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The Delta Times Aug 26, 1905

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Array ���
" 4* "~" ***.
LAUNtiK, li. C, SATURDAY. A  GUST 26, 1905.
SI.CO yea
yal Purple Shoes
Delta Council.
W ���������I
ir^tii.iiiit^ *_i Joy.
Mbrtn-y  evening  witnessed  an-     Council   met    in    tbe   Council i    On   Tuesday  evening   last   the
I oth i- re:  ty w Icome tendered to a Chamber on   Saturday, Aug. to, at ] citizens were entertained  to a very
newly arrived pastor.    This time it j 2 p.m., with the following members! interesting   ������.   , r
is tlie liar list congregrtion who re-: present:   Reeve   \V7   H. Ladner in twee* tear
l.joIce.    Quite a nice little company the   chair,   and  Couns.   Paterson,   ner Lacrosse Club und  the  Chilli-
|as**,mliled  to   rreet   Rev.   Jas.   A.  Gibbie and Davie. [wack   Indians,   the   latter  coming
iBantoi*,  wife   and   family, to this!    Minutes   of
;ame   ot   : ��� .ros.-..
lms representing the Lad-
their new Held of labor.
i youthful and springy gait result.! from the constant wearing of |   Ki- ��� -'��� r- McEwen, the late
i'cci.i ied   the chair,  while
previous   meetinj
ivere adopted as rea<
"Royal Purple" Shoes.   All tha new lasts are now in stool
and Boots all at tha one price���$3.50 3'camped on sole.
liases -Tew Shos3 just marked off and reidy for your inspection.
,!M)~iT' Shoe for men is a beauty, with no 7/ "yiscolizsd" waterproof
Jh.il Iran's Fancy Shoes and Strap Slippers.
! Revs. T. 1'
From   T,   K.   Ladner   and
etts, A. McAuley and ! Mitchell,
J. A. Banton also occupied seats on } t]*
protesting  against gazet-
over from .Steveston.
During the first quaiter the play
was fast and furious, so much so
in fact that everyone seemed to
overlook the fact tbat goal nets,
were placed   at  either end���no at-
f,     , ,, ,  ,.     ., a rbad *roSs tli?ir ProP��ty. I tempt being made tu score by either
the platform, and Mrs. Banton pre | Received  and  laid  over till   next side,
sided at the organ.    After all had   meeting. iiin,M���-i,n .1    r   .���
..,,,. b I     Au through the game the Indians
joined 111 singing  a rousing hymn,      From Dr.Pagan, Secretary  Pro-played  pluckily   but lacking com-
atida short prayer  by   Rev. J. F. 1 vincial Board of Health, inclosing biuation their efforts  were doomed
j Betts,  Mrs W. J. Lanning render-  regulations   lor   slaughter   houses to failure.    The same team  under
; ed, in excellent style, a  solo, "The { uud d .irie**.    Received and referred j a good leaderi might devel     im _
Promise of Life," by Behring; Rey. j to the Health Committee. , ven, formidable opponent
I Jas. A. Banton next rendered "The |     From I). B. Crant and J. Jordan, !     For the home team the game w
H>ly   City,"   by  Stephen   Adams.! asking  Council   to grade Hot!
Store is Headquarters for   High   Grade  Shoes.,  Rev.T. F. Betts was the liexPStreet. Receh
called on, and said he was  glad to | Coun. Davie.
j be present to welcome his old friend ,     The   Ilopcott   Bros
3     \A/A .-S'T'-S 1ancl   Co-laborer,   Rev.   Mr. Canton,
and  referred   to
ham [a good  practice, which thev
lU/'is 1> & iL-/<_>
n a *r-1 - -
j to this, bis new field of laLor.    He
j thought   the    pastor    and    people
G ��ser oent. off the balance of 'our Summer Waists! should t-e one :...d work together t,
the glory of God.    He hoped Rev.
Mr. Banton   and   family  would be
needed, and a few more like it
would help materially to dev -lop
our young players of promise,
ridge across | Less Kerfoot and Harry Guichou
put  up  some  good   running   and
T    sit,? %:.���":
...-' **-: m
Iiil.  *��___a
happy   here  11s   he  and  his fam:I\ j Bank for
are, and that tl e common   work 01 ��� cessary.
the Muster would   progress rapidh
under Mr. Bantou's ministry.
#175   for   building
Hoskin*,' Slough was accepter'
The repairing of Gulf Dyke was(the goals were slored by tlie follow-
left.ii. the hands of Coun. Gibbie.      illg: L. Kerfoot, 2; Felix Guichon,
Clerk   was   authorized   to  _. c. Bugg, 1; f-. P. McPherson, 1.
e arrangements with the Royal- The Indians scored ouce, making a
mother  overdraft  if ne- total of 5 to 1 in favor of Ladner.
The redoubtable  Fred Lynch, of
The lollowing accounts  were or-  Westminster, acted as referee,
dered     paid:     W.     Abererombie,      The K,-atsie  Indians  had a man
We offer a large and well assorted stock.
Stock.when wanting anything in this line.
Call and inspect our
Stokes & Cullis,
Mrs.   Banton   next rendered  the' $17.50;   G. Nicolieh,   $13;   Kwong  here watchiii"- th
song, "Aslhore," by H. Trotere
a very pleasing manner.
B.ev. A. McAuify said it seemea Times,  ��11.30;   R
Tong Ciio;
[Suniight Soap.
We  offer  25  boxes  at  20  per  cent,  less than the regular price.
$4.75 per box or 5c bar in less quantities.
Fruit Jars.
Pints, Quarts and ^-Gallons���Mason and Orown.
(jelly Glasses.
.Full Size, 60c psr dozen.
\     tslnAt...	
rather  early for him to   extend  a i$2o;C. Beadleston, $i.
.* elcome  to  a   minister  and he sc
recently arrived   himself���about :o|
day.;     He gave a briel  description
of his ideas regarding the  attitudi
of   pastor  ami   people  and   said  ; I
congregation  should   not  imagine |
that  they   had   sole  claim   on  tht i
pa-rtor, hn'. rather, that a pastor be-;
Ioi ged tb the whole community. He;
welcomed the   new   pastor,  as the'
e game, who, im-
���-,25; oiokcs oc s_ums, | mediately at   the  close, challenged
| $3.15; Columbian Co., $3.50; Delta the winners to a  match to be play*.
[.30;   R.   H.  Quaggan,  e,j at New Westminster in the near
future.    The Keets'ie's have beaten
Council then  adjbttriied to meet! the Chilliwackers 6 to 1 aud should
again  on Saturday,  September 9th   put up a good gaii.e.
ii';xt, at -- p.m.
Mrs, L. Monkm.in visited Mrs. J.
Burritt during the week.
With  the very  best of weather
and about a dozen threshers  going
ingglical   work   iu  ths district  (ujj
Gran Sugar i
fsiike of the Wootts" ausi Ogilvie Flour.
