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The District Ledger 1908-04-25

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 ■ .'..'., •**■
Industrial  Unity  is  Strene^-th
Vol. Ill No. 35
The   Official   Organ   of  District 4Xo...18,   U.M. W. of A.
--■■    :■■ i ^P/? 30 J90D    * V
Political  IJ-^ity.- is  Victory     °
Fernie, B. C.-9 April 25, 1908
That is the Intimation Given to
Workers, in C. P. R. Car
'1     Shops.
Gr.-ir.t'-Hiill, l* l\ K. >uprrimendi,-iu
of motive |iuwcr lb* ll.u divii-ii-n wcsij
of Kori Wuii.ain, IiuSmssuc-J a notue u'
the workers in the car shops saying
that after May ist the union schedule
of wages will no longer be-maintained.
After that date the men are to be paid
according lo thejreporl'pf the foreman,
•ft'ho^w.ill rate tlieni'accordiiig to ahilitv.
A ratfj granted''.will not be changed
without thirty days' notice. Through*
out. the »'liple„western, division,, many
of the- machinists;'^boiler makers, and
car repairers have received notice of a
reduction\of wages. At'present the
boiler.jinakers get.45^ cents and the
machinists-.45 cents an hour, with the
union's agreement that if a man is not
"paid that amount he is to be discharged.
The C.P. R. claim that in'this way
poor men get as good pay as first class
hien and that is not fair to the good
men or the company. They will therefore pay according to ability with the
above, sums as'"a maximum-, wage and,
40 cen|s an hour for a miiiiinuin. ' At
the .toad,shops, twenty-three, men are
affect«li'only a"few of whom, however,'
have Been notified of the: company's
intention to reduce.their wages.   »
The men would not-sav much to The
Herald representative. -.Their'repfesent-
alive.'Js, in Winnipeg now conferring
with j the "Railway, Commission  and
New   Goods Just   Arrived
Specially for Easter Business
For the ladies
Gloves,   Collars,  Belts,: Etc.
* •■ ■ *
Silk;   Lace and Muslin Shirt. Waists
Suits and Seperate Skirts
Eastern Prices
'"'^^"ira-15' y.
Western Town
■;8ee'our Spring Suits at $7.50, $10. Q0, $12.00 and $15
1    ~ t!,i        '" -■   v    * - j 'y --.*-. i ,-■'■* .
..•Working. Shirts' at 75c,: 85c and $1.00
' Working Shoe8''at''$2,00.'S2.75 and $3.00
Sweaters 81.00, $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00
. Heavy Wool Sox 15o, 20c,'.25c and 35c
uiTftil^what he has to say is given out
nothing^!! be dope. It is safe to say,
however,;?that: jthe^men "fear tliat this
movement on JtheSpart of the company
is only -th* jhin edgeof the.wedge and
that'a fen"per.certt. cut all round will
be' Ihe next move.s Such a move would
U'avev to "be sanctioned. by. the govern-}
ment apd WOuWWa^eubiect-af acbitxa-
For the Neti
. Ties, Collars, Socks, Etc.
' "*     * ' '*'
% 1 o ■ •     - (>
Light  Fancy  Vests
Clueit Peabody Shirts,, Stetson Hats
Custom .Made Suits, up-to-date in
. every particular.       f   ,
'- -—■— Agents for ~r—	
Fit Reform Clothiiig
Slater Iflvicfas Shoes
,The'fcoihpany-expects that the-men
will amicably accept the wages offered
as fair both, to/men and'the company.
-Lethbridge Herald.
The Trites-Wood Company
"\   .
.:k:c.: .,.<;:
You will say, Is it Possible?
That I can bay good fruit lands with a good (-apply water within 80 miles of Fornlo, on tho Installment plan.
' , '.','7**.'(*i '',"'
$5.00 Down.   $5.00 per Month.   No Interest or Ttites
• •'. "*■ , * "t,i.\\ '"■   '1 *'■-.
For a five acre tract daring life of contract.   This" offer will
not last long.. Write for circular of "Koootonlu Irrlgutlou'Traot,*1
His Honour Judge Wilson haa
handed down the following judgment in the case of David Strachan vs. G. D. McCutcliton and
W. D, Milner-*In this matter X
think the plaintiff should succeed.
The defendants dealing with an
ignorant man who as they t-aow
relied solely, on the information
disclosed hy them and as they
knew had no other source of lr.fcr.
mation and who entered into tho
agreement on their representations
and certainly made an improvident
bargain. The full facts as to the
drawbacks to the property were
not disclosed to him as one of tho
workmen in not fully disclosing all
the,facts is'not one of which I approve , and. they must' have tbe
same protection under the law as
the shrewd (and none
too. careful) business man with
whom they deal or are induced to
deal with will have. Judgment
for plaintiff with' costs. . .
', Mr. L. P. Eckstein,, for plaintiff;
Mr. Sherwood Herchmcr) contra.
-   -   0-	
The ball    given* by the ladies
Benevolent    Society   on Tuesday ]
night last was,.as it deserved   to witnesses stated "I was trying to
The I. li. fteid to., furniture
Dealers, Open for Business
in the Todd Block
make a sale, I wa* not golng
show  him the <bad points."
D. W. HAKT, Asrt. It. R.L.Co„ BnynfSf B, Ca
' .... ■ **,(.'■'     ■_.    "W^j i'i'     ,-1
be, a great success,
The   attendance was gcod.   Mil*
let's orchestra supplied the music! thU very point under the special
and all present' were well pleased. 1 c*rcuni»tftnCM' ln    the  case    the
•    The Ladies BenevoUnL. Society I Plftlatiff mUBt 8UCCeed'
havo   done   good work in Fernie'   Th* common practite of dealing
and deserve Eupport ty 111' with' Ignorant    and    "Gullible"
Almost   every   week   something
occurs to indicate the progress ot
this industrial centra of the West,
not only to mddejrnise but .also to
._   ,,       beautify the   appearance of    our
F.  Eogors, the    Great Northern xnaia. street.
railway watchman who"'was "struck'     This week we have the pleasure
by a C.P.R. train near Michel last •** extending a hearty welcome to
w„k «.d ^xitarm**,- .< ■& %(Si.nJzf^T:.
the Home at alout two tbo Todd bIock) victoria Avenue
o'clock without having regained exhibits something worth the gen*
consciousness. ■ Mr. F. H. Mitchell, eral public's notice ^and approi'Ia-
Now Being Shown at The Todd Millinery Parlor
Miilinery i'or Spring now ueuirtiius Hitention ior ihe tstylca Axt ueciutu.)' UalTct-cat And j>ititt!v.i tt.-au t\Ci
before. The Tocjd showing is an attractive one to style and comeliness. We invite you to call and
see the Hats we are now showing in Paris, London and New Yoirlc styles.
of ftovelstoke, . organiser of the
Brotherhood of Hallway Firemen
and Engineers of which the deceas
ion. The transformation sctno
makes the practical eye beam,
with admiration when it gases up*
on those show windows. -Never be*
ed was a member of the Co'drange fore have such marvellous   values
"Codne No 341, was seat here    to   been displayed in Fernie. Just inv
-*..-j   *«  nr.i*«r,n«i,-,*»hVn   ftfl',no *& "olid brass bed for     two
attend   to   funeral arrangements. h;      o(TeMd for ^6360    ,t makaJ
Tho remains will be ihlpped     to- j)aop"Je wcnder what their chearest
day to Stirling, Ont, whero     his in ordinary beds must be.     Well
father Robt. Rogers reside**.
his in ordinary
the buyer has only to call and hit.
inquest will be held.
tataiiiion, April i2.~-Sir Henry Camp-
helMlnnncrinitn, formerly Pritixh pre*
micr, died nt 0.15 tliJs* moriilri^' nt lit**
offlcinl residence In Downing itrcet.
Tlie end wan peaceful, The i*fiu*»e of
*>ir iivnr> X-viC'Uii »» i'lVivirt'.^ h..-...«*.
llC.lli (,%'liiitC.
Pittshurg, April i4.—An cxplonion
Is reported to have occurred in n mine
of the Klliworlli Coal company at Ell*,
worth, Pa., near here. Right men art
mid (0 have hocn killed. It U rot
krinu'n how nmnv men were in the
nstonlshment will )>now no hour-ds
when the prices of not 1 nly the
beds are told him but everythiii*4*
in the store is put down ot the exceptionally low prices. We are
not advocating their cnuso but
wish to point out that everybody
will be repaid by visiting this store
The ground' floor is covered with
the most modern and Jegant buffets, nido, onrds, dressers, extension table*, secretaires, den sets,
and all kitchen furnUhln-ta, then
there1 are   two   spacious    icoms
UJi    ttluiilk   iii   Vauikli   hiJttt«*UiUti   mU-
tv\*irnMr4 ii «"n*)W*n In "n*^!*i, V'vl'll'nw,
davenports, couehes, carpet*;, linoleum, toilet sets, ate, etc..
After the arrival of three cars cf
goods they opened their doors for
business jii Thursday.   Within   *"*•
«■*  ***>■*• •*  t ti»*-1 m        *t       •»T»-»a*tr#l       Ma   I**       «•>■»* Ha-V
4-.-W* Sa^.j*. ■*. 11,   -.Sj ,.^,,» ,   *  -~   M      •
rcoms will le augmented by a few
morn ear loader
The energy and ability displayed by the three gentlemen in
charge Is worthy of the support of
the general public of Ferule and
district. Let us all call and civ*
tham a hetrty welcome a* well aa
our support. ',
\ *t       A-***    *J|   ,g tH^f jftlj (V     ail'^    . S4W.»»«w3ffiiMfo'i'A.T*.
And They Were Very Keen in Getting lack
in Some instances.       . 1 .
"     j !
>" * v
Medicine Hat, April 20—At the continuation of the trial of the sect known
as the. Dreamers, Jacob Merkel. Jr.,
son of the Dreamer god John Merkel,-
was on trial. , John Lehr stated that
the prisoner had told,, him* that the
same fate would overtake him as happened to'j. W. Martin, J.P., who  was
. supposed to have been drowned, and
whofineda Mrs. Gill $20 for;firing a
gun.,at the witness' children. ChrisUan
Gill had also,threatened to ao away
with him if he got a chance, and threw
a knife at him on one occasion, Merkel
also carried a rifle. Adolph and Michael
Brost gave evidence that they ■■had
heard the <■ prisoner "make the threat
that the witness would die like a beast.
\J. Sclinieder testified :hat he had
been a Dreamer, but withdrew from
the church two years afjo. Their belief
was to destroy the property and lives of
those who did not believe with them
He carried out their dreams as inter-
. preted. ■ ,,   i        ■
The witness knew of a dream the
prisoner had carried out, and as a
result of which he rode oyer to his
brother-in-law's place and shot him.
He was jailed for thirty days and had
to pay a fine of $100. The brother-in-
law was not killed by the shooting.
' Witness knew of Dreamers who- had
burned buildings as _ the result of
dreams. He left the Dreamer-.' church
because he was afraid he would get
into trouble. God Jacob had threatened
him with revenge for", leaving the
church. -. ,,        .
;   Other witnesses gave evidence of a
similar nature. '"   '-
Magistrate Rasmussen, of'202 Marquette St., Montreal, writes; "For
many years 1 was troubled with a serious eruption of the skin. This , was
not, only unsightly, but it was al
times very painful, I first tried various household . remedies, but these
proved altogether useless. 1 .then took
medical advice. Not one, but several
doctors in turn were consulted, but. I
was unable to get any permanent relief. '. Some"time ago 'i noticed a report fiom a justice of the peace (.Magistrate Perry, J. P. forj B.C.) who had
been cured of a chronic skin disease by
Zum-Buliyand ,1 determined to give
this balm a trial. ^ After a thoroughly
fare test 1 can say 1 am delighted with
it. 1 have the best' of reasons for t hese [
conclusions; because while everything
else I tried—salves, embrocations,'
washes,'soaps and doctors',, preparations. Jailed absolutely, to', relieve my
pain and rid me of my trouble, ' three
boxes of Zam-Buk worked a complete
cure." In my opinion this balm should
be more widely known than it is, and
1 hope that my experience will lead
other sufferers who are in despair'to
try this herbal healer, Zam-Buk." ■
For healing eczema, running sores,
pimples, spring eruptions, scalp sores,
cuts, bruises, burns,, boils, eruptions,
itch, chapped* hands, and diseases of
the skin Zam-Buk. is 'without equal.
All druggists^ and stores sell it,' 50'c. a
box or postpaid from Zam Buk Co.,
Toronto. '■-'"'-
V"."    -% -' v.
■Woman's World
Something About the - Foremast
Cleverest Woman of India.
There class of people
In the world so wretched, the victims
of such incredible cruelty, as the famous* child-wives of India. Por centuries superstition, ignorance, child
marriage and perpetual widowhood
have made their lot the most hopeless
possible. They are treated, among
other things, us beiug somehow responsible for the death of their husbands or
of the ones to whom they are betrothed. . The extent of the terrible grip
this superstition still holds iu India
is seen.from the census of 1901, which
reported the number of child widows
under fifteen yenrs of age jas 391,147
and 19,487 of these under Ave years.
, Against this grcnt evil, this awful
custom, that for ages has held, sway
, Don|t be afraid to face the world!
- RA.C'>*^r»*^'^-''n^-**»*^'*»*-l*'--'J«'-l '*— *-— ■      -*     ■      ■
~ av7v-3il L-ii-g-Miiu-L/a avt'OUU'll ucj—" -"^"-p-
■ For on tlie mighty stage of life
You are ah actor, .too,, t --    *
Laugh and  sing while  the world is
;,..young,':»-"«Ct;'r.f.*^.-.'--".-:':> ">'*"-.- *'- •'-"•'
Amid-thepomp-and'showj'-■ "   *"' *.*
The world applaudsyour greatest deeds
And laughs to scorn your foe.
..      ii„>w-.i./.i -itf-". ■■•      ..-        ..' .'!-   ,   ■
,"      4    •        ', . *V-., , '', 1 ...,
* Don't be-a'frafd'tb face'the'world' *'"
.In thought and. word and deed I.- r.
' The sweetest flowers that ever bloomed
Sprang from a tiny seed.
- AiuHike thei'flbvv'r   your thoughts ex-
- • -pressed, -      	
' May spring to nobler things,... ' \
And blossom forth, confounding all :
The world's financial kings.
'. Don't be afraid to face the world I
Don'.t let your courage drown,
But set your face against the storm
": And let your trumpet sound,
The man who in the battle wins
Is quick and widely known. "
His courage forms the crown of fame-
He mounts the victor's throne.
. .-.I.-1.-C ..j.i     «."■   7Adelt*^Cl!r!{'
a        1  11 111   1 1 11	
Read The Ledger
 .J/ll'L     J.l'    .11    ■
, New-York, April 20-i-The Herald
says: "In place of the one man who
did like, service on Sunday of last
weeksix private' detectives acted ,. as
bodyguard for John D. Rockefeller
yesterday when he walked with his
two grandchildren, Fowler and Muriel
McCorma'ck, from his home to the
Fiflli'Avenue Baptist church. ,' The
guard was maintained on the return
from church, the detectives walking a
short distance b'eliind^Mrr'Rockefeller
and-the children, who were in the care
of a nurse!   . ■'.
/, In, view, of these extra precautions it
was- thought -that .the... Black Hand
threats against the children recently
received by Mrs. Haiold McCoririack;
their mother, 'togeiher^witli^demands
for money, had been renewed;' but no
information on that point could be ol>
. -iWeloffer^one'/bvm-dTed^pl^
-ward.for any case of catarrh tnat
cannot be cured by Hall's catarrh
cure." P.. J. CHENNYJ& CO.,vTo-
ledo', • Oi ■'.' '.-.-I fr,:'i J £•'■.-...-'•
•i.We, ci'ithe 0-undersized':?., have
known,!. J. Cheney .for, the last
25 years and believer!hlni.perfectly
honbraDle in all business-transactions and financially atbte-to carry
out any obligations made., by his
ilrtn. , WARDING, .KINNAN! &'
JIAUVIN, Wholesale, Druggists,
Toledo, 0.*"*-u -,*     '■■■■<•'*■l-
Hall's Catarrh" Cure ib-taken In-
tonsally, acting directly upon the
blood, and mucous surfaces of the
Bystem; Testimonials' 'sent free.
Prices 75c. per bottle. Sold by
all druggists.. Take Hall's Family
Fills for constipation.
a bad day-otherwise he< will, be subject' to rtieumatisin ■ when hp is "old,
and cart* must be takuii'to provide him
with the right food. -    n
/He '<» a peculiarly in-rvous,.excitable
dog and wants generous fet"d!n*i
Chicken or flsli is1 the-best tlinner for
liini,- and French' beans .and greens
should be given him with gravy whenever possible. A' toy i'oiu ought to
have two light meals a day,-with just
a little meat at one of them.   - "' '
These iiieujs must he , fairly dry.
Cake, bread aud oatmeal biscuits (too
beating) are very bad for him. but oth-'
er dry biscuits and sometimes a little,
sponge cake nre allowed. Boues he.
must never have on any account,     j
Magnesia sprinkled on his food every
now and again is good for him. but
better than medicine when lip wants it-
Is boiled liver or onion very tinely,
chopped and mixed with his food.
' It is-bad to give n I'niu 11 Jiat'i; hut
his coat must be brushed scnipulonsly
and with clean brushes every'day, flrst
,one way and then auother ofjtbe hair.
