dissatisfied
with the conclusion of their labor
troubles and possibly Olive Lodge is
smarting under a grievance eitliet* real
or imaginary, When second thought
has been taken wo trust these lodges
will reverse their hasty decision.
The P. W, A, was originally organized by intelligent miners of this
province lor the purpose of averting u
threatened danger viz., the control of
Nova Scotia conl mines hy American
operators through tin American union,
The Knights of Labor had organizers
in the territory and the Knights had
secured 11 foothold in sonic' aniiitl*.**,
The Provincial Workmen's Association
was instituted nnd ijuickly caused ihe
scheme of United Stales Coal Mine
owners to fall to the ground, They
plotted to check coal mine development
in Nova Scotia in order that American
i-oiils should control the Canadian
market hut failed notwithstanding the
support given tlicm hy Ontario nnd
nnd the West. How the Nova Scolian
mines have been developed h'iiuc llinl
date fa a matter of history known to till,
Hnd lite coal mines of this province
been Involved in, nil the trials of the
Knights of Labor |(ii.cc that dale the
r*>ant(c (innnrlullv urn! nthr-ru-lco ivnuld
,-,hv«4 ru>i»n runinus. Are the miners of
Nova Scotia prepared lo revere the
wheels of progress, fall into the trap net
for them twenty years ngo nnd hand
over their freedom lo 'n foreign mid
urinjviifirtliicnv. witti-OH-uu^i. t Wc
11 think not, American mining journals
«rc openly boasting that they hope
through the amalgamation to drive
Nova Scolian coal irom die upper
Canadian market and already upper
Canadian* are moving in Parliament to
descry Nova Scotia coal and have the.
protecting duly of 50 cents a ton
'     ,!   IHYj'.CCTi   ".J."■*•*.;   ''"..-''5 -       :  '
There are provincial and patriotic
reasons'; why this move should be
checkmated but we think the members
of the P. W. A. will net need to consult
other , than personal interests in order
to give this- movement for .'amalgamation it's quietus". "At trie" present' time
the_Nova Scotia .mirier is independent
and perfectly able to take care of him
self.'* We~does ridt, need the miners of
fifPennsylvania'tind Illinois gathered
from - the four quarters of the globe to
dictate how he shall run his business or
conduct his union. The latest arbitration under the Lemieux Act has proven
that the P.W.A.-whh such aMe officers
*--. '. " r ■•        a' -.       - *>•,■>'/-■[        • i
as McNeil,* Moffatt and others ar**, quite
able to secure justice to the miners.    '•
They hav* no Lemieux Act in the
United States' and the entire* procedure
would not be familiar to the officers of
the American Mine Workers' union and
it is more than likely that the interests
of Nova" Scotian and  United States
, miners not being similar, had
incident occurred after the amalgam*
tionwe would have bad the, American
While it is admittedly to the interests
of- the United States miner that he
should secure an entrance to the
Ontario markets it is clearly, to tlie
interest of the Cape Breton miner that
he should not.,- It would be, human
nature to suppose that the American
miners would work the organization to
suit their own ends which being ih the
majority they could and would easily
' The above inspired article taken from
the Daily Gazette, Glace Bay, Nova
Scotia, is a sample of the. arguments
used by the capitalist press'in order to
kesp the workers divided. Just such
language was used in-Great Britain.
It failed in tlie old country and it will
foil in Canada, National prejudice is
dying rapidly and wc.. are glad of it'
Far from dictating to the Canadian
miners, union with the United Mine
Workers of America „- has had a
moderating eftec*1 upon the miners
of the west and has added great
prestige to the miners in Canada,
The officers of tlio mine workers of the wesl nre all Canadians
and can be relied upon to protect the
interests of the coal trade against any
machinations of corporations on the
American sido. So fur wc find that
Canadian corporations (being mostly
run by American capital) arc quite able
to protect themselves, Nova Scotia
will join the Mine Workers as there is
only room for one miners' union on
this continent.
A .Spokane despatch says 1 Spokane
men hove bought 440 acres of coal lund
«t Tnher, Aim., on theC, l\ R, nnd
organized Ihe Summon Coal Mines Co,
with the capital stock of $'150,000 tn
develop the property. The price paid
for the land was $75,000, The Incorporators nre N, Johnson, C. W. Shoup,
J\ R. Bryenton, Charles Leddell nnd
D. W. Brown. The, company will
begin development ut once will, the idea
of putting coal on the Spokane market.
On three sides of the tract tire coulees
j., '.!*,c r'.dc? p? "•Mo'* ih" '"•I*1) cronn
TM". vr-lt. ii from -jf> lo .jo ■Ini'hM thirl*'.
The crop is 50 feet or more above Ihe
bottom of the coulee, making loading
by gravity possible. For tl>l» rpnson
the fact Hint it will not be necessary to
*>,nk tiny »>biillfi inakt-i. mining .lie com.
inexpensive. Three hundred feet of
the vein has now been opened. The
company will Inttnll elcctiicnl culling
mnchintry nnd other equipment coitlng
$10,000, A tunnel is to be driven from
which Ihe mining will be by drifting,
BviImHtes place Ihe figure** at 7,500
ton* of coal to ihe acre or 3,300,000
tons for the tract.
Knowledge of Chemistry TYlakes WorV..
Easy For German Cr"ook7;3 .';•,"'%;
Germany being a natloi\ of'^ijolars;
it Is not surprising that a Ger/ijuu cltj;
should produce the first;tloctor^rf-'Mf'''"
blowing.    The individual  Itr^'juestl..
did .not -wait? to. recqlve,<tlie uegree -.of
D. S.„ B., but took.eyerytbliij^ejst* Jic.
could, lay his, hands on and tlepiiftwl.
much to the chagrin' of the Dresden
police in whose'district he operated
The   narrative   of   his ..deed.   wliU'li
shows that much' learuliig. maj. alK-o
lie.a danf*erouB^hlng,rse€rns worth the
retelling., '.    .,-'•'. ."..*,
The D..S. B.vsecured a room In.a
hotel Just over the office-of. a inouey
changer. At night be cut a bole In the
wooden flooring, riierieatb' which' was
a.tfilcX Inyejr of, cement,- In this, he
bored.-a mnalLhole. .through, which lie
■"tmiBtran umbrella, 'wttjch, wheu orwu:
•*d served. to' catch the fragments ot
cement'iwithout' noise.-; When a hole
sufficiently" large had been- madeK.the
D; B^R..elambdred'^dbwn aVrbpe' ladder and'built hirri a tentof-'blank'ete
around'" the" safe!'' Behind;.tbjs screen
and -
In tbe steel door; of; tbe.Bafr, In a,few.
injnutefl.,, LThen ,tbe I}.-S..-B. ..betpSl
l)'bn^l/Jto^l jd&.;cash, .^oroed; uji
rj^; ro^li-jd^^
c«ine paid, hiflhote.1 bill, ^^^rt^.p
cThe 'criiwe dwrmo-re tbanL.open thei,
ey«s;of.tlie Dreeden^gHce; Jt;ofl««ed
*r« eyeror the sc^tttlT cTook's ;fcUo*#
scle'ntlBta] and^tbey have let .-them-
selvea Jto ttto: tiik ~<rrf pitting *~t&e.r
the unlversirj' graduated .naf-e'1 blower*,;
It 1* pointed out that lt\wtn'&'[ *wrjpr
to equtp safes with a c*bernico-n*«echu*
leal deTlce~wlth-a'"tlrne'lock attach-,
ment, which w.ould.ptove fatal to, the
thief openriif? -the strong box after the
mechantem bad been set." It Is'suggested to tun a .device containing pc~
taralam cyanHe and solphnrlc acid,
,wbl&,ir/m}& 9xppBf the German.,gaf*
b»> un.w»«y er^oagh, to net off the clock-;
w^'ta^ night".: *.;:r •-;,; ^^ vi-,:
JBtilU o*y>er;: chemical policemen are!
talked of, such as the use: of a. few
drops of ethyl dichler-aeetate,- the vol-
atil bsation" b*T whlctf" would * blind the
thief If he , remained near the safe.
fjTts* reliance'<Gpbn "chemical,-'railw"
ttjan upon poiice seems characteristic
of tbp Germnns, but it nppearsI only a
-oueatlonl ofiia * short 1 time "when the
learned crook " finds other -«scientific"
means whereby, be, can , com bat the
st'leutlfi'c'.defenses,; of.' strong boxesV
Uponj.the whole!,lt wouid'.strike one.
lis" easier,'to,'leave a gas, jet burning la
front;'.of thef,Bafe .and,,hire»a . night
watchman. .'-' ■ . '. .'•■'. ;*
Mr. F.- Astridge, of 3 St..Paul Street,
St, Cath«rines,,,pnt.',,'says: ".For live
years 1-sullered.untold agony from pro-
trud'nigpiles. No one knows the" *juf-
fcring one has:to/endure .only* those
who are. so 'unfortunate"-Vas to" have
them. The-pain J.W4S- so'.great ^at
times that 1 would almost scream; ., I
went down in weight'and I had lib .ap^
petite. „1 tried everything 1 heard of
for pile's; but got ho relief. 1 went Aa
several doctors but they! would give me
little hope'of ever getting, rid of them
and I finally gave up.in despair. One
day a friend gave me a sample of Za-n-
Buk and told me of someone, who had
been cured.' I decided to try it, and
the relief I got', was - encouraging. 1
bought a box and the piles kept on
diminishing and ihe pain getting less.
I used three boxes and am now com-
pletely'cured, 1 wish-I could have got
Zam-Buk years ago, it would have
saved me a great deal bf misery. One
thousand dollars' would he none too
srnall an aYnount to^ivo for a cure like
.hiheV-'Twii'ifi cdiild convince every
s-iffert'r of tlievalufe" of Zam-Buk. "'■".. -
* -li;' ^.rv-r;.*)',.,,   ur.d '.*»*.' :t* i-'■■.** ■   '..   .
Zam-Buk cures cuts, burns, chapped
nl w. .'J.*..'  *u 'Cj.-j.'tS   i ■**, .1,-! •;:'.:.-• ."'''-..-j
liandsKCol-i sores:* «itarfh:^.piles; ■ had
.*ili4..«.ii^ 1) 1, •Ji;'M/jj„.v,c'!?; *;;r; :<-:,'>
legs, abscesses, fac« siores, spring eruptions, and all skin disease?. , Ir.. is good
-V C^v--1-1-"-'.'"a;s,t".i-.«r'j-L--:.i-*.r•.*."",-;"I' ,'
-tMso-for -Thefifinatisin,   sciatica,   etc.,
when, well rubbed in.    Of all druggists
and stores, 50C., or from Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto.   *--.....
W. J. Wriglesworth, D..D. |
*>. w_
Onrics Hourbi-
8>0to M a; m. 1 to 5 p, m
tos-p&.gH IS) 5 &
6.S0 to H*p,
Office in A'ex..»4?i»k'»Bio<slS.
over Sliim*. Bakery. yUx *
fEBNIB,    , '-" ;  -
-  =     B. C
Insurance"and Customs-Broker
a Kerr & Co.
«*.-:-. v
Citractors and Builders
Crow's , Ne^Hl>a!ainfir ■ Co.\, Blook,
:'-.i%-.'t i
. •^-.-i.
.'1 ■,'.;;••
L; PJEcteteiri
■      ' '<)  ■/,:'*,     .vo-l,"-"^   ,"    :
,' BABitahw«A*T-JaAw'i SoLrcrroR '
,.   „   vojii'   ,i.„iit>!?iqbic! ?i.i .'v.'  '.-
Kboini'Its!H»i^«r»o«'olo6k. Fenilo, B, 0.
-. ,,i,'.,j.al.     .".,   ,*,J»      '<'..' .- ',.'■-..!        :
\ ■ . VNelson'sMorria.'!,,; ,
,"If you will go to!the place In Ger-.
luany where Nelson Morris'was born,"
-,nld u New' YqrU.,bntcher^<»yoii will^
Hnd no record "of-a* Morris" family be-1
I'UiiRC Morris wai not the butcher
ijlng's mime. His German-:-family
nunc was chnnged to Morris through
11 peculiar chain of circumstances. As
u ind lio worked In'Chicago for n man
'iy the tinme of Nelson iin(l*.,l.ecnnio
known nniong Nelson's customers ns
'Nelson's Morris.' he having chuuged
his first name Morltz to Morris, 'Nel-'
son's Morris* wns 11 bright follow nnd
liocnino pnpulnr with tlio people whom
he served. When he sthrtcd.ln IniHl-
nesR he retnhictl IiIh nlclcnnmo, und In
lime people lost slglft of his ion I fiiin**
lly nnnie. Ho flnnlly dropped'tho "«'
from tho Nelson and, became Nelson
Morris. No lihd the olcmonts of mic-
coss'lh him nnd would have become a
lender under nny clrciimBtnnces, but I
think tlio adopt Ion of the cnnliouloiiN
nnmo liolpod him,"
l»; L.DiS.^ D.D.S.,
'-,.■.        •   ,U,„4, 4.    V.U41.. ^       ^Xl4      . ...
't '*. "O'.' ht' .***,!-!yr^^T4^!^^i< ■"' «'--
L. T. Wj Block",  opposite the Bank
\* -  -*.    f)'*-0f» e"   r*!!,''''*-*-*ix-i • '■'  *...-')'-,
' OSee hout-8 ».in, to • pjB.,
ALBX. I. F18HBB, B.K',
rl-J •■!   K;-'jf , iii',1 iff' ■"
Trading   Co. 'Block,
4,JFernlerv;B.:e.xf-^-■'■■'_ ■■ *~,
., Pl*M*,tSpecificatioas aad Rati-
~a**Mtoa*'faniialia*dVon "applicatiba.
<>We«t»ftol-OObD. DRY- LDM-
etat on hand, y-   \ ,t.»   '
~- • -V-' l/i-KBti;,-;    ;v"- "
Art-kttect     aad ScperiiteB-dcat *
■ OSm' iri-MMnct<;;j :?'_;. ■
BAKER ST^ft.' I' 'fjTORNIE;i B.VfcS
 ; ■■-^■-1 a.^ ;■;    r-'±tr.< \
j, i'.: I,: ,*■ f^f -.--.'
meets in the Miners' Hall every
alternate Thursday at 8 p.m.
L. SNOW; J»re*«" •}•       , . E. DICKKB, Seo.
' HfJ-'h. CbNNBLL
1  Builder and Cquirractor   ;-
- •""■f*Cl^_JL_">'"" .■'-'-,'*
EBtimates cheerftillv given nod work
li:. Ki^m $lm!*wmm»n-. •
Testlno tlie Monorail,
Imllii's Bovoriiiiii'iit In innltli)-? n pruc*
tlcnl test of n monorail »yfltcm, It l»
ilfPci'lliod ns follows: "On grooved
wheels, nrrniif-ed (iiniU'in fnshlon, Is
eniTled 11 pint form. The (troovod
whcelH run upon 11 nil I which projects
111 Inch or two 11 hnvo the ground, An>
>.Iht wIippI nf Inr'ic illnuietiM' nnd Im-
hi!,' 11 lirnnil trend Is nttiiehed'to the
i'iU' by 11 hlugi'il nnn working on
I'lit'hi'.'H, TIiIh wheel in light In con*
'itriH'llon mill weight, It Is merely tlit*
'•ulnnce wheel nml Is phiceil 11 few
hiPlicH from one Hide of the cur nnd
'•iiiim 011 (ho nml, II ciirrloN no lund
.•nali'vpi*, the whole lund being on Mie
im II nml I In- fi'iitvnl wheels, bill It pr*
."ectnnlly iireveiit'.i (he cum being over,
iiiiliuiced. On till* tiinnnriill ronil the
imivei' of 11 pule of ilrnft nnlmiilH h*
niiltliilled by ten nml nf triiellnn en
•hies by marly twenty, nnd the line In
t*.i|iiilile nf being lull) ax rnpldly ns nny
iiriny fit 11 innve,"
The Bibirhn Chinaman,
Slliorlii Is feeling the [iiVKHiire of the
Imrilworldng ("liliiimiim, Tin* higher
wnges pnld In Hlberln nml In llio Amur
provlncoH nllnicl them. Trnvolors on
llio TrniiMHlborliiii rnllwny nny thnt
<'hlnninen nro Keen eon»tnntl*r nt ev<
cry Htntlon of tho rnllwny no fnr In-
I'uid h* triittnit, Man eiiKitg-Ai it* fruit
•ind truck fiirmoM nnd coming to Ihe
train to dlapouonf tliolr produce tn
pn*)pengi»n». Mnrli of tho money mnili*
by those people Is remitted to their
relntlven nt homo, tt I* n mMom wllh
''li/mvo norer to write homo vrltlimir
foi-wnrdlng some gift
Ournoyne't. remb.
Not fnr from the flnnl renting pine*
if Mr. fJtodHtono In Wontmlnntcr nb
'•ey I* Ihe tomb of (lonoml John ftnr.
nyne. who wnt ilefented by (Intrn nt
»ie linttlo of HII'l«**«f*»r nnd who unr-
•endert'il tn tin* Aiiie-innm ut Kinitugn
«l 1777.
. c • «,4
:.itn. a-ia *hi
c*ri".  '   !•''
0*1 I"'",'UJ
.4. Org^iied labojr Is in;' politics^
dtmylt"" who wili,'d«r*cito''it wtho'
may, denounce xt e& some will—
' -**?'■/-,'-.r'i'11'-'-!-"1 >J*3;.r.i:J-i:'K-^l''ft'--.V*-'
and i£ it to. stay. - It-.tCs Wn for-
ced Dupon us by the 'manipulators
of \coitft8 nnd' court-'■maclain*eryr/,bj
the influence'of-money" ;and'-*byrun*:,
scru-bulous1 pblitietanB,- and* by the
greedVof ■manufacturers iwgb-'hay?"
^^A^''^e)awlve:BH6e'tt^w' to destroy "ill 'formsJ of labior ulh-iono;
Not. ; - as , an inde^n-djat political
power,-will' we'^brk, T>ut'\ising our
•balance"'"'of PowerV-..which le oecog-
•nized aaa eaririot' be' takeii ' from
us," we will change the unfair men
who now hold-office into, fair men
who..will.giye ^Aa'**!.'^'?0!^**'** *°
all the peopre'and'see.'t'o it;''that
they are enforced. Add to this our
purchasing power, intelligent and
honestly wielded,, and'.labor prices
will be fair and stab* e—and the
whole business world made more
prosperous.—"United Mine Worker's
W, B. Bc-tt, K.O. -    - J. & T. .UMANP-a
■?-    ' >    '      * "      - j^     ■ ".'    '■" '"i r- *'H
"r>"" Ross 4 Aleiaader:";-;;,
BABJ«8T15B8r SOMClfoHS,. 15TC
• rr-i ir-£,'- t.','j'*-(:'4i.'Si el"w(',,"":i
..-.**:    - ,-• • rEBKIB. S.'*-©. f ■- -':
viilSj   .i--1'-'      ..'^ir'iTfli  itil    r-
.. (XBoe'in L.ZW.-wet)**, Vlctorl* Armine.i
'.oatvij^ *ii;>i!-v woUat baa .v--...*, •
t; jh; Vjitso /„- r   -in-tituM xmr? '-,;*...■.