'mwe Monej ##��#*��_*
Mrs. Doyle  and   Miss  Baker, of
Walkerton, Out., left, on Thursday,
, for Portland Fair, after  spending a
ilast,  the   Delta's  grain   crop1       .11 ��� -.-        ,,        T    r>
, ,, ,, ,   . ' t- 1 ,couple   days   Visiting   Mrs.   J.   F.
threw  them   together   to  work ioi   bids   f.ur   to  be   safely   garnered.1^. ���".,     "
,      ��,    , -it       ;  ���    1  .- blainton.
the  Master.    He advised the con- About another ten days of existing| 	
gregaliOn  to  co-operate   with   tin : weather conditions will see the liar-
minister   and   help   him   -11 the)   vest nearly ended.
could. The crops of both hay and grain,
Lanniiig next san
a  verv
entitled   "Daddy,
province  and the ad-
which was well reudei
j all over this
joining territories, would lead one
ed and much 110 predict  low  prices, though  hay;
enjoyed bv all. ! alui   grain  have  opened at   fairly;
Rev.   J.   A.   Banton spoke very  g00_ prices���hay,   baled, $3;  oats,;
feelingly of the  old  friendships oi '��� IieW( <2^.
Revs. A. McAnley and J. F. Betts !        '	
Although a stranger he felt that he
was  iu   the  midst oi   friends.    He.     Mrs. Voting,   oi Nevr  Westmin-
ster, returned home on Monday last
C. Clifl and wife, of the B. C.
Cuii Company, New Westminster,
puid a business visit here this week
and were the guests ot  Rev. J. F.
and Mrs. Betts.
Marshall Smith
Capsized in Gulf,
611 Thursday morning last, the
s,s. Robert Dunsmuir, Capt. W. J.
Rogers, bound from Nanaimo for
Ladner, picked up a Jap who was
clinging to a capsized fishing boat,
Out in the Gulf.
By the use of signs aud drawings
th? Jap gave the captain to yud'jr-
Stand that, at about 4 o'clock that
marning, he and his partner hnd
run across a whale; and tried a
shot at his majesty. After the
whale  had   r*.-oeived  the  shQt   he
managed to slip off his boots, I lit
his partner was not so forttu.ate
and went under in the attempt.
Capt. Rogers and his crew helped
the unfortuu'ate mini, in their usual
hospitable style, and landed him,
with his boat and net, at Steveston.
The boat belonged to the New
Westminst.ir Cannery, b��aring the
'following marks���M. N. 545.
Good and Bad.
Inspector sHtewart visited the
schools af this district during the
Fred Kilbv,   of Vancouver, who
has  been  visiting  his sister, Mr?, j
Jno. Follis, received the good news
a day or so ago, that  an   invention
of his���an automatic signal for the,
prevention of head-on collisions���
thanked the other pastors  for their
kindly  welcome and  addressed   a
few but kindly   words  to  the congregation   in   whicli   he   thanked
them on behalf ot himself and family for their kind welcome.
j     Rev. Mr. McEwen then  spoke _
! few words in which he advised th.
' people to follow out  the  three   P's
' with regard   to  their pastor���pray
fir him;  praise   him   and pay him.
1     Mrs.   Banton   then   rendered the
: solo    "Rock    of    Ages,"    by    T.
T. J. s'.rmstrong came down on
Saturday last on a visit to J. A.
Paterson, and returned 011 Monday.
Mrs. Armstrong and her daughter
Miss Xora, will return this evening'.
after spending a few  days  visiting
Mrs. Jas. Follis.
The Misses House, of Sapperton,
returned home, on Wednesday last,
alter spending a   few days visiting which  sPecial  music is bci,,S P"'
It has been decided to hold the
Harvest Festival Services in the
Methodist Church, Ladner, ou Sunday,   September    17th    next,    for
Mrs, P. Matheson.
B, L. Inman, of F.lmira.   Peun.,
is  visiting   his daughter,   Mrs.  1).
��� Marshall Smith and wife accompanied their daughter, Miss Crissy,
to     Vancouver,    on    Wednesday.
When you are in New Westmin-
K -Sinclair's Shoe
S.ore  and   he  will  **how  you the
charged down  'upon  the  boat and. ster. cull  a{ ^
overturned it   with   the  result that!
butfh  occupants were thrown out.
i-icumli^rd su* -iumla-ots i> iaal|ta'*est'�� the shoe nne having just
von-ier ihai\'t\. ��� , were ible it! re-:f>P'-**ed over $2,500.00 worth |l the
^aiu  the bp/u,   The TQ-v-tiesi man, Ge-iuine Slm.r .Shoes. *
Remick, after  which  refreshment
were  served,   consisting   ot   sand- *�����*' returning via San Francisco.
wic'ies,   cake   and   coffee,    all   ol j	
which were of excellent quality especially the coffee. When all had
been satisfied, inwardly, the gathering was dismissed bv singing the
has received  the American patent, j ^^^ Anthem.
Shortly after  the  Canadian paten
rights had been  obtained, $10,' ���.'< r
was offered lor a third inter-st. The shooting season will soou
ijust previous to the receipt of Ibe'open, how about shooting notices .
[good news, Mr. Kilby had the mi.-:-  We can supply you.
fortune to run a large sliver of tin . 	
sidewalk into his right foot, mm.
to his discomfiture.
McGregor.    Mr.   Inman   is   on   a  Miss Smjth Rturns  t0   |ier studies
tour taking  in  the  Portland Fair there     Mr_   am*   Mrs>   gmiUi   re
turned on Thursday,.
Mrs. and Miss Stainton, mother
md sister of our worthy citizen,
I. F. Stainton. who have been
s-isiting here for some time. left,
yesterday, for their home in Ontario.
Chamberlain's D?iirCfh��a0R��ien-
(iftVW fails.  Jluy K now.   il may wtvc hi.-,
! Remember the only place to hm
j the "Genuine Sialci Shoe" at Moi 1-
| real prices is tit W. E. Sinclair's
jti.e- Lending Shoe Store of New
��� V'est.niur.tir.
A little rbrthougbt may save you
no end ot trouble. Anyone who
makes it a rule to keep Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera Diarrhcea Rem-
e:]y a', hand knows this to be a
fact. For sale b\ ". J. MacKenzie.
The thresher operators will confer a great favor on us it they will
kindle hand in the total number of
sacks of each kind of seed threshed
during l he.sea sou in order that we
may let the ou;.--ide_ wr.rltl know
w'n it the.D^lla can-p'rot'uee.
Chamberluiv.'s- dd*
3Scv**JT st.iis,   Buy it' :<!...
Cltolera. mvJ
��� ive lit j.
Monday allerneuTr one of Wm.
Alexander's teams ran away, overturning th'* rig on the macadam on
Delta street. Considerable damage
was done to the rig while the horses
hi ki;y e-iaied. Flies, no doubt,
m3V b, 1.1 .]rpc\ tor the ttouble. TK.fEP, SATURDAY AUGtJS-T 7:
I'ur.i.isSiu-.D kvkrv Satuiiiiw'.
A,i>^Ku:ri8iNq katj.s.
Casual .\ilv.t'-l;:w nieuU; 10 emit*; per Hue foi
'ijc lirst ins u uu .nd 5 c^uis per line tot cull
,^l>seqiu-,i. iii^'i-Vmii 'p*t$r tuCuiher ol tii <.--*
m?cltoucU,bv;t_l!.p sivice occu'ih^J;'liUiics io tht .
uwh 'v ^       ^jfl|@5
Kates .tafi&nuwiKbll A(^^rJs*.ii*erttfi'c;iii ,ht-.j :np.   *t
V**i on appi^i^H,c\UtJi|a oiiicv. | ,XI&   llJL
Reading notices lo Gft.at�� RW line for. each in-
Birth and lWi\l.h,iiaticef., gpB,fc Mannag^$i.eo.
Prize-; :��>r S] oris and  l.vchibits Attract Them tt> Dominion Fair,
r     Jfev Westni lister, Aug. 2,5���Ad-
; yivts' fyoin.   various   missions   and.
