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The Delta Times Jul 1, 1905

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 ��� - -
Ceg^'fc- '* ��� j
 N"<ti lW__B__ ll���- ��
V ;l. 2. No.
L\DN     . i . C, SATURDAY.      LV      1905.
SI.C0 yea
A Visitor to tlie closing exercises
I of our school bat? the following to
Saturday last  opened  np bright
Just Received*
Pieha Coimcil met iu the Council
Chamber, on Friday last, June
23, at 2 p.m.   The Reeve aud  all
We Stock the Very Best Machine Oil Ob-
Mowers, Rakes,   Tedders,  Hay Carriers,  Hay Forks,
Soft Flexible Wire Cable, Pulley Blocks.
The people >;i Ladner  are  to be
congratulated upon  the excellence
and warm for the King's Birthday ; of their public schools, if one   is to
celebration,   and,   with   the   large i be permitted to judge from arpear-
���crowds of people continually arriv-! ances as seen by a visitor on tht: day
ing and an excellent programme to of the  closing  ol tl.e sessions for members being 1 reseii1.
be run off, everything showed well'the smtmcr holidays.    It was  the      Minutes o." the pre.-ions meeting
for a good day's enjoyment which P^f^?4? ^l.^.^jH were read and confirmed
j was fully realized even though the
atmospheric change   in  the  after-
Received and Clerk
From  Sir  Wm. Mulock re tele-
most ol the day visiting the different rocnrs anl witnessing the exercises.    The rooms are li<rht and
noon took away one's appetite for i cheerful an I comfortably equipped | phone system.
the ice-cream, etc., which   were on j for  tbe  rurposes  for which   they' te reply.
sale at the stalls occupied by W. H.  eKist    The PUP"    bright' healthy, |     From S. and VV, Wright  re  Im-
Sniith   and Creech   &   McConnell,
w',c*e-a'.vak�� and attentive and their, perial road.   .Received And filed.
,,   , thoughtful and  ready responses to'     The Revenue By-law  passed its
and eventually broke up the sports. .���        ���        . ,,, ���     ,, j ,       ,.
j -if        ; questions showed a good knowledge  3rd rea ling.
Tbe programme was  all run offlof thf. v,ork) wbile  the order and1    Tenders for repairs to East Delta
I witb the exception of a few of the ; diligent application of (tie pupilsitftjd-yke were opened.    No tender ac-
\ minor  -details   oj_d  evsryone   was the wori  in  hand   reflected much j cepted as the price wjis thought tow
' well pleased. credit upon both ttha ���teachers ana] high.
In the Football match Westham
I Island ts. Shamrocks, Vancouver,!
the pupils.
Mr.   Harrison1
Thc Reeve and Clerk were autk-
roein  we.*  well: orked-te pay accounts certified by
. ,, ,,    .    ,.    ,       ,1 crowded when the cb.'kfe-e��i
there  was  an excellent displav of 1
I.. ,,.   ., . ,     ,   .._ '      I other three rooms came  m
the art.    Westham   Island did ex-1  ... ,    ,
vj closing hout or so, and wheu about: a-id Clerk were authorized to sign a
*of the! the Road foreman.
for the I    The Resve, Finance Committee.
1 extra time bad oeen played. Thei
i Shamrocks are a good team and j
j were in good shape, a fact which '
I mares it all the more creditable to,
I the W. I. F. C. to hold them in'
^^ J check so well.    At the close of the j
Don't etams ewer a Hot Firedd,":d'dd\ddZ'
���and the lot fell  to the Shamrocks.
Following is the  We-fthani  Island
team:   Goal,   V7. Davidson:;   backs,:
H    McDonald,   Jas. Trim;    half-j
I backs,   W.   Savage,  W-   Moss, R.
Jorgensen;  left  wing,   E. London, j
M. Palmer; right wing, J. Savage, I
The lacrosse match between Ladner   and   Cloverdale   was   a -very
Roast Beef and Mutton,  Brawn, Corned Beef^ieasiag'&��������ofthed��y>sports
cellentlv in keeping their swift op , , .
."   ,        ' .. ,.    ������ fifty visitors arrived who were there | uroniissary note ior i 1 ,00 in
ponents  down to a  tie >even after; . e       d
the programme oi read- of the Royal Bank.
"   OMOOiZmElS   "
this Wemthert
We will make a,
x. Discount
Until the 31st July, on tlie following CANNED GOODS:
to eniov tne programme
itigs, recitations, etc., in whicli the; The foILDwiur account* were or-
children did -themselves much credit, j dered paid:: W. Brown, $8.90; G.
every bit of available space was oc-| .Stewart. $2.80; Jas. Follis, $46,24;
cupied and suggested to the onlook-j J. McMillan, $3.60; F. Falconi, $16;
er the need pf a larger room .for V,7 L. McBr.de, $8.0*;; M. Smith,
such occasions. Dotrtrtless iu thfs; $yt I.. Hornby, $21..5.; G, Hornby,,
piosperous and growing lommnti-! $166.5;; L. B. Lefroy $72.37; P.
ity it is not too much to expect that; Lefroy, $3,'.$71 G. O. Dennis, $200;
in the near future such a room will w. Reagh, $20: A. Coleman, $I2S;
be added. j *W��� EL-Lid ner, $to; E. A. Crawford
.It is matter for pleass-nit-reflection] $118.70; G. Hornby, $72.37; L.   B.
that  tbe entire   ttaff of   teachers,; Lefroy, 41..95; P.   Hornby, $41.9$;
who have done such  goad work iu jr. Dennis, $78.27..
the past year, is to return  after va-      Council then adjourned  to meat
cation and push tbe work on to fur- again on July 8th, at 2 p.m.
ther   successes.    The euiire   com-'
munitv will welcome their return.
Lunch Tongue, Chicken, Sardines, Kippered and Fresh
Herrings, Bloaters, Oysters, Clams, Pork and Beans,
Pumpkins, Apricots, Blueberries, Pears, Peaches, Apples,
Strawberries and Pineapple.
After the bovs warmed up to theirI'pletely knocked out on tlie start;
work there were some very pretty through tbe hobbles being too,
exhibitions of lacrosse as well as'tight. The race right through was]
good sprinting.   Leslie Kerfoot be- \ wel1 contested.
the  most  notable  among  thei     2.    3.00 Minute Class.   Trotting.
or Pacing.    1 Mile.    Keats.    Bests
]. -Boothroyd played a star game.
PitT-He, $-ioo���B. C. King,
111   the   sCloverdale   goal,   cleverly i ist; Chief Seattle
j stopping seme hot
I Ladner home.
2nd; Sir./., 3rd.
Trade Here.     Save Money.
Marshall  Smith
At ,7 o'clock on Tueeday -morning of tbk week Miss Minna Calhoun of this Burg was married to
J. H. Fletdfcer of Victoria. The
wedding took place in tke Baptist
church which was beautifully de-
ones from the!     This race was asurpiiseto many '    rated  with appropriate   flowers.
