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 . -I,*.'-   -.. .-■-•*'
••«:,.,■   *
Tho   Oflk-itil   Orj-an , of  District   No.   18,. II..M. W. of A.
Vol. Ill No. 22
PERNIE,  B.C, JiOJtTAK\25, 1908
First,Session of^ New Council-
Business Tame and Good
: The   first meeting of.the      new
Council was held at the City hall
'' on.Thursday evening at; which the
following were present'
'His.Worship Mayor W. W. Tut-
ti«:        /•' _ : '„   '
"Aldefcmen — Quail,      '   'Johnson,
Hammond, Vance and Watson.
"'    'City Clerk; J. S. Volume.
Moved by Aid. Johnson, seconded by Aid. Quail that the minutes . of • -the. 20th be adopted as
read.      Carried.
Aid. Hammond reported that he
had -interviewed H. H. Depew regarding the installation of street
lights, and informed the Council
that the C. N. P. C; Co., would
not' make connections unless the
City; signed a  two year contract.
'On'motion of Aid. Johnson, seconded by, Aid. Quail,By-Law No
51,' relative .to sewer connection
was' introduced ' and read a" first
time.     '.".
Moved by Aid. Watson seconded
by, .Johnson ,that  the   Council  go
into a" committee of the whole to
discuss By-law Wo.-51.  Clause by
'   . clause.   ,. Carried.
. The :Council., then went into     a
committee of the whole with Aid.
Quail...in   the    chair ■ and     after
V discussion -brought ■ in the f ollow-
ing report:,     . T\'        '■
having discussed and passed upon
Bv Law ,No:,: 51.  recommend that
it receive reading as now brougnt
forward. Signed J. D. Quail,
chairman. '  •'  ,   ' -!
Moved by Aid. Johnson, seconded by Aid. Watson that the report oi the committee of the
whole be received and adopted,
and that By Law, No. 51 be now
read a second time.      Carried.
Moved by Aid. Watson, seconded by Aid. Johnson, that it being
advisable to expediate By-Law No.
51, be „it therefore resolved that
said By-Law No. 51 be read a se-
cond and third time, this evening.
Moved by Aid. Hammond, seconded by Aid. Vance that By-Law
No. 51 be passed its second reading, and do now-receive its third
reading. Carried.
Moved by Aid'. Johnson, seconded by Aid, Watson, that,By-Law
No. 51 be passed its third read-,
ing, and that it be re-considered
and finally passed and adopted at
the next meeting of the .Council!
Moved by Aid." Quail, seconded
by Aid! Vance that Dr. C. P. Hig-
gins be asked to accept the position of Medical Health officer for'
the year 1908.'      Carried.
Moved by Aid. Quail seconded
by Aid. Hammond that.Mr. C. E.
Lyons' application as Auditor for
1908, at a salary of ?75 per year
be accepted, books .to. be audited
at least four times a year. Carried. ■■<■■•
Moved by Aid. Johnson, second-,
ed by Aid, Watson, that .all supplies required for the City of Fernie be equally divided among the
merchants of the city.   Carried.
Moved , by Aid.- Hammond seconded by Aid.-Qiiail that the City
Clerk be instructed to ask for tenders for tlie City .printing and advertising for -1908.  Carried.
Moved by Aid-. -Quail,  seconded
by  _ Aid. Johnson that the  City
Clerk   be   instrusted to make application to the  C.  N.  P.  C.   Co".',
j for water for flushing sewer tanks,
j Carried.    \        '"!",'/
J    Moved,! by' Aid. ".Hammond,   sec-
\ onded==bv^Ald =Quai!~=that=we=ad--
'journ to •• meet .'on January 30th.
C. P. 1 To increase Yardage-
Will Build New freight
The C. P: H: is going to spend
about $50,000 here next spring in
new "trackage, new freight sheds
and other necessary improvements.
This will give them very much increased facilities for handling the
enormous' amount of freight that
they now. do. The trackage' will
be much increased also.      The in-
'V     ,   -   if     =t
1.00 a Yeab
tention of the C. P. R. is 'to
up and ,.in fact a. little , ahead of
the times, and in going to expend
this large sum here shows "what
they' think of the future of Fernie.
'. The freight sheds addition will
be' erected at the west end- of
their present offices, so as to make'
it nearer the station.
rMerritt Local U. M. W.
Of America
, Nicola  Valley,   Jan 21,   08
Editor Distric Ledger
Dear Sir   „
To Union men and men in
general. "'
Do not waste your money <
in   coming up   in. Nicola ,
•  Valley, Nicola Coal     and
Cqke Co., laying men off.
"   „ T.   CALVERT,  Sec
X ■      . .  «- ■ ,   X
*  "■ ,-•■■-.- -        ■ ■ ■ • • -  v
Kootenay  Fruit Lands
WHY not buy a ten or twenty acre fruit farm which -.nil yield y
.: :from $300.00 to $600.00 profit per acre per year?. Situated hit
AEEDw   lj^ik:
District with a most delightful climate and splendid shipping facilities.
■.'<•• We pay purchaser's expenses to look over our land.     It Stands
Crop's   Nest   Pass   Investment   Co.,   Ltd.
Lethbridge,    Alberta
Associated Boards of Trade in
Moyie-A Good Meeting-To
Meet in Trail in 1909
Moyie B. C, Jan 24;—-The meeting of . the Associated Boards of
trade.: of Eastern British Columbia -convened, here this afternoon
at 3 o'clock, and was called to
order Vby president G. 0.° Buchanan. • ■ > , ■ '
' The'-delegates in attendance are
as follows: Cranbrook, J. A. Harvey, ,M..A. .Beale; Greenwood,
James,Russell; Kaslo, G. 0. Buchanan; fcloyie,' E. O. J. P. Farrell,
R. Canipbell; Nelson, F. A. Stark-
ey; Rossland, L. A. Campbell, A.
B. MacKensie; Trail, J. D. Ander-.
son, G.! P.' Wier, F. W. Guernesey.
/ An ' address of •■ welcome was
made by 'president Campbell of
the Moyie board. -
-,' The Moyie Miners' union showed
a splendid, spirit by turning their
hall over to the delegates in-which
to hold'their sessions. .
After the presidents' report had
been read, a short statement was
given of,the estimated'value -of
mineral aad lumber products of
Southern 'Kootenay and Southern
Yale for the year 1907, from which
we clip the following:' "       .
The  Crow's Kest. Pass 'Coal Co.'
Ltd.", has employed in- 1907; 22S0
jmen;- wages paid, ' . $l,962;749.7^;■
, coke ^-mined,     876,-730-long tons;
, coke 1 made,     207,8,79   long tons! ■
The" capital of the company is S3,-
have been $355,178.98. °     ■"
.., The-'- Hosmer Mines "Co;, have
expended to date -?1,500,000. Shipments, of coal .begin in 1908 and
will, be increased as the market requirements justify to" 3,6*00 "tons a
day. The first installation of coke
byens' will have a "capacity of 300
tons a day. ■;      ,       ■	
..Then    followed      the Vice-Presidents' n,;-ddress,.'in which be ably,
set forth the state of a"ffairs.>,
The election of officers was then,
held and resulted as follows'
G-. 0. Buchanan being re-elected
president, F.'A. Starkey -vice-president and A.- H. IVlacticnzie secretary-treasurer.
The extension of .the m i .nty on
lead was the only otntr matter
dealt with'this" afternoon. From
present indications iho work of
the board will be cssnplated tomorrow morning mi t'uo delegat-
es will leave for,'.heir homes on
the east and west,' r.mnd trains
The delegates v/ero imi. trained at
the Central hotel by rho people of
the town,
* t
THAT ha is pleaoed to.report
that some of his suggestion* have
been, acted on.
THAT the sldiswalks' in' some
parts ar« itill in a tarribla state,
and some ont is bound to be hurt
if they are' not attended to. ' A
little sand would relieve the situation.   -
•   •   • |
THAT the sand he alludes to
will first have to be instilled in*
to the proper authorities, and set
them to apply it to the sidewalks.
* • »
THAT a couple of people were a
little, offended at some of his re*
marks last week. Well truth very
often smarts.
♦ * •'
THAT our City Band is certain*
ly deserving of much credit. Their
Sunday concerts, even in a snow
storm are a treat.   .
» ♦ »
THAT he noticed' in an exchange
Trartu" from various towns. He
did not see the name of Fernie.
Where are we at?
• » ♦ *
THAT the "T, TV roast about
P, 0. bpm     was a wee bit late,
platform a few days previous   to
their remarks.
» • »
THAT we have not had a single
complaint of not receiving the
Ledger this week. Well done F. 0.
• • *
THAT "Dad Simpson" reports
n terrible snow storm in some
part* of the "Banana City" last
• • »
THAT tho»ev.afdf,*'dopr nullmnn
attiKU though^gtajjtfJtQr^kazing
into a tunnel wWmon*TSsi the
••Cons" had them covered with
his ».u shooner.
THAT the article entitled "Socialists to, Mark Fight" that wor-
rieda few of the ".thin skinned"
was' taken,from an Edmonton
•  ,•  •
r THAT lie is seriously thinking
pi ,«ff«ring' a prise of aay |10 for
anyone who saw that "J" paper
,on bur' streets" on Thursday.
; THAT he will be pleased to hear
of any irregularities or anything
that should be publicly critiied.
,  THAT he has requested his man*
agers to furnish him with an up*
to.-date  Japanese    Aghting para*
phernalia to protect him against
the irate individuals  that he has
in duty, to criticise,
• * *
THAT if the new Council act on
all the "advice" they have received they will have to hold
their offices till 11)27.
Victoria, Jan. 24.—After an
hour's clash of authorities on con*
stltutional procedure, tho speaker
reserved decision on the Social*
let's resolution for tho, impeach*
ment of the lieutenant-governor.
The premier quoted the rule of the
House, that it would not speak
disrespectfully of the lioutentant*
governor. Attorney-General Bowser gave authorities that his conduct could not be reviewed by the
House, only by Ottawa; that he
had power to roservo the bill and
so was acting constitutionally.
The Socialists doclared be would
oven be brought to the bar of the
House, and that the legisture had
the same power over the lieutenant-governor as the House of
h_..„ .„ o»,~-«-,.«,.«». i Commons over the King, and
DEATH BY SUFFOCATION.      ,Klng Char,„ had be(m Cached
-—"- | and executed.'
n«°,1h<,, D.f "l.ef.?r?' Jft,n* *B3,.~& !   The Liberals thought that resol*
fire which started here last night :,,t,ftn «»• -.»«««vuft wnrrt-.fi   v,,i*
TU?yu? iU,e   lftlftUO,n1 ,ftn2 a,v}' 'could be modifiod. The legislature,
i^w-li'i'"'""!"0 C'f JVu^ii*1 um> i4ttd fe right io    ask
Ian Northern and caused the death   0ttawA  to     lnvest)gate ftnd dJs.
of    Harry Land by   suffocation. I mjflR b "
Lang,, who was working upstairs, j   No' vot9 hftg     t ,        t k
was cut off by the fla-nos and h »  yesterday'8     motion   of   consuro,
charred body wasi found later. He   which is in the form of an amend"
fetation vas of modern construction and the loss will be about
Cal(*nry. Altn, .Tan 24 —Contracts wore let on Saturday last
for twelve lnrpe additional buildings for thr- Dominion fair, which
is to be hold here front June 20th
to July Oth. This fair will be the
largest Western Canada has ever
held, and is receiving the, active
support not only of the^Wfstei
province!, but of tl
Ea*.t as well.
Edmonton, Jan. 21.—As a result of a conferonse between representatives of the mine owners
of Edmonton district, which was
concluded yesterday, a scale of
wages for minors in«thi8 district
has been fixed. The new scale is
a, lengthy one and gives in detail
the wages for the different phases
of- mining. Eoughly speaking, the
wages for miners will be ?1 per
ton,at the face, of the mine. It is
ostimated by the mine owners
that it coats the mine operators
another 91 per ton to deliver the
coal at the mine mouth and still
another 81 for hauling the coal.
This makes tho aggregate cost of
coal to the owner, 93 per ton. The
present market price of coal is
93,25 and 83,50 per ton,
—•■ o ■■--
In future we are going to send
all    the    Fernie subscribers their
■papers through  the P.  0.  as the
boys do not come regular enough.
— —o	
Subscribe for the District Ledger.
The big Stock-Taking Sale  of
Men's   Furnishings
Still  in   full   Swing
" "ft
on   .'.
-.-..Every thin
-i* -      -   r.
CaSI Jn and Get Prices
m.   ••■•.« *-f
The   Trites-Wood   Co.,
i ?
i V
in em to, the address in reply,
Alta,, Jan, 24.-L.
Buckley, secretary of the Young
M>n's Club, who was badly injured in a hockey game here last
Friday nipht Is somowhnt improved, though he has nevrr regained
foniieioufmosii, He was struck on
the neck with a purlc and In the
Ijroin with a stick. Hi» in no de-
lirious that he has to be kept in
c,^traij,+.t Jacket and tied to the
nffc        ~    	
■ Y
Mmploymcnl for 9.18
Miners, Mine hi borers,
Drivers, Timbermcn,
I !*>i.iitiivli,     it»Ki
gifie<|rs, now idle.
Warranted to be
class wage slaves.
F. II. Shennan,
.'res. U. M. W. of .
Nanaimo, Jan. 24.—(Spocial.)—
Owing to.the dullness of the coal
market at present, attributable" to
tho warm weather, the general industrial depression, and the presence of considerable Australian
Coal, on the markot, controlled
largely by the Western Fuel Company of this city, things are not
as ■ brisk as usual at, the Nanaimo mines.
As a consequence about 300
men have been laid off, 125 from
the Brechin 'mine, and' 175 from
No.'l.-' The meriare laid off in*
deflnitoly, but it is not generally
anticipated for very long., The
majority laid off are single men,
and llttlo hardship will result. If
the situation becomes bad the
Government will start some pub*
lie work to relieve distress.
, ———— o —-
Ely, Nevada Jan. 20,-But for
a broken ladder the three miners
Bailey, Brown and KcDougal, entombed in the Kimberly mine,
would have been rescued on Sat*
urday. „ As it is, it will tonight
botore they can be taken out.
Two of tho men are in excellent
condition, but one, whoso identity
1        .       .        .      ..,<      1    .  ,  ,        ......   Url f •  ■   1.1
«.|A.*     ..w.     J-1*      »'.-&••«     *t-.V»*.s.^*,      ...     .,-*..
to hnvf become a manias through
his experiences. His companions
Imvo been compelled to place him
under restraint and tie him up to
keep him from injuring himself.
The men have been in their lit*
tie et>\\ nt tho Vintrntv. nf the rnv*.
in since December 3, but if all
goes woll they will be on the sur.
face soon. There is not more
than twenty feet of rock to be
dug through. Tho breaking ladder
caused another Blidc JuBt as it
seemed that the men were within
■'■*   - 0"-    ■ —
New York, Jan. 24.—When an
early adjournment of the Thaw, -
case was taken today, in. order to
enable attorneys for the defence
to prepare their long hypothetical
question covering all the evidence
in the case, there seemed no longer
any doubt that,.next week will
bring the second hearing.to , a
close. Justice Dawling has decided to limit each side to throe expert witnesses, and two of the
defence trio were heard today,
• •   ••
Halifax, N. S., Jan. 24.—The
award of Board of Conciliation in
the Springhill dispute was pub- ,
lished today, and is in favor of
the miners in almost every particular.
• •   •
Ottawa, Jan. 24.—In the Senate
today Senator McMullen introduc
od a bill to increase to 8500 fine,
or six months imprisonment the
ponalty for selling liquor to a
railway man on duty.
• •   t
Montreal, Jan. 23.—H. Gordon
Browne, son of late G. G, Browne,
architect, shot and killed himself
this morning. Ho had been in bad
health lately. Mr, Browne was a
captain in the Victoria Rifles, and
was vory  popular.
Providence, H. X. Jan. 24.—Ac-
ording to tho statement obtained
irom istupenmendcttt W. b. M...«t,
\hv local I'laiA of tht- Aii.t-rirfcr,
Locomotive Works will bo Bhut
down the first week in February
(or an indefinite period. The force
which in December numbered 1008
has    gradually     boon  reduced to
..»»'. I ■ 1 » I", r.     ,        .1 ,      ,
.>V».•*-*»*»«.£,     »**•*.     ^s-y     »»«* — ^..    v.-    ^'.4'
sent. The cause of the shut down
is attributed to tho unsatisfactory
conditions of railway business
throughout the country,
Box 145
Doctoral state that .there ' V v
slight eha^S* oi recover**       j ^^»WKr<H>'X/<»»>'X»'>*'>«Xr->'>
Miss Elderlr-lf*h-Doctor, do you
believe that bleaching the hair
leads to softening of the brain?
Doctor—No. but I believe that
softening of the brain sometimes
leads to bleaching the hair.
'    % **       *•
■■ & V
Although it has be*n selling land
for over 20 years, the Canadian
Pacific Railway Co. still holds
14,81)5,400 arres ot land in British Columbia and the Northwest
all of which is rapidly increasing
in value. The Company controls
and owns more territory than
some European kings.. Indeed 38;-
$80 square miles, of land make no
small kingdom. **»>
MSTJUC? 1!E9$$8., lEKOTBi B,-C:,.J«Unf*M.T, 2Bth, ISOS..
 '     '' ii* i'i.      ii ii i i ii m.rni   n i .   i        ii i       i i j   «—»
- 1N::.W-V NotJ-Hcasured by
Dollars and Cents Alone
The cost of coal "is not measured in the price the dealer puts uj$-
on. it,"  nor  "in what  the miner
gets for producing    it," . remarks
the Waterton (N.  Y.)  Times—"it
costs human lives."'   It must be,
adds    the same paper,  "that human greed has something.to     do
With conditions that make      the
mines a deadly peril to.those who
work them."     And the Pittsburg
Dispatch,  published in  the heart
of! the coal region, suggests" that
•iif human life has been sacrificed
to  negligence  or  cupidity,        the
manslaughter can not be stopped
unless those responsible for it are
made  to/suffer  an adequate  pen-
. alty-"-
These grim reflections are inspir-
„.©d by the four .explosions      that
make December the blackest month
in    the history of American mining.   On."  December     1st, 34 men
■were killed by an explosion      of
black damp     in the Naomi   coalmine near Fayette City, Pa.;   on
the 6th, nearly 500 men were entombed     by   an,explosion in the
coal-niines at Monongah, W. Va.;
bn-thjA16th 60 men were killed by
a mine/explosion, at Yolande, Ala,
and,, on the 19th from 200 to 250
men. were buried in a mine'    explosions at Jacob's Creek,     Pa.^
' This' makes a total of some    800
'lives,   sacrificed     within    twenty
It has seemingly taken no less
a shock than this to arouse    our
^nP*yc.pftpers_to_the-.fact__that more
than a thousand men a year have
been killed in. our coal-mines during the last seventeen years,  the
number rising in recent years   to
more than two  thousand a year.
When a thousand men were killed
in a coal-mine, explosion in France
last year the newspapers all over
the world, including our'own, experienced a thrill of horror;   but
not until the fourth one ,of   ■. our
December explosions piled disaster
upon'disaster did out papers begin
to      think „the    mining  fatalities
worthy of editorial remark.
