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The District Ledger 1908-04-18

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Unity is
;The  Official  Organ  of. District  No.   18,. U. M. W. of A.
Vol. Ill No. 34
Fernie, B; O.v April 18, 1908
$1.00 a Year
Policeman Shot Dead at Frank-
No Clue to the Murtlerer-
- Worh of. Burglars ;
'      Prank. .   April,    12—A shocking
., r murder was ^committed -here. . last
-.night    ..when-,G-.. S.' Wilmot,  con-
' the *H.N.W.M.P.. was lcill-
'  ed by. parties unknown while doing
patrol*, duty ■ here.    " ' *      ,
The case jis shrdwded .in. mystery
' 'but it is presumed     that Wilmot
was murdered, by burglars.    v
v ; Two burglaries were comriutted in.
'.town during last week; 'One of the
places visited, was the bar .room.of
- the...Imperial-'hotel'.- -wThe'burglars
■. gained ->■   an „ entrance * to an .■'• outer
room', ,but were frightened..:off.before the1" object of their quest „ was
~fachieved.'"'>;.*,,,J *-/*■" .v',--.-    .•:<,•"-.',
/-'-'■• Sergeant'. i;.W. ';"' W..' HaBlit't," in
-   ■ charge' of the local detachment of
police,     last -night conceived the
- idea' that" another • attempt-, migfi't
be made''on the.Iniperial bar and
detailed Tconstable Wilmot to, patrol the alleys in the rear, of the
/, hotel.   ' - '""      -.,.*-■.        :■ '     "
Constable ;,Wilmot "left  the  bar-
•   racks some'time after■•."midnight in
>>: citizen's-clothes.   • He "  was"   not
^/'seen again until about five o'clock
this morning when the hotel ..employees found the dead.body lying
■ in'; the...alley. .-_at..„..the rear.'of, the
"■'■hotel.' *.•-" -•■'<•■•<''•■>   -"-'.-■.
.,-. He ,had been, shot in the neck
with' a,shotgun..'-',' ;,/.;;;- ;'-* - ' '*".i •'
'.„Three,peoplejheard the shot,-,but
---jno one appears1 to have* .seen Wil-
....  j_.
The; conjecture '.is therefore all
there is to* account for his murder."
It is'supposed^he apprehended one
-. -or    morea peVsons, mifthe* act  of
committing, the ^burglary and. was
Skilled to avoid .detention.
Constable, Wilmot 'carried a.- revolver, but strangely ^enough, no
ammunition, and fell an -. easy; victim.^ . ' ' * , ■' ■'-.■"-.
; -The .superintendent, ,*ofi' ..police"
Primrose," and , other "officer's"] of
police are here'from Macleod, and
a rigid investigation is in progress
but thus far there is no clue to the
murderer.   .....      - ;j    •"' , ;'   " "-/
District ' President F.. H. 'Sherman left on. the easttound train
for Winnipeg on Tuesday evening.
He' will interview .the'£officials,J,.of
the Western .Dominion„ Collieries
and the Manitoba'and Saskatchewan Coa, • Company, Taylortbn
and Beinfait; Sask., and-.endeavor
to'get a joint conference'for the
purpose "of 'arriving at, asettlement
of the disputes in the Souris coal
fields., :' .„    ;■,     ^      , .. ,_,-,'    ... . ''
Mr; Sherman is the representative
Charges Made That he Violated
Oath of Off ice-Not a British;
Subject-Whew, Now. Then •
Mayor W. W. Tuttle is the.recipient of a notice to appear at the
.revision of the voters list on Monday, May.the 4th,next, his right
to ,- vote, being,disputed by someone, on the ground that our so
far respected mayor, is not a British"4 subject.,
, Whether the protestor has considered ;the matter' in, its full significance we are unaware but it means
elected'by .the miners to sit on the
Investigation Boards appointed un-   this that if the ma^0P has no right
der the Lemieux act. ?J;, m Han-i;tb Vote as'-a-British subject he has
nah   of Calgary, -is* the ..operators, no   y- ht. ,tQ the. office o£ miyor
representative and Judge R.     H.-. and more than that he must have
Myers of ^Winnipeg is the chairman, committed' perjury  on  several  oc
appointed ■>■ by the, department of
labor. We wish Mr.-' Sherman' success in his mission.   , >-.  ' ■»
Vernon,. April 14-r-If- ever a- public- man had '.'occasion .to realise
.that,his services were heartily appreciated, that was the' experience
of Duncan Soss, M.P., at the ;Yale-
Cariboo liberal, nominating convention." here'to-day. ■/,; '•'. '.-.' ' -.". y '',-':
,, A splendid, gathering of liberals;
including 110 delegates, -representing , every' section of the - great, D o-,
minion • electoral" district. of Yale-
Cariboo, covering an area of 175?
000 square miles, unanimously and
enthusiastically endorsed his course
in parliament since his election in
1904 and witn°eiquai unanimity declared him to be,,■the-.only-j,possible
TtsBTdard-T5earer:Tin' " the*pcbming'
campaign. ' ' * ~ !-' -" \ . ,.". ,
4 .It was a splendid, tritutel and demonstrated in no uncertain manner
the unqualified satisfaction,of Yale
Cariboo* liberals with the policy of
the Laurier administration.
casions in taking the various oaths
of office. , -    , ,"
" We would take this matter in a
very- serious ,light if we.did,not
find, from ""experience in.".dealing
with the general'public that there
are. a number of people always on
hand ready to protest-any, and almost ' everything.
-•The public will be much'interested at ' the outcome- of, this very
serious charge. ' **>• •■
„.,,.,--  —:—: ° :	
' j-The following special' music ■will
be rendered in the Easter song
service in the- Baptist church -Sunday night at 7.30:  _   .,        -     '
"Anthem—;'<I am He "that Liveth."-*
"'Duet—Mr. and Miss Biggs. '
-  Cornet    Solo—"TheV  Dream -. of
Paradise," ' Mr.- Williamson. -  .
.. Male .Quartett—Messrs. Stanley,,
Williamson, Lewis and Biggs. - ,   ,;■
T'Anthenv^' 'HallelujauT- He"~isr
-The .sermon will be on the-fub-
ject "If Christ did not rise. What?"-
by ,. Pastor Williamson. Special
seating has been provided. Everybody welcome. '
Eastern Prices
:'';.■'..,",:"•*■*•• !*.;.!' ■.
Western Town
?/ See^ttr Spring Bolwai $7 50,$10.00, $12.00 and $15
' WorkltiR Shirts at '75c, ;85o and 81.00 / •
.Working Shoes nt $2.00, $2.75 and $3.00,
''"SweateVaiKOO; $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00
•ii    ;ii'   ,        ,," v>
Heavy Wool Sox 15«, 206, 25o< and 35o
Disastrous Fire in Boston—One-
Third of City Wi(Kd Dut-
' - - Heavy loss
,.  i ■ «
■ Boston, Mass.,,April le—-An apparently insignificant me which
started1 among rags on a dump in
the city of Chelsea and was - fanned by a , northwest gale into a
conflagration that obliterated
nearly one third of the city. Five
hundred dwelling houses ,and' public jbuildings were destroyed, l,o00
families- were driventirom their
homes, and 10^000, people,, made
homeless, two lives are known to,
be (lost, and at a late hour tonight it was'reported: two -votherj
persons, perished,'. one woman having'shot herself in a frenzy,over
he-jj inability to save her property.
Prom.50 to 75 persons were injured^ ■..     '"   s ,-        ", ,        \    .
,'.-lfa,- the confusion attending the
situation accurate estimates of the
loss, were impossible. -The city
ppiice estimated it at nearly $10,-
000,000. . .The fire was the worst
Greater Boston .has known in
many years,-and raged before a 45
mile an-hour gale tor more than
sb*| .hours, ,* defying-,-Ihe combined
firj departments- of "Chelsea and
several'- nearby cities' and a large
.detachment of Boston firemen and'
apparatus.-,-■'. ". " -•    -j
•-■.-'Ihe   nre area," which the'
form ; of.-aneciipse,/a mile:and a
half long'faiid half a mile, wide at .
its.rbroadest'part,' extended diag- i
onally- across • the;. city     from1   ,. a '
point - near ..the ■* boundary between
.Everett and Chelsea to the, waters
.0^. Chelsea creek... It >".was useless
the onrush of the flames'before the
gale, and their main efforts, were
tof prevent, a spread of the, blaze
ujfon either/side.'. Their last stand
was taken' kt\ Chelsea Square late
in'-'the*-afternoon,  and for    'four
hours a doubtful battle was waged.
At 9 o'clock'word was passed that
the firemen -were' winning and with
renewed energy the contest - - was
passed,. AtJip. 5Q. official a anounce-
tartnt was. made by'.Chief "Spencer
that the fire was1 under control
The. great majority of ihe .buildings were of 4wood,'and, were, com*
pletely destroyed, but other structures of other material were , * almost as quickly and thoroughly
incinerated by the 'fierceness of the
blaze. All the' banks, more than
three quarters of the-churches, half
of the business blocks and nearly
allJ the schools were wiped out.*
One" hospital and-a day nursery
were' destroyed. In the turmoil
many, of the sick and infirm found-
difficulty, in. obtaining assistance
and .several'of them had narrow
escapes..1    ...
Late in the afternoon tho gale,
carried burning embers across Chel-
soa creek, and buildings in East
Boston caught, but extensive damage there was prevented by prompt
and, energetic work- by tho firemen. '
Ton will say, Is it Possible?
That I can bay Rood fruit lands with a (rood lupply water within SO miles of Fernlo, on the Installment plan,
$5.00 Down.   $5.00 per Month. > No Iatereit or Tuxes
For a five aero tract durlnsr life of contract., This offbr.wlll
not last lonRf. Write for circular ol "Koootonla Irrigation Tract"
< D. W. HART* Aart. K. R. 1« Co., Bajrnta, B, C.
, A watchman of the G.N, railway
named Fred Sogers met with a
very serious accident Wednesday
afternoon. He was on the C.P.E.
line near Bock Cut in the neighborhood of Michel, and was either
resting on the line or asleep,
there is a very sharp curve in the
Una at this point, and it waa im*
possible for the engineer to see the
spot until he waa within about
SOO feet of the unfortunate man.
He did his beat to pull up but did
not succeed in doing so in time.
The unfortunate man wai taken*
to Michel hospital where he wes at*
last accounts lying* in a very pre*
carious condition.
New   Goods Just   Arrived
Specially for Easter Business
For tlie Ladies
_='. Gloves,   Collars,-Bells,  Etc.
Silk,   Lace and Muslin Shirt Waists;
" SuitVand Seperate'Sj.irts    i\  „'
For the Men
Ties, Collars,  Socks,  Etc.
Light   Fancy   Vests
Clueit Peabody Shirts, Stetson Hats
Custom   !\rade Suits,'up-to-date in
every particular.'' *
__: „.— Agents for -, —•--	
Fit ReTprOIofHag
Slater Ifivicttts Shoes
The Trites-Wood Company
' <>'- v-- "■ Limited . 7-''
The Crockford coal mines, which
have been offered for sale for some
time have been purchased by Wm.
Ansley and- Mr. Pruitt. It is in*
tended to develop tho mine by add*
ing every convenience, An engine
wul be installed for raising the
coal from the mouth of the mine
to the top of the cliff. Connection
with the Red Cliff Bpur line by
means of a cable across the river
is thought of. Some experiments
aro going on with the clay on the
property, which) it is believed, is
of good quality for brio**. A <;uan*
tlty of it iu being burnt now in
Mr. Pruitt'.* brlek kilns.
The mine will be working full
force by fall,—Medicine Hat News,
n ■
Will be the Socialist Candidate
in Kootenay-Probably a
Three Cornered fight
*.   i   i i   -       <     ■ , ii
Now Being Shown at The Todd Millinery Parlor
i,*. JN..I,    ,-i. i.
Millinery for Spring now demands Attention for the styles are decidedly different and prettier than ever
before. The Todd showing is an attractive one td style and comeliness. Wc invite you to call and
see the Hats we are now ohowing in Paris, London and New York styles.
The Socialists havo brought out
William H, Davidson of Sandon as.
a candidate to contest Kootenay
district at tho next Dominion elec*
tion. Mr. Davidson is a miner and
was elected to the legislative as*
sembly as a labor candidate in
1003, and served the McBride gov.
eminent faithfully and well for
throe sessions, and at the last election was defeated by, William
Hunter, the McBride government
candidate who ran as a Conservative, There are enough Socialist
and Labor votes in Kootenay to
win a three cornered contest. Tbe
Liberal candidate is to be "Big
Bill" Galllher of Kelson, who is
not over popular in the district,
not because he is lacking in natural ability, but because he has
woefully neglected his duties for
two terms. The Conservative candidate will be some nonentity like
"Windy Willie" Macdonald, a Nol-
son lawyer. As against such opponents Davidson who is a fairly
good     speaker   and looks like a
man, has a fighting chance.—Prine
Rupert Empire.
Canmore,-Alt., April 14.-Three
men were killed .and four others*,
seriously burned in an explosion
at what is known as the old. mine
here, shortly after 10 o'clock this
morning. The dead are Gus Cap*
leson and Matt Saari, Ifinlanders,
and Wihnott.-an Englishman, acting as firejjoss. The later leaves
a wife and family of four little onea
who only cnine out here a few
months ajro. It is not yet known
what caused the explosion, and the
fire has not been entirely extinguished as yet
The four injured men are in the
Kcncral hospital, under the care of
Dr. Townsciul. Constable Tavitou
of the R.N.W.M.J'., wired Calgary
for a coroner this morning, but
one will be brought from Rank-
head m soon us possible, this being
the nearest point/
Game Warden Lewis caught a
man sinking a net itato tne Elk
river at    Morrlsey to* catch (vout.
The Inspector ot British Colum*
bia Fire Insurance Underwriters has been in town inspecting
our fire fighting powers.
There wat> an alarm turned In oa
Tuesday, and in the result our
brigade has proved up in very satisfactory manner.
The alarm was put in at 11.30
a.m. and within two minutes the
brigade bad two streams of water
top of the Waldorf hotel on.Vie*
running, one from the corner next
the Royal hotel and one from the
f-.rr-am   frorr.   top of the Wnldorf
near the Royal and laid on a see-
hotel, shut the water'off the nt.eam
ond stream from the hydrant. Tgey,
laid   two   streams   from ths by*
Tbe culprit was brou«*nt lif«tt»'» »»•"«»»• « "> "»• u7*
Mr. KcMullin and fined *»0.0O, | drant at Imperial hotel Jo Viotor.
with the option ol two monihe m •* *••<**«-   -•*<■*"» ■»"«'•* -~i**y -**■*
Jail...This should be a leiion    to
others not to disobey tbe law    in
this respect.
- o*-—	
* Mr. M. S. Sutherland representing the Oceanic Transit Company
of London, England, operating the
Vast Freight lines of the Sri*
Great Korthrtn Ilailioad and Mutual Transit Co., of America, was
in our eity Thursday looking up
business for his company.
streams off water all working in a
satisfactory manner within n*/«
minutes front the time tho alarm
was turned in.
The water was thrown at least
800 feet.
The water pressure was also satisfactory being up to 100 lbs. at
start and not less than 80 lbs.
with Ave streams running.
The inspector will be fully justi-
ftid in cutting the present board
rates at least in two. DISTRICT . LEDGER,   FEHNTE.   B. C., APRIL 18th,, 1908^/. -'"
Before legislature of Nova Scotia—incorporation of the
Nova Scotia Colliery Workers, Provident Society
-Old Age Pension Fund/
Be it enacted by the Governor,
Council, and Assembly, as follows:
Every person employed :n or
about the coal mines of Nova S-'co-
tia, and in connection with the
works incidental thereto, and a very
person who may hereafter lie so
employed shall,,by reason of such
employment be and be so'iie a
member of the "Nova "cotia Col-
-liery Workers' Provident Society"
hereinafter called "The Society,"
which is hereby constituted a body
corporate under said name: Provided, however, that any person
becoming a member of this society
after the coming in* force of : this
act suffering from chronic disease
or the recurring effects of injuries
received, may be excluded from
membership in the society or any
branch society formed hereunder.
,When or so soon as thirty persons are employed in any' coal
mine, and in connection with the
works incidental thereto, a branch
of such society shall be formed to
be    known   as  "The Nova Scotia
more than the sum of one thousand dollars in its possession, and
such sums shall be kept intact tq
the credit of each 'branch, and may
by the .board be invested in the securities authorised by law for the
investment' of trust funds.
. The owner of every coal, mine
shall' without any order retain the'
monthly,, dues payable to the
branch by every member thereof,
and shall pay over-to the proper
officer of such branch the amounts
so retained, or if no branch is organised he shall'remit the same
to the treasurer of the, board. The
owner shall also without any order;- retain the monthly contribution payable by each member to
the pension' fund and remit 'the
same, to the treasurer of the
board. No fee or allowance whatsoever shall Ye due or payable to
any owner, or- employee of such
owner for such retention-or paying
over1 of said dues. ,,
■  The,financial and other affairs of
each branch society, shall be man-
t.y,of this chapter/whother-jto^persons injured, , or "to children or
other.dependent' relations;shall be
exempt from attachment *aad from
levy -under' execution Ior c'.cbt of
any. kind.'"  -v _    "    - •    * '/' ■_,k   t   -
Nothing in this chapter shall affect the liability of .any, pmui.s or
"corporation for damages re5-'u*tii-.g
from any wrongful act, neglect or
default.' ■*-".--''-
This act shall, come into force
when and so* soon as proclaimed
by the governor in council by publication in the "Royal' Gazette,"
and when and so soon as this act
is proclaimed, chapter 23 of the
revised statutes, 1900, is repealed
and all contracts made, thereunder
shall cease and'have no further operation. .      "
Notwithstanding the repeal of
chapter 23, revised statutes, the
assets, contracts, liabilities - and
obligations of each relief *-:ocinty
organised in accordance with the
provisions of.,said chapter,-si,all
continue to be assets,.coutrtuts,
liabilities and : obligations of the
branch" organised in substiUti-m
therefor. „, **,
Wv J. WriKiewW-fcD.S;5
Colliery    Workers'"' Provident   So- -aged by a committee to consist of
ciety" (name of mine) branch.  *      j seven persons, four of whW shall
_        l ,   „ '   ', ."'be appointed by the members     at
There shall be a board to      be --,,   . .   . ..
i _. „    ..     _ ,    their' annual meeting,   one person
known as "The Nova'Scotia Col
liery Workers' Provident Society
,and Old Age ^Pension Board" hereinafter called the-board, which
shall consist of the-following persons: *'
The commissioner of vojorks    and
,"mines, who shall be chairman;" the
 i—-.:'_!_....« 1*. «_.—"U- V-11 !1~=«4-
"~,pi o vijiCirxi^ iiccLaui c",^ wuu'suaii—ujo
treasurer; the deputy commissioner
"of works and mines, who shall   be
--secretary.   One person ,t'p be . , appointed annually by an official in
the employ of the coal-mine own-
to be nominated by the owner and
two persons to be nominated by
the board. The committee • shall
from their number appoint "all necessary, officers^ for the transaction
of business to,,the branch-'aiul shall
in- all matters be t subject to the
constitution and /to. the regiila-^
:tions"*o f-the-fc o ar d v——"—■—<—»-;—
ers, or if they fail to appoint such
personj then,.such- person .shall, ."be
appointed by- the governor-in-coun-
cil from, among such mine owners,
• and' two persons to be appointed
; for a*i term - of ^three^ years by j,1*, .the
branch, societies   herein before re-'
1 ferred to.   The board shall meet at
such times as it may appoint     in'
the city of Halifax, and the mem-
■ bers shall receive - such remuneration" for their/seryices, as .the governor in council may determine.
Such board shall have power   to
meet all necessary regulations and
orders    for the  organisation,  administration and government     of
-   such   society   and   the     branches
thereof, and for a scheme "pro vid*
-,  ing   old   age "and' total disability
1   pensions for the members thereof,
which regulations having .been, approved by the governor in council,
,, shall' have the 'l6foet, of, law     and
particularly, tjUtt-fiWt^sp as to limit
the     general' po'.■vyei;s', horeinbefore
conferred, .the-   board   shall have
power to mako regulations     and
orders touching tho following sub*.
<jccts: i,   -   •>
(a) Providing a constitution for
such branch socioties. [
(b) Appointing all necessary officers to inspect the books, affairs
and administration of such branch
,   (c)   Fornuilatjng a scheme   pro*
viding old ago and total disability
pensions for the members of the
society -and determining tho sums
to bo contributed in aid thereof by
the members and the coal mine
owners. .,
On the coming into force- ol this
aot the board shall forthwith con.
vone in the' city of Halifax a coun*
eil of one representative from.each
branoh.of the society for tbe pur*
pose of electing tho two represent*
' atiyes mentioned in paragraph 3
hereof, and a similar council shall
be convened, once in three, years in
luo *«i..v plutr* *o* Ujc »aiit«4- I'Ui*
j.'0iii-', \hi'jfXiiiay hi^ Iruvipiu'tf ex-
pontes apd^nec^'sftry loes ,o( time
of each' representative ihali, b*
paid by each branch. In addition,
to yttae'^ power of .appointing such
xeprMentauvfcs the council (.null
have, tihe right to suggest to the'
board .a revision, oi- the branch
constitution and -changes in the regulations' for the old age pension
fund.  . , [t
The board shall aet as custodian
of all funds tn excess of the J ' \
of one thousand dollars in the
hands ,of any branch, and so that
at no .time ahall any branch have
. The governor in council may | an--
nually pay to the treasurer' of j the'
board, or if a branch society is established, to the treasurer of,such-
branch,- a sum not in' excess of
twelve and one half cents a month"
for each member in aid' of an !oldv;
•age  pension  ~and'total''disability
provision for the members of -the
, > . t ,.,...    i^..i
society,    .such.sum to,,be/payable
^quarterly.,;'■: •;        '"-'';;# 5,       , \ '".