: as Chief Seattle appeared to  be the   ....       ,  ., .
il .    1 Although the ceremotiy wasobserv-
The Ladnerites scored the first] f-orite. When "tj��^�������<*Lj.,{ such au early hour the builtt-
two   goals   in   short   order,   after I*he straw 1)at'     1* W ��� HdJinskead, | -
, ��� ,    ...       , ,. iw-.s  seen  to  be  the   winner   the\m&was m,ed with  well wishers ot
which  the  play  was   mtich  more!w<,*,  seer  ;o   uc  Ulc   wnnior,   ioc
even, winding up with a score of orowd went wild -with delight. ;'4he young people who thus started
3 goals to 5 in favor ol Ladner. 3-    Vtee foi All, Running Race, | together for life.    The bride bemg
'Om-mile bicycle race  for men;' #-Mile.     B=st   2   in   3*     Catch <*o   well and favorably known in
prize chaHenge cup to be  won two ] weights.    Purse,  $75-Col- Smith,; Ladner would ac.oi.nt -io: tbe large
years by the same person���There' 'I:'t. Cicero,
; were only two entries in   this  con-1     Joe Quoi
: test, W. H. Siddall  and   P. Carey.
i Siddall, the winner last year, won
! again this year  thereby
of the hand
2ii<\ 1 number who<cameitosae the man-i
on Col. Smith, put up. age. The bride, dressed in white
a fine race with Charlie Welsh, -on I organdy, looked very beautified. The
Cicero,   a dose second.    Artimus, groom   is   one of Victoria's mer-
the  proud possessor
som ��� irophy.
Asahel Smith capture 1 a pair of
"bald   eaglets   on   Benson, Island.
About three weeks ago he killed
the rnaje bird and allowed the
male to mother the young ones until they were able to move around
themselves.   On Thuf.-dEy last Mr.
_.:nith, dn company witb Chesttr
Springett, attacked the ne-st, effected j
tlie capture of-the young and killed
the mother.    Mr. Smith is going to
raise   the young   ones *ntil they
reach maturity, iif possible.
Buy It Now.
Now is the time to buy Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. It is certain to be needed
li. sooner or later and when that time
comes you Will need it badly���you
will need it quickly. Buy it now. It
may save 'life. For ^ale by T. J. Ma'
Tuesday July 4th
Sutibttry Sunday school celebrated their first annual social, on tLe
23rd ult., in the school
when a very pleasant time was
<pent and a good programme rendered, constating of a drill, recitations, dialogues, choruses, etc., by
the children. .After tbe programme
���had been successfully disposed ol",
the  wants  of.thc  inner man.were
H. Nicholson and wife entertain
ed their friend-s, last evening, at tbe f,
celebration  of their  wooden  wedding.
'.-Mile bicycle race for ' o>s un-
de; 15���Claude Mason, 1st; Iv
Fentou, 2nd; J. Davis, [,rd. There
wore four entries. Fenton received quite a shaking up by a bad
spill at the finish.
house I     Me"' IO�� yards<-*a8a���K- Brown,
' I ist; W. Dunne, 2nd.
Men, 220 yards���J. Bilotleau, 1st;
I K. Brown, aud.
Boys, 100 yaids���F.'Clifford, rst;
! W. Peall, and,
1. 2.40 Class, Trotting or
Pacing. 1 Mile. Heats. Best 3
1115. .Purse $i$Q���L'and.'ord Boy,
ist; Nellie' C,   2nd;  Sermon*. Jr.,
becoming  withdrew afur tbe first heat.
5.    Pony  Race.    3.-Mil'.
2 in 3.      l'"or   Ponies   14'^
and under.   Cilch weights.
|i5o���Jar iy, tst; 'Pinto, .2nd
ter, 3rd.
chants, and a native sou of the Cap-
Best ! iUl City and has bteu  all  his life
hands:.connected with business lite in Via-
Pnrse, "toria.
l.:ex-      Tbe bride was attended'hy Missets
Fill and Inez Stainton (her nieces*)
This  was   a   very   smart  rae;; as flower   girls,   while  the groom
Little Charlie Welsb did  the trick! was supported hy hi��* toother.F. C.
on'the burricaue.deck of Felix Gui-J Ftetclisr of .victoria.    The mairiage
ebon's Jardy. ceremony was performed hy.PsMtafr
Thus ended   another successful  P. H. McKwen.
King's Birthday celebration. '     A.weddiugbreakfast was*T)aftaken
  i of at the heme ot Mrs. J. P,  Stainton, tsister of the bride, after  which
Dr.   Howell, a graHiate   of the; thj?y boarded lhe pheasant for New
��� Optical  Institute ol 'Canada at To ! Westminster oil their w��y  to take
passage on the t-t*s_nKesr Queen te
I San Frwncisco. W'e wish them"tfeon
Uiate of thej
Institute o'.'Cai-.ada at To !
ronto, and of the Northern Illinois;
College of Opthalenelogy ar.d Otol*
F. W. Howay is on a
C. P. C.reen has been -obliged to
��tire from the Customs service ait
Ladner alter having held the position lor 15 years, in 'consegueuce of 'tour   in   the  Interior while
ill health,  and  E.  A.  Bown hasJHovav is visiting her sister,
ibeeu appointed Us siwcpssQr. Watson, jn Nfuwima.
attended to, and everyone wa:* salis-
fied.    Great credit reflects upon thei 3rd; Red Lee, 4th.
committee -in charge  for the ���suc-i     Nellie-C showed up exceedingly
cessful  ma mi er in   which   it   was
conducted.    Rev. J. F. Betts occupied the chair.
o_:y at Chicago, will be at the Shir-
voyage," a safe return^.ud ���#��� Jong
Fourth of July celebration .at the
[Point an Tuesday.
well far a small horse; Band ford
Boy was certainly held well in hand
in the first beat and when he was
well warui'u lo his work and not
over> one, iewa> allowed ;o show-
bis mettle; Stormont was a disap-
'jsointment while Red Lee was com-
1 ;y   Hotel,   Ladner   Tuesday   and ; anj _.��ppy life.
i Wednesday, July 4th and 5th, for-. *   '     	
i the purpose of testing eyes and fit-j * "      '
king glajses. Dr. Howell is inter-: Mrs. *M. N. Hcitt 'returned from
I ested in the Burrard Sanitarium,; Victoria, on tT'uesday, .hsiugiug
. V,ancouver,   where  his permanent j Miss Ethel with her, who, we are
offices are located.    Modern inetru-1 glad to  say, is  mticn improved in
I ments   and   methods  use!.   Ssyes j health, .after   an   absence  of ,\s,
tested free.    Prices moderate. j vi*Kek��. ..(.��� ���     ��    i ��� ���   :  ���>��� *
i s. . i,    U t-.Lt I i\
Publishkd evxry ^atwiiday.
Ok School.
?UBSs;*jiP-ripN, $1-00 pe�� yea**��
.\DYsrn6.NC RATES.
,r,u., ���-..,..���^��.v.   .0 <*��*"J*  P"*I.U*'"L,C','     r ,i
fint Ins jtum.udltjs-ojXvet line Iffi �����<���" I fMOWS:
" . �����  1*1-   '  ���!___.       ...        lll'l   ^
Tlie   report   of   Ladner   Public;
School lor the month of June is as I
( A.  O.  U.   W.