I attunes ti rou;.bout British Colum-
\Vhiclv are  continually  reach-
0.1'i.e  of  Manager  Keary
promise thai  h-  gathering  o,   Indian- in New Westminster during
the   it,��;   I ominion   Fain   which
Any tipcciitl notice, Uu: ii'^-st ot which Ik to
���o��*iotethei.ec����Tw��liCTiJitJoliui5i individual ope is on Sept. 27, will be   hilly   as;   ���    , .      ,,      ,
nail wt,. aasj-cnwemeiit |   r in j vited to attend
prortutc tlie pecttulary.
er cuiupuuy, to ls�� coqi'ti'sti
aud cliarics.il i,s.-s u'Aiugl.}-.
A.  O.  17   W.
Delta Lodge,. No. id. meets first
and third Tuesdays of each mo��Ab
in Oddfellows' Hall.
W.. C. Pybus,  M.W.
GEO. R.  MANLEY, Recorder.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���'Hie regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
in.    Visiting Brethren cordially in-
-..-..        Ail advi*4rti*-'i\i' '**���- cUurgy-l lur. until ordered
out aim is.sss.: *Ts I
Corrcsipoudi-ucc iuvi^tl uu  maUt-rH ot public
I14icrc*s4.   CiwuiiiunicuiHJ:^. !.n cd-spi 'U'irt tic lie-
coiiipaisiiil Is*/ uauic qh siu-ltg**! nottiit-ccsaiirily
!��ir puVilic.-iiiiui, fcut, a��, ojyiluiiaj of gos��i fnitli I
Corrtsapsji.i.cucc nitisrl roatsi.ilii.^iifliix- Vsy Tiiitr.-e- .
lay. c��-e*4ls*sr.
tlKOa     R...
large as was at first  anticipated
��ot largtr.
The Indians have beeu informed
ol the prizes that are offered lor
their s| orts and exhibits and keen
rivalry has developed among the
uumeiQus iri.bes. The national feeling has also been  aroused  by
R. F.i.us. K
A.  A.  l.iN-i
,,   Se:.
���i-j . '���*,
;-*k- ������-j-**:
���v^-H******-*** **���***���:- t-f*-f*j*-H- ^������H**fr*K-*H^**-H'*f
3ta Transfer Stable   *
A full Hue of  English  arid Irish I .���$*
ii ���*
Tweeds and   Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
I'&nm Work ii&ao at Specially Low Pauses.
SATURDAY,  AUGUST   26,   1905.
With the three  new evangelical
the j Thursday
announcement that a  big purs.;  is.: ;lt g ^clock
offered lor an internatioual   Indian.: welcome,
war lauoe race and that a nuiubei j
'��� 0;   the   strongest   and   fastest  red.1
C. O. F.
r.   Frasei   .No. 398, taeets iu
���Hows'   Hall,, second   and  last
evenings of each mouth
Visiting  Brethren
* 111 II IS WM I
��� ���
NKW WKSTMIiNSTKK,    :-:   B, C.
MAtiufhctiirem ol aU kinds (..J-
Soda Water, Glrjg&r
���5* Telephone *���'Ladner" No. 10.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
Slate     ol
men    oi    the
jpstOK*  a-ud  tlie  addition  of such I ington      will,     iourm-.v     to     the-
excellent musical talent as  Rev. J. I Fraser river with  a determination
A. Banton and wife and Mrs. Bett.-. '���t0 demonstrate  their  physical  su-
j periorjty over the. Bmi.-.h Columbia
A. Y'ORK'r-;, C. .
great good should be accoaigli&bed,
spiritually and socially
braves.    New war  canoes
I ing built by the tribes, who have
I last crews and every man vv.hw is.
PURIFIER! to.handle a paddle is now iu active
training for tiie greatest contest the.
Indians oi U.r western Canada have
ever been privileged to enter.
'..|:..��.;i>.c.^.9.*^.i^.^t;.��'^;-4.^s.��.iJ>.a.;.^.a..;s. a--.;;.a^
lid   li.jrn; FutsilUllJugs JAs
y nre *
t norse
���     our Harness
������^ii^vL- long provfd reliable, uml tii
1, built uot uislv for style but- wear.
Co^gaj <jau D* used also io destroy bacilli of tvphoid and cholera:
The sensitiveness of the little
algae organisms to the faintest trace
af copper had been so repeatedly
demonstrated that   is e*c��rred   tol,gi-*ts ev
Dr. Moore  tk-at  *_>ossib!y the sameRten will  give their customers this
ireatment   might   deseroy   disease; fiieparalioii when.the lest is asked
bacteria���typhoid,  Gholera,���in our j for.    Mr.. Obe- VV iumer,, a proniiu
water supplies.     All  bacteria  are
?; LALVJER, B. C if
Nothing on ths  Market  Ltrual  to
Ciianiberlaiu's Cd-c,. Cholera
ttud Diarrhoea  Remedy.
Tit's fact-.s well known to drug-} Wellington Coal,
.vhere, a ti nine out o j Rosebank Lime,
Portland Cement,
Smithy Coal,
ent druggist of Joplin, Mo., iu t
aircular to his. customers,, says
"'There is -jutiijng  on  the marke
.���.     Ate a-r.d  S,
,f. Drinks. i
I       Your patronage solicited      '
�����.s_i.u.s*..a..*..o.s*s-a.s^.o.-*s.e.st..t.sts.e.**s-a sj_s.
*dt> 'izmmsamsi    a. i m nimiiiwiiiiiw mi -<w____��������� h
The Place for Tinsmilshiiag, Bath Tabs, Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe�� Roof Plafces�� and Everything Else in This Line.
On First Mortgages.
i GZ*'
Agent for"
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making water hot for washing dairy
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
H. N. PoICH,  LADNER i Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
Hemp       a Lar^e Stock ol
vegetable orj;aaism*>s Thev are
elosely nelat*e*<l' t��. aJgta, bnt arei
much more- miiiKte and simpler! ui the- way o�� patent medicine
than the algie which cause offence j which equals Chamberlain's Colic,.
in reseivoirs. Test* niiule iii test-; Cholera and E)iarrhusi Remedy for
tubes aud in Targe tanks proved bowel complaints. We sell and
that the most virulent colonies of recommend this preparation." For
typhoid and cholera germs can bei sale by F. J. MacKenzie..
exterminate-d'in four or five houis-j  ,	
3t   room    temperature,   which    is      cs,
, . I     Shooting notices.
about the  temperature  ot a  reservoir in summer, by using a solution
t��f;one part copper to 100,000 parte A small branch of a greengage
9t water. The solutions is tasteless,.' phim troe has been brought in from,
colorless ami hagmlsss-.. Large'w- H.. l,3dner,'s orchard which
*sewoiiis ba*'e baen cleared ol j contained 34 plums within 9 inches.
!jvphoid geams-iiithe- same-way, sol af space. Can you beat Jtut?.
%hat we can assert positive.*y that!
hereafter people living in towns and:
��ities- can be protected irom the
3courge of disease-infected water by
tjie copper tj-eatmieirt. The cost of
the treatment, ii* ridiculously small,
Hanging iron, iifty cents, to three
dollars per mitFicin gallouts.
Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile,
'Flyer" and
Barges toi' Hire.
Okfick-. Front St.       Phone 1-6
New Westminster, B. C.
