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Volume 7
$1.00 A YEAR.
Board of Trade References to Late
Mr. R. E. Kittson���New Wharf and
Mission Delegate Discussed
At the regular monthly meeting
of the Delta Board of Trade on Monday night, the principal business was
the election of a new president to
succeed the late Mr.  R.  E.  Kittson.
Mr. S. W. Fisher, the chairman,
opened the meeting by referring In
sympathetic terms to the great loss
tiie board had sustained by the recent death of their late president,
Mr. R. E. Kittson. It was only last
month, at their lost meeting, that
Mr. Kittson had presided, evidently
in good health and spirits. He felt
.^iiii* that he was expressing the feet-
ing of the meeting In extending their
deepest sympathy with Mrs. Kittson
In her sad bereavement. He suggested that the secretary, Mr. Lanning, should draft a letter of condolence to be forwarded to Mrs. Kittson. It was eventually decided that
Mr. John McKee and Mr. T. E. Ladner should assist Mr. Lanning ln
drawing up the letter.
Mr. Lanning, the secretary, having
read the minutes of the last meeting,
Mr. E. T. Calvert reported on behalf
of the Publicity Committee, that the
pamphlet    was   well   advanced    for
printing.    Wtih regard to the Illustrations,   several   additional   photographs had been obtained, including
one of the Canning industry, one of
Boundary  Bay, and  a good one of
the new Municipal Hall, supplied by
Mr.  Hope,  the architect.      It  was'
hoped also to obtain an illustration1
of the new High School.    Everything'
in   fact,   was  In  good shape  to  go
ahead .with  the printing.       It  was
moved by Mr. Wm. Kirkland, seconded by Mr. John McKee, that 3,000
copies of the pamphlet be printed.'
Fire Protection. J
Reporting on the question of obtaining a fire brigade and a supply
of hose for the fire protection of
i.adner. Mr. John McKee asked that
an extension of time be granted thq
i jniiuittee for securing further names
for the petition to be presented to
the council, calling for th- euforte-
ii-i'ik of the local Improvement by-j
law. After some discussion this
course was decided upon. I
New Wharf.
snme misapprehension appears to
have arisen as to the exact amount'
to he expended by the government on
the new wharfs at Ladner. |
Mr. T. E. Ladner stated that as
one of the committee appointed to
wait upon the late Mr. Keefer re new
wharf, he was given to understand
that only $2,500 was to be spent
instead of $3000, originally promised by the government. He did not
Hilnk that the smaller amount would
be sufficient for the complete realization of the proposed Improvements
to the harbor. He suggested that
Mr. J. D. Taylor, M.P., should be
waited upon, so that his Influence
could be used to obtain the larger
amount from the government.
Mr. \V. A. Kirkland also stated
that In an Interview with Mr. Reefer's
successor, he was informed that the
amount to be expended on the wharf
was $2,500.
Mr. I.anning, the secretary of the
Board, read the letter received from
Ottawa, Instructing Mr. Keefer to
expend the amount of $3,000.
After some further discussion on
the matter by several members of
the Hoard, Including Messrs. I.adner,
Fisher, Lanning and Klrkwood, in
the course of which a further exten-
Blon of the wharf and the building
of a shed was advocated, lt was
moved by Mr. Calvert, seconded by
Mr. McKee, that the original com-
mlttee appointed Bhould confer with
the resident engineer and wall upon
Mr, J. O. Taylbr, M.P. This com-
mlttee Included Messrs. (!. W. Brewster, T. I.adner and II. D. Benson.
The motion  prevailed.
Conveys Sympathy.
Mr, I.anning read a communication from the secretary of the Progressive Association, New Westmin-'
ster, condoling with the Hoard on
,'1" recent death of Mr. KittBon, the
1 'te president. I
Mr, Calvert, ln commenting upon
the letter, said that he felt sure the
members of the board thoroughly appreciated the spirit of the Communication, and he moved that the secretary of the board be asked to send
a letter to the Progressive Association to this effect, and that a copy
of the letter be forwarded to Mrs.
R. E. Kittson. This motion., was
seconded by Mr. Grant, and unanimously carried.
A letter inviting the Board to send
exhibits of potatoes and other produce of the Delta to the Ottawa exhibition was read by the secretary.
It was stated that the exhibits had
to be forwarded to reach Ottawa, the
expenses being paid by the government, by September 1, and that the
potato exhibit was to consist of one
peck of four varieties of the Delta.
After some discussion, in the
course of which Dr. King suggested
that the matter be referred to the
Agricultural Committee, and Mr. Calvert specially named Mr. T. Ladner
as a representative exhibitor, it was
successfully moved by Mr. Calvert,
supported by Mr. W. H. Kirkland,
that Mr. T. Ladner and Mr. Hutcherson be appointed to act with tbe
Agricultural Committee in attending
to the matter.
Bureau Delegate.
In response to a letter received
from the Fraser Valley Publicity Association, calling attention to the objects of the association and inviting
delegates to- the meeting to be held
at Mission City, on August 16, lt was
moved by Mr. John McKee, seconded
by Mr. Calvert, that Mr. George
Dennis be appointed as a delegate.
After the motion was carried lt was
pointed out by Mr. Lanning tbat as
Mr. Dennis was also a member of
the council, he would represent both
bodies at the Mission conference.
A communication from Mr. Chas.
H. Stuart-Wade, Publicity Commissioner, New Westminster Board of
Trade, in which reference was made
to the Dominion timber lands not
cleared ln British Columbia, was read
by the -ecretary.
After some discussion by several
members of the board, in the course
of which Mr. T. Ladner stated tbat
be believed that while there was
some timber land of the kind in Surrey, he did not think there was any
ln Delta municipality, it_ was decided
to file the letter on tiie motion of
Mr. Hutcherson, seconded by Mr. T.
E, Ladner.
Election of a President.
The final business of the evening
was the election of a president of
the Board ln succession to the late
Mr. R. E. Kittson.
Mr. S. W. Fisher, vice-president,
stated that before calling for nominations he would like to make his
position clear to the members of the
Board. As they were aware, lt was
the usual procedure to nominate the
vice-president of a Board of Trade
for the position, but as It was usual
for the chairman to be also on several committees, he did not feel that
he could devote sufficient time to
the position, and he would prefer not
to he nominated.
Alter some discussion, during
which the name of Mr. T. Ltidner
seemed to be the one und only choice
of the meeting, Mr. John McKee
spoke In eulogistic terms as to the
great services rendered by Mr. Ladner, both to tho Board and Delta,
especially In agricultural matters and
publicity, and moved that he be appointed president, The proposition
was seconded by Mr. Grant and unanimously carried.
Mr. I.adi*:- briefly thanked the
members for the honor conferred
upon liitii.. but would have preferred
If the nomination had been deferred
to a fuller meeting of tho Board.
However, he had always done his best
ln the Interests of the Board and of
the Delta generally, and he would
continue to give ills beBt services In
tho future. They had a splendid
country, and the Hoard of Trade had
done much, especially during the last
few years, In advertising the Delta,
Discussed   Business   and   Appointed. Carload of Shafting Arrived���Other
Councillor Dennis Delegate to      j       Machinery on the Way and
Mis.siMi Conference. ! Expected Soon.
The regular fortnightly meeting of
the Delta Council was held last Saturday, when a full complement of
members, Including Reeve Benson
and Mr. N. A. McDiarmid, Clerk,
were present.
A communication from Harold
Cook, respecting certain repairs on
Lnws Road, was received and filed.
A letter was received from Wm.
Clarke, asking information regarding
regulations governing the subdivision
of land, and the clerk was Instructed
to reply.
A communication from Mr, L. E.
Marmont, secretary of the Fraser
Valley Publicity Association, re meeting of delegates at Mission City, on
August 16th, was' discussed, and
Councillor Dennis was appointed the
delegate from the council. Mr. Dennis will also represent the Delta
Board of Trade, of which he is a
Pearce, Carling & Co., of Victoria,
wrote the council re release of mortgage on subdivision F, Annacis Island, and It was decided tbat the
clerk make out the necessary release.
The Revenue bylaw passed the second and third reading.
Subdivision plans of a portion of
Annacis Island, In the upper or
slough side, were laid over for consideration.
The matter of removing E. Goudy's
building on the Oliver road, was discussed and left to be dealt with by
Reeve Benson.
The usual monthly accounts were
passed for payment.
The new McLelan lumber mills
at Ladner are nearing completion and
only await the arrival of machinery.
| A carload of shafting was received
I at the mills this week, and the engine, gang saw and hand mill are
��� now on the way, having been already
'shipped by the G.N.R.
There is at present some difficulty
with regard to the delivery of the
transmission machinery, but this is
expected  to be soon  overcome.
Tho cutting capacity of the mill
will be about 100.000 feet of lumber
per day, and the company figures
upon starting with about 65,000 feet
Fish and fruit boxes for the canneries will be the specialty Qf the
mills, and besides supplying' B.C.
points they will compete for a share
of the trade of the Niagara Peninsula fruit canneries.
Mr, Oliver Murphy, the manager
of the mills here, states that so soon
as the machinery is on the ground,
work will be expedited in installing
Dyking  of Land Fronting Gulf of
Georgia Undertaken by Owners
Will Benefit Whole Island
Mr.    McLeod,   B.A., 'Appointed   to
Ladner New High School���AU
Schools Cleaned.
The principal of the new Ladner
High School has been now appointed
and will be Mr. McLeod, B.C., late
principal of Mission City school. He
ls a highly qualified man, and can be
tc'lled upon to take the keenest Interest ln the welfare of the teachers
as well as scholars of the new educational institution.
In the meantime, the old town hall
on the Slough Road will be utilized
for school purposes, until such time
as the new building is ready for occupation. The hall has been thoroughly cleaned and fumigated and
will be In good "Condition for the
school re-openlng, when the' new
principal, Mr. McLeod, will commence
his new duties.
It may be added that the various
schools of Ladner and district have
been inspected by Trustee Taylor, the
buildings having been also cleaned
and fumigated In readiness for the
early resumption of school work.
During the early part of the week,
sockeyes have been running well forj
the time of the year. Messrs. Currle
& McWtlllams, of the Westham Island cannery, report that Monday's
catch was good, about 5000 sockeyes
for the day, averaging about 75 each
boat. One boat got over 40*0 fish.
On the whole the catch at this cannery this season has been much better than last year.
Pile-driving   and   Other  Work   Progressing��� New Wharf Will be
70 Feet Square.
This week the government men
were employed in pulling, up the old
plies of the old wharf, and are now
busy replacing them with brand new
ones. A pile-driver and camp scow
comprise the outfit of this Important
addition to Ladner's improvements.
The new wharf, which will be 70
feet  square,  will  probably  be  com-
| pleted In another three or four weeks
j time.
|     Some time next week, so soon as
(the pile driving Is completed, work
on the joists and planks will be commenced.
! Mr. E. Loverlng ls the capable superintendent of the work.
A scheme which reflects great
credit on the enterprise of certain
farmers of Westham Island ls now
in active operation. This is the dyking of the land on Westham Island
fronting the Gulf of Georgia from
Tamboline Slough to a point three
miles distant.