•il-^-rii, ;:j j;. . •  .,    *.-    hi,.;:. -'     .,. .
Fernie - tod Hosmer
-ias:J tf'jdw   -v.--.,/ -i"4-v.-:'>v-b-A    •
f"   I
"-.-f.-.-T  -00: [!":i^ ■"».,
fi,r  .iittisa-:.0;i.'.^a^:. *
BAJR^TmT^U<i™|t,   ETC.
.' > *!.,,' , -* ■ ,.' •   i....j-""'i. j";',,' ■ w w.
Henderson Blook  Fernie
. "'   '   -"'    ■•''■'-       ■';"'■     '    '     ''.•,.-^-^--j!?
ii &s. Jz'ok' ,;t    wJ'-tf- ,.-> *. .'■ -<•-"• ■•-
'•   Plans' and Estimites furnished.;   .
Jobbing.   Sash and Doors.
: <.. :        ' '-i;!,.'.'i-y*-;/-    ;:'."r'': , !  ';> '■> :•
Builder's Stairwork a Specialty
..Satiffftctlon guaranteed,-*.
>•?■*, -.■■.':■:■■. .'*'H ' _""     .    *.-
.lloX(188 ^"""""'fUnlon labor
%-^it >'■?.%
When you give your child a
called "soothing" medicine
aro not curing its sickness,
are merely drugging it into temporary insensibility. Soothing
medicines contain opiates and an
overdoso may kill the child. When
you give, your little one Baby's
Own TaWets you have the guarantee of a government analyst that
thiB medicine is safe. And you
havo the word of thousands of
grateful mothers that this medicine will promptly cure nil the
minor ailments of childhood, Mrs,
L. W, Smith, St, Giles, Quo., says:
—"I havo used Baby's Own Tab*
lets for my littlo girl for constipation and other troubles and have
found them the best medicino I
havo over used," Sold by medicino dealers or by mail flBo, a box
from Tho Dr. Williams1 Medicino
Co., Broclcville, OntV
for tho lurro, jr.rdon, li»wn or
Hollftblo,   npproved   vnrtft.nn
itt rcnsonnblo prices
No windy nRcintB to nnnov yon
Buy direct and ^nt trees and
seeds Hint OitOtV
itee buppll n, *S|*niy J'umi*,
Bprayint? tnnterlul and
Cut Flowers
CnuIORUiv Free
All work guaranteed;
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B. C,
Fit for a King
Tho moats thnt you buy
irom us are ilt for a klnir.
Wo soil no'nlng that is
not the best, that is why
wo have so many plowed
customers. Lot us de-
roonatuto this fact by a
! trial. Pollto attention
and prompt service.
Calgary Cottle Co.
iax-i'-I f '* -i- 'i>l ,'<!
tt' I, *:,;-sc-tr:-i-.-
•TiX-ti-t •*• '
1 haotiti
• t   '     ft      •'.•■roUoV,. vli    .-ciC
.•r-E,**i5f!'3*a-i,2. «*--_•■'
'SticcftsBor to:Js W. H^TiBrry'
-',~;.t    *>r-"*",'.' "& *.<ih    ■'■.- '    srt'h,--
Real Estafe Off]<:e
*-:■   -■   .iF*r,.jw it',i .it'.v.i.r-is,.ff' .-« :
'*. *;'"' all -classes of work,.  '
~ y eithler? By^b^^!a^
.: week y;6rvin6ntH.
-    - LiJ * *-*J       \ 7*.-        ' -.«**yv.. , •£)-,*
s* *♦ *
SSusl^m-en.   Lumbermen
I'll     .11, ,V.i        V      ,.J r~). I.,      .       -V* •    , .   -», WS   „ '
Teamsters :
fl .>!■
*''' yjbnieri for , cleaning
washing or,scrubbing
Reasonable , Rates
•   General Contractors. '
Window cleaning
All work guarnntecd and
only -ijood help sent
Send post card to Box,493, Fernie, B. C.
80 VBAR8*
Tmde Marki
^   DeaiQNt
Cfll»VRIOHTB 40-
Anirnno «*nilln*| n »k8l*,b,»n*4jl«,«crlptl'>n miv
quioklr lucfrtabi otir opinion rroawiictlior */>
—liinn.in probrtjiy jp*>twj nm-^y;^"',-;'***
wilt (r««. Uliloit iiflnof f6r*iirurljii"pi
liuu ertlsi, without chitte, la the
wUUertUi, without churga, la tie
scientific nmeticati.
fmoir Uluitnt4Mtw-Mlilrt turgM in*
itjinr 10Iwuiiio iourntl. ,'l'erma far
J.Y»r*^t*7<>«tMtpniMUl>   bold by
. J. Henry
GrannhoniMi — 8010 U'cutmlntitftr
ilond, Vsticouuer, 11. V,
Ledger for News
The A, Macdonald Co
(Hend OITice, Winnipeg)
Branches-**Vancouver, Nelton, Pemie
Edmonton, Alta. ft Kenont, Ont
Fcrnlc, B. C.
Wholetale Groceries,   h'lour,   Veeif*
Camp Supplies
To Consumptivo.s
To» nndsrilcosd kftTlng bsttm rs*
irtorsd to bskltb by simple bmabs.
nftur enfferlnt for Mterol jreare
with • N?«rt Ions offeotloo,, unit
ttvtt dr«o4 diumm CilStiUUtUOS,
li ootloDf to nftke known to kit
fellow enfferere tbe bmbi of ear*.
To those who desire It, he WW
oheerfntly eend (free of obart*) »
scyy c' tbs yrj#sr!yHM ■?.**?-*», -*»l!.»»»
they will find a earn for CONSUUP.
tion, iBTuuA, cmnnn, droit.
OIUTIS tad nU tbront end lang
MAULDIKfl. Um booM nil saffertrt
will try this R*»edy, m It Is InTeJe*
able. Those Oeelriof the preeerlp.
tins, wkkb, will oont the nothing,
nnd any prm » klnMlnf, wM)
pt«fti« ad-lMW
nraokiim. ir. r. ib
B.iOM;,APBiL HtK, 1908.
By Walter Banschenbuscn.
*.* -   , --',,- ,      „
When tne nineteenth'century died
its spirit descended to the vaulted
chans!ber of the -past/' wliere" the
spirits of the dead centuries, kit on
granite stones together.,-When the
newcomer. entered all turned . to-
, ward', him, and .the spirit of --. the
-eighteenth ^century., spoke: ."Tell
thy tale; brother. Give ns word of
the human,kind we left,to thee."
"I am the spirit of5 thetwonder*
fill century.'' I gave.nian the mastery over-nature. Discoveries and
inventions which lighted tbe black
space of the past like, lonely stars
have clustered'in'the milky way of
radiance over my rule. One man
.does by the touch .of.his hand
what the toil of a, thousand slaves
never did. Knowledge has unlocked the. mines of wealth, and the
hoarded wealth of to-day .creates
the vast 'wealth1 of" to-morrow.'
Man has escaped the slavery, of necessity and is free.
■'""I freed the. thoughts of inen."
They." face     the facts and know.
- Their knowledge:is-common to all;
-The deeds" of the east at-eve are
, known ih the west ^at morn. -They-
send their whispers under'the seas
nnd across the, clouds. ;,
/.•I" broke the '."chains .of, bigotry
and "despotism., ' I .made men ■ free
and equaiU ■ Every man feeis the',
worth of his manhood.
I have touched the summit of
history^ I did. for mankind! what
none of you did before. They are
rich. - They are wise. ' .They ' are'
free:.'/  ,•   *  • _""-'   . _ .   - '■
- The spirits' of the dead centuries
sat silent, with/troubled eyes.- At
last the'spirit of the/first century
spoke for all.'       , .,-.   ■
"We;all spoke .proudly when we
■came here in the flush of our deeds'
and thou' more proudly'than we
all. But as -we sit" and think of
what was before us, and what has
c'o'me'after;'^    ..',    ' , t.and guilt
- uob'tuvwI1-u ujl —^/* 4^C- -t^"X uui ;wui us,:
sound as if the redemption of man
had come at last.; Tell us, is none
in paisi with h. ..v>! ,." oday ,;and
none in fear of hunger^for ^to-morrow? Do all children grow up fair
of limb and trained for thought
and action?-' Do1 none, die before
their time? -Has the maate.-y > of
nations, made men free to enjoy
their "Uye^'and loves; "hnd ,to .'live
the higher life of the-mind?
"You have made men wise. Are
they wise or,cunning. Have they
learned to restrain their bodily
passions? Have they learned, to
deal with their follows'iii justice
and loye?   '"'.'■ ■'
"You have made men one. Are
their none*, then, who fjjl for others against' their will? 'Are all
men free tp do :he wonc thoy love
bestP      '''',• -'■'•'  ■ ''•■■'■    '"■   *
."You have made men ono, Aee
there no barriers of cl,ws to keep
man and maid apart?r Does rone
rejoice iii the cause that >nnV.cs the
many moan? Do. men no longer
spill the blood of men for their
ambitions and the swpat of men
for thoir greed?"
As the spirits of the nineteenth
century llatened, his hood'sank to
his breast.
"Your shame is aiiea*.ty upon
■ me, My great citicH art. us yourg
were. My millions live'from hand
to mouth. Tho e who toll longest have least. My thousands sink
exhausted before their days are
half spent. My human i.'i'i.'clrrtge
multiplies. Class f&cos class in
sullen distrust. Their freedom and
•knowledge has only made men
keener to suffer. Give mo a seat
among you and let me think why
it hus beon so."
The othors turned to the spirit
of the flrst century. "Your prom*
Ised redemption is long In coming
"But it will come," hr- replied,
.,— From  Christianity and tlu» So*
clal crisis,
"A spade,-
A hoe,
-  Some^seeds'
-  •     To sow  - '
.; And catalogues galore*
-'■,   '     'A'bit ..:»'.,   "   ■
Of soil,     ,.
,   Spare time •'"-
■ ,   ;   To toll—- .'-■...   *
;' The'garden's made onee
A flood,
A frost.'
Too bad— - '
aii lost!    ;,
_   Suburbanite Is sore.
■ An* oath, •
■   - -A spade, • >■
-.The beds' .    ,
Remade    «    ■
As nicely as before.
.„, A boy,
• - A gate: * ■ * •'
Sly chicks
,    .   In watt. ■   "'
-' Then garden stuff.-from store.
-Don C. Shafer Ih Judged0
. One Personal Favor. t ':
The lute Thomas Nolnri, a well
fchown .member of the bur of. Ni>w
Vork, was'ouce retiiluedns counsel for
a poor widow named Muleuhy. She
wns suing a construction conipuny for
(Inninges hy reason of her luisbnnil's
dextli. The case had .been frequently
poii!tp{)iip(l,,,iiiiil.ilt was In" a very illsj-
tvirbed Htnto of mind that the widow
sought the lawyer just before the suit
mine,- up'-for tlie'.elRlitliitliiie." In' court
th? next,, day .Nolan's rich brogue was
.iii'irc" than iisunlly fervld'as lio foiuj.it
n*j;a|nst, tli»»,fuftlu'i*"ndjouriimont of the
'cask *."I 'am, sorry.", said the justice
imiMillnj*.' "but. "JI!•.'""Noliiti.yoiii' <>p-
imni'iit lias shown good'enuse for adjournment." The «.'i'se'will, therefore!
go' over till next' week." '"Very well.
?<.'t*." said the ' lawypi; .sweefiy, -■-'Inn
"li^ln I iisk wmi iiersonal favor of this
VuiiftV" ■ •••rvrtnliil.v," replied tne
judge. "'Will your honor kindly shtep
down to my olilc and tell Mrs. Mnl-
enhy that yon have again adjourned
the case'/'.'—Bellman,   ■ ..:....;,..
. The "Professors."
.V- bandinuslt'r "tells • of iuiJ Incident
that occurred during a country festival
iu' the'southwest. .The advent of ihe
famous band had been, awniteil wltli
intense' interest ' by the' natives, and
when the musicians arrived they were
quickly surrounded by a surging crowd
which hemmed them Iu so that it was
diillc'ult.for them to proceed with.-tlieir
concert., ,  '  ,
■* The*bandmaster appealed to one of
the committee to keep the crowd away,
saying that unless bis men had more
rooiii • they-'could- not play. * The com-
warmly;' then, turning to the assembled
multitude, he bawled out:.
I '•Sny. you una step.back and give the
ourfesser's purfessers a- chanet to
play !"—Youth'8 Companion.
Good Influence.
-4 , r, 4-4,4*% *;• ..."
"Young men nro vory vnluahlo lu
niiHinenfl," roinnrlcod tho hustler.
"Yph." iiiiswereil Mr. Ilouks. "TIio-j
inspire us older fellows with an am-
oitlon to really know ns much an lliey
ililnlc they know,"  "
One Way of Eieape.
"Life," roiiuii'ki'd llio poRHlnilut, "Ik
really not worth tho living,"
• II' Unit's tin- way you feel about It.*1
'.•ejoliu'il tho optimist, "yon should up*
:ily I'or n Job iin bfisulmll nmplre."-
'llll'll|*ll  Nowh,
I'llate'to' pta'y .with Cousin  Frank 'an*
"=*' Willie Watson,-too, ■   ~ .'"----.i-
And wouldn't I be glad if I could do what
v.--\ they can.do! •_.   ■" ,   ".,    ': .,*
My Cousinr Frank can run-as fast almost
"tf'"ee "any iiian,   ' ,':'" "-"    '
And'very few can-'Jump as'hlgh as WO*
■"' -Ue Watson can,- ,• ,i;.   ' -    • ■
But.I can't Jump. the. way they do of
-.;    hardly run at all, ,■*,.-
Because the nurse,  when I was Just •
bal>y, let, me falL ,    ."
I can't-go out and hitch when sleighs are
;•   goin' down the street, -
For boys  can't  do  those  things unless
they'reMlvely on their feet,
But'nearly every day or so when snow It
-;, .   on the;ground '   ,..      , -
My papa puts me on my sled and take*
me all around
Arid prances like a horse and builds ihe
snow men out of snow,
And all the time my papa he's the bestest
..*     boy, I know.. -.
I like ,to play with other boys, they're all
'-' - .   so kind to me, *
And all  the toy*- they  get  they bring
, ;.   around for me to see, -
And one time when.a boy who lives down
, byvthe railroad track    V" ,•  ••"
Came'past and-called me names'and said
I dassen't sass him back.
But when he saw I couldn't walk it seem*
■   ed to make Win sad,.   .         -.--.!,-
And then he tiled-to give me all the marbles that he had.  ' -
But when it's. Sunday, mornln' "that's the
,    •   best of all the days."
Because, my papa:always stays at home
with me and plays,
Arid nearly every game we have it hap-
.   , ..pens that I beat, ■> ,-■,-■
And he.p'tends he's.angry then and says
.  'he thinks I cheat.
JTou couldn't hardly help but see he never
- ;     means It, though,-   ■   ■
And papa he's Mie bestest,boy of all the
boys I know.  . .
■'.'--. —Chicago Record-Herald.
■- W*at He Wanted Her to Do; „'•
,, Six-year-old John was especially
Jtond. of, gravy at the table.- One day
John-, had: been: bad, and * his mother
told him she did hot care to have such
a bad boy;, he might go out in the
wide,,wide worid, arid she would get a
good boy. However; she said, she
would not send him entirely empty
,lianded,fso'=she "fixed him up a .little
Bundle, pretending .to put in different
articles, such "as clothing, food, etc.
"John was told to kiss his sisters and
brothers goodby and go. He stood tha
ordeal bravely,- took his little bundle
and backed toward the door. ■ With his
band on,.the* knob he.turned to his
mother and asked:, ',"-', • ... , ! *'
/"Mother, "did yon. put gravy in my
bundle?"--Ch>lcago Tribune.    <-
Looking After No. 1;
I         y -^"  - •
- ■
'   '  '2sf^''isp'   '-
" Jt*iW.tvSt'**-!!j *,     *-
TSJtn/m^^*^^\nmr m •        * ■ 'W#a-/      i
lilp. T-*
• f«'-rfW-'"r* " -,:. X\
'   I Un        'v!m       '                             Iri
l/afji    ^ Wii i   '   ^         ' * It *1
'     veW ,                                     i   i\     i                          r     C^ST
"Thank your master for. tho pheasant nnd tell hlrn'I much appreclato his
kindness." :
"Yes, sir, and if 'e asks me what
shall, I, tell aim you Biro mo for my*
self, 8lr?"-TatIer.
We offer one hundred dollars re*
*wn'rr*l  fnr nmr *n«a «,f »*tt(,,vrV.  t\x«t
cannot be cured by Hnll'i eatnrrh
euro. i\ J. CUL'NNatT & CO., Toledo, 0.
We, the undersigned have
known P. J. Cheney for the last
26 years and believe htm perfectly
honorable In nil riu*iTii<«« tr*4*">nf>-
tions and financially tiM9 to carry
out any obligations made by hit
flrtn,     WALKING,   KINWAlF    A
KiSmI.   WholMa,e Dru»f«Ut»'
Hall's Catarrh Cure it taken Internally, acting directly upon the
blood and n.uccua *.ur(ace» ot the
■ystem. Testimonials tent (res.
Prices "75c. p*r brtttlit, .*50M by
all dniUfflst«. Take Hall's rainily
Puis for, constipation.
No Lubrication.
"The oil I runt Is upsetting nil mil*
urn I iirpcpdont."
"In whnt wnyV"    .
"It cnii't Ninniitli the rougli wittei-H In
M,*i himi of tro,i!il.'H."-Hnltliiioro Amor
Hsr Weak Point.
Mm, TIo,vl(»--MrK Itoylo In not n vory
viiti'i'tnliilnir tnlkcr,
Mi'M. Iloylii—Nn. Vou cnii't ptf't tint
liilci'i'Htcd In other pcnplo'H nlYnlrs.
Bubserlbe for the District Ledger.
Found Out        v
I ililuk Omt tlifrc'» but llltlc* room
l**ur duiilit that lli«> are brldu niul Kroom
'■»lic looks ut lilm wltli so much pride
tr» I'cruin aim inukt bo a bride.
Mill Ills nrtorln-* looks liotmy
HU Krounmliln-lf* a stvi'.nwiiy.
(«.*,.-    *   .-    n'    '., i. •-- i,   .
I'd want n<» lieltr-r proof thnn that
•■ut, tnknn wllh tlmr Ulan droK»,
it imiim the matter past n Riiens,
l'licn lie's so natty and so trim
ri'Ki.-'* not (im l-'utai iniiiiuUlntr him.
rtielr tmrtirnct't   ffi*(4 thi> «,llvc-r tns*
dun fiKHiMN ujiViii Hie Inriy's Img,
iUn unit rai*et  J'v* »«i»n vtry f»w
•In v» ry yellow, fivuli and new.
S'o orrtliiary iiiiirrlrd imui
Would rarry ono «<> spick and «(iaa.
