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 Industrial  Unity   is  Strength
The   Official   Organ   of  District   No.   18,   U. M. W. of A.
Political   Unity   is   Victory
Vol. Ill No. 32
fERNIE, B. C, April 4, 1908
$1.00 a Yeab
"Inmates of Burning House Had
to lump-Mr. Owen Heavy
loser-A (lose Call
For Others
Men Were Out One Day-Only
Three Owners failed to Sign
Up—Copy of Working
A fire which resulted very'disastrously for J. Owen of the Fernie Annex
occurred al about live o'clock on
'Thursday morning. Mr. Owen was
■ coining down stairs und as lie reached
the bottom slipped and let the lamp
fall. This started the tire, which
-spread so rapidly that the inmates had
barely lime to escape alive.. .-Owing to
the" scarcity of water the firemen were
badly handicapped. ,  .
A well in Mr. Wright** hack yard,
next (ioor,c\vas the. means of his house
being saved, the firemen having a hard
light lo keep the sparks from setting
fire to the roof of Mr. Wright's. _
The firemen maile a very .quick response and are to be congratulated on
the way they worked throwing snow
■on the fire, and water on'the building
next door to save as much as possible.
Mr. Owen had verv-little insurance
and it is a hard blow to him. -He was
-expecting to sell  the house soon and
return    to   the   old >- country   on   the
proceeds of the sale.
Mr. Savage, one of the .inmates,
had to jump in his night clothes from a
top storey window, and besides being
-quite   shaken   up,  lost  over $100 in
money besides all personal effects.
Mr. Wright wishes us to express his
-appreciation and thanks to the firemen
.and all others who assisted in saving
his property.
The teamsters and the team'
owners met in the Union Hall last
night, and . after a brief meeting,
came to an amicable arrangement-.
The. teamsters all returned to Work
this morning. There was a' large
meeting of the teamsters, and they
express themselves as well satisfied
with the following agreement. The
teamsters have upwards ' of 45
members although only formed a
few days:
Section 1.
Agreement between the . team
owners of Fernie, B.C., and Lizard
local      of      the International
Brotherhood of Teamsters.
Section 2.
The scale of wages shall be as
follows: ■ Teamsters driving livery,-'
not less than $2.75 per day, but
men employed iu barn shall'not do
any driving excepting regular bus
to trains unless they receive the
scale. All other teamsters receive
$2.88 per day after the first month
but not less than $2.75. the first
month or if he lias been employed
by any other employer in that
line all the time previous to. this
'agreement wilf"rje considered as
part of.the time, excepting , boys
under 17 years of age will receive
from $40.00 to $45.00 per month,
Continued on page 5, Col. 3..
Strike will be of Short Duration
is General Opinion-President Lewis in Harness
Indianapolis, March 31— Two
hundred and fifty thousand picks
dropped from the hands of as
many bituminous coal miners of
the United States this'evening not
to.be used again until a wage set-
tlement has been reached and a
scale adopted between the members of the. United Mine Workers of
America and the coal operators of
the various fields. The situation
does not indicate a prolonged
strike. An open winter and industrial depression .have left a large
stock of coal on hand and the differences between miners and operators are very slight. It is practically agreed that the present
wage scale will be continued, but
policies in connection with the
change ' to-night in the national
officers of the Miners' organisation
and local differences between the
operators and miners, have result-
ed in temporary suspension from
work until a new wage scale is
agreed to, either by districts or in
dividual mines. Until two years
ago the bituminous coal mine
wage of the country was based upon the agreement reached in the
central competitive field, consisting of Illinois,.Ohio, Indiana and
Western Pennsylvania, considered
as a unit. This unit system was
dent Mitchell ; signed a scale demanded after the operators of the
present wage scale as a minimum,
which failing to agree by districts
the miners were authorised to sign
with the  operators individually.
® ®®@®®®®^
man's Store
Eastern Prices
in a
Western Town
Sec our Spring Suits at $7.60, $10.00, $12.00 and $15
Working" Shirts at 75c, 85c and 81.00
Working 'Shoes at $2.00. 82.75 and $3.00
Sweaters §1.00, $1,25, $1.50 and $2 00
Heavy Wool Sox 15c, 20c, 25c and 35c
' Vice president Lewis, who will
succeed prescient luitcneu co-morrow, is u-ying to revive the inter-
scate unit ruie. In tne meantime,
district joint meetings are being
held in the various states. centra*.
.c-eniisyivania" ana the blocK coal
district of Indiana, "Cluy county,
are the "only two districts that
have settled up. Indiana operators and miners in session at Torre
Haute are adjusting their small
differences ,*-.ud have decided to
continue at work pending a settlement. There will be no strike
in'this section.
The Illinois district meeting' at
Springfield has not reached an
agreement, but the relations between the opposition interests are
Western Pennsylvania has not
reached an agreement' and the
mines close down, throwing out of
work 30,000 men. The Ohio min-
eses will close also as no agreement has been reached. The
southwest district represeentatives
consisting of Missouri, Kansas,
Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansa
City and it is said these-miners
will be idle for a time; 35,000
men' are affected.
The miners of Kanawhafield, in
West Indiana are holding their
joint meeting at Huntington and
while no agreement has been arrived at, one is expected. The
new river Pocahontas and Fairmont fields are non union and not
affected. West Virginia and Kentucky miners and operators will
continue operations, it is believed
pending a settlement.
President elect Lewis of the miners   national    organisation,    said
this   evening    he  would make no
move   for several' days.    He says
that   he   will await the attempts
that .are now in progress in"' various districts to reach some kind,
of conclusion before he began   to
work    out   his plans.   He is still
in hopes of reinstating the     joint
relations between the miners . and
operators of Indiana,  Ohio, ^west-
ern. Pennsyvania and Illinois  and
the - indications are that -he will
call an interstate joint conference
within—th~e—next"two—weeks"   ae"
will not convene the new national
legislative , board for at least    a
week.     He was not ready to-day
to announce his appointments but
it'became known, that tho office of
national statistician held by Chris
Evans, will be abolished and it is
understood that Samuel Sexton is
to be retired-.as,editor of the United Sti-nVSa orkers' Journal.
.Retiring president'"Mitchell, president elect Lewis and W, B, Wilson,    retiring secretary treasurer,
were tendered a banquet to-night,
by the miners' executive.
Bay City, March 31--The joint
convention of Michigan coal operators and miners to-dav ng.t-rd
that the general scale of vagej of
last year shall contin ie In effect
until March 31, 1909. Pending the
promulgation of the full scale by
the joint scale committee, the miners will continue to work.
Take Notice-n
THE   Photograph   Mirrors   are
only to be got at
They are a great novelty ,, and
arc quickly becoming all the rage.
One of the mirrors with your portrait on the back of it nnd half a
dozen portraits besides for $3.25,
usual price of mirror alone is $3.00,
All those who have bought them so
fnr arc well pleased with them, many
have ordered more, that speaks for
itself I If you did not get a coupon
from my cnnvns«;«»r«,, you ran ryi-*r
one at the studio.  ;
All kinds of, photographic work
done and guaranteed to give satisfaction.    Prices reasonable.
Opposite Methodist Church
other three states bad refused and
the minors won their fight in consequence nnd tho operators signr-d
their scale individually throughout the country. Sinco that timo
the miners have tried to get tho
unit rule back, or interstate agreement, but the operators of western
Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois
after negotiations lasting all tho
past winter, havo rcfusod to meot
iu interstate convontlon with tho
miners, As a. last resort presidont
Mitchell cnlled tho miners In national convontlon and district not-
.laments were authorised with tho
Calgary, April 3—A few days
ago a despatch of more than ordinary interest was sent out irom
Cowley.   It roads as follows:
"Engineer Wilkinson and a party
of two men aro working eastward
towards Mnclcod north of the old
Man rivor on a preliminary survey
from Michel to Calgary.
"He is after a grade that will
enable them to haul sixty loaded
cars through the. Crow's Nest Pass
whereas tho C.P.R,, are only able
to handle eighteen cars,
"As soon us the spur from
Michel up the Elk rivor is completed, active work will commonco
on the lino to Calgnry and Lethbridge. The junction is likoly to
be at Clarosholm."
Tho A. R. & I, Co. have commenced tho sinking of two modern
shafts, about two miles north ol
their present mine at No. 3.
Thoy will be equipped with the
most modern mine machinory.
Onr Stock is now complete with the latest novel-
■  ties and choicest goods the manufacturers
can   produce
New Linens
New Dress Goods
New Dress Muslins
New Collars
New Hosiery
New Gloves
Spring Millinery
'Our~Spring   Mjlliheryris"nbw   on~display and   we
u   . would be pleased to have you call and
inspect it whether you buy or not
The   Trites-Wood   Co.,
Tho Socialist Party of Canada, I.ot-nl
No. 17, hold their first meeting Friday
night, March 27th, at tho Iiouho of
Comrade L. Hnwolk Thore wiik it
fulrly good attendance considering it to
bo tho first mooting. Comrade- Howells
wns elected secretary pro torn, and II.
Morgan organizer. It is tho intention
of tho Local to try and not Mr. Haw-
thorntliwaite liorc. Any aaslatnnee will
bo glndly. accepted from any other
Local in the district.
The woddinir of Mies Pho'bo lJIgglna
(Pankhcad) and ThoinaR Sluiw (late of
Michel) was celebrated at the home of
Minn UlggliiH on, March 2!.rd. There
wore a good number present from
Hnnklieiid nnd Hnnff. The Hnnkhead
hand was In attendance under tho con-
ductorshlp of Prof. Cowen,   Their two
spent evening came to n close by a few
turns from tlie well known Mr. W.
Cowen, Mus. line.
Tlio Bankhead mines worked four
days last week, but there Is very little
hope ol running full timo ns yet
James llolden nnd Hector .McDonald
have returned to Bankhead after a Rood
time touring the country. Mr. llolden
thinks the prospects nro (front In the
undeveloped partB of 'Album.,
Horo'H a story of a WolHhman by the
name of Ed, Williams. He wan in a
town culled Calgary. Williams wns at
the depot when up came a man nnd
asked Williiiiiin if im would mind looking alter IiIr banana stall. William*,
says "All right." "Well," says tl.o
man, "if anyone comes to buy and thoy
want to know tlio price of tho bniinuns.
tell tlioui, "three for a nickel," if thoy
n^k "aro they good?"tell (hem smiie nro
nnd some aro not," If tlmy hhv they
don't want thoin, tell tliem "If vou
don't Hoinebndv el.so will."  "All ri«ht,"
Rteps are delightful nnd the  waltzes HBys Williams,'"! snvve "    Tlie owner
they play are dronmy, At 11 p. in, the
ituests ant down to it good Hpread, after
which there were a few short addresses
lilven by the different kuohU and the
health of the newly married couple wns
drunk. After supper Prof. Wllllnmi'
i)iiartetle satin thnt old familiar song
"My Old Kentucky Homo,"   The well
hnd not beon long gone when up came
n in un mid miys to Williams "What
timo does the next train loave lien*?"
"Three for a nickel," says WilllnniH.
"You're n fool," says the man. "Some
are And scinm are pot," auyi Wllllnins.
"I'll give you u punch Iu the jaw If you
nuke fun nf me," snld the ntfti). "If
you don't," hiivh Williams, "Hiiinebody
oIhii will."
i  : _ }
l        Now Being Shown at The Todd Millinery Parlor £
t __ i
i _u u_ i
* \   4
ft Millinery for Spring now demands attention lor the styles are decidedly different and prettier than ever <•)
5 , before. The Todd showing is an attractive one to style and comeliness. Wc invite you to call and J
ft       sec the  Hats we are  now showing in  Paris, London and New York styles. <-*)
I    — : .    jj DISTRICT  LEDGER,   FERNIE.  B.  C, MARCH "4th, 1908.
Alberta! Government Buys Out
Bell Telephone Company
Montreal, April 2-Hon. W. H.
Cushing, minister of public works
for the province, of Alberta, has
on behalf of the government; concluded an agreement with President Sise ,of the Bell Telephone
company of Canada for the purchase , of the lines of the company
in the province of Alberta, the
price to be paid being $675,000.
The, Bell .Company at first demanded $750,000 but Mr. Cushing
secured a reduction to the price
stated and considers he made a
good bargain, . and better than
that of the Manitoba ■ govermeat.
He expected that now,the Saskatchewan government',' would purchase the company's lines in that
province and thus the whole of the
telephone lines in the three,provinces would be state, owned. Mr.
Cushing at once "telegraphed the
officials to take possession^ the
company's plant, and this will be
done at midnight -to-night.
The licensing bill to reduce the
number of saloons in Great Britain was introduced in .the house.of
commons on February 27.
Bubonic plague is believed to be
on the increase in' ports of Chile.
At Antofagasta there are now 1&
cases and at Iquigue fourteen.
Vice-Admiral Touchard has'been
officially appointed French1 ambas-
■ sador to Russia   in .succession to
M. Bompard, retired.  >   -• ,
_i The—British_punitive_expc.ditipn,
. The Editor does not hoM himself respniv
\.\u\a lor opinions exprc»eil by correspondents in tlie»e columns.'- ■ , |
Editor District Ledger.
To discuss live issues of the |day
is excellent because by' so doing
we can progress toward . higher
ideals, the printed word has great
influence over the thoughts of the
reader therefore we should at all
times be dispassionate in our utterances, refrain from sarcasm and
whilst differing in opinions be corneous one to another.
To raise a laugh at the expense
of an adversary may tickle our
self esteem but it is not conducive
to a better understanding of the
serious questions that are in the
forefront to-day. This is good enough for a preamble, so, now to
the heart of my purpose, viz, the
immigration . problem."We don't
want the class of people the Salvation Army,is bringing in because
they will bring down the scale of
waiges." Let us be consistent. A
man has a perfect right to leave
one country and enter another,
therefore two men have, the same
privilege] consequently any number of men and women- may do
likewise, that the Salvation Army'
enters into the question as factors
in their introduction to the country nowise depreciates .the justice
of the contention nor interferes
with the. logic of the assertion.
Let me be clearly understood. I
hold no brief nor am I' an apologist, for the Salvation Army but
simply wish to present the matter
as it appears to' me without bias
or predjudice of any kind and will
be grateful to, any who will show
-me where in error, i.e., if I am.
I feel confident that we may take
it for . granted that the working
men of B.C. (except'possibly those
mines of .the island) • are opposed
to the" admission of orientals not
who are exploiting Chinese in.the
because ofs, racial antagonism (except in so far as the difference of;
ideals is concerned) but on account
of the economic force 'they furnish
Coddling the Stomach.
In Mine Explosion—No Bodies
Recovered-List May be
Hanna, Wyo., April 2—"Up to tonight none of the, 62 victims of
Saturday's two explosions in mine
No. , 1 of the Union Pacific Coal
Co. had been discovered except the
five corpses blown':from"the shaft
by the'explosions of'dust and gas.
The conditions of these bodies
precludes the possibility that any
of the men in the mine survived
the second explosion.'  '
The official list, of the known victims of the disaster given out' today by the Union Pacific Coal Co
contains 62 names-- It-is believed
by* some* that probably ten others
met death' in the mine; The " .entrances "of the mines have "been
sealed' to smother the fire as it is
impossible to go down-and fight
the flames at close-quarters: No
effort to enter the mines will be
made' until the flames are. out.
Great forces of men are laboring
at both slope entrances removing
wreckage., _,v    ■ ,
• in Buzar-Valley, India,"'has come
to an end, the Kakha Khels,"-sev'-"'
erely   punished,   having   sued for
■peace on any terms. ■-
Details 'of.. an'explosion in La
Rosita "mine, near San Juan de
Sabines,' were  received  on F&bru-
. ary ,28 and show that "seventy-six
, men were killed.
'\    J^r. J.'FiguerbarAlc'ortaj'p'resi-'
•••dent of the" Argentine republic was
*, the- object of an abortive attempt1
'' at*assassination on February 28
at the hands of-a native of Argentina.-
It is understood in diplomatic
circlos that as a result of pressure
from othor powers, Russia has abandoned her plan of fortifying the"
Aland Islands, and that an entent
will soon be arranged,
In the British house of commons
on February 28 the Women's Enfranchisement bill passed first
reading by a vote of 271 to 92.
Crowds of excited women suffragists cheered the announcement of
the vote.
Lioutenant General Stoessol, who
on February 20, was condemned
to death for the surrender of Fort
Arthur fortress to the Japanese
has, petitioned Emperor Nicholas
for a full pardon.    >
The Japanese armored cruiser
Idzumi sailed from Shanghai on
Fobruary 28 for Hongkong, where
it is understood she will investigate the seizure on February 7 of
the Japanese cruiser Tatsu'SIaru.
The attempt mado at Belfast, in
Ireland, on February 23 to launch
the Rotterdam, tho 24,170 ton
steamer of tho Holland-American
line, proved a failure*. Tho vessel
refused to take the water, owing
to the tremendous pressure of tho
ways, which bad not been proper,
ly greased.
The British army estimates for
1008-00 show a gross total of
•9154,185,120, aB against 9165,211,
830 for 1007*08. The war t-ccret-
ary, Mri Haldane, estimated for a
total of 185,000 men In the home
and colonial estimates, irrespective of India. This is a dm-rens* of
6,000 men from last year,
The motion brought in the Ital.
Ian chamber of deputies by the so*
cfallst party proposing complete
abolition of religious Imtruction
in the r-r-hniilri of Ttnly vow dj.'iil-
*d on February 27 by a Ui^'m-*.
Jority. It was supported only by
the socialists, the radical republicans and a few disldent Conserva*
The employees of all th« railways In Uruguay hav. gen, on
ntvltte. There a« about 1,800 mil*
«■ of railway in Uruguay, whieh
are controlled by .British capital,
to the masters.. cObjection is made
to • the -people who,, are coming out
of the old country under the aus:
pices of the' Salvation Army; ,be-f
cause they may sell their, only
commodity at a lower price .than
the regular market price. This' ,is
very likely to happen—in fact it is-
a foregone conclusion—.but-what
can ■ we do about it? ;.;From a
purely ■- academic'A'r* viewpoint' it
would be "very ^riice""'lbr'';'tfiese,"im-
migrants to .stay back- in the' old
country and help solve the problems that-;are bothering*the states
men over there which' problems are
the ones compelling them to an
enforced exile. In reply to this
phase let us each ask ourselves the
qjuestion what would, we do if we
were out of*- employment, had - a
few £'s in hand and were informed that there was less likelihood
of failure in a new, country—certainly wo'-d pull, up stakes satisfied that there was a chance ol doing bettor without tho possibility
even of the worst of .being in a
moro unfortunate state than the
one we are leaving.
Is not this a true presentation?
