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The Delta Times Jan 7, 1905

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Array HP
JAN 11 m.
IS -/?
51.00 e veir
Another Fm&'h Stcok of
6one to
der 1{est
The text of the articles of capitulation of the Port Arthur garrison.
  i signed by the commissioners repre-
j The death occurred, on Monday seining General Stoessel and Gen-
i last, at Roy^l Columbian Hospital, eral No0i, have been made public.
I New Wtstmi ��.ter, of Marian J.! All Russian soldiers and marines
! Kirkland, tlie beloved wife Oi Mr.' and civilian officers of the garrison
H. J. Kirk.anJ, cue of our most and harbor are made prisotiers; all
: highly  respected   residents.     Mrs.  forts, batteries, vessels,   munitions.
Over C.P.H.
Just atrivid.
if bn.nd
new  goo<
are   always
the same as lust year tu
dvai ce on Rubber..
BY T.  W.  X.
Dear Sir,���A tew Hies on a trip
over tbe C. P. R. may be interesting to a few, at least, of the many
readers of the Delta Times:
[Continued from Dec. 24.]
Glacier House is reached at 1:15
o'clock:   altitude   4122    teet;   423
Kirkland  had   been  ill  but  a few etc., are transferred to the Japanese j miles from Vancouver.    Here the
weeks and   up to   tlie   27th   ult. j in the condition in which they ex- j works of nature are beautiful to be-
isted at noon of Jannuary 3, viola-1 hoW      y^
tion of ttiis clause to operate as an
anniillment ofthe negotiations, giv-
shd wed signs of an early recovery..
The death cominj as it did miTe it
all the har'ier  o Lear.
,.,. 1 nig the Japanese army
1 he body was brought 1 own on take free action
board the s.s. Transfer in charge of j
train   stopped   about
';' forty-five minutes for lunch, and to
warrant to
view   the   wonderful snow-capped
The'Russian military and naval
Mr. Kirklanc?, and was mn at the' ap thorites are to furnish to the Jap-
wharf by a dej utatioa from the j anese an exhibit ot fortifications,
local lodge of Oddfellows, who con-j underground and submarine mines, j beautiiul view of the surroauding
peaks on every hand. Many of us
climbed the winding stair, erected
by tbe C. P. R., to the height of
about   fifty   feet,   wbich   gives   a
Flannelette Blankets
In Grey and White, 1C-1 size at $1 Pair
veyed the deceased to the Methodist \ a list of military officers, of ships
Church, the;e to await the funeral I and the number of their crews, and
service. j of civilians of both sexes, with their
A husband and two daughters���j race and occupations, and all public
Florence   and   Olga���are    left   to| property, munitions ot war, etc., to, level.     This sky   reaching   point
mourn her loss  and  to  them  the be left  iu  possesion  pending ar-j was named after Sir Donald Smith,
peaks, the most notable of which is
Sir Donald, a naked and abrupt
pyramid about 6600 feet above the
railway  or   10,722  feet apove sea
New Dress Goods.
sincerest sympathy of the whole
community is extended in thi.*- their
hour of trial.
We are now showing- a n'ce ran*e of Fancy Dress Goods in newj
rangements for their transfer. oue of the chief promotors of tbe
Officers of the army and navy are'Canadian Pacific! Railway. Two
permitted to retain their swords and \ miles further and Selkirk summit
such of their personal property as is I is reached. The uext thirty-five
directly necessary for tbe mainten- miles to Donald thedescent is about
ance of life, and, with  one servant j 1582 feet.    One mile east of Selkirk
Rogers' Pass,
The funeral of the late Mrs. H.
J. Kirkland tcok place on Wednesday afternoon from  the Methodist! et,ca ma-v> "'P00 ���''igningtheir parole! .Summit we come to
Spring Colorings,
Thess are early arrivals and it will pay you to see
Lace Curtains
(From 35 cents.per pair to $3.00 per pair
English Bed Spreads
Church, here, where the service
was conducted by her late Pastor,
Rev. A. N. Miller. The following
relatives were among the numerous
gathering which attended the service: Mr. and   Mrs.   Nicholson, F.
not to take arms during the continuance of the war, Return to Russia.
Non-Commissioned officers and
privates will be .held as prisoners.
For the benefit of the sick and
wounded    Russians    the   sanitarv
Kirkland and wife, E- L. Kirkland j corps and the accountants belonging
to the Russian army and navy  will
be required to serve under the Jap-
and wife of Chilliwack, Miss Crane1 an*** sanitary corps and accoutants
of Guelph,  Ont.,   H.  Hutcherson ; tbr ���suc'1 period oi time as  may  be
aud son Fred,  VV. A. Kirkland, H.
Nicholson  and wife,   E.  Johnston
From $1.25 to $3.00
floor Oilcloths & Linoleums
in   1,   1Y2,   2   and  4
Large range of patterns to choose from,-
rards wide.
toys' Pilot Cloth Reefers, all sizes, at $1.50
Editok Dkwa Times:
v��ir: I notice in your la*t issue,
kder   tbe  caption   of   "To the
leeve,"  au invitation for him to
111 a public meeting   to  discuss
latters re Assessment Ace and the
[tmmission   appointed  to enquire
to the working of said Act.   AI-
Iw me to say tbat ] intend to bold
(series of routings through  Delta
strict, to discuss this and other
atters with tbe electorate, and I
Ipe to see a targe: turnout as the
estions to, bt. discussed, aie very
A disordered stomach may cause
ao end ot trouble. When th.
stomach fails to perform its functions, the bowels becoifas deranged,
the liver and kidney.**- congested,
causing numerous diseases, thc
'most fatal of which ar. painless and
therefore the more to be dreaded.
Tbe important thing is to restore
the stomach and liver to a healthy
condition, and tor this purpose no
better preparation can be used tU..i��
Chamberlain'- Stomach and Liver
Tablets.���For sal j by 17 J. MacKenzie
and wife, and others.
The service was a very impressive one and a deep interest was
taken by all present. The church
was literally packed. The following beautiful hymns were sung
with much pathos: "Brief life is
here our portion," "Forever with
the Lord" while the children of
Mrs. Kirkland's class sang very
beautifully and oh, so sweetly,
���'Peacefully Sleep," at the close of
which everyone ot them were
weeping bitterly.
At the close of the service all
those who wished to do so took a
last loving look .it the placid fea
tures of their departed friend.
The service at the church ended, j
the funeral cortege proceeded to
the Boundary Bay cemetery where;
loving friends followed iti Kreat
numbers, over forty rigs taking up
I their position in the solemn procession.