Ami-did you see htm look nt her
.«** linn- tinpnmoh.«il rfi«* n»ifl.itcrf
li-M Wdll ii llltlu wlilti. nnd **•«
'X'hnn h)i* piiln mil' ,r lit M«i l»i.
t'hrrpl  That annul 1 »t\a\n> your unbelief)
lf**"ia Just pl'krd up Iwr hiinilkerelilei.
"trul rmte rt*r mull'i rnriotn*' Moiimf
t*i twt that I Ivy ar* brl.l.> ami croom. '
- CllkUtfii  Nuws,
A Feat of Arms.
A bluejnekot - thrco' sheets' In the
wind wan crcnttng n big disturbance
on shore, and It wns only aftor the
sixth pollcouinn hnd nrrlvod on tho
scene thnt he wns overpowered1 nnd
handcuffed, tho six afterward escort*
Ing him on board his ship, Saluting'
the officer of tho watch as best ho
could, ho reported:
"Brought slilx phllcemon 'board,
"You moan thoy brought you on
•'Beg'to dlffor, shir. I brought them,
shir—I slnirroundcd thorn, shlr|"-Illu»*
trated Bits.
The Specialist on Pits,
A physician who had boon called to
seo a patient, not being certain about
his diagnosis, looked vory wIbo and
said to tho family that ho would call
again tho next day. But tho next day
did not cloar up mattors any, so the
family boenmo iinxloim for a euro.
Tho physician said thqt ho could give
tbo patient something to give him flls.
"For," ho wild, "I am the very dcuco
on flt»,"-.7iiilge'H Library.
;'.>      BlKkPlufl
Tlie Chewing Tobacco
> •')     of Qaality.
. --,.. A Moral Pincushion.
,, There, are few families in .which
there,Is not a moral pincushion,,and
the people who are forced to live with
them are the only ones capable of telling'just how ug-gravdting these self
uiade,>murtyrs.are. for the inorul pincushion- Is usually a person 0:1 teu up
with self consciousness. -
• Thls,',,type of.womau gets wrinkles
around her eyes, has her mouth drawn
do.vn:uJ the corners nnd her forehead
puckered, with heavy .lines, the''result
of ileei).,study, as.to how each wicked
speech could lie meant .'for .her.
... • -4.J-.-.-,:    .-        ■ ,.  >..    -.
. When";a rooster finds a big fat
worm he cajls ail- the hons in-, the
farm yard to come and share it.
A similar trait of human nature is
to be -observed • when* a man discovers' something ' exceptionally*
good—-bfe' wants'all his friends and
neighbors t-o share the benefits of
his discovery. This" is the touch
of, natu*re that makes the whole
world, k,ia. This explains why people whoi-have been cured by Cham-
berlain'*3 Cough 'Remedy, write letf
te'rs td.,the manufacturers for publication; that others .similarly ailing may,'also use it and. obtain
relief. ; Behind every' one' of these
letters is a warm hearted, wish of
the writer to be of use to- someone
else. .This remedy is for .sale by
all druggists.
Club   Cigar
the only . reliable place in '
town when you require any-
J hing, in. Tobaccos, Cigars,'"
or Cigarettes. •
W. A., INGRAM,  Prop. - „
tyjsrioasr' "labsl
Crow's    Nest   Special
 LLi_i AND	
Miner's Faworito Cigars
Fort Steele
Fernie,  B. 0.
Brewers . of Extra  Fine  Lager.
and   'Aerated '--Waters.
Bottled    Goods    a     Specialty.
Phillip: Carosella
,  Wholesale
Dry M,Gri)cems. fats art Sines
" Gcflfs jiraisllLtfs
The best dollar a day house in the city *J
Liquors and Cigars of the best qunltity *l*
Well stocked bar ♦*♦
Dining room in charge of P. P. Miller .*,'
'* Only white help employed       ' y
•    ROSS BROS.     .PROPS.    *
.'',-• . ..    .     ,J.
There is Only a
;of.a per cent, difference be-,
tween the highest rate, of,
interest paid by an institu-
tion-borrowing ifrorn the.:
public and the rate a chartered bank pays its depositors., But for this small difference in rate the depositor gets the protection of ^he
Canadian Banking Laws and atthesame time the money
is placed where it is readily available on demand, either
the whole or any part of it*/'any time it may be asked;for.
W. Ca B. MAKSON, Mgr., Fernie* B.  C.
A Lively Proipie**.
"How   Is  your  hoy   iri'ttln"  on  at
"Pnrty Rood," miRweml Farmer
Cornto««ol. "Tfo nnyn thlt. mimmor
Iio'n ifoln' to mnko mo stop rendln' no
mnny fnrmlii" piuiem nn' teach mo to
hitT nn' nlnv fnritlirtll. mx'e I won't Im
n mollycodille,"-U'nghliiRtoti Star,
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to The District Ledger at
the rate of
One Dollar a Year
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with all the news
Send your name into the
Manager   of   The    Ledger.
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•   Wholesale Itetilers and Direct
y Iroporterti of.
LONDON. DRY. .       '.-,.„'
OLP-.TJOM ,/..  ...   -.".;; .". '
'"•    SCHLITZ BEER  ,'.:
;-, ;     WHITE AND, RED PORT. ;
-Sole ^f?eiits in East Kootenay for
* * 0
.4 •:»
:> Co., Ltd. I
I AlEX. McOOiJGAli, Pres. S Gen. Mgr. \
•t ■   . .-,..     .-^
%   -    -  .,:..-,   *,...   :.":
X '■'.    Ifinufio^ereof arid
¥-■-.- Dealers in
♦>•-''• 1 ■*     -. - *
& Dressed Lamoer
•p Roatrh
Y; -/Dimension & Bridge,Timber.
*J        Piling, Moaldin*?,. La'thV
. ■'."" "jShirtgles vand 'Tiea.,;
Teleptiofie Poles a Spedalty
fAll jbrdere Promptly Attende4
'i.>-. . ,.       ,■ ,to   .'   -, "'■,
Tel. 3 Pcrnle. B. C.«►
Ont Woman'i Way.
I-olti <p*?n«lvelj*)—I ho|K> yox\ will Invito mo to your woiMIng whon you s^t
tneXr—Of oo«r«'»  t   m'W   in.*   •.'rj,'",'J*
you nro proBont thoro will lo no wtd*
dlng.-Dctrolt Trlbuno,
A Qutitlon.
Knlckor-Thla wa* called a rich mnn'i
pftDic hectttwe tliuro wero no failure*.
Boekftr — Then li mnrrlnirc n naor
man's panic J-New York Huu.
WIW»r Than Ever,
•Ho*! perfectly wild ow bit ntw
"Huh! You should mo blot under tt"
-Mllwftnk«» Sfntlnel.
f AW
e^JUtk *H*,% A A'AaVAl A
All work done by
Competent   Workmen
upon ihe most
Modern Machinery
in the most
Improved  Methods
FERNIE, 2314—Pres., J. T. Puck*
ey; Fin. Sec, Thos. Biggs.
HOSMER,      2*494—Pres.      G.     C.
Oolej Sec. Wm. N, Reld,
MICHEL, 2334-Pres., Wm. Col*
grehounj See, Charles Garner.
COLEMAN, 2633-Pres., W. Hay-
son; See., Wm. Graham.
FRANK, 1283-Pres., Fred Allott:
Sec, George Nichols.
LILLE, 1233—Pres., T. Eve^s:
See, A. W. May, '
BELLEVUE, 431-Pres., F. lewis;
Sec, Fred Chappell, ',
HILLCREST, 1058-Pres., Robert
Livett; Vice**Pres., J. Lagact;
Sec, Harry T, Cpoper
LTJNBBRECK, 2275-Pres.    Hers*
chel Kaye; Sec, Geo Thos. Wright,
WOODPECKER, 2200-Pres., W.
R. Hughes; Sec, John Fletcher.
MORRIKTVILLE, 2378-Pres., C.
H. Richardson; Sec, J. Matkt*
Sec, T. Entwistle.
CAMMORE,   1387-Pres.     A.     J.
Thomas; Sec. James Clyner.
BANKHEAD, 29-Prsi.,. Wm.
Fisher; Sec, F, Dyson.
I TABER,     102-Prcs.,    T.   Boylt;
j    Sec, Wm. Murdoek.
LETHBRIDGE,    574-Pres. B.O.
Hamilton;    Sec,  Charles    Pea-
I    coelc.
jTAUKR,   l3-&U-t'res.,    Alt,    Rob*
I    erts; Bee, Robert Doodson.
i OI.TV  MTNr.R,   fll>,40,  r.rlmr.-nt.on—
i    Pres., T. James;.
! STRATHCONA, 2248-Prea., John
!    Saint; Sec, Jas. Pools.
| WHITE     STAR     MINES,   2018,
*>>*kattr.*«'>H|»'«*V4V^M* ~"a*k  a) U. ah < f W  HaW* « ^
er; See., Neil Mc Cormlck.
V   •uk*'^ » a»"
BUSK MINES, 2655, Edmonton—
Pres., Cbas. L, Bryee; Sec,
MERRITT-Pres.     Frank     Steel,
S«c. Thomas Calvert.
President* and secretaries whom
| names do not appear on this  list
are requested to forward thtm to
this omee for insertion.
Continued inquiries reach us for
the foregoing Information. DISTRICT  LEDGER,- FERNIE.'   B.  C.,'APRIL 11th,. 1908.-;
tfe Mstrirf £ch$CV     gompers and company
$1a.Year in Advance,^-1;.-.;-  -The supreme'court of the United
State? on, February ^nUast. Arrested
ti onr the hands ot organized labor
Issued   everv   Sntnrilay  from-the pttice of
PiibliQivtionj-l'ellatt -Avis., Fernw,; B." C.   ,
>ij. /^ : !"•-■■ *    ../   * s j!. * '"■ .
(JhftiiBfc- of advertisements must be in hs
follows: -Pnges 2; 3,6, and 7, Wednesday, at 10
a  m.   I'agesM.-SandS.FriduyatlOa.m.,., .
Legal advertising.. 12 cents per nonimriel
line lir>'t insertion, S olints per line each subsequent insertion. - -     "
Bates for contract advertising on applioa
tion at office of publication, Pells t Ave
Addre«& all communications to the Manager, ln»trict .Ledger-        ".      ".,'      ', ',
W. IS.   STANLEY, Mfifr.
: of,.the-,rD,r^t^powt*riul^wea'pon8 "in
aiWnil^tWhoycott';bVjhea ns of
In another column we publith an
article from a Chicago' taper, advising the working man tc vote
for a Socialist candidate at the
coming election. •
We sviWmit that'it would be wise
for the working man, and all who
wish to have wage earners get a
fair chance, to do the same at
the coming elections in Biitish
Columbia. ,, \,   .,-
The writer is perfectly aware
that all wage earners are not socialists, out and out, and he is
not asking them to join the Socialist's* ranks at all, he is'simply
advisimg' the wag* earner to support the "Socialist, candidate" at
the coming election, holding, himself perfectly free, also perfectly
independent for all future occasions, but to. support the fusion
candidates this time, and for the
/very best of all reasons, because
no other party candidate' will entirely support measures favorable
to the wage earner.   ,
its arsenal
tbe union label, instituted in ,1874 By
the '"Cig-Sr S!ake;rs,.'lUnioir"of'*San
.Francisco, for the protection nt white
against yellow labor, and since then
adopted by almost all labor unions
for protection against non-union
labor. ' The Caesar of the States, be-
yond-whom there is no appeal, held
that such boycott violated the' provisions-of the seventh section *ot the
Sherman anti-trust law, being a conspiracy to restrict inter-state trade,
and punishable bv fine and imprisonment besides being .amenable for
damages to the extent of three,times
the amount sustained by the boycotted . person or company. Not only
are trade organizations responsible
as organiZHtio'ns bat each individual
member may be also dealt with, as
equally guilty and punishable under
the provisions of this act.
This, following upon two other decisions of the supreme court, "The
holding of the Employers' Liability
Act," which held the employer responsible tor neglect of his employees,
and the '.'Erdman Arbitration Act,"
the provisions of which protected a
workman irom arbitrary dismissal
because of his affiliation, with a trades
union,,handed down June 6th and
27th, respectively. These- three
decisions encompassed within' the
space of one short month, caused the
doughty champions of labor with tat
salaries, to cease for. a time,' their
love feasts with Carnegie arid Company,* in-order that the source of
their income should nor, be dried up
entirely and attend to the interests
ot labor. ^  '. .    '_•* . I
A special conference:was called at
We set»rc i in vain in this address
for some advice, some "comfort, (6i\a
'finger post"'poi'nti'tiglihT way outTot
' the, industria.k-m?.9A^
\b, & , boastful ^laudation ^of.self.g.a
wanton ignorance of'tVb^ttiie.'signlfi-
The reason-other parties cannot j Washington, D. C, by the executive
support measures favorable to the | councii o{ th6-American  Federation
■wage earners is that their „ cam*- |of Labor,"which' met arid framed a
paign funds - are. supplied by- cap-1       e9t tQ congres(J and an addreB8 tQ
italists, company promoters, trusts.^ ^^ concernil)ff the8e.-deci.
magnates   and    class    representa-...      ,  .    .                            -. •'
,..,,-                • t    •   • " sions of the supreme cqurt and-somc
—■"—tivespin-fact—everyone-who-is-in-J >j££- =——-s*-—.*•	
■*' terested in keeping the wage earn
er poor and trammelled, for-their
own selfish interests; '■ ■.**.
Supposing that the Socialist
candidates were not the only
friends of ()the wage .earner it is
full "time there was a* genera), house
cleaning amongst 'the partisan
politicians! the winter of partisan
government has' been so long that
it is full time Ve had a- summer
cleaning up of political parties and
the only way to do it is to break
away- from "party fettiah"paad',
put labor men,in. .       ,   ,.-•*•■
Wc notice among our exchanges
that all the cities and towns* are making
nn effort to have u holiday proclaimed
{or "cleaning up." This is very important and we think that Feinie
should follow suit. A holiday should
he proclaimed for that purpose and pur
citizens should not make use of it for
any oilier purpose, Get up bright and
early and clean up nil around,
Our streets'.ire filthy, the sidewalks
in some places arc in a very bad state
from slush and snow, and our lanes
and hack yards, oh, my, (hey are
regulnr'Tcvcr incubators. Now ihis ix
a very serious nintler. We arcuimifale
all the winter's refuse, ashes ami all
in our hack yards, wc have no time (o
clean it up in the evenings. If we laid
a good day at it it could hu properly
done and we think that all our good
riiiA'd".'   uuuM   do their Ivst to clean
staff" it ha8nseldom. been" ouFlot to
read. The,protest to.ctngress is a
most remarkable document couched
in obsequious terms and void of that
independent and manly .spirit' which
one would naturally look for .in,,a
document of this character.' From
the wildernes9_of servile-verbage wn
cull the principle statement. "We
submit for consideration'and trust the
same will be enacted, twot provisions
amendatory to tbe Sherman anti-trust
law, which originally' were a part of
tbe bill during.the stages of Its con*
slderation by the senate and, before
its final passage,. and , which . are
substantially as follows:, That
nothing in said act (Sherman antitrust law) or in this act Is intended
nor shall any provisions thereof
hereafter be intorced so as to apply to
organizations or associations, not for
profit, and without capita! stock, nor
to the members of such organizations
or associations. That nothing in
said act (Slurraan anti-trust law) or
in this act is intended nor shall any
provision thereof hereafter bo enforced so as to apply to any arrangements, agreements or combinations
among persons engaged in agriculture or horticulture made with u
ylow of enhancing tho price of Iholr
own agricultural or horticultural
products.'" Thu protest ends up
with nn extraordinary threat: "Wo
ccmo to you, (congrcBs) because >ou
aro responsible lor legislation or
failure ol lof-.-lslation.
cation ot these decisions, an.almighty
effort to preserve the"status of trade
unions and incidentally.their highly
paid officials., ,y . .*„"], *.,.. - |-T
■; ".Without doubt," the report,says,
"the presentation of labDr's protest by
pur accrediteds;representatives did
much to convincei-'.tho country (at
large that labor expects of coneress
the relief, which is in the power,of
the ' law making 'department' of
government and expects it Irom this
present session of congress "
In the name of,the down trodden
millions,    what is   meant bv  the
"country at large?"   Does labor not
constitute    by    an    overwhelming
majority,   the   country ;at  large?
What need is there to convince any
one but the laborers,' the tpiU-rs, the
wealth  producers—absolutely none.
But we mast confess that it they expect anti-capitalistic laws from  a
congress   controlled   by capitalists
they are doomed to disappointment.
There is one,way for labor to obtain
its --emancipation - and" that;; is- riot
mentioned in the address.   That way
is to seize the legislative powers and
by virtue thereof' sweep awav all
hindrances to social evolution, which
constantly   tends   to   complete'co-
operation* of "the individuals for the
better  well   being  of each".    This
however, is what we are tola by the
mighty   conference.      "We   again
renew and hereby .declare our - complete .and. abiding faith,in the .trade
union movement to successfully ac
corapli8h the amelioration of enonomic
conditions befitting all of our people.'.'
Mark that "all." '.Sammy Gompers,
however, in his ed'torial iri the April
Federationist lets.'a little light r'ri the
subject in the tollowing words:.   ' It
is only tno true'that up to this time
in-our history our organiz lions of
wage workers have not utilized their
full industrial activity, but with the
recent decisions of the supreme court
IN THE  MATTER OF  the estate
.  of ...Da^niani ^Assunta passerini,
Notice is hereby >given <"■ that all
creditors.!fi-.and'.,*: others "o(having
claims againsV the ' estate vof' ,the
said^Pamia'ni,   ,'Assunta-.Passerini
■deceased,   who,.- -. died .on- or about
ihe- 10th.-day of- March,;-19Q8, ;are
required on or before* the 9th; day
of; ,*May^l908;'~:'t6'.;,s*andibyrpx>st-
prepaid,   or    deliver'' to J Mi'. "L. P.
Eckstein,  of Fernie,  B," C.,<-solicitor -for: the administrator',  their
christian ' and surnames, addresses
and descriptions,- the",full particulars of their claims, the statement
of their  accounts" and. the • nature^
of their securities, if anyi hel-d   by
'them.     ',"_* ,'„ -     '' ;" "■ "/ ', '    '..
.   And .   further,   take "notice • that
after suh' last mentioned date the
said administrator will-proceed to
distribute ., the ,„ assets of. the deceased among tbe .parties entitled
thereto, having regard only to the
claims of which he shall ^then have
had notice,4and that„the said,administrator will not, be liable for
the said assets or any part thereof
to any person or persons of -whose;
claims' notice,, shall, not have been
received   by him at the time    of
such distribution.
* Dated   this   2nd   . day of April,
1908."-. •   •'-" .,-- -'-,,
x. v. eckstein;
Solicitor for the -Administrator;
*-M<e**<e><^ *^*^
. NOTICE;is hereby given that the
government lots in the "townsite of
Hosmer will.be offered for sale by
auction at .the' Lock-up in Hosmer
at ten o'clock in* the forenoon,
railway time, Wednesday, April
22nd.    '  "       -  r'-       .''■•..-.
Bids below, the upset price „ will
not be received. • ■
Terms one third cash,. one third
1st of November, 1908, and one
third 1st of, ' Mayi' 1909, with interest from 1st of May, 1908." A
fee of $10 will be charged for each
Crown grant when issued. -.
