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The Delta Times May 6, 1905

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Array /���   .;
may o -1905
Vol. 2. No. o5.
$1.00 a j tt
Ladies' & Gents' Neckwear
Obituary.  |Wes"-a��� island, information
i   j Mrs. F. Kirkland paid
The funeral  of the late Mrs. E. ' Ladner on Tuesday.
J.   Embree,   or East Delta,  took '     Mrs.  G.  "London  visited
j place on Sunday morning.last leav-j ininster on Monday.
a visit to ���������
For yod-ff women  who may g<s
We.*;.-: to the Lewisand Clark Centennial
Exposition afPortlamd.
Whatever we show you now you can fee!
assured is the Very LATEST STYLE.
Ladles' Neckwear and Belts-
Xiarge range of .Ladies' Lawse ai*c. Embroidery TurnavsEs, ��alk afad
chiffoa stetc-ks, etc
Also ntee range of Ladies' Silk Belts from 35g t�� $2.
Men's Neckwear
Mrs. J.is. Gilniore spentm couple
days in Vancouver this week.
D. Robertson  is cleaning up an-,
other   .small piece   of about
See Our .New .Easter Ties, m Strings, and att. tbe New JDerby
Plana Colors are the Right Thing this se.as��n.    Also Dice line oi
Wash Tiea
ing the residence, at about io a.m.,
for Sapperton, wh*r the interment
t(fo place. Mrs. Embree, lorn in
^mherst, N.S., was only 30 years
of age, leaves a hv.sband and family of six children, four daughters
and two sons, to m >urn her loss.
She was a daughter-of Wesley Forrest, of New- Westminster, and was
the possessor of innumerable
A great -number ofthe Delta's
residents followed the remains to
their last resting place.
The service at the home was conducted by deceased's Jate pastor,
Rev.   A. IS". Miller.
Following were the pall-bearers:
R. McKee, J. Weaver, J. Oliver.
,L. Hornby,  T. Robertsou  W. As-
j bury, jr.
!    The l floral    tributes -were   very
beau'tififi and spoke  highly  ofthe      -i   *r     1   r     1      ���    ,
r .,    f      ,u     ,., J* rambohne has just competed.    3. See to it (that you acceot ino
manner of the friendship which ex- L���f_��� .,*,._ A,, ��� .. , . ,    ,.    *,.       . -        mxepi ire
FV.   .   , , *        .   .       extensive dyking operations which  directionsfromeiitherureiior woraeti
istel   between   deceased   and   bei   *._ *.,������.,.   ������,,    ���.    ., . , .*.���., ^���wnuu-B
... . ^. , ne hope*, will make things stmg for on trains, if unknown to  von    nnd
neighbors.    Among those w ho con- '_������,��� ,;���,   ������     ���       u   ��� .,   , w�� u  jon.   mm
, some **me to ceine. He is now en- that yooireport to the conductor any
gaged in .pair-ling bis house adjoin-: advances made. Von mast depend
ing the KobcKsou property. | upon   yourself end Ctlte    railroad
At the time o!'the Centennial in
Philadelphia, in 1S76,  the Voung
Women's Christian Association, tl en
four,.six-years old,  sent out circulars to
warn girls against coming to see the
Deep regret  is expressed  at the ; ExP��S'tiou with the idea ci getting
possible removal of  Rev.   A.  N. : work**    N��t ���*������**'-"Standing this there
Miller. j w'ei- hundreds ofgirls stranded who
o   _- - exhausteK 'their smjfll -savines iit
Seeding operat-ons are  well un- j threp or  ,__,_   ,    0      a?    .
derway, while the orchards .are a Kj. �����?,     d*!S a"f found no
sight worth seeing. ^   ��V*i T*''  ^  ��� *
6 '-p.-oblem which  is well remembered
Rev.   W.   R. -Raid,  <*_'  Michel, [_jy those who were managers of the
who visited   here on  Sunday last, ! Association at that time,
made a very favorable impression. Desiring to meet these conditions
Mrs. J. Tamboline left on Satur-j we make the following suggestions.
day last for the North Arm, to visit.     '" Set to '* that J'0" have money
her sister, who is seriousJyill there ! eilou&h for an emergency and for
~,.     0 ,     , .   i y��*1,r return home.
Ihe  Savage  brothers  -recently 1    ��� o^.    ..  .,   _ ,  r
,       .    ,      ,    , -*������ <sffe *<->  it  that before leavinsr
purchased e hundred acres irom D.  -_������^ .   _, t<-,urr  ���ea>**1S
Robertson   and   have   most  of   it ��,���,._��� .... ...      .     .
.   .*_,     ... ��� sottrce-thatyaur destination n Port-
under crop this-seaso.!. ������ ,
land k e ^ufe one.
tributed <wi*ro noted the following:
Crosses���Mrs.  17 B. Nobles and
. i Mrs. G    11    i.ent,  New-Westminster.
Mrs. A. N. Miller
R.   Mr.I.ee wind
Ladiei,, Underwear and Hosiery
"Ladies' Cotton Vests m sleeveless and ^-sleera., at 10c, 12-^ to 25c
Lisle Thre_id and Silk Vests, Lac�� Yoksas, ete^ at 35c and 5Qc.
Moveity Lace Openwork Hose a& 35c i��a_r��
Pine IMe Thread Openwork Hose at 50e pair.
The denth "occurred on Saturday
last, of Alex. Fenton, at his residence here, after a very brief illness. Pneumonia, which has taken1
so many ol onr-nuniber of hfte, being the cause ol death
Jas. Frew fe very busy dy1nngn-��^c'als ***r -'iiilwrinaTtoi. concerning
and ditching.    Ke is constructing i rra"ls-    Any questions wil? be aos-
a new dyke, out-side the  old  one, \ wered *& ihe Travelers'. Aid Agents
I aho-rt a mile and half long with a 'te bii fo-ttl?d *t!tll5  stations  on  the
; dit^h 4 feet deep, 6 feet wide in the! waV-    They will b: women with
! bottom and 12 feet at the top. i badges.
��r��. _   i,    a    r, ���        ...'������ 4* See to  *t that  you  h��swe an
The B. A.  Cannery is making!.,���������,      ���    , ,,.,      ,   .,
., ,     , ��� _.   _^ -1 authorised Travellers' ^lidxard of
verv elaborate  preparations for the  .,    ..^-   ^.
, . <T i -identification;
bi? run.    New machinery is  beunr ��� ._   , ,
;    f ���  ,   r , v, "5* See,to it that ym apn v for
installed, for  can  making, with  a .. . ' 1. '
*_.."*. , * : tI,ese cards to your Organization,
capacity  of 30,000 for  40,000 per!s   . "
day.    Can making will  commence i'
in e truest next week. I
Men's Summer Underwear-
French Balbrlggan Shirts and Drawers at 50c and T5c.
-Pine Natural Wool Shirts and ^Drawers with -Silk
Gussets at $1 and $1.25.
Mr. I'enton WAS a iiatn*e of Am-   ,         n          , .         .��� ^     .Society or Guild.
,      .  v  <<          i    t     .     ���            ' ds,y*    Can making will commence * ���  , ��� ���   ���,   .. ., -  --,   ,
hersi, N. S.s aged  about   38  years- .                                , ���     6. See to it that before accepting
1 : 1 in etruest next week.