All this Important work ls being
clone on the initiative and at the expense of five farmers whose land
abuts, and is.situated along the part
of the island being dyked. These
farmers are, In the order In which
the farms extend from the mouth of
Tamboline Slough, Messrs. J. Trew, P.
Swanson, H. Peden, H. Trim and D.
Of course, this dyking work will
be of great material benefit to the
farmers named. As a mater of fact,
about 164 acres of land will be reclaimed and added to the cultlvatable
property of these landowners. But
it will also necessarily be of immense
benefit to the whole Island, greatly!
improving the land for farming pur-
poses, both as regards the quantity]
and quality of the crops.
Dyking has now been lu operation |
for about two weeks, and the whole
work is expected to be completed
ln another two weeks. Two lykmg
dredges, one belonging to Huff
Brothers and the other to W. Pyke,
have been hired for the work which
ls being steadily carried on without
much knowledge of the project having received recognition outside its
particular sphere of influence.
On the island, hay, oats and potatoes are chiefly grown, and this
season the crops have been heavy
and  good.      Good  pasturage  being
abundant, Shorthorn cattle and Hackney and Clydesdale horses are largely
reared. The Shorthorns are stated
to be the best of any to he found
in  the province.
Among others, Mr. H. Trim is a
breeder of Clydesdales and has a
good stud outfit. Mr. Trim owns
about 416 acres of land, mostly all
under cultivation of hay, oats and
potatoes. He is nearly through cutting his oats and probably next week
will commence threshing. He has
recently purchased a new 18 horsepower traction engine.
Mr. H. Trew has about 100 acres,
principally planted with hay, oats
and potatoes. Mr. Trew, as well as
Mr. H. Peden and Mr. P. Swanson,
his neighbors, will obtain substantial
additions to their arable land on the
completion of the dyking. Mr. D.
Robertson, who now has about 35
acres, will probably have about 80
acres added to his land, fit for cultivation.
Referring to Mr. P. Swanson, who
is one of the owners of the land
which is being dyked, it is an Interesting fact that he has been connected with the company which owns the
British-America and Car.oe Pass salmon canneries for the long period
of thirty years.
In connection with the dyking
work now in progress on Westham
Island, lt has been suggested that If
the slough, commonly known as Tamboline slough, was filled up or dammed with sand or other material at
the end entering the Georgia Gulf,
the other end being virtually filled
up already, and dyked on the top,
it would still further Improve the
land here for cultivation.
The   market''this   Friday    showed
11 increasing attendance, and busl-
waa  lirl-k.    There was u large
"I'ldy of poultry and prices did not
1 ���"*>��� much from those of last week.
()ld hens were 17 to 20 cents per lb.,
18  lo  $12   per  dozen.    Chickens
re about 20c n lb.    Dressed chlck-
'*��� from 22 centB to 25 cents retail.
There was a good showing of ducks
hlch   averaged     22   cents   per   11).
"ore   being  sold   wholesale  at
cents and retail up' to 45 cents.
'orkshire and  Berkshire  pigs were
li:'��d in good quantity*,    .���* to 6
���"eka old, und were selling at from
s L60 to $5 each.    There was a bet-
'"''  supply   of   potatoes  today   than
llist  week, and $20 a ton or $1.00
; er ��ack was being obtained.    Other
'������'���t allies generally were selling at
""it the same figure as last week.
iood dairy butter waB being retailed
'"' 40 cents per lb.
LONDON, Aug. 2.T^-The Grand
<>'lge of Free Masons of Scotland
today affirmed the suspension of
' '-"far and Kincardine Lodge of
i'-indee for. Initiating Jack Johnson,
���h�� Prt-��frfl.t��_.
VICTORIA, Aug. 16.���For the
past live years sporting editor on
The Colonist, Mr. Itobert Dunn has
severed his connection with this paper and will hereafter be associated
with the Island Investment Company. ������Bobbie." ns he is familiarly
known to his host of friends, has
done much towards the promotion of
clean sport in Victoria nnd has been
a valued niemhei* of The Colonist
staff. Ills fellow members on the
paper, while regretting sincerely
his determination to sever his connection with the toUrtb est ale, unite
in wishing him the best of good fortune in his new career.
Shannon Bros., Cloverdale, are exhibiting in the Ayrshire class at the
(Vancouver Fair and have won many
second and third prizes. Walter J.
Domes, a cattleman of McCoy, Ore.,
capturing the majority of the first
prises. Grimmer Bros., of Pender Island, were also large exhibitors In
this class.
August '-*.*{ Will he Rent Good Time
���Handicap  Foot  Race  Will
be Feature.
Great doings are In order for August 23rd at the Lulu Island race
course, when the annual "Good
Roads," "Farmers," an'd "Richmond" day will be held here, states
the Point Grey ..Gazette. Tl*,e day
has corns to be an annual event much
looked forward to by Richmond citizens, and from present Indications,
this year It will be a banner one.
Listen   to   some   of   the   attractions:
"Richmond Handicap," being the
were    nnd    other    members'of  the
municipal council lu a handicap foot
"All-Animal Race."
"Free-for all," the second scheduled event, will find pigs, cats, dogs,
horses, sockeyes mid wharf rats, and
all other animals the Islands produce,
pawing the turf in readiness for the
gale to go _|>. The race Is open to
all animals, and an exciting event is
���Sure  to  result.
A "Farmers' Race," open to horses
owned by farmers on the Islands,
will be another feature.
Other events are not to hand as
yet. The council has appointed
Messrs. Gay, Fentlman and MoCailum a committee to work with the
park management in getting up a
stellar card for the day. That the
grandstand will he packed to Its capacity with such promising sport in
the air is assured.
The day has come to be a fixture
:it Minoru as a visible expression of
the harmonious relations existiiiR between the association and the municipality. All the receipts of the day
are turned over' to the municipal
council for use in niaktne pond ro'-ds
on Lulu and BOB Islands. This year
the racing association Is endeavoring
to secure the participation of the
B.C.E.R. In the affair, and it Is
thought highly probable that the railway company will contribute_to the
good cause such receipts as flow into
its treasury as a result of the traffic
to the park on that day.
Early  In  the  week  a number of
' farmers in Ladner, Westham Island,
Port Guichon and other parts of the
Delta, commenced cutting their oats,
| which were good and heavy, although
j beaten   down   In   sections,   and   fine
crops were expected,
It   is   feared,   however,  that  the
heavy  rainfall   on   Wednesday  and
| Thursday has considerably damaged
! the oats and what hay still remains
upon the ground.    It has at least put
a   temporary  stop  to  cutting,   and
threshing   will   consequently   be   delayed  until  fine  weather Intervenes.
At present it is difficult to estimate
j what   damage  has   been   the   result
of this inopportune rainfall.
Budget   of    News  Aliout the  Town
���Delta Residents Often Pass      I
EBURNE, B.C., vAug. 12.���Mr,]
Mills, who recently met with a bad
accident to his arm while automobil-
lng, ls now out and about. i
Messrs. A. Prescott, A. Porter,
Bowser an Churchill, are now on a
tour of Vancouver Island. |
Mr. Mills and family are spending
the summer days -In camp at Eagle
Harbor. i
All along both sides of the B.C.
Electric Railway line from Eburne
to Steveston, oats w'ere being cut
early In the week, and many fields
of stooks were observed. In some
farms, threshing has already commenced.
Mr. J. J. Wilson, of the White
Wings Poultry Farm, ls selling out
his property, owing to ill health. Mr.
Wilson has built up one of the largest poultry-rniBing concerns In British
Columbia. This season he has shipped' nearly 100,000 leghorn chickens
from his ranch to all parts of the
province, as well as to the prairie
Mr. Rlndal, divisional engineer of
the C.P.R., wife and son, were week
end visUors at Port Guichon, the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mackenrot,
Mr. Rindal was very much pleased
with what he saw of the neighborhood.
Oat   Reaping  and  Threshing   Under
Way���Road  Grading.
STEVESTON, B.C., Aug. 12 ���Oat
reaping ln this district is now ln active progress, and many acres of
stooks of the grain are to be seen.
Threshing has commenced on several
farms and will probably be ln full
swing before the end of the  week.
Reeve Bridge has hls oats cut and
expects to begin threshing on Wednesday or Thursday.
Mr. P. S. Faulkner has left Steveston on a well-earned holiday of two
No. 9 street, from No. 3 street to
No. 1 street, is being re-graded,
gravelled and rolled, and when finished the road will be one of the
finest thoroughfare In, Richmond
TORONTO. Aug. 12���During the
past conference year, over 9000
members of the Methodist church in
Canada have severed their connection as such, and have "ceased to be
members.' This is the statement
made by Rev. Dr. Cornish, general
conference statistician. Rev Mr.
Cornish's figures give n net increase
for the vear of K622 members, which
would have stood ut nearly* 15.000
but for tho dropping away of so
many old  members.
LONDON, Aug. 10.���Sir Alfred
Wills, the judge who sent Oscar
Wilde to prison, where the prisoner
poet was Inspired to write "De Pro-
fund's," is dead bere today.
The Richmond Council have voted'
a grant of $200 to the Richmond!
Agricultural  and   Industrial  Society.!
Mr.   I.alng,   who   wrote  on   behalf
of  the  society,  stated  that  the  provincial    government    was    granting
$400 to the fair, which amount, with,
thai appropriated by the council, win
be used in establishing the prize lists
and In meeting the expenses attendant   upon   promoting the event.
In view of the fnct that 1912 1idb|
been a very prosperous year upon the
Island, the hay, potato, and vegetable
crops being especially good, It is
hoped by the management that thet
Island farmers will heartily co-oper-
nte to make the Richmond Fair of
1912 the most successful that has
yet   been   held.
Perhaps the largest and most sue- j
cessful poultry ranch on Lulu Island
is  the  White  Wings  Poultry  Farm,!
located on No. 9 Road near the Lulu
Island tram line.    Some four or five.
years ago, Mr. J. J. Wilson, Its pro- [
prletor, laid the foundation for it in
humble beginnings, and  under capable management ii has yearly grown
larger.    During the  1912  season  In,
the neighborhood of 100,000 day-old
single-comb    white    leghorn    chicks
..,,,.��� -���m f,.fN���i ��i,m ranch, i*,**p ic-*pq
of land are now covered with buildings and runs, all  fitted With up-to-
date appliances and so arranged as
to provide for the greatest economy;
of management.    Owing to ill-health
Mr. Wilson Is forced to give up the
business,  and  is  open  to offers  for
the purchase of the stork'and rent
of the property as a going concern.
The present consumption of water
In Richmond, according to the statement of Superintendent Lockhart, is
|750.000 gallons a day.    The register
at New Westminster Indicates that
'amount.    The system ls giving the
best of satisfaction.
Toshlto, third son of the late   Emperor,  the new  Etripercr of  the
Sunset Empire, ueyond the Pacific.
i d r1 :*H.'\
Journey Gives    Leisure to    Observe North Arm  Harbor Project Reaches
DR AM ATTP1- B*0W tlWt "~*>"1 lle-<-**- ��' lta '       Practical  Stage���Joint  Coin-
(.From The British Columbian.)