The    owner of every  coal mine
shall pay to the treasurer of the"
branch  society  organised  in, con-,'
nection with such mine, the sum,of,
six and- one-half cents'per-month
for each member,' and'such" owner
shall also  on or before,the    first
day of October in each :year-pay to
the treasurer of the'.boardMn^'aid o
the old age pension fund the .sum
of seventy flvo cents for each member;. ,: ..;;,.;.. ■ ,.* }•■,.  ,
Where at any, coal mine less than'
thirty mombors ars'employod, the
owner's thereof shall be' oxempted
from payment of the contribution
to the" society '' hereinbefore, mentioned;- provided, however, , the
board shall have power to appoint
any'agent or representative at
such, mine with such the
board may seem proper,-
;' Thoboard sllall forthwith'establish an .gmorg-ncy fund, for .the pur-
pose of enabling*special'aid to bo
granted in* oases-of ae'riouS-disaster at . any, cbjil mino'or in such'
special cases as to tho-board may
seem "reasonable, ..Tho,* board are
hereby authorised to pay and apply to 'syioii.emergency fund the
sum of. ten'per'centum of all surplus funds doposited . with the
board as. aforas.iid. Tho treasurer
of each branch society shall annually) on or boforo the first day of
October in each, year remit to the
treasurer of the board the sum of
thirty cents per capita for each
membor, whloli sums shall by tho
board be paid and applied to the
emergency , fund. The governor in
eouncil may also pay annually to
the treasurer of the board in aid
, For branches of the "Nova-Scotia Colliery -Workers' Provident
Society."   '     '
This society shall be known as
the "Nova* Scotia Colliery Workers', Society (name , of mine)
branch.", ... >   ,
The objects of this branch" shall
be the raising'of a fund by contributions from the employees at;
colliery, the' employers and
the local government, for the'-'pur-
pose of making'provision for members who from sickness or accidsnt
may.- be unable to work,.and for
the widows and orphans or dependent-relations of those who haye
been members, and thereby" obviate
any necessity for, voluntary'' charitable ' subscriptions - or . contributions. - . -"•*> ' '■'• - ,'*■ "
"  "Boy','   shall   Im'ean  ."a"" person
~G£L&IlJ*lg—xgoo— VMtwi—V4*»Cjt-'—v-.B, 4—rj- -—
day.- '-. ■•■ ■;'" \ - " '"' "■ ; ,'-■/
•'"DVetor", 'shall mean-any" one of
the regular, colliery' doctors;',, or' in
the case of his absence, or illness,"
the .medicalspractitioner who-, has
charge of his practice,,. In the,case
of members employed .'in, the localities where there colliery, doctor,, it shall".mean-any registered
physician.,''   ■■.;",■'."-"    ,'.   •..**.*■..;
Limits'shall mean the district-in
which-a beneficiary resides,-' "     '•
Tr.|s- js^Emih**ntly.,.th^
"*-,  */' ',. Specialist."-A   '-'' -f~ ,'j"°
In the business world this is pre etiii
nently the day of the spel-ialist, ,Ne\ei
before, was such a preiuluin, set' upon,
excellence. t'_,- ,      "  ' '
Tb'put'It In the vernacular of-tin*
ilmes,-which makes lip In expressfvi'
ness.what it lacks in ele*jrnnee.;this"l>-
the" day when the person succeeds ''>vl.»
can truly boast one stunt.'or. to'quote-
the time honored fable, when the cuI
of one 'shift stands In the vanguard
and the fox of niauy* shifts is deli**',the rear.  .-.'.'.
The man of ambition who aspires to
a successful business career takes thi>
lesson to heart und shapes.his plans
accordingly.   .       "■ ,"   " " *' ,*f <*i
Too often the woman who knocks ut
, the' door, of. the workaday, world Is
either Ignorant that-such ,a law ob
lulus or. weakly countlut* upon her sex
lo gain favor and concessions, totally
disregards It und thereby courts fall-;
tire iu the outset. ■ '.  *
, The"day has gone by when the wo'
man who has a; smattering knowledge
eiin hope for business recognltion'or^
till a "'position fof even secondary >lm-,
portnnce:   v:„/ ' -1   .' '"*■ • "'
'This does-not Imply.that one's life
must be, narrowed down to one Idea.
' pn the, contrary,, the' successful' wo,
iha'n must learn a, little of, everything
that-tends to enlighten .She. must
learn more of the, things*, which shape
the well balanced intellect and. well
rounded character, but if the coveted
prize. Is,to be gained she must kuow,
all- tiiat can be known of- some one
thins. ' "   "     '.'
,:Tlie  woman  thus-equipped  cannot
only Und a footing, but. what is vastly'
more to the point, hold It.       ','.-"'
liven the social world has become In
feeted with this idea, and the woman
who wlns'the plaudits is not she who
has a..showing of  many" accomplish,
nients. but"the woman,of one'stunt In,
which she excels.*       -       '.*'"'     '
-. ID"E3-N"rriST)
Office HoursI-       8 smo vs h\ in
!,-* ■ 6.S0 ton p.m.,  '■*.*.•■■
, *,'   " •    Office in A ex. I "-k's biocE
• overSUnn*   bakery.  •]   .
FERNIE,        -'        _"'-"_
S- C
•N A ' *■     > \
Insurance and;Customs Broker
Crow's ,Nest   Trading' Co.
"-    '^   -Fernie, B; 0.
L.   P.   Eckstein
Bakbist-br-at-Law, Souoitor
Roomi' 1& S, Henderson blook. Fernie, B.C.
J.- Barber, L.D.S., d.d.s.,
"'I.'      .Ci.l      -J.f''tJiv'     .*■- ■-     • ■-.
Ir,-:v..r:i-,DEWTtST  *■
T. W,:/iBlot'k^'-sopposite the  Barik
,. - Office honr*,-^ a.m1. to 8 p.m.    ■' ='
Kerr & Co.
;- J- i ,' ,       ■ ■     ; ,
Contractors and Builders
~; Plau, Speclficmtioos enA. Rmt-'.
'     - 'mate*' Jnrnuhed on application. -
* Plenty   of  CSOOD   DRY   LHM-
'.'''_ ii. ,v: kEBii; •'■'- •*■ ; \
Architect'..  aad Saperlnt'cnde*''
(MBca at Kealdanc*
BAKES ST.-:''--.-" FERNIE,, B.   C.
' •"      . '     ■  ■    • (■
( meets in the Miners' Hall every t
alternate Thursday at 8 p.m.
L. SNOW, Prea. ^      E..mCKER, 8eo.
F. C. tAWE^   J,  ALEX. I:.FISHER, B.-A.
Latoe;, & Fisher :
Crow's    Nest    Trading   Co.    Block;
•   ~   .' -      Fernie,  B. C.    '"■        ■  „'
. Builder and Contractor"
Estimates cbecrfa]lyJ*ariveri and work:,
,-■ • promptly executed: to tbe satis*
• •', fantipn of oar oastomers." .-■••■
■Townslte  Atrents
'Fernie* aid Hosnier
\v, R. j, es. K. c.
'J. S. T. Alkxaniikb
:.-., Ross & Alexander
-   '     ,' FERNIE. B.' C.  - - -     '
• *■' •'Board"-"- shall "mean ■ tho board,
established .wider "the provisions of
chapter.acts' of-1908: , ■ ' '"•".
" ''CoSninittee;-;. shall, mean 'the
committee'of ■management.' ' .', ,i
', ""■;Company\'"shall"'mean, the'.'per-
son or, body,' corpprate whp;«'
immediate proprietor, lessi or -occupier of. the .mine. .*;
Every;) person ' employed in'or
about the ; ■•  coUiery,*.and in,
connection" with' the works inci-,,
dental,':thereto; shall be.a member
of this branch. Provided, how-;
ever, that after the passing of the'
act heroinbefpre referred to, the
committee may exclude from membership ~ any, person who 1b suffer--
ing • from- chronic disease, or, the
recurring' effects* of injury con**
tracted elsewhere than in,the occupation of coal mining in Nova
Scotia, and provided always that
persons who have contracted habits prcdjudicial to health shall not
bo admitted or continuo to bo
members -of this branch. .-,.
The-funds shall bo under tho con*,
trol of-and - tho.affairs of this
branch, shall bo. conducted by a
oommittoeiof management,to con*,
sist of seven'mombero to be appointed-aB follows:
(a) The membors of this branch
at the annnudl mooting shall elect
four members of the committeo, to
be elected one at a time. '
'(b) Tho company shall annually
appoint ono niembor.
, ,ic) Tho board'shall annually appoint tvypjnembers,
The commlttoo - shall appoint
from thoir number a chairman and
a secretary-treasurer.
The committee shall appoint
from" their'number a visiting com*
mitteo to consist of*» of its
number, or it" may appoint as a
paid visitor nny member of the
branch. The committee may appoint nny sub committee nocesaary
to transact the businsn of tho
branch.,'   Four    of their'number
Have   You   All   Thess   Perfections
,,-    , Face and'Figure7,
. The head should? be n seventh part
of„the body—that' say,-the'height
should equal seven bends.,.     : •   ;      ".
Tbe,,f<u-eheiul should not he-too high
nor.-too large. . It should ■ harmo!.r».e
with ...theovnl .of" the fnce.-tvThe.Rkin
should he white mid free from wrin*-'.
kies.;,'-y   "".";'.";"   "■' ':;??" •
 Tlio ityelirnwR-'--rn)i]l(l_hi'._WBll_markcil.
nnd .'should end in « point.    -'"■' ■■""-■
The lashes-to hebenntiful should, be;
long.'nn'd'silky'.'. .";V "   ' "   ''■!j' .'''"'.  -
The eyes "should be silt'horizontally,'-
Those  shaped   like  nlmouds'arc'tbo-
iuost beautiful. „'  &',     ' '"*-*" -
'-The hnir should be long, thick and
\vnvy,    The most admired colors are
"blond and'blnek.'"""-■•'-"-; V;i ■*.'+.•'••;'•<■ .*
, The-nose 8houUl>;be. equnUjln-ilength-;
to1 |i,lie forehead.   Its thickness should,
be in proportion to.the.;other features
Oflice In L. T. .A'. Block, Victoria Avenue,.
Henderson 'Block.'. Fernie.
Fire, LileoVAcci
dent Insurance '
C . VI.
of the face'
The month should be; a'
how unbent.   ." '! ';
The chin should be delicately rounded nnd free from Indention.' " *
The-cheeks should be rosy and,velvety. :      ,J -,'.*.-< -*
The, neck should be twico as long
n? tlie nose nud twico as big as the
wrist.' ', ,'''''     ','■'',
Tho shoulders should be,plump, of
the same height and slightly rounded.
< The .chest should bo narrower at the
top than nt tho bottom. „ '
Tho' arms should bo - rnthor lnrgo
nbovo nnd shbulil diminish toward the
wrist. -4.  -,,...,...	
Tho hnnd should bo. long nnd plump,
wllh tnpcrlng fingers nnd,pearly nails,
: ', ^Inns'alid'Estimates furnished.". ,'
' JobbiiV\Sas1rand Doors."  '.
•Builder-' S'. Stairwork a Specialty-
;' 'f Satisfaction guaranteed.
•   ' ' 5* ;;,  ■%■
JP. 6>BoX''l88ti|' $$ '-i ?Unibri-labor
iT r .,, ,      ^*   '
, -,,"'■   Vs    "'.*'-•• '    ''-.
Successor'to'J' W.'.H.V.erry,"?'
Employment: and1
Real Estate Office
•    o    --    '   •'.    -.-;   --•    .'.i-1      *
Will supply-men for  ,"
•■all' classes*pf workv .-; v!
-either;t by* the -iday,?5
"week, or'month.     " -
BuBHmen,.vLLumbermen., &
-r ',
'if ;c:Wonieh ,.fofc'cleaningr"":,.
*"   f- ' <* -n.''    )! t $ft>        -*«   ■ " •-"* i
"' -" washing or scrubbing -
_:            '  'a        y '■[:.[        '
s.. *V■ .•,. *}-.-'* «vy I    \ ,>V"'
Reasonable   Rates
'*-' V
All work guaranteed
to fifty thftUtatid dollars, it sball
b'o available for t-u-9.iupi.ort ol the
widows of members of the sooiety
in Bceorditnot with regulations to
be framed by tli« board; and wh«n
so soon'as satd emergency fund
with .accumulated, interflst amount!
to one hundred thousand dollars,
it, shall; b« ^yailablf'.for the ,«up*
port ol the. children of deceased
members in aeeordanes with regxi.
lations to hi framed by thn board;
' f   ' •      t .1,        , ' a■ •     ' '1
tbe relist' givan by any, misty
or fund tsttbUshad under author!*
1^ ^frrsv \ '^^xxTXT'z
notin.«.MoMwoithooMiidil.t.|comm|t't„ had notlt."ol IH. Urn,
So bjou us ' '"'■'      *'j- lund,    J-w h,sd ot n     vacancy pfru-fxii)^
with accumulated interest amounts d"r[n5 th<) r^J".*^0"1"11/*?
         elected as in paragraph, five    (tv),
a special meeting of the members
shall be called to elect a successor..
At least' one woelc's notice shall be
Ka-.-tU Ot teUCU, iu>**..ii.f; citutl i-y tvd*
vertisement in.a., newspaper published in the vicinity, or by post*
ing the same is some public place
near the colliery.' Should a vacancy, occur in the appointee, of tha
company, or, the * board, their
places shall he forthwith tilled by
the like authority.
The chairman shall preilde at all
meetings of the committ*-*, and he
shall  only   vote in the ease of a
Old nulrbriiHuos'' which Hnx-o' U\
coino soft'mny lip irmtlo (inlto*'tlrn. iinil
HlilT nj-nlii by dipping tlio hrlfllUtH Into
strong nItini wntor. , Dissolve tlio alum
In hot wntor, lint do not hko it llll It In.
•void.,    ..,,,.      ',.    ..,. .,, -    '   ,'
Dti.* yo'u'^kii'ow  (f. "yoiu would'" ha l»«j',
.vpurcooJiloH oil iii|> 'in\»il(.ln of tho,lii.■;*.■,•'
>liHl(|.iK,j>iii}i'i,liiil ilii'io„w(iii"lil ,le fowt'i-
liiiriiiiil oii.'hV i.Try It.llio next timo you
.urn i|iiililiiK,ciil('!i*;,ni)fl hoo wlmtiin ad-
..'lllllllKO It.iH.OMM' |lllK'lllK thorn' In tin'.
|t!l|l      4. .
I'm'.|h'iinnt lultlli1 Hhull'and Rklu pi'ii-
iiutH nidi put n liilnU' liiyor'lti'ir'but;
roi'M* pui'i l-'iir'two cii|1h'of p'ennuts.
•'allow; two" cii|,h or i*i'iiniiliitb(| 'bubui'."'
I'li't'the KiiKiir rii'n K"iiii('('piin"nli(l'8tlr
mi!If It In iiii'lti'il, tnliliiK euro that It
doi'ii not luirii, ,\h iiooii iih |t Is a'clour,
'■Imp pour It ovor the iiii|r. ' * , ■'"'
If ii fnnilly tiili*'*-.' luiiuii .rit.'dlfformu
Iioiii'h, iiiiiI.ii Hu- ii'm'fiWli for oncli por'
on"' If "piiHijllilc; 'or It "cihT ho'lnfunod
nml thon drawn {from the grounilH,
willed should lie thrown away. Uotui'ii
tlio ton to tlio tciipot to Koup It hot.
Never allow tea to Htiind on the
UI'iiiiuiIh for more than ton minutes.
11 .'-■-. ">', t 'v/"f
Victoria Ave.
Fernie. B. C.
■b      al i  i.    *'
LZ. f.O^ rt\ **E
Fltfbra King
Cox  Street
iontfre<i.''OirteM'a(!fl......„,i ■,-•*•■■-,^  .—
I'ntonw taken throuuh Muna A Co.,M0el*W.
nucMnotlu, wltlioatobinro. latlio .
iuratlon/)f,jiiir_foloniir*o jonrnu,, ;forr'
itite prepaid.
dontinued-in* Safe's, *
;;      Thrift Tsuoht Early,
"Ono of tho Hiii'flBf xx'ttyn," wrlton
t.niirti Hrarirtock In House and Homu,
"tn  (tinnl/int" vtU'MM'i'  o"r.un»py 1n  nlitl-
•Iron .Is to start tlmin early In hoine
work, for which they are paid nud tlurn <
tMicotimim llio hiivIii« of the t*arnhinr*»
This Is donp In (icrmsoy and Franc*?
with FiicccHH aud Ih why no fow Our-
man or Pronch vhlldron of tlio'middle'
i-. t „, .i   ... ,  .. <i   ,    *i«i
W....4Ci^-?4     4»t,V      ...VV,      -4-V        (,W k.h*4.^^A. .14^      .44.
tlou tlmt.n c\\ik\ should work alto-,
••ether without rccomiHMiso has been
dona away with, and these two nntloiic
oro thoreforo just Hint much tnbro In*
(liiHtrloim nud pioHperous, Pay the
Vhlld for ICBtltlmute laltornnd make It
n r'fMenrker with the pftr«*nfs In bnlld-
Imi for rainy, tiny«. IM It have Its ln-:
iKi-i'tii |ilcii«iiii'* nnd (my for them out
»f He nirn fundi*, hut «idnfafe*-H-to
•t'fi.d n llttlu Imh than It earns and to
.•"•'.ffav* ba-ra to leavdrdi tkiffnc**.** •: .:
Tli8"m*Snti thnt you bny-   -
Ironiusaro lit for n klnjj.
.   VYo mil no'lilnsr that it.
not tho boBt, that la why
wohnvoaoinnny ploiBcd
JBuaUinior*   *I*«t ua' do-' t., -.
monmti tlila^-fact^byra ',*/.
trial.    Polite ottentlon , „,
and prompt sorvlco.
'] !o C dn sii iii fit i Vcs
' ' j       ■    ' ' ' ' V V 4 •   '
The undersigned haTlnt' bean re*
•tored to health by simple miaDs,
altar Buffering for aaferal ysare
with a aetnre long affootlou, antf
that drsad"disease CONSUMPTION,
la anilouB to,."Brta .tnowa to' hie
fellow sufforers the meant of^enre,
Vol thOM^wbo. f«a«lM,lt. 'hi.4w«l
cheorfolly1 aend (freet of oharge) a
oopyof thepretflrlptlon naad, whlob
they, will tlnd a ear* for COMWUP*
tion, ASTnjiA,' oAtxnhir, DBON*
0H1TIB- and all throat and - loag
UALADIEE Hft hapaa all eoffirere
will try thla Remedy, as It I Is la-faln*
able. Thoae dealrinf the prtwtrlp*
tlOo, wUob wl» o6*t'tb4 nothleg,
add nay-1 prore a^ble«sliif,^w1ll
pla'naaaaadraai*fe   '■*'    |     ^
n**»»    •»!*»•», «•»   i    •»?»•»*«•♦
Mud   «WtV ** ***ei>   •**    ttijmmspeMft^jlt
Trtf-ioVlVn, M. V-.
The A. Macdonald Co
*  i  (Hcnd Offlco,'Winnipeg) ,
Dranclicpf-yancouver, Nelson, Pernio
Edmonton, Alta, «V Kenoni, Ont'
PernJe, B. C.
Wholesale Groceries,  Flour,   F«*J&
-i.::.:  :,.i, Canip SopflJai■'*
V* ■*.,'
1-4    ...    »•.     -, *"*>•»»'•*«*•.
',.»    ...V w»4fl^.4/..^;.s ^,^4.-,f.rt'
■^.4  ,t„'b.A.^M%^^1 6
:•      , " 'V .       .-■   'i '.--../"-v.
Continued from page 2.-    ■"
:tie.   He  shall;' countersign all  or-"
ders 6r cheques for tbe withdrawal
■ of -moneys. ., ' -.- .'v,  '     /  , ■
•The secretary-treasurer.shall   at-
"' tend'   all ' meetin'gs <jf the branch
• .and of the coriiniittw.;j?''iHe-Jjhall_
, - '.record the names.-Tof the'-comiixittee
present at their "meetings", and-keep
the    minutes of their, proceedings,
-which he shall transcribe,. into     a
book-, he shall keep minutes of the
' annual and1,any..special, meeting of^
,  -the branch;* he1 shall keep such accounts  * and" books ■* and in * such
form as-the board    may order- he
.shall    deposit   in  some chartered
bank,to     the.-credit of. the branch
all moneys received by him.