He needs uo flannel coat out of doors
In winter.* j
He.will live probably about twelve
years if  regularly  exercised,' but authorities differ on  this—to the l'oui's
owner—so all important a point*
 ~        \   '
W. J. Wriglesworth, Di D.-S,
..DENTIST    ...,_:
Office Hours:-   ''   f sc.o 12 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m
8.S0 to » p. m,  ,
- Office in A ex. L "Jk's Bioisfi
over Slimr  Bttketv.
FERNIE,'       — -       '-      - B. C
a ..■.      ..'.-..
Insurance and Customs Broker
Crow's   Nest   Trading - Co.
■ .;-■ '/'Fernie,„B. C. -,
M. Kerr & Go.
Contractors and Builders
Pitas, Specifications and E»ti-
matu  fonitsked  od   apulicaiioii.'
' Pleal7   o<. GOOD' DRY   LUMBER ON HAND.
-    R.  Vl KERR.    ,
Architect      ae-J Saperintendeni-
OiEce el R«airk*c«
FERNIE.   B.   C.
L,; P,   Eckstein
Barhistek-At-Law, Solicitor
Koom. 1 SS-'HeiideriiOU hlook. Fernie. B.C.
- ;,,   . PANDITA EAMABAL.. . v.
In the east a wonderful woman has.
been fighting for something over twe'n-
ty years. At-first she had'to struggle
alone, uwid'tke gibes'aud jeers of''her
/countrymen,'' but uo\v that jstime - is
bringing ,ber .success the, world is beginning to pay lier tribute. Dr. Cuth-
bert Hal!, the well"known New York
divine, who is at the head of the American movement to render aid, has said:
"She is a' marvelous' personality, one
of,the most commanding and extraor-
the-most-highly educated, .woman in
India today, :beiug commonly known
,as 'the.puridita' for her.learning. A
high caste Hindoo ladyi herself a w;d-
ow^she was roused to" action' many,
years, ago by' the misery, degradation
,nnd "lihuse..of..child..wlves/ijOie worst
blotch1: on',lndba's,ciyillwtlpa;y.Iu.- li<S!l
sho vb-,ite(l Amorini-'antl.mar^^ei'.'ilnt''
plea 'lieiv in thei:* 'ijehiilf. Today' she
bni' nt Hliiniidit~i*iii(tiiii,"lii 'tlie'iBoinluiy
dlstrt'.'!, 11,"Kiynt,-uistitiition-'for high
caste chllil.widows. Neurly 1.000,girls,
niiiii) of tbi'iii rosi'iicd froin fuinlne,
(ii-|iliiiiiagi> and evil, are liere Instructed
iu tho domestic arts and"
i'.'i  <n d    l/i. j
i 1      ,- ■ >1     j no
■ ir *-■-, ,,:—■■) r
v/i J. 11 Id    a
OliJA-'.'"  *•)*£(* i'Jii\-
' V'.-.
:i   D.
<, li-
3.   . •
'') c/i
0   •»      1
%•.,,,O ,;C .A \jf,.
,1 „   *r   ,"77
J   1,1 ,.|4.4 *■'  ,J|
;if    (I1./.        y',1.  •     ,Ji4U    ,--«lI'li...    '
We have, the following machinery for
sale on which wc will give a real bargain
OnQ   Washington   Hand   Press
(bed 24#x38)
One 7x11 0. S, Gordon Press
One 22# inch Wcstmnn & Baker
Ciilici, Level
One    Babcock   Drum   Cylinder
Press, Rack and Screw Distribution, Tnpclcss Delivery, bed
.,, .34j?47....,    ,
,.   , One 3-H. P. Water Motor
Thii machinery will be told lepnratcly or altogether,
ii all properly and securely boxed and ready to ship.
...Addreit The Manager
Domestic SuperBtition*.
Wiishiiij;  IJi'ir-lirwii^bliig dishes If
■y«»u. r»r|ft>t, iiii<-itrTicilt>."'-lt/'lfi a' Bi'in .vou
win iioii'iMif iii '..vortiiiuB.' '■•■.'•; ■ ■ :• ■■; .* ■
Horihnt Stoyo.-lt Is h sign.of a quar-
rol' to allow a VoplOug stove to get
rod Hot <m lop
tani pie out of tin' oven It shouldifall
oiMlii'.jll'iur iii »,.* down. It Is a slgu
ViiiiH'!ii|ii''wllt dii' niul leave yo;i, a for-
"tunu.^,'      '       fj   ,'   '    ■
Kiieiiiljiig'Dougii.-lf a maid who Is
knuiidliig d'oiii'li clutl'h at a lad's face,
he'll'li-i'.or j.,ro\v n lu'urd.: • •
. .StninutiToit.-'To mal»« utro'ng
Is ii Hlixn yon will innliu jfrlends,
Wi'iilt Toit.-l.r ,yi»n uii.l.o It .top wcuU,
,ti|i!iiVnn'vvlll, low.' frlendH,
'Burriwl' Hrl-aii.-ll' ybu' burn bread
wlfllO'voolclii)',' Homo one la angry with
yOU.'J''' "'        '•'"   '>'   '■'I   ,' >'    '«
r lOpeiihiKi .Cumiwl.: l-'rult-lf w.hilo
0|ii<iiIiik ii^yiiusof'fruit or any similar
th|iiK,tl)p,j,ul('e,,Hhoiild hnppen to ppnrt
up. In'tho ojM'niinr'ia' fneo, It'll a'sign
of iihiii^'eomlii'ji wood, ;
Unru'lnK' Dreuil.-Whe'n bread, coltc
or tilp' will1 imrri'In spito'of you,',vour
hiiHbnnil or lover Is miKiX' ■
..<'orl*t-..lliiiii>lntr. Out. or Bottlo.-lf n
.cork,, pops .hut of'ii l.mttlo, ,middonly;
yon hnvo nil unUiiowii oiiuiny,
Mnltlni'. Hi'uiiil.-lf you ulni* while
lidilthiK lirood, you will cry-beloro It 1«
Aproti Rti'hiBH.-lf your uirun >l»0'
cniiuiR initlitd. it Is nn liidlentiou thut
HoiiMiliody U Bpouldnit of yon,',
Miiklnn Coffoo.-To for-tet to put cof-
fee In tlio I'otToopnt In tlio nl^n of 11
fcniiliiK gift,	
Hnllhili Hniip,—Whon HOiip coutlntii)i<
tn linll nftor tt Iiiih Imhiii removed fi'oin
the lire, the cook wllh Ilvo to u roimI
old ui".'.
Kettlo Spout Ilnclcwnrd.-To uircidoii.
tally plnoo the tenkottle on the stove
with the upout towurd tho buck lit n
elcrii of compnny.
ij Unrnlnir Conl.—If a eoal of flro foils
--       *\ \     (lf,r«       14      l'#t'    f.      **t,**-.      n      „*riir,i\ net*.*
VU     kt*v     »rvrv*|     **•     •*•"     *■»     »**&**     «*     »■ *-»Ml't»* •
Is pnmlnr* to Boo you,        '
Broom I-oft In Comor.—If aftor
sweeping n room tlio broom Ir nccltlen.
tnlly left Id n corner, stranucra will
vlBlt tho Iioiho thnt dny.
Whon   Awnltoned.-When   yon   nro
»)tWllUlK    HUVI     aAi.iiV.i-'x'}     <OMK.t-    AUu
your drowalDKS ut once Ih none, tho
person (hat came will l« rich boforo
Toy Pamo.
Toy romarinian dogs aro first fa<
toHtM J«t nofr. Tb»y ■«*• hardy.'»»
doffR go. Rut all th,t tamo, a toy Vom
wetxte * flwvt' rli«l of Vatc ' Hli fee*.
mntt he -Irlad If they hav* got wat on
iGood Form For Girle:   .
In enteriiiK and  leaving a' room  a
young;. girl  always   permits  an, elder
woman to precede her.. ,  *,       '   *.
, The elder womau  precedes the girl
on entering a car. carriage, restaurant,
or theater; , ■', '   \      »
, When entertained at a house full of
young people she will not fail to show1
courtesy und interest iu'the'older uleiu-
biers,of the household. (*■-.
"A'well Ued girl will not absorb jthe
conversation at nn afternoon tea. lunch
or, dinner by telling f.ippant storiea or
petty gossip. She may secure a jew
laughs, but at the cost of respect if oilier good maimers aiuf gir'.liood. <, !_.
*; When introductions are under way
the youngest girl Is the last to; be introduced. She follows her mother.'.uev-
er precedes her. in meet
■!her hostess. ;
•' ."ifter dancing the young girl does not
thank.her partubi'. ..She lias"conferral
the favor, and he thanks her.
No wellrbrcd girl accepts any service
"from a man In a.public*■ place, without;
aclcaowledglng ,it by a graceful incliha'--
'tiou   of   the'head   or-'a- murmurekl,
"Thank you."    •   .. . - • '*
i       -.  . ■ -j  -
V'    ,•; ...     ,'■_A Fudge Tip...    '   --
\: Many people have ditliculty in mak'
flng : fudge  that  is  creamy,   rich  and
v The trouble,.
"Candy- should-- alway-S"-be-?* taken- irom*
the^'Stove-the..niiuute It* makes a soft
'ball that can just 'hold' together* when
dropped,iu ice water.   ,     „. .'.
It allowed to cook longer," the fudge
.wllltbe ;StltT.»- Ifj. Ieaa>*tlme, l8;,g.yen,Mt
wlll„be,gr)itty.,fanii; sU,*cky..,>.„i^,i   „., ,„,,
,. Beat-bard with u wooden spoon." It
;ls*fbetter than the -wire..beaters, as It
'r^ermlts^ore^ylgorous'^whlpplng.  .,
' ; Do not^aela the .vanilla' until tho chocolate has cooled slightly/:'' .■<-'■'
'  Pour, into greused pans  while the
mixture la still thin enough to'smooth
or the surface will not be glazed when
cold. ■; ' *.;,-•■■     ■-■:■ '■'-• •'■..'• "
New Way of Shirring.
, Every seamstress knows} bow;; hard
It Is to make sblrrlngs lie smooth und
flat without tuklng time to "scratch"
them Into place. In shirring take up
,on the needle a little more of the
goods ;.than, you leave, between the
stitches, so us to show tbe thread as
little as possible. " Press tbo thumb
against the needle, moving tt with
ouch stitch, and (ill the needle as full
its posslblo before drawing tho thread
through, This gives every stitch the
effect of n small plait, much tho same
us ...machine gathering,. This method
also gives little work In urranglng tho
'gathers. -Willi a little practice the
work will become uiecbanicnl, and you
will be delighted with tbo neatness and
rapidity of the work.,,   ,,
Per an Aching Tooth.
Most mothers >know what it is to
hnvo a child. Kcrenniliig with tooth-
neho.. The next time your ears nre so
'tortured'!try*-'putting n little baking
.tO'lii'ln the cnvlty. If there Is ono*.:.Tho
mouth should first have boon. rlniiod
with hot water, ,.   .-,
liven simpler'nr.d nltrio'Ht'certain tn
give relief Is hot witch hazel, used to
rinse the ..iiio'titli.,. Repent .overy little
whilo unt|| the puln.ln ousel!,, ;   -
J. Barber, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
T. .W . Block,   opposite the   Bank
Office hours—8 ».m to 8 p.m.
Latoe & Fisher   ;
Crow's    Nest    Trading   Co.    Block,
"„Fernie,  B. C. .
;- meets in the Miners' Hall every .
' ^.. alternate Thursday at 8 p.m.
L. SNOW, Pres. - E. DICKER, Seo.
„ Builder and Contractor   ..
Estimates cheerfully'given and work.
promptly executed to the satis-,
.faction of our customers. ,.
Townsite   Aaents--
Fernie ai;d Hosmer
IV. R. UW.8S.K.C.'
Ross & Alexander
barristers;' solicitors,
FEiuas. b: y
■ Office in' Ij-T, .V, Block, Victorl* Avenue.
Henderson Block   Fernie.
Fire. Lite&"Accident Insurance
'   Plans and Estimates furnished.  <.
:■.;;- Jobhing.-  Sasb and, Doors. -,\
Builder's Stairwork a Specialty
"■•    ■ *' Sstitlnctlbn guaranteed. ■■ ■'■'
; SuccesEOr to J W. H. '1 erry   " .
Employment and
Real Estate Office:
■Will supply men for yf
all'classes of work, -4.
,,_  ,    .,.,.     .       ,.     '..? '
'••■a- -.either .by■■■ the   day...,"
P. 0. Box 188
Union labor.
I'i '   ,    '■   ',-,ii      '     i:;*'-     '-        | I ifj.f •
week' -dr--,'.'month.v(:
Bushmen,; ''-'Lumber men,
" Teamsters
Women  for cleaniri^,
washing or scrubbing (
.-. •*«,    *■•.•. -rtf *+   '+4   *«. >#    fca
'" Dsellns In Minnsrs, ' §|
' 'I'hoi'c Im onkl to' lio n doollno of idnn*
iionf In 1 hu |irt'mint"diiy, -hut If'triluht
lii> Imi'il In uijiiiil Uii',foll(»wliii* luutancc
or li.v|»(iii<» cmirti'Hy i|imtO(l by n wrltnr
In nu< KiikUhIi miiixuklno: "l/ud nnd
laiily R|i(Mii'(ir r»>i|iHmi thi> honor nf
—'h comimny ut dinner nt half aftui
0 o'clock on —. An answer Is purtli*'
iilnrly duiilri'd. Nobody wnltud fur
nftor 7 o'clock,"
All work guaranteed
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B. C.
Wiy of th* World,
"A innn Is lluhlo not to git much
(Twllt In thin world," miltl Uncle Rheti
"If you's prosperous dey'll tuos' likely
any you has mo' luck dun sonso, an' |!
yi-u'a uttj.rwjiCTu:.. dey'll tzf "■•>"
didn't hnh miu'h of i>IHii»r.H—Washlni**
ton Rtar.
Ntw Dlth Drainsr.
A now cIIhIi il minor sbnpod Ilka a
trough In or Kiilvunl-zcd wlro thnt Otn
iuU>  tkht  I.KtU i'-U.     'i'ilii  jllai*** aUVI  il-ii
In this directly from the soap suds,
tho rlnso wnter ponrad over and the
plates nllowod' to'ilry^without wiping;
' A pwitty dddltlnn for tho friri Who
wen in hpr.hnlr rollod back from her
fi\'*i« "and ilVpi"**«" It' low in' 'tlitj back'U
to- tuck n, fir* jui'l vjtv bqdi bablnd
•hi* Mr,'Wnm*Mn|r th»rn lp' a Uton
'itntilnn with iinrrov ri-jboM.  -
Fit for a King
Tho nicatB that yoa bay
from ob are (It for a klntr.
We sell no'hlnp that Is
not tho best, that Is why
we have io many pleiftea
oubtomera, Let an de-
moDfituto thli fact,by a
trial. Pollto uttention
and prompt service.
Calgary Cattle Co.
Tiudc Marks
.   44. »,OMION1.
Autobo f tndlnr* • iktte't anil dMerinttnn mer
enlclil*/ uMruilrToiif opinion fr««wliollicr no
lent Jrot. Oliloit uenrrfor•orurljiaTDkMnM.
Scientific HmcrlCtati,
' -itdnoJMlF muitr»t4Klw*-*JrJy.,.Li*ut**4t mr*
by Kiliiuillo looniitv.Xorrai »or
ajeetiroeiimtiepeia.  BoWby
lo Consumptives
:> Tba undsraifnad hatlif i b«M; r«*
vtortd to boilth by alnplo naaDa,
aftsr iaftaring - for mvwaI jtara
with •». i»?trt * Inni, affeetlon, ., an*
that dread dlasaas CONSUMPTION,
la amJoni to iwaka known to, hit
fallow infferan tha maant of mra.
TO tboM who daalro Itrina will
obaarfoUf i Mod (fraa of okArtjo) •
oopy of ths prsaMrlptlon *imi, whloti
they will find a core for OONHIiMP-
OHITIB and all throat ond ; Inns;
UALADUtA Bo hooM all soffmrt
will try this Bsmedy, as it ,!■ Invalo-
obit. Tbono doalrlng tha protorlo-
tion, wblob will oont tha nothing,
and nay pro?a a blaaalng,; will
pleaas addraaa 1     ,
*.i'-j «<;/i*»-,.        *f»«.-„v'jv«   ir  tr
The A. iviacdonald Co
"(Head Offlcai Winnipeg)
Branclfet-;Vancouver, Neliqn, Fernie
Edmonton, Alta. it Kcnora, Ont
Fernie, B. C.
Wholesale Groceries.  Flour,   Feed-Si
Camp Supplies
1  >   'I
rm ■"■■fB. •©.' ■ ■■ ■ • IS ■Ja   Hi ■ Mi^JByjmi   W   Mm :&\
..;■■;>-■ :,4v.-i , .■■>   •■ ■■■'..*.       "    ,^'i
There is never a question as jo
tlie absolute purity aiid heaitJi-
fulness ol food raised with
See. he comes, a warrior bold,    .
Somewhat like a knight of old,
, With football panoply.
There's no hero such as he!
.Less Iri pads and nose in shield;
He will fight upon the field,
He win do his level best
With an energetic zest
Prom his foe to take, a fall
In a scrimmage or a maul.
Hero with disheveled hair!
,   Hero loved of all the fair!
If you're in the fashion now.
To his prowess you must bow.
—La Touclie Hancock in New .York Press.