Manure Spreaders &
Meline Plows
take the lead everywhere,
also our	
Chatham Incubators &
No. 1 Edgegrain Flooring, No. 1 Rustic,
either Fir or Cedar, and piles of 6-in., 8-in.
and 10-in. Shiplap enables us to fill your
orders in a rush.
Plenty of all kinds o-f Rough in stock. Give
us a trial. No trouble to call on you. Drop us
a card and let us figure on your next bill.
THE*. B"3-I*ICAC."��*  <ai' ttOPPESl.
A first-class joint put up in first-class style
call or send your order to the
tat &
Phone 9.
��E3. M. THRIFT, Manager.
Ladner, B.C.
I*the  last cholera epidemic in
Bndi'anapttlis th-iauthorities quench-
ed  it by  -wnshiiisa;. Hu streets and j
"Houses with  a  solution orf copper!
sulphic'e.    Gold aud  silver- corns'
swarm with  bacterial.    No disease
germ has ever been discovered on a:
iopper coirj*..    Coppersmiths never
eatch cioi"er_i.    Ap-pendicitis its de- \
elared'  toi be the- result of. doing'
awtiiy. witli* ihe   capper   leakettles.
That the Chinese-do not air die of.
aholera iathe midst of their stink-!
Tbadi: Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anvonosondlnff a plretch nnUdencriisliiiii uiny
iiilriiiy iiarortnln our opinion froo TvhoUis-r mi
nvontioii in probntiljr pn.ts9Rtab]& Communion.
������ iiisKtricIlycimflilenttiil. HANDBOOK���'-���>'��� ���Hotents
.-...ill. froe. Oliluat nuency Jorsiicii.t-iiie, iMl-entfls
r.iti..ila tukim tliroURli' Munn & Co, veceive
syfcim'RatiGi, without charge, in tho
\handsor-ip1yilIiif-tratfld woeltly. Lnrtrcnt rJr-
���iiiiiLlo�� *��f any Bolontlfl�� journals Teiins, %$ a
veur; fourmoivtUs.il. tifl'l-by nil new^finlorA.
fflUNM&Co.38,Broaawl��'New York
Urancb Oltlfe. U20 F f-t.. Wastllnntoil. D. 0.
Annually, to fill'the new positiuns
createtl by Railroad and Telegraph
.Companies. We want YOUNG
mg surroundings is due to the fact j MEN and SADIES of good habits to
that they keep all their water in CAniv, ^r-i ir*/-r. *. r.M��,
copper cistern,. The amount of1 LEARN TELEGRAPHY
copper iu solution  applied  to thej   A*n R* R* ACCOUNTING . . .
nesemwite is s��, small it does the      ,*,..  ,-     - ,,
" - ' -  '���   per cent.
If you want a nice new
Buggy, up-to-date in
every respect, or if the
one you have needs
painting-, call at
BAKER'S Naw s*>�����������..
Just Arrivedm
Shorts, EtCm)
We furnish
ifshnohanif, and ifta fttw- .foysalt: Operators  and"Statiou A_
Ifface of its presence has disappear-, America     Our f4*i schools are the
of thej
onts   in
Incurpuiatctl 1869.
td.    When
i rtservtfcr is fed by a jlaugest exclusive Telegraph Schools
| in tine world-. Kstashfished 20 years
(-and endorsed.bv   ajl. ljaflxliug   Uai!-
streann,      large
sheets of copper, suspended at thei way Qfficiars.
ifltakeof the reservoir, will kill off.    \ve execute a i^^Bond to every
tfce  microbes.    It- is  to  be hoped j student tq  furnish  him or  !:cr  a j
that theatlejitiott of tkii Wai ��jgcej position payimr fnun frjo  to  ffir, a
$3,302,743 J
A Full Line of������
Fruit Jars,
Jar Rings,
Jelly Glasses,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
wil}, teditije'scte,-! t*, this mat-jet.    If,,
a.      .  .     , ,      ,. ., i Mou_;ia.!ns, or iron-
fe  ..tJw.nvKi.Mi  o< a ht-fcle copper rmont_��_tt Steles-
To copper water is so, much easier
fthan to boil, and it appetws. to. be
equally eSin-acioUf3.���^vietj; of Reviews.
LOST���A Gold Watch,
fleas^ return, to this office.,
Savings Beparfmont*
oi $\ aad upwards received an
est Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
month in State*; east of  the  Rock)
$T5 tf�� JSroo f
, . -..-.. -.    wetat of the Rockies.
mix*, the* soldier s drwking bottle,, immediattlV wpow Rract^Ltjon.
|��itld awtt typhoid, that- copper j    Students" c*n enter at amy time. | Deposits   O.*   $1 and Upwards received and Inter-
jaughtto fee- iitrodnced forthwith. I *^T'* vacations.-    For Eu.il particular?
regarding any ofoftr schcols  *s-vrite
direct   to   out'  exev-utiva* oflice all ��� -SO- BRANCHES.	
Cincinnati, O.    Catalogue free,        1
BRANCHES  IN"  BRITISH COLUMBIA���Vancouver,  Vancouver
ast End, Grand Forks, N*anaiaioh Nelsonk Ross_a.nd��� Vtctoria,. Qhili-
wack, Ladner, Cuiivherland-.
Cinciwiati. O'-.'.o.  '    Buffalo, N.Vl  t	
LaCros*se, Wi
Atlanta, G.e .   ,.
Texarkaua,.Te-��- San FranciscQ,Ca R��   E. WALKER, Manager,
��I VIES 1111
Gamp Hope
Lumber Mill
Has been moved to Beaver Dam, on the
Scott road, and is now prepared to supply
all kinds o? Rou?h Fir Lumber at reason
able prices.
Q. 0. Dssjnnis.
East Delta.
Time Table.
Train leaves Cloverdale at 1:10
p.m. and arrives at Pott Guichon at
J:20 p.m.
Train leaves Port Guichon at
2:401100:1 aud arrives al Cloverdale
at 3=55 P*ni.
Mondays and Fridays oulv.
A 1.1. SAINTS.
Communion ��� Sundays,
S:_,o a.m
ist Sunday  in month,
u a.m.
11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7.30 o'clock.
School at 10 a.m.
There are two through passenger trains per day each way to and
from Seattle aud a mixed train to
and from Hellingham.
HKITISH coi.imuia
Visiting Cards
Plain or Printed
iii.J   UUll.|
(.Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cars leave Westminster Inr Ynnco*iv��*r nt s.*,��
ami is.511_.1n. ami hourly tlicrrufter until it ),.
in.: Saturdays and Siiiiil.iyii ;st u p.m.
Cars lesve Vancouver fssr Westminsters at *.*,'.
autl ft.jo a. in. mid hourly thereafter until is ,..
nt.: Saturdays sad Sttniliys al u p.m.
We run Hret-claM frei.ht can lietweeil Westminster and Vancouver .ml all shipments ate
handled with the utmost cure ami delivered to
eimsituee with.ml delay. Special attention paid
to fruit shipments, (lur wagons meet all liunts
anil trains.   1'ui rules, etc. apply to
A. SUll.MS.
Traffic Mi
,'esliiilrstrr.n. C.
Local Mjfr.
Friday, evening service 7:3 \
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
Rcverend Father Edm. Peytavm,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a ni
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. 111. and 7:30 p.m.
Cla.is meeting, 10.30 a.m. eveiy
Sabbath School at 2 p in
Sunday. Prayer meeting
Thuisday evening at 8.
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. ni
Sabbath School at 2 p iu     Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Rev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
]�� an Meat covering, either far new
buildings or improving old one*.
