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The District Ledger 1908-01-18

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The   Official   Organ  of'. District  No.   18,   U. M. W. of A.
Vol. Ill No. 21
Ferxie, B. C, January 18, 1908
s Legislative /C; ^
MAI 22 1908
OVER 160
Death List of the Rhodes Opera
House Holocaust
Boyersto'wn, Pa.'", Jan. 16,—The
'death list of the Rhodes opera
house holocaust now reached one
hundred and sixty. This is the
estimate . of - the officials of the
Beading Railway company. Seventy-five are known, to be injured.
The missing list includes one
hundred and thirty-six names. It
is impossible to complete .the list
of the missing, as many occupants
of the theatre were1 from other
towns and there are no relatives
here to irqhlre for them. The fire
following the explosion of the
gasoline tank attached to amoving picture machine being used,
for the production by a children's
company of "The Reformation,"
drew four hundred people, mostly
children, toward.the sole exit of
the theatre, where many perished.
Hundreds are engaged in the
work of .removing the bodies of
the dead. Sixty have been recovered. .»-
Boyerstown, Pa., , Jan.. 17.—
Bearing up bravely under the aw-
£'il blow which it received' in the
destruction of .. the\Rhodes opera
.kausa v,by.Jira* an'.Monday.,   : this-
thriving little borough today
came to a full realization. of the
fact that one-fifteenth of the population was w iped out of existence by. the holocaust. (
" The figures compiled by coroner
Strasser at nightfall, > show there
are 170 dead as a result of the
fire. The list of dead include one
fireman, who lost his life fighting
the fire and of one man,' Jacob
Johnson, who died today •> from
injuries received in the blazing
opera house. Three charred bodies
were recovered from.the ruins of
the buildings and of the 168 bodies that lie in the improvised
morgues, 115 have been either
partially or fully identified by
their sorrowing relatives or
friends. .
wa-vm lira
•Edmonton, Jan. 17.—"We the
jury, empanelled on the death of
James Taylor, have viewed the
remains and find that-the foresaid
came to his' death by an explosion of gas in the Parkdale mines
and do not attach blame to any
one connected with the management of the mine. -
„ "We further recommend that the
regulations' covering the use of
covered lamps in this mine be
more, strictly adhered to." ..
... The foregoing was the verdict of
the jury empanelled by Dr. Braith-
waite, coroner, to enquire into
the death of James Taylor, who
died at the public hospital on
Wednesday - afternoon from injuries received in an explosion of'gas
on Tuesday afternoon in the Park-
dale coal mine. '•'
Mr. J. G. Whitely will occupy
the pulpit at the Baptist church
on Sunday morning, when he will
take ,for his subject '|The importance of Maintaining' the Protestant Religion." . In the evening,
the'"Rev. ,J. G. Gibson of.Hosmer
will preach - Special singing will
be .rendered.   . , ,
Maple Leaf flour Mills Destroyed—loss Over a Million
Kenora, Jan. 16.—The magnificent new mill of the Maple Leaf
Flour Mills Company valued at
over a million dollars, was burned last night. Only the wall is
left standing. It is said the fire
originated by a live wire. The
Maple Leaf mill was one of the
finest "mills'' on the continent and
had a capacity of five thousand
barrels a day. The mill has only
been completed and was a boon to
the' town as' it employed a large
number- of men.
Moyie, Jan. 16,—A vote was
taken by the members , of the
Miners' ' Union here on the question of returning to work at the
wage scale offered recently , after
the recommendation by the court
of. arbitration which sat here and
in Nelson,
The vote was, for accepting the
scale and returning to work, 156
against 85.
»C. P. R. trains No. 1 and 2 between Spokane and Curzon Junction 'are now operating Cafe Par-'
lor cars. Leaves Spokane at 7 a^
m. connecting at Curzon Junction
with No. 6. Returning connects
with the Crow's Nest No.. 5, arriving in Spokane at 7.45 p. m.
The installation of these cars will
afford extra comforts for the patrons .-of the' road.'" '   • * •
Distribution of Pass Coal to be
i      Greatly Increased
Vancouver, B. C.} Jan. 17.—By
February transportation facilities
for marketing the product of the
Crow's Nest Pass coal mining district will be increased by the opening of the Great Northern extension from Fernis to Michel.
The road, which has been under
construction for the last two
years, is 23 miles long. The line
follows Coal Creek from Michel
to Fernie,1 where it connects with
the Hill road. » Practically" the
route of the new line is the same
as followed by the Canadian Pacific,   Coal  Creek being the     only
| outlet from the mines possible for
j a railroad. .,
The constructiosr of the Fernie-
Michel branch has been an expensive piece of1 railroad work averaging, it is estimated, about ?55,'-
000 a mile for the grading and
track. The Great Northern will
be, when the line is'in operation,
an active competitor of the Canadian Pacific for.% coal and
coke of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal
Kootenay  Fruit Lands
WHY. not buy a ten or twenty acre fruit, farm which -,>ill yield you
from $300.00 to $600.00 profit per acre per year? Situated in the
District with a most delightful climate and splendid shipping facilities.  .
We pay purchaser's expenses to look over our. land.     It Stands
Crow's   Nest   Pass   Investment   Co.,   Ltd.
Lethbridge,    Alberta
THAT the Coal Co., are victual enough in sending the men to
work, ..but not so 011 returning
them  to  thoir homes.
THAT tho men (?) who made
such fools of themselvos v. the
performance of'"Romoo .'ijiu O'ul-
iet" should havo ..on"ic',Y.i.ded
their1 admission 1'eo in justice to
others who wishod to enjoy the
THAT thin omco will be pleased ■■
to receive subscriptions toward
buying tho piano player at the
Opera house a now piece of music
as the tune he now pldys is getting stale.
THAT the post offlca staff
should be more careful in the distribution of mall, as soveral com<<
plaints came in of people not having received their Ledger, and we
can swear to have directed them.
»   •   #
THAT he is of tho opinion that
the police who attend a show,
And get in on their uniform are
supposed to help in keeping order
And not sit and take in the ■how,
without paying any heed to the
THAT   too little attention     is
paid to    "drunks" on our Main
street, and ladies often have   to
go up to their knees in snow to
'4 paBB a man who is taking     up
* *   »
THAT   we have   had     several
complaints in regard to the im-
.    provement of the Ledger the last
two or three weeks.   And deserve
them. •'
* *   *
THAT our rink is beginning to
look a» if we might be able to
skate there—sometime,
THAT those who, missed the
masquerade ball, missed the sight
of their lives—but ho hates to
say any more.
*   *   *
THAT he was raked -vur tho
coals  for  advocating for      more
store   buildings,   but
come, nevertheless.
Scranton, Pa., Jan. 17.—Two
girls were killed and soven others
seriously injured in a fire at the
No Contest for Civic Honors-
"" tittirinfretlalieirT'"
W.  W.  Tuttle.
Aldermen Elected.
Aid! J. D. Quail, F. J. Watson,
Fi~ W. Vance, G. F. Johnson",   J.
A.' Broley, R. B. C. Hammond..
For two years—Thos, Beck, Geo,
L. Pedlar.
For one year—Dr. C, P. Higgins.
Montreal, Jan. 18.-The Wanderers defeated the Ottawa Victorias in the second game of the
Stanley cup series on Monday
night, by a score of 13-1. The
score in tho first gamo was Wanderers 9, Victorias 3, so the cup-
holders remain in possession of
the trophy with a margin of 18
goals in two gamos, Tho sorios
was little better than a farco, tho
Ottawa toam not being- much better than a good eastern Intormed-
lato sovon.     Only "500 spectators
tiny    will'i Imperial Factory, whore 200 girls*' witnessed the game. Thero was no
THAT tho Cranbrook I?o03i ec-
tor took a wco bit of ono 01 Mir
editorials of lust week, ami "tor-
got" to credit us.
«   *   *
THAT it is timo that another
movo was mado tow.ird ba\ing
tho sidewalks cleaned up somehow, as their present conditiw is
very dangorouB and slippery in
some parts,
»   •   «
THAT the latest bulletin to
hand regarding that "J" paper
is that it will be printed in Calgary and appear on our streets on
Thursday. Calgary hat bis sympathies.
The Great Northern Ruhr ay
Mmpftny la reported frnm Rverett
to be engaged fn" ttui eamitruation
of a new twelve-mile tunnel under
the Cascade mountains. Tho company is also reported to have
started the development  of    en-
enworth, Wash,,
The tunnel Is to be for the purpose of giving an easier grade
through the mountain". *c •»»"
that one locomotive •-. ■ <• ,
to pull the hfitvli^fc tr«m »-r*f
the divide. The electric power at
Leavenworth may be usea la tho
construction of the tunnel.
i avo employed, through a punic. ■
} London, Jan. 17,—The Women
1 Suffragists wore sent to jnll for 3
I months on lofusing to givo sure-
' tJo--; fc" thoir good bi'Vuivicur.
1    Baltimoro,    Ind., Jan. 17.—Tho
I Masonic Templo hero was burned
1 today. Loss $260,000.
! Dublin, Jan. 10,—Tho Irish Parliamentary party today re-elocted
John Redmond to the position of
Seattle, Jan. 17.~Tho British
ship Hartifleld from Liverpool to
Seattle is believed to have gone
down with all on board.
Seattle Jan, 17.—Seattle's unemployed is now counted at 10,-
000. A demonstration is to be
made on Monday,
Grand Eapldn, Mich., Jan 17.
—Charles Hackenschmldt, of Iowa
defeated All, Manogolf, "the terrible Turk" in two straight falls
last night
-   '      0   •	
amountrd to JMW.flfl*. Now who
dares to say Ternie ii not all
i" '■■■"'   o   ■     ■■
Annual Clearing Sale of Laidies' White Muslin
Underwear. Every garment marked in plain figures
at sale prices, oh display downstairs in main aisle.
Ladies' Night Dresses
Were $2.00      Sale  price $1.60
i-75 "   „,  "   -   i.35
1.25 "   '    " „       95
Ladies' Corset Covers
Ladies' Drawers
Were $1.75 ,     Sale, price  $1.35
1.25 " '     "    \ 95c
1.00 «   ■    <<        80c
Ladies' Skirts
Were $2.25
price $1,75
"       1-75
"      .1.35
"    . 1.50
" „     1.20
Big Reductions on all Ladies' Coats & Furs
The   Trites=Wood   Co.,
rough work, tho few penalties be-
iri£_Io'r, miner i offenscj,
Tho H:io up. was:   .
.Wanderers—Horn, A, Ross, Hoop
or, . Sussfcil,, Glass,; Blatchford,
Victorias—Haguo, Cross,  Ryan,
Manson, Girard, HnrrWon, FraB-
1 er.
1    Referee, J. Powers; judge of play
Jesse Brown, •
• O"  - ■
Subscribe for the Dlitrict ledger.
S      Employment for 938
■A Miners, Mine laborers,
$ Drivers,   Timbcrmcn,
% Hoistmen,   and    Kn-
t gfinccrs, now idle.
% Warranted to be first
In connection with the dog rac-1 Y   />1'k«: u»niw ulncoe
1, held bj)r tho Whelon Bros.   Wo ! %   u,ls,s wnKc SI,UCS'
HY*i, \n mile xxmx \h*s ruht $.*»*«
of a suit of clothes for the l;oy
(letting the highest  average    for
the season, (« being preientcd by
The Trltes Wood Co,, and the second prize also a suit of clothes
Is     being   given by The   Crow 1,
Nest     Trading  Co.     Both these
1 firms will give a real good    suit
{ and the buys should turn out in
i Urge nuiuhetti,     niid  ahuw  ;heiv
appreciation.      , ..   .. ,
Apply j,
F. H. Sherman,      %
?res. U, M. W. of A.  t
Box 145 \
Tabcr, Aha.   \
Major Morris and Adjt, Bloss,
from Vancouver will be in Fernie
today and tomorrow and conduct
special meetings at the Salvation
Army barracks.   Special music is
A meeting of the Liberal Association will be held in the hall of
the Young Liberals Club on Mou-
day, Jan 21st for tho purpose of
re-organization, All Liberals are
Tho Blairmoro Aldermanic Contest resulted as follows: T. Frnyer
45; II. B. Lyon, 37' L. Dutll, 31.
These three will later n»2(:t and
elect ono of their number who
will act as Mayor.
Two conl earn were derailed on
Tuesr'ny wh<m a "-li^ht collinion
occurred betweon the M. Fi & ^T.
and the C. P. R, Tho C. P, R, engine suffered most, having its ton-
dor  smashed,
The C. F. R,, is advertising out
rates on thoir Steamship lines,
The following are a synopsis of
the rates now charged. St. John
to Liverpool, Bnd elans, f98,76>
3rd, class $17.50. Senile to St.
John 2nd, class $40.60. These reduced rates afford a oheap trip.
Eight hours for worW, eight
hours for rest and eight hours for
recreation and improvement is not
only a scientific but a natural
division of the day. It is a blogan
and a watchword which will appeal to the non-unionist, and also
4»Uto» fl aSl rl^aWilnWajf perfla,
There If neither justification nor
defense for a workday of more
than eight hours.
Ottawa, Jan 13.—World's Special Service)—Sir Frederick Borden said a bill was being prepared to issue scrip to each volunteer who enlisted for the South
African war from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
J. D. McMullin,' dhief of Provincial Police was in Cranbrook
on business during the early part
1 01" tho week.
j    Tho next  aesaion  of  the county
j court' of West Kootenay will oi^en
: in  W"]':o:j  on Feb,  8th  with    His
Honor Judge Wilson  -presiding
Tho Snow shoo club, after their
weokly tramp on Wednesday night
indulged in refreshment!) at tho
homo of Mr and Mrs. Frlzsell.
O, A. SteveuB manager of the
Opera house was down at Blair«
mora Friday putting on a show,
Mr. Muts, of the Brewery returned from a tfip to Calgary,
High River, and other points, on
A small blare in the coal house
at the back of the Catholic Church
caused a Uttle alarm on Sunday
evening during the devotional
Mew York, Jan. lfl.-For the
27th time Oscar L, Barling, a*
Amitytrille (L. 2.) civil tnfinte*
and Inventor, has had a ehlld
bom to him. He has been rwUe
married.     Twenty 0! his children
bWsVtW&WWrtW*** **• "vi»f•
J**-.     t\N4*',-<    H*m«,.
of tho O, P. R., pft«*»d through'
Ternle Thursday night on hi* way
to Montreal and other eatttrn
The C, F. R. ticket earnings tor
**■'»     J *«**      4 * ' *      -**•*;' + -«'   *     t^-—'■» *— v
ed to fl81,0OO, an ::.-r*aM of
|40,000 over 11)00, Now who «*y«
Fernie does not go ahead some,
Vise   Irvine,   an    experienced
Monoline operator from Calgary
arrived In Feral* on Tuesday to
take the Kenollae Machine at the
Ledger.    Ko*» one at e> time boy*
j   r  * DISTRICT LEDGER, FERKIE, B.: C.-j  JANUARY 18tS,  11908.
LI'    U-    "
Tells iiow to Prepare a Simple
Mixture to Overcome Dread
Asks us to print it.       ••" ;
; To relieve the worst forms " ot
Eheumatism, take,, a teaspoonful
i oi ' the following mixture after
, each' meal and at bedtime:
: Fluid Extract'Dandelion, one-
1 half ounce; compound Kargon,
j one ounce Compound Syrup Sar-
i saparilla,  three ounces.    ,
These  harmless  ingridients    can
be obtained from our homo drug-
' gists, and are- easily mixed by
\ shaldnp;    them"  well in  a bottl
F\. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
Plans, Specifications and Estimates forniahed on  application.