From New Westminster t_ Ladner
,    ,, . ,1s about thirteen  miles as the crow
and    Painstaking    Detective flies, or as perhaps we should say in
Work Led to Arrest of Bank        these aerial  days  "as the aeroplane
Hies."      Some  day,  no doubt in the
near  future,  an     enterprising  aero-
Robbery  Suspect.
mittee's Work.
(From The British Columbian.)
The project to make a ship chan-
nel of the North Arm of the Fraser
ri\er from the mouth of the river to
INew Westminster has now been ad-
; va.iced to a practical stage.
The recommendations of the joint.
{harbor committee as  to the proper
The Toronto News, under date of
August 11, gives the lollowlng interesting account of the apprehension
of the two latest, suspects in the
Bank of Montreal robbery. The dramatic arrest of Walter Davis, alias
Walsh, at the clerk's desk in the
Palmer house yesterday, and the arrest a short time later of Alice Davis,
alias Walsh,   who   claims   to   be   Uie  \' '���_
plane skyway company  will  run  or
liv cars from the Royal City to Lad-. .
ner  in  fifteen  minutes or  less.      in ;   f, .**od   ��*. 8r"'?u���   l0, ��*rovu-e,a
tlic  meantime, we must content our- ilia.bor Wfllcn- wll] eive s'��'PPing fa
selves    wit    the  more    roundabout
method  of taking  a  car  from  New |
Westminster to Eburne, another car
from Eburne to Steveston and from
thence over the noble Fraser river to ;
the Hi riving town of Ladner. j
But.   there   is   an   even   more   cir- [
cuitlous way of reaching the capital I
town  of  the   Delta  from   the  Royal j
City,     This is a journey on  the G. i
which  traverses    thirty-three i
cilltiea   to     the     municipalities     of:
Souih  Vancouver,    Burnaby,    Rich-j
mond   and   Point   Grey,   have   been
endorsed   by  all   of  the     municipal;
councils     except     Richmond.        Ou!
Tuesday   night   Point   Grey   backed |
up the Committee in a practical way
by voting  $;isO  to  defray    the    expenses of the  drafting of a  federal
bill to create a harbor commission,
ln   the   meantime   an   appropriation
les around and ac**o.-s Surrey
Ita  ii.   ai  'i,..'. ti, ,-  tit Ion* the train
....ii mm   be   sought   from   the   Kovern-
ment  to  cover  the  expenses  of  two
i Port Guichon, adjoin-Ld.red��es t0 **���*/-��� the channel and for
years,  and   has led -ng - .,,*��� ,. the construction  of a  jetty extend-
According to schedule    time    this!1"8' westward from the mouth of the
The Royal Bank ol Canada
incorporate** 1SSS.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED     $10,000,��n��
CAPITAL PAID-UP     $ 6,351,080
RESERVE FUND     $ 7,050,188
Total Assets Over One Hundred and Ten MllUouk
Jteeounts ol Out-of-TJoivn Customers Siven Special Jfit en Hon
BASK ry mail,
Acctvmu may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR   and    Upward*
Interest paid, or credited, half-yearly on June    SOth and    December
Slst, each year.
Charged with complicity In the
Rank of Montreal robbery, who was
brought to the city today in custody.
former's wife, has conn1 as a climax
to one of the most painstaking pieces
of detective work carried out In Toronto   for  many
the detectives to believe they havci
* r>v\uiiiiu^    iv    _a.ii<-wiii>- i mil. imu  |      , ,       - - . .       ���
one of the men Implicated in a most journey should be done in rather less r     r        Musquiem, the present In
daring   robbery   committed   on   the than three hours, but no one who ���*-$" reservation, out into the Gulf
British   Columbia   coast.       No   less h(,,K,s t0 SPe thfi Bun set ln Po,.t Glll. Ol Georgia
than  $2.0L'0  in  notes stolen  from a --���,,,   or   i,a<lner  on  the  day  of  de-       r"e  -io'llt   "���t1,1*01'  committee  con-
branch of tin- Bank of Montreal, In parture from the Royal City should is'8ts ?f the presidents and_ secretar-
New Westminster, on September 15, reiy   Upon   strict  adherence  fo   any' '     "  "
1911.   when   $850,000    disappeared, specified time. Rather abandon hope
were  found   In   a  grip  belonging  to at  Cloverdale and  walk the rest  of
Davis  and   of  the  other  amount  of. the way to I.adner.     As a matter of
$7,026.50,   Which   the   man   had   in; fact, the 2:40 train from New West-
his  possession,   ihe   officers   allege minster  to  Guichon   did  not  arrive.
much    was    obtained    by    changing 'until about 9:30 the other dav, being ]7 ratle*   ,,,       ,, .,     ,     .
groups   of   the   stolen   notes.    Davis nearly   seven   hours   on   this' thirty-       In  deliberating    upon  the harbor
is maintaining a determined silence throe miles run,  which    even     Ddn ! inostion the committee had three al-
as  to  the  manner  in   which  he got Quixote's   good   horse,   "Rosinante,"  teinatives placed before them.    One   Commercial National  Bank
the  notes. could have beaten. '**��� t,le constructidn  of the harbor _    The  report deals    with
ies  of  the  Boards  of  Trade  of  the
| four  municipalities  referred  to  who]
are   also   representatives   authorized
by   their   respective   councils.      The
I president is Mr. B. G.  Wnlker, president of  the    Burnaby    Board    of!
1018  Will   Be  Runner Year���
Estimated Crop Yield.
SEATTLE, Aug. 14.���The business outlook for the coming year is
bright, as shown in the general summary of the annual crop and business report of the Continental    and
of Chl-
The  arrest  ot  Davis  Is  primarily!     However,  people who    take    this *? /���'<��� "f individuals oi  coiporatlons ill(!u8trial   -a*iroa_ .������*
due to a plan conceived by DeteotlvSjourney do BO at their own risk, B0 i which, however, was not favored   H   ^'S���'������!
Tipton.    About  a  month  ago  lnfor- far as time is of anv consequence. It���"86,  t,he   dock  construction   would   cal   situation,   and   summarizes
mation   reached   the   detectives   tnat jH only Celestials, whose patience is  e"Jail the possession of certain fran-   view with this statement:
some of the stolen bills were in cir- almost unearthly, who can afford the:<>nises which would become alienated |     .���There i8    justification,    judging
dilation   in. Toronto.       Tipton  theh time.     For these trains to Port a^.|^*l^^^l)*^.ttj P���" j from the advices in every    line    of
thought it would be advisable to get rhon are called "mixed,    which may
a list of the numbers and series of possibly mean something else, but
all the looted notes. He secured this appear to signify that mixed freight
from the bank and had numerous lis of more importance than human
copies of the list, made out. These freight. Of course, any railway is
he left with the proprietors of hotels,'entitled to give preference to the
cigar stores and many other places route and the freight or traffic which
at which money changes hands. To pays them best, and at present It is
make the net as "hole-proof" as pos- apparently the freight rather than
Bible, he had tho lists left at many I passengers which help to swell the
unlikely as well as likely places, until dividends of the company on this
the whole city was a patchwork of i particular branch,
the lists. But. as Emerson would have said,
On August, 7lh, a woman made ftIthere are compensations. On this
small purchase at the cigar store of | journey there Is time to observe the
William Goldstein & Co.. 82 Yonga hundreds of prosperous looking
street, and tendered one of the miss-'farms and homesteads, the golden
ing bills. The detectives were tele- fields or ripening oats nnd wheat, the
phoned to, but the woman had left many barns nnd stacks of hay, the
before Detective Tipton got to the!large and numerous plots of the In-
store. The hov at. the store, how-1 dispensable potato and all sorts and
ever, gave the officer an excellent conditions of roots and vegetables,
description of her. The woman did all showing eloquent proof of the
not return but It was the list at Gold- heavy crops that this season will be
stein's which caused the arrest. One harvested from Fraser river Junction
afternoon, a man bought a walking,to Port Guichon and Ladner.
stick at the cigar store, and gave Last week the hay was noticed to
one of the stolen bills in payment, ho nearly all in, although there were
He also asked that (mother of the, several fields where At still remain-
bills be changed for him. The sus- ed In cocks from Cloverdale to other
piclons of the employees in the store* farts of Surrey and Delta. In Mine
were aroused and a bit of amateur,dis ricts particularly between-Alluvia
detective work was the result. When and Colebrook, although the oats
the man left, one of the employees! were looking generally fine, there
followed him, while the others tele-lwere   Patches  beaten   down  by  the
rain.     At Port    Kells    the    evident
perty of  the  individual  or  the cor- j lrom "'�� auv.ue** u. every
poration. | trade, for the conclusion that there is
The second plan was to carry out ] ahead probably twelve    months    of
the project by Municipal enterprise. I       d        ,      business with m
In view of the large influx of settlers        .,
and rapid development, the demands' protits,   providing   that     the     crops
made   upon   the   governing   councils ' turn out as favorably as present con
are such that thev need all of the I ditions indicate."
borrowing capacity available to pro-
The   estimated   crop  yield  of   the
vide  roads,   bridges,     water,   sewer | country as given by the report is as
connections   and     other     municipal   follows:
undertakings. The committee j Wheat   660,000,000 bu.
therefore decided upon the third al-  Corn 2,800,000,000 bu.
ternative and one which is more in i Oats   1,200,000,000 bu.
accordance   with   tho   spirit   of   the  Barley 200,000,000 bu.
Rye    38,300,000 bu
times, namely, the carrying on of
public works by the federal government. Itself. This end would be obtained best, they believe, by the constitution of a harbor commission.
Such a commission would have large
borrowing powers, and would be in
a position to obtain from the government-Such sums as they would require for construction purposes at a
nominal rate of Interest. Also they
could, If they saw fit, lease any portion of the docks or harbors to railroad companies or to any corporation, the whole management of the
harbor being ln their hands. It
would be theirs to determine wharfage dues, tolls, assessments and
other matters of Income. In fact
they would possess all rights, powers and privileges of a corporation.
phoned to the detectives. Detective '���*"'��� f*1- *-�����������-*���**������= l"��., CY'*'C"" It only remains now for the Muni
Cronin hurried to the scene, but the proaeprity of the surrounding dis- clpa���t of Richmond to be ap-
amateur had lost sight of the man iT^\ was shown by the luxuriant proached ln furtheranCe of the
before he arrived. About 10 o'clock **!����� Of grain and the amount of _cheme and __ the WJlole of Lu,u -..
in the evening, Detectives Cronin and bright awaiting transportation at liU1(, walerfrontJ)_e ,,-��� fn that Mu_
Mitchell  were  in  the  waiting room theA bta,1��n- , .     ���. .������ ���_  .. ��� nlcipality there ls little doubt as to
Of  the  Palmer  house.    A   man   who      Aroun��*  Cloverdale   as far as the
walked  to  the  clerk's  desk  aroused, ��>'e ���ulo  reach farms and  fields of
green  and   golden  yellow  grain  and
vegetables gladdened the    sight    of
study   they decided he fitted the de-, _ee ���
scrlption Which had been given them;
as that-of the man  who had bought,     ^  c,ov(irualf) and  all  through
'lhe Delta municipality towards Port I
Guichon and I.adner the farm lands |
the walking stick at Goldstein's, and
Cotton    13,100,000 bale?