A pure, cream of lartar powder
Its fame is world wide
- No alum; no phosphate of lime
- HI   63'■ H J8Ji' H   B   M
"The Eagles'is' a plain man's order. All distinctions of a class nature are swept aside and no cue, is
barred, on,account of his occupation. In short we do not discri-
, minate among classes but we " do-
propose to discriminate among
men; .There is no place in the order for the man who does, not earn
aii. honest" livelihood or tne 'man
who' does "not respect the' civil
laws under-which he lives.'-'
So „• declares Theodore A. Bell,
grand worthy president,of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, former
member of congress aad a' candi-
*da.te for governor" of --'alifotnia in
1906; v President Bell is now on the
expected he will-visit Spokane.
, "We neither (demand air expect
perfection, but we must have a
membership * of" men-w:hb-try to do'
right," he is quoted as saying, at
:Portland.' "The order'is essentially charitable and tettefiiial in its
aims J and operation*. All1!? ques-"
tions'""of "raalc't, wealth a!nd calling*
•are , subordinated to the primary
end of relieving and uplifting: h-u-j
manity. To secure .'the greatest
.and most" effective co-operation
among the -masses-it is necessary
to iieep" constantly ''iiCrdind'' the
real ends to be attained to the ex-'
-elusioni!'ot barriers that in other
fields may separate' men from one
another.. , Charitable work is becoming better- organised every day
and therefore more effective.
"Men feel and understand, that
the welfare of'the'individual is the
foundation of the state and that
any improvement in the material
and moral status *of tide .unit must
mean     greater    strength   to   the
vhoie. <: ;■;.._ ■  ;
.'•The popularity of the order is
attested by "the fact that In a decade, we have organised 1800. subordinate bodies ;with* a combined
membership of 300,000."—Spokane
——-o    „      ■  *'
The Knof b*oqt Blow.
Tho blcirc^hlch.Iowkwl toat..Corbett
mo,a mv.dftUM.,.foj^
From the esrlloet dayi*. of the rltii* tlioi
knock-out.blow wan aimed (or thn Jaw,»
thn tompln or tho'JOBiiittr' volri.'StoniaVth!
punchoi'i»eM1thrO'irnilu!to worry snd*,
weary tho flf-htor, but If a MlaiitMe roan
had told ono of tlio old flghtairn that tha
moit vulhiittblflibpot wasitbo*re»lon ot
tho Btomteh, ho'd havo langhod at blm*
for an Ignorant1*.' Dr,f Plorce U bringing the publio a parallel facts thai
tha; nomaehla the most vulnerable organ
out of \he pfH* ring as well u in It W«
probKtpur.hw'ii, throats, feet and lungt,
but tboVMMiwVw« are utterly IndlfTer* i
cnt to, until dlauaMvflndi tho wlar plexui >
and knock! Mou*t7*Makeywiritomach
■mind nnd itrnnt*'
When a rooster finds a big    fat
worm-he calls ail the hens in   the
farm yard to  come and share it.
A similar trait of human nature is
to be observed   when a man discovers . something     exceptionally
good—he-wants all his friends and
neighbors'to share the benefits of
his . discovery.   This'is  the  touch
of nature .that-: makes the whole
world kin.'  This explains why people who have been cured by Cham-,
berlain's, Cough Remedy ..write, let-'
ters to the manufacturer's for 'publication, 'thatbthers^'similarly ail-"
,ing....may1also use it-and "obtain-
relief.   ;, Behind every one of these,
letters is a'-warm hearted wish'1' of:
the be of use to* someone
else.,   . This. remedy is'.'for sale-by'
all druggists/1*    *•
i !lis> Literature   Leaked.!-'''
Wintley—near  about   the joke
Blnkley—No.   Wluit is it?
-Wlutley—Since he moved into a prohibition 'suburb he has had his' exhilaration sent by express In a plain
box marked "Books."
Winkley—Tbe other day be got a postal from tlie express agent reading:
"Denr1 sir, your hooka are 'leaking.
Please come and get tlictn."—Judge.
Mothers who have used Baby's Oi-n
Tablets say that they feel safe wten
they have this medicine in  the  houje,
as l hey
the ills
are   a never
cure   pr
of   babyhood  'and   childhood.
" i.iiuiBOji—If I dig a hole in which to
put-this rubbish, what shall I-do with
tho earth-taken out?' ;
Samson—Dig the, bole big, enough to
hold'both.—-Philadelphia Press.
A Last Resort.'
Tbe  parson's; small ' boy ■ had: been
desperately-trying, to-run away, from
his  uew  nursed    At last ho spied a
park"'guard.,      '"'       ';-  •-.    ■'    ■ •
"Mister, are you a p'liceman?"    v,
The- giant in brass buttons, bent low-
aTjaoMt^uowan Medkil. uiacovery
cures "vveiv •tomae*.,'' * lndlg«atloa« or
dyipopala, torpid.llvnr, bad, thin and Im*
pure, blood and other rilRiwtMW of tho or-
gain of dluoatlon and nutrition.,   ,
Tho'Coldon Medical Dlicovnryhiua
Anrualfli*' (•nrKt.lvn ettee.t. nptin nil
mrltcm and hone-* euros catarrh, no
luattor nhare locttUel or whet hUh'o '•
may havo reaeboil. In Naaal Catarrh It
ti woll to cInumo tho paaaa«M with Dr.
aago'a CaUnh Aaroedy fluid while ualng
tlio ",Dlta0Oven*,',ai a eonatltutlonal ran*
«dy, Why tho "OoUlcm Medical DUoov*
e*7 • evrcs eslsrrbrJ dl«!Wi*a, t\i oi th»
ttomaeh. bowoli, bladdor and othor polvlo
■onrana vlll ba plain to you If yon will
mad a booklet of extraeU from tho writ*
Intra of eminent medical autborltlei, on*
■doralntf IU Intrredlenta and oiplalnlmj
their euratlva properties. It ti mailed
Jm on reguiMt.' AMrea* Dr. R.V, Heree,
Ilnffalo. N. Y. Thin booklet trim all the
iQKrodlenta entwllig Into Dr. Plorco'd
mndlelnee from which It will be teen that
Umy uinUlii'Dot a drop ol aloohoU l>un)i
triple-ralined «ly cerioe being nH fwu-ead,
Dr. Ploreo'a ur«At thouaarid'pajfti llltu*
tratod Common Ben*, Medical Ad?latw
•will be aent free, pft^|e^bo^lld, for 81 one*
*Mntat*mpe,or(!iolh.bonnd for 50
' -"'rou Dr. Heroe at abore,
Saint Peter stood at the'lieavenly  Rale
With thouglitfur brow and air sedate,
Challenging pilgrims from down below;
To state tlieir sin's orVpasspo'rtsislidw.
When one who had travelled the high-
.  ,' way long ,.v .throng.
Stepped forth 'from " out' * the wearied
•*Saint'Peter,,here you may plainly see
My paid-up working card," quoth he j
"Fer my:wage.I, gave la'.good  day's
And no church duty e'er did shirk;    •
I paid my debts and frowned on sin;
Think you hot,' gQoa saint,* I   should
enter in?','      '
"Your union' card is a big asset,"       -1
Gravely answered the saint, "but yet
Some'qucstions I must ask you ere*
Admi'tunce I can grant you here:
"Answer me truly, ns'best you're able :
Have you always asked for the union
\     .  labei?
Let's seo that hat I -No label in it I - -.'
And shoes also! Pull 'em off this min*
■',.-.v. -ulo!•...** - , -.- .,-,.,;.lurs,
Your ties nnd shirts and cuffs and col*
Paid for on 'earth wiih union dollars!'
Your clothe9, I see, are scab made too
What sort of union man aro you ?,
* ' .*' -*■"- ' ■, "■ •( ' .*
"Put'iill that sweatshop stiilT In a pile,
I'll call an imp up after a while, r
To pick it up wilh a pair of tongs
To burn below, where It belbnpfs.'
As for ybii, old mnri," hire 'tho-naked
i;       shade ■< ,	
y.isihly trembled, lie was sore afraid .
That tho stern faced, snint. would bid
£ .„,li.m go    , ,.,.,,..;.,    .bolowi
And burn with his clothes In tlio' fire
» .',■•■'.";*-  .'.« --,».-• ---.■    ■;-■,*«:-.•;.-.■
"Return to earth to live onco moro,
This time you cannot pass my door;
And when your life you live again,
Remember, nmid Us joys and pain,
That never a union inun who tries
Will pins tills gato if ere lie buys
Willi union wages scab mado goods,
Unfair clothing, books or foods,"
Slowly, sorrowfully through the night
The shivering spirit winged its flight
To execute the stern mandate
Of him who guards the heavenly galo,
•   •   •
"John,   John I  Wake  up I   Why  nil
these moans,
Such tossing about nnd nil these groans?
Shall I 'phono for the doctor for you,
my denr ? "
His wife asked him with loving fear.
"Oh, Lord 1  Where nm 1 ? Can it be
That I'm here nt homo with you ?
Too good to ho truo to me it seems 1
I'vejuit returned from the land of
Where through a million miles of space
Ten tbniKJind goblin* made me race •
Hut from to-night 1 promise, pet,
To ask for the label each  time,  you
bet 1"
>'•■-■     —Presion Morrow,
.*Vnd the mother has "the guarantee
a government analyst that this 'medicine contains no poisonous opiate. It
is always safe. Good for the new bom
babe or well grown child. Mrs. Sud-
dard, Haldimand.Ont., says:—"I Iwev
used Baby's Own Tablets for constipation, vomiting and restlessness, and
have found them a splendid '"' medicine.
Ia my experience no other medicine
can equal the tablets for little ones1;"
Sold bymedicine dealers or by mail at
25 cents a box. from the Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
"' 9— —-.   '     I
Club   Cigar
-—Store —
tlie only reliable place in
town when you require anything in Tobaccos, Cigars,
or Cigarettes. 0 "
W. A";  INGRAM,  Prop..
The    Standard -.- Steel Car company,    of  Hammond',   Ind.,      has
closed and has added 1,200 more
0   the long, list of those already
idle'. "■   ■     - -  ',':     ,'   ''■"'..■■
You want comfort and satisaction
of clean .smooth shaves every
' The Carbo Magnetic Is the only
GUARANTEED to give this.
The secret Electric Tempering
positively merges every particle of carbon (the ' life of
steel).into.tho metal—giving
diamond-like hardness
throughout the blnde-.-some-
thlng absolutely impossible,
with fire tempered steel used
in making, all other razors.
But test this razor  in .your
own home—or have your barber
use it on you.    Secure one 30
J.'D., QUAIL, Agent, Fernie^
fit' nH'-ifi-rr o*JT * ..'r***- ■■
crisrioi^.  LABBL
Crow's    Nest   Special
Miner's Favorite Cigars
Phillip Carosella
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gent's furnishing.
Port Steele
,   ,;, Fernie,  B. 0.
;    Brewers' of Extra  Fine  Lager
I '     t   i   *• -it* *|
'-'.'.*     and   Aerated   Waters.
Bottled   Goods    a     Specialty.
The best dollar a day house in the city
WINE   GO,  Ltd.
Wholesale, Dealers and, Direct
, Importers of
\     OLD TOM'    " ''
Sole /Agents in,East Kootenay for
♦*♦ Liquors and Cigars of the best qualtity «*♦
Y        '■        Weil stocked but    ■ ***
•> \ a*a
,•0 Dining room in charge of P. P. Miller ♦♦.
•J* Only white help employed "J*
"Why, yes, sonny. I be." ' . .'-.
-■ "Then please arrest this woman.v,.Kie.
won't1 stop follerln*. 'me..around."—Lip**,;
plncott's.   •;"; .   ...'•;•,'■,.'    ..  „,...-,".■
, Jungle. Joke.
/'Hello, Jumbo." luintere-i the smart
uionkey.  "If big ears''are the sign of
generosity you should be very genier*
"I am, Jocko,'!,,.replied,.the, big elephant',as be made a quick lunge.
"Have a trunk on moi'' ,'..
j The simian .was'tossed; toxthe topmost branch of a cocbanut tree.—De;
trolt Tribune.     . '
1,.,. if..-     :: Hli Pest««fll6'ns. i.
V.Wben Dustln 8tax started In business be didn't have a dollar, of his
o*,vn."      .,;.'.
'•" "Yos," niiswered SiIm drryenrie',i"a"Dd
Home- people;say that, from ,a,, strictly
raornl .point .of view he's In pretty
much. the. snmij. position today.''*-
\Yashingtoh"Star. - -'I' •" <• ■-'        .'
There is Only a
",.,'.' 4. ," .,-".Kept, Queaslng.
. "I don't see why n follow as rich as
he Is should feci embarrassed when he
proposQH to n Blr),")    ,
•,..*'It's whnt, yoiji'mlght call tho cm-
ImrrnHsment of rlchoa.. He' can't tell
whether the girl, loves him or bis"toon*
oy.'.-.DcnwMoliies Roglster.    -,,;
■   ' :   ■ The Pot and the Kettle. -
•' "You hnvo:iio Ht'iiso.V.Hiild the spoon.
"Vou hold 11 pretty girl's bands wltli-
outsijueealntftlieni.1" '■ •  '*•' '<■'•'
"I have more uimso than you havo,"
■replied thiMrniiff.,4 "You touch her lips
wlthoiit'klHsIng thorn,"~6t Louis I'ost-
•Dls'intcli.    •■•"''.-... *.....- (.-.. 1.1 .
t   -    .).,,'    t   ■ ,..,,,.1...,.,  ,...   ii^.,i.||;,v  ,     r,;
1 ' •.."*"' ;•'"■ 'All on'Him;	
"•'tori*! Drliley-Yes. I know my hus-
lmml |>luyn poker, but ho snys bo only
does It for'fun.'1 ' '
;' Mrs, WlHo-Thfiti he'doesn't got what
,ho'plays'for,'Tin told'all tho othur
.pltayoj-s hnvo tlio fim. - Philadelphia
iPfoqi.;,':".;;::,:'•  ,'„, ',„;,„■■/,
,.j,  .,    Qther* ,Couid See.   '^    '"
"Oiit, my dnnr,"' protested bor hus-
band, "you slioulilcloso your eyoi to
tho fact tliat I.iun not perfect." .
"Rvon If I did," rejoined bis wlfo,
"flint' would not Impair tiit* vision of
tlio ni>lglibort."~Mlnn(»opoll» Journal
Not the Lait
Putlonr.e-1'm going to congratulate
IVggy on lior ItiHt iMiirrlago.
Patrlcfr-Vou'd bettor wait
Putloneo—Wliy so?
Patrice-1 don't think thla one li her
•       *       me    ..1     »>,,    f>* ^ *, Mti.<,t«
of a per cen):.,difftjrence, between the highest rate of
? interest paid .by an; institu-
Jtion u borrowing;, from--the:
oi,'.,♦?§'{PV-Wic'ahd'.fKe- irate a chart;
Jered banlcfpiiys;'its^Tiepd^ Jfeiit, for this;;smallr;'diflFer2
'ence in'ta'te^tKeJ^ep^sitor. gets 'the . pro'tectioh . of the1
Canadian JBanlcLii^ Laws an^     tl?e same7tin^e/thq mongy,
is placed where it is. readily':ayaUabie:on,;^em'an4i:. eitiyer;
the whole or;any'part of'it, 4hy,rtime itjrnay^beia^kedjfora
I Fernife Lumber !
*..       Go., Ltd.:
J'AIEX. HcDOUGAil, Pres: &Ga. Mgr.*
♦*.♦ ! „j,
Mumficturere of and
/ Dealers in
* Roajfh -STDresseoT Lumber
y."Dimension:& Bridge Timber
t! "■' Piling, • M6aIdiD«-, Lather
- -     -  *■...■:} Shingles. and, Ties.
Telephone Poles a Specialty
; iAU. Ordero Promptly. Attended ,<
■■■'.■ .to.: -v r     1
Tel. 3 "' !   rerhle. B. C. < ►
;•*•   i{l •'"   •->   !   .'.■..'.   -'-:..  a    i:..:.* \
W. CB. MANSON, Mgr., Fernie, B.  C.
•■5'5-ii  l'—:/:,:')"■
!) • I  ,
He Knew.
Tcochor-Now, whnt little boy in this
Sunday school can tell what a pyramid l«?
Tommy 'Tulf-*Wby, dafa do shape
tit* \*jnl w<*U» i* *ct \t\> Ua Ui vU wittii..
-Houston Poat
Wllllno to Bland a Qoed Deal.
Dorli-nut ! novor told you that I
luiTf n hrothcr-ln-law who la a nena-
tTnrry—No matter, darling. Kren
thnt fnrt cannot separate us,-.Iui1go,
It Wai Unit Anywayl
IVthiiy (fiimlillng In hi* pockPtai-lah
finny   li!i--l<ut   I   «*.iit't-li!c-rernem-
Imt tit Jmt v-imt p-H-bct-hlc—. put tat
lafylinlo,-- lWiliriJi!;in,
We will receive'*subscriptions
to The District; Ledger at
the rate of ;'  '
One Dollar a Tear
."   ■;  i f. !,'■'
'"'■'" We want to, double our list
of subscribers. Seize the opportunity and get the paper
with all the news
 Send   your  name  into  the
Manager   of   The   Ledger.
All work done by
Comptttnt   Workman
upon the most
Modern MauBtalnatry
in the most
Improved  Methods
raon NO. TEH
1001 UHiONS INDISTRICT13 U. M.W* of A.
'fEENIE; 2314-i.Pres.;' J. T. Puck-
•yj Fin, Sec.,* Thoa. Biggs.
HOSJIEE,     2494—Pres."    0.     C.
Cole; Soc. Win.' N7 Eeid.