Architect    , and Superintendent Residence.
W. J. WriRlesworth, D.D.S.
ltd &x>^
Office Hours:-       S soto 12 a. m
6.S0 to 8 p.m.
Office in A'ex. i. ek's Block
over Slum' , Bakery.
FERNIE,     " - ,     -        —     -,
B. C
FERNIE,  B.   C.
W. It. CAM! 11KI.I,
Insurance and Customs Broker
Crow's   Nest   Trading   Co,   Block,
Fernie,' B. C
I  !>
Residence 7(1   How land  Ave.
J. Wilson Okay, Aucihtkct
Fernie   B. C.
Relief is  generally felt from     the
first few doses.
This prescription, states a well-
j known   authority in   a. Cleveland
i morning paper, forces the cloggud-
i up,  inactive kidnc-ys to  filter and
i strain from the blood the poison-
, 6ua waste matter and uric    acid, j	
' which, causes Rheumatism.   ' j '      ,
j    As Rheumatism is not only the j AMALGAMATED
i most painful ■ and .torturous     dis-
| iJase,- but  dangerous  to  life, ■ this
■ simple  recipe   will  no   doubt     be
J greatly valued by many  sufferers
', here at home, who should at onco
] prsparo  the mixture  to  get    this
i relief. >
It    is    said    that a person who
would take this prescription     re-
j gularlyy a dose or two daily, or
even a few times a week, would
never have serious Kidney 'or
Urinary disorders or Rheumatism.'
Cut this out and"
Good Rheumatism prescriptions
which really relieve are scarce, indeed, and when' you need it, you
want it badly. Our.flruggists here
say they will either, supply these
ingredients -. or-make the mixture
ready to take, if any of our readers so prefer,
;u!   Kstimalcs  on'Amplication
L.   P.. Eckstein
Barristcr-at-Law, Solicitor
Booms 1 & 3, lleiulurton block. Fertr.i
JapbosyL.D.'s.i d.d.:
7. Commencing at a post plaHted
at' or near'the northeast corner -"ol
the- J.P. Silverman claim, and
being northwest corner of W.„ Darby's' claim, and„cmarked W. Darby,
northwest corner; thence 80 chains
south; thence ■ 80 chains east; thence
SO chains north; thence 80 thains
west to place of commencement.
Located  this 25th day of Oct., 1907,
W.  DARBY, „   ""
.".."., Agent.;
Witness—John McDonald.
8. Commencing   at a post planted
at or near W. Darby, northwest cor-
= ner, and-being southwest corner \ of
B. Lamoruiex's claim,  and ■ marked
B.   Lamoruiex's    southwest'   corner;
thence 80 chains   north; thence    80
chains east; thence SO chains south;
thence 80 chains'  west to place    o£ '
Located  this 25th day of Oct.-, 1907
,   • Agent.;
Witness—John McDonald.' .-   .
meets in McDougall's Hdl every
alternate Thursday at S p.m.
A. Wykes. Pro*.  '    AVm. D. Scuornxn, Sec.
T. W    Block,   opposite' the
Ofiioo Uouis-S a.m to S p.m.
F. 0. LAWE
, ALEX. I.
Builder and Contractor
Estimates cheerfully given and,work
promptly executed to the satls-
°    faction of our customers. ■
..  Latce &'Fisher
Crow's   Nest    Trading   Co.    Block,
„   ' ■ Fernie, B. C.   ■
NOTICtt is horeby .given that    30
days after date I intend to apply to
tho     Hon.    Chief Commissioner    of
i Lands and Works for a licl'nse     to-
I prospect for coal and petroleum    on
the   follooRing   described   lands situated   in the district of    Southeast,
"Kootenay, Province  ot  British     Co-,
Oldest Bank Office in Toronto
'" The Church Street -Branch of the Home Bank of Canada," says a Toronto r
morning paper, '• is the oldest bank eite'in Toronto.   It was hero, in 1854, that tho .
Toronto Savings Bank first opened its doors for business, to become, in 18<8, the
head office of the Home Savings and Loan Company.   In 1905. the operation of
a new charter changed its name to the Home Bank of Canada.   So 18 Church .
Street is,now entering upon tho fifty-fourth consecutive year of its occupancy as
a banking institution. „ ,".,.. v    n
" In 54 > ears a bank premises should see many changes, and its history should
bo enlivened by exeitinjr incident.   Vet 78 Church Street lias had an even, almost •■
placid history.   Mr. Eugene O'Keefc. tho President of..tho Homo Bank of Canada,
and Lieut.-Col.' James Moron; its General Manager, both began their banking-'
careers in this building as junior clerks with the Toronto Savings Bank.
« Only once in those 54 years was there any undue excitement, and thnt was
late one February afternoon, fourteen years ago, when n desperate gang, known
as tho ' Dnlton Imitator*,' made nn attempt to clean out the toller's box. Three
heavily armed men entered the bank, while a fourth stood guard outside tho outer
door Revolvers were pointed at tho heads of tho teller, tho accountant and n
. junior, and. they were commanded to holdup their hands. In spito of threats
made r.t tho point of a revolver, tho teller refused to ;hancl over tho money din-
plaved in his cage, As he wan- entirely caged and roofed in, tho robbers could
not reach him, and while ono of their number was endeavoring to force open tho
door tho accountant dodged his assailant and ran to the telephone. Tho junior
clerk then fearlesslv grappled with his man, unci would havo disarmed him had ho
not boon knocked sonselcss by a blow on the lioad from a revolver butt In tho
haniUjQt Vbe third rob'tfr. Tho w:<^ diwoncorted. tbQ 'Dnllon Imitators,' and
thov.fl«dfleavlrii{ 810,000 iinloudiect in tho toller's I'BUOr
'At tho time of this attempted robbery* tho wlclrol* tit 78 Church blicbl tt'ero
"entirely cagpeHn. With othor brute, however, tho cages-wure generally upon a
tho top. Ah n result of this r\pcifonuc, nil the other honks adopted the closed
cage. Tho idou oviginiitcd with tho present Gcnornl Mnnngor of tho Homo Bank
of Canada, who is also to ho. credited with introducing the rulo of keeping tho
branches opnt from 7 to 0 o'clock ovory Saturday night,"
W, 11. Boss. K. C.
■ J. S. T. Alkxamieu'
Ross & Alexander
Offlee In L. T. W. Block, Victoria Avenue.
1. Commencing at a post planted
at or near one mile eaBt of C. P*.
It. lino at the 25> mile post, and being southeast corner' of J. L. King's
claim, and marked - J. L.- King'a
southeast corner; .thence" 80 chains
west; thenco 80 chains north; thence
SO chains east; thence 80. chains
south'to place" of commencement.
Located this 24th day of Oct., 1907.
• ... Locator.,
\Yitness—John McDonald. _„
It -would be .well to note at this
time that while the greedy, grinding Van Cleaveites are trying to
impress the "poor, innocent rank
and file of the. trade union move-
-mentf^of—the-dishonesty— of—the-
labor        leaders,       that     during
the     recent'   financial   °crash in
the     United      States     no      less
than five, banks and  trusts  company presidents" or managers have
committed suicide as a result;'  of
dishonesty in their bank administration,    and.     six   presidents or
managers' are  under  indictments
for misappropriation,  fraud or a
violation    of   ' the banking laws,
while  not  a  single   international
trade union  official has even had
'the slightest suspicion cast upon
his honesty   or integrity.     '   The
most   impressive    feature of it is
that most of the holy, honest (?)
financiers either dead or under indictments were colleagues and co-
members of Van Cleave, either'in
the" National Manufacturers'  Association or tho Citizens' Alliance,
—Labor Union Herald,
i' Fo(r quotations' '/^<
I !^ in! Hay'■& Oats' /" *<
4»    - write to ,     <
<f>    Special-rates "to Contractors and
A   - Lumbermen ^
' notice' ^;.
'NOTICE is hereby given that- 30
daysafter date I-intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner ^of
Iiands and1 Works- for a- license'" to
.prospect for "coal and petroleum : on
the following described.lands situated In the district of Southeast Kootenay, Province of British Columbia.
.^1 ■_nnmmencing__a.t_a_
Z.i ■.'[).
■ s  s
,.:   ..    .. ?\   ..^  ;■ '
But for th» tim«ly arrival of »
\>6x o!rZam-Buk, Mrs. E. P.^on-
. gcr, 34 Myrtle Strwt, St, Thomas,
Ont.,  have lost her to«. Shu •ay*:
"1 am'most' thankful X  dlnfovw*:
td the existence of .Zam-Buk, For
about 9 months I suffered cruelly
from the effects of having; a com
removed from my little1 toe,- for
with its removal a hole remained
and : my ,    toe was in a terrible
state. Tor monthB I wa« unable
to wear a" shoe as the toe showed
no signs of healing and was    in
such   a   shocking     condition^ the
Doctor thought it necessary      to
amputate it.     About thiH time I
received a sample box of Zam-Buk
and   began ui»u»g it «** «.>   '.-».
greatefit ease from'pain,, and[encouraged me to'give Zam-Bnk   a
thorough trial. Two months alter
commencing with Zam-Buk there
wan    no    sign of a hole for   the
ilesh   had grown , wavery nxjuiy
and all soreuus and'pains    were
banished.        Zam-Buk  ' brought
'■ 'about this healing when all other
"   remedies failed,..we fcnd Zam-Buk
,   ho valuable that t we (wo«ldnot be
without a ho* in the hoUM,"    .* »
Znm-Bnk-heale cuts, bruiSH, old
woundi,. running . sores, eccema,
ulcers,   .jibils /erup'ttbns,'   nealp
sores, itcb, piles, chapped bandit,'
burns, lealds, and all skin-.di«-
eases. 50e. box, all druggists and
stores, or Zam-Buk Co., Toronto.
3 boxet |1.85.
. One, thousand. unemployed have
registered at the bureau establish-'
ed at Toronto during the laatteV'
days. ; Seventy-five' per cent of
these.are men:who arrived , from
England, Ireland, and Scotland
withiu tho last, eighteen months,
the other 85 per cent are .Cana-,
dlan'and English speaking people
with two years' residence,
Large numbers of foreigners, }n-i
eluding Bulgarians, Italians, and
others who have not registered at
the bureau are among the 'unemployed. Many of the unemployed have families with them.
So far there has been little distress. The woather has been mild
and little firing has been needed,
The unemployed BrltishorB have
A Woman's Baok
Ban many aches and pains causod by
weaknesses and falling, or other displace;
merit, of tho pelvic organs. Other Bymp-
toms of female weakness aro frequent
headache, (1 Illness, Imaginary specks or
(lurk spots floating before tho oyos, gnaw-
Inrr sensation In stotaach, dragging or
bearing down In lower abdominal or pelvic
region, disagreeable drains from polvlc
' orgahR, faint spoils with gonoral weakness.
'If any ooruldcrablo number of tho above
symptomi arc, present.thero Is. no remedy
that wlHjrtyo 'qulckerreWef or a.more per-
msJ^tjnittthanDivPieiree's Favorite
ProbifewSSlt hu * W»«d of over forty
ears of "^f^UII t^e t^oet.pomil
Successor to J. W. H. Terry
Employment and
Real Estate Office
Will supply men for
all classes of work,
cither by the clay,
week or month.
of the glyceric extract
. ItTs mi	
Tve nedtel*
Bushmen*   Lumbermen
     ___p_bst_ planted
at or near one mile-east.of ..p.^PrK".
line at 27 mile post; Block 4593,
and being southeast corner,of S. M.
Moore's claim and marked „S. M.
Moore southeast corner; thence 80
chains .west; thence 80 chains north;
thence 80 chains cast; thence 80
chains south to place of commencement.
Located this 25th day of Oct., 190<
" Locator.
Witness—John McDonald.
2. Commencing at a post planted
at or near S. M, Moore's southeast
orner and being the northwest corner of J. C. Rochford.s claim, and
marked J. C. Rochford northeast
cotnor; thence 80 chains west; thenco
80 chains south; thenco 80 chains
east; thenco 80 chains north to
placo of-commencement.
Located this 25th day of Oct., 1007
Agent. .
Witness—John McDonald.
3. Commencing tit a post planted
at or near .1. C. Rochford north
east corner, and being N. ,W, corner of J. Robertson's drum and
marked J. Robertson northwest corner; thonco 80 chains south; thonco
.80 chains oust; thonco 80 chains
north; thenco 80 chains west to
place of commencement.
Locatod this 25th day t<f Oct., 190
"    J. ROBERTSON, '
I ocator,
,       BArTlSE,   LAMORUIEX,
Witness—John McUonnitl.
' 2, Commencing at.-a post plantedj
at or near southeast;, corner-, ot J.;
Li King's,claim,''and being north-rl
east corner Jpf ,D. C. Drain's claim, j
and marked~D. C. Diian'B northeast!
corner; thence: SO chains: west;" thenc&|
80. .chains'- south;,Jthence - 80t chainas
east; tlj'ence 80 chains north to placej
of commencement. !"-■'•:-■**'•'■• ■■-.■ 1
D. C. DRAIN. "        '
— -     "Locator.
naljroou fonodIno.ttrf.oTcsU end eon-
UlhihWdjo?of ttoh&'at bMttftd, oj
httblMorntim drags. Its IngradtonVi. ure
all printed on the botUe-wrkpprtr and at*
toatcd under oath as oorreel
: iEVory Mngwdlent fenterlng Into 'IV
torlto Prescrlptlonr has lhe,*fitten w-
dorwmont of tho motl emlhnhl medleal
writers of all tho several whools of pVao-
tlco-m'oro valuable than sny amotant of
noti-profoBMonal tcwtlmonUlfr-lhouBh tho
latter aro not heWnR, having l^en con-
(rlhutr.d voluntarily \<f BTStoful pfttlentf
In iiiwiIhth to flxcnwl tint imdnriwimnnts
: nUui. lo uny uthcr r.cdlthw cr.tu;:l for
! »Jif cur'' of woman's ill**.
1   V<,ti rimnnt afford uiaicrpt	
I of unknown conipus'ltlon iij u subrtltnto
for this will proven rfiw»iy 01' kk<»w.v
, coHi'tJunJON.cvi'iitlmiJKlitlmdMif'Tnmy
mnl»J u Htll" >nor<i V*^h tln-rnby.   Vunt
Women for cleaning,
washing or scrubbing.
■j. .1/.".
Fteasonable   Rates
lo Consumptives
,   Tho undersigned bating been re-
tanymdlclno >wd to health h, rinpta.   »«W
iue unompioyoo utju«Hui» u»" ■-.   1 -•■ ■•■•-■• •    '■•„_„„„,    s
held a meeting" at *hich they sev- j K-^^^S^San^S | J.
trely crjticuea m«, ba*vwU«j. . jhri,u u, your iiim'Ii«:««cu '*> '"'«•tJ "* 1 *
Army,    (be     CLurcI.   Amy,   tte   ^^<^;'^-«^^ ^   J
nftor Butforlng for aeteral years
with a sotere lun« affection, ano
that dread dlnoaso CONSUMPTION,
la anxious to make known to bis
I fellow •ntforers the means of cure
steamship.,. ;agents, ,.,and    ,other
agencies, alleging that these have J
brought them    to Oanadavunder
false pretences. Many would glad- j
ly return to England 11 ihey hud
the means. ,|
'All the charitable organisations
are preparing for a heavy strain
on their resources this winter;
Som«" immigrants will not take
know '"hat you want nnrt It l» lilt bnri
noss to Mipply tho article calio'J ',•;?.    ,
Dr, V.etct'i Plftv.»at IVllfU 'are thS
original "Little Llvfr Pills- first r"t "P
by old Dr. Pierce over forty years aw,
mnrh imltauidbntwiverennaleA. Llttw
jugar-ooatod grano*»-oaty to talw •*
8AVKI) 1»V   DOO
•  Bomn »n„..B.»«v.       Cupar,     Sask., Jan.     14,-An-
the work o(f«r«d because they can-   dr#w PoIHp, of Touchwood,    was
«!;((   (^pkIpo It. he    will
...   nhpprfnlly   aend (free of obarjte) a
'•• I eony ot tho pre«orlpt|on used, wblob
,cVtbeyVwMhtlnd:ii.oiiw. for. CONSUMP.
hfi,1TJ0N, ASTHifA, (JATAnitn, BltON-
CQITIB and all 'throat  and   long
MALADIES. Ho bopwi »U enfferers
will try tma Hometiy, a» it U [»**!*•
able.   Those desiring the preswlp*
<tloo, which will   ooat the'1 nothing,
and may   pro?e  a  bleaslng,   will
Brooklyn, N. Y.