Hay    ....  60,000,000 tons
Potatoes 360,000,000 bu
The report says, regarding staple
cereals: "Corn has had a bad start,
but it has recovered within the past
month, and the yield now promises
to be an average. The yield of oats
is going to record proportions and
will top the banner crop of two years
ago. The base of the food for tho
lower animals, hay, is assured now
at a heavier yield than last year. The
production, however, will be more
than sufficient and enable the farmer to hold a reserve into the coming
"Our reports indicate a decrease
ln the rye crop of 38,300,000 bushels.
Potatoes will yield 25 per cent, more
than a year ago.
"The peach crop of the east and
north does not promise as much as
a year ago, but the southern crop is
very large. Apples promise plentifully in the Ozark region. In the
North Pacific states the promise is
exceptionally     bright.     The     berry
arrest caused more or less of a commotion, as he was well dressed and
quiet of manner, and was ostensibly
a respectable guest at the hotel. He
protested  that  a  mistake bud been
made, but the detectives look him to,.Su__-y nm, m,Ua (-i8trl(.,g are -on_
leer tied they will    be    blessed    with
their attitude.
When this channel becomes a fact
the opportunity will be presented for j crop' has been  an"ordinary one
the      formation      of      a      harborI     "Cotton will not reach the pro'por-
commlssion serving the whole of the   tions of last year, but the value to
southern  shore of the peninsula on | the planter will be greater than dur-
whlch   ls  located  the  city  of   Van-, ing the past two years.   The cultiva-
coiver and  Point Grey, South Van-   tion  of totvieco  is nn  a  i���,-,._,- _~.,i_
u.ucnon ana uaaner ine -arm .nnas ,couver and n,irnab    municipalities.   thftn l��t year    The be.t ��__ar eulti
were seen ut their best for many a   ,.,,  ���_tpnt  nn,-     im-rinrtanea    cannot       7t      ���    , , lsal cultl"
season      Farmers all the world over , "     .   \  ? ! t  , Yu?  ' vatlon is increasing and the outlook
season.     Banners an *ne wuria ovi.t   now ))0 estimated but  it is possible   is fnr ��� in,.,,,,- ,,rfln
are  noted  for being conservative  in|n,_t   t���--Q-   ���-   -���--���-h--   -_im,   thr,1      ...   *��� ,**1*   '-'_< ���P
Why Not Protect Your
Valuable Papers
Why not have a Safety Deposit Box of your own?
We have them at your service in a Fire and Burglar
Proof Safe.
And the cost is only $3 00 to $5.00 a year.
That is cheap Insurance for   the   protection   of your
Ladner Investment & Trust
Corporation, Limited
Phone L80
Ladner, B. C.
Manufacturers and Dealers in all kinds ol
Shingles, Lath, Sash, Doors Turnings and House Flnlshlng.*
Phone R 14 Eburne Prompt Delivery by Rail or Scow
,,    I that  taken   in   connection   with   the
their  estimates,   but   It  Is  generally   New  Weflfminster'    harbor     scliemo
  ���������    ! �� now being fulfilled, the Fraser will
become what nature designed it to
be, the greatest, fresh water harbor
or, the Pacific Coast of America.
Reeve Harvey,  of Point  Grey,  reechoed  the sentiments of Councillor |
McGregor, acting-reeve    of Burnaby,
to  the effect  that the  work of tho
joint  committee   called   for  the   np-
,    ,   ��� proval  flntl   dpserved   the   thanks  of
rested   in   lii'l   room,  just   ns  Bhe   Was  ,_.,._-_.���__   .,,,.,in,,q .m,i courteous men    1< ,    ,       . ., ���,���       ,   ,
,    ,    ,   ���.,     ,,.  , ,,, ,,          woiMiig, zealous ana cour.quun imii.,tH, w]10i,, 0f tic cominum ies   nter-
reiulv to board a train,     All the grips   \,.  ,,,  rnllwnv Rnrtinrations   tbev are i     .   ,        ,.,.., <  .,
��� .\s  io  i.in\\(i\   \ oi hu ,ii mnn,  iin.v   ,l,n  pi: rtil  nnd  that   the  rorointiH'iK at oris
and suitcases of the man and woman ���,,,,���.������,���.-v    tv_i_ksklnn*ed     nerhanaJf   ; ,-     -   - "��'*"'i" nauuona
. noiorioiihiy     inir.Khiiiiiin a,     peruaps   that thev had arrived at were such as
wen- sei/eii. happily so In some respects, and are
In   the   grips   the  officers   found nabie like  all   public  servants    to
18,020  In  bills  which  tallied as to --���������-,.������--
Goldstein's. There a clerk positively
Identified him as the man who had
earlier bought the walking stick and
paid the bill. Detectives Tipton and
Cronin went Jo Ui" Palmer houss!
'.There   they   found   thai   the   woman
bountiful  harvests. '
In any passing remarks mnde as to I
the    railway    service    between    the
points mentioned it is perhaps need- j
less to say that no reflection what-
who had I a passing aa the man's ever  ia intended  upon  the  railway
wife was --till a guest.    She was ar- Bervants of the line. �� body of hard-
A volume of agricultural products
.10 per cent, larger than last year,
will return to the farming community the most profitable results of a
decade. The industries of the country have been feeling the stimulus
of the prosperity of the tiller of the
| soil, and the ample supply of tho
needs of the people. The only prosperity is that which comes from the
agricultural production, and that Is
"Considerable   material    progress
i has been made in the business world
Vancouver City Market
The Market ls operated by the City as a means of bringing the
Producer ana Consumer together.
You Are Invited to Send Your Produce
We  handle  everything from the Farm  (except milk).
By consigning your Produce to the Vancouver City Market you
will get be��t prices, .harp returns and prompt settlements.
JOHN McMILLAN,   Manager
numbers and the Berles letter's, wfth
the   list   of   stolen   bills   as   supplied
by  the bank,      Besides this,  there
were   notes   of   oilier   banks   to   the
amount of ��800. The tact that edmonto:., Aug. 15.���The forty
these bills were done up In many fifth annual meeting of (he Canadian
separate bundles, led the officers to Medical Association wns concluded
believe that they represented many in tie High;School building here yea-
of tho missing bills whieh iimi ibeen terday witb the election of Dr, II. A.
changed, of money other than billsIMcCallum, or London, Ont., as presl
corresponding to the missing
there was all told $7,180.50.
could be endorsed by the councils in I t?wanl   f*   complete  recovery
Ibe hei
ia-tres78p1_-t"V^^"*����reiy|'?'! JtorMrton, resulting from the
lied their own ideas in the mat- sIo,vni'' <l��w'> ProCOM, made necessary in inio by the too rapid expnn-
���i'lie joint, committee which has;8'.0'1 ���" ��nr industrial and comuior-
Ihmh meeting almost Incessantly, ��� !"u,:'(',ivl1**. nndue speculation ln
first, established the practicability of i atu! a,ul th(! t-*'lnK "l> or too much
tho North Arm channel ' harbor ,,(luld caP��tal in projects In process
through an exhau-ltve enquiry byP* development and not sufficiently
the former resldei.t engineer for the _2?!!01ne(- t0 niake thelr securities
Dominion, Mr. George A. Keefer, nirtl; n3a' ">' convertible,
the present, resident engineer, Mr. l Present crop conditions justiry an
C. Oi Worsfold. Work on tho | estimate of ffl.o.t.'-.nRo.ooo In new
the   North   Arm   harbor   woalt1' to ho produced from tho soil
of the inuiicy was 111 gold.
0.  P.  li. STOCK  ISSUE.
ones  dent-elect, and the selection of Lou
Boms Uoa H the next 1>I����;��; of ;"��"�����'����; ^.'   bill  Will  be  started'ImmednitVdy" so! this ysar, against an  actual produc
!e\ecul  ve   wis   e ected     as     follows.        '     '. . ,     ,    .     '      . i t on of tn 417 (inn nnn  i_   mil >>
Drs. Whitlaw, of Edmonton; Flttdlay.f��t �� f,,!n be presentsd at the next tion oi ^,417,000,000 In 1911.
session of parliament. ,	
OTTAWA, Aug. 12���The Evening
Journal says: "It is learned on good
authority that the Canadian Pacific
Railway will make a new issue of
$50,(mn,noo at a premium of 75 per
cent at the meeting on .Monday next.
This will mean that present shareholders will receive one new share
for every four shares now held and
on the basis of 275, the ' market
price the shareholders will thus receive 'rights' to the value of slightly over $20  a share."
Montreal: Adams, Montreal; Hal-
penny, Winnipeg; Reeves, Toronto;
MoKechnie, Vancouver! Weld, Vancouver; Small, Ottawa; Kennedy,
Macleod;   Daniels, St. John,    N.  B.;
iMadre,  Halifax;     Archibald
real;    Primrose,   Toronto;
I Chariot.-town   and     Young
toon.      Dr.  II.  O.   MacKidd.
Igary. as president, will be a
of the committee, ex-officio.
! The Best Yet
If you have a good dog or a poor one they all get hungry, and can
always give you to lnderstand they are. If your dog could speak, he
would say:
National Dog n I.sen Its, Please."
Sold  ,'n  bulk,  cotton sacks,  and In 2f>c cartons by dealers.
Try Thorn, They Arc Good.
National biscuit l Confection Co., Ltd.
V��nc**mvor, B.C.
Makers of the Famous Hulda Chocolates and National Biscuit**.
***************************^4*t**^*^4*f, ���-aoo-sQi*)*}-j*-?*---
OTTAWA,   Aug.   13���Mr.     J.   A. i J
Mont-  Rnddlok-   dairy     and     cold  storage ! T
' nnroy, | commissioner, has returned from anj ���
official trip to the prairie provinces ;m
of  Cal-|all(j  jsrmsh  Columbia.   Ke-organiza-j"!
member i *��������� -�� *���<-- �����.��* ��� -������ ���- t._._ *.*>
WINNIPEG, Aug. 16.���No less
thnn 104 children under the age of
one year have died in the city of
Winnipeg during the first thirteen
days of August. Fifty cases of typhoid have originated from one dairy
delivering milk to three restaurants.
The dairy has been closed, the cows
disposed of, and all utensils sterilized.
tion of the fruit inspection in Brlt-
i ish Columbia was the principal ob-
! ject of Mr. Kuddick's mission, but
: he also examined a number of cold
siorpge equipments for which appli-
Oi'TAWA, Aug. 14.���That the Ca-| cation has been made for govern-
nadian Drydock Subsidy Act will be ment subsidy. This duty took him
���still further amended at the next to several points along the coast,
session of parliament Is ulmost cor- j Including Queen Charlotte islands
tain. The act, as it stands nt pros- and Prince Kupert.
cut. does not provide for the pay- At the latter point there has been
ment of the government guarantee Installed one of the most up-to-date
of 3 1-2 per cent, until after a dock \ storage plants In the country, hav-
has been completed. It has been'Ing a capacity of 700,000 cubic feet. _
found that companies desiring to j The cold storage plants along the|i
construct docks are unable to fin-! Northern district ot the British Co-la
ance such undertakings under the act Iumbia coast are designed to collect |#
ns it stands. The amendments to be ��� and distribute to Eastern market-* O
made  will    provide    either    for    a, large quantities of fresh flsh. j#
biggs guarantee, or for pay- Mr. Ruddlck reports the prospects *��
mentB of the guarantee during the to be excellent for a bumper apple [0
time a dock is being constructed.      'crop ln British Columbia. !���<
Enquiries at (lie office of
the Dominion Fisheries today
elicited the fact that the re-
ports which have been circulating to the efrect thnt a
closed season for sockeye
fishing will be observed from
August. 25 to September 15,
are wholly unwarranted.