■ Now    it    ,is being brought out,
however,     that America leads the
world in the deadliness of its mining.     Mri John L. Diffon, one of
the     best-known    consulting    engineers  in  the Pittsburg  district,
says    that during   the past    ten
years  the  death-rate   from  explosions has been gradually decreas-
sions has been gradually decreas
undermined by machine, and before a shot is , fired, the dust
should be thoroughly soaked with
water and the roof, sides, and
floor oi the room thoroughly
sprayed for twenty-five cr thirty
feet back from the face.
"It should be done in every room
and entry, near by."
Dr. J. A, Holmes, chief of the
technologicalvbranch of the Geological Su&ey, says ->at i ur high
death-rawfin the mines is due
to.ihe^-ffcct that in this ftw/.rj,
we .have so far failed to taJ>« intelligent precautions, > nd have
gone it- blind." In an interview
in the New York Sun he adds:
"The investigation to dote-mine
conditions of safety is carried on
in Belgium in "the government laboratories, and the -Tovsrnment
sees to" it that the mine operators
and the people get the information.
"In this country? Well, I am
hot in a position to make comparisons, but you can draw your
own conclusions. Here the State
in. nearly all coal-mining sections
supplies- inspectors of the mines.
In the majority of cases these' inspectors are politician's, who may
or may not have had mining experience. Some of them are as
efficient as could be desired. But
suppose an inspector is efficient,
no such investigations to determine conditions have been made
here as is done in Belgium, and'
the inspector has to go it blind.
"Take coal dust explosions—the
one in France was caused that
way probably. So long as we are
uncertain concerning the properties of the dust in our mines- and
won't take precautions, but leave
so much to .the personal equation
of the mine-owners, foremen, etc.,"
we must expect to - have such
things 'happen."
"Whether the necessary investigations should be carried on by
the "United States,.the State governments,  or the mine-owners ->T
.l.r«.---.-Anii,ii,M 4- n_pvnr.ee _V\llt1=T
naV ©   'UV'WfU.iVU V.J — G—^f — www, — n- --— —■
do know that unless we get 'the
proper     information   somewhere,
The 6. C legislature forecasts
Some Radical Anti-Asiatic
Contractors and Builders
Ham, SpedBcatioaa 'aal Eetfc-
ssatm fmnjished oa applicative.
Pleat? of GOOD DET LTTM-
W-.AI. Wriglesworth, D, D..S,
1DBNTIST'    . ' '
Omcs Houas»-   .   t Wo u a. ra. i to S p. u
6.80 to 8 p.m.       ,      -
Office in A"ex. t ck'i Block ,
.     oTerBlinn'.lJftkerj.
yBBNUt, •"" -", ■'- ""," -     -   .    B. C
ft. A. EBRS.
Anilttct    aai SapertataaSeat
OSes at IssMaacc,
Victoria, B. C, Jan. 21.—The
chief feature oi the,speech from th
throne at the opening of the legislature today is the reference to
the necessity of an immigration
measure. The reference is in general terms. The Socialist and anti-
Asiatic element seek the passage
of the Natal act, even before the
debate oh the speech from the
' The government, however, nas
already given notice of the introduction of the bill early next week
and will demand the lieutenant-
governor's consent. If given, the
government, will immediately enforce it! If not given, Ottawa
will be asked to take some action
beyond the new regulation which
is not regarded here as effective.
The session promises to be* active
and short.' \
The address froni. the throne
says on the sub.ect o£\immigra-
tion: "A measure will be laid before you with a view td ■ the °re-
striction oi undesirable emigrants." ■ ',' \
 O; —r
<■■>    '
Plans  and   Estimates on Application
Residence 76 Howland Ave.
J. Wilson Cray,, Architect
Fernie B. C.
Insurance and Customs Broker
Crow's Nest  Tradinp  Co.. Block,
Fernie, B. C..       .'.
L.  P. : Eckstein /
Baeeistxb-at-Law, Solicitor
Rooms 1 & 3, Henderson block. Fernie. B. 0.
•7. Commencing at a post planted,
at ,or neat the northeast corner oi
the J.~ P.'Silverman claim.' and
being northwest corner of,W. Dar-
by'a claiihffand marked, W. Darby,
northwest corner; thence 30 chains
south; thence 80 chains east; thenoe
80 chains north;   thence 80 ■ chains
west to place of commencement -
Located this 25th day of Oct:; 1807;
W.: DARBY, :.*'-- : s*
■   ..y-..„     -. .Locator,).  ,
,   .        , Agents.
Witness—John" McDonald.
8.> Commencing   at a poBt planted!
at or near W. Darby, northwest cor."
ner, and being southwest corner,   pi
B, Lamoruiex's claim; and    marked   .
B.   Lamoruiex's    southwest    cornor;
thence 80 chains'   north; thence  ,80
chains east; thenco 80 chains south; .
thence 80 chains, .west to place    ot
, Located, this 25th day of Oct., 1907
Witness—John McDonald.
meets in McDougall's Hall every
alternate Thursday at 8,p.m.'
A. Wykks, Pres.        Wm. D. Schofield, See.
J. Harbor-, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
LT.W    Block/., opposite, the Bank
. Offics hours—8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Builder and Contractor
Estimates cheerfully given and work
promptly executed to the satisfaction of our customers.
Latoe & Fisher
Crow's'  Nest   "Trading   Co.    Block,
Fernie,  B. C.
J. S. T. Alexander
I am dying, comrade, dying, and
your face, I cannot  see,
Leave me, comrade, where I've
fallen ior there's' na'ugh can
succor me;
For the pall of death is on me,
and the fatal hour is hear
When my soul shall pass the portal of the land of promise dear
But  I'm longing,' comrade, long-
and use it for the basis of intelligent legislation and regulation,
these awful disasters will become
more and more common in    this
 :0 '■—
Well babies sleep soundly and
wake up(;brightly. *Whcn little
ones , are restless, sleepless and
cross it is the surest sign that
they are not well. Probably the
stomach or bowels are out of order
or it may be teething troubles.
Give Baby's Own Tablets and see
how quickly the child grows well
and happy and sleeps soundly and
naturally. Not the drugged sleep
oi ''soothing" medicines, but the
natural sleep of health. You have
the guarantee of a government
analyst that this medicine contains no poisonous opiate or nar
.  . '      ,   ,.      cotic, and you can give tho Tab-
•ng in every mining country 111 the   kts just J Sftfely tg ft ncw born
world except  our  own,    and    the ■ ka<00 as to  the well grown child.
reason   he     gives ior     it is ,hat I Sold by all medicine dealers or by
othor countries exercise more care ' mail at H5 cents a box from' The
and have more regard ior tho sac : ^Ont^' ?" '
redness cf human life.     la'iMite '
the proportion ci men hilled   ca-
nually in tho '.nines is lr-ss than 1
in a thousand; in Belgium it is 1
in a thousand;     in Great Britain
1.28; in France 2.06 and in    the
.United States 3.30. For 1907 our
figure io likely to be still higher.
Mr. Dixon Bpeaks as follows (in a
Philadelphia     Press      interview)
about the ebief cause of coal-mine
1 1
"That coal-dust will and does
explode with the most disastrous
results is no longer questioned by
intelligent mining men. Its ex*
plosive force weight for weight, is
Ottawa, Jan, 25.—The announcement of absorption of the Sovereign bank by the other Canadian
banking institutions is not causing any great surprise here. .. It
has led to speculation. as to how
it will affect the' chances of several groups of financiers, who will
ask tho banking and commerce
committee to incorporate new
ing. for the loving • ones who
wait.       ■<■      „'   ' .
To bid me joyous welcome—all' unconscious of my fate;
And my heart is breaking, ■ comrade, and my longings are in
vain      " ■'   ,    .
And the voice of death is lifting,
we will never meet ajrain.
In these caverns,, dark and dreary
I have, toiled these many years
I haye felt the sting of sorrow and
the  anguish born  of fears;
But the love.-of home, dear comrade,  made  the  daily bMtden
And my, cottage held a treamxe,
that     misfortune could     not
'Twas the love oi little rVdren,
and a kind, devoted wi.'c--
Hold ine closer,  comrrule,  elof.tr,
for     the pain i3 raging rife—
You are' crying, comrade, dying—
do not grieve or mourn foi me
Such is fate, a miner's per .'J,   on
life's-wide and stormy sea., '
Far above the sun. is 'ihiivln^ urd
tho birds aro singing £,;.y,
And    my iancy    fond;y wanders
where two little children ploy
Little cherubs, how I love them,
little Nell and Baby Joe,
How     they     welcomed    me  this
morning and they begged mo
not to go;
Come and play with Nellie, papa
do not leave us all the day.
And her blue eyes sought my answer    in a sad and plaintive
And   I kissed    them, and X left
them,   and     my   eyes    grew
strangely dim,
As I hurried up the valley to the
coal mlno dark and grim.
' For   quotations
,   on Hay & Oats        %
write to rf
Hembling   &   Ruby  I
<$>    Special rates to Contractors and
W. R. Ecss.K.C.
Ross & Alexander
Office In Ij. T. Wl Block. Victoria Avenue.
Sncceseor to J. W. H. Terry,
Employment and
Real Estate Office
Will supply men for
all classes of work,
either by the day;
week or month.
Bushmen,   Lumbermen
Women for cleaning,
washing or scrubbing.
said to bo four times groater than i    Bills havo A-lcady b<?,<?»- present-
gunpowder.        Here, then, is the ed "eking incorporation for    the
combination that is increasing
tho number of mining fatalities-
electricity added to coal-dust. The
introduction of    electric coal-cut*
Dank of Vancouver, Bank of Win*
nipeg and Bank of British Columbia, while the Bank o Halifax,
Bank of Edmonton, Bank of Lon-
But alas! the summons found me
in these caverns dark and
Oh, 1 fain would see them, com*
rade kiss them all before     I
Reasonable   Rates
Cox Street
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner J of
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the followingjdescribed.lands situated in the district dfSbutheast Koot--
enay, Province of' British Columbia.
1. .Commencing at a post planted
at or near one mile east of C. 1*. R.
lino at 27 mile post, Block 4593,
and being southeast corner of S._ M,
Moore's claim and marked S. M,
Moore southeast corner; thence 80
chains west; thenco 80 chains north;
thence 80 chains oast; thence 80
chains south to place of commencement. .	
Located this 25th"day of Oct., 1907
• S. M. MOORE,
Witness—John McDonald.
2. Commencing at a post planted
at or near S. M, Moore's southeast
orner and being the northwest corner of J. C. Rochford.s claim, and
marked J. C. llochford northeast
cotnor; thence 80 chains west; thenco
80 chains south; thenco 80 chains
cast; thenco 80 chains north to
placo oi commencement.
Located this 25th day of Oct., 1007
Locator. ■
lumnsiJ   LAMORUIEX,
Witness-John McDonald.
:$, Commencing at ft fOst ijltv'i.leu
at or ncnr •)> C. Koch ford north
east corner, and being K. W. corner of J> Robertson's claim and
marked J. Robertson northwest cornor; thonco 80 chains south; thonco
80 chains east; thenco 80 chains
north; thenco 80 chains west to
placo of coinmonccmont.
Locatod thiH 25th day of Oct., 300
, Agent.
Witness—John McDonald,
4, Commencing at a cost limited
at or near J. Robertson's northwest
cornor, and being southwest < corner
of John McDonald's claim, nnd
marked John'McDonald; thonco 80
chains/north; thenco 80 chains oast;
thonco 80 chains south; tlmnte 80
chnlns west to placo vl commence*
Locatod this 25th cloy of Oct., 1007
.      JOHN McDONAlD,
Witness—John McDonnld.
NOTICE Is hereby given that „ 30
days after date I intend to apply to
the Hon..' Chief Commissioner:. ol
Lands and Works for4 a liclnse to, •
prospect for. coal and petroleum on
the folloeRing described lands situated' in the district of Southeast-
Kootenay, Province of BritiBh Columbia.    . '.
1. Commencing at a post planted
at or„ near one mile east of C. P*
R. line at the 29 mile post, and being southeast corner of J. L. King'*
claim, and marked . J. L. Ktng'a
southeast corner; thence 80 chains
west; thenco 80 chains north; thence
80 <chains east; thence 80 chain»
south to placo of commencement.
Located this 24th day of Oct., 1907
Witness-^-John McDonald.
2. Commencing at a post   planted
at or near    southeast corner ot J..
L. King's,claim, and being- north*.,
east corner of D.  C. Drain's claim,
and marked.D. C. Drian'a northeast
corner; thenco SO chains west; thane* ■
80 ;chains  south;;-thence  80  chains
east; thence 80, chains north to place.' '
of commencement.       •  "        .-.,,.■
Located this 24th day of Oct. 1907
 ^ TD,;CrDRAlN; :      r~"'~~
 '       .       Locator.; .
Agent%  .
Witness—John McDonald. .j
3. Commencing at a post planted
at or near northeast corner of D. C,
Drain's claim, and being northwest
corner of the A. A. Sparks' claim,
and marked A. A. Sparks' northwest corner; thonco 80 chains east;.
thence 80 chains south; thenco- 8f>
chains west; thenco' 80 chains north
to place of commencement.
Located this 24th day of Oct.. 1907.
Witness—John McDonald.. . T
lo Consumptives
f). Cominoncing nt a pofct planted
ting machinery haB intensified tho;don flnd Parl8» havo 8ivon »*otico 'But you'll console them, comrade,
old dan-er, for it furnishes     tho I that they will sock incorporation. |       Jn tbeJr choorlcBB ho;..10 t0(,ay|   ,     __ _
spark thn,t completes the tragedy.      during    the past   two session,,   „ou wjU h<1   thom -.eftr %M~ 80r. ■  iQf^ l0 noallU liy slwpto    moans,j Wro'"1 rial,,,   n„,| .narked A. nico-f
,,»,-   ...11 .     . with   HfitiRf/ietftW   flnnnelnl   ennri. .... ... !....-   ......--■..-     f..   um.hI   «m.i i M'tillicnsv.    tonu1.,    iiioiitg r.o  1,111111111
1 nt 'ir near ono inllf from tho south.
! wist corner of J, McDonald's claim,
Tho undoMlRDCd hating boon re- [ ami ln-lntr    Houthonst cornnr of A,
"Regarding gas explosions, I
am of tho opinion that very few
oi them occur. Generally it is gas
unci eoai-iiu&t, combined and could
not have happened unless the gas
:!1 ^^1!^":::?! /°ndl" ^-^^-:^en ior aye ' ^r  «fform,   for rera, years, ^XJWUluTSrth: t!=
tions prevailing, tho tendency    on |r nm dyii^ comradet clo8er „wo
will never meet again!
,, |R0
U*      i^**t bUtilttttVliCV'     •>•***
was supplemented by the dust and
\ (•:■
'r.rt the rrrir.tln':
, Oh, wite anu ouocsi—icrewell!   ho
I       gasps—and   struggling     hard
for breath,
jtra:;:-: j. hayeg.
Under the changed monoy condi-
tho whole mugazJn7stt,t"off"by"thc'itlo,"> «¥1'P^rt!cul«rly •«• vlow of ;He ","1^" to" peace and slumber in
electric spark'.     In the case     of >tho. lftrB° *»u»»oer of applications!       tUe icy RrMp of dwth
Monongah mine, with its splendid I *l" Ul> lv'^'ti^t
system of ventilation, no gas ex* I    There waD no £erlous ruB on tbo : ColHnsvilfc, 111"
plosion could have wrought    one*!!oCftl brftneh 0< lho SovMelBn l3ftnk
tenth of the havoc as tho dust ex* f •*«■•■><*» belnB toIten ov« v-7 thc t    rioniYea,\    jnB «4
plosion.   Tho gas explosion could ;IloyRl antl Co«»»-weB banks'
havo btfn confined to one portion  :°	
with n severe lung affection,   and!
'.n nnTlouw tn maVn known to his
follow sufforors tho moans of euro.
To thoso who deslro It, ho will
oboorfuily aond {frco of charge) n
copy of tbo prescription used, which
they will find a cum for CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, CAT A UMJ, KHUN*
ClIITIS nnd all throat   and    lung;
chains   wihl;    thonco 80 chains
t.fi'Mtr.l   t\'l- i:,y\ «U\V of Oct , 1007
Witness—John McDonald.
at or near southeast ci.rncr <*f    tho
 . .„„    .,    t. <>      ••      "i A, Rico claim, oi.d l>oiii|{ nonhenst
MALADIES.  Iln hopos nil sufforors! ;o'n)er (if ,,_  J.. ,5
4. Commencing at a post planted
at or near northwest corner of A«-
A. Sparks' claim, and being southwest corner of tho A. Good claim.-
and marked Andy Qood's .southwest
corner; thenco 80 chains cast; thouco"
80 chains north; thonco 80 chains
west; thonco 80 chains south to
placo of commoncomont.
Located this 24th day of Oct., 1007
Agent.   <
Witness—John McDonald.
r>, Commencing at a post'   i Inntcd
at or near ono milo from the scuth*
east corner nf A. Good's iliiim, and  .
bolng southeast corner of    1-1.    R.)
Gamblo's claim, and marked   II, 11*
Gamblo's southeast corner; thonco 80'
chains west; thenco SO chains north;
thenco   80   chains oast;    thence 80
chains south to placo of comment**
Located this 21th day of Oct., 10Q7,
Witness—John McDonald, !
0.' Commencing at a post planted
at or near southoast cornor of II. R.
Gamblo's claim, and being north*
east cornor of J, Murid'o claim, and
markod J, Murld's northeast cornor;
thonco 80 chnliiH wost; thonco 80
chains south; thenco 80 chains oast;
thonco 80 clmlns north to place of
Located this 24th day of Oct. 1007
Wltnoss—John McDonald.
7. Commencing ut 11 post planted
at or near northeast cornur of .1,
MurliJ'a claim, and l.nlng northwo.it
corner of J. !•', Irwin's claim, and
ninrlfKfl  .f   V  'Irwin'* nnrHnwtjt frr.
nor; thonco £0 chains south; thenco
M> ciuHi.-> «.iii,C; ti'utictj ,60 ctiaim
north; thonro P0 chains wost to
place of commoncomont.
Locatod this 2lih day of Oct., 1007
Y*.   *▼>*»■* r ft r*       v     •••r^v-ovr****
Sllv.Tir.nn'H claim,
0: ono oi the mine:;, to onu of ih,i
vcntiln.*prl portions, 1,\\t a coal-
du«.t expl'.slc-n ■■, ,'; dliTvunt -.hi:ir*.
A     properly     vti.tilatcd mine J.i,
Vancouvor, B. C, Jan. 22.—The
!' •."-.» 't-,ii"-i n: tr," «pn---": !■'
;.,.,!:.;; on the Pacific cv\v:>t. o.'it;-
0    is entirely cut of! iVom ro:;-
, Alps ri'.it     :.iore
■ e i-.'.nilnv defile ,inrt
luoic cold 'he..; L':
will try thl« Rpmorty, as U Ih Invalu*1 nnr! m.„-kwi ,T. r, Kil>..nn.t>rn r.onh
:.i   tf
Tho Swi--'i , ,ihi,?1 Thoxo ilotilrlnr; tho prti«crlp- cnHt corner; thenco so chains wcM:
j.ii^,iv.':, on a ; tson, which will cost th" nothing, thonce SO chains sm.th; ')hmcq • n
j.-.-..^ ,:-v.cl nnd ' aiid  «my    pi'OVO   11   blfwlj),',    will ■ f!i ili-.s >-.is
rkv. i:n\v.\v.i) A. WIT.W.
rroc!:U3. K.
a^*'i»*.>»W*«>w k»~jJe, f
Witl.cs4-.Iclm McDonald.