4. Commencing at a post,jlnntcd
at br.npar J. Itobcrtson'e, northwest
cornor, and bolng, southwoBt corner
of 'John McDonald's , claim, ,.ohd
marked John McDonald; thonco 80
chalna1 north; thonco 80 chains east;
thence 80-chains- south^ Uumia 80
chains   west to   placo uf comnicnce-
Locatod this fl6th day of Oct,', *007
JOHN McDONA.'J),      ..
'' Witness—John McDonitTd.
fS, Commencing nt a post planted
nt or near ono milo from tho south-
unst cornor of J, McDonald's claim,
and bolng nnutlionHt cornor of A,
Rico's claim, mid marked A. Rlce'u
southeast corner; thonco BO chains
west; thenco 80 chains north; thonco
R0 chnlns onst; thonco 80 chains
south to placo of commoncomnnt.
Locntod this 28\h day of Oct., 1007
A. RICE, .  .
....    Locator.,
■■■ '      'i"    .-.••• i-  •- ■   /\,r*mt.'-
WlttioHH—.Tohn McDonald.
,  Witness—John McDonald.      «
3. Commencing at a post plant*
at or near northeast corner;of D. Cj
Drain's claim,' and being northwest
comer of the A. A. SparkB| claimJ
and marked A. A. Sparks' norths
west corner; thenco 80 chains east;)
thence 80 chains south; thenco 8C
chains west; thence 80 chains nortb
to placo of commencement.  i .
Located this 24th day of Oct., 1907m
A. A. SPARKS,    ,
Witness—John McDonald.
4. Commencing at a post plantec
at or near northwest corner of   Al
.A. Sparks' claim, and being    south!
west,corner of tho A. Good    claim)
and marked Andy Good's southwesl
corner; thonco 80 chains cast; .thenca
80  chains north;   thenco 80    ihaina
west;     thenco 80 chains south     t«
place of commencement..
Located thlB 24th day of Oct., lOCi
Witness—John McDonald.
0. Commencing at a Jiost plant'ce!
at or near one milo from tho BCUthJ
cast corner of A, Good's claim, awl
bolng southeast corner, of- H.
Gamblo's claim, nnd markud U- Rl
Gamblo's southoast corner; thfinco 81
chains west; thonco SO chains northl
thenco"80 chains east;/ thenco 8(1
chainB south to placo of commentej
mont.'  ■'•"•.' ' '■   •   *«   .i'   *.
Locatod1 this 21th day of Oct,, 10(
-,vs i > iTd,.-i.   'n   ..;■,-.      Locator.
Wltncifs—John McDonald,.
not get1 union wages,
, T   —  * -    ■     ■■
ing one end drink.—.Process Work,
attacked by a huge brown   bear.
Tollie's dog attack**!* 1rnm behind
made the bear lose his hold, sad
. The reMoiv»om« xt\tn    can not       d   the £„ r loM hjB hold   ta&  «. , ... ■    , 1 .41 :*."".T"; 7
^^t^^M\^:^^^^JL^a: Try a Ledger Ad. j?-**1—*
0. Commencing at a post plontyd
nt or near southoast cornor of the
A. Rico claim, und bolng northeast
corner 0! J» F.  Silverman's • claim,
cast corner;  thence  80 chains went;
thence 80 chains south;     'hence '0
chains east; thence' 90 chains north
to place of commencement,
Located this 25th day i'f Oct., M07
. . Locator.
WllnoM—Tnhn McDonald.
cores Diphtber-
The bear weighed 158 peunds.
6. Oomrnohcing' at a post plant
at or noar southoast corner of H.
Gamble's   claim, and   being  north]
east cornor of J.^Murtd's'claim, at
markod J, Murld's-northeast corn*
thonco,80 chains west;-   thonco   81
chains south; thonee 80 chains 00
thonce 80 chains north to place
commoncomont, ,
Located this 24th day of Oct, 1901
Wltnoni—John McDonald,
7, Commencing nt a post plautc
at or nonr northeast cornor   of    «'
Miirld's claim, and being northwe^
corner of J,-P. Irwin's Claim,   an!
markod J, P. Irwin's northwost coj
nor; thenco 80 chains south;   thorn
80   chnlns east;     thonce 80 chnlr
north;..:thonco.B0 chains west
plnftft of •commencement,
.Located- this 24th day of Oct., iv\
J. P. JlJim",
Wltbosu—John McDonald.
8. Commoncjng at a post plantJ
J. P. Irwln'ii claim, and being soul
wcBt corner of R. II. Gamble's ctaltl
and marked R, R. Gamblo's sout|
west corner! 1 thence 80 chains eni
thonco 80cliains north; thence 1
cholnsi wo»t; thonco 80 chains soul
to placo of,-commencement. 1
Located thisflithdayof Oct.. M
'  *"■>'' '  Agent I
Wtneie-JohJD IIsDomM. 'A'V.
DISTRICT,JEBGEB, EEBSIE,   i.-ji^iXVfift.lBa, 1908.
Our Stock
ing Men's' W
must be reduced before inventory, on that .account we. are offer-:
ear of all descriptions at tremendous reductions.'. v: - -:■'".
Regular Pi ice §10.00.
"        "        12.50
K '
Sale   Price $ 7 50
Regular Price $10,00
" " "'     15.00
,-.    '' u ,' .. 20.00
.   '■'. ' ".       25.00
Sale Price  $8.00
"        12.O0
"        16.OO
■ Rectilar. Price  $3.00
v) • / 3
'' "'" " .4.00'
Sale  Price $2.40
.'..'        "      .'3.0c
(1 <<
rs' for ■25:?:;Ceiits
')• "
Regular Price ,$6,00.
'  Sale.Price"S5.00
■     ".- ' . '•'■     S..SQ
< <..       1 <
, ... 9s
Regular* Price/ $3.75
^ 4. CO
Sale  Price  $3.00
4-25 ■■
<(       it
erfs  -»
Regular   Price $1.50 ,
"    ;i-75
Sale   Price $1.00
a        , ti iie
"U   , * ,~
,r-\ rams
\J zJ fee
^..i»'v .M
Regular   Price 65c
Sale  Price   50c
it        <<     ^oc
Regular  Price  25c
.   *" "       "       35C
"       ".'     50c
Men's. Socks
Sale   Price  20c
erfs   Sus
Sale  Price  20c
"        "     35c
Grey Blankets Regular Price $2.75, Sale,, price 2.20 Regular $3.25 Sale price 2.50
Men's   Gloves;   arid   Mitts
Pigskin   Gloves
Regular price $i.a5   ■   Sale price g5c
Regular price    i.5o       Sale price i.i5
Pigskin Mitts
Regular  price   i.ob   a Sale price  ;5c
Regular price  uz5   ... Sale   price  95c
Horsehide Gloves
Regular price $i.5o       Sale price $i.i5
Regular price   1.7^       Sale price   1.35
Horsehide Mitts ,
Regular price   i.25  .    Sale prite   95c
Regular price ,i.5o      Sale price i.'r5
Dogskin Gloves
Regular price $1.25       Sale price g5c
Regular price    i.5o       Sale price 1.35
Wool   Mitts
Regular price 3.5c Sale price 25c
Regular price 5oc Sale pri«c 35c
■if ■
Meite Black  a*id  Colored  Soft  Hats   Regular  Price  $1.75   Sale  Price  $1.00
Meffs   German    Co*
Regular  price  6fc Sale  price   4&
Regular price $ 1.25 - Sale price $ 1 h§
Men's  Boot*, and  Shoes
Regular price $3.7$ Sn,c Price $3-00
Regular price   4.00... Sale price    3.00
Men's    Halite
Regular price $i.5o
Rcgulcir price    2.00
Sale prica   t.20
Sale price    1.60
Gladstone   and    Club   Travelling   Bags  at  Exacty  Half  Price
T?vprviiitPov nfiv-MTd in this sale is new and up-to-date and each and every article is a
genuine bargain.   Your inspection invited. ____.
C   $ !iXl K
_..---*«• ftw» -••■'■«•-• •»*»«
IS' -isrow
(wn?i~>' «*)
Ttit;es«Wood    Company9    Ltd.
i   'tf>V »>::
* ■*        ..        *'
$1 a Year in Advance
XMAed •very Saturday  from  the Office ot
Wblie*taon, Todd Block, Victoria Ave.,
.   Fernie, British Columbia,
All changes of ads. mast be In as follows :—
Pages t and 5,2 p. m. Tuesday j pages 8 and 4,
Sp.m.Thursday, and page6,2 p.m. Friday.
We will be unable to insure change unless
this rule is complied with.
> Legal advertising 12 cents per nonpariel
line iirst insertion, 8 cents per line each subsequent insertion.
Bates for contract advertising on application at ofhce of publication, Toad Block.
SATURDAY,   JAN.    18th,    1908.
With, this issue we start the
change ot name to tho "District
As explained in our issue of the
4th o£ January, the reason for
changing the name' is because pf
' the increase. o£ our circulation
outside of Fernie. The "District
Ledger" is the official organ of
the U.. M. W. of A. District No.
18.. " '        ,
While changing the name of our
paper, we are not changing the
"policy in any,way, except that we
will improve' it as we go along.
The news of the City, will be
given more attention, while the
news of the District will be increased. To aid us in this way
we look to the members of the TJ.
M. W. of A. to .send us items of
interest" to the ca/ase from time.
to time. We are about to spend
a few thousand dollars on an improved plant, and this will enable
us to get.out a better looking
paper, more news, and get it out
more promptly. We will also be
in a better position to handle job
work with ' promptness, - and
should receive same from all the
Secretaries ' of the Locals of the
Bidding adieu -to the "Fernie
Ledger," and bespeakingaa hearty
ger" we wish the District increased
The growth of Socialist sentiment in Western Canada is remarkable, travel in the train, go
into-the hotels, listen to the sermons preached from the pulpit,
and you can hear Socialism being
"talked of by rich and poor.
In the province of Alberta a
large number of settlers have
come from the United States who
are imbued with Socialist ideas.
We happened recently to meet
with two homesteaders from the
Athabacca Eiver in the far north
who brought the news of a Socialist meeting of 32 persons being
held one Sunday, this fall, at the
banks of the Athabacca Eiver
some 200 "miles north of Edmonton. It is plainly evident that
Socialism in Canada is not confined to the Coal Minors. Th .<;•
sent hard time are making many
people study Socialism as a
means of, preventing a recurrence
of present conditions. In British Columbia our Lieut. Governor
Dunsirmir is showing the peoplo
how it is possible to set the will
of the people as one voice, and
iscidently make a good bargain
for himself by so doing. All of
which will result in making
more Socialists.
Trades and Labor Council Executive Interview Alberta
Tli* Ifgislntivo executive nf the
Trrluft and Labor Council of Al-
<,i-tt..t inwi viwWvu tue *.'tj ,uu<i.i
t.vui iiv>; i,a ^uiuiiliAy 3iiit, uJlL
ichl>cct to a number of resolutions
passed by the council looking to
legislation for tho advance ncnt of
the interest of labor.
The delegates which comj rlsed
T. E. James, Miners' Union, wfco
was deputised by Vice-President
Lehonny, and A. J. Healey (secretary), T. R. Westman, representatives from local labor bodit-t and
others, were received by ilm. A.
C. Itutherford, prtmler, Hon. W.
H. Cunning, minister of publio
works: Hon, C'„ W. Cross, attor-
aey-gtneral, and lion. W.T. Fin-
ley, minister of agriculture.
The delegation called attention
to resolutions asking for the appointment of scoffolding inspectors and factory inspectors, and
urged legislation respecting,1 r the
payment of all wages in current
coin or at least a bi-monthly
A Workmen's Compensation Act
was   agreed ' upon   to be drafted
along the lines adopted' by    the
{Imperial Parliament.
An amendment ,to the Boilers'
Inspection Act was asked for.
The government was asked to
erect elevators and control publio
The examination1 and registration of steamfitters and plumbers
was urged. This had been endorsed by the Trades and Labor
j Congress of Canada, the Alberta
Trades and Farmers' convention;
Dr. Tertian,,, city medical health
officer, and the Edmonton Trades
and Labor Council. .
An amendment was asked to the
election law under which an extension .of, time' would be. allowed
voters to permit workmen voting
after working hours.
The total abolition of the contract system in'' all public wo' .a
was asked.
A resolution passed by the Alberta trades and farmers' convention, asking that municipalities be
given greater borrowing powers
while the financial stringency continues, was submitted.
An application was made, for
abolition of the system compelling candidates for the provincial
parliament to put up a deposit.
A request was made for the
adult suffrage, in municipalities.  ?
Legislation - was asked for to
prevent the employment of children under 16 years of age.
Several resolutions were submit-
ted regarding the operation of
protection of the lives of conduct-'
ors, and the hour of labor on Sunday were among the points submitted.
A fair wage clause was asked for
to   >.be'included    in all contracts
given by the government. -'
 Application    was made_fgr sev-
B. C Branch of Institute of
Mining Engineers
Yesterday, was organized in this
city a western branch of the Canadian Institute of Mining Engineers. There is at present a membership-in the west of about 150
and it is thought that with vte
localizing of the, institution that
this membership will be easily increased within the year ro 300
members. There was little -lone ot
the meeting of yesterday beyond
the formal organization. The fu'l-
er organization, as to details,
was left, over for today. There
will be morning and afternoon
sessions and in the evening the
many visiting members and their
wives will be entertained at a
dance at the Hume hotel.
Frederic Keffer, of Greenwood,
taking the chair, .snd A. H.
Gracey, of the Eva mine, being
appointed secretary for the meeting, a roll call of those present
was taken. These were: -T. C. Haas
A.    B. W. Hodges, S.  S. Fowler,
I F. Keffer, E. Jacobs, J. J. Campbell,, L. Hill, A."c. Garde, E. C.
Browne-Cave, W. A. Davidson, A.
L. McKillop,'G. E. Eevell, A. H.
Gracey, T. Kiddie, C P. Hill, W.
IHiller, C Rundberg, C. Varcoe,
C. T. Mitchell, W. B. Bishop, S.
G. Blaylock, J. Buchanan, E. W.
Widdowson, and B. ,'A. Isaac.
There were others present, teveral
of whom will be members of the
institute. Amongst these-were: L. '
Pratt, A. D. Wheeler, E. F. Mil-
tenberger, J. A.- Whittiir and F.
" Frederic Keffer, as ^jesrdentf
made an address in which lie stat-
made an address in which he seated the objects of the meeting, including the formation of a western branch of the institute.