MICHEL, 2384—Proa., Jaa. Doug*>
las, Sec, Charles Garner,
COLEMAN, 2633—Pres., Henry
Smith, Sec , Wro, Graham,
FEANK, 1263-Pree., Fred Allott;
Sec.. George Nichols. -
LILLE; 1233—Pres., T, X-reju;
•Seo., A. W. Kay.
BELLEVUE, 431-Pm., V. Lewie;
- Sec, Fred Ch&ppell,
H1LLCEE3T, 1058-Prei,, Bobert
Livatt;    Vlce-Pres.,   J. Lt*gmae;
'< Bee,, Barry T. Cooper.'
LUNDBEECK, U275-Pr««."   Haro-
ehel Kaye; Seo., Goo Thoa. Wright.
WOODPECKER, 2200-Prea.,    W.
( &. Hughei; Sec, John Fletoher.
MOHKINVILLE,  B378-Prei.,    C.
, IC. Eichardion; Soo., J. SCatke*
DIAMOND CITY-Pjrta..    .   ,
, Sec, X. Ent-arlotle.
CiNMOEE,   1387-Praa.     A.    J.
Xhompr.a; Sic Jaraea Cljmar.
BANKHEAD, 29--Prei,, Wm.
Flahar*, Sic, V, Dyaon.
TABEE,     102—Pru.,   T.   Boyle;
- 'Bet,, Wm. Murdoch.
LETHBRIDGE, 574-Prei. B. G,
Hamilton; Seo., Charlaa Pat*
TABKE, UBW-1'res., Alt. Bob-
•Ha; Sec, Bobert Doodaon.
CITY MIMES, SS40, Edmonton—
Jrraa.. X. Jaroei;,
OTEATHCOMA, S248-Pr«,, John
Salat; Sic, Jas. Poole.   ...
Pltriit'hf-t'H'*—Vree., Jna. Chart*
ar; Sac, Hail Xo Cortuiek.
1USH MINES, 8855, Edmonton—
Prel., Chaa. L. Bryca; Sec,
MEBBlTf-Proi. Vttak Sttal,
Bee. Thomaa Calvert.
t, Praaldeatta and a-aoratartaa whoa*
Bimea do not appear on thla Uat
are rt^uactad to forward tham to
thla oft** (or inaertloa. ,
Coatlatud laqxtlrie* roach «i foe
the fartfoiag ltlormattoB. ^^T^*^sy^s^c^^i!^^
t ,VLf-n. ■,,., Tvy|i.^^|'i!fr*t
W&tMzlvitt £*&0ar
$1 a Year in Advance
Issued  every 'Saturday, from the cilice or
Publication, Pelluts Ave,, Feraie, B. C.   ,
'    » '- •.- ! i
Changes of advertisements must be in as
follow*-: —Pacts -', 3, 6,ftSit 7. Wednesday at 10
a m.  Pages l, 1,5 and S, Friday at 10 a. m.
Legal advertising 12 cents per nonpuriel.
line tirst insertion, 8 cents per line each subsequent insertion.
Hat-es for contract advertising on- applica
hoc at office Of publication. Pellet Ave.
Address all communications to the Manager, District Ledger.
W. S.   STANLEY, Mgr,
Elsewhere   we publish the. judgment in     the Strachan vs McCut-
cheon.   Everyone  especially .workmen, should read what the learned
judge says about the practice    of
dealing    with  ignorant   and  gul-'
lible  .workmen.    No     one should
"buy a "pig in a poke." Tgo much
■ warning cannot be given- to workmen to look carefully .to their,in-
" vestments.   A vendor may in some'
cases state ,the truth but there are
tmany, who do not hesitate to lie
out and out if by so doing    they
•can   part     men from    their hard
earned     savdngs.     We   would   ba.
sorry .. to    class    all  real    estato
agents as*, untruthful • because we
know  that  many  are^ honest  citizens and reliable men. • To  separate
the chaff from the wheat is    perhaps a. difficult task.   Ti eyery intending" purchaser would, view the
* property first or send eat and get
! valuations t there would' be  fewer
- complaints of being swindled.
' ■    3 j *   •    '   ,..'. Or-'i.vt        ■■'
■r-< I-
Friday week is the first of May.
~ In  every'youhtry-dominatedr-r-by
capitalism   the. workers    will as*
' semble on that day.   The-.celebration of Labor Day has been heretofore in The Crow's Nest Pass; dur-
ing; September.   ■ The first of May
is by far, the" more' appropriate be-
'caus'o.'itds time'in the first place
twhen labor can truly rejoice above
'"all othor periods .tv ti-xie whea   'he
1 can .''sing with,the* preacher, "Ftjr
';,,io, the winter is past, the rainUs
"i over *•> -> and > gone, the ■ time* of th-e
• singing ,of the birds is come,, the
.flowers   appear on the earth and
."■jth'e .voice pt,the -turtle ia heard' .^though.. the flowers
and singing birds do not mean so
'•much'to them as cellars; sawmills,
:proapect  holea - and railway construction, the second    he
will be'in harmony with the inter-
'national   character   of his   movement.' The variouB lidustriea   Ma.
Jail countriea are no longer owned
"by    residents *in'  those countries.
,i Capitalism    has internationalised
industry and consequently tbe operators of the industrial machinery
haw,, become . internationalised.
This factor makes the modern la*
hor irioveroent., the most effective
ThrGe quarters of an acre under
cultivation in West Fernie. There
is a Plastered House and other
buiidin-gs on the Premises.
Will be sold cheap and on easy
Real Estate and Insurance Broker
ly asserted .to be the .work of socialists, but nowhere do:, the facta
whom the 'police'declare confessed
to the .outrage, but who afterwards' "denied the confession, was
an anarchist. His motive ', for
throwing the bomb w»s, he said;
|to; revenge, a clubbing^ he,., had
from the police a week previously.
The action of the police officials
during that day was! certainly not
calculated to allay any animosity
generated by iUtreatment at their
hands. The command of Inspector
Schmittbergjer to '.'Drive theminto
East (river,"' and'his1 reply to* the
sculptor Zirnm^f appeal for constitutional rights that'"the club wab
bigger than the constitution now"
was anarchy of the purest type
and as like begeta like it is not.
surprising that anarchy was tha
answer. Socialists do not advocate violence.. They are essencial-
ly students of' sociology and as
such recognise that any attempt
at armed revolution against constituted authority would bo setting the clock of progress back a
generation at least,   v, r,
Sodalsts can achiave by. exist*
ing laws all they desire, whenever
the working class are ready   for
, and hopeful movement the worl* their emancipation.. Civil war apart
hlaeyetiseen. ,.We should do all, In ' 	
our power to foster its growth,"In
■ AX    lies .the salvation of the race,
."Therefpr* let ui'celebrate May Day
in communion with the workers of
. *.he , world,   Let our cry be, aa in
all agea'in.human hietory'it 'has
been at this time "It is. the earth-
' 'jnotberVlet'x\n worship:her^'' And
as    our primitive,  forefathers   at
various atogea of their develop*
' mtnt, made sacrifices at this time,
some    time   human, . some time
brute, that thjjrtr, crops and docks
might be increased,' so let us iac*
riflce'a day's work and seek during
the holiday to sow seeda In    the
minds of our follow men which up*
on germination will give ua a true
. elvlllaatlon.   "Wo may not live to
tic the harvest but to have sown
.In faith    ia do mean privilege or
, — .—0"      ■   "-'•-
from its horrors would entail the
destruction of property,, ond this
is far from desirable to the socialist. The conservation of property
is one of his principal'tenets. He
views as alike the. craved anarchist
who throwa a crude' bomb in* a
moment ot frenzy, or the mob of
farmers who" deliberately bum the
factories of the Tobacco and Sugar
Trust or the railroad magnate
who orders bis underlings to blow
up the construction of a rival
road. These act* are inherent in the
present system and are its logical
outcome, , together with „ ruinous
strikes, devastating ware, pteti*
<nmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ii i mi* ■* mvm
lences and■-; panics.. You cannot
prevent, them whUe production is
baEcd-oa-the-amount. el^pro&t.—te
be derived therefrom.'.The? socialist 'claims he has the 'remedy;, the
key to the treasure, house,of peace)!
which \, in- short. is this:*-Jho' seeks'
to' '.impart, - to ,,'the wo-rkiog1 c'ass
the, true import - of, their' historic
mission which is to forever;put an
end to*: class" conflicts; by ' destroying once and for-all time class
distinctions." This is"''to be effected
by owning the means of produc-,
tion socially,as,they are sow-operated socially.''. r-    '"V :,
 i—uii-J;*. ^     ■■:■'
DR , McKIM-Pastor; Cburyb; of,
Epiphany,', of ^Washington, D. C.-*-
Conslder what organized"labor has
done,to improve,the' c^ndUlori'TjlUho
working men. Seventy' tr * eighty
years ago thtt.condition of labprcrB in
tbe factories was far worse than the
condition ot the slaves in the south.
I have lived in the south andTknow
that the material condition of the
slaves was better. In l832-*33, in
many of the mills of this country, the
women and children bad to go to
work at 4.80 o'clock in the morning,
and to continue at work fourteen and
fifteen hoars a day. La bor organ Iza*
tions have done a splendid work, and
I honorjheu.. Tboy have been lift*
lnfi* up the masses of tbe people, who
aro not contented any more. Their
ambition Is aroused to bo men and
women, and their Bonn; is: "Eight
honra.for work, eight hour* for sleep,.
and'elghihours' to do what wc will,"
I do not say whether in the present
conditions of labor tbe eight-hour day
is always attainable * but all these
things are to be judged by the effect
they have on manhood and wora.ii**
hood- "They wnnt some time to look
away from their work out nn the
(rrcat wi-rld. and to breathe the pure
air of heaven - thev want some time
with their families | nnd, therefore,
tbeir discontent Is healthful.
A general idea bas gone abrond
Instilled by a hysterical press that
Socialists are responsible for the
bomb outrages and    murders   re**
CartatA"*/     ^*aj4i:UlftC«*4U     .U   ili'l   Vi.iUZ
States' by anarehlete, . One paper
went so far aa to aay that although all socialists were not
bomb throwers all bomb thrower.
were socialists. This is a deliberate,
malicious lie. No loctklist aa so*
eialfata have ever yet been convict*
•d foK bomb throwing or any
other" a'it, ofMa-evl-iaanni lnZna-
lisb speaking countries although
hundreda have bin tried for such
acts. the bomb which -waa
tluoiTOf'.nc.VlMon tSaua-re,) .11 e?
York oa March HBtb ia paiUtulw
Not a d
of Alcohol
Doctors prescribe Very tittle, if
toy, alcohol these diys. They
prefer strong tonics ind liter.,-
tlvcs. This In ill In keeping
with modern medical science.
It explains winy Aytr's S*i*
npirilli Is now mide entirely
free from alcohol. Ask your
doctor.  Follow his sdvice.
"ate tmtUalatUT CMwalM
>**"A.»lil tl«A%*)|
^ fun jiir M.ilm.a.a
We •»• *m U
we *rt* in v
.  .«- IN' PROBATE No. of 1W8
Bald Co-art,' thftt James Fei-Rnson Armstrong
Official Administrator in (and for that portion
of the County of East Kootenay. included in
the East Kootenay Electoral ad.
mlnistrator of ALL and SINGULAR the estate of JOHN SYMATUIK, of Michel, in the
Province of British Columbia, deceased, intestate. ,'.
Every oreditor or other person havinc any
claim upon < r interest in the distribution of
the Estate of the Bald deceased is required to
tend before the aoth «*.»»■ ofApril, 1D08, bv
roaistered lotter.'addresMd to the -anderslened,
his name and address and the full -particulars
of his claim or interest and a statement of
his account, and the nature of the security if
any held by him. '   '  ',    "
After.the said last mentioned date' the Ad.
mlnistrator will proceed -withxhe distrlbut.on
of the estate; having regard to those claims
only of -which he shall hare had notice.        ,
Dated at Cranbrook this 20th day of March,
A. D, 11)06.
:•'>■' ' OfticiRl Administrator.   '
IN THE MATTER OF the estate
of   -Damiani Aaaunta Passerini,
' late of Fernie, B. C, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all
creditors and others havisf
claims against the estate of the
said Damiani' Assunta Passerini
deceased, who died on or about
the 10th day of March, 1908, are
required on or before the Oth day
of May, 1008, to send by post
prepaid or deliver to Mr. L. P.
Eckstein, of Fernie, B. C, solid*
tor for the administrator, their
christian and surnames, addresses
and descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, the statement
of their accounts and the nature
ot their securities, if any, held by
them, «
And further take notice that
after suh last mentioned date the
said administrator will proceed, to.
distribute the, assets ot tbe deceased among tbe parties entitled
thereto, having regard only to the
claims of which he shall then have
had notice, and that the said ad*
mlnistrator will not be liable for
the said assets or any part thereof
to any person or persona of whose
claims notice ahall not have been
received by him at the time ot
such distribution.
Dated this Snd day ot April,
Solicitor for the Administrator.
.<:iv.Uuii>xi.mji' ...Liv jam
Note I
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Call In and
See i» onoo
P.  V. WIIIUM, Mgr.
!KING'S hotel!
"'Fernie, B. C...
•:♦ Bar supplied with choice-it of..?*,
X . Wines, Liquors and Cipara *:*
-V__Dining,Rocm,in,conaection !*•*
♦ (Proprietor X
♦ " • ' ,   '.
The Hotel of rernle
i    i '    ■
' The centra'oi Comtnerclal
and TooriBt Trade
,,       1,,     i ■
/Cuisine Unexcelled,,
*"'■■',       ■" i'   "       ■■ ,.
8* r. Wallace       Prop. +
Fernie's moat  popular ■
Every attention to the
travelling publio
RoomB reserved by wire
T. H. Wholan
Untetf thtf* U dalrf actio* tf the so*.
els, Mta*Ba«« prU$m or* ahterbed,
casaiii heaaaeha. Siliotaaoaaa. (laoaea,
dfae*«t>«ia. Vrwlah,f<rra«ewMlmr
factor ebttetttmclitgytxtttiOtLttipido*
•if ajttof taaarra ia«M a# A*rtr*a KBa.
"    >r tae-i*. ft i ****** ■**•***.. tmrnlat, r~
Snmo f«w months airn wn purrhMPil Siin.hlnf. Ranch, a farm of
1G0 acres nt «xtra choieu Und, situated aboint 2^ miles west ol tho
Citv ol Nelion, in a well Mittleil portion of the district   Wo Imvo
Mihilivldod ihli farm Into 10-acro block*, and we are offering ti em for
tale ou e»**y ««*riim,   Tim iu**'iw« w> ;1«.».'...... '.i, ii«..rr.t; It !• rt"™
tn iVip C v Tl StMloti t\* HtRTilt*, th«>r« Is at*ofi(l(ichool III thfllrn.
mediato vicinity, and thn Government wagon road irom jieln-on run*
through the property. On nncount of its cIokj proximity to a thriving
city, the value <>( *»*h block muit ncceiiarlly rapidly inrreaip.
This la a splendid lorntlon for n fruit and ve•.etabln farm or a
clilcUon ranch. There ii always an excellent market for anything
il'.-p !":'?'"* '••1<■■, '*■ Kol**.*! *nt\ ar tinxee vetv hlt*h prlc*1* wav l>« oh.
tainod. The land ii not hard to ciwrj « good wot'iinr cwi.rt cKmr on
and hav** crop tlm tint sen«on. A major portion of the ground Is
clearlv open, very little vranditig green timber. There la a fine stream
it of water running throuitli this subdivision. The lota are altuated
il within a quarter of a mlln ol the Kootenay River, where the very
9 i flneat Rainbow Trout nulling ia tn be had.
■Sfe We guarantee the quality ot these blocks, and are pleased at all
Alt -time*-} to gift Intending onrehenitri th# benefit ef a thorongh inipee**
* * tion. We consider that we are offering a particularly choice article.
5 J- Ynn are not taking anv chance Inveeurlng this land at our price. We
% a are telling the** 10-acra blocks at tmuo per acre, aud cuu arrange tho
nt terms tn vary taiy paymtnta to suit purchasers.
*■>     Frolt Und« and Real EsUtf, Box 51, NeUon, B. C.
Coai. -Oo»l mlnlni rlshtt miy In Usind for
a txerlrxt of '-.♦-r.JJ.y.'mf xeut »t an annuel
Tint*. «» « p«* *mi. Not more than l,Mw
aart* thai) >>e l«*iHil to.ont linljvi*lu»l or
comimitiy A royel'y *t the reU of five mijU
iwr ton ahull t>» colli'ttd on the nxrehanutil*
Qu.iith.-A MriOii#l»h»*»n,M*e of an or
over, hu vlnir ill«*ov,i'»(l mineral In place,may
looate a olalm IM i \Mt> feet,
Tb« tt* tor maorillit-* a olulm u ti,
At Itait ♦lfUmuitbi eipendtd on the elUm
»*mj*4»iu,  ^..i '.v tli  :v,!'.-',tij T^»^»^»^ *1«
tlin thenof, Whtn (600 ha* Men vipendirl or
w.*,., li*J»*iail»rJiiJiir. ujuiu »m*vli\*f b n*nr"*y
mad*, and upon «*mplyinv with other re*
nn-Cremtuti, Kitrcowi tbe land *l #1 per arr».
The i*<»M Movldu for tb* payment nf a
royalty «f») p*r c*nt on tbe Mlei.
