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The District Ledger 1908-03-21

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 i    S^
-      ■ - -     ■-   ■ ■ ■■ -• . tli    z; '.{,.'[    .;    ,r- •• '   '	
;;i^ei Official: Orgiiitcof. District-- N*W ;18,~ ;U. M. W. of A.
-/O   J;/
-ft V***—        ia.^aM—■ 'f/lj Vv
,',   *4>,N . , ^<4t*jT -J*\.~
> -
The man who has-money in the bank-is uneasy.
The man who buysahomeis dubious."
. The man who is on a salar\ wonders if he will
lose his position or his salary \vill be cut.  -
The man who is in business wonders if,he can, {
'-"'■"' pay his expenses. -.. . ■     '■;;^v:.r,.-..
All because, there is a stringency-'"''"''"''
i :!'.--'•'• ■ -. in the Money Markets.
One class of men feel secure..      ..,,'..'
Those are the menlvho own CKESTON land.
Times may behard,I ..but the* people* must still
eat, and there willahvdys be a demand' for
I r:, theproducts of the soil. ,:     ,      . * -
Soil is practically the only independence.
Soiliis better than:Life.Insurance,  a Savings ,
Account;! or Government Bonds.       0i ,.; ;,
Now is the time to;invest.     Next year you will.
■•-   'have lost the. best choice and will have to
pay more.
Come and talk: it over; with us.    It costs very,
little to get started;' ,   \'<\\■*■_';;* .'!'• .'...'•!"'. /jV
The Wright Investment Co.
126 Victoria Ave., Fernie.	
., •;•
■ *»•,
Registered Mail Bags of the G.
N?f ieiifai limited Rifled
,  in a Smooth Manner
Spokane, Mar.; 18.-"-In thegiiisV
of. post office inspector !'a bandit",
obtained -'-admittaace' to'the -postal car of * the "Great: Northern
Oriental Limited at Bonner's Fer-.
ry, Idaho,* at. an early hour one
morning ' this'week', 'overpowered
the clerk at the point of a gun,
locked one in the closet, bound
the other and put him under a
table, and then calmly,rifled the
registered mail pouches while the
.train was proceeding to"' Spokane.
During the run to Spokane, • over
100 miles and over1'six-hours'
riditeg, thie robber received mail
at three stations where the train
stopped and .threw of the proper
mail.. Just before the train entered ' the yards at Spokane, the
bandit leaped from the car.with
his booty in a small satchel and
made his escape. -Bloodhounds
picked up the,- scent within the
city limits, ' and followed it
several blocks to a car line, .where
the scent was lost. It is supposed
the robber boarded a car . and
rode down town: Six registered
mail sacks were cut and the contents rifled. It is not known how
much money and other valuables
the bandit obtained, but it is said
he made a big, haul.
Judge Wood Announces Death
^Sentence but Recommends
Life Imprisonment
-..Caldwell, .Idaho, . March 18.—
Stating, . that , he believed that
Harry." Orchard, in his .testimony
in,:the . trials of "William D.- Haywood and George A. Pettibone,
for the ,murder_ of „" ex^governor
Steunenberg told the exact truth,
attempting'"' ,td conceal nothing','
Judge Fremont Wood in the district court' *today recommended
that the.state boards of pardons
commute '. ^Orchard's sentence of
death;*,' toi: 'imprisonment in the
state"peniteniary!-,'.' ~'~ "...'■ "
.• The jprn-ial ;sentence, of, death
was - •' pronounced -* in • accordance
with the-plea of guilty entered by
Orphardjon Tuesday' of last week,,
when arraigned; •;:.." I '..,;. c
l-; Judge '*:""Wood}'presided at both
i.the" , Ha*ywopd',, and PettibonV
trials.-,!* ''-":'.'-'.!'-"! ■',.''■   ■
Hind-aos and Recent
As we are catering specially to the Workingrnan's trade
you /canhc.t^dp,.,better*, than:, examine.,our goods b^ljore   ,?'
■ buying 'else'^1.?rr!"  ■ ~~""''*"'^^^T^^'t^rr^'*^'V^,l -A'Ly
Our Spechil $2.75 Pit Bluchcr Outside Counter
Our 10 oz Overalls at 90c. '
Cur Workin-'Pnntsat $1,95 up
Our Suits at from $8,00 ic $20.00 cannot be equalled
■...Vancouver,* ,B.'-C, -Mar. 18'.—s
Colonel. John Smith,' the political
advisor'- to the iuaharajah of
Mysoro, warned the residents of
treatment" of the Hindus now in
.this country. He stated that the
men here, would undoubtedly send
word home that the flag they
served in Indip did not protdct
them, in Canada and the,result
would'bjp the creation of unrest
amongrthe native troops in India
"which might, lead .to a lamentable
outbreak.i'H- considered-the danger grave and worthy of special
legal notice in view of the press
accounts' of the*feeling; towards
Hindus throughout the province.
Smith agrees that it is wise that
immigration from the Orient
should stop, and he believes that
the London officials will recognize
the true situation.
' The Hindus ordered deported on
the Empress did not leave ,owing
to an application by the C. P.
P.. lawyers for a writ of habeas
corpus,, which will be argued
tomorrow morning.
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'.              ' "       -  ■'             ■'               '<■
Your  Inspection   Invited ,
■'" .-
*.                    * .'. ,%               "*                  -*-./
^Phe   trites-Wood   Co.;
Indianapolis, March 18.—The
convention of the United Mine
Workers of America adjourned at
5.30 this evening until tomorrow
after     changing the next annual
convention from St. Louis to
Indianapolis and hearing the unanimous report of the scale committee which recommended an an*
) nual settlement by districts with
present conditions and the present
scale' as a minimum, local differences to be settlod In tho several
The Latest Styles in Shadow Stripes and Shadow Plaids
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Wt>**7fc*^**1t******At>t.%^ -■."sy-JWw.-nn* ,n,^ttf«4^a^M>s»gi*4f«u,».W7i.J»g..,»*'
DISTRICT LEDGER, iFERNIB.   B.  C.,, MARCH 21st. 1908.
'■: ■ .ft    -•    t',!. >.'■'"
for the Purpose of Limiting
i  the Hours of Work
Under Ground
His Majesty, by and with the
advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of
Alberta, enacts as follows:
1,., Subject to the provisions of
this Act a workman shall not be
below ground lii a mine for the
purpose of his work and of going
to and from his " work, or be allowed to be below ground for
that purpose, for moro than
eight hours during any consecutive  twenty-four hours.
(2) No contravention ,of the
foregoing.   provisions     shall    be
deemed to take place—
ii ■-    -i   " .
(a) In the case of a workman
■working in' a shift, if the period
between the times at which the
first workman in the shift leaves
the surface and the first workman
persons to direct at the pit head
the lowering-and raisings of men
to and from the mine, and' shall
cause a,register to be kept in the
form prescribed by the Minister,of
Public. Works,'and containing.the
particulars prescribed by him with
respect to the times at which men
are lowered into and raised from
the mines and tbe cases in which
any man is below ground for
more than the time fixed by this
Act, and the cause thereof.
(2) The workmen in. a mine
may, at their own cost, appoint
and . station one or more persons,
whether holding the office of
checkweigher or not, to bo at
the-pit head at all times when
workmen are to be lowered or
raised, for the purpose of observing the times of lowering and raising,
and the provisions , of The
Coal Mines Act relating to the
checkweigher and to the relatives
of the owner, agent or manager
of the mine to the checkweigher,
shall, so far as applicable, apply to any person so appointed as they apply to tho check-
weigher with'. the substitution
as respects appointment, of the
workmen in the mine for the persons .who' under the said Act are
entitled to appoint a check-
weigher. •     ' 0  \
(3)   If any person makes a false
entry in the, register which is kept
(2) A person guilty of an- of-
fence under this Act-shall in. respect of each offence1 be"liable,'on
summary conviction, if he is the
owner, agent or manager of the
mine,.to a fine.not exceeding five,
dollars.    ■,; J       :      . , . .;-,,
(3) If a workmen is below
ground,?for a,, longer period during any consecutive -twenty-four
hours than .the time fixed by this'
Act he shall be deemed.to have
been below ground in cantraven-
tion of this Act unless the contrary is, proved.
.6. This Act shall, except where
the contrary intention appears,
apply to all mines to which The
Coal' Mines Act applies.
(2) This Act shall come into
operation on the thirty-first day
of March, nineteen huinilred and
(3) This Act may be cited as
"The Coal Mines Act" 1908," and
shall be construed as one with
The Coal Mines Act, and this Act
and the said Act may.be cited together as "The Coal Mines' Act,
1906  and  1908." '.»
• ■v
Makes the Biscuit
and Cake lighter.    RSj
finer, •. flavored, more   B§
nutritious ■wholesome
CREAM        :
«     Made from, pure
Grape Cream of Tartar
No alum—No lime photphate
W. J. Wriglesworth, D.*P. S.
Ovkirk Houp.St- *     8 fOto l* •»• m- * to'5 P-m
6.30 to a p.m.
• ;,       Office in A'ex. L ck's Bioct
over Slum'. Bakery,    .
KEnjflOiv     -      —     -■•-•■
B, C
in the shift returns to the surface,   under this     section, or causes
and the period between the times I permits any such false entry, to be
at which the last workman in*the
..shift leaves *, the surface and
the last workman in the shift returns to' the surface, do not exceed the time fixed by this section; or,
(b) In the case of any workman
•who is below ground for the purpose of rendering assistance in tho
event of accident, or for meeting
any danger, or for dealing with
any emergency or exceptional,
•work which requires to be dealt
•with without interruption in order to avoid serious interference
•with ordinarywork in the mine. ■
(3) The owner, agent or manager of every mine** shall fix for
"each- shift of workmen in the
_mine_the_time_at which the low-'
ering of the'men to the mine is
to commence and to be completed,
nnd the time at which the raising
of the men from' =the mine is to
commence and to be', completed,
in such manner that every' workman shall haye-the. opporttrnity
of returning .to the .surface without contravention of the foregoing
provisions of this section, and
shall post\at the pit. head a conspicuous" notice of the times so
fixed, and shall make all arrangements necessary for the observance of those, times in lowering
and raising the men;
(4) The interval between the
times fixed for the commencement
and for the completion of the lowering and raising of each shift of
workmen to and from the mine
shall be such time not exceeding
the time reasonably re-quired for
the purpose, as may be approved
by the provincial inspector of
' (&) A ropa-ring shift of work*
men may, notwithstanding the
provisions ol this Beetion, for tho
purpose of avoiding work on Sunday, commence thoir period of
work on Saturday boforo twenty-
four hours havo elapsed since tho
commencement of their last period
of work so long as at least eight
hours have olapsed since the termination thereof.
(6) For tho purposes of this
Act tho expression "workman"
means any poison employed in a
mine below ground, who is not an
made, he shall' be liable on sum
mary conviction in respect of each
offence to a fine not exceeding fifty
dollars.    . •       „
3. The Lieutenant Governor in
Council may, in the event of great
emergency, or of ,-. any grave
economic disturbance due to the
demand for coal exceeding the
supply available at the time, by
order in counciPsuspend the operator of*. this^Act to such extent
and,for such period as may be
named in-the order, fiither as respects all coalmines or any class
of coal mines. >,
4. ,In„ the application" of this
Act   ' to1 mines ' which are entered
otherwise than by, a .shaft, and to
workmen who are 'nbtflowered to
Prof. Howell, bf.Huvunn, Cuba
. Recommends OliauiberlaiiVt*
Cough Uemedy.
■ "As loiig ago as X can remember my mother was a faithful user,
and,.   friend    , of    Chamberlain's
Cough Bemedy, but never in   my
life have.I realized its-true value
until    now,", writes Prof. H. A.
Howell,    of    Howell's,.  American
School, Havana,  l/UDa.  "On tho
oight of February 3rd'our; baby
was taken sich with a very severe
cold, the next day was worse and
the following night his condition
■was  desperate.  He  could not lie
down    and it was necessary     to
have him in the' arms every- moment.   "Even   then his breathing
was di—cult. I did not think   he
would live until morning. At last
I thought of my mother's remedy.
Chamberlain's , Cough-   Bemedy,
which    we gave,' and it afforded
prompt relief, and now, three days
later, he has,fully recovered. Under the circumstances'I would not
hesitate a moment in saying that
Chalmberlain's    -Co'ubh ; Bemedy,
and , that. only, saved the life of
our dear littlo boy." For sale by
all druggists.  '     ,,.,-,.
Colonist Rates
";-..:• '';"..";to.";";.-;v'-'
ALBEUTA   tuul
Insurance and Customs Broker
Crow's  Nest   Trading   Co. . Block.
. Fernie, B. C.,""       •*.",'
O. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
. Pl-ifij, Sp*clficatioai aad E*ti-
natwpfnrBiahed on application.
:■ - PliatT oi GOOD DRY XUSS-
BBS ON HAND.., „•. .  .
R.' It. KEfctt.       .
Architect     fusd Saperiatendeni   „
. Offife at &ui-Jut*.
' 'I
^; P.   Eckstein *
Barhibtbb-at-Law, Solicitor
Rooms 1 & S, Hender&on bloe-k. Fernie, B.C.
J. Barber-* l.d.s., d.d.s.,
ofllcial of tho   mine or a
man,   eager   or onsetter,
kcoper or pumpman; and any body
ot worlcmon whose hours for beginning and terminating work in
the mino aro approximately tho
same shall bo doomed to bo a shift
of workmen,
S.   Tho    owner,   agent or man*
ager of evory mine shall appoint
or raised from the mine --by
means of machinery, the-admission of men. to the mine shall be
substituted for the lowering of
anen to the mine, and the return
of men from the mine shall be
substituted:.for the.rraising-of.men
from the mine, and-such times as
may be determined by the owner,'
agent or manager of the mine,
with the approval of tho provincial inspector of nv'.aes as the
times properly corresponding to
the times fixed for the commencement and completion of the lowering and raising of workmen to
and from the mine, ahall be substituted for the times so fixed,
5, If any person contravenes or
fails' .to comply with, or permits
any person to contravene or fail
to comply with any provision of
this Act for which .,a special penalty is not provided, he shall be
guilty of an offence against this
Act, and in the event of such con*
travention or noncompliance by
any person whomsoever, the owner, agent, and manager of tho
mine shall each be guilty of an
offence under this Act:
Provided thalr-*
(a) In tho event ot any such
contravention of, or non-compliance on the part of a workman,
tho owner, agent or manager of
the mine shall not bo guilty ot
an olTonco if ho proves that he has
taken all reasonable means to prevent tho contravention or non*
complicanco; and
(b) A workman shnll not bo
guilty of an offenco under this Act
in tho case of any failure to return to tho surface within the time
limited by this Act if ho proves
that without default on his part
he was prevented from returning
to tho surface owing to means
not being available for the purpose,
•' Brantford,
,     Guelph
'..', Gait,
London -
L   T. W    Block,   opposite the
Office hours-8 **,m. to a p.m.
Latbe & Fisher
Plans   and   Estimates on  Application-
Resilience 76  Howland  Ave.
J. Wilson Gray, Architect
Fernie  B. C.   °
.   meets in the Miners' Hall every -   ■*
alternate Thursday at' 8 p.m. . -  ' .
L. SNOW, Pre*..' ,E, DICKEB, Seo.
•      i
Nest    Trading   Co.
Fernie, B. C.
-•* (via Chicago) 52:45
, 52.70
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, Builder and Contractor.
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Heuderson Block   Fernie
"  TownBite ,A*<ent&
Fernie acd  Hosmer
Fire, Lite & Acci-.
dent Insurance * ■
A writer in Printer's Ink makes
an interesting diagnosis of *' the
reason ■ why some towns cave
"slow"" " Ho^ says: .'"'Anybody,
who has had experience traveling
among the small cities and towns
of this country knows that wide
differences are seen between places
of the same population, and in
much the same locality, and en-:
joying what1 would seem to bo
equal opportanities for trade, One
place of 10,000 people, for instance, will be thoroughly alive,
its shops bright, its'people brisk,
and prosperity apparently on
every band. Another, perhaps but
(35 miles away, will be thoroughly dead, 'M stores deserted, dull,
dusty, ' Its people given to the
habit , of crdclter-box conversation. In one town it ia a pleasure
to step ott a train and look for
business, whilo in tho second an
expenionced traveling man has no
sooner alighted than he wants to
know tho time of the next train
Tho diagnosis is ridiculously
simple. In one, the newspapers encourage live advertising by cbarg
Ing a rnto which includes setting
up new ads. as often as the merchant careB to change. In the
othor, an antiquated rato system
is in vogue, making a low chavgo
for space and an extra charge for
ovory change of advertiHement.