Delta Lodge, Na 12 meets firs.
' and third Tuesdays of each  month
in Oddfellows' Hall.
\V. C. Pybus, M.YV.
McRAE & Co
Geo. R. Manley. Recorder.
iilLii tsil Iiil 3
Si sua! Advettiietme^ts
firii lu> .Hum. ��od 5 t       ���
V)>��equrul  luwition.     1,1*    ii;yiLl*rr   s,l    ln->. ~
^tckoueU by Mm space o^cu^sl,
13 HucB to the
Average daily attendance
Rates lf>rC<ag:|>en^��t ^IvcrtiswrncisVi c;.-,n be   si >;i    I,  23  17;    Division   II,
id en amhicSsSoJI at. this office.
had eu ��pi;li(.s,*1(lj! at,
Seaaius lssO����s*;i.lB��tttfiKi;i- lw>.c  *��' r',ch in-
Birth and Dea'.ti optics. 50c., Marriages $l.��.
Any speci��l nstlfte., tfix objert ol which is to
orsnou the ys-cunUry bcuefirol any indivi_u.il
3rcwiupnuy.mil- COJIJildeted -J4. llilJrtrVLSelllrlit
,n. charged Hocoriiasli.
All advertiwmemU charged Tor uulil ordered
qut aud pisid h.r.
CiHTcstuoudeiKC iUVi'sPil 311 umtters ol pillilis
tntrreal. C.niiiluniCttti<��"s to editor must be B.C-
eempunietl by oauie ul Writer, not ueceMuru>
ir publication, but a�� eviilence of good liiiU-
CerRkpoudence mu-s). rqaeh this O0ce '.is Tliur,
4ty tvt&iu^..
���8 94; | Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regu-
Divisian III, 3^.82; Division IV, | lar meetings of this Lodge.are held
41.35.    Total 156..2S.
lull lit
c wi  Iviultsh
1. !
Tweeds and   Fancy Trouserings al- j
ways kept in stock.
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
tn. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
W. R. Ki.us. N.G.
Dk. A. A. King, Se:.
C. O. 17
Court  Fraser No. 398,
��ko. R-
SATURDAY*   JULY*   ������   -"go.-*.
"4$ 0,THF. IS  SKK
meets  in
Oddfellows'   Hall, second   nud  last
Thursday evenings of each   month! \
at 8 o'clock.     Visiting  Brethren'1 j
welcome. ' ;
A.  FORKE, C R.      v*
I. humk, R.S.
The foilojvaiR <t*'pph'g *vas taken
ijl-otn tbe Vancouver ItfaJly Province
.and speaks fpr itself, though it is, j
wit.iout doubt, called forth by the
very Improvements it has been sueb
a struggle to get some of our residents to consent to;
From the riyer itself one is* apt to
get au entirely fals. idea of the
V>wn of LtudUitr itself and of the
iDgfta-.district. AM tiwi can be seen,
$om the steamboat deck is par*? of:
^be hotel over the warehouse and
Marshall Smith's big store. The
qest ofthe ph;ce is farther back.
Tbe town is ajlractjst. large, enough
.$)r a city. It is an ideal little place,
%ud is in every way, as far as it can
be for its si?e, a* up**:o-date as Van-,
T,bey have a b^ftk: tliere, *nd & is*] rolls, of honor for the year:
ifiau,*at  biisi>ie.sslike-looking two-1     Deportment���Mary Sileeh.
BIV.S.0N   I.
'    Hotip? Roll in Orde? of Merit.
Form   V���Hlsie   Benson, Thom-
1 a sine I.trr.
; Form [V, semen*���Olive Whit-
| worth, Hedley Smith, Herbert
'Hume, Charles Groth, Leila Kirk-
j lai***!.
Form IV,   junior���Mildred  Barber, Harold Davis, Veritou Taylor,
'Jessie Mclnnis,. Ella Stainton.
The yearlv Honor Rolls were distributed as follows:
1     Proficiency���Klsie A.. Benson.
Regularity    and     VuucUiality ���.
: Mildred Barber.
Deportment���Leila. Kirkland.
DIVISION   11...
The following  are  Use names of
the fiist five sQ'*olars in aach cla*s  $
ior the moabh of Jhho: I *
Third Class���Gladys Devereaux
I*hime.  Hilton,.   Willie   Frederick,,^ -������-      - ���.
Irene Robinson, Hazel Wood. [ )K,��)K*M,��)TV^)ts('^)K,*')K,*,)y.'��'14C'*l*<y��>^*
Second Class���Mary Sileeh, Minnie Mardesich, Winliifred Hutcherson,. Anuie Brown, Mary Cosulich.
sSchplars promoted  from Second I
to Third Classy in ordes of merit���
Mary   Sileeh,   Minnie   Mawlesich,
Winnifred      Hutche.son,,      Annie
Brown,    Mary   Cosulich,     Kstelle
Brewster,   Isabel   Kettles,   Alexis'Portlctnd Cement,
Davis, Edward Livingstone,, Chas. [smitJiy COcll;,
������F**r*f^^j-t-s��j"*-;-T**i-*-*i*T'-i*--��-*;**t--pi*+-: ���   *.;...: ...1^.1.-,. .
Delta Transfer Stabie
L.M-NER, B, C.
Team Work SSooq ai Spaolalhj law Prtoao'.
���aie^.e'e\e.m^e'*i*^Oie^m.%e',ie%'9ie^e**eiaiw^^*'le i
I IM m m w,% *
���: B. C.
���*�� MuuiiricCtircrs oC^U kiiulaof
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
.���.s��..#.sVe.s"��. ...\...*.....'.....*.....*.....*.. ..*.....���%
*K*-"-h"***4t****H****^'#*TJt***Hs**"7l::***;Ti**-;'i:' **^i'
f Horse Goo
j     our  Harneait and  TiorMc Kurnlshhigo %* .
Ttlmvtr Ioiib proved reliable, nnd they are  ���
���   hutlt wot ov'.y for styk1 la.it wenr, IT
�� huqh Mcdowell
Pl.AJ.KRS    IN*
WelliogtQ-.i C02J,
Rosebank Lime?
a irm
��� Telephone " Ladner" No  ic.
I ��pi
���V*j��t*i'*>.-i��**i��* ���;��*
I ..- ������
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stova
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, P.oq:" Plates, and Everything Else in This Line.
On First Mortgages,
Agent farm
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D��� Dad's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making water hot for washing dairy
nten'sils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,.
Ladner, B. C.
The following scholars received
I Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile,
stoiy build in;.;. The Royal Bank
<jf Canada has a branch in Latli e ,
and by tine \ya***; the niaaggeis. Mr..
$. E. Walker,si��a brother of. Mr.
_f._ O. Walk.it, assistant manager
of the Ro> al Bank iu Vancouver.
The stores 3fe la^e and from a
glat.ee thro*4gh the windows have
l)retV nearly everything any one
qtsHght neid.