.. J. F. ARMSTRONG, -- 6 •
,, - Assistant
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for the Southern Division of; East
Kootenay.'       "' .....
' Cran-bjrook, 30th-March,' 1908 14
Three quarters-of an acre under
cultivation iri West Fernie. Tlierei
is a Plastered House arid other
buildings on tlie Premises.
Will be sold cheap-and on easy
--->-:.*■     -     ,       .      ''.     \     \  ■•''.' .;.„   "
.payments.-' ■        • "■* ■",";".''•-■
F; J
Real Estate, and Insurance Broker
lias come the,solemn reaTizalion'Thtit
labor must,., in future",exert = every
power ..which it ppssesses^ijjts rights
as -"a f vital portion of-pur; socia 1~" a nd
'industrialJabrlc1are ')«b^ recognized
and"; saiegnardfd.';. :'Tni8^s thejnote
which is lack'ng in botirtlie' protest'
and the address, and when'we read
it we felt inclined to shake'bld Sammy
by'the hand; but our.-joy received a
damper ere the end of'the editorial in
the following,; • "It .must bo remembered that in the last campaign tbe
workers had less.definite issues upon
which to crystalizoj their efforts
toward effective action. They have
ono in the supreme court decision in
the Hatter's case." And yet methinks
or did we dream it. that Ugflne V
Debs was in tho field carrying the
banner, of - socialism, .which stands
for the complete freedom of labor,
industrially, politically and socially.
Mr. -Fred C. Hftntahan, a prominent druggists of Portsmouth,
Va., says: ''Tor the past six years
I have recommended Chamber-
fain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Hemody. It is a great remedy
and one of the best patent medicines on tho market. I handle
some others for tho same purposo
that pay me a largor profit, but
this remedy is suro to effect a euro
and my customer so certain to appreciate my recommonding it to
hfm, that I give it tho preference."
Por salo by all druggists.
'   ' ' '  IN PROBATE No. of inns' ". '• "   '
NOTICE is" hereliv cive-i. tlia't on"thn Will
<lav of March. WR.-rr WAS ORDEUEI.
said Cour*., that .rftraei Feruuson ArmBtronc
Official Administrator in and for that, portion
of the. County of Ka^t. Kootennv. included in
the East KootennV Electoral Piviaion, bead-
-mtnistraf or-of-A rr.-ftn'UilNfl'lT.A R_tlie--*Si.
fate of JoHN SYMATTJTK. of M^hp], [n tho
Provhice*of British Columbia, <loc»ftsed, intestate     - - *-     ; . '  i-. *. '   '
Every creditor or olhor r'nr*on havini? anv
cilaim upon ' r intori""* in the'ilUtrihution of
theEstateof the paid deopaard ih renrirpd t"
send before tho "JOf-h dnr (if-AprU:*IimR, bv
roifinterod lett«rrad(lre«>od to the nnd^niff"!"',
hia name and nddress and the full particulars
of hla claim or into est Bnd-n'jatnteTncr-t, nf
his aennnnt. and the nature of the security if
any hold hy him. >.",:t* ;• "T '•',',•
After the said last mfnHo"ei' date tlio. »d-
miniatratoi will proceed with therUstrilmt.'on
of. the- estate,' havine reirard to those claims
onlv et which he shall havo'h**1 notice, «'    .
Pated at Cranbrook thi8;»)th day of March,
K.D. nm
„ -',  „    •     Oflioidl*Adtnlnistrator.
TAKE     NOTICE  that I, John
If these or,MoH of Elko, B.C., intend to ap-
i*o>v quest inns nro uiiHetilcrt and any Ply to the superintendent "of pro*
othorpolltlciil party become respon J J^i^JKi^o^h* SSSSTn'SoSS
up.    It is totlieir own iitlviint,,^. ,oi8|,),B .,or lcK1f,lltio"'  wo »•'»» l^««lat Elko, B.C., to William Stanley
,,,■„„„„.  -  ".     . 1,    ,     .     ,       : homo upon   its roprosentnlivcs  our • McEwen of Elko aforesaid,
*  '. l,"<,,h:''" u*TttK°' 1l0nwn.ll and hold tlmm responsible :»•.*»*'«• «h day of April, A.
iind 10 tlio iidviiiii'i'*,*.' of tin* I'ity.
eipiiilly us now wo must hold you,",
"Cli-anlin.-sN is iicM ii)(ifHlliii^."JTt) which wo consider It. sulllclent vr
liulepi'ii-Jcni ufthid ihfiv i** thu vt'iv'sii)' "Oh, tncMt In mo and most linpo-
j,'rn\i* foiit.idi'ni|ii.ii of lif.ilili, l.i'i i Ii'mU eoni-luslon."
1'iir i-liililrcii run mil in tho avvntKo 1 A)1 eternity nt pi'ot.'Htini" nwl
hack  vnnl niul  pl.iv.   'lin's liave ti-n' n0.tliloiiliii»*    ha*,  dcmoimiriiteil
I)., 100S.
IN THE MATTER OF the estate
I ofvEdward Van Buyten, . late
'  of .Fernie, B. C, deceased:
Notice is hereby' given that all
creditors and others having claims
against the estate of the said
Edward1'. .Van Buyten, deceased,
who died, on or about . the 0th
day of February, 1908,' are required on or before the 23rd (,day
of May, 1008, to, send by post,
prepaid or deliver to Mr. Eckstein, of Fernie, B, 0,, solicitor
for the administrator, their
Christian and surnames, addresses
and descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, the statement of-their accounts and the.
nature of their securities, if any,
held by them,
And further take notice, that
after such laBt mentioned date
the said administrator will pro-
coed to distribute tbo assets of
the deceased among parties entitled thereto, having regard only
to tho claims of which ho shall
then have notice, and that the
said administrator will not be
liable for tho said assots or any
part thereof to any pernon or
persons of whoso claims notice
shall not havo been received by
him at the timo of such distribution.
Bated this S?3rd day of March,
Solicitor   for   the Administrator.
Up-to-date   /
Bar UnexoelBed
AH White Help
•'.?' ';       V   -,.      ^       '    - -■-
r •-0all-Jn,.aiM;t-!;'
Fernie, B. C.
>*.♦ Bar supplied with choicest of
X    Wines, Liquors and fciRarl-'' _
*:*",Dining RooraTin connectipno- *♦-,-;
♦..: • 3 ■- ,'-•-.- Proprietor   -.
; 8«m i» onoo
P. V.  WHELAN, Mora
The Hotel of Fertile
Tho centre ot Commerolnl
and Tourist Trade
Cuisine   Unexcelled
;,• _ 1	
•!• S. P. Wallace
Prop. •{•
l!«Al.~Cmil nilnlntf rliiliU mny lm Il-mmiI foi
'    if   IWOIltV'C'llll   Villi r»   III   till   llllllllHI
JpctlU,.,...*   I.«, .|...»»....niUH|   th-ll   KOOTBNAY   WIT   LANDS   IN
iltiiih'***.  to ono  tliiii  ilit'v will cuiili  tutititv   of Hlicli |>IMCiH'dliiL"n,   '1 he; ak        Siiiim. fnw innntlm ntfo wu"iuirnliiini'il Sun
(vwr (nun \Uu ilin   ami   loitisi-   liimr!   ....'.,     i        . .1.1.     ,i     \       i    i  *T* I'SO (icich o( cxtm clinlce Innil, nitiinti'ii  it!
.111.1 ki.iM  iviMKiHtmrrowH do not petition the hnwk.l fo VM>, „f Nt,Nf)ll) ,., „ w„„ w,ulwl |mptl0ll
1  \>it\1e<tp\1*Kit \1»\U ku*.tnf>*.Ust* \t^\t*<UVI*aUM*A'/**!*AT*.*.**•.■#*!>AT**»!•  ! a |kt(i«I nf twxiiilV'Ciiui yon.    .     -,--■,,
-•-             xtiiill   Im  ItiHn.-'l  tl)  iillu   llnllvMiiNl   it
they entnMiio their nuniliers nml IiIk!
jiuwiii' lo hiu'in in Hitiii), An t'XCiilk'iit,
exiiiliplo which the Uillei'H of all
countries would do well to umuliite.
Tho address to the workers drawn
up liy  this   conlerenoo  would  hu
in*,' up' holiday.
iiroiuul. liven tlu* okh-r pi'oplu mv
Mil.j{*<*( in (i .iii.l i,in mih'li ,iiii<iiiiui) i .in-
mil In* |iiiiil tn ilii-, ,il|iiii|.i)i*t,iiiU|iii.*s-
l...i.. Sow wc tliinl< ili.ii ilu>u low
ttuHi*. t'u tut* miiijl-h  .\iil ".ulna*.  IU'
't.llH  tn  --1UC  lllll   UIJ   m.,*,li ,nui |i|lr, u
ihe lH'.st w.iy ih,.t it i-,,1, hL. .ui'..i.ir-j|a,i|0poai Wero It not pltitiblc.   Tho
li*.li«.-tl.   So .ilu^uha u,r .« -"Cfc.n- opcninir Hontonces declare thnt "this
protest conference will probably
rtfl    .IftU.n     In      f.f(,.n«.1'   nn    ll.rt      4»,./,n ,nci*
, r>'     ■ ' '  "     *- ■- ,i *■- *   *•' -   ».• ••' - •-
fjathcring ever held to solemnly voice
tlio protest of tho peoplo .iRainst tlie
denial of the rights of the workers by
tlio judiciary." There fs not the
slltthtest doubt that this conference
will ko down to hlatory, tot U wilt
bo aa evidence of the monarncntul
simplicity or cupidity of the self
•tiled labor leaden of thei arly part
of tbe twentieth century.
JAmea Ventner, "n eoal eejt
driver, employed in the mine at
Ronton, was instantly killed by a
falling boulder, which dropped
from ths roof of the tunnel. Had
th« tunnel btum properly tlmbwed
his life would have been spared,
Brit timberi cost money, while It
cost*   nothing to  hire    «jotb*r
-,-       - ■»»>
mihillvlileil thin fnrin Into 10-nrro lilnck", mill wn nn> offurlnti ti tun for   *»> i   T|)(i f()|i .((r r riU|1|( H „1(1|in ,„ ,iV
s„|,. nu «'mhv t.-riiiH.   Th.. l.«:n.i..ii »f \M* fH.no «» i-xt-olli'iili It Ih cIimi   #     ,a| ^^ „,,„„„,,,„,„,,„,„„ „,„,„,„„
I niM'liu.nr nr vml.l In tlm nillilliK roi>nril/<r In
linn Ili'TiMif,   VVlxili 'Ami lift»timtij nv|iiiinlit'l ni
j imtil, tlie Iticiihir imiv, uiiiiii IiiivIhk iv »ur"i'V
i inmld, r.inl ii|iiiii,coiii|il>lnn with utluir  r«-
,      |UI,h.f.b...4.   |4...V4>.»    <-   4."^ ,        4    ..*.-',
'   'Dm tmti-iit |i"<ivl.t(>» for tlm imvnicnf, nf h
royalty »i ;*■! |» r I'tiit mi (iim huu,,
I'i.ackk iiilnlim oIhIiiu K««ur«liy nro lo i ftut
aO'inru, entry lim «A niiifttmiilaywirly,
An Hnpllrunt mny otitnln two !•-«»»« to
ilrotlR** fur«(ililof llvi>nilU*»i'M(i||(iirtt lorni of
twtrntv yimrn, rntiflw-aMo nt vm <ll»nr«t|on of
tlm Minln'Krof tlm Tutatrlor
Tho l«»n*o >liall hav* fti1r<nl«e in qiwrhtion
within ori» MiNwon frmn the il»t» of the Id*»»
*4*}$,to lint 0 V 11 Stnlfnn at (Iriiiiltc, llicro In a (fiiml nt'hnol in tlm Im- •}«
\n utedlittit vU'lnllv, and tin1 tiiivi'i-uiiii'iil u'litfnii cnil froin NVUnn runs aJ/j,
•7*  tlirnuirh the property.   Un neenunt nf !»•» flnKe pijoxlmlty t» « tlirlvlnn   Jg
*'•       ■   .        '        t    ' ' 4     •    ,    ,,      , , ,.,ti..'',.., I,ttk.    Hw.vnii.-n *«-l
,*Jt TIiIm In ti '';.1i'tii|lil InC'itt'in for n rmlt nn<l vi'(,'«>tnlili» fnnn or r.   >!•$''
X (ililrUcii rnncli. Thnre U nlwiivs nn t'Xfi'llmit tnnrki't for nti>thiiiir iv
VR Hlnnff theHo linns In Nolcon, nini nt timi-s vi<ry IiIkIi prU'tin mny lie nh- Vj*
*K tained. The Untl Is rot hurd to «U<**\ n aoo*l wnrbfr rnuld t'lfnr off «§
»R nnd liftvfl n crop the flrnf Honnnn. A innjnr pnrrinn of thn pround In %),
W? elenrlv open, very littlo Htnndlnjr (troon timber. TlmroIh n line* Ntrontn Vj**
,at* of wrifpr nirml«i.r tliTntirrh thlti siilMliviolnti. Thn lot** sr« eittiAted £}£
!l) n'ltliln « quwrler of n nillo ol (do Kooiminy llivt-r, w.ii'ie inh vwy
W finest ItslnW Trout fiKlilni* Is to he hnd.
We fl-imrntituo the qunllty of thoso blocks, nnd urn nlesned At nil
times to irlvo tiitundliiir purchtiors tho henoflt of n thorotiffli Inspection. We connlder dint we «ro offerinar a pArtfciiltrly choice article.
Yon nre not taklwr sny chnneeln tecurliii? this Und nt onr prlc*. Wo
are lelllnj; those 10-ncro blocks at 180.00 per aero, and can arrange tho
te,rm* fn vory enny \mjmente to stilt piirchener*.
Fruit Land* and Real BsUte, box 51, Nelson* B. C.
, Fernie's most. popular ,.
\'      Hotel.,.     .   .",
Every attention to tlie
travelling publio
Rooms reserved by wire
T. He Wholan
Manager * • ■
Woll furninlici3 rooms
Tnblo mipplled with the host
lliir Htockod with host of Winos,
r*!(|iioi-H mitt Cifrnrn
„   Prop'rlotor
SI'.AI.KI) TKN'DKtH inl.lr^.-ciit In lln> iiikIc r-
hIkuuI, nml mnlnriti'il ■ Te;iiih t for liunli. if
I'liat Olll< n. Vlilirnll»,t|, Jl.t!.," Ml|| l.l, rii't.ln.il
nt IhU dllloii ti it 111 Mttunlitv, April V.'i, I'.niH,
Inchi.lviily, fur Din t'mniiriiMluii nf n lli'iitlmr
Ny.trm lor iliy I'ulj.iu llnllilliiu nt Vmiixii'W'r.
1'iniin nml kiKiflllrullmnt run lm nki'I) unit
tni'in* nl U'wlur ulil'iiiii'il mi ti i jiIIchI luu ut
Dili. |if'|uirtiii''in. friiin -Mr. W. Hnii.lni>i.n.
Kiifii'rliiteiiilliitf nmlilfnar, Vlnlm-lu, ll(),.iinl
*. 4..H     Mi.     L,l,».«IVa      4M4H1,,    t».*ti*    .11      .144,*.^,
VnrfHivdr. It".
iVtv-mm lulftirf»t(^ ,'!'■ Ii.ti.i.iil  'J,.-..*  ''«-.   '. (>
uill not  In ciiD-lilnri'il ui.lii.h tniiilii nn tin)
prlnlcil fnrri' ni|M»lli'il, inn I alitm-il wllh tlitilr
Kit'li H'li'inr iiiiiat 1mi HrculiilMiiScit l,> un
lUntal ilOMrennnm fur
v ,. lannatl,   Unyalty nt the
mto of ni por A»nt oollect»il on the output *<•
for MclitjvetntlM.   .t      .,
HHnh   mile of rlv«r lenaeil
Ut II exceed*. kWVl
IViputy Ulniiti'rof tli'dlnt'tlor.
N. P.-Urmnthorlwd pohM-atlon of thlf ei-
vtrvlMn-t-aivriUnot l>« pnM for
nri'ciitril Minrjuf mi « "liHitor«<i| Imnk, tmiils
imyulila to tlm onlnr of tlm lloiioiinililc tlio
Mliiiati*r nt J'ulill", VVmlo, miiu to t.'ii l*or
..,,* '.' .* ,.'*** • .--■•■-> -.* >• , > ,-f,,-
wJiloli nil) hdtorhltoit If IliulMTaon ttilirlnrJiiH
ilisollna to enter info it rontritot wh»n niillmi
ii|*on to 'Id »o. or If lie full to compl«t« thn
work coi-.trinjt.il for. II tlm tmiilor ho noC
ncoopitJi! tlicrliwnia will r« rntiirniml,
Tho lMf*.rtn,niit .tno* tint lilml (Hotf to
«i*<'«|it th* lowoat or tiny t«nd«r. |(
Jly Order
Mpanment of Publfe Wnrkt,
Ottawa, Mnrch 1», iltKW,
JtewepiTMrt -will not Ke pe(4 for tbl* »Jlr»r-
r^ «   rr\t w        1 «»*»*i*,iTi*ri win not tie r*»a ror thi» »-ir»*-
Read The Ledger jir^»«u-Itt-»vtt"^
T <v
,,   '■•i^i-'^f -^       jg-   '..,»*$« .   ^14.     ,y      If,     *i-"J,*-*y.    ,-»    »,,*.*   jy'-.'.HV-    ^'4,.        b.<y«.j..»,.
Official   Orsran   of District   NO.   IS,   U. M. W.  of A.
,i3*' a  -v   »   ^-"fr 4i   ^
" *,£,   4,3.     >* ,A44 t**4   , ,1^*4.   ^*4^.«^
■'    '' ', -;'  '''%"' ,'f>\
1: -"rtf*"'      Si
*s &, J.   .5. t-
-Fernie,'."B^c:, ''Apri^-JIIth^; X-OOS.;-,
.? 'ii-\l. *  /4-
i:%))f ''   -.' '      * 1   -        ■.        -. ., ..     .
"A weilatteiidi.ihiieetii.jrof the "Pride
of.tho Jtockie's" lodge,. No 191, of ihe"
Independt'iit Ord«r of Reehabites, was
held in 1hV.5Mi11t.r8- Hall ott Wednesday
.evening, Bro 'John Morgan prt'S'diiis,
It was decided toiiiark their ecieein
ot the Into Bro. Hnotfii, who was killed'
at Coal Crnek last Aii|*utiiVliy placing: a
fence round, hiB {jraye . "1 . ,, . .. ,
, .The matter of Inaugural!..;" a jnvonih*
, lodge wn8r mooted, nnd the secretary.