Let us make a "virtue of necessity," We know, at least if wo
don't we ought to, that tho pur.
chasers of labor power will got it
in the cheapest market and that
they will import the vendors of
this commodity regardless ol color, creed or nationality, honco as
there 1b a chance of educating
those of our own race how, by
their vote, they can aid In the
emancipation of their class, why
not welcome thorn somewhat aB
follows: n
Putney, April 2—The Oxford and
Cambridge boat race whicii' a few
weeks ago it was believed the Cambridge crew would win-.without a
great, effort, on account., of ■ which
interest in the annual 'event' lagged, is now. thought likely to be.'a
close, contest} __ The . race will be'
,ro wed» on* Apr i 1—4 - -■■ andithi s._r ever s^,
al -of feeling-is accounted• for to
some extent by the.'^ secret trial"
rowed by,,Oxford on'"Friday, over
wliich the coach, of the .crews show,
great-.elation, ,--,- While- the figures
are.'not' officially -given^? it'' is understood'the dark blues" made the
distance in 19 minutes', ;37 seconds
and' were' going stroiVg! when %they■
reached , , the ..finish . -.p-i'"' Putney,,
Cam!bridge.,.on,:.".Saturday, howev-4
er, did a better'- trial-™ian this,'
covering the course iii' 19 minutes,
16 • seconds," * • but; the "light' blues
had the advantage of being paced
with more favorable water conditions. .   .
y     ' —0	
.'•      ri).     -   •      .''.<!    i   . .'■?: 1     *■'.
■ '   •/ .   '     ■       . '    ' •.'■■T- '  -I, ,'
Do not pamper iho children with' hot-1
house methods; -'there is a common-senso"
method.   If the ■ children or the man ors'
' woman-show a tendency to be' "off their,
feed," if thoy begin to lose flesh," their?'
stomach should be toned up with a harmless tonic which will increase tho "secretions o! the digestive tract. A tonic mado
of native medicinal roots which will invigorate the stomach Into greater activity .and Increase the secretion of tho
phosphates from the food —a? remedy
which will do this is ono which has
stood. the test of public approval for
'nearly forty years, and contains no alco-..
hoi or narcotics. We refer to Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery. It can be
given to tho smallest child with perfect
freedom. If the blood Is Impure, If pimples, bolls, headaches occur,0 if the stomach is weak—first eradicate the poisons
from the blood..
of restoring waste of tissue and Impoverishment of tho blood and nervous force is
used when you-tako an alterative extract
of native roots, mr^de without the use of
alcohol, like Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery. This - vegetable medicine
coaxes the digestive functions and helps
In the assimilation of food, or rather takes.
from the. food Just the' nutriment the
blood requires, j -. ,. • |T ;;.,.--•,..--.•'..; .-,{■
Along with its use" one ' should take.
exercise In'the outdoor air, get'all one'
can of God's-sunlight and air; practice
a -! deep i breathing '-- exercise - every day.
This ."Medical Discovery" gives no false
stimulation^ becausg. It does. not. contain.
alcoHol of a, narcotic. Tt helps digestion
and the assimilation of such elements In
the. food as - are1 required for the blood.
Unlike a; cod liver oil, against which
th&ak-^dv^ensHlvo stomach will declare
open rebelllon,~thIs" tonic has a pacifying
action upon the sensitive stomach and
gives to me blood the food elements the
tissues require. It maintains one's nutri*,
tion by enabling him to eat, retain, digest
and a^lmlla^^n^tri-iLqusfood. It over-
comes"gastrlc'irritability and symptoms
at Indigestion, and,- in this way, fever,
night-sweats, headaches, etc., are done
away with.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
purifies tho blood aud entirely eradicates
the poisons that breed and feed disease.
It'thus cures scrofula, eczema, erysipelas,,
boils, pimples, and other eruptions thatv
mar and scari tho skin.. Pure blood Is •
essential to good health.   Tho weak, run-
down;'debilitated condition which so many
' people experience Is commonly the effect
of Impure blood."* Dr.  Pierco's Golden
Mtiical Discovery hot only cleanses the.'
blood of- Impurities, but.lt Increases tho
activity of'tho blood-making glands, and
It ■ enriches the body- with an abundant
supply of pure, rich blood. ; i'r ,.;-■-,. ■;..   ,s
A-consideration of first .importance-in
W, J. Wrfelesworth,.D..D.,S.
■'.;*,     '." , lX)I!3I^^TIS,i,'* ''.'" ■.'
Office Hours.-  . ' 8 loto I2"a. ia,
\   " ■ 6.S0 to 8 p.mVJc -''
-!•'*•        Office in A ex. L ch's biouk
over Slum*- bakery.      ■ ;
KERNTE,        -  "   •-      ,.—-   --,
ljto. 5 p. pi
,-•*< tii -,,,
^ '. ■'■      ■.'.*■*.•'•■
Insurance and, Customs Broker
Crow's .Nest  Trading   Co.   Block,
.   ',, Fernie,- B. C.        '-•■   ,
L.  P.   Eckstein
Bakbibtsb-at-Law, Solicitor
Koomi 1 & S, Henderson blook. Fernie, B. C,
n;. jKerr &: Co,.
Contois and Builders
, Plr-JU, Specifications and Estimates farnished on * application.
PlentT   of  GOOD   DKY   LUM**
BEU ON HAND.   .'■*'.
a. KEHi,
and SuperiBtendeHti
at iWdaace, <-
.//FBU*PB*B. c.
- i- ,      ..,  .   j, -  ,
meets in the Miners'Hall every/
-.,*■'alternate Thursday at 8 p,m,.
■ ."' E. DICKEB,'8-,<r.
Ii. SNOW, Pres.
«!■ Barber. l.d.s., d.d.s.,
y .DENTIST   '
T. W    Block/"opposite Jhe  Bank
. Office hours—fl a.m. to 8 p.m.' -
Latspe & Fisher
Crowds- Nest    Trading   Co.    Block,
.,    '■   '      Fernie', B. .C.
W, R, diBS.K.C,
J. S. T.'.AiKXJUrt'-KB
Ross & Alexander
-   ' FERNIE, B. C. '! '.'.
Office In L. T. ,V. Blook, Victoria Avenue.
Builder and Contractor
'.:■'.     '■Ut.
"—T^iXP tt'  '
Estimates cheerfully given and worfc
promptly esecuted to the satisfaction of oar, customers. -■ •' ■
CREE    &    MOFFATft
Townsite  Agents
Fernie and, Hosmer
Fire, Lite & Accident Insurance',,
' Henderson Block   Fernie
This is a large country, tlio val*
leys aro wide, the mountains are
high, climate excellent, work is in
no great demand at present but
rather than starve to death with
the dumb apathy of an' Indian
you come over here, satisfy your-
solves that whilst the signs of poverty and misery are not so numerous on the old land, yet tho iron
law and wages is in voguo here
just the same and you must pay
the toll capitalism imposes upon
those who have to have a Job in
crd*-r to Hve Orltir.-'c the y»o"'ir.
filn.1 ffnvevnment for -usthf; your
money to bring in eompttltion,
you are perfectly within your
rights but at the same time don't
fail to take an introspeot and ask
"Wd tipt my vntc nt the  \<\ai (*•,.»•"-
tion assist in seating thou in
power who to-day ar* looking after the material interests,of the
other class?"
Thanks for the apace.
Voure very1 truly,
' ! V, U, T.
What did you tell that man'just
I told him to hurry.
What right havo you to toll him
to hurry?
I pay him to hurry.
What do you pay him?
Two dollars a day.
Where .do you get tho money to
pay him with?
I soil bricks.
Who makes the bricks?
Ho does.
How many bricks does he make?
Twenty-four men can make 84.-
000 bricks a day. -
How much do you Bell them for?
Seven' dollars a thousand.
You givo him 98 a day and keep
the rest?
Then instoad of you paying him
he really pays you $5 a day for
standing around and telling him
to hurry?
Well, but I own the machinery.
How did you get the machinery?
Sold bricks and bought it.
Who made those brioks?
Shut up; you'll wake the fools
up and then they'll mako bricks
for themselves.—Machinists' Men*
thly Joujotvi.
euro of blood or, stomach disorders is as to"
its sharmlessness.      *.-'.■•
■ Dr.-.PIerce Is frank and open with the
public for ho tells just what is contained
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—its-Ingredients are Golden:Seal.,root,
Queen's root,-Stone root,-Black-Cherry-,,,
bark,Bloodroot,Mandrake and pure trlplo-
refincu" -glycerine.•• Concerning > Golden
Seal the highest medical authorities agreo
with • Prof.--John M. Scudder-who snys,'
•■•It'.-stlmulates tho- dlBCS.tlvo..;pr^csses,;
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By..tncso moans 1/ie blood is enrfchcaj and j* P.'.O*. - Box* 198
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mention the musculur system bewiuso 1
believe It flrst feels the Increased ■ power.
Imparted by tho stimulation of Increased
nutrition.   The consequent,'Improvement'
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natural results.
"In relation to Its genoral effects on tho
systom, there U no medicine in use about
which there is smh general ununlmity of;
opinion. It Is imtucnt'ii'li/ regarded as the
tonic useful In all debilitated stutes," ■ •
Ctticornlng Bloodroot Tho American
Dispensatory sayi, "Stimulates digestive
organs, lncronses action of hoijrt; and
arteries-stimulant and tonic. Vory val*
uablo as a cough remedy—acts as a sedative—further valiuvblo as an alterative.",
- Road all about yoursolf, your systom,
the physiology of life, anatomy, hyglono,
simple liomo euros, otc, In,Tho Common
SonBO, Mod leal Adviser, if book of 1008
pages. ' Por cloth-bound copy send (SO
cents In one-cent stampR, or for paper
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Plorco, Buffalo, N. Y.
' Plans lind Estimates; furnished;   ,
■ ■'     ■ ■''    • "   "','  ii. •'! ■>   ■
,   'Jobbing.  'Sasli and Doors.'
Builder's Stairwork. a {Specialty
Satisfaction guaranteed
■ ? "■'-'• "<*■: ' ";s.> '_'.'■]'- "'■•.':"
Successor to JfW. H. 'lerry, '
■ ■'-•"' ■'■'  "•■ -■"•■' /■';,'.■ ;''C-'-
Eirtploymenfc and
Real Estate Office
"-'', Will supply meri'for'-'
 -i-_all—f.la'ssp.s nf,wnrlr^-
. either, by .the   dayK
'/ .'week of 1'month.-' ,"
Bushmen, -, Lumbermen   &
■ ''-it   ■:-.Teamsters
•Union labot
A military court sitting at St.
Petersburg on February 27, eon*
demned to death seven terrorists
charged with complicity in the recent attempt upon the Uvea, of the
Grand . Duke Nicholas Nioholaie*
vi'tch arid ' ltf.M. Ohtoheglovitoff,
the minister of Justice and smi-
tenced three others to 15 years'
imprisonment at hard labor,
Read The Ledger
STt. Tusl C. lTa=rah*a,* a frnrv.-
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necdi. that (WOW
Deo BnpplltB, Bprny Pompu,
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Catalogna r\ttn
M. J. Henry
Greenhouse — 8010 Weitmlnitor
...   Road, Vancouuor, B- C.
All work guaranteed
Victoria Ave.
Fernie. B.C.
>y-om;en,: for cleaning',:
- 1,,"tt. '.-'   '*-. *  * •'   '    H^V-'-'i    ' -:    '
-i. ^washing or scrubbing ':, ..
-»: ■-.',      .   '' »•■ *■•*- ■''   v»i     ". , ri
Reasonable   Rate»
-'■"'■   •"   'Cox'*Street'-'    ;,
General Contractors.
'_ Window cleaning, ''
Ledger for News
Fit for a Ring
Tlio meats that you bay
Irom as are (It for a king.
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wo have ao many ploaied
customers, Let as dc-
menBtato this fact by a
trlal.< Polite attention!
and prompt aervloo.
Calgary Cattle Co.
All work guaranteed nnd
only good help sent
Send post card to Box 493, Pernio, B. C.
The A. Macdonald Co
'-'   (Head Offlca, Winnipeg)
Branches—Vnncouvcr, Nelson, Fernie
Edmonton, Alta. ft Kenom, Ont
rcrnle, B. C.
Wholeaie Groceries, Flour,  Fesd*
Camp Suppllet
To Consumptives
na andewlf oed havlBg bew re-
*.'U..*4_' io liti.Y.% ly £&?£   =«••-«,
after enfferln-J   ft** eavarat yaare»
«t*rtb » atevara lane ef fettle*, I al*
that dread dlisa* CONBUUPTIOM,
la aexlana lo make kaowa (to klt<
fellow •offerers the meaaa of fare*,
To   -thow who  deelre It, U \wftt,
et.aarN.gr   aont. (free, of eaarge) %-
eep* oftba preeerlatloa eaae\ wbMK
Ukav wiU find a core forCOKlWUF-
CniTIB ant, all, throat aid   leaf
UlUimBl Da aaoee all sifferer-**
will try tkla Remedy, aa It U Infala.*'
thi*.   l%eaa diOlrtig the preaerla-
\±i, 'wMeawlU-faalst tke aotblaaV*
auai aa*   prate a Maaatae], \mlleh
llaaae ailraat' \   ■,.",
•(•eUra. W. Y^
,    -     ,     ■■"."''frl/*'* : DISTRICT .-LEDGER, WEENIE.-B.C., MARCH 4th,-1908.
-V-   »3T«*
Issued to Organized Labor and
";*:7 Farmers^Association^-\>
■'' Washington,''.. March; 31—' 'While
-,tKe supreme'court'or other ii-.stitu-
tionsmay be.temporarily able   to
.embarass**. tlie' growth?kiid"' action"
of* our movement, wc >:oldly r.ssert
tKat no-■'■■pbwei' on .eattn'ean de*.
stroyj successfully "outlaw or disrupt the-trades union movement..
■These words, form tlie key of" an
address" written to-night to,; organised lab'or and to. the farmers',, as-
■so'ciation by the labor wc-rknrs
who have,,,been in; session.for j the
\past"four-days-*, the meotinghitving
been called by'President Gompers
,'6t*;'the American Federation of'La-
.bor.." '   " '
The address states "that. a, large
part of 4the discussions of the con-
.ference ,was devoted .to .,the- consid^
■'.'..-Labor's". fctreii}*ilri in parliament
largely due to the practicability, at.d
sound,, common sense",\comblned with
.energy-!and- enthusiasm; of its, repie:
SeiitAtives' Jthpr/e'. ;"Of this striking rvV
3'eiibe has beeiiAff(>ra6i*jby the election
61. Arthur Heii(l(irsoir'as the chairman
of'the"t)artyi! Like, most of his co|^
leagues, Mr. Henderson i"a Socialist,
but die, does, not: make"au'effusive .li* -
play nf hit, label. - In-these-days-when
Socialism is being.assailed as the deadly,
foe of religion, it is not without significance thatihff. new-leader^ of labor, iii
parliament is one of the eiilning lights
of.tlieAVosleyiu,.church,, whoso service's
as' a lay preacher are eago'.ly Bou»ht.
At the general election in 1008, when lie
had onlyiiTory cRudulate asrainst hln ,
ho led the poll by 1,65-2 votes.. He la a
■forceful speaker and .a jhard hitter in
debate. He'nosscaa'ee, Iifiiii abundant
degree, one of the.niosl desirable qualities for loadei-bhip-tact. I'ertonally-
heis popular with men ol variousbludes
of political opinion',   j;'. '.{'
- r"° ~'■ t
Do  Not  Dose With Purgatives—A
,..,. ...Tonic. Is .All-sPeople, Need.     '■ 1
•eration of the supreme -court's ,ac*
,. -tion in applying'the Sherman anti,
trust to labor.*-1*.? .The proceedings'-'
.. the address says, "were marked by
.  the,utmost hartneny." ".There' f-was'
indeed the intensity of feeling that
so ■ grave a situation must" evoke..
Thei'e'. was'- an unbounded determ-
,■ :ination that"the 'wprk_inijij[$ed'4"by^
this"'congress'sliouid^ not 'cease till
the wrongs- from which -'the .work-"
ers suffer shall"be righted.and their
liberties which have been imperil
How   an .Apparently   Impossible- Feat-.
May j Be. Performed.-,,. \, ,i*
"If you were told that you«an balance
a cup one-quarter full of- coffee on the-
point of a'■knife, you would hardly,believe it Provided you are not partlcu-'
larly nervous, however, you should liot
find'it such a difficult feat. You might'
tTy it—that Is, If your mother doesa't
' Get acquainted with
Black Watch
the big black plug
chewing, tobacco. A
tremendous favorite
everywhere, because of
its richness and pleasing
' Not' exactly'sick—but-not-'feelmg.
quite we'll. That's the way'most,
people, feel in the- spring.--..,Easily
tiredy "appetites' variable,'-' sometimes headaches and a feeling of-de-
,pre'ssion.~".'Perhaps^, pimples*;-or -,'er-,
uptions* appear; ",br there may be
twinges or rheumatism , or neuralgia. Any" of "these..indicate .that;
the" blood is out of order; ttiat the^
indoor.-life of. winter,-'has. left; the;.
- mark.4.up'6n-.^you., and„may> -e&iily.
■ develop--i*xt*o*'-more serious trouble
Don't. dose,yourselt. as .many, people f o olishly!. do. withy purgatives
id.the hbpe;_8av. y^ou .canjput^your
,  blood!rightrEurgavt^ves*c" 'gallop
led\ shall   be restored and forever,  through the,.system, and: 7-weaken
'"' -  - ■• - - instead'of giving strength^' What
YOU »eed is a §priGg t9nic".medi-
cine : tbat^'will'-Vmftkfe -new, rich
bio od_'{and build - up; the ;weaJiened'
nerves; and (-:.th*as~ give'-'you"5' new
health and'strength., Dr. Williams
Pink Pills is the; one medicine that
.can do this speedily, 'safely and
!surely. Every dose of this raedi-
vcirie ?makw^tfew;«;ricli;"'"red --Wood,
strengthens the .appetite,*.'clears the
skin, and makes tired depressed
men and women bright, active
Washington, March 20.—Under fiiis-"
pension-of ith« rules the house, of iepre-
[Kcntatives yesterday passed the hill
p.-ovidin-a* for iho restoration-of the'
inott-) '-'In God We Tiust," on gold and
Mlver coins of tlie United States. The
bill was passed by a vote of 255"ti> ;",.
The debate excited the liveliest inter-
] est of members - Mr. Carllii (Ya.) said
'; that' in.tho issuance of his order abolish-
j In-r the motto .'resident Roosevelt .had
I acted unwisely and iu violation of tlie
' spirit"of the law.
— Storie
■ the only   reliable place  in'
town-when you require anything-in Tobac;os;~ Cigars,
or Cigarettes.