The pallbearers were: VV. Weaver,
J. McKee. D. M. Ellis, F. Cullis,
W- J- Lanning, and T. W. Kerr.
The following beautiful floral
tributes were noticed, and but for
the scarcity of flowers there is no
doubt many more would have contributed:
Spray, Mrs. J. Kirkland.
Bouquets,  Mr. and Mrs. Nicbol-
son, father and mother;  Mrs. D.
.V.- McKee, Mrs. C, F. Green, Miss
in the public school and is!Latham (N. W.)
deemed necessary.
came by steam  launch
Our ne.v principal, F. B. Dixon,
is h graduate oi MeMaster  Univer-
I sity, Toronto, with  B. A. honors,
adn stands high in mathematics,
I cfc. For the past two years he has
j taogbit
The late Mrs. Kirkland was bom
at New Westminster on the 27th of1
November, 1S62, and was the second    daughter   of   Mr.    Malcolm
Nicholson,  one  of New Westminster's oldest and most respected citizens.    She was well  known   and
highly respected both in  tbe district and city of New Westminster,
and     possessed     many      friends
throughout the  province.    In De-
icembcr, 1883, she was married to
j Mr.   H.  J.   Kirkland, of this dis-
j trict, and has resided at Delta ever
I since.      In   church   and   Sundav
; school, W, C. T. U. and all work
j of a similar nature Mrs. Kitkland
i took an active part in the duties
I very active  part  in  all the duties
1 connected therewith, always being
1 ready to  take  up her share, and
j even  more than  her share, of the
j labor connected  with  any of  the
j many duties of the church.    In all
good work���work for the elevation
of mankind���you would find Mrs,
Kirkland among the  first and foremost in  the  undertaking.    Iu the
Sunday school there is to be  found
named  after Major A.  B. Rogers
who discovered it in 1883, previoua
to which no human foot had climbed thia central  range.     Between
Selkirk and  lear Creek are found
the  principal  suow  sheds 011  tbe
road;   these   are   built   of   heavy
square timbers dovetailed and bolted together and  so  fitted  into the
side of the mountain  as to bid defiance to the most terrific avalanche.
Instead  of runniag the passenger
���    --.   - j trains through these dark tunnels,
from New I *s l��ev uiight be called, the railway
i company, at great expense, built a
I road outside the saow sheds to give
passengers an  nubroken  view   of
the beautiful mountain scenery.
Beayermouth���tkis is the mest
northerly station on the line of the
C.PR.���here is a large sawmill
Whin finds a ready market far* its
manufactured goods in tbe prairie
provinces. A little further on is
Mober'y, where Walter Moberly,
C. E., wintertd whea engaged in
j the preliminary surveys in 1871-2.
Palliser, altitude 3250 feet, at tbe
I foot of the Rockies, twelve niiles
least of Golden, in the valley of tbe
[ roaring Kicking Horse. Here ia
I situated the neat little sawmill of
C. W. Wells, late member of the
provincial cabiuet at Victoria. All
around are lofty snow-clad peaks,
and the ruth of sparkling waters to
the swift flowing river cannot iail to
impress the weary traveller with the
majesty oi the Divine Architect wbo
created scenes so sublime. We
pause, lost iu wonder and amazement.
Between Palliser and Laacboil at
the base of the Ottertail Mountain,
looking south is what is called the
Beaver foot range and Yoho valley.
In the great divide Lakes of the
portal -i   Tbe-G. N. R, has taken over the
I em yours truly, -J v. %'. iy. from  Westminster to
JOHN OLIVER.' Vaac^-r. and tin*  V. T. li. fruflj
yside Farm, Deft.! P  C\, [Cloverdal*. tc, l'orl  Gukhou, fvo<u
January ^th, 1.90?. j January _, 1905.
the proud possessor of te.stimoni&ls
from tbe Chance'lo.- and De.ui of
Arts of McMa-jter. We wish Mr.
Dixon every success in his undertaking, though we rtgrel the
ni oval 01 our .ite principal, j
Three Links,  Delta Lodge No.
21. I.O.O.F.
Star, B. C. Cannery employees.
Crosses, Mrs. Kirkland's Sunday
re-; School class, G. and R. Devereaux.
T.!    Chancel decoration, Mr. and Mrs.
j W. J. Lanning.
~~~" "���" Wreaths,   Mr. aud Mrs. H.  R.
There \V�� a delightlul suipnsei King. Ladies' Aid, Mr. and Mrs.
party at the home of G. O. Dennis, | Geo. R. Manley, Mr. and Mrs. J.
East Delta, ou Monday evening, j M. Xenny, Mt. and Mrs. VI. R.
Dancing "f pours-- was the order 01 \ Ellis and others,
the eveuii.g-both Otjiore a"d after p D. Douglas, H. L. DeBeck, Jas.
S��P>er, Croll, Goidgu Robson and Others
a very  good  token  of her energy
in the form of a class of young and [ ~Q ~ ^ft^^i^iaj, is situ-
taithful hearts, who very much re
gret ber demise.
ate the great Canadian   National
Park.    It will be remembered the
���i  ', Dominion government a few yeara
' Those who wish an evening of; ago set aside 5000 square miles as a.
solid fun and instructive suggestion 1 public pleasure ground. It is said
should attend the entertainment; this ground is without a rival,
in the Town Hall on Friday even-1 .Gliding along the steel rails
ing next by the Columbian College [about twenty-three, miles we come
Glee Club. , There will be a j to thc pretty little mountain town
splendid programme presented. The, of Field. Here the train stops for
fact of a dance to beheld in connec dinner. This large hotel is inan-
tion was a decided error ami no \ aged by tbe railway couipaiiy which
such-idea i,s contemplated  by the J is a g-.1afi.in.ee &*-t everything is
Club.   Com6    and    bring    your  .   ^   �������� 1 .  u ��-M*n..ii.a_-i
famiiici. (Continued ou Second Page.^
, 9��* '��_^
1 I*.**.. ) tite pBtTA times, SA*
���-> r*i
THE;   W&X& TLaWa%%
f LiBi.isjii��*ti>, li.v'vRV *>.\i;*;*ti?-\v-
SuBscaytvios^ $1.00 ijiSiry*|Wi.
���..���A,uK+;n.;n-*i-Nc* KAri<*i,.