, waa instructed to write for ii.formatioii
from-headquarterH.*.a,„!' . ■•• -'
.-The meinbnrsliip. of the Order-at.
present Is:, , Adiiltn'250.0U0, juveniles
175,200,'wlth funds amounting to-over
$10,000,000.,— ;, ----,'■   -    -<-'•  -,  -   -
f{ Any Information may be ohtal'ted
from John Mor-s-Bii, C. It, Coal Creek';
or, Isaac Moseley,"secretary, Fernie.*"
:  BAYNES     .**■   ,
{D. W. Hart, who,will have.charge.of
the land sales for the-^Kootenay Riveri
IJand-Company; arrived here laRt week
. with hid family,   He' haa built a house
oh the land and will reside-here in" the
'i .        ii
,". Mr." Fred Adolph, of the Adolph
Lumber Company, has just returned
from a trip to the prairie and reports
good sales of lumber. .
Dr,  Gladwin  expects  to   move, to
Fertile, in a short timo.'   He has been
practising  in-Waldo-and   haR-many
v   friends- iu Bayneswjio regret, his de-
. -parture.    '' ' \    ^
f The Kootenay, Rivor Land; Company
'   has {sold'.a number of tracts of their
irrigated laud- Anion*»* their later salos
■   are four tracts to S J.- Morrow; twenty
,   acres to Peter Backs and. ten acres to'
• Joe.Backs, two five-acre^tractstb Geo.-
Tanner aud Thos. Steyenson, of Baynes.
''sMrr"P""McCon'nel"expects to leave"His
,,.    Island'Hotel'thrs;ydrr'.*'We,urider"stand
'tiriff for it.       '-•--.
: Mr. Peter Backs is building a'very
nice house-ion his -tract ■ recently pur-
chased, 'and-^lr. P. J,vMorrow js digging
a cellar for his houee and will build as
■ soor. as possible. ■ l-iU
i Mr. Barto, our old agent at the Great
V.     .-i*w^Vvft,',*^'*-^l'W^^''Wn,4^i.'i ":*S'«/f"JS'i
•   Northernf'has"returned• tofhis duties:
He h'a>s™b'eehfaway.f6r8bme*tlme."''.'"'"' v
■ ,,. , t The Adolph Lumber Company, bought
some horses in Spokane laBt fall. They
Have recently been' heard of at Flagstone making back to their old home.
'- J. D. Aye, superintendent for the K.
R. L. Co, bought a fine team.from
Franklngbamrbf Elko,last week'.'' '""""
'     'O'     ■
. The Bankhead band turned out on
the departure of Mr. L. Stockott. and
Mrs. Stockett-'of Hosmer.
Mr. Handworth has left for Vernon,
B. C, to run;a billiard saloon. Mr.
Handworth is a young man well liked
by the people of Bankhead. We wish
him all success In his business undertakings.
. Tho Bankhead mines are still runnlnn
half timo Thoro Id no hope of full
time ns yot unless tlio striko In tho U 8,
will make n difference In the conl trade
ol this country.
Someone Sunder*. ,,tho ?name. qf
j Johnston '.has-, been ,<' writing* "in
- ~. 1V';/-r''lMe^e's,1 * page^hand^bill criticising the "Report" given'in bur columns ot,.-tne case, 5,'Strachan vs.
JicCutcheon and Milner." and he
wrote N as if tthe report. ^ was the
Ledger's opinion, and evidently
with the intention of bringing
down bad feeling against the Ledger. -*•>'-•   ■"'.',"'-.;.' '     *    '  .
If Mr. Johnston is capable of
reading ■-, straight, -;*he' can easily
discover for himself, that what appeared in the Ledger was a report
and not a criticism of the case. ,
If Mr. Johnston can substantiate
what,*.Mr. Meikle^has obliged, him
by publishing," under the belief
that the,-.<'Ledger" would get a!
stab in the, dark, then his proper
course' ■ -' -would, \be'~to"reopen the
matter in the courts., -,!,    '
' In any' case .the ... "Ledger" has
nothing to do with it except to
report the evidence given in open
court. . We. are .not lawyers 'but it
appears to us that if Mr. Johnston "knew so much about tho values of Prospect property that ;he
would, have done well' to have taken the oath and in that way have
got in his statement. To write evidence about "a- case that has been
tried is hardly the correct- thing
if it is not contempt of court.
Anyway wo ..may tell this Mr:
Johnston, that according to ' :the
defendant's own- statements they
bought._the.lots for, about '*?20.00,
each- and a .week later sold them
at over' six' times that price.    ■•-
Blairmore. Alta.
Funeral Director and
OllU'e Victoria Street
Phone Ci,!      Residence I'lione .*H
Mr. Pyatt,. the -barber,' has'inetajU-d
one of 'the 'finest fRramaphbnes mhde
and also has a f-ood'eelection of records;
,AH MK P,vatt's.(,!Ustomers arc greatly
taken .up. wlth^the records.3     '   -    ]   f
-^roiii-Williams was Biiccessful-iu- win";
niiiifUhe* billiard ,»touriiaiiient> against
Tom Cou'sey.   Theplayers were evenly
matched '^Cousey'rirok'e off. "'AVifhamf
-started-'ont-in-line style;**and-did-not
pull up until he had made an 80 break.
Cousey was the\next to play„-ahJ it was
a4pleas'ufe-to see "the fine^snots which
he made. His first break was 150, of
which 50 was made in.the jaws of the
pocket. He actually nursed the balls
there -; without -^getting -■ them--- froze.
'Final score :*Williams'600;" Cousey"490.
, *' The annual.meeting, of i the Curling
Clutf was held on Wednesday', April 1st.
The following ofiicers were elected:
Patrons, L. P. Stoekett, W. H. Allrldge,
J. Drew, G, Wilson; president, W. J.
Kurnell; 1st vice-president, C. Hall;
2nd. .vice-president, R. - Leunon;. secretary-treasurer,!. J. Brown; chaplain,
F.J. Hawkins; executive,.A. Watters,
H. Lindleyi A. Miller. The season was
very successful, the following rinks
winning: . ■ ■*
Bretty trophy '   ■■<        Allrldge trophy
A. Miller1"- ' * s      M. Hennesey '
V.Stark W Fisher
F. Barber ' Devls
R. E. Douglas, skip  II, Llndloy, skip
Ashdown trophy Douglas trophy
W. Cowan
J. Peteraou
1. J. Brown, skip
C Hall
S. Peyto
B. Fay
II Lrttig, skip
In the local competition Bnnkhpiul won
tho district medal and badges from
Banff, also getting second prize nt the
Calgary bonsplol In the district competition Alec AntlurHon eventually won
the district mednl. Mr. Ileiiiiusoy lins
proved himself n curler to the publio of
ijliinklictid,   ItiHii itrent pity ins could
not get to Calgary, business, etc., |>ich-
I slug at tlin UtiKt.    Mr, lloiiiii.'Huy Is un
I all round sportsman,
■ —u
1    The new lirld*o over tlie Bully River
' will cfiininniici! shortly     Tint Mirvoynr
land coiihiiclor weie nut. this ivccl* ul
the vlvt'i" lookInt*, for 11 good location.
' Tlm illriu'tm-H of tlm Cauailii Wimt
, ('mil >& Cuke C<>. winn In town Wi.diii'H-
ditv tin: Ktli, and llit'ic in git-at hnpc
our Mm SAYS
Oil, where is John ?
I think he's gone,'
With his paper for a,run ;
,.   When he comes back,
We won't be slack
in   making lots of fun.
^Additional /' Loca.ls
Bro.' John giving an address1   on
. Correct English.    •
THAT he is thinking of slar.ing a
subscription fund to enable. John to
-"   , . ' j   .      ■ ,    »
get lus paper out  more on tune than
Ihe  last issue.      "' >    .
*   *   *
" THAT he is.glaJ to see ihat the
civic authorities have started a campaign."against loafing and loitering
in -tlie post' office,"   It is a good" move,'
■ THAT in John's first rag he claims
thai the Critic .atlacketl a; defenceless
girl, .ihe. police,' or,"any one'else who
cannot get back at'Ijim. Now, he did
not attack the. telephone girl. He
attacked' the'-slowness.of'-the telephone
system. , He{attacked;,- the /police and
olhers'as they deserved, and will con-
not deserve^if will not be -commented
oh.by,him.'-      *'-.   .   -"   '.-.'
THAT he heard a -comical yarn of
a" foot "race,- that one of, our"stalwarts
had; 011 yictoria.Ave. after a man.who
was   under 'tlie -influence";of  liquor."
The. time for "a f bo yards wits'something
like 4-11-44.     "'".,'. '   "'.y.1'1 .
• * »   '
, -THAT- tlie new 8 horse power engine
we have just installed will,be large
enough to supply all.the motive power we want, and then leave enough for
"hot air" for the hall upstairs;
1 Mr, ,J. H.' Baird of Vancouver,
inspector for the board of Are 'insurance, underwriters is looking
over the town. He is registered at
the:Fernie hotel.  ■   •    ■'       "■
Mr. , Owen who was burned out
last week had an insurance with
Messrs Cree & Moffatt for $800.00.
The. claim has been adjusted and
will be paid in a few days,
Next ■' Sunday evening ,at the
Baptist church the pastor Rev. I.
W. Williamson will preach on the
subject.of "An Auction Sale for
Souls.".' Everyone welcome.   ' •   0
■ Mr.-Murdock McLean -who has
been .iii the hospital undergioing
treatment for pneumonia is re-
ported.,*much better and expeited
to be out of the hospital bv Monday. . , ' -. ■     ,  - *
Mrs. , McDougall, wife of ."the
chief of the fire department, underwent, an operation at the hospital
for. appendicitis on Thursday and
is progressing very favorably.
>, All parents who intend sending
their children to school, after Easter ' are' . requested to inform, the
principal at once in order - that
suitable, arrangements may .be
made.   :;_.        .■
"The f C.P.R. announce reduced
rates of fare and-third between all
stations - for Easter - holidays.
Tickets on sale April 15th to April 20th", and good to return until
April 21st." .     :
The A.'' Macdonald Co. were
amongst the flrst to sign the
agreement with the teamsters. .We
regret that through an error upon
the- part of the person handing in
the report their name was given
as one of those who at first, held
off, , -.
'The Spokane-flyer, will fee put
on again shortly; leaving St. Paul
at 10.20'April" the 19th. It "will
arrive" here -at 1.55 a.m7on thei
21st instant. The eastbound flyer
will leave Spokane "the .23nd-.-inst.
and arrive here at' 24.18k, on that
date'.' -   * -   *'„        '■'-*■
Mr.--Kent's, shack,.- on.iailway
street near • the .C.P.R. freight
warehouse went up in smoke Wed-
nesday of this week,', although the
fire brigade were„tfiere,,in about-,2
minutes," fr.om , getting the'.first,
alarm'_ they ' were unable" to stem
the'fire but did good, work by ■.preventing; it spreading',to adjoining'
buildings.        , "■''    ' '    l~~ * •-'
. We .have installed in,,our. office,
this week a - .new Canadian..Fairbanks-Morse gasoline 8 h.p, engine
which was. necessary, since putting
in the new -< machinery.- - Wo. have
ample ; power now and with our
many new ffaces of type and labor
saving machinery we are better enabled than ever to serve the public in anything, in the printing
line, Call , around and Bee us in
our new'quarters,. ,Glad to     see
you.       ','. * Y- yy. - ■ --■ ■•! "'
.to' a point of commencement.' inek- j Bak'os,. claimV,'-thence'*'7. JSortii -*>. 80
irig 64.Q;acres*more or less.   J .,   ,
Located this.21st'day,'of March,
1908.   •' - -/- -°. -'      " -? V-      A -
A^..n. Awrey Rice,    Agent.
. Miss Dolly.Moore, Locator
Nathaniel Babcock,* Witness. <.
2. Commencing at-a post'planted at or near one mile east of
31st mile'post of present surveyed
line of C.P.R.; aad being the south
east corner post of Ruben Steves'
claim thence west 80 chains thjnce
north 80 chains; -thence east 80
chains; thence south 80 chauis;; to
a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 26th day of March,
, Awrey Rice,    Agent.
Ruben .Steves, Locator.
Nat Babcock, Witness.
3. Commencing at a post planted at or near 21st mile post of
present C.P.R. surveyed line and
being the northwest corner post of
Frank Lewis claim thence east 80
chains; • thence south 80 chains ;
thence west 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains; to a point of
commencement, making 640 acres
more or less:
Located this' 19th day of March,
1908., » „   ,
Awrey. Rice,    Agent.
Frank Lewis,  Locator.
Nat Babcock, Witness.
4. Commencing at a 1-os-; planted at or near, W. Darby's northwest corner post and being the
southwest corner post of Andy
Goods' claim, "thence north 80;
chains; thence east 80 chaias~f
thence south 80 chains; thence
west 80.chains; to a point ji commencement, - making 640 mtps
more or less.
Dated- this 27th day of Match,
1908. , . ,,     <■
,   .    ' Awrey, Bice, Agent
Andy Good, "Licttor.
Nat Babcock,  Witness.
5. Commencing ut a post pJanted at or near the nor'•,-•.»vR*it corner
of Frank Lewis' claim and Lu'ng
the southwest corner post'of Peter
IT-T--.      ' A 	
chains' thence;, east' 80- chains;
thence ' south !,80 5 chains; ^thence
west"a80 chains* .'to a-point of commencement,, ".making-v 640 acres
more" or less. * -'':;.. ■.' \y , "
"Located-this j.9th'; day of March,
1908. •--£,.-,:. ;-■". y-.y
Awrey Rice, Agent.
"     Peter Bakos, -Locator..
Nat Babcock,  Witness. -     -
6. Commencing at a post planted at or near.the northeast corner
post of Miss Dolly Moore's claim
and ' being,' the northwest corner
post of A. A. Sparks' claim'thence
south 80 chains; „thence east 80
chains; thence' north 80 chains;
thence west 80 chains; to a point,-
of commencement, making 640
acres more or less.
Located this 21st day of March,
,       .       Awrey Rice, Agent.
A. A. Sparks, Locator.
Nat Babcock,  Witness.    >
7; Commencing at apost planted at or near A. A. Sparks north
west corner post. ana being tho
southeast corner p. »t u£ Jot '
Jean's claim thence ,- noith 80
chains; > thence wost. fo ? chai-Ms; •
thence south 80 chains; thence east
80 - chains;' to a point of commencement; making 640 acres
more or less.
Located this 21st day of March,
1908. ,
, Awrey Rice,' Agent. •
Joe* Jean, Locator.
Nat1 Babcock, Witness.
. 8. Commencing at a post planted at or near F. Jawins, southeast
corner post and 4 miles east of 30
mile post of present C.P.R. surveyed line, and being the southwest
corner post of Harvey Murphey's
claim,' thence . north 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains; thence south '
80 chains; thence west 80 chains;'
to a point of commencement.   ,
Located this 26th day of, March,
1908.   • "
Awrey Rice, Agent.
Harvey Murphey, Locator,-
Nat Babcock, Witness.
that 30 days after date, I intend
to apply to-the Bon. Chief Commissioner of lands and works for
a license to prospect for coal and
Petroleum on tho following lands
situate in tho district of Bout-heast
Kootenay, British"Columbia, in
block 4593.
1, Commencing at a post planted at or near one mile east of 25th
mile post of prosent C.P.R, surveyed line and bolng tho north-dost
corner post,,of Miss Dolly Moore's
claim, thence south 80 chains;
thence vest 30 shains; thonco aorth
30 mains; thence last 80 shains;
$m«*w*«*-m*»*m; „,;, „',;,,;,; ;,y, ;^* shortly.
I Dray & Transfer
* All kinds  of
t Draying,
Ti%e»*mlo+r*    *mA
wVka^kAataV *■ **iS*«a*fc Vk
Trissfer Work
T.HBR00IS      Prep.
P, 0. Uox 391    Tel. 6
A nuMiiher of Locnl Union No   jliMi
died on Momlny the (llli lienvtmn the
tmvu nml tint nihil) of liciirt failure,   Ho
liuil been Hick for hoiiiu time.   A. Itol-
■j) j leiittlno, his son, arrived mi TuoHiliiy
^ ; morning's train Irom Column, nnd loft
y> ,M iiiiidi, i'ui Citiiiiioit*. v.u.t (im iiirpM*.,
^ I wlieri) ih*i*t!i(Ki;il will be pUced at rest
y \ with ono of hi* ton*-, who died there
$ ! sninu time ago.
<«» I
Thft westher hero is Ann  nnd   thn
homeno^flers aro leaving ovei.v «i»y for
the laud."
A line discourse was delivered In the
Mormon Church on Sunday night bv
Mr. ralmer, of Kaymoml "Causus of
Infldellim" was his subject. The tnoet*
lug house was crowded. A duet was
rendered hy tha ulsters Hsvnes, alio
t|u»rt«lte by G. Walker inu vcuipatty.
Everything Comes John's Way.
THAT the mosi   popular song  in
I'crnie loilny is "John, pour John."
*   *   ♦
THAT in spin- of tlio fiu'l Hint he
sitid   last wivk liuil he  would t.tkc no
notico of tho show ho cannot help it
tiliglil word of priiiso  for some nf the
uii'iiihcrN   of  the   "Minsircl   Muids."
They nro really good for youngsters of
liioir ago,
• * ♦
THAT ho has been iisltcd when;
ho got his lilu'iK'ss for the cnrtnon of
"John on his way 10 L'nlgiirj" in Inst
Wl'i'lt's   Isslli',       W'l-ll, iijllst    M'alfll    ml
Victoria Ave, north, any linii' bciwix-n
fi  and fi.    Vou will seo,
THAT llit' article on "tltaning up"
1 .ii      .i       .
MllllllU      l>W      •*■•«",       I..,....»>4.,       I.Ml....-,     I..4M
i',|il.,.-J)| J.f,i *-:•■),  ."'■!   -*ei* ill ..) ^'Oi'.l
results will oonio of !i,
« . .      '
THAT in reply to a communication signed by "A lin-nciier' 01
Fernie Annex, he b«ga to say that
tho fire. brigade, to bis own kmow-
ledhjje, did all thoy eoniltl to aave
Mr. Wright's house after they arrived. As to tha slurring remarks
about their not doing anytkinf
tha wast* paper basket will ana*
AN AD I AN r>-*
Ono Way
Colonist Rates
AUIKIITA   iniil
lilt ITIHII   C'Ohl'.MIIIA
•re* •s*gaig')j-ul j.s-.'.yj-*-.''-"""*
I'l'Olll   Toidiito
KliigNton $."»(),!<>
(Mtawu 51,10
• « '..!„ t*lil,in,.nl "in, I I
Mnutronl r,t>,70
()it«iii>f mm)
Nt, .loiml
Hnllfiix (Cl.-lo
We have: the following" machinery for
sale on which we will, give a real bargain
One   Washington    Hand   Press
(bed 24% x 38)   '
One .7 x 11 O., S. Gordon Press
One 22yi incli.Westman 81 Baker
Cutter, Lever .