W..A.   INGRAM,  Prop.
crxTionsr -.'■ tj.a bel
Crow's    Nest   Special
 :  AND  — :	
Miner's Favorite Cigars
safeguarded;" ;-■ y-—'-■...r.""y, "^
,The; further statement;,is^made-
that-it'jWaS'the ^unctnimous.feeling'
of.'the conference that some,steps
f should be taken-to impress upon"
congress -the -necessity for prompt
Action toward-amending the Sher-'
jnak azjiti-trnst. law, ^so. % tha,t .*' .it,
-shall; be inapplicable to organisations * or- associations no t f or' pro-
-,        I.*-.,- W :-        --. r", >       T';.       , 4.C., *'•, .
- ' -^y^' '    i-i    --    -p      '-"     -----       „'4-       • '   .      *-
-to members, of such organisations
.object tin tiie grbiihu that you are like*
;"ly to'break,half ii.dozen cups In prac*
ttlce."'.-t,' .■_.' .. .',', .r. '..,.-. - -.,,
Insert .i" cork In the handle of a cup
lightly^.-?StIek:two of;the prongs of ;a
5 four pronged fork into the cork in the
) position shown lu the picture.
This'arrangement lowers the centef
jot gravity 'o£ tbe ,"'R_iolel aad If yoa
'Tiafe a sleady haricTybu  may  how.
ptooe tne ctip oii the'point of the knife.*
—Philadelphia NorUiJkJmerican^. .^^Jj
•or asa^iejtion .nor to arrangemen*!)
■or ' comibinatidns^^among' persons
engal£ped in agriculture or horticul-
^ture, made with a view to enhancing the price of their own agricul-
itural ior horticultural ' product's.
•The ^conference pledged itself-to use
its influence toward securing the
enactment of,"the. bill to .regulate
and limit, the .issuance of injunctions and also of a new employers', liability act.
The address - continuing,'. says it
is the belief that congress appreciates-the gravity,,of the situation
■and it.Is'declared that labor is in
•no'mood W be' trifled with.
"Every ligitimate pressure," ,'it
:is stated, "must * be brougiht to
Tbear upon congress in the effort to
■secure the passage of our amendment." ,It is declared that resolutions should be adopted urging
■congress to amend the Shorman
lav/, "and1'warning congress that
it would be, held responsible for
•failure to enact such legislation,"
and it is stated "upon the record
of this congress, will bo based the
workers' stand as to the candidate's future as a member of congress."
After stating; it -to be the duty
of,laboring men to question can*
didates for congress as to their at-
ititude towards labor legislation,
the address; calls upon tno labor
workers "to stand faithfully by
our friends, oppose and' defeat our
•enomiea. whether they be candid*
atM-'for the presidency; for'con*'
jrreas or for other offlcus, whether
- lsglslative,; executive or Judicial,»''
"Hold your mass meetings" says
addreas, "in every city and town
in the United States on the even*
ing of the third Sunday or Monday, on April 10th or 20th, aad
»t that taieetitig >diee fully and un*
mUtakitoly labor's protest against
ths supreme court decision,
whieh stripe labor of rights   and
•-liberties" whioh we had supposed
were guaranteed by the oonstitu-
•tSon." _■ ■ -■•     -■ ■■ :
"Bach candidate," continues the
.address, "abo-ld b« Qtiastionsd and
pledged as to hie attitude on all
At^cta, of importance to the toil*
«rs, whether in factory, field, shop
A foot note to the address otat*
es that'"this address is'signed by
the same, names as vera appended
to labor's protest to congress,"
. ' .'.' 0'"     ,
Oshawa, Ont., says:' I dont. think'
there is anything Z equal to Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills as a cure, for
nervousness; indigestion and a run
downcondition; of-; the^blo.od.,3 Por
some, time I was a great sufferer
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al? remedies but nothing helped
me until I began taking Dr. Williams ' Pink •'Pjills.;.,,'; Before „ taking
them I felt like'an old "man, but
by the time,I:had taken.fbur boxes, my strength had returned, my
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renewed man.'.' .,.,.„.
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icine,Co.,,Br6ckville, tOnt.
. When *a' rooster finds' a 'big * fat'
worm ho cajls ail- the hens in the,-
'• farm yard to come, and .share, it,
-',[ A similar trait of human nature is.
' to be 'observed when a man "discovers" something exceptionally
good—he wants all his friends and
neighbors to share the benefits of
his discovery. . This is the touch
of nature .that makes the whole
world' kin. This explains why peo-'
pie who have been.cured by Chamberlain's Cough Remedy writer letters to the manufacturers for publication, that others similarly ailing may also use it and obtain
relief.' Behind every one of these
letters is a warm hearted wish1 of,
the writer to'be .of use to someone
else. * This remedy is for sale' by
all druggists! " °,", ■'    :
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Bottled    Goods
Fine  Lager
i     Specialty
/A Tratting;Monkey,." ...,;
Poor little monkeys 1- They get hn»
igry and tired and sleepy"Just, like chO-
d^.!; Here;is a story -of one that
i It-fee in Buffalo.   He belonged to'aa
' organ' grinder, who stoppedlin front, of
a,veranda where a kind hearted gecirile*
oot hia- little cap for a bit of: japmey}
;flwJgei$tI«iBan,'1 .whor.te^T^^ti-ii-' 'of--
'aUatnala, gave htm .a *-M'cb<«_»l ap>
pie.' Tj^en^ookey'-lutnpedopoqhls lap
■"and; at»U»e,,apple,, aiid-''betwwn thra
.httm l» flied: his bright pym',«..'.tha
faee of hts new friend.   He mart haW
tnada op bis mind that be waold tratt
hlra, ferae to* finished the apple ht
laid hts head. against the. ga-md-tWaaa'..
arm and Ml asleep.   Tbe k.^ frteed
ef ca*-titnato:'pald-'UM<~<N^n~:^ "hi
play a long ttoe; so that,tb» ttiadi iNv
tie monkey could haye his ,nap. - Wbea
be awoke his master puUed the ehata,
and'- ho-' foUowed ■ the organ grinder,
much brighter and happier for tha
kindness shown to him.
Dry Hoods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes.
Gent's furnishings
WINE   GO.   Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct
„ . _ . " Importers of
POMMERY   -.-'..
CHAMPAGNE :"1 '■'-.
iCLE AND "STOUT,     . ,'.'
Sole-Agents in East'Kootenay for
<\ A TEH
J  The best dollar n (lav liouse'in the cttv
V -♦'
♦J. Liquors nn'l CiRiirs of the best qualtity •*•
♦ • Well stocked bar Y
,♦, Dinili«room in charge of P. P. Miller >*«
♦♦•       •' Only white help employed          ,*J*
♦;« ,.- >      •'■*:♦
To-- whom it-may -eoneerni' This
is to certify that X hav* used
well as prescribed it -in my practice where a liniment was required
-and have never -failed to get ths
desired effect.
C, A. KING.    M. D.
My friend, have you heard of   the
-town of Yawn, -     	
On the banks of the river Slow,
Where   blooms    the*    waitawhile
flower fair,
Whore tho somotimeorother scents
tho air,
And the soft goeasyb grow,
It lies in the valley of whatstnouse
That: tired feeling* is: native there,
In tbe province of lettersllde-,
It's the home of the listless Idont*
' care,
Where tho putitoff'a abide.
They smile when asked to advertise   '
And say they will,do it to-morrow,
And so thoy delay from day unto
Puttlngoff  cycles   up   and   leads
thsm away,
And they soon  have to starve,
bsg or borrow, ,
•     o ■•	
We offer one hundred dollars reward for any cast of catarrh that
(•nn•,'*>♦• V*» 'Minvl V»v Wnll'e nntnrrh
cure. V, J, CHENNY tfc 00., Toledo, O.   .
We, the undersigned have
known P. J. Cheney for the last
85j years and believe him perfectly
honorable in. all-business transactions and flauncLally aibie to carry
out any obligations made toy -.«
MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, 0,     ...
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. . Testimonials sent free,
Prices 76c. per bottle. Bold by
sdl dnmgists. Take Hall's Family
rilli. for constipation.
;. .7'Pillow Climbing: ',, r ;..
In; the middle of the floor ^some.di*'',
tance apart place sofa cuehlona, lamps,
bric-a-brac, otc. From among the,con>
pany choose a very,- Bmart yoong man
who^ has never "hoaxed" and ask > him.
to walk over' tho course between these
sr^etes,' so .as ,to|flx In his mind tha,
situation, and distances of tbe/urlous
things.' He/is the., blindfolded, and directed to thread his way.among them'
so as not to touch one. Very: gingerly J
he will take his,steps and.wind about
over;' tbe - floor,' and .when, triomphanli
orer'.'hils ^iroeeess,, the handkerchief, la
Uluo from his eyes he Is greatly, sin-
prised to.see that,not an;.artlcle:rt-
mains, on. tha floor. All were quickly!
and .quietly removed while be was being blindfolded. !ltls great fnn to tm
him moving cautiously and tMkln-g
here and there to avoid IniMtlai&eatt'
that do net exist
' 0#4ttw ef iuiwhiy;
Bwsday, as the word tmpttu, U
day-the day of tha ana, lien
shtpad -the" asm for a long time before
they began to worship God, and Sunday was ttaT tiey on wbleh tha aouree
of HgM aad heat ttcfiveA thetr e-Sora*
tia«,..OoJkts.dar Christ's ttmum>
ttoala loppoaed to hare takan plaeej
hone* the taarAay beeama tko wiiiMg
day ot Urn Ckriotlana.
There is Only a
tween the higjiest rate of
interest paid by an institution borrowing. from the
public and the rate a chartered bank pays its depositors. But, for this small, difference , in, rate, the depositor gets the protection of the
Canadian Banking Laws and at the same time the money
is placed where it is readily, available on demand, either
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W. C B. MANSON, Ngr„ Fernie, B.   C
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W. S.   STANLEY, M*jr.
men*'' and as the socialist members
of the British Columbian legislature are willing rto voice their
ideas, , they naturally allow them
to do ^so, but the reverend gentleman is committing the grossest
error if. he thinks that the'working men of the Kootenay country
are anarchists! No, Bev. Sir, they
are not even Revolutionists^ but
assuredly. they are Evolutionists
and are determined to evolve something equable, andv better for
themselves, out of the social
wreck they see around them,, and
will use their votes for that purpose.
o      ,       ,i
which she risked her own life'. Numerous incidents of like character could-be
cited, .but for the, present this will
suffice. He gives us ' to understand
that in his state of anarchy "millionaires
would be an impossibility, and debauchery and drunkenness could never exist."
Can he account for the fact that in communities where unselfishness ,<-"that
never sleeps" prevails, these very three
evils are uuknown?<-•_, "For nineteen
hundred years altruism has accomplished little either in the art or science of
life." What our prophet means by the
"art and ecience of life" we cannot say,
and moreover he is a little mixed in his
dates, but we can give him this guide
in his future researches, that the why
and wherefore ut our accomplishments
is not to be found in ethics but In
"The dark spot in British Columbia is the   Kootenays, according to     the statements of
Bev. H.   B.   Magee,   associate
secretary     of   temperance and
moral    reform   for the Methodist church,   who has just returned from an eight weeksvisit
'  to  British Columbia,  Alberta,
and Saskatchewan.   There,    in
the   Kootenay   country,    - he
says, the labor conditions tend
to   make   the    people Godless
and   irreligious,   the extremes
of atheistic, anarchistic socialism are  rampant      and     the
."brothel and the whiskey shop .
go together to degrade men."
Are we to infer from the above
that the labor men in the Kootenay country are ■unorganised?'^ 'If
they - are unorganised we could
■well understand , that a hopeless
co-oditioh of laboring, without ad
equate 'reward,    would   tend   to
make   labormen    Godless,  irreligious,    and go to the extremes' in
every way, for did not the Holy
One of Nazareth say "The laborer
is worthy of his-hire"'and a hopeless man must be a Godless man,
as, Visa versa,* a_ Godfearing man
will   always 'be "a * hopeful man.
. There is no question' that -w519, it
, not for the labor unions' and, lab--
or organisations, the condition of
, the " working-*ma'nwb-uld" be unbearable,.as .with   the    trusts on
,   the one hand, raising the price of
.;-commodities 'and'rampaceous em-
"-"ployers on    tHe-Other continually.'
.. cutting down; the amquntj,paid to*
•  the- -workmfan, kis; • -position-' would'
With the 81st of March John Mitehcl1
and Billy Wilson sever their official
connection with the United Mine Workers. Former Vice-President T. Lewis
as president, J. P. White, of Iowa, as
vice-president, and W. D. Rjan as
secretary-treasurer, are now the chief
officials of our union. These men take
over the organization at a critical
moment. The country is still experiencing hard limes despite the attempt
of the capitalist press to raise the wind
by whistling-.
The operators have refused to meet
the miners in joint convention and
everytbing.points to ah attempt to reduce wages. The miners are not likely
to submit to this without a struggle,
and should a struggle ensue at this
time it will require much good generalship to effect a victory.   '
The, organization. under Mitchell's
administration has gained the reputation of being very conservative. Wilson,
who contested with Lewis for the
presidency, expressed himself as a be:
liever in Mitchell's policy when appealing to the electors, avowing that if
elected be would endeavor to continue
it. He was defeated by a little over
Lewis.the radical, was elected, and
he now appears to resent that title.
Lewis is known to tbe western locals of
District 18, and is not -looked upon as
extraordinarily radical by them. But
then, what is strong meat in tbe east is
small potatoes in the west.
' The rank and file, however,.in the
last analysis, determines the policy of
most new officials, "andr from'unmis-
Selfishness, we are told, is the power
of getting what we want. Is it! Well,
we are pleased to learn that much from
our master of correct English', although
it conflicts with ordinary etymologists
3 Here is another gem. "Men absolutely
selfish of the perfections of their bodies,
the cleanliness' snd > elevation of their
minds would have no evil desires and
sin would become an anachronism.'
That involves the hypothesis that what
we understand as sin is something
specific, which it is not We all have
our own ideas of what is morally wrong.
For instance, we, following the concepts
of our moral code might refuse a drink
—cries of blasphemy—or we might buy
one—oh, monstrous, or it might happen
that in a moment of weakness we should
make an honest attempt to' do that
for "which we were receiving pay—loud
cries of "crucily him" you observe the
disapproval which the mere mention of
such practices draws forth.' - What
would be the consequence of tbe actual
committal thereof, we fear even to contemplate. Here is one still better.
Selfishness would (and you know it
does control Hie) and each life as it
could, not correct It would not propar
gate Well, wouldn't that jar you, as
the South Sea Islander said whon an
earthquake tore bis island asunder'.'
,We know that outside of. capitalistic
controlled communities, selfishness
controls neither man, brute.ory insect,
sav'e.in a few cases, and woalso,'k'uow
that even in civilized countries when
men and women are away, from the
influence of capitalism', selfishness does
IN THE MATTER OF" the. estate
of jBajoiiani Assunta Passerini,
late of Pernie, B.. C.y deceased. /
Notice is hereby, given that all
creditors and - others having
claims against the estate of, the
said Damiani Assunta Passerini
deceased, - who' died on or about
the 1.0th day of March,'1903, are
required on or before the 9th day
of May, .,1908,, to send by post
prepaid or .deliver.,to, Mr. ,L, P.
Eckstein, of Fernie, .B.' C,.solicitor for the administrator, their
christian and. surnames, addresses
and descriptions, the full particulars-of their claims, the statement
of their accounts and, the nature
of their securities, if any, -held by
them. ■',,*•
, Arid ' further take, notice that
after sub. last mentioned date the
said administrator will proceed to
distribute the, assets of the deceased among the parties entitled
thereto, having regard only to tha
claims of which he shall then have
had notice, and that T.the said administrator will hot be liable, for
the said assets or anyx part thereof
to any person or persons of whose
claims notice shall not have been
received by him. at the time of
such distribution.    *   "   ■    -
Dated   this   Snd     day of April,
1908. .
.   X. P. ECKSTEIN,.
Solicitor for the Administrator.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
government lots in' the townsite of
Hosmer will be offered for sale by
auction at the Lock-up in Hosmer
at ten o'clock . in the forenoon,
railway time, Wednesday, April
Bids below the upset price will
riot.be received.
Terms one third cash, one third
1st of November, 1908, and one
third 1st of May, 1909, with interest from 1st of May,' 1908. , A
fee of'$10 will be charged for each
Crown grant when issued." ' , ,
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for the Southern Division of East
Kootenay. <■ '
Cranbffook, 30th March, 1908 14
-,' DeVso bad that it-would tend   to
.'-■J make him- reckless -and' -hopeless..
;•>; But we are'not^siire that the-re-
)• verendi gentleman is correct and
■-.that' there, is;, anything in'th^ la-
■-. bor conditions in the Kootenay to
drive the men to the extremes of
atheistic, anarchistic socialism.
Unfortunately,. ,f9rv our. ,age. „. ,„the
brothel and the whiskey,shop are
so '.much an actual fact in aristocratic circles, and more so,    than
- *. { •     • -    *   .   ■-       '*,'
amongst working men,"  and v   we
' claim that any habit of either
/whiskey .drinking, ; or the 'other
vile thing-, that tho reverend gentleman speaks about, came from
the aristocrats to the workman,
and are one of the results of the
present social system,
Neither are we sure that "anarchistic ^socialism" is rampant,    if
at all existent, in the Kootenay.
We think there is far more of such
ideas  in London,  England,    and
the   centres   ot  large populations
in the British Isles, than anywhero
in British Columbia.   Some people
think all socialism is anarchistic,
and briefly speaking, that is   all
**tt°y Hjiow about it, thoy are liv*
ting  -in a   dream   that has 'boon
,   handed down to them from their
forefathers and they cannot wake
up to seo that there could be any
improvement in the social comSdi-
tions surrounding them so long as
they obtain by "hook or crook,"
what thoy thomsolves require,-they
care not how such in acquired, so
long as the   acquiring the same
does not bring    thorn under the
ban of existing laws, as to wheth*
er   thoso  laws are fair, and give
equal chances to their follow,men,
they   care not, and any well directed attempt to altor those laws
they look upon as the rankest an*
arehisini,   they have we presume,
got so acouBtomed to hear of so*
eial   changes   being attempted in
Russia, by   lied creed anarchists,
that   they    havo come to, believe
that all socialists are anarchists,
uud ebpeoaliy    if those so called
J-odaUitA juu ijeadiug on some of
their oft tended corns,
There, is undoubtedly a feeling
amongst working men that their
position in the social fnhHcj ,*■
aot as it should bo because they
are not only earners of wages but
ereatora of the wealth that is going into coffers that they have nothing to do with, and they are
taxed again, to pay enormous
profits on the result of their own
labors,.   In fact   It may   be said
conservative policy .heretofore adopted
must give place' to"brie'more vigorous
arid up-to-date. Other times,, other
methods.' ' The future will tell what we
cannot, what Lewis at. present will .not.