Caaunl A.lvyJU-ttiijeijjii, ip. Miitji per, line lo:
Oiefiristi��si-ttion....ll<l 5ienlS;|>?!l '.tne tor nil.
uibaeqivul* ttiaerVW- - 'fililis".�������l*,.-r "' ���'",-
yrkaaca.Vx]ll||e..>>s]Mcc Qgdijpqt, 'VWf If th'
Kate* lor ptraniqj-Mat jylw.rtjsifiijsxt'i cau Ik
l|asl on apvHvatiun nt thU "offi*^.
Kaadiug uoticets to ceut��,p<-r liiie fpt; each insertion. -'���'.'*
Birth and Death. Mticca, s^sj-.Mu^iRges f).��o.
Aay apcciAl notice, ttte object ol which ia to
?r*iiote the pecuniary.benefit ol (jjiy individual
rcuipaav, lobe cun*iidere.l an act.
i��.lclMWr     - ' --*'"'
!. A* 0.   U.  W.
DKI.T-V   I.Wj>Cv:   NO.    ir,   nicety   tint,    :������;;���
UiirVL  Xiu*j_&ya   iu   euch-nujs&k, VV *V'.'
.*�����-*��� : dell's Halt, * T. W. KKttK, Recorder.
t. ��� -       ..   '. ;    ; ��.. I. CIL-UKI'ST. M. \v
Vbllowrug. is  .he resnlii oi the.    _.._ . ��� * ���*-*-' -w\_: ���-   	
j Pool Tojjrujwueitf   ..aw   engaging!  '������ %��� 0% F.
I attention of *la*g* ��u��h�� of on* * ^^ q^- No. ^ meets
young roei��iajt the. Delta Barber &_| ;n [Q OF Hall, 3rd Tuesday in
Tobacco Store, to  date.    Tfhe first1 each   month.       Sjgtting    brethren
"   B.
Tirpe Tabl<&
aal char*f*4 a^-ortt.i*g1y.'
All adrerjiaeim^fa chafed fijr, nnff) ordered
fat aad paid Ipf:
C-rr<-i|ialt_etice invited 0*4, twiUpr*! ol, public
latereat, <}omijjjinic:itionsiueilitot.-uin{it be ac- f
Coatpauietd by name uf writer, not necessarily
ler RpbliciRsSfi', but as evidence of good faith
CarnMponoViweviuusl-ienct) th.hi of j^ by ^hura-
(}��y evcaijyj. .-...,'
*$��p. R. M-anlkV.
column shows the number tjaeh individual  nir-ist  Jjitp'ce to win,   the
second   Qpl*uu_i),   sh^ys  ho,w   they
stand at the clost* of the gar^
Part II
always    welcome..       C.   R,. J,
Burr; R; S.. B, & McDoua.y
t O.O. F.
IX. EFFECT DEC. 15,  1,904..
^'���saijn leaves. Po?t Guichoa at
h'tffi a.m,. -jrriying a.t Vancouver
fat io:-45 a.ia..
I; Traiv lpa.ves Vancouyes a,t 3V50
j p.m., ajftivtag at V**-"?*. Gu.iehon at
* 6ysi- p.m..
Misses K.; Niclw^v sk*"-**-?** and
Ruby .Jtitkland aiiiy'.;l yesterday
hv the-Transfer. .*.
Dt McRae left., on, Moi-tfay last,
ipr Phoenix, wheir��-'he wtUo t^ntei a
dry goods hpqpe.,.
G.. Creejsh   afiftved,    yesterday,
from, Victoria, aud ip the, gu^st of '<
tys brother,, Harvey.,
first class.. ILflie most ^pt&worthy
ipoiitf he��e is Mt Ste^henK which,
rises. NM^p feet qJjoy& sea level..
M&s Bfc \Xhitp aij^ived. on Tuesday, to attend the last ^a,d tjitsjaof.
^er trieud, ^.s,, IJjrlilaml.
Yesterday byiiig the fe^st of the
Epiphany, Divine se-rvjee wla_s-^held
^1 All Stints' Churfjhiia tlie morii-
ing at to^ooVlpck..
Also thfi heaujtiful waterfall wjiich
has. an alq^pst perpeiidjcy^ar drop
of I2ooi f$$, The rc5ti-pal"-vnalls
of tie canon being about 2.5Q, fte.t
I  C hwuberlftjiji's, Cough ^*edy.
ln order to counteract a misun-
4er��t*iidhagA we v/iffa tq, st^te that . .      r    -
tfie   .very   e.nM*aWe   m^^et^de Pedfl^.vt^famn^alfair
. 1 ,' ,t  ��� , tV__,r* iin>       4--tint a a-stevrva* <h1o  .   1* A a <���_-_' -    linnx     . *-���*��
nartyjast week was a pnyatp one
gi*en by M-^damss W-, &. a��ld
Marshall Smith, J��. ^. l_4ch and
]>. Honeyman.
tering testimonials 'haye' been received, giying accounts of ils good
works; of the aggravating aud per-
isistent co^hs* iit..ba%<;wed; of severe
*-* *C*MM��
L ,7 .r.T        * SZPW     T.   ->"der.. and shall be deliveied.to.tl.e
teolda that have yielriad promptly to,. _    ���   ~    ���   ��� -     ������ .��� J^u
...       .. ..       _,   " T   d r j ReturtMUg  Officer at any time be-
m soothing effects, and. of danger- j ,     , , ��� .      *, .
��� i. > i*'    *   *���"; ������ *���'-_  St. __,-_��� tween the date of this notice and 2
The Xm^ tseCs e^entainmt^it of
All Saints^* S^jnda^- scljpol took
place, last nigh its ** OddfeHows'
l^all, and was.a huge success from
start IS? ^Ipisii. A< ^3^ some 43
^hildrtij, saft doinjii to su^p^x and
^ujoyedjthe go����d things, provided
fpr them by, th$.ladies ofjtlje parish.
immediately aft^r\^ari^i, thqjx were
lurched iu ord^ii-ii#Q tl>^ spacious
l^all'Where, the,ti^e, stopd qcf-plend-
Vit. At s-as> % vipleig I5.11pgll.ing on
tj_e outer door, atfracted* th^ ajtten-
t#on'oi"aijI. O??, ���ti?fipwy it was ascertained t^iti S-anlp, Qiai# sought
admission,heL,waseage<r,l}( tjeq^i^sted
\m cntei. and i^as^ inpst culthtjsi-
astically received. At S^n^^iWis'
yquesji, t*lsjjs c^jJipn sang a ij_mas
tjarol. 'Iftsi% tha ^r^enta^^ft, of
^ifts w^gone tf��rc.pgi|,wifj>,.ei;ery-
9ne bejng weil pleased wifh Saiga's
Thej^aflanc^, of.tht^ even ing,-was
y-keti nf ut games and da,ncing and
^t 8:45 the National Anthem was
aung ajid al^ returned hojug, tir/ed
l-nit delight^
The suce'etss eif- the. evening' was
ipatnly due. tp, the energetic iutarest
9f A. pei^. T,avlo^, SuBpru-tendent
qf the ^fjijjj, ^hQO^^and^ to,MrS;
Taylor '��. ^ Cf^ssijire!},.fifa 9anta_
Clams. <$as Lnin��ta>hl|. swb his r<*ad*
e/ing, of "Oh! It Was An 'orrible
���ftotyi." brought down the house.