He shall provide a fidelity bond
in; at .least .'-the' sum of; one.J-hou-
sand dollars, issued by an approved- guarantee company, but the!
committee shall have1 the.power, to
exact a bond for'such sum as they
may fix. The chairman shall , be
the custodian of the bond'and-the
premium thereon, shall be paid by
the branch. He shall register the
name, age, nationality, and "whether 'married or single, of each member of the-branch-in a book to, be
*. kept for that "purpose, and he shall
keep .such book revised from month
■ to*month..   He shall keap a';correct
, account of all moneys received and
. paid and'?shall attend to all .correspondence.   He shall classify the
indemnities!r—paid'Hon '/account^ *'-' of
.-'sickness, and those on account of
injuries _ or , .accidents, -,■ He shall
balance the accounts at the end of
■each,quarter, or oftener if required,
-for the examination * by,, the, committee, ■ or by the auditor or any
,   officer of the-board.;.He'shall, sub:
, ject to the committee','prepare '"■';" a
" full report of the state of the fund
'aid- of. the committee's transactions for submission to the annual
meeting. He shall in the execution
of.his^office^in ;ail>things,^act..un-
. der the control and besubject    to
- the. direction -of the to-3rd...
*The secretary-treasurer-and cbm-
mittee shall receive such remuneration,, for  their-"sefyices and neces--
• .sary .expenses as -„the„ board may'
'. . direct. ,-'-,.■""•-".■'     ,' ' ~
"-,-.'The v committee.'shall meet',    at
least twice,each, month, but meet-,
, dngs may be called at any time by]
i>he chairman.v> " :
v."<The annual meeting.of-the branch
.shall be   held/on'the. fourth Wed-'
-nesday  of January■ in each year,'
y, jf or. the .reception ..of*I
-r pd?t~ for ,'thV year™'e5ding7von_"* ^the"
"tthirty-.first"day"6f * December" "prior
thefeto^^and' for" the'Telection of
members „of the committee for the
ensuing" yearj^The chairman5 shall
preside, at'fouqh meetings." >■ \j »
; The , committee shall call a special meeting'of the members of the
fcranch* at any time, but^no -business other than that stated ia; the
, -notice-*shallibe transacted thereat,
unless two-thirds , of the members
p>eseK-r*£ff<^ ur
gent -business *of«,which-nb, notice
"has been given. The provision of
paragraph - eight.' as, t o. notice shall
apply   to special,, meetings.    The
^committee shall,be bound to call
-such special meeting on the written
request)6f'least^7 members of
the branchi'j...' '•,,'■•:•".->, ,
| All books,  accounts and papers
of the),<branch ,shall,.^e., subject (to
the  inspection'   and audit of two
persons;-one** ^to—be appointed by
the members at the annual meeting and ono.tote appointed by the
board. '.'The^'committVe shall    fix
their remuneration, ..which shall be
paid JSxonx. the .hinds. of „the .branch,
..ThoJoUowihg-,shall be ihe- scale
of -monthly •> contributions    "and
weekly mortuary benefits:
' Boys, monthly"contributions'; 20
cents; weekly;benefits'/ $3,50; mortuary benefits $30.00. "'
Men, monthly contributions, 25
cents; weekly benefits, f 3.00; mortuary benefits,.$50.00. ,.
■ In tho case of tho'death of a boy
the solo or,.chlof support^of parent
or relation, the committee may
grant tho same benefits as in the
caso of a man,
' Provisions'  as   to monthly sub*
(a) Tho monthly assessment will
be retainod from those who recohe
weekly benefits.
(b) Any member working any
part of a month shall pay tho full
assessment for that month,
(c) When any member loaves tho
employment at colliery, or is
discharged, hiB membership in this
branch shall at once cease and do*
termino, but this rule shall not ap*
ply to members whoso places    of
, labor have been stopped by the
company, provided that they personally apply to the management
once each week for work and eon*
tinue to pay their assessment to
the fund.
(d) Assossmont shall be made for
each calendar month.
Procedure as to claims:
Anyone claiming indomnity from
the branch shall present, or cause
to be preRentcd. tn the eiteretery.
treasurer a certificate from the
d*ml.i)i <u to tha uatuct. and extent
of the disability, injury or sickness and the date of the doctor's
first visit; and also a    certificate
« from the foreman of the particular
department' where he is employed   cenmcHte shaia state how
' long tho applicant has been off
work/ and what further informa'
tion he may have of the matter,
(b) Such certificate Bhall be filed
within eight days after the illness
has begun on account of which ths
member intends to claim indemnity, or;after tbe accident has happened.
(c) The committee shall at its
meetings examine into such cartiA*
cates, and shall make such further
inquiries as tiey deem necessary,
and if such inquiries' axe corrobor-;
atory of thetstatements in the cer-*
tificate/\ they   shall • approve  the';
claim.     -.1''.",.' iy* -..> -^ ,*      -:•
,-,'. (d) No; moneys..? shall be paid
from the funds of "the branch to
any claimant unless and until the
claim has been ■ approved by the
committee; ,,..-    ,„•">.---v.-.; . .'" •'
. I' Members .who \ become disabled
either from sickness'or injury^ received in the seryice\'"of " and incapable of following
their ordinary employment or oth-
"er suitable employment in th©,service of" the company, shall be en?
titled, to- receive, from, the .funds of
the .branch, each,week during a period not exceeding twenty-sixo\«eeks
benefits at the rate set out in paragraph sixteen; and thereafter at
the rate of $2.per week, until such
member is' again capable of following his employment;. provided;
however,> that no 'benefit shall be
payable for the first week of any
disablement arising: from sickness
unless the member is incapable
of, work "for, at least twenty-four
working days, in which case/ the
benefit for the first week shall be
paid.    * , ' -
In case of death through illness
or as a result of injury while in
the service of, the company, then if
he be married his widow shall be*
paid from the funds of. the branch
the sum of.fifty, dollars,down, and
the sum of one dollar'arid-fifty
(cents - ,per week, for' the period of
fifty-two weeks, if, she remains " so
long ..unmarried, and. if ..she conducts' herself with" propriety to the
satisfaction "'of the' committee':
otherwise she shall forfeit all claim
to further'benefit from'the funds of
the ..branch. .Each of such member's children up to and including
five in number, shall be allowed
the sum of,two dollars'per month
until they, obtaui.'the age of thirteen years, which, sum shall be
paid, to the mother, or, the 'person
having sole- ,care.of such.children
or childs. If - such member is the
eldest' "working'" son" of' the. family,'
and• ..has - no*, father,..his mother,
brothers and sisters'shall be entitled to the.tberiefits hereinbefore
set qut-urider the same* restrictions
If such member, is unmarried and
leaves a parent or lister entirely
dependent on him for support-nhen
such :iparent. or sister shall :be. entitled to; the benefits-hereinbefore
set outrunder the-'samerestrictibes.
If such*, unmarried member leaves
no relation entirely dependent on
him, then the mortuary benefit is
to be.paid to the -person, if.any,
to„ receive ,-it,„or. if. ncperson-. .has
been nominated to receive it," then
such mortuary1 benefit,' after all
burial • expenses \ have * been paid,
shall revert'to the'branch;
! 1 Any memtieT'havfrig,^ claim to
.indemnity vshall forfeit his right
thereto ;for any of   the following
'] (a) Sickness ,or;mjury;-brought
on by the"use "of intoxicants or
immoral conduct.
. ] (B) Frequenting,places'wherei in*
toxicating liquors'are'kept, or being in a.atjLto.o/ .intoiication. '
: (c) Leaving the limits without
the.consent of the committee.
■ i (d)y'AmategArd^otmeMviB^'oi
health ....^..-.^.J',,,..,,.^'^^. ,
Ruins of Ancient Structure  Found  In
[.. Babylonia. "   '.
Many boys and girls, do not know,
perhaps, that the, archaeologists—the
people that are always delving Into the.
past—have, as they believe, located the,
ruins of the tower of Babel, says.the
Chicago News. The B|rs Nlnirud.'tlie.
"citadel of Nlmrod," lu Babylonia, they
take to be the remnant of the tower
or'.of a temple that was" built on the
same site.
■This, ruin seems to correspond more
nearly: than any other with tbe conceived notion of the tower. * It Is of on
oblong shape;' the circumference being
about 7C2 yards. There is n deep furrow* at the eastern end, fhat part of
the tower being not more than fifty or
sixty feet' in height, while on the western' side' it rises to a height of 19S' feet
lun conical shape. On Its summit is a
solid pile,of brick, thirty-seven feet'In
height by'twenty-eight in width and
diminishing, in thickness to the top,
which Ts broken ond irregular and rent
by a," large Assure.. „'_
The bricks are flro burnt, most of
them bearing inscriptions, dud "so firm
Is (the cement'with awhich they are put
together .that It Is .almost impossible
to get a* brick out whole., There are
great fragments of brickwork on other,-
partsiof the hill where the ruins stand.
They, are all tumbled together aud are
converted Into vitrified masses, as if
they had been'subjected to the action
.of a .fierce Are.{ All this Is strange-if
• not suggestive when taken in connection with the ancient tradition that the
tower of Bribel was rent and overthrown by fire from heaven.
£s -   Makes the Biscuit  .   -lii
•-"■-"and-Cake lighter,    Ka
"finer flavored; more
„»„ nutritious «*wholesome
- --.
Made from pure
: Grape Cream of Tartar
No alum-No lime photphata '
■ -    COVER.
Mohtreal, April, 16—It is stated
that John Dillon; .the'book agent,
who killed constable Shea and seriously wounded .two'' other officers
MondVy nigM" is • • still makin-g
good progress, and he does, not
appear 'to worry over Monday
night's exciting incident,', though
he,is conscious that on his dismissal from the hospital he will be
put on trial-for his life. .
. ,   , ♦- r- '
the only? reliable place in
. town when you require any-"
ihinj** in. Tobaccos, Cigars,
or Cigarettes.
\\\ A.";INGRAM,  Prop.
•'"   CT3STI01T  'L^BBL
Crow's    Nest   Special
Miner's Favorite Cigars
Bretberg Co.,Ltd
Fernie, B. 0.
An' Amusing and   Lively Game For a
■■   Children's Party.    ,
Let the^ players sit In .two lines opposite each other at some little distance
iipurt    Then two'members stand between, one of whom Is blindfolded; the
other lu a whisper gives the players
on one side of the line the names of
vessels—for Instance, "the. Kentucky."
'.'the,-Maine,"-.etc. "The other side* he
names as different ports,' such as Liverpool, "Boston,, New:;'Tork„.etc..  After
doing this he standsjbealde the blindfolded   player,    who    Is . termed, .a
, lucky is ordered to the port of Llver-
- pool/',; whereupon , the; ship   of   that
name .'and 'the* port change places, and
the,.iwreckv'*1 'tries,to slip into one of
.the empty,'places.; Thes^ the" player,
who - calls'out. the changes may give.
the::"wreck"-a better opportunity. by1
.saying, "London,.Boston and.New.York"'
call for aid: from the Kentucky,' the
Muine and the 8t, Louis."'-In the general.-scramble; the   "wreck" 'usually
nntls a port.and the one without a seat
be'coinefl" the' '.'wreck."'.'','   ,'
When a rooster finds a big fat
worm he calls ail the hens in the
farm yard to come and share it.
A similar trait of human nature is
to be observed when a man discovers ' something exceptionally
good—he wants all his friends and
neighbors to share the benefits of
his discovery. This is the touch I ♦
of nature that makes the, whole
world kin. This explains why people who have'been cured by Chamberlain's Cough Remedy'write letters to the,manufacturers for publication, that others similarly ailing may also use it and obtain
relief.. Behind.every one of these
letters is a warm hearted,wish . of
the writer, to be of use to someone
else. This remedy is for sale by
all druggists. . ''
Brewers  of Extra  Fine  Lager
-• ..and   Aerated   Waters.
Bottled    Goods    n ' Specialty.
:'t(e) Violation of any of the pxo*
visionsVdf this^cohstlitutioW „*£■
[ (f) Engaging in ,any employment
for gainiother-ithan-'fegular* employment in the company's work
without "'the-consent' ""of" thY'c'oni.'
mittee,-.-.;.• «■*•• , *,-.■ •* -. *. - .,4.
x -..  ———, ■ . .
* The lioBt dollar n day housB in the city ♦
*♦* - 'X
•Ja Liquors and Cigars' of the host quitUlty •;«
y.,'?   '.  '.   Well stocked bar Y
»♦♦ Dining room in charge of P. P. Miller .♦.
y        ' Only white help employed        -■■ y
•f'    ROSS BROS. " PROPS.    <»,
»,« ', -.. - ",  ; :• ,  - »;•
There is Only a
 '    Just For Fun.
,Tbe„economjcal, baby.., puts-.its toes
, lii Its'' mouth, t^. m'ake(rbo'th ouds meet;
"A'Detroit baker'^nnts tb'knb:w>bat
,1a tho grehtest knead of'the hour."'
; 1'Mnanclnl •.views—looking through,ta
,broker's w|ndow"at"thp, cash Insjdq.',-.,.
■ How to, got fat-rgo to tbo butcher
shop and* purchase,It by .tbo'pound.-'
Let tho play.- be ever.-so mirthful,
theater audiences nro.'generally' fouud
In. tlersi-sPhllndoiphlu Ledgor,
A member.who. attempts or' is
guilty1- of - fraud or*-'imposition •' ih'!
cpnnection twith ,,the branch shall
forthwith be suspended from ull its''
rights and privileges until a meet-'
ing of .the „ branch duly convened
shall- dotermino as to bis guilt and
the penalty i tlieroforj and any
momber who aids or assists anoth-i
er;in nny attempt to impose or do-
fraud tho-braneh,or refusos to give
information which the committee'
think in the, interest of the, branch
he ought to divulge, may on com*'
plaint lodged by the committee be
oxpclled from the branch by a ma*
Jority vote'of tho branch at any
speoial or annual meeting.
The, committee -shall have the
power of appointing a doctor to
attend specially to 'all claims' on
tho funds of tho,branch nnd may
fix his remuneration,
When in the. judgment of tho
ooard it is desirable to do so, one
or more hranohes may te .united
for such purposes as employing a
special    doctor or a paid visitor,
AU moneys of this branch in ex*
cobb of the sum of ono thousand
dollars shall he remitted to the
treasurer of the board to be by
him kept to the credit of the
branch,      *
Th* committee may by resolu*
tion and on,representation to the
board of the noed therefor, with* j
draw from the treasuror of tho
board any funds to its credit to
moot its necessities, The secretary.
treasurer of the branch Bhall only
disburse moneys by cheques which
shall first be approved by tho ocm-
...Ii.L<.*. <xiiu countersigned by the
Should it ht found at *ny time
that the income of the brunch is
not sufficient to pay its obligations, tho committee *h-.U have tho
power to call upon the m« uher* to
i'oj s.i.lii.i^'.ii. cottiiibut. ».,*, -omit
such time as the fund has become
sufficiently strong to again meet
the demands uoon it. And the
committee shair also have power,
should the necessities of any hene.
ficiary be not adequately met by
the stated indemnities, to order a
special assessment when and as
often ns is required to meet imc-h
ttftctmit-Uy, and by so doing remove
any pleas for charitaMe contribu*
tions from members of the I ranch
on behalf of the beneficiary.
igbf,*k percent., difference, be-.,
iweeh the highest rate ..of
interest paidby an ^institution borrowing- from the
public'and the!irate a Chartered bank pays its depositors..i- Rut for this.srhaU differ-;
ence in rate trie depositor 'gets", the; protection of-^ the
Canadian Banking Laws and at^tne ;same"time'/th^ money.,
is placed Where it is readily available on demand,- either
the whole or any part of it, any time it'asked.'for.
• n ■.)'■•
W. C B. NAHSON, Ngr., Fertile, B.-C.
,:" A'TrleW With Domlnos.'
The performor liflkH the 'midlenco to
n'liitcli tho blocks of a sot of donilnos
ho that tho nuinbors lulil togetlioi* cor-
rospond. While this Is'being done he
Il'iivos the,room. Returning., he announces, tho number of spols on tho
twoond blocks.
Solutlon.-^Tlio performer'Hcci'otly^ro*
iiiovch n liloclt' boriflng no doublo iiiim*
Wc will receive'subscriptions
to The District Lodger at
the rate of -
One Dollar a Year
Wc want to double our list
of subscribers. Seize the opportunity and get the paper
lior of spots, Tlio riiiiiil>'>r of spots on
thin block miiHt Im tlm ond numhm'i*. on
tho set.   To ovoid detection it Is nd-
.....,.,,4,   iv «..,.>>.n<.   >"<-   i/ivca.   I».iv«  mil
trlok 1n to Im rniw-ntr.iV lu thn nnwn 11-
liiBtnitml tho nco-troy plnco wns nt»-
(itnictod, nml tho cuds woro rcspcctlvo*
ly ace and trej-.-Wnslilngton Star,
"  What Next?
".'.'.,... ,,„, B. j.irti.,,* ijiviil Xu XibO,
An a clilM, lior mnmma »txU\,
"Now, be iiir« nnd ilon't forgret—
Illow the cnnille out, my petl"
When your mflmtna wn* n tot,
Mnny thlnRH »na oft
fin. when mmnnin wcnl to boil,
Then her mninwia tn h«*r until,
■ "Now-, Kn mirix nml i»,in'f r<>rj*f.*>t-.
Turn the g»e out. Ilttl* |**U"
N'mv, whAn v?i* ptfit ifoivii t'l }')U,
!Ti»mm» hen ,'n tfll yrm ton,
Knt »he sn*«: "My -M>t, «<vxi rl«tit
TMn't forg«l th* *>l**etrie ll«MI"
-Omulia World-ll«r«tit
with all the news
Send   your   name
Manager   of  The
into  the
AU work done by
Competent   Workmen
upon the most
|Vfo**1'»»ir,»T'   Wn ••••M!«!■■"»**3*
in the most
Improved   Methods
Phillip Carosella
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Sboes
. Gent's Furflishiflgs
WINE   CO.   Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct
importers of
1        POMMERY '       ,
Sola Amenta in East Kootenay for
'."ArEK   '
y  ♦;♦•
I Fernie Lumber 1
t ■■ ♦
|       Co., Ltd;       *■
S'MDL\ridNNI-fiRll; :PKs.-1 Gn.:IVsr.
Y •■ .   .-   -  4 T8	
y   y'". -."■,'v
X '.  " Jfinniactiarereofand
Y       , Oeaierein     '   ■
Rorj^h & Dree8ed Lmaber
v •'" Dimension' & Bridire Timber
*      ; Piling, Moulding,, Lattis, ■
X .      .,; ,;Shtagle8, _and Jieg.
.1 ■ ),','.  .,-. I
.i:     '.::."■     ,■..,*'-, a'.
All Orders Promptly Attended/
y. *•?•>•* •* to' -"    ■'-* '■''■:^
Tel; 3
rernlc, B. C.
FERNIE, 2314—Pres., J. T. Puck* •
* eyj Fin. Sec, Thos. Biggs.
HOSMER,     2494—Pres.     G.     C.
Colo; Seo. Wm. N. Held.
MIOHEL, 2334-Pres., Wm.    Col-
grehoun; Sec, Charles Garner.
COLEMAN,    2633-Pros.,     Henry
- Smith, Seo , Ww   Gtixhair.,
PRANK, 1263-Pres., Fred AUottj
See., George Nichols.
LILLE, 1233-Pres., T. Evans;
Sec, A. W. May.
BELLEVUE. 431-Preo., F. Lewis:
Sec, Fred Chappell.
HILLCREST, 1058-Pres., Robert
Livctt; Vice-Pres., J. Lagace;
Sec, Harry T. Cooper
LVNDBRECK, 2275-Pre».    Hers*
chol Kayo; Sec, Geo Thos. Wright.
WOODPECKER, 2200-Pres., W.
R. Hughes; Sec, John Fletoher.
MORRINVILLE, 2378-Pres., C.
K. Richardson; Seo., J. Matin*
Sec, T. Entvristle,
CANMORE,   1387-Pres;     A.     J.
Thomas; Sec James Clyner,
BANKHEAD, 29-Pres., Wm.
Fisher; Sec, F. Dyson.
TABER, 102—Pres., T, Boyle;
See., Wm. Murdock.
LETHBRIDGE, 574—Pres. B. G.
Hamilton; Sec, Charles Pea*
TAUER, IUMJ—Vxet., Alt, Roberts; Seo., Robert Doodson.
CITY MINES. 2240, Edmonton—
Pres., T. James;.
STRATHCONA, 224B—Pres., John
Saint; Sec, Jas. Poole.
Strathcona—Pros,, Jas. Cherl*
er; See., Neil Me Corm.ek,
BUSH MINES, 2650, Edmonton—
Pres., Cbas. L, Bryce; Sec,
MERRITT-Pres.     Frank     Steel,
See. Thomas Calvert.
Presidents and seeretarUs <who»«
names do not appear on this list
tare requested to forward them to
| this offlee for insertion.-
j   Continued inquiries reach tu for
' the foregoing Information.
k FERNIE.. B. C.', APRIL 13th, 1908.
8b*9bMct mm \&fj&^
Issued   ev
age out of town should j-e,-£. ,££-£*. c'riti«.-ir*i (?) "published    as
P^ to bisa.-unfortunat^as.t^au- jj-fflt^ ^teff.nas el-'
ected an alderman by a-majority
'twenty-five - ovfer cal. politdciaai
sation with, one^ or'two^kb,.*^ j-~ tUe O-0-.*P-    :
MATTER. OF the estate
Notice • is .hereby given .'that all
creditors \ and*,    others .:,:. naving
claims 'against the' estate -of\ " the
said   Damiani"   Assuiita Passerini
> 'a    ti»m«nt. *mut i» auia    transcontinental   'train-   t» km J-  'It is,small wondw.. that, the cap- j J*6**^ ,d^°of! Match? lSofare
  "  " '   "" '   M of    May,   1908,   to   send-by post
to'Mr. L." P.