One Babcock Drum Cylinder
Press, Rack and Screw Distribution, Tapeless Delivcrv, bed
One 3 H. P. Water Motor
This machinery will be sold separately or altogether,    It
is all properly and securely boxed and ready to ship,
Address The Manager
I _!  ..J 1U.H.I1 U.11J '  - >.LU-JI»WIJ.'.»'I.I1^   -l-'-.i. M.    '  1-    .•
Sevier    Contracting
Foundation Work
ExcdvtLtiiiRr of every description
On.rctetiinpf and Window Clerinln*p-
{'   All worlc guaranteed
Phone 151    ••
Davis, Taylor, Stephens «* Thompson .»,
P. O.   Box   492,   Fernie •{•
Hammond &c Mcintosh
iu in in un *aii* Ajif. nj\\), x*ji-i-
"Corrcspondiii({lv U.**' ratfn from
liilcrnieiiliitf pnlnlH
For Jl»l«», lUnirvitt.lon* «nl Nny In*
foi nutilon il«alr*i) mil mi or *wrlt«
7. MOK, (IK  MnHHKItKti.V,
O.I'.A. fl.l'.A.
KtUon Wlnnlp*
-j£lectrica£   Contrite tin^;
of    Every    Description
Fertile, B. C* MSTBICT LEDGEB.  ffERNIE. B. C.; APBIL 11th, 1908.
The Finest Leqw®$
From Ceylon Tea Plantations are containsd in
Lead Packets 0.aly_.
Blue Label 40c:,'Red'liabel ,10c.,'
and Oold i.abel 60c, per. lb,   -
Tfil: iNSlifgRABLE JAP
Wdat Is Parpiirted to Have Been Discovered
in the Hotel Donnelly.
'According to the , press reports that
come from Tacoma the Jap invasion is
right at this time ?in a good healthy
condition.      " "'"..,
It is claimed that two of the precious^
"little brown men" who were employed
at the Hotel Donnelly aB bellboys, were
found to .have in their possession "the
regulation'Jap*military rifle and. admitted that theyjvere -trained soldiers,
o! the Mikado's army. ;
If this be true, and there is no, good
reason to suppose that it is not true, it
indicates very clearly, the^ preparntion
that is being made l.y.the'l"Isla!idjKiti-r*-
dom" for the subjugationtof the" United
States Is it not possible that 'nearly
every. Jap in the.United Statesliis a
trained soldier?
Is there any way to distinguish a
trained JaD soldier from a trained Jap
thatis not a soldier? "All Japs; look
alike to me." -    .,,
, It is inconceivable how the American
pe&ple can be bo oblivious to real "danger as to suffer and ever? encourage the
Jap immigration." *    .
A few quotatiomvfrom Patrick Henry do not seem to be out of place at this
time: "Is it not natural for ..man to indulge in the illusions of hope? Are we
not apt to close bur eyes against a pain.
Jut.tmth.ftndJistenjitp_thel.8ong of a
States was. necessary' to his busiiiest*, he
would have far Ifss trouble in assuming
control than would the government iu
recovering the lost territory. ' !
People who sympathize with the Jap
had better-place tlieir sympathies elsewhere.  " , .,-■.,   4     .,
About all the paper has been'wasted
in passing resolution that "tieed'beiwasted. This is not ;a matter of tiiiioiiisYn.
It is not confined to organized labor or
unorganized labor orito any class or oc*
cupation. It is a question as to whether
this country-shall, remain the home of
the white race or shall it. surrender to
the. Asiatic?   , . - '
" * .' '•"
Every American that employs a Jap
drive's a naifin the coffin of the white
man's government!    Every American
that patronizes a Jap' brings hearer .tho
d?vwlien he-will be't'lie slave of the
." .., ... °'. * -t  .
yellow race.
Every white man that works with a
Jap degrades his citizenship, his .home
and his country/ Every man that stands
up and defends the Jap invasion ought
to,1 be banished to'Japain for evermore.
Any white man who has the audacity
to say that those people are not a menace to our country is so grossly ignorant
or so damnably" low'down on the. plane
of citizenship that be ought to.be sent
to an. asylum for the detention of subjects inimical to tlie government. ra'k
about "undesirablecitizens"—the fi'iend
of the Jap has them skinned,to A'tiiHsb..
—Seattle Uuion Record." "   '.-'%■
Prwiidant of Railroad Company Think*
Discretion B#t*Ur Part of Valor.'
The directors of the. Great Melon
Railroad company were gathered round
the board. It was a highly Important
meeting. 1   ,...     - x..
' "Gentlemen,".'sald"the ^e^dent,,"we
have, as you know, accumulated a surplus^ "of •fSO.lWO.OOq.'' AaT" hon-Mt^an'd
painstaking men ft only/remato'for ua
to decide the, form In whichthis 'shall
be "'distributed "to our hardworking
Btockhoidere. of whom ,1—ahem!—am
one" of the largest." ".  "   .: "
At this,moment the superintendent
of the road was announced; ~ -
-■"Gentlemen, excuse me'foMnterrupt-
ing you, but the fact is a strike has
taken place at the other end of the
road and Is rapidly spreading., Tbe engineers  complain  that  they  have to
work nearly fifteen Jiours; out of the
tw:enty-four, which makes It impossible1
"for them to do their duty, thus iucreas-
• lug the danger of, severe .accident.. The-
brakemen" are.paid starvation wages
owing to the fact that the. Ice trust
f "Of which I am a director/' niurmur-
: ei~ the .president], the coal" trust, the
meat trust ["In which we are all, vitally Interested," murmured the "other dl-,
Tectors],; have put,up,the prlpe.of all
necessities.    Here are tlie demands of
the men." ..'".. \A ., » ,. ■-,
"The president, concealing his' annoy-*,
aiice as much,as possible, glanced over,
the paper handed to him and then said:
"What is your pleasure?' 'fjliall we
raise  the  wages  of these  misguided
men?" * -      =-   ' ',' • * ;■   „'"■ '']\ y ;-',";
\   "Never!" muttered the .oth'eV" directors* uiianimously.'        '. ( ltl   . ,.-:'.-'
Thereupon the president of the board
turned to the superintendent^;
"You have heard our reply.*', he said.
"Make usuaf efforts to take care of
"*,*A-' * ' \,   *• '''*.- " •""
^ ■ ' - ■     I    "*,
Nature Neds AssisUice in Making New
■ >i
passengers and shippers,'call'on.;.the-
militia if necessary'and Issue .'a -manifesto i showing how we have-worked
and labored to preserve harmony; how
unjust' the demands of our employees
'are and how we will if'necessar.V;fight
to the death and' put the. dear public
to no end of inconvenience and trouble' rattier than give up one lota of the
rights to which we are entitled under
the constitution." ".-',?"'-,"-."*;•).. '■ "
Then.' turning" to the directors, he
whispered, '"Gentlemen. 1 "guess "we'd
better, not ■ cut that .melon unTil after.
this strike Is" over."—New York Life.
. Ini the   spring"  your   system  needs
toning up.   In the spring to be healthy
aud strong you must have new blood
just.as-the trees must have new sap.
Nature demands it arid nature's.laws
are inexorable. Without uew blood you
will feel weak and languid.    You may
have twinges of rheumatism,. or  the
sharp,  stabbing   pains   of . neuralgia,
there  may be disfiguring -pimples or
eruptions ot the skin, a tired'feeling in
the morning*, and a variable appetite*
These aresome of^the signs that the
blood is out of.order,"-that the long trying months "of indoor-winter.life have
told upon you..   A purgative medicine,
sucli as too many people fake iu.spring.
can't.help you. 'Purgativesmerely gallop through the ;.8ybteni,--and further
.weaken you.    Xny .doctor will tell you
that this is true. . What p6opie';n"eed.ih
the spring is-a tonic mediciue.* and iu
all the. world there h-uio tonic cai^equal
lit. Williams'1 Pink Pills.;   Every 'dose
of, this'. niediciue helps, - to. make lie w.
rich, redblood—your greatest "need in
spring. ' This new, red blood clearB the
skin,', drives, out,  disease-and makeh
weak,, easily tired 'men',   women  and
children bright, active and strong.   Try
this great,- blood building medicine tint;
spring,   and  see   what   new   lite and
energy it will give you.  .    .    _"i  t     -
You can get Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
irom any medicine dealer or by mail
post paid at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 from the Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville. Out. ■     '
1. *; WAI-XBK, Pre&dest ■;-:x t
ilJLX :L&IKI>,:G«nerirJ. Hunger - :':_
A.-jEIJBSLATHV,' Strpssrintendcntot
,r.-   .Blanche*." -■■'
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches ti^oufhout Canada, and in tbe United States arid England
Deposits of $1 and upwards received, and Interest ttflowed at:
current, rates. ,< The depositor is subject' to no -delay wh»t«Tor to
tho .withdrawal of the whole or any" portion of the deposit* -
Fernie Branch -
H.   L.   Edmonds,   Manager
':'*-!-,   r±i    ■!-:-.■■'   ,--.'..'.-.li ■„--.;     X'    •    ' *• i    .
siren till she transforms us into beasts?
Is this the part of wise men engaged in
a great and arduous struggle for ■ liberty? Are we of'those,who, having eyes,
see not, and having ears, hear, not the
things that most concern our temporal
salvation?", And "ajjain: "They tell us,'
sir, that we are weak. Unable to cope
with so formidable an adversary. But
when shall we be stronger? Will it be
next week or next year? Will it be
when we are-totally disarmed and a
British guard stationed in every-house?
Shall we gather strength by irresolution and Inaction ? Shall we acquire
the means of effectual.resistance by lying supinely upon our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us
hand and foot?"'
Will we be stronger with an armed
Jap In every house?
i^ i
Right at'this timo, if Japan should
decide that It was to her bent interests
to annex California, Oregon and Wash,
ington, thoro is far loss to prevent her
doing It than the cocksure ."free-born
American citizen" would, suppose.
If tho Innocent "littlo brown man" in
tho Hotel Donnelly has a rifle In his
trunk, all in good working order ana
knows exactly how to use" it, is thero
any reason tn suppose that tlio "dour
littlo demure Ilto" carrying tlio chamber pots In "our best families" 1b not In
lileo inannor provided?
Is thoro nny rouaon to heliovu thnt
"poor bonlghroil Igiiomucliaciiro,'1 nit-
ting In the busamont room of some of
our churches, with Ills arm around the
dniiglitoi' of a noble "free-born American," trying to muster'tho Intrneacicfl
of the English language, nnd thu cnl-
low affection! of tlin dear ilnugliter nt
the Hiimo time, Ih tint provided wltlijtho
weapons nf wnrfnre?
The Jnp In thn hotel, tlio J up in tlio
rcHtnitrnnt, tho Jnp In tho trucl; guidon, tho .lap In thu -.torn, tho Jnp on
the rnllrniid, tho Jap on tho fncin, tlie
Jap In tint womN, the Jnp iik a IiiihIhohh
man, tlio Jnp ns a literary limn; In fait
the Jnp everywhere Inflicting his tinprc.
ttMitlniiM pnwHiu'ii in every nccupntlnn
known tn civilized moil, from tlin luwent
nintilnl station to tlm highest cmnmorclal
pursuit i mny purstio bin wny In HiliMit-n
anil unnoticed today nml tomorrow
bloHioni nut In all thn panoply of war,
ready tn defy nnd destroy tho govern-
vnnnt thnt lm« tnlrnti  Mm   an l-ltiilli- tn
lior bntinin.
And thin Ih nn pipe dn-nm I'ithor!
Am tli«ro not tltntnmud-i nf their trained
HOldlnrH just over in Mexico and more
onmlng ns fast an they can uM there?
lit It  tint t'if> annul |tt PrltMi   Pnliliiilitn-*'
Are they not binding without let or
hindrance right on our own ulioioit?
II«i. not tho Jap amply illiiHtrntnd
that ho Ih i*<|iial to the nccnulnti iu anything ha uiidertnUoH? We have under-
ruled Km Jap and ovt-rratcdifli*1 Am»»rl
can. with tlin remit that wn have left n
hole altno'-f big enough for the hi*-"..hen
to cri'iip in and appropriate; our country
liffnre we are fully aware Hint he l<
hero at all (
Hence, If the Mikado hIiouM at Any
time in tho .immediate future tondu'le
tluV lllf,  Wi'.itUtlk   Ui.ii»t   uf   tlkk*   I'l.ih'..
New York; April 9-v-Within one
hour after' he' had sailed .for Europe to-day Alfred,, Gwynne Van-
derbilt was made the defendant in
a suit filed with the supreme court
by* his wife, .Ellen French Vander-
bilt.      . ',"• ;(   . "  '     ?       '■ -y. i
it was Icaritied from ah official in
the county court house who saw
the papers in the case, that.Krs.
Vanderbilt's action was one for
absolute divorce. -      ■;'"..'
Mrs. Vanderbilt "t-was-- Ellen
French,,.daug-hter of the,late Francis Ormond French, president |, of
the Manhatten. Tru-at company and
director of maixy railroads.! She
married Alfred Vanderbilt on Jan*
uary 11, 1901. A year later their
only cbild, William Henry, was
born.    , ,       „ i    [
Mr.- Vanderbilt is the second son
of the late Cornelius Vanderbilt
and inherited something like $60,-
000,000. He has been regarded as
■the head of the family since the
estrangement, following the marriage of Cornelius, to Miss Mary
Wilson. 'During the past year or
so Mr. Vanderbilt has spent Touch
of hiB time abroad but recently he
returned from London, where ho
plans to drive the coach Vulture asV
a public coach this spring between
London and Brighton. Later he is
to be one of tho judges at tho International Horso Show in London, where his horses won many
trophies last year. Mr. Vanderbilt   sailed   at   3.15   o'clock this
Tho Restaurant Grafter.
serve you.
"Patron—Why not?' \    > ;;;
'Walter—The boss sayV you tackle
thefrreeclunch'on the way'In, order a
plate' ot"'Wheat' cakea7 drink'up, tho
.wbranter 'and thVollve oll.Iuse three
.napkins, pay" 10 "cents." hlt^the free
lunch on the way out and then tell
people the place Is on1 the pig. And It
l«;: Ifs on to you.—Judge.  .. "
afternoon on
the Cunarder Maucr*
Tlie Story of a Medicine.
Its name—"Golden Medical Discovery*
wis suggested by one of Its'tnost Important and valuable Ingredients —Golden
Sonl root,
, Nearly forty years ago, Dr. l'lorcs dis*
covered thnt fin could, by tlin uso of pure,
trlplo-rnllnod glycerine, nided by n certain degroo of conHtnntly maintained
heat, and with thn aid of apparatus and
appliances designed fnr tiiul purpose, extract from our most valuable nntlvo mo*
dlclnnl roots thefr curative iiroportlos
much lietter than by tlm uxo of alcohol,
fo generally nmploynd. Ho tlio now world*
filmed "(Jolderi Mrdlcnl DUcovery," for
tho euro of weak stomach. ludlgi-Htlon, or
dyupepsla. torpid liver, or blllou'ineis and
klntlrcd dfirftngcmenu was first, made, u
It ever slnio lias bw>n, without a pnrtlcto
of alcohol In iu malw-up.
A glancoVotajliMuW li»t of Its Ingredients, printed (rtTT\c'rv bottio*wrapper,
will show that 11 It \&ao from tho most
valuablo medicinal room-found wrowlng
In onr American foroiIM/ll those In*
retllentt havn ret-eived tho
w KiiijmiiiiinTiM! ict rCTinr^wdRiiafir
j.u;.ia.-t, (xi
Winnipeg,' April 9 — James, D.
Houston was nominated by. . the.
Socialists to" contest the seat in
the House of Commons in the next
general' election. * -'•_.
■t- O    . ..."  ,j)4,'.' -.,      ,'..',"-
Druggists Hear -Mach. Priuse for This Simple
~^^==-Iteaie-Slaie- Kixtcre——^-=
You Connected
Bmnll Hoy—Oh, coino nnd look nt this
hnhy wlth'n bond on both ends!—London Telegrnpli,
Literature and Life.
"Whnt books have helped you most?"
asked the sincere nnd.serious youni:
"I can't rocttll nil of 'em," iinswereil
Mr. Cumrox, "but thoy woro mostly
stories with love nml fighting In tlieiu
You see, I wim In tlio boolt Kplliug liuol-
iiohs when I Ijokiiii to get prosporoin.,"
—Wnsliliigton Star.
Some, remarkable stories are being told about town and among*
the country people^ coming' in of
this simple home-made mixture
curing ,. .Rheumatism _, and Kidney
trouble. Here is the recipe and directions for taking: Mix* by shaking well in a bottle one-half ounce
Fluid ,' Extract Dandelion, .< one
ounce'.Compound Syrup Sarsapa-
rilla. Take as a dose one tea-
spoonful after meals'and'"at'bedtime.
Ho change need be made in your
usual, diet,-but "drink plenty .of
good1 water,  • ,'pi(; ,
This mixture,1 writes one ' authority in a leading Philadelphia
newspaper, has a peculiar . tpnie
effect upon the kidneys; cleansing
the clogged-up pores of the eliiniu-
ative tissues, forcing the-kidneys
to sift and strain from .the bipod
the uric acid and other' poisonous
waste matter, overcoming Rheumatism, Bladder and . Urinary
troubles In a short while.
A -New York druggist who has
had'hundreds of calls for these in*
gre'dients since the first announcement in the newspapers last' October stated that the people, who
once try it "swear by it," especi*
ally those who have Urinary
The druggist in this neighborhood say they can supply the ingredients, which are easily mixed
at home. There is said to be no
better blood-cleansing agent or
system tonic known, and certainly none more harmless or' simple
to use.
TwoiCars of Sewer Soil Pipe and
Plumbing Supplies
Please call and
get prices ,.
J. :&.r QUAILS
Hardware    and   Furniture
.' '  fl
„. ,,  i
The Dominion Meat Co.
Fresh   and   Salt  Meats'of all   kinds   in stock
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in season   ,
Dairy Butter and Ranch Eggs
Thn Natural Kind.
"Thoro woro firebug* nil about the
country whom wo upent hiHt Htunmor."
"GoodiioNM (frnclou*!    Hid  thoy do
much dnimiKoV"
" "Oh, no,   Glowworms, you know, nre
qutto linrinloHH."—*Ilaltimoro Atnurlcnn.
been *rompl^l by Dr. H. V, Plorof, of .
lliiiYnlo, n, Y„ nnd will be malted Jrrt to I
nny one anklnrr inmn hy pntitnl card, or I
letter addrejuieuto tha Doctor us uIkivo. i
t'kMUt    ll»t«:   ti^JvM'-'.'.i.N''..-..'.,   -,K),,^'»    u^a*
•tandnrd medical lM-xikuof all UiedllTeM
wit Hchooli of nractlrn, It will Im found
that thn Ingredient*.componlniT tho'Uold*
en Medical Dlwovery" aro mlvlned not
only for tlio euro of tbo nbovn mentioned
dlsea«AS, but alito for thn euro of nil catarrhal, bronchial nnd throat affection).,
ticenmpaluod with catarrhal dl»char«in,
ImiMenen^, torn throaf. Ilntrerlni*. or
liai)K**on-couffhn, and all tliotui wautln*-
alTectlonH whlcn, If not promptly am!
tiroiici'ly .treaU'd urii liable to torniliiato
In consumption. TaVo Dr. rlerco'n 1)Ik*
covery In timo and p/'ruevero In; lu n*o
until you elvolt a fair trial and it Unot
lll'ely to dlMppolnt. Too mnrli mtiH not
Ik expretorl of It. It will not fH-rform
mlrneleit, It will not core rotenimptlon
In lt« iwlvumviil #1 »•***. No m«sU<*(tvi* wlli.