During the last session of
parliament it was arranged
with thc Minister of Marine
and Fisheries by Mr. J, D.
Taylor, M.P., that the season
would not be closed on the
25th of August; and the
Cannery Association representatives wrote to the department that they hud no
objection to this arrangement. There Is no warrant
for any statement of any
different arrangement.
��� !
Carriages,   Wagons and   Farm   Implements of all
classes and descriptions.
Horseshoeing and General Blacksmith Work.
Repairs of all descriptions on Automobiles, Carriages
and General Machinery.
Ladder Carriage aad Automobile Works
G.T.BAKER, Proprietor SATURDAY, AUGUST 17,1 1912.
::   ._*
1+******************************^^ t
Mr. H. N. Rich returned to Ladner on Monday from Boundary Bay
Mr. W. B. Harris, of Vancouver,
spent Sunday with Mr. S. W. Fisher,
of Ladner.
Rev. C. Hoyle has been visiting
New Westminster, and returned to
Ladner on Monday.
Mrs. D. McKee and Mrs. Findlay,
who were visiting Eburne last week,
have returned home.
Miss Bella Robertson has been appointed teacher at Inverholme public
Great Northern Railway men were
at Annieville this week inspecting
timber to be used in crib work.
Rev. C. Hoyle paid a visit on Wednesday to the cannery town across
the river.
Dr. J. A. Wilson was In the Terminal City this week and visited the
horse show, which Is especially Interesting to him as a horse breeder.
Dr. and Mrs. A. de R. Taylor are
spending a few days this week at
Vancouver. They will take in the
horse show among other attractions.
The brothers W. and S. Savage
were busy cutting their oats at Westham Island on Tuesday, having a
good and heavy crop. -
Mr. H. A. MacDonald and Mr. E.
F. Douglas, of the Ladner Investment -and Trust Corporation, spent
Tuesday in Vancouver, ln the Interests of their company.
Miss   L.   Johnson,   of   Chilliwack,
Is visiting her cousin, Mrs. D. Ellis.
Mr. F. Kirkland, of Westham Island, is summering at Boundary Bay.
The Ladner Gun Club had a pigeon
shooting practice on Wednesday,
when much good clay was cracked.
On Wednesday, about 120 tons of
potatoes were shipped from Ladner
for Victoria per steamship "Trader."
T. Holllnshead took over two stallions and one mare this week for
the Vancouver horse show.
The Misses Marjorie and May
Clark have been spending the week
at Grauer's Beach.
Mr. J. Newell has been visiting
Vancouver this week, taking In the
Mr. John Richardson was an exhibitor of black-faced sheep at the
Vancouver show this week.
Mrs. Willis has returned from
Grauer's Beach, after enjoying four
happy weeks at this popular resort.
The Thomas Roberts ranch, of 35
acres, was sold last week to Vancouver parties. The sale consummated
by the Ladner Investment and Trust
The ghost of Mark Twain visited
I.adner this week. At least, a gentleman signing himself "Mark Twain,
New York," registered at the Delta
Mr. A. C. Hope and family, of
Vancouver, are spending a few days
this week at Boundary Bay. Mr.
Hope is the architect of the new Ladner high school.
Mr. Asahel Smith, the "potato
king," was at the Vancouver exhibition this week. He has 30 entries
of potatoes, grain, field and garden
roots, and expects to add to his big
list of show honors.
Mr. H. Atkinson has got back to
Delta's capital, after a four weeks'
stay at Harrison Springs, for the
benefit of his health. He found the
internal aud external baths of sulphur and potash very beneficial, and
returned rejuvenated.
Several members of the Ladner
lodge of the Order of Lions will at-
tend the international convention of
the order, to be held Thursday, Aug.
22, at Vancouver. It Is expected that
they will bo lionized by other mem-
hers of the order in the Terminal
City, but it is hoped that they will
not permanently suffer from eating
too much of Vancouver's favorite
dish���clam chowder.
Miss Ruth Cedarburg, of Westham
Island, Is visiting at the camp of
Miss Mends,  at Grauer Beach.
Tor Sale, For Exchange, Wanted to
Purchase, To Let, Lost, Found, Work
Wanted, Situations Vacant, 1 cent per
word. Minimum, 52 cents for nny one!
advt. These rates for cush with order. ,
All Want Ads. must be In by 2 p.m. <
on Thursday. ���
P. 0. Drawer S.
Phone 2
Delta Hotel
 f. JOHNSON. Prop.	
LADNER,  -   -   B.C.
WANTED���To Rent ranch of about
50 acres, with small house and
moderate bulldtngB, on Delta. H.
R. Careless, Ladner, B.C.
".11 Mojiern Conveniences, Newly Fur-
li.shed.   Well Heated,   Sample  Room
American and  European Plan
First  Class  Cuisine
Prompt Service
milk;   1   pedigreed   Holstein! Best Wines, Liquors & Cigars t��
FOR SALE���16 choice dairy cows in
bull, rising two years old; 35 ten j
gallon milk cans; 1 Star milk
cooler. J. M. Ramage, Tasker
Road, Ladner, B.C.    Box 1385.
Grain Commission Overrules Railway   Salmon   Fishing  iu  the North
i     Commission in  Mutters Pertain- .   ' Been Better Than for Many
ing to Grain. Years.
[ OTTAWA, Aug. 13.���A confer-, SEATTLE, Aug. If..���Bringing a
ence with a view to determining and total of 026,000 more cases, or uear-
defining the exact and rtsspective1 ly double that of the season of 1911,
jurisdiction of the Dominion Grain ' the first of the fleet of Alaska sal-
Commission and the Board of Rail-(mon packers sailed Tuesday from
������������ ny   Comiai^ic-i.T,!     over     matters   the  north   and   will   begin   to  arrive
during the latter part of tho month.
The catch this year at Bristol Bay
is better than usual. The fleet will
bring 1,342,000 cases, ' as against
716,000 for last year. The pack is
distributed as follows:
Alaska Packers' Association, 725,-
pertaining to the handling of West
ern grain so as to prevent overlapping, was held by representatives of
|the two commissions yesterday. One
lof the principal matters discussed
was the distribution of cars. In this
connection  complaint   was  made' in
Rates Reasonable
McNeely Concert and Dance Hall
e   Dominion   Millers   case   before   000; North Alaska Salmon Company,
WANTED���Painting, tinting and
decorating. Apply Walden &
Purkey, this office.
Nut   and   Lamp  Coal  for Sale
WANTED���40 or 80 acres of good
land on the Delta, improved or
unimproved. Give lowest price
and terms. W. H. Burley Co., 3
Bank of Hamilton Building, Vancouver, B.C. i
FOR SALE���A Deering binder in
good order. Price $25.00., Apply
"A,"   Delta   Times,   Ladner,   B.C.
The government men have started
painting the Canoe Pass bridge, leading to Westham Island.
Mr. J. H. Brewster has been stay
ing at the Ladner Hotel, on a visit
to his brother, Captain Brewster, of
the steamship New Delta.
Mr. John Savage, of Westham Island, has gone to Vancouver this
week for the exhibition, where he
has entered several hon as.      ��� ���
Mr. J. McCallum, who has about
forty-five acres of oats on his ranch,
has been busy this week superintending the cutting, and expects to start
threshing  before  Saturday.
Joe Jordan is one of the many
Delta sports who have left Ladner
home and beauty for a fe * days this
week at the Terminal City's horse
Mr. H. P. Clarke, B.A., of Toronto,
has accepted the prlnclpalship of
Ladner public school, In succession
to Miss McNeill, and will arrive here
in  time  for  the  school  re-openlng.
Miss Meads, of Port Guichon, Miss
I. McBride, Mrs. Douglas and Miss
Stilwell motored into Ladner this
week from Boundary Bay, the heavy
rain there making camping anything
but desirable.
What with a new civic hall, high
school, wharf, and large lumber mills
In course of erection, Ladner ls putting into practice at least some of
the theories of the Progressive Associations which are endeavoring to
wake up the sleepy hollows of British Columbia.
Much dissatisfaction Is generally
(���..pressed In Ladner as to the electric lighting ot the streets at night.
Some of the lamps are left ln total
disability for weeks, while others are
cut off at the most untimely hours.
In the meantime, residents are paying for a full service, which they
do not receive. It ls freely expressed
here that there Is a limit even to
the long-suffering patience of Ladner
Thistles of the Delta variety are
now luxuriant on the River Road.
Ladner, in brave defiance of all the
bylaws of the municipality, and the
white down in the vicinity ls as thick
almost as the snow that falls, sometimes in the prairie provinces.
50 dozen Black Cashmere Hose;
regular 35c. Sale price 25��. 25
dozen all-wool Worsted Hose; regular 35c to 50c. Sale price, 25.*\
25 only 11-4 white and colored Quills
regular $1.50. Sale price, $t.OO.
Fancy Muslins and Ginghams; regular up to 25c. Rale price, per yard,
I 0**\ Ladles' Summer Vests, regular 3 5c. Sale price, 15<*. Silk
and Cashmere Gloves; regular 35c
and BOc, Sale price, per pair, 15-r1.
Hundreds of other hnrgalns. Don't
delay; shop early. Lanning, Fawcett
and  Wilson, Ltd.
Mr. C. A. McKilllp, who recently
took over the business of the Delta
Mercantile Company, has added considerably to the stock of dry goods
and the gents' furnishings departments. The store will bo run on the
same lines as before and he hopes
to receive a continuance of past patronage.. Mr. T. G. Tennant remains
with  tho store.
A "corn feed" party journeyed to
Grauer's Beach on Tuesday and spent
a highly enjoyable time, notwithstanding the wet weather. There
were about 75 residents of Ladner.
Vancouver, Westminster and other
Important centres In the bunch,
which was a merry one. Mr. Thomas
Tennant was the host at tho "Gim-a-
w,*ih" camp of Mr. and Mrs. E. F.
Douglas. Mr. Gunn. of Vancouver.
was the star vocalist, giving some
popular selections, Including "The
Lass of Killlkrankio." In brnw style.
This  memorable  gathering  of Delta
clans   broke   up   in   the   "wee,   sma'
_ - . r- v ��� g mefmmtmnmnmAW^m
.',   .    ... .    _. _.���    im .��-_*n
Mr. Peter Clnrk, who recently purchased 160 acres of land ln the Salmon River Valley, Fort. George, will
nccompany Mr. J. R. Sigmoro on a
vlsli i here on August 25.    Mr. Clark
has been requested to select land ln
this district for other farmers of the
Delta.    The government will loan the
camping outfit, and an Indian guide
will   bo   engaged.      Mr.   Sigmore's'
Party will put in about a couplo of,
weeks of hunting nnd fishing, there!
being good  sport  to  be obtained  inl
��� ho district.    About 300 photographs
will  be  taken  during  the  trip,  tn-'
eluding  photos   of  the   sites  to  be
selected for Ladner and Delta people..