Page" 1, 4,* and-S-ftMny at 10ft. m,
Legal   advertising   12 cents per -nonparrel
line firlt insertion, 8 cents per line each subsequent insertion.
Bate* for contract advertising on applica
tionat office of publication, Pellat Ave.
Address all communications  to the Manager, district Ledger. :
oii the-condition of the workers of j ar0und fori some; means    .
those using such informa- j to che^ the propaganda work ot
tion    'must have'an overwhelming  the Sdcialistsr* hThe\,mpyement
desire to make a good case out a I assuming^ dangerous proportions,
bad'one.    '-.-•■•' • j The Capitalists, are not expect-^ to
, Dunsmuir with his ' usual blunt-,
ness lets the cat eat. fit th-\2»6.»
cheap labor is, what is wanted; it
is outrageous that the wage"slaves
of this province should fare sumptuously on pie and meat as dayly
provender to the tune of--a dollai
■per day, with another dollar and
a half to provide amusement and
clothing and shelter, when Chinks
Japs  and Hindoos can fatten on
-I fifty or seventy-five-cents per day;
'.that they are prone to diseases of
THE   IMMIGRATION   PROBLEM i horribie character, and live in 61-
 - jthy  habitations  as  their  natural
- A great deal of confusion has pre* «^^^^&£
vatel in the past through ing, ^^1^ the good health
sponsible immigration agents in ™\ community, does not seem
Great Britain . literally dumping .of ^J^^-n? their value as
the, unemployed of all d*"^ »P« i ^ftLir meekness     and low
Canadian territory. Sometime*
this has occurred simply because
the agent was-unscrupulous, and
•iust seeking all the .commission ho
could mount up, but many more
times being moved to do so by,tne
influence oi the anti unionist manufacturer, who wanted to flood the
;iabor market in' order to bring
down wages.
The case1 is very clearly put by
Mr W R. Trotter, British representative of the "Canadian Trades
and Labor Congress." in a lecture
he gave recently before the Portsmouth Trades and Labor Council,
standard    of living quite balance
all their defects.   That Trades Unions, are trying to keep others off
their berry   patch; is' not: e*tra0*-
dinary,     when   we    consider  how
many    of   them . are    subscribing ,
from their -own' scanty, store, some |
little substance to those who have
nothing.   Unlike little boys on the
berry    patch, laborers have     not
the wherewithall to produce,     all
the little boys required a bucket,
i the berries are already there;   but
meat and vegetables * do not grow,
on trees, nor do boots, clothes and
houses*  the laborer must have    a
job, if he has no job, he. can only
sit£ idly by '.while'.we/undermine
their wails .under otheir; very] eyes.
Their press will continue its conspiracy.- of silence whenever Socialism gains a "victory, .andL.will
loudly proclaim ever failure, from
a'mucilageless postage stamp toa
discredited ,,'town council experimenting ,in street railroads as a
complete defeat of socialism.
Their policeman's club will be
ever uplifted with "many handed
sway" to rid the times,of hot air.
ag-italtors. Their supreme cour-
will continue to tie the awakening
•Worker in a tangle of constitutional law, and the jpostal regulations will be used as a means to
suppress socialist literature; but
all this will avail nothing against
a class-conscious working class;
the times are "ripe for a change'
and the'change must come.
i prepaid "or ■ deliver
[Eckstein, .of Fernie,, E. C, solicitor for, the' administrator,-their
christian and surnames, addresses
and' descriptions,.the' full particulars of their,claims', the statement
of their accounts* and'the; nature
of their securities, if any, held   by
them.  ' ",    ',,"'   ''''.",    ■- ' y. .'.
And     further -take notice that
after suh last .mentioned date the
said administrator will proceed to
distribute   the     assets of .the deceased among the parties entitled
thereto, having regard only to the
claims of which be.shall "then have
had notice, and that the said tyd*
ministrator-will not be liable for
the said assets or any part thereof
to any person or persons, of whose
claims notice shall not have.been
received , by'him. at the time r of
such, distribution.
Dated   this, 2nd     day of,April,
1908. .■'.-* *   -
, Solicitor for the 'Administrator.
After being unconscious for
three weeks, the death" occurred
Sunday morning of Chas. Li'ndsey,
father of G. G, S. Lindsey„K. C,
president of the ' Crows Nest. Pass
Coal   Company,' aged  88.*     Mr.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
government lots in the townsite of
Hosmer will be offered for sale by
auction at the Lock-up in Hosmer
at ten o'clock in the forenoon,
railway" time, Wednesday, April
22nd.     -.,*■■''
Bids below "the upset price will
not be received.    p -     '
Terms one third cash, one. third
/three quarters of an acre under
cultivation in West Fernie. There
is a Plastered House and other
buildings on the Premises.
.Will be sold cheap and on easy
.payments.   ;
"After showing that-the assertion, get the necessities of life . through   wuitti       ^     	
some English newspapers as to  charity.'  In. every, town in British .    g2()      t   j^-coin    H'.ig-
... v^-n„Vn Trades Unionists in   r„inn,v,i«..there  are hundreds  out!ud1/    '   t.__ '     _.    ..     ■'   ,0,.°A
Undsev had,been failing • physic- lst o{ UovenVber; 1908, and , one
ally since his return from here last |thirdlst 0f May, 1909, with in-
winter.     Deceased was born Feb-.
Real Estate and Insurance Broker
there being no Trades^Unionists^   C?l«bU^^a»j^^ ,^ ^ to Canad, in.. 1844,
thoTe"wCare working-.If     the when hejo-ned   the   staff--'  ♦'«
Canada   was     not     correct,
Trotter explained how,, success had
attended the Dominion's efforts to
keep out the'Japanese.* The ob]e:t
Crow's   Nest   Pass Coal Company
acc„ , —- ,or any  other company is willing
of  the Dominion government was j to i&>fr their workmen when    they
to get a white population for   its
immense territory, but it was not
■ mechanics , or   artisans.that were
- required.    The   Dominion  government-,,-only ,required.-.-those. 4 who
' would settle on the land, ^such. » as
farmer's," farm " laborers, - or other
.    agriculturists,    and domestic   servants.   He quoted figures to show
that" although for last year there
had been an increase'in emigrants
had been a decrease of over" 10,000
in homestead    entries."The great
mass of the great,town emigrants,
artisans; etc., would not settle on
the land.   They,crowded into  the
great towns where there never was
and never would-be likely to,be
employment Jor ;them.v Mr.jTroti
ter{cbmploi-*t»d strongly bf-the/sys*
tematic misrepresentation adopted
,   by certain agents in England    to
induco.axtisans ,to ,go,-out, and he
mentioned    some,,   deplorable .instances of it, in which skilled or-
tisons'were led'to go but" under the
promise of. constant wbrk:»adhigh
wages, found, on their arrival that
they could get neither.., The Canadian" government was prepared to
paV a bonus of a pound a'head for
the   class, of, people,'they require^
namely,     agriculturists;    but the
agents in   England   induced artisans to say they would settle, on
the land.   Emigrants of this kind,
howevever,    were    crowding    the
jrdj0.t towns.   Naturally the manu-
acturers encouraged 6uoh class of
are out of work, there is not a
man in Fernie would raise a hand"
to hinder them from, bringing the
entire surplus- population of rBri-
t'ain over here. But we must protest against ,the wholesale. misrepresentations which induces men
to come to a country in search of
work, Iwhen.thousands"are idle, in
that country. The impudence . to
exploiters of, labor, /till recently
pnrnllf>lftd by the impudence of the.
worker.   The workman has roused
of the
Examiner, founded by Sir Francis
Hincks:, In 1849, with the Hon.
William- McDougall.    Mr. I-indsey
terest from lst of May, 1908. A
fee of $10 will be charged for each
Crown grant when issued.
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for the Southern Division of East
him from his stupor a little and-is
making* some effort to checvl undue
immigration. More strength to
his arm.. , • -."■
' ■—■*■ o , ■
arranged for the publication of the
North    American,    which,   four
years later'merged with tlie Globe'
Deceased,edited the Examiner till
1853 when he, became editor of,the
Leader, continuing in this capacity
till 1867, when,-owing to ill health
he resigned to accept, the; appointment,', Hon... John .Sa:i-
fieldMacDonald, registrai,of deeds
for 'foronto, retiring in,^9I)6T ;,„; --
*'"'-In:i'860- thciate; Jlf.^Lir.dsey
was sent by the goyerninenf to the
Westefn'-'States-.and-vwroJ*tV 'The'
.CranbPook, 30th March, 1908 14
'. The sea serpent was at one,time
a very saving ■ subject during dull
periods ih ,newspaper4om;. but today the sea serpent'seldom raises
his hideous head from -the abysmal
depth of. the blue .and'restless;, the
fates,'however, glancing with pitying; eye. upon, the .harassed Bub-
editor, have, conjured up, to .glad*
den his heart and fills his columns
when news is short, another hydra
headed monster which presents its
portentious   presence ^ periodically
in the form of scare headlines the
most favorable of which are: "Socialists Turned Down," and <'Town
Destroyed' by Socialism." Not    bo
anxious,    however;   ore' the news-
to   use this subject when
m"»"'» '-•""■i— —~ I—..-Tj papers to use tnis budjoc-. wocu
immigrants, for reasons that could £ Jy returns herald large gains
be well understood.   Canada was ajin th4| Boclrj!st vote.,   . ■?
The recent municipal election
shows socialism to be in a flour*
ishing condition in the States. In
Milwaukee this is most pronounced.
Seidel, the Socialist candidate for
mayor being only 8,247 behind
Boss, Democrat, elected, and beat*
ing the 'Eepublioan b*y -over, a
thousand. Tho Socialists also elected nine aldermen. Ross was elected on the wide open town platform and all the powers of graft
and vice were lined up for him, bis
viotory was hailed with Joy by
ouUhSt and millionaire and -ele-
brated In all I rands of "wet
goods" from stale barrel house
beer to Mums.*. Extra. Dry,
Chicago while not successful In
electing any candidate shows a
material increase over the fall ef
splendid country," with a great future before it. They must have a
population to open up, the coun*
try, but, it must be an agricultural
population, and not an industrial
one. There ■ were only a very few
great cities where industrial trades
wero carried on, so that there was
really no "demand for artisans. As
proof ot this the lecturer mentioned that last October in Toronto
563 unemployed signed on the register at the Unemployed Temple in
two and (V half hours. They included carpenters', painters, engineers,
fitters, and several other trades,
The lecturer explained that unauthorised emigration agents were
responsible for all this mischief,
and he complained especially of
the Salvation Army methods, At
the presrmt time the latest reports
showed that in Toronto the unemployed numbered 7,500, and in
Montreal 3,500; and further Wost
the condition was quite a« bad. It
wob the object of capitalists to ^
shift surplus populations to various parts, It was the duty of:
Trades Unionists to put a stop to!
this wholesale Importation of.
ch?ap labor. The unemployed;
problem of this country should be!
dealt with on the spot." '.
Prairies "of "the.Western'^tates',
in answer to a volumebyJas.'Caird,
Ml P., prejudicial to Canada. In'
'52 he riiarried " Janet,y«'-reldest
daughter.. of William XyoiV' Mackenzie and in 'oYwrote '-'The Life
and Times of Mr.'.MacKexlzie."
He twice reported for. the! government on the Ontario boundaries.
Mr. Lindsey's'literary and newspaper career was"' extensive:' ; He
wrote the first leading article for
the Mail on its,publicationjn.J.72.
He also wrote leading articles in
the Canadian'Mohthly, and for'20
years contributed to the Monetary
Times. When the Royal Society
was organized Mr.■■ Liudsey, was
one of. the first appointees.
During the period of his residence iii Fernie the late Mr. Liudsey enjoyed comparatively fair
health for one of his advanced
years and was actively engaged in
liter iry labor; and the preparation
of his Inst historical work
up to the time of his departure.
He lived a very quiet life in this
city being an omniverpus render
and. close student of current events
as well a prolific author. Mr.
Linclscy's demise removes another
NflTICE is hereby bivpti Hint on ♦h» XMh
°™v-of mSnh. W«. IT WAS ORDEREl)
said Court.,.l-hut Jnme« Eereupon ArmRtro-ng.
Official Administrator in and for that, portion
of the County of, Eai>t Kootenav. included in
the East Kootenay Electoral I-ivloion.ho ad-
Tate of JoHN RYMATTJIKTorfMioiielr.n^P*'
Province of British Columbia,- deceased, intestate   " ','-..
Every creditor or other rernon havine anr
claim iipon;.rintero«t in the distribution or
the Estate of the (.aid decea-ed is ™qnired to
send-ne'ore the snth day of April   WB. bv
ro«istered letter, addreraed to |he nnder*i**neo,
his name and address and the full reticular*;
of his claim or inte-est and a statement of
his acoonnt.- and the nature.of the seourity li
any held by him.   ,     ,       ,.,„,..-   -.■•-.
' After the said last mentipned date th-* Ad-
ministrator will proceed with tliediiMbutf on
of the estate, -hayinf regard tp jhose claims
only of which he shall have hafl notice.;  . '
Dated at Cranbrook this Kith day of M*roh,
A.D. 1008.,   ,..,,   , -.  .„•   - ,'    ,.•/-'. ""   ■-
Official Administrator.
H o t e I
|king:s hotelI
.♦a "        .-    -*-;•-"-  -
>   - ■       Fernie," B. C.
* ■ -•■■•>
*:♦ - , "-y
***■ c *•*-
♦> Bar,-Bupplied*.with choicest of .>
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Dining Room in connection f
IN THE'MATTEa OP the estate
"     o! Edward Van Buyten,   late
of Fernie, B." 0., deceased: .
Notice is hereby given that all
creditors and others having claims
against the , estate of the said
Edward Van Buyten, deceased,
who died on or about the 9th
day of February, 1008, are required on or before the S3rd day
of May, 1008, to send by post,
prepaid, or deliver to Mr. Eckstein, ot Fernie, B. C,, solicitor
for the administrator, their
Christian and surnames, addresses
and , descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, the state*
mont of their accounts and the
nature of their securities, if any,
held by them.
And further take notice that
after ouch last mentioned date
the said administrator will pro*
ceed to distribute the assets     of
~ Everything ,,
r . Up-to-dato .
Bap Unsxoelied
Hli White Halp
1  ,v--' **-       ,   1 I
'  ^aSI .In arid
See us once
♦?.   ■'•" -       Proprietor.
?»_*_"!»*.*  -St—m.    m. " aft     a*k     *     A     "ft     •-   ♦- Jo\. .♦.»♦- Jk*.£m^*m*A*a9a*1-
of the pioneers who were conspic* the deceased among parties   en*
UpperoS5f * thC de8ti"ieS °f ^^.W%^^
The Dominion Exhibition will be
held in Calgary thiB year on June
inn.t-i-iui ..•».*«»- v.- .— -   20th to JuY °th'   Lo°    °
ectionsUanrfrom ■maUtTeltUii nil 1 particulars later.
over the country comes reports ot
considerable increase. Even Battle
Creek, Mich,, the home of Clw?.9y
PoBt, president of the ^itimi-i' Al*
An employee ol the Baker Lumber Co., Waldo, was killed Tuesday laBt by being struck with a
piece of g,as pipe with which he
was trying to put on a belt.
then have notice, and that tbe
said administrator will not bo
liable for the said assets or any
part thereof to any person or
porsons of whose claims notice
shall not have been received by
him at the time of such distribution.
Dated this 23rd day of March,
Solicitor   for   the Administrator.
The Hotel of Tcrnlc
Tbe centre of Commercial
and Tourist Trade
CaUlno  Unoxcelled
Every attention to the
travelling publle
Rooms reserved by wire
T. H. Whelan
Mana-aer     '
The     Hon.      .Tnrne.i    Dunsmuir,
Lieutenint-aovernor     ol    British
rr.lmv'Mi   Vi<\*l Vltwri   -ill*>*;•*!   fl!.   finV- *
Jn<? that what this province meds is,
cheai labor, 'i'ixe t«e«j ite.» ot
Ottawa, Iron, which we clipped nn
Article last week informs the East:
on the authority of a gentleman:
ju«t returned from British Colum* |
bin that there is a shortage ol .a*>
bor in this 'j.rovince. Itie J-'j**,
Fress also quotes that article on!
the labor question in Canada re*,
produced in The Fernie Free Fr*>*J*i
come time ago. We remem'jer one!
particular phase in that arti'le, i
The writer who was a special c*>r* j
mpondMtt to a WeNh P{.r><"r,     'n !
\Free from
Since May, 1033, Aycr'a £ar
saparllla ha^ been entirely (Yeo
from alcohol. H you arc la
poor health, weak, pale. nery-|
oub, ask your doctor about tal.*
Ins this non-alcoholic t;«.; ai.a
alterative. If he has. o better
medicine, take hla. Getth-jbt;^
T.'.'Fv ,ef f ■■■"'i"'
•5*5 t'nv <••( NcNi.ii, In n wdl kmiIciI no
*.}> hiiliillvlilcd till* Ifti-m inln hMcre blnck
V.i -iiilo nn cumv icrniH,   Tlie Ihi*iiIhmi n[ 1
Ai •♦» •*}
t«» V..-.I.S »>oV
IJ»'*.IC,    ,,
W««r|* JfM to
Mntalt y*ur
Km\w few motnlifi na-n wo imrclinflcil Hiinriilm' llnnrli, n fnMii nf
1     " - -        '  \ portion of llitnllnrlct,   Wc Iimvh
•, snd wc nre offcrhm I. cm for
„ „ Iila turiu U cmilleii.; It Ih rlo-c
to iho 0 1' II N.I...0.' »i UriinUc, tht'rn Is n gnmlIwliftftl In •hi'.iii-
& uu'iltntc vlclnltv, ami tin* Oovim nincnt wnirnn jviiil from -V'""" ' ,,h
^ !Vl,,!!»:J. .r.".\.:.:     0|| nfCl)U„t 0f lt» clo-o proxlinliy to n,t»i*lvlni*
, i     I    . ,,.rf  .,*.pr.i.i->*irt1"  rnntitlv   IMCrom*..
\txx\t noil vctotnlilo fnrm.or A
Jl* clilfUoii rnncl.. 'ii.crc iV'nlwiiye nn excellent iinivkct lor »i.»ttiin«
W nl'Miix llmw Wwa In KvlMin, m-fl nt times v«ry hl»h |iri«m insy 1«. oh-
Iii tninc...   The \ttt\ti ii r.*>\ hntt\ to c\e»n A eood worker conlil clear oH
e grff-n tlmhcr. Tlicrol«n linoHtrcnm
e fiuhdlvliiloti.    'l lio lot* nro flliiati'il
within n qtnirtcr of « n-iic ot tne Kootwifij i.w-i.^itK.ww.*)
rlncHt n»inliow Trent fl«»iluir In to hi, hnd.
throitirli tlm |ii'n|ic.rty,
*'» T.iW I*' ii ••) •.n.-Uil Vicntl'.M (ov n
»M IHHIl.'.. i '■>    .,.■.■..-   ..-   ■     	
ft* nnd luivc n crop tin* flr»t ucn'on.
W clenrly oppn, very Ilitlo ••nmllng
y> nf xriitcr  rnnnliff tlirontrh th'e i
A tluiclih liver msins a coiled tongue,
■ bid brestn, mil cotunpatcd bo*,-*.'.*i.
speaking of r^nte, said li. ,», i-t- |fJSli«««W«
fortunately for him th* •rj.ta tW \ y?amdoaMl1 this Is BM a iOOolBStrert
the dog kennel like eb«v. in which r.%TOaJf?do8W
..     *»•«»   •a/trVor*   ar*   •all!'*)"'   to „ T  .    ... - . •-   -.J_..< *a>.u	
•o    many workers are wlll'n* to
pats their lives In order that they
MtOirHnr ■■ 'rrr*urt-*,j****tt-
■JrMflCthaw it miii P«r -iri,' «id t'*n strsngotho
tcrmi In vi»rv enny |i«ymniit# to stilt pwrchsscrt".
Fruit Land* and Real Haute, Box 61. Nalaon, B. C.
*} S. P. Wallace       Prop. ^
Coai..-CoaI mliilnn Herhtr. nur. «•• Iuam«1fnr
a (Srloii of twentyone voiirjB«J »fl. "»nA"/i
| vonl mlniiil.
'     |0«Al« A OlHtmt*« «»■>«'•**•
Tlio txiti tut reoonUnn h oIhIhi u *<V
■Acb vir or PAtil »•• th. mlnlua wr-onl;r (»>
Mmi tli* rent,  Wlmn HH«h»» Men •ipena-iJt o»
4,„i»fr, *».♦« n>tf<tin«n Mid l»nil*H»l Mfurre,
' Th« P»t«nt ptovMm tor tti« i)»ynin»t nt a
|l.l*..j-W.'j**«-'""l I'Tl ..»• >Mi-„
PMCKA mining cUlm» gentrAlly nr» lft. fwt
«c,nar«; ontry fee tft wnewAWe yuMly,
An »DiillcAnt wai oM«ln t*o h»»*« «*
th<i llinUUr of IJia luUrlor
Tbe l«-«^»l'!»^I»^^f;^ tUVUSX.
