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The District Ledger 1908-03-14

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. - ^-"^ ^i
•'"'.'JrV- : .'r ,*« ".-- '■',*■ 'r; ■■■>■'*:*'''^,'v':.'-   "   ".-.'   ,-r'.--    ' --  '   " -'-  -- ;-
^ .'The   Official  OrganVof^District  No.; 18,   U. M. W. of A.
Vol. Ill No. 29
FERNiErB. C., March 14.J908
•*i ♦>»tMH**>*H**H'
•ft •
. "V.
- >\
The man who,has money In the bank is uneasy.
The man who buys a home is dubious.   «
The man who is ona salar) wonders if he will
lose his position or his salary will be cut.
The man who is in business,wonders if he can
pay his expenses.  ,
All because there is a stringency
. °in the Money Markets.        :
■ ''-   0 '.".''..-■?.',.        „'.,''     ;
One.class of men feel secure. :
Those are the men who own CRESTON land.,
.. Times may be hard, «bu,t the people must still
eat, and there will always be a. demand for
. -the products of the soil.
. Soilis'prac'tically the only independence.
Soil is better than Life Insurance,  a Savings
Account, or Government Bonds. ••  ■    ?
■: Now is the time to invest., 'Next will
. have lost the best choice and will have to
. v*,"  pay more... *. ; •;
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The Wright Investment Co.
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GRIM 'tMfOtf
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Electric Company Found
;   SW.
^i^*^^><^H^<^^^>^^^^<^<f^<rH :♦•:♦♦•:♦♦♦:•♦:-:♦♦♦
Lacombe, Mar.1 12.—The town of
Lacombe j was aroused last'night
by what will without doubt", terminate in a-*, tragedy, in which
Francis E. Wilkens,' president.; of
the Blindman Electric company,,
will lose his,life..'.   ;, .'. "'.■'-
o'clock Mr. Wilkins went;into the
Kootenay  Fruit Lands
•JiiijV. .
^HY. notb.iiy;a ten or twenty acre fruit farm; which v%.ill yield you
from $300.00 to $660.60 profit per acre per year? Situated in the
y   •* ,1 t
District with a most delightful climate and splendid shipping facilities.
We pay purchaser's expenses to look over our land.     It Stands
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-   Lethbridge.    Alberta
with a fine variety of new and-stylinh ile-
signs in Men's Socks suitable for Summer
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Vn-ierwear, Dress'&hirtsi XeRligec Shirts
in,varied »hartei. Collars. Cnffg Handkor-
-varloliB'knick-kn*w;ks for a gantloman's
wardrbbe, . '. '"'
Semi-Ready Wardrobe
P. J. Johnson     Opp. Royal Hotel
local office    here. He was alone,
nnd.was alone for some time,    n
Some time later E. J. Kett, the
local manager, .went into the office and was surprised to And Mr.
Wilkins had been shot and was in'
a dangerous condition.    The gun
TQR1A, V..
New   Whitewear!
Just to  hand'a  handsome  line  of Ladies' White
,   Muslin   Underwear .consisting of
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Dresses    in    -great    variety.
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had been held to the temple, but
death had not been instantaneous.
Mri Kett at once' summoned
medical assistance, but it was
found that medical aid was un*
avftilling. At midnight the wounded   man   was still alive, though
he was not expected    to  survive
until morning.
There is no suspicion that   the
j wound was not self-inflicted, but
the people of Lacombe cannot understand what motive there would
be in suicide.,
Painter, Kalsominer and
Having; had large
experience I am
able to guarantee
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* f i,   *   *;   -/  *.ij*4J' DISTBICT LEDGfiE",  FEaNIE.  B. C, M-AKCJA li'ltt,,   iouo.
~i) 3~
The  editor  does not hold him
self responsible for  opinions    ex-,
pressed by correspondents.
,.      To the Editor, District Ledger..
, Dear Sir,
My attention was called yesterday' to
a letter in your paper of February 29th
which is very misleading and malicious,
misleading because it is not the truth,
malicious because some jealous folks
take a delight in undermining the work
done by an honest man every time they
get a chance to do it.   Mr. Editor, I
claim that it was a cowardly hit of
-  work to write such a letter and not
bign his name to it.   Is he.afraid of the
truth, being brought out?    I  hereby
challenge him to deny under his own
. name any statement I mako in this letter, if he can.   The undersigned is vice-
president of the E. T. & L. C, and can
vouch for it that Bro. Leheney did not
receive credentials from our council.
, We,appointed our own representative
to   work   in   conjunction   with   Bro.
' Leheney, who was acting as vice-president of the Alberta Executive of the
Canadian Trades Congress. When they
got together with the legislative committee of the.Edmonton Trades Council
and compared  the  compensation act
with the British and New Zealand acts,
•we found it was almost worthless in its
original form, so we drafted up several
amendments, ■ 16 in all, 1 think,  and
waited on the government to put them
before  their executive.    Up . to  this
time the miners' representatives who
had been sent to lobby had not found
any flaws in the act.   Because we were
the first delegates to interview the executive, we were treated with every
respect aud promised that our suggestions  would be   considered. -Now  I
would like to point out our reasons for
fighting the bill as it stood.   The forty-
foot clause was certainly very unfair
because there are not many over°two
dozen buildings in Alberta which reach
that height,' therefore all workers on
buildings would be forced to go to common law in case of accident, when the
act was supposed to be. drafted for all
the workers.    Through the efforts of
Bro. Leheney (who, I maysay, is looked
district as an honest man working for
the uplifting of his fellow men) and the
other brothers I have mentioned in this
letter, we have got a very different
looking act.    Mr.   Cross brought  in
several amendments to the bill; one
was thafthe forty foot clause be reduced
to thirty feet, which is'a concession,
although not satisfactory; to us working
men.   In conclusion 1 may add that the
* bill as amended is a far better bill thai,
the original, and the worken-:of Alberta
can thank Bro. Leheney for his untiring
!  efforts on their behalf, although he was
., riot, working- for anyone's .thanks,
Yours truly,
151, Boyle Street, '
•  Edmonton,
Editor, District Ledger.
Peur Sir,
Your issue of February 29th devotes
considerable spneo to mysolf which is, I
nsBiire ,you, duly appreciated. However, I would say that In my opinion
tho efforts of your Edmonton correspondent nnd tho "inspired" contributor
to the Edmonton Morning Journal stood
to gnii. nothing by ovlncing such nn
entire disregard for facts but tho contempt of honest men ns nnsci'iipnlous
liars or ignorant and vindictive cowards
And I want to add that the "labor lobbyists" (?), appointed by the Lethbridge
Convention of District No. itf, v.ho hid
behind both tho writers ol thoso attnclcR,
arc worthy no bettor consideration, nor,
bo far us I mn concerned, will they receive It.
1 intend todonl with these two nrtlclos
ns one, Ior thoy omnrmtcrt from llio
snmo source, tho ofllco of tho Keystone
prom, in Edmonton, which might ho
aptly termed tlio consulting room where
tho mino workunT doloj-ntoH worn wont
to hung out, niul wlioro they woro
•'posted" by tho great nnd only Billy
McArinm, ■   ""
Lio 1.—"Arriving In Alberta a fow
short wunkN ago " Thnt 1 loavu with
tho moinbnrNhlp of District IB. It
brands itself.
Llo 2.—"Ho ommyed to bo organl/.ur
for thu Canadlnn Society of Equity."
Now the facts (with which 1 myself
mado Mr. McAdam acquainted) aro
thnt Mr. It. C Adams oflored mo the
\fih of nrj*«nl»lnf* tlm mm-inm Into that
organization, and I roluscd, Ilocaiiio,
iir I told Mr. Owens, I did not think 1
could "deliver tho goods" nmong tho
farmers, butiltliat If It were n wage
workers' organization I thought I would
hn equal to the task.
Lio 8.-'Tcttipiocu had Comrado
Leheney named for organizer for tho
Congress tn Alberta." Bros. Pottlploco
and Pavldion, ex M. P. P., had left the
Convention Hall In the afternoon to got
ready for tbe south bound train, nnd
the question ol whether there would be
any organizer or provincial committee
had not yet been diacusicd. At tho
evening roulon' auch a cotirio wai
deemed ncrenary, and I was the unanimous choice of the Convention. Your
reader* will judgo of No. 0.
Lie 4, which (is it just coincident?) oc
curs in both effusions.—"Securing credentials from the Edmonton Trades and
Labor Council." I never received a
credential from that Council, and if the
delegates from the U. M.. W. of A. had
attended the meetings of that body,
which they were welcome-ito do, they
would have been in a position to furnieh
more accurate information and thus
saved Messrs. McAdam and Norcross
the humiliation of being exposed in this
"whopper,",. '        •
Lie 5.—"The lobbyists for the mine
workers .... would have gotten
all the changes they asked." This insinuates that they had been working to
secure I'm provements in the Act. N ow,
and this I will make oath to, both
RichardBon and McNab expressed themselves to me as being entirely satisfied
with the Act'aa .presented by the Government aud dissatisfied with any attempt of others to improve it. Richardson, in the lobby ol the House ol Parliament, upbraided the working men
for their appearance in the gallery
benches where theylassembled to make
manifest to the members their interest
in the Bill.' They did not attend, though
invited;-a joint conference, arranged
between the Trades and Labor Congrese
Executive, the. Legislative Committee
of Edmonton Trades and Labor Council,
and the Local Union U. M. W. of A.
The members of that conference having
In their possession the Employers'
Liability Act, 1880, Workmen's Compensation Acts of 1897 and 1906 together
with the 1907 amendments, were eu-
abledj by making comparisons, to show
the eham which the Government were
endeavoring to exchange for the support
of the workers at the forthcoming elections.
Your correspondent submits the fol-
following:—"From the outset it "was
evident that someone within the ranks
of labor had been posting Robertson."
Now, Mr. Editor, why was this evident?
It must have been because Robertson
was voicing Labor's protest against an
inadequate Compensation Act, and its
demand for something more than a
crumb from Britain's compensation loaf.
Further on your correspondent alleges
"he (Robertson) hadnot been speaking
five minutes when a fhe of cross ques-'
tioning arose from ; the , Government
3JdC."     I "reS"™? th!? Wl? "*>■* haonnen
the members on that side were not disposed'to hearken .to the voice of an
oppressed working" class crying Jor a
need of. justice. Your correspondent
should have been honest enough to
state that the heckling was led by the
shifty-eyed 'member for Lethbridge,
whom he reports as'speaking "along
the same lines,'' i.e. "rights of workmen, and tho necessity'of protecting
their lives and limbs." Consistency,
thou art 'a jewel, anal thou art surp.y
personified in the Edmonton correspond-
ent of. The District Ledgor,-, and .Mr.
Simmons of Lethbridge. <■
Tho writer of "Our Edmonton Letter"
should endeavor to confine himself to
facts, and entrenched behind them he
would occupy nn unassailable position.
When ho BtatCB that Robertson   .   .   .
when questioned   ...   it was found
thnt ho hnd no idea what industrial
diseases were, ho mis-states.    Let me
explain.    In  dealing  with industrial
diseases Mr. Simmons'asked what was
meant by "Industrial diseases?"   Mr.
Robertson replied " 'leading' In mines
and smoltcre, for Instance."   "Well,'1
tald Simmons, "there are 6mclters'ln
tho bill.   Look under tho definition of
fnctoiiee."   Robertson answered him
by remarking that they wero dealing
with diseases nnd not with definitions.
And "our Edmonton correspondent bo-
trnyB the limitations of his B. C. environment rather than demonstrates even
slightest acquaintance with provisions
mado for Industrial dlBunoos in tho Imperial Act whon ho says "tho clause is
contained in tho Old Country Act, tho
purposo bolng to provide componsntlon
tor u man loaded in n mice or poisoned
in n coppor smoltori something scarcely
likely to occur In Alhovtn."   Lot mo in
form Mr, McAdam thnt "thu Old Country
Act"  provides for componsntlon   for
even tho humblo chimney swoop, dock
Inborors, tanners, cotton workers, nnd
conl minors, nlong with ninny other
callings.   Many ol your subscribers nru
acquainted with "bent linnd,'1 •'minor's
boat kiien,'1 "miner's boat elbow,'' nystagmus (n disunite ol tho eye), mid
"jtrroil wrist," which ARE likely to
occur in Albertn, though perhnps tho
element ol rick In light in n print shop,
Allow tne to sugguHt, Mr, Editor, thnt
tho Calgary nnd Edmonton Trades and
Labor Councils and tho Trados nnd
Labor Congress can hnrdly bo termed
" ru I p. "•* r la^Ar l-.odl*»« "   Vnr woro tho
ronolutlonii which they had to present
to the Cabinet "railroaded through"
moro than in any other similar bodies.
It might bo as well to bear In mind,
too, that the body for which I was on*
minted tn upeak hnd in attendance nt
Its Convention delegates from eight
local Unions of the U- M. W. of A.,
three Central Labor Bodies, nnd sevoral
local organizations scnttored throughout
the province.
You say well In your editorial "what
wo wnut Is teachers." Thnt is exactly
what wo do want. There are no "minor
bodies" with minor wants In the labor
ranks and the need of tho hour is persons to teach the necessity for solidification of the workers In ovory demand
that makes for tlie Intorost of all; nnd
our Edmonton friend, to tho contraty
notwithstanding, no man can be accused of having "butted in," who fulfilled
the mission of the workers who sent
him, unless, perhaps in working for the
ganeral good, he disarranged the plans
of self-seekers or' endangered Eome alluring prospect. ,
"Cease the eternal,bickerings of potty
mean'souls; attack the system,, of ..Capitalism rather than persous." The advice is good and sound. , •    „
"J. F. Leheuey is a SocialisUout and
out.'' He pleads guilty, and
has ever heard him offer an apology for
it. ' He stands prepared to make war
on the enemies of labor within and
without the working class rank's. He is
not, however,'the "'chosen watchdog of
the great Comrade Hawthoruthwaite,"
though he is proud to call him comrade.
To the end of his chain of .reasoning he
iB prepared to guard the interests ol his
class, aud would deem tlie term "watchdog" a compliment in this respect.
With a closing admonition to your
readers to observe that some of the
amendments suggested by those who
"butted in" received consideration at
the bands of the Government to, which
ALL were submitted,
I remain,
'      Yours for industrial freedom,
.   JOHN   F.   LEHESEY.
One Way
Colonist Rates
From  Toronto
W. J. Wriglesworth,; D. D, S.
* riiaisr-TisT ^
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0Y6» Slum' ' tfakery.
miNIE,       ,-  ,.    -..-.-.
B. C
Calgary, Alta.,
March 6th,
Editor, District Ledger.    *  „ ■
Sir, ■   f   '■,
It would appear that Fernie is blessed
or, otherwise with a person, or persons
whose actions show the, working of a
mind about tbe size of a peanut.   Last
Sunday afternoon a sign announcing a
Socialist meeting was deliberately mutilated, and probably we may expect the
like again if not checked. . If any of the
Fernie'public can give any information
asio'wkbni'i'B the guilty party I will be
thaukful^f'Funh'erm'ore, I,will give $51
reward for information that.will lead to,
a conviction. ;
'   ''      ■-.'- "    Yours truly, '   ,
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'   D.P.A. G.P.A.
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Rooms 1 & 3, Henderson block; Fernie, B. C,
J. Barbery l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L   T. W    Block,   opposite the  Bank
Office hours—8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
La!i>e & Fisher
' ,   * .-■>
Crow's    Nest    Trading   Co.    Block,
'    Fernie, "B.C. ;.'
? Whera's, every movement for the1
welfare"o£ mankind" has moved onward to success or perished in defeat because of the. appearance or
non-appearance of the right man
at the right time;'-and   ,        .' *
Whereas, the United Mine Workers' .organization has. been extremely fortunate in having a man
to direct and guide it- through the
great crises of''they'past'nine years,
whose skillful generalship, keen
penetration of men and affairs and
sound judgment in the selection
and direction of policies to improve the wages and conditions of
the mine workers have^never been
equalled by, any man in the labor
movement; and   '
■ Whereas, The wisdom, discretion and firmness displayed by
him as International President of
the "United Mino Workers of America has secured higher wages and
shorter hours ■ for hundreds of
thousands of coal miners, has improved tho conditions in their
homes and places of 'employment,
and has largely assisted in securing laws for tho protection of
children of tender years against
employment in dangerous and unhealthy occupations; and
Whereas, His unceasing concentration of thought and the continuous application of his intelligence and enorgies in our interests
has so soriously impaired his
health as to compel him to retire
from tho presidency of our organization;' therofore, bo it
Hosolvod by tho delegates to tho
Nineteenth Annual Convention of
tho United Mino Workers of Amor*
ica. That wo extend "^0 Presi-
dent John Mitchell our sincere
sympathy in his long continued
illness and express a hope for his
speedy, comploto and permanent
Resolved, That wo appreciate,
more than man can nnd wordB to
oxpross, tho magnitude of his
work and tho brilliancy of his
achievements in behalf of the
down-trodden and oppressed wage
workers in overy sphere of toil.