Thc-S^ i? tip. t��e. i^��)gi;a,tulated
t^u the,8UfcesS(0��^he tyit^rtaipm^at.
The fun at time^. w^ fa?t,a^,lyir.
qus antr} it w*ptf)d b�� difijctijt, t,o say
who enjoysdi ^nis^lYes., t^p more,
trj^e juvenijes or thj? "Chi|dreif. qf, ^
larger grow^hi"',..
-tjf scarry f.^aa-Ts.
Th^pesuliar <^ugh whiph indi>*
qat(ea4cj|P^p, is.usually well known
tp the,mother?.of, crpupy children^
No time shopild bo,lfi��fe_ip the.treat-
iji^tQ^it^aadlor^is fjff^pose no
jpedicin^has K9*&$VB&fi ^piyei-
sa-l appro^l thap, ^an��pe^��m><
QWgh remedy.^oirsa^ *V *^.%
J. F. Qreon......v...v ,....45
R. Jamieson .45
W. H. Smith ,&)
H. Wilson  v.....v sw., 4S
)ohn Qurry v...v,............................45
W. Taylor ,...,..,..v,,.. 33
W, Siddall.............. ........,.,.v..,,,i9
Geo. Baker-...,,���,..w.���.v.���.��.>*.������ 45
IR. Shirley .,,,,.%7
True Oiijyer..,,,,,, .....y;..,.,,36
Adam Axelson..v ,...., 19
'John (ftuiphon .....,,....... ..,.**. 5
'Norman S01*-'*'-'*1" ���-.���������-��� *_.w-v.?8*
W. Livingstone .,,,,.v,...,,.,.,,..42
E.Sonkman.., %.��.%���.���, "%8
C F Gre-in.���.,,,. ..,.,,,.........'..'..'...54
P Lacey,, /��|r����wv% ^
j!    D.*i'.U*. Lodges No. 21,���Therogu-
4J laii -^laetings of this Lodge are held;
45Jev<irx   Wednesday   evoir.Bg ij.t 8 p.!
6ojim.    Visi��ii.g Brethren eysdifljly in-
15 1 vitcd to a.tt%nd.
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Done, ajt Spppjajly Lem PriooMm
JOSEPH JORDAN^ Propri^tar.
McRAE & Co
4* I1
36 j
N\��A.. Mc-DiA-KMin.. N.G-
Du. A. A, Kino,. Sec.
C, o. f:
The above Order has removed to
the OdtUel.tovvs.' B*jildiiigk y.-here il
wjiy meet in fa-ture on the So.ond
tvnd L,as* Thursdays of ea,ch itjou'.I*.
A. YO-KKE. C. R.
ir. HUM��, R-.S-.
(Contjnued From First Page.)
j   This preparation t*  inte_Kltd* es
pecially for coughs,  colds,   croup,;
whooping cough and influenza.    It
has become famous for its cures of
these diseases over a large: part of
joqj". attacks or croup it has cured,,.;,
'often, saving the li'-jj-. of! the chiKb.
Thft-extensive use of it for whooping cough, has shown that it robs
,tha\disuse-of, daijgerqps r^sultis* It
'is e>5peqia>lly priced by mothers because it contains nothing injurious
and there is not the least danger in
giving it even to babies. It always
jcuf.es mA elites qui<&ly.,*--*��So)d by
F. J. MiifKenaie. '    ,
W. N. Draper,
Kouni 2, Eltnrd Mock, New Westminster.
PUBLIC. NOTICE is. luerehy
jiven*. to the Electors of the Mu
nicipality ol DeltaK that I recurs
the presence ot" the said Electors at
..he Town Hall, Ladiier., on the 9th
,day of Jannuary, 1*^05 at 1*0'clock
.npon^fi-tf the purpose of electifiK
..j^rsons to represent them iii. tbe.
Mjiinicipal Council as Reeve and
The mode of nominating qandi-
d_a,tes shall.be as  fallows:-
Titie cajiididait.es shall be- nomhiat-
ed' in writing, the writing shall be
subscribed by two voters o{ the
nju.ncip4lity  as, proposer  and ' sec-
1M��W WR^TfllNSTER, t*. C.
s\ lull ljine of EngH-'vli and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Ti-o.viserings always kept in stock. "*
> Telephone ^ Ladner'"^ Ne. ja.
&-*wx��Bmifzsm    *��� amaisunnnnauuaunm <Juuaa.m*m
Th�� Place for TioBmithin^, Bafch Tubs, Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe., Roof Hafceja, and Every-
thing Else in This. Line. ,;.
NEW WI35TMIN.STKR,    :-..  D. C.
Mniiiifncturcrti ot'ull kin'ls of;
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
Agent form.
Gurney Faundry Co,*s Btoveeu
P. D�� Dod's Mixed Paint*
YohQ Bath H-sater,
jttst the thing for making water- hoi for washing dairy
ut^nsils^ scajding? hogss or fc>r wash day, livery
Farmer^s Wife Slfcould Havo "One, ,_. *
Having been honored' by a petition signed* by \y. Livingstone,
Paul Sw.&nspn,, _?|#ican Rjobertson,
P. GuwlwHi, ��eo. Mcdosky, F. T.
Arthur and* others, requesting me
to allow itself to be.noij^Ktted for
{Reeve* tpc the ensuing yt_>r-, I here-
!by act^ept your gracious ofTer.
Having ao axe of my own to
���grind,, 1 will, it elected, endeavor
ito grind tho municipal a.\e to,t*be
best of my ahili"ky,v
I have th<�� Wnofi t>o b*A geutle
I Xowfs fythiftillv,
p.m.. of theday of nomination, and
h*the event of a rojl beii\g necessary such poll, V>,ill be opened on
the. H4th clay of January, 1904, a.t
b>he To,wn Hall, Ladner, and will/
be kopt o^ieiji ft;ou,\ 3 a. m. till 4 p,m..
of which every person is hereof! ��e-
quired to take notice a��d: govern
himselt accordingly.    . .