: and leaves a widow and  four chil-1 , employment in  Portland,   through
dreu, three sons and one daughter, M'ss Bruce, our teocher, hopes. adveitiaement or otherwise, that
, the youngest of whom is about!t0 *�� a bet*er attendance among: the Exposition TsavelleTss' .Aid
j eight years old. Ui* came to B. C.;lhe ,5��y-s *5ince the advent ef a nice j Committee endorses it.
j about thirteen veers ago und dnr-j new football whicla has been pur-1 ���>;. See to.it that before going to
Ventfl*,ted ' ing*-** time 'had made a host of chased by subscription*amon_? them- j any lodging or boarding housi'that
I friends. j selves.     The   boys   deserve great' the Exposition Travellers' Aid Cora-
The funeral took place on   Mon-1 credit for'their enterprise. , mittee recommends it. The address
residence    to   the',    Marry Trim is  about   through! oixh* Portla��d headquarters of this
Committee is 312 Oak street, Or.
; day   from   the
Boundary   Buy  cemetery and was | wjth remodelling his *steam launch,!
conducted bj-IRev. A.W. Miller, in the H. Trim.    He has installed a I
Finest Range Ladies'Waists
Ever Shown Here.
\ the absence of a pastor at the Rn:s-
l byleriaii Church.    During  theser-
, vicf the following jjood old-fashioned hymus wen* sung,   "Jesus  lover
new boiler and a triple expansion 1
engine capable ef aft-lining 21 i
knots an hour.    This beat will be'j *
used for-pleasure principally and is!    Commencing at .12.01 to-morrow
i'of my soul"   and   "What a trieudl fitted.with portable sleeping quar-j ���_ght the new time taWe comes.into
Marshall Smith
we have in .1-flits
The |ir.llbenrers were N. A. Mc-
iDiorinid, P/SliMey, H,  Frozer, P.
: Clark, W. K. Tiiylor and E. Bown.
Among'tht fioral tribute*, which
I went very rich, were the following:
Wreaths���Mesdanu-s  Miller and
MonktOAn,   ���   V\*U)nOii   and  wife,
tersinthe fore cabin.   Harry also 1.^ .^ fo]]ows..   Tberfi ^ ^
is'the  proud possessor of a hand-i     , ,
,_! m j    . ir     ���_   j i only two trains per week, Wondaw
sonue 2-yeaT-cld-Clyde -staJhon bred!      ��� *��� < j
in<B. C, from imported stock. Iand  Friday*   The   local  train   it
 I taken off and number 711 mainland
local freight takesiits place.   'Eeave
R. E.   Walker,   manager of the! Vancouver at 9 a.m.; arrive at Gul-
Roy;il   Bank in this city for the'chon 2:20 p.m.; depart from Gut*
The annual meeting of the Eafl-
ner Lacrosse Club wat held on the
ist inst. ai the Shirley Hotel. When
the following ifficers were elected
for the ensuing year* Hon. president, H. N. Kiel.; president, P.
'Shirley; vice-president, R. E.
Walker; sec-treasurer, K. B, Dixon;
���club captain, H. Wilson; committee,
Dr. Woolley., W. H. Smith.
A Good   Suggestion.
Mr. 'C. B, Waiowright<of lEemem
City, Blan has written the 'manu-
lactnrers thtft much better results
are obtained ifrom tthe mse of Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhcea Remedy in cases of pains
in the Stomach, colic and cholera
mofl-us by taking it ��n water as hot
as oan be drank. -That when
taken in this way the effect is
double in r^idity. "It seems to
get at thetight spot "instantly," he
says. *For sifleliy   V.JJ. ISacKenEie.
In ithe -matter <of Bamd Concerts,
���we uaderstaud ithe Band -Soys are
willing to come out if a band stand
is provided for .their convenience. \, Marshall Shnith is busy spring
Tenor fifteen "Hollars would'build f cleaning at tbe big store. F, W.
iall thev require anfl surely the per- Hutchison, of Vancouver, has the
-mission of the 'Conncfl -can be contract-fer kalsomining mid paint-
���obtained to place the stand opposite ing whicli will give a very im-
tUn Oddlellows' block. proved appearance to the interiqr.
t0n Satutday, 29th inst.,'China-
town was aglec 'over the formal
opening of the new hell by the so-
citfty bsaiing <lte name   of Chee|
K. IP). .Benson .md wile,   Dr. King I p_tst year, left on Trriday 'Tor Van-j^0*1*2^0?-10-
and  wife,  Mrs.   Whitworth,   Mrs.' c,rn.er    He will shortly'take ��p| 	
Im; duties as manager ofthe "Royal
Hank at LtKluer. Mr.'Walker was
.1 \wis gi\*en a hearty send off by his
many friends here who deeply regret
that the head authorities should
_.e fit to make the change.���The
l'ialttrnrine, Cumberland.
Rung   Hong,   fct   -Chinese
Masons.    -.Celestials motived
Oliver, A. Coleman und ivile, Mes
dames WoolltTJ ami Ansel, Mrs
���Cro^s���N.   A.    Mr|)i.iiiviil
Hidicvii Column���Mini) F.Thlrkle.
Crescent���Mrs,     Mclnnis,    Mis.
John l'ateiwon
Spray���1.7 A. M(dtee and   wife,
If it is the intention oT the resi-
Mrs. T. B.
Laduer,   Mines   Davis
and Cams,   Mrs   W   J    Lainiin;,
from -Vancouver,  Victoria,  Stevw- *^jrs ^re^^weU
ton and Westminster. Bouquet���Alice i��md  BWe Ben-
Asumptuotsfi banquet  was serv- S011| jj, ,A_ Ifown oivlAviie, Mrs. E.
ed at which about   155 sat down.' j a(*ne-
Tlie high dfiicia"! eame ifrom Vic*; -   ���
toria-       ;  Thc Infantile death  list  tor  the
past weeJ: has Ixffu  liigta, 110  less
���-Robt. May has .made a-very  sue- J than three being recorded,    Messrs.
ceaBful attempt at incubator 'build- j Vasey, Hadtlen aud Lacy being tilting.   -He constructed one entirely [ mourners.
oa his own principle and made a |  ^	
vary "successful hatch which he has
since disposed of at a fair figure, j Tom J0,,1;,n shot a !ar��"
Bdb has now got three incubationsp��l��k, on I ncsday, while it
ordered. cirrliiijj ne.11 Jotdan's Stables.
dents of the municipality to again
hold their annual celebration of
the King's Birtlaiay wliicL will
fall on Saturday the ��4tti 01 June
next -by uaving* good day's-sport?,
it is time'to commece operations to
careless i make it �� success, so the sports
cotnn.iitee*of last year would like
for all' those interested  in making
uo a good dav'samusemeittto attend
came very uear setting fire to thekm^dngto^Taat^,^.Greea^
building. sSomcsine tiirewaway thei0j1Ceen luesdiiy e\'er.ing next at
end of a cigarette which dropped in : 8 p. in,,'to organize and appoint a
a crack between the planks ot the; committee for this year and arrange
plaffum and was *soou fanned into! other preliminaries so that the
a Hame, which, no doubt, bad it re- committee maybe able to get up a
maiiicd unnoticed a short while j good programme and have it pub-
ish \ longer, would  have done  a   g^ent' lished   in   good i time.   Represent*
���On   Tuesday   last,   the
disposal   of   a   cigarette   butt   in
trout   of   Marshall   .Smith's   store!
was deal of damage.   As it was a couple
. buckets of water did the trick.
atives of the lacrosse  and  b.iseball
,[ clubs arc specially invited toattend* TfRlS  DELTA TTM'ES, SATURDAY MWY 6; ��90*
Subsc^W'^ion^ S��-<>0 pec year-
At)y.i;iyrisi.N-r. baths.