It was moved byS. S. Fbwlcr,
and_seconded-by—G P.—H.'Il,—taat-
'•'we now constitute ourselves a
western beanch of the Canadian
Mining institute.'' ,Tn;s, was
The next order of business was
the election of permanent officers,
with the following result: President, A. B. W.- Hodges; secretary,
E. Jacobs; executive council, . P.
S. Couldre'y, R. H. Stewart, L.
Hill, 0. E. S. Whiteside, W. M.
Brewer, J, C. Haas, E. C.    Mus-1
j grave, J. McEvoy and S. G. Blay-
j    While  the scrutineers were     ex-
| amining the ballot papers, E.
Jacobs stated that the provincial
mineralogist had requested him
to express his regret that his official duties just now prevented
him     from leaving Victoria,    so
that he was unable to attend the
A. B. W. Hodges then took, the
era! ammendments   to   the  Mines'
Regulation Act. \ It was suggested that the mine inspector should
visit,all coal mines in his district
at least, once in every six weeks,
and should make a written report
of the condition of that mine, the
same to be posted at the mine
mouth. This was recommended
in the report of the Coal Commission.
Another request made was that
in every mine where at least ten
men were employed there should
be a regularly equipped wash
Another recommendation of the
Coal Commission was endorsed by
the labor men, who asked that escape . shafts in coal mines should
bo a proper distance from th,e
main shaft, 100 or 150 feet was
The government we're asked to
make it a punishable offence for a
member of the mine committee to
be discriminated against by their : engineers for the honor done him,
employers. ; ji„ eai&.
 :ft»4l*S*U-:|s# ■   v
informal discussion as to the best
method of carrying on the newly
formed branch of the institute.
P..Keffer thought it would be
well'to have little local branches
of the institute in the different
mining centres, to meet every
month or so!"    ' r'
S. S. Fowler thought that there
would be hardly a sufficient membership present in any one of
these centres, with the possible
exception of the Boundary, to
make such meetings interesting.
The speaker ' thought that thete
should be quarterly or semi-annual meetings. This led to some
discussion' and finally the general
opinion seemed to be that the
meetings of the western branch of
the institute should be thrice
yearly. -
Mr. Keffer agreed with Mr. Fowler that the oftener meetings
could be held the better the members could get together.
J, C. Haas suggested the reading of papers at such meetings,
but thought the procedure of the
meetings should be, as far as possible, informal. >
T. Kiddle agreed as to the non-
formality of the meetings .and
thought that'meetings three times
a year would be' ample.
E. Jacobs called attention to
the fact that the general meeting
of the institute would be held this"
year in Ottawa, in March next;
and that it would be in order for
the western branch" to prepare for
j that ... annual meeting anything
that the.west particularly thought'
desirable for discussion. The
speaker went on to give the bylaws of the institute as to membership and associate membership.
Mr. Jacobs then remarked: "In
view of the fact that'the depart-'
ment of mines is now organized,
it would be' politic for us to
draft a resolution congratulating
the Dominion Government upon
its establishment and expressing
appreciation of the useful- work
done in the west by the Geological Survey and; as well, with reference' to   the  statistics  gathered
by K. BTHedley throughout u—the
province." Mr. Jacobs also called attention to the fact-that it
had been- said that the Canadian
mint could not use Canadian
metal for its work, inasmuch as
there was no refinery for certain
metals within the Dominion. This
was not the case, inasmuch as
there was such a refinery at Trail.
This matter should be taken up
i by the institute.
The secretary was instructed to
prepare.a resolution along these
lines. ,
The meeting then adjourned at 5
o'clock, to meet this morning at
11 o'clock and again at 2 o'clock.
S, S. Fowler, on behalf of the
Nelson members, tendered an invitation to the members to be present at a dance this evening in
the Hume hotel.—Nelson News,
';V ■ 'Buy" -
Lands at Robson
Five Trains daily, C. P. R.
Steamer, daily Telephone and
Telegraph, good Boating,
Fishing and Hunting, level
Land, magnificent Soil.
Avoid, isolation and poor transportation facilities by buyiug at
where   you
and, be
sure of good  crops.
These lands can be bought
at $i.oo per acre per month
Your 'money back if not satisfied.    For particulars see
Fo J.  Watson
Fernie -:« B.
Andy Good of Crow's Nest,was
chair and in his opening address jin town during tlie weeki
^n>.t«j   u..  *!—1..._.   i-.'_ .     ,.      ■     **-+ontion    is called to
Rossland Carnival on page
; started by  thanking his brother '    Attention    is called to tho Ad
; of the
i Five.
In connection with the handling : institut0 for a ^at°Xw.' j J" * ^^ °f °rMlbr00b'
of explosives at mines, it was Bug- ! but haVe been go busy tha<; x hftV{j
gested that a suitable place should [ neVer bad time to attend a meet-
bo provided for receiving and , ing in the east. When tho institute
hAn e^htbour day bank to bank ] ?»*«•»** this plan I waB hearti-
in mines was also asked for, and I v 1IX favor o£ a branch out here
the premier said the same will be
brought beforo parliament short-"
The conference lasted about
three hours, and tho delegation
were promised that every consideration would be given their pro.
ponal—Morning Journal Edmon-,
P, D, Corset Demonstration,—
On Monday, Jan. 20th and for
tho ton following days, a lady
expert will demonstrate the good
Atting wearing and hygenlc qual-
ities of tho celebrated P. D, Cor.
pot on tho second floor in The
Trites Wood Co's Store.
Soveral complaints have been
received at this offtco about the
delay in bringing the trains down
from the mines. The men claim
that they have often had to wait
a long time, The trains going to
bring tho men to work are always on time, but not when returning.
Attention  iB called  to  tho Ad.
of tho Canadian Fairbanks    Co.,
•    ...    , .m* ,    .        * f
nld   nn<\ vt{r\n rr>pntnHon  nnd  thn '
engines which thoy make for the I
Canadian trado are tho standard
engine.     We have lately inttallec!
one of   their "Jack of All Trades," 4 horse power, which is    a
Attention Is called to the Ad. of
the British Canadian Wood &
Pulp Co., on page 7, This is a
new industry that has been formed among representative men of
Vancouver, for tbs manufacture
of newspape, building, drug store
fibre, aud wrapping papers. A
new feature about this cumpaay
is that instead of using uniform
cut wood, they use the refuse
from mills, such as sawdust, slabs
discarded shingle bolts, etc.    .
and I know all the gentlemen present aro interested enough to endorse my sentiments. But an endeavor should be made to increase
the membership as ?oon as possible. It takes co-operation to
make a success of this branch.
Tho whole ,, reason of tho forma-
.tlon.'of "the western branch is that
the busy membors out west cannot attend the meetings of the institute held in the oast.
''I think we should have a committee of threo appointed''to look
into tho bylaws of tho Canadian
institute and report tomorrow on
such changes which they may
think advisable to make,, I appoint on that committee, Messrs.
FowUr, t. Hill and J. C. Hni\B,"
E, Jacobs, tho • newly elected
(.ecretavy,    thanked, tho members
paid our city a visit last
J. S. Gusty was visiting in
Cranbrook on Monday and Tuesday.
We are sorry to lonrn that J.
P, Lowe is reported on the sick
list those days,
John. A. Macdonald, Sec.-Treas.
Dint. 18 was up from Blairmore
on business last Thursday.
The Old Timers Ball which was
to havo been held on the 2-lth,
has_been postponed till Feb. 10th.
IN    PROBATE   NO.  5,  OF 1008.
Notice is hereby given that on
tho Seventh day of January, 1008
it was ordored by Potor ftdmund
Wilson, judge of tho said court,
that James Ferguson Armstrong,
Official Administer in and for that
portion of the County of East
Kootenay, included in tho East
Koottmay Electoral District, bo
Administrator of ALL and singul-
tho Eftato of John  Scott,  of
fot hifl election as tecrftjry   and   jjparwood,    in   tho     Province  of
wont     on to sry that there w«*o   ~	
nearly     150 members of tho new
V,l'i»^V».i       »^itl..l.«t       illlAUU^A
B.l'.Jih  Ct!
Li i* <"nr'
and in Washington, and prophesied that within a yeir there would
bo n jnembmhip of at least 800,
Mr. Jacobs pointed out that the
paying a great deal of attention
to agriculture, but not so much
to mining, The new branch of
the institute might induce it to
make a difference in this regard.
The pr«id*nt nt the eonduxion
of the remarks made by Mr.
Jacobs declared that it was not
the intention that afternoon to
proceed to the reading of tetanies.] papers, but rather to have an
British     Columbia,  deceased,  intestate,
any rlaim upon or inter-
ost in the distribution oi iho Es>
tate ot tho said dcccaNod is required to nend bofora the 15th
tiny ef February next by registered lettor, addressed to tho under*
si)»Ti*d. his name nnd address and
the full particulars of his claim
or interest and a statement of his
account, and tho nature of the
security (if any) hold by him.
After tht) said last mentioned
date tho Administrator will proceed with the distribution of the
«tatc> havinp; regard to those
claims only of which he, shall have
hrtd   notlrr.
Dated at '.CranVisoeik, this 7th
day of January, A.D. 1008.
James Ferguson Armstrong.
Official Administrator.
• • • ■'{. ■'.-.'' ■      '
*|j>    '    - «|»
tfevnie. m.> C.
"■§• «f>
Kings   Hotel
■ ,  Fernie, B. C.
I      Hotel      !
The Hotel of Pernio
Tho centre of Commercial
and Tourist Trade
Caislne   Unexcelled
»!• S. F. Wallace       Prop. <*
•:♦ ♦
Bar supplied with the best of Wines
•Liquors and Cifirars.
Dining Room in connection
Hotel, Hosmer
Open May 1
Every tiling new and
Every accommodation
for the public.
Bar stocked with the
finest in the land
Kootenay Dray & Transfer
I have commenced n high
class Dray and Transfer business in the city and hope by
constant attention to business
to   merit
a   share   of
W. C.
EsUmuteH furniAlicd on contract work
Euenj attention.
Rooms reseroed by wire
A pleasant home for the
G. L. WHELAN • • Manaeor
0|wn» on Jiinunry rttli. Wliy not Mwly
«liortliim<l,,l>ool<l<eoln<r, Me., nml <iunlify
for i* soml nAlnrliiil imnition/ \v« c»n
hell' you, Intermttlim cnuloifiia htn on
r«cj|"",t tn ?• "• Oarlmtr, Principal of
TJiu (Inthntl JJu»ij)i>i>» Colltg*, iMgnry,
The Miners of Lansing, 0., dedicated a new hall on New Year's
Say.  The affair was a grand, one.
Under new mnniiKU'ncnt
Well furnished roomu.   Tho tablo t>
supplied with tho buHt tho mnrkct
iitTwulo.   Thu bm lti ftuppjiuii
wiili the hcki which, Ji-
quoro and cigars,
Jas. Severn, Prop.
crbe &
Townsito Agents
Pernio and Hosmer
Fire, Liloifc Accident Insurance
Estate :9ISTBICT L^PGffia;,: TEaKTE, B.^ Cv. J^VARTf 18th,„.10p8.
Always Acceptable
Always Delicious
Lead Packets Only
Blue Label 40c„ Red-Label 5Cc,
and Gold Label GOc. per lb.
At all Grocers
Vice-President Galvin was ordered off the property of the Manitoba and Saskatchewan Coal Co.
at Brenifeit Sask., last week
Senator Watson Managing Director . of the company told Galvin he
would allow- no union at his mine
nor would he allow any union
official , on the premises. He proposed to hire who he pleased, and
pay what wages he liked and sell
his coal at what price he wished,
and anyone that did not like his
way   of doing business could'  go
"       ♦   *   *
That the Company had invests
ed $150,000 in the mine and
would run its business as they
wished regardless of anyone. Vice
President Galvin informed Sena-
, tor .Watson that his men were organized into the U. M. W., of A.
and if he would not adjust their
grievencies a Board of Investigation, under the Lemuiez Act would
be applied for and failing to obtain „ justice by that method, he
Senator,' Watson would be up
against a fight that would make
'.'   his $150,000 look like 10 cents.
»   •   ,» a /
About 85 men are employed at
the mine which is a new one.
,   ..     ».»♦.,
 Vice President     Galvin   reports
a strike has been in vogue for
three months, addresses being delivered. The men are in a cheerful mood and are looking forward to a victory, and at the International Board meeting, money
was voted for their support. The
men are peacable and in the face of
many difficulties are behaving like
good citizens. Strike breakers are
in from Cripple Creek but very
little work is being done. In
three days 42 men hoisted 56 cars
of coal the cars averaging , one
ton each, at this rate of work, it
is, generally thought the company
will soon come to terms, and be
at peace once more. May it soon
be' so.
great progress in the directions of
organizing the Souris. Conditions
in and around the mines are bad.
10 ■ to , 12 hours being the shift
worked, the (* highest day wage
$2. About 800 men are employed
„in the Souris coal field.      ■ <°    ."
* »   •» ,
District President Sherman, Mr.
Donald MeNab, Lethbridge, and
Mr. C. H. Richardson, Marysville
are representing the Mine Workers
at Edmonton. They will interview the Government and watch
the Legislature in the interest of
the miners.,
* • , *
W. H. Dunlop, Bankhead, and
Dan Quigley, Lethbridge, , and
been ' elected as delegates to the
International Convention of the
Mine Workers to  be held at    In-,
dianapolis on Jan. 21st.
* *   *
The,. District officers, also have
credentials and will likely attend
the Convention.
* »   «
A strong Socialist Club has
been organized at Edmonton, On
Monday evening District President Sherman addressed a public
meeting in the Club Rooms, and
spoke in favor of Socialist organ-
ization along the lines of the
Socialist party of Canada. About
45 handed in their names for membership at the close of the meeting, Tho movement is booming in
the North.
Peter Patterson, fraternal delegate to the W. F, M., convention
at Greenwood, B. 0., arrived
home Wednesday night and report
conditions in the boundary as being favorable, all things considered. A largo number of won are
at work in the different camps
and tho vacancies are being flllod
as rapidly as possible. At the
Granby smelters conditions aro
not just as smooth as might be,
the men contending that tho
company is discriminating in put*
ttog tho men to work, and many
of the old hands aro being pasHad
up, Tho men as a union body
aro solid and tho best of fooling
prevailed throughout tho convention proceedings. Tho award of
the Investigating Board sitting on
the case at Moyie was censured,
and goneral dissatisfaction     was
VU4HU      C.t.       fcMl      .UVUAW*   A      ....U...^,.
T"rom Greenwood, Mr. Patterson
went to Phoenix, attending a local
meeting and addressing the same,
Prom Greenwood be proceeded to
Seattlo where in company with
Bros. Purcoll and Lawson, Int.
7tr>r.rr\ M(*mVii»ro of TM«t Wo. 99
and No, 15 respectively met in
conference with John Jfci^chlnson,,
Resident Board MemborV Dint//
Wo. 10 Boslyn, Wash., to'&v*sti-
Sate a case ot appeal by local
583, No. S camp from the decision of the Dist. Executive Board,
After hearing the evidence tho
decision of the Dist. Board was
uphold,  thene  thre« brothers hav.
Pete Patterson, arrived here
from attending the Convention of
Dist. No. 6 W. F. M. on Wednesday and left Friday for Indianapolis to attend the International
A very good performance of
"Romeo and Juliet" . was; put on
at the Opera house on Thursday
night,- by the Sanford Dodge Co.
We can not say that Mr. Dodge
was as good as Romeo as he was
as Shylock.
The Ladies Altar Society of the
Catholic Church gave a ball last
night in the Opera House. There
was a very large attendance, and
dancing was kept up ■ till the wee
hours. A most enjoyable time
was' spent.