But the e<V!Utry! No wonde.r the
oepple look^ proSjX-rous., and ase
arosptyjons, i**<hg>n, they own
l^nfl il the Delta. All the
*s|P4v out to the track houses I
-ej-ere*.passed that would do credit to
aj��y place. Sopiejof the sesidenqes^
pn the farms woujd hold tjieir own
wifh the best of them in the West
IJnd.     TUt;   cottages   were; well
I Steam Tug "Flyer" and
Barges tor Hire.
Punctti dity    and
Laura Hutcherson.
Proficiency���i-Gla.dys Devereaux.
For   neatness in   manual   workj ���*--*-
prizes were awarded to Irene Rob-|OFFICKJ Front St
inson and' Minnie Mardesich,
division  111.
Senior ��� Hazel Shirley, Lester
Handford, Claude McLeod, Alice
Thirkle, Eric Taylor.
Jr.nios-^Nettie Vicevich, Miunic-i
Bmssanich, Thelma Clark, Wallace!
Fenton, Christie McGregor.
Rolls of Honor:
Deportment���Christie McGregor.!.
Punctuality and Regulasity-=-i��|
Wallace Reagh. j
Proficiency���Hazel Shirley.
Promotions Irom Division III to
.Division 1,1-^Hazel Shjsley, Lester
PlfiNK  1-6.
New Westminster, B. C.
Mmsisrs Spreaders &
Molino Plows]
tak-e tlie lead everywhere,
also our.   .    .    .    .    ..   .
Chatham hss abators &
Ippjting,,  in, the   town    itself   ail,i.'Handford.   Cl?,ude McLeod,   Alice I
ljad, ga*d*%irf   a>id   ozchajris*;. the  Xhirklev Eric  Taylor, Inez Stain*!
ton, Antonio Martinolich, Bessie
Fenton, Mettao Martinolich, Oy.e
Chung Chee..
Promotjotl from. Second Primer to
First Reader (nanies as.arranged in
order- of merit)���-Earl Davis, Lena
Vicevich, Aunje Bown, Denham
H;ilt,on,  IJjlcen, McBride, Gertrude
A first-class joint put up in first-class style
call or send your order to the
meat & Commission (_��
Phone 9. Ladner, B.C.
feijces and grounds wei�� w.e.!},k.ept,
t^id one got a general  idea that
typre were a pepole who knew  how
to take c<-are qf ther^golves,. and who,
^ook a pride in their coiyitfy.
There was a gre:?t crowd  at* the
grounds whs^h,, by  the  way,   are-
Qwned by  the  Delta  Agriculs;i;raL
Society, and are j3e.rl.aps the finest., Binieyj   Fredc,y whUworth,  Mar-
ip Bj-itjsk Qoiwnbia,   Thpre.. m4*st, ^ory Clark_ Roy BenS0l)_ May Vork_
haire.been over % thousand  people| Stella   jordaili   Mary    Mardesich
Lotlie    Benson,    Joseph    Manlev,
Henry Reagh, Ivdna Eowtv.
REPORT;   Or*  f;i.ASSK.L'-.
Jtifiioii Second' Pr.imer.���Mabel
Lanning, Roy .Anderson and Frank|
Kettles, equal, Nettie Bussauicb,,
hor^s w�� tlW wea that the farm7 M>'nle Kirkland.
ers used regularly to drive about' 1'i^Pr-^er, Claps-Ross Thirkle.
t^e country. They had undergo ne,j Stanky .Clafk> Fl(jra T*-1^1'8st01,c'
no preparat on lor a show and wereN*** 3tatntpt��.
Tbe Rolls of llonor w.ere award*
j ed as lollows:
t*he re altogethej. Most of them
had come in rigs, and all along the
ijpnpe-tjhere wer>; horses, carriages,,
carts,, apd, \-**,a$;otis tied up. On^
could noti gsfea better, idea of tLe
glace than from a walk along thip,
Ijpe. It was nqt an exhibition. The
If you want a nice new
Buggy, up-to-date in
every respect, or if the
one ycu have needs
painting, call at
j/pD'C New Showrooms^
Manufacturers  of all kinds of First-Class
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
We can deliver to any poin. on the Railroad in Delta..
Qur Price is R'ght. We ���an Save You Money.
Kirop Us a Line, Our Agent WPI Call on You
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear and Sailor
Hats, Ladies' Skirts, White wear, Etc.,
A Fine Line of Embroidings and
Laces Just Opened.
Incorporated I80O.
Misiry,   Lan-
Myrtle    Qosman',
;_ 1 Kirkland.
PunctunUU' a*id  Regulafily���In|
A General Banking Business Transacted,
as they a}-*,ayslooked, yet ihey were
a, splendid class of anitgals,     Que
Carriage drove qasuajly a,'ong and it
ifa^. ri^bber-t'sred.   T^p l.qrse draw-.! nlt1S'
ip^ it, yem  a King  Patchen  and'"   I>eporti*nett*
tpok^d the tijio-oii^hbjed that he is
all qyer.   livery way vou turned!
���AOUsWOUld see a hi** class of hor.sq-|tllis ^^ th^ were.three,little ftirls
$1,% vehicles  were  new   and!entitletl   to   -1'"  im" ,,fti*"ler
ttofct^w^.!*. m were w,ei!.::theni h*v"��8 him ab7f"| ��* late. Deposits of $5| and upwards received and Inter-
-oald eive ��� ^*����K the Pi,B- ye^���Stella. IKouisn *f   w        ������',..!.,       ,    ��� ,   ,,   '
Rib  Rock Hose
\\p\}$.   Tjh���4whpl-;t:.ing woujd give
njiiy opes*,gooAl isde^of the co^it^y
Geo, H..   Byrom  tet.ut;ned   Ij^me
Jordani,. A^uiiie   Bown,. -^dna:   s-V'4-
tionette Bp.wit,
Prizes���Special, to Denhaiii, Mil
ton for writing; first, to "Karl Davis
<s��st Allowed at Highest Current Rates..
BR-ANGHJ&S   IS   HRITIsSH COLUMBIA.���Vancouver:,  Vancouver;
Rast End, Grand L-orks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Chilliwack, Ladner, Cumberland-.
on ^rye^ifesday^accpiuw'ij-^by hisj for spejling; second, toAnnie Bown
bfide!,   TV  hn*__I|*   ^onple   had   a for spelling.
warin'reoptioii at the wharf, being. F. B. DIXON,        j
Mte/^ajiy covered with r:.'F. Principal,. R. E^ WALKER Manager,,    -    LJQDNER, B. C. ���.e^e*-**:.-��*'gli_P- .
Camp _����_
Lumber Mill
Has been moved to Beaver  Dam, on th
i:cott road, and is now prepared to suppi,
^11 kinds of Rough Fir Lumber a
able prices.
f. 0. Dennis,
i huts, or.
U!*;T'7*>in WMfW.   'i i rnnti ftfi
Time Table.
IN EFFECT  MAY   ;,   [90-,
Train  leaves  Cloverdale ;.t 1:10
p.m. and arrives at Poit Guichon at
!  <:2o p m.
East D^lta.l Train le:,ves p*ort 0i5ic!;<,M i{
I 2^40 noon and arrives at Cloverdale
-��� --���    ���    at 3:55 p.m.