It's just worth whilo considering
what good, live advertising by
tho merchants does for a town
and its trnde,—From Tho Canadian Grocor, August 13, 1007.
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1    all classes of work,,
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washing or scrubbing
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jiiitrtcu tiiio m 19111 iiuuc un
!   Mm, V,  Miner, of 311 Suffolk Street, Giulpb, Ont, taysi  "Aytet '
ilnce, while while living in Oshawa, Ont., my little daughter Lorinda, six
ytam of ige contracted a nki-i ducaia on the upper pin of tier body,  - This
turn li-ok* out tike tiny wtici i-iiticia, »ntt*twhicJ* tr>r>M>Kun l.'(ni «>f,il*y tcal»i. Thcie
wpuld dUatppcnr fur a t-.-'iri tinit* »n>l iticn rvapiirni wurM itmn ever.     The cl'iihe*
.,, (      -.       .... u.r,i   n.*.^,',,    ,,, ,.,     .,.1, ,, ..,.,..,, ,,ri"!llf>i   il'ir If i.'t* l,,,n,„i!M,
S4^t4,...,,  ,„V   ,*,',...    ,...,.    , . ^ ,.     * .
tri ke*p her fumi icratctilti*^. Wt* trleri vnilmi,. •tjii|ur»lii.ns jet olilmiitij im
(■QOd reiulli until we U.'-iii u.ing /.-..i-lluk. Wnh v-ich ttyiplicillon the Irritntir.n
(led lorcnrii wt* great iy icliocil, mil the child rrnkd mitr, lino' continued
u^lng, thtttupiioni ami »c«ln un iiisi|i|i*-art'd mid in r> iliort »p»c« of lime tlie >|<ln
wit completely elureil frum the din.ur, It in rmw turn* munilt tince we u»*d
Z»m-Huk,mil nf tlit-ie ore nn »iu"» u< nny mom eripiiui.ibrcitkinu out on iei Imiy,
welxllfvt fanV'lluk h«i wi.rktit - c*.n.'*leie cure." Kmn.iiuU «,'u•-•>•« ...u.,. n»prH*t ».m
'" ""  ,"11 llcli,    iik-irs,   »r»i-
< Sam. lor ■ trial but.
KiKlflia1 oapan m»" ic,
»UIIIU,»;J,|UU, 7illll'l!a>l
Co., f i»m,io.       }Kt
Recipe is Easily Prepared at Small Cost,
and Many Swear by it.
Mix tho following by shaking
wall in a bottio, and take in tea*
spoonful cIobos after meals and at
Fluid Extract Dandelion, one*
half ounce; Compound fflargon,
ono ounce; Compound Syrup Bar*
Haparllla, three ounces. A local
druggiBt is the authority that
these flimplo, harmless ingredients
can be obtained at nominal cost
from our homo druggiiit.
The mixture is said to cleanse
and strengthen the clogged and
inactive fllidneys, overcoming
Backache, Bladder weakness and
urinary trouble of all kinds-, it
taken before the stage of Brlght's
Thoso who have tried this say
it positively overcomes pain in
the back, clears tho urine of sediment and regulates urination, es*
wornt fortrifi nf Wn*!*l« *wnRk-*i»i»in.
Every man or woman here who
feels that the kidney* are not
strong or acting in a healthy
manner should, mix this prescription at home and give it a trial,
2.* It ii TaJd is As wj-flrlrr? Ies*
many persons.
The Scranton, (Fa.) Times was
flrst to print this remarkable prescription, in October of 1000, sinee
when all the leading newspapers
of New York, Boston, Philadelphia
Pittsburg and other cities have
made many announcements of it
to their readeri.
Cicncriil Conlntclors.
Windcw I'leiinln*^
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Fit for a King
Tlio moats that you buy
' Irom wb nro ilt for a klnjr.
Wo Bell no'hliiir tlmt SB
* not tho boot, Hint Is why
wo Imvono many pICHBCd
castamorfl, Lot us dc-
raorstHto tlila (act by a
trial, Polito Httontlon
and prompt service,
Calgary Cattle Co.
•^" ",orl{ R"11 i*t 1*1 i1111-*eU nnd
only f;ooil help suiU
TheA. fvlacdonaici Co
(Head bnicc, Winnipeg)
Brunches—•Vancouver, Nelson, Pernio,
Edmonton, Alia. & Kenorn, Ont
Fertile, B. C.
Wholewile Groceries,   Flour,   Peer! tt
Camp Supplies v
Send pi.Hl curd to llox .\<p, l-'urnie, B. C.
lo Consumptives
The uudoralgoed hftrlng bee* rev
stored to health by simple M-SBOev
after suffering tor several year**
with ■ severe Inng affection, ano?
that dread disease C0N3UMPT10N,
li anxious -to make knowi bo hl»
fellow sufferers the means of oar-*
T»5 'ibesit "ho "fiwlrc^t, !« rf-'A
Aimnrf-nll"/ mnA (free of *ih*Xr|»*5 tv
oopy of the presorlptlon need, whloh
they will (Ind a onre (or 0ON8UUP.
tion, kerrmik, cataricd, drok-
0HITI8 and all throat and lusg
UALADUa. He hopee ill sufferer,1.
will try this Hemeay, as tt Is lofaltt*
able. Those desiring tha preesrle.
tloe, whloh will1'cost the eothlaf,
and may prove a bleislDg, will
pleaee addrtae
Brooklyn, n. y.
- vl
Read The Ledger DISTRICT LEDGER, .MlWnS..  B. C, MARCH 21st. 1908.
District No. 18, J. M. W. ef A.
'-'"\ Edmonton, March 5th-, 1908.
To the Officers and Members.
, Gentlemen: '    Your   Legislative  Committee
•    having completed its labors to connection with      ,
the Third• Session''of the;First'legislature•'of     i
.Albertai begs "to report as follows:
In pursuance  of instructions from the1 Dis-
■'trict'»Convention held in-Lethbridge, to. Decern-   ..
-ber, we arrived in Edmonton on January 10th,
".for the-purpc«e of attending the/essioa.of. the   .
-legislature"'and   endeavoring to'secure legisla- *   *'•
,: tion in the interests of,   the miners and work-
' --.ingmen'ol! th*e province.-' ':' ■■?-'.- • j"> ■' ■'
Upon our arrival here, we found the cabinet    •
"'I already   to    the city*prepaiing-'for the'ssession-.Y41
^and several of the members already here.    .We
proceeded at  once to make appointment   with
the members of the cabinet and to several in-,
•terviews.'witb ,the, Premier,^the Min.ister.of Pub-      /,;
:, lie works with, the Attorney: General laid^before
- them in a general way the outline of the legis-
' lation which we wished to get through at this':' ■   -
.session.       ' -'.--•
In. this..connectipnJLt should^be, pointed AoutAD _,
"here "ibat "the"'^ " '^"
-ready pledged" the government to an eight hour
law for coal miners arid a wort men's compen-
"   'sation kct.jj'Our first" endgavorc-was'*to', find out   ','
' specifically what ilie nature  of 'these two  acts - <w
. was to be, in order that we might be to a position to put in'any applications for changes in'    -~5
principal or alteration in effect before the bills
,got before the house...  ...  ... ..,•'„ .  , •      . ", , ,,'
„ In ..this respect-.we- succeeded  beyond- our,, .-■
expectations,    and    we , .found ; the-rgovernment.
frank-and'open to discuss the'measures With us
at* the* very commencement " ■ -.,'■    *-
.     We were . assurred that the eight-hour ■ law
.-   would   be a    bank to bank law,., and that the
* compensation act would be on the lines pi the
act now. to force in"the province of British Col-
■   umbia. ■■'"",' S   ;'   ?,' " -\-
At a date, which, for constitutional reasons
-we are not ■ permitted to give here, we were
-aa MaWC Mf.lA *fc*i«."«.
and with this to our. possession we were in a
position*1 to start to work along the lines to
which it would be " expected that a lobbyist
•would; work to order' to secure the legislation
desired from a legislative body. ,
• The early part of the session we spent in1
making the acquaintance of the members .of the
legislature, and in, endeavoring to show to
them the absolute necessity- of an eight hour
law as well as -the advantage to the province
as a whole of the compensation act and the
other' labor legislation which we hope to have
"brought in.
With all due   respect   to the members,   we
have to report that   we found many of   them
altogether unfamiliar with thekclass of legislation, which generally speaking comes under the..
head of labor legislation.     This will be easily
understood when it is remembered that many
of ..the .constituencies in this province are purely   agricultural   constituencies,    in   which   the
labor 'question has never, been a factor in politics,   or for   that matter, of no practical   interest.   All  of these, however, we found to be
of an open mind atid ready to discuss with us
the principles   and details   of any of the acts-    ■
■which wo hoped to   get before the house, , In    '
.endeavoring to familiarize them with the prin*  •
ciples and workings1 of these 'bills we had   the
•ablo   assistance    ol   several private   members,   .
particularly   of W,   C. Simmonds,- the membor
for LotWblri'dge,- and John R, Boyle, the member   for Sturgeon,   who   gave *, us their . most   .
hearty co-operation throughout the entire ses*  '■
sion.     The   speaker,    Chns.    Pithor,   wo   also
found to be an ardent supporter of the legislation which   we - desired,    but hia;.position, as
speaker naturally precluded his taking any active part on the floor of tho house'
The original draft of the eight hour law we
found to bo'satiflfoctory'except   in one respect.
JV  clause was found incorporated' in*1 the   ori-   '•
ginal draft which read as follows:    •
(1) The time fixed by this Act on the
time .during -which the workmen'in a mine may
bo below ground for the purposes of work and
of going to and from tltoir work may be extended as, -respects any mine by the owner,
agent or manager of a mine on not more than
sixty days in any calender year by not more
than one-hour a day, and. on any day in which
an extension ' of time is made in accordance
with this section nB respects any mine the time
so extended shall be substituted for the purposes of this aet'as respects that mine for the
time at fixed by this act-
(2) The owner, agent or manager of eve
mine shall cause a register to be kept in such
manner as tne inmuter oi puolto wo.** .-..ay
diiect ot the c..usv* ... it-blcb may extent J on of
time has been.given under this Beetion, and ihe
register shall'be open to the inspection of the
Provincial or District Inspector of mines.
The effect of these clauses, had they been
included in the act, -would, in our opinion
have been to nullify the whole act as it appears they would have made it impossible to
secure a conviction under the1 aot, the operator
only having to ■ claim that the day on which
the "complaint was la|d. was one of tho "sixty"
mentioned in the act,  '-*"
We may say frankly that the appearance of
thin clause made us skeptical of the whole act.
"  Kowevi.r, wo.proceeded at once to lay the matter before the government, and ,w« found tbe
Minister of Public Works, when the clause was
:,; pointed   out to    him, quite ready, to cut   the
clause out altogether, and this* was done before    ,
it got into the house at,all.     As an explana-
1   tion of its appearance we learned later that a   ..
similar'clause'is incorporated.in 'the, bill which- ,
is before the1 British house at the present time.
The" importance   of our having Wcuired' the
elimination of this clause will-be. recognized by. ,
nyour officers and members, at a,glance.
The.bill,-with   this . alternation," met with
our entire approval, and was enacted into law - -
absolutely without change.
The date oh which the act goes into force,
namely the 31st day of March.. 1909, was.not
,    satisfactory to us, and we endeavored to have
this changed, but we were not the only people
-■  before the'government with representations.   A
strong" loibby'-'bf   the   mine  owners were also.   ,
present and they-made representations to   the
effect that the.date mentioned was the date of
Ihe expiration  of  the present..agreements,and
-   -.that it would-not'be. fair to them to ask them
to fulfill contracts which ihey had made on the,
present basis. -r At the finish we were compelled
to  concede .this point,  but. considered that we
came away pretty well on the whole.
'"*'    ' The speech made-by the minister of public
works "on the introduction, of ,of_this bill, needs .
■> no further-, comment here as: it has already been
published in the Fernie District Ledger, and no
.'doubt   has    thereby come to the attention   o£
the members. *'   • ";.'-...
The     Workmen's     Compensation    Act      as
brought    into ."the   house,,. was drafted partly
""--'.from the" British Coiumbia'Act and partly from
-the British Act. x    In-many important respects
it was a better act than the,one, how to force*
; in British   Columbia;   In  interviewing; the  gov-
,,   e'rnment'   to    regard to it we had secured promises of "many important" alterations from the
original draft.  Just about this time, after the;,
act had passed its second reading and before it -■
came to the committee of the whole where the
^alterations   ;are  generally-made,'• we met with
■   what"'might be described as; cross-currents.      A
'delegation'.-"'headed   by John ^'.".Leheney,; vice-
president "of the: Trades and Labor Congress of
Alberta,-Howell of the Trades and Labor Coun- ,
cil ;of Calgary,, appeared before the government
and'a caucus of the members' and attacked the.
rough draft of .the bill in,such a:manner as to ?
' create a serious'doubt-to the minds of many of
tbe' 'members as to whether,, the bill was what
was wanted or.whether it would be to any way
satisfactory:  to-'the    workingmen of the   province.     These members-took the ground that if .
men. of the Province it,certainly covld.not be
satisfactory 'to,,,- the employers' and that to
pass it, would "only " put ' *'the government
in a hole. *. Messrs. Leheney . and Howell •
further embarrassed the situation by holding public meetings of protest in Edmon-
ton and generally "kicking up a stink," so to
speak. ''",-'"•"  -. ■   -
These circumstances did not make the work
of your, delegates any easier, and the bill was
twice put back in committee of the whole, once
in order that the. group of members who were
afraid of the bill on account of the' agitation
might have an opportunity to look into it
further and consult their constituents, and the
second time at our own request. .For a time
the situation looked so precarious that we
deemed it advisable', to wire Mr. Frank Sherman to come to Edmonton, at onco as we felt
sure that by adding his assurance to ours the
members would be satisfied that as far as
the largest body of organized workers in the
province were concerned it was not desired that
the bill- should be thrown out.   ,
Upon Mr. Sherman's arrival, on the 23rd, a
conference was held with the government and
the bill gone over, again.
On Monday, the 24th, the bill was>aken up
•'in committee of the whole house and passed.
Mr. iSh'ennan was given a seat on tho floor of
tho house, and while ho took no part in the
debate, was consulted by'the,member from
Lethbridge as to all the clauses as. they came
up,      \
ThjB'biU as finally passed contained some
very Important changes from the original
draft, although not all that were asked for by
your delegates. Some of. theso changeB aro
worth pointing out in detail.
, Clause 2, known as tho 40-foot clause was
cut to 30 feet. That is to say, in the original
draft the Alberta bill copied the British Col* .
umbia act' in the. respect that unless a building were to.be of 40 feet'in height compensation could not be recovered by an Injured'
workman. Your delegates succeeded in getting
this cut'to 30 feet, .■    ,
In the British Columbia, act' where the
death or injury can be proven to be directly at*
' trlbutable' to "the serious or wilful misconduct
or neglect' of the workman, no compensation
can be recovered. The Hame .claurae was incorporated in .the original douse of the Alberta
aet. Your delegates eucep'ede.1 in having, this
changed to >ead that Iti any case where the„re*
„eult was death or permanent dlfabltMiient com*
,',11' I   \ 1   1. P   ..«■>(,«.nro*!      • "     '   *
.,..',, 1    . 'II- ■'"     , '
The original diak fixtd tJi<* <■<,...{.'('.aiatJ<>.. .4
1 $1,800 in case of death      This in the amount
named in the British Columbia act.     Your de*
legates   succoeded . in   getting   this   raised   to
$1,800. '   v
In the case of a workman who had no dependents, the original draft and also the B. 1 .
act named' SJ10Q as the amount recoverable for
funeral expenses.     This was raised to $200,
In the case of a workman being under 21
year* of ago the amount receivable for in.'nn
in the original draft and in the.B. C. act. was
aud is 95 per week.     This was raised to ^T'-ft'''
The act as finally patssd is, we believe, a
workable act and one which will go a long
way toward compelling the employers to take
such precautious, as, will have the effect of. protecting "the lives of the workmen ia their employ.-.    ';.  ,.„■  „■.      -_       .:..--..    ^    :   ..•.;..;;•'
On Tuesday, the 25th, the compensation act
finally passed, arid this cleared the government's ■ slate:. of legislation except. for amendments to the statute laws. These amendments
were taken up in the last hours of the house,
and under this head your delegates succeeded
iri getting some important legislation.