Well furnished rooms
'   T«blo -supplied with tho host
Bnr btockod with boat of Winos,
Llquorfl und Cigars
viiiiin one MAton f*vm the e*te of tn* '■»•*
nrte ofTp«r eent coll.fu3 on tbe output At-
Ur tt »«c««<l» ♦le.oi'O'        	
D»p«ty MlnUUr of tbe loUrlor.
i> ■*•*•**> <
SP\t VD TBNI*KU«.' AclilrMaiwI In llm imdnr*
At thU oltici. un II HAtiintny, April M. *»«.
Iii(jIii*Iv«iv. for the nonnlrnrllon of a IleAtlng
ii*.t"in for the 1'utiilo HiitUHng At Vhikoi-vbi.
Viinu mul .iitn'ltUiAtlnnii run he »een »r\<\
t,\iulV limit ot.Uln«|ion am.«»J|y«|»*
thin Iii*imrHii«nt. frinii Mr. JV. Hiiniloixni,
Hu|>eriiit«ndlii> ftr«*«t, Vl«t<r.H«,lie,,,«n«l
frnm  Mr. CherUfJ Ton.oll, Clerk of ^orKu,
[ * V^'Ctirle* *w nolifleit tbst lendm
netii»l aUiii'tUlUt,
eiuler m
cli»ou« ... -
«».•. ««,.^->,?!,.tr.'„ WttMS'to etiler Into a eoiilr«el -*"*V JmVi'5
nMiiodo n or If tie full to eomplete ih*»
XI IMueo'lr. If th. tender le not
A^epted the elieqne will he#»»""•■?«„,, tft
The l)ep»»«ni»nt doei not bind Itnelf to
ercept tbe loweet or Any tenner.
By Orfer
rmO. 0EI.THA8,
Aug l-trt-ftn.   UepArtment ot x'xitiXxe Worki,,
1 OttAWA. MAreb It. U0A.
„ v»ttf *nni *•**» 1*1*1 for ttiUAilver-
.    .. .. -...*.-... Aatboriiy
Read The Ledger iSIfeff""""'
.*  ,H
■fiSh7e"X' mnrt l*,M««»Wjj4 '*'Vi '\\
"."v." to m ni.lV"«f the Slonpurnble tli* r)|
wm^mmmmmtimtmmmmim ■tl .-".
Official  Organ of District NO.  18, U. M. W. of A.
FERNIE,   B. C,   APRIL 18TH,   1908
If it is possible ! for-your_ local
'1 union   to.   be      represented, ■>" you
:\ shoved by .all. means, send a dele-
i gate to toe Joint Convention* ,"iou
L j-will, find enclosed a  credential to
'•j be-;- filledKout; and. forwarded with
; your.-, delegate. ' The'"', credentials
y. j    ■.. ,4-     .       .•„ ,,       .' will be tao.en.up at the(convention
* "•  am* *     I"• . i in-Toledo, by the  Credential com-
8llU)t,al>f.t\    and  minPIX   IR    Ollllimittee.     Headquarters will be  at
Wp«ltllUli - UIIU. millCI»   III JUHU the Bood    and*st   tharles hotels.
■ ■    ...    .- ■ .-,,.| ,.-,..".
p-  We realise that, a great deal   of
rexpense    has"' "been    incurred this
,,\, .,' .    , _■ -,  iyear in attending conventions but
-,,,,"'. =■ believe ,the importance  of the In-
Official Call  ' ".. terstate Joint Convention, to    be
,.S-    '    -..''iV    »     •, a   torto  held  at Toledo,' will'justify     the
, Indianapolis, Ind., April 6, 1J08 ■ members , o£  your iocai union in
The operators and miners of .west-1 sending a delegate. . Representa-
ern „Pennsylvania,. Indiana, J)hio ! tion to, the convention will be as
and Illinois*' ''provided in the international con-
., - „ .. '-'.v     .' -.'        .:";■."- .*..->.■.   . I stitution,,    -...,'....-,..;,.-%.; tl.    .;.,.,.   -,,.i
Gentlemen: At;a meeting of'the;    With the h6      that we may be
operators'   and miners represents-1 jjj-jie.   to  secure  a  wage contract
tives  held   at Indianapolis, ■ Ind., } that will be reasonably satisfactory to ,our members, we are
>   ...     Fraternally yours,
T. L. Lewis," President.
3   ,. W. D. Ryan, Secretary
'"   on  .this, .the sixth day,of April",
1908,  it was unanimously agreed
in Joint conference that a call   be
issued for an Interstate Joint [ Con-
'A-t vention of the central competitive
> Field,-to be held in Toledo, Ohio,
on  Tuesday,   April,  14; 1908, beginning at, ten o'clock, a.m. „
- Thie purpose in ..thus re-establish-,
ing the interstate joint movement
•is to formulate a scale of prices to,
be paid for mining in the various
fields  in  the     states1 named  and'
take .   up    for consideration <• such
other   matters    as may   properly
,come before  such  an ,,, Interstate
meeting. <-.■...
'-■The operators''and miners';rep-
resentatives of Illinois are not
bound .by the terms of this call,
but;we cordially: join in the hope
that the operators,, and .miners., of
Illuiois'will -be represented in,the
interstate Joint" Convention, which
_■ ,   is to be held on the'date named.--
I'''':On behalf ptthe,.operators:- .   -^
!',G.-\W. Schluederberg-'"''" ''-1'.""..
,'.;John.H.„Jones ^
"H. L; .Chapman rV
J. J. Roby
-J-,—CV-K olsem^- - ■'^~"
■ Tne Kditor does nc,it hold' himself* resp.n-
bi'lu.lur opinions exprt-jsjeil by cont..|.uu-
uei.U iu.tlitue columns.
Editor District Ledger
Dear  Sir—Allow  me  a few  lines'
Defense of United States Not
up to Standard
John   Explaining   Why His Paper
'      -Did NOT Come Out.    '
..  ■*
.* * •
..THAT Meik'le's '   4 page theatre
programme gave a write up of the
in your ■valuable newspaper to let , (<No Mother to , Guids Her„:
the public'at large know of some . / .,;,,. , ,.t - , ix • .-,, .,
of the conditions that exist in this  and sa.d,that-it was better    than-
great coal      company-    town   ., of
Michel.    We   have   in    this town
about  400.coal   company  hovses
and   shacks  for- which the '   coal
company receive-the sum of $1.00
per month    sanitation from  each
householder'-. and    fifty   cents per.
•month. "■ sanitation     from     these
shacks, making 'a total of    about
$300 per month, out of. which the ha d    shooting* neighbors' cats^n
sum of ,?75 per month salary   for —* s       & ■ c-
the, average r plays that .i-ohie to'
Fernie. "It is a pity that George'
would , so, foolishly, "write up" a
play that was one of the most degenerating that -has . „;been
this way.
,. "' ,.***■
.THAT   the., party who  was  so
The Bankhead* C.. C: held \their
meeting on Sundayi April 5; President Morgan in-tne chairv The
minutes of the previous meeting
were read and adopted. Secretary
Higgins made his report oh work
done since the meeting of March
29ta. Expenditure for cricket
tools if75; :cash received up to
date, April 5, ?46. The president,   takes     much   pleasure
.vb^;1- *-~-iejtA*v£
J. H. McClelland.
*"* **, -■ i - .i *«,'
On .behalf of miners:. |
James S, .Clark   •   "„
Wm. Green  ;
one man to take away the whole
of "the garbage ' from Michel, [ I
will quote you ,soiue .of the: con-
ditions-''-thatt*lexis-i.*'in- regard? to
sanitation at this great coal company-town ■ of«Michel-*so''as- to-give
,ouf health officers of. this constitii-
ency a show to get it remedied. It
;used,to- always- be- customary. -,- for
the    earbaere   man    when he was
W **<VZ.>r" %\. ^444^'.^.-4ft4 . . ^-j^V».,.^»^-14-.HA4^1-*4"^4A*T,j.l._
"travelling "arounurai ver-g*ar uug^e-to-
carry, some chloride of limet .along.
W.. B. Van tforn  „- ____.
m *a*-ir1'**!U»fvrt-"l
Sunday last should remember that
there, is a law against discharging
firearms in the city limits. - Anyway " it | is a- cowardly" trick to
shoo't. a cat that happens to'stroll
into*youryard. Remember' Mr. B>-
that! your o wn dog is very noisy
at times..   , -  »• ,..,-.
•'■,"*; IfVX,,
. D. M. Curry.'
Patrick .Golden   AiW
On behalf of joint conference:
: T. L. Lewis, chairman.
. W. D. Ryan, secretary. ..
: Patrick McBryde,* Ass. Secretary'.'
.    ......  ofnoiaTU-Oiroular-.-^4 ,
Indianapolis, Ind., April 7,  1908
To,; tbo isecretaries    of the „ Local
1 " Districts- Wosr 5, 6," 8, ,11 and
-    12, U.M.W. of A.
Greeting: - ■'•.--
At a- Joint conferenoehtld in this
city on AprU 6th and 7th, 1908,
it was agreed by a unanimous voto
of the operators' and miners' re-
£ resentatives to issue a call for an
iterstato.Joint^Coavention to be
held at    Toledo,   Ohio,   Tuesday
April 14, 1908, at ten o'clock, a.
You are requested to call a
special meeting of th«' local union
immediately to decide on-sending
a delegato to the Interstate Joint
Convention at Toledo, Ohio. Tbe
object of the Interstate Convention
is stated,in an official call which
„ is enclosed.
Blairmore. Alfa.
Funeral Director and
with 'hinv,.for ;to'. sprinkle^ in'' the
'water? ."closets^, of th**n.ii' But;
owing    co    the .   fact •_that either
.chloride  of lime, is too  expensive
or' else they, are • not making sufficient, profit -on, thejone..dollar.- per
month^ sanitati6nt■%heyKha:ve'■'',"   it
distributed^atiy~tor'the";last" six
months.   Now,  Mr.  Editor,'    you
can* Veadily'ilimagide the* condition
of these water closets, more especially the|eoal-, company's and the
Michel hotel outside water, closets
which have not been cleaned out
for "the last six "months..and are a
disgrace to humanity."   Also that
all * around-^the- town^-'-of- Michel
there are cesspools from which the
refuge water from, the, houses,'-, etc.,'
runs,   .ad has been doing'so' for "a
period of about flve,or six^ yearB,'
arid the consequence is that"; what
does not soak through    to     the
Michel creek is'running    over and
waiting; for ..the*, sun to-idry,, it up.
Also X might .state that what garbage   is being cleared up by the
one   man   employed so   to do 1b
either being, dumped into the mid*
die. of .the company town or else
being dumped on the public high*
way in the new townsite.   Also   I
might state that' there are a good
many more things that our health
officers need, to look after.'  Now,
Mr. Editor, this might    not   suit
some people,'but let me Bay    this
much, it is no use hollering about
a thing when it is too late     or
maybe when we have a smallpox
epidemic like last year, or a    ty*
phoid epidemic  and some ot the
residents of Michel at rest in tho
cemetery   from   the    result of tho
condition of the    town     in     re-
"gard to sanitation.   Hoping    that
this,letter will And room in your
valuablo newspaper, I remain
"   Yours respectfully,
Mieh-1, B.C.
• THAT he was. asked to make:a
personalv criticism on'a -certain
well 'known;" gentleman'" 'of' town,
but''n*e:':oniy''criticises where1 !,!'th'e
circumstances warrant it.       ,..  ..„
Washington, April 16— Pointing out
what he declared,to be the precarious
condition of the national deleiiBe of the
United States, both in thi> Atlantic aim
the Pacific oceans, Mr Hobson of AU
l>ania. in the house of representatives
to-dav made an earnest plea lor two
batlleshipsof 25,000 tons.displaceniviit
in addition to the two authorised by the
naval appropriation bill
Heeaid that a conservative estimate
would indicate that for the minimum
basis of security and safety in the Pacific ocean the United States should lay
down at least four bijr ship/a year for.
many-yearn to come, "uuiil Japan concedes to us what is inevitable—the
A*i erican control, of the Bea around
which our possessions are scattered."
Ab a minimum for the .Atlantic octan
the government should lay' down six
battle snipe a year, he said.       ,
The possibility or a conflict with Japan
was discussed at length by Mr Hobeon
He said it whs but perfectly natural for
Japan to aspire to dominate the commerce of China, the commerce of Asia
and of the Pacific ^ocean And, he
added; it was perfectly natural for
Japan to seek to control the policies of
China and-to attain supremacy in the
Pacific ocean, and to lead the yellow
race.toward a recognized supremacy in
the world.,
With regard to the great nations of
the white race, Mri Hobson said: "Jt is,
of course, clear to the Japanese stales-
men that America is the one great nation
kandiug.athwart of the realization of
these ambitions. It is true that America
onlv asks a fair chance and no.favors-
siiuplv the open-door policy in China—
but this policy'goes couuter to Japanese
ambitions." ,      .
..Mr.'Hobeon charged,that Japanese
spies, lmve beei. diligent and. active
throughout the Philippines, in our out-
.vine possession, throughout all parts
of America, in our forts, arsenals, ihip-
vards, and particularly.up and dm.'.,
the coast,along-the Pacific, in notiiiff
t.i.ft .demerits of America's - defeusejnid
mapping*, and efiarting^narborB. ana
approaches from the rear to our coastwise forts audio our.cities^. ,,...,.
'...''" o-.—■ "     . ',.   .
Vancouver, April 17—It is understood that Messrs. Mackenzie and
Mann, on behalf of the Canadian
Northern Railway, have made
overture for the purchase from Joe'
Werdies of his half interest in 20
in ,' coal locations on the Bear river in
thanking .the  public  of  Bankhead ^^ ckrib00.   Th6 C0arar<Jo.8
on   behalf    of the team  :cr  their * .,,-..
kind donation and assistknee. The ' comprise scores of, seams of bitum
inous coal adapted for coking and
steaming purposes.
Many of.    them. are said to  be
equal in size of those of the Crows
Nest    district,    assuring the exis-
Chas.    Hall   and John lScc-efon   tence of coal in almost inexhaust-
were appointed as a committee to ible     quantities.     The Bear river
team has used good judgment in
appointing MiUe .lie.nessy and J.
Eccleson as a committee, to handle
the subscription ^ist. Thoy are
certainly two hustlers,    o
interview manager ..Wilson alrout
getting a new> cricket pitcher. The
officers of the team have a pitcher
spotted, chey are only waiting the
sanction of the company.
The Socialist party of Canada
Local No. 17, held their meeting in
the company hall.' The attendance
was not so large as we would like
to, have seen it, but the few are
determining to go ahead.   , ■-    '      .
Things are becoming worse at
BajnlUiead from the work standpoint. The Bankhead Mines, Ltd.,
are„ only, running half  time;   they
'district is situated about 100
miles east of the Yellowhead pass,
which will be <.*the route of the
Grand Trunk Pacific and Canadian
Northern" Railways. The survey
of the-former road traverses a pt i-
tion of the coal belt.. The desire of
Messrs. Mackenzie and Mann to .
acquire an interest in the proposi-.
tion is regarded as ■ significant ' in
view of'their intention to extt-iid
their road to the Pacific coast as
soon as possible. Their engineers
will be in the field this summer to
locate a line westward from Edmonton to the Pacific coast with
terminals, in all likelihood in Bute
have also  started to lay the  out-  fal        midway    between here  and
side hands off
,Mr.. Fraser -.if Calgary ,;vos -
town last wee'x paying a visit1
some of his friends.
:'THAThe heard a man'insult one
of' the 1 Salvation "Army! ladies' on
Mrs. H. Brown has li'ft.for Banff
to open her restaurant which will
be run in the' old English style.
■ Messrs; John Eccleson, Tommy
Moland and W. Mathois will leave
shortly for a trip to the old country- ,
Prince Rupert.
Here is a challenge to the Scots
of Bankhead: that a tea~n- «.'f
Lanks will  play  any,.Scottish 11 ^
for any stakes they have' a ^1 ^V-ac^Mnt^'
to put up,  on the Bankhead football ground. •,.-   ".*.■•.
■ Bankhead' football'' 'club'-' -held
their first meeting on;April 10-at
Higgins     boarding,.* house., .There
',',;' PREFERENCE;' '.„,,...
A   mother   who   has'    once used
Baby's  Own Tablets  for  her  children will always use them for the
minor ailments that come to    all
little    ones.    The  tablets  are the
best medicine in the world for the
cure of indigestion, colic, constipa- °
tioni  'diarrhoea, teething"1,troubles
and  breaking * up 'colds.   And' the'
mother   has    the . guarantee oi a
government     analyist    that, this.
' no  poisonous, -,
Mr. Fred C. Haniahan, a prominent druggists of Portsmouth,
Va., says: "Fbr.the past six years
fea^r^^e«n^l^;^^ ^^-?®^1JSSSL
•jras, ,', passing' .the collection Tjox
ijipund.^Xhis.', /,'man",,thought", he
was smart,, but most of the people
that heard him felt like kicking
him into ,the'gutterj' only, he might
contaminate the mud.
: THAT he   feels -" deeply grieved
over the  non-appearance   of that
sheet of '"clean' English." Wonder
•why   the ■ second'   issue   does not
come out?
•     ,•   •   •
THAT he hopes the "clean yp°
day will not be overlooked by our
city. Why -should wc be behind
other cities?
oea Remedy.. It is a,great remedy
and one. of the best patent medicines on the market. I handle
some others for the same purpose
that pay me a larger profit,' but
this remedy is sure to effect a cure
and my customer so certain to appreciate my recommending it to
him, that I give it the preference."
For Bale by all druggists.
Gfllci, Vlriorln Sirce.
Pimm.' 6.i      Residence Plume jK
" Go to
Ihe Rimanski Kimanski Co.
,—For—  . _•
Groceries, Dry Goods
Boots and Shoes
West off Queen's Hotel
HOSMER,     B.   C
Morgan   was elected to the chair
The following officers were elected:
-,,',   ,  -,      - -■ •<- ■• ,*"     ■ *i-^,   ,-- -
Hon. Pres—L. Stockett.,   ...
;  Vice Pres—D. G. Wisson, B
Coon", D. Watson.'; ,"' l   '   "'".
r'Pres--J. Jackson. •" ""*
;   Vice Pres—A.-Watters.-*."'i.: ■'"'■■  '   *
Sec—Saem  Williams. '
Treas—J. Hargraves.
^-Capt-^-Sam Williams,,'
r Vice*Capt—Alex. Wuttens
Selection Com—H.* Morgan, C.
Jamieson, s S. Laird,,* G, Barber;,
.General Com—C. Jamieson, ; J.
Watson, J. Dunnigan, iW. Barclay,
F. "Charlton, HJ -Barclay, J. Wig-
giens. , .;* . i. -•■
• :■ t . '    ■humor;   ', '    ' r~V._
-Here./is a story of a IVrnieite
who 'purchased a suit tf clothes
from a Calgary peddler and quit
the camp without paying,for them
but * after twelve months or so
this same fellow came bock to
Fernie. One day this same peddler
met him.
Peddler—Look here Bill you were
naked and I clothed you.
Bill—Yes,'  you   wero a stranger
and I took you in.
, D. C. Corbin and E. J. Roberts
superintendent of the Spokane International lino with a party of
men arrived In our town Tuesday
night from which' point they left
for Macgilvery on Wednesday
morning on ,a surveying, expedi*
opiate or narcotic". Mrs., Wm;
Gay;'' St. 'Eleanors,' P.E.I.,- -says :
'.'I have used'-Baby's Own Tablets
with;the best results and know of
nothing equal to them for,.the cure *-
"OiT5>vUIJiaCil~rai*U— Dw *" "77>-- wi-aJ-OiF. •--—
do not feel safe' unless' I have , a.'
box of Baby's Own Tablets'in the;1
house." Sold by medicine dealers1
or, by. mail, at 2*5 ..cents-^a box from
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., .Brock..
jjviUe^Ont.,*..^   ,",tii,v;,.p-...,.,...   : ."
for the .arm, (jdrden, lawn or
l.pliiililr-.   approved   varieties
, ni .'reiiHoiiiilile prices
No wiiid.v-jijrents to imiioy, you
iluv -rtlrci't imd iib\ ncPBand
seeds thnt GROW
'BeeSum... b. 8|«ray Pompa,,
fj|*rnyln*.' material and
Cut Flowers   ;ri
Catalogue Free
. J. Henry
Greenhouse - 8010 WeBtmlnstor
„,    Rond, Vancouuor, B.C.
Ilftvin* decided to do/oto    -holr
'•**<H^H><J-^,f--MvH:v^<^ attention to Calgary retail
; business, and wholesale trades en*
ly, at other places, Tho Dominion
Meat Co., Limited, offers for sale
their ' large and proAtable retail
businesi at Cranbrook and Fernlo,
T^*1.*.    v.-r^*, ««*,««' *..v*i   .K'nll    ^•-4'*1,V
l.nhpd  nn-l very pronta^U,
Dray Sc Transfer
■^^.■jsjg -mr-rr-ririrrir.r, a i. .i' <
All kinds of
T^ m, ,^1 m* *~      mtfm J
Transfer Work
T. H. BROOKS      Prop.
P. O. Don a9i    Tel. 6
Turnover at Feraic $1,500
Turnover af Cranhrook $6,000
Monilily ||
Address all communications   to
Dominion Meat Co,
John Getting Ha.f Shot.
*   •   t' ■
THAT he is not giving this as
authentic news, but he heard a
rumor to the effect that John v«.s
goln-j lo take up his tesileioe ot
CalBftfy for th" future.