Bosolved, That we unanimously
regret that he has found it necessary, in order to regain his health
to sever his official relationship
with our organization, and we
hope and pray that his future
may be crowned with health, hap*
piness and success as a partial
compensation for the tacntices he
ha*, in&do lor us,   ,.
llesolved, That tho Secretary be
instructed to have this preamble
and these resolutions properly en-
grossed'and presented to Preoldent
Mitchell in token of our love anil
W. E. Pairley, Chairman.
W, I>, Ryan, Secretary.
D, H. Sullivan,
James Purcell.
, James S. Clark.
John McLennan.
Robert  GUmour.
Edward Cunningham.
Charles Fox.
Vice-President Lewis—I move the
adoption of the resolution*.
The motion was seconded by a
number of delegates, and carried
by unanimous vote of, the contention.
for the farm, garden,. lawn or
cooBervatory. " ",.
.lleliable,   approved 'varieties
"?       at reasonable:prices .-
No windy agents to annoy you
Bay direct - and - get trees and
:■:*.     . seeds that GROW
W. B, livSS. K.C. ,        . 1. 8. T. AI4BXANDBB
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FERNIE. B.C.    J '
OlMce In L. T. S\ Block, Victoria Aveuue.
Plans , and   Estimates • on Application
Residence,76"Howland Ave. -,
\    J. Wilson Gray, Architect
Fernie  B. C. ■■
meets in the Miners' Hal! every    .
,   alternate Thursday at 8 p.m.
L. SNOW, Pres. .   . E. DICKER, Seo.
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promptly executed to the satisfaction of our customers. ■'.   "
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. J. Henry
Greenhouse — 8010 Westminster
Road, Vancouuer, B. C.
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dent Insurance:
All work guaranteed
Plans and Estimates- furnished.
Jobbing.   Sash.and Doors.
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■ Satisfaction guaranteed.
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Victoria Ave.   „      Fernie, B. C.
Fit for a King
Tho meats that you buy
irom usiu'o lit for a klni*.
Wo soil no' thnt is '
not tho bout, thnt l» why ,
wo havo bo many plonacd
cuBtomora,   Let us dc-
raonstnto this, luct by it -
trial.     Pollto   attention
and prompt service,
Calgary Cattle Co,
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(Hcnd OfTlco, Winnipeg)
DrHnches—Vancouver, Nelson, Fernie
Edmonton, Alta. & Konorn, Ont
fernie, B. C.
Wholesale  Groceries,   I;lour,   Hoed &
Camp Supplies
Ledger for News
FERNIE, 2314--Pres., I. T. Puck-
eyj.Fini Sec, Thos. Biggs.
HOSMER,     2494—Pros.     G.     C.
Colo; Sec. Wm, N. Eeid.
MICHEL, 233*1—Pies., Wm. Col-
grehoun; Sec, Charles Garner.
COLEMAN, 2633-Pres., W. Hay-
son; Soc, Wm. Graham.
FRANK, 1263—PreB., Fred Allottj
Sec, George Nichols.
LILLE, 1233—Pres.,. T. Evans}
Soc, A. W. May.
BELLEVUE, 431—Pros., F. Lewis;
Sec, Fred Chappell.
1 u
HILLCEEST, 1058—Pros., Robort
Livott; Vice-Pres,, J. Lagace;
Sec, Harry T. Coopor.
LUNDBRECIC, 2275—Pres.    Hers-
chol Kayo; Soc, Geo Thos. Wright.
WOODPECKER, 2200-Pres., W.
R, Hughes; Sec, John Fletcher.
MORRINVILLE,  2378-Pres.,    C.
,  H. Riohardson; Sea., J. Mathe-
son. -
Soc, T. Entwlstle,
CANMORE,   1387-Pres.     A.    J.
Thomas; See, James Clynor,
BANKHEAD, 29-Pres., Wm.
Fisher; Sec, P, Dyson.
TABER, 102-Pres., T. Boyle;
See., Wm. Murclock.
LETHBRIDGE, 57-1—Pres. B. G,
Hamilton; Sec, Charlos Pea*
TABER, 138U-Pro8., Alf. Roberts; Bee, Robert Doodson.
CITY MINES, 2240, Edmonton—
Tun,, X. J&iuesj.
STHATHCONA, Cfl-18-Pren., John
Saint; Sec, Jas. Poole.
Str&thconat—Preo., Jas. Cherl*
er; Bee, Neil Mo Corraick.
BUSH MINES, 265B, Edmonton—
Frei., Ohau, L, Bryce; Soc,
MEBRITT*-Pre«,     Prank    Steel,
flee. Thomas Calvert.
President* and secretaries whose
names do net appear on this list
are requested to forward them to
this omce lor Insertion,
Continued inquiries reaeh ui (or
the (•regoing information.
Successor to J. W. H. Terry
Employment and
Real Estate Office
.Will supply men for
all classes of work,     '
either by   the  day,-
, week or month.
Bushmen,   Lumbermen   &
Women for cleaning1,
washing or scrubbing
Reasonable   Rates
Cox Street ..
General Contractors.
Window cleaning
All work guaranteed and
only kckmI help bent
Send post card lo Uox 492, Pornic, B. C.
lo Consumptives
Too uudoralsoed bavlng beta re*
•rtored to hoalth by ilmplo meaos,
after aoffarlne; for NTtral years
will. •• *v\*>iu Wu& ul'iiMasi, ci-
thnt rtTen-1 dlnfintw CONWIMnTIOM,
la anxious to make known to hie
fallow: auffereri tbe maam of oara*
To tkoao wbo desire It, ba wail
eheerfolly aaud (fria of obargi) a
oopy of tbe prescription uead, wbloh
the/ wiU find a oore for OONttUMP-
ODUTia and all tbroat and. luna;
UALAOUea Ce hope* all iolferare
will try tbla Remedy, al It li Inraln*
able, Tboaa daelrlng tbe preatvrip*
tion, wbleb will eoat tbe nothler,
and may prore a bleulog, will
pleaaa address
Brooklyn. N, V.
Read The Ledger ZISlZIXi
DISTRICT LEDGER,  FEBNIE.  B. C, MARUK ia**.,   xmici.
That Coffee Drinking is Decidedly Injurious
to the Nervous System, while
is refreshing anil healthful
lead Packets Only . ^^ISiii^yS^ : At all Grocers
At Peoria,.- Ill-i Kesolutions, declaring for Socialism havo been adopted
hy the officers and delegatos of District
No. 12, United Mine Workers of America
* at the nineteenth   annual  convention.
The only objection offered by. the opponents the resolution was that they did
notwant politics crammed down their
throats.'     However,  they., practically
'. agreed with^tho sense of the resolution
as introduced and*ad6pte'd. •'■•      -   .'..;
'.    Among those who supported tho resolutions were Duncan McDonald, Frank
J.  Hayes,  John  H.   Walker,  Charles
KraJlmann,, A.  F. Germed and James
Lord, the tttQ'.latter-.beinK^he-iSigners.
After  somg- debate the   resolutions,
•were adopted by an overwhelming majority.   They aro asjollows:       ,. ,)V ,
"Whereasf'In the Struggle between.;
*.> the employers and "employes •ne of the"
strongest instrument^ is. the. pqlitican
petfor, now in possession'by the'employers, -which is used by them for the
purpose of protecting their. interests .at
at all-points, and especially-in.the. main-..
tenance tof private  property    in\the
. The police did not interfere .with the
workers' 'panic protest parade mass
meeting,at the Social Tumor hall, Belmont avenue and Paulina streets, last
night. There was'a largo audience present withonly two or three plain clothes
men to watch over the protesters.
Resolutions woro adopted that the
municipal, stato and national governments should provide work for the great
army'of unemployed arid it "was decided
that there should' be a parade somo
time later, the exact date not being fixed-
The meeting was addressed by A. M.
Simons, Dr. A., S. Knopfnagle, George
Koop.A. Sussmann arid Otty Feely.
„,.No.attempt was,,the,,dotec-
tives present to make the speakers deliver, themselves "proper," and it was
evident,thai Shippy -jhad not outlined
the program. Everything was handled
quietly and orderly, there being no police interference/ -'" ;>   ■''■■""' '
Resolution3 as follows were adopted:
t "Whereas, It is .the. purpose, of, this
meeting to inaugurate^a^series pf, jbeet-;
ing„to,,procede„a„ftnaj„open aira mass
things'that atejnecessary; to ^.the, life of I meetings and parade of the' unemployed
..    •■    *   '•* ■»"   '     *   -—J w*    .*»■«■        nni-1 nfhn-p^'wi-i-rtp-a-phi'V f-rt**" tin. Vtalrl    r-vrv-^fr-hrt
the employes; and
' "Whereas, Society as today constitut.
e-i' permits i few whorevel in unlimited
luxury, "through "the ownership of ■ the
means of life, to doom-to idleness and
starvation the great multitude, whose
existence is made possible only-though
an opportunity,tp hate a job; therefore
and otherTWofkers^to/boj.held qn/ttw
lake fronton ^liiture-Jdati^ ;to be;.announced in the dhioago Daily Socialist;
• "Whereas, It is the further purpose of
these'demonstrations to protest against
the enforced ..idleness of 'thousands of
willing;workers that have.been thrown
out of work by the present crisis,, the
business cf making: hws has,, since
the rise of private property and the
inception of the stale.'been in-the
hands of the upper classes. The workers have never antff recently attempted to "wrest from'tlie Hands ;of their
esoriomic mastprs, this very'essential
weapon ih their struggle for economic
freedom.    They havft hitherto' bepri
content to rush backward and forward
from one party to another; ready, like
a cur of the street's, to .lick the hand
of. that political organization which
kicked.them hardest and most often,
and, spoke to them least,, providing
theyVot> land, word or a Bop now
and then., This has happened quite
recently in New  Brunswick.«   For
twenty-five yeais the Liberal party
have been in power and now they
sustain a crushing defeat.   Highway
act,'school book policy, and 11 refusal
to discuss the financial affairs of the
province are supposed to be the snags
by  which the ship of   state was
wrecked    We doubt not the Tories
will deliver the desired sops as soon
as possible and then.settle, down to
the real business of.capitalist governments: ensuring- the successful ex-
Dloitation ot the toiler.
'   Different in. the West though; .the
toilers here, after, being hounded from
one country, and across several thousand miles of. another, are-, growing
conscious of the fact which our contemporary,   the  Free  Press,  states
wkh' praiseworthy frankness,   that
there is no difference between the
Liberals andTofies. -
We; are willing to^wager ten cents
that ;U the.,Conservative8 are ever
beaten in British, Columbia, they will
give place to a Socialist government.
We have a long light ahead of .us
however ere that day, and there is
much to be'clone';: "in time ot peace
It is not enough
' "Resolved, That we recognize the necessity of a united working class political orgaaizatioa for the purpose^of
wrestling from the grip of trust magnate
es the avenues of life, and we further
Tecognize as the only remedy for present
ills the establishment of a. system; that
guarantees to the,workers .an. opportunity to obtain a living by honest toil and
the full product of- their labor."
Identification 'a Good Game For Fiction Readers. „ '■
A good game for_ajcprnprtny., of fiction readers Is called Identificf.tiou. It
5s easily-'arranged'arid"never fails to
'take'.' with -intelliKent iwor.lei  -  .   '
When theamuseiueut isiiljout to begin the. hostess distributes .nihou'g her
K*jL*sts large ..curds or strips of, cardboard on which are the names of fifty
characters, male and female, extracted
froni. standard or popular novels, who
This Is done by writing opposite the
name of,the character the title of tlie
uovel iu which it figures. Unci, player
may have a separate t list, or one list
may be given to each pair of partners
who work together to complete it.
In preparing a sot of 'characters1
avoid selecting those which lill title
roles-or'who are too famlli:ir to tbo
reader,  '-''
A good beginning for such a list
would be:   .
liahbli* ("The Mttle Mluister").
"'I«in;.b Morris ("Adam Betio").
Nycllii ("Tlie Last Days of Pompeii").
.Kate" Iltmlcnstlp ("She Stoops to
Con.itiv.-".).'   *'
Ada':n   Moss   ("A   Kentucky," Cardi-
-   l.litle Eye.("Uncle Toiu's Cabin").
I.miiihe Amoi'.v ("Pendenhis").
Si:- Lucius O'Trigger (."The "itlvals").-
.lospph'iiieMarch .("Little Women").
f:a!icl:o,I'an-/.a ('*i)ou Quixote"). ,
Ktl-.varj Fairfax Uocbeg-cer ("Jane
K.vre"!.;.,' '.',-'.■'      ■-..-,
M.Iks Kupheinla Dundas ("Thaddeus
of Warsaw"). • ,■■   ■
Noddy, liofnn ("Our .Mutual ,Frleud"').
,   M'rs. Maiaprop-C'The. Rivals;').'   ',-...
Lady TenV.le ("The School Tor scandal").   .. ;. :. ',:.,  .,. • .;..".
' Qutlp ("Old Curiosity Shop").
Eugene March banks ("Candida")....
Lucy Dasbwciovl .(t'Charles O'Mal-
h-.VJ)...:;      }'..- ■■       ,,- ,-    -    ■',, -'    ,o
Phiuwis Fletcher ("John llallfaxV)." .
A popularjjr, 'staudard_novel would
'make a good choice in prizes, to be
a warded for the longest" list of correct
;G.   E.;-LYO;NS
"       ,   Auditor, Accountant, General Agent
-..*"-      I..-'."  :-f   . \, .'      v: -. -    _
Life, Accident and Employer's Liability insurance
Books opened,   closed,  audited, and accounts kept in the
. most up-to-date manner.*
Office,  Bums'  Block.
Fernie, B. 0.
* Sa#  your   Cord wood
By Power and
save money
Cost of operating
<t> very trifling;
<s> -' ' ;: -   ,-
t-,, ...,:,-:-....-.■  ..
<& Circular Saw Frames
^ Drag: Saw Machines
■■■   '■'■----WRITE   US
Canadian Fairbanks
.' "yancouver,   B.C.
][   \ Montreal,  tprbntb, Winnipe
Contralizatioo'.of control of, practically every coal mine in the couatry in the
hands of ono. of tho most gigantic holding companibs in the history of Araorl*
c»n buainoss. is predicted as the outgrowth of tho rocp-ntfedoral dictum,that
tho railroads can not hold stock in
mines that make shipments ,over their
Tho'company ia being Becrotly formod
and It Is planned to take ovor all tho
coal InteroBtB in Indians, Illinois, Wost
Virginia and wostorn Ponnsylvanln. 1 his
actloa, thoso who nro familiar, with tho
•movement say, will place tho proportlos
on a bottor paying basis.
Many ififgo' operators  complain of
differentials against mines of a cortain
thickness of seam against mlnos work*
ing rombto ontrlosarid against othor
difficulties known to tho mino oporators,
The plan to unite tho groat mining
Intorosts is not n now one," said R. It.
Hammond of tho Deoring Coal  Company. "It la ono of thoso lnrgo proJootH
that of nocesHity muut bo slow of dovo-
lopuiout, but Borne of the large oporntors
includod In the scheme think tliat union
with froodom from tho competitive conditions that now exint, will ohonpon
conltotko consumer, opornte tho pro-
(liable'workings, whilo, controlling tho
mnrkot fo tho advantngo of both tho
publio ami tho ownornbottor than under
tho prt'Hont H)-fttom.
"If a lnrge combination in formed It
will bo without ono dollar of promotion
Htouk or ono dollar of inflation In the
ritock of ihu compsuy. H Ih ouo of thnso
thing** ilml eamo up in bu«ii)PHH whoro
mnn of nlTniM nulla for Iho boilonnnnt
of tl.o tnulo tliny raprortont nnd not for
tho promotion of Htock Jobbing or ro-
Htrlution of trndo,
"Kailroail«oiiipai...'B im*« boon l.;. •,
to UltiuuJ ■;!.»,■!.• wai w-JJ-f (■n.'l't'rllt'i' let
two or Ihreo joiirn, It 1» of no ml.
vantage for railroad* to own or control
tho Mock of coal proportlos, and whon
'* tho rnllwnyn ontorod thn coM prodtiulng
cnpltnl cotild not bosocurud to mino and
mnrkot tho outpuiH of iho ininos along
thoir rond*t."-Chlcago Dolly fiocIalUt.
cause f6rwhich~i*^learlyi8hown "to"be
the incompetency of an arrogant ruling
class;.and. ...-. ,,,. L._ „,,'.,_,,.. .r,,.,. ,., ._
"\yherea8,'"The workers have by right
of majority, fitness of utility and purpose
to'demand the immediate adoption by
their representative bodies in the various departments of government measures to relieve the suffering and want
caused by the crisis; therefore be it.