BALIS���Greater hnrgalns than over
for the closing week of the most successful sale., A few of the spoclals:
Men's Tweed and Worsted Pants, all
sizes; regular $2.50 and $3.00. Sale
price, $1.50. Men's Blue and
White Overalls and Jackets; regular
,$1.00. Sale Price G5<*. Men's
.Slioes: regular $4 to $5. Sale price,
$2.50.    Tweed Caps;     regular 50c
tor 25<J.,    I''elt Rats; regular $2.50
for JjJl.OO. Wonl Socks: regular
25c for ft pair $1.00. Plenty of
other bargains. Lanning, Fawcett
and  Wilson,  Ltd.
OTTAWA, Aug. 10.���During the
three months, April 1 to Juno 30, of
the current fiscal year, 175,341 immigrants arrived in Canada, Of this
number 121,998 arrived at ocean
ports und 53,343, from tho United
states. These figures now show an
increase of 15 per cent, as compared
with those for the corresponding
months of last year, which were 109,-
318 at ocean ports and 43,802 from
'lie United States, making a total
���or the three months of tbe previous
>ear, 153,118.
CHILLIWACK, Aug. 15.���lames
Bradley, of Rosedale, had a couple
of ribs broken and was otherwise
Injured ln a runaway accident when
returning home from Chilliwack on
Tuesday. When near Cheats one of
the traces became un fastened causing the horses to kick, ln the mix-
up other traces came unfastened,
the team got beyond Mr. Bradley's
control and tho rig wns upset. No
serious results are anticipated, but
Mr. Bradley who ls well advanced ln
years will be confined to his home
for some time.
Dr. H. K. Hope
Eyesight Specialist
of New Westminster, will'attend at Dr. King's office in
Ladner, on
Monday, August 19
Hours 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
Dr. Hope specializes on esfeniin-
ing eyes and fitting of proper
will be in Ladner every Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30
over    Delta
Vancouver office:  641  Granville
!Justice Mabee at. Toronto, to the
!effect that the supply of cars of the
C. P. R. discriminated between grain
I ordered for local milling purposes
.and grain for export.
| At the conference It wah decided
tbat should any overlapping of jurisdiction take place, the Grain Coni-
Imission he assigned first ruling, and
I that the Railway Commission should
I merely use this power to enhance
|the authority of the Grain Commission in the event of its being disregarded by the railway companies.
"The Grain Commission Ib fresh
from parliament," said Mr. Scott,
! "and Its rulings must go flrst, and
I we are satisfied thut it is a thoroughly competent body to deal with all
matters pertaining to the handling of
grain. But should we find that its
orders are being*.disobeyed then we
shall see that they are carried out
with due dispatch."
For Sale
Several good used Organs and Pianos,
$50.00 and $75.00 each; good
bargains.    Call or write us.
Hicks & Lovick
Piano Co., Ltd.
1117 Granville St., Vancouver, B.C.
Mineral and
Soda Waters
New Westminster, B. C.
Manufacturer of
ALE and all kinds ot
Your Patronage Solicited
Via Steveston and
To Vancouver ami Xew Westminster.
Week Days.
Leave Ladncr--S:30 a.m..  12:30  p.m.
an_ 6:30 p.m.
Leave Steveston���9:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m.,
and 7:30 p.m.
Leave Ladner���8:30  a.m.,     6:30  p.m.
Leavo Steveston���9:30 a.m., 7:30 p.m.
Scaled tenders addressed to tho undersigned, and endorsed "Tender (or the
Construo-ion t>_ a Breakwater In Victoria
Harbour, B.C." win be receive, at this
offloe until 4.00 p.in., on Thursday, Sep.
tenuber .'p. IUS, tor the construction of
a Breakwater at Vlotorln, Harbour, vie
toria,  B.C,
Plans, specification and  form ot con
trad   can  be  leen  and  forma of tender
obtained  at this*  Department  and  ut  tin
offices uf \v. Henderson, Resident Ai-eiu
tefit, Vletnrla, B.C.; C. C. Worsfold
l.S'l.. District Engineer, New Westmin
st.er, B.C.; J. ti. Sing, Esqj, District
I'nuitirer. Toronto, Ont.: J. V. Mlchaud
Ks'i , District Engineer, Montreal, Que.
A. Decary, Esq., District Engineer, Que-
bee, Que.; ami on application to tbe Postmaster at Vancouver,  B.C.
Persons tendering are notified that ten-
ders will not be considered unless made
on Uie primed forms supplied, and
signed with their actual signatures, statin*? their occupations and places of residence. In the case of firms tho actual
signature, the nature of the occupation,
and place of resilience nf each memliei
of   the   firm   must   be  niven.
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a ehartered bank
payoi'le to the order nf the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works, equal to
ten per cent. (10 p.e.) of the amount
of the tender, whieh will be forfeited
if the person tendering decline to enter
Into a contract when called upon to do
so, or fail to complete the work contracted for. If the tender be not accepted  the  cheque   will   be   returned.
The   Department   does  not   bind   Itself
to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of  Public  Works,
Ottawa,  August  8,  1912.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement If they Insert It without
authority from tho Department.���23961
Coal mining rights of the Dominion,
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a >ortio�� of
the Province of British Colu.obla, may
be leased for a term of twenty-one
years at an annual rental of $1 an
acie. Not more than 2,580 acres will
be leased to one applicant.
Application foi a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district ln which the rights applied for
f.re situated.
In surve>ed territory the land asust
be described by sections, or legal subdivision* of sections, and in unsur-
veyfed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of ��5 which will be
refunded If the rights applied for are
not available but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mrne at the rate
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
Th* lease will inelv.de the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface right* ma/ be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of 110.00 an
Tor full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.���Unauthorised publication of
this advertisement will not be paid for.
192,000; Alaska Fishermen's racking Company, 88,000; Naknek Packing Company, 82,000; Alaska Portland Packing Assoication, 65,000;!
Bristol Bay Packing Company, 50,-'
000; Northwestern Fisheries Assocla-*;
tion, 45,008; Columbia River Packing Association. 38,000; Red Salmon
Canning Company, 32,000; Alaska
Salmon  Company,  25,000.
The pack will tome principally
from Southwestern Alaska, where
fishing has been better, It Is stated,
than for many years. To the usual
quantity for the season was added
a big catch of king salmon off the
Forest Island shoals, a fishing ground
that for several years has been comparatively unknown. Craig Miller, of
Ketchikan, is contributing heavily to
the.output from this district. Several
of the individual packing companies
have catches that exceed 40,000
First Hnve Been Plentiful���Doughty
Plans   Denote   Progress   In
The salmon have been running In
large numbers in northern waters of
the B.C. coast. The Daily News, of
PrWe Rupert, states that reports
received from Mr. Wilfrid V. Dough-
B. C. Lumber Interests l*|> In Arms
nt the Refusal to Collect (
Duty. j
OTTAWA, Aug. 13.���The attitude
Oi the government in refusing to col-'
lect   duty   on   lumber   entering   the
Prairie   Provinces   which     the     Ex- j
chequer  Court  has  decided   is  duti-|
able, until an appeal to the Supreme I . ,
Court is heard, has brought forth a & are to that eflt','t' "lso that the
vigorous protest from the B. C. ltim-1 f*Wegate cannery is very busy tak-
ber interests. I 'n,!:  ('are   o��   tlle   oat��h.    The   News
Mr. George H. Cowan, ex-M.P., als�� Bays: , ,
counsel for the lumbermen, was In I T,�� th��se w1ho have followed the
Ottawa yesterday and protested to ' w��rk undertaken by the B.C. Flsh-
Hon. J. D. Read and Acting-Premier | ��!'1,e]s' '-'mited, at Aliford Bay and
George H. Perley against the Cus- Skldegate, under the management of
toms Department not collecting duty Mr* Doughty, it ls time for con-
until the appeal is heard. "The emulations to the energetic man-
stand of the department," said Mr. I a5er* Mr- Doughty left Grimsby on
Cowan,  "is that there is no law to   the 20th of January of this year, and
the impotatlon of lumber, which hart
been planed and afterwards roughed,
Its proce to the consumer did not go
up one cent, and while that lumber
was imported free, the price did not
go down one cent. The difference In
each case went into pockets of the
American exporter and his confederate middlemen."
OTTAWA, Aug. 14.���The Department of .Marine aud Fisheries has be-
tore It a problem of somewhat international character. It ls the question whether French vessels engaged
la trawl fisheries on the Grand
Banks can buy bait in Canadian
ports. Newfoundland has passed
laws prohibiting to the French fishermen this privilege, and Canada is
the principal Hource of supply. lt
has been customary for some time
for the vessels to make their purchases at Sydney. This has caused
some protest, and the matter has
has been referred to the department
The steam trawlers coul at Sydney,
und fo* the ordinary trawlers to buy
bait there Involves the same principles. The view expressed at the
department Is that there is nothing
to prevent tho French ilshernien
���from securing such supplies iu Canadian porls.
Delta Hotel.
Dr. H. Wood, D.D.S., Ladner.
D. Adamson, Vancouver.
T.   Keogh,  Vancouver.
W. J. Reid, Ladner.
C. D. Peele, New Westminster.
R. A. Cadner, Vancouver.
Wm. J. Holland, Esquimau.
Mark Twain, New York.
Miss I.. M. Colo, New Westminster
F. Came, Vancouver.
L. A. Thompson. Sardis.
J. W. Lindsay, Now  Westminster
A, J. Lormor, Vancouver.
E. C.   Dearth,   New   Westminster.
J.  Burton,  New Westminster.
J. H. Clark, Ingersoll, Ont.
Geo. E. Morris, Vancouver.
J. R. Sigmore, Vancouver.
Ladner Hotel.
J. Patrick, Vancouver.
Miss  L, If. Grant,  Cedar Cottage
Miss M. McNalr, Cedar Cottage.
C. A. Strang, Cedar Cottage.
Alex. Gunn, Cedar Cottage.
Gus. 8. Kerr, Cedar Cottage.
O. Nelson, Ladner.
Ed. Smith, Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Henderson,
Miss Paddock, Vancouver..
J.  H.  Brewster,  Seattle.
C. H. Parsons, New Westminster,
E.  C.  Dearth, New Westminster,
Henry Elver. Dublin, Ireland.
administer business, that the notice
ot appeal suspends the law and no
action can be taken until the Supreme Court case Is heard."
It assumes that the litigant    In
ccurt against whom the decision has
after a short stop in Vancouver and
Victoria, came on to Prince Rupert.
After visiting the site of their proposed operations he immediately proceeded to let contracts for the buildings,  with  the  result  that by June
been given, can, by tiling notice of, 15th. the cannery was ready and
appeal, suspend an act of parliament
and nullify the judgment of the Exchequer Court. To do the department all Justice, that can be done, it
must be said tt claims that Mr. New-
cembe, deputy minister of justice,
advises that this is law. Past history shows that the  result will  not
can-making in progress. Now comes
tiie welcome news that the fish aro
doing their part In this undertaking.