Fuctamlnlna elilmi ftnerally a» Id. feet
Minarei «otry UetinneveWeyeuly,
Hot e I
Woll furnished rooms
Table supplied wltli tbe boat
Bar stocked with heat of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars
Proprietor   ,
SKA1-KD TKNDKK4 a<l<lr»ii*d to the undtr*
„ ulsned. and tndnrned ""fend«r fer heatlna
rout pTllin, Vanuonvur, 11,0.," will \>» r*e»lv»il
An «Milio«nt m»y r-tain.two luaMi vo
dnd(e*furroldofn*imll*at*i!bif«ra Urm of
twtnty y*ar«, r»nt«a»)l# at the dlMreUon of
the MlnUter of tbt Inferior  .
The letiee thill Iiit* a drtdae In OMratlen
within ene»atpftlruin.the€ilate of the hate
for euh five mil**, Ijenul «iop»r annum for
•ef*b nlle of »Wir Uai#J. tWaHyatlhe
rate of t| per emt collected en toe output af<
Mr (t etnnen* »l(i,fli<1,
W.W.CK«aT, .     ,
D»p»ly Uialiter.of the latirtor.
M. «,-Ua*utUoil«il sMffetlee ef thU a**-
7e-tIi4*D»t)twlUti(it he paid fer,
7 AegUfl-en
a Ledger Ad
at IhU omee nntll Maturdi.y, April »» VM,
InnluiUtiy. fivrjhe eonitruulon of a Heatina
Vlbim Mid M.i-pMlraMonii i-nri hu i*»t\ (ml
form* of tender obtilMd on aiiplloaUon at
tli.g J)«p»rtin*»il, tti'tn Vr. W. li«n<l«rton,
Huperlnttndlna arehlteot.VietArla, BO. and
from Mr. Ck.rk** TmmII. CUrk of Work*.
Vaiifrtnvtr, BO,
I'araon* tandwlni »r* notified that Under*
will not he -,o*n»W*r«rt nnleai road* on the
Tirtnt».l rnrm ntrmlliHt, am) itlamkil with thtir
actual HB'iKtur**,     , ,
Each tendtr mn»t beaeeompanf*<l hy an
aeeapted ehtqn* on a'chattered bank, niade
lyable — -*- *—"-1    " "- "
eant. <lo
Myable to .the ord*rof .the Ifonoarable. the
Uinl.ur or .'nbli-* V
cant. <W p.e.) of th* „. T ...  .    .-,--.
wjilflh will be forfeited if (be p*rwn tendering
riecltn* to enter Into a tontiael when oalUd
ill-* Work*, equal to ttri Mr* amonnt of the tanqtr,
upon to do m, or tf be fall to complete the
work eontraetea for. If the teadtr to aot
uoraptiil the rhervxe will be rttaraavf.
Th* Departmrnt do»t not titrnl Uaalt to
arcept the low«»t or aay tendtr,     -   •
Pf fW**
if,, ttaUyialfjl^v
a^pattaaebtefreilafWorbJ,       ,,
OtUwa, Vareh It, isoa.
Hewk«>M*« will net U pal* fef tafaeUver*
tttemtrit If tbiy iaten it withe-at aathartiy
f»*Bi IU Da-Mat-auat.
\«1 i   0
Official  Organ  of District  NO.  18,  U. M. W.
FERNIE,   B. C,   APRIL 25TH,   1908
.oIHAT the ,:iauiicil.. -shouli Jaot
iave been so 'sharp ,iiv regard "to
the erection of,a !<lace to store
ithe cement Ior .toe Miners Kail.
*   •   *
THAT the present, bye-laws     in
regard to gasoline are prohioitive.
to  ousiness.   How can you axpect
the town to go ahead it the coun-
. cil makes such .stringent luws?
* * •
THAT, some of .the moral phases
of,our city should receive mono,attention than they do .at    present.
* If   our , council   and our able Cf)
police would pay .at least a little
attention     to    this   matter   the1;
would fce doing their duty.
"i, **•,*.
■ -.THAT he heard that our deaf
friend and educator in good Eng
lish had left ; for, Winnipeg.
Some of the Fernie people wish he
lfad gone two months ago. -
■ * ** ,
, .-THAT some attention should be
paid     to- the 'conditioa   of     our
streets.   A   little   fixing   -with    a
slight. expenditure  would greaitly
improve matters. ■-
THAT, as the. -theatre is now
closed as far as the moving pictures are concerned, the daily 4
page programme is going to be
turned into a newspaper.
Capable Employee of the Ceal
Company and an Honored
Citizen of Fernie
John, Being, Helped,* ,?at.-_ ar.. Town.
Janus McF.s'oy, chief engineer and
land commissioner of the Crow's Nest
Puss Conl company, has resigned his
position here and will shortly sever
his connection ,with it t:i accept a
r. sponsible one with the German
■Devvlopnienr, Co., which owns and is
about to develop extensive coal areas
in the neighborhood ot Calgary.. Mr.
McEvov has been connected with.the
former company lor a, great many
years in several capacities, as geologist, chief engineer, and land commissioner, and by his ability, conscientious devotion to duty, and general
courteous manner, and the cordial
>*. d delightful way he and his wife
h-ive dispensed the hospitality of his
cbanning home in the park has endeared himself to the people of Fernie.
He has always identified himself with
every movement that was calculated
to advance the. interests of
and district and H is to his indefatig-
Hble perseverence t.iat the Kooteiiay
Kifles, of which he is the commanding
officer, owes its existense and present
high state of efficiency. While the
people. regret the loss ol so public
spirited a citizen,they are delighted
•to hearof his well earned advancement. ■' .' : ;.,
 -Cf :	
. r!>&'>»<r- Ii
Mr. S. Jones, mine manager, of the
Canada West Coal Co , has resigned
and will leave for the old country
some time in May. Mr. Hargreave-sj
from the Reliance mine will be the:
new manager.
Mr. Ben Hurst has the contract for
•sinking the new shaft for Mr. Duncan.
Mr Hurst is a competent man for
sinking,' timbering or bricking shalts.
Mr, 6. Hitchmack' has the contract
for sinking at prospect hole on section
21 for Messrs. Yoe, Hannah & Co.
The Canada West Company has
pat in a new screen for all grades of
coal. They are now able to supply
any size ot > coal for domestic and
6team purposes.
, Mak Hand has taken over the Eagle
restaurant, and it is stocked with the
best that, is on tbe market. Mak
Hand is!well known along this^ line
for cleanliness. Meals had
any hour, day or night.
Mr. Hopkin Evans is now working
at the new shaft. He. resigned the
office of checkweighmau, and Mr. R.
Doodson" was appointed to 'fill the
vacancy. j
Mrs. .' Challenger left with her,
brother on Friday morning for Terra!
Haute,' Indiana, where she will meet
her husband. •" . .
, Taber S. P. ot C; Local 18. met
last Sunday evening and had a very
good time, Comrade J."Hill in the
chair.. Comrade D. L. Miller was the
speaker appointed, subject "Utopian
Socialism and the New' Socialism,"
which" "was well, given; "A short
address by Comrade Hopkin Evans
brought a very enjoyable evening to
•'THAT'he "has not as' yet heard
..anything,, about,, the,, clean „up„ „day
, for Fernie.   What "is tLe delay?'
.<    '• -.*-,_     »   •' •   ».'-
.   THAT^as  soon * as., anyone  goes-
to do'anything'to "further the'"interests  of our    city, some by-law
f| or    some    personal    objection'   is
{raised to try and'retard progress
. 'as S'&ttchS'jaBTptf^
■It  1 »f'r£a>!t*l*'£>i,> Vut,**4. **l'l*-/l*-e)-J1. SJ """fv*   •*"*    "".•I'.'jl.   1 •*'•*■•' Olil* •S-art'
THAT if there is any secret you
wish to know you should consult
- the mighty spirits.   They will take
, you back as far as you wish, and
relate you to anyonte you desire. 3
raps please. ■ ■
THAT anyone that .sees, our .of-.
flee ''devil" playing baseball the.
fine days might please notify us,
• • •
; THAT, .as he ..understands, that,
his friend Johns will not be here
any more,, he has stopped drawing
cartoons. He-does not want to
take.*advantage,*'of J<'Dad'.-behind
his bock. ,
\' ••*-.,'
,^.THAT:.the detfire of,-some of our
old country friends to 'return $o
the land, of'rain'has-been some*
.•what''satisfied the laBt lew days.
;They don't want to go 'ome now,
V; 0— ■■*- -
Tbe Editor does not hold himself responsible for opinions expressed by correspondents in'these columns.
4V -TJ.44T V,. 1
1.0.0. F Bantheid visited the town
of Canmor*» ou'Apr.i oth fnr tli* purpose
of (>ri:;iiiizing a lotlne, 1'iit nwini{^to nn
accidenr which ncciiirt**! iu^ iliH mint's
they were nut ahie tn put on .nn work
in tlits way tlif.v would !ikf io lwv«
drin**. Ihiti-e wn< al<n w Indgti oivaiiizud
at Ex* haw on the earn*.** lint"/
The miiiei*-' of Bankb*.H(l wen-* ureal Iv
(iiptfi'i^iiitt'il on Tuesday, tli': l-lili, That
tlio Kxt'ciinv- Hi ia id <ii«l nor men in
Bun-'f mi Hint ilfite, and unit--- tliere is
'inoi-p notu-e tiikHii ff llii- L"L*a! in future
it will he likely jo emi.-e. come vory
uii'ileainnt frjtilin-i*-.'
•x'ln a sinul! .O'.untry town nnt fnr
from UlHL-kl'iiiin tli«i*n is a fin*
brijrhtlf. c<nn|><>B**d nm-tly nf vol-
uiite.ei*',. Nnt Inns* air«> a ri■ «* broke,
out at a mill Rt.midiiiirlit am) itie vnl-
unteer.wuvre quick!y on th» -i'')i,- The
siiinke was rihinir in n«**.*vy* clmids out
of th"**-*. build in.*, Inn no li-unes .*.|>|t«aied
and the null. wae-v*ry ifHrk. Pre-ently
a flanirt shot out from n t-ttrnt* r of' the
huilfliuy .ind tlie crowd i-tuvrfd .as the
nif.ii a: thf* uossfc'** directed a' >tream'iof
watertowariN it. '-But at thi<s ino,m':nt
the etcitedvcaptain inteileie'd." "[Je
careful what you are doin'jr, men, can't
you see that's th» otily li'slit we liave to
see to put ilit* tire, onj ?"   ,.
'.   ''"''"'''   \''o-~i .'  .
'•Gracious, Elsie!" exclaimed the
little girl's mother, "why are you
shouting in that horrible fashion?
YPhy can't you be quiet like Willie?"
"He's got to be quiet, the way we're
playin'," replied Elsie. "He's pap'a.
coming: home late and I'm you."
Depot   Restaurant
J. E.  ROGERS, I'ropriotor
Open Night aad Day
When in Macleod stop at the
Depot KestHQrant
Go to
The (tinman Kaminski Co.
' . — For—
Groceries, Dry Go-otis
Boots and Shoes
West of Queen's Hotel
HOSMER,     B.    C
r The firstimeeting.of the Hosmer
football club was,held ia Coy'*i»f
boarding, house ofa' Friday evening,
April 11th. The meeting was well
attended and the work carried' on
to a splendid' success. .List of officers will be given next issue.
3 Bev. Williamson of Fernie vas in
.^Hosmer.'--Wednesday . accoinpanied
by Mr. Blundell. Steps;are being
taken by these organise an "Odd Fellows Association" in this place. It is needles?
to* saythey have the hearty cooperation of all who are member's
at the present time and stationed
here.'" •■-,.' :-     "'-.-'
a close:
The party meets every two
1- The funeral too'c place on Tuesday afternoor^frpm, her late ml-,
deuce. Pellet Ave.'^otilri,. HutleJ-;e
the daughter of 'Mr', and Sirs
^Ch*i..; TxxtVe, :toxn\er}y .of* Ternie,
sow of Seattle, losing a neice of
JMayor Tuttle. She came' hers
llrom Washington' stats being formerly married to Mr, Smith, de*
[ceased. She married Mr, Rutledge
some four years ago. She was a
member of the Methodist church
here. '   ■
*' Mrs, Hutledge died last Monday
morning after a lingering illness
^bf some duration. She leaves one
'child a boy of three years, and
her husband to mourn her loss.
,. The funeral services were con*
ducted by the llev. W. L. Hall and
the funeral was'largely attended,
';.   Off.TOSWEDfN.,...',
A xitty tuattitul «-kac« was given at the fiouie of Mr, F. Xaid*
Ings, MePherson avenue, the occasion being tbe departure of;hlm-
self and family for a trip In' Sweden, 'there was a good number
-present and en enjoyable evening
fmexit,' dancing being continued
Into the. esrly hours of Sun J ay
morning. Hefresb-m nts were i»rv.
[ed, and tne .company dispersed by
wishing their host and hssteis a
hon -voyage. Mr. Kaidlng left
-with bis family on Tuesday alter*
noon for Chicago, where he io
tends to stay a*" short while "before
Editor District Ledger ■
J .Spme^tinic! agoil drew ai'tention to
tlie'operations'within the' miniri*^ districts of outside real estate agents. The
experiences of many who were duped
.und.the public!ty.wliich;liks been given
4>l4...V».'l,,,'. ',    ',V6- 4,-,/t    .   *■   ^,-4,4,,.   •■.■..J.I.**....'     ** ,.
through the newspapers .have served lo
a limited extent' in checkmating the
efforts to unload upon the workinginan
worthless,property.". Nevertheless this
nefarious business Is still being carried
on by some. 1 might specify many
instances where persons have been victimized but many who read this will
have their own experience to prove the
charge I make. . I, have* known,of a
case where the vendor sold outright
certain lots which he did not own. It
is bad enough"to get a'practical!v
valueless lot for one's money, but much
worse to"get nothing at all." There is,
I believe, a .method of employing
"booster*;" that Js.'to say, an* operator
wifihing to catcl{, purchasers gets hold
of two or three supposedly reputable
citizens to "buy!1 lots'and then-the
"booster" goes about telling whnt h
guod bargain he has made. • Tlieie
"booBtefs"(.'paY' nothing whatever for
their lots. They merely allow references
to be.made to them and if asked for an
■opinion urgejih,eTvietani8'atong>*0ie line
of slaughter. - There are many men'
penniless to-day who owe that condition
to the outside real'estate agents. Of,
course the property offered has, so says
the agent, a great value Hnd why need'
u wbrklngmnn be content' with the
bank rate of interest when he can
double \w money in a short time. These
alluring speeches ns honev
draws tbe fly. Our own good properly
goes a begging, our brokers wlin have
their homes nnd their all here sell coir)*
pnrntlvvly few lots, tho progress of the
city Is stayed beenuno the money is
nbvorbed by outsiders, The situation
is truly appalling, I do not deny that
there . arc, some ^reliable and worthy
outside agents who come here. Tliny
are hampered in their work by the ones
who carry on fleecing operations.    No
man should invest in anything without
i*    -  ■ •     ,i   .'•.*■.«   ,i   •    »»    ,
.,oi .i.v'1'b •t'.ui n •» ni.ii. I.t <*> vm,ii.*t,
er ifl'f anni'l multva pi-miaul 'liapi-f-
tion then let lilm -vpcnd.ii few dojlars
and tend out and get n valufttor's
appralhcmcn't o( (ihe, property. ,
Yours faithfully. "
,    Blairmore. JUta.
Funeral Director and
'"'?     Embalmer
.     Office Victoria;Street,,
Phone 63      Residence Phone'28
Dray & Transfer
'Thefirht fnotliall match of the'season
took plac^ on Good Friday.betwee'ri two
local team S, 'He Rai'geri anil the Maple
Leaves. Th e - Rangers are com posed ol
newcomers and were therefore an unknowni quantity, but' last year's Map'e
Leave's managed to hold them down.
Score: Maple Leaves 2, Baiigers 1.
Prairie fires a re the order of the day
in this section atthe present time. , For
{.he last week tbe sky has been lit up at,
night with* the"' lurid^glBr'e''8r(;i'alrle
fires In ali'dlrectlons.'- The -people of
Diamond City had to turn out en mason
to fight fire, and it was only their com
bised efforts that saved the place from
going up ib smoke.
The local J. P.'s have had a rather
busy time duriny the past week, charges
rauging from drunk to more serious
charges having to ho dealt with.
The new townsite of Hopklns-rille if
now on the market. Hopklnsvllle1 is
•bout three miles from tho centre of
Lethbridge, and adjoins the property
on which tho A. R. & I Co, are sinking
their new shaft, which, according to
reports, Ir to be one of the most up-tO'
date shafts in Cnnsda. The shaft Ik
now .down about 100 feet, and three
shifts of men arc working at it. steadily.
If, the bamo progress is made in the
future fib in the pab-t, the coal should be
■reached in three months' timo, -
*■" -   ■ 1    j
Mrs. Bogers ' of this city has
lately returned home from Fort
Steele,- where she has fcesn enjoying-a very pleasant visit-with her
mother and other intimate frvnds.
. ..Mrs. A. McL. Fletcher of Hosmwr
left to-day for Nelson where she
wUl'- spend at least a week-with
her. .i.caildren.- who J are .attending
school there. " -t ' ','
Upwards  of two hundred   . men
have lately been laid off of the G,
N.S.     These men   have    been, em-,
ployed   in the construction of,the
railway.between Michel, and ,Hos-
mer.' '■'
.• "i» > <!  , •■' ':." -,, ,- - .     "•' ■•'■
. The.'.', seam'   of coal 6pok'enof In
last week's Ledger, and said to be
twelve feet through, has, as it has
been developed, ahowa itself te> be
twenty-seven feet and of the high*
*st,grade of coal.
b      ■   ■■'■■
Additional Locals
All  kinds   of
-1 0 -c
rrr~Fr'ttSmiigTMii" : ■■:-. -t
Transfer Work
/ Pacific
One Way
Colonist Rate
T.M. BROOKS       Prop.