."Resolved, . That we, ■■ citizens and
workers in mass meeting assembled, do
hereby demand of our various legislative bodies the enactment of laws that
will provide ways, and means, for publie
employment of the workers in ■ the production of all the necessaries of lifo and
tbe annulmont of all laws that may in*
terfere with such, allot which is immediately practical under the right of eminent domain,'
prepare for* .war/'
r *,'.-ii   •v.''!. o-,._,,,..   ,„   .„
to send a delegate to Nelson, that was
essential of, course', bat yoa
:-.'■   --""-'j .';   ■-■-,:„■ -x-i;''T'  ;*
in a position to support the candidate .Are,you on the voter? list?
ho yob know thaUhe- list -will' close
for revision orfthe 30th of fiis month'.
-.    v — *J->-   *--  '-•-:•.--jvi jj*.  ,    i)-,i,   ct*
;  It yon are not registered: and have
sii-pi!..".*/   <l'i'.l ':
been.lix jnonth-Fih j FernieTand are
a Brltwti.sttbject of .the male sex and
twenty-one ye»ra»id,,the
court-house at once and regUter.; .
; WHb .every.: worker .who js entitled
to a" Vote in; line we c are invincible,
thptjefore \ret?J?terr'at once, and Veil
y<mij.(rie|i48t„Ar3vage earner without
a vote may be like to a ten inch gun
without ammunition;
Many False Notions on This Important
«.- . Subject Exploded.
>!,any people used ,to. hare an'.im-,
pression*tlmt to'sSeepotj "a soft "bed
had'-a'-'-splce of .wickedness'iu it _arid
that the; harder tbe mattress, the greater the^v 1 rt tie' of tiio sleeper.; ,i^'; ";'. f-
 !T h Is_._n r^^JnjKrjjiitpart^from^the'
"Besides being an excellent remedy for colds and throat troubles, Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
is unequaled as a cure for croup,"
says Harry Wilson of Waynetown,
Ind. When given as soon as the
cr-oupy cougiE appears, this remedy will prevent the attack. It
is UBed successfully in many thousands of homes. For sale by all
At a convention held In Nelson on
March 2nd, the working clnss ot this
riding decided to placo a candidate
irom thoir own ranks In the fluid to
contest tills scat in the forthcoming
Dominion elections,   Heretofore thoy
hnvo waited until tho last moment
before nominating theironndldatc and
hnvo consequently suffered from thoir
dilatniinoss when the election was
sprung,   Profiting from pnst experiences thoy nro now ronrty to enter
tho fight whenever It should be called.
15111 Davidson, wIiobo record In thn
Provincial   house as   iiic*in1u>r fori
Slocan,   leaves no doubt   in   tho j
mlwls of tlio workers ns to Ids ability
and eonnigo, wis tho person solocted J l""t,!'
nnd  llio platform of the BociallBt1 UB
FitUy li'Ci.iiudia wits<«i,>[*lcu.
'flint twelve fuixir union locals nnd
Most of the sickness that comes to
babies and youn-* children is duo to the
stomach or bowels being out nf condition. It is then that they are croun,
peevish aiid.upset the whole household.
These are troubles that Baby's Own
Tablets always cure promptly. Here is
proof: Mrs. J. Stewart, Kverton, Ont.,
says: "My littlo girl thrived so badly
that at the a«e of four months she
weighed four and a half pounds Her
stomnch was badly out. of order, and
although the doctor treated her ho did
not heVo her. Thon I got Baby's Own
Tablets and rlfcht from tho tlrst they
helped hor and now Mio enjoys perfect
health." If your little one is ailing try
Babv's Own Tablets—always do good;
cannot do harm., Sold by medicine
doalors or by mnll «t 2!.e a box from the
Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockvillu,
To Clean -■ onse.
Sweet oil nppllt'.ri, v*'l.'i " «oft flannel
la excellent I'or cli'uulni* l»n»:ix.o, Brush
nil the dust ont Hnd, thon rub tho oh>
Ject with t! 11. »:i little nu pos-
Hllilu,   I'l'll-b lli-si wlili a noft (luster,
then wllh ii t'hiui.olK loniher.
fact that feather beds >weret' generally
contleinned as.,unhealthy, and the Ignorant nt once ..seized :the:* Idea that
lliey were unhealthy because soft,
whereas they nre-unheal thy because
they do not permit of proper ventlla*,
tion.     "'; ,;    '.;'',: '    ; "'•;
. More .and more we learn that, the
foundation of health lies Ih-ari nbon-
da'nt, of fresh ,air.' and that the
root1 of raany.n dlpqnse Is in the want
nf It;1 In uenlth many or us spend,a
third of ourtlme nctually In bed and
In' B.clinoss mnc-li more, so It Is of the
j'treiiteBt.linportiuic^ that the bed.and
pverythlni;. connected, with It should
tie thoroughly ventilated.
It j*06A.without saying that tho bedroom must Itself be airy and tho fresh
•iir hnve fn»e access to It.
From the point of view of health It
Is n matter of Indifference whether the
''pdRtPfid bo of wood, or of Iron, but
the most, comfortable 'nnd at the snrao
Mine healthy nro those fitted with
chain sprlnc mattresses. These rant-
•ivsses niny bo boui*ht separately and
HI ted to any bedstead.
THE tADY;S ,KEl£DS are herein
the wav 61 Drtfjrs, Medlcinesi^erVumes,
Powders arid all Toilet rWuiBi'tei*.. Every
supply for the dressing table, batnroom
"oi* boudoir. Fancy Soaps aud Sachets,
Cold Cream*,- Puff Boxes, etc.- All kinds
* Bruhheel-Manlcurt, Set6 and Sponge's.
The quality ol our goods will patisfy the
most exacting. We get our
fresh every week, and purchase* only
the best; qualities for .all departments.
You will,have no cause, to Hnd fault
with our price*.       ., „ , .
Phone 12
,' H. F. McLean', Mgr.
ff£>JJj-"-.ii!    '!    V-IT    '/-'1"-4l    .t*'""
■ Vj   V,
V/h-irt \\'sr.!;ing ClotVioa.
A. Ii\lil."imimi'ul 'if tiii'in'iitltii' bollcrt
-,T'i oliiili.'.--. will Kivally help H whl»'»
■B.l iliiiluiV.*!  Uu'in
Smiill white spots which often ap-
penr on the nnlls are caused from
Thin 'arms Bhoiild bf washed twine a
n dny with a flno ln»hi»r of sonp, rinsed
well, dried thoroughly nnd then rub-
bod vlijormisly, This treatment will
brliiB tho pores Into action and Induce
a healthy condition of tho skin.
It Is nonsense to think that sonp nnd
wntnr nnd n complexion brush will
enuso a Growth of hnir on tbo face.
Superfluous hnir Is more likely to «tow
on ii dust laden, oily fV.\n. Foap, hot
wntor and « complexion brush used
overy nlalit nro nocoMmiry to got tho
fare 'clean. A pond even m will counter*
net tho drying efforts nf tho sonp,
, 31     iiJlt       tt'. J ..'    .*.,-.*
WINE   CO. Ltd.
WhoVeBaYe. Dealers arid Direct
,s.   Importers of
OLD T,0M     ...
Sole Agents In Ksst Kootenay for
Phillip Carosella
Wholosalo   ,
The *
Fernie Lumber |
cb:, Ltd.     I
% vk McWuGALU Pres. &€ea. Mfr. %
X  .'■)   ffi*i'!..'  r.,-'f*vi  li'**'.' .TMiti «•«■'::   ^
I "
y       ...-'-.,
Y Manufacturers of and
•> Dealers In
& Houtrh & Drcr-sed Lumber
♦    Dimension & BHdp-e Timber
Y Piling, Moulding, iAths,
Y Shingles and Ties.
IMor. Howell, or UnvHim, Cuba
IlLMioiuiiiondH Cliiimborliiln'H
Coiijurli Hcinody.
"Ab long ago as I can remem*
bor my mother was a faithful user
and    friend     of
, j Cough Hemody, but never in
"life havo I roalis-od "
Howell,    ot
its truo value
"   wi-ltea Prof. H. A.
Bowoira    American
First Aid .Vallie,
Aro you thhiltlti'i <»f InUlnR a nnin*
lior of youiiBBtoi'K on u vncntlnn, or
iii-i' yon off for n motor trip1.
I f you nro you nood n (lr«t nld vnllso.
Tills' Is Iho lnli'Ht proililclloii of tlmsi>
pnrvoyuvs who nro nlwiiya liiventlnu
niuict'liliin iim'ful Tor tho motorist, It
Is n smiill hut very ui'oful rocoptnclo of
rcniPilIi'H for hrulwis, ctils and othoi
*'U tltiit uviy, iil»«. bof.ill tho tviivcloi
mi niitomobllo.
li.illrt uf lint, flnvl;.' of enollng nnrt
110:1111)*.' lotions, wl-u'iirs. n niniill Imt
in» of Iriindy iiml oilicv ttomw of first
n\x\ utility mo (-■t'l.inliieil I" " ,11111''
leiillior box. the i'dIop of wllloh Uillist
(lptornilnoil by  tho llnlint oM tho
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gent's,, furnishings
S Telephone Poles a Specialty §
Y — ?
•? All Orders Promptly Attended •>
y Tel. 3
J. #
aiima Hi iiiii I
Pcrnle, B. C.
60  VBAR8*
School, Havana,
Remember that we wont your
vote on tbe moat popular lady in
Fernie, Three votes tor one dollar paid on subscriptions.
Subscribe for the District Ledger.
-•uu  itta |
oiKht oi i'ebiMAry 3.'d   cur Vnby
I..      i ii ..      .    i     i u/«b taken sich with a very severe
olfflitwiolnlluimrty locals can coinoi**" lfjJJnait day was worse and |
tOKotlier from [joints so fur n part nndithe following night his condition,
iinnrilmonsly ndopt a plntlorm andlwaa desperate He could not lie,
•Plrer. n enndldnf-.  wltbnnt   rlobntn 1 down    and It was necessary     to i
,       , . ,      " -have him in tue n.iiu-a mciy  *..--• ,
speaks volumes for the success of Hint, mBnt,    Even   then his breathing
candidate.. iwas di—cult. I did not think   be
,m • ... i       i would live until morning. At last
Tlio  workers of tl.o  wost have; Hhought of my mother^ remedy.
certainty cntlSO to congratulate them*: Chamberlain's    Cough     Eemedy,
solves hecanso of this solidarity and! which   we gave,   and it afforded
there Is no reason why luhonld noti^er the circumstances X would not!
be, when the pollint* day comes > hesitate a moment in saying that -
around, laWa voice ■« «» »J^
for the llrit time pleadlnff its own QUr dear uuU ^oy." For sale by,
cause in the Dominion hoaw.   The all druggists.
i*j\»«<*n  r,n  (itiv
Advice of Noted Authority, Also Gives
•;itrin!i> HnntP''• PrMfriotion.
Dr.".' ■>; f,<
Cot»vnm>-iT8 Ae.
Anfnnn ■m*'Iii« n *M*-'| »ti 1 (..■■rrlwlnn tn«T
' fiiifcWlr m*i I'.i'ii «"r upinl'iii ffa)0'"':'" *.»'■
iVv«iiii.n'i ii i rub-it :r r*i*,'''?Hvr"",r'"." ?;
tl'innnrlcll'f ihti'luiiM'.l. Itik-<QBOS*t ci» I -»!»-tM
|'ii'.|*.« UU*,i» tl-riitj'-b tlunn A U>. IlKitT*
tpvulr.iitct, ''UtiijutelniM'J, mtiit
Sfesific HHKtfcaa.
ti.ipi1ii.tni-'- '—'-" '-'-    * * "-
.ll I'CflMW
A<:IHitm'.lr llnmri»t«"l*f'4olilf,
t-iili'.i.'.i.j t v,*     '
*,*» df n Innnt.
Psppemilnt C«.ndy,
HiiKiir. ono eup; flnvo:lii.r
one tea-
Now ia the time when the doctor gets busy, and tbe patent
medicine   manufacturers reap
•rl4i4i.i'lD i'luriitl.   'jt.r-ii lit
., k •/•»», -x**X««i (jfipjUiU   bold bf
,uiil«r>. , ,      ■
nsm.-tifc'awu-r-r -»»■•#>•• w*»-»»*r •» *>»**»**■ ■****W mmem*»m 11
the   mixture at the flrst sign of rbeu*
,;.mmi: wntor, \ «|tinrl.«r ci,,,   noil   ff^?tt JS^it oiw !■ t«li« , »»««»r or if your back acHw or
.*nU.r»....! miwirm-von nr-laht inlnnieH    JJ^JJ; "Xmly and keep the feet i you feel thnt the kUla.yi ar.^not
-,;,. i,u r.». mum- •.*.,!'! w"i <"- \  .,'-••    d       Xtai» js tne tidvice on an oid . *•".*-«■ *"'£ *;™";: ..""",! *i.»«i*»nr
,i . .'i'.
rHr £ in-\t Star" i ia tiriTi; sh. J;
•g Vrom ^";oo°dTre.crlpCtion j «hU ihe\^eye^ to fUltr out of T-c«.        , ph°an»aeym "Wall oLc.   Fluid \ Any on.  can f^^g™ ^
h.u- ..,■.', „,«*taut noM of   Ixtract    Hawaiian,    «n,     onn« * ^^•^^^^^"and vtcU
llift-iiiri «r* tart limn n;en. j Compound Kargon,  thrm_ouncti      g"«gj»{J      th# pmcription,
.,, ;, i-.,i -.r»!k the Anv < Compound   Syrup     SBraaparw*. I ""»*"*" " ,      c a   »itl,er s:,pri!y
,.„«i ,i f.o !.wrli t li-u.pi ' take   a   tta.poonlul   aitet metis I **>*^;«r«     ^ fOBpoxlBd tht
; *n Ju*.t tly"5 s s«mpl. Urns ».ia «i*t«. ior <U.
•luf   (ti'vnrlnu.  Htlr  hrlfhly  with  a
■jii*,;i. "ponn  tiiitlt 'jtilH' thick. Then
our t'lt.tii well lnittcri'il |»nn nnd sot
1  *t|0 li*0 to CC'l.
■ -1. i * i
^mm ■T)—
23)* Mzititt &th$tv
$1 a Year in'Advance  •        K
ssued  every  Saturday from the office of
Publication, Pellatt, Ave., Fernie, B. C.    ,
Changes of tidvcrtlss-rneiits must he in'as
follows :-Pages2,3,0, and 7, Wednesday at 10
b. m.. Pages 1,4,4 and 8, Friday at 10 a. m.
Legal' advertising 12 cents per nonpariel
lino first insertion, 8 cents per line each subsequent insertion.
1   Rates for contract advertising on application at office Of publication, Pollat Aw.  ..
Address all communications to'the Man-
agc-r, District Ledger.
W.  S.   STANLEY, Mgr,
SATURDAY, MARCH 14,  1.908.
able conditions than ,at present
exist, ,,but inasmuch as they are
prepared to fit up a gymnasium,
and V club for the men -where no
intoxicants wiu be sold"' or used
in any way, it would tend to
increase the" morals of the corps.
"Such a building is much" "needed
to give efficient instructions ' . in
signalling which could bo given
inside in the winter time, and also there would be a shooting gallery, where the men could practice
in. winter time, .,
. The companies have cleared a
Rifle-Range and -erected Butts, at
their own expense ,and it seems
too bad that when the funds were
available and instructions given
by the Minister of Militia so far July last nothing has as
yet been done to commence the
' Preparations are being made to
force wages down in the near.'future. It is for this; that injunctions have been issued against
trades unions. It is for this that
the "war fund" of the Citizens'.
Alliance was collected.
Before the first echoes of falling
banks had died away a general
move to reduce wages was started all along the line. The resistance or, organized labor has so
far \ been sufficient"- defend its
members against this attack save
in a few instances.
It is urged that this reduction
must come to offset falling, prices.
No one pretends that the producing power of-'[labor has.declined, jf"ym-.   \y .* -■   ,'■">■-■"■-.'
The worker of, today is produc-.
ing just; as much as,' he was six
months ago. \ In many cases he
is producing more, for the hunger
fear, is'.'closer'now, and is driving
him to greater exertions.
In';.J every case where improved
machinery is used the laborer is
producing many times more than
he is-receiving as wages.
It is claimed^ that wages ought
 „+o' rise, and=^fall=with=llTTirnsTieri^=
ty"  and "panics." ..'..,-•
. Even;on the, principles of ordinary:, ethics wages''^ should never
fall*; They should never fall;; be-'
" cause the product of labor is "constantly  increasing. •
Every new machine, • every discovery in science, every new invention, every new application of
the forces of nature, means increased producing power on • the
part of those .who uses those
things. It should mean increas.
ing well-being for them.'
Today," however, the i amount received in wages is not a question
of justice or ethics, but of power.
The capitalists' will force wages
just as low as they. can. The
working class will raise them Just
as high as they can.'