Casual. Allv��l|3f.n.**nt5,  10. cents pev. Hue [Ol J|SK_yi^S
^Published  by  request.)
lt Till-:   DISEASE.
Mt>f bilfi: Sabbat iens," or Sttndary,-
,s   a, difieage* peculiar to
.iiefi.^ius.ttisS.. i.iidSeeMiiper.-iine tor esdil (jhuK-h, members. The.attack comes
Mitweouent ius*:��\joi,,     The   uiiuiw r   *jj- '!!,���_
,��kouc-d by the s^ate, cci%��!, ��i'H9**-*S *"** 0��� suddenly every Sunday ;��o svmp-
toms are felt on Saturday sight; the
A.   O.  U.   VV.
IjSpl.tt-v L��dg*<,. No, 12.; meet?;, first,
and third Ti}esda,y!i of each moifJih
in Oddfellows' Hall,
W-. C. PYt-tUsS, M.W,-
��eo, R.. M.yjj.Kv,-, Recorder.
Rales h>r Comtnurcial A^verliseuieuV*i.ci*.�� be
.Vdou application ia this office. - patient sleeps  well,   eats, a  he-artv
Reading notices io cents pff.x, '.(ne  fgf, cpffOr. In-1 ��� ���*
sertion.   ��� .breakta,st<, but  abou): church, time
Birth aud pf-^h notices, 5oc^Ma.fjsi_es*i,M.  j ;the attack, comes on, and coniinnes.
_��&RSi��^lS^^ services m ovtjr for the morn-
* company, ts.be c'^isiJeiiecl au advertisement   . Th*.., Hie   notiftnt   ff>f>1a   en��fv
_|dcharged accordiilgiy. | lnS-     t hen the. patient  leeis eas.\,
All advertisemeuls ch}rg��l for, until, ordered j alKl eats a   heartV    diaper.     Ill    the
^u. and paid for.        ���- ���    ^ Lft^noon" heJeels nwich better, and
Corresisondeuee invi'^dou matters ot,pu(��iici;      t*s i
iterest.   CoinmiOiicatjotts*.peditoH must be ac- ^ a^ ^ taj._ ,,    w.{\]i<    talk    about
and    read     -he   Sunday
papers; he eats a heart}' supper, bnt
Gjrq, % Manley. j about church time he gets  another
Manager.    ! attack) and stays af home.    Be re-
 , i tires early, sleeps well,   anil   wakes
S^SSIS.Sl.      ..S.SSSS.......I ' ss���.. -. .  .,
companied by name of writer,  not necessarily
i��% eveuin
(or ptfblk&USa, but aa. evidence of, good faith | D01i_jcs
cjiri-espoudence must rsacli thisof&ce by Thurs-1 _���*�����"��-*-*.
t.O.O Pi.
ipelta t.pclge, No. 21.���.The regular uiectingSsOf this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening af. 8 p.
m. Visiting Brethren cordially incited lo attend.
W.  K. ElJisiS. N.G.
Di;.. A... A.. King,  Se:
C*. O.  17
Court Fraser No. 3Q.*>, meet.s in
Oddfellows' Hall, second awl last
Thursday evenings ot" each month
at   S   o'clock.      Visiting   Brethren
A lull tins; of English and, Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Tr,ou*3eriijogs always kept in stock;.
j *��t.^*i��sHi*t^*ss��.;s**��*��5*��^>'��*.^��^wif*j^��***i��'
SATURDAY,   MAY  6-,   I9P5*
The.resideut&,of Westham Jplfcnd
are wondering whether the govern-
tpent intend to d�� anything towards
���oroviding a bridge or ferry conr.ee-
tionwith the rt*aiu>B-1. Conrec-
tjon by bifdgt,would be mitfjh more
appreciated that* a ferry.
Why it should be so difficult to
obtain the government's ^auction
to this little.piece- of convenience is,
_-.ard tqjjq-jagine. Here are a. hand
fill' of set-tiers^ ,v,ho haiio* at their-
qwn expense reclaimed their land
from the deep, denied this .���> nail de*-
roand. A weejc or so ago they,
were in.dauger.of being, swept ont
tp.sea.an4 did the gov.sirument offer
t>p,repair the damage done ?   Nit I
Farther Ufj, th.-? nyei-,-wheie t_#
d.ykes.iSafiier only from the freshet
assistance is given to the extent, of
tjnndreds of thousands of dollars,
but these people get nq, assistance.
^kaUiv-er a_fj t-heir dykes.- ure ia
danger from all high tides as well
ss from the annual.freshet.
T^est**; settlers ortly ask for con-
jiectiQ}* wit-h the Ojrsiinlajid by %
kj^g^i^iph tk|ey qertai^y are en.-
tjtl*^-1 tp, and the Council should
age to it that the government are
constantly reminded of their need.
Sir^t wjfh,j to, renew, my. subscription to the Times and enclose
$i for same. I find your paper very
interesting and valuable, having
ljyed on the. Delta _���_ yearr, before
qoming here, j.years^ago. Wishing
you every si\cces�� I remain sincerely
Vernon,,%.C-,W[ay ist,, 1505.,
A. YORKE,. C. R.
I. HUME,. R..S.
I Morse Goods! |
��� Our. Ilsi-.-iiess aiui Horse l:urnis!yugs\.*ii
tK-liave loiiy proved reliable, and they are f*
*. built not only for style but wear. **�����
����� f
*. RePAl��liVQ A SPECIALTY. '*
I iiuoji Mcdowell,
UP Monday morning, refreshed and , welcome.
able to go to  work,   and  dees   not 1
have any symptoms of the disease]
*4Util the following Suiid*iy.     The!
pequl'ar features are as follows.
1-. It always.attacks members, of I
the church.
2-. It-never, makes its appearance
except on the Sabbath.
3. The symptoms, vaajr., but it
never ii.terferes with th; sleep or
.t, It never lasts,more.than twen.-
ty-fonr hours.
5. It generally attauks the. head
ofthe family.
6. No 1 hysician is ever called.
7. It ajways.prpyes fatal iu the
end-���1ito the soul.
& No remedy is  known, except j Wellington  Coal,
prdye,r*.' 1* ���    ��� .1      1     *��� i���f    I Rosebank Lime,
��.  Religion is the only aptidote.   ! '
no, it is becoming fearfujly pre-.Portland: Cement,
valeut, and is  sweeping thpasands
every year to.destruction.
IJ.   Tll.ii   REMEDY.
Oil Sunday mprning rise at
seven; use plenty of cold water on
the face; eat a plain hearty breakfast. Then mix np and take internally a dose composed of equal parts
Qf the following ingredients, namely.' """
W_i!l. Aspect for Gpd's.Day.joFFicu:- Front St.        Phone 1-6.
Fusli. Respect- for God's book. |
Energy.    Respect for God's House.