ItietUi'tiro tho afTiftlon**) that t**ad up to
fiUUkUtflpUOU, U   taiJali i>* UlM~
Whin Fathtr Hat the Grip,
Poor iiinilinr weiir* n worried look,
And Mlnter wonrn n frown,
And If I venture up tha titnlri
They hoikI inn tit might way down,
I'm koIiik to tha druK moi'u now
Upon n httrrlNl trip
To get norno other kind of dope,
*   For, fitlicr hni thu (Trip.
J hoard him uroonlnir tn tho nighti
lie /i*1J lilt fit.t.l hvjuW **illl,
And th«n ho tboiiKht hli ImcV would
Injur.! a llttU bit;
TT* told nt thnt hli Its* war* «or«,
And noon It woa hlu hip,
It i««ma thai cvarythlnir In nick
Vii.ci. .a-..,*-, i.*^ ...j* aV.'v.
Th« doctor cam* today and toft
Horns capttilai, and h* tnld
To tako on* each thro* hour* until
Tlio pnln hml rcullj* fl*d.
Said pa; "That mean* twelvo houri before
I (iv* this pnln th* illp,
fit Iwt ti'i''I Awl n fftirnr d.ip.t
If h* had got th* grip."
And turn, hu toi'l ma that hu Uiouslit
Thnt lio wim ttnlnv to OU*.     (
And ma «»>•», "So; that tun't «o,"
And cav* the r+ntan why.
Then pa rot mini nmt told ii»c that -
H» .tUlri't wnnt h»r lip
Oh. th<ro'« no comfort In our flut
Vfl»ti tuxht-r ».aa iTh*! mp'
—Detroit Fi«« Preta
NOT1CF. IS IIKREDY (HVKN thnt tlio pliin,
protllu un.I liuuk of n'fnrencu itulv curtI-
lloil mid itiiprovod, of tho tontlnn nf tlio Unit
of rnllwny of tho Crnw'a Next Kimtliorn Hull-
wny C-onipiinv from Htiiilon 1IUI 4- ill,Nil to
Htntlon ;iiwi + no, wn* on tlio twtli d«v «r
.liiiHHtrv.llOH, (lueoalleil In tlio Uiul lloiiUlry
Ollii-v nt Ni'Imiii. II (!.. h* No. 7.H 0,
liHtthl llth Mnrch, llKiN
Solicitor fnr llio Criiw'*-i Nn»t
Siiutliurn ltnlU'iil't:oin|inny.
11A Stforn Tonic       Without Alcohol I
Phone 4
Victoria Ave
Wholesale & Retail
Always a choice supply of Beef, Pork, Veal,
Mutton, and  Lamb on hand.    Hams,
Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.
Our Specialties
Fresh,   Smoked'  and   Salted  Fish,  always a
good assortment.   Try our Mince
^        Menl, Sanrlcraut and Oysters.
A Body Builder       Without Alcohol
A niaod Purifier     Without Alcohol
A Great Alterative   Without Alcohol
A Doctor'a Medicine Without Alcohol
Ayer'« Saraaparllla, Without Alcohol
W* puktlih *ur forauUt
W« «r*V *«■ t*
Ayer'a Pills are liver pills. Tbey ten
directly on the liver, mile mere bile
•ecre'ed. ,Thii li why they are ao r/alu*
able In corutlpiiion, bllloutoen, dyi*
pepili, ilck-heidiche. Ail your doctor
If he knows a benerluirife pill.
-—V*«* Wy ik« /. C. l.<rtr 0*.. IiMmU, Wt
m«     bum mm    Am*
Tto» li a fciaoa wfa*/ CARBO MAONBTIC r\iton*ft\ht***lnih»wot\d
V&J$li}f0ij£.i*MPert"* whlcn •• °UR EXCLUSIVE 8BCRBT
TROCGSS. PRCSCRVUS TllD CARCON la Uic «Ucl uUJea. w tisrcaj
tempering by flro, tit* only other metliod known, DEISTROYt IT.
ra prilvcto uie.   Do you rotHto what thla means?  Rtmetnbar tha
J. D.  QUAIL   Agent, Fernie
m DISTRICT LEDGER,  FEBMCE.   B.\c. APBH. 11th, 1908.
J-^J  V'V    "—~
;'~A Dr.'Arthur...Sha&well, parading
under the title of a "shrewd' observer,''
' recently contributed a series of articles
to the ■ London Times on ;lIiidustrial
Canada—Labor and Immigration." *He
niust^bfl a-^mental lightweight-of..the
calibreof Crippen, wbo'was sent out to
■write up the 'Oriental que^tiuii, for his
, factsyare *jiwtr abput as-truthful '-TJjtV
following is an illustration:
• "A'great' «3eal-6f'i'asting is done in,
Ontario, particularly.ii>^ connection with
the mantifacture of agricultural niailiW
' crv; and tho manager of one large eo'ri-
corn, complaining ol the lack nf. skilled
moulders, said to in*, 'If you were to
■put down 1,500 moulders, in Ontario
today thex would all^ he absorbed by
tomorrow'. Take another—rott/m. In
ope mMl, I went-.oyer the,manager could
■have taken 000.hand* Mraijthi away
„ from Lancashire, arid woulii have been
only too glad to get tbem. The worth
of: the* skilled and. industrial -English
workman, is fully recognized. If any
complaint is made of his it is'really to
.   hie credit.   He sometliijefi. excites, impatience ' by Velng" too thorouch;." hut
this, is; one^ of the;ppint,8.'iD wjiftih the
"' American eiampleeaerclsesanunfavo'f-
> able inflnetwti upon Industrial Canada.
TbereJa a fcMdepcy^to.dMpise quality,
- in' tbe pursuit" of "speed or quantity of
,' outDoi-".;-;;-- ----- -*-=;. -,*H.-<.«n:rT ■'<•-
. _,«.>.■».,-, ;-- ■**• * -*.,
-. Itfis; more than likelythat.the mati-
agers ol these mills told him all these
things," but what a pinhead he mutt
nave been to have swallowed such pal-
|>fible falsehoods.t Like Crippen, he
believed the first man with the title of
•tinanager" that filletf^hTtn ?up: '«©
dldnt consnlt any, .cf. the tradeejinion,
officers. Oh, no,1 they wouldn't buy him
" -aiiy whiskey and soda, and,;of course,'
-his torpid brain could only work.in the
, direction indicated However, his false-
hoods'were punctored by W. R 'Trotter;
R^tiablVepreaantatlve of?the Trades:
■^"Bl»rCo'iiVi1e«v'br CahadaC The
tojlowiPf in vrep.)?tovthir foregwing
•quotation:  :<-, >■;/.■ \:-*'-.   .-.   ;-yv!:.
vf'He undertakes to'state as a fact that
. a^onrP1ac?rn.(Snada:"If^BOOmouia'
T ers were put down today, tbey^would be
absorbed by„ tomorrow,', :aDd,"v the Mme
in.another place,with '600 weavers ', In
reply.,to{thl8. Idt^rne^Btate.that If aiiy.
snipping agents were to venture to ship!
__e|thet_wettvers OE_,moulder8_j}n_the-
flti-enRth of these. stories,  he would,
within one month, find hiinself chargetl;■
under the Merchant Sbipplng" Act', with
, gross misrepresentation arid fraud. ..,,..
'.."If any concern in Ontario were today
to advertise for Mtmn'moulders)'Yhey,
would receive 150 applications from
ben,on the spot. . Will Dr.;Shadwell
name trie millr,where,tliey^'co-Didflito
'600 weavers Btfafglft'awayT ~""":~~~
Last week, the*Free-Press published
an interview with )a."gentleman: who
had just returned^frorri.British Columbia
in which the statement,was made; that
the real cause of the labor shortage in
thrirproviiVcewas the failure "■ of "'ihe
ivliite workers to do their duty, proper--;
ly, and'to the, attitude, of; the trades
unions, which oppose the introduction
of anyclass of labor, evert, though ,itc be
while and,British.      '-.       . . ,-."
Confirmation of this theory is given
by'-a special correspondent of the Western Mail,, Cardiff, Wales, wlio was a
member of one of the English -journalists'parties of last summer, and Who
makes a statement which'apparently
substantiates the charge frequently
made against labor unions ...that they
oppose white, immigration" to Canada.
It appears that.efforts liave,recently
been made on behalf of ,lhe Crow's
Nest Pass coal mines to induce'1 Welsh
coal miners to come out and work in
the mines'al Fernie. This'effort - has
been immediately followed, by - a
* .warning^VfronV thei mineral-. iioion^ of
Fernie, addriesscd lb-' tlie "British Mine
;WOTkers,<noi-.to come to jthat ^district.;
' "-The correspondent, "who^has" visited
Fernie and met Welsh, miners' families
living there, describes theif' condition
and proves that their lot is both happier and better in Fernie than it ever
was in Wales. Then he asks very pro-
perjy.and pointedlyjf those who are .re-
sponsible' for the warning would want
to go b,ick and live in: Wales, and adds
that there.isastnack;pjf. selfishness, in
the attitude of men who would advise
their fellows in the old land to keep'
away, frorna.country whererthey thenj.-
selves are.dQing.well      ,'"'--      *
-, The.union people.are'not'unlike'boys
in a raspberry slash, who,' when they
find a gc^.'.'bush''jwarij to keep,all
the pther^boys.away from it., ..British
Columbia is not the private preserve of
either labor- unionists or the einplovers
of cheap Oriental labor.,;    It must be
i... - .,--,.-        .   ,
open'to'£.1 white men if >it,.is., to;.be
closed, to,Orientals. .* If it is to be closed
labor.unions, then 'those '' who want
cheapOnental labor are provided with
the strongest possible argument for
using it and also with vone: against the
unions themselves. This attitude of
the labor unions at this time is a dan*
gerous one, . It is inimical to bot{i~ the
'.cause.of Asiatic exclusion and unionism
itself.—Ottawa Free Press. *"
■T-a f-.iI-.- r ..«eo»   ya---*l.Sri>-ie   '   ■.i,'** —
(ft ;ii,i
\ '"'. '    : ■' **■   - .,"■
PEOPLE," stand quiet,' while, we talk.    We have just
'■' opened up a large co-nsigriinenjUof Dripping Pans,
.Bread Pans,'Roasting. Pans and Bake. Pans called "The
Never Burn."*  TlTey are something entirely new.   They
-"are smooth-and!.bright and will riot collect dust and
grease. They are. well made out ofine. finest Ameri-
•can soft polished ..sheet   steel..: They   have   sieel   rods
.. beneath . which, protects them ..from wear and burning.
■ They are in fact the finest'assortment of pans we.have
ever been able to purchase. ■■"■' *'
NIEN T -OF      S A V I NO S     I S
* ft-niJiHi ■";-.t' I hi; V3*;-ji
'ns;! ir?.
i-Tj-Tj; ,-Sf
Say! Why not have your plumbing y   \
dohe now before the big rush.     We
haVethy;i^^ staffiof/iexp^ri^i^^
x/ plumbers, steam fitters and tinsmiths-^' -'''.-**
■^^iMhft. city. .-..Erompt, arid, efficient.^--.;::   5
^^^m'HWWeitemi:a'■'ipw&Lvf-^^   ""
H, T. Hamllt««if Pe^pHctdf
TelephOQC  1    >,;_      . .'■",    N*tirtS King Edward Hotel
:• ,   ».'"   "t   -•"-,-'-•.  ;*.,      . ■■  .- *-4 *. ■ 1   ' ;   ~    ;
A     '1."•■:'■
"v- :\VV- '      * ■'■
.   .  "•or; Woman,   .
!-There are owvou^woinen; there are;:
bypajrnerrorw-women.    Bnt^wbmen bo
uervoua that the continual, roetle of a
sllk;.8kl|t:! makes, them ^oWvou'tt—no,
there dari^Jio'l_women.
thatl-Fllegeode Blatter
After peeling apples or anything that
stains tlie skin rub* with a lemon, dig-.
|*lng the nails well In, so thot.tbe letn-;
on'ju Ice ;'goes under thcin; TAfterwnrd
wash In warm water, using no soap.
In using nmuionln for domestic pur*
-^poxes'one tnliinspoonfnl to n qunrt.of
'wntor l« nltotit tin*- ordinitrj' nroportlon..
Bank of Hamilton
Capital    - „-   »     $2,500,000
Reserve n   -   -;' - " 2.500.000
Dcyotitaof $1.00 awl upwarda ntcalv-Ml.
J. R. LAWRY,' Agent, Fernie
^^^%%%,»%%%*%%%-**t. ^%4^^^W%l*tV%*taV^%
C.  E. XYQN5
Auditor, Acvounfcnt,^&iin^Tt£K*ui*i
Life, Accident and Employer's liaMtity inanraeiee
Books opened,  doeed,
audited, aod »c«oant8.
most ap-to-date manner.
■: > - '.''J';'.'
kept in the.
:,Ji .!  *.,1:
. li ..J r.-.f;
B. O.
I-.':*■•! -,-t.:; ..vr.'j'.. v I. tn .-..'.,-! -,j,t i»ji-,'.
. Mr. Thomas Steatpn; postmaster " at "yontypooli' Ont;,' - writes:
"For -the past' eight, years I rmffer-
ed from rheumatic pains. .and, dur-
ing that~time I used, many different liniments 'and remedies for the
cure of rheumatism. Last summer
I' .'procured a bottle, of "Chamberlain's'Fain Balxa'and got more'relief .from it than.anything I had
every used,, and, cheerfully recom*;
niend this liniment to all sufferers
from rheumatic, pains'."'" For sale
by all druggists. .
v  ■ '""'° 	
Subscribe for the District Lcdgar.
Phone  No.' '52'""''"
Hollow Qrouod
As Illustrated...
Set of Two In
Leather Case....
Double Concave for
Extra Heavy Beards
Carbo Magnetic
Strop Aide-
'-i l'*'.l if ,
•jJ5&«umrts**iruv..j<*-w. *v ■ «•-
Will Last'a L'fefea.
CARBO MAGNETIC RAZOR8 hAve revolutlonired r«or maklnj-they «»e TEMPERED BV ELECTRICITY, which is
OUR OWN EXCLU8IVE SECRET PROCE3S-thc ite<l used In tl.^lr m«nuf.tcture it of the flnot Eni^Iiih And
Swcdbh make*  Thli wonderful discovery .< tbe result of vcirs of expeifrr.ent And itud/. And At lut there lui beeri
produced a tAtor that will ihave any be4fdf 110 MATTER HOW TOUwH.
ELECTRIC TEMPERING adds CARBON to the steel* whereat tempering hy fire, (the only other method known for
etf.hir.ei) DE8TROV8 the CARBON which hi the life of Heel.  All other nufcu of uxors muct U HONED AND GROUND
often, u their blades wiU NOT hold an edge any length of timt. CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS do not require HONING
or GRINDING during: * lifetime fa private use) they are all tempered alike, tvttv put of their blades beinr tubktteA tn
METHOD, the most expensive grinding known*
YOUR DEALER will deliver to you one of these CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS on 30 days' trial, wi'faout
obligation on your part to purchaie—take advantage of this opportunity. Break sway from the barber habit I You will save
$5000 annually.
Call vu vMt i^utatMive* m your town, and request a copy ot "Hints On &uvingw—This booklet illustrates the
comet M-tor position for ahaving every part of the face (ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN FROM UFEMt Mi*o Itlls
you HOW TO STROP A R-AZOR. PROPERLY) should ous dealer be out of tlum, drop us a card, and we will tend you
ooe by return mail*
Firm of A. L 5ILBERSTEIN, Hakers, J.  D.   QUAIL, Agent
King Edward Hotel
J. L. Gates, Proprietor   '.'
Centrally   Located
Fernie,  B
| Saw  your  Cordwood
By Power and
| save money
Cost of operating
very trifling
<§> Circular Saw Frames     Stationary and Portable j?
& Drug Saw Machines "   Sawlns Outfits
Canadian Fairbanks Co., Ltd.,
Vancouver,   B. C.
Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg,  Calgary. ^
rjiont- 33
THK LADY'S NBKDS nr« lw>r« lit
the way ol I)ru*<M, MedlolniiH, PordimiH,
Powilors and nil TollulruqulHHiiH, V,very
mipply lor tlio dri'mliiK talilii, bathroom
or liouiiolr. Fancy Koapii nml Hncliots,
Cold Croainn, I'uff Hoxci, etc. All kinds
of I'orfumory, Hair, Tooth ami Kail
BruHhee, Manicure ."etit ami 8poiijj«t.
Tho qtinllty cf our goovlo will tatiify tlie
mont exactln-?. We get our aiippllnn In
froah every week, asd purchase only
tlio bout qualltloK for all dopartmonli.
You will havo no camo lo IInil fault
with our pr.cw.     ^Jt      "7*7
TIMT*     T* a »   # **P     f\»v»f»     r"»-("i,»-«r.
ttL,     i itUttrL.      4>*\lvLl     Ot<Jt\U ,,
si. v. hul<*.i, nisi,
4M.461 Bfoadw»v. N. V.
All the leading: lines of
nijsrh   class   Chocolates
m.n&  Confectionery
FERNIE,  B. Ce v-a
-j y.'-   i     ' < v
1 ■ . ■ ■ x < * y~ -S1 ~
DISTRICT. LEDGEHiPEBNTE."    B:'c\t:'AP'Bm'*iltK;.i96s:.-,
News of tlie City
FamUy'dwelling bouse for sale,
8 roorns." Good .well of water, nice
garden* Will be .sold, /cheap '.on
easy terms. Apply Manager^Dis-
trict ledger. '■' ...,*.-.' '".
For Sale—Contents and good
will of a. boarding house, containing fifteen'bedrooms, at a reasonable price. -Terms can: -be ^arranged. -;f Apply Mrs. Jas. Dick, 153
Coal Creek.   : ,   ,< . v ,,***H*r
Wanted—Tenders for new;* opera
house " to'; be built aUColeman,-
Alta. For-particulars apply to'Wm.
Graham, Secy. Miners "Union,; Colej-
man, Altai, box 58.     " '" - " ''"  "'
Peach, "orchard1 for sale in Okan-
aff»n Valley,- part» bearing« L this
year.''-Apply W. ,, S. ; .Stanley,
Ledger;-..'  -        'v"" -'' '''"-'
Bags'.suitable for cleaning, machinery -.bought at this office;
Score' cards for,bridge parties,
forifsalei'at this  office'.''" -"*,'" '
Wanted—Good general servant.
Apply Mrs. K. W..,W.ood.    f ,. . >
Easter novelties at Liphnrrtt-;.
llex-fe^Friday, .^wm,vbeM,GNQodlJ.Fri'
°ay ■*,»., „,.,. - >.     . ,••.-   .... vwmi«Zja. ■*'•»,. "V;:..
What?    "Why of course Bochon s
candies.—•*■*.- - .—-..-•     .■—■-■
-   .A. large.. number, of^people, .from
here' lejt. for "England .this; week.'J..
'jVIisVkidd    of     the general hospital went to Calgary Thursday-
'.See Liphardts windowrfor^K&yvef
novelties. ^      •   ,*.'i   -    ,*.   j;       -* .,
sAubrey Sndw is reported to have
purchased a lot on Fellett -la-niie.