Where wages will bt> fixed depends upon the strength of the
contending parties. Labor has the
power to place wages as high as
it wishes, up to* the point where
they take the entire product, pro*
. viding it uses its strength intelligently. If the unions maintain
a solid front wages can be maintained. It the union men utilize
their political as well as their
economic strength thoy can take
entire product.—Ex,
'     —* 0'
We have two companies of ,the
Xootenany rifles here officially or*
ganized 3rd July, 1900 -with Capt,
James McEvoy senior company
and Capt. J. H. McMillan junior
company, and both officers and
men devote a largo amount of
time and energy to keep the com*
panice upon a efficient basis but
so far they arc without an arm*
oury. The site has been secured
upon lot 28 between Victoria
Avenue and the O. P, H, freight
shed, and we understand the neeei*
•ary instructions were given as
far hack as July last year by ths
Minister of Militia to the Depart*
men* of Public Works tit Ottawa
to proceeed with the work, the
appropriation was allott»vl but;
and hers is ths sticker,—the De*
partment has not yet commenced
tbt work and we be* to enquire
what Is causing ths delay,
These two companies, composed
AH   tV*.**   <*r*   »."  I*,*/.-**!,.».»,*.' -,^,.vl»
men should form a valuable asset
in ths account of "Imperial Defense" and no rid taps should bs
allowed to interfere with their
drill and equipment and it is
manifest that without a suitable
plaet to drill in ths corps are
heavily handicapped.
On tha other hand if tbe arm*
oury was erected it would cot
only enable ths officers to instruct
ths men under much more favor*
Those who are inclined to belittle the idea that any danger exists that the Japanese, if permitted unrestricted ingress to this
country, will one day practically
own it, may have their eyes open."
ed°by the consideration of., the
following facts as. set forth >\ by
the Vancouver Province.
. "A few days ago the Province
published an account of the man*'
ner in which the Japanese obtained almost complete possession of
ther Sacramento Valley in California. ,. The method adopted was,
first, to work for such wages . as
tempted the"7 farmers to,; dispense
with white labor ,that refused to
meet tho low scale. After -the
Japanese had . succeeded in supplanting" all ,the white-labor in the
valley, they: made demand for:
higher wages themselves: The first
demand was granted. Later they
made another demand, to be „in-
creased to the old scale. that was
paid.the white labor. This was refused, and they quit work. . The
farmers then attempted to replace
them on account of having ^employed the Japanese. Finally:^ the
farmers were compelled ,to reinstate the Japanese >at the. white
labor scale. Before long other increases we're demanded until finally the ranchers , were glad to accept offers of the Japanese to purchase the ranches. Gradually the
white ranchers, sold .or..were crowded out, until the whole valley eventually oam^^rito^possessipn of.
the Japanese, who controlled it
ever since." '-\ *      ■".",-,,      .'•   *..,.''
; Let it be also remembered in
this connection that the present
population of British Columbia is
about 100,000 andr that at least
one out of every five adult laborers in this province Is now a Jap.
That Japan has a population of
hetween forty-five and fifty millions with a land area about a
quarter the size of British Columbia. That these teeming millions
must seek room for their activities olsowhorb. than in" thoir. overcrowded homeland, That Japan,
since she defeated Russia, ranks
high as an aggressive world power, That she undoubtedly aspires
to dominate the Pacific. That she
has shown that she can lay her
plans - with unexampled cunning,
and carry forward . her , preparations, with a secrecy that hau
no parallel,in history, That she
has broken her promisee before,
and will likely do so again, With
these consideration in view is it
any wonder that those who are
alive to the gravity of the situation view with the utmost alarm
any efforts to throw down the bar*
riors and permit an invasion of
this country by hungry hordes of
these crafty Asiatics?—Echange,
Sinco our last publication we
have to extend our' congratulations to Pres. F. H. Sherman who
was presented with a baby daughter. We understand both mother
and baby are doing well and we
trust will continue to thrive and
cheer ths President "along his fu*
Hue •.UU.1.0.
All lovers of the horse will find
much of   interest    in   the March
**'-!       t .   I      *▼**-•'.    '-?•». I**-.,*.,.,..,,..
»l**»*ij.«i*  i*>j.    *»•»*■«**, s».vw,»ji   -»•<»»•
aiderable    space   to Vancouver's
First Horse    Show   with   many
?)lendid pictures of the entries,
he three-colour cover design is
particularly pleasing and attractive. Th* literary contents show
that th* West has many clever
writers and besides the regular departments for th* horn*. Cliv*
ridUIupS'Wolley'a powerful serial
"Shan-nut" is paving th* way tor
larger things. Th* editor this
month has on* of his characteristic pen sk*tch*n, th* subjtet being
Hon. W. S. Fielding.
A meeting of the City Council
was held last Thursday evening,
protracted into the, wee sma' 'ours'
adjourned till Friday forenoon
and again adjourned' .' to meet
Thursday 19th instant. Some
very important business was
transacted, and we regret that we
have not sufficient space this week
to give a detail report of the proceedings;  amongst  other matters;
They agreed to give a grant in
favor of the Ctyy Band which
will be included in the estimates.
They granted our respeced Police Magistrate an advance in his
salary, bringing it up to $50 per
month, which seems little enough
for his duties.
The Fire -Chief was authorized
to keep six permanent firemen on
band at a salary of ?8 per month,
with free quarters, he was also
authorized , to procure extension
ladders high reach the
top of our highest buildings as
well as 500 feet extra hose.
The City Treasurer was authorized to pay $1549.40 into1 the
Interest and sinking fund,, which
sum should have been deposited
„by last years council.
, Bye law No. 48 relating to the
sewer connections • was read three
times by it the city's charge for a
permit to connect with main sewer were reduced from $10 to $5.
Alderman Watson gave notice
he will introduce a Bye Law relating to the stringing of electric
wires providing for inspection of
same. '    "     ,
Bye Law No. 53 relating to the
sale of milk and official inspection of same was .read three
Music lovers of Fernie should ba
much elated to. know that the
Beggar Prince Opera Co., is indeed of high class and appropriate
for Lenten season.
t Friday March 20th fthey will
present the well known opera Fra
Diavolo and Saturday March 21st
The Circus Clown.,. This without
a° ' doaot is the funniest of all
comic operas. The music, cos-
"tumes7—and "scenery-Ismail-that"
could be desired.
' Plan   of seats   . at Palace Drug
store, Monday, March 16.
THAT he , thinks some of. the
prisoners now \in- ,the lock- up,
should have a little, outdoor, exercise, in the shape of getting bur
sidewalks cleaned up a bit,.
/*'*••'"'''    -'
THAT     the      newly    appointed
Limb of the Law, with the drap-
per   ' coat; the , Sherlock Holmes
cap, and the gaze,of a Pinker-ton,
made   a ■ very clever, capture   on
Thursday night at 10 o'clock. He
caught a young gentleman of the
city     in   the act 'of throwing,, a
snowball at a  fellow companion.
This is stretching things a little.
THAT,, of course there is a law
against throwing snow balls on
the public streets, but there are
also some ' far ' more „, harmful
things that ought to be attended
<    * * ,*
THAT John's, paper has now
been almost entirely forgotten^ especially since "The Daily Enter-,
tainer" made its debut.
•   •   »
*, THAT Fernie now, can be compared   only with-Vancouver. '    A
new daily making  such compari-,
son quite within bounds.
,    .   •   • ■*.•
THAT a few people were heard
remarking- that     they, were  glad
"The Critic"  did not writ*   last
issue.      Conscience again.
THAT our prize . offer "on the
popularity of - the Fernie females"
brings" out a lot of hibernated
ambition on the part of bur
young men. .,
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—Theodore Dorais, a
customer of mine, was completely
cured.,, of rheumatism after five
years of suffering, by the judicious use of MINARD'S LINIMENT. -,
: The above facts'can be verified
by writing to him,* to the Parish Priest or any of his neighbors.
A. COTE, Merchant.
St. Isidore, Que., 12th May, '98.
THAT he has. his eye on a certain two gentlemen who have yet
a lot to, learn, and unless they
wish to come under his criticism
had better take a" quiet hint.
'■'.     ",      .'••'•''       •■■■'■
THAT a few minutes after the
L. of the L. had,made" that clever
ca,pture„mentioned--here, the party
who had ■ transgressed, so terribly
wasj-;;acco_sted   'by- a-"bum"  for
money,right, in. front ^f~tUe Fer-
nie hotel, where the aforementioned L. of the L". was snugly encdns-
ed'-perusing' the paper. Is- this in
keeping with- the previous act.
* ♦ •
THAT the citizens who. were "objecting to some of the articles
published in our paper should.remember that a paper is for; the
purpose of giving opinions from
all points. '
c     •     •
THAT a case of old time bar-
barianism has been brought 'to
his notice, in connection frith the
punishment meted out to a child
of ■' tender years in our public
school last week.
Fernie  Opera  House
Mar-tin Sheeley's
Opera Co.
With an Exceptional Strong Cost
Coming under a Large Guarantee
Friday, Mar. 2O "Fra Diavolo"
Saturday   •*  21 "Circus Clown"
Prices $1.00, 75cf 50c
Seat Sale  opens   Monday**   March   16th, at
Palace  Drug Store
sit At
Some tow months nun wo i.urchssnd ftunihlnn Hunch, a farm of a t
100 saw of oxttn clioliM ImikI, situated shout 2H miles west of the * J
^ City of Nelson, In n well HMtli'-l portion of iho district.   Wo hnye ? J1
•» subdivided this farm Into 10*«tcro blocks, snd we tre offering ti urn for a a
* sate, on easy terms.   Tin* loi-Vlon of this farm U excellent: It Is close * »
3 i city, the vsluo of each block most noccssarlly rapidly tncressi*.    " <£&
& 4       This is a splendid locution for s fruit snd vegetable farm or a ■> 4
11 chicken ranch.  Thero is alwars an eicellent market for anything ■*
* V along thOM linos In Nelcon, and at times vnry high prices may ho ob*
sate on cany terms,   itu. loi-Vlon ol this (arm u excellent: it is ciono * *     •'•• >•■ '"•'"
to the O lr. It Station at Ornnlte, there la agoodschoo] In tholm- ^    AtUsttsiooi
lllt'/uirttri Viw.litJ, Oil*.] (ill* G'-ICICt'iiUi'l  »•*>*,•/.. l*lAU  liuui   .lt,.J*>.'   i •...-> ^     tUn t^Vwrf   *l
Ihrrmp-h th« ••.ropr'-'y,   Oh ncermnt nf Us rW«, proTlmUy tn • thrlvine; W I "Jft ,"»,V?n-»t
Three quarters of an acre under
cultivation in West Fernie, There
is a Plastered House, and other
buildings on the Premises.
'    «w * .    "'  -■ .    *"- "   ' .
Will be sold cheap and on easy
Estate and Insurance' Broker
Up-to-date >
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Call In and
See us onoe
P,   V.   WHELAN,  Mgr.
Fernie, B. C,
Bar supplied with the best of Wine*
Liquoiis and Citran.
|     Hotel     I
The Motel of Fernie   a*.
Tho centre of Commercial
nnd Toarlst Trade
CuIbIiio   Unfixcollcrt
? S. P. Wallace       Prop. ->
♦J. •;♦
OoAt, —Cosl mlnlns rlgli'H mar I'* Usiod for
s IKirltMl of twsr.ty.ons vssrs st an snnusl
rsntsl of «, ott sor-j. Kot montlmn s.wi
scr.a aim., bs l*j»»t<l to on* li>.UvHu»l cr
compitny, A royalty nt «he t*u of ftyo «»n«»
l*r ton alisll \>» oollknttid on tlm m»rch»nt»tlti
oosl mtn«<t.
Qitarti.-A titnon sl«ltt«t»., »sr« of sss or
pv«r, bavlnu mlnsrHl in pUc«, mny
loc»(« s ctulm 1.6o0 x \M tint,
Ths fss for wording a olsfm n (A,
imnitbssipsmUdon tbseHht.
pi.M tn f!i« m<n<nir t
•Hotel, Hosmer
NoW Open
,   Everything new and ■
, up-to-date.
■     . .f'-'.v    '*•     :.*:•',.;      .-  :
Every accommodatior   •
for the public.
Bar stocrted with   :* -,  ,
finest In the \; id - -
Fernio's most
Every attention to tho
travelling public
Rooms reserved by wire
T. H. Whelan
Msnsgsr  ,
s good worker could clesr off
£  tt
iff   A§
is sis
Ate Ulnwl.   Tho Isnd Is not lisrcl to clesr;
■Jr   sml n*v* s'prnp tli»» Hr»r «nnwctii.    A msW nortloTt nt th« irrnnnr.
«» clesrly open, very little standing jrreen tlmW-r. Thero Is s fine stresm iff
ii ol wstor runnhj* throujrh this subdivision.    The lots sre situated &i
1J within a qosrlfr at n mile of ths Kootenay River, where the vary *■*
9 t finest Ilsinbow Trout fishing Is tn be had.
•J J       We guarantee the quality of these blocks, and are pleased at all
a t time* tn **lTe intnnding purchasers the benefit of a thorough inspee* *. •>
I \ tion.   We consider that we are offering a particularly choice artlclf. V •?
*J Ynuaretioi* tskIng any ch«ni!(»fnst»riirlrig this land at our prfcr*.  We $6
a t, *r« selling these 10 acre blocks at 189.00 per acre, and can arrange the •)/
-j* terms In very fs«y payments to suit purchasers, *•?
H    Fruit Land* and Real Estate, Box 51, Nelson, B. C,
MfflfAUT In
Whsn t&O bas essn «xp«ndb<l or
♦ or Trvhv, rtrinn hKvli\*{ k «nii'»v
inkd*. and apart eempmpi-with otbir rs*
qnlJ-«n.»iiU, i>areh«M lb» land it ill vtj srrt
Tbi paUnt provides for ths p»yn.«nt et «
rayalty of 1| per cent en the Mtti,
PucsarolniDS elslms ssntMlly an isi f«»t
(MjnsM! sntrrf Us IS runiwabl* ysuly,
Au. -.yv"■<••>• -'•-»« ----'i-'.-: .*«■; ,'rtij» it
drtdi* for fold offivtmllMf^th for • una ot
t*snty-fr»*t,rsnswsblsst tb* dlterttlon of
ths Ulnuttr of ths totsrior
Ths !•»**• »billh»v*»drfd*i.ln opsrstion
within one MSton rn>m ths dstt of ths l«»»«
JUnUl iiorsrsaiiam tor
milt of »Usr Usttxi.   lUyelty »t ths
(put »f-
rorssehNvsmilst. .
ss«h milt of rlysr Usttxl,   It
rsts of si ptr esnt eolUcUd on ths
t.r tt sxessai »»0,»/>,
Dspaty ltinitt*r of ths I.ttsrior,
V. n.~t!r»athorU»d pr>Mlr*tli.n of thla ad*
vtrttHtmsDtwlUnoi U 1*1*4 I<»
Mm Ua*m
Ledger for News
Under new niunuge'iient
Well farnlatied rooms,   Tho table Is
■applied with tha ben the mnrkot
afJordi.  Tbe bar ia supplied
with the beat wlnea, liquors and cigars.
Jas. Severn, Prop.
forty Ytars,
Stndfor Qfe/oytii
102 *104,'
•AoeiAiOB St,W,
-XHSTRICT LEDGER,  FESNIE.     , B.  C.,„M4AB,CH 14TK.,, 1908.
In a Game Full of Excitement
Jhniirl1od«?isls Defeat
v /Nelson 6 to 5   ;
The    most hotly contested and
. "best?played; game of hockey this'
, side i of Toronto'was the game be-'
1   . t. ,- , ,    .. .
tween our local ° team and Nelson,
in -Uie "rink" lastJ"Monday evening.''
It was '[ evident" to" -unprejudiced'
aggsregation^.and.the best  of .the
game from the very first,  it only
took our men about".two minutes
to  "score* the. first",goal.   Nelson
won  the next"' with  some lively
play and but for Morrison almost
invincible     goal    keeping  would
have "scpred^'-more^than- tHey" did";'
"Patrick"   and *r Bishop    showing
some good play.    .Fernie won the,
third bout, and.'at"half time,honors were equal.,,'
Fernie scored three goals in
quick order on the second half of
the game. Nelson team made a
great .effort, to , revive their (lost
laurels, and scored twice, but the
play of the Fernie men' was too
good for them and they let Fernie
win two-goals in succession and
although Nelson managed to win
one more goal the game at tho
finish stood six for Fernie and five
for Nelson, thus finishing a very
clean match at hockey. -
The good spirit manifested
throughout speaks well for all the
playerB engaged and is to be highly commended.
Tho Nolsou men by their gentlemanly conduct have made many
friends here and Fernie always
will be glad to cxtond them a
hearty welcome.
There was a large attendance
to witness the match and good
play on either side was well applauded.
A banquet was held afterwards
at which Mayor Tuttle presided,
which made a fitting sequel to a
splondid game, and which has
given our boys the reward they
doubtless well merit.