8. Commonclni* nt a post planted
nt or near tho northwmi corner   of
.1. V. Trwln's clnlrn, hnd being south
\vst 'JdI'ih)' of R. II. Uaiiiblo's claim,
thence  SO    h-ilno roithiiind nnrUcd II. II. Onmblo's    south*
! < >-:i,ii,u,iv>'ii. ..'. . '.. .*.   ■   ,1'..;   t'•..-!, 1-  V-O   ii, .',...%  ,..,hL;
thl-2,1th d.iv ■'«),-i..'I C7! thi-Hro 80 chains iK-,r«h;     thenco «0
'',    L*'r', !   fr"\\', ■■) ll'»'-   '•■■•*•   H',»-rn   *<f(   'tli)ri«)   '    • ,!i
■ I/,.-■'.'.:'.     ' to )■]..:■•  i '.  "liinm ■*!. f»ii,r.- t.
;aim in /.i
i:,;;.bia."       Z).'.7, i-.     hov.-
Whf-tk-'-,  oi  Cjih'.v.-y. ^.r^-.if"
;h  Col-
A.    O.
imdtr  c/dj«ary  fgiiditions,   in no   munication   with  surrounding  cit*
d,.u.(,L. t. a Ba- ixinoaion. ies,     Tho barometer »s down to a , th0 A]vinj! dt.h"of c.;nadai   Eains
"Ths  itjt.cdy    is    briirty    this* .itcord point and warine disasters .jt up
After a room     or entry har, been I arc ^arcd.
IlAl'Ti.'-.r.    LVMOIILMICX
V.'iti-. <x—'rrlm McPfnnl.l.
11 I tho Alpinu elr.b of Canada,   -oms|Tu #     ^        I ^J^^,*     A A   \\,i~~""..
s  it up.     Th«e fn.rrc.r^icr.* h. juat       fV    Q      LGCl^er    AUs   ?J™d *
lCa»n«l on a trip to Rvltrerbncl.   ' MJ UUU&V'        MU,'.a.-,.
LiBln:«r.t cures Dlrhtber*
Located  ti I-, 21th <:.tv of Oct., IV07
1:, it. fj.rnti.r,
Witness-John McDonald. ,'\W
From Ceylon Tea Plantations are contained in
It is packed In seated lead packets to preserve its fine flavor
and aroma
Lead Packets Only
Blue Labal 40c., Bed Label 50c.,
and Gold Isabel 60o. per lb.
At all Grocers
Alberta Legislature Ops With
Usual Pomp-Labor Interests
to Figure Prominently
in the Affairs of
Edmonton, Alberta, Jan. 16.—
Special to the Ledger.—The formal opening of' the third session
of the Alberta legislature took
place here today with the usual
pomp and pagentry which is always'0 made to accompany; such
events—possibly to remind u's all
that • we are not so far removed
from the days of feudal tenure as
the lapse of "time indicated by the
histories  would seem to  indicate.
The opening, consideration pure-
ing committees for the session' and
then, to prove the ancient inviolable right of the parliament
to initiate legislation, the premier
moves the first reading of a bill
respecting the administration oi
the oath of office. This first reading does not.mean anything at
all, the legend being that .the
king does not want them to move
any such bill and that they—the
house—are doing it in spite of
him.      After, the bill is moved   it
and understand. Donald is too
well known in- the.southern country to , need any introduction.
They will camp in the shadow of
the'legislative building ■ in order
to . observe at«close range the
whole process of the manufacture
oi. an eight-hour law and a workman's •' compensation act, so as
to be able to report, should any
heresies creep in, just where they
originated. Not of course that the
boys with the. votes .would . do
anything to anyone who happened
to introduce a sprag. clause in the
bills—perish the thought—but
merely to remind the legislators,
if "• they happen to need it, just
what' is wanted, and to let the
boys know the whys and wherefores in the Mine Workers fail to
get the legislation that has been
promised to them.
, o—■	
The Editor in no way holds himself responsible for opinions expressed by   correspondents.
The Editor, District Ledger
Dear Sir,—
'   Week after week I have had    a
gets lost in the shuffle and is neva*, celtain morbid  pleasure  in  look-
heard of again until the next ses- | ino. up "The Free Press" ar.d, Mi-
Coal.—Coal minim? rights may be leased for
ii period of twenty-one years at an annual
rental of *1 per acre. ..Not-more than's.oOO
acres shall be leased to one individual or
company.' A royalty at the rate of five cents
per ton shall be collected on the merchantable
coal mined. -    '   " '
Qcahtz.—A person eighteen ; ears of-age or
over, having discovered mineral in place, may
locate a.claiui l.ijo x 1,500 feet.    0
The fee for recording; a claim is (5.
.: At least ?10u must be expended on the cltim
each year or paid to the mining recorder in
lieu thereof. When »5uu has neen expendet or
paid; the locator may, upon having a su*"oy
made, end upon complying with "other - re-
QuiromentsVpurchMe the land at el per acre.
.The patent provides for the payment of a
royalty ofslptr cent on the sales. ..
Pr,ACEKmining claims generally are lot feet
square; entry fee # renewable yearly,
An applicant mar obtain two lease* to
dredge lor geld of rive miles eat-h for a term of
twenty years, renewable at the discretion of
the Ulnister of the Interior,
The lessee shall have a dredge in operation
within one seasou from the date of the lease
for each live miles. Kental tie i>er annum for
each mile of river leased. Royalty at the
rate of -H par cent collected on the output at.
t«r it exceeds ¥10,«».
W. W. Coiiy,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
X; B.— Unauthorized publication of this advertisement will not be paid for. >
0        Aug 1-07-Om
Ybaoe Marks
Copyrights &c
i Anyone nendluB A sketch and description maj
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention U probably patantable. Commnnlca-
tlom strict)?'confidential. HANDBOOK on Patent*
tent free, Oldef* asencrfor tecurtng patents.
i Patents taien tbrobgh Menu 4 Co. recelre
qiKisJtMtfcf. jrnBou&cbarga, la the ;    •
SckiiMc flaKricait.!
Ah«rtfl*ointlrlUut4rmtttJwe*ily, Largest dr-
caution ofsuy •eientltto JoornaL   Terms for
. C***4a.jfil5 » year, poMfe prepaid.  Sold by
sion when ,they dig it up again
and.go through the same formal-
ality once more. This bill having been read and laid on , the
table the house adjourns till Monday and the legislators scatter to
their respective hotels to refresh
themselves after their ardorous
labors. ' °
The  important thing about the
opening,    of course   is.,,   that the
cawber like "waited for something
to turn up," at last my'worst
fears have been realized now that
"Brer" Pedler has shown signs of
a worn out patience and everything points to a determination
to smash, demolish , and even
worse, once and for all time, this
blamed theory of "dividing up",
called Socialism! look to it ye
ultra    reds,    a  terrible   opponent
ly     as  a spectacular featur
speech ., from the throne usually ! about to engage in combat with
foreshadows the legislation ' which j ye and will smite ye hip and thigh
it is proposed to bring in during ; aye, he will even cleave ye to the
the   session.   ■   Whatever  you  find j chine.
in'the speech usually goes through . "Lay spears about the running ox
and,-if you don't find it in     the i j?or We return no   more.'  '
burgh Scotsman"  of Dec.  20^107
under the caption of
"The Liberal party  seem to  be
approaching a    serious  crisis     in
their  history,  a  crisis  which  has
been long foretold, and was clearly  pointed  out  when  the present
Government first took office.,    It
was   then   maintained     that   the
strength, of the   Liberal majority
was more apparent  than real.  It
was     ajcomposite majority made
up of elements     which were antipathetic' and were certain  to    fly
apart under the strain of Parliamentary    conflict!'     The prophecy
was not long in justifying itself.
, The Irish wing were soon in open-
j revolt   and   the  grudging  support
: o:     the   Laborists   was  obtained
] only   at    the cost of humiliating
N9 Ifflttifi-M 681NDWI.
You wast comfort and saUsacttoa I
ot cliMn smooth shaves every I
morning. . I
The Carbo Magnetic is tbo only!
dUARANTBED to give this.
The secret Electric Tempering
positively merges every par*
tide of carbon - (the life of
steel) into the metal—giving
diamond *like. hardness
throughout the blade—something, absolutely impossible
with Are. tempered steel used
in making all other razors.
. But test this razor  in your j
own home—or have your barber, j
use It on you.    Secure one 30
Phillip Carosella
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots aid Sbtes
Cat's frroisbiiigs
WINE   CO, Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct
Importers of     =
OLD TOM   '„ I'
Sole Agents in East Kootenay for
speech it is generally safer to go j
home and wait for another ses- j
sion or /another government—es- j
pecially if.it is labor legislation.
.,    ■ .     .        ,   ,.      i    This  is  what makes  the speech
■bv_the_wav..^is_no_relation_i .  _   _
"irom the throne" this year ot" particular interest to the working
folks of Alberta.     The promise of
oi a' joke.       The  gov- i
to  any  branch  of the royal fanv
ily, but is as Irish as Parnell himself and won his spurs by loyally
carrying his constituency ■ in  Saskatchewan  for  the  Liberal  party
in the face of terrible opposition
and considerable bad whiskey. The
governor does one day's work   a1
year, and that is when they open
the , legislature.'     On  this  solemn
occasion   a bunch  of  the  Canadian  Mounted  Rifles,    with    Billy
Griesbach, the man who ran'   for
the legislature    here at   the last
Provincial against.Charlie    Cross,
as    lieutenant, don their crimson
•clothes,  climb  onto their, hay-fed
bronchoes     and   take themselves
seriously .  long enough to escort
the   governor   in marshal procession to the, legislative hall. Last
yoar the,, legislative  hall was in
the attic of the MacKay Avenue
school and tho forensic flights   oi
the statesmen of Alberta were being continually interrupted by the
iiiterlusiciis   of, the  strap   en  ths
infant  clans down fitairs—-a  most
undignified     situation      for    tho
statesmen,  considering  that     the
teacher's strop ur.ur.lly made more
noise than tho government's whip.
This    year     tho  government  has
built a tc-:;'.ytrary bv.ilding   which
it calls the Trriv.ce,  in which t-.ll
tho  jrovorniniHit  of'.I cos nro  locat- i
ed.     Up in the top fiat tho ltgis-'.
lature meets ::i a room not   any [
*.,.■-„.'.■  -Vi"   *'■■■• "i; —'II   tTn:o" t"!l I
nnd thiu is where tho lav/8 will bo
mac*'.'  'luring  the  third  pension   of
tho first l^'itilr.nu'o which has just j
opened.     Tho location of the ter- j
race,  which is on  tho iiec  o: tho ,
new pnrlinhient building, is very j
some,pretty good legislation is
there and as it is a government
promise it is a cinch that it goes
through,' the only thing remaining to be seen is in v/hat shape it
will go  through.
The speech is very plain and
emphatic in its reference, to ■ fhe
labor legislation. Here is the
clause   which    carry the message:
"A Bill will be sumitted for
your consideration providing
ior the regulation of the conditions of labor as regards
compensation to workmen in
case of aceident. I believe
that by thus providing on an
assured" basis for the future,
the relations between Capital
and Labor in this Province
will be rendered more cordial
from the outset.
"It has been admitted in
.several of the most industrially advanced oi tho countries
of Europe thot the conditions
under which th:; mi-.ing industry is carried on vender it po-
in i
The, pen  which   a   certain    dean j sacrifices.
"Junner"'  mentioned  about being I threatens
"mightier  than    the   sword"   has | discussed
become the private property"' of a
once, teacher   oi  the young idea,
culiarly necessary
to i:r.'
i ciue limit  on the hour.?,
(.;• in t>is occupation. A
loorcfoi'-'1 been pi'epnr-
Uy j.-.y i-TSnisUrs i:.ipobing
]>of;e i
of I.-,.:
..ro^'ulation-i in thin reupect,
which I believe will havo a
hap^y effect on this the ino&t
promising of our infant industries."
This    looks   like a ] retty corn-
vie to
to   the   Crov.
of the preiJsr.'L'
'a Neat  nilncr.'i
nppt'jsiiiate, tu.', It is'on" tho came j
ground as the old Hudson    Hay (
giv»l'  ".-uild  their  llrr.t fort    when \
they cfi'.i'.e c .-or hove a' couple    of j
ccntuiien    ago   to exploit tho In- |
diansi find j^'/o/'thoi; ready made (
laws     toi- thslr " bcneflt-and 'the | rCftdy for l^Hcution yet and will J i-hr-wc. 1» 1). L
rn . ,..,.. .-, '»ot  bo   i:ivcn  out  until   tbev  arf
At   tho  opc-i.Iii;j  today  tho hall
wat:  no fimnll that there was not
room for ten per cent of tho people who wanted to get In, and bov*
oval of     the p!olios had to btand
outside.    The members of the legislature are supposed to be there
in advance oi the governor   and
hi* escort no that they can stand
at attention when he corat*.    in.
The Mounted Rifles stand in Hue,
everybody in the hou«« standi up
and governor George JJulyea .f/.Uks
up the centre    isle to a wooden
chair in the front end of the house
where   he   sits   down Mule    the
speaker reads the epeoeh irom the
thrane. The throne, in this   case
is    the chair    wh«e       Gmeteor
George sits down. It is quartered
Oak,    costs   |140t and Governor
George gets ten thousand dollars
a     year for the stunt v*hi:b    be
docs when he sits in -t me* a *.*«•'
After the speech is read  the pre*
mier names the select and   itand-
l.-.nt (-.u.iMuer by W. II. Gushing,
J'"lni!itcv oi rublij wor':u for Alberta.
The     HI'.':,    of    eoun c  are nfit
for publication yet and
fbrought into tho house.     A Ut'le
_conve:satioj.     with    nou'.e   ot   the
, msmberu of  the legislature, however,  lead.! your correnpondent  to
j believe that   the eight-hour    law
jwill be the British Columbia law
Rivtion act will br- Vi-irrnvrfrt irom
the same province and Great Britain.
aiid he must needs use it in "the
interest of his economic master
C. N. P. B. S. C..Ltd. ^ ,
(I wonder if he got it' like his
master got his  "property?")    ,
Personally, I.offer thanks to the
gods for "what they have sent, we
need him.in the business.
We are told that the combined
Labor and. Socialist gains in
England /'were 25. This is too
generous? allow me to correct this
statement; it was only 10, It is
a pecular phenomenon that gives
satisfaction to the vanguished" as
well as victor and Socialist do
not attempt to conceal their satisfaction regarding "the great Socialist rout" that came their way
in Great Britain in November
last; and tho reason is that the
Socialist vote HAS INCREASED
It     will     bo     asked     "how is
it  if   the  Socialist  votes  increased  so     much  that  the  Socialists
T.inod so  few seats?"     It is the
.story of tho Crvman election:; over
,".£■'.in whevs the v'Jocial Democrats
1 lost 40    seat>5 but increased   their
I v-jte by nearly a v.illicn tho forc-
1 ■"?   oi'  rci?tion   forjo*   the'-  r-i'Uy
' iificnjiiccs and combined'to dtfoat
tho Soc:riij.';t:; at the poll.
!    As in  Gorir.ar.y  go   in Enrjla-td,
'v-ln-vc in pa:-;t elections t'.vca corn*
' (.red f.ghts have tr.'^oa place, last
Tovcml-'e" tho Lih^rali  r\\\d    Con-
■ Ecrvaiivo.-i coir.lined and in many
■ -stanees we lout seatu through
f-.p     roi.lition. This     another
; ciiilists,"    they    have      compiUcd
■ Tw-edled'.v.i tho tory to cnll upon
1'weedkdeo the Lilwral to com«
i-j each othei.; ii;-:.si«tar.ca i^itl r.un:
,",c'.vr>v.! of gratiiication to the So*
tV.e en rush of Scsiali-m a :r. ,v.o
u'n'i'h cloaks iree-lovo, athv.am,
ccn'h^raio:;,   and     la:.t    but not
to  ti<"er<',  Aii.-.t1;.
It. K.-.f), ci I-'erni',',
niVllHM U;',"      So it )i„])i!U:ed
Now a fresh danger
■ A proposal is being
that "the Trade Unionists should quit the Government
benches and formally ally' them-
s^i"ve"s_with~the"_S ocrarlistsi
change    is; effected
, the"Independent Labour party will be increased
from thirty to fifty, a voting power which has to be reckoned with
in a critical division;' The decision
will lie with the Miners' Federation, ' which is about to take a
ballot on the question. Last year
when the miners voted on the
question of coalition,, the majority against was under ten thou,
sand; and the political prophets
tell us—with some show of reason
it must he admitted—that the recent rapid spread of Socialist
ideas will bring about a very different result when next the.ballot
is taken, The time, . indeed,
seems to be rapidly approaching
when the old Liberalism will be
effaced in this country as in Germany, and v/hen all moderate-
minded men will' fall into line to !
do battle against revolutionary |
Socialist." !
Th? v/ritev of the above has just
-, begun to foresee what the Rocial-
is.'i hiwo.  miintai.-.ed  for     yoar.-:,
•that tho    Liberalir/m  of the Jlan-
elie,.er    School   of CO yearn  ar;n,
%.ho:e policy war. Ink'::.:: fair;,  ia
ijo'j:. '-,    nc-7/    cou'.lition~    ir. the
economic     v/oiiu'   deman.1.::    new
i methods  to  meet  them.
•the power
Phone 12
arc.liero in
the way of Drills, Medicines, l'erfumes,
Powdersand all Toilet requisites. „Evei y
supply for the dressing table; bathroom
or boudoir," Fancy Soaps and Sachets.
Cold Creamy, Puff Boxes, etc. All kinds
of Perfumery, Hair,.Tooth"ami Nail
Brushes, Manicure.Sets and Sponges.
The quality of our goods will satisfy the
most exacting. We pet our supplies in
fresh every week, a::d purchase only
the best qualities for all departments.
You will havo no cause to find fault
with our price?.
H. F, McLean, Mgr.
All the leading lines of High
Class Chocolates and
jM     E
1 o
;'i lias'nu
Ha!!  a
It may happen th
i the throne" in the Proo
oTico will uudonalvo to ex-
Iha*   thi'i is  t'"''' Vf.t  of  p'.l
po:;i.lblo world;," .'.