Mr. J. G. Whiteley, Grand organizer of the Loyal Orange As-..
sociation for British Columbia is
in the city. Mr. Whiteley has called a meeting for Monday night in
the Oddfellows hall for, the purpose-of organizing here..
 A. masquerade Ball was held jn^
the*"6pera house on Wednesday
evening. . About 40 couple were
dressed. Prizes were given by the
Manager to the best dressed lady
and gentleman and also to the
most unique lady and gentleman.
A real good time was had.
' o	
The third meeting of the socialist club, recently organized in Edmonton, was held ,in the Trades
and Labor' chamber last evening.
The principal address was by Mr.
Franlc Sherman, President of District Association No. 18, the defeated socialist candidate at Pinch
er Creek in last local election, and
which he claimed cost the' Liberal
party §10,000. He made a very
moderate, and in the view „oi
many present, a logical and forceful • speech. Capital was given
the blame for all the ills the laboring man is at present undergo1-
ing, and the socialist propaganda
is to have all the credit for the
bliss that awaits him in tho future. He asked tho support of
the laboring man for the Socialist candidate on tho ground that
both the othor parties were tho
samo "thinamen." He was opposed to strikes, as the strikers always loso, and the employers always reap the benefit. Capital
feared socialism more than labor
unionim. Labor will never be
satisfied until in possession and
control of the means of production by which it lives. In social'
iBm only is the hope of a brigTit
or and better condition for the
workingman than now obtains.
Only by organization can this
hopo be realized, Ho was opposed
to government ownorship because
it only changed masters and loit
tho wage earner where he was. It
was tho intention of th* socialist
party to put men in the field end
make a rod hot fight (appliui*).
Tho farmers, he declared, were
largely Socialists, and could be
doponaed on to hrlp in the n('ht.
Thoro wero upwards of 200 present tho hall boing completely
flllod. As a debating club and a
means of educating the workman,
the institution     .should c* l  sue-
■ ■   ■ ■■■■ o- -    ■■■
At two mass meetings of Coleman Miners Union 2633 TJ. T&. W.
of America the following' resolutions  carried unanimously.
Whereas, the vocation of coal
mining is known to be hazardous calling as witness the four
terrible disasters which recently
occurred in the United States, not
to recall the immense loss of life
in Fernie a few years ago and in
Coleman last April when our beloved brothers were snuffed out
like a candle, and,
Whereas, accidents are continually occuring which maim tho
workers who follow coal, mining,
and serve to incapacitate them
for thereafter earning a living,
Whereas many of these workers
have wives and families dependant on them who are thus left
helpless and without an additional charge ■ on their hand, and
Whereas, the unhealthiness of
the occupation,is beyond question;
the low lights with which we are
compelled to work, involving a
strain that- is injurious to the
eyes, the confinement which impairs vitality, and the unseen
dangers that menace, therefore
Be it resolved, that we the members of Coleman Local 2633, U.
M. W. of America, in mass meeting assembled, demand of the
Provincial Parliament that they
take cognizance of these conditions and their attendant hard
ships, and mete out a small measure of justice to the workers in
this most important industry of
the Province by passing at the
next session of Parliament an
eight hour Bank to Bank law
identical with the law now in
force in British Columbia, and a
Compensation Act along the lines
adopted by the Imperial Parliament, and '
, Be it resolved iurther, that cop-
to Hon. Premier Rutherford,
Hon. John P.". Mercellus, The
Alberta Executive Trades and
Labor Council, the District Board
the Fernie Ledger and the Great
Whereas, under the present Mines Inspectors' Act the inspector
after examination of mines records his findings in a book provided for the purpose in. the Company's office. .This arrangement
prevents, to a very great extent,
the mine workers from being conversant with same, and
Whereas, under the existing law
the visit of the mine Inspector
are times optional with him,
Be it resolved that we the members of Coleman, Local '2633, U.
M. W. of America, in mass meeting assembled, urge upon the
Provincial Parliament the necessity of amending the Mine Inspectors' , Act,. so that mine inspec-
shall be compelled to visit each
mine in his District at least once
every six weeks, and post his report at the mine mouth, in the
interest of .the workers employed
therein,   and <,
Be it further resolved that copies of this resolution be forwarded to Hon. Premier Rutherford,
Hon, John P. Mercellus, the Alberta ■< Executive Trades and
Labor Council, the District Board'
the Fernie Ledger and _ the Great
Whereas, at present there is no
law providing that miners, 'shall
receive dynamite or patent powders in a condition fit to use' in
their working places, and
Whereas, there have been many
accidents owing to".their being
compelled under present conditions to , thaw their own powder,
Be it resolved that we the members of Coleman Local 2633, U.
M.-of America, in mass'' meeting assembled draw this to the
attention of the Provincial Gov7
eminent, that'they may'see the
necessity of enacting a law compelling mine operators to provide
a place suitable for the storing
and preparing of powder to be used where the miners may receive
it- for use .'when necessary,    and
Be' it further resolved that copies of this resolution be forwarded
to Hon. Premier' Rutherford, Hon.
John F. Mercellus, the Alberta
Executive Trades and Labor Council, the District Board, the Fernie
Ledger' and the Great West.
Coleman, Alberta,
January,   7th,   1908.
Fairbanks Morse 1908       f
; If you intend to install a new iioa: engine this vcar it wilj be worth
■your while to communicate with us. " '.,.
' n , ft i Wo.mRrni!ir,,v t!iirt-v different sizes, tvpes aud combinations, from
■ 2 1-2,h.p. to 150 h.p.   Our 2 1-2 h.p. ia an eiiffine-not a toy.
Our expert will be in the neighborhood all the time.    Ask us for 1
> catalog.
Canadian-Fairbanks   Co.,   Ltd.
•> 101 Water Street, Vancouver
% Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg,  Calgary. %
ThecPure Food Law
Secretary 'Wilson, says. "One of the
objects of the law is to inform the' coa-
sumer of the presence of certain harmful drugs in. medicines." The law re
quir'eB that the amount of chloroform,
opium, morphine, and other habit
of each bottle. The'manufacturers of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy have all
ways claimed that their remedy did not
contain any of these drugs and the
truth of this claim is now fully proven,
as no mention of them is made on the
label. This remedy is not only one of
the safestpbut one of the beat in use for
coughs and cold.?. Its value has been
proven beyond question during the
many years it has been in general iise
For sale'by all druggists.
The general introduction of the
eight-hour day should be the goal
toward which we should steadily
tend, and the government should
set the example in this respect.—
President Roosevelt.
To nil those purchasing
Tickets to any Ball at
Pat Miller's
is playing* can hear the
Music free of charge
For those who could not get
si way during the busy holiday
season we recommend .  ....
This Far-Famed Sanatorium
with its Sulp'nur Springs and
Unsurpassed Accommodation is
Just ths ■ place
to build up and get a fresh start.
Rates $2.50 per day and up.
This Company operates
Through Standard Sleep-
ing'Cars, Dining Cars and
First Class Tourist Sleepers'
formation desired call on or write
D.P.A. A.G.I'. A.
Xfclson Van stiver
tov the farm, garden, huvn or
Keliable,   approved   varieties
at reasonable prices,
No windy'agents to annoy yoa
Buy direct and get trees and
. seeds that GROW
Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps, -
Spraying material and
Cut Flowers
Catalogue Free    .
M. J. Henry
Greenhouse — 8010 -Westminster >
Koad, Vancouuer'j B. C.
60  YEARS'
Trade Marks
_    Designs
copvriohts ac.
UonsMrlctlyeonflilonUaLHANDBOOIf onPtlfliu
lent iroo. CIMoit ngencr for lacurtnir pttonu,
' Fa'onw taken tErou«b Munn ACo. recolw
tpccialmUce, wltboutcbiinte, uttfie
Scientific American.
A handsomoly Uluttratod woolily, Lament circulation otnny scientific Jonrnal. Term* lor
Canada. IM5 a year, portago pwpnSd. Sold by
n)J ucwBdcaicw. ,
MUNN &Co.3e«"ad**>.New York
^BranchOfflco, (Si F BU WaatilnKtoo.I).«.
AJl work guaranteed
Victoria Ave,
Fit for a King
The meats that von buy
frornus are fit for a klntr.
We'"sell no'hins that is
not the best, that is why
we have so many pleased
customers. Let U9, dc-
raonsuuo this fact by a
trial. Polite attention
and prompt service.
Calgary Cattle Co,
The X
I Fernie Lumber f
•T4 I.
Fernie, B, C.
Winter Carnival
No sane mother would wi*h her- i
colt'  treated  under  the conditions ,
of medicine or surgery of half    a j
century   ago.     Why    then should ; qy
slio give her little one tho    tld- I rtk
tury np;o, n'Mrh morn Hk'ly thnn ' ^p
not contain poisonous opiates i Gk)
that cannot euro the nhild, 1-wt i £L
merely drugs it into temporary ' %?
insensibility, Baby's Own Tublf ts j U)
in     a   modern   medicine prepared j Qk
modem medical science. And the >
mother who gives this medicine to >
her child hnn tho guarantee of a 1
Government analyst that it does j
not contain one -particle of I
opiate or poisonous toothing j
stuff. This medicine cures all the j
minor ailments of little ones, and ,
makes baby n, healthy, laughing
happy e\\\\n. Sold by nil mi»meino
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
Tlioro is only ono placo In town
wncroyoii can not {rood rcliiiblo
(foods in our lino that. Is m
W. A. INGHAM, I'noi'.
I'iionk HI.     -     ~    Kkiwih II. C
£        Co., Ltd.        |
| MIX. McDOUGAU, Pres. I Gen. Hp, \
Manufacturers of and        £
Dealers in £
b Roucrh & Dressed Lumber ?;
7 A'
g    Dimension & Uriel^'o Timber &
PUlnpr, Moulding Lailis, «£
in]g heard the grievance with full) dealero or by mail at 25 cents a
power to act. Wilkinson Wash., Ibox feom The fir, Williams' Med.
«*• another point visited, where  icine Co., Broekville, Oat.
Bigger and Better Than Ever
L'wda' iht auspUvr. ol
February 4th to 8th, 1908
Hockey   Matches,      Snowshoc   Races
Curling Bonsplel find other sports
For Pull Particulars Address A, B. McKenzIc, Sec,
if Cash I. Cash ll
$     PnJd for Sooond
;|;      Hand F urnlturo
;!;        Stoves f oto.
% B. C. Furniture Store I
I % Next Door to Imperial Hotel  <£
Minnrd's Liniment cures Diphtber.
Shingles and  Ties, y
| Telephone Poles a Specialty $
v  ♦!•
Y, All Ortlera I'rompily Attended y*  «
i 10 v       '£,   .
ferrule, 13. C. •>
(fiend Office, Winnipeg)
Ur.inclics—Vancouver, Nelson, l-'ernie
Edmonton, Alta, & Kcnor.i, Out.
Fernie, B. C.
Wholesale  Groceries,   Flour,   Feed &
Carop Supplies
Miiiard's LimJsBMt wta Diphtheria, .DISTEICT LEDGER,',rEBNIE,B." C, JANTJABY .18tK,: .1908.
■ Apparaub
fire Boiap in
5ij-       \-  By'this arrangement it will   "c'e"
!seen: •     .
'  1.    That  as the  two  "culbs,   are
equal in bulk, arid balanced at-the
8 SEX'! same moment, they will be affect-_
] ed' equally in weight by an.   in-
a 'ata'crsase   or  decrease  :n  atmosphere
i ■ ■ ■ °
i pressure.-'' ,
I    S.   That the right-hand helix or
r    j; oj.«      j each   'instrument     will-exert the
IttuiCdlin^; same amount of force on its   re-
n    .  ... i sponsive    needle, both being sup-
t03l  iiiifi£3       | plied .with current from the same
battery,   and  that the same   rule
iwill apply to' the "left-hand helices
The  very   startling   accounts   oi j    3.   That as each instrument   is
cently found their way  irto     the ',' temperature   and  equal  hygrome-
press    induce     the Editor  of  the j trie condition, it will only be sen-
Scientific    American     Lo    prissnt ! sitive     to   a'change
once more to his reidsrs an  ' in- j sure   of said,    atmospb
genious   apparatus  invented  jjo-.i'-e j change in its atomic
years ago by Mr. Henry Guy Car-       Both   instruments   are balanced
iFort Steele^
-.    '■t$2§&$&& .....
CiV.l. —CosI mining rishtsiiuy be leased for
:i lit-iioul o- twenty-one years, &% tji ausunl
tv:mt! nf Tl l c-r acre. Not more than 2,5'."
;'.>:!•«■> shall I* Iftsed to one in.Uviduui 'or
■jusniiKny" -;- ro'.uUyiit thu r«ie of live cents
per ion cl'.'ill ••'■<! collected on li:--- merchiintabli.-
t--oiil mine;'.!. ,      , ,
Quart!!,—A ]>srson eighteen;. oars of age or !
over, luiviii'.! uiwovcMil mineraVm place, Jntiy i Uottlt'd
locflte ii claim 1.5 *) x 1,:VJ0 feut. ■ ■   :
TjiO fue for recording a claim is to. 1 —:.-—""■
At least il''1 must Leexiio'.i'leJ on the I iiaid. to the mining rt".u:'der hi'
lifu t'i»reof. When WB 1ir* neen fxpemlo'i or
pni.l, iho loe?!ur lmiy, upon iiiyir.,; «. »iur»»y
niiiile, f.ii'l upon complying wi'h other- re-
<tulrcinetita. purchase the hind a: 5] portiere,
Brewers  of Extra- Fine   Lt'.gef"
and    Acratri;
;i.   ; Specialty.
.B. E. WALKER,'President'    '    ,.
ALEX.' LAIRD, General Manager   * •:
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
PakLup Capital, $t0,000,000
Rest,   -   -   -     .5,000,000
Total Assets, i-.;H3,000;000
Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England
The imti-iil provides for tho payment of si ;
disasters   which have re- . fceut in an atmosphere oi constant   royalty m:1! per c.nt on the bales. .    ;
" •■     *• I't^CJ'.lMnir.iiiKclftinnpreJicrituy tire 10'lfett |
sti'taro; entry foe *Sreuew(ibleyearly,-.
rVn  npn'iicaiit  mny   obtain  two lenses lo
Glow's    West   Special
 AND  -
MtaeB*'s Favorfte Cigars
Deposits of SI ::nd upwards received, and Interest allowed at
current raics. The depositor is subject to no delay whatever in
the withdrawal oi the whole or' any portion of the deposit,.
leton for the putpose of indicating
firedamp in mines and. of thereby
averting at least one source of
danger to the miner. The apparatus consists, essentially, of one
or more indicating balances to be
permanently placed in a goal or
drift of-'the mine,  and a te^ister-
lor i'.icli five mile*.  HeiUul *lu per milium lor
"«oh- uii!u »f rivor loiiie'l.    Hoyaltyut the
at    the   same     moment by their i ^^i;^'11^''1* °"tlw °UtpUt uf".
weights -respectively.  The t.ase   gf { _ '   W. v.'.Cor.v,
,    ,               -xt        0      ._      ,. ,„      y.,-11   i .' UeiiutvMinUter of the Interior,
balance     No.    2     is     tlv;n     iul- i ,   '.   •,     . „   .. r ., .     ,
N                                                                           i v n tniuithori'/ei  puV uiition of this tut-
I Fcrtiio Branch
II.   L.   EdmoiHls,   Mannpor
ed     with pure     fire ' damp      at [ i-ortLemeut will not he nni.! for.
normal- pressure, obtained from, a
"blower"  in the mine.  (This will
obviate   the  necessity   of  correcting  for  that -percentage  of     car-
Atis l-c7-<;m
ing balance to be used i>y the ob- ; bonic acid always associated with
server in the testing room, ccn- j marsh gas dn fire damp as would
nected by wires.' Each 1 ah:nce j be becessary if pure i.iarsh be ne-
holds in equilibrium a ihin glass | cessai-y it pure gas were used,
bulb of about 300 cubic inches j Care of course,-is "taken to keep
capacity,- hermetically seeled.
