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The Delta Times Jun 3, 1905

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Array <���&
i ���
-    v'UN 7
ol. 2. No, 39.
S1.00 y��<
"Royal Purple" Shoe
for Ladies.
We believe there is a large demand for high grade
Shoes here and our stock of ROYAL PURPLE is now
complete in the new Spring and Sum=
mer Styles, in Russia Calf, Dongola Kid,
etc., all one Price $3.50 stamped on sole.
Tarewell.  Schooll{epori^\
On Tuesday evening Uu- members' Average daily attendance���Div-
honorary members and friends of ihe ision I., 26.68; Division II., 26.59;
Ladies' Aid of the Methodist Church Division III., 33.45; Division IV.,
assembled ai the home of Mrs. Louis 40*77* Total average daily attend-
.Moukmait 1*0 entertain the Kev. A. ���nc*< I27*49*
W   and   Mrs.   Miller,  and   to   present! HONOR  ROM..
^^_^^_        to
token of their affection]
of  their  departure   for|
In Order o! Merit.
Delta Council met in the Council
' Chamber, on Saturday last. May
'27th, with the Reeve. AV. H. Lad-
them with
im   the   cv  ^^^^^^^^^^
their new field of labor at  Bnderbyl Stanley Clark, Flora  Livingstone, j Davie, Paterson, Huff and Embree
B, C.     After .pending some time at J Jack .Stainton.
game singing, etc.,  II. J.  Kirkland     Junior .Second   Pi i tn ir ��� Mabel j
called   the  assembly  to <-*rder,   when' -Unnlng, Myrtle Kirkland and Roy j
.,     ..    , c f.s     ... i Anderson (equal 1,  I-rank Kettles,
Mrs. Monkman, Secretary of the Aid, * -1       ��� 1
,    ,   . I Edward Riplinger and Alfred  Gui-
read  an  address  and  presented   their    1       . m^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
late pastor and His esteemed partner PILwS.     1   ri w_   J    -P'^ C. S. Stevens.   Mayor of
with a handsome silver fe. tray; both J������  S^.fj^f^lZaaOw re  a  union  of munici-
Mrs.  Miller and  Mr.  Miller respond-! ^^'j*"15��� H'' ��"'.Iiarl ��8V��- ! palities.      Received   and   Clerk   to
Annie Bown, Fred Whitworth, Joe: repiy
\l 1  1     T   _ If! S     .        /��� .si .     -
From C. C. Fisher, Government
Agent, re police account. Received
and filed.
First   Primer ��� Ross   Thirkle, ] ner, in tbe chair, and Couns. Gibbie,
Minutes of the previous meeting
were read and confirmed.
ing very graciously and thanking their
many friends for thc kindly feelings
expressed so substantially, saying
tlicy would ever have kindly remembrances of Delta and their friends
After some n.orc music and refreshing the 'inner man, the party
broke up with many hearty wishes
for the welfare of their departing
friends and the heartiest
clasps, which may be the
{"rood many.
to   n
.'6th   tilt.
Manley and Lena Vicevich (equal)
Form I., Junior���Christie Mc-i
Gregor, Thelma Clark, Robert!
Kettles, Minnie Btissanic!., Pauline,
Form I., Senior���Claude McLeod
and Alice Thirkle  [equal], Lester j
Handford,    Hazel    Shirley,    Inez
Stainton and  Antonio  Martinolich
[equal], Kric Taylor. I
Form II. ��� Minnie Mardesich,
Winnifred Hutcherson, Mary Cos-
ulich, Isab.1 Kettles, Mary Silech.   !
Form   III. ��� Irene   Robinson,!
On Friday evening the;
quite a large number of the young1 Hume Hilton, Laura Hutcherson,
friends of Misses Ruth and Grace Quoilg John, Willie Frederick.
I Miller assembled at the Parsonage Form IV\, Junior���Mildred Bar-
to bid. them farewell and to present ber, ilii Stainton, Harold Davis,
them with tokens of their love . Twol Vernon Taylor, All Shirley,
handsome napkin rings were pres- Form IV, vSenior���Charlie Groth,
eoted to them with their initials en- olga Kirkland, Herbert
graved thereon. After. spending an. QUve Wuit..Ortb, Warren
enjoyable evening, the young folks! .
the largest stock ef shoes in town and can fit
.Any Shaped Foot.
$*a*e the "Artisan" Working Shoes at $2.25.
Finer Grrades in Box Calf, Dongola, Chrome Tanned, Etc.
Children's Shoes in all Stylea
Lacrosse Balmorals and Oxfords in Boys' and Men's.
Children's Sand Shoes.
Tile Delta Higbwav By-lair passed its third reading.
The Revenue By-law passed its
first reading.
Tbe Clerk was instructed to notify tbe Poundkeepers to enforce the
Pound By-law.
Tender* for laying -plank were
opened as follows: E. A. Crawford,
$2.65 ner chain: L. F. Hornby,
$1.74 per chain; O. Westermark,
$2 go. The tender of L. F. Hornby, L eing the lowest, was accepted.
Coun. Davie was authorized to
build a half-mile of the Imperial
road on condition that the settlers
pay one half the cost.
Council then adjourned to meet
again on June 10th, at,3 p.m.
On Monday evening last the young
friends of Watson and Percy Miller
tendered them a "surprise" party, and
I after having a happy time at games
rai the lawn, they adjourned to the
house* where they did ample justice
to the good things provided.    During
Form V.-
! Benson.
-Thomasine Kerr, Elsie
P. B. DIXON, Principal.
Westham Island.
jthe  evening   they  presented   each   ofj
Marshall  Smith
F, 1!. Colston, spent  Sunday at  his
the above named with a pair of gold|home  on  Ma>'"c Is!and-
cuff buttons   in   remembrance   of  the      ]|, Trim took a trip to Vancouver
pleasant times spent together. I aml   Britannia,  with   his
Miss Reeploeg, of Point Robeits
is visiting the Misses Thirkle.
Representatives of the B. C. E.
Co. are in town to-day selling light
and power.
Friends of T. 17 Ladner will be
pleased to learn tbat he is expected
home to day.
Seventy-five sheep were shipp
ed, Wednetday' to Eburne, from,
J. Grauer.s Boundary Bay farm.
Jim Nelson's stallion, Newman,
is laid up with a sore foot, wbich    .
has caused him a great deal of pain. |
^^^^^^^^^^^^launch,   last
j week.
Mrs. Philpot and S. Savage of New
Westminster,   spent   Sunday   on   the
I Island.
!     Ds   Robertson,   is   making   preparations  to  re-model and improve  his
I house this summer.   .-Vs a result there
are many rumours afloat.
J. Tambolin's little boy Joseph,
while at play a few days ago. fell off
the fence and fractured his arm. We
arc glad to note that he is progressing very nicely and is not suffering
mtlch   pain   as   the   result   of  his   ac-
On Thursday afternoon fire destroyed the barn on Fred Taylor's
farm. The barn contained a horse
rake, mower and buggy as well
as some young chickens and
ducks, all of which were destroyed,
Mrs. Taylor is visiting at her
mother's (Mrs. Williams) at Point
Roberts and Mr. Taylor was absent
at Port Guichon at the time.
W. L. McBride, in charge of the
��� Guichon Fire Brigade, arrived on
! the scene quickly as possible and
idid what they could, with the
; assistance of the neighbors, in re$��
j cuing property trom the devouring
| element, but the barn was com-*
: letely destroyed.