Al.,    S
Com mn
lliem ���
f*:jo  .!
.in.    i-it  .-
iil.ii slV      i
1 *;. 1
11 a.m
tiS,   I 1  o'll
.'  .��� .
song-, 7.3,
O  ^.O:,:.
ay School
it 10 a.11
iy, eveni! ;,
ttev. Car.o
i Iliitoii.
^Ud     -'��_^  s4i  >._*;*-*-
Visiting Car
. ��_?
Plain or Printed
Mondays and Fridays only.
There are two through passenger trains per day each way to and
from Seattle and a mixed train to
and from Bellingham.
Reverend Father Kdm. P.ytr.vin,
O.M. ',. Services first and tiiiiu
[Stitiday oi each month at io: to a m
I    Services next Lord's Dayat3p, m
Class  meeting, jo.30 a.m. every j
It should lie borne in mind that
every cold weakens tlie longs, low-
1   er.. ihe vitality and  prepares the
system for the more serious discuses, among which are the  two
{.    ;.,:��� ;.Ust lisstn-yerr. i f llllliarn life,
n   pneumonia and inn- imiptipn.
Cough Remedy 3
has won its great popularity by its  W
prompt cures of this most common  j
p  ailment.   It aids expectoration, re-   "
h   lieves  the   lungs  aud  opens the
gj   secretions, effecting a speedy and
(i  permanent  cute.     It  counteracts
jiiv tendency toward pneumonia,
Price 25c, Large Size 50c.
Flpptrir ftiillpy PAMiiii \ \i sabbath sctoo] at - p** .��**!*
L(uvlili)   Rliljnbj   U'JIIiPillJJ  Llll Sunday.      Prayer   meeting   every
(Westminster Branch)
Time Tar-lf-
Cars lenvc- Westminster for Vancouveral 5.5.
nm, 0.50 0.in. and hourty th.-rrafter u$ttl it p.
,11.: Saturdays and Sunduyd at n n in,
Ci 1��leave Vancouver Ior l.Ve��tinir;  --.;.'.
mi'6,,sii a. ra. und liourly therealtei   until   1   |i
������    ��� .iturdliys nnd Suiid-ys :-u 11 |>.n..
We run lirst-class frei. 'tl .-i-.s between We8l
nusissiei ami Vnncomv ,,,..; ,;\ shipments are
liainllea with the utmoit enre and delivered to
:o,i4ignei without del-/. Speeini attention pfiid
to fruit shipments, pur wagons meet all boats
ind trains.   Fur rates, ..-tc. apply to
Fhursday evening at ��.
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services next   Lord's Day at - 11
. m.aud 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School  at 2 p in     Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
;:t 7:30 o'clock
Rev. R. W. Cratv, B. A.
Editor 1);lta TMns:
.Sir: The;-** hns been considerable
���'.'Ur   TbonahtlesUsi   t'iiildren   and   m.
Extract! Prom lllil UuiZK'tv'm Dlurv.
A group of young folks from t he Mftb
;  school stood on tbo corner, giggling at ol<
',  MngRio, the lirown mate, wbo, 11 imbed to
j  i post nretr by, Etnod patiently switching
bwi v irf Ibu llic-    "-. lie vmiii'j folks laugh-
1 ed tit ber rough fcb.lo, ber stump) tail and
;   clumsy   feet.      'Ji.'7   called   hi'r   Nancy
;  Sinks, Ounpowd-.Tand nuenplmlus.
Thu next morning, when the niggler��
(lli il into tha schoolroom, ths;y saw on tin
blackboard this:
!   "ii.VniAi.'VS   KBOM  TUB  HURV  OF AM OLD
"I am only an old horse, but when I
win young I wus handsome, and I took a
pride in letting no 0110 pass me. Kow I
o_n do lit!In, but. I try tn do that well. I
tsikii invalids and timid old ladies out
driving I lot little oliildren ii,-iyc me,
oriii tbeyeafi slop th'o.'flues, rattle the whip
n",i| shout as loudly .ns tlicy wish; it
doesn't.��� try my nerve*. Sometimes they
climli iny back for n rid ��� I stop very
oarefully, so tbey won't fall uff. So I dn
whon tbe bflby toddles around and 1 am
crop],ing (-iv- von theviawn
' I am Hlwuys ready to carry picnio parties to tbo woods." I go for tbo dootor. I
tpks guests to tbe train. I never shy at
tooting engines, bioyvcflea, baby carriages
1 at whet_barrsjyai*  H take grandma to 'Ihe
I weekly prayer.' meeting and  sowing tools
(rictioil resulting from   the   election j  "iy-    '  dbn't remember ever  playing 11
r    it,,.. . ,-'        7)        ,     ...,.���     niiiin triik iii my life.    Some time in thq
ol    rrustees    lor    Boundary   Bay I rutaeo-.'yqu may |,_;0ld, pour and slow,
school and, as a result, a good deal ! "1)W would you )i;-.o ta be laughed at?"
The tieholurs read tlie-words, looked  a>
Trallic M
Local Mgr,
similiter, n. c.
B  w
Lei Us Talk ii Over*
Metal Fronts
Pastor P. H. McUwen will preach
it 7:30 p.m. Subject, "What Bap-
iists believe, and Why?"
Prayer meeting at 8:00 Thursday
evening. Singing practice at 8:30
All cordially invited to any or all
i services.
Offer you fplcmtiil Jtrtprovement, at
&mall -\-st, for any stylo of builJinff.
Wo make them complctoi to suit
any sized or shaped structure���the
entire metal finii \-. ir.ciudin^ door and
window caps, cornice**, etc.���in a great
variety of styles.
They ffive a very handsome effect,
and onduringi practical stitiefaction.
We give estimates it' J'OU send
nitsasuretueuts and outlius ut tht. build-
Think it ever.
Metallic Rcc-f.n_j Co.
Wholesale Kanufastitrorss
Toronto, Canada.
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
;ad>:er.    ...--    b.C
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, HUurd Block, Xew Westminster.
According to The Comm*rc.al
of Winnipeg, the visible supply o
oats in the United States aud Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 7,108,000 bushels, compared
with 4,934,000 bushels a year ago.
_iilH !llo
New Crop Now In Stock
SOME GROWN and imported
Wholesale and Retail.
Special Prices to Farmers' Institutes.
Have you... young man or young woman, ever given the
I futsire any Consideration?    Are you content to drift along as
you are with .1 superfficial public school education which does
t not prepare you for earning your living.
j There are openings for young men in the business world
t as stenograph 1 rs or ele ks. .Women are eligible for the same
pjsitions. what could youdo in such a position? Are you a good
L, penman? .\re you rapid and accurate at figures. Can vuuuse
thj typewr.ter so" is to write 40 words per minute? Can you do
well the many things that are required to bedone in the business offices of large cities?
Unless you have taken a course in thc above you are m-
I. prepare I for of ice work except n a small -/illage.    We  canl    Thouands of Fniit and Ornament-
I prepare you for a good position���a position that will    ���   ��� r w nl Trees,
month; piy for your investment.   Some of our la I
ates are earning .?4o a month and over.