They are counterbalanced at    the
a stream of the gas flowing in, to
counteract    the   diffusion  of    air
same  moment  by  weights  respec- \ through the case. Bulb F will now j
tively, and hence will be equally j
affected by variations in the, at- I
mospheric pressure. Attached to" j
the vertical arm or pointer, of j
each" balance is a soft iron iier.dle, i
sink, its increase in weigh being
about 39 grains, H will break
contract with c, and thet bell
rings. The observer now switches on battery 1., which applies   a <
gilded  to . prevent  rusting. Its j force     of   say 45  grains through
ends plunge freely into helic?s   cf I helix,   a',   to. the  needle  attached
insulated  wire. „ 4 to the vertical arm of balance No.
The helices on both instruments j <"• ' This more than compensates
are "exactly of the same size and j for the increase in weight, H . is
electrical'resistance,'and of sum- S brought back to ?., aud '.he bell
■cien't-internal'', diameter to exert 1 peases to ring. The observer
but feeble on the needles . now    throws in  small resistances
with , an.   ordinary  current. •    The
risrht-hand  helix   of "balance   No.
until K breaks again,  and -   thus
finally^.iimseli that   the
You want comfort and satisactloo
I of clean smooth   shaves   every
morning.        '
The Carbo Magnetic is the only
GUARANTBED to give this.    <
I The secret Electric Tempering
positively merges every particle of carbon  (the  life of
steel) into tho metal—giving
diamond-like hardness
throughout tho blade^some-j
thing  absolutely   impossible,
with fire tempered steel used
I in making all other razoa-s.    \
I   But tost tills razor  in your
I own home—or have your barber
luseit on you,   Secure one 30
The best dollar a day house
r  ',     in the city.;"'
;" '    Woll stocked bar.   "
Liquors nncl Cigars of the
highest quality..
1    is'    connected • .with  the  right | a^ ount   of  force  applied  through
.hand helix'of balance" No.  2 and j helix,,  a',   of the'- distant vinstru-
..'is supplied at will from a battery j ment is just enough to bal ttvee it
°.with a current whose strength can'and,no  more.        Now,  as-     +b;s
cately by resistances thrown, into ; helix,, a, upon the needle of bal-
the'circuit bj the rheostat, en- j aiics No. 1, its equilibrium is disabling the magnetic force of the i turbed. ' The Hider is therefore
helices, to be regulated to a nice- j shifted until equilibrium is restor-'
ty. The 'i.'ft-liand'. helices are j ed. The. position of this rider
sJmiliarly eennected. through bat- \ equals the force applied'tlsrnush
tery and rheostat." ! l"Ux  a,  equals  the  force  applitd
', ,.    , „= i'„i,„-„ >,__! through    the helix of the,
Tho vertical arm oi balance nas, . & ,
... .    „ „ ..    „f -iopi.ri.   instrument; i'Jo. .", and necessarily
a platinum viy capable ot electri- - ' > _     , j-
.., '   ._t:_i. ......ti.  ,--c„i„+^  «™».   equals tno increased weight rf ihe
Dry Goofc, Groceries, Boats snd Slices
Gent's ■. Furnishings
,"  , ,   ...    . „..-,   .„j  ;.-v„„r  ] equals uio lncreassa weight r-t ihe
cal contact with insulated screw.     i, „,."„.
r -u^jj«~ ««cf fr. i biuo, S ■, in uure fire damn, iroi-i
Connection from binding post to' '..*.. .
i..    , jc   ,*„a» t^it t this point, thereiore,  to- ze.'j, fo
the    vertical    arm     is   made by;       > -1        ' ,.-,,;        .   .
means   of   the mercury cup, into
which  a wir<?  from  the beam     i:
dipped.     By contact b?tween and i
the relay in the observing    rooni
i observer graduates'b'.\v<i   into
: hundredths     and   minor sui.c'.ivi-
i sions. ■■,   '■ Tho   graduation is then
made in similar manner  for car-
.    ,     ,    ,      ,    „     , .        „4.„„f I bonic acid,  employing rider,    r ,
is kept  closed,   Breaking  contact]      , ... %_J    % '  .
i., V „,,,„„ -„„„v ' and battery     II.      In "practice,
ouor.s    the     relay,     whose   oacK ,     ,. , ,
,-  ..     ,  „ ,  „,.,„„n  „„ : these graduations would bo madu
t.cvo^a shunts tne local circuit on ■ b
.,.,,.      . ,j.  .»„n-„„„ri«  ■ beiore  the  instruments  were plac-
tr.e bell, ringing It continuously, . 4 _
' .,    «„v,v,c(.+Bri   tn 'ed :n   position,   allowances being
T.'.e vcsistance cou,  connectea   to . * .    ' "
l    r,      j a   ^™,,«„f «   inadf tor tho depth and increased
posts 3 and 4, prevent a < '. -
1 . TJ „„.   . i temperature to, which each balance
passing     when   H ana c < ,     -
,.      ,   ,   ' is to sro,
break. Tho ca>-e surrounding bal- ■ b
ance No. 2    i-i cf    marble or un-
glazed    tiling    excluding air cur-
the instrument
the conditions
rents and dust, yet admitting <,
gasses by diffusion. Chloiide jj>f ,
calcium, >n the'holder, keeps the I
interior free from moisture. The '
whole is protected from injury by !
a perforated iron case, as shown, (
Once .placed in its position in the
mine, its temperature will be constant.
Balance No. 1, in ths observing
room, is provided with two riders, moved along ,. tho graduated
beam as shown. If more dolicato
readings are desired, additional
ridors of loss weight may bo also
BlifulOW  AT  H03MER,   B. O.
Thus adjusted,
v/ill act under
named as follows:
1. Barometer and no
•Tire Damp"—Tho pointor cf tho
observer's instrument will bo deflected to the left, On applying
h.ittery II, both balances will
come to equilibrium with tho same
amount of olectrical force, the
distant instrument indicating by
the hell, ;au described :
2, Palling Barometer     and no
"Piro Damp,"—Tho bulbs in both j
instruments will sink when     tlw |
atmospheric pressure is below the |
point at which they were adjust
"Wholcsiilo Dealers Direct
Importers of,
Sold Ajrent* In l'.nst TCoii»enny (m-
v\"A rivit
Pay your housekeep-l
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again^l an account
withThe Home Bank'
of Canada. Paying!
through the bank is j
safer than paying!
with cash out of hand.;
Your cheque is a
receipt and we return
your cheques to 3'ou at
the end of the month
with your account j
accurately balanced.
j     of Canada.
|G. W. X. Boulton, Manager
! Fernie  Branch
The Dominion..' Meat, Co.
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Victoria Ave
COXjID    stoeag-b
,      . . , ^.     ,,to, both   by-    force applied from
.mployod,  a  separate waj'Mh|   h *    ^^
3.   Rising; Bnronifttor and "Eire
provided on the beam. ,   Balance i
No. lis incased, dried by chloride
of calciuta, and pJiacod In a  room
artlflcially mnintaiaed at oonstant
teniperature V>y m/>auo wotl known,
z/ic Cough of
Your doctor will cell vou that
fresh tir find rood food are
the real cures for consumption.
But often the coughis very-
hard. Hence, we suggest that
you flflk your doctor about
*-*t*»M       #*t*?*««        ^••*tN.'n        ^t*rmn*i*
Pectoral.  It controls the tick-
Z, quiets tho rystfu
Vfv ; J'..-<'.' ' if fyrrivUi
,     V/<j'lih nlD'.hM I
y     ',<tji: i;uTn>4klii'ii>ii |
■i -,     \>"« nr#e ytn to
,'^ csi't'i.l y««r
., '4  ■" "     ' •iQUf.f
On* fit Ayer'"! }'W>.
Damp.*'—Tho observer will    And
on applying current from battery
11, that   the tlintant instrument
conies to equilibrium with a wealt-
•r current than hi* own.   Keeping
.that    in   •qtillibrlum by the cur-
•nt, he moves the rider, r,   until
hia own balance is in poise. The
j ptialtion of this rider neeeRRarily
| g-i,ves him     the percontaga of h:e
!damp in the cast of tho  distant
; 4, 'railing Barometer and "Fire
Damp."—Both balances    art  dis<
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to, apply
by local applications, as tnoy can.
!? rnLro^!.rw.Dy SlSS iand?°aand ^^STXS
tho Mr, Tlmr« N Jo .V'™! to prosp.ct for coal and p.troleum
euro doafnesB, aud that Is by "W-.^ tbt f0llowinir lands, situaU
stltntloDtt remedies, DeafntM *Un &, district oi Southeast Koot-
cniissd by an Inriamed ooadlilOD oflinay( Btttish Columbia, Block
tho Auction UiilDtK of th« sMstaohlan j 4603.
tvbo,  Wlian tbla    tuba Is Inflamed   .      .
you hjT. a rowing .oaoi or f-j-J ^^STa^ it i.P°8 W
porfcot hearlutt, and when It 1* •■•. t of tll, pr#Mnt 0tVlU, iumj
tlrcly okMad, doafatis U taa rssslt, on w#,t Boundary line ot Block
and unless the iDOammatlon can be 4503, and b*ing the S.E. eemeit
taken out anfl this tubn restored to] J)0|it nf the Hamuel M. Moore
tta nortDol condition, haarlng will bt | claim, thence running north 80
dostlroyed (orswr J nloa osses out of; chains, thence west 80 cus j»s,
ten aro oaiusd by oatarib, whloh Is; thence   south   80 chains, tanca
ot the moouos soriaccs.
We will rIto One lluodrei Dollsrs
I nff,l\rA w *Z rwl   «\»r«^ 'tor MV (,M0 o( *nt**» <e*0,fl(, *' > ember, 1007.
I trie pressure, while balance No. 2   jj^,., Catarrb Cure.  Bond for dr-
1' i» affected   both by that and by ! Mlsrs, free.
'the]  fire damp. Henep, the power
inow applied by battery 1, sumci-
1     •'    -      •   ',,./*,   1 • 1 ... j      *,
more or lesu.
T.onntrd  t.hi«   12th  diiv  cf Nr,v-
fleat Merchants
LAV AYS «i choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Vctil and Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, . Butter and Eggs.  ■;
Fresh, Smoked and Snlted Fish; always a
good assortment, Try our Mince Meat,
Snurkraut and Oysters,
3.—Communing at a post plan»
red 1 mile east of the 23rd
mile post ot the present C,
P. &. survey «u ves. lutuidtry
of Block 45>3, end beinc tee S,
VV.   COlWtfi   i>«ifc   «»   •«•*.       —
*J Nl;>«ft w!llc»iiKf*
r.trument, will overweight the ob«
server's The amount , of this
overweight is determined, as before, by rider, r, and the percent-
.•t(»e of flro damp iR.pivcn.
■imllar,    ridor, r'     bcir-g    fcund
cssary lo     rciiorc  ciuiM1 rit::
F, J. CIIKNET & CO., Toledo,   O.
TnVo Hall's Family Pill* for coil
Bolfl by drugiilBta, 75c.
Ono of tV.ff most swooj-'ing labor
decisions    J«ndt*rcd   in Massachu-
I'.jtts hnnded dov/n by Judge i ch.%in.i,
"r..,:.::1. c: '.'..e avt.cvlor ccms'.. ll".
hold* that n labor xsnlon ha3    a \ ™„,£'m",'je ~«t \>ii
S,—Commencing m a pofct v'nn-
ted   1   mile     cast   of    the 23rd
P. It. survey on west boundary
line of Block 4593, ai.d U:ng the
N.E. corner po*t <>i .'esse P. PJ5-
vorutan's claim, thentc vuncir.^
wti.t 80 chains, *Wnec uouth 80
thenco r.v:>t ^0 chains,
thTOe*'north SO chains, to a poin«,
of    conimcnccHi* -t, jr.Jitm.K      dIv"
sn Incres^cd flor-.f t.:n.*, f,nt5 produce «   ,    .,     '      .,_ , .4-'„»
peo«c laxative e«T:ci(ihj dsy Allowing.'-t0 thp ohsprv«r ■ imtniment.
Jormuls on each »> --■<; Show it to your • Applied to a pen«r/il eyst'm, a
doctor. He will un-J«ratind at a jlance. ' .mmbcr of bnlanrcs like Mo. !?
Dole,one pill it t.u'.;!rnc. \
—•«•«♦ fcyu«».o.ittro*..tMr««'—•'     fContinued on pa^e Seven.)
:);'ht- to tii)>* u,ai,«i   v;Lo doe»
Loeat*d   th;
mber. lfOT.
not aeceds to tho denies of the j om»er. U0,,.
i.nion an-1 o;i» uort l.\ an #.taV-,       A  ^  nEL^r.N. Agent.
l/'.l«v.cntvw!itr» a stri'/e isir. prog-  wlkM9S. (j, r.  'J. C-.lus.m.
commencemfnt, mailing l>40 ««*•
more or losa. ''
T»r»t»d   ♦V1I1   1'•-''h   r'.AV   of   «?>*••
umber, W*-
JNO.   BOnElirSON,   JoCbtor.
A, V/. BELT) EN, A pent.
Witness: G. C. II. Coleman.
4.—Commenslng at a jwt plan,
ted 1 mile last of the 23rd mile
r.oit       cf the       prewnt      C.
P, H, survey on ■•-eat b'»vndf,ry
»n» r,( mnrn 4503, and beinjr the
M.V/. comer post ot the William
Ct. -Pearson- claim, thence running
past E0 chains, thence south 80
rhainfl,    thence    west    80 chains,
thence north 80 cb&ita, to a polni
of commencement, making 04f
acres mote or less,
located   this IQth datr of Jfav-
ember. 1007.
Xt W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness; O. C. it. CoUman.
5.—Commencing at a post planted at or near at a point one mile
east of 25 mile post of present C.
P. B. survey, adjoining Block
-ISM on tno west, and being the
southwest corner post of Alex, S.
Farquharson'tu claim; thence north
80 chains; thence west 80 chains;
thoncft south 80 chains; thence
east 80 chains to a point of com-
mencemt'itt, malting 040 acres
nirtri* or !e«.
Located this 13th day of Nov-
ember, 1907.
ALEX. S. rAHQUHAUaON,    Locator,
W. E, COATER, Apeut.
Witness: G   C   H. Coleman. BISTRICT LEBG-ER, FEKHIE.B.   C.., JANUARY  18th,  1908.
Prospects Point to the Development of fine on Peninsula"
The development ot the coal-
deposits at North. Saanich' within
twenty miles oi t the city ot Victoria still goos' on apace. It is
reported that a seam three feet
thick has been discovered and the
prospectors are still going" deeper.
Captain Bissett, who has bonded a large part of tho north end
of; the peninsula, it is -understood'
has interested-capitalists in the
scheme, and it is hot at,all 'improbable that big developments
will result in the near future.
Should coal in paying quantities
be found right on the confines of
the city, as that is, it would
mean cheaper fuel ,,for the manufacturing industries as well as for
the residents and also a largo
weekly payroll, a large part of
which would be bound to
that district.