Insurance on the barn $ioo.
Fruit growers and  box makeis
should bear in mind the amendment
to the Act regulating the size of I
fflsfrU packages recently lassedJ
legalizing a uiininiiiii standard box. j
This box has a minimum size ofj
V>xl_x20 ins., inside nuasuremei t_
There iSsiiOsSpecificajioti a; to the
thickness of tbe material other than,
ijt should be strong and seasoned
-Wood. It is, recommended,, bow-
ever, that tbe ends should be at
least five-eights of aa inch thick
*nd the sides ait* Least three-eights of
an inch thick, and there should be
no,ohjection%bl& odor to,th,e wood
shipment in boxes; of auytluug hut
apples of the veiy highest grade;
the rest of the fiuit can be more
economically shipped in  barrels.
what grade, of fruit shall be (acfcied
if.   boxes.    The   market   reports*
Sprained  Ankle,   Stiff  Neck,  Lame
Tttess arv three common ailments
for which Chamberlain's Pain Balm
is especially valuable. If promptly
applied it wilh save yon tinlc, money
and suffering when troubled wijth
any one of th.se ailments. Pot- sale
by T., j.  M*_tken:-.ie.
While the King of Spiin was returning from tlie operu at Paris on
Wednesday evening, an anarchist
threw a bomb vxbiph tesulted in the
killit^- and wounding of many on-
Marshall Smith has kindly donated a very handsome silver cup for
the football prize on the 24th  inst., j
Rev. J. F. Betts, of Fairview,
; Vancouver, who has been stationed
' to this field, arrived yesterday, and
1 Mrs. Betts is expected to be here on
j Monday next.
The usefulness of the collie do{
around the tarm has been clearly
demonstrated of late. E. *FUck,
W. J. Brandrith and G. W. Walker
have, each a good word to say for
him, each owning a collie whioh
We uotice Mr. Rich intend:; holding the next sale in above yard on has' cailtributed fcis quota of up.
21st June and  hope to see a full;wards 0f a dozen coons during the.
sale.   Our opinion is the estabiish- j pa8t tw0 or three weeks.   The dogs
Ed. Calhoun has received tbe ap-j ment of this yard has already been trace the anitnals and awaU thdt
pointmenr of manager of the Gang; a benefit to the settlement and has masters- arrival with the shol. ^ t^
Ranch, Cariboo, and   will soon  be, undoubtedly caused our local buy-  - . . .. .
so the committee hopes that at least j ^ng ug we _egret t0 say though | ers fo hnstle fo_ gtock do3e_ than I *of *���
four teams will turn out to compete, we wjsb j,,,,, evWy success,
lot it as it becomes the property cf,    w s< Liviugs.tone went w��� t0
the winning team 01. that day. j Vancowve? 0��� tUe 26th dlt< t0 at.
I heretofore.      Farmers.      however, 1 """""
should bear in mind that in order I    Mrs. H. G. Taylor went up tQ
to bring and  keep the attendance, maeket on Thursday and during
The Lacrosse Challenge Cup is I t*endT_Te funeral" of "hisT brother-iii- iof outside' u tchers at the >'ard sales* I her absence Mr, Taylot had to send
^^^^^^^^^^^S__i ______^__l ^ I '.  .       .      1        r t-\  ,  t .
still on hand from, last year, but it
is expected that several clubs will
try conclusions this year anl may
the best team win it.
^^^^^^^���������-^^^^Jb��k*tiih but the King ��ud Presid-
There are* no specifications a�� tf 1 ent i^ubet escaped.
,    .       _i_ .r r-..:. ..1..11 u���   _.������l._J�� I /
Jirs:.Nel soil
interior of hi
is. busy  fixijig- up*.the
lta>u.sc.   Jnn will have
law, C* C. Ralston, who had died
suddenly tbat morning from heart
disease.     Mr.   Ralston   had   beeu
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     connected with the customs depart-
The horse races will oe a success| ^ fo_  __        *    &M ^ m of
as   quit,-   a   .H.ffl!,er of   horsemen; the oM ti Q, t, ince>    H<
have ex'prassed their intention of
entering their horses iu the different races,
Miss, E. Macdonald went  up to
the old timers ot the province,
left a wife and tour sons. In referring to the matter Mr. Livingstone said, when visiting his sister
the prevtous week, she told him she
had a presentiment tbat something
l)p,wever,    would   discot^iige,   th* a nice plaSe'here. wken he. H tbn*��Kh, ��unhu>;y on Monday for a fe\y days.! was about to happen ber husband.
it is necessary to have a Rood sup- for the Doclor, having had
ply to   offer  them.    Tbe   outsie'e atttack of asthma,
dealers who attended the hist sale   _...���..������.���
freely expressed their approval ni      _.       .   x_  .,.���        .,       ..���
_. . .    T,,'.   ��� ���       Rev. A, N. Miller, wife and fatn.
the arrangements, and  all  that is,.,       ,     ' '       ' ...
. , _   c    .      . ... , \,    ���   .    ily, who have been engaged in the
needed to firmly establish the 111st. i    ;'      ,. ... r
, _.     .     c 11 .     1 1 Methodist work of tlua charge for
tution is a full supply, I . _  . , .        *
! the past three years, left, on Thurs*
"" '-  l    "~~~~* 1 day, ior their new station at UnAtr*
J. S. Mason, jt., who met  with j by.    We wish them every success
an accident last week,   is progress* iu their labors as they ire, without
ing favorably but will be confined doub', good living and very enej��
to the house for another 3 weeks.    [ gcti * 1ih,->-?rs for the Master, &'
A.  O. U.   W.
  Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
Department of Education Guarantees and third Tuesdays of each month
:       School Exhibit at Fair Will       '��� '������ Oddfellows' Hall.
Be of the Best |
In reply to a request from the man-
Published every Saturday.
Sciscription, $1.00 per yoet.
Casual Ad��ertiseinei��ts, 10 cents per line lo;
2_^e"^��"rtiSSd5SeUSu,ui^ ST i-.i'^agenic-iil ol* the Dominion lair to have
��ck._edbythe space occupies.,   ..Hue. to Hi, ,I wper,ntenden,   of   e(lucation   takc j
Rites lor Commercial Advertisements can be J.cWffe of  a  school exhibit  whicli it is
kail ���* application at this office. ; "
Heading notices 10 cents per line for each iu-   proposed   to   have   at   the   great   Nat-|
Birth and Death notices, 50c., Marriages Ji.eo,
Aij special notice, the object ol which is to
iron otf the necuuiarv ben.-fit ol any individual
W. C. Pybus, M.W.
Geo. R. Manley, Recorder.
yremote the pecuniary ben.-
'ional Exposition which opens here 011
Sept.   27,    Mr.   Alexander   Robinson,
any i
5 Q.'x. V.
Delta Lodge, Xo. 21.���Theregu-
'; lar meetings of this Lodge rue held
��� every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
S m.    Visiting Brethren cordially in-
���r company, to I*"considered an advcitisenient I superintendent   of   education,   annoiiu
��*4 charged accordingly. ,  c      ,
Alladvertiaemeau char.ed for uuli. oidercd 7*es   the   appnuitmen.   ol   Sup..   Baton]
eat aad paid for.