M. ICastner was referee and F,
Armstrong Judge of play. The
line up was:
Morrison   Bishop
Kent  , ,,, Deacon
Wright .,,, , , Steel
Paver   Patrick
Kent .,„,, ,,,,,, ,,„,, ,,, a. Bishop
Ttilance ., ,  Thompson
Therin  ... ,  Sellrase
■ Nelson, B.  C. March 2, 1908.
The meeting was called to Older
by ,v John   Harrington of Fernie.
The call   for the convention   was
read,     and   it was moved and se-
-conded,       ,
That John Harrington of Fernie
be   chairman    of  the  Convention.
' • Carried.
: Moved and seconded that J. H.
S Matheson of Nelson Ye secretary,
i Carried.
|   'Moved and seconded that a com-.
. ■ mittee on Credentials   be appoint-
; ed.    , Carried. • -
| The Chair then appointed the
j following committee on Creden-
j tials; Joe Shooter, Frank Phillips,
• R. D. Graves, D. D. Murphy, J.
H. Holmes. '   a I   '
A. recess was then taken to give
report.- Upon the meeting, being
called to order by- the Chair, the
Committee on Credentials made
the following report;
'•The   Committee on Credentials
beg to report as follows;
"We recommend that the following delegates-be seated:—
& H. A, Carter, United Mine Workers, Michel.
James   Lancaster,  United   Mine
Worners, Fernie.
Joe Shooter, United Mine Work-
The third meeting of ths Joint
Committee was held in Blalrmore
on March 10th and 11th, Ths
following f*entlem«*n re-amented
The Western Coal Operators Asao*
elation. Mr. Hurd, Gtnaral
Manager Crow's Nest Pass Coal
Company, Mr. Stockstt, General
Manager Pacific Coal Company,
Mr. H. MeNsill, Superintendent
McNeill Coal Company.,
Representing District IB, TJ. M.
W. of A. J. Macdonald, Blalrmore, Alta., Wm. Graham, Cola*
man, Alta., William Davis, Michel.
I». C.
Tbe follow'ng d«-ifIocs wire re-
nutndtd. ''<
Blairmore, Alta, Mar. 11, 1908.
In the matter of the claim'that
the   lampmen    at Michel be*paid
$2.62£ per day, and in the matter
of the lampmen at' Coal Creek.
The Joint-. Committee of tho
Western Coal' Operator's Association and District No. 18 of the
United Mine Workers of America
have decided,,. that Michel lamp-"
men be paid $2.62£ per day and
the Coal Creek lampmen be left to
the management > of the company
to deal with! "■*>
■•;■"-.'      ,   y~ "President."-
<'. - J." A. MACDONALD.
Blairmore, Alta.', Mar. 11, 1908.
In.the   matter of the ^International? Coal'" and " Coke' Company,.
in-- respect Ho'' proposed' news < work
T.The.. .Joint, ^Committee, o.£^vthe_
Western  Coal  Operator's  Association and District;No.  18, ,of*. the
United'Mine:Workers of America,
is of the opinion that the.agreement under which we are working
specifically,     provides    that   new
work must^b'e in actual^operation
before " "any-contract piece is es-:
tablished for the same, and until'
such price is  established all men.
shall be paid the day wage scale;,
and    that   therefore the Interna-'
tional Coal and Coke Company be
advised to establish the new work
before.bringing   the,question    of:
new price for the same before this
•   — o, -r-.,.
Local Ferule S-. P. of C. had a vlt-it
from 0. M. O'nrlon. Dominion Organfe
Socialist Party of Canndn. who nddros"*
ed throo meetings, one In Pernio, Con'
Cr«»k nnd Michel, Tho moetlngH in
Fortilo nnd Mlchol woro Inrg-oly attend-
od, but InConl Cro«l< owlnp to ai'liangc
in tho * time from Hint previously arranged, tho mooting wns not so well
patronized, hptwof-n fifty nlxty turned
out to hfiir "Clmrloy."
Mr. O'Rrlou is "Girls!.'' nnd lo blowd
with thnt ready wit which it pRculfnr
ti "Ki-Iiib sorts" and lit* prominted the
"dismal sclenco of political oconotny' In
such n manner thnt ho hold thn ntten-
tion of his largo nndionco for nnarl.v
two hours without Interest iiai-uinir for
n mnmont,
His nddroRH dnnlt with tho Impersonal
charnrtfir of cnpltnl, tho commodity
labor power, surplus vnliui nnd tho no-
ccsplty of political notion on clasH IIih'h
on thn pnrt of thn wage-earnon".
A dlxcufision followed, nnd nt 10 -4b
ono oi thu butt educational meet In/;* nf
Socialist propaganda hold In Fernie,
was terminated.
On Sunday night, p If. Sherman,
President District 18 U. M. W. of A.,
was tho principal spesker at the meet-
Inn; of tho Socialist party, ths sub.
jcci oi his addres* was entitled "The
f/rcimut •i-./.iJitfoji o/ (he work.»g.cli»H"
Tho synopsis of his address dealt with
tha conditions of the agricultural and
Industrial worker from his own exper- from thirty years ago down to the
We wore shown how agriculture had
developed and how labor saving tnn.
ehlnery Is fait replacing-the old method
or farming with Its toH and drudgery
and io in the industrial world the ad.
vanre of mschfn*»ry In wonderful, hut
tha condition or those who work ths
machinery f« made nnrc precarious,
and with ths tremendous pressure un.
der which the operatives are eomoel'ed
t© work, Is nerve-wrecking, and dejon
tracy will be the inevitable result of
this terrible ''»j.«*dlng up" of tbe
The productive forces of society are
sixteen times greater than they were
100 years ago and to consume thie large-
product the population of capitalist so
ciety ought to be sixteen times larger,
but trach was not the case and in conse
quence the world is producing faster
than it can consume aud by the limitation of the wage-earners to buy back
only a faction of what is produced. . Wc
are facing a panic, and the end is not
yet. These panics will recur with
greater frequency in the future and in
their wake will follow untold suffering
ou part of the world's workers.
The panic is the symptom of the
breakdown of the capitalist system of
production and millions of people eager
to earn the means of. subsistence are
doomed to starve and rot ia the midst
of plenty, j.. „      .   v.   „;   :
. In.Taber, Alberta,'there, was a family
whose only food was potatoes and salt!
How long is all this to last? Only just
as long as the workers say it'shall and
wheu they make up their minds that
the .Co-Operajivo . Ownership of the
means of Life is the only solution of thr
problem' then, and only then, would
poverty be abolished.
[ Mr, Sherman spoke for nearly two
hours and wm tri-Mtly approciatrd by
his large audience.     .. '■: •-.
Every Girl Can Have Them by Keeping tier
Blood Rich and Red With Or.
\   Williams' Pink Pills..-.
In the "enrly days of her womanhood
every yirl—-nn matter what her station
in life—should be bright, nclive, cheerful and, happy. Her'stops should be
light, her eye bright and her cheeks
rosy with the glow of health, But the
reverse is thi* condition of thousands of
voting girls throughout Canndn. They
dm',' along, always tired, suffer from
Headaches, breathless and with palpitating heart after slight exercise, so that
merely to go up Miiipr is exhausting,
This is the condition 'doctors call
anne-niii, which means wenk wuterv
hlood. In this condition Dr, Williams'
Pink Pills is the only safe nod reliable
medicine. These pills acluitlly make
the new, rkh, red blood which can
alone give lienlth and strength, nnd
thus make  weak, listless, pale-faced candidate in the coming Dominion
ers, Fernie.
John Harrington^ Socialist'
Party .of Canada, fernie.     ,
John Marshall Carpenters' Union, Fernie. ,, <■■
N.' McNeill, Western Federation
of Miners, Moyie.—
L.. A. Lemon, Western°Federa-
tion'of Miners, Kaslo.
L. J. Cody, Socialist Party .of
Canada, Kasib.     '  •■
Wm* Davidson, Western Federation or Miners, Sandon.
D., * Murphy, Socialist Party,
C. »M. O'Brien, Socialist Party
R. Tees, Western Federation
Miners, Bossland. a
'Angus McLeod, Socialist,Party,
Rossland. «•• ;
wlexander By ers, Finnish Socialist Party, Rossland.    . ,   ^    .
Wm. C. Forrester; Western Federation Miners, Ymir.
W. P. Mclsaac, Socialist Party,
Ymir." , .-.",'
Frank Phillips, Western Federation Miners,  Nelson.
^__ T.   . ■ TT *fVT»»*4--V> rt•***■<*>•«»»    ^_.T-«#^i*i-c*>Vi"**i*«l_
 WS A*|-7 AlkUVMCuVM) •-'■UWr.U'J w»*«ir*-
Workers of thet, world, Nelson.
R. Graves, International Association; World Machinists Nelson.
J. H. -.Holmes, Socialist Party
of Canada, Nelson.,-' •
We find that Local No. 2314
United Mine Workers has two delegates ,v present, ' and. seeing . they
represent over one thousand members we recommend that they have
one vote each until such time as
the Convention decides how many
votes each delegate shall cast.. All
o/.whjichjs respectfully submitted.
(Signed),, Frank Phillips.
J. Shooter.
R. D. Graves.
D. D. Murphy,
J. H. Holmes,
On motion the report of the
Committee on Credentials was
J. H. Holmes, delegate of tho
Socialist Party of Canada, Nelson
welcomed the delegates in a few
well-chosen words.
It was then moved and seconded that one man havo one vote in
this convention.
Moved and seconded in amendment that ono delegate have ono
vote ."' for each fifty members or
fraction thereof represented by
him.     The Amendment carried.
Moved and seconded that tho
representatives of the capitalistic excluded.     Carried,
Moved and seconded that tho
platform of tho Socialist Pa'ty be
adopted. Carried unanimously.
Moved and sec-ouded that the
Chairman and Secretary act as a
Press Committee.     Carried,    ,
Moved and seconded that William Davidson of Sandon be   our
Convention be resolved into, committee of the whole--with" Lancaster in the chair r to discus's ways
and means i-a"^connectio*nTwith the
coming election."^,(; Carried.
The committee!; of the;. whole '■ reported as foUbws;    (       ■■"",'■
■ ;"W'e recommend that,,each'of the
delegates be a general campaign ,committee, and that a' Central   '-Executive;'-/"'and, -Financial
committee   of     five be appointed
from Nelson.     That each, delegate,,
here be ^requested to" form a local
campaign"    committee in the varr*
ious'    localities, and communicate,
with  the  Central Committee      in
Nelson.'' -     *  .     *,
It was moved and seconded that I
the report of the committee of the j
whole be adopted. Carried. . j
The  convention  then   adjourned i
to meet again on March 3rd.
March 3rd 1908.
The convention was called to -
order by Chairman Harrington
at 10.30 a.m. It was then opened
for resolutions, and the following
resolution" was offered:
"Whereas,, the Press is an acknowledged *, and powerful factor
in the moulding of public opinion,
and whereas. the press in this riding is with one exception, i., e. the
district Ledger of Fernie, under
the control of capitalists and
their hirelings; be it therefore resolved that we endorse the District Ledger as a campaign paper,
it being understood that '-The
Western Clarion" is our organ,)
giving return for its moral support our financial support in subscribing and giving it in
addition with the Western Clarion
our job work."     Carried.,
The minutes of the last meeting
were read and a few corrections
made.      ".    " „ •
The following resolution was
then proposed;—
"That we request the Executive
Committee to send* as many collection cards to the Local Committees 0 as they may require.
.. Moved and seconded ."That each
local committee work the outlying district nearest. to it, subject
to' the Executive committee, and
in conjunction with the Candidate
Moved and seconded, that we
write to A. Shilland, secretary of
District No. 6, ;W. F. M. notifying
him that 'William Davidson was
elected by this convention as
their candidate in the coming
Dominion elections, and the So-
~c£alis^.=piai.iorm—auopted. Com.-"
munications-to be signed by the
chairman and secretiiry. Also that
the same   notice be sent to   Dis
trict, No.:.18".' P. M. W., A."' Carried.     ...'-'"-,,.-;" '  \'-\ *   "   . - ■
Moved and seconded,, '--That tho
various unions represented here
appoint one delegate.each'for the
Central Executive Committee, and
that such four m)mbefs appoint
the fifth. »' ■ ■ •- •'-'"
Moved , in . amendment "that the
four delegates here from Nelson,
namely. Comrades Holmes, Phillips. .Matheson and Graves, and
Comrade Dynes be, appointed a'
Central Executive and Financial
Committee with power to fill all:
vacancies."  ■* Amendment carried.
The convention   then adjourned'
to be, called at two o'clock.
The convention reassembled at
2 p.m.', March 3rd. and general
discussion of the plan of campaign
took place. It was decided that
we' i reserve our greattest efforts
until shortly before „the election.'
At 3 p.m., the convention adjourned sine die.
girls bright, nclive and strong.    Miss
Alliinst St. Andre,*,', Que, says:
elections,     Carried unanimously.
Moved     and seconded that   the
That Zam-Buk Grows New Healthy Skin.
■ The unique power belonging to Zam-
Buk for growing new healthy skin
when it has,been destroyed by injury,
disease or operation is illustrated by
the recent experience of Mr. J. Schofield,
of 467 Hamilton Road; London, Or.t.
He savs: "A friend of mine (Mr. Wm.
Ball, ol" London) was severely and terribly burned through an explosion, of
kerosene oil. He was taken to the
hospital where he suffered intense pain.'
The wounds refuseJ to heal, and the
doctors decided to resort to skin graft*
ing, and I consented to have some skin
transplanted from my legs to his body.
Although this was doi,e on several oc-
rasions, the skin refused "to take" until Mr. Ball heard of Zam-Buk. From
the time he applied Zam-Buk, new
healthy skin began to grow. ' 1 then
used Zam-Buk for the places on my leg
from which the skin had been removed,
and I am glad to report that new *kin .
has grown, and therefore consider
Zam-Buk the best skin food 1 have
Zam-Buk builds up new tissue in a
way that is not possible with ordinary
preparations. For healing-eczema,
running sores,, cuts,' bruises, burns,
boils, eruptions, scalp, sores,  chapped
is without equal. All druggists, and
stores sell it, soc il box or post-paid
from the Zam-Buk Co., Toronto.
ttti^^^^^^^f^^1rt^^f*tt^^^1fc^^^^^tt 4
The experimental stage in this
locality is past. It has proved
its actualities are A i and its
possibilities boundless. It possesses three essentials to success
Superb   Soil,    Salubrious   Climate
Superior   Shipping   Facilities
Tho property ior sale is located in a
beautiful valley with an adennntc sup- <
ply ot wuter and will bo Bold in lots of
10 acres and upwards at reasonable
prlccB. Yon can put your (rait on train
and it Ib shipped to destination without
Satisfaction  Guaranteed
For further information apply to
Arthur OKell, Creston, B. C.
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I am nii'ie grateful than I can say for
ihe benefit I have found In the uxo of
Dr. Willi'iiii'i' Pink Pills.   I wns weal*, j
run down and very miserable,     I suf |
fercd from severe pnlns in my Ivu.U and 1
chest; had a bad cough; no appetite |
and would lay awal<v. most of the night,,
and what sk'ep I did got did not refresh j
inc.    I tried several remedied, bul they j
did not help nn1, and 1, iih U'oll as my I
friends, feared I was going lulu u de* j
dine.   At this stage a frlcnil who rn»,c ■
tn seo nni strongly urged mo to trv Dr..
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I acted upon tho ndyice,   Aflcr tiling a
few boxes my appetite improved and 1,
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This greatly cheered nic and I continued taking the pills for somo lime long*
cr, when tlio change In my condition
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ai well ns I ever had done.    I could
sleep soundly nt night; tin pains and
Ci>U({il il.ll.   Ji».l|/|'*'.ICJ   ulij    I     iMi   til.
•.tltfitftthfr different girl.' I am *,n
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the hope (hut it may point (he way to
health to some other weak and despond*
tn. gin.
Or. Williams' Pink Pill, are Rood
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blood,    That  is  why  this medicine
cures rheumatism, In'digc.lion,  neur* I
nlgin, St. Vlim dunce, pnrllal parnly'j
sis, nnd the .Idetuhei, backaches arid ]
l.e.u.rtc..e*.   c.u.M-d   by   the'! (rouble*,
women alone suffer from,   You can
RCt   llicsc  pIFf-i-  from   any   mcJicinc
dealer or hy muil st 50 croft  a box
or »ls  boies for $1.50 from The Dr.
fl-OsTOllll O'
jLdf \# if Ik* ML %AL.
"How"?   Read   below.
Y^K nro golnff to ,rlvo tho lady (either married or
y * single) who receives tlio largest number ol votes
a free trip to the Dominion Exhibition at Calgary in
Jane. Every dollar paid on subscriptions to Tho
District Ledger (old or now) will entitle you to throo
votes, On the 10th of Juno wo will hive judges count
tbe votes and announce the winner on Saturday, tbe lath,
cut out the voting coupon imuw, send or onng it to the
utile*, aJdrcwcd to 'Too Hanngnr, DUtric. Ledger" with
your vote on It. We will announce the results Irom time
to time. Don't forget the SUBSCRIPTION IS ONLY
Liniment    Relieves ^•-^it.^^r^i'-^cni^-^^^^,,;--."	