Victoria, April lfl—A general
meetin-r of the western branch oi
the Canadian Mining Iniititute
will be held at Rossland on Thursday ond Priday.-May 14 and 15,
when aovernl papers will be read
and discussed, and such business
as fchhii be tisou^uv .oi'Bkuu Xt'j
membtrs -will have consideration.
This will bs the stcond meeting of
tho branch, the Arst having been
held at Nelson, January 15 and 10
immediately following tbe organisation'of the.branch at that city
on the first oi those days. Mr. A.
B, W, Hodges, general superintendent of the Granby company,
is preiident ot the branch.
One Way
Colonist Rates
Sewer    Contracting
Foundation Work
■ n '.,:i„ pi tj«,
St. -loliiO
") ?i'2.! ^
Excavating of every description
Gardenlnnr and Window Cleaning
All work guaranteed Phone 151
JicHMfc on kale /Hpr. ixjxu, iV"fi
Corrcspondintslv low rnlci* from
intermediate points
Davis, Taylor, Stephens Sr. Thompson
P. O.   Box  492,   Fernie
Hammond &, Mcintosh
Kiectricu.31   Cojaira-ciinK
of    Every    Description
For IUIm, Hnerveliont snd eny in*
formsllon dtilrtd cr.ll on or write
D.P.A. O.T.A.
KeUon Winnlpi
Fernie, B. C*
i il"*4l,iniTMS">S?M?4atcwaM^ ■
-     LI
Quality Never Varies
Always the Same Rich Flavor
■  j>:^   '- THE
-TEA .'.
Blue Label 40c.', Red'Label 50o,
- and Uold ..libel 60c. per lb.
LIKE ?--;.."%:
of Airais
At no timo" perhaps has the subject of
mine accidents attracted more attention
and at tip period has tho subject been,
discussed and written-up, as today.,
■ So much loss of life is incurred thereby,
the.sufferin*? cannot be measured,»and
the desolation and want that' follow in
the train of accidents that claim or cripple the bread-winner is so great as to
call forth much sympathy.-
The principal causes of fatal accidents
for .1906, with the percentages of the
total ascribed to each, is as follows:
■  '   .-■ - r -       -. ;*;    Per cent.
Fall of roof and coal.... .* 47   -
Mine cars.:.. ...15    -
■ „ Explosion of gas \.... 9
Explosion of powder, etc:.... 6
Premature blasts 12
.-•'      ' - '89'
Leaving but' 11. per cent, to all other
causes,combined.,.    ,,,.-,     ...    -'..,-,
', Taking out of this 15 per cent, due to
minecarB;We have left" 74 per cent, as
the percentage of the whole that take
place inthe working places, and generally between the powder box and the
"face." I'.     \\   -■   -  ; --
         '   . '   .'   ;J <r    ■•
We have now located thejnostdanster^
ous points in-a coal mine^that is, the
points at which 74'per cent, of the fatal-
points therefore the vigilance*is ;ti be
increased if.better results are to be obtained.,'-- -v:i'>::Vj---   v-r   ,-jr^-J ' -•-■>-./,,_
In view of these"* facts,-I am inclined
to tfieubeli'ef that^We^dlvidiDgjoithe
workings of the mines into groups of 20
places, putting a qualified person in
. c-^rs-fduring-blutibg hours to see that
the sounding of roof after blasts, thei
proper heeding of Indicationsof danger
by propping; or pulling down*, the proper
tamping of holes, and the careful hand;
llnj*\of.powder,? etc , are "attended to iii:
his district, With a report of the conditions of the working-places to the fore-,
man ac the end 'of, every shift, would
have the effect of reducing the 74 per,
cunt..we are alluding to,' ,.
With this duplication'of the supervision in sections, we would also appreciate the fact that a very large portion
of the:employees in and around the
mines are not versed in thoir duties ah
they are set forth in, tho mine law nnd
other rules, In nn endeavor to over*'
como this the Department of Mines distributed copies of tho law printed in
the sovoral languages of tho workmen.
This does not appear to have brought
nny improvement, probably on account
of'thedifliculty the workmen experience
in getting at.the portions that apply to
thoir particular calling. To help thorn
ovor this difficulty I sutrgost that tho
law and other rules bo,mado clear to
Don't.roam through the old workings
Don't-walk haulage, roads; go the
man way. .       ,   '     ..   ,     -
Don't forget to close all doors as you
pass through them. ■ *    *-    ; •'*
Don't forget to retreat to a place,of
safety when blasts are about to" be ex-
plodeil, etc., etc.1 ,,*     ■*•'-J"'
THK KU.NXKK* _    :„. _}';_.,
Don't allowWivers to run cars.",;. Run
thorn yourself. ,    . "      ,
Don't ride between cars in a moving
train.  -        ,,. •'.'.'■
Don't ride on the side of a car.
Don't allow the drivers to make flying
switches.-', ;'",'-'". ;    ■ •' •   - -   - * -
Don't ride "on the front bumper of
mine cars.
Don't inn cars on' a grade until you
know it is clear below.   .        ,' .
Don't ■: forget that head-blocks are to
be put on for the protection of runners
and drivers. ■•   , '       ;.
Don't forget to call the attention of
the driver boss to bad roads.
.   , ,    DRIVERS
Don't take the. doorf boy away from
his "post to drive your mule. ".' ."
.. Don't ride on the bumper, trailing
your feet along the road. __,-■. *
Don't forget that' a- blaBt follows an
alarm. .'      "   „      '
,.,,'- ,    , DOOR ,B0Y •   ,   ,   ,
Don't leave your door.  .., ;   .:.,..
,Don't allow yonr door to remain open
longer than is necessary..^
jJDon't run around after mules.,,s .*,,
•.There-would be- no:, possible way of
potting the matter clearer and^ plainer.
bands of each-member-of a class, and
the'.bUBinesR, of the.' proposed man in
charge of a' section would be 'to see that
these are obaerved'and^obeyed, and if
not to report to the mii^e foreman. From
article by H. 0. Rryjfb'^rcti, in Mines
aud Minerals for..-Aprll.,i.-- .-■-■••■..', r-.'.'
O . .  . 'I ,
;, HOW'S THIS. .
We offer one,H-uhdred'dollars re*'
ward for any-case1 of" catarrh that
cannot be cured by-Hall's catarrh
cure.' F. J, CHENNY .*', CO./,Toledo, 0.     .< '        >.. . ,
We, the undersigned have
known F, J. Cheney, for the last
25 years and believe him perfectly
hdnorable hi all ibusiness transactions: and) financially aiMe to carry
out. any, obligations-made by his
firm'., ;WALDING,. ;KINNANI, &.
MARVIN;,.", -Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, 0. ,,, -     - ■*, ' . ,   j .,
.-Hall's Catarrh Cure is-taken internally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of,the
system, .Testimonials sent free.
Prices 75c. por bottio. Sold by
all druggists.- Take! Hall's Family'
Pills for constipation.  *
•y ■•> a**-***,**.**.
Cbickons must,riot "be allowed to
perch until 'three, months old, ., or
crooked .breasts .will.result.    ,
tho men, by simplifying thorn Into a
fow important "Don'ts" to ooch class,
printed on cards in clear, mean Ini*. For
iiiBtancc:.       . ,    .
this HiNnit
Don't hurry to tho faco until tho
Binoko has cleared away,
Don't forgot to NOiuid tho roof nftcr
each blast,
Don't undormlno top coal or top rock
moro than to thn oxtont of ono row of
Don't permit your laborer to load coal
boforo you havo replaced discharged
Don't conclude Dim roof Is Hiifo In nplto
of n drummy sound.
Don't lake a lighted pl|iu ur lamp to
your powder box,
Don't forgot to koop your laboror and
IiIn plpo nt n niHpoctalili) illHtanc:o wlinn
you aro handling oxpbiilvoH,
Don't, tiro two holes nt tho ono time.
Onfi'f «l*,r.rl-f>n coiir """li'll*  (»\   nviloc \i\
eixvix nowilnr in n wnt hole.
Don't pans over dangor bIrimIb.
Don't hurry In order to got out i»»rly.
Don't rlHk your llio to hiivo lahor,
Dou't foi'tfct the miner In ri'upoiiHlhlc
for tho enhiy of the laboror.
Don't go into tho faco until thu minor
has oxnmlned it and pronnuncod',
Don't lire hlnnti for tho miner, nor In
tho abpcncii of the mluui'. t
Don't dl"rounrd:h**»ordcr» of the miner.
Don't run cars out from the face.' [.ot
the runner come for thPrn.
Aro Bald often to bo burled six foot under
ground. Hut many llmos women cull on
tliolr family phynlclunH, sufforlng. an thoy
Imagine, ono from dyspepsia, another from
li-SartdlsoaBo, another from llvor or kidney dl»oano, anothor from nervous prostration, anothor with pain horo and thoro,
and In this way thoy pronnnt allko to
tliomsolvcm and thoir oimyuolnit or ovor*
busy doctor, sopuriito diseases, for which
ho, aBSumlng thorn to ho such. proBcrlbns
his pills and potions. In reality, thoy are
all only ttwmnwinii caused by tomo uterine
dlsoato. Tlio,7nvK9lcian,xriorant of tho
eiiwiie of 8iiffcrliiMWP» upjH<troatmont
until largo bills nro nnido, J^SuiTorlng
patlont gets no botun\J**Jmiil*»a44>fvthp
wronn treatment, but probably worSor,
' ' -f
Wharthe  Girl   In,the  Studio'  Has  to.
'■    ,' -' ,Say.' ,'-   ■  , „';
;. "Have, any ot you, girls moiu-y in the
hunksV'.nsked the brown'haired joiiu^
woiuftu, at the tea. nj*ht iii .the studio \
' "Are ■'"you '_ taking ,' lea'ye-'j 'of " your
senses,; Vera." , replied J the budding
sculptor iu the-*ioug sleeved apron, "to
ask us if w,*> Uave 'money unywlieiv":
Aren't.we artists?"-*-;--.-
'.'Lung ago. wheu. K was younj' and
wise, before I hnd lenrncd how to be
irrespiiuslbU' -amC enjoy myself." be
■iiiu the wonmnKvho confessed to thir-
ly^-iwo.' "1''saved m.\* 'money I' slaved
aud scrimped.* I wouldn't treat myself
to the theater or ;i -box-'of. t-aiid.v. 1
boarded. iu ti cheap place mid wore
iny gowns till they fell off me because
I ivassoauxlous to 'savo for a rainy
day.' Aud then the bunk, .'ailed -the
bunk that hud my > poor little board
that hud been wruug1out,of my heart's
blood—nud on that day' when I stood
'penniless I said: 'Never iigaiu shall I
save money. I shall spend as 1 go
what little I earn and enjoy myself.'
My,old aunt^Ueeps asking what I'd do
ir 1 fell sick and couldn't work. I
dou't mean to be ill. and I'm far less
likely to be 111 if,I have plenty of good
food iinda  fair amount of pleasure.
. And if 1 should be Ill-well. I'd have
s'ome'good times to look back on any
how."      . .*   •'      ..- j   ..-   - .- v
"What do you put yoiir extra money
in. Ithoda?",asked'one girl of'tbe beau
ty of the group. *„ .',."'
"Toilet cream." said Uliodu succinct-
' ly. "the" finest of soaps, foods for the
huh*,and skin, n masseuse und a hairdresser twice a week and nu,'occasion
al rest cure I consider that the best
In vestment ,1 can'make Any invest"
ment- that keeps .one looking young
pays'better interest than any" of the
banks do. , '\'   "    •, "    ;-
"You know my sister KinmelineV
I'm live years older than she. is and
no -better looking -naturally. As''a
child she promised far better than 1
physically .• Yet now she-has wrinkles
around her eyes, actually, and I,don't
expect to1 have any for twenty- years
yet. She's thin, and she .has a -little
stoopi and she found a "gray bair yesterday, and .vliyV   Because she's wor
■.rying and slaving to save money for
' her old age. She's getting old age for
lier !money.. I tell her that -Girls,"
and the beauty leaned forward impress-'
Ively. "it pays—I've ,seen It a thou-,
sand times—it pays,'' in ii. purely prac-
Ileal, way. to keep' young and.pretty.*4*ut**ri**>•** ■iiit_Li,'r\ii r* nirtiic.*o'-J.-. tn trkWat-
 •-*-** l    t ^« ■ *»* *t j**-*1 * 'a*   »**•'•• —** »ll*i*U*4W^ "7—•».• . VV..I. »-
croatns and complexionr brushes."
•Tlothe's for mine." said-.the girl In
the new tailored suit. "I believe good
(;Iothes..heIp one more,in.the,battle of
Hfe'rliah anything else,- and^then.-what
II satisfaction "they are!' "What a com-
f*?r.t:".: ,*.-.-     • ".r'"o =,.,.
interesting Experiment .Going on With
the Lunch Counter. Problem. ."■>
Pasti-.y cooks: arc capablei'of thlng3
amazing, but they "hold man's' digestive:
organs, in. contempt. .What,care, the
pa*stry^Jcooks.for the d-|spepsia of -thV
world?- Do theyjeoniider "the stomachs of those'who will consume either
the tough or greasy "paste for which a
sauce or "filling** isthe excuse? Not a
bit So thinks' Miss' Bertha Buffln,
who is-responsible for an interesting
experiment which Js going on with the
lunch counter problem, in the Women's- college, of Brown' university.
She is trying to give the'girls" good,
'wholesome fare, not baker's cake, baker's pie, that machine made pie turned out by the thousands,'or other indigestible dainties/ for'"girls will eat
such strange things. „ She says; "They
will find that rice pudding is; not so
bad to .take, for that concoction heed
not be the watery, .uncooked mess of
tbe old .time boarding school, but a
truly palatable dish." Mlss"Buffln, '05,
and Miss,Eaton, her colleague, an undergraduate, say they aren't sure how
the experiment was-started, but it is
going along swimmingly. "The menu
of the old lunch - counter\ consisted,"
says Miss Buffln, "of soup, which waa
thin and watery and I not very warm,
pastry and pink, brown and white ice
. cream. \ The fickle, whimsical appetite
of girls who spend most of their time
indoors is not easy to please. ■ -Their,
tastes seem-to run to spiced meats and
chopped meats' rather than to plain,
good solid roast-beef or mutton.' Rather than milk they drink coffee. In
spite of these difficulties, however, the
two new managers have succeeded in
materially changing the old menu and
making it attractive.- What is served
Is possibly plainer, but it is more substantial and certainly more digestible.",
B. -B. WALKER^ President,:    *"». -, .-,
ALEX..LAIRD, General Manager
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of -
— -•Brenche* ' ••-■■' - -v'-.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest;,--4 fy-. : 15;000,000
Total Assets,, r J 13,000,000
Brandies thronghout Canada, and in .the United States and-Enjlancl
',-    -•i;
" Deposits of $1 and upwards received, and interest allowed «t
current rates." The depositor is subject to no delay whatever te
the withdrawal of the whole or any, portion of tho deposit*
Fernie. Branch
H.   L.   Edmonds,   Manoger
•T>,ee>.Ta>B.TtT-a-auaa«ea.>t^H.T.-eH«.-.T.^as>,eaMaT.>>^^ . ,
^A Strong and Effective Edging For Use
.'.'-i4:\.H. '   ,, .      ■'.     --•"-,. 1 -.1
-. i v ", / on' Lingerie,1 *-*■:,"*• -' * - ,--•
follow {these. iiistriK'tious'JnfhVaklnj?'
(•rochet Incejqsertlon:.." .y.,,y *,."■-■
-■'(let tho" chain thi'jdeslred,lenKtii.7 -\;
■' Klrnt Row'.—i'hive*" treble.'four chain
Intd fourth'.stitoii, 'Bevetr^ddiiDjf! criv
i*iie.t, repeat -to.'eiid iiiid- work siijn'e" on
iitlier side _ r-.. ; .. •• „.'.f„,,';, „ ,
, Second Row.'-Thret^ treblV.'' four'
i-liuln, live double crocliot. "flve^eliiilnr
A" Seme of Proportion Make* For Artistic Effect. ■     >>■■" f-
• In   furnishing a   room 'one  should
keep In mind tbe -sense of balance.,
If, for example,1 there Is -a1 large, sofa(
against one-wall, across from it there
should be a. table, or something-; like
that,, to .preserve ■the-^equalities.'- .;It:
n.eedvnot-be,*exactly, across, ;but; some-.,
where qn-the.other.sldetoi.avdid. look-,
tag .as--though were the, floor^,W,ung;
one ..side*, it, would,, go .down, and jthe
other come up." In rearranging'a; room
the rugs, if any ~ are .used, should be'
■|=t&sen=up-aud=irhe~uOors=iei.t=oo-'iiiui." aai*43=
chair3,'etc.,fcan be-easily moved to ex-
ir^riment for;the,best placing.'-3cos'k f
^JJlyan; conches-appear so, often now,-
^-sftting rooms^.tnat-
ofie woman ha? made*may;be"a help "lio"
others;   This 'fialvidu'af•'has" put1' the'
couch In the cdrn-Sr of -the room, so
that .there: la wall, ntjone' endiand be-
hlpdrit-% At the-otherj end, {against the
dj*^n,„fltMd^avbookca4TO, which Is a
screen'fo'the'couclir''*''' "' .""  "". ' '?^
dlyan'between two Doo-Stcasee, which
Is an effective arrangement* " * ■■ -■"■'■'
  _ln.j*!>l!l'li'>l'i tliero*
W dlnnt'lltiitf'"airihosu aiiitTonHiiiK
tonu, anil liutltutlnot comfort IniWaU of
frolongou mlnery. It has boon well aald,
liat-'adlnonM known U half cured.",
Dr. Plorco'* Favorlto I'roscrlptlon li a
MientlHo mwllclno, carefully, doyl»od by
an exporlniiced nnd iklllful physician,
nnd aunptod to woman's dcllctuo »y*toin.
It li miulo of native American medicinal
fooU and'rfoctlv , h*trmlea8_Jn_lta
M■ iS'TShwr-rfnf Invlicorntlnt* (onln "Pa-
vorlto Proscription ■* mparu Btrongthw
iho xvhi')of)i>U'iu ami 1o tbti orunns ills-
tlnt-illy fnmlnlim In particular. For overworked, •"worn-out,'* rundown," doblll*
tatwl tnachem, mllllnfira. dreMmaknw,
ioarn»troiWii, "i.hon-Blrl»,,*liouiio-k'JoiK)r8)
numlnir mothora, anilfi'olilo womon gun*
orally, Iir. lMorco'n Vavorlui Pri-Hcrlptlnn
U   tJirt   t.rnn\r">t   O'lrtlll"  rlOOtl    lM<t*1l7   tin.
iLxjimliyltw an appetizing cordial and ro-
itoratlvo tonic.
A* a soothing, anil strcnRthenlng ncrv*
jo ■"Kavorltfl ProBcrlptlon" Is unoniialcd
ami In Invaluable In allaying and sub*
Ino ""Kavorl
ami In Invaluablo in'allaying ...
diilnu norvous excltaltlllty, Irritability,
nervous exhanntlon, nervous prostration,
neuralgia, fiyi.twla, spasms. Ht. Vltus's
danen, and other dlatreaslng, nervous
sympNims cnmmnniy ntuniilant uimn
functional and nrganlo dltwaso, of the
nl/>rns,   It liiiliirai rcfrfwilnit Mccp Ami
i«1|«vm montaj amlcty awl ueituotidonc
mo to
f )r. Pierco's Pleasant PelleU fnvl
tie stomach, liver and bowels.  (..
-Itrw-adaso,  Ra*f tottkoascandy.
LAOTt DUfllON POll UKOEltaLOTUEB,       :
ihrw trelilf. il\i> chain ami flvo .treble
>ni top nf tliri'u :
Thlhl Iliiw.-Thive treble Into fourth
I'liiilu, tliri't' ilniilili! L'l'OL'lU't, four cltuln,
tliiw treble, live ■• niul throe treble,
Koiii'tb How.—Siiini* iih iibovo, with
■inly one double ci'iiclict, live chain,
lii'i'i' tfoblo. IIvi» cliiiln, one iroblo, ilve
"luilii nud llii'i'i* tivblo.
I'lrth Itow.-Throo treble, eight chain.'
".licit Into mocoikI, two clinln Into ouch
liole nml I'l'iU'iit,
I.nct Ilow,-I'*l»lit clinln, buck Into
-ci'i'iid. i'lglit cliiiln, liiiclc Into noconil
i'.inIn, two clinln, Into mx-oikI plcot,
olixht clinln, bnck Into second, two
clinln, Into third plcot nml repent from
find.  ,
Naming the Baby.
The cliok'i' of 11 1111 mi' for the Irnti.v
'(.'iMi.H to be I'i'Kiinluil hh ii nioHt Im
!'ii'iiiiil IIiIiik even iiiihhik people whon
wn nn* upt to I'l'g.inl IIH llllclvlllKi'll
ViiiI, I'liiloiiHly imioiiuIi, tliijKc wry full
■ll.lll'IW   til   HV.llll   till'   lll'i.'llllll'lltlt   till!
"11 ot'tii|i i'iikiu' wlion fiiihi'i' nml tnoili
ci* (Il'iimriM' in'oi' wiictiii'i' iin> null
•Ki'iiiljri'P kIiiiII Iiii I'lilli'il .lucli or Mill'
■itiuluki*. l'rN<'lllii iii' .liiii*>,
'Hi" Mii'iiiiiiini'ilmi liithi'i* nml nmtli-
i'I' i'iii'Ii write llii'lr c*lifil<*e* of 11 11*11111'
>!i ii ■'lip of pup,'!1 niul iituci' Ittitti II;
ti» Kiirnii, Wlilclii'vcr t-'llp |h drnwi'
lot Ir, tin' iiiiiup ulvi'ii in Hi*' cliild.