Determination. A desire Lo    j
Self Respect. be somebody,    j
Stir well; adJ a little love just |
tp-,niake it S'^eei*. Repeat the dose
every three minutes until church!
time, unless relief comes sooner. If
the day is stormy, an external application of overshoes, mbber coats
umbrellas, will, be, beuyii'ial.���Selected.
Delta Transfer Stable
Topm Work Qonet alt Specialty Lom frkuapm
���*��� Mauu&cturers of. alb kiuds o.*j
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summw
Vour patronage solicited
JiASE.P^ lOROAIH. Pt04?ri��itors
" Latkier v* No. iOs.
H.N. Rich
Notary fruktoi,
.��I insurance
Ladner* G. G.
PHrchaslns Agent
Brackman=Ker Milling Co.
Smithy Coal,
Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile,
Steam Tug "Flyer" and
Barges lor Hire.
New Westminster, B. C.
Manure Spreaders &
Mollne Plows
take the lead everywhere,
also our	
Chatham Incubators &
J.T. Stainton
Tine -Baiea for Ti__^tJ_t-_^ Bakk Tub^ Stovs
Pipe> Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, ����d Evejry*
thimg Else in This line.
Agpet form
Gurney Foundry Co.'s l^oveav.
P. IK Jieid'a Mixed Paiata.
^Qbo> Bath Heaterv
', jjusk the  thing for making \sa,ter hot for washing dairy
"  ute��siV> scalding- hogsi^. o* ior ' wash day...    Every
Farmer's Wife Si-pulid Have- One..
Wfcstham Street,
L��>dner% \% d.
Manufacturers of all kinds of Flest-^Olasak
Rough and Dressed Lumber..
We can deliver to any pofctt on the Railroad in Delta.
Our Price Is Right. We Can Savo You- Money*.
Orop Gs a Lino, Our Agent Will Gall on You
GEO. M* THRIFT, Manager*
The editor's heart swells up .with
gratitude and his thrpat chokes
with.emotion,.liVe**an old cow with
^turnipin her throati The big world
is, after allv a, hgppy one, and as
we gaze fr��r.i the window of our I
editorial m^pagt^ry atithe sun kiss-
j^l landscaipe, sweet visions of mitic
and honey, humming birds and
n^olasses^bi^ck cheese and ambrosial
i.*��C*iar, danca-betore ovw; astonished
vision like- a calf in front oi a circus
-- '.    1     i'.UlJuF
For Sa^Q.
A nmtiber of Fine. Pui;ebrei
White Wyandottes and B��ff Or-
pingtiMi Cockerels for mating.
;   All* accounts due- McKee Bios,
must be  settled on  or be-lore the
15th iust., at which dale  the  partnership heretofore  existing wilt be
dissolved by in u t u al* co n se-n t.
Ladnerv B. Q:, M.av 3rd, 1905.
4 first-class joint put up in first-class style
call or send your order to the
Ladner, B.O
Phone 9.
If you want a wee new
-Buggy,, up-to.-date in
every respect, oir if the
one you have needs
painting,, cajl at
Q. T. BAKER'S ^stowm?,
There will be a Box Social ancl
High-class Concert, at the Scott
Road School in aid of, buying an
Organ for Church Services, ou Friday, May 19th, at8 p.m.,.
_ .     Ijadies.; come. a,ud   bring  boxes
Last* Saturday, one, of ���    .,  ' '     .   '      ,.
. ... ��. 1 Gentlemen corne and eat* the-, contents of ths.boxes. AJ1 enjoy the
Incorporated 1869.
Ladies? Readj-to-Wear and Sailor
Hats* Ladies" Bkiyts^ Whitewe����% Etc.,
A Fi��e Line of Enabroidings an-tl
Laeea Just Opened*
our ��ubscribe?s came in to ,the office
_jnd paid, in.coUl cash and in  cold
blood, threeyea^s.'aCTeagesva,pd:two{ 7
years in advance.
CAPITAL, - -    ���      - ^3,0005,000
RESERVE FCJNDS,       ����� - $3^0j2>743
TOTAL ASSETS, -,. -        $31t;1^625
A G-e��eral BanJsmg Business Transacted
Rib Rock Hose
,.,..,     c. .. _ ��� ~   Depstrtmeni*
p.s.-*^There. are several hundred j r-aSi-HOIl,  btaDieS ��j Deposits of $1 and uDv?*ardS'^ceiwi ajt<i INier-
S^^^^^S     ^m^��m>m est Anowedat.^ghes^e^n*;ife^
Jade tQftioiqe even more.-^mith'd        MWff W* <$-. "H, M^K at- j j -^^,50= BRANCfelES.���^-^,
'^alts, jfanfc !        t^ed to promp.thy, i    BRANCHES I-N, BRITISH COLUM.BI.A-**-,Vancouser, Vancouver
1 :.: .. .'  'i*,.-'- <������- .*���  it, i Fast El*d. Grand Forks, N-anaimo, Nelson,. Rossland,, Viptpria, ChilH-
W.iH}Si9U_t-(h^l��en rehovat-l amm^     m.fftlMS#MJfi-
ing hi#. star*, doing most of the! nYnto. Amxanuoir
iWack,, Lad��er, Cumberland.
& 1% WALKER, Manager,
LADNER.. K. C..,
ii n
H, J, Hutcherson's THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY, MAY 6, 1C05.
Two pigs itrgyed oii(a my pror
erty  some  tijne  ago,   owner  n,a;
have same Uy \>\o jna prqperty.
*l,5*c J_. U- UMW0H.
W. N, Draper,
Rfiflm ?, MUftfd Bl<��*. New Westminster.
Our Sheet
_-Bssssas.sss-_s, tesss^pasx,
Metal Fronts
Offer you sr4��M_6i; .mprovepient, at
small cont, u��r any niyle of twiJ4��n^.
We make Igtfu* complete, t<$ suit
any sized or sAajx'd strut-tj_iro���Vhe,
entire metal, rthish iiH'tjyfjin�� ^.kw at_J*
window caps,.ai��tMct*h..ctt:,--*-i;is4.^;5eat
variety of styles..
They give a very handsome e-ftfec.,
and enduring, practical, sajtiufa^^pi^,
We give estim^t-*. if >yu. send
measurements, amt outline of ih.* wi)d��
Think U oven*.
Metallic Roofing Co.,
Wholesale Manufacturers.
Toronto. C**a\M_a.
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
B. C
wrs 111
New Crap Now Fit Stock
HO.ME GROWN and imported
Wholesale and Retail.
Special Prices to Farmers'1 Institutes.
Thouands of Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
now growing in nay Nurseries for
Spring planting.
Eastern prices or less. White Labor.
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3016 Westminster Road.
We  are this  week going to cut prices nearly in two.
iu and see if we don>t do it.
m . ���*������
Time Table.
IN EFFECT MARCH  26, 1905.
Train leav?' Port Guichon a
12:40 noon and arrives at Cloverdale
at 2:00 p.m.
Train leave9 Cloverdale at 5:1c
pm. and arrives at Port Guichon at
6:30 p.m.
Monday, Wednesdiy and  Friday.
There are two through passenger trains per day each way to and
from Seattle and a mixed train to
and from Belliiigham.
ist  and 3rd
Other S1111-
Holy Communion,
Sundays, at 11 a.m.
days at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m., Frida;
evening, Litany and choir practice
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
(Westminster Branch)
Time TaWf
Caw leave Wesltulnster k>r Vancouver nt 5,50
and 6.50 a.m. and hourly thereafter uuUl 11 p.