It has been known ~ for, a long
tim6 that coal in small or large
quantities exist*, fi in that part
of the island .but it' was not
-known whechcr the seams would
be sufficiently thick and of the
right quality to make it worth
while working it. The test that
is now being made will settle
that question and the first reports
that have been received seem to
indicate that the most favorable
conditions exist.
' Not only will the city of Victoria benefit if the result of . the
work now. being conducted is successful, but the whole district will
be benefitted, and it will be a very
material financial gain to those
whose property has been included
in the0 deal which is contemplated.
 -— o    ,'. ".
Wheeling. Jan 14.—-A private
telegram received here from Indianapolis, which is said to be
authoritative, •. says that T. L.
Lewis of Bridgeport, Ohio, .vice-
president ot' the ' United -Mine
Workers of ' America, has T:een
elected president over W. 3. Wilson by' a majority of 30,000 in a 1
ycte' o:'' 400,000,,
■ o	
(Continued from page Six.)
By virtue of warrants of execution issued out of the County
Court of British Columbia, hold-
en" at Fernie, B. C, at the suits
of Boss Brothers and Bean Brothers, Plaintiffs, and S. A. Skead,.
and the Hosmer, Lumber Company
Limited, defendants, and to me directed against - the, goods and
chattels, of the above named defendants, S, A. Skead,- and the
Kosmsr Lumber Company, Limited I have seized and taken into
execution all the right, title and
interests of the said defendants
lumber' at Hosmer, Bn C, to re-*
cover the sum. of -S591-58, 1-e
sides    sheriffs'    poundage,   officers
frequently made,  and notification I ^^l^J^J^U^l
promptly signaled  to   the  miners | 0-clcck in the forenoon."'  '    '
would be placed in various portions of the mine, the left-hand
helices all being otf . one circuit,
and the right-hand helices on another, connected with the one balance to be -used in the observing
room. Separate wires would -be
run for the bells serving to indi-
'■ cattJ. thS movements  of each   >in-
) strumenc. The tests would then be
j simultaneous,  full battery   power
j being thrown on, and then gradually, weakened by   the  rheostat;
: measurements being taken on the,. ,      ,, -   ,      ,-.-   .,    ±  ,
' ' „.„„,.„„.„    ,   , ,   ,, ; iees and all other legal incidental
-.--.., . ;Ooserv«s    balance as-  eaca    bell | 03cpexises; ^x of ^hiSx I shall e=s-
Spokane,   Jan   161—Roland,    L. i gave warning that one or more of \ pcse for saiSj  or sufficient thereof
Laird, Secretary of the G-albraith | the ".distant     balances      were i to   satisfy   said    judgment,   debt,
Coal company, with headquarters   equilibium.     These tests could be ; and  costs  at Hosmer,   B.   C,   on
in Spokane, who has just returned from,an inspection trip to the
Royal"' Collieries' near   Lethbridge, j in •  any drift in which a danger-j    Dated » at Hosmer,   B.   C,  this
reports      that  mining   operations I ous percentage  was   observed,   or 1 31st day of December, 1907^
are continuing steadily  and  that j to   the     fire boss  and his assist- j M- ^erin^s^Tmty-.
When you have a bad cough or
cold do bot let it drag along until it becomes "chronic bronchitis
or develops into an attack of
pneumonia", but give it the attention it deserves and get rid of it.
Take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and you are sure of prompt
relief. From a small beginning,0
the sale and use-of this preparation has extended to, all parts of
the. United States and to many
foreign'countries.' Its; many - re-
'markable cures - of coughs ' ■ and
colds have won for it this wide
reputation' and extensive use. Sold
by all Druggists.
:.,. —. r-rQ~	
coal is being broken daily at the j ants.
Barnes mine for shipment to • the j,/" The" percentage 0f carbonic acid
various centres    of  Canada,  add- j exhaled    from     coal usually runs
from 0.30 to 2.1 per cent in   firs
"The 'tonnage' is, restricted for j damp, varying in different    mines
the     present by the necessity^. ot
hauling,,    the  product  in wagons
but practically „ constant in     any
one.     There may be a sudden   in-
:everal miles to the loading point : crease .by an explosion, but ventil
on the  C  P.    R.,  at   Lethbridge. j
However, the matter of constructing a spur ■ line to the heart , of
the Royal areas is in hand and
the beginning of grading - oh the
line will be a feature of the early
spring. No engineering difficulties
vequire solution. The Royal tract
has a frontage of several miles on
ation"would soon restore the normal condition. The quantity produced by the lamps and men' ,vis
insignificant, since the ventilation
necessary to keep the mine 'free
from fire damp sweeps aw ay. the!
carbonic acid from this source as
fast, as formed.
Should it be desirable to     test,
the Belly river and,.the coal seam   foj.     mars£ gas  Qnly  balance    2
. Lame shoulder is usually caused
- by.rheumatism of the muscles and
quickly     yields to a few applica-
' tions of Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
Mrs, P. H. McElwee,  of Boiston,
New  Brunswick,  writes:   "Having
been, troubled for some time with my left shoulder, I decided, to give Chamberlain's   Pain
Balm a trial, with the result that
:-=. I got prompt relief.". For sale by
'  all druggists. "   '   '
outcrops above the water level
the entire distance. The tract extends in a southerly direction
from the river, varying from one
to. three miles and with a- view to
determining the most advantageous location for the extensive
plant of the company, a series of
drill holes have been sunk .to ascertain the depth' at which the seam
exists at various points and the
nature of the coal at such points.
The seam has been located in this
way at a depth of less ,than 200
feet and . the fact demonstrated
'fEaTHEfie pitcH™"^ slightj—only-
such as will contribute to convenience and economy in mining operations on a :large scale;
"The quality of the coal . is
practically unvarying, being hard
and lending itself to mining in
clean bright blocks best adapted
to the production of a high percentage of screened lump coal. It
is likely that coal cutting machines will be employed extensively in the Royal Collieries when
mining on a large scale is undertaken.
Read Strong Testimony of a Man Who was Helpless for Years
and Whom HosPital Doctors Said was Incurable.'
Locomotor ataxia its, a d.&easo
of the spinal cord, Vnaractoiizod
by peculiar disturbances oi the,
gait, and difficulty in governing
the motion of tho legs. As the
disease progresses there is a
total inability to walk. One of
the earliest signs is a tired feeling particularly noted in the
kheee and ankles. Often a numb
feeling 1b associated with it. As
the disease is of slow growth,
the disease is of slow growth,
some cases covering a period of
years, the increase and intensity
of the symptoms is not noticed,
but its progress is constant and
gradually approaches a total
lack of feeling in the legs, causing
a wobbling gait and entire in*
ability to govern the steps. As
it grows the patient loses con*
trot over the bowels and water.
A further symptom ia the sensa*
tlon of a pressure at the waist,
as the upper parts of the Bpinol
cord becomes affected.
Locomotor ataxia is stubborn
in yielding to treatment and be*
fore the discovery of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills was considered incur*
able. It has been fully demon*
strated, however, that this disease con bo cured by Dr. Wil*
Huns' Pinh Tills for Palo People,
The length of treatment required depends upon the stage at
which it is commenced. It is dan*
nf*«r the presence of the disease
is recognised, although this medicine has wrought cures in many
rases of long standing.
We give the following statement
of Mr. Henry Furier, a well
V-»*>***n Trident of Delta, Ont., in
firoof of the claim that Dr. Wil*
iaras' Pink Pills will cure this
most dreaded of diseases;' Mr.
Purser says: "I am deeply grate*
- ful that X am able to write you
and let you know the great benefit X have derived from the use of
Dr. William*' Tlnk Pills. Some
years ago while working on the
firand    Trunk Hallway, I injured
may be surrounded by an air-tight'
case,, provided with a tube open-'
ed or shut at will by a mercury'
valve i operated by an electro--
magnet controlled from "the :"pb-'
serviing "' station., This tube',
would be opened ' for, say,."five
minutes., During that time ihe.ex*,;
ternal gases would diffuse , perfectly through the tube into,,the
case, but both moisture and;car-,
bonic acid, would immediately be
obserbed by caustic potassa placed in D\ • The tube would-then
en, pure marsh gas being" the
standard. These tests,would be
made« as often as desired, ,, the
observer having full control,]:J of
the valves on all the instruments
and operating all on cne circuit.
While   a   separate     circuit)71" is
shown for the right-hand or left- j
hand helices, it is practicable, by i,
a simple device arranged by   the f
inventor,  to   operate  either helix:
at will from the.observing'station
and yet use but a single circuit.
With bulbs of 300 cubic inches
capacity, a balance weighing to
one-tenth of a grain will give the
percentage of- marsh gas to one-,
third of one per cent, The bulbs
weigh six ounces. This weight
may bo lessened S6 grains by filling them with,;pure hydrogen.
A reading to one-third of one per
cent is close enough in practice,
Tho instrument is especially designed for use in gbaves, where
large accumulations of the gas
are more liable to form. A decrease in atmospheric pressure
forces it out in the workings,
where it may be fired by a shot,
a dofective lnmp, or other causes.
It. having been settled that the
explosions supposed to be wholly
due to coal dust depend on marsh
gas in conjunction with'the'dust,
the necessity for close watch upon even small percentages is obvious.
As marsh.gas spreads with tolerable rapidity, one instrument
will guard a considerable area,
especially in a go*t where ventilation is neglected.
■•■    ' o	
, Ottawa,.Jan.; 16.—-Word'was received from the' Colonial Secretary
'that the';King has decided to institute a medal to be known... as
the Edward'medal, for courage .in
saving or v attempting ; to save
lives in, ,the -mines or quarries of.
His •,Majesty's-; dominions. .,The
'medal will ,not be; awarded for
rash acts', but:!for '. acts'-' where
judgment and' courage have been
.combined.J^It'i_would'   hot     be
ai.u. note]
. J. L.   Gates,:\ Proprietor
Corner Hanson 5t.
& Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B. C.
awarded for an attempt ar fescue
.where the ...wo.uld-be" rescuer him-
self rescued.ithus..increasing , ;the ...danger, for-; all, concerned.
Notice is hereby given that
thirty' days after date I the
the undersigned intend to apply
to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works at Victoria for a license to prospect for
coal and1 petroleum on the following described lands.
Commencing at a post marked
p. Cate's south west corner, being also .the south east corner' of
lot 1908 group 1, thence 80 chains
.east, .'. thence...J30 , chains Berth,
thence'.80. chains west .to the
north east corner of „ 130*2 group
1, thence following the eastern
boundary of said lot 1908 group
1, to the point' of commencement,
containing 640 acres more or
less.   _
.D. A. CATE, locator.
E. McGHEGOE, Agent.
Fernie, December ], 1907.;
To Whom it may Concern:   ,
The partnership heretofore existing between Wm. Scott and
Owen Ross, under the firm name
of The Fernie Cartage Co., and
Scott & Boss, Undertakers, .was
by mutual consent dissolved, to <
date " from * the 1st of. December
1907. Owen Boss letains the
name of The Fernie Cartage Co.,
and Wm. Scott the Undertaking
Department. AH'accounts duo the
saidr The Fernie Cartage Co. are
payable to Owen Boss at the office
of the said Company, and all
accounts" due the Undertaking de-.
-partmeat—are_payable to Wnit,
•->     WM. SCOTT.
313 Cordova St., Vancouver, B. C.
We hnvo established the tovnsite of I'ort Mellon on Howe Sound, 25 miles from Vancouver
fiiid secured tho water rights of Rainy River, which is,, capable of developing from '2,C00 to o/JOO
horM'power, for the locution of our murnmitli plfliit for dm mnmifacturo of newspnpor, building-
paper, wrapping pnper, etc., tho plant to have a capacity of 40<J tons of finished paper por weeU
tho company hope to have tho pulp plant in operation by November 1st, 1908.
Wo now offer for subscription tho bulimco of our first ullotmoiit of Preferred
Stock in blocks of 100 nt $1.00 per share; each 100 shnrcs entitled to a bonus
of 25 Hlmrou of Preferred,
Special   Notice
All appllcationfl for first allotment tbaroH either for largo or imall blocki (n order to
bo entitled to full allotment must be received by tho Brltlah Columbia Truit Corporation, Vancouver, B. 0., on or before the close of regular buttlneaa, January 28, '08
weight-., Gradually the trouble
grew worse and I was taken to
the hospital at Brockville. The
treatment there seemed to help me
and after some weeks I roturned
to work. I was only at work a
few days when the trouble returned worse than before. Again I
went to the hospital, blisters
were applied to my spine, , but
without avail. The doctors told
me I had locomotor ataxia, and
that there was no help for me, as
I would never be able to use my
legs again.     I returned home in
the belief that X would always be
a helpless cripple, and that death
only could bring* relief,     I |-rad*
uatly got worse and worse. There
was absolutely no feeling in my
legs, X lost control of both bowels
and. bladder,    and suffered great
torture     from    a   girdling pain
about the v/altit. X was in fact  a
complete  wreck and could scarce*
ly sleep at night, Finally a friend
asked   me if I had ever tried   Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, and on   juy
saying   no, he got   me a supply
and X began to uso them.    It was
quite a while before I found any
benefit, but Anally relief began to
come. The pains about the waist
ceased. X slept better and my (vp*
I'ctlto war, hotter.     Thon tho fetl-
ing began gradually to return to
my le(,*B, and    then I was again
able to stand alone. As time went ,r_ -        , -   -
nn     ft-,*   <i«mTn**>m*>*it ^nnHnuftd,      "What is it that a womsn en- ' \\    KKAN.CIS J. 1'. GIBSON, HrltUh Columbia TriUt    m'jJTACK H. JKNNS  Hnrrlster,etc   Vancouver
and   I was   at    last able to go | joys most about her furs?" atks if I \    ,  i^'V'".^."^,,,,.   ,        . . ,.        , ,. '";;.(..'      ''
Wen London I'apnr MM*, London, Kngliuid.,    „ .W>0   ...  *-ATJ--, UU* iJj.j-biiHa.j-g In, Nan
COL. T. 11  TUACKYj M. C., .Soc U. B» l». Mn , - .  ™lm' U,L"
1). L S., Con , Km,*., former City Kngineer of    OKF.Rt.Y KOLTH, formerly Oencral M«ii«|-or Psci-
Vancouver. lie Const Coda Co,
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—Last winter I    received great benefit from the use
of    KINAHD'S LINIMENT in    a
revere attuck of LaGrippe, and   i;
havo frequently proved it to be |
very   effective in cases of Inflam-i
mation. <
„ , Tho preferred stock is entitled to a dividend of 7 per cent, commencing Novomber 1st, 100H,
The 7 per cent, divldendls due and psysblo before any dividend is paid upon the common stock. After 7
per cent, hits been paid upon preferred both stocks thereafter participate equally. There is no good reason why tho preferred should riot pay from 26 to 60 per cent, dividends,
Tho books of the corporation nro open nt any time for inspection of tho itcnornl public There Ih
no watered s»ocl<, no Inflated values, no ground-floor plan, or hupn promoter^ profits in tho enterprise,
Unlike most corporations, instead of allowing 16 to 26 per cent, for advertising end sale of stock, tho entire
coimnlttBlou, literature, nowxpnpor advertising, brokerage, ofllco oxpmmes, etc, Ih limited to ten per vent.
Tho public are cordially Invited to vlult our rlemonstrstlng plant, 3IH Cordova Stieot and witners manufacture of pulp and paper from rcfutio material, such an slstm, discarded Hhinglu boltn, etc., that
is now being burnt at the local mills,
jf| CAl'TAlN  I!.  A.  M1...I.ON",   J. IV,   American FUKIi. SMITH, member Smith, Wright ft David-
fit          Mfl.v,is Agent, etc. sou, Wholesalo Paper Co., Vancouver, H. 0.