Mr. Doughty is to be congratulated
on obtaining the services of Mr. A.
VV. Carter, as superintendent of the
cannery operations. Mr. Carter was
for   many    years   successful   in  the
make a cent of difference to the cus-   management of the Oceanic cannery,
tomer.     When  the  ban was put on | Skeena River.
Sir George Doughty, M.P., chairman of the B.C. Fisheries, Limited,
was to have left England about the
25th of July to inspect the works at
Queen Charlotte Islands. Their
steam trawlers Canada and Triumph
left Grimsby the 11th of July and
others will follow at an early date.
WINNIPEG. Aug; 15.���Double-
tracking of the Canadian Northern
Railway between Portage la Prairie,
west of Wirinlpee. find Port Arthur,
at the head of the Great Lakes, will	
be started next spring and rushed to | _,���,-��� a*ong  the northeastern   ndge,
completion.    The Surveys have been   Wl,re accomplished   Iff  the     Parker
SKAGWAY, Alaska, Aug. 10.���
The discovery of a new pass through
the Alaska range, the exploration of
sixty miles of country which has
been a blank on the map and the
verification of the assertion that the
-scent   of   Mount   McKlnley   can   be
completed. Tin* work is one of great
magnitude. Involving the expenditure
of over $15.000,000. It has been
rendered   necet"��ary   owing   to   the
MONTREAL, Aug. 14.���Reaching
the enormous total of $680,000,000,
the assessed valuation of Montreal
property for the current year, shows
an increase ove** tho assessment of
1911 of '"150,000,000.
Browne Mount McKlnley expedition,
which has arrived here on the way
home from the mountain.
Among the poul'ry award* at tht.
Vancouver Exhibition this week
were; Silver Polish cocks, 1. C. F.
Lockhard, Eburne; hens, C i*\ Lock-
hard, "Mburne, Gold.ii PollMi cocks,
C. F. Loi-kh.ird; hen, 1, C. F. I.no-r.-
of the Grand Trunk ana Grand Trunk I'lieille railways.
��� THE DELTA T____fES
Address by Manager of Cowichan Association on Value of Co-operative Methods.
The  annual  report  of  the  B.   C.
Poultry Association contains a very
now residing at White Rock for the
summer months purposes putting up
a new house on the McLellan road
to cost about $2500.
Mr. W. Lakln ls removing to Mur-
rayville to start a shingle mill there
at an early date.
The Bank of Montreal will move
Seattle Market,
SEATTLE, Aug. 15.���Eggs, local
ranch 32c; Eastern 2 4c to 26c. But-
4e.r, Washington,  31c to 32c;   EaBt-
���ern >29c to 30c.     Cheese, Tillamook,	
17   l-2c   to   18c;   limburger   20c; , excellent   address   on   "Co-operative . /"I f*-UK ol lno"lre"1 '"" move
-W-sconsi**,, 17 l-2c to 19c; brick 19c  Methods Applied to the Poultry Bust- "^ T**?*��� Pr--*mlses "-> the course
Yonng Americas 10c to 20c    Onions ness," by Mr. F. C. Drake, manager
90c to $1.25 per    sack.       Potatoes,  0f the Cowichan Creamery Associa-
lo-ral $16 to $20 per ton;  California  tjon> at Duncan.    The soundless of "���*""
I  l-4c per lb.;  sweets,    4c      Oats,: **,e principles of co-operation needs1       8
"Eastern Washington $34 to $35 ner I ,i0 aa*vocacyi but the failures in trans-
ton; Puget Sound $34 to $35.     Hay  lating these 'into successful practice
Piiset  Sound   timothy   $13   to   ?14;   -,ave acted a8 deterrents to the in-
Eastern   Washington   timothy,   $17  crease  in  these societies  which  tho
to 518;  wheat hay  $14  to $15;  al-  keen competition of the present day
��*lfa $13 to $14;  mixed hay $16 to. demands.    Mr. Drake puts his finger
517; straw $9 to $10. on  two at  the  least  of  the  causes
Pathetic Wreck Fatality. | of failure, dishonesty on the part of
SEATTLE, Aug. 15.---The woman:the members, and a want of grasp of
killed on Monday in the wreck of the: the benefits conferred on its mem-
tailwaukee Railroad's Olympian train i bers -_y slu.h a co-operation which re
__��   u*_.-.!,.,1,,_    Waal,      was   idpnt't'letl   -..u.~ .- ,_   _-   ___   __,_.   _. _..
of a few days.  ^^^^^^^^^^^
A new barn is being built for Mr.
John Tarvls by Tarvis & Barton
to accommodate the Increasing grain production.
aggregate 75,000,000 to 80,000,000
fish and in the same calendar year
there was turned loose from tho
hatcheries of the Pacific Coast states,
including British Columbia and
Alaska, an aggregate of more than
400,000,000 fry, which should Indicate to every intelligent reader tbat
notwithstanding the enormous outturn of the Industry in the past, that
should only twenty per cent, of tne
fry liberated - survive to return to
their native streams, this average
output can be perpetuated indefinitely. The food value to the people
of the world of the enormou. tonnage of fish taken annually from
the waters of the Pacific are beyond
computing, and *j*e have only to perpetuate and increase out present
hatching facilities to make the supply everlasting.
at. Keechelus, Wash.,  was 'dent-fled; "u^-yn~^
on Tuesday as the wife of Slmui ,Iur
vich, a Slavonian laborer*^ Jurivich
���ad tolled for three years for money
lo uring his wife and little daughter
Wary, from Northern Austria After
trttvolling thousands of miles by sea
e.;J land the mother wa= Bit!-til only
then hours from her dest.nation. She
mas i*6 years old. '!'_ ) little girl w is
investigation Asked.
BELLINGHAM, Aug. 15.���Hev
Deputy County Assessor Alson W.
Steers has indited a communication
to the board of county commissioners
in which lie asks that the board make
____________________________________ sufficient funds to enable the management to be properly run.
The farmer, who after joining one
of these associations, fails to comply
with its regulations as to the quality
of his produce, Is cheating his partners and depreciating the reputation
of the tvliole of the output. If he
daels with customers one day
through the medium of hls association and the next he ls guilty of a
disloyalty which iij the end diminishes the good his membership will
;!_ both to himself and hls partners.
Mr; Drake continues: "Ou the
business   side   ft   is   odd   that  the
complete  lnvWtigation^of ^e^rec-  f JniiTr~"co-operati\*e.y i nc lined ".mag-
on! s of the county assessor's office In
order to determine whether irregularities which are alleged to exist are
really to be found.
To Try Dry Farming.
WILSON CREEK, Aug. 15.���Next
.year ubout twenty farmers In this
country will switch from their present wheat-growing methods to the
���Campbell  dry-farming system.    One
ines he can do business upon prin
clples which would drive the ordinary man Into an asylum. Tie has a
kind of notion that because a business is co-operative (magic phrase)
it does not require any capital, and
that the president of tbe association
can do the work of a manager by
giving up his Sunday afternoons.
This is not much of an exaggeration.
piece of grain to the north under the t,4"^" """'"""**/" "" >��-��������-��.����������-
Campbell system made forty bushels[' " *e. **f"����?Ht*���*'!*^ I",
io the acre, while adjoining land ���*e*J�� h8"b8Chrlbe **cln ��� Cap'ta*
farmed differently made on an aver- ��'?��* ��en he would hold up his
-f*e less than twenty bushels. I na*-d*- *n horror: and J"8* if h,s hens
Value of Steel Coaches,
SEATTLE,    Aug.     15.
lay eight dozen eggs each year and
. . his association saves him a cent a
���[!_-!"! dozen, he ts making 33 per cent, on
his capital, and he finds it exceedingly difficult to reconcile himself
to  the   payment  of  proper  salaries
crews were hard at work removing
the debris of the wrecked Olympian
from the canyon near Lake Keechelus
'Tuesday.    A bridge crew has started  ���_, __ . ,       .  -. ,,.__.    ..
work on a temporary structure. The      -.nr-���^   expenses, as difficult
    -. --.-  ii i as  to   realize  the  necessity  of c6n-
zact mat me cars ot me iijuipnu _,�������� *,-������-u������ _"_CeS, , y
were of steel is responsible for the S 'n " "h i d ���*"dlcl��us,adT'
ver, small loss of life. . While the '8lnf' tn��rPIU8hnh *_P���dura a��d ">���*>"���
two.engine, and baggage lcar plunged f��r . ' ����*��?�� f ��L "��� a good place
to the bed of the canyon, the day ^^mm"^ "���*,unle8B. le �����
coach behind stood almost perpendic- #����*$6V��i-EL��9->Mpl��
Hilar on end, jammed against the bag- ""'?"��� **>>? "J*"* to a"ow ���>
W.Ke  coach  and  held  other  cars  on  PZZZ,T^       ^ ^
tte track above.    Only the forward f^dJ h.��iZ��     '        Cann0t eXPeCt
��nd of this coach was dented, and it      ,"3n !!,',���;;'-
wa. in the lavatory at this end   that        *��  bU8inaen80B can bfe run *��hout
Mrs. Simon Jurivich was killed. j "��� �����h f?u_T��    "* ��/_ con-ldence
Vaccination Crazes Man. I *"d *����d 'al h. bet wee�� theKPWtn*l��.
HUSUM, Aug. 16.���As a result ot H? '*"_�����* ^��?,e".tlve "����S-nesse8
vaccination Fred Oroshong, who was f" *��� nbec���� JfV ��ot, co-opera-
working in the Stone & Webster 6__��prSffi t_^ not -���n^ ^li-^T8' an.d
��>  the White Salmon river, became; 25nd.�� Platitude  as lt
violently unmanageable Saturday and I     T_    '_,,, . ., _    .
was taken to his home in White Sal-1 w_ln ��?? * B?ute8tl��n8/  **r:  Drake
__ /was   able   to   state   that   before  co-
*   Whatcom Pioneer Dies. r!r������T   the   average
BELLINGHAM, Aug. 15.-Francls T1"0' $? JLi _ M* that-now
JI. Sevier,    a pioneer    of Whatcom  "  w" ?*��>  ?L .   f, ^ p���A"ceT
C'oanty and well  known throughout ThlLu���     At v"* ^'ng the i��9t
thla entire section of    the    country, ll^lt"*8,^??���^0- eggs that
Klled at his home, 1515 Moore street, bad   be���e" f"ch*e*0���   ^-operation
Monday night at 9 o'clock. His death ^��� now fetchlnS 35c at the same
w*ts caused by organic heart trouble.       m-.'   n���u _i_    ��� .,    ,
T6e deceased man was 69 years old  vlc�� rotlDrt^eHfi8?lngaVef *,rartlca' at*-
and   had  lived  in  Whatcom  County  ^Jkttrtl  tifJ     g ot���\����e���"���
  ., ,.,.,��� ��� '   assocla*/ons, the necessity for bond-
Ifor more than thirty years
Klopes With Another's Wife.