IW.; Saturdays* and Sundays at 11 p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster, at 5,5c
and 6.50 a. m. aud hourly thereafter until to p.
in,: Saturdays and Sundays at 11 p.m.
We tun first-class freight cars between West-
minster and Vancouver aud all shipments are
handled with the utmost ear* and delivered to
consignee without delay. Special attention paid
to fruit shipments. Our wagons meet all boat;,
and trains.   Kor rates, etc. apply to
Traffic Mgr. Local Mgr.
Westminster. B. C.
We want to get acquainted with you;  we want  to stay  right
here, we see gcod prospects ahead.
In Order to Do That
Come [    Cedar Shakes, Fence Posts, Drain
Boards and Barn Posts.
Apply to
Alluvia (Mud Bay).
We must have your trade and co-operation. We wil? do our
p:i*rts We will give you a First-class Suit at a Second-class
Price;- we intend to treat you right; we hope to grow with
vou; we furnish the loot, yott furnish the fertiliser and watch
the plant grow.
'ml*    r.
Ladner, B. C.
Camp Hops
Lumber Ifflill
Has been moved to Beaver Dam, on the
Seott road, and is now prepared to supply
all kinds of Rough Fir Lumber at reasonable prices,
G. 0. Dennis,
East Delta.
Let Us Talk It Over*
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavin,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a m.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday.      Prayer   meeting   every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2 p m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Pastor P.
Service at  7:30 p.m
H. McEwen will preach.
Prayer me; ting at 8:00 Thursday
evening. Singing practice at 8:30.
All cordially invited to any or all
Why   Suffer  Trom    Rheumatism?
Why suffer from rheumatism
when one application of Chamberlain's Tain B.ilm will relieve the
pain? The qu*ek relief which this
liniment affords makes rest and
sleep possible, and that alone is
w nh many times its cost. Many
who have used it hoping only
For a short relief trom suffering
li r. e been happily surprised to
find that after awhile the relief became permanent. Mrs, V. H. Leg-
gett of Yum Yum, Tennessee, U. S.
Have yom, yating man or young woman, ever given tlie
future any consideration? Are yon content to drift <ilong as
you are with a superfficial public school education which does
not prepare you for earning your living.
There are openings for young men in the business world
as stenographers or clerks. Women are eligible for the same
positions, what could yon do in such a position? Are you a good
penman? Are you rapid and accurate at figures. Canyon use
ihe typewriter .so as to write 40 words per minute? Can you do
well the many things thut are required to bedone in the business offices of large cities?
Unless you have taken a course in thc above you are unprepared for office w��Jrk exeept in a small village. We can
prepare you for a good position���a position that will in a few
inionths pay for your investment. Some of our lady graduates are earning $40 a month and over.
Miss W. K. Smith receives 40 per month from the
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Co., as stenographer. Miss
Menzie starts for the Yorkshire Guarantee and Securities
Corporation at 145. Several are working for the C. P. R.
at ��30 per mon h and upward.
If 3>x>u wine to us and work hard. If you w;int further
proof of the way we help to positions write us and we will
send you more names.
But don't put off. Every month you delay means one
month's salary lost. The sooner you graduate the sooner
you are ia a position.
that the Vancouver, Victoria and
Eastern Railway and Navigation
Company will apply to the Parliament of Canada at the present session thereof for an Act declaring I
that ths said Company is and has
been since it railway was by 61
Victoria, Chapter 89 declared -o be A< wrjtes> 11�� am g gIMt suffere_
a work for the general advantage of from rheumrU-snii aI1 over from
Canada, a company under the legis-j head fa ^ amJ chamberlain>s
lative jurisdiction of the Parha- PailiBaIm is the only thing that
ment of Canada and authorizing will releve the oain." For sale by
the Company to construct and operate in extension of the undertaking already authorized a railway
from Oliver's on the line of the
Victoria Terminal Railway and
Ferry Company to the South Bank
of the Fraser River near Liverpool
and to a connection with the bridge
over the Fraser River near Liver
railways operating in
The following is a report oi the
Ladner Public .School foi the month
of April:
Average daily attendance: Division I 16 05; Division If, 33.83;
Division III, 36.42; Division IV,
40.94. Total average daily attendance, 127.24.
Honor Roll (in order of merit):
First Primer, Junior ��� Ross
Thirkle, Jack Stainton, Flora Livingstone.
First Primer renter���Mabel Lanning, Frank Kettles, Roy Anderson, Myrtle Kirkland, Alfred Guichon
���flio shirt models cut Tricli nre oil
���ores i>..iu mi her thnn loss In mvor.   l*h��
fc_a a rexher wide slut
F. J. MacKenzie.
The following remedy has been
handed in for  publication  in view
of the lact of so much sickness am-
with power to connect with j ong horses of late: Take /3   vine-
the State of i gar, }i  sweet oil and make milk
warm; keep well stirred. Put a
twitch on horse's nose, pour two
tablespoonstul in each nostril: take
off twitch and gras-p by nostril,
hold as long as you can, then look
out tor discharge.    Turn on grass,
feed on
60  YEARS'
Washington and with the Vancouver, Westminster and Yukon Railway Company; the Victoria Terminal Railway and Ferry Company
and the New Westminster Southern
Railway Company or any of them, (
aud extending the time  limited by!if weather is suitable, cr
the Acts respecting the Company, floor,
ior the commencement and comple- j
tion of  its  undertaking   and   for
other purposes.
Dated at Ottawa this 31st day of
March   1905.
Solicitors lor the Applicants.        ^_   _^^^^__
Timor: Marks
Copyrights 4c.
Anyone sending a sketch ��nd description mn��
ulclilj nscoruln our opinion free whether an
,,,ven��lon Is probsblrjntenbtMifc Communlca-
: lona ntriotly confidential. HANDBOOK on Patents
..ont fro* OMc��t agency for securing patent*.
ratonts taken throuirh Munn A Co. receive
special notlca, without charge. In toe
Scientific American
V handsomely Illustrated weekly- I.nreest circulation of niiy sclentlBo Journal. 1 onus, ��3 a
scar: f our rouiiths, *U Sola by all newsdealers.
sfJUNNSCo.3818""*""-New York
Branch Ollice. 685 F St, Washington. D. C.
Second 7ini. r���Haro'd Miliar,
Earl Davi , St< ' i Jordan, Ei.ee:;
McBrid    Fr d    7 itvvorlii.
Fir- R. dei 'unior ��� Thelitis
Clark, .'at'erh. Reagh, Christie
McGregor, Guy Taylor and Ed
win Curtis (equal), Pauline Manley, Wallace Reagh.
First Reader, .Senior ��� Hazel
Shirley, Claude McLeod, Lester
Handford, Insz Stainton and Alice
Thirkle (.equal), Eric Taylor.
Form II ��� Minnie Mardesich,
Mary Silech, John Kirkland and
Mary Cosulich (equal), Edward
Siddall, Isabella Kettles.
Form III, Junior���Grace Miller,
Gladys Devereaux, Quong John,
Hume Hilton, Annie Sproat.
Form III, Senior���Vernon Taylor, Alice Benson, Harold Davis,
Chester Simpson, Ruby Kirkland.
Form IV���Charles Groth, Ruth
Miller, Herbert Hume, Olga Kirkland, Olive Whitworth.