11a tvtnst wuthu hoof Mtmonoi*,
am oom vtiY unit.
ComMee tt* fin* artpeariitiee ��� its
splendid enduring qualities���and alight
expense -and deosle to serve Jxiuf own
best interests by using its
Fullest details of informktivm in xm
Whssleeare Mutufkoturara,
Sabbath service- at Ladner at 7.30
.   111.
Sun lay School at 10 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at S
tu.; choir j ractice at 8.30.
Jas. A. lantern, pastor.
St>f*etal Shoe.. Par Sister*���Kteplia
a lltinbnmi ��� Horn lader a Larky
���t��r ��� The I oiintrrisuiiisa'i Lite,
toae aad Danitlitera.
Clow little theory and brains ran eliminate the human clement wna never show*
wi conclusively ai it was In Ibe Brook
1 arm experiment of that coiiKri-K.-ttion of
i.ilcnted people who mot to form their
Ideal store of society In the rural district*
of Mossiehusctts. One of tho Inst of ths
brook Farm colony (is ahe not the last!-) u
Anna Ulockwel), now llvlnn In a suburb
of "..oiHlon. When Charles A. Dana illod,
the hist of the Brook Formers of note here,
tt any rata If not tho veritable lust of
them in this country, passed away.
Hawthurno wruto a book about Tlroot
Farm unilur the title of ' /.cnobln," anil ll
wos the least of his productions In a literary wny. but It told tbe sti iry of thu ex-
nerl men t.
In nn Interview published In tho London Sketch Mrs. Blank well says:
"Yes, It wos In IN-l. that 1 spent somt
weeks nt Brook Fnrin, a period I look
back to ni the happiest of my llh), Wc
were rl-out 100, and nil hod brought to
the scheme the most desperate devotion.
Some of our number wero rich, some
poor, the former keeping up the place, ttw
Uatteri-nriiinK their livelihood. None paid
lor board and lodging, and aU performed
The kiss.
II* ihrow me a Juss;
Mamma didn't fennsy it.
Estis* would take tt mnifs
That he threw me a kiss,
But -hu wouldn't dream of thla,
Fur my fane didn't show It;
Be threw me n !'.i:;:<,
And inumuiii didn't know tt.
BS ti
Pray where was tbo harm
Wbun no'.i.rly knew ii?
There's no en;,.si- for nlarm;
Prey wlu-re wuh the liurn.-.?
Thut Hs* bnil :i 11 ni-m.
Jso uni' suw that 1 threw It;
T-ii-:i where was the hurui
li uobudy kiii'W it
Thoy thin!; 1 um olil���
Gettiin* blind, 1 supuoae,
But iny lu-iirt isn't i-uld
ll I nm gultuiK ��1 ���'������
.don't nei.-il li. Ul n.lcl
Why sin- 1,1;. -hi-il like II re��e
sth .uuli I nm gctllng oiu���
Yes, und blind, I -uj.pu.iel
���Hurry Prcuch in llnrlom Ufa
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 6,564,000 bushels, compared
with i,S39,ooo bushels a year ago.
Let Us Talk It Over*
Have you, young man or young woman, ever given the
future any consideration? Are you content to drift along as
you are with a superfficial public school education which does
not prepare you for earning your living.
There are openings for young men in the business world
&*-*. stenographers or clerks. Women are eligible for the same
positions, what could youdo in such a position? Are you a good
penman? Are you rapid and accurate at figures. Can you use
the typewriter so as to write 40 words per minute? Can youdo
well the many things that are required to be done in the business offices of large cities?
Unless you have taken a course in the above you are unprepared for office work except in a small trillage. We can
prepare you for a good position���a position that will in a few
months pay for your investment. Some of our lady graduates are earning $40 a month and over.
Miss W. K. Smith receives 40 per month from the
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Co., as stenographer. Miss
Menzie starts for the Yorkshire Guarantee aud Securities
Corporation at $45. Several are working for the C. P. R.
at f 30 per month and upward.
If you eome to us and work hard. If you want further
proof of the way we help to positions write us and we will
send you more names.
But don't put off. Every month you delay means one
month's salary lost. The sooner you graduate the sootier
you are in a position.
Vancouver  Business College,
149 Hastings Street,    -    -    -    Opposite Province Office.
D. H. ELLIOTT, Principal
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
W. N. Draper,
Room J. Kllartl niock. New Westminster.
km. in
New Crop Now In Stock
HOME GROWN and imported
Wholesale and Retail.
Special Prices to Farmers' Institutes.
Thouands of Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
now growing in my Nurseries for
Spring planting.
Eastern prices or less. White Labor.
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westminster Road.
Too much care cannot be used
with small children during Ihe
hot weather of the summer months
to guard agninst bowel troubles. As
a rule it is only necessary to give
the child a dose of castor oil to
correct any disorder of the bowels
Do not use any substitute,
but give the old-fashioned castor
oil, see tliat it is fresh, as rancid oil
nauseates and has a tendency to
gripe. If this does not check the
bowels  give   Chamberlain's Colic,
a eettaln amount of ninnunl lnhor. We
wero, too, of nil ages and conditions���the
young, the old, tlw married, the single.
Hawthorne often visited tho place, hut
never resided there. Foremost of out
I'lmlMlKterlaii family wero Mr. Chnrlee
liana and Mr. Ripley, tcholar and preach*
er, l-oth eminent men and both nocom-
pn.iliil by their wives. Mr. Dana upmI t*
get up ac 6 o'clock a. iu. and milk tba
cows; Mtn. nipli-y superintended the
laundry, nil domestic und ImUuilrlni work
being of course acosiinpli.licd on tbo promises.
"We had among us an amateur nhoemak>
W, olso a -carpenter, linker, Mr*,, every
thrniich ot lain* Ixilug nhitlred by both
��e_iit. lt Wns n principle of rourinr thai,
so Inr as practicable, men and women
rlioulil work together. The dally programme v, as iirrtiiijfed according to Fourier's group system, each iuciiiIxt choosing
tho groups that bet suited blm. 1 worked
i ln no lem than 11, but could not get Into
J *io favorite one, that of the wording up.
���'So popular was tho washiug up of
plates nnd dishes thnt newcomers hml to
watt long for a chain** of admittance eo
Urn oflice. All t he prettiest [tirl* worn lu
thin <rioiip, mid of ouursn there was a
���great *��xugslo ��*��nong Won to enter the
ranks Tlu* work was all got through In
thu highest spirits. Talk, l.iuglit-er, stury
telling iicconispunlud every task."
"And why Old Brook Furm coma to
���uch speedy endf"
''My own connection with It eniten in
this way: At tho time of my May I hod
Carious Nnmea Deslotred by Apolhe-
vnrles on Tiie I r Shows.
Tha Gorman drug store Is always a iny��.
tery to the AliioHciin when ho first becomes one of it's customers. It Is not
nearly so comprehensive us tho American
Institution of the snnie kind. Thc iipolho-
eary'i duparimimt, wliich ls only one feature of tho A mer loan drug store, is ;in in-
depandeiilestriiilishiiKMit ln Germany and
In devoted to the lining of prescriptions
and the duties of the apothecary Tho
"droRuerio," quite a separata place, pro*
Tides half the articles customarily lound
bare Is the ilriiir store It is to the dro-
gucrle that one n.list go for soup, toothbrushes, drugs In tbe pure ami all of the
articles not dealt In by the apothecary.