Correspondence invited ou matters ol public
..��� .        ..,: ���st    1,L.    aC.
rood lUitll
laierest.   Communicationa to editor must be BC-|mittCC
c*��|wnie_ by name of writer, uot iicceswiruy
of Victoria, l*a be assisted by a cpirn-
if ;ill  ihe school  superinleiul-
111 ihe province,
j viterl t<> attend.
\V. R. Ellis, N.G.
Dr.  A.  A.  King,  Se_.
fir publication, but as evidence of _,.��.. .......   , cn,
Cerrvspoudence must reach tins oflice by 1 burs- i
day eveular. Mr.   Robinson   writes
Geo. R. Manlry,
SATURDAY,  JUNE   3,   1905.
iiieiii  is  anxious ii
The depart
make  tlie  eclllcat
I ional exhibits one ol the mo. t
tractive features of the fair, am
order t" <l<> this a space al least 50 x
I 100 feet should be available. If the
Imanagement can sec its way clear to
this, thc iie...���rinu'iu will guarantee
to make the educational exhibit one
of the very best al ihe Dominion
Manager   Keary.   snys   thc   required
space   will   be   allotted   and   that   the
C. O.  17
Court  Fraser No. 398, meets  in
Oddfellows'  Hall, second and last
it- Thursday evening- of each  month
"Mat  8  o'clock.      Visiting  Brethren
McRAE & Co
I  A hill line uf English and Irisl
Twee'ds ;unl  Fancy Trouserings al- j 4*
ways kepi in slock. ; *r
���  *
��� **H ���!���>*������������� >W**H*-^*H*-*^^^
Delta Transfer Stable   |
Team Work Done a* Specially Low Prices.      .*
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
-���- Telephone " Ladner" No.
.��. i -*H*-K*"f'1-H-+4-fv-f*+���>���*��� ���!������**-:��� *K--*r*i* r<*'��4+*-W?Wr'W'+*4. -LH*
V 1
A Maiiiifucturerii of ull kinds ol
U. C.
I Soda Water, Ginger
.���.    Ale and Summer
Your natroivape solicited
Cuban  Diarrhoea.
Taking a trip over the abov
we   were   very   much   impressed   With
the unsound condition in many places.
The  system of patchwork  which  has j prices   will   be   made   satisfactory   to
been   followed   for   some  years   past. ��� the department  of education.
it seems to us, bo have been a means |  ���	
of making away with a large amount
ftf the Delta's capital, without really
accomplishing very much.
Now. thore are patches of work
which remain to show the Council
the kind that will stand the wear and
tear of the rough water, and il
ieems to us that the only sane method -to pursue would be to raise a sufficient sum of money to place this
dyke in a thorough state of repair
tfre ;uiy more damage is done.
Pdr this, or any other Council, to
sit idly by and aiiow this dyke to be
mure seriously damaged before they
will willingly raise more money to
ftvuke '1 secure would -nn,. y mean
Jhat ijie work will cost mor : than it
This Delta land would not be worth
a bean without the dykes, while the
dykes have raised thc land values to
as high as $250 per acre, yet. you
Jvili hca* some object to tax that
.same land $4 per acre, to make its
Value rise to even $100, per acre.
\Vhere is the wisdom of such a
policy as will allow this work to fall
Jnfo decay from lack of funds?
I li":r-Q Goods!
f      Oui   Harness* and   Hor*    I urn -
sftiuifr long   iro'-e.l reliable   ,,���,��� i. ���
J.  built -iut ouly lor style but wear
�� hugh Mcdowell, *
1 LADNEK, B. C *
U.S. soldiers  who  served  in Cuba
during  the  Spanish   war  know  what
this   disease   is,   and   that   ordinary j
remedies have little more effect than !
sn  much  waler.    Cuban diarrhoea is
almost as severe anl dtugerous as j "VVellingtOIl Coal,
a mild attack of cholera. There is
one remedy, hnw':ver, that can always he depended upon as .will be
seen by the following certiiieate
from Mrs. Minnie Jacobs 01* Houston
Texas: "I hereby certify thai Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera arid Diarrhoea Remedy cured my husband of
a severe attack of Cuban diarrhoea,
which he brought horn; from Cuba.
We bad several doctors but they
did him no good. One bottle of this
remedy cured him, as our neighbours
will testify. I thank God for so valuable a medicine.'' For sale by T. J.
Rosebank Lime,
Portland Cement,
Smithy Coal,
Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile,
Steam Tug "Flyer" and
Barges lor Hire.
Office: Front St.       Phone 1-6.
New Westminster. B. C.
Notary P^Sitse,
Mm. [stole 8 insurance m
Ladner, B. G.
Purc'iasliu*  Agent
Manure Spreaders <&
Molina Plows
.take Ijie lead everywhere,
also our	
Chatham Inoubators &
Etroodoi s.
J.T. Stainton
���**L^fe_BiaB��"R'^_a_K    -��- axcne^rr&-.iE��ei2e!*%ii ^-s m ������* imbm*.
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stove
Pipe,  Conductor  Pipe, Roof Plates^ and Every*-
thing Else in Thia Line.
Agent for*
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. bod's Mixed Paints.     -
Yoho Bath Efeatef.
Just tlie thing For making water hoc for washing dairj
Utensils; scalding ho;_,s, or tor wash day. Ever;
Farmer's Wife Snould Have One.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C
Making * Pr��ient��tl��_u
Here is n go*d story of the colonel of r_
regiment who was going; to retire. The
���oldiers, who all liked him, subscribed together and bought him a beautiful silver
An old sergeant was appointed to make
the presentation, and also to mnko a long
speech, wliich he wns to learn off bv lieuvt.
To   pass  a   by-law   for  $2,000   will   JJ"*" th" W**** "me arrived, the
��� - ' ', eolonel was sitting at a tablo with some
���jost .'ia imich as ,0 pass the same for   ���>' the officers.
1     Tho sergeant came rolling up to the
$_o,ooo. I table, with a very confused look, and to
This    is   a    matU'ii.    thc   (Council   ^"MtonUhment of all present he stain-
~ . mercd out:
shoilftl  lonk  itfto  seriously;    The  ex-,     ".He-here's the jug," banding it to the
,. . , ,    ,  ,,        ��olonol, who was so dunifouiidixl tlmt he
penditure   of   a   few   thousand  dollars   ftimniorod out,  "Oh,  is it?" ��� London
Manufacturers  of all  kinds of First-Class
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
We can deliver to any
road in Delta,
point; on the Rail-
Oiii* Priculs Right* We ���an Save You Money..
Drop Us 3 Una, Our Agont Wll: Caf/ on You
K if. THRIFT, manag'
:-,t-class style
fit  the  right  time  would have   saved
many thousands since*.
Did  you  say  build   in?
A first-class joint put
call oi   :'���:. ���' ���' iui       ���<������: to bhe
Phone 9, Ladner, B.C.
Xtle&t &
���u   U Js  -is- fc'ff H '4i'\
In Anotlter I.lRht.
Miss Fethortopp (to sportsman, who ts
exhibiting his daj's shooting)���Oh, how
... could you kill those dear, pretty birds?   I
What   earthly   use   is   it   thravying   think it is positively cruel I
away   the   work   already   done?     If Spo������'��n-I suppose you know there
i lee great demand for these for bnt ornu-
you   build ,W'sidt?   tht?   pre-stlnt   dyke mentations!'