WBt«*-n*^<*^*».K*W-*->^ -pg1?,
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toot breads, coke and pastry, tSicre is no substitute for;
Ho Alum—No Lime Phosphate
The poisonous native oi  alum .
is so well known, that the
sale ot condiments containing It is prohibited by law.
Young Folk:
6., Ltd
,   .   (Special to The Ledger.)
Legislatures, like moat other parliamentary bodies, are. uncertain betting:
propositions at times. On Thursday, of
laet week it was generally uuderstood
that there would be.urorojfation'uf the
Alborta legislature 6u tliejnioining of
the following day. . Ail that remained
to be done was to put through in a
formal and prefunctory maimer a group
of amendments to the statute ■ law
which the' government' had <? agreed
within itself'should, pass., Justlwlien
the' member's iyere*packing their grips
and getting ready to catch the train, the
leader of the j opposition rose in his
dignity to remark that tlie business of
rushing legislation through at the last
minute, was altogether infradig, and he
moved an adjournment of. the debate.
His intention" was to spread it over
Friday and Saturday, but the government took the play away from him and
was more than the leader of the opposition hail, bargained for and he cashed
his professional indemnity check on
Friday and took the 23 express for home
leaving,the government to pass whatever legislation they had a mind to.
The protracted session, however, did
not work any. disadvantage to the
miners. Some very important amendments were secured as amendments to
the Coal Mines Act. One of these
amendments was to the effect that no
boy under 16 years of age shall be employed in any mine to work underground Tho amendment does not apply to boys under this age who are already in actual employment, but make
ltflllegal to employ any more at any
future date. No boy under 12 may be
employed above ground, and ho boy
under 16 years of ago shall be employed
on the surface unless lie is able to read
and write and has a common education,
hciudiug arlthumetle as (ar as and including division.
Another amendment provides that no
mino shall bo operated without a second
shaft 100 icet from the main shaft.
Tho law previously called for a second
shaft 45 feet from the main shaft.
Minos which put down shafts in accordance with the old law will not bo re*
quired to sink new shafts, but no now
mines may be operated without compliance with the 100 feet cIiiubo,
Another amendment provides that
applicants for mine maunger's certificates must have had at loast five yoars
practical experience or be able to show
a diploma from Borne recognized b'cIiooI
of mines and liave three years experience. Fit aud fire bnsKOH are required
to bo able to show three years experience before they will be allowed to
take out certillcutes, and both must hi*
2i. ytmrs of ago
Still another provldos that whom the
miners nro employing n check weigher
nnd make a request in writing of the
mine mauagur hu is required tn pay tlm
check weigher direct from the mine
ullk'u, holding out llio propel lions i<>
amount (roin i,iu*li mini's wages,
Owners or iimiwiir'ii'H of co,il mines
are required to uniUe returns to tin.'
government encli year nn the Hint of
Jnuuiiry flii-whig tho nmouiit of coul
inin-'d and the iiUinber ol men em-
plnveil, This cIiium-, In imp-ii'Mut In the
vi'Kpk'i't that It will put thu hi'itl'<tk'.il
kiliosh mi the liuuiliig llelids Mho are
alwii>ri turning up \wtn tin*, n^mc*-, i<»
hllllW Hull (iiC luin.'Cn i*,'.. t;iriilli„ l.ih.i)
Otis win.-.-*** for tlm M'oi'k they die iluin-.
A c!nii-.> U mlili'o -to the ln>.|.i'rtioii
vliiuses which r< quires the iiilue liiMpoc-
tor to post n hyimpMH of his report In a
l'iilih|'il-.nmi!> |nnL< '».» ii.v. •     <	
ntnly the iii*pertinn is made.    L'mli'r
this armiigoment the boys »t the initi,*
know the report is going to hu be-
fore the Incpettor gets olf the ground,
nnd If they have any kick comliiir th".v
wilt have mi oppoituuity to inoku it
there and then. j    Whether resulting from a sprain
Ancthfi' ••Until' I* milled which in of   or from   rheumatic pains, there is
feci means that at every mine wll'ieru in- nothing   ao    good    tor   a     ,amo ,
flairimabln or explosive gn» tins W.ii. i !b°ulder »■ Chamberlain a Pain!
.found within the Kevm,s U^^^^^JJ^i £* J* j
fcHn. tire boss shall ln*p«ct wl'.hlu fou. «puCfttiou and a quick cure is cer*!
"hour* <d tlu« time of going on shift tin-  tain. For «uvle by all druggists.    J
p»vt''Pf. the'mine \vlier»;tios gas has been
foui/.d, and if within,tho' preceding; three, mfntths'the inspection shall
be within -three-hours of the time of
going on shift', and the workmen'1 shall
not be allowed to go to work until the
part of the mine shall have!.bee'ii reported safe.. ..All the reports are required to be made in writing at tbe time of
report and "recbrdi-d ia a book' kept for
the purpose aud sigued by the person
niaking tlie report.,   . .,   "   "^
. Clauses are inserted.proyiding for the
the inspection of safety lamps,! and the
lockirig"of them, 'and it is now a criminal offence iit Alberta to unlock a safety
lamp ii) the untie .Vr. to .have" any
matches or tobacco in possession while,
in a mine-where in flammable gas. has
been found   Where-more than 40 lamps
are ttse'd'a lainp tender' muat; be em-
,, -ip-1...- i •     ,.•   *.   ->.■   - .   . *,.
ployed hy.theimiue. to.see that;they are
properly cleaned aiid correctly looked
after.    ■      ' ( '   •'-••."■'»•.'   ■
"A taboo is placed ;ou steel; tamping
ToaTln any 'mine~whTre~^i~fras"bieeB'
founa and nothing but non-.iiflammable
clay,-, furnished by tbe -jn.ii.e, for the
purpose shall be used. Two classes of
powder or explosives of any kind Yniu't
not be used iu any one shor.
Shot lighters aro now required in
Alberta mines the same as iu British
Columbia. Where gas has been fouud
or the mine is dry no one but tlie shot-
lighter is allowed'to put off a shot, or
uuder his immediate direction., The
same regulations regarding tho firing
of shot, as are applied ih British ^Columbia are now required iu Alberta.
Explosives are not to be thawed under,
ground and a proper thawing apparatus
is required. .      "
Tho mine is required to keep a suitable supply of timber constantly ih
each working face as practicable and in
no case further away than the nearest
crosscut to the working face or other
convenient place in the vicinity thereof.
The company is required to furnish a
wash room for the miners wherever
more than 20 men are employed.
Under the luw as it stood previously
a committee of miners (I. c. tho pit committee) could Inspect tho mino and
make a report to tho management, but
there was. nothing required that It
should be brought to the' attention of
tlio department, An amendment was
secured which requires that tho company is required tp forward tho report
to the inspector whenever any danger
is found or apprehended,
All the books required to be kept iu
order to record thu reports of tho lire
boss, thu pit boss, the pit committee or
anyone elao required to report on tho
condition of the mine aro to bo supplied
by the management aud the Inspector
or anyone working in the mine, or any
ono delegated by them, ahull hnvo thu
right to inspect these hooks at nny timo
or take nny copy of extracts or get any
informn.inn they choose from them for
wh-itever purpusu they may require.
The Intention, of course, Is to provide n
svstem by which the men oi any of the
unio'.i i'IIIi'IiiIh may keep lab on the re-
■mini so as In see that no crooked reports are going Iu lo the government,
Coining in ni a suit of un aftermath,
when tlio hotiMj was stipposeii to hnvo
all hut tlulnhi-'l lis hindueM, this t.trlng
eoiihtitutes quite an  mray of lir.poit*
nut iwiaiuhui'iitH, and with a few more
Hiieii m<«.hIoi!h nnd a few more dnshos nt
the amendment of laws ulreiuly in tuico |
or u,ii umkiiiu oi ia.*.** u'i.»t vm  \\\>uUi
iike to h.ivo In force, the minurs nf Al* i
beita w ill be aV.e to get about tlu> kind
ol Id.vm they want, ;
Sixlug  It all  up, and   adding tbo j
nmenuiui'iit* to tlm fi^ni-iniut tutt ,u,*i
the fumpeiiHitinii act, thuhemion which
cloned today h*ts been a pretty lucky
one for the miners of Albetta.
Curious Stream That. Runs inland  in
Grecian Island.   .
One of the most curious phenomena
of tcMsrapby Is found mrthe^outi.i'n.
coast of the island of Ceuhaloulu. in
Greece. It Is a stream of salt water
which. for an unknown period has left
U;e "almost tulcless sea anil flowed inland with a..volume suiHcieut to fur-
nlsh \yater power to two mills. I'or
some generations the mills wo:'c*-o:W-
ntod by undershot wheels which look
their power from this little river of
oveun water.' They supplied ilor.r to
the people of the Island uutll reeoiulf,
but now thoy have been dismantled
owlug to, the competition of.'argot- and
lseltei- P'.inlppcd mills.
The sua enters the land at four points
■where the coast Is practically on a lev-
i:!■ with' the salt water surface. The
four initial streams unite to form the
littlo river that Cows Inland' In a broken, rocky channel until It Until ly dis-
appeai-d In _the jlniestorie. rock and
rinks into the earth. „ ,
. This inland flow has continued almost .'certainly for.: several.' centuries.
It'Is"far too great for removal by «.■ van-
oration, chemical combiuattou or v'ven
Iihyslcal absorption by porcs_or .cav*.
cms'in the rocks, j What; becomes, of
the water that.Is constantly Bowing Inland, aud disappears-finally In the fissures that have opened iu- tlio. limestone?'      ',   .'   . " *.14-',;;*   <   -  '
The question has been' the"subjeet of
much study, coticltislve answ».*r.
has been given.. It.~ls probable that
there is 4n uiklergrouud channel which'
carries tho^water back-Juto the-sea at
uo great depth below,,the surface. The
cpustaut inilux.of salt,water at Cepha*
Ionia 13 duplicated, as far as Is known,
at no other point of the world. .
Fernie,. B. O.
'Brewers of Extra. Fine , Lager
and  .Aerated   Waters.    -
Bottled * Goods    a    Specialty.
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Miner's Favorite Cigars
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•J. *%
tVUn,inB loom in-charga.of P. P.iliUor jj,
♦I* Onlv white help employed .        *♦•
.♦••   .'',*.   •.:    " .>   ■.  .-       ,'    .'. ,:    •  i      ••>
B, E. WALKER, President ^'y_
AXES. LAIRD, General Manager
A. H. ISELAHD, Superinteudent of
Branches .
Padd-up Gapitid, $10,000,000
Rest,   - ■--.'-■-.■-£5,000;OQP.
Total Assets, -' 113,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in tl*e United: States and Eajland
Deposits'of$l and upwards received, and intercut allowed at
enrrent rates. The depositor, is subject to no delay whatever 1b
the withdrawal oi the'whole or any portion of the deposits
Fertile  Brunch
H.   L.   Edmonds,   MnmiRor
•:* . ROSS BROS..   „    PROPS.
*'•,... :": ■
■ '-'■'■'     Chubb and Hia Tub.' •'
To little John AdolphU9:Chubb':.
; ;Yo«r.'kind.attention.I. Invlter   ..    "•
!Oii, how he loves to bathe and scrub
-.Each mom and eke at night!,' ,!"
Now, John A<Jo!phu3 William Chubb.*
A* fine, young elephant,Is he.
A*.icl when he's In%hls llttle.tub-
Oh, 'Us a pleasant sight to see.
, Ills nurse, a motherly old thing,,
No need lo coax the rogue has she.
~Ad-iIphu8, when he. sees her bring
The water, trumpets In his glee."*
Oh, how ho loves the cold, cold stream
■ Desecndln'ij'on him in tho tub!
Hofeola oi If ho'd llkoto scream; :
* Ho loves It so, does William Chubb.
....; i    ■, ,   ' . -
And, then, thn nvonlng's washlns-o'or
- (TlioitRh lie could -wish It lasted still),
Hln nurso will say: -"Come, porno, no raor*.
Vou'vo had enough now, Master1 Will."
■         , . ' i      . .       ',',
3o swift he's dried, his nightgown oil,   -,
A nightcap tied upon his head,
And to tho rattle's music John
Adolphiif William goes to bed.
.    .Aosrn Lawn. Parly. . . .
Thla amusement la very onjoynblo to
you'll** children, Ony colored bitgn of
nnitflln nro given to obeli child—red
ond Breen for tlio (rtrlR, hltio nnd yel*
lo\y foi* the, boys. Inclotie n Inrjto
puougb portion of lnwn or grountls
with long, strips' of cninbrlc, tlio an mo
color nn tho, bng», knotted together
titul tied from trob to tree, Olliled
ncoriis, hidden from Bight n» fur us
ppHHlblp, tiro Bcnltorcd over tho ground
tliUH IncloHiid. At n hIriuiI tho ehII-
.ilren who hnvo been plnced'outaldo tho
rcpefi Ulvo under tho atrlpu of cum*
brie nnd bugln the search for the gold
itconiH, At tho ond of n upeollleil
lime tlio clilldron nro railed from thu
hunt nnd nn Inexponnlvo prlno
inviii'dnd to the ono who ImB Bocurml
Iho gri'titpst nur.iij'.'i' of noonm. Havo
n foniiolittlon prlKo for tho one who
lirliij".*! Ill nn oinply Img, f.'nho nnd
limionmlo K»»'ved out of doiiro ndd
lo tho enjoyinont of tho children,
A Strong Boy.
Homo week:. n,;> In a villiiim n fow
nillci from 1 lio City of MckIoo ii cltlznii
went to llio iilciililti mill (v»!,ip,„iliiol
thnt n boy l.-u yenrH old hnd nlolrn nnd j
i*i'*r!i"l j.-.vii;' Mi d)ii!;*'y. IIo ItmUlKd ■
ih.'it tl',.» li'iy hnd cirrlcl tlio niilmulim j
t:'i fliv.iM.'iv,.    Tin- |!)!!i'i> I'l'i;,'1!!'I nt!
Have You Connected
Two Cars of Sew-
cr Soil Pipje; -.and'
Plumbing Supplies
Please ca.ll , and
get prices  '
J.   D.   QUAII*
Hardware   , attd   Furniture
-■it'll   F„
»»•♦»»»»••»• »t»»»»*4*) •>♦»■» >MMM»MM»nmM»»
ing, bills by cheque;
against an account
withThe Home Bank
of Quiada. Paying
through the bank is
safer than paying
with cash out of hand.
Your cheque is a
receipt and we return
your cheques to you at
the end of the month
with your account
accurately balanced.
of Canada.
G. W. N. Boulton, Manager
Fernie Branch
The Dominion Meat
Fresh   and   Salt  Meats of all   kinds   in stock
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in season
Dairy Butter and Ranch Eggs
Phone 4
Victoria Ave
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
There is only ono placo in town
whercyou can act good rclliiblo
goods in our lino that is at
W. A. INGHAM, I'hop.
Phonb IU.    -    -    Kbrnib, U. 0
o.l  It
v,';i i
!v:i, but when tin? lm! w.s-i nnvul.'j
wriH iliown  Hint tbo iii.*iti'iin>iil!
ti'iu.*. '
I  n  i*o.-,(l  hIzi-m'I \
a  in'.'o on lil-i!
.-«   n    " T' <  ii' 1   <1v., I
* ■
hnnt'flt 'if tlio pr>-!
T!ii»  boy   bad  I'.'ii'i'!.,
don!:-)}- n, ot
. I      ..»,!    „„    .,.'11   ..„|     „    ,.,
*vl"l: ti'r':\ln ffir tlm
11 CI*,
VnrloHM   tests   woro   tnmlu  of   hti
-.r: .),';!li, ftud It was foimil tbnt he hnd
ihj niurclcs of t-.vo ovdluiiry men.
 w-1 - - -* * -rf --
rinrtnctlt* loy«, ctU'!i nn hwiiiik, flfih,
! o:M:«. clc. may It; mado of nn^ HrM
• • '.(•I'liil, ci'.cli r.'A covlt or cldei' pltli
"-'!i |!''*ini!!itr*"'-ji'\t!'>-.i f*-;* cvcnln,";*
v -lie found In :'lnii>!«*.{ tbt'iio Ua'it
'oflit. (Hid If n Hinrill iiliw. cf ntci'l
• ' |-"|..   ?-,.,   pi,iiir.,l   (rj   t.,Mitn   p„.,„,(.),>,!(
*.'t   Of   tilf  (ItlOi.*   It   Will   ,!'*»l   (tlimil
■ !■:> ',"•!<(".* In "' •Vfi!**'* fi «'•(• r.irv«>-
.' 'r '( :. '-.-iajrvt bf!*l t1,'"':* H.   l*r**»
■ > i!*1!!'-! nf ikh'Vo!'. If rnn'fi'Hy t'n'.i-
'   !, i!u vr*•;.  v.v.l to f",'t"-\ Into tlK'
• ft:u» r!.>ctn und iicrvi* iix prfliUfl U
ii. attrnttvil by tho rniifrif't.
not needed
Ayer's Snrsaparllla Is not o
strona drink, As now made,
there is not a drop of alcohol
in If. It !'i >*-, non-i!r"*»hnHn tonic
Und nlt«rntlv«. Ar.k your own
doctor about your taklne this
medicine for thin, Impure
blood. Follow his ndvlce
every time.  He knows.