».l:rr.or.;',n')n r.f vo:
imaginary thai-, r.'al
foe'. h
' ,-,ii
l!ie   thri.'tk-KS
,    olr.o     lh'-re
of children
i'o'.■•:«    in
capiti.lif.ts    '.f
;k,   nnd  may?,iv
thnt  '-he  K'>,-
• lew    Ycr!:   a-.t
(■■: \- -;1'i..e ■■■i b\
id th'At the
city Is more
and only ef*
and novcr-do*
me irOT c:;e
turning their
to profit for
t'.m Souihurn
;• wo t.h;ill be
00 pre-istulc^
•   Kfllini* th-
'..  Po.'::.i"
Pat Ms lie j
«. .  i.»
is; 'piayrii.1.;'
Music .free
can   i
tint  the  Corilins  nnd  Khortu "  of:
Capitaliun,     in    tlu-ir    uToit.-. to
"protect" the wofkingir.ar. o* Bri-
tnin,    tided    off  the duu;;ei--tein-
r porary.     The    bought press »cut
;out the
■ U
•■•il   'fi.■.»>"''«   •
■ t.inr'r'r1.!'  nrn--'
(oiitJ'i.iaU.v in
I    W;  given    that
• tn' I'-rjio'it   :•' o'\'.
!■■•  oi   f*' ,00')  i'c-o*
London, ,^ x. y.
i-'nter, .Carnival^
.••nd with n radius of f»vo miles of
t!;e  ilrnnd   there  are   RJS.OOO  prostitutes    plying    for hire
glad tidings "Socialism   QUITE true,   also     we m
'jinrHr-. do nut t*A s*> "'very \rX\y ' en when     he     snirt  "one T.inti   in
jdontcber-ltnow,"  now that    the;every    four ja under the poverty
jstiru facts confront them;     theyijine"  and Mr.  Campbell  Banner*
The   Lethbridge   convention, as:*" n«g->>'nB to realize that their jmnn't    anertion "13   millions of
rn—* I"
umum m ■pwhsmsssm
" is not   {>
lay hnr , fy
your readers are already aware, jvietory was a terrible lefo'vt, to {British people live on the verge oi '
piovititu ior Xae appointtnitnt ot iw** *"* k********** *i** *•*'** »'"*,;': ,ttt****i.uu" i* u.es*.i^ ti.t .<**.Ii .
two legislative agents for the Un* (■« »Urmed they have adopted    al0f wild eyed Socialists. j
ited Mineworkers, in the persons ;P*»n, which the Socialists of En*-     oh y<(|      England Is safe from !
of Charles H. Hiehardson,    presl* sland have had for  15 >ears,     of |s0ci*HBm and there is no danger* j
dent of the Morinville Miners* Un* j sending out lecturing vans as an ■ So WM San j-^nciBc-j utort the I
ion and Donald MeWabb, of    the j °ff*«*to th<» Socialist propaganda. , ,&rthfiu»ket    and   England,     we '
lethbsidge    Union.     Charles ws,a ,    A state of nervous <ippr«h*m«ion 'ji.ight say  the whole of cay/ltalut
an old timer in British Columbia j exists in the minds of "property" • civilization is resting like on a vol*
who took fti. active part in affairs > and visions oi S*pWu.l>«tv u.itiUteU-   fHUo that is liable to an eruption
in that country at the time that j es are continually rising   before  aDy moment.     The upholders of :
the    legislation which  graces the j them.     Just to show the position   c»ptt»H*m have town the wind-
statue books of the Pacific Coast   of polities in England at the pre- i hnd we    shall see what we shall •
province was being got there    In I sent juncture. I will quote from a : tee. *
the ways that you all temtmbtr ' Itadettt culled from the "Edinn* ' JIODEBK LOWLY.
Bigger and Better Than liver
■f Uader the auspices of
February 4th to Sth, 1908
Hockey   Matches,     Snowshoc Races
Curling BoiiAnlef and other sports
For Full Particular* Addr«if A. D. McKcnil*. S*€. .KWf
rurr ,Kaocta,T -msr-EKi
C ;i:
$1 a Year in Advance
Itsned every Saturday  from the Office
Publication, Todd Block, Victoria Ave.,
i'ernie, iirUUli Columbia.
'' AR changes of ads. must be in ns follows.—
Pages 3 and 5,2 p. m. Tuesday ; psiges a and -1,
Sp.m.'Thursday, and jmge6,2 p.ro. Friday.
We will be unublff to injure chunge unless
this role is complied with.
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linelirstinsertion,scei\tsperiiue each subsequent insertion.
■ Bates for contract advertising on application at oihce of publication, ToUd Uiouk.
part of the Miners, and we are
pleased that they have' come to
this decision;" ■   v,'v' ;■;-'; ,
Every.hall, block or other build,-!
ing erected by any Union organization is a step upward and/'in"
the right direction', and lends*| interest to,.the members of the organization.
Just     what    style of     building
.Ottawa, Jan. 22.—The report of
SATURDAY, JAN. 25th, 1908.
W. L. Mackenzie King, the deputy
minister of labor, on the Japanese
immigration into British Columbia, based on the enquiry conducted by Mr. King in Vancouver this
winter, declares that for the pre-
. .     servation oi harmony between the
Gladstone Local is going to erect,   several   ciasses   in British' Colum
we cannot say at present, but as
soon as the plans are out we will
give a' more detailed description of
the hall. We have no doubt but
that it will be a credit to Fernie,
and we hope to see it started as
soon as the weather permits.
We have often heard the remark
passed that Union members do a
lot of unnecessary squabbling;
Now to a large degree this is
true. Why? Principally because of
petty jealousies. One man thinks
he knows the right way to do so
and so. Another man thinks that
no one but he can run the affairs
of the Union as' they should be'
run, and so on. You will not
find so much of''this wrangling in
the bosses organizations.- Now a-
lesson- should be taken from this.
Try and be more calm and deliberate when at your meetings,
member that "United we stand,"
"Divided we fall," Put away the
petty,, trivialities, and unite in
one common man to man fight ior
what is right, and do it cheerfully, not enviously. If you see one
of your brothers getting ahead,
and gaining the respect of his fellow union men, give him a extra
push. Do not think to yourself.
"That is an uneducated man. That
is a man. who does not know half
as much as I do." Maybe be does
not. Maybe   ' his    educational
qualifications are meagre and
small, but when it comes
to his knowledge of union affairs,
grasp of the situation that
he has to grapple with," may
be overwhelming compared to
yours. And that is the reason he
is rising to your front rank. So
boost him along. Help him with
your superior education, (if you
think you have it) and see how
much better you will all succeed.
The' men whom you have to
fight, the men .'who control your
earnings will be more apt to listen with more attention to your
requests when there is less fighting in your own ranks, Eashness
and. extremes never accomplish
The Editor in no way holds himself responsible for opinions expressed  by  correspondents.
To the Editor District Ledger
Dear" Sir: .   " '
";  I would     like ,an    explanation
from  the  Crow's-Nest  Pass   Coal
Co. in regard to the bringing over
of a number of Welsh'Miners that
I arrived     last week with Mr. Nes-
iitt,     and were    sent •   to Michel.
These   ' men     wete  guaranteed  a
steady job,  with a salary' b£ not
less than $300 per day,  no  matter what might happen.   'What do
~v~     they get?     Well they work a day
' or so, and some of them are told
that they are no longer required.
The ones that are kept on lose an
hour or two now. and an hour or
two     again,     through machinery
breaking,  and no cause of theirs,
is taken  off their guaran-
bia, no less than the furtherance
of the friendly relation between.
the two countries "there should
be an effective ; restriction oi the
number of Japanese who shall be(
admitted to Canada each year."
The report of the deputy minister
of labor was presented to the
House of Commons this afternoon and will "be followed to-mor-
ror by the announcement of the
understanding which has now been
concluded between the Ottawa and
Tokio" governments, whereby the
Japanese authorities undertakes
people of the laboring classes to
to restrict the emigration of its
Canada. , <>
- "If",-'' says Mr. King in his report, "the present enquiry has re-,
vealed anything it is that the^
Japanese government has permitted to come to Canada during
tho past year, only the following
classes:' (1) merchants, officers,
students and travellers to the
number of about 100. (2) Japanese formerly resident in Canada.
(3) Such persons as may, be designated relatives or friends of
Japanese resident,in Canada, and
Bituminous ' coalfields ' which
promise to"' rival those of the
Crow's •■'''Nest' Pass district have
been staked on Bear River, in. the
northern-part of Cariboo district.
They are situated ten miles from
the Grand Canyon of the Praser
Eiver, and are located on the survey line of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, and a , hundred miles
northwest of Barkeryille.. Twenty
locations, each one mile square,
were made during the past season
by Mr. Joseph 'Wendle, a Bar.-ier-
ville mining man, on behalf' of
himself and his partner, Mr. B. A.
Laselle, General Manager of the
China Creek Hydraulic Company,
operating in the vicinity of, Ques-
nel and Barkerville. Mr. Laselle
has left here "for Now York to
close a deal with some of his business associates for tho sale of a
large interest in tho proposition.
He will also complete arrangements for developing the coal
measure. 1   ■
^ The coal "basin    was discovered
ten years ago when out on a prospecting expedition.     As ths*   advent  of  railways looked  a     very
remote possibility,' the secret was
kept    until     convinced     that the
Grand Trunk Pacific .would traverse the region.  This summer   locations were made which embrace
all  the  known  coal  lands  in  the
i Bear    P.iver     district.      The  coal
j outcrops in many places.        Two
I workable   seams are six and eight
■ feet thick ■     respectively. The out-
.<♦>    ;-   -   '•     .:  .■'■,'.' J     -V   h' ■■::'. ■:;•■'
■  ■_ - - "-v\./',
rcsi- I croP  'A'&s first  found  at "a   point
this  only,  where    the consul _        ,
dent in Canada has certified that | where *e measure_s_ a»_cut byjtho
they were wanted, and that upon
i their  arrival they  woulc^ be  sure
, of   immediate  employment   or  ' a.
home.     This number, has been approximately   190.     ,(4)   ^ontract,,
j laborers  for work under a bona-
fide    contract    with    a  Canadian
and it  ._    _   .._ „ , ,
teed     $3.00 a day.     Now. is this i company    or    corporation,  faona-
right?      Surely   an   organization   fides  oi  which  contract had been
like  the above  can keep to  their
word.     Just imagine the rumpus-
if one of the Miners was caught
! doing anything against the C. N.
I P.' C.   Co.      The worst feature is
that     some of these poor fellows
brought     out-   their,    wives and
families,,    and     used up all their
ready cash to get here. Look   at
their   position.        Then „ say the
workihgmen'    are used rightly by
the mighty corporations. I would
hate to have to sleep alone .with
■the—conscience-sera eJ=o£—these-.cob.).,
poration whelps must have.     «
Thanking you for the'space,
I remain,
Yours truly,
Previous to the Civic elections
(if such they can bo called) we
heard, from our pulpits, and from
the ministerial association, a lot
of talk about what thoy, tho minis-
ters were going to do about placing men of tho right calibre in
tho council, and also in the Mayor's chair.
Tho woricingmen also were very
loud    in their   expressions about iwVs'notas representedhe~"wouTd
Fernie, B. C. Jan. 23, 1908
To the Editor of District Ledger'
Dear Sir:
. In reierence to the sale or "so
called" fruit land near Nelson,
particularly at a place called
Robson, I would like to ask- a
question. Why should real estate
agents sell stuff that they do not
know is good. Or if thoy do know
that it is not good, why should
they be allowed to sell it. Now
some few , people here^ purchased
land at or near Robson, which
they were told was good fruit
land. On going to look at their
purchase thoy found that the only,
fruit that could be grown was.
boulders, as the lots purchased
were covered with rocks, some as
large as houses. In one instance
a man who had bought a- lot,
found a huge cliff, about, 70 feet
'high, and to oven get at it, he,
| had to go round nearly half a
| mile. ■ Nov; these are cold facts,
J nnd I think that it is high time a
! stop was put to this practice. Ii
an ordinary man came along and
took money for     something that
having     a representation  on tho
Civic board.
What did cither tho Ministerial
Association, or tho woricingmen
do? Absolutely nothing at all.
The sermons over, the ministers
retired to thoir virtuous couches,
They made no further move to
put their men, tho men they would
liko to have put, in any of the
.Civic positions, If they wero so
Anxious for tho welfare—principally the moral welfare of tho city,
why did they not maka some efforts towardB the end to which
they preached bo eloquently and
so well. Why did they not start
tho ball rolling by pasfling round
a requisition or two?
Wo trust and think that the
men who were ho quietly and un*
interestedly elected will do what is
rifht in all rer.pects, both moral*
ly and financially. But ahould any
of "them fail, who is to blamo?
Tho workingmen wo said also
;..:-''.''    :v  v.'*',,s      .(Vrmt  »,.**«f  +t.r,*r
v:i'To gn'.n** t*> do. Thoy nlso did
nothing. They should have done
something. They should havo
Imd one or two of thoir members
on the council,     They could have
be arrested and sentenced for receiving money, under false pretences. And very likely got two or
threo years at hard labor. But
these smooth, oily real ostato
men can come in hero and soil
some fake stuff, get their money,
and skidoo. The purchaser is the
only ono who is sore, It is precisely the same thing, as receiving
money under false pretences, and
Ignorance of Tacts does not protect a man for breaking the law.
Now if one or two of these chaps
were given a lesson it might have
the desired effect,
Thanking you for your valuable
space and trusting to see eonio of
these swindlers punished, I am,
Yours truly,
Hillerost, Alta,
l Jan 22nd
[Editor District Ledger,
|    Fernie B.  C.
i   Dear Sir'
Plonno     nnd   enclosed
! from your paper of Jnn
j       If   reports    be   true
I     »*r,.n,„..i,,.,   „f   Qnrln-rMll
i    and  at  one timo well
s»t.««V       >*J
should crop up to their disadvantage Who is to blame?
The answer'seems obvious,
o   ■     ■"	
(llarlstonr Local No. 2314 at a
special meeting derided to build a
Union hall on their lot next to
the Todd    Block on Victoria Av.
This is a forward move on the
slip cut
'lth, 08.
N    S
in lernie ih to go to the eiuc-
tric chair for killing his slop-
son. With hiB many good
points and bio part in the
work of reucuo at Coal Creek
nt the time of the bip* explosion, it is hard to toeiuivei that
" thin is one and the same man.1
I have made close enquiry concerning the matter and the following is the result,
Springhill, N. S. Jan. IB, 08
Mr.  Cony Weth^rby,
Dear Sir
I have the pleasuro to inform
you alter a thorough investigation, the rumor current about
your brother was found to bs absolutely false.
fSifftitd),-j;.W...D.. MATTHEWS.
Manager Sprlnghill Collitrits.
certified to by the resident consul
and a duplicate "of which lias been
produced at and approved of by
the foreign office in Japan,\a class
of immigration which has been allowed only since April of the pre-'
sent year." ,,   . .    0 . ••-
Mr. King" adds that in regard to
immigration irom Hawaii the
Japanese,,government has had nothing to do with it. He suggests
that the  immediate  consideration
of-this—subject—is-dosirable and,
that an effective solution demands
the prohibition of any . Japanese
immigrants who come from countries beyond the jurisdiction of
Japan and an absolute restriction
in the number of those who come
direct from Japan, This course is
in the interests oi not only British Columbia but of Canada.
Mr. King advises tbatv an adequate staff be provided on , the
coast for maintaining a statistical record of the number of Japanese arriving in the country and
whence they have come.
The practice of treating diseased
immigrants might, he thinks-, be
discontinued on the Pacific Coast,
without working any hardship
save in exceptional cases. This
would insuro greater precautions
on the part of the companies carrying immigrants and at the same
time would lessen the duties of
the Canadian officers.' It would
seem reasonable' too that the
Japanese holding passports for
the,, United States should be're-
quired to present themselves for
before examination by those of
examination by American officers
this .country. If rejected by United
States officers they should bo declared' ipso facto undersivables so
far as  Canada    is concerned and
Of tho 8,125 Japanese immi-
not allowed co land,
grants who arrived at Canadian
ports during the ten months, January to October, 1007, inclusive,
77 were rofused admission to the
United States or Canada and
wero taken back to Japan at the
expense of tho steamship companies which had brought them here.'
Of the 8,048 who were allowed to
land, 3,019, or 45 per cent, held
passports for the United States
and wero admitted by tho United
States officials to that country,
Deducting from the total number
of Japanese arrivals, those who
admitted to the United States and
those who crossed tho Pacific ,but
wero refused admission to either
Fannda or the United States,' a
total number of 4,420 remains to
bo accounted for as the number of
Jnpnnoso who came to Cnnadn
during tho ten months mentioned.
"It w/>H shown," snys Commissioner mint", "that Bovernl attempt*, had been made by both
th* N<*ir>*>n 'innulv eom'Vinv ri*j*l
other viprRfins, *n <,-.fiirf- eontrpetn
from th« r?r;nnl Trunk Pnrifi(« for
n iiinnly of lnbor r>n worVs of
ron«itnictlon but that .ill hod failed," The flTjjidcnee ' rtprcftrs con-
irlu»<v«,  Jjnvcvflr.   thnt 'n vn wav
steep   banks of Bear   River, a trib
utary  of the Fraser.
These measures  constitute -    the
first coal lands' ever discovered in
Northern pariboo,  and will" be of
great economic importance in connection with the new transcontinental   line.       The " other    nearest
coal   lands    are'   situated    about
three-hundred miles farther west,
in  the  Telqua district.      A  series
of analytical tests 'show that the
coal is of the bituminous variety,
running over 65 per cent, in fixe'd
carbon,     and   being equal to  the
highest grade coal mined on Vancouver. Island.    It  is low in ash,
and is also "adapted for steaming
and1 cooking purposes.
,  It    is said   that the region     is
virtually unknown,to prospectors,
but would well .repay a visit. Adjourning ,the coal basin is a coun-
ing  highly  mineralized.   Prospecting proves difficult, as the ground
is mostly covered with moss, and
the    mountains  are  covered with
heavy    timber.     Here  and   there,
wherever erasion has taken place,
the     formation looks exceedingly
favourable. — Vancouver Province.
?!i3*    ■ I <: ' « ;
Lands at Robson
V       <»
Five Trains daily,   C.   P.   R.
Steamer,  daily Telephone and
Telegraph,      good     Boating,
Fishing    and   Hunting,   level
Land, magnificent SoiL
Avoid isolation and poor transportation facilities by buyiug,at"
Robson. >'.-■.'    °   ■
Buy fruit lands where you
can get • irrigation and be
sure of' good  crops.
These lands can be bought
at $1.00 »per acre per month
Your money back if not satisfied.    For particulars see
FVJ.  Watson
Fernie -:- B.'c.
Edmonton, Jan 24,—Within a
few days between • two and three
thousand men will be required at
.Edmonton in connection with the
construction work on the Grand
Trunk Pacific railway section west
of the city to McLeod river, 125
miles, Foley Bros & Stewart, successors to Foley Bros & Larsen,
who have the contract, will start
work at once.
i    NOTICE is hereby given that on
j the 4th day of January, 109S, it
'. was ordered by Peter Edmund Wil*
! son,     Local     Judge  of' tho  said
Court, that William Fowler of tho
I Town of Hosmer in tho Province
of British Columbia,, Labourer, bo
i Administrator of all and singular,
; the personal cstato and effects of
Peter Johnston, lato of Fernie, B.
C, deceased, intestate.