The Coal Mines Act was amended so as to
provide   that no boy under   16 years   of ag-
shall be employed below ground, but boys already   employed shall    not be affected by the
act. .      -_-,.:,-..  ...".     .■:■.
Amendments were secured requiring the operators of a mine, when' requested by> the miners
to, pay the wages , of the check weigher direct
.from the office and collect from the miners
their, proportionate amount. Operators are required to furnish wash houses where more than
20 men-are employed, and in, all mines the
law now requires, that proper thawing apparatus shall,be furnished for the thawing of explosives. ' ',-,.,
The most important amendment was with
regard to the supply of timber to miners. The
law-,"now. provides that* the operators shall
furnish timber in each working place, and to
. no case farther away than the nearest crosscut,
or other convenient place.to the vicinity thereof, and the supply-must be constant.
'   It is also, now compulsory for the manage-
• ment to furnish clay for the purpose of tamp-
tog holes, ''o-' ' 1   '.-     ' • ■- -,-
In the case of a pit committee making a-report which apprehends dariger in, any part  oj ■
any mine, it is now the law that the company
. is required to furnish'a'copy of the'*report to
the' inspector '.iriimediately. ■*''        r    '
Hereafter, when, an inspector, makes an to ■
spection of any mine he is required to post a
synopsis of his. report to a conspicuous place a*,
the mine. ■ . ,
Hereafter   the   companies - are '• required to
keep  books for    the purpose  of recording'-  t ,
' daily'reports of pit-bosses, fire bosses, etc., an-"-
these books are to be open to the inspection ci'
the miners, or anyone delegated by them'..-
' Amendments were also passed securing regulations with regard to safety lamps, tenders
of safety lamps, shot lighters, and the regulation of .shot lighting and the inspection of
mines for gas within a specified time previous
to the men goirig'on-' shift, wherever, dariger
from"gas' is reported or apprehended.
An endeavor was, made, to have a clause inserted to the act requiring companies to make
cash payment, but the Minister of Public Works
took the ground that, as this, was.a contentious matter and that as the government had already done considerable in the way of labor
• legislation at this session, that he could not
see his way clear to bring in such an amendment at this session.
Tho  house  prorogued  on Thursday,  March
We submit the foregoing report hoping that
the results of our efforts will meet with your
Fraternally yours,
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SATUEDAY, MARCH 21,' 1908.
It is not to be wondered at that
English rulers.are in a panic. It
.need occasion no surprise that
Lord Sosebery looks longingly
toward America's SenSate, veto,
power and Supreme Court as bulwarks of exploiting privilege.
When 116 votes, are cast for an
' ''Unemployed' Bill" in the English House- ol Commons the day
cf reckoning is not far distant.
What is this Unemployed Sill?
Is it something proclaiming proscription and death for capital-
< ists? Not at all. Does it Call for
the abolition of the crown? By
no  means.
Why then, is the press of the
English-speaking capitalist world
in  such a fright?
This . bill only provides, says
the cabled dispatches, "that the
state must supply work, at the
standard rate ,oftlwages to; all
workmen who register themselves
as unemployed, or in lieu of0 work
. it. must:..maintain the applicants
and all dependent upon them.,
That  sounds  simple enough:'In
theory that is what the Stacte is
already pledged to do. Every Eng-
lis]rr~Sociarists~1only ask that this
-   theory  be - taken  from  the  realm
of ideas and put in practice.
Yet that proposal shakes the
„  very foundations of society, . -,..
Nor is this shaking imaginary.
. The fears-, of the idle rulers are
not ill-founded.       _ ,
If that law were put in force it
would be the end. of our present
civilization. - - \
If all the hungry were fed and
idle given work this social fabric
in which we. now live would be
.torn asunder.
It would meats revolution./  -
Is that not a strange civilization that lives only because of
the hungry idleness of millions of
its members?
Yet this is a true statement of
the case.
If the unemployed were to be
put at work by the state it would
mean that groat factories, mills
and stores would -necessarily be
erected and operated by that state.
These institutions would be relieved of the terrible wastes of the
competitive system. They would
quickly dominate the industrial
The men and women who were
working in the privately owned
industries would sooner or later
demand better conditions of life.
They would go on strike to secure
There would be no unemployed
to take their places.
Consequently the private em.
plovers would 'be compelled to
grant the demands of their employes. Soon other demands,
other strikes and other increases
in wages would follow .until pri*
vat* industry would no longer be
profitable. That is, the owners of
the industries would not be able
to take a portion of the product
from those who do the work.
Bine* private industry is operated only for proiK, th»re would
aoon be no private industry.
Along with this is growiug the
political strength of the, Vorkun..
*■ hnth (••*-,ii**.. (..«,*•; •f<!»>'»t '■'»' i*^'.
movement. Rn by the tW iY,«
industries had been transferred to
the state, the state would havo
bf*n transferred to tho workers
and the workers would own* the
That would b* Socialism.
The whole product of industry
would then belong to and be an*
joyed by the nation of workers.
With the marvelous ; productive
powtrs of modern industry they
could product an hundred or a
thousand times as much as today
an*4 they would keep and enjoy it
all themselves.
Because the British ruling class
realise* thu* /acts, betauM it
knows   that    present civilisation
demands a starving-array of unemployed, it is fighting6with-desperation to prevent further. consideration of this measure, r
.Because  , the    British    working
class realizes that this unemployed army is the weight' that keeps ■
it in slavery-it is seeking to   remove that weight.—Ex, '
,  o—-—'■—-
"Washington"; Mar. 18.—-One of;
the most important results of today's labor conference was the
decision to draw up a memorial
protesting against alleged inaction, of. congress in the matter of
legislation in the interests of organised labor. It was voted to
present the memorial to the leaders of congress in a few days and
ask the leaders in .congress to fix
a time when a committee from the
labor' conference may confer with
them. '
The conference which is composed of representatives from 11*7 international trades unions, of 27,-
000 local unions, is regarded as
one of the most representative
gatherings in the history of organization was favored by the
election,, of president Gompers as
chairman and Frank Morrison as
secretary. President Gompers made
an address in which he outlined
the object of the gathering.
, A feature of the gathering was
the presence for the first time of
labor gatherings of delegates representing the Farmers' national
union and the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Engineers which two
bodies have never affiliated -with
the 'Federation of labor except in
a formal way." .
From. the foregoing, it is evident that no matter how ardently
labor men and their sympathizers
wish for a complete changing
round of the. basis of legislation,
they are sensible enough pending
such    change, , to. bring   the ■ im-
.niprtc-a—i-n-fliiAvipA ■****? *1-1***-,-ai •»• miMilMirc.
which* really means "votes", to
bear- upon their present, "representatives" who °virtually , .are
their "Rulers" to enact legislation favorable to their" present interests. We believe this is a proper and wholesome state of affairs, there is "no. reason why
enactments cannot be placed upon
our statute books, that will givo
everyone a fair chance to 'got" a
share of whatever good there is
to be had, for labor or money,
-■'C -.
The editor does not hold him*
self responsible for opinions expressed by correspondents.
Fernie, B. C, Mar. 16, 1908.
Editor District Ledger,
Dear Sir,
There appeared in the last issue of The Tree Press an editorial in which the advocating of
"labor-skinning" waB defended in
no uncertain manner.
The article in question was on
fruit raising, and the high price
of that peculiar commodity called
"labor-power" in this fair province of "ours," The writer shows
great concern on behalf of the few
fruit growers in British Columbia
but at the Bame timo shows his
contempt for "labor." The article
is a mass of contradictions and
to quote one of many we are informed that "fruit raising offers
an opportunity for a poor man
x x x to become his own master"
but further on we ar* told that
"only on* with a family of well-
grown boys may attempt it with
fair prospects." «
It is the latter statement that
makes one pause, for there w* can
read a story of struggl* with
failure continually (.taring a
"poor man" In tbe face and a
semi-compulsory slavery of his
"well grown boys," and to what
end? That In times of glut he will
not b* recompensed for his labor
'•rpaMifftvl, mirl when m nhnrtev*,
he is held tip by transportation
companies and conglomerations
of patty business sharks called
"Boards of Trad**." To ensure *
measure of success, thes* "well
<rro*m " brtjn«" r»in»t f>/»w,T>i>t.*»
successfully with th* Asiatic and
Indian, (who in all conseJeee* art
cheap enough) and it is this al*
luring prospect that Is hold out;
"an opportunity for independence." Now, every "poor man"
Is not blessed with "w*U grown
boys," and it is this fact that
makes the means to overcome
this deficiency all th* more horrible, for th* writer of th* artiel*
distinctly aays that th* "high
pr(e« «f labor" is d*t*rri»g to
trnlt raisin*; «l#o   that   "hitherto
much of7'the-necessary work has
been done^by Oriental, and Siwash
labor;" and the remedy? WhyJ
the method ;by.vwhich the provincial government has adopted, viz:
the appointing of that- pseudo-re-'
ligious r. organization as employ-,
ment agents,-..the Salvation Army
to .-wit! *;They-are to bring out
agricultural., 'laborers from the
European countries in order that
the/'high price" of .labor" in the
fruit-raising industry be reduced
and that Britishers omust compete and under-bid the "Orientals
and Siwasb.es" in order that "the
resources of our" country be developed.". That the government
are a "* party +o . this damnable
trafficking in human flesh is proved by the admission of Finance
Minister Tatlow who, when tackled by Parker Williams, as to
what became of the 815.000 voted
for immigration purposes replied
as follows: -
Grant   to Salvation Army.   ,
for,     building * Welcome,
Hotel,   Vancouver $2,500
Grant to Salvation Army
expenses in' connection
with immigrants ' •        500
Amount  advanced as loan
to    Salvation Army,  to
assist introducing 'domestic    servants    and   farm,,
laborers 5.000
o  ,   - Total  .    „ "18.000
. -The ajbove figures are proof
enough that under the cloak of
religion a slave traffic is' in full
swing not one whit better than
that which took'place in ,, the
"palmy" days of the "sunny
south." »' ,-.   ,
There is a cynical truth in the
statement" uttered by cine of the
characters in G. Bernard Shaw's
play "Major* Barbara:" - "the
churches ■■> are very useful—they
draw the workmen's teeth."
To the Free ^ Press I must give
credit.for having stated the capitalist position so clearly: that
labor is being taught a lesson
ness, also millions of workiess
woirkingmen are now realizing
that ''the growing pains of prosperity" (as the panic is called)
are painful indeed, furthermore
the capitalist will also learn that
labor; has taken the lesson to
heart and will remember,
I would urge every workingman
to read, the article in the Free
Press, "it would give" them' fur-
iously to think." I always felt
that the Free Press editor must
be meant for something. Laus.
Deo. Nothing was created in
?■ ? *v £   I*     *.-      ;-     -   -t -J"       ■ Y
■   -*■ -*? t5»£_rr ,JJ: S 1 ■*t<4
•a—-.:-    * ■aaaai*4*^*ja-'-*ft*B c VJ it *-..*■** -..J*- .*Y
. -.New York, March 19.—In accordance .with a recent decree" of pope
Pius X., Archbishop Farley sent a
letter'today to the rectors'.;of all
the Roman Catholic -churches " in
the city explaining'the new marriage1 law that will go into effect'at
Easter. ' o-"    ••    '«
It will be read" in all churches.
In the main,.the degree prohibits
civil marriages for Soman Catholics and declares unions in the
church on, and after April 19 invalid if either bride or bridegroom is not a Roman Catholic.
The following changes are being
made in the marriage legislation-
of the church:"
(1) No marriages will be valid
unless it is performed by a priest
duly authorized and before at
least two witnesses;
(2), A marriage, performed by a
notary public or'Protestant minister will be null, and void (hitherto, such' marriages, were valid);
(3) no marriage will. be lawful
unless it is performed by the pastor of the bride or by a priest delegated by him or the bishop, of
the diocsses; _.(4) those of the
faithful who are of marriageable
age, or who may be contemplate
ing marriage in the near future,
should secure positive and correct information as to the date
and place of, their baptism. -
— :—o ■—'—-
Merritt, March H, 1908.
To the Editor District Ledger.
I have been instructed tj'o have
the following notice published in
the District Ledger.
Thomas Matthews and''James
Young having been requested to
deposit thoir cards in this Local
have failed to do so, Therefore
the said Thomas Matthews and
James Young have been declared
unfair to organised labor. , And
a fine of $25 twenty-five dollars
has been imposed upon them, And
until such fine and all their arrears are paid up, will be placed
upon the unfair list,
Secretaries pleaso take notice.,
Merritt Local 2627, U. M, W. of A
""'   -■       o
Rumor has it in Frank that
H. 1." Frank' has disposed of his
interest in the above company to
French shareholders and that S.
W. Oebo formerly general manager of th* company is to return
and take up his former position,
• ,The final of the billiard tournament'' at the Briquiette Billiard
saloon between Lam. Williams
and, Tom Cousay next week. -
Prizes:—First $5.00, Second
Banthead P.' C. Co's mines, are
only running two. and three days
a week through a shortage of orders. Men are leaving daily for
other' parts,, most'-of the men
leaving camp are going on their
f*^*-*y?g  c ^ c*•*"'»«'♦''"» *^°
The Banlthead Hockey Club are
through with their fixtures for
the, season, which has been a very
successful ,one and went right
through without a defeat.
Mrs. H. Brown of Bankhead is
leaving for Banff to open a restaurant. Mrs. Brown has been in
the' business before and knows
how to cater, for the public, at a
reasonable charge.
Mr. Toole,*; postmaster, was
married a few days ago, the boys
showed their appreciation of the
newly married couple by serenading them for several hours., When
finally the bridegroom coughed up
and the boys went home to consider matters in general and women's rights in particular.
The Bankhead Cricket Club had
their first meeting on Sunday,
March 15th for the coming season, there was a good attendance. H. Morgan, presided. Ed.
Williams acted as - secretary pro-
tern. Honorary president D, G.
WilBon, superintendent, Honorary
Vice, D. McKay, Mine foreman
Honorary Second Vice, Douglas
Watson, M.  M.
Ofilcers—Prcs, H. Morgan, Vice.
M. Lang, Sec.-Trejis. J, Higgins,
Capt. Cba-s Hall, Vice, H, Morgan.
Working Committee:—J. Eccle-
son, H. Brown, Mike Hennessey,
Eleotlon Committee, Chas. Hall
J. Eccleson, D. Eccleson.
The team will join the Alberta
League this season. We figure
on giving all tbe teams in Alberta a run for their money this
coming season.
"Besides being an excellent re*
medy for colds and throat troubles, Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
is unoqualed as a cur* for croup,"
•ay* Harry Wilson of Waynetown,
Ind. Whan given as soon a* th*
eroupry coujjh appefcr*, this re*
m*dy will prevent th* attack. It
ia UMd successfully in many thou*
sands of homes. Tor sal* by all
Some few months ago we purchased Buathln* I-Uni-h, % farm of
IflO aero* of extra eholro Isnd, olrusted about «W miles went of tlm
0,K.°,'.N,e,.,oni ,n * w*ll »■'•'«• Portion of the district. Wehtyo
snbdlvidod this farm Into 10-srre hlnnk*. and w« tre nt-Ynrlm* h nm for
sait on w.sy terms, The lors'lon of this Urn U e>c*ll*ntt It li close
tn »bp 0 r. JJ 5t*t w* *i Graoltr. litre I* $ *•».-*, kM In tlio iui-
mediate vicinity, and the Government waffon wad from N*l»on runs
throujrh the property. On afieount of It* clow proximity to a thriving
city, th* vslqe of eseh block most nocew-arlfy rapidly increaif.