,But* whatever policy it. persued Lewis's
position is,not an enviable one.. .The
times are truly out of joint and his
lieutenants are men untried ■ and, of
small experience in international matters. If he makes good, he Ib Indeed
worthy of our trust. If he fails,or
makes mistakes, let us consider the
adverse circumstances and not denounce
him as unworthy. *,.,,", ,.-.;,. <.•'-*
„ o ■ ->, . ,
IN PBOBATE No. of 1908    ■
NOTICE is hereby River thnt on th* ia*h
day of, Mn*reh, lflOS. IT WAS OBDE1.FD
said Conrt, that James Fertrnson Armstronir.
Official Administrator in and,forth«t.portion
of the Connty nf East Kootenav. included Jn
the"EAst'Koo'tftTiav'Elector»l Tiivliion. he administrator nf A Mi and SLVGUT.AR the es-
tatP-of JoHN RY-.'ATUIK. of Miche-l, in the
Province of, British Columbia.-dectased-iin-.
testate *.;"?-»—' - '--J ,   ■'.".■,•'■.:,?  ;;'   ••''''
Every creditor or other person hnving any:
claim upon -r interest, in the distrllmtion'of
tho Estate'of the said deceased is reqnirod to
that there is an ''upheaval among
Your prophet, In order, that he. may
be endowed with.that which livoth and
dieth not, must hie, him beyond the
confines of his own country.
Tlio ArabB, when a poet was horn
unto them, gave thanks to Allah, Shall
wo bo Iobs lofty minded/than; tliey,
homolos8 nomads of the burning sands?
Perish the thought!
Long have wo burned the midnight
oil at the shrine of Marx, and behold a
greater than Marx is here. And the
burden of his,song Is aelllnhnoBB, "com.
plete, shameless; ungovernable' solflsh-
ness." Wo would, however, lio wore a
little moro explicit with his second por*
son plural; "your" is bo extremely
vnguo, It reminds ue of the croBs-oyod
Irlslimnn who walked Into a bar where
a dozen men wero drinking, and looklrin
at them shouted "You're a liar, a horse
tlilof, and a four flunher," all duly
qualified with adjectives which wo omit,
Of courBO, several at onco started to
clour docks for action, wheroupon our
frlond Biild "Who's talking to yoti,"
That, however, it not material.   Lot
tiH at least attempt to omultto the Arabs,
Honor whoro honor is duo.  "If ovory
man during Ills every working hour
thought and fought for hlmeolf alonn,
thoro would ho no nooil of pollcomon,
parsons, papers, phampletooru, or politicians." Angels and mlnlttoreof graoo
defend ua   That Is anarchy—a vory re*
incarnation of Max Stlrnor, minus mind
and morals. Our prophet Is nn anarchist
ol tho deepest dyl>.   He doeo not look
his part, which purhaps will aid him In
his appniont design—to propagato IiIh
nefarious doctrine in tbo insidfouegulBO
o/ au ordinary uawspapsr.   Out let us
looV at this, every msti for himself, aud
tho devil take the hindmost phllosphy.
We havo noticed during our  short
sojourn on this "earth of graves" whon
il>a. ->* inn iu.t> oi tne gaino the rttiv'n
not Infrequently bsgi tho entlro shooting match, metaphorically flpoaklng, of
courso,   Take, for lniitar.ee, the school
flro In Ohio a fow wceka ago, whoro in
tho mad "mo flrst" rush tho children
got wedged In tha doorway a foot from
aafflty, and  perished most horridly,
whllr. a young woman on tho top floor
saved many by tbe uoielflsh manner in
not yield an v.; great; influence.**We also
know that-Mount Fernie is not quite so
Viorran "Vo'   hu*   thon" nnmnoiioimi ' on, / in* JSStaie oi r.ne sain (it>ceRsen  is reqmrun ro
°ar™n 4*l—DUt tnen, .comparisons.are send ^(n^ ^e 3^ day of April, was, ji.y
Odious and we WOUldhoildr OUr'prbohet.   rotristered letter, addressed tn thenndorsinno*.,
V^ ,"■.-'•■- '     - •?.::■•: r.. '*''. %-.-"
Concerning^theLTolstoi incident^an
the'*commeat8, tliat^followed, W. aB1
Sli'dkeepear hie opinion-and .he,'said,
■'Youi^ prophet speaks an-rindcniiite
of nothing'. ;j His reasons are'Two'-grains
of wneat_ hid in'two.b.ushels.of chaff,
you may *Bearcli„i»lL*day' ore you, Hnd
them and   if you   should' find them
they will liot.rcpny.the search." Which'
is our opinion also of tliis Anarchist's
paper.,-       ■  -^'-i..;*-.       '■■■ •" ,'    •'
A conceited baboon may be amusing
but is rarelyvery edifying. \ '<
March, camo, in llkoallon and wont
out llkeadischarged editor,
» *■■■ ',—0	
his name and address and thn full pnrtlcnlors
nf.his,claim,or inte'est nnd a,statement of
his acnnnnt. and the nature'of the security If
any held by him.; - . < •- -"•:• , *'• •
' After,the said Inst mentioned dftto the Administrator will.proceed with thodistrihutlon"
of (the es'ate, havincr regard to'thnse claims
only nf which he shall have had notice,'
. Bated at Cranbrook this 2dth dityof Marc)),'
A.'0 -1008.'-''     '-•'       " *'L     --..■,-•-•■'■'
; ..jv**/. sjames furguson Armstrong.
'   1 ■'   >■.).-,'a •  .Offloial Administrator..  '^>:
1 ' ■ '• .*-i>
Mr.'Dunean, of BUrmlfi, Was In town
this week for tho purpose of making
preparations to have tWo prospect holes
sunk 8x8 about half a milo apart nnd
two miles Houth'of the town. ' If everything turns out satisfactory wo will
havo another big mine In Tnbor by
next fall. Thn company belongs to
Montreal and England,
Tho relief commlttoo from tho Tabor
mino started business iu good Hhnpo
thlH week, Thoy delivered ovor 1)5
Racks of potatoes, about 08 pounds of
onloiiB, 10 pounds of buttor, ontmoal,
and also a (rood quantity of other thinits.
The commlttoo Boom to know their
bufiliififis nnd thoy do not intend their
puoplo to go hungry If thoy can holp it.
Tlio mino only worked two dayi Inst
fortnight. i
, IN THE .MATTER OP -the: estate'
;  •* of. Edward / Van Buyten;,; late'
'• of•"Fernie, B. C, deceased:
'   .•■,■>•■'   ...', f ,    *■ ,•   :.'i        - • 1.
Notice .is hereby givon-that, all
creditors and, others having claims
against the ' estate of the, said,
Edward Van Buyten, deceased,
who died on or. about .the 9th
day of February, 1908, , are required on or before the 23rd day
of May, ,1908, to send by post,
prepaid' 'or deliver to Mr, Eckstein, of Fernie, B, 0,, solicitor
tor 'the ' administrator, their
Chriutltitt and surnames, addresses
and descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, ths statement of their accounts and , the
nature of their' securities,v if any,
held by them. '
• And further tako notice that
after such last -mentioned date
the said" administrator will proceed to-distribute the assets ,of
the' deceased among parties on-
titled thereto, having regard only
to-the claims of which ho 'shall
then have notice, ■ and that the
said administrator will not be
liable for the said ^assets or any
part thereof to any person - or
persons of whoso claims notice
shall not have, boon rocelved „ by
him,at the,'time of suoh. distribution, ,       •
Hated this 23rd day of March,
1008s    •' -    ■ • ■
„ ,.;     L. P. DJOKSTEIN,
1 Solioitor   for   the 'Administrator.
Three quarters of ah acre under
cultivation in West Fernie. There
is a Plastered House and other
buildings on tlie Premises.
- ^ ' ' ' * l 'x   l-
"'  ' " / " ''•-.- , <   -t ^ -• t \
Will be sold cheap and on easy
Real Cstate and Insurance-Broker
,-'. -vapjftii;1''.;'.;'
;,. Up-to-dat9
'." ,.-',' ..-''•■■/ -,.,'-
Bap Unexoelled
All White Help,
.-* J1-**' , '-1-  ''"
Call In ond
See us enoe  '
C. W. DAVY &C0.
.   P.  V.  WHELAN, Mgr.
Y ' ■■■■■-«■     ■■:'■    ■■  ' -;v-:-■&'-• ,-
V.-.     *    Fernie, B. C.     ,     , *-.
•f*-"i,ii '! *.i'   Proprietor--*-  «
*•*-,-<  '        •'■.',.'.    ..,.'.'-,.".   ■.♦j*',,   ^_;:
'•   *  *.    , "■* *■    • -1*. 1 l*->'*    ■»■ '      u     l*j'
Hotel, Hosmer
■ Now'Open . ,...'„.-....';
,'_,     Everything;new. and ;
M,-,., -..,.'.-   up-to-date. ,f,  ■ •■.*,>'.'...
„.:.. :'„■*. 'i;'- '-'>■•-. •.-' .*. •':, •;:,*--: >
Every accommodaliop ' ;t.,
*,   for the public; '
*  - „,    Bar siocted with   .c ' "■!   .
.   finest in tbe \.id      -•■
F.      LA BELLE
. Proprietor
$      Hotel
The Hotel of Ternle
A   Tho centre of Commercial
A and Tourist Trade
A        CtiiBlne  Unoxcollod >
% S. r. Wallace ...    Prop.
Fernie's most
Somo fow montlii ago wo nnrehssntl 8uni.lilno Hnmili, a farm of
100 acres of extra choice Innd, ultuntod shout 2% inllfH went nf tho
Oltv nf Nolmn, in a woll settled portion of tho district. Wo hnvo
mib'dlvlilod thin farm Into 10-icro hloek«, and we are offering tl am for
sale on easy terms, Tho location nf this farm Is excellent; it li'clone
to the 0 lr. II Station st Granite, thoro Is a good school In tholm-
mediate-vicinity, and tho Government wnjron rend from Nt-Inon runs
Ihrmi/rh tho proporty. On necoiint of Its elonn proximity to a thriving:
city, the vsluo of each block moit tiocoH«urliy rapidly* incroasp.   -,
This Is n uplnnHM lnr-ntlnn fnr n fri.lf- find vncntnliln tnvm  or «•
MI ehickon ranch,  Thoro li Always an oxcollent msrket for anything
?J?' utew Ihim )Uhm In HeUoii, dtid at iimrs vei.v IiIkIi prices limy im oo-
* " tainod, Tholsnd Is nothsrd to clean a trood worker could clear on
and have a crop tho first lesonn. A mnjnr portion of tho ground Is
clearly open, very little ttandlnfr trreon llmlmr. Thoro is a fine stream
of wator runnlni" through this nubdlvlslnn,, Tho lots aro iltuatod
within a qnarter of a milo of the Knotonny Wvor, whero tho very
0'*'*"7t IbJnVwi' Tro;:t /?-!.!,-.-• J': M hi !;.. J.
tWa flruarantoo the qusllty of thoNO blocks, and aro plew-ed at all
^ times to jrlve Intending purchasers tho bnpeflt of a thorough inipre-
* V tion.   Wo eonnlder that tte aro offorlnir a pnrtlculsrly choice *rtlel<\
»3 6 Yon are not taking any clmnco in iccurlng this land at onr price. ,Wp
* I are lolling thone 10-acro blocks at 980.00 por sere, and can arrange the
* -7 terms In vory easy payments to stilt' purchaser*.
tt* TOYE   &   COMPANY
H     Prult Und* and Real Estate, Box 81, Nelson, B. C.
untuta nKauiiATioNw.
OoAr..--Ooiil mining rlf-litu mayli* lesiwl for
a PMlod of tw«nty.ono vojri st an Nnnual
rental of «l,p«» soro. Not mors tlisn »,M0
sorti nrinU bo Wioit to one Individual or
company A, roya ty at tin rata of nve oanti
P«r ton «hall be oollaotod on tlia mirohantabla
n of a«* or
. Every, attention to tbo
travelling publio
Rooms reserved by wire
T. H. Whelan
, Manaosr ,
Quastx.-A.parion alihUin, tan of a»» or
ivor, navfna duoovaraiTmlniral in plaet, may
ooata a olalm l.tVio x l.WO f««t.
The f«» for wording a oUlmuta.
At leant timmnitbe expended on the claim
rh year or paid to the minted reoordtf In
/,  When alWO hae Men expended oi*
intnerepr.  wnen low nae tnen 	
paid, th* loflator.may, upon bavins a enrvoy
made, and apoo.eomplylnf with other te-
qnlrementi. pnrohau tbe (and at II per acre.
'TU **-U:.t lii-via*.* fs-.V '.'..ii t-i-J*.-.-'. ■:-.' a
royalty of 11 par oent on tb* tale*, ,
moia mining tilalmt generally are l»i feet
iqqare; entry fee ^renewableyearly, (1    ,,
in anpllennt may obtain two leeeei lo
Ktteiursoldofflvemlleeeeebfpra Una of
enty yean, renewable nt the dleoretlon of
1 Mfnliter of th* Interior
An anpllennt may obtain
dredge fur
twe '
Tli* lMaim e*h*n li»"e » ilrt^irf. •" <s»^>»»»ron
within one uaeoii from the data of Uie leave
forsaoh '
UrVexoVi.li I10.0W),
-    Woll furnlBhed rooms
Tuble suppliod with tho best
Bar stocked with boat of Wines/.
Tumors and Clears   ■.••-■■■
nln one uaeoii rrom tne aai« or wi* jea.ee
eaoh five mllei. lUntal »10 per annum for
t, mile of rl»er Uaeia, Ibysltv at the
1 of it per sent collected on tbe output ar*
'  -   -'-MOW,
Deputy Mlriliter of the Interior,
N/B.-VnanthorUed publloatlon of thte ad*
■  air —■*■ *—
Yertf»emintwlll not he paid for,
A-44 tOT-<m
Read The Ledger
TAKE     NOTICE that X, John
Mott of Elko, B.C., intend to apply to the superintendent of pro* ,
vincial police for a transfer of my
hotsl licanu fot tho Hoffman houaa*
at Elko, B.C., to William Stanlejr
McEwin of Elko aforesaid.
'  Dated this 4th day of April, A..
1)., 190H.
,     -lOHlf MOTT,    :
^*^^-w*»«W-!'*",»fe ' Official  Organ, of: District, NO.   18,' U. M. W.  of A.
Fernie,  b: C.,  April 4th,  1908
Ths Creations for Ladie-S Head-
wear Most Beautiful—Aii
Report Brisk Trade
Mrs. Todd's millinery, opening
was one of the most successful
that has been held in Fernie this
spring and the ladies showed their
appreciation by turning out in
large numbers to see the" beautiful
hats shown. One hat which, called
for enthusiastic admiration was a
suzanne shape of tuscan panama
straw, trimmed with a pureljr par-
isian bow,of Helie velvet ribbon
and crowned by a stunning bunch
of the most natural sweet peas
and* banked around the side
crown, also a beautiful- gold
buckle, completed one of the
smartest hats ever shown in Fernie.. The] ladies.were.most enthusiastic in praise,of a stylish bisque
.colored chip,hat .trimmed,with    a
Louis bow of itwotone cream and
■ iJJS««in ribbon from the center oi
of the bow wai an exquisite ostrich spray) two burnt wood hat
pins aad to the beauty of the;side
, crown; ■-
The, .flowers,shown were of the
"best and most, exclusive style and
we hardly need add the most natural ever seen outsid*© natures own
garden. ;' „ "•
^The Trites-Wood Co.'s millinery
, parlors are now replete with all
the latest novelties in'Parisian
and,New York designs of up-to-
date headwear. Some new. ideas
they are showing are the .Merry
Widow hat, the New,Sailor, and
, handsome designs,in toques. The
trimmings ;this season 'are strong
in natives of, all shades, aigrettes
and'a profusion of: elegant flowers,::
and,last b-ut not least extra choice
.designs in the ,newu largethat, pins..
.,rThe-'local .traffic department of
the Great Northern announced
yesterday that; the company had
given legal notice for the publication of a rate of $2.25 a, ton on
coal shipped byway of the Fernie-
-Michel extension and Newport to
points on the Idaho & Waslrington
Northern railroad, says the Spokane Review.     ..,.,:„
The new-rate, which, will be effective? in about 40 days will reduce the presents rate 35 cents a
ton in the territory affected.
The present rate from the mines
to Newport is $2.15 and a local
rate of approximately 50 cents is
charged by the Idaho & Washington Northern.—Frank Paper.
,  .— o—
Mr. H.-F. Maclean who has'in
the past managed the Palace Drug
Store, will unite with our popular
and most successful drug*g*ist N.
E. Suddaby and they will together
form-the Elk drug and bookstores
limited and. will open a branch' in
the,rising town* of Hosmer.. This
reflects well upon the present and
anticipated general prosperity of
our town and district, of which -the
new firm are preparing to partake
in the future as in the, past.
■-■ o—      ■■ ■—,
The half yearly meeting"of the shareholders of-the Western Canadian Co-
Operative' Trading Co., Ltd., was held
in the Eagle's hall: last week., The
chair was occupied by the' president',
Mr.* S. Hall, who opened the meeting
by reading the _ articles of association
by which the society is governed., The
reading ,;.of, the balance-sheet was
enthusiastically received. The profits
for the period from Aug. ist lo Dec. 31
were, $2/284 00,. which .the directors
recommended be apportioned as follows
popular with, everybody bein)*.
irt-^fand'   styltah^and;, at -the;
: Elegance * ifod'exctt.siveness ■predominates ,at'Mrs.-r;Wag*gets millin-
"ery store. \As Easter-draws near-**,
er* interes-increai-jes"iri^tke™millin-"
ery'daily.    The   hats, this season
same time exceedingly pretty and
becoming " to nearly,,, everybody.
Easter is not far away.so it would
"be wise to settle the hat question
whioh-to makea-seleetion*w—;Coi-rie'
and- view the display 'in its grandeur. You, ,will, surely;.. enjoy it,
Every lady likes a new hat for
Easter.' _ .......    ;'• ' N   *,  ,*,
. LocArHTra?
The returns for the month    of
March show an   , increase; the .figures 'being: as' follows:
\ Value of dutiable goods entered,
.?42;386>00." * " "   -' —  - ■-*•- "
Lace goods, $5,590.00.
[",,'. Amount of duty collected, t?10,-*
'-   324,47. -. , 1..-.. - ,■■.■.■■■ "-I -."/.v.-      ■.■-■*',*
,f, Corresponding Month 1B07.
|\) 'Value of dutiable goods entered,
$30,483.00./•'«■• " ■ 	
-Walue of lace goods entered, *$2,--
814.00., . *v ;•  . •■ ' . ■., ;, i-
Duty,.c6ll.ectcd',"*$8,771,-18j.or an
increase of duty collected of 81,-
»  F at ^AiiisliiJDio .*.