' Tfiie qualification for a Reeve o_*
���Gotjijcillpr sha.ll be his being a male
British subject*, and: having beeai,foif
the three months next preceding
the day of h,is nomination, the registered owner in the Land Regis
try Office of land or real propeity
j situate withitn the in,unicipwHty io/
ithe assessed vajue, oia the last Mt��-
jnicipal A^essmtyit. Roll, in, case of
I Reeve, of.. fiv^e hur d.ed dollars -or
:more;. and in case of a Councillor,
of two hundred and fifty dollarsvor-
^more^over aiul a,bove any register-,
ed judgment, and being otherwise
qualified as a voter..
Given unde^- my hand at Ladner
this %6th day of December, 1904.
Returning Officer.,
Buy Bireefc
'and Save   Agent's tSommtsston
i       Thousarids ol Fruit? and' Orna
mental Trees-.   Rhododendrons
Roses, Greenhouse and Hardy
For Spring Pla.ntj(r��s
All accUmatPiistpjjk-. Dug and
shipped di;,ej.t tOi the planter
',       Without      ��*k*g     tr.%psported
thousands of miles and then
I       ftynigs^ed   (%id   cptjsequently
i       damaged)     before,     delivery.
^nisj Q?(pw% %ndi imported
Qasdep,, ^ijel4i ��& Flojver Seeds
always in stocjc iu season, and
tested as to vijtalit^w.   Eastern,
prices or, le^s.   \J(h^e Lahon-..
Iffcrtiliaeis,,  Ijlee   Hiryes. and}
snppli<esu ��l����al De^as.
Catalogue FreeT"'M-.J- 'HJWSWX,
301.)   Westmkns^er    Ro#4..
Vaaccjivci; ^(^
Notary Publio,
f, tt 5IIBIIK
Ladner, B. G.
PUMhaains- Att��i��t
Brack man-Ker Milling Co
limited^       ' " v*
.   ���    V     <     ?    '         '  ���   ��� ���    '   ���
 ���:.. ������   .������*���-*.--v���; ������������***
Westham Street,
tadner, B. C,
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying,
Liv<*y  woitk of all kinds, attended to promptly.
Wm. Alexander
I^idner. B. c.
Owing to disregard of posted
notices, by sportsmen and others,
and the danger to life and stock
through irresponsible parties shooting, I wi.ll prosecute, without exception, all parties trespassing on
the "-Hazel Grove Farm"* (Kirkland Estate), alter this date.
Ladner, B. C., Nov, 26, '04.
People's Heat MarKet
We wish to thank our many eustotflfteifs ior their
patronage thfough the past year and hope that wt.
have merited a contiunauco. of the same.
WisJiiug you a "Happy and Prosperous New Year."
Latiner, B% 0,
'Capital and Surplus
Savings Bank Accounts Solicited.  Deposits of $1
9,a,d upwards received and Interest Al-
^Qyifed at Highest Current Rates,
Deposit Vault
Ifeee; W CistQmefs.  -A Gen-sral BanMug Busi-
-    -        V   ness Transacted.
Incorporated 1869.,
Jjt, %, WRIGHTTs Manner,
Manufacturers of all kinds qf First-Class
Rot^rh and Dressed Lumber,
m) We can deliver to any point on the Rail-
ro^ in Delta*
Onr Price Is RlghA, We Oan Sum You Money.
.   Drop lis a tine, Our Agent WIU OaN an You.
GEO* M. THRIFT, Manager*
A Full Line of XMAS PEELS,
AU Fresh,
���^Also a Good Line of���
Games and China, Suitable tot
..�����, ���i .: 'I
��� X-t X * ���
i tf.i ���'-, SATUfi ;<-* >', lANl AR ���"
biajH^pital, New VXeig-ejiinster,
on ���jafe^ry q,, 19,05, V-,*irian J..
tlie beh>v_4 wife of Mr. H. J.j   , r   !_���.
Kifkbu^  yi   be/   frrty-second      J'-^, v
jpr*   a��d*   I^i*.-*.   Kendall,   speujt
tbeiirNtvfl Veajr wifc'-i Dr. Woodsy
I        I  ll ���apya^y r^l������
Mrs.. F.. jt. MSacKjenzie, of Ladneif
is the gups; oi; R.. D* Mack.eijzie,
Clover Valley..     ���
Mr. Lafr&y.  oil  Vei-non..   B.  C.
-spent New \_��J*��S*S w>.th�� hi*i sister,
R. Mo& i* making.a. ihort* Wbi- j;Mrs.   Hornbj-;
$ess visit Ip the So.*id,. ,    D# L-   Parfcer p^a-ied a fine
Pteain, of horses Irom D�� J..  Hjadden
TlLe-rijiinual nveting of the-IX-lta,-
Farmers''Institute will be held in
the Council Chan ber, Ladner, o��
Tuesday |anwiary ;*,;> at �� p. m.
for geif^tal business.
N. A, McD|AKM.I'D-,
LadaeK. Jan,. 5, S90.5.
: FRIDAY, JANUARY i#_H, 1905
�� O'CLOCK. P..M, f-'HAK.?.
>������ .UA
J.  Gravr. of. KJjurnfi,. qfwved
l^ere on Tt��sdd}-> boptt.
fcrt, ^li# .**��** % litii* wo^se
th ip- week>, me am .sorry to, say.
W. I*. L%dneirpaid a short visit lo
New We.stnwistcr on Tuesday.
SI ������.' '.J '
Miss Calhoun sj}e��f.  \qa-* Xear's
���yith her sister, Mjrs. JN_fi Staiaton.
\r McLaren and Blue Ribbon Icing
$ufar and- Jelly Powder. ��� City
'���ijj.      Ul.iU_L.iJ_l.     "~
at*.. H, T)anS^ of Ifew Westminster, spen(\ Tuesday evening at
the Farjwna^q..
I). IfeGre^asij. called, xesteraay
with a ^aty welcome New Year's
|ilt of veg-et abje^.
M,iss.M*ble McGregor returned
\ornt, en Tuesday evejijug lustfroip
ei short visit, to Agassi^
M-ise Lister, of Central Park,
4rove down to Ladner to attend the
fj_Beralvof Mrs. kirkland.
at a gopd figure.