P. 6. Box'291     Tei. 6''
From   Toronto
"(via Chicago) 52.45
Quebec  ,
,St. Jblm|
00.95    _*
63.45       '
Tickets on sale, Apr. 29th,-, 1908-;
.Correspondingly low rates from
intermediate points
For Rates. Reservations and any in*.'
■•, formHtioi) desired call on-or write .. ,
j. moe,       q.e Mcpherson..
D. P. A.                      '   G.P.A.   ,
Nelson        Winnij-e ,
The Eld i rug nirl boon, sloier,
Limited, intend .opening their
branch at Hosmer next week,
Messrs. Ingram and Maclntyre
are;. building a temporary shop
next   to   the ..Royal   Hotel .until
. ir-v-j-aaraaMaaHlNMaUKapi
'*'     L.
'..'■  ;'•
-J      '4   1      '
ilil-Jifm ■ Qm
the trait nf labor, and coqld joot «*xlst
,,„,„.     ... if labor h»d not firet axlvtiBd.   Labor.
,,, preeeediBf*   io *Jem*), tal»l|h«r»,lftr«.,d«»p»;rtM mneli t|ie,h!e;)i«r
"<mh(t; •'■'"• •.'.'.....-,''-'.  .;".•... lybnieUUtaiim*:'^      '•       •     ■    -.-
To show that yon ar* allva to your
own Intareiti. idtx m(ut b« consistenl,
and tea that the Union Label adorns
alt yoarparclaMewb''trev-«rpotttblc.
BAnkheail Mines Co., Ltd., aro Htill
running half time.
Mr. L. Stockott of Hosmer, general
tnauAger of the Baokh«hd Mines Co,
Ltd , wan in town Inst week on hunln-
Mr, \V, Wilson has roturnud to
Bankhosd after a tour through thn
Btatos. Mr. Wllwn is looking well and
wo are pionsod to say U much better In
The cnrnmlttee of the Oankhead
Cricket club composed of C. Hall nnd
,Tn*>,| V'-'lounn who wf»r(* sppnlntud tn
Intnrvlew the iniiisnement about a
erlcket pitcher were successful In gutting such.'The president take* much
pleasure In thanking the maosgomoni
for their kind grant,
Villi      Lulai'*      **liil»    itl'l     ittiVl     >M>U>«.
months back lor a trip to the old country has returned to Bankhead with a
wife.  Tbls Is leap year.
Mr. Rm Butterflold lias also Murm-d
from a trip to the old land. Mr, Bolter
Sold gives a grcu account of the old
bout-try, tmt he thinks this country is
tlm \**\ country fur a youug inau, Of
courw, he has beeo bitting tha high
spotion bit trip. '*. • -
Mr*. Tt. Bo)rd,v of Edmonton, (s tie
their new brick block"Is com^eVed".
Next Sunday evening, April 20,
there will be a sacred song service
in 'the Fernie Methodist church ior
which the choir have been' practic.
ing for some time,past,-;'(At',?the
close of the service the sacrament
of the Lord's Supper will be administered.
There was a crowded house. . at,
the Coal Creek Methodist churoh
last Monday.night when the Fer*
nie Ladiea Aid repeated their now
fanious representation of an old
time "Ladies Aid Meeting." We,
regret apace prohibits our giving
the full report we bod prepared.
Suffice it to say it was a great
On Sunday morning last ia the
Methodist church, Tete.ii, Cydney
Frank Lyne of C>>nl Creek vrfc**
married to Mias Kelson, just ar*
lived from England. On the pre*
vious day. Herman Lyne_w&s mar*
nea 10 iiuee ..iooie. Tu* juuug
lndifti rump oxxt toge^w In com-
pnny with some friends who are
also locating' at Coal Creek. The
ceremony Tn each case was performed by the Rev. W. L. Hall, in
the   presence   of   their immediate
/,.),,. Jf..        *»..   ,.—-I   .  I«     ...111     n.'a.l-i      *"l"j
eenesmttl much happiness.
Having decided to.devote •'heir
entire attention to Calgary retail
business, and wholesale trades en*
ly, at other places, The Dominion
Meat Co., Limited., offers for sale
their large and' profitable retail
business at Cranbrook and Sarnie.
Both burdna^s:^e- wjn^^tab*,
lished and very profitable., "**
Ttraof er at Fernie $4,500
Turnover it Cranbrook $6,000
Address all communications   to
Dominion Meat Co.
•;"  -,-.    ;.. ./■'■ • ■ .■■ *.-,•:;'*','M
for the farm, g-trden, lawn or
, conservatory. t    ;,-„•
Reliable,   approved  varletlee
ut reasonable prices
No windy agents to annoy yon
Hay direct and get trees and
.' ..,w»ili ■that OROW
:;, l»*4-f^|Mi|.)>li f. Si riiy Pampa,
sf-'r: v;a^tra\ Im* iiiht-* riiil Hnd,
(.'lit KIllWBl'S
'Cawlogue Free •
aij.._.j.j. utuLtmLmBsaemssaeaaasBTLm
IH. J. Henry
Groenhonse — 8010 Westminster
Road, Vancouoer, B. C.
Bring us your Jobs
30 days after date I intend to
apply to tbe superintendent of
provincial police for a renewal of
wholesale liquor Jii'tns* «,*. W'*.»er,
- Sated this 25UJ day of 'April
1©08, •   *J*i
Sewer    Contracting
Foundation Work      x
 _____ .y
ExcuviatSciff of «y«ry description *,».
Oni<de>Mln>*a/au*UI,Window CleanInir
All work iruaranteed Phone 151
A        Davis* Taylor, Stephens 4b Thompson*
V I?, p.  Box 492,  Fernie •'        ; *5>
\wF^   sy^aj
- *.,
**a* da>a*.>M*>   -***»»*»,    m, •ir*i1ta#a«la
tfcOr " -
V i.
of    Every
Boar &48
Fernie, H» C !i^!S^!^SSJii^l!i3B^SMa^^^PSSS:
a^v^.aM.vrw iB-i-r fa-jft-tjTirimirtiii
Its Purity
Its Flavor
Its Fragrance
Its Reliability
Are responsible f;6r| its
ormous sale of 16,000,000
packets annually.7 "J     "'■■'"r
■ ■ i
Lead Packets Only'
"    TEA-- * '
rilun Labul i'M.,' Rbi Label 50c
mni Gold j.absl <Wo. per lb.
.Atall Grocers
Ohio Miners Have Patched Up
a Settlement.
Bo Not be Penny Wise and
Pound foolish
,  Toledo. .April, 19—The two hundred   idle' miners in  the central
"competitive district..will so to work
nexl .Monday. An jimicuble agreement
between ■ miners and "operators' was
reached lo-day „bv members, of the
scale cpmmittee and this agreement
was afterwards ratified, by the joint
meeting of,the.miners,and operators.
Both sides are satisfied with the results
of the conference and the conference
adjourned with tlie best of feeling
between the two parlies to the controversy.,, , ' '    *■
The terms of tlie agreement, provide
for . a , general resumption of Hvork
throughout the district next Monday,
the adoption of the old rate of ninety
cents a ton for mining coal, a referendum vote to be taken by districts and a
call ofthe committees;, lo receive the
returns of the vote, the referendum being on the proposition lo .make the
agreement hold for two years;.a, uniform screen of one and one =■ quarter
inches; an eight hour day;  the refer*
and conditions to the'districts for settlement and an invitation lo the Illinois operators to join in the joint interstate conference lo be held in Toledo j
in. February, 191*0. 	
'"The miners' and operators are delighted with the outcome of this,, conference and declare there is , a more
harmonious feeling,"between, miners
and * operators  than   has  existed   in
.years. ■"; ""'*■,',%■"        '• ' V" " ■ .",* '!"i
;    .(■    -L! 0—1 —."' ',".    i
Subscribe for.the District Ledger.'
"The man "who   sends   his  money
away from his home  town   for .goods
that he can  buy at  the     local- store
loses more than he can possibly gain!
He strikes at the foot of his own  prosperity.    It is a penny-wise  and  pound
foolish business. ■ Every- hundred  dollars sent out of the county reduces .the
workiiig capital of the county just that
much;   A prosperous'couhty  lownin"-
dic.ites a prosperous 'rural community.
If your towns look seedy and unkept;
if the  "for rent" signs in  th
windows stare you in the  face;
merchants are .discouraged, .what is the
effect on town properly—what does the
stranger, the investor,  if you  please,
think of t the   community   in   general?
Will he invest his money in'a community that  is  not true  to -itself?,'>'The
thinking man knows that the. price of
farm real estate.depends^as much upon
nearness to a good live town as upon the
producing power ofthe soil.—Republic
.   U. S. Steel Trust exports   i,s20o,000
toil's a year. •''"     "    ,"' -J' •■;*•,■;- *.■
" New York Central will' try  Lenihan
patent steel rail.
.National  Tube   .company     works,
Steelton,' Pa., dismantled.    '    *     *
.Farm hands in Russia  receive  from
io1 to 15 cents a day.        „'
Illinois Steel company, South Chicago, put 1 ,ooo men at work.
Silk mills throughout country reported prosperous and running, full
Great Northern has placed orders for
15,000 kegs of railroad spikes.
Mexico is agitating a prohibitory
duty against American steel products.
. The Erie Iron Works, of Erie, Pa.,
will build a $37,000 addition to its
plant. "
Frick company  has. installed latest
safety devices at  coke works,   Union
town,,Pa. ,-, ;
Goshen "Iron company .will, open
mines on its 70,000 acres of land  at
e   store
if  the
Melbourne. Australia, April 24—
Two "excursion trains collided last
night at Bray brook Junction, a village about seven miles west of this
-. 4  . It. v '
city. Several carriagea were telescoped, • arid it Is belioreti -that 41
people • were killed and about (50
injored..„The actual number has not
been ascertained, as the wreckage
took fire and was almost completely
consumed. .
Goshen, W. Va. , jo
' The net, earnings of the Alabama
Consolidated Coal . & Iron ' coi.pany
last vear were$657,985. \
'   '      '■       '■   -    •> *J* ■  ' I
New   York   Central ' company,   has
contracted   for   136   new   locomotives
and 24,000 tons of steei rails.- " !
The American'Steel & Wire company is now operating between 70 .'and
80 per cent, of its capacity.    , -
The Washington, Pa., street railway-company, has reduced the wages
of its men.from 10 to 20 per cent.
The rail mills of the Maryland Steel
company at Sparrows Point have resumed operations, employing 800 men
Claimed that the_. U. S. Steel Trust
owns 50,000 railway cars,-, 1000 • locomotives, operates 3,000 miles of track
and owns 315 vessels. .
Labor Commissioner   Barton,  West
Nobody knowslhe money il lakes
To keep" th'e'home together;'-    , ' ""
Nobodv.knows of the'debt it makes—
Nobody'knows—but-father,. - ■
Nobody's told that,the.I70Y.S need* shoes
And girls' hats with a feather;
NoboJy else old clothes must choose—
>   Nodody—only father. .
Nobody hears that the coal and wood
And Hour's out together;
Nobody else must make them good— '■'
Nobodv—only father.
Nobody's hand in the pocket goes
-  So often wondering  whether,
There's any end to the'wants of, those
Depeiideiu-ronly father, ■
Nohody thinks where the 'money  will
,To pay the bills trial gather;   ,
Nodody feels so blue and glum—    '
Nohody—only father.
Nobody tries so hard to lay
Up .something for bad weather,
And runs behind, do what he may—
Nobody—only father.'       „
- _ 0	
B. E. WJJ.KER, President
ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager,
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
Branches' >■,',>     ' ■■   "   ',   •"-'
Paid-up Capital, SI 0,000,000
P^t,       5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches Canada, and ia the United States and England
Deposits of $1 and upwards received, and interest allowed •*
current rates. The depositor Is subject to no delay whatever te
the withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the deposit.
Ferule  Branch
H.   L.   Edmonds,   Mnnafrer
Directions tn Prepare Simple, Yet Remark--
.   ; able Home Mixture   - ,   .
Virginia, says that out of state's population of i,aoo,obo people less than 125,-
000 workmen are idle.
' 'James Oliver, inventor of the chilled
plow, who died the other day,'was the
richesfman in Indiana and left a fortune estimated at from $50,000,000 to
fa&''.*-' '.■'••>-   '■-'■■> ■■• >■*.'    ■
""More than 96 per cent." of tlie skilled
workers ia the tailoring trades are foreign born and gained their training: on
Ihe'other'side. *'Tl.e'!same1isJ'true of
the" finest branches of dress' and < waist
making.r •'■* ' * ■• -'■' - *•        -'-''v.-" :
,,,A   well , known"   authority     on j
rheumatism gives  the readers'   o£
'a large New York daily natter the ]
following valuable yet simple and
harmless prescription   which * any
one can easily prepare at .home.
oFluid extract  Dandelion one-half
ounce;   Compound Karpon,      one
ounce; Compound Syrup Sarsapar-,
ilia, three ounces. shaking well in a.bottle
and take a teaspoonful after each
meal and at bedtime.
He1* states that the ingredients
can bo, obtained from any" good
prescription pharmac* at 'small
cost. and-, being of vegetable : extraction, are harmless to, take.   .
This pleasant mixture, i£ taken
regularly for a few days, is, said
Rheumatism. The pain and swelling, if any, diminishes with each
dose, until permanent results' are
the stomach. * While .there , are
many so-called rheumatism remedies, patent medicines, etc., some
of which do give reli<*f. !»■**• really
give .permanent results, and the
above, will, no doubt be greatly
appreciated by many, isuffer'era here
'at ■khiB-'ti-me.   '   ■ *    '    '
; Inquiry ■ at the drug stores ' ■ ot
this neighborhood elicits the in*
formation ■ that these, drugs are
harmless, and can be bought separately, or the druggists here'will
mix the prescription for our read*
ers if asked to.   .
♦ ,
Have Yoti
with, tlie
two Cars of Sew-
er   Soil   Pipe   and
i     -1
Flm-ftbiiag Supplies
Please ; call and
get prices
J* -o*
and,  Furniture
The Dominion Meat Co.
w.> i   i'
HoHow Qroubd
As Illustrated
•ilsd'    03c
•ill 1^."
ft at
pj!Tr. -(.*3fh ■i^'&fo-." iLeather < Case^. * *.. ^wv
Double Concave for
Extra Heavy Beards
Carbo Magnetic
' ^    , Strop Aids-
'-;■• 'No v
***"■.- *
,■1 v-;u ).";•■   J..:./.
■ II
fl ty.ft' *Vrl t   W,*
;' *. <
cmjut bhavbis
Ttoti'i 0
0;. *
O-iv'l'.rj |
iM\"   .'	
i'"' **.-/i y
---,. •'.--■■<'.
• -.0
I. :ro
„i;*f„j|,-.-!-,  ni   i--!,ik;> I; .urn    .«  uo„ -j^.-ja -^-jj «1 Vidi .1 t-ftHl
.Fresh: and i- Salt^Meats-j oEroalbit kinds-, -in ostock xfaf
Poultry, Fish and  Oysters in season , -..
; Dairy Butter and Ranch Eggs
Phone 4
Victoria Ave
P. BURNS ft to,;
.*! ,u* *,. .1 il   ><> 1    1   .)  iBY_ .{ ft. ■     .'j   h-.itr.fif f
'•' ■";.    ' ;'• '!" '.'. ""'LIMITED    '°" °"     ■'""■*'' ya-1' '
Wholesale & Retail
*! ' '. 'i il,;
■> 0.1
«'IT'    . '.    "      '
■ ■»-4 .-.J )„
t  y  u,   !•
Will Last a Lifetime-
_..-C"Z\ _ ... u  1 ■!       m ■*■*■■! ■■■nan an ■■■**■ in inrin it r~*
.1^., j*  .■■■.■■.   j, f. ..■	
OUR OWN EXCLU8IVE SECRfiT Pft6CE83^th€' ««!• tut/Hn their-muufutuK b of the that Enjliih *t«l
Swedish make.  ThU wo-a-ierfot dto»v«r/ U the tesutt ofyeirs oY <xp«rlmeot tad tttiiy, tn\d tt tut tliere hu buA
■•   -• ■   PW«>^i f   :.*    "
• ELRCTRiC Tf MPERINQ tidr CARBON to the iteel|>.wh«reu temperio-v by lltt, (the only other method known for
,i  .11
' '"'<  . Itr.M  So   v.'iof 'to'
t.:l- ■   ■■ li    i
Always a choice supply'of Beef, t*ork, Veal,
Mutton, and Lamb on hand. -Hams', ■•
i , ' *
Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.
Our Specialties
Fresh,  Smoked  and  §ajt^ • $•»•■■ always a
,  good assortment. ;; Try our Mince
Meat; Saurkraut anil Oysters.