;The Ledger's hustling representative called upon Mr,, Spalding,
our loading photographer thin
week and corralled the' advertisement appearing upon tho front
page of this issue. Whilst there
Mr. Spalding showed" him some of
his moBt recent work and for general excellence and artistic appearance wo venture to say that
he', cannot bo excelled,, There is a,
grctat , deal in knowing how to
poso ; and handle people getting
there piotures taken and Mr. Spa***,
ding's ability in this respect. Is b***
yond , question. Ho .as nade a
great alteration to bis itudio,
which Is more like a private sitting room than anything else, and
makes ono feel moro at Borne when
being photographed than ia usually; .the case at a photographers,
Interest at'th'e^rat'e of j"per cent, per
annum^pn", all *priid-'.up ' capitair*'" A
dividend of,2S per cent, on all members'
I  ■> 4>,a   44.,^_ v _--*V4ta4,(/4k.(a**..-.*-\». a^-%? *   I 4t      .*■**-   fc^    - *        **• ,-   *--     ^   ' 4*-
purchases, to those who are not members. -. •The.followinpj officers,were then
'elected*, fori': the -ensuing term : Pres.,
Mr. ^Samuel Hall ^ Directors, Messrs.
•John Hadfield, Patrick .Kane, Frank
Lean', Michael Brennan, Hfirrv.Smith,
Wv T.  Smart  and  Wm.   Sneddon;
!4.**1^4'«450r^*«»f^,-»«*rtMa*W*»Wfcl' -,Sia*H,-*-ai-fi'vlta..^iW» M.wai  M-.1i   i   .»   •     —-"■ *
Seo-Treas., J. Grabarm, After a very
hearty, vote of thanks to , the retiring
directors, the most enthusiastic meeting since the 'commencement of the
undertaking was brought to a close. '■"■"
" Since the starling of the Co-Opera-
'ttve„niovcment„, in. Coleman its ..success
or failure has been anxiously' looked
forward to by those whom' the venture
11 fleets "favorably or otherwise. Not withstanding the"stubbdri."opp6'siii6ri io "the
movement, and tho obstacles placed in
their way,by, various parties and firms,
the directors, by their judicious man**
agement, have b.een able to increase
their, business to the, extent of $1,000
per 'month.' The feature most • detrimental to the movement is the short
■sighted policy persisted, in by a good
portion of the work people. Instead
of joining the society and giving it
their-full .support,.they make their
purchases at the prlvnte stores, thereby
playing directly into the hnnds of
private individuals to put Ihe movement
out1 of business.  -That the Co-Opera
. Continued .from page'1.  , -
26 days making a month. No boys
will deliver parcels over 50 pounds
in weight. Teamsters driving*, four
horses not less.than $3.75'per day".
, Section 3.
The owners shall have the power'
to employ a man that is not a union teamster for the period of five
days on trial but if employed
longer he will be eligible to join
the teamsters union and will be
considered as a teamster by all
Section 4.
Owners employing teamsters that
are not union members shall notify   the   teamster that he recognises the union und shall request,
him to recognise same.
Section" 5.
Union hours of labor by the I.
B. of T. is as follows: Nine hours
constitute . one day and overtime
at their scale for all time longer
than nine    hours, excepting light
delivery .when ten hours will constitute one day on Saturday only.
Section 6..
All teamsters shall go to work
not later.than eight o'clock a.m.,
and time will be set by employer
but if any change in time he will
notify teamster the night previous.
' Seetion.7.       • ■'"
The scale of time for drivine will,
be not less than as follows: Heavy
draft truck, three, miles an.hour ;
light delivery, four miles an hour;
livery, five'miles.an hour, .
,  Section 8.
All teamsters     will receive overtime     after   nine   hours on trips
providing, he   has not had ample
time to*make same according*-'   to
scale of time.   If he has had time
and there is ne^lierence on his part
he will    not. receive .    anv \ time
lonffer than the scale of time for
such drive; barring** accidents.
• Section 9. ';. .".' "'
-Nof team: owner .will discharge a
union member without givin-g him
one day's notice unless he absolutely neglects his duty when • -he
will notify'the' President of ," the
local or one of th*' grievance committee, his mason-.fnr'-Sf» dischar~-
in«* and will*try to retilp.ce .the
man with a union member. "
Sftfi"*t-.if.*n in: '   "
and the= team owners of Fernie, B.
C, for the period of time as mentioned in agreement.
J. E. Gravett, chairman*
,*.. vJas. TVTcNicholas
;VB.  Clark
.[Wm,  Long
•   „ ■       .- Wm. Mason.
.    i  '   Section 20.,
We as: team owners accept this
agreement for tbe period of one
year beginning April 1st, 1908 and
ending March 31st, 1909, and do
agree to live to same to the best
of our atJility while doing business
in Fernie or within a* distance of
five, miles of tbe said city.
Section 21.
Teamsters claiming overtime
shall report not later than the
following evening to their employer. - •
, The   Fernie Cartage Co., per 0.
N. Boss.'
- W. J. J. Morrison;
Fernie Steam Laundry.
P, Burns & Co.. Ltd.,"per J. S.
Gusty.  !'
Dominion Meat Co.
George Cody.
Thos. M. Brooks.
Thos. Letcher.,,,
Trites Wood Co.,.Ltd., per A.
B. Trites.
Western  Canada Wholesale Co.
,   The    .Crows   Nest Trading Co.,
Ltd.  .'"*   ;.
W. J."Blundell./ ■
Fernie Livery,  Dray &'Transfer
Co.; per J. A..Crawford. '   ,
first Account of Strike
Poor John, dear John, the Divine
Thou who try'to teach English
so fine;
Pigeon English is sweet
When we hear you repeat
"Am I speaking or listening this
Poor John, dear John, the Divine
English .written with your   pen
in each line.
Don't look in the glass -,;
Or you'll see a double distilled
If its scripture you quote here's a
Poor-John, dear John, the Divine
If you-    tell us your record,   at
wine ,
Each girl through the pass
.Wink twice when you josh
At   the     way you intend to decline. *,
'.No'union'member will leave his
employer without fji'n-ino' one day's
notice to the same unless ' he:
wrongfully abuses, the same when
he . will notify his grievance committee'of "the matter.' ■■-■-'-
.-■-'■,\ "'•■>'    • Section 11'. ' '-'-•'"■-"/-
'* H-.-.a.- :fceamster wishes'to stay
from     work:, he,must.'notify-the'
owner the,'night previous,er if requested try-to place a union member, eligible, to fill.his position and,
if -owner    wishes to' lay' teamstfer
off'he must- give:'the same notice'
and state,, the length of time.
Section 12. -. .. ,"
'All team owners receiving a full
day's pay for eight hours'or less,-
when employed by other owners or -
contractors, will be considered'  a
full day for such driver.
■'■'■■'■ Soction 13.
All union' teamsters' will be -fiaed
for the first offence and expelled
for the second offence- for driving
teams that' do not uphold .assp-
ciation, prices, when they are •driving in the class of work "of association, if proved either "by any
member of the "association or union.
Section 14.
All   team  owners will consider
other owners that do not employ
union teamsters not a member of
their body   and will not support
tho    same.   in any way *nd they
will be considered by the union as
affiliatod bodies for thoir support;
Section 15.
Union members will try to protect    their employers teams from
unlawful abuse whether they     be
live system enn be worked successfully driving tho same or not and fail-
and prove beneficial to all its support, | ing* .to do so thay wiU be fined ao-
crs bus been clearly demonstrated lii
Dray ft Transfer,
Ail kinciw or   .,.
i". J;
:     Teiniug lad
Great   Brilnin  and : the continent of
F.uropo.      If the worklnf" classes of
Canndn would study more closely their
own interests nnd give the movcincnl
their, practical   support,   them  It no
rcii'won    whutover,   why   cooperation'
should not become ns firmly established in thin country as elsewhere '
The new union hull and opera house,
for which tenders nro advertised In this
Issue, 1b lo lie the finest opera house In
the  Pass.   It  is  lo  he n one story
building, 18ft. in the clear Inside, Soft.
lon|* nnd 45ft. wide.   The Binge Is to
bo 3ift, in. depth   nnd 45ft.  widoi
Proscenium a6fi. wide nnd 14(1. high.
The front is divided Into rending room
and eecrtftary'a offices. .Tha auditorium
will be 45ft. by, 48ft. and will have a
maple floor.   It. js,expected the rjsll
*ll(i be'completed by Ihe first of June,
and .will be a-credit to the town rind
the miner* whftnrs hiillrtlni,* It.
'The "new printing plnrit nnd ofnee
have been completed and Coleman will
have lis first newspaper.out on Satyr*
day, the 4th Inst..... ;,  , "    \,
T, M, EKOOIS      Prop.
j   P.O. Hoi aa\    Tsl. 6
The *P(«arvi*»,'i«r« Tf*n*Jeri <*l****,*lre* tc*
express- their thanks to th* Laborers . TJnlon for thsir practical
support in refusing to fill tha idle
tcamsttra' placta whilst fighting
for rsepgnftion, and stats that
whenever ii mattar of this kind
crops up with tho laborara TJnioO,
the Teamstws wiU bo •*■}«*,• to tb*
cording to the by-lawB -and it will
be the duty of every team owner
or union member to inform tho
grievance committee of such
charges if abuses *re caused by
teamster.,  ,
Section Id.
A copy of the agreement with
the owners will be placed with tho
by-laws of the union and will be
considered aa auch. Air-grievances
between the union and owners will
be handed to a committee which
•shall be as follows: one member
■sleeted by tho union, one by the
owners, and these two to select a
third disinterested party.
Section 17.
All teamsters shall taka caro of
their teams'in svery way when
driving unless the owners make
different arrangements excepting
on, Sundays when the teamsters
will have .the power to make their,
own agreement with the employer,
Section 18.
?/*>   ait   llu.itii.i.*'!>   "*   tut,  *4   <u.   *i*
T. do B*»r#e to Hva*to this «j*r*»e-
mtnt whilst driving team, to the
best of our ability for the period
of time mentioned in section 80 of
this agreement in force In the city
of Fernie, B. C. • *
. .1 *. .   in
Grievance committee of union:
J. E. Oravett, -President.
0. J, Stsver,
a. Clark/
Ws as a committss with full
pow*r to act for Lisard Local of
the Xntarnttlonal Brotherhood of
Teamttcn do consider this a law*
/ul afrajrm»ot between ths   union
This strike came about in the
following manner: The teamsters
saw the necessity of forming a union, on account of fixing a uniform scale allround and the
teamsters saw the same need with
the''result that both bodies' organised, the teamsters'organised to a
man but not so. with-.the owners.
A scale of prices was drawn* up
"on behalf of the owners and pufblic,
whic-h showed an increase allround-
to the'public. ■*.;'    ....,,-,•.._■
The .teamsters drew up a wage
scale .;and presented-same to be
association signed up and others
wouid not. The men,were allowed
to .. go".-, to work t with, the-owners
who ''signed.^ up,,.'.,, but_v not so
among, the owners '.who did. ttot
those who did.not sign and -most
sign are: The. .Western' ' Canhda
Wholesale, the A. " McDonald
Wholesale, Crows Nest Trading
Co., W>'"X. Blundell, grocery, 'Al.
Rizzuto, cartage and liveryv '    '
Matters   are   a bit, complicated
owing to the fact that there    are'
two bodies of team owners.     The
Teamsters      committee     met ' the
team owners who are in the association on the 28th of March  and
discussed the agreement and    adjourned to meet again on Monday
ovening and instead of meeting the
committee of the association there
were present three of the association   committee and three outside
tho pale of tho association.    They
rofused to do business on this   account and adjourned to meet again
on Tuesday   evening igiving     the
owners the right to report to their
body.    They*did sb and on Tuesday evening teamsters and    team
owners met again and the answer
given to the teamsters was to the
effect that after tho scale of wages
from outside towns had been got,
they   would meet them,    Then at
special request of the owners there
was a meeting arranged for Thursday evening.   On arriving at the
appointed     meeting*     place    the
teamsters found only two of   the
owners present and the teamsters
refused to do   businoss,   on    the
ground that the ownors wished the
teamsters to do business with the
-wnole  body   of  owners,, those in
favor,  and  those    who wore not
favorable to organised labor,
Tho Teamsters committeo blankly refused to do so. Teamsters
state that they would not moot
Eizzuto owing to tho fact that he
refused to recognise the union and
he was one who refused to sign
the agreement that other of
the owners doing the same kind of
team work had signed.
This l*o]ofts as if people Will
havo to carry their groceries dec,
John On.His Way To Calgary To
Get His Paper Printed,
THAT a piece of copy entitled,
"The Lady That Trbta On Snow-
ahoes," has been dropp*d into his
waste .paper .basket. He is always
very pleased to receive contributions, but draws the line at such
slang and mild indecency. Any.
more of these might be sent to tag
"J," it is more in his line*
- • • •
THAT the approach to the C.P.*.
R. station should be cleaned up a*
little better, now that the mild
weather has started in.
» • *
THAT he would like to see a
better means of fire protection for
the people of the Annex. He thinks
that our city fathers might take
this matter up at once and see
what they can do to protect that
portion of our, city.
* * •
- THAT he heard a rumor to the
effect   that    there   was a show in
town.   When Mr. Stevens was the
manager of the opera house he always  called  and gave  us passes,
and in return we '"wrote up" tho
shows.   Tbe  present management,
however,   do   not    as    yet under- :
stand the old time usage, so   wa.
refrain from saying a word about'
the   show.      Perhaps   when    thev
want    a "boost"  they will    call,
over and see us.   Who  can tell?
*'     ' •   •   •
That some of our merchants
asked us to cancel some - advertisements from, outside dealers, which
we did. . He notices that some of
the. same advertisers are patronising a; paper that is printed in Calgary, and he would like to ask if
that is fair.
Fernie is certainly a good union
town. The fact is easily established when you glance at the following list: '       .-.--';-*
Miners Union  ''.■■;
"Brewery Workers Union    ' '-;     -'
, 2 Carpenters Unions'      '    ,
Teamsters Union      --
Laborers" Union"
Plumbers Union.
- -THAT. John's was writing about
good English and in one,part * of
his-, paper has the following:,
"What we tried to do was to
steer, clear of the mediocre aiid,
trite, and write something -that
would arrest tho.eye and, freeze..it
on the advertisement," ,'Oh noble
expositor" of good'English, where
have.you strayed? Who-ever heard
of an eye being arrested? • ,   ,.
-THAT in another, part he has a
heading* which reads as follows :
"Hannah on tho Bust."* If Johns
would . kindly tell us when the
word "Bust" bocame good Ehgv*
lish. in the senso he is using'the
word we would bo much obliged,
a  t   ♦
THAT being asked to criticise
John's newspaper he found that it
contained so much bad English,
vulgarity, and Indecency that it
would require more space than we
have to spare to fully deal with
tho paper as he could do.
, *   *'
THAT Meikle (by the way it is
Meckle in John's paper) should bo
proud of the recommendation for
thoroughness by the
John's Newspaper.
Editor     of
to -their homes if some othor
rangement is not come to.
Xr. T. Bigg" organised a local
union of laborers in Fernie on
Monday the 30th instant at the
Owl restaurant when 21 members
w#r# 'Wi rolled en A ffc
omeart appointed;
T. A, Ambrose, President.
William . Thompson, Vice Presi*
Frank Adams, Recording Sacre*
•Jamek saUvrrtas, Secretary Irens-
A. W, Colpsman, Quids.
Sydney Hume,  Guardian.
A meeting will be held on Saturday evening at 6 o'clock at the
Owl restaurant for th* purpose of
tee-jiving nsw members and further
We would like to see the following unions with locals here,     and
then     the     list would be, almost-
complete:      '■•■■'.'     •    ■*  -:-
Clerks Union       .-.,,;
,Millmens'n.Union ,'v    "    ,        , '.'. .-■'
- Loggers Union >    . , ■■,   ..
Bartenders Union
Barbers Union
Plasterers,        Bricklayers      and'.
Masons Union
' -Electrical  Workers  Union
Railroad,, Trainmens Union.
' Tinsmiths Union '       '
Of course the above are all well
represented, and we think there
would be enough to form locals.
Lethbridge makes the boast' that
it is the best organised union town
in th© west, but we are of the opinion that Fernie can beat it as
far as numbers go at least, and
we would like to sec 'more ot tho
above mentioned unions with
locals here.
And as the unionism is ever on
the increase we think that our
merchants ought to cater a little
more to the union label goods; Of
course we recognise the difficulty
the merchants have and,think they
have done as good as possible in
the past, but no doubt they will
see the advantage of dealing even
more than ever in the union brand
in all lines in the future.
What is the most popular thing
in Fernie to-day?. Unionism. Ask
for the union label.
John And Hli  Matrimonial Bur-
Biiirmore, Alia.
Funeral Director and.
Office Victoria Street
Phonu 63      Residence Phone->8
GOTO,    „      I
Hammond & BScItttosii i
of   Every    Description
Box 348
Fernie, B. C. DISTRICT  LEDGER," FERNIE, .B.C., APRIL 4th, 1908.-
SUPPZR     ...
,  ***
'5 J
Always Acceptable
•Alw^iys^DteJici.ous  ,,,
C-'"   '.*»/. r   tf.l*V.*•<*:.      ■>■ »'•■•■ "■?.'■,«,■■
Lead Packets Only
Blue Label J1":.. Rod Label .v-o.,
Hint Uul't . iibcl (Wj, por Hi,
At all Grocers
■ ?-war™
..' * ? - ' J"
Man Who Threw Explosive Ad-
;mits Guilt but Refuses: ?
to Talk Further
New York, March 30-^-The .whole
city', is agitated over the .developments of '. the anarchist - .plot to
blow up the police Squad which
broke up 'the demonstration of the
unemployed in Union' sq.uare Saturday, resulting in' the death of
one.anarchist and-the-fatal wounding of the bomb •' thrower-by a
, premature explosion. A" large
num-her of arrests were made last
night and-to-day.''
The' wounded "anarchist ■ refuses
to name his associates, though admitting his part freely iri-the conspiracy,. ,'.;..  ,'/;V „
Like,-.the Haymarket massacre-of
.Chicago a quarter of a century,
ago, the outrage yesterday is said
to have been ,pfbyoked by a lurid
chist sheet—the ;Work, an East
side Yiddish paper.,--: The article,-,
which the police hold-chiefly responsible for the attack yesterday
is-Aheaded;;".?"Out;+to -the. Hunger
March," and ;is, an appeal for the.