V   |.i*(HM'  t,"in ii'lii'i  ,,iiM,f)„\   |„  fn  ||.,<
1.1 --(•** '•iiihIIch, niiuilim i*ncli uficr 1
!•'' or K1111111 i'X!ilii'(| pi>rHiiiiiiKi>. Tin*
■'!,! 1 Ik cnlli'ii tirtcr tli«* en mill* wiiU).
' ir*'i* l<»ii!t>^t.
I■ •«i<lui> iiii»Mii'i-H iiniiii' llii'lr L'hlldivii
i it.'-'CiMiotMtiw not IiiivI'vj 11 vonl In nn,\
1,, ii . . ,..,,;.    ti 1.        ., ..
'Miiiily tnkci* pliii'i- ulum ih,* baby l»
ibo'it "wive (lryu uhl, nud In flower
■inn' |j ii-uiilly cho-it'ii "
i'liliu»i'c Klrlfl nrn «ltii|ily nniiilii>ri'i|
nut, two or thi-vi*. uinii tiiey ri'ii«.*li
K.iiM of din"i»t.«.'.. wiii'ti fflpy nre ill-
.1"   >l     fit    a*l|t|ivaa    ,1     H'l'lli'    ffir    f||Oll»
«iii>.    The injw, linwcvt'r. nn*1 itlven
• t|i*ii«infiii'"'* uii<<ii. until llicy nro fwon*
■• '■•■•• \i-,\ .i,..|.|i-« whni inagnlflcvnt
■I'T'iiitlim Jhi',1 njuill rfjulco In for (lie
■*t .« Iliclr Uv«h».
A simple remedy for olllncss of tho
nose is to add a little washing.soda
to1 trio'wator In which" the facets wash-
ed/-*'-" The' rich foods which'cause pimples r &U'afflict tho nose,> and, tho'only
permanent cure Is a return to a normal
diet '        ,    ,',,,_ ..
Clipping Is tho wrong thing to do
If pnqjB trying,to cultlynto.hoavy oyo*
lasbe£''Tlieir growth' may bo Btlmiilat*
ed by-putting on'n tonic of five groins
of BUlphato of quininei'nnd ono ounco
of sweet almond oil. Touch tho roots
lightly with n line sable brush onco or
twico a week, and you will soon see a
docldcd chango in their length.
Massngo thu scalp woll overy day
and'get it lonsoned up and floxlblo, bo
that tho hnir uiny reedtvo Its rightful
noui'lHhnient. by tho blood circulating
freely at tho, roots.' This will stliuu-
lato tbo growth and arrest tho splitting
and breaking. Splitting' nt' tho ends
always Indicates poor uourlabmont,
and nothing but tuassago will relievo
tho trouble     ' '
Laundry Book.
Tho book Itaolf wits ordinary enough
tn nppoaranco, but what caught tho
oyo was tho clover* decoration. Tho
pastobonrd bnck was covered with
dark gray llnon. Two mntchos with
heads off supported a silk clothes ropu,
on which woro pnstotl intislln clothes,
Tho littlo 11111 Id In black dress, whito
apron and cup wiir hanging clothes on
tho lino, lu Iho background tho sky
was slightly tinted with diill'bluo nnd
pink huh llnuw. whilo nbovo a tuimbor
of flyliig blucl*birds woro outlined
ngnlnat tho gray Hky, llolow tho picture, printed with India Ink, wore tbo
Tho maid was In tho Burden
Hanelntf out (lie clothc-ti
AVhen 'long enmo a blackbird
- And picked on* her note.
All of tho objects woro cut from
white and black muslin nnd neatly
■.nut*.', to flirt i»niv llnon, •
What (■ Charmf
A .voiiiuu tuny be over so beautiful
to look upon, but If she linnn't a charm
of manner, a cordial, frank, endearing
personality, tho pretty eyes and soft,
tv'irifmnrfnt'  p*imn1/>Tt'>*>   fount   tor "*t-
tlo. Thoro la ilntixur In spondlng too
much timo on tbo external appearances and neglecting what nro most essential of all, n well groomed mind
nnd a sunny disposition.' Wo admire
lieauty of form and feature*, wo delight to look upon white, perfect
hands, and wo find enjoyment In stately womanliness, lint tho things that
tiring friendship and affection are
sweetness of character and a cheerful,
lore -compelling temperament
Have ITou Connected
.-•■.*../-..•:*.\r. •■ '' y^.iy "'";.'i:v;\:;,->■',
witk t-\i& SeWer?
1 . ■ ." ' "is
.Tivp Cars of Sew-»
^r-'y"       -jfxf,^*
er Soil Pipe and
Plumbins Supplies
Please call and
get. prices
.< ►.'
.. 1   *->i->;   ,-«  a j:
J.   D.   Q*OTAIIi
Hardware.;   and ,r FtM-nitiiire
• •****•**MI»l»ti<»«»>>M#»<»*>>t>MOtMt»»»»
.*^-C74., Ji
i.-vir ;,a   r'S'tr.-
ci*l">I-" .K ~X
~ .■;.,..,,,- . v - 1   '-tret- • 4-1 "11I-      --   ■-
T;hfe Dottiinion Meat: 06.a
.-S3:jy,3   00J-  si
■'>   4i.i-)ljjrii
iKr O
8 S^lmtted
',  a*13'(0',<*.'-;
„ .-.rrr^n    *r-  ",
Fresh  and .Salt-*Meats .of all   kinds
"*.*■*!-ii-,-*^->;*.i'j v^V-'-'  **'i-;~- "■*        . iJ.,v«,i*J.noo iitit't "*c-' ■*-!:.-
11    :. Poultry.^Fish and Oysters fjriKseas6n. ■■'.
"4   ".•,:',;.    . ,:-a„ -;*  '-'.',■.,*     n-iX       * .      .   .   ,* ^   ,   ,-
..,      . . [>airy Butter and.Ranch Effgs,',. :r. V
f, ► ■?-
,:h':dT.' ^',n'i'
Phone 4 ';
.fca:   ;..i(>v\.r?l-
yictbrln Aye
.'■' A'.'.'S
'■'.   '   '
,., i?,
...   *      ,.     il     4                        -       '
,4         ^           .     ,           .,.,^.
'          t     -
n -
bar,   ',',
«*     ,.,«;■-'.'
; tn 5*:
.---•>* '.   '
i    /ft  ■ ■
It- l        X
Wholewle & Refjil
Always a choice supply of Beef, Pork, Veal,
Mutton, and. Lamb on hand.   Hams,
Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.
Our Specialties
■ '* °
Fresh,  Smoked  and   Salted  Fish, always a
good assortment.   Try our Mince
Meat, Snurkraut and Oysters.
Tdm* ti a fcaim why CAR00 At AONGTIC Ritorttre the best la tbe world
Trill mathod of tampertnf which If OUR RXCLUSIVB SHCRBT
PROCnSS, PRBIBRVB8 TIIB CARBON In tho fUalbltdM, whiretf
tempering by fire, the oeJy otlitr method known, DBITROVf IT.
In privtte uWr ' Do you reetlte whit this means? Romember the
J. P. QUAIL   Agent, Fernie
*    !*J
: \\
»»1 '•-.-DISTBICT LEDGES,  FEBNEb/b. C.,.APRIL 18th, 1908
:< jf\  ™z ■ \     - ;^   f.»
linionists fscape, in a Measure,
• General Reductions-Week's
i ■at
* "Today we aro in the'midst of bad
business conditions; latins' an uncertain'
political campaign; and .waiting for
something to turn up. Money has
dropped from 150 to 2 per cent.; tlie!■">!•£
Baiik'of England rate is-down to.3rper 1&,
cent, (the first time'it has touched that' (k'
figure since ,1905) and all brokers are' ^
'carA'ingr an uhusually small amount of
stocks."- - <■■%'.
^a^ltmilUliiliiii.ii* il* •*'-"t>''-£iv-> *.tA\1* £&Z±i*£!iZ£IZ&l££l^l^^1^1*\1^li4l'
'» Great reduction in wages, the laying-
off of nien and cutting of dividends continued to mark t'iie progress of the panic
during., the past week, according to*
Dun's Review.'      ■„'    '•;.'./■
'WRjre^ reduction still 'spreads ih the
cotton mills of New England., The New
.Bedford mills have, cut wages 10 per
cent., affecting- o* er 22,000 operatives
it Is stated hy a representative of the
print cloth trade that it is now certain
that the reduction will reach every cotton mill iii Sew England.'
Tho Journal of Commerce states that
in such trades ac the cotton and woollen
industries the reduction of wages has
been made without involving the companies in a strike because trade union-
.    ism Is weak in these industries, hut
that among the workers where trade
unionism is strong, the employees have
-• been able to maintain their wages -
Western railroad managers have had
several conferences recently over the
".'wage question. The managers hesitate
to reduce the. wages of the union men
and have so far gotten' around the difficulties by reducing the number of men
instead of cutting wages.-       :
Reports from Pittsburg state that the
Erie railroad shops were closed this
■week iri all departments except the"
roundhouse. About 800 men were affected., At both "of the plants of, the
Stanley Eiectric company, employing
19,000 men, and the^Eaton Crane Pike
Paper company, the men have been put
, on short time. ■' ...        ' ., ,
'■    A conference has been held by the
, Lalste Superior mining men.    The cur,-
'tailment of production'undertaken, by
•   Borne interests has now~extended to all
•and unemployed labor has become plen-
-; tiful-oh the.yarious ranges., -Underground, mines, including those of. the
/.Steel Corporation, are now mining hut
■    l^fl y.f\M 414. .4 4* f\. . 1. 4.S.. _.. 4t ...*..& 1-4. ,....•..,!. ..	
--—■w—pfci.^ v^.,v.—uitmich^hui uiiai'iafjnCil >t~
"Corrigan, McKinney <fc Co. are running
"even below this." That company has
!pretty nearly- dosed down on, the old
:' granges--arid'' its 'Me'saba-^operations Vre
-Jess'than in many years." On the Mnr-
;', quette range the Steel corporation,has
' i"'~cut off 25 per cent, of its men,'"
:.    In tho'lake*8hippiiig it^is-stated by
• the JronjAgfi'that the shipowners" will
;^welcome a stfikoof the S^amans'unionj
■„ Bince It wiTl glVe thorn*» chance to make
: a new wage schedule   ' "
<' same, condition exists in- the an-
thracito coal Industry    The Economist
', states that'the^coabcornpBnies-^'have
' storage capacity for-7l000,000«tonga'nd
-. that,it is filled with tho commodity,
and that .tlio com pan jes*,,would not be
displeased 'w"Uira**fitrike;vat' it would
onablp them to mako
of the .wage spale, forced "on labor by
' tho deprosRoil condition?! ' ,W; ,       ;
Tho opportunity to compel union
labor to submit to lower wage contracts
1b being seized on by tlio Republic Iron
. and Sloel company. It is stated by tlio
Wall Street Journal that that company
is preparing to wage,a fight against
organized labor and in conjunction with
the Western Bar Iron Association will.
• attempt to Hocure .a cut lu the wage
■  scale. .. •. .., „ j, -
Tho BtatomuntH made by .various cap.
Itallst papers thai the steel trade is Improving, Mpociiilly in,
Is dlaproyod by the Iron Ago., According to .that authority. tlipordorHmj of
rolling mills, niid steol''works hover
about 60 por font, of 'the production
ciipnclly rind " thoro* Is.'lf nriythltiff,* s
falling off In railroad purohanos,"   ,. f
Tliittcondltlon'lHri'hi'Ctcd li. thiWnll.
Ing dividends. That tlio United St mil
company will show a deficit In the ciir.
rt-int. qtiaitor after the. pnyiriijiit of
divldnmlH thoro ii no ()uoi.tinn, Wlillii
tlm Sontliiiiii metal producers"voiiti'itn.
to assert Hint they nro innttitnluliifl* iho'
prlco luvol at Vlll to 113,60, it lie
Vmiililorod a' standard.. price' lii nny
ctMisu of'tho wnril, na thu Iron is golii'u
only to small local ciiitomnrK,
Pittsburg reports gtnto that tho Crucible Steel company lint piNitiiiiii pre*
ferrwl itoclt tllvldeiit,: :
The same report of tho piVsirig ril
dividend's cornon from tlio Unlou Ty(i*.
writer company.",;  .' * -    ,
Ocean llnet have f«lt tho American
dnnniaalrtn'K»var»-lv* ThaWorthOamnim
Llovd earnings have fallen off. over a
million dollar* and tho dividends havo
been reduced from %% to 4%.
.. boa of tho eotnpanlM hardest hit by
the present builneis depresulon Is the
Rnlterirk rnn.nsnv thst K*« unin*. it*
stock drop from 70 to 10. witbooindiia.
tion of a recovery.'     ' "' ' *     "'   *
Tbe following ponlmlitlc view of tlin .ttteaby John W. PrentUH
in the Wall Street Jdahial;
"burin* thepait $&t we have hud a
aucotailon of panic* which iltught«rfH
th* PTlCeof »f-Myill^,.r,|]M Lx'bhmfmr
til banVe, paralysed gwwal bualpeM
and put teveral blf falTriUdi frtb'thi
bandiorrecelferrr ' -■-■<•- ---*-
./The latest reports at hand relating to
the India ruhber trade show how that
branch of commerce has felt the Arni-ii-
can depres-piori. Siiue the beginning
of the panic India'rubber of the Para
■variety has fallen 38 cents.per pound
It is eMimated by the Economist that
.since last summer the dividends of
seventy-seven corporations, capitalized
$1,000,000,000, have been reduced not
less than $20,000,000. More railroad*
have passed Into bankruptcy since the
first of the present year than in tbe entire-year of 1907. During the past
week 828 failures are reported, while
the commercial liabilities thus far in
March aggregate over $10,000,000.
Inactivity continues in the New
England footwear industry. Factories
are running on short time. Many cities
report a reduction of 40 per cent in
production. The shipments passing
through Boston are about 25 per cent,
below last year.
, From Atlanta comes the report that
the lumber business Is at ■ a stand«till
and that nothing** is being done in the
manufacture of furnitur.e .,. „.**',
Among the railroads there !b no perceptible improvement in conditions.
The cutting of'dividends by the New-
York Central, it is stated, will be followed by other lines immediately, and
that such a cut will not save the New
York Central from a deficit thi*- quarter.
The report ,hf. railroad earnings to the.
Interstate Commerce OommisRion shows
a'fallirigoff of.55 percent, in earnings
Bince last'October, and admit of no
comparison' with the earnings of other
years.- , ,     -
Car loading west of Buffalo'reflects
the decrease in.railroad but-irjeBs., The
New, York Central lines report a decrease of'over "11 per cent:, or 8GJ000
less loaded cars last month than iri the
correspondW month last year. The
Lake Shore.shows a' decrease .over
83,000.1oade"d cars, the Michigan Central
31,000.-     '.      '   ' .   -.,,,, '".""' """
■>;«? -
"^i n^Baitimore~air(lTJin"o_coWi"tmes~to
report bad conditions in trade and states
that its; February earnings are below
the fixed charges TheinNew York,
NeV Haven and'Hartford' reports-conditions the" worst in the history of the
road, ".-j*.,•..;*{,'■-;-i-. *.-,;.-.--. ,■---'-'.•..',
s; The Ecojinniiet euma up,the.,situation
for tho^'eek as follows: "T,oJseeJai)y
materiBiychHngo^iii; business oiieiieedB
a strong 'magnifying glass "    ■■. i;' ,.  £
--..- .*       '    ,"  ^A,«?
O"" ■  .     ■ ■
H**J- •'ii^.iiirt.'.'-.-j1
yy. ymwmm
-.' *\ ''*i. ''-•;' '■*■*.'. i'f'i    ,■■''   '"*-,*-■'    •   ■
Everyone; Needs,, A'^Tonic in.;Spring
to Purify rind ■  JBuild Up the
'. '>4:.l'^,Blpod,;'i^i'■, -.
If you -want new health and
and strength'in' spring' you must
build,up your blood with a, tonic
medicine. Indoor life during the-
long winter months is rosponBiblo
for the depressed1'condition and
feeling,ot constant tiredness which
affects, so , many people overy.
spring. This* condition means that
the blood is impure and watery.
That is what causes pimples and
unsightly eruptions, in some: othe.i
have twinges of rheumatism, or
the sharp, stabbing pains of neu>
ralgia.: Poor appetite, froquent
headaches, and a desire to. avoid
exertion is also duo to bncl blood.
Any or all of thoso troubles can be
banithed by the fair use of such a
medicine as* Dr, Williams' Pink
Pilla.'Mc Every' done ot thla medicino
helps to matta new, rich,.red blood,
which drives out impurities, atimu*
lates every organ, strengthens ev.
ery nerve and brings a feeling of
new health and new energy to
weak, tired out, niling men nnd
women. Here is proof that Dr,
William's Pink Pills ia the greatest
of all: spring! medicines. /Mr. H.
Baker, Chipman, N.B., says: ••Last
spring I was so weak and miser,
ablo that, I, could hardly, drag my*
self about. My appetite waa poor.
I. did not sleep well, and dreaded
work. My -blood waa in a terrible
condition, which caused pimples
and small-boils to break out all
over mer These would itch    and
!>ain and cause me much trouble.
: tried several medicines but with,
out the least benefit, when one day
a friend asked me why X did not
try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. He
spoke   so  highly of this medicine
and give the pills a trial. I got 4
halt doren boxis and the rasult
was that by the,time they, were
Aniehed X felt like an altogether
different man. They purlAe-d my
tiUiku. built up ti,*, t»bolte system,
and X have not had'a pimple on
my flesh, not A sick day since. Fer
this reascn I highly rec0m*
mend Vr. Willlawis' Pink Pills as a*
blood- builder, and. T*mlftar,,4'. Sold
by all medicine dealers or by mall
at 50 tents *,boxi«r'*i*h«xe* frtr
»2.50 from the Dr. Williams' Medl*
cine Co., SroekviUe! Ont.
TJcdj^cr for News
The Never Burn
FDEOPLE, stand quiet, while; we talk.    We have just
opened'up a large oonsigninent-'of "Dripping Pans,.,
Bread Pans, Roasting Pans and Bake Pans called "The
Never Burn." They are something entirely new. They,
are smooth and bright and will not,collect dust and
grease. They are well made out of the finest American soft polished sheet steel. They have steel rods
beneath which protects-them from wear and burning.
They are in fact the finest assortment of pans we have
ever been able to purchase.       ' , *
' , - 7*?-
■^ - *—   ■          ^^    -jj/
■,          Say!  Why not have your pi limbing" ■$&
t?P              done now before-the big*rush. -   We -^,
have the largest staff of experienced ' ^
plumbers, steam fitters and tirismiths ,    •#
^          ,,.in the  ciiy.   .Pronipt and. efficient.   - «     -^
^    —: L__SEWEB   COKNECTIOMS  A  8PE*CIALTY       &
■ V
^ A. T. Hamilton, Proprietor
Telephone   I   , Next King Edward Hotel
"When you give,your child a^so-^
called . "soothing", medicine you
are not curing its sickness. You
are merely drugging it- into tem-
por^^insensibility. , Soothing
medicines 'contain 'opiates:and an
overdose' may. kiir.the child. When
you give your little one^Baby.'s
Own TaJbflets you have the guarantee '-'of-a government, analyst that
t-Jiis medicine v.*i8«Baie.' And you
have the iword^of. thousands .o!
-fateful mothers that, this medicine . will.,- promptly? cure all the
minor ailments of childhood. Mrs.
L. W. Smith, St. Giles, Que., says:
—••Ivhave-used,,Baby's.Own Tablets for niy llttie^girlfbr constipa^
tion. and other,, troubles and have
found them the best medicine: °, I
.have ever 4used.",, Sold by medicine dealers or by mail'25c. a box
from The Dr.* Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville,.Ont.     *  •■ ..
 ■_ u-uii3JimLtBBemswe*ammmwe*m
TAKE NOTICE that X, John
Mott ot' Elko, B.C., intend to apply to the superintendent of pro*
vinciul police for a transfer of my
hotel license for the Hoffman house
at Elko, B.C., to William Stanley.
McEwen of Elko aforesaid.
Dated this 4th day of April, A,
!>., 1908.
that 30 days after date, I intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner ot lands and works for
a license to prospect for coal and
Petroleum on the following- lands
situate in the district.of southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
block 46W3.
. 1. Commencing- at a Poflt planted at or near one mile cast of &5th
mile post-of present, C.P.R. surveyed line and .being the northeast
corner post of Miss Dolly Moore's
claim,* thenoe, south 80 chains;
.-.hence vest 30 ahains; thence aortb
30 mains;- thence last' B0 shainB;
to & Point of commenoemimt, i>.ok.
ing 040 acres more or less.
Located this Bint day of March,
1008. ■■
1 ■       Awrey Rice,   Agent,
Miss Dolly Moore, Locator
NathanielJ Babcock, Witness.
2. Commencing at o ps-it planted at or near one mile east of
31st mile post of present surveyed
line of C.F.B., aad being the south
east corner pott of Itub'n Steves'
cjalm thence west' 80 chains thtnee
north 80 chains) thence east , 80
chnlns; thence south 80 ehami;', to
e rtnint nf p*^m^rl'«nr.#mlent., mnkinr*
040, acres more or less. . .  ,
lovawaxJ tli* .Co'.ii^ay o/f Ma.uh,
Awrey Hice,   Agent,
auben Staves, locator.