The division may bo o convenient, nne after the mysteries havo been mustered, but
it Is confusing nt lirst.
Another peculiarity of the apotliecoriei
la that, most nf them have names displayed. That custom dotes from the earliest
days of their history The old names of
the shops have survived to some extent,
although tlio purely t'lintastlo names have
given place to others bettor suited to the
Commercial exigencies, of modern times.
Tho cily today |ossesscs Iiil shoi-s of
apothecaries, and many have adopted
names taken from the stroet. square or region In which tlicyuie situated. There
are 511 of these, fttid 111 are known only I j
tho names of their proprietors Nineteen
ara named after birds, ll.e eagle having
ten named In Hs honor. There aro nil
sorts of cash's* among these ten���black,
red and white Othor names Include, wild
animals, inythnlrftloal names, such aa
Minerva und 1 lorn, ami royal titles like
.'rlcdrich and AugUBta Vl-itorla, Most
curious ore those * uilrtl ���������fur famous historical pcrsoliuijuS, ism h as Ant.lnius, Roland aud Sit _!iisid.���l'xehuugo.
llniilUh Itoynl Titles.
The kings and queens of Knglnttd wer��
1 not always styled "hhi" or"hcr majesty,"
or aftvr the pattern of that bestowed upon
| Victoria, "her most gracious majesty."
Henry IV was styled "his grace," Henry
VI "his most excellent grace," Edward
IV "high and v mighty prince," Henry
VH 'his grace und his majesty," Henry
VIII "his highness" nnd afterward "hia
majesty." Subsequently the Knglish kings
wen styled "his sacred majesty."
A I ee For It.
Mamie���Only think, Fred Panniers hat
Riven Carrie Mooro a diamond for an engagement ring.
Steve���That's all right. Carrie's fatht*
la a pointer and glazier. Tbe diamond
will come in handy iu his business.���Boston Transcript.
n.   . _ . ...      , ��� , ,   under my euro a young sister,  and, as
Cholera and Diarrhcea Remedy and ; then was no room for her, I rcltoumpollod
then a dose of castor oil, and
the diseases may be chicked in
its incipiency and all danger avoided. The castor oil and this remedy
should be procured at once and
kept ready for instant use as soon
as the fit st indication ot any bowel
trouble appears. This is the most
successful treatment known anl
may be relied upon with implicit
confidence even in cat-es of cholera
infantum. For sale by F. J. MacKenzie
to leavo on my charge's account.   Hut the
failure of IlioOSpciiinenti wos a sheer matter of money     Want uf funds brought
about tho ultimate fiasco.    Uiook Form,
as I knew it in 1(144, consisted of half a
dnaen old houses in the eountry lying near
together. This arrangement wtvi naturally
very  inconvenient, especially In  winter.
After somo time money Was collected for
building, and ihtc, commodious premises
were begun.   V'hcn near completion, tha
j place caught Oro.    .Some of  us suspected
the work of nn Incendiary and the prompt-
I lugs of theological luUileruhoo.  It had not
\ lieen   Insured,  nnd,   ito   further   monoy
I forthcoming,   thu   schema   fell   tlirougli
j But It Was n Hid pity !"
���araplsook Paste.
A line pasta for scrapbooks oan ba mad*
from alum water and Hour, 1% teaspoon-
1 tulsof powdered alum dissolved ln enough
\ cold water to make a pint of paste.    Pour
the water, when the alum is dissolved, an
i enough flour to thicken it as stiff ns com-
! tnen paste. Bring lt to a boll, stir all tba
' tinu, and when done add a few drops ol
��� t*l of cloves. The alum prevents fer-
j tue..tatlo", and the oil of cloves prevents
1 ar destroy* >'l vttgetabki mold.
For Sale.
From 7,-) to 100 cords of wood, at
tlie Boundary Hav ranch. Price,
$1.25 per cord on the ground.
For Sale.
A No. 1   Melotte Separator,  in
first class condition (owner is installing larger one, same make).
For further particulars- apply to
Crescent Island.
Fashion Stables ��
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
Wm. Alexander
.sWi<llier. II. C.
I Cond ItraaoB tu Larry.
I    Tho trials of a musical accompanist art ;
J many, if wo may credit nil tlie Stories j
i told of them.    A  young professional re- 1
j cently played accompaniments for the per- I
formers at a private entertainment for a !
! fashionable charity lasting for nearly two
. hours.
I     "Hero, you see, 1 hava no chance to
toko a breath for ten burs," said tho nma-  j
I tour flute player. Indicating to the occoin-
| pnnlst  a   passage In  his opening  nolo.
"There are n numlier of such plinew In |
I iny solos, nnd  If you'll  hurry the time I
Whenever you coins) to them, It wlll lie a
relief to tny wifo, for all  my family are
subject to apoplexy, and  t'VsS already had
one slight attack."���Youth's Companion.
Trouble on tk* Mantelpiece.
"If you'll always give tue full swing,"
observed tho pendulum, 'you will never
have nny trouble with yonr hands."
"I don't know," replied the clock.    "If
It wasn't for your going bnck and forth in j
"ny works,  I   never   would   have any ;
strikes. "���Chicago Tribune.
Bismarck a* a Drink*..
"When  Bismarck   was   in   London   11,
1848, h��* was invited  to visit tho famous
brewery cf  Barclay &  Perkins, nnd bis ]
hosts, having heard ef hia reputation as a i
keerdrlnkerof great prowess, presented to 1
hlm an enormous tankard of old ale, in
tbe conlldont expectation that he would ba !
obliges, to admit himself vanquished by It. ���
"1 seized tho tankard," Bismarck told Sir [
Charles Dllko, who tolta the story, "and 1
thought of  my country and  drank  to
Prussia nnd tilted it till tt was empty.
Then I thanked my entertainers���courteously, I hope���and succeeded ln making
my way as far as London bridge.   There
t sot down ln one ot tha stone recesses,
���lid for hours the 50 eat bridge want roanf
Md round we."���Krchange-
It should be borne in mind that
every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and prepares the
system lor tbe Mote serious diseases, oniony whicli arc the two
greatest destroyers of human life,
pneumonia ami consumption.
Cough Remedy
has won its great popularity by its
prompt cures of this uiosl common
ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs and opens the
secretions, effecting a speedy and
permanent cure. It counteracts
any tendency toward pneumonia.
Price 25c, Large Size 50c.
Track Marks
Anrnne sanalm a sketch sua dostrttrttnii nisi
inlckli ���Kurta!* our Opinion free *��(>����.h
iirontVia ts probably pntenti'
���lulckly ��Kort��la onr opinion frea ���*(,������ her an
tirciitvm t�� proaably pntei^b____><s����i��ai��s>
.mastrictiYVnttsMeiitlnl. HANDBOOK o��il"��ttnt��
���nt fros. tflilcst sitency for secaKiiaMttents.
lvitimt�� taken throuch Muett & cWs receive
1vri.1t notice, wlikmit, cluifje, ta tke
Scientific fltnericatt
V Tinnflsn'nMy WHW��lT��t^i. iN&Wfs   l.fltvest (-Vr*
itiiLlttti ni nny 6**ro.itlU0 jt'ttrnus.   *JVrnnss ?3 4
,0,'ir; fourrauOtbUi��<L Soldbyull novvirrioislorfi.
.1HWW R Co 3elB���-*��^' New York THK DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY. AUGUST!  i6, igo$.