1 Tha- hosnie of Mrs and Mrs. Lak-
ing, has bey*, gladdened, ly- the ar-
irival of atbajby boy.
' The majiy fri����ds of NK. A.
Murphy are glad to sce-tym around
again aft-tr, bjs sevese ijlness.
I Miss S*b*anupn retuifiiesl Wednesday, titer attending the Teachers' Copveiitioji V'^'c^l-sVer*
H. Horaby is-agfUisiit of Royal
Columbian Hospital, Sapperton,
suffering trom an attack of pneti
Mr,, and Mrs. A. Milton art.-.
spending this-week visit-jug; friends |i
in New Westminster audi Van-|
Miss.Hornby, returned to Vancouver to-day, after spencing her
iholfdays, with frieijclji ip. this
Mr. ajid Mrs-. Tbomas.- Kerr, oi
Ladner, accorapaiiied by their
daughter Etta, spejit a ft** days
here lasl week.
. . -
j Mrs. J?,. Hjaddpn aifd family re-
{turned, Sunday, from a three
;month!s v.isit tp.hssold liQjnp near
'Ottawa, tbey* aimo visited their
many friends in Orilli., Ont.
January 5, 1905.
P*tb_j^ police- is. hereby- given I
that tyiy person lou#d removing
sand or othor material off the old;
Cemetery-Rond, Sec... ir, Tp. 5, or!.
i Boundary Bay R-oa/1 v*<ilj be prose- j
Ity o^ler.
N\. A. McDt.XRMID,
Ladner, B. C, Dec. 28, 1-3*4.
sMLN7'*>TR1':L SHOW,
A go.*!   second-hand',   Narrow-
Tire Wttgoh (.'.jiui.-h pt 'lierred).
Applv ut
Cedar Shakes, Fence Posts., Drain
Boards and Barn Posjs..
Apply to
Alluvia (Mud Buy).
Cloitle.. AM_r<d' Ctuaiuuir an. Kepalrc-J.
; I'HrcUlS left fit W. I.. Ml'Ilririr'K .stun- lllirlA. \V,
1 ker'sj und the Deltfi 't,'ijnes.,.ji%q will he cilk-.
|.for on M.jiday-iind returned wi Snturday.
Q... W. WALKER.   .
Wheui you wun-t to Siin ox Qkom Your Pro-
ducie or Live Stock,
Grain ��/��
Capacity 500 Tons
Space, 24S.00D Sqt��are Feet
i hninw
SawSm   m
Id. JfcB^de l��/t,t on Saturday
tp ��pevx-VJc Mew Year with his
aarenU at Ne^l^esSltninsta/,.
'd-.i'TTvi""' " t
Km.. i.O^ Heiutx Cclebiated
Bickip., Cain,*. Retoh^j. Celery
$a!t. Outer ��ajrder fliC;. -*s.City
Mr. aajl.'^. furrows, of Na^aj-
90, aytived" 041 littpsday eveiiipg,
aad are the guests^bf, It|f. syid, Mrs.
T. W. lerr.
The. Mwsas Aytbur and Miss
^fkianer left, on Mojiday, for Van-
cauv^r. aftes*��s{jejid,ing l^ew Year's
J *>.
D./McGj-tgor, paid a shprt visij
tp Wee'thW -TfdftS^i qRtTbuwday,
yid reports tjbe.w^ef about al} off,
if ith int i��ttfc damage done.
dti* J},fyW*ritoil*4t OR. Wedpes-.
(Jay, for Itynca.{-f,, wh^. he will
attend tj^ ����nmt4i rupet}}^ of the
$���, C-, SzgfytqptptA' Afsioctitiaii,
, W:'H. Smith'sfather aiii mother,
���Uj. vkrs|(ing him an4iarA-'i0.*:'V0**iabl>.
iuiptleiiwldi **i(h,, Latluer. that they
l|ave no desiittorjmiiiii.tOstJif Frqf*
lifts. Robert, McKee gare a, party
.St hpr bdme', Bloomrieldi oji Ijhu^-
.1a.Yv.,.i\. mo*k ejiipyti))lft, mjenitig
K-as^pt-nt, andganvf* of ajl kit^s
(\JftSfAmiqstsesi; Branch)
Tipu? Tablf
I Cars l-.-ays- We^b)|jnster Ivr Vaacgnver at .s*
i and ...sou ���. ami "i��jvrly U'^-rea^er i-^itU 10 \i
: in.; Sati;)|i)'ilv��.aj!(l Sujidnys ^ij.' p.iif..
j Cans- Ieavvv VHil.^iifcr lor, '.V.ests-nilisters at 5.5.
Mind 'j.y,.,\. ii|,niid. lyjurly tla-reaftcr until asp
[jilts: Satur*layy and Sunday!i.at 11 p.m.
j- 1'lfcUIGHT CAKS.
1 We riiji IfMHrclass freight cars beWiceii West
I'lllinster and Vancouver and ail shipments art
handled with the utmost earc and delivered tc
. consignee without delay. Special attention pah'
[to fruit shipments. Our wagons meet nil boats
; and traiuH,. lio.r rutfs, etc. apply to
pn a. smtss Kj 1^ oivovi.r
. Tratlic Mgr. Local Mgr.
Westminster.��. c.
Wish il heir many Patrons the
Complfinents of the Season..^
-WW, s#& T.H4: WW
jAiid ALL.K^NDS 0-r*FAsR.WING i,W.-^?*>&��^W>~)K'e!*'��K'i-%~* -j*i��� j:
Delta M^mi Market
11 n
The   ibllowing it. a copy of the j ""'"""'
letter sent to  HerberTj. Kirkland 'OtJR NKW GASOLINE LAMPS
%y the Oddfellows^ Lodge, afc Lad- 5 .^.RE NOW IN.
ner of which, he is a a^mher, CAliL ANJ)- gEE TftRM
IJ. J. rifkland, Lso-,
Ladner.-BiQ. \',N'�� Gc#eratingN they Light With
a Match..
7 l^ear Siir and Bro,> At Wie.lust
tgeeting of Delta Lodge No. 21,
IjOiO.F:, it was unankimpusly resolved thfit tke heartfelt, sympathy
yf the members be.extei.ded to,you,
ri). the dark  hour of sorrow, and '; m mm Eg, MB SI & gg
i*eir regrettfor the irreparable loss ��� gjg/fJffSJfQg^     gWlBii?
Our Stock fi* xlo># complete.
Never before jwas there such an assortment
I Horse Goods! 3 fshown in Westmfn^er.
| j*      Frices ranging from 75c, to 85.00.