Every creditor or other person
having any claim upon, or interest in 'the distribution of tho
estate of the said doceased, is required to send before the 1st day
of MaTCh next by registered letter
addressed to the undersigned his
namo and address and full particulars of his claim or interest,
and a statement of his account
and tbo nature of the security, if
any, held by him.
Aftor the said last mentioned
date, the administrator will proceed with the distribution of tho
estate having regard to those
claimB only of which he shall have
had notice.
DATED at Fomie, this 25th day
of January, A. D., 1D08.
Solicitors for tho administrator
Sfevnie, 3B. "G.
Kings   Hotel
Fernie, B. C.
Bar supplied with the ,best of Wines
. Liquors and Cierars.
Dining Room in connection ..
$»     «jk
Hotel, Hosmer
Open May 1
Everything new and
Every accommodation    >
for the public. .
Bar siocted with the.
finest in the land
F.       LABELLE
rsr"?.1*?' i**'**"** *
|     Hotel
:♦   The Hotel of Fernie
Tho centre of Commercial
and Tourist Trade
Culslno  "Unexcelled
•!• S. P. Wallace       Prop, it
IN    PP.0BATE   NO. 5,  OF  1003.
Itolice m Jierouy givwi  luut ou
::.,■ ::,■>::•..:•. d.-,,i <.,.' .r:,i.u.ivy, wa
it was ordered by Potor Edmund
Wilson, judge of the said court,
that James Ferguson Armstrong,
Oiiicial Administer in and for that
portion    of tho County of   East
Kootenay  Electoral  District,    bo
Administrator of ALL and singular the Estate of John Scott, of
Sparwood,    in  the     Province of
British     Columbia, deceased, intestate,
"Every creditor or other person
„   . having* any claim upon  or inter-
Kootenay horftey match    of   the ; „t jn the'distribution of the Es*
iseftRon  pulh.il  oT hoU've* Nelhuii . tatu  oi   the  wahl vltCiued in   re-
land KoKsland. j quired  to  uenrt befo.a  the  15th
After   a    hot j»am»   the Nelson ! day of February r.ext by register-
team won by seven to three goals   cd letter, addressed to the under*
the score at L.nlf time being   one   »igned, his name and address nnd
all.                              '' the full particulars of his claim
thnt *n vn
Mill*    i-r»cili"     Ic-
T,' r " '*   r ■■ v      •', '■   >■,. tf,v \ , •_   I.-.y *.
**r*<H*i*i wMrb ]«*»*1 tiWrt v.!*/.*.,
Washington,     D. C, Jan. SO.—
Japancno immigration to America
ii decreasing.     According   to the
official reports rect-ived t.y the immigration bureau    tho falling off
in December, 1007, was 2,3'M compared with December, 1006.
O-'   ■     •■ ■■
Nelson,     B. C. Jan.   24.—First
Kootenay Dray & Transfer
I have commenced a hipfh
class Dray and Transfer business in the city and hope by
constant attention to business
Eoeru, attention,
Rooms reseroccl bij mire
A pleasant home for the
C. L. WHELAN • - Manager'
l'MImatRii furnished on contract work
or interest and a statement of his
account, and the nature of the
security (if any) held by him.
After the said last mentioned
date the Administrator will proceed with tho distribution of the
estate, having- regard to those
claiiau only of which he ahall havo
.tad notice.
Dat#d at vCranbsoiik, this 7th
day of January, A.D. 1D08.
James Ferguson Armstrong.
Official Administrator.
Undur new manngcucnt
Well famished room*.   The table l«
ftuppuuu w tut inu oufcc tno .nitrite,
artorcfa.   Tl.o bar is ftuppUud
with the hva wines, liquors and clffnrs,
Jas. Severn, Prop.
Tou-nsltf.   A;,*f>nrs
Fcrnlu ai.d IJ^nitr
Flw, LifoA Accl-   rj tf ^     d.
dent Insurance . C*5 Ld Lv /
forty Miners Miraculously Escape Cremation Through
an Explosion.
The. second Thaw trail began
last -'week. In connection witb
which—read the following satirical
forecast.from'John Bull:
1907. Selection of new , Jury.
Objection taken to every person
who admitted that he had ever
heard anything about the Thaw
case. »
1908. Jury       completed—seven
■ •                              hermits,  four long-sentence      con.
Monongahela.     Pa.,   Jan. 21.-   victs and a lighthouse-keeper.
Miraculously escaping death     by      igo9.   Trial        adjourned      for
cremation or soffocation   or being {American cup race.      Sir Thomas
blown to pieces by an explosion,
4.0     miners employed in the Cab-
burg ' mine. of     the , MJiv. nsjahela
River Consolidated Coal and Coke
company, made their way through
the dark 'headings' for a distance
of seven miles and finally reached the open air.     Without lights
to  guide them,  and given up     as
dead,     the     men   fought .for five
hours with fire. When, they reached, the    surface "their faces     were
blackened, , clothes   torn    and all
were severely bsuised irom stumbling in their' fight for safety. For-(
tunately the mine contained very
little  gas or  another mine  disaster would have been recorded,   in
Western    Pennsylvania.   The   mine
was fired some time during      the
day by a "blow out" shot     and
when   fire   was    discovered   at    8
'o'clock  last  night "the  forty  men
all escaped to the surface through
the ■ Monongahela entrance cut   off.,
n  Momentarily   expecting   an   explosion with its horrible consequences
the men'started panic stricken for
the Charleroi, several miles away.
In their frenzy they stumbled and
fell but only   to   jump up again
and  continue  their mad rush for
safety.       When    the men reached
the surface early today a majority of     them   were     sobbing like
\ children.     A large force of     men
'  are today bratticing the part   of
the mine which caused the fire and
*itis believed the damage will be
Vancouver,     B.    Ci,   Jan. 24.—
From tho confluence oi the Ingen- |
ia and Findlay rivers,; midway be- '
tween the Canadian Rockios ,and
Cassiar    mountains     comes news
that  a big  gold" strike stampede
' from  Hazleton has  followed ;the
receipts of news there, and a largo
party of prospectors outfitted,for
the now district.  Two  of the d s
coverers    left with the Hazleton
the new district. Two of the dis-'
trict two     years'. ' Gold   samples
brought out were coarse and the
diggings    are    reported   shallow.
Old timers are preparing to make
a rush to the new fields.
 -o——    ■
Lipt'on shakes Mr. Thaw by the
hand and says that he is confident that he will carry off the cup
before the trial is ended; Ignominious defeat of Shamrock XVII.
•! Springfield, ' ni.',''Jan.l&.—Seventy thousand coal miners will decide with their ballots on Feb. 4
who  shall be officers oi the Illinois  district,    United  Mineworkers
of America, for the coming year.
The official list oi nominations for
president, vice-president,  secretary
treasurer, member  of  the international executive board, three auditors,    delegates to  the state  federation of labor, and members   of
the    state   executive board     were
sent   out   by,'Secretary-Treasurer,
W. D. Ryan. The. candidates   ' for
president   are     J. H. Walker,     of
Westville,     and Joseph Pope '   of
Belleville.    Numerous ,   candidates
appear for the other offices.     The
result  of the. election will be  announced  at  the state  convention,
Feb.  18, in Peoria.
. _____—o .
JANUARY, 25th, 1908.
Nicola)'.-' Jam 24.—Work .is. pro-
grossing very satisfactorily at the |
Diamond Vale Coal Company's •
property and with development on
the coal seam it improves. About
fifteen tons of coal is brought'\up
fifteen'tons of coal is brought-up
the shaft daily and when the station is put in with proper, caging
and raising apparatus this amount
will be increased.
Work will be continued sinking
the shaft to the other seams below, which were located by the
drilling last summer.
Now that the company has
reached a good seam of coal,
which is about five feet of clean
coal,. work will be carried on
more enthusiastically and by the
early spring should be producing
Al coal in large quantities.
Fair banks. Morse 1908
M a r i
Ji vosi intend to in^t-iM a n*"*- boat online this year it will be \vo:ti«
your V'hile to coinuiunicaie wich u-;. „     .'
We maku nrw thirlv .liff-ic-nt sizes 'yp.'s and <MiV.:!'.atioiis. 'froi:-
shows  symptoms
Asks,   "Who      is
1910. Judge
of senile ■" decay.
Mrs. Thaw?"
1911.. Mr..Littleton in illustrating the unwritten law for the
1378 timn, shoots a juryman.
j 1912. Thaw jury go out on
j strike for Old Age Pensions and a
j bullet proof jury-box.
i 1912.' Extrodinary sensation in
\ New York. New York World dis-
I covers 'that a juryman has been
; mad for years and believes He is a
! tea-pot.
j 1914. •.. Mr. Jerome puts a hypothetical question lasting two
' sessions of the court to a mental,
expert. Mr. Delton objects, but
the judge overrules the ob-ection.
Mental expert discovered to be
stone-deaf. Question has to be re-
peated in deaf and dumb alphabet.
Two jurymen.die of apoplexy.
1915. New York passes law
Thaw jury should be paid, and
that vacancies on it are to be filled by popular election. Tammany
carries all its candidates, defeating Mr. Roosevelt and Pierpont
Morgan. Salaries of jurymen
raised to §20,000 a year. '     ,
1916. Mr.   Littleton   propounds
.'!.-, je£e«ce,-3Xgumg_that_if_White4
We understand that, another
Coal Company is' under way. The
name of the new concern will be
"The Carbon.Hill Coal and Coke
Company, /frith a eapital stock of
two and a half million dollars.
The names of- the directorate indicate that the concern will' be a
good     one.     The'following is the
<|> 21-_ h.p. to 150 h.i\   Our'- 2-2, h.p. i* an isiigim!—no. a loy.
$ Our expert \vlil be in,tha uti^liborhood all tho lime.
"^ catalog. .   «,
|Canadian°Fairbanks   Co.,
<l 101 Water Street,' Vancouver x
<§> . Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg,   Calgary. ri>
Ask usfi'f
Portland, Jan 22.—(Special.)—
The Brotherhood of Owls today
chose Vancouver, E. C, as the
(next meeting place and elected
! their officers as follow Grand Ex.
ecutive, Gus Moser, Portland;
vice grand executive, W. E." Way-
mouth, Seattle;- grand secretary,
C. B. Hood, Seattle; grand treasurer, J. F. Jcrread, Everett;
grand vicar, W. W. Bixby, Wallace
grand warder, T. A. Osborne,
—luia; grand sentinel, Frank Zim- , r
.merman,'' Idaho Falls; grand trus- !>
tees, M. C. Conley, Spokane; G. "
E. "Lawrence, Tacoma; Alex. Mac
For those 'who could not get
away during the busy holiday
season v/e recommend ....
list of, directors: George H. Scott, i -«-' ?uttei master grand nest, M.
Fernie; Harry J.  Matheson, Blair-
more, Alta.;*H. W. Wright, E'. M.
H,' Saunders,  V/innipeg
Applequist,  and' U.   0.
of   Spokane.
Seattle, Walla Walla, and
ingham also war.tcd' the
 : -o	
New   York,     Jan.   24,---Evelyn
Thaw wont on tho  stand  at the
trial of her husband and told tho
story of    hor lifo and how Stanford Whito,     whom   Thaw killed,
figured    in it,     With remarkable
calmnoss she told how she bared
her life to Thaw and how, after
hearing it, he became almost maniacal, biting his finger nails, pulling; his hair, wringing his hands
and pacing; to and fro in the room
like a madman.     As sho told tho
story Thaw was visibly affected.
Jerome    fought    every step and
overy question in the effort     to
keep tho story from the jury, but
Judgo    Dowling invariably ruled
with the defence.
■»■■ —   *0*" '     '■
mm stars mm-
had been a Christian Scientist the
bullet 'would never have hurt him,
and, that, .therefore, his death was
suicidal. Mrs. Eddy gives evidence
that ■ the _ purchase of six little
books at ten dollars each1 (no,
discount for cash) would have
jmade White bullet-proof.
1917. New York paper appears
without a portrait of' anyone con-,
nected'with the Thaw case. Mr.
Littleton applies that the editor
be . committed for contempt of
court.  ■
1918. Professor Weissman . ot
Leipzie publishes pamphlet on the
Great Thaw Myth—proving that
the murder of Whito by Thaw is,
merely primitive triumph of spring
over winter shows.
1925. Mr. Upton Sinclair publishes his great work. The Bunglo,
exposing legal delays in tho Thaw
trail. Ex-President Roosevelt
emerges from retirement and orders tho jury to bring in "their
verdict instantly.
1926, Mr. Littloton begins final
address to the jury, Asks them if
thoy will convict his client .in , a
yoar which is tho twentieth anniversary of tho greatest sorrow
in his (Mr. -Thaw's) life—the sudden death of his old friend Stanford Whito. A reporter woeps in
1927. Tho jury decido that they
must examine tho Austrian castle
in which Mr. and Mrs, Thaw llv*
cd,, before returning thoir verdict.
1626.   DinCovbry of the jury   at
Monte Carlo. Funds have to     be
wired for thoir roturn homo.
I ' 1020.   The  jury return verdict,
"Guilty of bigamy in tho second
dftgroo." Great popular enthusiasm
i ICaiscr
| statue
i iversity
New York, Jan. 24.-—In an attempt to,, avoid death' in a pit of
bears, Joseph Maher, a gardener
at the Bronx Zoo, leaped from, a
tree near the bear pit and was instantly killed. Maher was pruning
a tree, between the bear enclosure
and the beavers'., pond. Unknown
to him the roots 'of the tree had
been eaten away by the beavers,
and when he reached the top it
"gave way^ TEe~failirTg™tfunk""
swayed toward the bear pit and
the gardener tried to' swing bim-
sefl clear of the branches into the
pond adjoining, but his head
struck    the  edge   of     the    ■ tank,
breaking his neck.
Indianapolis, Ind.,- Jan. 19.-—
Fresh from the hospital at Excelsior Springs, Mo., John Mitchell,
head of. the United Mine Workers,
came to rthis city to lay down the
reins'bf government of one of the
strongest labor organizations , in
the world.     ,
On Tuesday Mitchell, as president, will call the annual convention to order, and will deliver his
final address. He feels he has
fought with ; them through the
crisis in thoir affairs, and now
lays down the reins of government with health shattered, but
confident that the organization
has an even chance with its employers,
Vice-President Lewis will bo his
successor. Lewis, always a radical, is more conservative than
formerly, but still insists that tho
union will not stand for any wago
Spokane, Wash., Jan. 24,-The
British-American bank has filed
articles of incorporation at the
Spokane court house. Tho to«-w
tion ls.to.begin businw with a
capitalization of 9100,000 backod
by sovoral of tho wealthiest men
I in British Columbia,
In order to create interest in
Socialism ind other causes, we
are starting under the above head
this week. We want questions to
be asked and questions answered.
We of course must limit the space
to say 40 or 50 lines in ofder;to^
give all a chance. In submitting
your . .question or answer you
must sign, your right name, not
necessarily for publication,"but as
a matter .of good faith. You can
sign the matter as you wish. We
will start the ball rolling by asking the following questions: ."
Why are you a Socialist?
, What is the correct definition of
Answer only one of these questions next week, then take up the
How   dear   to my     heart is the
' ■■ steady subscriber,
Who' pays in advance at-the birth
of each year;
Who lays   down his dollars,  and
offers.them gladly,
And casts round the office a halo
of cheer.
Who never says "Stop it, I cannot afford it!"
Or "I'm getting more newspapers
now than I read;
But  always "Send  it,. the' family
.all like it—
In fact   wo    all    think it a real
household need!"
How.welcome he is when he steps
in the sanctum!
How ho makes our hearts throb!
How he makes our eyes dance!
We outwardly think him—we   inwardly bless him—
The steady subscriber who pays in
Sarnia Observer.
This' Par-Famed Sanatorium
with its Sulpiur Springs and
Unsurpassed Accommodation is
Just tho place
to build up and get a fresh start.
Rates $2.50 per day and up.
i -
This    Company   operates
Through Standard .Sleeping: Care, Dining Cars and
•First Class Tourist Sleepers   ,
|     PLANTS    .'
I for the farm, garden, lawn or
| ■  o conservatory-       ^
I Reliable,   approved   varieties-
| at reasonable prices
S No windy agents toannny you
^ Buy direct and get trees and
seeds th:U"GR0W    -
For Kates, Reservations.and any information desired call on or -write
J. JlOE, E. J. COYJ.E,
D. P. A. A, G. P. A
Kelson Vci:mhv
All work'guaranteed
Victoria Ave.
Fernicl' B. C,
London, Eng. Jan. 23,—Tho
rate of discount of the Bank of
England was today reduced from
five to four per cent.
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
There, is only one place, in town
whereyou c:in KCtgootl reliable
goods in our lino that is at
W. A. INGHAM, rnoi\
Phonic 01.    -    -    Fernie, B, 0
Fit for. a King
Tho meats that you buy
irom U8 are fit for a king.
We sell nothing that is
not the best, that Is why
we have so many pleased
customers. Let us de-
monstate this fact by a
trial. Polite attention
and prompt service.
Calgary Cattle Co.
j^* commemora^ j.Tho jrlu^ **«P£j^t*£
of himself to Wabash   Ui* '7*    „"» _! V 	
I . ..    — .
Montreal,  Jan-  -4.—The iicnsa* I   lftSOi   Mi\   Thaw   chosen an De* :
tion of the scacon, in hoefcoy wan ' morfatic   nominee   for thn Prrr.1*
furnished to Montroal hockey fans  Jency.     Defeats Mr,  Jerome,   thn
last night at the Arena when tho   Republican candidate, by immense
Shamrocks     defeated the  Ottawa ' majority.    Dor-lines to livo in tho
team by a ncore'of <l rjonln to   3,   Whito  IIouro  because  that  name
Tlw lftfit foal wan scored in over*   in offensive. An a .compliment   to
tune, tnw iico.y ntuuu ....»:«, *•'-. -'* ' .♦••-"■''••<-   «-.iir-iU*<,vi' th« nnwn of
lu.i,  Uuu  aiiJ  I..* .'.is.:* iiir.- A *o ( "Whit*. Home" iR altered to "Yel*
play overtime, il«t t'oal scored to >-w    Houbo,"  Popular biojrraphy
decid? the match, and Shnmrocka ' of   President   Thaw~-'"From Mur-
did    tho   trick after about     ono   deror's    Cell  to   White House'*—
minuto's play     Gardner  shooting < •»••« by millions. Mrs. Thaw elect-
what   looked im   eu*.y     omj y*.*\.
Betting early in the day was 3
to l that Ottawa would win and
even money war freely offered by
tho Ottawa nupporters that they
would    double     the   kcoio.     The
larjro crowd    from    Ottawa  that
came down with their teom must
have left a lot of money in Mont*
ing man ot Vancouver and Victor
ia, D. C,, who is al»o heavily in*
Urontod in tho .international Coal
company, with offtccii in Spokano.
Other incorporations aro D. M.
Tlogcvn and H, M. Galer.
The now    bank will     bo opened
t>arly next npring, it is announced
uud will do a (-eiurnl commorcial ,
bfinkin;,' budno.-JH and aiHo havo a j    W'
•s.avini*3 dtpavtment.
Cured by Zam-Buh
That torriblo skin disease Eczema is no rospoctor of persons.