Our A
S BEm>BBS ^__i_P
rmmg 3 o'Clock
/AUR reasons for potting on this Sale is to enable us to make room for
our immense Stock of Slater's Shoes, we having over $3,000 on
the road as well as our usual stock of other manufactures both of Canada
and the United States.
We have nothing but High Grade footwear to offer in tliis Sale of Ours.   Every pair we sell has
our guarantee, money refunded if not satisfactory.
Below Are Some of the Startling Reductions:
Men's Fine BootSa
Fine Patent Kid (Harlow's)
".;�� Velour Calf;      "    '    ���
"    Enamel Sovereign Shoes
"    Velour
Rear. Price.
Sale Price.
Rep. Price.
Fine Box Oalf Sovereign Shoes $4.50
J. D. King's Velour Oalf (waterproof) 6.50
Box Oalf Shoes 5.50
Men's Canvas Boots 2.00
Sale Price.
Men's Working Boots
Ladies' Fine Footwear.
Reg. Price.
T. G. iPlaiit & Od.-a Patent Kid Bals. 5*oo
J. &.G. Bell's Finest Vici Bals
Si^I_r^;7��?5ir.*_.;_rt5ig.    ���        ��������-;-�� ';--^'
"       ;.   j,Dongola Bals ���
Vici Kid Bals       450
Sale Price.
vi:    $3*75
Reg.  Price.
Sale Pi ice.
T. G. Plant & Co.'s Vici Kid Oxfords $4.00
J. & G. Bell Chocolate Kid Bals          4.50
Oxfords            4.00
Dongola Boots                                        3.00
$1.75             $1.10
Strap Slippers  -      -      -      -
Men's and Women's Carpet Slippers 2Cc a pair.   Every Shoe in our store is included in this Sale (SLATER'S EXCEPTED).
rOU won't find us offering you any shop-worn goods, we haven't any.    Every pair of Shoes
.,<..���,. a,,, ., offered by us in this Sale are of the Best Makes and are the Latest Styles.
Wf^y5{i^8lwi Gall an<* see for yourself and compare our prices with other so-called clearance sales.
I'I ,'i"> ^**?IV     -:���>'���-' "V li l"l'L
If we can't save you at least 10 per cent, we won't ask you to buy.
Vafm    Em
_lO��jaj,i jN'EWtS
J. B. Elliott pa'd a.business  visit
to Vancouver y> slerday.
Elaborate  Baud  Stand   for Royal j
W.   B.   Sylvester,   of   Victoria.
Irish Gnatdsat Dominion Fair.
New Westminster, Aug. 2.5���>
Among the attractive additions to
the   buildings   at   Oneen's    Park,
piid a business visit here this week.; where tl e 1905 Domi 1 on Fair wilt -
________________ opan on Sept.   27,   is. au  elaborate';
band stand ipr tho-accomodation  of
the Royal fr sh Guards liand, whicli
Miss M. M��cl.ellan returned on
Tuesday :i,orfl: a \ isi't, tp the Royal
M. Ba'-er, feed ins*rcha_i... of Victoria, paid a basinets, visi.t here this
has been enga_.ed at enormous cost
��� a I
as the  musical feature- of lbs  big ���
Although the ��i*ish Guards have
not been long  in  ex'uistanee,   and j
ap to their formation there was  noi
_ ,   ...     particular  Irish  battalion  forming]
Mrs   Chas.   Burrows aud   Miss . "
' ...     , .    ,    one  ol  tne   household  regiments, I
Thomasine Ker,r art-vis;t,iug friends . "r     ,
��� it has yet gamed  a   reputation   for
jji Nanaimo. , ib. u- as fl mjgni_jceirtorganization,
������ ������  I so fat as the rank aud file are con*4
R. C. MacDonald, Indian Agent, \ cerned,. but more especially through ���
New Westminster. *;isit,ed hfeojbarge tb&splendid band thatC. H. Hasselli
here this week. I s.-iccid-d iu. getting togetht r
  ,_. '���    This band comprises forty-two of j
_    _. ,. ,. I the finest musicians in anv militarv 1
T.   V.   Patvson,  of \. a��ncouver, ��� '
organization in t.lie British h.rapire.
They   have all   been   selected   fori
i their special  ability on   some ,pas-
i ticulai instrument, and in fact, each!
and everyone is ft soloist.   In pass- \
New Westminster, B. C,
fe! Purchase mi Mt m
.     J S/efk      _f�� nm mrn _$
Alaaost one hundred beautiful garments. We
will sell them as ue bought them, at a hig reduction, teing the entire sample range o? two
British manufacturer?.
Come and save a third wha'o you would pay
for such garments elsewhere.
t,** the gtiest ot his. brother, A. D.
at Inverholme, this week..
$ 3 5Q buys a % 6.00 Cravenette Coat
$ 5.00 buys a & 7.50 Cravenette Caat
$ 6.00 buys a $ .9.00 Cravenette Coat
$ 9.00 buys a $14.00 Cravenette Coat
$18.00 buys a $27.00 Cravenette Coat
Three-quarter and Full Length.    Belted Backs.
and Tailor-made.
Cowan  Grant,  late ot thje   Cum
berland   En ter gr is.*,   paid- a -short  ing, it might be mentioned  that  it
trisit here on Saturday last. | is a gratifying  i.tt:',, and  oue  con-
 ___, ��� nsidejied very gratifying to the Royal
i Military School at'  Music, that  all
Included iu the ****iiircii.as.e and sale are two ������ asftS (f
CHILDREN'S JACKETS, or fawy tweed, British beaver
and white bearskin; serge an! cashirere dresses, silk
petticoats, moreen pett'cor.t-v, automobile tarns, etc.., etc.
���jWrs. Jas. Grant and family wenti
over to Vancouver, yesterday, via.
Steveston. on a. business, visit.
tbe Bandmasters of His  Majesty's!
j Foot Guards received their training
jlat Kneller Ha-li.
""���""���"���" "  j     Mr. Hassell, although still acorn-
Miss B. Welsh,returned, on Sun-! paratively young man, has been in
tjay last, after  spending  the week| the service for upwards of a quarter
ip Vancouver, visiting friends. jofa century, dinting which time he
 rhas been attached to.sever.il   lead-:'
 s-r, ��--!���    ' ,. |
���       ,....-.���... ,    ,-  , ��� Wig military mus.cal organizations, |
One of W. S. Lwngstpne's littlei    = * L   . ,.    .. , '
,...,,        ,.    and was selected lor the bandmaster
girls run a sljver-. into her loot, this.; . : .        I
*.....,, i ship ol the Irish Guards out of 100.
week, whichihad to be cut out. ,-, .       ,
candidates,   because   he   was  con-
_ sidered the ablest conductor in  the
J, Promis, of the firm of Prom'sil service.    His ijicenie is laager than
$  launders,  wholesale and retail that ot any bandmaster,   and   his
grocers, Vifitoria, visited at Treuai.tj tame extends  all over  the United
^ark this week. :, Kingdom.
Viscount Vesci,. a dined deseivd-
���^���if*. -Lr ���i ��� ������  ������������ j*---    i-'-*-���-��
ant of the-original Irish   peer,   will
An invitation is extended to every lady lo. visit our
ready-to-wear department. We neve- showed such an extensive range of tiew costumes and skirts. AU sizes for
ladies aud misses.
M& BkaV BmFSJl
.. i'.-1 g .'. ."-����� ������
Mrs. D.  Woods left,, last week,
be  the  colonel, in  charge   of   the
on an extended visit tt  her old, Rf> a[  hhh q.^. ^^  ^ _
l>ome in Eastern Ontario and other j ^ lQ Ngw w&mwW.
joints of interest.