Miss W. K. Smith receives 40 per m >uth fr
Hastings Shiugle Manufacturing Co., as stenographs
Meuzie starts for the Yorkshire Guarautc*- aud Si
Corporation at ��45. Several are working for the C.
\ at $10 per month and upward.
If you come to us and work hard. If you want further
proof of the way we help to positions write us and we will
send you more names.
But don't put off. Every incn'.h you delay means ore
m in th's salary lost The so mer yon graduate thi sooner
yo:i are iu a: position.
"Slater   S':o.s  at   Sirclai7s*'
There is only one Slater Shoe with
thc   three   words   'The   S ater   S oe"
nclosed in a Shite frame. This
make of shoes is alone hi a class by
itself. It stands to-day for all that
is comfortable, all that is beautiful,
and all that is new in the art of finished foo.tweair. ��� We are the sole
agents for the city of New Westminster for this famous brand.
Don't  forget  the  place
W. E.-Sinclair's and that should be
enough  to   guarantee   the  goods.
Last Wednesday, we put $2 503 03
oi" these famous shoes ii stock and
they are now ready for your inspection.
Fishermen too will be glad to
learn that we have received a consignment of those famous Newfoundland fishing boots. The boot that
has made itself famous on the Fraser
This shoe retails for $8.50 and is
guaranteed waterproof.    Sold only by
The    Loading   Shoe    Store   of   New
of talking and hard feeiiiiR, but
about as mean a piece of spite as
eould be imagined whs perpetrated
on the retiiiiii' Trustee, John Per-
Some party or parties, on Wednesday night, entered his premises
and deliberately opened wide a^
heavy 16-foot gate and drove the
stock into his crop where they remained until morning. His neighbor, Kobt. Smith, was ulso mule to
suffer as the stock wandered into!
his crop.
Now, Mr. Editor, I   did  not imagine, in   this   Delta, there  lived a
man,   outside   of   a   Chinaman  or i
Si wash (and maybe not they). Who]
was capable  of suoh  a  gross out-'
For the satisfaction  of those im-j
plicated, I   may  say   that  they are;
known to have said that they would
bave their  revenge un  me for the 1
stand   1  have  taken   in   the   said i
school, and   further  that  I  do not'
intend to let the matter rest as it is. |
It was  ('oultful  at one time if the
stock would recover from their surfeit.    Further comment is useless.
I remain, yours truly,
ono another, giggled ��� lift la���very (ecbls
giggles���thon, with fluslicil faees, beu'r
'over their books.
I.'nt fcliey were thinking!���Mary E. (^
Brush in Youth's Companion.
For Sab.
A  No. 1   Melot'.e Separator,  in
first  class conditio''  (owner   is installing larger one, same make).
For further particular*- apply to
Crescent Island
GRF1     tfOnSE  '7n7! IIARDYJ
..   ijlc;     PLANTS
Miss now growing in my   Nurseries  for
Any  p rson or persons havini
ities (Spriiig: planting. |��  c!:,im  avainst the estat> ofthe
P.   R.  Eastern prices 01 less. White Labor, (late Alexanderjrenton mttst tender
same to in: on or be'ore the  Tenth
day of July, 1005.    Claims not so
entered wil  n't b'erecognized.
Oh!  for  the   Point.      Tuesday,
July 4th.    Hig time.    Come.
Little  ������Ii,.is-1   i'lennnntfae*
Little     .Vl ister
Pleisa 1 Hf ace,
Qui'o at. home in
any place'; m& ^ i
Nothing    in    the
world to do',-'    , '_5Kr*   * .--���'
But to stanij and     f^S/W    "*f.
' prlii al you.       tiMl.ftiH -- AriX
While   his  mi.rili ,*\:t-.i  M j    fdXf!l
c ompel ling './i'**�� <bmm .
whim ''���8ffl<_��r-Oi
Makes you stara ^Wi QP"w.
and grin at �����M_|(^N*__J��
hlm,* .     .':';|9|filf���.",; '���*?��*
And   his.   quaint.    fflpKt!
ol'i   taalllbnea   '"-''���   ���
And  the it a r-
menty that he
Wonder what lie's
smiling for?;-
Just   for   fun.   it
mny he. or
Blmply laughing ol himself���
Bucli an odd, gocd naturod rif.
Don t   yon   wi*!*,
you    had    his
And    the    nether
Have   the   poek>
eta bulging out
With two chuhhy
fists.      n e
Mister   Pleasantr
face can t"!l
Whore  the   liap-
P y d I m p I e ���
Th 0 s e  q u ee r
wunks    that
v/ink at yoii.
From  a  rounded
cheek      ot
For  he  captured
some, I know.
And his grins, the
pictures show,
Bnared them so securely they
Simply could not break away!
���Chicago Record.
W. J. Brandrith lelt,   on  Satur- -    ?<,,,��"1 children m Siberia.
,                             f _, ...         . TShe military rule that governs all Rut*
lay   evening,    lor Chilliwack,    111 gla c_temls to'*the schools and oofleges.
-���onnectiou  witi
ers' x\ssoi.iution.
the Fruit  Grow-   'ln?' am,%* ' l>a'" Ruul~''" a,,"-,'���" '_
lniiy as with ns, nnd  are attsndoil  hy the
tih'lcirru of the pensaut. and poor town8-
foi.i le as well HM by the sons of gnvern-
pi'ort oi'icials '*nd l-ieh inerclinnts, who
latar nro to go to tho university at Tomsk
or perhaps to ltussia for their college
I  eourso.   Out hero, though some ore noblei
  i by birth and others are mere peasants, all
. are treated exnct.lv alike, i.nd nil dress in
Child   Not   Expected   to   Live   from. ��� uniform closrly copied from that of tin
One  Hour  to  Another,  bat  Cured   army.    Kvtin tho girls, who nlways hove
separate  schools from   the  boys, wear a
by   Chamberlain's   Coli;,   Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
Ruth, the little daughter of 17 N,
Dewey of Agtuwvillc, Va,, v.as seriously   ill   of   cholera   infantum   last
simple regulation dress, so that there ll
no heart burning in Iittlo Anna, frotu the
oottngo in tlie back street, because littla
Laity Anna, from the groat house on the
square, lias a line dress. Tho teachers nr��
all regarded as' oiucors of the govornmeut
and wear a military uniform.    The school
summer.     "We   gave   her  Up   and   did    ia drilled in tactics every day and conducts
not expect her t i live from one hour
to another," iie says. "I happened
to think of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera amd Diarrhoea Remedy and got
a   bottle   of   il   front   the   store
nil its exercises after military models,
training its boys into soldierly young men.
Tho uniform is not s;i pretty as thai
���svmn by the cadets of our own military
schools, and it is comical to seo it lillla
chap, with a round, roguish face under
In   his (tat cap, wearing big boots ami n gray
five hours 1  saw the change  for*"'t'he,   o*otc<mlibolh^about him, vrishskint long
enough to touch tne ground, but w oca h��
better. We .kept on giving it and has earned tlio rank of corporal or sergeant
before  she  had   taken   the  halt' of one    in his school battalion nnd fecit the irarl-s
of  his rank on   lilt collar he struts nhiiut
small bottle she was well." This rem
edy is for sale by T. J. Mackenzie.