Form V���Elsie Benson, Thora-
asine Kerr, Edwin Hutcherson.
Promoted fioin First Primer to
Seer n t Primer: Mable Lanning
Myrtle Kirkland, Nettie Bassanich',
Lizzie Vicevich, Maud Mardesich,
Mildred Brewster, Roy Anderson,
Frank Kettle?, Clarence Berney
John Selich, Edward Riplinger,
Wing Fong, Alfred Guichon.
Promotions���To Form IV, Elmer Barber, Mildred Barber, Alice
Benson, Blanche Calhoun, Harold
Davis, Edgar Fenton, Ruby Kirkland, Jessie Mclnnis, Alf Shirley,
James Shirley, Chester Simpson,
Ella Stainton, Vernon Taylor.
F. B. DIXON, Principal.
five gored
fcr��i<i( ii.
'!" new English serge am! wldo wait
iii. -inil costumes bave Hide fnokt.
tluevo Jinll.-i, some of th:* b'-.tHfes l;r��'*,��
i icked al.-s.i, Uie ucks wlged wiili very lit (
t,< id broiJ.
Velvet in all f,hr.t!e�� rcl-.i ynrletlfiji erlll
bo fiis; k;:i;li!(i, iiCtt ns >t i ';'���: ��s��i;H
.iTthcniiilrlTg (if rnlingcrts. puJerUi, ".��,
iiiiiicr. ii|,lut(s costuineSi jil.o-.i initios...-
e'Mv taki s nreoctleiiee.
it is ottit-istily H_iioupced thnl butwiji
r-ii! l,o c .\-iii.-iv: ly tited wherevnr p.srlbls
��� ih! :���>,'! ihey niii, aa a rule, b. otc.Di,.-
urnbla fizo, not iilwuy* found, but oval,
mjui l'n and oblong uiso.
The new pi.i fio or plum red tallot
ui<.::::, velvets, Ratui brcoadM and fc-nri
titfcaa ore eappediugjy artistic and beuuri*
llll and very becoming to either a bloi i
or a brunette wilh color.
R of o colored penu do pole or satin wai��u
trill bo very fashionably v. :.�������� Intoaeven,
lng with, Bkii-tBof hlauk vclvot, foU|o o��
���ai'ii. 'irit" brrnHonnlly they will I j see*
with skins oi lustrous dark green reppbt*)
r.i;. .
Sf-nr? of braid terminate on many cee
tun'ii s in tiny buo'klos of fuccy buttoms
and tailor vests fasten with the lattrt
ti'ltjimirisf. The really iieoessnry button it
iMiaii, but tho one for ornament only tl
rather large.
On evening toilets nets, soft liberty lot
ins, India silks, chiffon and crepe deohli*
aro varlpnsly used for yokes or guimpe*H
artl many limes tiie Siisii or folded gltC.'jk
and little sleeve pusi's are formed of oone
(ponding material.
Ft.r cldi rly women r.ro eo-no Dew ebairt
shaped capos, almost tss long as a shawi
proper, formed very much liko the rit>w*i
fur capes, 'ihese aro matia variously ol
corded silk, plain satin or brocudo nnd ixti
trimmed With a deep graduated ruftleiil
the sumo or with rather wide lace.���.sim
York l-'ost.
A statue to Hme. Melba is to be pal m%
Best year in Melbourne.
Walker Whiteside will shortly produce I
new play from the French of M. Folk
Edna Wallace Hnpper will star next te.
son in n con:io opera that is no* beinf
written for her.
Kmcso Sharpo bos l",ccn invtff*d to Bat*
reulh by Frnu Qpslma Vv'agnor and U
studying under licrdi.-eetl.m.
Maude Banks ar'd Restnr Ivennon havt
ben appearing in vaudu.i'lo, prL'Sintin|
a oi.:: act play of civil war i'!.;7's
MUk Florence Marr,*,;.t lus written 1*
eollr.l oration with Hcrlxii; IVirr-o;! t
driu,. i in four aots ealiticd "Th. ��...ne-
Forbes Robertson and Mre. Patrlfll
Campboll will olcetrify LonCon next, I tit
snid, with a grand revival uf ' Antonyaue*
Cicoi atra."
Miss Hamilton Griffin, a half sister oi
Mary Anderson, is onltivaili;{ hor vclct
In Germany and will make ...r debut ts-d
finder next year.
Mine. Modjoslta has boon playing ln f.-va
Francisco tlie past two weeks, appt.irirj
as Mary Stuart. Magda, l-.-.Jy Maobetl),
Camillo and liofalind.
"Cyrano de Bergerac," translated intt
German by Lndwig /aids, was played r��
ociit ly at Berlin. Tbe title role was em
signed to Joseph Kainz.
The company engaged to support Annie
Busse.ll in ' Catherine" Includes Josep*
Holland, Frank Worthing. Joseph Whee.
look, Jr., J. G. Savillo, Mr. and Mw. Wil
Ltam J. Lemoyno, Ethel Barryuioitt I
Do Wolfe and May Buckley.
Chamberlain's Cough  Remedy the
Very Best.
"I have been using Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy and want to say it
is the best cough medicine I have
ever taken," says Geo. L. Chubb,
a merchant of Harlan, Mich. There
is no question about its being the
best, as it will cure a cough or cold in
less time than any other treatment.
It should always be kept in the house
ready for instant use, for a cold can
be cured in much less time when
promptly treated, For sale by F\ J.
Vancouver  Business College,
���549 Hastings Street,,    -    -    -     Opposite Province Office.
D, H, ELLIOTT, Principal..
If Your Eyes
J.   S.   Scott,   representing   The
Province, was in town this week.
According to Tne Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply 01
oats in the United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 15,359,000 bushels, compared
with 9,912,000 bushels a year ajo.
Chicago ls eager to weh-omo Hall Caine.
They claim to have not only a Manxman'!
society there, but several Glory Quaylet
as well.    How sad!���Boston Herald.
Boston can hardly go wrong on art,
judging from thu make up of her new ail
commission. Fake artists will do well ta
comprehend the situation.���Boston Bx-
Tbo world does move. Chlengo actually
contemplates the appointment of n 00m*
mission to devise a new form of government for that hadiy managed oity.���Mia*
neapnlis Tribune,
The Pittsburg Dirpatch declares that)
the anoionts played baseball. Cleveland
fans are willing to wager something hand*
some that Cleveland wasp't ln thc circuit.
���Cleveland Dispatch.
A London magistrate fined an offendat
Sgainst thu smoke niiisanoa law $50 en4
refused an ajipoal. In Chicago���but why
.r.mpare the one and progressive city Ot
Chie.igo with effete old Lionuonf���Chloagi
Hartford finds it hard work tomaiatalk
ihe claim that one of itn citizens discovered the ameslhotic propel ties of sulphur's
ether akd ;j uovr f_;;iug oa the propoet*
ti oil that tho baseball curve originated IH
that pity.���Boston Transcript.
~r You
Thev equire attention. Do not
trifle with so serious a matter. We
wjill fit ! em to ur re satisfaction by the latesl mei known to
the optical .rade.
Graduate Optic' i,
Consultation & Suauiiti&ti      I'i
T.  Gifford's Jewelry Store,
Tenders will be received by the
Delta Municipal Council up till
May iath, for the erection i fa barn
*   * A 5���
Por further particulars apply to
the undersigned.