This li«splendid location for a fruit and ve&rtshle farm nr a -»
thickerlranch, There Is always an axcelleut market for snylhlni? X
aJ«r iS-sw Uses!a IhUta,aiU ittlaa, \•<■■, Lfol. vii\«.* lowy U oh- \ *
ta.ned. Tho Isndli not bard to clean a good worker could clear off * ft
and have a crop tbe first season. A major portion tt the ground Is I !
«l*arly open,* wry little lUndlng men tlmbrr. There Ins fine stream • % V
of water, roholn/r tbroogb tbli subdivision. The lotc'ere sllnatrd A 4
within a. qnarter of a mile of »h* K«v»t«nsy River, where the t*ry IS
finest Rainbow Tront fl.hlng li to be hid;      ,* ..'."'$$
W* guarantee th* quality of these blocks, and are plessed at *IM £
time* to give Intending purrhssers thn benrflt of » thownph ln»p->e. 11
.Hon. Wt;.eonald*r that we ire tffferlnc a particularly choice arUi>. W
You ar* not tavler sny vhenr-e In Motirtn/r »»»»» Und at o\tr price. Wti
ar* *e,lllo>f the** 10-sere blocks at IM.00 per acre, and can arrange the
term* In very eaiy paymentu to suit purehaMr*.
Fruit Lands and Real Estate, Bex -91, Ntlion, B. C.
Three quarters of an acre under
cultivation in West Fernie. There
is a Plastered House and other
buildings on the Premises.
Will be sold cheap and on easy
payments. >
Real, estate and Insurance Broker <       .
Bai- Unexoelled
All White Help
Call In and
See us onoo
P.   V.   WHELAN, Mgr.
The Hotel of rernle
Tho centre of Commercial ,
and Tourist Trade
Calolne  Unexcelled
S. r. Wallace      ,f*rop
OoAt.—Oosl minlna rlsht* met be IwmkI for
a P#»lod of twentjNjne v*a»ri st an snnusl
rinui ot II P*r etm. Not more thin. f,U0
aerei shall be le»H4 to. on* infltvldasl or
company Await* st the rsl* of five wnti
Mr ton nhrall be eolUeted on tnemtrebsntabM
eosl mln»d>
Qiurts.-A tiernonelshtMn .ear* ot st* or
?i»«n fca-vlBK dl«eo»trtxl mlneisi In ptsc*. mt*
oest* a eUlM I A*0 x l,»oo feet.
tlie IM (ot ImMiilUg m ci»lu »»tb.
Jit Jitiut flfOnnijit Vcii-ifitiut)»S ti
esrbyearor t»M to the mlaln*
Ktn thtnpf.  When Moo bsi m«d
*-*.<{, the loeator ma*, upon baylui m,nirvy
made, »nd BpoD.eooiiitjln* .-v/ifta otbir, re-
qBiremeiiti, itaretiM* lb* lend at II ntr af re.
Tbe patent tt/ovldw for the payment *f •
roynliy »t$ipit otol on the uIm.
m,ttiMinUi»nf olaimi ir*t.»Klly rare l»1 Itet
■4*isr«| eatr* im ♦» nasvable yeuly,  ■
An awjJloant ms* obUIn two Imhi te
dredi«^#->*oldeffl'/e*al)«ruobfpra unrt ef
twenty Man, renewable at, tbe * dliereUoa of
theKioutero/tbe Interior        •
The letat* ihallhkv*sdN*i«*ln oparatlen
wltbln oneMsionrrom tbedst* ef the Imm
for euh fir* mllfi. Raatai i|o nar sannm for
MCb    »IU Of   |W«* UaViayi,     Bo»»ltT »V
Mt* of »t-Mr cent eollMted on tbe outpat
UlteioMdilllMU.       <    .
Kings   Hdtel
\      Pernie, B. C.
Bar supplied with the best of Winea
Dining Boom in connection
Hotel, Hosmer
Now-Open , ,
Everything new and
Every accommodation
for the public.        "    ,
Bar stocked witH   .<
finest in the '..id
Fernle'a inoet  popular
Every attention to the
travelllntr pabllo .,
. Roomi reserved by wire
T. H. Whelan
' Manafar*
w. w.aiav,
Deputy VlnUlet of tbe InUrior,
N. JI.-UnaatbortMd imWIoetlon ef tbla ad*
v«rtlM*Mat will not be «*.<• for
Ledger for News
Under,new mni.u|j;eii.ciu
Weii furfnaoeti roomi,   l'rieuNeia>
topplted with the beet tho Market
, affordi.  Tl.ebarlawppJled
•   with the belt wlnee, It-
Jas. Severn, Prop.
forty Year*
102 (104,
*, i
■S-. "    "*&' V*       -J1**
-**, f*
.1   ^>»g
J, ■ £ ,J
ilft* ri-X   ^f-
'ft ■    -o
- jI ,*-" W   *=*&
--  -   - *£
•J -if"•■ •
'•:■ a  a1.. *' .-:
*?**-»    '
v    Official Orffiisi   oT   District
-NO.   18,   U. M. W.   of A.V
-,                  .•-  ,                     '-■!*>>T -
', '., ■■'.■-, .(Ii--- •
'-: •   •  •
■    "•    "' ■    /■"
'I-*.**.   '
•■Vr-     '..■'■
'VPER^yC-T-MARCH. 21ST,    1908
v;;;^    i.rV     '), £.';    ;
 —                       1              —
'   •'                    , , It
''..     -^    '-'^ '-".v
Controlling Interest of the C.! — :
.1 P.tal Co. Reported to
-  Have Changed Rands
!, St. Johns, N.     F., March 16.—
! An express on the Beid Newfound-
Hand Railway   jumped - the track
j near   the Port  Aux Basques last
I night.   ' The  passengers  were  all
: asleep  at    the . time,  and as  the
i cars    turned    over and collapsed
many     of    them     were injured,
though     none     fatally.     Aubrey.
Snow, of Fernie, B. C, -suffered a
dislocated arm., '..
T. Biggs has, organized a local
union of the Teamsters, and thus
made another forward step in the
right direction.
The union was formed on Tuesday the 17th, and 'the following
officers were elected.
President—J. F. Gravetts. >
; yice-President—Ghas.   Slever.
Sec.-Treas.---E. j. Good. „
Kec.-Sec.--E. J. Bodman.
The union star^s^y-'put with -. a
charter membership of 23, ' and
many others are expected to join
as soon as .they learn of its'existence. A meeting will be held
this Saturday evening for further
organization o  and all   interested
are requested to attend.	
• : Or-~ '
Developments at the meeting of
Crow's Nest Pass  Coal Company I
shareholders-last week marked the
passing of control of the company
into    the,, hands of the interests
identified with J. J. Hill.
It is understood that J.'J. Hill
suggested the  reduction  in  uum-
,ber. of the .directorate; and   took
the dominating place in the company's affairs  warranted by.   the'
holdings,secured, by. the Northern
Securities Company.      While during   the    past , year     there has
,' been , no sale    of   Crow's      Nest
Coal stock in     the open market,
the Hill, interests have-added by
■ private purchase,,to their already
.large   holdings,     and    have now
reached' a position * of undisputed,
.   control. ''..:,
.The    changes in the directorate
were     acquiesced in, the resignations-/of the     retiring directors
Having been sent in before      the
' meeting,'    aad everything arrang-
■■ ed.   As a matter of fact, the Hill
proxies/, were       not needed    . the
changes being unopposed.
. Mr.; Clough, the only new director, represents' the J. J. Hill, or
Northern Securities, interests and
will,  it    is expected,  attend the
monthly meetings of directors.
.   /-Mr. Graves".'' "the other director
from the, west, is a very large in-      Tweed,   Out.,   March 18.-Three
come   interested,   in     the Crow's       ■        ■ -
Nest   property  through his large
~ copper 4 smolting* interests -in -the
Crow's Nest territory.
, There have-been no' sales of, the
stock here for a'long- time. This
morning there were,no quotations.
At the annual meeting oi
Crow's;. Nest^PasS;,Coal Company
shareholders, ..the,directorate was
reduced in number from 15 to 9.
The directors are; G. G. S. Lindsay, president; Hon, Bobert Jaff-
" ray, vice-president; Sir Henry
Pellatt, second vice-president; E.
H. Wood, treasurer; Col. W. P.
Clough (New York), H. B. Mc-
Giyerin (Ottawa), E. C. Whitney
(Ottawa), Ellas Bogers (Toronto)
and Jay F, Graves (Spokane).
Mr. Graves, representative of J.
J. Hill, is vice-president of the
Northern Securities Co., the largest shareholders of the Crow's
" Nest.
Those who have retired are:
Hon. George A, Cox, who resigned during the year; J. D, Chapman, St, Stephens, N. B.; Thomas
Walmsley, Toronto; Lieut.-Cbl.
James Mason, Toronto; C, C. Dal-
ton, Toronto; James W. Woods,
Ottawa, and W. B, Morriee, Montreal.—Toronto Telegram.
The dance given by the Hockey,
club on St. Patrick's night was a
very decided success '.from • all
points both financially' and socially. '"■'■•
The Opera,house was> tastefully
decorated, and on the stage v as
a photo of the boys.. The beautiful silver cup presented for competition by the Whalen Bros., was
placed' above the photo, and
made a very pleasing picture,'.
. "Pat" Miller's orchestra officiated; and' it is needless"to say
was very much enjoyed by all, as
the continued'calls for repetition
of the various dances proved.
About'12.30 a very well prepared lunch was served" by the boys,
and in this, , as in the style of
hockey they supplied, they proved
masters of the occasion.
Dancing was then indulged "in
till about 3 o'clock, and the mere
fact that until the last dance
very few left proved just,*what an
enjoyable event it was.
. The. dresses worn by the ladies
showed that they, tb(o, had en-,
tered into the spirit of the affair,
and spent considerable time and
money in responding to the call
of snpremecy inaugurated by our
hockey, boys.
It was we' think the '.est dance
of the season,-and will-long be
killed a mile east of Kaladar station this afternoon. A light en-
"ginV'runnihg"ahead "ot "a"passenger train overtook the handcar
on- which were, five' section men;
Two saved themselves by jump-;
ing, but .the 'others met' instant
death. The. men killed were Alex.
.Fleming, foreman, John Anderson
his son-in-law. and James ■■ Woodcock.
THAT if it could be arranged to
have the horses- working on the
new Miners' hall form a union it
would now complete the chain.
• • •' ,
THAT   in connection with any
more dances, we would like to. Bee
programmes, They do not cost
very much, and at present there
are ' two. newspaper offices her*
where they can be done. They add
a lot to the comfort of the dancers and save the laundry from
erasfng the fair damsel's names
from the cuffs of the gentlemen.
• *   •
THAT    the   entertainer Js still
doing business. We expect it will
take     a   trip through the mountain's   like      the    Crow's    Nest
Monthly did some time ago.
I.   » • •
THAT   the   party    who is so
handy   with     the   Union   label
Miss Ethel Frizzell. daughter, of
Mr.,and Mrs. 0, S. :Frizzell, How-
Robert Potter, our City' Engineer.
The./ bride .who !,was dressed in
white f silk and looked" as usual,
charming, was giveri away by her
father.. Miss Muriel Whimster acting as bridesmaid and '-Mr. J.
Matheson ,as best man.
The Rev, R.' S, Wilkinson per-
formed-the "ceremony. •'   -  '"
There .was*, a large gathering, of
friends present, and many valuable and costly presents presented
to the bride and bridegroom.
The newly married, couple left
for St. Paul on the evening express.
Thousands of Women and Children
lire Mltviiyi linrwriHr.1 though oficn
overlooked. It it often the Hiljunrti
to u niHn'* toilet Mlhw thm. the
clothvi theniHlv** that {five that
slylislt atpp-iM'ttnt;-*. so much to be
ilwlreJ. .Our stock of
Includes, all the new*«t, mont txclu.
live *Niid'dnlMi>.*l ttjles nf Neck*
wrwr, UndrrMrmen)-), Handkerchief*;, Sock*,<etc. - ....
G. Fred* Johnson
Pittsburg, March 19.—With surprising suddonnens another Aood
of rivers is experienced in Pittsburg and vicinity today. At 10
o'clock this morning the stoge
reached the danger mark- uf 22
feet and the water was rising
seven inches an hour. All small
streams are ou th* rampage today
.and streets and cellars in the su-
^■S.°™j^*'*?_?■!.•!rt^3,^ I burba    ar*    covered with water.
Thousands   of women and child-
Ottawa, March 16.—-Hon A. B.
Aylesworth has given notice cf a
bill to amend the Dominion Election act. This measure, i.-t-sides
making'a number of aiie^dments
to the present act along technical liaes, with a view to making
clear the real interest of law, provides for the repeal of a number
of clauses and the substitution of
others in respect to the publicity
of contributions to campaign
funds, the manipulation of ballots , etc. It is provided that
contributions' to candidates campaign fund must be made direct
to his legal. agent and must be
published , by him. No election
contributions can be made by any
incorporated company under penalty of a fine of $1,000 on each
director or imprisonment' for two
years. A heavier .penalty is provided for the hiring of teams to
take electors to° the polls, and'
the man who pays for the conveyance, as. well as the liveryman '
is made liable, to the penalty.
In case the name of an elector
is left off the list by accident or
inadvertance,   provision    is made
to     have the   elector   vote on a
numbered    ballot by taking,oath
that he is legally qualified,.  and
that.he believes his.name has been,
accidentally, omitted.      No. ballot
may.be. rejected by reason of any
marks  ? being placed thereon , by
any      deputy    returning   officer.
The  penalty for  tampering   with
ballots,  etc., is increased „io  disqualification, fori'eight  years,   ilf
ot' ■ this offence he may be imprisoned for five years; without the
option of     a fine. If not an election, officer he may be .mp.rjsoned
for  ■ not     less than one year or
more  than  three  years.   Any  one
found' guilty of bribing' or -.nceiv-
ing'money for , his vote will be
disqualified     for eight years,   instead of for five years as *t ire-
sent,      - -   -  ■
Other penalties provided iu tbi.-.
connection remain unchanged. A
further clause provided that any
one not a voter who resides   out-
! Dray & Transfer
-    All  kinds  ot
Teiffliog aad
'  Transfer Work
side cof Cajiada^ and- canvasses or.
takes "part int}'elections 1 in - this
country shall be liable' to a fine
of ?20 ' or six months imprisonment. For circulating false state-'
ments -about the candidate, ■ with
a view to affecting th© election, a
fine of $500 or two, years imprisonment is provided. f
*          ' i)
Robert Blatchford, in an article
in The Fortnightly opposing the
argument that under a Socialistic
system the inventors, leaders and
people of brains would not obtain
"economic justice," asks some
pertinent., questions and gives
some interesting facts. "Has it
ever occurred to the anti-Socialist that the President of the United States is paid "less than
many a dealer in canned meat?
Has „it ever struck him that the
Prime Minister of England is
paid less than many a manufacturer of. soap and pills? It is certain that the aggregate salaries
of. Lord Roberts, Admiral Fisher,
the Archbishop of . Canterbury,
the Viceroy of India and the
Lord Chancellor do not equal the
income of some successful bacon
factors .or purveyors , of patent
Augusta, Ga.,-March 16.—"I am
an old man, and I am glad to say
I-never touched whiskey.'' John.
I). Rockefeller made this statement the other day to a newspaper man. He talked freely on
the subject of prohibition. He regarded it "as a good' thing - to
keep , liquor away from tHe negroes and lower classes of whito."
"I know there are many pro-*
blems to be considered - in .-connection ,with this great question, but
in the end I think it will be" best,
for the state," he said, indicating
his view with reference to the pre.
sent situation, in Georgia. It up-*
lifts the: people, strengthens them,
them    to  save.       It is
Mr. Rockefeller believes "that the
prohibition sentiment is growing,
not only in this country, but in
England as well. It is his belief
that, the wave of anti-liquor sentiment is steadily gaining ground
throughout the United States.