!        Call aad see them when you come to town.
Our Hm-^i^ss aud  Horse* Furnishings -i
|5hftve long projAftf reljnlite, aud they are
built not only for .ityle but wear.
���f. ���._  ... _
���* *
vf ���������"it >-__i__ta____J. - 3__t - ymf a N*t'i-.i%A/ ^am*aemateOen)��mm*
New Westminster.
yop have sustained by t-he. death of
your beloved wife. Eivt while you
a/e left ajone to toil in sorrow-for a
time, it is consoling to know that
Mrs. KjrWarjd has gone to t*he
Qitmnd. Lpdge* aboy^ tbierie. to receive the reward slie.sp well) merited as. a Christian worker.
Yours in Friendship, Love and
torn MAXV
! Secretary.
m wm m i ii.
Fojt Good Cedar Drain. Lumber, Planking,
Etc., Try Us.
At   noHMiial   'i^st,, prixatie   isdivid^al.   or   btisi'ii*^;
men can   put  their   'iiiiportaut   papers   and valuables iu a
F**Stt _fl_��##Jii''SeCUr^ an<^ convei*'-e1^ place.
Thi^; ij$. a btKiifl to tthose' *��c-_sso do, aot pjosse^s* a sa.%
$S per M.
G. 0. .Dennis,
Bast Delta.
'������aQ'. isja-J> -^ >>��w��*C
>.-������_�����. -��-.*W-_,
S< Hjuff,- JL QaeHtrey and -TWm.
6q#aidi��ring t^ New^ Yaw, *$HUng,
niicba -wry subftantial- visit tb this,
^c^.-^ewiv tbfir SMbifriptlo-41
��-.'������* o,-
���+l .^mm**ofa "wbfr of(
���^ter*ot Wirctil?-,, m t; ftikbaty
'���^\\ itt a caiidit'a*}^. fqj..- <^uitpa'Ji3f,
^e'jiays that he baa^^ao, ^tiji^'t
���* ^id^riapiiing growth <Vfr past any-
hind be is iii��^*ta3rfi_,w!ibich, need
^tidnatpr-the W^rd will be avail
Crescent Island.
. 0�� Wednesday evening last a
very pleasant time.was spent at the
home of J. Bi Burr* the auspicious
Occasion being a faiyewell: social to
JRev,. 11: Oswahl when ^p address
hud pur��e were praset^ed; (o.him
pn his retirement itpm thip charge
J. Gitflhry^t read* the* a<ldres�� an<
madethapreseqtatibn in, his usual
liaopy style, and Rev�� T. Oswald
very suitably replied,. After tho
Ipresents^-jon t.ie-hom��. were, pleas-,
antly passed with games of xajrious
descriptions. , - ���*
j.  Pronin Wellington, IjawiH a, large
Oxford Ram.
Adttr^ipf^-iuaUpn (to,
'  Jf -McCALLAJIj,  '
Awarded Gold* Madal at World's Columbian and  Mid-Winter
Expositions for Highest Gr^de. of Rolled Oats..
the Brackman-Ker
milling (��, Ltd.
-������     l*.
A^ply to-
% 5. JTA^^O^.
He^cJ Qmce:
.Bra#��fe$s ^
p.wi.aj.      . ii a ���mmmmieemm*m
MJNsbjR.,   EDMONslfON.
At all principal points on
Calgary and Edmonton Rv R.
and to famines travejling..
These boxes are ace.essibje? dlu. i'mg- ajrl. busi'tvess baur^
to tht* renter^ whp  hplds tbe key-s
RATES f  $1.30 per year.
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Co.^ Limited.^
Authorized  Capital^ J^c^qock.
New Westminster, B�� C*
��� !���) ii.rmti
Just Received*
A Large Stock of Buggies^
Plows, Root Cutters,,
Hay Cutters. Ensilage-
Cutters>r Elbe*, at
Q. T. BAKER'S ^%>^m����
MatitiActitren of Cereal Foods. Kxtra Ci ram Rolled OatKt.OAtqieal, GtHhf^n*, Flour,
Fearl,ll��rley, Spirt Peas. Chopped ��(t*l Mixed I-reds.
Dcjtleri^lp I^Jottf, Bran^Shorts, Haj-.Grain and all kinds of Farm a.rqdi\f��:
Ifurchasi^ Ag��nt,        ^>       LAE^ER, E. C.
Andrew Clausen,
-ta^s' Chatelaine W*teb��B f3r��na* ^ up.
Ladies.'* &oJ$ Watches from *|iS t*|>..
Cut Glass, SSIfre-rTOare and aJU fcftasds of Jew*
elry at EA&TQJm PRICES; .
Jeweltert 6tc.t 6tc.
N. er
Happy New
M    M     Mp
Year to Alii
Pimtkng ot ALL Hinds
Neatly Executed.
Goinf lor Chamberlain's Colic,
Cbelera and Dlarrboaa
Don't put ycmrself In thla rosn's place,
but keep a bottlu of this remedy in yom
home. There ti nothing ao good .01
Solic, Cholera Morbus, Dysentery and
Diarrhoea, It Is equally valuable foi
Summer Complaint aad Cholera Infantum and has Bayed tha lives of more
children than any other medicine ln use.
"When rednoed with water and sweetened it ia pleasant to take,
Yon, or some one of your family, an
rare to need this remedy sooner or latei
and when that time comes you will need
it badly j you will n��ed It quickly. Why
not buy it now nnd be prepared for such
tn emergency''   ' 'rico, 85 cents,
Holy Communion, ist and 3rd
Suudays, at 11 a.m. Other Sundays at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m., Friday
evening, Litany and choir practice.
Rev. Canon Hilton/vicar.
Reverend Father Edm. Peytaviu,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a tn.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. ever*.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Wednesday evening at 7.30.
Rev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Sabbath School at 2 p m     Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Rev. Dr. Wright.
Pastor P, H, McEwen will preach
At 7 pm Subject: "Wages and
It  Waaa't All tn Him,.
"Johnny," said his mother severely,
"some one has taken a big piece of gin-
gerbrend out of tbe pantry."
Johnny blushed guiltily.
"Ob. Johnny!" she exclaimed, HI
didn't think it was In you.'
"It aiu't 811," replied Johnny; "part
of It's in Elsie."
Twa Problems.
"Dorothy always begins a novel (9
the middle."
"What's tliatforr
"Why, then she hns fro problems to
be excited over, bow tbe story will end
and bo .v it began."
Tk* Raaiaa Aeaedaela.