.    , ���         , .                    , Miss Fethertopp���Oh, of oourse, If It's
and   do   nothing   towards   protecting a case of necessity, it is perfeotly exousa-
j.hc present work, it is mnly a matter ***����.-Bo��ton Transcript.
pf a few years, at  best, ere you  will Heating Capacity ��( Woods.
, . 111   ��� .      ,   ,       Qeriuau   figures credit various woods
require  to  build in   again,  and   what  wlth   the fol1owlll?   hetttlng ca,)ncitiM.
bavt   vou   gained?     Vott   are   simply *>-��Jndoii,  1; fir,  .UU; elm and pine, .H8j
��.*'.;.��� willow,  ehestnut and lurch, .97', maple
a   number of  acres   short,  on   which and spruce, .98; black poplar, .95; alder
,.      ,, ,., Md white birch, .94; oak, .08: loonjt ana
\o realize the necessary taxes, which ^Ite beech,  .91, and rid blreh.je.-
yott cannot afford to do, i "iWiawi American.
.                .                                 !
Don't   shirk   this   duty   because   you 	
|nay   feel   that   you   are   not   directly!
interested,  because  you  are, without'
floubt, and sp is all Delta,
If you want a nice new
Buggy,   up-to-date   in
very respect, or if the
7U   have   needs
ia ������' ingv ��aU at
u. T. BAKER'S ^ s-iow-ooms,
lOld silk hats, it Js stated, are being
|jsed by V'-as't End Costerinongcrs as
donkey's nosebags.j
Battered and broken, faded, torn���
Sly days of fashion dead���
llchold   me   'rleath   a   donkey's   nose,
Instead of on his head.
Half-filled with  damp Interior hay.
I  play a" lowly part
As  travelling  commissariat  to
A private ass and (jart.
Perched ou a spruce, pomaded head
1 used to raise a laugh.
And now in these my humb|er days
[ still am given to chaff.
Hut, still, it's comforting to know,
;Vlthoug.h my looks anc gone,
I'm nut as unipty as 1 wfa's
VsVlien  piaster  had  me  Oil I
...-lyindon GJobe.
Tradi. Marks
Copyrights 4c.
Anyone sending a sketch md description mny
ulcklr aseertnln our opinion free whether an
i-eiraon ls probnbly patentable. Communlcts-
nn����trlctlT��oisfl(lonttal. HANDBOOK on Patents
mt free. Oldest agency for securing natenta.
Pafgnts Men Ihrouch Munn A Co. receive
mum aoHiM, witlioutcharRO, laths
Scientific Jftwricam
A. handsomely Illustrated weekly.
Lnreest elr.
Terms, $3 a
eolation of any scientlllc Journal. ..
year; four months, tL Sold by all newsdealers.
MUTIN & Co.36"���-��New York
Branch Olllce. 638 V St. Washington. D. C.
Two Pig*s strayed on^o my property some time ago,   owner may
have same by proving property,
aistc E. B. I^DNI'I^.
l��Korpo rated 1869.
CAPITAL, - - - $3,000,000
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $3,302,743
TOTAL ASSETS, - -        $31,183,625
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
���50 BRANCHES.	
East End, Graiid Forks, Nanajnio, Nelson, Rossland, Victsori-a, Chilliwack, I^adner, Cumberland,
R. H. WALKER* Manage^    -    LADNER, B.C,
Ladies' lloady-to-WoMr and Sailor
Hats, Ladies' Skirts, Whitewear, Etc..
A Fine Line of Eiubroidiiiss and
Laces Just Opened.
��� >OT, I*
Rib Rock Hose
���M  .-.- J- -.���.
Camp Hone
Lumber Mill
Has been moved to Eeavei
Scott road, ar-d is now pre par 3d to supply
all kinds of Plough Fir Luimbf-r at reasonable prices.
G. 0, Dennis,     -      -     Bast Delta.
tarn     oil
/ *# r^ fl ���Br #
' ISlll
Time Table.
IN EFFECT  MAY   7, 7905.
Tram leaves Cloverdale at 1:10
p.m. and arrives ot Pott Giri'.-bon at
2:20 p.m.
Train  leaves   Port   Guichon    it:
2:40 noon and arrives at Clorerdule
at 3:55 :P* Hi-
Mondays and Fridays only.
There are two -through passenger trains per day each way to ancl
from Seattle and a mixed train to
and from Bellingham.
&L). SA1NTB.
Jjfoly Communion, ist and 3rd
Siindays, at 11 a.m. Other Sundays at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7.10 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m., Friday
evening, 'Litany aud choir practice.
Rev. Canon Hilton. tricar.
(Westminster Branch)
Time Ta'luV
Cars leave Westminster lor Vancouver at s.w
and 6.50 a.m. and hourly thereafter uutil 11 j>.
in.; Saturdays and Sundays at 11 p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster, at 5.50
and 6.50 a. 111. and hourly thereafter until 10 p.
m.; Saturdays and Sunday*, al u pun.
We run first-class freight cars between Westminster and Vancouver and all shipments are
handled wit If1 the utmost rare nnd delivered ts
consignee without delay. Special attention paid
to fruit shipments. Our wagons meet all boat!,
and trains,   i'or rates, etc. apply to
Traffic Mgr. Local Mgr.
Westminster. B. C
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavin,
OiM. I. Services first and third
Su     .v 01��ettch month at 10:30 a m
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
I Sunday.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. J. F. .Betts, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.aud 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2 .p m Midweek meeting on Thursday -evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
Offer you splendid improvement, at
small cost, 'for any style of buiklinqf.
Wc mulct: them complute, to suit
any sized or shaped structure���the
entire metal finish including door and
window caps, cornices, etc.���in a great
variety of styles.
They give a very handsome effect,
and enduring, practical satwfactnuii.
Wo _jh*e 'estimates if you send
���measurements and outline ot thc build***
Think*.t over*
Metallic Roofing Co.,
Wholesale Manufacturers,
Toronto, Canada.
A. A. Mcl.eod, who is on
the ve ot returning to India, will
give an address 011 "Foreign Missions" at 7*30 p.m.
Prayer meeting at 8:00 Thursday
evening. Singing praetic. at 0:30.
All cordially invited to any or all
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply 01
oats in the United States and Canada, east'of the Rocky Mountains,1
is 10,232,000 bushels, compared
with 6,242,000 bushel-i a year a.^o.
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, Kllanl Block, New Westminster.
J 11st  what  everyone   should  &o.
Mr.J. T.  Barber ot Jrwinville,  G.i.,
always keeps  a  bottle  of  Chamberlain's   Colic,   Cholera   and   Diarrhoea
Remedy   at   hand   ready   for   instant
use.    Attacks  of colic,  cholera  morbus and diarrhoea  come  on  sn  sud-
| cjcnly that tliere is-no time  to limit
j a doctor or go to the store for med-
| icifre.    .'Mr.  .Barber   says:   "1   have
tried   Chamberlain's   'Colic,  '.Cholera
I and Diarrhoea  Remedy  which  is oile
of   the   best   medicines   1   ever   saw.
]   keep a bottle of it  in my room as
I   have  had   several   attacks   of   colic
and   h   has   proved   to   be   the   best
medicine  I  ever  used."Sold  by  T. J.
unri �����
Hnve you, young man or young wonirtn, ever given the
future any consideration? Are you content to drift along* as
you are with a superfficial public school education which doef-*;
nol prepare you for earning your living. !