Going for Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea
Don't put yovirself in this man's place
but keep a bottle of this remedy in youi
home. There Is nothing so good foi
Dolic, Cholera Morbus, Dysentery and
Diarrhoea. It is equally valuable for
Summer Complaint and Cholera Infantum and has Baved the lives of more
children than any other medicine in use.
When reduced w*ith water and sweetened it is pleasant to take.
Yon, cr somo one of your family, are
sure to need this remedy sooner or latei
and when that tline conies you will need
it badly; you will neod it quickly. Why
not buy it now nnd Im jireral-ed for such
��n emergency?   Price, 3j coats.
If you spill oil on the carpet, cover tht
ipot with eorntceal as quickly os you can.
Tho meal will take up the grease,
Wooden skewers are convenient to clens
the hairs and dust out of hairbrush.!;
also to loof.cn the dirt which sometime!
(ets caked in tbe corners ef floors or window sills.
If dishes become dlsoolored from fruit
or tea stains, take a little Cue ashes ca ���
cloth and rub off. See lo it tbat there ll
not a stain of dust and dishwater wben
the handle joins the cup.
If a hassock be taken ap by both ear*.
lt will last much longer than If carried ee
pulled around by one, tbe weight being
more evenly divided. It is not the easiest
thing ln tbe world to put book and faetta
an ear which hae oome partly out. 1
Ills roretUoaght.
Fosff���Few men like Professor De4��
Wood in an emergency.
Bass���As for instance?
Fogg���Ho was walking hy the rlversld*
when a man fell in. Without tho lost
of a moment the professor sent his valet
borne to get n book which tells how to re��
euscitate persons apparently drowned.
Bass���But probnbly the man drowned
long before the valet, got back.
Fogg���Yt*. Wasn't it too bad? If tt
badn '. been for lln-.l, the professor's fo**a*s
thought would havo saved the man'e life
���Boston Transcript.
���ml. Bggg-i ejjue
 ��� Weather permitting we will open j
H. N. Rich was a passsnger qg up our Ice Cream Department thej
river 0.1 Thursday. j coming week.    Ice Cream and Ice j
Cream Sodas. Assorted Sodas and1
-City Bakery.
W. Smillie and wife visited the
Royal City yesterday.
Our Soda Fountain Flavors for
the summer are Vanilla, Lemon,
R. E. Kittsm and wiie were in Chtrryi pineapple, Orange, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant,
Lemon Squash and Chocolate���City
Westminster \esterday.
Jas. McCallan paid a visit to New
Westminster on Tuesday.
A. T. Fawcett spent Sunday last
in Vancouver, visiting friends.
H. McCormick leftou Monday
tor the Imperial cannery at Steveston.
C. F. Green paid N;w VVismin-
: ter a short Lusiness visit on Monday.
Robt. May paid a short business
H. K. Wright left on Monday
last, for Vernon, where he will make
his home for some time to come as
the manager of the Royal Bank
Mrs. Gustafson, who has been
visiting here for the past few months'
left, yesterday, for Clinton B. C.
Mr. Gustafson's unexpected illness
was the reason for so hasty a departure.
Considerable  sickness has   heen
There are so many decidedly new
styles iu our Ready-to-wear Section, so many Garments new to the
world of fashion that we think we
are safe in saying your wardrobe
can hardly be complete without'
some of the garments shown here.
For summer weather wear our
blouses have an immaculate air of
dressiness that is all their own. It
will hardly be cdvisable to let
luster pass without seeing them.
Go up against it and buy inferior Seeds.
Grass,  Vegetable
Flower & Cloy er
Ladies' Skirts and Blouses-
visit to New Westminster on Tues-1 prevalent among horses and calves
W. L. McBride went t > New
Westminster on Wednesday on h
business visit.
The K of P Grand Lodge meets
in New Westminster on Tuesday
next. May 10th.
Miss Ethel Reid is still in Jubilee
Hospital and making slow but satisfactory progress.
of late. The trouble amoiu the
horses, we understand, is catarrh
or colds. With young cattle it is
rheumatism, caused by lying out on
the wet pastures.
Mrs. M. N. Reid returned home
for "a lew days on Monday, aud left
for Victoria aira'n yesterday.
N. A. McDiarmid, Alex. Davie,
T. E. Ladner, and P. Follis were
among Vancouver's visitors this
Among those attending the Assize Court at New Westminster,
this week were: Grand Jury���II. J.
Kirkland, H. J. Hutcherson, and J.
MacKenzie. Petit Jury���W. Ab-
ercroinbie, Chas. Arthur. J. W.
Welsh aud (*,. W. Wfilker. The
docket being short they returned
home 011 Wednesday with the exception of Mr, Welsh who went
over to Vancouver on a business
trip and returned on Thursday.
We have a very complete assortment of Dress Skirts and Shirtwaists that have proven very popular. Our patterns are exclusive, shown only at The Big Store.
If You can't come in to See Us, just "Wait for
the Wagon."   We'll Treat You Bight.
Tailor=rr_ade Costumes & Blouse Suitsj
We have exclusive control in this city of Ready-to-wear Gar-:
ments made by the leading manufacturers in the East. You
should see them.    They'll interest you,
Colored Muslins, 10c. Yard.
A special lot of Dimitv Muslins, suitable for Ladies' and Girls-
wear, very remarkable value.    While they last, ioc yard.
36=in. English Prints, I2y2c-
Spei-ial Iirr_oned English Print, 36 inches wide and equal to
Crumm's celebrated prints.    To clear, while they last, at 12J.C.
Flannelette, 5c Yard=
A nice lot of Flannelette, suitable for linings and very good
Ladies' Hose*-
Cashmere and Cotton Hose, imported direct, for ladies, men and
children.    All sizes ancl qualities.
ta   Hm   SaWIITHm
New Westminster,    �� -       -        British Columbia
A   very   pleasant   evening   was
spent at the home of Mrs. P. Mathe- \ ���-���== ��� : *= ss  .   .. ��� ��� ... .'	
son, last evening when the following  -* _-^_^_-v��     �����'���* . ---.-^ --    x  . __ .. ._*i
group  of youug  people  enjoyed DELTA    STOCK    YARD, LADNER
The thankful hearts for this week themselves at games
are: Jas.   Frew,   Clin1*. Albertson, j until 2.30 a. ni.:
A.  T. Fawcett,
J.   P.  Follis, W.
Hid   dancing
H. Smith,   II.   G.
Mesdames Curtis, Wilson, J.
Green, D. A. McKee and Robt.
May were amen? the pissengers
dawn on Wednesday
T. E. Ladner and wife, went to
New Westminster on Monday,
and Miss Ladner went to Victoria Burr,
Mesdames \V
Misses E. Benson,   Montgotneiy,
A. McWaters.  Whitworth   (2),   L.
Davis, Thirkle (2), M.  Smith,  M.
Dodge, B, Welsh, F. Frederick,  J
Messrs. M. McCennel, R. Fisher,
W. Montgomery, D. Kane, Page (2'
Taylor, C. Hiker, G. Frederick, G.
Sheldrake, Shorireed, C. Arthur, P.
L.   Kerfoot,   M.   Mason,   J.
200   -   HEAD   OF   STOCK   -   200
WEDNESDAY, MAY  10, AT 1.30 P.M.
for a couple of weeks' visit.