The Roman aqueducts were marvels
of architecture. The Abio was forty-
three miles long; tbe Martlo forty-one.
of which thlrty-elgbt were on 7.000 arcades seventy feet high: the Claudia
was forty-seven miles long; tbe arches
100 feet blgb. Tbe Uorouu aqueducts
brought 40,000,000 cubic feet of water
dully Into tbe city, and tbe various spc-
tlous of tbe metropolis wero supplied
with water by 13.n04 pipes.
Deeper Meaalnc.'
"I went to tbe church fair last night,
and I tblnk I sre a new meaning In
that old adage now."
"What's tbatr
"It's my Idea that none tttt tbe brave
bars any  business there."
A aer'e Travels.
Little Reggie���1 weut way around
tbe world last yenr wltb my father.
Little Jluiml.* inged twelve)���That's
nothln*. I've bet>n around the sua
twelve times now, and I'm on ray thirteenth trip.
Don't marry.the woman who worM
father nurse a pug dog than a baby.
Don't marry tha woman wbo wo*aa
path*** di* than wear a bonhss two season*
Don't marry the- woman who wants
things Just because "other woman" have
Don't marry the wonian who bays brte-
S-brao for the   bust,   room and  borrvws'
'.ltclion utensils front hor neighbors.
Courage la Blephaate.
An elephant with a good mahout
gives perhaps tbe best Instr-ee ef disciplined, courage���courage, tbat. la,
which persists In tbe face of knowledge
und disinclination���to be seen l�� tht
animal world. Tbey will submit day
after day to bave painful wounds
dressed In obedient** to their ltsspse
and meet danger ln obedience to orders, though their intelligence ia suO_��
dent to understand tbo peril aad far
too great for man to trick them Into a
belief that lt is nonexistent No int-
m.il will face danger moro readily at .
mail's bidding.���London Spectator.
On* War ���( LU*.
There is a man In this town who weass
shoes fall of old holes, a two yoars' old
frook ooat, a shabby tie, Covering a flan*
aal shirt, and a frayed derby hat which, la
almost as old as he Is, and hs lives la a |l
a week room and saves money by wearing
oo underclothes, and a* having no wash
bill.   On* might think h* waa poor If ont
never dined with him.   H* has tuonay,
but h*soresH for "awost stomach'*sake."
Be spends about fi.M tor his dinner, and.
a tl lunch Is not Infrequent.   II* bos
learned what hemost wants In this world .
Hs often quotes to himself:
Why doat thou pine within aad suffer death,
fainting thy outward walls a* ooaU? gay'
;       ���;       -     rr '.-.x'f
He was engaged to bo married, and
every one knows how tbe engaged mai*
talks wben bo gets a-friend corner'"'.
"Sbe Is tbe loveliest and best girl tbat
ever lived," he asserted.,>. -
"Sure?" Inquired tbe friend.
"Sure! Of course I'm sure. You don't
doubt It, do you?"
"Certainly not," replied thc friend
nastily, "only"���   .
"Only what?"
"Oh. I suppose It's all right, but I'd
like to Introduce you to Dobley."
"Who's Dobleyr
"Oh, another friend of mino who
told me yesterday that be was engaged
to the loveliest and best girl that ever
lived, and I'd ilk* to havo you two get
together and settle th* matter."
Johnny���The verbiage was so had 1
���oul.ln 't ride my wheel. .
His Sister���Wlmt nre you talking about?
"Well, when I saw the word 'verblsse'
In the paper and asked pa. what It meant
he said''wind.' "���Cincinnati Kn.ufrei.
Choice of Two B-lle.
It's always very wrong to tight, ������'
But, none the leas, my cob.
Improve your muscles���don't rela*
As If all strife were done.
It's always very wrong to flcht,
But never Hose your ears' '
When Undo Sam suscasta that ha
May need new Volunteers."
It's always very wrong to ��*��t|
The saying's old and terse.
But to make battle and get whipped
That's Infinitely worse.
���Washington Star.
Nn nnn ever acknowledges a mistake
mi .iiiic-kiy nn when te puts titerUs^d
'end of a cigar lights inouUi,
We   Print   Anything   hem
Wedding Stationery to
a Target,
R E Kittson may reconsider his
E N Brown, of Chilliwack, is
supplying for B S Smith until a
successor may be lound.
Mrs, Marshall Smith and daughter Beatrice left, yesterday, for a
visit to MoQsoraln, N.W.T.
Thos Shortreed returned this
week after spending Xmas and
New Year's at home in Aldergrove
Commence the year 1905, with a
set of new books���Day-Book, Journal and Ledger���procured at Mac-
Ken nie'a Drug Store.
Little Sidney Rich received a bad
burn about the face, from gunpowder, on Thursday. We hepe
to see his fovial face around all
right again soon
..    "-:��� ij
When, in the course of business events, it becomes   .
necessary to move Suits and Overcoats with unusual rapid*
ity, the wise merchant simply puts down, prices.    The
people do the rest.
You don't care so much about our needing the room
as you do about the chance it affords you to get splendid
wearables, one-third below regular price*.
We can truly say^we never before offered such excel-,
lent lines of Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing at such
low prices.
Here are a few cut prices to give you an idea of
what's going on:
200 Overcoats & Raincoats.
Delta   Times
The annual meeting of the Delta
Farmers' Institute will be held in
the Council Chamber, Ladner, on
Tuesday Jannuary 10 at 8 p. m.
for general business.        ���
Ladner, Jan. 5 1905*
$22 Coats for
$8.50 Coats for
ao        9
18        "
4.00           "
15         "
Raincoats as low as
10        "
11 Gam l Progress M W Si.
$34 Suits for
$15.00 Suits for
ao      ',��
ia.5o      "
18      "
6.50      "
4 '*
Thawc Marks
CorrmoHTs *e.
tent free.
Anyone eeitdlm * *���_* w��J___^__*ffiLPS
Scientific American.
jllMndee-iel-lllaatFatedweekljr.   fanMtetr.
am �� co nttmem,. Ntw York
"TO* OtnJeT�� F It. W��m��hoi��. PC*
200 Boys' & Child's Suits
At Proportionate Cut Prices.
Terms spot caah.   No goo Jo on approval duHag
������'������ Sale.
Sale Commences Friday Morning Next and Continues for Two "Vr'eeks.
Ha LemB��BK,
I 1  7hi CCothlOr,     , ,    ,*;
i4M��0SITE POST OFFICE,   -   ���   ���   NEW. WEST  INSTER, B.C.


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