Sunday gathering at which the
bomb was thrown.   It says:
Defy The Police.-
V'The   workmen ' of  New'   York,
Brooklyn   and   Brownsville    will
, stand on the streets' so that these
dirty rich should see and sympathise",','
"It will, be a showing of the terrible hunger and the barest poverty mixed with pain, a crisis and
begging protest,
° '"Ten thousand of workmen who
are" martyrs to the pangs of hunger, for, months, together, with the
frail, weak wives and innocent
children will "go out from their
dji'rtt and stuffy * tenement holes
and to a~ dangerous war, They
will ask that their terrible cries of
"we want bread!' shall be hoard.
,"Itiwill be a dangerous hunger
march,. a big protest demonstration, the biggest of Its kind  that
New York ever saw.'1
i    "i     ,. ...  .,
-'That,servant of capital; the park
commissioner, and a few labor fa*
kirs,' have quietly* planned how
thoy can suppress the cry of a half
a million of people and their hun*
gry families that* are in New York,
Brooklyn 'and Brownsville., Their
devilish plan has availed them no*
Call 'Em Robbers.
The Socialist party And tha un*
ions have.agreed together to protest against this robber band,
which has.trickily brought about
this present crisis and ask that
the state sball provide tho hungry
with work.
"The police date not and cannot suppress this. Ths law allows it and a few false friends of
the workmgmsn cannot stop it.
"Saturday is the day. Two o'clock in the afternoon. Then there
will corns together the stricken
people - of this crisis in Union
,"Out from the tenements you
lbng hungry idler, you park dwel*
Isrs and street -wanderers,
,'*Stn,ud u}> iot youi; .i|*iiU ia all
that one can ask and that is what
is*coming to you with,Justice,"
Fear; Other Attacks.
Tn tho Wall stmt section of the
city special precaution was taken
to*day to wateh suspicious ehar*
aeters. Th* Aoorn of Morgan's
hsadq'uarters and ths Standard
Oil building wsrs doubly watched.
Fetirs nre entertained of an outbreak of rsds in revenge for ths
energetic action of the police hers
,, uul   because of President Rooac-
velt's "utterances in"Washington.
All shabbily dressed persons in the
stock exchange" are being watched.
Bomb Crude Affair.
The bomb itself appears' to have
been filled with tenpenny nails and
button's. ■   Fragments'   picked,,'up
around the scene of the explosion
indicate > that these together with
, , --,'*•'
the explosive used, were placed.in
an  "oval"   covering .,of thin' sheet
'  Several-witnesses said .that;they
saw sparks coming, from the bomb
just , before    it  exploded',   ^ which
makes  it  practically  certain that
it was set off by means of a fuse,
and'that the explosive used'' was
gun powder. ->
■ -That the loss of life -was not
greater is due to a! combination' of
fortunate cii-cumstances. ,       * '..-,. .
Had the .bomb exploded-half an
hour' earlier the chances are that
several more persons would have
been, killed. '
■ As it .was, nearly everybody' in
the park had been driven out- by
the police.     '.-   ■    ,   '. \"   '  ■■ '
It had been , a• trying afternoon
both for-the. police and the thoii*;
sands who had,been trying, to hold
a meeting1, but'it seem'ed,; at * three
o'clock as,,if.' things were pretty
,well clearejd^up.^;;' ,;. ..
jJFixe_J3^nu^s^la*^_wheit the ;ex-
plosion took place,' excepting " the
police, there were not more than a
dozen persons within the limits of
the<-'park; ■-.. .„*.-.•-.. -. -    *■ -
| Around the'"deaid"-fountain in
the,centre;of the park,was.a:little
group of half a'.down persons' who
somehow1 or other had escaped thai
police"dragnet and had not been
driven'out.-" ,,. •,•->: >-'.. ;•....-
-The bomb thrower: and his companions' were 'among .these';'-'.,;
rNotrnfteen'feet away. stood*;Cap-
tain Miles O'Eeilly, of the "Mercer
street station. He was lining up
twenty men > from his; station and
was about to give them'the order
to "march back to the'station.'It
was at: O'Reilly and his men that
Dilverstein aimed., his bomb, but
whether from fright' or bad Judgment he held it too long.
The-meeting was planned by the
leaders of* the so-called unemployed conference' of the Socialist-party! prominent in whose councils
have been .Morris Hillquit and H.
Hunter, once hoad worker of the
university settlement and formerly . of Chicago, and now husband
of the* former Miss Caroline Stokes
a sis tor.of Qv Phelps Stokes.
Mr, Hunter himself was in the
crowd that tried to hold the meeting and marched around the side
streets for somo time before becoming convinced that the police
would, not give way.
This ovening he denounced the
troatmont of the crowd by the po-
lico by saying that it was an outrage. He was specially severe on
tho way the mounted police ran
into the crowd.
Police are defied.
He admitted that inspector Bch*
mittbergsr, who was in eommand
of tho police, bad told him. that
there could not be any speaking
because no permit had been obtained.
X told Inspector Schmittberger,
said Mr. Hunter, "that I guessed
we'd"lhave to "make an effort to
speak anyway."
* »
Mr. "Hunter did, in fact, make
at. «*Tou to eye** auyaow. Vi'mu
ihe huumti eddy curried him lute
East Seventh street he •climbed
half way up a flight of stairs and
bsg-an to talk but he hadn't' got
much farther than ".Fellow eltl-
■nuns" belore two policemen ran up
ths stairs and hustled him away.
He gave it up then and departed.
,   .A  Girl's  Girl..'
Wlieninoi-, yi".ir ii":u'.-';i "girl called a
/Ill's j*;iir try la know'lier, if. you
w. not iU> so ii!!*i'.:(ly ' She Is sure to
-w nice in tlie iiest seus».>' of Ihe word
■'-.l nine oases-out of^tr-n-yoii will find
e-«-. tr.ie an<. - sympathetic, always
rp:»:>; "to listen to' c-oiifidp-.icos, and.
ill ,-,-vi' all! 1-ead.v to lcce*> tin.' :i .*:*' sneb.
S'.;i* Is always ilcing .a" kind act Ki
soii:i.' "in', and ilit:.:ght uf. herself
comes nowhere in' her calciiliitlons.
Ki.di a Klrl is alwajs |io|iiilnr with
hoi- i'l-ienils. an.l \oii will h'cai* jroMci
opinions ol'* lior - rn all slabs. There
may he iinUiing t)i'i*lall.v" about her to
attract notice It sci-i'is' to lie 'just
an lndivl(li;;il charm in tier naUire
that stamps lior with this engaging
cli.irnctprlslk". She is goncrnlly ■frnnU
and- houest in espvessiug an' opinion,
and her friends' inay he sure It is a
Kemilne one.. She Is -nt once uiiaf-
(ected and simple and 'ready to show
an Interest in all.her friends' iindoi**-
If' you   cannot   count   anions  your
: friends a girl'who earns this title, try
to'find one. and  when yon  find'her
coiigrnlulute yourself upon, your suc-
res*-*. '
Simple   Home
Treatment Said  to
/ Overcome: Rheumatism, i * i -
Laundering Handkerchiefs. ■
. \\'!)i) among ns l).*is not moiinied the.
Kpoilinj; oi' tliie.li.-iiidkerchh'l's In'the.
luniidiM-liiKV The.\ ai*e pullell .ont" of
shape, streaked at .oiie.coriierund torn
about the edges'of the initial or our
liniidery, and we liave not.far to'3look.
for Ihe reason.'     " "      .   ."„"    .,
The,average laundress hangs a' l>iiii-_
die of handkerchiefs. hy • one' corner.
lays tliein 'in -a-pile on hei" Ironing
hoird and runs the iron over them
iou^liMiixl, willi siilillu'ie disregard for
auy.siK.'li trivial matters as embroidery
•n- i,-:i-o.
Now. handkei'c-lili'fs are,a very iiii-.
portant toilet aceessory and should be
treated with due coiisideriitioi'i.1 Sproiul
Ihein bu the line nnj 'fas'leirthe.yery
lino ones with black- toiiei pins iwhich
.ly uot rust like tjie^^lilte ouesi iu-
.lead .of elolhei-piiis.'J;' Sprinkle very
weL ■ before • folding down ■ foi* • ironing
and-fold them smooth. - 	
Iron thorn singly, first the hem. treat:
iiig whatever form of decoration lhey
'.'■:ny boast with extreme .care; then
iron the center and iron 'perfectly dry'
An'"initial 'Ironed' on* the ""wrong side
will do- better service, aud, look better
Ihau If Ironed ou,the light. ->
-.. ...:'.-: ^-^s ,?-:,,:..  r .
■    OF GOJyMERGE    ;
When ari*,eminent authority . announced in the ..Scranton" (Pa.)
Times-that he had fouiid a* new
way to treat that dread American' disease, -Rheumatism; with-
just common, - every-day .. drugs
found in any, drug store,; the physicians were slow, indeed, to, attach
much "importance to- his -claims.
This was, only a few months'ago.
Today nearly every newspaper in
the country, even the metropolitan dailies, is announcing, it and
the splendid results achieved.-It is
so simple that any one can" prepare _it at home at small cost.-It
is„made up as follows: Get, from
any good "prescription . pharmacy
Fluid Extract .Dandelion,: one-half
ounce; Compound Kargon, .one
ounce; ', Compound ^Syrup Sarsap-
arilla, three aurices.' Mix by shaking in'a.bottle'and-take in tea-
spoonful doses'after each meal arid.
at'1- bedtime. These' are' all .simple"
ingredients, making an'* absolutely
harmless "home  "remedy at' little'
cbiity ■;"!".\-,\ <~-\"; ,;'".; ^■,-*■,
Rheumatism as every. ,'6he 'knows
is -a* symptom * of deranged' kidneys,; It is. a condition-produced
'by .'the ?failure-..of: the' kidneys ,-".to
liroperly -. filter or ■ strain. from' the ■
blood . (the , uric acidf-and other
•matter1 which,'if not * eradicated
.either-in the-urine' o^'through' the
^skin-pores, remains. irt the blood,
decomposes-.and' forms- about- the
joints and " muscles, causing, the
untold; suffering r and." deformity • of
rheumatism..' „*, .-,-,• v..'   .-,',;
;   This prescription is saicT to, be "a
splendid healing,; cleansing, and invigorating.'• tonic ' to'1 the .kidneys,
and  gives'^almost immediate     relief*'in all .forms-of..-bladder., and.
urinary troubles and backache'. He
•'•' "". w-rii'hs -  people in "   a leading.
New "York '~^"<iv  ->o*a-"n<5t  the ,dis-_
criminate    use    ,"of  many,' patent
medicines.'  '   ' .' ."-,..-
;head office Toaoisrro
■, t.^ * ,V*.« •• *- '■.'..l',."..1',. .'UV,    '«Jg: ■» —
B..E. W-*U,KER, President
-AiEX. LMRDi'jfieiieriii Manager.-'.
'A., H. .IRELAND', ^Superintendent of
".'Branches >", ',. -   --. - -*""*'. ,  .
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest," #-;>- ^i 5^000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches'thrpuehput"Canada, and intthe United States,and England
Deposits of $1 und upwards received; and interest allowed at
current - rates.'r; The I depositor is subject, to no delay, •whatovar Im.
the withdrawal o! the. whole or any'portion o! the deposit*     ••
Fernie- Uraiicli
,.H.   L.. Edmonds,   Miuiuffer
: -/ <i
-Abuse of Ammania".'" -'"\
Mft'ny. woiuon * tiuti washing-the hnir
noli a nulsem-i' fliiit tli«*y, put'aiumo;
uiii In 'the water to ituiKp It" dry quick'
ly:'-"'.vTlie violet •i.u.iio.'ilrt jire'jmred so
lilwisiln'tly 'for "toilot use'is vyry good^
In^.'HiodiS*ate''njuoiihts;Jfiil^tbe. lavlstT
xvsiyJtTls'sprln'kliH),In'batli,' water for
Ihe, nanas';'the'fuce,'tlie ii'alr'and.so ou
i<x<finDiore bnrui than good.,-, K11, „ ....
' ^T(m» mucli iff1 It^iiries, or imrches tht>
skijj 4titf "aouu'tl'Vies^lrrltatprf.lt Kreal;-,.
ly;-, ^t"l8e8pe*1;liill.v dpsfrjivtlve to. hiVlr
rdfl'lfles.'t\ Wcnlt '.MiO!;mi'-.1 '«ir,L.It, uiv
' ometluies*. lisiHl to dcHtrny Hii|H»rtiiioiiH
liAVrf" if te''e*r6u' im w'Ihi*1 to"ijjua' It 'an1, a
i-lciinser for ^ojii'riiniijliifK"" Ni«v.»r nii-
•U'r.iiiiy cii*L*iiiij»timkm-hj>*Ii'i>>•,■ •!''t*^tiMicrlri'
.Iii^hnlr pT (In; li«',.iir" .V'h<mh1 way^o
'mston tin1; dr; hi}: of tlie* lirilrT If'hjiijtp
i here' must' lie, Ih (o twln( "file Htranil^'
tlKlitly. In hot dnvelw' niiil to, hfjalcly
nib tlic-'.vliol'> li<»(i(i jji lowelN tliiit lire"
l.i'l>t coutlmmll.v hot. A vviirin dry
room also helps,, •
A Labor. 8aver.
One woninii. who In her own bdiiRO''
innld rojol<*ea In Hie |ioMHeNtiJ'»ii ofn'
ti'ii.v on wheels which In utilized when
ihe tn ble. id list he net or the rt Mich, removed, It Is n hoiiieniiide contrlviiiice.
hut correctl,v niljusieil i'or nil thnt. It
Is atroiiB niul eijiilpiied with eimtere,
i-o Unit It lH;e:isi;,Y nioveil nlHitit. A
leep tray fltteil \vllli stroim liniKlles In
.illoiT In HiniKly nl the lop All the
"lilnn ii ml Mllvei' ueeileil Tor the tiilile
nro plnet'd ou'the truy ut once, iiud It
Is moved nroniul I lie: table im needed.
When It t'otnew lo clenrlim the dlKhcn
It'Is n itoniilile'liilmi- snver, i'ih the tllutl-
es can bo piled on It In i|iiniitlty uml
ciixlly drawn out tu the, kite tion to be
Qaby'i Dlanket,
riiiy one pair nl' pretty cotton Won*,
'(('IK,    ,
0*h;ii nml cut four liii-lip* below and
iilmve thoeenlei'liorderH,''
This' strip. Iu ciil Into four wIiHIih,
iiuiklnir four liliinUetH of eoiivenleiil
'to*-.,'   .''.,     -'
Tlliul nrouml wllti bnliy rlhlwn or tin
IhIi w)th lilnnket stlteh  , ,-,
This I» worked with n ilouhle threnil,
hrluirlDK the needle Imlween the threnil
Washington j,: March - 30—The six
inch broadside gun'of the battle-:
target practice in Ma-gdalena" bay
this morning. .There were.no £at-
a,lities. The'informatib-a. was received by   wireless . from- Admiral
Evina.^r-- '.■■-- '  "ji'y^yy:
The' gun blewJts'*m-oiale;,off-. The
fracture is a clean.one,;indicating
no flaw of gun; or metal. The gun
,broke 140 -inches from* the muzzle.
The gun is 240 inches long.
Indian Wafflu.
Take one, cupful encli of flour mid
rnrnmenl, two eiipfuls of thick Hour
tnflk, one cupful of Hour eroiiiu. Imlf n
leiiH|MX)nful of snll, one tenspoonfi'll of
to*tn, two tnlil(w(MHiiifiitii nf tmger nnd
two en-** lM>nten sepnniti'ly, the atlllly
henten whiten tM-ln« - folded In taut
neVe In n very hoi, well (frfnufd wef*
tie Iron and aorvo vory hot
Halifax,   V. S., April l.«—Leg*
[alation, In advanc**) of any eriat-
iag in Canada, ha* bean again
undertaken by Nova Scotia by a
bill introduced by Premier Mur-„
ray, provitf(i»r for pat-nalona for"
old aged collTtry workers in accordance with tbe old »ge pea*
filon eonimfuslon's r**poi-i..
'.     ,,,'  Peer Women.    -..,.,
ft»re'ar!e nerrmi*. Women; tfcjetf), aft
liypornervoua wouienl   Mot.women ao
uorvoua th*t'<liA Vontlimnl nintlfl Of n
*.»•» A»«i»» i«l-.'k>..'' h^U.4« U-4.«~3i.W^ 4-4.-*
there are no women »o nerroni aa
HinU-Fllefeode matter.
When you give- your - child a so-
called- "soothing*?-.medicine you
are not curing its sickness.,, You
are -merely drugging it into temporary insensibility, Soothing
medicines contain opiates and. an
overdose may kill the child. When
you , give, your little one Baby's
Own TaJbllets you have the guarantee, of ai government analyst that
this medicine is safe. And you
havo the word of ,thousands , of
grateful mothers that this medicine . will,, promptly cure oil tho
minor' ailmente of childhood. Mrs.
L, W. Smith,' St. Giles, Que., says:
—"I .have used Baby'n Own Tablets for my littlo girl for constipation o«d other troubles and have
found them tho best medicine I
have ever used." Sold by medi-
eino dealers or by mail 25c. a box
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville,- Ont.
Have You Connected
with, tlie
Two Cars off Sew-.
'•■ ■■ 'O-*'"'* - '
er.   Soil . Pipe   and
. Plumbing Supplies
Plea.se r  call    and
:get prices'
an ,i'-
J.    D.
Hardware    and
'U a*, i-'i
4*-T«-ii-r <rnrt r-si
N^ffiBi™ HJ?WY 9IVKN t-hfct tne nlan.
±*. Proflle and book of i*«f«r»nct duly curtl.
fled nnd Kpproyed, of the neolinn of tho line
of Mllwn.v of the, Orow'g Neit Hnurliorn Hall.
y»y. domrmnr from Htiiton imi + «r..**« to
Hrijtlon Mill + jo. wiion ih* »u|, ,i,y 0f
Ofllce itt Ncuon, D a, si Ho. 7M O.
rtatwl Mill Muroh, lfKW
..;. :.-,.-      Hol(oltorf)irilniCro«r'MN*it
, HoutlieroBullwiiyOompiuiy,
After pooling npplM or rmythlnit tbitt
tnlns tho Hkln mb with n lemon,.dlu*
'i\»g tbo nalliwell In, %o that the lem«
ut jnlre BOe* vuiJo.* tlvcm.   Afterward
vn«h In warm water, tialng no soap.
hi tislnf ammonia for domestic pur*
u**0« one taW*#*»*r*oonfal to a quart of
'•nicr in nltnnr the nnllnnry proportion.