Hammond & Mclntosli
Electrical   Contracting:
off . Every    Description
—Box 348
Fernie, B. CI
P. O, Box 391
with his union, ond then find out
whether   the  customers requested
the label to be on or not,    Bow
does that catch ypuf   .
•   *   * '
THAT within an hour after last
week's    paper  was out    he was
honored by a visit from our worthy   school    master,    enquiring
wherein    he was oannibiHstioally
inclined,   He accepted tbo eharg*
quit*   pleasantly,     and Mtendid
a cordial invitation to th* Orl*
tie" to call over and im th* com*
bined staff of teachers, with     a
gentle   warning    that th*r* w*r*
six ladles on th* list. Thanks,
« • •
THAT th* article on th* *dltor-
ial page of th* Free Press beaded
"Ledger Rebuked" show* how
littl* th* writer know* of Journal*
ism, Tha article does not.. (aft*r
th* heading) mention the nam* of
th* Ledger,- and th* astra-atf from
th* L*dg*rthat was ,quot«d, w««
a communication with tho usual
bendi-fir of. "TL* eJUor da** aot
hold himself responsible for opinions «nr*»«*d by correspondents." If ths writer, for th* F.
P. wishes w* will b* very pl*a**d
to    give   him a -few pout* on
■aV V **0*4ft> •*Ml*a"'aVa>*V*aV4a'LL *
*   t   * *
THAT th* Free Press don't un*
derstand (amongst many other
things) why w* advoeat* th*
caus* of th* armory—well-'
amongst other things—it would
talc* more than two companies to
ke*p th* V. V. anywher* within
tbe lines of JoMm*'l*m,
ren are prisoner-, in their homes.
Railroad schedules are badly disarranged on, account of the water
and heavy landslide*. Early today a sand dredge belonging to
th* Pittsburg Plat* Glass company, brok* from its moorings at
Tarentum. above- th* city and
started down tbo Allegheny river.
Th* boat wtni over th* government dam at Springdal*. It is
not known if the cr*w of five men
—■ -■'■■)■" " ■	
The experimental stage in this
0 locality is past. It has proved
iis actualities are A i and its
possibilities boundless. It possesses three essentials to success
Superb   Soil,    Salubrious  Climate
Superior   Shipping   facilities
Tho property lor snle is located in a
bcautilul valley with nn HticquaH'sup-'
ply ot water and wili be Bold in lots ol'
10 acree and upwards nt reabonnble
priceB. Yon can put. your (rait on train
and' it is shipped to dentlnntion without
Satisfaction   Guaranteed
For farther information apply to
Arthur OKell, Creston, B.C.
Kamloop* (1 going to -hav* a
960,000 eourt nous* and Mr.'Herman Broley ba* obtained tb* contract.
On* of the flnist seam* yet discovered in the district of Lund-
br*c«, i* on the iuil to th* aquth
ot the tow'o'*ttd i*,ttyw *wii*f, 0S>-
ened up by th* Alberta Coal Co.
It shdws * very on* q-uality for
domestic purpose!.,
Th* slop* 1» now down about 100
feet and a car per di«m i» taken
out in *lnklnf. Th* eoal if bard
and in ie.rg* lumps with very littl* ilaek.
Th* company will put on a p«r>
manent plant at'this and neighboring seama.
— -■ 0"-
"Th* mine olfth* International
company at Coliman is closed
tbl*.week, whlU,.r»pair*..art, b*Uur
mad»y to- th* tippl*. Tnc'tnin* will
start again Stturday."—J"rank
"How"?   Read   below.
VLTE are golngf to glfe the lady (elthir married of
* ilDfle) who reoelvM the largest number oi VQt«f
a free trip to the Dominion Exhibition at Calgary lo
June. Every dollar paid on •nbacriptionii to Tbe
District Ledger (old or new) will entitle you to three
votei. On the 10th of Jane we will have Judge* count
the vote* and announce the winner on Saturday, the llith.
Cut ont tbe toting coupon below, tend or brinar H to the
ufaee, addreaed to "Tbe Manager, District Ledger" with
your vtXe on it. We will announce the retulta from time
to time. Don't forget tha SUBSCRIPTION IS ONLY
I,, ami nail..
Tke Meet Poeslar LUy Is Perale la t ^vaxvKsvsassxosniii,
tn^iTHj^r awhji
\M'A9Tk m-tiammwrw * ■_ ^.TsanzssSmr M\s»'£*karsti4 -W-ii§&
333£2£2^.^«a^-. —-af^.
^ffisaati-sssyt'^iiisto--.-- .'.,
. -»«!»      .,..>,-,-
MSTBICT LEDGSB, -FEBNIE.  B,  C, MABCH 2lst. 1908.   ,
For Perfect Flavor
Leads.   Every infusion is Delicious because
the quaBify is there.
Lead Packets Only    A^toli^X.tJ\tv ■ At all Grocers
s"General'  Booth refuses to _ grow
"    old"'.He turns    the calendar with
its   face  / to t the wall,'and keeps
■'   ;" TimeTat' 'arm's' length. .'   ".        '   .-'
.-': When,-, a-; man .has,reached rthe
age of;'73; he is content to let. his
;     years  .speak for, him, whilst ihe
supports their.burden at'his ea&e.
Not so the General.  At 78.he   is,-
' piannirig to  conquer new' worlds,-
'• "and' his' busy" brain iV.simmering.
;     with "ideas for the spiritual and
'     social salvation of waste'human-'
'   ity: Fresh'from his world tour, he
'■ is as" .enthusiastic and "as alert .[as
tHe-: youngest'    of his" "soldiers,"
"   and when I met him yesterday af-
. ,7,.,ternoon, ;-writes,.a "Sunday Chron-
■/   icle'' representative, he was eager-
t   ly looking forward to  addressing'
'-.'■''  a°huge  Manchester audience      to-
"■-,'   day:' •■/    . \-,..v    .-.,':• "
V   ""' A "military'    genius was lost to
the  country  when  General Booth
went in'for "religious -work. There
■',   is'    leadership'written on his fine
forehead, determination in'his firm
~':,   ,'nouth, power to. that large hook-
*' >d nose,  and inspiration in those
ing for
a tract of country over
the seas, where ■ I could send men
arid women who would work and
obey   orders;'   From what lean
learn','.'and from what I have* seen,-.
I should,.say there, will be a large
number,   of unemployed■.■   -in  the
North-' of 'England shortlyr5 and,
what, are'you,,going to" do^'with-
them?:, I should like, to .establish,
a sort of labor ieague,'. taker.the.
starving >". people    away.and put
therii on. the'land in some distant
part'of'the'world."-      v-..„,;.   ■-"
"Is there'not a strong,prejudice
'against immigration in Canada?"
-" "Quite, the contrary,.so far-as
my! people'are concerned.'. The -Sal-;,
ration Army looks after its own.
people,'and the immigrants won't,
leave the shadow of the' General's
influence until they have, got on
their, feet.^-.,,^ v^?>;-t •:■ ..;*,',-,'"''
"And you will continue to send
out-of-works  to.Canada?"     ;:-">-
The   General     rose    to .hisjfull
height,, and^his' voice, topic; a deep-;
er and     stronger tone as he'. re-J
plied.'"I shall go forward along"
the path that seems to me to' be'"
one of ■ duty, benevolence and ^religion. You' cannot improve the future  without  disturbing  the  pre
sent, and men must exercise~"their
r—aees-eyesfewhich.Btm-flash^the^tee^.righ^ •-.'
of  youth.   His  long,  nervous  fin
gers have not lost their power of
grip, his long white hair is still
thick on his massive head, and he
-, will tell you he is still a formidable antagonist of the devil.
.The Salvation Army has been
severely attacked of late by Labor delegates sent over from Canada to this country. Thest* dele-
. gates are requesting the Labor
party to oppose all emigration,
as the sending of shiploads of peo-
ly contributing to;^the unemploy-
ple across the Atlantic is se'rious-
ed problem in the Dominion. It is
stated . that factories and workshops are closed down, that people are starving for want of work,
and that the, Salvation Army
officials in Canada have already
to succour 15,000 or 16,000 emigrants who have been unable to
find employment. The Salvation
Army have been accused of being
simply, emigration touts; and I
brought tho subject before " tho
.General in order to hear his
: views.
'-" "All I can say is," he observed,
."what wo are doing in Canada is
in perfect, accord with tho Govern-
■ment itself, and the authorities
there know the conditions better
than the people who agitate at
"But supposing thviro i*. no v/otk
isn't it,adding to the difficulty by
sending moro emigrants out?"
"There is plenty ot work. Whilst"
I was in Canada I never heard a
solitary   complaint   against emigration,    The    Canadians     said:
"Send    us your thousands,     we
' want more,' When I was a boy
we thought ot tbe rights of man;
now it seems to be the rights of
classes, I am accused of iweating.
What am I to doY If I see a'pooi
fellow starving by the way-side,
am X to first inquire what will
happen to somebody else If 1 assist him and find Him a Job? The
Labor people would say it is not
right to got a man to malco a
chair unless he is in a Trades Un--
, ion.  '
<■ "People also complain that I am
* Bending good men out ol the coun*
„ try. But there is no room for
them here. There are not enough
holes for the pegs in England;
tlie-re «t<* pl^ntv of holes in Can*
iidn. We have settled 40,000 peo*
pie there during the last three or
four years, and there aro not moro
than a hundred out of employ*
A recent decision of the-, supreme
count of the United States is to
the effect that boycotting is illegal, as it is in restraint of trade
The consequences, of this' decision
by the court of last resort are
most important and far-reaching.
It deprives organized labor of its
most powerful weapon for enforcing its demands on employers.
The action in which the decision
was given was instituted by Diet-
rich-Loewe & Co., a Arm of ' hat
manufacturers in Connecticut,
against Martin Lawlor and 200
other members of the United
Hatters of America, to recover
damages alleged to have been sustained by tho firm by reason of a
boycott ' declared against it for
j having refused to employ union
I hands only in its factory, Mr.
Samuel Gompers and the Federation of Labor were made parties
to the suit for having published
in tho organs controlled by them
and circulated throughout tho
States a notico to all concerned
in the hat trade that they would
bo boycotted if thoy continued to
handle and sell tho'goods of the
firm, This the supreme,court has
and commerce' among the several
states and that tho Be who' have
been injured" by the employment
of such methods con recover dam*,
ages-from the individual' members
of the unions of organizations
employing them. Furthermore,'
the court added that tho Amerl*
can Federation of Labor is, so far
as the, boycott is concerned, a
trust existing in violation of the
law. This is the most severe
blow that has ever been given to
organised labor in tbe United
States, Xt alters tbe legal status
both of the unions and of the per*
sons composing them.
Although     the   decision,   being
given in a United States    court,
;ifc*r"".-.rl!y r<,f*T« nn\y tn •lnt»r-
ntttt* i,nwm»ri,», it is it dnela***-
tion of a principle which Is in
practice equally applicable to the
jurisprudence of the several states
which   will    naturally follow the
ati.it.l.Kl*.       Vi  **J  iW|f,v~»i <^  ,'r.l,',-';. i!.
in. their goods under threat of a
boycott if these do not. If the
manufacturers have won a victory
they have also at,, the'same time
suffered a defeat, for the. application of the principle laid down is
the . same in their dealings with
traders as in the case" of the unions dealing with them. The
beauty of the decision is that it
recognizes the,, indubitable right
of every man to pursue his own
welfare provided,he does not interfere with the enjoyment of the
same right by others. Thus highhanded combinations of both labor and capital in making laws for
themselves are brought within the
grip of legal authority. This opens
the. prospect thatrif one great evil
may be abolished so. may other
evils iri the conflict between labor
and "c'a'pital.—Montreal .Witness.
,*. ,; ■■KQ_ ■■  ,,n—0._•;.-■„:	
; *M
Many People Ruin^li'eir jteallh Using Purga-
',!'.':"•   *"■ fives in Spring ;
'' A'-'spring medicine is -an actual
necessity. ..'Nature . demands £t ,as
an aid.to. carrying off. the impurities that have,accumulated in'.the
blood "during tho winter months.'
Thousands of- people' recognizing,
the. necessity of. a spring medicine
dose themselves .with harsh, griping,, purgatives." This is.a serious
mistake. Ask "any.doctor and.he
will tell you that" the use of purgative:-medicine- weakens the, system, but- does not cure disease: In
the spring the, system needs build-'
ing up—purgatives!weaken." The
blood' should be' made■'rich, fed
and pure—purgatives • cannot do,
this'.;,, .What,, is needed ;'in the spring
is a tonic, and ,:the best .tonic
medical science has yet devised* is
Di A Williams' Pink Fills. ' Every
dose' .of. this medicine ■• actually.
...lakes new rich blood. ,This new;
blood strengthens every organ,
every' nerve, J every part "of the,
body; '*- That is why Dr.' -Williams' -
FinkiPills.banish^pimplesland unsightly skin, eruptions... That: is
why they cure headaches,., backaches, "rheumatism, neuralgia, general-weakness and a host of other
troubleswthat o come from, poor,
watery, blood   _'\That. is, why men
.andi-wome-a-who^usLbr WilliamsL
Pink ' Pills eat " well, *■ sleep well,'
and-feel bright, active and strong.
Mrs.-iJoseph Lepage St. Jerome,
Que., says; "My daughter suffered
.irom.; headaches and dizziness. Her,
appetite was poor. She had no
strength-and could not study or
do any work. She was thin and
pale as a sheet. A neighbor advised the use of. Dr. Williams', Pink
-Pills, arid after taking, a couple
of boxes we could see an improvement . in her condition'.1: She used
the. pills , for some weeks longer
when. they, fully restored her
health, and she is now enjoying
the best health, she ever,did."
Try Dr. Williams' Fink'Pills this
spring if you want to be healthy
and strong. . Sold l:y all medicine
dealers at 50 cents a box or six
boxes :, for S2.50 from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brock-
ville,1 Orit. rt
— ■    "—O-,
Fort Steele
Fernie.  B. O.
Brewers of Extra  Fine  Lager
andr Aerated   Waters.
Bottled    Goods    a     Specialty.
Crow's    Nest   Speoial
 , ■- AND —;	
Miner's Favorite Cigars
■ ,  "    '     -^      "   '    A
5*. The best dollar n day house in the oity t*-
Y '- 1
•y Liquors and CigBM of the liust qualtity, aj»
Y .". -.  J Well stocked Wr; ' ¥
,»«, Dining mom in clmrgo of P. P. Miller A
•!• .Only -white help omi'ioyed    ^     V
»**  4,    . . ; v*  ' ■ -.'*., ~ . ( '        h   4*4
B. B. WALKER, President
ALEX. LATJU). General Xansger
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - .5.000,000
Total Assets, -  113,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England
Deposits of $1 and upwards received, aud interest allowed at
current rates.' The depositor is subject ti» no delay whatever t»
the withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the deposit.
Fertile  Urnncli
H.   L., Edmonds, . Mumijrer
*>,   ROSS BROS.. PROPS.    ♦
•:•■", v
Now York, March H.-r^Denying
tho charge of insanity and praying for dismissal of tho suit,
Harry K. Thaw, through his
counsel, made answer to Evelyn
Nesbitt " Thaw's suit for annulment of their marriage. Thaw'B
answer was delivered to Daniel
0'HelUey,' counsel, for Mrs, Thaw,
who, after receiving tho papers,
stated that the caso would bo put
to trial and callod in tho Supreme,
court next week,
Tho answer of "Harry Thaw is
is in restraint of trade ■ .b*ie' ™d contains only the barest
legal formalities. A. RusboII Pea-
body, lawyer for Thaw, declared
that the case would ho thoroughly contented by his client,
Whether resulting from a sprain
or from rheumatic pains, there ic
nothing so good for a ,ame
shoulder as Chamberlain's Pain
Balm,     Apbly   t freely and rub
the parti vigorously at each application and a quiok cure it cei
tain. For eale by all druggltte.
Jf i: i'l-rzi
Have You Connected
■with, tlie
.   3.