It attacks tbo new born baby as
readily as the aged, but in Zam
Duk wo havo Natlro's Remedy for
combating and overcoming this
tormenting and aggrossivo diseano,
Tho following cabon testifying to
tho marvollous cures brought
about by Zam-Duk is convincing
ru'gumout that in Zam*13uk wo
I hnvo tho very bust skin cure of*
J fercd to tlm or any other coun-
A.   E.  (Grain, St, Cathnr-
*^<*»v^ »J*«J« • J**J* *J« »J»*t* *J**t* *»* *J* *»* •»• •♦* •5**»-* *** ♦*• ^
fCash! Cash!1
The |
Fernie Lumber
Co*9 Ltd*
:<: M.CX. McDOUGALl, Pres. & Gen. Mgr. :|:
Paid for Socond
Hand Furniture
Stovos* oto.
B. C. furniture Store
Next Door to Imperial l!ot<;
Dealers Id
*V Hoatfh & Drewed Lumber
Dimension & Urldc-o Timber j£
Plllnp. Moulding. Lntlw,
Shingles nnd Tien.
-i dtpartment. ■i^"i rftyK!  "0no hox ol     ■
It fs bnlinved the company will ! healed my LITTLE GIllL'S  FACE
havo a cmuh. ui i.au-.r. .M  .u.:w-_ ',"' ir''^"-      W" ms« it for Cuts
* —     •       -.r^ : and fiores also.
| Mrs. G, A, Kerr, Uanboigii, Out.
(sayfi: "'My Baby's. L«g« wtrt so
■ bad with Ecjsema that I could not
\ Jteop stockings on her.  A box   of
| Telephone Poles a Specialty |
......   f' '••'''' fr.lnnd T.r.Wre
hi-adi'svnTtors in Spokane.
___-. -— o ----------
.1    Y
S_bicr.be for The District Ledger, [eork'.flh.rtrnytu
w-   --'5y     T'*',"<'*Mit   r,<   tbt»   Whltr
Ilibbon Ai'my.—Calgary Albertan.
— 'O	
Wife—Oh, William, why are you
no late? I have Ucn so frightened,
Will in tu (wlio hnr bi»»n tr, his
club)—Tortant bisnifh,   m'd<-ar.
Wife—Wouldn't it keep till tomorrow?
William—No,     love;     not after
Little Frank, watchinp; nurse
empty a hot water _ng, fi*ncd
why sho blew air into it.
"It keeps the sides apart, so
water will run in it easily."      j
Later in the day Frankio was
discovered holding between his
knew a lean stray kitten while,
'•with «he*ki r!n*i*nd*'l, hf blew
down itf, throat through a tin
bTin «boot<*r.
"Wh,\t   fir*  you  doing?"    nur«o
"Keapin*  her    sides  apart no's
cried, meuinp th" tortured cat.     .«•—■•--- - -■■  -
inhe can    d'ink   milk,"t responded   ••*•* Co>« Toronto, for price.    0
*the young philosopher. Jbo_*s tot |2.50.
Zam-Duk cured her aftor the Doc*
tor bnd failed."
Dome J. H. Smith, Hawcshury,
Ont., writes: ''After three applications I was better of Ec.ema and
before I hud used half a box, I
was cured."
Ztir'i.Buk cures Cuts, Burns,
Scalds, Ulcers, Bingworms, Itch,
Barber'B Ra^h, Blood Poison, Bad
Lerr. Salt Xtheum, Abrasions, Ab*
i ■.ffrb.-oii uud all skin iiijuricrj nnd
; diseases. Of all stores and drug-
jglsts at 50 cents or from    Zam*
Notice in hereby given that
thirty days alter date I the
thn undersigned intond to apply
to the Hon, the Chlci CoiumibMoi.-
er oi L-tiJ.> #.uil W*nUa at Vlr.
torla for a license to prowpert for
coal "and petroleum on tho tollow-
ing described lands
Commencing at a poet marked
D.  Cate's south tvoit corner, being JiUo \D(s h-uti. «-.> ^.;.u   iil
lot 1008 group 1, thence 80 cbainfc
east,     theuco   80   ch.*im   nt'th,
thence   80    chains   vett   to the
north east c<tine.r of  i.i'K Rroup
1, thence   following   the   eastern
boundary of said lot 1008 (croup
1, to the point of commencement,
containing   CiO     acreit   more   or
Dated the 14th dty oi December
,   D. A. CATE, lo.alcr.
31. VeOJtEOOB, Af«nt.
'4 All Orders
Y Tel. 3
rcrnle, II. C. <
♦ *:.*t*.:*.:».:":*^t*:»•:•*:• :■ <••:• :••:• *>•:♦•>•:••»-
IHo-d Oiuci', 'vVmnipt);;
nranches—Vancouver, Ncl'.nn. r»:n',iit
Edmonton, Ali.i. «V Kcnom, Out.
FcrnSc, B. C.
Camp S'Jpplit-i.
I'ltl A
Diitviet  Ledger    fl.OO per   year. HHI'WWIJ
DISTRICT LBDOE», rEBJfIE,(B..;C:^ JA-TtTAllT, '25-h,'1908.
' Next time" you are tempted to
speak of a man as a failure in
life be careful; the person to whom
you are speaking may be wise
enough to call you a fool!
How do you know whether or
not a man is a failure? What
elaborate laboratory method have
you evolved whereby under the
microscope of your socological
pathology you can determine that
a man's life is a failure? In the
United States alone are 80,000,-
000 people. You—a mere unit out
of 80,000,000—look upon another
mere unit of these 80,000,000 and
decide that this other unit is a
failure in life!
No. failure of man that can be
pointed out is other than a logical effect of an existing cause. No
man ever failed in life who never
had incentive to try to do-something. Society freely failed to
give him the brain or the schooled
impetus  for doing.
On the other hand, no man who
ever had the ambition, to do and
who has tried honestly, and earnestly in the doing can be called a
failure. It is the buffeted, storm-
tossed man in this great sea of
life who most bids ior the hasty
judgment of "Failure.-' But in the'
marks of' this buffeting alone the
wise observer reads the story or
this man's fight. Can a man
fight a stronger force than himself and not grow stronger provided society in neg-ligible quantity
has not handicapped him too far
, already in'heredity and early environment.
When      that  man,   equipped  foi
success,      goes'    outo against   the
world? prepared to   fight his way
to -that goal, the hardness of the
•"■ fight  and  the handicaps and dis-
.   r.nuriLO-fenifir
''his way to success becomeas stars
in "the crown'of his;final" attainments. Shall one deny that men
. have fought as valiantly, brave-
. ly, and as untiringly in 'order
that in the end the unthinking
commiserate     theni as'fail-
that handled the ocean commerce
of the\world. ,-">
A few years ago, when the  anchor ice" in Lake Michigan. stopped j
the intakes of the cribs-and threat-s
ened the water supply of Chicago, j ~
a diver    at the risk   of   his life, j ^   ^.j*^, M m -^ ^^
by One of the World's Greatest Doc-
went down'and cleared^them.     He |
was only a diver; he may have
failed at half a dozen other things
in life. „But he passed the supre-
mest test that can come.to a diver—the. risking of his life for the
community's good—and a great
preacher in a pulpit the next Sunday took that diver ior a text and
accorded him place for one day,
at least, as "The greatest nian in
tors-Hope for the Sick
. Dr. "Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People' is the only advertised medicine in the world     that has had
the public, endorsement of a doctor    of world     wide reputation.
Such an endorsement stamps this
medicine  as being worthy of the
confidence of every person who is
sick or     ailing. ,   A great doctor
If that diver might have failed : would not risk his reputation un-
in   a   possible   half dozen other  less  he was absolutely confident,
things in life; could you tell how! through    a personal     knowledge,
~     A,        '     „ , : that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills   will
much    these    failures    may. have , do what is claimed for them.   rr.
contributed to his success—as     a \ Guiseppe     Lapponi,     one    of the
greatest . physicians of modern
times tor years the trusted medical adviser of the Pope', writes the
Port Stfeete
Ferule, B. C.
Brewers of Extra Fine Lager
and   Aerated   Waters,
Bottled   Goods    a    Specialty.
. TT-STIOlSr   LA13__2_;
Crew's    Nest   Spooial
Miner's Favorite Cigars
diver?—John A. Howland
following strong letter in favor of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills:'
'.'I certify that I have tried   Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills in four cases
of the simple anaemia of develop-
,Home-Made Treatment Said tO Over-} merit. After.a few weeks of treatment, the result came fully up to
my  expectations.      For ■ that reason I shall not fail in the. future
to extend the use of this laudable
i preparation, not only in the treat- !
i ment of other morbid forms' of the
  ,,.,,_.     i   _   _«,.. ''category of anaemia or chlorosis
Times  that he, had     J
* and the like."
B. E. WALKER, President
ALEX LAISD, General Manager     '
A, H. HcHXAND, Superintendent of
, Branches •
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, --■-•. 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches throngboiit Canada, and in the United States and Enf land
Deposits of $1 and upwards received, and interest allowed, «l
current rates. The- depositor is subject?to no delay,whatever til
the withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the deposit.
Fernie Branch
H.   L.  Edmonds,   Manager
When an eminent authority   an-
nouhced    in    the    s««^«^ ; category of aiiaemia or
way to    treat  that  dread Ameri-'but also in cases of "urasthenia
jean disease, Rheumatism, with
\ just common, every-day ', drugs
' lound in any drug 'store, the physicians were slow indeed to attach
' much importance to' his claims.
i This was only' a few months ago.
; Today nearly every newspaper in
! the   country,   even  the  metropoli-
(Signed) \     .
Via dei Gracchi, 332, Rome.
The "'simple anaemia of development" referred to bylDi-. Lapponi
is  of   course    that  tired, languid
young' girls    whose
I condition  of
tan dailies,  is announcing it and , development' to   woiienhood      is
the splendid results achieved. It is •; tardy,   and whose  heklth,   at   the
so   simple that  any- one  can pre-
at home at small cost. It
period''of that development, is of-
jtcn imperilled. His opinion,of the
'value'of J)r. Williams).,Pink Pills
j at " that time is of the highest
; siiantific authority*, and it ccn-
' firms the many published cases in
| which anaemia and other, diseases
; of  the blood,  as well 'as nervous
ivhich_he_faces on >_^.	
pare it
is made up as follows:.Get irom
i-.ny good prescription pharmacy
Pluid Extract Dandelion, one-half
ounce; Compound Kargon, one
ounce: Compound Syrup Sarsap-
ariila,' three ountes..Mix by shak-
ing in a bottle .'and take in tea-'"' diseases, have been cured by' these
spoonful dosas' after each meal and ; pills;' which.11 it need hardiy be
■ at bedtime. These are all simple , mentioned, owe their efficancy to
ingredients," making an absolutely   their power of making new blood,
A.  .-   --. ^J-.-I.     -1-i.j.T-       .. _, ^1     4-Y.....    n *.!■!*. r*._rt^7-£irt*.i»._;.»^ — _,!=^4.V.,	
cost.   ■■ i digestive  and  nervous system.  In.
P.heumatism as "every one knows ' all., cases of anaemia; decline, in-
is a symptom of 'deranged kid- , digestion, and all troubles due. to
neys." It >is a condition produced | bad .blood, and all affections of
by the failure of the kidneys to j,^**0 nerves, as St. Vitus' dance,
properly filter or strain from the ''paralysis and locomotor ataxia,
blood' the- uric acid and other . th.e.y are, commended.to the public
matter which, if not eradicated j with all the greater confidence be-
either in the iirine or through the , cause they have the strong endor-
skin pores, remains in the blood, ' s-tion oi this' great physician.
decomposes and forms about  the  „   '
joints and muscles, causing the
untold suffering and deformity. of
This prescription is said to be a
To   Our
We thank you for past favors
and wish you a Merry Xmas.
and   a, Happy  Ne'w  Year
-*«& t*.
ures. .
Here is a man who went out into the world, "strong, ambitious.
Heredity gave - him the temperamental stock.'    Environment and
training gave him  the knowledge ■{ splendid healing, cleansing and in- 1
' of  himself which led to his first j vigorating   tonic to the kidneys, |
1 step   toward " success. But some- ! f.nf Sivf. flmost jinniej_ate    re: I
....        . . .        I lief in all forms of bladder   sand
where, through some circumstanc- jurinary troubles and backache. He
es which might have been beyond : also warns people in a leading
human power to remedy, he fail- 'New York --aper against the dis-
ed of the goal. , " j criminate    use     of many patent
Is this man a failure? If he is,
then some of us should be thank-
ful that hero and there it has
been our rare privilege to know
and cd-.r.irc-, and respect Eom? of
llicsc failures of this tvre, ■
f.-':': '.;
ever  iv.ads i\
i f::rht  ::<•
v. i^.it.^y
c r.r.
.c::tn ;.■:.<!
\'. :a i. :
?.:*.   c."'.':i:i
;,;. h-.n
ii  cf
o r.v.er. :.■.
*■'• i'
a  dis-
4  ....     -
, ilurc!
1 man
A short while ago there was
-.tarted n ii-'.ovomcnt to have tho
'■-.'.lis cf ii certain cv.r- of the Erit-
:'-ii Hi(rh!and r^imer.'.s fiiKccvAftl
■'". favor ci ordinary trour.ers. it
vc.3 cb.iozted tlict t!vj ;.-.:n would
'•.? di.-c.itt:^cd r.i ■:!.!., i^ar.-s,
n'.v.l the colo'i.-l ;.j.ive order.; thr-.t
\ ccinv.c of (..'.;• rc^imei:t be.,t^.>.cn
>,-. ovrlcr to n,'certain the v/i~]i--j
oi tbo men thcmsolve::. Tho coi-
Ls ('.^s.-:nd?,nt-c: ft    lonrr
- Youngstown, O., Jan. 21.—Already many of the four thousand
residents at Strucher's. Mill, a
town six miles irom here, have
fled, and thousands spent the last
night packing their household
goods to escape the threatened
death' in the impending bursting
of the huge dam of tho Iwhoning
(Water company across Yellow
I Creek, just above the village.
!       EWMNEEKS     AT WORK.
Oarusliing waters have filled tho
, iif.tv/oir, and tho spiii cup of tin
.!.'.„:•„ cannot care :'or the overflow.
'..'.-..-or  :s  pour;„;;  o
.'.Ides and en,;-;;users '.
-jvht'j;     derii.er.iU'.v
Pay your housekeep
ing bills by cheque,
against an account
withThe Home Bank
of Canada. Paying
through the bank is
safer than paying
with cash out of hand.
Your cheque is a
receipt and we return
your cheques to you at
the end of the month
with your account
accurately balanced.
-•^♦♦♦♦<>^M^**^^*^^#«^* S>e^***^$*$*^4*****>.**-
The Dominion Meat Co.
Fresh   and   Salt  Meats of all   kinds   in.stock
Poultry, Fish and  Oysters ih season
Dairy Butter and Ranch Eggs
Phone 4
Victoria Ave
1 „■.'.oral
cr \i'„? c!'.jr.'
r ve been la':.-'
:.il night to
'.:i:ptris      by
washed out of
^ot. *-;■',
c::i 1'C c;i*itai:i
Lo in'hold ti,t> old
-; C.w.
'  t-v.::
v.T.21.-ij:cr*'   ' ut
the rhlr
'»   1 • ■
in  1!
'V   c.
tho   *;;t",
iltl  ttd.-i-
'.0  ;;iU:iv*.,
tin.1:  ti tin>
!    on    the
■.(„:•.    t.ea-
!.v.r, o
. i
5  I,.
-.(".T'.'-ar.t who too!: the cen>
tho rof-imeat finolly appear-
<1 with hi3 itpovt.
'•Ail the- :..'j:i with tho exception
I t'.'.ros nvo :' '. favor cf tho chaajja
!-','• ho t:M.
"?">•',',id!" ;'.u> rf.ilc,n"l raid.
•T'-ji j.io the u'ni::"." ^i tSu.ro Uiree,
v..c i.l:'.:vi.. ".*,. 'J." .-;/ shrill be
"T\\*y nrc, :,U\" i-.o c.'.ld, "Tni-
'.,:)■;     Uocj'.in.    Jic.nr; fJltein^r;
.-.d Mi; ". iren't.:.:."
.fy  the
.Jni,- in h'.;;r
ihc c.-.i'tii by
Tho a':.".; ids     r.ntl
h-af;s cf c;mcr.t arc
 ji'.t   .1.010   C'l.'..".ii
.'be-in;; carried av/j-.y e.ich 'moi.-.ent .
anc. il ,->j a ..'..it.i;!' ui a ;«.w houroi
only when     tho .ougincora l.alic.'j
.the 05-j'oot■ dam v/ill fall pud    n
I wail oi v.';,.'.',:!' will v:a:,h dowr. ir.-
',-i the vAa-o.
of Gaham,
G. VI,
in, Manager
i  ./_k.c> K.:.'r_!_.ii_
Tho i>;lr.".'
jn ^.■;^l•.•.:.-a
:i  in
■'■iWli' th
.M— O-
C,-.tr.ir'.i in
■i r§tio
,|_»iopju mm w/jy uutr r-/<*i
ling hikli, U JiiC-ic, a regular
I disease; and Aycr's Hair Vigor,
Jji made from our nev fm-
Joroved formula, quickly and
jeoitMletelv destroys that dls-
leite. The hair stops railing
lout, grows more rapidly, and
I all dandruff disappears.
Am* not {tariff lh« n!u of Ihi hair.
big nr.r at tskuco ciiile.
r«rii«i» tjij^Mk fc*x»l»
§    ti'tVii u r***»
Santiago, Child, Tan'. C-.—A
I greet lire at -emuco, a Mouribmng
_ <ity ir. th«, Aouth u.' Chile, h_»
I destroyed SO blocks, of buildings.
,'The loss is mow than ^300,000.
iThon» is great distress among tho
' ' ■"" -o	
_, t   ■    There i.s mo:
nncr i othfi-r diara*.?- put tc.yotdjr,
I vntil tho In;:: tow yopi.. v.'.in
J j osed to l'f incuraMf. .Tor
ij;rc.\t many y<?aisj dortorn pro-
1 ii-jiinccd ir n Jot'.il ei-V^mo nnd
Iprescrihud locul lometiios, and by
i constantly ihiiing to cure with
I local treatment, pronounced it ih*
j curable. Science has proven
. ^_lj»rj„ iv la- it wiiitllnliiiiial dJ.->-
Ipnse and therefore requires con*
\ stitutional treatment. Hall's
j Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F.
\j. Chencey it Co., Toledo, Ohio,
I is the only constitutional cure on
tho u.*.i-ci,     .« .* ;__tu latciuttl-
Fcrnio Brancli
170TICE i. hereby j-iven that 30
daytt niter date I intend to apply
to tho Ho... Chief Commissioner
of L.'.ntl;. and Worka ior a licenso
to proc'iact tor coal and potrolcuin
on tho foll,owinp; lam's, rituate
in the di.-.u'icc ci Soiitheait Jioot.