Some  one,   artistically inclined,!
evidently thought the easiest way
to paint a dog was to take the dear
creature   and   besmear   him   with
Earl Grey, the present Governor-
General of the Dominion, has been
pleased to increase the number of
medals which will be open for competitions among the scholars of
British Columbia.    For some yeaps
The initial meeting of the Rural
Deanery which  was held  here on
Tuesday and Wednesdav -last, was Last) four silver medaj9 have been
a great success.    All  members ex- awarded vearlv iu the high schools! ^
.      . q. Victoria,Nanaimo, Vancouverand
Westminster. There have also been
._. . . ,      ,   r     .. ' T        I four bronze medals open   for  corn-
Entries are closed  for the Inau-       . . ���        '        ,
���juration Sale at the Delta Stock; pet,',on a"nual y ""^ng the pup.ls I Mh. j. REAaH-One Dairy Cow
eept two were present
Mr. J. Mason���-One Cow, calved 20th March ; three Beef Cows ; nine
2-year-old Steers ; one 2-ye:ir-old Heifer ; four ijj���year-
old Heifers, with and in calf; six yearling Heifers and:
>Steers; one i1 .-year old Steer; Oxfordshire Down
Sheep���30 Ewes with lambs, 24 Yearling Ewes, 1 Ram.
H. J. Foru���Three Dairy Cows.
F. Tavi.ok���One Dairy Cow; six 2-year-old Heifers and Steers;
one Mare, 7-year-old, in foal; one 3-year-old Colt.
Mr. H. M. Vasky���Fire  2-year-old   Heifers, with and in calf; two
Registered Yorkshire Brood Sows.
Mr. W. H. Ladner���Six Registered Shorthorn Bull Calves.
Mr. D. McGregor���^Two Beet Cows; one Bay Horse, good worker,;
single or double.
Mr. A. Smith���Pure bred Yorkshire Boar.
Mr. Whitworth���Pure bred Berkshire Boar; five Brood Sows.
Mr. N. Mrrciiici.t���Two Brood .Sows ; twenty Store Pigs.
L   EmbrEE���Pure bred Berkshire Pigs, two Sows and two .Boars.
Mk. Lawson (Victoria)���One Registered Ayrshire Cow and one Registered Ayrshire Yearling Bull.
Mr. P. PEARSE���Twenty Store Pigs.
Boon  to  Babies
The famous firm of
has done more to promote the
comfort of babydom and relieve
tired mothers than any other on
the American continent. They
have been leaders for h-.U a century in
Reed Body, Upholstered In  Kep.
Lace Parasol, and all the Latest Improvements.
PRICE, $15.00.
S��._(l Tor new illustrated uliect showing
25 new designs of these famous Carts,
it also contains informrtthon uliout
Tyres, 1'urasols, etc, '���*
Weiler Bros., vmmuLk
At nominal cost, private individuals or business
men can put their important papers and valuables in a
secure and convenient place.
This is a boon to those who do u-ot possess a safe,
and to families travelling.
These boxes are accessible during*, all business hours
to the renter, who holds the key.
RA TES s   $1.50 per year.
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Ca, Limited.,
Authorized Capital, $a5,*c>cxx
F. J. HART & CO.,
New Westminster, B. C
Andrew Clausen,
.Ladies' Chatelaine Watches from $5 up.
Ladies" Gold Watches from $15 up.
Cut Glass, Silverware and all kinds of Jewelry at EASTERN PRICES.
���.    ,    .    ,     ,   ,,         ,�� _      . ot the public schools ot
Yard,   to be  held  on  Wednesday . .      ' ,,,,
.            ,                  ,         . cities.    1 hese  have  fr
next.    A very large attendance is
anticipated.    The  second  sale will
take place in June,
May Dav is drawing ne.-*r and no
donbt the boys and girls are anxi-
enslv looking forward to a good
tirtie. It is high time that stfps
were being taken towards making
arrangements for this annual festival. We cannot afford to let this
holiday pass. Where are the Band
these   four' *yiR   \y
om  year   to!
year ocen given by  the successive,
Traoi. Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a {sketch nnd description mn?
quickly aacertuiii our opinion free whether an
Invention is probably pntentnble. Communion.
ilnnsatrtctlycoiitldciitial- HANDBOOK on Patents
sent free. Oldest agency for scourtnK patents.
Patents taken thrown Munn *. Co. receive
tpeetiUnotlct, without charge, lathe
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. I.nrecst circulation of any scientlllc Journal, Terms), S3 a
year I four months, ��L Sold by all newsdealers.
" Z!&Co.8B,BM,��h*'- New York
Ifranch Olllce. 025 F St- Washington, D. C.
Rev. A. N. Miller and Wm7
Weaver attrnrled the district meeting of the Methodift Church which j
convened at New Westminster, on |
Thursday <Jast.    Mr. Weaver was I .. ; jbt=**
elected    delWate    to     Conference i VISITING CARDS
which convenes in Vancouver next
we��V.- Mrs. Weaver accompanied
tytf husband.
Jeweller, Etc.. Etc.
Leary���One Team Work Horses; eight 3-year-old Heifers,
one 1,'.-year-old Heifer; one 4*iuch tire Wagon; Set
Mr. C. F. Grkkn���Sorrel Gelding:, 4-year old, by "King Patchen," a
good driver, single or double, and fast; Imported Chestnut Mare, 7 years old, by "Dexterwood," iu foal to
"Glengarry Patchen" ; one. 3-year-old General Purpose
Filly; oiie Dark Brown Saddle Pony, 14^ hands, by.
"Little Mid"; one nearly new Covered Buggy; one
Skeleton Driving Wagon; one Fraser Road Cart in good
Mr. W. Pybus���One grey Horse, 6-year-old, good driver; one sorrel
Mate, 4-year-old ; ten 2-year-old Steers.
ME.SSRS. Hornby Bros.���One 3-yetir-oid Filly, about 1300 lbs.
Messrs. Arthur Bros,���One Buggy Horse; one Phaeton.
Mr. A. DER. Taylor���One 2-wheel Dog Cart.
Mr. J. Simpson��� One 20-inch Breaking Plough; one 19-inch .Stubble
Mr. John Honky;..a.\ -One Fat Cow.
Mr. Wji. G'0W��y���Four Dairy Cows; four a-yeivr-old Steers; two
Driving Horses.'
Mr. T   E.  Laiwhr.���One vlassev Hi*ft"is Mower, 4 feet 6 inch cut,
No further entries cb�� be received for this Sale, hut may be made
for Second Sule to be held In June,   '
Terms Gash.
H. N. RICH, Auctioneer,   j
What's Saved
Constitutes a large part <of what is earnei ."n this age
of progress. You <caa\ be too careful of tke pennies.
Re&Vuring this and making a st.ro_jg ibid for your trade,
We have our goods marked alt the lowest possible price.
Oar values cannot be beaten. We invite your inspection.
Bed   Room    FURNITURE��� Suites from $15.60 up
Dining Room FURNITURE��� ���� "
Parlor FURNITURE��� ���� ����     '
Carpets, Lincleum, OikWh, Ma-tings, Aw-mings, Picture Framing, &c, &c
Yon will be pleased witli mytbintg m owr line ami
can save time, money asid trouble by coming direct here and
j making your purchases.
Lee's Furniture Emporium,
New Westminster K C.  ��� *    - *    	


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