Two Cars--of Sew-
er Soil Pipe > - and
Pluxa&bins Supplies
Please call and
: jget' prices
Hardware    and
— ~:-7—.r—-ir^T--\-—:—•- ♦
[.•>*>♦♦« »♦»»♦♦»♦♦♦♦»»♦♦-»•»♦♦*-»♦♦
J.   D.   QiaAlL
Pay your housekeep-
ing .bills ty cheque;
againtH; an accbiint
withThe Home Bank
of Canada, paying
through the bank is
safer than paying
with cash out of hand.
Your cheque is a
receipt arid we return
your cheques to you al
the end of the month
with your account
^accurately balanced.
Lt-1854  , THE      I854tf-
of Canada.
G. W. N. Boulton, Manager
Fernie Branch .
, v-"-»  J
The Dominion Meat Co.
Limited .
■ifTi,' >   --fr   ,   ' , ft,: rt ,-f 4.^
Fresh' and   Salt  Meats of all   kinds   in stock
Poultry, Fish and  Oysters in'season
Dairy Butter and Ranch Eggs
Phone 4
Victoria Ave
NOTI0K.H IIKUKI.Y (IIVRK tlital tuo t.kn,
n |.i*n.llft (ami lionk of -r*ir«r«iia* fliilvtf!ar-ll*
IIml nnd nppr/iviiit, nf tin. *-(>(,llmi or Hie lino
of milw»y nf lii* Cri-iW* N«*t Univtluro, IUII-
*j*ny Oomnmiv from Htntlon 1MI + |T.M to
"•"tl"" ta>*i  J- W  wm nn  »lii> !Vit,i ilnv nr
cm**« m w**umi?h n„ %* Wii, Tin n      ■*   ■ ■
* He.ei, 1HU Meruli, Iflod     ■      ■     *     .
A.  Jf.  MACNKII.^,
H-oll-lthr for rli* CrftW*'* Naat
' i i   ',»nii'H m m*
At (ill event* the   manufacturers i
nre enf-AR-ed inorp i r 1c»h in  Inter-
it-tnte   trade    nnd tbe boycott in
.practically prohibited throughout
_    , the United States, The decision is
"ConM yon hvonr n  colony in|one  whleh wnnat ,1(J eontrawwIlwl
Ehglond it it were possible?"        | for Jt Mmply meftJ1B thftt p.,,,,.
*"i«OHt mln......v.  Cv«iy  touutiy !*.„>j,loyB,l by k muuufacturBi-must
should consume U*< own smoke. fnot Inflict material injury on him '<
Mr. Herring left me a sum of nnd hfs huslnes* in punishment (or '
money to make t\ start, but when his refusal to comply with their !
he died be left his affnlrs in such demands. The principle will ap- ■
confosinn that th* matter is in the ply, however, to others than mem* ;
iaw «omv*. At ..present w* are i,„K 0f trade union*.'it UriVtM .
mHking an etf^riment in small with equnl (orce au those trusts, i
holdings near Cnlcheater. For ' companies and firms which seole !
eighth, ytttt). I hare b**n hitnger* .t->, corssp*! trad*r* to d**l      only !
eo WAt-fty
Cigars, Tobacco,  ,i
Cigarettes & Pipes
thern la only on« plucc In tou*))
'   wlicroyou ciin net ffood relli. tile
•j-oodn In our line th«t U hi
W. A.' IKGKAM, l'liop.   .,
I'iionk 01.    -'    -    Fern.b, H, C
not n
Wholesale & Retail:
' ■ i ;'
Always a choice supply of Beef, Pork, Veal,,'
Mutton, and  Lamb on hand.    Hams,    >,*;
Bacon, Lard, Butter and Kggs. ;'.
Our Specialties
Fresh,  Smoked   and (Salted  Fish, always a
■  good assortment^'Try'oUrMince"	
■   ,      Meat, Satirkratit and Oysters.
Thade Maiiki
_     DCSICNt
OorvnicffTc M
KfiTnnnkimftlni s»li»lr'j'»n'l nnnXvt\imm-*1
Ayet'sfSnrMpurftlt in htit tl
stronj drink."1/As now made,
there Is riot a drop of alcohol
In If. It Is«non-alcoholic tonic
and oltcrfltivc. Ask your own
doctor about your taking tl.it.
medicine for thin, Impure
blood. Follow his,advice
every tlmei' He knows.
W» publlih ««r Airawlw
W* kmik tltebtl
(mm nit mflutMf
We am »•« to
oui-itr ei tiuin nur i-.pmtna fre» *»lit.ln;r ta
lc»imilni> •♦»toharirp~ti»nyMf,etmimr.in.
l«::i«si:.aif"^.tt.Jr!i!f..t f.fflBS'Vi.'f OBI-**l»"«U
No HomNQ-No Grindiikl
»-"it In'*, wlJr« itirftifr i, i *--nir<;i*lp«,«*t».
I':*.tm,li Mknn thmuiti Mnnn .» Id. r»«»t»e
MtilD.u.lUt, •♦.((twiiteoartf'.l, ial:,3
Scientific mttiim.
* ft ,n,»*Mn«if Uluitntn, wi»«>f,  t.iue.% *!<i*
i-'ii ,:>'<-) ct «nf Mtawitite k>arr.»C   'i«r«» .-»»
rail o*iTi-Jtijiflrj.      '^^  ^ "^
Atk your doctor. "Whit it the flnt ire it
rule of health?''* Nine doctors out of'
ten will quietly reply," Keep the bowels i
reculir." Thenssk him another ques* '
Hon, "Wh«t do you think or Ayer's 1
Pills for coniflpitfon?"
i^o!., Jlfaqnelic
Ttvtte U t KMoa why CARBO MAONtTriC Pmotittetfieftfif la Ihe worM
This method of tomperln-z which Is OUR HXCLUSIVC SECRET
PROCGSS. PRESERVES TllBCARBONfnthesteilbUdes,\*bsre«s
lemperins: by Ore, the only other method known, 0RSTR0V8 IT.
In prirsto ute. Do you reatlro whit this mesne? Remember the
:Subscribe for the District Ledger. ' J#     [)#     QUAIL      AgeHl,    Femie
J. .DISTRICT  LEDGER,  FERNIE., B.  C., MARCH 21st.  1908.
The Japanese Prima . Donna Who Is
Singing  In Europe.     .-.r   , •'
Lovers of music in .Europe are being
regaled these days by the superb singing of Nonah Nlnah Katuajoeh, a full
blooded Japanese girl, though her facial lineaments have more, of a Caucasian than Mongolian aspect. She Is
small of stature, but lier soprano voice
astounds, admirers by its .remarkable
volume. '
Only nineteen years old., Is Nonah.
She is the daughter of a hotel proprietor in Bandjerinasin, on tbe island of
Borneo, where she was born.
Borneo being h Dutch possession, It
-was but natural that ber parents sent
lier to Amsterdam to perfect the mu-.
!K        :, NONAH NINAH KAUAJOKH. -, it. ,-   -;
Blcal. talent, v.-*-' •'i* sue _betrayejf at a
• tender'age^TliVTHUiili 'compose^ Cos*
ter, trailed' lier l.'i technique, and she
graduated with 'high honors from the
Amsterdam "'Academy of Music.V She"
 a\X4rtrt-t-*rt .-*•*•. l-fl-»A_rtvrtfrt*n*n
  |>VV'*aaT.'U4lTt77i*VaU"wT-|i« V ll ^^ *~~V* —Vt *•• *WC•* ** *f   iniv*'-
-niihh arid of her mother, Queen Emma,'
and was enabled'to continue her-studies iu France, Italy nnd Germany till
she is now recognized as a soprano of
great promise. Just now she Is sing-,
ing to 'vast audienqes' In the. Riviera
and middle, Europe.
Ironed. Pressing will not be necessary
either if they liave not Iimmi pullwl
awry; in taking from the water.
After squeezing'take c'iKlilmi' carefully.nnd pull liito'.Klnipi'.'. pssttlr.g' tlie
hand inside (kiwi) to* the i'X** '-ii:iil
bringing it up with :.r,* l.ii!..",s i-ut-
spivii'il to smooth 'n\\ay w.Ti.iUk's-.. I'ln
iv.-'h line on-iii'e'lliii' jis'.s.soi'i n*. wriii.
,kl»s are tint.' Jiiiviug the to.*- up In
this way "tlit>, water will drip out.
whereas If,'the toe is down the wiiI-t
is held Io:*s£•'■-.■. -    ,,-       ■ .      .
F:'ii!ck 8c*p;'iM* in t!ie water will help
tn vet'llie color, before t!!**-l!rst  wa^V
fi'.\H. and a little s--.ilt answers the rum.'
t>r.rpoKe   "A weak alinn' water Is also
/rood for black.
, Children's white , stockings ivij\il:e
most careful washing, for they become' very dirty nl-out the kneeM. yet
soap should not be rubbed on.    .
The small boy who gets dirt oii his
stoi-King-s preset!tp a problem wherehi
kerosene laid !*e.«t be used. I'uthusi-
.'■'.•y'tlins soiled by itself in a biisin and
•■I'm; iM'er l:er:»«eno. I.el the slocUlnp.
siand In ihl* for twenty uil'.irles. In-
,'n a ji'j: put very hot water and
.■!i:->ugh ammonia or washing soda lo
nuke it slippery. . Pour off the oil
ind pour over tlio water, stirring t!ie
tickings   in   It   wllh  a   spoon,     Let
'and Tor a moment ,*:nd toss Into siuR
A I! the dirt will by this time, li-ne
been taken out, aud the rest of the
washing is simple.1 - „
.r. .,'   . How to Jell Cut Glass.  ..... .
This»valuable-note was'given by a
man working iu one of the best known
>'1hrs houses lu the country: Many women .have beautiful, pieces of .glassware which they think geuuihe cut
*-iass, yet, there are many, bund reds of
pieces which,are* only clever imitations, .and tlierey.is only one known
means  whereby,'eveii an  expert can
.detect the genuine from the imitation.
If.yc'.i will move your fingers along
the inside of a piece of cut glass you
will .observe that the surface is per •
'fe'ctly smooth; w^ile little.indentations
.wlli be. found in tlie blown glass. .Tlii--
is caused by the shrinkage of the glass,
' lifter tliepieces are blown. -/f he'rough
u'ess is'noticeable not-from looks, but
the  slight, indentations; over thosur-,'
face. -Heavy glass and glass with cut
-edges are no-Indication of the ware
being genuine cut glass;'.for It is-now*
possible'to blo-iy'glass several 'luche-'
thick, while the deceptive'cut edge i»
■"do:.V>'wlt!i"powevfiil cliP!rtlcals:'*"In pur-"
chasing any ('utrpli'iss':- if.-you[.will re-
.member to carefully examine the inside as-herein inen'.loi-.ed'you can. satisfy yourself/that you are not paylu;:
for sotuelhlng which»is not genuin.**
and there are n.o'.'<.* imltatioiis on th-.-
market" than one might suppose.
Care of Clothes.
-Tjlie woman who knows how ,to put
away her .belongings is not.only, neat,
but economical,,, and geuerally smart
In appearance. When sho *'comes: In
from a walk she never hangs up her
coat by tho loop inside the collar. If'
eho puts It away'In the cupboard sho.
uses a coat hanger; if sho leaves It
around tbo room, knowing that buo
may need It soon, she disposes it over
tho back of a chair, that will keep it in
shape Tho skirts of her gowns never
havo a stringy look, because they aro
always hooked nnd thou hung up by
two loops. For a tailor made skirt,Bho,
uses a small cont banger, with thu
ends bent down a littlo. This Iteepa
tho skirt in oxcollcnt shape and causes
It to hang In oven folds'. TJio strings
gt her undorsklrt aro tlod, ami (bo
garment Jb bung by tho loops, thus'
*oovor showing ft hump where It ban
rgsied on tbo book,
1 Por tbo Mimo' reason hor blouses pro
'always hung bv the nrmliojcs unload
they have winging loops,   tlandsomo'
n ones aro stuffed wttb tlssuo paper and,
'tiro then laid In Ui'iiwors or uoxos.
Shoes aro onslly kept In shapo by
slipping n pulr of trees In thorn us soon
as they nro removed from tho foot. If
trocs aro not available, nowspapor will
do If It Is stuffed In light.   It Id well
, to roll each veil on a stiff plcco of pa*
por. A slnglo fold will often Rpoll tho
sot of a veil and soinotlnioM *^n ^f
,tbo expression of n rnc„v ^^
should always bo remove*', by turning
•'-« wrong Bhlo. r>{u   ;ril0>, Bh01^
Your Husbr.nd's People!
Do'ns;courteous .iin'd considerate to
your husband's people as you would
l.*e to your own. '        • *'        -■ ,-
Do" not think that every fault found,
every, disagreeable' word uttered, is di
roc-ted nt'you..'.-.,
Don't gossip to your husband about
his* people; Tell liimof the pleasant
filings they do and hot of the unplcas.'
nntthiiigs, ...
Do not try to keep him from rthem.
I'.iu'oiirage Ills devotion to those of his
own kin,and you can bo very, certain
It will not be greater than It Is for yon,
T*.e helpful' if you can to them. D<*
hospitable, but do not overflow with
c-ontldcncos thnt you had better keep to
Whon you married your husband you
married his family. In a way, and you
can show no greater love and tender-
iiorh to hltn than by giving and Inviting love niul rcfpeet from his people.
Without using any . slaiig phrases,
we mean .what we 'say/'We,, are
there" with all the';, paraphernalia
incidental to Skating and Hockey.
We carry the largest -assortment of
these goods in the . district and1 for
quality   and   price   defy. competition."1
Whimster & Co
,   V
■ «•;
Say !   Why not have your plumbing,.
. *» \done; nb!w before the big rush.   ' We
5        . have the largest staff of experienced   -
'.      .'-plumbers, steam fitters and tinsmiths
;  inithe, cily.    Prompt.and, efficient., \
.Telephone* 1
Hamilton, Proprietor
,..,'. Next King Edward Hotel
A Finish For Underwear.
A favorite finlpli for the ueel: of
rfJyulgowtis, choinlHo and corset covers
!i {& work ft row of muull InUtonliolcil
m'ullnp!* nil ni'mmd tho edge, nfterwnr.-l
•.•uiiiliiR a plt'ce of vol laco undcnieatli
llio HCIlllOlW.
_ Tjjo rnjnwnntroa w» - o nnfl cm
'"'"k'-Sry Ih caiTied out still further by
i rorleu of laco motlfo not at reffulnr
hitorviilft apart, n few slniplo Bpraj'H/ft!'
t'roncli embroidery Kurroundlng each
The BcnlloiM whlc^ fln|Bjj llw Bcch
..utllno fslumW nftl \)(l htninnoa Wnlll
utter i"o>,#l,M,'1,i(.i. HCiunn arc fstltchwl.
f An
nOfi'^V-tft  Device.
Aii/lnfjoutn*,.'! \vmunu. who doefi n
*troi/r di'iil.of Mnw nowlnpf. him illseov-
 v   w„V|llll   ercl, lluit ■llt'l'lo hiiks of Hiiinl aro most
then bo turnod, »unek nwlllli biown^nto   Vi^pCtil In lior w«rfc.   The tiny biw*
Blmrio a>^ ench «,IBor Hmoothn» out.   '  'i-i* only «,J0»l :1 ''>' 4 InohoB In .nlw.
I     >,,l*u  r.f miin/,  ul,,,lll,l   lm   1.-     ...      ..i \m       (iDlflft    lllllllO    frOUl    till    ROl'tH    Of    JlOIlV.V
noiipnroiifl HonipH of mnlorlnl. Henilui*
0-1 nulte heavy by tliolr Bnml fllllnn
(bene Ikikh nro lined to hold down pa)
uirim when one Im cuttlnit out, Uhik
uvnlillliB ui.K'li <»f ,'>,> n*01'0 hiborloiii''
lilnnliiK proppHH. HphIiIoh, Hid odd little
•vi<ljjtlit|, ure uKoful to keep 1'nrtH of nn
iimilo drowns rrom blowlntf or flllppln.
...'f tho howIiiu (able.