KVEItETT, Aug. 15.���Mrs. J. Mc-
*Clure, of Burlington, accompanleu
by her thrco-months-old baby ana
Jack Sumpter, a barber of Burlington, are held here on a charge or gurrej*8
eloping from Burlington. Mrs. Mc-
Clure, who is 19, has been showered
with attentions by Sumpter for some
time and recently the husband promised to send his wife and child back
Ing the manager and for a sufficient
elasticity in all constitutions to suit
local conditions.
New    Hall nt    Cloverdale
Near* Completion���Has Two
Fire Proof Vaults.
(From  The  British Columbian.)
CLOVERDALE, B. C, Aug. 7���In
to Minnesota for  a  visit, hoping  m Xbi8_...Ii.s!.*-g���*-.0.pf���1_am��ne the.t0W118
of Surrey municipality, road im
provements and building operations
are going on apace, The new municipal hull which is nearing completion will be, for instance, a creditable addition to tbe architecture of
The new hall Is two and a half
storeys high and 5��xS4 feet long,
with cement foundations. The
basement   is   stone   und   the   floors
that way to break up the friendship
To i'ile lor Lund.
���SPOKANE.,  Aug.   15.--Fifty     settler- from Tend Oreille and Stevens
CoiiJittles are in lino In front of tho
i!oor t.i llio laud office to file today
upon the land on which they'live.    A
**_i>r.-;ii     women    are    among    them,
' Ir. cnly-five of the settlers, including
'."���jvio women, bave been In line since
yesterday.     The   settlers   are   afraid ...   _    , ,   , ,    ...      _���
thi5  Northern* Pacific   Railroad  win &&otu*!!^}to.^t*W!*i
attempt to satisfy / Its right under
the Hen 1,-inu grant, whicn would
make it necessary for the settlers to
coBlmL, whereas If they file before
*he railroad the latter will be forced
to t'ilf the contests If it desires to ex-
c-n-ise its rights,
Assess Farms Too Low,
BELLINGHAM, Apg.  16.     The rc-
Hactions In  tbe assssaed  valuations
of  rnra-l property ���Indicated on
day ln Uu- random selection of some ^me   ���1U C08(, abQUt $1- ���,,���     T)
forty   examples   from  one tovrashlp oontra6tor ,��� Mr   j   u   vlckorB     r
,..,..,  are  not   confined to  that town-   Vancouver,  whose foreman It Mr.  !������
ship alone, but are general through o   Rlckman
the county, outside of IncorporrtS. 'Another important addition to the
cities, wsb pretty . early dsmonstraiv buiiams ,��� . U)V(M,|ah. a���a ,!ljt,i(.t
��*d this morning when another curs- is B ���,.w agricultural ball to be im-
orj exniuinatl,!! of the doeuinents in atodlately erected at Surrey Centre
the assessor's office was made. , ���   ���,���   ,���,   ,6x6p   f(,.,t  ,���  (i,ulellsioll8
'.(.ov. Hay-la Welcomed. with  n 74-foot verandah    in     front.
WALLA WALLA, Aug. 1 :>.��� Citl-,-| ,���. coatraotors ure Messrs Tarves
zrns Of Walla Walla gave Gov. Hay & l4art���u Bros., of Cloverdal-.
a "big reception at the Commerclall The old agricultural building ls to
ClUb rooms Tuesday. Ueinesenla- *,(��� utilized as an exhibition hall foe
tires oi both tactions of the Republl- poultry and will be refitted with that
can party and llie Democrats turned object in view.
out to honor the chief executive.l The Pacific Highway is to bs i.uv-
Pi-lli-ics   was  touched  only   Incident-;oil   with   crushed   rock  from   t'lover-
OTTAWA, Aug. 14���A systematic
search through all the administrative departments here in quest of
valuable records ls contemplated by
the Secretary of State, Hon. Dr.
Roche, on the advice of the Dominion archivist. The search will probably be undertaken by a small commission and everything of value in
the way of old records will be placed
in the archive8 under the care of Dr.
Doughty. No effort has ever been
made to get these documents together, and it Is believed that there
are pigeon-holed ln all the older departments papers of great importance as to historical and legal records. Dr. Roche favors some such
system as is in force ln England
where all these documents after a
'Ixed period gt> as a matter of course
to *be archives. With this object
Hon. Dr. Roche has enlarged the
manuscript committee by the addl-
tlton of Hon. Thomas Chapals of
Quebec, Archdeacon Amiltage of
Halifax, Professor Chester Martin of
Manitoba University, Professor W.
L. Grant of Queen's, R. E. Gosnell
of British Columbia, Archdeacon
Raymond of St. John, and Sir Edmund Walker of Toronto.
OTTAWA, Aug. 15.���Hon. Sam
Hughes, Minister of Militia, returned
from his Western tour last night. In
the course of an interview he said
that the people of the west are particularly enthusiastic over the government's policy of one great Imperial navy commanding the respect of
all nations and controlling the seas.
Col. Hughes,* after attending the unveiling of the monument to Sir Isaac
Brock, at Brockville, will proceed to
Quebec, where he will spend a few
days before sailing for England on
September 21 to attend the Alder-
shot military maneouvres. He will
be accompanied by Col, Hodglns, of
London; Col. Landry, of Quebec;
Col. Hartson, Lt.-Col. Morrison, Col.
Manson and Major Robertson.
landing being of eui s.uiusi-,,,-. The
council chamber is- 26x30 feet in dimensions, und the various ou Ices on
the llrst and second floors are capacious and will be furnished and
fitted up ln tho best and latest style.
There nro two lire proof vaults,
while electric wiring, hot air healing
and telephone conveniences will be
in.-i,i>.i ..   i in imikU'-iii   llie  building.
The building, which ts expected to
1'nes- 1)e   finished   lu   about   three    iVeeks'
in the 35.  persons
abopl   half with women.
present, i dale to the Vale road, the rock being
I now brought down from the .rushing
plant  at  Wilder  Mountain.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B BrlCk Works Busy.
  The  Cloverdale  Brick    and    Tile
VICTORIA, Aug. 18.���Many In Company of which Mr. I. Om>z is
Victoria *nid In other cities of British manager, is/ now turning out an nv-
Columbia. who are acquainted with wage of 42,000 bricks per day. Die
Mr. /. L. Payne, the federel comp- bricks ure stated to be among the
.roller of railway statistics, will re- best manufactured of any In British
gift to hear that he has just suf-1 Columbia, standing a very high pros-
fered   the   loss  of  his   son.   Sydpey. sure.
*Mr. J. L. Payne was the private ser-| a one and one' half storey resl-
-neiary of Sir Mackenzie Bowell, when deuce is beiug built for M. D. Matho-
-tttie ex-premler went to Australia In son. It provides for six rooms with
1H9.-! to lay plans for trade relations balconies at front and rear. The
_��irtween Canada and Australia, and cost will be about $1500 and the
fat  was also here in connection with | contractors are  Messrs.    Tarvis    &
��-���*-���* of the Chinese Immigration in-
Barton Bros.
Mr.  Robinson,
of Cloverdale, and'
Last Year Broke Records���Estimator
of Steel, Iron and Lumber
(From the British Columbian.)
The first authentic information regarding the fishing Industry of the
Northwest begins with the year 1866,
when the pack of canned salmon was
put on the Columbia river, amounting to 40,000 cases of 48 one-pound
cans to the case, and as it requires
70 pounds of raw fish to produce
48 one-pound cans, the total catch
of that year amounted to but 280,-
000' pounds. The first pack in British Columbia was ln the year 1876,
when they packed 7247 cases; on
Puget Sound ln the year 1877, when
they packed 5500 cases; and in Alaska ln the year 1878, when they packed 8159 cases; in the smaller districts such as the Sacramento river
in California and the coast rivers
of Oregon and Washington, at Intermediate periods.
Last Year a Record-Breaker.
The Industry has grown in volume
from year to year until the year 1911,
when the total pack aggregated C,-
140,887 cases of one-pound cans, or|
at 70 pounds of raw flsh to the case,
a total of 429,862,090 pounds; and
a total number of cases for the entire period from 1866 to 1911, Inclusive, of 86,744,598 cases, aggregating a total of more than 6,000,-
000,000 pounds of raw salmon. Tho
pack of 1911 was the largest ln the
entire history of the industry.
Steel,   Iron  unci   Lumber  Employed.
In this great Industry from its Inception to the present time, there
has been used ln steel sheets for
the manufacture of cans, the enormous quantity of 867,445,980 pounds
or enough to replace all the structural steel used in the greft buildings of New York City, leaving a
large surplus to the good. There
has also been used ln nails 11,000,000
pounds, or n total tonnage In steel
aud Iron of more than 439,000 net
tons. There has also been used ln
this Industry fully 85,000,000 pounds
of solder.
The consumption   of   lumber   for
manufacture  of   boxes   to  ship   this
tanned salmon has been about 500,-
1100.000 feet.    In the manufacture or'
labels for this salmon there has been
UH-d    approximately  80.000,000  lb:
ot paper;  and, taking an average
$2.00   per  case  expended  for  labor, IX
the reader can gain ills own estimate y
of  the   enormous   amount  of   good I J!
money   that   has   been
through this Industry.
The writer has no authentic data
on the enormous quantities of salmon that have been consumed In a
fresh, frozen and salted condition
ri-iring all these years, except that X
in the year 1911-there wns used up- 5
wards of 30,000.000 pounds, ln art- X
ditlon to the above, the average an- A
11 mil catch of halibut alone amounts iy
to more than 30,000,000 pounds. \%
Herring, codfish, and other food
fishes not above mentioned aggregate
annually fully 2C,000.000 pounds. In
addition to this is the enormous output of shell flsh. <'oi**"1sting of clams,
crabs, and oysters, aggregating fifty
thousand sacks.
The permanent Investment In
buildings, machinery, floating, equipment, flslhng gear, etc., in this mammoth In dustry will easily aggregate
Supply I.i Inexhaustible.
The approximate  number of sal-
9,600 Acres
Finest tract of farm
land ever offered the
public in the Fort
George district will be
placed on the market
.  this month.
You can own 40,80 or
160 acres and have it
personally selected for
you by our Mr. Sigmore, who will make
a full soil report and
photograph of your
farm. Price$12.00to
$14.00 per acre, terms
over four years. Hun-
dreds of acres now
ready for the plow. J.
R. Sigmore and Peter
Clark will leave for
Fort George on Aug.
25th. Call on or write
us for particulars before that date.
Dominion Trust Bltig.        Vancouver, B. C.
Corner Westham and Delta
|  favorite Resort for Automobile Parties
H. W. SLATER, Prop.
I _���
distributed  *>
McLelan Lumber Co.
Can Supply All Kinds of
Fir, Cedar and
Spruce Lumber
There is no reason for any shortage of lumber in thc Delta.
Mills midway between Ladner and Port Guichon.
mon used In the pack of 1911 would i************i****st^****i**��9w***9***9tti
Ttfakes a  Specialty ol*~~.
fob ana
juetter heads
S2///S of
(^all and See Samples
Tha D*lta Tlmss Is pal
Saturday from tha Ttaaaa
l_ad'___r. B.C.   3. a
trntm tmVSStm,


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