Nat Babcock, .Witness. .
Jl.     'T!(*i*rtlWM((>'Tlr*J'ht' *j ♦*>'••.*♦ **-l»S*
ed at or near 31 st mile post of
present C.P.B. surveyed line and
bring the northwest corner post of
Frank Lewis claim thence east 80
chains' tbene* ■ south BO thhins *
thence west 80 ehaina: thence
north 80 chains; to a point of
comntenceratot, making 040 aer*s
mora or'less. - r.
leJoJ''**^-i**"'? mh toyotXwl,
;''• * -' Awr.r Bite, A(i«nt.
to » - <frank Lewis, Locator.
Wat Babcock; Witness.
C.  E.  LYON5
Auditor, Accountant, General Ajfont-
Life, Accident nnd Employer's Liability Insurance
Books opened,   closed,   audited,. and accounts  kept in the
1 most up-to-date manner.   r '
Office, Burns'  Block.
Fernie, B. O.
. 4-.^ Commencing at a I'ost P*But-
ed at or"near W. Darby's northwest corner post and being' the
Goods' claim, thence north 80
chains; thence - • east 80, chains ;
thence * south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains; to. a point A commencement, making 610 t.crps
more,or less, .. ;: ..-.,-■„ , . .. '
* Dated'.this 27th , day," of Maic-b,
1908.   ^ '. -,       , "
Awrey Bice, Agent
*   Andy, Good, L'-icptor.
Nat Babcock,  Witnnsa. _■.., 	
5.1 Commencing at a-post platted at or near the no*h•'*.■/•.•»*• corner
of Frank Lewis' claim nnd leing
the southwest comer,post'of Peter
Bakos claim thence north 80
chains' thence > east 80 chains ;
thence south • 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains;- to a point of commencement, *, making 640' -acres',
dore or less.' .
.Located this 19th day of March,:
1008. ,       ,
Awrey Bice, Agent,
Peter Bakos, Locator.
Nat Babcock, Witness. ,
6. Commencing at a post planted at or near the northeast corner
post of Miss, Dolly Moore's claim
and being the northwest cornor
post of A. A, Sparks' claim thence
south 80 chains; thence east 80
chains; thence north 80 chains;
thence west 80 chains; to a point
"of commencement, making 640
acres more or less,
Located this 21st day of March.
1008. '
Awrey Rice, Agent.
A. A. Sparks, Locator.
Nat Babcock, Witness.
7. Commending at apoBt planted at or near A. A. Sparks north
west corner post ana being the
southeast com<*r .p.iit of Jot
Jean's cluini thonce noitU 80
chains; thence wntt ft) ch/iius;
thence south 80 chains; thence east
80 chains; to a point of commencement, , malting 040 acres
more or less.
Located this 21st day of March,
Awrey Bice, Agent.
Joe Jean, Locator,
Nat Babcock, Witness.
8. Commencing at a post planted at or near F. Jawins. southeast
corner post nnd 4 miles east of 30
mile post of present C.P.R, survey*
«d line, and being the southwest
corner post of Harvey Murphey's
claim, thence north 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains; thence south
80 chains; thanes west 80 chains;
to a point of commencement.
Located this S6th day of March,
Awrey Alee. Agent.
Harvey Murphey, Locator,
ftat itaococat, Wit nets.
:® -Phone No., 52*?
w •}
00 6'
Pernlc's Most Home-Like House
King Edward Hotel
:..   - ;
J. L.  Gates, Proprietor '■'.
.       Fernie,  B. C.
ffi Cewtrally   Located
®' '•-'.-.. v.-. :.
Mr. Thomas Stenton, postmaster at "PontyTiool. Ont.., *wrl*t««-
'•Por the past eirht years I suffered from rheumatic pains, and dur-
Ins; that time X used many different Hnimmts and remedies for tha
cure of rheumatism. Last summer
X procured a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm and rot rnoro relief from It than anything r had
•vary used, and cheerfully recommend this liniment to all sufferers
from rhtumatie pains." Por sale
by all druffist*.
«*— -.' —
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Saw  your  Cord wood
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| save money
Coat of operating
very trifling
<|Circular Saw Pramcs     Stationary and Portable'
Druig Sow Machines ' Sawing Outfits   .
Canadian Fairbanks Co., Ltd.,
Vancouver,   B. C,  '
Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary.
Phone 12
'THK LAI1YU NKKDS nn. hiirt'i In
tlie way nf I)rU|*TH, MeillcliioH, I'lirfuineH,   ^
PowilerKsml all Tollftt rnf|iilHit«H, Kvery
mipjily'for tlie* .tr-mlnK U"!-". hntiirooin
or boudoir.   Fancy 8onpi and Hachou,
(lold Creatnn, Puff Iloxct, etc.  All kinds
of I'orfumpry, Hair, Tooth and Nail
Rnialn'a, Manicure *MotH ami H|irni(*i<»,
Tlio quality of our goods will latliiy the
mfint M«c»in*»r.   We get our mip|i||«N in
Irnh overy week, a«d pnrchasn only
llio bout qualities for all dopartmonti. will hevn tin eex\*e to flnrt f«n*t
wllh our price*.
H. P. McLean, Mgr.
I!-  ■'■
f      All tbe leiMUttff Unms of
,    \Agkx   class   Chocolates
and   Confectionery
TOM BECK FERNIE,  K. C KWct»v*tnrmminxt.rX7mX iCzmttiWI*****^!
He-ws of,;the..City- -.;•**
Family-dwelling; house,,
8"rooms: Good well" of water;- nice
(/garden.    .Will be sold    cheap, .on
lasy. terms.,  Apply -Manager,-. District Ledger.- . '.-,■   •'      •-  ;*:." ,,;
Wanted—Tenders- for new.;/, opera'
house , to ,-be.,'built at-Coleman,
Alta. For particulars-apf ly to Wm.
-Graham,'Secy..Miners Union, Coleman, ,Alta., box 58. .   ,  . .
Score   cards  for  bridge  parties,
for sale at this  office,     ,
Lost—A Cocker Spaniel Fnp-
Finder" suitably rewarded on., notifying phone No. 119 or. Ledger, office;
Board   and room wanted—By 2
respectable -workmen.   Terms.must
bo moderate.   Apply No.  25
ger office. '*     -    . J . J1
We carry the most complete assortment In the Pass
Rochon's ice cream, forever.
Easter'novelties at Liphardt-j.
L. F. Eckstein visited Cranbrook
Tuesday. ■ ;\
F. H. Hale'left for Calgary, Wed--.'
nesday evening.
Miss F. Patterson left for, Seattle'
last' Saturday.."  / , ]
Easter book marks at ,-I*ip_-.;
hardt's..' •.,,.■■ ■ . -_*..! .
.Miss   A. Daly   left   for'Spokane
Thursday morning. .. _*, „	
■   D.   Fraser    of    Winnipeg  visited
our city, last'week.
Dr. W. s! Bell of Grant rook was
visiting in Fernie this week. ■
.Mrs.  F.  Dunn and son left "for
Fort Arthur Wednesday evening. ■
Mr. John Bay son left for -New
York Wednesday evening by.the C.
' Mr.     Hurd    of   the Crow's Iv'est
Coal   Company   returned   on' Wed-
, nesday.
.   Mr. McDermard, formerly^CJ'.K.
operator here, hut-now at' Crow's
"■ Nest, visited -Fernie Thursday.
'•   There - will ' be   a meeting      next
Monday-"-to- reorganise,   the. hose
reel   team.   All are invited to  attend.
Ice cream that is ice cream     at
, .Rochon's;'  ,    ' ,„;,-•'
Mrs.'G. "G.   Henderson-left    for
Sarnia. Ont., Monday evening. She
' will spend a few days in Winnipeg
_*__en^ro.ut.e.     - -- • ■'.  ,,     I*-
roof ladders   and  extension
FOR   MEN-..',
Some, Special Bargains!
.Suvl Rods, ilfree'pim-e..:...;.:'. ' :'.,$3.00-each   •
■ " lU,nboiX....\'.':y.J..:i'y... :■.'.••' •.•'.   *2S e»*-'h* and  Lance.vciol;-.'■..' •••' • , —75 eacn
'    .       '■-.,.*'       'Vr '■   ,       - '"'.''.      '    $L'
, '    .... ---' "'   l.:1'. A?rsp< , , ■   -.» ', •   p£
■ Fine Mulacca Cane and Wasliaha'Rbdsj   ■ ' ~-   ■ .----...    ... „<{$-:
"r""'Tj.  ..',>(;:Extra',Values' iri1 Eiifjlish Greenhearts   ,.      ..   „   . :
i^J*   -.'.''•■'^, '.s'-'".>',' ' '' " ''"'.l-Our "Walton's'Favorite" is a winner
-.'TK-.a:   „    .4~-   "   ■  "-      ----*    -■ ■   .->.*-.    .4..  ,. .-!> ,-* ,'»i..-.*
r-i' , -.','''.,     .. j^   "'-'   ',"- -" '     W-
1l7     Our range of Lines is carefiilly"cho*jeii forYlie clear waters oC\lie
■?*?£    '     ,. Elk and consists of-every'thing from 5c Cotton to Oiled Silk.
■ Examine i-ur Flits, -Reefs,, IJaskets, and Sundries.before buy-'
iii!<, and save money.    We hav*e.everyihing you-need and the;
prices cannot be beaten. , ,    \ ." , , ;■
The     - -
ladder have been finished by contractor Wilkes and handed over to
our fire brigade.
Don't forget, we know how to
make candies and ice cream, that's
all.—Rochon. ,      v £.:       ..
-'.,' .    -. ' ,■*.•  if'i" '•!*'
-4, Mr.*. Simmondsone of-* our center-
prising photographers, has removed to more extensive premises over
.Beck's Fruit Store. >
: See Liphardts window for Earner
novelties. . , '
'* A,list of those who were adjudg-
id, unqualified to be placed upon
the list' of electors can be seen'at
: the office of this paper.   '
''■' The; eastbound express-No. 6,wa8
delayed three hours Wednesday
afternoon west of Cranbrook by a
broken axle in the buffet car.
'The snow has now cleared off
the garden grounds at.the Ci1 P."
R. station and they will soon be
planted,as usual and show .that
Fernie can, grow,'.something else
than coal. .   ..*',,
•Wo make ,candy, and ice cream,
that sell.—Rochon:
Owing to there.being no concert,
hall in town available the Socialist party have secured the use of
the BaptiBt church to hold their
eharlty concert in on Monday
evening next.
-Easter souvenir spoons at Liphardts.
Try our ice cream and if you are
not satisfied that its the best you
have ever tasted, you get your
money back.—Rochon.
Wo regret that our Lethbridge
correspondence is crowded out this
weok. The copy was received too
late owing to the holiday and go*
' ing to press a day earlier than usual,
A party of C'.P.R. -officials including G." J. Bury, general manager from Winnipeg, A. Price, general superintendent, Calgary, and
J. Brownlee, divisional ?superintendent,, '■ Cranbrook, .' passed
through* Fernie Mo*nld*ay aftersio'.on
last in a special car on a tour- of
inspection. .' :'    '
We challenge the world'to make
a "better' ice cream.—Rochon.',."',.   •'
,  Don't   forget the'"Ladies-/ Benevolent'Society's'Ball Tuesday' 'evening. ■ See posters. ,.",:_,    .-,..,-
■Eggs for,hatching, White.Wyan-
 , ._    ,.««   _       i^r.i__ ._iM.«n'eA.{.i._1.0
—Stanley, this office.   ■   -    "•>
■ P. H.-BurnnanvD.F. &P.A.'of
Grand Forks, A, R. Smith, superintendent at Whitefish and M. -P.
Fitzpatrick, general roadmaster at
Whitefish,, all of the Great North-
em railway, visited.-our .city, this
.week.* -,.*;. '..    . ■*',.-.   -,.,
■ Another seam of coal lids been located
at the Hosmer mines.--This is said by.
good authority to be gr.ide of
coal that has been located comprising
twelve feet through it. J    5,.
i* ,h larg2- frame building is, being
erected in Hosmer by, P. Carosella, and
is heing built by. Contractors':Bell'&
Wildmai-j.'-VThe second fiat * of'this,
building .is^to, be. used: as .1 meetuig
place'for tlie different .lodges, entertainments, etc.; and the first to be occupied
that Hosmer was mosliin need of, and
all will know how to appreciate it when
it is completed.'       '-■ •' .
. A large, steel; tipple, is now under
construction at Hosmer, tlie foundation
of> which is being' laid very rapidly.
Mr. D. M. Carr, of Chicago, who has
lately arrived herewith a large force of
meri,' is in full charge, and-although,
ns stated before,- the work is rapidlv
progressing, Mr.-Xarr expects it will
take at-least three months to complete
his work.        ■ .*     , * ."
'." '    ■'-"'•>' s   " -" .-   .     ■   „ ■ ■ ■ .'•'■«"''    i ■" ,','   -.,   °-
Three Buttonv-Double Breasted Striped Worsted Suit, very
dressy and fiiie fitting.    Regular price $16.00 ^        y
■ ■•   Special ■-$ 12.25/.;, *[*>. --'•"'. /* •  '
Single   Breasted   All   Wool  Worsted   Four   Button   Sacke,
fashiona le stripe and a genuine bargain.    Regular $18.00
'""'   Special   $13.SO
-_--'--"'•    "■''"'■'. .   ,      ,..'"'''' . ^ . ■'        ■ v
"  ■* ,    " "" •      ■',.-' -■      ,■   ■   ■'   -    *•'.•'"       ''..•'■   ,.'"'•''' *■',- '-.
Blue Serae Single Breasted Four Button Sacke, made up in
the usual .Campbell Faultless style/    Regular $24.00
Are prepnroil to ceter In Isilii't'
"" trndfl mk woll m (rftiitlumon''',
Taadlos* hair and facnairenti-d
any <Uy but Snturday.
One of the worst snow slides- in
the history of'the C.P.R. occurred
early Monday morning, near AKb-ert
Canyon, „ in the Cascades range,
sweeping away two boarding cars
filled with Japanese laborers and
carrylng^.them down"the mountain
The roar of the thousands of
tons 'of'snow,' ice^and rock,carrying before it dehris of every kind,
and snapping tremendous trees* as
it would a match, could be heard
for miles, and it fairly made the
ground tremble.
Tho point where the slide occurr*
ed is, one of tbe most unlikely soots
in that section of country, but for
the last two days there has been a
heavy rain fall and with the heavy
snow" fall ot the past winter, the
effect was the worst that the railroad' men have yet experienced.
Tho 0. P. R. has been doing a
lot of work on the road bed in
this neighborhood and had a large
crew of Japanese workmon employed there for that purpose.
. As'is customary they lived in
boarding cars which wore placed
on a temporary siding, and when
the tremendous slide struck them
they were swept away as chaff bo-
fore, a cale.   u
The number that perished is not
known, as all the telegraph wires
were carried down with the slide,
but it is believed tUat forty Japs
were in tbe ears at the, time, and
only Ave bodiei. have been recover,
ed.     '
The C.P.R. have alwayp taken
the greatest precaution atgainst
sueh an accident as this occurring
always holding the working crews
in safe places, but nature intervened in this instance and owlnt
.... '- ■ ijj
",' N.rVjW. J. Purnell has tlately arrived
here from. Bankhead with a large gang
o.f.nien tojnstall tui.eleetric plant .which
lie eipects to have rightly set up by
■June isti-i Perhaps above all other stirring events that nre daily taking place
in Hosmer,' this is the one that is creating the greatest interest.    We are as*|....-- - —•
sured of the fact that both tlie east nnd  the Buker Lumber Co.„purchas
th'eswest sides of the raidroad will have of ^ VV. Hart th'is.week.
the pleasure of having their stores and
dwelling houses beautifully illuminated
by.electric. light,. „
'., Mr. A. I\ Kline, of Si. Louis, Mo.,
Miss Schilling, of,* Bruno? Hall, Spokane, and Mr. Frank Nash, employee of
based tracts
,;! Strangersi from all quarters drop off
at Hosmer, only to be convinced thnt it
is "Ihe only town." What will it be if
one year has made it what il is?
; Mr; VV. P. Tierney, C. P. R. contractor, who hiis been operating here
nil winter with fiom one hundred nnd
seventy-five lo two hundred nnd fifty
men; has lately removed the greater
part of his force to Greenwood, where
ho expects to hnvo nt least n year's
work to complete.
Every train that passeB through
Hosmer hns its' own lalo to tell ns to
how the place lu being .iitilt up. The
unloading of machinery which is taking
nlncc overy hour of the day. benrs wllh
it the fact thnt there ih something sub*
Btnntlnl behind nil tho mechanism thnt
Is being carried on. Hundreds of car
loads of rock testify to the fact thnt the
coke ovens will soon he under construe*
tion and all goes lo prove that this Is
tho coming town.
A fatal accident occurred at th'o
Buker Mill on Monday, when a millwright, Mr. Cody, attempted lo-re'pluco
a' belt while the mill was still running.
In doing this he used a piece of inch
pipe. Tho wheel caught the end of the
pipe and forced it through his body.
Ho showed unusual uiurago by extricating the pipe with his own hands,
hut all to no avail, and on Wednesday
the poor sufferer pussed nwnv leaving a
wife and child to mourn his loss.
1    Photographer
\V. V. Simmonds lias opened,
a Photogrnpie Studio and is
prepared to do first class work
Studio on Gcmmel Street
Near the Ooera House
Mix This Simple Helpful Recipe at Hone
axd Try it, Anyway
•*• Builder & Oontraotor
to the unusual conditions, whic
'no man's brains could have   fore-
vr w I told, the slide occurred,, with   the
fc)®®-58>C^^ terrlble ",ult" eivtn ab0V#
M «'     I WM*.     ' ^ 0 ' 4
S cBwpI* o.^? a^.wi.ll.l-"™*"'
* 1*Uf,* Sprinn* ic here nnrl
, I am in.a bejter position
4 than cv-sr to supply you
Up-t<Hlate Footwear
- *■• t1       -**'* **     t *
X consider M IN AMI'S LINX*
MEKT the BEST liniment in use.
I got my foot badly Jamrnsd
lately, I bathed It well with SUN"*
ARD'S LINIMENT, and it was as
well as ever next day.
Yours very truly,
t .  o. Mcmullen,
**; A * s. •'*>
"f-WTTriV""" tv
Mrs; J. D. Aye shopped in Fernie
t i
Rev. Steinson, of Coal Creek, held
services at Baynes on Wednesday even*
Mrs. McConnel and Mrs. Robertson,
of Waldo, called on Mrs D. W. Hart
Wednesday. ,
Mr. Fred Adolph left on Wednesday
over thi* firent Nnrtliern for a short
business trip.
Mr. S. J. Morrow purchased a fine
cow of the Bayne* Uke Cattle Co. and
took her out on his farm this week.
Get from any prescription pnar.
maclst the following!
Fluid Extract Dandelion, ons*
half ounce; Compound Kargon,
one ounce; Compound Syrup Bar.
aaparilla, three ounces.
Shako well in a bottle and take
a teaspoonful dose after eaohmeal
and at bedtime.
The above is considered by   an
eminent authority, who wrltw in
a New York daily papsr, as the
flnsst preseription ever written to
relieve Xtaekaehe, Kidney Troublt.
Weak Bladder and all forms   of
Urinary  diflleultlss.      This   mix*
■ ture acts promptly on tha •llmin-
!atlv» tlssusa cl the Kidneys, en-
[abling than, to filter and strain
' the uno acio ana ouiei **«mU »»**.!»-
icr horn  ths Wood -whlcH e*.\\%e*
Somo parsons who luifer    with
the   afflictions may not Ittl   »n-
ellned to place much confidence in
this   simple   mixture,   yet thoss
-air* U-.* UUi it »J- t^ W«"!
are simply aurpiisiof, tha relief
Enlarge Your
Hnve you got- your, photo, enlarged yel? If not Courtney
will enlarge, it in , Sepia, Oil,
Water Color, or Crayon. All
classes of Photographic work
donei Developing, '" Printing
and Mounting done ut reasonable
A. W. Courtney
Hex 414
Estimates Famished, and
Satisfaction  Oauranteed
Pernio and Hot mar
The Garbult Business College
of Calgary, hu modern courses in Toio*
grraphy, Shorthand and Business \ employs expert teachers t prepares younir
people for independence and success
Write for prosnoctus "I*" Enter any
time.1 F. 0. Oarbutt, Principal.
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beinr arfeetfd without tha •Ui|ht-
est injury to ths stomach or
other organs. , . „
Mix soma and give it a trial, tt
certainly cornea highly recommended. It is tha preseription ot
an eminent atHhorlty, whose en*
tire reputation, it ia said, waa es-
tabliahed Ly It.  .   .,.,-...
A dragfUt ham,at home when
aakad stated that ha eould either
supply tha ingredlmts or mix the
preseription for our readers, also
recommends It as harmless.
All latlsurta*. s>K ttuam m.uu £iicy Cl*-a<wu.l*i.iii;.
DytBltatf, Scourlnsrt axud *t?r«Mlnff dona
by tha moat improved methods.
Gent's Fine I*lncti
Phone Ho.
A Trlatl Will
Convince You
j^^gjff^u *t^J aJa-a^s emieer JBlw JK


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