I tTatn of courso Hhmild bo l--^ v^\ 0f
tlio dUHt and placed bo t'^ \l]6 ^^
inltiR will not bo !lifii>nnKOli. fori
oIho Hhouhl bo pro^e,! from -dint,
ind n muff 8u°"l'Virtwnys Do Htood on
If women ^^ ttmt mmX 0f thoir
boiongln"^^ lylnj. |(,,0 ,noro thnn
lZy \<sej \tbing worn, thoy would por*
,    j$ 1j« cvoro attentive to Uiuho littlo
aticolloii, wtilch uro Kiuall tlilngn In
•<«ioTniwlve», but b« for toward keeping
•them looklnc trim.   The iwrfoetlon of
•ench detail In notlconblo In the woman
who hnti mnntored the art of pnttlnu
tblngii away.	
•How to With Colored Houery.
H'ltlj c-oioi-wl hiwkiy lu vt>i*ue up nt
pre«out Iho matter of wonhlnj* It without linvlng It fade proHontu a problem.
A common inimako In mndo In nilug
▼ory hot wator inn. nibbing wltli sonp.
Tbo lnttor dippplntly rhonUI nuvcr l»
done.   Turn the Rloclcliiffi-. wron« n»do
out   Hnvo tlio wutor lukewarm only.
Put u littlo bona Into It, with n nidi of
pure   laundry   Hoap,   prcrombly   tlio
•white kind.   I*t the Blocking remain
In thin for'tcn iiiliiul«t». then nib brlik*
ly with tho ImnrlH.   Kroro thin water
put them Into* clear witter with only
'Urncs. and uKfir tbat Into othor clear
water ot the -tamo teiuporature for
■Hnalnf.   Do n6t wHng at any tins*,
bot ■Q-oaoula tho bandi. for stoeklata
%^^ tt>af>t«lor twt t*MU Mt It
There* is    only-   one   causa—(of
"do,-.not advertise.,.'They cannot
•held the trade. The corner grocery'
'is nearer to' the people'and they
get a' big' share ot the business. The
,only .remedy _ for   the grocer -is to';
advertise.    Tell the people'about
.the. fresh goods that are .received
every day. Suggest to them a new
brand  of pickles,  a new kind   of
canned " 'fruit,' the ~ cooked meatsp
fresh biscuits and the'hundreds of
palatable things so much desired
in hot weather,   The people want
those things and would buy them
if. they    only knew where to   get
them. • The corner grocer does not
carry them, and in warm weather
a woman will not run around tho
city looking for,something to eat
that is cool and refreshing.,   She
has no time and less inclination.
If she saw advertisod that a certain store   had what she wanted
she would soon telephone an order or,    send it.—From the Canadian Grocer, June 21, 1907.
Parsing loitiOi'iiii'mil
Ov-a'-lwrtoK.. Women
'ft Ml stations i.! life, whoss vigor and
vitality mn-y nave botn undermined and
brolcou*down oy over-work, exacting
social dutlds, tho toofroquonb boarlnfjoi
Cn.ldws'i, or other cautvos, will Ond in Dr.
tlerco's Favorite Prescription the most
potont, lnvluoratlnp! rcstoratlvo atronRtli*
Klver over devised lor their special bono*
fit. Nurslnpr-niothers wiHJJml It ospeclal*
ly valuablo l\sus»ialnlnij wjelr strcnBlu
and promotlnuVn liliundant ixwrlflhrnont
for tho child.   ISxpVctiintMorl^rs tpo
will nnd It a prlccless^tWiWiW tho
Bystom for baby's comlnji and ri.rtuixlni*
tlio ordoal comparatively painless,  J^
|qjioThjjjti .1 iijinvmiito/or pniulltlon
eTeniilh' i-yniein.
encutoi,lfifx7ZiC*ry>onto women,, who
•■:.. - >.•    ,      ■   ■       .>     ...,.;U''i '
Shown by Official figures
A Savings Account is your
best fpaend.
SECURITY—Total Assets, $33,000,000.
CONVENIENCE-No formality in opening accounts, or in depositing or
withdrawing money.
PRIVACY—Information as to
accounts is confined to
clerks, pledged to secrecy.
Fernie" Branch
. >* 't    i   .,
Auditor, Accountant, General A-<out
Life, Accident and Employer's Liability insurance
Books, opened,   closed,   audited,  and accounts  kept in the
most up-to-date manner. ,' ;
Office,   Burns'  Block.
Pernio,  B. 0.
Phone" No., i52
House. No.   174
Ferrate's Most Home-Like- House
A Dig Fraud.
Tnlk nhoiil your finudulent ndver
tlHomenlnl A cotIiiIii thin womnn sent
-.0 wtnlH In Bliunim the oilier iluy to nn
nilv(M'tlHor who In Inw type hnd prom
iHei! lo Impnrt n mire wny to jtot fnt-*-
■' ,   !... :\ V.'-'.l' '.x'.' H U".i," (''■<*"> ^'"rn nrn
vm-non who wiint to he fnl,   Hho nv
mivod In reply IIiIh mcntmito on a post
• urd; "liny It nt tho Imtehor'u."
A ufeful UIIcIhmi apron Ih iiintlo hy
iililiiK two width* of jshiRhiurt tho re<
Mil.'vi,   Wu'nili'i   W«'«   *-•>•"    *• *•***.*.  ■**'•
'ti;* ii Hoven Inch full llounee to the
•enter width. An npron tnmlc In thin
liuiniwr will l« round n urent protee-
Hon for tlio hottoin of Hklrtfl, m- the
iloiuice itjooIvm nil the dirt
suffer from froouent lioadaclicH, back*
ache, draRBliiK-ilown tllntross low down
In the alidnnion, or from painful or irrn«-
ular monthly pcrloiU, BiiawliiR or dls-
trcsdod HmiBiitlon In fltomtwih, dizzy or
faint iipollfl, pni IniiiRlnnry upeekB or npotfi
lloiitlng hoforo oye«, lmvo dlHOBrooablo,
'polvlc catarrhul drain, proljipmw, anto-
verfllon or retro-vorulon or other dl8nlaco«
moots of womanly or«iin» from weakn'*s»
of paru will, whether thoy oxporlonco
many or only a few of tho abovo nymi)*
totnB, find relief and a l^F^anenl^M
using faithfully unci fairly, wralntontly
-this world-famed Bpoelile or woman's
•woakneaiMa wid pc-oullar ••1™""'* '• <*
pure nlycor c oxtract of tho cholcoet nn*
five, medicinal nota without a drop of
alenlinl In IU ninkn-iip. All IU Inarodl*
. Snu printed In plain L>ll»hon it* botttc-
wromier and altoBtod under oath. Dr.
?™kI lli-i J.'*!''*1 *•.•- fnllMt ln-e-tlu;-
tton of W formula knowliic* that It will
be round toeouuhi on))- tho lw»i ■a*''-™*-?
known to the mont advanced medical
#cloncoof all tho different schools of prtio*
tico for tho cure of woman's peculiar
Vfiaknoasrti and nllmnnU.
H you want to know moro,about tho
composition  and   profoHfllonal(r o™orw*
UitiiVOt l!n4 "I'«*4iiu.ii»<i •^**t'iit'*4'i''*»,.S*"
postal card request to Dr. It. y. Plciroo,
.luffslo. N. Y., for bls/iw booklet treat*
Itigof same. „ . ..
You enn't afford to accept M a stibstl*
tnto for this remedy of fcrimmrnmposlMor.
a secret nostrum of'ttiknovn ootnposi*
(ton.  Don't do It,
Interesting information' as' to
growth of trade unionism is given
in an .'official report just issued.
The report-states that of the 645
unions who furnished, returns at
the close of the year 1906, the
total membership for Great Britain and Ireland was 1,719.031.
Their' income amounted to £2,-
109,665; and their expenditure to
£2,283,230; while the balance of
funds amounted to £5,864,342.
The figuros ' for 1906, compared
with those- for the previous year,
show an increase in membership
of 151,512, or 9.7 per cent., an
increase in income of £152,485,
and a decrease in expenditure of
£222,794.,, During the year 1906,
income exceeded expenditure by
£426,435, and the balance of
funds , at the close of the year
amounted to nearly six millions
sterling, a sum exceeding that of
any previous year. The average
gross income per member was £1
lis, 6d., and the amount of
funds per member £3 8b. sw,
Since 13*78 \.ho aumbor 0f "it^'0
!!. T. members has grown from
d09,099 to 1,710.031*, the total income from £319,849 to £2,709,-
665; and the Lalanco of funds from
£467,616 to £5,864,342. Twenty-
six trade unions wero registered
during 1906, and 25 dissolved or
gave notice of termination during
the year, Of the 1,710,031 members in 1908, 1,051,710 belonged
to England nnd Wales ,55,605 to
Scotland, and 11,716 to Ireland,
"'0 "
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited,
Havo used MINARD'S LINIMENT for Croup; found nothing
equal to it, sure cure,
Hawk-show, N, B,, Sopt, 1st, 1005
J.  L.  Gates,  Proprietor
Cent rally   tcotel< d
Saw  your   Cordwood
By Power and
save money
Cost of operating
very trifling
<•> Circular Saw Frames
Drug Saw Machines
Stationary and Portable |
Sawing, Outfits
Canadian Fairbanks Co., Ltd.,
Vancouver,   B, C.
Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg.  CalRnry. /;>
SKAI.KD TKXMilH o.l«lr«*«i.*l to M'«• wn-Ur*
ulutioil, r,ii<l onilnrafil "Tumler for Imntlii*
I'm.' ciHIr-.', VnmoiiTKr, U.t\," will mi rw-jlmil
nt IliU olllcit until Hrtttirilnv. Atirll v/», H"*,
Itmliiratlvdly, l«r III* eoiiUriintloii of h HniUrw
Kyatoin lor tlm I'iiIhIo IlnlMimr nt \itninvvi*r.
'I'l'mm nml »ji*rllloi»»l(»iu mm lm Miin.iiiiil
fnriiiH nf tHmfar nlitalnnl on,mi (tlloHtton nl
thU U«p»»tTntnt, from It;. W. lUjiiUr.un
Kiip»rlnt«mllni» sroliltent..Vlotorls, 110, #trnl
tr'm   Vr   f'li«»l»'i   Trtaanll    fllorh nf Wnrka,
Vftneonvtr, IIU. ..      .   , ,    .     I
fiTrfiri- ii-nilfrliiR KTifflMUlM th*t titnilftra I
will not lu flutialilfmil uiiIum inifilti nu ili«
" form ktiiiplU'l, um iluni'il wltli Clii'lr
HCtual •Igni.turii
nl#'l liy an
i*nb. m»ilt
Plionr 11
TIIK LADY'S NFaKDS aru horn In
tlie wny ol DnijiH, MuiIIcIiich, I'm fnmex,
I'owcle'rHBiicl all Toilet rc!C|iilHlti!*i, Kvery
supply for lii« (IreKHiii,; table, uiuiiroom
or lioudolr. Fanry Soaps and KurliiitH,
Cold Creams, Puff Hoxcs, etc*. All kinds
of Perfumery, Hnir, Tooth mid, Null
UrUHlies, Maiilcuro Pels nnd Bpmi|*es.
Tlie quality of our «oodn will sutiufy tlio
iiioht«incline. We trot our hii|i|ill(;» In
frosli cvnry week, n::tl purelmse only
the, bunt ciunllUcs fur nil dcipni-tnii-iit".
You will Imve no enusci tu llnd (milt
wltli our price*'.
•7HF   PAI /H   HU (\*T\) RB
P. McLean, Mgr.
At nlKUt when t»ettlti|t lircnd If tl»»
evock <-ontaInln« tlia Imttor Is placod
on a featlier pillow If will old toward
rtUalnc -Uwro bclntr m «n°cn hMt ln
rts-tkM*. A littlo pillow kept for this
pamm trill alwart prcrs xmtnl
Btmsmber that we want your
vote on the most popular lady In
ITsrnls. Tbres votes for ont dollar paid on subscriptions.
Efa-ri Hi'.ltr rnnat I.* ■»»**mMi
t)«»»lil« to tlm maw- of tlm linnotirMlilw tlm
MlnUtcr «.( I'nWIn Work*. c.n«al «o tm wr
pMit   Mi> ti.**.' nf ttii> Kinottnt «ir ch» »»nil*r,
Wlll(.>l Will tin .(Ht.vl.lx. .m.»v*<«". w.. .«.(...*
ilertln* to <mt*j" in'" » C(.ul;nul wlmii onllnil
ti^n ?o ijo .*. «r If li« '»» "'- «'«mi>l»l« ■»•
work enntriiflt**:! for. H tlm tumlcir l» not
uri'Mif-*-! »li« chn-|iti.wlll b».T",,l,,r',' ii .t# ,,.
Tlm iJ-jftftrtcndit ilo«» not lilml Haelf tfl
»rc*iit tlm |o**»»t or nny tonikr,
Jlv OriU*
lirtmrtnmnt of PuNi* Workt.
Ot<»ws, M»reli 11. JW»-
.Shwap«f»r. will not I* l*W f«Jf•''•*,l*,J1v.V:
fU«m*nHf tlmy lu*rt it *»Jllio.H tavitJioilt.v
from tlm l)»pmtm»nt.
All the leading lines of
high class Chocolates
and  Confectionery
FlEK.aNI-C»  13* C »'«*Wi^4~s*A*^Uti«
DISTRICT LEDGER, FERNIE.     B.  C.,•-MARCH, 21st.  1908.
News of the City
For Sale.—The furniitin*- of H. CttrHie
above-Mcfiwinjr'i. b-ikrrv or Phwip.
145. . " l-'li
.^WANTED.—Thoroughly com-'
petent girl for general housework."
Good wages. Mrs. A. B. Trites.3-i
Private nursing by an. experienced nurse with high references. Apply .jMiss Sullivan,     care, of   Mr.
Fred Kading,  McPherson Avenue.
■ - ;    S  2-t.
i-Vr S,.V —Sp.--< dU -C, •.-•■: V-' '
Puppy, sij^i-.i f)\e !li• 1111ii>.' -i'li-.-l el n
j-cdijjrce. Golden hrindle colour. IVici-
$20.oo.' Apply bv .letter lo box 246,
Fernie, or Mr. l*".rrin«toii 81 Fi-rnie
Annex. " K—21
Saturday   Specials
New Luid Esrgs,' regular 40c per doz
Special fo   Saturday.........7	
' , ci "■'"
Guiin'r Snaps, i-etMilar 15c per pound
Special tor Saturday-1 2 lbs. lor.-	
PayCash       .      -     #.  J.    3LUNQELL
Prompt Delivery
Rochou's Chocolates are delicious,
W. G. Ross left for Seattle Wednesday.
1 Boy wanted  for  offi.ce work   at
Ledger  office.
Boy wanted to .leani pressfceding, apply at this office.
Mr. W. S. Stanley visited Prank
Alta,-Tuesday on business.
Rochon's Candy Kitchen next to
Bank of Commerce.
There will be a meeting  of the?)
Board of Health on Tuesday evening.    ,   ,    ., .......     ,    ....
■- Mrs! '■!J. .Thompson and Miss
Smith of Hosmer were in town
Mr. PI Hughe's 'of the Waldorf
Hotel was presented with a
daughter last week.
It' is rumored that the Soo
Spokane flyer goes on again ,,the
19th of next-month.-
Be sure and see those q*uaint old
queens at. the Methodist church
next Thursday night.
Mr. John Angus Macdonald the
secretary treasurer, of our District
paid us a short visit this week.
The Mayor is attending to   the
city engineer's duties in  the city j
during his absence  on his honey-,
.noon. ,
Peach orchard for sale In Okan-
. agon Valley,  part bearing      this
year.   Apply     W.      S.  -.Stanley,
' Ledger.
A $15.00' watch for $12.00 at
Liphardt's Saturday .' and Monday. He guarantees every watch
he. sells.