•i  .■»« -%■
t METHOD,; thenuMt cxpenitre gfating, tarn* > ..,. •;,„. • ,-i    ,.-.,, „   ,  ,       ,
P   '       VOU1TDEALER wm ^IreHo yo« bneof theie   CARBO MAGNETIC  RAZOR8 on 30 hy? trial, without
ofcll&atlon on your part to porehaie—take ati-rwtage of this opportunity. Break away from the fcaiher habit! You will urn
$5000 annually
nv******. * ft.. ^''••aiHi* (■••t**ri*i*,(«t *t**iw** nne» •train the nn*..ri«.r.rf nf N
*"""' «ifatnWa HialtaK Balm," itm.Buk. MnT L. 8p»ldlna of 505 Krie r
ai„bimtoit,Hot., uptx'[tornlit** y*U w«« •M.f ^ffi-i
aocldent while deiccndlna At tLtfitt gtWh f child
" In my Mini, I illp-Hd, Wllna KmtII*/ on my Uft
•rm»n<itlbow,tte«l»lni»Bnliwopand. Mfiuw
wi»lttOiam«d,.|woll#n,Md»W.p*lBful.: I Irhd
different, nuptmloni,' but tht wound k«pt d*.
cu.r,.i-„ „«,) t(tXifit |n*i*»l. "AhnnttMitlmnmy
UoilterWelled uilnff <.im>Bak,  1 »cted upon
hli tdfloe^ -Zim-B*k thofouihly/clnned tht
wound, Hopped ill discharging,ind *»othid the
In arid tn four with, the wound, wm oleel*-
-   -- - md*
livi ■ 1  • i! >
Flrrt of A. L SILBERSTieiN, makers,   J* D. Quail, Agent
Fertile, B. C.
■450-461 Broadway. N. V.
Etln tno tn lourwim uxe wemm *»■• m
wlod, (.1 hen hid perfect um of both elbow
., urn wet ilrvc4'»na ewe thle fMd.luek to
:'    wondofful, heellnt Ul- Sfma-Buk ,»nd wj
at** fffeMMie »<t4 «w**0 »«• »uwt*,f»f ty*HS j
The Particulars of a Remarkable Cure Told
, by .a Presbyterian Minister—The Suf-
: ferer Brought Back from   °
,   Death's Door.    ■     '■•"•*
Perfumes and Germ*.
Lavender   and ;rose   perfulmes   nre
credited with the virtue* of being ml-,
trobe killers.'-' .   \,       "; .   ,   *
*.v •.*» v*4» *•.*■> *.•-» <v «.v «.v -vv «.*» ♦.*>■ *4.*> •»"(♦ ii!4iKa«'t^I'4i!*5
«,!4**   » ?■■
St. Andrew's .Manse,
• Cardigan, P. Ii. 1., Ja». 19oS*
: Though 1 have never been bick  myself, and have not,had occasion . to use
, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, 1 thought
you ought to know of the remarkable
cure they have wrought in .Mr. Olding's
case., .
,    During a visit to mv home in, Mcri-
"gomisli, N.S., some years ago,  '   Wi's
/•grieved to rind our next door neighbor
•sind friend, Michael.Olding, very low.
"He is not expected to live," my mother informed me, "and you must go'
over and see him as he is liable to die
any moment." "Not expected to live,"
that was the opinion riot only of the
doctor who attended him but of his
'wife and family as well.    Upon visiting
•him myself I  found abundant, evidence
*-■■ i ... i -
to'confirm their, opinion.
••"   Mr. Oldinghad-for years   been   al-
\flicted with asthma and bronchitis, but
; now a complication of diseases was ravishing his system.    He had been cou-
' fined to his bed for several months' and
• was reduced to-'Y skeleton.    Though
•''evidently glad 'to see ir.c  he' conversed
•' with the greatest difficulty, and seemed
,,to realise that it was the" beginning of
the end. He was daily growing weaker
1 and his feet were swollen to twice their
■ natural size and the cold hand of death"
■ was Upon his brow'. , "lis no use," lie
-'*;said feebly, "the doctors medicine is
. ■' not hclping^me and I am  going down
•■rapidly.,"-'. 1 prayed with him as, for° a
' i man soon to" pass into eternity, -and
"when I took his'hand-in parting it was
"the last time 1 expected to see him in
'. ^the flesh.: '° ■■ . Y"
y Three years later, while, on another,
S visit to my  mother's   .Michael   Clding
VftF J        ' *
Swas seemingly in belter health than I
•Khad ever seen him, for as I said lie had
- V -•     ~- ,,,  *■ .     .. t-
|ryalvvays_been ailing
e' Cotton In" Mexico.
Mexico has been manufacturing cotton goods for centuries, the first cotton
mill on a« considerable scale having
been established in Pueblo by an enter-'
prising Spaniard in the sixteenth century not long after the founding of.
that city. -,'   i   .    „"■ ,...•■-'
i Mary. Stuart. .
- Mary Stuart was not cross "eyed, bat
one eye had a, peculiar movement, moving farther in one direction than the
other, giving her the appearance at a
casual glance of being cross eyed.
'",-!• Garlic.  ' '"      "'',,•
Four-fifths of-all the garlic eaten In.
Europe is raised on tho two African islands Zanzibar and Pemba.
»*• <a> *I» <i» ^i* *i* ***> *»»> *i*
The Never Bum
; Sntket a* Mbuco Trap*.
About the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign an old man, "who was nicknamed the Duke of York, used to sit on
the steps of King's college chapel-
Cambridge, with a basketful of com- !>£.£
mon snakes, which he had caught'and \ ;&A
trained to catch mice, for which pur- j 4>
pose these curious mouse traps found \yjg
a ready sale amoug tha ..niiererftd. !.**!*»
the undergrade
DEOPLE, stand quiet, while we talk. We have just
"*- opened up a large consignment of Dripping Pans,
' Bread Pans,. Roasting Pans and Bake Pans called "The,.
Never Burn." They are something entirely new. They
are smooth and bright and will not collect'dust. and
grease. They are well; made out of ihe finest American soft polished sheet' steel. They 'have'1 steel rods
beneath which protects "them .from wear and burning,,
They are in fact the finest assortment of pans* we have
ever been able to purchase.
-.  Tideit at Panama and Colon.
The mean level of the Atlantic and
Pacific' oceans. is tbe same, but the
tidal,variation at the two ends of the
canal Is considerable. The tide rise
above mean level.tit Colon Is one foot;
while at Panama it is ten feet
Equality In Iceland. " ...   ,
In Iclaud men and women are to
all respects political equals.    *... ->  ' -
Driving Off-Insomnia.
A novel remedy for insomnia Is to
try to picture to yourself another per-
Bon asleep. The more clearly tho sleepless sufferer can do this tho stronger
becomes the. subjective feeling of
drowsiness^^.r— -.' ■   , „ * v
Australia.   >.£»•>-"
Sav ! Why not have your plumbing-
done now before the big rush." ,We
have the largest staff of experienced
..plumbers, steam,fitters and tinsmiths
in the, city.    Prompt and efficient.
C.   E.   LYONS
"'»       Auditor, Accountant, General Af-ent
Life, Accident and Employer's Liability insurance
By. the term Australia Is meant "the
Bouth'-'v and by^ Australasia "southern
'Asia," "agreeably to the Latin australls.
southern. „ Previous, to Its' settlement
by tho British Australia was known as
New Holland owiug to Its discovery
by the Dutch in 1C00.      ,   *
■, .       V.fA.      -4vl,-/S,..,j4.-j4t>    (>,.'., ,',.-.„.>*,.-   ...-^.^i.-.,..     ^^,,-,^
'\lion he had asked-his wife to get  him
,'-? Dr.' Williams'PinkPills."   They soon
,*: began to help him.     His appetite and
f strength .began to improve,' and Jo the
*■ astonishment of his family and friends
.'.- he rapidly regained his health. , .Now,'
.though the burden, oft well   nigh four
score years is upon him, he is able, lo
do a fairday's work, andis in ,the en-
• joyment of good health, even the asth*
ma has ceased lo trouble him as^in
•. former years'.  ''"",' "„''
: Mr%Olding' Wmself as well »s the
neighbors'and the.writer of this letter,
confidently believe that his rescue
from the very jaws of death—seeming*
Iy so miraculous—is. clue under the
blessing of God to the timely and con*
, tinuous use of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills.   "
Mr. Olding himself .writes:—"! am
glad Rev. Mr. Smith haw  written you
about my wonderful cure,' for I confidently believe that if it had   nol,. hecn
for Dr. Williams' Pink Pills  I  would
have been dead long ngo.     It  would
be impossible to cxnggerate the desperate condition I was Sn when I began to
," use the pills.   No on* thought I, could
■ get  better,     I scarcely  diirtd. hope
myself that Dr. Willliams' Pink   Pills
would bring me through, but they, did
nnd I have ever since  enjoyed  good
health.   Though I   nm  seventy  nine
years old people nre always remarking
on   how young   I   look—And   I   feel
young.   I can do a  fair  day's  work,
. and I am better in every way than  I
hnd been for years.   I cannot wiy too
much in praise of Or. Willi-uns' Pink
Pills und 1 lake every opportunity  I
can to recommend them to friends who
arc ailing."
Galveston's[ Sea Wall.
The sea wall* at Galveston, said to
tl~ 1L<..1U _*.*. *-**!■•.•.«,-.a/a.*-*] Aiin-.-mAialr AC-fttA.
De ~Uie—UiUDi-DiaUiJ^ii-avuis-" nwia-vi ■-uiO
;tod-on;€»rto,Jls: 17,593' feet-long, -17-,;
feerabove-,ttie'^meanlowx*tlderiO feet
wide at the base, 5 feet wide at tha
top and cost $1,200,000.
A. T. Hamilton, Proprietor
Next King Edward Hotel
■A Ruuia'n SotuMl Prise.
£'ln' a'/certsln cl«e9:of Bnsslan schools
|he blgtacat /reward given is tho- la*.
Itiai. letter of ihe empress' name. '"It
consists of the Initial In solid sold aa
Jnoii-.aud.a. quarter In heighten a.,blt»
'bow^'Sh'ooId'lto^rjc^rMasw be-
a higher, salary than, she coald otherwise obtain. .,-< ,. ,.,„;■'
,    .-. ..,.';■. ; D««r Cpffee.
Lonla XIV. of France drank the flrat
cap of coffee uade in; western Europe.
Coffee waa then worth £5 10b. a pound.
. '■ •■    ■■' OF DANGER.,;   -,   -V '»
a When you give .your child a so-
-all^ -iisootfe-Jng' -^medicine _,ypu
are not curing its sickness. ~Tfou
are > merely - drug-giiiB: it'lato ^temporary   insensibflity.   . Soothing
medicines contain opiates'and'*an
overdose may kUl the child. When
you    give your little: one Baby s
Own Tajb(lets you haW;the'guarantee of a government'< analyst that
this   medicine   is 1 safe.,  And you
have,   the ■ word' of thousands   of
grateful' mothers. that this medicine   will   promptly   cure all the
minor ailments of .childhood., Mrs.
L, W. Smith, St. Giles, Que., says:
-"I   have used*Baby's Own Tab*
lets for my little, girl for constipation and other troubles and have
foundlithem the best medicine    I
have .ever used.','   Sold by medicine dealers or by* mail 25c. a box
from ThV Dr.". WiUiams' .Medicine
CoVBrockvUley Ont. ■   -   5.
4. Commencing at a l*o*a*J planted, at or, near" W, Darby's northwest corner post and- being tthe
southwest,-: corner- post' of Andy
Goods' claim, thence north -80
-chains;.. thence -east 80 cUains ;
tnence    south    80-chains;—t i-Iettce
Ancient Wlnu.
The wines of tlio ancients would not
be thought palntnl-lo today, for they
wero mixed with sen water, resin, salt;
pitch and aromatic herbs, exposed la
smoky garrets till reduced to a sirup
and then strained and mixed with
water, „	
; Herring.
If a pair of herrings could be left to
breed and multiply undisturbed for a
period of twenty years, they would
yield nn amount of flub equal In bulk
to tho globe on which we live.
TAKE NOTICE that I, John
Mott of Elko. B.C., intend to apply to the superintendent of pro*
yinciiil police for a transfer of my
hotel license for the Hoffman house
at Elko, B.C., to William Stanley
MoEwen of Elko aforesaid.
Sated,this 4th day of,April, A.
I)., 1008.
Odd but Leo«l Will. *,'
Tho following will successfully riot*
the teat in the supremo court of Call*
forma: "Orolldcpedro fobruary 8 1802.
This Is to serlfoy that le levet may
wife real aud personal and she to dispose for them as sho wis Patrick Deo*
ahua."      ■
■eautlful City of Inella.
Jaipur Is called "tho Beautiful dry
of Inula" and Is noted among Uavelars
for the exquisite rose color which all
of Its houses sport It gives the lm»
preaslon of a pink coral city rlalag
from tht sea.
Kitmloops. April 17—-The recent
rock slide in a deep ravine near
Campbell creek near here, Im* uncov*
cred a fourteen foot seam of bituminous conl, The discovery hus caused a
sensation, The slide dislodged huge
chunks of conl, iiinny.of them half a
ton in weight and precipitated them in*
to the bed 01'the ruvinc.
'    0	
T    rrnvr,     xxnrd MTMAIlD'a LTWI.
MOENT in my stables for over a
year, and uonslder it tha vsiy b»it
for horsa flash Z can get, and I
would strongly recommend! it to
all horsemen.
'."; OE0. HOTJOH. t-
Xlvsry Stables, Quebie,,05 to, 103
Ipanlih Hands.
Russians have long-but baauttfnDy
shaped hands, wtillo thoa* of Boa*-
lards are often spoiled by the thVek*
ness ef tho fingers, which are apt to
round at tho tips.
Netherlands risharias.
About 100,000 note uro In \m durinf
tha herring season by. tbo 800 fishing
smacks or the Netherlands, A not last*
about three seasons, but owing to knees from storms nnd other cause* between 40,000 and CO.000 uow oats ai»
twin* rtf-rly.
Cloooed Waste Pipes.
When tha waste pl|w Is clogged with
gstas* pour down a gallou of botltag
water Iri which baa been dissolved a
eupful of aoda, UuiKiat tlilu until all
t! ths Irssn'tiM arc nsoved.
Ledger for News
. Qauta.
We bara to thank Gaaa, It'rstaUiia,
tha gatM of which Batnaoo can-led
wtnyitotmum or gansa. <Qau mma*
"o-a^a,* itan'predo-JS totha fair ia
tjt» Umm wMeb eovars withoat eaa>
mfyi Oettt darrna. VUtalra,    ""
that 30 days after date, I intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of lands and works for
a license to prospebt for coal and
Petroleum on the following lands
situate in the district of southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
block 4503.
1, Commencing at a post planted at or near one mil* east of 26th
mile post of present CP.E. surveyed line and being the northeast
comer post 0! Miss Dolly Moore's
olaim, thence south 80 chains;
thence vest 30 shains; thence aortb
30 mains; thence »a»t 80 mains;
to a point of commenD-jmoat, i/.ok-
Ing 640 acres more or less.
Located tbia 21st day of March,
Awrey Bice,   Agent.
Miss Dolly Moore, Locator
Nathaniel Babcock, Witness.
8, 0 i*oat pant-
id at or near one mile east of
31st mile post of present surveyed
line of O.P.A., aad being the south
east corner post of Buben Steves'
claim thence west 80 chains thence
north 80 chains; thence east 80
chains; thence south SO chains; to
a point of commencement, making
040 acres more or less.
Located this 28th day of March,
1008,      ,
Axx'Xcv "Rice,   A^dai.
Ruben Steves, Locator,
Nat Babcock, Witness,
3,' Commencing at a post planted at 'of near 81st mile post of
present. C.^.**"*. wirviwed lint* and
being the northwest comer post of
Frank Lewis claim theaee east 80
chains; thence south 80 ehsins ;
thence west 80 chains; thence
north BO chains; to a point of
commencement, making 840 a«*res
mora or less,; *
Located this 10th day of March,
1008. f    •    t
Awrey Hire,    A*j****nt.
frank Lewis, Locator.
Wat Babeoek, Witness.
west 80 chains; to a point jf commencement,   - making - 640    bvrea
more or less.
Dated this 27th*-day;: of Maicb,
1908. .:;- J.--J    ■'■■'■ '
1,1'     ...Awrey Eve, Agent
Andy Good, Locetor.
Nat Babcock, Witness.-    K
5. Commencing ot n post plaited at or near the nor :".*'*'>x corner
of .Frank X.ewis'-cla,.-av unci:rii|ing
the southwest corner post'of Feter
Bakos claim thence iJorth. 80
chains' thence east 80 chains;
thence south 80 chains; thence
west 80. chains; to a point of commencement, making 640 acres
more or less.
Located this 19th day of March,
,. Awrey Eice, Agent.
Peter Bakos, Locator.
Nat Babcock, Witness.
6. Commencing at a post planted at or near the northeast corner
post of Miss Dolly Moore's claim
and being the northwest1, corner
post of A. A. Sparks' claim thence
south 80 chains;- thence east ,80
chains; thence, north 80 chains;
thenco west 80 chains; to' a point
of , commencement, making 640
acres more or less.
Located this 21st day of March,
Awrey Eice, Agent.
A. A. Sparks, Locator.
Nat Babcock, Witness.
7, Commencing at apost planted at or near A. A. Sparks north
west corner post ana being tbe
southeast corner putt ot Jot.
Jean's claim thence noith 80
chains; thence wnit f.) chxius;
thence south 80 chains; thence east
80' chains; ,to a point of commencement, making 640 acres
more or less,
Located this 21st day of March,
1008, , . ■....    .
Awrey Rice, Agent.
Joe Jean," Locator,
Nat Bahcoek, Witness,
8. Commencing at a post plaint*
ed at or near T, Jawlns, southeast
corner post and 4 mile's east of 80
mile post of present C.F.Xr surveyed line, and being the southwest
cornir post of Harvey Murphey'a
claim, tbenceu north 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains; thence south
80 chains; thence west 80 chains;
to a point of commencement.