Diay,    ihiti.h    Columbia,    UlocU
1.—Cpmm.jjicinj,' nl t. post plan*
l-.d 1 r.ulo taut of thu S3 sniln
j.oEt oj tho present C.Z',21, survey
c/.i wc.t JEJoumhu'y lii.o ot hioi-h
•ISCJi, nnd lu-inff tho K.K. cou.cr
por.t of the >Sa>nuel .VI. ilooie
'.-latin, tlu'nco Humiiitf north E0
chuinu, thenco woct 8u dir xd,
thenci> Fouth SO chains, t.enco
cast B0 chains, to a point oi i')iv-
mnt*  or 1"«r.
m.'rvi-uuunmimrt—r\~*~ - *-— r-*--—-■ -■■-■■■."■«*""-«-**«"*--»--fc-i
rtft, *i4V-**r*- »"• **»<
LWAYS n choice supply of Beef,
• Poi-kvMiuton, Veal and" LnmH on
hand.    I Inlns, Bacon, Lard, v Bul-
j   tor and I.jjy...
Fro.h, Smoked and Sal
n'ood assortment. Try
Sattrkraut and Ov^ters.
;d I'"i:di;
11ways a
Minco  Mwat.
I miiuw' «•»■♦■ ~AfMti_» a <K
»MidH*«iaM ^_ w«.»M»ft»wne*iM-Jwr*?.i
3»—Commmeing at & ytti i«h»*
rod   1   milo    east    of   the 23rd
nine    post     ot   tno   present   0.
3*. 31. survey hi v es' Vo'iiid'."'-
Located this 12th duy c( Wov. i of nioek 45-)3, tnd b*int* tb» 8.
ember, 1007.
W. corner pott of the Jni. Hob*
Minaid's Liniment Co., Liminted.
1   Sirs I    have used your    MIN*
lAItD'S LINIMENT for the    past
125 years and whilst, I have    oc-
: castoninlly uBtd other liniments. I
can safely say that 1 have never
used any equal to yours.
It rubbed between the bands and
The little book In etch pickue |he«  inhaled frequently,  it will never
the formula of our new HilrVltor, Mils ffttj to eur4 co^ in th« head    in
wb- esch ineredient ii used, sod «* i twenty-four hours.
sUlnt m-ny other iniereitlna tbla|s.     _    '    .     ..    «   t   ,     hrUt«««
Sifter rMdIn«f«uwlllWow*hytWti|e-#    ? J» •»■• th# ?*uJ°tr„iv       '
hair prtpsrinon does its iroii so welL    «P'*to«. •»*•        *<>"** }™*Z*
,---*•«.«»rw»«*.ft-j*-»Or>.leoiU.sf-Mi"■ ■■  D.irtmeutb. J. O. LESLIE.
thenco north 30 chait s, to a point
o\ commencement, ma king 640
acre- mot* or .»»».
Lomtrrt   thtn I2th dn;t of November, 1907.
A, W, BELDEN, Agent.
Witness: Q. C. u. Coleman,
*. —r*r.>-iW*r.»lM-~ *)»•   *,  «*<jt •'JpnT-
2.—Commencinj- nt a pott Van*! contmencemsnt, making 0*10 acres  «d at or near at a point one mile
..   .    .„«_     .._*   .- -> . i  ._ .... SMt 0* gs -jjj'g p0tt 0| pWgfn«. o,
F,   11,   survey,   adjoining   Block
SAMUEL M. M30U2, ( orator ..ertson claim, thence lunniQfr -o)tb
A. W, BELD3N, A7t»t. 80 chains, thense east 80    cha^as.
Witness: G, C. 11, Cols i a. | thence   south \\0 chains,     thenre
ly in doses from 10 drops to    a i.   ,   ,       .,        -.     .*.,„-. ,
teaspoonful.     It acts directly on | *«|   x   »«•    ••*'   of    the «3rd jmore or less.
the blood and nucoun surface   of!mUl   P08t   of   tU>   P""-*     °«I   located this l.vth rtav of Nn v.
the system.    They offer one hund* ! *' B'f ™(*% _$3- WM* boundary  ember, 1007.    ,
-  - -- -        ,u__ _# <ni..u -koi   ..^ ',e:nrf the      JNO.  HOBEHTSON, joe_tnr,
-            A. W. TJELDEN, Afent.
q i Witness: O. C. H. Coleman.
80 chains, t\.c;«.e -o-'.h   fio
tlie syBtem. iney oner one huna* I .-.* "•,„:"£ _!«« "*"_ "•""•-•jj
red dollars for any case it fails to "»• of Bloe& 48.91»,""•«» «»«>*» tin
cure. Send for circulars and tes-1 **•=. "rner POit ul.Utn F. Vil
timonals. i :^^\J^.'}tRJ°J^^
Address' F. C. CHENEY & Co..
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold bv Druggists, 75c,
Take Hall'- family Pills for
Minard's Liniment turn Diphtheria.
chains, thence eai.t E0 chains,
theno north R0 '■h.-itns, to j* point
of commencem* -t, makjr.^ 01O
acres, more onliis.
Located   th'.t .5.- «l*y <;.' Vov.
ember. 1007.
A. W. BE-OI.S. Agent.
Witness: G. C.  :r. C-.Imk.is.
4.—Commencing ar a poit plan*
tod 1 mile '*ast nf the fiftrd mile
post of the present C,
P. R. survey on --'est b«vndery
line of Blncn 4503, and being the
N.W. corner post of the William
G. Pearson claim, thence running
east 80 chains, thence south SO
chains,   thence   west   80 chains,
4503 on the west, and being the
southwest corner post of Ale*. 8.
Fnrquharson's claim; thence north
80 chains; thence west 80 chains;
thenco south SO chains; thence
east 80 chains to a point of com*
?n»n<,»n**nt1 •unking M0 ftcrsd
more or less.
Located this 13tb day or   November, 1007.
W. E. COATES, Agent,
Witness: 0   C   H. Coleman.      ,_ ,
. i ■ .       '■ '  **-*-*ae*-*-
Jerome Will be Hard
T to Prove the Contrary
New     York, Jan. '21 .--Adhering
strictly ' to/the promise'to interpose no other defense than    that
of insanity   in     behalf     o£ their
client,.the    attorneys representing
Harry K. Thaw at his trial today
continued the examination of witness who swore that young Thaw
was at(,times,in his life' irrational
and mentally unsound. Practically
all of the testimony was entirely
' hew to the case, and had to    be
withheld down to the day of the
tragedy itself.     Then came the declaration, of ten oi the-men   who
sat   on the coroner's jury during
the inquiry into Stanford White's
death, all' of whom' declared   that
the defendant the day     following |
the    shooting  acted   irrationally.
His manner and appearance   were
such as to cause the inquest jury
to discuss his state of mind after
their formal verdict had been rendered. ,
' •■ In the day's testimony there was
more delving into the history   of
the.Thaw family,, Alfred Lee'Thaw'
of Richmond, Va., a. third cousin
of defendant, taking the stand and
telling  of  the     taint  of insanity
that had caused his father     and
brother to diein state asylums.
Some of Thaw's, alleged eccentri-
.    cities revealed for the first time,
were related today by Christopher
Baggan, steward of the New York
whist club; by Miss Matilda Stein,
a telephone .operator and by Weber,  a former butler in the Thaw
household.   Thaw spent a portion
*'6f the afternoon of June 25, 1S06
atTh'e ^Whisi;"-"club and~at"tfiat"
■time a few hours before the tragedy, was pictured by the steward
as being highly nervous and , as
frequently    exclaiming' "This    is
awful.'.' He asked the steward   to
have a'valuable package put  into
the safe.     After the shooting the
package was opened and found to
.contain, three cigarettes, wrapped
in    tin     foil.      District  attorney
Jerome, in cross examination    of
tKe club steward,' brought out the
fact that   Thaw   played    bridge
there with many prominent men.
The witness declared that he   was
1   not, supposed to know what    Mr.
Thaw, Mr. Gates, Mr. Schwab and
others played for, but he was sure
nothing    but mineral .water' was
ever served at the tables,
The telephone dperata'c' told   of
,      Thaw puttthg ih 7o calls in    one
morning- at the Grand hotel and
theh forgetting all about them.
Tho butler told many dotails of
Thaw's Hie at home in 1203   and
■   Slowly, but surely, the world is
beginning to understand the labor
movement,  and with that understanding comes each day a larger
measure of co-operation. and sympathy from the other classes. But
there are  still- those who,cannot
or will not see the workingmah's
movement  as  it is intended    by
him to be, therefore he is periodically denounced. He is a striker,
they say.     So he is, but not until he has been arrogantly    told
that there is nothing to arbitrate.
He boycotts. Yes, but he learned
the use of that weapon from the
cruel blackist, that made him   an
industrial     outcast,    that denied
hun    the right     to.be the bread
winner  and  sent him away from
his    home     with the wail of his
child   and     the  sobs  of his wife
breaking his heart; The striker is
but  a  rebel.   The rebel has been
the   torch-bearer     of, civilization
since man,realized'he had a soul."
—Atlanta  Constitution.
Ci -I."      ■"
Quiet Preparations Being Made
on Both Sides for a Fight-
Men Want Universal Day
Coal Supply Greatly
The Pure Food Law
Secretary Wilson, says, "One of the
objects of the law is to inform the consumer of the presence of certain harmful drugs''.in medicines." The law re
quires that (.he amount of chloroform,
opium, morphine, and ^ other habit
forrninjr drugs, be stateel on the labef
of each bottle. The manufacturers of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy have nil
ways claimed that their remedy, did not
contain any of these drugs and the
truth of this claim is now fully : proven,
as no mention of them is made oh the
label. This remedy is not only one of
the safest, but one of the beet in use for
coughs and colds. Its value has been
proven beyond question during: the
many years it has been in general use
For sale by all druggists.
Workers,, in certain mines, as
well as in glass and mirror factories, are subject to injurious effects
from the - inliaTation offmercury7
vapors. An   Italian   ,. savant
Tarugi, believes that the property
of aluminium to„ absorb mercuric
vapors may be utilized, for protection against this danger, and
he has'devised,for the purpose a
mask" of aluminium wire to be
worn over the face. His idea is
that the air breathed will be freed
from the injurious vapors through
their absorption by the aluminium.—Industrial Index.
; o-	
Indianapolis, Jan. 24.—A gigantic strike of coal miners, which
would in two months exhaust the
entire coal supply of the country
and result in the greatest fuel
famine ever known ih the, United
States, is one of the possible, results of the convention here of
the,United Mine Workers- of America.        ' ^    ,   -    ''',',_
That" the, convention will be the
most important in the history of
the United Mine Workers, not only
to the miners and operators, but
to the public at large is certain.
It will", mark the retirement of
John 'Mitchell, admittedly ,the
world's greatest labor' leader,'from
the presidency of the organization
and this alone is sufficient to
make the meeting a memorable
At this convention the question
of renewing the interstate agreement will be "taken up, and-it=is
the possible , failure of a settlement of this problem that may
bring about the greatest tieup of
tffe coal mining industry ever
known in the United States. For
many years the miners have been
attempting to secure the adoption
of a set - day for all agreements
between the, mine workers and the
operators to expire. By this
By virtue of warrants of execution1, issued, out of the County
Court of British Columbia, hold-
en at Fernie, B. C, at the suits
of lioss Brothers and Bean.Brothers, Plaintiffs, and S. A. Skead,
and the Hosmer Lumber Company
Limited, defendants, and to me directed against the goods and
chattels,- of the above named defendants, S. A. Skead', and- the
Hosmer Lumber Company, Limited I have seized and, taken into
execution all the.right, title and
interests of . the said defendants
lumber at Hosmer, B. C, to recover the sum of $591.58, be
sides sheriffs' poundage, officers
fees and all other legal incidental
expenses; all of which I shall expose for sale, or sufficient thereof
to satisfy said judgment, debt,
and costs at Hosmer, B. C, on
Tuesday the 24th day of January
A. D. 1908, at the hour of eleven
o'clock in the forenoon.
Dated    at Hosmer,  B.   C,  this
31st day of December, 1907.
Sheriff's Deputy.
means, "the union,-wFen-seeking"
for an increased pay or improved
conditions and failing to" get the
desired results might be in a position to act as a unit and cut off
,the entire coal supply simultaneously all over the country, thus
[forcing the mine owners to meet
their demands. With a universal
agreement day the power of the
United Mine Workers would be
'doubted. The "'operators realize
this and will fight any attempt to
secure its adoption.
While both the miners and operators declare that .they desire
peace, both sides are actively engaged in preparing for war and
the significance of these preparations is not to be mistaken.
one    of , many fatalities for the
mine    workers,   . in the neighborhood   *oi    1000 men having lost
their lives in the recent mine horrors at the Darr mine in Connells-
ville, Pa.; the Consolidated Mines
at  Monongah,   and minor  disasters at Belle Vernon, Pa., Yolando
Ala.,  and other places.      In West
Virginia    alone     nearly 500 men
were killed in mine disasters during 1907." Members  of the United
Mine Workers declare that a large
proportion! of    these      fatalities
could havejbeen prevented ii the
mine     owners■ had- taken    proper
precautions [to that end.        .;
Perhaps J the ' most eloquent'
speech president John Mitchell of
the United'Mine Workers ;of America ever r_a'de,: was delivered this
morning before the national convention when v he declined to accept a personal gift of $2700 tendered him by the miners of. Montana and Wyoming as a token,of
their appreciation of his efforts to
The weary traveller in search ot a good
home, plenty to eat and something good to
drink should go to.
The King Edward Hotel
; J. L.   Gates,"! Proprietor
Corner Hanson St. !_?_».*.#•««__    R    f
& Victoria Ave. FerillC,  D. V.
From the Toronto '.'World" Dec.   turns is no* « --,«...*«*»*. j     {,
16th?) •   Jobn Mitclie11 s    retireraent    at   Kltcfteu>
The Home Bank'of Canada is 0. Uh{s time renders tho situation all
distinct" entity among Canadian the more precari0us. With his firm
banking    iMtltajion.. It is solid I f_om the helm there
si:xB».»y^       >»<»■** b-k"s ahead for the r
at    78  Church-street ha3 been   a   ganisation.     Tho   candidates   for
popular repository ior saving ac-  the   successor6hip to Mitchell are
;„,+<„„ „>,,„ .counts and it is estimated    there, Wilson, the present secrc-
was still under examination when h   no;gilborhood of 40,000 ,»■     u' w,'fc0"> * T     ._
adjournment was taken. The scp- , £•_£ »*etJ0 ^vingr. ledgers there, j tary-treasurcr and Thomas Lewi,,
arate incidents of alleged irration- | Kftny 0f these accounts have been ; the Vice-president, While both aie
ni conduct" on'tho Part of tho tie- 'undisturbed for years; only a lew'; fR1„iliar with tho working of the
al conduct on P»[     ' , h_ ft certificate of deposit! ,Sfttion     and aro abio men,
iendant     wero Mine put «i c-. a   , d      having been out-; °^ t
ence by Littleton as tho founda- i..„„.„_„ „.„i ,',.n„,iT,n- interest for  neither is lmeiy 10 come up
As he spoke .tears  came to his
eyes, "Tdon't know what to   do,"
said Mr. Mitchell.  "I don't want
the money. If I could ask you to
take it back and give it to    the
men who sent it here and feel sure
they   would know     I appreciated
their confidence as much as though
they had given me as many millions    as they have hundreds,     I
would -"teel better-   about-it ,   I
prefer that you take , the     money
back, and see if you cannot    do
that without- giving offence       to
the. good people who sent it.     If
not, then send it to Mrs. Mitchell
and let her use it to educate   our
The draft will be sent to Mrs.
For Three Months
tion for the export testimony that |more   than   a quarter
  ■ -        J. __     -. _. i ......a t
,_    t .. of a cen
Tho Home"Bank finances no
large interests and its funds aw
disposed of in a" variety .-• •«»»
safe investments, plwtd widely
throughout the Dominion.
The large amount the institu*
tion earries on deposit is contributed by a multitude of depositors and it is not possible, so long
as the management maintains its
present policy, that any flurry in
the financial sphoro will ever bring
excitement   to    the doors of the
the standard set by president Mitchell, who combines conservatism
with fearlessness and ability     in
his management of the affairs    ot
the organisation.     That the United Mine Workers of America has
a membership ot nearly half a million and   has become   one of the
strongest labor organisation     in
the world is largely due to the efforts of John Mitchell, who built
up tho great army of underground
i    Chicago,   Jan.    23,—John      R.
j Walsh was found guilty on   flfty-
! four counts of wilfully and fraudulently wrecking tho Chicago Na-
i tioncl bank.  The punishment, fixed   by   law   is from    five to ten
' years     imprisonment     en     each
1 count. There were one hundred and
1 fifty counts in tho indictment, Ho
was   released on 850,000     bonds
pending tho arguments for a new
we will receive subscriptions
to The District Ledger at the
rate of
If Zotj Road ThU
It wul he to loam that the leading men*
etJ writer* and teacher* of all the severil
schools of practlos rocommoDd, In U*
strongest terms possible, each and every
Imrrcdlent entering Into the composition
of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
for the cure of weak stomach, dyspepsia,
catarrh of stomach, "liver .complaint,*
is to come. He also hopes to ac
cumulate such a mass of testimony
as to Thaw's erratic conditions
to made it impossible for the district attorney to fulfill the task
the law places upon him of prov-
ing Thaw sane "beyond every reasonable doubt."
, Criminal lawyers of prominence,
who are following the ease outlined by the defense and who aro  fl_cl„mt_v   w    fcU_._ ^nM      _ __  (  _	
taking into consideration the fact  IIome Bank of Canada. '.fHdeutlv ors-an'ted bodv of men    also n spnelflc romwly for all.men ehronto
that I    specific plea    of insanity     M „, unfamiliar with '^t^u* '■ 17^^^
has been entered this year,     de-   Uie bank histories, elass tho Home | ftS ft *••«««■• '    rm^
riarr that ace-ulttal under the cir*  Bank of Canada among the newly     All over the country the miners    I'J^^
dare that ftec4uiuai miuw ,,»•        , formecl  lnsumtions.  It is really ! are     eaBerly    discussing the out* i unotmgood forucuto codaandw*«hB,
cumstanccs,  can only come   w™,BW1 nf thn oij^t financial corpor* i  _,.__.._ _tl„  .*>_.- u..._    but lor.lli        ------
the insanity of the defendant
the added clause; "On account
the time the act was committed
This, it is, declared would compel
the    presiding   Judge    to commit
Thaw ' to Mftttown, asylum, from
whence    a fight to prove his pre
One Dollar a Year
torn d   vcr, or w lousncws. curomc ww»
„r .- ...... ....... - _-------- , Aliens,ind all catarrhal disease;* of
workers with only a weak and in- , whatever ronton, namo of natnro.  It is
_. .    .. ._,._._,  :    ; i„,... c..Lir.,v-„mMiv for a Uiich chronic
We  want to double our
of subscribers.   Seize the
portunity   and get the   paper
with all the News
Send   your   name   into
Manager of The Ledger.
two years ago. Xt is twenty-nlno
years since tho name "Home" was
first usad.by this institution, and
tl-.e    original    charter dnten from
sent sanity and thus gain his free j Jh^foundtair oHthe Toronto, Sav* J vrir
dom, wouid nave to oe ct,uuucu- ,    ^ l5lr<.um5tn„ee which  argues ,* _
sury of the national organiration
in alio reported to bo in a sound
conditio:*, and the coffers of the
various districts are also well sup*
r* r*. f v
through u<ibtf&»
SJ.Ui   ji.ci-.d-
iwell    ior   thn     popularity oi tha ( -
.Homo Bank of Canada, even out- , J-rt-p;r.ng   for
•.   tr, n,   V.n**r*   *-ffr.
trouble, and have
W; IVof. llanyiT the lli.lv. of Pa.;
Prof. VMcr-amr.vcxA, >!. U, of linn*
pott Mi-d. tplli'St-. Chlwr. I'l-of; .John
Klntr.M. l(,jif ,Clnclnnai.,; Vx'A. John
side" our own country, is the np- I quietly perfected a strong organ-
1 preprint-mess of its nnme, There i/_-*•-,,, p.f\ilrot\d!|i have- been stor-
'U   a harmony   between tho name I, x icr th(|       t     A V/1U
•>-nr!   tb.i» nntior.nlitv   of the  insti-   "- *
rVlwIn M
MuJ. </,
.... It. I>.', of Hahnemann
l-.,  CiliC.VrfU,  -liJ    t^ii'i.a    u{
tflly (--mlr.ent '.u lhclr ecvml
We have ju^l   placed  in   stock
of the   latest f.uls for printed
and  guarantee   satisfaction. . . .