If Your Eyes
Bother Yot
as proud ns 11 peacock.���Harper's  ttuund
'V-o court of appeals of Now Vork hat
held that it was no ground for a new trial
because tho jury in a murder caw attended church ou Sunday in custody of tlio
sheriff nnd heard a sermon on tlie prevalence of crime.
Yanoouver  Business  College,
i *U9 Hastings Street,    -    -    -    Opposite Province Office,
P, H. ELLIOTT, Principal
GU* a
M.J. HENRY, Vancouver
3313 Westminster Road.       ilrllS.n.On    *!)lliall��3 =
Trucking and Draying.
Livery  work  of all  kinds attended to promptly.
The  best  farming lands  ln Siivria ar��
those nearest to Chiua.
Cedar .Shakes, Fence Posts, Drtiii
Boards and Barn Fosts.
Apply to
17 C. CLINE,
Alluvia (Mud Bay;
Wm. Mi��K��8$s*$��r
Ladner. n. c.
They require attention.    1 'o not'
trifle with so serious a matter.   We
will fit them to your entire satisfac-
tion by the latest method known to]
the optical trade.
Graduate Optician,
Consultation & Examination Pree
T.  Gilford's Jewelry Stow. "���  ���
XFAV WIvSTMIXSTKi*-,'   -   li. C
50 VEr.nrs'
ttHAUfi {'^.tRKS
".vrnne rendlnu n sliet.H and dcscrintkai maj
1 ��� !v KStiertnln enr oi*ii:ion free wliRther iui
.: t i.m lanrotiably piaentable. v'nnmmnlea-
' nsotrli'tlycoiilldetftftl. MAMIBOO?. 011 Pttents
:l rroo. Oldest mrenev forsoci'.l'leir ', ."mtn.
L.-rasMita -iiUeii throuFh Maim & Co. receive
vr.'^clnotice, wiihout chnrge, itt the
h>ri"f1?o*vi*o,V i"'>*rn'*���'. --vopltV'.    T -rirt-st clr-
���   ���    -       i m.tit-3 Innrn&t.   Tornta, $8 a,
arirj l��nr MonMiS, bl BoidbytUl tiowBrtenlew.
TJIKJ! '"'^ ���'-���i&Mihmy. f^?����f YQfk
arAtiWuiii v.   _i i. SUWiviii.JK'""si..,,Cy '
SekMfie .1
Tuesday, July 4th.
Maple Syrup, new goods���City
D.   M. Ellis spent Monday in
Mrs. (.Dr.) Wilson returned home
0a Tuesday evening.
Don't forget the celebration at
tbe Point on the 4th.
Mrs.  H.   N.   Rich  visited   New
tjA'es mirs er on Tuesday.
L.   J.   Thomas visited the Ter-
piitial City on Wednesday.
The Misses Lord, ol Vancouver,
are visiting at Trenaut Park.
Tine Misses House, of Sapperton,
/are visiting at Mrs. A. Read's.
T. VV. Paterson, wife and family,
of Victcria, are visiting relatives
Mr. and Mrs. C. Burrows, of
Nanaimo, are the guests of T. W.
Word was reeeivr.l on  Tuesday j
m lining of the rather sudden death
of Mrs.   W. Witter,   the previous
night,at the home ofherneice, Mrs.
Roberts.    A relapse of pieumonial
was the cause ot death.
The tuneral took place on Wed-1
nesday from the house wherein she'
iied to the Boundary Bay Ceme-;
tary,' and was conducted by the
local lodge 1. O. O. F., under the
supervision of Bro, Alex Davie.
The   hue   Mrs.   Witter   was   a
woman   ot   sterling   qualities  and |
one whom   the  little folk at thej
Bay will miss very much,    Always]
ready to see lhat others were  hav-
ing a  good time, she  took  m-ich
more out ot her own quiet life than
most women who \vor<; as hard as j
she. j
Tl e symi atby of the whole com-'
mtinity goes out to Ihe  berea%-ed
husband and relatives who mouru
her loss.
Mrs. Witter was a member of tin
the ^m%mM sr&mE.mow is me
To select your Paints.
-New Westminster, B. C,
Tq clear out all summer  goods  aud  reduce  our immense!
stock by at least one-third its present dimensions
Made in all colors.
One Impei
-*: n.. "H.-.
r-*!-     ,-.
jover ^oo scniM'��
we inaugurate a
A glanci at this li.st will only fur.rsh a slight idea ofthe
barg tins off.red, you must com ��� and *ee for yourself.
D.   A.   McKee   was   re-elected
Schoof Trustee on Saturday last.
Mrs. C. F. Green returned home
yesterday evening.
Mr*. W. R. KUis returned home
A>n Thursday fr<��n�� visiting in Vancouver.
Sid   Brodie and J. Guichon went]
up river yesterday.
Try a bottle of Raspberry Vinegar, fine for summer drinks���City
W. B. thinner, of Vancouver,
pamc over on Saturday last on a
visit to friends here.
Mrs. F. Lord, of Vancouver,  is
visiting at Trenant Park.
Fancy Wash Goods.
25c Cotton Voile in green, cream
and shades of blue; sale price, ioc
goo yds heavy English Print at sS^.c
ico pieces or 3,000 yds of best English Print, 32 to 36 inches wide,
black, navy, red, grey and light
grounds;  no better at 15c; sale
price ioc
50c Cold Crash Suiting 25c
25c and 15c Dress Muslins 9c
Si.25 and Si.00 Silk Belts reduced
to 40c
Si.25 and 75c Fancy Hair Ornaments 5c
50c Wash Collars go at 2"*c
Big lot Ladies' and Children's
Gloves for, pair 15c
S4.50 to S3 Wash Skirts for S2 50
and Si-5��
$7.50 Wash Suits for S-V50
S8.50 Wash Suits for $500
Better lines at sale prices.
One lot children's Dresses, worth
Si, 'or 50c
One lot Corsets, sizes 18 and 19,
worth $1 and $1.25, for 25c
$1 straight front Corsets, all sizes,
One lot white Blouses, worth up to
$1.5��. for 7.SC
75c aud 50c Corset Covers for...25c
Dress  Goods.
25c fancy Tweeds go al i.sc
50c fancy Tweeds go at  25c
50c fancy colored Lustres go at..350
EXTRA SPECIAL���-25 Costume
'Lengths left over fioin the biy
itock bought inbond; regular j 125
poods will be sold now at  75c
50c Moire Skiiting .joes at 25c
$1.25 fancy Voiles sell at 25c
65c black Serges sell at 35c
56in. black or navv Twills go at 95c
Si 75 Venetian Cloth, 56'm.-, for jj> 1.15
Ji.25 black broad cloth for 75c
30c 8-4 bleached sheeting, per yard
  , 2 2'���'', c
36in. white cottons, per yard...7^..c
15c fine Victoria Lawn to go at, per
"yard 8,'._e
1000 bath towels, worth 50c, for 3 c
Extra large white Turkish towels
going at 30c
50 honeycomb quilts, $1.50 for..95c
400 pair Nottingham lace curtains,
marked at sale prices.