AND   Rm-TilvIX..
fleat Merchants
LVVAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon,, Lard, Butter and Eggs.
Fresh, Smoked nnd Salted Fish; always a
good assortment. Try our Mince Ment,
Snurkraut and Oysters.
No Honinc-No Qrinoinq.
■mrn ". ■ i .4^.
Wt publitli our ftrmulM
Vk*« btnlih (ttolist I
W» urn you tot
Aik your doctor, "Whit la the first treat
rule of healih?" Nine doctor* out of
ten will quicklyreply," Keep the boweli
regular.'1 Thenaak him another que*,
tion, "What do you think of Ayer's
Pill* for coi-iMlpitlon?"
—ll*d» by ttt t, e. lytr 0e„ Lowell, IUm.
Suhierlbe (or tbt Bittriet Ledger.
tmmammemmvkh\eu itmmA\
There I* a rtuon why CARDO MAQNOTIC Rateri are (he beii lo (he worldl
Tlili method of tempering which la OUR RXCLU8IVB 8BCRBT
PROCRSS, PRBSERVGS THR CARnON In the atari blades, wbereaa
tempering by flro, tlie only other method known. DBSTROVS IT.
CARBO MAaNimC Rer-ore NEVRR need to be HONED or GROUND
In private uie. i)o you reall** -what UiU ineana? Remember tlio
J.   D.   QUA.IL   Agonv, Fernie
Ml .HT-
1      (X
One1 of the  Many  Pretty  Girl* Who
Have Christened Warships. ^
There is to be a new society of women—at leant;such a society Is in con-
'templatlon—the members of which are.
to be women and young girls who have
atood sponsor for some war vessel that
. the United States government places
in   its   navy.    Miss   Gladys   Bryant
6m lth, who stood sponsor for the St
Louts, is eligible to membership in this
society, and Miss' Coclierll, now, Mrs.
Gallaudet, who,, stood sponsor, for the
Missouri.   It Is to be called the Society
of the" Sponsors of the United States
Navy. Miss. Elsie MacComber, who
christened the Des Moines; Miss Anna,
Hoch,;; sponsor for the Kansas;, Miss
Mary Campbell of, Birmingham,, who
christened a. cruisers named after,, her
city, and Miss Bell, sponsor for tbe
Vermont,'' are" among those' eligible.
The youngest member of "the proposed
-fUV^A^r—TOl!1-H41-Hf+l4.-\/l«.~—TIT..1...'.-,. ..-
-Ov%.4CfcJ — „ ii.-jJU—Uil,f7-4.I&1I90 — 1T1?U3iVr-Vl
Brookllne, Mass., aged twelve, who
christened the submarine' sea fighter
Octopus. '.This society will-Include In
its membership many of the prettiest
and most prominent women and girls
in the country who have had the honor
of christening Uncle Sam's warships.
.   The New dire./
The peace cure appears to be faat
euperseding the once popular rest cure
as a panacea. for all the Ills of mankind, or, rather, womnnklnd, to bo
moro precise. This new cure is main*
' iy a matter of mental discipline and
to take It one need not go iato exile
or oven drop one's worldly affairs. Iu
this novel course of personal treat-;
ment there is much excellent common'
'censo lii some of tho rules. ■
Taking tho peaco euro beglno with
your meals. You Rlowly and
think pleasant thoughts. You will,
not need n great deal of food, for tho,
food you eat nourishes you. You alt
down nt tho table, eat slowly, relax
your muscles, clear your mind, think
only of your food and grow peaceful
in contemplation,
. Tho woman who takes tbo peaco euro
begins with nerve relaxation.
She forces her lips to smllo;
Sho orders her hands to lio still In
her lap.
She tills back lior head until tho center of gravity is ronclicd nnd tbo head
supports Itself naturally upon tho mus*
clcs of tho neck,
Sho places both foot upon tbo floor
nnd keeps thorn there.
Sho rests her back against somo*
tiling, so that sho Is comfortable
• Then sho thinks plcusnut thoughts.
Tho peaco cnrists boliovo thnt tho
flrst hour of tho day Is tho most Important hour of tho twonty-four. "Your
thoughts for the coining day, your tern*
por, your serenity, your vory health
Itself, depend upon your waking
thoughts," Is what thoy teach, nnd
thoy mid that vory few persons havo
nny Idea of tho extent to which tho
dny Is govomod by tho waking
thought**-., Your waking thoughts'eon*
trol your day,
Don'ti Tor Hoiteie.
. Don't Invito more guests thnn you
can Boat comfortably at your tublo,  A
Bpnco of two foot should bo nllowod
for each pernor*.
. Don't aend your pinto nwoy or ap*
ponr to hnvo done eating till your
guonts have nil finished.
Don't dlscuuu politics or rollgloua
tnnttora iiiiIobh you know your gue-ati
aro oil In sympathy with you.
Don't notlco If your guests drink wa*
ti*r, iiiuy urn) or wuy uot U> teeio*
tillers from jirliH'JjOf, but iu any caw
thoy drink wbnt they llko and prefer
to do ho without attracting attention.
Don't press your guests to take moro
or lo piirtnko of nny special kind of
food. Thoy know thoy nro welcome to
all they wnnt, nnd such pressing i»
Don't betray anxloty If tlio aervant*
fero awkward or not qulto up to tliolr
work and, above nil, don't correct thorn,
Tliolr error will probably escape notice, but tbo correction would attract
tlie nttenllon of your gwrKU. When
nny little controtoinpa occur** don't appear aware of It, but by chatting ou
tompoeodly divert people'a attention
from It
a *.
Men Like Weeping Womti-.,
i "If there were more teara tMr*
(Mold be wore tamUgm," atld\«
matchmaker. "Whatever men . ma;-
say, they,like a'.; who has not
lost the .abilityto weep in true,fern*
iuine fashion. In spite of their alleged
strength men" always want some one
in whom they.can confide. .What sym
pathy can they expect from a woinai
■ who knows not how to weep, and re
gards team's as .uudignlSed? No man
reallyiflikes to see a woman cry, br.t
all men prefer, a woman who can aud
does cry—a tender hearted creature
who, although brave enough, does.not
try to Incase herself in a kind of nddi
tloiia! outer skin or suit of, mail'that
renders her proof against sentiment.
It Is very questionable if this stoclsm
Is good for women in any way. «It Is a
relief to shed tears, and many n man
would be glad if it were not regarded
as cowardice for him, to weep.'"
Serving Fruit, ,   ,
Fruit may be served on a large, roucd,
fiat dleh or In a fruit bowl or fruit,
dish. It Is very' pretty to use the natural leaves, if they can be procured, for
garnishing the dish. The fruit should
!<c passed and each person be given a
fruit plate aud fruit, knife ond finger
bowl. The finger' bowl is placed on
tbe .'fruit plate and should be lifted acd
set to onejs left before helping .oneself
to fruit. A nice way to eat an orange
is to cut it iu halves and cat with a
spoon, riums, peaches and pears. are
eaten from the fingers., Bananas are
eaten from the skin. Pineapple Is
usually pared, the eyes taken out, ths
tlesh picked apart with a silver fork,
plated iu a fruit dish and.sugared and
then served in a dessert plate nnd eaten with a spoon or a fork.
Not Always Smiling.
Meu should remember that women
can't always'be smiling who" have to'
cook the, dinner, "-answer the bell half
a dozen times nnd get rid of la neighbor
who has just dropped in, tend to'a
sick baby, tie up the cut finger of a
two-year-old, gather up the playthings
of a four-year-old, tie up the head of
a six-year-old on skates and get an
eight-year-old ready, for school, lo say
nothing of sweeping, cleaning,-etc.,
says a woman writer in an exchange.
A* woman with all these "to contend
with. may claim it a privilege to look
and feel a little tired sometimes, .and
a word of sympathy would not be too.
much to expect from the man' who
during the honeymoon wouldn't let her
carry as much as a sunshade?
Jealousy is such a moan, small passion. It Is a recognition of°*.
perlorlty of come one over ourselves.
Perhaps that is why It hurts so.
It Is not pleasant to feel that another
has more charm, more power to attract. But If this Is so perhaps -some
fault lies lii ur. Are we ns charming,
ns gentle, as gracious, as we can be?
The. thing to do Is not to waste time
nnd nerve force In rcsen.'meut, but to
make the most of ourselves—to cultivate-whatever charm wo have by joy-
out-mess, cbceriness, good temper, pa*
tleuco and kindliness,     •  ,
Friendship is good for us. We nil
lined It to broaden nnd round out our
lives. Companionship Is wholesome
nuil helpful to every one.
Airing Llnono.
Linens should be given n thorough
airing every now and then, most .thoroughly of nil, of course, Just after they
hnvo come from tho laundress, Pionty
of light and air us well, ns soap nnd
water nro necessary to keep theni In
s-'.polless condition, for what occult roil-
(■on only some ono wlso In the low of
physics cun tell. Rut the results will
(ell thoir own. Inle. Airings, are Iho
best proven I Ives of "frcckleti" nnd
mold nnd mildew.
Groon Corn Chowder.
This in n savory inlxturo'of groeu
corn, green po^pfi's and tomatoes. To
a half down c'ii.m of corn allow flvo tomatoes, flvo green peppers and flvo
small onions, nil minced. Cook tho
onion1- ii golden brown In n little bnJTon
far, then ndd tho other vegetables, having (ho corn cut from tho cob ns nearly
whole ns possible, Cover with boiling
water nnd liliiiinur fur un hour. Season with stilt and pepper nnd servo.
Do It Smilingly.
Speaking to the Hoys' brlgndo nt tho
Albert hull, I/unlon, Major General
Hiuk'U-I'owoll Huh!:
"Do your duly iiIwiivh, mid, above nil
things, do It smilingly. When you meet
with u dllllciilty tackle It laughing, nnd
then vou'i'o mho to get over It. I'vo
tried II inyKcir, niul I ought to know,"
Onion Juice Por Flavoring.
If you wnnt n Hpoonful of onion Julco
for flavoring, cut the onion In two niul
I'l'cM-t It tu n cniuiiioii lowon Ki|iic*('/.i*r
kept for the pui-poce. If you need only
it few dropH, cut n slice from tho onion
and Hvrnpo tlio surface throo or four
times with n sharp knife, holding It
ovor tho dish you wish to flavor.
Aiheitua In the Kitohen,
Keep a supply of (islxiNtus paper In
;>/(.'(•' kluhvu, It .*V uu.i U Cuu hui
and the cako likely to burn at tho top-
put n sheet of tbo paper on tho grate
ovor tho tin. If thoro la danger of
burning at tho bottom, put a shoot uu-
der thn tin.
SuiiHhlno is destructive, to mirrors,
It causes tho glnma to ntuuimo n milky
appearance, nnd tho mirror will never
Ijo so clenr again Iu aplte of whatever
In dono to It.
Vegetables grown above ground
Hhoulil bo cooked In united water.
wl.l!u tluiue k.-oWu below Khould ho
cooked In Treat) water.
To renovate black lace waeh the lac*
In water to which a tittle ammonia has
l.*ceu added, then rlnae it la atrooj
Old Fashioned Silver Tray Used as an
Artistic Centerpiece- ''
Silver bowls, salvers and otlrer artistic specimens of silverware, are. he-"
leg utilized this season, as^ in former
years, for the decoration of the tab.e,
and the aeconpauying illustration
shows!,,bow Ica-j-1 stemu.ed blossoms
may be utill::ed iu conjunction with a
silver tray, for an eSVctivp centerpiece. '-'
Tho tray plc'tni'ed is one of the hirsrc.'
old'   fashioned,    handsomely    chased
Sheffield "variety "and filled to the brim
with water. The stalks of the flowers,
in this Instance yellow iris, are held in
Place with lead clips, but any other device- for flower support, would be-
equally serviceable. A border of smi-
lax conceals the supports. The glistening silver.', together with the-bright
htjed flowers mirrored in the water,
is very effective., and a tray, thus
adorned ■.constitutes, a most artistic
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A Bold Step
To overcome the weU^-grounded and
reasonable objections of the more intelligent to tbe use of secret, medicinal compounds, Dr. E. V, Pierce, of Buffalo, N.
Y., some time ago, decided to make a bold
departure from the usual coarse pursued
by the makers of put-up medicines for domestic use^apj-bso has published broad*
east and openly to the whole world," a full
list of all tho Ingredients
le composition of his widely
icKies. Thus he has taken
_trons and patients into
bis fuine6nO»Knce.'. Thus too he has re-
movedAis»*mediclnes from among secret
irastafm-rof doubtful merits, and made
toemfrKcmedtes of Known Composition,
By this bold stop Dr. PIph-b has '
and comp
entering in1
his nume
iect t
them to
..„. w„... «v^j ...^ n.«i/vci v. every bottle
of Br. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, the
famous medicine for weak stomach, torpid
liver or biliousness and all catarrbaldlseases
wherever located, hnvo Drinuxi upon it, <n
Slain English, a full and complete list of all
»e Ingredients composing it, bnt a small
Book has been compiled from numerous
Standard medical works, ot all tbe different
schools ot practice, .containing veiy numerous extracts from the writings of leading
practitioners of medicine, endorsing in tlte
Blnmotgt possible Urmst, each and every toeTe-
dlent contained in Dr. Pierce's medicines.
One of these littlo books will be mailed free
to.any one sending address onjpostal card or
bj letter, to Dr. li. V. Pierce, Buffalo. N. Y„
and reauesting tho same. From this littlo
book !t wUl bo le&niod that Dr. Pierce's medicines contain no alcohol, narcotics, mineral
agents or other poisonous or injurious agents
and that they are made from native, medicinal roots of great valno: also that some of
the most Taluable ingredients contained in
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription for weak,
nervous, over-worked, "ron-aewn," nervous
and debilitated women, were employed, long
years ago, by the Indians for similar aUments
affecting their squaws. In fact, one of tho
most valuable medicinal plants entering into
tho composition of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription was known to the Indians as
"Squaw-Weed." Our knowledge of the uses
of not a few of our most valuable native, me-
d'cinal plants was gained from the Indians.
As mado up by improved and exact processes, tho "Favorite Prescription " is a most
efficient remedy for regulating all the wom-
, amy functions, correcting dlsplacementa. aa
prolapsus.' ante version- and- retorversion,
. overcoming pain'ul periods, toning up the
Dcrycs and bringing about a perfect state of
.health. Sold by alldealorsInroe/tMnea,
*ste£&j62itelt23tel^£&lt&li&It&> AT> i •*•■> *-"> *vV *4T> *V •*!/» *vV *.!*• *vV *vV \1* «.*> «.*>
Without using ..any slang . phrases,
we mean what we say" "We are
there" with all the paraphernalia
incidental to Skating, and Hockey.
W*e carry the largest assortment of
these goods in the^distnet'and* for
quality   and price   defy "competition.
Every Treasurer of Church, Lodge
or Association Funds should at once
open a SAVINQS ACCOUNT for these
Trust Funds.
We specially invite this cliass of
Accounts and pay highest current
interest.   ,
Total Assets, Thirty-three Million
J,   R.   LA WRY,   AGENT
Fernie Branch
*i\ **vffviCww7«*»W72*7vi*?9i'?vi*?^i-?fwvi-yvi-y*/i-?*i*?wvi^K^-rji
Whimster & Co
Say ! Why not have your plumbing
done now before the big rush. We
have the largest staff of experienced
plumbers, steam fitters and tinsmiths
in the city.    Prompt and efficient.
A. T. Hamilton, Proprietor
Telephone 1
Next King Edward Hotel
To all those purchasing
Tickets to any Ball at
Pat Miller's
is  playing  can   hear  the
Music free of charge
Phone   No.  52 House No.   174
-.   '., ■ - u„     • '   -:     -,
Fernle's Most Home-Like House
King Edward Hotel
J. L.  Gates,  Proprietor
Centrally   Located Pcrnle,    B.C.
FOR Jl. S"WBBT tooth
All the leading lines of High
Class Chocolates and
toim:    beck:
For Three Months
we will receive subscriptions
to The District Ledger at the
rate of
One Dollar a Year
We want to *-double our list
of subscribers, Seize the opportunity   and get the   paper
with all the News
Send   your   name   into    the
Manager of The Ledger.
Wc have jusi placed in stock . some
of the latest fads for printed matter
and guarantee   satisfaction	
DISTRICT LEDGER, FERNIE.     B. C, MARCH 141*1.,   i»ub.