Tliere are openings lor young men in the business world;
as Stenographers or ckrks. Womeu are eligible for the-same New Crop  Now iu Stock
positions, what could youdo in such a position? Are youagopd
penman? Are you rapid ana accurate at figures. Cauvonnse!    HOME CROWN and imported
the typewrttei so astp write 40 words pet minute? Can youdol
well the many things that arc required to be&oiie in the busi-i
ness offices of large cities?
Unless you" ha\e taken a course in the above you are unprepared for office work excepl in a small village.    Wc  ean.i
position��� a position 'that will i
prepare yon for a good
months pav for yo.ut investment,    Syme 0
1 ti few
Wholesale and Retail.
Special Pricen.to Farmers' Institutes.
Thouanlls oT Fruit and.-ffirnament-
ates are earning S.-)o a month and over.
Miss W.  K.  Smith   receives 40   per   month   from   the
liastings.,Shingle Manufacturing Co., as stenographer. Miss!tiow growing in my Nurseries for
Menzie starts for the Yorkshire Guarantee aud  Securities|*8pBing-planting.
Corporation at $45     Several are
���.'. S30 per month and upward.
king .for the   C.   P
11 yon come to us and work hard If you want further
proof of the. way we help te positions write us and we will
send you more names.
But don't put off. Everj' motftli you de'ay means one
month's salary lost. The sooner you -graduate iht -teemer
you are iu a position.
R. Eastern prices ir less. White Libor.
M. 3. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 We&niinst *r Road.
Vancouver Business  College,
149 Hastings Street,    -    ���    -    Opposite Province Office.
a H. ELLIOTT* .RrincipaL
Cellar Shakes,-Fence Posts, Drain
Boards and Barn fasts.
Apply ;to
.Alluvia (Mud Bay").
to the .tni&ersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Post Oilier at
\fencoiTver, *B. ���{_.," will "be -received
at this office until Friday, June J.?,
1905, inclusively, for the erection of
a Post Office building at Vancouver,
II. C, according to plans and specifications to he seen at tbe ^Department
of Public Dorks, Otl*awa, Out., and
at the Vancouver Armoury. Vancouver, B. C.
Tende|rs wtill not he considered
unless made on thr printed form
supplied, and signed with the actual
signatures of tenderers.
An accepted cheque on a chartered
hank, payable to tlie order of the
Honourable t'he Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.)
of the amount of the tender, must
accompany each'tender. This cheque
will be forfeitell if tire party tendering decline the contrwt or fail
to complete the work contracted For,
and will be returned in-case of non-
acceptance uf .tender.
' The Department does not bind
itself to accept flic lowest or any
T_y  order,
Department (if 'Public Works,
Ottawa/May 16, 1905.
Newspapers inserting this advertisement without authority from the
Department, will,not be_paid for it
�� Hither Education For Crrmn
Wouieu��� Tlitj- Are-to Be Instructed
Ib the Science of tke Houirhold,
Training Ia Switzerland.
Tbo problem ot higher education for
women Ib lielng agitated In Germany In
rather a surprising form. The German
Uadohen doesn't knoY,- much cbrmt higher mathematics anil Chaldulc, ae a rule,
but she has a worldwide reputni ion for
domestic virtues, and It ia bewildering to
find the lawmakers of her land crying out
4or compulsory course, of culinary instruc-
'tlon. A law recently proposed requires
���very woman, on attaining her twentieth
year, to produoe a certiflcatt. that she has
satisfactorily completed a severe course ln
eookiug. One cannot help wondering
-about the domestic exporience_of thu man
wbo put forward the proposition. Perhaps ho has suffered keenly from the lack
of such a law and has a philanthropic interest in the gastronomic salvation of ouiii-
lllg generations.
The obligatory culinary Instruct!" for
women would probably do n. .-_ tor lbs
Welfare and happiness of ths nation than
the obligatory military service for men,
���nd mo one of the social reformers who
'buvo raised their voices In advocacy of
��� radical schemes for bettering the Condition
���f society has struok so simple and prmv
'fto-1 a plan for bringing about Individual
comfort, with resultant domestic tranquillity and national prosperity, Seriously considered, the idea is a good one, and
Germany is not alone in recognizing the
Deed of innrudmnestio knowledge for girls.
For yoars thero hive been schools of
housewifery in Germany aud Switzerland,
and from all parts of the continent hnd
from England as well girls havs been sent
to these schools. Kow h number of such
"Schools have been established in I-inginnii
and are well patronized. These schools
ere ot different grades and vary a.1 to tha
expense of tuition and board la some
the pupils are from families of wealth ana
position. The parents want thoir daughters to be comfortable and happy, bet thoy
also want them litted for the life which 10
natural to woman and for tliu duties 'yrbioti
will fall upon.bar Shoulders, whatever hor
station may be. The girls uro not matte
to work hard, but they are thoroughly
trained ln oooking and are instructed in
tho elements of fine laundry, wo '; and of
general household economy and domestic,
.management. When they lcaro theschorti,
they are oapablo of managing n household
Cheaper schools of housewifery n:: !;e
less provision for the Quiuiort of pupils
f.i..l o:i,s..i. harder work, but ur. well pat-
*ri--*:.ic.l by fmnilief-wiili s:.iail tnconus.
Ti on thi re are private families by 11m
score which tako three or four girls and
sgroe to initiate them ii.l. tho seorets of
tti.sr t'tinrc. oooking and all things domestic.
To Americans who, save for the faint
light thrown hy sporadic cases of. .-odllirjj
"schools and Chafing dish cinss-cs, are sit-
tli'.? in darkness it would 88.111 that tha
_ou...,.itio future of Germany and Switzer-
land is tolerably well provided for, hut
..evidently the educational authorities over
there So not think su. (.iernifir-y is reaching out for morel borough domestic training, I'.'.d in Switzerland thu movement is
still liirther advanced. The pul lie schools
of Bern, or ut least the large new buildings, hove been fitted up with departments
-adapted foi tuition in laundry, cooking,
marketing, maim_wment of stores, eto.
Every girl above a certain age is hound to
attoud thecourse in thi.department. Th*
-other Swiss towns are rapidly following
this example, and there is great enthusiasm over the success of the experiment.
The daughters of the poorer classes in
France and of the bourgeoisie are usually
famous cooks and make a science of marketing, but In other departments-of domestic economy their knowledge ls painfully rudimentary, and the average French
man or *:v.-is* housewife to despair.
Among persons nf higher social standing
ln Franco il.o women l-iro de] tirtcil from
the trjidttlons ot their ancestors, 'ihe
chatelaines of old France gloried In t-holf
udorw-.'siic skill and guarded their recipes
I mere jealously 11.an their jewels. Mm*.
J!e Sevlgne mado waffles that wen* mats
Aldkious than her letters, li..ie. Hcofl-
mior'ssaiicesworons famous us her beauty
.and rivaled that famous saute invented
by a French count, who swore that he
could oven se?v�� his mother-in-law with
it so as to disguise her.biitjr flavor. '1 iie
Ettiprivs .losnphin. -prepare*1, rreo'e dishes
so wonderfully mat if Napolotn had heen
a gourmet ho would never havo hid the
.courage to divorce ior. But the modern
French demoiselle is as ignorant of culinary matters as the average American
girl, and nothing more sweeping t.ian
J.hnt could ba said.