LfJ \V.   11,   11.  COLUSTKI.,  Manager Albion  lion jf, M, Hi;RUITT, Western Maimger Corllcelll Sill;
U          Urn Ice, Vancouver. Co., Vancouver, H C.
about With  ti.e  Ur.e Ol" a CUltf, tMd .-  corr*ittnnnd*>«t        T.lU.r...    .v.*..*.
I could get in and out of a buggy * C»™V<>™™\    J*"""*  »nout
-'i'-—    -—i-i.—-.       -    rHz.  them, we should think.
without assistance. I scarcely
hope to be the vigorous man X
once waa but only those who
have suffered aa I did can imagine
the great cratitudfl 1 t«cj 101 vtiihx
Dr.     Williams'    "
my   back while  liftijag   a heavy  Sreckrille, Ont
done for me, X strongly and sincerely advise similar sufferers to
give this medicine a fair tiial.''
You can procure Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills from any medicine deal-
•r or by mail at 50 rent* a bo*
or six boxes for $2,50 from The
Dr.      Williams'      Medicine    Co.,
A h;ttl tba* •pir'fbi'e rrdrt, torn-
Pink Milo ba\e jmodlous accommodation for Its pat*
row is a source cf pleasure to tba
travelling pablie. Bueh a one Is the
KUtg Edsrard Hotel, of Fernie, cor*
•ar opposite pott oOee.
All Subscription for-Stock ntuat be made direct (o
Minard's Liniment enrsa Diphtheria.
News of the City
Thoroughly, experienced lady
atenographer" and bookkeeper
wants good position.—Apply to
Ledger. Office.
Wanted.—One second hand saw
mill in good condition, capacity. 10, •
000 12.000 feet per da\v with planer
and groover. Address Crown Coal
& Coke Co., C ro «'s Nest, 13. C.
Advertiser with small capital,
'desires responsible position in.
office, real estate preferred, with
yiew to partnership later on. 4
years experience . assisting man-
' agement oi large mercantile firm
abroad. Familiar with life, fire,
accident insurance. Slight experience in timber cruising. Preference, billet combining office and
field work. References exchanged.
'Apply "Cranbrook" care of the
Jffanager, Fernie Ledger.
Send for our descriptive catalogue of Nursery stock. Address
The Riverside Nurseries, Grand
Forks. J. 4.
We are prepared to furnish No.
1 Crow's Nest Lake ice.   For particulars,      address      Good   Bros.
Crow's Nest, B. C.
WANTED — A qualified practi-
. 'tioner for Canmore.   Apply by letter with all particulars, to James
Clyne, Fin.-Sec. Park Local Union
Canmore, Alta.
~" Shack  For  Sale.—In  old  town,
'Apply Ledger. »,• 2-t
„ For Sale ;today.—Furniture in
first class order. Apply Mrs. Monaster, McPherson Avenue, Middle
one''of-Mr.  Trites Cottages.
House to Sent.—West   Fernie, 4
rooms. Apply at Ledger.   .
Wanted. — Experienced     general
, servant;  also  nurse,  by  February
1st.     Apply,   . Mrs.    Wood    Park
House.- ' 1-t
For    Sale.—Piano,  Pianola  and
100  records.   Apply  W.   G.   Ross,
care of     The   A. Macdonald Co.,
Dressmaking   and  ladies'   tailor-
■"-"- ing done at SO Pellatt'avenue.
—'■ O  j
Yellow Danver Onions.     Regular price^ 3 lbs a5c
Saturday,   4 lbs  25c
Fresh   Prunes.
Regular price 2 lbs 25c  f
3 lbs 25c ',■'**
Pay Cash W» «l>
Prompt Delivery
Auditor, Accountant, General Af-ent
Life, Accident mid Employer's Linbility insurance
Books opened,   closed,   audited, and accounts  kept in the
most up-to-date manner.
Office,   Burns'  Block.
Fernie, B. O.
To sell the highest quality table supplies at the lowest possible price is the rale of our grocery department.
We turn over this stock every four or five weeks, so are able to supply you for less money with fresher and
better goods than you will,get elsewhere. , ' .
Have you tried Quaker Canned Vegetables and Preserved Fruits?
Canned Goods are packed in four qualities, but if ycu judge them by the outside appearance they are all
about the same. QuaKer Brand Vegetables and Fruits readily command the highest price on account of
their superior quality. . Don't you want the best? They will cost you no more lhan you are paying for
lower grade goods. " , V r
money can buy,   Per lb	
The' sweetest and  best
For an appetizing breakfast try some ot our
Sliced to your order in any quantity required.
Warranted the best, and on account.of our having purchased before.the advance costs you less than you
pay elsewhere for inferior brands.      Per 1001b. Sacks, S3.25:      Per 50 lb. Sacks $1.65.   ,
lm- 1
Honey Wanted—$1,000 on
proved' farm of 160 acres, containing 50 acres broken, a house,
barn,.- and good well, all fenced,
2-i miles from Killam, Alta. will
pay 10 per cent." for five or~ ten
years.   Apply 1*1."E. Shea, Elko.
 o —
P. D. Corset Demonstration.—
On Monday, Jan. "20th and for
the ten following days, a lady
expert .will demonstrate the good
ities of the celebrated P. D. Corset on the second floor in The
.Trites Wood  Co's  Store.
A log shack occupied by a Slav
was burned" to the ground yesterday. It was situated on the hill
opposite the C. P. R. Depot.
Calendars; toilet sets, dolls,
games, in fact everything in our
window at cost, from the 28th of
December till 1st of January. See
our,ad. Palace Drug Store.
Dave  Eckersley .the   ever  genial
"Dave"  has    returned from      his
visit to Halifax.  ; We are pleased
to state he is feeling much better
| for  the holiday. •
President F. Hi Sherman has
been  busy lately  around-Edmon-
Nurse Daly returned from Waldo
:on Monday.
The air compressor is being installed at Coal  Creek.    ,
W. G. Boss paid a business trip
to Coleman on Monday.   '
D. F. Hughes of Crow's Nest
.visited the city this  week.
Owen Eoss made a trip to Calgary on Sunday on. business.
J. Bates,'o£.Cranbrook was here
on Monday and Tuesday last.
L. P. Eckstein was up to Cranbrook on Tuesday on "a .business
Mr, Naismith, the, inspector of
the Home Bank, was here on Tuesday.
H. McMillan, of Calgary, well
known here is registered at tho
E. W. Woods is getting along
nicely and was able to sit up on
Thursday.    ,
T. Labelle, of Pincher was visiting around the city on Thursday and Friday.
The sheriffs sale advertised for
last Tuesday has been postponed
till January 2,4th, ,
Mrs. "Paddy" Hughes is reported very sick at present. Wo hope
to sec her around soon.
1-1. Frechette left for Ottawn on
Tuesday. Mr. Frechette was with
the Coal Co., litre,
E. Tuttle in under the weather
tlico day.'1, Inn will lo around
soon 3iov/ wo trust.
ton district, and left there Friday
j to   attend the International  Con-
|-vention at Indianapolis. '.'
j    Mrs.   G.  W.  N.  Boulton, wife of
i the popular"manager'oi the Home
Bank, left, for Montreal on Mon-
! day.   We understandsMr.  Boulto.i
will leave later.
A " great     convenience    in- the
shape of two mail boxes,,We for
the  east, and',   one for the west,
the C. P. "It. platform.
Joe Moore was injured in No. 2
mine Monday, sustaining a' badly
smashed foot. He is progressing
as favorably as can- be expected.
The ■ doctors think that, amputation will be unnecessary.
The} supposed clothes line thief
was arrested early. Monday nv >
ing by Constable Parks. He
made a bold dash for liberty,
but Parks fired three shots qyer
his head,which brought him to
time. He was sent to jail for
three months.
very thing, (this to, me seems very
strange and'ls much to be regretted
in the interests of good government.
So far as tho gentlemen nominated
are concerned, the fact that there
have been nonpublic pledges will, of
course, have no effect as regards the
due carrying out of law, j to. which
they are committed by, their office.
,T|hia(t Is to' say, -apart jfrom toll
pledges, as regards the enforcement
of law, they are solemnly bound by-
their oath. Their claim to.respect
as gentlemen depends absolutely] on
this, and if they command the
support \ of self-respecting.; citizens
they will take ithis seriously to heart.
The same applies of course,' with,
equal force, to the police commisEion-
ers to be appointed.
, I might venture 'a mild protest that
more was inot .said inj the' presB in
this behalf. It is, true'that one of
ourpapers did draw attention to the
matter of pledges,   almost,   at the
Sunlight Soap, Six Bars ,
Lifebuoy Soap, Sis Bars
Crest Floating Soap, Six Bars
$1 -00
C. & B. 7 lb.-tins Jam"
lie*;. $1.25.    Special.	
^Vebb's English Plum Puddings
Reg. 70c.    Special:....^	
•T. O. Ti'iry. .'.. = •■. C! r. r-.l Ttf v.-
ag..-i-, and A. Pi-kc par. .cl -.hrouj.h
here- on Tuesday on u spL-cial.
John Uarrinj.ion left last night
to attend tho International Convention ns roprcontative of tho
Gladstone Local.
See I.iphardt about that watch
jot ban them at any price $1.00,
E. A. Lizzie still rides his 2.12}
A.    B,  Campbell visited Fernie
on business.  Sure.
Dr.  Bonnell,  of Fornie, was   in
town during the week.
The new hotel will be opened by
the 20th, all being well.
Jack     Jarvis   and wife visited
Fernie during the week.
Fin has returned from Olson, we
are all glad to see him again. „
Dog races at Fernie. Shaw    we
have   them    skinned forty ways,
Apply to A. B..
!    Mr. Tauthior, makes more than
■ regular  business  trips   to  Fornie.
' Well hero's success.
I    Fro.'. ur.icDonrUd of P. Burns &
Co.,   :uy.orls businei-s .good.      We
[all v/i*h Mac success.
<    C   F
■ vor of
-.villi  *
Reputations' are not built ot promises but of things accomplished.   We have built our clothing' reputation on
"Campbells"   &   " Faultless"   Clothing
and invite your inspection of what the manufacturers have accomplished in the way of quality, style and
good workmanship in 'this season's goods.  ■ '• =
Men's Suits $8.50 to $25
Men's Pants in Tweeds. Worsteds, well made and perfect fitting,
be equalled in'town.
$1.75   to   $5.50   per
Assortment of patterns and prices cinnot
"eleve^'th_hc^rTbTt~wh"a~tTls wanted—
llf'I {miay \ycnture on so told a pronouncement—is a keen and close eye
on civic affairs, in all their aspects,
moral as well as fiscal ,in the in'terv
ests of the highest well-being of the
tow,p. This, I understand, Is primarily what the press exists for.
"Eternal vigilance is the price   of
liberty, I"
;■.■•!    I fcua.
M     Yours respectfully,
,:.',      ,.   iW. LASHLEY HALL.
Special Discount- Sale to clear, winter stock of Lined Mitts and' Gloves, Mackinaw Clothing, Duck Winter
■    „ Coats and Heavy Caps
.  Our Stock of Men's Winter Rubbers going below  actual  cost
The best goods and the best makes.
We have them.
Men's Fleece Lined, per suit.. $1.10
Tiger Brand Scotch Knit, per suit....$2.00 & $2.50
Britania Shetland'Wool, per suit  $3.00
Wolsey, per suit '.'. , $6.50
'We are sole agents for '
King  of the Road Overalls for men.     Union mado.
® )','''
Do not forget the
Tinsmithing,   Plumbing,   Steam   Pitting
All Work Promptly Executed and
Satisfaction   Guaranteed.
j?hilH,*!i,  travelling Awli-
ilio C.  IV P...' was visiting
. B.  Cojnnboll.
ucting J..:ld  in.  the> Opera
'MSKa/S/SrS® •,®S<S*3)5> -ISX^IX^SS®!^^
.U**U4«*ilJ>4t.^.« .... ■
on Thui:',dny \.'au of  a pe- j,
ii'uturu,..   attended only by , \
C. officials.
: |2.50, 93.76, $5.00 $0.50 and up.. m0»Bely"
our I),
F, Lfibellc of tho Pacific gave >\
swoll dunce in tho Uining room at
which nbout 30 couplft were present and onjoyed thf.'.iM'ves   im-
Telephone 11
Next King Edwnrd Hotel
«/ vr> ♦.•> «.V ^'* «.T> <T> *V kU «.•/ <*/> <*» A'/.,»«>i*"4*>l/,<,*>,A!4.AV J>!i*-!A5"4i!>.Vi*-'*i!i
•"i^ ^i> /i> 'l^ "JV «'4> <1> *■!> 'iV V4V*iV
«.■*, *.wr .
^.^Ut'.L.UW.^.   .
A «arpentor named Snow was
injured by a fall from one of tho
archos of the new rink on Wed*
W, Symoods was in Coloman on
TueNday, in eonneotion with the
Socialist Party of Canada Local
Wo. 17 here,
Vote the increased advertising
'v« hav* tbis week, especially the
page of Trites Wood Co., on page
The doe; races last Saturday resulted at follows: David Andir*
"oi, t«*. Percy X-SciigrJLl Had.
Albert Slekenn, 3rd.
A. 0. LIphardt has a very fine
selection of loose diamonds which
he can mount in his own work*
shop. His prices are right.
J. B. Tierney, • f the firm of W,
P. Tierney ti'Go., l«'t fur an extended trip. before tf< ivg he
was presented ith a T'rench Pield
glass, by the *lrm; * cold watar
supper by the B. .S. A,; a diamond
pin by Bro. Reagh; and address*
es by the following Campbell
Anderson and Herchmer. Mr.
Tierney was mush* "toucHed" bi
the friendly feeling. We will wel-
come "them" baek in the near future.
Th« Editor In «d way holds hint-
1 ttif raflponelblo for oplfllona ezprovaed
>ll»y eorrenpondsilti,
i—       _... »M„j...|.i.   T .4„»r
"ri. ,   t* Hi.
Uefiflnninff Saturday, tlio 'J8th Dec. nnd until tho 1st ot
January, 1008, everything you sec In our window will
be sold at Cost price.
Bargains for Every One
This Is a genuine sale. The balance of holiday Roods
imut bo cleared ont at cost bctoro stock taking In
Watch the Window of the
The Palace Drug: Store
Plume 12 11. T. ncLcmi Manager
Daar Mr :—
I am sorprlaed to learn. Id regard
to oor. tikir, mtyUL and eotwoH-who,
j praanme, to Ih* atm«<oa of other
nominations tiro thereby considered
i to ha teleeied \<% atwlamatlotf-tkal
; not ooe of 1ha geotletoea standlnt
! for, office haa been publicly pledged
' oa a stigla swaa.
| etforti put forth. dar«
(iq.<i®Z®S^3®l®ttm&i>y&% tog the i&st year fait, looklag to th|<
Are prcpsred to cater to ladles'(
trade a* wi>\l nh |*«ritluTnenV.
Ladies' hair end faces treated
any day but Snturday.
All the leading lines of High
Class Chocolates and
«r*JU»    ^mr*^ „ju,V«JU»»j
Skates,   Hookey   Sticks-   Etc.
Without using any slang phrases,
we mean what we say "We are
there" with all the paraphernalia
incidental to Skating and Hockey.
We carry the largest assortment of
these goods in the district and for
quality  and price  defy competition.
VW Ml I 111 35) IL © ■"*
IrW d^^H
Bring in Your Job Work


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