V'VMnt l« l*»t»wr Ihtrt a gUtt frolt
itr for kivphiff rooklnx raltlna raoUt
,Vi (10.3 V.    ell
|f you thiak you need* t tonic,
•■V vnmt-jnttW U Vfilt'ttifnlc
^(rWitkMs winiethliif for your|*
b^ood,Ulyourdocto^ If you
think you-would, like to try
Ay«rV flon*i»cohollc Simipi-
yfllii »»tt ryoU¥ y^Ctoi*. Coit'-
t*uU iiWUritk.,. Mcc*^,iu civ*;
touch with him. ,..,-....[.
il'A   Zlx.d    &:'
Dominion Meat
.- M.
• W
11"' i#*w*,'-v'' ■ "A'-'    ' -'j.""J   "'■*!  r* •*-' -
,W^fESj>w ii o-j.-^V-i Ml toa e± nit
t;..t\.,:if v-,,.- i *i-r'f>fti>'nr''i- J«j_«.ilJ oH-)qn n$ m'w
Fresh   and   Salt Meats of all   kinds   in stock
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in season
Dairy Butter arid Ranch Eggs "' \ .
Phone 4
Victoria Ave,
^ f->*i-^^-a--4
«.-|.H '4,0    - 'i
, , j.
•A) abc
ft CO
w» »nkua •»» fim»«iu
W» VMUk llNktl
•MM tW -aMilMMI
Ask v-fiaif doctor, to tunt Mint of th*
rMttltttfunttfnitien. Hit lent Hit will
btfln with alck'haadacbe, blllouaneti,
dftHfwU. thin MMd. (w4 iWo. Tb«o
ttk -Urn 1? W-^rtttli'r^eommaiii your
tulstAjref'ffrlllfl. ;
Wholesale & Retail
i).       ;     i    ' .    ,
i,"n       •■,   '■•        ''iti',i   •)i'0».'l-J>l   ,.''
*Ji,6,..i.j**  ,jinn:.'ii
Always a choice supply of Beef, Pork, .Veal,
Mutton, and Lamb on hand.   Hams,
Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs,
*,-■  3 J
Our Specialties
Fresh,  Smoked  and  Salted, Fish,1 alvyays a
good assortment.   Try blir'Mince
Meat, Snurkraut nnd Oysters.
.qmu.ijifn.jitii.il'11 iji»' miim'ww ■tju.u'M'iiii
' aw»    ie\M*lk.mmmMei0d*i. <•—■lataV'
wm%k Wo%%*ewm*ir*<mm%*
7rh«i» If I hum why CARBO MAONBTIC RiiotttteihebttilnxhtvotU
,1%'r"-       '"J  'r^.'*W.VWWT«iTMBfWBV
™*!&Jty^W*lyStoerm*b6d known, DB»TttOV»IT.
In private tue. De jroa rMflx* wlitt thla ntAB* V Uttfmhet the
8«^ib* for th. Diatnet irf„r. i    j# q% QUAIL   Agent, Fernie
, . »^jS!).*h^ iff  *4Jf4-t-A*J-«:     «-4*il
*,  ►Sfw-U'-rt**'-**  '-1 DISTRICT  LEDGER,-FERNIE:   B.-''C, MARCH'4th, 1908.
y m
England's fanious^
■     are Wiped Out
. London, April 1—With the stiike
or.midnight Great Britain's volunteer army became aching Vf .the
, past, after an, existence.' of 49
years and the territorial arniy, introduced by Secretary Haldane,
reigns instead! ,The volintuar fc-r-'
. pes throughout the coutit..y ci'e-
brated their last post nt the respective headquarters, by diisers
and other celebrations, the lft-tiv-
ities, , however, taking m rsi me-
what of a sad character owing to
. tlie disappearance of the old ;.f.so-
ci'ation. Host of lie gatherings
■were , attended ,by-/.veterans and
friends of the . servile, who exchanged old memoriei.
'As midnight struct there    were
stirring scenes as to who would be
'".the first to enlist in the new body
and many hundreds being thus recruited, and in. some' cases practically the whole regiment"took the
.new  regimental   title  in.the   new
,' force. ' . .. -
„ , The celebrations included^ processions,, volley firing,- juggler revels, etc., while in London^ Dover
and other places, full, size * coffins
were borne through the street," followed by volunteers,  to represent
, the defunct force.
The revenue returns of the ITnit-
,ed; Kingdom for the year ending
;\March 31' show a-'total of $782,-
■ 688, 450, a net'increase over'  the
'   preceding" 12; months of *?6,506.020
.'. John F. Redmond; the nationalist-, leader,;; whose - resolutionaoii
• home rule •• for Ireland, with some
„amendments,  was  adopted;in the
{house of -commons^ yesterday,' by, a
vqte^:,of 313,.toi..-157, .said5' tolthe
Associated Press-last night: "For
I Shields the Food ■romAlBni
*VT> •,*> »»»*• A*» -\*> «.*> <l* *1* \1»\lA «.*/ *J* •*,*>' i VaaV aT> AJ> *Ji V^I-JAVaJ-JaJ^jaJaaV \V
A!*.       ' - •       "-,--•.-.-':•<<■ "■■■■■■■■$$
By Rev.   J. Peter „ Brunner in
,.    the Christian Socialist,.
Baptists in the past have been
pioneers in the struggle for liberty! They fought for,religious liberty and likewise for political liberty without which, as they foresaw
the former could not" exist, True'
to their- history Baptists should
again.be in the foreground-when
both religious and1 political .- liberty are endangered .by economic
enslavement. . '*
.Socialism , is coming to deliver
us from economic bondage, and
Baptists should not find it difficult to accept its ' principles, because .many of them -are found
right in our own church policy
and all we need to do is to apply
them to our economic life.
1., Take, for instance, our condition of membership. It is based
on absolute equality. The, only required condition is evident, of a
right.relation with God professed
in Baptism. ,No economic, social
1 or , political5 question enters in.
Young or old j rich or poor, educated 'or not, high or low, all
who would join-a Baptist.church
must enter through the same,door.
This Socialistic^principle. of equality isvcontinued as long as membership- lasts. .Pastors, .deacons,'
trustees,, superintendents--, . and
whatever" other officers .there may.
be. -" have   "as   many   rights and
The Never Burn
. pEOPloE," stand quiet, while We talk. We have just
opened'up a large consignment "of Dripping Pans,
Bread.Pans, Roasting"Pans and Bake Pans called "The
Never Burn." They are something entirely new. They
are smooth and bright and will not collect dust and
grease. They are well made out. of the finest .American soft polished sheet,- steel. They have steel rods
beneath which "protects, them from, wear and burning.
They are in fact the finest assortment of pans we have
ever been able to purchase."' "
Say !  Why not have your plumbing
. done iio\v before the big'rush.     We
; have the largest staff oftxperienced  .    „
plumbers, steam fitters and tinsmiths
":in the city,    prompt and efficient.
'        . . ■ * - "
A. T. Hamilton-, Proprietor      :
Telephone   1 . Next King Edward Hotel
,- of v'commons,) by "ah "overwhelming
majority,"'declared itself in favor
of* home .rule.'-- Gladstone's^ bill-of-
!1886 'was rejected by a; majority
of.30. His bill in 1893, was.carried by-'"a'majority,' never beyond
40," and,^ on^rta^n^ani>|ndj^ents>>it
ldeJre&s'*^™-torfr^ re-,
"solutions in favor of .home rule last
„ evening.;werei,carried- by a* majority., of' J5G.   This result,is the.more
remarkable when", thei terms :of the
resolution are considered.- It   was
no,t , a-resolution • in.-favor* of a
haif   .way, house, or of a revolution; it puts the home rule claim
in its frankest   and fullest form,,
, for it demanded a parliament    in
Dublin, and an executive responsible to that parliament. Both   the
spokesmen of the ministry not only   pledged   themselbes ', but the
whole Liberal    party is for home
rule.    Secretary   Birrell, had said
that, the Liberal   party' was, the
home rule party.   Mr. Asrtuitb denied   bio   unalterable    conviction
that home rule was the only 'settlement of the Irish question. Every single member of the administration," including   not only Mr.
Aaquith, secretary Birrell and Jno,
Motley, but Sir Edward Grey and
secretary Haldane, voted for the
resolution. -   They   only proffered
the condition that they -were precluded by measure in this parliament on the question as to the position home rule should occupy in
the program of the Liberal party
at the next eleotion.   The ministers   declared  that  this depended,
not upon them, but upon the Irish
people .and the Irish,party.     We
Accept, this,"   concluded Mr, Red*
mond, "and ths business of the Irish   people will bo to take action
in Ireland, Great Britain and the
bouse of commons, as will   keep
tha question in the forefront    of
political issues."
4. Our worship-also belongs to
the worshippers in that it is-,not.
conducted for-them.but by them..
It is not-sacredotal'; but coven-
e'ntal. It. is. . not,,, a .priesthood
coming "to God for the people, but
privileges" as'' other, members "but
no,more. Of a Baptist church, it
.can1 truly„_be,said "equal rights tb
all,  special \privileges >'t'o"■ none." ii
,2. Then look' atv our church:
government.' .'Our'officers are "our
servants.. ..-.Pastors,-, deacons ., and
other,"officers'are elected by .'.'universal suffrage.". If our servants'
are efficient their services are ap**.
predated; if not, we, may .exercise
the ' power of the "imperative
mandate" or "recall." We also
exercise: the {(•'initiative" and the
"referendum." Any number of
•memlbers of any church ' may ° inaugurate new. undertakings in' accordance" with1 our great constitution, the. New ^Testament. These
may be given' to a committee for
further consideration or formula*
tion, but nothing becomes a. law
until again referred to the members, of the local churches which
by - majorities adopt or. reject.
Witness , the recently, organized
Northern Baptist Convention. The
idea was launched by individuals
freely discussed in press and pulpit, ' a temporary organization ef*
fected, and now the whole matter
lies before tho local churches to
bo voted upon by thorn for final
disposition. >
' There is' the Initiative and Be*
ferendum pure and simple.
3 Then there are our ordinances (we have no sacraments),
baptism and communion. These
are "not mystical instruments In
the hands of an organised hierarchy with which to bestow or
withhold divine blessings; no.
thoy aro instruments in the hands
of tho members by which thoy express and emphasize fraternal fellowship. They aro symbols ol
brotherhood. By baptism we en-
tor into this relation and by com*
munlon wo express its continuance,
AN AD IAN/-)-*
a .brotherhood -coming' directly to
the.Father with-   no one between;
them. " ■      „
■-. .-',"-'.*•'. ■■   '     '•.->'  'V   .-'      .'
.5,   Observe, too, our mission .to
the world, as we-conceive of it.
Our churches."are not an end in
themselves but rather a means to
an end!' The' end in *riew'is the
Kingdom of God.upon -this earth,
in which the, principles of, equality, justice and brotherhood shall
be, as natural in human ^relations
as water and air are necessary to
hodily existence.-
We live as churches to serve
humanity.' by saying individuals
and society.
6. Co-operation is ' another
principle not foreign to the Baptist mind. How loosely we seem
to be organized without any central governing body,' and yet how
effectively ' do we work together
through our great missionary societies in tho North and through
the boards in the South. A dozen
or so of really good corporations,
organized not for profit but for
the welfare of humanity. ■
Hero, then, aro some Baptist
principles which Socialists hold in
common with us; equality universal suffrage, intiative, referendum
and imperative mandate; brotner-
hood, service and *o*oporution,
Ndw when I call these piinciples
Socialistic I do uot moan that wo
havo learnt them from Socialists.
However, I do mean to say that
they take these principles which
we have adopted to conduct our
spiritual affairs and desire to apply them to the entire life.
Therefore we, as,Baptists who
havo long lived under and by
thoso principles, and who would
fight for them with our very lives,
should bo prepared by training to
understand them and be ready to
aid in the effort to take the principles of life of our Lord outside
of the church walls and the eon*
flnos of roligious endeavor and ap-
ply them in the wide sphere of our
social and economic affairs.
Colonist Rates
**-*       **       ■       .-_..-*
,.„S '   TO:- ,     "     .
, ... ALBERT A -&and     '
Froiii  Toronto   .
. Guelph
Kingston $50.10
Ottnwn. 51.40
»(via Chicago) 52.45
Montreal 52.70
Quebec 50.00
St. John"!
Hnllfax 03.45
'i «
Tickets on sale Apr. 39th, 1908
■Correspondingly low rates from
intermediate points
For Rstei, Re*e*v«tioni and my in*
formation deilred call on orwrlto
D.P.A. O.P.A.
Kelion Wlnnlpe
A Savings Account is youp
best fiHend.
CONVENIENCE—No formality in opening accounts, or in depositing or
withdrawing money.
PRIVACY—Information as to savings
accounts is confined to trusted
clerks, pledged to secrecy;        .'_,*■
1 i
Fernie   Branch
C   E.   LYON5
Auditor, Accountant, General Agent
Ltfe, Accident imd,.Employer's Liability insurance
Books, opened,   closed,   audited, and accounts
" most up-to-date manner.
Office,   Burns'  Block.
|4'%4^Mi4^|44*«V*V'*a^4^^4*%^'>aV^-V%'<*»V *%***%,'*%&•»*%*%>%**•
Phone   No.  52
House  No.   17-4
Fernle's Most Home-Like House
King Edward Hotel
1.   J.' L.  Gates,  Proprietor
Ce ntralty    lc<et«d
Saw  your  Cordwood
By Power and
save money
Cost of operatlns ,
very trifling
Circular Saw Frames
Drug Saw Machines
-, •  ., WRITE   US
Stationary and Portable
Sawing Outfits
SEALED TBNDKIl*} Hildroiieil to th* under
alKiitiil, ami «niltir»eil "Tsndf* \ot lioatin,
Pout nlflV*^'VaiieofiTer, li,0„" yiX\ tio r«o«ivti!l
&t thin 0I1.CB until H*.tur<l-.y. April M, 1IKW,
iiiRlu'lv«ly, for the oonitruollon of» HeRtlnu
Hyatom for tho I'ubllo lluil.tlnir at Vixnoouvor,
torn* of Unifir"bbulnul on awiilloatton at
Mill Ptpartment, from Mr. W. HnvUr
Hupirlntemllnn arclilteot, Victoria, HO.,
from Mr, Charlait Toiaell, Clerk of W<
I'T'i-mfA'^Mr**     t It
1 / f*n>m
tlLiHtmimU   tut
mm* «♦***» * * •   «n«'f*«**»»   i
Ut,C. JohnilOaOf Paplir Hill Cr«tk, Alb«li**c»Undlog-, Altm., wrltei 1 "»Jne «ar«ego*running
»Mt e9«w«ci-l oa «f rirht \eg, tenet by 1 rujrturid blood vetetl. Aa tlm» want on It cm mti* andI wit
•olTcflnW wtra iota!«». 1 had»■/.*■■» tote Us Indeed, and bad tary ami I boao ofeeei ata.-ig it healtd, is
fact I wti told br w»«r«l whn hnd known tueh aorai »■»« l*h<mlrt «u«Ter «*nli it for life, rim •*■*.» 1 »y ilncounij.ni:,
WhM. I «m alm«i In d««oalr t h«-«r<l of Z««.Huk awl wroia lo ihe Company .iiulne ray caw. ^1 \\tv 1 iplreil me whli
■hop*, ana i wmmenMA-mill /.-.tn'rinfc, ftf.f.t .1 «*>«*.*.*;**»wt».x*>«»-**•• ";"' •' ;■•■ '.c'.• ".*.' *.-'■*■• «->'j'-" ■*-. »-"•.'.
"    ~     ~ "      -•■'-'      ■*■      ill"
UaTtriM, but Zam-Bok aoothfd the pain, »m» altho«th It app«»f*«l tor wmi Km* tn fat dofog liiilr good, I MiHrircd,
and ai won n tbi woonil burnt clean, it wm only 0 »»H«r ot ikrtt 01 four da), btfort my leg wai ke.ltd.-
„  »M,wl*>*JU«»a»l,|)l«pl*«,l>oll'.
u<d mm** !*• ilia.   floM
Vf tR atratftalt im utm
u i«c m*, m weHftU
m t*c«'M H pntu liwa
Us>S«k Cav, Tor****
Pros Box
lt«d itHipw arrt it,
Winp lit • uaa1*) *»*.
Adiltttt, Zfua-liaa*, Ot.,
TaiahIu. ,K»
I'lani and inoelfloatlonii oan bt-.iien and
.jw-ii or toniiar obtiinul on awiilloatton at
llili Pipartmint, from Mr. W. llimliriion
.. ....•_..., ......   1H....1.    I. n)lin,j
Viiiiooiivir, IJ 0. ,
I'eraoni tondtrlna* im notified that tmden
will not tia coimlilireil unlaii made on tha
printed form nipplled, and ilgniil with their
aatnililinaturii.     . , , ,
Kitnh Tender mu»l li* Kiioomimnled hy an
itccentid cheque on a eliattered hank.mada
nay-tble to the order of the Honntirahlt the
Mlmittr of f nbjlo work*, equal to t*»n (nr
 ... .._   .. tur
(to pp.) of the amount of tha tender,
wmiaii will ha forfeited irthenerion tendi/rln*
dwllm to enter Into a oontraot when nailed
upon to do to, or If be fall to complete tha
work «ontjra«U<l for. It tbe tender be not
aoneptad the ehiqne will be wturnid,
The llepertment doee not bind itielf to
aceept tha loweit or any tender.
By Order,
yilED. OEUNAfl,
Depirtmant of Toblle Worki,
Otuwa, Uareb It, im.
Newamnere will not be paid for Mill adver*
tiieiaeiit u *«*y utaui 1* •■im.ou. a.Uuiii;
from tha Department. "
Canadian Fairbanks Co., Ltd.,
.   Vancouver,   B.C.
Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calft-ary.
Phone 12
TIIK LADY'S NKKDS nro li«r« In
the way ot Drugx, Meillcinon, PiirfumeH,
PowilorxRiid nil Toilet roqulnltflR, Kvery
HUpply for tho (lremltiu table, bnthroom
or boudoir. Fancy Sonpi and Kacliotii.
Cold Oroarno, Puff lloxca, ate. All klnili
or Prrfumery, Hnir, Tontli and Nail
nrtnliFH. Manicure flpt« and 8potiK««.
Tho quality of our gooda will Mtlily the
most exactlrifc. We get our Mippllna in
freih overy week, and purchaso only
the bent qualities for all department*.
You will have no cauio to find fault
with our price*. ZZZZ
H. P. Mct^an. Mcr.
Mr. Thome* Stanton, poatmait*
er at Pontype-ol, Ont., wrlteas
"For the patt «ip;bt y»*ra I auffar*
i>d irom rbo-uroatio paint, and dux*
Ing that tlm* X -iiMd many tUffar-
•nt liniment* and rtmadle* (or the
cur* of rh«umati*m. Lait turauiw
X pro*ur*d a bottl* of Obarab«r-
lain'* Pain Balm and got raor* r*>
liat from it than anything X had
•vary need, ahd cheerfully raeom*
mend this liniment to all *uff*r*re
from rhenmatle paint." 7or lal*
by all djrugti*te.