Sample   blankets,   slightly   tossed
and at one-third off.
300 dress skirts at sale prices.
10 doz. underskirts at cost and less.
S7.50 raincoats for $3-75
Every hat at half price and less.
teei. of wood surface, two coats, giving a
fine glossy appearance.
For walls and ceilings.
Prepared by simply mixing with water.
A  five-pound   package   will   cover, 350
square feet, one coat.
sai���ii     ig*ae*asg-^jK--��j_i
TV ���*../>. 'T COSTS
To buy a Dinner .Set of
an exclusive pattern than one
of the ordinary kind���if you
buy from us.
Our ware has character
and style, the resu'L ot direct importing from first class makers
who sell no other house. Onr large orders secure the lowest rates
���these are important considerations and worthy of your attention���the benefit is yours���if you wish.
Miss V. Ladner  returned home, i
yesterday, for the holidays. i
The best things osyatly 90 first.
Don't miss this chance.
Miss Kidd and Miss Livingstone,
visited the market yesterday.
��� Chiet Carlisle and family, of Vancouver, went over to the Bay, yesterday, the first of the campers.
A. Gilchrist, of Vancouver, came
over on Monday on a short visit,
(return in j again on Thursday.
Miss J. Douglas, of New  Westminster, Ls visiting friends here.
Mrs. W. H. Smith and Miss;Rob-j
inson are visiting in the Royal City. ]
F. Riplinger and wife went over
to the Terminal City on Tuisdi y
evening via Sockeye Limited.
T. E. Ladner and wife returned,
Wednesday, from a visit to Vancouver.
W. J. Hadden, wife and family
drove up to Mt. Lehman, yesterday,
to take in the picnic being held
there to days-
Mrs. Marshall Smith returned
home, on Wednesday, accompanied
by her two daughters who are
home for the holidays.
Mrs. A. Clausen and Miss;
Clausen were among the p.ssengers [
up river yesterday. j
Mrs. McDonald, sr., and Mrs.
McDonald jr., and daughter, of
Cloverdale, are tlie guests of T. W.
We are this week going to cut prices nearly in two. Come
in and see if we don't do it.
We want to get acquainted with yon; we want to stay right
here, we see good prospects ahead.
In Order to Bo That
We must have your trade and co-operation. We will do our
part. We will give ypii a First-class Suit ai a Second-class
Price; we intend to treat you right; we hope to grow with
you; we furnish the root, you furnish the fertilizer and watch
the plant grow.
J* P. McPherson
Ladner. B. C.
DINNER SETS,   ��0    12    15    1ft
Full Composition,  ��*PV9  *<**  *��i *��
Wtikr Bros,, victoria, b. c.
Jtev. R. W. Craw, B, A., of Ver-
U-)n, will occupy the pulpit of St.
Andrew's Church here until the arrival of Rev. Mr. McAulay.
W. J. Brandrith was re-elected
and P. Pearse was elected vice J.
Perram, as School Trustees for
Boundary Bay school.
G Long, accompanied by his
grandson, Thomas, returned to
Custer, Wash., on Tuesday last
nfter vi itjng bis daughter Mrs.
j ns. Jordan,
One   Dollar   Saved  Represents
Ten  Earned.
David Hoy, formerly one  of the!
emploveeK of the late Thos.  Mc-j
Neely is down from  the JClondyke
capital after an absence of 9  years j
uud is visiting friei.ds here. 1
TL!> Bjjp.4 boys ifitended playing \
in flpeu fjir programme Wednesday '
evening but were unable to do so
owinK to the absence of several
player... They wjll, however, play
im gtitire cliiiu^e o( ijiusic Wednesday eyeuing ntxU
The average man docs not sa\'e to
exceed ten per cent of his earnings.
He must spend nine dollars in living
expenses for every dollar saved. That
being the case he cannot be too careful about unnecessary expenses. Very
often a few cents properly invested
tike buying seeds for his garden, will
save dollars outlay later on. It is
the same in buying Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, lt costs but a few cents, and
a bottle of it in the house often saves
a doctor's bill of several dollars. For
gale by T. J.  Mackenzie. '
A good Honsekeeper, for family
of two. Good home to right party.
Apply to
Ladner, B.C.
Labor Bureau.
Voung man, young woman, do
you   need   employment?     If   so,
register with us and if we do no
procure you employment no fee will
be charged.
One Week Longer.
Houses', Views, Groups
General Photo Work.
Special Ratos This Week
At -nominal cost, private individuals or business
men can put their important papers and valuables in a
secure and convenient place.
This is a boon to those who do not possess a safe,
and to families travelling.
These boxes are accessible during all business hours
to the renter, who holds the key.
RATES s   $1.50 per year.
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Co., Limited.,
Authorized Capital, ��25,000.
F. J. HART & CO.,
New Westminster, B. C.
New Potatoes  at $2.25 per one
hundred pounds.
lied HHiii'i Off Goals ant.
Our mutual ir.end W. Ls McBride is, we notice, first in the field
tyitji baym.-kini-., 3��4 ka�� several
t ms ready ior thi barn. "Good for
y iu McBride, keep the ball a rolling and you are sure to have a record year.    Port Guichon is up tp
4-oz. ebup 8h.vl.hine case VvitJU
Dual and damp-proof, fitted with the very best seven jeweleil Elgin or
Wattham movement, stein-wind and sat, and absolutely guaranteed
for g year*. Also a beautiful chain with each watch for the next SO
itayfl. All complete, (6*80. .Seeing la believing. Cut thia out and
send It to us, wilh your Name, Fo*J Oftk* nnd Express Office Address,
and we will send tba Watch and Chain 10 you (or examination. If you
find it aa represented, pay agent the amount and express charges, and
Watch and Chain are your*. If you wish to save paying the cipretw
charges atsnd In the full amount* and wa will forward to you Watch aad
Chain by mail, all charges prepaid. If ypa order C.O.D. a. deposit of SO cents is required aa a matter of good faith, which amount
witt km deducted from your bill.     Order. at  onc��V aa this oAV may not appear again.     When Writing  mention this paper.
p. WAQNER & CO., 163 Cordova St., Vancouver, B. C,
If You Want
A   First-Class   Buggy,    with
rubher   or   steel  tyres;   or  a
Democrat, call on
J. F* Stainton.
There will be a Grand Celebration
a/sffy Sth, 1005
C nie ai'd bring your friends and
have a good time.
For further particulars see posters.
What's Sawetl
m Constitutes a large part of -what is earned in this age
of progress You can't be too careful of the pennies.
Realizing this and making a strong bid for your trade
We have our goods marked at the lowest possible price.
Our values cannot be beaten. We invite your inspection.
Bed   Room    FURNITURE���Suites from $15.00 up
Dining Room FURNITURE���       x  ����
Carpets,  Linoleum,  Oilcloth, Mattings, Awnings. Picture Framing, &c. &e.
You will be pleased *widi anything in onr line and
can save time, money and trouble by coming direct here and
making your purchases.
Lee's Furniture Emporium,
New Westminster B. C,


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