When you have n. bad cough or tution narl C_n.*«t;ians traveling m
cold do hot let it drag along un* ithi United States have noted that
til it becomes chronic bronchitis i tho bill-, of the Home Hank of
or develops into an attack olicanr.drt we p.ccsptod v/hr-n* tho
pneumonia, but f'ive it the attcii-
tion it deserve. and git rid ct i*.
Ta!ce Chamberlain's Ccuf-h Jl*rno*
,-..     , ,i  ., ,,    ..-...-..   .— ^.-."f
ilrcr.3'.h betv/cen the miners
'cr-cr.-.t-jra cor.isn to a head.
\ 'Hil __ :i-_^-".l-l-----.-
liUio t„. ,  	
oi Tt-~ftTint.il
.   Dri.n v'iuiit'.i,' <ji it- fijiuiiia
ttn {ii'lbf'. ci.irr, jtv<.f Hi "".••rlt?:
r.otei   c:   t..?
i '.-ev.. in '.o:j'"
Th',' r.ct;.i c
relief.    Tto'-.x f.
4htx -li''a * *-\ ***'
tion hr.-. est'1 '".
the United     f>*r
icrr'r'n   <".".. ",'.'
:Liar'.cab!o cv.v-s
coldi have won    -
rtputation and ey.ttr.stve ut
by all ttrurffrists.
mrll l!";!r.rijng)
*./   *VI^   v^** .'l*'".-
1 -   'H : -•;'. ■  nf
■ : .■::& ia r.'.rny
V-i   :-.-.r.y    it-
^f-coi*.;-.^n      r.nd
or it  thil  wide
■■ :n
r^^ntity in tbe <
lorf;sr  l.-ank»    l.ave ;
ti-.o JI''-u..' T..'.'.iV. oi
» ,.•"••  -.fr-"tiv"
■'!!• -.".-".:i- .",fni*.fi in
 -:•:. >•,■■'••   - ef-
"   V- " '.'.-r.'l"*':;': -'!.'
• r ,( .;,,-     ..-jt-j     \},i
lank a national
Mil'!*   tO
i.irtttev of vital :
:-.» public intercut
:/ ct-'\-\ :■" 1 :n :'i
"■ con-
(hilt *«',(
,:.ill'l  I
s-i  IV.
,:i   t'..
:';h      l.'J
' 'f*-,,   -    -
7«*j cf the fereirn
r, "jr, ' 1~." , '. *.'■'*. '•■'•[, '"••;i ji*. -
"■•-,•■'-', : . »!. ' .'.;" :.it':' v. ...
j;:'oba'.!y :ccii.<* :> dimrr.'A To
adopt mc_v.iv<5 for more effectively faftguaiding the life and limbs
..;-.■   I
\ ■
-■:ki- 1   <>i
,1  U'ltl.r.rHl'
innlh-ii frrr oil
Vr. Ii. V. IMtroe, U-C:
::■!'. 7  «n-
■ i:.'.".-.d* :;«.}-
(,:'*'.■ other ad-
villfigi-s    c: ::« C. P.  H.,
lAair«» i *r* *<> «" »hilud wound in    the
near fuHr*.     S«pt. lawreae*, it
,i-j rumored,     goes to Saskatoon,
, i^'ir.g ri-pla'-'-d ::f-rt' t-y r.'ij.i. -f. G,
Taylor, cf Kouris. flupt. It:nvmleo
:t. thi'i
■if Mo6'<* Jf '■■• is Mi!
ii"'-'- l'J '•«■
•latcd ior Cranbrook, whilf Supt.
Eriek-on of that district js to be
moved into another branch of the-
M!"»f«#. #£#..
i^S^.******-*   ■"
ews fbf
Thoroughly ,'experienced lady
■ stenographerV-,- and bookkeeper
wants good-:position;—Apply to
Ledger. Office; .-'",--   .
Advertiser with small' capital, J
'desires,--' responsible position"''in
office,1 real estate. preferred, with
view 'to partnership' later "oii.' 4
years experience ^assisting man-,
agemeht of large mercantile firm
abroad..' Familiarjwith life,- fire,
accident, insurance. Slight experience 'in'- timber cruising. Preference, "billet combining office and
field work. Reierentes exchanged.
Apply "Cranbrook" . care of the
Manager, Fernie Ledger.
Send for, our descriptive catalogue of Nursery stock. Address
The■" 'Riverside Nurseries, Grand
Forks.   ' J. 4.
We,are prepared to furnish No.
1 Crow's x-Nest Lake ice. For particulars, address Good Bros.
Crow's Nest, B, C.
WANTED — A qualified practitioner for Canmore. Apply by letter with, all particulars, to James
Clyne, Fin.-Sec. Park Local Union
Canmore, Alta. °
Shack For Sale.—In old town,
Apply Ledger. 2-t
House to Bent.—West Fernie, 4
ropms. Apply at Ledger. .
For ■ Sale.—Piano, Pianola,and
100 records. 'Apply W. G. Ross,,
care of- The A. Macdonald Co.,
City. -
'Dressmaking , and ladicu' tailoring done at 80 Pellatt avenue.
Money Wanted—§1,000 on improved farm of : 160 acres, containing 50 acres "broken," a-house,-
bam-, and good well, all fenced,
2| miles from. Killam, Alta. will
pay 10 per cent, for five or ten
years.   Apply, M. E. Shea, Elko.
vV*,SATliJRI)a.y   SPECIALS;".:,
Naval VOranges',-'regular price 40c  dozen
'• r"   ;,'* -  '        '■-'"'{-,?•    )■?' '    -■,'•'
.Mechanics' TaY-£S"oap, regular  3 for 25c
Saturoav 4 for 25o
«>    Pay Cash
W.  J.hBLUNDSLL        Prompt Delivery
^^^X^XSXH>^M^> ^y^^^^^>^><H^^^$^>^>^^>^^t>
<*/%>%&%i%,'%si/fyw& ,"^'V^i_^v<c/^,»^t^k'Tk^/'_.%%^v*v»k v/y
■ ■e.,*E.. LYON5
*        Auditor, Accountant, General Agent
Life, Accident ami Employer's Llahility Insurance
Books opened,   closed,   audited, and accounts  kept.in the,
most up-to-date' inuoner.      .    .
Office,   Burns' Block.
Fernie, B; (D.
.Mrs. Edwards, and.Mrs. Rogers,
frpm. Hosmer were here on Tuesday-- "'.„....■
" W.';H-.' Aldridge,- o£--Traily went
east -on Saturday-evening's .express.       ' , '
G.  G.'S.,Lindsey,  and Jas. Mc-
, Evoy, left for- the Coast on Sun-
WANTED.—Small house, four or j day's  train.   '     -1
five rooms.      central Write X. Y. ; '        '',■.,     ,'       ..
Z   Ledger Office 2-t. '    J&s. Board,  clerk with tne Tnt-
WANTED.' Board and. roonv with j'?s. ^ood  Co.,. left   on  Wednesday
private family by sober machanic, jI01     P°  ane,\      -.' .   -^
Apply Ledger Oflke," 1-t j    If you want to be sure of "wak-
.PRIVATE' SALE.—Household !ing up in time the-e dark morn-
goods at Jacob Stobbarts' . rssi- j ings get ono of Liphardts alarm
dence, Fernie Annex. '   j clocks.- ., '     .
'   —:——o  ' .   I    John'Shooter,^ John  Cr.en,   and
To the"District Ledger*'' ■   ;    ; Ernest Rhodes'.purchased through
tickets from the C. P. R. for. Liverpool' on Saturday.
!    Hashes on,, 6r~i"Nel sim'T'iras1
very  acceptably relieving J.
Opens,on January Gth, Why not stuilj
shorthand, buukkeeing, etc., bid qualify
Ior a gooil Siiluried uositionj1 U'e'can
help" you. Intcrestinc c.italokue frec'on'
request to J-'. G. Garbutt, lriiiuiiuil oi
Tho Garbutt BusUU-m ColIi'Kij, Calyury.
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Men's    Heavy   Winter    Footwear
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All work promptly executed
left  open for inspection.
Yours truly
■„   « A.  T. HAMILTON
Liphardts   Dollar
was at Moyie on
in from
Get    one
Dr.     Bonnell
Miss Dalquist of Hosmer was in
> town on Friday.
W. R. Boss left for tho Coast on
Saturday's train.
Mrs, McMaster left for Glasgow
on Sunday last.
Otto Meisnor, came up from
.Michsl- on Thursday.
Miss Lofstror.i wont to Moyie on
Sunday'on a short visit.
Alex.   McCool     came
Pinchor on Wednesday.
G. Howard is registered at tho
Stiathcona Hotel JNclson.
J. McMillan of Calgary was visiting here during tho week,
F. R. Morris, Cranbrook w«s o
Ternie visitor this week.
E. Culver of Blairmoro, Alta,,
was in town on Thursday.
J. W. Bennett of Nelson is in
town this week on .business,
11. W. Coulthart is registered at
the Vancouver Hotel this week,
Mr. and Mrs, Thompson of Hos-
nier were in the city on Tuesday,
S. S, Taylor, K; C, of Nelson,
came up yesterday on legal business,
Mr. J. A, McDonald of Nelion
was rigistced at the Waldorf this
F, Burns of Calgary passed
through here Monday on his way
of Fort Steele was in
week   and gave     the
to Nelson.
Dr. Watt
town this
.Ledger a call.
Gladstono Local No. S314 havo
.decided to erect a Union hall that
will bo a credit to the city,
Barney Mullen and Perry Queen*
an wrestled a six round bout to a
draw at Vnncouvor last week,
A real good laugh is afforded at
tho Opera house this week, Man*
jiger Stevens has secured some
good films,
The Miners' Convention at In*
diunapolis     in session   this week
j been.
jF. Lowe in the.Expres office, dur-.
'ing. the -latters' illness.'
..G. W."N.~ Boulton left for Tor-
;*■.,..> on -A.-.-unecday evening in
connection with new duties as
Manager -of Home Bank.
•• Constable Murphy and Lorsch,
left on Monday's train, for New
Westminster with a batch of prisoners for that institution.
«■ Saturday and Monday the last
two days, to have a New Model
French Corset, fitted by,Mrs. Win-
field at The Trites 'Wood Co.,
The next tramp , cf the Snow
Shoe Club will be held oh Wednesday evening, and will terminate
at tho "Quarters" whore a dance
will bo given
In tho dog sleigh races last Saturday, Ralph Lander got 1st.,
Percy McDougall 2nd,, Walter
Hughes 3rd. Turn out boys and
ijoost the races.
Major Langdon, Auditor for the
C, N, P. C, Co., who has, beon
auditing tho company's books for
the past two weeks loft for the
west on Wednesday.
A fire at J, Gates' house on
Friday did considerable damage,
in spite of the well directed efforts
of tho fire brigado, who' responded promptly to the call.
A most enjoyable time was had
at Michel last night, by the Mich-
ol Burn's Club, at their first An*
nual Ball and supper, a few went
from here for the occasion.
Albert Dickens was baldly bit-,
ten through his boot last Saturday, and had to have the doctor
to attend to his foot. Xt happened
during the races. He is getting on
The Snow Shoe Club had a
very enjoyable time on Wednesday evening. After a tramp they,
wound up at Mrs. A, J, Mott's
for light refreshments.
Do not forget the Rossland
Carnival on Feb, *lth to the 8th.
This is always a. first class affair,
and from all reportB will be better than ever this year,
Miss Minnie Stevens who has
been very ill with spinal meningitis at her home in Coal Creek is
now recovering, under the skillful
treatment ot Drs. Corsan and
Tn the Hepple Compensation
case the Coal company has agreed
attention to the C. P. R.;
stol?. . some   .-g.dods .-from a,;
*•       J T  **.   -
freight car. NV'sign of- tieVstolen
articles as yet. , q;
' The annual meeting of .the Fernie Liberal Association will, " be
held Monday, 27th inst. ' at 8. p.
m. in the Young Liberal Association, quarters in the,'A? Beck
block. All Liberals are request-
■ed__t.oj_b.e_p_resent._ ,_   ■'    ."	
The 'Directorate '"of TherHdme'
Bank of ' Canada has appointed
James Cooper Mason to the position of Assistant General Manager. The'- General Manager of The
Home Bank of Canada,--Lieut.-
Col. James Mason, has gone on a
businese trip to England,and will
return late in February.  .   .
On.Sunday the Rev. I, Steenson
of Coal Creek will preach in the
Baptist-Church both morning and
evening. ,Mr. .Williamson will
take Mr, Steensons' services in
the , Presbyterian ■ church'' Coal
Breek. In the morning Mr/'Steen-
son's subject will be "Is ' man
immortal?" „ and in the evening,
"Is the Bible the word of God?"
Everybody, is welcome.
will hi ««. «f VhV    0B» ,        w,elt   4<> P^ thft   '-» »"iount of     the
in Its historv        '"      lm>'ortftttt ' claim, namely 91500 and the costs
The case had been fixed for hear*
Mr,   Snowdon,   of the Canadian I Inr before
oii Co., was tn tne city tms week ^ 31st.
t-Ji    .'I   V'.J  hit". •     ilij-   Jflj.    S;.u It'Jtj.
vHiortfi gront inrrerise In his firms
sales, in this district,
The City has issued notices re*
•jueitting payment of Traders' If.
ctnee for the half year, ending
J\uy lotti, ivnjtt, iriti penalty ior
non-payment, according to an act
of 1808, 11390, is a fine not exceed*
ing 3880.	
Judge Wilson on   the
i      llU-lt)       lu   Ol.t!   l>i_*."c   U.   the  <--ij'
, where you can have anything
' made in the Jewelry line at Lip*
Ihardts, he does engraving and
j manufacturing any special piece
of work from the melting of the
gold to the rmifitiKi amcie,
Owing to     a scarcity of power
' the Coal Company were compelled
to withhold the usual service for
fTWrtrttfrt/wraYSvSYSvSvw^^ pictures on Thursday
^SfS/iSfim^^^^^fmfSIS^^ night   and     consequently a great
®  many were disappointed.
M MISSIS l»H I iOfSIROM   § Ti'« »M.our..e..t.i.t » .v.ade that
0 P.     Burns     the cattle King will
; i:.-, u.r.:',:.ij                 ^5 -;fi!Jf     Fern*'*    th*ir   dieti-fh-iti-ig
'V l.fadquarier-     for    this  district.
A auiet wedding took place on
December 21st, at Victoria, when
Mr, Mark Whitehead and Mrs.
Stevens, wife of the late Thomas
L, Stevens, who was killed by an
explosion some time in 1D02 were
joined in the holy bonds of matrimony. A few intimate friends
were present. Mrs. Stevens was
very well known and highly respected here, and we join in wishing her success,
The social promoted by the
Young People of the Methodist
Church was held on Tuesday even*
ing   last,    and proved a decided
tillCCtr*», tt <«.£<r g«*„trii..jj i>t»,„g
iiV.r.rmVilrrl. A very nicf prri^rn'Si
was arranged, after which refreshments were provided, followed by
a variety of gamts, which wer«
much enjoyed by everyone. The
feature of the evening was a pre-
Do not forget
Society to Mrs. Lashley Hall in
view of hoi'i trip to the South for
her health which, it is hoped will
fulfill the object desired.
A very successful Pound Social
was held in Coal Creek Met.'iodlst
chutch on Tutaday, 21 J_„, 10OB.
A short excellent program    was
render-^     by l*<*-il     artj^fi *iff*-r
A..,.......'.^|W,otal.M'a(  The new, ,. well received and" is jjXS ^ SJh'ijojSiS. ^
!,•",.!>-' K^ir rinrt titersir^ntnl
nnv d.iy but S,itl»«U>.
-r.othtr evidence of the importance j,10Sjt _; the j-areds w«e wi*pped
of our city. [Up s0 that the purchaser had   to
■Tun at present our fair city (trust to his lucky star that he
vj-.;j.s to be a inecc* for tbives. was g+Hir.g his mcr.tj'* worth.
".' '.^vtirn! irompTftfn^i hnr* htx*n |S^fr<*ihmer.t« wer«> nerved \t the
:.<r_rd.   On     Monday  they turned'close.      The  pastor and Trustees j Subscribe for The District Ledger
ity to express their thanks to the
many friends who gave so liberal*
would like to take this opportun-
Mr, Pugh, Mr. Watkins and Mr,
Parry who left here about three
months ago to see the world a
bit, and try to better their condition, have returned, nnd returned
much wiser than when they left,
The party left here in their private S. D. Pullman and went via
Calif ornin, returning through
Utah, where they report things
much better than at most of the
other places they visited, Their
experiences are novel and interesting, and aome of them they will
likely remember for a while, But
the mere tact tnat tney are g.aa
Ui Vk- liflt-lt at Twiih- ii^'jjiji Epp.'ilrp
Next week a Sunday Sclool
Convention will bo hold in Fernie
in connection with the Fernlo Dis*
i. ;, i    «... .1. ..     n... . ,i     . .   , i • ...
>»•.. „   „>„■*« *_j,      ..j*,,,.,,,**   .». .I*. ,._,..,4»k
comprising all th) Sunday Schools
from Michel to Elko. The stssions
commence on Tuesday night at 8
o'clock and sessions will be hel£
all day Wednesday. Morning at
10, Afternoon at 2, Evening at 8.
A splendid program of Sunday
School t07>icti will hti j.rct.entfd,
and should attract all Sunday
, School sympathizer: rnd parents.
I All the sessions will l>e held in the
! Baptist Church. Mr. tttuart, Muir-
jhr*d General Secretary of Sunday School* in Sask, Alta and B.
C. will be present and take part.
We are there
Skates.   Hookey   Silolte.  Eto.
Without   using any
we   mean   what   we
iMv.iv     huh   ««h    coincidental   to   Skating
We carry the largest
these goods
quality   nnd
slang  phrases,
say  4,We are
and   Hockey.
assortment a(
in  the   district  and for
nrice   defy comnetition.
Wliimster & Co
'*>• •"'


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