There     will  be    some    dashing
young damsels    at the Methodist
Jshurchentertainment next Thurs-
* lereJs  Your  Ghaace'
of Books    ->
m *£n*ae*vr*T&ni
1»3   Off  Regular   Prices
We nuisi make room; for Spring goods. „
"2,000    books   lo -. choose   from ,2,000 ,
Some Special Bargains
Set Bilbao ia vols,     (ii W)
Set Shakespeare -.. ■
.;';-.   :  .4) vols,,: >, 80,00
Bovs'Own Anmuil       s.SO
Mr». Beeton's evetdny -   - ■
Cookery Boot   1.75
A very complete selectioi. of Juvenile Story mid Picture Books at prices you  ■■   2&L
cannot afford, to miaa.   Make your choice early   ■>. • ■    ■>       \f 7p~
".                .. - "'  Keg.'     Selling
•uce    ;
15.00 - :■
-    *-'     -Price    . Price
i Sel'-Prououui<Uig'  - ■               <
.' lincyclopedia, 8 voU . *10.00      i'.b i
15.00 ."
Lmgd Padded Poets      1.75      ' l.u>
' S vol'. ?eu of-Buskin, , -,,,,- '\-„ . ■;
.   . Dickens, Kingaley   ■ :* .*'"-.■-'*,-
niul Hawthorne      '2.00 '*   1'40
'..          -•■ •'—- n - -
day night.
Remember Liphkrdts special* sal*
of watches Saturday and Monday. Watches at 90c. $2.50,
92.75, ?3.50 and up.
Mr. J. T. Martin representing
the Canadian Fairbarik's Company was in town registered ^at
the Waldorf this week.
We learn upon undoubted authority that the mines at Frank
are shortly to be much extended,
and will be shipping again extensively.
Our popular Town Clerk, Mr.
Boulton was presented with a
daughter on the 13th instant,
both mother and baby are doing
well, we are pleased to state,
The Fernie Rink Company will
hold an extraordinary general
meeting; at the Rink on Friday,
the 27th instant at ,8 p.m., 'to
consider the Increasing* of their
capital stock and,other matters.
W, D. Sinunonda, late with S,
F, Spalding has opened, a Photographic Studio in Oommell street
near the Opera House, "opposite
tho Central Hotel and is propared
to do high class work at moderate prices.
()|!l*ll»   III)   .f'lll|)IH',V  flMl,     WIlV   HOt   Hlllllj
„lioitliiiuil, lii-ulilidoiiitf, titc., mill nuulify
for m iinful Hitlnrlnil tinslUon? Wn oiui
lit'lp you. riifaroitlnir mtaloKiio Iron on
ri'f|ii(*it to I'. 0, (lur'ititt, Prliii>I|iri| of
Tlm OnrliiiH  Mitaini'mt Collnuc Cilimry.
Mr,   J.  Fleishman
the 17th instant.  >
Candies      have     no
was "in town
Mrs. Matthiesseh of Hosmer visited our town Thursday.
Rochon's     Candies,    made     in
Fernie.   • .       ,
p '       ' ' ' , 't
Judge Wilson of Cranbrook was
holding court here this week.
Rags  suitable  for  cleaning machinery bought at this office.,-,
Girl wanted to help witli   light
housework. ;   Apply Ledger office.
Mr. T. C. Phillips, C. P. R., auditor     visited'   our    local    office
TVmrgrlqy.        ' - . ..     „      '
.  Go to Rochon's. for home made
a new
i,.M)v ii.wtnitim
Awproi'itrt'il tn filler to Indian'
(null! nn whII an truiitlitmnn'x,
1,'kIIi'h' hull* niul fiii'dHtrimtod
any ciiiy tint Siituiility,
The Baptist Ladies'.. Aid tea at
Mrs. Waylets home Tuesday afternoon was a great success.
The superintendent of C.P.R. Mr.
Brownlee's car was - attached to
the east bound local Friday. *
■it .        ■
Don't miss the old time ladies'
entertainment at the Methodist
church next Thursday night.
If you want a good watch cheap
see Liphardt, he is giving specials
on them for Saturday and Monday.
Mr. Rochon has opened up a
candy kitchen on Victoria street,
and is „ making a high grade of
Mr. Davidson the nominee of
the Labor Men and Socialist
Party for the Dominion House
paid us a visit Tuesday.
J. H, Reid & Co., open out at
71 Victoria Avenue, our old stand
about the first week in ■ April in
furniture and' undertaking.
Through a typographical error,
tho date of formation of our
Local Compunios of Kootenay
Rifles was given as 3rd July 1900
instead of 1005 as it should be,
At the meeting of tho City
Council Thursday Alderman Bro-
ley gave notiro of motion to
amend     the     weighing-    Bye-law
! making     it compulsory to weigh
' coal sold in the city.
Wo regret to stato that Miss
Irvine of the DiBtrict Lodger staff
is called homo to Calgary on account of her sister's serious ill-
noss. The Lodger will lose an
able operator and the Baptist
church choir a good voice and a
great help,
The Ladies' Aid of the Mothod*
JHt church aro preparing an enter*
lainment to be given at the
church next Thursday night at
which a burning question of public interest will be discussed by
the ladies' who will appear In
coRtume, Refreshments will be
nerved ond the programme will
»tart promptly at 8 o'clock.
Just to Remind
I am in a Iviior position
than over to -supply you
Up-to-date Footwear
W.   R.    MCDOUGALL   205 Victoria Ave.
Estimates  are  called for'
Steel' Tipple at Michel.
' The Dominion Express Company
have got their wagon  out again.
Mr. Whelan is, now getting on
very well and will soon be. convalescent. 1
Some - $178.000—-will be paid
out in wages today by the' Crow's
Nest Pass Coal, Co.     -    ' ....
Contractor Gray has finished up
most of his Hosmer contracts and
has returned to  the city.
Liphardt has 50 pit watches he
will sell on Saturday and. Monday at^JlO^centsJ,_G_e-t_one_jwhile,
We are very pleased to state
Mrs. Proudfoot is recovering very
rapidly and will be able to leave
the hospital'* in a iew days.
The display in Messrs. Whim-
sters window this week reflects
great credit on the artistic. taste
of the dresser as well as showing
his versatality on design,   -
Mr. R- Helmn, superintendent
of Dominion., Express Company,
Vancouver . accompanied by Mr.
F. H. Smith, ot" .Nelson,^travelling
auditor,  visited Fernie Friday..
Mrs. J, Giddings was called her©
last week from apokane owing to
the serious illness of her brotner,
Mr. Murdock McLean. We are
pleased to say Mr, McLean is doing nicely. *■'
A team of horses attached- to
the Steam Laundry van ran away
Thursday and collided with *one
of Brook's teams. They were' afterwards hitched to a cutter and
ran away -again injuring one oi
Brook's' horses.
We are requested to state that
if the people in Fernie receiving
parcels by the Dominion Express
would £et thoir street and numbers placed upon their direction
labels, tho goods would be delivered by the Dominion Express
Co, and it would greatly facilitate
the work of delivery,
Victor Clark, Unitod States representative, was'in our city on
Tuesday, and hold a consultation,
with tho Coal Co., and Mri T.
Biggs concerning tho points rf the
Lonieiix Act, .Mr, Clark is touring tho country Booking information in regard to labor questions.
Mr Wm. Davidson of Sandon, B.
C.„ will address a mooting in the
Club House, Coal' Crook on Sunday aftomoon at 3 o'clock and
In tho evening he will be tho
principal speaker at the Socialist
mooting held in the Minors Hall
Pollett Ave,, Fornie; chnlr to be
takon at fl sharp I both meeting*
under the auspice* ot the Socialist
Party of Canada. Mr. Davidson
will bo the Socialist candidate for
thlH division In the approaching
Dominion elections.
During the winter months, the
Choir ot Christ Church has b-aon
t'a.|{i»£«rd       til   wmc        t'icyt1.iiJ.*n/U   ut
nnin** nf the mnntr-rpl*-**!*.-*, nf the
best composers of sacred music,
and will present the result of their
work on Wednesday evening,
March J35th., at fl o'clock in the
church,  when music] le-verB   may
fi-Vr\nf*i   *   4.*-4,,|f     J*| yvi -,-f, 4-   +\,a   t,*}*jylm
will bo Mrs. George Stevenson,
Miss Penelope Davis, Mr. F.
Alexander, Mr. K. B, Fuller
(Hosmer) and Mr, G, F. Stevenson. An orchestra under the leadership ol Signor V. Pasta will
assist. The collection will be devoted to tho Choir Fund lor the
purnooe of forwardlnj- the musical
work of the church.
money scarce and hard times knocking at the door"for admittance, it is
your duty to see that each of your dollars is.worked to the limit of.its p.uf-
povyer.. 1'We buy wholesale for cash, and as'we sell for cash only, thus
avoiding credit expenses and losses, are able to place within your reach high quality
merchandise at wholesale prices,' plus,"a very„small charge for distributing. Our prices
are guaranteed money savers, quality for-quality our values cannot „be duplicated
elsewhere......      -■ •'■"'■      ,-...■ "       ■     - ■
o '       '     '   ' - t . j   ■   -    ■
,:Wii would liko. you to examine "our 'spring showing of snappy upto date
wftaritbles. Dependable quality goods at price*} that will back up oar
Insertion that we can an 1 do save you money.    Etch season brings
. soin-'tliiug newer and better in ,'■".".'-.",',    / ",    '-,"•;;,"■,
This spring we are showing: clothing which^orrappearance and wear
' duplicates the w-.i-k ot.the highest priced customs-tailor,''//.    ",.'"" '•  "■' ■.
\    Suits. $6.1W to'$25.00- ""■    ■   ■       '   ;*Trousers $1 75 to'.$7.50 '
,*>)>*aTaTa-MafjTaHraTaT*-SB>*aTaTSB>TaTa "~
Srttnrdav brings to a c'ose our, ciear;inci saie of BOYS' CLOTHJNG,:-. If
■you are interested grasp this opportunity betore-^i is toor late,-- and so»
i «et your boys' clothing at less than it actually.;cost' us. .; >,;. ■■;--■ .V,' A •<}'.
.King of the Road O'verails,' Union raade,;.peptpait,..'../.V.'.vV--: •''*. cV$-'.'."(»0^
Carharatt Overalls for Engiileers and Firemen,* per pair........ ....;,..-1.40'
Painters'. Over ills,' per 'oair:  .'.::'.. ■'. .:. '.'..;:.:;::...:.r .65-
Carpenters' Aprons/'each'..:...'... ,....'....f. .■"."...........' 35 and ., .501
'- j, , ■■.■ i»»-jjpjj—aa—■—-Wffj-4 mm r»r—im n——^——-———■—^———■■——*
'Our range of Men's Negligee and Oating Shirts' is very complete. - All the
newest fabrics and guaranteed fast colors'.■;.-;i.   ;" '"- ' '\:,-^,
Negligee W G&R and'Crescent
.i_' make............$1.25 to $2'25
Outing, Shirts-........75c to $i.50
W.6 & R Collars.. 10c and 20c each'
MILADI SKIRTS in tho following popular'Vcloths: Panama, Venetians,
Ladv8cloth, Queens cloth, Wool Popli«*s, Wool Taffetas, Voiles, and Tweeds..
Marte up in the latest styles and perfect fit guaranteed.   $4.00 to $13 50.
SHOWER PROOF COATS. New spring;istcck * in the0 latest styles.:!'-Wc
will be pleastd to have.you inspect same.; ''..'"'  *,*.
ENGLISH PRINTS.   Full range of Eiu'lish Standard prints in dark and
flight groands, Polks Dots, Stripes and Fancy Novolties... Per yard, 12jc
ENGLISH DUCKS. Heavy English Ducks in dark and light grounds.
Polka Dots, Stripes, Figures and Anchor patterns." Guaranteed to wash
and keep their colors, . Per.yard,. 15c,   ;.-,.,
Tiio Artisan Working Boot for Men
cannot be equalled-for hard wear
and durability _ A union made
-b jot for-'anion-menL ?lJ85-,to^$4ipO;,
We are agents for Walk Over fine
shoes for men, known in everv
clime and asked for, ni every
tongue. -There is no universal
< language, but there is one univer
sal word—Walkover. . $5 to $7.
We are sole agents tor PRATT'S
Quality first, last and ail the time.
Price, die lowest that quality table
supplies can be sold for.
"We have"'jost. placeb% in stock a
shipment'of RUNWAY'S OLD
"Old Country" Tea, 1 lb. tins..'.50c
"Five o'clock" Tea, 1 lb. tina. .60c
Rid8*wav'8 Pure Coffee,
lib. tins 50c
After Dinner Coffee,
sealed jars 75c
Sweet California Oranges
per doz....	
FancyLimoneriaLemons Qftgm.
per doz •-•£ Vw
per tin.......'	
each 50c purchase a coupon equal
to a discoant ot five per cent, is
given. This coupon is redeemable
at any timo in crockery and glass*
ware.' Are you getting (he'beneflt?
(Tribute to John Burns.). .
London, March 18.—The' high
place that John Burns, President
of the Local Government Board,
assumed in the estimation ol the
public is- 'illustrated by :the fact
that the Spectator, a most Conservative weekly newspapor, ser.
iously suggests him for the highest post in the Cabinet) namely,
the Chancellorship* of tho Exchequer, in tho event ol Mr. Asquith
.becoming* Premier and finding it
necessary to resign the chancellorship,
A XfllMCnOf,
|    Photographer
I ^=^===s=,.'
•$> \V. I). SiiiiDiDiiiJs has npi'iH'd
a .Photoyriipic StuJio and , is
prup/irtd lo Jo lirsl cluss work
Studio on Geinmcl Street  f
Near ihu Oncr'n Houxe <v
4 ■MxSxJ' $>$$ ®$<$4&&H'<i><&$§'M
f i
t MuilJor &. Oont. aot or f
In the last issue wo Btatedi
We understand our town clerk
has advice from our local M, P.
P,, that tho Now Post office
building will be completed as
soon as tho weather permits the
men to recommence work.
It should have road our local
M. P. meaning Mr. W, A, Gallag*
her   member   for   the   Dominion
Tho baby who suffers from Indication is Dimply starving- to
death. It loses all desire for food
nnd the little it does taka doe* it
no (food; the child Is peevish,
cross and restless, and the mother
feels wornout in earing for it.
Baby's Own Tablets always cure
indigestion, and make the child
(sieep tte-a.taUJy aud ».at.tu»tr,.»>.
Wrr. net); TTnwr-11, Rnndy TWO.*,--.,
Que., says! "My baby suff-
fered from indigestion, colic and
vomiting, and cried day and
night, but after giving him Baby'B
Own Tablets the trouble dlsap-
i'.;.s,:-,:-2 i.-iJ !;-. L; uov a Iwili!:-!**
child." The Tablets will cur* all
the minor ailments of babyhood
and childhood. Sold bv medicine
dealers or by mail at 85 cents a
box from The Dr. Williams' Medl*
cine Co., Drorkville, Ont. ,
Kmim-HcB Furnished  nnd '
SiitiBfiicMoi,   Gu.irniita'd
Fernie and Hosmer
Subscribe for  the District Ledger.
want your
T a k e n ?
All lint's i>f I'lii.tcijji'Hi.iv Wm It
Enlrira'C'MiL'in* in Criisiui.
■ -' ■    ■ Wiilur (..'iiloi*, Si*)|ii;i
ni.il   0:]*,
rictiiro.-i.tiilti.'iiiit ir'nMiiinl)!i''|irTt*i'A
All Work Qunrontouil or No Pay
a!, w. courtncv
Box 424 *o- FERNIE
Hay for Sale
Good Pi'iiii'io Hay lor S.ilo    ®
§ in Unr Imh S
| W. B. Barker    Coyloy, Alta. |
Try a Ledger Ad.
Liniment   Cures   Dili*
'rhf> loin.' Innkpfl-for Iirn t'nini'Sl lni«t,   Thc» )'Wiih»Rtivim
I.MIIMlliy   llllh ll|'lMII'll ful* fltlhfIIUhH Wltli till* IH'Ht llllll'llllll'l'y In
tin* innrk?t i«id tin* tuoRt liii|ii'ovi>il method'-:   Snnltury snd
mitluf/ccrory work jrnHr/iiitciid    A trlrtl will convince* yon.
All  White   Help employed
T(. TIK WAS!1F,1. IK 01 nt suns
All work culled for siid d«llvor«d fret* of t-ltsrue
Fernie Steam Laundry
Tel. No. 135
Victoria Ave


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