Thu Kugii-h girls,-too,-n��*d training In
dome-tie economy, and educational authorities there are recognizing tho need.
Departments of cookery und domestic
economy haws 'beeu introduced as extra
KiilO'veS* In somo of tho London public
miiools, nnd thoro ls some - inlk of an
adoption of the Swiss plan.
Cooking schools have multiplied In the
Pnited Slates during the last few yearn.
Comparatively few girls receive any-sys-
tomatic training In household matters,
cither in their hotues or thoir schools
Mothers have a way of smiling cheerfully
over the faot that their daughters don't
know any more about housekeeping than
about farming, and tht girls themselves
are proud of their inability to mako cofTo*
nr anything more substantial than Welsh
-rabbit and peanut taffy. Ut Is true that
the girl will learn by experience, hut the
.knowledge will come hard, and the chances
arc ton to one that she. will nercr learn to
manage her Jiouseswell. She may never
need to do cooking, but nine-tenths of th*
.*��� trouble with servant* is duo to the fact
I that tb* mistress Is not capable of teach-
! lug ar directing a servant.���New ;York
! Sun.
Kew to Hotel Way*.
Some one had told her that yvu alwsnsj
���have to register, but she wasn't used ta
'hotels. Thut was apparent from th* yrej
-she lingered behind the old time traveling
'man who stood by th* olerk's desk. Ska
wanted to see how It wa* dona. Th* ok��
fellow hud had the same room ln the honw
for nine years. It was always kept for
him���No. 63, on ths seoond Loor. lie had
wired three days before that ho was coning, so lt was all ready for him. He dipped the pen in tho Ink well .wi, with an
'extra flourish or two, scratched down ths
liatL-e, ",?amcs Edward, Clifford.""
"The same old thing}" i .j asktd of ths
"Yeup," was tbe answer.
Whereupon Mr. Clifford wrota down
���pposite his name, "68s"
Then the bellboy grabbed his travelin/j
ssasu and conducted him tu thc elevator.
The clerk dipped tha poll In G.o Ink !��i��B
handed lt to the demure maiden who lisid
stood behind the old truvoler. She glanced
at tho last name on the page. Hum turnod
for u parting look at tha form just passing
Into the "elevator car Shu h:iel her hand*
���Jerchlof and poe.. '.:..'I; on ti.ode.ik and
wrote, "Faith Merrewouthor."
'ihen she  shot the clerk�� modest little
j glance ei.d  finished oat, tho line i.y plsc-
ing "21" aftor the slgrtaturo,   Sboiooaed
'an Hushing.
Tne clerk smiled,  and  when  he  lift.
whbpercd a room  number to tho porWi
and the girl hud passed i.-ohlnd the screen
: be mid to himself, "By .love, she doesn't
I  look lt!"���Detroit Free l'ress.
Tha Rnsslnn Society WmSI,
A Russian   society wonian   kliows only
j  one thing���fashion.   Art lsa stranger to
'1 her.   Shu loves admiration' and l!h t.. -ion,
, but her hoert remains cold, though sht-
: may be burning other hearts with thu Iir*
of her eyes. Nowhere is woman more <ln.n
1 ���tenuis than iu Russian society. To bi '.m
nHuss.imi girl seeks a  husband onl   ioi
tho position ho gives hnr.    Matrimony ii
only a question of  fashion, aud if  a '' at
slan girl cannot find  a husbuudNviuiu  t
reasonable time she can fill   uo place i:
good  society, and shs is ridiculed by nil
her   acquaintances.    Thus,   she   watch.-:
with agouy the upproach of the end of he>-
youth.    Every tentative Is thus mado ti
win the grand prize of matrimony    K*< 1.
her friends nro as anxious as she is
fjarsomo lest  she  may he  an  old
Then whon  all efforts  have fail
no moro hope rcmHlTJi, she t.
tage of the sole remedy left to 1.
Widowhood."   She travels,    i  ... gd. 1 ;
Paris and  Nice.    sShe stays  away I
years maybe, then returns to 1 lus������
elety, no longer an old maid, tier        .- 1
wifo, but a wielow.    Nobody as)
sho married, nor how she bwame��      low
Bhe is a widiiw; thut suflioaa. Ass. .
she  is rce-eived  oVetywh in uud  U ,   ���
sjody -Piilliidelpbiu iaquiror.
tPa.  II  Hypnotism f
"Had a queer case the othi r rln>
a popular surgeon of this city
dou't  know yet whether to uti: il'���
some physical peculiarity or 10 1.   ���
hypnotists euill autosuggestion
like this   I was called in to per;. 1.
fling  but usually very  puiuJu
on a gentleman's eye. nnd   be.
I usod oooaino  freclj on  the 1
The job was done ln a few 11 :
j the patient never winced     He 1
nothing and  wus astonished v
ull over.   When I returned to 113
discovered, to my  great surprln
bottle  I  thought contain u em
nothing in it  but distilled w .
picked up tho wrong vial hy luh  .
somehow the water did   thewi
well as tiie drug,    flow do I es
don't explain  It at all     There
facts.   You may draw yonr owncc:
sions."���New Orleans Tiiuoe-Demo..-
*Not Courtlngr.
j   ""Tie you court an  inrestigatlonr' tn-
cejutred th* interviewer.
"Well," said Senator Sorghum slowly,
���'I don't exactly like ths phrase. I'm
willln t�� meet aniInvestigation If. circumstances make it necessary. But,I ainJt
asakln.love to it."���Washington Star.
A Nice Railroad.
"General Archie Williams,'   si,
Kansas City Journal, 'was orna t  ..
lng up Pike's peak one day lust    .
At the half way house he got olf * .   ,
chased a tiig basnet of  violets at .     -.
pen se of $10.  'Returning to the trait:,
presented each woman with a  beautltu
bouquet, though all of the womenwer*.
strangers.    By nnd by the husband of on.
��� of the women camo back from the smok
tngcar,.aud��ho said to him: 'I think thi*
is the nicest failroaa-I ever rode on.   That
bruk.mun over there gave every .one af IIS
a lovely bouquet.' "
In Danaer All the Timo.
"I would be afraid to place much-fell
anco upon him at a critical moment. He
looks like a man unaccustomed to dan
" Nonsense I Why, be live* on th* Un*
of a trollev road."���*Cbtasgo Post.
"lo KslASoiiKsarUUss.
la making soup theobjecttls to drawntil
the nutritive qualities of the nseat into
the water, and to do this the bones must
bo cracked, so .that th* marrow .will b*
.easily extracted, th* meat out into .small
.pieces, and the whole put into oold water
and allowed to heat very slowly. Quick
heating would harden tho meat and prevent the julooa from freely flowing ont.
The mnat.'mustmot be put'Into water and
washed before it Is cut, as even the im-
sicrsion for so short a time will draw out
some of the nutriment. It should Instead
be carefully wiped with a e'ean, damn
e"oth. After cutting the uieatilnto small
pieces and cracking the bones put it into
a kettle and cover lt with cold water, letting it stand a little while on the back ii
the stove, then bring it forward and hast
ilowly.��� .Salll* Joy Whit* la WnmsuH
Uomo companion
Tbe Pnsl.et Kmj.wrn4A*.
Mt. De Science���The ollicers of tk*
Smithsonian institution aro having ths
chatter of monkeys phonographed, in tb*
hope that. In time their language may bs
understood, and It may be passible to cos-
Terse with. them.