All the leading lines of
high class Chocola.tes
and  Confectionery
■wiiwewa iajr*ip*Me      *—      ap*
M MeMtJnMtMUe    A   Vni DISTEICT LEDGER,' FE&KTB.'     B. C,,;APRIL Ath,- 1908..
News of the City
Family dwelling bouse for, sale;*
8 rooms. Good well of water, nice'
garden. Will be sold cheap on
easy terms*. T. Apply Manager,: District Ledger:*;'',";,.     ,_'        ;-   "
Por Sale—Contents and good
will of a" boarding house containing fifteen bedrooms, at a reasonable c. price. Terms" "can ,~te arranged. , Apply Mrs. Jas. Dick, 153
Coal Creek. - D2T
Wanted—Tenders for new "opera
house to be built at Coleman,
Alta.-Por particulars apply to Wm.
Graham, Secy. Miners Union, Coleman, Alta., box 58.
Peach "orchard for sale in Okan-
agon Valley, part bearing this
year. Apply W, S. Stanley,
Ledger. «
Rags suitable for cleaning machinery bought at this office.   ,
, ,        . ' . O 41
Score cards for bridge parties,
for sale at this  office. :
Saturday   Specials
Oatmeal „S<-ap, retrnlnr 4 for 25c
Special ('*. for	
<l uMcLiuvii's Extracts, Regular 25c
' Special for Saturday-, ..' ■'..
PayCash- W.  J.   BLUNCLELL        Prompt Delivery
: > <>■
Y/3 carry the most complete assortment in the Pass
Some Special
Steel Rods, ihree piece	
Fine Malacca Cane and Wasliaha Rods
'      *      , '   Extra Values in  English Greenhearls „, .        ■     f~
•  Our "Walton's Favorite" is a winner
Our i
Home made candy at Rochon's. I -jfi'-      .  Bamboo
PresidentF. H.. Sherman retvxn-| -#/- Ash and Lancewbod.
ed to the city Friday.    ,
Mr.    and     Mrs.    Potter arrived
home on" Wednesday.
-    Mr. Phillips, auditor to the C.P.
0B.,*was'in town Thursday-
*    I'f you" are looking- for bargains
see ArC.; Liphardt's window.   -
'   Rev.    Fawcett, late  of Hosmer,
' left for San    Francisco ty C.P.R.
Friday morning.
Mr. A'. W. Wright is "away at
Creston showing customers over
his fruit lands.       '
A party of K. of P's. were down
to ' Coleman- Wednesday" visiting
the local lodge
Rochon candy is the only candy.'   .   Spring has arrived, the wheel of
F Cryderman, an old Fernie boy paint is revolving in Messrs.
passed through Thursday going to Whimsters window and your out-
Baker-City,  Jregon. ! side work.is calling! calling!  call-
As many as twenty-three persons   ing! for you to get it painted. Do
are  reported, as. leaving for Eng-;it without delay,    .    ,
land last Saturday- ' ' '  1    e, Lillet, a miner, was hurt at
A. C. Liphardt will have a two the C.P.R. yards Wednesday even-
dollar window for. one week. -Any-. jng. He was attempting to cross
article for two dollars. ■ | jn    front    of the eastbound train
George Cody removed the frame just as it was pulling out. His left
cottage from, next-the cigar    fac-',arm was broken and he sustained
Bar {gains:
 -.... ..'..$3.00 each ,\s
,;,    .25<eaih '.':
 75 each
,-aiige of Lines is carefully chosen for the clear waters of the '
ilk and consists of everything from 5c Cotton to Oiled Silk.';'
Examine our Flies, Reels, Baskets, and Sundries before* buy-- s
inland save money.    We have everything you nted and ilic
prices cannot be beaten. '    . '   - ':
tory to another site.
Rochon's     chocolates  are  excs.1-
Mr. Henry Wright of Vancouver
-. is visiting with his brother Mr. W,
Wright of the Wright Investment
Co.      '
The Methodist church tea • will
be held next Tuesday.from 3.30. p.
m. until 6 p.m. at Mrs. Blundell's
a, compound
fracture of the.'  left
^"Go— to^'Roehon!s-for-good-candyp-
„ F. J. Watson has,/just returned
from Kootenay Lake '■ points looking over different fruit, land propositions. He has a splendid list
of improved fruit lands with bearing orchards at reasonable prices.
If you ' are thinking of -buying
fruit ,* farms   it   would   be worth
A.  C. Liphardt has received his jyour while seeing him as you   can
spring stock of cut glass and
silverware and is showing a nice
assortment. '   .'' "
A social dance party was given
by 'the boarders at the Waldorf
hotel-last night. A good time
was reported by,all present.
' Don't forget to get a bag of Ro-'
chon's candy.
The receipts at the local Customs Office show another increase
for the month of March, $1553,0*4
over the same month last year.    ,
Messrs. Brooks & Terry, painting contractors have been awarded
the contract for painting* the outside of Mr. Kurd's Park House.
The Snowshoe Club took ' a
sleigh ride, on Wednesday, evening,
about fifteen members present.
They report enjoying the ride very
much. . ■
Two; carloads of. Castlegar Brick
were received here, on Thursday to
bo used in building the boiler and
drior for the Fernie Brick Coy's.
All tho girls like Rochon's
By special, request the Bev. I,
Williamson will preach next Sunday evening the 5th instant' in tho
Baptist church,  on the Bub Joe t of
Danclnty. '
Wo rogrot to state Mr, BouVton,
our popular oity clerk, is in the
hospital undergoing treatment for
his nock. Wo hope lie will soon be
well again.
No use. It's „ Rochon's that
mako good oandy,
Art- prflpnrci. to cntor tn 'biIIi-h'
frail'1 nn wi'll /ih jrniitliniiiin'H.
LikIIuk' linlrntiil fueim trim toil
nny tiny hut SnliinMy.
get   land that will
from the crops.
■   ■' o*
pay for itself
A son and heir was,born to Mr.
and Mrs. J. Simpson; Coal Creek,
on Monday, March-30th.
The many friends,of Mr. and
Mrs, Parkinson, Coal Creek,'sympathise with them in the loss of
their little daughter Madge.. The
funeral was held Saturday in Fernie, cemetery, t
W. H, Evans, Coal Creek, was in
Fernie Monday attending the convention of B, C locals.
Pupils enrolled    382
Boys > ,....187
Girls  , 175,
Average actual attendance,,.316.74
Percentage attendance  87.49.'
Tho, banner awarded by the
principal for the best "attendance
in tho intermediate and junior
grade divisions has been won by
Div. Ill—Miss Perkin's room,
Div. 1, Mr. Palmer, IV Header,
Porcentago attondanco 02.43.
Pupils with perfect attendance,
Willis Bird ,
Peter Carosella s
nhota Hamilton
Roy Kirkpatriek
John MoDonald
Helen Muirhead
Artrur Muirhead  <„
Wilson Quail
Bank—Senior, Helen Muirhead ;
junior, Bella Sicker.
Div, II, Miss Moody, III Header,
Percental*-, attondanco 83.33.
Pupils with porfect attendance,
Robert Atkinson
Nellie Bebb
Evolyn Blgg»
Theresa Carosella
Edgar Dudley-
Garnet Dudley
Just to Remind
That Spring is here and
I <nm in a better position
than-ever to supply-you
Up-to-date Footwear
Andrew  Ingram'
Hugh McLachlan „ ,     ,
, John McLachlan ■' ■-
Gladys Robertson'1
. Cecil  Anthony -;
;Rank, 1st
* Div.--Ill," Miss Perkins, XI'-Header.
Percentage attendance 90.19. _
' Pupils with perfect" attendance,
• Eton .Webb - ,v      "-.. .-
Tony Carosella -. , „'
Albert Dicken
Dominic Guzzi '■•   ,.?", ,*■■'"-
Samuel Halton*      .,..--
Herbert Letcher',. ;.     ;    ■
—May^McGrew   ."     '-    <~t-t«
Allen McLeod * '    -
Harold McFarquhar        -
Maggie Sherwood .
Russell Colton
Sadie Clapp
Fred Graham
Walter Hughes
George Linn <■ ,
, Frank Letcher
Murray McLeod „
Violet Marshall
James White
Norman McBear
Rank—1st, Samuel Halton.*
Div, IV, Miss M, MacKenzie,, I
Percentage attendance, 88.09.
. Hazel Burkitt
Pupils with perfect attendance,
Rosie Carosella
Millie Condie ,
Duncan Crave   .
Dorothy Dickon   '
Mary Hollinshead       „
Victoria Kefoury.
Max McDougall
Postel Mayers
Herbert Rhodes
Doris Smith
Alice Wilde '
Annie Williams
Rank—Is'   (equal)   Edith Biggs,
Postel Mayers,
■Div... VII, MissG. McKenzio,    I
Reader and II Primary,
Percentage attendance 86.61.
Pupils with porfect attendance;
Felicia Carosella
Janet Dinning-ton
Eva Ingram
Rosie McDougall
Josephine Mador
Do You Think
For Yourself ?
Oi', do you open your mouth like » younff
I-lrd iM (rulp down whstovor rood or m*dl«
[llio Dia\IJ0 oilor'.'il j.*. V
H« * *H * ■
n Intollliont llilnklnv woman.
In need ofVlVf from\ro»Unwi,norTOU.ncM,
pi.li, and tiilMan**, thon It tnotni much to
you tint thorftA'.p'-jrlr,*-) ■nil tnin linnftut,
xvn*\\e\n« nv_mg,M*j* i:n>f*w?*»*-[f»>i| ipld fry
dn.rali.-i. for t)iO-C»roof.womiin'*7l]]V
(*• il< •/< ty ►•*•>
Tlin maker* of Dr, l'lorco'8 Ttvorllo Pre**
■crlotlun, for tho euro of waulc, nurvoiu, run*
down, or(>r*worknd, di'lillltiitod, poln*rack«d
women, kuowlni; lliluuiudlclnu to be mniiu up
of liitrredtentH, -.very on 11 of wlilrli tun tho
itronite-xt ihihiIIiIu liiilurminium of tlm Inaillnir
«nd mmiditnl auiliiirlllim of the hovomI
whoolii of nriictliia, iin n-orfixuly wllllnir, and
In fact, arn only too uloil to print, an thoy do,
tho formula, or 1IM, c( 'mrrodluuui, of nhlch
It la comixModi .11 iitaii KtujlU/i, on overy
* + i|i if *
The (ornula of T)r. I'lerce'a Farorltn Pre-
•(•rint.lnn will IxMir llinmmtnrltlcnlrttumlrm*
(Ion of moUlcal uxniirta. for It, contain* no
*JoUml, jiumiilri. Iiormrul, crbMi-tDiMiui'
draim, and no mmntonUirn Into It that In not
hlfbly recomniflndMl by the moat advanoed
a*td Icadtnt* nwKH-Ml tetrhtn and author*
ItlM of their MToml achoeli of iiraetlea
Thwe an'horitl-»ir*fonire*md Ihalniredlenti1
ot »J''Tgw*'''*!.ligglj?^ y^ilplt-w) ferihf
ihliworlil'Vam!^'mi-iTlrlnt. laiwiiid,* * *-
*v v w v iii
No other roodtelno for woman'i lilt has ear
lurh DwriiaaloniilendoriMnieiit u Dr. rioroa'*
yaroriUi Praaciiptlaii bu racelrod, in the w
Quallflod roootnmondatlon of etoh of IU
neveral Inrrodlenta hy tooraa of leadlnf roedl*
eal m«m of all thn aoboola of practice. Ia
mch \n oniloraoiwnt not worth-* of yortr
+ '♦,.'# * * " ,,i ',
,  A booklet of InriivllanU, with numerou*
antboratt»« pmfmlonil endorwinMnU by tha
tlaadlnr HMidlcal auihorlUea of thla eonntrf.
1. will be nulled/rM to anyone undlnf narM
and addrwui with roqutmt for aatoe. Addnal
Dr. B. V. rierca Iiultl* H. V.
Our- wardrobes are" overflowing' With .high grade
clothing: which for appearance arid wear, duplicates
the work of the highest priced custom tailors..
on all.points of style, qualit),  workmanship and fit
cannot be excelled.*    • *-.   ,^. .--''
Suits $6.75 to $25.00
Our Specia-1 Made-to-0*rcler    -
•■ System 'brings you .into touch with,the finest .tailors in Canada.*
We ina-e.all the "measurements and your suit is cut and made lor
,, you, individually, by the expert cutters in the Campbell Clothing'
' factory. .The fit and finish together 1. with full satisfaction ia guaranteed- by us or money refunded..      ,; C '•/ '•"'      J •'"    '-   -      ■-
Special for Saturday
King of*'the Road Union Made Overalls,* per pair..
-We are now showing the newest spring styles in the
best English and 'A'niericari.iuflkes. :-„    -'        "1.
Graeco/Colurnbia, Telescope, 95c to ^i . English Stiff H«ts $2 50 & $3
We. would . lik<» vou toinipect nur.sprlng Bhowinf*
h-iye them iii the latest style lasts and a great
vnrltfy'ol li'uthers.        ..      ,/'.,■   .- *.-,'".
''   Prices $5.00 to $V.OO      ,, ;,--,_
We require:1 the space and ar-a offering special reductions _on .    '
Trunks, Travelling Bags, Suit Cases
'-4*'/**MB|«M**«*aT»,aTa*a^,«laTaTaTaTaWa,»*»Ta*aT»TaTa*^ ~ I
• . Pry
Our spring showi.ig of Dry Goods now awaits your
insp< ctioti.;   New and up-to-date, stock Jo choose,,
* from at jTricWtltiat are guaranteTdTmoTe^'-tMrereT:
Boots & Sl^oes_
For durability aiid wear, resisting qualities the
.   Artisan XffovttiatS Boot for Wen
-cannot.be equalled.  Prices,...,,... .$1.85,to;$f 00
The quality of our table supplies cannot be excelled
We handle only the choicest and'best brands pro*,
curable    We sell-at prices' that mean a saving to,
"youso tKaTit"cari"truiy besaid thatour'^values fBade"
up ot quality and price cannot be caualled. ^ '
When you,require tanned (foods try .Quaker Brand.
Quality better and iu many iiibtancea prices lower than
the rest. " '■■,•-■"•*.-•»--*- ---','--4,'	
„-:-:    ■  ■:■:■ ' :-.ri.....-■:;■ •;•:.-■'^■"•.rr-ni' .';{■■••,.■ ■.   -
6 bars Laundry Soap reg. 25c 1. So«BCial
8 lb pkw. Washing Powder, reg. 2Bc V .     "^
"-- '*.'       *./i*.-' X'i'
2 tins Lye, rejr."'25c
Fancy California Oranges, per dozen;....;...'..: 25c
Sweet Pink Toilet Soap, reg. 2 for 15c     ^^        "
,..'.'5,Tor 25c
~ (A
Cecilia Shulaika ,
Gladys Jennings   ''       , V ■■
' AuVrey Clapp ••*-...
Bonnell Ounlap
Jamos Hig*ham
Joe Hoven
John Mclnnis
Andrew .Mader ';
:  Herman Mayers
.  George Meiklo
\  Antonio Montpotit    '
'  Alfred Munkwltz
, Arthur Riches   '   '
*.   Clifford Robertson
Georgo Wilkerson
, Hubert Broley
Bertie Brouilette
Ralph Smith   V
. Rank 1, Readbr, Senior, Clifford
Robertson; junior, Ralph Smith ;
11,,Primary. Arthur Riches.
Div, VI,. Miss Lawoon, 1st Prim*
or. . ,
Percentage attendance, 88,01,
Pupils with perfoct attendance,
Lizzie Andorson
Hartley Beaver
Ang-elo Carosella
Mary Griatemio
Edna Gaski
Jeanne Linn .
Lizzio McDougall
Elinor McDougall
Agnea McMannus
Rosy Mongetee , .
George Dofter
Alfred Williams
Hilda Atkinson
Willie Hollander.
Marie Clowera '     '  "
■ Hayden Evans
; Paul, Gost
, niiiiiti Hciioau
j Agues l&clucaiM
' MaKirio McLaolvlan
' Annabrile Mills
. Fred Moresk
Joe Tablliak
Rank—Clans A, Lizzie McDougall
Cla.1.*? 10, Ar.**i*j1(J T*5f*-«
. Div. VI, MiIbb Robertson, Kind*
orrurten class,
Fercentafre attendance 85.04
j Pupils with perfect attendance,
Bella Linn
'• John Cairns
1 Mervin Buckley
' Winnie Hollinshead
°> Andrew McLeod
1 Hnflr* MnehMleu
,   William Relit |
, Wiltiart ,V»iic«  ,*.,.
Smianna, Shulaika .,
' M)k» Hovan "
Annie Linn
Bebfcca Mclnnis
Rank, Class A  ; class B—
: W. D. SIMM0NDS "
I    Photographer
\V. D. Simmonds has opened
n Plioto/,'rnpic Studio and is <
prepared to do first class work
Studio on Gemmcl $imi
Near the Oocrn House
'|><$><^^><$>^'^><H>*$ •$><?> ^^Sx^xH1
■t Bulldor & Oonti-aotoi*
ICsrlmntos Furnished and
SiUlBfaotlon Ouiirantccd
% F6i*nlo and Hotmor
Subseribo for  the District Ledger,
Enlarge Your
Have you .got. yonr photo enlarged ,, yd?, • If not Courtney
will enJnryo it in. Sepia, Oil,.
WHter Color, or Cravon, All
classes of Photographic work
done. * ' Developing,' Printing
nnd Mounting done at reasonable
prices,    ,
A. W. Courtney
Box 424
. hQfl
The Garbutt Business College
of Calvary, has modern countes in Tolo-
Hfriiphy, Shorthand nnd HuhIiiubh i om-
ploys export tonchora j proparoi youmr
iHonlo for iiHlopomlonoo nml huccoeib
wi'lto for proBjiuottiB "L,v Kilter nny
time.      ,     V, 0. Onrlmtt, Prlnclpnl.
Ledger for News
eit the
Fertile    Steam    Laundry
All kinds of Steam and Dry Cl«at>lnflr.
Dyclna*, Scouring** and Pr-cuMlnijr don*
by th* mont Improved mcthodsi.   it
Gent's Fine Eincn
a. S-peclalty
A Trial Will
Convince ■ Vou
Phone  Ho." 135   "* "   '""'" "
tlt*imiaimyw «**
^im- *\nm jUM&v-imtim *-*Aimfom ^^mmm^^f"*^
wmit'nitoiltfctotHH'Hi' 4


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