Miss. B,   and   Master  Edward,
Sou   and   daughter,   of   Rev.   Dr.i
While,  of New Westminster, are;
yisitiug at.H,. J. Kirkland's..
Mrs. M. N. Reid returned home
There will be  a  lacrosse  match,.
<U about  3:30  this aftecnoou,  be-
-Ivyeen  the  Cooper  Island  Indians
and t'he laduer La-toss'e Club.
1905-Scpt. 27 to Oct. 7-1905
Under   the  auspices  of the  Royal  Agricultural   and  Industrial Society',
���Mrs. P.  Dayman,  of 29 Sallash
street,   Plymouth, Kng.., wishes to
obtain information as to the where j
abouts of her brother, whose last!
addnss was W. K. Harris, Ladner.
British Columbia.
H. Ji. Hutcherson,. &������ Cltausen,
P. Clark and W. H. .Smith spent
Tuesday on, the N.icomekl when
some good catches, vnere made.
Mir-s. &. Clausen visited Vancouver, Wednesday. Returning on
Thursday, Mrs. Clausen was accompanied by her sister., Mrs.Lyons.
A man named John Creinich
prosecuted a man, this week, for
stealing a net and was fined $5 and
costs himself instead, on account of
not proving his case. He will be
better posted next time he goes to
Stupendous   and   comprehensive  array  of Exhibits, representing the resources of all Canada.
Enlarged  grounds,, new, handsome
and spacious  buildings.    .    .    .    ,
Special Inducements to Live Stock Exhibitors���
The most valuable special and general prizes ever
offered in Western Canada. New and commodious
stock sheds capable of accommodating an unlimited
n.um.ber of Horses, Cattle, Sheep aud Swine.
Mrs. Clark returned home, on
Saturday, via Steveston, from Vancouver, where she had been visiting
iriends during, the past, two. or three
Between Wellington Cannery and
Ladner, a  Black  Cloth Cape with j
Fur Collar.    Finder   will  receive a
suitable reward if it be returned to
Rtv, A. A. and Mrsi McLeod I
���will leave Vancouver on Monday, 1
Sept. 4th, next, for their mission j
$eld in tnriim. Their.- tmncl,-; \yish ,
t^eni every'-iucce.-s. j
Hay Press l
IPt. Waodley went over lo Van-
coin ar on Monday last, and return-
��d in the evening <��,it.h M+s. Wood-
ley, and trier.i. will be.- pileased to
lsj��iia that the- !**; improyiug iu
health steadily.
K  Ll
In good order, to be rented ior the i
season.      For   further   particulars
apply to
H. N.  RICH,
WORLD'S CHAMPION.SHIP EVENTS in Rowing and Lacrosse,
Horse Racing, Broncho "Busting," Military Parades and Exercise.*-.
KOYAIL IRISH GUARDS and other Famous Bands.
GRAND WATER CARNIVAL���Parade of Fraser River fishing fleet
patrol boats,  H. M- warships  Indian war canoes, etc.
Foy   all   information   write   Vv".   H.   KUARY,   Secretary   and
Manager, New Westminster. B. C
���    VI ���    ���*���
I    Cedar Pence Posts, Shakes and
1 Drain Board's.
j    Apply t��
j Box 387, New Westminster, B. C
If You Want
A    First-Class   Buggy,    with
rubber   or   steel   tyres;, or  a
Democrat,, call 0*1
���J. F. Stanton.
We are this week going to cut prices nearly iu two.     Come
in and see if we don't do it.
We want to get acquainted with vou? we want to stay right
here, we see good prospects ahead!
In Order to Bo Tiaat
We must have your trade and co-operation. We will do our
part. We will give you a First-class Suit at a Second-clas.-*
Price; we intend to treat you right; we hope to grow with
��� you; we furnish the root, you furnish the fertilizer and watch
the plant grow.
wja    Istr
Ladiier.. B. C.
At nominal cost, private individuals or business
men can put their important papers and valuables in a
secure and convenient place.
This is a boon to those who do not possess a safe.,
and to families travelling.
These boxes are accessible during all business hours
to the renter, who holds the key.
RA T��S s  $1.30 per year.
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Co., Limited.,
Authorized Capital, $25,000.
F. J. HART & CO.,
.   New Westminster, B. C.
? i mMSiii
' #      Vt*. 0 .W 8*.J As* *V S S jf
Watches and Jewelry ab Lowest Pric33
Repairing a Specialty.
- Bishop Mart, the Aa.-'ltcari' Bishop i
of J%r*K vV'.*_4mills'* . was pr.esen -j
til, fiBf.* 'Cu<v_**d;iy. '������ ijth at heautifujly I
i-J'^niiwedi 'address, by the clergy j
��f the dtoesso. The occasion watt;
tbe 10th anniversary ot His Lord-.
���(���hip's consecrKtiou. T! e address.
,....,,....:-,..���,.   by  .'-.-.-is   ��� ri- r,]t, in the.
.,diocs;4 ^"..   Lk-  v._-n_.   p e'at-e. ap-
���reciaiea   very  i
siuiny :i;o��}
cle, r-
Vaicftand Piano        j
Pupils prepared fo-' Concert, Church j
aud Hore. |
Special Attention Given to Voice-1
p.sicement,   Tone-production      j
and Exp essioa,.
'ur Term   a d Lessons Hour-
T-S *    S
piv    at rary    Kesid
Mks. A. B. B  -fij.E.R's,   Laduer.
������OZ.  SOLID  aiLVKRINE  OAU *���.**���*��
D���� .ml dJuitvprossT, Dttad wilh the vwy bed Hn, j��wll>i6lil�� or
WftHfeaa mevemMU. dem.wlnd and Ml. .nsl ftUohitoly mit.&ml
9m iymn. AIm % bcautiM ehtln wt�� I eaoh watch foe tba hssxi Jft
d��J��. s\ll.co��lplet��, tt.SO. *Vetlntleb.ll.vl.i. Cut l*Ue.|.nd
���ead K to as, wilh yosir Name, Pojl Office and F.iprna, Olllce *sddrw��..
�����l we will send tha Waich and Chain lo you for eaamlnatltn. K yea
*��*"1* ea,retereeented, pay agent the amouat and oxes-eeo charge., end.
-A'alch and Chain are yours. If, you wish to save payhif the e'xpreM
chargw eeodia.the full aasoutrt, and wo will.f04auitfd.t*s.^qsj Watch and.
.lim by. ��*H,.o��.ehs>lft�� pafald. If-ypp order C.O.D. . deposit of 60;oenU is required as a fijslUsr of good faith, which ansv-uef,
���em ho Oedsueed from yoar hilL    Ordw.al. owe, aa lh>> cstfer way not appear .gain.    When writing mention this B.p��.
^ WAQNER A CO., 163 Qov4o\a, S>U V��i.uq(mver, B. Q,
Why not have an "Eastern Room" or a "Cosy
Corner" where you can
enjoy real, rerfect comfort ?
c>f gi siierous proportions.
rapes, a dim light, T.ihourette, Rug and the scheme is
.   The cost need not he heavv and we wi.uld be
pleased to submit estimates free.
HAVB   TOW   OUR   GENEaAU   CATA' orVJtj ���*
__^''V,."nbME'.illbTEl AND CLUB FimNlSrtLR-s- VICTORIA.


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