Mrs. De*8elenee���Isn.'l that grand I O
hop* they'll ask tbe monkeys, the reef
flrst thing, whether w* sr* ��sr**sndanM
from them or not.���New York Weekly.
nil Rwmi, '
He told her he could not survive 'i
If the>.T>aths they tred must lie apart;
Bhe spurnSdlhlm���yetihe's still alive,
���nd thatfe the,thing that breaks har'
, heart.
... ���Chlcace Nne*. -|
Vhey Do,It S��,metlniee.
!The Spinster Man-iI shall never marry
any on*.
j    The Bachelor Maid���But perhaps- some
Lone will marry you.���Detroit Fret* Pro<i��    ;Uai*j*-
A Dlaconraaln��i*a��look.
* That boy nest door--who ls learning*"
flay the oornetllook* consumptive."
"Yesebftt you mustn't count too mulsh' I
sn that.  'The average age of musicians ls
���aid to bs 67 years."���Cleveland.Platan rrm DfitTA
'd, SATURDAY JUNE 3, 1903*.
D. McGregor rett-racd homo on
John. McKee and wife spent
few days in Victoria this week.
P. T. Gibhies.haSsbeeii busy, this
week, putting up a nice sew fence.
W. E. Buckingham, of Eburne,
was iu town last week on a short
Rajaji Sliced Pineapple at t.he
City l',-ikery.
Ice.Cre.tji by the g^iipn,   quart,
! pint, packed to deliver, anywhere���
a iCjty Bakery.
Don't forget the strawberry and
icecream lestival in Oddfellows'
Hall, on Friday, 9th inst.
Raspberry Vinegar, a two quart
bottle of the best, only 75 cents per
bottle���City Bakery.
New Westminster, B., C,,
Can Supply Your Many
the Lowest Possible Price.     For Example
Tbo band stand is assured..    We
we are Selling
I expect to  see  it erected
Mrs. Whiteside, of Sunburv, paid j da>s and the�� lhert wil1-be   "music
in the air."
a visit to the Royal City on Wednesday. D- Woods presentep us
with a specimen ol hen frui
E. P. McNeill, ljar��s*ef. of Fort
McLeod, is visitiug hus sister, Mrs.
J. McKee.
will be hard to beat.    Come
English prints, 36-in,
Imported ginghams,
Standard shirtings,
Oxford ibeavy) do,
Apron ginghams, 40-in,
wsliich j 56-i��� table Damask
in and 170-111        do, very fine
see ife    If you can beat it Dave will' Social line napkins, per dozen
15c 400  Dress Skirts in stock, special
15c sizes made for very stout ladies.
i2|.c Black Cheviot.skirts,               $2 95
12*_c Man Tweed siti'tts,                   $2.95
25c The above lire First class, well made
50c garments,    and   sold   wilh  our
i try ugain
Harry Burr, we understand,  isj
improving nicety, aa.\ Ls expeoted
home to-day.
Delia Creamery Co.
qeuts lor butter fat
xoonth of June.
will ] ay 22 1
dnring   the j
Andrew Clausen supplied the
silver tea tray presented to Rev. A.
N. and Mrs. Miller.
Geo. Skeen, of New Westminster an-i^i; down., ork. Wednesday
and will a$$ist,jt B*. Elliotts
W. S. Whiteside, of Sunbury,
has purchased the eighty-acre- farm
owned byv Spencer Dove, of New
It should he borne in mind that
every cold weakens the lungs, lowers ihe vitality and prepares the
system for the more serious diseases, among which are the two
greatest destroyers of human lu'e,
pueyuioiiiii and consumption-.
Cough Remedy
has won its great popularity by its
prompt cures of this most common
aUuieiit. It aids expectoration, re-
.'it.es the lungs aud opens the
secretions, effecting a speedy ami
permanent cure. It counteracts
any tendency toward pneumonia.
Price 25c, Large Si��e 5*>e.
500.yds dress muslins, vd ioc
150 a yds       do yd 15c
Fine imported qualities,
3000 yds, immense variety,        25c
8-4 blenched sheeting', 22c
Compare this with any 300 line.
40-in pillow cotton 17,'4c
Imported direct, best trade.
Victoria lawn 15c line for ioc
(write for sample)
Other lines at    15c, 20c and 25c yd
Bath towels, 21x4., sell ut     35c pr
Bath towels, 22x45, heavy,    50c pr
Special  values  in  white  Turkish,
Si.25 to $2.7.5 0,her lines of spring styles in Mo-
Qity on Wednesday.
J) S. Mason, sr., ie.-f*owed bis
qjangels this week, being in doubt
about the first lot coming up on account of the drought.
"Slater  Spoes at  Sinclair's*'
Miss Vaughan,  who   has  been    There is only one Slater Shoe with
. ���      r      .1 .   .. the   three   words   'The   S:ater   S-ice"
here nursing for the past three or | endosed  ,���  .  Skltl. ,Cl,un;,     Thi;.,
four weeks, returned to the Royal j make of shoes is alone in a class by
itself, lt stands to-day for all that
is comfortable, all that is beautiful.
aad all that is new in the art of finished foot-wealr*. i'. We are the sole.
agents for the city of New Westminster for this famous brand.
Don't forget the place
Vj(*,- E; Sinclair's, and that should7h-
epougli  to, guarantee  the- goods. !
Last  Wednesday,  we  put  $2,500.00
of  these  famous  shoes  in   stock audi
they are now ready  for your inspection. . !
Fishermen too will he glad to
learn that wc have received a con-!
signment of those famous Newfound-
lfud' fishing hoots. The boot thai |
has made itself famous on the Frfrscid
This   shoe   retails  for  SfK.so  and   is
guaranteed waterproof.    Sold only by
The    I.iVuling   Shoe   Store!, 'of- New j
hair, black or blue lustres, canvas wen ves, Venetian, broadcloth,
jjnetty Tweeds, ele. Prices range
."5, $6.50, ?7 50, ��8.50, $10, $12,
$15; we sell a few at $25 e. eh
150 shirtwaist suits, all new from
the maker, in black, brojWH and
navy and shot silks, plaiii and
Shot lustre-, fancy Tweeds; olnr-
ed voiles, fancy linens, l-'ongei
silk and everything that's new
We fit you here,
N.H.���A.11 ready-to-wear  hats nov
at half.
et fi om a
brown linen, linen hock   towels,   500 pairs curtains to so':
bath mats, kitchen linens, aoron      our low cost prices,
linens, etc., etc. "jfr. 50. Shirt waiSts at
-   D. & A. CORSETS   =
We carry the Largest- and Best Stock
of Staple Dry Goods in  B. C,
that's why our Trade Keeps
on Growing.
1   ..��������    ���     n.���i_���-_.   ^i ii.t_i  ���'   1      i.i.i  ���    ���mi        mi      hi
Miss I,. Davis is expected home
9,9.: V^ddnesday next, from Chilli-
Wa:k, where she has been visiting
fyx the "past two weeks.
We  are  this  week going to cut prices nearly in two.     Come
in and see if we don't do it.
We want to ge> acquainted with you.; we wan}; to stay  right
here, we see good prospects ahead'.
The Indians at Chewassen are
busily engaged hauling lumber for
a church to he built on the Reserve
valued at about $1,000.