News of the
For Sale.—The furniture of H. Carlue
above McEwing's   bakery  or Puone.
. WANTED.—Thoroughly        competent girl for general housework.
' Gooii wages. Mrs.,A.iB:..Trites.3-i-
Private nursing'by "an experienced nurse with' high references. Apply 'Miss Sullivan,     care of   Mr..
Fred Hading-';  McPherson Avenue.
...   .. - S  2-t.
FOR SALE.—5 roomed plastered house, good pantry, on lot 55
"xl3S ft. Also'shack 26x14 ft on
same lot, West Fernie (terms arranged) Apply "J. Biggs,
WANTED!—Someone to buy preemption rights in Nechanca Valley, B. C, on the Grand Trunk
Pacific. Improvements made. Apply for particulars, „Ledger. office.
/ T. H.—2-t
For 'Sale.—Splendid _Qrvul -. Dane
Puppy, aged five months; First class
pedigree. Golden brindle colour. Trice
$20.00. Apply by letter to bor^ 246,
Fernie, or Mr. Errini,'ton 81
■ We are prepared, to iurnish No,
lCrow's Nest Lake ice. For, particulars, address Good Bros.
Crow's Nest, B. C. -
-o '
Whelan  is   getting
1     Saturday   Specials
E-2t      '
1 Sweet-Biscuits,. 25cper pound :*:ir
. Special for Saturday, 2 lbs. for. £....•."..-
. Choice Black Tea, Regular 40c per- pound
,J Special for Saturday •*•••"""••
Pay Cash W. J.   BLUNDELL .      Prompt Delivery
Annual   Stock-Taking:
Sale of Books
1.3  Off  Regular
We must make room for Spring goods.
2,000    books   to\ choose   from
Some Special Bargains
Beg.     Selling
Price     Pilco
Sot BxUslB 25 vols.      $22 00     ?15,00
Powell    left   for
last ev-
Mr.   T.    H
along nicely.
Mr,    and   Mrs
Spokane Friday.
Mr. Geo. Robinson left
ening for Montreal.
Don't forget bur, voting contest
See Ad. on Page 5.
E. H. H. Stanley was at. Cole-,
man and Blairmore this week in
the interests of the Ledger.
Miss Brown arrived from Winnipeg this week to take a position
as milliner with Mrs. Varty. -
Kichard " Hammond Elee'trican
and wife left Friday for an expended trip to the British Isles.
See Liptiardt about that watch
he has them at any price $1.00
$2.50, §2.75, ^5.00, ?6.50 and up.
We ..understand our town clerk
has advice from our local M. P.
P. that the New Post office building- will be completed as soon as'
the,weather permits .the men, to
recommence work!       '    .
,0-wing to a slight delay -in obtaining proper shafting we were
machine running till Thursday.
Hence we were crowded' for time,
but we will have all 0. 'Kl next
issue.,-*   ;■
Another accident and a fatal
one occurred in the yards of the
Morrissey, Fernie and Michel rail-
„ way here on Tuesday morning,
through gathering coal on the
tracks. Mrs. Passerin had her
limbs so badly crushed that she
died a few hours after admission
to the' hospital, She leaves a
husband and several small children to mourn her loss.
Sot Shakespeare
« vols.
7*> Boys' Own Annual
o-U1 11», Beoton'soverday
.«£... Cookery Boot  1.75,., 1.25
Trie •' - '      ■*■ ' ■..-''.''
•S?" A verv complete seleotiou' of Juvanile Story mid Picture Book* at prices you
4*; J        " cannot afford to mU»,  MuUo your choice early '
$? N.  E.   SUDDABY
Boy  wanted to  learn pressfeed- j>    T.   Crahan,   of Michel  paid
apply at this office.     ' J city a visit this'week.
0|k>ii» on .liinuury nth. Why not Html.*,
shorthand, Ixinlckeelni*, ok*„ nm! quail'/
fur 11 «nnc1 n,tlnrlotl poult Ion? Wo can
help you, Inte\(if.'lii« oataloKuu free on
rc-quost to K, 0, Oarhiitt, I'rlnoljml of
Tlm (lnrlmtt lli\Hli)o.i*i Collenw, CalRnry,
I,A»V JI.Mtll/.-It',
A m |.ro|mr«(| 10 cater to ?fi«lif>n*
trnilo an well mr {rnntleiiinnV,
, 1 jtulUiH* hnir 11 ml Ihvuh iri'att'il
any «111 v but Sntunlav,
Some  old,    lumber,  doors,
sash for sale at Ledger office.
Mr. Dunn day operator C. P. R.
has returned from his two week's
Do not forget our new address,
at the Coal Co's old offices, near
fire hall. ",     .   ,
G..L. , Pedler , of .Fernie, Free
Press ..went to. the Coast on a trip
this  week.    ..,.'    ,',.„.       .. •*-*.,.-
"'A report states that"' P. -, Burns
will erect" a large1 brick block here
this summer.  , i     '   ;\  ';'.
is by the rear not by the,front.
Go'in by the lane. •-
Thnre will be a concert" in the Me-
thodiHt church at Coal Creek on March
Jitli, at 7.80 r-m* A "good pro«rram U
guaranteed ,•  .
A meeting of the Owls' was held
in the Odd Fellows. hall Thursday
evening. Several new officers, were
installed,    „ , .
H. D. Campbell and party came
in from St. Paul- on Friday's
train in connection with his lumbering business,
We aro pleased to state that .tl'rr.
Proudfoot who underwent an operation for appendicitis is recovering fast and will soon be convalescent,
Messrsl Reid & McEwing contemplate opening out in the furniture business in the '•'Ledger's" old
stand and the building is being
cleaned up and renovated to suit
their business.
The Hockey boys announce a
grand ball to be hold in tho Opera
house St. Patrick's night the 17th
inst. Everyone should turn out
and show their * appreciation of
tho good work dono by the boys
this year,       "
Mr. Brooks our painter awl
kftlsoming artist has boon busy
cleaning up and putting a now
face on the Ledger old premises,
ready for Messrs. Roid <te McEwing to open out in the furniture
lino. Mr, Brooks is a perfect
adept at his work,
, Keg.   ' Selling
Price ■  Price
Encyclopedia, 6 vols
Large Padded Poets
2 vol. sets1 of Ruskin,
Dickens, Kingsley
anil Hawthorne       2.00       110
o -   FOR  SPRING,   "i 908   -
If you have once worn Campbell's Clothing its merits
need no, re-telling. If you have never worn it, a* trial
this spring will convince* you that, all we say'about its
qualities of Style, l-it,,and Honest Value is true^n
every respect.. Our wardrobes are overflowing with
the latest spring styles, and our1 values will ,be found
to be such as cannot be 'duplicated,elsewhere.-,,,'i
Campbel's Clothing to Your Special Measure
Made as you want them made, by. the leading,tailors
of-Canada. We will be'pleased: to show you a full
line of all the latest fabrics and designs from "which-to"
make your choice. Our special measure clothing is
guaranteed to fit and please you in every particular,
or your, money "refunded.
Oa the, honesty and reliability of your furnishing outfitter depends
the amount of satisfaction yon will receive on ycor wearables..
Dj-vou know that there is a diflvrerice in the quality of collars? We
have now both qualities in stock, and, as,usual, our prices are a
little lowei-than the rest. .   -
 ...10c each
Elk Brand W. G & It. Collars .1 ply Linen..
Castle Brand W.'G. & R Collars, 4 ply Linen.
Kelson  Fruit  Landsi $100 per acre
Creston Fruit Lands, partly cleared,  $75  per acre
TeyM+tm+e**!* Pln1n<tMtClAitr. I*i*»<*le«.red!«
-will if row UTi-uil or Vefircfc-
able-s, $50  per acre
See.    the   Beggar Prince
Co.,'s Ad. on Page 5.'.-...; -
Another carnival*"-' is, propossd
for the nightuof the" 17th; if the
weather man can be bought oyer.
. Mr. P. H. Smith, auditor . for;
Dominion Exports.Co.,.-is in town
this week checking up local.offices.
The Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.,
at their. general meetingi at, Toronto last week declared a 10 per
cent dividend.       ■..,_;    i -,;      „      ,
Peach Orchard for sale in Okan-"
agon Valley," part bearing this
year'.V Apply- VI :V ^S^ Stanley,
Ledger.-.   ■"'    ■.-.•'■     .„ J*v»'.      --"--■
The subject for Rev.^Hall's Men's
meeting next' Sunday afternoon
(4 p.m.) is the "Evolutionary argument for God."
The tea given on Tuesday r.fter-
noon and evening by Mrs, George
Clapp in aid of the Methodist
church was a great success.
"A report comes from Winnipeg
that a very large deal - is on
which will place the Elk,Lumber
Co., on a $10,000,000 basis.
The Beggar Prince Opera Co.,
which are to' show here on the
20th and 21st, passed through to
Cranbrook on the West bound
train Friday last.
The Miners Union have commenced to clear their lot on
Victoria street for the new hall.
They have a large gang of men at
Mr. Spalding has accepted
Wm. Robson as a, working partner, These two gentlemen, with
their years of experience are really high class photographers,
Rov. Mr,' Williamson attended
the District meoting of tho Baptist* Association of East Kootenay
at Cranbrook on Thursday last
of which District he is the secretary,
On Tuesday noxt tho 17th inst.,
Mrs. - Waylett, President of the !
Ladies' Aid of tho Baptist church
will hold a Toa Social nt her
rosidenco on Howland Avenue
from 3 to 6 p.m.
We hear the C. P. R. are likely
to put on a local passenger train
to run between Cranbrook and
Medicine Hat the coming summor.
If this train will run through to
Macleod during the day, it should
tend to inereaso the passowrer
traffic along this line and be of
advantage to the public,
Dlo<l Fob, 2/Jth, nt tlio Fertile IioiiiHrI
of typhoid f«v«r. tho bi.lovml wltn of
•MiliiiH Aii.lnri.on of MorrlHHuv, The
funoptjl wm hold from thn homii of Mr.
"nil Mm. J, Telfor tn Knox church
l-priiln pit Frldny at 11 a.m. Mm. An-
'lorrion l<MVfi« n liiiolmiu! nnd a hnhv.
months old to mourn her Iom. Mr.
Audernoii lino tin. r-n'immtliv of all M"
v '
Spring Showing of Head Coverings
Oar range of Hats include all the newest 6hapcs in
both soft and stiff.   >Ve iiivite your inspection.
.    Men's Black Fedora »...,.. .$ .95       •
Black and- Fawn Grecoe  2*50
: . Fa t Black Columbia-. ;\ .2.50
Black and°Fa'vb Stetsons, In all shapes 4.00   ,
i Best English" Makes of Stiff Hata'.,.... 3.00
Special   for  Saturday
Kegu'ar 25c Grey: Wool Sock;   Special. 5 pairs for $1
Complete range of spring drygoods now in stock.
Newest and most exclusive.showing awaiting your,
inspection, at prices that mean a saving to, yon.
Spring Showing of Whltewear
We have just placed in stock the largest and best
assortment of whitewear ever offered for "sale in
Fernie. Waists', Night"Gowns, Chehieae, Drawers,
Corset Covers, and a' large rar~~' '■' nuvA»*-,»
Dresses,to choose, from.	
of Children's
T R 11 NKS
We buv in wholesale' cinantities far strict I v cash,
and as wu sell for casli only, are able to place within
vour reach the .highest quality table supplies at
prices that cannot be pqualhcl elsewhere.
We l.avo just rrceived direct from the factory in
lteadl 'ii, Engluml. a shipment ot the unexc.-lled
HUNTLEY r^ PALM Kit 'BISQUirS, plain'and
fa'nev vark-iios: also d»inly assorment lor afternoon teas, etc. ■■Pi-Iocs L'iio to $1.00 per pound.
highest grade, goods packed, but the cost to you is
no more than inferior brands'are sold, for. Why
not have the best?    Quaker is IT.
Fancy Table and Cooking 'Apples, 5 lbs. for "25c
3-lb. jikts. Golden West Washing Powder, 2 pkts. 35c
Jam, in 5 lb. 'Tails, 45c - ,'- '•
- Binghampton, N. Y., Mar. 13.—
What promises to equal the Harry
Orchard caso from a labor point
of view was called in court today
in the trial of an indictment found
against Louis Eastman, charged
with dynamiting- during the late
street car strike here,
Eiistman was arranged by a
Pinkerton, and two dotoctivos
charged with placing dynamite on
ihe tracks.
The prosecution will endeavor
to show tbe. act was authorized by
labor agitator's,
The defence will allege conspir*
acy to break up the unions, in
which tho Pinkertons wero on*
gaged to assist, and it is charged
arranged the plot for this pur*
pose, Tho national board of tho
Street Carmen's association ia ir}-
torosted in the defence.  <
want your
T a
, All lineK.of Photogrnpic Work'
ICiilargoiuciUb in Crnyun.
U'Hter Color, Sopia
mid OllD.
lMctuiea tnkon at rt-iisounlilc |irk'0» ..
All Work Guaranteed or No Pay
Orchard pleaded guilty to hav-
ing     killed      former      Governor
Steunenberg by the explosion of a
dynamite bomb at tho side gate
of his residence .,...< early in the
evening,, of December JO, 1.005, He
wai   arrested    (or the crime   on
January 81, and In February con*
Rev. D,   E. Hatt    B. A,, Super*   fesied   that he was hired to kill
Intendent of Baptist Millions in   Steunenberg by William S, Hay-
B.  C, will preach in the BaptUt! wood, secretary; Charles H, Moy*
church next Sunday the 15th inst  ••"»    president  and Ceo., A. Petti-
A.     W.
I  am  open  to buy
Furs   of  all  kinds, |j
, and  will* pay cash. (|
Apply at §
B. C. furniture Store |
Hay for Sale
(iood Prairie liny ,*>v Silo
in (Jar Lots
W. B. Darker   Cay toy, Alta.
(!) M.-a{i »«,«*, me or »«.tk*i yuuc mhaaIlvm,^ u.a.ivl
I   will call on you
Graham   Campbell
Kapanee Hotel. Fernics
both morning and eveninjr. At the
•v"»-»Hr »«»-vlco Mr. Thos. lewis
will imar a nolo, and tl'r-re will
be other apodal muilc.
On St. Patrick**, ni-fht, Ti*»day
March 17th an Irishman will give
n iMtiiri* in tlm Muf-hrtrH-a"" .MiiirMi
on uWoman an Afterthought,"
wueu hUh. *ougu wUi be »ung, an
admiiaion of 50 cents; proceeds
to go towards fund for making
new sewer connections.
The Ladles' Benevolent Society
draw the attention of ths public
to the fact that they have brought
here     Miss Andrews, a graduate
of the Victorian Order of Nurses,
Sine* her arrival here on Feb. 1st.
she has been employed hi a number of homes   in tho capacity of
District   nurse, and has maJi as
many as 8 ealls in a day. Ihe Eo* ,
clcty hopei tho citixeiu of I'vrulc !
will give this new system af nurs*   -
Ing a fair trial. Enqulriss for ths \
nurse  can   be made at   the Hev
Mr. Grant's,
Try a Ledger Ad.
Builder & Gont. aotor
KwlnintcB Kurntslwd and
Batlbfnctlon  Guirnntfed
and lloflinei*
bone, honorary member of the
Western Federation ot Miners.
Haywood and! Fettibone were
tried in Boise and set free. The
case against Moyer was didmisstd.
Jud^e Wood questioned Orchard
as to whether he fully understood
M   ,       .1       I       . *''£(■••]£        ».."*,« ♦ It.
*Mfp   b*m**^A   vt    .*.*.    *.**-J^.,     -  *'.* --■
tnimnt for blm to plead Rullty,
and if he understor»d that to plead
guilty to the charges in the in*
dUtment meant pleading guilty
to the charge of first degree mnr.
t-Vrf-artt** rclni, with no Inrlfcs-
tion or 'any emotion in face or
vole*, Orchard answered that he
had gons over ths matter thoroughly with his attorney and bad
mads up his mind definitely.
 o-— —
Th* Wanderers of Montreal hav*
afCain clinched the Otanley Cup
by beating th* Maple Le*fs of
Liniment   Cures   Uls*
'i in* t't.tu t". k. it'-ii i.v i« i '•"''-   T.-'- •■'•■ "'• '■" c'"""'
htUihUy J.*j. .»[.*f.'<J i-i ''(i.-i. '■••- •'<•<* '!"' •""-• " n'-hlui-v". ,11
the markM and thu ii»*hI iiiinrnvori ineilmd* ^Mnllnry ami
MlUfutiii,. work nunranicrd    A trUI will r^nvlnr*? ywi.
All   Whltr.   M«lo employed
BlilXU  US YOUlt UUDS    »
All wotk I'Hllnl (or and ilcllvcml freo of chsrgo
Fernie Steam Laundry
Tel.1 No. 13S
Victoria Ave


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