;;Bochon's,    Rochon's  'Rodum's;
Rochon's^Rochon's. -,:*.i •'>•-..-. << *•■
JSeveral-'jnew'-buildings <;are -Ijeingd *j
erec'ted in various parts  of* --the
town. ."•-■.   'i
Sliced "Pine Apple, regular price ^per tin ;25c
- . Special Saturday..............
•Lowney's Cocoa, regular price 30c,
Special Saturday..-..'..VW "'
In addition to -ciup> low prices we offer with every fifty: cent
purchase a cp^poii equal to a further five per cent, cash
discount, redeemable in fancy crockery;and glassware. ;.,
'-        ..•'    ■    -. • ,f        ■   \ •'.   '',      *v»     . ; , .    ,,.»-
We carry the mo»t complete assortment In the Pass
•   ,'.   *e-'S>    :■'' ""   '      .'■'  '  !_!_;	
Some SisWial ^-Bargains:
.v.,, , Steel Rods, three piece.^...;:-.-:.... -:.]•-• y ^-oo^cip^
''<''MJ.iii.boo .-^....C;';....]?....*..''.' .25 eaJi.-"
Ash and Lancewood.'V*..'.,,
■ i-nr'l 3
,«iM..t3.\ J WRJia^i. "" »W*;I .4, wit*,. *  '-AfcA*.
,„ _.   .. _   ,-w,-<!,-,M«.--...«SO« »    ■»       ™        "-tffi , ^   ,
;a4Mnp;Malacca.CaiK^ind,\Vasliaba Rods^ s  ^ v,u^\;, ,
Extra Values in Kngrish,.jGreenlie'arlsB7i;**
*■ - i *,»"i
Our. "Walton's -Favorite"- U-a-'winner* —
r r-~j -a1-- < . 1!.-
Our rangenof Lines^iiTcafefuIly cliosen;for/ih'erclear\vafti^T |i
D.epehdabie quality at prices that cannot be .equalled elsewhere are the inducements we offer for your, trade.
prices^ cannol'jtbe^Beaien.
., "»!,.« • ,^ 4^.M.4v,".i
,,UU'^..4.^.vtfT .
4*wTl. * please the most -fastidious and particulardresserV * Th'ev
I    ■•■'''.r'-f.taT.'.'.'.VSSMa'.'.'.'.'.'lB.B-.'.SMaTHt-.fHaTa'a.S.BHSMS ii;1LJ    , L E l'> "*■■*.+-( ■»'*-'*£.    *t' '
f new;three;arid".tour button sack and double-breasted suits for spring are "made-: in' ^n
I'W^fefnS^I^^^ combinations'.beiri.e'tlie mbsfbeautiforeve'r-sho'
^tl&*^*tr^sTs^tKt5 "cbldr combinationVvbe}rig't.he mbst'beautifi
!U'  .*.,     *> *-'"■* J ^   'A-v.'-*.: a'"'■■'"'" "    ="'1.- - -,  '-> :|,A"'-.-   '■" ■   '• / .- * -'*'.v "'■'■   "'-'     a
Suits $6;75j to $25..^:  •.'-• - v '•''■-■ v" <-''-'Vl" >*.--ir:'. .■■,fr»i--u
i J*
■iiffessrs.     Cree & Moffatt t report Lcity and ..wjttiin'fifteen minutes was
;ales° of Hosmer t<-*wn lots lieeping   qD   tx^Q   operating   table wliere the
.v,   ;,r«ll ' -   ■",•' .?>.'«    -■*'■-'■'.•     '.*•- —.>'V   _ J    US-   I 4.--,-lti-...J I.
, up well
^Messrs. ' Whimster have secured
the; contract* for"heating"the'i'"new
ppstoffice. ,,,      -    ,,.-,j ;.
'^■We are* pleased "to see Mr. T. H.
Whelan-around ~.again.after—his.
j.Patronize...our'. advertiser's; ,...they.
are supporting the paper that"   is
fighting your: battles.--"?*^*y*y^-h^>
Easter <,souvenir' spoons .-at .Lip-
through a sale of lot.-12, block 32,.
to?Mr. William Burton.
Miss Callin of the.Home hospital
was called back to Whitewood last
evening on account of the death
of 'her ;motherv--\ :-V.l;       ;*-3 -*■>•; -g.
Joseph lOweit..wishes  to'-^ thank
all who were so kind during    the
'fire' last week,   and for. the /sympathy and help since; " '.'
Easter book marks at Liphardts. ., ■    -'
Mr. Mbsely, "secretary 01 Bellevue
Local, was in town on Wednesday
and we had the pleasure of showing him over our plant,     -
Mr. Smith who has Yesn ill in
the hospital for some timo left for
his home in Buckingham, Que., on
Wednesday evening last., "_■
We   are   pleased to see the city,
clerk, Mr. Boulton   around   again
looking none the worse ior his re-
, cent treatment in the hospital.
The Baptist Ladies Aid tea will
be held on Tuesday . afternoon
from 3 to 6 at the homo of Mrs.
Williamson, 149 Pellatt avenue.
Mr. E. H. H, Stanley, 35 Gem-
mell street, brought in a consignment of poultry , this week,
amongst which are some well ^red
White Wyandottes of ihe well
known "Regal Strain'' bred by
Martin of Port Dover, Ontario,
who has taken prizes at Eustern
shows and New York state.
a*? .    .   .,..   , ,.
art'd-jlransforni the schools into "e.W'a-
tidnal factories to ■-tum*^«bui:i''eiTect;veJ*
sub'rhissivt! wage'slaves. ,**,..*-.„,... ~,,«r,.
"i'^ , '-i,'.;»-w.rH,3,S -I ■*.
-Tlie  Democratic parly i*r the  twin
sister of the'Repiiblican- party. "It., is
on tlie, "operating  table where the
sargvoha 6'p^ried his breast,'"lifted out
his hear,t,-iput.thre.e.8tivches,in;it and
replaced the organ.Y   A.^ew^hour*?
later tne patient was able t6 Ulk and; miVaKed.by.the:sam*#:fon»s;* nnd;-the
thephysreianssaid that-lns-onndltlotV|prese;-.V.Republ!ca^mavbr was elected
chineZ-IHs-coritrofle<?by-R6g'6r Sulli-'
van, whom Bryan "designated,, ««s a
"train "robber" on oheTof.the few occii*
--' >.':'.--'        ,.4i""J    ■•  .   -4--*  n  ".ifl  - 14       -J
sipns,w,hen.he and.Sullivan..;were'. not
U   5- -J- -,«.» '*.:l
-,0'ur,:showing of J;;'.;"'""'-   ','"  '''.„.,';•'•.-'.   ,;' .','-.',. ',*' /.,'....■•. V-:' XI''*
::^'\T'^iX.^Easter Neckwear,,Isi^^is^GlwtiSri'-Hdits
isVth4(p)ck^pt*.the newest and.nobbiest'ereatiohs-shown*ihis;seas6n/'"\Otrr;prices
more-than"'Y'ea;spnaible—in^fact .are,guaranteed''mope); 'savers, for you. i- .'..-.-I.^.j-k;*',-?!''
%'       ■ .,,3>'t'''-•   ':   •:."*"  ■
& Shoes
aga-irist'"iiifn." Ii.jiis'Teceived" Kii
swound'-foUowinff a rword^convetia-
tion with thre,e,st.rangersin^the street
The- stitches had to be taken when
t>eatB.*fof had" they' been taken, when
the organ was contracted they, woulu
have been torn away when the heart
swelled apain with bloods .The rer;
inbv'a 1 of-a portionfof. two Hbs^n thb
left "side'' was necesa'ary1"* before the
heart could be taken out."
FOR   OI1ILDR13N, .,
-Baby's Own Tablets - will - promptly
and surely cure all the minor RilmentH
of bahien and young children, such iir
constipation; colic, ii.dlgci-.tinn, worms,
diarrhoea, teething -troublei>. They
break up colds, prevent croup and cure
simple fever. Tho Tablets contain no
poisonous opiate "or narcotic, as is testified hy a government analyst. Mr»,
Ronald F, Senlield, l*.ilmer Rnpids,
Ont., sayB:-"I have found 3aby's Own
Tablets so satisfactory in curing tlio
ailments of children that I would not
care to bo without them,In-tho home."
Hold by medicine dealer-*, or hy mull at
•25eontflnbox from The Dr. W'illiniiiH*
Medicino Co., Brnckvlllc, Out.
li° 1k!t
--'   >'-j "C--*. J-- - -""   *? -• , *
•;The. Independence League is owned,
financed arid "controlled," bossedf and
eyef>Hhiiig'else by-Hearsl.;' -In, fact,  it
is'little uiore than a side' show to the
■ papers/' ■
There' was   a time
Now York April 0,-Tl.o World
today says : "With a kiilln wound
ut Ills hoiiit at every minute, hilnglnir
him nearer death, liuhi-rt Tntrlls, a
younir athlete of.YonluM'**, who wns
liiken to St. Joseph's liocpltnl In that
u-v ■*.Ha',>-^.A^-vA3fK;-*i■. i.t-***-t-.jj^**i;*>5*.->-vf;i;,,->*v.^*
Ari«'pro|>rtrei| to enter tn 'n.lii'n'
trnd'i 11 n well n* jriMitleinenV.
Lndli't*' hi.tr and fuffiironted
any day but S:*'unlay.
Next Tuesday the workingmen of
Chicago have an opportunity to ilccide
wlici shall control the city council for
Ihe next year. The worlfingniei. have
tHis. chance hcc.iu»e they arc a majority
of the population, and whichever ticket
secures their vote Is sure of election.
There are several parlies thai are
asking for voles.
The Republican party now ha:*, a
majority of the council and the mayoralty, No one has ever licensed this
party of doing anything for labor. In
this city it hat. handed over nil public
utilities to private corporations, with
Ihe powur to exploit the people of Chicago for years to come, The Republican parly bus placed the hchools In the
I control oflhe steel triinl, beef trust,
co.il trust and .school hook trust, tried
iJXiXM)®®®® to destroy the   teacher**'   organization
B sSJ5a>    ft-V    21%^-B.B,&,E.&1,*S.
Thnt I^^.*")n«Y 'c hn*rr> and
I am in a better position
than ever to supply you
Up-to-date Footwear
when Hearsi'pretended lo.be a great
friend of labor. He was never anything
more than a pretence in "this" respect
and now"bchns thrown o(Tthe*disguise.*
In Boston he is fighting, the newsboys-
union and has been denounced hy the
Central Labor union of that city. ;; He
has praised the decisions of the supreme
court that were designed to disrupt, and
destroy tbe trade'union,, movement, of
the country. A vote, for Hearst's Independence (?) League is a vote for the
disruption of organised labor and tho
support of tabor's foe.
All three of these parlies arc alike in
that they are maintained bv -the employers of labor, hy those who live from
the exploitation of the working, class,
A vole for any of them is a vote to
place the city government of Chicago
in the hands of those whose interest il
is that the wages should he low, hours
long nnd profits high.
The .Socialist pnrlv also conies inlo
the field asking for the votes of the
workci-s. Il asks for the votes of no
oilier class because II does not pretend
to..defend the interests of nny other
class; .
1 The Socialist party is not owned or
;iipporled by'; tho employing class,
There js no meiiiher of the Umplovcrs'
association or the Citizens' alliance
who gives a penny to its campaign
fund.   No other party can say this,
ThoRoclnlUt parly Is supported by
Hie contributions of worUlngmon and
women- Whoever pays the cainpnlgn
•.xpenNiM) of a party owns that party,
Therefore th" Socialist party In tho
only party owned by the worki.ru. '
ThoSoclnllst pnrty Is thn only party
that comes Into this campiilun with nny
dollnitn program nl relief for the worker.
You mny snnrch in nil tlin printed
statements ol thn other parties, mid not
one offers anything nl interest to the
laboring man or woman.
The representatives of tho Socialist
iii-irf" *»'|in tnnv Im  •i>nt  tulrt  Mie et'v
,J-We; are how,. showing > -
>The.«.Art Shoe for,Menv
in the.new spring mod-
felS'and.la6ts:   7    .     J".
=-Price $2,50;' to $4.75 ";
. n*i ■*■. •"■   ',   ;■: "»•
The StURegiaiAmer^,-,,
can -Shoe, for ' Women\r
has set^a'stand'ard lor.''.
sty le and quality equal-'
' led by tew. New spring •/
ety of leathers tp choose,.,
irom'    _.    ,.".',
Price $3.75 to "$4.75.' "
TI13- Artisan Working   •
-~—-- | Boot for Men cannot be'
PMCE'I excelled.for hard work.   .
I and durability. ,.
,   J-ric-e $185 to $4.00
. ■ -     "'    ',', '
We will be.,delighted to,have you examine our
spring showing ol Walkover, Packard, Traveller,..
Fine Shoes for'Men.\ .""    "'""',' '
■ :f'l'l •>..':•. ..'.it. "'■'•.  -it^!'V>iv-;', 1
-To make foom^ We-have,reJuced'th-a-;price8'on all-J
Trunks, Travelling: Bassi^Suit'CtLses.^Etc.1
^ ,1, 1  ^,,    jw^,    .
jf;/;**.-*.'* -":''speci^i,^pr., Saturd.a^y.t.;, -^.f^:
,,"Regatta "and" Negligee Shirla. in W G & R and
'""   ■--'"''       ' 20 per cent, discount. .,'.,„ -: ,r
'',: -vsr'
: Are you particular about the^ quality of .your, table'-
•supplies?    We offer^you the Dest brands and the*
^higHe8t_qnaIity procurable'at price's that will_ stive 1
■,'vnn mrinfti'T''-   -■' ' '"*-•-''':r'-'" " "7^ ■'•'--a.,'., ■    <•"'■" ' "■'">   ~-*>r
. -.1;
you money
DECKAJULIE TEA..; "An'extra quality Ceylon Tea
ior' particular people.'   Its, flavbFcatinot be excellexi;
and on account of only half the usual quantity being:
'i required its use is true economy. -Per, lb.",' <50c." '■'■ "
. MAPLE; LEAP . CEYLON' TEA. .' A highi quality
Assam Tea combining strength aud fine flavor, at
a very, low .price.. -Per lb..-30c, '•■['■'   ,--■'- .,* ''■   ,:
Quaker, CannodiTomatoea, per tin.
... Banner.Oat--,,.per. packet...........
' 51b. Tins Table Syrup, "each	
...:.. ...;:...25c
W. D. Simmonds has opened
a Photograpic Studio and is
prepared Jo do first class work,
Studio on Gcmroel Street
Near the Onera House
belarger next winter tliiin this.and an I ***kWM************$
alderman inside thu cnui'icil Is riwre el-,
fective In securing thin than ii hungry
mob outside.
Socialist aldermen will Insist that all
municipal work shall be done by union
men and thnt ino' franehisu shall be
granted or'(*bntrnctlnt that does not
provide for p'opor conditions for tho
men employed. They will oppose tho
grantln-Jtof all1 •franchises to corporations and insist that the city retail)
what few valuable privileges along tilts
lino that nfav still remain.
These are but a fow of the things that
hnvo boon done by Roolnllst aldermen
In other cfrloH. Thoso and ninny moro
have hoonaecompllHlind In many Kuro-
pean cities where Hoclnllsts havo come
Into power. Many of thorn have boon
dono by tho Socialist aldermen In tho
Milwaukee city council
In Milwaukee thu Sncinlints who hnvo
boon In oflko havo never been nccueod
of doing anything hut support the demands of tho working chins, and, although lint a minority in tho council,
they have Nueeneiled In transforming
tho city council In many .roHpeuts.
If tho laborers of tho cltv of Chlongo
want men In the city council who at all
times nnd on nil occasions will speak
mid work for tho liitercsta nilaliorthere
Is only one wny to secure these men,
nnd that Is to vote the Socialist party
It Is tlio only party with a positive
program of principles.   It in tho only
party that la not dependent upon the
onmiiloH of labor forttscampnlgn'fundi,
«> Bulldor & Cont motor
Estimates  Furnished and
Satisfaction Ouunuitccd
Enlarge Your
Have you got . your photo en-'
larged yet? If riot Courtney
* will enlarge it in Sepia, Oil,
Wnter Color, or Crayon. , All
classes of Photographic work
done, . Developing, . Printing
nnd Mounting done at reasonable
prices, , ,
A. W. Courtney
00x424 *o* FERNIE
Fornlo and Hosmor
The Garbutt Business College
of Calgary, has modern courses in Tele*
grnphy, Shortlinml nnd BuHlness t employs expert touchers j proparoB young
pon'ple for Independence and' success
write for prospectus "L." , Kntur any
timo. V, 0. '-Inrbutt, l'rluclpnl.
The Socialist party Is thu only party
that Is governed neither by pnlltlcnl
t     , , , bosses nor ambitious mllllonalrM, hut
tmi*»M- ta'lin tnnv  ll«<   •i>nf   ln»r>   ?|il>  cl.'V , ,        , .
'       „    .„    • , ,     .    .     , j • 1 liv a riMcfuiiuuui voitt 01 ,* i.ifMii'usiiijj
emmi'll will work fnr shorter hours fori   • ,   ,,,,,,.,„„
mi        in ■ 1 .■   .   11     t.   touiisii'VU ol wm J.'..en.
labor   Thny will demand thnt all pub.        r
- Kor nil these reasons th* only parly
for which nny worklngman can vote
without butrn'yfnir his own Iiiternst and
those of hli fellow workers U tho Social-
\h\ fikiiy.—v.iiH.Hg«i U-A*.i,s .Swv:*.»•..(>..
■j«rWBH!jJULJI|illUrt'.l..l...    J    ...U'.UlLBK-aM
aubswlbe for  the District Ledger,
Ledger for News
lie emplovues bo paid cond wages, nnd
will not increase the salnrius. of the
hendi of departments to nn oxhornltnnt
nnliit while Uavlnc tho waee** of the
laborers at a starvation Hniu1»rd.
Pnclallit aldermen will Itml-.t that the
rtoliee shall not he used avalust-union
men during a strike. They will work
for the feeding of school children by the
muniripnlltjr, Instead of trying trffoed n
brain thai is .carried above, an hunury^    I was cured of facial .neuralgia
•tomaeb. ' ! MINARD'S UN1MRNT.
at the
W. R. McDOUGJklL imm-S
I wan cured of Acute' HrouchltU by
Bay of Islai,dn,.J. M. CAMPW.LL.
Snctalin nldennen will demand that
the city take atop* to provide work1 for
thetinenip.oyed.Ashftfi been done In
other cities*. It Is generally agreed
that the army of joblpi-s workers wll|
I w,is cured of Chronir  Rbeiim.'iiisni
Alliert Co., N.H.   GKO. TIN'GLEV.
Fertile    Steam    Laundry
All UltttSs of Steam and Dry Cleanlnar.
Dyclnflfi Scout'ltiflTf and PrctMlnff.done
by the most Improved methods.
A Trial Will
Convince You
Gent's Fine -Linen   ,
a Specialty
Phone  Mo#   135
' ," if


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