We niu*,t have your trade and coroperatiot]. We will do our
part. We will give you a First-class Suit at a Second-class
Price; we intend to treat you right ; we hope, to grow wilh
you; we furi.iish the rpotj you "furnish the fertilizer and watch
the plant grow.
T*. Shirley drove up to Langley,
on Wednesday- and returned home
with Mrs. Shirley, -iyho bad- been
visiting there for the past week.
Dr. Woojlky has received* a sfge-
c/al decoration in the form of a
nasty cut over the left eye. This is
one of the privileges ,oC anlac*xosslst.
Mrs. Clark has removed to a
room iu Mrs. Woolery's bouse
where she will continue to, do
Dressmaking in the future.
La4n��r, B. C.
Ji P. MacPherson, after spending
a few days iu Vancouver, returned,
Thursday, acjeo-ftpanied hy his wife,
and commenced housekeeping right
r^nstf:��� ���
A Sorrel   Mare,  in   foal:    Any
peisoH.knowing of whereabouts of
same kindiv notify This Office or
The I-adies.ot St. Andrews' Pres-1
! byterian Church will give a Straw- j
I berry   and   Icecream   Festival,   iu
Following are the thankful hearts I Oddfellow's Hall, on   Friday ^e<i,T
for ih: past week:   Rev.   A.   N
Miller,   C.   V.   Woodland,   Robt. \
McKee, J. W.  Welsh, W, PybtiF,
The recent rains made a great-
improvement in the appearance ofj
the crops.   The farmers h,ave quite
a. different smilev -Ajh,^-, oti,e meets;
"fl-t; ���:- ^������g'T-j;.
A. \V. Oliver left, Thursd��y.,ifor,!
Qlayoquot. on ihe west, coast' cf:
Vancouver IslaRd, '-^e>e he will1
take charge.of th��j*j cannery vice G.
S. Brewster,. ^.J^ has been pro-j
mqjed. I
1 .-p    !	
Mrs. F.'.Js, tyacK-enzift lt& on
Thursday, f^- Catgarv, where, she
go_g in searc-h of hef^O-t and expects tO,he,absent,about a couple of
months. F. J. accompanied; her as
X^as WcstroinstcT.
ing  next  at  8 o'clock.     A  good
programme will be provided.
Admission 25c, strawberries.,nnd
icecream extra. '
Fashion Stables -=
Trucking and Dray ing.
Ivivery  work  of all kinds., attended to promptly.
Wm. Alexander
Uuliicr. 11. e.
Labor Bureau.
Voung man, young woman, do
you need employment? If so,
register witb  us  and  if we dp. not
! procure you employment no fee. will
' Le charged.
For Sale.
A No. 1   Melotte Separator,   in
first class condition (owner  is in-,
stalling larger one, same make).
Fqr further particular? apply to
Crescent Island.
Nvxi.- Sale will be, held in the abeve Yard on.
W��PN��SDAY, JUNE  2ist, 1305,.
wliich  early- fairies  aa:e   solicited, that  full advertise
ments may appear.
H. N. RICH, Auctioneer.
If Your Eyes
.Bother You
Tiiev require attention.    Do not
trifle with so serious a matter.   We j
will fit them to your entire satisfac- j
tion by the latest method' known to i
the optical trade. I
To select your Paints.
Made in all colors.
One Ipaperial ...::...:lo-    m
feet of vyoo7  goEfaoe, 'oal .   /-'  .:���
��na glossy   r pesM Lice.
For v/alls and ceiling's.
Prepared by simply mixing with water.
A   five-pound    package    will    cover   350
square feet, one coat.
maa ��*     aiwo saw mmm w n _***
i'o buy a Dinner Set of
.. exclusive pattern itiunone
of the ordinary kind���if you
buy from us.
Our ware baa cb^tfacte*
and style, tbfi result nf direct importing from firs'* s^iass maker*
who sell no other house Onr largs orders secure the lowest*, raftes,
���these are irupor'aut considerations and \._ojlhy of >*aur attention���the bcutiit is your.*)���if you wish.
DINNER SET?,   &Q    \*}    \JL\    |G
Fuil Cqmp.osition,   ^^f  a^'   *��1 IO
rORIA,   B.  C.
_��___a__t___a__(H_{___t! -__s��-_-__s_____s_f_ z.Kmi^^m;m&m!8m6imii
rm  ' ���'. "       ��������� .    -      - .   .j ..    J...I���.-��i-j.
m wm m w nf.
At nominal cost, private individuals or business
men can put the.ir important papers and valuables iu a
secure and cuiiveutgji. p  ..
This is a boon to tlio.se win u not possess * sale,
and to families travelling.
These boxes are accessible during all business hours
to the. renter, who  holds the key.
RATES:   $1.00 per %aae*
Westminster Trust & Safe  Deposit  Co., Limited'.,
Authorized  Capital, ��25,000.
F. J. HART & CO.,
New Westminster, B. C,
M Clausen,
Watches and Jewelry at Lowest Prices.
Repairing & Specialty.
Pint and daoip-piuof, fitted wilh *\\\ v^-y bent seven jeweled Elgin or
Waltluni movement, nlcm-wlnd ���i]ii|..*set1 and ab-whitely gvarantccd
'���*r 5 .ywri. Also a bcautififl i.liiUn with each watch fer tht> ��t*xi Jtl
dayi. All compfetc, Sft.SCg 5��jNn_; li believing. Cut thU out and
send it tout,, with y��ur Nitme, i'opl Office>t*d ExprCHS Office Address,
���nd wj *ii!_ieud the Watch and Chain to you for examination. If yini
fifld 't,A| .ii|j)i-C5ci^edt !>,".>; agent the iun��.^nt and express .-Iih.-k.s, and
W��Uli^n,4.Ch|titi are /i-��n��. If you wi*|l' lo save p*v^��\ji.lhe ,����pre_h
chargca h.-ndUn th�� full,��t_iount, and wa.wtll forward t�� you Wnich and
Cham by -t^ii, %*1 ehargra prapaid,. If. .you ordnr .C.C1/X*, deposit of flO cpnL, )v required a* a mattpr of_>;ood fiiuh, -Kicti Amount
wyj be deducted from yaw bill.     Order at onca*-, aa.this offer may not a^iear again.     When w^i.ing n^niinn this paper.
E,Wj\GNER & CO., 163 Cordova St., Vancouver. B, C>
Graduate 0_?tician,
Consultation, & Examination Free
Parlors :.
T.   Gifford's Jewelry Store,
What's Saved
Constitutes a htrge part of what is earned ita this age,
of progress. You can't be too careful of the pennies.
Realizing this and making a strong bid for your trade.
We have our -roods marked at the lowest possible piic:-��,
Our \aj;4ps, caii;npt. be beaten.*. W*?.- VfiS^- YO.ti.r inspection.
Bed Rrjom FURNITURE���SuiJteStfrom$15.00 up-,
Dining. Room FURNITURE���, *
Parlor FURNITURE-, 4*4 "
Hall: FURNITURE-, * ��
Carpets,  Linoleum,  Oilcloth, Mattings, Awnings, Pic-%
ture Framing, &c. &c,
Yqu-. will be pleased with anything in- Q��r line audi
cau sawe time, money and trQuble^by 'wmittg direct here and(
making your purchases,,
Lee's Furniture Emporium*
New, West^ih^t.^ EU^,,.,    .,


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