Located this 26tb day of March,
Awrey Bice, Agent.
Harvey Murphey, Locator-,
Nat Babcock, Witness.
Saw  your
By Power and
save money
Cost of operating
very trifling
• Circular Saw rrameo
Drug Saw Machines
Stationary and Portable -j
Sawing Outfit*
Canadian Fairbanks Go., Ltd.,
Vancouver,   B. C.
Montreal, Toronto1, Winnipeg* Caliary. " ■ -' • "
Mr, Tnomas Stsnton, postmaster at Pontypool, Ont,, wrltas;
'•For ths past eight years X suffered from rheumatic pains, and dux-
la.g ilut.1 tin** I z:&zy ilSti"-
ent liniments and remedies for tho
cure df rheumatism. Last summer
X procured a bottle of Ohambar-
Iain's Tain Balm and got mora relief from l* than anything X had
every uss-d, and cheerfully recommend this ilinlment to all sufferers
from rheumatic pains.", .For sale
by all dnigtisti.   , >.'f ,,
Suited to our Climate from their birth.
ProprojEratcd in the Northwest. The seeds
that nature meant for this climate.
Photic No*  12
Snhieriba for tha District Leelgar.
eaaWA ^s^tt.  ajeMe*Bk A. -aM "af^kW ■HHM *MM4 -JsWM    J>W«1 asaVeaai Jtf^Le\\e. afW*& ■MBlBSi
jwt      *t_w^H** jtfkWba     rfaii^BBi    ^^^u>     <uvi^     _ud ^_»^^^   rMai bbi   ^w^^v***/ *m>^>__w    g*^    saaY^ttt
All ttie lendlnis'lines of
feiffli elkiji Ch-oeolates
and  Confectionery
News of tlie City
Family dwelling house for sale,
S rooms. Good well,of water,.nice
garden. ,' Will be sold n cheap on
easy terms. Apply Manager, Dis-
.trict Ledger.
, Wanted—Tenders for new opera
house to built at Coleman,
Alta. Tor particulars apply to Wm.
Graham, Secy.-'Miners Union;' Coleman, Alta.,-box'58.
Score cards- for bridge^parties,,
ior ".sale at"'this office.     — - r, -	
Lost--—A Cocker Spaniel ,. pup.'
Finder suitably rewarded on. notifying phone No. 119 or Ledger office. ",...' ..-'.,*.■
- Board and room wanted—By ,2
respectable work-nun.' Terms must
be moderate. Apply No. 25. Ledger office. , t
For Sale—VFrame House, 4
rooms with furniture and-Singer
Sewing Machine; also 28 young
chickens. Situate opposite. Queens
Hotel. No. 143. The owner offers
the above very cheap and'easy
terms can be arranged.—Frank
Fa'ssemi, owner. ,,   "■. ^..^
Girl wanted to help with lisjht house
work.   Apply Ledger office. 2t
•'• Chii-1-.ens fnr sale—i-50' chi-A-ene,
.youm-.. ■ A'.ply to C-Curler, i>ux 440,
Ternie. 2t
'.-  Es-jrs for hRtchinjr.White Wyandotte,
:"Resrftl''Strain," 8-2.50 for lS--.Stiuil*y,
c*i>   -
Saturday; ^Specials
Ginger. Snaps! reg." price 15c.;
Special for Saturday/blb3.' for....
Choice Black Tea, ret?.'price 40c..
Special' for Saturday '..;.:.:..,.'.'..
ca, LTD.
7 c     v
^,   PayCash
Wai J.   BLUNDELL    ,   Prompt Delivery
The Best Companion iZJ:^ I
■  ■ -   ■ ■ ^
The New 4 A Folding Kodak |
have all sizes of Eastman Kodaks
on     catalogue,    prices.
Mr. Workingmati) we are in a ■position to
your. Furnishin-gs wants at prices that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. For equal quality goods our prices
cannot be equalled, we offering you at all times tKe biggest and best values. procurable at lowest poosible price*
No   advance'
For   Brownie users we have the new
Brownie Developing, Box, a great time,
savers   Our stock of Films  and Paper
i's now complete.        - * .   *
■. ■ ■     '...>'■,/., -p i -
Take a. Kodak wltli you
Bochon's ice cream, forever,
1 Ttie Oddfellows of Fern-e will
give an at . home on Thursday
evening, April 30th.
Don't forget, we know how to
make candies and ice cream, that's
VL'e  regret  to  hear  that Mr. .J.
-, N. Howbrook    met with a serious
accident last week,   breaking     his
collar bone..'
Traffic    was "   delayed" on    the
, Great Northern railway by a snow
slide at Swintbn for over 10 hour
on Wednesday. ..     ° „
Try our ice cream, and if you sxe
not satisfied that its the best you
have ever     tasted, you,.get your
' Furnished Room.   85 Genimel St.
Ice cream that is ice cream at
- President F. H. Sherman is reported
ns being-unwell.   °n
J. R. Wallace made a flying trip . to
Spokane early this week.   , . .
R. Smith of Cranbrook waa in-town
over Sunday and Monday.
The Kootenay Rifles will hold a
"smoker" on Monday night in the
Miners'Hall.' ''
Simon Draeon hai purchased the
Royal Hotel at Gateway, and took possession last week:
' money back.—Eochon. ""
'[ Sir. J. E. Sodg-ers who was. in
•Ferine some years ago paid us a
•friendly-,, visit last. week. He , . is
now-located at Macleod in the re-.
staurant business. Seo his ad in
paper. .■-,*.-
■{ A meeting of the Fernie Liberal
Association   will   be   held in the
Young' LiberaL 'rooms in the    A.
Beck   block on Monday  evening,
"May.4, for the purpose of electing*
delegates to the convention to'' bo
' held shortly and' for general business,. ,     . .? , .  -.-,
it t ,'  1,'. -.',   ,,j  ,,.-■ .-; ''   '    -;;  ,    '      V
,v. The city clerk'is k'epirig. a «cor
of all permits granted for the erection of buildings during the year
1008,- and in order, to* keen th,%in*
correctly and -•■vith (fre
city by-laws it is uejiuary tor
veve*fjrone to obtain a peri-ole pnor
to i 'tne 'erection'of' ..ay iVilc'ing
Within .the limits of, the city of
'.Fernie.  ' •
*-   Mr.    W,    A.  Bleasdell  returned
.from Montreal last Saturday,r-He
was thero   two months, attenlun
upon   his    son   W.    A. BleasJoll.
Vr.    Bleasdell   was     ill    himself
:whilst there*. Since h's return    he
lias received tidings that his   son
(whom, ho thought recovered) had
to return, again to the hospital
We, extend our sympathies to Mr,
Bleasdell in his troubles about his
uapy iiAniiiiiiH
A m prapnred to enter to ladles'
•radii M well ns •/mitlcinen'i'.
I.ikIIoh' hnir niul Oilih li'mtti'il
nny flay hut Sntiinlny.
pairing done prompty and satisfactory
at A. C Liphardt's. '  ■
, G. S. Holt, formerly manager Bank of
Commerce here, Is now the? Inspector
of western branches.   * "<■ '.'■
The C.P.R..eastbound, express was
Ave hours late Monday night owing to
washput caused by late rain.  ,
Mr. T. Biggs .will; sing/'Ncarer my
God to Thee," at the Odd' Fellow1* anniversary service on Sunday afternoon.'
On Sunday evening next- In the
BaptistChurch, Pastor Williamson will
preach on the subject "the dying words
of •Qreat, Men.1'  Everybody,.Welcome.
Esther Robokhnh Lodge No. 20—All
members are requested to-meo., at the
1.0.O.F;- Hall on 'Sunday afternoon,'
April 20th at 8 p.m. sharp, for church
parade, ■       ■■-.<•„
i • '    f     ' ' '       ,
William Munkwltz left for Burrow-*-*,
Snak , on Sunday evening last, where
he will act bb master meohanlo for the
Red l)eer Lumber Co, "Bill" Is popular
around town nnd his many friends wish
him success. „
^ft",-R.* IJuuiire',*."one" of,Wrveatlmable
cltra'oiis,' left'for V\l8 old home In Scotland
on Tuesday eventa*? after a residence of
flvo years In our midst.. He will visit
Glasgow and Edinburgh, and will be
n-A'ay about four months.
Mr. and Mrs, Stevenson will sing nt
the Odd Follows anniversary service
in the opera house next Sunday afternoon. The parade will start from
thn Odd Follows hall at 8.15 and will
bo bonded by the Salvation Army
band. ■■.
Next Sunday the Rev."Mr. Bowon,
jri'itornl secrotnry of thn British Calunv
bin Auxiliary of tho Canada. Bible Society
will be.ln Fernlo,.nntt will occupy the
pulpit of thu Baptist Church In the
iiionilnir, and In the uvenlni'Mr. Bbwen
will preach in tho KiilHcnpnl Church.
Mr. llnwen la a HpliMidld Htioaker and
lm« a story of abHoililiis* luterost on the
aprend of the Ulblo through the world,
"       - ' ' . *»
■   We make candy and ice creamy
that sell.—-Eochon. ,       » .
Vice-President Galvin and Secretary-
Treasurer' Macdonald were in town
this week !
If you want a, ring* made we can
makeyou nny'dt-t-ign in our shop, A.
C Liphardt
A concert was held on Friday evening
at Coal Creek ii> aid of the football club.
Many of our local aitistes assisted and
aided iu making it a successful entertainment:    -■- »    '•  '
The Odd Fellows Male Quartette will
sing "Beautiful Isle uf Somewhere," on
Sunday afternoon at the opera house at
preach the special sermon
A concert in aid of Mr. Minton,, who
has been in poor health for some lime held on Monday 2ven!nf» last, in
the. Baptist'church, (which wTis; kindly
lent for the occasion.)
It was well' attended and proved , a
good success.' '"..'"
4     , ....,"'.■ 4 '    ft*
, The concert was under the auspices
of the Socialist Pany of Cunada, Fernie
Local, of which Mr, Minion was a
comrade, j -. • , '    , „ „
The following is the programme: .
. Opening remarks, chairman. Piano
solo, Miss Eililh Biggs*."Chorus, "Sailors/'Party. Song, Miss Evelyn Biggs'.
Song, MY.';T; 'Lewis. . Song, Mis."
Bullcn. Recitation, Mr." E.1'Dicker.
Song, Mr. T. Chippendale. Solo',
mouth organ,.. Mr. Wm. Patterson.
Piano solo, Mist.' Tydesley. Song," Mr.
T. Biggs. Chorus, Parly; . Reciiatlon
Mr, E. Dicker. Song, Mrs. E. Bullen.
Song, Mr!1 Shortman. Solo, mouth
organ, Mr," Wm, Patterson. Song,
Mr. W. H. Evans,' Song, MlssCindys
Hughes, '' Duett, Messrs. Shortman
and Cartiledge. Kecitaiion, Mr. ,W.'
H. Evans.'Song, Miss Tydesley.
W.G, &" R. Collars,' i Ply Linen
10c each
W. &. & R.  Collars, 4 ply Linen
3 for 50c
. King   of
the  Road   Union
*; Overalls    ■
80c per pair
W. G. & R, & Cluett Fine Shirts
$1.35 to $3.25
Working Shirts  in sateens, twills,,.
1   ducks and ginghams
SOc to $1.50
To make room we are offering special reductions on all Trunks," Travelling Bags, Suit Cases, Etc.
Superior quality   table supplies at ,
prices that mean a saving to you are
the inducements owe offer for your
patronage. ■•• ' '_.,.':   .
Saturday Grocery Specials
Lipton'sCofft-e in l'lb tins, reg. 40c per lb.
i     Special for Saturday...........: :. 30c
SunlipTlit Soap, special.6 cartona. ; 25c
Sheriff's and Seeley's 2 oz extracts, special 15c
Seeded Raisins fall  weight 16 oz.; packets
~~'-"*5pecrfti~fbr~S'iiuraTiy....................... 10c—
Csttnpbell tfie Faultless
Soft ■ delicate browns and greys in
tweeds, cheviots and Worsteds are
here awaiting your inspection. We
,(would', like to examine the latest
styles and the most beautiful cloth ;
designs ever shown*by us.
Suits $6.75 to $25
Men's.-  heavy   working   Pants
tweeds, cords and worsteds
$1,*Q to $3;QO
Men's fine English, worsted and
blue'serge. Pants correctly tailored
and„perfect fitting.
$3.00 to $7.00
Saturday Special
Light grey Fedora Hats, new spring
styles, reg. $2.56 and $2,75
Special $1.95
r Men's Black Sateen Shirts
Regular price $1.25    Special 95c
Regular    "•'" $1.00   Special 75c
Boots and Shoes
Our values in this department defy
competition, „ our showing of the
most, up-to-date styles and models
being most complete. Our prices
are guaranteed the lowest being sure
brought up at the next meeting' of
Council to be finally passed.
^Messrs. Connell and Scott's tender for sidewalks was accepted,
'   A. letter was read'from Mr. J. EV
Armstrong ■'objecting,,to  tne city
placing   a -- record on Fairy Cieek
fbr( water supply.     .
K%e;ii5tx'J'oiinciii,'"fl4ave secured  ,a
•Aefinite'offer1,'from the Coil Co. to'
sell  them ;their water wciks system for. $50,000,, aad .,the electric
lighting plant for lf5O,O00,    ' "
Tho committee of the above club
•invite tenders for the 11 u'nping,
grading and clearing of all large
atones off land.(100 yarla Y.y CO
yards more *>r ess) to be used as
a football ground,,   The work   to
Mr. Fred C. Haniahan, a prominent drug-zlsts of Portsmouth,
VaM.8ays: "For the past six years
I havo recommended Chamber*
fain's Colic,' Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It is a great remedy
and one of the best patent medicines on the market. I handle
some others for. tho. same purpose
that pay me a larger profit,.. but
this remedy is sure to effect a cure
and my customer so certain to appreciate my recommending 1 it to
him, that X give it the preference,'*'
For sale by all druggiBts.
I v Photographer
,YV. D. Simmonds lias opened-
tiiPliotogrnplc"Studio und,- is,
prepared to do first class work   ^
Studio oa Gemmcl Stmt |
Near ttie Ooera House §
IK THE MATTER OF the estate
of Edward Van Buyten,   late
of Fernie, B, C, deceased:
Notice is hereby glvnn that   all
creditors and others having claims
against   the   estate   ol tne said
Edward   Van   Buyten,    deceased,
be completed to the entire satis* i who "*d7ed on" or "about  "the"
Suit Cases
•'...* "-if
we have-them
at the home
of   "    '
Fine   Footwear
faction of the committee % ithin 10
days of the acceptance of tender.
Sealed tenders must reach me not
later than 7 p.m. on Wednesday,
29th of April. The ground can be
seen by applying' to Mr. Courley,
Queens Hotel, Hosmer. The low*
est or any tender not necessarily
A. J. ORATT, Hon Sec.
W. R. McDOUGALL:»•**•». *■*.
,,k   .1. li> ji,   \i ■ .:   .;   \i « m ii. „,,     j$ ,„   u
^Builder *% Oontrootor
Eatlmates Furnished and
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Fernlo and Hosmei* -I
Enlarge Your
P H 0 M
. Have you »;ot your photo enlarged yet? If not' Courtney
will enlarge it in Sepia, Oil,
Water Color, or Crayon. , All
classes of Photographic work
done.       Developing,     PrintinR
. nnd Mounting done at reasonable
i*       1
A. We Courtney
Bex 424
The Garbutt Business College
of Calgary, him modern courses In Telegraphy, Shorthand and Business; cm-
-.iloyfl expert tenchem t prep/ircs youtij*
ppntilt, fnr imlependence and success
\Vrii8 for prospectus "L." Kntor any
tlmi'. I". G, Garbutt, IVliiclpal.
The city council met on Thurs
day evening. They transacted tbe
usual xoutlne of butlaess and
amongst other mattors it was
moved,by Aid. * Watson, seconded
by Aid. Vance tfaat thi chief 0!
rat few by-law. Bye-law No, 84
was duty dUcuss«d and pasitd in
committee of tha whole regulating
th* stringing of electric wIj»v It
was read a thitd time and -will be
day of February, 1008,   are   required on or before the 23rd   day
of May, 1008, to send by .post,,
prepaid   or'deliver  to   Mr,. E'ek*.
stem, , of Fernie, B, C, solicitor
for     the     administrator,     their
Christian and surnames, addresses/
and    descriptions, the full   par*/
ticulars of their claims, the stalt*.*''
ment of their accounts and    -the*
nature of their securities, if any,
held by them.
And further take notice that
alter such last mentioned* aate <
'.be su\& .•nlwlnl'itjailpr will proceed to distribute the assets - of
the deceased among parties en-'
titled thereto, having regard only
to the claims of which he ihau
then have notice, and that     the
*ik'i.        4.\Ut..k4.uU**!.0.    -afiii   US,*,   hi
liable for the said assets or any
part thereof to any person or
persons of whose claims notice
shall not have been received by
him at the time of such dlstribu*.
Dated! this S3rd r!ay of Marsh,
Solicitor   for   the Administrator^
'.. . MiJjms^fi^eLP^fmLvm»iem^metw
Subscribe for  the District Ledger.
I Ledger for News
ait tHe
Fertiie    Laundry
*    t * *
All kinds of Steam and Dry Oem-nlnar.
Dyeing, Scourlnfft and VemtMlng done
by the. most improved methods.
A Trial Will
Convince You
Gent's Fine Linen
-   a Specialty - <
Phone  Kd; '%&&' ''**'.
W «S0 ti »/. ,


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